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CIA Base Chief Killed In Afghan Attack: AP (stupid)
AP: All Charges Dismissed Against Blackwater Guards In Iraq Shooting | TPMMuckraker (they walk; no crime too horrendous to leave un-punished)
Order on Interpol Work Inside U.S. Irks Conservatives - (wait 'til Interpol issues a warrent for Bush/Cheney warcrimes)
Pakistan seeks terrorism charges against Americans | Reuters will ask a court to charge five Americans detained in the country this month with planning terrorist attacks and jail them for life - accused of contacting militants groups over the Internet in a bid to wage holy war (off with their heads)
HF / News - Czech Decrimalises All Drugs The Czech Republic followed Portugal to become the second European country to formally decriminalise drug possession this week (end the war on people)

Spy Agencies Failed to Collate Clues on Terror -
Is This Really an Intelligence Failure? Real Talk on Abdulmutallab « The Washington Independent
ABC's Inaccurate Gitmo-Abdulmutallab Story Got Major Pickup | TPMMuckraker
Daily Kos: Rachel Maddow rips apart Cheney, GOP attack machine (good work, Rachel +note she's increasingly addressing her fellow media)
Glenn Greenwald - Craving terrorist melodrama (it's all a video game to the Village media +panic! +big dick! +kungfu! +morons!)
Glad To See Fox Is On The Case | Talking Points Memo (always running their agenda)
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect Washington Post Joins With Peter Peterson, Ends Pretense of Being a Serious Newspaper (serious journalism is dead at the WaPo/Kaplan Test Prep)
The Washington Monthly - Leave Hawaii Alone.... This again? - CNN: "Hawaii to many Americans seems like a foreign place." (like Kenya, or some place, to the East Coast media gang +Politico ran a 1,200-word piece -- seriously -- on the political perils of Obama spending eight days vacationing in the state of his birth)
Ensign Ambushed By CNN On Sex-Lobbying Scandal | TPMMuckraker (Rich Sanchez FTW)
Rush Limbaugh Hospitalized: Taken To Hospital In Hawaii After Suffering Chest Pains
Switch To Electronic Health Records Could Miss Federal Targets (they hate computers)
Ten Things That Did Not Suck About The Media In 2009
Obama Palin Shoe Shining Email Could Get Colorado State Worker In Trouble (the boy doesn't know his place)
Megachurch pastor asks for urgent donations - U.S. Faith- Rick Warren appealed to parishioners at his California megachurch Wednesday to help fill a $900,000 deficit by the first of the year. (he could donate some money from his best-selling "The Purpose Driven Life" ... oh wait)

Macroeconomic effects of Chinese mercantilism - Paul Krugman Blog - Macroeconomic effects of Chinese mercantilism - we’re looking at 1.4 million U.S. jobs lost
Colorado's Minimum Wage Becomes 1st In US To Drop - the first decrease in any state's minimum wage since the federal minimum was adopted in 1938. News 1,600 U.S. fund managers to submit to unannounced audits, 83 percent fewer than seven months ago (Mary Shapiro FAIL)

NASA - Index to Five Millennium Catalog of Lunar Eclipses
Alzheimer’s Prevents Cancer and Cancer Prevents Alzheimer’s | SciTechBits - Neurodegeneration involves death of cells for no reason, while cancer involves proliferation of cells by division
What does it mean that a nation is 'Unscientific'? : A Blog Around The Clock
All Science vs. Religion Conflicts are Essentially and Primarily Political Conflicts : A Blog Around The Clock Democrats are generally realistic and ignore the pseudoscientific extremists from the far left who have zero influence on policy. Republicans are anti-scientific and anti-reality at the core - that is what defines their party, their platform and their conservative ideology
Suzaku Finds 'Fossil' Fireballs from Supernovae
Mutant gene lessens devastation of flesh-eating bacteria

Progressive Nation » Blog Archive » First Amendment Be Damned? TSA Threatens Bloggers (the TSA goons at work)
2010 New Year’s Resolutions According to Women (Infographic) | Top Cultured

Essential Windows Tricks - PC World
AT&T: landline phone service must die; only question is when

At Least Six Americans Killed in Afghan Attack -
Daily Kos: A Leak About the Phantom Army (a surge built on sand)
Army Historians Document Early Missteps in Afghanistan -
Afghan Army Rife With Corruption, Incompetence, U.S. Military Report Says (video)
Afghan Probe Says NATO Fighting Killed Children (collateral babies shouldn't have been hanging out near terrorists)

Glenn Greenwald - Making "Islam" synonymous with "terrorism" - myth-based demonization that is as familiar as it is false, dangerous and repugnant
Obama declares 'systemic failure' of security as CIA confirms it was warned - The Globe and Mail
The Same Old Washington Blame Game | The White House (WH bitch-slaps the Cheney)
The Washington Monthly: Everything Is Always Good News For Republicans - The result of the GOP offensive could be to create doubt, even fear, among the American public that Obama cannot protect them
Rachel Maddow systematically dismantles GOP attacks on failed Christmas Day bombing attempt - Daily Kos TV (w/transcript)
Eugene Robinson - Dick Cheney's lies about President Obama -
Op-Ed Columnist - As the Nation’s Pulse Races, Obama Can’t Seem to Find His - If we can’t catch a Nigerian with a powerful explosive powder in his oddly feminine-looking underpants and a syringe full of acid, a man whose own father had alerted the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, a traveler whose ticket was paid for in cash and who didn’t check bags, whose visa renewal had been denied by the British, who had studied Arabic in Al Qaeda sanctuary Yemen, whose name was on a counterterrorism watch list, who can we catch?
Terror Inquiry Looks at Suspect’s Time in Britain - Islamic militancy that thrives in the vast network of mosques that serve the nation’s 1.5 million Muslims — and on university campuses across the country where nearly 100,000 of the 500,000 students are Muslims, including many, like Mr. Abdulmutallab, from overseas.
Dutch to Use Full-Body Scanners on Flights to U.S. -
The Endless Nonsense | Talking Points Memo
Cheney | Talking Points Memo the Cheney signature on terrorism: clinical level of paranoia leading to delusions and lying to the public (already causing the the deaths of thousands of Americans) and seeing terrorism primarily as a tool for use in American domestic politics.
Hoekstra: Abdulmutallab Should Be Classified As 'Enemy Combatant' | TPMMuckraker (Republican heads are spinning to keep up with their lies)
Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between the Washington Post & Politico | Media Matters for America (wonder why that is ...)
Plane bomber's rambling internet rants on his jihad fantasy - (sex-obsessed religious freak -- any other kind?)
'Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants planning attacks from Yemen' - Times Online
Flight 253 and the Missed Signs of Terrorism - TIME
Eight GOP Senators Opposed Bill That Funded Airport Screening And Explosive Detection
Robert Scheer: The Global War on Stealth Underwear - our government was too preoccupied with fighting unnecessary conventional wars and developing anti-missile defense systems to anticipate such a primitive delivery system (again)
Questions for John Yoo - The Former Justice Department Lawyer on Bush, Lincoln and Torture Memos - Interview -
Questions for the Questioner: Did Deborah Solomon of The New York Times break the paper's stringent code of ethics? (yeah, she makes shit up and the Times doesn't care)

Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank: David Reilly - - it supports the biggest banks. It authorizes Federal Reserve banks to provide as much as $4 trillion in emergency funding the next time Wall Street crashes. So much for “no-more-bailouts” talk
Wall Street Waits as SEC Fails to Bring Madoff-Inspired Reforms - (nothing has changed)
JAL shares dive to record low on bankruptcy fears | TPM News Pages
Economist's View: Will Economists Ever Learn? Will the crisis teach economists not to be overconfident about their abilities? (uh, no)
Fresh Worries on Housing Cloud Fragile Economic Recovery -
BBC News - The US virtual economy is set to make billions (the only economy that's left for America)

January 2010: Kurt Andersen on the Large Hadron Collider |
Why powerful people -- many of whom take a moral high ground -- don't practice what they preach he powerful are stricter in their judgment of others while being more lenient toward their own actions (shocking news)
Dreamy Sales of Jung’s ‘Red Book’ Surprises Book Industry - (psychotic thinking for the upscale crowd)
NASA -Blue Moon on New Year's Eve - 9th Circuit Says Police Officer Can Be Sued for Tasing
Federal court restricts Taser use by police -- (Taser Tipping Point? Court recognizes that something that might kill you is use of "force")
Taser Use Guidelines (not to be used as a substitute for shooting citizens without the paperwork)

Older drivers face choice between safety and mobility -
Crashworthiness and whiplash : Effect Measure
Philadelphia Faces Rising Toll of Domestic Violence - 21 of the 35 domestic homicide victims had made a total of 178 calls to the police, and some of the callers had restraining orders against the individuals suspected or convicted of killing them.
BBC News - Living with the in-laws The daughter-in-law is expected to cook, clean, do all the washing and ironing, and hold down a full-time job.
Man shot 6 times by police to file suit against Phoenix (cops called for intruder; shoot victim and go for coverup)
Fodors' Contributor's Death Left A Virtual Absence : NPR

News Corp.'s Chase Carey expects Fox signals to be pulled from Time Warner Cable | Company Town | Los Angeles Times
St. Louis Newspaper Columnist Returns - Without an Apology — Awful Marketing - Kurt Greenbaum, a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch who had a school employee fired over a comment on his newspaper’s blog? (is a pussy, famous on the internets for all eternity)
Ten gadgets that defined the decade -- Engadget
Leaked Nexus One Documents: $530 Unlocked, $180 With T-Mobile - Nexus one - Gizmodo
Automatically Forward All Mails From One Gmail Account to Another Gmail MP3 Albums - Free / Music By Price: MP3 Downloads
101 New Uses for Everyday Things | Real Simple
AdFreak: The 30 Freakiest Commercials of 2009: No. 30-No. 21

US Attacking Yemen After All -- News from Cruise Missiles Hit Multiple Sites in Concert With Yemeni Govt (must ... try ... to ... connect ... the ... dots)
Instant Karma: New US War Target Gets Its Own Terror Icon - we have an alleged attempted terrorist attack by an alleged attempted terrorist who, just scant hours after his capture, has allegedly confessed to getting his alleged attempted terrorist material from ... wait for it ... Yemen!
US-backed raid killed 49 Yemeni civilians, officials said - The National Newspaper (cause meet effect)
49 civilians killed in air strike: local Yemeni official - Yahoo! Canada News
Yemenis protest at killing of civilians - The National Newspaper Thousands of people took to the streets of southern Yemen yesterday to denounce a recent military operation against suspected al Qa’eda militants which locals said claimed the lives of dozens of innocent civilians.

Nation's aviation security system is flawed, experts say - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
U.S. Struggles Anew to Ensure Safety as Gaps Are Revealed - - $40 billion rebuilding since the terror attacks of 2001
On the White House - A Phrase Sets Off Sniping After a Crisis -
The truth about airplane security measures. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine Why are we so bad at detecting the guilty and so good at collective punishment of the innocent?
Who's running the TSA? No one, thanks to Sen. Jim DeMint | McClatchy
President Obama, It's Time To Fire the TSA - Travel - Gizmodo
The Seminal » It’s time for more security theater!
Flight 253 passenger: Sharp-dressed man aided terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab onto plane without passport ( exclusive) | Detroit News - -
Flying With Fish » Myth: Flight NW253 Terrorist Boarded The Flight With No Passport
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: The Odds of Airborne Terror
Attackerman » Where’s My Manufactured GOP Outrage? Abdulmutallab is currently detained in a federal prison in Michigan. For now! In a few days he’ll use his Muslim heat vision to escape and run amok in Ann Arbor, shortly after America is brought to its knees by the force of his oratory in open federal court.
Andrew Sullivan joins the rightwing blogosphere to take down Janet Napolitano - E.D. Kain - American Times - True/Slant
Matthew Yglesias » Not So Scary “Terror” (Republicans wetting their pants)
A Modest Proposal: TSA Must Immediately Ban All Passengers - True/Slant (getting to the heart of the matter)
Reid Will Force Confirmation Of TSA Administrator Errol Southers Back Into Motion he Obama appointee who Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) has blocked for the past four months
Put Anyone Who Is A "Known Muslim" In A Separate Line! Mike Gallagher | Video Cafe
Hullabaloo Round 'Em Up (Alternatively, we could invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.)
YouTube - TSA Training Video - Hug A Jew
YouTube - Dana Perino Claims No Terrorist Attacks on U.S. During Bush Presidency
Glenn Greenwald - - Cause and effect in the "Terror War"

BBC News - Vladimir Putin attacks US missile defence US plans for a missile defence shield are holding up a new nuclear disarmament treaty, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said.
BBC News | AFRICA | Rape - silent war on SA women a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped, than learning how to read.

Revolutionary Road - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Iran Lashes Out at West Over Protests - (outside agitators)
Somali Pirates Seize a Tanker and a Cargo Ship -

Cowboy hats, secret files and more headed to Bush library -
David Simon On Health Care Bill: "Only One Thing Can Make People This Stupid, And That's Money"
Glenn Greenwald - - "Wealth Care"
Firedoglake » Terrorism Still Less Deadly in US Than Lack of Health Insurance, Salmonella
Majority Of Tea Party Group's Spending Went To GOP Firm That Created It | TPMMuckraker (what they do: profit!)
Karl Rove granted divorce in Texas - - ("traditional marriage values" FAIL)
‘Traditional marriage’ defender Rove mocked for getting divorced | Raw Story
Retirees Flock to Mexico for the Sun and the Health Care | PBS NewsHour | Dec. 28, 2009 | PBS
Think Progress » Gingrich: ‘It is time to go to profiling of dangerous people.’ (lock up innocent people who aren't rich Republicans: re-instate racial discrimination: everything is a backdoor)
Old stereotypes about young women | Jessica Valenti Anne E. Kornblut at The Washington Post (crap from Kaplan Test Prep)
Judge orders records opened in Palin custody case: Former Gov. Sarah Palin | Bristol wants case sealed, but Levi argues he fears the vindictiveness of grandmother - She also is seeking court-ordered child support. (you betcha!)
Stanford's Shady Ties To Lawmakers Under Scrutiny | TPMMuckraker
Tucker Carlson Plans a Huffington Post Rival - Digits - WSJ

Schwarzenegger to seek federal help for California budget -- Facing another huge deficit, the governor wants $8 billion or threatens massive cuts in social services. He also plans to renew push for offshore oil drilling (or he'll convene death panels for granny +welfare queen/economic girly-man)
Op-Ed Columnist - A Less Than Honest Policy - There is a middle-class tax time bomb ticking in the Senate’s version of President Obama’s effort to reform health care.
Tim Duy's Fed Watch: Why Christmas Eve? (it's got Larry's bumbling fingerprints on it)
A Localized Breakdown of Joblessness in New York - City Room Blog -
Bad news for housing: Prices flattened in October - Dec. 29, 2009 (panic: not growing at 20%/year)
The Cash Committee: How Wall Street Wins On The Hill

CDC stands by 2 swine flu shots for kids - SFGate
Antibody finds, wipes out prostate cancer: study
Women 'can sense attraction in men's sweat' - Telegraph
Cancer Study Ties Rates in Israel to Immigration Dates -
Zinc Fingers Could Be Key to Reviving Gene Therapy - Only one man seems to have ever been cured of AIDS, a patient who also had leukemia. To treat the leukemia, he received a bone marrow transplant in Berlin from a donor who, as luck would have it, was naturally immune to the AIDS viru
Ten Psychology Studies from 2009 Worth Knowing About - David Disalvo - Brainspin - True/Slant
Panasonic’s new home battery could store a week’s-worth of electricity | VentureBeat

Over two dozen states weighing marijuana reforms | Raw Story
Courthouse News Service Chicago police officer Tasered a man 11 times while he was having a diabetic seizure IN HIS HOUSE
List of America’s Top 10 Unhappiest States

How to Destroy the Book, by Cory Doctorow |
Broadcasters' woes could spell trouble for free TV - Yahoo! News (they want you to pay AND watch commercials)
BBC News - China shopping centre builds 'car park for women' The parking bays are one metre (3ft) wider than normal spaces, he said.
100 Blogs that Will Inspire You to Be a Better Person | Massage Therapy Careers

Curtain falling on digital decade
21 Ways to Customize Windows 7 - Change window border glass color - Slideshow from PC Magazine
Differences between Apple iPhone 3GS and Google Nexus One
YouTube - Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg

Israel to build 700 new homes in East Jerusalem | World news | Building will take place in three Jewish neighbourhoods all considered illegal settlements under international law (you know, those settlements they agreed not to build +Israel, the "Fuck You" State)
One Year Later, Palestinians Live in Rubble While Israel Blocks Aid | Crooks and Liars
Book Review - 'Footnotes in Gaza,' Written and Illustrated by Joe Sacco - Review - Joe Sacco’s gripping, important book about two long-forgotten mass killings of Palestinians in Gaza stands out as one of the few contemporary works on the Israeli-Palestinian struggle likely to outlive the era in which they were written (nothing has changed)
U.S. Widens Terror War to Yemen, a Qaeda Bastion - (bomb, bomb ... ?)
Senator Lieberman calls for ‘preemptive’ attack on Yemen | Raw Story (before they invade us)
Whether it's AQ or not, nobody in Arab media cares | Marc Lynch
Flying With Fish » TSA Security Directive SD-1544-09-06 : The Fallout From NW253
U.S Keeps Chasing Al Qaeda In Afghanistan While Latest Action Moves Through Nigeria, Yemen, London, Amsterdam (so many countries, so little time)
Iran Police Gun Down Protesters, Protesters Fight Back
BBC News - Thailand deports thousands of Hmong to Laos Thailand has removed about 4,000 ethnic Hmong from a northern refugee camp to deport them back to communist-ruled Laos, despite international criticism.
Napolitano: Airline Security System 'Did Not Work' (solution: more security theatre)
Andy Borowitz: Terrorist Watch List is Like MySpace; It's There, But No One Checks it Anymore
Schneier on Security: Separating Explosives from the Detonator Only two things have made flying safer [since 9/11]: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers.
Why No GOP Outrage Over Failed Plane Bomber’s Detention in Michigan? « The Washington Independent (consistency not their strong point)
TSA: 2 passengers talking ‘suspiciously’ removed from plane - Phoenix Arizona news - The men were reportedly watching the movie "The Kingdom" on a portable DVD player while talking, and the female passenger, who was sitting near the men, thought this was suspicious and reported them to flight personnel (brown men not talking American=terrorist, here we go again)
Open Left:: Climate change bill DOA in the Senate (like everything else)
King: We Shouldn't Profile People -- But '100% Of The Islamic Terrorists Are Muslims' (VIDEO) | TPM LiveWire (pic tells you all you need to know)
Specter: Republicans Plotted Early To Stop Bipartisanship, Beat Obama In 2012 | TPMDC (stop?)
As If It Weren't Obvious Already... - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (idiotic, hemisphere destroying, drug policy)
Chris Selley: You can't cheat death, and you probably shouldn't try - Full Comment

The 10 Worst Decisions of America's Worst Decade - DailyFinance
Decade Brought Change To Campaign Finance : NPR In January, the Supreme Court is expected to redefine how far corporations can go in spending money on federal elections (as far as they want)
Women at Arms - A Peril in War Zones - Sexual Abuse by Fellow G.I.’s - Series -
A Peril in War Zones: Sexual Abuse by Fellow G.I.’s - Readers' Comments - (what abuse?)
"Rape in the Ranks: The Enemy Within"
The Combat Within: Female Veterans and PTSD Benefits | The American Prospect
States Show That Carbon-dioxide Curbs Aren't Scary - Baltimore Sun (Republican Leader John Boehner lies and fear mongers?)
Feds probe banker Allen Stanford's ties to Congress - Front Page - Just hours after federal agents charged banker Allen Stanford with fleecing investors of $7 billion, the disgraced financier received a message from one of Congress' most powerful members, Pete Sessions (can you imagine if this had been Harry Reid?)
Eschaton: Inherited: Mary Matalin this morning: "I was there. We inherited a recession from President Clinton and we inherited the most tragic attack on our own soil in our nation's history. And President Bush dealt with it. And within a year of his presidency at this comparable time, unemployment was at 5 percent. And we were creating jobs." (fucking liars)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The soft bigotry of lowered expectations The soft bigotry of lowered expectations (we just expect Republicans to lie)
FDL Action » The Time To Fix The Dysfunctional Senate Is Now!
FDL Action » Criticizing the President on Health Care is “Naderite” and “Hurts the Progressive Agenda”
Emptywheel » Health Care on the Road to Neo-Feudalism
Bloomberg On Health Care: You Have To Question The Govt. We Have
Emptywheel » “Affordable” Health Care

The JFK Photo That Could Have Changed History |
TMZ Falls For JFK Photo Hoax - December 28, 2009

The Washington Monthly - The Most Popular 'MTP' Guest Of The Year (wait for it ... Newt Gingrich! exercizes in irrelevancy)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: WAPO: Robert Nozick is the Only Acceptable Definer of Human Rights Shorter Fred Hiatt: FDR was a total commie; King and his so-called "civil rights" maybe even worse (really evil people running Kaplan Test Prep)
The Weekly Sift: Sifting the Sifts of 2009 The Theme of the Year: Corporatism.
The Daily Show presents Decade in Review

Obama’s Foreign-Policy Team Bests Economy Stars: Albert Hunt - (autistic Larry and the gang of bumblers)
Calculated Risk: Government Housing Support (propping up the bubble is the way to go!)
Fannie, Freddie shares soar despite doubts about future - Dec. 28, 2009 (Obama doubles down, and the bankers win!)
Age of diminished expectations - Paul Krugman Blog -
Op-Ed Columnist - The Big Zero - even at the height of the alleged “Bush boom,” in 2007, median household income adjusted for inflation was lower than it had been in 1999. And you know what happened next

Berkeley High May Cut Out Science Labs | News | East Bay Express The proposal would trade labs seen as benefiting white students for resources to help struggling students.
xkcd - Gravity Wells - By Randall Munroe
Sugar-free satisfaction: Finding the brain's sweet spot - life - 27 December 2009 - New Scientist
Body By Victoria - Secure Computing: Sec-C
Warming Heats Up Insect Breeding : Discovery News (more bugs)

AdelaideNow... Social networking joins addiction list (big pharma working on a cure)
Republican Politicians Make A Social Media Push : NPR

Code That Protects Most Cellphone Calls Is Divulged - (NSA been doing this for years)
Top 7 Disruptions of the Year | Epicenter |
Top 10 mobile phones of 2009 revealed - Telegraph
15 game-changing Linux moments of the decade | News | TechRadar UK
Starry Twitter: Hacking the Stephen Fry account

How Larry Kramer's Boundless Outrage Has Changed the Course of AIDS -- New York Magazine
A friendship of the strongest kind « Lysis

YouTube - Top Gear - the sensible Fiesta test episode [12x06] [HD]
Vimeo's 25 favorite videos of 2009 on Vimeo
grizzly-bear-cubs-072509-xl.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280x1024 pixels) - Scaled (79%)
Flickr Photo Download: Zoo de Copenhagen
Flickr Photo Download: More Animal Forwards
Monster mummies of Japan ::: Pink Tentacle
YouTube - Battlestar Rhapsody
United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop).mp3
Standard Time
Race and D&D - Ta-Nehisi Coates
Virtually Divorced From Reality - Hartford Courant When A Spouse Gets Sucked Into An Online Sex Life, Trouble Is Often Just A Double-click Away
Twitter's List Of 370 Banned Passwords

Roey Rosenblith: Over Detroit Skies
Attackerman » Ain’t Nothin Wrong With Yemen An Invasion Can’t Solve, Right? (Lieberman, S.Israel, wants to kill people in Yemen; says Administration agrees)
On the Knife's Edge: Yemen's Instability and the Threat to American Interests | Center for a New American Security
Iran Protests Turn Violent, Police Fire At Anti-Government Demonstrators, Kill At Least Four
Reuters AlertNet - Iran website says Mousavi nephew killed in clashes (killed=murdered)
Toyota faces expulsion from Venezuela - Dec. 25, 2009 Hugo Chavez has threatened to expel Japanese carmaker Toyota unless it produces an all-terrain model of 4x4 vehicles used for public transport in poor and rural areas

Firedoglake » Note to “Salary Czar” Feinberg: Bankers Yield Negative Returns (the myth of "important")
The Seminal » Catholic Church Tells Us the Limits of Public Health Discourse
The Revolt of the Peasants « The Poor Man Institute We have tea party protesters driven into a frothing rage, taking to the streets in order to…protest against the government stepping in and fixing the health insurance debacle for their benefit. That’s it in a nutshell. Americans protest with all their might in order to preserve the right to get fucked over by the insurance industry. Because, socialism.
Firedoglake » Mitch McConnell: Republicans Aren’t Responsible for Record Deficit (who, us?)
McConnell Hints That GOP Will Campaign On Repealing Health Care Reform (that'll work)
Parker Griffith Got Coal In His Stocking, DCCC Chair Says
Senate Democrats to W.H.: Drop cap-and-trade - - moderate Senate Democrats are urging the White House to give up now on any effort to pass a cap-and-trade bill next year (moderate=Blue Dogs)
Swing State Project: The Great SSP Redistricting Contest (Round 1)

Progressive Nation » Blog Archive » Top Priority For 2010: Get Corporate Money Out Of Politics (good luck with that)

Grow-your-own to replace false teeth | UK news | The Guardian
Glitter-size Photovoltaics could Revolutionize Solar Energy
Geese point the way to saving jet fuel | Business | The Observer Planes flying in V formation are more efficient and produce less carbon dioxide, say scientists

20 Things That Happen In One Minute
‘Pot Town, USA’: We gotta make a living, man
Meet the 2010 Yoga Cats

Can Google's Chrome Banner Change the Course of the Browser Wars? - Google - Gizmodo
Infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP
2010 Predictions: The Year Ahead in Tech - PC World

Restrictions Rise After Terrorism Attempt - (can't go the bathroom +no immediate plans to elevate the nation’s threat level, which has been at orange since 2006)
Glenn Greenwald - - The Joys of Airstrikes and Anonymity
Kucinich: Obama should fire generals who spoke out on Afghan surge | Raw Story (what Truman would have done)
Solutions to Mexico's Drug Crisis - To weaken the cartels, some argue the U.S. should legalize marijuana, let cocaine pass through the Caribbean and take the profit motive out of the drug trade (a century of failure, destabilizing everyone, for anti-drug Republican policies)
They Killed My Lawyer | Foreign Policy a story about how Stalinism and the gulags are alive and well in Russia today (Putin: "ya think?")
Air attack suspect was on terror list - Security- (that makes sense; US considering bombing Yemen - send in the Predators!)
Memo From Tel Aviv - A Tougher Military Policy Stirs Little Debate in Israel - (will be even more war-crimey next time)
AFP: China unveils 'world's fastest train link' average speed of 350 kilometres (217 miles) an hour (America stuck in Republican past)
Pregnant soldiers in war zone won't be punished - Yahoo! News (military reverses plan to jail pregnant women)
Ireland Catholic Church | Pope Benedict | Bishops (no police resignations)

Editorial - Cellphone Searches -
Al Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment Passes, Infuriating Several (Male) Republicans | PEEK | AlterNet
Firedoglake » Contractors Cost More? No One Could Have Anticipated . . . For eight years, the Bush administration used the war in Iraq and the mantra that privatization is best to justify expanding the use of contractors in all aspects of the government
E.J. Dionne Jr. - A culture war cease-fire -
GOP Lawmakers Flip Flop On Costly Health Plans: AP (Dems puzzled by Republican psychotic behavior)
What Would Always-On-The-Record Government Look Like? - O'Reilly Radar
Truthdig - Michele Bachmann: Welfare Queen (+Grassley, Brownback, etc all on the dole)
Colbert Dishes On Bush, Glenn Beck, and MSNBC - James Warren

Geithner: Confident About Economic Rebound | The Big Picture
Calculated Risk: Fannie, Freddie and the Struggles of HAMP (protecting banks, not homeowners)
Arrow Trucking: Drivers band together to help those dumped by Arrow / The Christian Science Monitor -
5 Trends That Will Shape Small Business in 2010 : Marketing

Bugs Inside: What Happens When the Microbes That Keep Us Healthy Disappear?: Scientific American The human body has more microbial than human cells (and they're dying off)
Calorie restriction: Scientists take important step toward 'fountain of youth' - restricted calorie diets -- specifically in the form of restricted glucose -- help human cells live longer.
BBC News - Troubleshooters that block cancer
Prehistoric Lakes of Antarctica Discovered with New, Unknown Viruses
Sun and moon trigger deep tremors on San Andreas Fault

Abstinence proponents look for aid from new health bill - (looking for hand-out from socialist health-care)
Brothers accuse Mormon Church of sexual abuse, file suit - 11/17/09 - San Francisco News - (mother married the Mormon child-molester)
Men Who Help Clean Get More Sex? : LimeLife
NY school suspends girl, 10, for peppermint oil : 24 Hour Breaking News : The Buffalo News | Commack New York School Superintendent James Feltman (is a famous asshole on the internets for all eternity +"what next, Altoids?")

The Infomercantile: Where Do The Animals Live?
The Best HDR Photographs of 2009 | DesignOra
HDR Plea

Google Seeks to Help Children Search Better -
Dailymotion - Computerfightsback - a Funny video
Why Are People Always Having Sex With Dragons In Science Fiction? - Sex - io9
AVG Free for Win 7
The 10 best new Firefox add-ons of 2009 | The Download Blog -
2009: Year of the Social Network - PC World
How Twitter Conquered the World in 2009


Five more face execution for role in China riots - (subverting state power, or something)
BBC News - Iraq bomb explosions leave 23 people dead
I've changed my mind about Italy | Martin Kettle | Comment is free | The romance is dead. Now I see the country for what it is: rightwing, racist and corrupt (ya think?)

Pentagon now spending more for war than all 50 States combined spend to run the country (priorities; Pentagon may seceed)
The Rag Blog: Supremes : 'Suspected Enemy Combatant' no Longer a 'Person' - the country’s highest court evidently believes that "torture and religious humiliation are permissible tools for a government to use." (un-personing)

YouTube - Greg Sargent Picks the Top Online News Stories of 2009
House Rep. stole voter data before defecting to GOP, Dems say | Raw Story Rep. Parker Griffith (sure sounds like a Republican, thanks, Rahm)
Firedoglake » Cenk Uygur: “Are You Concerned Now, Rahm?”
Emptywheel » 34 Obama Nominees Not Named Dawn Johnsen Confirmed - one of the greatest unpublicized scandals of an increasingly feckless Obama Presidency.
Schwarzenegger's plan to again raid transit funds angers rider advocates -- (total failure)

Krugman - Tidings of Comfort -
Fannie And Freddie Receive Unlimited Future Funds To Stay Afloat (yes, "unlimited")

How the brain encodes memories at a cellular level - Strengthening synapses is a very important part of learning
Fight infection by disturbing how bacteria communicate - new method of tackling bacterial infections such as cystic fibrosis
BBC News - Science news highlights of 2009
Scientists Create World’s First Molecular Transistor

Rediscovering Central Asia

Robert P. George, the Conservative-Christian Big Thinker - (Christian Taliban)
Blogger, Please - Ta-Nehisi Coates (DC snowball fight + out-of-control cop)
Toke of the Town - Marijuana Potency Testing Business Thrives In Colorado
The Top 10 Relationship Books Of The 00s
Movie Review - Sita Sings the Blues - Legendary Breakups: Good (Animated) Women Done Wrong in India -
YouTube - Star wars Troops [HD]
YouTube - Hamsterdam Hilarious Video! Watch!
Embracing the 'Coastie' Label – Sisterhood Blog – (JAP)
Las Vegas Weekly : - The vast Santanic conspiracy (Santa=Satan)

Ursula K. Le Guin Resigns From Authors Guild, Because It Didn't Keep Up Its Silly Fight With Google | Techdirt (Le Guin tells Google to get off her lawn: Google is "teh devil" +doesn't recognize any fair use)
The Authors Guild - Ursula K. Le Guin, Google, and the Economics of Authorship
How to: Get a Head Start on Social Media Marketing | Penn Olson
Utilities - Android Starter Kit -
13 Things You Must Do First with Your New PC | Maximum PC
Is Amazon Working Backward? - Bits Blog - (Kindle)
Internet Use On The Up And Up--Is Anyone Surprised? - HotHardware

In Germany, a Disturbing Rise of Right-Wing Violence - Time
Soviet occupation Afghanistan | US occupation Afghanistan
Uganda: President Says He Will Block Anti-Gay Bill « Global Voices Online (not really)
‘Ceausescu looked in my eyes, and he knew that he was going to die’ - Times Online
Woman knocks down Pope at Christmas Eve Mass - Yahoo! News

Slate's 2009 political holiday card slide show: God Rest ye Merry Congressmen
Emptywheel » The DOMA Decisions In The 9th Circuit (Obama fights to maintain unConstitutional discrimination against providing HC for same-sex legal marriage)
Glenn Greenwald - - The NYT's view of "journalistic objectivity" (all the opinions we want you to have)

YouTube - Obama Promised (a public option, but now he's a big liar)
YouTube - Obama v Clinton on the Individual Mandate Mobile
PolitiFact | The Obameter: Tracking Barack Obama's Campaign Promises
National Organization for Women opposes Senate health bill - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Labor unions oppose Senate's health bill - Washington Times
Ezra Klein - Jane Hamsher's 10 reasons to kill the bill
Health Care Reform Infographic
A Consumer's Guide To Health Reform : NPR
Daily Kos: Senate Makes History Sans Republicans
The Field: Health Care by the Numbers: What’s In It for You?
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Another Left-Right Convergence
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Health Insurance Stocks Decline on News of Senate Passage of Reform Bill; Have Underperformed Market Since Start of Week
And The Rest Is Just Noise | The New Republic Why the health care bill is the greatest social achievement of our time.
Ezra Klein - Winning ugly, but winning
News Analysis - In Senate Health Vote, a New Partisan Vitriol -
Health Care: Dear Senator Reid - J. Bradford DeLong
Lieberman Suffers Big Rating Drop -- Political Wire
Glenn Greenwald - - Reason Editor suggests his own magazine is lying (Matt Welch is lying)
Senate Passes Health Care Bill, 60-39 (forcing you to buy crappy insurance from the same old corps)
House Democrats making plans for final health care bill - (will become even crappier)
Obama 'Absolutely' Will Help Merge Health Care Bills ("hands-on" to merge crappy Health Bills)
Dean: ‘If the Republicans hate it, there must be some good in it’ | Raw Story
Senator cites blacks as disadvantage for his state | Raw Story Rachel Maddow caught Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday seemingly arguing that his state's 31 percent African-American population puts him at a disadvantage -- and that it's a good reason not to support healthcare reform (because ...)
Print Whaddaya Mean Obama Hasn't Done Anything?
Daily Kos: Jane Hamsher calls for Rahm Emanuel's resignation
Fox News Attacks Katie Couric Over 'Angry Nation' Comment: 'Elite Left Wing Liberal' (who's angry?)
Colbert Dishes On Bush, Glenn Beck, and MSNBC - James Warren - Beck: "He raised the stupid bar and now it's nearly inapproachable."
Sean Hannity's Bogus Russian Climate Scandal | Mother Jones
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » God didn’t make Little Green Footballs - a Republican candidate who is an anti-science loon (Tim Pawlenty) but still may be too sensible and non-Jesus freaky to satisfy the Khmer Rogue faction that may dominate the Republican primaries.
Tea Partiers' Next Target: American Business? | TPMDC

Banks That Bundled Bad Debt Also Bet Against It - ("bank" = Goldman)
McClatchy | Goldman (NYT just stealing content)
Business & Technology | Treasury removes cap for Fannie and Freddie aid | Seattle Times Newspaper
Calculated Risk: As HAMP Fails, Treasury Flails (was never supposed to work in the first place: you lose again)
Senators Dodd, Shelby Report Major Progress On Wall Street Reform, Deadlock May Be Avoided
The Billion Pound O Gram | Information Is Beautiful
Our Best Financial Infographics of 2009 | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice

Climate Change Deniers vs The Consensus | Information Is Beautiful
Did Jim Inhofe Manipulate Poll Data On Climate Change Policy? | TPMDC
Anatomy of A Brain Fart | Memory, Emotions, & Decisions | Discover Magazine
Decades of future science - Cosmic Log -
Vampires and thrillseekers rejuvenate dead stars | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Power, and pitfalls, of an electrical smart grid - Los Angeles Times
Academia vs Industry: an Updated Opinion : Good Math, Bad Math
Copernicus Grades Cameron On The Science of Avatar!! -- Ain't It Cool News
Archaeology's Hoaxes, Fakes, and Strange Sites
iTWire - Voyager spacecraft discover how Solar System stays together
BBC News - In pictures: Life beneath Antarctica's waves
Scientists map speed of climate change for different ecosystems

Abbeville Institute :: About State Nullification, Secession, And The Human Scale Of Political Order
Secretive Scholars of the Old South - Faculty - The Chronicle of Higher Education To avoid being tagged as racist, professors retreat to the Abbeville Institute to study the virtues of secession

Third Coast International Audio Festival // Chicago Public Radio
A Day in the Life of - Bits Blog - two videos below show the traffic to on June 25, 2009, the day Michael Jackson died.
Restaurants Use Menu Psychology to Entice Diners -
Essay - Steal These Books - (esp the Bible)
The little-known Jewish holiday of Christmas Eve. Seriously. - By Benyamin Cohen - Slate Magazine
YouTube - Mark E Smith Reads An Xmas Story For BBC Collective (The Colour Out of Space)
Gay Thug Dating, Singles, and Personals @
Learn Something Every Day
YouTube - How To Hypnotize A Chicken
YouTube - How to Hypnotize Anyone Anytime
Peep Show - Full Episodes and Clips streaming online for free - Hulu
OMG I'm The Adult

YouTube - The Honest $10000 SPAM
Critical Distance | 99 Free Games from 2009
2009 Technology Gadget Year in Review - 7 Top Tech Trends from 2009 - Popular Mechanics
DDoS attack hobbles major sites, including Amazon | Relevant Results - CNET News

2009: The Year in Pictures - The New York Times
Plan to Move Guantánamo Detainees Faces New Delay - (sliding timetable just slid again)
How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room | Mark Lynas | Environment | The Guardian
Afghan Army's Hashish-Smoking Troops (Video)
Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school: official - Yahoo! News
Mohammad Yunos Shirnagha, Afghan Member Of Parliament, Gunned Down By Police (it's ok, Senators were "insurgents")
Pakistan court orders men's ears, noses hacked off -
American Thinker: Muhammad's 'aye' for an eye: law of retaliation in Islam
Report: ICE using unlisted detention centers for immigrant prisoners | Raw Story (Obama justice: secret prison camps IN Amercia)
Progressive Nation » Blog Archive » Bush Admin Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man’s Decoding Scam (well?)
The Iraq war files - Telegraph (Obama will never let this happen to Bush)

Carl Bernstein: US Congress Is Corrupt, Systemically Broken (send them all to Bagram)
Transparency: The Biggest News Stories of the Year (by percent coverage)
Informed Comment: Top Ten Worst Things about the Bush Decade: Or, the Rise of the New Oligarchs
War Room - Responding to criticism from the left, the president makes a dubious claim about his record (pants on fire Obama)
Think Progress » FLASHBACK: Obama Repeatedly Touted Public Option Before Refusing To Push For It In The Final Hours
Dean faults White House for death of the public insurance option - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Obama Accused Of Abandoning Health Care Principles In New Ad
Economic Scene - How Congress Can Compromise Sensibly on Health Care Bill -
Rose Ann DeMoro: An Inglorious End to the Promise of Reform
A Democrat's view from the House: Senate bill isn't health reform -
The Rational Case For 'Kill The Bill' (take your expanded "coverage" and stuff it)
Drug Industry Girds for Rise in Its Share of Overhaul -

McCain Emerges As Front Man In GOP Efforts To Claim Reform Mantle
Dawn Teo: McCain Senate Re-Election Race Already Getting Ugly

Firedoglake » Jane Hamsher, Grover Norquist Call for Rahm Emanuel’s Resignation his activities while on the board of Freddie Mac from 2000-2001, and facilitated the cover up of potential malfeasance until the 10-year statute of limitations has run out.
Caller Asks GOP Senator If He Prayed 'Hard Enough' For Byrd To Die (Video)
The American Ruling Class Dramtic Documentary Musical
Sarah Palin Tries To Rewrite History Of Her Own “Death Panel” Falsehood | The Plum Line
Jane Norton, GOP Senate Candidate, Sits Silently As Obama Called A Muslim
Gun Owner Nabbed Near Obama Was Bush Employee | Mother Jones (they left that part out)
Star Trek and Moral Judgment — Crooked Timber it is not every day you get conservatives to admit they oppose (or at least dislike) peace, tolerance, due process and progress
The 12 Most Shocking Political Sex Scandals Of The Decade
When you say "Barack Obama," Howard Kurtz thinks "Tiger Woods" | Media Matters for America (Howie the Putz)

Geithner: Job Growth Should Resume By Springtime (sliding timetable)
If billionaires don't feel guilty about walking away from their debts, should homeowners? - By Daniel Gross - Slate Magazine If billionaires don't feel guilty about walking away from their debts, should homeowners?
Full Housing Crisis Effect Yet To Be Felt: Economist - CNBC ("The policy has been to prop up prices, not people" -- Atrios)
Calculated Risk: New Home Sales Decrease Sharply in November
Anaheim mall defaults on $210 million debt - Lansner on Real Estate : The Orange County Register (CRE hell still coming)
Calculated Risk: WaPo: Regulatory Failure at the Office of Thrift Supervision
Upper Mismanagement | The New Republic (The problem? Two words: business school)
Calitics:: Arnold's Christmas Present to California: More Cuts! (Arnie is a total fuckup)

Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up | Magazine
Basics - Another Challenge for Ethical Eating - Plants Want to Live, Too -
The Botany of Desire: Based on the book by Michael Pollan | PBS
Plant Consciousness
Fog Seen on Saturn Moon Titan--A First
The blue clouds of the red planet | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
How one odd duck says 'no' to sex - LiveScience- Research suggests duck's vaginal shape can impede copulation with males
Single light wave flashes out from fibre laser - physics-math - 21 December 2009 - New Scientist
The Physics of Space Battles - Space battle - Gizmodo

Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency: The Conflicted Existence of a Female Porn Writer.

Who Is IOZ?: The War on Christmas, Gameday Diagrams
Top 50 Health Informatics Blogs
The Luxury Spot » Was College Really Worth it?

Michael Jackson’s FBI Files Reveal Extortion, Terrorist Threats : Rolling Stone
WaPo Sits on Eyewitness Account on Snowball Gun Incident - City Desk - Washington City Paper Det. Mike Baylor, trudging around in the snow with a gun in his hand (out-of-control cop famous on the internets for all eternity +WaPo: who do you believe? us, or your lying youtube video?)
Post Now - Police looking into incident at snowball fight

6 Predictions for the Future of the Internet
Accused phone thief snared after phone sends pic to victim • The Register
Hackers break Amazon's Kindle DRM • The Register
Web Ink Now: Amazon as social networking (aka "marketing")
European Union adopts new telecom rules - Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review As a result of the telecom reform, 500 million EU citizens will be able to benefit from more consumer choice through enhanced marketplace competition, better coverage over faster Internet broadband connections and a strengthening of their right to privacy (not US policy)
Comcast settles class-action suit on traffic blocking | Wireless - CNET News - "Comcast denies these claims, but has revised its management of P2P and is settling to avoid the burden and cost of further litigation"
Google: We're open and closed at the same time
Service cracks wireless passwords from the cloud • The Register
Germans devise attacks on Windows BitLocker • The Register
The 33 Essential Free Utilities for Every New PC | Maximum PC
Radiskull & Devil Doll -- Episode 1 Linux Playback

Israel to seek another 1b euros Holocaust in reparations from Germany - Haaretz - Israel News (bottomless)
2 Mossad operatives institutionalized - Israel News, Ynetnews - Mossad official assigned to them 24-hours a day to ensure that state secrets not revealed because of their unstable mental state (un-huh)
Barkat rejects plan for baby clinic in Silwan neighborhood - Haaretz - Israel News The proposed clinic would have served some 100,000 Arabic-speaking residents (can't get much more racist)
U.S.-Israeli Arms Cooperation Quietly Growing – America’s commitment to maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge was codified directly into U.S. law via 2008 legislation backed by AIPAC (what's wrong with this picture?) )
Mexico City Lawmakers OK Gay Marriage - CBS News

Firedoglake » Blue Dog Parker Griffith (Aetna-AL) Shows True Colors, Switches to GOP (Rahm Emanuel funded Blue Dog: for the win! +massive contribution from healthcare industry)
The Washington Monthly: They Probably Won't Miss Him
Glenn Greenwald - - Health care industry stocks explode as bill progresses (follow the money)
The Seminal » Boxer: “Not All the Choice Groups Oppose This Bill” (pro-choice groups for abortion restrictions!)
What Your Favorite Blogger May Not Be Telling You About Health Reform | Crooks and Liars
FDL Action » Glenzilla: Senate Bill Does “More Harm Than Good”
GOP warns of harsh climate on energy bill - -
Keeping America's Edge > Publications > National Affairs
How Nebraska's Insurance Companies Stand To Profit From Ben Nelson's Compromises In Health Care Bill - stands to reap millions of dollars worth of financial goodies should the Senate version of the health care bill get final approval (what a creep)
Whiskey Fire: The Hole I Dig Is Bottomless (large hardon collider)

Bernanke and California | Mother Jones - One board member expressed particular skepticism — Ben Bernanke (total idiot)

Auld Lang Syne: Farewell to another decade of "liberal media bias" | Media Matters for America
The Year in Media Errors and Corrections | Regret the Error
The 100 Weirdest News Stories We Dugg in 2009 -- 100-91 -

GDP Up 2.2% In 3Q, But Recovery Is Much Slower Than Previously Thought
States' jobless funds are being drained in recession -
FT Alphaville » Hamp, what is it good for? (mortgage modification: acting like you're doing something when you aren't)
Will the U.S. Repeat the Great Mistake of 1937? - DailyFinance
Citigroup Hacked, FBI Reportedly Investigating

Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke | Magazine
Aliens more likely to live on moons than planets, say boffins • The Register Spacegoing exomoononauts voyage around ringed primaries?
Engage the x drive: Ten ways to traverse deep space - space - 21 December 2009 - New Scientist
China's last tiger is eaten - Telegraph The last wild Indochinese tiger in China has been killed and eaten by a villager.
Fixing Drone Data: A Not-So-Modest Proposal | Danger Room |
Bolivia's Glaciers Melt Away - Video Library - The New York Times
YouTube - Class Day Lecture 2009: The Uniqueness of Humans

A Ghostly Trace of the Jewish Occult –
BibliOdyssey: Victorian Infographics
Womans Day Comments | Facebook
Big Music: damn the numbers, give us antipiracy laws anyway If P2P use is declining or holding steady without new "antipiracy" laws, are those laws still needed? Music trade groups say yes (they would, right?)
stephen j. dubner - The Silver Thief: The Story of a Burglar Who Was Too Good for His Own Good Customer Reviews: Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!
Moving towards solidarity - The F-Word
The Operation That Can Ruin Your Life | Standpoint
Gender Reassignment Surgery
Neuroimaging Differences in Spatial Cognition between Men and Male-to-Female Transsexuals Before and During Hormone Therapy.... [J Sex Med. 2009] - PubMed result
YouTube - Trantasia - Transsexual Trailer
Questioning Transphobia
Harry Benjamin Syndrome Revealed: The naked bigotry of some transwomen against others.
Backlash - Women Bullying Women at Work -

The Believer - Donald Barthelme’s Syllabus
YouTube - Bergensbanen

BBC - Newsbeat - Pupils 'bypassing school internet security'
Globetrotter XL - Puzzles

Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine
Israeli News: President Shimon “The Butcher” Peres - Yehuda Hiss: e director, found to have engaged in illegal harvesting of organs, is still the highest-paid person in the public sector (for his silence)
a little background on yehuda hiss & abu kabir « Niqnaq
Netanyahu to press Sweden to condemn IDF organ harvesting article - Haaretz - Israel News (from August: blood libel! anti-semitism! whoops!)
Swedish daily hits back at critics of IDF organ harvest story - Haaretz - Israel News
Foreign Ministry aghast at Swedish report | Israel | Jerusalem Post
Commentary » Blog Archive » Swedish Anti-Semites Dig Up a Blood Libel (Commentary: Jewish propaganda)
The Associated Press: Israel harvested organs in '90s without permission (well, we're waiting for your retractions)
I challenged Haaretz writers on the organ-harvesting story last summer
TLAXCALA : “Our sons plundered for their organs”
BBC News - The risks of women drug mules in Brazil

Report: Bush Admin Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man's Al Jazeera 'Decoding' Scam | TPMMuckraker (Tony Blair's taxi driver was making the rounds +orange! +red!)
Think Progress » Americans Judge The Bush Decade: ‘Awful’ And ‘Not So Good’

Op-Ed Columnist - A Dangerous Dysfunction - - It’s a seriously flawed bill, we’ll spend years if not decades fixing it, but it’s nonetheless a huge step forward.
Daily Kos: Axelrod needs some help with history (well, he was only 20 in 1975, can't expect him to know about ancient history)
Matthew Yglesias » Listicle of the Day: Worst Washington Post Columnists of the Zeroes (the bright lights of conservative punditry, but missing Richard Cohen)

Borrowers With Modified Loans Falling Into Trouble - (cramdown would have worked, but screw you)
Serious U.S. Mortgage Delinquencies Up 20 Percent - (remember that $75Bn program?)

Top Ten Literary Feuds of the Aughts: A Special Edition of Shaun Smith's Sunday Sundries | Open Book Toronto

YouTube - USCGImagery's Channel - vote for best Coast Guard rescue video of the year

The Doctor Who Defied Tehran - (dead)
Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs | World news | The Guardian

The Associated Press: Pregnant soldiers could face court-martial (but not you know who)
Reid Confident He Has 60 Votes To Pass Health Care Reform | TPMDC
One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise | TPMDC "[i]ndividuals receiving subsidies will have one premium that they pay with two distinct transactions."
Firedoglake » Democrats Tell Progressives: America Is A Center-Right Nation
Firedoglake » David Axelrod Claims Health Care Bill Will Make Insurance Affordable for Everyone (No It Won’t) (now they're just lying)
Senator Ben Nelson Approves Health Care Bill, Obama Hails Compromise - ABC News (abortion restrictions intact)
Axelrod promises to push for drug re-importation after healthcare reform - (flip-flop-flip)
Right-wingers divided over God's motivations behind DC snowstorm | Media Matters for America (insane-o-sphere)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: In Fairness, There's Also A Strong Consensus Against Waste, Fraud and Abuse. And For Limiting Welfare Recipients to Three Escalades A Year (Americans are really dumb)
Backlash boots Palin from hospital fundraising | Toronto Sun (“Canada needs to dismantle its public health-care system and allow private enterprise to get involved and turn a profit,”)

The insincere center - Paul Krugman Blog - (KThug lays it down)
Olympia Snowe Loses Whatever Credibility She Had Left | Capital Gains and Games (OSnowe: profile in cowardice: one of KThug's female punters)

Calculated Risk: Bernanke ARM OK, Head "Explodes"?
Mark Hyman, MD: Diabetes & Obesity: Why Conventional Medicine Makes Things Worse
Russian analysis confirms 20th century CRU temperatures : Deltoid (comments)
The Warming Arctic | Atmospheric Temperature Trends, 1979-2005

Mumps cases reach 152 in Monsey area as part of large U.S. outbreak | | The Journal News
Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say
Printer Friendly Libel gag on talk of 'medical hurricane' - A healthcare firm is seeking to silence a Danish academic from expressing doubts about one of its products by using England’s draconian libel laws (General Electric)

Unbelievable Holiday Tales - A Ski-School Lie -
Gourmet's Favorite Cookie Recipes: 1941-2008, Holiday Cookies, Christmas Cookies: Recipes + Menus :
Internet Archive: Free Download: Christmas Carol Collection 2009

The Love of Lust | Open Magazine
The Worst Ideas of the Decade (

15 Biggest Internet Controversies of the Past Decade
Top 10 Things to Look Forward to in Windows 7 - Windows - Lifehacker

Jerusalem & Babylon / The story that got away - Haaretz - Israel News - identifying Israel as a racist, warmongering apartheid state is no longer a radical view, shared mainly by anti-Semites and "Arab lovers" - it has become the mainstream opinion (won't read this in the US)
YouTube - No Way Through (illegal Israeli blockcade of Palestinians)
Poland declares state of emergency after 'Arbeit Macht Frei' stolen from Auschwitz | World news | The Guardian
Copenhagen Deal: Activists React
U.S. Aids Yemeni Raids on Al Qaeda, Officials Say - / UK - Russia admits lawyer's death is 'stain' on system
Just Detention International (stop prison rape)

FDL Action » John Kerry Attacks Howard Dean for Fun and Profit (Kerry is second only to McCain in contributions from Health Care industry )
Firedoglake » Late Night: Wanted: A New White House Communications Director No one that I know of in the Democratic party ever dreamed of passing health care reform “like this.”
Senate: The Deal Looks Done on Health Care - Swampland - ("coverage" = you pay)
Nelson supports health bill after tough bargaining (most conservative Dem in Senate decides healthcare -- used to be president of insurance company, no kidding)
Taibbi, Kuttner Debate Health Care Bill On "Bill Moyers Journal" (video)
Hullabaloo: digby: Whack-a-Mole: Obama had Olympia Snow on the phone for an hour (giving her phone sex)
Glenn Greenwald - many (but not all) of the progressive bloggers most vehemently demanding passage of the health care bill also supported the Iraq War ("progressive" is the new "center-right") --- Third Way, DLC, triangulating corporatism of the Clinton era, just re-packaged with some sleeker and more updated marketing
Daily Kos: An Observation on the Split in the Progressive Blogosphere: Kevin Drum, Matt Yglesias, Ezra Klein, Josh Marshall: Liebercare supporters also supported Iraq war
Taking Ideological Differences Seriously | The New Republic (Obama: regulated privitazation and government merging with interests of corporations)

FDIC Shuts Down Seven More Banks
Homeowners often rejected under Obama's loan plan | McClatchy - many struggling homeowners are holding up their end of the bargain but still find themselves rejected, and some are even having their homes sold out from under them without notice (shitty plan)
Report: Housing Prices Could Tumble Again If More Foreclosures Aren't Prevented
A Lament for Saab, a Quirky Car Loved by Some -
How To Make The World's Easiest $1 Billion (become a bank)
Six Questions for Peter Maass on the Violent Twilight of Oil—By Ken Silverstein (Harper's Magazine)
Peter Maass | Articles | Scenes from the Violent Twilight of Oil | Foreign Policy
Peter Maass | Articles | Inside the Soul of an Oilman | The Big Money Are petro-execs intrinsically more corrupt than other businessmen?

Bones find from abandoned village 'show tough life of medieval women' | Science | Skeletons from Wharram Percy have much larger bones than those of city contemporaries
BBC News - 'Boat' could explore Saturn moon
Peter Maass | Articles | Inside the Soul of an Oilman | The Big Money Are petro-execs intrinsically more corrupt than other businessmen?
BBC News - Data to expose 'ghost mountains'
YouTube - The Known Universe by AMNH
Nuclear Waste Disposal - Eric Loewen's Disposal of Nuclear Waste - Esquire

"Onward Christian Athletes": Tom Krattenmaker's Book Explores Evangelical Monopoly In Sports World
Game Brain: Profiles: GQ: Football concussions

Villa Vals / SeARCH & CMA | ArchDaily
The Texas Observer > A Tiger's Tale by Melissa del Bosque -

Bikers plan topless ride to protest lane removal - Yahoo! News (Bloomberg goes Taliban on Brooklyn, removes bike lane to please Orthodox Jews who don't want to see "scantily-clad" women riding bikes; FAIL)
NY Killer Tripped on Baggy Pants, Plunged to Death
David Simon - Vice Magazine
Last Minutes with ODEN on Vimeo
New York News - The Sailor Man in New York - page 1
Rena Effendi - House of Happiness
Retro Housewife - Putting pride back into the housewife!
Views: Criminal Incompetence - Inside Higher Ed
Gambetta, D.: Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate.

Boo-yah: Shorewood one-ups rivals with backward music video
YouTube - Video Bulletin for the Shorewood Lipdub Music Video
University Lipdub (HS Furtwangen) on Vimeo
YouTube - Goldfrapp - Happiness
YouTube - The Mighty Boosh/And That's Why I Can't Go For That
Rencontre avec le photographe Pierre Gonnord - Le fil arts et scènes - Télé

Iranian hacker attack: What will it cost Twitter? / The Christian Science Monitor -
Twitter Email Security Blamed for Latest Hack
WordPress › Blog » WordPress 2.9, oh so fine
Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever!

Barack Obama's speech disappoints and fuels frustration at Copenhagen | Environment |
Meaningful Agreement: White House Says A First Step Climate Deal Has Been Reached In Copenhagen (sham agreement with no real requirements for any countries, Obama claims victory)
Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens - in May 2002, in response to a Congressional inquiry, the Joint Forces Intelligence Command provided false information about its activities related to Al Qaeda and the Sept. 11 attacks. The document offered few details (Generals provided Bush with fake intel to lie America into war)
Iranian Troops Seize Iraqi Oil Well: Official
Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Federal Hate Crime Cases at Highest Level Since ’01 -
Senate Health Care Face-Off Continues (last primadonna standing wins +National Right to Life and Catholic Bishops)
All You Need to Know | Talking Points Memo
Gut Check | TPMCafe - Help Pass the Best Health Reform Bill, But Pass the Bill - and Keep Fighting for More Reform.
Trumka: Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House
Did White House Pressure FDA To Help Kill Measure To Make Drugs Cheaper? | TPMMuckraker (where their loyalties are: their corporate constituency)
The Seminal » Insurance company stocks “on fire” – they’re winning, we’re losing (leading indicator)
Ralph Nadar: The Man Cheering Obama's Health-Care Woes - The Daily Beast - “This is what I meant a year ago when I said the next year will determine whether Barack Obama will be an Uncle Tom groveling before the demands of the corporations.”
Rahm Emanuel: Don’t Worry About the Left - Washington Wire - WSJ
Jane Hamsher: Left/Right Populist Outrage Will Defeat Senate Health Care Bill
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Dear Rahm, Please STFU The bill progressives want is not being held hostage by Obama, it is being held hostage by Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman.
War Room -
Ethics Office Closes Inquiry Into Murtha, Dicks and Moran - Roll Call
Think Progress » Flashback: McCain Refused To Grant 30 Seconds Of Time During Iraq War Debate (what did you expect from a big fat liar?)
Franken v. Lieberman: Too good a story to check out | Media Matters for America
Iraq Resolution - Wikipedia (AUMF 2002)
Liberal Group: Our Poll Proves Public Knows Individual Mandate Is A Sham | The Plum Line (fuck the voters, they won't know the difference between "provides" and "requires") )
FDL Action » Ben Nelson Wants To Cripple The Best Remaining Part Of Reform: Medicaid Expansion
MyDD :: Axelrod Responds to Atrios Perhaps someone should ask Axelrod, since he's trying to sink the HCR bill (called Howard Dean "insane" but not Ben "airtight no abortions" Nelson) Hullabaloo Giggle This (Chris Matthews: "progressives aren't democrats, they're whiny babies" - what an idiot)
Best of the Decade | Most influential person of the decade | The Washington Post (WaPo races Fox to the bottom)

The curse of Montagu Norman - Paul Krugman Blog - (Bernanke: let them eat derivatives)
Harvard Swaps Are So Toxic Even Summers Won’t Explain - (Summers and Rubin)
Barney Frank Vs. The Credit Raters (video)
Credit card's newest trick: 79.9 percent interest - Yahoo! Finance
Daily Kos: Cap Credit Cards at 16%

Wegman’s ghostwriter revealed « Deep Climate (how they work)
A speedy CAT scan for cells « Berkeley Lab News Center
New Study of Meteorite Provides More Evidence for Ancient Life on Mars
Ancient Book of Mark Found Not So Ancient After All
Stellar Nursery: Inside the dark heart of the Eagle

Raymond J. Lawrence: Tiger's Fix Sex and the Rich Man's Rules
Orange County News - Illegally Park-ed - page 1 An Irvine cop ejaculates on a motorist but escapes criminal liability (her fault for being sexy)
Holiday Books - 'The Red Book - Liber Novus,' by C. G. Jung - Review -
Exhibition Review - 'The Red Book of C. G. Jung - Creation of a New Cosmology' - At the Rubin Museum, a Psychoanalyst’s Inner Universe -
Prague TV Tower - World's Largest Spherical Panorama 18.4 gigapixel

Andrew McDonald » Blog Archive » A Pictorial Guide to avoiding Camera Loss
Fox Threatens to Pull Shows from Time Warner Cable - Reviews by PC Magazine
One Of The 32 Million With A RockYou Account? You May Want To Change All Your Passwords. Like Now. | Geek News and Musings
Ninite Easy PC Setup and Multiple App Installer - Great For Win7 Upgrades
Gmail and Google Apps Account Got Hacked
Being online: identity, anonymity, and all things in between - O'Reilly Radar
A New Source of Stress: Feelings of Social Media Inadequacy
PMView image tool - Features and Functionality

Decade in Pictures - Picture Stories-
Copenhagen summit veering towards farce, warns Ed Miliband | Environment | The Guardian
Pakistan Showing Its Upset by Harassing U.S. Diplomats - (but, we're protecting them from India, or something)
U.N. Officials Say American Aide Plotted to Replace Karzai - Peter W. Galbraith, proposed enlisting the White House in a plan to replace the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai - Iranian-Backed Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones
Reputed Mexican Cartel Chief Is Killed in Shootout -
Defector Says He Helped Rig Iran’s Election - The Lede Blog -
British soldiers died stopping suicide bombers in Afghan market | UK news |
Franken Rape Amendment Included In Defense Spending Bill | TPM LiveWire (pro-rape Republicans upset)
The Hope of All the World: How Do You Know a War is a War?

Justice Department Defends ACORN Funding Ban | TPMMuckraker (Obama wants to make Bills of Attainder legal to expand his unconstitutional powers and complete his transition to the dark side)
Daily Kos: Insurance Reform? (denying coverage is their business model)
The Left Is Playing With Fire | The New Republic (TNR: yes, mandating shitty health insurance coverage is the way to go, suck it up lefties)
FDL Action » Mary Landrieu Admits Public Option Was All Just Senate Kabuki
Nation's Largest Union: Change Health Care Bill Or Else
Daily Kos: Wendell Potter Says It All a bailout for the insurance industries
Huff TV: Arianna On "Morning Joe": Current Reform Bill Is 'Bailout For Health Insurance Industry' (Video)
'Kill The Bill' Debate Rages - Olbermann argued that without the Medicare buy-in or the public option or other reforms taken out of the bill, the health insurance mandate will just force people to buy expensive and exploitative plans. Calling Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) a "senatorial prostitute"
Glenn Greenwald - - White House as helpless victim on healthcare - White House clearly intended from the start that the final health care reform bill would contain no such provision and was actively and privately participating in efforts to shape a final bill without it (Obama never wanted the Public Option)
SEIU Urges Changes In Senate Health Care Bill, Calls Out Obama
Howard Dean: I Won't Support Obama "Vigorously" (half-heartedly)
David Sirota: Howard Dean, Movement Leader
Matthew Yglesias » Time to Play This Video Again I Guess
Glenn Greenwald - - Tom Friedman, museum exhibit
Op-Ed Columnist - Sorry, Senator Kerry - Let us contemplate the badness of Joe Lieberman.

War bonds proposed to pay for Afghanistan, Iraq conflicts | McClatchy (like, dumb, but it makes stupid people feel better)
Bernanke Made A 'Pig's Breakfast' Of the Financial Crisis: Christopher Whalen (rewarding total failure)
Millions Drink Tap Water That Is Legal, but Maybe Not Healthy - Series -
U.S. Said to Rethink Quick Sale of Citigroup Stake -
At Accenture, It’s as if Tiger Woods Were Never There -
Why the GOP Is Gunning for Grandma | Newsweek Newsweek Voices - Jacob Weisberg | It's the GOP that's out to get Granny.
Recession hitting Ohio's former steel towns hard - (won't stop them from voting Republican)

BBC News - Scientists crack 'entire genetic code' of cancer
Gene maps to transform scientists' work on cancer | Deals | Regulatory News | Reuters
Lung cancer and melanoma laid bare
Lung cancer and melanoma cancer genomes revealed | Wellcome Trust

Why Are Europeans White? (E1) - a knol by Frank W Sweet (The Gulf Stream is the Cause)
Worlds Away: Astronomers Begin to Uncover Nearby "Super-Earths": Scientific American - GJ 1214 b
How to Slow Climate Change for Just $15 Billion | Wired Science | providing clean stoves to the 500 million households that use open fires, fed by wood and animal dung and coal, to heat their homes and cook.
The prehistory of stress Researchers use hair from remains of people living in pre-Colombian Peru to discover that stress isn't a modern invention.
Five laws of human nature - life - 17 December 2009 - New Scientist - You're so predictable.
Millions Drink Tap Water That Is Legal, but Maybe Not Healthy - Series -
McIntyre provides fodder for skeptics « Deep Climate This so-called Climategate is really getting out of hand, isn’t it? (yes, they lie)
Geologist stands trial for triggering earthquakes in Switzerland - Telegraph
Messenger Team Releases First Global Map of Mercury
Nina Jablonski breaks the illusion of skin color | Video on
Bombay Dabbawalas go high-tech (food-net routes around problems)
Internet Archive: Free Download: [Trip Down Market Street Before the Fire, A}
Internet Archive: Free Download: San Francisco Earthquake Aftermath, Part 2

Shroud of Turin Not Jesus', Tomb Discovery Suggests

Shenandoah top cop held without bail | The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA (Matthew Nestor on charges he tried to cover up the fatal beating of a Mexican immigrant by white teenagers)
I, Cringely » Blog Archive » FedEx Kinkos Won’t Print Our Christmas Card - Cringely on technology ("local standards" can be anything they want)
Safe for work Porn (SFW Porn)
Bête de Jour: Seymore Butts :: Putting the Anal in Banal
What English Sounds Like to Foreigners is Today's BIG Thing in Music - NOV 03, 2009

iPhone overtakes Windows Mobile's US share in October | Electronista
Best Buy: Mobile Phones
The Economics of a Free Google Phone - Nexus one google phone - Gizmodo
How To Restore Windows 7 from a System Image :: the How-To Geek
The Facebook Privacy Settings You've Lost Forever - Facebook - Gawker
Official Google Blog: Browser Size: a tool to see how others view your website

Obama is not saviour of the world. He's still an American president | Jonathan Freedland | Comment is free | The Guardian The reality is that this man must represent the contradictory interests of a country still way behind on climate change (and a lot of other things)

Labor Holds Emergency Meetings To Discuss Senate Bill, May Formally Oppose
John Neffinger: Why We Lost Healthcare
House Dems: Senate is 'dithering' - - (o rly)
Daily Kos: Dean: Keep on fighting for real reform, vote no on Senate bill
Doughnuts For Dorgan: Drug Reimportation Killed In Deal That Might Get Cheaper Drugs For Seniors - Obama ... didn't have any trouble persuading 30 Democrats to vote against prescription drug reimportation Tuesday night -- thus preserving the deal cut between the Senate Finance Committee, the White House and Big Pharma (disgusting)
The Washington Monthly - The Source Of The Deficit Mess .... Republican lawmakers and far-right activists have suddenly discovered, after eight years of dramatic fiscal irresponsibility, that they care deeply about deficit reduction again (blame Obama for Bush deficits! win!)
The Seminal » WH Gibbs: Obama Asked Lieberman to Make Concessions Too? Oh. That would explain why Joe has been so downcast lately, hiding from reporters so he doesn’t have to explain how disheartened he is for having been forced to give up so many reform features that were really important to him.
ABC's Rick Klein covers for Lieberman | Media Matters for America (pathetic)
Best of Both Worlds: The talking point bust (bust-ed)
Booman Tribune ~ Spiteful Joe - Lieberman heard that Dean and Weiner and a lot of the blogosphere were happy about a Medicare Buy-In proposal, which was something he himself has supported, and that was enough for him to spike the idea.
Colbert: Senile Lieberman Suffering From "Joe-Mentia" (video)
Thomas Frank: Newsrooms Don't Need More Conservatives - What's important is the willingness to hold power accountable.

Calculated Risk: Citigroup's "Massive" Tax Break U.S. gave up billions in tax money in deal for Citigroup's bailout repayment (bonus-time)

Steven Pearlstein - Out from under TARP, banks are now free to fail again -
Obama And The Banks: No Real Consensus On Financial Reform (stern words produce no results)
House Passes Wall Street Reform Bill With Zero GOP Votes
Robert Creamer: Pass Financial Regulatory Reform - Then Break Up the Big Wall Street Banks
Ben Bernanke - Person of the Year 2009 - TIME

New research: Sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup alter human metabolism, digestion | Grist
7 ways microbes may solve our energy woes - Future of Energy-
Mammoths hung on longer? Late-surviving megafauna exposed by ancient DNA in frozen soil ("dirt DNA")
BBC News - Herschel space telescope captures birth of stars
Looking for alien Earths? Here they come
Alice's adventures in algebra: Wonderland solved - physics-math - 16 December 2009 - New Scientist
One Year | Terrapin Gardens Farm

Move to National ID Cards Delayed | Threat Level |
Pranksters Make Short Work of GOP’s URL Shortener for Conservatives | Epicenter |

San Francisco News - The Worst-Run Big City in the U.S. - Spend more. Get less. We’re the city that knows how - This year's city budget is an astonishing $6.6 billion — more than twice the budget for the entire state of Idaho — for roughly 800,000
School bans boy who drew a crucifix - World - (Taunton Ma)
Preferential treatment for cops' kin? | Philadelphia Daily News | 12/15/2009
Young Pittsfield Township man struggles with sex offender label - facing a new criminal charge that accuses him of illegally living within 1,000 feet of a school (American (Repubican) Justice)
'Star Wars' stormtrooper costumes not artistic, says court--The Hollywood Reporter | Esq. | Entertainment and Media Law
YouTube - Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Review (Part 1 of 7)
Star Wars Game Theory - Freakonomics Blog -

xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe Abstraction
The hottest PC technology for 2010 | News | TechRadar UK
YouTube - Sand Castle Explosions Backwards v.1
KN | Kitsune Noir » KN/PC Presents: Inside Look at Frank Chimero - Slaughterhouse 5
? Unicode Holiday Xmas Tree

Millions of missing Bush admin. e-mails found - Politics- Bush spokesman: No 'spooky conspiracy' behind recovered messages (they were stuffed up Cheney's fireplace)
Glenn Greenwald - - none of those moved to Thompson will receive a trial in a real American court, and some will not be charged with any crime at all.
Glenn Greenwald - - Secret war purposes and justifications
Matthew Yglesias » Gore Derangement Syndrome all the way back to the 2000 presidential campaign there are some kind of special journalistic rules that apply to Gore - projecting a 75 percent chance of completely ice free in 5-7 years and projecting 80 percent ice loss in 6 years are different things (in the minds of the NYT at least)
Thousands evacuated as Mayon volcano threatens Philippines villages - Times Online
Green light for internet filter plans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Reform Is No Cure for Insurer Discrimination, Health Experts Say -
A Sucker-Punched Harry Reid Throws in the Towel on Real Reform
Eunomia » Nothing New Here ("change" = mainstream conservative principles)
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill
TBogg » The fire this time
Rahm To Reid: Give Lieberman What He Wants | TPMDC (we'll do incremental changes after the Republicans get back in control of the House)
What Public Option Supporters Won | The New Republic The public option is dead this morning. And this time, it isn't coming back to life.
Daily Kos: Congratulations, Senate Dems!!! - instead of taking bold steps in the face of a health care crisis, you allowed a guy that spent 2008 campaigning for a Republican presidential nominee to have unilateral veto power over the legislation (the optics of that aspect of this story could not possibly be worse).
The Washington Monthly WE - Iner Scared Lieberman Away? (Joe-Putz changed his mind because liberals liked his idea, dude's a professional Lucy)
Lieberman, caught red-handed? - First Read -
Ezra Klein - Oh no, Joe (it's all about Joe-putz)
Understanding Joe Lieberman | The New Republic
First thoughts: Bowing to Lieberman - First Read -
Lieberman Closer To Supporting Reform, But Not There Yet ("kiss my ring, Harry Reid")
Rep. Capuano Tells Fellow Dems: 'You're Screwed'
Hullabaloo That Was Easy by digby (Dem political suicide act of 2010)
Hullabaloo They're Really Surprised by digby ... thus proving that they're really morons:
Ezra Klein - Venomous responsibility (Chuck Lane, village idiot, loves him some Lieberman, you can just die)
White House Denies Report They’re Pushing For Deal With Lieberman | The Plum Line (sure)
Liberal group targets Rahm in new ad - First Read -
Just Burn It Down | Talking Points Memo (incrementalism isn't going to work, sorry)
Macho Macho Man: James Wolcott | Vanity Fair (Jeff Goldstein needs a punch in the dick) - Non-voters need results to vote, not scolding (Obama will send them a sternly-worked letter) Felix Salmon: The load dilemma (Obama's talking too much to Larry)
Fox News: cutting minimum wage ‘better for workers’ | Raw Story
Top Executives' Retirement Plans Paid Off -

CT Scans Linked to Cancer - Study Warns Radiation Dose From Single Test Can Trigger Disease in Some People – Bizarre band of paleo-crocs unearthed
eMJA: The dark side of the moon Conclusion: Violent and acute behavioural disturbance manifested more commonly during the full moon (50 years of scientific de-bunking trashed)
Hollywood gives biologists a helping hand : Nature News

Marijuana legalization initiative headed for 2010 ballot, organizers say | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
Meep! - The Boston Globe - A few weeks ago, Thomas Murray, the principal of Danvers High School, banned the word meep from his school (stupid Globe article - "(possibly) overzealous principal" - you mean (possibly) clueless facist idiot? - and what happened, Globies?)
The people who ruined the decade | Culture | The Guardian Named and shamed: the famous folk who make us glad to be leaving the noughties
Hellfire holidays: Round 2 of the Pervert's Grand Tour. (1) - By Tony Perrottet - Slate Magazine

Michael Wolff on Rupert Murdoch | (ironically responsibile for de-valuing news)
2009 in photos (part 1 of 3) - The Big Picture -
5 years of infosthetics
Why James Chartrand Wears Women's Underpants | Copyblogger
Men with Pens - WordPress Customization, Website Copywriting and Web Design

Facebook's Great Betrayal - Facebook - Gawker Facebook's privacy pullback isn't just outrageous; it's a landmark turning point for the social network
How Facebook Is Making Friending Obsolete - (naturally, Murdoch thinks this is wonderful)
Optimizing WordPress for Search Engines

The intelligence factory: How America makes its enemies disappear—By Petra Bartosiewicz (Harper's Magazine)
Tony Blair Iraq War WMD Admission Sparks Outrage, Calls For War Crimes Prosecution
Copenhagen Climate Talks SUSPENDED, In Chaos, As Countries Walk Out Of The Conference (last, best chance, gone, screwed by rich countries, esp Japan and Australia)
video: Iran's Nuclear Trigger
Think Progress » Kristol: Obama’s Nobel Speech ‘Lays The Predicate For The Legitimate Use Of Force’ Against Iran

Matthew Yglesias » Welcome to the Lieberman Administration Looks like Joe Lieberman decided to try for the old double-cross
81% Of Dems Want Lieberman Punished For Health Care Filibuster (Obama's no-accountability admin)
Joseph Lieberman Says He Can’t Support Current Health Bill -
Lieberman Tells Reid To His Face: I'll Vote Against Current Health Care Bill
Dana Milbank - Harry Reid's main focus: Harry Reid - (but Milbank is an idiot)
Charles Lane - Charles Lane on job-killers that should be killed - (WaPo's big idea: get rid of minimum wage and there will be plenty of jobs)
Why won't the Washington Post run a response to Sarah Palin? | Media Matters for America (Autumn "yeah" Brewington: "It is always interesting to see who reaches out to us," she said.

Obama Meets With Bank Executives (that'll work)
David Paul: With Wall Street Shorting the Dollar, It is Time for Congress to Pursue Fundamental Change
Krugman - Disaster and Denial - - every single Republican and 27 Democrats voted against a quite modest effort to rein in Wall Street excesses
Samuelson, Friedman, and monetary policy - Paul Krugman Blog -
Merkley counsels Obama on how to make “cash for caulkers” work | Grist (Obama's rebate idea won't work because people don't have up-front cash, duh)

AP IMPACT: Science not faked, but not pretty - Yahoo! News » Lord Monckton Defends His Comparing Eco-Activists to ‘Hitler Youth’ (read the comments: insane-o-sphere)
BBC News - People who look young for their age 'live longer'
Black hole found to be much closer to Earth than previously thought - 7800 light years
YouTube - Star Size Comparison HD
The mystery of Zomia - The Boston Globe
Ancient Amazon civilisation laid bare by felled forest - life - 10 December 2009 - New Scientist
BBC News - Octopus snatches coconut and runs (tool use by octopods)

The Death of Free: Will Free Online Content Like Hulu Ever Dry Up? (pay is the new free)

Frédéric Chopin - A very tainted genius - Features, Classical - The Independent

it's all one thing: Confessions of a Detected Liar
Galina Korzhova, Russian Bank Robber, Hypnotizes Tellers
The Public Explains The Plot Of James Cameron's Avatar - Avatar - io9
YouTube - Living Photograph: Chris with Teacup
Sugru: Is this the best invention since Sellotape? - Telegraph
"I Suggest That You Let Them Know That It Really Turns You On When A Man Talks About His Feelings." - Art of meeting men - Jezebel
The Best/Worst Seduction Video Of All Time - Valentine's Day - Jezebel’s Guide to Christmas Lights, Part 1: History of Christmas Lights | Jim On Light
The Art of the List : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum (if it ain't in a list, Mr Apple Evangelist won't read it, wants all his info in Powerpoint)
Optimizing WordPress for Search Engines
Facebook did well, but 2009 was the year of Twitter and Digg

truthout | Blistering Indictment Leveled Against Obama Over His Handling of Bush-Era War Crimes (send Obama to the Hague)
WMD not point of Iraq war, Tony Blair says -- ("We don't need no steenking points")
Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor | World news | The Observer Drugs and crime chief says $352bn in criminal proceeds was effectively laundered by financial institutions
Iranian state TV accused of faking burning of Khomeini portrait | World news | The Observer
BBC deletes important story on toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast after legal threats, 12 Dec 2009 - Wikileaks
Berlusconi Attacked, Punched In Face At Rally, Reports Say (about time)
Lobster: Journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research
The Global Drug Meta-Group: Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11

Boston Review — Noam Chomsky: Crisis and Hope Theirs and ours ("Obama Is Fast Becoming Proof That American Democracy Is Nothing But Media Performance Art, Designed To Deceive The Electorate While The Financial Elite Pillage The Treasury")
Huff TV: Arianna To John Podesta On Afghanistan: 'You Now Sound Like George Bush' (Video) (he's not the only one, either)
Senate Democrats Consider Nightmare Scenario On Health Care (their crappy, Republican bill will not save money)
Lieberman: Dems Haven't Given Up Enough On Health Care (there you go)
The Seminal » Face the Nation: Presidents Lieberman and Nelson Will Veto Health Care Reform
Daily Kos: Key Elements of Senate HCR Bill
Liz Cheney Accuses Obama Of Slandering CIA In Nobel Speech: 'Shameful'(insane-o-sphere)

What did Democrats believe? - Paul Krugman Blog - - last summer that “[t]he stimulus was working more or less on schedule, and the job market was gradually recovering.”
Just the usual disaster - Paul Krugman Blog - - “The United States is going through a garden-variety severe financial crisis.”
The Washington Monthly - Steering Clear Of Economic 'Suicide' - leading members of the White House economic team agreed that job creation and economic growth have to take precedence (but Republicans want us all to die)
Study: Bush Tax Cuts Cost More Than Twice As Much As Dems' Health-Care Bill | Crooks and Liars
Obama: I Didn't Run For Office To Help 'Fat Cat Bankers' | (funny how that worked out, isn't it?)
Can Obama bully the bankers? - Dec. 12, 2009 The president wants more lending, less gouging and smaller paychecks. But after a year of pro-bank policies, he may not carry a big enough stick (more sternly-worded letters)
Aides say Obama is pressing to ease credit again - Yahoo! News (which trusted economic advisor is telling him to do this?)
Summers: Obama Will Persuade Bankers Because 'We Were There For Them' (oh, sure, Larry)
Interview with US Economic Recovery Advisory Board Chair Paul Volcker: America Must 'Reassert Stability and Leadership' - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International
YouTube - Elizabeth Warren: Death of the Middle Class
Is a bonus tax in our future? - Dec. 10, 2009 Though the United Kingdom's levy seems unlikely to spread to these shores, a bonus backlash could yet hammer U.S. banks (banks=bankstas)
Goldman Sachs scraps cash bonuses for 30 top executives -- The Wall Street firm instead will give them stock and bar them from selling it for five years. Critics call the move window dressing instead of real reform.
Break Up the Banks
Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS Organizers George Goehl and Heather Booth on turning anger into action.
Emptywheel » We’re All BCCI Now

Lesbian Elected Mayor of Houston, Texas
Arizona sheriff ups the ante against his foes -- Joe Arpaio has escalated his tactics, not only defying the federal government on immigration but launching repeated investigations of those who criticize him.

Open Left:: Malicious bullshitting--the key to global warming denialism?
Confronted with clear falsehood, Fox News scraps its "zero tolerance" policy | Media Matters for America (Fox: percentages don't have to add up to 100)
Global Warming Could Cool N. America in a Few Decades?
Wired 8.08: A Helium Shortage?
Hidden sensory system discovered in the skin
PHOTOS: "Alien" Jellyfish Found in Arctic Deep
The World’s Fastest Animal Takes New York | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine - nearly obliterated in the middle of the 20th century by the effects of the pesticide DDT.
David Rock: Are Our Minds Going The Way Of Our Waists? (130" waistes now common)

Op-Ed Columnist - The Do-It-Yourself Economy -
Spelling pronunciation - Wikipedia (go figger)
Tourist Traps in Michigan (in the 50's and 60's)
Avatar :: :: Reviews
The Daily Mash - Avatar 'Greatest Ever Film With Blue Pretend Cat People'
Meet Royce and Marilyn - Boing Boing
YouTube - Quandox2's Channel - Royce - You Know Nothing!
Los Angeles News - Forever Fabulous - Happy hours with Royce and Marilyn

Apple Says Audiobooks Must Have DRM | TorrentFreak
ZOMG The Google Phone Is “Like An iPhone On Beautifying Steroids”
Digital Domain - AT&T Takes the Fall for the iPhone’s Glitches - (iCrap)
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T

Tony Blair admits: I would have invaded Iraq anyway | UK news | The Guardian WMD were not vital for war says ex-PM ahead of appearance at Chilcot inquiry
The Great Satan Myth | The New Republic Everything you know about U.S. involvement in Iran is wrong.

Historic Win for Constitutional Rights! Injunction Granted in CCR Lawsuit on Behalf of ACORN | Center for Constitutional Rights (House targeting ACORN unconstitutional: Bill of Attainder)
House votes to cut off funding, but 75 stand by ACORN | Washington Examiner (172 Dems voted for fake rightwing video and unconstitutional bill; these are the ones with integrity)
Firedoglake » Two Sentences By Matt Taibbi Obama himself, he squanders his eloquence and charisma on pro-corporate incrementalism at a time when we desperately need bold progressive action.
TAPPED Archive | The Errors of Matt Taibbi (read the comments; Tim Fernholz should retire his computer)
On Obama’s Sellout - Matt Taibbi - Taibblog - True/Slant (demolishes American Prospect: the errors of the Obama apologists +wtf, Kuttner?)
Hullabaloo Stop Making Sense: by digby Felix Salmon: Fernholz vs Taibbi (crawl back into your hole, Fernholz)
Max Baucus gave girlfriend $14K raise - -
Baucus Girlfriend Met With Divorce Lawyer In 2007 | TPM News Pages
Sarah Palin Op-Ed Is A Chart-Topper: 21st Most Read At WaPo In 2009 (they knew what they were doing)
Could It Happen Again? GOP Aims For 2010 To Be '94 Repeat | TPMDC

Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing - (no cramdown for anybody)
Obama Blasts Banks For Opposing Financial Reform (which is why all his advisors are bankers) )
Bank-Friendly Dems Extract Big Win For Wall Street

IGBP»International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme: IGBP Climate-Change Index
Dow Jones Index for Climate Change
Science forgotten in climate emails fuss | Myles Allen | Comment is free |
Detroit kids score record lows on NAEP test | | The Detroit News
'Krak' (that's falling branch in monkey speak) - Nature, Environment - The Independent Researchers claim to have deciphered the way primates communicate

AASCU > Leadership for Challenging Times (everyone else in world smarter than parents; America getting stupider)
Children on Medicaid Found More Likely to Get Antipsychotics - (4X more likely)
Patrick Stewart: 'People would never believe my father could be responsible for these things' - Profiles, People - The Independent
Children’s books, parents, and discipline : The New Yorker In today’s picture books, the kids are in charge.
Ghosts of Shopping Past - The Morning News
Photog Arrested For Taking Pictures (cop-state America)
| Freedom of the Book: Drug Crazy: How We Got Into this Mess and How We Can Get Out
Medical Studies Prove The Extensive Damage LSD Does To The Body & Mind (not: Hal Licino, heavy drinker, gets his ass handed to him and becomes famous on the internets for all eternity)
Fractal Wrongness

Helping Out Peter Watts « Whatever
Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border Boing Boing
Making Light: Peter Watts, distinguished Canadian SF writer, arrested by US border police while trying to re-enter Canada
20 Best Science Fiction Books Of The Decade - Books - io9

MediaPost Publications Social Media Is the New Mass Media 12/14/2009
How To: Totally Overhaul Your Phones With Google Voice - Google Voice - Gizmodo

American Civil Liberties Union, Accountability for Torture, Restore the Rule of Law, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, Waterboard (don't let Obama bury war crimes)
Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union » A Framework for Impunity
The 30/30 Club « The Poor Man Institute - “the magic number was 30.” That meant that if an attack was anticipated to kill more than 30 civilians (so they always kill exactly 30 civilians)
AFP: Jewish settlers 'to increase by 10,000 within year' (and a big fuck you to the rest of the world)
BBC News - Fire attack on West Bank mosque (more fuck you)

Stubborn Storm Leaves Behind a Shivering Nation - ABC News
Senate Tweaks Away Your Healthcare |
WaPo on Palin op-ed: We'll publish garbage if you'll click on it | Media Matters for America (Autumn Brewington: "She is someone who stirs discussion and we are in the business of putting out opinion. She reached out to us."
Dan Carter: Gallup Poll: 44 Percent Of Americans Want Bush Back - Politics - Air America (can't tell the difference)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect You Go to Blog With the Article You Have, Not the One You Wish You Had.
Why Americans can't talk about religion and the Supreme Court. - By Dahlia Lithwick - Slate Magazine Why Americans can't talk about religion and the Supreme Court (our Pope-controlled Supreme Court)
Daily Acid: 11 US Presidents But Only 1 Queen!

FDL News Desk » Financial Reform Bill Passes
Sovereign debt seen as biggest threat | Reuters
AARP Slams Deficit Taskforce Plan | TPM LiveWire
Krugman - Bernanke’s Unfinished Mission -
U.S. Foreclosures to Reach Record 3.9 Million in 2009 (Update1) - (cramdown fails in House)
Coming Up In 2010: All About The Deficit | TPMDC
Obama's Big Sellout : Rolling Stone The president has packed his economic team with Wall Street insiders intent on turning the bailout into an all-out giveaway
Calculated Risk: WaPo: New TARP Rules to Aid Small Businesses? (probably really not)
ZNet - Worker Occupations And The Future Of Radical Labor An Interview With Noam Chomsky

Statistics on Religion in America Report -- Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life (16% unaffiliated + Protestant denominations now stands at barely 51%. Moreover, the Protestant population is characterized by significant internal diversity and fragmentation + 1.7% Jewish)
Pew Study Finds Americans Surprisingly Flexible in Faith and Religion - ABC News
The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture - The Morality and Politics of Consumer Religion: How Consumer Religion Fuels the Culture Wars in the United States
Project MUSE - Diacritics - Syncretism and Its Synonyms: Reflections on Cultural Mixture Syncretism and Its Synonyms: Reflections on Cultural Mixture

Jared Diamond - Will Big Business Save the Earth? -
Charlie's Diary: Designing society for posterity
The Ninth Annual Year in Ideas - Magazine -
World News Australia - Boffins solve pizza slicing dilemma
Patenting melon juice? Not if India gets its way...
Dynalifter Floats Like a Butterfly, Lands Like a Plane | Autopia |
T. Rex-like Fossil Forces Dino Evolution Re-Think : Discovery News
Airplane Passengers May Risk Radiation Exposure When Passing Through Storm Clouds
Bacteria engineered to turn carbon dioxide into liquid fuel

In Boldest Move Yet, Arpaio And Ally Charge Judge With Bribery, Despite Lack Of Evidence | TPMMuckraker
The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception by H Keith Melton, Robert Wallace
Hellforge | Forging a Passion for Video Games author of the Hugo-award-nominated science fiction novel, Blindsight.
No Moods, Ads or Cutesy Fucking Icons (Re-reloaded) » Not the Best of Possible Worlds (Peter Watts jumped by US Border Thugs)
What happened to Hope Witsell « Sylvia Has A Problem (blame "sexting" not bullies or the idiot school principal or stupid parents)
Pinched - - I live in a van down by Duke University
The Sexy Side of PEZ!
The Branding of Buddhism - One City: A Buddhist Blog for Everyone

Final edition: Twilight of the American newspaper—By Richard Rodriguez (Harper's Magazine)
Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable « Clay Shirky
The Associated Press: Editor & Publisher closing after 108 years
Neilsen Sells Media Pubs; Shutting E&P, Kirkus Reviews - Tech Trader Daily -
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: The San Francisco Panorama Press Release.
What is Globe Reader?
Times Reader - New York Times
Daily Kos: Senate Judiciary Approves Shield for All Journalists

YouTube - Softbank Dog - Cakes - English subtitles | YouTube - Softbank Dog - Eyes - English Subtitles
WTF Comcast
Akinator, the Web Genius

Text - Obama’s Nobel Remarks -
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Speech Notes Irony Of Award During Wartime
Emptywheel » Eric Schmidt: PATRIOT Means You Have No Privacy
Glenn Greenwald - - Supporting the ACLU (in financial trouble)

Outline Of Senate Health Bill Agreement Emerging
Pelosi Backs Off Public Option (dead, Obama took no position)
Bush Deficit Hurting Obama: Reports (always was their strategy)
Stupak's NYT Op-Ed: Congresswoman Capps Responds | (your newspaper of record at work)
Medicare Buy-In Filibuster-Proof? Senate Dem Deeply Concerned
Daily Kos: Brutal Q-Poll (no one happy with Republican-run Obamacare: "voters want what they voted for. If they don't get it, it would be mistake to count on getting their votes again.")
Ezra Klein - The little commission that couldn't These is no deficit-reduction commission. There's a commission that will think up ideas for deficit reduction, but it won't be able to do anything about them (Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg)
Tea party conservatives gear up to affect 2010 elections with fundraising, PACs - 'It's time to take control,' say 'tea party' groups
Limbaugh vs. McConnell: GOP leader targeted by conservatives - (couldn't happen to a nicer guy)
Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people' -
Grayson To Cheney: 'STFU' (video)
Hullabaloo - Tradition by digby
Sarah Palin's Washington Post Op-Ed Debunked - sarah palin - Gawker
Obama Nominates Former Palin Aide To Head Alaska Pipeline Project
Op-Ed Columnist - The Joys of Political Sex -
Huckabee’s deadly gamble - The Boston Globe
Liberal denial - Conservapedia

The jobs deficit - Paul Krugman Blog -
FDL News Desk » Hijack: Bank-Friendly Dems Revolt On Financial Regulatory Reform ("New Democrat Coalition" aka Blue-Dogs, aka "Republicans")
'New Dems' Extract Big Win For Big Banks
American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent -
Calculated Risk: "Toxic Titles"
Calculated Risk: Volcker to Bankers: "Wake up, gentlemen"
The Associated Press: NY governor directs cut in state aid payments (bankrupt)

How the Global Warming Story Changed—Disastrously
Matthew Yglesias » Putting the Plodding Moralism Back In
New Mammography Guidelines - The Top 10 Everything of 2009 - TIME
Fogonazos: The Astronaut Who Caught a Satellite
Exposure to Coal Lowers IQ in Newborns | Green Living Ideas
Saturn’s Hexagon May Be Solar System’s Coolest Mystery | Wired Science |
Scientists find way to block fearful memories | Science & Health | Reuters
December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever
Launched from the nuclear submarine - Troms and Finnmark - NRK News (just the Russians, nothing to worry about)
Got (Good) Milk? Ask The Dairy Evangelist : NPR

Rick Warren Urges Ugandan Pastors to Speak Out Against Proposed Anti-Gay Law | RD Blog: The Devil's Advocate | ReligionDispatches
Tiger Woods Congressional Gold Medal Effort Dropped By Joe Baca (reward for most number of mistresses)
Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets - Judge William Young, Indianapolis, infamous on the internets for all eternity for being a petty tyrant
Bitter Lawyer : Interviews - The Profane, Pornographic, Anti-Glenn Beck World of Marc Randazza
The Mystery Of The Pagan Origin Of Christmas: Jesus Was Not Born On December 25th But A Whole Bunch Of Pagan Gods Were

robot chicken suck it
Tips for Single Ladies (1938) |
The Use of Poetry : The New Yorker

Amazon's Kindle winning battle, but Adobe poised to win e-book war
Cap My iPhone? Try This Instead, AT&T | Epicenter | » If You Trust Google’s Results, You Can Thank…“PigeonRank”?
Facebook exposes users after changes to privacy policy
How to Cross-Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings
The Windows 7 USB installer tool is back -- and open source!
How To Use Google Wave In Mozilla Thunderbird 3 ~ Web Upd8

Glenn Greenwald - - A new report questions "suicides" at Guantanamo
Glenn Greenwald - - Tony Blair's taxi-derived "45-minute" WMD claim
PHR Documents Complicity « - Physicians for Human Rights documents medical professional complicity in torture.
BBC News - Ireland's abortion law challenged in European court
Police stop church photographer under terrorism powers | UK news | The Guardian

Daily Kos: Idiocy Really? All we have to do is send the DNC $5 and we get ponies? The same DNC that is enabling corporatist Democrats to water down and destroy any hope for health care reform? That DNC? (the letter Barack sent you today)
FDL Action » Obama Claims Victory Over THIS?
Joe Bageant: The Devil and Mr. Obama ("the great mocha hope")
Matthew Yglesias » The New Health Care Deal
Daily Kos: Insurance corps: We WIN," (Lieberman and Queen Snowe bringing home the bacon)
Health Care Relief In 2013 Giving Dems Heartburn | TPMDC (yeah, 2013 at the earliest)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » And Hot Dogs Aren’t Really Made of Dogs, You Know…
The Washington Monthly - House GOP Is Pro-Christmas (Jews don't vote anyway)
Don't Fear the Fiscal Reapers | The American Prospect (Blue Dogs win!)
Sarah Palin: WaPo Faces Heat For Running Op-Ed
Wash. Post publishes falsehood-laden Palin op-ed that is contradicted by scientists, temperature data, and ... the Post itself | Media Matters for America (Fred Hiatt is a sick fuck)
Jon Stewart Calls Out Gretchen Carlson For "Dumbing Herself Down" (video)
Glenn Greenwald - - Rachel Maddow's well-deserved demolition of her guest (anti-gay "therapy" + the Family + Uganda)
Critics of Cecil Bothwell cite N.C. bar to atheists | | Asheville Citizen-Times (former NAACP president votes to stop atheist from holding office: atheists are the new blacks)

Bailout Watchdog: Obama Foreclosure Plan Inadequate, New Direction Needed

Emptywheel » Don’t Let the Americans Know They’re Killing the Globe - just two (newpapers) in the States (published the editorial) –McClatchy’s two Miami properties–bothered publishing the editorial at all (and then with edits) (America is dysfunctional)
Willis Eschenbach caught lying about temperature trends : Deltoid
RealClimate: The CRU hack: Context | RealClimate: CRU Hack: More context
Peter Sinclair | Crock of the Week: Smack the Hack
Climatologists under pressure : Article : Nature
George Will: Uncheckable? | The Loom | Discover Magazine (George Will, stupid)
Godlike Productions - News: The Mountains That Froze the World

'The Eddie': Hawaii Big-Wave Surfing (photos)
The 2009/2010 Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau - Live
Bruising Surf at a Rare Big-Wave Competition in Hawaii -

The Science of Success - The Atlantic (December 2009) - Dandelions and Orchids - the very genes that give us the most trouble as a species, causing behaviors that are self-destructive and antisocial, also underlie humankind’s phenomenal adaptability and evolutionary success (stress diathesis” or “genetic vulnerability” model +plasticity hypothesis +SERT gene, or 5-HTTLPR)
Stem cells can be engineered to kill HIV, scientists show
Stanford wants to roll its own paper batteries -- Engadget
Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat will Change Our Lives | h+ Magazine
Mystery as spiral blue light display hovers above Norway | Mail Online (nothing to worry about)
Awesomely bizarre light show freaks out Norway | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
About Us - Pantone Unveils Color of the Year for 2010:PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: Great News From Congress! Washington, DC will finally be allowed to implement the medical marijuana initiative that voters overwhelmingly approved in 1998 but has been blocked by Congress each year since then.

The 100 essential websites | Technology | The Guardian
Massive TSA Security Breach As Agency Gives Away Its Secrets - ABC News
AT&T: Tighter control of cell data usage ahead
Young-earth creationist Kent Hovind's doctoral dissertation - Wikileaks
File:PatriotUniversity2.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
kent-hovind-doctoral-dissertation-ocr.pdf (Christian genius)

(Tony Blair's) Claim that Saddam Hussein could launch WMD within 45 minutes 'came from an Iraqi taxi driver' | Politics | Tory MP and defence specialist Adam Holloway says MI6 got information from a taxi driver who had heard Iraqi military commanders talking about weapons (why, just like Tom Friedman)
Coordinated Bombings in Baghdad Kill at Least 121 - (mission accomplished, on to AfPak)
Arianna Huffington: Sartre Meets Afghanistan: Obama's "No Exit" Strategy
Exhibit: Iranian banknotes uprising |
Detainee 063 - This is the interrogation log of Mohammed al-Qahtani. It is being published in real time: each entry will appear exactly seven years after it was first recorded. The interrogation took place at Guantanamo Bay

White House wants suit against Yoo dismissed (then take Obama to the Hague for the cover-up)
Senate Rejects Abortion Restrictions 54 To 45 (surprise)
Sen. Nelson introduces war bonds bill to finance military in Iraq and Afghanistan - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (which are way different from those other bonds)
ACORN Report Finds No Illegal Conduct | TPMMuckraker The videos that have been released appear to have been edited, in some cases substantially, including the insertion of a substitute voiceover for significant portions (Republicans lying again? Congress cutting off funds for poor people? check)
GovTrack: S.Amdt. 2394: Prohibiting use of funds to fund the... to H.R. 2996: Department of the Interior,... (Vote On Amendment) (John Kerry and a bunch of other Dems voted to defund ACORN on the basis of a fake video by a couple of YAFs with iMovie)
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: In Polls, Much Opposition to Health Care Plan Is From Left
Snowe Says She Opposes Medicare Buy-In Idea | TPMDC (the Red Queen comes down with her hammer)
Hullabaloo digby: Yes We Should: Senate Democrats are discussing the idea of expanding Medicare by lowering the age at which the elderly could enter the government-run insurance program
The Washington Monthly - Manufactured Controversy Of The Day.... Oh please (who us? slavery?)
FDL Action » Why Progressive Activists Are Giving Obama a Pass
Progressive 3rd Party Challenges in US History - Democratic Underground
Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot - Rasmussen Reports™ - Supreme Court Takes Up Law School Case on Christian Student Group
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The Joke Is On Us - Columbia University announced Monday that Politico Executive Editor Jim VandeHei has been elected to the Pulitzer Prize Board (Drudge was too busy)
Cenk Uygur: The Irrefutable Stupidity of Sarah Palin
Colbert: Air Quotes Will Fix Fox News (video)
Man Chucks Tomatoes at Sarah Palin at MOA
Beck's "Christmas question": "Do you believe Tiger Woods may actually be OJ Simpson?" | Media Matters for America (there you go, not racist at all)

Robert Reich's Blog: The President's Job's Initiative Doesn't Measure Up ("Initiative" : using left-over TARP money sometime next year)
Daily Kos: State of the Nation Ben Bernanke's comments that "Social Security is where the money is"
Obama Jobs Speech: Help For Small Businesses, Transportation, Energy-Efficient Homes
Old Dogs, Old Tricks | Mother Jones (bankstas will be bankstas: screw your jobs)
CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - President Obama to propose $200 billion for jobs creation « - Blogs from
Durbin: Banks And GOP Made A Pact To Kill Regulatory Reform

Millions in U.S. Drink Contaminated Water, Records Show - (but Larry hates infrastructure)
AIDS Linked to Ancient Tiger - Feline DNA found in virus

McClatchy Ad Revenue Down Over 20% In 4Q

YouTube - Beatles 3000
YouTube - Debashish Bhattacharya & Kumar Bose (Raag Gurjari Todi) 1
subway architecture
Norman Rockwell’s Photo Realism | PDN Photo of the Day
Being A Eunuch In India By Siddarth Narrain
Religion Journal - Montana Rabbi Lends an Ear to an Officer and His Dog - (dog spoke Hebrew)
Emily Nussbaum on When TV Became Art - The 00's Issue -- New York Magazine

The future of WiFi: gigabit speeds and beyond
RIAA vs. Joel Tenenbaum: $675,000 P2P piracy verdict OK'ed - Computerworld Blogs - Gertner ... would have given Tenenbaum's arguments about "fair use" a truly sympathetic hearing were it not for the shoddy behavior of his legal team ... led by Harvard Law professor Charles Nesson (bunglers)
Geist: Record industry faces liability over `infringement' - At $20,000 per infringement, potential liability exceeds $60 billion. These numbers may sound outrageous, yet they are based on the same rules that led the recording industry to claim a single file sharer is liable for millions in damages.

Who's in charge -- generals or President Obama? - - (is he in charge of anything?)
'The Most Innocent Explanation Is That This Is Gitmo Meets Lord Of The Flies' (military covered up three homocides)
Box Turtle Bulletin » Murder Music Performer Brings Violent Message To Uganda, Sponsored By Pepsi ("kill the gays" concert)
BBC News - North Korea currency change sparks panic
Sean O'Grady: UK economy to drop out of world's top 10 - The Independent

What Barack Obama Really Thinks Of The White House Press - Swampland - (they suck, dog)
Senate Dems May Open Up Medicare To Pacify Progressives
How the Senate bill would contain the cost of health care : The New Yorker
New Anti-Lieberman Ad Gets Personal About Public Option - Reid Compares Opponents of Health Care Reform to Supporters of Slavery
NPR Asked Mara Liasson To Reconsider Fox News Appearances: Politico ("leading political correspondent" from Fox News)
McCain on Palin: Critics think ’she’s irrelevant,’ but still attack | Raw Story

Congressmen To Call For Break-Up Of Biggest Banks
Treasury Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bank Rescue - ("small" = $42Bn = whole cost of food stamps in America)
Calculated Risk: Financial Times: Bear Stearns and Lehman Executives Cashed in before Collapse (you don't say: "It appears these executives were incentivized to gamble.")
Economist's View: Did Bank Executives Lose Enough to Learn their Lesson? (no)
Five AIG execs say may quit over pay: report - U.S. business- Wall Street Journal says they're upset that pay czar cut their compensation (the best of the best)
Anatomy Of A Failed Foreclosure Program
Courts Examine Credit Raters' 'Intimate Relationship' With Bankers (Video)
Tiger Woods: Buzziest Billion-Dollar Brand of the Week - Advertising Age - The Media Guy

Krugman - An Affordable Truth -
56 Papers In 45 Countries Publish Joint Editorial On Climate Change: A 'Profound Emergency'
Obama administration will formally declare danger of carbon emissions -
For Public, Climate Change Not A Priority Issue : NPR (5 min attention span)
Ex-KGB Officers May Be the Hackers Behind 'ClimateGate' : TreeHugger

Corporate employers got scarce flu vaccine -
Gene absence makes the kid grow rounder - health - 07 December 2009 - New Scientist
Researchers show brain waves can 'write' on a computer in early tests
Rudiments of Language Discovered in Monkeys | Wired Science |
Overdose deaths from painkillers skyrocketing in Ontario: report - The Globe and Mail
Is cannabis the answer to Booze Britain's problems?

Doctor Flying Southwest Tries To Go To Bathroom, Ends Up In Jail - The Consumerist
Opinion | Don't let 'Twilight' suck the life out of Forks | Seattle Times Newspaper ("Dollyword of the Northwest - Forks is all that is right with America set in beautiful landscapes of rock, tree and moss)
Tiger Woods mistress tally and baby rumors (mistress-gate)

Your First Look at Nook: The Technologizer Review | Technologizer The Nook isn’t a Kindle killer
Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7—Even on a Netbook
Google Launches Real-Time Search

'Fourteen days to seal history's judgment on this generation' | Comment is free | The Guardian Tomorrow 56 newspapers in 45 countries take the unprecedented step of speaking with one voice through a common editorial. We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency
Letter From Kabul
US surge greeted with fear by Afghans travelling on the road to Kandahar - Telegraph
Top Stories | Pakistan Observer - CIA to expand drone strikes in Pakistan: NYT
Karzai to World: Please Be Patient - CBS News
Obama’s Afghanistan strategy may be too little, too late - The National Newspaper
Feingold: Afghanistan Strategy 'Doesn't Make Any Sense To Me' | TPM LiveWire (Feingold)
Feingold: Why Surge Where Al Qaeda Isn't?
BBC News - No Bin Laden information in years, says Gates (but we're gonna surge in AfPak and get him)
Clinton, Gates Walk Back Obama's "Locked In" Afghan Withdrawal
Frank Rich - Obama’s Logic Is No Match for Afghanistan -
Arrests in Philippine Province Under Martial Law -
Global cities – global gangs | openDemocracy
Amanda Knox Revisited - Opinionator Blog -
Men sought 'to kill woman for adultery' | Herald Sun
La Figa » Theocracy: Imposing Faith into Politics in the US and Abroad (the Family in Uganda)

Hullabaloo: digby: Calling The Shots (here we are, down to the end, and Obama won't use the words "public option" or any of what's left of his dwindling political captital)
Obama Silent On Public Option In Speech To Senators
Obama supporters get a dose of reality - Some parishioners in the Church of Obama discovered last week that their spiritual leader is a false prophet (WaPo scores a delusional hit)
Feinstein: If We Don't Deliver On Health Care 'We've Got A Problem' (ya think?)
Snowe Rejoins Dems At Public Option Negotiating Table (Queen Olympia deigns)
Democrats To Revise Presidential Primary Rules - de-emphasize the importance given to early contests like Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, and the outsized influence of the superdelegates
What's behind Maureen Dowd's contempt for Desiree Rogers? | Media Matters for America (Maureen's insane jealousy, and the NYT's suckitude)
Palin's Father: She Left Hawaii Because Asians Made Her Uncomfortable
“Our Girls”—A Tribute to Palin, Coulter, Ingraham & Malkin by Unhyphenated American Lloyd Marcus | Rumproast (Obama lied, Capitalism Died)
Friedman Compares Afghanistan To 'Special Needs Baby' | TPM LiveWire (like you know whose)

Fair Game - Why Treasury Needs a Plan B on Mortgages - (Plan A was a "dud" and Obama didn't want to spend any political capital on cramdown)
BIS Warns Central Banks Against Letting Asset Bubbles Develop (well, you see, the Fed has said it will bail out a bubble)
States go all in to get a shot at gambling gold | Philadelphia Inquirer | 12/06/2009 Delaware, Ohio, and others look to challenge Pa. and Atlantic City for a share of a shrinking pot (that'll work)
The Ultimate Vanity Plate - Matt Taibbi (2BG2FAIL)
Danny Westneat | $10 an hour with 2 kids? IRS pounces | Seattle Times Newspaper (IRS doing profiling for too-poorness and will crush you if you object)

BBC News - Giving old eyes a new lease of life
Researchers Build Artificial Immune System to Solve Computational Problems
British weather service to publish 150 years of data - Environment - The Independent
The God Equation? : Pharyngula
Super-Kamiokande Photo Gallery
Freud's Bastards

Controversial Signs of Mass Cannibalism | Wired Science |
AvaxHome -> Cannibal Talk: The Man-Eating Myth and Human Sacrifice in the South Seas
HowStuffWorks "Cannibalism Myth"
Table 1.1. Headline Statements in Cannibal Journalism
Consuming Passions: Reviewing the Evidence for Cannibalism within the Prehistoric Archaeological Record

The fourth sexual orientation? - (nosexual)
Bothered by moms breast feeding in public? Proposed Michigan law would make it illegal to ask them to stop | Grand Rapids News - - Earlier this week at a Target store in the Detroit area, a security guard reportedly asked a mother nursing a 4-week-old baby to leave and eventually called police.
spEak You're bRanes
YouTube - 01 from Aum to Allah

Network Challenge: MIT winds in 8 hours
3 Best Free Sites For Watching TV On The Internet
MIT wins $40,000 prize in nationwide balloon-hunt contest -
How To Add 20 Best Features Of Other Browsers to Firefox
20 most useful social networking sites - Network World

Little Known Facts About Afghanistan and Bin Laden ~ Washington's Blog
Afghanistan Withdrawal Date: 'Flexible' Or 'Locked In'? (getting more "flexible" all the time)
Captured Photo Collection » Policing the Slums of Rio de Janeiro Photos (5,000 murders/yr)
Russian nightclub fire kills 109; many crushed
Dr David Kelly: Legal Action To Prove Weapons Expert Was Murdered | UK News | Sky News
BBC News - Climate change protests ahead of Copenhagen summit
McClatchy blog: Planet Washington: Why did Library of Congress fire Guantanamo prosecutor? (you can guess)

How President Obama Can Take Back His Presidency -- New York Magazine
Baucus Nominated Melodee Hanes, His Girlfriend, For U.S. Attorney
The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin XXXVI: "Which We Have Done" - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

Geithner Rejects Goldman Sachs Assertion It Didn't Need U.S. Help -
Beat the Press Archive | If Bernanke Did Not Know the Fed's Mission, Would That Be News? (no)
Calculated Risk: Moody's: Option ARMs Show "Dismal Performance" with more than 40% of borrowers 60 or more days past due on payments (54% in CA)

FDIC Shuts Down AmTrust Bank, 5 Others: 130 Failed Banks So Far In 2009
Saudi Oil Minister: Oil Prices 'Perfect'
Senate Takes Aim At Insurance Company Executive Pay

Science: The looming crisis in human genetics | The Economist (genes for consumer preferences, leisure interests and political attitudes)
Knight Science Journalism Tracker » Blog Archive » Bloomberg, the Chron, and the Union-Trib: Reporting swine flu straight, and with attitude.
How to Talk to a Climate Sceptic : A Few Things Ill Considered
BBC News - UN hits back at climate sceptics amid e-mails row
BBC News - The arguments made by climate change sceptics
Cat licked, now computers tackle human brain - Times Online
Mobile Phones And Brain Tumours | Scandinavian Study
The nation's weather - Early season snow was expected across the Appalachians
pompeii, italy ruins - Google Maps
Edge In Paris: Signatures Of Consciousness — A Talk By Stanislas Dehaene
Gallery: The Year's Most Amazing Scientific Images | Popular Science
Mysterious strange stars may rival black holes for weirdness -
Window Farms

Which nations have state religions? : Gene Expression
Married (Happily) With Issues -
Books of the decade | Books | The Guardian
Cat Cams: What DO Cats Do Home Alone?
BBC - Radio 3 - A Bach Christmas - Advent Calendar
YouTube - PostSecret: Fifty People One Question
lord_whimsy: Perhaps A Bit Too Close To Home?
Blindsight by Peter Watts

Charged With Felony After Taping 4 Minutes Of "New Moon" - The Consumerist / Reportage - The rise and fall of MySpace
Micron announces its fastest notebook, desktop SSD
McAfee uncovers riskiest domains | Security - CNET News
Don’t Get Hacked: WordPress Security Tips
App Store Is a Game Changer for Apple and Cellphone Industry -
Intel's Larrabee graphics processor delayed, downsized to mere software development platform -- Engadget
Potential risks of using Google's free DNS service?

Glenn Greenwald - - America's regression
Suicide Attackers Kill 35 At Pakistan Mosque
C.I.A. to Expand Use of Drones in Pakistan - (death from the skies)
NATO Allies Commit 7,000 More Troops To Afghanistan
Gates Says Afghan Drawdown Timing Is Flexible - (very flexible)
Gaspare Spatuzza, Mob Turncoat, Alleges Berlusconi Has Ties To Mafia
Swiss leader calls for Jewish cemetery ban | JTA - Jewish & Israel News
Mutiny: Crew Blames Richard Phillips, Maersk Alabama Captain, For Ignoring Pirate Warnings
Berlin's History Res-Erected: Giant Penis Sparks Bizarre Media War - Spiegel Online
Blackwater Founder Prince Feels Thrown Under Bus - (tiny violin)
Platon: Photographs of World Leaders : The New Yorker
Some Houston toy drives check kids' immigration status | Houston & Texas News | (Texas plays Scrooge)
Single Prayer Option: Daily Show Investigates Switzerland's Ban on Minarets | TPM LiveWire
Swiss Pol Apologizes For Calling For Ban On Muslim And Jewish Cemeteries | TPM LiveWire "I am sorry. I didn't mean it like that,"

Krugman - Reform or Else - (Dems commit suicide assisted by Ben Nelson)
The Seminal » Stupak, Killing Reproductive Choice With A Thousand Paper Cuts
LA Times' Andrew Malcolm will make your head hurt, again | Media Matters for America - The fact that his visceral hatred for President Obama seems to know no rational bounds, means Malcolm's LA Times blog continues to be a running source of embarrassment for the newspaper (Laura Bush's former flack)
Sarah Palin 'ClimateGate': Calls For Obama To Boycott Copenhagen
Sarah Palin Goes 'Birther': Obama Birth Certificate 'A Fair Question' (video)
Tennessee Mayor Facebook Message Assails 'Muslim President' For Pre-Empting 'Peanuts' Tennessee Mayor Russell Wiseman (is a complete idiot, Facebooked himself)

Good news is bad news - Paul Krugman Blog -
Mark Steel: We're all in this together (except when times are good) - Mark Steel, Commentators - The Independent The idea of shared responsibility only seems to apply during a recession
BBC News - Bankers 'need to join real world', minister says
FDL News Desk » Bernanke: Yes To Social Security Cuts, No To New Jobs Bill Update: DeMint Will Hold (bankstas want the rest of your money)
Citigroup Said to Need Treasury Stake Sale Before TARP Payment - (cover story)
Matthew Yglesias » Bernanke’s Plan for Unemployment: Do Nothing (bankstas don't care about your job)
Unemployment Rate Falls To 10%, 11K Jobs Lost In November
At Last, One Government Agency Considers Cutting Mortgage Principal For Distressed Homeowners (total joke)
Meet Dubai's Billionaire Ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Dubai's Age Of Excess (Photos)

Secrecy Jurisdictions | Secrecy Jurisdiction Data
Xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus - Wikipedia
Sexual Assault on Campus: A Frustrating Search for Justice - A Center for Public Integrity Investigation
13-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Classmates Spread Nude Photos : The Curvature

National Geographic Image Collection (photos): Amazing Images From Around The World

The Evolution of the Hipster 2000-2009 :: Culture :: Features :: Paste

Google Now Personalizes Everyone’s Search Results
Special Delivery - The Daily WTF
So I got arrested by the SWAT team last night… | Jeremy Bell
mb - I Joined a Friend From Out of Town for Dinner Tonight

Glenn Greenwald - - The commendably missing element from Obama's speech
Jon Stewart: Obama Is Channeling Bush (Video) (will bring the war "to an irresponsible end")
Rumsfeld Rebuffed By Admiral Mullen, Teased By Gibbs After Disputing Obama Speech (Video) ("we gave them all the troops they asked for")
Opinion: Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic - Spiegel Online

Op-Ed Contributor - A Cloud Still Hangs Over Bhopal - - Warren Anderson, the Union Carbide chief executive at the time of the gas leak, lives in luxurious exile in the Hamptons, even though there’s an international arrest warrant out for him for culpable homicide.
Amanda Knox Revisited - Opinionator Blog -

AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth: Would the liberal base of the Democratic party walk next election (probably)
FDL Action » Snowe, Lincoln, And Landrieu Push To Eliminate State Insurance Regulation (these are terribly bad people)
Aetna Forcing 600,000-Plus To Lose Coverage In Effort To Raise Profits (no public option for you)
January 2010: Adam Ciralsky on Blackwater | Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy - Erik Prince
Emptywheel » Spy Versus Spy with Erik Prince
Limbaugh suggests liberals using health care reform to "eliminate" elderly because those people remember success of Reaganism | Media Matters for America (oh, we can remember)
The results of Slate's "write like Sarah Palin" contest.

Bernanke Channels Willie Sutton In Assault On Social Security: 'That's Where The Money Is'
Obama's Jobs Summit: More Than 'Just A Photo Op'? (the optical Presidency)
Comcast, NBC Deal: Comcast To Buy Controlling Stake In NBC Universal For $13.75 Billion (down from $60Bn)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » This is central to his point, I guess - Back atcha? (Kaplan Test Prep is awful)

Senator To Fed Chair Bernanke: 'You Are The Definition Of Moral Hazard'
Pelosi: Judge Dems’ Success On Whether We Create “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” | The Plum Line
How Trillion-Dollar Deficits Were Created - Interactive Graphic -
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The return of the plutocrats (bankstas always win)
Cash-short Ariz. maxes out new line of credit (where's John McCain?)

YouTube - Your Brain at Work (watch this)
NeuroLogica Blog » The Ultimate Argument from Authority (You think God believes your beliefs +God is a "famous person")
Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian
d The Story of Cap and Trade
The neuroscience of mindfulness | Psychology Today

slight paranoia: 8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight - Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers' (GPS) location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. This massive disclosure of sensitive customer information was made possible due to the roll-out by Sprint of a new, special web portal for law enforcement officers (your new Obama security-state)
AFP: Gays 'will never go to heaven': cardinal (from a leader the largest international pedophile ring)
One in five new brides puts on a stone and a half in weight after just a year of marriage | Mail Online
Mom expected God to provide food, daughter testifies -
Three Eminent Biologists And 'Growing Pains'' Kirk Cameron Weigh In On Evolution | The Onion -
At The Dallas News, a New "Bold Strategy": Section Editors Reporting to Sales Managers - Dallas News - Unfair Park (the wall has crumbled)

Why A Comcast/NBC Merger Is Bad News - The Consumerist
Hardware for Gmail: The 'Gboard' keyboard | Web Crawler - CNET News
Facebook Profiles Capture True Personality, According To New Psychology Research
Great Idea for Christmas Decorations
Happy holidays from Gmail

White House: Personnel Will Remain In Afghanistan Long After 2011 Drawdown (sometime around 2300 AD)
The Fog of War: Obama's Afghanistan speech was confusing. By John Dickerson
Obama's Questions For Obama (this is what happens when you keep splitting the difference)
Bob Herbert - A Tragic Mistake -
A Crushing Legacy of Bush | The New York Observer (their plan all along)
Matthews: Obama "went to maybe the enemy camp tonight" at West Point | Media Matters for America (because Obama is the "enemy" of the troops; Chris Matthews is a sick fuck)
Matthews: "I deeply apologize" for saying Obama "went to maybe the enemy camp tonight" at West Point | Media Matters for America (it was just a media trope from Glenn Beck)
Eschaton: Tommy Friedman's War (and his war-gasm; another really sick fuck)
Huff TV: Arianna On "Morning Joe": War Is Not A Right-Left Issue (video)
Masters and the Movies: The Hurt Locker: War as a Video Game
Fafblog! Victory Science
Iran whistleblower died from drug-laced salad - Yahoo! News
North Koreans in shock as cash is 'banned' - Times Online
Car Crashes Kill Many More People Than Terrorism |
Hillary's Nasty Pastorate (from 2008: Hillary Clinton's connections to The Family)
YouTube - Rachel Maddow-U.S. ties to Ugandan anti-gay bill

BBC News - New York senate rejects gay marriage bill
Reid set to unveil new public option, breaking Senate impasse on healthcare -
Nelson proposes war bonds - First Read - (Lieberman on board; because these bonds would be different from the ones that bailed out the shitpile)
The Moral Dimensions of Health Care Reform - the concerns of those who have a religious or moral objection to abortion—in particular the objections of the Catholic Church (which is deciding your health plan; and this is CAP, supposedly "progressive")
Daily Kos: Sens. Feinstein and Durbins attack on citizen journalism (sick)
Senate GOPers: It's Al Franken's Fault We're Being Attacked For Votes Against Anti-Rape Amendment | TPMDC
Think Progress » Family Reserach Council Claims Obama Has A ‘Plan’ To ‘Impose Homosexuality’ (FEMA will run re-education camps to indoctrinate the gayness lifestyle)
The Washington Monthly - Also This Sunday: Exclusive! Senator John McCain (R-AZ) (again! and there are 39 other Senators and why wasn't John Kerry on TV 24/7 after Bush fixed the election?)
Matthew Yglesias » McCain Unveils Time Travel Strategy for Financing Afghanistan War
Arianna Huffington: Journalism 2009: Desperate Metaphors, Desperate Revenue Models, And The Desperate Need For Better Journalism
Wonkette : Perhaps This Is Rick Warren’s Revenge! - smarmy hippopotamus Rick Warren (some Christians died, so let's kill gays)
Colbert Crushes Glenn Beck For Latest "Hysterical" Attack On Obama (video)
Judge Rejects RNC Bid To End Minority Voter Protections (because black people (mumble ACORN) shouldn't be allowed to vote)

Leaving the Right - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Little Green Footballs - Why I Parted Ways With The Right (Charles Johnson)
Dennis the Peasant: More Ethics From Charles Johnson...
lgf - Twitter Search

Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation -
Calculated Risk: Lend America Closes Down After FHA Cancels Approval
Elizabeth Warren: America Without a Middle Class

The American System of 'Corrections'
Prison Nation - The Something Awful Forums (but what about China, huh?)
Patrick Stewart: the legacy of domestic violence | Society | The Guardian
Obsidian Wings: Why Do They Stay?
Obsidian Wings: Battered Women: The Sequel
Veteran Domestic Violence Remains Camouflaged | Womens eNews
Sports, sex, and the runner Caster Semenya : The New Yorker
Can’t Stop The Bleeding » MIke Penner, RIP
For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch -
YouTube - 2 Hot Transexuals Finally Give Some Answers!
YouTube - Re: Homosexuality Is evil and Satanic.

Culture of Old Europe Is Uncloaked in an Exhibit at N.Y.U. -
The Bohr-Einstein Debates, With Puppets : Uncertain Principles
"Hypernovas" - The Most Violent Object in the Universe Confirmed = deadly effects of local supernova explosions that wipe out all life in a given region of a galaxy.
ClimateGate: The 7 Biggest Lies About The Supposed "Global Warming Hoax"
Daily Fork - The 10 Craziest Food Phobias
Loneliness Spreads Like a Virus | LiveScience (dump your lonely friends)
Blue Whale Song Mystery Baffles Scientists | Wired Science |
Ineffective cancer drugs made effective -
Childhood lead exposure causes permanent brain damage

Personal Health - Hospice Programs Offer Care and Comfort Near End of Life -
USDA Classifies PETA as a Terrorist Threat : TreeHugger
Thousands of NY Sex Offenders Booted From Facebook, MySpace | Epicenter |
Tiger Woods Apology: "I Regret Those Transgressions With All Of My Heart" (drip, drip, drip)
The Buzz Log - Tiger Watch: Who's Who? - Yahoo! Buzz
Tiger Woods Accident Updates Legacy - Charles P. Pierce on Tiger Woods Accident News - Esquire
Hillbilly Truffle: Alan Richman: GQ
Best books ... chosen by Lev Grossman - The Week ‘the six greatest fantasy books of all time.’

YouTube - My Religion is True, Yours a Mistake!
Aggressive atheism
Jay Michaelson: An Introduction To Kabbalah Part 5: Choosing A Teacher ("non-dual Judaism" : tell that to Abraham)
AdFreak: James Lipton's beard protects teens' private parts in new PSAs
the delicious
atticus_flinch: characters in casual attire
Obit Magazine - Life Stories, Obituaries, Essays, Criticism and More - Life and Death Examined
Death's Blog

Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers | Threat Level |
Netbooks: Netbook Computers - Best Buy
Keith Thomson: Christmas Eavesdropping: Affordable Spy Gizmos for Your Friends and Enemies
WebGL Goes Mobile at Vladimir Vukicevic (on an N900)
Screenshot Captor - Mouser - Software -

Glenn Greenwald - (stop the spread of Communism, win the hearts and minds of the people, and prevent a domino effect)
Obama Issues Order for More Troops in Afghanistan -
Michael Moore Rewrites History of Obama Campaign on Afghanistan | Crooks and Liars (Obama actually ran on the surge)
Why Would Anyone Think the Bush Administration Botched Afghanistan? « The Washington Independent Politico knows Dick Cheney would never lie to the American people or demonstrate poor judgment.
Mexico's Drug War - Los Angeles Times
New IDF unit to fight enemies on Facebook, Twitter - Haaretz - Israel News (propaganda wars)
Iraq sees alarming rise in cancers, deformed babies -

Column: Tolerance? We have a ways to go - Opinion - Americans still have a bias against Republican Mitt Romney

AIG reduces debt by selling subsidiaries for $25 billion - Dec. 1, 2009 - preferred shares (last to be paid)
Matthew Yglesias » LaHood Muses About Higher Gasoline Taxes
Showcase: Dubai’s Improbable Tale - Lens Blog - (just how many billionaires are there in the world?)

Culture of Old Europe Is Uncloaked in an Exhibit at N.Y.U. -
Some Biologists Find an Urge in Human Nature to Help -
A Microbe, M. Pneumoniae, as a Group of 200 Protein Machines -
Vital Signs - Diabetes Costs to Triple in Next 25 Years, Report Finds -
Global Update - Salmonella - Drug-Resistant Strain of Bacteria Gains in Africa, With High Death Rates -
Why Loneliness Can Be Contagious - Well Blog -
Psychology: Alone in the crowd | The Economist
Mind - Memory Study Looks at Why We Repeat Ourselves -
Why single-sex schools are bad for your health (if you're a boy) - Education News, Education - The Independent Boys taught in male-only schools face divorce and depression by their early 40s, research reveals
The Moral Call of the Wild: Scientific American A study suggests that spending time in nature changes our values

Solar panels causing some storms -- homeowners often have to fight homeowners associations for their right to install the systems.
Tiger Woods' Problem And Why Not To Talk To Police - Taking Liberties - CBS News
Tiger's Wife Changed Her Story |
Arizona detention officer refuses to apologize for swiping court files

Using faulty data to demand settlements from innocent surfers

BBC News - Microsoft investigates Windows 7 'screen of death'

A Last-Minute Meeting On Afghanistan - The Atlantic Politics Channel
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect | The Slim Line Between Cheney And Obama: the far-right philosophy that elections only count when Republicans win them, despite Meacham's insistence that this hypothetical election would "adjudicate the George W. Bush years in a direct way."
White House Says 'Era of Blank Check' Is Over for Afghan President Karzai - ABC News
Court sides with Gov't in detainee photo case | TPM News Pages Supreme Court throws out ruling ordering release of detainee abuse photos, cites change in law
Rick Warren Refuses To Condemn Proposed Ugandan Law To Execute Gays (gays will fry in hell anyway)
Somali pirates hijack oil tanker going to US - Yahoo! News
Murphy report is only the beginning - Times Online - the church took advantage of its unique position of power and privilege in Irish society to operate what amounted to a paedophile ring.

CBO: Health Care Reform Will Lower Out-Of-Pocket Burden For Most Consumers | TPMD (but will Evan "My Wife made $2Mill from Wellpoint" Bayh go along?)
FDL Action » Las Vegas Sun on the Public Option: “The Ball’s In Reid’s Court”
'Spiritual health care' raises church-state concerns - San Jose Mercury News (reimbursement for someone praying to make you better)
Glenn Greenwald - - The face of rotted Washington: When the sad and destructive history of the U.S. over the last decade is written, the coddled, nepotistic, self-serving face of Evan Bayh should be prominently included. It embodies virtually every cause. (Obama's second choice for Veep)
Hullabaloo What the hell??? (Amy Goodman and Canada locking up/dep0rting anyone who criticizes ... the Olympics!)
This Sentence Was Actually Typed Into a Computer | Rumproast (+Just as Teh Chicago Boyz sent us all Iphones, Kool-Aid and cardboard Hillarys, the PB 2.0ers all got issued those next gen Big Chief tablets and lifetime supplies of Dr. Nut. Does it all make sense yet?)
The Confluence’s Un-Enlightened myiq2xu (aka meatprod4u) | Rumproast
Radio Host Bill Press: Glenn Beck Is A 'Ticking Time Bomb' Who Will 'Explode In The Face Of Roger Ailes' | TPM LiveWire
Palin particularly popular among fans of Limbaugh and Beck - (o rly?)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Dumond This Isn't
WaPo 's Bacon just uses misleading labels, he doesn't explain them | Media Matters for America
Gov. Schwarzenegger is booed at Hollywood Park | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times
Civil cases against judges involve emotional suffering | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/30/2009

Harvard ignored warnings about investments - The Boston Globe Advisers told Summers, others not to put so much cash in market; losses hit $1.8b (this took a long time to write and should have disqualified Larry from ever being near money)
Calculated Risk: US Treasury Announces "Mortgage Modification Conversion Drive"
Op-Ed Columnist - The Jobs Imperative - By Paul Krugman (way too late)
Firedoglake » Predatory lending has an ugly tail end - A previous report showed that ONLY 2,000 of the then 500,000 in process had their loan modifications made permanent (sham program, never intended to actually work, we got your money, "embarrassment" is for suckers)
Mortgage Crisis - While Americans suffer, glutted banks refuse to renegotiate mortgages or scale back bonuses (it's all your money, anyway)
Citi Arranges More Than $8 Billion for Dubai (and whose money are they "arranging" with?)
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The world’s largest guilt trip | underwater homeowners across America are signally failing to take my advice (or that of Mark Gimein) and walk away from their homes (not Dubai)
Growing Up in a Recession: Beliefs and the Macroeconomy
Report: Nearly 70 percent of LV homeowners underwater on mortgage - Las Vegas Sun
GE, Vivendi Deal: General Electric To Buy Final 20% Of NBC Universal
Josh Silver: Too Big to Block? Why Obama Must Stop the Comcast-NBC Merger just 18 months ago that candidate Barack Obama said, "I strongly favor diversity of ownership of outlets and protection against the excessive concentration of power in the hands of any one corporation, interest or small group."
The shrinking post office - The Week

NEJM -- The Emotional Epidemiology of H1N1 Influenza Vaccination
Flu Attack! How A Virus Invades Your Body : NPR
CERN Press Release 1.18 TeV in the early hours of the morning. This exceeds the previous world record of 0.98 TeV, which had been held by the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Tevatron collider since 2001
Daily Kos: On Stimulating The Future, Or, "It's The Ytterbium, Stupid!" "There is oil in the Middle East; there is rare earth in China...." --Deng Xiaoping, 1992
New disease among HIV-infected gay men
Drowned cities: Myths and secrets of the deep - New Scientist
Scientists explain puzzling lake asymmetry on Titan
Study: Believers' inferences about God's beliefs are uniquely egocentric
Big freeze plunged Europe into ice age in months (holy shit! just like the movie!)

30 killed on California freeways over Thanksgiving weekend, up from last year | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times (death panels)
Government taking newborn DNA samples (that would be "Texas")
Tiger Beatdown: Profiles In Douchery: Dan Savage

Women Dominate Most Social Networking Sites, Survey Finds - # The average ratio of all 19 sites was 47% male, 53% female.
Twitter Doesn’t Track The Zeitgeist. Only 2 Percent Of Tweets Overlap With Search Trends.

Afghans Detail Detention in ‘Black Jail’ at U.S. Base - (and the need for this is ...?)
Transcript of CBC interview with Michael Springman (11 of 19 9/11 hijackers got their visas from the CIA)
Glenn Greenwald - - Is Obama's civil liberties record understandable? - what was once lambasted as "Constitution-shredding" under George Bush is now nothing more than: Obama's "civil liberties record hasn’t been exactly what I would have wanted."
Saddam Was Telling Truth In Missing Gulf War Pilot (Bush lied more than Saddam)
Russian Train Wreck Tied to Terrorist Bomb -
GOP Wages Internal Debate Over Tax Increase For Afghan War (Rich Republicans want wars, but won't pay for it)
BBC News - Switzerland votes on Muslim minaret ban
Switzerland's first minaret was built in Zurich in 1963. - swissinfo - Swiss mosques do not broadcast the call to prayer outside their buildings
Glenn Greenwald - - The crazy, irrational beliefs of Muslims (and the completely sane beliefs of Americans)
Controversial plans for minaret ban and outlawing arms exports face voters' verdict - swissinfo (approved)
Author: ‘The Family’ behind proposed Ugandan law that would execute HIV+ men | Raw Story (Republican Evangelical Christians at work)
10,000 E. African albinos in hiding after killings - Yahoo! News (East Africa)
Op-Ed Contributor - India’s Eternal Crisis - - a built-in check against the arrogance of power — and the hubris that has made America’s response to 9/11 so disastrously counterproductive.
For Indians Trained in the West, It Can Be Hard to Go Home -
Book Review - 'The Last Empress - Madame Chiang Kai-shek and the Birth of Modern China,' by Hannah Pakula - Review -

Editorial - A Modest Public Plan - - Republican critics are particularly divorced from reality
Senate Opens Health Care Debate: Dem Coalition Fracturing Already - The 60 votes aren't there any more (they never were)
The Safety Net - Across U.S., Food Stamp Use Soars and Stigma Fades - Series - (Republican church-goer: "I'm different" from these lazy people)
Food Stamp Usage Across the Country - Interactive Map -
Daily Kos: A Purity Test for Democrats
Page's Page: New dangers for Dems in 2010
Wonkette : All 193% of Republicans Support Palin, Romney and Huckabee (new Fox News honesty policy)

Entering the Superproject Void - (Larry "The Chin" Summers hates infrastructure, takes money away from bankstas)
Treasury to Pressure Mortgage Companies to Cut Payments - (Obama didn't support cramdown, now will send sternly-worked letter)

John L. Marshall -- How health-care reform can cure cancer - Globally, cancer care is a medical luxury.
Health Care Savings May Start in Employee Diets -
Questions for James Inhofe - Global Warning - Interview -
Daily Kos: The Venus Syndrome
Daily Kos: The Demon Core: Los Alamos, once in '45 and once in '46
STS-129 Ascent Video Highlights on Vimeo

Daily Kos: Book review: Barbara Ehrenreich's "Bright-Sided" Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America - But the universe refused to play its assigned role as a "big mail order department." In complete defiance of the "law of attraction," long propounded by the gurus of positive thinking, things were getting worse for most Americans, not better.
At This School, It’s Marijuana in Every Class -
Recipes - Egg Baked in Cream -
Jay Michaelson: An Introduction To Kabbalah Part 5: Choosing A Teacher (this, from a "non-dual" Jew)
New York Restaurant Owners Turn Evil - Recessionomics - Gawker (Vadim Ponorovsky, owner of Paradou in New York City, makes himself a famous asshole on the internets for all eternity)
Waiter Rant » Blog Archive » Crazy Restaurant Owner Syndrome (CROS) (Vadim Ponorovsky)
Letters of Note

Book Review - 'Googled - The End of the World as We Know It,' by Ken Auletta - Review -
Paul Buchheit: So I finally tried Wave...
Is the DMCA a scam? (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
OK Go - WTF? on Vimeo
YouTube - time displacement experimental video
YouTube - Sesame Street - The Count Counts Rolling Children on a Mat
An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research - Golan Levin and Collaborators

Afghans Detail a Secret Prison Still Operating on a U.S. Base - (a year later, same as the old Bush)
CBC News - British Columbia - U.S. journalist grilled at Canada border crossing Officials demanded to know what she would say publicly about 2010 Olympics
Uganda proposes death penalty for HIV positive gays - Times Online (and life in prison for speaking for same-sex relationships: Christian Right (The Family) theocratic model state)
Pensito Review » The Family: DC’s C Street Group Tied To Proposed Death Penalty for Gays in Uganda
The fall of empires

Expiring insurance subsidy imperils laid-off Americans | McClatchy (Obama ending COBRA subsidy)
The Washington Monthly: Give Voters A Reason (after the election, there was a giant network of mobilized voters; Obama told them to shutup and go home)
Daily Kos: White House Considers Conrad's "Entitlement Reform" Commission (next up on Obama's agenda: gutting Social Security)
Kathleen Parker - Ten 'principles' could keep thinkers away from the GOP -
South Carolina Rift Highlights Debate Over G.O.P. - calling opponents of immigration law change “bigots,” holding the Republican Party “hostage” by participating in bipartisan maneuvers, voting for the Wall Street bailout and tarnishing the ideals of freedom.
FDL Action » Really, Peter Orszag!?! Your Critics Have No Ideas For Controlling Cost?
Obama's Secret Climate Pact - The Daily Beast
Last Column About Sarah Palin--Ever Subject to Debate By Katha Pollitt
The peasant mentality lives on in America | The Smirking Chimp - You know you’re a peasant when you worship the very people who are right now, this minute, conning you and taking your shit

Dubai Debt Woes Raise Fear of Wider Problem -
Dubai Jitters Pound Stocks
Dubai's Debt Problems Cast Shadow Over Entire Region
Dubai Debt Crisis: Will It Cause Another Financial Panic?
Crude oil prices tumble on Dubai news -
Dirty pigs are healthy pigs : Nature News Study finds link between outdoor living and immune health.
Beefy Hormones: New Routes Of Exposure - Science News
Do Fat Parents Have Taller Babies? Mice study indicates surprising relationships between food, height, and families. - The Human Condition Blog -
The Billion-Year Technology Gap: Could One Exist? (they're called "The Elder Race") )

Jane Smiley: Stop The Injustice: Free Gary McKinnon
Eating dogs | Eating dog meat - Inside the seedy world of Southeast Asia's booming dog meat trade
Michael Shermer: Theism v. Atheism: I'm A Realist, Not An "Accommodationist"
He Lives: Michael Shermer did not expect the Spanish Inquisition
The dangers of Islam: Wright vs. Hitchens « Why Evolution Is True

The Future: When the Editors Hire the Publishers | The Awl
Why I Cancelled My Facebook Account | seth simonds
New Website Publicizes iPhone App Rejections

Franz Josef Jung, German Minister, Quits Over Afghan Airstrike
Pay for troop increase in Afghanistan or charge it? - Nov. 25, 2009 That will be one question that legislators will debate if the president, as expected, increases troops on the ground in Afghanistan (pay for it with what?)
Attackerman » The War Tax Is For Real, And Here’s The Conservative Case For It
Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS Bill Moyers considers a President's decision to escalate troop levels in a military conflict.
Blair’s role, US tensions in spotlight at Iraq probe | Raw Story ("Bush could talk to Blair but saw other world leaders as "like creatures from outer space".")
'What I saw was a bunch of filled-in trenches with people's arms and legs sticking out of them. For all I know, we could have killed thousands' | World news | The Guardian (Gulf War I: US military immune to investigation)
Minaret Ban In Switzerland Set For A Vote
Glenn Greenwald - - A key British official reminds us of the forgotten anthrax attack (2nd terrorist attack on Bush's watch)
Politics or sedition? Rush Limbaugh calls for military coup (and who told him to do this?)
Daily Kos: State of the Nation
The Militarization of Sex | Foreign Policy (Muslim military prostitution)
Philippine politician charged for murder "Even the private parts of the women were shot at. It was horrible. It was not done to just one. It was done practically to all the women," (Twenty-seven victims were journalists and 15 were motorists who were driving past the area at the wrong time)
It’s not about the sins of sex, but for women to control their lives – UN official - Nation - GMANews.TV - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News
Report Says Police and Catholic Church Hid Abuse in Dublin -

Daily Kos: Weekly Tracking Poll: New Feature Paints Ugly 2010 Picture (likely Dem voters turned off by Obama's pro-business super-pro bankers center-right admin)
Democrats work on multibillion-dollar jobs package -- (thinking about "jumpstarting" the economy)
Obama Pushes Lobbyists Off Federal Advisory Boards (Bush did it all the time)
The Biggest Dem Scandal You've Never Heard Of | TPMMuckraker (Defense-gate)
From Dollars To Death Panels: How Republicans Distorted Debates On Capitol Hill | TPMDC
Palin Tricked By Comedian Again, Says Canada Should Drop Public Health Care (Video)
Palin tells Canada to get rid of public health care | Raw Story A recent study (PDF) found that 90 percent of Canadians support universal, single-payer health care (you betcha)
Daily Kos: The Palin-Graham connection (the Family)

Brussels Blogger » Blog Archive » SWIFT - EU to grant USA nearly unlimited access to all EU banking data
Krugman - Taxing the Speculators - ("socially useless" are already tax-exempt in US)
Johann Hari: A morally bankrupt dictatorship built by slave labour - Dubai - The Independent (a dictatorship built by slaves)
Calculated Risk: Dubai Default
European banks may have $40 bln exposure to Dubai - MarketWatch (small potatos compared to AIG)
Stocks Fall, Treasuries Rise on Dubai Concern; Yen Strengthens -
Dubai's Request For Debt 'Standstill' Shakes World Markets (told critics to just "shut up")
Judge Voids Mortgage Due to Bank’s “Bad Faith” | The Big Picture (weasels: but no political capital spent on cramdown)
America's 200 Largest Charities -

BBC News - Jump in number of global swine flu deaths
WHO Studying Swine Flu Mutations | Health | English
Daily Kos: Michael Mann Responds to CRU Hack
BBC News - Rectal cancer tumour destroyed by ultrasound is a first

Personal Rapid Transit: Future Or Elevated Fantasy? : NPR (Atrios: "taking the mass out of mass transit")
Americans Toss Out 40 Percent of All Food | LiveScience
How to Get Smarter, One Breath at a Time - Time
A Reader's Manifesto - The Atlantic (July/August 2001) An attack on the growing pretentiousness of American literary prose
'Early Show' Censors Gay Kiss ... When It's Men |
BBC News | UK | Self v Littlejohn ("Why? Does it suddenly turn into Tolstoy?")

BBC News - Social media 'could transform public services'
White House official's net neutrality comments irk AT&T - White House official links the issue to censorship in China (they are nothing like China in their spying and attempts to control the internets)
The dark side of the internet | Technology | The Guardian In the 'deep web', Freenet software allows users complete anonymity as they share viruses, criminal contacts and child pornography
6 Reasons Why Twitter Japan’s Subscription Model Might Work (In Japan)
Personalize your Google Wave –
18 Useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets | Step to Tech
10 Alternatives To Mininova | TorrentFreak
Adelaide. Devoid of social consciousness or culture (+Roz Knorr, famous on the internets for all eternity)
YouTube - Moscow Cat Theatre

Attacks in Iraq Renew Fears of Sectarian Fighting - (where the fuck have you been?)
Future News Today: "All the news..." - except Blackwater (Jeremy Scahill threatened by Admiral Mike Mullen (CJCS) over Blackwater story; military hates free speech and good reporting, loves censorship, American values)
Steve Clemons: Who Is Hot And Who Was Blocked (Or Forgotten) At First White House State Dinner

Margaret Chase Smith Library - Library - I don't want to see the Republican Party ride to political victory on the Four Horsemen of Calumny -- Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear (1950: she didn't foresee Roger Ailes and Karl Rove, or Reagan for that matter)

BBC News - Dubai under scrutiny after debt payment delay (bankrupt)
Bailed-Out AIG Forcing Poor to Choose Between Running Water and Food | Corporate Accountability and WorkPlace | AlterNet (follow the money from your pocketbook)
Bryan Burrough on Marc Dreier |
multimediafinal: Unemployment Rates by County 2007-2009 (Republicans at work)

CDC Novel H1N1 Flu | CDC Estimates of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Cases, Hospitalizations and Deaths in the United States The mid-level in this range is about 3,900 2009 H1N1-related deaths (up to 153K H1N1-related hospitalizations and 6,000 deaths)
CDC - Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - Q & A: Seasonal Influenza (Flu): The Disease (36K deaths from seasonal flu)
BBC News - Device spells doom for superbugs
"Nazi Twins" a Myth: Mengele Not Behind Brazil Boom?
Autism's False Prophets
Science-Based Medicine » Vaccines and Autism

Group's Video Equates Flying And Polar Bears : NPR (it's getting ugly)
Hullabaloo: digby: Being A Jerk Isn't Illegal (D.C. lawyer re-enacts Skip Gates, get assaulted by cops: never question their authority)
Ga. nurse anesthetist accused of abusing patients - Yahoo! News
Honolulu police posting DUI mug shots on Internet - Yahoo! News
1896: The People's Party: Populist Party: the rise of populism (lowest common denominator, now known as "teabaggers")
Populism: It's all the right-wing rage these days | Crooks and Liars
The life and writings of Major Jack Downing ... Google Books

Google to put ancient Iraq museum collection online | Technology | Reuters
BLDGBLOG: California City (Nazca lines)
'Alien spies live among us' says Bulgarian gov space boffin • The Register Say we must stop global warming, unnatural insemination (he's talking about Glenn Beck) (takes internet porn to a whole 'nother level)
"It's like twitter. Except we charge people to use it."
Phil Agre
Edge: 36 Arguments For The Existence Of God —  By Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (fiction)

Black Friday Anti-Deals: What Not To Buy - black friday 2009 - Gizmodo
Mininova limits its activities to Content Distribution service at Mininova blog
» Chase’s completely insecure and broken “secure” document exchange system (aka securedx, secure-dx) | – alter or abolish?
Links » More Banking Stupidity: Phished by Visa

BBC - Gavin Hewitt's Europe - In future an immigrant arriving in Germany and wishing to stay may have to sign an "integration contract"
Obama To Copenhagen For Climate Talks (trying to stay out of the country)
Detainee policy appointee quits Pentagon post - Guantánamo - (bad sign)
9/11 Text Messages Released: Wikileaks Publishes Intercepted Government Pager Texts As They Were Sent
Egads! Confidential 9/11 Pager Messages Disclosed - Taking Liberties - CBS News
U.S. Police and Intelligence Hit by Spy Network
Possible story--Clinton / pager interception (1997)
The Risks Digest Volume 19: Issue 39 (1997)
Palin tells Marg Delahunty Canada should 'dismantle' public health-care system - Yahoo! Canada News
The former British police officer who wants to bring down Barack Obama | World news | The Guardian Conspiracist prominent in movement claiming president is an imposter

White House Visitor Logs Show Obama Turned To Business Leaders
Battle Between David Broder And Harry Reid Heats Up: Broder Comments 'Mind-Boggling'
Filibustering the Public
Ezra Klein - How a letter from 1964 shows what's wrong with the Senate today (the way they used to do it)
Police: Census worker staged death to conceal suicide -
Dean: Lieberman Should Relinquish Chairmanship If He Opposes Health Care Lieberman renewed his pledge to filibuster health care reform that includes a public option
Obama Administration Resignations: 10 People Who Quit
Alec Baldwin: The Republican Way: Keeping Everything The Way It Is
Why Obama Doesn't Write Families Of Soldiers Who Commit Suicide longstanding institutional belief within the military that suicide is a sign of weakness
Perino: "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term" | Media Matters for America (reflexive lying from the bimbo) - Transcripts: Bush, 2001: "As all Americans know, recent weeks have brought a second wave of terrorist attacks upon our country: deadly anthrax spores sent through the U.S. mail."
Lou Dobbs weighs Senate run in NJ | AP | 11/25/2009 an "intermediary step," such as the seat held by Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) (the only Hispanic in the Senate: stay classy, Lou)
How Tom Daschle Lobbies In Secret: Influence Laundering (too bad he didn't get to run health care reform)
Beck and his crew agree on proper treatment of detainees in U.S. custody: "Shoot them in the head" | Media Matters for America
The GOP's Blacklist - Page 1 - The Daily Beast The Republicans’ new so-called purity test is worthy of Joe McCarthy. Mark McKinnon on why it will doom their comeback.

Long-Term Deficits | Mother Jones - Among the things that should be done right now is to put prospective entitlement spending — on public sector pensions, for example — on a sustainable path (i.e. get rid of SS and give the money to banksters)
Irvine Housing Blog - Irvine Real Estate and Resale Homes - $3,000,000 Irvine Tract Home?
Will Private Equity Be the Next Financial Meltdown? - TIME
U.S. Cities With The Most Underwater Mortgages - Yahoo! Real Estate

Future Humans+: Four Ways We May, or May Not, Evolve
Amazing Software Turns Cheap Webcam Into Instant 3D Scanner | Gadget Lab |
Reborn Coma Man’s Words May Be Bogus | Wired Science |
Video: Saturn’s Spectacular Aurora in Action | Wired Science |
Are Your Siblings Really Your Siblings?: Scientific American Podcast
The Last Lion in Kenya : EcoWorldly

BBC News - School lessons to tackle domestic violence outlined domestic violence against women and girls is unacceptable (but ok if men are the victims)
Man Gets 120 Days for Shooting Cyclist in the Head : TreeHugger - If you have some good character witnesses, and have served in the military, then for you, shooting someone in the head at point blank with the intent to kill was probably just a flash in the pan.
Google Earth during the Second World War: Amazing aerial images taken by the daring Allies which revealed Hitler's weapons | Mail Online
Missing Since 2008/2009 (Friends of Phil Agre) - Feminism with atheism: two great tastes that go together (overlap in communities)
'Atheism: Living Life Unfettered by Supernaturalism and Groupthink -- Interview With Sikivu Hutchinson' by Greta Christina - AlterNet -
Atheism: Living Life Unfettered by Supernaturalism and Groupthink -- Interview With Sikivu Hutchinson | | AlterNet (they still teach people to write like this?)
skeptifem: Bill Maher and the white dude privilege of new atheists/skeptics ("Bill Maher has a fucking disgusting history of saying outright misogynist shit in the media and has been a lot less subtle about it.")
The problem of the oblivious white male atheist : Pharyngula

BBC: We won't charge for online news | Media | Corporation says it has 'no intention' of charging – as Times and Sun owner News Corporation prepares to put up a paywall
Microsoft and News Corp.'s Deal With the Devil - Reviews by PC Magazine Microsoft is reportedly in talks to make News Corp. content exclusive to Bing. No way will Google let that fly (Murdoch=Satan)
Fox News to Go 'Error-Free' In 2010 - Fox News - Gawker
Fears over future of Wikipedia as 49,000 volunteers leave site | Mail Online
The Best Smartphones on Every Carrier
Your Looks and Your Inbox « OkTrends
The Virtue of a Manager
Margaret and Helen qotw

Obama's Afghanistan Decision: 34,000 More Troops And An Exit Strategy, Reports Say
Blackwater's Secret War in Pakistan (Cheney's private army)
Iraq inquiry: British officials heard 'drum beats' of war from US before 9/11 - Telegraph - more than two years before 2003 invasion (February 2001: waiting for their excuse)
Philippines declares emergency after 46 killed - Yahoo! News
Manufactured failure #6: the wrapup - James Fallows (our news media is a national disgrace)

The Washington Monthly: This Is CNN? (arm of the Republican National Committee; imagine this in reverse; +blogger ethics panel)
Mark Halperin's Mary Landrieu Photoshop: Pure Class (this is level these guys operate at)
George Hutchins for U.S. Congress 2010 (prime Republican material)

Matt Taibbi - Taibblog – Yes, Sarah, There is a Media Conspiracy - True/Slant Gen. JC Christian, pa...'s review of Going Rogue: An American Life Ain't afraid of no Vietcong king (muhaha)

FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Cautiously optimistic Fed officials cut unemployment forecasts
Fed Officials Said Low Rates May Fuel Speculation - (ya think?)
The new AIG report reveals how Geithner—and U.S. taxpayers—were fleeced by Wall Street banks. - By Eliot Spitzer - Slate Magazine - Geithner's Disgrace
Underwater Mortgages: 1 In 4 U.S. Borrowers Have Negative Equity On Their Homes
FDIC Insurance Fund Goes Into The Red; Number Problem Banks Rise To Highest Level In 16 Years
Gee, that’s De Pressing - Paul Krugman Blog - - Basically, we may be in a technical recovery, but we’re not recovering (thought that was obvious)
The China Debt Dance
Icahn outbids Penn for Fontainebleau Las Vegas | Reuters (Ichan offer $156M for $2Bn hole in the ground)
Matthew Yglesias » Fiscally Responsible Stimulus With Front-Loaded Infrastructure Investments

Obama kicks off massive science education effort! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing | Wired Science | Brain scan evidence that the defense claimed shows the defendant’s brain was psychopathic was allowed into the sentencing portion of a murder trial in Chicago (what next?)
Programmable Magnets - Correlated Magnetics Research Invention - Popular Mechanics an invention that can reconfigure the charges of magnets in never-before-seen patterns
Selling chip makers on optical computing
The Secrets Within Cosmic Dust | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine
Evolution vs. Intelligent Design: 6 Bones of Contention (Casey Luskin and his sock-puppets)
Pollen — National Geographic Magazine

Hartford: It's A Parking Place -- Tripling Space For Cars Hasn't Helped City Prosper — It's Only Devalued Downtown (turn your cities into parking lots ... fail)
YouTube - Bishop Tobin On Chris Matthews Hardball MSNBC (Tobin is a creep)
Facebook friend turns into Big Brother (cops in Wisconsin ticket 19 yo for drinking on Facebook)
Working mothers perpetuating myth of 'the useless man' to feel more feminine - Telegraph (sounds like something they would do) » Post Topic » How to start reading comics.

Achtung! Google Analytics is illegal, say German government officials
After social networks, what next? | Media |
Daring Fireball: iPhone Web Apps as an Alternative to the App Store
What designers think of AOL's new logo | Technology |
Advertising - AOL Revamping Its Logo, in Hopes of Reviving the Brand -

21 Filipinos Dead in Election Violence -
Lithuania opens new inquiry into CIA prisons -
Torture Policy - - Rule-of-law extremism engulfs primitive Eastern Europe - What sort of a newly elected President would get into office and then start demanding that actions From the Past -- rather than the Future -- be investigated, just because they might be "criminal"?
WH Officials Say Decision On Copenhagen Attendance Coming Soon | TPMDC
118 Days, 12 Hours, 54 Minutes | Print Article | On June 21, reporter Maziar Bahari was rousted out of bed and taken to Tehran's notorious Evin prison—accused of being a spy for the CIA, MI6, Mossad…and NEWSWEEK!
Newsweek's Bahari Recalls Iran Detention - 60 Minutes - CBS News
Glenn Greenwald - - The extreme secrecy of the federal courts

FDL News Desk » Sebelius Reiterates WH Preference For Harsh Immigrant Provision In Senate Health Care Bill (Obama hates immigrants)
Daily Kos: Whither the Public Option
Harry Reid, and What Happened to the Public Option | Robert Reich's Blog
FDL Action » Campaign Contributions From Insurance Companies to Senators Blocking the Public Option
GOP Needs Six Weeks To Debate Health Care Bill That All Republicans Will Oppose
Matthew Yglesias » Blanche Lincoln, Racing Horse (opposes public option because it would increase coverage and lower executive pay)
Clinic with two doors, a symbol of two-tier care - Health care- One side is for patients with insurance, the other for those who pay up front
Matthew Yglesias » Obey Calls for War Tax
The Washington Monthly: Leverage ("conservative" "Democrats" marching off a cliff)
Dear Associated Press: Stop Calling Joe Lieberman a Democrat | Crooks and Liars
Palin Fort Bragg Book Signing: Former Governor Asked Not To Speak sales of Palin's book at the post store have been weak so far.
Yoo still here? | Philly | 11/22/2009
YouTube - Sarah Palin Book Signing - Interviews with Supporters (stupid people on the internet for all eternity)
Poll: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Strongest GOPer For Arizona Governor | TPMDC
Shadowy GOP-Linked Group Plans Barrage Of 2010 Robo-Calls | TPMMuckraker
Andrew Malcolm's sleight-of-hand: Palin almost as popular as Obama! | Media Matters for America (sheer stupidity from LATimes)

IMF Exec: Another Bailout would 'threaten democracy'
Payback Time - Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government - Series -
US Debt A 'Phantom Menace,' Krugman Argues (in a war with the Times front-page propaganda +plus Larry Summers warned against 10% unemployment "by the end of next year" if we don't do something)
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect In Just a Decade the U.S. Interest Burden Could Be as High as It Was in 1992!!!!!!!

Studies suggest males have more personality Males have more pronounced personalities than females across a range of species -- from humans to house sparrows ("princess" is not a personality)
Sewers at Capacity, Pollution Spills Into Waterways - Series -
The surprising motion of ski moguls - Physics Today November 2009
Shocking Treatment Helps Erectile Dysfunction | LiveScience
Children should be allowed to play in the dirt, new research suggests - Telegraph being too clean can impair the skin’s ability to heal itself,

Fox News Threatens Pink Slips For On-Screen Errors | TPM LiveWire
Affidavit From Ex-Editor Miniter Details Inner Workings Of Wash Times | TPM LiveWire
Support for legalizing marijuana gaining ground rapidly - Approval for medical use expands alongside criticism of prohibition (but Obama prefers status-quo)
Rom Houben: Patient trapped in a 23-year 'coma' was conscious all along | Mail Online
Man discovers Charles Manson is his real dad | World News |
The Aviation Herald
Contemporary Dance Video Database

Bing Tries To Buy The News (will pay Murdoch to block teh google)
Our Favorite Blogs 2009 - Reviews by PC Magazine
Telcos to FCC: give us billions, but don't make us share lines (learned from the banksters)
An Ecosystem Is Born: LinkedIn Opens Up API
Man Arrested for Not Tweeting? (new compulsory twitter law)
Apple voids Applecare warranty for smokers! - Computerworld Blogs (Jobbsed)
The 50 most interesting articles on Wikipedia « Copybot
50 more of Wikipedia’s most interesting articles « Copybot
WSJ: Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages « ResourceShelf
Volunteers Log Off as Wikipedia Ages -
Your Browser is Now a Web Server: Opera Includes Opera Unite in Opera 10.10

U.S. Enlists Allies in New Surge - Americans Seek Up to 7,000 Extra NATO Troops for Ramp-Up in Afghanistan (good luck with that)
Resurgent al-Qaeda in Iraq seeks to undermine government - More high-profile blasts likely in run-up to vote (that would be "al-Qaeda in Iraq")
Report: Leaked UK documents detail Iraq war chaos
Understanding China -- The West has gotten it wrong on China for decades -- even as it embraces a market economy, it has shunned Western-style freedoms. And its power is only growing.
Cleric Wields Religion to Challenge Iran’s Theocracy -
Manufactured failure: press coverage of Obama in Asia - James Fallows

The Fall of Greg Craig - Time (Obama didn't like obeying the law)
FACTBOX: Major differences in House, Senate healthcare bills | Special Coverage | Reuters
Dana Milbank - Sweeteners for the South Staffers on Capitol Hill were calling it the Louisiana Purchase ... Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) got Reid to jettison a provision stripping health insurers of their antitrust exemption
Lieberman: 'I Don't Think Anybody Thinks This Bill Will Pass'
Op-Ed Columnist - The Pit Bull in the China Shop - (Frank Rich: the only person in America to read the whole pile of crap)
YouTube - Could This Happen in 2012? President Sarah Palin?
Glenn Beck Stakes Out a More Activist Role in Politics -
Rep. Patrick Kennedy Banned From Receiving Communion By Bishop Thomas Tobin (far-right tax-free lobbying org)
Leaflet Distributed in Dallas the Day JFK Was Assassinated (now they use Fox) Wingnuts approximate “clever” while threatening the President
Matt Taibbi - Taibblog – Sarah Palin, WWE Star - True/Slant - She is building a political career around the little interpersonal wars in the immediate airspace surrounding her sawdust-filled head.
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Gimme a Break (Chuck "The Toddler" Todd)
Cass R. Sunstein and political rumors on the Internet : The New Yorker The Things People Say: Rumors in an age of unreason. by Elizabeth Kolbert

Goldman Sachs’s Tax Rate Drops to 1%, or $14 Million (Update1) - (do YOU pay 1%?)
Op-Ed Columnist - Paul Krugman - World Out of Balance -
Video: Elizabeth Warren: The Balance Sheet : The New Yorker
Handwritten Notes Show Fed Oversight Bill Neutered On Senate Floor
Goldman Sachs boss says sorry over financial crisis | Business | (like, "we Apologise" for wrecking the world and profiting!)
Back to Business - Investment Funds Profit Again, This Time By Paring Mortgages -
Fair Game - Revisiting a Fed Waltz With A.I.G. - - why the $182 billion “rescue” of what was once the world’s largest insurer still ranks as the most troubling episode of the financial disaster
Sherrod Brown: Obama Focused On Main Street, But Not All His Advisers Are
Analysis: Fed Under Fire As Public Anger Mounts
George Soros lectures from the Financial Times

Researcher's labour of love leads to MS breakthrough - The Globe and Mail = MS is not, as widely believed, an autoimmune condition, but a vascular disease
Novelties - From the Lab, a New Weapon Against Cholesterol -
'Hobbits' a New Human Species?
BBC News - Lung damage is a creeping killer
Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D.: What You Don't Know About Osteoporosis -- Part 3
Sugar-coated polymer is new weapon against allergies and asthma

"Lincoln, Life-Size": Abraham Lincoln's Fascinating Face (photos)
Hullabaloo: Don't Have A Seizure In Public (cops Taser seizure victim, who dies: magic all purpose torture and death weapon)
How 16 ships create as much pollution as all the cars in the world | Mail Online
The Future of Broadcast TV’s Unsteady as Cable Strengthens - - Oprah Winfrey is fleeing broadcast television for cable. NBC, once arguably the biggest cultural tastemaker in the United States, is being shopped to Comcast, the country’s largest cable company.
Bill Moyers to Leave Weekly Television - Media Decoder Blog -
Douglas Rushkoff » Radical Abundance How We Get Past “Free” and Learn to Exchange Value Again.
Ritual circumcisions 'illegal' -
Make Your Own Academic Sentence
The Best Writing Tips Ever

The growing power of the men’s rights movement.
Men's Rights -
How DNA Testing Is Changing Fatherhood -
The Myth Of Male Power By Warren Farrell, Ph.D

We Know The Experts Are Out There. - Expert Labs
Presentations: Government 2.0 : Web 2.0 Expo New York 2009 - Co-produced by TechWeb & O'Reilly Conferences, November 16 - 19, 2009, New York, NY
A Quantonic Quantum~Exegesis of Hebrew Qabala's (Carlo Suares') Autiot - by Doug Renselle 14Oct2009.
Linked In... To What? // Current
Ping - Hiring Tweeters and Bloggers to Send Ads -
34 cheat sheets for web designers and developers | Web and designers | Complete resource platform for web designers and developers
Five Best Screencasting Tools - Screencast - Lifehacker
Security in Google's Chrome OS - Reviews by PC Magazine
Waiter Rant » Blog Archive » One Hundred Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do! WTF?
How to Get and Keep a Good Man

U.S. Fears Iraqis Will Not Keep Up Rebuilt Projects - ($53Bn down the drain)
The Frame: The World's Children: Twenty years after the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child, multitudes of children across the globe are still suffering from poverty, abuse and disease (and US and Somalia refuse to sign)

All About the 60 | Talking Points Memo (change the rules ain't going to happen anytime soon)
Hullabaloo: digby: The Thrill (Up The Leg) Is Gone (Obama is a girly-man, not listening to people who went to "state schools")
Reid Slams Broder: A Retiree Who 'Writes A Column Once In A While' (for once, he's right)
Tea-Parties so Diverse, They Had to Use the Same Black Guy in 5 Different Scenes of Tea-Bagger Movie | Media and Technology | AlterNet
Hullabaloo: tristero: The Christianist Manifesto: A Partial Fisking (Manhattan Declaration: felon Chuck Colson's Christianist jihad)

Rep. Jackie Speier's Tough Bank Amendment Passes With Room Nearly Empty (12-1 limit; "New Democrats" were asleep)
Op-Ed Columnist - An American Catastrophe -

H1N1 cases fall in U.S. but could rise with Thanksgiving travel, gatherings - - Mutated form of the virus detected in three Norwegians (H1N1: all your vaccines are belong to us)
Alcohol can 'cut risk of heart problems by almost a third in men' | Mail Online

Writer Evan Ratliff Tried to Vanish: Here’s What Happened | Vanish |
Girl, 10, tasered by police with mother's permission - Americas, World - The Independent the town's mayor is calling for an investigation into whether the Taser use was appropriate: the girl will face disorderly conduct charges as a juvenile in the incident (same charge as Skip Gates: disorderly in your own home)
BBC News - Match-fixing inquiry probes 200 European football games

Britain's new Internet law -- as bad as everyone's been saying, and worse. Much, much worse. - Boing Boing
MPAA Says Copyright-Treaty Critics Hate Hollywood | Threat Level | (secret treaty from Obama that you're not allowed to know about)
Smoke Gets In Your Imac: Smoking Near Apple Computers Creates Biohazard, Voids Warranty (Jobbed) - The URL-based image processing service

YouTube - US yet to sign UN child rights treaty 20 years on - 20 Nov 09 (U.S. and Somalia)
Palestinians accuse Israel settlements of diverting water |
What does Israel have against a Palestinian stadium? - Haaretz - Israel News (the fuck you State)
J'lem: Woman arrested for praying with tallit at Kotel | Israel Palestine-Gaza Conflict | Jerusalem Post
BBC News - EU foreign affairs chief Lady Ashton dismisses critics Belgian PM Herman van Rompuy was named President of the European Council.
The Nine Nations of China
Holder's decision on Mohammed trial defended - By Jim Comey and Jack Goldsmith
AFP: McCain predicts success in Afghanistan in 12-18 months (2-3 FU's)
The Seminal » If You Believe Guantanamo Makes Us Safer You Should Have Been Here Today (the bungle-ocracy)

Sub-50% - Ben Smith - (Obama tanking)
Marginal Revolution: What should we do instead of the Obama health reform bill?
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: It's [Still] The Economy, Dumbass
Hullabaloo Auntie Andrea And Little Luke (media: public option supporters are a small group of insane people)
FDL News Desk » FL-02 Poll: Blue Dog Allen Boyd Trailing In Dem Primary (wanted to dismantle Social Security)
Jesus' General: Senators prescribe firearms for PTSD and other mental disabilities
Huff TV: Arianna On Olbermann: Glenn Beck Is "Morally Liable" For His Words "If Violence Ensues From What He Says" (Video)
Hispanics blame Rahm for immigrant ban - Jonathan Allen -
Sen. Wyden wins big healthcare concession - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Small Town To Liz Cheney: We Want Gitmo Detainees, Not Your Fearmongering | The Plum Line
Inhofe To Boxer: 'We Won, You Lost, Get A Life' (VIDEO) "I proudly declare 2009 as the 'Year of the Skeptic,' the year in which scientists who question the so-called global warming consensus are being heard,''
Matthew Yglesias » McCain Vulnerable to Challenge from the Right
Paying for healthcare reform with a 'botax' | Opinion L.A. | Los Angeles Times (mainly women, of course)
Exxon Lawyer: Palin's Account Of Valdez Case 'Cockamamie Bulls**t'
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: 10 Reasons That Sarah Palin Could Win the Republican Nomination
Video of Angry Wingnuts Booing Sarah Palin, Calling Her a “Quitter” & Chanting “Sign Our Books” | Rumproast
Bay Area not maverick enough to read Palin book "Our customers are thinking people," said Nathan Embretson, a bookseller at Pendragon Books in Oakland. "They're not into reading drivel."
YouTube - Why Are So Many Media Conservatives So Obsessed With Rape?

Fed Beaten: Bill To Audit Federal Reserve Passes Key Hurdle (Barney opposes transparency)
Daily Kos: Alan Grayson: "Today Was Waterloo for FED Secrecy,"
'Zombie Buildings': Are They The Next Economic Calamity? (video)
Calculated Risk: Unemployment Rate Increases in 29 States in October (Larry hates non-bank jobs)
Foreclosures Hitting More People With Good Credit - (no, no, it's those ACORN-assisted poor people to blame)
Back to Business - With Help of F.H.A., Easy Loans in Most Expensive Areas - Series - (one mistake after another)
Ohio Sues Credit Rating Agencies -
White House Rebuke: Angry Dems Shut Down Vote

CERN Press Release
YouTube - Confessions of a Converted Lecturer: Eric Mazur
Resource: Minds of Our Own -- Dark Energy Search Could Aid Planet Hunters
5 "Oddball" Crocs Discovered, Including Dinosaur-Eater
The Digital Divide: Why Grandma Should Get Online | LiveScience

CBC News - World - Katrina flooding blamed on 'monumental negligence' (your Army at work)
Survey: Hospitals Not Protecting Electronic Health Records
UC regents approve 32% student fee increase - (students protest)
Texas Accidentally Bans Straight Marriage - Law designed to forbid gay civil unions actually bars any unions
Peru police: Gang killed people for fat - Americas- Cops say gang intended to sell fat on black market for use in cosmetics
The Exponent - Purdue's Student Newspaper: Purdue student arrested in connection with suspicious package (who could have predicted that terrorism laws would be abused?)
CafePress Is Officially Cool with Selling T-Shirts Urging People to Pray for Obama's Death - Gawker
Higgaion » Imprecations, exegesis, and hermeneutics - Children will become orphans and wives will become widows.”
Biblical anti-Obama slogan: Use of Psalm 109:8 funny or sinister? |
YouTube - Frank Schaeffer warns against fundamentalist christians wanting to harm President Obama

Online Harassment: New Texas Internet Law Goes Into Effect (more Texas stupid)
CBC News - Montreal - Depressed woman loses benefits over Facebook photos
YouTube - The Wire - 100 Greatest Quotes
Disney Princesses Deconstructed [PIC]
50 practical tips to save you half a lifetime | Matthew Parris - Times Online

Google PowerMeter
Google says PC will start in seven seconds or less | Technology | Reuters
Microsoft denies it built 'backdoor' in Windows 7
The Best Places To Find Your Next Free Book Online - Free books online - io9
25 Useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets
Attackerman » You And Whose Army? (all surged out)
Ethnic Groups in China - (at least the ones China recognizes)
VQR » Blog » Sixty Hours of Terror: Ten Gunmen, Ten Minutes
ZNet - Minority Death - Minority Death Match: Jews, Blacks, And The “Post-Racial” Presidency (everything is about Israel)

Senate leader unveils $849 billion health care bill -
Senate Dems Close In On Reform: Details Of Health Care Bill Revealed - no federal funds could be used to pay for abortion (but billions for Viagra +taxing your health)
Senate Democrats Unveil Health Bill With Public Option -
Why does the Washington Post keep running fluffy profiles of anti-gay activists? | Media Matters for America
The Washington Monthly: There Bayh Goes Again (Senator from Wellpoint: will vote against raising dept limit: , "it was none other than Evan Bayh who recently voted to "reform" the estate tax, cutting taxes for the extraordinarily rich, at a cost of $750 billion over the next decade. To pay for it, he recommended ... nothing.")
Nelson: I'm Comfortable Being Lone Democrat To Derail Reform (screw you, America)
Instaputz: Comment gold: McCain’s climate facisim (Erick, son of Dimbulb, Erickson)
YouTube - 32% Inflation in UCLA Tuition Causes Near Riots (14 Arrested, 1 Tasered)
Sarah Palin Floats Glenn Beck as a Possible 2012 Running Mate | (Palin/Beck 2012!)
Contrary to media hype, Sarah Palin is very unpopular | Media Matters for America (they just love her)
Think Progress » Fox acknowledges ‘production error’ and promises ‘disciplinary action’ for misleading Palin footage (the Murdoch Lie Network)
Dana Perino Nominated By Obama To Broadcasting Board Of Governors (more bipartisanship from our center-right Republican Pres)
Poll: Majority Of Republicans Don't Think Obama Won 2008 Election (ACORN stole the election)(these are the people Obama is sucking up to)
Report: Rudy Will Run For Senate Against Gillibrand -- And Then For President Again | TPMDC (go 9/11)
U.S. Chamber Reconsidering Plans For Controversial Health Care Study | The Plum Line (far-right lobbying org decided making shit up might not fly)

Geithner Rejects Call to Resign, Faults Republicans -
Calculated Risk: MBA: Record 14.4 Percent of Mortgage Loans in Foreclosure or Delinquent in Q3 (it was all a liquidity problem caused poor people borrowing too much)
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » All roads lead to retranching in CRE crunch - So not just tranching, but creative tranching"
Calculated Risk: MBA Forecasts Foreclosures to Peak in 2011
The Associated Press: New jobless benefit claims unchanged at 505K
Another wave of foreclosures looms - (more waves)
Rep. DeFazio: Fire 'Timmy' Geithner (and dump Larry "The Autistic Guy" Summers)
Jobless Benefits Will Expire Unless Congress Acts -
The End of Credit Card Rip-offs? | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
FDL News Desk » Republicans Move To Permit Credit Card Companies To Jack Up Their Rates For The Next Several Weeks
Vegas on losing end of rough economy | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/19/2009
NJ's first casino says it's in dire straits | AP | 11/18/2009
History of Economic Thought

Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists | Wired Science |
What You Learned in School About How Planes Fly Was Probably Wrong |
Energy saving lightbulbs become dimmer over time | Mail Online (planned dimness)

Blog for Rural America: The Poorest Part of America - Rockies northwards towards the Great Plains
Unprincipled Seniority on Video
Child protection or censorship? - Latest News -
Taser gun used on 10-year-old girl who 'refused to take shower' - Telegraph
TV and Parables of Our Time [Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media]

Apple News | Supply Chain Management
David takes on Goliath as World Programming aims to break SAS's monopoly in the High Court
Woman tracked down nightclub attacker on Facebook - Telegraph

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Soviet lessons from Afghanistan (none learned)
Afghaniscam | Mother Jones
Matthew Yglesias » Spending Trends in Afghanistan
General unsure if repeated combat tours to blame for record Army suicides | Raw Story ("unsure" mofo)
Palestinian families harassed in South Hebron | Ekklesia
CIA Secret Prison Found - ABC News ("torture prison")
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Israeli settlement plan denounced The US and UN have criticised Israel's approval of 900 extra housing units at a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem (in your face, Barack)
Frontline: tehran bureau: a death in tehran | PBS
Corruption Perceptions Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CPI 2009 Table: Corruption Perceptions Index 2009 (New Zealand to Somalia; US at 19)
Ordnance Survey maps to go free online | Technology |

Friedman - What They Really Believe - (Congress beliefs: One is that the globe has been cooling lately, not warming, and the other is that America simply can’t afford any kind of cap-and-trade/carbon tax)
CQ Politics | Democrats Who Don’t Retire Make Takeover Tougher - A lack of competitive open-seat House races in 2010 could complicate Republican efforts to fully maximize a favorable national environment (what?)
Release No. 0575.09: USDA REport Reveals Highest Rate Of Food Insecurity Since Report Was Initiated In 1995 (Republicans: let them eat cake and show some personal initiative)
U.S. Catholic bishops approve document on marriage -- - Aim is to oppose divorce, cohabitation, same-sex unions (and to write your healthcare bill)
Study: Stupak Amendment Will Eliminate Abortion Coverage 'Over Time For All Women' | TPMDC
Hullabaloo: Avowedly With Them (Global War on Liberals and who are the real terrorists?)
Hullabaloo: Death In Life
Slate's unauthorized index of Sarah Palin's autobiography, Going Rogue. - By Christopher Beam - Slate Magazine (moose, 18, 20, 31, 113, 134, 270)
Help! Mom! The Radical Are Running My Country (from the Liberal Monsters Under My Bed psychotic delusional idiots)

Wall Street Profits On Pace For Record, Industry Recovering 'Faster Than Expected': NY State Comptroller
EXCLUSIVE: Two Leading House Dems Will Close $50 Trillion Loophole In Derivatives Reform Bills
Pretty Obvious Question | Talking Points Memo
Insurers Face $23 Billion Loss on Commercial Property - (what?)
In Philadelphia, a Chance to Stave Off Foreclosure -
Interactive: State-by-state numbers for the 'cash for clunkers' program | | The Detroit News (Michagan wins, depending on how you look at it)
Cash for Clunkers Results Finally In: Taxpayers Paid $24,000 per Vehicle Sold, Reports
(Lots of) Cash for Clunkers - Freakonomics Blog -

The Don't Diss Darwin Institute
Breast Cancer: Screening
NASA maps Mars with child labor web games • The Register
Women 'should bare 40 per cent of their bodies to attract men' - Telegraph
The Elephant Sanctuary : Hohenwald Tennessee (elephants and PTSD)
Dr. Andrew Weil: Integrative Mental Health: A New Model For Depression Relief

NYPD raids circulation offices of 4 NYC newspapers - Yahoo! News (Gail Collins to get RICO'd)
Fox News: Fair And Balanced? - A report suggests yes (consider the source)
Center for Media and Public Affairs - Wikipedia - much of its funding has come from conservative sources,
Center for Media and Public Affairs - SourceWatch - "the seed money for [the] center was solicited by the likes of Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson"
Sexism in the Workplace – Confessions of a Woman on Wall Street – ELLE
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Men survive weeks lost in Pacific
Senator calls for police inquiry into Scientology (Oz)
National Geographic Maps | Can Your US Senator Draw Your State?
The Michelin guide and its undercover inspectors : The New Yorker Undercover with a Michelin inspector.
Gap's Christmas cheer makes a boycott backfire --
Naughty or Nice Christmas List 2009 (from the grinches at far-right AFA)

Pigeon: Impossible
YouTube - Vintage Lady Gaga 2005 Song Medley
Armchair viewing (Monoscope)
The Future Sounds Like This: 10 Magnificently Modern Musical Instruments | Art & Design on WebUrbanist
17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat - The Oatmeal -

Münchausen by Internet - Wikipedia
Feds: Top e-tailers profit from billion-dollar Web scam | Digital Media - CNET News
What Do Murdoch's Customers Think About His Pay-Wall Plans? - Advertising Age - The Media Guy
A Look At All The Sites Owned By Rupert Murdoch That 'Steal' Content | Techdirt
Windows 7 Will Win in Business - Reviews by PC Magazine
Google Image Swirl

The Seminal » The Wars Are Unsustainable
Conservative Trio Supports Transferring Gitmo Detainees To Illinois
Informed Comment: Tripathi: Afghanistan and Presidential Dilemmas
CPAC - Video on Demand Afghanistan: Noble Fight or Lost Cause?
Glenn Greenwald - - CNN on our new "huge, huge bomb" to use against Iran
Terrorism - Ex-Islamic radicals on what motivates -- and impedes -- extremism - the most potent weapon for undermining Islamic extremism is the efforts of Westerners to work against their own governments' belligerent policies
Why Is It a Problem? | Talking Points Memo

Shadegg On 9/11 Trials: What If Bloomberg's Daughter Gets Kidnapped? | TPM LiveWire
Newsweek Taps Bush Aide For Obama Reporting (of course they did)
Emptywheel » It’s Greg Craig’s Fault that Dawn Johnsen Hasn’t Been Confirmed
Hullabaloo 49 million Americans! Jesus! who "lacked consistent access to adequate food" by the end of the Bush administration.
The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street Campaign Cash
\Why is Rupert Murdoch so clueless about Fox News? | Media Matters for America (lies straight from mouth of Satan)
Mother of murdered daughter tries to recover life insurance proceeds - Chicago Bar-tender - "insufficient proof of loss"
Countdown’s free clinic in New Orleans reveals health reform’s human stories, demonstrates need for overhaul - Daily Kos TV (beta)
Pruden: Obama lacks "blood impulse" for what America "is about" due to "Kenyan father," "mother attracted to men of the Third World" | Media Matters for America (Washington Post hits a new low in racist, murderous idiocy)
Jim Wallis: Health Care: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (crap from the religious: and the prize ain't for women, either)
Daily Kos: NY-23: Hoffman "Un-Concedes", At Glenn Beck's Urging

Op-Ed Columnist - What the Future May Hold - - The answer will depend to a great extent on decisions we make now about the American infrastructure (Larry Summers hates infrastucture, money doesn't go to banksters)
Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida - (good for them, it always is)
"Going Rogue": The 18 Biggest Falsehoods In Palin's Book
Newsweek should worry more about how to solve its problem with sexism | Media Matters for America
Hullabaloo: Gamming Up The Works (Palin's slutty school-girl costume +jr high media)
Colbert Destroys R.I. Governor For Denying Gay Couples Death Rights (Video) (Don Carcieri made a name for himself, he did)
Beck's Guest List Included White Supremacists, Other Extremists

Bank Bailouts - The Fed asked the banks for concessions. The banks said no. The Fed caved
AMERICAblog News| A great nation deserves the truth: Nobel economist Joe Stiglitz didn't receive invite to Obama "Jobs Summit" either
Regulators File Lawsuit Against Alleged ‘Green’ Investment Ponzi Scheme - Green Inc. Blog -
Jobs Saved or Created in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist - ABC News Human Error Blamed for Crediting New Stimulus Jobs to Nonexistent Places
Audit Faults New York Fed in A.I.G. Bailout - (Timmeh's big giveaway) U.S. vs. China: What Does the Future Hold? (doom)

FDL News Desk » New Mammography Guidelines Would Have Implications For Health Care Bill
Welcome to the clone farm: Do you know what you're eating? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

The LOLCats Rewrite the Bible: Cat Hell, Cat Heaven & The Gospel According to Ceiling Cat - Los Angeles Art - Style Council
The Incompetence of American Airlines & The Fate of Mr. X | Dustin Curtis
Can I Put You On Hold? - Stanley Fish Blog -

Oxford Word of the Year 2009: Unfriend : OUPblog
Google Wave: How to Embed Videos in Wave
Official Google Blog: Templates now available in Google Sites
Bing Captures Almost 10 Percent Search Share In U.S.
Power Efficiency Reports Tune Up Windows 7's Energy Use - windows 7 - Lifehacker
The Post Transaction Marketing Wall Of Shame: Hundreds Of Well Known Ecommerce Sites Rip Off Customers
11 Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Consulting - Convince & Convert
Time-travelling browsers navigate the web's past - tech - 16 November 2009 - New Scientist
Apple's New Patent Is Patently Crazy - PC World (that'll sell alot of Macs)
iTunes & Napster Blasted By Music Download Watchdogs - Yahoo! Finance
China Rules Microsoft Violated Intellectual Property Rights - PC World

Obama China Town Hall: Select Audience, Easy Questions - Time - Handshakes and Vetted Questions
How Cuban American Hard-Liners Influence U.S. Policy With Campaign Donations: Report
Renouncing Islamism: To the brink and back again - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
Welcome Home, War! How America's Wars Are Systematically Destroying Our Liberties (the Bush-Obama war on freedom)
Motive vs. Justification by Jacob G. Hornberger (they hate us because we keep bombing the shit out of their families)
Biggest State Party to Obama: Get Out of Afghanistan | (GTFOoA)

Fox News's faux news | Brad Friedman | Comment is free |
Think Progress » CNN paid Lou Dobbs $8 million to quit.
Report: More Americans going hungry (let them eat cake)
Drug Makers Raising Prices Before Reform - (just like the banks and insurance corps, see a pattern?) Merlyna Adams on Vimeo 98,000 patients are killed annually by medical errors. That’s like two 737s crashing every day for a whole year. Would we blame the passengers or the airlines? Tort law changes won’t fix health care.
Open Left:: Pregnancy: Health and Human Rights
The Effects Of Pregnancy - complications of pregnancy (no need to cover this, just keep the Senatorial viagra flowing)
Abortion and the health-care battle : The New Yorker
The Fix - The most important number in politics today (Cillizza, important WaPo pundit, thinks women are stupid and should be supporting Palin)
Think Progress » Shields: I’m ‘Nostalgic’ For A ‘Manly Man’ President Who Will ‘Kick Some Tail And Ask Questions Afterwards’ (nohomo)
Senate Bill Would Allow "Mentally Incapacitated" Vets to Buy Guns | Mother Jones Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) says his "Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act" will protect veterans' gun rights (also know as the PTSD massacre act)
Boston Review — Tom Barry: A Death in Texas
Poll: Beau Biden Ahead Of Mike Castle In Delaware Senate Race | TPMDC
Why wasn't the NYT's David Brooks honest about Sarah Palin 2008? | Media Matters for America
Palin Accuses AP Of Doing "Opposition Research" In Fact Check of Book (she's opposed to reality and reality is opposed to her)
Palin Suggests Evolution Not Real In "Going Rogue" (and evolution doesn't believe in her)
Dawn Teo: Video: Scuffle Ensues when Neo-Nazis Unfurl Hitler Flag at Tea Party Rally (the Lou Dobbs party: "not about racism")
Beck on health care: "We're the young girl saying 'no, no, help me,' and the government is Roman Polanski" | Media Matters for America (Beck and pedophilia=Limbaugh and anal rape)

Fed ‘Severely Limited’ Savings on AIG, Watchdog Says - (billions lost; part of biggest heist in the history of the planet)
Matthew Yglesias » With Great Political Independence Comes Great Responsibility not to Mire the Country in Double-Digit Unemployment (David Ignatius,important WaPo pundit, is worried about inflation and is stupid)
Focusing the Fed | Mother Jones
Matthew Yglesias » Bernanke: No Jobs for You
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » How can the government reduce unemployment? (because construction workers are the only workers)
Census: Small US Cities Hit Hard By Recession
Eric Lotke: What Chinese Currency Manipulation Looks Like
China has now become the biggest risk to the world economy - Telegraph
RGE - The Worst is yet to Come: Unemployed Americans Should Hunker Down for More Job Losses
Confusion Over Where Money Lent on Kiva Goes -
Kiva Is Not Quite What It Seems | David Roodman's Microfinance Open Book Blog
Steelworkers Partner With World’s Largest Worker-Owned Co-Op - Working In These Times
Want to be happier? You may need to move - - Utah tops list, followed closely by Washington and Minnesota, study shows (and be Mormon)
Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

Swine flu: One killer virus, three key questions : Nature News Nature reports from three laboratories scrutinizing the pandemic flu virus.
Vaccine against chlamydia not far away
Global warming threatens to rob Italy of pasta - Times Online
Algae and Light Help Injured Mice Walk Again | Magazine
Analyzing structural brain changes in Alzheimer's disease
The Top New Dinosaurs of 2009 - Dinosaur Discoveries - Popular Mechanics
Las Vegas Nervously Watches The Water Drop | The New Republic

Retracing the path of Easy Rider on its 40th anniversary. (1) - By Keith Phipps - Slate Magazine
In Cold Blood, half a century on | Books | The Guardian
The Block: The complete history of Eldridge Street between Stanton and Rivington.
Wisconsin Death Trip Photographs - a set on Flickr
Arkansas Times: A boy and his flag Why Will won’t pledge.
Will Phillips, 10-Year-Old, Won't Pledge Allegiance To A Country That Discriminates Against Gays (video)
Hey, kid, you’d better make that pledge | Arkansas News
Calvin and Hobbes, September 08, 1988 — UCLICK
YouTube - Laurie Anderson PSA: "National Anthem"
'Vomit on the table' and speak like a 1950s hipster | Culture | The Guardian
Stars lined up for new audio Bible --
YouTube - The Complex of All of These
Driving distractions: kids (women), road rage (men) - RedEye
Woman Who Cut In Line At Walmart Could Face Prison Time In Racially Charged Incident - young black schoolteacher faces a trial that could send her to prison for 15 years.
8 Carrie Prejean Sex Tapes Unearthed, Dozens Of Topless Photos: Radar: Seven more "biggest mistakes" of her life all of them solo performances,
YouTube - OOBE - Out Of Body Experience
YouTube - Out of Body Experience Techniques Part 1

Internet addiction can harm real relationships
Respected developers begin fleeing from App Store platform - Ars Technica (tired of being Jobbed)
History of iPhone Tethering and AT&T Failure to Deliver - iSmashPhone iPhone Blog

Book Review - 'The Ground Truth - The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11,' by John Farmer - Review -

The World in 2010: forecasting the year ahead | The Economist
United States: Mr Obama's unpromising year | The Economist Americans will blame bad times on the president
David S. Broder - David S. Broder on Obama's Afghanistan choices - Given that reality, the urgent necessity is to make a decision -- whether or not it is right (yeah because the wrong ones have turned out so right: Broder is a murderous idiot)
Netherlands to levy 'green' road tax by the kilometre - Yahoo! News
Weather is manipulated again for snow (but they didn't have any snow-plows)

In House, Many Spoke With One Voice - Lobbyists’ - - Statements by more than a dozen lawmakers were ghostwritten, in whole or in part, by Washington lobbyists working for Genentech (what they're paid to do)
"SNL" Comes Down On Obama Administration For Caving On Public Option (video) (our center-right Republican Pres)
Liz Cheney Suggests Dad Dick As 2012 Presidential Candidate (video) (or he'll shoot you in the face)
FDL News Desk » Yes, The Stupak Amendment Would End Insurance Coverage Of Abortion Over Time
Rogue Fact: Palin attacks "Democrat lawmaker" who's actually a Republican | Media Matters for America
McCain Campaign Emails Contradict Palin's "Going Rogue"
'Pimp' in ACORN video shares story -- | Young conservative activist Hannah Giles speaks in Santa Barbara -- (they're pround alot of folks won't get help)
News Hounds: Hannity, Pimpin' for Hannah Giles' Legal Defense Fund
ACORN Sues Over 'Unconstitutional' Funding Cuts By Congress - - That qualifies the legislation as bills of attainder
The Associated Press: ACORN lawsuit raises question: Can it survive?
The Bobblespeak Translations: This Week with George Stephanopoulos with Hillary Clinton - November 15, 2009
The Bobblespeak Translations: Meet the Press with Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich & Al Sharpton - November 15, 2009
Boston Review — Tara McKelvey: God, the Army, and PTSD - Is religion an obstacle to treatment? (Republicans have always hated the troops)

Bob Herbert - A Recovery for Some - (but probably not for you)
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect The Fed Is Responsible for 10.2 Percent Unemployment in the Same Way That Al Queda Was Responsible for September 11th - David Ignatius in the Washington Post is trying to rewrite history (evil newspaper)
Gretchen Morgenson: Lobbyists Win Again In Securing Tax Break For Home Builders

Inside Livermore Lab's Race to Invent Clean Energy |
Why Do Atheists Care About Religion? : Living the Scientific Life (Scientist, Interrupted)
Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math - New York Times
Who Needs Mathematicians for Math, Anyway? by Sandra Stotsky, City Journal 13 November 2009
A Brief History of American K-12 Mathematics Education in the 20th Century
Kumon Math | Kumon Learning Centers
The Motherhood Penalty: Working Moms Face Pay Gap Vs. Childless Peers - BusinessWeek

Belle de Jour
Twitter / Belle de Jour: @miketd Actually, we went ...
Scientist announces that she is call girl and blogger Belle de Jour | Technology |
Is Dr Brooke Magnanti, a scientist of 34, Belle de Jour? | Mail Online
NSFW: ‘Tis Pity She’s A Success – Belle de Jour and the Impossibility of Anonymous Blogging
Barbelith: Laboratory: The Autopsy

Caitlin Upton, Miss Teen South Carolina, Learns Where Babies Come From (VIDEO) After doing her due diligence on natural child birth, Caitlin sits down with Octomom in the second video to talk about IVF. It's a pretty weird combo.
Blogging moms wooed by food firms --
YouTube - Elf Yourself Dancing Flash Mob Invades NYC
The 5 Worst Cities for Urban Youth - ABC News
35 Amazing Science Fair Projects: Pics, Videos, Links, News
Full List of Stuff White People Like « Stuff White People Like

Why U.S. Wireless Pricing Sucks - Wireless - Gizmodo
Top 5 Social Engineering Exploit Techniques - PC World
5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases

Book Review - 'The Ground Truth - The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11,' by John Farmer - Review - - “History should record that whether through unprecedented administrative incompetence or orchestrated mendacity, the American people were misled about the nation’s response to the 9/11 attacks.”
Is the Case Against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Strong Enough? - Time (yeah, and don't pay too much attention to the torture thing)
High Costs Weigh on Troop Debate for Afghan War - $1 million per soldier per year
Predator Drones: Obama Is Waging A New War | Gather killed more than 500 people. This is a pace that has Obama authorizing more Predator drone strikes in Pakistan in 10 months, than G.W. Bush authorized the last three years of his administration.
Huge Rise in Birth Defects in Fallujah, and "Squirters" | Rutabaga Ridgepole's Blog
On Assignment: Afghanistan - Lens Blog -
Captured Photo Collection » Photographer Collection: David Guttenfelder in Afghanistan Photos
YouTube - Palestinians denied access to water - 14 Nov 09
Where Americans die abroad -

Bob Bauer's credentials challenged - Kenneth P. Vogel -
White House Plan on Immigration Includes Legal Status -
Insurance exchange may have loophole - 'A leak in the system' Insurers could draw healthy people out of new markets
Health Industry Winning Round On Privacy Of Digital Health Records
Utah becomes a battleground in the GOP's civil war -- Sen. Robert Bennett is under fire from those in the party who find him insufficiently conservative
Hullabaloo If Only It Were So, Joe (Lou Dobbs for Pres!)
Palin's Enemies List: Lashes Out At The Media, Bloggers, And SNL Writers
Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Herbert - A Recovery for Some - - Wall Street can boast about recovery all it wants, much of America remains trapped in economic hell
Alan Greenspan Says the Federal Reserve Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble - Any new regulations should help direct savings toward productive investments (no-bubble-boy Greenspan made no mistakes)
Getting Off Track: How Government Actions and Interventions Caused, Prolonged, and Worsened the Financial Crisis
America's House Party - Time
Did Christianity Cause the Crash? - The Atlantic (December 2009) - the prosperity gospel
The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus - from Al Franken and Don Simpson

Are men really more competitive than women? - By Ray Fisman - Slate Magazine - Don't bet on it.
Cryptographic voting debuts
Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk ... [Am J Clin Nutr. 2007] - PubMed result
Love And Envy Linked By Same Hormone, Oxytocin
Malaria Drugs: Artemisinin-Resistant Strain Appears - time
Scientists find new drug that can destroy leukaemia cells PBOX-15
Scientists Develop Rot-Proof Apple that Stays Fresh for 4 Months : TreeHugger
Woman Allergic to Husband's Sperm
2009 Leonid Meteor Shower: "Strong Outburst" Expected

Meep: So to sum up, Principal Murray and Assistant Principal Strout have provided an astonishingly stereotypical example of cluelessness (Danvers, Ma: meep-meep)
Lawyer sends email saying "meep" to school principal who banned "meep." Threatened with police action. Now we must all do the same. Play along sheeple! : funny (,, +Fax: 978-777-8931)

Higher education master plan getting ignored California's Master Plan for Higher Education
A rude awakening for youths out too late -- O.C. authorities round up teenagers and call their parents to stress curfew enforcement.
Andrew Zuckerman: Bird
November 2009: Jason Zinoman on Robert Mckee | | Robert McKee’s Unconvincing Story

How to destroy a botnet - Viruses, Spyware and other Nasties News Story
Under The Microscope » Blog Archive » Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.0.1 Finally Ships (Jobbed)

YouTube - Obama Promise To End The War, 2007 - "You Can Take That To The Bank" (and you know what happened to the banks)
Holder: Unfair To Blame Greg Craig For Gitmo Failures "I think it is going to be difficult to close that facility by January the 22nd," Holder told reporters
Holder Lights Political Firestorm With Detainee Move | TPMDC
Former Bush Admin AG Slams Holder On 9/11 Trials | TPMDC (Mukasey: "trials are for pussies")
Rep. King: New White House Counsel Brought In To Protect...ACORN! | TPMDC
Errol Morris on his new Iraq documentary | Standard Operating Procedure | The Q&A | Movies | Entertainment Weekly
Huge rise in birth defects in Falluja | World news |
Another Afghan war: Media leaks spark administration fight | McClatchy Stanley McChrystal, feels he was "stabbed in the back"
Army Says Morale Has Fallen Among Troops In Afghanistan
Stabbed in the back! The past and future of a right-wing myth, By Kevin Baker (Harper's Magazine)
BBC NEWS | Europe | Spanish 'self love' lessons row - The scheme has angered Spain's Roman Catholics and conservative media.
Everyone in Britain could be given a personal 'carbon allowance' - Telegraph
Duke Professor Finishes Yale's Job, Prints Mohammed Images in New Book; FIRE Co-signs Statement of Principle - FIRE
Armistice Day Remembrances - The Big Picture -
The Fall of Mexico - The Atlantic (December 2009) (failed narco-state: 14,000 dead in 3 years)

Time for men to make a sacrifice | Katha Pollitt | Comment is free | Women are being asked to shut up and accept the ban on abortion funding in the US healthcare reform bill. We won't
The Washington Monthly: Stupak Starts Making Threats (the Rep from Yooperville: poor little prima-donna)
Daily Kos: Stupak: It's All the Liberals' Fault! (maybe too much attention: voted for no abortion coverage for incest, life of the mother, and forcible rape - true colors dept)
Whose Team Is It, Anyway? Subject to Debate Peter Beinart writes in the Daily Beast, "there is no alternative" than for Democrats to abandon "cultural" issues like gender and racial equality
Wonk Room » EJ Dionne To Democrats: ‘Learn To Live’ With Health Reform That Leaves Women Behind (WaPo throws women under the bus, big surprise)
Hullabaloo - What If they Don't? - by digby
Sarah Palin Book 'Going Rogue' Confirms Tension With McCain Aides - ABC News (+she's pissed at Couric)
RNC to opt out of abortion coverage - Jonathan Allen and Meredith Shiner -
Will Lefty Web Get Any Credit For Lou Dobbs Ouster? | The Plum Line
Ashleigh Banfield Joining ABC News: TVNewser (fired by MSNBC in '03 over war coverage criticism)
What Melody Barnes Said About Gay Marriage | Mother Jones - "Barnes certainly implied that she and President Obama have a difference of opinion when it comes to gay marriage" (Obama: marriage is only between a man and a woman)
Lynn Vincent, Palin Co-Author, Has Anti-Gay History homosexuality, which she calls "deviance" and a "disorder"
The Palin press orgy: Who cares? | Media Matters for America (beltway media loves Republican losers)
CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - McCain official: Palin claim ‘100 percent untrue’ « - Blogs from (exact words were "big fat liar")
"Going Rogue" Fact Check: Palin's Book Goes Rogue On Some Facts, AP Says
Matthew Continetti: Can Sarah Palin Make a Comeback? - Her poll numbers among independents are strong enough to give her a chance.
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Feel the Thunementum (Brooks: "Nohomo")
Video: Preggers Can't Be Choosers | The Daily Show | Comedy Central
Stewart Responds To Hannity's Apology: Nothing's Worth Sitting Through His Show (video)
State Sen. Schultheis' "let's roll" tweet criticizing Obama stirs ire - The Denver Post (this week's "worst person in the world")
Anita Dunn Takes Parting Shot At Fox, Hannity And Beck
No More Mister Nice Blog - Is Krauthammer Saying It Should Be Illegal Not To Call Hasan A Terrorist? (the twisted neo-con mind)
U.S. Law Definition of Terrorism: means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents (Murdoch fits that definition)
The Man Who Beat Glenn Beck - The Daily Beast
Spitzer's Ethics Speaking Gig At Harvard Upsets Madam - Gothamist

After spending binge, White House says it will focus on deficits - Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei -
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Annals of Our Broken Congress: Jobs Edition.
Krugman - Free to Lose -
U.S. arrests and charges two Madoff programmers | U.S. | Reuters

Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions

Crashed satellite detects water at moon's pole -
Laboratory Equipment - Researchers Erase Cervical Cancer in Mice
Using photosynthesis to power hydrogen production - Ars Technica
Forty Years' War - Medicines to Deter Some Cancers Are Not Taken - Series -

A Turning Point for Eminent Domain? - Room for Debate Blog - (2005 Supreme Court decision proved brain-dead)
Two German Killers Demanding Anonymity Sue Wikipedia’s Parent - (whose names would be Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber)
Convicted Murderer Sues Wikipedia, Demands Removal of His Name | Threat Level |
Convicted Murderer To Wikipedia: Shhh! | Electronic Frontier Foundation ("Oh, and by the way, the convicts were Wolfgang Werlé and his half-brother Manfred Lauber.")
Meep! Nonsense Word Gets Students in Hot Water - ABC News Massachusetts High School Principal Threatens to Suspend Students Caught Meeping

The ''Mega'' Sites: Bigger Than Facebook - How piracy pushed two unknown music and video sites into the Internet's major league - Carpathia Hosting (you know, as in Left Behind's anti-Christ)
Verizon: How Much Do You Charge Now? - Pogue’s Posts Blog -
Google’s Plan to Make the Web Twice as Fast (get rid of http; now Comcast and Verizon won't have to upgrade)
Google says Docs to catch up to Office next year | Business Tech - CNET News
Google making Waves across all its Apps?
How Skype Can Quickly and Easily Become a Social Network (and Clean Facebook’s Clock)
Opera's Settings File Explained

Clicker - What's On Online
Mystery Man’s Seven Scripts You Gotta Read! | mypdfscripts
The Witness | Award-winning Documentary | Tribe of Heart: The Art of Peaceful Transformation
YouTube - Homeopathy with Dr. Werner
Disaster Movie Moments That Pissed Us Off The Most - twister - io9
Women of reddit, what things do you hate that guys do in bed? : AskReddit
YouTube - A basic lesson in snap
YouTube - No Mas Presents: Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

Politics: U.N. Affirms Israeli-Hamas War Crimes Report - IPS
Official: Obama Does Not Plan To Accept Afghan War Options, Wants Handover Details
Colin Powell To Obama On Afghanistan Troop Decision: "Take Your Time"
Firedoglake » McChrystal Reported “Fuming” over Eikenberry’s Afghanistan Warnings (fume away, criminal General)
As US Ambassador Casts Doubt on Troop Increase in Afghanistan, New Report Reveals US Indirectly Funding the Taliban
Did Texas kill an innocent man? | Democracy in America | (Rick Perry did)
Asia Times Online :: US finally wise to Pyongyang's ways
How The West Hijacked The Berlin Wall Revolution - By Tim Mohr - The eXiled

Hullabaloo An Immoderate Proposal (strip Viagra from the "exchange" and Medicare too: much more expensive than an abortion)
American Adviser to Kurds Stands to Reap Oil Profits - (sleazeball: Peter Galbraith "stands to earn perhaps a hundred million or more dollars as a result of his closeness to the Kurds")
Editors’ Note - Editor's Note -
Glenn Greenwald - Peter Galbraith's vast, undisclosed financial interests in the policies he spent years advocating as an "expert." (hundreds of thousands dead so Galbraith could make money)
Hullabaloo Senators from both parties on Tuesday put new pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to turn the power to trim entitlement benefits over to an independent commission (recipe for disaster, but conservadems love it)
Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum on same-sex marriage issue - Same-sex marriage bill, as written, called a threat to social service contracts (resurgent paleo-Catholics)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect | Why Does Wolf Blitzer Hate America? (certainly hates fair trials for Muslims)
Lou Dobbs Abruptly Quits CNN - (probably going to Fox Business, which no-one watches)
A tale of two networks | Media Matters for America (Lou Dobbs vs Glenn "Psycho" Beck)
Andy Borowitz: Lou Dobbs Returns to His Planet; 'My Work Here is Done'
YouTube - Lou Dobbs House Shooting Story Contradicted By Police
Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN for Cartoon Network - Borowitz Report
The agony of Fox Business - Paul Krugman Blog - So the whole idea of Fox Business is problematic. It’s Fox, which means that it’s basically an arm of the GOP; but that’s a terrible match for business coverage, because the economy just refuses to punish liberals and reward conservatives the way it’s supposed to.
Cold Day In Hell: Fox News' Sean Hannity Apologizes To Jon Stewart | TPM LiveWire

Ratigan Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
10 Years Later, Looking at Repeal of Glass-Steagall - DealBook Blog -

ETA Press Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report: 11//12/09
F.H.A. Says Cash Reserves Are Down Sharply - ("running on empty")
Calculated Risk: Case-Shiller Home Price Index Increases in August
White House Aims to Cut Deficit With TARP Cash - (and they need a second stimulus?)
10 States Face Looming Budget Disasters: Pew Report (Cal + Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin
Charity Filing Provides a Glimpse of Goldman -
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The shipping industry’s $350 billion debt (dodgy shipping loans)
Is 'Buy American' Bad for America? |
Warren Buffett: investor extraordinaire
Charles Gasparino: Robert Rubin: The Man at the Nexus of Big Business and Big Government (destructo-capitalist)

Cactus Flight 1549 Accident Reconstruction (US Airways)
BPA Tied to Impotence in Men - Yahoo! News
Christopher Gavigan: Chemicals In Everyday Products Turning Boys Into Girls?
AMA Advocates Change in Marijuana Classification : The Scientific Activist
Dinos Evolved by Fattening Up : Discovery News Saurpods may have evolved after their ancestors fattened up on prehistoric junk food.
ESA Portal - First view of Earth as Rosetta approaches home - images
How Food Preferences Vary by Political Ideology
YouTube - Polar Obsession (National Geographic)

On air: Anything wrong with this dress? « BBC World Have Your Say
Crime: A Tale of Two Cities - An American in London; A Brit in Baltimore - The Baltimore Sun
Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities for Pedestrians - ABC News (all in the South, FL is a death-trap, wtf?)
Greg Mitchell: The Great Atomic Film Cover-Up
We're Only Human...: Seeing the World in Black and White
EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin as 'Blunder Woman' in MAD Magazine -
Police property seizures ensnare even the innocent | | The Detroit News Money raised by Metro Detroit agencies increases 50% in five years ("even when authorities admit no offense was committed" - all your property belongs to the cops)
7 Things "Good Parents" Do (That Screw Kids Up for Life) |
25 Chicago Students Arrested for a Middle-School Food Fight - (all sent to Gitmo)
California Cities Ban Cat Declawing : Discovery News
December 2009: Jim Windolf on Cuteness |
MTV vs. Martial Law | Three Imaginary Girls
NuFormer’s 3-D Building Projections

Twitter, Coming to a Serious Racial Discussion Near You | NBC Connecticut Twenty-six percent of African-Americans online use Twitter or other status-updating sites like Twitter. That far exceeds that 19% of white web users and 18% of Hispanic web users
What Happened To Apple's Software Quality? - HotHardware (Steve Jobs?)
Apple App Store Takes Tiny Step Toward Transparency | Gadget Lab | (Jobistan)
PeerBlock File-Sharing Safety Tool Clocks 100,000 Downloads | TorrentFreak
If Was Honest |
Rock (and U.S. Oil Production) Is Dead | GOOD
Groklaw - Microsoft Patents Sudo?!! - Updated 2Xs

How the US Funds the Taliban
Karl Eikenberry Dissents On Afghan Troop Increase
Editorial - A National Disgrace - The Italian court got it right. The American court got it miserably wrong (Obama justice)
Iraqi court rules Guardian defamed Nouri al-Maliki | World news | The Guardian Court orders Guardian to pay prime minister damages over article that quoted allegations of increasing authoritarianism (Brit law)
Blackwater Said to Approve $1 Million in Iraqi Bribes After Shootings - (but ... ACORN!)
Brazil Looks for Answers After Huge Blackout -
BBC NEWS | Europe | Leaders build Franco-German ties This year will be the first time a German chancellor has ever participated in the commemoration of Armistice Day, when Germany was defeated in France.
China’s Tough Measures on Flu Appear to Pay Off -
Legal ceremonies for same-sex couples - ABC News (in Australia)
Samoan diplomat sues federal officials over arrest -

Calitics:: Will Pelosi Call DiFi's Reckless Bluff? - Sen. Dianne Feinstein is joining 6 other Senators to demand that Speaker Nancy Pelosi approve a commission to recommend cuts to Medicare and Social Security - or else they'll refuse to vote to increase the US government's debt ceiling:
Pharma Deal With White House on Course to Net Industry Billions (137Bn Obama gift to the drugsters)
Marcia Angell, M.D.: Is the House Health Care Bill Better than Nothing?
Daily Kos: Abortion: A rational discussion
Jon Stewart Catches Sean Hannity Falsifying Footage To Make GOP Protest Appear Bigger (Video) (the Satan News Network)
Hannity to Address Protest Video Questions - Media Decoder Blog - (with more lies)
Palin: Dems will apply abortion mind-set to elderly - (+"Palin disturbed "In God We Trust" has been moved to the edge of new coins. “Who calls a shot like that?” she demanded. “Who makes a decision like that?” That would be the 2005 Republican Congress and George W. Bush, you stupid bitch")
Senator Reid tees up 2010 jobs bill - (good luck with that)
US Sen. Lindsey Graham censured by SC county GOP | AP | 11/11/2009 Republican leaders in a South Carolina county have censured their own U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham for working with Democrats on a climate bill and other legislation (even Lindsey Graham isn't enough of a wingnut for the party of fuckyou)

Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN - Media Decoder Blog -
The Washington Monthly - Lieberman Won't 'Wiggle' On Public-Private Competition
Think Progress » Marine reservist chases, assaults Greek Orthodox priest whom he mistook for an Arab terrorist.
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein: Our Employees Are Among The Most Productive In The World (billions more productive)

Fannie and Freddie Fire Their Own Inspector General (one way to fix the problem)
Calculated Risk: Orange County: Foreclosure Notices Hit Record High
Calculated Risk: Loan Modifications: Key Numbers not Released (Obama claims national security)
Huff TV: WATCH: HuffPost's Roy Sekoff On Massive Bank Bonuses: White House Continues To Coddle Wall St (Obamacare for the banksters)
The Paranoid Style | Talking Points Memo

Aardonyx celestae: New Dinosaur Species Discovered (walked on two legs)
The Dirt On Dust : NPR
BBC NEWS | Health | Drug 'shrinks lung cancer tumour' PD173074 blocks FGF-2 from attaching to tumour cells.
Will probe's upcoming fly-by unlock exotic physics? - space - 10 November 2009 - New Scientist
Heal Emru: Stem Cell Awareness and The Black Community
Cloud of Atlases by The Editors - The Morning News
A defense of jaywalking. - By Tom Vanderbilt - Slate Magazine

The Progressive Puppy: Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Burial Rights For Gay Couples (burying gays together is an assault on traditional marriage)
Salt Lake OKs gay rights laws with Mormon backing

Barry Levinson: The Delusions of Alessandra Stanley (and they wonder why newpapers are dying)
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong : CJR Alessandra Stanley’s troubling history of error
ABC Totally Pissed At Alessandra Stanley - Gawker
Play-By-Play: The Self-Loathing NYT's Ultimate Alessandra Stanley Flogging - Gawker
DownWithTyranny!: Apparently hack TV critic Alessandra Stanley is what passes for "intellectual heft" at the NYT -- yikes!
The Alessandra Stanley Watch: Arrested Criticism - Alessandra Stanley - Gawker
reference tone: The Wrongest Critic
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Create Your Own Thomas Friedman Op-Ed Column

Google Wave Info » Blog Archive » Google Wave Cheat Sheet
Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection at Airport Hotspots - Wi-Fi - Lifehacker
Issue 9 - go - I have already used the name for *MY* programming language - Project Hosting on Google Code
Google Offers A 16 Terabyte Cloud Drive For $4,096 A Year
20 Essential Tricks and Skills Every BitTorrent User Should Know | Maximum PC

mental_floss Blog » The Late Movies: Dogs Welcoming Home Soldiers
I just found a cellphone video of my wife fucking her boss. I also found a dozen photos of boss jacking off. : AskReddit
The 15 Funniest Pet Videos The Web Has To Offer: Send Us Your Own!
Red Scare: Our Favorite Comic Book Communists -
Video: Hacked Roombas Used to Play Pac-Man, Finally! - Roomba pac-man - Gizmodo
cyoa - One Book, Many Readings
New York Books - Nabokov, Meet 50 Cent: Zadie Smith's Changing My Mind - page 1

Obama Narrows Afghan Strategy To 4 Possible Options ("narrowed")
Bob Herbert - A Word, Mr. President - - “Mr. President, you have two urgent and overwhelming tasks in front of you: to put Americans trapped in this terrible employment crisis back to work and to put the brakes on your potentially disastrous plan to escalate the war in Afghanistan.” (surge!)
Are nuclear weapons safe in Pakistan? : The New Yorker - Defending the Arsenal - Sy Hersh
Leverage Against Netanyahu - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan (push-back on Israel is the boss of US)
Ministers cancel 'Big Brother' database - UK Politics, UK - The Independent Plan to store details of every phone call and email 'kicked into long grass' after furore
From EFF's Secret Files: Anatomy of a Bogus Subpoena | Electronic Frontier Foundation Can the U.S. government secretly subpoena the IP address of every visitor to a political website? No, but that didn't stop it from trying (Obama's new spy state)
Kazakhstan's radioactive legacy - The Big Picture -
Three more government drug advisers resign | Politics |
Glenn Greenwald - - The NYT columnist who has supported four wars on Muslims in six years decries the Islamic disregard for human life (that would be none other than David Brooks)

NYRblog - One-Term President? - The New York Review of Books - Obama buying a second presidential term with the lives of hundreds or thousands of young American men and women in the military?
Bernie Sanders Could Filibuster Health Care Bill That Does Not Include a Public Option | Video Cafe (The Hill: "Sanders is staking out a far-left position" - and since a majority of Americans want a PO, that makes America ... wait for it ... a far-left nation!)
Hullabaloo: Status Quo (on abortion has already been dealt away +Obama "suggested" because "said" is too partisan)
Democrats Raise Alarms Over Costs of Health Bills -
Wonk Room » Fred Hiatt Makes Up Statistics To Claim Health Care Would Bankrupt America (neo-cons at work: health-care will hurt the poor)
Open Left:: The Foolish Strategery of Democrats Who Oppose Health Care Reform
Boxer: Senate Has Votes To Block Stupak Amendment
I Think The Word Is "Tailwind" | Talking Points Memo (it's always good news for Republicans, even when they're backing butt-first into the wind)
MoveOn Targets Dems Who Voted Against Reform
Daily Kos: A look back at the House health bill fight
Think Progress » Rep. Kilroy: GOP Shouting Down Democratic Women Was A ‘Sexist’ Attempt To Put Us ‘In Our Place’
Dems blast Sessions women-to-smokers comparison - Glenn Thrush - (addicted to uteruses)
Republicans Giving Women 'Back Of The Hand Treatment': Wasserman-Schultz (get back in your place)
Senate Stonewallers - Page 1 - The Daily Beast Capitol Hill’s most ornery No Men (Lieberputz!)
Political eyes on Republican Scozzafava after conservatives urge her to quit - It's a Grand Old Purging as moderate's ouster spotlights Republican dysfunction
Jon Stewart Mocks Use Of Leis, Babies, And The Holocaust To Argue Against Health Care Reform (video)
Idaho GOP leader Hall fired as deputy prosecutor, quits national committee after stalking conviction | News Updates | Idaho Statesman
instaputz: So. Very. Confused (Jonah "Son of Lucien" Goldberg, NRO, is beyond stupid, but what did you expect?)
Poll: Snowe Could Lose 2012 GOP Primary In Landslide To Conservative Challenger | TPMDC (Queen Olympia's month in the sun didn't help)
ActBlue — We've Got Your Back
AMERICAblog Gay | Don't Ask, Don't Give

Murdoch: Beck 'Was Right,' Obama Made Racist Comment (video) (straight from the mouth of Satan)
Daily Kos: Time to celebrate -- Murdoch to hide his crap That level of ignorance of the medium is breathtaking (Satan isn't that smart)
New York Post Lawsuit: Shocking Allegations Made By Fired Employee Sandra Guzman (Satan's frat house)

Dodd's Banking Bill Takes The Fed Down A Notch Or Two: HELP US DIG THROUGH IT
Armey of ignorance - Paul Krugman Blog - seriously disgusting interview with Dick Armey (go Republifucks: poor people caused financial meltdown)
Dodd Offers Senate Plan for Financial Overhaul - (banks spending billions of taxpayer money to defeat regulation)
Schwarzenegger: This year's budget gap may hit $7 billion - Sacramento Bee
Poll: Voters skeptical of state reform proposals -- (more of the same)
Switchboard, from NRDC :: Kaid Benfield's Blog :: Major real estate report: shift to urban living is “fundamental,” outer suburbs may “lack staying power”

NASA Reproduces A Building Block Of Life In Laboratory uracil,
Miniature Robots to Swarm the Oceans | LiveScience
Debate: Modern Pork Production and H1N1 - Green Inc. Blog -
NASA on a crusade to debunk 2012 apocalypse myths
Good food nation MIT researchers think America's obesity epidemic can be reversed via ‘foodsheds,’ in which healthier, more affordable food is produced and consumed regionally.
Engineered Rabbit Penises Raise Human Hopes | (Republican men will add coverage to health bill)

Judge tells of perverted justice in Luzerne juvenile cases | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/10/2009 | Lawyers, court employees, and school officials knew of the scheme, but winked at it for convenience or self-preservation, Grim testified - "not a single member of the Luzerne County bar ever spoke out."
Cyber War: Sabotaging the System - 60 Minutes - CBS News 60 Minutes: Former Chief of National Intelligence Says U.S. Unprepared for Cyber Attacks (CBS spreads bogus info to justify NSA Cyper-Corps)
Brazilian Blackout Traced to Sooty Insulators, Not Hackers | Threat Level |
Feds’ Smart Grid Race Leaves Cybersecurity in the Dust | Threat Level |

Disgruntled Star Editor Takes Constructive Revenge - Torontoist
A camera that reads text aloud - Big Tech - Fortune Brainstorm Tech
Windows 7 is quickly displacing Vista -- but not XP | Windows - InfoWorld
32-bit Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows 7? | Windows - InfoWorld
Windows 7: The essential guide | Windows - InfoWorld
Social Networks Continue To Rally Around Twitter As LinkedIn Goes Tweet Crazy Too
New Version of Google Search Is Launching Soon
How to Make a Baby on Vimeo

China Executes 9 Over Ethnic Riots -
Kashmir in the Afghanistan-Pakistan equation | The AfPak Channel - Twenty-four of Pakistan's 26 military divisions remain idling on the Indian border, waiting and watching. They refuse to redeploy to the extremist heartland in the west, even as the country is wracked by brazen acts of terrorism.
Glenn Greenwald - - Is using aid to Israel as leverage becoming a mainstream idea? Two establishment columnists raise what has long been a taboo topic (both Jewish)
Simon Mann, freed dog of war, is demanding justice | World news | The Observer he British mercenary is seeking vengeance on others he says were part of the failed 'Wonga Coup' – including Mark Thatcher (yeah, remember that?)
ontd_political: Teabaggers think Jews should "stop whining" about the "Hollowcaust"
Anne Frank diary offends Lebanon's Hezbollah - Yahoo! News
The Lost Border: Photographs of the Iron Curtain By Brian Rose
Government's chief scientist backs David Nutt on cannabis - Telegraph
Cannabis use in Europe: Pot luck | The Economist

Op-Ed Columnist - Paranoia Strikes Deep - What all this shows is that the G.O.P. has been taken over by the people it used to exploit ... Something unprecedented is happening here — and it’s very bad for America.
Daily Kos: What the Stupak-Pitts Coathanger Amendment Does (64 Dems + all Republicans want you to die)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Unreliable Narration Amy Sullivan asserts that the Stupak-Pitts amendment was the result of "political malpractice" Sullivan's longstanding niche among the "Democrats need to do much more pandering to cultural reactionaries"
Daily Kos: Jack Reed: Snowe trigger still under discussion in Senate
Do or Die: The Six Senators Who Will Decide the Fate of Health Care Reform | TPMDC (that would be "die")
Polarized News? The Media's Moderate Bias - time ("balanced" article)
Club For Growth Backs Rubio | TPMDC In politics, money can buy you love. NYT Opinionator: Pam Spaulding = Glenn Beck (cause a blogger=Fox Network)
Murdoch could block Google searches entirely | Media | (and will hold his breath 'til he turns very deep red)
Rupert Murdoch, tech-genius, preparing for war with Google? | Media Matters for America
Google: Rupert Murdoch can block us if he wants to - Telegraph (Murdoch wants Google to pay for sending him free business)
Washington Times Executive Editor John Solomon Considering Options -- Including Resignation -- After Newsroom Shakeup | TPM LiveWire (hackitude +Moonie paper in trouble)
Did Mini-Controversy Over Review Of New Wash Times Publisher's Book Have Something To Do With Staff Shakeup? | TPM LiveWire

FDL News Desk » Senate Likely To Need 60 Votes To Insert Stupak Amendment Into Health Care Bill
FDL Action » NARAL Board Member Lincoln Chaffee Voted For Cloture On Alito - Anybody still wondering why NARAL didn’t start organizing pro-choice Dems on July 1, when Stupak wrote his first letter? Nah, me either.
FDL Action » Kucinich: “There Weren’t 14 Votes To Force Single Payer Vote, and Nobody Tried to Get Them”
Hullabaloo: Broken Rear-View Mirror (NARAL needs to hold Nancy Keenan accountable for being completely ineffectual +Amy Sullivan is an idiot, as usual +revenge for public option +women's right are politically optional)

The Jobless Rate for People Like You - Interactive Graphic -
Wall Street Bonuses Rise as Big 3 May Pay $30 Billion (Update1) -
Should the U.S. Continue Its Stimulus-Program Payouts? - time

Editorial - Jobless Recovery -
BBC - Earth News - First film of a 'giant' stingray

“SuperFreakonomics” and climate change : The New Yorker : Hosed: Is there a quick fix for the climate? (SuperFreakoWrong: Levitt and Dubner are full of horseshit)
RealClimate: An open letter to Steve Levitt
Russian Math, the Poincare Conjecture and Perelman - The strength of post-Soviet math stems from decades of lonely productivity
Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert : Discovery News
Polar Discovery :: Expeditions to the Polar Regions :: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Why fundamentalism will fail - The Boston Globe A seemingly unstoppable force is being undone from the inside
Breaking a Conspiracy of Silence - The New York Review of Books
Shakesville: The Survivor Thread
Watch Michael on “Men’s Room” - Michael Kaufman
The White Ribbon Campaign: The Seven P's Of Men's Violence
Utah School Suspends Girl for Nose Piercing, Highlights Culture Clash - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

Data breach notifications one step closer to law... again - Ars Technica
Internet Virus Frames Users For Child Porn
Breaking: Google Acquires AdMob for $750 Million in Stock
Nokia N900: a computer in every pocket - Telegraph

Who Is a Jew? Court Ruling in Britain Raises Question -
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japanese protest against US base Thousands of people have protested on the southern Japanese island of Okinawa demanding the removal of a US military base there (2nd largest US occupation force)
Op-Ed Columnist - Call White House, Ask for Barack - (even Ol' Flathead is frustrated)
Picture Gallery Pop-Up
Lord Drayson: David Nutt's sacking has caused 'serious concern' in science world - Telegraph

Sweeping Health Care Plan Passes House - - Only one Republican, Representative Anh Cao of Louisiana, voted for the bill, and 39 Democrats opposed it (+no abortion coverage, Obama happy)
Daily Kos: 64 Democrats on the Wrong Side of Stupak-Pitts (to ban abortion coverage, with names +2 Ma Dems)
House backs anti-abortion amendment - Yahoo! News
Taylor Marsh: In Pelosi's House, 64 Democrats Sell Women Out
Hullabaloo Obama administration's willingness to entertain this "common ground" strategy on abortion rights and the president himself, like many of his elite male cohort, often gives the impression that women's rights are just another annoying special interest that has to stand in line with the sugar producers and the medical supply manufacturers to get "favors.
A History of Health Care Reform - Interactive Feature -
Graham: House Health Care Bill Would Die In Senate (video) (there you go)
House Democrats Pass Landmark Healthcare Bill with Lone GOP Vote --
MyDD :: Sweatshop Insurance: O'Boehner Care & the Northern Marianas
Rep. Ed Markey: G.O.P. Now Stands for Grandstand, Oppose and Pretend | Video Cafe
Dennis Kucinich Explains Why He Voted No On Affordable Health Care for America Act | Cleveland Leader
Guttmacher Institute Memo on Insurance Coverage of Abortion
House: Yes to Extreme Anti-Choice Politics, No to Women’s Health and Privacy (from NARAL, the folks who couldn't be bothered to support pro-choice candidates)
Planned Parenthood Condemns Passage Of Stupak/Pitts Amendment - Planned Parenthood (they're sending a strongly-worded letter)
Rep. Ed Markey: G.O.P. Now Stands for Grandstand, Oppose and Pretend | Video Cafe

DOJ Invokes State Secrets Privilege in Suit Challenging Surveillance

Op-Ed Columnist - The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down - (+Dems and Obama gut Sarbanes-Oxley: "it was “surreal” that Democrats were now achieving the long-held Republican goal of smashing “the golden chalice” of reform. If investors cannot have transparency, Levitt said, “the whole system is worthless.”
SNL Mocks Fox's Election Coverage, Glenn Beck's Spelling Problems (video)

Windfall Is Seen as Bank Bonuses Are Paid in Stock -
Seth Meyers & Amy Poehler Go Off On Goldman Sachs (video)
BBC NEWS | Business | Buffett firm sees profits triple
I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs - Times Online (God hates poor people)

Generation specs: Stopping the short-sight epidemic - health - 06 November 2009 - New Scientist (glasses make you blind; use trifocals)
Op-Ed Columnist - Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies -
Don't Feed the Animals: Evolution and Our Thought Process
Winner in Contest Involving Space Elevator -
Warning of extra heart dangers from mixing cocaine and alcohol | Society | The Observer A third chemical – cocaethylene – builds up in the liver over a number of years among those who mix the two drugs.

Painful Stories Take a Toll on Military Therapists -
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Real Oklahoma Students Ace Citizenship Exam; Strategic Vision Survey Was Likely Fabricated (Republicans making shit up and calling it facts)

Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target In DVD Price War
World's First iPhone Worm Rick-Rolls Wallpaper - Sophos Labs Insights Blog - Dark Reading
How To Post To Twitter From Google Wave ~ Web Upd8
Getting Started With Content Management Systems - Smashing Magazine
How To Add A Successful Amazon Store To Your Blog
7 Things To Do After Installing Windows 7
Five Best Antivirus Applications - antivirus - Lifehacker
Photo Book Review, Photo Book Printers, Photo Book Software: Find the Right Photo Book Printer for You
Join the Mineral Makeup Mutiny!

About New York - Raphael Golb’s Aliases Enlivened Debate Over Dead Sea Scrolls - (criminalization of sock-puppets)
English Russia » Russian Flying Fortresses
Charlotte'S Web Of Familial Awkwardness
YouTube - wariolandshakeit2008's Channel
Milk Men - A Mad Men Parody | TV & Movie Spoofs | Spoofs | Atom
"I Love You, Mr. Star Wars" And Other Famous Movie Quotes - Supercuts - Videogum
People Doing Stuff is Today's BIG Thing - NOV 05, 2009

More Than 25 Wounded in Afghan Firefight - CBS News (for nothing)
Prospect of More U.S. Troops Worries Afghan Public - (your corrupt military)
Afghanistan: Groundhog day | Comment is free | The Guardian The dimensions of the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan are becoming bigger and more daunting by the day.
Prospect of More U.S. Troops Worries Afghan Public -
On U.S Middle East Policy and Amateurism | TPMCafe (the audacity of incompetence)
US refuses to budge over climate change deal - Telegraph The US has refused to sign up to a deal on climate change unless poorer countries also cut levels of pollution
The Berlin Wall: 20 Years Later - The Berlin Wall Through Time - Interactive Feature -

Supreme Court to Hear Appeals on Juveniles’ Life Sentences - There are just over 100 people in the world serving sentences of life without the possibility of parole for crimes they committed as juveniles in which no one was killed. All are in the United States. And 77 of them are here in Florida (Jeb Bush's little Gulag)

Health Care Vote: Latest Updates
FDL Action » And the Catholic Bishops Endorse! A Special Thank-You To Planned Parenthood and NARAL (Catholic Bishops control health care reform)
Booman Tribune ~ Price for Health Care, Women Under Bus (Bart Stupak wants you to die: "I didn't realize that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was a political party with elected officials in Congress. Now I know.")
Think Progress » GOP Gone Wild: Unruly Republicans Silence Women Lawmakers With Screams, Shouts, And Delay Tactics (getting ugly)
MyDD :: Owens Affirms Support for Healthcare Reform Bill
No More Mister Nice Blog - Free-Floating Rage, Desperately Seeking A Target
Chickenhawk Tancredo storms off set after Markos confronts him on veterans health care - Daily Kos TV (beta)
Michele Bachmann's Stock On The Rise After Her 'Super Bowl Of Freedom' | TPMDC
Patriot Games: GOP Reps Pick Tea Party Rally Over National-Security Votes | TPMMuckraker
How About Starting Now to Reclaim America from the Muslims? Let’s get all of the socialistic liberals out of our Congress (round up all Muslims)
Fox Host: Should Military Have Special Screenings For Muslim Troops? | TPM LiveWire
TBogg » Bart Stupak is at play in the fields of your fertility (controlling your uterus)
On the Hill - In Republican District, National Party Takes a Hit - (but everything is supposed to be good for Conservatives)
The Republican Party Has Failed–And That’s Not Good For Anyone |
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » They Got Nothing… Except the Media (media is a center-right nation)

San Francisco News - No Justice - Despite Obama's promises of change, corporate crooks are still going unpunished for their roles in the financial collapse. (no accountability administration)
U.S. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Economic Analysis (military eats 70% of budget)
Editorial - A Bad Way to Spend Money -
Treasury Blocks the Sale of Tax Credits by Fannie -
FDIC: Press Releases - East West Bank, Pasadena, California Assumes All the Deposits of United Commercial Bank, San Francisco, California
Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5% - (1 in 6 Americans will never have a job again)
Calculated Risk: TARP Loses $299 million Investment in United Commercial Bank (more TARP success!)

Signature Of Antimatter Detected In Lightning / Science News Fermi telescope finds evidence that positrons, not just electrons, are in storms on Earth
Martian landscapes - The Big Picture -
Newborns Cry With An Accent, Study Finds - ABC News Newborns Cry With the Melody of Their Parent's Language
Will You Read This Post? | Psychology Today
Seafarers' disease: Scurvy on rise among children due to lack of vitamin C in diet | Mail Online
Male Breast Cancer - Sun Sentinel

H.R. 2943: Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults Act of 2009 (

Motorola DROID review (Verizon Wireless) - Nerd World -

The Risks Digest Volume 25: Issue 82 - Accessing your legacy
Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences | FreshNetworks Blog
Google Music Search: 3 Major Implications for the Music Business
Security Fix - Poking at Google's new privacy Dashboard
Ten gadgets to make Google Wave more productive - and fun!
11 Top Open-source Resources for Cloud Computing
About Face: Unbelievably Hilarious Face Painting Art | WebUrbanist

110609 - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
YouTube - Justice Denied: Voices from Guantanamo
Public support for Afghan strategy plummets: poll - Yahoo! News (UK)
BBC NEWS | Africa | Somali adulterer stoned to death Islamists in southern Somalia have stoned a man to death for adultery but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth.

New study finds 45,000 deaths annually linked to lack of health coverage | HarvardScience
Deaths by Congressional District (Google Docs)
Dennis Kucinich “Why Is It We Have Finite Resources For Health Care But Unlimited Money For War? at MOX NEWS
Alan Grayson, the Liberals’ Problem Child - (+idiotic -Safiresque - useage of "wingnut")
Op-Ed Columnist - Unhealthy America - - Richard Shelby, R,AL: We have the greatest health care system in the world (!)
Open Left:: Only fiscal conservatives would say we can't afford to reduce the deficit (go Blue Dogs)
FDL Action » AFL-CIO Threatens To Cut $ to ConservaDems Who Don’t Vote for Health Care - As individuals, the 52 Blue Dogs have received the plurality of their 2009 campaign contributions from a traditional Democratic ally: organized labor (biting the hand, go Blue Dogs)
FDL Action » Marcy Winograd: Jane Harman Profits From Anti-Generics Amendment She Helped Eshoo Pass
Hullabaloo: Mainstream (Queen Olympia says Americans are totally out of touch with mainstream America)
Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. -

Report: 237 millionaires in Congress - Erika Lovley -
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Independent Voters and Empty Explanations
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Conservatives Complain About The Oppression Of White Men On The Bench.
WND falsely claimed alleged Fort Hood shooter "advised Obama transition" | Media Matters for America
Jon Stewart Does Glenn Beck: Touts Conspiracy Theories, Cries (video)
The 12 Most Offensive Signs From Bachmann's Tea Party
No one said freedom was pretty
Fables of the reconstruction: Can't Blame Black People For Gay-Rights Defeat This Time
Hitches: Cheap Laughs - The Atlantic - The smug satire of liberal humorists debases our comedy—and our national conversation. (October 2009) (Hitch the Bitch being himself + "debases" muhahaha)
Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Obama’s trap - Paul Krugman Blog -
Reed Says ‘I’m Sorry’ for Role in Creating Citigroup (Update1) - Lawmakers were wrong to repeal the Depression-era Glass- Steagall Act in 1999, Reed said (Phil Graham, etc)
The Seminal » Does Obama Have an Economic Team? Where’s Their Jobs Program? (yes, if you count Larry Summers, and nowhere)
Matthew Yglesias » Nelson: Bad Economy Means We Should Wreck Economy, Destroy Planet, Let Health Care Languish
Unemployment Rate Hits 10 Percent For The First Time Since 1983
Civil War In Corporate America: Banks Battling The Chamber On Accounting Rules
Banks Thwarting Feinberg Pay Model by Changing Bonus Formulas -
Elizabeth Warren: We Rescued The Top Of The System, Left The Bottom To Fend For Itself (video)
BBC NEWS | Business | Fannie Mae asks for another $15bn
NFP/Unemployment Charts Get Fugly | The Big Picture (average weekly hours worked declines 7%)

Ukraine epidemic kills 109 - World - Javno Meanwhile, an expert from the World Health Organisation suggested that thousands more patients in Ukraine's hospitals could be infected. | Weight of the World (Raw Image)
Medical News: Gene Therapy Arrests ALD Progression - in Genetics, Genetics from MedPage Today using a viral vector derived from HIV
7 Most Massive Single Meteorites on Earth
Desiree Jennings "cured" of her "vaccine-induced dystonia"? : Respectful Insolence
Dana Ullman: The Amazing Story Of Charles Darwin And His Homeopathic Doctor

Book Review - 'What the Dog Saw - And Other Adventures,' by Malcolm Gladwell - Stephen Pinker - Review - (the Igon Value Problem) Pinker on "What the Dog Saw."
Have you done your 10,000 hours? - The Globe and Mail
Your Lying Eyes: Pinker on Jews, Genes and Intelligence
Gladwell for Dummies ("Such are the contradictions that seem to riddle not just Gladwell's thinking but the thinking on Gladwell's thinking, and perhaps even the thinking on thinking on that ...")
Information Processing: Annals of psychometry: IQs of eminent scientists

Hugh M. Hill; weaved stories as Brother Blue - The Boston Globe

Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell
Done Deal: eBay Settles Skype Lawsuit, Founders Return
Big cable: move millions from phone subsidies to broadband - Ars Technica Home Page
YouTube - experiencere's Channel
YouTube ~ My boyfriend is the PRESIDENT.
How Everything Goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse - The Oatmeal -

Gaza, Gilad Shalit, Hamas, and Israel : The New Yorker What really happened during the Israeli attacks? (no war crimes here; call AIPAC)
Doctors And Detainees: A documentary and informational website about the controversial role of health care professionals in national security intelligence (torture docs)
BBC NEWS | Health | 'The population is with me' The man at the heart of the row over the relationship between politics and science appeared relaxed and unrepentant (David Nutt)
Glenn Greenwald - Criminal convictions of 22 CIA agents in Italy - The accountability imposed by another country for the CIA's kidnapping and torture reveals much about our own

Budget Monitor Says G.O.P. Bill Leaves Many Uninsured - Prescriptions Blog - - would extend insurance coverage to about 3 million people by 2019, and would leave about 52 million people uninsured (CBO: Republican Alternative Covers Fewer People Than Are Uninsured In Texas Alone)
The Washington Monthly: Weak Knees Keep Shaking ("The party should take "yes" for an answer.)
Hullabaloo: About Last Night
Mayhill Fowler: Bittergate: The Untold Story of the 2008 Campaign (Obama accidentally told the truth)
Limbaugh on HBO Obama documentary: "If a documentary could get anal poisoning, this one could" | Media Matters for America (Limbaugh's asshole fixation)
Beck newsletter claims show about alien invasion seems "based on exactly what Glenn has been saying about progressives" | Media Matters for America (confusing progressives with Dick Cheney)
Michele Bachmann Tells Supporters To "Scare" Congress At Protest (bring their automatic weapons)
Think Progress » Michael Steele Takes On Palin, Limbaugh: ‘Your Opinion Really Doesn’t Matter Much’
Ezra Klein - Remember ol' Dixie (death of the South as a model for American politics)
Matthew Yglesias » What Does a Focus on Jobs Mean? (Congress can't do two things at once +Blanche Lincoln's single-track small mind)
Lobbyists, Guns and Babies: NRA Pushes Adoption Bill | NBC Miami NRA: quit asking prospective parents if they have guns & ammo
Glenn Greenwald - - Stephanopoulos and Ledeen: together in the most accountability-free profession (Stephepooponyoulus)

Judge: State can press for disclosure of donors | Portland Press Herald The attorney general now challenges the Yes on 1 group to open its records.
The Other Gay-Rights Vote: Why Referendum 71 in Washington Matters - The Gaggle Blog -
Pam's House Blend:: A few words on Maine and the dying hog of homophobia
A Gay Catholic Now? - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan After Maine, where the Catholic church actually organized a second collection to raise money to prevent gay people from having civil rights, the situation shifts again. - Live From Hell's Kitchen call this campaign against us what it is - Gay Apartheid ("We have poured over $100,000,000 in the last two years into efforts where Americans feel it is there obligation to vote on our freedom.")
Marriage-Only Forces Don't Help Today's Families

ETA Press Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (517K)
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » Those lucrative interest-rate hedges | Blogs | if the likes of Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs are making billions on these swaps, who’s on the other side of the trade? Who lost billions of dollars by swapping floating into fixed? Call it the Summers trade
At Goldman Sachs, It's Mostly $100 Million Days (why Corzine lost, among other things)
GOP Folds On Unemployment Benefits Fight: 14-Week Extension Passes (the party of Scrooge)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect How Obama Can Convince Congress to Enact a Larger Stimulus, and Why He Must.
Federal Reserve Loses Expanded Powers Proposed By Obama Administration (who thought this one up, Larry "The Failure" Summers?)
Top Bailout Recipients Spent $71 Million On Lobbying In Year Since Bailout (well?)

Does Vitamin D Improve Brain Function?: Scientific American
Giant crack in Africa formed in just days - environment - 04 November 2009 - New Scientist
Baguette Dropped From Bird's Beak Shuts Down The Large Hadron Collider (Really) | Popular Science
When antiscience kills: dowsing edition | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Darwinian evolutionary theory will help find alien life, says Nasa

Maggwire: Experience magazines online.
Study Finds Social Media is Actually Social
Windows 7 vulnerable to 8 out of 10 viruses | Chester Wisniewski's Blog
Brit blog names iPhone 'world's worst' - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Brainstorm Tech
Official Google Blog: Transparency, choice and control — now complete with a Dashboard!

Berlin Wall Legend Shattered - The Daily Beast New revelations in Germany have shattered the official story on how the wall came down 20 years ago. Far from a spontaneous protest, it was a carefully planned government plot.
Italy Convicts 23 Americans In CIA Terrorist Kidnapping Case: in absentia of the 2003 kidnapping of an Egyptian cleric from a Milan street, in a landmark case involving the CIA's extraordinary rendition program in the war on terrorism.
We still torture: The new evidence from Guantánamo—By Luke Mitchell (Harper's Magazine) (Obama now owns torture)
Mitchell-Torture.pdf (liberated from Harper's paywall)
Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector U.S. Sees as Useless -
Captured Photo Collection » Ian Fisher : American Soldier Photos

PolitiFact | The Obameter: Tracking Barack Obama's Campaign Promises
Official Obama Administration Scandals List - Page One 1-50 | Conservative American (800+ scandals and counting!)
Election 2009: Virginia, New Jersey Exit Polls - From Obama to the Economy - ABC News
Virginia Governor's Race 2009: McDonnell Beats Deeds
Daily Kos: Tonight's big lesson: preliminary numbers (at least in Virginia) show that GOP turnout remained the same as last year, but Democratic turnout collapsed (good news for Blue-Dogs!)
Maine Gay Marriage Vote: Voters Repeal Law Legalizing Gay Marriage (boycott Maine!)
Maine says 'NO to Same Sex Marriage - YES TO POT!' - What's a Boy To Do
Eschaton: Let's Cancel The NFL Season Too (Glennzilla: "Indeed, it was not all that long ago when Broderian trans-partisan fetishists were holding up that same oligarch as the ideal presidential candidate who would finally and single-handedly vanquish America's messy and unpleasant political disputes.")
Glenn Greenwald - - Bloomberg’s meager five-point win left Democrats pondering what might have been if New York’s Democratic donors hadn’t turned their back on Thompson, if its politicians had worked for him, and most of all if President Barack Obama had offered anything more than the lamest words of praise.
NY 23 Election Results: Bill Owens Beats Doug Hoffman (good news for Conservatives!)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Crist, you know it ain’t easy (Erick, son of Erick: "The race has now been called for Democrat Bill Owens. This is a huge win for conservatives."
FDL Action » Lessons Learned in VA and NJ: Is Rahm Emanuel Orchestrating 2010 Democratic Massacre? (the heart of the problem)
Senate moderates wield influence to seek changes to health-care reform - Wielding key votes, centrist lawmakers seek changes to legislation (Dem "moderates" pushing triggers, want to kill public option, Rahm onboard, no lessons learned)
Outline of Republicans’ Health Care Vision - (a year, and that's it?)
G.O.P. Counters With a Health Plan of Its Own - - Democratic leaders acknowledged that Senate floor debate on their bill was likely to slip to December, making it virtually impossible for Congress to achieve President Obama’s goal of enacting major health legislation this year.
CNN Poll: Majority Of Southerners Says Obama Has Done Better Job Than Bush | The Plum Line
Think Progress » Diane Sawyer Uses Glenn Beck To Attack Al Gore For Not Eating ‘Tofurkey’
Mark Ndesandjo, Obama's Half Brother, Recalls Their Abusive Father
Chris Matthews' big, fat hypocrisy | Media Matters for America (not to say obsessional fetish, these guys are all nuts)

Matthew Yglesias » Reconstruction for the USA (“over the past decade you’ve spent $1 trillion on Iraq and Afghanistan, we’ve spent $1 trillion building the future of China.”, you stupid fucks)
House Panel Votes To Permanently Exempt Small Firms From Part Of Post-Enron Law (another "win" for Rahmbo: permanently exempt more than half of all publicly traded companies from a seven-year-old post-Enron measure designed to prevent fraud.
Calculated Risk: ABI: Personal Bankruptcy Filings Increase in October
Congress Poised to Keep Homebuyers’ Tax Credit -

APOD: 2009 November 4 - Blue Sun Bristling
PLoS ONE: Fellatio by Fruit Bats Prolongs Copulation Time
Military Censorship of Photographs in World War I | Secrecy News

Plea Deal Expected for Kerik, Ex-New York Police Leader -
Breckenridge, Colorado voters legalize marijuana, paraphernalia | Raw Story
Six bodies on Cleveland's East Side draw attention from around the globe
Time gap in investigation of rape complaint against Anthony Sowell questioned
Finger-Pointing at Police in Ohio Murders - The Early Show - CBS News Kin of Possible Victim of Alleged Cleveland Serial Killer Say Cops Were Callous; Was Stench from Suspect's Home Ignored?
Picked From a Lineup, on a Whiff of Evidence -
Difficulties for Prosecutors in Trial of Sect Leader -
YouTube - Cops Taser Man With His Hands Already On Police Car
YouTube - How to Worship

Michael Geist - The ACTA Internet Chapter: Putting the Pieces Together
Secret copyright treaty leaks. It's bad. Very bad. - Boing Boing (another Obama "business friendly" disaster)
Topsy gives tough competition to Tweetmeme and OneRiots in Real Time Search
Papercraft Self Portrait - Art Portfolio for Eric Testroete (on the verge of the uncanny valley)
Nurphy - online conversations


Afghanistan: West hails Hamid Karzai as 'legitimate' president - Telegraph
BBC NEWS | Europe | EU reform treaty passes last test Czech President Vaclav Klaus has signed the EU's Lisbon Treaty, the final step in the charter's ratification.
Russia Tries, Once Again, to Rein in Vodka Habit -
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Fiji bars NZ and Australia envoys
Yes, scientists do much good. But a country run by these arrogant gods of certainty would truly be hell on earth | Mail Online (rightwing hates science)
This Mob Is Big in Japan - - "We don't have a RICO Act," he explained. "We don't have plea-bargaining, a witness-protection program or witness-relocation program."

Arianna Huffington: Obama One Year Later: The Audacity of Winning vs. The Timidity of Governing
The Washington Monthly: Taking The Model On The Road.... In New York's 23rd, it was the Republican Party vs. the Republican Party's base.
John Fund fabricates evidence of voter fraud in NJ | Media Matters for America (it's what they do)
The myth of Fox News' ratings spike | Media Matters for America - Another example of the Beltway press not letting the facts get in the way of a good story? - There was no viewer stampede toward Fox News.
Phew! Time's Joe Klein also thinks WH battle with Fox News is bad idea | Media Matters for America - Time's Joe Klein officially agrees with virtually every other political pundit on the planet: fact-checking Fox News is a really, really bad idea.
Reid reassures left Lieberman on board -
Republicans Are Poised for Gains in Key Elections - Outcomes in New York, New Jersey and Virginia Are Unlikely to Forecast Much About National Races in 2010, History Shows
YouTube - John Green's Thought Bubble: Health Care Overhaul (Summarized Via Massive Pig)

As GOP Holds Up Unemployment Extension, Nearly 200,000 Lose Their Benefits (the party of the white working man)
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect | Dean Baker: If Fox went over Goldman with the same energy it pursued Acorn, no one in Congress would go within a mile of its lobbyists.
How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash | McClatchy
Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes | McClatchy
Mystery: Why did Goldman stop scrutinizing loans it bought? | McClatchy
Berkshire Bets on U.S. With Purchase of Railroad - DealBook Blog -
RBS, Lloyds Get $51 Billion in Second Bank Bailout (NHS budget is $100 Bn) -

Super Freaky Economist Continues to Mislead on Climate Issues
Why couldn't we tell that the balloon boy's parents were faking their distress? - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine

Speed Limit To The Pace Of Evolution, Biologists Say
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Homeopathy is Crap, vol. MMCVIV
Fight the intrusion of quackery and religious woo in health care reform : Respectful Insolence
Naomi Starkman: Tests Find Wide Range of Bisphenol A in Canned Soups, Juice, and More
Enzyme eats scar tissue that blocks rat spine repair | Health | Reuters

The Layoff Parade: Teen Vogue, Details, Forbes, Time Inc. - Media - Gawker
Crumbling Newspaper in Crumbling City Crumbling Ethically - Media - Gawker
Nat Geo Layoffs - National Geographic - Gawker
Laid-Off Vanity Fair Staffers Can Clean Graydon Carter's Stockroom - Graydon Carter - Gawker

Memories for Life
Do digital diaries mess up your brain? -
Chatological Humor (+my nominee for The Worst Style Story of All Time) -
Destination: Argleton! Visiting an imaginary place « Walking Home to 50
Nokia Should Dump U.S. Smartphone Business, Sell Netbooks Instead | BNET Technology Blog | BNET
Yahoo Open Sources Traffic Server


Karzai Gets New Term as Afghan Runoff Is Scrapped -
Afghan Runoff Election Canceled, Commission Says (Karzai wins corrupt election)
News Analysis - With Karzai, U.S. Faces Weak Partner in Time of War -
Matthew Hoh Interviewed By Zakaria: 60,000 Troops In Afghanistan Won't Defeat Al Qaida (Video)
Jon Krakauer: McChrystal's Explanation For Pat Tillman Cover-up Is "Preposterous" (liar in charge of Afganistan surge)
Al Qaeda's Man in Afghanistan
Attackerman » How Dare Those Iranian Dissidents Not Be Neocons! The opposition is “unlovely” for not embracing everything that the American right wants to do to Iran (oh, those WaPo neo-cons)
Glenn Greenwald - An Israeli columnist issues a scathing indictment of Israel and calls on the U.S. to apply pressure (what can't be said in America)
Drug adviser rolled over cannabis claims - ABC News (the government is ignoring science in favour of popular myths)
Space arms race 'an inevitability' | The Daily Telegraph China air force commander has called the militarisation of space an "historical inevitability"

Who's in Big Brother's Database? - The New York Review of Books (James Bamford)
Democrats' Quiet Changes Pile Up -
Emptywheel » FBI’s Robert Mueller Still Engaging in an Anthrax Cover-Up
Cheney FBI Interview: 72 Instances of Can't Recall - ABC News
Emptywheel » Cheney’s Betrayal Made an IIPA Charge for Libby Possible
Emptywheel » Isikoff Doubles Down on His Anonymous Leak from Cheney’s Lawyer
Paul Craig Roberts: The US as Failed State - The Super Rich are Laughing
Think Progress » Bush on bin Laden: ‘I guess he is not dead.’ (clown-boy)

Ezra Klein - An insurance industry CEO explains why American health care costs so much
Hatch: Healthcare reform bills threaten survival of two-party system - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
Biden: I'm in a 'gaffe-free zone' - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room "I’m getting better, guys. I’m getting a little bit better, you know what I mean?"
Limbaugh: We can say Scozzafava is "guilty of widespread bestiality; she has screwed every RINO in the country" | Media Matters for America
Conservatives take aim at leaders, Crist, other races - Print View
Are Moderates No Longer Welcome In The Republican Party?
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect - Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation knew nothing - Lieberman happily proclaimed that he would prefer no reform to reform that included the public option
Conyers: Obama Is Sucking Up To The Wrong People | Crooks and Liars President Barack Obama is “getting bad advice from… clowns” on Afghanistan and “sucking up to the wrong people” on health care,
Food Stamps Will Feed Half Of US Kids, Study Says

White House Quietly Working To Weaken Investor Protection (that and the public option; civil rights and the war are off the table)
Locke ‘Imprecise’ in Comments on Stimulus, His Spokesman Says -
Goldman takes on new role: taking away people's homes | McClatchy
Dylan Ratigan: Why Keep Geithner?
Maria Cantwell: I'm "Not Sure" Why Geithner Still Has Job (Videoa)
Frank Splits With Obama on Fund, May Face Fight With Some Firms - (Obama wants infinite money for failed banksters)
Matt Taibbi - Taibblog – Forget Galleon: What about Goldman’s ex-boss? - True/Slant
CIT to Test Speed of Bankruptcy Court - DealBook Blog -
FT Alphaville » Blog Archive » Your CMBS tranche is in the mail
Mexico’s Año Horrible: Global Crisis Stings Economy - Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2009 - FRB Dallas
Latvia's Tiger Economy Loses Its Bite

Daily Kos: H1N1 Status Report/a>
Gene therapy repairs injured human donor lungs for the first time
U-M Research Shows Chronically Ill Patients Might Be Happier if They Give Up Hope | Reuters
How green is your pet? - environment - 23 October 2009 - New Scientist
Houses of the Future - The Atlantic (November 2009)

Maine to vote on gay marriage -
AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: OFA tells Mainers to get out and vote without mentioning anti-gay ballot measure
Marine leads 'Don't ask, don't tell' fight - Washington Times (your military at work)
Washington Post Employees Now Just Beating Each Other Up At Work (". It's the second worst story I have seen in Style in 43 years.")
Church Online: Believers Can Worship On Web, 'Click To Accept Christ' (logical conclusion of Christianity)
Varick Street Detention Center Assailed by Bar Group - (privitisation: shareholders interests come first)
Two biographies of Ayn Rand. - By Johann Hari - Slate Magazine The perverse allure of a damaged woman.
Last Days of Gourmet
Gourmet Covers

TV Finds That a Mortal Foe, the DVR, Is Really a Best Friend - (they changed their minds)
Comcast Said to Be Close to Controlling NBC Universal -
Dive Deeper into Wave - The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave
Google Book Scanning: Global Antitrust Battle Heats Up - Time
Steeev's Flickr Projects - Greasemonkey scripts, RSS Feeds and other Fun Stuff
Skype will be Open Source | We love Linux !
Bank Notes: a collection of Bank Robbery Notes
Random Weed Name Generator


America, stop sucking up to Israel - Haaretz - Israel News (clutch your pearls and call AIPAC and Abe Foxman)
Karzai Rival Said to Be Planning to Quit Runoff - (corrupt election)
VOA News - Dalai Lama Accuses China of Misleading World About Tibet
Hillary Finally Doffs Her Burqa - The Daily Beast she found it "hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they [al Qaeda] are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to”
British nuclear expert¿s 17th floor UN death plunge ¿was not suicide¿ | Mail Online
Suspect in Iraq bombings kills investigator -
BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Government drugs adviser resigns
BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Australia oil well catches fire An oil well at the centre of a massive spill in the Timor Sea off the north west coast of Australia is on fire.

Emptywheel » If It’s [Was] Friday, It Must Be State Secrets, Hiding Abuse of Power, in the 9th Circuit (Obama's cloak of secrecy)
After all the fuss, public health plan covers few - (Republicans and Blue-Dogs went nuts over a 2% solution)
Matthew Yglesias » White Men Are Not Very Progressive (Arkansas and Mississippi: 5-9% of white men voted for Obama)

GOPer Scozzafava Endorses Dem In NY-23 Race | TPM LiveWire
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Scozzafava's Supporters Like Obama, Dislike Hoffman and Owens
Fox Gives Rush Limbaugh 30 Minutes To Tee Off On Obama (Video)
Obama Was Not Born in U.S., Republicans Say: Angus Reid Global Monitor (insane+crazy)
Lieberman: Public Option Is A Big 'Mistake' -- That I'll Filibuster | TPM LiveWire (he saw his chance to fuck everybody and took it)
Jarrett: GOP Leaders 'More And More Extreme And More And More Marginalized' | TPM LiveWire

CIT Nears Bankruptcy Filing - Government Infusion of $2.3 Billion at Risk
Geithner On Meet The Press: Worried Banks May Be Too Timid (more risk!)
How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash | McClatchy ($40 Bn heist)

Second chance for Large Hadron Collider to deliver universe's secrets | Science | The Observer
Meet the real 40-year-old virgins - Short Sharp Science - New Scientist - He is a church-going teetotaller who has neither been to jail nor served in the military
Exploring The Final Frontier: Disease Proposed As Major Barrier To Mars And Beyond
APOD: 2009 November 1 -The Average Color of the Universe (beige)
It doesn't make sense to charge fat people higher insurance premiums. - By Daniel Engber - Slate Magazine Congress toys with a silly plan to make Americans lose weight.
Dana Ullman: The Epidemic Of 'Medical Child Abuse' And What Can Be Done
Observations: TED MED: The Power of the Mind over the Body

Broadsheet - - Natalie Portman's vegan vendetta: The actress takes a stand against meat -- and puts her foot in her mouth
The Silent Scream of the Asparagus
Stressed plants cry for help - 08 March 1997 - New Scientist
Hard to Swallow - The Atlantic (September 2007)
Consolidated / Carol Adams : ‘The Sexual Politics of Meat’ at slackbastard
All Animals Are Equal, by Peter Singer
News Room - Drug shows promise in treating dangerous complication of erectile disorder (anti-viagra)

The Seminal » Problems with Tasers and Arming Police with Them (bad publicity for Taser Int + "Sgt. Crowley was never told by his superiors that what he did was stupid, inappropriate, and excessive."
Why Your Stadium Sucks: Yankee Stadium - Why your stadium sucks - Deadspin
MLB Salaries -
HikiCulture - a forum for reclusive people
The Horror - Features - The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper

Motorola Droid Review - Motorola Droid vs Palm Pre vs iPhone Analysis - Popular Mechanics
Hands-On: Google's Music Search Is Just So-So - PC World
Official Google Blog: Making search more musical
New Honeypot Mimics The Web Vulnerabilities Attackers Want To Exploit - DarkReading
15 Free Guides That Really Teach You USEFUL Stuff
Slashdot Submission | Apple says booting OS X makes an unauthorized copy (iJobs is insane+Apple admits to selling copyright-infringment machine)
Stephen Sondheim's Crossword Puzzles


1,000 U.S. troops wounded in Afghanistan in past 3 months - U.S. combat injuries rise sharply (ObamaWar!)
Abdullah May Pull Out Of Afghan Runoff (which is rigged)
Sacked drugs adviser accuses Gordon Brown of meddling in cannabis decision | Politics | Professor David Nutt warns resignations may result from prime minister's 'absurd' stance on reclassification

The 'Bright Line Rule': New Papers Detail FBI, CIA Wrangle Over Torture
Ed Schultz: Obama Would "Sell His Soul" For GOP Support On Health Care (Obama was backstabbing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid)
Dede Scozzafava, Republican, Quits House Race in Upstate New York -
Jon Stewart calls Fox out: “Not even close to news” - Daily Kos TV (beta)

Democrats Push for Plan to Cut Deficit - - bipartisan commission that could force tax increases and spending cuts (that will be really popular)
Think Progress » Rep. DeFazio: ‘I Think Obama Is Ill-Advised By Larry Summers. Larry Summers Hates Infrastructure’ - "They want to have a consumer-driven recovery. We need an investment- and productivity-driven recovery for this country, a long-term recovery."
Injunction Sought to Keep A.I.G. Assets in State -
Schools Are Where Stimulus Saved Jobs, New Data Show - (someone call Queen Olympia)

Inhibitors of Important Tuberculosis Survival Mechanism Identified Compounds that kill dormant pathogen while sparing human cells could lead to new drugs
Bizarre Bubbles Invade the Ocean Floor

16-Year Old Got Life Without Parole for Killing Her Abusive Pimp -- Should Teens Be Condemned to Die in Jail? | Rights and Liberties | AlterNet
Woman Loses Job Due to Error in FBI Criminal Database | Threat Level |
Teens Sue School Over Punishment For Racy MySpace Pics (petty dictators trying to control kids lives)

proust is damn funny | More Intelligent Life
LRB · Jenny Diski · Diary (Polanski)
World Affairs Journal - The Cosmopolitan Tongue: The Universality of English

Google's Eric Schmidt on What the Web Will Look Like in 5 Years (Chinese)
Google Redefines Disruption: The “Less Than Free” Business Model «
On The Internet, Nobody Knows You're Not In The USA -


Jon Stewart Creates Sea Change on Middle East Coverage | TPMCafe (someone finally spoke the truth; someone call Abe Foxman; AIPAC already on the case)
Michigan Raid Reveals a Mysterious Islamic Sect - The Detroit Blog -
Unidentified flue outbreak in Western Ukraine. Photo
Government drug adviser David Nutt sacked | Politics | Professor David Nutt asked to resign after his claims that ecstasy and LSD were less dangerous than alcohol

Tikkun Magazine - Noam Chomsky on Torture Memos & Historical Amnesia (flaw in "The City on the Hill")

Obama signs bills for record Pentagon, Homeland Security spending
White House announces end to HIV travel ban | 44 |
White House Releases Visitors List; Help Us Look Through It
Cheney Told FBI He Had No Idea Who Leaked Plame Identity
Emptywheel » Bush’s July 7, 2003 Discussion about Wilson
ABC News Poll: More Americans Prefer Public Option to Bipartisan Bill - Political Punch (someone break the news to Queen Olympia)
Krugman - The Defining Moment - - O.K., folks, this is it. It’s the defining moment for health care reform (will "Centrists" kill reform?)
Yet Another Public Option Poll Puts A Wavering Dem On The Spot (the focus shifts to Princess Blanche)
Seven members of House defense subcommittee scrutinized by ethics investigators - Nearly half the members of a powerful House subcommittee in control of Pentagon spending are under scrutiny by ethics investigators in Congress,
Hullabaloo: Priorities: not one Republican would co-sponsor "National Hispanic Media Week" (teabaggers hate Hispanics)
Glenn Greenwald - - "What journalists are supposed to do" - David Brooks passes on the claims of his invisible friends - In a shocking coincidence, the views of these unnamed, handpicked, anonymous "experts" all happen to coincide perfectly with Brooks's own warrior views

The Seminal » Forget Levi – Celtic Diva Corners Sarah Palin
Pa. high court tosses 'tainted' juvenile cases | Philadelphia Inquirer | Pennsylvania Supreme Court yesterday tossed out thousands of juvenile court cases that were "tainted" by an alleged kickback scheme involving a former Luzerne County judge
Steven M. Gillon: A New Wrinkle in the JFK Assassination Story
7th-Grader: Obama, Most US Presidents Related - Central Coast News Story - KSBW The Central Coast
The Associated Press: Texas law on children seeing porn being challenged

Growth and jobs - Paul Krugman Blog -
Foreclosures Growing in Suburbs and Secondary, says RealtyTrac : HousingWire || financial news for the mortgage market
Average Housing Prices in the US | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
Fox News Poll: Most Blame Bush for Economy « The Washington Independent (signs of intelligence in America)

Underground CERN: it’s Half-Life in real-life « CERN Love

Collection: The Maskatorium
Hulu not switching to a pay site -- rest easy, web watchers |
Google's Creepy Social Search - Reviews by PC Magazine


Video: Exclusive - Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti Extended Interview Pt. 1 | The Daily Show | Comedy Central
Reddit! Jon Stewart needs your support! : (Israeli Lobby goes postal on Jon Stewart)
Afghanistan - A soldier with the Russian army in Afghanistan recounts what they believed about their mission

Obama Signs $680 Billion Military Bill, a Victory Over Lobbyists -
The New Operations Manual from the F.B.I. - The New York Times (everyone is a suspect)

FDL Action » Blue Dogs Win Huge Victory For The Health Insurance Industry (game over)
The House Health Care Bill: Read It (Conservative wrote it, Obama spents zero political capital on it!)
Blue Dogs aren't there yet on new House health bill | McClatchy
House Health Care Bill Being Unveiled Thursday After Concessions
Affordable Health Care for America Act | EdLabor Journal | Committee on Education and Labor
Daily Kos: Pelosi: House Bill is a "Manifestation of Rejecting Business as Usual"
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The Best Legislators Money Can Buy - Evan Bayh, bought and paid for in full for the price of two million bucks. What a country.
Report Backs White House Claim Of $700 Billion In Wasteful Health Spending - NPR Health Blog : NPR
Truth Emerges about the Public Option : CJR
Lack of health care led to 17,000 US child deaths - Yahoo! News (boo-hoo says insurance corps)
Jon Stewart Takes On Media, Lieberman Over Public Option (video)
Firedoglake » Early Morning Swim: Glenn Greenwald and Rachel Maddow Take Down Joe Lieberman
FDL Action » How The House’s Public Option Might Differ From The Senate’s
Reid, on Floor, Excoriates GOP for Stalling Nominees - Roll Call “Senate Republicans are simply so opposed to everything, absolutely everything, that they even oppose putting people in some of the most important positions in our government,” Reid said
Alan Grayson Cries On The House Floor Over Victims Of Health Care System (video) "There are 44,789, who die every year from lack of health insurance"
Think Progress » Boehner Won’t Pledge To Offer GOP Health Care Plan, Refuses To Post It Online If He Does: Uh, we’ll uh, we’ll have our ideas ready. Don’t worry.
Baltimore Sun TV critic can't figure out how Fox News is different from MSNBC | Media Matters for America (David Zurawik, idiot or wanker: you decide)
FDL Action » The Ever Expanding Exchange And How Everyone Could Get The Choice Of The Public Option
Meme Alert: MSNBC, Left Wing Equivalent Of Fox, Proves White House Hypocrisy? | The Plum Line
Blue Hampshire: Politics ::: Union Leader Political News Commits Suicide
White House, Fox News Meeting: Gibbs Met With Fox News Exec
Iowa Republicans wince at Sarah Palin's $100K speaking fee - Jonathan Martin -
Glenn Greenwald - - Calling for greater religious strife with Islam - Who exactly are the belligerent parties here? Who is actually at war with "the Western way of reason"? (Ross Douthat/Douchebat, 29 yr-old Harvard grad and Times columnist)
'Means of Desperation': Should US Newspapers Get State Aid? - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

Wall Street Journal Closes Boston Bureau
Recovery On: GDP Jumps, Jobless Claims Move Lower - Economy -
Under Attack, Credit Raters Turn to the First Amendment
Calitics:: Oh, It's Going to Be Like That? (turns out eMeg Whitman is a big fat liar)

Flickr Photo Download: Swine Flu Mortality
'Culture of we' buffers genetic tendency to depression | Science Codex
Scientists see blast from past -- 13 billion years ago - Yahoo! News
Most distant gamma-ray burst spotted : Nature News Observations suggest the early Universe is ripe for exploration.
Intel's next-gen memory closer to reality | Deep Tech - CNET News
Universe's quantum 'speed bumps' no obstacle for light - space - 28 October 2009 - New Scientist
The Explainer: P vs. NP

Nearly 6 million Americans could have caught swine flu this spring, CDC says | Booster Shots | Los Angeles Times
Letters - Daniel Dennett - The Fact of Evolution - (Nicholas Wade thinks all of biology is a theory)
Darwin and culture : Article : Nature A new series of essays traces the astounding variety of reactions to the theory of evolution (including Nicholas Wade's head exploding + a majority of Americans and all Muslim fundamentalists hate it)
The History of Birth Control | Newsweek Health |
Is this haunting picture proof that chimps really DO grieve? | Mail Online
Oh, Snap: City Attorney Demands Proof of Cocoa Krispies' Immunity-Boosting Claim - San Francisco News - The Snitch

Drugs chief: Alcohol more dangerous than ecstasy, LSD and cannabis - Health, News -

Takedown Hall Of Shame | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The case against the FCC's Net neutrality plan | Wireless - CNET News
RoboZZle hacked, and 100+ sites are still compromised
PNG image: comparison of social-network sites by traffic
Droids vs. iPhone: The Scorecard - PC World
Open Video Hub
Rap Translated from Blackness - Video
artislav mel: responder: responder 1:2 : explanation of Burn After Reading
warp.swf (just put any YT video url in the = field; this one starts with Rick Roll)
love all this | Inspired by jeannr, I flowcharted the Beatles... hey Jude


Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll - (totally corrupt + "helping to recruit an Afghan paramilitary force that operates at the C.I.A.’s direction" - wtf)
Afghan Police: 7 Killed In Attack On UN In Kabul on 20 U.N. election workers (who would want to do that?)
Peshawar: Car Bomb Kills 91 As Clinton Visits Capital
Somali pirates holding British couple - Yahoo! News (fools)
BBC NEWS | Africa | Guinea forces 'planned crackdown' - Soldiers deployed at the sports stadium where protesters had gathered blocked the exits before systematically killing and raping protesters
Vigilante justice spreads across Mexico
BBC World Service - Special Reports - 1989 - Europe's Revolution
World Economic Forum - Latest Press Releases - Iceland leads Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2009 (US 31st)

The Washington Monthly: Bayh Endorses Mcconnell Line On Cloture (Rove would have cut his balls off)
CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say Palin not qualified to be president « - Blogs from
Instaputz: Prescient (crystal-ball New Republic on Lieberman in 2004)
Top 15 Lieberman Betrayals: Joe's Worst Double-Crosses
Hate Crimes Bill Signed Into Law 11 Years After Matthew Shepard's Death
Morning After "Tirade," Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski Received Cupcakes From Dick Cheney (video)

End State | The New Republic - Is California finished? (Terminated: "has the California dream finally become a nightmare?")
Public Sees A Tilted Playing Field
It Matters Where Things Are Made |
GMAC asking for fresh lifeline: WSJ - MarketWatch (infinite bailout, too big to fail, blah-blah)
"Too Big Too Fail" Bill Unveiled By Treasury Department, House Dems
Boeing Dreamliner Delays Spelling Trouble - Wealth of Nations Blog -
Foreclosures double in Washington area - Subprime borrowers in three counties bear the brunt, report says: risky subprime mortgages that helped spark the crisis (WaPo myth)

BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Nasa launches rocket successfully
Scientists make cells that form eggs and sperm in lab | Health | Reuters
Rich 'may evolve into separate species' - Telegraph (they already)
Asteroid blast reveals holes in Earth's defences - space - 26 October 2009 - New Scientist (star wars!)

The Associated Press: Tough commute likely after Bay Bridge rod snaps
Alaa Al-Aswany: When women are sinners in the eyes of extremists - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent why are extremists so obsessed with women's bodies?
What I've learned from debating religious people around the world. - By Christopher Hitchens - Slate Magazine
Natalie Portman: Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan

BBC NEWS | Technology | Net set for 'language shake-up' "biggest change" to its working "since it was invented 40 years ago"
Want 50Mbps Internet in your town? Threaten to roll out your own - Ars Technica
Why open clouds are more important than open phones | The Open Road - CNET News
cool900: Comparing Freedom on Maemo and Android
Google Voice, Now Serving on Your Numbers
10 Ways to Spot an E-Mail Scam

WTF Costumes: The Crazy & Sexy Halloween Costume Archive
Auntie Em Costume - Adult Wizard of Oz Women's Costumes
Golden Buddha Adult Costume | Supa Pimp Mama Plus Adult Costume | Pilgrim Woman Adult Costume
female pirate costume - Google Product Search

Nora The Piano-Playing Cat: The Secret Behind Her Talents Explained (video)
Basketbawful (Living Large, seems to be about IU)
YouTube - Hopper invasion


President Obama Likely to Announce Afghan Decision Between Nov. 7 and 11; Will Likely Seek More Troops – But Not 40,000 - Political Punch (President Split-the-Difference)
U.S. official resigns over Afghan war - Foreign Service officer and former Marine captain says he no longer knows why his nation is fighting
Glenn Greenwald - Top civilian in Southern province argues we're exacerbating the problem we're supposedly there to solve.
Iraq War - You'd never know it from the MSM, but he deserves high grades for his work so far in Iran, Iraq and Pakist
Unhappy UK fails to make top 10 of the world's most prosperous countries | Mail Online
Water Rationed By Israel: Palestinians Get Only A 'Trickle Of Water Amnesty International Report | World News | Sky News

How Reid Found His Silver Bullet: Opt-Out Pitched Just Three Weeks Ago
As Others Debate Health Care's Future, Snowe Raises Money
FDL Action » A Public Option Opt-In Is Not The Same As State-Based Public Plans
The Seminal » Why Is Olympia Snowe Disappointed with a State Opt Out?
Firedoglake » Late Night: Olympia Snowe Left Her Cake Out in the Rain
FDL News Desk » Memory Lane On Joe Lieberman - a long record of killing health care reform (all the primadonnas are taking the stage)
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan - The Lethal Politics Of The Opt-Out Public Option
House Democrats John Adler, Carolyn Maloney Move To Weaken Investor Protection Bill (go Blue-Dog Republicans! Bipartian!)
Colbert Eviscerates Gay Marriage Opponents (Video)
Conservatives Laugh Off Gingrich Presidential Dreams « The Washington Independent
Memory lapse: Politico asks, "What if Bush had done" things he actually did | Media Matters for America (pinheads)
DownWithTyranny!: The Political Class-- Regardless Of Party-- Knows One Thing Fer Sure: Their Shit Don't Stink
Firedoglake » The Most Boring Name in News (CNN fails at being a news network)
FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Fox-Friendly Poll on Imaginary White House Policies (the whole fucking network is delusional)

Calculated Risk: Update on Housing Tax Credit (propping up housing prices)w
Dean Baker: The American Bankers Association's 15 Minutes of Fame in Chicago
"Showdown In Chicago": Thousands Of Protesters Gather, Jesse Jackson, Labor Leaders Speak (video)
Robert Reich: Breaking Up the Big Banks, and Why Congress Won't Do It
GOP Tried To Block Elizabeth Warren From Heading Agency She Proposed (of course)
Dan Collins: The Smartest Guy in the Room
New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers - (national security, terrorists, had to be a secret)
Members | Business Roundtable (pro-business lobbying group Obama is working with)

Statisticians reject global cooling - Environment- Some skeptics claim Earth is cooling despite contrary data (call Sen Inhofe)
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Particle beams injected into LHC
Scientists discover gene that 'cancer-proofs' rodent's cells Naked mole rat, the only known cancerless animal, has 2-tier defense against cancer

Scientific Progress by Walter Mischel (crisis in "clinical" psychology)

Police: Gang rape outside school dance lasted over two hours -
Flirt away, it's all in the name of healthy jealousy - The Globe and Mail

SEC, Homeland Security need Web backup, GAO says | Reuters (Homeland security will shut down the internet in case of flu pandemic: smart!)
blog.reddit -- what's new on reddit: Fare Thee Well, reddit!


Emptywheel » What If Trials Prove Torture Wasn’t Necessary?
14 Americans Killed In 2 Afghan Helicopter Crashes
Fareed Zakaria - Zakaria: Obama should weigh troop level carefully - Think before surging (need a third surge, because the first two didn't work out so well)
Spotter cards: What they look like and how they work | UK news | The Guardian
Saudi journalist, Rozanna al-Yami, faces lash over sex talk | The Australian A Saudi court has sentenced a journalist to 60 lashes after she was charged with involvement in a TV show in which a Saudi man talked about sex.
The 'benefit' of Somalia's pirates - Channel 4 News Now the fishermen are able to catch up to £200 worth of fish per day in an area where the average daily earnings are less than £5 (hmmm)
BBC NEWS | Europe | German on trial for Muslim murder
Officers accused of inciting violence face ethics panel - The Globe and Mail (coprovocateurs)

Reid: "The Public Option With An Opt-Out Is The One That's Fair" (let the South opt-out; Obama not thrilled with public option but will go along)
Schumer: We Prevailed On White House That Public Option Was The Way To Go | TPMDC (Obama favored Queen Olympia's plan, wtf?)
OMB - Blog Post - Missing the Boat on Cost Containment (White House responds directly to Fred "Wanker" Hiatt's lies)
Scott Berman - Health care reform is moral battle for the soul of a nation --
Healthcare system wastes up to $800 billion a year | U.S. | Reuters ("For one example, a paper-based system that discourages sharing of medical records accounts for 6 percent of annual overspending" - they hate computers)
Dems push for benefits to start by 2010 - Carrie Budoff Brown -
Obama's Pointless Pursuit of Olympia Snowe | Newsweek Voices - Howard Fineman | Obama's pointless bipartisanship (a light goes off in Fineman's head) (Obama the anti-leader)
Perry-Hutchison fight may cause major fallout in GOP | Top Stories |
Crime Blog | The Dallas Morning News | Texas leads the nation in child-abuse deaths, study says (lawn order + Christian principles)

Calculated Risk: SF Fed: Recent Developments in Mortgage Finance
Trying to Rein In ‘Too Big to Fail’ Institutions -
How the U.S. Blew Trillion-Dollar Trade of Century: Mark Fisher - (well, when you have infinite taxpayer money, why bother?)
Mayor Daley May Be Considering A Sale Of Chicago's Water System - Private Firm Would Jack Up Rates For Residents, Watchdogs Warn (they could charge anything they want; the end of infrastructure)
McDonald’s Closes in Iceland as Crisis Makes Chain Unprofitable -
We attacked the bankers, but took our eyes off the whole rotten system | Gary Younge | Comment is free | The Guardian
Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland | Special Coverage | Reuters

Forget the rush on that H1N1 swine flu vaccine; 62% of Americans have no intention of getting it anyway | Top of the Ticket | Los Angeles Times
The White City | (cities much more discriminatory than corps)

Infographic of the Day: It's a Small World, Afterall | Design & Innovation | Fast Company
Asteroids should be next small step for man in space, panel tells President Barack Obama - Telegraph
Beliefs - Changes in Religion All Over the Map, Report Shows - 6 out of 10 Americans pray one or more times each day; high percentages report feeling close to God, experiencing God’s presence or guidance on most days (TalibanAmerica)
Scientists first to trap light and sound vibrations together in nanocrystal
Don't Feed the Animals: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sexual Biology (Couples Edition)

KnowledgeScore - General Knowledge Quiz Game
The Sixties Project
Emily Howell, the virtual composer making waves in the computer world - Times Online
YouTube - 'The Last Supper' recreated with Rubik's cubes
Kicked Out Of The Mall Because Of "Service Animal" | | Triad, NC
YouTube - Rådhuset Östersund / Town Hall of Östersund
iWatchLA - official website of The Los Angeles Police Department (spy on your neighbors for cop-state America)
Warner Says Harry Potter Dinner Infringes Copyright | TorrentFreak (big content out of control)
Classic Cinema Online

Circulation drops at U.S. newspapers as readers turn to online news sources --
Internet set for change with non-English addresses
Hasta la Vista, baby: Ars reviews Windows 7 - Ars Technica
Every Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut You'll Ever Need - Windows 7 shortcuts - Gizmodo
21 Ways to Customize Windows 7 - Reviews by PC Magazine
Permuto Discoveries » Target Markets: Ad Spending Across Four Benchmark Sites
YouTube - Procol Harum - Repent Walpurgis
Anatomy of Japanese folk monsters ::: Pink Tentacle
xkcd - A Webcomic - Nachos - Hosted By Geocities (on Geocities last day)


Iraq Ministries Targeted in Car Bombings; Over 130 Dead - (Freedom Fries!)
Dems Counter-Punch Cheney: He Masterminded Failure (video)
Germany's New Government to U.S.: Take Away Your Nukes! - Time
Violent clashes erupt at Jerusalem's holiest site - Yahoo! News
Europe's New Tactic with Asylum Seekers: Send Them Home - TIME
Taxpayer funds £120,000 flight to return just eight Afghans - Telegraph
Emptywheel » What Did Dick Give Judy to Go Pro-Torture? (Judy Fucking Miller??)
John Podesta Points Out Bush Admin Only Spent 1 Hour on Afghanistan Report Before Handing Off | Crooks and Liars
Paul McGeough War in Afghanistan McChrystal (the French/Russian/Bush/Cheney/Obama/McCrystal plan is doomed)
Ellsberg: "No Success That Will Be Lasting" In Afghanistan By Steve Hynd

Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama's Support (no leadership from Obama, as usual)
Schumer: Public Option Near Votes Needed To Pass
Pelosi: Though Robust Public Option Is Still The Goal, The Atmosphere Has Changed | TPMDC (the House backs out)
FDL News Desk » Feingold: No Public Option “A Very Strong Reason Not To Support” A Health Care Bill
HuffPost: Obama Wants Bipartisan Reform Cover for Blue Dogs and Conservatives | Crooks and Liars | Ah, the audacity of playing it safe! (no leadership on any issue from Obama)
Health coverage 'plan' was no insurance at all | (latest insurance corp product: the "no-insurance-insurance" for only $499/month)
Firedoglake » The Consumer Financial Protection Agency: A Small Victory for the Good Guys ("small" - exceptions for car dealers, insurance companies, and retail credit, banks - which would be most of the credit problems)
YouTube - Rachel - Why Fox News isn't news
Poll: GOP's Favorability At Its Worst In A Decade | TPMDC
Sarah Palin: Neocon Pawn? | Mother Jones The same old hawks recruit Palin to pressure Obama on Afghanistan, while ignoring their own past.

Volcker a Tipping Point? | Monty Pelerin's World ("no friend of Larry "the Elephant in the Room" Summers)
Calculated Risk: Seattle Times: "Reckless strategies doomed WaMu" (Republicans at work)
Matthew Yglesias » Resolution Authority ASAP

Full list of swine flu cases, country by country | World news |
Gene therapy transforms eyesight of 12 born with rare defect -- - retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration.
1 shot of gene therapy and children with congenital blindness can now see
What Really Scares People: Top 10 Phobias | LiveScience

In the Muslim world, creationism is on the rise - The Boston Globe
Senate Global Warming Bill Is Seeking to Cushion the Impact on Industry - (polluter-friendly) - Marijuana Economics
Why You Should Never Talk to the Police : Law is Cool
It's Official: The ATF and the FBI Don't Get Along - Time

Ping - How High Will Real-Time Search Fly? -
Net Neutrality FAQ: What's in it for You - PC World (a shitty internet if President McCain has his way)
It's time to say good-bye to GeoCities | Webware - CNET


Glenn Greenwald - "America's Priorities," by the Beltway elite - Endless war in Afghanistan is an absolute necessity. Health care for Americans is a luxury that can wait.
Ze Frank: The History of Afghanistan in 3 Minutes - Video -

Clarence Thomas To Other Supreme Court Justices: Be Quiet - Thomas – who hasn't asked a lawyer a question during arguments in nearly four years
FDL News Desk » Village Surprise On Health Care (they just can't believe it)
Public option likely to be managed by private insurance company | Raw Story (their back-up plan)
YouTube - Public Option Annie - with lyrics (guerrilla musical at AHIP conference)
Prognosis improves for public insurance - - Momentum Shift Is Dramatic - Top Democrats push option in health-care legislation
Republicans: It's time for a bipartisan health bill - (America: too late, bitches)
Emptywheel » Mark Sanford Goes Galt
Remembering Nixon | Media Matters for America

Capmark Said Ready to File for Bankruptcy - Capmark Financial Group Inc., one of the nation's largest commercial-real-estate lenders
Weekend reading: Georgia Bank Failures Explained - BusinessWeek
MonkeyBusinessBlog: "Hell, It Takes Even Eli Manning Six Years to Make a Hundred Million Dollars!"

EFF defends Yes Men from business rage over climate hoax - Ars Technica (far-right lobbying org is pissed)
Surprise: McCain Biggest Beneficiary of Telco/ISP Money | Reuters
Op-Ed Contributor - The Mismeasure of Woman -

Scientists study possible health benefits of LSD and ecstacy | Science | The Guardian Growing number of people taking psychedelic drugs to help them cope with conditions such as chronic anxiety attacks (better than Prozac, Zoloft)
The Food Lab: Perfect Boiled Eggs | Serious Eats
Commentary: Somers' cancer advice is risky -

Allison Kilkenny - Unreported – LAPD freaks out America with new Orwellian ad - True/Slant
Fistful of Pasta: Top 20 Essential Spaghetti Westerns, Part 1
Shobarys Spaghetti Westerns -Trailers- Wattgate 381 Audio Grade Duplex Socket


J Street's Ben-Ami On Zionism and Military Aid to Israel - Jeffrey Goldberg
BBC NEWS | Europe | Rich Germans demand higher taxes
Japan PM says no need to rush U.S. base decision - Yahoo! News (50K troops occupying Japan; 700+ bases in 130 countries)
YouTube - Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin vs Question Time

Op-Ed Contributors - Death From Above, Outrage Down Below -
Analysis: A look at US airstrikes in Pakistan through September 2009 - The Long War Journal
Jane Mayer on Predator Drones and Pakistan: News Desk : The New Yorker
The risks of the C.I.A.’s Predator drones : The New Yorker
The Predator War What are the risks of the C.I.A.'s covert drone program? By Jane Mayer
Revenge of the Drones | The New America Foundation - An Analysis of Drone Strikes in Pakistan
Voters For Peace - Phoning In War: Piloting the Drone Attacks October 22 2009 By Douglas Rushkoff - Daily Beast (story pulled?)
Frontline: digital nation: waging war: remote-control war | PBS
ANALYSIS-Under Obama, drone attacks on the rise in Pakistan | Reuters (Obama radically increased robot killings)
Hunting the Taliban in Las Vegas - The Atlantic (September 2006)
xkcd - A Webcomic - More Accurate

FBI looks at bribery allegations against Alaska Rep. Young | McClatchy (that shoe took a long time to fall)
Hullabaloo Did Something Happen On The Way To The Debacle? (Ben Nelson is depressed: primadonnas losing traction, "there's nowhere to run and hide")
Snowe Warns Reid On Public Option (Queen Olympia is also depressed, another primadonna losing her moment of being noticed)
Public Option Chess Match: Reid Working For Best Bargaining Position
Seething Dems Hit Back At Report That Public Option Is Dead In House (sourced from Drudgico)
Sources: White House Pushing Back Against Senate Public Option Opt Out Compromise | TPMDC (Obama still trying to "compromise" with Queen Olympia)

Behind the War Between White House and Fox -
Obama's right. It's time to stop taking Fox's skewed news seriously. - By Jacob Weisberg - Slate Magazine Ignore Fox
politico click: Friends push Ailes for president - Mike Allen (Fox Nation! because America loves fat old rich white guys)
The Great Debate » Debate Archive » The lucrative business of Obama-bashing | The Great Debate (Fox!)
YouTube - Fox on PATRIOT: A Video Fisking
Think Progress » At White House Christmas party, Bush joked about ‘conspiring’ with Fox News chief Roger Ailes.
Think Progress » Buchanan on GOP and Fox linking Obama to Nixon: ‘It is the most idiotic comparison I’ve ever seen.’
Enough with the foolish Obama/Nixon comparisons | Media Matters for America
Think Progress » FLASHBACK: Fox News Supported Bush White House’s War Against NBC
Mike Pence: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck speak for many Americans - Politico Staff

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive - CNN Poll: GOP favorable rating lowest in a decade « - Blogs from (everyone except the media hates Republicans)
Deeds should've listened to us, senior Obama officials say - Top Democrats seek to shield Obama in case of election loss
35 GOP Senators Vote Against Defense Bill With Hate-Crimes Amendment (Republicans anti-anti-discrimination)
The Elliptical Press: Who's the clown, again? (Franken on a roll)
Quigley Ready To Break Ranks With Party Over Dodd, Conrad Subpoenas
Palin Endorses Hoffman, Snubs GOP Candidate In New York House Race gone rogue again, endorsing a third-party candidate in a House race in New York over the Republican nominee.
Think Progress » Bush: I regret standing in front of the ‘Mission Impossible’ banner (that's it)

Cutting Pay, Wall St. vs Main St. (Joe Nocera version)
Calculated Risk: Freddie Mac: Delinquency Rate Rises to 3.33 Percent
Citigroup Taxpayer Ownership Doesn’t Prevent Lobbying (Update1) - Citigroup Taxpayer Ownership Doesn’t Prevent Lobbying (using your money to lobby against you!)
AIG’s Top Swaps Managers Kept Bonuses, Feinberg Says (Update1) - haven’t returned bonuses as they’d promised (oh, what a surprise)
More Americans Falling For 'Get Rich Slowly Over A Lifetime Of Hard Work' Schemes | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Top employees leave financial firms ahead of pay cuts - Grass is greener where bonuses are sky-high (but they're losing their BEST TALENT)
Consumer Financial Protection Act Passed By House Committee (auto industry gets a pass)
Check out these million-dollar Irvine foreclosures - Irvine & Tustin Homes - (not just a brown-people problem)

Facts on Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United States More than two dozen bacterial, viral or parasitic infections are known to be transmitted largely or exclusively through sexual contact.
video: Mythbusters test golf ball-like dimpling effect on fuel economy (*Spoiler Alert!*) — Autoblog (11% increase; Detroit couldn't figure this out)
Good Night and Tough Luck - Abstract City Blog - (sleep problems)
BBC - Earth News - Epic humpback whale battle filmed

2020 Census: Gays Could Be Included In Count (meanwhile, they don't exist)
Hate Crimes Bill Approved By Congress, Extends Protection To Gays (what gays?)

McCain Moves to Block FCC Net Neutrality - Business Center - PC World
Ignore Everybody... - Americana and roots music - No Depression (how to lead a creative life)
You Get Old | Men’s Journal
How To Write Badly Well
The Impending Crisis, 1848-1861 (the South has always been seccessionist)
Atheists smite online God poll • The Register
How Much Electricity Does It Take to Run the Web?
Fake AP Stylebook (FakeAPStylebook) on Twitter
Tales from the flight deck | News Cut | Minnesota Public Radio
Dozing Northwest Pilots Overshoot Target? — Secrets of the City — Minneapolis + St. Paul


Dick Cheney tells Obama 'stop dithering' over Afghanistan -
$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan - - $320,000,000 PER DAY!
Held by the Taliban - A Times Reporter’s Account. A Five-Part Series by David Rohde. - Series -
Think Progress » T. Boone Pickens: U.S. ‘entitled’ to Iraqi oil (because we invaded them on false pretences! any other questions?)
Terrorism - - Greenwald - A Rumsfeld-era reminder about what causes Terrorism (bombing innocent people, for one)

Time is on their side | Media Matters for America
Lieberman Takes on Obama’s Czars - Swampland - - Newton-Small: "I presented both sides of the story. I'll leave it to columnists and readers to draw their own conclusions on who had the best case" because Time doesn't report facts, just opinions)
Daily Kos: It's not the White House War on Fox, stupid (Murdoch/Ailes/Fox started the war on January 20)
AHIP Lobbyist To GOP: Don't Give "Comfort To The Enemy" On Health Care (insurance corps against reform! surprise!)
Rape Victim's Choice: Risk AIDS or Health Insurance? (rape is now a "pre-existing condition")
The Washington Monthly Even NPR.... Ken Rudin is the political editor for NPR (Nice Polite Republicans at work: Obama is "Nixonesque" for calling our the Fox Propaganda Network)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » The sad heart of Ruth, again , Ruth Marcus lets something very telling slip: Then she admits that Bush did this but she forgot. It must have been quite an outcry!
Firedoglake » Elected Republicans Blaming Limbaugh and Beck for GOP’s Woes
FDL News Desk » CFPA Passes House Committee; Amendment Exempting Auto Dealer Financing Passes, Too (auto financing biggest rip-off)
Hartford Advocate: News - Republicans Overtweet Twitter shuts down 33 fake accounts created by state Republicans in an attempt to lambast Dems (scumbags: what they do)
Philip Spooner video: WWII Veteran Makes Case For Gay Marriage
Hullabaloo Low "T" Baggers - Obama is trying to kill Republicans (or their testosterone, at least)
DOJ Vet: Plan For Panther Hearings Shows Key Voting-Rights Panel Is "Kind Of A Joke" | TPMMuckraker the commission, dominated by Bush appointees, planned to hold hearings on the New Black Panther case
'Going Rouge' To Come Out Same Day As Palin's Book | TPM LiveWire (very cute)

The Billion Dollar Gram | Information Is Beautiful
FDL News Desk » Goldman Sachs Vice-Chair: People Must “Tolerate the Inequality” (because they sure tolerate poor people)
Is the Housing Market About to Get Even Uglier? -
Microsoft Word - vic2009 - Liquor Before Beer - David Einhorn
“Liquor before beer, never fear” is how I learned it - self-evident
Speech by Mervyn King, Governor to Scottish Business Organisations, Edinburgh on 20 October 2009 - Powered by Google Docs
Narrow banking is not the answer - Martin Wolf, Financial Times - News - Business Spectator
The Peninsula On-line: Qatar's leading English Daily How to manage the gigantic financial cuckoo
Economist's View: "Safety Nets for the Rich"
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Where The Hell Is The Outrage? ("Goldman, in other words, generates most of its revenue trading its own money and earning vigorish on customer transactions. It’s a hybrid hedge fund and bookie, with an investment bank and asset management business thrown in for good measure.")
Rolfe Winkler » Blog Archive » Letting Goldman roll the dice | Blogs |
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » How Paulson gave Goldman the Lehman heads-up | Blogs |
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The importance of Volcker | Blogs ("Mr. Volcker scoffs at the reports that he is losing clout. “I did not have influence to start with,” he said.")
Twilight of the Efficient Markets » American Scientist THE MYTH OF THE RATIONAL MARKET: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street. Justin Fox (only rational for them)
Court Deals Blow to Owner of Manhattan Apartment Complexes -
Marketplace Whiteboard | Marketplace from American Public Media
Russia vs United States: A Visual Comparison | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
Frontline: the warning | PBS (Brooksley Born)
Brooksley Born, the Cassandra of the Derivatives Crisis - Brooksley Born's Unheeded Warning Is a Rueful Echo 10 Years On
Premier Resorts shutdown leaves local owners in a lurch - Local -
Daily Kos: Latest Jobless Figures Indicate No Bottom in 2009
Why Wall Street Reform is Stuck in Reverse | Robert Reich's Blog
GOP Sen. Shelby: Reorganize The Fed (let Republicans hand-pick regulators)

Partisan Politics and the SVD - Stephen A. Weis
Left vs Right | Information Is Beautiful

Book Review - 'The Greatest Show on Earth - The Evidence for Evolution,' by Richard Dawkins - Review -
Skin Deep - A Few Cookies a Day to Keep the Pounds Away? -
Feedback on Ambien Side Effects and Usage, page 12
“When You Marry”: 1962 Textbook » Sociological Images
Denver lawmaker wants medical-pot rules clarified - The Denver Post

Iconic Photos
The Manhattan Street Corners
Comparison of video services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tibetan Sand Mandala - Timelapse - 30 fps on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Speechification: Runaway Train - fifteen minutes of classical radio documentary values delivered at speed.


Tony Blair heckled in Middle East visit: ‘You are a terrorist’ | Raw Story
Boston Terror Arrest: Tarek Mehanna Arrested For Planning Attack On Shopping Malls
Father arrested over kidnap of daughter's killer
Hunting banned in parts of Austria after hailstones kill 90pc of wild game - Telegraph
Secret files reveal covert network run by nuclear police | Environment | The Guardian
BBC News | Middle East | Kuwaiti women win passport rights without the consent of their husbands

American Jews Rethink Israel
‘Commentary’ accuses ‘J Street’ of trying to ‘insinuate’ itself between American Jews and foreign policymaking (like they don't)
Matthew Yglesias » What’s Driving the Jihad Against J Street (Jewish neo-con panic)
Bashing J Street | JW Political Insider
Talk To Action | Worldwide Biblical Zionists (meaning of "pro-Israel")
J Street embraced by Obama administration, but not in Israel - Haaretz - Israel News
Opinion: AIPAC, J Street, or JDate? | Op-Ed Contributors | Jerusalem Post
Why is the right afraid of J Street? -
How I’m Losing My Love For Israel – The Polymath By Jay Michaelson
MJ Rosenberg: The Man Behind the J Street Smear Campaign Lenny Ben-David, a consultant in Israel who also was a top Netanyahu aide during Bibi's first term as prime minister.
The liberal Jewish challenge | Antony Lerman | Comment is free | Can the liberal Jewish lobby group J Street become as effective a political force as the hardline Zionist right?

Daily Kos: Sequoia Voting Systems hacks self in foot (rigged to allow vote changing to Republican)
Why Did The DoD, And The White House, Oppose The Franken Rape Amendment? | TPM LiveWire (Military, White House, pro-rape)

Senators to strip health insurers of antitrust exemption - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room
FDL News Desk » Pelosi About To Include Medicare +5 Public Option In House Bill
Daily Kos: Great Public Option CBO Score Fuels Pelosi Push
Speaker Pelosi Throws Down The Gauntlet For The Public Option--Will She Succeed? | TPMDC
YouTube - Is Harry Reid Strong Enough?
Insurance industry defends study - Political Intelligence
Support for Public Options Remains Strong, Polls Show - Political Hotsheet - CBS News
GE Healthcare exec says reform debate slows sales | Reuters
House Cuts Health Bill Price To $871 Billion: AP Source (Republicans balk at saving money)
Update: Public Insurance Option Gains Ground In New Poll - (it doesn't matter what Americans want)
Jake Tapper can't figure out how Fox News is different from ABC News? | Media Matters for America (then no one can)
Judge revokes Bernard Kerik bail, sends ex-NYPD top cop to jail for trying to taint jury pool (this is good for Governor Guiliani)
No More Mister Nice Blog Let the Witch Hunts Begin! (Conservative crack-up continues)
Booman Tribune ~ Letter to the Washington Post's Ombudsman ("It is one thing to print the ideas of religious leaders, but it quite another to print baseless, inflammatory lies. Donahue's lie is so egregious that it demands an official correction")

Writers Define the Stages of Life -

Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary
Obama administration to cut executive pay at 7 bailed-out firms -
Volcker Has Obama’s Ear, but Not on Overhaul of Banks - (Obama ignoring Volcker; Summers wins)
Neil Barofsky: Bailout Helped But At A Great Cost (more than $317 billion remains outstanding with the program set to expire Dec. 31)
Documents raise skepticism on Hill about Bank of America - At issue: Were worries about merger kept from shareholders?
Steven Rattner: GM Had "Stunningly Poor Management" (turns out Michael Moore was right)
Court papers claim Bernie Madoff's Securities offices were fueled by cocaine, topless women

FactCheck: Swine Flu Vaccine Fears Greatly Exaggerated | Newsweek Health | Claims that the swine flu vaccine is dangerous range from overblown to false.
Googling Fights Dementia, Study Suggests Using search engines may help stave off dementia and memory loss, a new brain-scan study suggests.

Is Net Neutrality a FCC Trojan Horse? | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Kill a Kid? Take the Day Off : Dispatches from the Culture Wars Dallas cop does 70 in a 40 mph zone without his lights or sirens on, hits a kid on a bike and kills him. His punishment: A day off from work.
A Balloon that Didn't Fly - Top 10 Shocking Hoaxes - Time
BBC News | UK | Scotland | Tayside and Central | Apology for singing shop worker A shop assistant who was told she could not sing while she stacked shelves without a performance licence has been given an apology (from the people who wanted to turn your cellphone into a "portable concert hall")

Invasive Species: Information, Images, Videos, Distribution Maps
National Invasive Species Information Center

YouTube - LEGO Pop-up Kinkaku-ji


BBC News | Asia-Pacific | Kyrgyzstan's government resigns as a result of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev's call for sweeping reforms
BBC News | Americas | Brazil police launch Rio manhunt - to find the gunmen who shot down a police helicopter on Saturday (Olympics are going to be fun)
On The Media: Transcript of "The One Percent War" (October 16, 2009)
Water on moon scientist accused by US of trying to spy for Israel -
Let's admit it. Hypocrisy oils the wheels | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer We blame our leaders for making decisions based on what we really want, not on what we actually say
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Bernstein: HRW Should Engage In Moral Relativism (defenders of Israeli Human Rights abuses)
BNP hit by second leak of 'members database' | Politics | The Guardian Details of party's UK-wide rank and file membership expected to be posted online
Military Reverses Ban on Publicizing Fatal War Photos - Yahoo! News (what they don't want you to see)

Census predicts fall in response rate -
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Green Shoots, Justice Division? Bernard B Kerik: “toxic combination of self-minded focus and arrogance (goes to jail)
The Washington Monthly: The Non-Existent Line Between Daytime And Primetime (your elite media wants you to believe in them)
FDL Action » Blanche Lincoln Wants A Trigger For Co-ops (pay attention to ME)
GOP In Same Position In Generic Matchup As In 2008 And 2006 | The Plum Line (and their media cheerleaders)
Matthew Yglesias » Prospects for Bipartisanship (terraforming Mars, not kidding)
Whiskey Fire: Oh Those Wacky White Republicans with Their Wacky Miser-Jew Joshin'
Firedoglake » The Power of the Porn-Stache - John Stossel made his first appearance as a FOX News employee today (after years of being on ABC)
YouTube - Fox News: A 24/7 Political Operation
FDL Action » The Washington Post Makes False Claims About Their Own Poll (spinning their results)
Buchanan: White Americans Are Losing Their Country! | TPMMuckraker (NPR/Tom Ashbrook's favorite racist)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Pat Buchanan: White Americans Are "Losing" Their Country ("their" - Mika Brzezinski of the "liberal" MSNBC thinks Buchanan "says what we are all thinking.” Someone should really ask her about that)
Despite God-awful polling results, WashPost's Cillizza claims Republicans have had a "good year" | Media Matters for America (it's always a "good year" for Republicans in the minds of your elite media)
White House Feud With Fox Has Nothing To Do With "News" (it has to do with rightwing "propaganda")
alicublog - The Future Of Conservatism (dead-enders hating pop culture which they nothing about: VD Hanson: "I haven’t watched a network newscast in 10 years...")
GOP Lawmakers Dawdle While Muslim 'Intern Spies' May Be Conspiring Further | TPMMuckraker
Aislin Bates: Colorado Toddler Denied Health Insurance For Being Underweight

Bob Herbert - Safety Nets for the Rich -
Wall St. Giants Reluctant to Donate to Democrats - - “The investment community feels very put-upon. They feel there is no reason why they shouldn’t earn $1 million to $200 million a year, and they don’t want to be held responsible for the global financial meltdown.”
Embrace the dollar's downfall | Dean Baker | Comment is free | Banks might suffer if China stopped buying US debt, but the US economy as a whole would be much better off

Saturn at equinox - The Big Picture -
Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock? - life - 19 October 2009 - New Scientist (abiogenesis)
Tsunami threat looms over Pacific Northwest - Northwest owes its hazard-prone future to what's happening underground
Breakthrough with light could help viral research
Cutting-edge science restoring American chestnut tree -

Hospital Forces Lesbian to Die Alone; Judge Gives Stamp of Approval | Asterisk
Police Find Success in Cold Cases of Rape by Indicting Suspects’ DNA Profiles -
Living Life To The Full

U.S. Support for Legalizing Marijuana Reaches New High
YouTube - Synesthesia - Free online speed reading application

Barnes & Noble’s Kindle-Killing, Dual-Screen ‘Nook’ E-Reader Leaked | Gadget Lab |
Android Avalanche: A Complete List Of The Android Phones So Far
7 Reasons Why Google Wave Is Going To Be Awesome
The Song Decoders at Pandora -
Slashdot News Story | 1/3 of People Can't Tell 48Kbps Audio From 160Kbps
How to use Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts - Windows - ComputerworldUK


Children of the Occupation - 700 Palestinian children Israel detains and prosecutes annually (20 yrs in prison for throwing a rock)
BBC - Panorama - Undercover: Hate on the Doorstep
Jan Moir, Trafigura and the power of online social networks | Emily Bell | Media | The Guardian
Powell's Books - Yu Hua’s Brothers (400 years of cultural revolution in China took 40 years)
Many Sources Feed Taliban’s War Chest -
FDL News Desk » UN Invalidates Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes In Afghanistan, Strips Karzai Of Victory
Karzai Camp Hardens Its Line on Recount - Afghan President's Supporters Protest 'Foreign Interference' as Campaign Officials Cast Doubt on Results (yes, all those "insurgent" Americans and their money)
Calling America's bluff on Internet gambling -- (we're not the boss of them)

Obama Asked "Why Do People Hate You?" By Fourth Grader (video)
Roy Greenslade: Huff Post overtakes Washington Post in users | Media | the Huffington Post overtook the Washington Post website in terms of unique users during the month of September.
WaPo's Brauchli takes reader questions today -- but will he answer them? | Media Matters for America (what do you think? - the credibility-free WaPo)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Not convincing Why do media elites react to any and all criticism with “fuck you, peasant”? Why not offer a substantive defense of some kind?
Pelosi Aims to Squeeze Skeptics on Public Option With Cheaper Bill Than Senate | TPMDC
Hullabaloo The Light Dawns (effects of a bad health care bill might actually affect them)
Daily Kos: Harkin: Majority Should Rule on Healthcare Reform
FAIR Blog » Blog Archive » Sarah Palin, Health Policy Expert
Justice Department memo rules on medical marijuana -- (Obama: leave legal pot-smokers alone)
Obama's commendable change in federal drug enforcement policy - Glenn Greenwald -
The O’Garbage Factor | - Fox News isn't just bad. It's un-American.
YouTube - Republicans in Congress
Column: Just say no to blasphemy laws - Opinion -

How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors | McClatchy
Krugman - The Banks Are Not All Right - (should have "nationalized" the fuckers -- with tanks)
Today Show: Dylan Ratigan and Michael Moore on Wall Street Bonuses | Video Cafe
Calculated Risk: Bloomberg: FDIC Failed to Limit CRE Loans (the Bush regulation-free environment)
London Agents ‘Sold Out’ as Home Asking Prices Jump to Record - (RE-bubble)
Victims of Foreclosure Check In to Shelters -
Armageddon in Alabama Proves Parable for Local U.S. Governments - (fleeced by the bailed-out banksters)
Elizabeth Warren: Bank Bonuses Leave Me "Speechless" (video)
White House Turns Its Guns On The Chamber Of Commerce (rightwing pro-facist lobbying group: "their new $100 million "free enterprise" campaign" - and where did all that money come from?)

BBC News | Health | 'Ethical' stem cell crop boosted US researchers have found a way to dramatically increase the harvest of stem cells from adult tissue.
Artificial Black Hole Created in Chinese Lab | Popular Science
Global Warming in SuperFreakonomics: The Anatomy of a Smear - Freakonomics Blog -
Error-riddled ‘Superfreakonomics’: New book pushes global cooling myths, sheer illogic, and “patent nonsense” — and the primary climatologist it relies on, Ken Caldeira, says “it is an inaccurate portrayal of me” and “misleading” in “many” places. « Climate Progress
Anatomy of a debunking: Caldeira says Superfreakonomics is “damaging to me because it is an inaccurate portrayal of me” and filled with “many” misleading statements. Dubner continues to make false statements, parroted by Pielke and Morano. DeLong urges authors to “abjectly apologize” for the chapter. « Climate Progress
*Sigh* Last Post on Superfreakonomics, I Promise - J. Bradford DeLong's Grasping Reality with All Eight Tentacles
Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Self-Propelling Bacteria Harnessed to Turn Gears
Well-educated women hardest hit by breast cancer Well-educated women and those who live alone are emotionally the hardest hit by breast cancer
Meet future woman: shorter, plumper, more fertile - health - 19 October 2009 - New Scientist

Football, dogfighting, and brain damage : The New Yorker How different are dogfighting and football?
The TSA Blog: Response to "TSA Agents Took My Son" (hysterical mommy-blogger pwned by TSA)
my apologies @ My Bottle’s Up
Elizabeth Prophet, 70, Church Founder, Is Dead - Obituary (Obit) -
Lives - My Mother’s Internet Date -

The Economics of Cloud Computing Analyzed | Government Cloud Computing
New Bluetooth Runs for a Year Off a Watch Battery - New bluetooth - Gizmodo
Optimize Your Windows 7 PC - PC World
Wolfram Alpha Launches $50 iPhone App


Rahm Emanuel: No Troop Escalation Until "Careful Assessment" Of Afghan Government
Karzai May Reject Recount Results -
David Rohde's insights into what motivates the Taliban - Glenn Greenwald - (US military behavior lost their hearts and minds - "We have to stay in order to fight the Terrorists: meaning the people who are fighting us because we stay")
Pakistan launches risky offensive into Taliban-Al Qaeda stronghold --
BBC News | Middle East | Iranian commanders assassinated
BBC News | Asia-Pacific | North Korea gulags 'hold 150,000'
Leading article: We won't get fooled again - The Independent (no to Tony Blair for EU President)
Churches involved in torture, murder of thousands of African children denounced as witches -- (Christian Fundamentalists have always hated witches)
Problems With Mexico's Legal System - In Mexico's dysfunctional legal system, an arrest most often leads to a conviction. How one street vendor, wrongly convicted of murder, won his freedom (and they really think the problem is Afganistan?)
Finance Minister: UN backing of Goldstone report is `anti-Semitic` - Haaretz - Israel News (the only thing left to do is call Abe Foxman)
Turner Lost CNN, Fonda, Fortune, Feels ‘Like a Dummy’ - “War is obsolete,” Turner said. “The last time someone surrendered was Japan and that was 60 years ago. The Afghans will never surrender. We will just get tired and come home. We’ve already given up on Iraq and there’s oil in Iraq, there’s no oil in Afghanistan.”

Daily Kos: Holy Crap!! Franken ANNIHILATES KBR attorney during testimony (w/video)
Republicans for Rape - Blog
Axelrod, Emanuel Criticize Fox News: "It's Not Really News" (video)
Emptywheel » The WaPo’s Broccoli Soup Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli says he knew more about the controversial “salons” the paper had planned than previously has been reported ("So Marcus Brauchli, who knew all the details of this, conducted an investigation to find out how it happened" - on another planet, we would call him a "liar" -- do journos really have ethics or do they just say they do?)
Booman Tribune ~ Into the Time Machine (Palin starbursts)
The Top U.S. Politics Blogs, Via Technorati's Update | techPresident

Interfluidity :: Information is stimulus
Frank Rich - Goldman Can Spare You a Dime - (Taibbi: a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”
How Moody's sold its ratings -- and sold out investors | McClatchy (and then promoted the raters and gave them bonuses!)
The Countrywide Vote - The backroom battle over a subpoena on VIP mortgages (Senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad)
GE investors fret over real estate holdings | Reuters (CRE: "next big threat")

Jupiter's Moon Europa Has Enough Oxygen For Life
BBC - Today - The death of language?

Dana Ullman: Homeopathy for Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At
Can emerging ME states learn from Chinese over ambition?

Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax - Boy in the balloon - Gawker
Sheriff: Charges will be filed in balloon saga : NPR
Hollywood Pressuring FCC on Selectable Output Control Again | Electronic Frontier Foundation


David Hare: It all started 96 hours after 9/11 | David Hare | Comment is free | The Guardian
US embassy found involved in importing weapons to Pakistan - PakTribune
Elder Bush Decries Lack of Civility in Politics - Political Hotsheet - CBS News (those dead Iraqi's probably don't think GW was being so civil)
After scientific proof of pain, should we ban Islamic and Jewish slaughter? (Kosher/Halal=animal cruelty, duh)
The Army says it exceeded its 2009 recruiting goals. But the numbers are very fishy. - By Fred Kaplan - Slate Magazine

The White House - Press Office - Weekly Address: President Obama Calls Hails Progress on Health Insurance Reform Despite Defenders of the Status Quo
For Insurers, a Question of Trust (and Antitrust) - Prescriptions Blog -
Pelosi Joins Attack On Insurance Industry's Anti-Trust Exemption
House Vote On Insurance Industry Antitrust Exemption Coming
Americablog Gay - Why is the New York Times' David Kirkpatrick enabling the modern-day Joe McCarthys? (because Drudge rocks their world?)
Matthew Yglesias » Right-Wing Anti-Anti-Racism (opposition to opposition to racism)
Democracy Corps: Republican Base Voters Living In Another World | TPMDC - "They believe Obama is ruthlessly advancing a 'secret agenda' to bankrupt the United States and dramatically expand government control to an extent nothing short of socialism"
No More Mister Nice Blog: Worst New York Times Article Ever (Paul Sullivan - pity-the-plutocrats - can't understand why the peasants are pissed)
Rape case to force US defence firms into the open | World news | The Guardian
Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment (the one 30 pro-rape Repubicans voted against)
Test Your News IQ - Pew Research Center

The Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Market | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
Harvard’s Bet on Interest Rate Rise Cost $500 Million to Exit - (that would be Larry Summers, though Bloomberg and the Globe won't tell you that)
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » Annals of rank hubris, Larry Summers edition | Blogs |
California job losses continue to climb -- Job losses for September are higher than expected and almost six times greater than in August, state officials say. L.A. County joblessness soars to 12.7%.

The Chamber of Commerce's Jobs Deception Campaign | : Stop The Chamber Campaign The Chamber of Commerce, under the leadership of Tom Donahue, has gone from a well respected trade organization to an extremist political organization dedicated to corrupting American democracy

Weird "Particles" Spotted in Hot New Material -- Cho 2009 (1014): 1 -- ScienceNOW - fractional quantum Hall effect
Zombie Mouse Master Extends Lifespans | Danger Room |

Secret ACTA treaty can't be shown to public, just 42 lawyers - Ars Technica (everything is a secret these days)
Balloon science lesson - Cosmic Log -
Cursory Glance Reveals Balloon Boy Fallacy | GeekDad |
Celebrity Video | (balloon boy's dad)
Sheriff's office reports past visits to home of family whose son was feared missing in balloon --
The Atlantic Online | November 2009 | The Snatchback | Nadya Labi

BBC Radio iPhone Streams
87 cool things


Frontline: Obama's war: watch the full program online | PBS
Blackwater used 'child prostitutes in Iraq'

The gang rape and the Republicans / Behold, 30 U.S. senators who don't give a damn about battered women
Sensitivity Training: GOP Senator Batters Witness Over Domestic Violence Report

Firedoglake » Early Morning Swim: Rachel Absolutely Destroys Americans for Prosperity’s Tim Phillips
Firedoglake » Late Night: “Wait, My Fifteen Minutes of Fame Aren’t Up Yet!” McCain, whose only discernible skill is being related to an old Republican misogynist with major anger issues and a beer heiress/drug addict (oooh, good line)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: I Want to Play C.O.R.N.Y.! (wingnut wet-dreams)
YouTube - Noam Chomsky Compares Right-Wing Media to Nazi Germany

Adam Storch: SEC Hires Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec As Its COO Of Enforcement (captured! - this will not end well)
American college grads: Homebodies with worthless degrees: Abbott HR chief says Americans need to study math and science if they want him to hire them - The Curious Capitalist - Time
Phoenix Case-Shiller Home Price Index - through June 2009 — Arizona Real Estate Notebook (the Bush years were good!)
US Foreclosure Activity | The Big Picture (Idaho?)
How I Became an Accidental Slumlord | Newsweek Business |
PSST! WANNA HOT DEAL? | Newsweek Business | Investors Are Buying Rental Homes In Unlikely Spots Like Pocatello, Idaho. Why? Low Prices (media hype from 2005)

BBC News | Science & Environment | LHC gets colder than deep space
Flickr Photo Download: Cumulative Vs Annual Emissions (2006) of carbon dioxide
Mystery Space "Ribbon" Found at Solar System's Edge

Truthdig - Arts and Culture - The Victims of Pornography
Jaycee Dugard and Other Missing Children Found Using Age-Progression Images - ABC News Hundreds of Missing Children Found Using Age-Progression Images ("getting back to normal" un-huh)
peaceful parenting: Breastfeeding in the Land of Genghis Khan

Unwiring Wired - Wired - Gawker
'Balloon boy' hoax fears after Falcon says 'we did this for the show' | amateur scientists who chase storms | Falcon Heene | Colorado | Wife Swap | Richard Heene
YouTube - The 5th Dimension - Up, Up and Away


Stanley McChrystal’s Long War - (it's what they do)
French troops were killed after Italy hushed up ‘bribes’ to Taleban - Times Online
$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan -
U.S.: Veteran Army Officer Urges Afghan Troop Drawdown - IPS
Overall, Afghanistan More Lethal For U.S. Soldiers Than Iraq (CHART)
Nuclear Test Sites |

Congress Matters :: if there really is such a thing as a "Republican filibuster" of the public option (too complicated for reporters to understand)
George F. Will - Republicans Have a Shot at Congressional Control in 2010 Elections -
Suburban Guerrilla » Blog Archive » Job Lock (Senators are some of stupidist fucking people on the planet)
alicublog: Another Day, Another Conservative Bitching About Another Award Someone Else Won - Conservatives have as little standing to talk about peace as Dreher has to talk about atheism -- all they know is that they don't like it.
Are Americans Faking Religiosity? | reasonWeekly (yes)
Tonight… We Are All Rush Limbaugh - tsquare’s blog - RedState (Rush representative of everyone; these guys are totally insane: "Tonight the left proved that they will stop at nothing to end our dreams." by passing healthcare)

Paterson Proposes Billions in Cuts to Close Deficit - City Room Blog - (New Yorkafornia)
Greenspan Says U.S. Should Consider Breaking Up Large Banks -
Goldman Sachs Profit Hits $3 Billion On Trading Gains
Foreclosures hit record in third quarter 2009 - Oct. 15, 2009 Foreclosures: 'Worst three months of all time'
Jobless Claims Drop; NY, Philly Manufacturing Better

Does the Vaccine Matter? - The Atlantic (November 2009)
Flu vaccines revealed as the greatest quackery ever pushed in the history of medicine by Mike Adams the Health Ranger
The Spectre Haunting GE - BusinessWeek Many MRI patients are injected with a GE dye to enhance images. If they have weak kidneys, they might develop a rare and sometimes fatal disease

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2010 | Project Censored
Judge challenges backers of gay marriage ban - Crime & courts- He asks lawyers to show how gay unions pose threat to traditional ones
Gov. Rick Perry: Cameron Todd Willingham "Was A Monster" (another coverup by Texas Governor Rich "Executioner" Perry
White House strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff | World news | The Guardian
Interracial couple denied marriage license in La. - Yahoo! News (segregation alive and well; this is apparently not an Onion article)
Hammond Daily Star Online - Top Stories JP refuses to marry couple

Ajaxian » View Source Tutorial: Sticky Notes With HTML5 and CSS3
Ajaxian » What’s New in HTML 5: From the Large to the Nitty Gritty

Millions of Americans Waste Entire Fucking Afternoon - Borowitz Report
YouTube - Vincent Munier - Summer Variations - Nikon D3s
Mad About Mad Men - The Atlantic (November 2009)
I've met dozens of wealthy, respectable men on the internet, but they've all got just ONE thing on their minds... sex | Mail Online

Judge: Cellphone Ringtones Are Not Concerts | Threat Level | (also not an Onion article)
Build A Cool Photo Gallery Website from Wordpress
8 Things To Think About For Windows 7 -- Windows 7 -- InformationWeek
Windows 7: 77 Windows 7 Tips


Reuters AlertNet - Magnitude 6.0 quake hits off Samoa - USGS
85, 000 Iraqis Killed in Almost 5 Years of War - (no apologies from the usual crowd)
Russia Retains Option of Preemptive Nuclear Strike -- News from Kremlin Announces Non-Specific Revisions to Doctrine
Saudis Seek Compensation if Oil Exports Fall -

Editorial Notebook - Think About the Grandkids -

Daily Kos: Harry Reid abdicates his leadership role
Firedoglake » President Collins Calls Public Option a “Non-Starter”
Senator Charles E. Schumer: Revoke Health Insurance Industry's Antitrust Exemption As Part Of Health Care Overhaul
Glenn Greenwald - How to avoid the GOP's mistakes during the Bush years? (+what Frank Rich said: "no one in this country remembers anything."
Tapped Archive | The American Prospect Attention Must Be Paid (Queen Olympia and her entourage)
Second GOP Senator Signals Support For Health Bill : NPR (the other Maine Senator who represents 1/2 of 1% of the country)
Campaign Silo » If There Is No Public Option, Blame Harry (no one could have predicted that, either)
Health Insurers Emerge as Obama's Top Foe in Reform Effort -
Dylan Ratigan To Chamber Of Commerce's Tom Donohue: "You Talk Nonsense" (video) Chamber of Commerce has spent $26,196,000 lobbying so far in 2009 (yes, $29 million)
CNN's Castellanos' firm is ad buyer for AHIP's anti-health care ad blitz | Media Matters for America (but look at the bloggers!)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Rock Salt, Paper, Morons (alternate title: We Will, We Will, Rock Salt You!) (Red State Strike Farce sending white powder to Senate office)
YouTube - Thirty Republicans (pro-rape Republicans)
Truthdig - Reports - Why Do Conservatives Hate America? (investigate the un-American Republicans!)
Coburn Compares Political Science Funding To Waterboarding
Why GOP Leader Opposes Hate Crimes Protections for Gays - Political Hotsheet - CBS News eligion is an immutable characteristic, his office suggests, sexual orientation is not (Boehner)
Mediactive » Washington Post Media Critic Gives Opinion Writers a Truthiness License (Howie Kurtz, wanker)
Don't these people have The Google? - James Fallows
The speech Obama won't ace (plus, WaPo gaffe followup) - James Fallows (the suckitude of Fred Hiatt's WaPo)

Dow Hits 10,000 - However Briefly
Calculated Risk: FOMC Minutes: "Considerable Uncertainty" about Economic Growth when Fiscal Stimulus Wanes
Wall Street On Track To Award Record Pay -
JPMorgan Earnings: Bank Posts $3.6 Billion Profit, Despite Big Loan Losses (they ate your money)
Along With Layoffs, Recession’s Cost Can Be Seen in Pay Cuts -
Subprime and the Banks: Guilty as Charged - (no one could have predicted)
Mortgage professionals expect home foreclosures to keep rising --
Freedom Communications faces first major bankruptcy hearing - (owner is a glibertarian, shafts paper carriers)
Serial smearer Corsi's explanation for mortgage bubble loaded with falsehoods aimed at Dems | Media Matters for America (Swift-Boat Corsi now an expert on mortgage crisis, on your teevee)

Discovery of ‘magnetricity’ marks important advance in physics - Times Online (monopoles)
First black hole for light created on Earth - physics-math - 14 October 2009 - New Scientist
New Type Of Flying Reptile: Darwin's Pterodactyl Preyed On Flying Dinosaurs
Drawing a picture is 'lie detection technique' - Telegraph
Great ball of fire! Video reveals explosive magnetic power of the Sun | Mail Online
Baby Gender Disappointment--ELLE Investigates Controversial Sex Selection Methods Extreme sex selection methods—from high-calcium-diets to embryo testing—are raising prickly ethical questions
Diabetes in the US

Technology Review: Blogs: Jason Pontin's blog: How to Save Media (Editor of Technology Review, May 2009)

The Internet is about to die. Literally die! - Ars Technica
Blogger has benefits removed over Google AdSense payments - Telegraph
Sweden loses its internet connection - Telegraph The internet connection for the whole of Sweden went down for almost an hour when routine maintenance broke every single .se address.
Labour MP: Disconnecting File-Sharers is Futile | TorrentFreak


Number of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Overlooks Thousands of Support Troops - Additional Deployments Not Announced and Rarely Noted (its all kind of a secret)
BBC News | South Asia | Al-Qaeda 'faces funding crisis' Al-Qaeda is in its worst financial state for many years while the Taliban's funding is flourishing, according to the US Treasury (stimulus!)
Glenn Greenwald - Democrats and Afghanistan: what's at stake (DiFi's husband has multi-million $ contracts in Afganistan)

The Seminal » AHIP Ends Truce with Obama, Declares War on Baucus’ Insurance Reforms
How Snowe Will Vote - George's Bottom Line (Queen Olympia represents 1/2 of 1% of the country)
Senate Finance Committee Approves Health Care Reform 14-9 ("Trigger" Snowe keeps it all about her; Dems declare "bi-partisan" victory on basis of one Republican vote; watered-down reform moves forward)
Accounting Firm Admits Cost Savings Left Out Of Report Prepared For AHIP Report | TPMDC (or you say, "they lied")
The audacity of greed: how private health insurers just blew their cover | Salon Insurance companies say the Senate healthcare bill will force them to raise premiums. Time to call their bluff
The continuing uselessness of Ceci Connolly and the Washington Post | Media Matters for America (and they wonder why they're losing money)
The Washington Monthly: Nrcc Just Can't Help Itself (Hitler loves Pelosi; someone call Abe Foxman)
Glenn Beck, Republican strategist | Salon News When the Fox News host pushes a crackpot theory, it doesn't take long for the GOP to run with it. A timeline
Howard Kurtz's continuing dishonesty about MSNBC | Media Matters for America (Howie The Joke Kurtz)
Stick a fork in Limbaugh's NFL dream, it's done | Media Matters for America (turned down divisive racist)

Tax Dodger Crackdown Shelved By Obama Administration (caves to big corps; the keep their off-shore tax havens)
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect Let's See, Low Interest Rates Mean that Investors Have Trust (quality business reporting)
ITS-Davis: A Path To Sustainable Energy By 2030 (oil-less economy)
California Tries to Solve Water Woes - (another Aaanold failure)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Change We Can Taste (And Smell).

Ribosome Unraveled: A Q&A with Nobelist Thomas Steitz: Scientific American
35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography | Wired Science |
The Paleo-Lakes of Mars (Can Fossil Fish Be Far Behind?)
Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human by Richard Wrangham: review - Telegraph

BBC News | UK | 'Naked' scanner in airport trial (TSA porn)
Anti-Paparazzi Law Signed In California ("Aanold's Law")
'Daily Show' Destroys CNN For Fact-Checking 'SNL' Instead Of Their Guests (picked the wrong fight)
The Rise and Fall of Academic Abstention - Stanley Fish Blog - (because academia is its own special place)


Boy, 13, kills 41 in Taliban suicide bombing in Pakistan - Telegraph
Interpol and U.N. Back ‘Global Policing Doctrine’ -
'Embarrassing' Incident in Gulf of Suez: German Ship Transporting Arms for Iran - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International (whoops)
Welcome to Debt City | GlobalPost Expats who took out loans to finance extravagances during Dubai's good times now flee or face jail.
World Briefing - Europe - Italy - Premier Vows to Stay On - “I am the best prime minister ever,”
And the other Nobel Peace Prize nominees were... - World Politics, World - The Independent
The missing: Each year, 275,000 Britons disappear - Home News, UK - The Independent
Guardian gagged from reporting parliament | Media | The Guardian
Guardian Gagged from Reporting Parliament - Guy Fawkes' blog
British Press Banned from Reporting Parliament. Seriously.
The Trafigura files and how to read them | World news |
Minton report: Trafigura toxic dumping along the Ivory Coast broke EU regulations, 14 Sep 2006 - Wikileaks
BNP Wives

Firedoglake » With Secret Deal in Peril, Insurance Industry Goes to War
s Insurers Mount Attack Against Health Reform (lies, lies, and more lies)
Daily Kos: The White House: Shocked and "Misled" by AHIP (bad-faith negotiations)
White House Slams Industry's Audit Of Health Reform Bill | TPMDC
Daily Kos: AHIP's Hissy Fit
Ezra Klein - The Insurance Industry's Deceptive Report (PWC, pimped for big tobacco, too)
Americans cutting back on health care to save money - Yahoo! News
Campaign Silo » So Fades the Co-Op

Liz Cheney's Debut As Fox News Sunday Panelist: Obama's Nobel Is 'A Farce' | TPM LiveWire (doesn't like Obama's method of "ruling")
AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: White House official calls gays part of "Internet left fringe"
White House Disavows Report That It Disdains Gay Critics, Bloggers As “Internet Left Fringe” | The Plum Line (walking it back -- "we've made some phone calls" -- but the cats out of the bag)
YouTube - Hardball - Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL08) shows Democrats how courage is done
YouTube - Grayson: 'What I Did is Like a Bob Dylan Protest Song; What Joe Wilson Did is Like a Belch'
Brilliant at Breakfast - This guy is going to scare the Democratic establishment to death (Grayson)
Against Transparency | The New Republic The perils of openness in government.
Howard Kurtz forgets about Howard Kurtz | Media Matters for America
Emptywheel » Proof the WaPo’s Twit Policy Has Restored Its Credibility
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Limbaugh To Judge Miss America Contest.
What's with all the @#%! language? - Kenneth P. Vogel -
Former Panel Chair Says Perry's Office Pressured Him On Death Penalty Probe | TPMMuckraker Rick Perry orchestrated an effort to thwart a state probe into an arson investigation that may have led to the execution of an innocent man (Perry executed innocent man)

Nobel Prize For Economics: Elinor Ostrom, Oliver Williamson Win
Nobel Economics Prize Potential Winner Odds | The Big Picture
Economic Principals: And the Winner Is...
Matthew Yglesias » And The Fake Nobel Goes To…
Nobel Economics Prize Potential Winner Odds | The Big Picture
Krugman - Misguided Monetary Mentalities -
Foreclosures Grow in Housing Market's Top Tiers - (30% of foreclosures in June involved homes in the top third of local housing values -- turns out it wan't just poor dark people like our media told us)
Wells Sees 60-70% Loss Severity in Option-ARMs : HousingWire || financial news for the mortgage market (more doom)
Henry Blodget: Americans Are Still Delusional About House Prices
The Lost Generation - BusinessWeek the unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds has climbed to more than 18%, from 13% a year ago.
100 years of Big Content fearing technology—in its own words - Ars Technica

Study Links Concussions To Brain Disease - 60 Minutes - CBS News 60 Minutes Looks At Alarming New Research On The Longterm Effects Of Concussions And Head Trauma

Charlie Brooker | Ageing isn't fun, but it's better than death, by at least, ooh . . . 8% | Comment is free | The Guardian
Dolton cop in beating case has troubling history - Chicago Breaking News (psycho-cop shot 24 times in "self-defense," cleared by Chicago copsters)
America's Smartest Cities—From First to Worst - The Daily Beast (#3 Boston)
Behind the Work: Juan Cabral discusses the making of Sony's Soundville | Behind The Work | Creativity Online
The fun theory

Pepsi Releases iPhone App To Help Men "Score" With Women And Brag About It On Twitter - Amp up before you score - Jezebel
Net Cemetery | The New Republic Comcast, the biggest threat to free speech since Nixon.
Microsoft’s Project Pink Might Be Dead In The Water (MS can't manage shit)
The DIY fish supper: Future kitchen grows its own vegetables and seafood | Mail Online
Aim Tasers lower, police told - RCMP and OPP change policy after maker urges stun gun users to avoid firing at suspects' chests
Student Refuses to Say Pledge - "liberty for all" is a lie OD

YouTube - google voice
Legal Technology - Back to Basics: A Google Voice Tutorial
How-to Enable SIP Dialing with Google Voice [Tutorial] | TruVoIPBuzz


Perpetual war is here — and Americans are getting used to it --
Iran: 2 get death sentences for post-election uprising in Iran --
WITN?: Yahoo didn’t sentence 200,000 Iranians to death, and other misadventures in online journalism
Bloody siege at Pakistan army HQ ends with 20 dead (HQ as in "Pentagon")
DownWithTyranny!: Alan Grayson Explains The Best Policy For Afghanistan: Just Leave People Alone
McChrystal and Gates Raise Tension in Afghanistan Debate - Yahoo! News
A Dogged Taliban Chief Rebounds, Vexing U.S. - Mullah Muhammad Omar
Op-Ed Columnist - Two Wrongs Make Another Fiasco - - noisiest standard-bearer, John McCain. He made every wrong judgment call that could be made after 9/11 (but wrong-way McCain in on teevee every Sunday)
The Washington Monthly: If It's Sunday, It's President Mccain
White House: Fox News Is 'A Wing Of The Republican Party' | TPM LiveWire
Firedoglake » Peggy Noonan Calls Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize “Wicked” (the crazy Jesus-Dolphin lady speaks, MSM listens)
Nobel for Intangible Efforts Is a Complication for Obama - (Ad Nags at the NYT, reprints rightwing screaming points: "the charmed and entitled rise of Mr. Obama" as in "entitled"=uppity)
A Cartoon—By Mr. Fish (Harper's Magazine) (Kissinger)

Obama HRC Speech: "I Will End Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Says President Obama (no specifics, no timetable, sometime in the next 100 years)
Firedoglake » Fierce Advocate Omits Maine, Washington, Marriage at HRC
Joseph Rocha -- 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Didn't Protect Me From Abuse in the Navy Trying to serve his country, a young man faced bigotry and abuse

Vt. health reform: manage chronically ill patients - Yahoo! News
Americana That Barack Obama Has Made Un-American - Barack Obama - Gawker
The Seminal » Jack Bauer Not Surviving Contact With Reality The party of fail. Right now the favorability rating of the Republican party in the age group of 18-29 is at 8%. EIGHT PERCENT. With a +/- of 3 (party of zero with no future, but MSM loves them)
The Bobblespeak Translations: Meet the Press - October 11, 2009

Techtonic Shifts : Rupert Murdoch Says Google Is Stealing His Content. So Why Doesn't He Stop Them? (Rupurt "Satan" Murdoch wants Google to pay for the privilege of indexing his content, otherwise he'd use robots.txt, it's not that complicated)
Some credit card companies rush to act before new law -

Mind - How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect -
God is not the Creator, claims academic - Telegraph (separated shit separated heaven and earth?)
Dissertation - riverScrap - A Comparison of British & American News Interviewing Styles (Bill O'Reilly)

National Geographic Magazine - (flash-embedded 50 years of space-exploration)
50-years-exploration-huge.jpg (50 years of space-exploration infographic large image) - Image d0c - NatGeo Space Exploration image)
Flickr Photo Download: 50 Years of Space Exploration

Ecstasy research looks for benefits
Advocates explore use of drug, illegal since 1985, to treat emotional wounds - Baltimore Sun

Parents of "chunky" infant weigh in on health insurance reform - The Denver Post (breast-feeding 4 month-old labeled "pre-existing condition")
Debate Follows Bills to Remove Clotheslines Bans - (restricting the use of “wind energy drying devices” — i.e., clotheslines)
Despite increased risks, jaywalkers abound on Boston’s busy streets - The Boston Globe
Guest Blogger Starling: Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced « Kate Harding's Shapely Prose

The End of the Email Era - - Jessica E. Vascellaro, Harvard 2005 (wtf, do any research, Jessica?)
Is Social Media Impacting How Much We Email? | Nielsen Wire (more, not less)
Online Activities, Total | Pew Internet & American Life Project (email: 90% - saturation)

Five Best Windows Task Manager Alternatives - Task manager - Lifehacker
T-Mobile Sidekick Disaster: Danger’s Servers Crashed, And They Don’t Have A Backup
YouTube - Hilarious Canal+ commercial! (almost as good as the guy in the refrigerator)
Vulgar Army: Octoprop to Octopop (Cephalopods)
The Cube - A rare non-muppet Jim Henson movie long believed to be lost


CBC News - Technology & Science - Scientist at particle collider suspected of terrorist links (planning to use LHC to destroy planet)
President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Viewed Positively in 62 Percent of Twitter
Why Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize - Joan Walsh -
The Associated Press: Officials release body of hanged Ky. census worker (a month later)
Foreign Relations: From Segregation to Breakfast - Time (1957: read this)
YouTube - David Cross on Bush (4 months after 9/11)

Public Option Still Alive - Believe It (despite the best efforst of Republican media)
Congressional Memo - As Republicans Predict a 2010 Surge, Democrats Dig In - (they always predict a win) )
Obama To Congress: Wrap Up Health Care (already)
No More Mister Nice Blog: Oh, He's Just Jealous (and not only of Obama) (Limbaugh getting eclipsed by even crazier Glenn Beck)
YouTube - "Republicans Probably Wish There Were A Nobel Prize For Fear!" Congressman Alan Grayson
Time for the media to fess up | Salon Journalists like Evan Thomas now admit the Clinton scandals were bogus. When will they admit they played along?
Daily Kos: Journalism at its finest: today's lead editorial in the Washington Post (they are so immersed in their ideology, they can't even think, thank you Fred Hiatt)
The Washington Monthly: What Kind Of Question Is That? (CBS News' Chip Reid -- if you want to know how the MSM thinks, this is it)

Job competition toughest since recession began -
On the government's owners - Glenn Greenwald - "And the banks -- hard to believe in a time when we're facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created -- are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place." (should have "shocked and awed" them when he had the chance)
What's with all the zombies? | Salon - Maybe the undead creatures surfacing everywhere in pop culture have something to do with Washington and Wall Street
Op-Ed Columnist - Igniting the Growth of Jobs -
Calitics:: California's Economic and Fiscal Death Spiral Continues (complete failure of Republican policies, dragging down the country)
California’s Budget Suffers ‘Major Blow’ as Debt Sales Loom - (California Nightmare)
Calculated Risk: Congressional Oversight Panel: Obama Foreclosure Plan will Fall Short - As of Sept. 1, the Obama plan had produced 1,711 permanent loan modifications (FAIL; and as opposed to the bankers, of course)
Finally, Rendell signs $27.8 billion Pa. budget | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/10/2009 (Pennsylvania to go to gambling-based economy)
Rolfe Winkler » Blog Archive » TARP deadbeats | Blogs (not stopping the bonuses, though)
Streetsblog Capitol Hill » How Congress Can Help Create Suburbia 2.0
Why Are Companies Fleeing The Chamber Of Commerce? | The New Republic
Roy Greenslade: Condé Nast's $1bn advertising headache | Media | to start charging fee for Reading News Online

Pandemic Tests a Patchwork of Health Agencies -
Swine Flu Rates Up to 5 Times Higher for Native Groups
No Scientific Link Between Childhood Vaccines And Autism, Review Shows (call Jenny McCarthy)
Virus Found in Many With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - - xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV
Row at US journal widens : Nature News (Lynn Margulis +trans-species mergers +Lyme Disease)
Scientists identify bacterium that helps in formation of gold
Saturn's biggest halo revealed | Science | The Guardian
Tiny Nuclear Batteries can provide energy for atleast 10 years | Hardware Insight
Targeting Cancer Cells with Nanoparticles | h+ Magazine
BBC News | Science & Environment | Monkey mothers 'coo' over babies
Contraceptive pill has made women less attracted to masculine men... and more interested in 'boyish' looks | Mail Online - hormones in the oral contraceptive suppress a woman's interest in masculine men and make boyish men more attractive

Turn to Freud's psychoanalysis for postnatal depression | Life and style | The Guardian Turn to Freud's psychoanalysis for postnatal depression
JAMA -- Abstract: Effectiveness of Long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Meta-analysis, October 1, 2008, Leichsenring and Rabung 300 (13): 1551
Why Psychologists Reject Science: Begley | Newsweek Voices - Sharon Begley | Why do psychologists reject science?

Messages :: Tyler
Cop who beat student for untucked shirt jailed on rape charges Chicago police accepted his claims of self-defense even though he drove to the couple’s home while off-duty and got into an argument with Cornell McKinney, before shooting him 24 times.
Daily Kos: Texas Cannot Wait for Good Science in the Courtroom (rogue state Texas)

O'Reilly Vs. Dawkins on Intelligent Design (Fat Bill: "science has never advanced the human condition")
Do Moderates Have a Responsibility to Be More Vocal in S&R Discussions? Josh Rosenau Answers - Science and Religion Today (yes, unless they want Evangelical Christians to represent them)
Marijuana Licensing Fails to Chase the Shadows -
Lawyer Loses Unemployment Cash Because of $1.30 in Daily Blog Income | ABA Journal - Law News Now
Four different ways to sync your cellphone with the cloud - Ars Technica
Men More Likely to 'Go Digital,' Study Says
Innovation: The psychology of Google Wave - tech - 09 October 2009 - New Scientist
What makes MobileMe worth £59 a year? | News | TechRadar UK (you've been Jobstered)
Report details AT&T wait to break even on iPhones | Apple - CNET News
World around us: Adobe exploit puts backdoor on computers
Welcome to your notable world | Evernote Corporation
Expand Your Brain with Evernote - Feature - Lifehacker
Microsoft OneNote is a Note-Taking Power Tool - Windows - Lifehacker
OneNote Testing : A summary of the OneNote powertoys from the test team for 2007
Can Google Stay on Top of the Web? - BusinessWeek
Google Wave: First Impressions from Real People, Not “Experts” | Thoughtpick Blog
The BLU!


In a surprise, Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize - Yahoo! News (talking heads explode)
Nobel Prize To Obama Defended (Video)
Obama Nobel Prize A Disaster, "No Upside," "The Damage Is Done" Says Morning Joe Crew (yeah, like that)
Conservatives, Critics Blast Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize | The Plum Line (stamping their feet)
Obama's Nobel Peace Prize - Glenn Greenwald -
Right-wing media root against America ... again :  Media conservatives cheer when America loses, fume when it wins | Media Matters for America
Hullabaloo: digby: Hmmmm (DCCC: "The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists — the Taliban and Hamas this morning — in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize.")
PEEK | AlterNet
I swear I am not making this up | Media Matters for America (your Villager media goes right for the crazy/stupid)
Right Wingers Pitch Fits Over Nobel Peace Prize | TPMDC
Limbaugh: 'Greater embarrassment' than losing Olympics - Jonathan Martin -
Anti-Obama Images Circulate (Photos)
Obama humiliated by IOC plot - (The International Olympic Committee had already decided not to choose Chicago even before President Obama came to Copenhagen)
Peshawar Bombing Kills 49 Near Crowded Market, Pakistan's Deadliest Attack In 6 Months
Yahoo says Iran allegations are false | ZDNet Government | Yahoo collaborated with the Iranian regime during the election protests, providing to the authorities the names and emails of some 200,000 Iranian Yahoo users (denied by Yahoo)
Letterman's sex isn't a scandal | Jill Filipovic | Comment is free | (but Ensign's is, and the villagers won't look over there)

A historian's account of Democrats and Bush-era war crimes - Glenn Greenwald - (worse than Bush)
Emptywheel » The Blob that Passed Telecom Immunity
Telephone Company Is Arm of Government, Feds Admit in Spy Suit | Threat Level |
Chief House Appropriator Urges Obama to Change Course on Afghanistan « The Washington Independent (what does "endless war" cost?)

Daily Kos: Tester Pushes Senate Whip Count for Public Option to 51 - Reid's got his 51 votes
Daily Kos: Why We Should be Listening to Howard Dean - Residents of Vermont have the best healthcare in the country
Hullabaloo Have The Democrats Found Their Vocal Cords? (Grayson: ""We as a party have spent the last six months, the greatest minds in our party, dwelling on the question, the unbelievably consuming question of how to get Olympia Snowe to vote on health care reform.")
YouTube - Alan Grayson: "If the President has a BLT tomorrow, the Republicans will try to ban bacon."
Republicans for Rape: 30 GOP senators want to deny rape victims their day in court (want rape and murder "mediated")
Krugman - The Uneducated American - (America teh stupid: Republicans dragging everyone down to their level)
Illegal gun sales caught on camera by NYC (post with videos). Will this get same attention as ACORN? | Rumproast (no because the gun-guys are white, of course)
Campaign Silo » Problems With The Public Option Opt Out – By The Numbers (but could radically shift electoral politics as people flee Southern States to get health insurance)
Firedoglake » Late Night: But Will This Solve Those High School Lesbian Bathroom Attacks? (OK abortion-shaming law, doesn't mention ... fathers!)
Centrism as tribalism — Crooked Timber (Clive Crook is a fucking idiot: "The Democratic party’s civil libertarians seem to believe that several medium-sized US cities would be a reasonable price to pay for insisting on ordinary criminal trials for terrorist suspects.")

Arianna Huffington: A Moment of Truth with Bill Moyers, Marcy Kaptur, and Simon Johnson (complete capture of the White House by Wall Street)
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » Chart of the day: FHA delinquencies | Blogs (another big bailout: who could have predicted?)
Whodunit? Sneak attack on U.S. dollar - Eamon Javers -
Perdue says Dell will pay back every "red cent" - BusinessWeek The Legislature and local governments had offered Texas-based Dell a deal worth up to $318 million in tax breaks and grants (that worked out really well)
Britain overtakes US as top financial centre - Telegraph
Men vs. Women: Financial Planning
ESPN - OTL: Seats Of Gold - E-ticket (intrepid reporter pays $1200 to experience Yankee's "Legends" seating, writes great economic analysis)

The Associated Press: AP, News Corp bosses tell search engines to pay up (they are very confused)
Strange Attractor » Blog Archive » AP’s Curley v Curley and News Corp’s Rupert v Rupert (Murdoch: "the content kleptomaniacs")
Searching for the skinny on Ralph Lauren ad (update: "We are responsible," says Ralph Lauren) - Boing Boing
Olympics warns man about sharing photos on website -
Roger Ebert's Journal: My Life and Times Archives

Google Flu Trends Goes Global, Proving That We’re A Nation Of Snifflers
Pam's House Blend:: CDC: 76 Children Dead From H1N1 Yet Rush Limbaugh stomps his feet and yells, "Screw You!" at Kathleen's Sebelius' recommendation that people get the H1N1 flu vaccination
Preview of Things to Come? ICU Admissions for H1N1 Skyrocket in Australia | Crooks and Liars
mental_floss Blog » What Does it Matter if I’m Allergic to Eggs? (A Flu Shot FAQ)
The Associated Press: AP Poll: Only half of people want swine flu shots
Swine flu put many hospitalized patients into ICU
NEJM -- Hospitalized Patients with 2009 H1N1 Influenza in the United States, April-June 2009

The Human Genome in 3 Dimensions | Wired Science |
YouTube - Sugar: The Bitter Truth (it's poison)
Bee calamity clarified :The Scientist [24th August 2009]
Genomic Study Yields Plausible Cause Of Colony Collapse Disorder - "polyadenylation"
Universe To End Sooner Than Previously Thought | Popular Science
Temperatures of sea water fringing South Pole were tropical 50 million years ago

Social Media: The Revenge of the Internet
What Twitter's Deal with Google Might Mean for Marketers!
Microsoft and Google: The Good Guys - Reviews by PC Magazine
US court says software is owned, not licensed • Channel Register (death of the "you didn't really but it" software license)
Justin (shitmydadsays) on Twitter


American troops in Afghanistan losing heart, say army chaplains - Times Online (useless, endless war)
Taliban suicide attack kills 17 in Afghan capital ("if Taliban regain control" is supposed to be a selling point)
Agreement Allows Guantánamo Prisoners to Be Tried in U.S. - Congressional leaders have decided to allow detainees imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, to be brought to the United States to face civilian or military trials, legislative aides said Wednesday.

Pelosi to submit multiple public options for CBO scoring - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (game on)
Pelosi Calls NRCC Comments "Sad," "Inappropriate" "I'm in my place," Pelosi said
The Seminal - 30 Senate Democrats stand up for a public option
Conservative And Liberal Democrats Warm To Public Option Compromise | TPMDC
Op-Ed Columnist - Let Congress Go Without Insurance - a modest proposal: If Congress fails to pass comprehensive health reform this year, its members should surrender health insurance in proportion with the American population that is uninsured.
CBO: Baucus Bill Reduces Deficit By $81 Billion, Costs $829 Billion Over A Decade
The Right doesn't believe their own media criticism, Part 187 | Media Matters for America
Think Progress » REPORT: ‘We Will Overthrow The Government’ — Calls For Violence Repeatedly Stoked By Conservative Voices ("Pulling our government down, pulling our President out, and putting him back where he should be ... using the right to bear arms")
Hullabaloo: Independents by digby ("independents" are really far rightwing Republicans, according to the Villager media)
The Urban Politico: In Case You Missed It... a new Oklahoma law (yes, law, not "proposed legislation" or "some kind of sick joke") set to go into effect Nov. 1 that would collect detailed data about each abortion performed -- and post it all on a public Web site
SC gov's driver stopped for speeding, not ticketed - Yahoo! News
Sextortion: A Recent History | TPM Photo Features
Firedoglake » Jeb Bush: Stop Blaming My Brother for Driving the Country Off a Cliff (heh)

Voices of Power: Elizabeth Warren - - "the middle class is under terrific assault."
Next Asset Bubble Could Come Sooner Than You Think -
Penn Treaty May Need More Than $1 Billion for Claims (Update3) - - facing the biggest insurer failure in at least five years, may need more than $1 billion in additional funds to pay claims, a state regulator said (but let private insurance take care of you!)
Geithner Talks To Select Group Of Bankers Every Day (at least every day)
Concerns Grow About Another Mortgage Giant - (FHA: no one could have predicted)
Chapter 13 Making Markets Work

Meat is murder on the environment - environment - 18 July 2007 - New Scientist
Aquacalypse Now | The New Republic The End of Fish
Astronomers capture spectacular meteor footage and images (w/ Video)
The Worst Natural Disasters You Never Heard About | Newsweek International
Smaller And More Efficient Nuclear Battery Created
Cessu's blog: Have You Listened to Your Program Today?

Times Higher Education - world university rankings 2009
ACLU Says Extracting DNA From Suspects Unconstitutional | Threat Level |
The Associated Press: Pot legalization gains momentum in California
Police suspect 'Barefoot Burglar' is stealing, crashing planes -

Google Wave 101 - Wave - Lifehacker
Official Gmail Blog: Choosing a smart password
Must-Know Techniques for Faster Web Browsing with Leading Browsers; Mozilla Firefox & IE —
I Just Made Love!


Afghan War: 8th Anniversary Photo Retrospective
Jon Soltz: The Questions All Americans Should ask About Afghanistan
Malou Innocent: Defining Victory to Win a War
Jeff Stein: Gen. McChrystal Is No MacArthur
Robert Scheer: A War of Absurdity
ACLU: Arrest of G20 Twitterer part of ‘war on demonstrators’ | Raw Story
BCCLA Files Lawsuit Against City For Violation of Charter Rights, VO Blogger Chris Shaw Key Plaintiff | The Vancouver Observer

CQ Politics | Lobbyists Stew After Being Bounced From Boards A tide of anger and dismay is rippling down K Street as the Obama administration implements a new policy limiting the roles of lobbyists on federal advisory committees (can you believe that?)
No Exit | The New Republic - The never-ending lunacy of Betsy McCaughey
No Exit | Mother Jones Betsy McCaughey's mendacious article
Key Senators Say Dem Leadership Entertaining Idea Of Weak Public Option | TPMDC
Thomas Frank: Health Care and the 'Predator State' - It is corporate power, not the government, that we need to worry about.
Fox News attacks ACORN over grant to give smoke detectors to low-income families | Media Matters for America

Still chasing shadows? - Paul Krugman Blog - - why does Fed policy seem to assume that the only way to repair credit markets is to return to the status quo ante, circa January 2007?
Andrew Ross Sorkin's 'Too Big to Fail' | - Wall Street’s Near-Death Experience
Gold eases from record but sentiment stays bullish - Yahoo! Finance
Bank Fees Still on the Rise | MintLife Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice
Hotel defaults, foreclosures rise in California -- In the state, defaults and foreclosures are up fivefold since Jan. 1.
Fed Frets About Commercial Real Estate - With Banks Slow to Take Losses, Fears of a Residential-Bust Repeat; 'More Pain Likely Lies Ahead'

Homegrown Pot Threatens Mexican Cartels - CBS News Washington Post: American Mom-and-Pop Marijuana Growers Are Cutting Into Profits of Foreign Traffickers
Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back « OkTrends

Brain Waves Surge Moments Before Death: Discovery News
Trips to Mars in 39 Days | Universe Today
Government Orders Columbia to Tell Patients 'True Nature' of Drug Study

McNaughton Fine Art
Jewish Delis Are Dwindling, Traditions and All -
Gore Vidal's United States of fury - Americas, World - The Independent
Comment, July 1961 - Gore Vidal on Why Ayn Rand Sucks and Literary Criticism - Esquire
Mark Twain's Reputation - The New York Review of Books

Android to grab No. 2 spot by 2012, says Gartner (not what Gizmodo said + no mention of Nokia)


Andrea Taylor wrongful arrest (cops abusing anti-terror laws, who could have predicted?)
NYR: Who's In Big Brother's Database?
WLUML: Calls for Action: Saudi Arabia: Imprisonment and Whipping of 75 year-old Woman (asked nephew to get her a loaf of bread)

Congressional leaders fight against posting bills online | Washington Examiner (transparency!)
Reform Is No Cure for Insurer Discrimination, Health Experts Say - Economic Pressure Could Give Rise to New Biases Against Prior Conditions ("economic pressure" = lobbyists)
Progressives and the Fight for Healthcare
Queen Olympia, You've Done It Again! You're Eviscerating the Reform Bill. | Crooks and Liars
The Washington Monthly: George Will Follows The Right's Chosen Meme ("narcissistic" = the new "uppity")
Demonstrations at CEO Mansions? Ho Hum : CJR (your media is disgusting)
Think Progress » Congressional GOP Fundraising Committee On Pelosi: It’s Time To ‘Put Her In Her Place’ (back in the kitchen!)
The NY Times ' pointless pursuit of right-wing "buzz" stories | Media Matters for America
Whitmire to Call Senate Hearing on State Forensics Commission | Dog Canyon (Texas state-sanctioned murder and Rick Perry's Saturday Night Massacre)
Hullabaloo Failed State (Calipwnya)
Amygdala: Are You "The Unknown Liberal"? MSNBC's Ratigan: Conservatives Don't Care if 'Half the Country Dies' In Order to 'Take Down Obama'
Why is Betsy McCaughey on MSNBC? | Media Matters for America (big media: platforms for liar, that's why)
Campaign Silo » Senate Finance Delays Health Care Vote: Did Baucus Screw Wyden And Lose His Vote?
Schwarzenegger Latest Republican To Back Health Care Reform (because Calipwnya is bankrupt)
Fox News's Shep Smith: 'Every Vote Against The Public Option Is A Vote For The Insurance Companies' | TPM LiveWire
NY Post Fires Editor Critical Of Racist Obama-Stimulus Cartoon - Employees at the paper -- which is one of media mogul's Rupert Murdoch's crown jewels -- said the firing, which took place last Tuesday, seemed retributive
Apple Is Latest To Quit Chamber Over Climate Change | TPMMuckraker (quits far-right lobbying group)

As Job Loss Rises, Obama Aides Act to Fix Safety Net - (they're studying the problem of no fucking jobs)
To Be Effective, Exchanges Need Bargaining Power - Kaiser Health News
Are you under...the power of gold? | Philly | 10/06/2009
The Real Misery Index: Unemployment Increases The Hardship

America Takes On Swine Flu - Room for Debate Blog -
CDC H1N1 Flu | Questions & Answers Novel H1N1 Influenza Vaccine
Swine flu rumors and fears : The New Yorker
The AIDS vaccine trial: science by press release is not enough : Effect Measure
Unrevealed Analysis Weakens Claim of AIDS Vaccine "Success" : ScienceInsider
Birth of a Notion: Implicit Social Cognition and the "Birther" Movement: Scientific American (especially if you're like, really stupid)
Medical News: Wider Net Catches More Cases of Autism Disorders - in Pediatrics, Autism from MedPage Today One in every 91 U.S. children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Why I give marijuana to my autistic child.
Mediterranean Diet Associated With Reduced Risk Of Depression
Glow-in-the-Dark Mushrooms Discovered | LiveScience
Small Wonders: Finalists From the Nikon Small World Competition | PDN Photo of the Day
Study: Alcohol Abstainers at Higher Risk of Depression - Time

Mont. jail deal with mysterious American Police Force unravels - On Deadline -
FBI file on Aaron Swartz, US court-record hacker (nvestigated by the FBI for participating in a project to take the publicly owned US court records from the PACER database (where they were very expensive to access) and put them on the web - don't cross big corps)

Advertising - F.T.C. to Rule Blogs Must Disclose Gifts or Pay for Reviews - (but not big media, because, you know, their ethics are unquestionable)
New Anti-Smoking Ads Warn Teens 'It's Gay To Smoke' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Use Google Voice Voicemail Without Changing Numbers - Google Voice - Lifehacker
Webmail Password Leaks Extend to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL - Passwords - Lifehacker
5 Signs You’re NOT a Social Media Expert, Yet
This Is a Photoshop and It Blew My Mind - Photosketch - Gizmodo
Windows Mobile 6.5 Review: There's No Excuse For This - Windows mobile 6.5 review - Gizmodo


Rethink Afghanistan
Is US strategy in Afghanistan working? | The debate over sending more US troops frames a larger clash over counterinsurgency strategy as the new template for war.
BBC News | South Asia | Race to help India flood stranded severe flooding left about 250 people dead and millions without homes.
Firedoglake » Criminal Accessory or Real-Time Reporting? FBI Raids Home of Man Who Tweeted Police Movements During G-20 (stinks)
Griper Blade: The World's Worst-Kept Secret (the "knowledge" of how to make a nuke)
BBC News | Middle East | Israel minister feared UK arrest Israeli minister and former military chief Moshe Yaalon cancelled a UK visit because of fears of arrest for alleged war crimes (Polanski never killed anyone)
ElBaradei says nuclear Israel number one threat to Mideast (call Abe Foxman)
BBC News | Middle East | Egypt cleric 'to ban full veils' (niqab is just tradition)

philosecurity » Blog Archive » What Does DHS Know About You?
Obama quietly tries to shore up Senate support for public option -- (without taking ownership or spending any "political captial")
The Washington Monthly: When Push Comes To Shove
Campaign Silo » Countdown to Lieberman the only reason to pass a bill without a public option is if the White House doesn't want one.
Use of Federal Health Clinics Soars - (everyone is poor and unemployed except bankers, insurance corps and lobbyists)
WellPoint Cuts Workers' Health Insurance Benefits (CEO, encouraged workers to lobby against healthcare reform, gets $10mil bonus!)
Op-Ed Columnist - The Politics of Spite - the modern Republican Party, has the emotional maturity of a bratty 13-year-old (+psychotic)

At Simmons, Bought, Drained and Sold, Then Sent to Bankruptcy -
Calculated Risk: New York Income Tax Revenue Falls 36% (all the states are going bankrupt)
TARP Watchdog's Report: Treasury Misled Public On Bailouts (what they do) / Companies / Financial Services - Goldman to be paid $1bn if CIT fails (win!)
Quelle Surprise! New York Times Fails to Call Private Equity Looting by Its Proper Name « naked capitalism
The story of the stimulus - Paul Krugman Blog -
Larry Summers and the White House economic team : The New Yorker
Unemployment Becoming Leading Indicator for Pimco’s New Normal -
Too many palatial homes, too few princely buyers -- stories | Facebook

Exploring a universe where nothing isn't empty - Ars Technica
Baby mammoth yields secrets after 40,000 years in Siberian tundra - Times Online
Cancer treatment enters 'very exciting' era - Telegraph could stop the disease being a major cause of death
The waking nightmare of sleep paralysis | Chris French | Science |
Seth’s blog » Blog Archive » a Comparison of Strategies for Sustaining Weight Loss
Five Best Weight-Management Tools - Weight loss - Lifehacker

Conservatizing the Bible - Crunchy Con
Conservative Bible Project - Conservapedia Liberal bias has become the single biggest distortion in modern Bible translations (new translation! free-market principles!)
'The Simpsons' Mock 'The Secret' (video)
Suddenly Last Supper - Popped Culture

Microsoft Security Essentials: The big questions | News | TechRadar UK
3 Reasons Why iPhone Won't Get Adobe Flash - PC World (Steve, Steve and Steve)
10 Essential Wordpress Plugins For New Wordpress Installation


Fareed Zakaria on Iran's Nuclear Program |
Israel trying to dodge overseas prosecution - Yahoo! News Israel is taking extraordinary steps to fend off potential international prosecution of its political and military leaders
Obama adviser: Afghanistan gov't must do better "The al-Qaida presence is very diminished," he said. "The maximum estimate is less than 100 operating in the country (something wrong with this picture)
Peter W. Galbraith -- U.N. Isn't Addressing Fraud in Afghan Election - (Peter Galbraith fired for honesty; UN sweeping electoral fraud under the rug; Ban Ki-moon is a lying idiot)
The Battle of Wanat | Inside the Wire - One of the deadliest attacks of the Afghan war is a symbol of the U.S. military's missteps
A Truly Shocking Guantánamo Story: Judge Confirms That An Innocent Man Was Tortured To Make False Confessions
NY man accused of tweeting cop actions at protests -
ATTACKERMAN » Intelligence Shortfalls And The Waziristan Offensive
Obama was told a trip to Olympics meeting may clinch Chicago win -- (what idiot told him that?)
Matthew Yglesias » The Idea of a Bargain (Bush would have invaded the IOC and gitmo'd them all)
Emptywheel » Evidence The US Bought The Megrahi Conviction (more news you won't read in MSM America - why they didn't want the appeal trial)

AMERICAblog Gay | A great people deserve their rights: National Security Adviser: Obama won't lift gay ban until Iraq and Afghan wars finished - and even then, if there are more wars... (like, never: more change you can believe in not)
Obama urges spirit of compromise on healthcare | Politics | Reuters (yes, compromise with the 72% who want a public option)
Supreme Court's New Term: Major Decisions Looming On Gun Rights, Business Cases (guns in schools! corps as peoples!)
Frank Rich - The Rabbit Ragu Democrats - (US of Lobbyists)
Hullabaloo: Let fiefdom ring - Capitalism: A Love Story
Dana Milbank - Washington Sketch: Those Wacky GOP Health-Care Amendments - not too late for Republicans on Wednesday to make one more valiant stand for the health insurance industry.
SNL Vs. Obama: Sketch Details All The President's Failures Since Taking Office (video)
YouTube - Sen. Rockefeller Keith Olbermann - .5 trillion $ subsidy to insurance companies - stimulus!
Firedoglake » The Death Penalty as Political Gang Initiation (Rick Perry and rogue-state Texas)

Roubini Says Stocks Have Risen ‘Too Much, Too Soon, Too Fast’ - (bubble, bubble, toil and trouble: asset bubble!)
Les Leopold: The Forbes 400 Shows Why Our Nation Is Falling Apart
Beat the Press Archive | The American Prospect The Economy Loses 824,000 Jobs and the Post Doesn't Notice

"Constructive biology" will reshape biotech - William A Haseltine
ESC> About the ESC> ESC Press Office> ESC Press Releases> 2009 General Press Releases> 'No major role for fish' in heart failure prevention only a possible beneficial effect in those with diabetes
Scientists discover clues to what makes human muscle age
BBC News | Science & Environment | Making people move in slow motion
Woman’s Shattered Life Shows Ground Beef Inspection Flaws -
BBC News | UK | Scotland | Edinburgh, East and Fife | Men wanted to test contraceptive

Will California become America's first failed state? | World news | The Observer So what has gone so catastrophically wrong? (one word: Republicans)
Invasion of the pod car - The Boston Globe The dream of personal rapid transit picks up speed (PRT: an insane idea whose idea will never come - “You can text to your delight while traveling,” says Alain Kornhauser!)
5. Europe Blocks US Toxic Products | Project Censored (infringing on their right to poison you)

Washington Post, Bloomberg To Launch News Service
Dan Rather: Lawsuit "Not Over," I'm "Determined"
Cokie on Polanski: ‘Just Take Him Out and Shoot Him’ - George's Bottom Line (Villagers hate trials)
Commentary: The sunflower boy's smile -
September 30, 2009 : Savage Love | A.V. Club

Windows 7 to usher in crush of cheap laptops | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News


Up to 4,000 buried in Indonesian quake rubble -
BBC News | Europe | Ireland backs EU's Lisbon Treaty
Open Left:: We Didn't Deserve The Olympics (the truth)
Daily Kos: Outdumbing the stupid: Rachel Maddow (on Conservative Reaction to America's loss)
Report Cites Firefight as Lesson on Afghan War -
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past - Telegraph (call Abe Foxman)

Emptywheel » DiFi and Pat Leahy, Silencing the Librarians (new PATRIOT language: the whole thing stinks)
Reprimand of Polling Firm Rattles News Organizations - Strategic Vision was founded by Mr. Johnson and his wife, Laura Ward, as a Republican-leaning mom-and-pop public relations company in 2002 (whut?)
National Journal Magazine - A Fleeting GOP Boost In 2010? Republicans may do very well in the midterms without solving their demographic challenges. by Ronald Brownste
U.S. Jews Lead Other Religious Groups in Support of Obama (little Billy Kristol is crying)

Cornel West Interview: Don't Appoint Larry Summers As An Economic Adviser And Tell Me You're Progressive (video)
Why the September Jobs Report Is So Brutal - Yahoo! News
Jobless total tops 15 million | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/03/2009
Reuters Columns » Blog Archive » The perils of long-term unemployment | Blogs |
U.S. Unemployment Now Lasts Longer Than Benefits: Chart of Day -
Personal Bankruptcy Filings Soar - Consumer bankruptcies topped one million for the first nine months of this year, the highest point since the system was overhauled in 2005.
Obama’s Anzio - Paul Krugman Blog - unemployment will, if we’re lucky, peak around 10 percent, not 9.
Calculated Risk: Comparing Employment Recessions including Revision (doesn't look good)
Hullabaloo: digby: Cry Me A River, Part 3,299 (NYT cries for the super-rich, their natural constituency)

Scientists Discover What Makes The Same Type Of Cells Different - Properties of the cell cultures determine variability
Dark Matter: The Plot Thickens - "Could it be that we simply do not understand the long-range behavior of gravity?" -- Gravitational Corridors Act Like Space Lanes
Understanding the Anxious Mind -
The Mating Game is a Team Sport | Psychology Today
Henge with no stones: Unearthed, the site that could be monument's little sister | Mail Online

Some doubt hand washing stops H1N1 -
What to do about the swine flu?

US. Government Suffers 'Largest Release Of Personally Identifiable Information Ever' - data breaches/Security - DarkReading
Your Money - The Higher Lifetime Costs of Being a Gay Couple -

Host Your Domain Email at Gmail (Without Forwarding) | Smarterware
Google Wave’s unproductive email metaphors
Women Are a Majority On All Social Networks Except One
Google CEO Eric Schmidt On Newspapers & Journalism
Giz Explains: Why You Can't Get Decent Earphones for Less Than $100 - Earbuds - Gizmodo
A Unified Theory of Superman’s Powers


2016 Olympics Vote: Chicago Dumped In First Round Shocker (only to the special snowflake Americans)
Chicago Not Getting The Olympics | Air America Media Pakistani IOC member Syed Shahid Ali correctly noted the significant difficulties facing foreigners seeking entry into the United States (Fortress America wouldn't let any foreigners in anyway)
The Washington Monthly - A year ago, a conservative Republican president told Chicago, "This country supports your bid, strongly." That was then, before the right decided their hatred for the president's hometown was more important than anything else.
Rooting against America: Beck, other conservatives cheer elimination of Chicago's Olympic bid | Media Matters for America (getting even weirder)
Conservatives Revel In Obama's Olympic Bid Failure (mean-spirited, anti-American SOB's aren't they?)
Afghanistan, September, 2009 - The Big Picture -

Judge rules FBI can’t keep Cheney interview buried | Raw Story (Plame interview)
Dallas judge paves way for gay couple to get divorce | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News - the state's ban on gay marriage violates the U.S. Constitution.

Shake-up in Texas execution probe draws criticism, questions - (Rick Perry kills wrongful execution investigation 3 days before report: rogue state)
Hullabaloo: dday: The Homicide And The Cover-Up (digby: "We're talking about state-sanctioned murder here, or at least negligent homicide, with one of the most obvious cover-ups to that action")

The Associated Press: Dems taunt GOP: Where's your health care plan?
Grayson: The GOP is a "lie factory" - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room (hammer meet nail)
Brooks - The Wizard of Beck - (Republican crazies have no influence on GOP - ignoring the obvious)
Steven F. Hayward -- Is Conservatism Brain-Dead? - (ya think?)
98000 Reasons people die from healthcare (why we need tort reform!)
Senator Helped Mistress’s Husband, Raising Ethics Flags -
Montana AG Probing American Police Force Deal | TPMMuckraker - $27 million jail — empty since it was built as a development project in 2007 ($27 million down the drain: the jail to nowhere)
Apple for the teacher, but luxury for execs - Kansas City Star (who could have predicted?)

Paul Krugman - Mission Not Accomplished - Mission Not Accomplished
Robert Reich's Blog: The Truth About Jobs That No One Wants To Tell You
Decreased Jobs and Hours Push Economy Back to 1997 Hours Level - CEPR
Unemployment Rate Rises To 9.8 Percent; U.S. Economy Shed 263,000 Jobs In September (so? - the banksters have jobs)
Table A-12. Alternative measures of labor underutilization (U6 at 17%)
Fed Chest-Thumping for Beginners « The Baseline Scenario
Report: High poverty risk for Southern rural kids - Florida AP -
The Bellows » Command and Control (tax credit subsidizes single-family low-density housing)

A Single Genetic Tweak Gives Mice Longer, Healthier Lives | 80beats | Discover Magazine
A new day dawned fast Recovery from marine mass extinction happened much faster than thought, high-resolution research finds

London Dating | Blogs | Evening Standard - A study was published today which says that one in twenty women have never been sober when having sex as they lack body confidence.
Do women need to get drunk to have sex? - Broadsheet -
Liz Hoggard: Why women need a drink before sex - The Independent
I've only had sex drunk: how do you have good sex sober? | Scarleteen
Drunk on You: Alcohol Disinhibits, But At What Cost? | BlogHer Kashiwa Mystery Cafe
High Court serves injunction via Twitter - Telegraph
The Freak Revolution Manifesto


Tsunami | Pacific | earthquake | Samoa | American Samoa | waves | death | villages wiped out | devastation | Quake triggers Pacific tsunami
EU blames Georgia for starting war with Russia - Telegraph (you won't read this in the US)
Georgia/Russia: how our political discourse works - Glenn Greenwald -
McChrystal Rejects Lower Afghan Aims -
U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Votes > Roll Call Vote: On the Motion (Motion to Waive CBA McCain Amdt. No. 2558 ) (Senate defeats McCain effort to defund C-17, spends $17Bn on unneeded plane - America's priorities)
Obama shifts on cargo plane campaign pledge -
World Wide Military Expenditures

t r u t h o u t | Judge's Order to Release Kuwaiti Detainee Puts Obama in a Bind
Reason Magazine : Hit & Run : Unbelievable Evidence, but Good Enough for Seven Years in Prison (tortured)
Andy Worthington: A Truly Shocking Gitmo Story Judge Confirms an Innocent Man Tortured to Make False Confessions

C-SPAN Supreme Court Week
LSC: Press Releases: LSC Releases Updated Report on the Justice Gap in America
Why Did Sen. Schumer Attempt To Limit The Press Shield Law? (pressure from Obama - "National Security Concerns")
Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’ - Times Online The grand old man of letters Gore Vidal claims America is ‘rotting away’ — and don’t expect Barack Obama to save it
Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama | TPM News Pages

Revealed: millions spent by lobbyists fighting Obama health reforms | World news | Six lobbyists for every member of Congress as healthcare industry heaps cash on politicians to water down legislation (+75,000 insane teabaggers and Glenn Beck: American Democracy is dead)
Reid: Final health bill will have a 'public option' - Breaking News -
The Washington Monthly: Abortion Field Trips (latest freeper/WND/Bachmann crap: school health clinics for poor sudents=abortion clinic - these evil morons shape our national discourse)
You Do Not Have Health Insurance « The Baseline Scenario
Baucus earns his healthcare industry funding - Joan Walsh -
Stewart Destroys Dems For Not Getting Public Option Passed (video)
Health Care for Congress, Low Cost Clinic for Capitol Hill Lawmakers - ABC News Little Known Office on Capitol Hill Provides Quality Medical Care for Low Price
AMNews: Sept. 28, 2009. Insurers say system reform won't put them out of business ... American Medical News There could be boosts in business, company executives predict.
Post editors should read their own columnists - Glenn Greenwald - (Polanski and Fred Hiatt, superwanker)
White House Calls Out Fox And Glenn Beck On Olympics (whoppers)
YouTube - Glenn Beck blames godlessness for America's problems
American Police Force Offers Fugitive Tracking, 'Covert Pregnancy Testing' and More! | American Police Force Leader's Long Criminal Record | TPMMuckraker
Arizona Allows Guns In Bars Starting Today | TPM LiveWire (this will not end well)
Hullabaloo: digby: Doomed To Repeat It (Taylor Branch interviewed by Chris Matthews, the representative pinhead of the MSM)

Wall Street's Latest Trick | Mother Jones (more gold for them)
Wells Fargo Accused Of Pocketing The Difference When Customers Make ATM Math Errors
Credit Rating Agency Analysts Covering AIG, Lehman Brothers Never Disciplined
Daily Kos: The $8,000 tax credit for buying a house
Social Security Owes 'Fugitives' Millions - (Bushco: while the banksters were looting the country)

Microchip That Can Detect Type And Severity Of Cancer Created
Oldest "Human" Skeleton Found--Disproves "Missing Link"
Ardipithecus: We Meet At Last | The Loom | Discover Magazine

Report: climate change threatens national parks | McClatchy
The Washington Independent » Senate Finance Committee Approves Amendment Providing Millions for Abstinence Education ("fiscal conservatives")
Census Dispels 'Opting-Out' Notion for Stay-at-Home Moms - Many Are Younger, Less Educated, Hispanic (turns out they weren't all white Republican women w/legal careers)
Cyberbullying Bill Gets Chilly Reception | Threat Level |
CBC News - Nova Scotia - N.S. bishop wanted on child porn charges

Why it's so hard to put sex in the dictionary. - By Jesse Sheidlower - Slate Magazine
Love, pleasure, duty: Why women have sex -
Slate V - XX bloggers try to drink as much as Mad Men guys
LEAP -- Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - history of Drug Prohibition in America (no change in percent addicts, just a lot more in prison costing tons of money and destabilizing the hemisphere)
Stories of Ambien Use and Abuse

Google Wave First Look - Google Wave - Lifehacker
Mappos - The Zappos Real-Time Order Map
AnandTech: NVIDIA's Fermi: Architected for Tesla, 3 Billion Transistors in 2010
YouTube - LIPDUB - I Gotta Feeling (Comm-UQAM 2009)
River Vices: Mayor James D Kalb, Portsmouth Ohio: Burning the Midnight Oil (and making a fool of himself on the internets for all eternity)
vook (video books)


Magnitude 6.8 - Southern Sumatra, Indonesia
The Day of the Tsunami -
U.S. Critic of Karzai Is Fired From U.N. Mission - (one way to deal with the fraud problem)
Spain's Goth First Daughters Embarrass, Embarrassed By Dad - Barack Obama - Gawker

YouTube - Rep. Alan Grayson's apology (more like this, please)
YouTube - Rep. Alan Grayson on the Situation Room

MoveOn Unleashes Ads Hitting Dem Senators Who Voted Against Public Option | The Plum Line (says "screw you" to Rahm Emmanuel) - on Max Baucus D Mont Kent Conrad D ND Blanche Lincoln D Ark Bill Nelson D Fla and Tom Carper D Del (people who identify themselves as Democrats favor the public option by a margin of 81% to 12%. but those 5 "D"s got $19 million from health lobbyists, what more do you need to know?)
Special Health Care for Congress: Lawmakers' Health Care Perks Little Known Office on Capitol Hill Provides Quality Medical Care for Low Price (they're taken care of, so screw you)
Federal Insurance Programs (too good for the rest of us)
Booman Tribune ~ But the main venue for hounding Clinton about Whitewater was Friedman's own New York Times.
Newsmax columnist: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' " is not "unrealistic" | Media Matters for America
Hullabaloo: digby: In Case You Were Wondering (who the "national problem" is + what we really need are skilled "nation building" military rulers)
The Washington Independent » Fear of Fascism, ‘Gay Agenda’ Dominates Conservative Kickoff for Midterm Elections Huckabee, Bachmann Among GOP Stars at 'How to Take Back America Conference' ("Living under Nazis & Communists" ... that would be the "National Problem")
Poll: Blanche Lincoln Trails Republican Challengers | TPMDC (for all her Republican votes)
Hullabaloo If You Take Out The People Who Die, Americans Live Forever by dday (Betsy "Root of all healthcare lies" McCaughey)
Firedoglake » Conservative Blogger Rick Moran Calls on the Right to Condemn “Crazies”, Sees Racism in Attacks on Obama
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Death to the Widow Penalty.
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Further thoughts from Anne Applebaum: The slut was asking for it (Polanski: Kaplan Test Prep strikes again)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Today in Pathetic Polanski Apologism ...

GM Closes Saturn After Penske Talks Fail - Automotive News Story - KETV Omaha
Homeowners in financial trouble often redefault -
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » Shiller’s underwhelming innovations

Magazine Preview - Understanding the Anxious Mind -
New Findings About Water Ice on Mars -
In Liquid and Air, Scientists Find Order Among the Chaos -
The Big Idea That Might Beat Cancer and Cut Health-Care Costs by 80 Percent | Cancer | Discover Magazine

Nike to quit Chamber post in climate protest - Lisa Lerer - (another corp quits rightwing lobbying org)
Basics - Give Birds a Break. Lock Up the Cat. - (comments)

"The Not-So-Hidden Politics of Class Online"
Responding to Responses to: "Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace"
File:Danah boyd, Web 2.0 Conference.jpg - Wikipedia
Top Social Networks by Country « Socialnomics – Social Media Blog (2006)
The world map of social networks - Valleywag - Gawker

Project 10 to the 100 - Vote for the idea you believe will help the most people.
New Malware Re-Writes Online Bank Statements to Cover Fraud | Threat Level |
Memes strike back: Gerbils, gay blood elves, and Glenn Beck - Ars Technica
Microsoft's grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse? | Charlie Brooker | Comment is free | The Guardian
Microsoft's grinning robots or the Brotherhood of the Mac. Which is worse? ·
Liu Bolin...The Invisible Man... - v1kram's posterous


Rein in Government Spying: Reform the USA PATRIOT Act and Repeal Telco Immunity | Electronic Frontier Foundation
It seems the relationship between Gen. Odierno and Amb. Christopher Hill is deteriorating - By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense
Ashcroft, Yoo Lawsuits: Ex-Bush Officials Sued Over Actions
U.S., Allies Seek New Ways to Sanction Iran - With China, Russia Still Reluctant, Moves by Treasury Department Are Immediate Focus; December Deadline Slows Action
AQAP: Paradigm Shifts and Lessons Learned | STRATFOR
France: Stress and worker suicides mean the future's not bright at Orange | World news | The Guardian

GOP Rep. Trent Franks Calls Obama "An Enemy Of Humanity" (just paint a target on him)
Campaign Silo » Rockefeller’s Robust Public Option Amendment Fails, 8 - 15
First Public Option Amendment Fails With Five Dem No Votes (Baucus wins, you lose)
Many Options for a Public Option — Even if Not Enough Votes - Prescriptions Blog -
Daily Kos: Reid, Snowe and the Public Option: What's the Real Story?
RealClearPolitics - Democrats Again Lost in Divisions
Booman Tribune ~ Understanding the Strategy
Nelson: Health Care Reform Needs 65 Votes To Be Legitimate | TPMDC (raising the bar)
Robert Reich: The Public Option Lives On
Public Option Vote Could Pit Democrat Vs. Democrat
Dylan Ratigan: Why Would We Let Them Rig the Game? Why is health insurance the only business that has an exemption from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act other than Major League Baseball?
cab drollery: Through The Back Door And the abortion opponents are getting enough support from moderate Democrats that both sides say the outcome is too close to call (no coverage for women's health)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect The Irony Of Liz Cheney (torture has become institutionalized in the Republican Party)
Newsweek's Howard Fineman: Obama thinks he's all that | Media Matters for America (because he uses "I" and "me" in his speeches; Fineman's dick is shriviling)
The Project On Government Oversight (POGO) Blog If Congress Attacks the Mighty Oak of Contractor Misconduct, It Shouldn't Just Settle for an ACORN Hanging citizen journalists out to dry: shield-law amendment excludes unpaid bloggers (paid journos are special snowflakes)
One crucial B. McCaughey update - James Fallows McCaughey's writing was influenced by Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco company, as part of a secret campaign to scuttle Clinton's health care reform (but look over there at the bloggers!)
Hullabaloo: Planned Personhood (wearing you down)
PostPartisan - Let Polanski Go -- But First Let Me At Him (Richard Cohen: Polanski "seduced" 13 yo girl: WaPo at work)
Meg Whitman's nonvoting voting record -- (eMeg)
Exelon Quits Chamber Of Commerce Over Climate Change Legislation
Alaska senator's effort to block EPA on carbon emissions fails | McClatchy

Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » What’s happened to Nairu? | Blogs |
The Associated Press: FDIC says bank failures to cost around $100B
There are 215 Starbucks within 5 Miles of my Office | The Big Picture
5 most overpaid CEOs - Michael Jeffries, Abercrombie & Fitch (1) -
FHA Cash Reserve Running Out - The FHA makes Countrywide Financial look prudent.
Consumer groups blast banks' card 'tricks' - The Red Tape Chronicles - he Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act, or the CARD Act, has backfired.

Superheavy Element 114 Confirmed: A Stepping Stone To The 'Island Of Stability'
Scientists Decry "Flawed" and "Horrifying" Nationality Tests : ScienceInsider
Gay couples as fit to adopt as heterosexuals: study | Reuters - sexual orientation of the adoptive parents was not a significant predictor of emotional problems
What global warming looks like — Crooked Timber
Holographic storage, phase-change memory coming soon - Ars Technica
Subliminal advertising really does work, claim scientists - Telegraph - especially if they are negative
It's true: all the taken men are best - life - 17 August 2009 - New Scientist
What's really in your shampoo | Salon (makes your head a superfund site)
Meth Laws: Grandmother Arrested For Buying Cold Medicine Twice In One Week

Take This Internship and Shove It - New York Times
The Costs of Becoming a Journalist « Working-Class Perspectives
Jay Leno in primetime review : The New Yorker
Hymen-Glyphics: Egypt to Pop Fake Virgins | CarnalNation a well-known Egyptian scholar is calling for the death penalty for anyone caught importing devices that women can use to fake their virginity.
The Facebook divorce | Salon Life Couples are broadcasting their breakups online while friends -- and lawyers! -- watch in amazement and horror

The Last Days Of The Polymath | More Intelligent Life
Is Google Killing General Knowledge? | More Intelligent Life
10 ways Google's made Android more awesome | News | TechRadar UK
Google Sidewiki: Danger « BuzzMachine
Google Sidewiki: the idea that won't die, but never lives | Technology |
MyDD :: Apple iPhone Censorship Apple rejected a free iPhone application that advocated a single-payer health system, calling the application "politically charged," according to the app's develope (the culture of Jobs)
Racial Divides Online: MySpace is seen as “black,” while Facebook is “white.” Or is a new study a reminder that the Internet is not a uniform public space?
The Cheapest Way to Get Windows 7! - Windows 7 OEM Prices - Gizmodo
Metered Broadband Is the Future: Verizon CTO (their decades-long wet dream + "the concept of a flat-rate infinitely expandable service is unachievable." except in the 27 countries w/better internet) d


YouTube - G20 Police State 25 - Police manhandle arrested student for group police photo op Unbelievable (cop trophies)
'GMA used P800-million emergency fund for foreign trips' | The Philippine Star >> News >> Headlines President Arroyo used up the government’s P800-million contingency fund for emergencies like calamities for her frequent foreign trips
Ondoy aftermath - Sept 27,2009 - a set on Flickr
Typhoon Ondoy Aftermath - a set on Flickr

Emptywheel » DOJ’s DOD Advice for CIA
Firedoglake » Mike Huckabee Proposes Kicking United Nations out of United States, Relocating It to Saudi Arabia (presidential material!)
Reid the Quarterback May Call on Obama to Referee - (but Snowe is the "decider" for all Americans)
A glossary of terms in foreign affairs - Glenn Greenwald -
Open Left:: Denver Post: Obama Aide Messina Caught "Trying to Buy Off" Primary Challenger
Hullabaloo: digby: Throwing Punches (Rahmbo making sure no progressives get elected, ever)

FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Strategic Vision Polls Exhibit Unusual Patterns, Possibly Indicating Fraud (Republicans, of course)
National polling firm battling back amid controversy over fraud allegations -
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Are Oklahoma Students Really This Dumb? Or Is Strategic Vision Really This Stupid? (and the two major US parties are "Communist and Republican") Strategic Vision: A Bigger Story?
Strategic Vision promises crosstabs with every poll | Political Insider

Liz Cheney Taking Stage for the G.O.P. - (she's so qualified as a liar)
TBogg » I was the X-Files Editor for the New York Times (special assignment editor for wingnut news)
Curious Reasoning | Talking Points Memo
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Emotional rescue (the solution: more conservatives in newsrooms and editors!)
Betsy McCaughey, Big Tobacco, and the campaign to destroy health care reform | Media Matters for America (printed in the "liberal" The New Republic by Andrew Sullivan)

$35 Billion Slated for Local Housing -
The textbook economics of cap-and-trade - Paul Krugman Blog -
The freshwater backlash (boring) - Paul Krugman Blog - Chicago really, really didn’t like my article (as in Milton Friedman's School of Ecomonics - "Basically, their worldview has been frozen in amber since around 1978.")
Shichinin no Economusutai--NOT!! - J. Bradford DeLong (rightwing econom-reaction of Krugman - "If this doesn't frighten you, you aren't paying attention...")
How did Paul Krugman get it so Wrong? John H. Cochrane September 16 2009 (Chicago)
Economist's View: What's Wrong with Macroeconomics?
The state of economics: The other-worldly philosophers | The Economist
Financial economics: Efficiency and beyond | The Economist The efficient-markets hypothesis has underpinned many of the financial industry’s models for years. After the crash, what remains
Reader debate on where economics went wrong: Dismay and realism over the dismal science | The Economist Economists and other readers debate the flaws in economics, and in our articles on its failings
Economics focus: In defence of the dismal science | The Economist Robert Lucas Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago

DNA test shows Hitler skull is that of a woman | Top stories |
Sharp Blue: Relativity, FTL and causality - Richard Baker
TED Blog: The healthcare debate: Jonathan Haidt on how our moral roots skew our reasoning
Lab-on-a-Chip Performs 1,000 Chemical Reactions At Once
Family mental history shadows future children - Kids and parenting- Genetic fears weigh heavily on those grappling with choice to have kids

Krugman - Cassandras of Climate -

Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child - Broadsheet - (+Washington Post's Anne Applebaum is married to Poland's foreign minister)
Turn Your Windows 7 PC Into a Wireless Hotspot - windows 7 - Lifehacker


Philippine storm leaves 106 dead and missing - Yahoo! News
Israel demands PA drop war crimes suit at The Hague - Haaretz - Israel has warned the Palestinian Authority that it would condition permission for a second cellular telephone provider (if PA ignores war crimes)
Swine flu shot: Intense tracking for side effects - Yahoo! News

AIDS Vaccine Success Is 'Modest'
If AIDS Went the Way of Smallpox -
Q+A: In a first, an HIV vaccine works - but why? | Science | Reuters
Massive AIDS Vaccine Study a "Modest" Success : ScienceInsider
Global Voices Online » USA: One Step Closer to Lifting HIV Travel Ban

Bill Clinton: Obama Faces Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy | TPM LiveWire
Gates: Gitmo Deadline Was Smart Politics, But Won't Be Met (video)
Taipei Times - archives The Bush in Obama: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss By Naomi Wolf (Obama institutionalizes "preventive detention" forever)
Hullabaloo: digby: Hair Trigger - Get this man (Michael Crowley, TNR) a clean diaper and a bottle and put him to bed ("24" obsessed "reporters" + ticking bleach & pedicure bomb) - SITREP Situation Report | The Beauty Parlor Supply Store Bomb
Firedoglake » Warming Up the Climate Change Denial Crowd
David Brooks: our nation's premier expert warrior - Glenn Greenwald - - Brooks got promoted within our establishment commentariat to The New York Times after (one might say: because of) the ignorant bile and amoral idiocy he continuously spewed while at The Weekly Standard (record is damning)
How to Keep Iran in Check Without War - The Daily Beast For nearly two decades, Israel and the U.S. have warned about Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the need to “do something” preemptively (unilateral perempterizers)
Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran? - Glenn Greenwald - (all the Iraq losers doing it again: Ignatius, O'Hanlon, etc)
Iran says new plant was part of dispersal of civilian program against attack threats
Eunomia » No Breakthrough Here - sanctioning Iran is already a counterproductive, foolish policy.

Washington Post Columnist: 'There Was Never A Constituency For Health Care. Let's Remember That.' | Crooks and Liars (Kathleen Parker on Tweety's show)
Democrats Are Jarred by Drop In Fundraising - Complacency, Absence of Big Donors Cited (big-corps don't like Dems)
Balloon Juice » Balloon Juice Lexicon (Bible Spice- Nickname for Sarah Palin, coined by TBOGG)
Think Progress » Children sang Bush’s praises, but conservatives now call such behavior ‘indoctrination,’ ‘propaganda.’

Fed Held Back as Evidence Mounted on Subprime Loan Abuses - Under a policy quietly formalized in 1998, the Fed refused to police lenders' compliance with federal laws protecting borrowers, despite repeated urging by consumer advocates across the country and even by other government agencies ("no bubble" Greenspan)
Top 1% got 2/3 of all U.S. income gains - 2002-07 | National Union of Public and General Employees
NYC Unemployment Goes Double-Digit -- #1 in the State! - New York News - Runnin' Scared (white people hit hardest)
The dead end kids The unemployment rate for young Americans has exploded to 52.2 percent (the end of jobs)
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Reflections on "The Last Bear Standing"

Dylan to Darwin: Don't Look Back -- Torrice 2009 (923): 1 -- ScienceNOW - evolutionarily speaking, there's no going back - "perhaps one of the most important papers in the last 10 to 15 years in evolutionary biology"
Sheep Shed Light On Personality Differences
Bites of passage - The National Newspaper
Jenny McCarthy Body Count (anti-vax "indigo mom" of "crystal child")

WaPo’s Social Media Guidelines Paint Staff Into Virtual Corner; Full Text of Guidelines | paidContent
Michael J. Sandel, Harvard Moral Philosopher, to Teach on PBS -
Working Moms Are the Mobile Power Users in the U.S.
AT&T Blasts Google for Possible FCC Violations - HotHardware

10 Sexual Controversies That Changed TV | Nerve Entertainment (Republican TV)
Monsters climbing through the floors, magic carpet rides through fantastical cities... Yes, it's the return of the 3D artist Kurt Wenner | Mail Online


Israel Tells US, Time To Act On Iran (or they will)
Iran To Allow UN Inspection Of Nuclear Site
Op-Ed Columnist - Fed Up With War -
Obama's unplanned Iran news - Laura Rozen -
Obama Issues Ultimatum To Iran On Nukes
Poland okays forcible castration for pedophiles | Oddly Enough | Reuters
Where Tutu (and Gandhi) went wrong -- Their worldview is warped when it comes to Israel, the Jewish people and the Holocaust.
The Field: Honduran Coup Regime Mocks UN Security Council with Embassy Attacks (and where did they get the LRAD-X Remote Long Range Acoustic Device?)

Bill Sparkman Found Naked, Gagged And Bound (and duct-taped)
GOP Senators Drop Out of Panel Inquiry Into CIA Program - (hear no evil, see no evil)
Najibullah Zazi, From Smiling Face at the Cart to Terror Suspect -
Beware the Fake Car Bombs | Talking Points Memo
The Seattle Times: The Terrorist Within
Emptywheel » Found: The OGC Review. Still Missing: Legal Plausibility.
Attackerman » Ralph Peters’ General-Betray-Us Moment (protecting "worm-eaten children.")
The Seminal » Mrs Feinstein Regrets Apparently the GOPs aren't playing nice with Dianne Feinstein's Senate Intelligence Committee investigation.

Thousands march in Berkeley over UC cuts
Daily Kos: Public Option Action
PostPartisan - Those Socialist Americans 26 percent of respondents said they opposed the public option. But a whopping 65 supported it (same 26 percent - Republicans - believe in death panels and Obama's Kenyan birth, but Congress is listening to them!)
Austin Considine - American Crossroads – The True Faces of American Healthcare: Part one in an original video series - True/Slant 62-year-old Willard “Greg” Jones in Evansville, Indiana
at-Largely: Glue Sniffers = death threats to elementary school stalker of small children Michelle "shiksa" Malkin of course.
The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Bill Maher: New Rule: If America Can't Get it Together, We Lose the Bald Eagle
Bob Cesca: The Impeachment of President Obama (Republicans spiraling into permanent insanity)
As Seen On TV! Birthermercial Asks, Where Was Obama Really Born? | TPMMuckraker
Barack Obama's Smile Never Changes (Video)
Mojo - September, 2009 - Beck Watch: Mindless, Incoherent, Pathetic + list of who's still advertising on the Glenn Beck Program:
Think Progress » Flashback: Bachmann Spread Fears Of Scary Stalking Census Workers (spreading hate and fear)
Why Won't The Media Address the Real Issue? 'ACORN' Is Wingnut Code for The 'N' Word. | Crooks and Liars
Wealthcare | The New Republic (Ayn Rand)

YouTube - A Year Later, Neil Barofsky Sees a 'Far More Dangerous' Financial Situation
Economic policymakers should sit tight until 2011 - Times Online The Obama Administration’s hopes of legislating a second fiscal stimulus next year have been thwarted by opinion polls
Citi Sues Morgan Stanley Over CDS, Claims $245 Million -
Guest Post: If Credit is Not Created Out of Excess Reserves, What Does That Mean? « naked capitalism
Alea | Quantitative Easing: It’s So Simple!
PM - Debt bet takes economist to Kosciusko 16/09/2009
Bonds retreat ahead of auctions - Sep. 18, 2009
MEWactiveQ42008.jpg (Active Mortgage Equity Withdrawal)
Mission Accomplished – Part I: Wrecking the Economy - Eric Janszen - (*)
Meet the Hazzards

Prototype Developed To Detect Dark Matter (cintillating bolometer)
Columbia Hills Flyover 2.0; Awesome Meridiani Mosaics | Universe Today
Behold, Saturn! | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Evolution (Burning Man time lapses) on Vimeo
The New York Review of Ideas

At age 17 Bonnie Richardson won the Texas state track team - 09.28.09 - SI Vault At age 17 Bonnie Richardson won the Texas state track team championship all by herself. Then she did it again
Man vs. God - (Armstrong vs Dawkings)
The Atheist Missionary: You can't erect a statue to your elephant god because my sky fairy will be offended
YouTube - Origin of Stupidity (Kirk Cameron is a sssssnake)
League of Reason
YouTube - That Mitchell and Webb Look: Proof of no God
Ten Dollars an Hour on Vimeo The story of an African-American cook at the Sigma Nu fraternity house at the University of Mississippi.
The Mind of Kalebu - Features - The Stranger
5 Awesome Cases of The Internet Owning The Mainstream Media |
iFascism? | Talking Points Memo (you've been Jobstered)
Horrifically bad software demo becomes performance art - Ars Technica
20+ Powerful Wordpress Security Plugins and Some Tips and Tricks : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Domain Name Wire » News » Go Daddy Files Patents for Enhanced Whois and DNS Records - The Domain Industry's News Source
Exclusive: Apple dictated Light Peak creation to Intel, could begin migration from other standards as early as 2010
Obama Appoints Scholar as New Copyright Czar | Threat Level | (Bush created Czar position)


The Iran nuclear revelation | Marc Lynch
General McChrystal 60 Minutes Interview: Overwhelming US Firepower Not The Way Forward In Afghanistan (video)
YouTube - Arrest at G20 Demonstrations, September 24, 2009
G20 cops dressed in camo ’snatch’ protester | Raw Story

WMD? | Talking Points Memo (everyone has WMD now, neocons were right, Bush didn't lie)
Daily Kos: Winning the argument (PO just plain cheaper; but will the fiscally-conservative centrists allow it?)
Poll: Public Option Favored By 65% Of Americans
The Washington Monthly: Kent Conrad'S Message To The Left ("I'm stupid")
The Seminal » Mandate + No Public Option = Unpopular taxpayer bailout of private insurance
SNL Mocks Glenn Beck For Conspiracy Theories, Lack Of Sanity (Video)
YouTube - Glenn Beck refuses to define "white culture" (he knows it when he see it)
YouTube - Right-Wing Census Paranoia: Bachmann, Beck, Fox News, and More
Crazy Census Conspiracies: Vote For The Most Insane
Calitics:: In California, There is No Longer Such Thing As "Public Higher Education" (50 years of Republican privatisation destroyed the California Dream +Lakoff)
America's Teacher By Naomi Klein - Michael Moore

Garrett Johnson: Just How Corrupt are the Bank Regulators?

NASA - Martian Ice Exposed by Meteorite Impacts

MediaPost Publications Judge Orders Google To Deactivate User's Gmail Account 09/25/2009
Video: Phoenix Instant Boot BIOS starts loading Windows in under a second
YouTube - How to wake your girlfriend up ? / Cum sa iti trezesti prietena ?


UN general assembly: 100 minutes in the life of Muammar Gaddafi | World news |

For first time, AIDS virus vaccine effective in trial --
Flu Nightmare: In Severe Pandemic, Officials Ponder Disconnecting Ventilators From Some Patients - ProPublica (death panels)

Hullabaloo: digby: Believing In Wet Works (the torture establishment + science is a proven communist conspiracy)
Torture Doesn’t Work, Neurobiologist Says—By Scott Horton (Harper's Magazine)
The Neurocritic: Tortured Brains Tell Tall Tales OR: Neuroscience Shows Why Torture Doesn't Work
Victory on preventive detention law: in context - Glenn Greenwald -
WATCH: DoJ Official Blows Cover Off PATRIOT Act (Only three of the 763 "sneak-and-peek" requests in fiscal year 2008 involved terrorism cases, according to a July 2009 report from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Sixty-five percent were drug cases - who could have predicted anti-terrorism laws would be abused? - Russ Feingold, the sole vote against)

Stewart Mocks Media For Calling Obama 'Overexposed' (Video)
The Washington Monthly: Look Who'll Be On The Teevee (Again) (the guy who didn't win last year's presidential election)(question: is McCain overexposed in the media???)
Health Care bill intact with challenges ahead
Pat Roberts Pleads For Three-Day Delay So Lobbyists Can Read Health Care Legislation (video) the lobbyists are the ones writing the finance committee's bill to begin with. They should be pretty familiar with what's in there by now.
How the ACORN 'pimp and hooker' videos came to be
Chuck Norris: Stop Using The Modern American Flag -- Or Use Tea-Stained Ones | TPM LiveWire (he'll sell you a desecrated flag for $73.50)
The making of Glenn Beck | Salon News His roots, from the alleged suicide of his mom to Top 40 radio to the birth of the morning zoo. Part 1 of 3
Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life | Salon News Cleon Skousen was a right-wing crank whom even conservatives despised. Then Beck discovered him
Once and for all with the frogs - James Fallows
Let’s Ignore The Village Idiot « According to Mark - " we have a village idiot in this country, it’s called fundamental Christianity."
We still don't understand how fringe conservatism went mainstream. - By David Greenberg - Slate Magazine - The Obama Haters (+Hofstadter)

Taxpayers to Recoup TARP Money, Extremely Unlikely Says Government Watchdog - ABC News As Anniversary Nears, Lawmakers Told TARP May Not Expire at End of Year (who could have predicted?)
ETA Press Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 530,000
Teed-Off Residents Drive Developer to Brink of Ruin -
A Curious Snag In Debt-For-Equity Restructurings As Goldman And JPM Do A Stealthy Roll Up Of The Media Industry | zero hedge » The Story Behind the Atlantic Salmon (fMRI used on dead salmon to show emotional responses to humans) » The Internet Found the Atlantic Salmon
Gallery - The world's best impact craters - Image 1 - New Scientist -- It's Official: Water Found on the Moon
Thorkil Sonne: Recruit Autistics
New Light on the Plight of Winter Babies - Researchers Stumble Upon Alternative Explanation for the Lifelong Challenges Faced by Children Born in Colder Months (prom effect)

Louis Begley’s Why the Dreyfus Affair Matters review : The New Yorker Trial of the Century: Revisiting the Dreyfus affair. by Adam Gopnik
Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol : The New Yorker
YouTube - A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies Part 1
BLDGBLOG: Body Baroque

The Neurocritic RULE 34: What Netporn Tells Us About The Brain (Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam)
Association for Psychological Science: Journals Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition
Functional Neuroimaging of Belief, Disbelief, and Uncertainty :: Sam Harris

Giz Explains: How To Fix the Airlines' Stupid Portable Gadget Rules - Airplanes - Gizmodo
GMail Down: Google E-Mail Experiencing Problems, Check Status Here
Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant? - Yahoo! Answers


Obama Considers Strategy Shift in Afghan War - (dump the quagmire early)
Obama Pivots in His in Mideast Peace Bid - has met immovable resistance from Israel over his demand for a full freeze on settlements in the West Bank (who could have predicted?)
Israel Summit A Victory For Settlement Stand, Says Avigdor Lieberman no signs of progress toward the U.S. goal of restarting peace talks (Israel is the boss of Obama)
There Are More Slaves Today Than at Any Time in Human History | World | AlterNet
Rekha Kalindi, Child Bride Who Defied Parents Inspires India - ABC News Even President of India Wanted to Meet Rekha Kalindi
Japan Death Row | Amnesty International Does Japan drive criminals insane? And execute them anyway? Amnesty International thinks so.
Robbers use chopper to raid Sweden cash depot - Houston Chronicle

AP source: Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body - Yahoo! News - "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our co-worker," Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said in a statemen (you know where to find the bloody hands)
Bill Sparkman: Tragic Details About Census Worker Found Hanged - This Seems Unconnected To Recent Political Events (death was on 9/12 ... what happened to this story for 11 days?)
Identity of body found in Clay County has been released (see comments)
Like Savages, Freepers Celebrate the Hanging of Census Taker Bill Sparkman - Democratic Underground
Democratic Underground - I know many of you hate when freep comments are posted, but regarding the hanged census worker-- - Democratic Underground
Think Progress » Bachmann Boasts About Breaking The Law: I’m Refusing To Fill Out The Census (remember this?)

Emptywheel » Obama’s New State Secrets Policy Is Reaffirmation Of Bush’s Policy (same old Bush)
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Meet The New State Secrets Policy, Not So Different From The Old State Secrets Policy
Firedoglake » CIA/SERE Experiments Evidence of Attempt to Mislead on OLC Torture Memos
The Washington Independent » Al Franken Reads the 4th Amendment to Justice Department Official
Obama Admin. Announces New Policy On State Secrets | TPMMuckraker
Holder Memo On State Secret (9/23/09) | TPM Document Collection (same as the old secrets)
ACLU And Nadler: New State Secrets Policy Falls Short | TPMMuckraker

Editorial - The Rights of Corporations -
The Washington Monthly: The GOP Reversal On Individual Mandates (who could have predicted?)
GOP Rushes To Defend Insurance Companies From Dem Attack
Campaign Silo » Carper Publicly Defends Secret PhRMA Deal In Exchange For Support Ads
Palin Hong Kong Speech Blames Government For Financial Crisis; Some Walk Out In Disgust (you know, Obama was president for the last eight years)
Poll Begs Question: Is Extremism Mainstream? | TPMDC only 59% of voters believe that President Obama was born in the United States
Glenn Greenwald - - "The amount of money that ACORN has received in the past 20 years altogether is roughly equal to what the taxpayer paid to Haillburton each day during the war in Iraq." (but look over there!)
Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton is focus of corruption probe -- a 2006 decision to award oil shale leases in Colorado to a Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary. Months later, the oil giant hired Norton as a legal counsel (about a trillion dollars, but look at ACORN!)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Day six of the Kaplan Daily’s silence on the Norton story - WaPo pulled reporters off of a story involving criminal misconduct at the cabinet level involving hundreds of billions of dollars to put more reporters on a story about a gag video involving kids dressed up as pimps and hos.
The Strange Case Of The Philandering, Muslim-Threat-Hyping FBI Agent | TPMMuckraker
Beck attacks 14th Amendment, complete with picture of man, baby in sombreros | Media Matters for America

Card Defaults Surge in August to 11.49%, Moody’s Says (Update1) -
Insurance against financial fear Tradeable Investment Credits (TICs).
Calculated Risk: MBA: 30 Year Mortgage Rates Fall Below 5 Percent
One to the left - Paul Krugman Blog - - A trillion dollars in investor losses (thanks, Al Greenspan)
Delayed Foreclosures Stalk Market -
Bank of America, JPMorgan Overhaul Overdraft Fees -
Steven Pearlstein - A New Bubble Of the Fed's Creation - A New Bubble Of the Fed's Creation (debt bubble)
Homeowners who 'strategically default' on loans a growing problem --

With science journalism in retreat, universities try new strategy for informing the public - San Jose Mercury News | – Love’s not the only reason women have sex woman are motivated by a wide array of reasons—from boredom to altruism to revenge
Marcus Buckingham: Women's Happiness: What We Know For Certain
tallguywrites: Schizophrenia

Is LSD Good for You? - The Daily Beast - Is acid the new Xanax?
State OKs petition drive for pot legalization (California)
New York Post not laughing at climate change spoof -
The Story Behind the Story - The Atlantic (October 2009)
Robbers use chopper to raid Sweden cash depot | World news | - Houston Chronicle
Moral Kombat: Jon Stewart Takes On The Values Voters Summit (video)
Nadir Of Western Civilization To Be Reached This Friday At 3:32 P.M. | The Onion
Long Island Doctor’s Swine-Flu Rap Unexpectedly Awesome -- New York Magazine
Red Dust - a gallery on Flickr - Sydney dust storm
4 People Who Faced Disaster—And How They Made it Out Alive - Rules to Survive Fire, Tornado, Blizzard and Hurricanes - Popular Mechanics
The True Love Project

Official Google Blog: Help and learn from others as you browse the web: Google Sidewiki Google Sidewiki
Intel Plans Even Tinier Circuits in 2011 | Gadget Lab |
Lee-Soft - ViGlance: Windows 7 SuperBar for XP


More U.S. troops to Afghanistan? Obama's caught in a vise | McClatchy
Paul R. Pillar - Terrorists' Real Haven Isn't on the Ground, It's Online
Obama pushes peace with Mideast leaders (Netanyahu says forget about it)
Neuroscience:Torture Doesn't Work and Here's Why | Newsweek Voices - Sharon Begley | Extreme pain and stress can actually impair a person's ability to tell the truth (torture destroys memory, you don't say)
Stadiums, Hotels Warned To Watch For Terrorists
The American Conservative -- Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds? The gagged whistleblower goes on the record.

Glenn Beck and left-right confusion - Glenn Greenwald -
Fox's Kelly refers to U.S. flags as "Stars and Bars" -- but that's the first national flag of the Confederacy | Media Matters for America (mistake? you decide)
Campaign Silo » Conrad: I Only Trust The CBO When They Agree With Me (Kent Conrad wants coops because they worked for farmers in ND even though CBO says they're teh stupid)
Daily Kos: This Is Why We Need A Public Option (cherry picking)
Just another example of  WaPo  ignoring conservatives | Media Matters for America (On Obama: five Republicans including serial liars Rove and Perino and two Democrats
Whoops: Anti-ACORN Bill Ropes In Defense Contractors, Others Charged With Fraud
Health Care, Race and Political Polarization - Short Stack (sorry, Obama, it is racism)
Hullabaloo Dissecting The Lizard Brain (+Cheney is brain-damaged)
U.S. charges Obama fund-raiser in $290 million fraud | Reuters
Think Progress » Rhode Island GOP assemblyman quits party following embarrassment of Wilson’s ‘you lie’ screed.
Obama On Letterman video: Talks Afghanistan, Race And Heart-Shaped Potatoes
Protect Insurance Companies PSA: Will Ferrell, Jon Hamm Speak Out Against The Public Option (video)

SEC to ‘vigorously pursue’ charges against BofA - New Mexico Business Weekly (after judge throws out their corrupt deal)
Looking to Healthy Banks to Lend to the F.D.I.C. - (you're next)

Flare | Apps | Job Voyager stacked time series of reported occupations in the United States Labor Force from 1850-2000
Census Data Show Recession-Driven Changes -

Pediatric Strokes More Than Twice As Common As Previously Reported
3,500-year-old burial chamber discovered in Syria
Moserware: A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

The life of Amelia Earhart : The New Yorker
CN&R > Local Stories > The post-daily world > 09.17.09 To understand what’s next for journalism, let’s put the decline of daily newspapers in context
The Most Controversial Magazine Covers of All Time | Webdesigner Depot
A Rite of Hazing at Millburn High, Now Out in the Open -
Did California police use a Taser on an unarmed, legless man in a wheelchair? | McClatchy (yes)
Classically Liberal: There is a fury and and sadness inside that I cannot express (Republicans criminalize adolescence)
Chronic City: Darkness In San Diego -- Attack On Medical Marijuana Moving Northward - San Francisco News - The Snitch

The Raw Story » GOP senators declare war on Net neutrality
3G MicroCells: Carriers Want You to Pay Extra to Fix Their Own Failures - 3G microcell - Gizmodo
Google adds support for push Gmail via Exchange ActiveSync
Google Sync : Setup Instructions - Mobile Help
Fidelity Potential Index: iPod, MP3, CD, LP, SACD What Sounds Better and Why. Article By John Meyer Of Newform Research


Changes in Afghanistan, Washington May Require Shift in U.S. War Strategy - (they knew this 6 months ago)
The Washington Independent » Now That the McChrystal Strategy Review Has Leaked … ("strategic drift" + Obama's "deliberative pace")

Our war-loving Foreign Policy Community hasn't gone anywhere - Glenn Greenwald - - the people who beat the drum for endless, debt-creating wars and a bankruptcy-inducing imperial foreign policy love to parade around as "fiscal conservatives" and "deficit hawks" when it comes to providing actual services to Americans. They support constant war and occupation which burns trillions of dollars and turns us into a debtor nation, and then run around lecturing everyone on the need to restrain spending.

Tomgram: Ann Jones, Us or Them in Afghanistan?
Obama and Ahmadinejad - The Politics of Face Time -
How U.S. Removed Half a Ton of Uranium From Kazakhstan -
MIDEAST: Gaza's Water Supply Near Collapse - IPS
The Grand Ayatollah unleashes his wrath - The National Newspaper Hours later, three of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri’s grandchildren were arrested for allegedly taking part in political rallies

CIA Directors conclude CIA shouldn't be investigated for murder - Glenn Greenwald - (how far we've come)
Why Democrats Don't Want to Pass a 51-Vote Health Care Bill--and Why That Has Liberals Fuming | TPMDC
The Return of McCarthyism | Video Cafe
Frank Bites Back, Demands Retraction Of Blue Dog Comments In Politico The Blue Dogs' constituency for their counter-proposal consists of Wall Street-backed Democrats.
Candidate Obama didn't think so on his 'Yes, we can!' campaign slogan - Michelle Obama shot down Hillary Clinton as a potential vice president,
Bush In 2008: "I'm Not Going To Tell Some Gay Kid In The Audience That He Can't Get Married"
Michael Schwartz: "Homosexuality Is Inflicted On People... All Pornography Is Homosexual Pornography" (Video) (Republicans are so weird)
Fake New York Post: The Yes Men's Latest Takes On The Environment
Levi Johnston on Life with the Palins | ("I don't want the retarded baby")
Hate You Can Believe In: ACORN Deluged with Threatening and Racist Voicemails and Emails | Right Wing Watch

Post ombudsman adopts right-wing mantra that ACORN videos are a major story | Media Matters for America - "there are not enough conservatives and too many liberals in most newsrooms" (Fred Hiatt at work, ignoring Republican Gale Norton's trillion dollar inside job)
Little Green Footballs - So Long, Powerline (LGF gives up on Powermorons)
Sadly, No! » Shorter Ross Douthat

It’s Hard Being a Bear (Part Five): Rescued? | Steve Keen's Debtwatch (global debt bubble)
Bank of America Misses Congressional Deadline - DealBook Blog - (time to send a sternly-worded letter)
U.S. mortgage delinquencies set record | U.S. | Reuters a record 7.58 percent were at least 30 days late on payments in August
The Downside of Opting Out - The Daily Beast - Six years ago, The New York Times gushed about well-off women who quit work to stay home—without examining the economic risks (NYT: traditional rich values)

World Scientists' Warning To Humanity - 1992
Cassini Equinox Mission: Cassini Reveals New Ring Quirks, Shadows During Saturn Equinox
175 Times. And Then the Catastrophe.. In the Pipeline:
The story of the Gömböc
One backwards leap for Texas | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine (removing Neil Armstrong's name from textbooks)
E. Coli Can Be Used To Clean Up Nuclear Waste : TreeHugger
Genetically Engineered Bacteria Etch Famous Faces Into a Petri Dish | Popular Science
New Drake Equation To Quantify Habitability?
Google Maps Earth's Carbon Cycle : TreeHugger
The jet-propelled couch: Part I—By Robert Mitchell Lindner (Harper's Magazine)
BPAS: internal cohabitation

New Supreme Court Case On Vehicle Searches
The Nightmare of Christianity By Max Blumenthal
Respect for women, VVS-style | Right Wing Watch
Think Progress » Poll: 92 percent of Iowans say legalizing same-sex marriage has had no impact on their lives.
The Locavore Myth - Why buying from nearby farmers won't save the planet.
Ardor in the court, Part 3 | Salon News A Texas court affirms the right of a judge and a prosecutor who slept together to condemn a man to death (Texas "justice")
Texas appeals court won't rule whether judge-prosecutor affair tainted Collin County death penalty trial | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News
5 Things Cities Can Learn from Burning Man - Video -
eBay Find of the Day: 1963 LeMans Tempest sells for $226,521 — Autoblog

Clive Thompson on the New Literacy young people today write far more than any generation before them. That's because so much socializing takes place online, and it almost always involves text
Stanford Study of Writing - Home
Google Wave: You need to pay attention to this. - Jason Kolb re: the Future of the Internet
If spectrum isn't scarce anymore, can you say $#!% on TV? - Ars Technica
First USB 3.0 product gets certified, floodgates get closer to breaking


Swine flu could kill millions | World news | The Observer UN report says pandemic may result in anarchy unless western world pays for antiviral drugs and vaccines
Obama On State Of The Union: Reports Of Afghan Election Fraud 'Look Pretty Serious' | LiveWire
EU funding 'Orwellian' artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for "abnormal behaviour" - Telegraph
Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs - (they killed all their garbage collectors)
Japan’s death penalty effectively scrapped with arrival of Keiko Chiba - Times Online an outspoken opponent of the country’s controversial system of secret executions ("secret executions" wtf?)
The Seminal » GOP/Media Complex Blows Smoke In RE: Obama and Poland and Russia
Blog - Russian strategic nuclear forces
Developing countries and global warming: A bad climate for development | The Economist Poor countries’ economic development will contribute to climate change. But they are already its greatest victim

Obama Sunday Show Blitz video: Watch Key Highlights
Obama Asks Paterson to Quit New York Governor’s Race -
Hullabaloo: digby: Quote Of The Day (Euro center-rightists to Obama: I don’t understand why people would call you socialist, in my country, you’d be considered a conservative.”)
President Obama: Public option is not dead | Crooks and Liars (but talking heads strangely silent on issue)
Terror Probe Arrests: Two Colorado Men, One NYC Man
Emptywheel » CIA OIG’s Wild Parsing about What Was “Depicted” on the Torture Tapes
Hullabaloo: digby: Cover Up For God And Country (DCIs ask for coverup of their crimes, Village cheerleads)
Emptywheel » Poppy Bush Not Joining Other DCIs Opposing Investigation of W Bush’s Torture
American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Condemns Former CIA Directors' Attempt To Derail Justice Department Investigation Into Torture
Conservative Group Calls for Bush Dictatorship (old but good and relevant)
The Washington Independent » ACLU Asks Court to Order Government to Reveal Transcripts of Prisoner Abuse
Obama rebuffs call to nix interrogation probe
Attackerman » Two States (props to Hilary)
Paterson Planning 2010 Run, Ignoring Obama
Doug Brinkley: Racism, Xenophobia Behind Wilson Outburst | TPMTV (contra big O)
Wilson Authored Bill To Let Illegal Immigrant Stay In U.S. | TPMMuckraker
Fox News Responds To Rick Sanchez: "Sucker," "Gift That Keeps On Giving"
Fox News Producer Caught Rallying 9/12 Protest Crowd In Behind-The-Scenes Video (many heads of the same hydra)
The Washington Monthly: A Regional Party (Republicans only liked in racist, militaristic South)
Hoover Institution - Hoover Digest - Why the GOP Is Doomed (10 years ago)
Obama favors investigation into ACORN's activities - Yahoo! News
AP transcribes false GOP attacks on health reform | Media Matters for America (of, by, and for Republicans, all the time)
Baucus Bill Sticks To Pharma Deal That Supposedly Wasn't Struck
Hitchens: Cheap Laughs - The Atlantic (October 2009) (Jon Stewart: most respected name in news)

Guest Post: Steve Keen Out-Thinks Larry Summers « naked capitalism Summers’ plan of multiplying the trillions thrown at the banks by the government won’t result in any meaningful multiplier effect (Summers wrong again)
Calculated Risk: San Francisco: $30 Billion Option ARM Time Bomb (no cram-down for you)
U.S. joblessness becoming more permanent: BMO Long duration structural unemployment … now represents a record 3.2 per cent of the labour force and a record 33.7 per cent of the unemployed,"

The Technium: Extropy
YouTube - Michio Kaku: WIll We Ever Be a Galactic Civilization?
YouTube - Beyond Belief '06 - Steven Weinberg (Part 3/3)
Project ‘Gaydar’: An MIT experiment raises new questions about online privacy - The Boston Globe
The Human Animal - The Language of the Body (1994, Part One, Desmond Morris)
Mark Hyman, MD: Why Cholesterol May Not Be the Cause Of Heart Disease
"Are Black Holes Actually White?" Dartmouth Team Seeks to Validate Stephen Hawking's Theory
Planck Snaps Its First Images Of Ancient Cosmic Light

Findings - A Clash of Polar Frauds and Those Who Believe -
Research Finds that Atheists are Most Hated and Distrusted Minority | News Junkie Post (in theocratic America)
Psychotic Letters From Men

Turn Your Camera Phone into a Police-Style Dash Cam - Cameraphone - Lifehacker
5 Ways to Get Your Blog Indexed by Google in 24 Hours
Windows 7 Survival Guide: From 32- To 64-Bit -- Windows 7 -- InformationWeek
ChangeDetection - Know when any web page changes
Move From Blogger to WordPress Without Losing Google Rank - Blogger - Lifehacker
3 Simple Free Virtual Drive Tools to Mount Disks & ISO Images


Iranian Protesters Take To Streets Of Tehran, Other Cities - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2009
Ahmadinejad says Holocaust a lie, Israel has no future | U.S. | Reuters
First U.S. H1N1 vaccines will be nasal spray: CDC | U.S. | Reuters

YouTube - CNN's Rick Sanchez Calls FOX News Liars
Bill Moyers: Tea Party Organizer Is Epitome Of Privilege (Dick Armey, they guy who destroyed the financial system and Freedomworks and very rich Republicans)
Snubbed By Obama, Fox News's Chris Wallace Calls White House "Biggest Bunch Of Crybabies I've Ever Seen" (project much?)
Perry on Recession: "We're in one?" -- Political Wire (not if you're a rich Republican)
Op-Ed Columnist - Even Glenn Beck Is Right Twice a Day -
Something for the media to consider before letting Glenn Beck set their news agenda | Media Matters for America
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect The Strangely Exclusive Populism Of David Brooks.
Whiskey Fire: Oh for Fuck's Sake (PowerMorons)
Conservatives express outrage about charges that their attacks on Obama are racist | Media Matters for America
Booman Tribune ~ My Experience With ACORN

Government Spending on the Elderly: Social Security and Medicare - Study #247

Is String Theory an Unphysical Pile of Garbage? : Starts With A Bang
New NASA Temperature Maps Provide 'Whole New Way Of Seeing The Moon'
Brobdingnag: blue and pink
Rare infection may have caused death of Chicago scientist | The University of Chicago
Mosquito-borne African virus a new threat to West | Health | Reuters ("much worse" than West Nile)

Frank Bruni: Memoirs and Memory

FCC to Take a Stand on Net Neutrality - PC World - supports a campaign promise made by President Barack Obama, will prevent the information superhighway from becoming a toll road giving preferential treatment to those who pay for it (you know, rich Republicans)
Google Releases A Nuke. Apple Won’t Win This Fight (Steve Jobs is a big fat liar; surprised?)
*Actually Useful* Windows Keyboard Shortcuts - including new Windows 7 tricks. : technology


Group tries to halt Arab-Jewish dating in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Post ("inter-racial dating")
Firedoglake » Air Force Doctor Gets Medal for Serving on Rendition Torture Flights
Life Span Of African-Americans In New Orleans Rivals North Korea's (mission accomplished)

Russ Feingold: Senators Introduce Patriot Act Fixes To Safeguard Americans' Rights (Obama opposed)
Study links 45,000 U.S. deaths to lack of insurance | Health | Reuters "We're losing more Americans every day because of inaction ... than drunk driving and homicide combined," (let's have capital punishment for corps)
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Trafigura knew of waste dangers (more corps murdering people)
Firedoglake » Late Night: Sorry, Lady, But Your Gender Is a Pre-Existing Condition
The Seminal » Baucus’ Budget Impact is “Voodoo Savings” Achieved by Taxing the Middle Class
Rachel Maddow Nails South Carolina Health Care (worst of the worst)
Daily Kos: The world according to Fox News
How my factual error found its way into Obama's health care speech. - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine
Justice Dept. Investigates Ex-Bush Official’s Ties to Shell - (Gail Norton, crooked Bushie, but look! ACORN!)
Author of Time 's Beck profile digs a deeper hole | Media Matters for America "Von Drehele's piece is so humiliating on so many levels, it's hard to know where to begin."
Acorn Sting "Pimp" is Rutgers Alum Who Hates Lucky Charms | NBC New York
Tammy Bruce: President Obama has 'some malevolence towards this country' | Crooks and Liars (Fox says Obama hates America)

Can Angelides Panel Bring Justice to Wall Street? | Newsweek Voices - Michael Hirsh |
Calculated Risk: WaPo: FHA Cash Reserves Will Drop Below Requirement
Incomes of young in 8-year nose dive -
Satyajit Das's Blog - Fear & Loathing in Financial Products: El-dollardo Economics
Ben Casnocha: The Blog: Lessons and Impressions from China
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Arianna Huffington: The Sad, Shocking Truth About How Women Are Feeling
Frank Bruni: Memoirs and Memory
Out of darkness, sight: How the brain learns to see
Scientists Complete First Geological Global Map Of Jupiter's Satellite Ganymede
Scientists Create First Ever Magnetic Gas | Popular Science
The Science of Hunger: What 1 Billion People Feel | LiveScience (and no Republicans)

Indians get body bags with H1N1 kits -
BBC - Earth News - Last chance to see the aye-aye?

Letters of Note: Okay, you lazy bitch (Hunter S Thompson)

Popular Search Engines in the 90’s: Then and Now
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East Europe: Rancor, relief on missile shield plan - Yahoo! News (Obama drops Cheney missle plan)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Obama Surrendered To the Commies!
Lawyers, Guns and Money: On the Surrendering to the Commies...
USCRI: Sahrawi Refugees -- Warehoused and Forgotten in the Sahara Desert
Flickr: UNHCR's Photostream

Jimmy Carter racism charge: Obama doesn’t agree says Gibbs | (stupid)
Steele blasts Carter for comment - First Read - (there you go)
Snowe, Nelson, McCaskill, and Lieberman "Commend" Baucus for Health Care Bill | TPMDC (worst bill evar)
On Fox & Friends , Sen. Max Baucus "(R-MT)" discusses his health care plan | Media Matters for America
Kent Conrad proudly tells us why the Senate Finance Committee Bill is a Republican Bill | Crooks and Liars (disgusting)
Daily Kos: Politico: CBO Says Co-ops Useless
Pelosi Warns Of Violence Over Heated Rhetoric, Chokes Up
The distracting benefits of ACORN hysteria - Glenn Greenwald - (and the completely psychotic process behind it - trillions for banks/military/Halliburton, 3.5 million for helping poor people)
The Anonymous Liberal: You Can Tell a Lot About People By Who They Choose to Demonize
Limbaugh on Obama: "Just as he is ACORN, just as he is Van Jones, he is racism" | Media Matters for America
Limbaugh Goes Full-On Racist During Rant About School Bus Beating | Crooks and Liars
Ezra Klein - The Baucus Bill: The Worst Policy in the Bill, and Possibly in the World
Insurance Company Must Pay $10 Million For Revoking Policy Of Teen With HIV
Obama and Acorn - Is there a case for a special prosecutor? (this is what you get when you don't stand up to the crazies)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Let’s Party Like It’s 1997
News Hounds: Fox News Punked By ACORN (that's ok, Congress defund them anyway)
How Time magazine enables Glenn Beck's lies | Media Matters for America (disgusting)
Time Magazine: the liberal bias of facts - Glenn Greenwald -
Tea Party Protesters Protest D.C. Metro Service - Washington Wire - WSJ Rep. Kevin Brady asked for an explanation of why the government-run subway system didn’t, in his view, adequately prepare for this past weekend’s rally to protest government spending and government services (the irony escapes them)
GOP Rep Who Suggested Bad D.C. Metro Service Hurt 9/12 Turnout Voted Against Metro Funding | The Plum Line
Report: GOP Leadership Worried About Damage To GOP's Reputation From Bachmann | TPMDC
Op-Ed Columnist - Someday, a Bill Will Pass - I don’t want a single-payer student loan system!”
Court Okays Halliburton Rape Trial | Mother Jones (escapes Cheney Halliburton clause forcing "arbitration" for rape)
The Washington Independent » Suit Alleges Trusted Blacks Drew Minorities to High-Rate Loans Wells Fargo Hired Tavis Smiley as Headliner for Seminars Targeting African Americans
YouTube - Frank Schaeffer on Rachel Maddow

US Economy Showing More Signs Recovery Is Underway -
Calculated Risk: Fed: Household Net Worth Off $12.2 Trillion From Peak
Now, when the world needs more oil than ever, it's changing faster than we can keep up with - By Daniel Yergin | Foreign Policy
How the resource curse went global - By Mahmoud A. El-Gamal and Amy Myers Jaffe | Foreign Policy - Subpriming the Pump: Oil wealth used to hurt only those who had it. Now, it's hurting everyone.
Masters of illusion: The great management consultancy swindle - Business Analysis & Features, Business - The Independent
Feds keep little-used airports in business - (billions for rich people)
Warren Buffett calls BofA's Ken Lewis an "ironic hero" - Sep. 16, 2009 - Mr. Magoo of global finance
Tax havens: Keeping the rich richer whilst devastating the poor
Skype founders sue eBay

APOD: 2009 September 17 - Ultraviolet Andromeda
Jupiter’s Magnetic Moon Generates Spectacular Light Show | Wired Science |
"Will AI Surpass Human Intelligence By 2020?" (won't take much)
Gene Therapy Cures Color-Blind Monkeys | Wired Science |

Teen birth rates highest in most religious states - Kids and parenting- Link may be due to communities frowning on contraception, researchers say ("may")
Books - One Injury, 10 Countries - A Journey in Health Care - Review - (frozen shoulder)
Melting Of The Greenland Ice Sheet Mapped
Sundance Channel: Green Porno
Magazine Preview - Carl Jung and the Holy Grail of the Unconscious - (Jung's "Red Book" or "Liber Novus" - they miss "the elephant in the room")
Lost Symbol Review - Dan Brown New Book Review - Esquire

Senate Votes to Allow Guns on Amtrak - CBS News (there you go)
Cable: Let us lock down your TV (we'll offer movies sooner) - Ars Technica (big content owns your TV)
New Cyber Threat Study Delivers Surprising Results
What cybercriminals do with your information - Sep. 16, 2009
Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message « OkTrends
Imgur uploader :: Add-ons for Firefox
Main Page - SwarmWiki
Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools: a Distributed Behavioral Model)
Haiku Finder


Climate Summit: Stop dawdling! -
The Post: U.S. must demand accountability for due process and torture abuses -- in Iran - Glenn Greenwald - (it doesn't enter Fred Hiatt's head that this is the height of hypocrisy +Froomkin firing)
Bagram: The sham of closing Guantanamo - Glenn Greenwald - (Obama: same old)
Hullabaloo: digby: Viruses: William Henry Anderson, M.D. (Harvard Neuropsych: "100,000 "zealots" within the Muslim body politic would have to be eliminated, the way "malignant [cancer] cells" are removed from a healthy body")

Obama Ohio Poll: President's Numbers Rebound
As Right Jabs Continue, White House Debates a Counterpunching Strategy - (after 9 months, they are "considering")
The Associated Press: Obama supports extending Patriot Act provisions (Kanye West, ha-ha-ha)
Health Care Bill: Baucus Senate Legislation Finally Unveiled (after months of work on a lobbyist bill, Baucus gets zero, that's ZERO Republican support + gang of six from states with four people)
Huff TV: Roy Sekoff Blasts Max Baucus' Health Care Bill On Ed Show (Video)(the Baucus bill is an "absolute gift" to the insurance industry)
McConnell Contradicts Baucus: Finance Bill Is Not One "Very Many Republicans Will Support" | TPMDC
Daily Kos: The Baucus Debacle
Emptywheel » Affordable for Individuals Versus Affordable for Wal-Mart Employees
Ezra Klein - The Baucus Bill: The Neutered Co-Ops

MSNBC graphic baselessly linked Van Jones to ACORN | Media Matters for America
Ignoring police report, Carlson advanced false claim that ACORN employee killed husband | Media Matters for America (doesn't matter, they defunded them anyway)
U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home > Votes > Roll Call Vote (Congress caves to Glenn Beck on Acorn)
New Jersey Poll: Birthers, Truthers, And The Anti-Christ -- Oh, My! | TPMDC
Rep. Steve King: The President Threw The First Punch | LiveWire (you know, in the brawl in Congress)
Sadly, No! » Dan Riehl: Licking his chops (or is it soiling his pants?) for a race war (cheerleader for racism)
Jimmy Carter: Wilson's Outburst 'Based On Racism' (Video)
Elephant in the room: Race also present in rebuke of Wilson | McClatchy (no Republican support for censure + "I guess we'll have people putting on white hoods and uniforms.")
Rush Limbaugh: "Obama's America - White Kids Get Beat Up With The Black Kids Cheering" (Audio) (one of the main roots of Republican racism)
Fox News: The Importance of Being Ailes - BusinessWeek collected almost $24 million last year (head of Murdoch's racist network)
10 Lessons for Tea Baggers | Crooks and Liars (for the stupid and insane 25% of America)
The Atlantic 50 | The Atlantic Wire (most influential pundits: Krugman #1; Limbaugh #2; Dowd #17; Greenwald #22)

Economist's View: "The End of Universal Rationality" (always was an economists delusion)
Brad DeLong: Modern Corporation: The Corporation as a Command Economy
potlatch: Reinventing the Firm published today
The Value Every Business Needs to Create Now - Umair Haque -
Main Page - Yochai Benkler - Wealth of Networks
Social Capital and Community Governance
Worldchanging: Bright Green: How to Solve a Civil War
Wealthcare | The New Republic - Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right

Five essential things to know about evolution - Ars Technica
ESA Science & Technology: Smallest exoplanet is shown to be a solid, rocky world
Cracking the Spine of Libel - Olivia Judson Blog - (can't criticize bogus science in UK)
Technology Review: Blogs: arXiv blog: Cosmic Cold Spot Just a Trick of the Light The famous cold spot in the cosmic microwave background is an artifact of the statistical methods used to find it, according to a new analysis
Saturn Lightning Storm Breaks Records: Discovery News
Hurricanes Spawning More U.S. Tornadoes | LiveScience
Real Electrons. In the Pipeline: s and p orbitals
sevensixfive: How to: Draw the Voronoi Diagram
How Islamic inventors changed the world - Science, News - The Independent
Sophie Keller: How Happy Is... 9 Reasons To Sleep Separately

Hoarders - A&E TV | Thought it would be best to introduce myself first...I'm Lauren from ep 2 in Hoarders in AETV Community Center
Gerontologic Environmental Modifications >> Hoarding
Barter Books - Keep Calm and Carry On - The History of a Poster
Radical Philosophy - print friendly Lash out and cover up - Austerity nostalgia and ironic authoritarianism in recession Britain
London's Privacy Falling Down
Two AI Pioneers. Two Bizarre Suicides. What Really Happened?
Australian teenager faces jail over home abortion - Times Online (7 years in jail for taking RU-486 and gets house fire-bombed)
The Footnotes of Mad Men.

Bing grabs 10 percent of search market | Microsoft - CNET News
Helvetimail - josef richter
Google Chrome 3.0


U.S. Kills Top Qaeda Leader in Southern Somalia -
Muntadhar al-Zeidi, Iraqi Shoe Thrower Released; Details Torture By Security Forces
Pakistan Army Is Said to Be Linked to Many Killings in Swat -

Christy Hardin Smith » Tortured Logic: Dangers Of The Slippery Slope
Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA): Wilson's Heckling May Lead To KKK Resurgence | LiveWire
Secret Service Questioned Man With Guns Outside Obama Rally In Minnesota | TPMMuckraker
McConnell Contradicts Baucus: Finance Bill Is Not One "Very Many Republicans Will Support" | TPMDC (what a tool Baucus is)
Angry Republicans - September 12 Protest Signs in Washington - Esquire - If Republicans had gotten everything they wanted for the last seventy-five years or so, the United States of America would have no Social Security, no Medicare, no Aid to Dependent Children, no civil rights, no environmental protections, no privacy rights (+business death squads)
Matt Taibbi - Taibblog – PhRMA’s Big Bribe Comes In - True/Slant
Rx for Reform: Health Care Town Hall with Gov. Howard Dean | Netroots Nation - Medicaid for everyone 25 and under (Dean actually says 30) and Medicare eligibility at 50.
The Washington Monthly: Baucus Plan Faces Scrutiny, Changes (really shitty plan took ten years to develop)
Poll: Doctors Among Public Option's Biggest Fans : NPR
Rockefeller says can't back Senate panel bill yet | Politics | Reuters (Obama about to drop public option)
Glenn Beck says Cass Sunstein wants to give animals the right to sue humans. Really? - By Christopher Beam - Slate Magazine Glenn Beck says Cass Sunstein wants to give animals the right to sue humans. Really? (Obama must get Glenn Beck's approval for all appointments)
Jon Stewart Returns, Slams Glenn Beck And Tea Party Protesters (Video)
The Seminal » Now THAT’s Terry (your elite media at work)
Matthew Yglesias » Washington Post Advertisers Want Cheerier Stories (so the paper goes all smiley face)
The Raw Story » Bush reportedly called McCain ‘a five-spiral crash,’ said Palin ‘not remotely prepared’
Question authority: here are FOIA resources. « Mercury Rising ??

Casino Capitalism: Fortune Editor Andy Serwer Says Administration Gaming System For Wall Street Titans
World's Wealthy Pay a Price In Crisis - Nations Raise Taxes, Tighten Regulations (WaPo cries for the super-rich)
Op-Ed Columnist - A World of Hurt - We’re hurtin’ and there ain’t much healin’ on the horizon (media paying little attention to the unemployed, because, well ...)
Calculated Risk: Ghost Towns in Ireland The agency will manage the loans, which amount to about half of Ireland’s gross domestic product.

Is Your Cell Phone Melting Your Brain? Not Yet. - News and Analysis by PC Magazine

Top 5 Frustratingly region-locked web services
Sears gets mere wrist slap for allegedly spying on customers
20 most bizarre Craigslist adverts of all time - Telegraph
Use a Separate Partition to Speed Up Windows 7 Upgrades - windows 7 - Lifehacker
Google Fast Flip


Netanyahu Strikes Defiant Tone Before Meeting U.S. Envoy George Mitchell (he's the boss of you)
Italy Grapples With Priest Sex Abuse (what sex abuse?)
Deadly Afghan ambush shows perils of ill-supplied deployment | McClatchy (surge!)
Candid Interviews with Former Soviet Officials Reveal U.S. Strategic Intelligence Failure Over Decades 1995 Contractor Study Finds that U.S. Analysts Exaggerated Soviet Aggressiveness and Understated Moscow's Fears of a U.S. First Strike

Who are the undeserving "others" benefiting from expanded government actions? - Glenn Greenwald -
Does Pelosi's Softening Rhetoric Spell Doom for the Public Option? | TPMDC (yes)
Matthew Yglesias » WaPost Op-Ed Page Once Again Misleading Its Readers (totally wrong and they just don't care)
Yoo also tortures logic | Philly | 09/13/2009 ("Has a major American newspaper ever given a monthly platform to a former public official so he can regularly seek to thwart or at least criticize a criminal probe into the very program that he authorized while in government?")
Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy - The Atlantic (complete economic failure; you won't read about in the Washington Post)
Lawmaker Says No New Apology for Outburst - Representative Joe Wilson (wingnut; SC)
Op-Ed Columnist - Boy, Oh, Boy - - “They’re going to have to develop ways in this White House to deal with things and not let them fester out there. Otherwise, they’ll see numbers moving in the wrong direction.”
The Seminal » New Poll: Doctors Strongly Support Public Option — Does the White House Care? (63%, and no)
The Seminal » George Stephanopoulos Misrepresents ABC Poll that Supports Public Option (Stephiepoopalloverus)
2010 Election: Trouble Brewing For House Democrats Obama's slipping support could lead to double-digit losses for the party in next year's congressional races and may even threaten their House control. How worried should we be?
TBogg » Seven Out of Nine Pantloads Agree: Jeri Ryan Destroyed America Goldberg's next book - Libertine Dreams or: Daddy Can't Get An Erection When You Cry where Jonah explains that women who refuse to give handjobs in Chik-fil-A parking lots are America haters. Or lesbians.
Santorum reportedly mulling White House bid (go Ricky!)
Daily Kos: Big Insurance Defines Abuse as a Pre-Existing Condition (the "condition" of an abusive spouse)
Hearses, Nazi Dogs And Crucified Liberty: Scenes From The 9/12 March | TPM Photo Galleries
Max Blumenthal's Unauthorized 9.12 Teabagger Tour | TPMTV
Streetsblog Capitol Hill » McCain’s Transit Hit List: Get the Details (McCain hate public transport)
Firedoglake » Late Night: The Babble Phlegm of the Wingnut Republic; OR, What’s a Half a Million or So, Give or Take?
9/12 project Sept. 12, 2009 Washington DC - a set on Flickr
YouTube - 9.12 DC Tea Party - March Footage With Interviews
The Seminal » Glenn Beck has lost over 50% of his ad dollars (starting to hurt Fox, for the first time ever)

Judge Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses - The $33 million settlement “does not comport with the most elementary notions of justice and morality,” wrote Jed S. Rakoff,
AP Source: Cuomo Preparing Charges Against BofA - ABC News
Calculated Risk: Fed's Yellen: The Outlook for Recovery ("tepid")
Stiglitz Says Banking Problems Are Now Bigger Than Pre-Lehman - (too big to fail now even bigger; Obama should have shock-and-awed them; too late now)
Obama Heads to Wall Street, Turns Attention to Financial Reform - (too little, way too late)
Robert Reich: The Continuing Disaster of Wall Street, One Year Later (you've insured them a against loss, so of course they will be responsible)
Dylan Ratigan: Americans Have Been Taken Hostage
Revealed: The ghost fleet of the recession | Mail Online

Toxic Waters - Series - The New York Times
Ancient man used stone 'sat nav' to navigate across country | Mail Online
Maori legend of man-eating bird is true - Nature, Environment - The Independent Creature that features in New Zealand folklore really existed, scientists say
Size does matter: study - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Female orgasms rely on penis size and mental focus, but not the duration of foreplay, according to a new study.
Argentina site of world's biggest crater field | Cosmos magazine

Jericho Fire Chief Shot by Officers in Court will be Charged | (no cops charged in attemped murder)
Better world: Legalise drugs - 11 September 2009 - New Scientist
Drug czar slams Harper gov't as he exits to 'next adventure' war-on-drugs approach has utterly failed over the past 40 years and must come to an end. "The emperor truly has no clothes in this case"

Visual Search Galleries - Bing (try this)
All TI Signing Keys Factored -


U.S. to Expand Detainee Review in Afghan Prison -
Editorial - Justice Delayed -

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Calif. Energy Bill - Time (Republicans at work, destroying America)
Frank Rich - Obama’s Squandered Summer - (President Above-It-All learned nothing from Kerry's fiasco)
Op-Ed Contributor - The Trial of John Roberts -
The Seminal » US Navy military commission defense counsel in USA v. KSM, et al petition federal appeals court to end Congress’s segregated, sham Military Commissions
Emptywheel » The July 2002 Torture Training Session

In Washington, Thousands Stage Protest of Big Government - (and racism)
For WashPos t, right-wing protesters are Page One news; in 2002 liberal war protesters were not | Media Matters for America
Matthew Yglesias » Tea Party Patriotism (in support of treason and slavery and pre-existing mental conditions)
The Raw Story » ABC fights back against Tea Party protest size falsehoods
Teabaggers/Mike Kibbe/Freedomworks Lie: 300,000,000 teabaggers invade Washington
Twitpic - liars on parade - billions of teabaggers, oh wait, make that 10's of thousands
FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: Size Matters; So Do Lies

Home Delivery: The New York Times Serves Up Some Malware | Peter Kafka | MediaMemo | AllThingsD
Internet firms help Canadian courts ID authors of controversial email -- DailyFinance


Victims' families tell their stories following Nato airstrike in Afghanistan | World news | The Guardian 'I took some flesh home and called it my son.' (winning hearts and minds)
'We're pinned down:' 4 U.S. Marines die in Afghan ambush | McClatchy women and children were replenishing their ammunition ("We will do to you what we did to the Russians")

Obama On Health Care Bill: "I Own It"
Firedoglake » Only the Insurance Companies Want a Level Playing Field (+Obama)
Obama's savings' won't pay for health plan, experts say - Kansas City Star
Daily Kos: The Real 'Norma Rae' Died Yesterday - Insurance Company Delayed Cancer Medication
Census Bureau Severs Ties With ACORN (caves to Glenn Beck)
Think Progress » Michigan Chamber Of Commerce Embraces Glenn Beck, Invites Him To Be A Keynote Speaker (AT&T: racist company)
Hullabaloo Shorter Norman Podhoretz: I wrote my new book, Why Are Jews Liberal? because I can't understand why all Jews aren't as crazy as I am

FDIC: Corus Bank, Chicago Ill. fails, cost to taxpayers: $1.7 Bn (but we can't afford healthcare)
Summers: Unemployment Will Remain 'Unacceptably High' for Years - Political Punch (needs to talk to Geitner + the administration’s reform proposals ... weak and watered down.)
A Year After a Cataclysm, Little Change on Wall Street - (no reform, no change, banksters win)
Bailed-Out Firms Post Expense Rules -
Consumers cut outstanding credit by record $21.5 billion -
U.S. government nervous about stimulus fraud, scams | Markets | Markets News | Reuters
Talking Business - Lehman Had to Die, It Seems, So Global Finance Could Live -
Historical Quotes - BigCharts (Dow 9/11/01: 9605; 9/11/09: 9605

Daily Kos: Good News And Bad On Pandemic Flu
Scientists discover surprise in Earth's upper atmosphere / UCLA Newsroom a previously unknown basic mode of energy transfer from the solar wind to the Earth's magnetosphere
The Problem with Risk Aversion for NASA Manned Space Flight - Augustine Commission Analysis - Popular Mechanics
Københavns Universitet (oxygen makes climate colder)
FDA Panel Backs Use of Gardasil as HPV Vaccine for Males -
Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' - Telegraph (why 50% don't believe in evolution)
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | What is it like to see time?
Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation | Video on (Self-Determination Theory: "human motivation is activated and directed by autonomy, competence, and relatedness" not grades and pay)

FLP - Closing All Free Library of Philadelphia Branch, Regional and Central Libraries Closed Effective Close of Business October 2, 2009 (and getting rid of all the libraries will really help)
The Walk-to-School Fight - In 1969, 41 percent of children either walked or biked to school; by 2001, only 13 percent still did,
Kentucky GOP ex-lawmaker arrested; ex-fiance is dead | McClatchy (cops went to "The Mansion" - courts failed her)
For a Bounced Check in Dubai, the Penalty Can Be Years in Jail -
a href="">Extravagant Dubai island project sinks under weight of the credit crunch - - he world's most expensive shipping hazard

How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education | Fast Company
SEIU - Domestic violence victims have a "pre-existing condition"? , in DC and nine other states, including Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming, insurance companies have gone too far, claiming that "domestic violence victim" is also a pre-existing condition

Net Hoax Convinces Germany of Fake U.S. Suicide Bombing Attempt | Threat Level |
Video: The unsettling truth about our augmented reality future, starring Brad Pitt
‘Anonymous’ Declares War on Australia Over Internet Filtering | Threat Level |
Photo - Volume 129, Issue 35 - The Tech (MIT Rick-Rolled)
Windows 7: The Complete Guide - Windows 7 guide - Gizmodo
Make Gmail Check Your POP Accounts More Frequently - Gmail - Lifehacker
10 Extensions That Make Google Chrome Rock - The 2.0 Life (Rock=a few things FF has done for years)
WordPress Just Made Millions of Blogs Real-Time With RSSCloud


Starving in silence - The Globe and Mail With no machines and all the livestock eaten, quiet lingers in rural areas of nation where 8.7 million face hunger
Obama Facing Doubts Within His Own Party on Afghanistan -
Noam Chomsky: Militarizing Latin America -- In These Times The "drug war"—like the "war on crime" and "the war on terror"—is pursued for reasons other than the announced goals
Arctic Shortcut, Long a Dream, Beckons Shippers as Ice Thaws -
What Thatcher and Gorbachev really thought when the Berlin Wall came down | Michael Binyon - Times Online Leaked Kremlin documents show that history makes fools of us, especially our leaders (Thatcher + Mitterand were against re-unification)
Thatcher and Kohl clashed over unity after Fall of the Berlin Wall - Times Online
Treatment of Alan Turing was “appalling” - PM |
Norman Podhoretz's false accusations of "dual loyalty" - Glenn Greenwald - (all Jews should be neo-con crazies)
Health Care Abroad: France - Prescriptions Blog -
Sustainable Security

9/11 Ringleader Mohammed Atta Could Have Been Stopped, FBI Informant Says - ABC News Undercover Operative 'One Million Percent Positive' Attacks Could Have Been Prevented
How one becomes "crazy" in Washington culture - Glenn Greenwald - (tell the truth)
Hullabaloo: digby: Comparing The Crazies (why America can't think)
Balloon Juice » Blog Archive » Chock-a-block with traitorous radicals
Emptywheel » Cheney’s Hagiographer Takes a Mulligan (Stephen Hayes)
Bradley Schlozman Won't Face Criminal Charges For Lying Under Oath (IOKIYAR)

Froomkin: A Turning Point For Obama
What He Said, What They Heard - The Opinionator Blog -
The Seminal » When Wilson Defines Debate, Democrats Squander Chance to Set Record Straight
Editorial - The Court and Campaign Finance - (end of democracy)

Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how? | Psychology Today (Getty Images/AFP photogs)
What's the matter with South Carolina? - Alexander Burns - (a lot)
Obama heckler Joe Wilson a member of neo-Confederate SCV, fought to keep Dixie flag flying in South Carolina | Crooks and Liars
Robert Creamer: Wilson Is the Poster "Child" for the New Republican Party (hate-filled psycho liars)
Olbermann Offers "Special Comment" On Joe Wilson: You've "Embarrassed The Nation" (video)
Poll: Joe Wilson Trails Dem Opponent Rob Miller In Wake of "You Lie!" Outburst | TPMDC - on Joe Wilson (mouthpiece for Bush lies)
Duvall's Listener Removed From Ethics Committee As Rumors Spread On Who Tipped Media To Comments | TPMMuckraker (Shakesperian)
Think Progress » School district that barred students from hearing Obama will bus them to Bush speech.
Texas school district apologizes for snubbing Obama speech | McClatchy (that was fast)
Glenn Beck's past remarks about 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina victims
Was Glenn Beck accused of murder in 1990? - Yahoo! Answers

Calculated Risk: Report: Down Goes Corus!
Citi Said to Eye ‘Bank of the Future’ With Ex-Travelocity Chief -
UPDATE 2-U.S. probes AIG executives-law enforcement source | Markets | Bonds News | Reuters
Neighbors Say Wells Executive Used Foreclosed Beach House - DealBook Blog -
Poverty Rate Rose in 2008, Census Finds -
In Wal-Mart's Image | The American Prospect The "values" of the largest private-sector employer in the U.S. are shaping our national economy -- and that's a very bad thin
Wal-Mart And An Accounting Firm Fire A Muslim For Praying, Suit Says - Houston News - Hair Balls
Think Progress » Gingrich ‘Inadvertently’ Names Porn Company ‘Entrepreneur of The Year’ For Stimulating The Economy (well?)

Ancient Chinese Remedy May Work for Flu | LiveScience Ferula asafetida is commonly known as Dung of the Devil (may work against swine flu)
NO enzymes help bacteria resist antibiotics › News in Science (ABC Science) - nitric oxide
AFP: Earliest fibers found in Georgia, dating back 34,000 years
University of Leicester - Sex talk revelations of the lonely Y chromosome New study proves that communication between male and female occurs in our innermost beings
Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2009 competition winners - Telegraph
The Secrets Inside Your Dog's Mind= Time
Astronomers solve mystery of dusty foot trails crossing telescope mirrors | Smithsonian Science
Beware of Velociraptor Attacks from Above - Dinosaurs - io9 (the bad just got worse)
The Brain: Where Does Sex Live in the Brain? From Top to Bottom. | Sex & the Brain | Discover Magazine

High-End Fashion’s Moment of Truth -
Agreement Reached on a Reprieve for Leibovitz Loan Repayment - ArtsBeat Blog -

Top 5 Web Trends of 2009: Internet of Things
Video: How a Construction Crane is Erected | Gadget Lab |
NPR: What Would Rob Do?
Death's Blog


Questions raised over bloody raid to free British journalist in Afghanistan | World news | The Guardian Claims that British forces 'charged in' while release talks were under way
Recent Hindu festivals and rituals - The Big Picture -

Christy Hardin Smith » SCOTUS: Citizens United Brings Out The Core Belief Splits From The Bench
I'll Be So Glad When This Summer of Love Is Over: James Wolcott | Vanity Fair - "The American Health Freedom Act" (why couldn't genius Rahmbo think of that?)
The Seminal » Obama on the Public Option: More Careful Words, No Commitments
Reid: Co-ops Could Replace Public Option if Structured Right | TPMDC (yeah, sure, Harry, you asshole)
Hatch: I Sincerely Doubt Snowe or Collins Will Support Health Care Reform | TPMDC (QFT, waste of time talking to these clowns)
Census: Uninsured rises to 46.3 million | TPM News Pages (well make them buy crappy private insurance!)
Obama Needs To Remind America That Dems Gave Them Social Security and Medicare Over GOP Opposition | TPMCafe (always trying to screw you)

Dana Milbank - Washington Sketch: Republicans Behaving Badly at Obama Speech -
Does Joe Wilson Believe the President Was Actually Lying?
A Careful, But Clear, Defense Of Government. | The New Republic
NBC calls the public option a "fetish" | Crooks and Liars - Providing insurance to Americans who cannot afford or obtain coverage is a fetish? A fetish? (Chuck Todd and the Villagers)
The press can't even get the "You Lie!" story right | Media Matters for America (facts are not their job - right-wing theatrics are far more important)
The guy who yelled "You lie!" - Glenn Thrush -
Joe Wilson Denounced By Lawmakers On Both Sides Of Aisle (no Democrat ever yelled during Bush's lies to Congress)
Rob Miller, Wilson's Opponent, Raises Over $100,000 Off "You Lie"
Joe Wilson Apologizes For Shouting "You Lie!" At Obama (Republican turn Obama's speech to Congress into a teaparty for crazies)
Heckler Rep. Wilson Speaks To Reporters | TPMTV (all sweaty and about to cry)
'You Lie!': Representative Wilson's Outburst - Time
Griper Blade: The Sideshow Becomes the Center Ring - the townhall mob made manifest in front of news cameras at an event where it had no business
Hannity guest slams his "idiotic" claim that House bill includes death panels | Media Matters for America
Flashback: Rep. Wilson Also Had To Apologize After Attacking Strom Thurmond's Illegitimate Daughter | LiveWire (another Republican creep)
Eschaton: it's really quite stunning how George W. Bush is utterly missing from our discourse. The conservative movement was for that period all about elevating Dear Leader, and now he's just gone.
Palin: "So Much For Civility" With Obama's Debunking of Death Panels | TPMDC (up is down, black is white, in the rightwing theo-nut universe)
I'm Moving to FOX - John Stossel's Take (going to the Murdoch Hate Network, his natural habitat)
Know thy Congressman

Calculated Risk: Census Bureau: Real Median Household Income Fell 3.6% (pre-recession numbers, heckuva job Republicans)
Felix Salmon » Blog Archive » The depressing income and poverty data | Blogs (poverty highest in a decade, how'd that happen?)
U.S. Foreclosure Filings Top 300,000 for Sixth Straight Month -
Dodging Credit-Card Reform - BusinessWeek Card issuers are already proposing new fees and thinking up ways to subvert interest-rate restrictions (call the Chamber of Commerce)
Nouriel Roubini's Financial Times Interview: Double-Dip Recession Still A Risk
Student Debt vs. Average Income – Kiplinger

The five best arguments for creationism ever! : Pharyngula
The Frame: Hubble telescope's latest images
Black holes are the ultimate particle smashers - space - 09 September 2009 - New Scientist
Low Mass Stars
APOD: 2009 September 8 - Unexpected Impact on Jupiter

Terminating an Adoption - Motherlode Blog -
For the imperfect ones |
Pedigree dogs 'being bred to death' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Nokia's Sad Augmented Reality | TechWatch | Fast Company
Lower Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation | Environmental Working Group Comprehensive Online Guide To Low-Radiation Wireless Devices
How to download books from Google - Hack a Day


The Volokh Conspiracy - Now There's a Law That's Sure To Reduce Ethnic and Religious Tensions: An Arab organisation [the Arab European League] is to be put on trial in the Netherlands over its publication of a cartoon deemed offensive to Jews, prosecutors say
Afghan War Debate Fails To Include U.S. Troop Timetable (minor oversight)

Why the public option matters - Paul Krugman Blog - (and why you won't get it from Obama)
Campaign Silo » Baucus Co-Op Plan “Authored” By Ex-Wellpoint VP Matches July 31 Mike Ross Blue Dog Amendment
Emptywheel » The Max Tax Distribution List (Bad Max: Baucus Senator from Lobbyists)
Lawyers, Guns and Money: Huh? (healthcare way too complicated for Joe Klein to understand)
Andrea Mitchell's double standard | Media Matters for America (Andrea Mitchell, on the other hand, just lets Republicans lie)
With one simple sentence, ABC News confirms the death of Beltway journalism | Media Matters for America While the media loves a good fight -- even when the charges are unfounded (it's all entertainment + Amurica teh stupid)
Bill O'Reilly called for more "czars" during Bush administration | Media Matters for America
Obama: I "Probably Left Too Much Ambiguity" (Video) (ya think? why didn't you just go snow-boarding for all of August?)
Grijalva: Vast Majority of House Progressives Not Prepared to "Surrender" on Public Option | TPMDC
Daily Kos: Reps. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.), Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.), and Rep. Mike Capuano (D-Mass.) (threaten to fold to crazy-ass Republicans and their lobbyists)
Weiner: “I Don’t See Any Way” I Can Vote For Bill Without Public Option | The Plum Line
Employer Requirement in Baucus Health Package Would Have Unintended Effect of Discouraging Hiring of Low-Income and Minority Workers — Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (no, it's not "unintended")
Pawlenty says Obama speech was apolitical, but potentially disruptive | (because, you know, he's black)
Gibbs, On Fox News, Criticizes Fox For Showing Dance Reality Show Instead Of Obama's Speech (video) "I know the network, instead of dealing with the reality of millions of people on health insurance reform have decided to show a reality show called 'So You Think You Can Dance?'"
GOP Lawmaker's Graphic Sex-Bragging Caught On Tape | TPMMuckraker (party of personal dysfuntion + shagging beautiful blonde energy lobbyist 20 years younger than him + talking like a valley girl)
Duvall Resigns After Sex Bragging | TPMMuckraker

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession (good Republican monopoly)
Interest-Only Home Loans Start to Backfire - (NYTimes discovers option-ARMs)
Another Wave of Foreclosures Looms - Ballooning Payments Put Mortgages at Risk, Posing New Setback to Market (WaPo discovers option-ARMs)
Cramdown Is Back: Banks Against Homeowners, Round 2 (going for a knock-out)
Buyers of Huge Manhattan Complex Face Default Risk - (CRE meltdown)
Anna Burger: US Chamber of Commerce at the Root of Financial Crisis (multi-million $ campaign against financial reform)
Major Banks Still Grappling With Foreclosures : NPR

Scientists Identify Genes Linked To Lou Gehrig's Disease
Liposuction Fat Turned Into Stem Cells, Study Says

Hit & Run > Louisiana Cop Accused of Beating Handcuffed Woman Back on the Job - Reason Magazine violation of Louisiana's "Police Officer's Bill of Rights," (Shreveport police officer Wiley Willis back on the job and Shreveport gets the $400K bill)
Girl: I was treated like a 'misfit' at Abercrombie & Fitch | Abercrombie & Fitch was fined $115,264 for refusing to let an Apple Valley teen help her autistic sister try on clothes
The Lessons of Lindsay

Chinese Internet regulations - Chinese news site dispense with user anonymity
Handwriting Tips Penmanship -
Intel's new flash tech to bring back Turbo Memory, for real - Ars Technica


Spanish judge resumes torture case against six senior Bush lawyers |
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | The rise of Israel's military rabbis (G-D's war on the Palestinian insects)
Eight Years After 9/11
TAPPED Archive | The American Prospect Fraud? I'll Show You Fraud (United States of Afganistan)
Karzai Nears Win As Recount Ordered In Afghanistan A U.N.-backed commission found "convincing evidence" of fraud Tuesday in Afghanistan's presidential election
Iceland kills 93 fin whales, according to conservationists - Telegraph (endangered species)
Justice Dept.: Blackwater Contractor Saw Killing Iraqis as 9/11 Payback | Mother Jones (Bush lies)

Deeply Divided House Democrats Return to Work -- and the Same Set of Problems - (nothing changed)
The Seminal » The Public Option: A Promise Kept or a Promise Broken (Obama will wreck the Democratic Party for the next 20 year)
As 'Rescissions' Spawn Outrage, Health Insurers Cite Fraud Control - Firms Defend 'Rescissions' as Fraud Control
Max Baucus Plan: No Public Option, Non-Profit Insurance
The Lessons from History on Health Care Reform | Robert Reich's Blog
Why Reform Survived August | The New Republic
When Will This White House Learn You Cannot Negotiate With Terrorists? - Jack & Jill Politics (like Glenn Beck and Fox News)
Barack Obama's Education Speech To Schools, Not Socialist Indoctrination - Swampland - (very Libertarian)
With the Obama's school "controversy," the press gets (willingly) duped again | Media Matters for America (useful idiots)
The Webster Retort: BREAKING: KY school district official ok with baptizing footballers, but students forced to 'opt-in' for Obama speech (psycho-America)
10 of the Most Obscenely Stupid Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories and Attacks Against the President | | AlterNet (Americans: left behind)

Manpower: Hiring Plans Hit New Low « naked capitalism
UN Says New Currency Is Needed to Fix Broken ‘Confidence Game’ -
The Impact of the Recession on Your Age Group

Egyptian temples followed heavenly plans - space - 08 September 2009 - New Scientist (you don't say)
BBC NEWS | South Asia | Maldives to miss climate summit even though his country is under threat from climate change, he cannot afford to go to a summit on the issue (bye-bye Maldives)


Fake Afghan Poll Sites Favored Karzai, Officials Assert - (another corrupt puppet government)
Decision on Airstrike in Afghanistan Was Based Largely on Sole Informant's Assessment - 125 people were killed in the bombing, at least two dozen of whom -- but perhaps many more -- were not insurgents ("insurgents" you know, from the village they were living in)
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Anger at Israeli settlement plan Israel has officially approved the construction of more than 450 new homes in the occupied West Bank
U.S. leads world in foreign weapons sales: report | U.S. | Reuters

E.J. Dionne Jr. - Campaign Finance Case Tests Value of Precedent - a case that, if decided wrongly, could surrender control of our democracy to corporate interests.
U.S. climate change bill to compete with healthcare | Reuters
Obama Labor Day Speech At AFL-CIO Picnic: Full Video, Text

Exclusive: Early Cbo Score On Public Plan. It's Good! | The New Republic (would save $150Bn/10 years, oh no!)
New Fee on Health Insurance Companies Is Proposed to Help Expand Coverage - (the Max Baucus, kill the Democrats plan)
The Seminal » Max Baucus Wastes Months, Fails, and the NYT Misses It
Hullabaloo Feel the magic. The Baucus plan is finally revealed: Feel the magic. The Baucus plan is finally revealed (make employers offers shittier coverage)
Where's This Going? | Talking Points Memo | a catastrophe for the Democrats in political terms - It's sort of like reform with all the cool political downsides but none of the reform.
Daily Kos: The Baucus-Care plan is out - it took Baucus more than a year to formulate a plan that amounts to capitulating to every Republican demand, and then adding a heaping pile of political suicide on top of it
Health Care's Lowest Foes | The American Prospect The most reprehensible critics of reform are not the ignorant or deluded, but the conspirators who lie knowingly about what's at stake.
Obama to AFL: I Believe a Public Option Would Improve Quality, Bring Down Costs | TPMDC (no committment/no ownership)
Obama's Remarks For School Address (As Prepared For Delivery) | LiveWire (marxist socialism indoctrination warp-your-childrens-minds speech)
Loons should shut up and listen: Obama not out to brainwash schoolkids
Daily Kos: video of President REAGAN INDOCTRINATING Students (true, he was + Republicans never let a little hypocrisy stop them)
Fox Won't Carry Obama Address To Congress | Broadcasting & Cable (tell me again why they should use public airwaves?)
Caroline Myss: Crimes Against the Soul of America (Republicans)
Open Left:: Republican Gommorrah: Max Blumenthal & The GOP's Heart of Darkness (Republicans=shared pathology of personal dysfunction, terrified of things actually working)
YouTube - Glenn Beck analyzes fascist and communist symbolism in artwork at Rockefeller Center
The Bobblespeak Translations: Meet The Press with David Axelrod - September 6, 2009
The Bobblespeak Translations: This Week with George Stephanolopous - September 6, 2009

America and Its Deficits: Are We Broke Yet? - Time
Labor Day by the numbers
Madoff Scam Reached Family of SEC Official Whose Unit Got Tip - (deregulate!)
Major U.S. Role in Mortgages Shaping Entire Market - Classes of Borrowers Cannot Find Loans as Publicly Backed Debt Mounts
Crash of a titan: The inside story of the fall of Lehman Brothers - Business Analysis & Features, Business - The Independent
Out of Work, and Too Down to Search On - millions of hidden casualties of the Great Recession who are not counted in the rate because they have stopped looking for work.
More Second Gilded Age Blogging (income inequality: Republicans won all the money)
Economist's View: "Social Mobility" (not any more)
A Detailed Look At The Stratified U.S. Consumer | zero hedge Politics | FDR's unfinished revolution (2004)
Michael Moore declares all-out war on capitalism | Money & Company | Los Angeles Times

Gallery - Giant crystals and spherical flames: science in microgravity - New Scientist
'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem -
Study: Wolves beat dogs when it comes to logic - LiveScience- In experiments, dogs followed human clues despite seeing better solution
8-Story Antigravity Forest Facade Takes Root
'Achilles' Heel' In Y Chromosome Linked To Sex Disorders

Photographer Annie Leibovitz Must Repay $24 Million Loan By Tuesday
Russell Bishop: Why Positive Thinking Just Doesn't Work
BBC NEWS | Americas | Italian accused of Brazil groping (kissed his daughter, will get 8-15 years in jail)

Losing Its Religion: The New York Times Compromises (the "Pogue Problem")
Facebook 'enhances intelligence' but Twitter 'diminishes it', claims psychologist - Telegraph
Dooce vs. Maytag - THE WEEK Celebrity blogger Heather Armstrong's broken washing machine, and the power of Twitter (mommyblogger throws a fit)
The Real Nanny Diaries | The American Prospect Americans pay lip service to the idea child-raising is important work, but when they hire people to do it for them, they tend to pay them little and respect them less (American values)


It's Not About Us | Foreign Policy The United States need not be Miss Congeniality to win the war of ideas. We just need to make moderates hate extremists more than they dislike us
(bunch of cyrillic characters) - Conde Nast - Gawker In an act of publishing cowardice, Condé Nast has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent Russians from reading a GQ article criticizing Vladimir Putin.(he'd bite their heads off)
NATO jets bomb fuel tankers; Afghans say 70 killed | TPM News Pages NATO jets bomb hijacked fuel tankers; 70 killed including civilians, Afghans say (and the results of the "probe" -- they were all terraists!)
Gibbs: 'We Regret The Reports' Of Israel's Approval Of Settlement Expansion | LiveWire (who could have predicted Israel would say "screw you" to Obama?)
India Continues to Argue Against Emission Cuts Even as Emissions are Set to Quadruple by 2030 : Red, Green, and Blue
North Korea Opens Dam Flow, Sweeping Away 6 in the South -

Emptywheel » Addington’s Direct Involvement in the Torture Memos

After Obama | Eight months into it, it now seems pretty clear that the Obama administration is finished.
For Obama, Democrats, Colorado Becomes Less Welcoming - (to Obama's Republican policies of more of the same; to compensate, Obama wants progressives to become blue-dogs)
Glenn Beck Gets First Scalp: Van Jones Resigns (Obama caves to Glenn "I am nuts" Beck)
Matt Osborne: Glenn Beck's Two Week Video Mystery Solved (Update) Remember Glenn Beck's mysteeerious video of Obama's Secret Negro Army?™ (yeah, this guy)
Andrew Alexander - Profile on Anti-Gay-Marriage Activist Provokes Wrath - (WaPo's worthless Ombud afraid of offending rightwing conservatives, hates gays)
Campaign Silo » Van Jones: A Moment of Truth For Liberal Institutions in the Veal Pen
Coming Soon to a Democracy Near You... | "Hillary: The Movie." (corps are people except when it comes to the death penalty)
Daily Kos: The Stay-In-School Conspiracy Theory - Obama will be reading passages from the fabled Negronomicon.
Meet The Press: Reaction of Obama's school speech by Republicans is "the Stupid" | Crooks and Liars
imgur: Obama: Make Up Your Mind: He Can't Be All Four

Back to Business - Wall Street Pursues Profit in Bundles of Life Insurance - Series - (will cooperate with insurance companies to insure early death - profit!)
cut-your-energy-bills.html: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
The New York Times > Business > Image > Construction Loans Get Worse

Knossos: Fakes, Facts, and Mystery by Mary Beard - The New York Review of Books - Knossos and the Prophets of Modernism by Cathy Gere Time Machine
NRDC: Ocean Acidification: The Other CO2 Problem
Farmers warned to get ready - Local & State - News & Observer Climate change threatens crops
A Shot at Cancer - America's Health Checkup - Timed
BBC NEWS | Health | Alzheimer's genes link uncovered

Lawyers, families say 5 girls strip-searched at school | | The Des Moines Register | Strip-searching is illegal in Iowa schools (education FAIL: making them take off all their clothes "not a strip search")
Dark Behind It Rose the Forest ... | Outside Online

The curious case of the game show neuroscientists, or how NOT to research an online community « The Human Element (Ogi Ogas, famous on the internets for all eternity)
Mind Hacks: Desperately seeking something
eruthros: please don't take the fanfiction survey
Fan Fiction Survey - How is straight female interest in slash fiction like straight male interest in shemale models? » Wearing the Juice: A Case Study in Research Implosion
deadlychameleon: Bad research and fandom: Surveyfail
neededalj - Why Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam Are Phrenologists
sabrina_il: I need to walk away from this trainwreck or I'm never sleeping tonight the latest expoilts of everything that's wrong with Psychology.

California's Other Real-Estate Crisis | The Big Money
The powerful and mysterious brain circuitry that makes us love Google, Twitter, and texting. - By Emily Yoffe - Slate Magazine
Google Unexplained Phenomenon Logo Mystery
Google Wave: 5 Ways It Could Change the Web


Lockerbie: Megrahi Was Framed by John Pilger -- "because the evidence amassed by [Megrahi's] appeal is explosive and extremely damning to the system of justice."
New Statesman - Megrahi was framed by John Pilger
Paul Foot: Lockerbie's dirty secret | UK news | The Guardian
Hugh Miles: Lockerbie: was it Iran? Syria? All I know is, it wasn't the man in prison - Commentators, Opinion - The Independent A lot of powerful people would be embarrassed if the truth, whatever it is, came out
Israel Pursues a Settler Plan No One Seems to Like - (Israel: "we're the boss of you, actually")
NATO Strike Magnifies Divide on Afghan War - (incinerating civilians, calling them "insurgents")
Charlie Brooker on James Murdoch and his media empire | Culture | The Guardian James Murdoch is the closest thing the media has to Damien from The Omen, thinks Charlie Brooker (Moloch, actually)
Karzai Brother Denies Election Accusations - (mu-ha-ha)
Bob Herbert - Reliving the Past - - The president should listen to Joe Biden (Obama's endless war)
On Religion - Mosque Members, Frustrated, With Immigration Cases in Limbo -
Behind the Scenes: To Publish or Not? - Lens Blog -

Panel Rules Against Ashcroft in Detention Case - (one step closer)
Major ruling against Ashcroft highlights evils of preventive detention - Glenn Greenwald -
Drift | Talking Points Memo | Obama letting Congress take the lead in formulating legislative proposals and thus prodding lawmakers to take ownership in their outcome caused his poll numbers on "strength" and "leadership" to plummet.
Bachmann: Dems Are Sabotaging Me Because I Might Become President | TPMDC (in an alternate bizarro-universe)
A.F.L.-C.I.O. Chief Would Back Union Bill Without Card Check - (more leadership from Obama)
Working for Our Common Good: Bill Moyers on Health Care - Message to President Obama 09-04-09 (no more mister nice-guy)
truthout | Living in a Culture of Cruelty: Democracy as Spectacle
Congressmen John Shadegg and Pete Hoekstra: How to Insure Every American - (Wall Stree Journal's solution: let insurance companies advertise more on TV)
Sick and Wrong : Rolling Stone How Washington is screwing up health care reform – and why it may take a revolt to fix it
Hullabaloo Protecting The Coattails (Obama asking progessives to protect blue-dog seats: stupid)

Daily Kos: Just call him a N!&&ER and get it over with, Republicans. We ALL KNOW that's what you mean
Elmbrook won't show Obama speech live - JSOnline - District cites content qualms (racist Wisconsin; working hard=socialism)
DispatchPolitics : Schools to skip Obama's speech Columbus Dispatch Politics chool districts across central Ohio (protecting Ohio children from rationality)
School message controversy, day two - National Politics Blog - Political Intelligence - Pawlenty said on WCCO radio in Minneapolis that the speech, scheduled for Tuesday, was "uninvited" and raises concerns about "the content and motive."
Backlash Growing Over Obama School Speech - CBS News
Editorial - Respect Your Children - (protecting children from black men)
D-Day: Why Do Hissy Fits Succeed? (yes, because the media hates facts)
PolitiFact | Barack Obama is not the first president to address school children (just the first Democratic President)
Conservative media take a strong stand against ... learning?!? | Media Matters for America
Another Obama First | Talking Points Memo Barack Obama definitely the first black man to get attacked by the right for telling kids to study hard and stay in school.
Republican Party of Florida - News - Greer Condemns Obama's Attempt to Indoctrinate Students ("indoctrinate")
Quincy Herald Whig: Most members of Quincy School Board not consulted on decision not to allow live broadcast of Obama speech ("Lonny Lemon" eponhystical)
YouTube - John Harwood On Obama School Speech Reaction (America is "stupid")
An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches (Obama is using NLP on America
Little Green Footballs - Pawlenty Jumps Aboard the Nut Wagon Creationist Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is joining the bizarre bandwagon of deluded people who think Barack Obama is going to mesmerize their children into becoming commie robots with a 20-minute speech on the first day of school (LGF, can you believe it?)
The Volokh Conspiracy - - George H.W. Bush's 1991 Speech to Schools.
The Mahablog » A Core Threat to Democracy It’s obvious that, for the Right, the health care debate is not about the health care debate. It is about the eternal Zoroastrian struggle between Good and Evil (+David Brooks is an idiot)
Natalie Holder-Winfield: Today's Lesson: Undermining A Black Man's Authority in 2009
Politics of fear are still with us - Salt Lake Tribune
Scott Maxwell: Florida Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer slams Obama -- but touts GOP views at schools --

List Of US Banks Closed By Feds Jumps To 89 / US / Economy & Fed - US families turn to food stamps as wages drop
In Unemployment Report, a Sign of Continued Joblessness -
Utah Wakes Up To The Smell Of Coal - In Fear Of Economic "Disaster" : TreeHugger (Mormon Mercury)

Getting Duped: How the Media Messes with Your Mind: Scientific American Statements made in the media can surreptitiously plant distortions in the minds of millions. Learning to recognize two commonly used fallacies can help you separate fact from fiction
The Weak Man argument
Injectable gel could heal brain injuries - Telegraph

Drowned Boy's Family Upset With Officer's Response - KWCH - Kansas News and Weather - They say their three-year-old grandson might have survived if a Wichita police officer hadn't made them stop CPR (I told you to stop saving his life)
Industry-Backed Label Calls Sugary Cereal a ‘Smart Choice’ - (Tufts Univ "Nutrition" Dept. promotes corporate profits, again)

Data Security - Tools for Managing Your Online Life After Death - TIME
Amazon Offers to Replace Copies of Orwell Books -
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: the Ars Technica review - Ars Technica
Festival of updates #3: Snow Leopard and "huge pages"! - James Fallows
50 things that are being killed by the internet - Telegraph


Up to 90 killed as NATO hits Afghan fuel trucks - Yahoo! News ("insurgent" - I do not think you know what that word means - civilians)
Colonel Gaddafi wants to abolish Switzerland - Libyan leader tables bizarre UN motion - News - Colonel Gaddafi wants to ABOLISH Switzerland under a bizarre motion tabled at the UN (an idea worth considering)

The Gonzales Cantata - a choir work based on transcripts of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on Alberto Gonzales
BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary - Subject: Dear Republicans: FOAD
Franken talks down angry mob at State Fair : Greg Laden's Blog
The Hunting of the Snark: Accountability (Megan "McAddled" McArdle twists in the wind - Atlantic Mag writer, of course)
And Again — Crooked Timber: John Holbo: Megan McArdle replies to my post

Madoff Report Indicted Entire Regulatory System | Newsweek Voices - Michael Hirsh | An entire regulatory system was indicted by the Madoff report (there wasn't any)
Employment Situation Summary (9.7%)
Calculated Risk: Employment Report: 216K Jobs Lost, 9.7% Unemployment Rate
Percent Job Losses in Post WWII Recessions (doesn't look good)
How Did Economists Get It So Wrong? -
A risk-management plan to help prevent financial crises | Harvard Magazine September-October 2009