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Psyche's Links: 2022


Fireworks light up Auckland, New Zealand's Sky Tower to ring in 2023 : worldnews
wrapping up 2022 : videos

Once an Open Sewer, New York Harbor Now Teems With Life. Thank the Clean Water Act. : politics

Shielded by Russia and China, Myanmar junta turn more brutal : worldnews

North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles after unprecedented year of tests : worldnews

WHO urges China to share specific data regularly on COVID situation : worldnews
Made-in-China labels become a problem for Metas anti-China stanceThe company needs Chinas factories as it pushes to become a hardware producer

Putin tells Xi he wants to ramp up military cooperationRussian leader Vladimir Putin told Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday he was keen to ramp up military cooperation and hailed the two countries efforts to counter Western influence (that buys all their shit)
Im shocked
Putin records New Years greeting with uniformed people in background
West using Ukraine to destroy Russia - Putin (Putin using Ukraine to destroy himself)
Russias defense minister says victory inevitable in New Year message

Giving Europe the chance to come to its senses Meduza got access to a Kremlin handbook on how propagandists should sum up 2022
10 key investigations by Russian independent media in 2022
The Devil went down to Kyiv Scholar Eliot Borenstein examines the worrying video gamelogic behind Moscows fundamentalist fight

Medvedev says Russians who left should be banned from returning : worldnews
Draft offices in occupied Crimea already have lists of potential conscripts compiled for January : worldnews
Oleksii Reznikov recorded an amazing appeal to the Russian civilians that are facing the upcoming mobilisation. Urging them to use their head, think and flee the country and telling them the bitter truth about what the Kremlin is doing.

Pundits on Russian TV discussed the incident with a grandma who spoke out against the invasion of Ukraine and was forcibly dragged off a bus. Their solution? More propaganda, starting in kindergarten, to ensure there arent many opponents of Putins wars.

Another Russian critical of President Putin goes missing in Odisha | Bhubaneswar News - Times of India : worldnews ... disappeared from Bhubaneswar railway station on Friday after he was spotted with a placard that said he needed help and was against Putins war against Ukraine.
Vladimir Putins rocket man Vladimir Nesterov dies: Fourth official in days to die mysteriously
In todays #vatnik soup Ill talk about windows and heart attacks. Most of you have read about the mystery deaths of Russian businessmen, but lets look at them in more detail some of them are quite strange.
In todays #vatnik soup I'll discuss Russkiy mir, the Russian World Its a concept that comprises of core culture of Russia, including its traditions & interactions with other cultures. This series is an attempt to explain motivations behind Russia's actions & motivations.1/17

There have been numerous explosions have been reported in the cities of Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh and Rostov - this picture is a large fire in Rostov, Russia. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Private armies of oligarchs: Piontkovsky explained why Russia is on the verge of civil war

Putin allows unfriendly countries to pay for gas in foreign currency

Russia sends six cargo IL-76s to Belarus in past 13 hours : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: "Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the second time in ten days. On Dec. 27, Lukashenko flew to St. Petersburg to meet with Putin for the ninth time in 2022." / Twitter

Russian oligarchs lose $95bn in 2022 amid sanctions after Ukraine war : worldnews (.25 Muskatoons) ... In total, the worlds 500 richest people lost almost $1.4tn in 2022.

Taliban should lift its restrictions on women, says UN human rights chief : worldnews

Former leader of Grey Wolves fatally shot in Ankara - Turkish Minute : worldnews

Ehud Barak: Govt shows signs of fascism; mass non-violent revoltmay be needed
Israel indicts soldiers for trying to bomb Palestinian home : worldnews

A massive attack on Ukraine right now. The scumbags waited for people to start celebrating New Year. : UkrainianConflict
Ukraine war: Explosions hit capital Kyiv : worldnews
Ukrainian air defense will become stronger in new year - Zelensky

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 311, Part 1 (Thread #452) : worldnews

Russia Loses 16 Armored Vehicles, Hundreds of Troops in a Day: Ukraine : worldnews
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 29, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

he #German-supplied IRIS-T air defense system showed stunning efficiency : 100 shots - 100 hits

The article states two Russian Lancet loitering munitions getting caught in the camouflage net of an AFU tank was the inspiration

Russians kidnapped 30 mayors, 7 of them went missing
More than 12,000 men have tried to leave Ukraine illegally since martial law was declared, and 15 of them have died during the attempt, the State Border Service reported on December 30 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 311, Part 1 (Thread #452) : worldnews

Record number of women volunteer for military service in Finland 2022 : worldnews

German Has Ended Its Dependence on Russian Fuels, a Major Step.
Zelenskyy thanks Germany for support | The Ukrainian president thanked Germany's Olaf Scholz for the weapons, aid and refugee protection given in 2022.
The EU and NATO are united as never before: despite the consequences of the war in Ukraine faced by German citizens, next year Berlin will continue to support Kyivsays Scholz.

Tesla autopilot leads German police chase after driver falls asleep : worldnews

Italy passes controversial decree cracking down on unlicensed rave parties, laying out jail terms of up to six years and fines for the organisers : worldnews

Former Pope Benedict XVI dies at 95 : worldnews
Benedict XVI
How Benedicts death could reshape the Catholic Church (running out of 13th century regressives)
Pope Benedict XVI as a member of the Hitler Youth, c. 1941 : pics
Papal demographics ... if we limit our time frame to the last 730 years i.e., since the end of the 13th century, only two out of 73 popes have exceeded the age of the present pontiff, Francis, who turned 86 earlier this month. (This number grows to three if you include Benedict).

Anger as EU project sees Police Scotland rebrand paedophiles as Minor-Attracted People

We're trapped: Britons in homes with unsafe cladding see no way out as living costs soar

Brazils Bolsonaro makes tearful final broadcast and leaves country

Opinion | How Anthony Fauci Quietly Shocked AIDS Activists - The New York Times

Attacks on power substations are growing: Why is the electric grid so hard to protect? : technology

A Charity Tied to the Supreme Court Offers Donors Access to the Justices : politics

Biden administration poised to repair judiciary after Senate majority

Rep. Kildee on the Trump-appointed IRS chief: Why didnt he do hisjob?

Trumps Taxes Are the Best Case Yet for Putting Him in Prison
Trump taxes show foreign income from more than a dozen countries : politics ,,, His returns show that he paid more in taxes to foreign governments than he did to his own country.
Trump Declared In Presidential Debate He Shut Down Chinese Bank Account. He Didn't. : politics
Trump Tax Returns Undermine His Image as a Successful Entrepreneur : politics
Barbara Walters had Donald Trump number in 1990. She did her research, backed up her claims and did not back down. Ironic that she died on the same day his tax returns were released.

Trump wanted to trademark Rigged Election! and other key findings from the latest release from the Jan. 6 panel
Jan. 6 Transcripts Reveal Disagreements That Divided Trump Camp : politics

Trump Floats Third-Party Threat If GOP Wont Back Him

Trump's Jan. 6 Blanket Pardon Plan Bares Consciousness Of Guilt - Ex-Prosecutor
Jan. 6 transcripts detail numerous warning signs of potential for violence before Capitol attack The ample evidence laid out in interviews with law enforcement officials contrasts in part with the final report from the committee and its focus on former President Donald Trump.

Trump and Kellyanne Conway banned Dr Fauci and Dr Birx from TV appearances on Covid, Jan 6 transcript shows : politics

The Red Wave Washout: How Skewed Polls Fed a False Election Narrative

AG: Meadows won't face voter fraud charges in North Carolina | AP News

Dubious distinction for Ohio GOP leaders: Only ones in US to ignore a court order : politics

Liar-Elect George Santos Trashed His NYC Apartment, Landlord Says : politics

Farewell To The Senates Biggest Climate Denier | Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) leaves behind a legacy of climate disinformation, and a small army of pro-industry contrarians.

An Idaho woman who documented her 19-day miscarriage on TikTok blames the states near-totalabortion ban for her 'horrific' experience

Authorities tracked the Idaho student killings suspect as he drove cross-country to Pennsylvania, sources say : news

Alabama to allow concealed guns without permit in 2023 : politics
Black support for GOP ticked up in this years midterms

Fidelity slashes Twitter value by 56% ... Fidelity was among the group of outside investors that helped Musk finance his $44 billion takeover of the social media site, by purchasing equity.
Elon Musk Becomes First Person Ever To Lose $200 Billion : news ... Zuckerbergs doing a pretty good job of killing Facebook on his own. It may not be as rapidly or publicly stupid as Musk, but theyve already lost $650 billion in market value since rebranding Meta.

Sam Bankman-Fried Likely to Plead Not Guilty to Fraud Charges - WSJ U.S. prosecutors had charged the FTX founder with engaging in criminal conduct that contributed to the cryptocurrency exchanges collapse

Barbara Walters dies at 93 - Los Angeles Times
Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters, trailblazing TV icon, dies at 93 : news
Legendary newswoman Barbara Walters passes away at 93 : television
Barbra Walters died, don't forget about this video. : videos (pro-pedophilia in Hollywood)
Barbara Walters being an awful human being for fifteen minutes : videos
Nothing but respect for how Dolly Parton handled Barbara Walters in 1977 : videos
That time James Randi embarassed Barbara Walters also made for a good clip : videos

The Waste Land
The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot | Poetry Foundation

A significant proportion of Texas adolescents reported experiencing dating violence, and this group also reported higher noncontraception use versus those not experiencing dating violence. : science

The Coolest Space Images of 2022

ELI5: How did we realise the mind is in the brain? : explainlikeimfive

TIL Although it is lauded as an excellent psychological tool by Government Agencies, Businesses, and even some schools, the Myers-Briggs Personality Test has been deemed useless by modern psychological experts. : todayilearned

Self diagnoses of diverse conditions including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, autism, and gender identity-related conditions has been linked to social media platforms. : science

Swiss researchers create self-healing skin for robots : worldnews

The Anti-Chromatic Reflex | Nature

Before Newton, how did people explain falling apples? : askscience

Intensity of psychedelic experiences after taking psilocybin does not depend on body mass index, study suggests : science

Desktop GPU Sales Hit 20-Year Low : worldnews

What was the scariest moment in your life,and why? : AskReddit

Who Wants the Metaverse? - JSTOR Daily


EU's Artificial Intelligence Act will lead the world on regulating AI | The European Union is set to create the world's first broad standards for regulating or banning certain uses of artificial intelligence in 2023 : technology

Winter storms put the US power grid to the test. It failed.aging energy infrastructure and reliance on fossil fuels pushed local power grids to the brink.

The U.S. Will Need Thousands of Wind Farms. Will Small Towns Go Along? - The New York Times In the fight against climate change, national goals are facing local resistance. One county scheduled 19 nights of meetings to debate one wind farm.

I had to do it to save everyone: Man breaks into school and shelters nearly a dozen people from blizzard | CNN

Coronavirus levels rise sharply in Eastern Mass. waste water - The Boston Globe

XBB variant sparks new Covid concerns : news

The Case for Wearing Masks Forever | The New Yorker

An analysis of 31 studies estimates the COVID-19 infection fatality rate (IFR) for ages 0-69.

A Myanmar military court has sentenced Aung San Suu Kyi to a further seven years in prison : worldnews

Rescuers scoured the charred ruins of a Cambodian hotel and casino complex, warning they expected to find "many more" victims of a deadly fire that forced people to jump from windows. Hundreds of people are believed to have been inside the Grand Diamond City hotel-casino, on the Thai border : worldnews

South korean military has successfully completed a solid fuel space rocket test. : worldnews
South Korea to impose mandatory COVID tests for travellers from China -News1 : worldnews

Lawyers exit Hong Kong as they face campaign of intimidation : worldnews

China Sails Warships Near Guam in Warning to U.S. Over Taiwan : worldnews

Xi and Putin speak via video as grinding Ukraine war tests China-Russia partnership : worldnews
Against the background of a difficult international situation, China is ready to increase political cooperation with Russia and to be global partners, Xi said, as reported by Russian state media. Putin claimed that the countries relationship is the best in history
Putin expects Chinas Xi to visit in spring, wants to boost military cooperation
Kremlin reports that Putins communication with journalists no longer to be same as before

Kremlin showing cracks as Putin fires another general, British Intelligence says : worldnews

Russias War On Ukraine In 2023
Ruth Deyermond on Twitter: "1. Recognise that, whatever happens, there will be no return to world before Feb 2022." / Twitter
Ruth Deyermond on Twitter: "5. Stop both-sidesing. You cannot draw any equivalence between Russia conducting a genocidal war of conquest, carried out by rapists and child-torturers, and Ukraine fighting for its survival." / Twitter
Ruth Deyermond on Twitter: "Zelensky makes a historic visit to the US and this is the @guardian's front page headline - amplifying Russian government lines. There are some outstanding journalists there, but this is really poor." / Twitter (Guardian sucks)
Ruth Deyermond on Twitter: "8. Recognise that, like it or not, this is not just about Ukraine. Russian aggression, always a serious problem for its neighbours on the territory of the ex-USSR, is now a major threat to European security and international stability more widely." / Twitter
One last one: 11. Recognise that all Western choices relating to the war are high risk theres no safe option.

Reznikov: Russia could take up to 10 years to restore its military after losses in Ukraine.

Putins inner circle is frustrated because the Russian president doesn't know what to do with war in Ukraine, report says
Putin grows increasingly isolated as Russia's war in Ukraine falters - The Washington Post A new gulf is emerging between the president and much of the countrys elite
Sudden Russian Death Syndrome - The Atlantic Its not a great time to be an oligarch whos unenthusiastic about Putins war in Ukraine.
Putin took cancer drugs that warped his decision-making on Ukraine, Danish intel says, reviving disputed theories about his health : worldnews

ISW on Twitter: "The #Kremlin continues to manipulate Russian law to grant the state increasingly broad powers using vague language in order to eliminate dissent and threaten Ukrainian sympathizers." / Twitter
2/ Russian President Vladimir #Putin signed a supplement to the Russian Criminal Code on December 29 that allows Russian authorities to sentence Russians to up to life imprisonment for assistance to subversive activities
or for undergoing training for the purpose of carrying out sabotage activities ...

Russia pledges to "never" run out of rockets after launching massive strike : worldnews

Yes, a country with a critical shortage of doctors, a country that has forced enormous numbers of surgeons to flee the country in fear, drafted and sent a surgeon to the front to die. Were witnessing the death of a nation.

Yevgeny Prigozhin is awarded title of ''corrupt official of the year'' : worldnews ... The finalists of the award alongside Prigozhin in 2022 were: the Court of Justice of the European Union, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega - Prigozhin replaced the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, in this "post", who was the corrupt official of the year in 2021.

Michael Sallah on Twitter: "A Post-Gazette investigation, bolstered by secret US Treasury records, found that US banks moved billions for at least eight Russian oligarchs -- even after the institutions found many of the transactions showed all the hallmarks of money laundering." / Twitter

Exiled chief rabbi says Jews should leave Russia while they can : worldnews

18 children dead in Uzbekistan after consuming India-made syrup, ministry says : worldnews

Armenians turn fire toward Russia as Nagorno-Karabakh blockade enters third week : worldnews

Russian diplomat, Indian politician spar over oligarchs death
2022 Russian businessmen mystery deaths - Wikipedia

G7 tell Taliban to reverse reckless and dangerous ban on female aid workers

Iranians mourn murdered protesters, chant death to Khamenei!
Iran does not transfer missiles to Russia because of potential consequences : worldnews
Irans First Aircraft Carrier Expected To Be Launched In 2023
Iranian author said sentenced to death for giving interview to Israeli TV channel : worldnews
After playing without a hijab in a world championship, Iranian chess star defects to Spain : worldnews

Russia's Putin Welcomes Return To Power Of Israes Benjamin Netanyahu

Kyiv residents told to head to air raid shelters as sirens wail across city : worldnews

Russia plans new wave of mobilisation from 5 JanuaryChief of Ukraines Defence Intelligence

Biden admin is discussing sending Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine
The UK has donated more than 1,000 VALLON metal detectors and 100 bomb de-arming kits to Ukraine to help clear minefields and make safe reclaimed territory, civilian homes, and infrastructure

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 310, Part 1 (Thread #451) : worldnews

By 29 December, Ukrainian forces had eliminated at least 1 602 Russian junior and senior officers. Minimum confirmed losses. Confirmations are made via publicly available data from Russia, such as funeral notices, obituaries or news sites.
ISW on Twitter: "Here are today's control-of-terrain maps for #Russia's invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats Click here to see our interactive map, updated daily:" / Twitter Here are todays control-of-terrain maps for #Russias invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats

Russias most advanced stealth Cruise Missile the X-101 got shot down by a Soviet Igla MANPADS over Kyiv Oblast
Ukraines militaryreported that today out of the 69 X-101/Kh-555 and Kalibr cruise missiles launched at Ukraine, 78.2% (54/69) were intercepted by air defenses - 11 Iranian Shahed 131/136 kamikaze drones were shot down over Ukraine

A US Global Hawk surveillance drone was above the Black Sea during the explosions in Sevastopol. Previously, it observed Ukraine's 29 October attack on Sevastopol bay with aerial and naval drones
Explosions heard at around 10AM in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea. They were likely most powerful ones yet, local TG channels report. Sevastopol occupation governor Razvozhaev said Russian air defense shot down an aerial target
Another strike on Occupiers in #Zaporizhzhia oblast. Earlier in the thread I wrote about a hit on electronic warfare systems at Kinski Rozdory. Now footage of a reported Russian base destroyed just 30km south in #Tytove.

Evidence of Russian crimes mounts as war in Ukraine drags on | AP News

Business Ukraine mag on Twitter: "A Ukrainian flag now flies in central Odesa on the plinth where until last night a monument to Russian Empress Catherine the Great stood" / Twitter

Ukraine closes fraudulent call center that ripped off thousands : worldnews

Kosovo: Serbs agree to dismantle barricades after talks : worldnews

Finland and Sweden have managed to advance talks with Turkey by agreeing to revise their restrictive approach to arms sales by domestic defense companies. : worldnews

European gas prices fall to pre-Ukraine war level : worldnews

NATOs Stoltenberg calls for more weapons for Ukraine
Germanys opposition leader, Friedrich Merz (CDU), demands that Leopard 2 tanks to be sent to Ukraine. The delivery of Leopard 2 tanks will shorten the warSlowly but surely we are coming to the point where Scholz will have to yield.

Director of Dutch gender equality institute fired for sexual misconduct, hostile workplace : worldnews ... To help women use their sensuality and bring back the goddesses that are hidden in them, I use the 4000-year-old Arab dance of the goddesses (Raqsat al Ilahat). An important part of the dance is the Al Cabassa, where we use our pelvic floor muscles to gracefully unlock our Erotic Capital.

Italy finds no new COVID variants among Chinese visitors so far : worldnews
UK and France say no plans currently to follow Italy with Covid tests for China arrivals : worldnews

UK wages next year will be at their lowest level since 2006, report says | CNN Business : worldnews (DumbfuckToryXxit)
U.K. medical practice mistakenly texts patients they have "aggressive lung cancer" instead of wishing them a merry Christmas : news
Almost 30 pregnant sheep killed in one of 'worst livestock attacks' in Kent : news

Brazils Lula picks Amazon defender for environment minister

Canada not following lead of U.S., others, in requiring COVID tests for travellers from China : worldnews

Emerging stocks set for steepest annual drop since 2008 : worldnews

The Supreme Court is manipulating its own calendar to lock GOP policies in place : politics

Taking the courts seriously ... the Obama administration and some key Democratic senators did not prioritize filling federal court vacancies (float above it all Barry again)

Trump Tax Returns Released by House Democrats - The New York Times The publication of former President Donald J. Trumps private tax documents comes amid questions about why the I.R.S. failed to fully audit him during his presidency.
Trump Tax Returns Released by House Democrats : politics
Trumps tax returns released by House committee after years of legal battles
Key Takeaways From Trumps Tax Returns
What we've learned from Trumps tax returns
Trumps tax returns are out. Heres how he was able to pay so littleso often
Trump issues "dangerous" warning after tax returns released : politics

Trump asks what happened to global warming after deadly Buffalo storm
Trump Promotes Article Supporting Him to Run as Third-Party Candidate : politics
Fmr. Trump aide tried to stop Trumpsinjecting bleachbriefing, Jan. 6 transcripts show
Trump began tweeting conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough at urging of Matt Gaetz, Jan 6 transcripts reveal : politics

Ex-press secretary: Trump wanted to fire usher for helping Bidens move in : politics ... That means at least one of the Secret Service agents assigned to protect Biden at that time was sharing information he learned while on the job with Trumps people

John Durhams failed investigation comes with a hefty price tag

Don Jr admits he doesnt know where $240m Trump fundraised to fight election results went in Jan 6 transcripts

Kayleigh McEnany a liar and opportunist says former Trump aide | Alyssa Farah Griffin, once Trumps communications director, criticizes ex-White House press chief in January 6 testimony

NBC News Has Confirmed That The Probe Into Deleted Secret Service Text Message Scandal Is Now Officially A Criminal Investigation messages being sought by the J6 House Select Committee were conveniently deleted after their request for the evidence was already made.

DC mayor told Jan. 6 panel failures resulted from belief far-right extremists were 'friendly' to police
Report: Greene told Trump there would be a QAnon presence on Jan. 6 : politics

Ginni Thomas admits she was not aware of any evidence of voter fraud when she lobbied to overturn election : politics

A tiny paper broke the George Santos scandal, but no one paid attention : politics
The local media had the Santos story in September. Why didnt anyone else?
George Santos said 9/11 claimed my mothers life. She died in 2016
Democrat Zimmerman challenges Santos to resign and face him again in special election : politics

Unacceptable: NY Progressives Vow to Stop Dem. Govs Nomination of Conservative Judge to Top Court

Twitter data leaked - 400 million user details up for sale : worldnews
Elon Musk suffers biggest loss of wealth in modern history with net worth collapse : news
What's Gone at Twitter? A Data Center, Janitors, Some Toilet Paper. Elon Musk has reduced the company to a bare-bones operation, and employees are under a zero-based budgeting mandate to justify any spending.
Worlds worst boss take away luxuries like toilet paper away from pampered employees ... It seems to me that a better way of cutting costs would have been to not pile a huge amount of debt onto the company because a plutocrat massively overpaid for it as a vanity purchase.

Misogynist Influencer Andrew Tates Rough Week Capped by Romanian Rape Arrest
Andrew Tate: Romanian police to hold influencer for 30 days : news
Andrew Tate detained, charged in human trafficking investigation - The Washington Post
Romanian Cops Did Not Find Andrew Tate Because Of His Greta Thunberg Video
Luxury villa of influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan raided by Romanian police : news
Dont mess with Greta
That smirk
Tucker Carlsons Defense of Andrew Tate Resurfaces After Influencers Arrest in Sex Trafficking, Rape Case

Where is Scientologys David Miscavige? Opposing lawyers want to know

Idaho murders: Suspect Bryan Christopher Kohberger arrested in killings of 4 university students | Fox News
Person Of Interest in Idaho Murders Arrested in Pennsylvania Near Pocono Mountains : news

U.S. Saw Continuing Drop in Murders in 2022 - The New York Times

Milwaukee postal worker killed; 3 charged in federal complaint : news

3 former Stoughton police officers, department sued in connection with death of pregnant woman : boston

TIL If Earth was 50% larger in diameter we would not be able to venture into space using rockets. : todayilearned

The genetics of specific cognitive abilities: Specific cognitive abilities (such as reading, writing, and math knowledge) are 56% heritable overall. Quantitative knowledge is the most heritable of all of these specific abilities (64%). : science

harnessing quantum mechanics, physicists discovered a new way to observe objects without directly looking at them. Using a superconducting qubit called a transmon device, they were able to "see" microwave pulses generated by classical instruments without having to absorb or re-emit any light waves.

A group of researchers conclude that the first JWST observations of high-redshift objects cannot be explained by the expanding-Universe model: Everything points to the possibility that the actual age of the objects in the Universe is far larger than predicted by ^ CDM Cosmology

has the speed of light always been constant? : askscience

The results of a new study showed that medicinal cannabis was associated with improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms, as well as health-related quality of life, and sleep quality after 1, 3, and 6 months of treatment.

Study Finds CBD "Has a Strong Inhibitory Effect Against Cariogenic Bacteria" : science (teeth)

Ladies, how big is too big? : AskReddit

Best TikTok Cleaning Hacks of 2022 | Kitchn

this parking spot is SAVED

~250 fetishes, graphed for your pleasure : pics


8,327 confirmed cases and 113 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

A randomized clinical trial showed that ginger supplementation reduced the length of hospital stay by 2.4 days for people with COVID-19. Men aged 60+ with pre-existing conditions saw the most benefit : science

As Covid-19 Continues to Spread, So Does Misinformation About It - The New York Times Doctors are exasperated by the persistence of false and misleading claims about the virus ... Now, in addition to all the claims still being bandied about, there are conspiracy theories about the long-term effects of the treatments, researchers say. (makes your dick fall off and vote democratic)

The Power and Peril of the ICU | Adam Gaffney Reevaluating critical care in the wake of Covid-19

At least 82 children in Ohio infected with measles, more than half of whom are unvaccinated babies and toddlers : news

Australia to extradite ex-US fighter pilot over China training : worldnews

Thai police offer cash prizes for videos of worst road accidents : worldnews

U.S. State Dept approves potential sale of anti-tank systems to Taiwan for $180 million : worldnews

Milan Reports 50% of Passengers in Flights From China Have Covid : worldnews (Xi's new 50% Covid policy)
Covid in China: Countries tighten rules as tourism set to resume : worldnews

Russia Outlines Three Conditions for Peace It Will Not Accept From Zelensky : worldnews

Garry Kasparov on Twitter: "Carlson's attacks on Ukraine and Zelensky personally are designed to dehumanize and to justify Russian atrocities, which are already ongoing, documented, and publicly known. It's like still backing the Nazis after Auschwitz was uncovered. 3/10" / Twitter ... Fox News host Tucker Carlson is being showered with praise on Russian state TV today after he criticised of Zelenskys visit to Washington
Wow. Here, 95% counted. I'll remind you that Boebert is one of those Kremlin mouthpieces like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Tucker Carlson who are used on ruzzian TV (see: for their genocidal propaganda purposes.

Reports of widespread emptying of cash at Russian bank ATMs. Apparently, the reason is this instruction by CBR governor Nabiullina to transform private individuals bank deposits to war bonds by force, effectively confiscating bank savings.

Russias Gazprom saw its exports sink to the lowest level this century as flows to Europe dwindled

2/ Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to expand social benefits to participants of the specialmilitary operation while continuing to deny that Russians are participating in a full-fledged war.
4/ Russian forces are continuing to face low morale and poor discipline problems, resulting in violent incidents within the military.

According to Russian media, this morning near the Engels airbase in the Saratov region, the Russian air defense shot down its own Su-27 since it was mistook for a Ukrainian drone : ukraine

Second Russian Defense Sector Bigwig Dies in Two Days : worldnews

Indian police launch criminal investigation into mysterious death of Russian oligarch : worldnews

The United Nations said on Wednesday that some "time-critical" programs in Afghanistan have temporarily stopped and warned many other activities will also likely need to be paused because of a ban by the Taliban-led administration on women aid workers : worldnews

Revolt of the Year: The Iranian Women Uprising : politics
A moral leader emerges for Iranian protesters outside Iran
Flight PS752: Calls on Iran to settle dispute over downing of Ukraine jet : worldnews

Benjamin Netanyahu sworn in as leader of Israels likely most right-wing government ever

The Russo-Ukrainian war ten months in: taking stock - Michael Kofman
The Ukrainian counteroffensive that shocked Putin and reshaped the war - The Washington Post

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 309, Part 1 (Thread #450) : worldnews

Russia fires 100 missiles from air and sea - Ukraine : worldnews
Explosions rock Ukrainian cities as Russia launches more than 100 missiles in waves
Russia hits Ukraines Zaporizhzhia region 590 times in one week

No power in 90% of Lviv due to Russian attacks : worldnews
Ukraine is offering residents cash and free train rides to evacuate Kherson as Russian shelling intensifies in the city : worldnews

Monument to Russian monarch Catherine the Great being dismantled in Odesa : worldnews

Russia stoking Serbia-Kosovo tensions to distract from Ukraine, Pristina says : worldnews

Bulgaria summons Russian envoy over Bellingcat journalist Grozev : worldnews

Netherlands can deport Russians seeking asylum over forced military mobilization : worldnews

Opinion | In Irmgard Furchner case, German court got the biggest question right - The Washington Post

UK Border Force official arrested for being illegal immigrant : worldnews

Cuba is depopulating: Largest exodus yet, with no end in sight, threatens country

In Mexico, legal struggle to free women jailed for abortion continues : worldnews

Millions of Americans to lose Medicaid coverage starting next year : politics

Ten Years Into the Fight for $15, Workers Are Still Fighting for a Living Wage : politics

Republicans rethink abortion strategy after bruising midterms : politics

Supreme Court Shadow Docket Is Showing - Once Again - Its Contempt For Consistency When It Stands In The Way Of Their Political Goals : politics

Biden outpacing Trump, Obama with diverse judicial nominees : politics

The Continued Survival of Louis Dejoy : politics

January 6: The Facts - by Timothy Snyder A very concise summary of the Select Committee's Final Report - Timothy Snyder

Judge: Jan. 6 committee evidence suggests Trump asked rally crowd to break the law - POLITICO The federal ruling is the first to reckon with the select committees final report and criminal referrals.

January 6 committee drops Trump subpoena as it winds down : politics

Mark Meadows burned documents a dozen times during transition, ex-White House aide told Jan. 6 panel : politics
Donald Trump has reason to fear Mark Meadows : politics

White House to Jim Jordan, James Comer: Sorry, but you have to restart your oversight requests : politics

Trumps obstruction of justice criminal referral matters. And prosecutors know it.

Jared Kushner ordered for Biden to be excluded from Covid planning after election, Jan 6 witness claims: Assertion contained in interview transcript of former Trump official Alyssa Farah Griffin : politics

Trump and MAGA Misfits Turn on Trumps Bitch Sean Hannity

Kari Lake ordered to pay $33K in failed election challenge : politics

Prosecutors open investigation into Rep.-Elect George Santos : politics
You were in a car crash and you lost your hair
Marjorie Taylor Greene Rages At Tulsi Gabbard For Not Going Easy On George Santos : politics
Heres Everything That George Santos Has Lied About (So Far)

Right-Wing Flop of the Year: Dinesh DSouza's 2000 Mules

Meanwhile in the pointless Republican culture wars... : politics

Christmastime hospital-room raid busts dying man for using marijuana extract : politics

In Child Welfare Cases, Most of Your Constitutional Rights Dont Apply

Cops Nab Man Accused of Assaulting Gay NYC Councilman Erik Bottchers Neighbor

Deadly Buffalo blizzard highlights how messed up police priorities are

How a pink flamingo prank confounded a Watertown office and intrigued viewers online - The Boston Globe - Charlesbridge Publishing in Watertown

Nitrite-cured meat again linked to increased cancer risk : science

Researchers have discovered the first "virovore": An organism that eats viruses | The consumption of viruses returns energy to food chains : science

Nitrite-cured meat again linked to increased cancer risk : science

TIL: Stalin blocked attempts to kill Hitler twice, fearing that his replacement might make peace with the western allies : todayilearned

What fact are you Just TIRED of explaining to people? : AskReddit


Asteroid zips past Earth closer than communication satellites : worldnews

Every planet in the solar system will be visible on Wednesday (Dec. 28). Heres how to see them

Buffalo blizzard death toll passes 30 as storm preparation questioned

New COVID variant, more adept at evading immunity, now dominates in the Northeast Whether it is contributing to rising hospitalizations remains unclear.

Drug companies set sights on new COVID medicines to boost depleted arsenal - The Boston Globe The newest variants have rendered two important antibody therapies ineffective.

[Australia] Two days stranded, kilometres from home: Children found near wreckage of crash that killed parents : worldnews

Chinese hospitals extremely busy as COVID spreads unchecked : worldnews
US to Require Negative Covid Tests for Travelers From China : politics
China's COVID-19 surge raises odds of new coronavirus variants - CBS News

Lavrov: Russia continues to seek military solution unless Ukraine surrenders : worldnews
Kremlin says any Ukraine peace plan must include annexed regions : worldnews
Putin Presents Rings to his Fellow CIS Leaders During Summit : worldnews
Shoigu deploys his Private Military Company, which competes with Wagner Group, to war against Ukraine : worldnews
Wagner Group Wages Angry Feud With Russia Military Over Ukraine : worldnews

Russia Seizes $1 Billion Hotel Sochi Hotel Development From Billionaire Who Criticized Putin And The War : worldnews

ISW on Twitter: "The #Kremlin is increasingly integrating select milbloggers into its information campaigns, likely in an effort to regain a dominant narrative within the information space." / Twitter

Drunk Russian Soldier Beats His Commander to Death

A flood of Russians arrive in Uzbekistan to avoid being drafted and sent to Ukraine : worldnews
Russias mobilised troops entitled to free sperm freezing

Kremlin plans state bankruptcy - intends to convert Russianschecking accounts into war bonds
Russian Central Bank admits it will not be able to get back assets blocked abroad : worldnews
Russia bans oil exports to countries that abide by price cap.
Russian pipeline gas exports to Europe collapse to a post-Soviet low : worldnews

Russias only LGBTQ+ museum closes down amid "propaganda" crackdown

Domino's Pizza considers selling Russian business

Pakistan court frees rapist after "agreement" to marry his victim : worldnews

Germany to suspend humanitarian aid for Afghanistan : worldnews

Yemens Houthis tighten restrictions on women

Iran says would raze Tel Aviv if Israel attacks nuclear sites
Iranian Student Drowns Himself In Rhone To Draw Attention To Regime Crimes : worldnews

Lapid: Israel will use force to prevent Iran from going nuclear : worldnews
Israeli minister sees possible attack on Iran "in two or three years" : worldnews
Israel: New Netanyahu government vows to expand settlements : worldnews
Israeli settlers seize land owned by Greek Orthodox church in Jerusalem : worldnews

President Zelenskyy gives his annual address to Ukraines Parliament

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 308, Part 1 (Thread #449) : worldnews

12/28 Numbers : UkraineWarVideoReport
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 28 December 2022

Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "More than 35,000 facilities destroyed in Ukraine during Russia's all-out war incl 702 critical infrastructures such as gas pipelines, power substations, bridges, etc - Dep Internal Affairs Min Yevhen Yenin on national telethon Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts suffered the most" / Twitter

Striking video appears to show Ukrainian suicide drones destroying a column of Russian armored vehicles : worldnews
Dozens of Russian Troops Wiped Out by Fire : worldnews
Russian soldiers surrender to Ukrainian troops circling them in trenches : worldnews

Ukrainian Police have shut down bot farm. Officers detected more than 1.5 million accounts across various social media, email and instant messaging services. Which served to advance Russian propaganda. : ukraine

Russia Has Caused 17,831 Civilian Casualties in Ukraine: U.N. : worldnews
Police open over 53,000 cases on Russian crimes in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia Bombs Ukrainian Maternity Ward After 2 Babies Born: Health Minister : worldnews
Three Wagner PMC mercenaries arrested on suspicion of executing family of eight in Ukraines Makiivka

Kremlin denies Kosovan claims that Russia is pushing Serbia to stoke tensions : worldnews (Zerbia)

Chechens in Bosnia seek to dodge Russian draft, reach EU : worldnews

Sweden struggles with spike in deadly shootings : worldnews

Tip by Western intelligence helped Germany catch Russia spy suspect: Spiegel : worldnews

Brasilias entire police force to deploy for Brazilian president-elect Lulas in-auguration ceremony after Bolsonaro supporter arrested for allegedly placing explosives in a fuel truck near Brasilias airport

Number of Canadians in hospital with COVID has more than tripled since last year : worldnews
True scale of homelessness in Canada is being undercounted, experts say : worldnews

Furiously Writing Deterrence Theory

Supreme Court keeps immigration limits in place indefinitely | AP News

Opinion: Strong jobs report reveals President Bidens economic plan is working

The GOP is bringing pure chaos to the next Congress : politics
Race for G.O.P. Chair Obscures the Partys Bigger Problems

Larger squad? How the Hills newest progressives plan to wield power.

Supreme Court asked to bar punishment for acquitted conduct : politics

You cannot be serious
Seems Trump used a burner phone with a coded number to make his calls leaning on state officials to change election results.

Former WH aide says Trump allies helped deliver a dolly of boxes full of what may have been classified intelligence documents to the Situation Room in the final days of Trumps presidency

Meadows burned papers after meeting with Scott Perry, Jan. 6 panel told : politics
How many times did Meadows burn docs in a White House fireplace? | Documents from the Trump White House are already damning on a historic scale. But what about the materials that Mark Meadows literally set on fire? : politics
Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows used to burn official papers in his office : politics

U.S. House committee to release Trumps tax returns on Friday

Donald Trumps awful year is about to get even worse

Trump didnt know White House schedule was public until last weeks of presidency

Lock Her Up (and Fucker Dickhead Carlson while you're at it)
Alejandra Caraballo on Twitter: "Chaya Raichik went on Tucker Carlson and said the "LGBTQ community has become this cult... It's extremely poisonous." She later says "They're just evil people, and they're out to groom kids. They're recruiting." This is one of the most bigoted interviews I've ever heard." / Twitter
Alejandra Caraballo on Twitter: "NEW: Chad Loder wrote a detailed article identifying Chaya Raichik as being on restricted Capitol grounds on January 6th next to other prosecuted insurrectionists. Read more here." / Twitter

Scandal, villainy, treachery the Jan. 6 committee report is replete with juicy bits

How Murdochs media empire turned on Trump in 2022

Lake deletes tweet targeting Maricopa judge after officials seek sanctions : politics

From Russia with love ... Newly elected Congressman George Santos said in an interview during the Conservative Political Action Conference that "I've been to Moscow many times during my career."
G.O.P. Leadership Remains Silent Over George Santos's Falsehoods
George Santos is the Republican Partys future: A shameless con man
George Santos tries to explain his wealth | Semafor
How George Santos Defrauded My Old Congressional District - Democratic complacency, Republican extremism, and media decline contributed to the new congressman s victory.

Students Expelled for Ku Klux Klan Starter Pack Instagram Posts 'obviously' Have No First Amendment Protection, Appeals Court Rules

They Called 911 for Help. Police and Prosecutors Used a New Junk Science to Decide They Were Liars. : politics

Maryland Lawmakers Want to Stop Criminal Cops From Getting Their Pensions : politics

Southwest and corporate self-dealing

Moscows Musketeers Celebrate Elon Musk Amplifying Medvedevs Predictions
Your daily Elon schadenfreude
With $TSLA already down 3% in pre-market trading, lets see what the CEO is up to:
C-digs explains how Tesla squandered its lead and is on the way to being correctly valued. : bestof

Twitter rival Mastodon rejects funding to preserve nonprofit status | Open-source microblogging site has seen surge of interest since Musk took over Twitter : technology

Schooling substantially improves intelligence, but neither lessens nor widens the impacts of socioeconomics and genetics : science

Our traffic fatality rate is so low that, CTs, with the 8th lowest in the country, is still 57% higher than ours. Youre 2/3rds less likely to die on Mass Roads than South Carolinas.

Open-source intelligence - Wikipedia
OSINT Framework
What is OSINT? 15 top open source intelligence tools | CSO Online
Top 10 OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Software & Tools | SEON
8 Best OSINT Tools for 2022 (Paid & Free) with Pros & Cons and FAQs
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT): Top Tools and Techniques | UpGuard
GitHub - jivoi/awesome-osint: A curated list of amazingly awesome OSINT
What is OSINT Open Source Intelligence? | CrowdStrike

Whats considered basic knowledge that many people dont know?

Gender differences in brain response to infant emotional faces: New research shows brains of women and men reacted differently to infants faces, and these differential areas are in facial processing, attention, and empathetic networks.

Shifts in gender-affirming medical requests by gender-diverse youth may not be uncommon during the adolescents gender discernment process, and may more likely occur among nonbinary youth.

u/Emergency-End-3621 gives a very lengthy and interesting insight into the mindset of Gen Z. Warning: extremely pessimistic. : bestof


Inequality in annual earnings worsens in 2021: Top 1% of earners get a larger share of the earnings pie while the bottom 90% lose ground : worldnews

Growing vaccine hesitancy fuels measles, chickenpox resurgence in U.S. - The Washington Post Anti-vaccine sentiment has increased since the pandemic, driven by politicization around the coronavirus vaccine
More casualties in the Republican war on vaccines
More than 80 Ohio children infected in Measles outbreak, most unvaccinated : inthenews

Japan to require COVID tests for travelers from China, starting Dec 30: Kishida : worldnews

South Korea fires warning shots as North Korean drones enter airspace for the first time in 5 years, South Korea says : worldnews
S. Korea military sorry for failing to down Northsdrones

Taiwan increases its compulsory military service as it faces pressure from China : worldnews

Tragic Battle: On the Front Lines of China's Covid Crisis - Medical staff are outnumbered and working sick as the nation's health care system buckles under the strain of a spiraling crisis.
Half of Chinas 1.4 billion people will be infected by the novel coronavirus in the coming months, analysts said, based on trends seen after the government eased its zero COVID-19 policy earlier this month
Covid in China: People rush to book travel as borders finally reopen : worldnews

EU Council president calls for Russias suspension from UN Security Council
Putin bans Russian oil exports to countries that imposed price cap -decree : worldnews
Russian nuclear operator Rosatom demands money from Finland for unbuilt nuclear power plant : worldnews

Julia Davis on Twitter: "Meanwhile on Russian state TV: Tucker, Tucker and more Tucker." / Twitter

Putin appoints former President Medvedev as first deputy in Russias Military Industrial Commission
Dmitri on Twitter: "Dmitry Medvedev had a few before bed and published a list of his predictions for 2023. The list is truly remarkable but seems to be missing a few crucial scenarios that are actually quite realistic and involve Russia... Which ones do you think they are?" / Twitter
Lavrov: Ukraine must demilitarize or Russia will do it : worldnews

Business Ukraine mag on Twitter: "Russia has reportedly dismissed Sergei Kuzovlev and appointed Yevgeny Nikiforov as the new commander of the Western Military District. Nikiforov is believed to have ties to the Wagner Group. He is the 4th person to command the Western District since the invasion of Ukraine began" / Twitter

Russian City Mourns Its Lost Soldiers, but Doesnt Resent Putin's War - Ryazan, not far from Moscow, regularly sends young men off to fight. Some are now buried in the local cemetery, but there is no surge of outrage against Russian leaders.

Russian rouble falls to 70 vs dollar as sanctions weigh : worldnews
Organized Tourism to Russia Drops by 90% in 2022 : worldnews

Christo Grozev on Twitter: "Official RU announcement says a drone was shot by anti-aircraft defenses "causing it to change direction and hit a building where pilots were waiting", killing three and wounding several more. A Ukrainian drone flying 800 km through Russia undetected - twice - is mind boggling." / Twitter

Ukraine War, International Isolation Fuels Russian Mental Health Crisis : worldnews

Russian meat magnate who criticised Putins war dies after hotel fall (
NEXTA on Twitter: "One of the richest deputies of Russia died in India This was reported by the NDTV. According to them, Antov died after falling from the third floor of the hotel on December 25. Antov was twice included in the Forbes list in 2019. His fortune was estimated at $150 million." / Twitter
The purge. In St. Petersburg, the head of the factory, where almost all submarines of the Black Sea Fleet were built, died suddenly.
Not as bad as a trip on Southwest Airlines, but still pretty bad

Michael MacKay on Twitter: "Losses to the Russian fascist invaders in the successful attack on Engels airbase: 5 Tu-95MS strategic bombers damaged 17 service members killed 26 wounded (3 in serious condition) control tower destroyed from journalist Volodymyr Zolkin" / Twitter

Russian soldier who admitted committing war crimes in Ukraine faces criminal charges in Russia for spreading fake news

Russias 1st Guards Tank Army partially deployed in Belarus, reports UK intelligence
A column of Russian tanks is heading west from Siberia

Afghanistan: The "Islamic State" group says it assassinated a senior Taliban security official in the province of Badakhshan. The militants have ramped up their attacks since the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year. : worldnews
Taliban further restricts women rights, forcingaid groups to halt work in Afghanistan
UN rights chief urges Taliban to immediately reverse restrictions on women : worldnews
Proud and strong: Afghan girl stages solo protest against Taliban university ban

Iran Executions Almost Doubled In 2022 : worldnews
Will Show No Mercy: Irans Raisi Vows Action Against "hostile" Protests

Israels outgoing finance minister says incoming government will harm economy
Israeli doctors reject Netanyahu alliesanti-LGBTQ remarks

A top Ukraine official hopes for a peace summit with Russia by the end of February : worldnews
Ukraines Zelenskiy: Situation at the front is difficultand painful
Ukraine lessens projected GDP fall from 50% to 32% : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 307, Part 1 (Thread #448) : worldnews

12/27 Numbers : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 26 | Institute for the Study of War

Ukrainian forces repulse Russian attacks on Bakhmut : worldnews
Ukraine says its forces are close to recapturing key eastern city of Kreminna | Ukraine : worldnews
Russia losing thousands of soldiers as Bakhmut plan collapses: Ukraine : ukraine

Russian forces hit Kherson, damaging kindergarten and medical aid station : worldnews
A Russian soldier pulls the pin of his own grenade. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Family of 8 executed by Wagner in Makiivka. Children age 1, 7, 9 shot in the head. Remember this next time you feel sorry for a drone drop on a Russian. : ukraine

Serbia places its troops on Kosovo border on combat alert as tensions escalate : worldnews

Viktor Orban said that if the United States stops giving money and weapons to Ukraine, the war will stop.

Bolsonaros call to arms inspired foiled Brazil bomb plot, police are told

Proposed Peruvian Law To Strip Indigenous People Of Protection As Locals Deal With Decades Of Oil-Related Neglect : worldnews

Nicaraguans Join the Mass of People Migrating to the US - The New York Times Hundreds of thousands of Nicaraguans have fled their country in recent years, escaping poverty and repression under an increasingly authoritarian government.

The Realist Guide to World Peace. You dont have to be an idealist to want to put an end to war.

Maksym Borodin on Twitter: "Back in 2014, John McCain fully predicted Putin's next moves. "Not to provoke Putin is to show weakness, which will 100% provoke Putin" "A developing and democratic Ukraine is a threat to Putin's power" "He will try to cut more Ukraine and then Baltics"" / Twitter

The Oddly Intense Anger Against Volodymyr Zelensky Domestic animosity drives right-wing rage (Putin's rightwing puppets)
Russian State TV Hails Lauren Boebert For Refusing To Stand For War Hero Volodymyr Zelensky : politics

For Sale on eBay: A Military Database of Fingerprints and Iris Scans - The New York Times German security researchers studying biometric capture devices popular with the U.S. military got more than they expected for $68 on eBay.

New law ends COVID-19 vaccine mandate for US troops : politics
Supreme Court: the Biden administration cannot enforce COVID orders to protect public health, and must enforce "COVID" orders that have nothing to do with public health

Bill forcing feds to fix prison cameras is signed into law : politics
Attorney General William Barrs Personal Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Social Security uses obsolete job titles to deny benefits to disabled applicants - The Washington Post Despite spending at least $250 million to modernize its vocational system, the agency still relies on 45-year-old job titles to deny thousands of claims a year.

These states tried an Obamacare public option. It hasn't worked as planned. An early look at Washington, Colorado and Nevada show their plans to provide more affordable coverage to hundreds of thousands of people aren't working out as hoped.

The Trumpiest court in America: The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit is where law goes to die. : politics

Biden wont speak freely near Secret Service and thinks agents lied about dog bite incident, book reveals

Mr. Bannon, Im ready for my close-up - This Olivia Nuzzi piece is indescribably horrifying and depressing, but should be read in full despite or because of that. It captures the torpid nihilistic aimlessness of Donald Trump's for the moment essentially non-existent re-election campaign, which right now is staffed by D-list people from MAGA land, but which will be full of all the usual suspects as soon as it becomes clear that, despite everything, he is going to be the 2024 Republican nominee ... When Seb Gorka and Raheem Kassam and Kash Patel and Devin Nunes are your stars, that's the D-list. It was D-list MAGA.
Donald Trump 2024: His Final Presidential Campaign Inside Donald Trumps sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretend run for reelection. (Which isnt to say he cant win
Column: Closing out 2022, Trump has supplanted Nixon as the saddest figure in post-presidential politics : politics

January 6 Committees Damning Final Report on Donald Trump Should Blow Away the GOPs Desperate Attempts to Discredit It
Trump Likely to Be Indicted, Will End Life Behind BarsCongressman Says
Why 2023 May Be the Year That Fate Finally Catches Up With Donald Trump : politics

Trumps Brazen Tax Cheating Revealed
Trump "knowingly" committed dozens of tax crimes: Biographer : politics

Co-leader of Whitmer kidnapping plot gets 16 years in prison : politics

A Fourth Election Fraud Case Under DeSantiss Stunt Goes Nowhere

Abbott defends dropping migrants at vice presidents home:The White House is full of a bunch of hypocrites

Congressman-Elect George Santos Admits to Astounding Series of Lies: And some of his explanations are real howlers. : politics ... "I didnt say I was Jewish, I said I was jew-ish"
Document reveals Santos boasted of being proud American Jew during campaign
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: George Santos on-camera explanation of swirling controversies
Did Republicans Know About George Santos Before The Election? : politics

The predatory prison phone call industry is finally about to be fixed : technology

Transphobe of the Year: Matt Walsh | The New Republic The right-wing writer and podcaster has raised his profile by spreading grotesque conspiracy theories about grooming and pedophilia in the LGBTQ community.

Eschaton: Line Goes Down Another fun day at Elmo's ranch.
Tesla used car price bubble pops, weighs on new car demand : technology
Dima and Elon's Excellent Twitter Adventure - Kremlin officials and captains of industry were once serious people.

The untold story of how a US woman was sentenced to six years for voting | Tennessee | The Guardian The case of Pamela Moses sparked a national outcrybut newly uncovered documents reveal the extent of its injustice

Missouri Lawmaker Reintroduces Bill Critics Call 'Make Murder Legal' Bill I can think of more than a few ways that this will backfire ... The Make Murder Legal Act.

Elvis Chan, Hacks, the Klan, and the Twitter Files ... In other words, after complaining that Twitter chose to take down revenge porn targeting Joe Bidens son, Taibbi is now complaining that DOJ enforced a law designed to protect Black people's right to vote ... #MattyDickPics Flaibbi can't stop lying +LeeFangBanger

Whoopi Goldberg reiterates false claim that Holocaust wasnt originally about race ,,, Goldbergs comments swiftly received criticism, including from 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Lucy Lipiner.Whoopi Goldberg continues to use the Holocaust as her punching bag. We told her that her comments harm us and she simply doesnt care. I survived the Nazis and the Holocaust, so Ill be damned if I let a comedy has-been, peddling a fake Jewish name get the better of me, she tweeted

/u/AndyGHK breaks down how JK Rowling subverts and handwaves any criticism of systemic issues in her wizarding society. : bestof

Researchers found that females, on average, score higher than males on the widely used Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test

TIL - The oldest human footprints in England were found in Norfolk and believed to be 850,000-years old : todayilearned

Mental disorders and mortality: A recent study finds highest mortality rate ratios due to natural causes for metabolic disorders in schizophrenia, infectious diseases in other non-organic psychoses, and respiratory diseases for bipolar, other affective and anxiety disorders. : science

In a first, children with rare genetic diseases get mitochondrial transplants from their mothers : worldnews

What is the widest ancestral generation?

Parents often bring children to psychiatric E.R.s to subdue them, according to a recent study analyzing more than 308,000 mental health visits at 38 hospitals between 2015 and 2020 : science

Replication crisis: Psychology and science get a new way to detect bad research : science

If atheists don't believe Jesus either is God, was a real person or both, do they also believe Moses, Daniel and other biblical heroes never existed? Why or why not? : NoStupidQuestions

LeSygneNoir comments on Remember kids : Don't be a sucker, kill your dictator.

ELI5: How is that Pantone colors don't have direct RGB counterparts? : explainlikeimfive

Whats your favorite number between 0 and 100?

Redditors with an Ex who threatened to kill themselves over a breakup, how did that turn out? : AskReddit

What's normal at first, but gets more suspicious the longer someone does it? : AskReddit


In Buffalo, Even the Rescuers Needed Rescuing - Two days after a raging blizzard struck, residents remained trapped in cars and in homes without heat. The death toll in the region rose to 17.

Polar bears dying at a rapid rate near Canadas Polar Bear Capital as Arctic sea ice disappears

Four substations attacked in Washington state Power appears to have been restored to many of those left in the dark after electricity infrastructure in the Tacoma area was vandalized.

Growing Evidence Shows Over-the-Counter Cold Medicine Doesnt Really Work ... some versions of Benadryl, Mucinex and Tylenol are among those that rely on an ingredient called phenylephrine to clear up stuffy noses. The ingredient is proven to be safe, but at least four studies concluded that the medicines don't actually relieve congestion.

About 180 Rohingya refugees feared dead after boat goes missing : worldnews

Heavy snow in Japan kills at least 17 : worldnews
Chinese ships depart after record-long intrusion into Japanese waters : worldnews

South Korea scrambles fighter jets and attack helicopters after North Korean drones violate airspace
South Korea lifts ban on imported sex dolls : worldnews

U.S. says it is concerned by Chinas provocative military activity near Taiwan

Even as official figures from the central government remain low, regional numbers point to explosive outbreaks and overstretched health care systems. (Zero-Truth)
Chinas COVID cases overwhelm hospitals

Only Russias nuclear arms preventing West from declaring war
The unprovoked attack against Ukraine on February 24, 2022 produced a significant approval ratings boost for Putin. Dont take my word for it, take a look at the data from the well-respected Levada Analytical Center.
At Four Mi-8 military helicopters were seen today over the city of Moscow, which is a no-fly zone. According to eyewitnesses some of them were landing on top of FSB headquarters. : UkrainianConflict (shit goin' down)
Russias isolation from global markets is withering its economy and will wreck its status as an energy superpower, experts say
Russian ruble seems to be flat lining. What russian ruble doing? #RunOnRussianBanks #RussianBankPanic #RussiaIsCollapsing [xpost r/openrussia] : UkrainianConflict
This is a full-fledged bank run thats already underway, Maximilian Hess, a Russian economy expert and fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute
Medvedev foretells 2023: The collapse and partition of the EU, war between France and "the Fourth Reich" (germany, britain, poland, baltic states etc.) civil war and separatism in the US, collapse of Bretton Woods financial system, IMF and the World Bank. Return to gold standard : UkrainianConflict
Elon Musk responded to Medvedevs Nostradamus thread predicting western and world collapse with the words epic thread! (Elongated putin ass-flunky)
Some very good questions by @Kasparov63 : Why is Tucker Carlson endorsing genocide? Why does Rupert Murdoch allow it? Why do advertisers support it?

Russias richest MP mysteriously dies in India ... In India, found the body of the richest deputy of Russia Pavel Antov. His body lay in a pool of blood under the windows of the hotel where he celebrated his 65th birthday. ... Lol. Body cremated, investigation concluded, nothing suspicious.
A new wave of mysterious deaths of Russian high-ranking officials: 24/12: Alexander Buzakov, 66- General Director of military shipyard 25/12: Alexey Maslov, 69- former Commander-in-Chief of Ground Forces of Russia 24/12: Pavel Antonov, 65- one of the richest deputies in Russia : UkrainianConflict

Bellingcat journalist who exposed Kremlins crimes wanted by Russia. Bulgarian reporter working out of Netherlands media outlet. Wanted for committing crimes by Russia for ... nothing that happened within Russia. As is custom.

5x T-95 strategic bombers seriously damaged, 2 TU-95 in bad shape : UkrainianConflict
Russian Defense Ministry confirms that an explosion occurred at the Engels military airbase near the city of Saratov on the night of Dec. 26. : worldnews
Blasts reported at Russias Engels air base
Ukraine war: Drone attack on Russian bomber base leaves three dead - BBC News
Ukraine can expect more frequent strikes on Russian airfields - military expert Zgurets, Defense Express founder. Strikes on Russian airfields contribute to reducing Russia's military potential.
Three killed from falling drone wreckage at Russian military base in Saratov -Defence Ministry : worldnews
Kremlin can't stop Ukraines mounting strikes deep in Russia: Ex-Commander

The Decline of Russias Missile Stock

West will have to negotiate with Russia whether it wants it or notLavrov

Russias Navalny accuses authorities of using prison to break his health

Russian business has already understood that Crimea will be lost - Refat Chubarov (see comments for translation) : UkrainianConflict

Russia ready to resume gas supply to Europe via Yamal-Europe gas pipeline | CNN : worldnews

Thousands Rally In Karabakh Against Azerbaijani Blockade : worldnews

A court in Maldives on Sunday found the former president guilty of money laundering and accepting a bribe and sentenced him to 11 years in prison. The Criminal Court of Maldives also ordered Abdulla Yameen to pay a fine of $5 million : worldnews

Iran protests: No going back as unrest hits 100 days

Netanyahu rebukes far-right ally for anti-LGBTQ comments : worldnews

Russia Lost Everything Possible This Year But Will Continue: Zelensky
Tomorrow Ukraine will raise the issue of Russias presence in the UN Security Council

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 306, Part 1 (Thread #447) : worldnews
In this intercepted call, a Russian soldier describes how his commanders are afraid of going out of trenches, how a captured Russian tank is now firing back at them, and more.

Russian missiles rain down on Ukraine towns : worldnews
Russians shell Kherson Oblast 71 times on Christmas day, leaving 16 dead and 64 wounded. : worldnews

Another thread full of video regarding the fortification of Melitopol.
How Ukraines 1st Tank Brigade Fought A Russian Force Ten Times Its SizeAnd Won
A T-90M joins the turret-tossing competition a Russian T-90M tank was destroyed by RKG-3 HEAT grenades adapted to be dropped from Ukrainian drones.

Santa in Slovyansk, Donetsk Oblast, has opted for the American Humvee this year instead of the sledge. Good choice

Shots fired near NATO patrol in Kosovos volatile north, NATO says

Swiss trade with Russia still going strong : worldnews

All 10 people feared missing in Austria avalanche found alive | CNN : worldnews

Great Britain initiates to double the number of Ukrainian military who will be trained under the guidance of Western instructors. With about 10,000 Ukrainian troops being trained in the UK in 2022

Conservatives in Western Canada Pass Law Rejecting Federal Sovereignty: A new law in the province of Alberta radically circumscribes federal authority, advancing the agenda of the provinces far-right secessionist movement

U.S. lashes out at the WTO for ruling against former U.S. President Donald Trumps tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. Says the WTO is walking on very, verythin ice

A sea change: Biden reverses decades of Chinese trade policy

More migrants dropped off outside vice presidents home in freezing weather on Christmas Eve (performative sadism by fascist fucker in a wheelchair)
Texas Governor Abbott endangered lives with Christmas Eve migrant drop -White House : politics

Democrats, Feeling New Strength, Plan to Go on Offense on Voting Rights : politics

January 6 panelist points to Electoral College reform as next priority to safeguard democracy : politics
The Electoral College is hazardous to democracy, Raskin says : politics

Read the Entire Final Report from the January 6 Committee Here : politics
With Detailed Evidence and a Call for Accountability, Jan. 6 Panel Seeks a Legacy : politics
Jan. 6 committee tackled unprecedented attack with time-tested inquiry : politics

January 6 panel's body of work boosts DoJ case against Trump, experts say : politics

Trump Declares Himself Clairvoyant; Critics Wonder How He Got Election So Wrong

Could Democrats Really Elect a Moderate Republican Speaker? : politics

Abbott Blasted for Cruel Stunt as Migrants Bussed to Kamala HarrisHome on Christmas Eve |How Christian of you, Greg AbbottRep. Joaquin Castro said sardonically. Being a heartless POS isn't going to make you the next Republican president

Texas Lawmakers Plan To Further Decimate Abortion Rights In Upcoming Legislative Session | All Texas clinics have halted abortion care, but the anti-abortion movement says its work isnt over.

Pennsylvania politics are heated. It soon could be utter chaos : politics

George Santos Admits to Lying About College and Work History - The New York Times The congressman-elect confirmed The New York Timess findings that he had not graduated from college or worked at two major Wall Street companies, as he had claimed ... Yet even as Mr. Santos, whose victory helped Republicans secure a narrow majority in the next House of Representatives, admitted to some fabrication, his actions will still not prevent him, in all likelihood, from being seated in Congress. (refucks dgaf)
The Making of a Congressional Con Man | The Nation How the Democrats and media allowed George Santos to lie his way into the House.
The Making of a Congressional Con Man : politics

As Republicans inch away from election denialism, one activist digs in : politics

Poll: Sinema Would Get Crushed As an Independent in 2024 : politics

West Point to Remove Confederate Monuments From Its Campus - The New York Times A Congressional panel identified for removal or modification 13 items at the United States Military Academy that memorialize the Confederacy.

Twitter brings Elon Musks genius reputation crashing down to earthMusks intense focus on his social media company purchase has devolved into the culture wars. Meanwhile, Tesla is tanking.
Free Speech On The Pandemic - The latest bolus of revelation hawked up by Elon Musks pet journalists is that, shockingly, the United States government urged Twitter to try to keep information about the Covid epidemic scientifically accurate.

Emails reveal Sam Bankman-Frieds courtship of federal regulators
Is stealing billions of dollars really all that bad? Views differ ... This is the zillionth example of how the most straightforward thievery can suddenly turn into some sort of complex saga of good intentions gone tragically wrong when the thief is a sufficiently high status person.

Nepo Babies ... In a rough study, approximately 100 percent of celebrities' children were hailed by their collaborators as talented, humble, and ready to put in the work ... Again, one of the biggest myths that fuels our insidious meritocracy is that talent is in short supply. It isn't -- and nepotism and cronyism are sorting mechanisms that very predictably arise as a consequence of too many talented hardworking people vying for a tiny number of slots at the top of the meritocratic pyramid.

5 arrested in fatal shooting of 19-year-old at Nordstrom in Mall of America, police say : news

[Serious] What crime do you really want to see solved and Justice served? : AskReddit

The Catholic Church Should Abolish the Priesthood - The Atlantic To save the Church, Catholics must detach themselves from the clerical hierarchy and take the faith back into their own hands. - By James Carroll

The 20 years from 1999 to 2019 saw a major international decline in adolescent risk behaviours, notably because of less unstructured in-person socialising. : science

No One Can Decide If Grapefruit Is Dangerous - The Atlantic


Monster storm across US claims at least 29 lives - The Boston Globe

Australian Institute of Marine Science: Highest coral cover on Great Barrier Reef in 36 years recorded : worldnews

China stops declaring daily Covid cases as wave strains hospitals, funeral services : worldnews
Trent Telenko on Twitter: "This is the stuff of COVID-19 pandemic nightmare. There isn't a way for the Chinese to avoid high mortality. Gaseous O2 treatment is one of the predominant palliative treatments US physicians use to prevent deaths from COVID-19 while the disease ran its course in the... 1/8" / Twitter
Trent Telenko on Twitter: "...worst hospital cases. China simply doesn't have the per capita medical infrastructure to match that performance. And note, there were spot O2 shortages in Texas that impacted SpaceX's rocket operations in the worst US COVID-19 waves. 2/8" / Twitter
Trent Telenko on Twitter: "...China may well be burying up to 40 million people in this B-7 wave, or basically the population of Texas. And 80 million long covid victims in China post "Let Her Rip" will be both a humanitarian & world economic supply chain disaster. 6/8" / Twitter

Putin says Russia ready to negotiate over Ukraine : worldnews (if the world unconditonarlly surrenders)
Putin Says West Aiming to Tear Apart Russia
Putin insists 99.9 percent of Russians ready to "sacrifice everything" : worldnews
Russia may not be able to wage war after the New Year : harsh shortage of money awaits the Kremlin

ISW on Twitter: "Key Takeaways 1. Russian forces will likely struggle to maintain the pace of their offensive operations in the Bakhmut area. 2. Russian siloviki may be setting info conditions to justify the nationalization of oligarchs' resources to sponsor war efforts." / Twitter

Russia plans to impose more tax on those who left country : worldnews

Head of major Russian shipyard dies suddenly, no cause given : worldnews
2022 Russian businessmen mystery deaths - Wikipedia

Roman Abramovich Secretly Funded Worlds Largest Marijuana Company

Afghan women denounce Talibans ban on women from working for NGOs
Foreign aid groups halt work after Taliban ban on female staff : worldnews

Shell to pay $16m to Nigerian farmers over oil damage : worldnews

Demonstrations Held In Iran, Abroad To Mark Uprisings 100th Day
Hardliner Clerics In Iran Demand More Executions, Amputations : worldnews
Iran brags about its missile export to Palestinians, Hezbollah : worldnews

Ukraine war: Zelensky delivers defiant Christmas message after Russian strikes : worldnews
Millions across Ukraine wake on Christmas Day to sirens as Putins jets take off from Belarus

Its Costing Peanuts for the US to Defeat Russia

Top EU official: Putin has already lost, just like Hitler in 1943 -- Russia has become a complete outcast on the international stage, Frans Timmermans, a vice-president of the European Commission, told Flemish newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.
A negotiated end to the war cannot be achieved with Putin. The odds are that it will not be achieved with his successors either.
Putin's Long War

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 305, Part 1 (Thread #446) : worldnews

12/25 Numbers : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russians kill 16 civilians in Kherson Oblast in one day : worldnews

How Citizen Spies Foiled Putin's Grand Plan for One Ukrainian City

Crime level in Ukraine down by 12% since Feb. 24 : worldnews

Ukrainians struggle to find and reclaim children taken by Russia : worldnews

Traditional Russian Ally Serbia Sees Protests Against Kremlins War In Ukraine

Pope condemns human hunger for wealth and power at Christmas Eve Mass

Hes on his own: King Charles ousts Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace
Struggling to afford heating bills, Britons turn to warmbanks to keep out the cold

Opinion | Good news in 2022: Ukraine resistance, elections, Wordle and more - The Washington Post

House GOP Using Omnibus Fight as Trial Runfor Ploy toCut Social Security and Medicare, Critics Warn

More migrants dropped off outside vice presidents home in freezing weather on Christmas Eve ... Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any Federal or local authoritiesWhite House spokesperson Abdullah Hasan said in a statement.
Busloads of migrants dropped off at vice presidents DC home on Christmas Eve
U.S. Declares Texas Grid Emergency in Arctic Blast : politics
After underestimating power demand, Texas electric grid operator gets federal permission to exceed air quality limits : politics

J. Edgar Hoovers Long ShadowThe FBIs first director built the agency around some of his own worst instincts

Adam Schiff Says One Part Of Jan. 6 Hasnt Gotten Nearly Enough Attention | Schiff, a member of the Jan. 6 committee, wrote that Republicans are receiving scant attention for their votes to overturn the 2020 election ... You mean over 100 Republican members of Congress still voting to overturn the election results 12 hours after a rabid mob of thousands of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol (with every member of Congress inside) and tried to kill the VP and numerous Democrats isnt normal?

Donald Trump accused of engaging in multi-part conspiracy in final US Capitol riot report
Trump claims there was no insurrection in video blasting Jan 6 report
Donald Trumps Merry ChristmasMessage Is A Grievance-Filled Lump Of Coal

Transcripts reveal Cassidy Hutchinson was pressured to protect Trump:I was scared

Republican senator called Giuliani walking malpractice, January 6 report says

DeSantis: Angling to become king of the stupid party

Madcap Details Emerge of Santoss Criminal Past In Brazil

Short-Sellers Made $15 Billion Betting Against Tesla Shares This Year : technology

A chance encounter and mother's intuition: How 2 Indy women helped find missing Ohio twin (and then the cops took all the credit)


Winter storm updates: Blizzard conditions, arctic freeze sweeps Buffalo - The Washington Post
4 dead in 46-car pileup in Ohio as storm blasts Christmas weekend - The Washington Post

Emperor penguin at risk of extinction, along with two-thirds of native Antarctic species, research shows : worldnews

Canadas Hudson Bay Polar Bear Population Plummets

Study finds Holocaust-related deaths much higher in Nazi-controlled countries - That is a terribly tasteless headline, and LGM apologizes to everyone in the world for it, but look at this long hand-wringing piece from the Atlantic, which comes to the sorrowful conclusion that hundreds of thousands of Republicans have died from COVID who would be alive today if not for the Republican partys COVID policies ... Anti-science pig ignorance and bigotry is in fact a right wing position in this country at this time.

Apple's Australian workers go on Christmas strike demanding better wages, work terms : worldnews
Vandals destroy 22,000-year-old sacred cave art in Australia, horrifying indigenous community : worldnews

Heavy snow kills 8 in Japan, prompts weather officials to issue warning: Reports : worldnews
Japan unveils record budget in boost to military spending : worldnews
Russian and Chinese Armada Sails East China Sea Near Japan : worldnews
Japan firms to stop insuring ships in all Russian waters -Nikkei : worldnews

Mystery airship spotted over Philippines near South China Sea : worldnews

North Korea fires missile amid tension over Russia arms aid : worldnews

China angered, Taiwan cheered by new U.S. defence act : worldnews

Packed ICUs, crowded crematoriums: COVID roils Chinese towns : worldnews
Leaked notes from Chinese health officials estimate 250 million Covid-19 infections in December: reports | CNN : worldnews
Chinas ByteDance admits to using TikTok data to track journalists

Russia may send empty Soyuz to bring ISS crew home : worldnews
Russia is jamming more GPS satellite signals around Moscow : worldnews

US asks Putin to keep acknowledging reality after Ukraine 'war' reference
Putin starts his day with a written briefing on the war with information carefully calibrated to emphasize successes and play down setbacks, according to the Wall Street Journals sources.
putin is ready to mobilize the whole population and economy of Russia for the sake of victory over Ukraine, says The Wall Street Journal.
Russian pro-Kremlin media outlets forbidden to post anything on mobilisation : worldnews
Pussy Riot song protests against war in Ukraine and calls for Putin to be prosecuted : worldnews

The Kyiv Independent on Twitter: ""The Soviet Union employed similar tactics during World War II, sending soldiers on useless train rides to imitate attacks or retreats," Budanov added." / Twitter

Putin Wants Fealty, and Hes Found It in Africa

Twenty Two Killed in Fire at Nursing Home in Russia : worldnews
Head of major Russian shipyard dies suddenly, no cause given : worldnews

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: ""There are American biolabs in Kazakhstan that we forgot about."" / Twitter

India makes COVID test mandatory for arrivals from some countries, including China : worldnews

Afghanistan protests: Taliban use water cannon on women opposing university ban : worldnews
Taliban minister defends closing universities to women as global backlash grows : worldnews
Taliban orders NGOs to ban female employees from coming to work : worldnews

Develop Batteries for Electric Vehicles Here: Zimbabwe Bans Export of Raw Lithium

Russia to supply Iran with 24 Sukhoi Su-35 fighter jets : worldnews
Iran Regime Backers Use Fake Twitter Account To Support Case Against Jailed Actress : worldnews
Dozens Of Merchant Vessels Stuck Off Irans Ports As Payment Snags Bite

Watchdog: Under 1% of Israel army probes yield prosecution : worldnews
Police wounded in shooting, ramming attack in Kfar Qasem, terrorist shot dead : worldnews
EU threatens to cut funding to Palestinians over textbooks incitement : worldnews

They will stand together as long as it takes
The Skill Involved in Zelenskys Congressional Address
US Approves Patriot Missiles, New $45B Aid Package for Ukraine : worldnews
Inside the monumental, stop-start effort to arm Ukraine - The Washington Post The U.S. supply of weapons has never been enough for Kyiv. But for Washington and the Pentagon, there are broader concerns.
Ukraine official urges liquidation ofIranian weapons factories

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 304, Part 1 (Thread #445) : worldnews

12/24 Numbers : UkraineWarVideoReport

How the Battle for the Donbas Shaped Ukraines Success

President Zelensky: Kherson. In the morning, on Saturday, on the eve of Christmas, in the central part of the city. These are not military facilities. This is not a war according to the rules defined. It is terror, it is killing for the sake of intimidation and pleasure.
Russian forces hit centre of Kherson, killing 8 and wounding dozens of people : worldnews
(((Tendar))) on Twitter: "Russian troops fired incendiary weapons upon Kherson. Militarily seen absolutely zero value. This is pure terrorism. It proves the utter sadistic nature of many Russian soldiers. #Kherson #Ukraine" / Twitter

(((Tendar))) on Twitter: "Ukrainian artillery is hammering Russian troops near Kolomyichykha. Besides the recording drone another drone can be seen in this footage. #Ukraine #Luhansk" / Twitter

2/ Russian reconnaissance of #Ukraines northern border advances both a Russian information operation designed to convince Ukraine and the West that Russian forces will attack northern Ukraine, as well as preparations for an actual operation.
24 DEC/ A Russian probe directed at Yampolivka was engaged and repulsed north of the O-130501 road. This followed a previously failed RU attack on Chervonopopivka, also broken up. RU continues to shell villages along the line of contact.

Russia accused of war crimes cover-up by razing Ukraine theatre : worldnews

Armed with English: Ukraine Soldiers Take Language Lessons
The most spoken languages in the world
Center for Countering Disinformation publishes selection of Russian fakes made up on December 23. Espreso TV News Ukraine : worldnews

German spy accused of passing state secrets to Russia : worldnews

Macron Calls On Europe To Reduce Its Dependence On U.S. In Security Matters : worldnews
Kurds clash with police in Paris for second day after killings : worldnews

They were welcomed into British homes. Celebrating their first Christmas together, Ukrainians wonder if that hospitality will last | CNN : worldnews

Biden says the economy is on a winning streak as new data shows pay going up and inflation slowing down

Bidens America Finds Its Voice ... Yeah, but were nowhere near out of the woods. The Republican Party has become a fascist, win-at-all-costs criminal organization that will steal elections, lie with impunity, and promote crooks and complete morons in the oligarchys drive to extract maximum profit without dealing with pesky human, labor, or environmental right. They must be destroyed, not coddled.

House Clears $1.7 Trillion Spending Package, Averting Shutdown : politics
These 9 House Republicans broke from the party to vote for the $1.7T funding package : politics

Federal effort to boost election worker protections fizzles : politics

The Rich Get College Subsidies While the Student Debt Debate Goes On : politics

How the Worst Fears for Democracy Were Averted in 2022 : politics

After 18 months of investigations, the Jan. 6 report is out. Here are the toplines : politics
January 6 report review: 845 pages, countless crimes, one simple truth Trump did it
Monkeytits2 comments on Jan. 6 committee releases final report

Now Lets Prosecute Donald Trump for His Crimes: The January 6 committees damning final report makes clear that the former president sought to steal the 2020 election by force. Will Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice take the baton?

Jan. 6 committee releases nearly 50 more witness transcripts including Ivanka Trump, Bill Barr, and Mike Pompeo to little fanfare

Five red flags in Trump's taxes : politics Five red flags in Trumps taxes

The Jan. 6 Committee Asked Congress To Consider Banning Donald Trump From Holding Office Ever Again : politics

Trump Did Float Idea Of 10,000 Troops Jan. 6 o Protect Him On Capitol March: Committee
DC National Guard commander strongly considered sending troops to Capitol without approval, Jan. 6 report says

Trump White House drafted statement attacking Barr after he publicly refuted Trumps voter fraud claims, transcript reveals

Congress approves new election rules in Jan. 6 response : politics

Georgia special grand jury wraps up probe of Trump, allies | AP News

Jim Jordan Quite LikelyUnder Investigation by DOJ: Former U.S. Attorney

Arizona Judge Rejects Kari Lakes Effort to Overturn Her Election Loss

Far Right Turns on Faker & Liar Marjorie Taylor Greene

Eric Bolling Rips Putins Press Secretary Tucker Carlson for Innuendo About Lindsey Grahams Personal Life
Carlson's attacks on Ukraine and Zelensky personally are designed to dehumanize and to justify Russian atrocities, which are already ongoing, documented, and publicly known. Its like still backing the Nazis after Auschwitz was uncovered. 3/10

It's on life support. Hochuls chief judge pick faces existential opposition

A streak of extremism: US book bans may increase in 2023 | Despite key victories, books covering race and LGBTQ+ topics continue to attract bans in conservative states

Boulders main library closed due to high levels of methamphetamine

Robocall company may receive the largest FCC fine ever : politics

Sam Bankman-Fried moves in with his parents after posting $250 million dollar bail : technology

Twitter restores suicide prevention feature after Reuters report : politics
Exclusive: Twitter removes suicide prevention feature, says its under revamp
Elon Musk just told Tesla investors that his personal Twitter account is criticalto $TSLA stock price
Twitter brings Elon Musk's genius reputation crashing down to earth -- Musk's intense focus on his social media company purchase has devolved into the culture wars. Meanwhile, Tesla is tanking.
Americans Are Realizing Tesla Isnt the Only Electric Car
Elon Musk on Twitter: "@WallStreetSilv Damn" / Twitter (supports Russia)
We should think of various explanations for any given event in terms of probabilities, not certainties. Those who dont allow any questioning of the narrative at all are full of shit (more love for Putin)
For MAGA plutocrats, self-censorship is the worst kind - With Tesla stock plummeting, Elon Musk is reaffirming his top priority saying how much he hates trans people in public as often as possible:
Elon Musk in his PayPal days in 2000 : pics (pre-hairplugs)

Eschaton: Nobody Wants To Live In This Shithole don't think it's pointed out enough that for decades the people who ran US cities in various capacity often thought residents were a nuisance, those who were Left Behind, people who were only still there because they couldn't afford to go anywhere else. Cities were for workers, for commuters, and all policy was aimed at Attracting Jerbs and suburban cultural visitors ... generally quality of life for residents instead of visitors should be more of a priority.

Eli5 why is the reason why people with Alzheimers Disease die?

How Physicists Proved The Universe Isnt Locally Real - Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 EXPLAINED

Opinion | Wait, Is My Dog Stoned? - The New York Times

Reviewing over 8000 posts in two online incel groups, common themes that led to membership were revealed. Incel membership is related to a shared sense of perceived injustice and a method for increasing self-esteem through group membership, new research discovers. : science

1942 Diner. Everyone looks so fit. The plates are even small. : pics

r/classyraven summarizes the correct way for a father to approach dealing with the news that his 12-year-old daughter is bi-sexual. : bestof


Live updates: Multiple dead and more than 1M in the dark as winter storm brings bitter cold to much of the U.S.
Multiple People Injured - One Killed in 50-pileup crash on Ohio Turnpike : news

5 ways climate change made life more expensive in 2022 From grocery bills to insurance premiums, warming temperatures hit Americans wallets hard this year.

The $52 billion plan to save New Yorks low-lying areas from sea level rise and storm surges

How Many Republicans Died Because the GOP Turned Against Vaccines? : politics

QAnon members in Japan sentenced for breaking into Covid vaccination centers : worldnews

Seoul restaurant suspected as secret Chinese police station said to close next month : worldnews

White House: Russias Wagner received arms from North Korea

China is likely seeing over a million COVID cases and 5,000 deaths a day, report says. But Beijing's official data is showing 7 deaths so far this week. : worldnews
China estimates COVID surge is infecting 37 million people a day : worldnews
Chinese ambassador says Ukraine crisis has hurt relations with EU
Chinas foreign minister warns US not to cross its red line

Russias defeat is the top global priority for 2023 ... The world has already paid a terrible price for handing Russia the geopolitical initiative. For Ukraine, this has included tens of thousands of lives and destruction on a scale not witnessed in Europe since World War II. For the wider international community, the economic costs can already be counted in the trillions of dollars. Clearly, it is time to try a different formula.
US spending of 5.6% of its defense budget to destroy nearly half of Russias conventional military capability seems like an absolutely incredible investment.
Putins aggression has set Russia back 30 years President Putin has weakened the Russian economy and military to such an extent that it may take up to 30 years for the country to recover its superpower status, western officials believe.

Putin, Isolated and Distrustful, Leans on Handful of Hard-Line Advisers - WSJ Russias president built a power structure designed to deliver him the information he wants to hear, feeding into his miscalculations on the Ukraine war
Putin tells Russian defence industry to up its game for Ukraine war : worldnews

"Ukraine was threatening the world with nuclear terrorism and only Russia was able to save everything,"- Valery Gerasimov, Russian Army Chief of the General Staff and deputy MoD. His audience is clearly puzzled by this version of events. : UkrainianConflict
Kremlin believes that Russia substantially demilitarised Ukraine
2/ #Putin has been setting conditions for a protracted war long before the US decision to transfer Patriots to #Ukraine, even stating on December 7 that the special military operation would be a lengthy process.
Putin Shrugs Off Ukraines Patriot Missile Systems From U.S. as Quite Old
Kremlin says Biden, Zelenskyy ignoring Russia's concerns
Russias warning to U.S.: Deescalate or face "conseq uences"
Russian diplomat says NATO instructors must leave Ukraine before talks can start : worldnews
Russian ambassador to Washington says U.S.-Russia relations in 'ice age'

"Guys, editors, get rid of this video!" -- The internet: No

Putin declares 'war' aloud -- forsaking his special euphemistic operation
Russian politician files legal challenge over Putins reference to Ukraine "war"

Russia Today is airing an insane clip of a freezing and starving European Christmas
Fox News Tucker Carlson is so well thought of by Kremlin mouthpiece Vladimir Solovyov that hes now even sharing clips of him on Telegram with added Russian subtitles for his followers

Russia has transferred the Tor anti-aircraft missile systems to Belarus.The arms shipment was received as part of the existing intergovernmental treaty on military-technical cooperation between Belarus and Russia.

Putin suddenly cancels visit to the largest tank plant in Russia : worldnews

Russian military unit catches fire near Kremlin : worldnews

Reports of Rogozin facing penis amputation - and Christmas hasnt even begun yet
The hunt for Putins war rapists: How a British-led team are tracking Russian perpetrators
Prosecutors uncover 54 Russian torture chambers, investigate over 5,000 cases of alleged torture. The Prosecutor General's Office also revealed that 855 criminal investigations had been opened into war crimes against children, including 10 cases of sexual violence.
How Russia organized a torture chamber network in Kharkiv Oblast

Afghanistan: Women have rallied in Kabul after the Taliban enforced a ban on female higher education. The decision sparked an international outcry, including from Muslim-majority countries : worldnews
Afghan Men Stand in Support of Women After Taliban College Ban : worldnews

Sri Lankas Presidential Advisor caught on video allegedly sexually abusing a pet dog

Turkey says Sweden not even halfway to NATO candidacy

Iran warns Zelensky to stop saying it gives Russia drones: Patience not endless

Israel Spy Agency Warns of Deeper Iran-Russia Arms Ties : worldnews

Zelenskyy: Trip to US Delivered Good Results
President Zelensky: "I had an important conversation with Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. I thanked for the decision to allocate 2.5 billion euros to help Ukraine fight against the aggressor. We appreciate the support of the Netherlands!" : ukraine
The UK is sending Ukraine a newer, longer-range missile that lets humans guide it all the way to the target : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 303, Part 1 (Thread #444) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 23, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukrainian defenders kill over 500 invaders and destroy 5 Russian UAVs in 24 hours : worldnews

Russian Forces Forcibly Disappear Ukrainian Activist : worldnews

Ukrainian forces used Russian soldiers' panicked' cellphone calls to pinpoint their locations and pick them off, report says

Below is todays map with an overlay showing the peak extent of the Russian advance into Bakhmut.

Mariupol theatre demolished to hide Russian crimes, aide says
How Russia organized a torture chamber network in Kharkiv Oblast

Germany formally suspends guarantees for business with Iran : worldnews

France: Man Had WWI Shell Lodged in Rectum, Bomb Squad Called by Hospital : worldnews
France fines Microsoft 60 million for imposing ad cookies on users

Deep secrecy, high risk: How Zelensky's improbable D.C. visit came together - Plans were kept within a tiny group as the Ukrainian president prepared to leave his war-ravaged country for the whirlwind trip.
Deeply personal Zelenskiy-Biden meeting cemented their bond, says top adviser
US spent 5% of its military budget to destroy half of Russias capability with the help of Ukraine
Zelenskyy visit exposes a GOP rift between actual fascists -- and everyone else
Tucker Carlsons rage at Zelensky caps a year of getting things wrong (Russian agent/traitor)

Monster of 2022: People Suing to Kill Student Debt Relief Because Theyre Not Included -- Cue the worlds tiniest violin.

Supply Chains Upended by Covid Are Back to Normal - Improved shipping rates, delivery capacity and retailer inventory have soothed the woes

The Senate passes election reform designed to head off another Jan. 6 : politics

Release of Select Committee Materials | Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol
Jan. 6 committee releases final report : politics
Major Highlights of the January 6 Report
The Devastating New History of the January 6th Insurrection | The New Yorker The House report describes both a catastrophe and a way forward.

The committee ... The dominant underlying fact is that the vast majority of the Republican Party either explicitly or tacitly supported and supports Trump, which ipso facto means supporting the January 6 insurrection.
Rather than conducting a large-scale dragnet, the committee zeroed in on the former president.
Extremists at the vanguard of a siege: The Jan. 6 panels last word
Inside the Jan. 6 Committee - The New York Times Power struggles, resignations and made-for-TV moments the untold story of the most important congressional investigation in generations.
Landmark Jan. 6 report concludes Trump intentionally misled, provoked insurrectionists : politics
Jan. 6 committee's final report finds Trump was central cause of attack on the Capitol
Jan. 6 report: Trump lit that fire of Capitol insurrection
Past cases of hoarding classified documents show legal risk for Trump - The Washington Post - It's not unusual to charge people who knowingly take top-secret documents

Ginni Thomas Not Mentioned Once in Jan. 6 Committee Report : politics
For John Eastman and Clarence Thomas, an intellectual kinship stretching back decades : politics

Intel community escapes major criticism by Jan. 6 committee for missing 'forseeable Capitol violence

List of Team Trump insiders who took the Fifth keeps growing : politics

Transcripts reveal link between Trump, Nevada fake electors : politics

Why didnt the IRS audit Trump the way it was required to?

Ivanka Trump grew visibly upset as she failed to get her father to rein in his supporters on Jan. 6, before retreating to an office

Kevin McCarthy staffer argued Trump shouldnt condemn violence on January 6 because the media would 'win'
McCarthy Makes Weird Threat to Thwart GOP Senators : politics
McConnell calls out diminishedTrump, vows not to bow to his candidates in 2024 ... Trump hurt the party in the 2022 elections by making swing voters see Republicans as nasty and attracted to chaos

Jan. 6 report sheds new details about Sen. Mike Lees efforts to help Trump overturn 2020 election. The House Jan. 6 committee reported that Lee spent a month encouraging the ideaof alternate state electors, before worrying about a slippery slope problem for future elections.

Jan. 6 participant arrested after hourslong standoff with the FBI The man is believed to have brought a hammer to the Capitol during the riot.

Why Trump will lose in 2024: Hes committed the cardinal sinof reality TV -- he's boring
Donald Trump 2024: His Final Presidential Campaign - Inside Donald Trumps sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretend run for reelection. (Which isnt to say he cant win.

Arizona Gov Forced To Dismantle $80 Million Cargo-Container Wall He Just Built | ZeroHedge

Lauren Boebert says the Omnibus Bill will "sexualize" her sons

Subpoenas fly as Utahs gerrymandering lawsuit moves forward. Each of Utahs four Republican congressmen received subpoenas this week.

Whats the matter with New York? (Bad identity politics edition) - Kathy Hochul just made a massively consequential blunder with her nomination for the chief judge on New Yorks top court: Why a deep blue state keeps electing dubious Democrats as governor and mayor of NYC is an interesting question.
Kathy Hochuls Nominee for New York's Top Judge Is an Absolute Disaster for Democrats - The governor had a chance to reshape the state's highest court. She blew it.

George Santoss Early Life: Odd Jobs, Bad Debts and Lawsuits
George Santoss Problems Are Just Getting Start

The F.D.A. Now Says It Plainly: Morning-After Pills Are Not Abortion Pills : politics

DeSantis appoints judge who denied abortion to girl over school grades | Florida | The Guardian Jared Smith, who issued controversial ruling in January, named to new court of appeal by Florida governor

Angry librarian tells off conservative Christians protesting library in righteous speech : politics

Marijuanas black market is undercutting legal businesses
Dying for your high: The untold exploitation and misery in Americas weed industry

Mr. Lanez, a Canadian rapper, was convicted of firing at the Houston hip-hop star after an argument in 2020. The matter became the subject of speculation and gossip on social media and in songs.
Trial in shooting of Megan Thee Stallion exposes misogynoir | AP News

Exclusive: Elon Musk orders removal of Twitter suicide prevention feature, sources say | Reuters
BREAKING: Elon Musk deleted a tweet saying Congressman Adam Schiffs (D-CA) brain is too small and Schiff responded that Elon has curated an environment of bigotry and hate on Twitter. RETWEET IF YOU SUPPORT CONGRESSMAN SCHIFF!
Journalists who wont delete Musk tweets remain locked out of Twitter
Nice! -- Lets check in on Elon Musks brilliant idea for running his car company investing most of his time running another company into the ground while alienating his core customers with sub-replacement-level MAGA shitposting:

Meta agrees $1 billion settlement in Cambridge Analytica data privacy case : worldnews

Those government TikTok bans hardly ban anythingTikTok is neither banned nor controlled, even as an investigation found employees accessed U.S. user data

Huge 2,000-year-old Mayan civilization discovered in northern Guatemala : worldnews

The Lastpass hack was worse than the company first reported : technology


Thousands of Pagans celebrate winter solstice at Stonehenge : worldnews

A 47-degree drop in Denver in 2 hours. Here are some of the other dramatic temperature changes | CNN : news

9,216 confirmed cases and 96 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

U.S. life expectancy fell in 2021 as covid, drug deaths surged - The Washington Post An American child born in 2021 could expect to live to 76.4 years, according to the latest government data

Number of newborns set to hit record low of 773,000 in 2022: Japan : worldnews
Japan reverts to max nuclear power to tackle energy, climate : worldnews
Japan reverses nuclear phaseout plan adopted after Fukushima : worldnews

China sends 39 warplanes, 3 ships toward Taiwan in 24 hours : worldnews
ByteDance Inquiry Finds Employees Obtained User Data of 2 Journalists - The New York Times ByteDance, the China-based parent company of TikTok, said on Thursday that an internal investigation found that employees had inappropriately obtained the data of U.S. TikTok users, including that of two reporters.
Sour U.S.-China Relations Feed the Fentanyl Crisis - WSJ - Beijing has stopped cooperating in restricting the flow of Chinese-made chemicals that Mexican cartels use to make the deadly drug - A clandestine laboratory in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Zelensky made fatal mistake by visiting U.S., Russia warns
Putin says Russia wants end to war in Ukraine : worldnews
Kremlin disappointed no calls for peace with Russia were made during Zelenskys visit to U.S
2022 has been a dismal year of failure for Putin and invading Ukraine has left Russia poorer and more isolated than for decades, NATO chief says
Three sources close to the Kremlin told the Russian outlet Kommersant that Putins message to the Federal Assembly has been postponed to 2023 as it is no longer worth it, and the situation in Ukraine needs to be more understandable first

Russias Only Aircraft Carrier Has Caught Fire

FerralOne gives a great breakdown of the controversy surrounding Edward Snowden : bestof
Whats going on with people hating Snowden?

1/ Russia is attempting to substitute its own products in place of foreign-made specialist items, to which it has lost access to due to sanctions. However, a reported corruption scandal illustrates how hard this will likely be to achieve in practice
6/ Russias defence sector is notoriously corrupt, with billions of dollars of expenditure having been lost through frauds such as falsely certifying that work has been done, as in this case. Ive previously covered Rostecs problems with corruption:

Caught on Camera, Traced by Phone: The Russian Military Unit That Killed Dozens in Bucha - The New York Times
Caught on camera, traced by phone: The Russian military unit & Commander that killed dozens in Bucha unmasked : worldnews
"Come on, rape Ukrainian women": wife of Russian soldier added to international wanted list : worldnews

India in danger of becoming Hindu nationalist state: U.S. Congressman : worldnews

Taliban Bans All Education for Girls : worldnews
Embarrassed_fox97 explains, with supporting evidence, why the consequences of the Talibans purge of women from society will have far-reaching and often unseen consequences : bestof

Iran Threatens Zelenskyy Over His Speech to Congress : worldnews

A U.S. ally in Iraq vowed to tackle corruption. Torture and extortion followed.

As Crimes of Apartheid Worsen, the Wests Exceptionalism Toward Israel Must End ... new administration will be one that does not conceal its intention to preserve and further entrench the apartheid tyranny over the Palestinians, while fully cultivating Jewish supremacy as a political and legal credo

US Senate voted unanimously to send recovered Russian oligarch assets to Ukraine
BREAKING: U.S. announces $1.85B in new aide for Ukraine through PDA, plus $850M under USAI. Includes first-ever transfer to Ukraine of the Patriot missile defense system and Joint Direct Attack Munitions guidance kits
Ukraine passes bill banning LGBTQ+ hate speech in media : worldnews
Putin Signs Law Banning Expressions of L.G.B.T.Q. Identity in RussiaThe law makes it illegal to spread propaganda about nontraditional sexual relationsin all media, including social, advertising and movies.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 302, Part 1 (Thread #443) : worldnews

Ukrainian Armed Forces kill more than 100,000 occupiers over almost ten months of full-scale war : worldnews
Losses of the russian army as of 22.12.2022 : ukraine
Russia losses in Ukraine surpass 100k : worldnews
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 22 December 2022

I believe we are dealing with a partial failure of the Russian offensive in Bakhmut. It is blurry but from what I see Russians had to withdraw from the yellow area up to the M3 highway, especially their heavy gear. Some stragglers might be still present there, though. #Bakhmut

Puppet governor Shtepa blown up in occupied Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast : worldnews
The car of the Russian appointed "head" of Liubymivka village, Andrii Shtepa, was blown up in the temporarily occupied Kakhovka of the Kherson region, Russian media write.According to media reports, the man was burned alive.

Time 100 Photos of 2022 : ukraine

Charles Sobhraj, murderer known as the Serpent, to be released from prison - The Washington Post notorious 78-year-old French murderer convicted of killing backpackers touring Asiashippie trail in the 1970s, is to be freed from prison in Nepal after serving 19 years of a murder sentence,

There are two kind of state visits. : pics
Ukraines Zelensky arrives in Washington
"we defeated Russia in the battle for minds of the world. ", - President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a historic and inspiring speech at the U.S. Capitol. : worldnews
US to back Ukraine as longas it takes, Biden tells Zelensky
Zelenskyy thanks every American, sees turningpoint
Zelenskyy invokes World War II, says nocompromises with Russia
Zelenskiy Insists to Congress US Aid for Ukraine Isnt 'Charity'
Full Transcript of Zelensky's Speech Before Congress - The Ukrainian president delivered an emotional appeal for further American support, vowing that his country would prevail in its war with Russia.

Putin's Useful Idiots: Right Wingers Lose It Over Zelensky Visit - The anti-Ukraine right can't stand America standing as the arsenal of democracy.
Far-Right Republicans Shunned Ukrainian President Zelenskyy : politics
Full list of Republicans who sat during Zelenskys speech
Full List of Republicans Who Sat During Zelenskys Speech
Tucker Carlson Rips Zelensky Speech, Says Its Humiliating for Congress to Give Aid to a Ukrainian Strip Club Manager
Jimmy Rushton on Twitter: "Something deliberately and historically sinister about declaring a prominent Jewish politician as having "declared war against Christianity"." / Twitter

Newly Declassified Clues: Lee Harvey Oswald, CIA, and LSD An unredacted memo adds depth to our understanding of the CIAs response to allegations that Oswald worked with the spy agency ... Some chroniclers of Oswalds life have suggested that he was one of the young marines on whom the CIA performed its acid tests ... A majority of Americans believe the president was killed as part of a conspiracy that went beyond Oswald, and roughly a third believe the CIA or elements within the CIA had a hand in it.

Senate kicks government funding drama closer to shutdown deadline - POLITICO Lawmakers are at a standstill over a proposed GOP amendment tied to a Trump-era border policy, which could force Democrats to take a politically tricky vote.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas are The New Republics2022 Scoundrels of the Year: The Supreme Court justice and his right-wing activist wife are working hand in hand to destroy American democracy.

GOP Congressmembers who are very concerned about grooming vote against child sex abuse bill : politics

Trumps paid $0 in taxes in 2020, reported negative income 4 times in 6 years, returns reveal : politics
I.R.S. Routinely Audited Obama and Biden, Raising Questions Over Delays for Trump - The New York Times The revelation that the agency had not audited Donald J. Trump during his first two years in office despite a mandatory presidential audit program raised concerns about potential politicization.
I.R.S. Routinely Audited Obama and Biden, Raising Questions Over Delays for Trump | The revelation that the agency had not audited Donald J. Trump during his first two years in office despite a mandatory presidential audit program raised concerns about potential politicization. : politics
We Havent Seen Trumps Taxes Yet, but Its Clear the IRS Failed America: The IRS is required to conduct audits of the president and vice president while they are in officebut Trump apparently got a pass.
IRS mandatory presidential audit policy goes under spotlight : politics
1/ Lets put the House Ways and Means Committee releasing Trumps tax returns in context. While Spiro Agnew was Richard Nixons vice president, he was taking bribes in the White House. Literally. People came to the White House with briefcases full of money for him.
Trumps Tax Returns Reflect a Broader American Problem When dealing with rich and aggressive financial operators, the Internal Revenue Service often finds itself overmatched.
Republicans are criminals.

Donald Trump demands reinstatement, suggests overthrowing government : politics

January 6 Committee on Donald Trump: Lock Him Up : politics

"Easy to imagine" Mark Meadows has flipped on Trump: Former special counsel : politics
Trumps Inner Circle Is Running the Other Way

The Most Damning Things Jan. 6 Witnesses Have Said About Trump : politics
Gods Dont Bleed. Trump Is Bleeding

Jan. 6 transcripts reveal new details on how Pa. Republicans tried to help Trump stay in the White House : politics

Publix heiress Julie Fancelli was willing to spend $3 million on Jan. 6 rally, documents show - The Washington Post Groups controlled by Charlie Kirk received $1.25 million for buses to take people to Washington and for rally promotion

The Incredible 37-Page Guide for Staffing Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: Aides to the Arizona senator were expected to get her groceries, fix her internet, and learn her very specific preferences for airline seats, according to an internal memo. : politics
This is my shocked face - How would you like to be one of Sen. Flounce-a-Lot's (I-Private Idaho) personal slaves staffers? ... It's always who you most suspect.

Openly Gay Rep.-Elect George Santos Didnt Disclose Divorce With Woman
Did George Santos Also Mislead Voters About Being Jewish? : politics
Who is this guy really? - Yes its all very funny but its important to find out the answer to that question before he's in some closed door Congressional hearing where state secrets are being discussed. Just for example:

Childhood immunizations drop in Florida, where public health is mocked (refucks kill their children to own the libs)

Musk Lifted Bans for Thousands on Twitter. Heres What They're Tweeting. - Many reinstated users are tweeting about topics that got them barred in the first place: Covid-19 skepticism, election denialism and QAnon.
Elon Musks Twitter continues to favor right-wing content, reinstating dozens of accounts with millions of combined followers
Your Republican mainstreamcheck in on Chaya Raichik, the proprietor of the revolting hate feed that was a major reason Elon Musk overpaid for Twitter and is adored by Tucker and his Mini-Me Glenn alike:

Two Executives in Sam Bankman-Fried's Crypto Empire Plead Guilty to Fraud - Caroline Ellison, the former chief executive of Alameda Research, and Gary Wang, a founder of FTX, are cooperating in the federal criminal case against Mr. Bankman-Fried.
FTX founder Bankman-Fried allowed $250M bond, house arrest : technology
Ellison and Wang turn states's
Eschaton: Time For Some Game Theory - SBF did not play the optimal Prisoner's Dilemma strategy. In the early post-Bankruptcy days he was trying to not-so-subtly pin it all on her, but she was smarter and ran to the Feds!

Porn, Piracy, Fraud: What Lurks Inside Googles Black Box Ad Empire

What is the Democracy's Library? - Posted on November 30, 2022 by Brewster Kahle

Mastodon Is Hurtling Toward a Tipping Point | WIRED As the niche, decentralized social networking platform rises in popularity, it faces rising costs, culture shiftsand potential legal risks.

Effects of creatine supplementation on memory in healthy individuals: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials : science

Scientists invent 1st vagina-on-a-chip

Men may not perceive domestic tasks as needing doing in the same way as women, philosophers argue

Beliefs and attitudes towards cancer prevention among anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, and reptilian conspiracists: online cross sectional survey | "results suggest a direct connection between digital misinformation and consequent erroneous health decisions" : science

Whats far more dangerous than most people realize?


Climate activists decapitate prominent Berlin Christmas tree : worldnews

NASA gets "unusually close" look at a black hole devouring a star and "leaving nothing but a long noodle of hot gas" : worldnews

Endangered pink iguana hatchlings seen for the first time on Galapagos island : worldnews

3M will stop making hazardous forever chemicals starting in 2025

Nearly all Americans over 65 got their initial Covid vaccines. But that immunity is waning, and this time, the government is offering far less support for new shots.

Japan Logs Over 1 M. New COVID-19 Cases in Past Week : anime_titties
Helmets to become mandatory for all cyclists in Japan from April 2023 : worldnews

Hong Kong court rules Tiananmen vigil ban unlawful, overturns conviction of activist : worldnews

Chinas Xi urges Russia to exercise restraint over Ukraine
WHO "very concerned" about reports of severe COVID in China : worldnews
What Its Like as COVID Zero Becomes COVID Everywhere

Amidst all the madness this is quite an interesting discussion particularly the suggestion (made at length) that Russia, unlike other European nations, has not overcome its imperialist and great power chauvinism
Putin Pledges Unlimited Spending to Ensure Victory in Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraine war: Russia not to blame for conflict Putin
Putin warns war in Ukraine becoming extremely complicated
Putin Complains About Civilian Casualties as Zelensky Heads to U.S. : worldnews ... Putin did not acknowledge the tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed by Russian forces since February.
PUTINS WAR ON PEOPLE: Russia's news agency TASS boasts that more than 5 million UKR citizens have been deported from Ukraine to relocation centers in Siberia and the RU arctic. Among those displaced are more than 721,000 UKR children: with thousands separated from the parents.
We will find you: Russians hunt down Ukrainians on lists
Kremlin lies about Putin being at the frontline. Media recognises Rostov-on-Don : worldnews
@UkraineMatters Putin is delusional

Foreigners say that were brainwashed sheep that has been fed propaganda

Video and Analysis: Russia Placing SAM Defences Around Moscow! : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russian television pundit called for a nuclear strike against Yellowstone National Park : UkrainianConflict

The closer you get to the downfall of an empire, the more stupid the laws become. In frozen Siberia we meet Ivan. He dreamt he met President Zelensky. For posting about it he was prosecuted for discrediting the Russian army. (BBC News)

Russian soldier says theyre suffering more losses from heir own side than from Ukrainians, including being fired on by their own tanks

No conclusive evidence Russia is behind Nord Stream attack : worldnews
Russia's crude exports plunge by 54% in first week under G-7 sanctions, Bloomberg : worldnews

Russian mobile calls, internet seen deteriorating after Nokia, Ericsson leave : worldnews

Russian Red Cross caught on collecting donations for Russian army, it prompted calls for its exclusion from ICRC. Espreso : worldnews

Belarus restricts access to parts of region bordering Ukraine, Russia : worldnews
Star of Russian womens national football team calls Putin, Lukashenko

Saudi Arabia calls on Taliban to reverse decision banning women from higher education : worldnews
Public execution, whippings in Afghanistan mark revival of Taliban punishments : worldnews

Ghana stopped paying interest on its debt, one of the largest sovereign bond defaults of 2022 : worldnews

Iranian government accused of sham trials and torture as protestors face executions
Iranian artist Elham Modaresi being tortured in prison and denied medical care, says sister

Netanyahu announces new government with sweeping powers to far-right allies : worldnews

@ZelenskyyUaOn my way to the US to strengthen resilience and defense capabilities n particular, @POTUS and I will discuss cooperationI will also have a speech at the Congress and a number of bilateral meetings.
Zelensky to make dramatic surprise visit to Washington to rally US support for Ukraines defense
Kremlin says no chance of peace with Kyiv after Zelensky Washington trip : worldnews
US to send $1.8 billion in aid, Patriot battery, to Ukraine : worldnews
The state budget of Ukraine received two billion dollars of grant funds allocated by the United States through the World Bank trust fund. This is the second tranche of a grant totaling $4.5 billion.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 301, Part 1 (Thread #442) : worldnews

3,000 tanks doneassuming we hit 100k casualties by tomorrow.12/21 numbers
Ukrainian Defenders kill over 500 invaders and destroy 12 Russian artillery systems in 24 hours : worldnews
Here are todays control-of-terrain maps of #Russias invasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats
This most likely means the battle for Kreminna has begun. Rough location before map change and after map change. Since they UA soldiers are casually walking, ill assume some buffer.
More and more indication that the battle for Bakhmut is over for now and Ukraine won.

U.S. Giving Ukraine Coordinates to Russian Army Positions, Hacker Claims : worldnews

Ukraines heavy artillery, not high-tech anti-tank missiles, is what stopped Russia's rush to Kyiv, experts say

Russia may launch attack on Moldova in early 2023, says countrys security chief

German president urges Xi Jinping to convince Putin to end war in Ukraine : worldnews

Switzerland rejects idea of a third-gender option in official records : worldnews

Italy bans phones in school classrooms : worldnews

Scots aged 16 and 17 to be allowed to change gender : worldnews

Manufacturing, importing straws and other single-use plastics now banned in Canada : worldnews

Zelenskyy to meet Biden, address Congress as war rages on : politics
As a Ukraine-born American, I LOVE this photo : ukraine
Pelosi: On a personal note: this is a moment fraught with meaning for me. My fatherwas a Member of the House in 1941 when Winston Churchill came to the Congress on the day after Christmas to enlist our nations support in the fight against tyranny in Europe.

Donald Trump Jr and MTG under fire for dumbest remarks everabout Zelenskys US visit

At the end of his first Congress, Biden is already a consequential president : politics

Millions To Lose Medicaid Coverage Under Congress Plan

House Failed to Hold Vote on Making Daylight Savings Time Permanent : politics

Democrats run out the clock on a Congressional stock-ban bill : politics (Pelosi cackles)

America's most important EV is also its goofiest - A new fleet of electric mail trucks heralds the next phase of the EV revolution.

Can we learn anything? -- Ian Milhiser has a piece noting the obvious: Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan should step down in what is likely the last chance in a while for a Democratic president to replace them: We have now lived with the consequences of Ruth Bader Ginsburgs late-life arrogance for more than two years.

The full timeline of Trumps known phone calls on the day of the January 6 insurrection (7 hour gap)

Electoral Count Act set to deliver another blow to Trump : politics

Executive Summary Of Jan. 6 Report Shows How Trump Ignored Advisers, Spread Election Lies : politics

Trump Paid $1.1 Million in Taxes During Presidency, but $0 in 2020, Report Shows : politics
The House Ways and Means Committees summary report on Donald Trumps taxes
Trumps income taxes were often paltry, newly released documents show
Private Jet Costs, Sketchy Deductions Among Red Flags in Trump Taxes : politics
Trumps tax fraud
Dont threaten me with a good time -- Kevin Brady (R-TX) warns that releasing Trump's tax returns could lead to the release of tax returns of Supreme Court Justices

The January 6 committee is right. Its time to prosecute the kingpin, Trump | The assault on the Capitol was not a spontaneous spasm of violence. It was the culmination of a concerted effort to reject the results of a fair election

Executive Summary Of Jan. 6 Report Shows How Trump Ignored Advisers, Spread Election Lies | HuffPost Latest News
Informant warned FBI weeks before Jan. 6 that the far-right saw Trump tweet as a call to arms adds to the mounting evidence that the FBI had intelligence warnings that Jan. 6 was a major threat.

Ivanka Trump Gave the January 6 Panel What It Needed : politics

Aide testified Trump tore up records in White House : politics

Report: Trumps Golf Cart Is Retrofitted With a Laptop and Printer So He Can Read Uplifting News Articles and Online Posts About Himself

Skepticism before a search: Inside the Trump Mar-a-Lago documents investigation : politics

In Testimony, Hannity and Other Fox Employees Said They Doubted Trump's Fraud Claims -On Wednesday, lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems shared some of the strongest evidence yet that some Fox employees knew what they broadcast about the claims was false.

Truth Is Reasserting Itself Over Trumps Lies
Justice Is Coming for Donald Trump : politics

House GOP loses interest in investigating Jan. 6 investigation. Republican leaders said they intended to investigate the Jan. 6 investigation. Theres no great mystery as to why the GOP has changed its mind.

Trumps former White House ethics lawyer told Cassidy Hutchinson to give misleading testimony to January 6 committee, sources say

Jan. 6 committee begins cooperating with DOJs special counsel: In the spring, the Jan. 6 committee and the Justice Department were not cooperating. Theyre now on the same page, which is awful news for Team Trump.

War on wokeness: the year the right rallied around a made-up menace : politics
How 2022 Became the Year Trans Hate Went Mainstream : politics

Eschaton: Lock'em Up! ... This is progress, as we had decades of Presidential Historians and DC pundits telling us that Ford was the bravest, noblest man for sacrificing his re-election to pardon that crook so The Nation Could Move Forward or whatever nonsense they peddled. Suggesting otherwise marked you as crazy a crazy person as much as opposing the Iraq war did.

We Will Get Destroyed: Evangelicals Are Quietly Ditching Donald Trumps 2024 Bid

Josh Hawley Says You Can Own The Libs By Quitting Porn And Starting A Family : politics

Ginni Thomas made two donations to Mike Lees 2022 reelection campaign. Thomas has been a supporter of Lee since his first Senate campaign in 2010

Floridas effort to charge 20 people with voter fraud has hit some roadblocks

Calls grow for Congressman-elect George Santos to resign after allegedly lying about his background : politics

Failed Coup Leader of the Year: Kari Lake | The Arizona Republican echoed all of Trumps election denial strategies from 2020. But this time, none of them worked.

Cancel culture, the reality

Single college-educated white women are destroying America

Murderous Alabama Prisons

Sam Bankman-Fried to Fly to US Wednesday, Escorted by FBI Agents - Bloomberg
Fall of the Progressive Boy King Sean McElwee formed a lucrative alliance with SBF. Then his patron went bust and he suffered his own scandal.

The Twitter-FBI story relies far more on insinuation than evidence - The Washington Post
From Jared Kushner to Salt Bae: Heres who Elon Musk was seen with at the World Cup
If Twitter Fails, Theyll Be Free

Ticketmaster's Dark History = A 40-year saga of kickbacks, threats, political maneuvering, and the humiliation of Pearl Jam

u/Saxamaphooone explains the researched differences between conservative and liberal views of reality and morality : bestof (conserative love hierarchies)


Global climate goal gasping for breath UN chief says

Earthworms may have declined by a third in UK, study reveals : worldnews

Deadly Politics : You want to politicize vaccines, you will die for your whiteness: The toxicity of partisan politics is fueling an overall increase in mortality rates for working-age Americans ... Other states have moved in the opposite direction. ... Oh now, Florida voters absolutely asked that of Ron DeSantis and they all agreed that, yep!, death was preferable to vaccination so better reelect our Cato of The Villages! Alas, such demographic choices about basic health from vaccines to gun control seem to make no electoral difference.

Man left naked, bound, with head in toilet bowl before death in Japan police cell - The Mainichi : worldnews

North Korea slams Japans militarybuildup, vows counteraction
US flies bombers, stealth jets as Kims sister threatens

Taiwan reports 17,080 local COVID cases, 18 deaths

Crematoriums across China are straining to deal with an influx of bodies as the country battles a wave of Covid cases that authorities have said is impossible to track : worldnews
Videos of bodies piling up at hospitals in China emerge, experts estimate Covid deaths in millions : worldnews

The Failed Future of the USSR
Counting Russia's War Dead, With Tips, Clips and a Giant Spreadsheet - Amid doubts about Moscow' s true war losses, Russian data journalists and volunteers use news articles, tombstone photographs and other open-source information to tally the Russian toll from the war in Ukraine ... n September, when the defense minister, Sergei K. Shoigu, said that 5,937 Russian troops had been killed since the war started.
NATO Could Take Out Russia in 3 Days: Congressman : worldnews
China and Russia sharing a toolkit todismantle the West -- NATO ambassador

According to Putins press secretary Peskov, Russia never attacked anyone.
Kremlin lies about Putin being at the frontline. Media recognises Rostov-on-Don : worldnews
Russia-Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin targets traitors, spies and saboteurs in security crackdown
Russian rouble slumps to 7-month low, biggest one-day drop since July : worldnews

Russia attempts to improve troop morale in Ukraine by sending them circus performers : worldnews
We were allowed to be slaughtered: calls by Russian forces intercepted

Everybody has weapons: Russias balkanized military sparks civil unrest concerns

Explosion rips through gas pipeline in Russia : worldnews

Moscow says around 100,000 IT specialists left Russia this year : worldnews
So why werent RU cyber ops in UKR more militarily impactful? I explore 25 possible factors, and suggest that 16 of them had high or moderate importance.These assessments are individually debatable. Even so, RU cyber failure seems overdetermined by many factors.
Intel collectionnot fireshas probably been RUs main cyber effort in UKR. Yet I argue this too has had little mil benefit.
hen RU cyber and kinetic fires hit similar classes of targets, kinetic fires cause multiple orders of magnitude more damage. A crude but instructive comparison. No Ukrainians have yet lost power due to a cyberattack during the war. Millions lost power due to RU missiles.
I look at 2 kinds of RU cyber ops in UKR: Destructive/disruptive attacksor cyber fires, a military term that emphasizes wartime context.Intelligence collection. Largely overlooked by analysts, perhaps b/c it less visible and harder to assess.

Russian Teenager Charged With Discrediting Armed Forces After Text Scrawled On St. Petersburg Public Artwork : worldnews

Oppositionist warns Belarus "not for sale" as Putin, Lukashenko shake hands : worldnews
Putin Insists No Plan to Absorb Belarus : worldnews

Russia Could Also Invade Moldova In 2023: Security Service Head : worldnews

Pakistani Taliban overpower guards, seize police center : worldnews

UK launches independent probe into war crime allegations in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Taliban closes universities to women : worldnews
Afghan government officials helped smugglers sneak almost $1 billion in cash and gold out of Afghanistan as the US-backed government neared collapse, documents show : worldnews

The JCPOA Is Dead thanks to Donald Trump
Iran enriching worrying quantities of enriched uranium, UN official warns
Iranian Protester Sentenced To Death Said He Suffered Horrific Torture (Iran) : worldnews

Opinion | The Ukraine war gave the algorithm its opening, but dangers lurk - The Washington Post The paradox of the Ukraine conflict is that it combines the World War I nightmare of trench warfare with the most modern weapons of the 21st century.
Zelensky visits frontline city of Bakhmut : worldnews
Video from #Bakhmut.
President Zelensky with the defenders of Bakhmut. A picture for the history books and message to Putin or every other tyrant in the world: We will stand, we will fight, we will win, no matter what. Ukraine is our homeland.
Russia has enough missiles for 3-4 more mass strikes, official warns : worldnews
A Russian winter offensive - Part 1 Dont get surprised by failing to imagine one

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 300, Part 1 (Thread #441) : worldnews

Russia lose over 99,000 soldiers and 266 helicopters in war : worldnews
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 20, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Putin Admits Russia Faces Extremely Complicated Situation In Occupied Ukrainian Territories
2/ There is no prospect of Russia negotiating over the future of #Crimea unless they are forced to through continuing battlefield defeats. Putin has shown zero inclination to give up annexed territory he doesnt control, let alone Ukrainian territory he illegally seized in 2014.
4/ First, Ukraines supporters need to stop sending mixed signals on the status of Crimea. Comments from politicians & senior military leaders about the difficultyof #Ukraine retaking Crimea need to be moderated with but, we support Ukraine taking back all their territory.

A MiG-29 Pilots Inside Account Of The Changing Air War Over Ukraine

Wartime Ukraine erasing Russian past from public spaces : worldnews

Ukraine to get 10,000 more Starlink antennas; funding problems are "resolved"

EU gas consumption down by 20.1% : worldnews

UN Chief warns of far-right, white supremacy threats in West : worldnews

Nazi camp secretary found guilty in potentially final Holocaust trial
Former Nazi concentration camp secretary, 97, convicted of aiding more than 10,000 murders : worldnews

Jesuit abuse case widens as victim speaks, order seeks witnesses : worldnews

France bans disposable packaging, utensils in fast-food restaurants : worldnews

Honeywell agrees to pay about $200 mln over U.S., Brazil bribery charges : worldnews

Canada Goes After $26 Million in Assets From Russian Oligarch Abramovich : worldnews
Quebec Approves Health Coverage For Psilocybin Therapy : worldnews
8 teen girls charged with 2nd-degree murder in swarming death of homeless man in Toronto: police : worldnews

Congress unveils $1.7 spending bill to avoid government shutdown - The Washington Post Lawmakers must act swiftly to approve the measure, known as an omnibus, before a temporary spending agreement lapses at the end of this week

USPS trucks go EV by 2026 after Biden push - The Washington Post Agency says it can spend billions to buy 66,000 new electric vehicles and related infrastructure now that its finances are in better shape (DeSad)

Cannabis Reform Dead In Congress After Objections From Republicans : politics

The imperial Supreme Court

Trump responds to Jan. 6 criminal referrals: It strengthens me

Jan. 6 committees unanswered questions

Trump Risks Ban From Elected Office With Insurrection Evidence : politics
Key Evidence Uncovered by the January 6th Committee : politics
Watergate prosecutor expects Trump to face federal, state charges : politics
The January 6 committee just gave a final blow to Trumps very bad year
A Diminished Trump Meets a Damning Narrative : politics
Conspiracy to defraud the United States -- The 1/6 committee did its job, and it did it well:
Electoral Count Act, crafted as response to Jan. 6, will be in omnibus bill : politics

The GOP is quietly Trump-proofing our system behind his back

Jan. 6 panel refers McCarthy, 3 other Republicans for ethics violations : politics

Hope Hicks Shows Up to Twist the Knife as 1/6 Committee Implores the DOJ to Prosecute Trump; A nice touch by the January 6 investigators. : politics

Live Updates: House Committee Meets Privately About Releasing Trumps Taxes
Release of Trump Tax Returns Could Herald New Era for Taxpayer Privacy : politics
Eschaton: Oh No The House Republicans Might Force Joe Biden To Release His Tax Returns That fucking newspaper. (warning from the NYT)

Many Senate Republicans arent protecting Trump after Jan. 6 panels nod to criminal charges

The man behind Trump Worls myth of rigged voting machines

Americas Trumpiest court doesnt care if your right to a fair trial was violated: The Fifth Circuits decision in Crawford v. Cain is a monument to judicial lawlessness.

While advising Trump on judges, Conway sold her business to a firm with ties to judicial activist Leonard Leo | The move adds to a growing picture of how groups associated with Leo helped advance the conservative legal agenda. : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene And Lauren Boebert Get Personal In Very Public Spat : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene attacks Lauren Boebert, calls her childish and mocks her struggle to get re-elected : politics

A cautionary tale of election denialism in the Pennsylvania midterms - Vox This is a dry run for 2024 to create mayhem and steal an election

Trump-Backed Election Loser Kari Lake Hints At Violence At Conservative Gathering : politics

Syracuse Sen. John Mannion declared winner by just 10 votes in recount, Democrats retain supermajority in N.Y. Senate : politics

Ron DeSantis Is a Case Study in the Threat of Fascism in the US : politics

Incoming GOP congressman reportedly lied about his employment history, where he went to college, losing four employees in the Pulse nightclub shooting, and possibly his residence : politics

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry could face Ethics Committee for refusing Jan. 6 subpoena : politics

Its time to shut down the New York Democratic Party until we can figure out what the hell is going on
Gay Jewish GOP congressman-elect busted in another fake claim. Hes probably not Jewish either

A Texas superintendent ordered librarians to remove LGBTQ-themed books. Now the federal government is investigating.

Dark Brandon gives the corpse of David Broder a sad

The Homeownership Society Was a Mistake - The Atlantic Real estate should be treated as consumption, not investment.

Uvalde videos show flawed medical response to Robb school shooting - Washington Post Previously unreleased video, audio and interviews for the first time show helicopter and ambulance delays after police finally confronted the Robb Elementary shooter

Drugs and moral panics (same old story told the same old way)

Why did you choose your major? Hint: there was probably a lot of luck involved - The Washington Post - When you pick a college major

Elon Musks censorship spree exposes the fundamental flaw in the rights definition of free speech
Police provide first official details of Elon Musks alleged stalker incidentPolice say a member of Elon Musks security team is currently a suspect in their investigation, not a victim
Elons Legal Road to Perdition ... Too bad hes fired so many lawyers. (use reader view)
And its a long day livin up your own ass : Telsa: $137
2/ Decided to indulge in a little Covid vaccine skepticism. - Well, thats one way to deal with your stock in freefall. I guess.

Amber Heard settles defamation case against Johnny Depp : news

Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape in Los Angeles trial - The Boston Globe

Quantum telepathy, laser-based time crystals, a glow from empty space and an unrealuniverse
The Beauty at the Heart of a Spooky Mystery

Physics Explains Why Time Passes Faster As You Age Mind time cannot be measured on a watch.

DavidAdamsAuthor comments on Which side are you on? One of the issues among many many issues was the rivalry between the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) and the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN).


South Australia's incredible week: 104.1 per cent of power produced by wind and solar over seven days. : worldnews

North Korea claims significant progress toward developing spy satellite : worldnews

Taiwan investigates TikTok for suspected illegal operations : worldnews

Chinese business confidence falls to lowest in almost a decade on COVID : worldnews
Opinion | The U.S. Needs to Change the Way It Does Business With China - The New York Times

Its been now almost 10 months and Putins Three-Days war seems get out of hand in Russia. #Belgorod #Russia #Ukraine
Putins War: The Inside Story of a Catastrophe
Putin admitted that the Ukrainians were tougher than I was toldSource: The New York Times
Russian actress and poet Vera Polozkova brands Putin themain maniac of 21st century -- Speaking from exile, Ms Polozkova said Russia now exists as a totalitarian sect
Putin afraid of Kadyrov, Ukraines top security official says
Russian military releases propaganda pop song fantasizing about its nukes wiping out NATO and the US : worldnews
Russia shows off upgraded nuclear-ready "White Swan" bomber amid Kyiv blitz

Russias Wagner Group officers hide in cover and watch with drones as expendable troops are sent to die in Ukraine, UK intel says
Russia Using Poorly-Trained Convicts As Ukraine Assault Continues, Says UK Intelligence
Russia using expendable convict recruits to protect Wagner troops: U.K. (

NEW: #Russian military leadership is engaged in a campaign to present itself as part of an effective wartime apparatus in an effort to address the public perception of Russian failures in #Ukraine.

Putin Heads For Belarus Amid Fears Of New Assault On Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraine watchful of borders as Putin heads to Belarus : worldnews

Moldova suspends TV channels to prevent spread of Russian disinformation on Ukraine : worldnews

Azerbaijani roadblock cuts tens of thousands off from food, fuel and medicine : worldnews

Russian-annexed Crimea showers Syria with wheat, Ukraine cries foul --Using a low-profile fleet of ships under U.S. sanctions, Syria has this year sharply increased wheat imports from Ukraines Russian-occupied peninsula of Crimea in the Black Sea

Struggling to crush unrest, Iran turns to public executions : worldnews

Netanyahu accuses NY Times of demonizing Israel for decades
Mass funeral in Gaza draws tears, rare criticism of Hamas : worldnews

Zelensky expected to be at US capital tommorow. : ukraine
President Zelenskiy visited the #Bakhmut, where heavy fighting took place. Zelensky met with the warriors in Bakhmut and rewarded them. In turn, the military presented a flag to the president and asked to deliver it to the US Congress as a sign of gratitude for the weapon sent
Kyiv slams Kissinger over call to negotiate with Russia for peace : worldnews
3/ In the past ten months there has been a profusion of articles that propose lists of lessons from the Russo-Ukraine War. Somefrom experts on war, the military, strategy and national security affairs are well informed and cogently argued.
Ukraine shoots down 30 Iranian-made drones in brutal Kyiv assault
Russian drone attacks hit infrastructure in and around Kyiv : worldnews
Amazon helped rescue the Ukrainian government and economy using suitcase-sized hard drives brought in over the Polish border: You cant take out the cloud with a cruise missile
Zelenskyy: Bakhmut is destroying Putin's mercenaries; Russia's losses approach 100,000 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 299, Part 1 (Thread #440) : worldnews

Steady frontiers, Russia fails.An overview of the daily events in the war between Russia and Ukraine. A tour along all front lines and an overview of all general events. Like every Sunday, this Sunday was relatively quiet.

Russia sets up dragons teeth in Melitopol amid street battle fears
This local Ukrainian counteroffensive took place at the eastern residential areas in Bakhmut. British-supplied Wolfhound MRAPs were deployed and destroyed the Russian presence with their 12,7mm machine guns.

OSINTdefender on Twitter: "Russian Forces over the last several hours have reportedly entered the City Center of Marinka in the Donetsk Region of Eastern Ukraine." / Twitter

[WarTranslated] Russian volunteer Murz on why Russia is not ready to defend Ukrainian winter offensive : CredibleDefense (awsome)

Russian Jailed 12 Years in Crimea for Sharing Naval Info With Ukraine : worldnews

Facebook Marketplace-Owner Meta Accused of Breaching E.U. Antitrust Rules in Latest Blow : worldnews

Norway will not issue visas to Russians, even if they have an invitationThe country fears that the Russians will simply not want to return home. Therefore, the rules for issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation were tightened back in May.

Sunak: Putin escalating Ukraine conflict because he cannot win on the battlefield
UKs PM Sunak to announce $304m in new military aid for Ukraine

Barbados has officially decriminalized gay sex : worldnews

Ottawa leading social media effort to demoralize Russian soldiers, Moscow says : worldnews
At least six dead after mass shooting incident in apartment block in Torontos Vaughan district, Canada

Why has Biden managed to put together so many bipartisan wins? Joe Biden has racked up more bipartisan victories than any president of either party in a generation. The tricky part is understanding why. : politics

President Biden Urges Veterans to Seek Health Benefits Under New Law : politics

Where Should Democrats Go Now?
Neoliberalisms Impact on Social Movements -- First, neoliberalism is real and it fundamentally means the privatization of public goods

An Imperial Supreme Court Asserts Its Power, Alarming Scholars

Trump Faces a Week of Headaches on Jan. 6 and His Taxes : politics
Donald Trumps popularity with Republican voters is sinking
Donald Trump had to be told a pool of reporters would no longer follow him around because he wasnt president anymore: report

PoliticsVideoChannel on Twitter: "BREAKING: legal experts are saying Donald Trump, 76, has no future outside prison if he is found to have violated the Espionage Act" / Twitter
Megathread: January 6 Committee Announces Criminal Charge Referrals for Donald Trump and Allies : politics
Trump Just Made Criminal History The committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol recommended Donald Trump be charged with multiple crimes.
Jan. 6 committee approves criminal referrals against Trump for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election : news
Jan. 6 panel pushes Trumps prosecution in forceful finish
Jan. 6 committee finalizes criminal referral plan for Trump : politics
House Jan. 6 select committee expected to advise Justice Department to hit Trump with criminal charges : politics

Jan. 6 committee summary: Ivanka Trump not forthcoming; Giuliani changed tone on stolen election during deposition

They Must Be Held Accountable: Former House Members Urge Ethics Investigations for Current Representatives Involved In Jan. 6 Riot
January 6 committee considering how to handle uncooperative GOP lawmakers, Schiff says : politics

The Proud Boys Sedition Trial And The Violence At The GOPs Core

GOP lawmakers say Trump electability problem is behind cratering support : politics

How Republicans are trying to block voters from having a say on abortion | Ballot initiatives have proven a winning strategy for abortion rights activists but Ohio Republicans want to make it harder for voters

Neoliberalisms Impact on Social Movements =

Republican Primary Off to Hot Start as Trump Releases Online Trading Cards and DeSantis Threatens to Put Vaccines in Jail : politics
GOP governor challenges DeSantis on vaccines:We shouldnt undermine science

DeSantis: Vaccine McCarthyism

The trillion year Reich -- I present to you longtermism: ... This insane farrago of the 20th centurys worst intellectual hits, updated for the Techbro Gilded Age (Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Sam Bankman-Fried are huge fans) is an almost Platonic illustration of horseshoe theory.
A New Refutation of Time: Borges on the Most Paradoxical Dimension of Existence
The Psychology of Time and How the Interplay of Spontaneity and Self-Control Mediates Our Capacity for Presence
A New Refutation of Time - Wikipedia
T. S. Eliot Saw All This ComingOne hundred years after the publication of The Waste Land, its vision has never been more terrifying.

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Resume May Be Largely Fiction.
The Democrat who lost to an alleged fraudster says he tried to warn you | Semafor

Eschaton: America's Worst Human Of 2022 Tucker Carlson.
Misinformer of the Year: Tucker Carlson | Media Matters for America

Mayor Bass taps hotel rooms with estimated 40,000 people living homeless in Los Angeles : politics
It is the obvious thingThe White House tries a new tack to combat homelessness

Sterilization, Execution, Labor Camps: Rhetoric Against Drug Users Is Escalating : politics

Mental Health Care is Broken. Is Police Hospitalizing More People the Answer? : politics

How Denver used e-bike vouchers to get thousands out of their cars: The Colorado program could be a national model as cities look to motorized bikes as a way to cut emissions and ease traffic : politics

Power company money flows to media attacking critics in Florida, Alabama : NPR

How Naming the James Webb Telescope Turned Into a Fight Over Homophobia - The New York Times Did the former head of NASA discriminate against gay people? One physicist tried to rebut the accusation, only to find himself the target of attacks.
Putins propagandist Nailya Asker-Zade takes a selfie with Elon Musk at the World Cup in Qatar
Elon Musk reportedly offered to trade a horse for an erotic massage, leading to $250,000 harassment payoff
Tesla stock is stuck in its worst sell-off since the company went public in 2010 : technology
Tesla gets downgraded on Wall Street over Elon Musks Twitter antics, banning of journalists
Twitter bans promotion of accounts on other social media sites
Musks Twitter poll says he should step down from social networks helm
An asshole with an broadly attractive vision is one thing, an asshole for the sake of being an asshole is another
Making Sense Of Elon Musk
Silicon Valleys Government Contracts
What happened in stalking incident Musk cited to ban @ElonJet - The Washington Post (lying Muskrat)

Special Report: Binances books are a black box, filings show, as it tries to rally confidence

FTXs Bankman-Fried wants to see indictment before agreeing to U.S. extradition
Eschaton: Because He Paid Them Money to Vox, Semafor, ProPublica, The Intercept, numerous journalism-adjacent people (regular sources), and probably many things we don't know. Weird to leave that out! -- The biggest question prompted by this apology tour is: why did so many apparently serious media outfits let him get away with it? (Bankfucker-Fried and his paid-for enablers in the media)
Senate banking chairman says maybe to cryptocurrency ban

Feds cite explosion in child sextortion cases, FBI, DHS issue national public safety alert

OJ Preps Charges Against Former ABC News Producer

Fortnite maker Epic Games has to pay $520 million for tricking and spying on kids

Report reveals offensive items for sale on major e-commerce sites

Made My Blood Run Cold: Unmasking a TikTok Creator Who Doesn't Really Exist - Carrie Jade Williams said she was sued by Airbnb guests who claimed they were triggered by her disability aids. But the incident wasn't real, and neither was she.

Your platform is not an ecosystem ... in an ecosystem everything is infrastructure for everything else ... Apples vision of a controlled, locked down ecosystem maps into the same vision, the same control that the Communist party wants to have in China. They see eye to eye on what, for a harmonious society you need. Is just one is a phone ecosystem, the other is a nation ... a tech system is a plantation, not and ecosystem ...

Information Theory
How Claude Shannon Invented the Future

AI's Jurassic Park moment -New systems like chatGPT are enormously entertaining, and even mind-boggling, but also unreliable, and potentially dangerous.

Scientists have made a fascinating new discovery about the formation of porphyry copper deposits, crucial to our transition to a green economy. The study challenges the current paradigm of a progressive, multi-million year, arc-scale ramp up in the fertility of magmatic systems.

Different patterns of BMI changes over ones life course may be an indicator of a persons risk for dementia. Researchers hope this study will illustrate that the seeds for dementia risk are being sowed across many years, likely even across the entire lifespan

What has reddit taught you? : AskReddit

Inventor of the world wide web wants us to reclaim our data from tech giants | CNN Business : worldnews


N. Korea fires ballistic missile into waters off east coast : worldnews

Reports of Beijing COVID deaths fuel speculation of data coverup : worldnews
Shanghai schools to go online as Covid spreads in China : worldnews

Russia-Ukraine War: Its time for a negotiated peace - Henry Kissinger
European countries attacked by Soviet Union/Russian Federation in the past 100 years : UkraineWarVideoReport

SW: Investigation of military documents proves how poor planning plagued Russias invasion. The ISW said the documents obtained by the NYT suggest that Russian military planners expected its units to capture significant Ukrainian territory with little to no resistance.
Russian Official Admits Putins War Going Badly: we're on the Defensive
Russia may try to re-enact its early invasion plans of Ukraine on anniversary of war
Russia Rejects Talks After Suggesting NATO Nations Are Legitimate Targets
The Kremlin is likely attempting to increase perceptions of Putins competence and that of the Russian Ministry of Defense by publicizing Putins meeting with the joint headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces and his appearances at non-military events.
Putins ludicrously long table was an anti-COVID-19 measure to ensure 15ft between him and others, report says

Putins Russia Returning to Soviet-Era Antisemitism, Former Chief Rabbi of Moscow Asserts

Russian soldiers drafted to Ukraine were told they wouldnt have to actually fight anyone, report says. Many of them were swiftly killed.

Russian Official Allegedly Opened Mail Bomb Thinking Sons Head Was Inside

The U.K.s assessment comes a few days after the Russian Defense Ministry on Dec. 14 announced the establishment of front-line creative brigades deployed to bring cultural and artistic events to raise soldiers morale on the battlefield in Ukraine.
Ukraine: Russia to deploy musicians to front to boost morale : worldnews

Russian oligarchs sue EU over sanctions : worldnews

Time to Try a New Approach With the Taliban: Theology | Opinion More than a year after the Taliban takeover, the elimination of religious minorities from Afghanistan is nearly complete.

Qatar reiterates denial that its government involved in EU corruption case : worldnews
Elon Musk hanging out with Jared Kushner at the World Cup Final in Qatar : pics

Iranians hit the streets in restive southeast as protests enter 4th month : worldnews
Iran arrests a top actress who expressed solidarity with a man executed over protests : worldnews
Iranian actor Taraneh Alidoosti arrested after criticism of death penalty | Iran : worldnews
Iranian, Hadi Choopan Is The 2022 Mr. Olympia Champion and has dedicated his gold medal to the women of Iran : worldnews

Iraq: At least seven police killed in bomb and gun attack : worldnews

People in Lebanon are robbing banks and staging sit-ins to access their own savings : worldnews
Irish soldier killed on UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon : worldnews

Opinion | The Ideal of Democracy in a Jewish State Is in Jeopardy - The New York Times
Israel deports Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri to France over security, interior ministry says : worldnews

he Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for a new possible invasion of Russian troops from the north in early 2023.
Russia Seen as Preparing for Massive Winter Offensive in Ukraine, Including New Run on Kyiv : worldnews
Zelenskyy: Ukraine Needs Reliable Air Defense System : worldnews
Ukraine says power restored to almost 6 million people in last 24 hours : worldnews
Ukraines Big Problem is Water Supply, Heat as Electricity Stabilizes

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 298, Part 1 (Thread #439) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 18 December 2022

A Russian tank unit deliberately attacked another Russian position in Ukraine, report says, illustrating vicious rivalries within Putinsarmy

Trenches Russians now dig in Crimea will not help them. Crimea will be returned w/o failin the way that UA leadership decidesf necessary to fight for Crimea, we will, and we wont ask anyone. This is our land and it must be returned home,
(((Tendar))) on Twitter: "This is a Russian dugout at the Crimean coast. Yes, it is ok to laugh. #Crimea #Ukraine" / Twitter
Russia no longer launches Iranian drones from Crimea, as it considers the peninsula a vulnerable spot. Now UAVs are launched from the Krasnodar Territory of Russia
AFU has pushed back PMC Wagner from the 3 blocks they controlled east of Bakhmut at Maksymenka Street-Vatutina lane (1). The white dashed areas in the second image are regained territory.Russian forces also retreated from the Garbage dump south-east of Bakhmut

Ongoing Russian offensive operations around #Bakhmut are further driving a wedge between the forces of the #Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR) and Yevgeny #Prigozhins #Wagner Group troops

A mobile maternity unit is delivering babies and critical health services for women and girls amid the war in Ukraine : worldnews

21,000 Ukrainians find jobs in Lithuania since war started : worldnews

China closes two secret police stations in Czech capital Prague

Swiss host secret talks between Serbia and Kosovo : worldnews

Peruvian President Boluarte refuses to step down amid ongoing protests : worldnews
168 New Geoglyphs Discovered In Perus Nazca Desert

Mexican army says Jalisco drug cartel kidnapped colonel : worldnews
2022 is deadliest year on record for Mexican journalists : worldnews

Young doctors look outside of Canada for opportunities amid lack of medical training resources : worldnews

Congress Just Passed $858 Billion Military Budget, But GOP Is Blocking $12 Billion to Fight Child Poverty | This isn't using our taxpayer dollars wisely said one analyst. It's robbing programs that we need

Trump, covid slowed down immigration. Now employers cantfind workers.

How to Save America From Extremism by Changing the Way We Vote : politics
Election marshals' and runoff rules: States eye a new round of voting changes ahead of 2024 ... ("States" = refucks)

Biden vs. Trump? In 2022, there was a clear winner and a clearer loser - The Washington Post
Biden team planning a dramatically expanded digital strategy for 2024 - The Washington Post One aim is to organize content-sharing between supporters and their friends on digital platforms, including TikTok and WhatsApp, where political advertising is not allowed

The Jan. 6 committee will take up criminal referrals against Donald Trump : politics
January 6 Committee To Vote On Three Criminal Referrals Against TrumpIncluding Insurrection
January 6 committee expected to recommend Donald Trump faces at least 3 criminal charges, including insurrection, reports say : politics

Trump Ominously Evokes Jan. 6, Tells Backers Its Time To 'Deal With' FBI, DOJ 'Thugs'
Trump Is in Deep Trouble and theEnd Is Near: Former GOP Congressman

Georgia grand jury investigating Trump election interference is winding down and has begun writing final report : politics

GOP might as well call it their Hunter Biden Benghazi investigation. Same motives

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Scorches Dimwit Republicans Tangled In Power Battle
Why Democrats Feel Surprisingly Good Heading Into 2023 | President Bidens polling has ticked upward. Gas prices are down. And Republicans are at loggerheads.
Top MAGA Republicans Descend on Arizona Amid Fury Over Donald Trumps NFTs
Jim Jordan Outlines Plan of Attack Against Biden Administration : politics

Washington takes legal action over Arizona-Mexico junkyard border wall

Im Not Ready: A Mother Denied an Abortion in Texas Faces an Uncertain Future

DeSantis reverses himself on coronavirus vaccines, moves to right of Trump : politics

Vatican Removes Anti-Abortion Activist From the Priesthood - The New York Times Frank Pavones work has led to clashes over the years with some Catholic leaders.

Nationalizing Death Threat Culture ... A Texas man was arrested on Friday on a federal charge that he left a voice mail message threatening to kill a Boston doctor who provides care to gender nonconforming children, the authorities said.

The chaos of tipping culture in America

Facing Threat of Far Right Violence, Library Workers Seek Safety in Unionization | Libraries are necessary social infrastructure, and the safety of workers is imperative to their continuing function. : politics

Elon Musk banned me from Twitter
Student tracking Elon Musks jet defends his program, considers legal threat a bluff
Twitter prohibits posting links or alluding to accounts on instagram, mastodon : worldnews
Twitter abruptly bans all links to Instagram, Mastodon, and other competitors - The Verge
Absolutely sweet free speech
Lol - Theyre going write entire chapters about these blunders in business school texts.
IMPORTANT: @elonmusk's new policy preventing linking to competitors is in DIRECT VIOLATION of European Union rules. Penalty can be a fine of up to 20% of Twitters annual revenue
Elons stale playbook - At Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk was a jerk with a grand vision. At Twitter, he's just a jerk.
How to sign up for Mastodon: A guide to using the Twitter alternative - The Washington Post Social media site Mastodon is a popular Twitter alternative with a learning curve.

Wikipedia and the existential status of divorce

Cheating on your college essay with ChatGPT wont get you goodgrades, say professors -- but AI could make education fairer

Just finished reading Daniel Kahnemann's - Thinking Fast and Slow, I am quite blown away, but would like to know if some other author has written books that has opposing view to DK? : books

Children and young people need lessons in building strong relationships to counteract "Disneyfied" negative role models and portrayals of love, experts say

Significant breakthrough: This new sea salt battery has 4 times the capacity of lithium

Porn is infamous for giving men unrealistic ideas about sex. What unrealistic expectations does porn teach women? : AskReddit

What is the female version of "bros before hoes?" : AskReddit


No alien life discovered on Earth, Pentagon says, but search deepens - The Washington Post A new office within the Defense Department is evaluating recent reports of unexplained phenomena and is planning to look at accounts dating back decades

New study sheds light on a new type of aurora called a space hurricane - The Washington Post - Space hurricanes swirling over the Earth surprise scientists - Cyclone-like auroras near the North Pole, dubbed space hurricanes, can transfer large amounts of energy from the sun to Earth s upper atmosphere

The world is burning more coal than ever before -- and the consequences for climate are dire : worldnews

Black Sea dolphin deaths prompt ecocide allegations against Russia : worldnews

Today in the Sixth Extinction
Animals Are Running Out of Places to Live - The New York Times

Disaster scenarios raise the stakes for Colorado River negotiations - The Washington Post At Colorado River conference in Las Vegas, water managers debate how to make historic cuts

Potential New Treatment for Brain Fog in Long COVID Patients

Global Covid Death Toll May Be Nearly Three Times Higher15 MillionThan Official Records, WHO Says ... China, a country of 1,4 billion people has officially less covid death than Luxembourg a country of 640 thousands people. (Xi's "zero truth" policy)

Just How Bad Is the Tripledemic? After two difficult Covid winters, the current season of respiratory sickness already rivals some of the worst cold and flu seasons on record and it started about two months early.

Opposition to School Vaccine Mandates Has Grown Significantly, Study Finds : politics (Parents for Polio)

Women acting like men face jail in Malaysian state

IOC Set To Reinstate North Korea for Paris 2024 Olympics : worldnews

China sends ships into Pacific amid Japan security moves : worldnews
New COVID model predicts over 1 million deaths in China through 2023 : worldnews
Shanghai schools ordered to hold classes online to stem Covid infections | Citys kindergartens and childcare centres also to stop in-person lessons as cases rise across China after easing of restrictions

The Mistakes that Made the War

Russian troops have turned to Wikipedia to find instructions on handling weapons and used 1960s-era maps in the country's invasion of Ukraine: NYT
The Fall of Russia : UkrainianConflict
The Fall of Russia | Institut Montaigne
Russia has suffered "strategic defeat" as war nears 10th month: Igor Girkin : worldnews
Russian actor stating the ability of the Russian people to die in large numbers is a quality Russia has over others. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russias Investigative Committee saw nothing illegal in Anton Krasovsky's statements on Russian state TV, where he advocated drowning Ukrainian children and burning Ukrainians in their homes

Alexander Litvinenko's wife Marina warns the world did notpay enough attention to murder

The Russian military commissar Fotin announced that in the near future conscripts will serve for 1.5-2 years, as the vile NATO is sneaking up to the borders. So far there is no information from other Russian officials, but we will not be surprised if this turns out to be the case
In this intercepted call, the Russian woman tells his husband about what is done to those soldiers who lay down weapons: theyre gathered up into separate units and sent to the very frontline, into the meat grinderThe man is looking for ways to get out as soon as possible.

A fascinating look at how Russia is interfering with precision navigation and timing within Russia as part of its efforts to prevent future Ukrainian long range strikes. GPS Signals Are Being Disrupted in Russian Cities

Alex Kokcharov on Twitter: "In some regions of Russia, consumer spending is above 90% of consumer incomes. In Tyumen region it was nearly 105% of consumer incomes in Q3 2022: 2/3" / Twitter

On December 17th, 2022, the Russian tycoon and former owner of 'biggest' developer group Don-Stroi (it operates in the Nonresidential Building Construction industry from Moscow) - Dmitriy Zelenov has died in France afterfalling from the stairs

Supreme Court of India dismisses Bilkis Banos review plea challenging release of 11 rape convicts.

CIA head: Russia looking to support Iran, posing threat to US allies in Middle East : worldnews
Iranian government accused of sham trialsand tortureas protestors face executions
Bribery, Theft, Extorsion: Jailed Iran Protesters, Families Want Their Jewels And Pets Back : worldnews
Iran Oil Workers Protest For Higher Wages, Against Repression : worldnews

Opinion | What in the World Is Happening in Israel? - The New York Times
Israeli in US smuggled components used for nukes to Russia : worldnews

US to expand training of Ukrainian troops : worldnews
Putin Has Hit Ukraine With 1,000 Missile And Drone Attacks Since Oct. 10 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 297, Part 1 (Thread #438) : worldnews

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, December 16 | Institute for the Study of War
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 17, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Two Russian ammo depots destroyed after key bridge crippled: Ukraine : worldnews
Russian squad brutally killed by ATGM near Bakhmut : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russia changes drone launch site over Crimea vulnerability concerns: U.K : worldnews
Russians have enough missiles for a few more large-scale attacks - Zelenskyy
Ukraines forces down 60 out of 76 missiles launched by Russia

Russias Bakhmut problems show Putin overestimatedhis forces: Commander
the morning, a large amount of military equipment is moving from Russia through the temporarily occupied Mariupol, the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andryushchenko, reports.

Toddlers body pulled from rubble of strike on Ukrainian city: Governor
Russian attacks have struck Ukrainian health-care facilities and providers 715 times : worldnews

Latvian Occupation Museum to unveil Holodomor exhibition : worldnews

Lithuanian in talks with Meta over Facebook deleting pro-Ukraine posts : worldnews (Zuckerborg loves Putie)

A United States infantry unit arrives in Estonia : worldnews

Polands top cop set off grenade launcher by accident

EU adopts global minimum 15% tax on big business : worldnews

Deal reached for new non-Russian power source for Europe : worldnews

Scholz inaugurates 1st liquefied gas terminal in Germany : worldnews
German police find loot stolen from Dresden museum | The loot, stolen from Dresdens Green Vault in 2019, had a total value of more than 113 million. Stolen items included some 4,300 diamonds and gemstones.

Pope orders return of Parthenon sculptures to Greece | After more than 200 years at the Vatican Museum, fragments of Athens Parthenon temple may soon return home to Greece.

Spanish lawmakers advance menstrual leave legislation, a first for a European country

France attempted to assassinate Russian in Africa, Wagner Group head claims : worldnews

Mexican president slams Perus state of emergency, blasts U.S. official

Canada delays expanding medical assistance in dying to include mental illness : worldnews
Grocery shoplifting on the rise in Canada amid inflation, industry insiders say : worldnews
Alleged serial killer went to Winnipeg homeless shelters looking for the absolute most vulnerable: friend

J. Robert Oppenheimer Cleared ofBlack Mark After 68 YearsThe physicist and architect of the American atomic bomb was stripped of his security clearance in 1954 after what is now called a flawed investigation.
Oppenheimer Clearance Removal Vacated ... Heres whats not in the Granholm statement or an NYT article on the decision. In the early 1950s, Oppenheimer was not sufficiently in favor of developing the hydrogen bomb. Edward Teller had been pushing the idea since the Manhattan Project, when he had pursued it to minimizing his work toward the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer had humiliated Lewis Straus, the chairman of the AEC, in a congressional hearing for his lack of knowledge of science. The knives were out ... no evidence was presented in the hearing that the two men precipitated on Oppenheimers security clearance that he was disloyal to the United States. Just that they didnt like the cut of his jib. And they won at the time. (plus, you know, he was Jewish)

2022: The Year of the Implosion | Vanity Fair - What happened this year was that the frauds and other kinds of topplings seemed to stack up one after another at the end of the year, as if someone demo-ed an old Vegas casino and accidentally took out the rest of the block. Below find the best ones from the year. (not to mention Putin and Kanye)

All but 16 House Republicans vote against bill to allow Puerto Rico to decide its future : politics

People addicted to opioids rarely get life-saving medications. That may change. : politics

Post-Roe v. Wade fears realized as Trump judge approves contraception suit : politics

The overall vote in the 2022 midterms ... The glass half empty perspective is that this suggests strongly that very few Americans, including very few of the people who actually bother to show up to vote for Democratic candidates, consider the Republican party to be an existential threat to liberal democracy.

House Democrats introduce bill to bar Trump from office under 14th Amendment : politics
You Dont Get to Lead a Government You Tried to Destroy: House Dems Move to Block Trump 2024 Run

Constitutional Disqualification: The case for investigating federal and state legislators who participated in the January 6th Insurrection

Trump May Face 25 Years in Prison, Be Blocked From Future Office: Kirschner : politics

Jan. 6 Panel Plans Vote on Referring Trump for Insurrection, Other Criminal Charges : politics
Jan. 6 committee eyes referring criminal charges for Trump : politics
Jan. 6 Committee to Vote on Recommending Criminal Charges for Trump : politics

Trump compares US to a person dying from cancer in furious Truth Social rant as Jan 6 criminal referrals loom : politics

House Dems poised to release Trump's tax secrets - The move could pile on to the controversies surrounding the former president.

From US president to NFT salesman has Trump finally hit rock bottom? ... NO ... A criminal financially backed by people (likely including foreign enemy states) trying to undermine and destroy American Democracy as a whole.

Meadows Texts Show Wide Cast Of Characters Wanted To Help Overturn Election Meadows phone was deluged with messages offering help, encouragement and wild theories of how the election was stolen. (refucks are fucking insane traitors)

Secret Service under scrutiny ahead January 6 committeesfinal report

Accused Jan. 6 Rioter Plotted to Take OutFeds InvestigatingHim, Prosecutors Say

Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes. - The Washington Post ... The nations overall health profile is going from bad to worse.

Busted: Watch DeSantis take credit for vax before pandering to conspiracy theorists : politics
Eschaton: Real People Are Impacted DeSantis's stunt trying to prosecute people for voting should be enough horrify his DC reporter fan club, but all that matters to them is whether or not it's savvy.
Ron DeSantis will sign any abortion regulation that a Republican supermajority puts on his desk

Katie Porter Did Not Say Pedophilia Isnt a Crime, as Claimed in False Tweet ... by Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok)

New Georgia House Republican arrested on drug and theft charges : politics

Reno mayor sues after finding tracking device on vehicle : politics

Surreal spectacle: US botched 35% of execution attempts this year

What Comes Next for the Most Empty Downtown in America - The New York Times . So what is left in San Francisco?

Attacker yells Kanye 2024 during antisemitic assault, police say

Twitter reinstates banned journalists accounts
Musks suspension of journalists on Twitter spurs U.S., international condemnation
Elon Musk supporters criticize Twitter journalist suspensions
Is plane tracking doxxing? How public data enraged Elon Musk. (lying asshole Muskfucker)
A new subreddit dedicated to the Elon Musk jet tracker is one of the fastest-growing pages on the website, with almost 40,000 members in 2 days : technology
Heres the evidence in the public domain thus far linking Elon Musk and Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell.
Musks Deep Connections to the Epstein Family

In scathing exit memo, Meta VR expert John Carmack derides the company's bureaucracy: I havenever been able to kill stupid things before they cause damage (Zuckerborg is a bad robot)

Lawless Law Enforcement

Small town Iowa police chief charged with lying to ATF to get 90 machine guns for department with 3 officers : politics

TSA intercepts record number of firearms at security checkpoints in 2022
The American Way of Death - Gunfire is now the leading cause of the death of children in America:

But the Cadmium is What Makes It So Tasty! ... A study by Consumer Reports has found dangerously high levels of heavy metals in chocolate from well-known brands including Hersheys, Theo, and Trader Joes ... Scientists recently measured various heavy metals in 28 dark chocolate bars and found cadmium and lead in all of them.

What Should We Do About Undergrads Who Want to Pursue a Humanities Doctorate? | Higher Ed Gamma

Winning or losing not only changes how fans dress, but also how they talk about their team

TIL that van Goghs rendering of the stars in Cafe Terrace at Night is so precise that the painting can be dated within a day or two of its creation.

More than half of people involved in road accidents had drugs or alcohol in their system, study says | CNN : science

How Being Bullied Affects Your Adulthood One researcher who has interviewed hundreds of adults who were bullied as teens posits an interesting theory ... adult post-bullying syndrome, or APBS.

39 Best Books of 2022

The three different Mona Lisa paintings Leonardo painted. : pics

What is the most disturbing fetish someone had that you know? : AskReddit


Greenlands Glaciers Might Be Melting 100 Times As Fast As Previously Thought.

Model shows extinction cascades caused by land use and climate change will wipe out more than 25% of world biodiversity : science

Scientists Create a Vaccine Against Fentanyl : worldnews

Early Estimates of Bivalent mRNA Vaccine Effectiveness in Preventing COVID19Associated Hospitalization Among Immunocompetent Adults Aged > 65 Years
The new omicron boosters are very effective at preventing seniors from being hospitalized with Covid. The latest omicron boosters are 84% effective at keeping seniors 65 and older from being hospitalized with Covid-19 compared with the unvaccinated : science

More than 7 million incorrect diagnoses made in US emergency rooms every year, government report finds : science 1 in 20 ED visitors are misdiagnosed - 1 in 50 ED visitors suffer from the misdiagnosis -1 in 300 ED visitors suffer serious harm from misdiagnosis

Toxic spinach causes hallucinations and delirium in Australia : worldnews

All new houses built after 2025 in Japans capital Tokyo must have solar panels, local government rules
Pacifist Japan unveils unprecedented $320 bln military build-up : worldnews
Japan chooses war as kanji of the year amid Ukraine conflict and Abe assassination | Japan
Japan May Build Huge Warships to Counter North Korean Missile Threat : worldnews

Taiwans Foreign Minister urges closer ties with Israel, says the two countries share the same values

China investment limits are dividing the Biden administration

Russia says NATO nations could be legitimate military targets
Putin Is Preparing Next Wave Of Major Attacks On Ukraine By Early 2023: Reznikov
How Likely is it that Vladimir Putin will be able to Claim some sort of Victory in Ukraine? : CredibleDefense
Kremlin TV Stars Combust as Russians Admit War Is Aimless
Putin is killing the economy with mobilization : UkrainianConflict

In this thread I am going to cover some of the more common misconceptions about the current state of affairs in Russia and potential scenarios of its breakup. I am going to start with the most common objection:Isnt Russia like 80% ethnic Russian? ... Well, frankly speaking, russia was created on lies ... Within the next year Russia will spiral into a deep political crisis ... 10. The key question is not the Caucasus or even Volga question. It is the question of Siberia. Siberia is the jewel in the Russian crown that pays the bills of the empire. Should it keep control over Siberia, it can easily win back everything else. Should it lose it, it is done

Russian mothers alone as mobilisation exiles fathers : worldnews

Wiped out: War in Ukraine has decimated a once feared Russian brigade

A russian mob chants On to Washington!in front of the US embassy in Moscow, Russia

Belarus orders withdrawal of troops deployed along the Ukrainian border : worldnews

The Night Raids (US Military war crimes in Afganistan)

Iranian Family of Kidnapped, Killed Woman Protester Forced to Lie About Her Death : worldnews

Israels Netanyahu urges US to reaffirm commitment to Saudi Arabia
Co-existence school meeting derails as Arabs hurl stones at Jewish student : worldnews

War in Ukraine: The Clash of Norms and Ontologies : CredibleDefense

Biden official told members of Congress Ukraine has ability to retake Crimea : worldnews
The Financial War V: Thats a Wrap : The Russian economy, which accounts for between 1-2 percent of global trade, is suffering from financial sanctions but with considerable secondary effects on inflation and global trade flows ... the Peoples Republic of China represents around 15 percent of world trade, making financial war an exceedingly touchy prospect to contemplate.
What Joint Direct Attack Munitions Could Do For Ukraine
The Russians are training 200,000 soldiers. I have no doubt that they will go to Kyiv againCommander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny in an interview with The Economist.
Ukraine Defense Minister Slams Russia Army Meat Grinder
Russia Using Mobile Crematorium Amid Heavy Losses: Ukraine
Medvedev names Russias military targets in Ukraine: bridges, roads, energy and politics
FIFA rebuffs Zelenskys request to share message of peace at World Cup final
Did Elons Twitter Blacklist Ukrainians? Key Feature Mysteriously Disabled In War-Torn Region (elongated dickhead move)
Twitter threatened with EU sanctions over journalists' ban : worldnews

Russia launches 7th mass missile attack on Ukraines energy system
Russia begins mass air strike in apparent move to destroy Ukraines power grid | Power outages reported after barrage of rockets fired at several regions in second mass strike in days
Russia launches 40 missiles at Kyiv, Ukraines air defence struck down 37

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 296, Part 1 (Thread #437) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 16, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tokmak, Ukraine has been occupied by Russian forces since March. These fortifications were built by Russia as part of a larger construction effort taking place across the front line: https://
Oryx pro tip: Next time you strike your own S-300 decoy launcher for some cheap propaganda footageat least bother to remove the Z from the launcher
Russia Has Built Vast Defenses Across Ukraine. Will They Hold? - The New York Times Defenses Carved Into the Earth
Ive previously highlighted the problems that the Russians are having in providing food and water to their men on the front line. Two reports from the Novosibersk-based regional newspaper NRG Novosti show what this means in practice

Russians kill seven civilians in Donetsk Oblast in 24 hours : worldnews

European Parliament recognizes Ukraine Holodomor as genocide : worldnews

Finland defence minister to take two months paternity leave amid Nato bid | Antti Kaikkonen says children are only little for a moment as party backs his move

Four chimpanzees still loose inside Swedish zoo a day after escape : worldnews

Germany on Twitter suspensions: We have a problem, @Twitter
Cologne hands over stolen Benin Bronzes to Nigeria | Another major German city has begun giving back artwork stolen by British colonialists in the 19th century. : worldnews
Worlds largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium bursts in Berlin

Spanish MPs vote to approve new paid menstrual leave for painful periods

Notre Dames spire had 2 hidden coffins beneath it. Now, scientists know who was buried there.

Villagers throw eggs at penis-headed statue of Putin erected in Bell End : worldnews

Mexico increases minimum paid vacations to 12 days by law : worldnews

Canadas electronic spy agency watching TikTok very carefully, Trudeau says

House passes bill allowing Puerto Rico to vote on statehood, independence : politics

Can politics kill you? Research says the answer increasingly is yes. : politics Covid death rates were 11 percent higher in states with Republican-controlled governments and 26 percent higher in areas where voters lean conservative. Similar results emerged about hospital ICU capacity when the concentration of political power in a state was conservative.
Politicizing Vaccines (conservative parents for Polio)

House Democrats introduce legislation to bar Trump from office under 14th Amendment : politics

Trump downplayed drumbeat of intelligence warnings on covid, report finds : politics ... Hundreds of thousands of us died unnecessarily, all because a narcissistic traitor refused to listen to the science.
Inside Mar-a-Lago, Where Thousands Partied Near Secret Files - A Times investigation shows how Donald J. Trump stored classified documents in high-traffic areas at Mar-a-Lago, where guests may have been within feet of the materials.
62 Things Trump Did That You Forgot About To Preserve Your Sanity : politics
Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trumps Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes

Jan. 6 panel to vote on urging DOJ to prosecute Trump for at least three criminal charges : politics

Trump vows free speech reform of government, universities, media, tech firms if elected in 2024

Donald Trumps trading cards have sparked a Republican meltdown
Donald Trumps Cringe NFT Collection Sells Out, Raising $4.45M
Trump fans who buy a $99 NFT of him as a superhero will be entered to win a 'priceless' meeting at Mar-a-Lago but theyll have to cover their own travel and lodging expenses
Donald Trumps trading cards have sparked a Republican meltdown

Reporter alarmed at the intelligence level of some of our reps based on Meadows texts
Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election : politics

In farewell speech, Rep. Adam Kinzinger warns GOP has embraced lies and deceit

Federal investigators have accessed emails of Rep. Scott Perry, John Eastman and other Trump allies in 2020 efforts

Trump reinvents rigged election myth around Twitter allegations
Musk suspends journalists from Twitter, claims assassination dangerBut a review of their tweets shows no evidence of it.
Elon Musk Abruptly Ditches Twitter Spaces Chat with Banned Reporters
Elon Musks Twitter Suspends Reporter Who Has Investigated Him for Years
Elon Musk Kills Twitter Audio Feature After Bizarre Talk With Journalists It's clear Musk would rather burn Twitter to the ground than hear people question the wisdom of his choices.
Twitter press suspensions become media flashpoint
Newsrooms are scrambling to counter Elon Musks bans
Twitter suspends journalists who have been covering Elon Musk and the company Musk joined a Twitter Space to say the suspensions were related to new rules banning private jet trackers. Twitter suspended an account that tweeted the whereabouts of his plane.
Democrats criticize Elon Musk for suspending journalists covering Twitter Rep. Lori Trahan said the companys move to suspend a number of high-profile journalists seemed to run counter to assurances she received from Twitter officials the same day.
Yes, my Twitter account was permanently suspended
Elon Musks reactionary populismall about punching down at the already marginalized.
Twitter Suddenly Suspends Journalists Who Reported About Elon Musk | HuffPost Latest News
Elon Musk's Twitter bans CNN, NYT, WaPo journalists | CNN Business
Vox populi, Vox dei

The Porn Industry Is Worried That a Republican Senator Wants to Ban Porn : politics

Poll Shows Critical Race Theory Attacks Flopped In Midterms ... why theyve already moved on to anti-trans panic now

Newly-elected State House member Republican Daniel Rampey of Statham arrested on drug charge : politics

Fact check: Republican congressman falsely claims Democratic congresswoman said pedophilia isnt a crime ... Ronny Jackson

Ky. Supreme Court rules against Republican-backed school choice law : politics

NC Supreme Court strikes down voter ID constitutional amendment : politics

Nobel Prize-Winning Economics Professor Philip Dybvig Faces Harassment Inquiry - Bloomberg Half a dozen former students allege Philip Dybvig sexually harassed them. His lawyer denies he has ever had any improper physical or verbal interactions with students.

Louisiana officers charged in Black motorists deadly arrest

Third bomb thread called into Tufts Medford/ Somerville campus today : boston

The Biggest Strike in Starbucks History Is Underway

Young Adults Living at Home in the US Are Fueling a Luxury Boom : politics

Carl Sagans rules for critical thinking offer cognitive fortification against propaganda, pseudoscience, and general falsehood.
Pockets Best of 2022: Science
How Testosterone Therapy Is Transforming Aging

Does time really exist? - Big Think We take for granted that time is real. But what if its only an illusion, and a relative illusion at that? Does time even exist?
ELI5 - Is time a real, tangible thing, or just a concept invented by humans that doesnt actually exist?

Does gravity have a speed? : askscience

What are some unwritten life rules everyone must know? : AskReddit

Just got gas heat bill yikes : boston

What is the most fucked up thing your parents said or did to you? : AskReddit


U.S. lawsuit seeks to sanction Mexico for failing to protect worlds smallest porpoise

4 Chimpanzees Shot Dead After Escaping Enclosure at Sweden Zoo Because 'Panicked' Zookeepers Ran Out of Tranquilizers

Free, mail-order COVID tests are back. Heres how to get them and when to use them.

Unintended consequence of COVID control measures kids without immunity - The nearly two years of intense COVID-19 mitigation measures in school and daycare has shifted the advantage to the influenza and RSV viruses, for the moment.
Why a tripledemic is keeping many of us sick for weeks at a time flu, RSV, strep and covid

Australian abortion and contraceptive providers ads banned by Google | Marie Stopes Institute has been prevented from promoting its services through paid ads on Google since 3 December

Diplomats: UN blocks Myanmar military from taking UN seat : worldnews

Traumatized by Covid, but Ruled by a Party That Never Apologizes - The New York Times Gripped with grief, anxiety and depression, many in China want a national reckoning over the hard-line zero Covid policy. Holding the government to account may be a quixotic quest ... Many are now on an almost quixotic quest in the belief that the government should acknowledge its harsh policies were a severe mistake and should apologize for the harm it has caused. (China did a Ukraine war on itself)
China has a new strategy for keeping official COVID numbers down during its reopening: Stop counting many new infections : worldnews ... "new" ...
Chinese doctors and nurses reportedly told to work while infected as Covid surges | Some Beijing hospitals have as many as 80% of staff infected, according to one doctor, leading to serious staff shortages : worldnews
China bans export of its Loongson CPUs to Russia : worldnews
WSJ: Chinas leader Xi deepening economic ties with Putins Russia despite public distance. Chinas President Xi Jinping has instructed his government to deepen economic ties with Russia despite his months-long public distance from the Kremlin.
US charges China student with stalking peer who put up pro-democracy fliers : worldnews (Berklee)

Russia warns consequences if US missiles sent to Ukraine
Russia releases video of nuclear-capable ICBM being loaded into silo, following reports that US is preparing to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine : worldnews

#Putins alluded decision to postpone his annual address to the #Russian Federation Assembly indicates he remains uncertain of his ability to shape the Russian information space amidst increasing criticism of his conduct of the invasion.
An Alternate Reality: How Russias State TV Spins the Ukraine War - Leaked emails detail how Russias biggest state broadcaster, working with the nations security services, mined right-wing American news and Chinese media to craft a narrative that Moscow was winning.
An Alternate Reality: How Russias State TVSpins the Ukraine War ... Very fitting to see a pic of Tucker Carlson under the title of Russian state TV

Russias deep oil discounts drove revenue down $700 million last month even as its exports jumped, the IEA says

A Russian spacecraft started leaking uncontrollably on Wednesday night : worldnews
Unexplained leak from docked Soyuz spacecraft cancels Russian ISS spacewalk : worldnews

Russia is still buying and using western electronics in its military drone production, mostly from companies in the US. : worldnews

Giant "gate to hell" crater opens up in Russian town : worldnews

Russian Talk Show openly conceding they gave US basketballer, Brittany Griner a ridiculous prison sentence so they could exchange her for their own offenders later : UkraineWarVideoReport

Huge blast hits Russian oil refinery in latest suspicious explosion : worldnews
ANOTHER DEEP STRIKE: The Russian base of the 488th Motor Rifle Regiment in the village of Klintsy in Bryansk Oblast was struck by a Ukrainian OTR-21 Tochka Short Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM).
Klintsy reported 30mins ago 6 explosions. This would make 3 Russian cities out of which 2 are regional capitals which are currently engaged in unusual activities (air defense or even impact explosions). I'm wondering if Belgorod will join the party.

Russians Are Buying Ukrainian Citizenship to Flee to Europe

Words fail me... Positively absurd propaganda video from Kadyrov

U.S. offers full backing to India after China border clash : worldnews

Opinion | Pakistan and Afghanistan are almost at war - The Washington Post ... time for Pakistan to accept that its decades-old Afghanistan policy has failed.
A Matter of Honor - The Atavist Magazine Why were three Afghan women brutally murdered at the edge of Europe? A journey from Mazar-i-Sharif to Istanbul to Athens in search of answers.

Turkish court orders jail, political ban for Erdogan rival, Mayor of Istanb ul

UN: At least 3,774 children killed in Yemens civil war between March 2015 and September 2022| AP]

Former Twitter employee sentenced to more than three years in prison for spying for Saudi Arabia | Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty for his part in a scheme to acquire the personal information of Twitter users for a Saudi government agent. : worldnews

Iranian footballer sentenced to death for joining protests, Iran ousted from UN womens group
Iran is booted from U.N.s Commission on the Status of Women
Iranian Student Faces Death Penalty After Distributing Chocolates And Hugs : worldnews

Israeli army reveals Hamas rocket launching sites near 3 schools in Gaza : worldnews

Ukraines Financial Dilemmas

Putin preparing major offensive in new year, Ukraine defence minister warns | Ukraine | The Guardian Exclusive: Oleksii Reznikov suggests attack could happen by February, but other officials indicate it could come in January
Ukraine says Putin is preparing major offensive in new year : ukraine

Ukraine Says It Downed 13 Russian Drones Sent to Attack Kyiv : worldnews
Parliament approves agreement allowing to launch Bayraktar production in Ukraine. : worldnews
Ukrainian forces are bracing for the possibility of another Russian invasion via Belarus: We have to be ready
Ukraines Zelensky UrgesComplete Isolation Of Russia In 2024 Olympic Games
American freed from Russian-controlled territory by Ukrainian military intelligence : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 295, Part 1 (Thread #436) : worldnews

The #Russian military leadership views the prospect of a #Ukrainian counteroffensive across the #Dnipro River as a serious threat.Using ISW analysis and maps, the @nytimes looks at Russian defensive fortifications on the eastern and southern fronts.

Russian security teams are scrambling to hunt down Ukrainian spies as locals in captured towns direct fire and gather critical intel : worldnews
#Russia is probably preparing for a new large-scale offensive in January and February 2023 along the Kharkiv-Luhansk border or in the Donetsk region

Sinking the Moskva: previously undisclosed details. How the Ukrainian Neptune destroyed the flagship of the Russian fleet : worldnews

Ukrainian underground network helps destroy Russia forces in Donetsk
Ukraine to increase bonuses for staff at nuclear plant who remain loyal : worldnews
Ukrainian photographers Yevhen Maloletka and Mstyslav Chernov, who documented the siege of Mariupol by Russian troops in March 2022, have received an award For Freedom of the Press from the international organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF). : worldnews

154 cases of sexual violence by Russian soldiers already established, says PGO : worldnews
Ombudsman: Childrens torture chamber found in liberated Kherson

NATOs Nordic Enlargement: Contingency Planning and Learning Lessons
Politico: EU and NATO almost ready to issue long-delayed joint pledge to back Ukraine. Nine months into the full-scale invasion, the EU and NATO are expected to formally issue a joint statement for Russia to stop its war and leave Ukraine, and to pledge full support to Kyiv.
74% of EU citizens approve of supporting Ukraine in the war against the Russian Federation - European Parliament. The highest percentages are Sweden (97%), Finland (95%), the Netherlands (93%), Portugal and Denmark (92%). Bulgarians and Greeks (both 48%) have the least support.
The European Parliament approved 18 billion euros of macrofinancial assistance for #Ukraine in 2023.
European Parliament has recognized the Holodomor, the Soviet man-made famine inflicted on Ukraine in 1932-1933, as genocide against the Ukrainian people. 507 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, 12 against with 17 abstentions.

Polish parliament recognizes Russia as sponsor of terrorism, says Kremlin responsible for ex-presidents death.

Pope urges to spend less on Christmas, send difference to Ukrainians : worldnews

Assisted suicide not a human right in Netherlands, court rules : worldnews

What a tragic day: British nurses strike in bitter pay dispute

Amid Deadly Protests, Peru to Declare National State of Emergency : worldnews

Biden releases most JFK assassination records -- but withholds thousands. All the documents should be made public under a 1992 law, but the administration is declining to follow its letter for the second year in a row ... Among the documents that remain largely hidden: 44 related to a shadowy CIA agent, George Joannides, and a covert Cuba-related program he ran that came into contact with Lee Harvey Oswald less than four months before Kennedy was shot ... Pentagon plan ..Operaton Northwoods ... false flag attack ... blame Cuba ... make up for aborted Bay of Pigs ... (very fishy) ... But the CIA disclosed none of that information and appointed Joannides as an agency liaison to investigators, which impeded the 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation ... Bradford discovered 20 years ago that the first recorded conversation between then-President Lyndon Johnson and then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover 22 hours after the assassination was mysteriously erased.

Congress Wants to Boot Russia From U.N. Security Council : politics

TikTok Ban In USA - Senate Votes to Ban TikTok in US : worldnews (from government phones)

House Passes Bill That Could Pave the Way for Puerto Rican Statehood - The New York Times The legislation has little chance of becoming law in the short term, but its passage in a bipartisan vote reflects a perception by the House that Puerto Ricos status as a colonial territory is untenable.

The untimely, infuriating death of the deal to save 2 million dreamers ... Mitch McConnell

The Pandemic and War Not Government Spending Caused Inflation, According to Nobel Prize Winner - A new paper by Joseph Stiglitz and Ira Regmi has huge implications for everything about who holds power in American life ... insufficient supply ... not the result of significant excesses of aggregate demand such as might have arisen from excessive U.S. pandemic spending ... This means large, fast increases in interest rates by the Federal Reserve will not substantially lower inflation unless they induce a major contraction in the economy, which is a cure worse than the disease (hello Biden and Powell) ... If Regmi and Stiglitz are correct, it suggests that we can use the tools of the government to make life better for almost everyone ... So the uncomfortable truth is that the top 1 percent generally prefer a slower-growing economy with higher unemployment to its opposite ... The people running things almost always would rather be firmly in charge of a weaker institution than be part of a stronger institution in which their power can be challenged ... 43 years through 2018 if the income distribution had remained at 1975s level. RANDs finding: The bottom 90 percent would have taken home a cumulative $50 trillion more in pay. (And of course the top 10 percent would have taken home $50 trillion less.) Again, this was a political choice, not an economic necessity ... increasing energy and food costs.

Share of Americans living paycheck to paycheck rises to 63%

Thurgood Marshall Bust to Replace Roger Taney in Capitol : politics (onl y took 160 years)

Lawmakers propose raising teachers minimum salaries to $60K to stem mass exodus

Elizabeth Warren Says Jerome Powells Trying To Get People Fired

Chuck Schumer predicts Democrats will hold the Senate majority again in 2024 : politics

Video Footage Reveals New Details of Paul Pelosi Attack During SF Hearing - The New York Times David DePape, the man accused of bludgeoning the husband of Nancy Pelosi, told the police that he also had Gavin Newsom and Tom Hanks on his target list.

Divorce: Another target on the GOP post-Dobbs agenda (unless you're a guy) ... Indeed not until 1969 [!] did any US state make it legal to get divorced simply because the couple wished to end the marriage, without having to prove they had valid legal grounds for doing so. Well guess who wants to change that:

Jan. 6 Committee Accelerates Timeline For Presentation, Criminal Referrals : politics

Newly Revealed Texts Show Mark Meadows Is a Liar - The messages contrast sharply with his account of the aftermath of the 2020 election ... Meadows received at least 364 messages from Republican members of Congress who discussed attempts to reverse the election results with him. He sent at least 95 messages of his own ... The members who messaged Meadows about challenging the election included some of the highest-profile figures on the right flank in Congress, such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), all of whom are identified as playing leading roles in the effort to undo Trump's defeat

Voters have lowest opinion of Donald Trump since 2015, poll shows : politics ... only 31% of registered voters have a favorable view of the 76-year-old former commander-in-chief, with 59% viewing him unfavorably. (31% insane foxheads)
Trump hits 7-year low in new national poll as Biden approval climbs : politics

Donald Trump Mocked With Jokes, Memes After Superhero Announcement : politics
Donald Trumps Major Announcement Is Grifty NFT Project ... a set of collectible digital trading cards that all feature himself.
Donald Trumps major announcement
7 Great Things About Trumps Incredibly Dumb NFT Announcement

Trump Hoarded Most Of The $147 Million In Small-Donor Money He Raised For Himself : politics

Trump sues Pulitzer board for defamation in defending winning Russia collusion stories : politics

Letitia James Is Accused of Protecting Aide From Harassment Allegations - The New York Times Sofia Quintanar, who accused Ms. Jamess former chief of staff of sexual harassment, said the office should have known that he had apropensity to sexually harass women ... Ibrahim Khan

Election Data Points ... n this incredibly polarized nation, the vast majority of races are not going to switch no matter what happens at the presidential level anymore. The number of swing states has been reduced to a sliver of America and while those can switch, the age of 15 Senate seats and 100 House seats changing is long over.

Washington man charged with leaving more than 400 threatening voicemails for members of Congress - The 48-year-old left voicemails to numerous lawmakers on Capitol Hill threatening bodily harm. He is due in court in Tacoma on Thursday.

Club Q, Pulse Nightclub Survivors Testify Before Congress In Emotional Hearing : politics

Three men sentenced to minimum of 7-12 years in prison for Whitmer kidnapping plot ... Three men were sentenced Thursday to serve a minimum of seven to 12 years in prison for providing material aid to terrorists and being members of a gang in connection with the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Opinion | Why political journalists should imitate Ron Brownstein - The Washington Post Ronald Brownstein

Georgia Republicans, suddenly losing runoffs, float nixing runoffs : politics

GOP Texas attorney generals office allegedly demanded a list of trans people in the state
Voters in five Texas cities approved decriminalizing marijuana. Now city officials are standing in the way. : politics

Texas fights federal rule that would outlaw LGBTQ discrimination in state adoptions and foster care : politics

Anti-abortion pregnancy centers are deceiving patients and getting away with it | One Florida case shows just how little authorities are doing to hold pregnancy centers accountable, even when the risks to womenand evidence are significant

DeSantis Death Squad Is Pushing Vaccine Bullshit to Win Over GOP
Fauci responds to DeSantis call for COVID-19 vaccine investigation
By every measure, Ron DeSantis newest Covid gambit is a tragedy

Yes, that really is Kyrsten Sinema selling designer clothes and bike gear on Facebook

Frank Houston continued to lead sermons after being stripped of credentials for child sexual abuse, court hears | Maitland church pastor Robert Cotton said he would never have allowed Frank Houston to preach again if he knew he was a paedophile : worldnews

A brutally awkward town hall amplified long-simmering anxieties within The Washington Post, which is suffering from its own leadership blues and deja vu anxiety about receding from relevance -- again. (use reader view to bypass paywall on Puck)

Thiels Red Scare .., Thiel declared the election to be a depressing disaster and that the Republican Party needs to focus on defeating Communism as its cardinal virtue, as Reagan did

Musk tanking his real business to become the worlds richest Glenn Greenwald reply guy ... Mr. Musk has now sold $23 billion worth of Tesla stock this year, much of it after he pledged in April to stop selling shares to finance his Twitter deal ... country's most famous and somehow least funny MAGA Twitter Edgelord while setting billions of dollars on fire,
Elon Musks Politics Are About As Complicated As Trumps
As complicated as he is funny
lol swisher, hes so complex - he sorta likes trump, sorta doesnt, obviously contains multitudes, much like a god (Kara Swisher shwishing)
10 Tesla Investors Lose $132.5 Billion From Musks Twitter Fiasco

In sweltering Bahamas courtroom, Bankman-Fried fights incarceration : worldnews

Former FTX exec Ryan Salame invested $6 million in Massachusetts restaurants - The Boston Globe ... In addition to buying up property, Salame gave more than $20 million to Republican candidates this cycle. Other executives at FTX exhibited similar interest in political giving.
Eschaton: Profound Failures In Judgment Still amazed at all the cult members suggesting the guy who was paying their bills was just a victim of some philosophical errors and bad judgment. He took something that was nothing but fraud to beign with (crypto) and then just stole all the money! It was all fraud!

Helping Trans Kids Means Admitting What We Dont Know ... Jesse Singal ... (Chaitster has his own agenda, doens't talk about de-trans stats)

A mass fentanyl poisoning tests a Colorado prosecutor - Washington Post ,,, From the doorway of Apt. 307, District Attorney Brian Mason could see the five bodies inside. They lay awkwardly on the floor and couch, their arms and legs contorted a sign of sudden collapse.

The Fells Acres saga continues - The Boston Globe The criminal trials in which Cheryl Amirault LeFave and Gerald Amirault were convicted of raping children would not pass muster in a courtroom today.

Cambridge PhD student solves 2,500-year-old Sanskrit problem : worldnews

Students Rebel Against Heat-Sensing Crotch Monitor Surveillance Devices : technology

What was the worst decision of your life? : AskReddit


Could the Chestnut Come Back? ... The pandemic that first struck in major metropolises is now increasingly finding its front line in the country's rural areas; counties with acres of farmland, cramped meatpacking plants, out-of-the-way prisons and few hospital beds.

A deadly checkerboard: Covid-19s new surge across rural America

There were approximately 14.83 million excess deaths associated with COVID-19 across the world from 2020 to 2021, according to estimates by the WHO reported in Nature. This estimate is nearly three times the number of deaths reported to have been caused by COVID-19 over the same period. : science
Long COVID has played role in more than 3,500 deaths in US, CDC says - The Boston Globe

It's Time to Wear a Mask Again, Health Experts Say - A high-quality, well-fitting mask is your best protection against infection from the coronavirus, influenza and R.S.V.

Seoul court rules Christian TV channel has right to broadcast homophobic speech : worldnews

Covid cases explode in Beijing leaving city streets empty and daily life disrupted | CNN : worldnews
PLA spy ship, Yuan Wang 5, mapping Indian Ocean for Chinese submarine operations : worldnews
U.S. to add over 30 Chinese companies to trade blacklist : worldnews

Now or Never:The Immediate Origins of Putins Preventative War on Ukraine .. (just a little defensive action so NATO didn't invade him)
Russian commander suggests nukes as "only" option to win war : worldnews
1984, George Orwells novel of repression, tops Russian bestseller lists
Julia Davis on Twitter: "Meanwhile in Russia: appearing on state TV, lawmakers say that Russia wants all of Ukraine, angrily complaining that the West is not afraid of Russia. They compare Poland to Nazi Germany and ludicrously claim that it wants to invade Belarus and Ukraine." / Twitter
Fissures are developing in Russian media, including utterances such as we never shouldve laughed at Ukraineas reported by Russian media expert Julia Davis @thedailybeast .
PRIGOZHIN: The man who would be Putins King : IN 1547 Ivan IV Vasiliyevich ...

The Financial War Part III - Bottom line up front, the financial tools that the West has used to coerce Russia have not had the immediate effect that many had hoped.

Dmitri on Twitter: "Epic fail on Russian TV: channel interviewed a man who returned from Ukrainian capture, to talk about "horrors of Ukrainian captivity". The man goes on to tell they were treated well, fed 3 times a day, rights read out in full, the Geneva Convention properly followed." / Twitter

Pentagon Says Russia Will Soon Be Forced to Use Old, 'degraded' Ammo In Ukraine

Russian defector says training consisted of being given a weapon, a target and 5,000 bullets. Going to the front line left many broken. : worldnews
There are maniacs who enjoy killing, Russian defector says of his former unit accused of war crimes in Bucha

Putins Neighbor Sends Troops Toward Ukraine Border in Menacing "Drill" (Fuckarus)
#Belarusian forces remain unlikely to attack #Ukraine despite a snap Belarusian military readiness check today.

Kazakh News Outlet Rejects Russian Demand to Delete War Coverage : worldnews

ISIS Bomb Targets Chinese Diplomats, Executives in Afghanistan : worldnews

Five reasons why Africa is hungrier than ever : worldnews

Meta sued for $2bn over Ethiopia violence : worldnews

Millions in Western aid flowed to churches that oppose LGBTQI+ rights in Ghana : worldnews (Satangelicals)

Qatar World Cup chief says between 400 and 500 migrant workers have died in projects connected to the tournament : worldnews

US Raid Kills Islamic State Officials In Syria : worldnews

Iran likely to be ousted from U.N. womens body

Ukraine war: Kyiv air defences shoot down all drones in new Russian strikes, says Zelenskyy
Ukraine shot down all 13 drones in Kyiv attack: Zelensky
Kyiv mayor: Air defense systems shot down 10 Iranian-made drones
Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "PATRIOTS FOR UKRAINE! The US is finalizing plans to send the Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine. The Patriot is considered to be one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world. It will defend UKR cities." / Twitter
Canada to provide $115M to repair Kyivs power grid
Norway will hand over 10 bridges to Ukraine to replace the destroyed ones. As Norway Postsen reports, this was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anniken Huitfeldt
Swiss join efforts to help Ukraine through the winter | Switzerland is giving CHF100 million ($108 million) to help Ukraine get through this crisis Swiss president told an international conference in Paris on Tuesday

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 294, Part 1 (Thread #435) : worldnews

Russia loses 96,000 soldiers in war against Ukraine : worldnews
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 14, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that during a strike on Melitopol a few days ago, the command staff of the 58th Army of the RF Armed Forces was destroyed.
Wagner unit was ambushed and completely eliminated around Bakhmut. They are also taking huge losses in frontal assaults on fortified positions. : ukraine
Georgian Soldiers Ambushed Huge Wagner Unit Near Bakhmut. : ukraine
(((Tendar))) on Twitter: "Due to their inability to break through Ukrainian lines at the Pavlivka-Vuhledar front, Russian troops tried to bypass those positions by striking east. But a drone spotted them. What came after was hell on Earth for them. The entire company was basically eliminated. #Vuhledar" / Twitter

Children's torture chambers found in liberated territories | Ukrainska Pravda Childrens torture chambers found in liberated territories

Ukrainian users cannot log in to Twitter using their mobile number, as the company has stopped sending two-factor authentication codes. : worldnews (Muskratted)
Hey @elonmusk, it seems like its no longer possible to have a Ukrainian number verify a Twitter account/two-factor authentication. Ukraine is not in your list of countries, see our screenshot.

Lithuania bans promotion of any totalitarian or authoritarian regimes and ideologies : worldnews

How Dutch farmers became the center of a global right-wing culture war : worldnews

Scholz: Putin has not achieved a single goal in Ukraine | Russian President Vladimir Putin has failed in his mission to divide Europe, damage democracy and take Ukraine quickly, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told lawmakers in Berlin. : worldnews
Prince Accused of Plot in Germany Is Said to Have Visited Russian Diplomats - The New York Times Closed briefings by police investigators divulged extensive new plot details to German lawmakers from death vows to caches of bullets.

UK to train Ukrainian judges to carry out war crimes trials for Russian soldiers : worldnews
China diplomats leave UK over Manchester protester attack - BBC News

How the United States instigated the coup in Peru -

Canada court rejects mothers lawsuit toban Indigenous ceremony at childrensschool | Canada

Future of the US Navy
Lessons from the Littoral Combat Ship - War on the Rocks

States challenge Biden to lower drug prices by allowing imports from Canada : politics

Two Americans and five Russians charged with running a smuggling network to obtain military technology and ammunition for Russia : worldnews

In 60 Seconds Before CPI Hit, Heavy Trading Drove Mystery Rally - Bloomberg Stocks, bonds jumped just ahead of key inflation report

A blow against hate and all its forms: Biden signs Respect for Marriage Act, repealing 1996 anti-LGBT+ law (Clinton's greatest achieveement)
Pete Buttigieg slams GOP congresswoman who cried as she begged colleagues to reject marriage bill : politics

Lawmakers reach deal on framework for omnibus spending package

Maternal and infant death rates are higher in states that ban or restrict abortion, report says : politics ... States that have restricted access to abortion services had maternal death rates in 2020 that were 62% higher than in states preserving access to abortion services ... vote republican and die

Antiabortion movement seeks to jail people for trafficking 'illegal' pills - Six months after their Supreme Court victory, conservatives complain that strict new laws are not being sufficiently enforced

How John Roberts may slow-walk American democracy right off the cliff : politics

Brett Kavanaugh Hangs Out With Matt Gaetz In Most Obvious Turn Of Events Ever : politics
Law professors raise ethics concerns as Kavanaugh parties with Republicans at worst possible time | The Supreme Court justice attended a party with ex-Trump aide Stephen Miller, CPAC chairman Matt Schlapp

The Republicans Need a Reckoning - The Atlantic The party of Lincoln must end its embrace of sedition.
Republicans Dont Have a Candidate-Quality Problem,They Have a Crazy-People Problem -- Being insane is not a messaging choice.

The Special Counsel Investigating Trump Is Wasting No Time : politics

Senate Dems prepare to join the investigative fray - POLITICO Their functional 51st seat gives the partys upper-chamber members subpoena power and not a moment too soon, as the House GOP revs its oversight engines.

Inside the Jury Room for the Trump Organization Criminal Trial Jurors thought a Trump Organization lawyer was insulting. They knew the employees were liars. And the defense teams jingle fell flat.
Trump Org. was secretly held in contempt for hindering probe | AP News
Panel probing Jan. 6 Capitol attacks to vote Monday on criminal referral plans : NPR

Oh, Look: Another GOP Lawmaker Wanted Trump to Declare "Marshall Law" to Steal a Second Term
Republican who wanted Trump to declare Marshall law only regrets the misspelling

Texts Reveal Four Trump Allies Mixed Requests For Pardons With Big Lie Boosterism
Texts Show How Members Of Congress Advanced Antifa Conspiracy Theories In The Wake Of Jan. 6
Mark Meadowsleaked texts destroy the Trump lone actor narrative

The 6,670-Vote Majority: How Republicans Barely Won the House | News & Analysis | Inside Elections

Republican leaders struggle to quell discontent : politics
McConnell steps up attacks on a weakened Trump : politics
Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell on collision course | CNN Politics
Despite Trumps Lobbying, McCarthys Speaker Bid Remains Imperiled on the Right

Proud Boys Abruptly Shifted Focus to Anti-LGBTQ Action in 2022 | VICE News tracked Proud Boy activity over the year, showing the far-right street fighting gangs change in tactics as the GOP pushed a new culture war.

Justice Department has tried to access GOP Rep. Scott Perrys text messages

Texts show Raffensperger aide told White House to end call

DeSantis seeks grand jury investigation of Covid-19 vaccines : politics
Trumps conservative base deserting him for DeSantis - poll

Texas attorney generals office sought state data on transgender Texans
Armed protestors gather outside San Antonios Aztec Theatre during Christmas-themed drag show

Oregon governor commutes all 17 of states death sentences

A girl asked to keep a unicorn in her yard. Animal control said yes.

SEC, DOJ charge social media influencers in alleged $100 million fraud scheme Federal prosecutors and the Securities and Exchange Commission charged seven social media influencers with using Twitter and Discord to commit securities fraud that netted them more than $100 million in illicit gains.

The Indictment of Sam Bankman-Fried Is a Bombshell Federal prosecutors have broken new ground with his shockingly fast arrest
Sam Bankman-Fried arrested, could be sentenced to up to 115 years if convicted of all charges. : pics
FTXs Bankman-Fried donated about $40M this political cycle. Heres who benefited ... virtually all of his Democratic donations went to conservative Democrats running against progressives. He basically wanted to buy both parties and influence who won primaries so that no actual progress could be made to help people or hold the rich and powerful accountable.
SBFs dirty money
After Bankman-Frieds arrest, Washington seeks answers and distance - The FTX founder had been a darling in the capital until his sudden downfall
Your proposal is acceptable ... As the market for Monopoly Money for Heroin disintegrates, remember that there is only one completely safe port in the storm: Loomcoin.
Eschaton: Mind The Very Large Gap - Amazing scenes ... These campaign contributions from SBF and PAC money raised by members of his family of course bought an enormous amount of influence in Washington. (Bankfucker's parents are fucked)
Eschaton: Things Everybody Knows You had one job Kara, and it supposedly wasnt to be Elon's unpaid (?) PR person! .. Kara Swisher (is a total hack)
Eschaton: Free PR For The World's Con Men I keep going back to this bit in the New Yorker about Effective Altruism's Captain of the Sea Organization, SBF pal, beneficiary, and humble monk, William MacAskill, in the New Yorker ... Easy to limit you "personal budget" to little if everything is paid for!!!
Eschaton: Integritude "Crypto" as a political thing has been largely conservative, but of course smart operators know that for various reasons you have to spread the money around. Plenty of your faves took the cash and while it is certainly not correct to see Crypto fraud as a Dem thing - even with SBF's high profile association with the party (whatever else he was doing) - one reason to spread the money around is it corrupts everyone.
Charlie Kirk: Bitcoin in some ways has more integrity than the U.S. dollar

Musk Urged His Fans to Back GOP in MidtermsThen Didnt Vote
Twitter Plans to Force Users to Share Data With Advertisers : worldnews

James Burnham: Prophet of Anti-wokeness - This is an interesting piece on the revival of Trotskyite crank-turned right-wing crank James Burnham, whose 1941 book The Managerial Revolution has remained intermittently influential among intellectuals of various stripes (One thing not mentioned in the piece is that the book had a big influence on Orwell's initial conceptualization of his satirical novel Nineteen Eighty-Four): Burnham's early thought has in fact experienced a renaissance of late, including in unexpected quarters: the right-leaning titans of Silicon Valley and allied political thinkers. Why?
Elon Musks Politics Are About As Complicated As Trumps

Bari Weiss reveals business plan for buzzy new media startup ... has hired ten full-time employees and over a dozen contractors to help build her new media company, The Free Press,
How do I get on this blacklist? -- Axios has a hilariously credulous new look at Bari Weisss new conservative web magazine:
Well, well always have the memories

Epstein and the Dersh

EllenDJ Stephen tWitch Boss Dead at 40 by Suicide

Nuclear scientist Marv Adams explains what happened in the successful fusion experiment : videos
So, Does Nuclear Fusion Work Now? Sun in a Bottle author Charles Seife takes the National Ignition Facilitys big announcement down a peg.
Is This the Kitty Hawk Moment for Fusion Energy?

ELI5 What is Non-Euclidean Geometry? : explainlikeimfive

eli5 what is disassociating? Tried looking online but I dontunderstand.

What myth do people continue to believe in despite the fact that it's all complete nonsense? : AskReddit

Don't hate the state, hate the game : massachusetts (states/countries with a higher Humean Developmement Index than Massachusetts) Higher HDI than Massachusetts: Iceland, Norway, Switzerland. Lower HDI than Massachusetts: everything else.

Recreational cannabis prices in Mass. plummet as dispensary owners weigh future : massachusetts

The U.S. cities with the most second homes. Barnstable is #1 : massachusetts


Scientists Achieve Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough With Blast of 192 Lasers : technology

Covid vaccines averted 3 million deaths in US, study finds

Six people killed at Queensland property, including two police officers ambushed by shooters | Australian police and policing : worldnews

Jacinda Ardern caught on hot mic calling minor opposition party leader an arrogant prick | New Zealand PM apologised for comment made live on parliament television during question time
New Zealand passes world-first tobacco law to ban smoking by 2025 | The country is believed to be the first to implement an annually rising legal smoking age to outlaw the habit for the next generation : worldnews

Google terminates thousand of YouTube channels in China, Russia, Brazil : worldnews

Russia rejects Zelenskiy call for troop pullout, saying Ukraine must accept 'realities'
Russia has destroyed all efforts to forge better ties since the Cold War by invading Ukraine, NATO chief says : worldnews

Russian regiment makes video appeal for equipment: "The boys are freezing" : worldnews

Bellingcat on Twitter: "Read more about Maj. Gen. Baranov and his colleagues in @christogrozev's investigation into Russia's cruise missile programmers:" / Twitter

Second Journalist Dies While Covering Qatar World Cup : worldnews

Jailed Women Activists Urge Iranians to Occupy Streets in Protest of Executions
Iran soccer player sentenced to death by hanging: Former Iranian soccer player Amir Nasr-Azadani sentenced to death by his countrysregime for campaigning for womens rights.

Israeli military admits shooting 16-year-old Palestinian girl, calls it ' unintentional'

US sends first shipment of power equipment in aid to Ukraine : worldnews
US finalizing plans to send Patriot missile defense system to Ukraine | CNN Politics
Zelenskyy says that the invasion of Ukraine would stop if Putin suddenly dies : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 293, Part 1 (Thread #434) : worldnews

Ukraines Armed Forces kill over 95,000 Russian soldiers (

Russian forces have enough missiles for three to five massive attacks on Ukraines infrastructureprovided they keep using 80-90 missiles for each salvo.
According to the SSU materials, the Russian agent who exposed the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kramatorsk will spend 14 years in prison,

Ukrainian army issues instructional video telling Russians how to surrender to a drone : worldnews
An image has emerged showing the RK-360MC Neptune anti-ship cruise missile system in operation, claimed to be against the the Russian guided missile cruiser Moskva in April. Two R-360 missiles were fired, sinking the ship

They try to repeat our tactics: to fight in small groups of 10-15 people. But they copied only the outside. Our groups have good communication and connection. In a battle, the commanders can make independent tactical decisions. But the small Russian groups are tightly controlled centrally.

EU lawmakers remove Eva Kaili from office amid Qatar scandal | The European Parliament has officially voted to remove the Greek politician from her position as the bodys vice president. Kaili is accused of accepting bribes from Qatari officials in exchange for pushing their agenda.
Police raid more EU Parliament offices in corruption probe : worldnews

EU agrees to block Hungary funds, aid Ukraine : worldnews

Russia Could Resume Trade With Germany If Putin Ends War: German Chancellor : worldnews
Reichsburger: Conspirators planned new army for coup | Germany Bundestag held sessions to debate investigation into a coup, planned by far-right extremists. Prosecutors said the suspects planned to set up 280 armed units across Germany to facilitate the plot.
Far-right murderer takes 2 prison guards hostage in Germany : worldnews

Dutch footballer suspected of attempted murder applies for Russian citizenship : worldnews

The Italian Parliament approved a resolution on the continuation of arms supplies to Ukraine in 2023. The meeting was broadcast live on the website of the Upper Chamber.

World must help Ukraine survive this winter - Macron : worldnews

UK hit by worst month for strikes in 11 years as pay disputes escalate : worldnews

Bolsonaro supporters try to invade police HQ as post-election tensions spark : worldnews

Biden to sign historic same-sex marriage bill at White House : politics

U.S. Inflation Eased in November, CPI Report Shows - WSJ Price increases have moderated this fall from four-decade high earlier in year
Biden seeks political boost from slowing inflation - The Washington Post

US Workers Are Paying High Taxes. But Without Any of the Benefits. : politics

Lawmakers unveil bipartisan bill that aims to ban TikTok in the U.S. : politics

A notorious Trump judge just fired the first shot against birth control : politics

Brett Kavanaugh Partying With Matt Gaetz Raises Questions : politics

An intel analyst tried to prevent the Jan. 6 attack but DHS failed to act

GOP Congressman Wanted Trump to Invoke Marshall Law to Stay in Office: Leaked Texts
This is the tip of the iceberg New texts show GOP efforts to overturn 2020 results
The treason files
The Meadows Texts: A Plot To Overturn An American Election TPM Has Obtained Explosive Evidence Uncovered By The January 6 Select Committee ... The Meadows texts illustrate in moment-to-moment detail an authoritarian effort to undermine the will of the people and upend the American democratic system as we know it.
Inside Team Trump's Chaotic Attempts To Overturn The 2020 Vote In Georgia
Meadows insurrectionist texts have been reviewed by Talking Points Memo, and theyre damning

Marjorie Taylor Greene swears she was only joking when she said she would have "won" January 6

A moment of truth is fast approaching for both Trump and the DOJ : politics

House committee asks National Archives to review Trump storage unit - The Washington Post

How Republicans Lost Despite Winning the Popular Vote - The New York Times

The RNC has done a great job: Foxs Kellyanne Conway repeatedly praised RNC without disclosing it paid her over $800K

Opinion | Its Not Just About Pot. Our Entire Drug Policy Needs an Overhaul.

Russian Trolls Made Fake Kid Rock Fan Accountsand Fooled Donald Trump Jr. ... The account was a Russian troll trying to meddle in the U.S. election

Leaked documents indicate over 300 members of far-right paramilitary Oath Keepers may be current or former DHS employees, Project on Government Oversight reports : politics

A New York man connected to a dangerous fascist group was arrested in November during a traffic stop.

A Fast-Growing Network of Conservative Groups Is Fueling a Surge in Book Bans : politics

Senate Report Finds Widespread Sexual Abuse of Women in Federal Prisons : politics

Its important to take those calling for a Fourth Reich seriously

Epstein Victim Says She Was Forced Into Threesome With Alan Dershowitz -- Did you see him bleed through his penis?

u/TheBigPhilbowski lists the hypocrisy of confirmed GOP pedophiles, and hit the character limit without finishing : bestof

FTXs Sam Bankman-Fried Is Arrested in the Bahamas
The Parents in the Middle of FTXs Collapse
No its not. (Like a Greek tragedy) ... Another puff piece from NYT, unbelievable.
Eschaton: Nobody Who Went To Yale Could Be Bad
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas after U.S. files criminal charges : technology
What to know about Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX collapse - The Washington Post
Sam Bankman-Fried charges unsealed: Conspiracy to defraud the U.S., wire and securities fraud, money laundering
FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried charged with campaign finance crime
Old-fashioned embezzlement -- Bankman-Fried used a relatively recent scam crypto as a platform to do just very simple and old school crimes:
How effective altruism let Sam Bankman-Fried happen - Profound philosophical errors enabled the FTX collapse.
Effective altruisms most controversial idea
Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development

Binance withdrawals hit $1.9 bln in 24 hours, data firm says | Reuters

Elon Musk says he can stop child exploitation on Twitter. So far, hes axed jobs and pushed out watchdogs.
Musks Twitter dissolves Trust and Safety Council
Musk Shakes Up Twitters Legal Team as He Looks to Cut More Costs -- Twitter has stopped paying rent on offices and is considering not paying severance packages to former employees, among other measures.
Bills no honest man can pay ... Spending two thirds of the money in the world to buy Twitter so that his Incel Army could assure him that all these things arent true was an overdetermined climax to this particularly farcical chapter of the New Gilded Age.
The core argument of the TWITTER FILES is that 1/6 was fine and there is no legitimate reason to find it objectionable ... In their attempt to reveal bias against right-wingers, these clowns are revealing the opposite.
Goodbye, Twitter - by Ken White - The Popehat Report
Tesla Stock Has Never Been This CheapAnd It Could Still Drop Further

SacredPinkJellyFish comments on I made a novel completely using gpt-3


U.S. to announce fusion energy breakthroughScientists hit a key milestone in the quest to create abundant zero-carbon power through nuclear fusion. But they still have a long way to go.

Nearly half of COVID patients worldwide still have symptoms after 4 months, according to a giant new study : worldnews

Adults who neglect COVID-19 health recommendations may also neglect basic road safety. Traffic risks were 50%-70% greater for adults who had not been vaccinated compared to those who had. Misunderstandings of everyday risk can cause people to put themselves and others in grave danger : science

New MH370 debris find sheds light on shocking final moments : worldnews

Japan moves to shed pacifist ways with major defense buildup
Japans wholesale inflation near steady at 9.3% as commodity prices ease
ELI5: Why does Japan still have a declining/low birth rate, even though the Japanese goverment has enacted several nation-wide policies to tackle the problem? : explainlikeimfive

Industrial robots in China push people out of jobs, slash wages : worldnews

Putin cancels annual press conference for the first time in 10 years : worldnews ... embarassed that he doesn't have much to show for the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Soviet Union this December 29th . The war was always about rebuilding the old USSR and was to be presented on this day ,,, He'll have 100k dead soldiers. Seems quite a fitting milestone for the occasion.
Putin canceled his annual press conference, ducking a likely barrage of questions about failures in Ukraine : worldnews
Trust between the West and Russia has been destroyed, NATO chief says : worldnews
Russia Complains of Ukraine Militarys Aggressive Behavior

Freed Russian arms dealer Bout joins Kremlin-loyal ultranationalist party : worldnews

Russia Hides Its Powerful Bombers Away In The Arctic As Ukraines Drones Loom Overhead, Says Expert

12-year-old schoolboy receives draft notice in Russia : worldnews
I've been following the personal stories of Russias contract and mobilised soldiers for some months now, and a consistent theme in all theatres of the Ukraine war has been a lack of food supplies. Its been a problem since the start of the invasion in February.

Fire engulfs another Moscow mall, 2nd such fire in 4 days : worldnews

There are photos in the Russian media of the transfer of prisoners from the territory of Russia to Ukraine. Prisoners recruited by the Wagner Group are transferred from the prisoner transport vehicle to planes to be transported to the Ukrainian border.

In phone call, Erdogan tells Putin to clear Kurdish forces from northern Syria : worldnews
Erdogan warns Greece that Turkish missiles can reach Athens

Satellite Image Shows Saudi Arabias The Line Being Built
Confidential Records Show a Saudi Golf Tour Built on Far-Fetched Assumptions - The New York Times McKinsey documents suggest the Saudi league is far off-track for success. Experts say the analysis shows it was never just about profits.

More than 11,000 children are known to have been killed or maimed in Yemens civil war since it escalated nearly eight years ago, the United Nations said Monday. (Saudi-fuckers)

Iran Hangs Man In Public In Second Execution Linked To Protests : worldnews
With executions imminent, watchdogs say world giving Iran green light to carnage

Palestinian Girl Found Shot Dead After Israeli Raid: Palestinian Ministry : worldnews
Organized crime in Israel: 85 percent of Israels building contractors pay protection

Zelensky thanks Biden for unprecedented support in latest call
More than $3 billion in a NATO fund may be sent to Ukraine : worldnews
When Putin dies, the war will be over -- Zelenskyy

The Financial War, Part I
Russia and the West Are in a Financial War - 19FortyFive

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 292, Part 1 (Thread #433) : worldnews

Russia loses 24 tanks in a day as 100,000 death toll nears: Ukraine : worldnews
Burning through ammo, Russia using 40-year-old rounds, U.S. official says : worldnews

Bakhmut - These images shows the RU pro~gress in the Bakhmut area for the last 3 months. Can we all calm down now? 2022-08-31 vs 2022-12-11

Last night there were reportedly Ukrainian HIMARS strikes on a Wagner base in Kadiivka and a Russian barracks in Melitopol.

The BBC confirmed Ukraines claim that retired Russian Major General Kanamat Botashev was shot down, possibly by a Stinger MANPADS, in a Su-25 aircraft near Popasna on Sunday and killed. It appears he was flying for Wagner.

The film Mariupol 2 by Lithuanian documentary filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravicius wins European Film Award. At the end of March 2022, Russian terrorists captured and killed the director. The daughter receives the award on his behalf.

Russians are covering up their own horror stories. This is the theater in Mariupol with fences around it, bombed while they knew civilians were hiding in itLocals even painted it on the streetsCHILDREN to prevent strikes but despite that, Russia bombed it.
Russian forces retreating from Kherson left behind booby trapsincluding a grenade in a washing machine and a street sign that directed people into a minefield
Russia is using old Ukrainian missiles against Ukraine, general says. The missiles, returned to Russia in the 1990s under an agreement aimed at assuring Ukraines sovereignty and territorial integrity, have shown up in rubble.
Over 82,000 Ukrainians Refugees Paroled Into U.S.:

Medieval ship found in Norways biggest lake

Chinese police stations uncovered in Germany

We're Coming for You: Italys Neofascists Target Journalists as They Assume Power

Zelensky, Macron discuss Ukraines peace plan. The phone conversation came about a week after Macron said that if Putin agrees to negotiations to end Russias war, the West should consider providing Russia with security guarantees.

Britain braces for winter of strike action as nurses walk out : worldnews
Biden faces growing pressure to drop charges against Julian Assange | Julian Assange | The Guardian Biden faces a renewed push, domestically and internationally, to drop charges against Assange, who is languishing in a UK jail

Biden announces $2.5 billion loan to help GM and LG make EV batteries : politics

Senator Merkley Introduces Legislation to Ban Hedge Fund Ownership of Residential Housing : politics

Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election The Messages Included Battle Cries, Crackpot Legal Theories, And Invoking Marshall Law!!
Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election : politics

Special Counsel Smith speeds ahead on criminal probes surrounding Trump | CNN Politics
Special Counsel Smith speeds ahead on criminal probes surrounding Trump : politics
What the Jan. 6 select committees final report will look like culpability for his extensive and baseless effort to subvert the 2020 election,

Judge Tosses Trumps Battle Against Mar-a-Lago Raid
The federal judge who appointed Trumps special master just threw out his lawsuit against the FBIs raid of Mar-a-Lago

GOP members who rebuffed Jan. 6 panel may face referral to ethics panel : politics

Dont relax too much: Our abusive relationship with Donald Trump is not over | When an abuse victim decides to break away, the abuser often turns to violence. That's where we are right now (

White House calls Marjorie Taylor Greenes Jan 6 comments a slap in the face of law enforcement

Trump, Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes pushing antisemitism to the forefront of the GOP could pull the Christian nationalist movement apart : politics

Democrats Want Answers About Jared Kushners Very Shady Middle East Deal (No, Not the Saudi One!) This is the one involving a miraculous financial bailout for his family, Qatar, and his White House work in the Middle East. By Bess Levin
Democrats Want Answers About Jared Kushners Very Shady Middle East Deal (No, Not the Saudi One!)

Sinemas mutually assured destruction

Some Prisoners Remain Behind Bars in Louisiana Despite Being Deemed Free : politics

Karen Basss First Act as L.A.s Mayor: Declaring Homelessness an Emergency

Musk calls to prosecute Fauci, drawing swift backlash : politics
Elon Musk Is Ruining Trumps Presidential Campaign
Musks ugly attack on Fauci shows how right-wing info warfare works
Former top Twitter official forced to leave home due to threats amid Twitter Filesrelease
Elon Musk Is a Far-Right Activist - The Atlantic One tweet says it all. By Charlie Warzel
Why The White House isnt stressed about Elon Musks Twitter
Teslas approval rating sinks into negative territory, survey finds

U.S. Justice Dept is split over charging Binance as crypto world falters, sources say

Eschaton: The Most Effective Altruism Of All

In high schools across the country, students are being placed in military classes without electing them on their own. The only word I can think of is indoctrination one parent said.

Washington faltered as fentanyl gripped America - Washington Post ... failed to ramp up scanning and inspection technology at official crossings, instead channeling $11 billion toward the construction of a border wall that does little to stop fentanyl traffickers.

Changing Times

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in the Bahamas after U.S. files criminal charges : news
Report: Stanford Law professor parents of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Friedfear financial ruin - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Look what they did to this poor car : funny (find the messages)

First Green Line Train from Medford fully packed. : boston

Whats something that was supposed to be the Next Big Thing but absolutely flopped?

What famous person needs to be ignored and shunned into obscurity ? : AskReddit


NASA's Artemis I Mission Successfully Returns from the Moon : worldnews

New study highlights urgent need to safeguard deep reefs - one of the largest and least protected ecosystems

Solar power will beat out coal globally in 3 years: International Energy Agency : worldnews

NASA chief says U.S. will beat China in race to the moon : worldnews

Hospitalizations signal rising COVID-19 risk for US seniors : news

Masking could fight the tripledemic experts say. Will anyone listen?

New Japan law aims at Unification Church fundraising abuses : worldnews

Top China expert says COVID-19 spreading rapidly after rules easing

Kremlin says Minsk deals failure led to Russias Ukraine offensive
Who started it?' Putin vows to continue hitting Ukraines power grid
Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin says deal may be needed to end conflict as he admits mistakes were made over mobilisation : worldnews

The first Russian draftees are returning home from Ukraine : worldnews ... First drafted men are returning from Ukraine to the Ural town of Nevyansk. For now, the only ones to return are injured or in caskets

Our mere existence is illegal As Moscow toughens anti-gay law, LGBTQ Russians fear for the future

Russian Officer Who Fled To Kazakhstan To Avoid Mobilization To Ukraine War Faces Deportation : worldnews
In Russia, citizens of Uzbekistan are offered to go to war in order to obtain a Russian passport. In buses, you can now find similar announcements with calls for the service of foreigners.

A trash heap 62 meters high shows the scale of Indias climate challenge

Deliveries of millions in hard cash prompts concern over financial transparency in Afghanistan - ABC News

Saudi foreign minister: All bets off if Iran gets nuclear weapon : worldnews

US says Iran now Russias top military backerRussia and Irans relationship has warmed to a fully-fledged defense partnership with Russia giving an unprecedented level of military support
28 Iranians Sentenced To Death Over Nationwide Protests : worldnews
Rage Over Iran Execution Escalating, Further Protests Planned : worldnews
Irans currency falls further against the dollar amid unrest

Report: Israel warns will bomb Beirut airport if is used for Iran weapon shipments
Xi Jinping says China supports Palestine with 1967 borders : worldnews

Defense of Ukraine on Twitter: "The first Nobel Prize for Ukraine: congratulations to @ccl_ua on a well-deserved award. Today, the #UAarmy and the Ukrainian people are fighting for peace and freedom for us and for the whole world." / Twitter
U.S. to send Ukraine anti-drone, air defense aid worth $275 million : worldnews
Boris Johnson: Give Ukraine long-range weapons to end war : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 291, Part 1 (Thread #432) : worldnews

Defence of Ukraine. Foggy Sunday. : ukraine
Exclusive interview with military analyst Oleg Zhdanov, Kyiv: Putins army can no longer advance, his generals are hiding planes and looking for an alternate airfield

Governor: Explosion reported at Wagner headquarters in occupied Luhansk Oblast. According to Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Haidai, an explosion occurred at the headquarters of Russian state-controlled mercenary Wagner Group in Kadiivka. There are huge losses, he said.
Ukraine reporting explosion at Wagner Group HQ in Kadiivka : worldnews
Putins Ukraine Disaster: Russian Forces Were Hit By Their Own Artillery

Kherson marks one month since liberation | Continued shelling and leftover explosives by the Russians in Kherson have hampered efforts for residents to return to normalcy. The UK sees no sign Russia is prepared to negotiate in a meaningful way. : worldnews
> Ukraine launches missile attack on Russian-occupied Melitopol, explosions reported in Donetsk and Crimea | CNN : worldnews
Odesa and Melitopol under attack : worldnews

The authorities of the Russian occupation in Crimea are building trenches along the beaches of Crimea, as this pic from Chornomorske proves. This comes after the order to fortify the administrative border to Kherson Oblast. Absolute confidence speaking.
Russians in 2014: Crimea is Russian and it always will be.Russians in 2022: We have to dig trenches in Crimea. We cant stop Ukrainians.No, you cant.

Russia drones smash power network in Odesa, leaving 1.5 million without power : worldnews

Every one of them will be punished: Kherson hunts for collaborators with Russia
Ukrainian police records 47,000 war crimes committed by Russian occupiers since 24 February : worldnews
Russia shells maternity hospital in Kherson, police reveal 47K war crimes reported : worldnews

Serbia asks to send forces into Kosovo, warnsfight is yet to come

Poland to veto EU recognition of same-sex parents, says justice ministry : worldnews

German security expert Jessica Berlin: We need an international investigation of Germanys Russia ties. German government has made many serious mistakes over the last 20 years. It could have and should have been recognized much sooner that Vladimir Putin runs a mafia state ... Vladimir Putin runs a mafia state and not a reliable partner country for Germany. But instead of recognizing this and acting accordingly, we traded human rights and democratic values for cheap gas. When Merkel and Scholz claim today they didnt know what was going on inRussia, its simply not true. We were specifically and directly warned by the Eastern Europeans and the United States. We made a conscious decision to ignore these warnings and are now living with the consequences.
Cold War never ended says Angela Merkel as she admits Germany should have spent more on defence

Italy accused of turning a blind eye to clandestine Chinese police stations

More Jersey blast survivors unlikely as response shifts to recovery operation : worldnews

Japanese Scientists announce discovery of New Nazca lines : worldnews

Cuba Is Depopulating: Largest Exodus Yet Threatens Countrys Futurethe biggest migration since Fidel Castro rose to power.

Canada prepares to expand assisted death amid debate : worldnews

Lockerbie bombing suspect in US custody : worldnews

Griner compassionate, humble after release from Russia ... I was left with the impression that this is an intelligent, passionate, compassionate, humble, interesting person, a patriotic person, but, above all, authentic

The Federal Program to Rebuild After Hurricane Katrina Shortchanged the Poor. New Data Proves It. : politics

The Government Should Stop Funding For-Profit Hospice Care | A recent story shows its a racket. Because its taxpayer-funded through Medicare, it shouldnt be too hard to end it.

Joe Biden Job Approval Surges After DemocratsMidterm Wins, New Poll Shows ... Forty-six percent of respondents said they approved of Biden while only 54 percent said they disapprove, according to the poll.

Justice Jackson is smashing right-wing legal claims at Supreme Court hearings The courts newest member is picking apart bogus arguments. She showed us how in recent high-profile disputes over discrimination and elections.
Democratic Lawmaker Doubles Down On Calls For Clarence Thomas Resignation

Trump Exposes U.S. to Grave Harm if He Still Has Classified Files: Expert
The friendly photos of the president and top Russian officials left some agog, while others warned of a possible security breach (2017)

Schiff: Jan. 6 Committee Will Consider Criminal Referrals at Sunday Meeting : politics

Trump Attacks Jewish Leaders Amid Kanye West, Nick Fuentes Dinner Fallout : politics

Congressional Republicans divided on attacking Trump investigations - The Washington Post

Is Dominions $1.6bn defamation lawsuit a death blow for Murdoch and Fox News?

Jim Jordas Own Words Used Against Him as Ted Lieu Accuses Him of Lying

Marjorie Taylor Greene says MAGA wouldve won on Jan. 6 if she organized it

The party's on fire: Florida GOP roiled by far right takeover efforts despite 2022 wins

Arizona governor builds border wall of shipping crates in final days of office | Arizona | The Guardian (Dochebag)
Arizona governor builds border wall of shipping crates in final days of office : politics
Sheriff Calls on Feds to Seize Arizona Gov. Doug Duceys Illegal Border Wall Equipment

75% of Texas voters under age 30 skipped the midterm elections. But why? : politics

Republicans struggle in the Southwest as Latino voters stick with Democrats : politics

Kyrsten Sinema once attacked a top Democrat for not supporting party -- video
Sanders calls Sinema corporate Democrat who 'saotaged' legislation ... Kyrsten Sinema's net worth went from $35k in 2018 when she was elected, to $1 million today. Senators make $174k a year.
Sen. Sinemas switch to Independent will not impact Democrats control of the chamber, representatives say

Recount flips Mass. House election to Democrat by 1 vote : politics

Why Is Howard Schultz Taking a Starbucks Union So Personally? - The New York Times His opposition to a union isnt primarily about the bottom line, friends say. It clashes with his image of Starbucks as a model employer.
Unions hurt my fee-fees - Even taking him at face value, Schultz is saying that he does not want to treat workers well unless he can have a feudal relationship with them: (yet another moral reckoning in the billionaire asshole dept.)

How the New York Times helped Republicans win the House : politics ... Time's apparent impulse to shift the national narrative on crime rightward, regardless of evidence to the contrary ... inflation ... These two Democrats in charge, situation out of control narratives may have been custom-built in the Fox News ecosystem, but the Times eagerly gobbled them up and amplified them across the political spectrum, crowding out contrasting narratives in the process.

Hes a complicated man, but no one understands him but his woman ... That Jeremy Peters NYT Pitchbot article-length parody but real sure aged well.

J.R.O.T.C. Textbooks Offer an Alternative View of the WorldBut the Junior Reserve OfficersTraining Corps, in courses taught at thousands of high schools around the country, uses textbooks that have bypassed those standard public reviews.

A collection of radical right figures including white nationalists and ultranationalist European leaders gathered in Manhattan for the New York Young Republicans Clubs (NYYRC) annual gala Saturday night, where that groups president declared total waron perceived enemies.


Kevin McCarthy pledges subpoenas for 51 intel agents in wake of Hunter Biden Twitter Files revelations
Elon Musk Steps Up Attacks on Twitters Former Safety Head ... (is Elon a pedo? mmost say yes)
Neuralink killed 1,500 animals in four years; Now under trial for animal cruelty: Report : technology

The internet is headed for a point of no return, claims professor / Eventually, the disadvantages of sharing your opinion online will become so great that people will turn away from the interne

What Causes Alzheimers? Scientists Are Rethinking the Answer. alternative explanations are finally getting the attention they deserve.

Women tend to prefer working with people, while men tend to prefer working with things, according to a new study based on an analysis of responses from people in 42 countries. : science

The New Obesity Breakthrough Drugs - by Eric Topol

When women do more household labor, they see their partner as a dependent and sexual desire dwindles, study finds : science

Police raid Shroom House in Portland, making four arrests : news

51 Mind-Blowing Historical Facts We Definitely Didnt Learn At School

What dark secret are you hiding from everyone? : AskReddit


Animals Are Running Out of Places to Live - The New York Times

67 journalists, media workers killed on the job this year : worldnews
Ukraine deadliest for journalists as 67 killed worldwide in 2022 : worldnews

We Might Have Long Covid All Wrong - Some post-Covid symptoms may be produced by the brain. Does that make them any less real?
CBT/GET is ineffective and potentially harmful. ME/CFS patients seem to die considerably younger. | The BMJ
Cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise for chronic fatigue syndrome: a meta-analysis
More Political Science: Proposed laws protect "Lyme literate" doctors from discipline
Paul Garner: on his recovery from long covid - The BMJ

Functional Neurological Disorder Society (FNDS)
Functional Neurologic Disorder | National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Functional Neurological Disorder - NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)
Basics of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)
Functional Neurological Disorder (FND):

Australia imposes sanctions on Irans morality police and 13 Russians and Iranians | Penny Wong announces Magnitsky-style sanctions to punish Irans violent crackdown on protesters and Russias invasion of Ukraine

Kishida, Obama call for nuke-free world at intl talks in Hiroshima
Japan seeks $7bn in tax hikes for military buildup : worldnews

31 UN member countries urge N.Korea to return abductees : worldnews

Hong Kong: Media mogul Jimmy Lai gets over five years for fraud : worldnews
Hong Kong jails pro-democracy media tycoon over fraud : worldnews

China tackles medical supply snags, price gouging amid COVID fears : worldnews

Putin says loss of trust in West will make future Ukraine talks harder : worldnews
Who started it? Putin sips champagne as he defends assault on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure
Putin says Russia could adopt US preemptive strike concept : worldnews
Putin says one missile will trigger hundredsof warheads in stark message on nuclear deterrence
US Readies Sanctions on Russia Over Human Rights : worldnews
Ukrainian Nobel Prize winner says Putin must face tribunal : worldnews

Russian Cruise Missiles Were Made Just Months Ago Despite Sanctions : worldnews

Russia wants Ukraine to be dependent dictatorship - Nobel Peace Prize winner

A prominent Russian opposition figure was on Friday sentenced to 8 1/2 years in prison after being convicted on charges stemming from his criticism of the Kremlins action in Ukraine.

Boko Haram kills 33 wives of ISWAP fighters : worldnews

Morocco will be first African country to provide military aid to Ukraine - media : worldnews

Turkish President Erdogan is planning to discuss the idea of transporting Turkmen gas to Europe, bypassing Russia, during his meetings with the leaders of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan next week. : worldnews

American soccer journalist dies under mysterious circumstances in Qatar
Qatar World Cup chief after migrant worker killed:Death is a natural part of life
European Parliament vice-president arrested in connection with Qatar corruption : worldnews ... There are fourteen Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament.
Qatar corruption scandal rocks EU Parliament

Russia wants hundreds of ballistic missiles from Iran and is offering 'unprecedented' military support in return, UK envoy says
U.S. accuses Russia of providing weapons, fighter jets to Iran : worldnews
Iran Routinely Coerces Families Of Children Killed Into Silence, Right Group Says : worldnews
Khameneis niece sent to prison after supporting protests

Xi Jinping says China supports Palestine with 1967 borders : anime_titties
The United States said Friday it was pressing the United Nations not to update a blacklist of companies doing business in Israeli settlements, despite Washingtons calls on its ally to stop expansion in occupied Palestinian territory
Israel ambassador: Anti-Israel voting in UN jeopardizes support for Ukraine

Ukraines custom drone strikes showed Russia it can hit Moscow, doesnt fear more escalation
Pentagon gives Ukraine green light for drone strikes inside Russia -- the Times -- after President Putins multiple missile strikes against Kyivs critical infrastructure.
Operation demoralization: Russian Telegram channel network tells Ukrainians they will freeze - The point of the campaign is to undermine morale, spread despair, and push Ukraine into a "truce" with Russia @StratcomCentre notes
REAPER MADNESS: A month after Russia invaded Ukraine, the US Air Force offered to send its older Reaper drones to UKR - Pentagon concerns over its sensitive technology, and the likelihood that some MQ9s would get shot down, has stalled the transfer.
9 months into the war, Moscow-backed churches in Ukraine get in trouble

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 290, Part 1 (Thread #431) : worldnews

Ukraines Armed Forces kill 370 Russian soldiers,destroy three tanks and other equipment in one day

Russia inflicts heavy losses on Ukraine as battle of Bakhmut rages
Russia Has Destroyed Bakhmut; Donbas Front Lines 'Difficult' : Zelensky
All consumers cut from power in Odesa due to overnight attacks by Russians : worldnews

Ukraine says Russia has abducted more than 13,000 children since the invasion began. A rights watchdog called it a war crime : worldnews

Russia demands Finnish authorities to bring Russian flag burners to justice : worldnews

Celebrity chef among suspects in Germany rightwing coup plot : worldnews
Russia demanded that a spy held in Germany be freed in exchange for Paul Whelan : worldnews ... So the Russian Embassy is now proven to send killers after German and foreign Nationals in Germany
Germany: Police confirm hostage situation in Dresden mall : worldnews

French farmer poisoned by Monsanto herbicide wins 'paltry' compensation

French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo Launches International Competition For Cartoonists To Produce Caricatures Of Irans Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Sir Elton John quits Twitter blaming change in misinformation policy : worldnews
Strep A antibiotics skyrocket as prices hiked up to take advantage of demand | UK
Animal Body PETA To Take Legal Action Against UK Army For Rejecting Fake Fur Hats : worldnews

It hurts my soul: Brazils Bolsonaro ends post-election silence

Perus ex-president faced bigotry for impoverished past (corrupt as shit asshole)

Haiti: Gangs dominate over half of capital as 20,000 people face catastrophic famine-like conditions, UN warns : worldnews

Quebec adopts law making oath to King optional for elected members : worldnews

Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA Connection Revived with Inquiry into Agent's Unreleased Files - Folks Are Still Finding CIA Rocks to Turn Over in Search of an Oswald Connection - Could an anti-Castro agent's files hold the key to a lingering mystery?

Paul Whelans Brother Slams Trump Over Russia Prisoner Swap Comments

Biden under pressure for marijuana reform afte r Brittney Griner release : politics

U.S. lawmakers urge Biden to guarantee rail workers sick leave

Majority of Americans dont want Biden or Trump to run again in 2024, CNBC survey shows

Biden called gay marriage inevitable and soon it'll be law

Dont Vote for Just One: Ranked Choice Voting Is Gaining Ground

Americas Toxic Gun Culture ... All you can do is work to put Democrats and rational GOP'ers (if there is such a thing anymore) in White House and Senate to appoint SC judges who use the Constitution as their guide vs. the crazy Catholic cults (Barret) or QNON ideology (Thomas) or 18th century Catholic ideology (Alito) or 19th century Catholic ideology (Roberts and Kavanaugh).

Clarence Thomas Should Resign for Being Corrupt as Hell: Congressman

Dark money groups pump nearly $90 million into "independent state legislature" case | Untraceable right-wing money has flowed into a network of right-wing groups seeking to limit voting rights : politics

Looming Apocalyptic Court Decision Could Ban Abortion Pills Nationwide

U.S. judge wont hold Trumps office in contempt, people familiar say

Trumps Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign Kickoff
Did Donald Trump Already Forget Hes Running for President?
Report: Trump Has Been Hibernating at Home for Almost a Month : politics

In Wake Of Shocking Dinner, Trump Says Its Jews Who Should Be 'Ashamed' For Disloyalty
Trump Bashes Jewish Leaders for Not Being Loyal After His Dinner With Holocaust Deniers

Why publishers are scrambling to print the January 6th report, which is in the public domain : politics

Missouri man sentenced in Capitol riot case said Trump, others to blame for his actions : politics

Inside alleged fake heiress Mar-a-Lago visit

Kevin McCarthy has no chance of wrangling the House Republican caucus as speaker. The likely GOP speaker may well preside over one of the most chaotic House terms in American history ... Pelosi, however, had two things that her Republican counterpart will not: a caucus full of mostly sane team players, and a policy agenda less radioactive than graphite from an exploded nuclear reactor ... This years crop, though, is a newer, even loopier iteration of the incorrigible knuckleheads. who repeatedly paralyzed the American government through budget standoffs during the Obama administration and wouldve happily sent the country over the cliff by defaulting on the country's debt rather than raise the borrowing limit.
Kevin McCarthy Is About to Enter Political Hell : politics

Kyrsten Sinemas Critics Waste No Time Unloading on the Former Democrat: Our goal will be to make sure she becomes a political cautionary tale.
Kyrsten Sinemas bombshell split from the Democratic Party could be more about sidestepping a tough 2024 primary than a principled stand against partisanship

Effect of Georgias voting law unclear, despite high turnout

GOP numbers at California Capitol at their lowest levels in a century : politics

Prominent DeSantis ally, Florida political donor found dead, was under investigation : politics

Fears of Violence Rise on New Front in Gender Debate: Drag Shows : politics

LAPD Thinks Best Response To Leaked Recording Of Councilmembers Racist Remarks Is Going After Reddit Users

Violence between L.A. Councilman Kevin de Leon, activist caught on video, sparks debate

Cancel culture could use more cancellations ... It's so hard out there for men credibly accused by many women of sexual harassment and assault that they might end up making upwards of 300 grand a year to do a no-work job for a Beltway grift operation! Boy, its hard out there for a fourth-rate white guy. (groper Halperin)

We Found the Guys Behind the Hunter Biden Porn That Elon Musk Wont Shut Up About
Some Hunter Biden allies making plans to go after his accusers - The Washington Post
Critics Say Musk Has Revealed Himself as a Conservative. Its Not So Simple.
Uncomplicated ... Some of his right-wing views are also shared by many purportedly apolitical reporters at this newspaper, so how reactionary can they be? CHECKMATE LIBS!
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "The beauty of this piece is that the facts all paint Elon Musk as a standard whiny right-wing crank but Jeremy Peters is so in the tank for right-wing whining he thinks it looks nonpartisan" / Twitter ... read for more in the tank of this NYT elite reporter ...
Twitter relaunching subscriber service after debacle : news

The Twitter Files exemplify what theyre allegedly revealing ... The hand jobs MAGA pundits Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss have been giving the worlds richest man are revealing, albeit for the opposite reason that they claim they are: ... The project offers overwhelming evidence that Twitters current management is using the platform to promote tendentious, partisan narratives and conservative misinformation. In that sense, Taibbi and Weiss have performed revelatory journalism.

Jewish groups urge influencers and tech platforms to stop hosting Ye interviews | Representatives from five Jewish and anti-hate organizations including the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have asked tech platforms and influencers to stop hosting interviews with Ye. : technology

Sam Bankman-Fried: I hope to make money to pay people back : worldnews

Catholic collective narcissism linked to acceptance of myths about child sexual abuse : science

A growing body of evidence indicates that Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a viable alternative to daily caloric restriction, showing effectiveness as a weight loss intervention. : science

TIL that all Ashkenazi Jews are at most 30th cousins because of a genetic bottleneck about 700 years ago. : todayilearned ... a population bottleneck of approximately just 350 Ashkenazi Jewish individuals occurred in central Europe about 700 years ago, followed by an exponentially rapid population increase. The findings suggest that the ancestry of all present-day Ashkenazi Jews can be traced back to this small population ,,, he ancestry of the modern-day Ashkenazi can be traced to a fairly even mixture of European and Middle Eastern descent ... modern European ancestry can be traced to migration from the Middle East following the last great ice age, approximately 12,000-25,000 years ago
Ashkenazi Jews Have Become More Genetically Similar Over Time - The New York Times
Genetic Testing - Color Health, Inc.

What you can learn about sleep from truckers ... the body is programmed to sleep twice a day, at night and again eight hours after you wake. The second sleep should be a 30-minute or a 90-minute nap to take advantage of the sleep cycles and avoid waking during deep sleep.

What's one of life's biggest traps that people fall into? : AskReddit

Sao Paulo cut its homicide rate by 90% and is now about as safe as Boston We are a benchmark for safety. I wonder how their public transit is?

No_Judge_3817 comments on Boston Beans??


Reverse natures decline or there is no future - UN

7,499 confirmed cases and 76 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Across all inhabited continents of the world, people show prejudice and discriminatory attitudes towards individuals not vaccinated against COVID-19. This is the result of a global study from Aarhus University, which has just been published in the journal Nature. : science

Nearly half of COVID patients worldwide still have symptoms after 4 months, according to a giant new study : worldnews

New receptor decoy drug neutralizes COVID-19 virus and its variants: Scientists have developed a drug that potently neutralizes SARS-CoV-2, the COVID-19 coronavirus, and is equally effective against the Omicron variant and every other tested variant.

Vietnam man gets 16 years prison for killing dog thief : worldnews

Activists rally for world to intervene as Myanmar junta set to execute students : worldnews

China putting U.S. space assets at risk, senior U.S. officer says : worldnews
Uyghur groups urge leaders of Muslim states to condemn genocide in Chinas Xinjiang

Putin Says Russia May Add Nuclear First Strike to Strategy : worldnews

Russian state media lauds Putins win on Bout exchange

Kremlin complains about Time magazine naming Zelenskyy Person of the Year,calls it short-sighted and anti-Russian
Russia Slams Time Magazine As Vehemently Russophobic For ChoosingZelensky As Person Of The Year

Russia TV..."United states are getting tired of supporting Ukraine, so there soon might be a coup in Kyiv, Poles will take power and Ukraine will split". : UkrainianConflict

Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin says deal may be needed to end conflict as he admits mistakes were made over mobilisation : worldnews
Putin admits Russia cant supply clothes to front line troops

Russian Army Death Toll Surpasses 93,000, With 340 Dead In Just One Day : worldnews
Putin Accuses the West of Using Ukrainians as Cannon Fodder

Moscow Unnerved By Inability To Stop Ukraines Drones Attacking Russian Territory
Up to 10 Tu-22M bombers disappeared from the Diaghilev airfield after a drone attack. Planes also disappeared from Engels airfield. Satellite images indicate that there were 6 Tu-95s less than before the attack.

Russias plan was to overrun Ukraine in 10 days and kills its leaders
Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected : worldnews
Putin criticizes Merkel and regrets that he did not attack Ukraine earlier : UkrainianConflict
Bubbly in hand, swaying Putin claims Ukraine started infrastructure attacks
Drunk putin explains why strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure will continue because they started first byattacking the Crimean bridge
Kremlin says its up to Zelensky when Ukraine conflict ends (he just has to surrender unconditionally)
Russia says Ukraine invasion could endtomorrow and rules out talks on further annexations (so, the opposite)

Plan Under Discussion To Evacuate Kremlin Leaders Abroad In Event Of Russias Defeat In Ukraine
Putin has a plan to flee to South America if he loses the war in Ukraine, former aide says. "The leader's entourage does not exclude that he will lose the war, lose power and he will have to urgently evacuate somewhere," : worldnews

Russian deputy FM warns NATO playing withfirewith weapons shipments

Russias oil exports plunge on EU price cap and latest round of sanctions
Putin says Russia could cut oil production over Wests stupid price cap

Since the start of the war, 19,442 Russian citizens have been arrested for protesting the illegal action in Ukraine, in spite of the State's brutal repression. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Putin Wants Almost 1 Million Russian Policemen By 2025 : worldnews
Moscow court sentences Kremlin critic Ilya Yashin to eight and a half years for spreading false information

Russia: Large fire rages through Moscow shopping mall : worldnews
Another quality view with no watermarks of the Massive fire at the Mega Khimki shopping center in Moscow : UkraineWarVideoReport
Moscow is on fire again. A building is burning in the vicinity of Vladikino Moscow Central Circle station, North-Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow. The station is served by Moscow Central Circle of the Moscow Metro.
In Barnaul, Russia, the Altai Tire Plant is on fire. They produce military tires as well as civilian. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Sanctioned Russian ship moves mystery cargo in South African navy dockyard under cover of night : worldnews

Indias Narendra Modi to skip annual summit with Russias Vladimir Putin over Ukraine

World Cup draws 765,000 visitors to Qatar in first 2 weeks, falling short of 1.2 million expected : worldnews

Russia is providing unprecedented military support to Iran in exchange for drones, officials say
Protest movements as deadly as Irans often end in revolution or civil war
Iran Arrests Jewish Citizens Amid Protests : worldnews
Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say | Iran : worldnews ... Did Iran and Russia get drunk one day and decide to have a competition to decide who the biggest arsehole on earth is?

Palestinians: Israeli army kills 4 in West Bank violence : worldnews
UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons : worldnews ... "What nuclear weapons?" -- Israel

It will take years to clear Ukraine of Russian landmines and IEDs, Zelenskyy says : worldnews
War has tamed Ukraine's oligarchs, creating space for democratic change - Ukraine may have the opportunity to rebuild a postwar society that is more democratic, less corrupt and more economically diversified (deruzzification)
Over 60% of missiles fired by Russia at Ukraine hit civilian targets - Zelensky : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 289, Part 1 (Thread #430) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 9, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "Total combat losses of Russian forces between Feb. 24 and Dec. 8, 2022, are estimated to be as follows:" / Twitter

ISW on Twitter: "ISW: "The costs associated with six months of brutal, grinding, and attrition-based combat around #Bakhmut far outweigh any operational advantage that the #Russians can obtain from taking Bakhmut."" / Twitter

UKRAINES 21st CENTURY NAVY: Ukraines use of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) to attack the Russian Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol was an epoch making event. The Economist explains how naval warfare was changed forever.

Ukrainian intelligence announces seizure of propaganda in Russian Orthodox church, blurs face of cat 'agent'

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing slowly in Luhansk region. Reports of Russian shelling on December 8th indicate Ukrainian defenders have not lost control of Novoselivske (in the Svatove direction) and have gained control of Pishchane (in the Kreminna direction).
Freed Ukrainian prisoners of war show scars of abuse from Russian captivity - The Washington Post

Dad came back from the war for his daughters birthday. Don't cry...

Russian soldiers deliberately mine civilian homes, including childrens toys and even the bodies of the dead. The horrific use of explosive devices by the Russian military is reminiscent of the tactics of ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria -- Michael Tirre, U.S. Department of State

Russian mercenary group Wagner opens cultural center in Serbia

Denmark to investigate shameful campaign of population control in Greenland in the 60s and 70s : worldnews

Romania blasts Austria for inexplicable, unjustified Schengen veto

#German Chancellor Olaf Scholtz stated that the risk of #Russian nuclear escalation is currently low, partially supporting ISWs previous assessments.
German coup attempt: further arrests likely | Call for security checks on everyone in the security services and the military as number of suspects grows. : worldnews
A German prince, known for his desire to revive the country's monarchy and rejected by his own family as a "mad old man", has emerged as a central figure in Germany's coup plot : worldnews
German Police On The Hunt For 60 Containers Of Stolen Bull Sperm : worldnews

Pope Francis breaks down and cries while mentioning Ukraine at public prayer : worldnews

Spiraling costs and crumbling public services: Millions in Britain struggling to live

Brazil risks losing control of the Amazon to organized crime, judge warns : worldnews

More than half of young Canadians who sought mental health services said they werent easy to access

The degree to which prominent parts of Ronald Reagans party have become supporters of Russian military aggression -- and not just as a matter of opinion, but actively working to get Americans to favor Russia in a war against a US-friendly European democracy is remarkable. And bad

Plane believed to be carrying Griner lands in US : worldnews
Brittney Griner arrives in the U.S. after prisoner exchange with Russia : worldnews
Brittney Griner exposes one of the WNBA's biggest problems WNBA players can earn upward of $1 million by taking their talents outside the United States. Brittney Griner shows us how perilous this can be.
Trump turned down Viktor Bout-for-Paul Whelan prisoner swap, John Bolton says : politics
The 7 Craziest Facts of Arms Trafficker Viktor Bouts Career
Russia demanded that a spy held in Germany be freed in exchange for Paul Whelan | CNN Politics
u/shupadupa Provides a more accurate reality of the trade value of Victor Bout as a prisoner swap for Brittany Griner. : bestof
Victor Bout aka The Most Dangerous Man In the World exchanged for Griner
u/JustZee2 explains the difference between Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan : bestof

Labor costs point to corporate profit as main inflation driver : politics

Fauci: Low-life trolls harass my wife and kids

Noam Chomsky: Were on the Road to a Form of NeofascismThe ground is well prepared for neofascism to fill the void left by class war wrought by neoliberalism, says Chomsky

Former anti-abortion lobbyist testifies to House committee about stealth missionaries at Supreme Court
Clarence Thomas might have just broken the law in the Supreme Court : politics

Trump seems more unhinge ever since Jack Smith took over : PoliticalHumor

Justice Department asks judge to hold Trump team in contempt over Mar-a-Lago case : politics
Justice Department demands Trump office be held in contempt over classified documents

Rep. Katie Porter probing possible bribery scheme involving Trump administration officials : politics

House Republicans brace for doomsday scenario if McCarthy falls short of 218 votes for speaker | CNN Politics

Hayes: Germany, Peru seem to take attempted coups more seriously than we do : politics

Kyrsten Sinema leaves Democratic Party, registers as independent, cuts fragile margin in US Senate : politics
Sinema leaving the Democratic Party and registering as an independent : politics
Sinema switches to independent, shaking up the Senate : politics
The politics of Kyrsten Sinemas party switch ... She becomes the first senator to leave her party since Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) in 2009.
Kyrsten Sinema Is Playing Chicken Going independent is a way to force Democrats to back her ... Sinema has underestimated just how much ill will she has generated across the breadth of the Democratic Party by reconceptualizing her role as the personal concierge of the superrich.
Sinema leaves the Democratic party - My favorite detail in this is that she wont commit to caucusing with the Democrats, but she expects to keep all her committee assignments!

Is the Country Getting.... Better? Things have been pretty weird in the USA over the past few years. Are things returning to normalcy?

Do the Trumps Want to Crop Kim Guilfoyle Out of the Family?

Oliver Willis on why the Herschel Walker campaign made him sick Certainly I find Walkers political positions (or the positions he has been told to espouse) abhorrent, but that isnt the cause of my discomfort. What is so deeply disturbed by the spectacle of Herschel Walker is that it is such an openly racist display of the utter contempt that white conservatives have for Black people.

Why the Far Right Is Fixated on Drag Queens : politics

Texas judge tosses case against doctor who violated state abortion ban : politics

Texas bill would ban social media for children under 18 : politics

The imaginary right to post ... Adam Serwer explains the idiotic assumptions underlying the premise that it somehow violates the First Amendment to request that revenge porn be taken off the internet, if that revenge porn is part of a Republican ratfucking campaign ... Meanwhile, the TWITTER FILES 2.0 were given to another one of Elon Musks poodle bloggers, and needless to say BarI Weiss is every bit the dishonest propagandist that her co-lickspittle Matt Taibbi is:

A tiny Wisconsin town tried to stop pollution from factory farms. Then it got sued. : politics

Convictions remain rare when police are accused of sexual assault. : science

Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton accused in second luggage heist

The Letter and The Resignation ... Another long story short, I have no confidence that even the most capable student will be able to get an academic job after earning a Ph.D. in any but the most elite program ... (end ofthe PhD in political science scam)

What Did the New York Times Strike Change? (nothing)

TIL 69 is the only number whose square 4761 and cube 328509 use every decimal digit from 0-9 exactly once.
6174 (number) - Wikipedia

eli5: What s Incompleteness Theorem in math and computer science?

Oldest DNA reveals a two-million-year-old lost world : worldnews

25 Words That Are Their Own Opposites - Stumble into the looking-glass world of contronyms.

I Lost My Brother Twice First to schizophrenia, then forever to the city.

/u/GiddiOne explains how sealioning works and why ...

AI image generation tech can now create life-wrecking deepfakes with ease | AI tech makes it trivial to generate harmful fake photos from a few social media pictures : technology

Stop & Shop Overall Quality is lowest, at 27%, in new ranking of Mass supermarkets for price and quality.

Saturday @ Hotel Vernon in Worcester! : massachusetts

What is the best sitcom ever? : AskReddit

Whats a story from your life so outrageous you wouldntbelieve it if someone else was telling it?

What should one do in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s? : AskReddit

Exclusive: SBF secretly funded crypto news site The Block and its CEO's Bahamas apartment ... One $16 million batch of funding from Alameda was used in part to finance the purchase of an apartment in the Bahamas for Block CEO Michael McCaffrey, according to sources familiar with the transactions ... crooks all the way down
Coinbase CEO slams Sam Bankman-Fried: This guy just committed a $10 billion fraud, and why is he getting treated with kid gloves?
Sam Bankman-Frieds Parents Are No Longer Teaching Law at Stanford

Fired Twitter cleaning staff treated like garbage ... One of them told the BBC a member of Elon Musks team had said their jobs would be replaced by robots.


India to soon suffer heatwaves that break human survivability limit: World Bank : worldnews ... The report titled Climate Investment Opportunities in Indias Cooling Sector ...

The U.N. Wants to Criminalize Climate Change - A new report pushes to hold companies criminally accountable if their actions lead to global temperature rise. : worldnews

Zelenskyy quip, Trump conspiracy top 2022 notable quote list | AP News

COVID yesterday, today, and tomorrow -- The most fascinating aspect of the COVID pandemic in the USA is the extent to which the unhinged state of the contemporary Republican party came to manifest itself most clearly in the partys histrionic reaction to even the mildest attempts to contain the pandemic.

At least 63 children are sick with measles in Ohio : news

On That ProPublica Chinese Lab Leak Story.A talk with a longtime translator, on why Mandarin does not include a'super-secret version for discussing government plans.

Bali hotels wont ask for proof of marriage under new criminal code: Tourism chief

US$12 billion in financing for Taiwan to buy weapons in U.S. bill : worldnews

China Scraps Most Covid Testing, Quarantine Requirements in Policy Pivot - WSJ Latest measures target intrusive aspects of unpopular pandemic regime
U.S. manufacturing orders from China down 40% in unrelenting demand collapse : worldnews
How China became a global disinformation superpower : technology

Russias central bank just issued a warning about new economicshocks, and it shows the new $60/barrel cap on oil is working
Russia claims Kyiv hit its air bases, fires more missiles : worldnews
Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected : worldnews
Putin makes extraordinary claim only Russia can protect Ukraine from Polish invasion : worldnews

Backfired: Putins Prison Recruits Spiral Out of Russias Control
Russia is going to conscript 17-year-olds in occupied territories : worldnews

WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian custody in a high-profile prisoner swap between the U.S. and Moscow : worldnews
WNBA star Brittney Griner released from Russian custody in a high-profile prisoner swap between the U.S. and Moscow : politics

Top Russian Diplomat Traumatized by Gender-Neutral Bathrooms : worldnews (Lavrov)

Russia Dismisses Data Showing Worlds 5th-Highest HIV Infection Rate

Russian general who oversaw atrocities in Syria led cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine : worldnews

Iran Starts Executing Protesters With First Hanging : worldnews
Iranian forces shooting at faces and genitals of female protesters, medics say : worldnews (muzfuckers hate women ??)
Islamic Republic excuted Mohsen Shokri, a protester, on enmityagainst God charge

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 288, Part 1 (Thread #429) : worldnews

An unnamed defense adviser to the Ukrainian government told the Financial Times that after drone attacks on Russian air bases inside Russia, Ukraine no longer has any restrictions on the range of strikes on Russian territory. "We have no distance restrictions, and soon we will be able to reach... : UkraineInvasionVideos

Plain and honest, the situation east of Bakhmut is bad at this moment. There are many losses, and Russian forces have advanced somewhat. All can be reversed, but Bakhmut is absolute hell. : ukraine

New package of EU sanctions provides for a ban on the supply of laptops, hard drives and cameras to Russia,acording to Politico : ukraine

UN publishes report on summary executions of civilians in Ukraine by Russian troops : worldnews

First delivery of S. Korean heavy weapons comes to Poland : worldnews

Russia slams removal of Soviet sculptures in Vilnius : worldnews

On social media, pro-Kremlin networks are exploiting German anger over its energy crisis to undermine support for Ukraine
German police set to make more arrests after coup plot thwarted : worldnews

Spain hunts passengers who fled plane after fake emergency -- Police nabbed some of the people who forced their way off a plane that made an emergency landing after a woman faked giving birth.

Paris 2024: The undocumented workers building the Olympics : worldnews
Condoms to be free for young people in France, Macron says : worldnews

The secret lives of MI6' top female spies

President Castillo removed from office after attempted auto-coup : worldnews
Peru has first female President Dina Boluarte after dramatic impeachment : worldnews

Mexico City is on alert after a threatening video circulates on social media: Heavily armed men claim control over Milpa Alta, a rural area on the capitals southern fringe

Two more police centres run by Chinese authorities found in Canada: report

Military officials warned that the Republican-led initiative risks harming troops readiness and endangering national security
House votes to rescind military vaccine mandate
Lawmakers have just added a provision to the National Defense Authorization Act protecting Supreme Court spouses from having to reveal any outside employer, in the name of security. If it passes, Ginni Thomass professional entanglements would effectively be state secrets ... [Ginni Thomas] received more than $680,000 from the Heritage Foundation and yet somehow the Thomases failed to report that.

Brittney Griner/Viktor Bout prisoner exchange : videos
The Russian-American prisoner swap
It Is the Player, but Mostly the Game - Lawfare
Revealed today: "retired marine" Paul Whelan, who is still held in Russia, was in fact court-martialed in 2008 for attempted larceny, false statements, dereliction of duty, and other offenses and received a bad conduct discharge from the Marine Corps. : politics
The Exchange

New York Times journalists, other workers on 24-hour strike | AP News
New York Times DC Reporters are skipping the walkout | Semafor Chief White House reporter Peter Baker and Pulitzer Prize-winning White House correspondent Michael Shear told colleagues before the walkout that they would not be participating in the one day work stoppage, three people told Semafor.

Once Upon a Time the US Taxed the Rich : politics

Biden signs law curbing nondisclosure agreements that block victims of sexual harassment from speaking out : politics
Biden signs bill that lets domestic violence survivors remove abusers from phone plans : politics ... Carriers will have to grant requests for separate phone lines without charging a fee.

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Asks Simplest, Most Damning Question As Supreme Court Entertains Canceling Democratic Elections : politics ... I guess I dont understand how you can cut the state constitution out of the equation when it is giving the state legislature authority to exercise the legislative power.
The Supreme Courts Most Conservative Justices Got Humiliated on Wednesday
Clarence Thomas Own Ruling Used Against Him in High-Stakes Election Case

Gay marriage bill wins enough votes for U.S. House passage : politics
A Republican congresswoman broke down in tears begging her colleagues to vote against a same-sex marriage bill : politics

An 88-Year First: Democrats Defend All Their Senate Seats While Holding White House : politics

Leaked Senate report details Trumps most surreal decision of pandemic ... In late February, former president Trump took the pandemic response away from the Department of Health and Human Services giving it instead to the White House Coronavirus Task Force led by Vice President Mike Pence ... Unbeknownst to the public, on March 18th, former President Trump initiated a second major reorganization of the pandemic response to resolve the conflict.
Democratic report details governments COVID failings: Suffering was not inevitable (government = the fat shithead)

Rep. Adam Schiff said facts support indicting Trump and that the January 6 panel will make its evidence public so the GOP can't cherry-pick and mislead the country
Jan. 6 panel eyeing Dec. 21 to release final report, chairman says | The Hill

The request came after months of mounting frustration from the Justice Department with the former presidents lawyers
January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump | CNN Politics

Analysis: A Very Bad 3 Weeks for Trump After Losses and Legal Setbacks - The New York Times For the former president, who raced to announce his third run for the White House in hopes of clearing the Republican field, the losses, legal setbacks and embarrassments are rapidly piling up.
Unmitigated Disaster: How Donald Trumps campaign failed to launch (check his thumb)

Report: Classified items found at Trump storage unit in Fla. : politics
Classified Docs Found at Trump Storage Unit With Swords andWrestling Belts

Trumps Jewish Allies Are Begging Him to Condemn Kanye. Hes Refusing

Ex-Trump adviser Flynn testifies amid heightened security : politics

Turnout by Republicans Was Great. Its Just That Many of Them Didnt Vote for Republicans.
Republicans have a post-election epiphany on mail voting - POLITICO just one main hurdle: Donald Trump isnt ready to drop his attack on the method.
Hannity Calls on Republicans to Embrace Mail-In Voting: They Need to Accept the Rules as They Are
After Georgia Senate Loss, Republicans Stare Down Their Trump Dilemma - The New York Times Republicans from Georgia to Washington traded blame for their bruising defeats in the Senate races. Much of it landed on Donald Trump.

Rep. Paul Gosar Deleted Tweet Backing Trumps Call to Throw Out Constitution

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is subject of House ethics investigation | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | The Guardian ... In September 2021, the American Accountability Foundation filed an ethics complaint against Ocasio-Cortez for accepting an impermissible gift to attend the Met Gala. ... Ocasio-Cortez made a splash at the $35,000-a-ticket New York society event, wearing a dress emblazoned with the slogan Tax the Rich. A spokesperson said: She was invited as a guest of the Met. She also did not get to keep the dress. ... The American Accountability Foundation is an American conservative opposition research group founded in 2020 that has opposed nominees to the Joe Biden administration.

Police called to Sen. Ted Cruzs home in family matter ... Guy that posted Hunter Biden dick pics asks for privacy to deal with family matter.

Herschel Walker Lost, But Its a Very Bad Sign That He Had Any Chance at All

Midwest Dispatch: Illegal Child Labor is Alive and Kicking in the United States. Children as young as thirteen are working overnights at Midwestern meatpacking plants. Recently, the Department of Labor stepped in. : politics

Florida Republican who sponsored Dont Say Gay indicted on Covid relief fraud charges
Florida leaders misrepresented research before ban on gender-affirming care : politics

Maxwell Frost, Gen Z's congressman-elect, denied D.C. apartment over bad credit - The Washington Post

PSE substations among five attacked in Pacific Northwest in November | The Seattle Times
Shots fired near Duke Energy facility in South Carolina : news

Hello! Youve Been Referred Here Because Youre Wrong About Twitter And Hunter Bidens Laptop
GOP Officials Said Twitters Hunter Biden Ban Wasnt Corrupt

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried hit with campaign finance complaint over GOP 'dark' money
Coffeezillas Latest Interview with SBF gets him into admitting fraud
Elon, S.B.F. & the Closing of the Billionaire Mind - Puck

Feds To Investigate Neuralink ...It looks like the stated objective of helping disabled people is the facade ...

Alex Murdaugh Allegedly Murdered His Wife and Son to Distract from His Financial Problems prosecutors allege that the disgraced scion murdered his 52-year-old wife Margaret and his 22-year-old son Paul on Jun 7, 2021, to change the narrative and gain sympathy.

These F*cking People: Barstool Star and Fox News Regular Caught on Hot Mic Destroying Network, Its Audience, and Tucker

Typical Seth Abramson
A Harrowing Tale That Explains Why Everyone on Mastodon Needs to Get Off It Right Now / Post.
I Was Wrong About Mastodon

Americas most ridiculous organization is also a horrible place to work ... the centrist group No Labels

Meta employees can reportedly no longer discuss 'dirruptive' topics like abortion, gun rights, and vaccines

Exclusive: Uvalde sheriff had vital information about school shooter that was not shared | CNN : news

Police: Missing Newtown man Robert Hoagland found dead in NY after living under new name for years : news

Brains with more vitamin D function better. Research reinforces the importance of studying how food and nutrients create resilience to protect the aging brain against diseases such as Alzheimers disease and other related dementia

Say Hello to the Toughest Material on Earth: A new study reveals the profound properties of a simple metal alloy : science

< Killer whale flips seal 80 feet into the air. : WTF
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Driver Trapped for More Than 300 Miles on Highway After Cruise Control Breaks : technology

Men of Reddit, what is something us women do that baffles you? : AskReddit


UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday slammed multinational corporations for turning the worlds ecosystems into playthings of profit.With our bottomless appetite for unchecked and unequal economic growth, humanity has become a weapon of mass extinction

Insect populations are declining at an unprecedented rate : worldnews

Fauci criticizes extreme ideological divide that has led to disproportionate Covid deaths

Scientists finally know why people get more colds and flu in winter : worldnews ... It turns out the cold air itself damages the immune response occurring in the nose.

Baby blood donor vaccine battle: Judge rules in favour of govt health authorities, child to receive transfusion : worldnews
Junior doctors banned from taking naps during night shifts in an Australian Hospital : worldnews

Japanese fighter jets land in Philippines for 1st time since WWII : worldnews
Chinese FM spokesperson says Japans ballooning defense budget is dangerous and is leading to serious concerns among neighbors
QAnons Japan arm [YamatoQ] searched over obstructing COVID vaccinations

Chinese Students Invent Coat That Makes People Invisible to AI Security Cameras : worldnews

Putin says Russia may be fighting in Ukraine for a long time : worldnews
Putin says Ukraine fight is taking longer than expected : UkrainianConflict
Vladimir Putin says Russias war in Ukraine could be long-term process
Russia is afraid to admit defeat in the war with Ukraine : UkrainianConflict
Putin Is Preparing to Flee When Russia Loses War, Ex-Aide Says : UkrainianConflict

Vlad and his nuke blah blah again threat N* 287.654 "Our nuclear forces are in a more advanced state than any other country. But we're not going to brandish nuclear weapons around " : UkrainianConflict

Victory Over Russia Is the Only Way to Rescue the Kidnapped Ukrainians : UkrainianConflict
Human rights defender says over 50,000 children deported from Ukraine by Russia : UkrainianConflict

"Soon there will be no safe zones in Russia. We will be able to hit all targets in the territory, including in Siberia. We have no range limits," an anonymous defense adviser to the Ukrainian government told the Financial Times. : ukraine
After the explosions, at least 9 bombers disappeared from the Diaghilev airfield : UkrainianConflict
Blasts deep inside Russia hand Putin a fresh problem, with no obvious answer : worldnews
Third Russian airfield hit by drone attack, a day after Ukraine demonstrated an apparent new ability to penetrate hundreds of kilometres into Russia : ukraine
Ukraine Is Doing What Looked Impossible: Deep Strikes on Russia : ukraine
Euromaidan Press: Three things Ukrainian drone attacks on Russian airbases change in the war. Ukrainian ability to destroy strategic bomber aircraft stationed in the Russian rear comes like a bolt from the blue and will have strategic impact. : ukraine
New wave of mobilization in Russia to begin in January, intelligence says : worldnews
With 104k young men dead by new years day, Russias already declining and aging population is about to absolutely collapse - regardless of wars outcome. : ukraine
Freedom for Russia legion: Additional mobilizations will increase the number of partisans. Last night, the legion carried out a sabotage action on the trans-Siberian railway which led to the halting of train transport of Russian mobilized soldiers.
Russian Ex-Commander Blasts War Campaign: Ukraine WillOnly Fight Harder

Ukraine calls on western allies to boycott Russian culture : worldnews

Today another Russian airbase was caught in fire. As local authorities say an oil tanker was on fire at Kusk airfield after the drone attack.

The number of Russian-affiliated oil tankers going dark to avoid being tracked in the south Atlantic has doubled in recent months in a sign of clandestine means being deployed to avoid sanctions.

Russian Deserter Who Opened Fire On Police Is Member Of Wagner Group

India Concerned Over Global Food Security Due To Ukraine War : worldnews
Ukraine reacts after India defends Russian oil purchase:Morally inappropriate

Nigeria military ran secret mass abortion program in war on Boko Haram : worldnews

Saudis MBS rolls out the red carpet for Chinas Xi, in a not too subtle message to Biden

Sister of Irans Supreme Leader condemns his rule, urges Revolutionary Guards to disarm
Khameneis Sister Slams Brothers Brutality, Authoritarian Rule
Iran FM Amir Abdollahian : Police didnt shoot at anyone and nobody was killed by security forces
Iran to Freeze Bank Account of Women Who refuse to Wear a Hijab : worldnews
An Iranian patrol vessel tried to blind the bridges of US Navy ships sailing through the Strait of Hormuz, US military says : worldnews
Ali Vaez on Twitter: "Iran has not sent ballistic missiles to Russia so far, says Ukrainian official" / Twitter
The Women of Iran Are TIMEs 2022 Heroes of the Year

Volodymyr Zelensky Is TIME's 2022 Person of the Year | Time
TIMEs Person of The Year: President Zelensky and The Spirit of Ukraine
TIMEs person of the year is Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the spirit of Ukraine
Ukraine war: US neither encouraged nor enabled Kyiv to strike inside Russia - Blinken : worldnews
Russia Has Enough Missiles For Few More Large-Scale Attacks On Ukraine: Intelligence Chief : worldnews
The U.S. is not preventing Ukraine from developing its strike capabilities - Lloyd Austin : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 287, Part 1 (Thread #428) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 07.12.2022 : ukraine
Dear NYT: Fighting back is *not* escalation : ukraine

As usual we start with the daily Russian losses reported by the Ukrainian General Staff. We also include visually confirmed captured and damaged Russian (heavy) equipment.
Here are todays control-of-terrain maps for #Russiasinvasion of #Ukraine from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats .
US military-industrial complex is about to just get started.Artillery shells,HIMARS missile and Excalibur rounds among other things are going to massively increase in production : ukraine

#Ukraine: The first documented destruction of a quite rare Russian KAMAZ-43269 Vystrel armored personnel carrier by the indirect fire of the 54th Mechanized Brigade in the East.

SBU raids more facilities of Moscow-backed Orthodox Church in three regions
Two days later, the light was turned on in one of the residential complexes in Odesa. Peoples reactions are priceless.

Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Russians deported "more than 100" Luhansk children to Chechnya for "patriotic education" to raise them as murderers who would then kill Ukrainians - Luhansk Oblast Head" / Twitter

Russian forces killed hundreds of civilians early in Ukraine war, UN report says : worldnews
Stories from Torture Chambers of Kherson : ukraine

Direct artillery hit on Maria Pirogova, the deputy of the DPR Parliament : UkraineWarVideoReport

Germany arrests 25 suspected of violent far-right plot to install prince : worldnews
Germany arrests 25 accused of plotting to overthrow the government : worldnews
This morning in Germany, 130 homes raided, caches of weapons seized, 52 arrested as a mix of pro-russian nuts, Qanon nuts, former AFD members, former East German military nuts, descendents of German nobility..all planned a violent coup : UkrainianConflict
Russia denies links to far-right coup plotters in Germany after a Russian woman was among 25 people arrested in a series of raids over a plot to overthrow the government : UkrainianConflict
German minister: foiled plot shows threat of far-right "abyss"
Microsofts Office 365 declared illegal for German schools - again!

Russian Hackers IntensifyCyberattacks On Italys Government Websites

Secondary schools across Scotland close as teachers strike over pay : worldnews

Such cynicism in the replies! No, not a bunch of people linked to corruption scandals. It's the Centre for Effective Altruism. The EA group dedicated to spending money in the most effective way to do good. In this case, by buying themselves a stately home. -

Colombian Senate Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill, Bringing Country Closer To Ending Prohibition -- The bill, which has also already received initial approval in the countrys Chamber of Representatives, was approved in a 56-3 vote.

Court sentences Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tosix years in prison for corruption ... However, she is unlikely to spend any time behind bars given that she holds congressional immunity due to her role as head of the Senate.

Peru's President Quickly Ousted After Moving to Dissolve Congress - Pedro Castillo announced the move just before Congress voted to impeach him. Much of his government resigned to protest what political leaders said was a coup attempt ... By late Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Castillo was under arrest and his vice president, Dina Boluarte, was sworn in as president, becoming the first woman to lead the country.
Perus Castillo Dissolves Congress Hours Before Impeachment Vote

Another Late September Russian Influence Peddler Indictment - emptywheel EDNY just rolled out an indictment against Andrii Derkachthe Russian-backed Ukrainian who was pitching Hunter Biden dirt to Rudy Giuliani in December 2020 on charges of money laundering to hide his ownership of some Condos in CA, which are being seized.

Congress dropped a controversial media bill which saw Facebook threaten to ax news in the US if the act passed, report says : politics

Supreme Court hears Republican bid to transform U.S. elections : politics
By Alitos Logic, Can We Deny Christians Service?
The Supreme Court Is Turning Into a Court of First Resort : politics
The incredibly unsubtle Amy Coney Barrett response that should worry LGBTQ Americans The Supreme Court has delivered a consistent chilling message over the past year: Facts and precedent dont matter if they obstruct conservative justicesideological extremist ends.

Should House Democrats release Trumps taxes?

Trump lawyers found items with classified markings in his storage unit - The Washington Post
The discovery came as series of searches were conducted by a team hired by the former president, after a federal judge directed his lawyers to look for any materials still in his possession.

Trumps Criminal Nightmare Officially Begins

Trump hosts event featuring QAnon, Pizzagateconspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

Democrats ramp up investigation of Kushner family business dealings : politics

We Must Fight for a Better America. We Have No Choice. | The problem isnt "polarization." The problem is white supremacy.

House Republicans May Dig Their Own GraveWith Fringe Political Investigations

Absolute Madness: The Warnock-Walker Runoff Should Never Have Been This Close : politics
Herschel Walker's son says Trump called his father for months demanding that he run, while everyone with a brainbegged him not to
Finally!: Herschel Walkers Exes Rejoice at His Defeat
Herschel Walker Lost, But the GOP Is Still Poisoned By MAGA Loonies : politics

Kari Lake goes out with a whimper: She couldnt galvanize Trumps Jan. 6 army

We Will Fucking Kill You: Gay Lawmaker Targeted With Bomb Threat, Called "Grooomer"

Inside the Ph.D. scam

Fortune Favors the Brave - The decline of the bullshit made up money world of cryptocurrency combined with Elon Musk showing to be the racist South African white moron that he always was means these are the salad days for me.
Opinion | Is This the End Game for Crypto? - The New York Times ... In which case, what is the point? Why should an industry that at best has simply reinvented conventional banking have any fundamental value?

What Happened to Matt Taibbi? (goes far right, no self-awareness)

Cool Discoveries
Womans name and tiny sketches found in 1,300-year-old medieval text


New research shows a continually warming world is leading to extended, late-summer weeks of water stratification, which prompts oxygen deprivation in the water provoking conditions called hypoxia (low oxygen) and anoxia (no oxygen)and negative consequences for fish and other species

EU bans import of products that are main drivers of deforestation

Parliament also approved a law that criminalizes criticism of the government, delivering a blow to the countrys progressive reputation.
Indonesia set to ban sex outside marriage and prohibit unmarried couples living together : worldnews

Russia deploys defence missile system on Kuril island near Japan : worldnews

North Korea fires over 130 artillery rounds as warning after South Korea-U.S. drills : worldnews

Thats the end of it: Hong Kong pro-democracy Civic Party to fold after no nominees received for exec. committee

Global Car Supply Chains Entangled With Abuses in Xinjiang, Report Says - The New York Times A new report on the auto industry cites extensive links to Xinjiang, where the U.S. government now presumes goods are made with forced labor.

Putin drives across Crimea bridge in a Mercedes : worldnews

Ukraine strikes two military bases inside Russia using unmanned drones - NYT : worldnews ... You are morally obligated to let us kill you
Drone Attacks Hit Russia for 2nd Straight Day: Live Updates - The New York Times
Explosion at Nuclear Airbase Just 150 Miles From Moscow Opens Stunning New Phase of War : UkrainianConflict
Twin strikes on air bases deep inside Russian territory have dealt Moscow a major reputational blow and raised questions about why its defences failed, analysts said. Ukrainian officials revelled in the blasts but declined to acknowledge Kyivs role
Ukraine Drones Target Military Bases Deep in Russia, Showing Expanded Reach - The New York Times Launching drones at air bases 300 miles from its own territory, Ukraine changed the geography of the war. It said it had developed drones with a range of over 600 miles.
NLwartracker on Twitter: "Shifts around this time, which would definitly means a well planned operation, distance to the target assuming it was launched somewhere in the Kharkiv region would be +- 700KM. Indications are a TU-141 drone might have been used which would mean a flight time of approx. 1 hour." / Twitter
The Russian air base that the Ukrainians seem to have struck was as far away from Ukraine as Moscow. : ukraine
The huge flash in the IR spectrum and satellite image release may have convinced Russians to release photos of the damage cause by the Ukrainians - Overpressure + collision damage are visible - Low burn effects and almost no shrapnel effects.
Kursk airport in RF attacked just now! : ukraine

Putin gathers top officials for domestic security talks afterwave of attacks on Russian soil

Putin Signs Law Banning Expressions of L.G.B.T.Q. Identity in Russia : worldnews

Russian regional deputies urge Putin to issue decree ending mobilisation : worldnews

Russias Shoigu says Ukraine committing nuclear terrorism over Zaporizhzhia (

Russia Stopped Using Iran Suicide Drones Due to Cold Weather: Ukraine : worldnews

Iran: mass strike starts amid mixed messages around abolishment of morality police | Shopkeepers and truck drivers from almost 40 cities are participating in mass walkouts : worldnews
US Envoy: Iran Should Not Be Member of UN Commission on Women : worldnews
Irans Khamenei calls for revolutionary reconstruction of the countrys cultural system (muzfucker long-beard towel-head doubles down)

Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: "President @ZelenskyyUa greeted our Warriors on Ukrainian Armed Forces day in Sloviansk, near the frontlines." / Twitter
Sergej Sumlenny on Twitter: "On this day 1994 Ukraine, the US, the UK and Russia signed the Budapester Memorandum. Ukraine gave up her massive nuclear arsenal, and later her strategic bombers, in exchange for security guarantees. Today Russia launched about 100 missiles at Ukraine, using these very bombers." / Twitter

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 286, Part 1 (Thread #427) : worldnews

Ukraines Armed Forces kill 510 Russian soldiers and destroy 5 tanks over past day
Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "BAKHMUT/1310 UTC 5 DEC/ UKR Air Defenses down a RU Su-34 strike fighter and capture 1 pilot in the Bakhmut AO. Four RU UAVs downed as Newsweek reports Russia is losing a total of 100 KIA soldiers a day as piecemeal attacks continue against dug in UKR forces." / Twitter
Departing EU diplomat: Civilian casualties in Ukraine may be 3 times higher than UN estimates

Russian forces gather warships in seas armed with total of 88 Kalibr cruise missiles : ukraine
Crimea more vulnerable than Russia would like to pretend - Sky News : UkraineWarVideoReport

ISW on Twitter: "#Russian-Occupied Areas Update: Russian occupation officials continued the forceful transfer of #Ukrainian children from occupied territories in #Donetsk and #Luhansk Oblasts to Russia under the guise that the children require special medical care." / Twitter
Its a pity you are beautiful, Russians told Ukrainian police officer as they tortured her

BOOM! The U.S. Army is planning a dramatic six-fold artillery shell production boost,
Arms Sales By Worlds Biggest Defense Companies Rise To Almost $600 Billion
We can win a battle of production lines with Russia. But theres a better way. (Bootster says just surrender to Putin)

Latvia cancels license of Russian independent television station TV Rain : worldnews

The Hungarian government Tuesday blocked agreement on an 18 billion aid package for Ukraine, forcing the European Commission and the other EU countries to seek an alternative solution to ensure Kyiv gets much-needed funds in January.

Germany: Eritrean asylum seeker stabs two girls, killing one : worldnews

France Bans Certain Domestic Flights Where Theres a Train Route Available

UK's Labour vows to abolish House of Lords : worldnews

Amnesty International Canada says it was hacked by Beijing : worldnews

Publishing Is Not a Crime: NYT, The Guardian & More Urge Biden Admin to Drop Charges Against Assange : worldnews

Top US conservatives pushing Russia's spin on Ukraine war, experts say

John F. Kennedy Assassination Investigator Has Jarring New Claim About Lee Harvey Oswald's CIA Involvement A prominent Kennedy assassination investigator says the CIA has never disclosed documents proving that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with the CIA in 1963.
Voters in poll want Biden to release JFK assassination records The records, which could shed light on ties between Lee Harvey Oswald and the CIA, are supposed to be released Dec. 15. But they still could be delayed.

Kevin McCarthy Threatens to Defund Military If Vaccine Mandate Not Lifted : politics

U.S. House expected to pass same-sex marriage bill, showing shift in attitudes : politics

More than 500 Labor Historians Condemn Bidens Intervention in Freight Rail Dispute

Twitter Users Shocked By Justice Alitos Joke About Black Kids In KKK Robes
Supreme Court Justice Alito jokes about Black Santa and Ashley Madison during arguments in same-sex weddings case : politics
How Right-Wing Groups Set the Stage for the Supreme Court to Rig Future Elections : politics
Eschaton: Assholes The Supremos with their asskissers in "legal journalism" managed to make themselves into legends, somehow above it all. Alito's just a dumbass "Fox News Uncle." ... . Conservatives can effectively revert public accommodations laws back to the Jim Crow era simply by giving those business owners a way to argue that denial of services is really about free speech.

Family of fallen Capitol Police officer refuses to shake hands with McCarthy, McConnell at medal ceremony : politics
Family of police officer killed at the 1/6 insurrection refuse to shake hands with Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy at ceremony honoring him

Trump paying for the silence of Mar-a-Lago witnesses -- Former prosecutor
Trumps committee paying for lawyers of key Mar-a-Lago witnesses

Eschaton: Forward Motion - Better than doing nothing! : Special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed local officials in Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin
Special counsel Jack Smith subpoenas Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin officials for Trump communications in Jan. 6 probe - The Washington Post are among the first issued since Jack Smith was appointed special counsel in the Jan. 6 probe

House Jan. 6 Committee to Issue Criminal Referrals, Chairman Says - The New York Times Speaking before a formal decision had been made, Representative Bennie Thompson said his panel had not agreed on who would be the subject of the referrals or what the charges would be.

Second Oath Keepers sedition trial presents new challenges for prosecutors | CNN Politics

Manhattan D.A. Hires Ex-D.O.J. Official to Help Lead Trump Investigation : politics

Trump falsely claims he never called to terminate US constitution despite having said exactly that
Under fire, Trump denies writing what he wrote about Constitution : politics
With call to terminate Constitution, Trump drives bulldozer into guard rail of U.S. law : politics
Trumps call to set aside the Constitution raises a question: Why now?
For Trump, the Constitution is malleable - The Washington Post

Trumps slow 2024 start worries allies

(1) Trump Organization Found Guilty in Tax Fraud Scheme: Live Updates - The New York Times company had been accused of providing off-the-book benefits to executives. The testimony of its former chief financial officer proved crucial to the case.
Trump Organization found guilty on all 17 criminal counts of tax fraud and other crimes

Trump Had Hidden $19.8 Million Loan From North Korea-Linked Company As President: Report : worldnews
Trump did not disclose $19.8m loan while president, documents show : politics ... ("loan" = "bribe")

John Bolton says he may launch presidential bid to stop Trump : politics

Rupert Murdoch to be deposed in Dominions 2020 lawsuit against Fox News

Giuliani faces D.C. ethics charges over 2020 election lawsuit : politics

Opinion | The Empty Gestures of Disillusioned Evangelicals - The New York Times
Hunter Bidens laptop: The stupidest story of all time ... Elon Mush "thinks" ... the government censored the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 election ... there were TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR stories published about Hunter Bidens laptop in the three weeks prior to the 2020 election. Why the Right Cant Quit Hunter Biden: Elon Musk and Matt Taibbis flashy revival of Laptopgate hasnt illuminated much beyond the rights desperation to salvage something from their October Surprise

Jan. 6 protester questioned by police over North Carolina outages : politics

The Far Right Is Dumping Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics

Georgia Senate voters have a moral choice. White Christians are choosing hypocrisy : politics
The Georgia GOP may have made things harder for Herschel : politics
Georgias runoff system was created to dilute Black voting power
A Bunch of Vultures and Hyenas Have Hamstrung the Herschel Walker Campaign

Amazon, Uber, Snap ads appear on Twitter pages of white nationalists restored by Musk - The Washington Post Ads from dozens of major brands were appearing on white nationalist and extremist accounts

Arizona Certifies Midterm Results After G.O.P. Resistance : politics

Youngkin's early shine faces test as he eyes White House bid

Eschaton: TERF Regrets, I have a few. Trying to claim that there is zero risk of overly aggressive treatment in the gender dysphoria space is not just going to be tenable; read about any other area of the American health care system. -- Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) December 4, 2022 (Fuckglesias)

Unburdened by the pressure of winning votes, theyre tweeting about chemtrails and killings.

Santa Clara D.A. says hes leaving Twitter over rise of hate speech

REAL ID enforcement is delayed again to 2025 : politics

Fatal police shootings are increasing, but fewer are being reported - Washington Post Flawed FBI data has left thousands of deaths uncounted and complicates efforts to hold troubled police departments accountable

This Day in Labor History: December 6, 1977 - On December 6, 1977, the United Mine Workers of America walked off the job. This moment demonstrated a moment when workers thought they could gain more power in the economy. But they effectively lost this strike and the war on workers throughout American got underway.

The crisis of student mental health is much vaster than we realize - The Washington Post

Polygamist leader claimed 20 wives,including minors, FBI says

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler is probably the most real-feeling dystopia I've ever read. As an example of how accurately it portrays societal movements - in the sequel (written in 1998) there is a Christian nationalist presidential candidate in the US. Wanna guess his election motto? : books

Shark Week lacks diversity, overrepresents men named Mike, scientists say

Why a Tiny House Might Not Be As Affordable As You Think

TIL that a pair of man-made structures which are older than the pyramids, one of which has been dated to be the among the oldest known human structures on earth, are located on the LSU campus and were used for tailgate parties as recently as 2010. : todayilearned

TIL that the chemist Alexander Shulgin invented over 200 psychedelic drugs , self-administered them and wrote a book the experience he had with each of them : todayilearned

ELI5: Why did crypto (in general) plummet in the past year? : explainlikeimfive
The Confessions of S.B.F. - Puck An occasionally chilling conversation with Sam Bankman-Fried about accountability, naivety, family, prison, politics, and the strategy embedded in his walk of shame. (use reader view to bypass paywall)

The Taste of Water, Explained by Water Sommeliers

The Best Way to Wash Your Face Is Actually a 200-Year-Old Method


Thousands flee as Indonesia's Mount Semeru volcano erupts anew exactly a year after last deadly eruption : worldnews
Indonesias highest volcano on its most densely populated island released searing gas clouds and rivers of lava Sunday in its latest eruption. Monsoon rains eroded and finally collapsed the lava dome atop 3,676-metre (12,060-foot) Mount Semeru, causing the eruption

Climate Change and Childbirth

Nearly 40 million children are dangerously susceptible as measles threat grows | Penn State University : science ... Measles vaccination coverage has steadily declined since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic

Mass. could be the birthplace of a dental revolution. Here s why. After voters overwhelmingly approved Question 2, which requires dental insurers to spend more on patient care, dentists in other states are planning similar campaigns.

New study shows large-scale abandonmentof Australias major parties

Japan pledges $27 million in fresh aid to Ukraine neighbor Moldova : worldnews
One of Tokyos busiest subway lines is adding women-only cars

We are not your enemy, say South Korean truckers striking for minimum wage protections

North Korea publicly executes 2 teenagers for distributing South Korean movies : worldnews

Fears of deadly infection surge as China abandons zero-Covid policy | China : worldnews
Manufacturing orders from China down 40% in unrelenting demand collapse : worldnews
Manufacturing orders from China down 40% in demand collapse China to U.S. container volume was down 21% between August and November.

Historian Serhii Plokhy: The fate of the war is already clear: Ukraine will be independent and Russia will be tremendously weakened
This is Putins Russia. This is the Russian world. Will the people of Russia see it someday? Will they understand it?
Legendary Director, Martin Scorsese says everyone owes Ukraine & its people thanks, for showing Humanity at its very best, while standing up to it's very worst Carnegie Hall speech before Ukrainian Music Concert

Putin performs a performative drive across the Kerch bridge in a Mercedes (where's your Lada, dude?)
Sebastian Smith on Twitter: "According to this state TV video, Putin drove across the bridge linking Russia to occupied Ukrainian Crimea (now repaired after having been partly blown up by Ukrainians). Believe this would be first Putin visit to Ukraine since invasion, though nowhere near frontline." / Twitter

Russia renews missile attacks as G7 begins to press Russia on Ukraine with oil price cap : worldnews
Russian oil cap begins, trying to pressure Putin on Ukraine : worldnews

Video & Analysis- Ukraine Strikes Russias Engels Air Force Base Home to Tu-95, Tu-160 and Tu-22M.
Dmitri on Twitter: "Zhivov believes the attack gives Russia a legitimate reason for a nuclear strike" / Twitter
Ukraine destroys two Russian nuclear bombers in airport bombings : worldnews
Ukraine destroys two Russian nuclear bombers in airport bombings : ukraine
Explosions hit two military airfields in Russia. : worldnews
Putins air force flying just tensof missions a day after more than 60 aircraft downed, says UK

Russian Propagandists Make Desperate Pleas Over Ukraine War Failures on State TV mounting wartime disasters have forced Vladimir Putins top cheerleaders into desperate public pleas for help ... In order to avoid the Hague tribunals, the initiation of criminal cases, compensation, reparationsin order to avoid all this, we need a total intensification of military actions, we have to squeeze and pressure them so much that they approach us about a truce or a peace pprocess. Otherwise, they will insist on capitulation ...

Russian Refuseniks Continue to Rebel: Hundreds Jailed for Defying Orders : worldnews
Russian cities cancel New Years celebrations to fund army

Moscow Patriarchate priest suspected of pedophilia ordained as bishop : worldnews

First image of the missile debris that landed in Moldova. This is the booster section of an S-300. Probably a Ukrainian AD missile. The booster section is relatively undamaged, so seems likely that it fell to earth after the warhead detonated following an interception.

India on track for record $100 billion in remittances, says World Bank | CNN Business : worldnews

Taliban Snubs Pak: Looks to India to help revive Afghanistan economy : worldnews

Ethiopian guards massacred scores of Tigrayan prisoners, witnesses say - The Washington Post The deadliest killings occurred at the Mirab Abaya prison camp, where current and retired Tigrayan soldiers were detained

Tehran officially Asks Moscow For Help To Suppress Protests : worldnews
Iran state TV denies termination of morality police : worldnews
Hacked documents of Iran regime shows IRGC knew about the ISIS attack but they didn't prevent it. The accident happened on the 40th of Mahsa Amini and left 13 deaths. : worldnews
Iranian protesters call for three-day strike as pressure on regime builds | Iran | The Guardian

Netanyahu to give ultranationalist politician authority over policy in occupied West Bank
Blinken warns Netanyahu on annexation of occupied West Bank : worldnews

Zelenskiy urges residents to be strong as Ukraine races to restore power : worldnews

Honestly I still cant get over how russia is basically allowed to commit genocide on our land, run torture camps, bomb our hospitals, target our energy so we freeze and starve, but its escalation if we want to stop their bombers & missile launchers that are literally killing us
Putins invading army is unable to conquer Bakhmut but has reduced the eastern Ukrainian city to ruins. This is the real face of the "Russian World" -- nothing but destruction and death
UN: At least 17,181 civilian casualties in Ukraine during Russia's full-scale invasion. According to an estimate by the United Nations human rights agency, Russias war against Ukraine killed at least 6,702 civilians and injured at least 10,479 from Feb. 24 through Dec. 4.
Why Russian Blitzkrieg Failed? | New Documentary about Russian invasion of Ukraine : PutinWatch

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 285, Part 1 (Thread #426) : worldnews

The War at Sea
ISW on Twitter: "#Ukrainian officials have indicated that Ukrainian forces plan to continue offensive operations over the coming winter to capitalize on recent battlefield successes and prevent #Russian forces from regaining the battlefield initiative." / Twitter
Today Ukraine's defenses shot down more than 60 out of 70 russian missiles according to Ukraine's Air Force : ukraine

BAKHMUT/1310 UTC 5 DEC/ UKR Air Defenses down a RU Su-34 strike fighter and capture 1 pilot in the Bakhmut AO. Four RU UAVs downed as Newsweek reports Russia is losing a total of 100 KIA soldiers a day as piecemeal attacks continue against dug in UKR forces.
An insane photo from Kharkiv, Ukraine today. Two police officers looking at a fragment pile of Russian rockets that hit Ukraines second largest city

A Russian pilot was detained by civilians in occupied Kherson. A Ukrainian city councilman released him and now faces charges of treason.

Russian forces strike apartment block in Kherson : worldnews
Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Using Banned Soviet-Era Chemical Grenades : worldnews
Russian official wanted to use dogs as suicide bombers in Ukraine: Report : worldnews

Ukrainians hid orphaned children from Russian deportation : worldnews

Prominent Chechen Blogger, Kadyrov Critic, Killed In Sweden : worldnews

Germanys Scholz: We must avoid dividing world into Cold War-style blocs
Against the background of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Germany will allocate 10 billion euros for the purchase of 35 of the latest F35A Lightning II fighters manufactured by Lockheed Martin, USA. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to a German government document.

Pope John Paul II covered up abuse by priests before becoming pope. : news

Ukraine, Baltics rebuke Macron for suggesting security guarantees for Russia
Biden, Macron and the end of the Reagan-Thatcher era
A hospital in Versailles, near Paris had to cancel operations and transfer some patients after being hit by a cyberattack over the weekend. The regional health agency said the hospital had cancelled operations, but was doing everything possible to keep walk-in services and consultations running : worldnews
NATO prepares for cyber war : worldnews

UK recession could turn into a lost decade
UK could use military to ease strikes, Conservative chairman says : worldnews

Oxford word of the year 2022 revealed as goblin mode
Mexican judge killed in state of Zacatecas : worldnews

Paralympian claims Canada offered to euthanise her when she asked for a stairlift : worldnews

Fearing scandal, Air Force blocked generals foreign consulting deals

Hackers linked to Chinese government stole millions in Covid benefits, Secret Service says : worldnews

TSA now wants to scan your face at security. Here are your rights. : politics

Millions of Americans Lack Adequate Health Coverage, But the Pentagon Has a New Nuclear Bomber to Flaunt : politics

Supreme Court likely to rule that Biden student loan plan is illegal, experts say. Heres what that means for borrowers

Railroad Workers Slam Biden for Siding With Bosses to Avoid Strike - Frustrated railroad workers consider allying with a third party after a push for paid sick leave failed in Congress. : politics
The Freight Rail Labor Dispute Was Never About Sick Days

Congressional Democrats have a new plan to combat plastic pollution: Proposed legislation would limit plastic production and restrict new petrochemical facilities. : politics

Soft landing is a terrible name for whats coming

Social Security disability benefit offices reach breaking point with huge claim backlogs - The Washington Post State operations that review claims face massive backlogs, leaving disabled Americans waiting months and even years for judgments

Supreme Court taking up clash of religion and gay rights : politics
Supreme Court to decide if a Christian business owner can turn away gay weddings : politics
Opinion | The Supreme Court Is About to Ask the Wrong Question About the First Amendment - The New York Times
Sam Alito Komedy Klassics ... Civil rights laws will essentially only apply at the consent of the individual because invoking any kind of religious objection will be a get-out-of-nondiscrimination-laws free card.
Alito asks a hypothetical about a Black Santa at the mall who doesnt want to have his picture taken with a child dressed up in a KKK outfit. It culminates with Alito quipping: You do see a lot of Black children in Ku Klux Klan outfits, right? All the time ... Gorsuch appears to believe it is unconstitutional for the government to tell employers they must train their workers to comply with civil rights law. He is still angry about this issue five years later.
The Supreme Court Needs Real Oversight : politics

Right-Fisherman-1234 lists many quotations from the founding fathers of America that show that they werent friendly toward religion ... "All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit." -- Thomas Paine ... "There is not one redeeming feature in our superstition of Christianity. It has made one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites." -- Thomas Jefferson

Court Implodes Trumps Mar-a-Lago Defense (and the Errant Judge Who Bought It)

Donald Trump Demands To Be Restored To Power After Americans Deprived Of Constitutional Right To See Hunter Biden Dick Pics : politics

Cheney calls Trump enemy of the Constitution after he proposes terminating it
Trumps call for suspending the Constitution is too dangerous to ignore
Trump Call to Terminate Constitution Is Disqualifying: Harvard Professor
GOP lawmakers largely silent after Trump suggests termination of Constitution
Party owned by Donald Trump fine with Donald Trumps call to end American democracy
Senate GOP leaders turn on Trump over suspend-the-Constitution talk the second time in two weeks that the former president has prompted criticism from within his party, after a dinner with high-profile antisemites last month.

Trump Had Hidden $19.8 Million Loan From North Korea-Linked Company As President: Report : politics

Donald Trump Has Proved His Criminal Intent -- Kirschner
Psaki says Trumps evil charisma shouldnt be underestimated

Growing number of Republicans view Trump unfavourably and want new leadership for GOP, poll finds | Trumps effect on the GOPs midterm results has not gone unnoticed by voters
Top evangelicals are backing away from Donald Trump

Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi Set Off Debate Over Release of Twitter Files - The New York Times A release of internal documents from Twitter set off intense debates in the intersecting worlds of media, politics and tech. (and then all his hair fell out)
Elon Musks Twitter is helping to normalize a neo-Nazi
Musks Neuralink faces federal probe, employee backlash over animal tests ... In all, the company has killed about 1,500 animals, including more than 280 sheep, pigs and monkeys, following experiments since 2018,The sources characterized that figure as a rough estimate because the company does not keep precise records on the number of animals tested and killed. Neuralink has also conducted research using rats and mice ,,, the number of animal deaths is higher than it needs to be for reasons related to Musks demands to speed research. (Muskfucker dept.)

Kanye Wests road to Trumps dinner table was paved by GOP and Fox News hype

There's Nothing Stranger Than the Right's Fixation With Hunter Biden
What the heck just happened? ... The leading contender and likely GOP nominee for president in 2024 called for the termination of the Constitution. We dismiss that statement at our peril.

Why Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Like This? - The Atlantic On the ground in the Georgia congresswomans alternate universe ... by the time she reached her late 30s, something in her had started to break.

Gov. Ron DeSantis oversaw torture in Guantanamo as a military lawyer

Latest update: Attack by cowards could leave Moore County without power for days
FBI joins investigation into North Carolina power outage caused by intentional attacks on substations
CNN reporter outlines big questions around power grid attack : politics
Power outages could last days after shootings at substations : news
FBI ramps up spending to fight MAGA terrorism : politics u/theidkid provides a summary of right-wing terrorist plans to attack the US power grid, in light of the recent attack in North Carolina : bestof

The Far-Right Attacked Drag Events in 4 States This Weekend Protests against drag events have been an almost weekly occurrence this year. This weekend was no different.

Iowa Democrats Ask: Without the First-in-the-Nation Caucuses, Who Are We, Really?
Iowa Identity - At the very least, kicking Iowa and its utterly undemocratic and poorly run caucus system out of the first presidential primary spot will have serious benefits for the nation. It will also have benefits for the candidates, as people can stop spending time in Iowa, pretending to like those gigantic pork cutlets on tiny buns that pass for cuisine in that state.

Democrats aim to seize outright Senate majority in Georgia runoff : politics
Republican hopes fade as Warnock momentum picks up in Georgia - POLITICO
Six looming lessons from the Georgia runoff
My God, Herschel Walker, What Have You Become? : politics
Herschel Walker Seems Unclear on What Chamber of Congress Hes Running For

u/CenterAisle lists all the names for American right-wing camouflaged militants, starting with Yall-Qaeda

Ex-Miami US Rep. David Rivera arrested in Venezuela probe | AP News

OK state lawmaker files controversial bills on guns, gender : politics

Tennessee roads plan mulls toll lanes, electric car fee hike : politics

Sam Bankman-Fried could face years in prison over FTX $32 billion meltdown -CNBC

Michael Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in prison for stealing millions of dollars from clients : news

Megachurch leader accused of torturing, murdering adopted daughter : news

TIL the "Night Stalker" originally had no idea his identity had been revealed. He walked into an LA store when three women started screaming "El Matador!". Confused, he bolted from the store only to notice his face printed on every newspaper stand. A crowd formed and beat him before he was arrested. : todayilearned

Huntington Beach school principal dies in apparent suicide at Disneyland : news

Accused Arizona cult leader has 20 wives as young as age 9, possibly married own daughter, FBI alleges : news

Beware of the Perfect Gentleman The men whose photos are used for catfishing have little recourse other than to continuously report fake profiles across social media platforms.

ChatGPT Wrote a Pretty Decent Article About Trump and Horses

Inside the Proton, the Most Complicated Thing You Could Possibly Imagine

Long-lost remains of last Tasmanian tiger found in museum cupboard : worldnews

Mind-controlling parasite turns wolves into pack leaders : worldnews Yellowstone wolves have been getting toxoplasmosis as a result of eating the feces of infected mountain lions. This makes them more predisposed towards risky behaviour like leaving their home pack and fighting other wolves for dominance.

Gun ownership rate by town in MA : massachusetts
What is the most fascinating thing you have ever seen in Massachusetts? : massachusetts

Great advice on having a successful marriage : bestof

Whats something we all just pretend no one does, but in truth we know we all do it?


We looked at 1,200 possibilities for the planets future. These are our best hope.

1,700 dead seals found on Russias Caspian coast

Indonesia set to ban sex outside of marriage : worldnews

Feminists are protesting against the wave of anti-feminism that's swept South Korea

Chinas Xi Jinping unwilling to accept western Covid vaccines says US intelligence chief
China accused of flooding social media with spam to crowd out protest news |US firm says network of bot accounts also hijacking hashtags in large-scale attempt to obscure coverage : worldnews
China operates police stations abroad to monitor, repatriate nationals
China operating over 100 police stations across the world with the help of some host nations, report claims : worldnews
Airborne baby killer: 64,000 die in womb each year as a result of polluted air in China despite official efforts to tackle problem
U.S. judge dismisses indictment against Huawei CFO that strained U.S.-China relations : worldnews

Biden prepared to sit down with Putin if Russian president wants to end the Ukraine war
Vladimir Putin better informed now about Ukraine war, says US : worldnews
Russian state TV pundit says either "we win or there will be WWIII" : UkrainianConflict
Macron blasted for saying Moscow needs security guarantees to end the war | Euronews
US official: Pressure on Putin over nukes forces him to change war tactics. U.S. Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said warnings convinced Vladimir Putin that the reaction to the use of nuclear weapons would be unprecedented and difficult for Russia.
The West must urgently overcome its fear of provoking Putin : UkrainianConflict
Claims Russian President Vladimir Putin fell down stairs and soiled himself as declining health rumours continue circulating : UkrainianConflict

Google terminates thousand of YouTube channels in China, Russia, Brazil for sharing content in Russian that was supportive of Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin and critical of Ukraine and the West : UkrainianConflict

Head of RT Margarita Simonyan lies that Russia basically conquered Kyiv during the first week of the war, then simply gave it back. Simonyan explains why she doesnt believe Russia would strike Kyiv with nuclear weaponsnot because many people would die but because of holy sites.

People across Russia are freezing in their homes in temperatures as low as -38C because essential utility workers have been mobilised

U.S. intel chief says Russia is using up ammunition in Ukraine faster than it can replace it | Putin has been "surprised" at the lackluster performance of his military but his political objectives for the war have not changed, the intelligence director said

Russian army came knocking to recruit son of slain spy Alexander Litvinenko | The poisoned agents son Anatoly tells of the visit to his Moscow flat, as ITV prepares to screen a drama about the killing of his father, played by David Tennant

Russia, Belarus Training Together as A Single Army: Lukashenko

Revealed: UK has failed to resettle Afghans facing torture and death despite promise - Those who risked their lives helping British government face a toxic combination of incompetence and indifference

Iran Shutting Down Morality Police,Official Says, After Months of Protests - The New York Times The move appeared to be a concession to the protest movement that erupted after the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who was being held by the morality police for supposedly violating Islamic dress rules.
Iran abolishes morality police: Prosecutor general : worldnews ... "Iran establishes the Ethics Patrol" ...
Iran scraps morality police after 2 months of raging protests : worldnews
Iran demolishes family home of climber who competed without a hijab : worldnews

Tel Aviv mayor warns Israel heading toward a fascist theocracy : worldnews
\ Israeli warplanes strike Gaza as EU calls for accountability

The head of U.S. intelligence says Russias war against Ukraine is running at a reduced tempo and suggests Ukrainian forces may have the upper hand in coming months.
Ukraine bracing for massive missile strikes, Kyiv defense official says
Zelenskyy criticized the US$60 price cap on Russian oil: a weak position : worldnews
Russia says it wont accept oil price cap and is preparing response

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 284, Part 1 (Thread #425) : worldnews

#Ukraine has liberated approximately 74,443 square kilometers of Ukrainian territory since Russias full-scale invasion began on February 24, 2022.

Ukrainian military shot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter
Ukrainian authorities retrieved a Banksy mural that was sliced off a battle-scarred wall

Ukrainian forces reportedly reached the east (left) bank of the Dnipro River across from Kherson City. If confirmed, this limited Ukrainian incursion onto the east bank could open avenues for Ukrainian forces to begin to operate on the east bank.
BAKHMUT/1340 UTC 4 DEC/ Fighting heavy as RU forces attempt to improve their tactical positions. In the last 24 hours UKR and RU forces traded numerous airstrikes in the Bakhmut AO. UKR air defenses confirm downing a RU Orlan-10 recon UCAV, and an SU-24 ground attack aircraft.

Christo Grozev on Twitter: "These photos of allegedly hanged "collaborators with Ukraine" were published first by Russian telegram channels and there seem to be no retractions/rebuttals on Russian side (and in fact lots of proudly endorsing comments)." / Twitter

Russia Reaped $1 Billion of Wheat in Occupied Ukraine, NASA Says : worldnews

Spike in employee sick leave due to mental illness : worldnews

UK voters turn against current Brexit deal, and would accept EU rules for better trade, poll says : worldnews
UK arrests wealthy Russian as police target Putin enablers : news

El Salvador: Thousands of troops surround city in gang crackdown : worldnews

Paralympian trying to get wheelchair ramp says Veterans Affairs employee offered her assisted dying : worldnews

Scoop: Senate plots pro-pot move for lame-duck Congress : politics

How Democrats New Primary Calendar Changes the Chessboard

Supreme Court weighs most important case on democracy

Jan. 6th Committee member Jamie Raskin on Trump: "People are hungering for justice and for accountability and consequences" : politics

Trump loss ignites next steps for DOJ in Mar-a-Lago investigation : politics

Leader of the Republican Party calls for the suspension of the Constitution so he can be installed as dictator
Trump Calls For Termination Of Constitution Over Elon MusksTwitter FilesLeak
Trump Demands America Rip Up the Constitution, Make Him President : politics
Biden rebukes Trump for saying constitution should be terminated
Donald Trump's Call to Terminate Constitution Sparks Fury
White House spokesperson criticizes Trumps suggestion to get rid of the Constitution: You cannot only love America when you win

Pence Makes Absurd Claim: Trump Was Genuinely RemorsefulAfter Jan. 6

The Twenty-Seven Most Embarrassing Reactions to Taibbi Thread About Twitter Censoring Hunter Biden Tweets ... Matt Taibbi crashes and burns ... Selling your soul for the richest white nationalist on Earth ...
Another Hyped Hunter Biden Laptop Reveal Flops
Elon Musks Twitter Files drop revealed some of the tweets the Biden campaign asked the social app to remove were nude photos of Hunter Biden spread without his consent

They Can Totally Undo Him: A Freedom Caucus Founder Dishes on Kevin McCarthy

Its OK to diss the Nazis | Kanye. Elon. Trump. This holy trinity, lionized by the GOP, are going to Make Antisemitism Great Again.

Fox News parts ways with Lara Trump as a contributor, citing father-in-laws presidential campaign

Georgia Senate runoff smashes early voting recordsand attracts new votersMore than 76,000 Georgians who didnt turn out in the general election have voted early in the Dec. 6 race
Herschel Walker "one of the worst candidates" in GOP history: Georgia Lt. Gov. : politics
Herschel Walker Takes Credit for Donald Trump Jr., Ivankas Intelligence

Voters won in Michigan this year and fair maps made the difference

Hobbs office sends criminal referral on 2 Cochise County supervisors

State law loosening requirements for teachers comes under fire | News | s continued teacher shortage, lawmakers passed a measure that no longer requires educators to have a college degree in order to teach permanently in public schools.

Chris Christie's niece kicked off New Orleans plane, injured 6 deputies, officials say She asked passengers she perceived to be Latino if they were smuggling cocaine

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Says He Can't Account for Billions Sent to Alameda - Entrepreneur says he had little insight into workings of trading firm even though he owned 90% of it

Survey shows republicans are more likely to cheat on their spouses than democrats, according to survey by Ashley Madison. Family values start at home.

When Your Favorite Artist Becomes a Nazi: Kanye West is gone, and hes never coming back

North Carolina Power Outages Caused by Gunfire at Substations, Officials Say - The New York Times
Moore County authorities investigate social posts claiming knowledge of Moore County blackout

Des Moines Residents Will Shell Out $125,000 To Man Whose Phone Was Illegally Seized By Cops He Was Recording

Keep Your Eye on the Kid - Buster Keaton made his own kind of sense out of the perplexities of existence in ways baffling to those among whom he found himself.

Pre-human ancestor believed to have used fire as a tool, researchers say : worldnews


Largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in 8 years: Twilight observations spot 3 large near-Earth objects lurking in the inner solar system : science

Woman Dead, 4 Others Injured After Massive Wave Slams Antarctica-Bound Cruise Ship : worldnews

Drop in COVID alertness could create deadly new variant - WHO : worldnews

As respiratory viruses strain US health care systems, Biden administration tells states how its ready to help : Nearly 20,000 people in the United States were admitted to the hospital for flu last week, almost double the number of admissions from the week before,

Baggage handlers filmed hurling Qantas luggage onto conveyor belt stood down pending investigation : worldnews ... and laughing ...
How QANTAS treats your luggage! : australia
Climate activist who blocked traffic on Sydney Harbour Bridge jailed for at least eight months | Climate crisis : worldnews ... Sovereign citizen type of nuts.

U.S., S. Korea, Japan will use all available tools to limit N. Koreas weapons programs: NSC

China says Europe is bleeding but US made fortune out of Ukraine crisis
Chinese language increasingly popular in Russias Far East
Apple Makes Plans to Move Production Out of China - WSJ The iPhone maker is looking to diversify the supply chain that has powered its growth

Russia rejects pullout from Ukraine as condition for talks : worldnews
Putin could use peace talks to restock his army, warns UK Foreign Minister Cleverly -The Telegraph : worldnews
Some experts on the official russian state media discuss the need for the russian Orthodox Church to proclaim Zelensky the Antichrist.

Izvestia: every second shopping center in Russia may go bankrupt : worldnews

Never-before-seen malware is nuking data in Russias courts and mayors offices: CryWiper masquerades as ransomware, but its real purpose is to permanently destroy data.

At the OSCE meeting Moldova has demanded of the withdrawal of Russian troops in Transnistria. #Moldova #Transnistria #Ukraine

Qatar warns Hamas, PIJ against firing rockets at Israel during World Cup
FIFA Allows Banners Supporting Iranian Protesters At World Cup After Iran Eliminated : worldnews

NATO ally Turkey is attacking a key US partner force in Syria, and its upending joint operations against ISIS

Iran said Saturday it is reviewing a decades-old law that requires women to cover their heads, as it struggles to quell more than two months of protests linked to the dress code : worldnews
Tehran Asks Moscow For Help To Suppress Protests : worldnews
Women Join Anti-Hijab Protests In Irans Conservative Southeast
Iran Arrests Bahai To Serve Six-Month Sentence Amid Crackdown On Faith
Family House Of Iranian Climber Rekabi Destroyed

Israels Netanyahu reaches coalition deal with far-right Religious Zionism party
West Bank footage throws spotlight on Israels use of lethal force.

Ukrainian embassies receive 17 letters intimidating diplomats, says Foreign Minister : worldnews
UK Defense Ministry: Russias munitions shortage limits its potential to continue offensive operations.
Pentagon awards $430 million contract for production of additional HIMARS.
Macron says new security architecture should give guarantees for Russia : worldnews
Lawmaker David Arakhamia, Ukraines chief negotiator with Russia, said Kyiv is ready to provide Russia with security guarantees after it withdraws troops from Ukraine, pays reparations, brings all war criminals to justice, and surrenders nuclear weapons

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 283, Part 1 (Thread #424) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 2, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukraines Armed Forces kill more than 500 Russians and destroy helicopter in one day

Elite Russian Units Take Up to 40 Percent Casualties in Ukraine: Official : worldnews
Russia's Aircraft Losses More Than Double Ukraines: Report

Ukraine bans religious organizations with links to Russia : worldnews

Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "BAKHMUT/1530 UTC 2 DEC/ Heavily outnumbered UKR forces continue to resist a RU offensive against the city. UKR recon UAVs direct precision artillery strikes against a RU salient south of Ivanhard." / Twitter
Ukraine war: New images show Russian army base built in occupied Mariupol : worldnews

EU reaches deal for $60-per-barrel price cap on Russian oil : worldnews
Ukraine war: Price cap on Russian oil will hit Putin immediately - US : worldnews

Europe not strong enough to take on Russia,needs U.S. help -- Finland
Ukraine war shows Europe too reliant on U.S., Finland PM says : worldnews
US approves $380 million missile sale to Finland | CNN Politics : worldnews

Even before #Russia launched its attack on #Ukraine, Estonian Prime Minister @kajakalla warned Western leaders not to make any concessions to the Kremlin, calling to mind a 3-point negotiation tactic the Soviet Union used to apply.

The EU threw a gala launch party for its 387,000 metaverse and just 6 people showed up (Fuckerborged)

The threat of U.S. sanctions jeopardized completion of a second direct gas pipeline from Russia. So Gazprom and German officials concocted a phony climate foundation to get the job done ... served as a conduit for at least 165 million euros from the Kremlin-owned energy company Gazprom to build one of the worlds most contested gas pipelines: Nord Stream 2.
That shadowy arm was German government abusing its own laws by creating a fake Climate Foundationto be able to circumvent US sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

7.5 billion of Russian assets have been frozen in Switzerland. : worldnews

France makes push to collect heirloom weapons across country : worldnews

UK arrests wealthy Russian as police target Putin enablers : news
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeals US extradition to European Court of Human Rights : worldnews

Canadian officials knew for years existing laws didnt curb foreign influence
Trudeau is coming for Canadians guns. Some provinces refuse to help.

U.S. Sees Little Prospect for Ukraine Talks With Putin After Biden Offer : politics

FBI director warns that TikTok could be exploited by China to collect user data for espionage : politics

Most Americans agree the federal minimum wage is too low: poll : politics

Biden signs bill averting rail worker strike despite lack of paid sick days : politics
Railroad workers say nationalization of rails is what democracy looks like : politics
Ted Cruz sides with Bernie Sanders to give rail workers more sick days : politics
Peltola says its not right to deny sick leave for rail workers

Biden signs law to boost cannabis research : politics

What happened to the investigation into the Dobbs draft leak? : politics ... It apparently came up alito short in evidence
How Dobbs Triggered a Vasectomy Revolution
House Committee to Investigate Alito Leak, Right-Wing Lobbying at Supreme Court : politics

The IRS routinely lets right-wing churches break tax law & endorse political candidates. The wall that separated church and state is crumbling at a time when Christian nationalism is on the rise in the GOP. : politics

U.S. Congress tax panel chief backs requiring presidents to make tax returns public : politics
Jen Psaki: Trumps tax returns are the big, white whale Dems have wanted

Two Trump-Appointed Judges Rebuke a Third for Bending the Law in His Favor : politics

Jan. 6 Committee to release transcripts, final report before Christmas : politics

Donald Trump, Running for President in 2024, Defends Violent Mob That Broke Into the Capitol Over His 2020 Loss : politics

Top Trump White House lawyers appear before federal grand jury : politics
Trumps legal woes just keep piling up On Friday, former White House lawyers Cipollone and Philbin testified before a grand jury investigating Trump.

Trumps pre-runoff message: Terminate the Constitution
Trump calls for himself to be reinstated as president by falsely claiming fraud overrides Constitution : politics

Kevin McCarthy reveals exactly how the GOP House will protect Trump

White supremacist Nick Fuentes slams divorced woman girlboss Marjorie Taylor Greene as the far-right figures turn on each other, videos show

Iowa no longer first; Democrats reorder the presidential primary calendar for 2024 : politics

Non-religious voters wield clout, tilt heavily Democratic : politics

The GOP is stuck in a doom loop begun 30 years ago : politics ... Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Incoming House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries vows to work with Republicans : politics ... he said that he will work across the aisle whenever possible to get things done.

Joe Biden Says Hitler Was a Demonic Figure After Kanye Wests Antisemitic Meltdown: Silence Is Complicity
The GOP Cant Hide From Extremism | A perfect storm is brewing among Trump, Fuentes, Ye and Twitter
Analysis: Denouncing antisemitism shouldnt be hard; for some Republicans, it seems to be
It took Ye praising Hitler before the House judiciary GOP took down its infamous tweet : politics
Aestheticized barbarity ... (1) If the president of the United States makes a public statement insisting that the Holocaust happened, this inevitably suggests that the matter is in some sense legitimately controversial and therefore up for some sort of debate.

GOP rhetoric about border seizures takes another self-defeating turn : politics

Emmanuel Macron : I'll say it here, on Twitter, because its all about the blue bird. This afternoon I met with @elonmusk and we had a clear and honest discussion:
Deeply Underwhelmed: Right-Wingers on Musks Overhyped Twitter Files ... I feel that Elon Musk has held back some material,she then alleged, claiming sinister forces were perhaps controlling Musk after the Twitter chief took a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier in the week.
No, You Do Not Have a Constitutional Right to Post Hunter Biden's Dick Pic on Twitter - Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi's First Amendment follies ... Because among Republican members of Congress, leading conservative media commentators, contrarian substackers, conservative tech bros, and friends of Donald Trump, the ability to post Hunter Bidens cock shots on Twitter is the number-one issue in America this weekend. They believe that if they are not allowed to post porno, our constitutional republic may be in jeopardy. (another Flabbibi flop)
Matty Taibbi's Dick Pics ... Taibbis own apologies for Russia didnt just start with the Russian imperialism and war crimes, however ... Russiagate! ... That's the guy Elmo decided would be a credible voice to tell us what happened with the "Hunter Biden" "laptop" story. (another chapter in the great reckoning)
Blockbuster thread reveals that Twitter had content moderation policies that applied to trivial pseudo-scandal
Political Aesthetics and Twitter Fascism
Elon leaves World Cup money on the table to promote Nazi content

Defeated election conspiracists seek to lead Michigan GOP : politics

Alan Dershowitz gets sanctioned by federal court for filing frivolous lawsuit on behalf of Kari Lake

Second judge blocks Indiana abortion ban : politics
Indiana Judge Finds Attorney General Violated State Law, Caused IrreparableHarm to Doctor Who Cared for Pregnant 10-Year-Old Ohio Rape Victim ... So the top law enforcement officer in Indiana broke the law because he wanted to attack a doctor providing medical care to a 10 year old rape victim. Good job, Indiana.
Indiana AG: save a 10-year-old rape victim from being forced to carry a pregnancy to term and we will punish you however we can

Trial over DeSantis removal of prosecutor on abortion ends : politics
The Sweetheart Deal Gets Sweeter: DeSantis keeps hosing down his defense contractor pals with more money. But there haven't been anymore immigrant flights. : politics

Raphael Warnock has a 4-point lead over Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff: poll : politics
Trump Saddled Republicans With Herschel Walker And Has Now Abandoned Him In Runoff : politics
Obama mocks Herschel Walker over werewolf, vampire talk : politics
Nearing Election Day, Herschel Walker seems scared of reporters | It's reached the point at which Herschel Walkers staff wont let independent journalists within 20 feet of the Republican Senate candidate.
Amid GOP worries, Herschel Walkers campaign desperately pleads for cash
In Georgia runoff, GOP worries about Walker, Trump and party's future - Republicans have grown increasingly nervous about an election that reflects larger concerns

Georgia county ordered to extend absentee ballot deadline in runoff election : politics
Georgia shatters single-day early voting record again : politics

Louisiana asks people to report teachers & librarians who sexualize childrenwith books. The states attorney general launched the new reporting system barely a month after announcing his run for state governor.

Bullying of LGBTQ students on the rise this year according to high school principals. There has been a marked increase in parents demanding limits to LGBTQ+ students rights that may have spilled over to bullying in schools.

In historic move, L.A. bans new oil wells, phases out existing ones : politics

Philadelphia City Council approves permanent 10 p.m. curfew - CBS Philadelphia ... requiring anyone 17 years old and younger to be home by 10 p.m.

N.Y. Attorney Generals Top Aide Resigns After Sexual Harassment Ibrahim Khan had been Letitia Jamess chief of staff for close to a decade.

Gun-Toting West Virginia Judge David Hummel Was an Even Bigger Asshole Than We Knew Judge David Hummel pulled a gun while presiding in court. A new report by West Virginia officials reveals he also made little girls cry and improperly spent taxpayer cash ... The report also recounts how Hummel brazenly violated judicial ethics rules when he grilled two little girlswho were in court because of allegations that their father had sexually abused themand questioned them so aggressively that he made them cry.

Family demands answers after Austin police shooting leaves man dead on his own porch : news

FedEx driver kidnapped 7-year-old Texas girl who was found dead Friday, officials say : news

Ex-warden who allegedly ran California prison rape club goes on trial

Chris Christies Niece Kicked Off Plane for Accusing Latino Family of Smuggling CocaineShannon Epstein, 25, reportedly kicked, bit, and spit on deputies, injuring six of them, when they tried to arrest her at New Orleans airport

Druggings, Deaths and Robberies Put New Yorks Gay Community on EdgeAt first, the mens deaths were treated as overdoses, until tens of thousands of dollars were found drained from their bank accounts.

Gone Girl: why I despise everyone in this novel : books

The neighborhood drama is very messy this weekend : pics

A later-in-life transition : pics

TIL ,in 1997, a Russian poacher, Vladimir Markov, shot and wounded a tiger, and stole part of a boar it had been eating. 12 hours later, the tiger tracked down the poacher at his cabin and ate him. : todayilearned ... This wasn't an impulsive responseThe tiger was able to hold this idea over a period of timeThe animal waited for 12 to 48 hours before attacking.

Study on LSD microdosing uncovers neuropsychological mechanisms that could underlie anti-depressant effects (4 min read) | PsyPost [Dec 2022] : science

TIL that Senator Joe McCarthy defended top SS troopers after WW2 in what was known as the Malmedy Massacre Trials. : todayilearned - Joe McCarthy = POS Nazi sympathizer.

Men of Reddit, what is something youll never understand about women?

People with sex drives way higher than their partnersHow do you handle it?

What is a sign someone doesn't have their shit together? : AskReddit

What is the strangest/Scariest reddit post you have seen over the years? : AskReddit

What is the funniest NSFW joke that you know? : AskReddit

What is your favorite subreddit? : AskReddit


Canada accused of putting its timber trade ahead of global environment | Weeks before Cop15 in Montreal, leaked letter to EU shows host tried to water down deforestation regulations : worldnews

Strep A: Fourth child dies from bacterial disease : worldnews

New Zealand Couple Refuse 4-Month-Old Baby's Life-Saving Surgery if Donors Blood is Tainted by Vaccination

Indonesia set to make sex outside marriage punishable by jail : worldnews

Japan ruling bloc to agree on acquiring counterstrike capability

Winnie the Pooh joins Chinese Covid lockdown protests | Disney merchandise shows frowning bear looking at blank sheet of paper a symbol of opposition to censorship
China brings in emergency level censorship over zero-Covid protests | Crackdown launched on virtual private networks, which protesters and other citizens had used to access banned non-Chinese news and social media apps
TikToks employees in China can now access EU usersdata
U.S. dismissing charges against Huaweis Meng Wanzhou

A number of news sites say that Pootin fell down some stairs and soiled himself. We can hope its true.
Kremlins response to Bidens negotiation conditions: Russians will not leave Ukraine
Leaked invasion plan reveals 4 assumptions Putin's regime got wrong : worldnews
Ukraine war: Russia demands annexations recognised before talks : worldnews
Russia says the West must recognize its control over land its forces are losing before any Ukraine peace talks : worldnews
Russias losses to date exceed 90,000 military personnel
Russian FM: US, NATO directly involved in Ukraine conflict : worldnews

Ukraine war: Captured Russian documents reveal Moscows 10-day plan to take over the country and kill its leaders | World News
Captured documents reveal Russia's plan to annex Ukraine in ten days and kill Zelensky : worldnews
PUTINs PLAN: A study of captured RU documents reveales that Moscow planned to defeat Ukraine in ten days, assassinate its poltical leadership and annex the entire nation by August. That didnt happen.

Sergey Lavrov wasnt allowed to the @OSCE ministerial meeting in and had to restrict himself to a live press conference in Moscow that seems to have attracted 13 viewers.
The United States Congress has submitted a bill to recognize the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization, reported Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

Snowden takes oath in Russia, collects passport, lawyer says - The Washington Post
Edward Snowden swore allegiance to Russia and collected passport, lawyer says : worldnews

Oligarchs $200m superyacht to be sold at auction to benefit Ukraine

Belarusian President Alexander #Lukashenko continued to set informational conditions to resist Russian pressure to enter the war against #Ukraine by claiming that NATO is preparing to attack #Belarus.
Belarus dictators family loves EU luxuries, flight data shows

Pakistan's inflation climbs to 23.8% in Nov : worldnews

World Cup 2022: I am very afraid, says Qatari transgender woman

At least 488 killed in Iran protests
Iran Eying Death Sentence For Anyone Contacting Foreign Media : worldnews
Rise in Iranian assassination, kidnapping plots alarms Western officials : worldnews

US hits Hezbollah accountants with terrorism sanctions : worldnews

A Palestinian school demolished by Israeli Occupation Forces last week in Hebron, occupied Palestine : pics
Israel strips Palestinian-French rights lawyer of Jerusalem residency : worldnews

Ukraine war: Zelensky aide reveals up to 13,000 war dead : worldnews
Ukrainian Embassies Receive Bloody Packages Containing Animal Eyes
Putin Will Be Enraged: Ukraine Is Getting More Air Defenses : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 282, Part 1 (Thread #423) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 02.12.2022 : ukraine
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 02 December 2022

Russia withdraws from critical Zaporizhzhia positions amid heavy shelling : worldnews

Russia and Ukraine are fighting the first full-scale drone war - The Washington Post

The Ukrainian Army Captured Dozens Of The Russian Armys Old T-62TanksAnd Is Now Sending Them Back Into Battle

Maria Avdeeva on Twitter: "Mass grave in Pravdyne, Kherson region. Another horror war crime uncovered after Russian retreat. Six men and 16-year-old girl were killed here by Russian troops. Local resident who helped police exhume the bodies saw their hands tied and a bullet hole in one of the skulls." / Twitter

All 30 NATO member countries agree with the need for Ukraine to join the Alliance, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna says.

Poland Wants To Annex Ukraine, Claims Russia; Zelensky's Aide Laugh At It

Serbia appoints pro-Russian politician as new spy chief : worldnews

Russian spy allegedly tried to smuggle a flash drive containing classified data to Budapest : worldnews ... A Russian spy allegedly took a flash drive containing sensitive military data to Hungary hidden in his anus

Iran allegedly behind attacks on German synagogues : worldnews
Germany faces catastrophic paediatric bed shortage as RSV cases soar
Anti-vaxxer nurse who injected up to 8,600 patients with saline instead of Covid vaccine walks free : worldnews

Men dressed as gladiators in Rome arrested for allegedly extorting tourists : worldnews

Susan Hussey was the queens right-hand woman. Her downfall was swift.
Its Another Chapter of Racism and the Royal Family

Quebec moves to end Canadian elected officials oath to King Charles |It is arelic from the past: strong opposition to oath from three political parties of French-speaking province
[Canada] Employees in federally regulated private-sector workplaces are now eligible for 10 days of paid sick leave : worldnews

On TikTok, Chinese State Media Pushes Divisive Videos About U.S. Politicians

Pentagon debuts its new stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider : technology

Biden Urged to Sign Executive Order Guaranteeing Rail Workers Paid Sick Leave : politics
Manchin, Whose State Was Built by Unions, Rejects Paid Leave for Rail Workers : politics

The Continued Survival of Louis DeJoy : politics

House Judiciary Committee To Probe Supreme Court Corruption : politics
Originalism is bunk. Liberal lawyers shouldnt fall for it

Impeach Aileen Cannon Calls Grow as Trump Judge Eviscerated by Court
George Conway: The opinion on special master was just brutal : politics

Jan. 6 panel meets to mull potential criminal referrals for Trump, others : politics

Appeals Court Scraps Special Master Review in Trump Documents Case - The New York Times

Trump expresses solidarity with Jan. 6 rioters who stormed the Capitol - The Washington Post
Trump Embraces Extremism as He Seeks to Reclaim Presidency - The New York Times As he gets his presidential campaign underway, Donald J. Trump has aligned himself with forces that used to be outside the mainstream of American politics.

As Kanye West praises Hitler, advocates fear antisemitism is going mainstream : politics
Kanye Praising Hitler Was Too Much for the GOP. Heres Everything That Wasnt
Musk kicks Kanye West off Twitter after he posts Star of David merged with swastika | The Times of Israel (the image)
I like Hitler, Kanye West says, denies Holocaust in Alex Jones interview ... didnt kill 6 million Jews
What Is Even Happening? - Post-Historical Daze ... The problem of Kanyes madness implies a similar set of questions: is this just an accident brought on by temporary mental illness, or does this reflect something deeper or more problematic going on in the culture and society?
MAGA Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy ... You know things have gotten bad when someone on Gym Jordans staff realized that having a tweet linking the Nazi lover with the Republican Party might not be ideal:
Parler says Kanye West deal off, as rapper says he likes Hitler
Kanye Wests Deal to Buy Parler Has Been Terminated
Trump had dinner with two avowed antisemites. Lets call this what it is | A 2024 candidate broke bread with Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist, and Ye, who has praised Hitler. Dont normalize this (
Reddit Users Are Turning Yes Page Into a HolocaustMemorial

Uh, Politico? Biden didn't make Marjorie Taylor Greene the face of the GOP -- Republicans did | Between blaming Democrats for MAGA Republicans and celebrating Trumps babysitter, media keeps coddling GOP

Elon Musks amnesty pledge brings back QAnon, far-right Twitter accounts
Twitter Files Touted by Musk Reveal How Execs Debated Decision to Block NY Post Account Over Hunter Biden Articles
Former Employees React to Elon MusksTwitter Files as Snoozefest
Twitter Keeps Missing Its Advertising Targets as Woes Mount - The New York Times Under Elon Musk, the company has cut its financial expectations as some advertisers request discounts and are offered incentives.
Hate Speech Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find - Problematic content and formerly barred accounts have increased sharply in the short time since Elon Musk took over, researchers said.
Hate speech dramatically surges on Twitter following Elon Musk takeover, new research shows : news
Elon Musks Twitter Reinstates Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglins Account
Twitter unbans neo-Nazi who said women should be "raped and locked in cages" ... Andrew Anglin, the founder of the infamous website Stormfront.
Elon Brings One of Americas Most Prominent Nazis Back to TwitterThe new Twitter owner told advertisers in October that the platform would not become a free-for-all hellscape once he was in charge. About that ...

Judge Sanctions Kari Lakes Legal Team, Which Includes Alan Dershowitz, for "Recklessly" Filing False, Misleading, and UnsupportedClaims in Election Lawsuit

CNN Poll: Warnock holds a narrow edge over Walker in final undecided Senate contest : politics

Ohio GOP Tired of Ohioans Telling Them What to Do Through Ballot Initiatives | The gerrymandered state house wants to make it harder for voters to undo their rigged system. : politics

Rural Arizona county certifies midterm election results after judges order

Pennsylvania Republicans reconsider their war on mail voting ... better to work within the system than politically die by it.

Vallejo says it inadvertently destroyed records in five police shooting investigations

Uvalde survivors file class action lawsuit seeking $27 billion from law enforcement entities, school district and others | CNN : politics
Uvalde accuses district attorney of hampering shooting response inquiry | The Texas Tribune

Smoke and mirrors: Inside the murky $200M effort to kickstart NYs marijuana industry

Alabama case over mistaken pregnancy highlights risks in a post-Roe world : politics ,,, he first lawsuit in the state alleging false imprisonment because a woman who was jailed for exposing her unborn child to drugs wasnt pregnant. She was arrested for chemical endangermentthe complaint said, by sheriffs deputies who stopped to assist her with a flat tire.

Rhode Island Pair, Once Dogged by Criminal Legal System, Elected to Statehouse

Drugs killed 8 friends, one by one, in a tragedy seen across the U.S.

Alex Jones files for bankruptcy following $1 bln Sandy Hook verdict | Reuters

The New York Times Newsroom Gets Ready to Walk Out

Carnival cruise passenger who went overboard was'dead set on surviving U.S. Coast Guard rescued James Michael Grimes after almost 20 hours,

Sam Bankman-Fried May Regret His Comment on Caroline Ellison
What Does Sam Bankman-Fried Have to Say for Himself? An interview with the disgraced CEO.

Pain relief from marijuana comes from a belief it helps, study finds : science

TIL a chain of volcanoes last erupted within France 6000 years ago. Until 1750 they were thought to be piles of Roman mining waste or furnaces. : todayilearned

[Serious] What is the most terrified youve ever been in your life?


Mars had an ancient asteroid impact similar to the Chicxulub planetkiller impact on Earth, a discovery that may have astrobiological implications ... The team was also able to reconstruct some of the mind-boggling effects of this ancient impact and the subsequent megatsunami, which may have produced 800-foot-high waves.

Officials fear complete doomsday scenario for drought-stricken Colorado River

Black rhino populations are starting to thrive in Zimbabwe for the first time in decades, experts say : worldnews

5,068 confirmed cases and 63 deaths in six days. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

COVID-19 vaccines. The study of more than 800,000 patients found that the vaccines remain effective in preventing death in adolescents and children, regardless of which variants are predominant (Delta, Omicron, etc.). : science

Excess mortality during the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) (14-20 million world wide)

u/baiqibeendeleted28x explains in vivid detail the warcrimes of Imperial Japan : bestof

SobeyHarker comments on British tourist refuses to wear mask in China
Chinese leader calls for an end to war in Ukraine : UkrainianConflict

RUSI: Russia planned to invade Ukraine over a 10-day period and thereafter occupy the country to enable annexation by August 2022. The plan was to murder the Ukrainian executive branch (president Zelenskyi and the government) and imprison the parliament. : UkrainianConflict
The crushing of Ukrainian resistance was to culminate in monstrous show trials and executions of those involved in the Maidan Revolution:
Russia planned to subjugate Ukraine in ten days and control it by summer as part of plans drawn up by a small group of officials led by Vladimir Putin
Day after day, genocidal fascism right out in the open on Russian state television.
This is what happens when a country thinks its a superpower but in reality is a mafia run third world country in decline.

Make peace, not war The Kremlins internal polling shows that more than half of Russians now favor negotiations with Ukraine, while only a quarter want to continue the invasion

Russian Foreign Minister openly admits that his country went to war against Ukraine
Russias Lavrov slams US, NATO for directly participating in Ukraine war
Russia Bans Public Discussions of Army Strategy, Troop Morale, Mobilization : worldnews
They are talking about a possible defeat. And that all will be guilty after that defeat ... To have no Hague tribunals, compensations, reparations, so that nothing of that sort happens, we need such an activization of combat

Scathing commentary from Garry Kasparov: This war is decades in the making, Kasparov said of Putins brutal rape of Ukraine. The price of stopping a dictator always goes up. It may seem expensive today, but its only going to be more tomorrow.

Russian Death Toll To Hit 90,000 As Grisly Cost of War Revealed: Ukraine : worldnews
As Russia struggles in Ukraine, repression mounts at home | CNN : worldnews

Half a Million Russians Face Eviction From Crimea if Ukraine Takes it Back : worldnews

US OKs $1B arms sale to Qatar : worldnews

Mohammed bin Salman accused of attempt to manipulate US court system

Leaked: Iran concerned Basij paramilitary too weak to stop protests : worldnews
Three Iranian Doctors Said To Face Death Penalty Over Protests : worldnews
Rise in Iranian assassination, kidnapping plots alarms Western officials - The Washington Post

All 30 #NATO member states agree with the need to grant #Ukraine membership in the alliance : ukraine
Biden, Macron resolve to hold Russia accountable for atrocities, war crimes in Ukraine : worldnews
Kyiv Sees No Prospect of a Ceasefire with Putins Russia Anytime Soon
Zelensky says Ukraine preparing a powerful countermeasure against Russia
Zelensky: Lets hope the war ends in coming months.President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that the war would end when either Ukraine wins, or Russia decides to stop.
Kyivs Maidan, 9 years ago today. Ukrainians then and now fighting for a democratic future free of Russia's influence and oppression.
Ukraine war: Kyiv displays Russian nuclear-capable missile : worldnews

Ukrainian authorities seek to ban Moscow-backed church amid Russian invasion : Ukraines National Security and Defense Council has proposed banning Russian-affiliated religious groups, including the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. (pic says it all)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 281, Part 1 (Thread #422) : worldnews

Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine per month. November update. : ukraine
The cost of captured military hardware for Russia, in Ukraine : ukraine
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 01 December 2022

As Ukrainian forces recaptured a key town, another elite Russian unit appears to have gone through the meat grinder
ISW on Twitter: "NEW: #Russian efforts around #Bakhmut indicate that Russian forces have fundamentally failed to learn from previous high-casualty campaigns concentrated on objectives of limited operational or strategic significance." / Twitter
Aerial photos show Russian fortifications near Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast. The photographs, provided to RFE/RL by the Ukrainian military, show Russian fortifications around the Russian-occupied village of Volodymyrivka, located near Bakhmut in Ukraines eastern Donetsk Oblast.

Russia launches 'empty' missiles to wear out Ukrainian air defense
[The Economist] Lessons from Russias cyber-war in Ukraine: It hasbeen intense, but not always effective. Why?

Special Court Needed for Russian Crimes in Ukraine, E.U. Chief Says : worldnews
France backs plans for tribunal for Russian officials over Ukraine war | Paris is first major western country to publicly support proposal for special court to try for crime of aggression : worldnews
Mention of 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed during war removed from address of Head of European Commission : worldnews ... The number of KIA Ukraine officially provided was up to 20 000 confirmed deaths

Germany declares Ukraines Holodomor famine a genocide | Germany's parliament declared the famine in Ukraine in the 1930s under Soviet leader Joseph Stalin a genocide. It comes as Ukraine warned Russia is using similar tactics in its war today.
Russia condemns German parliament for declaring Ukraine Soviet-era famine a genocide : worldnews

Switzerland says it knows of $48.5 billion in Russian assets : worldnews

Five letters with explosive or incendiary material sent to Spanish President Pedro Sanchez, Interior Ministry, Military Base, Weapons Manufacturer and Ukraine Embassy in Spain : worldnews
U.S. embassy latest target in spate of letter bombs in Spain : worldnews

Macron says Putin made huge mistake invading Ukraine but negotiations still 'possible'

Brexit added 210 to household food bills, LSE says
Calls grow to disestablish Church of England as Christians become minority | Role of church in parliament and schools questioned as census shows 5.5m fewer holders of faith in England and Wales : worldnews
Group of Tory MPs make 3rd party report about a colleague to Met over rape and sexual assault allegations - Tory HQ brought in external lawyers but have not suspended the senior backbencher ... Tories are a "den of rapists"

Cuba says its allies have pledged help to end its economic crisis : worldnews

University of Ottawa sorry it stopped filming of Chinese ambassador speech : worldnews
Quebec Sets Plan to Bar Most Immigrants Who Dont Speak French

The average price of gas is back to where it was before Russia invaded Ukraine. It is putting real money back in Americanswallets.

ICE released names of 6,252 immigrants seeking protection - Los Angeles Times ... The unprecedented data dump could expose the immigrants all of whom are currently in ICE custody to retaliation from the very individuals, gangs and governments they fled,

Anti-Woke Republicans Arent Making Business Sense on Climate: The GOPs opposition to meaningful climate policy is increasingly at odds with corporate pragmatism.

Senate confirms first inspector general for Pentagon in 7 years : politics

A battle over paid leave is threatening to grind the US economy to a halt : politics
Republicans With Unlimited Sick Days Vote Against Time Off for Rail Workers : politics ... Guaranteeing 7 paid sick days to rail workers would cost the rail industry a grand total of $321 million a year ess than 2% of its profits. Please dont tell me the rail industry can't afford it. Rail companies spent $25.5 billion on stock buybacks and diBernie Sanders on the right side as usual.

The GOP wants to cut funding to the IRS. We cant let that happen.

Conservatives are having a bad day after the Senate passed the marriage equality bill. The marriage equality bill just protects some established rights. But to listen to the complainers, religion is over in America. : politics
Surprise, Surprise: Republicans Are Planning to Hold the Debt Ceiling Hostage -- Again

Dems take a keen interest in another alleged Supreme Court breach A religious right insider claims he knew the outcome of the Hobby Lobby case before it was announced. Democrats are deeply interested in the allegations. : politics

Why Bidens student-loan-forgiveness plan is legal and should be reinstated by the Supreme Court, according to 44 economists, legal experts, and advocates

DOJ wants all transcripts and evidence in House January 6 probe, Garland says
AG Merrick Garland Takes Rare Victory Lap After Oath Keepers Seditious Conspiracy Verdict in Historic Jan. 6 Case : politics
Garland praises Oath Keepers verdict, wont say where Jan. 6 probe goes

House committee receives Donald Trump's federal tax returns from IRS : politics

Trumps New Special Counsel Is Far More Dangerous Than the Last One ... because Trump relied heavily on the powers of the presidency to stymie former Special Counsel Bob Muellers investigation into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, using every advantage of incumbency to thwart Muellers team of prosecutors and downplay their findings. Citizen Trump will have far fewer tools at his disposal to avoid criminal charges.
Special master: Appeals court halts review of Trump documents seized at Mar-a-Lago | CNN Politics The ruling is a stinging rebuke of how Cannon inserted herself into the dispute. In addition to reversing the order, the appeals court is instructing her to dismiss the entire case.
Appeals court halts special master review of documents seized at Mar-a-Lago in major defeat for Trump | CNN Politics : politics ... Get fucked Judge Qannon
11th Circuit runs through hack Trump judges orders like Donovan Edwards through the Ohio State defense

Trump lashes out at Kanye West as aides rush to reinstate guardrails at Mar-a-Lago: He tried to f*** me. He's crazy. He cant beat me, Trump says of Kanye West
The GOPs bet on Kanye West has gone very bad
A Right-Wing Zionist Digests Trumps Anti-Semite Dinner Party -- Can the former President be the best friend Israel ever had in the White House while also legitimatizing Jew-haters? By Isaac Chotiner
Kanye West Tells Alex Jones: I Like Hitler

Reporters press Kevin McCarthy over false claims Trump denounced white supremacist he dined with : politics

The New Crossover Members of the HouseRepublicans win majority by cutting deeper into hostile turf; number of split districts remains low historically ,,, There are currently slated to be 18 Republicans in Biden seats and just 5 Democrats in Trump seats.

Republicans Are Betting on the Same Old Losers to Save Their Party in 2024 : politics
Pillow Fight ... party operatives must appease orangegoliant because he has the greatest amount of what passes for charisma among white supremacists. Putting the pillow-pushing putz who won't stop lying about the election in charge of the RNC is sure to be a hit with the groperfuhrer and the base.
Numerous states in the US have become less democratic over 2000 -- 2018. The reason why: Republican control of state government. Across measures and model specifications, the results are remarkably clear: Republican control of state government reduces democratic performance

90 Republicans Vote Against Bill Protecting Pregnant Women from Solitary Confinement
Indiana AG seeks punishment for doctor who provided abortion to 10-year-old rape survivor : politics ... So he's investigating something he knows for a fact she didn't do, and for acknowledging that rape victims need abortions.
Teen Mississippi Rape Victim Forced to Go 500 Miles For Abortion

An Arizona Countys Refusal to Certify Election Results Could Cost GOP a House Seat

I live in Texas: Herschel Walker speech adds to Georgia Senate run problems
Herschel Walker hasnt answered reporters questions in nearly two months
Herschel Walker Ex-Lover Cheryl Parsa Says He Attacked Her in a Rage
Walkers Dr. Oz problem
Georgia 2022: Warnock Holds Slight Edge Over Walker

Biden world once ignored Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now its making her the face of the GOP.

Colorado elections officials formally order recount in race between Lauren Boebert and Adam Frisch : politics

Gaetz friend to be sentenced on sex crimes, other counts : politics

Rep. Madison Cawthorn Uses Final House Speech To Rail Against Soft Metrosexuals

4 highlights from Day 1 in Warren v. DeSantis trial in Tallahassee : politics

School principals say culture wars made last year rough as hell

The end of an error -- In 99 cases out of 100, layoffs of journalists are nothing to celebrate. This is the 1: CHRIS CILLIZZA is among those who have been laid off from the network this week.
Eschaton: 36 Reasons This Is Excellent News For Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - Bye Chris.

Boy, 10, shot mother dead after she refused to buy him a virtual reality headset ... Jesus, he ordered the headset after he killed his mom.
Don't rock the boat. : JUSTNOMIL

Judge to arraign ex-DA charged in Arbery killings aftermath

The Corruption of the Legal Profession - The American Prospect A new book shows how corporate law firms bear great responsibility for the degradation of the rule of law.

QAnon Influencer Sues Newspaper, Gets Exposed as Alleged Child Predator : worldnews
QAnon Leader Inadvertently Outs Himself as a Groomer

Danny Masterson rape case declared a mistrial
Leah Remini Slams Scientology After Mistrial in Danny Masterson Rape Case

Antonio Brown: Arrest warrant issued for former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver : news

Epstein Estate Agrees to Pay U.S. Virgin Islands More Than $105 Million - The New York Times The estate of the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein will repay tax benefits and half the proceeds from the sale of an island he owned.

Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial in Los Angeles Sees Closing Arguments and Accusers Smell Blood

Its all bullshit: Democrats unload on the crypto industry while hearings loom

Look, I Screwed Up: Sam Bankman-Fried Is Challenged on the Collapse of FTX -= 'I was as truthful as I'm knowledgeable to be' the FTX founder said.
World Leaders, Business Titans and Cryptos Fallen Star
I hate when that happens
FTX's Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident - Sam Bankman-Fried is a con man and fraudster of historic proportions. But you might not learn that from the New York Times,
A close reading of institutional investors remorse over the FTX implosion.

Musks Neuralink Hopes to Implant Computer in Human Brain in Six Months

The Myth of the Brilliant, Charismatic Leader

Lady Chatterleys LoverIs Netflixs Sexiest Movie YetAnd Its Most Tender

Commercial dishwashers destroy protective layer in gut, study finds : science - The article is about dried dish detergent and rinse-aid getting left on the dishes and then ingested.

The Myth of the 25-Year-Old BrainA powerful idea about human development stormed pop culture and changed how we see one another. It mostly bunk.

The Sound So Loud That It Circled the Earth Four Times It was heard in over 50 different locations around the globe.

Have you ever broken up with a man because of his penis? If so, why? : AskReddit

Major password manager LastPass suffered a breach. : technology


More Republicans Died Than Democrats after COVID-19 Vaccines Came Out : politics

Editors Note: A Review of Criticisms of a ProPublica-Vanity Fair Story on a COVID Origins Report

Scott Morrison becomes first former Australian prime minister to be censured by parliament : worldnews

New Zealand: Parents refuse to let baby get surgery if blood is donated by a vaccinated person - it would be 'tainted'

Tokyo Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Ban Not Unconstitutional : worldnews

South Korea scrambles jets as China, Russia warplanes enter air defence zone : worldnews

Chinese astronauts board space station in historic mission : worldnews
China likely to have 1,500 nuclear warheads by 2035: Pentagon : worldnews
NATO concerned about Chinas opaque military buildup -Blinken
China has warned US officials not to interfere in its relationship with India: Pentagon : worldnews
COVID protests escalate in Guangzhou as China lockdown anger boils : worldnews
China to punish internet users for liking posts in crackdown after zero-Covid protests
Breach of the Big Silence: Protests Stretch China's Censorship to Its Limits Days later, videos of chants and confrontations are still visible on the Chinese internet. It'a sign of how a groundswell outmatched the worlds best internet control system.
Two Chinese cities ease COVID curbs after protests spread | Reuters

Inside Putin's War of Attrition
Putin calls for integrating the four annexed Ukrainian regions into the Russian judicial system : worldnews
Russia says it will focus on building nuclear arms infrastructure in 2023 : worldnews
Putin Ally Threatens Critical Viewer on TV: We Are Going To Find You

Russia recruiting murderers, terrorists, rapists from african prisons for their war in Ukraine : worldnews

Russias upper house of parliament passes tougher ban on 'LGBT propaganda'

Drone strike in Russian border town sparks fire at oil depot

Birds being used to hunt down drones : worldnews

Suicide bomber attacks Pakistan police guarding polio vaccination team, kills 3 : worldnews

Why The Afghan Government Collapsed - Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction [Full Report] : CredibleDefense

Unknown aircraft targets Wagner base in C. African Republic : worldnews

Egyptians call on British Museum to return Rosetta Stone : worldnews

Iran threatened families of national soccer team, according to security source | CNN : worldnews
World Cup fan, 27, shot and killed for celebrating USA win in Iran by security agencies
Iran sentences four people to death for cooperating with 'Zionist' Mossad

Opinion | Biden should respond boldly to a radical Netanyahu government - The Washington Post

Head of European Commission: Ukraine loses estimated 100,000 military personnel in war : worldnews
The EU is looking at seizing $330 billion in frozen Russian assets and investing them with any profits going to Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 280, Part 1 (Thread #421) : worldnews

Russian troops are throwing everything against Bakhmut and yet the Ukrainians are holding. The Russian losses - as documented by @Tendar in the last days - are intense. : ukraine
Dmitri on Twitter: "Despite loud noises made by Russian media, Wagner admits they are far from taking Bakhmut. But they also seem oddly proud of essentially being on a suicide mission, "not taking losses into account", except that it's the lives of untrained convicts they really talk about." / Twitter
ISW on Twitter: "NEW: #Russian forces made marginal gains around #Bakhmut today, but Russian forces remain unlikely to have advanced at the tempo that Russian sources claimed." / Twitter
Did russia run out of Iranian bomber drones already? Ukrainian Air Force hasnt seen any Iranian drone attacks for two weeks now (link below)

Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "PAYBACK: On 22 NOV a Russian S-300 missile targeted a maternity ward in Vilniansk, killing a two-day-old and injuring the mother. Partisans identified the launch site near Tokmak: it was destroyed by UKR precision strike, killing the RU crew responsible." / Twitter

What the Ukraine War Teaches About Modern Ground Wars - 19FortyFive
The Russian Air War and Ukrainian Requirements for Air Defence | Royal United Services Institute

Starlink Ukraine: Why Elon Musk Is the Go-To Internet Provider

Nato urged to speed up decision-making; Latvia says Kyiv should be free to strike Russian military sites : worldnews

EU Commission proposes blocking billions in funds to Hungary : worldnews

Germany: Huge candle action commemorates Qatar worker deaths

Letter bomb explodes in Ukranian embassy in Madrid : worldnews

U.N. deems French baguettes essential to humanitys culture

Buckingham Palace Staff Member Resigns Over Remarks to Black Guest - The New York Times
For The First Time, Less Than Half Of UKs Population IsChristian: Report
Revealed: more than 70% of English water industry is in foreign ownership : worldnews

As Haiti Unravels, U.S. Officials Push to Send in an Armed Foreign Force - The New York Times

Canadian military plane intercepted by Chinese jets numerous times in recent weeks
Canadian federal police are investigating widespread interference by China in Canadian affairs, including its "democratic processes," the nation's top cop has said in a letter to a parliamentary committee but without detailing the allegations : worldnews

Secret 9/11 memo reveals Bush rewriting the history of the 9/11 attacks and the warnings hed tuned out

A complete about face: Some Republicans change tune on Obamacares Medicaid expansion

Supreme Court Concerned That Bribery Law Might Prevent Their Friends From Taking Bribes : politics

Respect for Marriage Act Passes U.S. Senate : politics

U.S. House Democrats set to elect Hakeem Jeffries as first Black party leader : politics
House Democrats elect Rep. Hakeem Jeffries as leader, the first Black person to lead congressional caucus

House January 6 committee chairman says panel close to putting pens down on final report
January 6 committee to discuss potential criminal referrals at Friday meeting | CNN Politics

Judge Finds Trump Stepped Outside Presidential Immunity With 2020 Subversion : politics
Lucky I Declassified! Trump claims, ACLU is suing CIA,NSA for proof

IRS gives Trump tax returns to House committee after 3-year legal battle : politics
Democrats Are Now In Possession Of 6 Years Of Donald Trumps Tax Returns

Top Trump adviser Stephen Miller testifies to January 6 federal grand jury : politics

Right-wing Oath Keepers founder convicted of sedition in U.S. Capitol attack plot : politics
Oath Keepers leader found guilty: Will DOJ see this as a roadmap for Trumps trial?
The Rhodes to sedition : Leader of noted domestic terror cell going to prison:

Whip count: Heres how much trouble Kevin McCarthy is in

We Are Finished in 2024 - Friends, its pretty clear that Democrats have no shot against this kind of Republican messenger in 2024.

Did hysterical and misleading CRIME coverage deliver the House to Republicans? ... There was something unusual about New York, and media coverage is the most obvious factor. (tnx, NYT)

Sen. Raphael Warnock Is Finally Going for the Jugular in Georgia Senate Battle | The Democratic incumbent had held back from taking hard swings at the scandal-plagued Walker. But thats over now.
Warnock campaign releases ads in Vietnamese, Mandarin, Korean to mobilize AAPI voters : politics

Two more DeSantis administration officials named in lawsuit over migrant planes flown to Martha's Vineyard | CNN Politics : politics
Just Wait Until You Get to Know Ron DeSantis - The Atlantic

Russian Oligarchs Cousin Funneled Cash to N.Y. Congressman-Elect ... Republican George Devolder-Santos ... riding a red wave that swept the Empire State this cycle, and washing away two decades of Democratic dominance in the district.

The powerful gay man behind Tucker Carlsons bloodcurdling hate -- Justin Wells is in charge of Carlsons entire Fox News empire. He's helped ramp up vitriol against LGBTQ people while rising higher still at News Corp.
Tucker Carlson says you need to be Deprogrammedafter living in MA ... Rockwell, currently a development director at PragerU, a conservative media platform, said she had to unlearn my four years of wokism by watching five-minute PragerU videos online for free

NYC mother-of-three refuses to take plea deal and now faces seven years in prison after slamming into group of BLM protesters in 2020sending 50 flying across Third Ave when they attacked her BMWKathleen Casillo, 54, rejected a plea deal for a second time on Tuesday

Trans woman jailed for sex with 14-year-old girl - BBC News

The American Way of Death - This ProPublica expose on the hospice-industry-trending-toward-nationwide-racket is fascinating and depressing. A couple of excerpts:

Doctors and public health officials say Musks decision is a huge step backwardsand will lead to more deaths (Muskatron)
The return of Twitters exiled extremists is a new headache for Republicans
Twitters advertising losses are piling upRevenues are in free fall, employees say. Can Musk turn the tide? (he is the tide of hate and death)
Eschaton: Tech Journalism Swisher has a reptuation (cultivated by her, of course) of being the "tough" tech journalist, which seems mostly to involve her showing some "tough love" to her good friends the FOUNDERS sometimes.
Manifesting History - Swisher is, of course, attempting to rewrite history to reposition herself as the grand critic of tech, despite it being alarmingly obvious that she, like so many others, was completely in Elons corner until it was inconvenient to be there.
Eschaton: Speaking Of Dumbasses Who Were Musk's Marks Speaking Of Dumbasses Who Were Musk's Marks - The Chicago project was incredibly stupid even if you believed in Musk ... Emanuels another one whose legend was built up by his fans in the press - largely because he cursed out The Left a lot - and in addition to being an asshole hes one dumb motherfucker. Another shithead firebrand loved by journalists.

SBF said he donated dark money to Republicans | Semafor ... all his donations to Republicans was dark money
Exclusive: Sam Bankman-Fried says hes down to $100,000
FTXs Collapse Validates Gary Genslers Crypto SkepticismSam Bankman-Fried fooled a lot of peoplebut not the SEC chairman, whose warnings about risk and lack of regulation were well-founded.

Why washing clothes in cold water is better for the environment - The Washington Post And while youre at it, dont wash them so much.

Alzheimers drug lecanemab hailed as momentous breakthrough

How the Billboard Hot 100 Lost Interest in the Key Change



Artemis 1 cubesat fails to fire engine as planned during moon flyby : worldnews

In meteorite, Alberta researchers discover 2 minerals never before seen on Earth : worldnews

More than 250 COVID-19 vaccination clinics set up across Mass.; $75 gift cards being offered - The Boston Globe

Covid death rates higher among Republicans than Democrats, research shows : politics
Covid death rates higher among Republicans than Democrats, research shows Average excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 76% higher among Republicans than Democrats from March 2020 to December 2021 ... partisan gap in the deaths widened from April to December 2021, after all adults became eligible for Covid vaccines. Excess death rates in Florida and Ohio were 153% higher among Republicans than Democrats during that time

Philippines sees a pandemic boom in child sex abuse : worldnews

Myanmar detention was hell, says freed Japanese filmmaker

Japan: Prime Minister Kishida orders to find funds to double the defense budget : worldnews
Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages | Japans top government spokesperson said Monday that the number of babies born this year is below last years record low
Alibaba founder Jack Ma hiding out in Tokyo, reports say | Jack Ma : worldnews

China's military has been spending a lot more time working on how to forcefully capture an island, Pentagon says

China says it drove away U.S. cruiser that illegally intruded waters near South China Sea
China's white paper protests cause headaches for countrys top stationery supplier | CNN Business ... after a document widely circulated on Chinese social media said the company would ban the nationwide sale of A4 white paper sheets both online and offline
Chinese police out in force in attempt to deter Covid lockdown protests : worldnews
China refuses to recognize Russian insurance documents by shipowners : worldnews
Apple limits airdrops from Chinese phones, kneecapping government protesters : worldnews (Cookster loves his dicktofucks)

Chinese police are now conducting random stop-and-search checks for banned foreign apps such as Instagram and Twitter: reports : worldnews

Losing is not an option: Putin is desperate to avoid defeat in Ukraine as anxiety rises in Moscow
Julia Davis on Twitter: "Meanwhile in Russia: top propagandists and their friends in high places are getting worried about the possibility of losing the war to Ukraine and being tried at the Hague." / Twitter

Widow Claims Russian Officer Killed Himself Due to Mobilization Pressure : worldnews

Wives of Russian troops encourage them to rape Ukrainian women, Ukraines first lady says

U.S. Sees 50-Fold Surge in Russian Asylum Seekers in 2022 - The Moscow Times : worldnews

India asked by sanctions-hit Russia for parts for key sectors
India purchased 40% of seaborne Russian Urals oil in Nov. : worldnews

Pakistan Taliban End Ceasefire, Order Nationwide Attacks : worldnews
As you sow, so shall you reap: Pakistan now has to deal with self-created demon Taliban : worldnews

Turkish powership group in talks to supply Ukraine

USMNT Holds On to Beat Iran, Advances to World Cup Knockout Stage
Protester runs onto World Cup pitch with rainbow flag, call to respect Iranian women : worldnews
OneLove anti-hate armbands sell out after FIFA World Cup ban

Egypt studying legislation to allow individuals to donate organs after death : worldnews

The Godfather, Saudi-style: inside the palace coup that brought MBS to power

Iran acknowledges more than 300 are dead from unrest from nationwide protests : worldnews
Ten Iranian Teenagers Said To Face Death Penalty Over Protests : worldnews
Iran threatened families of World Cup soccer team, according to security source | CNN : worldnews

Lapid: Netanyahu and allies intend to dismantle the democratic foundations of Israel : worldnews

Light Flares in Ukraines Darkness Putin and his generals think they can bomb Ukraine into surrender. They are badly wrong.
NATO commits to future Ukraine membership, drums up aid : worldnews
Putins General Reveals Russias Next Target: Destruction Of Ukraines Banking Infrastructure
Francis Scarr on Twitter: "Russian MP Andrei Gurulyov says his country will "finish off" Ukraine's power grid and then target its banking system "If we bomb the centre of their banking operations, they won't be able to transfer anything anywhere, cards won't work and people won't get their paychecks"" / Twitter

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 279, Part 1 (Thread #420) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Nov. 28, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Ukraine Boasts of Destroying 9,000 Russian Military Vehicles Since War Began : worldnews
Tonights assessment from @TheStudyofWar and @criticalthreats evaluates the defensive positions Russian forces are establishing in eastern #Kherson Oblast and what those positions suggest about Russian expectations for future operations in this area.
NEW: Recent claims of Russian gains around #Bakhmut do not portend an imminent Russian encirclement of the city.
Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "BAKHMUT AXIS/ 0015 UTC 30 NOV/ RU consolidated advances across Bakhmutka River S of the urban area. The Forward Edge of the Battle Area (FEBA) now conforms to the rail line in the vicinity of the village of Andrivka. UKR artillery continues to exact a heavy toll on RU infantry." / Twitter

Russian Retreat Reveals Signs of an Atrocity in a Ukrainian Village - The New York Times In the southern Kherson region, the pattern seen in eastern Ukraine is repeating: The withdrawal of Russian forces yields evidence of possible war crimes.
Russians shell Ukraine city just two weeks after pulling out : worldnews
Torture allegations mount in aftermath of Kherson occupation : worldnews
ISW on Twitter: "Russia deporting Ukraine children in "deliberate depopulation" effort: ISW" / Twitter

NUCLEAR ROULETTE; Local sources report that RU troops are preparing to leave the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power facility. This was denied by RU officials, UKR reports on 28 NOV that an object of the RU invaders was damaged in the area of Enerhodar settlementFacts remain unclear.
Workers who wont sign Russian contracts banned from nuclear plant - Ukraine

U.S. State Dept OKs potential sale of tactical missiles to Finland : worldnews
Biden administration notifies Congress it has approved $323 million arms sale to Finland : worldnews

German inflation slows to 10% | The inflation rate in Europe's top economy dropped to 10% for November, preliminary data from Germany's federal statistics agency Destatis showed. This comes after hitting a record high in October. : worldnews

England and Wales now minority Christian countries, census reveals : worldnews
Rishi Sunak declares golden era between UK and China over as he calls for new approach
Quarter of 17-19-year-olds have probable mental disorder : worldnews

Stowaways survive 11 days on rudder of ship travelling from Nigeria to Canary Islands | Africanews : worldnews

Mexicos planned GM corn ban deep concern for US
A Cartel Used Armed Drones and a Plane to Bomb Police: The attack by CJNG on a police station in Jalisco, Mexico, killed two officers. : worldnews

Canadas foreign minister on Monday ordered her officials to summon Russia's ambassador in Ottawa, Oleg Stepanov, over a series of hateful anti-LGBTQ tweets including one aimed at an openly lesbian federal minister
Canada planning to have nationwide childcare for $10/day by 2026 : worldnews

Our Broken Immigration System - If theres one issue where Biden has been very bad, it's immigration. I think he just doesnt care and sees no political upside in making the immigration system less horrible. He might be right about the latter part of that.

Once Again, Rail Workers Lose - At Bidens urging, Congress appears set to force an agreement four unions rejected. It wont solve the problems that got us here.

Senate poised to pass bill protecting same-sex marriages : politics
12 Republican senators so far have broken with their party to support a bill that would protect same-sex marriage. Final passage is expected Tuesday night. : politics

The Memo: Republicans fervor to go after Fauci could backfire

The midterms showed Democrats dont need to pander on crime (

Donald Trump frets over special counsel Jack Smith in string of messages : politics

Trumps Presidential Immunity Cant Save Him In 2020 Civil Rights Lawsuit
Trump doesn't have absolute immunity over efforts to overturn 2020 election, judge says

US courts ruling in favor of justice department turns legal tide on Trump; The ex-presidents supporters will no longer be able to avoid testifying before grand juries in Washington DC and Georgia

Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump Disgusting, Says He Has No Bottom

Nick Fuentes and the Illiberal Right Are AmericasHomegrown Jihadists
Kanye West adds far-right Nick Fuentes to 2024 campaign team : politics
The inside story of Trump's explosive dinner with Ye and Nick Fuentes - What was supposed to be a private dinner ended up being a political nightmare.
Report: Trump Doesnt Want to Condemn His Holocaust-Denying Dinner Date Because It Might Alienate His Jew-Hating Supporters

Oath Keepers trial: Stewart Rhodes guilty of Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy - The Washington Post

Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman must spend 500 hours registering voters as penance for phony robocalls targeting Black voters in Cleveland -

Mark Meadows ordered to testify in Trump investigation - POLITICO South Carolinas Supreme Court has ordered former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to testify to an Atlanta-area grand jury investigating Donald Trumps effort to overturn the election in Georgia.

Mike Pence Is Having a Moment He Doesnt Deserve

Schiff says McCarthy is a very weak leader of GOP conference: It's going to be chaos

Left-Wing Voices Are Silenced on Twitter as Far-Right Trolls Advise Elon Musk : politics
Elon Musk is harming free expression on Twitter, not protecting it
The death cult eats its own - The Republican anti-vaxx campaign was remarkably successfulat targeting their own supporters, and its not going to end with Covid: ... Musk letting people like Alex Berenson back on Twitter is just as dangerous as his letting Nazis back on.
QAnon Is Back on Twitterand Its About to Get Much Worse
QAnon as projection, an endless series
Lets instead take a moment to talk about how this tweet is disinformation.
Elon Musk Is Turning Twitter Into a Haven for Nazis Musk has welcomed neo-Nazis back onto the platform, engaged with them on his timeline, and posted multiple tweets that appeal directly to them.
Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy | CNN Business
Layoffs Have Gutted Twitter's Child Safety Team - Just one person remains to enforce the company's ban on child sexual abuse content across Japan and the Asia Pacific region. (Musk says he's a "child sexual abuse absolutist")
phony starks phony guns
A ghost to mostWhile he brings his idiotic ideas to Twitter, its worth noting that his hole-digging company is basically vaporware that exists solely to undermine actually potentially viable mass transit proposals:

Beto ORourke returned $1 million check from FTXs Sam Bankman-Fried

GOP-controlled Arizona county refuses to certify election : politics
In Arizona, Cochise County delays election certification as Maricopa County officials face threats - The Washington Post Cochise County flouted a Monday deadline to certify the results, while officials in Maricopa County faced threats for following through on that duty
New Trumpist threats in Arizona make Electoral College reform urgent : politics

Sinemas Power Over Senate Dems May Be Nearing End

Single-day early voting record set in Georgia before US Senate runoff
Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker described himself as living in Texas during 2022 campaign speech | CNN Politics
Herschel Walker says voters born after 1990 havent earned the right to change America
Is He for Real?: Warnock Hits Walker in New Ad, but Lets Others Do the Talking

It turns Out Western Voters Care a Lot About Public Lands : politics

Eschaton: Endless Demands For Sister Souljah Moments For three straight elections, the institutions of the mainstream press have covered Democratic campaigns and policymaking with the expectation and implication that the rights messaging on cultural issues would largely succeed. And for three straight elections, the anticipated general backlash against cultural progressivism has utterly failed to materialize.
An S.B.F. Ally in the Barrel - Puck Sean McElwee, the ur-connected political operative, is the latest to get singed by the FTX scandal following a no-confidence vote at Data for Progress. His exit speaks volumes, not only about Sam Bankman-Fried, but about the power of social media contagion.

Eschaton: One Grifter Down Scammer takes down a scammer.There are few political operatives more in the zeitgeist than Sean McElwee, the media-savvy pollster whose firm, Data for Progress, has been at the center of a recent debate over how Democrats should run campaigns. Over the last few years, McElwee, a socialist turned pseudo-centrist ... in the latest fallout from the implosion of Sam Bankman-Fried, whom Sean advised.

NYC Will Hospitalize Mentally Ill People Involuntarily - The New York Times Mayor Eric Adams directed the police and emergency medical workers to hospitalize people they deemed too mentally ill to care for themselves, even if they posed no threat to others.

She Wasnt Ready for Children. A Judge Wouldnt Let Her Have an Abortion.

Ticketmaster and Greed

How Hospice Because a For-Profit Hustle

Slip Through Your Fingers: Thoughts on Andor

Cracking open The Nutcrackers' dark Russian past - Behind the holiday classic lies an unsavory history that may change the way you think about it ... The history of Russia is a history of violence

DNA showed a mother was also her daughters unclehow scientists solved this medical mystery

TIL in a rare move for a large corporation, SC Johnson voluntarily stopped using Polyvinylidene chloride in saran wrap which made it cling but was harmful to the planet. They lost a huge market share. : todayilearned

amazing shot of the giza pyramids! : pics

Whats the most disgusting thing youve seen someone do with no shame ?

WhatsApp data leak of more than 500 million users : worldnews


Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano begins eruption, alert level raised - USGS : news

Great Barrier Reef should be placed on world heritage in danger list,UN-backed report says

Long Covid and the Labor Market
Covid deaths skew older, reviving questions about acceptable lossThe pandemic has become a plague of the elderly, with nearly 9 out of 10 deaths in people 65 or older

Covid: Blood thinner ineffective for patients, trial finds : worldnews

WHO renames monkeypox as mpox, citing racism concerns | AP News

Twitter failed to detect upload of Christchurch mosque terror attack videos

Abuse survivors in bid to seize Catholic properties after church fails to pay court costs as ordered | Australia news : worldnews

China virus protests hit Hong Kong after mainland rallies | AP News

Is Xi Jinping Willing to Destroy Chinese Prosperity for Personal Power? (Tim Cook loves dicktators)
Chinese protesters have turned to blank sheets of paper to express their anger over COVID-19 restrictions in a rare, widespread outpouring of public dissent that has gone beyond social media to some of Chinas streets and top universities
China COVID cases hit fresh record high after weekend of protests : worldnews
Twitter hit with wave of porn and spam obscuring tweets about China protests : worldnews
Great Wall of porn obscures China protest news on Twitter
Twitter grapples with Chinese spam obscuring news of protests - The Washington Post ... Musckfucked again)
BBC says Chinese police assaulted and detained its reporter at Shanghai protest : worldnews
China says BBC reporter did not identify himself as a journalist, after BBC said he was detained by police during protest coverage in Shanghai : worldnews ... Yup, BBC Reporter yelling Im BBC with a camera crew ... China lies as poorly as Russia.
Why do Western news agencies quote PRC government statistics as if they arent completely made up? ... China on Sunday announced its first new death from COVID-19 in nearly half a year -- The death of the 87-year-old Beijing man was the first reported by the National Health Commission since May 26, bringing the total death toll to 5,227 ... China is claiming that fewer Chinese have died of COVID over the past three years than the number of Americans who have drowned in swimming pools over that same time.

U.S., Russia have used their military hotline once so far during Ukraine war : worldnews
Russia wins by losing: Timothy Snyder on raising funds for Ukrainian drone defence. Historian says Russia needs to lose its war in order to become a 'normal' European country -- and stopping destruction of Ukraines power grid is essential
Russia Denies Reports That It Will Withdraw from Nuclear Plant: Live Updates - The New York Times

Alexei Navalny aide says his survival may depend on value to Vladimir Putin : worldnews

Russia pressuring african students to join the war : worldnews
Russian An-124 transport aircraft began to fly to China very often, often with transponders turned off. This week, 10 such flights were registered. Some Chinese believe the planes are being loaded with uniforms, bulletproof vests and other military gear.

Belarus Foreign Minister Killed By Russian Assassins, Reports Say : worldnews
Lukashenko told to fire all staff as Foreign Affairs Minister poisoned : worldnews
Russia to Move Troops From Belarus to Occupied Ukraine: Kyiv : worldnews

Amazon shutting down wholesale distribution in third business exit in India : worldnews
10 Pieces In Fridge: Man Allegedly Killed By Wife, Son In Delhi Shocker
Asian faiths try to save swastika symbol corrupted by Hitler | AP News

Taliban profited from subcontracting stadium construction equipment in Qatar : worldnews

Gunmen Storm Mogadishu Hotel, Trapping Government Officials : worldnews

Niece of Irans Supreme Leader urges world to cut ties with Tehran
Khameneis niece arrested after calling for foreign governments to cut ties with Iranian regime
Iran says it has proof that Western states were involved in protests : worldnews

Were on the brink of civil war between Jews and Arabs, warns Acre mayor
Netanyahu puts extremist homophobic politician in charge of Israels Jewish identity
The far-right politician Itamar Ben-Gvir will be Israelsnational security minister under a coalition deal with Benjamin Netanyahus Likud party, in what is likely to be the most rightwing government in the countrys history.

Russia wont stop strikes until it runs out of missiles, Ukraines Zelenskiy says
Exclusive: U.S. weighs sending 100-mile strike weapon to Ukraine | Reuters
Foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland visit Kyiv. We are in Kyiv today in full solidarity with Ukraine. Despite Russias bomb rains and barbaric brutality Ukraine will win!
Over the past nine months, russia has launched more than 16,000 missile attacks on Ukraine. 97% of russian targets are CIVILIAN. We are fighting against a terrorist state. Ukraine will prevail and will bring the war criminals to justice.
NATOs Stoltenberg: Putin trying to use winter as war weapon against Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 278, Part 1 (Thread #419) : worldnews

US eyes long-range rockets for Ukraine as arms supplies dwindle : worldnews

My assessment is that Ukrainians expect or want to be in position by January to begin the final phase of the campaign, which is the liberation of Crimea.@general_ben tells he Economist Asks podcast how the war could play out

This little video is truly incredible. I recommend everybody watch it several times, to let it sink in. It says so much about why Russia is losing this war. A short thread.
Saint Javelin on Twitter: "On the left is from WW1 On the right is from Bakhmut this week" / Twitter

Ukrainian troops using the captured Russian 100 mm anti-tank gun T-12 Rapira against the Russian positions.
Business Ukraine mag on Twitter: "Ukrainian warrior removes damaged body armor. Bakhmut. November 2022" / Twitter

32,000 civilian targets have been damaged by Russian shelling since beginning of war, Ukrainian official says

Oil prices are tumbling. The G7 should ignore lobbying from Greece, Malta & Cyprus for a high and ineffectual cap of $60-70. Now is the time to hit Putin where it hurts, as weak demand means Russian production cuts won't do much. A cap of $30 sends Russia into financial crisis

Mayor of Budapest: I Do Feel Shame Orbans Hungary Seen as Country Siding With Russia

Estonia Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur to German media: War has not greatly weakened Russia's armed forces : worldnews

Ireland Aims To Legalize Cannabis For Personal Use : worldnews

UK Prime Minister Sunak vows to maintain military aid to Ukraine : worldnews
A hundred UK companies switch to four-day working week with no pay cut | Supporters of the four-day week say a five-day working week pattern is just a hangover from an old economic age thats no longer necessary
Child asylum seekers detained as adults after UK Home Office alters birth dates

Police take down super cartel said to be behind about a third of Europes cocaine trade

Meta hit with ~$275M GDPR penalty for Facebook data-scraping breach : worldnews (Fuckerborged)

If Vindman had not spoken out at the risk of his career, Ukraine might have been cut off by a vengeful President Trump from the US aid it needed to prepare its defense against Putins impending invasion. Which is why enemies of Ukraine and democracy hate Vindman so much.

Major News Outlets Urge U.S. to Drop Its Charges Against Assange : worldnews
Major News Outlets Urge U.S. to Drop Its Charges Against Assange - The New York Times and four European news organizations called on the United States government on Monday to drop its charges against Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, for obtaining and publishing classified diplomatic and military secrets. The Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and El Pais

FBI and DHS failing to address threat of domestic terrorism, according to new Senate report : politics

Congress considers codifying same-sex marriage after long battle for gay rights : politics

Biden Helped Democrats Avert a 22 Disaster. What About 24?

Schiff says McCarthy will misrepresent his record and oust him from his committee position thanks to the QAnon caucus
Schiff on complying with GOP subpoenas: We will have to consider the validity

House Dems on GOP's thin majority: Welcome to hell - After two years of late-night phone calls and countless painful negotiations, they're ready to watch Republicans navigate their own barely-there majority.

Sen. Chris Murphy doesnt think Democrats have 60 votes for assault weapons ban
Congress Wont Be Able to Ban Assault Weapons Anytime Soon. Sen. Chris Murphy Has Another Idea. He proposes refusing to fund counties that arent following current gun control laws.

Another Fox News-driven target of likely GOP probes: Looting (lies all the time)

US Supreme Court Suggests It Will Curb Corruption Prosecutions - Bloomberg Court weighs appeal by onetime Cuomo top aide Joseph Percoco - Justices say they worry lobbyists could face prosecution

Garland Shifts as Justice Dept. Grapples With Trump Inquiries - The New York Times After months of an already hyperpartisan political environment, the attorney general appears to be acknowledging that his approach has to be recalibrated ... Mr. Garland has shown a growing willingness to operate outside his comfort zone ...

A Peek Inside the FBIs Unprecedented January 6 Geofence Dragnet ... Google initially identified 5,723 devices as being in or near the US Capitol during the riot. Only around 900 people have so far been charged with offenses relating to the siege.

Crime number 56? President Trumps perjury in a Georgia federal court
Trump Might Have to Face His Worst Nightmarea D.C. Jury
Former Obama lawyer Ian Bassin: The coming indictment of Donald Trump will break his power : politics

Former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway meeting with January 6 committee : politics

Not an accidental meeting. GOP Arkansas governor blasts Trump for hosting white supremacist
Ex-Obama aide says Trump will deny he knows Nick Fuentes but continue towink and nod at white supremacists
Trump Is Descending Deeper Into Heart Of Darkness, Former Mike Pence Aide Warns
Jewish Allies Call Trumps Dinner With Antisemites a Breaking Point
The GOPs sickness is far worse than a Trump problem
The Kremlin Loved Tucker Carlsons Diesel Doomsday Bullsh*t

Ex-Prosecutor: Trumps Latest Move A Sign Of Desperation As Probes Intensify

Anti-Defamation League CEO Makes Blistering Tweak To Trumps Campaign Slogan - make America hate again

The Disturbing World of the New GOP : politics

High-profile Republicans gain followers in first weeks of Musks reign

Inside the Billionaire-Backed Hub for Election Denial
In Arizona, election deniers refuse to back down : politics
Search for Widespread Voter Fraud Finds Very Little Voter Fraud : politics
New state voter fraud units finding few cases from midterms : politics

The 2024 Senate map is terrifying for Democrats. Thats one reason Georgias runoff matters.

Where the Warnock-Walker race stands with early voting underway in Georgia : politics
The Jolt: Warnock rallies weekend voters, but Walker is out of sight
Herschel Walker Only Recently Stopped Renting Out Georgia Home He Claims as His Residence

Trump, Done with Democracy, Calls on Kari Lake to Be 'Installed' as Arizona's Governor

Jewish Texans see surge in antisemitism as a precursor to fascisms foothold

Marjorie Taylor Greene ridiculed for cooking photos: I honestly had tokeep looking

After Colorado Springs mass shooting, Gov. Polis considers changes to strengthen red flag law
These are nine stories from Americas homicide crisis.

Why Is It So Hard for Men to Make Close Friends? - The New York Times - American men are stuck in a friendship recession. Heres how to climb out ... , less than half of the men said they were truly satisfied with how many friends they had, while 15 percent said they had no close friends at all a fivefold increase since 1990.

The Hibernators Guide to the Galaxy - Scientists are on the verge of figuring out how to put humans in a state of suspended animation. It could be the key to colonizing Mars.

Regarding cancer risk and alcohol consumption, there is no safe drinking limit : even light alcohol consumption is dangerous. : science

The combination of autism and exceptional cognitive ability is associated with suicidal ideation : science

Elon Musk's Boring Company Ghosts Cities Across America - The tunnel venture has repeatedly teased local officials with a pledge to solve soul-destroying traffic -- only to back out
Hey, Free Speech Aint Free
Robert Farley on Twitter: "This is an astonishing new theory of how free speech functions." / Twitter
Nightclub owner claims business is up since he set the nightclub on fire
Eschaton: Oh, Elon Local governments will do anything but build decent public transit.
Elon Musk says Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter - The Boston Globe
If you dont want to associate with Nazis you hate free speech, say abject morons ... The idea that Apple has an inalienable obligation to pay Elon Musk so that they can damage their brand is both incredibly stupid and and very bad business model, and he doesnt have any subsidies to bail him out of this one.


The police have arrested around 150 climate activists who blocked the A12 motorway in the centre of The Hague for a time on Saturday. The Extinction Rebellion protest led to the motorway being closed in both directions for some 90 minutes : worldnews

Study has tracked wild birds over three countries in Europe to examine the long-term impact of fireworks before and after New Years Eve and found changes in birds behaviour that persisted well after the fireworks ended

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison likely to be censured for 'usurping' parliament, Albanese suggests ("I am Parliament" he said)

S.Koreas new COVID-19 cases in 50,000 range amid winter resurgence worries

Kims daughter appears again, heating up succession debate

Chiang Kai-sheks great-grandson claims win in key Taiwan race

Protests Erupt in Shanghai and Other Chinese Cities Over Covid Controls - The New York Times A chanting crowd called for Chinas leader, Xi Jinping, to step down, a rare act of defiance reflecting growing anger after nearly three years of lockdowns.
After a Deadly Blaze, a Surge of Defiance Against Chinas Covid PoliciesProtests became rare once the government cut off most routes to collective action. But ubiquitous Covid rules, bringing shared suffering, have created a focus for anger.
Protests against Xi and his zero covid policy broke out in Shanghai and other cities in China : worldnews
Protesters urge Xi to resign over China Covid curbs - BBC News : worldnews
China Covid: Protesters openly urge Xi to resign over China Covid curbs : worldnews
Protests erupt in Xinjiang and Beijing after deadly fire : worldnews
Anti-lockdown protests spread across China amid growing anger at zero-Covid strategy : worldnews
Chinas Xinjiang loosens some zero-COVID restrictions after lockdown protests
Chinese TV Cuts Maskless World Cup Scenes As Covid Anger Mounts : worldnews
Vatican says China violated pact on bishops, wants explanation : worldnews

The West must urgently overcome its fear of provoking Putin : ukraine
Brains and Capital Flee From Dictator Putins Russia: The GDP of These Countries Explode. From February to October 2022, $1,400B was transferred from Russian accounts to bank accounts in Georgia. An increase of +367% compared to 2021
Russia claims NATO attempted to fly drones into Russia : worldnews
Russias Lavrov postpones Belarus visit after sudden death of foreign minister Vladimir Makei

Were Dying Like Flies: Remote Russian Village Grapples With Shortage Of Men Amid Putins War In Ukraine
Russia's Secret Recruits Allegedly Abandoned, Starving, and Missing in Action
One of Russias most prominent nationalist politicians said the Russian military does not have an adequate number of doctors among other problems, a message he delivered in a meeting Saturday with the mothers of soldiers mobilized for the fight in Ukraine

Kremlin defends Russian-led security alliance after Armenia criticism : worldnews

Anti-LGBT law in Russia: Leaders want to construct a united conservative base

India abstains on UN resolution to probe Irans alleged abuses against anti-hijab protesters
India abstains on UN resolution to probe Iran's alleged abuses against anti-hijab protesters - Twenty-five countries supported the resolution, six opposed it and 16 others refrained from voting.
Indian man burns himself to death in language protest at what he called New Delhis attempts to impose nationwide usage of Hindi
Religion in India: Tolerance and Segregation | Pew Research Center - Indians say it is important to respect all religions, but major religious groups see little in common and want to live separately
Air India Has Ordered Cabin Crew to Dye Gray Hair, Report Says : worldnews

South African woman allegedly behind ban black people, not pit bulls voice note faces crimen injuria charge

Turkey's Push to Change How the World Pronounces its Name Causes a Flap - In part weary of bird comparisons, the country wants everyone to say Tour-key-yeh. The rebranding has been a head-scratcher for many people.

Ukraine: Kyiv administration says power restored : worldnews
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy compares Russian invasion to Stalin-era genocide: They want to destroy us again
Iranian drone advisers who were helping Russia bombard Ukraine were killed in Crimea, Kyiv official says : worldnews
The Belgium prime minister, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, is on the second day of an unannounced visit to Ukraine. And already, hes sending a message towards Putin
Even amid murderous Russian raids, western apathy is Kyivs deadliest foe

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 277, Part 1 (Thread #418) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Nov. 27, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
More from the defensive lines.
Defense of Ukraine on Twitter: "An entire residential neighborhood was destroyed today by russian missiles in city of Dnipro. They went unpunished in Syria, so they repeat the same crimes in Ukraine - on an exponentially greater scale." / Twitter
A member of the Russian occupation administration was killed in a car explosion in #Mariupol, another two Russians sustained injuries. One of them has been hospitalised in Donetsk with severe burns.

The German made IRIS-T has proven especially effective against Iranian made Shahed-136 suicide drones.
In the near future, #Ukraine will receive 3 more Iris-T air defence systems from Germany, stated Olaf Scholz. Now there is 1 such system, it has shown 100% effectiveness against russian missiles.
Belgium to send 10 underwater drones & mobile laboratories Laboratories can be delivered within 3 weeks & deployed near place where chemical / nuclear incident could happen. Underwater drones produced byECA Robotics will be delivered by end of May

Civilians flee Kherson as liberated city comes under Russian fire : worldnews

Snake Island defenders freed in prisoner swap with Russia : worldnews

The depravity of Russian destruction has no bounds Scott Kelly on Twitter visiting Ukraine
General Mark Hertling on how Ukraine should keep up the momentum against the Russians : UkrainianConflict
Putin is evil. Michael McFaul on Twitter

Russians prepare to deport 10,500 Ukrainian children from Luhansk Oblast : worldnews
Russian... deport children to Russian under the guise of medical rehabilitation schemes...15,000 children between the ages of two and 17 and found 70%...(10,500) are in need of 'special medical care' that requires...removed to Russia for 'treatment.'

RFE/RL: Russia claims to have nationalized 130 large Ukrainian-owned enterprises in Crimea in November. These include a chain of DIY hypermarkets, a cement plant in Bakhchysarai, and shipyards in Kerch.
THE VICTOR IS MERCIFUL: Badly equipped and led, increasing numbers of RU troops are deserting & surrendering to Ukrainian troops. Despite RUs disregard of the Rules of War, surrendering RU troops are fed, clothed and housed as POWs in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

Earlier, the opposition-minded mayor of Budapest told reporters that Orban tried to portray Ukraine and Zelenskiy as an enemy, but it didnt work, and he switches to horror stories about his usual opponents, like bureaucrats from Brussels and others.

The Dutch cabinet has published its plans to reduce nitrogen-based pollution in the Netherlands which will include a buy-out plan for farmers. Ministers have confirmed that 2,000 to 3,000 farms and other major polluters located close to environmentally sensitive areas will be offered a buy-out deal : worldnews

French man wins right to not be fun at work

Brexit blow: exports to Japan slump after landmark free trade deal. First such accord after leaving EU was predicted to bring 15bn boost but UK now lags rivals. (Liexit)

Teen suspect in Brazil school shootings which killed 4 wore swastika, police say : worldnews

China Pledges $100 Million to Cuba, Discusses New Debt Terms, Says Minister : worldnews

Bidens zero-emission government fleet starts with USPS. The Postal Service is set to roll out 34,000 electric mail trucks in the coming years, and it's transforming its operations to make them go

The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths - The New York Times Why other rich nations have surpassed the U.S. in protecting pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Fauci says we need to keep the politics out of investigating COVID origins

The far right is losing. Thats why America has never been so dangerous

How the Supreme Court Plans to Undermine Future Elections: The clock is ticking for the anti-democracyindependent state legislature takeover.

U.S. Supreme Court to weigh Cuomo-era New York corruption cases : politics

A Trump judge seized control of ICE, and the Supreme Court will decide whether to stop him : politics

After Mueller, legal experts hope for a more vocal special counsel : politics

January 6 report expected to focus on Trumps role and potential culpability

Chris Christie: Trump Untenable Candidate After Dinner With Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes
Marjorie Taylor Greene Appears To Reassure Fascist Nick Fuentes Trump Will Pardon Rioters : politics
Trump calls Kanye West seriously troubled man, who just happens to be black amid fallout over dinner

Republicans shrug off Trump '24 bid:The excitements just not there
They will bend the knee: Lincoln project cofounder cautions against dismissing Trump

Outgoing Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says thebiggest change he's seen in his congressional career is how confrontational Republicans have become

Kevin McCarthy could face a floor fight for speaker. That hasnt happened in a century

Voters turn out for Saturday voting in Georgia Senate runoff : politics
Herschel Walker Says Trump Has Done More for African Americans Than Obama : politics
Herschel Walker asks what a pronoun is: Pronouns? Whats a pronoun?
Veteran GOP Strategist: Herschel Walker running for Senate was a ridiculous idea

Lake seeks election records in suit against Arizona county : politics

As Gen X and Boomers Age, They Confront Living Alone - The New York Times More older Americans are living by themselves than ever before. That shift presents issues on housing, health care and personal finance.

Why I Quit Elon Musk's Twitter - A platform that once represented the new frontier of digital democracy is being used by the world's richest man to troll us all.

TIL that a synthetic THC drug has been legal (Approved by the FDA) in the United States since 1985 : todayilearned -- Marinol

Quantum Breakthrough: Scientists Extend Qubit Lifetimes : technology

Space Elevators Are Less Sci-Fi Than You Think : technology

[Pregnancy and delivery in a patient with pure 46,XY karyotype. Summary of actual knowledge about XY women] - PubMed
A philosophy of science video where I critique Matt Walshs beliefs on trans therapy
Woman born with no womb gives birth to twins after treatment breakthrough | The Independent | The Independent

Whats the best mindfuck movie?

Safety Tests Reveal That Tesla Full Self-Driving Software Will Repeatedly Hit A Child Mannequin In A Stroller : technology


Record efficiency of 26.81% for large silicon solar cells : technology

New protections for sharks, songbirds, frogs and more at CITES trade summit : worldnews

After a year, Omicron still driving COVID surges and worries - The Boston Globe

Will Flu and RSV Always Be This Bad? - The Atlantic COVID knocked flu, RSV, and other respiratory diseases out of whack. When will they be back to normal?

Universal flu vaccine may be available within two years, says scientist : worldnews

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Labor Relations Commission ruled on Nov. 25 that Uber Eats delivery workers have the right to form a labor union and seek collective bargaining : worldnews

Squid Games Oh Yeong Su indicted of sexual harassment charges

Xi tells Kim China wants to work with North Korea for peace: KCNA : worldnews
Kim Jong Un says North Koreas goal is for worlds strongest nuclear force

Taiwan opposition wins control of Taipei in setback for President Tsai : worldnews
Taiwans TSMC founder says 3nm fab will be built in US

China Xinjiang: Urumqi rocked by Covid lockdown protests after deadly fire : worldnews
With record covid cases, China scrambles to plug an immunity gap - The Washington Post ... a vast population without natural immunity. After months with only occasional hot spots in the country, most of its 1.4 billion people have never been exposed to the virus.
Chinas widening COVID curbs trigger public pushback ... 1) the Chinese public lack any natural immunity, 2) the SinoVac vaccine is not particularly effective 3) Even now when the Chinese have an mRNA vaccine, there is a deep-rooted distrust of that technology 4) the elderly are the least likely to get vaccinated as they don't trust the government and 5) the coronavirus has evolved mutants that are even more transmissible
Beijing grinds to a near halt as Chinas capital city battles Covid with more lockdowns - CNBC
China holds its first meeting with 19 countries in Indian Ocean region without India : worldnews
The U.S. is banning the sale of communications equipment made by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE and restricting the use of some China-made video surveillance systems, citing an unacceptable risk to national security

The West must urgently overcome its fear of angering Putin. That means increasing deliveries of everything from long-range missiles and tanks to artillery systems and fighter jets, while placing new restrictions on the Russian energy sector and introducing secondary sanctions to close loopholes : UkrainianConflict
Putin fearing for his life after mass retreat causes goons to sharpen knives
Putin branded a narcissist in leaked FSB letters : UkrainianConflict

Putin met with the bereaved mothers of soldiers at an event accused of being a PR stunt to calm public anger about the high number of casualties
In our country, about 30,000 people die in road accidents (per year). About the same number die from alcohol, he said. We are all mortal, and someday all of us will leave this world. It is inevitable. (you too, Pootie)
Putin will mobilise another 2 million including 300,000 women and impose martial law in Moscow but may use crackdown to bow out in favour of handpicked successor

Western sanctions catch up with Russias wartime economy ... The spiral is escalating, and there is no way out of this now
Sanctions against Russia are very much working [updated with latest data] ... Russia is heading towards ~4% recession in 2022 and in 2023, complicating financing of war in Ukraine
Russia Is Down To Using Ancient Tanks To Fight Ukraine : worldnews

Russia firing ageing cruise missiles because stocks are depleted, MoD suggests : worldnews
Britain says Russia likely removing nuclear warheads from missiles and firing at Ukraine : worldnews

NEW: Reports of poorly supplied Russian mobilized personnel are dividing the #Russian information space, exposing the tension between milblogger mobilization narratives, #Wagner Group narratives, and actual Russian efforts to alleviate morale issues.

Russian agents killed 3 men they said were saboteurs sent by Ukraine. A report says they were just gamers in costume. : worldnews

Belarus foreign minister Makei dies -Belta : worldnews ... Guy was a textbook case of killing off any rival of Lukashenko.
Anton Gerashchenko on Twitter: "Vladimir Makey, 64, head of Belarus Foreign Affairs Minister, is dead. There are rumors he might have been poisoned. Makey was named as a possible successor of Lukashenko. He was one of the few not under Russian influence. Rumors say this might be a hint to Lukashenko." / Twitter ... The Kremlin wants to liquidate Lukashenko in order to take control of the Belarusian army
Kremlin plotting to liquidate Lukashenko, seize control of Belarus army - Robert Lansing Institute : UkrainianConflict
Konrad Muzyka - Rochan Consulting on Twitter: "Satellite imagery analysis confirms an increase in Russian MBT presence at the Baranovichi Training Range in Belarus." / Twitter

EAM: West must live with Indias stand on Ukraine| India News ... First, Western leaders now distrust India for its hypocrisy of supporting sovereignty for India, but not for Ukraine. Second, assistance to India in its struggles against China will be less forthcoming. Third, Indias policies in Kashmir and vis-a-vis Pakistan will be more scrutinized and criticized internationally. Fourth, India will find it harder to find Western allies for its policy interests in the U.N.
India must be cautious in dealing with US: Ex-Army chief Bikram Singh | India News - Times of India : worldnews
Indias Supreme Court considers legalization of same-sex marriage nationwide
Mumbai: Tributes paid to martyrs on 14th anniversary of 26/11 terror attacks : worldnews

Egypts House of Representatives slams European Parliament resolution on human rights as arrogant, politicized

Dozens of casualties as Iran forces fire on protesters : worldnews
Khamenei tells paramilitary group: each rioter, each terrorist,must be punished ... "every woman"
Irans violent crackdown against protesters escalates in parts of the country
Like Purgatory: Audio Leak Exposes Inhumane Conditions For Iranian Female Prisoners
CAR on Twitter: "We found that 70 different manufacturers from 13 different countries produced the components. 82% of the components were made by US-based companies (5/7)" / Twitter
CAR on Twitter: "Through visual comparison with four UAV models documented in 2017-2022 in the Middle East, CAR confirms that the Shahed-131, Shahed-136 and Mohajer-6 UAVs used by Russia in Ukraine were made in #Iran (2/7)" / Twitter

US military reports rocket attacks on its patrol base in Syria : worldnews

Israel gave dozens of countries intel on Iran arms transfers to Russia
Israel: Far-right Ben-Gvir to be national security minister. According to a coalition deal, the far-right politician is set to control Israels police. The Palestinian Authority said his appointment could have a potentially catastrophic impact
Dozens of packages containing drugs wash up along Israels coast
Five IDF soldiers suspended for beating activist in Hebron : worldnews

The Future of American Warfare Is Unfolding in Ukraine - The Atlantic Aid to Ukrainian forces is achieving more than the long U.S. intervention in Afghanistan did.
Ukraine war: Number without power halved but six million still cut off, Zelenskyy says : worldnews
Ukraine gradually restores power : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 276, Part 1 (Thread #417) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Nov. 26, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine war: Facing a harsh winter on the front line - BBC News
This is what bezdorizhzhya (Ukr)/rasputitsa (Rus) season does to the frontline trenches. Tens of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian troops are experiencing this right now.

A third of the roughly 350 Western-made howitzers donated to Kyiv are out of action at any given time, according to U.S. defense officials and others familiar with Ukraines defense needs

Another drone dogfight : The Ukrainian UAV rams into a Russian quadcopter from above making the latter look uncontrolled
Russian Soldiers Say Deserting Only Way To Stay Alive In Ukraine

Vladimir Putins Ally Subject Of Multi-Million Raid, Accused Of Supplying Illegal Aircrafts To Russian Military (Motor Sich)

Kyiv opens Grain from Ukraine scheme to get food to Africas poorest countries | Programme to subsidise exports of grain to poor and hungry countries launched onanniversary of Ukraines Holodomor famine
Dmytro Kuleba on Twitter: "90 years ago, Stalin used hunger as a weapon to starve millions of Ukrainians. Light a candle tonight to commemorate victims of the 1932-1933 Holodomor genocide and mass artificial famines of 1921-1922 and 1946-1947. We survived then and we will not give up or break down today." / Twitter
Ukraine presidents chief of staff says Russia will pay for Soviet-era famine

RansomBoggs ransomware targets Ukrainian Organizations powered by Russian Hackers : worldnews

Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, statement against Russias attempts to rewrite history and supportfor Ukraine
Either Ukraine wins or whole Europe loses, Polish PM says : worldnews

U.S. and NATO Scramble to Arm Ukraine and Refill Their Own Arsenals : worldnews

Major General Andrey Ilchenko, linked GRU disinformation operations, also resides in the same apartment building, along with many other members of Unit 29155. We previously linked Ilchenko to the activities of the "independent" Bonanza Media:
Eliot Higgins on Twitter: "This building is packed full of interesting residents. The apartment number of the couple arrested in Sweden is 282, and just down the corridor is apartment 288, the home of Denis Sergeev, the 3rd suspect in the Skripal poisoning:" / Twitter

Six Czech-made Primoco One 150 UAVs were delivered to Ukraine by Luxembourg

TIL that the Nazis also killed ~1.8 million residents of Poland who were not Jewish, because they considered them racially inferior. : todayilearned

German lawmakers want to declare 1930s Ukraine famine a genocide : worldnews
Germany: Scholz accused of not living up to defence spending promise | National defence budget is not set to increase but rather shrink by 300 million ... This is such nonsense. The guy accusing Scholz of this is the head of Merkels party, which is the party that is most responsible for Germanys political situation over the past 16 years.
Angela Merkel says she lost influence over Putin as a lame duck leader | Angela Merkel : worldnews ... claims she wasn't a Russian agent all along
Germany approves welfare reform, extends nuclear power | Germanys upper house of parliament approved measures aimed at helping people hit hard by high energy prices and the high cost of living. The countrys nuclear power extension will also take effect immediately.

Pope Francis was secretly taped during phone call with cardinal, court hears : worldnews

Landslide leaves up to a dozen missing on Italian island : worldnews

Spains new high-speed trains make it Europes rail capital
Emperor Charles Vs secret code cracked after five centuries | Spain

France has sent 100 powerful generators to Ukraine to help cope with the consequences of Russian strikes on energy infrastructure

he U.S. Just Outplayed England at the World Cup They were the better team in Fridays scoreless draw -- which is amazing.

U.S. prepared to authorize Chevron to boost Venezuelas oil output

Head of Haitis police academy shot and killed in gang-controlled neighbourhood

Canadas Trudeau defends use of emergency powers in FreedomConvoy protests
Freedom Convoy 2.0 being planned for February 2023

u/Annahsbananas personally knows the Alito-Supreme-Court-leak whistleblower and spills all the backroom dirt about Christian nationalism in the Supreme Court : bestof

President Biden extends moratorium on student loan payments : politics

Gina Raimondo, a Rising Star in the Biden Administration, Faces a $100 Billion Test - The New York Times Gina Raimondo, the commerce secretary, has made a career of tackling increasingly larger challenges. Could the next one be too big?

Joe Biden Could Follow Trumps Lead and Ignore Republican House Subpoena

Democrats Are Ready for GOP to Make Hunter Biden the New Benghazi : politics

What can Democrats push through Congress in the lame-duck session? : politics

The legalistic response to the rejection of law ... That's s essentially what wee presented with in this 2,000-word NYT opinion piece on whether Donald Trump is eligible to be president again, given Section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars insurrectionists from holding federal office: A better example of Elite Lawyer Brain would be difficult to adduce. (Jesse Wegman)

Trumps Latest Dinner Guest: Nick Fuentes, White Supremacist
Donald Trump dined with white nationalist, Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes : politics
Trump tells Ye that white supremacist Nick Fuentes really gets me during Mar-a-Lago visit: report
Trump Advisors Called His Dinner With Ye and White Supremacist Nick Fuentes a Nightmare
F---ing nightmare: Trump team does damage control after he dines with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes
MAGA continues to normalize Nazis

Kanye West Announces 2024 Presidential Bid, Seems to Call for Christian Theocracy : politics ... 10-15 years ago would you have ever believed Kanye West would be running for President of the United States on a Christian Theocracy platform? What a time to be alive.
Kanye West asks Donald Trump to be his vice president in 2024 run; Trump has screaming fit, rapper says : politics

Higher young voter turnout in midterms changes approach to major political issues : politics

New state voter fraud units finding few cases from midterms : politics

At Protests, Guns Are Doing the Talking : politics

FTX US Donated $1 Million to a Super-PAC Aligned With Mitch McConnell in October Donation came just days before FTX declared bankruptcy | Bankman-Fried became sixth largest donor in midterm elections : politics

Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has big campaign cash advantage over GOPs Herschel Walker going into runoff election
Its time for Herschel Walker, the most unintentionally hilarious man alive, to ditch politics for comedy

9 Democrats and 8 Republicans form bipartisan majority in Alaska Senate : politics

Elon Musk says he will back Trump rival Ron DeSantis in 2024 if he runs for president : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene hurls homophobic slur at Bay Area rep : politics

GOP voter turnout at presidential levels, outpaces Democrats in N.Y. governors race ... But Zeldin needed substantially more support from unaffiliated voters to defeat Hochul, and didn't find it

Newsom Told the White House He Wont Challenge Biden

One Worrying Sign for Democrats In the 2020 Midterm Results Since 2016, the Democratic coalition has grown increasingly dependent on the support of college-educated white voters who were once reliably Republican.

Mesa settles with Daniel Shavers widow for $8 million after police killed him in 2016

u/northatlanticdivide details (with sources) why mass shootings happen in the US and how to prevent them. : bestof

Stop Asking What Caused the Crime Spike - The Atlantic By zooming out and looking at the big picture, the question of what causes violence becomes quite answerable ... Why are some American neighborhoods so vulnerable to so much violence? ... Producing a sustained reduction in violence may not be possible without addressing extreme, persistent segregation by race, ethnicity, and income.

New York's Grand Dame of Dog Poisoning - Juliet Tuttle may have been the most prolific murderer of pets in American history. How did she get away with it?

Three arrested with 100 pounds of fentanyl in Mattapan apartment, DA says : boston

The more we pulled back the carpet, the more we saw: what I learned when I bought a house with a dark past

IRS warns taxpayers about new $600 threshold for third-party payment reporting : news

u/j0hn-stuart-mill provides hope for a humanity threatened by automation : bestof

u/5tevenattaway provides a first hand account of why handouts to the homless may not be helpful after someone questions a sign posted in Anchorage, AK. : bestof

11 Simple Ways to Improve Your Memory Long-term, immediate, and habitual methods for keeping your memories fresh and clear.

Brain cancer vaccine succeeds at prolonging survival in Phase 3 trial : technology

We Still Dont Know What Fundamentally Causes Canker Sores ... probably the immune systems fault.

Study of families finds evidence of intergenerational transmission of Dark Triad traits and emotional reactivity : science

High Intelligence is Not Associated with a Greater Propensity for Mental Health Disorders : science

When do old people stop engaging in physical intimacy? : AskReddit ... Listen, just because I'm 70 and can still ride a dick like a sugar fueled kid on a pogo stick doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself. You're 32, for gods sake move out of the house if you can't stand listening to your dad and his friends romping away on me in the bedroom.

TIL about the Kent State Massacre, where the National Guard opened fire on unarmed students at Kent State University. Students were staging a peace rally (though not all of those killed were involved in the rally). Soldiers fired 67 rounds in 13 seconds. : todayilearned

Was Caroline Ellison a Main Character or the Fall Girl? How the 28-year-old CEO LARP-ed her way into the collapse of FTX.

Flipping the Bird: Social Media Update - emptywheel

Twitter has lost half of its top 100 advertisers since Elon Musk became CEO : NPR
Twitter has lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers since Elon Musk took over, report says : news
Advertisers continue to flee Elons fascist midlife crisis Twitter ... Apparently buying a website with the sole purpose of featuring more Nazi content is an effective way of repelling advertisers, which is kind of a problem when advertising is the overwhelming majority of your revenue:


What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise? : AskReddit

A Lasting Legacy of Covid: Far-Right Platforms Spreading Health Myths : politics
White Houses Jha: Social media platform owners should consider role in COVID misinformation

New mRNA vaccine targeting all known flu strains shows early promise : worldnews

A 48,500-year-old virus has been revived from Siberian permafrost : worldnews

China Vote-Buying Suspicions Spur Taiwan to Carry Out Raids : worldnews

Beijing on edge as city adds new quarantine centers | AP News
Tesla recalls over 80,000 China-made, imported cars due to software, seat belt issues : worldnews

Everyone In Russia Will Be Terrified Next Week This Is Epic Disaster For Putin & Russia - Ex CIA and retired United States Army general David Petraeus : UkraineWarVideoReport

Another Putin fake show. Those women are actresses. Those 2 are an example and but even the others have been identified. It is so revealing that with more than 80.000 killed Russian soldiers Putin couldnt find (or risk) to sit with a few widows. Pathetic to the core.

Putin Snubbed Repeatedly at Meeting of Russia Allies CSTO : worldnews
Nobody wants to stand next to stinky
Putin Too Scared To Order Nuclear Strike, Leaked FSB Letters
War Crimes Are Part Of Russias War Culture, Says Ukrainian Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Lukashenko warns Ukraine of complete destruction if it does not negotiate with Russia
Russians may be preparing to retreat from southern Ukraine : ukraine
Putins supporters call for the liquidation of Ukraine asgenocidal rhetoric swells

According to Forbes, russia has blown over 1/4 of its state budget ($82.2 billion) trying to wage war in Ukraine : ukraine

Russia Has Admitted It Needs 5 Million Troops to Win War, Ukraine Says : worldnews
Russia tells its troops there must be 5 million of them for victory : worldnews
Interesting. Russians are going to mobilize their troops in Georgia to attempt to replenish depleted forces in Ukraine. The rashist troops currently in Georgia are to be replaced with conscripts. Makes sense since theyve done the same in Syria and Kaliningrad.
Slain Russian Soldiers Belong to the State,Siberian Governor Tells Mothers

Romania, Moldova, Ireland recognize Stalins Holodomor famine as genocide Their parliaments have passed declarations recognizing Holodomor, Stalins man-made famine of 1932-1933 that killed roughly four million Ukrainians, as genocide

NEXTA on Twitter: "In the center of #Moscow, the Yelokhovsky Passage shopping center is on fire." / Twitter

Rats blamed for eating 500 kilograms of cannabis stored by Indian police | CNN : worldnews

Qatar Security escort man wearing pro-Iran protest shirt ahead of match : worldnews
Fifa says rainbow colours now allowed in Qatar after flags confiscated : worldnews

Tehran Jewish community says it sides with regime amid Iran protests : worldnews
Iranian advisers killed aiding Russians in Crimea, says Kyiv : worldnews

NATO vows to aid Ukraine for as long as it takes
Europe accuses US of profiting from war : worldnews
Repost with source link: Zelenskyy urges EU to put $30/barrel price ceiling on russian oil, as proposed by Poland and the Baltic States : ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyi: restoration work continues all today - we gradually return electricity, heat, water supply and communications. In the evening in 15 areas there are still problems with water. The hardest thing is Kyiv, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Poltava and Kharkiv.
The best path to peace is not talks with Putin, but helping Ukraine to win this war
Kateryna_Kruk on Twitter: "Yes" / Twitter

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 275, Part 1 (Thread #416) : worldnews

Losses of the russian army as of 25.11.2022 News : ukraine
A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 25/11/22. There have been no notable changes to control since the last update.
Chuck Pfarrer | Indications & Warnings | on Twitter: "IZIUM AXIS/ 1430 24 NOV/ RU forces were repulsed at Stelmakhivka. Heavy RU shelling along Forward Edge of Battle Area. 10 Russian Lancet UCAVS reported downed by UKR air defense units. RU constructing defenses." / Twitter
Intelligence: Russia needs a week to prepare for next mass attack on Ukraine. Their reserves of high-precision weapons are exhausted, but Russia still has many less precise missiles left, according to Andrii Yusov, spokesman of Defense Ministrys Intelligence Directorate.
T-90M MBT was visually confirmed to have been destroyed. Looks like the whole T90M turret will not toss off was a lie. : ukraine

10 Iranian kamikaze drone instructors were killed in Crimea : UkrainianConflict

Russia rains missiles on recaptured Ukrainian city | AP News
Signs of Russian air activity over occupied Ukraine are visible in satellite imagery from today. The Russian aircraft operating in this area do so largely from bases beyond the range of Ukrainian forces.
Many more Russian invaders have fallen into the Bakhmut meat grinder today. I dont know how the Russian military wants to survive another 9 months of war.
A lot of dead Russian soldiers in Bakhmut. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Defense of Ukraine on Twitter: "Safety is a slippery concept for the occupiers in Ukraine. When you're not in a tank, it's dangerous. When you're in a tank, it's dangerous. When you are on a tank, it is very dangerous. There are no safe places for them in Ukraine." / Twitter
Oryx on Twitter: "This is the second T-90M MBT visually confirmed to have been destroyed in #Ukraine" / Twitter

Samuel Bendett on Twitter: "2/ There is a thesis that the lion's share of drones used by soldiers are supplied by humanitarian orgs. Is that true? Many experts say that our military-industrial complex has "missed" small drones. Yes - the bulk of small UAVs are supplied by volunteers, including our org." / Twitter
Samuel Bendett on Twitter: "4/ "This is true even if the drone is piloted by a trained operator. And if the operator has not had the appropriate training, does not have relevant combat experience, then this is 1-2 sorties - and the drone will be lost."" / Twitter
6/ "We are witnessing a unique situation - the first mass use of small drones in history. I agree that up to this point, small drones have been used in various military conflicts, for example, in Syria, Yemen, and during the military conflict of 2014-2022 in the Donbass..."

Odesa City Council voted for the dismantling and transfer of the monument to the "founders of Odesa" in the center with sculpture Catherine II, the press service of the institution said.

Governor of #Ukraines Kherson region, said - due to constant Russian shelling, they are evacuating hospital patients from Kherson city. This includes a childrens hospital & psychiatric patients from another hospital.
Analysis | Russias Mass Abductions Are Genocide

Weapons industry booms as Eastern Europe arms Ukraine : worldnews

Merkel: There was nothing I could do about Putin ... Merkel was in office from 2005-2021: After Russia attacked Georgia in 2008, Germany's response was to buy more Natural Gas. After the attack in Crimea Germany's response was to start Nord Stream 2. Meanwhile she continued to push policies that shutdown power generation plants in Germany. She is directly to plant for deaths at this point.
Angela Merkel says she was powerless to stop Putin invading Ukraine because he knew she was about to leave office : worldnews

You couldnt make it up. Angela Merkel praises Neville Chamberlain(!) in a Spiegel interview, saying that she bought time for Ukraine by rejecting them for NATO membership at Bucharest 08 like Chamberlain bought time at Munich ... Ukraine was just one of them, running Nordstream 2 , against all the warnings she was given left and right - disarming Germany - the country does not have enough weapons - cheating the NATO 2% budget rule, only spent around 1% on military - Russia penetrated all sectors of German society during Merkel era, I think she did not catch even 1 Russian spy in Germany ... she ordered to dismantle germanys nuclear power plants, to leave the borders open for the refugees and migrants Putin has sent her and to launch a national campaign smearing everybody asking questions about the immigration topic as nazi. She sabotaged germanys transition into the digital era, meddled in elections on federal state level - for which she's being prosecuted by the German Supreme Court ...
Germany to criminalize denying war crimes, genocide : worldnews
Germany plans to relax citizenship rules, report says | The government reportedly wants to speed up the naturalization process to make it easier for migrants to become German citizens. Easier dual citizenship is also on the cards. : worldnews

UK bans Chinese cameras from government buildings : worldnews
In Britain, nearly 200,000 workers are striking on Black Friday | CNN Business : worldnews
Nurses across most of Britain will next month hold the first strikes in their union's 106-year history, joining a host of other UK workers taking industrial action over pay : worldnews undefined
Sharing pornographic deepfakes to be illegal in England and Wales : worldnews

Female Colombian Judge Suspended After Appearing on Virtual Court Hearing in Her Underwear, Smoking in Bed : worldnews

Canadian bank CEOs told Freeland that Freedom Convoy made Canada a joke
Luring pedophiles through fake online ads is not entrapment, Supreme Court says
Alleged Chinese spy detained in Quebec seeks bail, wants to clear name : worldnews

LGM Film Club, Part 319: The Fog of War ... Morris is like a Chotiner interview here. How do you handle McNamara? You just let him talk. Hell hang himself ... Great film. Maybe the best ever made on the Vietnam War.

It All Started on the Border and Thats Still Where It is Today ... This entire nation's history can be summed up in liberals acquiescing to racism in order to gain whatever can be gained
There Is No "Migrant Crisis" - Boston Review - The problem isn't new; ihe bordered logic of global apartheid itself.

The tragic killing of the child tax credit ... Keep reading the story for some good examples of how the plan provided critical benefits and gave dignity to struggling families, and compare then to Joe Manchins vision of people taking the money to buy crystal meth. Heartbreaking.

Bernie Sanders calls out Warren Buffett for getting richer as rail workers fight for better working conditions : politics

Why does the US have so many mass shootings? Research is clear: Guns : politics
Six million Americans carried guns daily in 2019, twice as many as in 2015 : politics
Biden vows to push ban on semiautomatic guns: It's just sick
President Biden hoping to pass ban on assault weapons before end of year : politics

Democrats to Tackle Abortion Access, Gun Laws With New State Power - WSJ

Trump launches Truth Social war on new special counsels wife ... Trump raged online after finding out that the wife of the special counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland is a Democratic donor who was involved in a documentary about former first lady Michelle Obama.

Why Republican donors on Wall Street are abandoning Donald Trump : politics
Elite Conservatives Have Taken an Awfully Weird Turn: As it leaves behind American values, has the right gotten too strange to win elections? : politics

Trump Hosts Holocaust Revisionist Nick Fuentes and Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago : politics
Kanye Ye West Reveals Trump Screamed at Him in Bombshell 2024 Campaign Video ... The thing that Trump was most perturbed about [is] me asking him to be my vice president, Kanye said
Kanye West says Trump really impressed with white supremacist Nick Fuentes after Mar-a-Lago meeting

Mike Lindell weighing run against GOPs Ronna McDaniel if God willing

House Republicans Slim Majority Creates Extra Challenges for Party LeadersEach member will have more leverage to alter or block legislation; McCarthy highlights plans for investigations

Midterms free of feared chaos as voting experts look to 2024 : politics

Arizonas Ducey meets with Hobbs, despite no concession from Lake

Herschel Walker Committed Election Fraud With Texas Residence: Analysts
Herschel Walker claims Texas as his primary residence on taxes : politics
Herschel Walker Has a History of Standing Up For Violent Men | The Georgia Senate candidate said OJ Simpson should mentor kids. : politics
MSNBCs Joy Reid Accepts Herschel Walkers Challenge To Debate On 1 Condition
Bad Idea Herschel: Walker Challenges Joy Reid to a Debate - But is Silent After She Accepts
Herschel Walker blames wifes awfulgenes for son being an ugly baby

Marjorie Taylor Greene calls gay Democrat a groomer after Club Q shooting
Eschaton: To Be Sure -- In a column about the Colorado shooting, Michelle Goldberg couldn't just not throw in TO BE SURE THERE IS A LEGITIMATE DEBATE HERE.She has been horrible ever since she spent the runup to the Iraq war hunting for commies among the Iraq war protesters.

Democrats Taking Over Southern California
Morning Digest: Democrats win control of Orange County, a GOP bastion, for first time since 1970s

Randi Weingarten: Pompeo making it harder for teachers to teach : politics

Musk says granting amnesty to suspended Twitter accounts
Massive Twitter data breach was far worse than reported, reveal security researchers : news
I'm neither left or right, I'm just staying home tonight, high-fiving all my fascist buddies on my new website ... Both his actions and his feed are all just straight-up reactionary white supremacist politics now: ... Elmo Musskolini ...
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "I learned recently that Musk blames progressive educators for his poor relationship with (at least some of) his kids." / Twitter
When somebody says they are neither conventionally right or left, it means they are to the right of Mussolini. (Muskfucker)
would you like to know how i got these SARS on Twitter: "@sfchronicle Congrats to Tesla Autopilot/AI team on achieving a major milestone!" / Twitter ... sixteen people involved in the crash, eight adults and eight children ...

Jeffrey Epstein Accusers Sue Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan - WSJ Lawsuits claim banks facilitated sex trafficking and ignored red flags

Miami-Dade County, stuck in a 19-year contract with FTX, seeks to rename its arena : technology

Ingredient-Substitution Guide for Thanksgiving Recipes | The New Yorker

The college-age population is about to crash. It will change higher education forever. - Vox The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever ... In four years, the number of students graduating from high schools across the country will begin a sudden and precipitous decline, due to a rolling demographic aftershock of the Great Recession

Walt Whitman on What Makes Life Worth Living Tone your wants and tastes low down enough, and make much of negatives, and of mere daylight and the skies.

Battling Antibiotic Resistant Bugs with help from Endocannabinoids. Researchers at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have found an unlikely ally in the fight against antibiotic resistant infections. : science

Study of more than 200,000 people demonstrated that herpes zoster (shingles) is associated with an almost 30% higher long-term risk of a major cardiovascular event : science

Study on more than 250 children over five years found that letting children use phones at an early age was not linked to problems; nor was giving them phones when they were older : science

Witchcraft beliefs are widespread, highly variable around the world In new global dataset, witchcraft beliefs are associated with weak institutions, conformist cultures : science

Federally Funded Study Shows Marijuana Legalization Is Not Associated With Increased Teen Use : science

MassDOT's Map of top crash locations. : massachusetts

Who was actually the worst President ever? : AskReddit

[SERIOUS] What is something people can never understand unless they personally experience it? : AskReddit


Air pollution killed 238,000 Europeans prematurely in 2020: EU watchdog : news

Over 20,000 died in western Europes summer heatwaves, figures show

UN report: 5 women killed every hour by family member. More than half of the women and girls murdered last year were killed by a partner of a close relative. The number of deaths is "alarmingly high," but the UN warns the real situation is likely much worse : worldnews

Its a disaster. Drought dramatically shrinking California farmland, costing $1.7 billion

Is Long COVID Part Of The Historically Tight Labor Market? Signs Point to Yes. Long COVID Has Likely Taken Millions of Americans Out of the Workforce

Pandemic fatigue fueled political discontent during the COVID-19 pandemic. It fueled distrust in the government, conspiracy beliefs, and support for protests. Prior to the pandemic, several Western countries already faced increasing political destabilization. : science

Measles is now an imminent global threat, WHO and CDC say in a new report : worldnews

Over a dozen countries investigate Chinas undeclared police stations
To fight period shame, women in China demand that trains sell tampons

Kremlin: Ukraine leadership can end suffering by meeting Russian demands
Russia planned to attack Japan in 2021: leaked FSB letters : worldnews
Putin accused of staging event with handpicked relatives of Russian soldiers, as Kremlin attempts to quell anger over Ukraine war : worldnews

Vladimir Putin sends elite airborne troops to try to stop breakthrough by Ukrainian forces in the east, says UK : worldnews
Russia forced send air force troops to front line amid heavy losses : worldnews

Russias parliament passes law banning 'LGBT propaganda' among adults (Republicans)

Russia relaunches Soviet-era Moskvich car brand using a former Renault plant : worldnews

Russian Embassy UK tweets cartoon of Zelensky with stereotypical Jewish nose : worldnews

Russia suffers gun crime explosion as police say cases have gone up by 600% : worldnews

Ukraines General Staff published an urgent appeal to Belarusians, saying that Russian special services are preparing provocations in Belarus, targeting critical infrastructure, particularly the nuclear power plant in western Belarus, close to Vilnius.
The cockroach president of Belarus threatens with complete destruction of Ukraine if it doesnt stop(stop what?). Quite in line with recent Russian psyop aimed at forcing Ukraine to negotiate, and Peskov claiming the objectives of the special operation will be completed.

Afghans are giving their hungry children medicines to sedate them. Others have sold their daughters and organs to survive. In the second winter since the Taliban took over and foreign funds were frozen, millions are a step away from famine. : worldnews
Taliban lash 12 people before stadium crowd in Afghanistan : worldnews

Turkey's president vows to launch ground invasion of northern Syria

Another gift from the worlds greatest dealmaker (Trump pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) (swept under his incompetence carpet)
US Confronts Iran on Protests, Ukraine and Nuclear Enrichment - The New York Times The Biden administration has imposed new sanctions on Tehran and expressed support for protesters, as the Iranian government aids Russia in the Ukraine war and continues nuclear enrichment.
US diplomat highlights CNNs report on unspeakable rapes of Iranian activists in detention

Hamas, other terrorist groups, praise Jerusalem bombing attack : worldnews

The #Russian military conducted another set of massive, coordinated missile strikes on #Ukrainian critical infrastructure in a misguided attempt to degrade the Ukrainian will to fight.
Ukrainians suffer in cold, darkness as president implores U.N. to punish Russia : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 274, Part 1 (Thread #415) : worldnews

Russian attacks risked nuclear catastrophe- Ukraines nuclear energy chief

Ukraine is attempting to retake a crucial spit of land that could disrupt Russias missile barrages

According to Intelligence, Russia has 43 Hypersonic Kinzhal missiles that they have not used - The Hypersonic Kinzhals are not being used now and are being saved for later to hit important targets after Ukrainegets better air defenses, and slower missiles become less effective
Poland asks Germany to send Patriot missile launchers to Ukraine. Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Nov. 23 he had asked Germany to send Patriot missile launchers offered to Poland to western Ukraine.

Ukrainian families reunite with children they say Russia kidnapped, put up for adoption : worldnews
A Russian milblogger circulated the fifth part of a Russian documentary series following the adoption of three children from Snizhne, Donetsk Oblast into a Russian family ... This documentary campaign is likely intended to propagate informational conditions to normalize the forced assimilation of Ukrainian children into Russian society.

Nine torture chambers were found on the territory of the liberated Kherson region. Also found 432 bodies of civilians who were killed - Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin
Nine torture chambers and 432 bodies of murdered civilians found in Kherson Oblast : worldnews

Lithuanians did it! We closed the fundraising and for $750 000 will buy 3 marine drones for Ukraine - And we named them proudly for peace russian Black sea fleet - be afraid. PEACE drones will come unnoticably.
Latvia plans to scrap Russian language classes, Lithuania may follow suit : worldnews

Denmark FA consider withdrawing from FIFA as armband ban fallout continues : worldnews

Finland and Sweden step up military aid to Ukraine ahead of winter : worldnews

Sierra Leones president defends large education budget as necessary risk

Poland to confiscate cars from drink drivers : worldnews

Germanys Scholz says Putin can no longer win in Ukraine
Germany to expand Holocaust denial laws to criminalize denying war crimes and genocide in general : worldnews
Germany - burned by overrelying on Russian gas - now vows to end dependence on trade with China : worldnews

Emmanuel Macron on Twitter: "With winter approaching, we will mobilize international support for Ukraine on December 13 to help that country remain resilient and to guarantee its energy access. We will not forget Moldova, which was also affected by water and electricity cuts." / Twitter
Boris Johnson claims France was in denial before Russias invasion of Ukraine
France moves closer to making abortion a constitutional right : worldnews

Brazils electoral court rejects Bolsonaro election challenge, also fined the parties in Bolsonaros coalition to the tune of 22.9 million reais for what the court described as bad faith litigation.
Trump aides Bannon, Miller advising the Bolsonaros on next steps : politics

Biden requests $3B for residential solar, battery systems in Puerto Rico : politics

There is a growing shadow campaign to defend Joe Biden from House Republicans Democrats are already preparing efforts to defend him ahead of an expected rematch with Donald Trump.

What Is the Federalist Society and Its Connection to Supreme Court Judges? : politics

Schumer proposes Dem leadership shake-up : politics (cement in place)

Trumps new nemesis
Trumps new nemesis: Special counsel 2.0 unlikely to be Mueller repeat
I Experienced Jack Smiths Zeal Firsthand. Will Trump Get the Same Treatment? His handling of the ex-president will show whether Smith really is an aggressive prosecutor - or just aggressive against the powerless. - James Risen

Justice department asks Pence to testify in Trump investigation | Mike Pence : politics

Opinion | Trump Cant Quit the Victim Act

Accountant testifies Trump reported significant tax losses for a decade : politics

Trump is sued again by writer for defamation, and battery, over alleged rape : politics
E Jean Carroll files new rape lawsuit against Trump under NYs Adult Survivors Act

Kanye West asks to be Trumps vice president in 2024 elections

Congress passes law banning non-disclosure agreements in sexual harassment cases : politics

Kevin McCarthy tries to boost his conservative bona fides as pro-Trump lawmakers threaten his speaker bid | CNN Politics

Opening the gates of hell : : Musk says he will revive banned accounts - The Twitter chief says he will reinstate accounts suspended for harassment, abuse and misinformation beginning next week

Denver Post Tells Lauren Boebert Were Looking At You After Colorado Shooting
El Paso County Sheriffs Office, which arrested alleged Club Q shooter in 2021, has never initiated a red flag gun seizure
After the Colorado Springs attack, LGBTQ people are furious at the rhetoric targeting them : politics
After 3 Mass Shootings, a Thanksgiving With 14 Empty Chairs - The New York Times
Right-wing influencers and media double down on anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in the wake of the Colorado shooting Tucker Carlson was among the conservative media figures who continued attacking LGBTQ people in the wake of the Club Q shooting.
Aaron Brink, Pornstar Dad of Colorado Club Q Shooting Suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, Spews Homophobia -- Aaron Franklin Brink, who has appeared in such films asI Wanna Get Titty Fucked and Latina Slut Academy, said he was just happy his kid isnt gay.
Looks like we have a DeSantis primary voter!
Ashley Michels on Twitter: "Unfortunately, I have covered mass shootings multiple times in my career. This is the first time I can recall getting message after message from viewers like this." / Twitter
Its qualitatively different this time. I think this will be the norm in the post-Rittenhouse era.
California legislature is 10% LGBTQ+ in record-setting year nationwide : politics

Democrat Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin in race for Alaskas at-large House seat
Sarah Palin Just Lost a 50-Year GOP Seat to Alaskas First Native Rep

Sen. Lisa Murkowski wins re-election in Alaska, fending off Trump-backed challenge after a ranked-choice runoff : politics
Palin and Tshibaka losses in Alaska add to Trumps midterm failures

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer To Appoint First Black Woman To Michigans Supreme Court

Mastriano supporters are flooding Pa. courts with baseless recount petitions in governorsrace

A Tale of Two Fascisms: DoucheyJD Vance vs.Creepy Blake Masters
Doubts about candidates tipped the scales in tightest races : politics

Arizonas GOP governor congratulates Hobbs on victory as Lake refuses to concede

US progressives reject Republican push against Ilhan Omar : politics

The Far Right War on Education

Americans overwhelmingly say marijuana should be legal for medical or recreational use : politics
How New York City Became a Free-for-All of Unlicensed Weed - The New York Times Shops selling weed have proliferated since the state legalized cannabis last year, thriving in confusion over their legality and a lack of enforcement.

Ohio St. apologizes to Michigan St. hockey player after racial slur


They will cancel rich white people for anything these days

Congressmembers Tried to Stop the SECs Inquiry Into FTXTheBlockchain Eight wrote a bipartisan letter in March attempting to chill the SECs information requests to crypto firms. FTX was one of those firms ... the company sprinkled around campaign donations fairly evenly, with a shade over 50 percent going directly to congressional Republicans and a shade under 50 percent to Democrats this cycle.
FTX s Bahamas crypto empire: Stimulants, subterfuge and a spectacular collapse -- Crypto wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried had promised the island paradise a path to financial glory. His meltdown has left some Bahamians worried about the ripple effects.

The clearest photo of mercury ever taken. : pics

corsair130 comments on Historic System Scrollbars

It's not your imagination: Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse - Everything on Amazon is becoming an ad

Amazon Alexa is a colossal failure, on pace to lose $10 billion this yearLayoffs reportedly hit the Alexa team hard as the companys biggest money loser.


Superbug fight needs farmers to reduce antibiotic use

The latest COVID-19 numbers from Massachusetts 4,425 confirmed cases and 64 deaths in six days. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Vaccinated people now make up a majority of covid deaths - The Washington Post

Overconfidence in ones reasoning abilities and distrust of science are linked to COVID-19 conspiracy beliefs

Global mortality associated with 33 bacterial pathogens in 2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019 : science

Kims sister warns US of a more fatal security crisis

Images of maskless crowds at the World Cup in Qatar have sparked anger in China, where people worn out by harsh Covid-19 restrictions are questioning their government's exceptional approach while the rest of the world lives alongside the virus : worldnews
iPhone Factory Workers Clash With Chinas Riot Police Over COVID Fears | Workers at Apples largest iPhone plant in central China have clashed with hazmat suit-wearing riot police since the early hours of Wednesday over dire living conditions inside a strict COVID-19 bubble

Russian Fury After Top Putin Official Is Booted From Diplomats Meeting : worldnews

This is an unwinnable war for the Kremlin, an attempt to brutally reforge reality in support of myths of Russian greatness. But eventually, reality comes for us all, even for Vladimir Putin.
Defeat in Ukraine dooms Putins distorted historical worldview Without victory, the essence of Putins confected vision of history and Russian identity disappears.

Ukrainska Pravda in English on Twitter: "Kremlin conducts closed poll and finds Russians fundamentally tired of war" / Twitter
Russians grow more critical as Putins military operation drags on and sanctions take a toll
Putin Hiding from Mothers and Wives of Russian Soldiers
u/doofpooferthethird explains the brutality of Russian prison culture : bestof

ISW on Twitter: "NEW: The #Kremlin appears to be setting information conditions for a false-flag attack in #Belgorod Oblast, #Russia, likely in an effort to regain public support for the war in #Ukraine." / Twitter

: Moscow drag queens defiant as LGBTQ law looms

Russian Colonel Arrested For Demanding A Washing Machine As A Bribe : worldnews

Russian university officials pressured African students to join the war, threatening them with axed scholarships and tuition hikes: report : worldnews

Armed Crime on the Rise in Russia - The Moscow Times ... Crimes involving weapons have surged by nearly 30% in Russia this year, the RBC news website reported Wednesday, citing police data.
Russia suffers gun crime explosion as police say cases have gone up by 600% : worldnews

Sanitary pads in India contain cancer, infertility causing chemicals: Report : worldnews

Erdogan vows Syria ground invasion, Kurds prepare response : worldnews

FIFA charges Ecuador over fan chants at World Cup opener : worldnews
Germany players cover mouths in team photo amid armband row : worldnews

In an unprecedented moment, Kurds across the Middle East are under attack from all sides : worldnews

Iranian police using sexual violence to suppress protests : worldnews ... raping women for lacking modesty?

Twin blasts in Jerusalem kill 16-year-old, injure 18 in morning bus station attack : worldnews
Israeli body abducted by Palestinian gunmen, retrieval efforts ongoing : worldnews

Russian Official Warns Regime Will Chase Zelensky All Over The World
Boris Johnson exposes the Wests reaction at start of war: France were in denial, Germans believed if Russia invaded, it would be better if it was over quickly, & Italy were massively dependent on Russian hydrocarbons & said that they would be unable to support [Ukraine]
Whats the Harm in Talking to Russia? A Lot, Actually

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 273, Part 1 (Thread #414) : worldnews

Russia damages almost all Ukrainian thermal and hydroelectric power plants : worldnews

People from 93 countries help Ukraine to build a fleet of naval drones : worldnews

The Wagner Group forces continue to operate on the Bakhmut axis;Luxembourg transfers HMMWV infantry mobility vehicles; The Turan battalion was formed consisting of Azeri and Kyrgyz fighters in Ukraine
Ukraine raids 1,000 year old Russia-backed Kyiv monastery : worldnews
According to the SBU, the raids were carried out to search for sabotage groups, foreign citizens, or illegal weapons, as well as to prevent the use of facilities as "centers of the Russian world."

At night, the Russian army shelled the maternity ward of the Vilnyansk hospital with rockets, killing a newborn baby. Rescuers are already working at the scene, said the head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration Oleksandr Starukh.

He urged the EU to speed up work on the 9th package of sanctions against Russia. I call on all colleagues in the EU to put aside any doubts, and start and quickly complete a new sanctions package. And make it as powerful as possible, Kuleba said.
European Parliament has declared Russia as a "state sponsor of terrorism" : worldnews

Gazprom threatens to reduce gas supplies to Moldova - CNBC - Russian state gas giant Gazprom threatened to reduce gas supplies to Moldova via Ukraine, putting forward allegations that Kyiv is holding onto supplies destined for its neighbor.

The only positive side effect this year has been that Nordic cooperation is getting even deeper. Especially the three neighbours Finland, Sweden and Norway are becoming quite inseparable.

Viktor Orban Greater Hungary scarf angers Romania and Ukraine
Ukraine to protest over Orban scarf showing part of Ukraine as Hungarian territory : worldnews

German Catholic Church amends law to allow LGBTQ employees : worldnews
Huge horde of Celtic gold coins stolen from German museum : worldnews

Scotland blocked from holding independence vote by UKs Supreme Court

Brits are starting to think again about Brexit as the economy slides into recession : worldnews
Buffeted by Economic Woes, U.K. Starts to Look at Brexit With BregretStung by inflation and bracing for tax increases, the country is in the midst of its gravest slump in a generation, leading many to wonder how much the split with the European Union is to blame.

Bolsonaro now no longer conceding election - claiming fraudulent results due to voting software error : worldnews

One in three Ukrainians with visas have reached Canada as applications approach 700K : worldnews

Drones over D.C.: Senators alarmed over potential Chinese spy threat - POLITICO

Biden administration will extend student loan debt repayment holiday to June, reports say : politics

Making the case for abolishing billionaires : politics
Unemployment assistance to millionaires soared during pandemic : politics ... More than 19,000 people who made at least $1 million in 2020 also collected jobless assistance that year

Is Samuel Alito a Giant Leaker? Top Dems Threaten Investigation After New Leak Allegations. : politics

Fauci gives final briefing after 50 years in government : politics

Joe Biden Can Confirm Even More Judges If Democrats Win Georgias Senate Race (

Passing Electoral Count Act reforms is vital to national security : politics

Its Weird, but Democrats Actually Have Their Sh*t Together in Congress

Biden must be impeached - Trump might have committed the occasional oopsie, but surely Joe Biden violating the inalienable right of the White House press corps to cover his granddaughters wedding is a million times worse than all of them put together:
I am Once Again Asking the White House Press Corps to Stop Being a Gigantic Embarrassment. Sorry you didnt get invited to a wedding, I guess?

Barr Says Trump Will Destroy GOP If He Loses 2024 Nomination : politics

U.S. Supreme Court clears way for lawmakers to get Trumps tax returns
Trump rips Supreme Court after ruling he hand over tax records : politics ... "They refused to even look at the Election Hoax of 2020. Shame on them!" SC total libtard operation, Trump claims
Donald Trumps tax returns at the mercy of leakers

Appeals panel grills Trump lawyer over FBI search of Mar-a-Lago - The Washington Post In hearing appeal of special master appointment, judges seem skeptical that court-approved search was improper or unlawful
Trumps Legal Problems All Converged Into One Day of Spectacular Failures
Accountant testifies Trump claimed decade of huge tax losses | AP News

Trump Bragged the Evangelicals Would Never Leave Him. Then the Defections Began

Prosecutors want to speak with the former vice president as a witness to former President Donald Trumps efforts to remain in power, and he is said to be considering how to respond.

Smartmatic Subpoenas Former OAN Host and Trump Lawyer Christina Bobb as Part of Multi-Billion Dollar Defamation Brawl : politics

US corporations gave more than $8m to election deniersmidterm campaigns | US midterm elections 2022

To what extent is the Big Lie an example of the Mandela effect?

Elon Musk Loses $100 Billion in Net Worth as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet : news
Noah Berlatsky on Twitter: "the owner of twitter is literally using the platform to target marginalized people for hate and violence." / Twitter
Sam Bankman-Fried reportedly owns a $100 million stake in Elon Musks Twitter
More than a third of Twitters top 100 clients have not advertised on the platform in the past two weeks, data shows
Elon Musks Twitter Reinstates Anti-Trans Activists on Same Weekend as Club Q Attacked
Mr. Musk and his advisers are examining all types of expenses at Twitter. Some of the social media companys vendors have gotten stiffed.
Twitter Is the Elon Musk Show Now
Tesla Is Down Bad Right Now
Capitalists against the free market, an endless series

Reactivated Marjorie Taylor Greene vows to test every limit of free speech on Twitter (Muskrat unleashes hatred on America)
Marjorie Taylor Greene calls gay Democrat a groomer in wake of LGBTQ club shooting

Dont Act Surprised, We Knew the Right Was Stoking Violence
Right-wing influencers and media double down on anti-LGBTQ rhetoric in wake of Colorado shooting : politics
A Dark and Constant Rage: 25 Years of Right-Wing Terrorism in the United States

Were looking at you, Lauren Boebert. Stop the intolerance.
Lauren Boebert lashes out at LGBTQ critics | Lauren Boebert says she has never said anything bad about LGBTQ people while she spewed hateful lies about LGBTQ people. : politics

Warnock holds narrow lead over Walker in runoff, AARP poll finds : politics
Herschel Walker accuser comes forward with fresh relationship claims; Woman who says she was pressured into abortion by Republican Senate hopeful presents unseen letters, audio and diary entries : politics
Herschel Walker Doubled Down on Transphobia the Day After the Colorado Shooting : politics
Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker getting tax break in 2022 on Texas home intended for primary residence | CNN Politics

The midterms offered fresh evidence that voters with bachelor's degrees and those without them are diverging.

Mike Pompeo boldly and insanely claims Teachers Union leader is The Most Dangerous Person in the WorldAhead of Kim Jong Un

The Growing Religious/Secular Rift on the Illiberal Right: Christianitysemphasis on forgiveness, suffering, the meek and poor runs totally counter to the tendencies of the New Right and National Conservatism.

Child Beauty Pageants somehow is never a topic of conversation for The Republicans : PoliticalHumor

Department of Justice Opens Investigation Into Real Estate Tech Company Accused of Collusion with Landlords : politics

American police forces perpetuate racial stereotypes on social media | Their posts may influence public attitudes : politics

Normalize Cannabis through SAFE Banking Reform : politics

Kanye West Used Porn, Bullying, Mind Games to Control Staff - Former Yeezy team members claim West showed them explicit images of Kim Kardashian and used fear and manipulation to assert dominance. A scathing open letter to Adidas claims execs "turned their moral compass off (sleezy Yeezy)

Texas law limits punitive damages to far below what a jury awarded in a lawsuit brought by the parents of a Sandy Hook victim, but the judge called ita rare case

Brett Favre helped an experimental drug maker get $2M in welfare money. Experts doubt the drug can work. Favre has promoted the nasal spray, which is designed to quickly treat brain injuries from a concussion, on podcasts, radio interviews and national television. (noted crooked epidemiologist and football head) y

Cop Who Resigned After Groping UMass College Student Landed New Job Investigating Sexual Assaults in MA : massachusetts

Multiple People Are Fatally Shot at a Walmart in Virginia - The New York Times The assailant was also found dead at the store in Chesapeake, Va., according to the police.
Walmart worker in Virginia opens fire, killing at least 6, police say The shooting at the Walmart Supercenter was reported to police shortly after 10 p.m. Tuesday, police said.

6 shot, 11-year-old killed during Wisconsins gun-deer season opening weekend

10 More Disturbing Revelations About Sam Bankman-Fried

TIL Estrogen is linked to causing depression and anxiety in women but doctors and scientists are unsure how. The actual measured level of estrogen doesn't predict emotional disturbances. : todayilearned
Study finds that chemical imbalancein depression is a myth

Scientists find biomarkers of cuproptosis, a very novel form of regulated cell death, predict autism spectrum disorder with 90% accuracy : science

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy is associated with neurobehavioral problems in 3-year-old offspring : science

Antioxidant Flavonols Associated With Slower Memory Decline in Large Cohort Study : science

Infertile men using cannabis are at higher risk of having lower testosterone levels and altered sperm morphology as compared with nonusers. : science

A study indicated that "inhaled THC-rich therapy is more effective than CBD-rich sublingual extract therapy for treating low back pain and that cannabis therapy is safe and effective for chronic low back pain." : science

Do hairy people have more hair follicles than less hairy people, or are their hair just longer/thicker? : askscience

Lopsided star cluster may disprove Newton and Einstein, controversial new study claims. An uneven distribution of stars in several nearby clusters may offer evidence of MONDa controversial theory of gravity that disputes Newton and rejects the existence of dark matter.

What do you think the biggest mistake was that we made in the past 10 years was? : AskReddit

Database of nearly 500 million WhatsApp users mobile phones is up for sale


Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits Solomon Islands - USGS : worldnews

Towering clouds of ash and glowing lava are spewing from two volcanoes on Russias Kamchatka Peninsula and scientists say major eruptions could be on the way

What "longtermism" gets wrong about climate change

Village in French Alps demolishes its ski lift because theresno snow left

Large parts of Europe are warming twice as fast as the planet on average. As a consequence of human emissions of greenhouse gases, the climate across the continent has also become drier, particularly in southern Europe, leading to worse heat waves and an increased risk of fires. : science

The Klamath Dams

Ian was one of the most lethal hurricanes in decades. Many of the deaths were preventable. Hurricane Ian illustrated the challenges of protecting densely populated waterfront communities and exposed shortcomings in how local governments respond, an NBC News investigation found -- Hurricane Ian killed at least 148 people in Florida, most of them in coastal communities where the danger of storm surge is well documented but not widely understood

Effectiveness of Bivalent mRNA Vaccines in Preventing Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection - bivalent boosters provided significant additional protection against symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection in persons who had previously received 2, 3, or 4 monovalent vaccine doses. Due to waning immunity of monovalent doses, the benefit of the bivalent booster increased with time since receipt of the most recent monovalent vaccine dose
A new coronavirus variant has taken over, sparking concerns of a winter surge - The Boston Globe Scientists expect a rise in infections but say the vaccines should still protect against severe disease.

One in Four Workers Still Fear Catching COVID-19 at Work

Return on Investment of the COVID-19 Vaccination: every $1 invested in the New York City vaccination campaign yielded an estimated $10.19 in cost savings from lower infection and mortality rates, fewer productivity losses, and averted health care use. : science

The lifecycle of SARS-CoV-2 - news - Maastricht University

Bacterial infections are the second leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for one in eight of all deaths in 2019, the first global estimate of their lethality revealed on Tuesday : worldnews

Philippines to send diplomatic note to Beijing on South China Sea incident : worldnews

Japan govt to begin investigation of Unification Church : worldnews

South Korea debates scrapping Cold War-era ban on Norths propaganda

China says reason for U.S.-China situation is because U.S. made wrong strategic move : worldnews
Pentagon Chief Tells China To Rein In Militarys Dangerous Behavior
Europe Reasserts Middle Path on China, Pushing Back on Biden : worldnews
China is developing new nuclear system to power moon base expected to be up and running by 2028 : worldnews

NATO Parliamentary Assembly declares Russia to be a terrorist state
Russia banned from Munich Security Conference, wont be given