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Egypt / Egyptian Mysteries

Absolute Egyptology: Gods, History, Kings, Pyramids, Decline, Resurrection, Foreign Rule
Ptolemaic Dynasty Overview | Affiliated Lines
Book of the Dead
Shabaka Stone
Netjeru Gallery
Tehuti: Ancient Egypt
Egyptology Resources
Neferchichi's Tomb: Egyptian Clip Art
The Amun Page
Ancient Egypt : Introducing Ancient Egyptian Religion, Ritual and Philosophy
Ancient Egypt : The Memphis Theology of the Shabaka Stone
Ancient Egypt : To Become a Magician

An Overview of Ancient Egyptian Religion
TourEgypt: Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt
Gods of Egypt - Gods and Mythology of Ancient Egypt
Sekhet | Henadology

Religious Monuments in Egypt | Historical Astrology In Egypt
Osiris Cult | Set
Valley of the Queens in Thebes, Egypt
Digital Karnak: Experience Karnak
Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project
Brooklyn Museum: Features: Karnak: Mut Precinct
8 Rulers of Ancient Egypt: Most Precise Timeline Revealed | LiveScience

Dating Pharaonic Egypt -- Bruins 328 (5985): 1489 -- Science
Radiocarbon dating of plant remains pinpoints chronology of ancient Egyptian kings - University of Oxford
ORAU - Egyptian Chronology

Ryan-Egyptian Archeology: Valley of the Kings
The Eye of Horus
What was the aim behind the creation of the "Wands of Horus"?
Neferchichi's Tomb
About the Rosetta Stone
Welcome to the Egypt Centre
Annotated ancient Egyptian texts
Egyptian Consciousness
The Story of the Rosetta Stone, "Finding a Lost Language"
Crystalinks: The Rosetta Stone
Ancient Egypt Site
History of Ancient Egypt
Comprehensive List of Ancient Egyptian Kings
Egypt from Space
Reeder's Egypt Page
Eternal Egypt (multi-lingual)
Pyramid Texts Online
Egyptian Mythology
SOL: The Egyptian Neters - Part I by Billie Walker-John
Canopic Gods and Rituals
Osiris and Pagan Resurrection Myths: Assessing the Till-McFall Exchange
Rudolf Steiner: Egyptian Myths and Mysteries
Egyptian Mythology
The History of Herodotus Book II
Ancient Landmarks: XIX: Osiris, Isis, Horus, and Set
Egyptian Mummies
The Great Pyramid: Mathematical Proportions & Best Model
Charles Henry: Linking The Great Pyramid to the Human Form
The Surprising Truth Behind the Construction of the Great Pyramids | LiveScience (nano-concete)
The Great Pyramid of Giza - Herodotus, visiting in the fifth century BC, reported that inscriptions of strange characters were to be found on the pyramid's casing stones. In AD 1179 the Arab historian Abd el Latif recorded that these inscriptions were so numerous that they could have filled 'more than ten thousand written pages'
TIL: The Great Pyramid was once encased in limestone and would have appeared perfectly smooth and blindingly white. : todayilearned

Digital Giza | Giza Plateau

Philosphy Behind Design - THE GREAT PYRAMID

TIL: The Great pyramid of Giza has 8 sides, not 4. : todayilearned
(1) (PDF) The Great Pyramids of Giza Has Eight Sides and Not Four
The building of the pyramids with rope rolls - a new method by Franz Lvhner
The outer stones (casing) for the Khufu pyramid
Building the pyramids with the help of a rope roll - a new method by Franz Lvhner

Khufu's Inheritance: Jean-Pierre Houdin Discusses the Noble Circuit and Deciphering the Pyramid
Khufu Reborn (subs: eng, rus) - YouTube

Zoser's Pyramid
NOVA Online/Pyramids/Explore the Pyramids
Farshores Ancient Mysteries Article: Cheops TOE 11
Cheops Pyramid Face Angle
? The hidden secrets of Egypt Pyramids (Harun Yahya) - YouTube (hmmmm)
Avatars ofthe Goddess: Egypt
The Meaning of some Old-Egytian Names
Vincent Bridges: Return of the Djedi
Virtual Egypt
27 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Egyptian mathematics

Egyptian Gods and Soul Types
Nine Parts of the Human Soul According to the Ancient Egyptians Ancient Egyptians had their own complex ideas about what makes up the human soul, and their beliefs involved dividing the soul into nine parts: Khat, Ba, Ren, Ka, Shuyet, Jb, Akh, Sahu, and Sechem.
Ancient Egyptian conception of the soul - Wikipedia

Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple ,/a>
«The Wands of Horus» by Valery Uvarov
Khu Egyptian Mystery School
William Meegan" Great Pyramid's Three Chambers: "Monuments to the Squareroot of #2"
Great Giza Pyramid: Reseach Association
Giza Archives Project Home | Giza Archives Project Interactive
Microsoft Word - PYRAMID GIZA EQUATION and MAGI CODE.doc - PDF 4 SACRED SEE.pdf - Agnes Moore
Wey oh wey oh wey oh wey oh. | MetaFilter (youtube videos)
Saqqara Online
Theban Mapping Project
PyramidCam Live
Alexandria Bibliotheque En Ligne Du Kolob Order
From Luxor to Aswan
Resources for Information About Ancient Egypt
Larry Hunter: Pyramid Research, critique of Bauval, Hancock, West
Ralph Ellis: Pyradmid Theory, contra Bauval
Hidden Mysteries of the Pyramid
The Pointing Man: The Sky of the Pyramid Builders
Jim Cornwell: Translation of the figures in the Zodiac of Denderah"
North American Review 1823: The Zodiac of Denderah
Dendera, Egypt  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger
The Timing of Nibiru’s Last Appearance
The Mythology of Ancient Egypt
Egyptians on Mars, Isis on Camera
The Temple of Aset/Isis
The Temple of Hathor
Crystalinks: Hathor
The Domain of Het-Hert (Hathor)
Seven Hathors
The Hathor Cow Goddess in Facsimile #2 by Kerry Shirts
The White Goddess - Aspects Of The Goddess - Hathor - Eye Of Re.
The Egyptian Book of the Dead -11
The Sphinx & the Pyramids: 100 Years of American Archeology at Giza
Larry Pahl: Great Pyramid: The Ancient Mystery Unraveled
Great Pyramid: Dreamland Report
Capstone: Great Pyramid: Astrology of Jesus
The Null Zone: Pyramid at Giza
Greatdreams: The Mystery of Osiris
Catchpenny Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
PBS: Nova: Virtual Reality Tour of the Great Pyramid
ASET: The Egyptian Isis
The Story of The Hyksos: in Egypt
Secrets of the Sphinx: Platonic Year, Millennium
Theban Mapping Project: Thebes
The Sphinx Group | Cross-Disciplinary Timeline
David Billington: Redating the Sphinx: The Debate
Beetles as Religious Symbols, Cultural Entomology Digest 2
Egypt in the World of Darkness: The Land of Horus
The Egyptian Nephandi
Per-Ankh: The House of Life: The Ogdoad of Hermopolis
Egyptian Mythology
Ankh - Djed
The Ankh and the Hyacrom: Hyarama in History and Context
Egyptian Tradition and Gods
I. M. Oderberg: The Radiant Thread of Egyptian Myth
Early Dynastic Egypt by Francesco Raffaele
Giza Archives Project
Digital Egypt
Cairo Museum
Neith: Ancient Goddess of the Beginning, the Beyond, and the End
Historical Astrology In Egypt
American Society of Papyrologists
Jim Fournier: Critical Notes on Stecchini and Tompkins
Carl P Munck: Pyramid Matrix
Carl P Munck: The Bent Pyramid of Seneferu (??)
Astronomie en Egypte Antique
Alfonso Rubino: Secret Science of Ancient Egypt: Dynamics Theory
Rudolf Gantenbrink: The Uphuaut Project: complete scientific report about the investigation of the so-called "air shafts" inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops
Jim Loy's Egyptology and Egyptian Hieroglyphics Pages
Hieroglyphs: Hieroglyphic Directory
Astronomy in Ancient Egypt
Historical Astrology In Egypt
Egypt: A Great History
Astronomy and the Great Pyramid » American Scientist
The World's oldest puzzle on Osiris Numbers
Jim Fournier: Precession and the Pyramid: Astronomical Knowledge in Ancient Egypt
Audrey's Ancient Egypt
The Osiris Legend and Precession
Audrey's Ancient Egypt: The Constellations
The Osiris Legend and the Tree of Life
Tree of Life-Egyptian Attribution - Alternative view on art, architecture and religion
Charles William Johnson: Pyramids of Egypt: Precession Numbers and Degrees of Angles
Audrey Fletcher: The Celestial Sphinx ANKH: Egyptologie et Civilisations Africaines
Metrum: An Interpretation of the Dimensions of the Pyramids of Gizah: Precession of the Axis of the Earth

Egyptian Gods and Religions
Egyptian Gods
Egyptian Mythology : Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Deities from Egypt
The Rods and the Pyramid
Cylinders of the Pharaohs
What does the Great Pyramid have to do with Heaven?
Seven Inexorable Powers
Coptic Fellowship International
Seshat: the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Name of Netjer associated with history and record keeping Names of Netjer: Index
Ra-Horakhty the home of Esoteric Egyptology
Robert Bauval: The Orion Mystery
Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Egypt: An interactive guide for kids
Early Images of Egypt: Photographic Archive Collection of the Frank H. McClung Museum
Little Paul: Maker of Investigations
The Great Machine
Thomas O. Mills: The Truth
The Hall of Maat: Evidence for Alternative History
Serpent in the Sky: the High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt | The Legacy De Lubicz
'The Geological Evidence for the Sphinx's Age' by James Harrell
The Age of the Sphinx, by Robert Bauval
Al-Ahram Weekly | Heritage | Lascaux on the Nile
Linguistic Correspondence: Nahuatl and Ancient Egyptian
RSNA 2006: The First Multidetector CT Study of a Royal Egyptian Mummy: King Tutankhamen King Tut Family Project
JAMA -- Abstract: Ancestry and Pathology in King Tutankhamun's Family, February 17, 2010, Hawass et al. 303 (7): 638
News from the Valley of the Kings: The Consanguinity Problem
Exploring Ancient Lands , Archive » Have The Dna Tests Proved Akhenaten Was Tutankhamun’s Father? Or have they told us something else?
Em Hotep!/Egypt for the Curious Layperson and the Budding Scholar/ The Blogroll Roundup: Critiquing the JAMA Article/Egypt in the News/Shemsu Sesen
Family tree of the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt - Wikipedia
Family Tree of the 18th Dynasty
The Book of Gates with the Short Form of the Book Am-Tuat by E. A. Wallis Budge (1905)
About Heliopolis and the Ben Ben Stone « Constable Research B.V.

Ancient manuscript pieced together after Cairo Museum find | Books | The Guardian - A certain holy place that is protected by multiple gates and their powerful guardians. These latter are characterised as supernatural beings with immense magical powers. The texts in the scroll contain this specific and magical knowledge that is required to pass safely by these dangerous beings and get access to the divine restricted area behind the gates