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Ancient Hebrew / Early Writing and Alphabets

Bet HaShem's Paleo-Hebrew Torah
AHRC: Ancient Hebrew Research Center
The Symbolism of the True Hebrew Alphabet by Walter Kenaston
Walter Kenaston: 'Paleo' Hebrew Page
First Tongue: An early global language
Did an Ancient Language of Universal Symbols Exist?
AHRC: Paleo-Hebrew & Edenics
Ancient Hebrew Research Center
AHRC: Is the modern Hebrew alphabet missing a letter? (Gayin)
Alphabet: The Articulatory Basis Of The Alphabet - Robin Allott

Paleo-Hebrew Torah | Bet Ha-Shem
Cederland: The Evolution of the Alphabet
The Invention of the Alphabet: Egyptian to Phoenician to Greek to Roman
Ancient Hebrew: Historical Dictionary
The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet from Hebrew Word Pictures" by Frank T. Seekins
Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
Isaac Mozeson: Edenic: The First Language | The ABCs of Creation
spp196_alphabet.pdf On the Origins of the Alphabet by Brian R. Pellar (Constellations)

- The Original Proto Language is Hebrew Semantics (Latin letters)
- The Word in Science
Part I & Introductions: Finger Symbolism and the Evolution of Language
Meru Foundation: Matrix of Meaning

Fradkin: Evolution of the Alphabets
The Phoenician Alphabet: Mother of Modern Writing: Family Tree
Stealing the Heritage: "Heretic" archaeologists steal Phoenician Canaanite heritage, call Judaism and Christianity a pagan invention
Phoenician/Hebraic Writing Systems
Isaac Mozeson: Edenic: The First Language
Articulatory Alphabets
Origins of West Semitic Alphabets
West Semitic Research Project
Chart of the Semitic Languages Family Tree. History of Aramaic
Semitic Language Links
Crystallinks: Ancient Writing Systems
History of Writing
Donald Ryan: Ancient Languages and Scripts
Andreas Goppold: 5. The aleph-bayt connection
The Chronicle Project .org (self-defining Hebrew, but too concrete and misses numbers/level)
Canadian Research Team Shatters Concepts of Ancient Hebrew | Before It's News
Elohim and Allah
Allah / Yahweh
Ancient Languages and Scripts
Cambridge: The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
David Edgin: How The Alphabet Began (E-Book)
Lexiline: Alphabetic Origins
Hebrew: Relation to Indo-European
BBC: 'Earliest writing' found
The Mother of Languages: The Influence of Hebrew on other Languages
Genetic Correspondences Between Hebrew, Greek and Roman Alphabets
Ethiopic: An African Writing System: Its History and Principles
Michael Davidson: Early Hebrew Printing
Museums and Alphabets: Old Israelite & Cunnieform Scripts
Timothy Seid: Interpeting Ancient Manuscripts
Writing Systems and Manuscripts
Bible Alphabets and Languages
Biblical Exegesis Tutorial
Complex Text Languages
Ancient Scripts: Family Tree of Alphabets
Ancient Thamudic (Thalmudic) American Alphabet Discovered
A.B.Kuhn: The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet
Alvin Boyd Kuhn. A critique The Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet.
D.Myriad: The Phoenician Sacred Letters: Divine Writing for Meditation and Divination
Lawrence Lo: Ancient Scripts
Phoenician or Paleo Hebrew
How to Read Ancient Hebrew
Tony Smith: Global Early Language, Ogam, Ge'ez, Heiroglyphics
Edo Nyland: Linguistic Archaeology
Liss: Phonetics of Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters Explained
Ancient Ones of the Earth: History of the Primitive Alphabet The Manual Formation and Early Origin of the Hebrew Letters and Points
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: The Alphabet
Northwest Semitic Links
JAARS: Ancient Alphabets
Tamazight language
Lameen Souag: Writing Berber Languages: a quick summary (Tifinagh)
Tawalt: Lessons in Tamazight language
Le déchiffrement de l'alphabet Tifinagh
Al-Masned writings (Ancient Yemeni written-Texts' inscriptions)
cdli: Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Sumerian Lexicon Project
Sumerian Text Archive
Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary Project
Resources for Ancient Near Eastern Studies
John A. Halloran: Sumerian Lexicon
Sumerian and its pantheon is the oldest in recorded history
Sumerian literature: ETCSL: The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature
Scripts of all Asia: the modern descendants of the ancient Brahmi script
The Question of the Alphabet: Alessandro Bausani's order theory
Writing Systems: Ethiopic Scripts: Interview with Dr. Getatchew Haile
Mazzaroth: Chronological Chart of the Alphabet and Where Writing Came From?
Rochelle I. S. Altman: Some Aspects of Older Writing Systems: With Focus on the DSS
Electronic Publication of Ancient Near Eastern Texts
Orthography: Writing Systems of the World
The History of the Ancient Near East: Electronic Compendium
R. Cedric Leonard: Ancient Alphabets Compared
Katerina Sarri: Greek Alphabet and Language
Earlier greek alphabet symbols Before 3rd-4th centuries B.C.E. *
The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
The Babylonian Calendar; The Jewish and Moslem Calendars and the Era of Nabonassar
Alexander Liss: Phonetics of Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew Elements in the New Testament
FARMS: Directions in Hebrew, Egyptian and Nephite Language
California Institute for Ancient Studies: Dictionary Lexicon of the Hebrew Language
The Hidden Word Pictures in the Hebrew Language *
Alexander Liss: Phonetics of Ancient Hebrew A weblog on ancient Judaism and its context
Early Jewish Writings