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Wiki: Dimension
Francois Labelle: Dimensionality Reduction
Units and Dimensionality
[math/0502016] The notion of dimension in geometry and algebra
Cynthia Lanius' Fractals Unit: Fractal Dimension
Fractal Dimension

Flatland: A romance of many dimensions
Viewing Four-dimensional Objects in Three Dimensions
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbott Abbott
Math Forum (Math Awareness Month 2000): Yendred's Journey
Suttirat A. Larlaub: Dimensional Geographic
Time Travel in Flatland?
MathFiction: Flatterland: like Flatland, only more so (Ian Stewart)
Robert Heinlein: The House With Too Many Perpendiculars

MathWorld News: Perfect Magic Cube of Order 5 Discovered (kernel: 63)
Wolfram: Dimension | Mathworld: Four-Dimensional Geometry| Hypercube
Hypersphere -- from MathWorld
A 4-Dimensional Sphere, Animated
The HyperSphere
? Exploring other dimensions - Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan - YouTube
dimensionality of mass part one | part two
Superstringtheory: Extra Dimensions XII
Extra Dimensions
How Does One go From the 4th Dimension to the Fifth?
Higher Dimensions • Forum to discuss the Fourth Dimension and beyond
Hypography Science Forums - Physics and Mathematics - Theorys on the 5th dimension
Nova: The Elegant Universe | Video: (3 hours)
Imagining Other Dimensions | Nova: A Conversation with Brian Greene
Max Tegmark: On the dimensionality of spacetime
Bill Price: Study of Dimensions
Re: Anthropic Principle IS a probability argument (dimensionality of time)
Visualization: Discrete Differential Geometry
Higher-Dimensional Geometry
Saul-Paul Sirag: Hyperspace Reality | RealMagick Article: Hyperspace Reality by Saul-Paul Sirag
news @ - Dark matter highlights extra dimensions - Three new 'directions' could explain astronomical puzzle
Scientists predict how to detect a fourth dimension of space
Lisa Randall: webchat transcript on extra dimensions (three and seven favored)
4-Dimensional Rotations « Space Symmetry Structure
4D Rotation on Vimeo
Area-Volume Formulas for N-Dimensional Spheres and Balls

What is the 4th Dimension?
The Fourth Dimension by Cliff Pickover
Surfing Through Hyperspace
The 4th Dimension (not time)
Some basic Facts about the 4th Dimension if it were space (not time)
Peek: N-dimensional polytope visualization by cross-section and projection
4D Visualization
How Does One Obtain the Ability to "See" in Four Spatial Dimensions?
Getting Physical in Four Dimensions
Visualization of V3d+ Equations
Visualizing the Hypercube
Don Hatch: 4-D HyperRubiksCube
JonathansCorner: A Four Dimensional Maze
Eric Saltsman: The Fourth Dimension
Evolution through the Dimensions of Time and Space
Math Insight
Fourth Dimension: Tetraspace: Speculations on th: how the world would work if there was a fourth spatial dimension
Tetraspace: 4th dimensional links
Hypercubes: A glimpse into high-dimensional space
Some Notes on the Fourth Dimension (Movies: Visualization)
Uniform Polytopes in Four Dimensions
Regular 4d Polytope Foldouts
Monocosm: A Topos-Theoretic Look at the Foundations of Physics (the 4D problem)
4th Dimension
Visualizing 4-space
The 3-plane Array
Java Examples: program which can display all possible three and four dimensional regular solids
Visualization of 4d Hypercube
Applet to see 4D shapes - Ken Perlin
Java Applets: 4D simulations
Scheller's Science Site: Alice begegnet der 4. Dimension
Four-dimensional space
4th Dimension Explained By A High-School Student - YouTube
Can 3-Dimensional Holograms produce 4-D objects similar to how 2-Dimension screens can represent 3-D objects? : askscience
Could someone please explain the fourth dimension to me in simple terms, if possible? : askscience
Cube (geometry) - Wikipedia
Sacred geometry, Metatron's cube and the platonic solids
Doubling the cube
Tell's Quantum Geometry
Imagine, Geometry -- inside haptihedron, QTVRs
Wholeo Online Immersive Interactive Imaging Path Outline
Hyper Dimensia: HyperDimensional Viewing
Beyond the Third Dimension: virtual exhibition consists of mathematical objects that are visualized in the computer
Beyond 3D: Iced Cubes: Slicing 4D hypercube
Four Dimensional Objects
Fun with Hypercubes
Fourth Dimension
Astronomy Bizarre: The Fourth Dimension Is Back
Connections in Space: 4D Polytopes
Russell Towle : Polytopes | Animated GIF of a 3-armed Rhombic Spirallohedron
Why the Rhombic Dodecahedron is a Shadow of the 4-Dimensional Hypercube
Polyhedra Index Page
Four Dimensional Polytopes | Multidimensional Glossary
Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube Mark Newbold: HyperSpace Polytope Slicer | Mathpoint: The 4th Dimension
Hypercube Awards
Hyperspace Structures: the Hypercube
Zometool: Hypercube (PDF)
Russell Towle: Why the Rhombic Dodecahedron is a Shadow of the 4-Dimensional Hypercube
Russell Towle's 4D Star Polytope Animations
Lagarias/Shor: Keller's Cube-Tiling Conjecture is False in Higher Dimensions
UWinnipeg: Dimensionality (GR) (ways of visualizing higher dimensions)
4D rotating cube
Perez: 4D Orthogonal Polytopes Analogies Between The Parallelotopes In the 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D space

The maximum dimensional fault-free subcube allocatable in faulty hypercube
Tamiko Thiel: The architecture of a new machine (hypercubic)
? Ana/Kata Hipercubo 4d - Tesserato - Tesseract - Charles Howard Hinton - YouTube
Cut The Knot: Tesseract: An interactive column using Java applets by Alex Bogomolny
YouTube - Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Tesseract
Structures of Multidimensional Cubes
Hyperspace Structures: Exploring the fourth dimension
The Logos Takes You to the Fourth Dimension
Creating Ncubes: An Overview | Ncubes.exe: Drawing Ncubes on your PC
Thomas Banchoff's Home Page *
Banchoff and Salvador Dali (GSJ of April 30, 2004)
Dr. Thomas Banchoff : The Fourth Dimension
Além 3D -- Surfaces beyond 3-D *
enter the fourth dimension
Dimensionality Links
amb: Hyper-Dimensional References: Links
Fleischfilm our-dimensional quaternions (group of fractals) are visualized by projecting them into three-dimensional space
Does Space Have More Than 3 Dimensions? by Sten Odenwald
Science News Daily: New mathematics-based sculpture unveils fourth dimension
Article: Spirits, Art, and the Fourth Dimension, by Bryan Clair
Extra Dimensions in Cosmology
20: Group Theory and Generalizations
the nth dimension » tomorrow's theories » flaws with string theory
Rebecca E. Jacobs: The Sequel of Nim: Symmetries and Transformations of n-Cubes and the Nimber-Simplex Graph
Cubes and Hypercubes
polymake: tool for the algorithmic treatment of convex polyhedra and finite simplicial complexes
YouTube - Moebius Transformations Revealed
Magic Cube 4D
Science News / Seeing In Four Dimensions
Dimensions - 4D visualizations /a>

Fime Theory: 5th Dimension
Fime Theory (Spirals & Helixes)
Extra-dimensional Simulator and Higher-Dimensional Theories
Hidden Extras: Unrolling the Other 6 Dimensions
Extra dimensions make new room to tackle old Mysteries
Ms. Guidance to Xtra Dimensions
'Topological Geometrodynamics' and Consciousness
Michael Brown: Multidimensional Reality
Everything2: The Continuum Hypothesis
The Dimensions of Consciousness: 10 spacial dimensions: what does that mean?
Michio Kaku: M-Theory: The Mother of all SuperStrings
Michio Kaku: Superstring Theory
Question & Answer Chat Event With Dr. Michio Kaku
YouTube - From Universe to Multiverse. Are You Ready? (Dr. Michio Kaku)
Jian-Xin Lu: Branes
Explanation of M-theory
Paul E. Black: On The Composition of the Universe: The Universe is printed on recycled paper
Superstrings! | Supersymmetric Strings | M-Theory
B S Acharya: M theory, G2-manifolds and four-dimensional physics
Flux Theory 101 | Properties of Energy & Matter: Part I ... Dimensionality
An Alternative Perspective on Spatial Dimensionality By Edwin Eugene Ott
Lorentz contraction and dimensionality of reality
Physics Web: The hunt for new dimensions
Magnetic pull from ten dimensions
David Gross: Space-time has ten dimensions
A Proof of Ten Dimensions in Typical Space
The Ten Dimensions of Reality
Imagining the Tenth Dimension - A Book by Rob Bryanton (and forums)
YouTube - Imagining the Tenth Dimension part 1 of 2
YouTube - Imagining the Tenth Dimension - Rob Bryanton [Full Clip]
4d.pdf : Four Dimensionalism by Theodore Sider
Into the 11th Dimension
Generalised 11-Dimensional Supergravity Stephen Hawking's Theory Regarding Eleven Dimensions
Alternative formulation of duality-symmetric 11-dimensional supergravity
C.M.Hull: Exact pp-wave solutions of 11-dimensional supergravity
Yuuichirou Shibusa: 11-dimensional curved backgrounds for supermembrane in superspace
Astronomy Forum: 10/11 Dimensional Space-time
Meaning of dilaton field
Why 10 or 11? | Cosmic Variance (dimensions)

SciAm: Max Tegmark: Parallel Universes
What are Parallel Universes?
Richard Dawkins: Synergetic Geometry
Cosma Shalizi: Review: Geometrical Methods of Mathematical Physics by Bernard Schutz
Into The Eleventh Dimension: Superstrings, M-Theory
Shadows from Higher Dimensions
Interdimensional Physics
R. Coquereaux and A. Jadczyk: Geometry of Multidimensional Universes
Trans-dimensional/Time Travel
Rudy Rucker's Home Page
Rudy Rucker and Farideh Dormishian's Hypercube Downloads
The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul, by Rudy Rucker
Interdimensional Force Concept: An experimental theory about forces as tensions between different sets of dimensions
Ian Pinsker: Treatise on Dimensional Physics
New Scientist: Taming the multiverse
The Extradimensional Nature of God
Esoteric System of Dimensions
Zach's Interdimensional Page
Bill Price: A Study of Dimensions
The Concept of Other Dimensions
Physics and the Bible: The History of Hyperspace - Lambert Dolphin
Macrocosmic Symmetry Contents The Omega Zero of Accelerating Expansion Gevin Giorbran
Higher Dimensions - Your reference and discussion zone for everything about higher-dimensional geometry.
Dimensional Features Summary - Hi.gher. Space
Hi.gher. Space View topic - Addressing the Physicalist Delirium

u/RandomAmbles elegantly explains how a theoretical fourth-dimensional being could interact with us, our comprehension of such a being, and the absolutely wild things they would be able to do. : bestof
RandomAmbles comments on Would a 4th dimensional being or higher be capable of interacting with creatures of a lower dimension than itself?
Alright r/Math, I've got one for you. It's a Doozy! : math
The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences: Symmetries, Sheets, and Saddled Scenes | Qualia Computing