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Freak storm pushes North Pole 50 degrees above normal to melting point - The Washington Post

Video: New Year fireworks: Dubai welcomes in 2016
Address Hotel in Dubai is completely engulfed in flames right now. : videos

Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2015 | Electronic Frontier Foundation
- TIL Amazon, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Comcast and more don't tell their users when governments demand access to their private data
Microsoft failed to warn victims of Chinese email hack: former employees | Reuters - allowing the hackers to continue their campaign
The New WSJ Report on the NSA Has Some WTF For Everyone

How the battle against the Islamic State is redrawing the map of the Middle East - The Washington Post
- IS And Women. Part 2: Sexual Slavery And Rape of "Non-Believers")

Six more held over alleged New Year's Eve attack plot in Brussels | World news | The Guardian - Suspects detained after police raids in and around Belgian capital, bringing total number of people being held to eight

Response to Paris Attacks Points to Weaknesses in French Police Structure - The New York Times

Connecting the Dots Between Iran-Contra and Peyton Manning (Seriously)

Adventures in plutocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Thanks to the No Billionaire Left Behind Act and other assorted legislative reforms passed under the wise reign of Bush the Younger, by 2012 this figure had fallen to 16.7%.
America's self-destructive whites (lemmings following Reagan off a cliff)
Obama's skin looks a little different in these GOP campaign ads - A new study shows that negative ads targeting President Obama in 2008 depicted him with very dark skin, and that these images would have appealed to some viewers' racial biases.

2015 Golden Duke Awards Winners Announced! (Republican superstars)

Marco Rubio's Miami Vice Problem - brother-in-law. Orlando Cicilia was a major drug trafficker at a time and in a place that has gone down in history in movies like Scarface and television programs like Miami Vice for being notoriously violent and destructive.
Two Top Carson Aides Resign From Campaign Over Internal Clashes (ponzi implodes)
As Campaign Crumbles, Christie Hit with Epic BridgeGate Docu Dump (Big Chicken runnin' out of gas)

Kentucky's New GOP Governor Kicks Off Obamacare Shake-Up - But Gov. Matt Bevin gave few details on how he plans to reshape the state's expanded Medicaid program. (Tea Party rules) ("So basically Kentuckians have given up health care so they can ban gay marriage. Well I guess that's sticking to your principles")

Hullabaloo - The Washington Post just dissed the single largest faction in the Democratic Party - Progressives are the single largest faction of the Democratic Party, roughly mirroring the Republican party's evangelical support. And yet, the Washington Post is firing the one columnist on their staff who writes about the issues that are energizing these millions of mainstream Americans. (Bezotic)
- Today in Fred Hiatt's Rag -- Fred Hiatt, who has no problem hiring 312 conservatives who all say the same thing, has fired Harold Meyerson, one of the paper's only liberal voices. Why? Hiatt told him he wrote too much on labor. (in case you had any doubt)
'The Washington Post' Fired Lefty Columnist Harold Meyerson | Peter Dreier

Ties that bind: how the bond between police and prosecutors impedes justice | US news | The Guardian - The fate of police officers who kill often rests in the hands of the prosecutors they typically work alongside. Amid calls for reform led by the White House, a Guardian analysis reveals district attorneys cleared colleagues in more than 200 cases this year

A Crisis of Confidence by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Making a Murderer
The big problem with Texas's newest gun law | Fusion (meanwhile, in the laboroties of democracy and Supreme Court psychosis)

This Family Drives 350 Miles For What Could Be A Common Addiction Treatment - The Huffington Post - To Beat Opiate Addiction, A Mother And Son Must Drive Across Three States For A Hard-To-Get Medication (as planned)

- Daily News Front Page He said-She-said-said-said-said-said
Bill Cosby: criminal case opens door for dozens of women to testify in court | World news | The Guardian - More than 50 women for whom the statute of limitations for sexual assault has expired could now be called by the prosecution to testify about their allegations
The New York Daily News Bill Cosby Cover Doesn't Pull Any Punches - latest issue follows the first criminal charges filed against Cosby.
- The Bill Cosby sexual abuse claims -- 57 women and the date they went public (Cosby rape timeline)
The Smithsonian's Cosby problem only gets worse

Best Florida Man Headlines 2015 - The Year in Florida Man

Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal | Quote Investigator
Asymmetric love, part one: I'm going to tell him how I feel | Life and style | The Guardian

The Devil is starting up a school teaching the seven deadly sins and needs to hire an instructor for each. Which individuals, fictitious or not, have the strongest resumes? : AskReddit
At the entrance of a New Year's party I attended. This is how you keep things running smoothly. : pics
Queen's Freddie Mercury "We Are The Champions" isolated vocal track is absolutely stunning : videos
Sure, our union will sue you so you can attend your own wedding. : labor


Defense Experts Warn of Nuclear Threat's Return to Prominence - It's real and it's back again. (Obama wants cruise-nukes and who the fuck is in charge?)

How ISIS Replaced Ebola as the Great Fear of the Election Cycle - Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves (any panic will do for a nation of panicky Republican bed-wetters +Trump, of course)

Exclusive: Islamic State ruling aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves | Reuters (their version of Supreme Court)

Germans claim Belgian nuclear reactors are "falling to bits" (slightly larger than New Jersey)
- Probe into Brussels lockdown orgy - Police and soldiers said to have engaged in group sex while Belgian capital was in lockdown

U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress - WSJ - National Security Agency's targeting of Israeli leaders also swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers (win-win)
TSA Sued By Miami Activist Over Mandatory Body Scans At Airports | Miami New Times (you are their porn star)

Secret Service Agents Involved In Deadly Car Crash In New Hampshire - four on-duty Secret Service agents have been involved in a head-on collision that killed the driver of the other car.

- Behind the Ronald Reagan myth: "No one had ever entered the White House so grossly ill informed" (until ...)

More Police Officers Facing Charges, but Few See Jail - The New York Times (license to kill and get paid for it)

Bill Cosby Charged In Alleged 2004 Sexual Assault - More than 50 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault or unwanted advances, but these are the first criminal charges filed against him ... charges relate to the alleged drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2004.
Arrest Warrant Issued for Bill Cosby : news - The statute of limitations to charge Cosby runs out in January.

3 Big Stories From Al Jazeera's Doping Documentary That Don't Involve Peyton Manning - "The Dark Side" highlights serious questions about sports leagues' testing policies.

Bristol Palin's hateful hypocrisy: She's now a mother of two, but still the biggest child in the family - daughter Sailor Grace (they live in a cartoon)

This person posts book reviews in 100 words or less. : books
Big Bang Theory Producers Sued Over Soft Kitty Song
Animator shares his experience of getting ripped off by big Youtube gaming channels (such as only being paid $50 for a video which took a month to make). Offers words of advice for other channels : videos
Happening now. Should we go tell them? : funny

After A Decade Of Waiting For Verizon, Town Builds Itself Gigabit Fiber For $75 Per Month | Techdirt (coulda been you, Cambridge)
The Cable Industry's Response To A Banner Year For Cord Cutting? Massive Across The Board Price Increases For 2016 | Techdirt


The Terrifying Storm That Will Melt the North Pole This Week - The Atlantic - But later this week, something extraordinary will happen: Air temperatures at the Earth's s most northernly region, in the middle of winter, will rise above freezing for only the second time on record.

Isis jihadi linked to Paris terror attacks killed in US-led airstrikes, says Pentagon

Couple found guilty of 7/7 anniversary London bomb plot | UK news | The Guardian - Mohammed Rehman stockpiled explosives and asked Twitter followers whether to target shopping centre or London Underground

2015: The Year in Charts - The New York Times (missing the one on Republican insanity)
We Are Astonishingly Safe From Terrorism | Mother Jones
Obama The Job-Killer - The New York Times
Obama's 'job-killing agenda' continues to impress | MSNBC
Obama's Economic Performance Is Even Better Than It Looks | Mother Jones (Bush was a real turd)
A Bad Day for Republican Lies by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions - The New York Times - The very richest are able to quietly shape tax policy that will allow them to shield billions in income.

Ramadi Liberated - Will Cable News or the 2016 Candidates Notice? - Ramadi was liberated today, but will anyone notice? (winning the war on exteme fear by making everyone more scared)

No one will go to jail for shooting and killing Tamir Rice. | New Republic - No one will go to jail for shooting and killing Tamir Rice. That outcome was hardly unexpected, since the office of Cuyahoga County prosecutor Timothy McGinty actively sabotaged its own case with "expert" reports (American justice is very crooked)
Eschaton: Open Carry Of AK-47s For White People, Execution By Cop For Black Kids Carrying Toy Guns
Tamir Rice Shooting and Open Carry Laws - Ohio's Open Carry Law Does Not Apply to Everyone (they just followed "instructions")
The American criminal justice system is guilty of killing Tamir Rice - - If, as the prosecutor said, officers followed policy in the killing of Tamir Rice something is horribly wrong (murder is their policy)
16 Numbers That Explain Why Police Reform Became An Even Bigger Story In 2015 - Many people said policing was plagued by serious systemic issues. Now we know just how right they were. (systemically rotten)

Ted Cruz Is Campaigning with the A-Team of Congressional Crazies - King? Gohmert? Brooks? Burgess? The gang's all here (team nuts)
At least 28 people holding BB or pellet guns were killed by police in US in 2015 | US news | The Guardian - The fatalities have prompted some lawmakers to push for tighter regulations on the design of non-lethal guns (but not lethal ones, of course)
Kansas: Couple Whose Tea Was Mistaken For Marijuana Loses Federal Suit Over SWAT Raid : news

Texas Strips Planned Parenthood of HIV Prevention Funding Without Warning : news

Dana Perino Has No Time For Y'All City Folk - In which the former Bush administration spokesperson reveals that she is Of The West ... "though I'd have to shed some of my big-city conveniences and haul my own groceries to my kitchen.

History for the Masses - Lawyers, Guns & Money (beyond A People's History)

Here Are the Rightbloggers' Top Ten Facepalms of 2015 | Village Voice

To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This - The New York Times

- I was terrified when my mind detached from my body -- this is depersonalization

Rob Kardashian 'diagnosed with diabetes after being rushed to hospital' | Daily Mail Online - According to TMZ, the star has become 'so insecure and depressed about his appearance' that he opted out of the extravagant occasion to avoid being photographed. (when the product is hyper-femininity)

The Most Popular Online Course Teaches You to Learn - The New York Times
Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects - University of California, San Diego | Coursera
Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity - YouTube
Khan Academy: Rethinking how we learn, David Hu at TEDxUFM - YouTube
The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn! | Big Think
Why the Widespread Belief in 'Learning Styles' Is Not Just Wrong; It's Also Dangerous | Big Think

Girl films her progress learning the violin every week for two years : videos
What makes water such a good solvent? : askscience
What is a really inappropriate question you have always wanted to ask? (NSFW) : AskReddit
Women of Reddit, what is the female equivalent of being a "Tit man" or an "Ass man?" : AskReddit

Twitter cracks down on harassment with new rules to clarify what is abusive | Daily Mail Online - The new rules say no threats or promoting of violence, including terrorism, and there will be no harassing any other user via the platform No harassment geared towards race, gender, religion or sexual orientation Users can block, mute and report these types of abusive behavior


- James Lovelock: "enjoy life while you can: in 20 years global warming will hit the fan" (so vote Republican)
No end in sight as repair work on California's sinking land costs billions | US news | The Guardian - Central Valley, the most productive US agricultural region, drives need for extensive infrastructure fixes

Refugee crisis creates 'stateless generation' of children in limbo | World news | The Guardian - Babies born to migrants may be ineligible for citizenship in any country because of biased laws and inadequate EU controls

Pentagon Thwarts Obama's Effort To Close Guantanamo - Pentagon officials have been throwing up bureaucratic obstacles. (yet they can invade a country and destabilize a region in a heartbeat)

Eschaton: Maybe Another 28 Friedmans - In private, top Afghan and American officials have begun to voice increasingly grim assessments of the resurgent Taliban threat, (and fail, again and again)
- A year of Taliban gains shows that "we haven't delivered" top Afgan official says (more freedom bombs and defense contracts needed)

Iraq declares Ramadi liberated from Islamic State | World news | The Guardian

North Korea's 'paranoid' computer operating system revealed | World news | The Guardian - Hamburg conference hears that Red Star intranet allows Pyongyang to control citizens' access to websites

Mystery of emergency landings of Qatari royal planes in Switzerland | World news | The Guardian

Israel's armed forces shocked at dismissal of missile defence chief | World news | The Guardian - Israel's armed forces shocked at dismissal of missile defence chief - grave breach of information security

Career opportunities - Lawyers, Guns & Money (education not the whole answer especially when it's super-expensive)
A Look Into the Future American Economy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1) It's hardly surprising that health care is the fastest growing overall work sector, although it's also notable that the single biggest category of job growth is wind turbine technician

This Was One Of The Safest Years Ever For Police, So Let's Put That 'War On Cops' Thing To Rest - This is not what a "war" looks like.
No Indictment For Cop Who Fatally Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice - The decision came more than a year after the boy was killed while playing in a Cleveland park. (cop felt "threatened" shooting "reasonable")
No One Was Indicted In The Tamir Rice Case. That Was The Plan All Along. - The prosecutor made it abundantly clear he wanted the two cops to walk.

Here's How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year (0 vs 25K for opiates but ban the devil's lettuce)

Irish DNA originated in Middle East and eastern Europe | Science | The Guardian - Genome analysis shows mass migration of Stone Age farmers from Fertile Crescent and Bronze Age settlers from eastern Europe was foundation of Celtic population

Gene Editing Tool Hailed As A Breakthrough, And It Really Is One : Shots - Health News : NPR - , CRISPR-Cas9 allows scientists to make specific changes to specific genes in living cells.


Paris climate talks: George W. Bush merits some credit for upcoming climate change talks - POLITICO - The U.S. president who doubted global warming science merits a spot in the history books for the upcoming Paris climate accord. (we create our own history)

Theresa May wants to see your internet history, so the independent thought it was only fair to ask for hers | UK Politics | News : worldnews (but she said that would be "vexatious")

China Kicks French Journalist Out Of The Country Over Terrorism Coverage - China said Saturday that it will not renew press credentials for a French journalist, effectively expelling her following a harsh media campaign against her for questioning the official line equating ethnic violence in China's western Muslim region with global terrorism.

Political Dark Money Just Got Darker - The New York Times - Citizens United decision that legitimized the new spending frenzy (they had a "rosy" outlook)

Brent Budowsky: Hillary beats the bully | TheHill - If Jeb Bush were as tough as Hillary Clinton in dealing with Donald Trump the bully, the Bush campaign would not be on the verge of extinction.

You Draw It: How Family Income Predicts Children's College Chances

Pornographic email scandal roils Pennsylvania politics - The Washington Post (white guys hating everyone else)

U.S. Predicts Zero Job Growth For Electrical Engineers: "IEEE-USA said government estimate is probably accurate" : technology - Companies need to focus their energies on investing in their American workers and in America, not lobbying Congress for access to inexpensive foreign workers

NYPD Officer Arrested for Allegedly Framing Man in 2014 Altercation Captured on Surveillance Cameras | NBC New York
Cops Seized Over $107,000 From Couple, Didn't Charge Them With a Crime (cops stole more money than burglers)

Frontier of Physics: Interactive Map | Quanta Magazine
Algorithm Solves Graph Isomorphism in Record Time | Quanta Magazine
Livetweet of Babai's first Graph Isomorphism talk (with images) 7 ptwiddle 7 Storify
Why we can't get our obesity crisis under control -- In the United States, we consistently stop short of using our most powerful policy instruments: taxes and regulations. (that would impinge on corporate freedom to kill you)
Deep Into the Darkness On Pluto | Greg O'Brien
BetterExplained | Friendly lessons for lasting insight. | #1 Song On Your Birthday

XiuathoTheWizard comments on Project Management seems a lot like cooking a banquet.
What's the female equivalent of a fedora? : AskReddit
The scene that made Clint Eastwood the legend he is today. An all time favorite. : videos (Trump is an Eastwood wanna-be)
Where's the most outlandish place you've had sex or masterbated? [nsfw] : AskReddit
What was that one post you made that surprised you with how much hate you got back? : AskReddit

Ex-suicidal people of reddit, what saved you? And what keeps you going now? : AskReddit


The Year in Pictures 2015 - The New York Times

TIL 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in world are just in India. : todayilearned

The man who exposed the lie of the war on drugs | Books | The Guardian - Roberto Saviano already lives under armed guard after writing about the Neapolitan mafia. Now he is determined to uncover capitalism's complicity with the narco-lords of South America
The man who exposed the lie of the war on drugs - Roberto Saviano already lives under armed guard after writing about the Neapolitan mafia. Now he is determined to uncover capitalism's complicity with the narco-lords of South America.

U.S. Foreign Arms Deals Increased Nearly $10 Billion in 2014 - The New York Times - $36.2 billion in 2014 from $26.7 billion the year before, bolstered by multibillion-dollar agreements with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. Those deals and others ensured that the United States remained the single largest provider of arms around the world last year, controlling just over 50 percent of the market. (manufacturing and profiting from death)

As Oil Money Melts, Alaska Mulls First Income Tax in 35 Years - The New York Times (oil moochers)

The Sanders campaign is taking its fight with the DNC to the next level (it has Dirty Debbie's fingerprints on it)

Anti-Muslim group wants Muslim sheriff's deputy fired

Republicans prefer politicians with deep voices | EurekAlert! Science News (and big dicks)
Centaurs as a hazard to civilization

[Serious] What was your first same-sex experience like, if you've had one? : AskReddit
Girl on my facebook was all excited about her GPA. What the hell kind of classes are these? : funny - Stuffin, Sally Alley Muffin
Funniest post I've ever read on Reddit about a guy who discovers prostate stimulation. : bestof
Guts | The Cult
[Serious]What's your in-laws from Hell story? : AskReddit
What is something that you USED to be obsessed about? : AskReddit


Chinese farmers have overused pesticides since the early 2000s, and now its devastating crops, study says : science

What Jesus, Mary And Joseph Have In Common With Syrian Refugees - The original Christmas story has echoes of the journey thousands face today.

Behold: How the US blew $17 billion in Afghanistan | Public Radio International (could have just dropped the fucking money on their heads and had much better results)

The Black Chamber | The Economist - The man who made Edward Snowden inevitable

The Implications of Russia's Mafia State

Taliban Chief Rebuked by Religious Leaders in Sign of Turmoil - The New York Times

This Christmas, Tune It All Out | Rolling Stone - Americans are just about the safest people in the world, but we're more frightened than ever

Eschaton: Heckuva Job - Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump - Does everyone see that the Democrats and President Obama are now, because of me, starting to deport people who are here illegally. Politics! (Do the Dems have a brain? Why is Obama doing this?)
Tracking Obama's deportation numbers - Border patrol agents no longer just patrol the border; they scour the country for illegals to eject. The deportation machine costs more than all other areas of federal criminal law-enforcement combined (biggest Deporter-in-Chief by far (for what?)
Eschaton: Life - Most people in the US can't imagine themselves in that situation. For various reasons, I can. Deporting people who have been here awhile is a horrible, mean, punitive, pointless thing to do.

Went to a Donald Trump speech on acid SUPER BAD VIBES : Psychonaut

<em>Scientific American's</em> Top 10 Science Stories of 2015 - Scientific American
How Atlanta Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha became a civil rights symbol - On an April night in New York City, the Hawks forward was injured and arrested by the NYPD. This is the exclusive story of how, in the aftermath, he became what he never wanted to be: a civil rights symbol.

Minneapolis councilwoman publishes personal info of people criticizing BLM protests : news(a real piece of work)

I built /u/ZachSka87's idea: a website that shows random verses from both Islam and Christianity and asks the user to choose whether the Bible or Quran said it. : Lightbulb

Is String Theory Science? - Scientific American - A debate between physicists and philosophers could redefine the scientific method and our understanding of the universe
Does Modern Physics Count as Science? - The Atlantic

Ban his books, Alexie says, and he sells even more | Idaho Statesman - That's "how it is supposed to be done," he said. "But what happens is a handful of parents that are angry are trying to determine what an entire school or an entire community gets to read. They are interested in controlling people's thought processes." (anti-education stormtroopers)
Parents call cops on teen for giving away banned book; it backfires predictably : books (and then it went viral)

Ellen Pao talks about her departure from Reddit. Please don't downvote because you hate her - have a read, and see what you think. : Foodforthought

Christmas dinner is ruined : funny


How Close Are We to 'Dangerous' Planetary Warming? | Michael E. Mann (very, see Republicans)
Christmas Eve 1955 Was Much Warmer | Real Science
Storm pours 4.3 billion gallons into Lake Tahoe
Killer Tornadoes Sweep Across The South - The storms killed at least seven people and left several others missing.

Heavily redacted Benghazi emails released on Christmas Eve | TheHill

Internet Freedom Is Actively Dissolving in America | Motherboard - Broadband access is declining, data caps are becoming commonplace, surveillance is increasing, and encryption is under attack.

- Israeli PM condemns video of Jewish extremists celebrating toddler's death
Shin Bet: Jewish extremists seek to overthrow Israel's gov't and crown a king - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

Farsnews - Russia Asks Erdogan to Keep Promise of Resignation

Syrian crisis: Pakistan against any attempt to topple Bashar al-Assad - Pakistan - DAWN.COM
U.S. Pursued Secret Contacts With Assad Regime for Years - WSJ - Effort to limit violence and get president to relinquish power failed

Brazil declares emergency after 2,400 babies are born with brain damage, possibly due to mosquito-borne virus - The Washington Post

Grace Mugabe has taken over Zimbabwe, opposition leader claims | World news | The Guardian

U.S. plans raids to deport families who surged across border - The Washington Post

Rove: Obama Should React to Terrorism Like Bush -- NYMag (he did create his own reality)

How Our Corrupt Campaign Finance System Enabled Trump -- And Kneecapped His Rivals - While the rest of the field hopelessly chases megadonors and their unlimited dark money, Trump is having the last laugh.
Trump, Obama and the Assault on Political Correctness - The New York Times
Trump and the media, made for each other - Trump on Putin Killing Journalists - "That's the way it is!" (Joebro and Meat Puppet)

The quiet impact of Obama's Christian faith

Sorry, Conservatives, Obamacare Is Still Working -- NYMag (Ross Douthat has a very hard time with statistics and reality in general)

Kentucky's New Governor Strips Voting Rights For Felons And Lowers Minimum Wage In Sweeping Reforms - 140,000 former felons, he also reduced the minimum wage for some state employees from $10.10 per hour back to $7.25 (fuck yourselves, KY)

Talks break down between Wheaton College, suspended professor - Chicago Tribune - suspended for saying Muslims and Christians worship the same God (Christianity not an Abrhamic rellgion)

Mystery surrounds writer's name | Las Vegas Review-Journal (the sleeze deepens)

OVER THE LINE: Police shootings in Georgia - Nearly half the 184 Georgians shot and killed by police since 2010 were unarmed or shot in the back
Audio Of Laquan McDonald Shooting Released - Police radio recordings reveal officers repeatedly requested Taser backup.
Convicted of rape based on a dream, man relishes freedom after 28 years | US news | The Guardian

Americans are drinking themselves to death at record rates - Chicago Tribune - at a rate not seen in at least 35 years

Bank of America gets Twitter to delete journalist's joke, says he violated copyright

Feds seize over $1 million in cash hidden by disgraced Massachusetts politician | - The money was seized this week by federal authorities as part of their investigation into John George Jr., the disgraced former state representative and selectman from Dartmouth

GUYS: What is the most awkward thing a girl has ever said to you? : AskReddit
GIRLS: What is the most awkward thing a guy has ever said to you? : AskReddit
Brain scans from nearly 200 adolescent boys provide evidence that the brains of compulsive video game players are wired differently. : news
Hawk brought down a drone : pics
Adventures in Twitter Censorship


9 Maps That Show How Completely Bizarre Your Christmas Eve Weather Will Be
California's drought plus El Niqo increase the threat of a muddy disaster - LA Times

U.S.-Backed Iraqi Forces Launch Offensive to Retake Ramadi From Islamic State - The Atlantic - Iraqi government forces, backed by U.S. air strikes, have launched a ground offensive against the Islamic State in the Iraqi city ... U.S. intelligence estimates that only about 250 to 350 Islamic State fighters remain in Ramadi (against 10,000 Iraqi/coalition and US Air Force)

The Melting Away of North Atlantic Social Democracy - By J. Bradford DeLong (as we return to the Gilded Age of hereditary aristocracy)

In blockbuster poll, Sanders destroys Trump by 13 points | TheHill (and Hillary by 6, takes back House and Senate)

How Jeb Bush Enlisted in Florida's War on Black Voters | Mother Jones (no vote for you, ex-con)

America Is Becoming More Liberal - The Atlantic

Republicans are caught in a brutal demographic trap. But they can still win in 2016. - The Washington Post - To win, the report concludes, Democrats need to replicate something close to 2008 and 2012 levels of enthusiasm among the core Democratic voter groups that powered Barack Obama's two victories (the hopey/changey bank is empty)

The Republican Establishment Thinks Ted Cruz Can Save Them From Trump. There's One Big Problem. - return to the gold standard (which wacko neofascist do the elites support?)

Judge rules sexual orientation discrimination falls under purview of landmark Title IX law - LA Times

Kentucky bows to clerk Kim Davis and changes marriage license rules - LA Times - It's a great Christmas present for Kim Davis and for others like her" ("religious exceptions" to doing your fucking job)

Cafeteria Worker Fired After Giving Free Meal To Student Who Couldn't Pay (offered to pay the $1.70 herself, but no ... "Only in America does someone get fired for feeding a hungry poor child" +Idaho pro-lifers)

Texas Drops Planned Parenthood From HIV Prevention Program | The Texas Tribune

When Probable Cause Looks More Like 'Meh, Maybe?' Cause - A new ruling means tea leaves in the trash can be grounds for a drug raid. ("we don't need no steenking reasons)

- In the end, 2015 saw no "war on cops" andno "national crime wave"

The Typical American Lives Only 18 Miles From Mom - The New York Times (most of them in her basement)

An Unbelievable Story of Rape - ProPublica

FitzGibbon Media and the problem of sexual harassment in the progressive movement - Vox

A Christmas carol for the new gilded age - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Recently New York University, the real estate investment consortium disguised as the nation's most expensive undergraduate school, has been getting some bad publicity, for engaging in orgies of spending while some of its students are forced to turn to prostitution to make those pesky tuition and rent payments.

What if Sheldon Adelson buys your newspaper? Write about him, then leave | US news | The Guardian (mic drop +Adelson is a real slimeball)

Customers at McDonald's versus Chipotle - Business Insider - The niche interests of McDonald's customers' include watching movies at home, sleeping, and "sitting around doing as little as possible." Their typical professions involve the wholesale and retail industries, law, and consumer goods ... Chipotle customers' niche interests involve New York, dancing, sustainability charities, and going to restaurants and cafes. They tend to keep cats as pets, while McDonald's customers prefer fish.


Higher Levels of Fukushima Cesium Detected Offshore : Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
The weirdest omission of the Democratic debate ("moderators" not interested in climate change; neither are candidates +Raddatz: "can we have a first gentleman? who will chose the flowers?")

More Than 1 Million Migrants And Refugees Enter Europe In 2015: IOM - The symbolic milestone is driven by war, poverty and persecution in the Middle East and Africa. (but mostly American foreign policy)

Calls for David Cameron to step in after US bars British Muslim family from trip | Politics | The Guardian - The prime minister is facing calls to challenge the US over its refusal to allow a British Muslim family to board a flight from Gatwick to Los Angeles, to visit Disneyland. (who's running this crap, anyway?)

Will the Republican Party Survive the 2016 Election? - The Atlantic - The GOP planned a dynastic restoration in 2016. Instead, it triggered an internal class war. Can the party reconcile the demands of its donors with the interests of its rank and file? (Frum, his monsters got away from him))

- How America's dying white supremacist movement is seizing on Donald Trump's appeal - " his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit"

- For 55 officers involved in fatal shootings this year, it wasn't their first time (professional killers)

Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Anyone For Sandra Bland's Jailhouse Death - The grand jury reached no decision on whether the trooper who arrested Bland should face charges.
First downtown homicides Saturday among 336 counted in Baltimore in 2015 - Baltimore Sun

Arizona GOP taps creationist chemtrail truther to lead Senate education committee - In March, Allen made national news when she derailed a discussion about gun legislation to suggest a law that forces Americans to go to church on Sundays.

Existential Riddles - The New Yorker

ELI5: The taboo of unionization in America : explainlikeimfive

Military Redditors, when you were in boot camp, what was the funniest thing you ever heard one of your Drill Sergeants say? : AskReddit - The rest of you should be lining up to suck his dick so you can remember what pussy tastes like!
Ping Pong Trick Shot : gifs

One of the most well-hidden Easter eggs I've seen in a video game to date (Battlefield 4) : videos
Holy mother of God I found the Sasquatch Peyote. : chiliadmystery

Researchers Report Possibility of Using Unused Human Pancreata to Build New Organs


Safety Risks Contributed to Shenzhen Landslide, Chinese Reports Say - The New York Times - destroyed at least 33 buildings on Sunday was caused by the collapse not of a hillside but of a sodden mountain of dirt and construction debris in an industrial area. At least 91 people were missing

Snowden: Clinton's Call for a 'Manhattan-Like Project' Is Terrifying | Rolling Stone - Clinton's Big Brotherish proposal at Saturday's Democratic debate was both troubling and vague (not to mention stupid)

Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini banned from football for eight years by Fifa | Football | The Guardian

Cuomo Moves to Pardon Former Youthful Offenders - The New York Times - thousands of people who were convicted of nonviolent crimes as teenagers but have since led law-abiding lives. (dick apologizes for being dick)

Iranian Hackers Infiltrated Computers That Control New York Dam - The dam is a 20-foot-tall concrete slab across Blind Brook, about five miles from Long Island Sound ... after American spies damaged an Iranian nuclear facility with the Stuxnet computer worm (be very afraid)

Conservatives swallow this story whole! You won't believe what happens next!!! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : "At which point does society become utterly irrational? Is it the point at which we start segmenting off into alternate realities?" (become? ha-ha)

Today Among Our Benevolent Local Overlords - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Damn federal bureaucrats, trying to bully well-meaning local officials into interfering with the right of their local citizens to choose to drink carcinogenic water! Hopefully Larry Tribe can save us from this federal overreaching.

Silicon Valley's Homeless Population
An introduction to the geography of student debt - Equitable Growth - As median income increases in a zip code, so does the average loan balance, until income reaches approximately $140,000. After that, the relationship becomes flat. (don't take out loans in low-income/jobs areas)
Mapping Student Debt - Map 1: An Introduction - how borrowing for college affects the nation (Republicans have made education a liability)

Video raises questions over Chicago police account of fatal shooting | US news | The Guardian - Police say Cockerham pointed a gun, but moment does not appear in footage
Car Mows Down Pedestrians On Las Vegas Strip, Killing 1 And Injuring Dozens - It was just massacring people


Miami is Flooding - The New Yorker - As temperatures climb, so, too, will sea levels. (tie Scott and Rubio to Miami Beach)
Eschaton: Acqua Alta - interesting that the regular flooding of Miami doesn't get covered. It doesn't take a storm. It just happens.

Debate Upshot: Democrats Are the Only Responsible Party by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - The GOP wants to drop more bombs on anything that moves in the middle east, cut taxes on every corporation and rich person it can, and make life miserable for almost anyone who isn't older, wealthy, white, straight and male.

Sanders outshone Clinton on foreign policy at the debate. But who watched? | Lucia Graves | Opinion | The Guardian - The senator from Vermont managed to draw clear distinctions with the Democratic frontrunner. It still might not be enough when the voting starts
Fact-Checking The Third Democratic Debate - The Saturday night showdown featured misleading claims on guns, the minimum wage and Wall Street.

Eschaton: Don't Blame the Voters - . This all came from an internet pie fight lens view of politics, where a few anguished Daily Kos Diarists somehow represented a giant movement of Leftists Against Obama who took their balls and went home and that's how we got Speaker Boehner. (great rant)

Your lies shall be revealed, anon. - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Loomis thinks CPP is "petulant")
Eschaton: That's Their Power - Journalists have, in the past, informed me that the ability to out sources who lie to them is their superpower that prevents sources from lying to them. Take that away, and you presumably get more lying sources.

When did state know kids in Flint were lead poisoned? - assertions that everything was fine. And all that time, data that would have shown what was happening was ignored. (they knew they were destroying kids' brains)

FBI snooped on singer Pete Seeger for 20 years | Music | The Guardian - Bureau amassed huge file from 1943 on writer of classic songs (your spy state has been around a long time)

Mast Brothers: taste-testing $10 chocolate bars as controversy boils over | Life and style | The Guardian - The Brooklyn company has been accused of melting down another company's chocolate

Welcome to Provincetown. Winter Population: Dwindling. - The New York Times


- Obama: GOP is the "only major party in advanced world" to deny climate change (Party of Stupidity, Death and Destruction)
Eco-Authoritarian Catastrophism: The Dismal and Deluded Vision of Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway | GeoCurrents - Martin W. Lewis ... (inveighs against) doomsayers who think we must forsake democracy and throttle our freedoms if we are to avoid a planetary catastophe (what are you talking about?)

Media Has Symbiotic Ties with ISIS? Ignoring Other Terrorist Groups | Dr. Majid Rafizadeh (Iran is a big player)

South China Sea: US bomber angers Beijing with Spratly islands flypast | World news | The Guardian - US Navy says its B-52 plane had no intention of flying so close to the Chinese-claimed Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea (just a little miscalculation)

ANOTHER top Conservative resigns over bullying scandal: Thatcher foundation chief forced to quit over links to 'Tatler Tory' | Daily Mail Online (really bad Tories)

Anger: An American History - The New York Times (always a nation of haters)

The Big Short, Housing Bubbles and Retold Lies - Krugman (it was all those blacks lying on their mortgages)

It's Barbaric - Yep, 19% of Democrats also want to bomb a fictional Disney sultanate. (we need a national database of stupid white people)

Amid DNC dust-up, Sanders raises $1 million in a single day, campaign associate says - The Washington Post
Democratic debate: candidates to clash amid data scandal that hurts all involved | US news | The Guardian - The tale of campaign snooping that saw the Democratic National Committee bar Bernie Sanders's campaign from a voter database brings Hillary Clinton's electronic records to the fore once again (Debbie Do-Wrong)
Eschaton: Stories Behind Stories - the bigger story, from the perspective that those with the real power are what really matter, is that the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are not exactly neutral in this primary and they don't even feel the need to pretend.
Democratic National Committee Restores Bernie Sanders' Access To Voter Data - The deal doesn't end the Sanders vs. DNC lawsuit.
Axelrod: DNC putting 'finger on the scale' in favor of Clinton | Washington Examiner (and then there's the insane non-debate schedule)
Bernie Sanders campaign claims win after DNC hands back access to voter file | US news | The Guardian - but Democratic National Committee says move made only after Sanders complied with its requests (time to dump Debbie)

Totally Not Drunk New Mexico Governor Chastises Cops For Breaking Up Her Hotel Party - They were just eating pizza, you see - New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (R) (Jeb!'s future VP!)

- Green light on $1bn St Louis Rams stadium still "fiscally irresponsible" a second publicly subsidized stadium for the Rams in two decades comes amid a particularly precarious time for the city of 300,000. (sportsbros rule with tax-exempt public bonds)

Kathryn Knott Verdict Is In | News | Philadelphia Magazine - On its third day of deliberation, the jury found her guilty on four counts of simple assault, conspiracy, reckless endangerment; not guilty of aggravated assault. Sentencing is scheduled for February 8th.

Judge in Adelson lawsuit subject to unusual scrutiny amid Review-Journal sale | Las Vegas Review-Journal - three reporters at the newspaper received an unusual assignment passed down from the newspaper's corporate management: Drop everything and spend two weeks monitoring all activity of three Clark County judges.

Star Wars Fans Can Bring Real Guns Into Marcus Theaters | Crooks and Liars - As crazy as it sounds, the Marcus Theaters' fake gun policy is stronger than their real gun policy!

Black Holes Only Go Truly Black if They're Really Big


Haunted by Waters - The New York Times - It's a hoax, says Donald J. Trump, with all the practiced hucksterism of the swampland salesman. He may feel different when one of his resorts is below the sea.

Under Fire From G.O.P., Obama Defends Response to Terror Attacks - The New York Times - old a group of news columnists this week that sending significant ground forces back to the Middle East could conceivably result in the deaths of 100 American soldiers every month. (not the rich kids, for sure)

This BBC Reporter Just Trolled the Chinese Government - He flew into what the Chinese are calling their airspace (they're wrong).
Until Corbyn led the Labour party, we were all wonderfully polite | Voices | The Independent - If the Labour Leader had any decency he'd behave like a proper MP and go to a dinner with arms traders or offshore bankers
Eschaton - British politics/media coverage of politics reminds me of 2003 in the US. Sorry, Britain.

The U.S. Found The People Who Can Beat ISIS. The Only Problem Is Everyone Hates Them.

The New York Times Has a Source Pollution Problem - A certain kind of source has burned the paper more than once this year.
Systemic Change Needed After Faulty Times Article - The New York Times
The NYT Should Have Known This Would Get Streamed into the Primary Campaign

Bernie Sanders Campaign Threatens Legal Action Against DNC - Sanders' campaign manager said the Democratic committee is "actively attempting to undermine our campaign." (Dirty Debbie did the deed)
Why Did the DNC Let the Bernie-Hillary Tech Story Leak? - A better question: Would it have leaked if the roles were reversed?

Eschaton: Jayyuuuubb Creeeeaaashion - job creation policies aren't much use if the Fed is going to ensure that wage growth never happens. In other words, job growth policies, even if they're correct, just inspire the Fed to kill the job creation part. You can't create more jobs than the Fed wants you to.

Hate Crimes Against Muslims Have Tripled Since Attacks In Paris, San Bernardino - off the chart -- and I don't think we've seen the end of it
Schools in Virginia shut over anger at Islam homework - - There is only ONE GOD and HIS NAME is JESUS!" (and what was His Dad's Name again?)
Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin | US news | The Guardian - 54% of the Republicans they polled support banning Muslims from entering the US, as Donald Trump has proposed

Class Differences in Child-Rearing Are on the Rise - The New York Times - The lives of children from rich and poor American families look more different than they have in decades.

It's Getting Harder To Deny That Strong Laws Have An Effect On Gun Violence - A new study finds that states with stricter regulations on firearms see a lower rate of shooting deaths. (MA A- but NH D and VT,ME F)

When Correctional Officers Carry Shotguns, The Result is Death And Mayhem - The Huffington Post

New Orleans Will Finally Tear Down Its Monuments to American Traitors - The city's statues honoring Robert E. Lee and other figures of the Confederacy will be removed.
4 Actual Excuses For Racism So Dumb That Nobody Is Buying Them

The Disturbing Story Of Widespread Sexual Assault Allegations At A Major Progressive PR Firm
Reviled Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Resigns (they really did a lot of photo-ops)

-Cancer is political -- as the argument about its casues shows


2016 set to be hottest year on record globally | Environment | The Guardian - UK Met Office estimates 2016 will be at least as hot as 2015, which would mean the three hottest years ever had occurred in a row

Jermaine Baker shooting: Met officer arrested in dramatic development | Crime | News | London Evening Standard - A Met firearms officer has been arrested over the fatal shooting of Jermaine Baker in north London, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

Tories rocked by new 'bullying' storm as MP Lucy Allan accused of 'vicious' abuse of sick staff member | Politics | News | London Evening Standard - Tories have a "culture of bullying" (comments priceless: "never seen such a fundamentally evil and dickensian/toff stereotypes as this current lot. Todays TP is full of full of flashman's (see Cameron, Javid, goldsmith, may), greedy useless bunters (johnson, pickles) evil empowered former faggs (schapps, Osbourne), and weasley stoats (apply last two names again) ...
Telford MP Lucy Allan defends adding death threat - BBC News - Mrs Allan responded to allegations that she had doctored the email

Putin admits Russian military presence in Ukraine for first time | World news | The Guardian

Congress adds contested cybersecurity measures to 'must-pass' spending bill | US news | The Guardian - ACLU criticizes inclusion of Cisa information-sharing rules in year-end omnibus spending package amid concerns over privacy

Congress' spending binge: $700 billion in unpaid tax cuts - politico - Budget austerity takes a back seat as lawmakers prepare to pass nearly $700 billion in unpaid-for tax cuts. (you need to die so the riches can have more riches)

Bernie Sanders Picks Up A Major Union Endorsement - It's his biggest one yet.

Fox Contributor Calls Out Carly Fiorina's Debate Lie | Video | Media Matters for America - Fiorina Falsely Claimed Fox Contributor Gen. Jack Keane "Retired Early" After Dispute With President Obama (Failurina makin' shit up again - "I think I heard it on Fox so shutup" )
Watch Ted Cruz Flub A Fox News Interview On Immigration - He struggled to defend confusing claims he made during Tuesday's GOP debate.

The Election and the Death of White Male Power -- The Cut - This is our country in an excruciating period of change. This is the story of the slow expansion of possibility for figures who have long existed on the margins, and it is also the story of the dangerous rage those figures provoke

Eschaton: The Real Issue - Of course Republicans don't care about the deficit, but the bigger issue is that the scolds in the media only care about the deficit when they can blame Democrats for it.
- I wonder where Crazy Eyes Larry got this idea? - Contractionary policy is contractionary

Gentlemen, To Evil! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : some of ALEC's most sinister members? (pull back the curtain and what do we see? #1 Phizer with a half a billion dollars of bought congresscrooks)
Trump as moderate: yes, and that doesn't make him any less appalling - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 2) This is only offensive if we treat moderation as a political virtue worthy of praise. (moderatiion is not a virtue when we're going off a cliff)

Strike Two for Pair of New York Times Reporters | Mother Jones - Schmidt and Apuzzo should be considered on probation. That's at least one big mistake too many. (Judy Millerville)

Police Fight Release Of Another Video Of Cop Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man - The slain man was mentally-ill and carrying a pen. The officer wore a body camera but did not turn it on ... Police later confirmed Nehad was unarmed and was holding a metallic pen at the time of the shooting. (put all the cops in jail)

Congress Poised To Keep Banning Gun Violence Research - The guy behind the ban says agencies should defy Congress and study it anyway. (we don't want none of yer stupid librul "facts")

Man engaging in legal theft also indulges in the illegal kind - Lawyers, Guns & Money (see pix if you haven't already)
CEO Who Price Gouged HIV Drug Arrested - Martin Shkreli was arrested by the FBI in New York on securities fraud charges. (pharmabro: muhahaha)
Martin Shkreli Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges - 32-year-old suspected of plundering Retrophin to pay debts
Pyrimethamine - (trade name Daraprim) is a medication used for protozoal infections.

Peak law school? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (peak law scam as the tuition curve goes hyperbolic)

This White Terrorist Plotted To Kill Innocent Americans, But You Probably Haven't Heard Of Him - Eric Feight wanted to blast Muslims with a death ray in upstate New York.

5 Things To Know About The Woman Whose Case Could End Affirmative Action As We Know It - Meet Abigail Fisher, the onetime University of Texas applicant who took her case to the Supreme Court. (affirmative action for dumb white chicks)

Guns are now killing as many people as cars in the U.S. - The Washington Post
Chicago Pays Millions but Punishes Few in Killings by Police - The New York Times - All the while, the city, which is in the middle of a fiscal crisis, has spent more than $500 million settling police cases since 2004. (taxpayers paid $1/2 billion to give cops immunity)

Flint's "toxic soup" polluted water worse for children than thought, doctor says (intended consequences)

Down From the Trees, Humans Finally Got a Decent Night's Sleep (no snakes helps a lot)


- There is a new form of climate denialism to look out for (renewables not enough, so fuck the planet anyway)

Tory co-chairman claimed Obama sent pollster to UK to stop Miliband, book says | Discussion | The Guardian (sounds plausible)

The Anti-Terror Raid That Asked All The Wrong Questions - BuzzFeed News - Ten months before the deadly attacks in Paris

Eschaton: A Truly Great Partner - For our next bold humanitarian mission - Saudi Arabia has announced the formation of an "Islamic military alliance" (sorry, two dots too many to connect)

Conservatives: Same As They Ever Were by Martin Longman | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - the Republican Platform from the 1952 convention (tax cuts!)

Last Night's Debate Winner -- ISIS (Republican panic-babies wet their pants)
Rand Paul Didn't Win, But He Raised the Most Important Questions of the Debate - Namely, if we're willing to start World War III to look "strong" (how WWI started, also, but fuck history)
Watch The Best Moments From The December CNN GOP Debate - It was the last GOP debate of the year. (but there will be 37 after that)
Eschaton: I Can't Believe There's Still a Kiddie Table - The Republicans must be heard. All of them. Again and again and again and again.

GOP Candidates, CNN Debate Moderators Did Their Best To Make America Sh*t Its Pants - Everything is terrifying and we're all going to die.

University of Iowa president sorry for saying unready teachers should be shot - Education (Trumpism spreads)

- As 640,000 L.A. kids are going home because of terrorism, thousands of Michigan kids don't have clean water (another generation of violent criminals so we can be tough on crime)

How AT&T Execs Took Over the Red Cross and Hurt its Ability to Help People - ProPublica - Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern, who was hired to revitalize the charity, has cut hundreds of chapters and thousands of employees ... A former AT&T executive who had taught marketing at Harvard Business School (executives need higher pay)

An Unbelievable Story of Rape | The Marshall Project

Forensic Science Has Revealed the Real Face of Jesus. - Forensic science reveals the most famous face in history (no, he didn't have long flowing blond hair and blue eyes, even if he did exist)


Revealed: Prince Charles has received confidential cabinet paper It is a critical stage of life for half the population, yet women struggling with symptoms are confronted with conflicting advice. Why is so little understood about the menopause? s for decades | UK news | The Guardian - Revelation that heir to throne is routinely sent confidential papers comes after three-year freedom of information battle (yes, they really are lizards)

Setting the Record Straight on Clemency by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - todays banner article at Politico - by Bill Keller titled: On Pardons, Obama's the Stingiest President Since John Adams. (noted because Keller is still a lying asshole)

Donald Trump Rally Turns Ugly: 'Light The Motherf**ker On Fire!' - "Kick his ass!" "Shoot him!" "Bitch!" "Sieg Heil!" (fascism alive and well in Amerika)

Los Angeles defends decision to close public schools over threat | US news | The Guardian
The Email That Shut Down LA Schools Came From An 'Internet Meme Sewer' - It's been traced back to a barebones email server that hosts thousands of accounts.
NYPD Commissioner Blasts LA's 'Overreaction' To Bomb Threat - "It's what they want, whether it's a prankster or a terrorist."

What science doesn't know about the menopause


At This Point, If You Deny Climate Change, You Are a Traitor to Your Species - A landmark deal on the most important issue of our time -- just in time for the Republican debate. (the Necromongers)

Americans are twice as willing to distance Christian extremists from their religion as Muslims - The Washington Post

Spotlight Takes Place 14 Years Ago, But the Catholic Church Is Still Dealing with Sex Scandals

Will the History of White Supremacy Help Stop American Fascism? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (History?)

Trump hits new high in poll | TheHill - It has become abundantly clear that Trump is giving his supporters exactly what they want, even if what he says causes the GOP leadership and many Republican voters to cringe - national security is the most important issue to Republican voters, beating out the economy by 20 points ... survey of 385 registered Republican voters (what a bunch of panic-babies)

Marco Rubio, Master of Adjectives
Hullabaloo - The new litmus test - Also, Marco Rubio is a smarmy little creep.
Getting to Know Ted Cruz's Father, Fiery Rafael (evil didn't fall far from the tree of death)
2016 GOP contenders prep for loud, ugly holiday season - politico (the Grinch is coming for you)

Eschaton: The Partisan Trap - One game our pundits have loved to play for years is blaming democrats for politicizing anything that's a priority of... democrats

Gun deaths in your district: what have your elected representatives done? | US news | The Guardian

The Wall Street Journal Abandons Its Business Readers | Jeffrey Sachs - The Wall Street Journal has become the Fox News of print journalism (the fate of NatGeo)

Techno Viking and the curse of internet celebrity | Fruzsina Eordogh | Opinion | The Guardian - Finding yourself at the centre of a meme sensation should be lucrative


How US negotiators ensured landmark Paris climate deal was Republican-proof | US news | The Guardian - White House officials at COP 21 helped craft a deal congressional Republicans would not be able to stop (the planet-destroying party)
Republican Lawmakers Vocal In Opposition To Climate Deal - The President should remember that the historic agreement "is subject to being shredded in 13 months," McConnell said. (The Party of Death and Destruction will Doom the planet)
The Climate Agreement - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The whole world has to deal with the mendacity of the Republicans. Christ.
Buying Climate Change Denialism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Anti-Irish Know-Nothing Mob Burns a Charlestown Convent in 1834 - New England Historical Society

Eschaton: Is That It? - I know nothing about these things, but if attempts to take out oil infrastructure are this ineffective, it's probably because the powers that be don't want to blow up the valuable stuff. (this is from where 350 oil tankers, invisible to satellites, appear)

Heralded Iraq Police Academy a 'Disaster' - - A $75 million project to build the largest police academy in Iraq has been so grossly mismanaged that the campus now poses health risks to recruits and might need to be partially demolished, U.S. investigators have found. (2006: remember when the neo-cons ran everything?)

Maltese ships owned by Turkish president's son being implicated in ISIS oil trade (the kid bought a bunch of oil tankers?)

Ted Cruz Surges To First Place In Iowa - Cruz shows the largest gain any candidate has made in the last five Iowa presidential caucuses.

What The Hell Happened To Mickey Kaus - BuzzFeed News - How a godfather of Democratic political blogging became obsessed with immigration -- and came around to Donald Trump. (voted twice for Obama)

Despair Over Gun Deaths Is Not an Option - The New York Times

Mayor Swears In, But Not On the Bible - WLOS - ABC - I just don't think there's a place for any kind of religious doctrine in government, because we represent everybody."

A simple fix for quantum computing; quantum flux corrupts data but may be prevented using magnets and standard semi-conductor parts. : science

A US town has rejected a proposal for a solar farm following public concerns that solar panels 'suck up all the energy from the sun' : technology - You may not care, but giving attention to these articles simply incentivizes more news companies to keep creating this bullshit to play off of everyone's emotions. THAT should outrage you.

What's your favorite thing in your saved section? : AskReddit
Uncanny Valley : videos
Fuck English : AdviceAnimals - Yes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though


Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris - The accord "saves the chance of saving the planet," says one advocate.
Inside the Paris Climate Deal - The New York Times - Holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 20C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.50C above pre-industrial levels, recognizing that this would significantly reduce the risks and impacts of climate change
Paris climate deal: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era | Environment | The Guardian - but already low-lying countries are worried
Legendary Climate Scientist Is Not Impressed With The Paris Talks - "There is no action, just promises," says James Hansen.
Speaking with One Voice to Solve the Climate Crisis | Al Gore

The World's Most Influential Voices of 2015 | Nathan Gardels - The 2015 Global Thought Leaders Index (Papa first, but Snowden #1 in Germany)

Saudi Women Vote In Election For First Time - Men and women are casting ballots at separate polling stations, and female candidates could not directly address male voters.

Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen's schools, Amnesty International claims | Middle East | News | The Independent - The UN has described the humanitarian situation inside Yemen as 'critical'
- Swiss prosecutors seek interviews with prince and Islamic affairs minister over alleged 2003 kidnap of Sultan bin Turki bin Abdulaziz al-Saud
Eschaton: But What About The Laser Beams That Shoot Out Of Their Eyes? - Silly Trudeau doesn't understand that all Syrians have super-terrorist powers.

The Gambia now an Islamic republic, says President Yahya Jammeh | World news | The Guardian

What Orwell can teach us about the language of terror and war | Books | The Guardian

A History of Violence: Part III by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (and it's gotten even worse)

CNN's Cuomo To Carly Fiorina: The Planned Parenthood Smear Videos "Were Edited. You Know That" | Video | Media Matters for America (Failurina has a melt-down)

Suspect In Cop Killings Found Dead Inside Mississippi Jail Cell - Homicide was ruled out, and investigators say suspect Marvin Banks may have died of natural causes.

Las Vegas Review-Journal Removes Questions About Newspaper's New Mystery Owner

Academia 2015 - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Scott Lemieux and other tenured profs fired: Univerities turning in high-priced trade schools)

What do Americans do without a second thought that would shock non-Americans? : AskReddit

I am the poet, painter, pacifist, publisher, defender of free speech, and owner of San Francisco's City Lights bookstore, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. AMA! (at 96)

Google Says its Quantum Computer Works, Is 100 Million Times Faster Than Traditional PC : technology (a computer simulating a quantum computer, anyway)
Shtetl-Optimized ; Blog Archive ; Google, D-Wave, and the case of the factor-10^8 speedup for WHAT?
Prof. Gil Kalai - What can we learn from a failure of quantum computers - YouTube
Why Quantum Computers Cannot Work: An Overview by Professor Gil Kalai - YouTube
Shtetl-Optimized ; Blog Archive ; Ask an unbounded question, get an uncomputable answer


COP21: Climate deal final draft 'agreed' in Paris - BBC News
Paris Climate Talks To Run Past Deadline As Diplomats Struggle Over Disagreements
Environmental Change | Arctic Deeply, Focused Coverage of the High North - The Earth's global temperature for September 2015 was 0.9C (1.62F) above the 20th-century average, making it the warmest September in 136 years of record keeping. (will there ever be an accounting?)
Climate Change and the Arctic - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Climate change means days are getting longer, scientists find | Science | The Guardian - Duration of day has lengthened by a millisecond over the past 100 years as water from shrinking glaciers slows Earth's rotation and shifts position of poles

A Muslim American Veteran Was Widely Smeared With a Fabricated Story About ISIS Charges
At least he can still buy a gun - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - 95 percent of the suicide attacks were in response to a military occupation (vide Sam Harris)

ISIS Hits Kurdish Town With Triple Truck Bomb Attack, At Least 50 Dead - The three blasts, carried out by at least two suicide bombers, struck outside a hospital, at a marketplace and in a residential area.

Russia Accuses Mikhail Khodorkovsky Of 1998 Murder - The accusations come two days after Khodorkovsky said that President Vladimir Putin has driven Russia into a position when a revolution is "inevitable and necessary" and that that he will help to bring it about.

Former NYC Police Chief: U.S. Can't Win A Ground War Against ISIS - It was a ground war, after all, that gave rise to the group in the first place. (sorry, that's a dot too far)

- Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son "kidnapped" in Lebanon - Hannibal Gaddafi appears on TV to appeal for information about Imam Musa al-Sadr, who disappeared in Libya in 1978

Former Chilean soldier charged with murder after stunning radio confession | World news | The Guardian - Guillermo Reyes Rammsy, 62, admitted on live radio phone-in on Wednesday to participating in executions of 18 opponents of late dictator Augusto Pinochet (your CIA at work)

Eschaton: Some Employees - Volkswagen should become an un-company and every executive (let's stop pretending they didn't know) should have all of their income stripped.

Survey of Kentucky Residents on State Health Policy | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation (so they elect people who are against what they want the most)

These Cliven Bundy Impersonators Took Millions in Government Handouts

House: Could Trump Lead to Apocalypse for Republicans? (End Times?)
Lindsey Graham: Trump Leading Because 40% Of GOP Voters Think Obama Is Kenyan Muslim - BuzzFeed News - I can promise you that Hillary Clinton will clean his clock, Graham added
A Contested GOP Convention Possible Next Year -- NYMag - The Republican Race Keeps Getting Weirder:

Rahm Emanuel Has No Acceptable Excuse by Martin Longman | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - we now know that his office was apprised of the fact that there was video footage at least two months before election day (resign, asshole)

Trust in Government to Protect Against Terrorism at New Low - About half of Americans say they worry about becoming a victim (Bumfuck IA is very scared)
Poll: Solid opposition to ban on Muslims entering U.S. - CBS News (well that takes care of the whole refugees-caused-by-US-bombs problem, doesn't it?)
Two Muslim women attacked in Tampa
Armed 'Three Percenters' Movement Now Confronting Muslim Americans - "We will interfere with every move they (Muslims) make towards taking over our country."

Gun linked to Paris attacks traced back to Florida arms dealer implicated in Iran-Contra scandal (some things never change)

US police shot more people dead last month than British officers did in 95 years | World | News | The Independent - A total of 1,063 people were killed by US police this year

Arkansas Supreme Court Halts Birth Certificates For Same-Sex Partners - The state Supreme Court said that "the best course of action is to preserve the status quo" (where have we heard that before?)

Chicago's "Black Site" Police Scandal Is Primed to Explode Again | Mother Jones - Homan Square detention facility is reportedly like something out of "Homeland." (his career has been consistent)
Daniel Holtzclaw: questions for police chiefs after officer is convicted of rape | US news | The Guardian - Attorney promises civil lawsuits against police officials as victims and their supporters ask: why wasn't caught sooner? (you know the answer to that)

Liberty University to allow guns in residence halls - The Washington Post

The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out | GQ - Seven of the nine [dead] were head shots or chest shots. Who trains for that? Who? (and they covered up their murders with a blitz of indictments)
4 Bikers Shot In Waco With Same Rifle Type Police Use - It was not clear whether any bikers had similar guns to the police that day.

EXCLUSIVE: Bronx priest stole $1M for S&M romance: suit - NY Daily News

Women Like Being Valued for Sex, as Long as it is by a Committed Partner. - PubMed - NCBI - Women Like Being Valued for Sex, as Long as it is by a Committed Partner. (science at work)
Women Like Being Valued for Sex, as Long as it is by a Committed Partner. : science


2015 summed up in one amazing illustration : pics

Climate change could leave Chesapeake Bay island uninhabitable in 50 years | Environment | The Guardian

Mina stampede deaths three times higher than acknowledged by Saudi authorities: report - Pakistan - DAWN.COM - The September stampede during the Haj in Saudi Arabia killed at least 2,411 pilgrims, a new Associated Press count shows, three times the number of deaths acknowledged by the kingdom three months later.

Three Senior ISIS Leaders Killed In U.S.-Led Strikes
A US military spokesman said Thursday that Islamic State extremists lost as much as half of their defending force after strikes in recent days in the city
- Turkey acts like ISIS ally, should not be EU member - Czech president (the obvious is getting more attention)

El Chapo tells ISIS his men will destroy them | New York Post - his narcotics cartel will wipe them off the planet.

Millennials Want To Send Troops To Fight ISIS, But Don't Want To Serve : NPR

How Cliven Bundy Changed Our National Politics - Things are wild, unhinged, and violent.
American Politics Is Turning into a Middle Ages Theme Park for Grown-Ups - And Congressman Steve King is king of the carnies.

Young Americans: The American Dream Is Dead | Republic 3.0 | The Washington Monthly - A new survey finds overwhelmingly gloomy views among youth. (Boomers killed their children's future)

Harry Reid Says Scalia Endorses Racist Ideas - "The only difference between the ideas endorsed by Trump and Scalia is that Scalia has a robe and a lifetime appointment." (ka-pow)

White House Finalizes Proposal To Expand Background Checks On Gun Sales
House Democrats Hijack House Floor For Gun Vote - Democrats are using a parliamentary trick to get a vote on the contentious legislation.
Connecticut Governor To Block People On Watch Lists From Buying Guns - "If Congress will not act, we in the states will."

Fear of Terrorism Lifts Donald Trump in New York Times/CBS Poll - The New York Times (one more attack and it's in the bag)
GOP preparing for contested convention - The Washington Post (the in-bro crowd)
The Crisis of Republican Authority - The New York Times
See How NPR Hacks Up Testy Interview with Ted Cruz

Kim Segal, Assistant Broward County, Florida Public Defender, says make America great again by honoring the Constitution - CBS News - We throw more people behind bars per capita than any other country in the world. There are 2.2 million Americans incarcerated and according to The Sentencing Project that's a 500% increase over the past thirty years.
Risk of being killed by police is 16 times greater for those with mental illness : news

At least 4 reported incidents of suspicious phone purchases across Missouri | Local News - Home - "You know, they could be using these phones for terrorist acts." ("suspicious" = too many, apparently no legal limit on the number of phones you can buy)

Psychiatric Drugs Are Being Prescribed to Infants - The New York Times (seizures and temper tantrums are not the same +Respiridol)

First plasma in Wendelstein 7-X | Max-Planck-Institut f|r Plasmaphysik - A successful start with helium plasma / hydrogen plasma to follow at the beginning of 2016
Electron lifetime is at least 66,000 yottayears - - five-quintillion times the current age of the universe.

Reading Flannery O'Connor in the age of Islamophobia

Suleiman the Magnificent's tomb believed to have been found in Hungary | Science | The Guardian

Operator Error Investigated After Red Line Train Traveled Without One

Women of reddit: how often to you go on dates just to get free food? : AskReddit
We did it, Reddit. A positive DNA match was made on a 20 year old case because of posts on Reddit and Imgur. : bestof

Mysterious hackers attempting to bring down entire internet by DDoS-ing critical servers : worldnews


Greenpeace exposes sceptics hired to cast doubt on climate science | Environment | The Guardian - William Happer, the Cyrus Fogg Brackett professor of physics at Princeton University ... Frank Clemente, a retired sociologist formerly at Pennsylvania State University Aging Nuclear Plants Fuel Concerns for the Industry's future

Human Rights Groups Criticize U.S. Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia : Parallels : NPR - The State Department has approved a $1.29 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia, which includes as many as 13,000 precision guided weapons or smart bombs. The sale comes as Human Rights Watch charges that Saudi airstrikes in Yemen "have indiscriminately killed and injured civilians" (who's the boss, again?)

Authorities Identify 3rd Paris Concert Hall Attacker - A third man who attacked the Bataclan concert hall in Paris on Nov. 13 has been identified as Foued Mohamed-Aggad, a 23-year-old from Strasbourg.

German woman on trial for Neo-nazi murders breaks silence over attacks | World news | The Guardian

70,000 clerics issue fatwa against terrorism, 15 lakh Muslims support it - Times of India

Homeland Security's Unchecked Corruption at the Border - Want to run drugs, smuggle migrants and get away with it? Join America's biggest law enforcement agency.

Hiring Increased in October, Report Says - The New York Times
The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground | Pew Research Center - No longer the majority and falling behind financially (suck it up, whities, you fucked yourselves)

2016 National Republican Primary - Polls - HuffPost Pollster - This chart combines the latest opinion polls and is updated whenever a new poll is released. (Trump through the roof at 34% - 41%)
Netanyahu set to meet Trump, as MKs urge candidate be shunned | The Times of Israel (birds of a feather)
There's Nothing Donald Trump Can Say About Muslims To Make GOP Leaders Reject Him - Republican lawmakers still say they'll back him if he becomes their presidential nominee.
Trump's Incendiary Comments Throw GOP Into A Tailspin - One by one, Republican officials across the country lashed out at Trump's plan.
Bloomberg Politics Poll: Trump Muslim Ban Proposal - Nearly Two-Thirds of Likely GOP Primary Voters Back Trump's Muslim ban
It's time for Republicans to renounce Donald Trump's candidacy
NY Daily News Cover Shows Donald Trump Beheading Statue Of Liberty - "When he came for the Muslims, I did not speak out as I was not a Muslim." (they've really found their voice lately)
Joe Biden: If Donald Trump Is The GOP Nominee, Hillary Clinton 'Wins In A Walk' - Biden called Trump's Islamophobia "a very, very dangerous brew for America." (and so would Bernie, with more hope and change)
Trump Proves That Liberals Have Been Right All Along | New Republic - The left nailed the pathology of the conservative movement years ago. The Donald is just making that impossible to deny.
ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: First Ban All Muslims? Donald Trump, Polls And Echidne Researches
Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943)

This is what good government looks like: Why Elizabeth Warren is the senator America needs - - In an election year, no one cares about process, but the Massachusetts senator just showed how important it is

- Justice Scalia: minority students may be better off where "they don't feel pushed too hard"
Affirmative Action is back in court. Arguments against it made no sense | Scott Lemieux | Opinion | The Guardian - Fisher almost certainly would not have been admitted even if UT used strictly race-neutral admissions criteria.

US police killings are a public health concern, say Harvard researchers | US news | The Guardian - Essay drawing on Guardian data collected for The Counted investigation says killings by US police should be reported to government health authorities
Happiness is a warm gun - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Gun rights groups say they will conduct a mock mass shooting this weekend at the University of Texas campus as they try to end gun-free zones.
- Why mass shootings don't convince gun owners to support gun control

A Texas town stands divided, after armed men in camouflage menace worshipers at a local mosque. Selk says the armed protesters aren't Irving residents. : news
We need to look after our own first, say people who would never help anyone

Diane Rehm To Retire From Long-Running Radio Show : The Two-Way : NPR

A fundamental quantum physics problem has been proved unsolvable - Factor - For the first time a major physics problem has been proved unsolvable, meaning that no matter how accurately a material is mathematically described on a microscopic level, there will not be enough information to predict its macroscopic behaviour.
Paradox at the heart of mathematics makes physics problem unanswerable : Nature News & Comment - (Godel's incompleteness theorems are connected to unsolvable calculations in quantum physics
A fundamental quantum physics problem has been proved unsolvable : science
computability - Why, really, is the Halting Problem so important? - Computer Science Stack Exchange

ELI5: How can the "deep Web" allegedly be so much larger than the surface Web if only a minority of people use the deep Web or hidden Internet. : explainlikeimfive


Blueprint Planet
COP21 is too male dominated and has male priorities, says UN special envoy | Environment | The Guardian
Saudi Arabia accused of trying to wreck Paris climate deal | Environment | The Guardian - is getting in the way of a deal and making implausible objections, say delegates and campaigners
Texas Fracking Zone Emits 90% More Methane Than EPA Estimated | InsideClimate News - missions have been vastly underestimated, sweeping Environmental Defense Fund-backed study finds. (how could that have happened?)

Saudi court to review stoning sentence of Sri Lankan woman | World news | The Guardian - A Saudi court has decided to reopen the case of a Sri Lankan woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, a Sri Lankan government minister has said. (traditional Muslum values)

David Miranda in fresh challenge over Heathrow detention | World news | The Guardian - The hearing at the court of appeal in London is an attempt to overturn an earlier decision by a lower court that holding him under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 was lawful.

North_London_Gunner comments on Trump Dares Morning Host to "Go To Break" (Guess what happened)

Amnesty report: ISIS armed with U.S. weapons -

5 Arab Israelis arrested for IS support, planning terror attacks | The Times of Israel - Nazareth family members purchased guns, trained for attacks in Israel, after becoming more religious, security service says

Icelanders flock to religion revering Sumerian gods and tax rebates | World news | The Guardian - Ancient Zuist movement enjoys revival as thousands join as part of protest against requirement that citizens pay taxes to state church

Trump calls for 'shutdown' of Muslims entering US | TheHill
'I. Don't. Care': Trump brushes off horrified reaction to his Muslim ban | US news | The Guardian - Trump brushes off horrified reaction to his Muslim ban
- How does Trump do it? Understanding the psychology of a demagogue's rally
Amazon Founder Offers To Send Donald Trump To Space - In a tweet, Jeff Bezos indicated Blue Origin will not discriminate against any American, even a xenophobic demagogue.
Dick Cheney: Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Plan 'Goes Against Everything We Stand For'
This Neo-Nazi Response To Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Plan Says It All - Sounds like he has their vote.

Laura Ingraham Suggests The US Should Shoot Deported Immigrants Attempting To Re-Enter The Country | Video | Media Matters for America

Eschaton: Prime Targets - An East Texas police chief is urging residents to arm themselves against terrorists after listening to President Barack Obama's Sunday night address to the nation.

The County: sexual assault and the price of silence | US news | The Guardian - How law enforcement officers in Kern County, California, secretly tried to buy off victims in sexual misconduct cases against the men sworn to protect them
Intense Car Chase and Gun Battle in Downtown Seattle Yesterday : videos
Chicago police commander on trial for putting gun in suspect's mouth | Reuters

No Child Left Behind: An Obituary : NPR Ed : NPR

(14) So simple, anyone SHOULD BE ABLE to understand... - Bonnie Greenfield Warren
Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess | Tea, Dinosaurs and Feminism.

Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales, evidence suggests | UK news | The Guardian
EHP - Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes
Chemical flavorings found in e-cigarettes linked to lung disease : science - Flavorings is plural, but the entire article is just about Diacetyl. - So eliquids have 10-100 times less DA/AP then regular cigs, yet no one has gotten popcorn lung from smoking either. (but more research needed)

Amazon's Prime members just got a new perk: Showtime and Starz, unbundled and cheap.
redneck ingenuity at its finest - Google Search
[Serious] Men of Reddit who have been raped by women, what happened, did you tell anyone, and did they take you seriously? : AskReddit

- Quantum Computers Explained
Controversial Quantum Machine Bought by NASA and Google Shows Promise | MIT Technology Review


Will The World Reach An Agreement To Avert Climate Disaster This Week? - The next few days will decide the planet's future (comment: "The entire world comes together and committs in writting to hold it at 1.7 degrees C or face crippling economic sanctions or we collectely fail. We already know how this will turn out - FAIL"
Beijing Issues First-Ever 'Red Alert' Over Air Pollution (next: Infrared alerts)

Barack Obama Seemed to Be Talking to Some Other Country Last Night - One that is wiser, more rational, and would not buy the snake oil being peddled by Donald Trump.
2016 presidential candidates react to Obama's Oval Office address on ISIS - CBS News (Cruz: I will bomb the shit out of ISIS and kill and maim your kids)
Dear Islamophobes: Your Racism Is Putting Us All In Danger - There's one thing everybody can do to make the country safer.

Eschaton: Another 20,000 Should Do The Trick - I guess we need to buy more freedom bombs. Fortunately they're free. It's right there in the name. Nice things are very expensive, sadly ... leading to depleted munitions stockpiles and calls to ramp up funding and weapons production.
What's It All About Then -- So we're bombing Assad and the people who are trying to take down Assad.

A Majority Of Americans Support Sending Ground Troops To Fight ISIS - Nearly 7 in 10 Americans say the U.S. has not been aggressive enough in fighting the terrorist group. (cause meet effect)

The Doomsday Invention - The New Yorker - Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction? ("Dune" was prescient in many ways ...)
Information hazard - Lesswrongwiki (Nick Bostrom)

- Pearl Harbor and America's Colonial Legacy - December 7, 1941. Asian colonial power attacks U.S. colonial outposts in Hawaii and Philippines. Next 74 years sees no awareness by Americans that racist colonialism of Japan and racist colonialism of the United States have a lot in common.

The Environment in Which Trump Can Thrive - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Growing up, I remember my parents never letting us have Asian food on December 7th. They were children of WWII.- Erick Erickson (yeah, those slant-eyes are all the same)

Donald Trump Calls For 'Complete Shutdown' Of Muslims Entering U.S. (goes full fascist)
Bernie Sanders, Other Presidential Candidates Denounce Trump's Anti-Muslim Proposal - .@realdonaldtrump removes all doubt: he is running for President as a fascist demagogue. -- Martin O'Malley
So I will try to explain why the Trump candidacy has been so confounding to our political press. ; Pressthink (boundaries of convention have vaporized)
Orcinus: Donald Trump May Not Be a Fascist, But He is Leading Us Merrily Down That Path (the potential was always there)
Marco Rubio Asked For Proof Of Islamophobia. Donald Trump Just Made It His Campaign Platform.
A Note on Trump: We Are No Longer Entertained | Arianna Huffington
What's a Journalist to Do With a Trump Campaign That Is Beyond Reality? ( on the one hand, you sanity and on the other, insanity - we report, you decide )

Problem Solved! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Canadian Cruz: If I am elected President, I will direct the Department of Defense to destroy ISIS. And I will shut down the broken immigration system that is letting jihadists into our country. Nothing President Obama said tonight will assist in either case

The Shock Doctrine - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Allison Hantschel on the latest fusilade of dudebro wankery at Salon: (increase the contradictions! Don't vote for Hillary! Let millions suffer and die!)

San Bernardino Shooters Had Target Practice Days Before Attack, FBI Says - The FBI has said it's investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism.
After San Bernardino - The New Yorker
How Many Mass Shootings Are There, Really? - The New York Times - By our measure, there have been four "mass shootings" this year, including the one in San Bernardino, and at least 73 such attacks since 1982. (depends on how you define "mass")

Supreme Court Won't Hear Major Second Amendment Case From Illinois - Justices Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia fiercely dissented from the court's rejection of the case.

Four Bodies in Elmhurst - Why would an 82-year-old man kill his son, his daughter, his wife and himself?

Prosecutors Release Video Of Chicago Police Fatally Shooting Black Man (it was justified because he was running away and the officer felt threatened)

- The libido crash - Female sex drive has plummeted in our stressed-out world, but can we fix an epidemic of lost desire with drugs? ... giving antibiotics to pigs because of the shit they're standing in (well, no +monogamy)

- Everything Will Be Fine Until It Isn't - how these universities think everything will work out on these Qatar campuses (authoritarian regimes are really keen on free speech)

The Day The Earth Stood Still: 25 Years After America's Earthquake Panic

120615 - Jason W. Moore: Anthropocene or Capitalocene?
Do We Live in the Capitalocene? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (commenters miss the point)
- Activist says authorities have "handed a megaphone to the corporations and taken the megaphone away from the social movements"

Saudi must stop financing fundamentalist mosques abroad: Merkel's deputy - The Express Tribune (another cat out of the bag, tell us again, who is our enemy?)

Lynch: Obama Will Urge Americans 'Not To Give In To Fear' - The White House said Obama would also provide an update on Wednesday's shootings in San Bernardino. (epidemic of rightwing-driven fear)

Removing the gag: how one man took on the FBI for nearly 12 years and won | Law | The Guardian - After years of silence and secrecy, internet service provider Nick Merrill can reveal an FBI demand for confidential information and its attendant gag order (fuck you, Obama and your eternal gag orders)

This Is How London Police Deal With A Knife-Wielding Suspect - In the U.S., the same incident had a very different outcome. (U.S. cops would have turned him into swiss cheese because they "felt threatened)

CIA Admits Role In 1985 Coup To Oust David Lee Roth
Cold War's Cool Calculations - The Chronicle of Higher Education - The Cold War was fought not only with missiles and mines but also with oil paint and trumpet notes.

ISIS-Inspired Terrorism Makes Gun Control a Matter of National Security

Cognitive Therapy for the Country - The New York Times (there's your problem right there)

Time to Tell the Truth About Conservative Religious Extremism by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - The fact that Republicans in the Senate have just voted to deny healthcare to women by defunding Planned Parenthood while allowing individuals on the terrorist watch list to continue to buy guns should give us pause. (things are coming to the surface)

Surveillance must increase after terror attacks, say 2016 candidates | US news | The Guardian - Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and others say new monitoring is needed following violence in Paris and San Bernardino

No human being is illegal - linguists argue against mislabeling of immigrants (well, we can think of a few)

The infantilization of American politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 45 deaths over 14 years in a country of 320 million people represents such a tiny risk that focusing on it as some sort of special threat is both absurd as a matter of statistics and, practically speaking, utterly perverse, since it's precisely that focus that gives what political power the perpetrators of such attacks gain by undertaking them.

- As with the previous and no doubt future Salon articles urging people not to vote for Hillary Clinton, Shane Ryan's article is so stupid its stupidity cannot be encapsulated by even a lengthy block quote. ("heighten the contradictions worked so well in 2000 +Salon is evil)

Police reports in Laquan McDonald case appear to contradict dashcam video | ("appeared" = definitely)

San Bernardino bloodbath born of bigots - NY Daily News - San Bernardino killers were radical, ISIS-loving monsters -- but one of their victims was just as bigoted (he forgot to bring his assault weapon)

Eschaton: Kinda Hard to Use More Than One at a Time - Gun gropers are often a bit obsessed. - A Rochester Hills man who owned 145 guns was arrested for allegedly shooting at his wife earlier this week.

The U.S. Policy Driving Rape Victims Worldwide To Undergo Grisly Abortions - The Huffington Post - Thousands of rape victims around the world undergo grisly and unsafe abortions because of U.S. policy. Obama could change this with a single executive action. Why hasn't he? (he will triangulate until the end)

Macy's Imprisons Minority Customers and Extorts Them for Bogus Fines: Suit - Midtown South - New York - rule in New York's General Business Law that allows retailers to detain customers they believe tried to shoplift and ask them to pay a civil penalty without proving them guilty.

DN Editorial: Footing bill, toeing line - EXCUSE US for being surprised by the news this week that the city will be picking up $8 million of the cost of the World Meeting of Families and the visit by Pope Francis in September. (Mayor "Lock Down the City" Nutter lied?)

Elsevier: Article Locator - High intensity interval training improves liver and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity

Carrie Fisher gives zero fucks on Good Morning America : videos

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (HQ) ~ (ReEdit) - YouTube
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (1967) [psychadelic/acid rock] : Music

What's the biggest lie the government have made and that the population is totally believing in? : AskReddit
What NSFW facts are not mentioned in history books? : AskReddit
ELI5: If Netflix offers unlimited movies each month, why does Audible cost more and only offer one audiobook each month? : explainlikeimfive


Kerry: Exxon could lose 'billions' in climate change lawsuit | TheHill

Learning From Ebola: Was Quarantine Too Extreme a Response? - The New York Times (indefinite rendition to your room)

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex. - YouTube

A Running List Of Shameful Islamophobic Acts Since The Paris Attacks

Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage blames immigrants and vote rigging for Oldham by-election defeat - Business Insider - (Monster Raving Loony) Sir Oink A-Lot &mdash 141 (0.51%)

- This Will Be the Ugliest, Most Leprous Presidential Campaign We've ever seen

Uber-Liberals Are Now Likening Hillary Clinton to Dick Cheney - Does anyone have a thermometer to take the temperature of this take? The professional hysterics at Salon ...
- 95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump's tongue (dude sounds brain-damaged)
How Donald Trump Talks - The New York Times (fascism is trending in white America)
At Donald Trump Rally in North Carolina, the Protesters Just Keep Coming - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times

End the Gun Epidemic in America - The New York Times - ?It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency. (necromongers)
Gun Debate Yields Page One Editorial - The New York Times - The New York Times is running an editorial on its front page on Saturday, the first time the paper has done so since 1920, calling for greater regulation on guns in the aftermath of a spate of mass shootings.

The Latest: Islamic State group praises California shootings
Investigators Piece Together Portrait Of Tashfeen Malik (Wahhabi)
The Latest: Islamic State group praises California shootings
- After San Bernardino Attack, Republican Candidates Talk "war" (that's half their campaign, the other half is convincing stupid white people to give tax-cuts to the rich)
How The San Bernardino Killers Exploited A Loophole To Legally Obtain Assault-Style Rifles In California - It's called the "bullet button loophole."
In Scotland, Unlike America, Mass Shooting Led to Stricter Gun Laws - The New York Times

This GOP Politician's Christmas Card Has a S***load Of Guns On It - Merry Christmas from Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R)! As every Christian knows, "Enormous Stockpiles Of Deadly Weapons" are the reason for the season! (family tht shoots together ...)
Missouri Lawmaker Brilliantly Proposes Bill To Regulate Guns Like Abortions - "If the appetite is for more and more reproductive restrictions, then it makes sense to apply those to gun purchases." (pro-death)

- A Few Words About "prayer shaming" - Then the U.S. senator, Chris Murphy, came forward rather menacingly.
San Bernardino Was One of Three Multiple Shooting Events Yesterday in America - San Bernardino was just one of the mass shootings in America yesterday.

Rahm Emanuel's Next Scandal? Chicago's Public Housing

- Porngate morphs into a "hot ghetto mess" (no racism in Philly justice)

"Mx." - Did The Times Adopt a New, Gender-Neutral Courtesy Title?


Republicans' Climate Change Denial Denial -- But the talks could mark a turning point, the beginning of the kind of international action needed to avert catastrophe. Then again, they might not; we may be doomed. And if we are, you know who will be responsible: the Republican Party. (the Party of Greed, Death and Destruction)
Huffpollster: Americans Sharply Divided On Climate Change, But Most Want U.S. To Lead - "A clear but declining majority of Americans say climate change is a serious problem facing the United States" Sixty-three percent of Americans say climate change is a serious problem facing the country, slipping from 69 percent in June (14% decline in government should do more to 47%, so 53% want to kill the planet)
Microsoft Word - Climate change statement addendum_Final_Template - Climate Change Statement Addendum 2013 Final.pdf
Vikings were not spurred to Greenland by warm weather, research shows | World news | The Guardian - New analysis casts doubt on theory that change in climate influenced Vikings to move to Greenland in 985, and posits it would have been relatively cold
Sky lights up over Sicily as Mount Etna's Voragine crater erupts | World news | The Guardian

Inquiry Into Paris Terror Attacks Widens to Eastern Europe - The New York Times - a Belgian federal prosecutor announcing Friday that one of the people suspected of terrorism traveled in September by car to Hungary, where he picked up two men now believed to have links to the carnage of Nov. 13.

Pentagon Task Force Spent Nearly $150M on Villas and 3-Star Meals in Afghanistan (why we can't have nice things at home)

Molotov Cocktail Attack On Cairo Restaurant Kills 16 - The attacker was an employee who had been fired from the restaurant, one official said.

Iran ready to present proof on ISIS oil trade to Turkey: Official - AhlulBayt News Agency - ABNA - Shia News

Israel Arrests Young Jews Suspected of Terrorism Against Palestinians - The New York Times

- Isis wants an insane, medieval race war -- and we've decided to give it to them

Canada to become first G7 nation to legalize marijuana: government - Yahoo News

If the FCC Loses in Court Today, It Could Be the End of Net Neutrality : technology

Tests on skull fragment cast doubt on Adolf Hitler suicide story | World news | The Guardian - Bone with bullet hole found by Russians in 1946 came from an unknown woman, not the German leader - Why Hitler's world may not be so far away

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Says Obama Policies Could Trigger Nuclear War With Russia - The Hawaii Democrat has been a persistent critic of Obama's foreign policy.

Senate Passes Bill Repealing Key Parts of Obamacare, Stripping Planned Parenthood Funds - NBC News

Is Trump Fascist? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
theartfulcodger comments on GOP in panic over Trump - "They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no head; it will produce no flour." - Hosea 8:7 (NIV) (read this)

How Delusional Nostalgia Is Killing the White Working Class | Alternet - Half of white Americans think the racial tables have turned against them ... The dashed hopes of white Americans in general, and working-class white Americans in particular, were built on a crumbling foundation of white privilege and supremacy ... But who needs the Tea Party when extremism has gone so mainstream? Racist and xenophobic dog whistles from the right in the 2008 election seem almost polite judged by the yardstick of today

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs - Lawyers, Guns & Money : . . . maybe you don't quite understand the actual situation - Trump: 36% Cruz: 16% Carson: 14% Rubio: 12% Christie: 4% Bush: 3% Fiorina: 3%

Whiteness as Zero Sum Game - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Tea Party has nothing on Donald Trump. I do think this gets at the fundamentals of the entire right-wing revolt of recent years, including the embrace of gun culture no matter how many Americans die and support for killing brown people abroad. Whites, and especially working class whites, long felt that any rights for black Americans or other racial minorities were direct attacks upon them.

San Bernardino Shooting: The Investigation So Far - The New York Times
What We Know About Female San Bernardino Shooter Tashfeen Malik - ABC News
San Bernardino shooting: Attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say : news
Law Enforcement Analyst Dumbfounded as Media Rummages Through House of Suspected Terrorists : videos
Feds probe possible terrorism links in San Bernardino massacre - LA Times
Rampage killers led secret life, hiding plans and weapons - LA Times
California Rampage Shocks Those Who Knew Shooters - "This was a person who was successful, who had a good job, a good income, a wife and a family. What was he missing in his life?" (looks kinda zomboid)

New York Daily News Slams 'Terrorist' NRA Boss Wayne LaPierre - Newspaper blasts "sick jihad against Americans in the name of profit."
Here's a map of all the mass shootings in 2015 | PBS NewsHour

Are Americans at high risk of getting murdered? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (depends where you live and what color your skin is)
Senate rejects a series of gun control bills - CBS News - By a vote of 52 to 47, the Senate rejected a proposal to strengthen treatment for mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

TIL Breast Cancer Cure foundation, Susan G. Komen, have been suing other many small charities for using the word "for the cure" in their names or the color pink. : todayilearned

The Green Lady of Brooklyn - The New York Times

The 10 Best Books of 2015 - The New York Times

The world's most popular banana could go extinct - that's the troubling conclusion of a new study published in PLOS Pathogens, which confirmed something many agricultural scientists have feared to be true.

- Textbook prices rise more than 1K percent since 1977

College Students/Graduates of Reddit, what's the craziest thing you ever witnessed in your dorm/residence hall? [NSFW] : AskReddit
79% percent of people don't know the opposite words for the following... : funny


- Rival international negotiations in Geneva could outlaw subsidies for solar or wind power in "great climate change swindle" (why Obama loves secrecy)

Former Isis hostage says airstrikes on Syria are a trap | World news | The Guardian - French journalist Nicolas Hinin, who was held by Mohammed Emwazi, begs international community not to bomb Islamic State (when all you have is bombs, repeating history ad-infinitum)

Gitmo Prisoner Held For 13 Years Was Victim Of 'Mistaken Identity' - U.S. officials said Mustafa al-Aziz al-Shamiri was not a significant member of al-Qaeda as previously suspected. (the worst of the worst superterrorists, Obama knew this for years)

Sweden seeks emergency power to halt Danish bridge traffic | World news | The Guardian - Minister says Vresund road bridge between Copenhagen and Malmv may be shut in emergencies under proposed security legislation

Russian President Vladimir Putin: Turkey Will Regret Shooting Down Bomber Jet - Apparently Russia wants some payback. - "But if anyone thinks that having committed this awful war crime, the murder of our people, that they are going to get away with some measures concerning their tomatoes or some limits on construction and other sectors, they are sorely mistaken." "It appears that Allah decided to punish the ruling clique of Turkey by depriving them of wisdom and judgment," he said. (big mistake, Gollum)

U.S. Targets Islamic State's Baghdadi as Special Forces Gear Up - Bloomberg Politics

FIFA Corruption: Top Officials Arrested in Pre-Dawn Raid at Zurich Hotel - The New York Times - Some of the arrests took place at the same luxury hotel where other FIFA officials were arrested in May. (learn anything?)
Latest indictment in Fifa corruption scandal names 16 new officials | Football | The Guardian - All defendants were members of Concacaf and Conmebol

- Channel 4 News cancels Prince Charles interview due to "draconian" demands - including the pre-vetting of all questions and right to control editing. (lizards)

- New breaches revealed in report that says Secret Service is "in crisis" (too much porn and budget cuts)

Carter opens all military combat jobs to women - politico

Sandy Berger, former national security adviser, dies - politicosy

-Politico's Mike Allen Promised Positive Coverage of Chelsea Clinton

San Bernardino Massacre Is Deadliest Shooting Since Sandy Hook - At least 14 people were killed in San Bernardino. Twenty-eight died in Newtown.
They were a couple: The striking difference between the San Bernardino suspects and other mass shooters - The Washington Post
San Bernardino shooting: Carnage was 'unspeakable' - - he'd gone to Saudi Arabia for several weeks in 2013 on the Hajj,
Police Search For Motive Behind San Bernardino Shooting - "I have no idea why he would do something like this," the brother-in-law of one of the suspects said. "I am in shock myself." - "he was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He's Muslim
Here's Everything We Know About The San Bernardino Attackers - Police identified the killers as Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 27.
- San Bernardino shooting suspects raised few red flags before "horrendous crime" - Sources say Syed Rizwan Farook communicated by phone and social media with people known to FBI, but his and wife Tashfeen Malik's motive is still unclear
There Have Been More Mass Shootings This Year Than There Have Been Days - 355 mass shootings in 336 days ... and counting.
No Way To Prevent This, Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
Which States Have the Most Guns? | Republic 3.0 | The Washington Monthly - Nationally, guns outnumber both cars and people. (per capital, KY by far)
Congress still slow to address gun control despite series of mass shootings | US news | The Guardian - due to stiff opposition from Republicans (Party of Death and Suffering)
New York Daily News Skewers Politicians Refusing To Act On Gun Violence: 'God Isn't Fixing This' - Many lawmakers have offered prayers for victims of mass shootings but haven't backed policies to prevent gun violence. (your stupidity is yours to fix, is the contract)
San Bernardino Reminds Us How Many Tyrants - and Patriots - Must Die to Water the Tree of Liberty - After the mass shooting in San Bernardino, the 2nd Amendment and the rhetoric that swirls around it deserve an examination.

Lack Of Sound On Chicago Shooting Tapes Raises New Suspicions - "I've never heard of it before," one expert said. "It raises a red flag." Videos from three other cars that responded have not been released.
Laquan McDonald shooting puts Rahm Emanuel in battle over the truth | US news | The Guardian - Release of dashcam video now puts focus on Chicago mayor's attempt over 13 months to delay release of the footage - and why he did so (the Chicago gang)
Eschaton: Has Rahm Deleted His Account Yet? - There are a lot of "bad Dems" but Emanuel is probably about the most despicable elected official, period. We all heard the charming story about how Rahm's dream job was to be mayor of Chicago. I guess his dream activity was doing his best to cover up for cops who murder black people.
- Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Is Throwing Anyone Within Arm's Reach Under the Bus - Over the past two decades or so, I've decided that there is no more inexcusable a figure in our national politics than Rahm Emanuel, who is, for the moment, the mayor of Chicago, but also someone who, throughout his entire career, has made it quite clear that he believes political power derives from being as much of a dick as possible to the people who ostensibly are on your side.

- Fertility clinics destroy embryos all the time. Why aren't conservatives after them? (because they aren't hiding in a woman's body)

School district backtracks on locker room access for transgender student | US news | The Guardian - approves use of private but not curtained areas "God does not make mistakes. God made man and then God made woman"

CEO who set $70,000 minimum wage: ex-wife's abuse accusations 'baseless' | Society | The Guardian (techbros)

New Airbnb Data Reveals Some Hosts Are Raking In Big Bucks | Meredith Broussard (in NYC, anyway)

What mobile app has actually had a legitimate positive impact on your life? : AskReddit


This Is The Beginning Of The End Of The Fossil Fuel Industry - Oil and coal companies are either going to have to invest in renewables, or perish.
Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say | Environment | The Guardian - Experts point to damage caused by erosion and pollution, raising major concerns about degraded soil amid surging global demand for food
- David Cameron accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being "terrorist sympathiser" (learning from Donald)

Cameroon Says It Killed 100 Boko Haram Militants, Freed 900 Hostages - The country is part of a 8,700-strong task force comprising troops of Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Benin, aimed at destroying Boko Haram.

ISIS Sympathizers In The U.S. Are Mostly Young, Male And American - A new study by researchers at George Washington University sheds light on those accused of supporting the terrorist group.

Erdogan wants his precious : pics
Turkish doctor faces 2 years in jail for sharing meme that likens president Erdogan to Gollum in LOTR : worldnews

Pope Francis-Islamic State Plot: Four Arrested In Italy For Planning ISIS Attack On Pontiff Following Paris Terrorism

Challenging the Oligarchy by Paul Krugman | The New York Review of Books - Saving Capitalism: For the Many, Not the Few by Robert B. Reich

Former Professional Propagandist for White Supremacist and Torture Regime Decries Nazi Comparisons in Politics - Marc Thiessen (is a bad human and a dick)

- San Bernardino shooting: male and female suspects dead as 14 killed
San Bernardino shooting - LA Times
Authorities Respond to "20 victime Shooting" Incident in San Bernardino: Fire Dept.
- San Bernardino mass shooting: Police say - upwards of 14 people dead
Inland Regional Center: shooting target is community for disabled people | US news | The Guardian - Largest state-operated facility for those with developmental disabilities was holding event when shooters killed up to 14 attendees in San Bernardino
Politicians React To San Bernardino Shooting - Reports indicated there were 20 victims.
At Least 14 Dead In Shooting At Social Services Center In San Bernardino
Congress Is Still Giving 'Quiet Endorsement' To Murders
Shooting rampage at California social services agency leaves 14 dead, 14 wounded | Reuters
994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like | US news | The Guardian

A White Terrorist Gunned Down A Cop And The #BlueLivesMatter Crowd Revealed Its True Colors
Deaths associated with law enforcement intervention rose 45% between 1999-2013. : science (while crime is down 30%)
The New Jim Crow - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Before Colorado shooting, a trail of allegations of violence against women - The Washington Post - At least two of his three ex-wives have accused him of physical abuse, according to court records. And in 1992, Dear was arrested and accused of sexual violence and rape.

Fetal abduction: brutal attacks against expectant mothers on the rise in US | US news | The Guardian - Experts fear easy access to news and information online has contributed to rise of the crime

First language wires brain for later language-learning | Newsroom - McGill University


Bill Nye Explains The Connection Between Climate Change And Terrorism In Paris - "This is just the start of things." (Republicans call for War on Climate)
Here's All The Nonsense 2016 Republicans Have Spouted About Climate Change - Rubio: "America is not a planet." -- September 2015

- MSF hospital in Syria hit by "double-tap" barrel bombing - Seven killed in Homs attack, latest in apparent escalation of strikes on medical facilities in civil war (U.S. led the way)

Long-Hidden Details Reveal Cruelty of 1972 Munich Attackers - The New York Times (ISIS has been around for a long time)

White House Says Pentagon Plan To Close Gitmo Is Too Expensive, Rejects Proposal - The Pentagon estimate for closing the prison and building another one in the United States was as high as $600 million. (you see where they are going with this)

Senate Democrats Slam Obama Education Chief's 'Absurd' Logic - Sen. Elizabeth Warren and others are "profoundly dissatisfied" with the Obama administration's settlement with a for-profit college chain accused of cheating students and taxpayers. (Obama loves his for-profits)

Star-Ledger Editor Throws Shade On NH Paper's Christie Endorsement - As it turns out, not knowing anything about Chris Christie was the key factor in the New Hampshire Union Leader's decision. "The [Union Leader] knows almost nothing about his record as governor," wrote Moran. Cool, cool, the system works. (they have a history of not knowing anything)
Chris Christie Receives New Hampshire Union-Leader Endorsement - However, the U-L's fulsome endorsement caught the eye of Tom Moran, who runs the editorial page at the Newark Star-Ledger, which has been the go-to source for information on Big Chicken's crony-laden misfeasance as governor of that state

- The County: the story of America's deadliest police Police in Kern County, California, have killed more people per capita than in any other American county in 2015. The Guardian examines how, with little oversight, officers here became the country

Chicago Mayor Fires City's Top Cop In Wake Of Laquan McDonald Criticism - Rahm Emanuel said it was time for "fresh eyes and new leadership." (take your own advice, asshole)

A White Terrorist Is A 'Troubled Loner,' But Unarmed Black Teens Are 'Thugs' - Why does the media use loaded language in crime stories? (take a guess)
If The Anti-Abortion Movement Doesn't Condone Violence, How Do Republicans Explain These Remarks? - Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee recently appeared with a pastor who once said a murdered abortion doctor got what he deserved.
- Ted Cruz cites reports that Planned Parenthood shooter could be "transgendered liberal activist" What?

The PP Attack Could Reverse Abortion Politics -- The Cut
Abortion opponents defend their movement after Colorado shooting | MSNBC

We can save atheism from the New Atheists like Richard Dawkins | Jeff Sparrow | Comment is free | The Guardian ("New" = Douchebag)

College coach with $18 million guaranteed contract regrets win at all costs mentality - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Sports Corp U)

Scientists overcome key CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing hurdle
New Diabetes Cases, at Long Last, Begin to Fall in the United States - The New York Times (peak cola)

People who got fired on the first day of the job, what happened? : AskReddit
oldbabies: babies looking older than they should.
How to Calm a Crying Baby - "Shake their little Booty" : videos (make them think they are superbabies)
People in your teens and twenties: Ask people in their 30s about life before the internet. No, seriously, do it. : bestof


What You Need To Know About The Paris Climate Summit - It's do-or-die time for climate change efforts as world leaders converge on the French capital. (Republicans choose death)
Barack Obama optimistic of reaching climate change deal at Paris summit | Environment | The Guardian
The Devastating Consequences Of A 'Small' Rise In Global Temperatures - More Floods, More Drought Inevitable. How Bad Do We Want It To Get? (very, very bad)
'Our Major Cities Will Be Submerged': Climate-Change Threats (video) (party of death and destruction will be happy)
Tales of a Warmer Planet - The New York Times
Watch How Rising Sea Levels Could Swallow Coastal Cities - This could happen sooner than you might think. (goodbye New Orleans, Miami and Boston and half of Manhattan)
Surging Seas: Sea level rise analysis by Climate Central
What #ExxonKnew Back When | Climate Denial Crock of the Week
The Climate Deception Dossiers: Internal Fossil Fuel Industry Memos Reveal Decades of Corporate Disinformation (2015) - The-Climate-Deception-Dossiers.pdf

The National Security Letter spy tool has been uncloaked, and it's bad - No warrants needed to get browsing history, online purchase records, and other data. (thanks, Obama)
Surprise! The NSA Is Still Spying On You
How Washington's campaign against encryption could help terrorists | Washington Examiner - Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., without specifying what the legislation could look like. He added that encrypted communication is "unacceptable." (your privacy is unacceptable to him and Barry too)
Internet Provider Gagged for Decade Reveals What FBI Wanted Without Warrant - US News (because your Constituion is useless against shit like this)

Former Military Chief: Iraq War Was A 'Failure' That Helped Create ISIS - "We strategically marched in the wrong direction." (that's helpful)

We Obtained Hillary Clinton's Confidential Memo To Obama. Read It Here. - "We must signal to our old and emerging allies alike that we remain serious about turning the page of GTMO and the practices of the prior decade."

ISIS' Grip on Libyan City Gives It a Fallback Option
Turkey Arrests Generals for Stopping Syria-Bound Trucks 'Filled With Arms' (schizo-Turkey hello Erdogan)
Erdogan challanges Putin to resign if he cant prove Turkey buys oil from Daesh - Daily Sabah
Russia hits back at Turkey by changing Syria 'game' - Al Jazeera English - Moscow's retaliation after Turkey downed its military jet could tie Ankara's hands in Syria - The deployment of S-400 anti-air missiles means Russia has effectively imposed a no-fly zone over Syria. (will support Kurds)

How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault Through Trial and Error - The New York Times

Eschaton: If It's Sunday - I think there's a pattern here. Anyone see it? Not quite sure I do... thinking... (they don't even pretend anymore)

Robert Dear, Suspect in Colorado Attack, Appears in Court - The New York Times
Searching for Answers and Comfort After Killings at Planned Parenthood - The New York Times
Planned Parenthood Shooter Killed More Than Any Supposed Refugee Terrorist - Remember this stat the next time someone denounces Syrian refugees.
Shooting Won't Affect Senate Planned Parenthood Efforts. - no reason to expect last week's shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood facility will alter the Senate's effort to block funding to the organization this week.
Harry Reid: Republicans Have Created 'A Frenzy Of Hate And Anger' Over Planned Parenthood - He implored the GOP to disband the committee probing "unsubstantiated allegations" against the organization. (Republicans support domestic terrorism especially agains women, sound familiar?)
Alabama Surrenders In Fight Against Planned Parenthood - The state will pay Planned Parenthood's legal fees after failed suit.
Eschaton: Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit - Thanks for informing your readers, New York Times. (their bias is so natural)
Eschaton: Pro-Life Murderers - You can understand why our media has problems with this stuff. Both sides, also, too.

Sheldon Silver, Ex-New York Assembly Speaker, Is Found Guilty on All Counts - The New York Times (how have the mightily corrupt fallen)

Algebra Scores Prompt Second Look at Revamped Regents Exams - The New York Times - But to devote so much time to algebra, ninth graders are no longer taking art, music and health.

Is "The Gospel of Jesus's Wife" a revelation or a hoax?
Is the Gospel of Jesus's Wife a fake? - Five questions about

Researchers find new phase of carbon, make diamond at room temperature : science - In addition, Q-carbon is harder than diamond, and glows when exposed to even low levels of energy.

Her incest story : videos



Climate-Change Summary and Update - Updated frequently, and most recently 28 November 2015. The Central Valley is sinking: drought forces farmers to ponder the abyss | US news | The Guardian

Turkey's Erdogan Expresses Regret Over Russian Plane Downing - "We are truly saddened by this incident."
Top Kurdish Lawyer Shot Dead During Press Conference In Turkey - A "courageous defender of human rights."

Do Words Kill? Is Political Rhetoric Inciting Christians to Violence? | BJ Gallagher

- Source: Colorado shooter politically motivated, said - "no more baby parts" after attacking Planned Parenthood
Colorado Springs: a playground for pro-life, pro-gun evangelical Christians | US news | The Guardian
Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Made Comment About 'No More Baby Parts': Sources - NBC News
CNN Invites Right-Wing Rep To Slam Planned Parenthood During Active Shooting - Rep. Adam Kizinger used the shooting to bring up the widely debunked videos Planned Parenthood critics have used to attack the health care provider.
Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Robert Lewis Dear Has Unsettling Past - "If you talked to him, nothing was very cognitive," a former neighbor said.
Colorado Survivor Recounts Haunting Moment When Gunman Stared Him In The Eye - "I've never experienced anything like that before."
3 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire Inside Colorado Planned Parenthood - One officer and two civilians were killed, and nine others were injured, during a lengthy standoff.

2016 Republican Contenders Silent On Planned Parenthood Shooting - But they did have something to say about Black Friday gear and Obama's foreign policy.

Swedish court: "We cannot ban Pirate Bay" - After deliberating for almost a month on the closely-watched case, the District Court of Stockholm ruled that copyright holders could not make Swedish ISP Bredbandsbolaget block Pirate Bay.
BTDigg DHT Search Engine: Free Search Engine For Free Torrent Content
Read the Transcript of Silk Road's Boss Ordering 5 Assassinations | WIRED


Bloomberg: Climate 'crazies' are being forced to accept reality - - "You've got a guy like Ted Cruz, who I think (prominent American lawyer Alan) Dershowitz said was the smartest law student he ever had, and he says some of the stupidest things I've ever heard." (smart, in a really evil way)
Bloomberg: Cruz Says Some of the Stupidest Things I've Ever Heard on Climate Change (for the comments, which are frightingly stupid)
Paris climate activists put under house arrest using emergency laws | Environment | The Guardian - French police arrest activists for flouting ban on organising protests during climate talks next week

Paris Attacks Plot Was Hatched in Plain Sight - WSJ - Terrorists used tools of everyday modern life to plan attacks on French capital undetected (more spy powers!)

- Turkey putting Syrian refugees "at serious risk of human rights abuse" (in the news alot, Erdogan)

Commercial scale oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority target of anti-ISIS strikes (yeah, just where were those 400 oil trucks going?

Suspected Boko Haram Bombing Hits Shiite Procession

Paris Attacks Plot Was Hatched in Plain Sight - WSJ - Terrorists used tools of everyday modern life to plan attacks on French capital undetected

Development From Below | Jacobin - Capitalists are interested in profit, not development. Only workers can empower the Global South. (class over race)

Poland Won't Extradite Roman Polanski To The United States

Swedish court: 'We cannot ban Pirate Bay' - The Local

Tighter Lid on Records Threatens to Weaken Government Watchdogs - The New York Times (Barry is anti-transparent)

Saudi king showered Obamas with $1.3 million in gifts in 2014

Eschaton: Debates - After years of hearing Democrats complain about how the news shows are wall-to-wall Republican crap, it's pretty weird to hear Democrats talking about how we need fewer debates - less airtime! Because what we really need is to hear Republicans all the time, just like the rest of the year. Martin O'Mally is right about this.

Supreme Court Justice Intervenes in Native Hawaiian Election - The New York Times

Online Polls Are Rising. So Are Concerns About Their Results. - The New York Times - One is the rise of online polling. The other is the decline of telephone surveys because of rising costs and possibly declining quality, tied to the fact that fewer Americans are willing to participate in a telephone poll.

Why one political scientist thinks Donald Trump might actually win - Vox - In an exchange with Paul Krugman, political scientist Alan Abramowitz made one of the best cases I've heard for, as Krugman put it, "thinking the Trumpthinkable."

Alan Grayson Is A Ted Cruz Birther (yeah, that got swept under the rug)
"It's Alive. It's Alive ..." - Read the editorial and news pages today and you'll find a mix of hand-wringing and demands about an uncouth and outrageous outsider who is threatening to wrest the Republican party from its rightful owners (quintessential apotheosis of the stupid, evil and insane)

False Alarms About a National Crime Wave - The New York Times - 1.5 percent lower in 2015 than 2014. (that's quite a "wave" and just who is sounding the "alarms?")

Suspect in Planned Parenthood shooting in custody in Colorado Springs - The Denver Post - Colorado Springs police spokeswoman says gunman fired at police officers inside the Planned Parenthood building
Active shooter in Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood parking lot. : news
At Least 8 Shot at a Planned Parenthood Site in Colorado - The New York Times - A gunman inside a Planned Parenthood center here was exchanging gunfire with the police, the authorities said on Friday, wounding at least eight people including four officers. (Republican-encouraged domestic terrorism)
Three officers injured in shooting near Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood | US news | The Guardian - Police spokeswoman says officers do not know where shooter is
Man Kills Waffle House Worker Over Smoking Ban, Cops Say - in Mississippi was shot dead after she asked a customer to stop smoking in the restaurant, police said.
Burger King manager told grand jury of gap in Laquan McDonald video of police shooting - Chicago Tribune - When the police left the restaurant almost two hours later, the video had an inexplicable 86-minute gap that included when McDonald was shot, according to Darshane.
Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Neighbor In Argument Over Loud Music
Mosque Protester Who Posted Muslims' Addresses: I'm Being 'Smeared' - for posting local Muslims' home addresses to Facebook earlier this week.

Black Tape at Harvard Law - The New York Times

100 Notable Books of 2015 - The New York Times
Iconic moments frozen in time from over 100 years of stunning photography - - History-makers & risk-takers: 15 of the most compelling photos shot in the last century

When The Mountains Started Exploding: Devastation In Coal Country (VIDEO) - The clip takes viewers from the resplendent green of the forested mountains to the barren wastelands and lunar landscapes of the area after the coal industry has decimated it. (coal's war on you +keep voting for the Death Party, WVA)

Alzheimer's: newly identified molecular mechanism could lead to treatment - Medical News Today - Low NCAM2 levels found in brains affected by Alzheimer's
Scientists Unlock Mysteries Of World's Most Massive Volcano - Located approximately 1,000 miles east of Japan and 6,500 feet below the ocean's surface, Tamu Massif is about the size of New Mexico and nearly as big as the largest volcanoes on Mars. (60 Mauna Loa's)
Scientists get first glimpse of black hole eating star, ejecting high-speed flare
Earth might have hairy dark matter
'Material universe' yields surprising new particle - the type-II Weyl fermion in metallic materials. When subjected to a magnetic field, the materials containing the particle act as insulators for current applied in some directions and as conductors for current applied in other directions

Which author overuses certain words/phrases? : books (ideosyncratic tropes +what Reddit is reading)
'Man in the High Castle': Inside the Mindblowing Sci-Fi Drama | Rolling Stone - Amazon's new alternate-history series imagines: What if the Nazis won WWII and occupied the U.S.?
- Inside the Mindblowing Sci-Fi Drama - Amazon's new alternate-history series imagines: What if the Nazis won WWII and occupied the U.S.?

TIL Students who dated in Middle School are four times more likely to drop out of school and report twice as much alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use than their single classmates. : todayilearned


Here's The Crazy Story About Thanksgiving -- especially the parts about Squanto the "friendly Indian."

- Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can't really talk about it
The 5 mass extinctions : gifs
GOP Threatens To Disrupt Obama's Climate Agenda At Paris Summit - Republicans are working to prevent a deal, warning Obama they will use any tool necessary to block funding he has promised to help poor nations fight climate change. (Party of Death manuevers to end world)
Scientists: Ted Cruz Understands Less About Climate Than A Kindergartner
Scientists Slam Lamar Smith's NOAA Witch-Hunt - By Martin Longman - According to Open Secrets, the Oil & Gas industry has donated more than $630,000 to Rep. Lamar Smith during his illustrative career, including $10,000 in the last election cycle from Koch Industries.

Obama compares Syrian refugees to pilgrims on the Mayflower | TheHill (didn't work so well for the natives, though)

Russia Seeks Economic Revenge Against Turkey Over Jet - Turkey dismissed the threats as "emotional" and "unfitting."
Russia will pull out of Syria coalition if downing of jet is repeated, says Putin | World news | The Guardian
Turkish fighter jets violate Greek national air space | News |

Russians may have a strong case in Turkish shootdown | TheHill - The shootdown of the Russian Su-24 bomber by Turkish F-16s raises a number of critical issues under international law that the U.S. needs to carefully navigate. This is especially so since the result of the Turkish action was the apparently illegal killing by Syrian rebels of one of the Russian aircrew, as well as the possibly unlawful death of a Russian marine attempting to rescue the downed aviators.

A Post-Truth Party - President Bush weaponized the stupid, but it took McCain to deploy it.

Page 3 of America Is Too Dumb for TV News | Rolling Stone - Trump and others are proving it: we can't handle the truth ("we" = Republicans)
The Ecstasy of Donald Trump - Donald Trump's Campaign Takes a Darker Turn - The Atlantic - As the public's fear and loathing surge, the frontrunner's durable candidacy has taken a dark turn (into the dark heart of America's Republicans)
Trump draws scornful rebuke for mocking reporter with disability - The Washington Post - "Despite having one of the all-time great memories I certainly do not remember him" (he remembers his lies)
Trump Mocking Physical Disabilities Is Nothing New - The Republican candidate drew criticism for apparently making fun of a reporter's joint condition.
- A Definitive Debunking of Donald Trump's 9/11 Claims

The Carson Bubble Has Burst - Lawyers, Guns & Money : - A Quinnipiac University survey released Tuesday found Cruz essentially deadlocked with longtime poll-leader Trump in Iowa: Trump stood at 25 percent and Cruz at 23 percent,

Kochs Embedded In Major Rift On Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform - The proposed reform could make much white-collar crime harder to prosecute. (especially oil and poisoning companies, in case you were wondering about motives)

Cop in dash-cam video to face murder charge - Chicago Tribune
If police shooting video had been released sooner, would Emanuel be mayor? - Chicago Tribune (no, +scrubbed the audio +"technical difficulties" inside cops' brains)
Laquan McDonald's Shooting Is Just The Latest Episode In Chicago Police's Brutal History - City officials have framed the cop who killed McDonald as one bad apple, but the department has been rotten for almost a century.
What Mayor Emanuel needs to learn from the killing of Laquan McDonald | Bleader | Chicago Reader (not to coverup for cop murderers)
The Race Gap in America's Police Departments
Chicago Just Fired An Investigator Trying To Hold Cops Accountable For Unjustified Shootings - "They're just an arm against the city to hurt people bringing complaints."
Beyond Burge | Better Government Association - Over the past decade, the City of Chicago has spent more than $500 million on police-related settlements, judgments, legal fees and other costs (the whole barrel is rotten)
Crime in the city - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Why Punish Drug Users at All? - The New York Times (because America is very moralistic and sadistic)

- Why a Georgia sheriff posted this "politically incorrect" sign (because people say "in God we trust" all the time)

Drive By by Matt Connolly | The Washington Monthly

cops rush to death threats and screams -- of spider-chasing man (it was probably the size of a small kangaroo)

End of daily injections for diabetes as scientists restore insulin production - Injecting billions of immune cells back into the body boosts insulin production, preventing the need for daily injections - the therapy is safe, and can last up to a year (Type 1)
Will we ever understand the beginning of the univers... - Cosmology has been on a long, hot streak, racking up one imaginative and scientific triumph after another. Is it over? - the Big Bang might have been a reaction to a contraction, a bounce, perhaps one in a sequence of bounces that extends deep into the past and maybe into eternity.
Smoking high strength cannabis may damage nerve fibres in brain | Science | The Guardian - Study suggests high levels of skunk use may affect the brain's white matter, making communication between the right and left hemispheres less efficient

Moral Dispute or Cultural Difference? - The New York Times


Scientists Shocked (And Thankful) These Cyclones Missed Hawaii - The image is a stark reminder of a stronger than usual El Niqo.

Putin Sends Air Defense Missiles To Syria To Deter Turkey - The S-400 missile systems, which will be sent to the Hemeimeem air base in Syria's coastal province of Latakia, located just about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the border with Turkey, are capable of targeting Turkish jets with deadly precision. (slouching toward armageddon)

"I gave the order myself" - Turkish PM on downing Russian plane

U.S. cites errors and technical failures in report on Afghan hospital attack - The Washington Post - beset by "fatigue and a high operational tempo"

Hackers knock out ISIS's Dark Net propaganda site

SpikeDescending comments on Blast from the past: I just became aware of Reagan's address to the nation in which he admits that he lied to the public about trading arms for hostages. How did people let him get away with this bullshit? Was there outcry back then?
The Clothes Have No Emperor

Chris Christie Doesn't Recall Muslims In New Jersey Celebrating 9/11 - The New Jersey governor says he'd remember if it happened, "and I don't." (an historian)

CNN Looks More Like Fox Than 'Most Trusted Name In News' Post-Paris - One anchor just asked a Michigan mayor if she's "afraid" of the city's growing Muslim population.

CNN Polled Americans On Racism, And The Results Are Telling - More believe racism is a big problem than they did four years ago. (when the SC decided America was post-racial)

How Chicago tried to cover up a police execution | Chicago Reporter
Traffic halted, but few arrests, as hundreds march in Loop after video release - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Releases 'Chilling' Video Of Cop Shooting Teen 16 Times - The Cook County state's attorney said the officer "was on the scene less than 30 seconds" before opening fire on Laquan McDonald, 17.
A staggering moment for Chicago - Chicago Tribune - Those images are deeply disturbing. Chicago needed to know exactly what happened. (Rahm knew about this for a year)
Reporter Who Forced Release of Laquan McDonald Video Is Barred From News Event - The New York Times
Here's Evidence The Chicago PD Is Worse Than You Thought - The city's police department has a long history of failing to hold its officers accountable.
Chicago cop who injured driver in '07 is probed for shooting teen 16 times - Chicago Tribune - But he was never disciplined for any of the 15 complaints that have been resolved, including the one Nance filed after his run-in with Van Dyke, according to city documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.
Missing Minutes From Security Video Raises Questions | NBC Chicago - 17-year-old shot 16 times by Chicago police officer (will they be prosecuted also?)
King: Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke's murder charge is too late - NY Daily News
Videos Show Masked Men Threatening Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Before Shooting - The recordings could offer clues to the identities of the men who shot black protesters on Monday night.

CNN Analyst "Shocked There's No Violence" During Chicago Protests | Video | Media Matters for America - CNN's Harry Houck: "Thugs Like To Use This As An Excuse To ... Riot, Destroy Property, [And] Fight The Police" (CNN is very racist)
- The Violent Legacy of Chicago's Police (April)

Judge rules on alleged gay-basher's tweets (live by the tweet ...)

Wedding Venue Owners Want To Be Able To Turn Away Same-Sex Couples - The owners of New York's Liberty Ridge Farm say their faith does not allow them to participate in a same-sex marriage. (what part of serving the public don't you understand)

- Humanism, Doubt, and Optimism - by Lawrence Krauss, 2015 Humanist of the Year 20 October 2015

That "alien megastructure" orbiting a distant star is probably just a bunch of comets ("probably")


Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Syrian Border - The New York Times
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Military Plane Near Syrian Border - This complicates an already complicated situation in the Middle East.
The Latest: Russia Pilot Killed by Groundfire in Syria - The New York Times - Russian news agencies reported the statement Tuesday by general staff spokesman Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, who also said that rebels in Syria fired on a Russian helicopter that was searching for the two pilots of the Su-24.
Russia deploys missile cruiser off Syria coast, ordered to destroy any target posing danger - The Turkish fighter jet made no attempts to contact Russian pilots before attacking the bomber, Rudskoy added. (which crashed in Syrian territory, so Turkey is really the bad actor here)
- Not Much Putin Can Do About This Turkey Situation - And Putin knows it
Russian Plane Incident Should Show War Hawks the Dangers of a No-Fly Zone Over Syria
The Cuban Missile Crisis Pilot Whose Death May Have Saved Millions - History in the Headlines - The Cuban Missile Crisis Pilot Whose Death May Have Saved Millions

Russia's Putin calls Turkey's downing of Russian jet 'stab in the back' | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

Analysts Accuse CENTCOM of Covering Up Cooked ISIS Intelligence - The Daily Beast (crooked "intelligence" and no general will be canned)

West should learn from Iraq and Libya, says Russian envoy Vladimir Morozov - "We can remember Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In both cases, it was said that if you remove the dictator, the country will prosper. The result as we can see is quite different," he said.

US air strike 'hits 238 IS oil trucks' in Syria - BBC News (oh, where did they all come from?)

"Severe Blow" - Al Qaeda suicide bomber takes out leadership of key ISIS brigade

Iran Sentences an American Journalist - The New York Times - American journalist Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter held by the government for 16 months and charged with espionage, had been sentenced to prison.

Athens on edge after explosion severely damages buildings | World news | The Guardian - No injuries in timed blast in Greek capital, but it is feared anarchists angry at austerity policies may be launching wave of violence

Silent Arsenal: Israel's Nukes, by the Numbers - nuclear weapons arsenal includes 115 warheads

The Anonymous 'war on ISIS' is already falling apart | The Verge

Deadly Explosion Hits Military Bus In Tunisia - "I saw the bus blow up. There were bodies and blood everywhere."

Mr. Trump's Applause Lies ("Applause" = racist)
NYT Publishes Scathing Takedown Of Trump's 'Racist Lies'
Donald Trump Defends Racist Retweet: 'Am I Gonna Check Every Statistic?' - GOP front-runner refuses to back down after citing bogus crime statistics. (makin' shit up like he always does)
- Donald Trump on waterboarding: "Even if it doesn't work they deserve it" - Republican candidate endorses interrogation method that was scrapped by Bush administration because of torture concerns -- and ineffectiveness

Is Martin Baron the Best News Editor of All Time? - Most all of his colleagues, present and former, sure seem to think so.

CNN's Costello Asks Michigan Mayor If She Is "Afraid" Of Her "Majority Muslim-American" City Council | Video | Media Matters for America -- Carol Costello (of right-wing CNN is a bad human)

Georgia's Rejection of Obamacare Is Hurting the Rural Poor. The decision not to accept the free money and expand Medicaid was not made with Georgians's health in mind, but it has suffered as a result.

Kentucky Governor Restores Voting Rights To Nonviolent Former Felons - The state is one of a handful that was not already doing this. (Beshear on his way out)

City Releases 'Chilling' Video Of Cop Shooting Chicago Teen 16 Times - The Cook County state's attorney said the officer "was on the scene less than 30 seconds before shooting
Shaun King on Twitter: "Burger King came out publicly and stated that Chicago Police deleted their footage on the murder of #LaquanMcDonald"
Chicago Releases Dash-Cam Video Showing Teen's Fatal Shooting by Police : news
Missing Minutes From Security Video Raises Questions | NBC Chicago - 17-year-old shot 16 times by Chicago police officer
Cops: Boy, 17, fatally shot by officer after refusing to drop knife (the original lie by the murdering cops)
Chicago police officer who shot black teen 16 times charged with murder | US news | The Guardian - Officer Jason Van Dyke charged with murder one day before judge's deadline for releasing video of shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald (just kept pumping bullets into his prone body)
Chicago Cop Will Be Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Black Teen: Report - Jason Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald 16 times. - The judge ordered the dash-cam recording to be released by Wednesday after city officials had argued for months it couldn't be made public until the conclusion of several investigations. (investigatin' for a year)
3 In Custody For Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest Shooting - Two more men -- both white, ages 26 and 21 -- turned themselves in Tuesday afternoon.
Tulane medical student shooting suspect captured, NOPD says |

Why did my university allow a poker night with a gun giveaway? | Kelly Kenoyer | Comment is free | The Guardian - campus group Young Americans for Liberty
Ohio Man Shoots Neighbors, Young Son Dead - Columbus police said they are trying to determine why a man fatally shot a couple and their 7-year-old son and critically wounded their 12-year-old daughter.

A Car Dealers Won't Sell: It's Electric (84% don't give a shit about fuel efficiency)

Cystic fibrosis too 'white' for Ottawa fundraiser

watch: MIT Professor: Why 'Ghosting' Is Bad For Society (Turkle)

Man suffers from broken neck, missing teeth, and fractured face after e-cigarette explodes. : news
ELI5:If we get less Testorone and Estrogen as we age, why do we not get supplements to avoid as an example, decreased bone density. : explainlikeimfive

What's the biggest lie the internet has created? : AskReddit
I'm Jessamyn West, a famous librarian. AMA! : IAmA


Charles: Syria's War Linked To Climate Change
Ronald Reagan's EPA chief mocks Republicans for ignoring climate science for political gain

Stop the anti-encryption propaganda now | InfoWorld

Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action - Middle East - Jerusalem Post

Emails show DOD analysts told to 'cut it out' on ISIS warnings; IG probe expands | Fox News (lying military)
Eschaton: Of Course They Make Themselves Look Better - But the more "hilarious" thing is that it's almost 2016, and we're still training Iraqi troops. I guess we gave up on painting schools, at least.
Army Colonel says he was retaliated against for blowing whistle on $43 million gas station - The Washington Post (down the drain)

John Oliver's excellent takedown of the fearmongering about Syrian refugees - Vox
Greenwald Goes After CNN's Coverage Of Paris Attacks While On CNN - Well, this is awkward.
The Road To The Paris Attacks Runs Through The Iraq War - So let's be cautious about advice from the invasion's cheerleaders. (sorry, too long ago)
Bashar Assad Likely To Outlast Barack Obama In Office - He's not going anywhere.

Video Appears To Show Greek Coast Guard Attempting To Sink Boat Of Syrian Refugees - The Greek coast guard has denied the allegations, and insists they were working with Turkish crews to rescue the boat.

Eschaton: There's Always Money For Killing Machines - Prime Minister David Cameron will announce plans Monday to boost Britain's military equipment budget by 12 billion pounds ($18 billion), the latest in a range of government commitments to fight terrorism and other security threats as Europe remains on a state of high alert. (yeah, that'll help)

Teenage suicide bombers kill at least 12 people in Nigeria and Cameroon | World news | The Guardian - Five girls detonate explosives in two attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, say officials

Why Not Just Print More Money? - The New Yorker - A radical solution to the current economic malaise.

Beyond Distrust: How Americans View Their Government | Pew Research Center - Broad criticism, but positive performance ratings in many areas (Repubicans: party of cruelty)

Fact-checking Trump's claim that thousands in New Jersey cheered when World Trade Center tumbled | PolitiFact - "And I watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering" (familiar cadence +pants on fire +people of the lie)
The media has no idea how to deal with Donald Trump's constant lying - Vox (lies and the lying liars who believe the lies +media has no standard for truth)
Ben Carson 'Doesn't Stand Behind' His Own Remarks About American Muslims Cheering on 9/11 - ABC News (is that the new dissociative way to say "I lied?"
- Ted Cruz Proves There's No Longer Such Thing as a "Republican Fringe")
Republicans See No Repercussions for Extreme Rhetoric on Syria, Terrorism - a massive problem.
- TV networks unite to fight Trump's restriction on journalists' access (he's directing the show)
Donald Trump Tweets A Wildly Inaccurate Graphic To Portray Black People As Murderers - It falsely claimed that 81 percent of murders involving white people were committed by black people, when only 14 percent were in 2014. (party of lies and delusions)
Dear Media, Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump's Polls

- Massachusetts drops Common Core, will develop own student evaluations:

16 People Injured In Shootout At New Orleans Playground

Letters demand $15 million, say Irving officials worked to smear Ahmed Mohamed after clock arrest | | Dallas Morning News (they lied)

Should The MTA Allow These Nazi Insignias On Subway Cars?: Gothamist

NPR is graying, and public radio is worried about it - The Washington Post

- University yoga class canceled because yoga represents "oppression, cultural genocide"

We did it Reddit! After 3 years, Wally Krauss has uploaded a new video! : videos


Pentagon Expands Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS Surge - The New York Times - the Iraqi Army had not retreated at all. The soldiers had simply "redeployed" (your lying, corrupt military)

Authorities Missed Many 'Red Flags' Before Paris Attacks - Many point to Belgium as a weak link in European security. (not the smartest "intelligence)

Why do Islamist groups in particular seem so much more sadistic, even evil? | Kenan Malik | Comment is free | The Guardian - Jihadis view themselves as waging a war against the west that, in their eyes, is an all-encompassing monster, the source of all manner of horror and dread (couldn't have anything to do with having the shit bombed out of them)

ISIS Women and Enforcers in Syria Recount Collaboration, Anguish and Escape - The New York Times (women are commodities)

Russian sailor drinks half a litre of rum before crashing 7,000-ton ship at full speed into Scotland : worldnews

Nuns dress up as prostitutes to rescue sex slaves : news

Trump and Carson back use of waterboarding in fight against Isis | US news | The Guardian - Technique widely denounced as torture is "peanuts compared with what they are doing to us" says real estate mogul as he does not rule out independent run ("us")
Hullabaloo - Trump, eliminationism and the feckless Dems - The MSNBC reporter asked him why Muslims databases would be different than having Jews register in Nazi Germany. He replied, "You tell me" (they never learn)
- Protester gets punched at Trump rally. Trump: "Maybe he deserved to get roughed up"
daveweigel on Twitter: "Christie on refugees: "I AM concerned about widows and orphans -- the widows and orphans of my state, of September 11.""

John Bel Edwards beats David Vitter to become Louisiana's next governor |
Louisiana Just Voted to Give a Quarter of a Million People Health Care | Mother Jones - anti-abortion, pro-gun, West Point grad
John Bel Edwards Wins Louisiana Gubernatorial Election - A runoff election took place after neither candidate earned 50 percent of the vote in October.

Massachusetts's Rejection of Common Core Test Signals Shift in U.S.

DOJ Lawyers Will Fly To Minneapolis To Probe Jamar Clark Shooting - A key issue during their visit will be whether authorities should release to the public videos of the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Clark a week ago. ("confiscated" witnesses' cellphones, because)

- Addicted to chemsex: "It's a horror story" - An increasing number of gay men are taking part in multi-day, drug-fuelled orgies despite the health risks
Microsoft Word - ChemSex definition 19dec14 FINAL.docx - ChemSex-definition-19dec14-FINAL.pdf

Free Ottawa yoga class scrapped over 'cultural issues' | Ottawa & Region | News - But Scharf, a yoga teacher with the downtown Rama Lotus Centre, said the concept does not apply in this case, arguing the complaint that killed the program came instead from a "social justice warrior" with "fainting heart ideologies" in search of a cause celebre."(oppressed by disabled people doing yoga)

In California, Stingy Water Users Are Fined in Drought, While the Rich Soak - The New York Times - In Brentwood, one home listed for sale offers 12 bathrooms and a water slide that goes from inside the house to one of two pools. Another home under construction in Bel Air has been issued permits for five pools.

A temporary marriage makes more sense than marriage ... marriages should start with a five-year contract that either spouse could end or renew with a further 10- or 15-year contract and, if all still went well after that, a permanent contract.

English is not normal - No, English No, English isn't uniquely vibrant or mighty or adaptable. But it really is weirder than pretty much every other language (<-read this)

[Theory] Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user, knowing Sith collaborator, and will play a central role in The Force Awakens :


- I believed we would face an antibiotics apocalypse -- until now -- a new approach to antibiotic development based on bacteriocins - protein antibiotics produced by bacteria to kill closely related species, and exquisitely narrow-spectrum

- NSA did keep its e-mail metadata program after it "ended" in 2011

Brussels in lockdown after terror threat level is raised to maximum | World news | The Guardian - Shops close, football is cancelled and people are urged to stay home

Anonymous Has Now Taken Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter Accounts, Promises to Go On

- Shock UK deficit figures dent George Osborne's economic plan - Gap between state spending and revenue is worst in October for six years with economists warning chancellor will need further austerity or miss annual target (six year of austerity fail, but the plan is really to destroy public services because the rich don't need them)

Ukraine's chief MH17 expert survives assassination attempt - watch on - - Police suspect the attack could have been motivated by his professional activities (you don't say)

CNN Reporter Suspended for Opinionated Tweet - ABC News - CNN correspondent Elise Labott has been suspended for two weeks after tweeting that the Statue of Liberty "bows head in anguish" following House passage of a bill making it tougher for refugees from Syria and Iraq to enter the United States. (media decides what you're not allowed to think, especially anything logical)

- Clinton Slams Sanders' Free college By Invoking Donald Trump's Kids (because Trump's kids are going to go to a public university, plz Hillary)

Congressman Calls DEA Heads Firing | Video | - nt Obama to fire Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Rosenberg recently called medical marijuana a "joke."
Alaska Marijuana Control Board votes to allow consumption in retail outlets | Alaska Dispatch News (coulda been you, MA)
Two months after Oregon legalization, pot saturation sends profits up in smoke | US news | The Guardian - over-saturation and shaky business plans mean that for some dispensaries business is not booming

Jenny McCarthy slams Charlie Sheen for not telling her he had HIV - The Washington Post - McCarthy, who waged a years-long war against vaccinations, is known for her, let's say, colorful interpretation of scientific and medical facts, so this gobbledygook about kissing Charlie Sheen would certainly seem in keeping with her brand ... Man, I'm guessing science wasn't her strongest subject in school

Our Dream State, REM Sleep, Influences Memory Consolidation During Other Sleep Phases -- DREADD - Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs.
A Cup Of Joe May Lower Risk Of Death From Disease; Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Extend Lifespan - further evidence that moderate consumption of coffee may confer health benefits in terms of reducing premature death due to several diseases
Taste comes from the brain, not the tongue, scientists discover - ScienceAlert - Everything we thought about taste is wrong... (it's all in your head)
Inflammation linked to weakened reward circuits in depression

A "dead" galaxy full of dark matter is lurking close to home
Dark matter is really dark, but not totally dark: Scientists are dialing in the darkness - The Washington Post - "But finally, dark matter seems to be doing something! It seems to care about the world around it." (hmmmm)
Is it possible to think of two entangled particles that appear separate in 3D space as one object in 4D space that was connected the whole time or is there real some exchange going on? : askscience
Quantum entanglement achieved at room temperature in semiconductor wafers : science

If you could write a warning label about your ex that their next SO would read, what would it say? : AskReddit
Has anything you've ever posted on reddit come back to bite you? If so, what was it? : AskReddit
dr_zevon comments on I had sex with a transsexual girl and was on the receptive end. AMA
Men and Women - What is the "sluttiest" thing you have ever done? : AskReddit
Looking for songs that say "everything will be ok." : Music
What is a sub-$100 gadget that everyone needs but few people may already have? : AskReddit


Tom Steyer talks climate change and the 2016 election | (hostile interview by Kai Ryssdal, aspiring very special person makes false equivalency with Kochbros and claims "both sides do it' of course ingnoring Citizens United entirely)
Antibiotic Resistance on the Rise Among Chinese Cattle - Out on the weekend, where the wingo di tutti wingnuts is unlikely to get too sciencey. (let's have more anti-factual Texas textbooks)

Deadly Siege Ends After Assault on Hotel in Mali - The New York Times
Paris and Mali Attacks Expose Lethal Qaeda-ISIS Rivalry - The New York Times
- The Mali Hotel Attack Is Not Paris, and That's on Us (what we don't know because media doesn't think it's important)

5 Killed in Tel Aviv and West Bank by Palestinian Attackers - The New York Times

Jonathan Pollard, American Who Spied for Israel, Released After 30 Years - The New York Times
U.S. Releases Jonathan Pollard - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "the people of Israel welcome the release of Jonathan Pollard." (Obama's long game)

The Civilized and the Damned - The New York Times

How anxiety about terrorist attacks could change our politics - The Washington Post (America, land of fear)
- Trump, Carson and GOP in explosion of rhetoric over Syrians
Holocaust Museum Condemns Treatment Of Syrian Refugees In U.S.
Donald Trump Sets Off a Furor With Call to Register Muslims in the U.S. - The New York Times

How The White House Lost Democrats On The Syrian Refugee Bill
The House of Representatives Votes to Ban Syrian Refugee Settlement - This is where it starts. (only Charlie give us the names: Lynch, Keating, Murphy)

New York Police Form Counterterrorism Force With More Firepower and Training - The New York Times

Texas Man Shoots 6 to Death Over Land Dispute - ix people were shot to death over the weekend in a place called Palestine. - Did you read much about it? No. Because this Palestine is in Texas, and because it was just another example of the price we are expected to pay for our Second Amendment freedom

- The 20 Most Extreme Cases Of "The Book Was Better Than The Movie (interesting)
The Grantland Articles We Loved Most | FiveThirtyEight

A Virtual Reality Revolution, Coming to a Headset Near You - The New York Times
Yahoo Restricts Ad-Blocking Software for Some Email Users - The New York Times (Marissa getting desperate)

The yoyoing subreddit made an awesome community video : videos (don't miss)

Neko Case on Twitter: "Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine believes finding music is "very difficult" for women BECAUSE HE IS A STUPID TWAT."
Surface Pro 4 Pen Demo - Photoshop Artist Time Lapse and 14 Pen Tips and Tricks! - YouTube


Antibiotic resistance: World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era' - BBC News (return to medieval death-rates)
Emergence of plasmid-mediated colistin resistance mechanism MCR-1 in animals and human beings in China: a microbiological and molecular biological study - The Lancet Infectious Diseases (invincible Staph)

- Paris attacks: suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud killed in St-Denis raid

How French intelligence agencies failed before the Paris attacks | World news | The Guardian - Authorities knew of at least three of the Paris attackers but did not act - and ignored a warning about a potential attack (historically, intelligence hasn't been that smart)

Three Israelis killed in attacks in Tel Aviv and the West Bank | World news | The Guardian - Palestinian from Hebron arrested over attack outside shop where prayer service was taking place

The Internment of Japanese Americans Still Haunts the United States - The Atlantic - Seventy years after the mass internment of Japanese Americans was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, the ugly ideas at the core of its decision are resurfacing. - Tennessee legislator Glen Casada called for the state National Guard to "round up" all Syrian refugees in the state on Tuesday.
House Dems Back GOP On Bill To Pause Admittance Of Some Refugees - They supported the legislation despite White House opposition. Forty-seven House Democrats
Schumer: Refugee pause may be necessary | TheHill (Chuckie Fuckie again)

2016 Republican primary: Lindsey Graham mocks John Kasich's proposed Judeo-Christian agency: 'I think that was the Crusades' - politico - Graham mocks Kasich's proposed Judeo-Christian agency: "I think that was the Crusades" (he occasionally actually says the obvious, unlike the other clowns)

- ISIS Calls Anonymous "Idiots" as Cyber War Heats Up

Syrian man kills judge at ISIS Sharia Court for beheading his brother : worldnews

- More than 1 million civilian guns were stolen over the same period, according to FBI records. (why we can't let any Syrians into America)

Chicago Rarely Penalizes Officers for Complaints, Data Shows - The New York Times (thick blue line)

Texas: We don't need academics to fact-check our textbooks (+video) - (proudly anti-factual but influencing whole country's textbooks)

Reporters barred from Mass. college sit-in unless they support Black Lives Matter movement : news

Our Own Private Disaster | Boston Review - Terrible Schools Are Great for Business (golden opportunities!)

Airport commission approves a private LAX lounge for the rich and famous - LA Times

Dark matter might cause fundamental constants to change over time
- Dark matter might cause fundamental constant to change of time - r/science

Stop Playing Monopoly With Your Kids (And Play These Games Instead) | FiveThirtyEight

'Power Over Wi-Fi' named one of the year's game-changing technologies

37 [M4F] WI - Excellent boyfriend material (if a wheelchair isn't a deal-breaker) : r4r
NimbusArchon comments on [WP] You tell Death that you will never tire of living no matter how long you live. It makes you a bet that you will and thus grants you true immortality. You've just lived through the second death of the universe and show no sign of stopping. Death is baffled.
xkcd: A Bunch of Rocks


October Obliterated Heat Records - The month was so hot that 2015 now has a 99.9 percent probability of being the hottest year on record.

A Helpful Primer on 13 Military Terms - Journos and pols may not understand them, but now you do.

Obama's drone war a "recruitment tool" for Isis, say US air force whistleblowers (another one of those obvious facts everyone ignores, see the Onion's prophecy)
We Need to Re-Learn the Lessons of the Iraq War | Mother Jones - Remember Fallujah? It took the better part of a year and nearly 15,000 troops to take a medium-sized city held by a few thousand poorly trained militants. Now multiply that by ten or so. And multiply the casualties by 10 or 20 or 30 too (Republicans are learning-disabled)

Timeline Of The Paris Attacks And Aftermath - From the first suicide bomb outside the Stade de France to a seven-hour standoff and raid that left two suspects dead. - French President Francois Hollande reiterated the government's commitment to helping Syrian refugees, promising to take in 30,000 people within the next 2 years. That's up 6,000 from France's previous pledge. (and 30,000 more than America, which caused the whole fuckup)

After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS : technology

Paris attacks: The eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and all have EU passports : worldnews (don't let facts get in your way, Americans)
Paris attacks: The eight terror suspects named so far are not refugees and all have EU passports | Europe | News | The Independent - Several of the suspects lived in the Brussels neighbourhood of Molenbeek

Suspected architect of Paris attacks is dead, according to two senior European officials - The Washington Post - The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was killed Wednesday in a massive predawn raid by French police commandos, two senior European officials said, after investigators followed leads that the fugitive militant was holed up north of the French capital and could be plotting another wave of violence.
French Police Unsure Of Attack Mastermind's Status After Deadly Raid - Starting around 4:30 a.m, local police, backed by the French National Police RAID Team, exchanged gunfire with the suspected terrorists, with police firing over 5,000 rounds,
Saint Denis Siege: Armed Police Storm Apartment In Hunt For Paris Attacks Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud - Two killed in early morning armed raids - Including female suicide bomber who blew herself up
Exclusive: Suspects had planned attack on Paris business district - sources | Reuters
An ISIS Militant From Belgium Whose Own Family Wanted Him Dead - The New York Times
Diesel named as police dog killed in Saint Denis raids hunting for Paris attackers | Europe | News | The Independent - At least five officers suffered minor injuries in the raid
Paris attacks: deadly police raid in St-Denis - as it happened
Massive Police Raid In Paris Suburb Ends With 2 Dead, 7 Arrests - The seven-hour siege focused on Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks.

Shafer: Myth of the Terrorist Mastermind - POLITICO Magazine - Why do we need to keep telling ourselves the plotters are special?

- Syrian Refugees Must Be Kept Out Because It's Too Easy to Get Guns in America alicublog: I'd Rather Be Right. - Obama said this about Republicans who are trying to protect America from pathetic refugees: ""At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans"
Scottish Newspaper Puts U.S. Governors To Shame With Refugee Welcome - "Welcome to Scotland."
Bloomberg Poll: Most Americans Oppose Syrian Refugee Resettlement - Bloomberg Politics - Americans agree with Republican presidential candidates on refugees, but are divided on whether to send U.S. troops to Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State, according to the poll - Fifty-three percent
Syrian Refugee Family Bound For Indiana Gets Sent To Friendlier State - Indiana officials pushed to move the mother, father and little boy elsewhere.

Boko Haram Actually Kills More People In Terror Attacks Than ISIS - Let's not forget the horrific terror group taking lives in northern Nigeria. (some other planet)

- On MSNBC, Muslim Refugee Advocate Slams Conservatives' Call For A "Christian Only" Refugee Policy (Jesus would be pround)
Eschaton: How About We Only Let In The One True Christian - Aside from the horrible bigotry, I just get a wee bit frustrated with tribal Christians who apparently know nothing about their own religion

Roanoke Mayor David Bowers: No Syrian refugees to Roanoke Valley until security assured - Roanoke Times: Roanoke News
Mayor Wonders If We Need WWII-Style Internment Camps After Paris Attacks - David Bowers, the Democratic mayor of Roanoke, said in a statement that he has asked local agencies to suspend any assistance to Syrian refugees "until these serious hostilities and atrocities end, or at the very least until regarded as under control by U.S. authorities, and normalcy is restored."
Virginia mayor: wartime internment of Japanese justifies ban on Syrian refugees | US news | The Guardian (sure got himself a little attention)
The Mayor of Roanoke is a Charming & Erudite Individual - Lawyers, Guns & Money : George Takei's reply began with a history lesson for Mr. Bowers ... but of Japanese Americans, two-thirds of whom were U.S. citizens. I was one of them, and my family and I spent 4 years in prison camps because we happened to look like the people who bombed Pearl Harbor (Mayor Bowers really stepped in it)

Eschaton: In The Beginning Were The Mushroom Clouds - For those of us who were alive at the time, the runup to the Iraq war was all about mushroom clouds and oceans don't protect us anymore and balsa wood drones of death and gotta fight them over there instead of fighting them over here and scary vials of weapons of mass destruction and we're all going to die unless we take out Saddam, basically

Daily News Compares NRA To Jihadists On Front Page - Do they have a point? - Setting a new record for lethal insanity, Washington's pro-gun absolutists insist that suspected terrorists must have an unfettered right to buy assault weapons rivaling those wielded by ISIS in Paris.

Emanuel's speed cameras issue $2.4 million in bad tickets

My white neighbor thought I was breaking into my own apartment. Nineteen cops showed up. - The Washington Post (white lawyer who called the cops told her to go fuck herself)

Ben Stein: Obama's "Hatred Of America" May Be "Because He's Part Black" | Video | Media Matters for America (said the racist asshole)

- Donald Trump: I should be President because "I can feel" terrorism ... "like a good location" for a casino or hotel

Ben Carson Is Struggling to Grasp Foreign Policy, Advisers Say - - then failed, on national television, to name the countries he would call on to form a coalition to fight the Islamic State. (Repubicans: the stupider the better)
Ben Carson Lacks Foreign Policy Knowledge - Ben Carson Can't Grasp Middle East - ?Clarridge was pardoned (in the middle of his trial) by President George H.W. Bush in that historic exercise in ass-covering on the way out the door in 1992 (fuckers still out there fucking your country)

Bobby Jindal Drops Out Of The 2016 Presidential Race - "This is not my time." (another clown down)

The Regime Change Problem in American Politics - The New York Times (end of "party decides?"
The Party Decides and the 2016 Republican Primaries - Lawyers, Guns & Money : (durability of the clowns: who's the most serious clown?)

Some Wisconsin Water Is Comparable to a Third World Country (Thanks, Scott Walker) - We can't drink, brush our teeth, wash dishes, wash food; we can't use our water (keep voting Republican, Wississippi)

Eschaton: Hey, Dudes, Child Support is Real - Your uterus isn't about them, but they try to make it about them. I don't think they get that... it will be about them for a lot of money, for a long time.

California judge says ex-wife in divorce case cannot use frozen embryos | US news | The Guardian (but they are little frozen babies!)

Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014 | Armstrong Economics (vast cop crime wave)
Forensic Pseudoscience | Boston Review - The Unheralded Crisis of Criminal Justice (of course cops would use fake "science")

The Scary New Science That Shows Milk Is Bad For You | Mother Jones - More troubling was Willett's finding that men who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almost twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer as those who drank no milk

The University as a Capitalist Service Organization - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

World toilet day: from South Sudan to Russia, where not to get caught short | Global development | The Guardian (well well)

ZerothLaw comments on Former Monthly Magic Box Customers Beware - "Don't feed the trolls" is based on a few erroneous assumptions.
What is your #1 tip to improve your relationship with your SO, Reddit? : AskReddit


Appeals court lets NSA phone program continue - POLITICO - A federal appeals court has granted a stay that will allow a controversial National Security Agency telephone surveillance program to continue through its planned end on November 29. (of course)
Intelligence agencies pounce on Paris attacks to pursue spy agenda | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian - CIA director John Brennan thinks privacy advocates undermine counter-terrorism work. But snooping on everyone won't protect us

This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism vs. No It Won't - If you thought Osama bin Laden was bad, just wait until the countless children who become orphaned by U.S. bombs in the coming weeks are all grown up. (March 2003: but the VSP's were, like catastrophically stupid and wrong and evil)

France Searches For Second Fugitive Suspect In Paris Attacks - German official says Syrian passport may have been used as a false flag to stir fear of refugees. (hello, Michigan)
Elizabeth Warren Delivers Stinging Critique Of Efforts To Reject Syrian Refugees - "We are not a nation that delivers children back into the hands of ISIS murderers."
Look At These Photos Before You Say We Can't Take In Syrian Refugees
The West Is Giving ISIS Exactly What It Wants - Unfortunately, conservatives in the U.S. and Europe seem to want to do all the wrong things. (and they aren't the only ones)
CNN anchor blames French Muslims for failure to prevent attacks - The Washington Post - CNN anchors John Vause and Isha Sesay spent a good six-plus minutes blaming French Muslims either for not doing enough before the attacks or for not doing enough after the attacks (idiots and very bad people)
France's Le Pen urges 'immediate halt' to migrant intake - Yahoo News
- Paris attacks: arrests in Germany as France requests EU help
- Serbian police arrest man with Syrian passport matching Paris attacker's

Metrojet Crash In Egypt Was Result Of 'Terrorist Act,' Russia Says - A homemade explosive device blew up on the plane, Alexander Bortnikov said.
Russia's security chief says a "terror act" brought down Russian plane in Egypt killing all 224 people on board : worldnews
Exclusive: Egypt detains two airport staff in connection with Russian air crash - sources | Reuters
The Latest: US officials: Russia attacks IS stronghold
Syria 2015 - Footage of What is Claimed to be White Phosphorus Used in Idlib - YouTube - Published on Nov 13, 2015 (hell incarnate)

U.S. Airstrikes Destroy 116 Fuel Trucks Used By ISIS In Eastern Syria (oh, look, we just found 116 oil tankers we didn't know were there before)

To Defeat ISIS, We Must Call Both Western and Muslim Leaders to Account | The Nation - And that includes the Saudi kings whose funding of Wahhabi doctrine gave rise to the scourge of Islamic extremism. (barn door fell off long ago)

Fearing Fear Itself - The New York Times (macho whiny-ass titty babies are very stupid +guns are "destroying civilization")

Here's A Running Tally Of The Governors Who Want To Reject Syrian Refugees - Some of them are running for president. (they are never responsible for the problems they cause)

One Day Later, Anonymous Already Takes Down 3,824 Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts : news

Roe in the Crosshairs - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Next June, the Supreme Court will determine whether Texas' draconian restrictions on abortion are constitutional. If the statute is upheld, Roe has been overruled whether Kennedy says it explicitly or not: (the patriarchy strikes back)

Eschaton: Placing the Right Bets - I'd bet a reasonable amount that the entire New Jersey pension fund is invested in beanie babies. All those seemingly empty transshipment buildings along 95 probably hold them. (yet another very bad decision by fat bully fuck Christie)

News About Ed Kilgore, Don't Freak Out -- I have some news to share: chief Political Animal blogger Ed Kilgore has accepted a new job, at New York magazine. Friday is his last working day here at the Washington Monthly.
No, Don't Freak Out By Ed Kilgore

Losing her mind and watching it go: the slow suffering of Lewy body disease | Society | The Guardian - It is the second most common form of dementia and yet very little is known about the disease that killed Robin Williams.

Scientists Just Spotted The Most Distant Object In Our Solar System - Astronomers have spotted what they believe is the most distant object in the solar system -- a dwarf planet floating some 9.5 billion miles from the sun. ("planet X")

What is the hardest thing you have ever said no to? : AskReddit

- Revealed: Germaine Greer's 30,000-word love letter to Martin Amis, a lover who left her "helpless with desire" - In 2013 the feminist author sold her lifetime archive to the University of Melbourne


Ghosts of oceans past - ALREADY, the sea level findings indicate that it may not take much more warming to melt large parts of major ice sheets. (looking at 60' sea-level rise)

CIA Director Documentary: The Attacks Will Be "Spectacular" == An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed.
No One in the Bush Administration Will Accept Responsibility for 9/11 - It should be clear to everyone save members of the Bush family who are running for president that C-Plus Augustus and his national security staff were criminally negligent in the summer of 2001.
Fighting Terrorism Was Dubya's Biggest Weakness -- NYMag - Chris Whipple's revelations about the CIA's urgent, ignored pleas to focus on the threat from Al Qaeda before 9/11

- Surveillance Hawk Stewart Baker Confirms Dragnet Didn't Work as Designed (yeah, it never does)

Karl Denninger uncovers the massive amounts of tracking that occurs with phone applications in his review of the Blackberry Priv : technology

France Seeks Unity To Bomb Islamic State - Amidst a manhunt for the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, France beefs up its war against ISIS.
All Paris Attackers Identified So Far Are European Nationals, According To Top EU Official | ThinkProgress - The majority of attackers were identified as French or Belgian nationals
The Return of Republican Islamophobia -- NYMag

Paris attacks |
Manhunt For Paris Attackers Nets Dozens Of Suspects, Arms - Police arrested 23 people and seized arms including rocket launchers in 168 raids overnight. (AKs and RPGs and munitions specialists easy to obtain in Europe)
Rocket Launcher Found In French Police Raids - The French interior ministry says 168 locations were searched across the country and 23 people taken into police custody.
French police are using new powers under the state of emergency to question people in the "radical jihadist movement". Over 150 searches executed, multiple arrests, and a rocket launcher discovered. : worldnews - "This is just the beginning... The response of the Republic will be total... The terrorists will never destroy the Republic, because it is the Republic that will destroy them
Turkey Says It Warned France Twice About Paris Attacker - The country says it told France to look out for the 29-year-old in December 2014 and June 2015. (see, not enought surveillance)
Jordan's King Abdullah II calls upon Muslims to lead the fight against terrorism
Three Syrians arrested in St.Maarten with false Greek travel documents | Times Caribbean Online
How Belgium Became a Terrorism Hotbed - The Daily Beast - Molenbeek, a multi-ethnic neighborhood in central Brussels.

Vowing to destroy terrorism, France seeks global coalition against Islamic State | Reuters - French President Francois Hollande called on the United States and Russia to join a global coalition to destroy Islamic State in the wake of the attacks across Paris, and announced a wave of measures to combat terror in France.
Exclusive: After Paris, Americans want U.S. to do more to attack Islamic State - poll | Reuters - 63 percent of Americans were fearful that a Paris-style attack could happen near them ... When asked about regular ground troops, the opposition grew stronger with 76 percent opposing deploying troops.
As Predicted: Encryption Haters Are Already Blaming Snowden (?!?) For The Paris Attacks | Techdirt

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members : worldnews

U.S. Warplanes Strike ISIS Oil Trucks in Syria - The New York Times (oh, look, trucks carrying oil we never noticed before)
Islamic State Threatens To Attack Washington

Paris attacks: David Cameron warns UK terrorist attack is 'highly likely' | UK Politics | News | The Independent - Mr Cameron vowed to 'wipe out' Isis and its ideology (big words from the mouth of failure)

U.S., China in South China Sea - U.S. Asserts International Law After China's Land Grab - Understanding the stand-off in the Spratly Sea.

Cornel West Stumps for Bernie Sanders in Iowa (best speech of them all)

- Donald Trump is playing with fire: How his ugly new bout of race-baiting could be the GOP's Undoing -- will attacks on Carson and Rubio spell doom for him? Maybe not, but any victory could prove pyhrric (still waiting for the mythical rational Republican we see)

TSA failed to catch man with loaded gun on airplane. : news

Chicago cops conducted unauthorized spying on protesters | Chicago Sun-Times

Inside small-town Louisiana feud that led to a 6-year-old boy's police killing (youngest kid killed this year was tradgic collateral damage in small town policing for profit turf war)

The free speech/p.c. argument we need to have, and which the right obscures: College kids are not the enemy, corporations and the government are - - Free speech erupts every time there's debate on campus. We're arguing! The real repression comes from elsewhere ... Suzanne Nossel, the head of PEN America, an organization dedicated to the freedom of expression across the United States (is completely wrong and a bad person)
Dartmouth College Breaks Out in Violence After Black Lives Matter Protest on Campus : news
Black Lives Matter protesters berate white students studying at Dartmouth library : news

When scientists falsify data, they try to cover it up by writing differently in their published works. A study of 253 scientific papers retracted for fraudulent data identifies the writing patterns associated with obfuscation. : science
NASA scientists shocked by what they found on Pluto's surface - Could this mean that Pluto is still geologically active?

What's the worst thing that has happened to you during sex? : AskReddit
Vehlin comments on FCC: yes, you're allowed to hack your WiFi router - Because you ARE hacking it, per the actual definition of hacking. (for the riff)

Snapchat's valuation falls by 25%, and more big tech companies will follow - At the time of the Fidelity investment, Snapchat was said to be valued at a jaw-dropping $16 billion. Now it's only worth $12 billion, at least in the eyes of Fidelity.
Snapchat's valuation falls by 25%, and more big tech companies will follow
[NSFW] What's the biggest bullet you've dodged? : AskReddit
NSFW: Doctors and nurses of reddit, despite knocking before entering a patient's room, what's the strangest thing you've walked in on a patient doing? : AskReddit
Married men of Reddit, how often do you touch your wife's boobs? : AskReddit

Allen Toussaint, From A Whisper To A Scream - YouTube


Today in the Sixth Extinction - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

There Is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS - A 242-ship Navy will not stop one motivated murderous fanatic from emptying the clip of an AK-47 into the windows of a crowded restaurant. - Tough talk in the context of what happened in Paris is as empty as a bell rung at the bottom of a well. We must hold accountable our Middle Eastern "allies" -- the states and bankers and political elites -- who persist in funding mass murder. (root causes too deep for most Americans)

Iraq Warned Of Imminent Attacks: REPORT - Senior Iraqi officials claim they had warned coalition countries of imminent assaults.
France Bombs ISIS Headquarters In Syria
Photos Capture Paris Reeling The Day After Terror Attacks
Passport trade raises doubts over Paris attackers' identities | World news | The Guardian - Trade in fake Syrian travel documents raises concerns that passport was carried to France by more than one person
ISIL - Calling the Shots? - Read the Islamic State's propaganda and you wonder if the followers might be getting ahead of their caliph.
Why A Backlash Against Refugees Only Helps ISIS - The more that happens, the more French Muslims feel alienated and are susceptible to extremist recruitment
Help Us Find The Paris Hero Who Saved This Woman At The Bataclan - "Please, I'm pregnant"
Bill Kristol Calls For 50,000 Troops To Fight ISIS - The pundit is a noted war hawk and heavily advocated for the Iraq War.
- Paris attacks highlight France's gun control problem (porous borders, too many guns everywhere anyway)

Paris Death Toll Rises As Officials Piece Together Information On Suspects - The death toll has risen to 129, with 352 injured and 99 in critical condition.
French Authorities Hunt For 8th Assailant After Discovering Suspected Getaway Car - One assailant has already been identified, and authorities believe one or more are still at large.
Suspected Getaway Car In Paris Attacks Found Abandoned In Suburb - Several AK-47 rifles were in the back seat.
CBS News on Twitter: "UPDATE: U.S. intelligence official tells CBS News Syrian passport recovered in #Paris attacks might be fake"
Obama vows to help France hunt down perpetrators of Paris terror attacks - The Washington Post
The Latest: Italian woman, 28, among the dead in Paris hall
Manhunt Underway as Paris Investigation WidensAttackers in Paris
- The New York Times - The authorities had initially said there were eight attackers, but on Saturday night said that only seven attackers had died
Attackers in Paris Did Not Give Anybody a Chance
A Terrifying Account From A Survivor Of The Paris Concert Hall Massacre - You never think it will happen to you.
These Are The Lives Cut Tragically Short In Paris - 129 people have been confirmed dead.
Here's What We Know About The Paris Attackers - One French attacker was identified, and seven were detained in Belgium with links to the attacks.
Paris Gunmen Single Out Frangois Hollande, and Leave Him With Few Palatable Responses - The New York Times
Republican Candidates Urge Aggressive Response After Paris Attacks - The New York Times
Strategy Shift for ISIS: Inflicting Terror in Distant Lands - The New York Times
How ISIS Expanded Its Threat - The New York Times

Eschaton: What Would You Do, Hippies? - No simple cause and effect with these things, ever, but we've been blowing people up and arming other people to blow people up and toppling governments and siding with the "moderate rebels" and then siding with the new moderate rebels and then the new new moderate rebels and then sometimes reconsidering and siding with the people the new new moderate rebels were attacking because those moderate rebels suddenly didn't seem too moderate anymore. Hey, where did all of those weapons go? Better send some more! Also, too, more training. (sorry, way too complicated)

Beating Around the Bush: Part I by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Hard to believe how much has changed in a quarter-century. -- It was twenty-five years ago today that President George H. W. Bush signed into law the 1990 Clean Air Act, which implemented a cap-and-trade system to reduce the sulfur dioxide emissions that were causing acid rain

As Trump Surges to a Big Lead Again, the GOP Establishment Is In Deep Trouble by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

Rivals at Democratic Debate Attack Hillary Clinton - The New York Times - instead found herself pummeled by rivals on Saturday over her ties to Wall Street and her foreign policy record.
The Best Moments From The Second Democratic Debate - National security and Wall Street were major topics of conversation.
Fact Check: The Second Democratic Debate - The New York Times

The Great Statistical Schism | Quillette - teach Bayes first.


Paris Death Toll Rises As Officials Piece Together Information On Suspects - 129 dead. 352 injured, 99 critically.
Graphic Video Shows Concertgoers Escaping Paris Terror Attack - Unrelenting horror.
Three Teams of Coordinated Attackers Carried Out Assault on Paris, Officials Say; Hollande Blames ISIS - The New York Times
Belgium makes three arrests linked to Paris attacks | Fox News
Paris attacks: day after atrocity - as it happened | World news | The Guardian
Survivors Reveal Harrowing Details Of Paris Attacks - It was a bloodbath. It was a slaughter. Dead people everywhere
Horrifying Eyewitness Accounts From Paris Attack Survivors - It looked like a battlefield, there was blood everywhere, there were bodies everywhere.
Young Frenchman Identified As Possible Bomber In Attack On Bataclan Concert Hall - The young man had been flagged to authorities in the past.
Our terrorism double standard: After Paris, let's stop blaming Muslims and take a hard look at ourselves - We must mourn all victims. But until we look honestly at the violence we export, nothing will ever change (sorry, two dots too hard to connect and we can't remember yesterday)
Paris Terror Attacks May Prompt More Aggressive U.S. Strategy on ISIS - The New York Times (gotta bomb the shit outta somebody)
Scene of Carnage Inside Sold-Out Paris Concert Hall
Paris Attacks: Suicide Bomber Was Blocked From Entering Stade de France - WSJ - A suicide bomber had a ticket to the France-Germany soccer game, but his explosive vest was found during a security check at the gate
Deadly Paris Attacks Come Amid Rising Religious Tension In France - As violent incidents increase, so do claims of anti-Muslim laws and views in the nation. (according to plan)
Here Are the Most Horrible Tweets About the Paris Tragedy | Mother Jones
Watch Pianist Perform John Lennon's 'Imagine' Outside Paris' Bataclan | Rolling Stone

Mass Grave Of Yazidis Unearthed Near Iraq's Sinjar

How criminologists who study biology are shunned by their field | Quillette

After pot legalization could Colorado spearhead universal healthcare? | US news | The Guardian - Coloradans will vote next year on whether to become the first state to opt out of ObamaCare and set up a single-payer system similar to Medicare (coulda been you, Massholes, but Chawlie and Maarty hate pot)

New derivation of pi links quantum physics and pure math
What causes the repulsive force between atoms? : askscience - Pauli exclusion principle.

Was Ripon school gripped by mass psychogenic illness? | Science | The Guardian - What doctors used to call mass hysteria usually occurs among close-knit groups as anxiety weaves its way through, causing physical symptoms

People with high social skills. What's the biggest mistake that people often make in interactions with others? : AskReddit - Not realizing when another person is uncomfortable.
An Irish guy let his dad borrow his GoPro for his trip to Vegas. He had it turned around the wrong way the whole time, hilarious. : videos
A collection of rare photos. : pics
Intense zoom. : gifs
First time seeing 20/20 : aww

Security News This Week: Someone's Cutting Fiber Optic Cables in the Bay Area | WIRED - Even though authorities aggressively prosecuted Matthew Keys for his involvement in a 2010 hack of the LA Times' website, they apparently never bothered to charge the alleged real hacker (Obama's priorities: reporters are the biggest problem)


Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre, say scientists | Environment | The Guardian - Huge Zachariae Isstrom glacier has begun to break up, starting a rapid retreat that could continue to raise sea levels for decades to come (and then we have West Antartica, so tie Inhofe and Rubio to the beaches)
- Scientists say Greenland just opened up a major new "floodgate" of ice into the ocean (those librul science-scam climate-hoaxer guys are so funny with their doomsday predictions)
- Idea of slow climate change in the earth's s past misleading

Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility after hundreds killed | World | News | Daily Express Islamic State terror group has reportedly claimed responsibility for the co-ordinated shootings and bombings across Paris.
Paris attacked by shootings and explosions - in pictures | World news | The Guardian - Scores killed in French capital in apparently coordinated series of gun and bomb attacks
Paris attacks: shootings and explosions leave at least 158 dead | World news | The Guardian - Scores die in siege at Bataclan concert hall and at scenes of apparently coordinated series of gun and bomb attacks in French capital
Death tolls reach 158 in Paris. : worldnews - Can't believe they just massacred 100 people in the concert hall. That's unfathomable.
Paris attacks: More than 120 killed at Bataclan and restaurants - BBC News (game-changer)
'Shootings' reported in central Paris: Reports of shooting and casualties in central Paris : worldnews
How should France and the rest of the world react following the terrorist attacks? [Serious] : AskReddit
Two attackers killed as Bataclan police raid ends - ITV News
Paris attacks: France declares state of emergency after dozens killed - live | World news | The Guardian - At least 40 people reported to have been killed and scores taken hostage in French capital
Paris attacks: Dozens dead and hostages held at Bataclan - BBC News
Paris Under Assault: Dozens Dead In Multiple Attacks, Up To 100 Held Hostage - France has closed its borders in response to the attacks.
Multiple Attacks Hit Paris Area in Night of Deadly Terror - The New York Times - French television and news services quoted the police as saying at least 60 people had been killed and many dozens wounded in at least four attacks

Kurdish Forces Seize Iraq's Sinjar Town From Islamic State
Jihadi John 'dead': US officials believe Raqqa drone strike killed Mohammed Emwazi | Home News | News | The Independent
Jihadi John 'Probably' Killed In US Drone Strike - Britain said the death of the militant would strike at the heart of the Islamic State group.
Killing Mohammed Emwazi a significant blow to Isis, says US | World news | The Guardian< (or their "prestige" anyway) /a>
Beirut suicide bombings kill over 40 -

A federal court has ruled that warrentless tracking of web histories is a violation of the Wiretap Act and other privacy laws : news

Americans Greatly Overestimate Economic Mobility | RealClearScience - Americans greatly overestimate social and economic mobility in the United States, and the effect is most pronounced among younger Americans, Conservatives, and those who perceive themselves to be in a higher social class.

Vincent Asaro, Accused in Lufthansa Heist, Is Found Not Guilty - The New York Times

CIA Director Documentary: The Attacks Will Be Spectacular - An exclusive look at how the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11, along with others that were far more detailed than previously revealed. (it's almost like ...)
George Bush Sr book reveals a more dangerous Dick Cheney than anyone knew | US news | The Guardian - Destiny and Power shows a VP with more authority than almost all his predecessors, making plain Bush Jr's administration could have been even worse (let's drop 17 nukes on Saddam insane and very, very evil, but WHOSE IDEA WAS CHENEY??)

- People Want DEA Chief to Resign After He Called Medical Marijuana "a joke" - Protestors point to scientific studies that show the medicinal benefits of marijuana on patients suffering from chronic pain (Obama still a hard-core drug-warrior)
- People Want DEA Chief to Resign After He Called Medical Marijuana "a joke" - No you are mistaken, the people want the DEA shut down, disbanded, the facilities liquidated, and the 2bn a year budget re-purposed to literally anything else.

US supreme court to hear biggest abortion rights case in two decades | Law | The Guardian

Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Maintaining Lead Over Bernie Sanders - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times - Mrs. Clinton has support from 52 percent of Democratic primary voters, while Mr. Sanders has backing from 33 percent, the poll found. In an early October CBS News poll, she led Mr. Sanders 56 percent to 32 percent.
How Gender Bias Plays A Role In Elections - Study finds women have to be more qualified than male opponents.

In new shock poll, Sanders has landslides over both Trump and Bush | TheHill - In a new McClatchy-Marist poll, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leads Republican candidate Donald Trump by a landslide margin of 12 percentage points, 53 to 41. In the McClatchy poll, Sanders also leads former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) by a landslide margin of 10 points, 51 to 41. (so much of the unelectable thing)

Time for GOP panic? Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win - The Washington Post
Why aren't conservative intellectuals disgusted with the GOP? (I pledge allegiance to the Stupid)

- Springfield Woman Goes Viral After Attending Trump's Speech (good job, Johari Osayi Idusuyi)

University of Illinois Pays $875,000 to Settle Salaita Case | The Academe Blog (read comments, may not really be a "victory")
A Million-Dollar Attack on Academic Freedom - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bobo and the Ivory Backscratcher - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Maoists who edit the New York Times style and real estate sections and T Magazine turn to their best unintentional propagandist yet, Mr. David Brooks: (you are so far beneath him)

Eschaton: The Kids Today
Brown U. Disciplines Amy Carter on Protest - - March 12, 1987 - Missouri student files complaint against professor who called for "muscle" (Melissa not very good a apologies)
Amherst students demand crackdown against free speech ("Free Speech" posters are offensive and should be banned)
A Plague of Racial Hoaxes on Campus | commentary - The two well-publicized incidents of racism on the University of Missouri campus, consisting of offensive slurs directed at African-American students, have not been independently confirmed. (in the Snapchat age, very suspicious)
Amid racial bias protests, Claremont McKenna dean resigns - LA Times
We Dissent | The Claremont Independent - First, former Dean Mary Spellman. We are sorry that your career had to end this way, as the email in contention was a clear case of good intentions being overlooked because of poor phrasing
Eschaton: If Only More German Children Had Been Like My Boy, There Would Not Have Been A Holocaust (WaPo digs out Alice Miller)
- Chris Christie: College unrest a product of "lawlessness" that Obama allows (we need more abusive Republican daddies)

Eschaton: Also, Too, Shut Off All The Plumbing Systems? - The Superbowl Committee has a cunning plan to destroy some of San Francisco's public transit system. (sportstocracy dismisses your public transit)

Protesters Confront Caitlyn Jenner: 'You're An Insult To Trans People' - Protestors used the hashtag #IAintCait. (rich Republican not representative)

Diabetes Now Kills More Than HIV, Tuberculosis And Malaria Combined - Experts: tax sugar to save lives and money.
My textbook says electricity is faster than light? : askscience
Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets - The New York Times - After the end of the grand construction phase of Stonehenge, around 2400 B.C., the monument was altered, but the era of megamonument building was over.
TIL scientists recreated a 9th century onion and garlic eye remedy from an Anglo-Saxon manuscript, and found that it killed 90% of antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria (MRSA). : todayilearned
Giant New Telescopes To Unlock Science's Greatest Mysteries - The world's largest mega scopes could find life outside our solar system.

Study Finds Quitting Facebook Makes You Happier and Less Stressed - "Remaining on Reddit nullified all the benefits"

Who would you rate as a 10/10 in looks? : AskReddit
Redditors who have given their SO's another chance after getting cheated on: How's your relationship now?
What do you spend too much money on? : AskReddit
Internet trolls, what's your worst troll that made you feel terrible afterwards? : AskReddit - like the story of Tom Sawyer, but with dicks



- Scientists confirm their fears about West Antarctica -- that it's inherently unstable - West Antarctica is estimated to contain enough ice to raise global sea levels by 3.3 meters, or well over 10 feet, were it all to melt. (so actually, their worst fear is that all coastal cities get wiped out)
California 6th grade science books: Climate change a matter of opinion not scientific fact: Textbooks from different major publishers give climate deniers equal weight as vast majority of climate scientists who cite scientific evidence of human-caused global warming -- ScienceDaily - Textbooks from different major publishers give climate deniers equal weight as vast majority of climate scientists who cite scientific evidence of human-caused global warming (what happens when Texas controls your fact-free science)
Nothing can compete with renewable energy, says top climate scientist | Environment | The Guardian - if countries implement their pledges made for Paris climate summit it will give huge boost to wind, tidal and solar power

Four hijackers and three Israeli PMs: the incredible story of Sabena flight 571 | World news | The Guardian

New Zealand female MPs thrown out of parliament after disclosing sexual assaults | World news | The Guardian - Women ruled out of order by Speaker for demanding prime minister John Key apologise for accusing opposition of "backing the rapists"

An Immigration Fight Gives Jeb Bush His Best Moment Of The Entire Debate Season - "Even having this conversation sends a powerful signal."
Republicans Have Trouble Making Case for Change -- NYMag

Young women living with parents, relatives at near-record level | Pew Research Center - A larger share of young women are living at home with their parents or other relatives than at any point since the 1940s ... you'd have to go back 74 years to observe similar living arrangements among American young women. (effect of Republicans on inequality)

Utah judge orders baby taken away from married lesbian foster parents | US news | The Guardian - Welfare official confirms there were no issues with April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce's care but judge ordered child be placed with a heterosexual couple

Missouri Lawmaker Seeks To Block Students From Studying Restrictive Abortion Law - One student is doing research for her dissertation. A state senator says that's illegal - The graduate student's research, Schaefer insists, is a "marketing aid" for Planned Parenthood using taxpayer dollars. (Republicans hate research)

The Supreme Court Just Made Police Shootings a Messier Problem - By undermining the Fourth Amendment. (officer "felt threatened" while standing on highway overpass with high-powered rifle, thanks, Repubicans)
New report: In tough times, police start seizing a lot more stuff from people - The Washington Post

E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review - Press releases - GOV.UK
KnockJohn on Twitter: "@BBCScotlandNews @WiseScot Let's restrict a healthier product by treating it like one that is 20 times as dangerous"
Smears or science? The BMJ attack on Public Health England and its e-cigarettes evidence review + The counterfactual (attacks the attack, five stars, reveals deep politicization of elite British medical research)
Velvet Glove, Iron Fist: BMJ RIP
Why academic journal attacks on Public Health England e-cigarette report should be completely ignored
The Rest of the Story: Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary: Why are Anti-Smoking Groups and Agencies Lying to the Public About E-Cigarettes: A Political History Explanation - Ultimately, Burt comes to the conclusion that episodes of political hysteria occur when groups that previously enjoyed status experience a loss of their prestige. ("American hysteria")
BMJ Blogs: The BMJ ; Blog Archive ; Richard Smith: How public health moralists are promoting harm from tobacco and helping the tobacco industry - Almost every schizophrenic smokes and smokes heavily ... estimated that people with serious mental health problems, including chronic depression, account for 10% of cigarette consumption in the US, which amounts to sales of $10 billion a year. These people are self-medicating: nicotine helps with information overload and improves attention.
TIL, an extensive study by Public Health England has shown E-cigarrettes are 95% less harmful than normal cigarettes, while nearly half of the population are unaware of this. The study also showed that e-cigs do not act as a route into smoking for children and non-smokers. : todayilearned
British medical journal blasts e-cigarette safety study
rbutr - rbutls of E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review - Press releases - GOV.UK

A new study has found that dropping your systolic blood pressure from 140 to less than 120 can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and death by more than 25% : science

Apple's Tim Cook declares the end of the PC and hints at new medical product - taking on the office PC with his new devices and keeping his customers safe from cyber criminals - "I think if you're ooking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?"

Account suspensions: A transparent alternative to shadowbans : announcements

I followed signs for an estate sale for miles into the middle of nowhere. When I pulled up to the house, I saw that someone had painted over the window and the word "help" had been scratched into the paint from the inside. : pics (collective story-telling)
This woman Snapchatted the moment a small plane crashed into a building in Ohio. : videos
Legendary guitarist Slash performs for thousands of fans in Mumbai for the first time. 0:40 is where the Magic begins, Something every musician lives for! : videos
What was the most awkward thing you witnessed in a school classroom? (NSFW) : AskReddit


100 Million More People Will Be In Poverty By 2030 Without Action On Climate, World Bank Says - The World Bank says climate change threatens the goal of eradicating poverty by 2030.

The Great Climate Change Hoax Has Reached a New Level of Deceit - ?The World Bank is warning us that the Great Climate Change Hoax has reached a new level of sophistication and deceit. Grant-fattened scientists will scour the globe, covertly impoverishing millions of people in furtherance of their anti-capitalist, anti-freedom agenda, and to make more money from George Soros and Tom Steyer. Wake up, sheeple!? - As many as 100 million people could slide into extreme poverty because of rising temperatures, which are caused by greenhouse gas emissions

Study: Dispersants did not help oil degrade in BP spill (but deflected the issue and made it look like they were doing something when it just killed more sealife)

Putin sends 4,000 troops to Syria as he steps up bid to wipe out the Islamic State : worldnews

This snooper's charter makes George Orwell look lacking in vision - The new surveillance bill renders the citizen transparent to the state, putting every one of us under suspicion. It would serve a tyranny well
- NSA phone records collection "likely violates constitution" US judge rules - Edward Snowden hails "victory" after federal judge rules agency must stop collecting defendants' information in a program aht is "likely unlawful" (ya think?)

Ebola - Lawyers, Guns & Money :- almost like coverage of Ebola in the United States was actually race-baiting to motivate the Republican base to vote against Democrats rather than actual coverage of the news! (remember all those infected Mexicans bringing in the plague? +racist zombie Obama - measure of rightwing insanity)

UK Police threaten to seize phones if officers are filmed on duty : worldnews (they never got the memo either)

Bill O'Reilly Is Right on Ronald Reagan's Battle with Alzheimer's (demented for his entire second term)

Appeals Court Upholds Delay Of Obama's Executive Action on Immigration

Math on Rubionomics Way Crazier Than You Think -- NYMag (basically, give everything to rich people)

Eschaton: New Jersey Dreaming - This will continue to be a disaster. (Christie favorite boondogle corporate giveaway)

Lawyer: Father had hands up as police killed son - A lawyer says body camera video shows the father of a 6-year-old autistic boy who was shot to death in his car had his hands in the air and did not pose a threat before police opened fire last week.
Body Cam Footage Leads To Arrest Of Police Officers Who Shot 6-Year-Old Boy : news - Birmingham, Alabama police department found a 38 percent drop in use of force cases and a 71 percent drop in police complaints, since putting 319 body cameras in operation. Use of force dropped by more than 50 percent in the Orlando Police Department in Florida. (let that sink in a little bit and you see epidemic cop violence)

Judge mulls constitutionality of child abuse reporting law - The Washington Post ("sacramental confession" or parents reporting their kid was abused?)

Fury and fear in Ohio as IT jobs go to India | Computerworld (you voted for them)

Is Education Reform the Solution to Poverty? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Arguing that education is the key to curing poverty is like saying swimming will prevent drowning. Of course, but could the best instructor in the world teach a child to swim if the student showed up for lessons wearing 20-pound weights on each arm?
Boston Charter Schools - Mayor Marty Walsh Reverses Position on 'School Reform' - Mayor Goes Full Scott Walker on Charter Schools - Mayor Marty Walsh has broken up with Candidate Marty Walsh. - Charterism is privatization on the public's dime, the worst of all possible worlds. It doesn't matter if the tap gets turned on slowly, or all at once. It's about corporations being allowed by law to get their mitts in the till

How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic - The Coddling of the American Mind - In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don't like (they need their safe spaces from reality)

The Halloween Costume Controversy at Yale's Silliman College - The Atlantic - A fight over Halloween costumes at Yale has devolved into an effort to censor dissenting views.
The kind of little pricks that American Universities are now turning out : videos
Yale administrators responds to safe space. Hands down well handled. : videos

- Why Is A Mizzou Communications Professor Telling Reporters To "Get Out?" - "I need some muscle over here!" -- a mass media professor identified as Melissa Click - She holds a Ph.D. in communications from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her current research focuses on consumers of the 50 Shades trilogy of erotic novels and fan culture surrounding pop star Lady Gaga. (real deep thinker +she just fulfilled her eponymic destiny)
Reading "Fifty Shades" linked to unhealthy behaviors - at increased risk of engaging in binge drinking and having multiple sex partners
Melissa Click Issues Apology For Confrontation With Reporters - Melissa Click resigned her "courtesy appointment" in the School of Journalism on Tuesday evening. (that escalated quickly)
Missouri professor who blocked media at protest apologizes - Nov. 10, 2015
Dean David Kurpius Comments on Student's Coverage of Protest on Carnahan Quad - Missouri School of Journalism - Dean David Kurpius Comments on Student's Coverage of Protest on Carnahan Quad

Betty Bowers, Christine Flowers and the Philadelphia Media Network of Stupidity -PDQ (fire you real reporters, keep dimbulb conservative columnists)

Adolescent e-cigarette use is associated with respiratory symptoms. - JAMA Paediatrics : science
Dropping Systolic Blood Pressure Norm By 20 Points Could Save Millions

A new study has found that dropping your systolic blood pressure from 140 to less than 120 can reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and death by more than 25% : science

What was the most awkward thing you witnessed in a school classroom? (NSFW) : AskReddit

Chinese photographer came up with an interesting take on a gopro stand : videos
People who have been catfished, how did you catch on that you were being lied to? : AskReddit


Eschaton: The Wet Prince Of Bel Air - These development projects include excessive numbers of pools and water features, says Levinson. She cites one instance where the city authorities have approved five massive pools for a single family dwelling. ("gigamansions")

Sharm El Sheikh horror: Russian jet bombers spoke with British accents | World | News | Daily Express - The success of the attack could inspire them to target British airports next, a former Special Branch officer warned last night.
Egyptian Airport Had Lax Security, Officials Reveal - Officials told the AP about broken scanners and bribes for looking the other way. (well, who would have thought?)

Jewish court names and shames man for denying wife a religious divorce | World news | The Guardian - naming and picturing John Abayahoudayan, who has refused to grant a religious divorce to his wife for the past 15 years.

Mystery light over ocean was missile test | - Nighttime flights into and out of the Los Angeles airport are to avoid passing over the Pacific Ocean just the west of the airport because the U.S. military has activated airspace there

"A turning point for Obama" : : How the president learned to love the national security state - NYT reporter Charlie Savage tells Salon the real reason why Obama has broken less from Bush than many hoped

Donald Trump gives 'SNL' its biggest ratings in years |
Kind of Dead As Trump Hosts Saturday Night Live - Bloomberg Politics - The dancing and Larry David may have been the best bit as most cast members seemed not to want to be there.
- Trump'sworry night on "SNL" : An overhyped bummer for us all (they bankrupted their credibility)

Marco Rubio's Use of Party Credit Card Reinforces a Picture of Messy Finances (very Dubio +no mention of the 17 speeding tickets)

Ben Carson's Past Faces Deeper Questions -- In harsh light of presidential politics, parts of his inspirational biography are questioned (lying liars and their lies)
Ben Carson Thinks You're the Crazy One - The real reason we should mock Ben Carson's pyramid theory? Because it reveals a very dim view of humankind. (from the dim to the dim)
Ben Carson's Psychology Test Story Gets Even Weirder

The Dying of the Whites - The New York Times - Amid the stresses of the dot-com bust and the Great Recession, it was only white Americans who turned increasingly to drugs, liquor and quietus) ("quietus" = cirroshis of the liver and Republican rich-take-all policies = Douthat is a genuine mouth of Satan)

- Artificial intelligence: "Homo sapiens will be split into a handful of gods and the rest of us" - Though it promises robot carers for an ageing population, it also forecasts huge numbers of jobs being wiped out: up to 35% of all workers in the UK and 47% of those in the US, including white-collar jobs, seeing their livelihoods taken away by machines. (academia safe, for now)

Text messages paint dark portrait of Illinois officer behind mysterious suicide | US news | The Guardian - Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, who investigators say killed himself to hide an embezzlement scheme, was accused of death threats and sexual harrassment (see pic)

Applebee's attack victim - "I'm scared for my life" (assault by crazy white lady who didn't want to hear no foreign languages)

Why some LAUSD teachers are balking at a new approach to discipline problems - LA Times - But many teachers say their classrooms are reeling from unruly students who are escaping consequences for their actions ... former Supt. John Deasy and which he supports, were poorly executed. He compared the implementation to the flawed effort to equip students and teachers with Apple tablets. (needs moar Officer Slam)

Missouri football players to boycott until president Tim Wolfe resigns (7% black students; 58/84 scholarships -- 84 fucking scholarships for the whole undergrad student body??)
- Maryland family faces harsh criticism after daughter is featured in "American Girl" magazine - they got a call Friday from a family friend saying there was online criticism from a group called One Million Moms. The group said it is an online project of the American Family Association, based in Tupelo, Miss. (a little non=collateral damage with their hate-bomb)

Prescription painkiller deaths fall in medical marijuana states | Reuters (coulda been you, Chawlie and Marty "Pot is a gateway drug to Hell" Walsh)

Is Egypt closer to unlocking the mystery of Queen Nefertiti in King Tut's tomb? | Culture | The Guardian - Infrared scans of the tomb of Tutankhamun could point to a hidden chamber - perhaps helping lead researchers to the mysterious queen

The Association of Cognitive Ability with Right-wing Ideological Attitudes and Prejudice: A Meta-analytic Review - Onraet - 2015 - European Journal of Personality - Wiley Online Library - The Association of Cognitive Ability with Right-wing Ideological Attitudes and Prejudice: A Meta-analytic Review (so that takes care of the stupid part)

Hwft! Beowulf Online - Medieval manuscripts blog

Why is exponential decay/growth so common? What is so significant about the number e? : askscience - Say you had a bank account which gave 100% interest per annum (instantaneous rate) but was continuously compounded. After one year, money you had put into the bank would have grown by e times.

what irrational fears did you have as a kid? : AskReddit
What childhood memory do you have that you just can't explain? : AskReddit

- Lib at Large: Preserving the Grateful Dead's "Bear" priceless music archive

The difference a few hours makes : conspiracy (the DVs)


China emits nearly 1 billion tonnes more CO2 a year than it discloses, report claims - ScienceAlert (more than all of Germany)

Muzzled Canadian scientists now free to speak with media | Toronto Star - "Our government values science and will treat scientists with respect" (unlike America)

Hillary Clinton Proposes Reclassifying Marijuana As A Less Dangerous Drug - Doing so would allow more medical research, she said. (a little behind the curve)
Marijuana tax to pay for college scholarships | - Starting in 2017, high school graduates in one Colorado county will be able to turn to a college scholarship funded by marijuana tax. (coulda been you, MA, but blockheads ...)

US border patrol staff reject body cameras, citing cost and terrain |

Critics cite all-white jury for trial of ex-officer accused of raping black women | US news | The Guardian - Trial of former Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who faces life in prison, comes amid growing scrutiny over the racial composition of juries

- Alabama Education Official Warns Of "Homosexualist" Common Core Takeover She also thinks coloring books are indoctrinating children to do "transgender stuff." (oh, lordy, and it's on tv too)

Adults Are Not Way Happier Than Teens Anymore: Study | TIME (they are growing up in dystopia, instead of causing it)

[Serious] Scientists of Reddit: What's craziest or weirdest thing in your field that you suspect is true but is not yet supported fully by data? : AskReddit
Fighting Obesity with Active Brain Stimulation? - The Latest News - Previous studies have shown that the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain that's in charge of behaviour regulation and decision making, is more active in lean people.
Study finds no link between cycling helmet laws and head injury rates : science

TIL student loans have passed credit cards and auto loans to become the second biggest source of personal debt in the U.S., trailing only mortgages. : todayilearned - The world always needs more history. (original thought)
What strange fetish did your boyfriend/girlfriend have? How did it affect you, did you try it? : AskReddit
Normal day in the backyard : WTF
What is one reference you still don't understand on Reddit, and at this point, are too afraid to ask? : AskReddit
What don't you miss about being a teenager? : AskReddit
What have you witnessed a bride or groom do at a Bachelor/bachelorette party that you thought would ruin their marriage if their spouse found out? : AskReddit

More Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever


Intercepted 'Chatter' Suggests Bomb Downed Russian Jet
Putin Agrees To Suspend Russian Flights To Egypt
Chaos As Egypt Slashes Number Of Flight Bringing Brits Home

Mammoth Trade Deal Confirms Advocates' Worst Fears - But Obama calls it the "highest standard trade agreement in history." (there's your problem right there)

The Keystone Pipeline and the Defeat of Faceless Corporate Power - It's like watching the biggest bully on the school grounds getting his nose bloodied. It's very gratifying" - But the real story of what happened on Friday begins years ago, and it begins with ordinary people, and it is a remarkable story of actual populism in action.
Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline - The New York Times
Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline After 7 Years Of Review - Environmentalists praised the decision, which House Speaker Paul Ryan called "sickening."

Leaked Emails From Pro-Clinton Group Reveal Censorship of Staff on Israel, AIPAC Pandering, Warped Militarism (Jews run policy for elite Dems, Hillary's in the thick of it +Neera Tanden is an awful human being)
So Hillary Clinton Didn't Send Classified Material on Her Email After All - ?It's been quite a few milliseconds. Has someone yet written that James Clapper is part of the Obama hit squad? (your dark state)
Hillary Clinton's emails did not contain highly classified secrets, inquiry finds. - politico - The initial determination was based on a flawed process (there's a flaw in your thinking)

The Bush Family's Public Implosion Increasingly Resembles Greek Tragedy - The fall of the House of Bush.

America's White Working Class Is a Dying Breed - rising death toll should come as no surprise. (voted for the wrong guys and killed themselves)

Judge Orders Case Of 'Serial' Podcast Subject Adnan Syed Reopened - The order will allow Syed's defenders to introduce new evidence.

People Wrongly Blamed A 'War On Cops' For An Officer's Death. Here's What They're Saying Now. - Crickets.
Records Show Numerous Complaints Against Officer Who Staged His Suicide (career criminal with no job controls)

Tell It About Your Mother - The New York Times - Can brain-scanning help save Freudian psychoanalysis?

This Boy Has Outsmarted Us All With His Perfect Math Problem Answer - "I told him over 3 million people had seen his picture and he said, 'Wow! That's like the whole state of Georgia!'" she said.

Simpson's paradox - frequency data are unduly given causal interpretations.[3] Simpson's paradox disappears when causal relations are brought into consideration


ELI5: Full text of TPP, what it means to the people and countries involved? : explainlikeimfive

Maybe We Should Stop Sending Weapons Where We Can't Keep Track of Them - Arming any side in a Middle Eastern civil war seems unwise ... They lost four Hueys? They lost a CN-235? A CN-235 is 70 goddamn feet long! Have they checked under the cushions of the sofa? This would all be funny if, you know, it were funny. (how to not learn anything from experience +the military is deeply corrupt)
Pentagon loses track of $500 million in weapons, equipment given to Yemen - The Washington Post (half a billion here, half a billion there, pretty soon we've armed everyone human in the ME)

How I Would Reaffirm Unbreakable Bond With Israel - and Benjamin Netanyahu (Hillz says "he's my daddy")
The United States takes offense at comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new communications director accusing President Barack Obama of anti-Semitism and suggesting that Secretary of State John Kerry had the mental abilities of a 12-year-old, the State Department said : worldnews (so who is she loyal to?)
- U.S. calls Netanyahu's new media chief's commnets "offensive"

Doctors Without Borders Staff Shot While Fleeing Kunduz Hospital, Report Finds - "MSF doctors and other medical staff were shot while running to reach safety in a different part of the compound." (thanks, Obama)
European Union states have relocated just 116 refugees out of 160,000 | News | The Guardian - EU agreed in September to transfer 160,000 people from most affected states but so far just 86 have moved from Italy and 30 are due to leave Greece

VW Reveals It Misstated Emissions of Gas Cars - The New York Times (bye-bye VW)

Chris Hedges: Neoliberalism is not long for this world - - The journalist and activist warns free market worship is slowly being replaced by something more dangerous still video - the false populism of the far right

Eschaton: The Cossacks Work For The Czar - My little boy was not in charge.
George H.W. Bush Criticizes Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld - He has harsh words for Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, who are basically on Bush family retainer.

Wisconsin: State to Begin Drug Testing Welfare Recipients on Nov. 9 : news (Scott Walker/KochBros continue to fuck over Wississippi)

Texas Congressman Wants To Put Gay People On An Island To See If They Die Out (Louie Gumball and the constant beat of insanity)

Cops Aren't Worried About Marijuana, DEA's Own Report Finds - The federal government continues to crack down on weed despite locals' waning concern. (Obama hates drugs almost as much as he hates your privacy)

Jeb Bush Opens Up About Daughter's Drug Addiction: 'She Went Through Hell'

NASA Makes Major Discovery About Atmosphere On Mars - "What happened?... The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind."

Parents: First-grader suspended after pretending to be Power Ranger during recess : news (zero-tolerance war on drugs/terror/black people/kids pussyfies our youth big surprise +Meanwhile, violent movies and TV shows are hugely popular, violent sports are ingrained in US culture, and once kids graduate high school they'll be encouraged to join the armed forces or at the very least taught that our veterans are heroes and should be celebrated. That a lot of hypocritical BS to be throwing down on our kids.)

No, A Study Did NOT Find That Your Cat Wants To Kill You - "There is a difference between factors and traits -- so no, the most prominent personality traits [in cats and lions] are not dominance, impulsivity, and neuroticism. These are the three personality factors that describe each species -- but each individual will range along the spectrum of traits that make up each of the personality factors."
Personality structure in the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus), Scottish wildcat (Felis silvestris grampia), clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa... - PubMed - NCBI
- he five factors have been labelled: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Acronyms commonly used to refer to the five traits collectively are OCEAN, NEOAC, or CANOE.
Great Ideas in Personality--Five-Factor Model (weak on Freud)
5FMPeerValidationCostaMcCrea.pdf - Validation o fthe five-factor model of personality across instrument and observer
Developing Measures of Psychopathic Personality Traits from the ... - Edward August Witt - Google Books

New research suggests hallucinations can occur in relatively healthy people : science

- The orgasm no one talks about - The cervix rarely comes up in conversations about female orgasm. Here's why it should (the MDMA spot)

(NSFW) Whats a fucked up thing you secretly want to happen? : AskReddit
BigNavy comments on BoJack is spot on with why joining the military doesn't make you a hero
Religious kids are harsher and less generous than atheist ones, study says : science
Supermoon in radio telescope. : pics

Leak of Comcast documents detailing the coming data caps and what you'll be told when you call in about it. : technology (because they can, moo-ha-ha)


Russian plane crash: U.S. intel suggests ISIS involved -
Egypt flights on hold as UK says bomb may have caused Russian crash | World news | The Guardian - Flights from Sharm el-Sheikh suspended as David Cameron set to chair emergency committee meeting over Metrojet disaster

The Lessons of Chalabi | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly - One way to look at the Syrian civil war is that we created the legitimacy for revolution there.

Money Flooding Out of Canada at Fastest Pace in Developed World - Bloomberg Business - as the nation's decade-long oil boom comes to an end and little else looks ready to take the industry's place as an economic driver.

- The first one is an old lesson, but one the party has yet to learn. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has to go, and she has to take her approach to building the party with her (Dems always fuck themselves)

Ohio Becomes Latest State To Vote Down Gerrymandering - On November 3, Ohio voters approved by a margin of 71% to 29% a constitutional amendment that will greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the gerrymandering of state legislative districts beginning in 2021.

Page 3 of The Case for Bernie Sanders | Rolling Stone - His critics say he's not realistic - but they have it backwards (your stupid media tells you what you can believe in)

- It used to be a simple question of stupid vs. evil, but I think we now need to add a third option, which is "afraid"

Matt Bevin Wins 2015 Kentucky Governor Race - Bevin, only the second Republican elected to Kentucky's highest office in 40 years, is best known for his tea party-backed challenge to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (and KY goes down the TP rabbit-hole)
What Will Happen to Kentucky's Medicaid Expansion? (poor people voted to kill even poorer people)

Donald Trump Takes A Jab At Megyn Kelly -- Again - On Sean Hannity's Tuesday night show, which airs right after Kelly's - "They've asked me some very negative questions, including your Megyn. They've asked me very, very disgraceful questions, frankly"

Ben Carson's Love Affair With a "Nutjob" Conspiracy Theorist | Mother Jones - A top GOP presidential contender has embraced the dark, paranoid, and crazy worldview of a far-right pseudohistorian. (deeper into the crazy)
Ben Carson's Strange Theory About The Egyptian Pyramids - "My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids to store grain," Carson said, referring to the Old Testament. "Now all the archeologists think that they were made for the pharaohs' graves. But, you know, [something to store that grain] would have to be something awfully big, if you stop and think about it."

How Houston Was Lost: Prop 8 Redux as LGBT Rights Are Put on the Ballot | Michelangelo Signorile

Police Killings Surpass the Worst Years of Lynching, Capital Punishment, and a Movement Responds | Jerome Karabel (legalized distributed lynching by cop)

10 Of The Worst Moments From Morning Joe's Fawning Koch Brothers Interview (Squint and Meat-Puppet)

National Geographic lays off staff following 21st Century Fox merger | Media | The Guardian - National Geographic informed employees Tuesday it would lay off about 9% of its staff, months after announcing it would partner with Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox as part of an expanded joint venture. (it's not like he hasn't done this before)
Rupert Murdoch recently acquired National Geographic and has just laid off 10% of the staff. : worldnews - 10%... that's officially a decimation.

Bill Cosby could face charges after DA election in suburban Philadelphia | US news | The Guardian - Steele closely involved in new investigation of sex assault claims against star

Kim Davis Heads Back To Court - In a 126-page filing with the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals late Monday, Davis' attorneys called U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning's order that Davis license same-sex marriage a "rush to judgment" that trampled the clerk's religious liberty.

- Family That Made a Fortune off National Oxycontin Epidemic Has Just Landed on Forbes' Richest List - Some drug dealers go to prison. Some get rich. Others get filthy rich.

All aspects of the brand experience - Lawyers, Guns & Money : I believe that the role of marketing is to represent the voice of the customer in strategic decisions affecting all aspects of the brand experience (high-paid "brand" marketers loot education)

Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds - The New York Times - Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group, unlike their counterparts in other rich countries, death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.

A Shocking Rise in White Death Rates in Midlife -- and What It Says About American Society - Drugs, alcohol, and suicide have taken an unparalleled toll on middle-aged whites, especially those with a high school degree or less.

An invisible catastrophe - All told, middle-aged WNHAs with high school degrees or less experienced 135 more deaths per 100,000 per year in 2013 than in 1998 ... the doubling of the homicide rate in the US between 1960 and 1990 -- a development that played a key role in the construction of the prison-industrial complex -- resulted in about four and half extra deaths per 100,000 Americans per year. At its peak in 1990, the AIDS epidemic produced about ten extra deaths per 100,000 per year.

- Mass killings and school shootings spread "contagiously" Not dependent on location, leading researchers to believe that national media coverage of a mass

2,000-year-old Maccabean-era fortress unearthed in Jerusalem after century-long search | The Times of Israel - The Acra fortress was used by his Seleucids to oversee the Temple and maintain control over Jerusalem. The fortress was manned by Hellenized Jews, who many scholars believe were then engaged in a full-fledged civil war with traditionalist Jews represented by the Maccabees.
Man Dies After Tapeworm Inside Him Gets Cancer - This is the first known report of a person becoming sick from cancer cells that developed in a parasite. : science

Scientist May Have Discovered Alternate Universes - The world as we know it may actually just be "a region within an eternally inflating super-region."
- Relativity versus quantum mechanics: the battle for the universe

Staring at computers at night is frying your brain. Here's one easy fix. - Vox
8 Ways To Use Your Gadgets At Night And Still Get A Good Night's Sleep

What's something Reddit has taught you? : AskReddit - People want overly simplistic answers to complex problems.


Are We Reaching a Milestone in Clean Energy? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Even with Europe clean energy investment lagging with its overall economy, on-shore wind now provides the cheapest electrons available in both Britain and Germany.

Keystone Pipeline Delay Could Make It a Huge 2016 Campaign Issue - TransCanada Asks for Delay on Keystone Pipeline Approval - TransCanada has cleverly sought to push the pipeline's approval timeline beyond 2016, at which time they may have installed a candidate of their choice through mountains of dark money.

Sinai plane crash: unusual sounds on cockpit recordings, says Russian news agency | World news | The Guardian - Interfax says transcripts show no distress call from pilots, while Egyptian president says claims of a terror link are propaganda
Infrared Satellite Detects Flash Near Site Of Russian Metrojet Crash - The new evidence suggests an onboard explosion may have downed the airliner, killing 224.

Ahmad Chalabi, Iraqi Politician Who Pushed for U.S. Invasion, Dies at 71 - The New York Times

Consider the Source, Obamacare Edition - The New York Times - So, for example, if The Hill is going to report Sen. John Barrasso's assertion that Obamacare may collapse this year, it would be a service to readers to note that Sen. Barrasso was one of the people claiming that more people would lose coverage than gain it under the Affordable Care Act - and who, when enrollments surged, declared that the administration was cooking the books.

The Low-Wage New Industrial Jobs - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Companies use the same strategies of employment obfuscation and opacity to protect themselves from having to treat employees with respect that they use in the global race to the bottom while the future of the American working class remains dire.

Corporations Are Your Judge, Jury, and Executioner - America: where a company-appointed arbitrator decides if you were sexually harassed by Gary in accounting.

How The Debate Debacle Could Backfire On Republicans - "We've just seen Hillary Clinton go through 11 hours of questioning, and these guys can't go a couple minutes of questioning?"
Eschaton: It's My Party the GOP presidential candidate said - They'll Cry When I Want Them To - Guess they're going to go with the Alpha Dog. (Trump will take over producing the debate events)

Republicans trust Trump on economy, nuclear weapons: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters
Is Ben Carson Running for President? -- NYMag (or running a marketing scam? what's the diff?)

U.S. Public Becoming Less Religious | Pew Research Center - Modest Drop in Overall Rates of Belief and Practice, but Religiously Affiliated Americans Are as Observant as Before

In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law - The New York Times - Instead, his claim had to be resolved through a mediation or arbitration process that would be bound not by state or federal law, but by the Bible

Margaret Spellings must accept gays or resign from UNC | The Charlotte Observer - She won't address her previous animosity toward gays

- Number of Denver Trick-or-Treaters Dosed With Pot Edibles: Zero -- Again
Election 2015: Ohioans reject Issue 3 | - Ohioans cast a clear vote against pot legalization Tuesday, soundly rejected an amendment that would have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal use.
Ohio to vote on marijuana legalization : news

Microsoft drops unlimited OneDrive storage after people use it for unlimited storage : technology


There's a Fire Burning in Indonesia So Big It's Releasing More CO2 Than the US Economy - It's a perfect storm for a true environmental catastrophe
- But this is also bad news. If the 0.27 millimeters per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for

Russian Airline Rules Out Mechanical Error In Egypt Crash - "The plane was in excellent condition."

- Someone Might Actually End Up Paying for the Crimes of the Iraq War - But it almost certainly won't be George Bush - There has been an outright brawl over when to release the Chilcot Report, which is the result of a 2009 decision by then-PM Gordon Brown to have a full inquiry into how Great Britain - under onetime Third Way heartthrob Tony Blair - came to join C-Plus Augustus in the excellent Mesopotamian adventure.

Covert radio broadcasts tied to China prompt US government investigation | US news | The Guardian

GOP debate revolt crumbles - Nov. 2, 2015

Eschaton: Private Line to the Big Guy in the Sky - Either Boehner should be hailed as some sort of new Prophet or mocked? I don't really understand how people can just claim God speaks to them without there being a bit more skepticism. Instead people just nod their heads. ("God told me ..." because God is a Republican)

Eschaton: Morning Thread - Interesting article about more and more companies forcing customers to go to arbitration instead of using the courts. Basically, privatizing the justice system. Guess who wins and who loses.

Rising deaths among middle-aged Americans could exceed Aids toll in US | Science | The Guardian - Though not fully understood, the increased deaths are largely thought to be a result of more suicides and the misuse of drugs and alcohol, driven by easier access to powerful prescription painkillers, cheaper high quality heroin and greater financial stresses.

Willie Nelson's Crusade to Stop Big Pot (monopolies)
On Ballot, Ohio Grapples With Specter of Marijuana Monopoly - The New York Times
Smoking Marijuana Might Have Some Surprising Health Benefits - Newsy Story - while cigarette smoke damaged lungs, moderate marijuana smokers showed greater lung capacities than non-users.

Last person jailed in Waco biker shooting to be released -- Nine people died and 20 were injured during the shooting -- no one has been charged with any of the deaths : news (Tom Ashbrook, good Republican, didn't believe the cops could have done it)

- approval of cancer-hunting virus signals new treatment era - Imlygic programs viruses to attack only cancer cells and gives patients more humane options

Yale study finds state youth e-cig bans lead to increased traditional cigarette smoking - Winston-Salem Journal: Local News (o rly?)

Reddit, What conspiracy theory has the best chance of being true? : AskReddit - The government keeps posting this question to see how close the conspiracy theorists are to the truth.

Colorado to Vote to Kill Protectionist Broadband State Law | DSLReports, ISP Information - one of more than 20 states where incumbent ISPs have effectively paid state legislatures to pass laws prohibiting towns and cities from improving their local broadband services.


NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA
Climate change: The Deniers - series on scientists who buck the conventional wisdom on climate science. Here is the series so far:
Rare tropical cyclone to bring eight years of rain in two days in Arabia | - Eric Holthaus, a US meteorologist, estimates the storm will dump as much as eight times the annual rainfall of coastal regions of Yemen and Oman. These regions typically collect just 100-130 millimetres of rain a year.

- Russian plane "broke up in air" before Sinai crash - Russian aviation official says inspection of wreckage in Egypt shows plane broke apart but this does not necessarily indicate bomb

After vowing to end two wars, Obama may leave three behind - The Washington Post (wars, torture and spies)
16 times Obama said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria (it's not like he took a position or anything)
Obama's Foreign Policy Promises Then and Now - Boots are "on the ground" in Syria, and Gitmo is still open. (the end of hope and change)

Turkey To Return To Single-Party Rule After Sweeping Election Victory -

Microsoft Word - Pew Global Attitudes Muslim Report FINAL December 2, 2010.docx - Pew-Global-Attitudes-Muslim-Report-FINAL-December-2-2010.pdf - At least three-quarters of Muslims in Egypt and Pakistan say they would favor making each of the following the law in their countries: stoning people who commit adultery, whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery and the death penalty for those who leave the Muslim religion

Ben Carson's Camp Wants Debates To Have 140 Minutes Of Opening And Closing Statements - It would take the debate out of debating!

And It Begins - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Eventually, a lot of money was going to be funneled to the actual politician acceptable to party elites who emerged as the most viable alternative to Trump and Carson. With Walker out and Jeb/\_(?)_// only formally not out, that person is Rubio. (Jebbietunes out, Dubio in)

The Dawn of Darkness by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - This Wednesday marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of one of the great tragedies in American history, a moment of indelible shame, a choice that harmed so many in this country and around the world: the defeat of President Jimmy Carter at the hands of right-wing former California Governor Ronald Reagan. (as with all their lies, the inverse is true: "morning in America" as the darkness of Republican evil falls on the land +"piss-on-you" economics)
- Seeking America's "lost" greatness and finding Trump most appealing (when Daddy Reagan was raping and pillaging Democracy)

4 dead, including suspected gunman, after morning shootings in downtown Colorado Springs (CS Gazette disables comments because Colorado gunnuts)
Colorado police provide few details after shooting spree in broad daylight | US news | The Guardian - Man killed in gun battle with police after shooting three people (and so does the Graun)
Shooting at North Carolina's Winston-Salem State University leaves one dead | US news | The Guardian - University says suspected gunman is on the loose and counsels caution (moar guns is the obvious solution)

Hundreds Of Cops Kicked Off Force For Committing Sex Crimes - The number is unquestionably an undercount because it represents only those officers whose licenses to work in law enforcement were revoked, and not all states take such action. (heros given license to rape and murder, good pay with strong unions)

Conservatives Want to Bring Politics into Academic Hiring - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - I don't think there's a single more surefire way to draw attention to yourself than to claim that academia discriminates against conservatives. (academia discrimates against dumbfucks +no link to poopy-head NYT)

Texas Case Mulls if Home-school Kids Have to Learn Something | | Rio Grande Valley, TX - Parents are accused of not teaching their children, because they were waiting to be "raptured" -- "startling assertion of sweeping governmental power" (Freedumb)

The biggest family in the educational mafia - Exempt from paying taxes, from being transparent to public scrutiny and from truly resolving customer-service queries, ETS is seemingly untouchable ... Nonetheless, there is little about the nature of such expenses. ETS facilities are located on a 360-acre complex, with swimming pools, tennis courts, a heliport, a private hotel and a residence where the CEO lives rent free, according to the New York Times. (they pay themselves well as a non-profit)

Why the Salem witch trials still haunt the American imagination | Books | The Guardian - and with its combination of magic, religion, sexuality and the forbidden, it's no wonder (Hillary is the latest iteration)

Wives Take Problems to Heart, Husbands Get Frustrated | Clark-Garwood, NJ Patch (men don't have emotions)

Living on Earth: The Living and Dead in Good Company Massauchesett's Mount Auburn Cemetery is renowned as the final resting place for American luminaries including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Fannie Farmer, and Charles Sumner.

What is the best thing you have ever heard a child say? : AskReddit ("Looks pretty bad, they said they're going to have to amputate.")


Russian Plane Carrying 224 People Crashes In Egypt - "The plane split into two, a small part on the tail end that burned and a larger part that crashed into a rock. We have extracted at least 100 bodies and the rest are still inside."

Global warming: Lamar Smith's conspiracy ideations.
Global warming: Lamar Smith wants to tie NOAA in knots - To me, this stinks of McCarthyism.
Why We Can Stop Government Funding Of Science: It Doesn't Create Much Innovation - Forbes (from the dumbfuck dept of evil)
The Torquemada of the Republican Science Inquisition - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Republicans are the post-rational party)
The Spanish Inquisition - Mel Brooks - YouTube

Will the Trans Pacific Partnership Empower Polluters to Sue the United States? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : As Stiglitz states here, the TPP is barely about trade at all. It's an international corporate-rights document. (Luke turned Sith Lord)

US officials: troops to only fight Isis, Russia risks fueling Syrian quagmire | World news | The Guardian (while Putin is bombing the rebels +speaking of quagmires)

Innocent Gitmo Detainee Released After 14 Years - This man was captured by bounty hunters while doing charity work. He was never charged.

Bangladeshi secular publisher hacked to death - BBC News (no secular books for Muslims)

Netanyahu Retracts Assertion That Palestinian Inspired Holocaust - The New York Times (speaking of evil clowns)
The Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin - The New Yorker - When Yitzhak Rabin was killed, did the prospects for peace perish, too?

How 1994 Explains 2016 - politico Magazine - The year that stunned Jeb, battered Hillary and changed politics as we know it.

Springtime for Grifters - The New York Times (they love their pyramid schemes)

There's No Evidence In Clinton White House Documents For Clintons' Story On Anti-Gay Law - BuzzFeed News (and then there's the whole truth problem)

We Mapped the Uninsured. You'll Notice a Pattern. - The New York Times - They tend to live in the South, and they tend to be poor. (good job, states, you fucked your residents just like you said you would)

Eschaton: Empowered - I suspect the issue is that people are more likely to listen instead of locking them up in solitary? - If only blah people had known to call a legislator, how to advocate. Everything would have been different!

Braves Stadium Relocation Shaping Up to Be a Disaster | Streetsblog USA - After putting $400 million in public money into attracting the Braves, Cobb County officials are having an embarrassingly hard time getting the site ready for opening day. ("public money" and no public transit so no blahs can get there)

Harlem Success Academy "Got to go" list named undesirable students. (moar charters. thanks Ducan/Obama because support for teacher moochers teaching your moocher kids is unthinkable)
Alabama Teacher of the Year told she's unqualified, resigns : news (of course the system would purge highly-qualified teachers because they are moochers)

Effect of low-fat diet interventions versus other diet interventions on long-term weight change in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis - The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology - When compared with dietary interventions of similar intensity, evidence from RCTs does not support low-fat diets over other dietary interventions for long-term weight loss. (there goes 20 years of CW)

Cut out carbs, not fat if you want to lose weight, Harvard study finds - A study of more than 60,000 dieters finds those who cut back on bread, pasta and potatoes lost more weight than those who cut back on butter and cheese
A study of more than 60,000 dieters finds those who cut back on bread, pasta and potatoes lost more weight than those who cut back on butter and cheese : science

Coffee does not cause cancer; the WHO is wrong. - The World Health Organization's classification system is seriously flawed.
NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks - The New York Times - High in the skies over Kazakhstan, space-age technology has revealed an ancient mystery on the ground - geoglyphs

ESPN Closing Grantland Is The Dumbest 'Smart' Business Decision - What it says about our society is troubling. Journalism and business do not mix

TitaniumDragon comments on Colin Powell: I will 'continue to be a Republican because it annoys them' - The actual reason is that the political parties realigned over the course of the 1960s to the 1990s.
ELI5: Why isn't 100% Humidity just pure water? : explainlikeimfive

Snapchat just reserved the rights to store and use all selfies taken with the device : technology (all your selfies are belong the them)

[NSFW] What were you better off not knowing/seeing? : AskReddit (don't look at this)


Greece: Shipwrecks Kill 31 People In Aegean Sea

White House: We're Sending Troops To Syria For Who Knows How Long - Nothing to see here.

Truth Movie: Dan Rather's Missed Opportunity to Hold George W. Bush Accountable - On the story of Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' pursuit of the 43rd president's National Guard records, and a paralleleffort at The Boston Globe. (it immunized Bush against the truth)

America is changing its mind on Israel: How Netanyahu is alienating his most essential ally - (a lot of years of propaganda squandered)

The story behind the five-year delay in freeing Shaker Aamer from Guantanamo | World news | The Guardian - Barack Obama has repeatedly stated his intention to close the offshore prison since but has lacked the political will or ability to overcome bureaucratic inertia

The Quiet Man Versus the Loud-Mouth by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - all ten candidates endlessly and exhaustively and redundantly attacking government and everything government does

"Shell-shocked" CNBC staffers had long flight home (deep shaden)

RNC Suspends Partnership With NBC News For February Debate - Candidates complained about unfair questions during this week's Republican debate. (so unfair)

Eschaton: It's Fun To Kick Them When They're Down - I'm not going to waste my beautiful mind feeling sorry for Jeb Bush, but it's been interesting watching the discourse shift. All the cool kids in the press now mock the Jebster. He's gone from being the inevitable frontfunner to being the nerd the bullies pick on.

What Should We Believe: Marco Rubio or Math? -- NYMag (Republicans have never believed in math)

- horrifying Iowa surge: Why his campaign's rapid rise bodes ill for this election (Republican post-rational world)
Carly Fiorina Confronts New Post-Debate Factcheck - CNN asked the candidate about her claim that women fared poorly during Obama's first term.

Texas police officer wins immunity from prosecution over fatal shooting | US news | The Guardian - Judge rules Charles Kleinert was deputised by FBI and protected under federal law when he killed Larry Jackson Jr, saying afterwards it was an accident (deputised to kill with immunity)
Texas police prepare for open carry of handguns in January 2016 - Washington Times - This a huge concern for us. We are preparing for a significant increase in calls for carrying guns (what could and will go wrong?)

'Officer Slam' Threw Teen From Her Desk Over Cellphone, Lawyer Says - The lawyer for a 16-year-old girl slammed to a Spring Valley High School classroom floor this week by a sheriff's deputy said Thursday that the confrontation was over a cellphone and "she could have been left alone." (but authority! +pre-prison for future inmates in our incarceration society +"obnoxious" is a crime in the school penal code of Charleston)

Know your audience - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - From a letter requesting donations from University of California-Hastings law school graduates: (yeah, what planet, dude?)

- Louisiana Governor's Race Devolves into the Worst Spy Movie Ever - David Vitter is trying to shake a prostitution scandal, so he hired a private eye to dig up dirt on his opponent, who hired a private eye to follow Vitter's private eye.

New York Times Columnist Gets Schooled on Catholic Doctrine - I missed this over the last couple of days, but Ross Cardinal Douthat, Primate of the Archdiocese of Dorkylvania, has managed to get himself crossways with a whole passel of actual theologians

Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online

ESPN Is Shutting Down Grantland, 'Effective Immediately' - The news comes months after the departure of founder Bill Simmons. (bungled that)

SXSW: 'We Made A Mistake' Canceling Online Harassment Panels - The festival wants to compensate with a full-day summit on the issue. (dialectic)


US science agency refuses request for climate records : Nature News & Comment - House of Representatives committee is demanding documents relating to a study that refuted a global-warming hiatus (Sciencegaaazzzhhhi!)

Air Strikes Hit At Least 12 Syrian Hospitals In Past Weeks: MSF - Russia and Syria had been intensifying their air offensives in west and northwest Syria. (war on doctors spreads)

Police use terror powers to seize BBC Newsnight journalist's laptop | Crime | News | The Independent - Exclusive: Secunder Kermani joined the show early last year and has produced a series of reports on British-born jihadis (your totalitarian fascist state is pretty much here)

- Death in shackles of elderly man stopped at Gatwick "shameful" - Home Office detention of Alois Dvorzac, 84, who was suffering dementia and heart disease, was on 'threshold of inhuman" (but he died of "natural causes")

Mexican soldier shoots one-year-old American girl at US border | World news | The Guardian - Toddler is being treated in Texas with non-life-threatening injuries after her family's car drove between military patrol and vehicle carrying suspects

Eschaton: Things We Can Afford
That runaway blimp is also running away with your tax dollars (don't miss great pic)
Seventeen years and $2.7 billion in, Pentagon's high-tech blimps fail to deliver on promise - Baltimore Sun (but we can't spend any money on schools because teachers are moochers)

More than 20 women detained in Texas immigration facility begin hunger strike | US news | The Guardian - Some of the women, who began protest by refusing dinner on Wednesday, wrote letters about fears of being deported, as well as inhumane treatment in facilities

The Republican Tax Plans Are All Basically Insane - They would cost trillions of dollars.
The CNBC Republican Debate Was A Total Trainwreck | ThinkProgress
Insiders: Bush bombed, Rubio won - POLITICO - In the third GOP debate, the consensus was clear: Jeb Bush blew it and Marco Rubio won the evening.
Fact-Checking The CNBC Republican Presidential Debate - There were quite a few questionable claims made during the event.
GOP Presidential Candidates Talk About Their Wives Like It's A 1950s Sitcom - "My wife is down here in the front, and I'm sure, if you'd like to talk to her later, she can give you more than you'll ever be able to take care of."
Jeb Bush gives Marco Rubio his moment to shine after debate attack fizzles out | US news | The Guardian - Confrontation initiated by Bush failed in dramatic fashion by making Rubio appear the charismatic insurgent who could run away with the race
Megyn Kelly Knocks Debate Moderator Over Donald Trump Question - "Not Quick enough," she tweeted. (Megyn throws shade on Becky)
Flash And Fibs Were GOP Debate's Big Winners - The candidates kept dodging questions on policy -- or just made stuff up.
Here Are The Best Moments From The Third Republican Primary Debate
At Republican Debate, Fantasy Sports Got More Attention Than Wall Street - The New York Times
Ben Carson and Donald Trump Lack Electricity in a Charged Debate - The New York Times
- Jeb Bush's Mayday - veracity is for losers
Peace Breaks Out Among the Republican Candidates -- NYMag

Gov. Christie, Time to Go Home - The New York Times

Political Lies About Police Brutality - The New York Times
Good Guys with guns: how police officers became fixtures in US schools The 1990s-era "tough of crime" movement that encouraged police inside schools has expanded under Obama, despite the lack of consensus it improves safety
New York Times Editorial: Politicians Stymie Progress On Police Brutality - Some politicians "want to soft-pedal or even ignore police misconduct."

Texas campus carry law is a slap in the face of survivors of past shootings | Cindy Casares | Comment is free | The Guardian - At the University of Texas at Austin some still remember the 1966 mass school shooting. Their pleas for gun control have been ignored

Lesbian couple alleges Honolulu ??police officer harassed them over public kiss? | US news | The Guardian - Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero say a police officer "punched" and harassed them because he disapproved of their public displays of affection in a store (they "lost" the video)

Praying Football Coach Suspended After Satanists Plan Invocation - "The school district needs to create religious opportunity for everyone or ban it completely."

The transformation of David Brooks - Columbia Journalism Review (so he's a Jewish Wasp)

Let there be light: Handwritten draft of King James Bible reveals the secrets of its creation - - Every great work of literature is a product of meticulous editing and revision. The King James is no exception

The Sex Lives of College Students -- The Cut - Heirs to the Sexual Revolution

Sleep Paralysis Is an Inescapable Waking Nightmare | Motherboard


The Greatest Threat to Campus Free Speech is Coming From Dianne Feinstein and her Military-Contractor Husband
New Senate Cybersecurity Bill Just Needs You to Trust the NSA - To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Dianne Feinstein was the principal Democratic senator whipping support for the bill and, make no mistake, this is a truly awful law. In brief, it not only opens the door to increased trawling through the lives of American citizens by the intelligence community, in many cases, it mandates it. (+Snowden was right)
Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Clears Senate In Bipartisan Vote (Obama, spies and corps win again)

American Amir Meshal can't sue FBI over abuse claims, federal appeals court says - CBS News - and tortured him for several months in Africa. (pretty much the definition of a totalitarian state)
A federal appeals court says a U.S. citizen can't sue a group of FBI agents he says falsely imprisoned and tortured him for several months in Africa. : news

Eschaton: What Could Go Wrong? - If only there were options other than "killing more people." Bueller? Bueller? - Obama's most senior national security advisers have recommended measures that would move U.S. troops closer to the front lines in Iraq and Syria, officials said, a sign of mounting White House dissatisfaction with progress against the Islamic State and a renewed Pentagon push to expand military involvement in long-running conflicts overseas.
U.S. boots on ground to fight Isis | MSNBC - Defense secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the US military will put boots on the ground in a direct fight to attack Isis in Iraq and Syria. (having learned nothing, here we go again ...)

Toronto on brink of a mob war, Italy warns - Mobsters around Toronto are on the brink of armed warfare in a brewing feud between some of the world's most powerful and wealthiest gangster clans, according to wiretaps secretly recorded in Italy.

Top 100 CEO Retirement Savings Equals 41% of All U.S. Families Retirement Savings : politics

Boehner's Parting Gift: Two-Year Budget Deal Passes The House - All Democrats and 79 Republicans voted in favor of it. (the crazy caucus is strong)

alicublog: No Constitutional Right Not To Be Criticized (conservtive meltdown because Hillz criticized them)

Eschaton: Poor Dears - never been a fan of branding combat Vets as "warriors" but, pretty sure these guys arent' warriors - Kasich joins Bush and Rubio in being extremely open about their own frustrations with campaign and/or day job. No happy warriors right now

Arrest of Girl Who Texted in Class Prompts Civil Rights Case - ABC News
Arrest of girl texting in class prompts civil rights case : news
Sheriff to Announce South Carolina Deputy Ben Fields to Be Fired: Sources - NBC News - "He's known as Officer Slam"
Ben Fields, Officer Seen Manhandling Student, Has Been Sued Twice Before - Fields and other officers are in schools "to serve as role models," a deputy said. ("role model" = how to be a total asshole +repeat offender)
MoveOn Petitions - Charge Deputy Ben Fields with Assault! - Criminalizing the behavior of Black students in school does not help them or the school. This is not just about a bad apple, but a bad way of thinking about an entire segment of this society.
The Worst Moments From CNN's Awful Coverage of the South Carolina HS Classroom Arrest
- Lessons in Brutality - It's shocking to watch a black student violently arrested in school. What is more shocking is how common it is.
The Broader Context of Spring Valley - Lawyers, Guns & Money (school is pre-prison for black kids +Don Lemon is a real jerk, as usual, when it comes to black people)
FBI, Justice Dept to investigate video showing SC deputy tossing student to floor (the cop forum: here's the problem: obey ma authoritay! +"broken windows" policing in schools)

Police officers and their unions should face the same scrutiny as teachers | Jason Nichols | Comment is free | The Guardian - It is not acceptable to demand that teachers bear the burden of fixing the education system and yet allow our police departments to remain as they are
Police are searching black drivers more often, but finding more illegal stuff with white drivers - The Washington Post

SXSW's Astounding Ideals of Cowardice - stunning decision to cancel a panel dealing with online harassment is as embarrassing as it is unjustifiable and pathetic. By Chris Kluwe

Sorry, You Probably Can't Sleep Just 6 Hours A Night - Reading between the lines of a recent study on the sleep habits of indigenous people.

What are the best "get to know you" questions to ask on a first date? : AskReddit - Do talk F.O.R.D. Family, occupation, recreation, dreams - Do not Religion, Accounts, Politics, Exes
(SERIOUS) Former convicts of Reddit, what DID happen to pedophiles in prison? : AskReddit
Resigned /r/TumblrInAction Mod Describes The Subreddits Shift In Tone As It Grew In Size And What They Have Learnt : bestof
The Oatmeal trolled Huffpo UK yesterday when they got caught hotlinking : funny
Causing an avalanche : WTF

Marwencol: the incredible WWII art project created by a cross-dresser who was beaten up by bigots | Art and design | The Guardian


The Great Climate Change Hoax Rumbles On! - research is under increasing fire by some Republican leaders in Congress, who deny or question the scientific consensus.

CISA data-sharing bill passes Senate with no privacy protections : news (Warren and Markey: "no")
Senate Passes CISA Bill : technology

Syria and Iraq Are Still a Disaster as U.S. Involvement Escalates - The mission creep parallels to Vietnam should be cause for concern.

- Chinese foreign ministry says Washington acted illegally when USS Lassen entered waters near disputed Spratly archipelago - the warship had passed within 12 miles of a Chinese artificial island.
US manoeuvre in South China Sea leaves little wiggle room with China | World news | The Guardian - presence in disputed waters sure to draw Beijing retaliation, which could worsen ties and spread to other regional rows
South China Sea: U.S. Sovereignty Challenge Provokes Anger In Beijing - "The Chinese side expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition."

Another Doctors Without Borders Hospital Hit By Airstrikes - "MSF facility in Saada Yemen was hit by several airstrikes last night with patients and staff inside the facility." (looks like a real fuckyou move)

Martin, A Quick Word | The Return of the Public - close to the epicentre of the Corbyn milieu (Martin Amis doesn't like Corbyn)

Verbatim: Donald Trump on the Rough Life, and Getting $1 Million From His Father - First Draft. Political News, Now. - The New York Times - Verbatim: Donald Trump on the Rough Life, and Getting $1 Million From His Father (speaks at 4th grade level to his audience)

TIL that the Seventh-day Adventist church teaches that the Anti-Christ will be the Pope, and the Catholic Church will cause the apocalypse. : todayilearned

The Median Rent for a San Francisco Two-Bedroom Hits $5,000/Month : news

How many guns are in America? A web of state secrecy means no one knows | US news | The Guardian - A majority of states actively restrict access to information on gun permits, the FBI must destroy background checks and Congress bans funding for research (hear no, see no, speak no)

Spring Valley High School Student Flung By School Officer On Video - The student had refused to leave class before the officer became involved.
SC Student 'Brutalized' by School Resource Officer, Lawyer Says - ABC News - At least three students caught the incident in the math classroom on video. The videos have since circulated on social media. (game has changed)
- Officer's forceful removal of student made sheriff "want to throw up" Federal civil rights investigation to determine if law was broken during incident captured on camera in which officer drags student from her desk
Learning while black: the latest offense that the police will get you for | Steven W Thrasher | Comment is free | The Guardian

FBI Director Says Videos, Hashtags Are Worsening The Citizen-Police Divide - "Of the explanations I have heard, it is the one that makes the most sense to me."
White House To FBI Director: No, Viral Videos Aren't Causing Crime - James Comey continues to argue the "Ferguson effect" is fueling the crime surge.

No charges against South Carolina police officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenage boy on a date last July. Family alleges that the child's body was left on the ground for several hours, during which some officers posed with and high-fived the corpse : news
Video Of Cop Fatally Shooting Zachary Hammond Released, No Charges Filed - The state of South Carolina released video Tuesday of a Seneca police officer shooting 19-year-old Zachary Hammond, and said no charges will be filed.
72-Hour Suspension For Trooper Who Ran Red Light, Killing Woman - Timothy Fagin ran a red light while chasing a driver who wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
- Quentin Tarantino has "destroyed his career" says rightwing host Bill O'Reilly - Fox News commentator blasts director for appearing at a New York rally to highlight police killings less than a week after an NYPD officer was shot dead

Nobody Understands the Internet | First Draft - Over and over, newspaper companies who now try to call themselves media companies make it clear just how much they hate their customers

School Testing and For-Profit Colleges: Both Declining? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - There'S a useful slight reversal of position from President Obama and other Democratic politicians who have pushed a regimen of educational reforms, primarily constant standardized testing (or studying for those tests) that take much of the education and a whole lot of the joy of learning out of education

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and medical research - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Faculty Lounge: No, It Isn't All in Your Head - Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome an organic disease that should be addressed by biomedical research, or is it a only psychological condition best treated by some form of psychotherapy? (shrinks wanted another disease to "treat" -- "chronic lazyness -- but didn't know how to research)
Health threat of sugar is vastly underestimated, study claims | Society | The Guardian - US research says sugar causes high blood pressure and heart disease regardless of weight gain but critics doubt results

VStarffin comments on Can someone explain why it tends to be young, white men who have libertarian beliefs.
[Serious] People who performed sexual favors in school or in the workplace to get ahead, what was it for? What are things like now? : AskReddit
[Serious] What lie are you living? : AskReddit

Map of all the movies you must watch before you die! : movies
Cormac McCarthy's The Road May Have the Scariest Passage in All of Literature - The Atlantic


Government's handling of Hurricane Patricia is a rare bit of good news for Mexico - The official death count from the strongest hurricane ever measured in the Western Hemisphere: zero.
Powerful Earthquake Hits Afghanistan, India, Pakistan
Deadly Heat Is Forecast in Persian Gulf by 2100 - The New York Times

Oh look. It's that CISA surveillance bill again. Didn't we defeat that? Not yet. One last chance (for real) to #StopCISA. Ask activists from Fight for the Future, Access, EFF, and Demand Progress anything about CISA. (fuckers never give up)
Unit That Called In Kunduz Airstrike Knew Hospital Was Functioning, Believed It Was Overrun By Taliban ("believed" "overrun" but "functioning" so kill them all)

Benjamin Netanyahu's Latest Rejection Of A Palestinian State - "You think there is a magic wand here, but I disagree," he told his political opponents, who have been pushing for peace talks.

- UK accused of doing China's bidding after police raid home of Tiananmen Square survivor over peaceful protest

Airlines Work Together To Declare War On Cyber Attackers

Saudi Prince Arrested in Beirut on Drug Smuggling : worldnews - two tons of Captagon pills and some cocaine

Rape Victims Are Being Jailed Under Extramarital Sex Laws in the UAE | VICE News

Anonymous hackers to reveal identities of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan members in #OpKKK

Tea Party Support Falls To A New Low - Only 17 percent of Americans polled say they support the movement - Meanwhile, a record 54 percent of Americans polled this month said they didn't have an opinion about the tea party either way. (their frankenstein ate them)

Prosecution Of U.S. Police For Killings Surges To Highest In Decade - A dozen officers have been charged with murder or manslaughter this year resulting from shootings.

World Health Organization: Processed Meats Cause Cancer - The average American consumes about 18 pounds of bacon each year.
WHO: Processed meats cause cancer. : worldnews

The Scale of the Universe 2
Physicists uncover novel phase of matter - not a conventional metal, insulator, or magnet, for example, but something entirely different. This phase, characterized by an unusual ordering of electrons, offers possibilities for new electronic device functionalities and could hold the solution to a long-standing mystery in condensed matter physics having to do with high-temperature superconductivity

Vox Media -"Hulu has overtaken Netflix to become the best streaming service" - but they fail to disclose that Comcast owns both Vox and Hulu.


Jimmy Carter: A Five-Nation Plan to End the Syrian Crisis - The New York Times

Tony Blair makes qualified apology for Iraq war ahead of Chilcot report | UK news | The Guardian - but defends armed intervention in 2003 (took them 12 years, but at least they did a report)
Bergen: NY Times triples down on bizarre bin Laden tale -

Iraq rescue: video shows US prison raid freeing 70 hostages from Isis | World news | The Guardian - Helmet-camera footage issued by Kurdistan government shows men running through compound in Hawija during operation in which US soldier was killed
NBC Obtains Video Claiming To Show Anti-ISIS Raid That Killed U.S. Operative - According to the McClatchy report, however, there were no Kurds among the rescued, and it is currently unknown if any Baathists were among them.

Tony Blair: 2003 Iraq Invasion Contributed To Rise Of ISIS - "It's not clear to me that, even if our policy did not work, subsequent policies have worked better," he said. (because you fucked it all up, dumbshit)

No, Really, Strange Things Are Happening at the Vatican - The food-taster jokes are no longer funny.

How Republicans saved Hillary Clinton. Again. - The Washington Post
Bob Woodward On The Benghazi Committee: 'It Clearly Is Partisan' - The legendary journalist says, accurately, that politicians mislead all the time. (so no big deal)
Why the Benghazi Hearing Was an Embarrassment to Representative Democracy - It's still unclear what Thursday's hearing was supposed to be getting at.
Because Benghazi Went So Well, We Have a New Planned Parenthood Committee - Because Benghazi Went So Well, We Have a New Planned Parenthood Committee - And it's chock full o'wingnuts
Megyn Kelly Flips Out Over Positive Hillary Clinton Benghazi Coverage From Media | Crooks and Liars (she's so cute when she's mad)
Transcript: Rachel Maddow interviews Hillary Clinton | MSNBC

Obamacare Foes Head To Supreme Court... Again - They say the law is "so unconstitutional in so many ways." (onward, Christian derpists)

Ben Carson Once Again Compares Something To Slavery, This Time Abortion - The insurgent GOP candidate says no to exceptions for rape and incest.
How Do You Explain Ben Carson's Success in Iowa? - The currency of crazy statements. Theoretically, democracy is a hell of an idea, isn't it? Can we just let the cows vote now?
- Donald Trump seeks a sharp contrast with Ben Carson's Seventh-day Adventist faith - Seventh-day Adventists are Protestants who observe the Sabbath on Saturday, unlike most Christians, including Presbyterians, who observe it on Sunday. The church also takes a very literal view of the Bible. (Trump continues to speak on a 4th-grade level)

The Real Effect of Citizens United on the GOP by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - There are plenty of places to point when looking for the source of the chaos they're currently experiencing. But I think we miss a big one if we don't consider the impact of this Supreme Court decision that everyone assumed would simply be a windfall for them.

Eschaton: About The Last Seven Years Of My Education Policy - Maybe I can take some of it back? (your deeply conservative POTUS +his clown, Arne Duncan mumbles)

Chris Christie, Sipping a Smoothie, Was Kicked Off an Amtrak Car For Screaming on His Phone - 47 grams of carbs. Seriously?! Seriously?! indeed. (and a day and a half of sugar for the failed, state-destroying fat fuck bully)

The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black - The New York Times - An examination of traffic stops and arrests in Greensboro, N.C., uncovered wide racial differences in measure after measure of police conduct. (deeply racist cop system)
Why Did A Cop Shoot Robert Chambers In The Head? (Texas)

'Bathroom predator' spin on Houston equal rights bill puts Texans in hot seat | US news | The Guardian - Nietzsche: "The last Christian died on the Cross."

- Bill Cosby's "smoking gun" the chilling self-deception revealed in his book - In light of the allegations against him, Emma Brockes revists Cosby's Love and Marriage, published in 1989, and finds a dull book suddenly made fascinating (unconsciously honest)


Hurricane Patricia weakens in Mexico; flood threat remains - (mountains won)
Must We Choose Between Capitalism and Climate? -- NYMag (Chait's true colors)

Maldives Vice-President Adeeb arrested over 'bomb plot' - BBC News

The Unseen Threat of Capital Mobility | Boston Review

Friday Talking Points -- Hillary's Very Good Week | Chris Weigant

'The Daily Show' Covers Benghazi Hearing Number ... Ah, We Lost Count - They started another hearing while you were reading that headline.
/u/HuskeyG digs up a chilling video from 2004 of Elizabeth Warren recounting a story telling of how Hillary would likely be as President. : bestof

The Way of the Whigs? by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (the return of the Know-Nothings in the Tea Party and "Freedom caucus" +always characterized by extreme paranoia)
House Freedom Caucus Demands by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly ... items 4 & 5 demand that members who oppose rule changes and/or vote their conscience not be punished.

Team Bush in a Fog
2016 Republican primary: George W. Bush unleashes on Ted Cruz - politico - "I just don't like the guy"
Trump jabs at Bush in Florida: Not ready to be president - Yahoo News

- Critics say air marshals, much wanted after 9/11, have become "bored cops" flying first class - Fourteen years later, the federal air marshal program is mired in budget cuts, allegations of misconduct and management turmoil, prompting some in Congress to question whether the multi-billion dollar experiment has outlived its usefulness.

FBI Director Blames Crime On Police Misconduct Videos - And officers should be trained to conduct themselves with professionalism regardless of whether a camera is recording them

Vince Wilfork Wants Justice For Friend Killed By Cop - 31-year-old Corey Jones had pulled over to tend to his failing car, was "confronted" by a plain-clothed police officer who never identified himself, was fired at five times and died shortly thereafter, with no dashboard or body cameras recording the incident. (license to kill)

Which States Have the Most Guns? | Republic 3.0 | The Washington Monthly - Nationally, guns outnumber both cars and people. (don't go to KY)

AskScience AMA Series: History of Science with /r/AskHistorians : askscience
Since a singularity is infinitely small, can 2 singularities be in the same place? : askscience
One of the oddest predictions of quantum theory,that a system can't change while you're watching it, has been confirmed in an experiment by physicists. Their work opens the door to a fundamentally new method to control and manipulate the quantum states of atoms and could lead to new kinds of sensors : science
- Sorry, Einstein. Quantum Study Suggests "spooky action" Is Real. - the existence of an odd world formed by a fabric of subatomic particles, where matter does not take form until it is observed and time runs backward as well as forward.

China's Ghost Movie Ban Imperils 'Crimson Peak' - The second-biggest film market is off-limits for movies that "promote cults or superstition."
; Yurei: the Ghosts of Japan - ghosts, called yurei ... humans have a god inside of them ... reikon or tamashi is held in check only by the meat-cocoon of the body.

What is the best lifehack you use during your everyday life? : AskReddit
Whats your "Then I noped the fuck out" story? [NSFW] : AskReddit


Hurricane Patricia: What You Need to Know - The New York Times
?? 0 New Updates - Hurricane Patricia Strikes Mexico: Live Updates - The New York Times
Mexico Braces For Impact From Most Powerful Hurricane On Record - Hurricane Patricia barreled toward southwestern Mexico Friday as a monster Category 5 storm, the strongest ever in the Western Hemisphere.

Kurds give account of raid that killed American special operator | McClatchy DC - Dead soldier identified as Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Okla.
Eschaton: What Could Go Wrong - The only thing that can stop a bad guy with an F-16...

Suspected Jewish Extremist Attacks Human Rights Rabbi On Video
- The Limits of Intervention: Coercive Diplomacy and the Jewish Question in the Nineteenth Century.

Dozens Of Elderly Tourists Killed In Fiery Bus Crash Near Bordeaux, France - According to local media, this is the worst road accident in France in more than 30 years.

Eschaton: Could Be - Who can say? I guess we'll have to investigate. Who knows what we might find? All very mysterious, really -- Volkswagen said on Thursday that it was investigating whether substantially more vehicles than previously disclosed were equipped with software intended to deceive emissions tests

The GOP blew it with the Benghazi committee, and conservatives know it
Even Conservatives Realize Hillary Clinton's Benghazi Committee Hearing Was Ridiculous
Clinton emerges stronger for next phase of campaign - POLITICO - Following her debate performance, the Benghazi hearing marked the second time in recent weeks that she made a difficult task look easy.
Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Gang - The New York Times - Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, made it evident that he and his colleagues have squandered more than $4.6 million and countless hours poring over State Department records and Mrs. Clinton's email. They produced no damning evidence, elicited no confessions and didn't succeed in getting an angry reaction from Mrs. Clinton.
Long Twilight Struggle
- Conservative pundits were not impressed with the GOP's disastrous Benghazi hearing

Eschaton: The Grand Grift - But these politically charged appeals to conservatives around the country were often accompanied by a solicitation for money, and the ultimate beneficiaries, records suggest, are the consultants who created the campaigns rather than the causes they are promoting.

Jeb Bush Slashes Spending Amid Campaign Woes - as the one-time front-runner seeks to salvage his bid for the GOP nomination. ("Mother of mercy, is this the end of Little Rico?")

Insiders: Trump nomination looking more likely - POLITICO - Eighty-one percent of Republican insiders
Iowa Poll: Carson surges to 9-point lead; Trump slides

GOP Lawmakers Want To Make Gun Silencers Cheaper, Easier To Buy - They say it's about protecting people's hearing.
F.B.I. Chief Links Scrutiny of Police With Rise in Violent Crime - The New York Times - additional scrutiny and criticism of police officers in the wake of highly publicized episodes of police brutality may have led to an increase in violent crime in some cities as officers have become less aggressive. (from the guy who doesn't want any "statistics")

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Suggests Women Can't be Trusted with Money

Asimov - The Relativity of Wrong

The Incredible Moment A Black Hole Rips Apart A Dying Star - "This one is the best chance we have had so far to really understand what happens when a black hole shreds a star."
Gluten-free food database: the nutritional quality and cost of packaged gluten-free foods [PeerJ]
Benzodiazepine use may raise risk of Alzheimer's disease - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publications


Climate change is not under siege in Utah middle schools. Evolution is. - The Washington Post

U.S. Soldier Is Killed in Raid to Free Prisoners of ISIS in Iraq - The New York Times

Israeli Soldiers Kill Jewish Man Mistaken For 'Terrorist' - "The soldiers had high suspicions that he was a terrorist." ("How to Stab a Jew")

- Benghazi Biopsy: A Comprehensive Guide to One of America's Worst Political Outrages (good research and excellent summary: closes every door in the Benghazi loony bin -- they really made up a lot of shit and subverted democracy and the media didn't call them on it, yet again)
GOP lands no clear punches while sparring with Clinton over Benghazi - The Washington Post
Benghazi Committee Fights Among Itself As Hillary Clinton Enjoys The Show - "It is time now for the Republicans to end this taxpayer-funded fishing expedition."
At Benghazi Hearing, Shouting Match Over Hillary Clinton's Emails
Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearing transcript (full text) - politico
Benghazi hearing: Poll: 3-in-4 say panel is political - (so it didn't work and made Hillary look presidential, good job!)
Live updates: Hillary Clinton testifies before Benghazi committee - The Washington Post - Ironic that career kibitzer and conspiratorialist Sidney Blumenthal should be elevated to epic heights in GOP Benghazi conspiracy theory.
It's Getting Embarrassing - Listening to the questions from Republicans questioning Hillary Clinton, it's hard not to step back and ask what it is they're even trying to prove or what their point is
Stakes Are High For Clinton, GOP As Benghazi Takes Center Stage

- Maddow: Reporters Who Made False Biden Predictions "Rightfully Embarrassed" "I hope this whole saga can be a cautionary tale"

House Leadership: Ryan offers concession to House Freedom Caucus - POLITICO - He promises to delay discussions of overhauling a procedural mechanism to oust a sitting speaker.

Seventh in string of fires set at St. Louis area churches breaks pattern : News

Eschaton: Ammosexuals - Gun nuts get a bit, um, obsessed with their detachable death penises -- the average gun-owning household owned 4.2 guns.

These Inmates Got Years In Solitary Confinement For Making A Music Video - BuzzFeed News - Seven South Carolina inmates received a combined total of nearly 20 years in solitary confinement after a rap video they created behind bars made its way to

Planned Parenthood says Texas launches politically charged document hunt | Reuters

What U.S. Religious Groups Think About Science Issues | Pew Research Center - Highly religious Americans are less likely than others to see conflict between faith and science.

- Mediterranean diet "may slow the ageing process by five years" US survey shows older people who follow vegetable-rich diet have brain volume greater than those who do not (eat your veggies)

Final Kiss of Two Stars Heading for Catastrophe | ESO - The two stars in the extreme system VFTS 352 could be heading for a dramatic end, during which the two stars either coalesce to create a single giant star, or form a binary black hole.
What Americans know and don't know about science | Pew Research Center

BlackTeaLeaves comments on WikiLeaks obtains CIA chief's hacked emails, says will publish them 'shortly' - Theres a theory that WIKILEAKS has been turned into a FSB operation:

- If you want to understand the mindset that led to those "she can't consent while drunk but he can" posters, here's a video that explains how we got there. ("butchbutter")

Twitter CEO Apologizes For Shutting Down Sites That Save Politicians' Deleted Tweets - However, it's unclear if Twitter plans to reverse its decision.


The math on staying below 20C of global warming looks increasingly brutal - Vox (Republican Cult of Stupidty and Death has already destroyed the climate)

Fox News Rewrites History To Blame Bill Clinton For The 9/11 Terrorist Attacks | Research | Media Matters for America (Bush kept us safe)

Netanyahu Says Muslim Leader Convinced Hitler To Kill Jewish People - "Hitler didn't want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews," Netanyahu said.

- Kunduz hospital attack: how a US military "mistake" left 22 dead - The US has said its airstrike on an MSF facility in Afghanistan was a mistake. For the 22 dead, the injured survivors and the casualties of fighting still going on in Kunduz, it was a tragedy (but these things happen)

New York Times Editor Dean Baquet Defends Controversial Osama Bin Laden Magazine Story - But he acknowledges the Washington bureau should have been consulted more.
NYT Magazine's Bin Laden Cover Story Sparked Controversy In The Newsroom - Washington reporters told top editor they worried the story gave oxygen to unsubstantiated claims about the raid.

Family Of Journalist Jacqueline Sutton Say No One Else Was Involved In Her Death At Turkish Airport - While the family was "deeply skeptical" of initial reports, they now believe she acted alone. - Sutton was found with two credit cards and "a large amount" of cash, IWPR said. There was no indication of theft or any missing belongings.
Istanbul Airport Video Raises Questions About Journalist Jacqueline Sutton's Death - The video shows Sutton with a full shopping bag, contrasting with reports she didn't have money for a ticket. (hung herself with her shoelace in a bathroom stall)

Proof That The Benghazi Investigation Is Totally Unlike Any Other, In Two Charts | ThinkProgress

WikiLeaks - CIA Director John Brennan emails - non-government email accounts. Brennan used the account occasionally for several intelligence related projects.
- WikiLeaks obtains CIA chief's hacked emails, says will publish them

Joe Biden Will Not Run for President in 2016 - The New York Times
Joe Biden Praise for Dick Cheney Is Bad Politics if He's Seeking Democratic Nomination - Biden Isn't Running, But Why Is He Praising Dick Cheney? - I actually like Dick Cheney, for real. I think he's a decent man. "Republicans not the enemy" (why he would have been a disaster) "
Hillary Clinton Bounces Back In New Hampshire - For the first time since August, polls show Clinton is moving ahead of Bernie Sanders in the Granite State.

Bill Kristol Is The Wrongest Person In The World Right Now

Commentary: Chris Christie nearly made thousands of disabled residents homeless NewsWorks

Why Pennsylvania Has a Serious Charter School Problem - It's apparently state law that the charter schools get money or nobody does.
Eschaton: First In Line - One cute feature of our state charter school law is that they are first in line for money. School districts have to pay them first. Wonderful!
Eschaton: More Shortages - I thought the invisible hand was supposed lead to increased wages and compensation to solve this shortage problem. Must be the fault of Obama and the communism.

Ahmed Mohamed And His Clock Are Moving To Qatar - But maybe it's not that far. "They even have Texas A&M in Qatar."

In U.S., 58% Back Legal Marijuana Use - Older generations more supportive than they were in the past
Canada's newly elected Liberals may legalize marijuana. That could impact US drug policy. - Vox - If marijuana were legalized in Canada, it would be a first among developed nations. In the US, four states and Washington, DC, have legalized pot, but it's still illegal at the federal level. The only other country to fully legalize marijuana is the tiny developing nation of Uruguay

[Serious] What is the most mysterious and unexplained video on the internet? : AskReddit
The Internet creates an illusion whereby people mistake access to information for their own personal understanding of the information. : science - Micromedex, Clinical Pharmacology, and DynaMed are my goto sources. There really is no better drug database than Micromedex. So easy to use and very informative. DynaMed pretty much gives you the diagnostic and treatment guidelines of any disease state you want to know about.

Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence - Scientific American - A review of studies that assess clinical antidepressants shows hidden conflicts of interest and financial ties to corporate drugmakers
Our evidence | Cochrane
Honey as a topical treatment for acute and chronic wounds | Cochrane - There is high quality evidence that honey heals partial thickness burns around 4 to 5 days more quickly than conventional dressings. There is moderate quality evidence that honey is more effective than antiseptic followed by gauze for healing wounds infected after surgical operations.
St. John's wort for treating depression. | Cochrane - The available evidence suggests that the hypericum extracts tested in the included trials a) are superior to placebo in patients with major depression; b) are similarly effective as standard antidepressants; c) and have fewer side effects than standard antidepressants.

What do you upvote on principle? : AskReddit


Ohio River's Huge Algae Bloom a Warning for Water Suppliers - ABC News

Latest FBI Terrorist Bust Shows A Future So 'Dark' Some Eye Protection Might Be Warranted | Techdirt - Latest FBI Terrorist Bust Shows A Future So "Dark" Some Eye Protection Might Be Warranted y

Canada withdrawing fighter jets from Iraq, Syria, Trudeau tells Obama
Trudeau rides national desire for change to majority government - The Globe and Mail
Justin Trudeau elected new Canadian prime minister as Liberals return to power | World news | The Guardian - Conservatives and New Democratic party routed as Liberals surge to take parliamentary majority
Harper To Resign As Conservative Leader After Election Defeat
7 Ways Canada's Change Of Government Might Affect The World (the last Bush Republican)
For many Canadians, election is about one thing: more Stephen Harper? - - Mr. Harper has been prime minister since 2006, and has shifted overall Canadian politics to the right. Polls indicate that a majority of Canadians want to see a change.

Let us now blame George Bush: Trump and Jeb force a long overdue debate about 9/11 - - For years, W. got a pass from his party. Questioning him meant questioning our foreign policy. Those days are over

Democrats are in denial. Their party is actually in deep trouble. - Vox (the Vox kids think Hillz and Bern are too leftish, need to be more Centric)

CBS has refused to run advertising for "Truth" the film starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford that revisits a painful episode in the network's past involving a discredited 2004 news story on former President George W. Bush's military service record.

What are Bill and Melinda Gates talking about? - The Washington Post - Bill and Melinda Gates do not understand teaching and learning, yet they comfortably assume an air of expertise.

NJ prison population down 26 percent since 2000, report finds NewsWorks - "What that tells us is that you can decrease incarceration while also decreasing crime (in fact ...)

The government is stifling medical marijuana research, major think tank declares - The Washington Post
Federal court tells the DEA to stop harassing medical marijuana providers - The Washington Post
- Marijuana industry drives Denver metro area's real estate recovery - One in 11 industrial buildings in central Denver now houses marijuana cultivation, CBRE report says (coulda been you, MA)

25 year old inmate dies in police custody while suffering withdrawals and dehyration. DA clears police of any wrong doong and declares death by "natural causes" : news

What is a free PC program everyone should have? : AskReddit
What do guys wanna hear a girl say as far as 'talking dirty'? : AskReddit
What are the best text-based subreddits to kill time reading? : AskReddit
What subreddit seems the most like a cult? : AskReddit
What was the best way that someone has hit on you? : AskReddit

The Cable Industry Thinks Cord Cutting's A Fad That Will End Once Millennials Procreate : television - Jokes on you cable industry, we can't afford kids.

Why Twitter's Dying (And What You Can Learn From It) - The problem of abuse is the greatest challenge the web faces today
Will Abuse Destroy Social Media? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : (no, a Loomis has a pretty narrow view of "comment sections" on the intarwebs)

Wired to fail - politico - How a little known agency mishandled several billion dollars of stimulus money trying to expand broadband coverage to rural communities. (money disappeared, another Program Designed to Fail)


Canada Election 2015 Live Results CBC - CBC News projects a LIBERAL MAJORITY government (bye-bye Harper)
- Canada election: Liberals set to win majority government

News from The Associated Press - Hacker claims to have breached CIA director's personal email - An anonymous hacker claims to have breached CIA Director John Brennan's personal email account and has posted documents online, including a list of email addresses purportedly from Brennan's contact file ... also claimed to have breached a Comcast account belonging to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, and released what appeared to be personal information.

Eschaton: Arab Spring - Just add mooooaarr weapons and stir. (recipe for another generation of disaster)
ISIL child training camp discovered in Istanbul: Report - LOCAL
Saudi Arabia Hajj Disaster Death Toll at Least 2,121 - ABC News
Saudi Arabia Hajj Disaster Death Toll at Least 2,110 : worldnews - Iranian sources claimed that over 4,000 people died. Saudi Vice Minister of Health Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Duweila supposedly at one point said that death toll had reached 4,173. It's not improbable.

China Tried To Hack American Companies Since Agreeing To Cyber Pact, Security Firm Says - CrowdStrike said it notified the White House of its findings but declined to identify the targeted companies.

- Japan furious at UNESCO listing Nanjing Massacre documents | Japan may halt funding for UNESCO over the organization's decision to include documents relating to the 1937 Nanjing Massacre in the latest listing for its "Memory of the World" project (history is a bitch, bitches)

British activist Jacky Sutton found dead in Istanbul airport | Media | The Guardian (something doesn't add up)

- Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Is Wreaking Havoc on Canada's Election
UN attempt to decriminalise drugs foiled - BBC News - A paper from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has been withdrawn after pressure from at least one country.

Hullabaloo - Prosecutor Gowdy faking the evidence? Why yes he is!
Top Dem Slams Benghazi Committee Chair For False Claim Against Hillary Clinton - Democrats have alleged that the committee is primarily focused on damaging Clinton.
GOP Congressman Already Floating Impeachment For Hillary Clinton
- GOP Congressman Wants to Impeach Hillary Clinton the"day she's sworn in" -- These really are the f*cking mole people.
Benghazi Committee Chair Thinks Criticism of His Committee Is a Pro-Hillary Media Conspiracy
In response to Rep. Cummings, Gowdy confesses he "redacted" document (so it meant something else entirely)
Jeb Bush Tries To Explain Why His Brother Isn't To Blame For 9/11, But Hillary Is For Benghazi - "Does anybody actually blame my brother for the attacks on 9/11? If they do, they're totally marginalized in our society."

House Republicans Return To Capitol To Face Leadership Mess - All eyes are on Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

Texas Eliminates Taxpayer Funding To Planned Parenthood Providers : news

- Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police " disappeared" 7,000 people Guardian lawsuit exposes fullest scale yet of detentions at off-the-books interrogation warehouse, while attorneys describe find-your-client chase across Chicago as "something from a Bond movie"

World of Life Church: couple charged in sons' beatings lived in 'abhorrent' home | US news | The Guardian
Raashanai's story: the dark side of home-schooling | US news | The Guardian

The Cosby Show Didn't Depict "Middle-Class" Life | Antonio Moore (Oprah thinks no Cosby no Obama)

Can ESPN Solve Its Grantland Problem? | Vanity Fair

How much alcohol is safe for pregnant women? US pediatricians say none | Life and style | The Guardian

Life on Earth may have begun 300m years earlier than previously thought | Science | The Guardian - Discovery, if confirmed, indicates that living organisms appeared on Earth 4.1 billion years ago, remarkably soon after its formation


Exxon Should Be Prosecuted For Covering Up Its Knowledge of Fossil Fuel-Induced Climate Change by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly
5 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change - Explorer Video - National Geographic Channel

Yes. George W. Bush Failed to Protect Us on 9/11and Democrats Should Have Reminded the Nation of That Fact by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (mostly because post-partisam Obama covered Bush's ass and subverted democracy)

There's Just One Problem with Those Bin Laden Conspiracy Theories

Emails reveal Tony Blair's deal with George Bush over Iraq war was forged before invasion started | Daily Mail Online - Bombshell document shows Blair preparing to act as spin doctor for Bush, who was told 'the UK will follow our lead' (he literally was Bush's poodle)
The Lies That Led Us Into Iraq Were Bigger And Earlier Than We Thought by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - The sensational leak shows that Blair had given an unqualified pledge to sign up to the conflict a year before the invasion started.

John Kerry Will Meet With Netanyahu And Abbas This Week - It is the first time Kerry has confirmed media reports of a meeting with both Netanyahu and Abbas.
Israel says more knife attacks thwarted, four Palestinians dead | Reuters
Street Violence Continues In Jerusalem And West Bank - Forty-one Palestinians and seven Israelis have died in the recent street violence.

Justice for Assange - By claiming that Mr. Assange must give up his asylum in order to receive medical treatment, the UK government is forcing him to choose between the human right to asylum and the human right to medical treatment. No one should ever have to face that choice.

Benghazi Panel Grills Huma Abedin For Six Hours

What is a democratic socialist? Bernie Sanders tries to redefine the name. - The Washington Post (he's a commie, duh)

It's Time To Admit: Nobody Knows Anything About The 2016 Campaign - The old "rules" of presidential politics no longer seem to apply. ("old rules" = let the pundits/media tell you what's going on)

US government will reportedly require all drone purchases to be registered | The Verge (much more dangerous than guns)

Here's What Ahmed Mohamed Has Been Up To Since His Clock Arrest

Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services


- Exxon's climate lie: "No corporation has ever done anything this big or bad"

Rich nations spend $250 bln on farm subsidies, hurting poor growers - study

- UK Politicians To Hold 'emergency debate" After Spy Tribunal Says GCHQ Is Permitted To Put Them Under Surveillance (your fascist chickens come home)

What Could Raising Taxes on the 1% Do? Surprising Amounts - The New York Times - Given the gains that have flowed to those at the tip of the income pyramid in recent decades, several economists have been making the case that the government could raise large amounts of revenue exclusively from this small group, while still allowing them to take home a majority of their income.

Democrats, Republicans and Wall Street Tycoons - The New York Times
Do Republicans think it will be easy to beat Hillary? - The Washington Post

Geraldo Rivera Calls Out Kansas GOP Official For Drafting A Voter ID Law Aimed At "Suppressing The Vote" | Video | Media Matters for America - Rivera: "This Is An Attempt ... To Restrict Voting By People Who Ordinarily Vote Democratic" (Kobach in KS)

Was George W. Bush President On 9/11? An Investigation Into The Controversy Tearing The GOP Apart | ThinkProgress (it was either Clinton or Obama, then Bush kept us safe)

Families Outraged After Illinois Fails to Pay Out $288 Million in Lottery Winnings - Yahoo News (suck it up, Greece)

These Things Happen From Time to Time | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly - I don't want to sound like some kind of weeny liberal nag, but I'm having trouble understanding how we're supposed supposed to use our guns in these cases to act like the good guys who are getting the bad guys with the guns (deep within the psychotic deadly core of the gun-toting American psyche)
For Students Accused Of Campus Rape, Legal Victories Win Back Rights : NPR : news

- New Boston Exhibition Tackles Urban Renewal

Overselling Breast-Feeding - The New York Times - All too often, advocates cross the line from supporting a woman in her decision to breast-feed into compelling a woman to do so.

Google Translate: abandoned Soviet space shuttles

The Funny Thing About Adversity - The New York Times - Having known suffering in life usually heightens the compassion we feel for others, except when the suffering involves specific painful events that we know all too well. Here, familiarity really does breed contempt.

What pisses you off about your country? : AskReddit
HUGE jump. : woahdude (see Beamon)
woahdude: search results
What is the most ingenious way you have seen a parent punish their kid? : AskReddit
Age 35+ Redditors, what bad path do you see the teenage Redditors headed down? : AskReddit - Going into so much debt for school. Not mad at them, just feel bad for them.

Security flaw makes every Android device on AT&T and Verizon's wireless vulnerable


Drivers describe long night on road as mudslides engulf nearly 200 vehicles - LA Times (if it isn't fire, it's mud)

Trump Hits W: "The World Trade Center Came Down During His Reign" (the unspeakable)

Drone Papers Reveal Weak Links In The Kill Chain - You may have heard that every drone strike begins with solid intelligence and strict oversight. Not so much! (or not at all; Obama is a murderer)
The Assassination Complex - Secret military documents expose the inner workings of Obama's drone wars (worse than Pinochet)

Turkey Shoot: The history of Obamas Down Drone At Border With Syria - The United States, Russia and the Syrian government all operate drones in the region.

- What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden's Death? The history of Obama's most important foreign-policy victory is still being written. (we know Obama murdered him and lied about it)

Fox News - "terror expert" Wayne Simmons arrested for lying about 27-year career as CIA officer

Nigeria Hit With Wave Of Deadly Suicide Attacks - No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks but they bore the hallmarks of the jihadi movement.

- The UK Inquiry into Westminster child-abuse has been hit by a "technical glitch" which has permanently deleted testimonies of child abuse victims. (oh yes, a well know "glitch")

Russian Hackers of Dow Jones Said to Have Sought Trading Tips - Bloomberg Business

Guess Who Else Is a Socialist? - The New York Times

Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era | MSNBC (but the moochers!)
Deficit shrinks by $1 trillion in Obama era : news

- Wayne Simmons, Right-Wing Media's Benghazi Expert, Declared Fraud By Federal Prosecutors (Fox Liar and Crook)

Democrats Name Clinton The Debate Winner In HuffPost/YouGov Poll - More than half say they want Clinton to be the Democratic nominee.
Snowden Says Hillary Clinton's Bogus Statements Show a "Lack of Political Courage" Hillary Clinton twice this week has insisted, contrary to the facts, that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden could have accomplished his goals and avoided punishment if he'd raised his concerns through the proper channels. (calculatedly dense) Politifact labeled Clinton's claim as "mostly false" (that's gotta hurt)
Elizabeth Warren Won The First Democratic Debate - shaping the party's agenda.

Karl Rove Calls Bernie Sanders 'An Elderly Dyspeptic Bilbo Baggins' - Rude.
Karl Rove's election night melt-down over Ohio results on Fox News - YouTube (Megyn is hot)
Kicking Lincoln Chafee While He's Down - Looking at you, Wolf Blitzer.

Bloomberg Politics - Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz's autocratic ways in limiting the number of primary debates, insiders say, alienated many of her colleagues. And the problem may get worse. (bitch be fuckin shit up for years, fire her lame ass)
The Hardest-Working Scapegoat In Washington - DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz gets the blame for many of the party's problems. Does she deserve it? (please, yes)

A New York police officer who arrested a photographer on assignment for The New York Times on a Bronx street in 2012 was convicted on Thursday of falsifying a record to justify the arrest. : news

Oklahomans Are Suddenly Afraid of Fracking Themselves to Death - Oil barons insist on wreaking havoc on the planet, but the people have won a couple of victories.

Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers's DNA

New Hartford World of Life church beating victim wanted to leave - (sadistic Christians)
New York teen beaten to death with a cord for wanting to leave his church : news

Two Gay Bashing Suspects Plead Guilty, But Not Kathryn Knott - Victims wanted the plea deal, prosecutor and friends say. (how "justice" works for white people from the suburbs)

Sale Raises Hopes for Reviving The Village Voice - The New York Times

Google's Massive Book-Scanning Project Is Legal, U.S. Court Rules - The Authors Guild had claimed that the effort violated copyright law. (fuck you, Authors)

Scientists produce clearest-ever images of enzyme that plays key roles in aging, cancer - images of telomerase in much higher resolution than ever before, giving them major new insights about the enzyme.

Scientists Put Shamanic Medicine Under The Microscope - The shaman's recommendations also included ayahuasca, a potent hallucinogenic brew, and kambo, the venom of a rain forest tree frog. (crohn's disease)

What's A Skoliosexual?
Asexuality Archive
ELI5: Why is penis size not necessarily proportional to height (unlike most other body parts) : explainlikeimfive
Who are some young and amazing penis/violinist/guitarist, etc. that we should know and listen too? : AskReddit
What non-sexual thing brings you the most pleasure? : AskReddit

'PewDiePie' Made $12M On YouTube Last Year
Elements - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song) - YouTube
YouTube Statistics, Twitch Statistics, Instagram Statistics -
Top 10 YouTubers Filtered by SB Score - Socialblade YouTube Stats | YouTube Statistics
Top 100 YouTube Networks filtered by Subscribers - Socialblade YouTube Stats | YouTube Statistics

Every type of tech product has gotten cheaper over the last two decades -- except for cable, satellite TV, and radio service.


The Drone Papers - The Intercept has obtained a cache of secret documents detailing the inner workings of the U.S. military's assassination program in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. The documents, provided by a whistleblower, offer an unprecedented glimpse into Obama's drone wars. (he owns the atrocity)

The Drone Papers - Secret military documents expose the inner workings of Obama's drone wars.

Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not The Target - U.S. drone strikes have killed scores of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. (the terrorists were collateral damage +Obama's signature drone war)
A Second Snowden Has Leaked a Mother Lode of Drone Docs | WIRED - the chain of authorization that goes up directly to the president ... "baseball cards" (Obama at the Hague in 10 yrs)
A Second Snowden Has Leaked a Mother Lode of Drone Docs : news
New Edward Snowden? Whistleblower leaks documents on drones and Obama's assassination program : worldnews
New Whistleblower Is Behind Latest Revelations About U.S. Drone Program - Jeremy Scahill says the source believes the public has a right to know how the U.S. government decides to assassinate people.
Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About Edward Snowden - The New Yorker
Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About Edward Snowden - The New Yorker : politics - "He broke the laws of the United States. He could have been a whistle-blower" (yeah, she's that stupid/disingenuous)

Why We're Not Leaving Afghanistan Any Time Soon - Time to throw all those campaign promises out the window. (and the money needed to make America better down the drain +trapped in stupidity and posturing)
Eschaton: Another 14 Years Should Do It - Another 14 Years Should Do It - We just can't quit you.

Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists - - Jihadis' oil operation forces even their enemies to trade with them

- US tank enters ruined Afghan hospital putting "war crime" evidence at risk - forced entry by military vehicle ... caused stress and fear (if any other organization were as incompetent they'd be fired)
U.S. Analysts Knew Afghan Site Hit By Air Attack Was A Hospital - At least 22 patients and hospital staff were killed.

Anderson Cooper: Opposing Illegal CIA Wars Is Unelectable | Robert Naiman - But it's commonplace for big US media to badger politicians for opposing wars, even catastrophic ones. CNN journalist Anderson Cooper is a perfect example of this phenomenon. (more failed wars! more chaos and refugees! more innocent dead people!)

Could a simple mistake be how the NSA was able to crack so much encryption? | Technology | The Guardian - Most encryption software does the high-tech equivalent of reusing passwords, and that could be how the US national security agency decrypted communications - one single prime is used to encrypt two-thirds of all VPNs and a quarter of SSH servers globally

Death by 1,000 defamations: Brazil riven by slow-burn impeachment struggle | World news | The Guardian - in a chaotic and demeaning battle, the country faces economic crisis and endemic corruption

Lagging Behind the World on Paid Leave | Republic 3.0 | The Washington Monthly - DC's proposed paid leave benefit would lead the nation - but it still wouldn't match what the Slovak Republic already offers its citizens.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson threaten to pull out of next Republican debate | US news | The Guardian - Letter signed by Republican presidential frontrunners says they will not participate in 28 October debate unless running time does not exceed two hours

Ted Cruz Has the Look of a Dangerously Unhinged Charlatan - His rhetoric on the stump is irresponsible in the extreme. "we're seeing our freedoms taken away every day and last night was an audition for who would wear the jackboot most vigorously. Last night was an audition for who would embrace government power for who would strip your and my individual liberties" (what happens when you reward insanity)

- Fox Regular: Democratic Endorsement Of Black Lives Matter Is "Plantation Politics and whoring for votes"

Feds Arrest Fox News Commentator, Allege He Lied About CIA Past - Wayne Simmons allegedly claimed past criminal history was related to his work at the CIA. (oh, Fox News guy lied? was violent criminal? +"human terrain systems")

Budget Woes Are Forcing One State Lotto To Hold Off On Issuing Prizes (Illinois is a failed state)

Eric Garner and Tamir Rice among those missing from FBI record of police killings | US news | The Guardian - Only 224 of 18,000 law enforcement agencies reported fatal shootings in 2014 - Previously unpublished FBI data sheds new light on flawed voluntary system (FBI wants all the data except for most of it)

Concealed Carry In Maine No Longer Requires A Permit - Keeping a loaded pistol or revolver inside a motor vehicle is allowed as well

This study is forcing economists to rethink high-deductible health insurance - Vox - he new paper shows that when faced with a higher deductible, patients did not price shop for a better deal. Instead, both healthy and sick patients simply used way less health care.

Family sues Eaton County, Michigan over son's traffic-stop death - 17-year-old Deven Guilford was fatally shot 7 times after being pulled over for flashing his brights at the officer because he thought the offficer's brights were on : news
Obama's tank take-back ticks off some Florida law officers - Orlando Sentinel - Florida lawmen must turn in their tanks. And some Central Florida sheriffs are mighty ticked about it. (Obama endangering police who need tanks)

Pluto as we know it now: Nasa report unwraps enigma of dwarf planet | Science | The Guardian - Researchers present collection of New Horizons data, revealing water icebergs on "a surface unlike any planetary surface we've ever seen before"

Handheld DNA reader revolutionary and democratising, say scientists | Science | The Guardian - But it can quickly identify bacteria and viruses from their DNA, tell one strain from another, and spot different gene variants in sections of human genetic code. (Tricorder)

What's the most fucked up thing someone has told you about themselves after barely getting to know them? NSFW : AskReddit
What is the best Sc-fi /Fantasy novel you have ever read ? : AskReddit

Adobe confirms major Flash vulnerability, and the only way to protect yourself is to uninstall Flash : technology


- Antarctic ice shelf collapse and unstoppable sea level rise "very likely" without tough climate action, say scientists

- Kunduz hospital patients "burned in beds even wars have rules" says MSF chief

Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey critically ill in deterioration that shocks experts | World news | The Guardian

Second GOP Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Is All About Hillary Clinton - "Sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in D.C. is to tell the truth."
Trey Gowdy's Benghazi Committee and the Problem of False Equivalence - The Atlantic - When a congressional investigation turns into a partisan operation, the media need to treat it as such.
- Second Republican Congressman Admits Benghazi Committee Was "designed to go after Clinton"

Overnight ratings point to Democratic debate record - Oct. 14, 2015 - record 15.3 million viewers
Newly Released Democratic Debate Ratings Prove That Voters Want Substance | ThinkProgress
Democrats Can Stop Freaking Out About 2016 -- The Cut

- The Democrats Proved They're the Party of Sanity. But That's Not Enough -- They need to provide specific solutions without falling victim to Republican anti-intellectual rhetoric.
- Democratic Debate Turns Hillary Clinton's Way After Months of Difficulties (said the newpaper that has published to most anti-Clinton articles)
9 Issues Democrats Just Debated That Have Been Almost Completely Ignored By Republicans - Should it really have taken this long for someone to say "black lives matter"?

The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders. - The Washington Post
The CNN Democratic debate transcript, annotated - The Washington Post

The First Democratic Debate by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - And that leads to the aspect of the debate that struck me apparently more than most observers: the exceptional hostility of the questioning from moderator Anderson Cooper, who seemed to be trying to defy expectations that he'd be less savage than Jake Tapper (dickitude comes naturally to old Anderson)

Adventures In Hagiography - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Apparently, the now-shelved ESPN documentary about Mr. Michelle Rhee was every bit as appalling as you might expect:

More Barbara Byrd-Bennett CPS Contracts Under Scrutiny | Chicago Tonight | WTTW - There are more questions about multimillion-dollar contracts Chicago Public Schools gave to firms that had previous associations with disgraced schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. (totally Rahm's creation)

Here's What a Billion-Dollar Interchange Expansion Looks Like - So this road expansion will constrain Georgia's ability to invest in transit and other alternatives to driving long after it gets jammed with cars again (since more roadway space will generate more traffic). (almost like they planned it that way)

Wal-Mart Heirs See $9 Billion Vanish in a Day as Shares Plummet : news

People are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis this year - The Washington Post

The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy - The Atlantic - Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build
Ode to Jupiter - The Atlantic - Jupiter Is the Best Planet - Not counting Earth
NASA shows off new 4K views of Jupiter | The Verge
Fossil teeth place humans in Asia '20,000 years early' - BBC News - Scientists working in Daoxian, south China, have discovered teeth belonging to modern humans that date to at least 80,000 years ago.
125-million-year-old mammal fossil reveals the early evolution of hair and spines - The discovery of a new 125-million-year-old fossil mammal in Spain has pushed back the earliest record of preserved mammalian hair structures and inner organs by more than 60 million years.
Study shows antioxidant use may promote spread of cancer
- The kilogram is the only SI unit still based on a physical object.

The Internet's Dark Ages - The Atlantic


More Than 400 U.S. Cities May Be 'Past The Point Of No Return' With Sea Level Threats - But there are still cities that could be saved by reducing carbon emissions. (Dayton, Ohio may survive)

Former CIA Detainees Are Suing The Psychologists Who Developed The Torture Program - An ACLU lawyer representing the former detainees says the Senate torture report is "really why our clients are able to pursue this case."

Four Myths about the European Refugee Crisis (And Why You Need to Know the Reality) - Lawyers, Guns & Money

China's Imports Plunge 20 Percent In New Sign Of Economic Weakness - The fall defies stimulus efforts aimed at halting an economic slowdown.

Israel, Palestinian Territories Suffering Worst Period Of Unrest In Years - The attacks occurred on a "Day of Rage" declared by Palestinian groups.

Eschaton: Haven't We Been Here Before - Duck-n-cover drills will make their return next - With the enhanced insurgent firepower and with Russia steadily raising the number of airstrikes against the government's opponents, the Syrian conflict is edging closer to an all-out proxy war between the United States and Russia."
Julian Assange: police removed from outside Ecuadorian embassy : news - 10,493,673 meals for the needy - 62,962 children fully vaccinated.

Clinton crushes it - politico - Even Sanders defends Democrats' embattled frontrunner, saying let's shutup about her "damn emails"
Bernie Sanders: 'Congress Doesn't Regulate Wall Street. Wall Street Regulates Congress.'
Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders Over His Gun Record

Good Evening from Las Vegas, Where Democrats Are People, Too - . I swear, DWS could screw up a two-car funeral if you spotted her the hearse. (little Debbie Fuckup continues to fuck up)

Clinton Emails Became the New Focus of Benghazi Inquiry - The New York Times
The Benghazi! Dominoes by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly
The tide turns against the Benghazi committee - The Washington Post - No news outlet in America has been more fervent in its pursuit of Hillary Clinton than the New York Times, but take a look at this article on their front page today, about how the select committee has all but abandoned Benghazi to focus almost entirely on trying to find something damaging on Hillary Clinton:

The House Benghazi investigation is partisan sham: The GOP committee investigating Hillary Clinton has been completely discredited. - The House Benghazi investigation is now thoroughly discredited as a partisan sham.
The BENGHAZI!!!!!!! Scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money : In a rational universe, as Bouie says, the House Benghazi committee would be a punchline:
Kevin McCarthy Hillary-Benghazi comment is officially a gaffe.

The Families Funding the 2016 Presidential Election - The New York Times

Eschaton: Paul Ryan, Communist - Hilarious -- Now, as he agonizes over whether to answer the appeal of his colleagues to become the\ ir next speaker, the far right is trotting out a fresh concern: Mr. Ryan is too far left.
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community - Dick Cheney for Speaker ... Dick Cheney? What, is Satan too busy?

"That Word Extremism, I Do Not Think...." - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Michael Kinsley is, in 2015, being paid to write a column, and this month's insight is that Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. (centrists at work)
And now let us remember the worst economic prediction ever - The Washingt\ on Post - Everybody makes mistakes, but not all mistakes are created equal. Take writer Michael Kinsley's 2010 warning that hyperinflation was "our biggest ecomonic threat" that could be "a disaster sto\ ry on the level of Hurricane Katrina, if not 9/11 itself" (in 2010?)

LA Times "Millennial Pledge": Or Why Print Journalism Doesn't Equal Quality - NeoGAF - LA Times "Millennial Pledge": Or Why Print Journali\ sm Doesn't Equal Quality #1
The Whiny Generation - 10/31/93

Susan G. Komen "For the Cure" is wasting your donations - YouTube

Texas Cops Use Stun Gun On Councilman Outside Of His Home - The incident \ occurred in the same town where Sandra Bland died.

DNA Study Yields Big Surprise About The Tiny 'Molecule Of Life' - Forget about the static littl\ e ladder you heard about in biology class. DNA wiggles like crazy and keeps changing its shape.
Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group

For 1st time, MIT's free online classes can lead to degree : technology - Worth clarifying: you still cannot build a degree out of free classes. It's just that now, some free classes can comprise a small portion of the degree. The Masters degree still costs $33,000.

This irritates me way more than it should : pics


Scenario That Opens 'The Day After Tomorrow' Actually Not That Far-Fetched, Research Finds - Temperatures could plummet while sea levels spike. -- temperatures in Europe could drop and sea levels on the East Coast of the U.S. could rise up to 3 feet. (bye-bye Bloomhattan)
Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse - A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future fisheries and ocean ecosystems. (doom impending on all fronts)

Christopher Columbus was a lost sadist. There shouldn't be a holiday in his name | James Nevius | Comment is free | The Guardian

Flood slams South Carolina's already shoddy infrastructure - US News - SC's poor spending may have made the problems from the flood even worse, the rushing water a final blow against crumbling structures, said Galloway, the Maryland professor. (reaping what you sowed, infrastructure-h\ ating abolish-government conservatives)

Spying Case Against U.S. Envoy Is Falling Apart, and Following a Pattern - The New York Times (stupid in service of fucking over someone's life because they "thought" they had "a case")
White Hat Hackers Would Have Their Devices Destroyed Under the TPP | Motherboard (Obama will have quite a "legacy")
DNA Study Yields Big Surprise About The Tiny 'Molecule Of Life' - Forget about the static little ladder you heard about in biology class. DNA wiggles like crazy and keeps changing its shape.
Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group

For 1st time, MIT's free online classes can lead to degree : technology - Worth clarifying: you still cannot build a degree out of free classes. It's just that now, some free classes can comprise a small portion of the degree. The Masters degree still costs $33,000.

This irritates me way more than it should : pics


Scenario That Opens 'The Day After Tomorrow' Actually Not That Far-Fetched, Research Finds - Temperatures could plummet while sea levels spike. -- temperatures in Europe could drop and sea levels on the East Coast of the U.S. could rise up to 3 feet. (bye-bye Bloomhattan)
Global marine analysis suggests food chain collapse - A world-first global analysis of marine responses to climbing human CO2 emissions has painted a grim picture of future fisheries and ocean ecosystems. (doom impending on all fronts)

Christopher Columbus was a lost sadist. There shouldn't be a holiday in his name | James Nevius | Comment is free | The Guardian

Flood slams South Carolina's already shoddy infrastructure - US News - SC's poor spending may have made the problems from the flood even worse, the rushing water a final blow against crumbling structures, said Galloway, the Maryland professor. (reaping what you sowed, infrastructure-hating abolish-government conservatives)

Spying Case Against U.S. Envoy Is Falling Apart, and Following a Pattern - The New York Times (stupid in service of fucking over someone's life because they "thought" they had "a case")
White Hat Hackers Would Have Their Devices Destroyed Under the TPP | Motherboard (Obama will have quite a "legacy")
Lord chief justice: security services cannot be above the law | Law | The Guardian - Media appeal against courtroom secrecy in Erol Incedal trial hears remarks from top judge that MI6 and MI5 must comply with public prosecution

Several In Aborted Moscow Bombing Plot Were Trained By ISIS, Police Say - Authorities say the group was planning an attack on Moscow's public transport system.
- Saudis tell Russia its actions in Syria will have "dangerous consequences"

Dutch Safety Board: MH17 Was Brought Down By Russian-Made Missile - But the board does not have the authority to apportion blame for deadly incident.

Eschaton: We Have To Arm Somebody - Aren't there any other ideas for spreading peeance and freeance? Giving more people the ability to kill people doesn't seem to have worked too well in the past ohjesusfuckingchrist twelve years. (funding "non-political" No-Labels Islamicists
Eschaton: Bullets From Heaven - This will solve everything. -- U.S. military cargo planes gave 50 tons of ammunition to rebel groups overnight in northern Syria, using an air drop of 112 pallets as the first step in the Obama Administration's urgent effort to find new ways to support those groups.

ISIS Is Prime Suspect In Attack On Peace Rally, Turkey Prime Minister Says - The explosions happened seconds apart on Saturday as hundreds gathered for a peace rally organized by pro-Kurdish activists and civic groups. (Erdogan in the basement with the Shadow State)

Clinton Emails Became the New Focus of Benghazi Inquiry - The New York Times

The Ungodly, Destructive Power of the Citizens United Decision - The decision prompted an oligarchical revolution in how we conduct the processes of democracy in this country, and that revolution has been financed almost completely by -- and almost completely for the benefit of -- the political right (otherwise known as "the crazies")

Trump, Carson, Bush all benefited from multilevel marketing schemes ... that prey upon the desperate and broke. (fit for the job)

Doctors pioneer pot as an opioid substitute | Boston Herald - Hundreds of opioid addicts are being treated with medical marijuana in Massachusetts, with advocates touting the new therapy as a life-changing alternative to a deadly epidemic -- and facing down critics who contend they are peddling junk science. (lookin' at you, Marty "I am not a scientist but I know addiction counselors" Walsh)
Hundreds of opioid addicts are being treated with medical marijuana in Massachusetts, with advocates touting the new therapy as a life-changing alternative to a deadly epidemic : news

How School Shootings Spread - The New Yorker - How school shootings catch on. (Gladwell: "thresholds" and a little spectrum disorder)

California Governor Vetoes Bill Calling For Minimum Punishments In College Sexual Assault Cases - The law would have been the first of its kind in the country.

Hawaii's Attempt To Control Telescope Protesters Is Invalid: Court - Construction of the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope has been on hold since April as a result of the protests.


Exxon's Climate Concealment

Researcher: Children's cancer linked to Fukushima radiation - "This is 20 times to 50 times what would be normally expected" (Japan Gov lied, again)

muricabrb comments on The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared

Stephen Hawking says we should be more frightened of capitalism than robots - CNET - In a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, the physicist expresses more concern about economic inequality than about artificial intelligence. (at least it would be intelligent)

Blasts in Ankara, Turkey's Capital, Kill at Least 86 who had gathered for a peace rally and heightening tensions just three weeks before snap parliamentary elections. (lots of potential culprits but let's go with Erdogan)
- Turkey Imposes News Blackout on "Gruesome" Blast Images
Ankara Bombings Kill Dozens, Injure More Than 100
Turkey hit by protests over government response to suicide bombings | World news | The Guardian - Demonstrators in Istanbul accuse Recep Tayyip Erdogan of slow action after Ankara terror attack on peace rally, and of censoring press and social media ... murdurous mob-state (looking like Erdogan should be Erdogone)
- Ankara terror attack: Turkey censors media coverage of bombings as Twitter and Facebook "blocked" (authoritarian regime facing elections goes step too far as usual)

ISIS Makes Gains in Syria Territory Bombed by Russia - The New York Times (that's working)

The Times Backs Off on Temple Trutherism | Power Line - The question is where precisely on the 37-acre Temple Mount site the temples had once stood, not whether the temples had ever existed there.

38 Killed And 51 Wounded In Suspected Boko Haram Suicide Blasts

Study: Democrats Moving Left Faster Than Republicans Moving Right - The American Interest - some empirical evidence that Democratic Party's leftward drift is more pronounced than the GOP's rightward drift, at least at the state level. (centrist dems lost to wingnuts, purifying the survivors, while GOP destructive cult dove over the cliff of insanity)

Taxing the Polls - This artifact from Sumter, Alabama in 1932 acknowledges the receipt of a $1.50 poll tax or $26.09 in 2015 dollars (costs more now)

FBI data shows record number of September gun sales - National Instant Background Check System shows gun sales hit a record high for the fifth month in a row with 1,795,102 prospective gun owners processed in September (epidemic spreads)
Here's Everything The GOP Blames For Gun Deaths (Other Than Guns, Of Course) ... prayer, video games, violent movies, freedom, Democrats, gun control, gun-free zones and sin (and our Muslim/Kenyan Pres)

Today in the Systemic Persecution of Sex Offenders - Lawyers, Guns & Money : "I don't believe it" Oh, OK. I'm only a state legislator. How am I supposed to actually find out this information? Who can I ask, being so uninformed and powerless??? (RI Dem head)

Moms and Guns - The New York Times (phallic linkage)
Here's How Police Could End Up Making Body Cameras Mostly Useless - Will body cameras be a tool for police reform? Only if bad policy doesn't get in the way. (no, you can't see those videos)
Canada's History of Violence - Canadians kill 1.6 out of every 100,000 people in a year. Americans nearly triple that rate, killing 4.7 out of every 100,000 people in a year. And while Canadians long ago agreed to restrict gun ownership, Americans are far from reaching a similar consensus.
Round Rock High police incident caught on camera | - A Round Rock High School parent says he plans on pressing charges against a Round Rock police officer for allegedly using excessive force on his son.

Julian Assange: Snowden, I and Kim Dotcom all assigned same prosecutor in Virginia
I showed leaked NSA slides at Purdue, so feds demanded the video be destroyed | Ars Technica - Op-ed: Snowden confidante, a journalist, recounts recent tale at Purdue University.

The Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out on Dateline - NBC News - Twenty-nine women who accuse the comedian of inappropriate sexual behavior tell their stories (America's Dad)

NASA shows where Matt Damon would have been stranded on Mars | The Verge

What is the RAREST thing you have ever seen or experienced? : AskReddit
Has anyone lived an actual porn scenario (plumber, delivery person, nanny, etc), what's your story? : AskReddit
Which company or brand no longer has the quality they were known for? : AskReddit
What is the worst movie you went to see in the cinema? : AskReddit
- What's the deepest, darkest secret you know that isn't your own?

If Your Wi-Fi Is Terrible, Check Your Router - The New York Times
The Best Wi-Fi Router (for Most People) | The Wirecutter

History of flat earth theory: Orlando Ferguson's map of the flat earth. - A Bizarrely Complicated Late-19th-Century Flat-Earth Map (the mind of Conservative is bizzarrely complicated +evolved into climate denialism after jet planes)

- Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes freedom of expression fears - Intellectual property rights chapter appears to give Trans-Pacific Partnership countries' greater power to stop information from going public (Obama's super-authoritrian streak
TPP leaked: final draft of the intellectual property chapter, which some claim will destroy the internet as we know it, made available by Wikileaks : technology
The Final Leaked TPP Text is All That We Feared | Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Leave us in peace : Anti-gun control protesters greet Obama during Oregon visit
1 dead, 3 wounded in campus shooting at Northern Arizona University : news

Two Victims Shot On Texas Southern University Campus - This is the second shooting at TSU this week.

Eschaton: Wanker of the Day - Still it's probably an appropriate award for David Cameron. - This is a marvellous technique, to pretend your opponent said the complete opposite of what they actually said, and then get angry about the words they didn't say (another form of the insane Conservative mind)

Twice As Many People in Died in Last Month's Hajj Stampede Than First Thought\ - The Atlantic - A new tally of the those killed last month makes it the deadliest-ever disaster at the annual pilgrimage.

Eschaton: But They Were So Moderate And So Rebellious - All they needed was more death machines and some quiet Americans to tell them how to use them. - The Obama administration has ended the Pentagon's $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels, administration officials said on Friday, in an acknowledgment that the beleaguered program had failed to produce any kind of ground combat forces capable of taking on the Islamic State in Syria.

California's high court appears ready to allow voters to weigh in on Citizens United
New California law extends privacy rights to electronic data

The President Heads to Oregon, Where the Gun Nuts Are Waiting - It feels all too similar to Dallas in 1963. - "He's not wanted here. He's coming here purely to push his garbage, and we don't want it," said Michelle Finn

Why Democrats Bear Some Responsibility for the Republican Party's Madness - Therefore, given all this, if one of the parties goes as thoroughly, deeply, banana-sandwich loony as the present Republican Party has, the other party has a definitive obligation to the Republic to beat the crazy out of it so the country can get moving again. This is a duty in which the Democratic Party has failed utterly. (Charlie sees the basic issue: insanity in the American psyche)

Sure that Yelling Louder Will Work (Farley doesn't get it -- it's not about yelling louder, it's about calling a nut a nut)

The GOP sinks deeper into chaos. Can it still function as a party? - The Washington Post

The Kevin McCarthy Affair Rumors Could Be Destructive For Everyone - Here's some stupid for lunch.

Here's What Happens When You Complain To Cops About Cops - The internal affairs division usually decides the officer did nothing wrong. (move along, nothing to see here, FBI doesn't want to know)

Op-Ed: Philly's Charter School System is Falling Apart - Citified - Gym: The last thing this city needs is a top-down mandate to turn more public schools into charters. (someone tell Charlie Baker)

Oregon Pot Stores Sell More Than $11 Million in First 5 Days - ABC News (coulda been you, MA)

Immigrant workers or slaves? Textbook maker backtracks after mother's online complaint - "The Atlantic Slave Trade between the 1500s and 1800s brought millions of workers from Africa to the southern United States to work on agricultural plantations"

Air Force dental technician accused of being a witch - fired from a dental clinic at \ Fort Meade, Maryland, after complaining that her co-workers discriminated against her because she was Hindu. She claims they then accused her of being a witch. (same thing to demented Christian mind)

Kelsey Grammer Wears Bizarre Anti-Choice Shirt - The message -- "Would it bother us more if the y used guns?" -- asks if those who are pro-choice would still hold their beliefs about the issue if abortions were performed with guns. (douche-bag hall o' famer)

Elon Musk says Apple is the 'graveyard' for fired Tesla staff | Technology | The Guardian - "Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch? ... You can't ust go to a supplier like Foxconn and say: 'build me a car'"

Mars lakes may have existed long enough for life to evolve, scientists say | Science | The Guardian - Nasa researchers believe some ancient lakes could have lasted for up to 10,000 years, which was enough time for life forms to take hold

NOAA declares third ever global coral bleaching event - Bleaching intensifies in Hawa\ ii, high ocean temperatures threaten Caribbean corals

Amnesty Tells the US to Stop Selling Arms to Saudi Arabia | Mother Jones - The group cites "damning evidence" of war crimes involving American-made weapons in Yemen.

U.S. asks Toyota to explain why ISIS has so many new trucks : news - To destroy the tanks now bein\ g used by ISIS, the U.S. is sending the Iraqi military 175 M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks, 55,000 rounds of main tank-gun ammunition, $600 million in howitzers and trucks, $700 million worth of Hellfire \ missiles and 2,000 AT-4 rockets (which will promptly all defect to ISIS for the 10th time)

Eschaton: And Justice For All - MPs, a lord chief justice the royal family and public school headmasters all intervened to stop a bishop being prosecuted for sexual abuse 22 year ago, the Old Bailey has heard.
David Cameron on Ali Mohammed al-Nimr and Saudi Arabia - YouTube

JFK Assassination: The Spy Chief Who Lied - politico Magazine
JFK: declassified documents reveal a cunning and cagey president | US news | The Guardian

- Rupert Murdoch implies Obama is not "a real black person"
A Bit of Fry & Laurie- If Rupert Murdoch hadn't been born

McCarthy Drops Out Of Speaker Race, Throwing GOP Leadership Into Chaos : It's All Politics : NPR
The House GOP's historic implosion - politico - McCarthy's stunning move leaves the House with no apparent line of succession to power.
Kevin McCarthy's Exit Came After Personal Threat Over Affair Allegations - "Why not resign like Bob Livingston? (stabbed in the back by a radicon)
Kevin McCarthy Is Out For House Speaker. Who Else Wants It?

Ben Carson Has No Idea What the Debt Limit Is -- NYMag
- Am I the only one who remembers what a terrible presidential candidate the vice president was?

GOP Probe Into Planned Parenthood Funding Comes Up Empty - Jason Chaffetz says he's found no evidence of wrongdoing by the family planning provider.

Megyn Kelly Says She'd Have Donald Trump Back On Her Show - "We just wanted to forge forward and try to put it behind us."

- FBI director calls lack of data on police shootings "ridiculous" "embarrasing (yeah from the guy who didn't want more data)
South Carolina City To Pay $6.5 Million Settlement For Fatally Shooting Walter Scott - Video showed officer Michael Slager firing eight times as Scott ran.

The Ongoing Destruction of Public Education - Campbell Brown is just the latest semi-famous rich person to parachute in and tell teachers they're doing it wrong

Far-Right Idahoans Go Postal on University's Refugee Program Because Sharia Law - Why do local residents think a 30-year-old program is suddenly importing Sharia law and ISIS operatives into Idaho? Talk radio, of course.

20 New Lines from The Epic of Gilgamesh Discovered in Iraq, Adding New Details to the Story : books

My friend found his trail cam destroyed, as if someone had stabbed the lens with a screwdriver. Thi\ s was the last picture it ever took. : pics (riffs)
What movie is the greatest mindfuck? : AskReddit
What's a harsh truth you have for the opposite sex? : AskReddit
[Serious] How did you respond after your ex wanted you back after leaving you? : AskReddit
Identical twins, what's the craziest way which you've abused your powers of mistaken identity? \ : AskReddit

Will the South Carolina Floods Change Lindsey Graham's Tune? - he wasn't too keen on disaster relief funds for New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. (can't remember voting against it)

President Obama Apologizes to Doctors Without Borders Following Kunduz Airstrike - ABC News
Eschaton: But Our Bombs Are Smart! - They're like Mensa smart! So accidentally blowing up a hospital is unpossible!
- Top U.S. general in Afghanistan: Hospital was "mistakenly struck" (oh well then)
U.S. Commander Thinks Troops Didn't Follow Rules, Calls Hospital Bombing A Mistake - Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the Pentagon "deeply regrets" the loss of life.

- Emails show Qadaffi son offered talks -- but Clinton ordered toip general to "not take the call" (and that worked out really well for Europe, didn't it, Hillz?)

German channel in trouble after showing Merkel in hijab

The CIA Keeps (Accidentally) Legitimizing JFK Conspiracy Theorists - Now we learn that the CIA chief at the time did all he could to bury "incendiary" information

Shut Down the Benghazi Committee - The New York Times

Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against TPP - She criticized the trade agreement on Wednesday, saying there are too many "unanswered questions."

Biden and Reproductive Freedom - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Is there any reason to think he's a better candidate than Clinton? No. (sketchy policy history)

Washington Post Fact Checker Moves The Goalposts To Claim Obama "Exaggerated" By Including Gun Suicides In "Gun Death" Total | Blog | Media Matters for America (Glenn Kessler, Fred Hiatt's Factfucker)
Ben Carson Defends Controversial Comments About Oregon Shooting - "I want to plant in people's minds what to do in a situation like this."

U.S. to Release 6,000 Inmates From Prisons - The New York Times - as part of an effort to ease overcrowding and roll back the harsh penalties given to nonviolent drug dealers in the 1980s and '90s (hello, Reagan and Clinton)

We must despise our kids: Our ugly war on teachers must end now - - Republicans and Democrats can agree on one thing: Demonizing teachers. It's the "reformers" doing the most harm
Oregon shooter then the internet struck back -

House Republicans Create Special Committee To Harass Planned Parenthood - There's still no proof the family planning provider did anything wrong. (that's never stopped them)

For decades, the government steered millions away from whole milk. Was that wrong? - The Washington Post

Tennessee's first year of drug testing welfare recipients uncovered drug use by less than 0.2 percent of all applicants for the state's public assistance system

Eschaton: Eat Your Own Shit, Lindsey - I hate these people : Graham was among the Republican senators who opposed a federal aid package in January 2013 to assist states hit by Hurricane Sandy, but now he doesn't remember why ... "I'm all for helping the people in New Jersey. I don't really remember me voting that way"

Doctors Without Borders airstrike: US alters story for fourth time in four days | World news | The Guardian - Commander of war in Afghanistan tells Senate panel that US forces had called in airstrike at Afghan request - "an admission of a war crime" says MSF
Doctors Without Borders Enraged Over 'Deliberate' Kunduz Hospital Bombing - "We are working on the presumption of a war crime."
Eschaton: What You Expect Us To Have Any Idea Who We're Bombing And Why? - Really, libturds, you expect too much from the Pentagon.

Nuclear Smugglers Shopped Radioactive Materials To ISIS And Other Terrorists - "In the age of the Islamic State, it's especially terrifying to have real smugglers of nuclear bomb material apparently making connections with real buyers."

VW Warns Staff Of Impending 'Massive Cutbacks' - "I will be very open: this won't be painless," the new CEO said.

Clinton Can Thank Obama for Her Benghazi Headache - Bloomberg View
Hillary Clinton: Obama's Deportation Strategy Didn't Work - She says she won't break up families while pushing for immigration reform.

Ten Commandments Monument Removed From Oklahoma Capitol Grounds - Workers removing the monument were protected by a heavy security presence.

When You Have Police In Schools, Kids End Up Getting Pepper-Sprayed (the South, Appalachia, and Wississippi)
The Congressman Who Restricted Gun Violence Research Has Regrets - Rep. Jay Dickey (R-Ark.) authored the controversial 1996 amendment that remains in place. He wishes Congress would change it. (we don't need your stupid libturd "research")

- Christian group predicts the world will be "annialated" on Wednesday - Over a week after blood moon doomsday forecasts were proven wrong, eBible Fellowship leader Chris McCann says "the world will pass away" on 7 October

Reddit Admits Its Front Page Is Broken, Is Working on an Entirely New Algorithm : technology
What website should everybody have bookmarked? : AskReddit
What is the scariest or most disturbing crime that remains UNSOLVED today? : AskReddit
The East Area Rapist AKA The Original Night Stalker
What is a secret that you know about someone that could ruin someone's life if it came out? [NSFW] : AskReddit
A student diversity officer who tweeted the hashtag #killallwhitemen has been charged by police with sending a threatening communication. : news

Experience the power of a bookbook - YouTube

South Carolina floods: climate change intensified conditions, scientists say | US news | The Guardian - Once-in-a-thousand year storm (since the 500-yr flood caused by Floyd in 1999 +they don't believe in AGW and voted against Sandy aid)
- Eight dead as South Carolina hit by "once in a millennium" floods
The meteorology behind South Carolina's atastrophic, 1,000-year rainfall event

Edward Snowden: US has not offered me plea deal | US news | The Guardian - Whistleblower says he has offered to do time in prison as part of a deal to return to US, but "we are still waiting for them to call us back"

TPP deal: US and 11 other countries reach landmark Pacific trade pact | Business | The Guardian
Officials Reach Deal On Trans-Pacific Partnership

Doctors Without Borders calls US bombing of its hospital a war crime | Public Radio International
Doctors Without Borders calls US bombing of its hospital a war crime : worldnews

Air France workers rip shirts from executives after airline cuts 2,900 jobs | World news | The Guardian
Air France Execs run for their lives after they cut 2900 jobs : videos

Babysitter who had sex with 11-year-old boy gets suspended sentence | UK news | The Guardian

On Guns, Fear Is Winning - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton Goes Big On Gun Policy, Creates Contrast With Bernie Sanders
In fact, she shared it: In a series of online postings over a decade, Ms. Harper, a registered nurse, said she kept numerous firearms in her home and expressed pride in her knowledge about them, as well as in her son's expertise on the subject (same setup as Sandy Hook: Asberger's +gun-nut mom afraid of "people dropping by") the unlikely revelation that she used to read to her son a book by Donald J. Trump, the real estate mogul
Which States Have the Most Guns? | Republic 3.0 | The Washington Monthly - Nationally, guns outnumber both cars and people.

Dems release closed-door Benghazi testimony | TheHill - Democrats on the House Select Committee on Benghazi are going on offense ahead of Hillary Clinton's public testimony later this month.

The Supreme Court Is Back At Work, And Things Look Pretty Ugly Already - Affirmative action, public unions and legislative representation are all on the chopping block in the next nine months.

Ohio court upholds school suspension of 12-year-old black boy accused of staring at a white girl

Kasich's War on Ohio Minorities - By March 2014, six months into the new system, the six counties with the highest rate of terminating food stamps for able-bodied, childless adults were all counties populated mostly by minorities

Self-Refuting Actions of the Day - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Whole Paycheck: all supervisors in all departments were demoted to getting paid $11 an hour from $13-16 per hour and were told they were no longer supervisors, but still had to fulfill all of the same duties, effective immediately (experienced workers downgraded, laid off, WF "beyond" unions)

Crisis of Masculinity, 1987 Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

What is the biggest "fuck you" in recorded history? : AskReddit
The Many Facets of Hamlet on Vimeo
I'm not very well read, and I just watched Much Ado About Nothing by Joss Whedon. Is Shakespeare really this witty and entertaining? : books

Eschaton: A Little More Evil Every Day (incremental evilism)

I'm Wearing A Sweater Right Now It's Cold, Libturds ... And then we lit one trillion dollars on fire in Iraq and the Middle East ...

French floods: 19 feared dead after storms sweep French Riviera | World news | The Guardian - Violent storms and flooding send water cascading through Antibes, Cannes and Nice, inundating a retirement home and killing three people inside - More than 17cm (6.7in) of rain fell on the Cannes region in two hours
Record-Breaking Rainstorms Pummel Carolinas - South Carolina was hit 2.3 inches of rain Saturday, smashing the previous record of 0.77 inches set in 1961
The flooding here in South Carolina is insane : pics

"Unspeakable": An MSF Nurse Recounts the Attack on MSF's Kunduz Hospital | MSF USA - In the Intensive Care Unit six patients were burning in their beds.
Doctors Without Borders Denies Hospital Was 'A Human Shield' For Taliban - "In any case, bombing a fully functioning hospital can never be justified."
Doctors Without Borders Leaves Afghan City After Airstrike - ABC News
Death Toll in Hospital Bombing Climbs to 22 as MSF Demands Answers | VICE News
- Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders denied that Taliban fighters were firing from its hospital at NATO forces before a US air strike killed at least 19 people
Why Afghanistan Is Going To Fall To The Taliban Again. And It's Not Why You Think. - "I'm afraid I don't see how the U.S. can helpfully respond in Afghanistan, at this point."
Eschaton: Did We Win? - We started bombing Afghanistan almost 14 years ago.
Afghanistan: Another Nation That Should Be Grateful to the West - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Cass Sunstein is right once again. The West brings nothing but gifts wherever it goes, totally eliminating any claims from those nations for justice. And what nation has received more of these gifts than Afghanistan: (Sunstein is a real tool)

What Does Dylan Matthews Think The Worst New York Times Article Published in the Last Decade Is? - The chances that Matthews has ever read anything by Theroux, someone who knows far more about the developing world that Matthews sitting at his Vox desk could ever dream of, seems unlikely, although how I am to know.

Eschaton: Robust - I'm sure we'll make it work this time: Mrs. Clinton arguing for a more robust approach and Mr. Obama dismissing her ideas as campaign politics ... As secretary, she joined with David H. Petraeus, then the C.I.A. director, and Leon E. Panetta, then the defense secretary, to push a plan to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels. (all 5 of them; Hillz the hawk wrong again and again)

Four California students arrested for plotting mass shooting - Yahoo News
- Oregon shooting occurred in state that "actually forces colleges to allow guns" Amid 142 school shootings since Sandy Hook, states have moved to allow more guns on campuses. Oregon is one of a handful that allows concealed carry (next up: you must hae a gun at all times) - Trump: mass-shooting gunmen are "sick as hell and geniuses in a certain way" - At rally, Trump invokes Charles Bronson vigilante movie Death Wish
Many school shooters, one common factor: a warped view of masculinity - - As debate rages over gun control, media portrayals of shooters, and other factors, one topic doesn't get enough discussion, those who study mass shootings say: masculinity (see Trump)

Holocaust historians criticise Austria's jailing of Jewish author - Stephan Templ highlighted cases of Jewish property stolen by the Nazis but has now been punished for omitting an aunt's name in a restitution claim (Austria, same as ever)

Bernanke: Wall St execs should have gone to jail for crisis

Hail to the Pencil Pusher | Boston Review - American Bureaucracy's Long and Useful History (no, FDR didn't invent "big government)

The Historical Roots of American Domestic Worker Organizing Run Deep - Working In These Times - What was the legacy of slavery in the domestic labor sector, especially in the first half of the 20th century?

The hidden costs of funding prisons instead of schools - - As state incarceration rates continue to rise across the country, so are cuts in higher education funding.
Adjuncted to Death - Lawyers, Guns & Money : You may have heard about the Duquense University adjunct who died in dire poverty in 2013. Well, it's happened again, this time to a long-term adjunct at Seattle University.

25 Is the New 21 - The Atlantic - So, after we spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars on her college education ($125K/yr including $75K/yr for parties, clothes and iPhones)

Perfect Brown Rice Recipe | SAVEUR - brown rice looks and tastes the best when it has been boiled and drained like pasta and then steamed in the small amount of moisture that remains in the pot. The boiling cooks the rice, while the subsequent steaming allows the grains to retain their integrity and come out light and fluffy.

What is the most unbelievable coincidence you ever experienced? : AskReddit

NASA shows off a stunning new color photo of Pluto's moon, Charon | The Verge
- Over 8,400 images from NASA's Moon missions are now on Flickr in high resolution
Project Apollo Archive's albums (hi-res Flickr)

Kasich On Climate Change: 'I Just Don't Know Enough About It' - "I think there are things we can do to protect the environment. We should. But we shouldn't worship the environment." (we should desecrate as much as possible +dude, can you think?)

Afghanistan: MSF Staff Killed, Hospital Partially Destroyed in Kunduz | MSF USA - MSF wishes to clarify that all parties to the conflict, including in Kabul and Washington, were clearly informed of the precise location (GPS Coordinates) of the MSF facilities in Kunduz, including the hospital, guesthouse, office and an outreach stabilization unit in Chardara northwest of Kunduz. (fire your blunderin army)
At Least 19 Killed After Airstrike Hits Afghan Hospital - The medical charity said its staff phoned military officials at NATO in Kabul and Washington during the morning attack, but bombs continued to rain down for nearly an hour. (fuckers wouldn't stop collateralizing humans ... "or, as a Bush would say, stuff happens..." )
U.N. rights chief says Afghan bombing may be war crime - Yahoo News - An airstrike that killed at least 16 people in hospital run by Medecins Sans Frontieres in the Afghan city of Kunduz on Saturday was "utterly tragic, inexcusable, and possibly even criminal," the U.N. human rights chief said.
NATO Strike Magnifies Divide on Afghan War - The New York Times
Why Afghanistan Is Going To Fall To The Taliban Again. And It's Not Why You Think. - "I'm afraid I don't see how the U.S. can helpfully respond in Afghanistan, at this point." (just GTFO, finally)

Oregon Shooter Died Of Suicide - The suicide occurred during a firefight with law enforcement officers.
Sheriff In Charge Of Oregon Massacre Probe Posted Sandy Hook Truther Video - Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin posted a link to a YouTube video called "The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed," which summarized conspiracy theories surrounding the shooting and quickly racked up millions of views, about a month after the massacre took place. The post was deleted or made private sometime after 2:30 p.m. Friday. (Obama staged a fake shooting to take away your gunz, irony comes home to roost like a vulture)
Oregon Sheriff Handling Massacre Fought the White House on Gun Control After Newtown | Mother Jones
Gunman in Oregon college shooting executed classmates, saying 'I'll see you soon' | - "And then he would ask them if they were a Christian, knew God, or had religion. And it wasn't like it was stated on TV. It wasn't about that he was just trying to pinpoint Christians, no."
Families Remember Victims Of Tragic Oregon School Shooting
Jeb Bush Opposes New Gun Laws On Grounds That 'Stuff Happens' - The former governor has been making some pretty big gaffes lately. (see above for dead people that "stuff happened" to)
maniac_rn comments on The Oregon Shooter Obtained All His Guns Legally
After Oregon, Death By Gunfire Is a Natural Law in America - Nothing will change. Nothing will be different.
The Daily Show - Gun Control Whoop-de-doo - YouTube
John Oliver's 3-part Daily Show report on Gun Control, political suicide and The results of Australia's gun legislation : television

Like Clockwork by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly there's a principal and a police chief in Irving that will likely think differently next time. But we badly need the same kind of focus on the long-lasting, underlying abuses of corporate might. As it happens, Exxon is based in Irving, Texas too. (Bill Maher is nutty about Muslims)

Tell-all peace prize book upsets Nobel committee | World news | The Guardian - Geir Lundestad, former secretary, accused of breaching Norwegian Nobel committee's code of silence in The Peace Secretary (yeah, Obama was a mistake, which was immediately obvious)

Stockton mayor was briefly detained on return flight from China - SFGate - The mayor of Stockton was briefly detained and had two of his laptops and a cell phone confiscated by homeland security agents at the San Francisco International Airport earlier this week after returning from a trip to China, according to a statement by the mayor.

Canada dead last in ranking for environmental protection - The Globe and Mail
Feds penny-pinched on science libraries while lavishing funds on religion and oil | National Observer (Canadian Conservatives: who needs your stupid science when we have the Bible to interpret any way we want?)
Marijuana is infinitely worse than tobacco, Harper says as he encourages pot debate to go up in smoke (don't bother me with your sciencey facts")

Eschaton: Morning Thread - Terrific article from the Guttmacher Institute: Prosecuting Women for Self-Inducing Abortion: Counterproductive and Lacking Compassion. Basically makes the point that outlawing abortion won't stop women from having abortions. It will just make it more dangerous, partly because she will be reluctant to seek medical treatment if anything goes wrong.
Fiorina makes distortion of Planned Parenthood a centerpiece - US News - Carly Fiorina has spent the last two weeks repeating an erroneous description of videos secretly recorded by anti-abortion activists. That seems bound to continue as she makes her opposition to Planned Parenthood a centerpiece of her 2016 campaign. (that'll work +the most anti-woman candidate is a ... woman!)

Handcuffing Little Kids May Not Be 'Reasonable,' Says Obama DOJ (on the other hand, it might be)

BBC - Culture - The mysterious origins of punctuation - Aristophanes' breakthrough was to suggest that readers could annotate their documents,

Island boulders reveal ancient mega-tsunami : Nature News & Comment - Massive prehistoric landslide of Cape Verde volcano unleashed waves 170 metres high. (head for the hills)

Vladimir Putin wants Russia to have more influence in the Middle East. Good luck with that. - The Washington Post - At this point Russian-American diplomacy mostly consists of trolling each other, and Putin is better than anyone at trolling ... not a good sign for U.S. interests in the Middle East when Washington is surprised by Iraqi agreements with Russia. (Obama has totally failed in his war-making)
Rhetorical Entrapment and Syria: Let's Not Do Dumb Stuff - preventing Syria from being taken over by ISIS would be far worse and trying to instill life in our unicorn army of moderate rebels is a recipe for continued humanitarian tragedy in Syria with spillover effects on Europe that are very high.
Russia, Russia Burning Bright? (Spoiler: Not So Much) | Duck of Minerva - the world's fourth largest military budget ... by spending a larger percentage of its GDP on defense than does the United States, China, Britain, France, Japan, or Germany ... a smaller economy than the state of California (giant gas station is declining, can't really afford all those guns +warlord Putin is counting his days +Cali needs more missles)

Saudi Objections Halt U.N. Inquiry of Yemen War - The New York Times - In a U-turn at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Western governments dropped plans Wednesday for an international inquiry into human rights violations by all parties in the war in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians in the last six months.

Authorities: Weapons Recovered In Oregon Shooting Purchased Legally - Some weapons may have been purchased by family members.
Oregon shooter was anxious and liked guns and target shooting, neighbors say - LA Times - "The Switzer Learning Center, also in Torrance, teaches students with special needs, emotional disturbances, autism, Asperger's" ... "conservative, professional, intellectual, introvert ... Not Religious, but Spiritual." ... (mother) circulated a petition to get the apartment owner to eradicate a cockroach infestation. Neighbors said she told them the insects kept her son awake at night ... " She would call him "baby" all the time. I thought it was strange because he was an adult"

994 mass shootings in 1,004 days: this is what America's gun crisis looks like | US news | The Guardian

Chris Harper Mercer, Oregon Gunman, Is Recalled as a Recluse Close to His Mother - The New York Times
Chris Mercer, Oregon Gunman, Hinted of Anger and Loneliness - The New York Times

Nancy Pelosi Calls For A Select Committee On Gun Violence - She said Congress takes "a solemn oath to protect and defend the American people." (again, who are the real terrorists?)
This just happened on CNN. Behold, the hypocrisy of the media (especially in regards to coverage of mass shootings) in one, succinct 30 second clip Seriously, WTF CNN? : videos
Guns Kill An Average Of 36 People Every Day, And The Nation Doesn't Even Blink - The shooting at Umpqua Community College is part of a steady beat of U.S. gun violence. (9/11 every day, and we haven't invaded the NRA)
Eschaton: Not Capable Of Learning - Once again the nation is shocked to discover the tools designed for killing people are used to kill people. (arm the moderate Americans!)

TIL the US Murder rate in 2014 is less that half of what it was in 1990, and far lower than the 70's and 80's. : todayilearned

Oregon college shooting is all the more reason to carry guns, say local residents | US news | The Guardian - Interviews with almost a dozen residents of the rural Oregon community on Friday yielded unanimity on their biggest threats: gun control and Barack Obama

Not a Dime's Worth of Difference! - Jeb Bush: "I think we need to reconnect ourselves with everybody else. It's very sad to see. But I resist the notion, and I had this challenge as governor -- look, stuff happens" (thanks Ralph, you really fucked the country)
Eric Boehlert on Twitter: "Can't wait for "context" debate over Jeb likening gun massacre to a kid drowning in pool.
A Day in Mass American Death - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Wayne LaPierre and his henchmen are as evil as Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen. And Frick and his fellow Gilded Age capitalists are as evil as the other two. But maybe we can lighten up our morning by discussing who is actually the most evil - Good times America. Good times.

Fifty killed in a knife attack at a Chinese colliery | - Nine suspects are being pursued after they launched a coordinated knife attack and killed 50 workers at a northwestern Chinese coal mine, reports Radio Free Asia.

Coca-Cola calls for FIFA President Sepp Blatter to step down immediately.

For Corporations, Sticks, Not Carrots - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Corporations simply cannot be trusted to self-regulate. It will never work because all the incentive is there for them to cheat. They want to profit and if the government isn't watching, they will cut corners to do so. The auto industry has shown this for decades. (de-regulate, destroy unions, pay their execs beyond your wildest dreams)

Voodoo Never Dies - The New York Times - that tax-cut enthusiasts have a remarkable track record: They've been wrong about everything, year after year (so? that never stopped them before?)

The Benghazi Investigation Is The 1990s All Over Again - The GOP spends millions investigating a Clinton for one scandal, and ends up uncovering another. Sound familiar?

Why the Washington Post's Attack on Bernie Sanders Is Bunk | Robert Reich (Fred Hiatt hates Bernie and public education)

Arne Duncan stepping down, returning to Chicago - Chicago Tribune - made his first signature initiative the Race to the Top program, in which states competed for federal grants ... encouraged states to adopt the Common Core, a controversial set of curriculum guidelines that to some have become symbolic of federal overreach
Arne Duncan Resigns Amid Legacy-Threatening Student Debt Crisis - The education secretary leaves behind 1 in 4 borrowers in distress. (moar charters! moar debt! +the only guy in the admin taller than Obama)
Eschaton: Where Did All The Teachers Go - Apparently there's a shortage. Who could have predicted that demonizing them, cutting salaries and benefits, and reducing job security might make it a slightly less attractive option for people. (America hates teachers) How will our great school administrators deal with this? Increasing teacher salaries is unpossible, because that might mean that the Viceroy For District Charterization and Martini Tasting might take small pay cut.

Record 94,610,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest in 38 Years
Affordable rent hampering about 1/3 of Florida residents - - South Florida has the highest percentage of renters devoting at least half their income. (Rubio'd)

- The Decline of 'Big Soda' - The drop in soda consumption represents the single largest change in the American diet in the last decade ... Over the last 20 years, sales of full-calorie soda in the United States have plummeted by more than 25 percent. (liquid diabetes; no wonder Coke is worried)

- If the face fits: science of attraction is based on personal experience
?9-Tetrahydrocannabinol attenuates allogeneic host-versus-graft response and delays skin graft rejection through activation of cannabinoid receptor 1 and induction of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
- Inuit Study Adds Twist to Omega-3 Fatty Acid's Health Story -- the idea the Inuit adapted to eating fatty food was very plausible,
Study Finds Asteroid Ahead of Dinosaur Extinction Accelerated Volcanoes - The New York Times
IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors - The New York Times - a new way to make transistors from parallel rows of carbon nanotubes

Ch-ch-changes.. After many years and many server changes and finally landing here at Raw Story, which has taken very good care of us, it's time to say goodbye to Pandagon (Amanda Marcotte)

Cogent CEO: Interconnection Congestion Has Magically Disappeared | DSLReports, ISP Information - But after the FCC voted to approve new net neutrality rules and Cogent and Level 3 hinted they'd use the new rules to file complaints about this behavior, everybody is just getting along famously.

What is something that most women want that most men aren't willing to do? : AskReddit
What websites did you frequently visit in the past but no longer visit? What caused you to stop visiting them? : AskReddit
What are the most legendary posts from 4chan? : AskReddit
- Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE's upset people are "reviewing" her (that didn't take long)
calafragilistic comments on Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her
I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w
I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 - m4w : boston

Adblock extension with 40 million users sells to mystery buyer, refuses to name new owner : news

9 in 10 scientists think climate change is real - One in four Americans believes climate change isn't happening - Nearly 92 percent of surveyed scientists, however, believe the world is warming and humans are to blame (all scientists, not just climate scientists)
Eastern U.S. Flood Threat to Continue No Matter Where Hurricane Joaquin Tracks (Forecast) | Weather Underground

- Bill Nye discusses how incredible it is that flowing water has been found on Mars... and the "Daily Show" proceeds to bring in ignorent panelists that disrespect him, his work, and declare that we shouldn't even give a fuck about this discovery. (we are all Martians)

Shooting in Oregon: So far in 2015, we've had 274 days and 294 mass shootings
Oregon College Shooter Identified As Chris Harper Mercer - Reports say the shooter had three handguns and an assault weapon.
A not very well regulated militia - Lawyers, Guns & Money
UCC SHOOTING RAMPAGE: At least 13 reported dead including shooter |
Mass Shooting At Umpqua Community College In Oregon, 13 Reported Dead - "We've become numb to this," Obama said. "This is something we should politicize, it is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic." (NRA warns not to politicize event)
Did The Oregon Shooter Warn Of His Plans On 4chan? - On 4chan, little is clear, and even less can be proven.
Active Shooter Reported at Oregon College : news
School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook | Everytown for Gun Safety (45 this year)
Politicians Can't Pass Actual Laws To Stop Gun Violence, So They Tweet Prayerfully (Supreme Deity listens to Speaker John Boehner's prayers)

- State Department "Planted" Anti-Wikileaks Questions For 60 Minutes Interview With Julian Assange - from the nice-of-them dept

Eschaton: The Left Is Always Very Silly - Reasonably sure the UK doesn't actually need a nuclear deterrent, but expressing your unwillingness to vaporize a few hundred thousand people is Very Silly Indeed. So Utopian, unlike tax cut fairies and all that peeance and freeance spreading that Blair and Bush did in the Middle East. That was serious!

- US accuses Russia of "throwing gasoline on fire" of Syria's civil war - first major military action outside borders of former Soviet Union since cold war (Putin bombs US-trained "moderate" rebels, all 5 of them)

Eschaton: Instincts - OK then - An email involving passport applications was notable for the raw nerve the issue of gay rights seemed to touch. Clinton expressed anger that the application form had been changed from its reference to traditional parents, and she demanded to know who was behind it. - It's hard to get your back when you won't get your own. Crouch position is not a winning position. This was in 2011. Even Politico realized Palin was a joke by then. (it's in their DNA)

Newly released interviews show depth of Ted Kennedy frustration with Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton approach to health care reform - The Boston Globe - "I think everybody understands now that that was a catastrophic mistake" ... "Was there any consultation about this strategy with people in the Congress?" "No," Kennedy said (naive, inexperienced and arrogant, even back then)
What Happened to Health Care Reform? - The Republicans enjoyed a double triumph, killing reform and then watching jurors find the president guilty. It was the political equivalent of the perfect crime ... Perhaps the fateful choice was the decision to design a proposal inside the White House and put the Clinton name on it. (1994, for the history)

Pelosi threatens to end Dem participation in Benghazi probe | TheHill - "It's just a stunning admission on the part of the Republican leader that the Benghazi Committee was created with a political purpose in mind. In fact, it's really an ethical question" Pelosi said

- A long-standing sycophant of Niall Ferguson and Henry Kissinger was commissioned by the NYT Book Review to review Niall Ferguson's hagiography of Henry Kissinger. (By the way, is there anything more pathetic than being a sycophant of Niall Ferguson?) The results may not surprise you:

John Oliver Doesn't Care About Donald Trump

Police use of chemical spray on Alabama schoolchildren violated civil rights | US news | The Guardian - Federal judge finds officers attached to Birmingham schools routinely used a military-grade pepper spray-teargas mixture to quell normal adolescent behavior (Republican war on America's black children)

Voter ID and driver's license office closures black-out Alabama's Black Belt |

- Investigation Continues After Man "Armed With Chapstick" Is Shot By Police
Orlando police officer Peter Delio, Sgt. Michael Faulkner fired for treatment of inmate - Orlando Sentinel

The spread of marijuana legalization, explained - Vox

Effectiveness of Talk Therapy Is Overstated, a Study Says - The New York Times - Medical literature has overstated the benefits of talk therapy for depression, in part because studies with poor results have rarely made it into journals, researchers reported Wednesday. Treatments like cognitive behavior therapy and interpersonal therapy are indeed effective, the analysis found, but about 25 percent less so than previously thought. (towards placebo range) manualized approaches, in which therapist and patient use a standardized manual to guide the treatment. (oh, there you go) "There's a sense of desperation out there because we do need something new and there's nothing on the horizon"

Short-term dynamic psychotherapy versus pharmacotherapy for major depressive disorder: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. - PubMed - NCBI - This trial of urban MDD patients failed to confirm that either active treatment was better than placebo. Minority status and gender had significant and differential effects on outcome that warrant replication in future studies.
Antidepressant, Talk Therapy Fail to Beat Placebo--Really? | Psychology Today
Pornography users found to be more supportive of women and hold less sexist views than nonusers in representative US sample : science

Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices - Bloomberg Business - latest example of the company using its clout to promote products that fit with its own retailing strategy

Would drinking "heavy water" (Deuterium oxide) be harmful to humans? What would happen different compared to H20? : askscience
Sorority Girls at a Baseball Game : videos
What are some common pieces of advice that you disagree with? : AskReddit
I have an inferiority complex, but it's not a very good one.
Conformity - elevator candid camera on Vimeo

Tennessee Voraciously Defends Its Right To Let AT&T Write Awful State Broadband Laws | Techdirt - completely within its right to let AT&T write shitty telecom law that ensures Tennessee remains a broadband backwater, and the federal government has no standing to intervene in this noble effort
Sofusbofus comments on How do I convince a co-worker (who says he used to have a job coding and modding games) that you don't need to spend $10,000 bucks on a gaming rig to get 60fps 1080?

Many Conservative Republicans Believe Climate Change Is a Real Threat - The New York Times (but don't give a shit)

- An app which tracked US drone strikes through text notifications and maps has been removed from the App Store by Apple due to "excessively crude or objectionable content" (hope you like your walled garden)
Dronestream (@dronestream) | Twitter - Every reported covert US drone strike, 2002-2015 ("reported")

Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee? - Did a Rogue NSA Operation Cause the Death of a Greek Telecom Employee?

Russia Launches Air Strikes In Syria - They gave the U.S. a one-hour heads up.
- France hits out at Russia's claims of fighting Isis ahead of UN summit - French foreign minister says Russia's claims of fighting in Syria are exaggerated as leaders plan to meet at UN general assembly on fighting of Isis

Record 522K migrants arrive in Europe by sea in 2015

Military Backs Keeping U.S. Troops In Afghanistan Beyond 2016 - President Obama has promised to have all troops out before he leaves the White House. (Army loves to invade and destroy shit and then invade it again)

The Undying Evil of the Last Bush Administration - There are generous rewards for justifying torture. That would be Jay S. Bybee who, during his days as an assistant attorney general during the late Avignon Presidency, wrote the famous memo justifying the use of waterboarding as a technique of "enchanced interrogation" (now torturing the law)
Court Deals Huge Blow To NCAA Over College Athlete Pay (Jay Bybee at work)

Mob In India Allegedly Beats Muslim To Death Over Rumors That He Ate Beef - son is still in the hospital.

Argentina warns US to cooperate in heightened search for fugitive spy chief | World news | The Guardian - Antonio Stiuso, who reportedly fled to Miami soon after star prosecutor's mysterious killing

Librarian of Congress who made phone unlocking illegal retires today | Ars Technica - US could seek tech-savvy replacement for man who held post for three decades. (tech dumbass)

- Donald Trump says Syrian refugees are one of the greatest tactical ploys of all time. It could be a 200k army [of ISIS sleeper agents]

Elizabeth Warren Takes on Pay-for-Play in Washington - The Senator Professor don't play that

John Boehner's Replacement Has a Fever, and the Only Prescription Is More Benghazi - We put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee (of very special select fever-brains)

Your Weekly van Loon - In which we learn that Popes used to swing a bigger crozier, as it were.
Pope Francis' Kim Davis Visit Is the Dumbest Thing He's Ever Done - Why, Frank? - and that he endorsed her current status as a faith-based layabout
Kim Davis, Clerk Who Refused To Issue Marriage Licenses To Gay Couples, Met The Pope (UPDATE) Vatican didn't deny the encounter took place but refused to comment on the topic.

Sophisticated behavioral economics experiment reveals elites prefer policies that benefit elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Blackmail Caucus, a.k.a. the Republican Party - The New York Times

Ben Carson's Love Affair With a "Nutjob" Conspiracy Theorist | Mother Jones - A top GOP presidential contender has embraced the dark, paranoid, and crazy worldview of a far-right pseudohistorian.

- The Anti-Abortion Movement's Weapons: Shock, Lies, and Carly Fiorina
- The Latest Video Trying to Exonerate Carly Fiorina Just Proves She Didn't Tell the Truth
Center for Bio-Ethical Reform promotes illegally taped video of perineum and premature delivery | Dr. Jen Gunter
- Carly Fiorina's use of anti-abortion video is "totally irresponsible"
Fetus Video Referenced by Carly Fiorina Released in Full. : news
GOP Chair Repeatedly Interrupts Planned Parenthood Head At Hearing (VIDEO) - Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) repeatedly interrupted Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards as she tried to answer his questions Tuesday in front of the House Oversight Committee.
Watch Jason Chaffetz React As He's Accused of "Beating Up On A Woman" Over Her Pay - Don't mess with Carolyn Maloney.
Whatever you think of Planned Parenthood, this is a terrible and dishonest chart - Vox - During the hearing, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) showed this chart to make the point about Planned Parenthood's activities:
Planned Parenthood Head Shuts Down GOP Chair Over Abortion Chart (VIDEO)

- Missouri Finds Planned Parenthood Didn't Mishandle Fetal Tissue - In addition to Missouri, officials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, South Dakota and Massachusetts have found, after investigations, that Planned Parenthood was in compliance with state laws.

The Death of Evan Murray + This weekend, the sport killed another child. He is the third American child to die from injuries suffered in an American football game this month.

The Police Told Her To Report Her Rape, Then Arrested Her For Lying (and then got promotions)
Warren Jeffs' son, daughter allege sexual abuse - - Warren Jeff's son, daughter allege sexual abuse

Caitlyn Jenner Walks Away From Fatal Crash a Free Woman - saying that the office would not be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Jenner was at fault.
What is an indicator for you that instantly makes you think someone is stupid? : AskReddit
What is the most fucked up family secret that you know? : AskReddit
What fetishes can you not understand the appeal of? : AskReddit
What's the most NSFW thing to happen within your workplace? : AskReddit

Google and Microsoft end all patent litigation | Ars Technica
Average Apple Watch Sells For $529, According To New Survey

KGB defector: Russia killed spy - Business Insider - British spy found in a duffel bag
UK Spy Locked Himself Into A Gym Bag? - Business Insider - Furthermore, it's unclear how Williams would have been able to padlock the bag from the inside.

Generals Sought More Positive Coverage on Head Injuries, Document Shows - The New York Times ("more postive" = "more false")

In Swedens Ikea attack, two migrants, two slayings and rampant fear of refugees (head-choppers)

Labour has a membership surge. Now it has to build a mass movement | Owen Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian (will the "squander" their opportunity?)

FBI Releases 2014 Crime Statistics - The Atlantic - much statistical information about the U.S. criminal-justice system simply isn't collected (their fingers in your ears)

- The Conservative Media Myths Behind Jeb Bush's Claim That Democrats Use "Free Stuff" To Court Black Voters (tax breaks for the rich!)

- Amid outrage, Philly Mag apologizes for lack of diversity on schools guide cover (7 white kids from a "good" school with 47% blacks)

Official: No authority to make body cam video private - - Minnesota police departments lost their bid Monday to classify most body-camera footage as private.

Massachusetts Court Rules Cell Tracking Requires a Warrant[*] | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Decide the Future (Moulton and Kennedy hate the internets)

Ylvis pranking cab passengers through the radio with live songs. : videos

Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet: Consensus
Why Are Republicans the Only Climate-Science-Denying Party in the World? Of all the major conservative parties in the democratic world, the Republican Party stands alone in its denial of the legitimacy of climate science. The GOP is the only major democratic party in the world that opposes the principle of universal health insurance (they are the most stupid and evil)

We're NASA Mars scientists. Ask us anything about today's news announcement of liquid water on Mars. : IAmA
Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars | Science | The Guardian - Researchers say discovery of stains from summertime flows down cliffs and crater walls increases chance of finding life on red planet (great filter time)
- Rush Limbaugh pans evidence of water on Mars as part of 'leftist agenda'

ELI5: What is IntelGate? : explainlikeimfive - The Administration has been altering all the intelligence reports about the fight against ISIS to make it seem like America is winning. They then gave these reports to Congress/the press and got exposed by the largest whistle-blower case in US history.

Taliban overrun Afghan city of Kunduz - BBC News
Iran President Hassan Rouhani Blames U.S. For Spread of Mideast Terror - NBC News - saying America's dual post-9/11 wars -- and alliance with Israel -- allowed extremist ideologies to flourish.
Helicopter attack kills 30 civilians in Yemen village: residents, medics | Reuters
Yemen conflict: Deadly attack on wedding party - BBC News

Venezuela, Guyana Set to Meet on UN Sidelines on Dispute - ABC News - Venezuela has long claimed about 40 percent of Guyana's territory that is rich in gold, bauxite, diamonds and other natural resources. It extended its maritime claims recently after a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corp. announced it made a significant oil discovery off Guyana's coast '

Eschaton: Central Bank Independence - It's a nice idea, perhaps we should try it sometime. (the stories we live by)

Eschaton: Recovery (with Bush, the rich took all the profits; with Obama, the poor got none of the gains)

Why is so much wealth hidden? Failed democracy. - Washington Center for Equitable Growth - eight percent of global financial wealth is held in offshore tax havens, with the majority of that hidden wealth held by wealthy people living in the world's leading economies

A theory of how American politics is changing - Vox - Voters have more information than ever before, and they are able to shape and choose the information they get in unprecedented ways. (elites have lost control)
- GOP brand is being damaged ("the base is leaving the party" because it isn't insane enough)

Why The Most Urgent Civil Rights Cause Of Our Time Is The Supreme Court Itself

Carly Fiorina endorses waterboarding (Republicans love torture)
Two Sides of Carly Fiorina - Lawyers, Guns & Money (the liar and the incompetent, actually they are the same side)

So Is the Christian Right Dead Yet Already? Not So Fast! by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - they've won everything they can win without controlling the federal government and the courts. The former is within reach in 2016. The latter would then probably be just a matter of time

Every minute, someone gets arrested for marijuana possession in the U.S. - The Washington Post

FBI resists calls to reform voluntary reporting system for police killings | US news | The Guardian - Director James Comey said FBI "plans to collect more data about shootings" while retaining controversial self-reporting method for police departments (typical cop-think: collect more data by collecting less)
DEA agents kept jobs despite serious misconduct - despite internal investigations that found they had distributed drugs, lied to the authorities or committed other serious misconduct, newly disclosed records show

The Black Activists Who Helped Launch the Drug War -- the role of Harlem's residents in forcefully advocating for a tougher, more punitive approach to pushers and addicts

Let'ss be honest about the dishonest attack on Planned Parenthood (meanwhile sports-dude Boston Globe prints John Sununu's lies)
Poll: 69 percent oppose shutdown over Planned Parenthood - POLITICO - Even among Republicans, a majority of 56 percent to 36 percent opposes a shutdown due to Planned Parenthood.

How The Media Botched & Hyped The Columbine School Shooting | The Grade | The Washington Monthly - Columbine was less a successful school shooting than it was a failed school bombing.

The newly discovered tablet V of the Epic of Gilgamesh
AskScience AMA Series: BRAAAAAAAAAINS, Ask Us Anything! : askscience

A mindfucking movie of just 6 minutes long : videos
[NSFW] What's the worst thing that's happened at your family gathering? : AskReddit
Bored schoolboy : gifs (reddit riffs)

Pirate Bay Founder Finally Free After Three Years : worldnews (Sweden in bed with copyright oligarches)

Sunday's lunar eclipse will also feature a 'Supermoon'

A Changed Climate In Washington - World leaders made both moral and practical progress in the debate on climate change this week. (we'll see)

Israel suspends officer over assault of AFP journalists on West Bank | Media | The Guardian - Severely damaged gear was returned to AFP on Saturday, though without the memory cards that had been inside. (you can tell they are so sorry)

American Cultural Imperialism: Racist Fashion Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Anti-immigrant hooligans in Finland attacked a busload of immigrants last week. They did so while wearing their version of KKK outfits. The headpiece needs some work. (another cultural export)

Eschaton: Your Laws Are To Blame For My Lawbreaking - I've noticed this more and more among the glibertarianish set, essentially claiming that lawbreaking is the fault of laws.
Conservative Media Are Trying To Blame Air Pollution Limits For Volkswagen's Emissions Scandal | Research | Media Matters for America (if you didn't have these stupid anti-pollution laws, corps wouldn't have to break them)

Bernie Sanders Pulls Closer To Hillary Clinton In New Presidential Poll - He's gained ground since July.

Don't Cry For John Boehner - Alex Pareene - his bitterest opponents were too stupid to figure out how to oust him, and his likeliest replacements never wanted the job ... John Boehner was and is an unprincipled ward-heeler who simply couldn't weather the transition of the Republican Party from a corporatist party with a sizable conservative base to a purely conservative party.

Grand Unified Theory of Green Lanternism - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Eric Cantor is, believe it or not, making sense: (remember when Cantor was the radical?)

The Meritocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - there's a pretty hard ceiling on just how high working kids can rise because the truly desirable and powerful positions are all held by the American class elite, often regardless of actual intelligence or work ethic.
Why are working class kids less likely to get elite jobs? They study too hard at college. - The Washington Post - Essentially, extracurriculars end up being a double filter on social class that disadvantages job applicants from more modest means both in entering the recruiting pipeline and succeeding within it. (it's who you know, not how hard you work)

Kim Davis Gets An Award For Breaking The Law To Discriminate Against Gay People - The Kentucky clerk was compared to Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks. (St. Kim!)

Adventists and Politics: "That is Not Their Thing" (Carson is a pre-millenialist kook)

Pennsylvania school districts feeling effects of budget impasse | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pennsylvania schools have a new source of disparity: A state budget impasse that has driven some districts to borrow while others expect no problems for months. (meanwhile, in PA)

Depths of heroin addiction: US sets record high for opium abuse : news
Doctor Convicted of Raping 8 Unconscious Patients and Possession of Child Porn Sentenced To 1 Year House Arrest and Probation. : news

HannasAnarion comments on Russian history in 5 words:

The rise of ad-blocking could herald the end of the free internet | Discussion | The Guardian (commenters disagree)

Drought blamers: California conspiracists see government's hand in arid climate | US news | The Guardian - the US government is geoengineering the California climate (Obama is trying to destroy biggest Dem state, oh wait)

Profiled (Brits spy on everyone, everywhere, all the time)

Germany in a state of SIEGE after Angela Merkel opened floodgates to migrants | Daily Mail Online

U.S.-Trained Syria Rebels Hand Over Equipment To Al Qaeda Affiliate - The latest sign of trouble for the American effort to train Syrian rebels.
Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted - Let's send a few more tankers full of gasoline to add to this fire. That'll put it out!
Boko Haram: Nigerian army claims surrender by 200 Islamists - n what is considered the largest surrender since Boko Haram militants launched their attacks in Nigeria in 2009, at least 200 extremists from the group surrendered to the Nigerian army on Friday,
- Inside The Islamic State's Apocalyptic Beliefs (see Mormons, below)

Eschaton - Who Will Take The Fall - All signs point to: "engineers and technicians involved in engine development" even though "key parts of the faked emissions tests had been overseen by VW executives based in the company's headquarters in Wolfsberg"

More women accuse Saudi prince after his arrest on sex crime charge, LAPD says - Al-Saud, 28, was detained by police for hours Wednesday afternoon

Soldier who attacked Afghan police commander for keeping child sex slave is SACKED | World | News | Daily Express - for keeping a child sex slave chained to his bed
Soldier who attacked Afghan police commander for keeping child sex slave is SACKED : news

- Stat check: No, women couldn't just "go somewhere else" if Planned Parenthood closed

John Boehner Resigns: Being a GOP House speaker might be the worst job in Washington - politico - The Cannibal Party
Speaker John Boehner Quits the Arena - The New York Times
It's Friday, and the Republican Party Is Out of Its Mind - The fallout from John Boehner's resignation on the electric teevee machine primarily has been an exercise in trying to avoid the obvious political fact that the Republican party is out of its mind.
Furious Boehner allies lash out | TheHill - "You just can't continue to have a super-ultra-minority continue to try to dictate what happens in the House of Representatives. It's a big problem
- Peter King: Boehner exit means "the crazies have taken over the party" (from one crazy to another)

The Republican Southern Strategy is Still Alive by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

Federal trial of Rand Paul aides could include father, sister and chief strategist | MSNBC
- Carly Fiorina's bogus "secretary to CEO" career trajectory (Fact Checker biography) (Carly Sneed Failuriana)
Fiorina's HP Record Not Getting Any Better By Ed Kilgor
The George Pataki Story - Lawyers, Guns & Money : There comes a point when his irrelevance becomes crystal clear even to him

50 Headlines That Reveal Wash. Post Reporter Chris Cillizza's Obsession With The Clinton Email Story | Blog | Media Matters for America (hack-hack-hack)

- Mormon church issues call for calm as "blood moon" sparks apocalypse fears - Sales are up at emergency-preparedness retailers ahead of a combination of a lunar eclipse and a supermoon, but church says not to get carried away

Fishing For Kim Davis - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Who will offer a contrarian defense of Kim Davis? Why, Mr. Stanley Fish, of course: (hacks will hack)

The Second Amendment's Actual Words - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Men Sentenced To Longer Prison Terms Than Women For Same Crimes, Study Says - The study found that men receive sentences that are 63 percent higher, on average, than their female counterparts

- Horrified Pope Calls Philadelphia Humanity's Greatest Sin Against God

Is Homo naledi just a primitive version of Homo erectus? 7 john hawks weblog (probably despite attention-seeking retrograde paleontologists)
Why are birds more capable of mimicking human speech as compared to mammals? : askscience - Some species of birds including corvids, songbirds and parrots have a syrinx instead of a larynx

What is the best example of a real life butterfly effect that you have experienced or heard of? : AskReddit
Reddit, what is your worst experience of waking up after a one night stand? : AskReddit
What is a sure sign of maturity? : AskReddit
The bedtime story is key to literacy, but the childhood tradition is in peril : books
Massive patent troll suit seeks to tax USB hubs at Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy : technology

Elon Musk Says Climate Change Refugees Will Dwarf Current Crisis - Tesla's CEO says the Volkswagen scandal is minor compared with carbon dioxide emissions.
What Exxon Knew About Climate Change - The New Yorker

Snowden Treaty Launched: Effort To Get Countries To End Mass Surveillance | Techdirt
Edward Snowden: GCHQ collected information from every visible user on the internet - Home News - UK - The Independent
Forcing suspects to reveal phone passwords is unconstitutional, court says | Ars Technica - Demanding "personal thought processes" amounts to compelled self incrimination.

40% more people are homeless than when David Cameron swept into Number 10 : worldnews

Fifa: Sepp Blatter faces Swiss criminal investigation - BBC News

Eschaton: Nice Work - As I wrote, individual and firm incentives are not very well aligned. Cheat your way to riches, and leave the shareholders with the bill when you get caught. (and a platinum parachute)

The case against equality of opportunity - Vox - Equality of opportunity promises not just sufficient opportunities to all families, but equivalent ones. (they didn't think their empty phrase through)

House speaker John Boehner to resign from Congress in October | US news | The Guardian - Republican congressman from Ohio announces he will resign from his seat next month after four years in the top post in the US House of Representatives
- John Boehner left because Republicans' true faith is incompatible with governing - The real religion of Washington conservatives is that having a government at all is offensive to the market. No wonder leading a branch of it is thankless work

- Jeb Bush's "free stuff" emark echoes Romney's struggles with black voters - offers a message of hope and aspiration (just keep on hopin' and aspirin')

Obamacare Haters Freaking Out Over New Report -- NYMag - A new report yesterday from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that premium growth for people with employer-sponsored insurance has continued to stay well below the pre-Obamacare trends:

Kentucky clerk in gay marriage dispute switches to Republican Party | Reuters

Ed Graf arson trial: Texas granted him a new trial. Would modern forensic science set him free? - A quarter of a century later, Texas granted him a new trial, one that pitted modern forensics against old-fashioned Texas justice. (good 'ol Southern justice)

Study finds tangible benefits for learners from Coursera's massive open online courses | InsideHigherEd - Specifically, the report corroborates previous findings that more learners are using MOOCs to further their careers than their education, and also that those from less-advantaged backgrounds are most likely to benefit from the courses.

Out With The Caraway, In With The Ginger: 50 Years Of American Spice Consumption | FiveThirtyEight

Reddit, what is your worst experience of waking up after a one night stand? : AskReddit

- Our Broken Patent System at Work: Patent Owner Insists the "Integers" Do Not Include the Number One (they are Republicans)

Pope Francis electrifies Congress with speech laying out bold vision for US | World news | The Guardian - Republicans and Democrats united in praise for pope, who called on Congress to transcend division and act on climate change, immigration and poverty
Pope's climate push is "raving nonsense" without population control, says top US scientist - Paul Ehrlich writes in Nature Climate Change that Francis is wrong to fight climate change without also addressing the strain from population growth on resources

NSA director just admitted that government copies of encryption keys are a big security risk | VentureBeat | Security | by Mark Sullivan - The director of the NSA, Admiral Michael Rogers, just admitted at a Senate hearing that when Internet companies provide copies of encryption keys to law enforcement, the risk of hacks and data theft goes way up. (they want all your data to give to the Russians and Chinese)

Hajj pilgrimage: more than 700 dead in crush near Mecca | World news | The Guardian - Stampede in Mina valley, the site of a vast tent city of pilgrims, leaves more than 800 others injured

Eschaton: Freedom Bombing Our Way to Freedom - Freedom Bombing Our Way to Freedom -- Over this past year, analysts felt pressure to keep their assessments positive. -- Keep the good news coming.

Student accused of being a terrorist for reading book on terrorism | Education | The Guardian - Staffordshire University apologises after counter-terrorism student Mohammed Umar Farooq was questioned under Prevent anti-extremism initiative

South Park: Where has my country gone?

Volkswagen Begins Firing Execs In The Wake Of Pollution Scandal (heads are rolling)
VW scandal caused nearly 1m tonnes of extra pollution, analysis shows | Environment | The Guardian - roughly the same as the UK's combined emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture, a Guardian analysis suggests
CORRECTED-California car dealers sue Volkswagen over diesel-emissions scandal | Reuters
Draconian US copyright rules made it easier for Volkswagen to cheat - Quartz
UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal | Environment | The Guardian

Eschaton: The Pope, Brought To You By Aramark - The city is doing everything wrong.

Eschaton: Stopping The Canadian Menace - Fair enough -- Failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker may feel some vindication in this number: 41 percent of Americans say that if a wall is built along the Mexican border, one should also be erected on the Canadian one. And yes, the same percentage favors a wall erected along the nation's southern border.

Trump Was Castrated In Last Debate, Says Rich Lowry On Fox News - Trump demands an apology and calls on FCC to fine the cable network. "Let's be honest: Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it," "What did you just say?" asked Kelly, who has been a frequent target of Trump's wrath. "You can't say that. - Bicycle Culture by Design - Is garbage sucking the perfect waste management solution for cities? It just might be.
Why Nonstop Travel In Personal Pods Has Yet To Take Off : NPR (mass transit without the mass)

How Alabama's Meth Lab Law is Unfairly Punishing Pregnant Women -- Take a Valium, Lose Your Kid, Go to Jail - In Alabama, anti-drug fervor and abortion politics have turned a meth-lab law into the country's harshest weapon against pregnant women.

- Maryland man fatally shot by police "after imitating gun with fingers" (any excuse will do)

CVS To Sell Overdose Reversal Drug Without A Prescription In 12 More States - CVS has already similarly expanded access to naloxone in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, meaning CVS pharmacies in 14 states now allow nonprescription purchases of naloxone. (and 36 who want people to just die)
Antidepressants plus blood thinners cause brain cancer cells to eat themselves in mice
Overweight and obese men more likely to father sons according to Peking University Hospital study | Metro News

ELI5: Why we have different blood types? : explainlikeimfive
AskScience AMA Series: BRAAAAAAAAAINS, Ask Us Anything! : askscience

Harvard employee accused of spending $80k of the university's money to buy Legos and iPads : news

- What does your SO's family do that's just plain weird?

Taxpayers are paying $60 for every pot plant the DEA destroys in Oregon - The Washington Post
People who have tried Marijuana for the first time due to recent legalizations, how has your opinion on Marijuana been affected? : AskReddit

Lenovo caught pre-installing spyware on its laptops yet again : technology

Watching the Pope and the President Roll Up Their Sleeves - Instead, he is elevating poverty and the health of the Earth, and all of the shattered places where they intersect, above the more glandular concerns that have dogged the Church ever since Paul VI handed it the job of, as Garry Wills memorably put it, "the smithying of chastity belts."
- The new map launches as international researchers sound louder alarms about air pollution's profound health effects in China. (real-time)

Noam Chomsky on George Orwell, the Suppression of Ideas and the Myth of American Exceptionalism | Democracy Now!

Troops detail orders to ignore sexual abuse in Afghanistan, despite general's denial

China's Economic Problems May Be Worse Than We Think China's authoritarian leaders must enact deep reforms, not just stimulus. It is not clear if they are willing to do that.

- Iran nuclear talks: Claims Israeli secret service "bugged hotels" during decisive negotiations - The Israeli secret service is suspected of being behind a series of mysterious yet highly sophisticated cyber-spying attacks

Lottery bet bad for state - when you consider how much of the mess is due to Christie's actions. He took one of the nation's best-run state lotteries and turned it into a privately-run loser that punched a $136 million hole into last year's budget. (wrecked NJ so he could run for President on his conservative cred, lot like Walker without the KochBros)

Hey! I'm a dentist and I'm back with an analysis on the Republican's teeth. Here's the slideshow. : pics

Jeb Bush Proudly Promises To Axe Net Neutrality If Elected | Techdirt

This VW Diesel Scandal Is Much Worse Than a Recall - Everyone wondered how VW met emissions standards while foregoing urea injection. As it turns out, they didn't. It wasn't magical German engineering. Just plain old fraud.

- What Jeb Bush meant when he said the U.S. "should not have a multicultural society" (adopt our white views)

Johannes Reuchlin and the Campaign to Destroy Jewish Books - Oxford Scholarship - the attempt to confiscate and destroy all Jewish books in Renaissance Germany.

driftglass: Blessed are the Conservative Christopath Bedwetters
p.618-9. The Alienist and Neurologist - The evolution of a Christopath is plain enough to the student of psychology. A brain strained by the trials of life or disease or t)oth, to the verge of brain break and unstable psychical display, seeks relief in the study of the Holy Scriptures.
American Terrorists: Christopaths - The Christian Left Blog

How to get medical marijuana in Massachusetts - Health -

Why does the right side of the brain process signals from and control movement of the left side of the body? This seems like more of a bug than a feature. : askscience (decussation)

TIL Blind people don't see black, they literally see nothing : todayilearned

What event in history deserves it's own HBO Series? : AskReddit

Huge iOS 9 security flaw lets anyone see your photos and contacts without enter passcode : technology
What Apple's Ad Blocking Could Mean for the Future of the Internet | Jeffrey Zeldman Apple just invented ad-blocking +battle of the big dick corps)

The AP Just Adopted A Stronger Way To Describe Climate Change Doubters - those who reject mainstream climate science
- Steve King on Climate Change: "It's in Our DNA to Try to Change the Weather" and he's looked at the science (he's a congressman)

Hillary Comes Out Against the Keystone Pipeline for Not-Quite-the-Right Reasons

- How do you deal with a story like #piggate? A spin doctor's view
PGYC ft David Cameron - I F*@#ed a Pig (Explicit) - YouTube

- British Army "could stage mutiny under Corbyn, says senior sering general - would use whatever means possible, fair or foul

The SUPERGENIUS of Richard Dawkins, SUPERGENIUS: The Latest Chapter - Lawyers, Guns & Money (pig goes viral)

Eschaton: One Big Grift - Less than a year after being elected to lead the oldest state agency in Texas, Land Commissioner George P. Bush has dramatically remade the General Land Office by ousting a majority of its longtime leaders and replacing many of them with people with ties to his campaign and family.

Ben Carson: Big Bang A Fairy Tale, Theory Of Evolution Encouraged By The Devil - BuzzFeed News

Album: Teeth of Dem Candidates

How to navigate pope visit (schedule of Philly shutting down)

- Controversial drug CEO was accused of serious harassment

Demoted To Lunch: The Underbelly Of Grief | Laurie Burrows Grad

Apple Rejects Hinder, A Reproductive Rights App By 'The Daily Show' Creator - Even though the tech company explicitly allows apps focused on political satire.

What Do Education Journalists Make? | The Grade | The Washington Monthly (Campbell Brown)

- Stress Hormone May Contribute to Amyloid-Beta in Alzheimer
The Who- Behind Blue Eyes Lyrics Video - YouTube (My love is vengence that's never free)

Shifting Gears on Climate Change | Daniel C. Esty (private interests must pick up the ball)
Climate Change Could Cost The World Trillions More Than We Thought - humanity could be saddled with a bill that adds more than $43 trillion to the already massive climate-related debt the world will rack up in the next two centuries. (send the bill to the KochBros and the Republican Party)
- El Niqo: a global weather event that may save California -- and destroy the tropics

Building the atom bomb: the full story of the Nevada Test Site | US news | The Guardian - The US conducted most of its early nuclear tests in the Pacific, but they became too costly to continue ...

George W. Bush Made Retroactive N.S.A. "Fix" After Hospital Room Showdown

Ignoring Sexual Abuse in Afghanistan - The New York Times - Boys screaming in the night as Afghan police officers attacked them. Three or four Afghan men found lying on the floor of a room at a military base with children between them, presumably for sex play.

- Fury after Saudi Arabia chosen to head key UN human rights panel Wife of imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi says move amounts to "a green light to flog him"

U.S. Considers Abstaining From UN Vote On Cuba Embargo - Merely considering an abstention is unprecedented.
Volkswagen has admitted to using software on VW and Audi branded cars to cheat U.S. diesel emissions tests, shares plunge more than 20 percent. : worldnews

- Revenge! Drugs, debauchery and the book that lays Dave bare: How PM's snub to billionaire who funded the Tories for years sparked the most explosive political book of the decade - PM once "put a private part of his anatomy" into dead pig, source claims (well then)
Cameron biography: Ashcroft makes new debauchery claims about student days | Politics | The Guardian

The Warnings About The Supreme Court's Dangerous Campaign Finance Ruling Are Now Coming True - the destruction of the contribution limits, whose principal purpose was to prevent corruption

Scott Walker Drops Out Of 2016 Presidential Race - The most recent CNN poll, released after last week's GOP debate, had him with less than 1 percent support.
Fired Walker Aide Explains Why Walker Bid Failed (KochBros candidate drops out; rare look inside campaign failure)
Catering to the 1 Percent Has Left Scott Walker at 1 Percent - And he's got some familiar legal trouble in the background, too.

Massive Survey Finds Harassment Is Common On Campus, Sexual Assault Widely Underreported - The research included responses from 150,000 students at 27 campuses. About 1 in 10 female students in a massive new survey say they have experienced sexual assault involving penetration, by force or incapacitation, while in college

This new, complete tree of life shows how 2.3 million species are related

- Our seas are being degraded, fish are dying -- but humanity is threatened too (duh) - the amount of wildlife in our oceans has fallen by half in 45 years (we've genocided and holocausted the oceans)

A WikiLeaks document appears to show US plans to destabilize Syria back in 2006 | Al Bawaba - Another listed strategy was playing on "Sunni fears of Iranian influence," a description that seems to fit the militants who formed Daesh. (everything they did make it worse)
A WikiLeaks document appears to show US plans to destabilize Syria back in 2006 : worldnews

The US decision to send weapons to Syria repeats a historical mistake | Trevor Timm | Comment is free | The Guardian (half billion $ to arm "4-5" "moderate" rebels -- $100 milliion per rebel!)

Exclusive: This Is the ISIS Intel the U.S. Military Dumbed Down - The Daily Beast - The intelligence pros said killing certain ISIS leaders might not diminish the group and that airstrikes might not be working. The bosses didn't like that -- at all (Republican anti-factual bias)

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies' Abuse of Boys "At night we can hear them screaming"

- Saudi official: We won't cooperate with Israel as long as Palastine is occupied

Nobody Could Have Predicted German Engineering Being Used For Evil Purposes - Lawyers, Guns & Money : accused the German automaker of using software to detect when the car is undergoing its periodic state emissions testing. Only during such tests are the car's full emissions control systems turned on ... allowing the cars to spew as much as 40 times as much pollution as allowed under the Clean Air Act,
The Justice Department Pledge To Prosecute White-Collar Criminals Is About To Face A Major Test - A week after promising to crack down on corporate crime, the Obama administration may have gotten its chance with Volkswagen.

Fear of Asymmetry - The New York Times - the entire Republican Party is controlled by climate denialists, and anti-science types more broadly. And in general the modern GOP is basically anti-rational analysis; it's at war not just with the welfare state but with the Enlightenment. (and sanity)

75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption - Three in four Americans (75%) last year perceived corruption as widespread in the country's government. This figure is up from two in three in 2007 (67%) and 2009 (66%).
75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption : news - Due in fact to the tremendous amounts of money flowing into elections, revolving door jobs from politician to industry leaders and vice versa and the media's terrible job on reporting facts and instead seneationalizing non-issues

Why Americans Still Think the Economy Is Terrible - The New York Times - The median American household in 2014 had a lower income, in inflation-adjusted terms, than it did in 2013. The $53,657 the household in the middle of the income distribution earned last year was down 1.5 percent from the year before,

Obama Administration Accused Of Violating Constitutional Rights Of Immigrant Detainees - A new report says conditions in immigrant detention centers are similar to those in prisons. (he's always been this way) )

Trump Refuses To Accept That Obama Was Born In U.S., Is Not Muslim - The master of spin is at it again. (Trumpster Dumpster)

Ben Carson Would Not Support A Muslim Running For President - "I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation." (but Fundamentalist jihadi Christians are perfectly fine)

What Is Hillary Clinton's Greatest Accomplishment? - POLITICO Magazine - Carly Fiorina dared Democrats to name it. 20 top Dems accepted the challenge. (she didn't destroy a huge company and get a $73 million award)
Why Carly Fiorina's big bet is failing - Fortune Classics -- 2005

Why 2016 is Different for the GOP: The Establishment is Divided, The Base is Mostly United by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Party leadership no longer has the control of the moneyed establishment the way it once did; the Kochs and Adelsons fund whomever they please all the way to the convention.

- Teen prosecuted as adult for having naked images -- of himself -- on phone -- Cormega Copening, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, was prosecuted as an adult under federal child pornography felony laws, for sexually exploiting a minor. The minor was himself - the age of consent for sexual intercourse in North Carolina is 16. (fuck all you want, but don't take pictures of yourself)
- Teen prosecuted as adult for having naked images of himself on his phone (next, just being naked)

Chris Matthews Pretends He Was A Vocal Opponent Of Iraq Invasion | Crooks and Liars (lies and the lying assholes who lie)

Bill Maher Does Not Stand With Ahmed Mohamed : television (neither school admins or cops are trained to think +zero tolerance)
"Possibly wanted to be arrested?" -- I'm old enough to remember when Richard Dawkins wasn't widely viewed as an embarrassing crank. (what a dick)
- Richard Dawkins questions Ahmed Mohamed's "motives" and sparks backlash
Is Richard Dawkins destroying his reputation? | Sophie Elmhirst | Science | The Guardian - The scientist and bestselling writer has become the face of a new crusading atheism. But even his closest allies worry that his online provocations do more harm than good
WATCH: Megyn Kelly laughs at guest who blames "passive aggressive" teen for his own arrest (said the dude with a bomb on his wrist)
Native American Boy Pulled From Class Over Mohawk Hairstyle - "To ostracize him like that -- that's stuff from the '50s."

Salman Rushdie: 6 surreal masterpieces you should read | CBC Books | CBC Radio

New research on what people find "desirable" and "essential" in mates based on two of the largest national studies of mate preferences. It supports the long-held belief that people with desirable traits can be more selective, but it also challenges other commonly held mating beliefs. : science
3-D printed guide helps regrow complex nerves after injury -- ScienceDaily - Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind, 3-D printed guide that helps regrow both the sensory and motor functions of complex nerves after injury. The groundbreaking research has the potential to help more than 200,000 people annually who experience nerve injuries or disease.

[Serious] Have you ever stumbled across pornography featuring someone you know? If so, who was it and how did you feel about it? : AskReddit
Boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible : videos
Meltingteeth comments on Google translate now translates to Australian.


Europe Lacks Strategy to Tackle Crisis, but Migrants March On - The New York Times

StupidDogCoffee comments on What false facts are thought as real ones because of film industry?
I've been re-watching The X-Files for first time in 10 years and the amount of recognizable and famous guest stars blew my mind. : television

World court should rule on climate science to quash sceptics, says Philippe Sands | Environment | The Guardian - International Court of Justice ruling would settle the scientific dispute and pave the way for future legal cases on climate change, says high-profile lawyer (lock them up)
Cameron gives top environment policy job to oil man ahead of major climate talks | Environment | The Guardian

Europe Lacks Strategy to Tackle Crisis, but Migrants March On - The New York Times

Heads as well as hearts - Croatia says it can take no more migrants

Fed Keeps Interest Rate Steady, Giving Leeway To Job Market

House passes bills to defund Planned Parenthood amid shutdown threats | US news | The Guardian

George W. Bush Kept Us Safe! - Lawyers, Guns & Money
- Boy howdy, that's a serious burial job that the Washington Post did on the campaign of Scott Walker,
GOP Candidates to Keep Us As Safe As Bush Did -- NYMag
The Bush White House Was Deaf to 9/11 Warnings - The New York Times
Jeb Goes South, Perhaps In More Ways Than One by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly
Is the GOP Establishment About To Dump Jeb Bush? by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly
Jeb leaves a vacuum. Who fills it? (more vacuums, obviously)

America's deranged gun culture defined in one chart (Gun deaths since Reagain 836K : deaths in all wars since 1776: 656K combat deaths - NRA is terrorist organization
Court strikes down DC gun regs in mixed ruling | TheHill
On-duty police officers have shot and killed more than 700 people this year - The Washington Post (America's killer-cop epidemic)
- The tally of people shot and killed by on-duty police officers passed 700 on Wednesday
Americans and Guns - Lawyers, Guns & Money : In other words, if the USA treated guns as the average of those countries do, it would have saved more lives in the last 25 years than all the wars in our history. (keepin' America safe!)

Police Knew Ahmed Didn't Have A Bomb, Arrested The Teen Anyway (how you liking the national scrutiny, assholes?)
Ahmed Mohamed Will Not Return To MacArthur High School, Family Says (they will pay his tuition through graduate school)
"They didn't think he had a bomb." (when you're a pants-wetting rightwingnut pussy, everything looks like a bomb)
Will Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne Sink Her City? - D Magazine - But to many, Van Duyne has turned up the crazy to a level that ventures into baffling and perhaps damaging. To them, she is not a transparency advocate and reformer, but instead someone using Tea Party austerity rhetoric to distract a fractious electorate while she consolidates power for her benefactors. (even before Ahmed won the internets)

Eschaton: Fear Is The Mind Killer - It was a fucking circuit board. They're in every goddamn piece of electronics we all own, at various sizes. It was not a bomb. He did not say it was a bomb. If you ripped open your laptop you would find something similar. A bomb requires something that goes boom, not some chips on a circuit board. It's 2015. We have all seen circuit boards. Circuit boards are not bombs. This is ridiculous.

- Black teenager arrested by nine California police officers after "jaywalking" (walking in the "bus lane") - Stockton police
The U.S. is at a 13-Year Low in Imprisonment | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly

Carly Fiorina, World-Class Bullshitter - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Nowhere was this more evident than in her lies about was on the Planned Parenthood tapes:
Carly Fiorina is wrong about the Planned Parenthood tapes. I know because I watched them. - Vox

alicublog: Conservative Outreach To Women Is Going Great, Part 4,287. - The Federalist A.D.P. Efferson tells us:

Maine's Governor Worries About Snowmobile-Riding Welfare Queens (Paul LePage, human bowling ball jacket)

Lawyer: Clerk may have interfered with order on gay marriage

Have Evangelicals Who Support Trump Lost Their Values? - The New York Times (values?)

Manchin - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Joe Manchin is as close to useless as a Democrat can get. (Sen. Tel Aviv and Big Coal)

Susan Brownmiller blames victims for rape. We need a different kind of conversation. - Today's case study in the importance of not having heroes: Susan Brownmiller. (don't drink and wear skimpy clothes, girls, you're just asking for it)

These are the people Dylann Roof stayed with before the Charleston church shooting | The Washington Post - Why do the friends Dylann Roof stayed with before the Charleston church shooting shrug about their inaction? (it's not that hard to understand unless you are rich)

Race and History in New Mexico - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

Cooper Union Alumni: We're Waking Up From A Bad Dream: Gothamist - Cooper Union spokesman Justin Harmon told us yesterday that the board supports returning to a tuition free model. However, the financial "hurdles" are still "large."

alicublog: This Used To Be My Playground -- A few people have asked me what I thought of Edmund Whites' NYT magazine essay "Why Can't We Stop Talking About New York in the Late 1970s?"

America's Most Admired Lawbreaker (Reperidal and children: J&J evil fucks)
Hewlett-Packard Is Laying Off Up To 33,300 Workers - This is just the latest huge culling. (Meg Whitman reincarnates Carly Failurina)

Fly over Pluto in this new video from NASA and New Horizons | The Verge

- Chile earthquake: one million people evacuated after 8.3 magnitude quake
Summer 2015 Was The Hottest In Recorded History, NOAA Finds - It's time to do more to curb global climate change.

With 22.6 Million Viewers, CNN Debate Tops Network's Record -- But Doesn't Beat Fox News - The network also saw an impressive number of people streaming the debate online.

Facts Go on Trial at Second Republican Debate - How much of this bullshit is going to go unchallenged?
Donald Trump, Ben Carson Pander To Vaccine Deniers - Is this for real?
Jeb looked delusional, but he wasn't alone

"Somebody Is Running Against Hillary Clinton. To the Hackmobile!" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

President Obama on Twitter: "Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great."
From Handcuffs To MIT: 14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed Gets Surprise Invite
Here's how a Texas school explained arresting a 14-year-old Muslim boy for making a clock - Vox
Shaun King on Twitter: "This is the ACTUAL STATEMENT from the Iriving Police on why they arrested Ahmed Mohamed. Worse than fiction." - Definitive proof that 9th grade engineering whiz Ahmed Mohamed is smarter than the police officers who arrested him
- Ahmed Mohamed is tired, excited to meet Obama -- and wants his clock back -- mayor Beth Van Duyne accused local mosque leaders of attempting to set up a shadow court system, following Islamic law. The imams said they were merely mediating minor disputes among adherents, not bypassing or contradicting American law.

Confederate flag rally at Virginia high school results in 20 suspensions | US news | The Guardian - Christiansburg high school

- California wildfire gives residents little time to flee: "The house burned in 10 minutes"

Hitler's world may not be so far away - Timothy Snyder - Misunderstanding the Holocaust has made us too certain we are ethically superior to the Europeans of the 1940s. Faced with a new catastrophe -- such as devastating climate change -- could we become mass killers again?

Muslim 9th Grader Ahmed Mohamed Arrested For Bringing Homemade Clock To School - A modified pencil case landed the 14-year-old engineering hobbyist in juvenile detention. (clock, bomb, what's the difference? we stopped the little Muslim terrorist)

Hanging chad redux? US heading for 2000-style election catastrophe, report finds | US news | The Guardian

Why do US courts still shackle children accused of minor crimes? | David LaBahn | Comment is free | The Guardian - America continues to shackle children in juvenile courts, though few pose a flight or safety risk. This troubling practice must end

More Than A Dozen Cosby Accusers Speak Out In A&E Special - "Now it's not just me against the giant."

America's Most Admired Lawbreaker (Johnson and Johnson)

Record N.J. lottery sales are no windfall; worst returns in 40 years fuel vendor criticism - News - - sales and marketing was outsourced to a group that spent heavily on lobbying firms led by Governor Christie's closest allies. (fat bully fuck's legacy)

The Success of Austerity in Spain: The Soft Bigotry of Incredibly Low Expectations | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research

Vodafone under pressure over new leaked emails on 'hacking' of reporter | Business | The Guardian

Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia's Evo Morales In Drug Sting - A confidential informant says the DEA had its sights set on Bolivia's populist leader. (topple another democratically-elected president? of course)

- More Than Half Of Jeb Bush's Proposed Tax Cuts Would Benefit The Top 1 Percent: Report The poorest fifth of Americans would get just under 3 percent of the tax breaks. (too complicated for the media to cover)

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Suffers Yet Another Loss In Federal Court - The ruling is only procedural, but it adds to a string of losses for Davis at all levels of the federal judiciary.

The Institute for Justice - Documents: Feds Stymying State Civil Forfeiture Reform Efforts by Cutting Off Funds - IJ Calls on Federal Law Enforcement Agencies to End Their Efforts to Halt Civil Forfeiture Reform

ISP's (Comcast) don't have 1st Amendment right to edit Internet, FCC tells court FCC defends net neutrality rules against lawsuit filed by broadband industry. (they want to control what you can see and hear)

The States Where Women Are Most Likely To Be Murdered By Men - A new report offers a terrifying glimpse into domestic homicide in America. (SC, AK 1-2, Vermont Maine 8-9)

Wozniak: Nobody sacked him, Steve Jobs left Apple himself. Steve Jobs: I got fired : technology
What is something hilarious that you can't tell anyone about because it's too inappropriate? : AskReddit
What is your, "don't get me started on . . ." topic? : AskReddit

California Wildfires: Thousands Flee as Valley and Butte Blazes Force Evacuations - NBC News
Massive Valley Fire spreads to Lake, Napa, Sonoma counties |
The Great Peshtigo Fire of 1871

CIA, FBI Leadership Complain That Nobody Trusts Them After Snowden - There seems to be a gathering sorrow among the unsung heroes of our intelligence community. They have noticed a distinct lack of incense surrounding their activities, and a distinct lack of their fellow citizens in prostration at their feet. What is wrong with this nation of ingrates anyway? (obey our au-tor-i-tay)
EFF Shows Evidence That AT&T, Verizon And Sprint Helped NSA With Mass Collection Of Phone Records

Syrian Refugees and the Presidential Contest | Ten Miles Square | The Washington Monthly - easy to forget that in 2007, the UNHCR reported that more than 1.2 million Iraqis were living in Syria as refugees from the post-U.S. invasion civil war in their country. So, President Bush really unleashed a bad form of hell on the region and now it's like a game of refugee musical chairs. (way to complicated for most Americans to understand)
Hungary Seals Its Border, As EU Meets On Migrant Crisis : The Two-Way : NPR
Hungary Ramps Up Crackdown On Refugees - "Authorities cannot be forgiving of illegal border-crossing," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said.
Denmark says no to EU's 160,000 refugee plan - The Local
Closing the Border Is Voodoo Politics, and It Will Lead to Catastrophe | Sebastian Christ
Border-free Europe unravels as migrant crisis hits record day | Reuters (kind of ironic after what they did to Greece)

Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians in Yemen War - The New York Times - Rather than turning more Yemenis against the Houthis, though, the strikes are crystallizing anger in parts of the country against Saudi Arabia and its partners, including the United States. (it literally never works out the way they think it will)
The UN Says US Drone Strikes in Yemen Have Killed More Civilians Than al Qaeda | VICE News

Macau is getting rocked by reports of a $258 million casino heist

Nations using child soldiers are invited to British arms fair | World news | The Guardian - British-made weapons could be used to target children in war zones

Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott In Leadership Spill To Become Prime Minister - "committed to freedom, the individual and the market". (buzzphrase for "Third Way")
Turnbull Needs A Stronger Case Than 'I'm Not The Other Guy' | Tory Maguire - Australian politics as we have always known it is irreparably changed. (maybe the climate will catch a break)

Tony Abbott is out of a job, and another leading climate-change skeptic may soon follow - The Washington Post (Harper is even worse)

Michael Moore's 'Where To Invade Next' Deserves The Nonpartisan Audience It Won't Find - The funny new documentary premiered at the Toronto Film Festival.

Clinton campaign put the "moron" in "oxymoron
Reports of Hillary Clinton's Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated (dunno, Charlie, you just told us she should fire everybody)

The Main Reason Trump Can't Be President Is Painfully Obvious When it comes to leading the country, political experience is what matters most.

Lazy idlers on the dole grilling up T-bone steaks instead of working for an honest wage - Lawyers, Guns &
Scott Walker Calls Food Stamp Drug Testing 'A Progressive Thing' - "We're trying to help people who are in need of our assistance to get jobs." (tnx, WI, for one of the dimmest dumbbulbs)

Kim Davis Says She Won't Authorize Licenses For Gay Couples Issued By Deputies - Davis stopped issuing licenses after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage.

50 Years After the Moynihan Report, Examining the Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration - The Atlantic (TNC)(Moynihan)

Money isn't the only reason why police have ignored 80,000 rape kits | Jessica Valenti | Comment is free | The Guardian (rape-friendly law enforcement)
What Is a Rape Kit and Rape Kit Exam?
Chicago Sun-Times Writer Says Sex Workers Cannot Be Raped

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows - The Washington Post (settles that question)

Poll: Public wants to avoid shutdown over Planned Parenthood | TheHill - The poll finds that 71 percent of adults say it is more important for Congress to approve a spending bill to keep the government open, compared to 22 percent who say it is more important to eliminate all federal funds for Planned Parenthood. (the 22% crazy are shutting you down)

Child victims partly to blame in priest sex-abuse cases, Syracuse bishop testified |

The mindblowing expense of mindfulness | Discussion | The Guardian (yogo pants)

Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Diagnosis That Divides the Medical World - The New York Times
New study shows that eating a Mediterranean diet supplemented with four tablespoons per day of extra-virgin olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer by 68%. : science

Inside Ethel Kennedy's cruel neglect of her troubled kids

Important Win for Fair Use in Dancing Baby Lawsuit -- Appeals Court Affirms That Copyright Owners Must Consider Fair Use in Online Takedowns
Borg blacklist assimilates Cryptolocker domain name generators The Register

Update: California emergency chief says fires spreading faster than any in 30 years
Gov. Brown declares state of emergency in Lake, Napa counties due to 50,000-acre Valley Fire |
El Nino set to be strongest ever - Al Jazeera English - The most powerful weather pattern of its type in the past 65 years will have huge impacts on weather around the globe.
Study Predicts 200 Feet Of Sea Level Rise If All Fossil Fuels Are Burned - "To be blunt: If we burn it all, we melt it all."

Obama Administration Accused of Ignoring Geneva Conventions in Refusal to Release 74-Pound Guantanamo Detainee

You'll Want to Read This (the war on terror scam goes on)

Refugee crisis: Germany reinstates controls at Austrian border | World news | The Guardian - Train traffic from Austria halted as EU prepares for refugee showdown in Brussels on Monday

The US Government Pressured a Small Local Library to Turn Off Its Tor Server | Motherboard - The Department of Homeland Security pressured a small New Hampshire library to turn off a Tor node it recently installed, according to Julia Angwin writing yesterday in ProPublica. (child porn is always the excuse for invading your privacy)

12 Mexican Tourists and Egyptians Killed After Security Forces Misidentify Them As Terrorists | Egyptian Streets

Police drop VIP Westminster paedophile ring murder probe over lack of evidence | Daily Mail Online

With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain's Labour Party Takes a Hard Left Turn (would he NYT ever describe a similar situation in the US as a "hard right" turn?)

Bwahahahaha - The New York Times (The Krugman Show)

The Next Genocide - The New York Times - The quest for German domination was premised on the denial of science. Hitler's alternative to to science was the idea of Lebensraum ... China today, like Germany before the war, is an industrial power incapable of feeding its population from its own territory (Timothy Snyder, Black Earth; science was a Jewish plot; sound familiar?) By polluting the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, the United States has done more than any other nation to bring about the next ecological panic, yet it is the only country where climate science is still resisted by certain political and business elites (i.e., Republican deathmongers)

G.O.P. Anti-Gay Bigotry Threatens First Amendment - The New York Times

Trump and Obama: A Night to Remember - The New Yorker - Trump's humiliation was as absolute, and as visible, as any I have ever seen: his head set in place, like a man in a pillory, he barely moved or altered his expression as wave after wave of laughter struck him.

Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote - The New York Times - An August Gallup Poll found that Hillary Clinton's favorability among African-Americans was 80 percent while Sanders' was only 23 percent. A full two-thirds of blacks were unfamiliar with Sanders.

- Trump Says His Deportation Plan Will Only Take "18 Months To 2 Years If Properly Handled" (swat teams and boxcars are ready +the "wall" will be wall-to-wall Trump resorts! in pro-business public/private partnership!)

The New York Times Blows ItAgain by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (their bias is always there)

Fuckin' Women, How Do They Work? (Jindal says LA doesn't need Planned Parenthood, plenty of dentists ready to do pap smears)

Inside The Duggars' Deep Ties With A Once-Powerful, Now-Scorned Ministry - the facility where Josh was sent in Little Rock is owned and operated by the Institute in Basic Life Principles, an insular and authoritarian evangelical homeschooling ministry whose charismatic founder, former followers say, sexually harassed female employees, blamed rape victims for provoking their attackers, and subjected young disciples to grueling physical labor for little or no pay. (sounds about right)

There Is No Theory of Everything - The New York Times (tl;dr: physical solutions for physical problems, psychological solutions for psychological ones and there is no way to connect them hence no theory of everything; +anti-Freud for all the wrong reasons)
Why "I could care less" is not as irrational or ungrammatical as you might think.

All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists - The New Yorker - Lawrence M. Krauss (tl;dr: the arbitrariness of the sacred)

A Dying Young Woman's Hope in Cryonics and a Future
Reddit granted my dying girlfriend's final wish to have her brain frozen. NYT documents the journey. : videos

Homophobic attitudes have been linked with psychoticism, a psychological trait present in several severe conditions that can also contribute to heightened states of hostility and anger. : news
DNA from Neandertal relative may shake up human family tree | Science/AAAS | News - That would mean that the ancestors of humans were already wandering down a solitary path apart from the other kinds of archaic humans on the planet 100,000 to 400,000 years earlier than expected

What Ever Happened to Google Books? - The New Yorker
What Ever Happened to Google Books? - The New Yorker : books - So greed and litigation killed the online library of alexandria - shocking. (+Goog destroyed Usenet archives, talk about evil)

People of reddit who work in the medical field. What is something you have had to explain to your patients that was super ridiculous and should be common knowledge? : AskReddit
Shitty_Watercolour comments on Kid on a stuffed toy

Climate change talks in Paris our 'last chance', say Pacific islands: 'This is not politics, it's survival' - Australasia - World - The Independent
Poor nations want U.S. to pay reparations for extreme weather (specifically, Republicans)
Explosive wildfire threatens California mountain towns as blaze intensifies | US news | The Guardian - Governor declares state of emergency as thousands prepare to evacuate

Deadly Twin Explosions Rip Through Restaurant In Central India - At least 89 people were killed at a restaurant in central India on Saturday when a cooking gas cylinder exploded and triggered a second blast of mine detonators stored illegally nearby, police said. (wtf?)

Egypt's Government Resigns Amid Corruption Probe - growing discontent but stops short of faulting President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi, the former general who led the overthrow of an Islamist president two years ago.

Surprised that Syrian refugees have smartphones? Sorry to break this to you, but you're an idiot - Comment - Voices - The Independent - You don't need to be a white westerner to own a relatively cheap piece of technology (only one iPhone, if that)

Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn elected with huge mandate | Politics | The Guardian - Election of backbench MP and anti-war campaigner means party now has one of the most leftwing, anti-establishment leaders in its history
- Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership race in stunning victory
Socialist Elected UK Opposition Labour Leader - Karl Marx admirer Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of Britain's opposition Labour party on Saturday, a victory that may make a British EU exit more likely and which one former Labour prime minister has said could leave their party unelectable. - 59.5 percent of votes cast, winning by a far bigger margin than anyone had envisaged. (the elites are shitting their pants)
Jeremy Corbyn's team send a complaint to the BBC over its 'hatchet job' Panorama programme - UK Politics - UK - The Independent (BBC pawn of Conservatives now)
The day the Labour Party died - Labour members didn't want to keep the flame alive and fight. They wanted to see their party go out in a final blaze of uncompromising glory (Torygraph pov)

The outsider: how Bernie Sanders is winning over Democratic voters | US news | The Guardian (the American Corbyn)

Giddens defends third-way politics | Times Higher Education - "Socialist state control is out the window and we cannot leave control to the markets. We need a balance among three institutions: the market, government and civil society. If any one is stronger [than the others] it cannot work," he said.(1999: causes of poverty multivariate, escape easier; Blairism; history of an idea)
Third Way - In politics, the Third Way is a position that tries to reconcile right-wing and left-wing politics by advocating a varying synthesis of right-wing economic and left-wing social policies. (and there's the rub)

Poll finds almost a third of Americans would support a military coup | US news | The Guardian - Online survey shows 29% would support possible takeover while 41% said they could not imagine supporting such an event - 43% of Republicans would support a military coup in certain instances, while only 20% of Democrats and 29% of independents would. (treason has always been popular in the usual places)

Evidence comes under attack (Republicans hate reality)

Hillary Clinton Was Totally Free To Delete Personal Emails, DOJ Claims - Nothing to see here, says the government. (two accounts were too much for her ladybrain)

Eschaton: What's That In Your Pocket? - But months later, long after federal agents had led Dr. Xi away in handcuffs, independent experts discovered something wrong with the evidence at the heart of the Justice Department's case: The blueprints were not for a pocket heater. (doing science while Asian-American)

America's dark and not-very-distant history of hating Catholics | World news | The Guardian - Progressives and conservatives are in a rare unity welcoming Pope Francis to the US, but anti-Catholicism was rampant before John F Kennedy was president

Kim Davis Is About To Get A BIG Surprise In Her Hometown - Non-profit organization Planting Peace just erected the above billboard in Davis' hometown of Morehead, Kentucky. ("Dear Kim Davis -- the fact that you can't sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we've already redefined marriage")

Subway Received A 'Serious' Complaint About Jared Years Ago - The company says it regrets that the complaint was not properly handled.

Mother Rejects Payout, Refusing To Stay Silent In Lawsuit Against Cops Who Killed Her Son - According to a Wall Street Journal analysis, the 10 cities with the largest police departments paid nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in settlements and court judgments in 2014, up almost 50 percent since 2010. Those same cities paid out over $1 billion over that five-year period in cases that involved alleged shootings, beatings and wrongful imprisonment. That money, like the rest of the police department's budget, comes from taxpayers. (call it the violent cop tax)

Officer Who Arrested James Blake Has History of Force Complaints - The New York Times (racist psychocop)

Being a 'victim' has become a badge of honor on campus, sociologists argue : news

eBay Totally Changed Shopping 20 Years Ago. Now Age Has Changed eBay. (comments interesting)

When Words Fail Us
What we should never forget on 9/11 - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 1) The 9/11 hijackers were funded by rich people in Saudi Arabia, none of whom have been punished for it. 2) President Bush had ample and direct warnings that Al Queda was a threat yet failed to take them seriously. 3) One security technology could have prevented the hijackings -- secure and solid cockpit doors. The airlines fought FAA proposals for them for decades. 4) Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks but more than 10 years later more than half of Republicans still believed it did.

Japan flooding - in pictures - BBC News - Massive flooding has hit central and eastern Japan, forcing tens of thousands of people to leave their homes.
French court confirms Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning - Yahoo News

There's Still No Solution To The Real Cause Of The Refugee Crisis - There has been a lot of focus on ISIS, but little on Assad. (and none on Bush/Cheney, thanks, amnesiac media)
- US planned to oust Assad long before 2011 uprising - WikiLeaks founder reveals fostering Shia, Sunni tension (Israel pulling the levers of the neocons always pulling the levers of war)
- Karzai calls al-Qaida a "myth" and denies 9/11 attacks were plotted in Afghanistan - On the eve of the anniversary of the 2001 attacks, the former president of Afghanistan expressed doubt that the terrorist group was responsible (hello, Saudi Arabia; you know how fucked up this whole thing is? )
Chris hedges predicting the debacle of the Iraq war in 2003. shouted down with chants of USA USA : videos

Exclusive: 50 Spies Say ISIS Intelligence Was Cooked - The Daily Beast - It's being called a "revolt" by intelligence pros who are paid to give their honest assessment of the ISIS war -- but are instead seeing their reports turned into happy talk - "The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command" ... it used the word "Stalinist" to describe the tone set by officials overseeing CENTCOM's analysis (sounds about right)
Former CIA director under Obama: 'Someone needs to lose their job' if reports about ISIS intelligence are true - Yahoo Finance
- US spy chief's 'highly unusual' reported contact with military official raises concerns - James Clapper said to have frequent communication with military official who is said to be implicated in a Pentagon inquiry into manipulated intelligence (crapping up the intelligence and fucking your democracy)
The Directors Of The CIA, NSA And FBI Just Put On A Masterful Display Of Public Relations And Absolutely Nobody Bought It -

At Least 107 People Killed After Crane Collapses in Mecca's Grand Mosque - Middle East - Haaretz - Millions of Muslims are preparing to converge on the Saudi Arabia city for the annual Muslim hajj pilgrimage.

Texas man admits sending military technology to Russia | - A Texas man admitted Wednesday in federal court in New York that he acted as a secret agent for the Russian government and headed an operation over about 10 years to export military technology to that country.

Holy shit, the Colbert interview with Biden was incredible. : television

Judge rules on taxi industry lawsuit: Compete with Uber or die : news

NYPD Releases Video Of Cop Slamming James Blake To The Ground - The officer seen in the video has a lengthy list of complaints against him.
Cop Who Tackled James Blake Has Lengthy Civilian Complaint Record: Gothamist
Assembly rejects measure to limit police seizure of assets - LA Times - Facing intense opposition from law enforcement groups, a measure to limit police seizures of cash, cars and other property from people not convicted of a crime fell flat in the Assembly on Thursday. (keep the cops as crooks thing going)

Planned Parenthood not invited to congressional hearing on organization | US news | The Guardian - House judiciary committee will hear from "experts on the issues surrounding Planned Parenthood" (anti-Abortion activists, but not the experts themselves)

Heavily Armed "Christian Patriot" militia Vows to Stop Future Arrest of Kim Davis
States That Fought Same-Sex Marriage Owe Millions | Al Jazeera America - in legal fees (ha-ha)

Is Notre Dame's President A Liar Or A Fraud?

Monroeville woman sat next to blind man kicked off flight for guide dog | Allegheny Co. News - WTAE Home - a US Airways flight last Wednesday - "You're lying. I was with him the whole time." Rizzi and his guide dog were seated last, even though he was the first person at the gate ready to board
TIL a blind man was kicked off a US Airways flight after his service dog repositioned itself several times during a 2 hour delay. The passengers demanded that he be let back on and the flight attendant responsible be kick off instead. The flight was eventually canceled. : todayilearned

What is a secret you know about someone that they have no idea you know about? NSFW : AskReddit
/u/SirDackADoo gets overlooked by HR when his department gets closed : bestof
What is the sickest burn you have seen a teacher give to a student? : AskReddit - "You seem to be a bit of an intellectual snob. Your academic performance makes me wonder why". Whole class gasped ... [Student's name], you're my second favorite student of all time. Everyone else is tied for first.

Colbert's tilt-shift intro is incredible : television

Stunning New High-Res Images Show Pluto In Even Greater Detail
The Most Astounding Fact - Neil deGrasse Tyson : videos (atoms! supernovas!)

The New iPhone Is Set to Record You, Whether You Ask It To Or Not - Apple being Apple, it presented this opt-out-only automated surveillance system in different terms, as a newly enhanced feature, called Live Photos.

Once seen as bulletproof, 11 million+ Ashley Madison passwords already cracked : technology
Woman who lost Silicon Valley bias suit, Ellen Pao, is dropping appeal : news

A giant ancient virus was just uncovered in melting ice -- and it won't be the last

Microsoft headed to court to protect Irish data from US DOJ search : technology

Effort To Kill The Iran Deal Dies In The Senate - The deal is safe -- for now.

TTIP controversy: The European Commission and Big Tobacco accused of cover-up after heavily redacted documents released - Home News - UK - The Independent

- Al Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Declares War on ISIS "Caliph" Al-Baghdadi (Joe from Baghdad)

- 3D-printed TSA master keys put travellers' luggage at risk - Lockpickers took advantage of US Transportation Security Administration breach in which photos of its "approved" locks were posted online (all your luggage are belong to us)

Stop Comparing Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders | FiveThirtyEight

Taxpayers Have Spent A 'Staggering' Amount Of Money On NFL Stadiums - Taxpayers have spent nearly $3 billion on the 16 stadiums that will host NFL games

Tennessee Mom Calls Book On Cervical Cancer Cells 'Pornographic' - She thinks it could be told a "different way." A mother from Knoxville, Tennessee, believes the New York Times bestseller The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks has too much graphic information for her 15-year-old son and should not have been assigned as summer reading. (Jackie Sims, famous on the internets for all eternity for being really dumb)
Henrietta Lacks biographer Rebecca Skloot responds to US parent over "porn" allegation (ladyparts are inherently porno, even the cancerous ones)

Today in the American Meritocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - I alluded to this earlier, but the new hire to be president of the University of Iowa is amazing: (the new business model of "education")

Eschaton: Mysteries - Shit pay, no job security, regularly being lambasted by senior government officials, wasting money outsourcing core functions? It's a total mystery why finding teachers is hard to do ... On Tuesday, the first day of school, it had filled only 11 percent of the jobs. That left 477 city classrooms without teachers.

- Federal seizure program that benefits cops called "legal robbery" - Local police who are part of federal task forces can seize money and assets without warrants. This has raised millions for those agencies, (license to steal)
Couple who were shot at by a police officer after knocking on the wrong house looking for New Years party receive $370k in settlement : news

Secrets of longevity may lie in long-lived smokers, a biologically distinct group with extraordinary gene variants
So what's the deal with Technetium? That random artificial radioactive metal in the middle of the late 30s of the elements. : askscience

Mystery surrounds hallucinatory chaos at German homeopathy conference | Life and style | The Guardian - Police unsure if the incident, where 29 homeopaths were found to be intoxicated with LSD-like drug, was an accident or experiment gone wrong ... Alarmed by the sight of so many grown men and women rolling around on the floor (we'll show you micro-doses)

The simple statistic that perfectly captures what climate change means - The Washington Post - In a stationary climate, a climate where we don't have any trend or long-term change, we expect hot and cold records to be broken at almost the same rate ... But in the last 15 years, we see a dramatic increase in the frequency of hot records and the decrease of cold records

Refugee crisis: Juncker calls for radical overhaul of EU immigration policies | World news | The Guardian - European commission president calls for common asylum and immigration policy and says EU should accept 160,000 migrants and refugees

Hillary Clinton's Email Explanation Only Reveals Part Of The Story
Hillary Clinton addresses email "mistake" : The presidential hopeful has apologized for using a private email account while secretary of state, with her comments on the issue shifting since March (not very Presidential)

Big-Name Plan B's for Democrats Concerned About Hillary Clinton (Sanders is not one of them)

Did A Top Iran Hawk Think Tanker Go Berserk At The Cheney Speech? - Patrick Clawson, a top executive at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. While not formally affiliated with AIPAC, WINEP is widely and rightly seen as AIPAC's think tank

United C.E.O. Is Out Amid Inquiry at Port Authority - The New York Times (Fat Fuck Fallout)

Deputy to Kim Davis promises to continue issuing marriage licenses in Rowan County | State | - Rowan County deputy clerk Brian Mason worked the marriage license counter Wednesday in Morehead.

The Threat Coming by Land - Bloomberg View - Landlords are eating the world. (you only rent a small room in their world if you'e lucky, welcome to the purpose of income inequality)

Autopsies reveal signs of Alzheimer's in growth-hormone patients - Brain plaques may have been seeded by contaminated hormone extracts from cadavers.

Climate Change Could Shut Down the Gulf Stream, Leaving Northern Europe Freezing Cold - The environment is officially playing for keeps.
- What I Saw in a California Town Without Running Water - Thanks to the drought, many people in East Porterville can't cook, shower, or flush the toilet at home.

Shocker: The CIA Isn't Sorry For Torture - "We were fully transparent and deceived no one."
Guantanamo security clearance denied to lawyers of cooperating witness | US news | The Guardian - Katya Jestin unable to visit client, Majid Khan - Doctor barred from visiting another prisoner at camp in Cuba (sadistic fuckers to the core)

Eschaton: Benefit Scroungers - Sorry your country has been destroyed and you risk death at every turn, but we can't make things TOO nice for you here...
Eschaton: Once We Freedom Bomb The Underlying Causes There Will No More Refugee Crisis - Especially if we freedom bomb the refugees.

42 Democrats Back Iran Deal - ?Cantwell announced on Tuesday evening that she would support the deal, bringing the total number of votes to 42. With Cantwell's announcement, there are no undecided Senate Democrats left.
Here Are The Democrats Still Holding Out On The Iran Deal - If three of these four senators stick with the deal, it's done.
Dick Cheney Floats Military Action As Alternative To Obama's Iran Deal

First killing of Briton by UK drone signals mission creep in Syria | World news | The Guardian - Death of Reyaad Khan marks a significant departure for the UK, with ministers yet to rule out further targeted strikes

Conservative dissent is brewing inside the Vatican - The Washington Post
Vatican Says Transgender Man Cannot Become A Godparent - The church claimed it was not being discriminatory.

More than 107,000 sign UK petition for arrest of Netanyahu | Reuters - More than 107,000 people have signed a British petition calling for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to arrested for war crimes when he visits London this week for talks with Prime Minister David Cameron.

United Airlines CEO Out Following Federal Investigation - United began an about twice-weekly direct flight from Newark to Columbia that began after Samson became chairman and was canceled days after he resigned last year. (Christie Airways)

The Year Of The Know-Nothing Candidates - Especially on the GOP side, vague is good; ignorance is better. (stupid is ideal in voters)

Trump Is Right on Economics - The New York Times - For the issues the Bush campaign is using to attack its unexpected nemesis are precisely the issues on which Mr. Trump happens to be right, and the Republican establishment has been proved utterly wrong.
YouGov | Trump's GOP dominance continues (reaping what they sowed)

alicublog: LABOR DAY WEEKEND 'ROUND-THE-HORN. - Enjoy the annual celebration of the fruits of the labor movement -- the 40-hour week may be dead, unions are being crushed even in Harlan County, but at least they can't make your six-year-old work at the mill -- at least not till Scott Walker takes the oath of office, whereupon the NLRB will be packed with little Megan McArdles

An Exceptional Hostility to Labor by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Pretty much in every other country in Western Europe, Canada, even Australia and the U.K. (which share some labor-management features with the U.S.), the assumption is that unions are basic ingredient of liberal capitalism. (America hates its workers)

Kim Davis Released From Jail Before Defiant Crowd - She loves God, she loves people, she loves her work, and she will not betray any of those three
Voters Show Little Sympathy for Jailed Clerk in Gay Marriage Spat - Rasmussen Reports - But just 26% of Likely U.S. Voters think an elected official should be able to a ignore a federal court ruling that he or she disagrees with for religious reasons

Baltimore to pay Freddie Gray's family $6.4m in wrongful death settlement | US news | The Guardian
As police move to adopt body cams, storage costs set to skyrocket | Computerworld - Petabytes of police video are flooding into cloud services

When education becomes a business - Lawyers, Guns & Money
[Essay] | The Neoliberal Arts, by William Deresiewicz | Harper's Magazine - How college sold its soul to the market
Wall Street Sugar Daddies in the Board Room and Bedroom, Perverting Higher Education - New York University has devolved into a dystopian model of higher education reimagined by Wall Street knaves
The University of Iowa Hires the Boston Market Guy As President - And a whopping 3 percent of the faculty approve. (fuck your so-called education)

Ohio Planned Parenthood fights back at frontline of new conservative assault | US news | The Guardian (blond Christian white girls against abortion - 2.2mil pop Cincinnati with no abortion provider, thanks teahadis)

Why Isn't Anyone Getting Married? Hookup Culture, or Just College Math? - By Daniel Luzer - the true dating apocalypse, as stacks of social science show how dating and mating behavior is influenced by prevailing sex ratios. (it's almost always math, which is vary hard for moralizers)

We Don't Really Understand Autism In Girls, And That's A Problem - In the scientific study of autism, girls have been largely overlooked.
One in five kids with ADHD diagnosed by doctors improperly - The Washington Post

'True Size Map' Proves You've Been Picturing The Planet All Wrong

EU Expected To Make Big Push To Welcome Refugees (meanwhile in the land of the free ...)
Eschaton: Think About All The Freedom Bombs That Could Be Built With That Money - Such a waste, really. - The German government will spend an extra 6bn to cope with this year's record influx of refugees, the ruling coalition said on Monday. State and local governments will receive 3bn to help them house the 800,000 refugees heading for Germany while the central government is planning to free up another 3bn to fund its own expenses, such as paying benefits for asylum seekers. (meanwhile, in the country that caused this mess ...)
Germany to Spend $6.6 Billion on 800,000 Refugees and Migrants : worldnews

George Bush Takes Questions After Meeting With 9/11 Commission - 4/29/2004... : videos - It is important to remember that Bush/Cheney initially appointed Henry Kissinger to chair the 9/11 commission, one of the administration's more transparent and totally laughable gestures of determination to lock out public access to an official inquiry into the attacks.

OIG: 300,000 vets died waiting for care | Government Health IT (meanwhile, in the land of support our troops and bombbombbomb)

- Business live: Chinese stock market falls 2.5% despite claim the worst is "almost over"

Israel plans to demolish 17,000 Arab buildings in West Bank, UN says | World news | The Guardian - UN finds only 33 of 2,020 Palestinian planning applications approved, with demolitions causing poverty and leaving families in state of chronic uncertainty (but Chuckie Schumer)

Mosul: Iraqi woman kills senior Isis commander after forcing her to act as sex slave : worldnews

Amanda Knox acquitted because of 'stunning flaws' in investigation | US news | The Guardian - Amanda Knox acquitted because of 'stunning flaws' in investigation (four years in prison for a corrupt Italian justice system)

A new skirmish in the battle for Malibu beach access - LA Times

- Sarah Palin says immigrants to the US should 'Speak America' The former vice-presidential candidate joins the debate over Donald Trump's call for a "unifying language" (Palin is everywhere these days)

Students' return to school is marred by renewed segregation across US | Education | The Guardian (post-racial America)

- California police killings database reveals 'clear racial disparities' - Black men have been killed at eight times the rate of others over past decade - Initiative signals changing tides on disclosing data about use of deadly force (they've been keeping the data secret for years so they could keep doing it and support our troops so no reporting)
Kids or Criminals? Lost childhoods for Texas kids in adult prisons - Offenders who enter the system as kids and come out as adults are often as ill-prepared for life on the outside as they were when they went in (dark sadistic heart of America)

The tragedy of Cooper Union | Fusion - How one of America's last free colleges screwed its students and betrayed its legacy (soulless president destoys Cooper, makes money)
Because It's Wreckable, Alright? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Campbell, however, wanted a proactive, strategically dynamic Master Plan involving building new buildings nobody else particularly wanted. - Why would Campbell do such an extraordinarily stupid thing? (let sociopathic financial dudes run our education into the ground so they can profit, baby)
Protesters Call NYU "Cutting Edge Of Everything That's Wrong" In Higher Ed - Activists decried the financial management, real estate deals and lavish pay of the school, and other prestigious NYC colleges. (large real estate company with an educational sideline)
On the Suborning of Free Speech and Shared Governance at the University of Iowa | The Academe Blog (let's put rightwing idiots in charge, what could go wrong?) was closed because the government thinks I need to be saved | David | Comment is free | The Guardian - Women who choose to engage in sex work are often considered victims of the industry instead of rational actors. Now male sex workers are, too (DoJ priorities)
Mom and Me review: devastating study of motherly love in US's 'manliest state' | Film | The Guardian

New Zealand has just banned "Into The River", it's first book banning in 22 years. A book which one the NZ YA fiction of the year in 2013. : books

'Archaeology on steroids': huge ritual arena discovered near Stonehenge | UK news | The Guardian - Researchers find hidden remains of massive Neolithic stone monument, thought to have been hauled into position more than 4,500 years ago
The earliest phase of Durrington Walls with its line of megaliths. (90 giant stones, flattened and buried))
4,500-year-old megalithic super-henge found buried one mile from Stonehenge: Enormous row of 90 megalithic stones has been found beneath Durrington Walls earthworks. : news

[Serious] Redditors that caught a parent having an affair, what ended up going down? : AskReddit
Deep Space Nine: In The Pale Moonlight - the best hour of television you'll ever see : television
In the Pale Moonlight: How Garak started an interstellar war with nothing but one criminal, one data rod, and the self respect of one star fleet officer : DaystromInstitute
What popular fad crashed and burned the hardest? : AskReddit
This hilarious Cisco fail is a network engineer's nightmare
xkcd: Tech Support
yin-yang3 : gifs
Yin Yang Sun & Moon : gifs

Everything in Moderation: Part II by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - I was reminded of this Maddow monologue as I read David Roberts' recent outstanding pieces on the economic logic of taking action on climate change, and why such economic logic has been rejected by the right.
Everything in Moderation: Part I by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - the Republican Party's devotion to derpitude is nothing new
Moral Derpitude - The New York Times - I feel for Barro; really I do. But he has no home in today's GOP, which simply has no room for the non-derpy, and to all appearances never will. (it's the fucking Party of Derp! +"meretricious innumerate discalculia mendacious weasel")

Pope Calls on All of Europe's Catholics to House Refugees
- UN agencies "broke and failing" in face of ever-growing refugee crisis - Damage will be impossible to reverse, warns head of UNHCR, after 10% fall in funding forces cuts to food rations and closure of clinics (response to crisis: cut funding)
- Netanyahu says will not allow Israel to be "submerged" by refugees (from the guy who wants to create millions more)

Iran Has Controlled Iraq For Years. Now It May Be Pushed Out. - Iraw's top ayatollah and its prime minister are subtly challenging widespread Iranian influence. (note, "subtly")

Colin Powell and top Jewish Democrat back Iran deal in triumph for Obama | US news | The Guardian
Colin Powell and top Jewish Democrat back Iran deal in triumph for Obama | US news | The Guardian - Debbie Wasserman Schultz, leader of Democratic National Committee and Florida's first Jewish congresswoman, says decision was her hardest yet
Fox News Embarrasses Dick Cheney On Iraq And Iran - The former vice president waved off numbers that showed Iran's nuclear capacity grew rapidly under the Bush administration.

Investigation into Mexico's 43 missing students dismisses official story | World news | The Guardian - Six-month investigation says government's story of protesters being incinerated at rubbish dump is impossible

From President to Prison: Otto Pirez Molina and a Day for Hope in Guatemala - The New Yorker (US has encouraged kleptocratic oligarchies to support corporate interests)

Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton by 9 in New Hampshire, Gains in Iowa: Poll - NBC News

Hillary Clinton Sets Up Another Misguided Defensive Crouch: Southern State Edition by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (no firewalls against stupidity)

Last Hurrah For The Old, White, Angry Crowd | Joe Seldner - This has been a heady summer for old, angry, white men and women.

Kim Davis' Attorney Says Marriage Licenses Issued On Friday Are Invalid He also said Davis has no intention of stepping down.
Twitter Users Hijack #FreeKimDavis To Lampoon Jailed Kentucky Clerk - #FreeKimDavis She's like Rosa Parks if Rosa Parks was a bus driver who wouldn't let white people get on her bus and she crashed 3 busses (too stupid to know how stupid they are)
Parody Twitter Account Hilariously Skewers Jailed Kentucky Clerk - We all agreed that if #KimDavis falls in love and wants to marry her cell mate, we'll let her, but we're going to be dicks about it.
TN Judge Refuses To Divorce Couple, Blaming SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling - A judge in Tennessee told a married couple seeking a divorce that he could not grant one for them, arguing that the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision left him unclear as to when a marriage ends. (logic is not their friend)

For $525, You Can Learn How To Fight Terrorists (Muslims Need Not Apply) - The men sport earmuffs and digital camouflage cargo shorts bought on clearance, and their beer bellies hang over gun belts stocked with pistols and extra clips.

Kansas sperm donor fights back after state forces him to pay child support : news - Kansas doesn't [yet] recognize same sex parents. (Kansass)

Science AMA Series: We are authors of "Estimating the Reproducibility of Psychological Science" coordinated by the Center for Open Science AUA : science (psychology, especially social psychology is a statistics game)
Cheery Contrarianism About Reproducibility in Psychology - Lawyers, Guns & Money : In the investigation, a whopping 75% of the social psychology experiments were not replicated, meaning that the originally reported findings vanished when other scientists repeated the experiments.

Slate Voice: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period. (Farhad never used a typewriter)
Why two spaces after a period isn't wrong - But perhaps the worst offender in the promulgation of such nonsense is a particularly self-righteous piece in Slate from earlier this year.
Two Spaces After a Period

What video game was an absolute masterpiece? : AskReddit

The European Migrant Crisis Is A Nightmare. The Climate Crisis Will Make It Worse. - Hundreds of thousands of migrants are seeking refuge in Europe, but millions more will be displaced as the climate warms.

Cheering German crowds greet refugees after long trek from Budapest to Munich | World news | The Guardian - politicians continue to bicker, desperate travellers are welcomed and fed as they arrive at German city

[Readings] | Modest Proposals, by Asma Ghribi | Harper's Magazine - From a list of rules the Islamic State has imposed within territories it has claimed since 2013. Translated from the Arabic by Asma Ghribi - The use of Apple devices is prohibited (not so dumb after all)

Snowden criticises Russia for approach to internet and homosexuality | US news | The Guardian - calls government fundamentally wrong as he accepts Norwegian prize

Clintons personally paid State Department staffer to maintain server - The Washington Post (what could go wrong? because she couldn't handle TWO email accounts)

Do black lives really matter to liberals? | Newsday - Really caring would require treating African Americans as fully capable citizens, and liberals have never been willing to do that. Feeling sorry for blacks is far more rewarding, especially at the polling place. (libs coddling the moocher blacks)

Photographer Wants To Open Your Eyes To The Brutal Realities Of The American Prison Complex (America loves torture)

In a dark corner of the Trans-Pacific Partnership lurks some pretty nasty copyright law - The Washington Post (Constitution rewritten by Big Content, "orphan works" belong to us forever!)

Some Thoughts on the Great APSA Baby Ban of 2015 | Duck of Minerva - OK, first of all, if the insurance company is the problem APSA needs a new insurance carrier. Any insurance policy that covers drunken political scientists but not their sober children is not worth its salt.

I Was Shaken Down by Wikipedia's Blackmail Bandits Dayramir Gonzalez faced threats if he didn't pay up for edits to his Wikipedia page. Now, his scammer and 380 other blackhat editors have been banned for blackmail. (is dumb a crime?)

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

Migrants Can Enter Austria and Germany, Official Says - The New York Times
Shocking images of drowned Syrian boy show tragic plight of refugees | World news | The Guardian - Young boy found lying face-down on a beach near Turkish resort of Bodrum was one of at least 12 Syrians who drowned attempting to reach Greece (destroy their countries; drown their refugees)
The U.S. and the Syrian Refugees - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The United States has taken an embarrassingly small number of Syrian refugees. That is especially true given U.S. complicity in the rise of ISIS and right-wing pressure to arm the Syrian rebels without accepting any consequences into what that would lead to (although I realize Obama did not allow this to happen)
Christian politicians won't say it but the Bible is clear: let the refugees in, every last one (well, that's not the only thing they won't say)
Jordan has a population of 6 million, but have taken in 1.5 million refugees. All with little protest or mass global coverage. : worldnews
The Arab world's wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria's refugees
From "cockroaches" to campaigns: how the UK press u-turned on the refugee crisis
Exactly half of Germans are concerned that the strong increase in the number of asylum seekers is overwhelming them and German authorities, a survey showed on Thursday. : worldnews (they, personally, are overwhelmed)

The Iran Deal and the End of the Israel Lobby -- NYMag (no, but progress)
Dam Really Breaks on Iran Nuke Deal - Today three more previously undecided Democratic senators, Corey Booker, Mark Warner and Heidi Heitkampf, came out in the support of the deal (fuck you, Chuckie)
John Kerry, Confident The Iran Deal Will Survive Past Obama, Plots His Next Big Task - The secretary of state boldly predicts the deal will have a 90 percent approval rating by 2017.

2,000 cases may be overturned because police used secret Stingray surveillance | US news | The Guardian
FBI, DEA and others will now have to get a warrant to use stingrays : technology

Solitary Confinement Is Cruel and All Too Common - The New York Times (the sadistic dark soul of America)

Maine Voters Hope To Restore Their Revolutionary Election System (Radical Reactionary Supreme Court killed Clean Elections)

This Was to Be the Year of Bigger Wage Gains. It would never be allowed on the stage
Congress Is Coming Back, So The Government Could Be Shutting Down - Get ready for more pointless crap from your elected officials.

Trump's Image Up Sharply Among Republicans (he is their mirror image)
The Narcissist in Chief - The New York Times - narcissists, but not people with garden-variety high self-esteem, are prone to retaliating harshly against people who have criticized them.
Trump rips into Hugh Hewitt after terror gaffe - True to form, the real estate mogul tries to turn the tables by going on the attack.
- Republicans Are Obsessed With Islamic Terrorists. Just Don't ask them to name any (knowledge is hard)
Maddow: Trump Signing GOP Pledge Is 'A Giant Screwup' - The threat of running as a third-party candidate gave the reality TV star a lot of leverage.

Trump Tries To Shame Megyn Kelly Over 2010 Stern Interview About Breasts
Megyn Kelly Talks With Howard Stern: Breasts, Penises, Sex
Scott Walker, Martin O'Malley 2016: Lost the summer according to The POLITICO Caucus - 'He's been on all three sides of every two-sided issue,' one Iowa Republican insider said.

Carly Fiorina Thinks English Is The Official Language. It's Not. - Fiorina piles on speakers of other languages before launching into a call for border security. (Megyn would never make that mistake)

First Gay Couple Receives Marriage License At Jailed Kentucky Clerk's Office
Kentucky's Petty Orval Faubus Arrested By U.S. Marshalls - Lawyers, Guns & Money : A Kentucky judge fails to recognize Kim Davis' sacred right to get paid while refusing to do her job and obstruct the rights of the citizens she represents based on arbitrary whim:
Why The Kentucky Clerk's Last Stand Won't Make Her A Right-Wing Hero
Husband of rogue Kentucky clerk: "My wife jailed illegally" (bright people)

- Two alleged arsons at Planned Parenthood clinics reported in wake of "sting" videos"

Indian Grandfather Paralyzed By Alabama Cop Was Not Threatening, Colleague Testifies - The trial is underway for an officer caught slamming an Indian man to the ground.
Guards arrested a week after inmate died in California jail | US news | The Guardian
One killed and two wounded in shooting at Sacramento City College | US news | The Guardian - Campus on lockdown and classes cancelled on Thursday evening, as police hunt suspect in parking lot attack

Ride, hustle, kill, repeat: the underground cycle gangs of Los Angeles | Cities | The Guardian

- Necrophilia legislator on a crusade to outlaw loophole of arcane era - Massachusetts bans crimes against chastity, morality, decency and good order but does not include sex with a dead person

Why are the baby boomers desperate to make millennials hate ourselves? | Eleanor Robertson | Comment is free | The Guardian - New statistics from the Pew research centre show the youngest workers have totally internalised the messaging of the luckiest generation in human history (they were incredibly lucky to have boomer parents wreck everything)

The 12 Sickest NFL Burns From The 'Deflategate' Decision
Brady Freed, Shield Dented: The NFL Gets a Judicial Smackdown + - Thanks to Judge Richard Berman, Roger Goodell now has the cleanest clock in town ... It has exposed him as a faithless and arbitrary jefe presiding over a banana republic of his own mind.
The arrogance of Roger Goodell - Yahoo Sports - Deflate-gate was a case born of ignorance and lost through arrogance.
DeflateGate exposed Roger Goodell as unfit to serve his office - The Washington Post (and not the brightest bulb)

Mass Baptism Filmed At Football Practice Prompts Investigation

'History is Written By the Winners' -- But Who Gets to Dictate the Story of Trans History? | Dana Beyer

ELI5: What are the psychoactive effects of nicotine and what is the chemistry behind them? : explainlikeimfive

[Serious] Redditors who DON'T want to have children - why not? : AskReddit - I can't even take care of plants.
Earwolf: "The Wolf Dead!"

Nepal Hasn't Spent Any Of The $4 Billion In Donations Since Earthquake - But it's not all gloom and doom.
Chris Christie Yells At Town Hall Attendee For Quoting His Own Comments On Climate - Republican presidential candidate denies saying "by breathing we contribute to" climate change. (she quoted his own words and the fat bully-fuck lied again ... and again)

Plane Debris Found on Reunion Island Definitely from MH370, French Investigators Determine

Turkish daily exposes transfer of weapons to ISIS : worldnews (and gets arrested)

Migrants Clash With Police After Budapest Train Station Reopens - An estimated 3,000 people have been camping outside the station, hoping to immigrate to Western Europe.
Using batons, Hungarian police push journalists out of station where migrant train stranded
Photos, Video Show Frantic Crowds At Budapest Train Station

ISIS believes that if they are killed by a woman, they will go to hell. Kurdish women have taken that as a challenge. (more pictures in comments) : pics

Unicef Warns of Lost Generation of War Children Out of School - The New York Times

His Town - The Huffington Post - Yousef Al-Otaiba (UAE lobbyist: how the riches live

The Democratic Republic of Congo has banned a film about Congolese surgeon Denis Mukwege, who has treated thousands of women raped during conflict. "There is a clear intent to harm and sully the image of our army." : worldnews

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina Resigns Amid Scandal - Perez Molina is being investigated for bribery, fraud and illicit association. A judge on Wednesday granted a request from the attorney general for the president to appear in court for testimony.

The Reactionary Soul - The New York Times - as Corey Robin describes it: Conservatism is - a reactionary movement, a defense of power and privilege against democratic challenges from below, particularly in the private spheres of the family and the workplace.
alicublog: Rooting For Injuries. - In a truckload of Trump articles A-list conservatives have tried in vain to get B-listers-and-lower to abandon Trumpism.

Eschaton: Jeb "Anchor Babies" Bush - An actual paragraph appearing in the liberal New York Times ... "Republicans must become an inclusive, big-hearted party" ... Ask Michael Schiavo about that inclusive, big-hearted governor.

"State Officials Interposing Themselves Between Individuals and Their Rights is Deep in Our Heritage" - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Kim Davis, Kentucky county clerk firmly committed to the principle that marriage is between a woman and a man, and then another man, and then another man, and then another man*, continues to defy court orders on behalf of that most sacred of all rights, the right to refuse to do your job while still getting paid.

UPDATE: Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis found in contempt of court; - WDRB 41 Louisville News
Rowan County Clerk found in contempt of court; taken into custody : news

Man arrested for parodying mayor on Twitter gets $125K in civil lawsuit | Ars Technica - the local mayor, Jim Ardis - "We took every step in accordance with the law." (well, not that law but the one we invented in our heads +asshole using police force as his personal goon squad)

Brady beats NFL in 'Deflategate' court case, judge nullifies league's 4-game suspension

What is something you should never say to the opposite sex? : AskReddit
What's a lie you know you've been told your entire life? : AskReddit
What is a scam that most people don't realize? : AskReddit
What is something you should never say to the opposite sex? : AskReddit
What is the most terrifying photo on the Internet that will scare me shitless? : AskReddit
Youtuber reacts to videos of people explaining why the earth is flat. NSFW language. : videos

City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses | Ars Technica - A municipal Internet service provider in Salisbury, North Carolina, announced today that it is making 10Gbps service available throughout the city, to both businesses and residents. (coulda' been you, Cambridge, but no ...)
City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses : technology


Obama's Iran Deal Will Survive As 34th Senator Announces Support - Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) gives the president the votes he needs to beat back legislation to kill the deal.

- On Monday Wang Xiaolu, a journalist from one of China's top financial publications, appeared on Chinese state television confessing causing "panic and disorder" on the stock market by reporting the news.

Britain takes in so few refugees from Syria they would fit on a subway train - The Washington Post

Dick Cheney Still Has 'No Apologies' For Going Into Iraq - "It was the right thing to do then."

- A theology professor explains that the Pope hasn't changed anything on abortion - Women who make the evil choice to have an abortion need to prove to a celibate male priest that she didn't know what she was doing and then perhaps she won't be exccommunicated. So that's nice

Romney Is Horrified by Trump

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America | Mother Jones - 750,000 Americans injured by gunshots over the last decade, and she was lucky not to be one of the more than 320,000 killed. Each year more than 11,000 people are murdered with a firearm, and more than 20,000 others commit suicide using one.

Eschaton: Rich Guys Can't Make Other Rich Guys Look Bad - It's the 1st Law Of Rich Guys or something. - In the end even Sony, which unlike most other major studios in Hollywood has no significant business ties to the N.F.L., found itself softening some points it might have made against the multibillion-dollar sports enterprise that controls the nation's most-watched game.

The Dream Team, episode #334 of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast on Earwolf - Later, Corny Grandpa and Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek stop by to share some of the things the youngsters are putting out into the internet as well as play a game of Would You Rather!

Washington State announces it will not allow professors to ban words they don't like

Researchers Just Found The Easiest Way To Help You Lose Weight, And It's Something You Already Do Every Day | Details

Uber Drivers' Labor Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status In California (sharing economy unionized)
Amazon Prime Video now does what Netflix won't: offline playback : television

"This is a holy shit moment." "It's not 'holy shit'; it's worse than that." Preview of HBO Vice: Our Rising Oceans with Eric Rignot - MirrorNinja
"This is a holy shit moment." "It's not 'holy shit'; it's worse than that." Preview of HBO Vice: Our Rising Oceans with Eric Rignot : videos
Scientists pinpoint Arctic warming hotspots behind severe northern hemisphere winters - Recent research suggests a warming Arctic could be the cause of a series of very cold winters in the US and Asia. Now, a new study picks out the exact areas in the Arctic circle where unusually high temperatures appear to be driving severe winters in mid-latitude countries.

A Heckuva Job - The New York Times - How many Katrinas has Mr. Obama had so far? By one count, 23. - since 9/11, former President George W. Bush had been posing as a strong, effective leader keeping America safe. He wasn't. But as long as he kept talking a bout terrorists, it was hard for the public to see what a lousy job he was doing. It took a domestic disaster, which made his administration's cronyism and incompetence obvious to anyone with a TV set, to burst his bubble.

US markets drop after bleak Chinese manufacturing report - after gloomy economic data out of China rekindled fears that the world's second-largest economy is slowing much faster than anticipated.

Petraeus: Use Al Qaeda Fighters to Beat ISIS - The Daily Beast (didn't they try something like that before?)
Raid on Koza Ipek Media Group comes after reports on transfer of weapons to ISIL (two-faced Erdogan)
'Isis' weapon shipment intercepted by Greek coastguard off Crete

Why Germany Will Undergo Radical Change This Year | Sebastian Matthes - even yelling at Angela Merkel during her visit to one of the shelters, calling her a "traitor to her people," an especially vile term of Nazi propaganda.

UN investigating British Government over human rights abuses caused by IDS welfare reforms - UK Politics - UK - The Independent - Last week, the Department of Work and Pensions revealed that 2,380 people have died within six weeks of being declared 'fit to work' by the government between 2011 and 2014 ... grave or systematic violations (fit to die, they meant)

N.Korea would have 'no chance' in a conflict with South: US - Yahoo News

West Point Also Apparently a Fifth Column in the War on Terror - Lawyers, Guns & Money : William C. Bradford (Army dude wants to execute academic critics, is a serial liar and wants a coup-d'etat in 2017 after Hillary takes office)
West Point Official Advocates Targeting Law Professors With Drone Strikes - William C. Bradford thinks anyone who questions the legality of American anti-terror tactics should be on the receiving end of those tactics ... The fact that said journal comes out of George Mason University should be the tip-off. GMU has been bought and paid for by various wingnut sugar daddies and is now a fount of bad conservative ideas ... It turns out that brother Bradford called in an artillery barrage on his own resume and is now without work.
West Point law professor who called for attacks on 'Islamic holy sites' resigns | US news | The Guardian - A law professor who published an inflammatory article urging attacks on law professors and "Islamic holy sites" and who has been dogged by accusations of misrepresenting his academic and military credentials has resigned from the US Military Academy at West Point, the Guardian has confirmed.

Canada officially in recession : worldnews (go, Harper)

Hugo Chavez daughter is the richest individual in Venezuela, report claims | Fox News Latino - Marma Gabriela Chavez has bank accounts in the U.S. and Andorra with assets totaling nearly $4.2 billion. (there's your socialist revolution)
Guatemalan Congress strips president's immunity - Al Jazeera English - Vote clears way for President Otto Perez to be prosecuted over allegations he masterminded a massive corruption scheme.

Megyn Kelly For President - Megyn Kelly 2016

McKinley Hot Takes - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Proving there is literally nothing President Obama can do that won't threaten their whiteness and send them into spasms of uncontrolled fury, conservatives are going ballistic over the official name of change of Mt. McKinley to Denali. (very angry crazy people)
The Completely Predictable Conservative Backlash to Renaming Mount McKinley - The Atlantic - Alaska's Great White Mountain - In renaming a peak that honored a Republican hero, President Obama stepped into the center of a fray over political correctness, American culture, and partisanship.

Trump Supporters Think Obama is A Muslim Born in Another Country - Public Policy Polling - 51% overall want to eliminate birthright citizenship. 54% think President Obama is a Muslim. And only 29% grant that President Obama was born in the United States. That's less than the 40% who think Canadian born Ted Cruz was born in the United States.
Republicans Support Outsider Presidential Candidates Over The Establishment, Polls Show
Amateur Hour Redux by Ed Kilgore | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly ("outsiders" at 65% - Republicans succeeded at making their voters hate their party)
Donald Trump Unleashes Controversial New Attack Against Jeb Bush - Trump takes a page from the infamous Willie Horton ad to smear Jeb Bush.

Judge Orders Clerk, Her Entire Staff To Court After Refusing Licenses Yet Again (jail her four-time married Christian ass) )
Kentucky clerk **defies Supreme Court**, refuses marriage license to gay couple : news

NRA Host Warns Parents Of Slain Virginia Journalists To Not "Become So Emotional" In Response To Shooting | Blog | Media Matters for America
US police act against federal guidelines with shootings into moving cars | US news | The Guardian (you must respect their au-thor-i-tay or die)
Video Appears To Show Man With Hands Up Gunned Down By Texas Cops - I've been in this position for 14 years, and I've seen anything like it (put your hands up so we can kill you)

Jersey Pays Subaru to Bring Another Parking Crater to Downtown Camden | - Camden, New Jersey, took home the 2015 Golden Crater award for the nastiest parking scar in the country, and it looks like state and local leaders aren't about to let the city rest on its laurels.
Children's Hospitals Cut Down On CT Scans To Prevent Cancer - A new study shows a major drop in uses of the risky procedure.
Double-blind study finds that only a third of subjects diagnosed with non-celiac gluten sensitivity experience adverse side effects when given gluten. : science

Ashley Madison Code Shows More Women, and More Bots - . Equally clear is new evidence that Ashley Madison created more than 70,000 female bots to send male users millions of fake messages, hoping to create the illusion of a vast playland of available women.

The man who sold Minecraft to Microsoft for #2.5 billion says it's made him miserable - The Independent (never heard of "charity")

The Katrina disaster that hasn't ended - New Orleans is rebuilding, but the real destructive force involves Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers -- and it's owhere near fixed
What's Left To Say About Katrina? What's Left To Say About Katrina?
Wright Thompson on life, loss and renewal in New Orleans 10 years after Hurricane Katrina
For the first time ever recorded there were 3 major hurricanes in the Pacific simultaneously. : pics (almost, anyway)

Moscow furious over Norwegian TV show depicting life after a Russian invasion | Daily Mail Online - The 10-episode TV drama, which starts on October 4, has angered Russia - Claims show would scare viewers with a non-existent threat from the East

Figures show record influx of refugees into Europe - Al Jazeera English - Border agency says over 100,000 crossed EU borders in July, signalling sharp rise in arrivals amid humanitarian crisis.
Austria Inspects Trucks for Migrants, Creates 18-Mile Backup - ABC News

- Saudi Arabia is the Great ISIS
Child taken from British mother by Sharia court because she 'didn't obey her husband' : news
ISIS Damages Ancient Temple in Palmyra, Activists Say - The New York Times
School Poisoning? Dozens of Girls Fall Ill in Herat, Afghanistan - NBC News

Tony Blair 'tried to save Colonel Gaddafi' just before bombing of Libya - UK Politics - UK - The Independent (in case you forgot)

Man shot dead by police in north London | UK news | The Guardian - It is the first fatal shooting by British police this year. In September 2014 a man was killed by police in Islington after threatening a woman with a knife. That was the first shooting in the capital since the killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, which sparked the 2011 riots. (One.Per.Year)

- Clinton's private email address,, was revealed for the first time. The email address surfaced after Romanian hacker Guccifer broke into former White House adviser Sidney Blumenthal's AOL email account and leaked screenshots of his inbox. (oh, let's mix up terrorist attacks with recipes! two accounts would be too much technology! so once again wtfweretheythinking?)

The Way of the Doofus Warrior

What happened to Scott Walker? - The Washington Post (thud)
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community - It's stuff like this that makes minority outreach so unsuccessful for Republicans. Because, you know, the rest of us can hear you when you think you're just talking to your base.

Feds fighting to keep cash seized from person never charged with crime | Fox News

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her - americablog News
How to Rig an Election | Harper's Magazine - Part 4 - Their report asserted that anyone with $26 in parts and an eighth-grade science education would be able to manipulate the outcome of an election (definitely within reach of Republicans)
Rally for state secession falls flat - More than 300 people were expected at the Alabama Flaggers Secession Rally, according to AF co-director Freda Mincey-Burton and the event's Facebook page. On the steps of the Capitol Saturday, attendance peaked at 30 people
Kansas statistician suing the state to obtain election records, says voting results don't add up. : news (it's Kansas we're talking about +Bush/Rove stealing Ohio in 2004)

From Alabama to California: Family moves to obtain medical marijuana | - When the Southern culture is so closed-minded that they can't allow something because it might alter a personality, I take issue with that strongly. And I think you can feel that in the way that I'm delivering it to you at this moment (you're supposed to have life-threatening seizures all the time)

Alcohol sales get higher after weed legalization contrary to industry fears | US news | The Guardian - Alcohol businesses are seeing phenomenal growth alongside marijuana industry in Colorado, dispelling concerns that consumers prefer pot over booze (party on)

- Children May Not Actually "Grow Out" of ADHD After All - Brain changes and memory problems tend to persist into adulthood.
Association Between Eating Speed and Metabolic Syndrome in a Three-Year Population-Based Cohort Study

The Reference Frame: The pleasant Cretaceous life - When the insanity of one climate fearmonger trumps the others (it was four degrees warmer in the Cretaceous period and there was life on the planet! Giant Lizards! +climate science apparently harder than theoretical physics)

- Bobby Jindal Insists We Ignore Climate Change, New Orleans' greatest threat (Piyush)
The Next Storm Will Come Despite Your Political Views - climate change is not a partisan issue. It's bigger than Bobby Jindal. It's bigger than all of us.
- Utah lawmakers speculate feds might've orchestrated toxic river spill, ask AG to investigate (they coming for your guns, golfs and mines +proud to be stupid)
17 Of The Best Things Ever Written About Hurricane Katrina - Ten years after the storm, read the survivors' stories.

- NASA Chief to Congress: Don't Make Us Hitch Rides With Russia (that boat done left)

Here Are The Wobbly Democrats Who Could Make Or Brek The Iran Deal - The White House still needs three senators to promise to protect the nuclear agreement.
Dems say party chair blocked Iran resolution at DNC meeting - The Washington Post - Debbie Wasserman Schultz prevented consideration of a resolution at the party's summer meeting here that praised President Obama and offered backing for the nuclear agreement with Iran, according to knowledgeable Democrats. (dual-loyalty Jew who puts Israel first)
Iran in the 60s and 70s : pics (ok for upper-class in Tehran, sucked for everyone else; revolution worked)

ISIS and the Curse of the Iraq War - The New Yorker - Even at the time, the Iraq War seemed like a very bad idea. Twelve years on, it has developed into a wretched curse on the civilizations whose foundations were laid in places like Palmyra and Mosul. (but your media thought war was great and Bush was terrific)

Gung-ho Americans, steady Brits, and a lack of French resistance - but was the story of the terror train really so clear? - A narrative straight out of the second world war changed every time you read it, and true or not, each re-mix added something delightful

Germany Wants Other European Nations To Take In More Refugees - "Germany and a few other countries are by far ... those that receive the most refugees." (they're really pissed at ... Ireland!)

Outspoken Indian scholar killed by gunmen - Al Jazeera English - MM Kalburgi died on his way to hospital after being shot by unidentified men in southern Karnataka state.

Claims that Welsh MI6 spy who was found dead in holdall hacked into secret data about Bill Clinton - Gareth Williams, from Anglesey, was found dead in a padlockled bag in his flat in 2010 and his death remains a mystery (ruled a suicide, of course)

Hobby drone flies within 50ft of LAPD helicopter, derails a suspect search | Ars Technica - Nabbed the amateur pilot in a Rite Aid parking lot; man faces further examination.

Artificial Unintelligence - The New York Times - In the early stages of the Lesser Depression, those of us who knew a bit about the macroeconomic debates of the 1930s, and realized how relevant the hard-won insights of Keynes and Hicks were to the post-financial crisis world, often felt a sense of despair. Everywhere you looked, people who imagined themselves sophisticated and possessed of deep understanding were resurrecting 75-year-old fallacies and presenting them as deep insights. (William Cohan is a tool and a bad person)
Show Some Spine, Federal Reserve - The New York Times (William Cohan pretends to understand economics)

Sanders Within Striking Distance of Clinton in Iowa - Bloomberg Politics - The latest Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register Iowa Poll shows concerns about Clinton, enthusiasm for Sanders and the possibility of Biden roiling the Democratic field. (first time Clinton under 50% at 37%, Sanders at 30%)
Iowa Poll: Clinton leads, but Sanders draws near
Iowa Poll: Trump blazes to lead; Carson quietly rises - Donald Trump has built up tremendous support in Iowa he's very wealthy, he loves the Bible and he'd be just terrific as president of the United States. And he's very handsome. (in a really weird sort of way)
Scott Walker Open To Building Wall Along Border With Canada - Walker said building a northern wall is a "legitimate" issue to look at. (keep out all those Canadian rapists, eh? +bunker America, Repubicans see threats everywhere)

Hillary Clinton Really Is Coming For Your Guns - The Daily Beast - Some politicians talk about gun control once in a while. Clinton has been pushing to curb firearms for decades. No wonder the NRA has vowed to bring her down.

Tell Us What You Really Mean By "political correctness" Conservatives (S.E.Cupp says liberals are to blame for the Trumpster)
Trigger Warnings Do Not Suppress Speech - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Evangelicals need to stop giving the rest of us Christians a bad name Tracey M Lewis-Giggetts | Comment is free | The Guardian - Some sects of American Christianity have stopped living by the Golden Rule. It makes the public think the whole religion is rotten - Many Americans seem to think the Duggars represent Christianity

Lockheed Martin Took Taxpayer Dollars, Spent Them Lobbying for More Dollars | War Is Boring - Defense giant gets off far too easy for illegal lobbying

Fox Host Complains That NYPD Officers Have To Justify Their Stop-And-Frisks | Blog | Media Matters for America (Fucker Carlson)
12-Year Report On NYC's Unconstitutional Stop-And-Frisk Policy Debunks Right-Wing Media Claims | Blog | Media Matters for America
Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest - ABC News - Civil liberties experts say Demint is part of a growing trend of citizen videographers getting arrested after trying to record police behavior. (they somehow never get the memo)
Decomposed body found in McAllister Park - Searchers looking for the woman whose body was stolen from a North Side funeral home discovered the decomposed corpse of another apparent victim Saturday morning.

St Paul's trial leaves school community in disarray over 'toxic' sexual culture | US news | The Guardian - Victim's family blames New Hampshire prep school administration for being complicit in sexual traditions, as alumni react in light of Owen Labrie's verdict (they had to know, but "tradition")
Chrissie Hynde criticised over rape remarks | Society | The Guardian - Pretenders singer condemned after saying it can be a woman's fault if she is raped, and blamed herself for performing sexual acts under threat of violence - "If you're wearing something that says "come and fuck me" you'd better be good on your feet ... I don't think I'm saying anything controversial am I?"
"Django" actress gets community service after judge calls apology to LAPD "insincere and passive-aggressive"

Oliver Sacks, Neurologist And Author, Dies At 82
Oliver Sacks in The New Yorker - The New Yorker - Hemingway - He would get on his knees and cry and beg his wife not to send him back for more shock treatments - Hemingway committed suicide on July 2, 1961, a day after his 36th shock treatment. He had earlier convinced doctors that he could return home (so, she destroyed his brain until he killed himself)

A nap a day could save your life, research suggests - Research suggests a daily nap could reduce blood pressure and stave off heart attacks
Dietary Magnesium Is Positively Associated with Skeletal Muscle Power and Indices of Muscle Mass and May Attenuate the Association Between Circulat... - PubMed - NCBI
Cocaine stops you from recognising other people's emotions : science
Mysterious Wooden Idol Found in Russia is 11,000 years old, The Shigir Idol is twice as old as the Pyramids and Stonehenge - and is by far the oldest wooden structure in the world. Covered in a code no one can decipher. : worldnews
Immune cells turn HIV into AIDS, not the virus itself
- Romantic opportunities appear to influence women's sexual identities, but not mens' (men are 100% gay or not gay)

FCC Rules Block use of Open Source

- international syndicate that has been a subject of multiple criminal investigations, a leading European law enforcement official said Saturday.
Refugee Children Found In Critical Condition Inside Van In Austria - A third of a million people have crossed the Mediterranean seeking refuge in Europe this year.

Julian Assange 'told Edward Snowden not seek asylum in Latin America' | Media | The Guardian - WikiLeaks founder says he told the NSA whistleblower he could be kidnapped or killed, and that he was better off sheltering in Russia despite negative PR (looks like he was right about a lot of stuff)
Julian Assange 'told Edward Snowden not seek asylum in Latin America' because he could have been kidnapped and possibly killed there | WikiLeaks founder says he told the NSA whistleblower he could be kidnapped or killed, and that he was better off sheltering in Russia despite negative PR
- The Norwegian academy which gave Edward Snowden a free speech prize is planning to hold a "symbolic ceremony" for the whistleblower at the country's far-northern border with Russia.
West Point professor calls on US military to target legal critics of war on terror | US news | The Guardian - US military academy official William Bradford argues that attacks on scholars' home offices and media outlets - along with Islamic holy sites - are legitimate (you'e not supposed to see how they really think, see below) A Message to Our Readers: | National Security Law Journal - As the incoming Editorial Board, we want to address concerns regarding Mr. Bradford's contention that some scholars in legal academia could be considered as constituting a fifth column in the war against terror; his interpretation is that those scholars could be targeted as unlawful combatants.

Canada government suspends scientist for folk song about prime minister | World news | The Guardian - The song was written by Tony Turner, who worked at government agency Environment Canada and is a mainstay on the Ottawa folk music scene (no making fun of your dictator)
Stephen Harper Hates Me - YouTube

When the Bank Robs You: Wells Fargo Contractors Allegedly Stole Family Heirlooms Rescued From Nazis (you thought "banksters" was an exaggeration)

Unions Plot Major Push After Landmark Labor Ruling - obligations toward contract and franchise workers would help them organize manufacturers and e-commerce companies as well as fast food chains.

FBI Agent Pretended To Be An AP Reporter. Now AP Is Suing - "The FBI both misappropriated the trusted name of The Associated Press and created a situation where our credibility could have been undermined on a large scale." (you almost might think that was the plan all along +15yo superhacker)

Trumpalooza: We've seen this show before - Trump, the Boston Globe announced, "is forging a new path in American politics" (history is so last year)
The most damning part of Donald Trump's political rise Remember when the 2016 field of Republican presidential candidates was supposed to be so deep and talented? Then why si he said a reality TV clown beating all of them? (they were always clowns, duh)

Chris Christie Wants To Track Immigrants Like FedEx Packages - "We need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in," he continued. "And then when your time is up...then we go get you. Tap you on the shoulder and say excuse me, thanks for coming, time to go." (and after that, just explode +it's not about feasibility)

Glad That s Clear ; Balloon Juice - Ben Carson on the real battleground for the Republican War On Something To Do With Women: "They tell you that there's a war on women" he said. "There is no war on women. There may be a war on what's inside of women, but there is no war on women in this country" (elementary logic used to be a requirement for not appearing completely stupid)

How a Kentucky Clerk Became an Ultimate Symbol of Bigotry | Michelangelo Signorile (she thinks she works for the church in her state job)

Horror, live for all to see: another week in American gun violence | World news | The Guardian
Reconstruction and the National Park Service - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

CNN's Bizarrely Homophobic Coverage Of The Virginia Shooter | Blog | Media Matters for America
Ohio Cop Pulls Over Black Man Who 'Made Direct Eye Contact' With Him - "It's just awareness that this stuff still happens in 2015." (pulled him over for not signaling 100 ft in advance / driving an Infiniti while black but they name the ashole cop)

Workplace Violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money : After car accidents, homicide is the most likely way for women to die at work, representing 21 percent of workplace deaths (their killers know where to find them)

Planned Parenthood Goes To Court To Fight Funding Cuts In Alabama

Prep School Grad Acquitted Of Felony Rape, Guilty Of Misdemeanors - He admitted deleting 119 Facebook messages, including a boast that he "pulled every trick in the book" to have sex with her.

Quantum "Spookiness" Passes Toughest Test Yet - Scientific American - A cunning experiment plugs loopholes in previous demonstrations of quantum "spookiness," a concept that galled Einstein - final proof that quantum cryptography can be unconditionally secure
Subatomic particles that appear to defy Standard Model points to undiscovered forces - Yahoo News UK - The team working at Cern's Large Hadron Collider have found evidence of leptons decaying at different rates, which could possibly point to some undiscovered forces.
1303.0039v6.pdf - Quantum Impedances, Entanglement, and State Reduction
The Reference Frame: Stephen Hawking vs Leonard Susskind (Lubos)
Werner Erhard Foundation: Werner Erhard and the Physics Conference - For ten years the Werner Erhard Foundation produced an annual theoretical physics conference attended by the leading thinkers in the field. Some of the discussions later evolved into now-leading edge theories in physics, including Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind
Scientists Take Huge Step Toward Universal Flu Vaccine - The yearly flu shot could soon be a thing of the past.

- Tech nerds are smart. But they can't seem to get their heads around politics.

NASA: Sea Level Rise Likely To Get Much Worse -- the people who caused this have yatchs and helicopters)
New Report Highlights Koch Brothers' Role In Hurricane Katrina Damage - Groups backed by the conservative billionaires helped to worsen the impact of the storm and hinder the recovery process. (hands of Satan sowing evil for a long time)
Extreme Arctic sea ice melt forces thousands of walruses ashore in Alaska | Environment | The Guardian - Survival of walruses threatened as they wash ashore on a remote barrier island just before Obama is due to visit region to draw attention to climate change (atrocities)
Mississippi River Mouth Must Be Abandoned to Save New Orleans from Next Hurricane Katrina - Scientific American - Three nationwide design teams reveal realistic plans to massively rebuild the disintegrating delta

Haunting Map Shows All Nuclear Bombs That Exploded Since 1945 - The visualization features 2,153 nuclear detonations that have taken place.

FBI demanded Scandinavian countries arrest Edward Snowden should he visit | US news | The Guardian - The whistleblower will not travel to Norway next week to accept award after national broadcaster released letters US sent in 2013 requesting extradition (Obama hates the truth +see Assange)

Hungarian police arrest driver of lorry that had 71 dead migrants inside | World news | The Guardian - Four detained after death toll in Austrian motorway tragedy is raised from initial estimate of about 50 victims - Austrian police said the lorry owner was a Bulgarian citizen of Lebanese origin (Death Truck)

Viral Photo Of Syrian Refugee Prompts Hundreds Of Strangers To Help Give Him "A New Life"
Eschaton: Remember When Libya Was The Good War? - Victorious rebels! I bet they were moderates, too. All the good rebels are moderate rebels.

'Vast social cleansing' pushes tens of thousands of families out of London | UK news | The Guardian - Data shows that the numbers claiming free school meals has dropped by almost a third in some boroughs, suggesting areas are becoming preserves of the rich

Japanese police bracing for gang war as Yamaguchi-gumi mafia group splits | World news | The Guardian - biggest crime syndicate is about split with potential outbreak of violence between breakaway group and those loyal to leader Tsukasa

Eschaton: Journalists Against Journalism (the elite very special kids know what they are doing)
Jorge Ramos Commits Journalism, Gets Immediately Attacked by Journalists

Eschaton: Why Is Lindsey Graham Always On My Teevee? (given more TV time by the very special serious elite press than anybody but McCain, and maybe that's why people hate him -disconnect-)

A Debt Ceiling Showdown Between Republicans Comes Into Focus - GOP leaders want to avoid it. But the base might not let them. (government itself is their enemy except for the federal money they take and the military bases)

Chris Murphy: Congress Giving 'Quiet Endorsement' To Murders
Young black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell | US news | The Guardian - Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, had been held in Virginia jail without bail for nearly four months, accused of stealing a Mountain Dew, Snickers bar and a Zebra Cake (no consequences)
George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An 'Ignorant Baboon'
3rd-Grader Brings Gun To School, Accidentally Shoots Classmate - The boy was looking for a toy when he found the gun.

The 9 Most Segregated Cities In America - 7. Boston-Cambridge-Newton, MA-NH ("city" = "multi-metropolitan area"

Nebraska Voters Gather Enough Signatures To Try To Revive The Death Penalty - Some voters want to reverse the state's recent ban on capital punishment (Republican NecroMongers)

Eschaton: Moar Taxes - I don't know Phoenix, but it seems like a somewhat unlikely place for people to vote to increase taxes to fund commie trains. But they did!

Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter, Chelsea, Opts To Live With Birth Mother - Chelsea O'Donnell made the decision after turning 18 this week. (something wrong there)

This Is What An Emotional Affair Is -- And What It Isn't - Are you guilty?

Study delivers bleak verdict on validity of psychology experiment results | Science | The Guardian - Of 100 studies published in top-ranking journals in 2008, 75% of social psychology experiments and half of cognitive studies failed the replication test (wonder why that is?)
Hubble Telescope Spies A Cosmic 'Butterfly' - Say hello to the stunning butterfly-like wings of the Twin Jet Nebula.
Man found to have been shedding virulent strain of polio for 30 years | Science | The Guardian - Weakened form of polio from childhood immunisations lived on in subject's gut mutating into a strain which could cause paralysis in the unvaccinated (like your special anti-vax snowflake)
ELI5: This quote from xkcd: "There will come a day when I'm either an ancestor to all living humans or to none of them" : explainlikeimfive ("In the future, if you ever question or don't immediately understand an xkcd comic, type the word "explain" before the URL.")

Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman resigns after third leak of emails | Technology | The Guardian - The chief executive of extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison has left the company after a third leak of emails and suggestions that he had affairs despite earlier denials. The third and latest data dump, posted at the site that first released the user database, appears to be a download of emails from Biderman's personal Gmail account ... the executive told the New York Daily News in 2014 that he had never cheated on his wife, but the hacked documents suggested otherwise. (my, my)
Top data security expert fears traumatic aftermath in Ashley Madison hack | Technology | The Guardian - Brian Krebs says public shaming culture could put lives at risk after the release of personal information from the infidelity website

NYT - Tom Friedman - The World's Hot Spot - Here's my bet about the future of Sunni, Shiite, Arab, Turkish, Kurdish and Israeli relations: If they don't end their long-running conflicts, Mother Nature is going to destroy them all long before they destroy one another. Let me point out a few news items you may have missed while debating the Iran nuclear deal. (meanwhile, over in reality)
How companies make millions off lead-poisoned, poor blacks - The Washington Post

Stocks leap: Dow up 619, S&P 500 exits correction zone

Junaid Hussain: British hacker for Isis believed killed in US air strike | World news | The Guardian - Birmingham-born hacker, who adopted the nom de guerre Abu Hussain al-Britani, said to have been encouraging series of plots against western targets - Hussain, who was married to ex-punk rocker Sally Jones, is thought to have fled to Syria in 2013 while he was on bail in the UK. (and tweeted Garland shooters)

How we all became Thatcherites | Andy Beckett | Comment is free | The Guardian - Even on the left, Conservative values are subtly entrenched. To change this will require a decade of defiance (they moved the goal posts and buried them in your end zone)

Indian woman accused of killing daughter over affair with stepbrother | World news | The Guardian - Indian press abuzz with details of case after former media executive Indrani Mukerjea arrested for alleged "honor killing"

Up To 50 Refugees Suffocate In Back Of Truck In Austria, Local Media Says - The Krone newspaper reports they were found dead in a parked truck.

Trump Preaching to Shrinking White Electorate Creates Problems for GOP - - His anti-immigrant rhetoric and visceral stance on citizenship rights are forcing Republicans into opposing corners. (yeah, that pro-immigration "corner" sure has a lot of people in it"

Enough Is Enough - The New York Times - When Donald Trump's security escorted the Univision anchor Jorge Ramos out of a news conference on Tuesday, I decided that I was officially done. Maybe I should have been long before that. (199 vilest hits from the Trumpster Dumpster)
How Donald Trump's name wound up on a plane flying over the Mexican border
Donald Trump and the White Nationalists - The New Yorker - The Fearful and the Frustrated - nationalist coalition takes shape for now. (and the terminally stupid)
Kristof: Lessons From the Virginia Shooting - The New York Times - Data Points - More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides every six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.
Epistemic Closure Comes Back to Haunt the GOP by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly (they closed down their knowing until there was no room for the truth - the anti-thinking segment of the American Psyche ruled by psychotic processes of introjection and projection)

- Slain Reporter's Father Demands 'Coward' Politicians Take Up Gun Control Alison Parker's father says he doesn't want the country to sit back and let him grieve -- he wants action.
The Virginia shooting's 'reality show' paradox: people on TV don't seem real | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian - The Virginia shooting's "reality show" paradox: The on-air death of a news anchor is therefore something that can be replayed on screens or printed in newspapers with impunity ("impunity?") "The U.S. media has been pushing the race war story for a year now. He bought his gun the day of the Charlston shooting." (+he go-pro'd a FPS)
The blase acceptance that you might get shot is a fact of American life | Megan Carpentier | Comment is free | The Guardian (good history)
New York Daily News Shocks With Graphic Cover Of Murdered Journalists
Racist online groups demand sympathy after Virginia TV shooting | US news | The Guardian - Race hate groups have begun to use Wednesday's killings to say America's problem with racial violence is black-on-white and not the other way around

Ricochet killed San Francisco woman in controversial shooting, authorities say | US news | The Guardian - San Francisco sheriff Ross Mirkarimi said he was following city law when jailers released Lopez-Sanchez after a 20-year-old marijuana possession charge was dropped. But leading politicians, including top Democrats such as California senator Dianne Feinstein and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, said Lopez-Sanchez should have been detained.
Mississippi campus police arrest student whose threats sparked lockdown | US news | The Guardian - police arrested freshman after he made threats to kill himself, prompting alert at the 20,000-student university just after 10am on Thursday

Pennsylvania Court Releases Trove Of Pornographic Emails Sent By State Officials - They are connected to the perjury charges against Attorney General Kathleen Kane. (the entire state government a den of perversion)

'Arabic Terror Threat' Was Actually A Hebrew Welcome Sign

'Sting' Videos Of Planned Parenthood Are Totally Manipulated, Forensic Analysis Finds - Forensic Analysis Finds Even the supposedly unedited "full" footage is misleadingly altered, experts say. (as the night the day)

This Kentucky Clerk Vows To Die For The Right To Oppose Gay Marriage - Casey Davis promises to defy the Supreme Court's ruling, even if it costs him his life. (which would happen exactly how?)

The Puritanical Glee Over the Ashley Madison Hack
Ashley Madison Hack: All Fun and Puritanical Games Until Somebody Gets Dead - Slog - The Stranger
On the Ashley Madison Hack - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Why the tiger came to tea, and the cows typed | Emma Brockes | Comment is free | The Guardian

New Orleans: What Climate Change Adaptation Looks Like - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - And not surprisingly, white people think New Orleans has recovered splendidly! African-Americans? Not so much. That's in no small part to the racialized response to this natural disaster that is part of most natural disasters and which will probably be the case for climate change exacerbated disasters as well.
Greenland Melting Prompts NASA Fears of Coastal Flooding : Discovery News
Here's what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers - A new paper finds common errors among the 3% of climate papers that reject the global warming consensus (you find a lot of bullshit)
97% of climate science papers support the consensus. What about those that don't? The one thing they seem to have in common is methodological flaws like cherry picking, curve fitting, ignoring inconvenient data, and disregarding known physics. : science - These errors just so happen to be the things that many climate change deniers accuse everyone else of doing. (of course)

U.S. Stocks Soar To Have Best Day Since 2011

ISIS Brutalizes Boys to Create an Army of Child Soldiers, Victims Say. : worldnews

Israeli NGO accused of subsidizing Jewish extremists with US money : worldnews

John Oliver's lessons in geography : videos

Gun control is political. So is refusing to address the politics of gun violence | Scott Lemieux | Comment is free | The Guardian
What Will NRA Say After The Virginia TV Reporter Shooting? - Today's events are a horrifying example of the way we live now.
Reporter & Crew shot on live tv. WDBJ7. Video in comments. : news
Whatever you hear or read today, try not to learn anything about the gunman. If the start talking about him, turn it off. Don't make him the Star of this story. RIP Reporter Alison Parker (24) and Cameraman Adam Ward (27). : pics
The Reason You Saw The Virginia Shooting Video, Even If You Didn't want to -- A recent Twitter update is meant to force viewers to see video advertisements, but there's no opt-out button for violent content.

Trump Imitates Asians During Iowa Campaign Stop: 'We Want Deal' (video) (caricature caricuturizing in the Repubican hall of mirrors fun-house)

Why Fox News' Defense Of Megyn Kelly Is Going To Backfire
The Right-Wing Hate Machine - Twitchy is not just a popular conservative website. It's also a harassment tool used to target liberal writers. - Bossy women are treated, in conservative media, like the great Darth Vaders of the world who need to be harassed and resisted and abused at all costs. (interesting collision of internal contradictions +rightwing flying-monkey orcs attacking in cyberspace)
"Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth": How Conservative Media Treated Women In 2013 | Research | Media Matters for America

Is Biden Running A Good Idea? (SPOILER: No.) - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Joe Biden, in other words, is the Democratic face of the drug war. (major player in every atrocity including asset-forfeiture, crack/cocaine racial sentencing and more death penalties: the "liberal" approach +all this shit would come out and stain his "legacy")

This Kentucky Clerk Vows To Die For The Right To Oppose Gay Marriage - Casey Davis promises to defy the Supreme Court's ruling, even if it costs him his life. (now, how would that happen?)

- Curt Schilling suspended by ESPN after tweet comparing Muslims to Nazis: "It's said only 5-10% of Muslims are extremists. In 1940, only 7% of Germans were Nazis." How'd that go? ("Isn't he actually comparing Muslims to Germans?" +stats on Muslim identifications)
- Only 57% of Muslims worldwide disapprove of al-Qaeda. 58% of Muslim-Americans believe criticism of Islam or Muhammad is not protected free speech under the First Amendment. (and many more, like " twenty-eight percent of Americans believe that the Bible is the literal word of God and should be interpreted accordingly.")
Muslim Opinion Polls - Challenging the 'Tiny Minority of Extremists' Myth
"Only 10% of Germans were Nazis, so obviously Nazism wasn't supported in Germany." : badhistory - The Nazi Party got 17.3 million votes in the 1933 election that allowed Hitler to abolish democracy. That was actually only 44% of the votes, but he was supported by his coalition partner, the DNVP.

Ronda Rousey jabs Floyd Mayweather again: I earn more than you per second | Sport | The Guardian - UFC champion Rousey says of Mayweather: "I actually did the math so when he learns to read and write, he can text me"

- Officers remove activists tent after clash at Denver courthouse - Denver civil rights attorney asks court to hold police chief in contempt
Cops tear down jury nullification activists' tent after altercation less than 24 hrs after receiving a federal injunction allowing the protest : news - This feels like the cops thought they could get away with contempt of a federal court by veiling their actions very thinly in code violations. You stay classy, Denver PD
Police in North Dakota can now use drones armed with tasers | The Verge (which will eventually go autonomous)

Salads Are Overrated If You Ignore Most Salads - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Talking to ourselves: the science of the little voice in your head | Peter Moseley | Science | The Guardian (sub-vocalisation)
ELI5: Stephen Hawking's new theory on black holes : explainlikeimfive ("if you find yourself in a black hole, don't despair ..."
- U.S. scientists successfully turn human cancer cells back to normal in process that could "switch off" disease

Porn star reveals Duggar had affair while wife was pregnant : news

Where is all the content on Reddit? : OutOfTheLoop - Soft-capping limits have been raised, so popular posts keep the top positions longer now.
What was supposed to be "The Next Big Thing" but ended up becoming a flop? : AskReddit
What are some basic rules about Reddit a new user should know about? : AskReddit
TheSporkening comments on What are some basic rules about Reddit a new user should know about?
[Serious] Employees at mental health wards: what was the strangest, creepiest, or scariest experience you had there? : AskReddit
People who lived in Compton in the mid to late 80's, was it really as it is depicted by N.W.A? What are some crazy things that you witnessed? : AskReddit
TIL that in 2007 a married couple unknowingly met each other on a cheating site. They then went on a date and realized, horrified, they were both cheating - with each other. : todayilearned
What is easier to get into than it is to get out of? : AskReddit
What will begin the downfall of the human race? : AskReddit - Holodecks or really really good VR. When the artificial world becomes better then the real world people will just retreat into fantasy. (+"the finish line")

Boston Globe Pledges Columnist Will Stop Writing About Telecom Issues After Conflict Of Interest Criticism | Blog | Media Matters for America - The Boston Globe says columnist John E. Sununu will no longer write about cable and Internet issues because of his financial conflict of interest. Media Matters criticized the paper after it allowed the former Republican senator to complain about the "unnecessary regulation of the internet" without disclosing he has been paid over $750,000 by broadband interests. (Boston Globe: always the voice of undisclosed monetary interests +why do they hold onto Sununu despite his awfulness over the years? oh, sorry, Jeff Jacoby)

World's fastest-melting glacier loses massive chunk in 2 days (Greenland is melting, Repubican are overjoyed)

Bets That the Fed Will Delay Interest Rate Rise Could Be Premature - The New York Times
U.S. Stocks Jump At Opening Bell After Global Markets Stabilize - U.S. stocks jumped at the open after China's central bank cut interest rates to support its economy.
U.S. Stocks Rebound, Then Drop At Close
Funny of the Day -- Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has called on baristas to be extra patient with customers on Monday, given the dramatic stock market swoon that no doubt has left countless coffee addicts anxious about the state of their retirement holdings.

- Digital surveillance "worse than Orwell" says new UN privacy chief Joseph Cannataci describes British oversight as "a joke" and says a Geneva convention for the internet is needed (Tories say fuck your privacy)

Inquiry Weighs Whether Data on ISIS Was Distorted - The New York Times - Pentagon's inspector general is investigating allegations that military officials have skewed intelligence assessments about the United States-led campaign in Iraq against the Islamic State to provide a more optimistic account of progress, according to several officials familiar with the inquiry. (oh, they lied?)

Republicans are coming up short on the Iran deal. And they might be okay with that. - The Washington Post
Patty Murray, Top Senate Democrat, Backs Iran Deal - The deal is five votes away from being upheld in Congress.

Israel has 'right' to settle in West Bank: president - Yahoo News - includes the occupied West Bank where Jewish settlements are considered illegal under international law. ("God" gave them the land of Israel)

9/11 Survivor Captured In Iconic Photo Dies Of Cancer - Marcy Borders was working on the 81st floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower when the first plane hit. (at 41)

Bernie Sanders Surpasses Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire Poll - This is the second poll this month that shows him ahead of Clinton in the state.

Jeb Bush Clarifies What He Meant By "Anchor Babies": "Frankly, It's More Related to Asian People" - Jeb Bush Clarifies What He Meant By "Anchor Babies": "Frankly, It's More Related to Asian People" ("not Columba" -- Jebbietunes just lost the Asian vote)

- Meet The Members Of Donald Trump's White Supremacist Fan Club - The candidate has recently picked up a few endorsements he may want to throw back. (but they sure moved the goalposts)
Republican Pollster Frank Luntz Is 'Shaking' Over Trump's Numbers - In its perpetual campaign to cast Reagan in marble and set him atop a shining city on a hill, the "Republican establishment" has sancitified amiable duncehood, smiling deceit, and personal political nihilism presented as patriotism of the highest order. And now Luntz is nervous because people have taken this entire beatification process to heart and applied it to someone Frank Luntz thinks is an impure vessel? Honky, please. I mean, it's on his hat, man! Get with the program.
Donald Trump Kicks Jorge Ramos Out Of Press Conference - Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissively told highly respected television anchor Jorge Ramos to "go back to Univsion" before security physically removed the Mexican-American journalist from a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa. (no outrageous behavior too far)

Cutting Off Politwoops, Twitter Follows The Needs Of Politicians, Not Public Interest - In June, Twitter abruptly cut off access to Politwoops, a website operated by the Sunlight Foundation that preserved deleted tweets sent by elected officials in the United States. Then last weekend, Twitter dropped the hammer on Politwoops' sister services, cutting off access to Diplotwoops and Politwoops in 30 countries around the globe. (no free speech for you, just lies from politicians)
- Twitter shuts down 30 sites dedicated to saving politicians

- When federal agents looking into health care fraud searched the office of Florida eye doctor Solomon Melgen in January 2013, they found references to U.S. Senator Robert Menendez scattered all around. (Sen. Likud)

Chris Cross by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - announcing that he would pull his state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a Northeastern-based cap-and-trade program, on the specious grounds that the program was ineffective. Several months later, investigative journalist Brad Friedman revealed that Christie made this decision shortly after meeting privately with Charles and David Koch. (Just a coincidence, I'm sure (evil for evil's sake, bye-bye fat-bully-fuck)

This City May Ban Chick-Fil-A Branch Due To Its Anti-Gay History - Chick-fil-A is having some issues getting approval for a new location in Denver, and it's all because of the restaurant chain's anti-gay past (present and future)

Kansas Public School Takes Down Portrait Of Jesus After Complaint - The display was called "an egregious violation of the First Amendment - Chanute is a very religious community with some 30 churches serving a population of 9,200. (supply-side Jesus is sad but Brownback says children don't need education anyway)

Massachusetts SWAT team raids wrong home, keeps woman naked for 10 minutes : news - police had already arrested the suspect the SWAT team was looking for at a different address. (those "best intelligence" guys who don't know what "intelligence" means -- District Attorney Joseph Early, especially)

Eschaton: MOOC'd - There's a reason largely self-directed learning doesn't work very well for most people. Also, too, they were simultaneously going to be free and make people rich. I never quite got how that one was going to work...
The MOOC revolution that wasn't (thanks, NYT for being stupid as usual)

- Duke freshmen refuse to read "Fun Home" class assignment because it goes against their Christian beliefs
About Those Duke Kids Who Refuse to Read - As part of the rise of Cultural Libertarians (thanks, Breitbart), Christian Duke students refuse to read Alison Bechdel's Fun Home due to its gay themes, which apparently go against their moral beliefs.

Anna Duggar's Brother Daniel Keller Rips "That Pig" Josh Duggar: He "Brought So Much Disgrace" to Family

H&R Block snuck language into a Senate bill to make taxes more confusing for poor people - Vox - the Senate Appropriations Committee has passed a funding bill covering the IRS whose accompanying report instructs the agency to at least quadruple the length of the form that taxpayers fill out to get the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Do you like salad? You're a fool | Life and style | The Guardian - Unless you live on an organic farm, chances are, the salad you eat comes from a supermarket, served in a plastic bag. No wonder so much of these nutrition-lite limp leaves end up in the bin

Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from a black hole - New Scientist
Stephen Hawking's New Black Hole Idea May Blow Your Mind The famed physicist reveals a new idea for how information might be able to escape a black hole.

Russia bans Wikipedia : news
What is your first memory of using a computer? : AskReddit
Who is the oldest person you've had sex with? : AskReddit

Flash is dying a death by 1,000 cuts, and that's a good thing | Technology | The Guardian - The one major hold out for dumping Flash wholesale has been advertisers. In June, over 100m adverts were displayed to users globally with Flash, while 84% of banner ads are still Flash, according to Ad Age.

Premarket Stock Trading - CNNMoney - After 1,000-point plunge, Dow closes down 588
- Asian stock markets recover amid wild swings after Wall Street slump

Oil prices below $39 for first time since 2009 - Aug. 24, 2015

One murder every hour: how El Salvador became the homicide capital of the world | World news | The Guardian - A 2012 truce between the government and gangs has fallen apart, and a police offensive is under way to combat a murder rate 90 times greater than the UK's

kljaska comments on Caller Jason Defends Bernie: "You stick Bernie in the 1950's and he's called a socially liberal Eisenhower Republican. His views are not extreme, it's just extreme in 2015 after we've had 35 years of trickle down economics." [1:28]

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Are Calling for a Revolution - The equivalence being drawn between the two campaigns by much of the elite political press is the biggest incidence of journalistic malpractice of the 2016 campaign so far
Ken Burns Goes Big on the Confederate Flag - postulates, among other things, both films, that the Ku Klux Klan, which is a homegrown terrorist organization, was actually a heroic force in the story of the Civil War. So it's no wonder that Americans have permitted themselves to be sold a bill of goods about what happened, oh, it's about states's rights, it's about nullification ... (it's about anything but race)

Watch Chris Christie Get Confronted At The Iowa State Fair (fat bully fuck is history)

Bill Kristol Is Making Sense - Lawyers, Guns & Money : And there are distinguished conservative leaders from outside politics; Justice Samuel Alito (gettin' desparate)

Birmingham - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Birmingham, Alabama is 73 percent African-American and of course a history of some of the nation's most notorious racial violence. The Birmingham News now has 0 black reporters.

Missouri judge withdraws Ferguson arrest warrants before 2015 | US news | The Guardian
SWAT Team Raids Wrong Worcester Home, Residents Say + CBS Boston - The DA's office released a statement saying "The search warrant was executed based on the best intelligence at the time." (that lying and stupid cops are capable of, anyway +Chawlie "waiting for report)
Alabama man with spoon killed by officer had a 'mental episode', police say | US news | The Guardian - Alabama man with spoon killed by officer had a "mental episode" police say (killer cop feared for his life because spoon)
Autopsy indicates officer shot unarmed teen William Chapman from distance | US news | The Guardian - Eighteen-year-old was not close enough to officer Stephen Rankin to pose a threat, says family lawyer, as report shows he was subsequently handcuffed (America's killer-cop epidemic)
Video evidence determined fate of Denver officer in excessive force dispute, fired after 6 years | FOX31 Denver - A Denver Police Officer was caught on camera using excessive force outside a city diner in 2009, but a game-changing decision was handed down by the Civil Service Commission just on Friday.
- The Shaun King story shows there's no bottom to right-wing harassment - This is just an onion of evil, with each layer just making you sicker and sicker to ponder how truly terrible these fuckwads are. so much of what motivates the modern conservative movement is just straight-up sadism, a bully's desire to hurt and destroy for its own sake
Suthers wants no sitting, lying on sidewalks and planters in downtown Colorado Springs

The Politically-Driven, Koch-Backed Campaign to Undermine Boston Transit | Streetsblog USA - has sown misinformation about the agency, which has then been picked up by politicians with Koch ties. In June, conservative groups won a major victory, passing a law that opened the door to privatizing some parts of the MBTA. (Chawlie's "report" funded by the Koch-suckers and is full of lies)
America's first protected intersection is open in Davis - and working like a charm ("Dutch" intersection)
The Family Contest to Become Times Publisher -- NYMag - The issue of succession is a difficult matter not just for family-run businesses but for the families that run them

The politics of sociological consciousness - Lawyers, Guns & Money : This weekend, the NYT ran an interesting article by a former waiter at one of New York's Michelin three-star restaurants, who is now a graduate student
Dinner and Deception - The New York Times - Serving elaborate meals to the super-rich left me feeling empty.

Who Won Science Fiction's Hugo Awards, and Why It Matters | WIRED
GamerGate a Year Later - Lawyers, Guns & Money
There Hugo Again, an After-Action Report + Unqualified Offerings
- Almost No One Sided with #GamerGate: A Research Paper on the Internet's Reaction to Last Year's Mob (the internets have spoken and everyone thinks they are misogynistic assholes, what a surprise)
#Gamergate discussion at SPJ event disrupted by bomb scare | Screenwriter - Whingeing about cinema and real life since 2009
File 770 | Mike Glyer's news of science fiction fandom
A Brief Comment on the Hugos | Whatever

PLOS ONE: Anticancer Effect of Ginger Extract against Pancreatic Cancer Cells Mainly through Reactive Oxygen Species-Mediated Autotic Cell Death
What It's Like to Have ADHD As a Grown Woman
Propylene glycol in e cigarettes might keep us healthy, says researchers - Decades before the e cigarette was invented, a study was conducted by Dr. Robertson of the University of Chicago's Billings Hospital in 1942 on inhalation of vaporized propylene glycol in laboratory mice.
ELI5: It said on BBC news that vapour pens are 95% better for you than cigarettes, what is the 5% that could be potentially bad for you? : explainlikeimfive

Why You can't Look Away From the Affleck Nanny Scandal
A Celebration of Ben Affleck's Nanny
Caitlyn Jenner could see misdemeanor manslaughter charge - - "We did determine in the investigation that Jenner was going at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions, even though he was traveling under the posted speed limit"

acquisition of math skills than their performance on standard math tests.
Brain scans better forecast math learning in kids than do skill tests, study finds: Gray matter volume and connections between several brain regions better forecast 8-year-olds' acquisition of math skills than their performance on standard math tests.
Young children (aged 7-12) outperformed adults when producing creative ideas for smartphones. Ideas from children were more original, transformational, implementable, and relevant than those from the adults. : science

Ashley Madison: 'Suicides' over website hack - BBC News - Ashley Madison: "suicides" oer website hack - according to police in Canada
- Cheating website Ashley Madison subscribers include White House and US Congress officials
Ashley Madison Hack: Islamic preacher Hamza Tzortzis 'found' on leaked list - Yahoo News UK - Ashley Madison Hack: Islamic preacher Hamza Tzortzis found on leaked list (ha-ha)

Watch The Transformation Of New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina - These powerful images show how things have changed over the last decade.
No Shelter from the Storm: Part I by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Next week marks the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in American history
No Shelter from the Storm: Part II by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - Not only did corporate media largely cover for President George W. Bush's incompetence, the mainstream press failed to note that this unnatural disaster was the sort of superstorm climate scientists had been predicting for decades, thanks to our reckless refusal to curb carbon pollution.
No Shelter from the Storm: Part III by D.R. Tucker | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - That moment occurred on September 2, 2005, during a nationally televised benefit concert for Katrina survivors. That moment occurred when Kanye West engaged in what the kids call "real talk" bout the George W. Bush administration:
What Katrina left behind: New Orleans' uneven recovery and unending divisions | US news | The Guardian - Tourism and entrepreneurship are up and a river of federal money has flowed in but places like the Lower Ninth Ward are still defined by absence and poverty
Is New Orleans in danger of turning into a modern-day Atlantis? | Cities | The Guardian - With roughly half the city below sea level and the Louisiana wetlands, which act as a buffer to storms, disappearing at a rate of one football field an hour, what can be done to limit the threat of further devastating floods?

- The Iran deal: An epochal moment that Congress shouldn't squander - Brent Scowcroft was national security adviser to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush. (every single Republican congressperson plus a handful of Dems put Israel first)

Google ordered to remove UK search results POLITICO - U.K. data watchdog orders Google to remove links in right to be forgotten case.

The Constitution and the War on ISIS - The Atlantic - What happens when the legislature refuses to discharge its constitutionally assigned responsibilities? Inherent Resolve, the so-called war against the Islamic State.

Clinton team on alert for undercover sting | TheHill - One woman apparently asked how she could funnel additional donations to the campaign after she had already given the legal maximum. (their old slimeball tricks)

What Does Joe Biden Have to Lose by Jumping In to the Presidential Race? by David Atkins | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly
Joe Biden meets Elizabeth Warren in Washington as 2016 decision nears | US news | The Guardian

Trump Isn't Just Leading the GOP Polls. Most Republicans Now Think Trump Will Win the Nomination By David Atkins
- Trumpism, the data and interviews suggest, is an attitude, not an ideology ("ballsy" is leading among Republican women despite being called "fat pigs" "disgusting animals" )
Donald Trump 2016: Mobile, Alabama rally and the ghost of George Wallace - politico - The South rises for Trump, but only 20,000 of them.

2016 election: Chris Christie fades into darkness - politico - Sinking in the polls and struggling to gain traction in New Hampshire, the New Jersey governor could be relegated to the "kiddie table" debate next month (the brilliant darkness of his evil is fading, it was all for nothing excpt his narcissism and rich pals)

Abortion and the myth of 'protecting' women - LA Times - Abortion and the myth of "protecting" women (it's always for your own good)
Anti-Abortion Activists In Ohio Push To Ban Abortions For Down Syndrome - The ban would be difficult to enforce and likely violates Roe v. Wade, say its critics.

Sam Brownback's Kansas Disaster is Getting Even Worse - Exhibit A in the utter failure of conservative dogma is Sam Brownback's trainwreck in Kansas - Conservative policies are both a moral and practical disaster. (supply-side Jesus)

Repubican's deep hatred for teachers can't be denied and they're not trying (and anything related to thinking or facts)

Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story

Shifting explanation of fatal shooting by San Jose police draws criticism - LA Times - Now, officials say Jacquez wasn't armed and didn't reach for his waistband. The officer shot at him first when his back was turned and again when he spun around

New rules tighten dementia ads by Mass. nursing homes - The Boston Globe - Centers must meet state standards to advertise "memory care"
Review: Many nursing homes not in compliance with dementia law - The Boston Globe - Says many homes in the state mislead public about extent of services
Nursing home dementia care rules falling short - The Boston Globe - State lags on checks of how nursing homes implement new rules

The looming calorie crisis - The Boston Globe - A by-the-numbers projection of a future where demand for proteins may outpace supply. (Soylent 2)

What makes people gay? (An update) - The Boston Globe - Returning 10 years later to one of the most-read Boston Globe stories, we find new evidence that the answers lie in the womb ... For the last four decades of the 20th century, genetic boys born in the United States with a severely inadequate penis or who had lost their penis during surgical accidents were typically castrated and their parents instructed to raise them as girls.

Lives transformed: do famous transgender people help the cause? | Society | The Guardian

Massive Human Skull Rack Found at Aztec Temple : Discovery News

Second Ashley Madison dump prompts more inside-job speculation The Register - Red-faced affair enabler says innocent customers were just excercising legal rights
Extortionists are targeting Ashley Madison users
State Attorney Jeff Ashton admits using Ashley Madison website - Orlando Sentinel - If I could have spared (my family) what happened in the last 24 hours, I would do it
The Ashley Madison Hack Should Scare You, Too -- The Cut - Gawker publishing details from Josh Duggar's profile that included his payment history, preferred sexual acts, and turn-ons.

Is There Any Right Way to Reject a Guy? -- The Cut - Ben Schoen (is a dick)

Barak: Netanyahu wanted to strike Iran in 2010 and 2011, but colleagues blocked him | The Times of Israel - In recordings broadcast on TV, ex-defense minister says IDF chief Ashkenazi, and later ministers Ya'alon and Steinitz, doomed bids for attack (truely evil fucker)

American Who Helped Disarm Train Shooter Recounts Dramatic Scene - Three Americans and a British man tackled the gunman on the train from Amsterdam to Paris.
France train gunman identified as Islamist militant | Reuters - Fingerprint evidence shows that the gunman overpowered by passengers on a train in France is a Morrocan known to European authorities as a suspected Islamist militant, according to a source familiar with the case.

London schoolgirl 'radicalised' by parents' IS propaganda must be removed from home, judge rules : worldnews

Louise Mensch takes Twitter swipe at Corbyn campaign -- and hits herself (racist autocomplete was hers - pretty funny conservative derp fail)

Judge Rules U.S. Government Must Quickly Release Immigrant Children In Detention - Last year, more than 68,000 children traveling without a parent entered the country. (thanks, Obama)

Out on the Weekend: The Rough Current Shape of the Democratic Party - Reviewing some of the misfortunes that have caused the crisis in the Democratic farm systems, including the loss of legislative majorities, but all the blame can't fall on the president ... God, will we never stop hearing about how "white, working-class voters" are open to an expanded welfare state as long as the Democratic Party salves their wounded fee-fees for them

Corporate, Koch Money Dominates Early 2016 Senate Race Spending - Most early money comes from groups that don't disclose their donors (thanks, SC Republifucks)

Ornstein's Warning (this is the Repubican party they wanted, and it's too late)

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Monsters from the Repub Id ; Balloon Juice - Guy at Alabama rally was hoping Trump would offer "$50 for every confirmed kill" along border (very sick people)
Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny | Rolling Stone - campaign threatens to unleash the Great American Stupid (that happened a while ago)
Does Donald Trump Really Do Best Among Less Educated Voters? | Cato @ Liberty - The short answer is: Yes, Donald Trump likely has greater appeal among less educated Americans.
Robert Costa on Twitter: "Here's the newsletter being handed out to each car by a neo-Confederate activist"
Here's Some Stupid for Lunch: New York Times Columnist Douthat Sees Trump As An Opportunity - ?His Eminence Ross Cardinal Douthat, primate of the Archdiocese of Dorkylvania, has become intrigued with the current Republican frontrunner ... the idea that Douthat and his fellow ideological Mouseketeers believe they can use Trumpism to control the future of modern conservatism is a very funny concept that I would like to see turned into a sketch one day.
Donald Trump Just Stopped Being Funny | Rolling Stone - Trump isn't really a politician, of course. He's a strongman act, a ridiculous parody of a Nietzschean superman. His followers get off on watching this guy with (allegedly) $10 billion and a busty mute broad on his arm defy every political and social convention and get away with it.

Mike Huckabee Embarrasses Himself In Israel - Evangelical Huckabee might be a fan of Israel due to messianic implications from the book of Revelations, but his fumbled press conference in Jerusalem, where Huckabee referred to Russia as the "Soviet Union" and suggested that the West Bank is bordered by a hostile state, rather than Jordan, might not increase his popularity among the Jewish people there. (history eluded him)

We are living in the End of Times. The apocalypse is truly upon us. : pics

This Week in the Laboratories of Democracy - In which gun rights controversy continues, Maine Governor Paul LePage threatens to leave office, and there are a string of sexual harassment cases in the Missouri House. (and Michigan lets you bring your concealed weapon to a parent-teacher conference at school +"I've waited my whole career to cover a story to which this could be the headline: Man Accidentally Shoots Self While Guarding "Muslim-free" Oktaha Sun Store")

Missouri legislators suggest an intern dress code, but speaker nixes the idea | The Kansas City Star - In recent months, dozens of women -- current and former interns, legislative aides, lobbyists and lawmakers -- told The Star sexual harassment in the Capitol is commonplace. (patriarchal Repubican deviants)

Nasa says the world is not going to end in September | Science | The Guardian - Space agency kills off internet rumour by confirming an asteroid strike will not wipe out humanity in the next few weeks, or years, or decades
Obama declares state of emergency at site of out-of-control Washington fires | US news | The Guardian - Australia and New Zealand sending emergency workers to join thousands of firefighters in Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho and California

Dow drops more than 500 points as US markets plummet amid global sell-off | Business | The Guardian - Most major markets around the world suffer bruising losses as investors worldwide become increasingly concerned about Chinese economy
Oil recovers to end at $40.45, after hitting milestone - U.S. oil prices recorded their eighth consecutive week of falls, the longest losing streak since 1986, after a sharp drop in Chinese manufacturing increased worries over the health of the world's biggest energy consumer. U.S. oil futures fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009

US Marines foiledterror attack on French train - Business Insider

Obama's Iran Deal Gains Democrats' Support Ahead Of Vote - It is looking like Obama will have enough Democrats supporting the deal to beat those Republicans' opposition

The Agency - The New York Times - From a nondescript office building in St. Petersburg, Russia, an army of well-paid "trolls" has tried to wreak havoc all around the Internet -- and in real-life American communities.

White House: ISIS No. 2 killed by US strike | Fox News

Eschaton: Crazy Talk - We can't possibly afford this. There are countries to bomb! Moderate rebels to arm and train!

- Carly Fiorina's Fuzzy Vaccine Claims Debunked (Stupidarina)
Carly Fiorina did a 4-minute riff on climate change. Everything she said was wrong. - Vox
The Carly Fiorina Leadership File - Bloomberg View (hasn't had a job in ten years after being fired for destroying HP)

New Analysis Shows Problematic Boom In Higher Ed Administrators | New England Center for Investigative Reporting - The number of non-academic administrative and professional employees at U.S. colleges and universities has more than doubled in the last 25 years, vastly outpacing the growth in the number of students or faculty, according to an analysis of federal figures.

Detection of gamma rays from a newly discovered dwarf galaxy may point to dark matter | News from Brown
Magnetic Wormhole Created in Lab - Scientific American - Device acts like a wormhole, as if the magnetic field was transferred through an "extra specal dimension"
Tiny fountain of atoms sparks big insights into dark energy | Science/AAAS | News
Physics - Synopsis: Neutrinos from the North - Using Earth as a neutrino filter, the IceCube neutrino experiment strengthens its claim that it has detected neutrinos from powerful astrophysical accelerators outside our Galaxy.
- Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children
passed on to children's genes -- New finding is first example in humans of the theory of epigenetic inheritance: the idea that environmental factors can affect the genes of your children
Feelings Without Memory in Alzheimer Disease : Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology

What should not be considered OK, but is often encouraged? : AskReddit

Hundreds Of White House And Congressional Workers Implicated In Ashley Madison Hack - Many federal customers appeared to use non-government email addresses
Ashley Madison hack: should you look up your partner's details? | Technology | The Guardian - Hackers have released the details of 33 million Ashley Madison profiles. People are now trying to decide whether to search for their spouses
Ashley Madison hack: five people on getting caught up in the data breach | Technology | The Guardian
Radio hosts tell woman live on air her husband had Ashley Madison account | Technology | The Guardian
Married people of reddit, did you search any of the Ashley Maddison data dump sites for your spouses name? If so what is your next move? : AskReddit

Google ordered to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories | Ars Technica UK - f it does not comply with ridiculous recursion. (it's right to forget all the way down)

- Study Finds Global Warming Has Made California's Drought Worse Researchers say warming trends are responsible for as much as 20 percent of the drought.
Another toll of the drought: Land is sinking fast in San Joaquin Valley, study shows - LA Times - Farmland near Corcoran in the southern San Joaquin Valley sank 13 inches in just eight months last year. To the north, near El Nido, the land surface dropped about 10 inches.

ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape - The New York Times - Claiming the Quran's support, the Islamic State codifies sex slavery in conquered regions of Iraq and Syria and uses the practice as a recruiting tool. (you dnn't have to go to heaven to rape the virgins)
The Truth About Islam and Sex Slavery History Is More Complicated Than You Think | Kecia Ali

Islamic State Claims Cairo Courthouse Bomb Which Wounded 30 - ncluding 8 policemen, near a state security building and courthouse in a Cairo suburb on Thursday.

- The Iranian Threat - Noam Chomsky

Voting for Jeremy Corbyn is deluded. For the love of Labour, pick Yvette Cooper - Voices - The Independent - To vote Jeremy Corbyn for leader is the work of a delusionist at best and a conscious saboteur at worst (they're panicking)

Obamacare Haters Are Getting Harder To Find - Polls show the health care law picking up support, ever so slowly.

- This Democrat sits in a blue seat -- and he wants to amend the constitution to ban same-sex marriage -- Illinois Rep. Dan Lipinski is one of the worst Democrats -- very possibly the worst -- in the House: (in a dark-blue district, too)

IA Radio Host Jan Mickelson: Enslave Undocumented Immigrants Unless They Leave | Blog | Media Matters for America - Mickelson, Who Recently Hosted Walker, Fiorina, Carson, And Santorum, Asked, "What's Wrong With Slavery?" (what will they come up with next?)

Eschaton: They're Going To Let It Fail - ith each passing day, the probability of the NE rail corridor collapsing goes up just a little bit. Cuomo travels by limo, and Christie by helicopter. I do not think they understand that most people have to use other means of transportation.

Booman Tribune ~ The Worst Governor in the World - Governor Paul LePage (his record will be more progressive)

8 Things You Should Know About The New Female Libido Pill (.05 increase vs .03 for placebo)

Glorious Tumblr Provides The Nudes Of Art History With The Vibrators They've Long Desired - Glorious Tumblr Provides The Nudes Of Art History With The Vibrators They've Long Desired

- Some Guy At A "Muslim-Free Gun Shop Accidentally Shot Himself - "It's like the Clampetts have come to town"
Gun Advocate John Lott Was The Real Author Of A Viral Op-Ed Written From Perspective Of A Female Stalking Victim | Blog | Media Matters for America ("Mary Rosh")

The Science Of Love In The 21st Century - The Huffington Post - They reveal it over a two-day, $750-per-pair workshop called "The Art and Science of Love." (to 500 people x $750 = $375,000)

Mitch McConnell Acknowledges Difficulty In Blocking Iran Deal - McConnell said he would be surprised if any Senate Republican supports the deal.
The Iran Deal, Now With Broader Language and Cruise Missiles! - Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, previously indicted on federal corruption charges, discusses Israel and using any means necessary in his proposals for Iranian nuclear negotiations.

Thai Police Issue Arrest Warrant, Release More Info On Bombing Suspect - Authorities are hunting a man seen in a bright yellow shirt.

Donald Trump pulls clear of competition post debate - - Trump with the support of 24% of Republican registered voters. His nearest competitor, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, stands 11 points behind at 13%. Just behind Bush, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has 9%

Governor Bobby Jindal's official portrait revealed (Update)(hilarious+#bullshitfail
- The Truth About Carly Fiorina's Busyiness Record - While Donald Trump has stolen most of the spotlight, Carly Fiorina seems to have taken the top spot among the JV Republican candidates, but let's not forget her less than stellar corporate history.

From the Party of Lincoln to the Party of Calhoun, An Ongoing Series - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Mister, We Could Use A Chief Justice Like Roger Taney Again (5th Chief Justice, Dred Scott - African-Americans, having been considered inferior at the time the Constitution was drafted, were not part of the original community of citizens and, whether free or slave, could not be considered citizens of the United States

Lawyers, Guns & Money - And like basically every other awful thing corporations produce, 3M and Dupont delayed and delayed and delayed in admitting fault or taking precautions, sending workers to horrible deaths in order to make a few more dollars. It's the same strategy taken by tobacco companies and that the oil companies use today in order to undermine action on climate change. All these industries have full knowledge of what their products do to people and the planet. And they don't care. (corps are people not subject to llaws)
DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception - The Teflon Toxin
Teflon Toxin - The Case Against DuPont -

Jared Fogle Paid For Sex With Minors, Received Child Porn: Feds - Prosecutors say the porn was produced by the ex-director of his charity

Death of inmate ruled homicide: "Over a dozen inmate witnesses said that as many as 20 officers repeatedly kicked and punched him." : news

First Near-Fully Formed Brain Grown In Lab, Ohio State Scientists Say - The brain may accelerate research into diseases like Alzheimer's

Vaping: e-cigarettes safer than smoking, says Public Health England | Society | The Guardian - Worryingly for many of those behind the policy change, increasing numbers of people -- up to 22%, compared with 8% two years ago -- think e-cigarettes are equally or more harmful than tobacco -- almost all of the 2.6 million adults in the UK now thought to be using e-cigarettes are current or former conventional smokers, most using them to help them quit tobacco or to prevent them going back to smoking. (oh, vaping isn't a "gateway drug" to tobacco?)

? The Battle of the Diets: Is Anyone Winning (At Losing?) - YouTube
? The Food Revolution - AHS 2011 - YouTube

[interesting] Somehow we got Whatsapp Web support waaaaayyy before the iPhone. : windowsphone - I have unlimited text in my plan and I haven't sent one on over a year. Sms is the digital equivalent of writing letter.

- UN deciding "how best to respond" fter AT&T helped NSA spy on headquarters - United Nations has said it expects member states to respect its right to privacy after AT&T helped NSA wiretap Internet communications
State Department Finds Thousands of Philippe Reines Emails It Claimed Did Not Exist - an estimated 17,855

Indonesian Passenger Plane Destroyed After Crashing Into Mountain; No Survivors - killing all 54 people on board

- Bibi's Cannon Fodder - the campaign of incitement and maliciously phony charges of anti-Semitism against the White House are "effectively turning American Jews into Netanyahu's cannon fodder" in the war on Obama
Hundreds Of Rabbis Urge Congress To Approve Iran Nuclear Deal - We, along with many other Jewish leaders, fully support this historic nuclear accord.

- Owen Jones talks to Calais migrants: "They forget we are human" (and this is just the being)

Jeremy Corbyn is the curator of the future. His rivals are chasing an impossible dream | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

The Republican Party doesn't want to believe its voters agree with Trump. But they do.

Red Families vs. Blue Families: Which Are Happier? | Family Studies
Republicans Say They Are Happier With Their Marriages - The New York Times
Republicans Have Happier Marriages, According to a New Study by UVA Professor Brad Wilcox - The Atlantic - A new study suggests that couples in GOP counties are mildly more satisfied in their wedded lives. But does the state of your union really depend on how you vote?

Was Bernie Sanders really lying about the effect of budget cuts? - The Washington Post - That said, I think Glenn Kessler, the fact checker himself, graded Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, too harshly (WaPo, custodian of "the facts")

Republicans Say They Are Happier With Their Marriages - The New York Times

- The Tribune's Kristen McQueary takes a Katrina-strength pounding (metaphorically, of course and the commenters generally nail him for being an asshole)

- Report says Boston's Olympic bid would have been risky business

Covering Lolita - 210 book and media covers from 40 countries and 58 years

CERN measures antimatter with 10-100 times greater precision than before, finds perfect symetry with matter : science
How others see our identity depends on moral traits, not memory -- ScienceDaily (families troubled by immoral behavior more than memory loss)

We need to learn what 2,000 calories a day looks like to prevent diabetes | Ann Robinson | Comment is free | The Guardian

Mass grave reveals prehistoric warfare in ancient European farming community | Science | The Guardian - Shattered skulls and shin bones of 7000-year-old skeletons may point to torture and mutilation not previously observed in early Neolithic Linear Pottery culture
Major publisher retracts 64 scientific papers in fake peer review outbreak - The Washington Post - In the latest episode of the fake peer review phenomenon, one of the world's argest academic publishers, Springer, has retracted 64 articles from 10 of its journals after discovering that their reviews were linked to fake e-mail addresses.

US Patent Office Overturns Infamous Apple iPhone Design Patent, Samsung May Not Be Paying Apple Much After All : technology
US Patent Office Overturns Infamous Apple iPhone Design Patent, Samsung May Not Be Paying Apple Much After All
Apple suffers a blow in its patent war against Samsung | The Verge - A contested patent could mean less money will be awarded to Cupertino

Data from hack of Ashley Madison cheater site purportedly dumped online : news
Data from hack of Ashley Madison cheater site purportedly dumped online [Updated] | Ars Technica - Download said to include e-mail, member profiles, and credit card transactions.
Hackers dump stolen Ashley Madison data onto the Dark Web
The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Released a Ton of Stolen Data

Hunt for Chinese Man in U.S. Fuels Political Intrigue - WSJ - There were tensions recently over Chinese security officers coming to the U.S. to find fugitives without following U.S. procedures, said people familiar with the matter. (rendited?)
Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in U.S. - The New York Times
Tensions with China loom larger as Obama prepares to welcome Xi Jinping - The Washington Post

Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Teenagers - The New York Times (from their devout Muslim families +Brit cops fucked up)

Bangkok bomb: at least 16 killed outside Erawan shrine | World news | The Guardian - At least 16 dead and 80 wounded after explosion near Hindu place of worship on main road through centre of Thai capital

Carson suggests Obama is 'anti-Semitic' with Iran deal - Jennifer Shutt - POLITICO - Carson suggests Obama is "anti-semitic" with Iran deal (because anything that opposes Israel's far-far right and AIPac must be "anti-semetic")

Price for TSA's failed body scanners: $160 million - How bad are the machines at catching threats? So bad that Sen. Ron Johnson suggests adding metal detectors.

- Lord Mandelson tried to persuade the three mainstream Labour leadership candidates to quit en masse to stop leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn and force the party to suspend the election.
David Miliband: electing Jeremy Corbyn risks creating one-party Tory state | Politics | The Guardian - Former foreign secretary joins senior Labour figures warning against Corbyn for party leadership, and says Liz Kendall is his first preference

Republicans Against Retirement - The New York Times (Republican solution: work until you die, give the riches more money)
Eschaton: There Might Even Be An Opportunity Here - Imagine if the Democratic party loudly united to expand Social Security benefits, highlighting the contrast between their very popular view and the very unpopular position of Republicans. (corp Dems want you to work until you die, also) On one hand voters would like it. On the other hand, Fred Hiatt might say mean things. So I guess it's complicated.

- Trump Mocks Warren's Native American Heritage Claim, But Falsely Claimed His Family Was Swedish - Trump's grandfather and great-grandfather were actually born in Germany. (figures)
Chris Christie's presidential run: Time to call it a day, Guv | Mulshine | (bye-bye fat-fuck bully)
- Scott Walker's Lies at the Fairgrounds - He truly is a remarkable liar, already a far more remarkable liar than even Mitt Romney was, and I didn't think that was possible (Republicans specialize in being complete dicks to the right people)
- Trump Is the Republicans' Nightmare and They Won't Wake Up From It
Birthers Say These 4 GOP Candidates May Be Ineligible To Be President - The birther movement has come home to roost as the Republican presidential primary heats up. (Cruz, Piyush Jindal, Rubio, and Santorum, who is from another planet +Obama's mom doen't qualify because she was a child bride)

Struggle and Progress | Jacobin - Eric Foner on the abolitionists, Reconstruction, and winning "freedom" from the Right - Instead of denying, like the Right used to, that we've ever had inequality in this country, the Right says, "Well of course slavery was horrible, but we abolished it. We abolished slavery." We! We! Who's this "we," you know? ("states rights" = the "right" for states to have slaves)

A Good Chunk Of GOP Field Wants To Repeal The 14th Amendment - A position that was highly controversial in 2010 threatens to become more mainstream. (deport all the anchor babies)

Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern Tried to Kill Government Investigation - ProPublica - Despite public vows of transparency, CEO Gail McGovern lobbied a congressman to spike an inquiry by the Government Accountability Office.

John Oliver: Televangalists : videos

The Charges Against Ryan Reilly And Wesley Lowery Are So Dumb - "moved his belongings around in an inefficacious manner." (jounalists were committing domestic terrorism by not obeying the asshole cop's orders by not moving fast enought for the asshole cop)
Oath Keepers plan unique demonstration with assault rifles in Ferguson | Red Dirt Report - A Missouri Oath Keepers leader and his squad will test state law with a unique experiment by arming 50 blacks with AR-15 rifles while marching through downtown Ferguson, Mo.

Pam Bondi balks at paying full cost of Florida's fight against gay marriage | Tampa Bay Times - "It really is the height of hypocrisy to argue we shouldn't be entitled to fees when they put us through this"

Rape case puts focus on elite prep school's alleged sexual tradition | US news | The Guardian - Details of a practice called the "senior salute" Rape case puts focus on elite prep school's alleged sexual tradition | US news | The Guardian - were spelled out in stark terms by a former student at the New Hampshire school, who is charged with rape

Jeff Bezos Says Times Story Doesn't Describe "the Amazon I know" Over the weekend, the newspaper published a long, brutal piece about what it is like to work at the company. (sociopath turns out to be a good fit for WaPo)
- Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos responds to brutal New York Times story:

Medical marijuana laws taking root across the South |

FAFSA closes the door to college snooping - CBS News - The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has been serving as a tip sheet to colleges by sharing with them the schools that a child was applying to, as well as the school order that a teenager listed on the aid application. Most students list their schools in order of preference, which some colleges have used to make admission and aid decisions. (they really did that)

The 100 best novels written in English: the full list | Books | The Guardian (in English by white men, that is)

Finding biomarkers for early lung cancer diagnosis - metabolomics - analyzing all the biochemical products of metabolism in cells and tissues at the same time.

MysticJAC comments on My [23 F] sister [27 F] has been dating a guy [27 M] for about a year, and he makes the entire family uncomfortable.

Comedy vs. The Fat Jew - Splitsider (internets caught up with him)
Top 50 Jokes @TheFatJewish Bogarted From The Internet. (with images, tweets) 7 KKelly 7 Storify
Comedy Central cancels "The Fat Jew" development deal follow joke stealing controversy : television
[Serious] Teachers of reddit: Did a student ever offer you sex to pass a class? If yes, how did you react and what were the further consequences? : AskReddit
Consumer groups have slammed Microsoft for its policy of forced updates for Windows 10, which is hitting customers in remote locations with massive bill shocks by blowing out their data caps. : news

Chelsea Manning denied access to legal library prior to prison hearing, she says | US news | The Guardian - Imprisoned soldier faces potential solitary confinement after alleged violations including possession of unapproved reading material and expired toothpaste (sadistic fuckers to the core)

President Obama on Finding Openings by Nancy LeTourneau | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly - That is an incredibly wise grasp of how history works - even for the most powerful person on the planet. It is a striking rebuke of much that we hear from would-be Republican leaders these days who presume that a President of the United States can control world events via military dominance. For those with some knowledge of history, it is especially important given that the discussion is taking place about a country where we tried that back in 1953 and paid the price for it via the Islamic Revolution in 1979. (history starts tomorrow in the Republican mind)

Syrian Government Airstrike On Market Kills At Least 80, Activists Say - This is a documented massacre.

- Bungling Beijing's Stock Markets - So if its leadership is really as clueless as it has been looking lately, that bodes ill, not just for China, but for the world as a whole. (crony capitalist control-freaks about to lose control, bad for everybody)

The village where men are banned | Global development | The Guardian - Umoja was founded in 1990 by 15 women who were raped by British soldiers. Photograph: Georgina Goodwin for the Observer

Here's The Funniest Thing Donald Trump Has Said Yet - Yet unlike serious candidates for president, he receives his military advice from armchair pundits on cable television. (maybe Scarborough can be his Sec. of State)

The Greatest Threat To Bernie Sanders Is His Supporters (is Bernie the anti-Trump?)

Huckabee Backs Denying Abortion To 10-Year-Old Raped By Stepfather - Does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child? (the ultimate in reducing 10 yr old girls to baby-factories)

Missing transgender woman found dead in 'crude grave' in North Carolina | US news | The Guardian - Gang member charged with killing of 20-year-old Elisha Walker - Arrest comes amid reports of other murders of trans women

On Amazon - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1. People often praise these new tech leaders as heroes. Mostly they are sociopaths. That was the case with Steve Jobs and it is certainly the case with Jeff Bezos. These are terrible, awful human beings.

Is Tinder really creating a dating apocalypse -- Firstly for the first time ever, men are exposed to a situation where they know they are being judged entirely on their looks ... Yehm usually it's looks and the size of your wallet.


AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic - The New York Times (new Snowden docs)

Here Are The Wobbly Democrats Who Could Make Or Break The Iran Deal (Schumer and Menendez against absence of war)