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Consciousness / Chaos / Complexity
See also: Philosophy

Complexity Digest - Networking the Complexity Community
Chaos Hypertextbook | Links
Bruce Edmonds: Home Page: Complexity
Complexity Papers Online | Complexity Related Application Papers
Ben Goertzel 1996: Emergence-Based Approach to Categorization and Similarity: The Attack of the Aliens from Vector Space
X-Talks | Pdf Chaos Library
Self-Organizing Systems (SOS) FAQ
Selected Self-Organization and the Semiotics of Evolutionary Systems
Gene Bellinger: Mental Model Musings
Charles Bloom , Compression : snippets | Complexity and Entanglement
The Complexity Zoo: 410+ classes of complexity
Intro to Chaos Theory
The Big Lab Experiment - Was our universe created by design? By Jim Holt (chaotic inflation)
Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology & Life Sciences
Whatever Happened to... Chaos Theory? | Math | DISCOVER Magazine
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics
ELi5: What is chaos theory? : explainlikeimfive
Center for Complex Systems Research
Daily Kos: That Which Is; Self-Organization and Emergence
SIMPLE LESSONS FROM COMPLEXITY - Nigel Goldenfeld and Leo P. Kadanoff Science 284, 87-89 (Apr 2, 1999).

Complexity Taxonomy
Complexity Zoo - Qwiki

Complexification | Gallery of Computation | Sand Traveler | Buddhabrot | Node Garden
Badii and Politi, Complexity: Hierarchical Structures and Scaling in Physics: Cosma Shalizi: Review
Ilya Prigogine
Complex Systems, Systems Theory, Sociotechnical Systems, Self-Adaptive Systems, and Chaos Theory
FRACTAL CHAOS: the Philosophy of Freedom and Self Determination
Whole Systems
Synchronization of Chaos
Synchronized Chaos
American Scientist Online - Huygens's Clocks Revisited
Introduction to Chaos and It's Real World Applications
What's Chaos? | What's Chaos Synchronization? | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks
Andreas Goppold: Wholes, parts, holes
Seed: Look Around You: A Visual Exploration of Complex Networks
ECCO: Evolution, Complexity and COgnition group,
YouTube - BBC - The Secret Life of Chaos (2010)
The Art of Complex Problem Solving
Creature discomforts | Pat Kane | he Whole Creature: Complexity, Biosemiotics and the Evolution of Culture
The Art of Complex Problem Solving
Imaginify Community Network :: imagine if i
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Biological Complexity and Integrative Pluralism Complex Systems, Fractals\Dynamics, Geometry\Topology, Art, Software
Images of Chaos and Symmetry
Kent Palmer: Holonomic Theory of Consciousness / Reflexive Autopoietic Systems Theory
A Turing Machine in Conway's Game of Life, extendable to a Universal Turing Machine
The 17c/45 Caterpillar spaceship
Princeton University - High-powered mathematicians take on free will
[quant-ph/0604079] The Free Will Theorem John Conway, Simon Kochen
Conway's Proof of the Free Will Theorem

Free Science and Video Lectures Online!: Cognitive Computing, Consciousness, Science Philosophy and Mind Video Lectures
Institut | Nicod ----- Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Social Sciences
AAR - Moral Theory Meets Cognitive Science: How the Cognitive Science Can Transform Traditional Debates (videos)
Review - Mindshaping - Philosophy - New Framework for Understanding Human Social Cognition by Tadeusz Wieslaw Zawidzki
Open source cognitive science

Welcome to AI Topics
Principia Cybernetica Mailing-List Archive
Consciousness (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Consciousness - Wikipedia
Consciousness - Eric Lormand
Understanding Consciousness - Wikipedia - Max Velmans: reflexive monism
Washington University Libraries Research Guides - Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) - Reference
Consciousness Studies - Wikibooks

What are some of the newer theories on the nature of consciousness? : askscience
A Neuroscientist's Radical Theory of How Networks Become Conscious - Wired Science - Neuroscientist Christof Koch, chief scientific officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, thinks he might know the answer. According to Koch, consciousness arises within any sufficiently complex, information-processing system. All animals, from humans on down to earthworms, are conscious; even the internet could be. That’s just the way the universe works.
23165867 - Integrated information theory of consciousness: G. TONONI
Evolution of consciousness: Phylogeny, ontogeny, and emergence from general anesthesia - differences between species in terms of the ability to experience the world is one of degree and not kind.

John Benjamins: Details of Advances in Consciousness Research
Consciousness and the Brain - Annotated Bibliography - Ralph D. Ellis, Ph.D.
Consciousness/Brain Studies
PBS: The Secret Life of the Brain : 3-D Brain Anatomy
VOXEL-MAN 3D-Navigator: Brain and Skull
The Amazing Brain: Anatomy and Function
Parameterization of 3D Brain Structures for Statistical Shape Analysis
Charlie Rose - Charlie Rose: The Brain Series
The Whole Brain Atlas
YouTube - The Whole Brain Catalog (
Whole Brain Catalog
Allen Human Brain Atlas - Brain Explorer :: Allen Human Brain Atlas
10 Great Sites for Reviewing Brain Anatomy | Marzieh Ghiasi
Owen Lab - Western University - Our research combines neuroimaging (MRI and EEG), with cognitive studies in brain-injured patients and healthy participants.
Downloads - NACWeb
Slide show: How your brain works -

FINR Interactive 3-D Brain

Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases
Comparison of Cube Rotations Around Axes Inclined Relative to the Environment or to the Cube
The blind painter and the Cartesian Theater
New Scientist 11 steps to a better brain - Features
Charlie Rose: The Brain Series
The Neuroanatomical Basis of Understanding Sarcasm and Its Relationship to Social Cognition
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Highest functions of brain produce lowest form of wit
Dartmouth News - Brain changes significantly after age 18, says Dartmouth research - 02/06/06
Home : Allen Brain Atlas
Blue Brain Project: first comprehensive attempt to reverse-engineer the mammalian brain
Mind Hacks: Excellent BBC Brain Story series available online
Cognitive Daily: What's it like to have your brain split in half?
Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition (making up their correlations, too)
Ray Tallis: You won't find consciousness in the brain - opinion - 07 January 2010 - New Scientist
"You Won't Find Consciousness in the Brain" - Neuroethics & Law Blog
You won't find consciousness in the brain : science
Splitting The Human Brain By Paul Pietsch
UCSD-TV: Greymatters
microclesia: Jill Taylor’s TED Talk
TED | TEDTalks: Top 10
Brain Stem! Brain Stem! | MetaFilter
Sonsuzluk Çözümü / Infinity Solution: Life Span and Entropy
PLoS Biology - Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex
Science News / Journey To The Center Of The Brain
Mind Hacks: Connected to the highways of the brain
The Impact of Emerging Technologies: Media Viewer
SCI Image Gallery - Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
PLoS Biology - Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex
PLoS Biology - From Structure to Function: Mapping the Connection Matrix of the Human Brain
diffusion tensor imaging - Google Image Search
HARDI Publications (HARDI is high-angular resolution diffusion imaging)
Biotele: The Neurostimulation Technology Portal
TVO.ORG | Video | Big Ideas - Norman Doidge - the discovery of neuroplasticity
Michael Merzenich on re-wiring the brain | Video on
The Efficacy of Fast ForWord Language Intervention in School-Age Children With Language Impairment: A Randomized Controlled Trial -- Gillam et al. 51 (1): 97 -- Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research
Study Shows Variety of Approaches Help Children Overcome Auditory Processing and Language Problems

Neural Surfer
Cognitive Science Celebrities
ShuffleBrain: How does a brain store a mind?
Karl Pribram: interview mind-brain relationship Holographic Brain
UCB: Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Neuroscience-Net: Journal: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience
History of Neuroscience
The Beautiful Mind Web Collection: Cognitive Science Meets the Web
Wiki: Hypothalamus | Amygdala
Chapter 11 from Richard Dawkins, ``The Selfish Gene''
Comparison between Karl Pribram's "Holographic Brain Theory" and more conventional models of neuronal computation
Neurology and the Internet 1999: A Guided Tour of World Wide Web Resources
Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology Papers
NeuroWho: Neuroscience Metasite
Clinical Neurophysiology on the Internet Resources
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Neurochemistry of Consciousness
Neurosciences on the Internet
Neuroscience for Kids - Animal Senses
Google Answers: Sites with interesting, fun facts about the human senses
Neuroanatomy Links
University of California, San Diego: Center for Brain and Cognition
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition: Other Training
Society for Neuroscience | Home
Corante: Brainwaves
The Science of Brainwaves - The language of the brain
Harvard: PCNL: Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
Appendices for Chimpanzee Spirituality: A Concise Synthesis of the Literature
Brainmeta: Neuroscience, Consciousness, Brain, Mind, Neural Networks, Brain Atlases
Neural Networks - A Systematic Introduction
Turing Machines are Recurrent Neural Networks
Cognitive Neuroscience Arena
The Death of Implicit Memory
Psyche 8(02): The Decoupling of "Explicit" and "Implicit" Processing in Neuropsychological Disorders by Deborah Faulkner & Jonathan K. Foster (Insights Into the Neural Basis of Consciousness?)
Constructing The Relational Mind" by John G. Taylor
MRIcro software guide
Tutorial for MRIcro medical image freeware
MRI files
Comment on 'Mapping the Mind' by Rita Carter
Brainmaps (interactive high-resolution digital brain atlas) - Brain Atlas, Brain Maps, Brain Structure, Neuroinformatics, Brain, Stereotaxic Atlas, Neuroscience
A Brief Introduction to the Brain: Themes
Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center
BrainVoyager Brain Tutor
LE CERVEAU À TOUS LES NIVEAUX! (Brain from Top to Bottom)
Robert Burton: Is there consciousness in a vegetative state? Robert Burton explores evidence | Salon Life (fMRI)
Detecting Awareness in the Vegetative State : Owen, Coleman, Davis, Boly, Laureys & Pickard, Science, 313, 1402, 2006
Scientific American Mind: Fact or Phrenology? -- The growing controversy over fMRI scans is forcing us to confront whether brain equals mind
Defining Awareness by the Triangular Circuit Of Attention by David LaBerge
Burns - Studies in Osteopathic Sciences - Vol 3 - Chapter 3: Cerebral Relations
Burns - Studies in Osteopathic Sciences - Vol 2 - Chapter 17: The Cortical Centers
The neuroscience delusion TLS
Signposts for a Naturalist Criticism

The New York Review of Books: Oliver Sacks
Seed: The Listener As Oliver Sacks observes the mind through music, his belief in a science of empathy takes on new dimension.
The New York Review of Books: Remembering Francis Crick by Oliver Sacks
K.S. Lashley: The problem of serial order in behavior

All In The Mind
All in the Mind: 24 September  2005  - Do You See What I See? Delusions (Cotard's Syndrome)

Nonconceptual Mental Content (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Pleasure - Google Books - What is an unconscious emotion?
On the interdependence of cognition and emotion (cf cube of space)

Developing Intelligence : Harmony of the Hemispheres: Left/Right Cerebral Asymmetry
Right Brain vs. Left Brain
Hemispheric Dominance Test determine if your left or right brain hemisphere is dominant
Hemispheric Dominance Test
Left/Right Processing
BBC - Science & Nature - Sex ID
Scientific American: His Brain, Her Brain
eSkeptic: March 15th, 2005: Sex, Brains & Hands — Gender Differences in Cognitive Abilities
Deep, Dark Secrets of His and Her Brains - Yahoo! News (Einstein's Brain)
Science & Technology at Scientific Brain Images Reveal Menstrual Cycle Patterns
An interview with Allan Shore
Right Left Brain Test
Right Brain Left Brain Inventory
Left Brain : Right Brain
Right Brain vs Left Brain Creativity Test at The Art Institute of Vancouver
doi:10.1016/S1474-4422(05)00990-7.pdf - Reaching beyond the midline: why are human brains -- cross wired?

Robert E. Ornstein's "The Psychology of Consciousness" (synopsis)
A History of Philosophy. Robert Ornstein: biography, summary, theory
Ornstein Caveat Meditator excerpt from The Mind Field
Vee Jay says 44; Who is Robert Ornstein?

Right Brain Left Brain Inventory
Right-Brain/Left-Brain - Science or Pseudoscience? (Christians)
Left Brain : Right Brain
Brain - Left Brain-Right Brain
Left/Right brain dominance -
Robin Allott Language Gesture And Evolution (+ Family Archives)
Language may shape human thought: Pirahã tribe

Edge: The Science of Gender and Science: Pinker vs. Spelke: A Debate
The Frontal Cortex : Steven Pinker is a New Mysterian
Stephen Pinker: The Mystery of Consciousness -- TIME
3quarksdaily A review of The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature, by Steven Pinker
'The Stuff of Thought' by Steven Pinker - Los Angeles Times
Pinker: How The Mind Works
Is is Already Time to Give Up on a Science of Consciousness A Commentary on Mysterianism
New Mysterianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :: View topic - Mysterians, new, old, genuine and tiresome
Kerr-Lawson on the New Mysterians
Is is Already Time to Give Up on a Science of Consciousness? A Commentary on Mysterianism by Giorgio A. Ascoli,

Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas — The Physics arXiv Blog — Medium
[1401.1219] Consciousness as a State of Matter
“Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental & Spiritual | Collective-Evolution

Colin McGinn: the New Mysterian and cognitive closure.
Colin McGinn
McGinnReview: Mcginn On Honderich
Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog: Colin McGinn Did Not Like Ted Honderich's Book
Books | Enemies of thought
sp!ked review of books | Honderich: the thinking man’s unthinking man? (and neural theories of consciousness)
Honderich: McGinn Review and links to other reviews/commentary
Review - A Critique of Naturalistic Philosophies of Mind
Review - Explaining the Brain

The Science of Bad Neuroscience | - Dorothy Bishop
Public Lecture by Dorothy Bishop > Institute of Advanced Studies: The University of Western Australia

Deductive and Inductive Arguments: Whats the Difference?

Neurobonkers: Science, mind and technology news, research and critical analysis.
The Neurocritic
Mind Hacks

Thomas Nagel: What is it like to be a bat
Thomas Nagel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jerry Fodor - Wikipedia
BrainPlace: Brain SPECT Information and Resources: Brain Systems, Functions and Problems
Mind-Brain: consciousness, transcendence, and the brain | Links
Streams of Consciousness::Links
W.H. Calvin: How Brains Think & other works | The Cerebral Code
Conversations with Neil’s Brain: The Neural Nature of Thought & Language: 1994 by William H. Calvin and George A. Ojemann
Co-evolution of neocortex size, group size and language in humans
Neurocognitive Bases of Language | disussion
Psychology Of Consciousness (bibliography)
Edge: Self Awareness: The Last Frontier By V.S. Ramachandran

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Wim Rietdijk: On the Nature of Consciousness: a Scientific Hypothesis
Aaron Sloman: Re: References and causal linkage
Beloff: Mind/Body Problem
Metapsychology Online Reviews - How The Body Shapes The Mind
Metapsychology Online Reviews: How the Body Shapes the Way We Think A New View of Intelligence
Searching for Intelligence in Our Genes: Scientific American
AAR - Michael Tomasello: Origins of Human Communication (videos)

Philosophy Bites Tim Crane on Mind and Body (podcast)
Tim Crane
Tim Crane: review of The Nature of Perception By John Foster
The Mechanical Mind: A Philosophical Introduction to Minds, Machines and ... By Tim Crane Google Book Search
History of the Mind-Body Problem - By Tim Crane, Sarah Patterson - Google Book Search
Review - Mental Causation: The Mind-Body Problem by Anthony Dardis Philosophy
Tim Crane: review: Mind Time: The Temporal Factor in Consciousness By Benjamin Libet
Benjamin Libet - a short delay.
Benjamin Libet - neurophysiologist studied the nature of free will
Comment is free: Mind over matter? (Libet)
Comment is free: Living without free will
Physicalism and its Discontents - Cambridge University Press
The Rise and Fall of Reality: Deliberations on the Mind-Body Problem
God and Worldview Thinking: mind-body theories

Wolpert: John Searle on the problem of consciousness: [Searle JR. 2000. Consciousness. Annual Review of Neuroscience 23:558-559.]
John Searle: The Problem of Consciousness
John Searle: Beyond Dualism - Google Video (consciousness material phenomenon: brain is a machine)
John Searle’s The Construction of Social Reality
Searle's Chinese Box: The Chinese Room Argument and Artificial Intelligence
The New Atlantis » Ari N. Schulman: Why Minds Are Not Like Computers

Larry Hauser: Chapter Four: Naive AI and As-if Intentionality (and panpsychism)
Science Page of Marcus Hutter
Juergen Schmidhuber's home page - Universal Artificial Intelligence - New AI - Recurrent neural networks - Goedel Machine - Theory of everything - Algorithmic theory of everything - Computable universe - Zuse's thesis - Universal learning algorithms - Uni
Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
The Geography of Consciousness: Cyberspace and the Changing Landscape of the Self By Michael Strangelove
Ethical Issues In A-Life: Cyber Gods As Moral Monsters?
Creating Friendly AI
An AI-Box Experiment
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Artificial Consciousness by Antonio Chella and Riccardo Manzotti (Editors)
I think I'm turning cyborg-ese, I really think so

Panpsychism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
objections to panpsychism - Google Search
Conscious Entities: Panpsychism

Kirk Ludwig: Why the Difference Between Quantum and Classical Physics is Irrelevant to the Mind/Body Problem
Neuroscience-Net - The Prospects for a Quantum Neurobiology
Archives of Psyche-D (Theoretical emphasis) | Psyche-B ( (Biological/Psychological emphasis) Quantum Consciousness Links
Archives of QUANTUM-MIND
Dual-Aspect Panpsychist Critique of Emergentist, Quantum & Holonic Theories of Consciousness
Quantum Mind 2003: Consciousness, Quantum Physics and the Brain
Time-reversed human experience: Experimental evidence and implications : Dean Radin
JNLRMI II(2): The Journal of Non-Locality and Remote Mental Interactions
Consciousness at the Millennium: A Web Course
Nick Herbert Home Page
Holistic Physics - Or - An Introduction To Quantum Tantra - Nick Herbert
Stuart Hameroff Home Page
Stuart Hammeroff: Consciousness Studies
Hammeroff: Quantum Consciousness
The Quantum Mind of Stuart Hameroff | The Daily Grail
Quantum Consciousness | Stuart Hameroff
Springclergy_000.swf (Hammeroff: How Science Can Save Its Soul)
Whitehead Consciousness, Whitehead and quantum computation in the brain: Panprotopsychism meets the physics of fundamental spacetime geometry
Mark Bancroft: Quantum Physics & Consciousness
Quantum Neural Computing Study, by Li Weigang
Alan Randall: Computational Metaphysics, Quantum Phenomenology
qm2 : Message: Quintessential passage from Bohm and the approach of Aage Bohr
Peter Mutnick: Writings | Critique of Henry Stapp's "A Quantum Theory of Mind"
Crusader for Justice: Peter Mutnick, 1949-2008. Category: News from The Berkeley Daily Planet - Thursday July 31, 2008
Henry Stapp: Why Classical Mechanics Cannot Naturally Accommodate Consciousness but Quantum Mechanics Can
Gunter Heim: Notes: Henry Stapp: Mind, Matter, and Quantum Mechanics
The Evolution of Consciousness Henry P. Stapp
Physics of Collective Consciousness and the Quantum-Vacuum Interactions
Matt C Keener: Quantum Resonance Theory
QUALIA I: The Quantum Physics of Cooper-Pairing and Negativity in the Human Mind
Quantum Theology Resources
q-mind: Dimiter G. Chakalov: Loop quantum teleportation

Foundations.Cognitive.Science2001: By Thread
Second Nature:the Man-made World of Idealism, Technology and Power
Metaphysics and the Problems of Consciousness
Naming Our Concerns about Neuroscience: A Review of Bennett and Hacker's Philosophical Foundations of Neuroscience (anti-dualism)
The Neur-sci Archives
The Shapes of Thought | The Einstein's Brain Project | The Shapes of Thought
Functionalism At Forty : A Critical Retrospective : Paul M. Churchland
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Neurophilosophy at Work by Paul Churchland
Brains: Paul Churchland's Neurophilosophy
Dualism vs Materialism - A Response to Paul Churchland - to M.D. Robertson Andrew Brook/Pete Mandik : The Philosophy and Neuroscience Movement

Wiki: Unconscious mind - The Intelligence of the Unconscious - The Kludge: Gary Marcus on the Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

A History of Evolutionary Thought
Stephan Dinan: Consciousness Timeline I: 1875-1969 | Consciousness Timeline II: 1970-present
Kardashev scale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Erowid Library : The Erowid Review The Mind in the Cave: Consciousness and the Origins of Art
Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art
Iconography: Neolithic Petroglyph Decipherment
Social neuroscience - Wikipedia
Seed: That Voodoo That Scientists Do social neuroscience
Ed Vul - Voodoo correlations in Social Neuroscience
Correlations in social neuroscience aren’t voodoo: A reply to Vul et al. by Lieberman, Berkman, Wager
Social Evolution of Consciousness Jay Earley
The evolution of consciousness
The One behind the Many: The Purporsive Evolution and Involution of Consciousness in the Universe
A Science of Consciousness, the Semeiotics of Mind and the Elements of Personal Philosophy. : What It All Means
The Journal of Conscious Evolution
The Evolution of Consciousness
29 Evolution of the Symbolic Self: Issues and Prospects Constantine Sedikides John J. Skowronsk1
timeline+evolution+consciousness - Google Scholar

Arthur Young: Reflexive Universe, Geometry of Meaning, Theory of Process
Frank Barr: The Theory of Evolutionary Process as a Unifying Paradigm
ARTHUR M. YOUNG: The Four Levels of Process
Arthur M. Young: The Theory of Process
Arthur M. Young: Essays: Constraint And Freedom: An Ontology Based on the Study of Dimensions
Arthur M. Young: The Reflexive Universe: Science And Astrology
Arthur M. Young: The Reflexive Universe (1981) - Documentary video by Arthur Bloch - YouTube
The Speed of Light is the Firmament -The Arthur Young Series - YouTube ("light could get through it, but time cannot")
The 4 & 7 Color mapping of Reality -- Arthur Young -- - YouTube
Did God want to know himself? -The Arthur Young Series - YouTube
Time is an imaginary dimension - Arthur Young - - YouTube
The Roots of Consciousness: Theory, The Reflexive Universe
Kheper: Arthur Young: The Reflexive Universe
Torus Coloring -- from Wolfram MathWorld
About the Hypersphere
t²-x²??? Archive - Physics Forums Archive
Search CU-Boulder | University of Colorado Boulder
Encyclopedia of Physics - Joe Rosen - Google Books
How do protons and neutrons stick to one another? : askscience
20einstein&f=false">Einstein's Space-Time: An Introduction to Special and General Relativity - Rafael Ferraro - Google Books
New Scientist - Google Books

Kheper: The Involution and Evolution of Consciousness
The Future Evolution of Consciousness
Future Psychological Evolution
Alwyn Scott: mind as an emergent phenomenon of biological molecules which possess non-linear properties
Paleopsychology - Google Search
The International Paleopsychology Project (Howard Bloom) Reviews for The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History: Books: Howard Bloom
Perceptual Engineering, Capitalism at a glance, I see Paleopsychology.s underpants - MemeTome
Human Paleopsychology: notes on Applications to Aggression and Pathological Processes
Signs of Consciousness: Speculations on the Psychology of Paleolithic Graphics | Paleopsychology
Psychology of Mental Fossils, toward an Archeo-Psychology -- A new book by Douglas Keith Candland
Archeo-Psychology, Memes, Telepathy, + Zodiacs
Cognitive Archaeology
Cognitive Archaeology

Jorn Barger: Paleopsychology
At the Edge archive: The science of cognitive archaeology 02/2002 - Jaekel, The Cognitive Theory of Metaphor Applied to Religious Texts (Nine Central Tenets of the Cognitive Theory of Metaphor)
Pascal Boyer: Functional Origins of Religious Concepts: Ontological and Strategic Selection in Evolved Minds (cognitive anthropologist)
Adam's Maxim and Spinoza's Conjecture: Scientific American Belief, disbelief and uncertainty generate different neural pathways in the brain: most people have a low tolerance for ambiguity and that belief comes quickly and naturally, whereas skepticism is slow and unnatural
| Medieval Identity: A Sign and a Concept | The American Historical Review, 105.5 | The History Cooperative - Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
Brigitte Rezak Medieval Identity. a Sign and a Concept (scribd with images)
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Consciousness Recovered - Psychological Functions and Origins of Conscious Thought by George Mandler

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind - Julian_Jaynes_The_Origin_of_Consciousness.pdf

Julian Jaynes - The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind : occult
Julian Jaynes Society | Related Articles on the Bicameral Mind
Julian Jaynes: Consciousness and the Voices of the Mind
Perspective of Mind: Julian Jaynes
Julian Jaynes's Software Archeology by Daniel Dennett (1986)
Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Bicameral Mind Theory Revisited
James E Morriss: Reflections on Julian Jaynes Origin of Conscousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind: Essay/Review
Bicameralism (psychology) - Wikipedia
Julian Jaynes Revisited
Julian Jaynes: The origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicamereal mind
Perspective of Mind: Julian Jaynes
The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind (excerpts)
Dan Schneider Breaking Down Julian Jaynes
The Origin of Consciousness in the ... - Google Book Search

YouTube - Julian Jaynes, 1 of 3
YouTube - Barriers to Understanding Julian Jaynes' Theory (1 of 2)
YouTube - Barriers to Understanding Julian Jaynes' Theory (2 of 2)
YouTube - Don Trent Jacobs - Julian Jaynes & Our Consciousness
YouTube - William Woodward - Julian Jaynes After 1976 (Part 1 of 2)
YouTube - William Woodward - Julian Jaynes After 1976 (Part 2 of 2)
YouTube - Jan Sleutels - Greek Zombies (Part 3 of 3)

Metapsychology Online Reviews: Muses, Madmen, and Prophets: Rethinking the History, Science, and Meaning of Auditory Hallucination
Hearing Voices Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Early infanticidal childrearing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
theoccassional comments on Schizophrenia, Understanding Delusion, and Buddhist Philosophy

Cultural history - Wikipedia
Psychohistory - Wikipedia
So Much For The Absence Of Natural Selection In Modern Human Populations | Scientific Blogging Cultural inheritance does affect evolution, and in fact does so at a much higher rate than genetic inheritance
Seed: How We Evolve: human culture itself has become the foremost agent of biological change
Our Panarchic Future | Worldwatch Institute by Thomas Homer-Dixon | A theory that explains the evolution of ecosystems may apply to civilizations as well-and it says we're approaching a critical phase.

David Chalmers: Conscious Mind
Chalmers: Online Consciousness Links
David Chalmers: Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness | UK Mirror for Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness
H. John Caulfield reviews The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory by David Chalmers
Chalmers, David J. : The Conscious Mind : In Search Of A Fundamental Theory
Book review of David Chalmers: The Conscious Mind (Oxford University Press, 1996) (Scaruffi: "Consciousness is information about the pattern of the self")
The Puzzle of Conscious Experience
Web resources on consciousness, philosophy, and such (Chalmer's Consciousness Links)
Consciousness and its Place in Nature - David J. Chalmers
MindPapers: A Bibliography of the Philosophy of Mind and the Science of Consciousness
David Chalmers: the hard problem of consciousness and the brain
Andy Clark & David J. Chalmers: The Extended Mind

Scott Kelso and DAvid Engstrom: The Complementary Nature - The MIT Press (duality)
Scott Kelso Tree of Knowledge: Books: Humberto R. Maturana,Francisco Varela
J. A. Scott Kelso - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
'Bridge Out' on the Road to a Theory of Consciousness: Review of The Conscious Mind: In Search of a Fundamental Theory by David J. Chalmers

fragments of consciousness: Jaegwon Kim comes out (as a dualist) (philosophy of mind: 50% materialist, 25% agnostic, 25% dualist)
Jagwon Kim's 'Physicalism, or someting near enough': almost a virgin.
What to say to a skeptical metaphysician: A defense manual for cognitive and behavioral scientists
The Quiet Revolution - Telic Thoughts (dualism in philosophy) "Phenomenal States" by Brian Loar (second version)
Neutral Monism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Conscious Entities: Reflexive Monism (Max Velmans, dual-aspect theory)
Conscious Entities: leading theories about consciousness, and the mind.
Dialectical Monism
Guide to the Philosophy of Mind
Online papers on consciousness
Chalmers: weblog: fragments of consciousness
"Hey Joe" -- comments on Joe Levine's book Purple Haze
Philosophical Weblogs
Peter B Lloyd: Berkeley Revisited: The Hard Problem Considered Easy Tucson, Arizona, April 1998

Facing Backwards on the Problem of Consciousness: Commentary on Chalmers: Daniel C. Dennett
Is Consciousness an Illusion? | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books - Cartesian Theater
Thomas Nagel: Thoughts Are Real - The New Yorker
Thomas Nagel is not crazy | Prospect Magazine (but Pinker is not happy) The universe, in a way of speaking, wants to become conscious : natural teleology

Explaining Consciousness: The Hard Problem
David Brooks: How to Solve the Hard Problem: A Predictable Inexplicability
Metapsychology Online Reviews - The Really Hard Problem - Meaning in a Material World by Owen J. Flanagan
How consciousness works – Michael Graziano – Aeon - How the light gets out Consciousness is the ‘hard problem’, the mystery that confounds science and philosophy. Has a new theory cracked it?
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousnes
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Making Up the Mind: How the Brain Creates Our Mental World
Biology of Consciousness (Edelman, Gally, Baars)
Global Workspace Theory
Tim Bayne: Publications: philosophy of mind and psychology
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Brian Holtz: Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits | Library
David Chalmers: Moving Forward on the Problem of Consciousness
Chalmers: Mind and Modality
Dennett: Quining Qualia
Willard Van Orman Quine: Two Dogmas of Empiricism
Greg Rosenberg: A Place for Consciousness: Probing the deep structure of the natural world
Michael Shermer: A Skeptical Manifesto
Cowen & Hanson: Disagreement as Self-Deception About Meta-Rationality
Supplement to Hauptli's Lectures on Gettier's "Is JTB Knowledge?"
Koons: The Incompatibility of Naturalism and ScientiØc Realism
John Locke: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Roger Penrose: A Mathematician at Play in the Fields of Space-Time
Wiki: Roger Penrose
Penrose Consciousness, gravity and the quantum: An interview with Professor Roger Penrose - Published in Network, May 2000
Drew McDermott: Penrose is Wrong
Can humans escape Goedel?:A review of "Shadows of the Mind" by Roger Penrose
Philosophical zombie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zombie Conceivability
Andre Furman: Could There Be Nothing?

The Singularity

The Sigmoid Theory of History
Vernor Vinge: Singularity (1993)
Technological Singularity by Vernor Vinge
The Limitations of the Singularity
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky: Staring into the Singularity: The End of History
Eliezer S. Yudkowsky: The Singularity: If computing speeds double every two years, what happens when computer-based AIs are doing the research?
Singularity Links Blog Archive Vernor Vinge Paints the Future at AGC
Vernor Vinge: What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen
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Trans- and Post-humanity
Posthuman Destinies | Science, Culture, Integral Yoga (Aurobindo)
First Annual Colloquium on the Law of Transhuman Persons
Koala Wallop - "An Exotic Matter" - "Enough is Enough" A Thinking Ape’s Critique of Trans-Simianism
Acceleration Watch (Understanding Accelerating Change): Technological Singularity
Black Belt Bayesian Rapture of the Nerds, Not
Singularity! - A Tough Guide to the Rapture of the Nerds
Singularity! - A Tough Guide to the Rapture of the Nerds
Entrenched Technology, from The Culture ||
The Singularity is Near » Homepage
Singularity is Near - SIN Graph - Countdown to SIN Logarithmic
Cyberspace, the Singularity, Belief Circles, oh my! | MetaFilter (Vernor Vinge)
Human-level artificial intelligence? Be serious!
The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence | Advance Innovation - Advance Humanity | What is the Singularity?
Singularity Summit 2006 | Singularity Summit 2007
Douglas R. Hofstadter - Singularity Summit at Stanford
Futurist Ray Kurzweil Pulls Out All the Stops (and Pills) to Live to Witness the Singularity
RAY KURZWEIL - That Singularity Guy - Vice Magazine
IEEE Spectrum: Waiting for the Rapture
True Transhumanism :: Max More :: Global Spiral
Aubrey de Grey’s Declaration, Endorsed by 15 Prestigious Biomedical Experts :: Aubrey de Grey :: Global Spiral
Pharyngula: Singularly silly singularity (LOLKurzweil)
Rhizomes 7: Mark Zuss (posthumanism)
Looking for the Leader of the Post-2012 World - The Institute for Human Continuity
Warren Ellis » The NerdGod Delusion
Star Wars Modern: Singularity: Introduction & Part 1 Singularity: Introduction & Part 1
Star Wars Modern: Singularity (Part 2 of 9): Artificial Enlightenment Singularity (Part 2 of 9): Artificial Enlightenment
The Singularity: An Appraisal on Vimeo (Charlie Stross: "The singularity has been just around the corner for twenty years")
Three arguments against the singularity - Charlie's Diary
Noam Chomsky: The Singularity is Science Fiction! - YouTube
Noam Chomsky: The Singularity is Science Fiction : technology

John J Reilly: The Long View
John Reilly: Spengler's Future (cyclical theory of history)

Interview with Marvin Minsky; The mind, artificial intelligence and emotions
Marvin Minsky Home Page | The Emotion Machine: Chapter 1. Emotional States
Wired 14.12: Marvin Minsky's and Daniel Dennett's latest thoughts about the brain will blow your mind.
What is Cognitive Neuroscience - an introduction by Jamie Ward
First-Person Methods in the Science of Consciousness
Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Study: Table of Contents
Non Mainstream resources: New Models, Paradigms
Why Did Evolution Engineer Consciousness? Selmer Bringsjord
The Doomsday Invention - The New Yorker - Will artificial intelligence bring us utopia or destruction?
The Enchanting Subject Of Consciousness (Or Is It A Black Hole?) Review of Enchanted Looms: Conscious Networks In Brains and Computers By Rodney Cotterill
Life Beyond Earth and the Mind of Man 1975 - Google Video
Amy L. Lansky: Consciousness as an Active Force
Review of new edition: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid
ASO - Self Assembly I Am a Strange Loop. Douglas R. Hofstader
Presidential Lectures: Douglas R. Hofstadter: Excerpts
Global Consciousness Project | Summary of Results, Intro
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research: the role of consciousness in the establishment of physical reality
Global Consciousness Project Dot
An evening with Dean Radin
The EGG Story: Gathering of Global Mind
RedNova News - Science - Can This Black Box See Into the Future?
Cosma Shalizi: Bactra: Occasional Reviews
Mixing Memory: By Request: Time Perception I
Cogprints - Dennett and Marcel: Time and the Observer
Time and Consciousness | The Creation of a Universe
Apocalytpic Eden
Hushara: Biocosmology: Cosmic Symmetry-Breaking and Molecular Evolution
Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness | Human Energy Octave: Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness: Leary, Wilson, Alli, Gurdjieff and Roddenberry
The Arthur T. Murray/Mentifex FAQ
Chris McKinstry: master hoaxster?
Society for Neuroscience
Introduction to Cryptography
Rucker and Walker: Cellab
(Rube) Goldberg Variations: Origin and Complexity of Life
GAIA: Global Access Information Awareness
SoftwarePhysics: Self-Replicating Information
John Jay Kineman: Toward a Special and General Theory of Autevolution
Kineman: Life and Space-Time
A Place for Consciousness: Probing the deep structure of the natural world
The Geometry of Infinite Mind and Living Systems
Richad & Iona Miller-WebbI3a: Quantum Bioholography
Furture Science with Iona Miller
A Primary Quantum Model of Telepathy : Gao Shan

NeuroLogica Blog Reports of the Demise of Materialism Are Premature
NeuroLogica Blog More on Methodological Naturalism Science
Methodological Naturalism and Philosophical Naturalism

Rupert Sheldrake Online
Ideas on Fields in Nature - F. David Peat
Intuition Network | Consciousness and Science Publications
Thinking Allowed: Jeffrey Mishlove interview with Rupert Sheldrake
The ‘Psychic Pet’ Phenomenon: A reply to Rupert Sheldrake by Richard Wiseman
Rupert Sheldrake: The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence
Cogprints: Philosophy of Mind articles
David Pratt: Rupert Sheldrake: A Theosophical Appraisal
JCS, Journal of Consciousness Studies
JCS Journal of Consciousness Studies 12,2
Arlen Wolpert: Solution to Chalmers' hard problem for the case of core consciousness
The Hard Problem in the Emerging Field of Consciousness Studies
A Meditation on Mystical Union Using System Dynamics
The Mind Project: Cognitive Sciences
Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science
Nina Abraham Palmer, September, 2001: Polanyi's Concept of Tacit Knowing
Classic Book Review: The Tacit Dimension: Michael Polanyi (1891-1976)
Do Causal Powers Drain Away?
Hong Yu Wong: Scattered Remarks on Multiple Realizability
Santa Fe Institute: Complex Networks
U. Arizona: Center for Consciousness Studies
Center for Integral Science
integral praxis
Integral Research Group

Peter Mutnick *
X-Talks: The Xaos Revolution | Infinite Dimensional Chaos in the Broadest Sense
Psychology of Consciousness Reading List
Notes and Suggestions towards A Theory of Consciousness
Panspermia: Cosmic Ancestry
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
Astrobiology Magazine: Online eZine on Life in the Universe | Astrobiology: The Tree of Life: Cold Start?
NASA Ames: Astrochemistry Lab
The Origin of Life Prize: 1.35M for highly plausible mechanism for the spontaneous rise of genetic instructions

Guardian Unlimited | Life | Plan for Dalai Lama lecture angers neuroscientists
Investigating the Mind - The Science and Clinical Applications of Meditation
Shambhala: Two Sciences of the Mind
YouTube - Google Personal Growth Series: Mindsight: The New Science of the mind (mindsight=mindfullness)
Review - The Bodhisattva's Brain - Religion

architecture and neuroscience
Stoa del Sol - Consciousness In The Cosmos
Consciousness examined
A Course in Consciousness
Francis Crick and Christof Koch: Consciousness and Neuroscience
The Beckley Foundation
St Thomas Aquinas meets Chaos Theory: Proof of GÖDEL'S Theorem
Amy Lansky: Consciousness as an Active Force
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
PLoS Biology: Neural Basis of Solving Problems with Insight
Neural Nets by Kevin Gurney
The Freeman Laboratory for Nonlinear Neurodynamics
Humberto R. Maturana: Ontology of Observing | Reality
Homepage of Humberto R. Maturana | Maturana's Disciplinary Matrix | Symbolic Generalizations or Definitions
MITECS: Domain Specificity
Imprint: Cybernetics and Human Knowing: : Glossary of Terms
What is Cybernetics
Evolution, Cybernetics and Philosophical Theory of Knowledge. Mikhail Burtsev
Principia Cybernetica: Cognitive Domain | Autopoiesis
The Production/Judgement Model of Consciousness

Biosemiotics - Wikipedia
Semiotic Matrix Theory (SMT) - Wikipedia
Biosemiotics in the twentieth century
ontogeny of information susan oyama - Google Search

Piero Scaruffi - Wikipedia
The Greatest Web Site of All Time - New York Times
Piero Scaruffi's knowledge base
Thymos: Piero Scaruffi: Studies on Consciousness, Mind and Life
Piero Scaruffi's amazing reviews of recent work in consciousness studies
Piero Scaruffi: Thinking about Thought
Consciousness, Life and Mind
The Nature of Consciousness: Consciousness, Life and Meaning: Mind and Matter
Thymos: David Bohm: Wholeness and the Implicate Order
Piero Scaruffi: Review: Humberto Maturana: Autopoiesis and Cognition

Anthony Campbell's book reviews - subjects

Colorado Café Scientifique | Cafe Sci
homepage of Kent D. Palmer Autopoetic Meta-Theory & other topics
Kent Palmer: On the Social Construction of Emergent Worlds: Reflexive Autopoietic Systems Theory
Cambridge Journals Online - Issue Toc - Behavioral and Brain Sciences Volume 27 - Issue 05 - October 2004
Mark Rowlands: The Nature of Consciousness
Tucson II: 1.6 The function of consciousness abstracts
Randall Whitaker's Autopoiesis
A Semiotic Metalanguage Based on Existential Ontologies By Jorge Conesa Sevilla
Biosemiotics and the foundation of cybersemiotics
Conscious Entities: Chalmers, Dennett, Edelman, McGinn, Penrose, Searle
Where Am I? Where Am I? by Daniel C. Dennett
Review - Dennett and Ricoeur on the Narrative Self - Philosophy
Breaking The Spell : Religion as a Natural Phenomenon ... "belief in belief" ...

Gerald Edelman - Wikipedia
Biological Theory: A New Vision of the Mind: Gerald Edelman
Gerald Edelman -- Neural Darwinism
Gerald Edelman's Work
Thymos review: Gerald Edelman: Bright Air Brillant Fire
Gray Matters: Second ­Nature: Brain Science and Human ­Knowledge - By Gerald M. Edelman.
Review - A Universe of Consciousness - Philosophy How Matter Becomes Imagination by Gerald M. Edelman & Giulio Tonon
The Remembered Present by Gerald M. Edelman — A Biological Theory of Consciousness, An Evolution of Consciousness ARJ2 Review by Bobby Matherne - the biology that creates consciousness does so by recovering the past in the present, comparing the past with the present, and re-storing the modified conception
Review of Edelman Remember Present (PDF)
Consciousness: the remembered present. [Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2001] - PubMed - NCBI
Collective consciousness and its ... - Rodrick Wallace, Mindy Thompson Fullilove - Google Books
The Remembered Present by Gerald M. Edelman — A Biological Theory of Consciousness, An Evolution of Consciousness ARJ2 Review by Bobby Matherne At each moment the perception of the now is compared to the perception of the past and a new perception of the past is laid down in one's neuronal groups. Edelman leads us to see that we live always in the remembered present.
Psychedelic Junction: Terence Mckenna on Consciousness - Consciousness is like a super nonspecific immune response.

LeDoux Lab: Synaptic Self & Emotional Brainn
The Self: From Soul to Brain: New York Academy of Sciences Conference: 2002 (LeDoux)
ScienceDirect - Cortex, Volume 44, Issue 10, Pages 1291-1396 (November-December 2008) Special Issue on "Neuropsychology of Paranormal Experiences and Beliefs"
Frontiers | Voluntary Out-of-Body Experience: An fMRI Study | Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
IONS: Institute of Noetic Science
Lucidity Institute (Lucid states of consciousness)
Lucid Dreaming Frequently Asked Questions Answered by The Lucidity Institute
Lucid Dreaming -- Dream Views
How come we don't recognize the utter ridiculousness of our dreams until we wake up? Why don't we realize it while we're asleep? : askscience
Out-Of-Body Experiences and Lucid Dreams
Spiritual Spectrum Stories: OBE - Out of Body Experiences
Linking Out-of-Body Experience and Self Processing to Mental Own-Body Imagery at the Temporoparietal Junction -- Blanke et al. 25 (3): 550 -- Journal of Neuroscience
Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology
The Straight Dope: How do you have lucid dreams?
Google Groups : alt.dreams
The International Association for the Study of Dreams
Charles Tart: Archive of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences
Charles T Tart home page and virtual library | Waking Up
Multiple Personality, Altered States and Virtual Reality: The World Simulation Process Approach
Robin Hanson: The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It?
Robert Wright: Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny
Edge: Online Videos: Dennett, Smolin, Kesey, Mayr
Edge: The World Question Center: Laws
The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution by John Brockman
Edge: THE MATHEMATICS OF LOVE: A Talk with John Gottman
Edge: Seth Lloyd: The Computational Universe
Edge: In Defense of Common Sense by John Horgan: reply by Leonard Susskind, an actual scientist
The End of Science? reply to John Horgan on Buddhism by an actual Buddhist
Edge: Turing's Cathedral by George Dyson
Edge World Question Center 2005
Edge World Question Center 2006
Edge: Recursion And Human Thought By Daniel L. Everett (alternatives to universal grammar - Chomsky and Pinker may not be right )
The Reality Club: Recursion And Human Thought (Pinkers reply: he obviously wasn't listening)
Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong - Yarden Katz - The Atlantic
Christof Koch: Consciousness Is Everywhere
3quarksdaily - A review of The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window into Human Nature, by Steven Pinker
NPQ: New Perspectives Quarterly: The Scientific Imagination
Golem XIV by Stanislaw Lem From “Imaginary Magnitude”

Dan Dennett
Daniel Dennett: The Zombic Hunch: Extinction of an Intuition?
Daniel Dennett: The Philosphical Lexicon
Search Magazine - Daniel Dennett's Darwinian Mind: An Interview with a 'Dangerous' Man
Daniel Dennett: The semantic engineer
YouTube - TED - Dan Dennett: Can we know our own minds?
Daniel C. Dennett: Who’s On First? Heterophenomenology Explained

Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Science and Reason
Ovablastic: Richard Dawkins' jaw-dropping talk on our bizarre universe

Paul P. Budnik Jr. : What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science
Ben Goertzel, PhD
Ben Goertzel, Mark Germine, and Allan Combs: The Dynamics of Thought, Reality, and Consciousness
Dynacon: Dynamical Psychology: An International, Interdisciplinary Journal of Complex Mental Processes
The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems
Superstring Theory: Mystics and Metaphysics
Andrew Ilachinski: Cellular Automata: A Discrete Universe
The DDLab Gallery
Consciousness and the New Physics: The Roots of Consciousness Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
The Roots of Consciousness by Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD
John Jay Kineman: Toward a Special and General Theory of Autevolution
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Inner Presence: Consciousness as a Biological Phenomenon by Antti Revonsuo
Bruce Edmonds: The philosophy and measurement of Complexity
Don Watson: TES: Theory of Enformed Systems: Comprehensive Theory of Consciousness
Keith Sutherland: TUCSON III — A Personal View
What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us About Consciousness? (Tucson II)
Imprint: Science and Consciousness Review
Arthur J. Deikman: 'I' = Awareness
Think for Yourself; Question Authority: Tim Leary
Robert Anton Wilson: Eight Brain Model
The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness (Tim Leary)
_INTOXICATION_The Neuropharmacy of an Eight-Circuit Brain: On the Inudction of Eight Different Types of Trance
Worlds Within Worlds: Perspectives and Awareness in Science and Spirit with Robert Neil Boyd
The Nature of All
Daniel Ashlock: Graph Based Evolutionary Algorithms | What is Artifical Life?
Extropy Institute: International Transhumanist Solutions
MyWire | Foreign Policy: The World's Most Dangerous Ideas Transhumanism By Francis Fukuyama
Sentient Developments: Must-know terms for the 21st Century intellectual: Redux
H+ Magazine
Transhumanism - Wikipedia
Wiki: Meme
Transhuman Terminology Sub-Page | Transhuman Acronyms | Transhumanist Terminology
The Transhuman Web Alliance
Memetics on the Web
Dr. Susan Blackmore
Dr. Susan Blackmore - Why I had to change my mind
Susan Blackmore on memes and "temes" | Video on
The Anatomy, Life Cycle and Effects of the Phenomenologically Distributed Human Parasite M0
yhgujh Journal of Memetics: Evolutionary Models of Information Tranmission
Meme Central
Analysis of an artificial meme [Bioinformatics]
On Selfish Memes: culture as complex adaptive system
Basarab Nicolescu: Transdisciplinarity and Complexity : Levels of Reality as Source of Indeterminacy
Hyperreal: Outside the Light Cone: Transhumanism
Space Collective : The future of everything
R.M. French: Cognitive Science, Bilinguism, Catastrophic forgetting, Turing test, Baldwin effect (Artificial Life), Representation, Analogy, Connectionism, Emergence
All Species Foundation dedicated to the complete inventory of all species of life on Earth within the next 25 years - a human generation.
The Tree of Life Web Project: A collaborative Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity
KLI Theory Lab: A powerful scientific database: A public service of the Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research *
Bootstrap Alliance: Doug Englebart: Global Comlexity and Boosting the Collective IQ
Wild Computing Steps Toward a Philosophy of Internet Intelligence by Ben Goertzel (emerging global brain)
XMCA Discussion Forum: Mind, Culture and Activity: study of the human mind in its cultural and historical contexts
The Primer Project: First Electronic Seminar on Wholeness
Bruno Levy and Emile Servan-Schreiber: Hypermind
The MindWarp: research on noetics (the study of consciousness and its alteration)
L.M.Rocha: Self-Reference in Biological and Cognitive Systems | Communication and Cognition - Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 12
Gregg Rosenberg: A Place For Consciousness: The Theory of Natural Individuals
Summary of Gregg Rosenberg's Carrier Theory of Causation and Consciousness
Oxford University Press: A Place for Consciousness: Gregg Rosenberg
IU: Human Intelligence program
Ladislav Kovác: Fundamental principles of cognitive biology
Tot Thought: Review by Jerome Bruner
Enactive: enactive cognitive science, autonomous partner media technologies, and playful participation
Jerome Bruner
Jerome Bruner
Representation of Experience (Jerome S. Bruner)
Steven Lehar
A Cartoon Epistemology
Aaron Sloman: What is it like to be a rock?
Bruce MacLennan: The Elements of Consciousness and their Neurodynamical Correlates

Bob Rosebrugh: Categories List: Category Theory list and links
An ABC of Category Theory
Links: Catastrophe Theory
Logic Modeling of Complex Systems (LEM Prolog Source)
Centre de Recherche en Théorie des Catégories
Visual Prolog

Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory
Paul Budnick: What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science
Robert K.C. Forman: Tucson II: What Does Mysticism Have to Teach Us about Consciousness
Anna Wierzbicka: Lingua Mentalis: The conceptual system in the human mind California Institute for Integral Studies: Philosphy, Cosmology & Consciousness
Complexity Research Programme Website | Complexity Lexicon
Peter B. Lloyd
D.G. Leahy: The New Universal Consciousness

Liane Gabora: Amplifying Phenomenal Information: Toward a Fundamental Theory of Consciousness
Quantum Computation and Quantum Information
Paul Young: The Nature Of Information
Information Theory
A Short Course in Information Theory: 8 lectures by David J.C. MacKay

James F. Newell Jr: Consciousness and Dimensionality
Vexen Crabtree: The Inner Chamber: Essays: Life, Limbic System, Experience, Quantum Soul
Gregory Chaitin: On the intelligibility of the universe and the notions of simplicity, complexity and irreducibility
Science & Consciousness Review
Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality (PDF)
The Egoic and Transcendent Mental Worldmodels

Gaia Mind
Institute for the Study of Hierological Values ('Ishval'): The promotion and propagation of the principles of Truth in all religions
Serendip: Brain & Behavior, Complex Systems, Biology, Science Education
CCLE Neuroethics Project: Ethics and mapping the brain
mental states: work of C.O. Evans
Consciousness: An Interdisciplinary Study
Hannelore Moebius: What is consciousness? (models of consciousness)
Today@UCI: Intelligence in men and women is a gray and white matter
Razvan V. Florian: Towards a Cognitive Science of Science
Cognitive Vision Research (perception-action -- description/representation)
J. J. Gibson - Wikipedia (direct realism)
Notes on J.J. Gibson Part I Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. | Notes on J.J. Gibson Part II Part II
TIP: Theories Information Pickup Theory (J. Gibson)
J. J. Gibson J. J. Gibson (1966) The Senses Considered as Perceptual Systems. Houghton Mifflin, Boston.
'The Matrix' is a step closer to reality; Neuroscientists break code on sight
Green, Christopher D.: Are Connectionist Models Theories of Cognition?
: E. Szabo, Laszlo: Formal Systems as Physical Objects: A Physicalist Account of Mathematical Truth
Cybernetics: Domain

Sites of Significance for Semiotics (II)
ACT-R: Theory and Architecture of Cognition
Center for Brain and Cognition
Mental Imagery - Theories and Experiments.
George Lakoff: Multiple Selves: The Metaphorical Models of the Self Inherent In Our Conceptual System
MetaSelf - A Metaphor Model of the Self: box-frame model *
Metaphor Examples - Sensory: Metaphor and our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
Toward a Cognitive Semantics - Volume 2 - The MIT Press
Conceptual Spaces Cheat Sheet
Frye's Geometry of Thought: Building the Great Wheel
Conceptual Structures: relation of semantic fields, conceptual primitives, and domain-specificity
R. Schank and R. Abelson (1977). Scripts, Plans, Goals and Understanding
CogWeb: Introduction and Debate | From Structuralism to Cognitivism
Introduction to Cognitive Cultural Studies
Cognitive Constructivism: Free Will and Knowledge as Perception
Literature and the Cognitive Revolution: A Forum at the MLA 98 Annual Convention (Fludd diagram)
New MLA Discussion Group
Cognitive Science Summaries, edited by Jim Davies
The Four Conceptual Domains
List of Metaphor Sites
Metaphors & Schemas in Design
Google Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Linguistics > Semantics > Metaphor
Metaphors and Their Abuses; business jargon
On metaphoric representation: Gregory L. Murphy (contra Lakoff)
Nelson Goodman's theory of metaphor
Hamburg Metaphor Database research project of the Institute for Romance Languages
Laura Janda: Cognitive Linguistics *
Cognitive Emissions of 1/f Noise : David L. Gilden
Mark Turner | Blending and Metaphor | Conceptual Integration Networks

James Hampton: Two tests of the Prototype Theory of concepts
Big Five Personality Factors
Rosch, Mervis, Gray, Johnson, Boyes-Braem: Basic Object in Natural Categories

Conceptual metaphor - Wikipedia
Table of Contents: Lakoff on Conceptual Metaphor
Leeds: The Metaphor and Metonymy Group
Erving Goffman
Conceptual Metaphor Server | Index of /lakoff/metaphors
The Conduit Metaphor
ATT-Meta Project Databank: Examples of Usage of Metaphors of Mind
Mind as Physical Space Neural realization of psychological spaces
Seana Coulson, Teenie Matlock: Metaphor and the Space Structuring Model
Metaphor in Scientific Thinking Page
Foundations.Cognition: Kosslyn: Mental Imagery
Metaphor Center | Center for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor Online
S. Narayanan's ICSI page
David Bailey's Research Page
Rationality in Plato's Protagoras
Cognitive Science Research Center For The Metaphor & Metaphoric Mind
Return of the mental image: are there really pictures in the brain? : Zenon Pylyshyn
Exorcizing the Ghost of Mental Imagery
Non Mainstream resources: Models, Paradigms
Metaphors as a constraint on text understanding
George Lakoff Home Page
Metaphor in Politics: An open letter to the Internet from George Lakoff (1991)
George Lakoff -- The Theory of Cognitive Models
Review: Lakoff, George and Johnson, Mark Metaphors We Live By
Piero Scaruffi: Review: George Lakoff: Women, Fire and Dangerous Things
Semantic Compositions: What George Lakoff knows about the mind
Semantic Compositions: Excellent, excellent (DTOAE critique) (psychotic process in conservative thought)
Citeseer: G. Lakoff and M. Johnson, Metaphors We Live By
George Lakoff: The Contemporary Theory of Metaphor
Review - The Meaning of the Body Aesthetics of Human Understanding by Mark Johnson
EDGE 3rd Culture: "Philosophy In The Flesh" A Talk With George Lakoff
Mixing Memory : Space-Time Metaphors In Nonlinguistic Contexts
Mixing Memory : Metaphor I: A Brief History of Metaphors in Cognitive Science
Red Family, Blue Family: Making sense of the values issue
ZIF 8(2-3), 2003. G. Radden: The Metaphor TIME AS SPACE across Languages
Space, fields, boundaries: the rise of spatial metaphors in contemporary sociological theory. - Social Research |
LINGUIST List 7.340: Orientational Metaphors
LINGUIST List 18.1512: Definition for Ling/Cognitive Term; Relative Temporal Adverbs - orientational metaphors
What is an orientational metaphor?

Effect Measure: Lakoff - XIV: public health
Mixing Memory: Lakoff & Framing
Will Wilkinson / The Fly Bottle » Blog Archive » Piling on Lakoff
Gene Expression: Pinker vs. Lakoff
Catallarchy » Pinker 1, Lakoff 0 (as always)

Women, Fire and Dangerous Things: A Critique
Wikipedia: George Lakoff
George Lakoff: Metaphor and War: The Metaphor System Used to Justify War in the Gulf (Bush 1)
Alternet: George Lakoff: Metaphor and War, Again
George Lakoff: Metaphors of Terror
Linguistics professor George Lakoff dissects the "war on terror" and other conservative catchphrases
Rockridge Institute: Reframing
PBS Now: George Lakoff
Tony Veale: George Lakoff
Tony Veale: The Metaphor Home Page | CogSci, Metaphor comprehension
Virginia Montecino: Metaphors in Various Disciplines
Symposium: Theories and Metaphors of Cyberspace (1996)
Leonard Talmy: Force Dynamics
Dom Massaro UCSC: Cognitive Psychology Glossary
Cogsci 2001 Programme | The Roles of Body and Mind in Abstract Thought
The Roles of Thought and Experience in the Understanding of Spatio-temporal Metaphors
Field Review: Embodied Cognition: A field guide: Michael L. Anderson (PDF)
Six Views of Embodied Cognition
Embodied Cognition
Philosophy Papers Online: Paper Display Embodied cognition and linguistic understanding by Daniel Weiskopf
Myth and Metaphor
Metaphors in Various Disciplines
Questions and Summaries of George Lakoff's chapters
Review of George Lakoff: Moral Politics: What Conservatives Know That Liberals Don't
The Metaphor Project
The Imprisoned American Mind by Manuel García, Jr. (Framing as Lakoff describes it is the control language of mass psychosis)
Markedness and the evolution of binary spatial deictics: French voilà and voici

Metaphor and Symbol
Semantic Development and Semantic Change with special reference to metaphor and metonymy
Bridging the Gap: Where Cognitive Science Meets Literary Criticism
Literature, Cognition & the Brain
Metaphor and Metonymy Abstracts
metaphors we talk by
Governance through Metaphor Project
Ideological ground and relevant interpretation in a cognitive semantics (Clinton's 8/18/98 national television address: "I did not have sex with that woman"

Science And Consciousness Review
Cognitive Science Research Papers
Cognitive Science Summaries
Knowledge Ecology Resources
Cognitive Systems: Integrated and Hybrid Architectures and Algorithms
Professor Eleanor Rosch: Prototype Theory
Citeseer: Rosch, Eleanor. 1977. Human categorization
Q.30: What is the evidence for the prototype theory of categorisation?
Primary Knowing: When Perception Happens from the Whole Field: Conversation with Professor Eleanor Rosch
Prototype of human prototype
Literature on Categorization (Lakoff, Foucault, G. Calame-Griaule excerpts)
Microcosms: Objects of Knowledge
Randy J. LaPolla: On the Utility of the Concepts of Markedness and Prototypes in Understanding the Development of Morphological Systems
Conceptual Structure and Modularity : On the relation of semantic fields, conceptual primitives, and domain-specificity
Object Classification As a Decision Tree
Bits about psycholinguistics
Reilly Jones: Consciousness: Spontaneous Order and Selectional Systems (Extropian)
Matti Pitkänen: TGD (Topological Geometrodynamics )inspired theory of consciousness
Jacques M Chevalier: Half-Brain Fables and Figs in Paradise: The 3D Mind, Volume 1
Jacques M. Chevalier: A Postmodern Revelation Signs of Astrology and the Apocalypse
Jacques M. Chevalier: Le monde selon
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General Semantics and Related Topics Links
Robert Anton Wilson | Quantum Psychology: E and E-Prime
E-Prime comprises standard English with all forms of the verb 'TO BE' deleted; its use prevents forms of the verb 'TO BE' creating erroneous and irrational generalisations in language and thought
Contra Max Black: The 'Definitive' Critique of General Semantics : Alfred Korzybski - e-primer removes forms of "to be"
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George A. Miller: The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information (9th of top 100 20th cent CogSci works)
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one hundred most influential works in cognitive science from the 20th century
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30 January 2006, Giving déjà vu a second look (chronic deja-vu)

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