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Sacred Geometry

Pythagoras Of Samos
Alexander Polyhistor (ca. 105 BCE - 35 BCE)
Life of Pythagoras
Pythagoras: Research Paper
Ralph Abrahmam: Pythagorean Mysteries
An Interactive Proof of Pythagoras' theorem
The Pythagorean Pentacle
John Opsopaus: A Summary of Pythagorean Theology
Dartmouth: Geometry in Art & Architecture
Pythagoras & Music of the Spheres
Ad Quadratum, the Sacred Cut, & Roman Architecture (Tons Brunes)
Geometry, Surfaces, Curves, Polyhedra
Our Ancient Friend and Brother, the Great Pythagoras
LRB | M.F. Burnyeat : Other Lives: Pythagoras (all you know is wrong)(seven is motherless)
Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans
Sacred Texts: The Golden Verses of Pythagoras And Other Pythagorean Fragments (Firth/Besant)
Project Mathematics: The Theorem of Pythagoras
Pythagorean Theorem: Animated Proof

Wozu eine Internetseite zur Pythagoreischen Tetraktys?
Simplex - multidimensionale Tetraeder, Pentagramm, 4-dimensionaler Raum
Die geheimen Figuren der Rosenkreuzer und die Pythagoreische Tetraktys
The Tetraktys: The Cosmic Paradigm of the Ancient Pythagoreans By Robert Apatow
Tetraktys and Giza
Tetraktys - Alternative view on art, architecture and religion
Harmonics, Music, Pythagoras and the Universe
Julia Diggins: Chapter 14 The Irrationals - The Unspeakable Tragedy
Pythagoras's theorem in Babylonian mathematics
Babylonian mathematics
Babylonian numerals
Why There Are 24 Hours in a Day
Whiteboard Learning: The Basics of Geometry | Magnatag Insights

Chaosophia218 - Ugo Adriano Graziiotti -- "Polyhedra: The Realm of Geometric Beauty"

Synergetic Universe
R. Buckminster Fuller: Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking | Color Plates
R.W. Gray: Exploring How Universe Works | Lynnclaire Dennis' Geometry | Limits vs Levels
Jitterbug Defines Polyhedra: The Shape and Dynamics of Space Geometry Calculators | Regular Polygon Calculator
BibliOdyssey: Geometric Perspective - from a rather obscure 16th century anonymous paper manuscript containing sketches of geometric solids
Lynnclaire Dennis' polyhedra
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Dymaxion: Spaceship Earth
Buckminster Fuller and Spiral Dynamics by Carl Frankel
R Buckminster Fuller Resources
10 Largest Domes in the World
Everything I Know: The historic 42-hour session with Bucky Fuller
Synergetics on the Web - Kirby Urner
A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller: Amy C. Edmondson
Whitney: Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe
Fairy Tale Geometry | Art on Paper Magazine
Book of the Century: Fuller's Tetrascroll
Journey to the Center of a Triangle : Bruce And Katherine Cornwell : Internet Archive - nevredim - PLATON

Plato's Model of the Universe and the Dodecahedron
Metrology: The Forgotten Science
Geometry in Art & Architecture Unit 9
Cube of Space/Sacred Geometry
Curve-stitch Isometric Cube

Chartres Sacred Geometry & the Middle Ages
In memoriam: William Goldstein - The Geometry Code
The Geometry Code - Sacred Geometry Media Resource Blog

Sacred Geometry | Platonic And Archimedean Polyhedra Tables
Bruce Rawles: Favorite Sacred Geometry (& other) Links
Eric Swab Visualization of Space
Dome Truss's Page
Structural Elements | Elements and Compounds
CF Russell Writings Cubed
Axonometric | Isometric Projection
A Unified Theory of Proportion
A Family Tree for Geometry: Laurentian Library pavement panels
Barton: The Living Cosmic Cube: 72 Coils

Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids- by Liliana Usvat editor Mathematics Magazine
Feng Shui Seminars with Roger Green
Introduction - The Geometry Code

Geometric Sculpture of George W. Hart, mathematical sculptor

Nested Platonics
About Number and Magnitude « Constable Research B.V.
Platonic Solids and Plato's Theory of Everything
Sandberg: Occult Correspondences of the Platonic Solids
Blaze Labs: Platonic Solids
The Platonic and Archimedean Solids (Science U)
3Quarks: Animated Platonic Solids
The Geometry Junkyard: All Topics | Polytopes | Polyominoes
GFM: Jorge Rezende: Polytopes and Puzzles
Antonio Gutierrez: Geometry Step-by-Step
Jenn 3d for visualizing Coxeter polytopes
How To Make A Star Tetrahedrons (Merkaba)
The Five and Six Pointed Stars by H.P.Blavatsky
Stan Tenen: On the Double Triangle
Tom Gettys' Polyhedra Hyperpages
Investigating Patterns: Polyhedra Pastimes
George Hart: Virtual Polyhedra: The Encyclopedia of Polyhedra
George Hart: Multidimensional Analysis | Platonic Solids: VRML
Canonical Polyhedra | Johannes Kepler's Polyhedra | Pavilion of Polyhedreality
V.Bulatov's Polyhedra Collection
Poly is a shareware program for exploring and constructing polyhedra
Stephen Palmquist: The Geometry of Logic: A Treatise on the Perspectival Transformations of Logic and Life through the Systematic Mapping of Geometrical Symbolism
Palmquist: The Circle Of Twelvefold Systemization
Nick Thomas: Projective Geometry *
Mark Newbold: Rhombic Dodecahedron Page
Dodecahedron: Sacred Geometry
Dodecahedron: More Solids: animated gifs
The Geometry of the Binomial Theorem
Mathematical Resources: Geometry Links
L.TlUher: Structures of Multidimensional Cubes
Wolfram: Mathworld: Platonic Solids | Space-Filling Polyhedron
Cube and Octahedron are Platonic Duals
Symmetry in Art, Biology and Mathematics
Gallery of Interactive Geometry | About QuasiTiler version 3.0
Frank Chester - The Chestahedron - The Wonder of Seven - YouTube

RND Modelshop - Geodesic Domes & Polyhedra models by Ron Nelson (very nice + models for sale)

CTJ Dodson: A Geometry View
Uniform Polytopes in Four Dimensions: world’s only website that tabulates all the convex uniform (i.e., Platonic and Archimedean) polychora
Polyhedron, Polyhedra, Polytopes, ... - Numericana
Rhombic polyhedra (Quasicrystals) and related topics
Polyhedron Models
aiwaz: Pell's Series
Fr. Magnus Wenninger, OSB : Mathematician : Builder of polyhedra
Mathconsult: The Uniform Polyhedra | All Uniform Polyhedra | Stellated Icosahedra
Paper Models of Polyhedra
Geometry Algorithm Archive
Mathematics and Mysticism - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts
Mathematics Models: polyhedra (solid aluminum)

World-Wide Labyrinth Locator - Welcome
World-Wide Labyrinth Locator - Locate a Labyrinth
Jo Edkins' Maze Page
The Labyrinth: Walking Your Spiritual Journey
Labyrinth Society
Corn Field Maze
Adrian Fisher Mazes | Maze-World
Think Labyrinth | Maze Classification & Hyperdimensional Mazes
Soekershop: portrait of the spiritual diversity of South Africa in mazes, succulent gardens, cacti labyrinth, philosophers garden
Chartes Labyrinth
The Maze
YouTube - F For Fake: Chartres
Chartres: Cathedral of Notre-Dame - Image Collection
Secrets of the French Gothic cathedrals.
In puris naturalibus: The School of Chartres
John James Medieval Architecture Gothic architecture Chartres cathedral
Virtual Chartres Cathedral
Art 290: San Jose State University's Virtual Chartres Cathedral.
Welcome to the Chartres labyrinth
Chartres Labyrinth: Technical Data
Conway Research Forum - Indexing the Standpoint: Chartres
YouTube - Engineering the Impossible: Chartres Cathedral
YouTube - The Bells of Chartres Cathedral in France. 2nd Part

The Master Key to unlock The mystery on Concentric Circles

HYpatia World ** site offline ** | Khan Amore’s Commentary on the Divine Proportion or Golden Section
Divine_Proportions_of_Hypatia.gif | Divine_Proportions_of_Hypatia.gif (on
P3lUZa: Hypatia-Lovers
What's New at Hypatia World | Index of /images
Gateway to the Pirate's Cache of Externally-Archived Private Video Edits
Hypatia - The Female Philosopher of Alexandria - b. 355(?) AD - d. 415 AD - by - Mangasar Magurditch Mangasarian - Athenaeum Library of Philosophy - The Martyrdom of Hypatia (or The Death of the Classical World)
Astrolabe « WS 320 Gender & Technology Did Hypatia invent the Astrolabe?
'Agora' and Hypatia - Hollywood Strikes Again
Divine Proportions of Hypatia (Divine_Proportions_of_Hypatia.gif) (until h-l comes back)

The Seal of Atlantis - introduction & index page
Geometry Playground: Hosted by Peter Y. Chou
Mysticism in mathematics: Golden Section, Fibonacci numbers, Pentagram, Pentagon. golden ratio
1.5 - Mysticism and Mathematics
R.Knott, D.A.Quinney: The life and numbers of Fibonacci
Valerie Vaughan The Fibonacci Numbers: Connections within the Mathematics and Calendrical Systems of Ancient Mesoamerica *
Charles William Johnson: Measurement and the Coindicdnece of Numbers and Proportion in Reckoning Spacetime Events
Fibonacci Spirals: Custom Fibonacci Spiral Generator
Pi: The Golden Spiral
Math Trek: The Mathematical Lives of Plants, Science News Online, May 5, 2007
The "Amen Break" and Golden Proportion
golden ratio in the amen break | MetaFilter
Fib-Phi Page: Fibonacci Numbers & The Golden Ratio Link Web Page
The Fib-Phi Link Page
Devlin's Angle: Good stories, pity they're not true (Phi)
The Golden Rectangle and the Golden Ratio
Phi the Golden Number | Human Beauty
Fibonacci Numbers Spelled Out by Ivan Galkin ,/a>
e-books on riddles in science: Prime Patterns, Numerals, Constants * Fibonacci Numbers: Links
Ron Knott: Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
The Fibonacci numbers; The first 300 Fibonacci numbers, factorised
Fibonacci's Rabbits
Fibonacci and Lucas Factorizations Phi
TIL The Fibonacci sequence can be used to model an amazing variety of phenomena in mathematics, science, art and nature. It can be found in computer algorithms and seen in the branching of trees, or the spirals of a conch shell or a galaxy, but no one can really explain why. : todayilearned
Fibonacci Flim-Flam.
Harmonizing the Earth: Sound Healing (Lambdoma)
Phi Levels of Universe
Greatdreams: Impossible Correspondence
Hidden truths about crop circles, page 1
The Illuminatus Observor: The Lambdoma and the Tree of Life
The Golden Section: The Golden Triangle: The Regular Pentagon and the Pentagram: The Dodecahedron
The Golden Section
Paul Niquette: Saguaro Cactus and PHI
John Boyd-Brent, M.A: Harmony and Proportion
The Diphine Ratio (Dan Winter)
Sacred Frequencies Defined- Plus the New Imploder
The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of DNA.. Implosion ased on Dan Winter's work - brought to you by Ted Small
Spirals in Nature: The Magical Number behind Hurricanes and Galaxies
Patrick Bailey: On Geometry and Advanced Energy Conversion
Sacred Geometry
Halexandria Foundation • Index page
A Book of Coincidence (astronomical coincidences)
nature's word | musings on sacred geometry | Phi / Golden Proportion in Nature Spiral Form *

Musical Theory and Ancient Cosmology
Sacred Design: The Essential Astrological Component
Sacred Geometry Stories of Jesus Christ in the New Testament
Sacred Geometry Stories of Jesus Christ
The Inner Geometry of Nature
Sacred Geometry
Vermontel: Ancient Twelvefold Wisdom (BF: 12 degrees of freedom)
Michael Schneider: Cosmic Dozens: Twelve-Fold Designs of Society and Art
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
Cosmic Dozens: Twelve-Fold Designs of Society and Art by Michael S. Schneider
Henry Cornelius Agrippa, His Fourth BOOK of Occult Philosophy: of Geomancy
Roberti: Mystical Meaning in Sacred Western Architecture
Some Notes on the Attributions of the Rhombi-Caduceus
Geometry in Art and Architecture
Sacred geometry, mandalas, and near-death experiences
The Order in Creation in Number and Geometry

Sacred Geometries & Their Scientific Meaning
My books - Sacred Geometries and Their Scientific Meanings The Interface between Science and the Transcendental (theosophy, remote viewing of quarks)
Disdyakis triacontahedron - The polyhedral counterpart of the Cosmic Tree of Life
Polyhedral Tree of Life Part 12

Solar Geometry: Divine Design of the Solar System | Links
About the true structure of the Solar System

New York Carver: Tips & Tricks to Gothic Geometry
Official Rubik's Site
Rubik's Cube NxNxN

Quantum Consciousness: Archetypes, Mandalas, and Muses
Sri Yantra: History, Background, Construction, Complexity
Cliff Pickover: beyond simple magic squares (Yantras)
Sri Yantra: Sacred Art and Geometry of Tantra
The Nine Mandalas of the Shri Yantra

Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom - Lori Tompkins (src for Thea / Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet)

Shri Yantra, Maharaksha Yantra
yantra: Hindu Tantric Diagrams: Planetary Triangles, Accurate Calculations, 3-D Yantras
Stereoscopic Shri Yantra
Meru: 3-D Shri Yantra
Shri Yantra
Claire Goodwin: Asian Mandalas
Lalita Tripurasundari, the Red Goddess
Elizabeth Greenleaf: Watercolor Yantras
The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art | The Yantras of Deities and their Numerological Foundations
How to draw the Sri Yantra (also: many links)
The Antarbrahmandiya Sanskriti Kendra Newsletter
Revisiting the Relationship Between the MBTI and the Enneagram
3D Sri Yantra of Embedded Golden Triangles holds Slip Knot Seed for perfect Anu/Heart/Sun Coeur?
About the Sum of Things « Constable Research B.V.
Gérard Huet's Indology Site
The Geometry of the Shri Yantra
MandalaZone: Original mandalas reminiscent of ancient spiritual art
MandalaZone: Links
The StarWheel Webseum: Mandalas
Every Day a Mandala. Beautiful mandalas for meditation, relaxation and creativity
Walter Myers: Mandalas: Gallery by Veeno Steiger
Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page
Sacred Geometry Mandala Art
Buddhist Art and Ritual from Nepal and Tibet
Quantum Consciousness - Quantum Consciousness - Archetypes, Mandalas, and Muses (Tony Smith)

Geometrical Anatometry: extraordinary new study of the geometry of the human body
Numerometria | Numerometria: The Circle
Unified Field of Gnosis
Hendaye Monument Decoded
Hendaye Cross: Fatima, Nostradamus, the Pope, Cross and Future
House of Yahweh
Vincent Beall: Sacred Geometry Discovery
CrystalLinks Sacred Geometry
Vesica | Piscis
Spira Solaris: Archytas Mirabilis
EarthMatrix: Science in Ancient Artwork
The Golden Mean
Tessellation Tutorials
Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations
Tessellating Alphabet
Don Hatch's Home Page: Hyperbolic tessalations
Steven Cullinane: Diamond Theory: Symmetry in Finite Geometry

Geomusic: Music, Color, Archeocyrptography, Sacred Sites
ChordGeometries - Free Download | Dmitri Tymoczko
The Next Level :: View topic - Geometry and Music - Princeton University Podcast
TreeIncarnation The Science of Meaning
TreeIncarnation Topology of 0 The Mathematics of Nothing
TreeIncarnation The Science of Meaning - A Cubed IO-Sphere Creates The World (mirrors)

The Dome: symbol of the cosmic house of God
T. Ogawa: Problems in a Digital Description of a Configuration of Atoms and Some Other Geometrical Topics in Physics
Slavik V. Jablan: Symmetry and Ornament
The Sacred Geometry of Perfect Forms in the East and West
Bruce Rawles Sacred Geometry Links
Sacred Geometry in Building
Charles Gilchrist: Sacred Geometry: Architecture of the Universe | Metatron's Cubes
Metatron's Cube and the Merkavah Star
Mike McDermott: The Star Key: Genesis, Star Heptagons, Flower of Life, Squaring the Cirle
Virtue of Domes, Tabernacle of Moses, Pyramids
Harmony and Proportion
The Circle and the Square and the Square Root of Two
Doubling the Cube
Square the Square Squaring the Square | History and Theory
The trouble with five
Sun & Man: Hexagram and Pentagram
Earth Grid Vortex Maps
Unfolding the Earth: Myriahedral Projections
Zome Construction Sets
Astrologix Construction Sets
Polymorf: Construction set toy | Geometry Rules! *
HyperEnergetics: The Psycho-Spiritual Geography of the HyperSpeed HyperEnergetic Vortex
Avalon & Shalott
Paul Tudor Angel: Mystery Hill - America's Stonehenge
sacredlandscapelist · Archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry
Sacred Places
Metrum: Metrology, the Forgotten Science
Metrum: Livio C. Stecchini: The Athenian Acropolis: The Dimensions of the Parthenon
Foundation Metrology
Lucky Mojo: Sacred Geometry: What is It?
Lucky Mojo: Sacred Landscape Bibliography
Euclid's Elements Proposition 47: Pythagorean Theorem
Pythagorean Theorem: 47th Problem of Euclid
47th Problem of Euclid
Laurence Gardner. Bloodline of the Holy Grail: Three Tables of the Grail
Geomagnetic Earth Grid Maps
Two Versions of a Cosmological Diagram
Didactics: Proportions in the Architecture Curriculum
Earth/matriX: Charles Johnson: Trigono/metriX: the Trigonometric Table and Ancient Reckoning
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Ben Iverson - Various Articles - Crystal Universe

The Mind Matrix | Design Alchemy | The Legacy Project

The Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray
Sacred Sites at Sacred Destinations - Explore sacred sites, religious sites, sacred places
JIATS : The Korlam and the Long March

Sacred Geometry and the Earth and Planets
The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles
Dutch Crop Circle Archive
Circle Makers
Wired News: Cropcircles
True Pure Geometric Origin of Alphabets
Braiding DNA, Is Emotion the Weaver?
Geoman: Fournier's Vitruvian Man
Zome Geometry
Schwaller de Lubicz
Peter Wakefield Sault: The Keys of Atlantis
Getty Museum: The Geometry of Seeing: Perspective and the Dawn of Virtual Space
The Order in Creation in Number and Geometry
Islamic Art and the Argument from Academic Geometry
About Mystical Number Theory and Pascal's Triangle - Constable BV
Pascal's Triangle: Key to the Mysteries (Trigrams)
Pascal's Triangle Interface: Online generator
Charles Henry: Sacred Geometry
Conversations on Sequential Physics between Rod Johnson and David Wilcock
Patrick Bailey: On Geometry and Advanced Energy Conversion
An Astronomical Enigma: A mathematical demonstration of the nonrandom nature of the major orbits of the Solar System
Planetary Mysteries
Rubino: Sacred Geometry
Great Seal of the United States
The Great Seal of the United States of America
Jim Alison: A New Look at an Old Design: Prehistoric Alignment of World Wonders
Jim Alison: Geographic Geometry
Sacred Geometry Exercises
Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics Online: Marcus the Marinite: Introduction to the Geometer's Angle™
Nexus: Mark Reynolds: A Comparative Geometric Analysis of the Heights and Bases of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan
Integreton: Sacred Geometry: The Virtue of Domes
Sacred Architecture
Sacred Geometry Gallery
Math Forum: Cathi Sanders: 3-D Drawing and Geometry
Spiritlight: Sacred Geometry Software
Cycles of Life: The Geometry of How Consciousness is Raised
lightSOURCE -- A Sacred Geometry Experience
Stanley J. Bransgrove: Masonic Symbolism of the Arithmetical Number Five and Its Plane Geometric Construct the Pentagram and Solid Geometric Construct the Dodecahedron
Erection of the Holy Cross: The Sacred Geometry of Global Change
Sacralization of Hyperlink Geometry
Experience of Cognitive Implication in Fundamental Geometry (formation)
Roman History: Temple Architecture
"Form" of Theory in Classical Hindu Architecture
Islam Online: > Sacred Geometry of Islamic Mosques
Sample Chapter for Hidetoshi, F. and Rothman, T.: Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry.
sexo y matematicas

NonEuclid Geometry Non Euclid Java App

(99+) Sacred Geometry of the Platonic Solids by S M Phillips | Athanassios Nick. Christopoulos -

Free Library - Cosmic Core
Geometry - Cosmic Core
Number - Cosmic Core
Article 3: Trivium, Quadrivium, & Pythagoras - Cosmic Core
Article 46: Geometry - Platonic Solids - Part 7 - The Star Tetrahedron - Cosmic Core

sacred geometry toys Archives - The Geometry Code

(548) Pinterest - Sacred Geometry
Skybox Creative ; Sacred Geometry Vector Set Vol. 6