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Smoking gun proof: fossil fuel industry knew of climate danger as early as 1954, documents show

German climate activists to stop gluing themselves to roads: Climate group the Last Generation said they will no longer glue themselves to roads as a protest method. They will now use the tactic of organizing disobedient assemblies
Electrified Transport Investment Soared Globally in 23, Passing Renewable Energy

Australia: John Howard-era files on Iraq war went missing due to majorbreakdown

Russia anti-war band arrested in Thailand faces deportation : worldnews

Foreign-born residents in Japan sue the government for alleged racial profiling : worldnews

Thermo Fisher stops sale of DNA kits in Tibet after activists raised fears of rights abuses : worldnews

Prominent Putin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza moved to prison with harsher conditions : worldnews

Military intelligence: Russia shows no intent to return bodies of POWs allegedly on crashed Il-76 : worldnews

Ukraine Downs Russian Su-34 Fighter Jet Over Luhansk Region : worldnews

1/ Corruption is flourishing in the Russian army. Court records show that commanders demand bribes for all kinds of 'services' from keeping troops out of the front line, to allowing them to go to hospital, or even to enable men to avoid punishment for being drunk on duty

Russia is replacing its destroyed tanks at a rate of 100 a month, UK intel says : worldnews

Russias Medvedev says Moscow will deploy new weapons on Kuril Islands -TASS

Russias economy will expand much more rapidly this year than previously expected, according to the IMF... Raising questions over the effectiveness of western sanctions aimed at depressing the Kremlins iscal revenues to finance its war in Ukraine

Russia Hit With Widespread Internet Outage Across Country : worldnews

Like Putin in Russia: Kharge says coming election will be the last if Modi returns to power

Pakistans Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan Handed 10-Year Prison Sentence Days Before Elections In A Hurried Trial Held In Jail Overnight
Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan sentenced to 10 years jail for revealing state secrets

Indian Navy rescues 19 Pakistani crew onboard vessel hijacked by Somali pirates in Arabian Sea : worldnews
Indian Navy ship INS Sumitra rescues 19 Pakistanis in anti-piracy operation : worldnews
Iran Denies Ordering Drone Strike as Biden Weighs a Response : worldnews

Israeli intelligence report claims four UNRWA staff in Gaza involved in Hamas kidnappings : worldnews

Right-wing Israeli ministers join thousands at event calling for the resettlement of Gaza : worldnews

IDF unearths Hamas operation room in tunnel under Khan Yunis cemetery : worldnews
Hamas command center found under cemetery Israel accused of desecrating : worldnews

Half of all Hamas terrorists in Gaza are out of combat - Israels Gallant

CIA director: Not passing Ukraine aid would be a mistake of historic proportions

New US-made longer-range bomb expected to arrive as soon as Wednesday in Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 706, Part 1 (Thread #852) : worldnews

Your daily summary on Ukraine is ready:

Long road ahead before Orban-Zelenskiy meeting - Hungary foreign minister : worldnews

Andrew Tate loses appeal against ruling that stops him leaving Romania : news

AI will increase the number and impact of cyberattacks, intel officers say : worldnews

Exclusive: Xi promised Biden China wouldnt interfere in 2024 election

Joe Biden Reveals What World Leaders Are Telling Him About Donald Trump : politics
Biden team thanks Trump for lifting up strong economic news

Republicans Who Screamed About A Crisis On The Border Now Oppose A Plan To Fix It : politics
House Republicans poised to torpedo GOPs best chance in years to pass border bill
How the Border Crisis Shattered Bidens Immigration Hopes
Mike Johnson Finally Admits Why Hes Killing the Border Deal The GOP takes orders from Trump, a private citizen. The clown show never ends.

Democrats urge Biden administration to deschedule marijuana | 12 Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, urged the DEA in a letter to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act altogether. : politics

Opinion | Trump Has Devoured the Republican Establishment : politics
Haley Hits Trump on Cognitive Abilities: He Has Declined. Thats a fact

E. Jean Carroll Says She WouldAbsolutelySue Trump If He Defamed Her AgainWe did what people thought was impossible, the writer recalled. We beat Donald Trump Its not that MAGA doesnt believe E. Jean Carrollthey just dont care that Trump abuses women

Important: Reminder/clarification of our civility guidelines

Oklahoma bill making journalists get licenses, drug tests sparks First Amendment pushback : politics

Transgender people in Florida face having their drivers licenses revoked

Brian Wilson heartbroken asBeach Boys frontman announces the death of his wife

Stolen Jackie Robinson statue found burned, dismantled in trash can : news
Faneuil Hall Marketplace has a new landlord. Here's what we know

Mass. Senate votes to ban declawing cats : boston

Cambridge City Council calls for ceasefire : CambridgeMA

Re-energizing mitochondria to treat Alzheimersdisease: In Alzheimers, the ability to make energy is compromised, leading to nerve cell disconnections and new memories to fail. Scientists used small molecule to fix mitochondrial malfunction and restore neuron-to-neuron connections in human cells.

Neurolink Corp Says First Human Patient Has Received Brain Implant : worldnews
Tesla shares slide after judge voids Elon Musks $56 billion compensation

Whats the worst cheating story youve ever heard?

Who do you think has legitimately lost their mind? : AskReddit


NASAs Webb Depicts Staggering Structure in 19 Nearby Spiral Galaxies
Images | ESA/Webb

Japan: Moon lander Slim comes back to life and resumes mission : worldnews

Ancient rainforest to be restored in Devon, with 100,000 trees planted this winter : worldnews

Amelia Earharts long-lost plane possibly detected by sonar 16,000 feet underwater, exploration team claims

GPS interference now a major flight safety concern : worldnews

Video showing renovation of Egyptian pyramid triggers anger : worldnews

Japan and Germany sign military supply-sharing pact : worldnews

China Evergrande ordered to liquidate, owing $300 bln : worldnews

Some news about freedom of speech and action from Russia: One of the reposts contained information about the number of dead Russian servicemen, while the second was an emotional video clip.

UN peacekeepers among scores killed in clashes along Sudan-South Sudan border: Fighting between rival communities in a disputed region claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan has killed 54 people, including two UN peacekeepers : worldnews

Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attack on US military base in Jordan : worldnews
UAE strongly condemns terrorist attack on US military base in Jordan : worldnews

Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly shooting at Istanbul church : worldnews

Iran Denies Ordering Drone Strike as Biden Weighs a Response : worldnews
Iran-backed terrorists abandon positions along Iraq-Syria border, avoid phone calls after US vows revenge for Jordan : worldnews

Preliminary report suggests enemy drone that killed US troops in Jordan was mistaken for a US drone : worldnews

Arab officials held secret meeting to discuss plans for post-war Gaza : worldnews

Hamas rejects hostage deal - report - The Jerusalem post : worldnews

Details Emerge on U.N. Workers Accused of Aiding Hamas Raid : worldnews

Hamas seems to reject new hostage deal offer, says itll onlyaccept full IDF pullout

A blood libel: Israeli President Herzog says ICJ twisted mywords to support 'unfounded'contention
Israeli DM Gallant tells IDF soldiers half of Hamas terrorist are either dead or wounded - I24NEWS : worldnews

Netanyahu must be removed, top former Israeli national security officials say : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 705, Part 1 (Thread #851) : worldnews

An hour ago, #Ukraine's President @ZelenskyyUa - had a meeting one-on-one with his Commander-in-Chief four-star General Valeriy Zaluzhniy and they agreed that General should leave this post. Everybody is waiting for the Zelenskys evening video address to know more.
Zaluzhny is on his way out. A huge change of command at a key moment in the war. See his essay for us a few months ago:

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 29 January 2024.

Ukraine says corrupt officials stole $40 million meant to buy arms for the war with Russia : worldnews

Financial Times: Leaked document reveals EU considering cutting off funding to Hungary over Ukraine aid veto : worldnews

#NATO will have to prepare for possible Russian strikes on targets across #Europe, particularly in #Germany, if Moscow launches a war against the Alliance, The Times reported, citing high-ranking NATO generals.

Rheinmetall is building a new factory in Germany in record time for the production of ammunition to create strategic security of supply to both the Bundeswehr and Ukraine,

Farmers encircle Paris with tractor barricades, vowing siege over grievances

Iranian officials sanctioned after ITV News reveals plot to kill UK journalists
UK government to ban disposable vapes to prevent use by children : worldnews
Spain Extends Probe into Russian Involvement in Catalonian Independence Plans : worldnews
Billionaire Cartel Boss Nicknamed 'Taxi' Arrested in Spain

Police raid mansion of Jair Bolsonaros son as part of spying investigation

Iran allegedly hired Canadians to conduct assassinations on U.S. soil, according to indictment : worldnews

Attorney General Merrick Garland will undergo back procedure Saturday, turn over duties temporarily to deputy

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Trumps Secret Plan to Expand Presidential Immunity To King George Levels

Retired Republican judgeAbsolutely damningevidence in new bid to bar Trump from Illinois ballot The preponderance of evidenceshows that Trump engaged in insurrection, election officer says

Last Week Was Bad for Trump. This Week Could Be Four, Five Times Worse. : politics

Trumps Throw Tantrum Over Court Monitors Financial Bombshell
Trumps Cash Stockpile at Risk From $450 Million Dual Verdicts

E. Jean Carroll Says She Wants to Spend Her $83.3 Million in Damages on Something Trump Hates

New role for Amy Coney Barretts father inside Christian sect sparks controversy ... The sect is People of Praise, which has a long history of allegations of child abuse and efforts to cover up the abuse.
Aileen Cannon Meets With Jack Smith Behind Closed Doors : politics

Former IRS contractor sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaking Trump tax records : politics

Abortion in Pennsylvania is protected by the state constitution, Pa. Supreme Court rules : politics

Republicans are quietly deleting mentions of abortion from their websites. We asked them why : politics

GOP lawmaker fined $1000 after he spewed homophobic insults at a cop : politics
Jasmine Crockett Crucifies Lauren Boeberts Showing In Colorado Straw Poll

Kyrsten Sinema Loves to Fly Privateon the Taxpayers Dime

Republican senator censured by Oklahoma GOP for negotiating with Democrats on fragile border deal : politics

Iowa Republicans Forward Bill to Force Students to Stand for National Anthem. By mandating that they stand, our studentsFirst Amendment rights would be violatedone critic of the bill said.

City Threatens to Condemn Bar:PM Building Over Damage Caused by Cops | St. Louis | St. Louis Riverfront Times : news

TIL Billionaire Peter Thiel paid $10 million to finance lawsuits against the media company Gawker, including the 2016 Hulk Hogan case that brought down the media company, as retaliation for an article outing him as gay in 2007.

Seismic shift: driving unaffordable for many in US amid push toward SUVs ,

The Enlightening Beauty of an Einstein Ring What a trippy gravitational phenomenon can tell us about the universe.

Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death


Beauty giant Avon under fire over Russia links

Pakistan accuses India of extrajudicial killings on its territory : worldnews
IRGC seizes foreign tanker carrying 2 million liters of fuel : worldnews

Three US troops killed in drone attack in Jordan, at least two dozen injured : worldnews
Biden says US shall respond after drone strike by Iran-backed group kills 3 US troops in Jordan

Officials: Airstrike in Somalia Kills at Least 20 Al-Shabab Militants : worldnews
Statement from President Joe Biden on Attack on U.S. Service Members in Northeastern Jordan Near the Syria Border

Lebanese patriarch to Hezbollah: We refuse to be sacrificial lambs : worldnews
Arab Intelligence warns Hezbollah of potential Israeli operation in Lebanon:

Guterres reveals new details of UNRWA probe: of 12 suspects 9 terminated, one dead : worldnews
Officials: Airstrike in Somalia Kills at Least 20 Al-Shabab Militants : worldnews

IDF strengthens hold on Khan Younis in hunt for Hamas leaders : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 704, Part 1 (Thread #850) : worldnews

Ukraine, Mongolias top diplomats talk Peace Formula, bilateral cooperation

Ukraine to start building 4 new nuclear reactors this year : worldnews

Hungary far-right would lay claim to western Ukraine should it lose war

Finland goes to the polls as border tensions with Russia rise : worldnews
Centre-right party ahead in Finnish presidential election : worldnews

US to sell 40 F-35 fighter jets to Greece, gift other aircraft : worldnews

Istanbul: Gunmen attack Italian church, killing one person : worldnews

If we win, we have to be ready: Labour prepares for first 100 days as Tories slide into chaos | Conservatives | The Guardian

From cancer to long COVID: The Caveman Caucus axes health research : politics

IRS to roll out free tax filing program in 12 states: How it works : politics

From cancer to long COVID: The Caveman Caucus a\xes health research : politics

Pelosi condemned for suggesting pro-Palestinian activists have ties to Russia : anime_titties

The fact that the United States is a major positive outlier among peer economies really should be getting a lot more attention:
Joe Biden speech blasts loser Donald Trump on economy

Obama and Clinton are joining Biden for an all-hands-on-deck effort to defeat Trump : politics First-of-its-kind campaign fundraiser in the works with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Biden : politics
Falling inflation, rising growth give U.S. the worlds best recovery The Supreme Court cant punt on Trumpsdisqualification without threatening the Constitution
The borders political value is crushing talks on policy
A convoy calling themselves God's army plans to head to the Texas border to stop migrants from entering the US
Texas Border Stunt Is Based on the Same Legal Theory Confederate States Used to Secede

Pelosi Wants FBI to Investigate Pro-Palestine Protesters for Financial Ties to Russia : politics
More than a Century of Antisemitism: How Successive Occupants of the Kremlin Have Used Antisemitism - United States Department of State : politics

Colorado files Brief against Trump : politics

Special monitor suggests Trump falsified disclosures over $48 million loan in what could be tax evasion, report says : politics

Trumps Red Flags: Polls Say a Conviction Would Doom His Campaign

Big Trump Secret About to be Revealed : politics

Gen Z might be the MAGA movements undoing

Cheney recirculates Stefanik Jan. 6 statement after she reportedly deletes it : politics

Texas Lt. Governor Responds to Question About PossibleCivil War

Rural voters are (mostly) Trump voters, new poll shows: Why Biden suffers outside cities : politics

Tim Scott blows off Trump calling Haley bird brain

Torture under the color of lawIn discussions of Alabamas new execution protocol, I saw more than one Savvy comment that nitrogen gas was used for assisted suicides in Europe, so why were people concerned about this method being used by executioners in Alabama?

Biden Orders US Contractors to Reveal Salary Ranges in Job Ads : politics

GOP legislatures in some states seek ways to undermine voters ability to determine abortion rights

This Bill Would Ban Single People From Sending Sexy Selfies : politics

About Travis Kelce and Taylor SwiftThis is turning me into a Chiefs fan.

Texas Declares War On Itself For Actively Hiring Millions Of Illegals : PoliticalHumor

What are some of the most mind-blowing, little-known facts that will completely change the way we see the world? : AskReddit

Whats the scariest thing about being a woman?a
Just finished reading The Epic of Gilgamesh, I have a question... : books

What causes way more deaths than people are aware of? : AskReddit

Alaska Airlines Plane Appears to Have Left Boeing Factory Without Critical Bolts : technology

Remembering SlaveryAt museums and historic sites throughout the American South, a fuller and more complex picture of slavery is finally taking shape.

Is Heisenberg's Uncertainty Real? Forget it: it is about time only.

Researchers discover an abrupt change in quantum behavior that defies current theories of superconductivity : science

Japans moon landing picture might be the space photo of the decade

Australia pauses UN agency funding as staff investigated for suspected role in 7 October attack on Israel : worldnews ... his makes 7. US, Germany, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia, Finland. Collectively, $632m of the UNRWA's $1,174m budget

Kim Jong-un admits terrible situation in rural areas, pushes for regional development
North Koreas military threats are getting serious

Chinas Record Solar Additions in 2023 Top Entire U.S. Solar Capacity

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Jan. 27, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russians queue to support Putin opponent in presidential election race : worldnews

Putin Says Russia Shouldnt Be Ruled By Weirdos Who Show Their Backsides

Russian commanders face prosecution for starving Mariupol in first-of-its-kind case : worldnews

Russia struggles to sell Pacific oil, 14 tankers stuck : worldnews

This is really important! Sanctions on turbine lubricants and turbine lubricant additives can significantly slow down the Russian military production.

Gunmen kill 9 people in Iran near border with Pakistan : worldnews

Houthi attack: Navy sends INS Visakhapatnam to help burning vessel with 22 Indians on board in Gulf of Aden : worldnews

UK reserves right to respond after oil tanker set alight off Yemen
British oil tanker attacked by Houthis has no ties to Israel, security sources say : worldnews

Saudi Arabias Oil Exports via the Red Sea Remain Uninterrupted

Thousands of people in Kenya took to the streets on Saturday across the country to decry the recent murders of more than a dozen women. The anti-femicide protests were the largest ever held against sexual and gender-based violence in the eastern African country : worldnews

Gazans call for Hamas overthrow, flee through IDF humanitarian corridor : worldnews

Israel wants UNRWA out of Gaza after staffers fired for involvement in Oct. 7 onslaught : worldnews

Negotiators Close In on Hostage Deal That Would Halt Fighting in Gaza for Weeks -- A written draft agreement calls for the phased release of captives held by Hamas in exchange for a cessation in Israel's military offensive for about two months.

No evidence for Russiasclaim that dozens of POWs died in plane crash, Ukraine says
No evidence for Russiasclaim that dozens of POWs died in plane crash, Ukraine says
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 703, Part 1 (Thread #849) : worldnews
Ukraine says it uncovers mass fraud in weapons procurement

Ukraine: Hack wiped 2 petabytes of data from Russian research center

Muslims and Jews in Bosnia observe Holocaust Remembrance Day and call for peace and dialogue : worldnews

Poland records EUs second-highest annual rise in house prices

Greece to get US draft letter approving purchase of F-35 jets - sources : worldnews

Germanys Scholz says dark neo-Nazi networks are on the rise

The Netherlands halts financial support for UNRWA : worldnews

Paris accuses Russia of waging disinformation campaign against France : worldnews

Spain drought: Ebro Delta workers are searching for equilibrium as water runs out

Almost two-thirds of Canadians say US democracy cant survive another Trump term: Poll

Biden says hell shut down the border if deal gives him authority

Groups spent record $4.2 billion in 2023 lobbying federal lawmakers, report says -- According to OpenSecrets, the pharmaceutical and health products sector spent the most at both the federal and state levels trying to influence lawmakers.
Federal Judges Warn Of The Dire Threat To Democracy : politics

Study: Greedflation Accounts for 53 Cents out of Every Dollar of Inflation Over Past 6 Months : politics
(1) Report Confirms That Corporate Greed Is Biggest Driver Of Increased Consumer Prices - YouTube

Bidencare Is a Really Big Deal : politics

Mental Acuity Questions Catch Up With Trump : politics Opinion | The Ogre Gorging on America - The New York Times
The Ogre Gorging on America : politics
Trumps achilles heel - Haley's refusal to drop out infuriates ex-president
Former senator says new film showshow closewe came to losing democracy on Jan. 6

George Conway calls Trump an evil man with no conscience after defamation verdict
Greg Gutfelds sexual obsession with AOC accidentally reveals the insecurities of the MAGA man Donald Trumps briefThursday was more of the same: MAGA tough guys run away when confronted

Liz Cheney trolls Trump ally Elise Stefanik after she deletes Jan. 6 post : politics
Youre fired: Trumps brutal reaction after losing to Nikki Haley by one vote

E. Jean Carroll attorney says lesson from trial is iies are gonna catch up to you

The folks DeSantis crushed on his road to nowhere | Will Bunch Newsletter : politics

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene calls fornational divorcebetween red and blue states amid Texas border standoff over migration

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley targeted in swatting incident : politics

Kansas governor vetoes tax cuts she says would favor super wealthy

Bill banning minors under 16 from using social media passes Florida House : politics

The News Business Really Is Cratering - The state of the industry is more dire than ever.

Trumps $50 Million Mystery Debt Looks Like Tax Evasion

Whats the worst physical pain or illness youve ever had to deal with?

What are the things you want to tell your parents but lack the courage to? : AskReddit

Whats a short, clean joke that gets a laugh every time?

Those who have died before, what did it feel like and how did you die? : AskReddit

TIL that the US has an official plan to deal with a zombie apocalypse known as CONPLANN 8888-11. : todayilearned

Poisoned AI went rogue during training and couldnt be taught to behave again in legitimatelyscarystudy

Jade mask discovered in pyramid tomb of Maya King : worldnews

Inside Bostons Psychedelic Revolution- Boston Magazine <

TIL in 1979 the director of South Korea's CIA assassinated the South Korean president : todayilearned

North Koreas Kim warns failure to provide food a serious politicalissue

Boris Nadezhdin: Putins would-be opponent vows to end Ukraine war

Military intelligence: Russia currently refuses international commission to investigate Il-76 crash : worldnews

State of emergency declared in Russias Novosibirsk after third major heating system accident in recent days

Media: Russian convict recruits no longer receive pardons for fighting in Ukraine : worldnews

Yemen Houthi rebels fire a missile at a US warship, escalating worst Mideast sea conflict in decades : worldnews
Yemens Huthis Claim Attack On British Oil Tanker In Gulf Of Aden, causing fire
Suez Canal traffic has dropped 42% since Houthi attacks, according to UN : worldnews

Were tired of war: Hezbollahs war draws ire from exhausted Lebanese

A headline from 2006. : pics

UN agency fires staff members allegedly involved in October 7 attacks : worldnews
US halts funds for UNRWA over allegations staff involved in Hamas attacks on Israel : worldnews
U.S. pauses funding to UNRWA after 12 staffers accused of involvement in Oct. 7 attack
ICJ asks Israel to prevent genocide, doesnt order end to Gaza war

Kerem Shalom crossing: Israeli protesters hold up aid trucks to Gaza

Netanyahu: Israel to defend itself from Hamas, genocide claim outrageous : worldnews

Ukrainian Politician Asks Zelensky to Disclose War Casualties, Claims Fewer Than 100,000

Norwegian minister resigns over plagiarismafter launching plagiarism crackdown

Putin attacking NATO? No chance, says Lithuanian general : worldnews

Swedish PM says wont negotiate with Hungary on NATO bid
EU threatens to silence Hungary if it blocks Ukrainian funds - Leaders may consider invoking the nuclearoption of kicking Hungarian PM Viktor Orban out of the EU voting process.
US disappointed that Hungary taking so long to approve Sweden joining Nato

Italys leader denounces antisemitism; pro-Palestinian rally is moved from Holocaust Remembrance Day

Germany unearths pro-Russia disinformation campaign on X : worldnews

Scientists Identify the Occupants of Macedonian Tombs at Vergina, Greece : worldnews

Feud: Capote vs. The Swans: Which Iconic Actors Star in the New Season?

ELI5: why is a typical blood draw done at the fold of your arm?

Colombia declares a disaster due to wildfires as it calls for international help | CNN : worldnews

Mining giants told to pay $9.7bn over Brazil dam disaster : worldnews

Mexico has announced 20 new protected areas covering 5.7 million acres across its terrestrial and marine territories : worldnewsMexico has announced 20 new protected areas covering 5.7 million acres across its terrestrial and marine territories : worldnews

Canadian tar sands pollution is up to 6,300% higher than reported, study finds | Tar sands

We must start urgently talking about the dangers of a second Trump presidency : politics
Every Awful Thing Trump Has Promised to Do in a Second TermThe former president has pushed a slew of terrifying proposals, both publicly and privately, that he plans to unleash on America should he take down Biden

Trumps border power play is a push for civil warIf you look through history at the rise of fascists in other countries, theres usually 30-40% of the population who are rabid supporters, same as what were seeing here.

Greg Abbott stung by new court order over Texas border : politics

Trump Calls on All Willing Statesto Send National Guard Soldiers to Texas

Joe Biden Canand ShouldTake Over the Texas National Guard - If Greg Abbott is going to use his National Guard to flout the Constitution, the president should do as Dwight D. Eisenhower once did and nationalize the state agency entirely.

Oath-breaking insurrectionistTrump is ineligible for office, Colorado voters tell the Supreme Court

Judge Threatens to Send Trump Lawyer Alina Habba 'in the Lockup' at E. Jean Carroll Trial

The Justice Department has largely confirmed New York Attorney General Letitia James bombshell report that led to the disgraced governors resignation

Donald Trump storms out of closing arguments in E Jean Carroll trial : politics
E. Jean Carroll jury decides Trump must pay $83.3 million : politics
Trump-Carroll Defamation TrialJury Orders Trump to Pay Carroll $83.3 Million for Defamation

Reagan-Appointed Judge Decries Jan. 6 Defenders Rewriting History : politics ... In my 37 years on the bench, I cannot recall a time when such meritless justifications of criminal activity have gone mainstream, Washington Federal District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth wrote ...

Judge warns Trump jurors in E Jean Carroll trial to never reveal themselves : politics

E. Jean Carroll standing with her team of lawyers after a jury ordered Trump to pay $83million : pics

The Pointless Cruelty of Ron DeSantis. He thought owning the libs would endear him to the MAGA masses. It only revealed a sadistic streak to match his outsized ambition for power. : politics ... I just want to note that this is the guy who oversaw torture at Guantanimo Bay.

Shocked to watch some public figures try to rewrite history: Jan. 6 judge excoriates efforts to cast deadly, violent riot as peaceful protest
Donald Trump is overrated : politics

Florida drops university sociology requirement, saying its too woke. noun the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. the study of social problems. We can see why Florida wants nothing to do with that.

64K women and girls became pregnant due to rape in states with abortion bans, study estimates : politics

Divorce is not an option Gavin Newsom emphasizes national unity as goal in engaging Fox News

Stop this madness: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX door plugblowout follows a trail of negligence

The American Museum of Natural History is closing two major halls as museums around the nation respond to updated policies from the Biden administration.

New research unravels key findings about the earliest life forms on Earth. Researchers were able to find evidence of an unprecedented diverse biological carbon cycle, established at 3.42 billion years ago, proving ecosystems hosted complex microbial communities during these ancient times : science
Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death

Pablo Escobar: 8 Interesting Facts About the King of Cocaine

TIL Spontaneous Human Combustion Is (Almost Definitely) a Myth : todayilearned

Meta tool to block nude images in teens private messages

Syphilislike diseases have plagued humans for 14,000 years

23andMe admits hackers stole raw genotype data - and that cyberattack went undetected for months | Firm says it didnt realize customers were being hacked

Rare Psychiatric Events Linked to Ozempic Have Experts Concerned : worldnews

What are some mysterious, cult-like, bad-vibes towns across the USA? : AskReddit

Low tide from Winthrop : boston
Nicki Minaj Is Hella Pressed Over Megan Thee Stallions Apparent HissDiss

What book opened up the floodgates to an entire new obsession and genre for you? : books

What is a severely overrated experience? : AskReddit

What % of r/Boston people have lived in the city for longer than 10 years? : boston

Surprise! Google Chrome goes native for Windows on Arm : Surface

2025: A Civilizational Tipping Point

Japans precision moon lander has hit its target, but it appears to be upside-down
Russias top diplomat accuses US, South Korea and Japan of preparing for war with North Korea

Pakistan accuses Indian agents of two assassinations on its soil : worldnews

Putin sparks fears of war with Nato as he visits Kaliningrad : worldnews
Russia Eyes Nuclear Deterrent After Military Losses in Ukraine, Report Warns : worldnews

Russians queue to support Putin opponent in bid to enter presidential election race : worldnews

Russian woman sentenced to 27 years over explosion that killed ultranationalist military blogger | CNN : worldnews
ruzzian soldier with two hand grenades.. being hit with FPV drone : ukraine

Moscow to Slash Funding for Occupied Ukrainian Territories

Russia fires genetics institute head who claimed humans once lived for 900 years : worldnews

Bellingcats investigator uncovers special Russian kill team sabotage plots across Europe

Russian forces employing new poison gas grenades, says armament research centre : worldnews

Ukrainian drones hit Rosneft refinery in Russia - source : worldnews
Ukraine claims strike on another oil refinery in Russia : worldnews

Houthis attack 2 vessels in Red Sea : worldnews

US secretly warned Iran before deadly ISIS suicide bombings - report : worldnews
IDF attacks Iranian airport in Lebanon revealed by Gallant, 20 km from Israeli border

Turkey hikes interest rate again to 45% after inflation nears 65% : worldnews
Turkey hikes interest rate again to 45% after inflation nears 65% : worldnews

William Burns is looking to close gaps between Israel and Hamas on a deal that includes the release of all hostages in Gaza and a two-month cease-fire

Israeli Intelligence Has Deemed Hamas-Run Health Ministrys Death Toll Figures Generally Accurate

For second day in a row, protesters block aid reaching Gaza from Israel : worldnews
Hamas is collapsing in its own Gaza tunnels, Gallant tells IDF forces : worldnews

Israel Tries to Rebut Genocide Charge by Declassifying Cabinet Decisions : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 45) : worldnews

Zelenskyy on the downing of Il-76: Ukraine will insist on an international investigation : worldnews
Senior Russian officials were supposed to be on Il-76 flight that crashed but did not board

Losses of the Russian military to 25.1.2024 : ukraine

Only five bodies delivered to Belgorod morgue after mysterious Russian plane crash, Ukrainian intelligence suggests | CNN : worldnews

Russia says Ukraine had 15-minute warning on PoW flight; Kyiv demands international probe
Ukraines parliamentary human rights ombudsman says there is still no confirmation of Russian claims that Ukrainian POWs were on board the downed Il-76 transport plane over Belgorod region.
TIL that the US has an official plan to deal with a zombie apocalypse known as CONPLANN 8888-11. : todayilearned
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 701, Part 1 (Thread #847) : worldnews /r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 702, Part 1 (Thread #848) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 702, Part 1 (Thread #848) : worldnews

EU says they received signal that Hungaryt veto aid for Ukraine

Hungary parliament speaker sees no urgency in voting on Swedens NATO accession

As Trump looms, top EU politician calls for European nuclear deterrent

Thousands of children sexually abused by German Protestant Church: study : worldnews
Report on sex abuse in Germanys Protestant Church documents at least 2,225 victims

Gangs, gunmen, and cartels running amok. As terror grips the streets of Ecuador, even the armed forces live in fear | CNN

U.K. walks away from trade talks with Canada : worldnews

Eagle Pass is today's Fort Sumter. Biden must federalize the Texas National Guard. The standoff between Gov. Abbott's s tin soldiers and U.S. Border Patrol is the greatest challenge to federal authority in 60 years. The president must act.

The Looming Contest Between Two Presidents and Two Americas -- The general election matchup that seems likely between President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump is about fundamentally disparate visions of the nation. Mr. Biden leads an America that, as he sees it, embraces diversity, democratic institutions and traditional norms, that considers government at its best to be a force for good in society. Mr. Trump leads an America where, in his view, the system has been corrupted by dark conspiracies and the undeserving are favored over hard-working everyday people.

The barbarity of the American anti-abortion movement - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Needless to say, the idea that the state should force women to give birth as a punishment for having sex is no more defensible than the idea that victims of sexual assault should be forced to carry pregnancies to term. Its all the same patriarchal cruelty.

50% of Biden voters say Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, poll finds : politics

Housing is unaffordable for a record half of all U.S. renters : NPR

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to ask lawmakers to make community college free for all high school graduates : politics

AMA: Tonight, the state of Alabama will put Kenneth Smith to death via the world's first nitrogen gas asphyxiation execution. I'm a paramedic and author of the Medicine & Justice Project on Substack: AMA on the pharmacology, physiology and history of America's death penalty.
Kenneth Eugene Smith executed by nitrogen hypoxia in Alabama, marking a first for the death penalty : news ... The execution took about 22 minutes, and Smith appeared to remain conscious for several minutes. For at least two minutes, he appeared to shake and writhe on the gurney, sometimes pulling against the restraints. That was followed by several minutes of heavy breathing, until breathing was no longer perceptible

The U.S. economy grew at a 3.3% pace in the fourth quarter, much better than expected : politics

House Ethics Committee drops its investigation of Rep. Jamaal Bowman - The New York Democrat pulled a fire alarm in a Capitol office building in September as Republicans called a vote to avoid a government shutdown.

Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months for contempt of Congress in Jan. 6 probe

Romney: Appalling Trump wants to kill border bill so he can blame Biden

Not a good night for Donald Trump: Why never-Trumpers think hes really losing
Experts slam Trump's lawyer for letting him testify: "Habba did absolutely no good for her client" : politics

What are the best pollsters in America? - ABC News

Gov. Abbotts vow to eliminate rape draws fresh scrutiny after study on rape-related pregnancies

Residents of states that had passed trigger abortion bans experienced a significantly greater worsening of anxiety and depression symptoms than residents of states without such bans after the Dobbs decision. : science

Elon Musk Is Spreading Election Misinformation, but X's Fact Checkers Are Long Gone -- Civil rights lawyers and Democrats are sounding alarms about Mr. Musk's claims about voting. The Biden campaign called his posts profoundly irresponsible.

The picture showed him covered with what appears to be sweat and heavy orange makeup or self-tanner lotion. <
The picture showed him covered with what appears to be sweat and heavy orange makeup or self-tanner lotion.
Big Pharma is Fueling Republicans' Radical MAGA Agenda for 2025

Trolls have flooded X with graphic Taylor Swift AI fakes : technology

irst In Cruelty, Last In Anything Good,Theres A Reason They SayMississippi, Goddam

2 men clocked going 199 mph while street racing on Florida Turnpike, deputies say : news

Taylor Swift is living every womans AI porn nighttmare Deepfake nudes of the pop star are appearing all over social media. We all saw this coming.

My Mosque Preached Damnation, but Grand Theft Auto Offered Thrills - The sprawling and violent world of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a complicated indulgence for a Black Muslim teenager.

(1) Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire (Official Video) - Y ouTube <--- *** -->
(10) What is the meaning of Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire.'? - Quora

Which movie has the best ending of all time? : AskReddit


Huge rogue waves smash into remote US military base in Pacific | CNN : worldnews

EU fossil fuel CO2 emissions hit 60-year low

Myanmars army is losingand facing fire from a militant monk

Japan allows women to participate in naked manfestival for first time in its 1,250-year history

North Korea demolishes symbolic unification arch, satellite imagery suggests

Russia military jet crashes in region near Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine says it was not informed about need to ensure safety of airspace before plane crash in Belgorod Oblast : worldnews
Prisoner swap was to take place on 24 January, it is not happening at the moment Defence Intelligence

UkrainesGeneral Staff issues statement regarding Il-76 crash

Houthis order US, British nationals to leave Yemen : worldnews

EU adopts sanctions against six entities involved in Sudan war : worldnews

Egypt warns Israel that attempt to take over Philadelphi Route will damage ties

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 45) : worldnews
Hamas leader Khaled Mashal reaffirmed Hamass commitment to wiping Israel off the map. As long as Hamas continues to exist and rule Gaza, there is no opportunity for a two-state solution. This is why Israel will continue to fight until Hamas is eradicated or surrenders.

Hamas bigwig rejects 2-state solution, says Oct. 7 revived dream to free Palestine
Hamas bigwig rejects 2-state solution, says Oct. 7 revived dream to free Palestine

Cant complain about people turning to dodgy alternative news sources when these are the respectable ones.

Russia uses new tactic to bomb Ukraine and overcome its air defenses : worldnews

Supplying weapons to Ukraine is now not just our policy, but our duty. Interview with UK Ambassador Martin Harris

Ukraine says it was not informed about need to ensure safety of airspace before plane crash in Belgorod Oblast : worldnews

New Ukrainian Underwater Drone Project To Dominate The Black Sea : worldnews

Orbn backs Swedens NATO bid in sudden U-turn

Polish state TV confirms high earnings of ex-CEOs wife but she threatens to sue over "lies"

British public will be called up to fight if UK goes to war because military is too small Army chief warns
PMs rebuke to Army chief who warned British conscripts may be needed for citizen army

16 million people live in neighborhoods Brazil calls subnormal.Its finally changing the name -- Everyone already called them favelas.

Canada sending more equipment to Ukraine as full-scale war with Russia nears 2-year mark

Vicious storm triggers historic coastal flooding as Arctic chill tees up the Souths first snow

Joe Biden could seize Texas National Guard from Greg Abbott in border feud : politics

Trump added $8.4 trillion to the national debt: Analysis : politics

More Gen Z Americans identify as LGBTQ than as Republican : politics

Trumps White House Pharmacy Handed Out Drugs Like Candy: Report

Pelosi says Trump hascognitive disorders

Letter: Trump seems more like the false prophet in the Bible than the Anointed One

New Hampshire Primary Takeaway: We Are Not a Serious Country : politics

Fox News Poll Shows 35% of N.H. Republicans Say They Wont Vote For Trump in General Election 5 Takeaways From the New Hampshire Primary -- Donald Trump made history with a second straight victory, as Nikki Haley and her supporters look increasingly adrift in his Republican Party.

Trump lawyer Alina Habba seen at New Hampshire victory party after saying she was exposed to Covid : politics
Collins Says She WontEndorse Trump Even if He Wins Nomination

Abortion ban states have seen 65K pregnancies from rape, study estimates : politics

US single people under 50 having less sex since Roe overturned, study finds

House Ethics Probe Into Matt Gaetz Is Ramping UpWith New Witnesses | Trouble is on the horizon for Republican Representative Matt Gaetz.

Proud Boys member gets six years in prison for Capitol riot after insulting judge : politics

A deeply, deeply pathetic moment: Trump humiliates Tim Scott in NH

Even in a Republican primary, Extremely Online incels are not a majorityJamelle Bouie, who has said from the start that DeSantis had no shot of beating Trump, reiterates his compelling logic:

Someday a real rain will comeRick Perlstein and John Ganz explore a historical parallel:

Religious Nones are now the largest single group in the U.S

FDA warns consumers not to purchase or use Neptunes Fix or any tianeptine product due to serious risks

LGM Classical Did Descartes Play The Lute?

This is the grave of Woody Herman.

Laser Instrument on NASAs LRO Successfully Pings Indian Moon Lander

Delta Boeing plane loses wheel while taxiing for takeoff | The Hill

Alarming 30-fold rise in measles in Europe - WHO : worldnews

Man confesses to starting South Africa building fire that killed 76 people - while trying to get rid of body : worldnews

Kenya death cult leader charged after hundreds found dead in forest | Kenya : worldnews

Russia: Nadezhdins campaign team surpasses the 100,000 signatures required for candidacy
Russia issued $566,000 in fines in 2023 to TV providers for showing LGBT content : worldnews

U.S. Ambassador To Russia Visits Whelan In Notorious Penal Colony, Demands His Release : worldnews

Russian marine oil exports hit 2 month low after storms, suspected Ukrainian attack on refinery : worldnews

Iran Hangs 23-Year-Old Involved in Mahsa Amini Protests : worldnews
Iran Enforces Nationwide Bread Rations : worldnews

Netanyahu Under Pressure as 21 IDF Soldiers Killed While Setting Explosives in Gaza Homes : worldnews

Israel proposes 2-month fighting pause in Gaza for release of all hostages : worldnews
Hamas rejects Israels cease-fire proposal

Hackers broke into Tel Aviv movie theater system and screened October 7 images : worldnews

Zelensky Publishes Decree on HistoricallyUkrainian Regions, Russia Furious
Pentagon says Ukrainian soldiers running out of ammunition without US funds - POLITICO

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 699, Part 1 (Thread #845) : worldnews
Russian Army Gains Ground on Multiple Axes, Kyiv Claims Punishing Losses Inflicted : worldnews

Zelensky Proposes Ukrainian Citizenship For Foreign Fighters : worldnews

Ukraine is running out of ammo for its US-supplied Howitzers as it tries to fend off massive Russian attacks : worldnews

Nothing more important than supporting Ukraine,says Polish Prime Minister Tusk on Kyiv visit

The Ukrainians M-1 Tanks Already Have Thick Armor. The Tankers Are Adding More

NATO signs twin artillery deals worth $1.2B to replenish allies stocks, help Ukraine

Kyiv rejects calls to cede land to Russia by Slovakias populist leader ahead of high-level meeting

We are running out of time to build defences against Russia, warns Norways commander in chief

Turkish Parliament Votes to Ratify Swedens Entry Into NATO

Germany to provide Ukraine with military helicopters for the first time : worldnews

Spain remands Syrian refugee suspected of planning jihadist attack on his high school : worldnews

Mexico demands investigation into U.S. military-grade weapons being used by drug cartels : worldnews

Canada is preparing for a second Trump presidency. : worldnews

State Department responds to Putin on Alaska: Certainly hes not getting it back

The Rise of the American Oligarchy - What targeting Russia's wayward billionaires revealed about our own

Senate Republicans Sour on Biden Impeachment: Theyve Got Nothing
Americans Feel Better About the Economy. Will That Help Biden? : politics
New Transcript Blows Up James Comers Entire Hunter Biden ArgumentA new transcript from a key Hunter Biden witness undercuts many of the claims Republicans are making about Biden corruption.

We Will Pay the Price: Republicans Are Seriously Worried About 2024

If you want to know whats wrong with political journalism in this country, check out the lede to this NYT story:
McCarthy: Freedom Caucus has stopped Republicans from being able to govern

Trump Boasts He 'Aced' Cognitive Test, Correctly Identified a Whale : politics

If Trump does testify he likely will be destroyed: Legal expert warns Trumps plan may backfire

Chip Roy urges Texas officials to ignore Supreme Court order on border razor wire: Go to hell

Donald Trump ordered to pay The New York Times and its reporters nearly $400,000 in legal fees : politics

Trump is bleeding moderate support. It could cost him the 2024 election. : politics

Donald Trump SlurringWords Again at Rally Sparks Speculation

The Emasculation of Ron DeSantis by the Bully Donald Trump : politics
Florida insiders fear vengeful DeSantis will burn it all down

A Creepy QAnon Chant Rises at Trumps Rally and He Nods and Smiles Donald Trump is openly embracing QAnon as he tries to retake the White House.

Discussion Thread: 2024 New Hampshire Presidential Primary

Extremists Call for Civil War and Secession Over Texas Border Ruling
The Supreme Court Says No, Greg Abbott Cannot Just Do Whatever He Wants to Keep People Out of Texas | But four Justices thought it was completely fine to leave people for dead in the Rio Grande. : politics

Trump's increasing flubs risk blunting big polling edge on mental sharpness
Elise Stefanik's Deranged Defense of Trump Offers Democrats a Lesson - Even many Republicans can smell that the conventional wisdom about Trump's legal woes helping him is about to change. Democrats need to play hardball.

es, Trump is dominating the primaries. That doesnt mean he'll beat Biden

Trump Chooses Absolutely Baffling New Topic For Latest Rambling Aside : politics

The GOP Wants Pure, Uncut TrumpismThe race for the Republican presidential nomination appears all but over unless Haley pulls off a New Hampshire upset

Libs of TikTok Fueled Bomb Threats at Oklahoma Schools. The Superintendent Just Hired Her

House ethics probe into Rep. Matt Gaetz picks up steam with new witnesses contacted: Sources - The DOJ last year declined to bring charges against Gaetz following its probe.

No Labels Sued by New York Donors Claiming Bait and SwitchTwo members of the Durst real estate family are suing the centrist political group No Labels, saying its pursuit of a possible third-party presidential bid is a breach of contract.

L.A. Times to lay off at least 115 people in the newsroom - Los Angeles Times

The basic indifference that made this country greatSeeing the Democratic candidates use underprepared vanity candidate Steve Garvey as a punchline is comedy gold:

How Many Jobs Will AI Destroy?

Intellectual property is theft

New York man convicted of murdering woman who wound up in his backcountry driveway after wrong turn : news

Higher vehicle hoods significantly increase pedestrian deaths, study findsSingle-vehicle, single-pedestrian crash data for 2016-2021 finds hoods a problem.

Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border : news
Supreme Court allows Biden administration to remove razor wire on US-Mexico border in 5-4 vote : politics

Lawyer breaks silence on why he abruptly quit Trump team predicts Trump could be convicted

Trump miscues have Dems seeking to turn tables on GOP over age, mental fitness : politics

Donald Trump Is Losing It. Will the Media Make It a Story? : politics

Trump miscues have Dems seeking to turn tables on GOP over age, mental fitness : politics

Sununu says Trump has no energy: He can barely read a teleprompter

He doesnt look well: Video of Trumps dragging right leg sparks accusations of hidden health concern

Symptoms and cures. : PoliticalHumor

Republicans Push To Legalize Property Owners Killing Homeless People in Kentucky

Cops Used DNA to Predict a Suspects Faceand Tried to Run Facial Recognition on It | Leaked records reveal what appears to be the first known instance of a police department attempting to use facial recognition on a face generated from crime-scene DNA. It likely wont be the last

A Shocking Amount of the Web Is Already AI-Translated Trash, Scientists Determine

Mass Takes Top Spot For Most Romantic State: Study : massachusetts

Massachusetts: Record-Breaking $158 Million in Marijuana Sold in December, $1.6 Billion For 2023 : massachusetts


Indonesias Mount Merapi unleashes lava as other volcanoes flare up, forcing thousands to evacuate

In Mauritania, 37 percent of girls are married before the age of 18 : worldnews

China defies sanctions to make Russia its biggest oil supplier in 2023 : worldnews

North Korea said Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his willingness to visit the North at an unspecified early date as the countries continue to align in the face of their separate, intensifying confrontations with the United States.

Russia suspends operations at fuel export terminal after suspected Ukrainian drone attack : worldnews
Russian seaport terminal on fire : worldnews
Russia will consider property confiscations for those convicted of discrediting the army : worldnews

Russian charter flight with 6 people disappears over Afghanistan; crash reported : worldnews

Houthis seek more Iranian weapons to step up Red Sea attacks, intel shows : worldnews

Crackdown On Hijab Intensifies In Iran : worldnews

In Lebanon, residents say strange calls can precede Israeli attacks : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 45) : worldnews

Sanders: If Netanyahu Says No to Palestinian State, US Must Say No to Netanyahu : politics
US, Egypt, Qatar said pushing plan to end war, free hostages, form Palestinian state : worldnews
Shapps disappointed by Netanyahu opposition to Palestinian state
Israel drops leaflets on under-siege Palestinians asking for their help to find Israeli hostages, as Gaza death toll hits 25,000 : worldnews
EUs top diplomat: Palestinian state may need to be imposed on Israel from outside

IDF finds tunnel in Khan Younis where 20 hostages were held in inhumane conditions
For releasing hostages: Hamas wants guarantees it stays standing : worldnews

French warship turned field hospital treats injured Gazans off Egyptian coast : worldnews

Zelenskyy downplays need to conscript 500,000 reservists but says mobilization law still critical : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 697, Part 1 (Thread #843) : worldnews

Russia Deploys Silok Jammers To Ground Ukraines Drones. Ukraine Hunts Down The Siloks With, You Guessed It, Drones.
Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut added to Ukrainesponsorsof war blacklist

Azerbaijan revives demand for corridor through Armenia: The Armenian PM says Aliyevs claims are a blow to the peace process.

Tens of thousands of people protested the far right in cities across Germany on Saturday, attending events with slogans such as Never Again is NowDefend Democracy. The large crowds were the latest in a series of demonstrations that have been gaining momentum in recent days
Some 250,000 turn out to protest German far rights mass deportation plans
Germany sees second day of large anti far-right protests

Army called in to rescue about 600 Spanish motorists stuck in snow : worldnews

British inventor seeks to take $18bn bite out of Apple in bitter patent war : worldnews

We Are Witnessing the Biggest Judicial Power Grab Since 1803 : politics

DeSantis exits presidential race : politics
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ends presidential campaign : politics
A total failure to launch : Why Ron DeSantis was doomed from the start - Muddled messages, hiring too many staffers and even a puzzle - how it all went wrong for DeSantispresidential bid.
Non sports open-thread: to finger ones pudding, alone, pledging undying loyalty to Donald Trump

Trump struggles to say the word climate and reveals he recently took a cognitive test
Trump pushes back on claims of mental missteps : politics

Should Trump be on ballot? Benson seeks ruling for good of our democracy| Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson asks U.S. Supreme Court to decide ballot eligibility for Donald Trump

Man shoved by Trump fans as ex-president calls for him to be ejected from rally : politics

In Judge Kaplans court, Trump plays with fire

Aryan Nations would not qualify as domesticterrorism under this new Idaho bill

Houston Is Now Less Affordable Than New York City

The mind-blowing scale of The Milky Way : videos
The mind-blowing scale of The Milky Way : videos

European orbiter may have discovered huge water deposits on Mars : worldnews

IMF chief urges countries to shift $7 trillion in fossil fuel subsidies to fight climate change : worldnews Accordingly to a new study, the European Alps will lose 34-65% of the ice between now and 2050, even if the climate does not change further. Under such w "committed'arming, the largest glacier fronts will retreat by several kilometers.

DragonFire laser: (UK) MoD tests weapon as low-cost alternative to missiles : worldnews

Number of North Korean defectors nearly triples in 2023, including 'elite' diplomats, South Korea says

Bacterial meningitis injures one in three children for life. Results show that those diagnosed with bacterial meningitis consistently have a higher prevalence of neurological disabilities such as cognitive impairment, seizures, visual or hearing impairment, motor impairment, behavioral disorders : science

White House: Military cooperation between Russia, North Korea has potential to change security threat
Microsoft Says Russian Hackers Spied on Its Executives : worldnews

TIL that China, by a large margin, consumes the most salt per citizen : todayilearned ... Asians eat salt like Americans eat sugar/corn syrup Asians eat salt like Americans eat sugar/corn syrup

Activists descend on Putin campaign office to demand demobilisation : worldnews

BBC says Ukrainian drone caused major oil fire in southern Russia, 2nd in 2 days : worldnews

Houthis embrace direct confrontation with U.S. as Biden admits airstrikes arent working

Two Royal Navy warships collide off coast of Bahrain : news

Iran says senior IRGC officials dead in Israel strike on Damascus : worldnews
Iran accuses Israel of killing a spy chief and 3 of its top Revolutionary Guards in Syria, escalating tensions in the region : worldnews

Egypt Grapples With Impact of Red Sea Hits on Suez Canal Revenue : worldnews

Ethnic killings in one Sudan city left up to 15,000 dead - UN report : worldnews

Pro-Israel lawmakers in both U.S. parties are losing confidence in Netanyahu : worldnews
EUs top diplomat accuses Israel of funding Hamas

Pro-Israel lawmakers in both U.S. parties are losing confidence in Netanyahu : worldnews

EU to blacklist people for pro-Hamas incitement

Zelenskyy calls Trumps rhetoric about Ukraines war with Russia very dangerous

Ukrainian hackers steal construction plans for 500 Russian military sites
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 696, Part 1 (Thread #842) : worldnews

Thats Bidenomics at work: White House eager to take credit for retail sales bounce

"The economy collapsing under Trump in 2020 wasn't his fault, it was COVID's fault."

DOJ: Ex-IRS employee who leaked Trumps tax returns intentionally got job to disclose records (

Trumpism, defined as approval of ex-president Trump, is viewed as an intervening variable that influences both types of science rejection (rejecting the reality of anthropogenic climate change and rejecting COVID-19 vaccination), finds a new study. : science

The DeSantis Team Ran the Worst Campaign in History : politics

Texas refuses to comply with Biden administration order on border access : politics

Revealed: far-right figures try to create white nationalist haven in Kentucky

Indiana Republican introduces bill that would erase transgender people and deny marriage equality : politics

So if you live in the city and want to drive out to the country or the desert to go off-roading for a day this thing is completely useless.

Woman Fatally Shot Husband, Two Daughters Before Turning Gun on Herself, New Jersey Prosecutor Says : news

There are 4 times as many slaves currently in the world than were transported during the entire trans Atlantic slave trade.
University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers have discovered how Lactobacillus, a bacterium found in fermented foods and yogurt, helps the body manage stress and may help prevent depression and anxiety : science

Being physically active and elevating ones heart rate has the effect of improving our ability to learn by increasing the brains ability to remember and boosting motor learning

TIL that birds can get divorced. Over 90% of avian species form socially monogamous pair bonds, but they may end the bonds by re-mating with a different partner after so-called Divorce rate increases with male promiscuity and migration distance

Uvalde. Around 380 officers stood by for 72 minutes : PoliticalHumor

ELI5: Why is fusion always 30 years away?

Simple and reliable early prediction of diabetes: research has shown that a mathematical calculation based on just two values taken from a blood sample enables the reliable and inexpensive diagnosis of diabetes at an early stage : science

Whats the greatest conspiracy theory of all time?

Masters of the Air: Hanks and Spielbergs spectacular war story is the first must-watch show of 2024

Whats the best dirty joke youve heard?


Greenland Melting Faster Than Forecasted, Has Lost 1 Trillion Tons More Ice Than Thought : worldnews

Seal pup die-off from avian flu in Argentina looks apocalyptic

A cholera outbreak in Zambia has caused more than 400 deaths and infected 10,000 : worldnews

North Korea: Rare footage shows teens sentenced to hard labour over K-drama : worldnews

Chinese scientist mapped covid genes weeks before official release, records show : worldnews

India will commission a nuclear power reactor every year: NPCIL chief

Indian Navy rescues crew after attack on ship off coast of Yemen : worldnews

The deputy leader of Yemens presidential council said Thursday that its military forces need foreign assistance to launch a ground operation that would back US and UK air strikes against Huthi rebels

US military launches another barrage of missiles against Houthi sites in Yemen : worldnews
Biden says US strikes against Houthi rebels will continue as bombardment has yet to deter militants : worldnews
National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan Declares Houthi Militants as Global Terrorists : worldnews

Syria faces airstrikes likely conducted by Jordans air force,9 killed

Pakistan Strikes Militant Groups in Iran in Response to Tehrans Missile Attacks
Pakistan Retaliates With Strikes Inside Iran as Tensions Spill Over : worldnews
Biden says Iran-Pakistan clash shows Iran is not well-liked in region : politics

Iran Frustrates Nuclear Monitors as Its Uranium Stockpile Grows : worldnews

Hezbollah has rejected moving its forces away from border -- US, Lebanese officials : worldnews

Netanyahu says he has told U.S. that he opposes Palestinian state in any scenario after Israel-Hamas war : worldnews
Israeli PM tells U.S. he opposes a 2-state solution in postwar Gaza : politics
GBI Speaks Out on Fani Willis Investigation Claims : politics -- The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) confirmed to Newsweek that it is not investigating Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

Evidence points to systematic use of rape and sexual violence by Hamas in 7 October attacks : news

Freed Israeli hostage says she was held in Gaza hospital with dozens of others | CNN : worldnews

Letters from Hamas show Gazan teachers being recruited into military wing : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 694, Part 1 (Thread #840) : worldnews

Ukraine Confirms St Petersburg Attack, Claims Drone Flew Over Putins Valdai Residence

Zelensky calls for seized Russian billions to rebuild Ukraine : worldnews
Nearly two years after invasion, West still seeking a way to steer frozen Russian assets to Ukraine : worldnews

Top NATO military officer urges allies and leaders to plan for the unexpected in Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine starts to rebuild towns and cities even as the war rages on : worldnews

Ukraine grain shipments bounce back to near pre-war levels : worldnews

Duda says Putin will attack other countries if he prevails in Ukraine : worldnews

NATO to kick off biggest drills in decades with some 90,000 troops : worldnews

EU Parliament calls to strip Hungary of voting rights in rule-of-law clash : worldnews

Slovakia supports Hungarys veto of EUR 50 billion of aid for Ukraine

Estonia sees first year without Russian airspace violations since 2014 : worldnews
Estonia to stop funding Russian-language education : worldnews

Femicide in Kenya a national crisis, say rights groups | Global development : worldnews

France Rejects Genocide Accusations Against Israel in Gaza : worldnews

We recognise China, and that Taiwan is part of ChinaLeo Varadkar clarifies Irelands position ahead of Davos meetings

Rwanda bill: Rishi Sunak crystal clear he will ignoreinternational law to ensure asylum seekers are deported

Ecuador prosecutor investigating gang attack on TV station shot and killed : worldnews

The drop in Panama Canla traffic due to a severe drought could cost up to $700 million : worldnews

What the Media Gets Wrong About the So-Called Border Crisis : politics Republicans Added 27 Anti-Wildlife Measures in FY 2024 Appropriations BillsA new report notes that GOP lawmakers have expressed outright hostility to the survival of endangered species.

A dangerous undercurrent is pulling Americans toward the political extreme. The media is turning a blind eye to it : politics

Texas defies federal demand that it abandon border area, setting up legal showdown : politics

Federal appeals court rules Texas book bans likely violate Constitution : politics

January 6th Wasnt an FBI Operation. And the Earth Revolves Around the Sun.

Supreme Courts Conservatives Poised To Take Down Decades-Old Precedent
The Supreme Court Sounds Eager to Break the Government for Good : politics

Trumps appointees are poised to give conservatives another long-sought reversal
This to Him Is the Grand Finale: Donald Trumps 50-Year Mission to Discredit the Justice System

Chevron Doctrine to be replaced with Only Republican Presidents are Permitted to Govern Doctrine - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Donald Trump biographer says former president is in cognitive decline : politics

Trumps latest rewrite of history shows Jack Smith is winning
Does Donald Trump have secondary syphilis? Red splotches on his hand trigger speculation, jokes : politics

It isnt anti-democratic to bar Trump from office. Its needed to protect democracy

Trump Demands Total Presidential ImmunityEven for Acts That Crossthe Line

Trumps Lawyers Keep Getting Shut Down in Rape Defamation Trial
E. Jean Carroll judge bench-slaps Trumps attorney 14 times over basic lawyering in a single day of testimony
A Federal Judge Has Gone to Great Lengths to Make Clear Trump Really Did Rape E. Jean Carroll : politics Judge Unleashes on Trumps Lawyer in Testy Exchange During Carroll Case
Trump lawyer Alina Habbas past comments on faking being smart resurface as she struggles through defence

Trump Brags HeAced Cognitive Test, Correctly Identified a Whale

This to Him Is the Grand Finale: Donald Trumps 50-Year Mission to Discredit the Justice System

Ga. judge in Trump case orders hearing on accusations of Willis misconduct : politics

Republicans bid to hold Hunter Biden in contempt appears to be suspended
Hunter Biden agrees to deposition with House Republican after months of defiance, committee says : politics

Ron DeSantis, science knower - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... It would be funny how frequently DeSantis is humiliating the media sycophants who claimed that he wasnt anti-vaxx, just someone who Follows the Science and is pro-medical autonomy [with notably extensive and radical exceptions] if the consequences werent so deadly:
Bill Ackman Is a Brilliant Fictional Character : politics
Bill Ackman Helped Pressure Pornhub Into Video Purge: Report

Its not a word we use in the New York Times ... Heres a brief passage from an astonishing two-part Rick Perlstein essay, focused on how the metaphors journalists live by can very well become those they end up dying by, if we, to quote Gen. Turgidson, should end up getting our hair mussed in what Jeff Sharlet calls our ongoing slow-motion civil war
Sinclair goons to destroy venerable newspaper - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Survivor Champ Lawmaker Backtracks on Kentucky Bill Legalizing Sex Between First Cousins

New Hampshire official quits after receiving homophobic comments about his dead gay son

The radical increase in wage inequality

Showing the world whats possible: St Paul makes history with first all-woman city council

The Failed Promise of Independent Election Mapmaking : politics
The performance of the prime manufacturer can never exceed the capabilities of the least proficient of the suppliers ... This is a good in-depth report about the problems at Boeing that led to a piece of a 737 MAX falling off at 16,000 feet:

Giulianis Bankruptcy Claim Challenged By Election Workers He Owes $148 Million

Colin Allred, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, raises $4.8 million in fourth quarter of 2023. Allred, a Dallas congressman, is among several Democrats running to challenge U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for a third term. : politics

Bill OReilly is outraged that the book ban law he supports caused his own books to be banned

The American dream is rapidly diminishing,Walgreens boss says in plea to raise taxes for the wealthy

Republican who voted to ban trans healthcare now wants kids to drop out of schools to work on farms. An Indiana Republican who voted to ban gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth has now introduced a bill allowing children to drop out of school and work full-time on farms. : politics

Twenty months after deadly Uvalde school shooting, multiple investigations have yet to be released : politics
US Department of Justice call Uvalde police response a failure in highly critical report : politics
DOJ report finds cascading failures,no urgency during Uvalde shooting

AMA: Were the team of Boston Globe reporters that recently reexamined the Charles Stuart case. Ask us anything about our Murder in Boston web series and podcast.

Ultraviolet light can kill almost all the viruses in a room. Why isnt it everywhere?

Ozempic, Wegovy boom: States with highest rates of anti-obesity drug prescriptions

ChatGPT's new AI store is struggling to keep a lid on all the AI girlfriends

What happened to the smartest kid in your class? : AskReddit
What life changing item can you buy for less than $200? : AskReddit

TIL that about 100,000 people died each year in India due to the collapse of vulture populations. Vultures were crucial to the ecosystem & their near extinction due to accidental poisoning extended the presence of animal carcasses in the local environment, increasing rabies & reducing water quality. : todayilearned

Microdoses of LSD show antidepressant effects in placebo-controlled study: researchers discovered that low doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a psychedelic drug, may have potential antidepressant effects in individuals showing mild to moderate depressive symptoms. : science

Oldest Known Homo Sapiens Outside Africa Found in Greece : worldnews

Third major study finds that multivitamin supplements improve memory and slow cognitive aging in older adults, confirming consistent and statistically significant benefits of a daily multivitamin versus placebo for both memory and global cognition, according to the authors. : science

What will 10 pushups a day do? : AskRedditWhat will 10 pushups a day do? : AskReddit

I used a modified telescope and over 100k individual photos to create this 400 megapixel sun photo : pics

Bacterial meningitis injures one in three children for life. Results show that those diagnosed with bacterial meningitis consistently have a higher prevalence of neurological disabilities such as cognitive impairment, seizures, visual or hearing impairment, motor impairment, behavioral disorders : science ELI5: Does the experiment where a single photon goes through 2 slits really show the universe is constantly dividing into alternate realities? : explainlikeimfive
Largest known deep-sea coral reef mapped off US Atlantic coast. The reef, which extends for 310 miles from Florida to South Carolina and at some points is 68 miles wide, is breathtaking in scale The total area is nearly three times the size of Yellowstone national park.

Friend clicked it at the right time : pics

Massachusetts is home to the best school systems in America, new study says : massachusetts

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Is Forbes 30 Under 30 a scam?

Reddit seeks to launch IPO in March : technology


Chinas population falls by 2.08 million to 1.4097 billion in 2023 as births tumble
Chinas population declines for second straight year

WSJ Exclusive | Chinese Lab Mapped Deadly Coronavirus Two Weeks Before Beijing Told the World, Documents Show : worldnews

Pakistan condemns deadly Iranian missilestrike on its territory as an unprovoked violation

Putin claims that if it wouldnt have been forUkraine, war would have ended long ago

Opinion | Putin Is Making His Plans Brutally Clear - The New York Times
Putin falsely claims past US elections falsified through mail-in voting

Moscow Internet System Reportedly Down for Three Days in Latest Ukrainian Cyberattack

Half of Russia is grappling with heating, water and power outages in widespread utility crisis : worldnews

Putin claims Russians return to country because of gender neutral toilets abroad : worldnews

At Davos, Blinken calls a pathway to a Palestinian state a necessity for Israeli security : politics

Critics of the Israeli PM say he is so desperate to avoid political consequences that he is prolonging the crisis and raising the specter of a full-blown war.

Gaza tunnels stretch at least 350 miles, far longer than past estimate : worldnews
661 terrorists tied to Oct. 7 to get PA pay for slay financial stipends

Saudis could recognize Israel if Palestinian issue resolved - foreign minister : worldnews

Irans spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praises Houthi militias attacks

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 693, Part 1 (Thread #839) : worldnews

Blinken doubts possibility of quick peace between Russia and Ukraine : worldnews

Putin says Ukraines statehood at risk if pattern of war continues

Ukraines existence will be pretext for Russias attack in 10 and 50 years, Medvedev <

From an Arctic prison, Navalny says Putins Russia will one day crumble

Leaked Footage Shows a Greek Crime Boss Executed in a Hail of Bullets : worldnews

France to stay France, says Macron, as he lays out vision to counter far right | France

Lloyd Austins Secret Ambulance Request Revealed in 911 Call

Biden must enforce US law regarding Israels military aid

Bernie Sanders to Force Critical Senate Vote on Probing Israeli War Crimes : politics

Supreme Court to hear major case on power of federal agencies : politics

Eschaton: Nobody Who Went To Yale Could Be Bad ... The entire point of the Kushner-Netanyahu-Biden Middle East Peace Plan was that it completely sidelined the Palestinian issue. Just the worst fucking people in the world.

Theres some skepticism around the world about the effectiveness of the US political system: ... the collapse of the GOP as a collective capable of generating coherent policy.

United States on the verge of having vaguely functional government again - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The House G.O.P.s Incredible Shrinking Majority

Let's Look at the Iowa Results With a Cold Eye -- It was a huge win for Trump. Don't tell me it's all going to work out fine in November.
No, Trump Did Not Conquer Iowa. How the Media Botched Election CoverageAgain | Opinion

Vivek Ramaswamy Crashes and Burns : politics
Trump (claimed height of 6'3) standing next to Vivek Ramaswamy (5'10)

Donald Trump is a reactionary authoritarian white supremacist, and hes wildly popular with white Christian evangelicals precisely because white Christian evangelicals tend to be reactionary authoritarian white supremacists... Whats important to recognize here is that reactionary politics, political authoritarianism, white supremacy, and evangelical Christianity are all intimately related to each other in early 21st century America.

Why do all these fascists keep on voting for Trump?

Donald Trump has meltdown over Nikki Haley : politics

E. Jean Carroll to testify at damages trial with Donald Trump expected to be in attendance : politics
Trump unleashes Truth Social attacks against E Jean Carroll while in court : politics

The Protestant Ethic and the Fallacy of Adam Gase - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The brief life and hilariously well-timed death of Rons personal right wing Wurlitzer
Ron DeSantis is weaponizing partisan media and weakening independent sources of news

Denial is oceanfront property in Iowa

ABC cancels its New Hampshire debate after Haley, Trump decline to participate - The Washington Post

Democrat Keen wins state House 35 special election over GOPs Booth

Senator Chuck Grassley hospitalized with infection | AP News

Virginia officials find misreported 2020 election votes added to Trumps total

Wow! Bipartisan Effort Convinces Supreme Court to Rule on Screwing Homeless People (

PornSnub Ohio lawmakers want to require ID to watch online pornography

Kentucky Republican Pushes Bill to Make Sex With First Cousin Not Incest : politics

This is the grave of Ernest Hemingway.

James Webb Telescope detects earliest known black hole --it's really big for its age

New research reveals that coming off antidepressants like Prozac can cause not only physical symptoms but also emotional, cognitive, and social difficulties. : science

A year long study shows what youve suspected: Google Search is getting worse.


Zero Jet Aircraft Crashes: 2023 Was One Of Aviations Safest Years On Record

Luxembourg has destroyed more than a million Covid-19 vaccine doses : worldnews

New Zealand Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman resigns from Parliament after allegations of shoplifting : worldnews
~New Zealand government rejects Ardern-era bid to lower voting age : worldnews

TIL that in 1960, some 14,000 cats were dropped by parachute over Borneo to combat a rat plague, and it worked! : todayilearned

Navy officer who killed 2 in Japan car crash released from U.S. custody : worldnews

Korea unveils plan to build $472 billion dollar mega chip cluster
Dog meat production and sales will soon become illegal in South Korea : worldnews

North Koreas Kim seeks to define South Korea as enemy under Constitution

Russian city hit by 16 blasts overnight as drones target Baltimore airfield : worldnews

#Ukraines military intelligence report Russias mobilising about 1,000-1,100 military recruits every day. Captured soldiers say main factor for joining isnt because Russias threatened by Ukraine, but to get money of around 220,000-250,000 rubles ($1,700-1,900) a month.

Russia, Iran preparing to sign treaty to develop military-technological cooperation : worldnews

Azerbaijan appoints 28 men, 0 women to COP29 organizing committee. : worldnews
Azerbaijan arrests journalist, charges another as press crackdown continues : worldnews

Indias Plans to Double Coal Production Ignore Climate Threat

Iranian Nobel Laureate Sentenced To 15 More Months In Prison : worldnews
EU parliament chief condemns Iran jailing Mahsa Amini lawyer : worldnews

U.S. forces recovered Iranian warheads in Navy SEAL mission gone awry : worldnews

US says it seized advanced Iranian weapons bound for Houthis in Yemen : worldnews
US targets Houthi anti-ship missiles in new strike on Yemen, officials say : news

Yemeni govt blames Houthis for dragging country into confrontation

Red Sea attacks: Greek vessel hit by missile : worldnews

IDF special forces operate within Lebanon, target Hezbollah : worldnews
Explosions reported near US Consulate in Iraq; Iran claims responsibility : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 692, Part 1 (Thread #838) : worldnews

I met with @SecBlinken to thank the United States, President Biden, Congress, and the American people for their unwavering support and leadership in supporting Ukraine. We count on continued U.S. support, which is essential for our country.

Ukraine has amassed enough natural gas reserves to meet winter heating needs without Russian imports for the first time since gaining independence.

Even with experience in the French army, were not prepared for that. Sleeping and living in trenches was new to me. Taking so much artillery to the head was also new. Its a high-intensity war like few countries have experienced.Max, former chasseur alpin and legionnaire

Germans take to streets to oppose far-right AfDs mass deportation plan

Pope acknowledges resistance to same-sex blessings but doubles down: The Lord blesses everyone

French education minister under fire for sending son to private school : worldnews

Liz Truss secretly lobbied ministers to expedite defense exports to China

Mexico Unseats China as Top Exporter to US : worldnews

Senate to Vote on Potential Freeze to Israel Aid as Democrats Question Conduct of War : politics

Bernie Sanders to force vote on Israels human rights practices in Gaza

Lloyd Austins surgery resulted in hospitalization.Lloyd Austins surgery resulted in hospitalization.

Supreme Court rejects Epic v. Apple antitrust case : technology

Iowa 2024: This Isnt a Primary Process. It's a Surrender of Will. | The contest was over early and the results were anticlimactic. But the Hawkeye State revealed the indelible truth about the soul of the GOP.
This Years Iowa Caucus Is On Track For Lowest Turnout Since 2000
Its Time to Scrap the Iowa Caucus
Lets Face It: Trumps Iowa Result Was Pretty Weak
MSNBCs Scarborough Calls Trump Getting 51% of Iowa Vote Bad News for GOP

Florida Man Facing 91 Criminal Counts Wins Iowa Caucuses : politics ... 2/3 think the 2020 election was stolen and Biden is not a legitimate president. Nearly 2/3 think that Trump should still be President if convicted of a serious crime. 58% say they support a full nationwide ban on abortion. This is todays Republican party.

DeSantis Flops in Iowa, Whines About Election Interference

Vivek Ramaswamy ends presidential campaign : politics

Lookalikes : PoliticalHumor

Donald Trump May Have Won IowaBut He Just Lost a Slew of Lawyers: Trump has lost an impressive number of lawyers in one day. (

With Donald Trumps Iowa landslide, evangelicals reveal who they really are

Trump continues to lead Biden in latest scientific poll. : PoliticalHumor

Those who got a useless degree, what do you do now?

Poll: Majority of Iowa GOP caucus-goers dont believe Biden legitimately won in 2020

Iowa Exit Polls Prove the GOP Is Truly the Big Lie Party Roughly two of three Iowa caucus goers said they dont think Biden won the 2020 election. Trumps lies are now what defines the party.

Trump unleashes Truth Social attacks against E Jean Carroll while in court : politics

Police Dont Appear to Think Roger Stones Assassination Threats Were Just a Joke The loyal Trump adviser is under police investigation yet again.

Generative artificial intelligence will lead to job cuts this year, CEOs say : technology

FedEx is launching a new e-commerce platform as it competes with Amazon : technology

IT Employment Grew by Just 700 Jobs in 2023, Down From 267,000 in 2022 : technology

Apple to over 100 California employees: Move to Texas or lose your job : technology

Google and Bing put nonconsensual deepfake porn at the top of some search results : news

Idaho bill to ban books that feature homosexual acts -- such as holding hands

Missouri Republicans to consider removing trans people out of state law : politics

Washington state sues to block proposed merger of Kroger and Albertsons grocery chains : news

How a software glitch and a centuries-old British company ruined lives : technology

Eli5 : How is an MRI done if you have a metal plate in your body ? : explainlikeimfive

Kick a car, what could go wrong? : WTF

Man who claimed wildfires were a government conspiracy pleads guilty to setting 14 fires

Women Must Take Cervical Health Seriously | Opinion

Apple to Remove Blood-Oxygen Sensor From Watch to Avoid U.S. Ban : technology

Formula E team fires its AI-generated female motorsports reporter, after backlash: What a slap in the face for human women that youd rather make one up than work with us

GTA 5 Actor Ned Luke Calls Out 'Bulls**t' AI Chatbot That Uses His Voice Not one Alzheimers but five: Researchers identify five subtypes of Alzheimers disease in new study

TIL that modern birds come from four distinct lineages that survived the asteroid impact. : todayilearned

AI can now copy your handwriting. Were concerned.

ELI5: Why does the mass of planets affect the gravity on their surface but the mass of objects doesnt affect how fast they fall.

The 5 Love Languages are not supported by empirical evidence according to recent review: 1) we dont have a primary love language; 2) we have more than 5 ways to express love; and 3) speaking preferred language doesnt mean better relationships

Marriages and childbearing later in life are becoming the norm. Whilst impacts of maternal age on offspring are widely understood, impacts from paternal side are less so. A new study found that aging mouse sperm affects MicroRNA, increasing the risk of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. : science

A review of 10 studies with 8,367 participants found that Cannabis is not an effective treatment for opioid addiction nor lead to opioid use : science

What is the most common hygiene mistake that people make?

Youll Soon Have to Pay $20 a Month to Access Copilots Coolest Features

Researchers have discovered apatite in the Moons early crust for the first time, suggesting the Moons early crust was richer in water than previously thought, revealing an even more complex history

Whats a common rule that you break regularly because you fundamentally disagree with it?

Visits to piracy websites have increased 12% in the past four years : technology

What precautionary measure did you take, thinking justto be safe, thatunexpectedly ended up saving the day later on?

Surface Laptop 6: Specs, Arm, new features, updated design, and everything we know so far : Surface

TIL that Minecraft became the first video game ever to reach 300 million copies sold worldwide and this equates to it having sold 47 copies per minute, every minute, since the games release in 2011.

Adblock: Google did not slow down and lag YouTube performance with ad blocker on - Neowin : technology

TIL the first man to wear a top hat in public was arrested for disturbing the peace. The arresting officer claimed the sight of the hat caused women to faint, children to cry, and dogs to bark : todayilearned

Introducing the Latest RENAISSER stylus, Raphael Slim : Surface

I was so stoned I really thought I was looking at a Lake... : pics

If you were told with absolute certainty that a single major event in history was caused by a time traveler and asked to guess which one, what would you say? : AskReddit

ELI5 Why is purple not a color of the rainbow? Do we need indigo and violet?

Neighbor throws dirty diaper on my front yard : WTF

What is the Most Evil Protagonist You've Ever Read?

Study (N=64,945 European) found that dark chocolate intake is significantly associated with the reduction of the risk of essential hypertension and venous thromboembolism : science

Whats your most unexpectedly genius decision made on a whim?

Whats something small you started doing that makes you drastically happier?

Scientists Finally Invent Heat-Controlling Circuitry That Keeps Electronics Cool : technology
Rat Monster truck posted in my local Facebook marketplace : pics


Lava consumes homes in fishing town after Iceland volcano eruption : worldnews

Measles cases surge in England and Wales fuelled by vaccine hesitancy over MMR jab : worldnews

South Korean manufacturing workers over 60 exceed under 20s for first time : worldnews

Tibetan woman detained and beaten for social media posts critical of China : worldnews

Russia hails North Korea: Our closestneighbour and partner

Irans Revolutionary Guard deployed in Yemen
Iran fires ballistic missiles at targets in Iraq and Syria : worldnews

Missile fire strikes a ship just off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, UK military says : worldnews

U.S. Fighter Downs Houthi Missile Heading Toward USS Laboon : worldnews
Hamas accuses Hezbollah of joining war effort only symbolically : worldnews
Airstrikes against Houthis are not enough, says Yemeni official : worldnews

Hamas accuses Hezbollah of joining war effort only symbolically : worldnews

Hamas leaders in Lebanon flee country in fears of Israeli assassination : worldnews

Hamas reporting Yossi Sharabi and Itai Svirsky dead : worldnews
Hamas releases warfare video of three hostages 100 days into war : worldnews

Watchdog finds UNRWA workers praised Hamas massacres in internal Telegram channel : worldnews

Combined attacks leave scores injured in Raanana, Israel Hamas claims Responsibility for Terror Attack in Raanana

Shin Bet unveils Iranian plot to trick Israelis into giving info on defense officials : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 691, Part 1 (Thread #837) : worldnews

#BREAKING. #Ukraine switched to theactive defensealong all the 1,000 km frontline with #Russia, according to comments by the chief commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi for @Reuters . Syrskyi is a probable replacement for the current commander-in-chief Valeriy Zaluzhniy if President Zelensky would decide to remove this four-star General.

Media: Finnish companies continue exporting defense-related components to Russia despite sanctions : worldnews
Companies with a Russian background operating in Finland have exported high technology and products needed by the war machine to Russia. The companiescustomers have connections to the Russian intelligence service and the defense industry. Yle found out.

Prime Minister Tusk pledges bill introducing legal and safe abortion in Poland

The EU has updated its statistics on the temporary protection of Ukrainian refugees in the EU. Between 31st of October and 30th of November, 20,595 Ukrainian refugees were admitted to Germany. Germany is currently home to 1,235,960 Ukrainian refugees. That is 28.9% in EU-total.

Irish cabinet minister comes out as gay in heartwarming post : worldnews

UK to deploy 20,000 troops to NATO military drill to practice repelling a Russian invasion : worldnews

Biden-Harris campaign says it has largest warchest of any Democratic candidate in history : politics
Biden rakes in $97 million in fourth-quarter haul : politics

Almost two-thirds of Canadians say US democracy cant survive another Trump term:
Prince William County admits election tally in 2020 shorted Joe Biden : politics

Sanders Predicts Dems Will 'Rally Round' Biden Because Trump Is 'One of Most Dangerous' Figures in Modern History

Bidens Age in Context

Jewish Democrats grill Israeli ambassador on far-right ministers : politics

His dreams been weaponized into his nightmare: how Martin Luther King Jr's words have been co-opted RFK Jr. defends Kennedy administration wiretap of Martin Luther King Jr. : politics
RFK Jr.: Make J. Edgar Hoover Great Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money
FBIs MLK Jr. Tweet Gets Truly Epic Community NoteA note added to the post said the agency engaged in surveillance of King, attempted to discredit him, and used manipulation tactics to influence him to stop organizing
MLK Was An Inferior Pastor And Communist,Said Top GOP Candidate For N.C. Governor ... The Black politician also downplayed slavery, rejected the idea that he's part of the African American community, and attacked the late congressman and civil rights icon, John Lewis. This dude is the real life Clayton Bigsby.

The supreme court now serves the billionaire donor class let's rein it in

How Trump Sidestepped the Tradition of Iowa PanderingPresidential candidates often enmesh themselves in the states politics to woo voters, but the nature of this race means much less focus on local issues.
Iowa Republicans will use an app to transmit caucus results. Sound familiar? : politics

House Republicans Only Have One Way out of Their Government Funding Debacle : politics

Donald Trump suggests risking death to vote for him : politics

Key Trump Lawyer Withdraws as Manhattan Criminal Trial Nears : politics
Trump lawyer Joe Tacopina withdraws from ex-presidentscases

Donald Trump evidence tossed out of court by judge : politics

And God said there shall be no Republicans but Trump Republicans : politics

Donald Trump mocked for video of him walking down stairs

Math favors Donald Trump prison sentence, professor predicts : politics

Fox & Friends Reminds Vivek Ramaswamy That Trump ThrewYou Under the Bus

Fani Willis accuses TrumpWorld of playing race card with improper relationship allegation. Willis broke her silence after Trump co-defendant alleged misconduct over special prosecutor pick.

Fani Willis tears into Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics

Ted Cruz slammed for joking that Texans should join me in Cancun as state braces for deep freeze

Ann Coulter Breaks Down Why Trump Cant Beat Biden and rump Voters AreMorons

Alabama senator furious after learning about LGBTQ+ history lesson in the state

Bob Dylan: Desire Album Review | Pitchfork


Multiple earthquakes hit Oklahoma City metro area, including 2 of 4.4 magnitude

Earthlings take note: The sun will be its most active in two decades : news

ELI5: Why is Japan's prosecution rate so absurdly high at 99.8%?

Wikipedia Entries Manipulated In Line With IransPropaganda

The Red Sea WarNothing about this is all that surprising. Houthi leadership has almost literally been begging for airstrikes for the last month or so (key to their domestic legitimacy and to their relationship with Iran). It doesnt seem particularly likely to me that these strikes will either prevent or deter attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, but it also doesnt seem likely to escalate much beyond where we are right now

Biden running out of patience with Bibi as Gaza war hits 100 days
Did I Say That Out Loud - Monstrous and stupid people.

Not nobodyJMM: I also think that the withdrawal from Afghanistan remains one of Bidens shining moments even though I know absolutely no one agrees with me ... Biden refusing to give into the Blob and withdrawing from Afghanistan was correct and something he deserves much more credit for than hes gotten, and the narrative that there was some non-chaotic way of winding down a war in what was (a decade of propaganda and immense expense to the contrary) an instantly failed state is just stupid. However poorly it worked out politically on the merits it was right and always will be.

Three migrants drown in Rio Grande after Texas blocks Border Patrol from rescue | TPR

Here are the types of patients who will die if Supreme Court justices say states can block doctors from providing emergency abortion care
A running list of Clarence Thomasmany scandals | The Supreme Court justice has engaged in a yearslong pattern of behaving in ways that other justices, and many elected politicians, do not

CBS News analysis: Most Republicans agree with poisoning the blood language
Scientist cited in push to oust Harvards Claudine Gay has links to eugenicistsChristopher Rufo, credited with helping oust schools first Black president, touted critic associated withscientific racists

I come to you and see all this ruin ... This Supreme Court being what it is, Alabama will almost certainly be allowed to suffocate a man to death:

Ban on guns in post offices is unconstitutional, US judge rules : politics

Insulin Just Got Cheaper Thanks To Biden. Will Voters Take Notice? : politics

The economy is improving under Biden. But many voters arent giving him credit.

Did Trump or Biden deliver more for farmers? The answer may surprise you. The former president is using his ag record to appeal to Iowa voters. Farm income, however, rose under Biden.

Trump Sure Looks Like Hes About to Get Smoked in Court

Iowa Pastors Say Video Depicting Trump as Godly Is Very ConcerningThe viral video shows the former president, in starkly religious, almost messianic tones, as the vessel of a higher power sent to save the nation.

IRS says it collected $360 million more from rich tax cheats as its funding is threatened yet again : news

Republican congressman stands by accusation that Russian agents have compromised the GOP : PoliticalHumor

The Big Lie Is the Souths New Lost Cause | Of the 117 Republicans currently running for re-election who voted against certifying Joe Bidens election, 70 are from Southern states

Aileen Cannon refusing Jack Smith request in Donald Trump case sparks fury

Endorsement: Adam Schiff for the U.S. Senate

He warned authorities about the Lewiston, Maine, gunman, but they downplayed his texts
Men who identify as incels have "fundamental thinking errors". Research found incels - or involuntary celibates - overestimated physical attractiveness and finances, while underestimating kindness, humour and loyalty. : science

Substack Was a Ticking Time Bomb | The platform seeded its own content-moderation crisis

The Misguided War on the SATColleges have fled standardized tests, on the theory that they hurt diversity. Thats not what the research shows.

TIL that after being thrown off a chairlift by a mentally ill man the victim waited 7 hours to report the crime because he didnt want it to ruin his powder day

What common product has a feature youre not sure everyone is aware of?

11 words to describe emotions you've experienced but just cantname

Tesla Gets a $94 Billion Reality Check as EV Winter Sets In : technology

No, Tesla Cybertruck Is *Not* Faster Than Porsche (While Towing) : videos

Its Time We Acknowledge That Older Sisters Are The Backbone Of Societyeldest daughter revolution

The year that killed L.A. restaurants: Here are more than 65 notable closures from 2023

The Best Books of 2024 So Far

Physical Book Sales in US Increased by Hundreds of Millions Over the Last 20 Years

TIL 85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed : todayilearned
Magic balls installed by drones may soon be revolutionizing the US power grid: Unrivaled quality atscale
An experiment demonstrates a record-long quantum coherence time that exceeds 20 milliseconds for a germanium vacancy in diamond : science

Breakthrough battery charges in minutes and lasts thousands of cycles : technology

Who is the most widely beloved American currently alive? : AskReddit

What's a fact you wish more women knew about men?

First impressions based on a persons attractiveness are not set in stone. The initial assumptions we make about someones personality based on their looks can be updated or even reversedwhen we receive contrasting information about theirattractiveness.

TIL of the water fluoridation controversy. During the 1950s and 1960s, conspiracy theorists claimed that adding fluoride to water was a communist plot to undermine American public health

The life of Provincetown, Massachusetts in the 1940s Through these Stunning Historical Photos
How French Women Were Punished In France For Collaborating With Nazis
50+ Iconic Photographs Of Rock Stars Of 70s Taken By Bob Gruen


Nearly 10,000 COVID deaths reported last month as JN.1 variant spread at holiday gatherings, WHO says : worldnews
Over 2,000 Flights Cancelled Nationwide Today As Travelers Brace for a Huge Snow Storm : news

Thailand moves to ban recreational cannabis use, 18 months after historic decriminalization : worldnews

Moscow calls U.S. plan to confiscate Russian assets 21st centurypiracy

Russian election candidate calls Ukraine war a big mistake by Putin

Russian Aviation Industry Woes Continue as Airlines Forced to Extend Use of 50-Year-Old Antonovs : worldnews

Left-wing critic of Putin detained ahead of trial for justifying terrorism

The U.S. has carried out additional strikes inside Yemen, this time targeting a Houthi radar facility, a U.S. official tells @OrenCNN . This strike was carried out unilaterally.
More strikes on Yemen, says a US official. More to follow. #NPR
Jan 12 (Reuters) - Houthi militants mistakenly targeted a tanker carrying Russian oil in a missile attack on Friday off Yemen, British maritime security firm Ambrey said.
Houthis mistakenly target tanker carrying Russian oil - Ambrey report
Strikes on Yemen had good effects, will continue to monitor
Live update: Biden says Houthis a terror group, two months into review of whether to reapply label e

US Demands Iran Release Seized Oil Tanker Immediately

Middle East braces for chaos as Iran and West square up : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 45) : worldnews

Germany Comes to Israel's Defense at Genocide Trial
Israel rejects genocide accusations at World Court : worldnews
Surveys show Gantz holds commanding lead over Netanyahu, as war approaches 100th day : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 688, Part 1 (Thread #834) : worldnews

Budanov: Drones, mines constrain both Ukrainian and Russian offensives.

Another Vicious Murderer Pardoned by Putin Killed in Ukraine to Relief of Victims Families

Monumental South Africa hearing at the international court of justice : pics

Italy refuses to extradite priest accused of murder and torture to Argentina : newsItaly refuses to extradite priest accused of murder and torture to Argentina : news

Julian Assange's lawyer warns his life is 'at risk' if final UK appeal against extradition to US fails

Eight suspicious US deaths in Colombia linked to dating apps

Texas is blocking U.S. border agents from patrolling, Biden administration tells Supreme Court : politics

They dont even speak English: GOP lawmaker weighs barring immigrant children from public schools

Supreme Court to rule on clearing homeless encampments in California and the West : politics

15 G.O.P. Governors Shut Out Food Aid for 8 Million Children : politics

What Trump said was so damaging to him: Experts say NY AGstruckgold with Trump court rant

Jack Smiths case got stronger over the past month

Well the signs were there
Maga Has devoured Christian Evangelicalism : politics

Roger Stone Plotted Assassinating Democrats, Bombshell Report Says : politics

The Proud Boys are collapsing: Surprise! Legal consequences do hurt authoritarian movements : politics

Mississippi's capital is under a boil water order after E. coli bacteria is found in city's supply

Small-town Minnesota hotel shooting kills clerk and 2 possible guests, including suspect, police say : news

Somerset: Bodycam footage shows moment former Lidl worker who plotted mass murder at school is shot by police : news

Dont Mess With Us: WebMD Parent Company Demands Return to Office in Bizarre Video

Scientists have made a landmark discovery of an ancient civilization that lived some 2,500 years ago in what is now Ecuador, complete with a network of citadels, gardens, streets and plazas : science

Scientists conservatively estimated that exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of ischemic hear+t disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and lung cancer by at least around 8%, 5%, 1% and 1%, respectively. And other diseases like asthma, breast cancer : science

ELi5: Why do cigarettes have so many toxic substances in them? Surely you dont need rat poison to get high?

Philadelphia measles outbreak has hospitals on alert after child was sent to day care despite quarantine instructions : news ... Oprah has probably killed more people than some dictators TBH

Astronomers believe they have witnessed the birth of a black hole for the first time : science

Nutrition Science's Most Preposterous Result -- Studies show a mysterious health benefit to ice cream. Scientists don't want to talk about it.

eli5 Because alcohol kills bacteria, could someone reuse something like a shot glass over and over without cleaning and have no ill effect?

Whats the worst drug you have ever heard of or tried?

whats a non-obvious life hack thats improved your dailyroutine significantly?

What is the clearest case of "living in denial" you've seen?

How the retail lobby sold a $45-billion whopper about organized shoplifting

How Cars Turned Into Giant Killers

Whats a small, everyday inconvenience that you believe should have been solved by now?

Dentists Reveal the Correct Order to Brush Your Teeth, Floss, and Use Mouthwash


Bird flu found in mammals near Antarctica for the first time, scientists say WHO says 10,000 died from COVID-19 in December : worldnews

Astounding ocean temperatures in 2023 intensified extreme weather, data shows

S. Koreas population set to dip to 36.2m by 2072 amid low birth rate

Russia says it's detained U.S. citizen Robert Woodland on drug charges that carry possible 20-year sentence : worldnews

Russian Navy Captain Freezes to Death in His Own Home - In recent weeks, local Russian telegram channels have been publishing photos and videos of Russians making bonfires in their yards as temperatures plummet and heating supplies fail

Israel posts Hamas atrocities on new site, blocked from Israel

US urges China not to interfere in Taiwan elections

Israel taps top legal minds, including a Holocaust survivor, to battle genocide claim at world court
Israel faces accusation of genocide against Palestinians ~ Israel presents defense on Friday, first time at ICJ, says case is "preposterous" & Hamas should be in the dock

American intel officials warn of risk of Hezbollah attacking U.S. : worldnews

Afghan girls detained and lashed by Taliban for violating hijab rules

Netanyahu: Let me be clear Israel has no intention of displacing Gazas population

Iran confirms its navy seized tanker in Gulf of Oman that was boarded by men in military uniforms : worldnews
Oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman boarded by unauthorisedmen in military uniforms

Modern air defence systems are what we lack most -- Zelenskyy Russia has a big deficit in drones and artillery. A big deficit. They are also short of missiles,Volodymyr #Zelensky said during a briefing in #Tallinn, #Estonia. Ukrainian President said that Russia is currently experiencing a certain shortage of weapons, so #Ukraine cannot take pause in the war, as such a pause would only benefit Russia.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 687, Part 1 (Thread #833) : worldnews

(1) NEXTA on X: "The Krynki bridgehead on the left side of the Dnipro River emerges as one of the deadliest traps for the Russian army throughout the entire war. In its defense, the Russian army lost 153 armored vehicles, while Ukraine lost 31. hwttps://" / X
NATO members pledge further support to Ukraine in 2024, outline plans for billions in aid : worldnews
Ukraine is test sitefor North Koreanmissiles -South Korea

British and US forces appear to be readying to strike Houthi rebels after Red Sea attacks : worldnews

Far-right mob hunts woman for defacing Stalin icon in Georgian church : worldnews

TALES FROM THE CRYPTO: HOW THE BALTIC STATES BECAME THE HUB OF MONEY LAUNDERING International criminals used Estonias lax cryptocurrency regulation to turn the small country into a hub of financial crime where over a billion euros have been laundered or defrauded from victims.

rance to introduce school uniforms in bid to reduce bullying and inequality
Brexit Cost the UK Economy 140 Billion, London Mayor SaysStudy suggests UK has 2 million fewer jobs due to EU divorce
Brexit Fuck Up

Donald Trump admits he received money from China while president : politics

Trump says his businesses got money from foreign governments because he was 'doing services' for them

Trump told European leaders that USwill never come to help you

Trump Says He Wants the Economy to Crash Because It Will Hurt Biden : politics
Donald Trump Complimenting Good -Looking ChildrenRaises Eyebrows
Whoopi Goldbergs Trump warning goes viral

Trump's $370M civil fraud trial is nearing an end. What to know.

Trumps Idiot Lawyer Just Blew Up His Own Absolute Immunity Argument

Trump Has Suggested Violence Could Erupt if Court Cases Do Not Go His Way : politics

Suspended Florida prosecutor wins appeal in First Amendment suit vs. DeSantis : politics

Taylor Swift not a psy-op: CEO responds to Fox News segment

What We Lost When Twitter Became X

Color-corrected images reveal accurate portraits of Uranus and Neptune : worldnews