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Cain and Abel / Qaheen and Hevel-Hebel

Carlo Suares: I am Cain II
Cain / Qaheen: The True Identity of Cain

Wiki: Cain | Cainites
Cain and Abel - Wikipedia (ref: in Dante Alighieri's Inferno (XX, 126[54]) where the expression "Cain and the twigs" is used as a synonym of "moon".
Descendants of Cain - Wikipedia
Jewish Encyclopedia: Cain
Maudit Cain
Four Accounts of Cain & Abel
Leon Kass: Farmers, Founders, and Fratricide: The Story of Cain and Abel
Catholic Encylopedia: Cain and Abel
Cain - Cainites - Kenite - Rechabites
Sherry Shriner: Cain - Cainites - Kenite - Rechabites
Ashilman: Canin and Abel
Cain and Abel Tested
Cain, the Immortal
Bernard Lewis: An Ismaili Interpretation of the Fall of Adam
Chanoch: The Preflood Era's Sin City
The Story of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4.1 - 5.1a)
Cain, Abel and the Fairness of God
Catholic Encyclopedia: Cain
Catholic Encyclopedia: Abel
Finding a Wife for Cain
Where did Cain get his wife?
Cain - Cainites - Kenite - Rechabites
Curiosity Killed the Cainites
Mary Korsak: Eve, Malignant or Maligned?
Aharonís Omphalos Ľ Cain and Abel
The Message in the Messenger: The Refrain that is Judaism
Esoteric Meaning: Cain and Abel
Rashi on Bresheet 4:1
But What About The Story Of Cain & Abel In The Qur'‚n?
Some Types of Antichrists in Biblical Times
Cain and Abel: folktales based on the Old Testament fratricide
The Second Garden; The Urantia Book: Paper 76
Reincarnation and Reconciliation - The Holy Ari
The History of the World (Cainite Version)
Ginzberg: Legends of the Jews: Cain
Ante-Nicene Fathers: Tertullian: Appendix. Against All Heresies (Sethites, Cainites)
Seth | The amazing name Seth: meaning and etymology
Aish: The First Argument
Early Church: the Cainites
The Ghost of Abel (1822.B): electronic edition
Robert West: A Twist of Cain
Freemasonry Watch: The Cross: The Mark of Cain
Spring Break - Cain's Retreat
The Luciferian Legacy
FACTNet Message Board: Who Is Cain's Father?
Cainites eBook Downloads