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Woke insurance companies reject Rupert Murdochs climate science - I cant believe insurance companies and their actuaries have been so captured by the Queer Critical Race Theory mob that they refuse to acknowledge that climate change is a hoax:

Kids entitled to clean environment - UN

Hurricane Idalia Went From a Serious Nuisance to a Serious Threat In Record Time The climate crisis has a unique ability to make ordinary problems infinitely worse ... 81 degrees. That was the preposterous water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico as Idalia muscled up

Act responsibly: Philippines rejects Chinas 2023 map showing 10-dash line (

Malaysia rejects new China map claiming entire South China Sea : worldnews
Malaysia, India and Taiwan reject Chinas new territorial map

Japans PM eats sushi from Fukushima nuclear site to show its safe: What you need to know
Japan Plans Counter-Cyber Attack Grid for Indo-Pacific to Counter Cyberattacks from Russia, China, and North Korea : worldnews
Workers stage Japans first strike in decades over department store sale

Korea extends natural population fall as fertility rate falls to 0.7 : worldnews

White House says Putin and Kim Jong Un traded letters as Russia looks for munitions from North Korea : worldnews

US approves first-ever military aid to Taiwan through program typically used for sovereign nations : worldnews

Chinas new national map has angered its neighbors
China tells India to stay calm in border map row
Chinas Xi Jinping likely to skip G20 summit in India
Chinese people are living two years longer thanks to waron pollution, report says

Top Russian Rocket Scientist Suspiciously Dies Weeks After Failed Moon Landing : worldnews
Putins colonel killed in drone strike while mowing lawn at his Russian residence

Kremlin Blames Everybody but Themselves in Prigozhins Death
Russian hardliners are fuming that the Kremlin wasn't able to top a string of embarrassing attacks on home soil : worldnews
Our New York newsroom and Evans parents, standing with @evangershkovich, as we mark 22 weeks of his unjust detention. We will not rest until he is home

Putin offers Russian soldiers three times the National wage in desperate effort to continue war : worldnews

Researcher builds anti-Russia AI disinformation machine for $400 : worldnews

Russians report explosions near Sevastopol Bay : worldnews

Dmitry Wagner Utkin is buried at the Mytishchi cemetery in Moscow.- The area is cordoned off by the military.

Damage from Ukrainian drone strike on Russias Pskov Oblast is more significant than earlier reports suggested.

Russian Propagandist Says Tucker Carlson Is aDead Man Walking

More than 60 dead as fire engulfs building in South Africas Johannesburg
47 dead in Johannesburg apartment block fire : worldnews

Germany and US trained Saudi forces accused of killing Yemen migrants : worldnews

One killed and two injured in Palestinian terror attack near West Bank : worldnews

The narrative is changing. Maybe people will stop lecturing the Ukrainians to fight more like NATO.
We didnt have such an army to talk about the loss of 70,000 soldiersNational Security Councils secretary commented on media exaggerations about personal losses of the Ukrainian army, speaking to the German #WELT.
Worlds First Specialized Explosive Naval Drone Unit Formed In Ukraine
Zelenskyy says Ukraine has developed a long-range weapon, a day after a strike deep inside Russia : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 554, Part 1 (Thread #700) : worldnews

Ukrainian Troops Have Crossed The First Of The Russians Three Main Trenchlines
Ukraine Says Gains on Southern Front Pave Way to Crimea - The Moscow Times : worldnews
Ukrainians are gaining ground, we need to trust them, NATO sec gen says : worldnews
The Army of Drones Dominates in the Destruction of Russian Tanks : UkraineWarVideoReport

FYI: Cardboard is not a material that reflects radar waves well, and as a result, it would not produce a strong radar signature that could be detected at a significant distance.

NEXTA on X: "Detailed images of barges installed by the occupiers near the Crimean bridge Earlier, it was reported that flooded barges had appeared near the Crimean bridge. Probably, this is how the Russians are trying to prevent surface drones from attacking the Crimean bridge." / X

Russia stole almost 6 million tonnes of Ukrainian grain last year, US intelligence says : worldnews

Interfax Ukraine: 75 Ukrainian children tortured by Russian forces, prosecutor says : worldnews ... "The Russians still use conscription. They stint on training. The Russian military is still officer centric. They use tactics that havent changed since World War II.

Russia is demanding Norway pay over $4.4 million in compensation after 42 Norwegian reindeer wandered across the border : worldnews ...Special Grazing Operation.
Norway is rebuilding a reindeer fence at the border to stop the animals costly strolls into Russia

Ukraine Can Join NATO Once Borders Are Stable, Czech Envoy Says : worldnews

Rzeszow: Legionnaires disease kills 14 in Poland

Lithuania summons Vatican ambassador after Pope Francis praises Russian Empire : worldnews

Germany agrees corporate tax cuts to stimulate economy
German far right shows an unlikely affinity for Communist China : worldnews
German cabinet OKs landmark bill over legal cannabis use : worldnews

Avoid getting drunk: row erupts over rape comments by Italy PMs partner

Spain must break pact of silence over sexism, equality minister says

Macron slams two-term limit on French presidency as damnable bullshit

US embassy in Haiti urges citizens to leave country as soon as possible

AP Report on Right-Wing 'Project 2025' Exposes the Poison of American Conservatism At this point, 'Republican" is just the name on the label, right there next to the yellow sticker with the skull and crossbones.

Bidens marijuana review process recommends DEA move weed to Schedule III: The recommendation is the result of a yearlong review initiated by the president.

Biden administration cancels $72 million in student debt for more than 2,300 borrowers : politics

Clarence Thomas officially discloses private trips on GOP donor Harlan Crows plane
Justice Thomas details jet travel, property deal with billionaire - Supreme Court justice reports three trips on Harlan Crow's private jet in 2022, says one was for security reasons after leak of abortion ruling
The highly selective formalism of Clarence Thomas - Lawyers, Guns & Money When one of these hacks appears in a public forum to complain that the Supreme Court is losing public legitimacy, the only response can be "not nearly enough"

Greene calls McConnell unfit for office after 2nd freeze-up : politics
GOP senators weigh specialmeeting on their leadership after McConnells freeze
Ingraham Wants Mitch McConnell to Resign Just So She Can Keep Calling Biden Decrepit
Mitch McConnells untenable silence

Donald Trumps Georgia Trial on RICO Charges to Livestream on YouTube, Judge Rules

Trump launched an ambitious effort to end HIV. House Republicans want to defund it. : politics

Mark Meadows Is a Warning About a Second Trump Term : politics

The Key Players in Trumps Plot to Upend the Election, Mapped

Donald Trump vows to lock up political enemies if he returns to White House : politics
Trump posts a staggering 31 videos ranting at political opponents in one day : politics

Trump told NY officials he was too busy saving the world from nuclear holocaust to commit business fraud
Trump rambled so much in a NY fraud-case deposition, a lawyer griped, were going to be here until midnight

Trump is running out of other peoples money to pay lawyers. Save America PAC is almost broke

Rudy Giuliani Literally Cant Afford to Be Defaming People

Attempt to keep Terrible Tangelo in the White House earns Joseph Biggs 17 years in the big house - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Proud Boys Joe Biggs, Zachary Rehl Sentenced For Jan. 6 Plot | HuffPost Latest News Biggs, an Army veteran and former Infowars correspondent, was sentenced to 17 years for seditious conspiracy. Rehl was sentenced to 15 years.

House Oversight Democrats ask GOP to subpoena Affinity Partners, Jared Kushners $3 billion Saudi-backed private equity fund

From Trump to Vivek: The GOP Is Primed for Another Charismatic Phony : politics

How did we get here? The dumbing of America, from Reagan to Trump and beyond Every Trump tantrum makes headlines, while the actual presidents work is ignored. This is Reagans legacy

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on How Shes Changed
AOC says the left is bewildered by power because they were not used to having it for years in the US

Ron DeSantis Sparks Fury With You Loot, We ShootHurricane Warning

Ted Cruzs beer stunt sparks avalanche of jokes, mockery
Ted Cruz Might Be the Most Gullible Person on the Internet : politics

A Texas judge has declared unconstitutional a law championed by Gov. Greg Abbott that limits the power of Democrat-led cities : politics
Greg Abbott Gets the Swift Kick In the Jewels He So Richly Deserves - A district court judge has declared his "Death Star" law unconstitutional.
Texas is about to shut down an election office in a heavily Democratic county that includes Houston less than two months before the city's mayoral election : politics
Texas Supreme Court allows ban on gender-affirming care for most minors to take effect | CNN Politics

Stop the presses...we found the voter fraud. Yes, it was a Republican again : politics
Alabama State Rep. David Cole arrested on voter fraud charge Republican State Rep. David Cole of Madison is accused of fraudulently voting at multiple or unauthorized locations

MAGA State Senator Goes There: Do You Want a CivilWar?
MAGA State Senator Goes There: Do You Want a Civil War?Georgias far-right state Senator Colton Moore suggested that a civil war will break out when Donald Trump goes to trial for trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Alabama attorney general says he has right to prosecute people who facilitate travel for out-of-state abortions : politics
Alabama Attorney General to pursue legal action against fugitive uteruses - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Voters in one Iowa county reject GOP-appointed auditor who posted about 2020 election doubts : politics

Most overdoses involve bogus drugs sold illegally as painkillers or anti-anxiety medications, the CDC reported. Theyre often laced with deadly levels of fentanyl.

Court Rules in Pornhubs Favor in Finding Texas Age-Verification Law Violates First Amendment

Gordon Gees reckless spending spree will ruin many careersWest Virginia Universitys student population has been shrinking for years. Its proclivity to spend money has not.

Epsteins Calendar Contained Multiple Meetings With Peter Thiel
JPMorgan Flagged $1B in Suspicious Epstein Transactions to Treasury The U.S. Virgin Islands also alleged that there could be even more victims of the high-society sex trafficker ready to come forward.

Today in Scumbags - Lawyers, Guns & Money Elon again!

45 New Victims Allegedly IDd in Leaked Chats From Andrew Tates War Room

US driver pulled over with huge African bull riding shotgun in car | Nebraska | The Guardian

District of Massachusetts | Former North Shore Pizzeria Owner Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for COVID Fraud | United States Department of Justice

The salary a single person needs to get by in every U.S. state : massachusetts We went from the 4th highest to second highest in such a short time!Massachusetts: $87,909

Papyrologists date the fragment to the second century CE, making it one of the earliest examples of Christian writing, even before the formation of the New Testament.

What is Venuss tilt? Rotation? Is itupside down? How?

The Truman Show - How was it received when it originally premiered? Does anyone have personal experience/stories? : movies

People who have adult children that dont talk to you. Why do you think that is?


Scientists Warn 1 Billion People on Track to Die From Climate Change : worldnews

Greece struggles to contain Europes largest wildfire on record

Hurricane Idalia Roars Into Floridas Gulf Coast as Category 3 Storm
Hurricane Idalia makes landfall in Florida as Category 3 storm brings damage: Live updates Storm surge damage from the powerful hurricane could stretch about 200 miles along Floridas west coast.

First Canadian case of highly mutated COVID-19 virus variant BA.2.86 detected in B.C. : worldnews

Withheld Australian report has gut-wrenchingfacts on climate crisis

Japan baking under hottest summer temps in recorded history, with 106 heat records broken over the summer : worldnews

North Korea Repurposing Aging Fighter Jets as Kamikaze Drones: Report : worldnews

U.K. parliamentary report describes Taiwan as independent country

Putin struggles with falling ruble, rising prices as sanctions bite - The Washington Post
Russia will not probe Prigozhin plane crash under international rules - Reuters : worldnews
Kremlin says Prigozhin plane may have been downed on purpose : worldnews
Russia denies Brazils participation in investigation of Prigozhins plane crash

Russia has right to war with each and every NATO country -- Medvedev

Four Il-76 airlifters confirmed as destroyed in Russia's Pskov
Ukraine war: Drone attack; hits airport in northwest Russia city of Pskov
Russia sees biggest drone assault on its own territory since invading Ukraine, as Kyiv strikes back through the skies : worldnews

Documents show Putins order to move superyacht before Ukraine invasion

Hundreds of Russian soldiers are going AWOL and refusing to fight as morale plummets, UK intelligence says : worldnews
POW reveals lack of drinking water, logistics supplies, other issues in Russian army : worldnews

Russia earns less from oil and spends more on war. So far, sanctions are working like a slow poison : worldnews

Map shows seven military coups in sub-Saharan Africa over two years

Gabon military officers claim power, say election lacked credibility : worldnews - The same family has been in power in Gabon for decades, with the current president of 14 years, Ali Bongo, being re-elected with 64% of the vote.
Gabon military officers announce they have seized power : worldnews
Coup in Gabon? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Police raid suspected gay wedding in Nigeria and arrest more than 200 people : worldnews

Female mayor attacked by ultra-Orthodox mob in religious Israeli city : worldnews (Jewiban)

US Announces $250 Million fresh Military Aid For Ukraine : worldnews
Pentagon says it has enough money for military assistance to Ukraine : worldnews
2 killed in Kyiv as Russia accuses Ukraine of biggest drone attack on its soil since fighting began
Ukraine blasts Pope Francis address to Russian youth as imperialist propaganda
Like I said, Ukraine continues to violate Putins supposed red lines with impunity. Theres a lesson here for Biden who remains too cautious in providing aid to Kyiv

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 553, Part 1 (Thread #699) : worldnews

Police receive over 93,000 reports of sexual violence committed by Russians : worldnews

Russia Sinks Line Of Ships To Protect Kerch Bridge : worldnews

Two Ukrainian Air Assault Brigades Are Flanking Russias Next Strongpoint On The Road To Melitopol

Ukraines military medical care has been superior to Russias, butthe lasting Soviet doctrine of simply throwing waves of soldiers at your enemies could help make up for it
Over 1,300 schools destroyed in Ukraine: Unicef : worldnews

Nagorno-Karabakh: People are fainting queuing up for bread

EU countries are completing work on projects that will allow to develop the capacity of the industry to produce more than 1 million ammunitions per year.

Russia and Iran suspected of disinformation campaign against Sweden : worldnews

Outcry in French town after woman prosecuted for walking topless : worldnews

Rishi Sunak faces a new conflict of interest over claims that his family in India could stand to benefit financially from trade talks with India : worldnews

Colombia adds non-binary gender option on passports : worldnews

Ottawa warns LGBTQ travellers they could be hit by U.S. state laws : worldnews

Replicator Is DoDs Big Play To Build Thousands Of Autonomous Weapons In Just Two Years

HHS Calls for Moving Marijuana to Lower-Risk US Drug Category - Bloomberg Change would remove drug from most restricted designation

Americas In Much Better Shape (at Home and Abroad) Than You Probably Think

Single people in Hawaii need to make an average of $112,411 to get by, a study has found. Heres how US living wages compare in the most expensive states ... 2. Massachusetts

Millions more workers would be entitled to overtime pay under a proposed Biden administration rule : politics

Sen. Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again at a Kentucky event
House conservatives flirt with shutdown: So be it

Recently indicted John Eastman is among those vouching for Clarence Thomas integrity
Indicted seditionists and torture enthusiasts agree: Clarence Thomass behavior is beyond reproach

Fulton County DA asks judge to expedite cases of all 19 defendants in Georgia : politics

Georgia Senate leader seeks ways to sanction tainted Willis over Trump charges
Trump may not attend arraignment in Fulton County - CBS News

Trump inflated net worth by $2.2 billion, NY attorney general alleges : politics

Trump Could Clinch the Nomination Before the G.O.P. Knows if Hes a Felon

Trump fundraising spikes after Fulton County mugshot, surpassing $20M in August | Fox News says funds will only be used for political, campaign activities, not to cover legal expenses
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Gushes Over Donald Trumps Mug Shot On Jesse Watters Show

Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming Georgia election workers, judge rules - POLITICO
Was Rudy rhymin and stealin elections in a drunken state? (Now with a defamation suit update)
Rudy Giulianis Manhattan apartment up for sale for $6.5m

Trump Defenses of Georgia Phone Call Are Strong Arguments Against Trump 2024 Campaign - we're delusional, we're unfathomably poorly informed, and we'd like to be put back in charge of the United States
Conservatives Plot To Dismantle U.S. Government, Replace With Trumps Vision

Lawsuit to disqualify Trump filed in New Hampshire : politics
Trump Supporters Flood N.H. Election Office with Calls After False Claims about Ballot Access : politics
Secretaries of state get ready for possible challenges to Trumps ballot access

Ex-Proud Boys leader stares down decades in prison for Jan. 6 case : politics

When I Tell You Nikki Haley Is Pathetic, Thats an Understatement

Florida GOP: College Board Marxists dont want students to learn about the many good things about chattel slavery

Madison County lawmaker David Cole arrested on illegal voting charge -

GOP lawmaker arrested again after domestic violence charges: report - Raw Story ... Young has since admitted that he undervalued Christ on the night he allegedly attacked his family.

Record-setting wildfires are burning across Louisiana, fueled by heat and drought

Trump County in Iowa Ousts Conspiracy Theorist, Elects Democrat Instead The election in Iowas Warren County offers major lessons for Democrats organizing in other red states

Exclusive: Walmart cuts pharmacist pay, hours while workload piles up : news

How One Citizen Fought Back Against a Cops Road RageA court said an off-duty police officer who pulled his gun on a motorist should be protected byqualified immunity -- But the victim wouldn't stand for it.

Social Media Is Dead: No One Is Posting on Instagram, TikTok Anymore Group chats and messaging apps killed it

Eschaton: Remember The Metaverse Remember what McKinsey had to say about it -- By 2030, the metaverse might see consumer spending reach $5 trillion, according to a new report from McKinsey & Company. -- That was just over two years ago.

James Webb Image of Whirlpool Galaxy Shows Detail Missed by Hubble

Quantum yin-yang shows two photons being entangled in real-time

Jinn - Wikipedia
What Are Jinn: The Arab Spirits Who Can Eat, Sleep, Have Sex, and Die

Praise Lilith, a Chill Demon Cast from Eden for Refusing Missionary Position

TIL the average Black American has roughly 1/4 European ancestry : todayilearned

Those older than 9/11/2001, where were you and what were you doing during the WTC attacks? : AskReddit

ELI5 - Why is it bad to use my water bottle for multiple days without washing it? : explainlikeimfive

What horrible thing happened to you as a kid and you didnt realise the severity of it until you got older?

TIL that when gangster Johnny Torrio left for Europe in 1925 and handed over his criminal empire to Al Capone, it was worth $1,169,184,000 a year in todays money.

FCC says too bad to ISPs complaining that listing every fee is too hard


ExxonMobil says world set to fail 2C global warming cap by 2050

Record low 2022 Antarctic sea ice led to catastrophic breeding failure of emperor penguins : worldnews

Climate activists target jets, yachts and golf in a string of global protests against luxury : worldnews

Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 strikes Bali Sea, Indonesia

Nazi salutes to be banned in Victoria [Australia] under new laws : worldnews

Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild.Return of takahe -- large, flightless bird to alpine slopes of the South Island marks a conservation victory in New Zealand

Resetting the Game in Northeast Asia - Lawyers, Guns & Money
All assembly lines at Toyota's auto plants in Japan have been shut down by computer problems. : worldnews All assembly lines at Toyotas auto plants in Japan have been shut down by computer problems

South Korea increases Ukraine aid to $394 mln for 2024 : worldnews

Kim Jong Un asks his military to be ready to smash US-led invasion plot : worldnews

China behind largest ever digital influence operation Groups linked with Chinas law enforcement peppered more than 50 social media platforms with pro-Beijing messages, Meta says.
Meta says it disrupted Chinese covert influence operation spanning various platforms : worldnews

Putin wont attend Prigozhins funeral - Kremlin
Wagners brutal, sadistic warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin gets the dignified burial he denied to his victims

Pope slammed for telling Russians to hold on to legacy of a great empire (later claims he wasn't telling them to invade, rape and kill a bunch of people)

FSB helicopter crashes in Russia: crew killed : worldnews

Trans women arrested and forced to confess in India

Report: Disturbing Surge in Afghan Female Suicides, Attempted Suicides

First Ugandan charged with aggravated homosexualitypunishable by death

More than 60 "gay suspects" detained at same-sex wedding in Nigeria : worldnews

Saudi Arabia: Man Sentenced to Death for Tweets : worldnews
Saudi Arabia reportedly sentences man to death for criticizing government on social media : worldnews

Russian Embassy Releases Map Recognizing Crimea as Ukraines
How Much Aid Has the U.S. Sent Ukraine? Here Are Six Charts. | Council on Foreign Relations

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 552, Part 1 (Thread #698) : worldnews

Ukraine: Australian High-Tech Cardboard Drones May Have Been Used in Spectacular Strike on Russian Airfield : worldnews

Ukrainian military destroy unique Russian radar station worth $200 million in Kherson Oblast : worldnews

Ukrainian children fall behind with no let-up in attacks on schools-UNICEF : worldnews

Finnish border officials use facial recognition software to nab Russian terrorism suspect : worldnews

French ban of abaya robes in schools draws applause, criticism : worldnews
France invests $1.5 billion for the 2024 Olympics in its effort to Clean up The Seine River in Paris for Aquatic Events and to Provide Residents with Areas to safely Swim in. : worldnews

London Is Now the Worlds Largest Low-Emissions Zone
Patients in England will be first to access seven-minute cancer treatment jab : worldnews
8,000-year-old encampment with tridents and war paint materials found in England B

Moscow helping cybercriminals operate with "near impunity": Canadian Cyber Centre : worldnews

Today in 1949: Nuclear War Becomes Possible - Lawyers, Guns & Money

FBI announces it has dismantled global network of hacked computers used in major fraud scheme | CNN Politics

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Florida Emergency Declaration : politics

Women working in Antarctica say they were left to fend for themselves against sexual harassers : news (+the Rape Corps)

Tubervilles hold on military promotions may put 650 officers in limbo by year's end

Kamala Harris touts strength of labor unions to build the middle class : politics

Biden administration unveils 10 drugs subject to Medicare price negotiations - The Washington Post
Biden Administration Adds Insulin To Drug Price Negotiation List In Major Blow To Big Pharma : politics
Opioid overdose antidote Narcan will be widely available over the counter next week : news

A shutdown wouldnt halt Trumps trials, so Republicans seek to rein in his prosecutors Federal criminal proceedings are exempted from shutdowns. But GOP House members want to use a must-pass funding bill to defund or limit law enforcement investigating Trump.

The testimony from Trumps White House chief of staff could change everything
Mark Meadows struggles to distance himself from Trumps plot

Retired Judge Spots Stunningly Stupid Move From Trumps Legal Team

Jack Smiths Team Grilled Witnesses About Rudy Giulianis Drinking
Prosecutors want to know how drunk Rudy Giuliani was when he was advising Trump on overturning the 2020 election : politics

Georgia Republican Says Trump Has Moral Compass ofAx Murderer

Conservatives are on a mission to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trumps vision

Jesus Wasnt a Pacifist: Training Christian Minutemen to Remove Domestic Enemies From Office

The Christian home-schooler who madeparental rights a GOP rallying cry | On a private call with Christian millionaires, home-schooling pioneer Michael Farris pushed for a strategy aimed at siphoning billions of tax dollars from public schools

Mike Pence: we need more executions to provide a deterrence to mass murder-suicides - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Pence-Founded Organization Spreads Lie Linking Abortion to Breast Cancer : politics

How Trumps Election Lies Left the Michigan G.O.P. Broken and Battered
Republicans in Michigan - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Its been festering in Florida: DeSantis accused of hypocrisy over response to racist shooting

Democrats walk out of House session after Rep. Jones silenced; Gallery cleared : politics ... A Black Democratic member was silenced for an "offense" that a white Republican member was not. Then a Republican claimed he had no idea why the Democrats all walked out. Republicans are all lying sacks of shit. (RACIST SHITS)

Abbotts Texas National Guard set up a secret spy operation and treated the border like it was the war in Iraq: whistleblowers
Mexican Man Shot by Texas National Guard Soldier Across Rio Grande

Kansas reporter files federal lawsuit against police chief who raided her newspapers office (

Airline Close Calls Happen Far More Often Than Previously Known - The New York Times

The terror state - Lawyers, Guns & Money This video of students jumping out of a window at the University of North Carolina illustrates how mass shootings or the possibility of them both create a kind of terror state, in which young people in particular are socialized to be afraid of being murdered randomly when at school or a supermarket or other public places:

The NYPD Denied Our Request for Body Camera Footage of a Friendly Fire Killing.Heres How We Got It Anyway.

$100M Settlement Reached in Suits Alleging Torture at Christian School : news ... A rich, well to do, white woman with money got 6 months for...sexual assault, starvation and torture of multiple children

Deepfake Video Phone Calls Could Be a Dangerous AI-Powered Scam - Bloomberg Cybersecurity researchers fear AI-powered hacks are on the verge of breaking out.

How Google made the world go viral - The Verge or two decades, Google Search was the invisible force that determined the ebb and flow of online content. Now, for the first time, its cultural relevance is in question.

Narcissists maintain their status through self-promotion and/or other-demotion. New study shows narcissists with higher (than lower) IQ are less likely to undermine the status of others. Possibly because they've achieved more in life and/or are more aware of the consequences of antagonism. : science

Nonfiction or academic reads that stuck with you?

Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi: Orientalism and the Mystical Marketplace: Arjana, Sophia Rose: 9781786077714: Books ... The author seems to posit that white westerners and the spiritual practices they engage in cannot have real connectedness to anything authentic and holy; while adherents of the Asian religions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam are the only people authentically capable of experiencing Eastern spirituality through the fixed canon of the religion they were born into
Buying Buddha, Selling Rumi: Orientalism and the Mystical Marketplace (by Sophia Rose Arjana) | American Journal of Islam and Society

What are horrific details of the World Wars nobody talks about? : AskReddit (rape rape and more rape)

Toad and Christopher's in Cambridge's Porter Square Have Been Sold; Toad's Space Will Remain a Music Club : CambridgeMA


Rare blue supermoon set to be on full display this week : worldnews

Despite promises made at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow to reduce fossil fuel subsidies, a report has shown that G20 nations poured a record 1.3 trillion into the fossil fuel industry in 2022

Oh my God: live worm found in Australian womans brain in world-first discovery

Businesses in Japan receive abusive calls from China after Fukushima water release : worldnews
Fukushima: Japan asks China to stop citizens making abusive calls : worldnews

North Korea to allow its citizens abroad to return home, a sign of further easing of pandemic curbs : worldnews

Chinas summer of climate destruction
Xi urges more work to control illegal religious activities in Xinjiang on surprise visit

The spiraling cost of war means growing economic pain for Russia : worldnews
Borrell told how EU sanctions affect the Russian economy - Borrell wrote in a blog that the Russian economy shrank by 2.1% in 2022: car production - by 48%, computers, electronics and optics - by 8%. Retail trade in the Russian Federation fell by 10%, and wholesale - by 17%. Compared to 2021, 58% of total EU imports from Russia were suspended in 2022

Kremlin thinks of Putins opponent for elections so he does not look old
Pope slammed for telling Russians to hold on to of a 'legacy' of a 'great empire' ... he inspires Russian youth to build an empire in 21th century.

American pharmaceutical company to discontinue supply of hepatitis C drug Zepatier to Russia : worldnews

Workshop in Berdiansk where Russians bring military equipment on fire : worldnews

Indonesian school shaves 14 girlshair over teachers hijab complaint.

US, Turkey hold largest military drills in seven years amid efforts to improve ties : worldnews

Islamic State group nearly doubled its Mali territory in under a year, UN says : worldnews

Iran rounds up activists and relatives of killed protesters ahead of Mahsa Amini anniversary : worldnews

Zelenskiy says he will propose tougher corruption measures this week : worldnews
Zelenskyy: Tax evasion cannot be covered up by using Armed Forces : worldnews
US to provide Ukraine with an Israeli model of security guarantees - Zelenskyy
Zelenskiy says elections could happen under fire if West helps : worldnews
Zelenskyy on war on Russia's territory: It carries a big risk that we will be left alone : worldnews
The coalition aiding #Ukraines fight against Russias invasion would not support Kyiv if it were to move the hostilities to Russian territory, President Zelensky said Sunday. I believe that this is a big risk, we will definitely be left alone
Ukraine may get F-16s soon - General Milley

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 551, Part 1 (Thread #697) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 28 August 2023

As Ukraines Counteroffensive Gains Momentum, Russia Is Deploying Some Of Its Last Good Reserves
Russia can mobilize another 450 thousand people - Budanov - Every month, 20,000-22,000 people are recruited into the army, but now we are talking about calling for additional hundreds of thousands of soldiers. By the way, in the fall of 2022, 350,000 people were recruited ... These figures testify to the real scale of losses among personnel in the war against Ukraine, which they want to hide. Unfortunately, if the Russian Federation brings so much cannon fodder again, Ukraine will also have to increase mobilization
Robotyne Officially Liberated, Ukraine Advancing Further : worldnews

US sanctions 11 Russians and 2 re-education facilities involved in forced transfer of Ukrainian kids : worldnews

Local businesses in Finland face serious financial difficulties as a result of the unpaid bills by upcoming AppleTV series Constellation : worldnews

Firefighters in Greece Are Struggling to Battle The E.U's Biggest Wildfire Ever Recorded

Heavy rainfall floods parts of Switzerland : worldnews

Hallstatt: Austrian town protests against mass tourism : worldnews
Austria is offering free public transportation for a year, but you have to get a specific tattoo first : worldnews

Drought puts Moroccos water infrastructure projects into overdrive

France to ban female students from wearing abayas in state schools : worldnews
Jewish man confesses to writing antisemitic graffiti on front of French restaurant : worldnews

Children reaching UK in small boats sent to jail for adult sex offenders : worldnews
Domestic slaves rescued from Londons richest streets
Chinese spy targeted thousands over LinkedIn

16 dead and 36 injured after bus carrying migrants and locals crashes in Mexico, officials say : worldnews
Illegal logging thrives in Mexico Citys forest-covered boroughs, as locals strive to plant trees

Weather that drove eastern Canadas devastating wildfires made twice aslikely by climate change

What the NLRB Decision Means - Lawyers, Guns & Money

If the U.S. economy is doing well, why do so many Americans say it's terrible?

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Climate deniers are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts : politics

GOP tensions between Senate, House raise shutdown odds : politics

Bernie Sanders: Progressives must unite behind Biden against Trump threat : politics
Biden is widely seen as too old for office, an AP-NORC poll finds. Trump has problems of his own ... Only a few years his junior, Donald Trump raises strikingly less concern about his age.

House Republican Calls Out Biden Impeachment: Theres No Evidence

Trumps Georgia case could get real quickly
The fight to protect Fani Willis from being removed is underway : politics
Jim Jordan is abusing his power. Fani Willis should call his bluff. Congress cant use its investigative power to engage in law enforcement. Yet thats exactly what Jordan is trying to do again.

Trump Trial Date Incoming: Federal Judge Poised To Name Start Day In Election Case : politics
Judge Chutkan hands Trump loss with trial date : politics
Judge Slates Trumps Federal Coup Trial for Heart of Primary Season
Trumps D.C. Trial Over Attempts to Overthrow Election Slated for March 2024, a Day Before Super Tuesday

How Trumps attacks on prosecutors build on history of using racist language and stereotypes

Trump Lawyer Claims Team Is Not Concerned About the 91 Charges Against Him

Trump furious as legal troubles hamper his PGA championship plans : politics

The Federalist Society's mugshots - by Lisa Needham Two members of Leonard Leos organization played a leading role in Trumps coup attempt and now face felonies for it.

August 2023 National Poll: Trump Debate Snub May Open Door for Other Candidateshalf of Republican Primary voters (50%) plan to vote for Donald Trump, the lowest support to date for the former President in Emerson national polls.
Trump drops 6 points in post-debate GOP poll : politics

"We call that kind of love a cult": Experts on the latest disturbing poll of Trump supporters - New poll reveals that members of the MAGA cult trust Trump most: He "provides the kind of love they crave" : politics
Republican Voters Arent Looking to Be Rescued From Trump

Journalism fails miserably at explaining what is really happening to America : politics

Republicans Are Wrong on Abortion and They Know It
Republicans have made it clear: No state is safe from abortion bans : politics

Young voters tend to lean Democrat. Conservatives are trying to win them over : politics

Biden denounces Jacksonville shooting: White supremacy has no place in America
Florida Lawmaker: DeSantis Has Blood On His Hands After Jacksonville Shooting
Crowd Boos Ron DeSantis at Jacksonville Shooting Prayer Vigil : politics
Trump Spreads "Roomer" That DeSantis Plans to End Campaign
The Real Story Behind Ron DeSantisNewest Fired ProsecutorRon DeSantis bragged at the GOP debate about firing two prosecutors in his state. His latest conquest is now speaking out .. In the latest instance, the governor did one sheriff a huge favor by firing Orlando-area State Attorney Monique Worrell just as she was about to crack down on a wide-ranging cover-up by deputies who, she says, were faking documents to hide lethal and abusive behavior.

Fact check: Audio debunks Vivek Ramaswamys false claim that he was misquoted about 9/11
Eminem Has Had Enough, Sends Cease and Desist to Vivek Ramaswamy: Eminem is fed up with the 2024 Republican candidate for using his music. : politics

Conservative Activist Joe The Plumber Dead at 49
Joe the Plumber, who questioned Obamas tax policies during the 2008 campaign, has died at 49 (could have had healhcare, but no + pancreatic cancer stories

Judge rules against religious parents stopping kids hearing LGBTQ+ storybooks : politics

Eschaton: Trapped In The Closet Of Your Own Construction Probably difficult to explain to The Kids today - though maybe not soon! - about how the closet functioned for gay people with or without power. Back in the day you could explain a guy like Matt Schlapp, if not sympathize, but then liberals made a better world for him and he said NO.
CPAC urged to probe more sexual misconduct claims against chair Matt Schlapp : A senior board member of CPAC's parent organization resigned as he urged more scrutiny of Schlapps alleged conduct

Fox News apologizes to Gold Star family after facing backlash over false story | CNN Business : news

Killing of Staunch GOP Activist in New Hampshire Under InvestigationAl -- exander Talcott

A Chicago Cop Is Accused of Lying Under Oath 44 Times. Now Prosecutors Are Dropping Cases That Relied on His Testimony. : politics

Sadistic California Cops Bragged About Violating Civil RightsFeds allege officers collected photos of K-9 attacks and crafted an American flag with spent munitions

South Carolina student shot trying to enter wrong house, police say - The Washington Post ... In addition, South Carolina does not require gun owners to obtain a license.

Going shopping is dead -- How stores sucked the fun out of an American pastime

How a Harvard Professor Became the Worlds Leading Alien HunterAvi Loeb single-minded search for extraterrestrial life has made him the most famous practicing astronomer in the country and possibly the most controversial.

The "need for chaos" is linked to the sharing of conspiracy theories, study finds : science

Archeologists unearth 3,000-year-old priestly tomb in northern Peru : worldnews

James Webb Space Telescope reveals the colorful Ring Nebula in exquisite detail : technology


At least three US marines dead, 20 injured in Australia joint training helicopter crash : worldnews

South Korea exports down 16.5 percent so far in August, continuing the downward trend since last October : worldnews

Taiwan sends warning about discussing sensitive topics in China : worldnews

China is launching an unprecedented crackdown on corruption in its health industry as economic woes pile up

Russia has no resources, except for human, to continue war

Prigozhin confirmed dead after genetic testing - Moscow
Second plane had no connection to Wagner group, operator says : worldnews

Al Jazeera journalist attacked near Wagner center in Russia
Russian neo-Nazi group refuses to fight in Ukraine, accusing Kremlin of abandoning its leader : worldnews

Russians say drone crashes into high-rise building in Kursk : worldnews

India teacher investigated for telling pupils to slap Muslim peer : worldnews

Taliban-ruled Afghanistan now has worlds second most displaced persons after Syria
Taliban ban women from visiting major national park : worldnews
I Feel Suffocated: Taliban Intensifies Clampdown On Music In Afghanistan

TIL: One of the largest cult suicides in history happened a few months ago. Over 400 confirmed deaths with 600 reported missing. : todayilearned - Kenya

Turkeys lira sinks further as currency protection scheme changes

Russia uses social media channels to exploit Niger coup : worldnews

UN experts challenge Saudi Aramco over climate change : worldnews
U.S. Knew Saudis Were Killing African Migrants : worldnews
Saudi Arabian Mass Killings of Ethiopian Migrants at the Yemen-Saudi Border : worldnews

Jewish heritage discovered in Iraqi building once owned by Saddam Hussein : worldnews
Rising threat to LGBT Iraqis as death penalty considered by MPs : worldnews

Senior Hamas official threatens regional war if Israel resumes targeted killings

Zelenskyy announces ''rich September'': Ukraine will be heard by Global South : worldnews
Ukraine will speed up advance on southern front, commander says : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 550, Part 1 (Thread #696) : worldnews

Eastern Grouping: Russia ramps up offensive towards Lyman, Kupiansk with over 100,000 troops. Russia has concentrated over 100,000 troops in the Kupiansk-Lyman direction of the front, Eastern Force Grouping press officer Illia Yevlash said on Aug. 27.
Aug 27, 2023: Update 2 on the Robotyne AO, Tokmak Axis, Zaporizhia Oblast, UkraineRussian mil-bloggers are reporting that the AFU has broken through to Verbove. If true, this is the 46th Airmobile Brigade and it is huge in many ways especially combined with the AFU report that the 82nd Air Assault Brigade has also moved on Novoprokopivka. This means the main lines of the Russian defenses in the sector have been breached.

2) Wagner fought relatively well at Bakhmut, and with some real aggression. If the Ukrainians had abandoned Bakhmut, it would have preserved large number of Wagner forces, allowed them to recruit more, all of whom would be fighting Ukrainians now. Russia would have real reserves.
Should also add, that in crippling Wagner and helping precipitate the mutiny, fighting for Bakhmut also ended up with Putin strengthening the positions of Shoigu and Gerasimov (who have performed poorly) and getting rid of Surovikin, who seems considerably more competent
So, in fighting for Bakhmut, the Ukrainians broke Wagner, helped precipitate the violent breakdown between Prigozhin and Putin, has deprived Russia of a large reserve force now, and deprived Russia of more resources to have dug in. It was a hard choice, but worth it.

Russian held in Finland said to be key figure in far-right Wagner affiliate : worldnews

Massive explosion at LPG station in Bucharest, Romania | Al Bawaba : worldnews

Polish police refutes fake story about "fight between Poles and Ukrainians" in Warsaw : worldnews

Desperation is turning the Mediterranean into a watery grave. This is what the ABC found on a secret trip : worldnews

Two Swiss accused of planting explosives to intimidate the rich | The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG) has accused two Swiss men of carrying out a bomb attack in Basel last year. They also allegedly tried to buy explosives in Stuttgart, Germany. : worldnews

Almost 100 Leopard 1s stored in the open in Italy as Switzerland blocked their transfer to Ukraine : worldnews

Germany: Man smears dog feces on far-right AfD politician : worldnews

Students will no longer be allowed to wear the long, flowing dress known as the abaya in classrooms.

Wanted in Hong Kong, self-exiled activists in Britain decry harassment

Bahamas government unveils proposal to legalize marijuana for medical, religious and scientific use : worldnews

Canada has game plan if U.S. takes far-right, authoritarian shift - Canada is watching next years presidential elections closely, says Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly

2024 Republicans want to eliminate the Education Department. What would that look like? : politics

Religious Right Legal Group Says SCOTUS Can Use Its Case to Overturn Marriage Equality : politics

Christian Leader Warns Trump Allies Hijacked Name of Jesus

Democrats Mobilize Early to Combat Misinformation Among Latino Voters in 2024 : politics

Eight in 10 LGBTQ+ Americans fear for safety as bigotry sweeps nation, study finds. New data has revealed the staggering pressure LGBTQ+ Americans are under following the wave of homophobic and transphobic legislation that has swept US states. : politics

Democrats tout 'junk fees' reforms, believe it can translate to 2024 wins : politics

National Organization for Women endorses Biden reelection campaign : politics

Trump ineligible for presidency because of his role in insurrection, lawsuit says : politics

Trump Campaign Reports Raising More Than $7 Million After Georgia Booking : politics
Psaki says Trump mug shot will backfire in 2024: Images are more persuasive than anything)
Trump's mug shot strategy: He posted it on X for clicks : politics

Sure, Trumpl's Mug Shot Is Ludicrous. But the Best One Belongs to Someone Else. Now updated with the full set! ... Sidney Powell

Donald Trump committed a crime, over 60 percent of voters say : politics
Majority of Americans Want Trump Trial Before 2024 Election: Poll - 51% of independents think the former president should do prison time, if convicted. : politics

Former Trump Voters Turn Against Him: Anybody Else Would Be in Jail
Americans dont view all of Trumps indictments equally

Why does Trump tell obviously false lies? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fear is the Mind Killer... of Liberalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Real Threat to U.S. Democracy isnt Trump, its Hysterical Liberals

Ramaswamy: cult-like LGBTQ community threatens modern order
Fact-Checking Vivek Ramaswamy on the Campaign Trail : politics

Nikki Haley: 65 Is Way Too Low for Retirement Age
66% of Americans want European-style vacation policies, like being OOO for the entire month of August : politics

The woman behind DeSantis story of abortion survivor Penny

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a seismic shift

The edgelord of the federal judiciary: Imagine a Breitbart comments forum come to life and given immense power over innocent people. Thats Judge James Ho.

Wisconsin Supreme Court flips liberal, creating a seismic shift

He became the first Black mayor of a rural Alabama town. Then a white minority locked him out : politics

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp called to publicly oppose sanctions against DA in Trump case : politics

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson sues automakers as car theft crisis gets worse ... This issue was due to deliberate cost cutting by Kia and Hyundai. And their first solution was to offer customers wheel locks and ad hoc anti theft devices. They insulted their customers with band aid solutions, and now theyre going to pay out $200 million dollars

Oklahomas extremist superintendent became the states top culture warrior.

A Washington Special Education School That Was Accused of Harming Kids Is Now Barred From Taking New Students : politics

Ryan Palmeter killed Blacks in Jacksonville hate crime at Dollar General ... disgusting ideology of hate motivated him to kill three Black people as 21-year-old Ryan Christopher Palmeter of Orange Park.
Jacksonville, Florida shooting: Dollar General gunman legally bought weapons used in racially motivated attack, sheriff says | CNN
Gov. DeSantis booed at Jacksonville prayer vigil for victims of mass shooting : politics

Silicon Valley elites revealed as buyers of $800m of land to build utopian city : politics

FAA investigates 5,000 pilots suspected of hiding serious health issues - The Washington Post


SpaceX, NASA launch four astronauts from four countries : worldnews

Growing number of countries consider making ecocide a crime : worldnews

Catastrophic breeding failurefor penguins as Antarctic sea ice vanishes: Lack of sea ice around the Bellingshausen Sea led to breeding failure in 4 of 5 emperor penguin colonies

New global biodiversity fund to restore nature worldwide by 2030 officially launches : worldnews

Scientific journal retracts article that claimed no evidence of climate crisis : worldnews ... Every one of these authors is a particle physicist and has no connection to Climatology. Weird.

Japan, U.S., Australia, Philippines conduct joint naval drills : worldnews

Seouls mayor vowed to increase the number of surveillance cameras after rape, murder case

China sends aircraft, vessels toward Taiwan days after US arms sale approval : worldnews

Kremlin denies it was behind the Prigozhin plane crash : worldnews
Pro-Kyiv Russians urge Wagner Group to revenge Prigozhins death
Wagner is being purged from Russian history. The graves of Prigozhins war criminals are being wiped away.

Moscow was again forced to shut down its major airports after Ukraine drones again targeted Russias capital

Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners : worldnews

De-dollarization still a long way off, Indian Oil and Gas Minister says after BRICS talk of a common currency. : worldnews

Mother is arrested in Bangladesh after son in the U.S. criticizes government online : worldnews

Ill be tortured ifIm sent back home, because Im white says South African woman who stole R9m ($500k) from US government

Ukraine's army has broken through the first line of Russian defense in bloody, long, and slow counteroffensive, US Gen. Milley says
Top US general says Ukrainian forces have broken through Russian main lines of defense in some areas : worldnews
Kyiv Confirms Black Sea Fleet Attack, Warns Moscow of More Surprises
Ukrainians continuing to fire back at their critics, either anonymous or in the analytic community. Gen Syrskyi slams those analystscalling for Ukraine to weaken the East.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 549, Part 1 (Thread #695) : worldnews

Ukrainians seem to have broken through the first line of defense of the occupiers in the south
Tokmak? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile system in Crimea destroyed with Ukrainian missile

They mined a toy

On 26 August, the Liberian-flagged bulk carrier Primus left the port of Odesa through the temporary Black Sea corridor - This is the second vessel to sail through the Ukrainian sea corridor after Russia's withdrawal from the Grain Deal on 17 July

Wagner group says one of its top fighters detained in Finland : worldnews

Estonias pro-Ukrainian PM faces pressure to quit over husbands indirect Russian business links | AP News

Opposition criticised for using AI-generated deepfake voice of PM in Polish election ad : worldnews

Southern Switzerland hit with golf ball-sized hailstones | The Italian-speaking canton of Ticino experienced storms with heavy hail on Friday evening. Some of the hailstones had a diameter of up to 4 centimeters. : worldnews

French government to spend $216 million to destroy excess wine as younger consumers drink less alcohol : worldnews

Brazil high court rules homophobia punishable by prison : worldnews

Argentinas Top Presidential Candidates Reject BRICS Membership

Nicaraguan government bans Jesuit order and says all its property will be confiscated | AP News The move comes one week after the government of President Daniel Ortega confiscated the Jesuit-run University of Central America in Nicaragua, arguing it was a center of terrorism.
Nicaragua bans Jesuits and seizes all of their assets. : worldnews

Chinas Xi vows to support Cuba in defending its national sovereignty

Canada in the Year 2060 - Summers lost to fire and smoke. Biblical floods. Dying forests. Retreating coasts. Economic turmoil and political unrest. Its going to be a weird century.

Declassifying the Pinochet Coup - Lawyers, Guns & Money This ought to be well worth exploring. The American government has declassified information about the 1973 Pinochet coup in Chile, opening up information on just what the Nixon administration knew, when they knew it, and what they did to make it happen.- I hope the administration will reinforce its commitment to transparency by releasing all the documents that, inexplicably, remain secret after all this time

Companies That Union-Bust Must Now Automatically Recognize Union, NLRB Rules : politics
What a Biden Appointed NLRB Will Do For You - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Warped history: how the US supreme court justified gutting gay rights

"Hit list": Trump grand jurors face violent threats after names and addresses shared on QAnon forums : politics

Trump Can and Should Be Disqualified From Running for President Under the 14th Amendment : politics

No, Donald Trump Is Not 6" 3' and 215 Pounds -Behind Donald Trumps most outlandish lie
GOP-backed groups fundraising off of Trump mug shot merchandise | The Hill

California judge shoots down Eastman bid to postpone disbarment proceedings - POLITICO latest setback for the attorney as he fights to preserve his law license while facing felony charges in Georgia.
Eastman and Down: Charges in Atlanta, Disbarment in Sacramenta - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump codefendants face mounting legal bills after Georgia indictment

Peak Murcs law? ... Guess which of Americas two actual political parties is mentioned exactly zero times in this piece? (NYT)

Florida Right to Rock bill would bar venues from cancelling shows based on politics
Florida schools got hundreds of book complaints mostly from 2 people

Breaking! Bob Menendez may not be on the level - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How a small-town feud in Kansas sent a shock through American journalism - The Washington Post A police raid without precedent on a weekly newspaper alarmed First Amendment advocates. The real story of how it happened, though, is rooted in the roiling tensions and complex history of a few key community members.

3 people dead after racially-motivated shooting at store on Kings Road: SheriffJSO confirms shooter died from self-inflicted gunshot

Mass. community college plan to cover tuition brings relief, hope

Harvard University police had highest number, with 77 complaints

Werner Herzog on the Mysteries of Pittsburgh | The New Yorker

Doctors shouldn't be overcharged for electronic payments - Technology meant to save the system money is costing doctors money and lining insurers pockets.

Moral psychologist Amrisha Vaish argues that Freud was wrong: infants are not born selfish and morals are not (just) internalised social norms. Rather, human morality grows from feelings such as empathy, gratitude, and guilt. These emerge naturally in early childhood. : philosophy

Buddhism isnt a philosophy; its a religion. Many justify their belief in Buddhism by arguing it is a secular, non-theistic philosophy but with its belief in superpowers, rebirth, gods and ghosts and its own history of violence Buddhism is very much a religion

Hegel: A Complete Guide to History : philosophy


NASA Shares First Images from US Pollution-Monitoring Instrument : technology

ELI5: What were to happen if a majority of the polar ice caps melted? : explainlikeimfive - The estimate right now would be that the sea level would rise 70 meters. We wouldn't be on a water world scenario, but it would be pretty bad. You can see here how it would look like if you input 70 meters.

Emperor penguins: thousands of chicks in Antarctica die due to record-low sea ice levels : worldnews -- The sea-ice underneath the chicks melted and broke apart before they could develop the waterproof feathers needed to swim in the ocean. The birds most likely drowned or froze to death.
The sea ice around Antarctica is melting, and with it, the habitat of baby emperor penguins : worldnews

Carbon credit speculators could lose billions as offsets deemed worthlessMany credits in the voluntary market going unused, with study finding some offsetting could make global heating worse

Scientists drill into Greenland ice sheet for rocks to gauge future melting - Washington Post

Maui fire: Hawaiian Electric faces scrutiny for handling of evidence - The Washington Post The utility removed damaged poles, lines and other equipment from where the Lahaina fire reportedly started, documents show, before investigators were able to view the scene
Hawaii names 388 people still unaccounted for after Maui fire - The Washington Post

U.S. COVID hospitalizations climb 22% this week and the CDC predicts further increases as new variants spread

New COVID variant BA.2.86 spreading in the U.S. in August 2023. Here are key facts experts want you to know. - CBS Philadelphia

Fukushima: Discharge from Japan nuclear plant safe, tests show : worldnews
Tritium not detected in samples from waters off Fukushima plant : worldnews
U.S. ambassador to Japan will publicly eat Fukushima fish amid radioactive water release outrage : worldnews

Half measures - Lawyers, Guns & Money Good summary of the current state of political play in Russia, from a knowledgable journalist:
Putins Deadly Revenge on Prigozhinwont address the deeper sources of stress affecting the Russian Presidents grip on power.

Putin will not personally attend G20 summit in India: Kremlin spokesman : worldnews

Kremlin denies role in plane crash believed to have killed Wagner Group leader : worldnews
Vladimir Putin probably approved Yevgeny Prigozhins killing, say US, UK
Putin says Prigozhin was talented man whomade serious mistakes in first comments since plane crash
Putin sends condolences to family after Prigozhin death in plane crash
Prigozhins Body Identified in Morgue by Missing Finger: Report
Wagner Group cemetery in Russia levelled to the ground : worldnews
Days after Wagner chief Prigozhins reported death, Putin demands mercenaries swear allegiance to Russia

US intelligence assessment shows intentionally caused explosion crashed Wagner chiefs plane
Flight Attendant on Prigozhins Jet Reported Strange Repairs
WSJ: US officials do not believe air defense shot down Prigozhin plane. The plane crash which allegedly killed Russian warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin was likely caused by a bomb onboard or some other form of sabotage

Top Russian general who vanished after Wagner rebellion fired as head of aerospace forces : worldnews

Russia considers mobilising another 450,000 people

Heineken exits Russia with one-euro sale of operations : worldnews

PM Modi concerned bigger BRICS will turn bloc into China mouthpiece sets rules for new entrants

Brother of prominent Saudi scholar sentenced to death over tweets : worldnews

Syria: Protests over growing economic hardship spread in south : worldnews

Xi Jinping and Iranian president vow to work together to strengthen multilateral alliances : worldnews

Lebanon LGBTQ+ bar attack: Victims unsure they would make it out alive after extremist incident ... after a right-wing religious group laid siege to the venue. ~ militant group Jnoud El-Rab also known as the Soldiers of God

Dont be a racist: Hundreds protest at West Bank home of Finance Minister Smotrich - Demonstrators from Brothers in Arms group say Religious Zionism head supports violent settlers and has forgotten commandments

President Biden on X: "I spoke with my friend President Zelenskyy today to wish him and the people of Ukraine a happy Independence Day. May today be a reminder that the forces of darkness and dominion will never extinguish the flame of liberty that lives in the heart of free people everywhere." / X
Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian Armed Forces tells US officials Ukraine is on the cusp of breakthrough : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 548, Part 1 (Thread #694) : worldnews

#Ukraines offensive push is far from over. In fact, it is still in the early stages just 10 weeks into what is likely to last at least four more months
ISW on X: "Ukrainian forces continued counteroffensive operations in the #Bakhmut direction on August 24 and advanced north of Bakhmut. Geolocated footage published on August 24 indicates that UKR forces advanced west of Zaliznyanske (12km NW of Bakhmut)." / X
Ukraines Counteroffensive Has Broken Through Robotyne
Ukrainian forces appear to widen breach of Russian defenses on southern front lines : worldnews

Daring Ukraine Commando Raid on Kremlin Radar Site Confirmed, More Crimea Strikes Likely : worldnews
Ukraine says it landed troops on the shores of Russian-occupied Crimea

Ukraines home-grown sea drones have paralyzed the activity of Russias Black Sea Fleetand are now in mass production: Budanov30-40% hit their targetTheir ships never go north of SevastopolOne mighty Ukrainian sea drone exploding 100 m from the Russian frigate Admiral Essen caused a blast so powerful it knocked the warship out of commission for 3 1/2 months

Today the US announced its imposing sanctions & visa restrictions on 2 entities & numerous people involved in Russias forced abduction of Ukrainian children and other human rights abuses against Ukrainian minors. https://

The Loss of RFS Moskva - Lawyers, Guns & Money Great, detailed article at the Economist about the destruction of the Russian cruiser Moskva (apologies for the paywall, but the world is thus and we must live in the world):

Ukrainian border guards confirm Wagnerites leaving Belarus : worldnews

We dont want to join Russia, breakaway Georgian region warns

Armenians are in danger as the world looks the other way : worldnews

Norway Is Dropping Nearly $350K To Prevent 1 Animal From Stepping Foot In Russia : worldnews - 1 animal species - Reindeer.

Denmark to Block Koran Burnings With New Law on Holy Objects : worldnews

Greece wildfires: Minister calls out arsonist scum as 79 arrests made

Scholz pushes expansion of geothermal energy in Germany : worldnews

Switzerland: Record heat of 39.3C (103F) in Geneva : worldnews

Fight against fake cheese goes high-tech with microtransponders on Parmesan : worldnews ... Americans can thank Kraft and their sawdust "cheese" for this nonsense.

Elections of the last few days: Guatemala, Zimbabwe - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ecuadors Government Plans to Keep Drilling in National Park, Despite Vote on Ban

Official leading search for thousands of missing people in Mexico resigns : worldnews

Fear and conspiracy theories ignite amid Canadas wildfires ... space lasers, arsonists and government plots to restrict peoples movement are some of the causes of the fires, according to fringe online circles. But despite being fringe, these theories are widely circulated and boosted by social media algorithms.
Man behind Canadian self-harm websites linked to 88 deaths in the U.K. : worldnews
88 UK deaths linked to Canada poison seller
Canada: 14 whales have died at aquarium since 2019
Terrorized to death: Animal advocates call for ban on dog hunting enclosures in Ontario

GOP talk of military action in Mexico sparks dire warnings : politics

Newly declassified US intel claims Russia is laundering propaganda through unwitting Westerners | CNN Politics

US fighter jets intercept aircraft violating airspace near where Biden is vacationing in Lake Tahoe | CNN Politics

US thinktank linked to billionaires behind supreme court wealth tax case lobbying : politics

Inflation: Progress and the Path Ahead - Chair Jerome H. Powell
Why the Stock Market's Summer Doldrums Are Not a Problem - After a fierce rally largely propelled by a handful of tech stocks, the market's rapid climb stalled in August. That setback could ultimately be a good thing, our columnist says.

Biden chuckles over Trumps mugshot: Handsome guy. Wonderful guy
Meanwhile, in the oval office

Discussion Thread: Trump Booked at the Fulton County Jail : politics

Donald Trumps Mug Shot Released, a Historic First for Any U.S. President
Trump Finally Gets His Humiliating Mugshot Moment : politics
Trump scowls in historic mug shot after arrest at Fulton County Jail : politics
Trumps mugshot made public by Fulton County jail after arrest
Donald Trump Reveals Being Inside Jail WasTerrible Experience
One image, one face, one American moment: The Donald Trump mug shot | AP News
Presumed guilty - Lawyers, Guns & Money Here are a couple of good comments about what will forever be the most famous photograph of Donald Trump:
Eschaton: Greatest. President. Ever. Can't wait!

Georgia Republicans Say Theyll Move to Remove Fulton County DA Fani Willis From Office With New State Law - Nothing says totally innocent like having your friends fire the person investigating you for all your EXTREMELY WELL DOCUMENTED CRIMES

Sarah Palin Says Civil War Is Going to HappenAfter Trumps Arrest
Sarah Palin Says Civil War Is Going to Happen After Trumps Arrest ... Another traitor
Sarah Palin Warns Civil War Is Going to Happen After Trump Arrest: This kind of rhetoric is beyond dangerous in a time of rising political violence.
Donald Trump Sold Mar-a-Lago Before Arrest, Listing Reveals : politics ... To a shell company owned by his oldest son. What a grift ... Imagine if Biden had transferred a house to Hunter

How Jack Smith May Charge Trump PAC with Fraudulent Fundraising Within the Bounds of First Amendment : politics

Donald Trump Using Bail Bondsman Rings Alarm Bells About His Finances : politics

Lock Him Up? A New Poll Has Some Bad News for Trump : politics ... Can we just refer to him as P01135809 and not by name any more?
Lock Him Up? A New Poll Has Some Bad News for Trump - POLITICO ... About half of the country believes Trump is guilty in the pending prosecutions

Arizona Prosecutors Are Probing Rudy Giuliani's Role as Fake-Elector Kingpin - State investigators have also started gathering information on Trump's personal involvement in the plot
Four More Defendants Surrender in Georgia Election Probe : politics
Harrison Floyd, Trumps only ally who will spend time in jail, surrenders
Kanyes Ex-Publicist Among Slew of Last-Minute Surrenders in Georgia

Trump Co-Defendants Risky Gamble Backfires in Georgia ... After co-defendant Kenneth Chesebro demanded on Wednesday that he get a speedy trial, Willis appears to have called his bluff, saying shed be more than happy to put all 19 defendants on trial from Oct. 23, 2023just eight weeks away ... F around, F out.

The Georgia election case against Donald Trump and 18 others is about to get ugly. Heres why.

CPAC vice chair resigns amid turmoil : Charlie Gerow is calling for investigations into the group's top leader and its financial practices.

Judge rejects argument by abortion pill maker that state bans violates Constitution - ABC News GenBioPro claimed West Virginia's ban on mifepristone was at odds with the FDA.

Split ballot board approves reproductive rights amendment summary written by Ohio Sec. of State - Ohio Capital Journal In a 3-2 decision, the Ohio Ballot Board rejected using the full amendment proposal text for voters to see, and the approved summary language leaves out protecting contraception, fertility treatment and miscarriage care ... In the summary language approved by the board, the medical term fetus is changed to unborn child,
Ohio Republicans are anti-democracy addicts - Lawyers, Guns & Money Having failed to pass their initiative to require a supermajority for future initiatives in order to protect their substantively horrible and highly unpopular ban on abortion, the Ohio GOP is mangling the language of the initiative that will appear at the ballot box:

Deadly storm leaves hundreds of thousands without power in Michigan | The Hill

Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Rep. Ayanna Pressley And Ibram X. Kendi Part Of Modern KKK

Community college is now free for Mass. residents 25 and older. Millions qualify : politics

Following Elon Musk's lead, Big Tech is surrendering to disinformation -Facebook and YouTube are receding from their role as watchdogs against conspiracy theories ahead of the 2024 presidential election

Justice Department sues SpaceX, alleging discriminatory hiring practices | CNN : worldnews

eli5, why is the acid scale going from 0-14? : explainlikeimfive

Eli5: If the Sun were to explode, would we feel anything? Or would it be extremely fast? : explainlikeimfive (+lethal neutrinos)

A new dementia risk score calculator, based on 11 risk factors, identifies people potentially at risk of developing the disease within the next 14 years

Neolithic Shell Dragon Discovered in Inner-Mongolia : worldnews

A mysterious 40,000-year-old hip bone suggests human ancestors and Neanderthals shared a cave and perhaps a culture

This scholar is pulling back the curtain on race in Shakespeare - The Washington Post Farah Karim-Cooper argues that the Bard has a race problem.

Kara Swisher talks chronicling the rise of the internet ,,, I believe the first webpage was in 1993. I remember using email through a BBS in Cambridge called Channel One if I remember correctly


Tropical forests nearing critical temperatures thresholds : worldnews

Some emperor penguin sites experienced 'total breeding failure' because of sea ice loss

Maui wildfires and Tropical Storm Hilary are climate change omens rguing that human beings can simply adapt to climate change suggests the climate will stop changing.

Lockdowns and face masks unequivocally cut spread of Covid, report finds

Hacked Records Corroborate Claims in Hydroxychloroquine Wrongful Death Suit Jeremy Parker died soon after taking the drug, which was prescribed to him by a physician with the anti-vaccine group Americas Frontline Doctors.

Malka Leifer: Israeli ex-principal jailed for sexually abusing Australian students : worldnews

Asias poor grew by 68 million people after pandemic, report says

Japans Fukushima nuclear plant will discharge wastewater into the Pacific: What you need to know
China bans Japanese seafood after Fukushima wastewater release : worldnews
2 men arrested for sending bomb threat to Tokyo college, suspected of sending over 300,000 similar faxes to other schools, firms and local governments across Japan : worldnews

Man flees China on water scooter, crossing 200 miles of sea to S. Korea : worldnews
Korea plans to revive police conscription to fight crime : worldnews ... Youll probably get less unhinged ego-driven psychos this way too. Maybe politicians should be conscripted too now that I think about it

North Korea says its spy satellite launch has failed, again : worldnews

US approves new $500M arms sale to Taiwan as aggression from China intensifies : worldnews

Huawei accused of building secret microchip factories to beat US sanctions : worldnews

Putins video regarding Prigozhins death. He praises Prigozhin and Wagner, sends his condolences for relatives and vows to find those who are responsible for his death
Prigozhins Plane Was Targeted By Russias Intelligence Agency, Report Says
Plane crash believed to have killed Russia's Wagner mercenary chief Prigozhin seen as Kremlin's revenge | AP News
Wagner mercenary chiefs plane was fine on radar until last 30 seconds
Kremlin insiders are baffled over why Prigozhin was flying around Russia after his failed uprising: he's not a fool
4/ #Putin almost certainly ordered the Russian military command to shoot down #Prigozhins plane. ISWs previous standing assessment that Putin was unlikely to kill Prigozhin for fear of angering #Wagner personnel has thus been invalidated.
6/ Alternatively, Putin may have decided that Prigozhin had crossed a pre-established redline with his efforts to retain Wagners access to operations in Africa.
Wagner chief Prigozhin was on plane with no survivors, say Russian authorities : worldnews
Russian mercenary Yevgeny Prigozhins plane appeared fine on radar until last 30 seconds
Putin Shores Up Power Base After Prigozhin Plane Crash in Russia : worldnews
Yevgeny Prigozhins reported death may consolidate Putins power
Russian villagers report explosion before Prigozhinplane crash

National Resistance Center: Wagner convoys head to Russia after fatal crash : worldnews
Wagner troops plotting march to Russia to avenge leadersdeath

Russia wants to swap frozen assets with foreign investors : worldnews

Barnacles found on a piece of plane debris might hold the key to discovering what happened to MH370, the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in 2014 : worldnews

Chandrayaan-3: India lunar rover Pragyaan takes a walk on the Moon : worldnews
Hours after it published report on PM Modi, South African news site alleges cyber attack from IndiaThe report said Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to leave his aircraft because the South African government had only sent a Cabinet Minister to receive him.

BRICS invites six countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran to be new members : worldnews
BRICS expanded. Argentina, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Egypt becomes part of the group. Now BRICS+ has total 11 countries. : worldnews

Macron says French interventions in the Sahel prevented caliphate setup : worldnews

Same-sex couples could be executed under Iraqsappalling anti-LGBTQ+ bill

Zelenskiy says Ukraine will end Russian occupation of Crimea : worldnews
Ukraine claims it has raised its flag in Crimea after specialoperation on Russian-occupied territory
Kyiv says its troops land in Crimea in Special Mission on Ukraine Independence Day
Ukraine Forces Make Amphibious Landing in Crimea: Kyiv
Ukraine Just Blew Up Russias Main Missile Base In Occupied Crimea
Budanov promised us that there will be surprises around Crimea and, boy, he not only delivers but over-performs.
Kazakh president Tokayev congratulated Zelensky on Ukraines Independence Day
Japan to provide $7 billion in aid to UkrainePM Kishida
The US spent less than 3 percent of its military budget to help the Ukrainian armed forces - US Senator Lindsey Graham said at a press conference in Kyiv.
Ukraine used 3% of US defense budget to destroy half of Russian armyLindsey Graham
Zelenskyy Recognises Impact of US Elections on Possible Support for Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 547, Part 1 (Thread #693) : worldnews

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine24 August 2023
Russia-Ukraine Update - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Russian helicopter crew freaked out, tried to run, and was killed after realizing their captain had defected to Ukraine, official says : worldnews
Russian military helicopter flies to Ukraineand entire crew surrenders

Serbia joins Ukraines Crimea platform, vows friendship with Kyiv
Serbian Ruling Party Troll Farm Leak Revealed Identities of Over 14,500 Bots

Germanys cheap public transport ticket an ineffective climate tool: Report
Germany approves self-ID to make transitioning easier for trans people after year in legal limbo : worldnews

Violence against children to be expressly prohibited : worldnews

First ever womb transplant in UK is remarkable successafter sisters donation

Drought affecting Panama Canal threatens 40% of worlds cargo ship traffic
World's Worst Traffic Jam Has 150+ Cargo Ships Stuck at Panama Canal

Kelloggs is going to war over Mexicos nutrition label rules. A similar fight is coming to the U.S. ... Having more than a third of your products weight as sugar is wild.

Secret Service Agents Were in Contact With Far-Right Oath Keepers - A new report reveals members of the Secret Service were in communication with the groups radical leader, Stewart Rhodes

Trumps mug shot
Trump Arrested in Georgia : politics
Fulton county jail books Donald Trump at 6'3" and 215 pounds.
Donald Trump Becomes the First President Ever to Pose for a Mug Shot | The New Republic Trump has been arrested four times, is facing 91 charges, and finally, we have a mug shot.

Donald Trump arrest time revealed as airspace closed for "VIP" in Georgia : politics
Trump to report to Atlanta jail to face charges in election-subversion case : politics
Trump will be booked at Fulton County Jail and can expect a humiliating experience if hes treated like everyone else, lawyer says
Trump ousts top attorney from legal team hours before Georgia arrest : politics
Trump replaces top Georgia lawyer ahead of surrender : politics

Some MAGA fans think a pro-Trump rally outside the Atlanta jail is an FBI setup : politics

Epstein, Shower Time, and Civil War: Trumps Tucker Interview Got Really Weird
Trump to Tucker Carlson: Low water pressure showers make it hard to wash your beautiful hair
heres some coverage of the temperamental tangerines pre-recorded interview that ran on Xitter last night.

Mugshots: 9 co-defendants in Trump Georgia election interference case : politics
Trump Indictment: Mark Meadows Surrenders to Jail After Last-Minute Plea Fails

Rudy Tough on Crime Giuliani Arrested in Georgia
Heres Rudy Giulianis mugshot, which he said authorities weregoing to degrade themselves by making him take

We Fact-Checked RepublicansBiden Corruption Timeline.And Its Bad ,,, An analysis by The New Republic found at least 19 mistakes or misleading details in Republicans so-called Biden corruption timelinefrom mixed up dates to messages and meetings that never happened.

Bidens campaign is plastering Dark Brandon ads across Fox Newswebsite and the city of Milwaukee on the day of the first GOP presidential debate

Biden cheered for damning three word tweet on Republican debate: What she said
Six of eight Republican presidential candidates at the Milwaukee debate would support Donald Trump as nominee even if hes convicted
Why do Republicans even bother with this whole farce? | Trump wasnt there, but we saw why hes leading: GOP voters don't care about substance, just unjustified grievances
The Most Unsettling Presidential Debate Spectacle Ever

Vivek Ramaswamy calls climate change a hoax during debate ... Christie referring to him as Mr. Chat GPT was epic.
Vivek Ramaswamy accused of plagiarizing Obama speech during Republican debate : politics
Haley to Ramaswamy: You have no foreign policy experience and it shows
Viveks History Lessons
Video shows Ron DeSantis checking other candidates before raising his hand : politics
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: GOP Debate Showed How Not to Pick a President : politics

One in 8 Republicans think winning is more important than election rules : politics

Climate denialism is the consensus of Republican elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money
holy shit. Moderators ask for a show of hands of how many candidates believe in human-caused climate change. Not a single candidate raises their hand.

Atlanta Officials Unveil Onerous Verification Requirements for Cop City Referendum - The Intercept The city outlined its plans for signature verification after organizers collected 100,000 signatures for a vote on the police training facility ... Voting rights advocates have previously said that such signature verification practices described as witchcraft by at least one expert serve to disenfranchise voters and can result in signatures getting thrown out on the basis of perceived minute differences or aberrations

Rights groups oppose Texas law that lets chaplains work as school counselors : politics

Eschaton: It Is, Actually, An HR Issue Back when the NYT published the "send in the military to kill black people" opinion piece by Tom Cotton, one divide In The Building - and among journalists everywhere - was between those who didn't think it was a valid stance to ask, "how can I (especially as an African-American person) work in this institutionally racist place?" and those who did.

More women than men have college degrees. Thats good news for Democrats.

How a Small Gender Clinic Landed in a Political Storm : politics ... Jamie Reed ... NYT
NYT Treats Key Sources Many Lies as an Aside in Latest Anti-Trans Smear -- Azeen Ghorayshi provides no evidence that any of Jamie Reeds allegations were correct. In fact, her reporting for the New York Times only reinforces the likelihood that Reed lied repeatedly. So, why is it so credulous and positive towards this questionable source?

When MAGA attacks - Lawyers, Guns & Money Heather Alberda ran a very effective sex education program in Ottawa County, MI:

RFK Jr. request for restraining order over vaccine videos removed from YouTube rejected : politics

ACAB, Including Campus Cops - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Yale Police Force sure are a welcoming bunch.

Ex-cop identified as gunman in mass shooting at Orange County bar - Los Angeles Times

Woman who fatally shoved 87-year-old vocal coach to the ground pleads guilty | CNN

DOJ sues SpaceX, alleging hiring discrimination against refugees and asylum seekers The lawsuit says between 2018 and 2022, SpaceX wrongly claimed that export control laws limited its hiring to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents.

Elon Musk is on a bizarre policy rampage at Twitter How much can Elon Muskimprovethe app formerly known as Twitter before it breaks?

No, you dont have a reptilian brain inside your brainThe myth of the reptilian brain is tenacious but wrong.
Reptilian Brain Myth Is Still Alive and Kicking | Evolution News
Rethinking the reptilian brain.
No, You Do Not Have a Lizard Brain Inside Your Human Brain | Mind Matters ... If bad behavior stems from our inner beasts, then were less responsible for some of our actions ...

What Carl Sagan got very wrong about the human brain - Big Think in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Dragons of Eden, Sagan endorsed a disputed theory of human brain evolution, suggesting that humans have a reptilian brain deep within our minds ... The idea has since been roundly disproved, but the myth that humans have a reptile brain persists almost certainly thanks to Sagans problematic popularizing ... In his triune brain theory, MacLean argued that the human brain evolved layer by layer. The deepest portion, responsible for functions like movement and breathing as well as instincts like hunger, survival, and mating, originated from our ancient reptilian ancestors. The second layer, the limbic system, controls emotional responses and arose in more recent mammalian ancestors. The third and final layer, the cerebral cortex, allows for language and reasoning and only arose in humans ... textbooks published between 2009 and 2017 and found that 86% contained at least one inaccuracy suggesting that our brains are layered as MacLean theorized.

Heavy drinking, handgun-carrying linked among rural youth: In the rural United States, an adolescent who drinks heavily has a 43% greater probability of carrying a handgun in the following year, according to a study : science


Volcanoes and wildfires offset 20% of global heating over eight years | Climate crisis | The Guardian Events that inject smoke and gas into high atmosphere help to cool planet but are no solution to climate crisis, says study
Volcanoes and wildfires offset 20% of global heating over eight years | Climate crisis : worldnews

G20 poured more than $1tn on fossil fuel subsidies despite Cop26 pledges
Oil companies pour almost 100% of investments back into...oil: Greenpeace report : worldnews
Theres more coal being shipped by sea than ever before

The worlds largest floating offshore wind farm is officially online

WHO seeks to integrate traditional medicine into health systems : worldnews

Tropical Storm Franklin nears Haiti and the Dominican Republic bringing fears of floods, landslides : worldnews

Powerlifter grandmother overcomes near fatal stroke to retrain as nurse as TAFE mature age student : worldnews

Philippine supply boats breach a Chinese coast guard blockade in the hotly contested South China Sea : worldnews

Japans military plagued by culture of harassment and fear, report finds
Japanese farmer has fought for decades to stay on his ancestral land in the middle of Narita airport : worldnews
Two men steal 3 million from an apartment in Tokyo after spraying the male occupant with a "substance"

Taiwan responds to possible China-built airstrip on disputed island : worldnews

Chinas Xi calls for accelerated BRICS expansion
Xi Jinping unexpectedly pulls out of BRICS summit speech in extraordinary move
Chinas Xi Attends BRICS Dinner But Skips Business Forum
China officials hit by US sanctions over forced assimilation of children in Tibet
Chinas Xian sends sweet love messages to encourage babymaking

Ten killed in private jet crash north of Moscow Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin on passenger list
Wagner boss Prigozhin killed in plane crash in Russia : worldnews
Russian aviation agency says mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin was aboard the plane that crashed with no survivors - The Boston Globe
Putin attended concert as news broke of Prigozhins possible death: reports
White House says no one should be surprised if Prigozhin actually died in a plane crash in Russia
Hundreds of Wagner Men Vanish From Putins Designated Exile

Putin has strange deep voice in address to BRICS summit : worldnews
Central Moscow building hit by drone in latest attack on Russian capital : worldnews

Russian general who ran Ukraine war fired : worldnews

Russian Deputy Expelled From Ruling Party Over Putin Dirty Schmuck Barb

Russian dam collapse cuts off cargo rail link to Far East : worldnews

India has become first country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moons south pole
Chandrayaan-3 is an enormous historical event, says astronaut Chris Hadfield : worldnews
At least 17 killed as under construction bridge collapses in northeast India | CNN : worldnews

Pakistan: All eight people rescued from broken cable car dangling 274m above canyon : worldnews
Pakistan: Mob Attacks Christian Settlement with Stones, Sticks : worldnews

Taliban carried out hundreds of extrajudicial killings after seizing power, UN says : worldnews
How women & girls are surviving in Afghanistan today : worldnews
Angelina Jolie urges support for jailed Afghan man who championed higher ed for girls : worldnews

Iraq: Scrap Anti-LGBT Bill : worldnews

Iran sentences 8 to prison over paramilitarys death during last years nationwide protests

Ukraine agrees to a hybrid tribunalfor Russia, albeit with nuances

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 546, Part 1 (Thread #692) : worldnews

Ukraine to Russia: Your Lost Mi-8 Pilot Actually Defected
Russian Helicopter Pilot Defects in Astonishing Saga Worthy of a Movie : worldnews

Videos of an artillery ambush show Russian tanks and armor making opening day mistakes and paying the price for them

Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Intelligence Service on the surrender of the helicopter: It was a special operation that lasted more than 6 months
Kyle Glen on X: "Ukraine have released footage of the destruction of a Russian S-400 air defence system in Crimea this morning. Notably a Ukrainian reconnaissance drone was able to film the attack completely unhindered. Location: 45.419515, 32.541533" / X
(2/4) Both permanent bridges sustained damage from Ukrainian precision strikes in early August 2023.

Russia is sinking its own ships in a desperate attempt to protect a vital bridge from sea drones, Ukraine says : worldnews

Ukraine war: Three elderly people killed in Russian shelling, say officials : worldnews
A school building was completely destroyed in the city of Romny, Sumy region, as a result of an attack by Shahed 133/131 drones on the morning of August 23rd. russian terrorists killed two teachers, and at least three more were injured. Rescue operations are ongoing, with people still trapped under the rubble.

Russia destroys 13,000 tonnes of Ukrainian grain destined for Egypt and Romania

Andrew Tate prosecution files reveal graphic claims of coercion ahead of trial : news

Antisemitic, homophobic, racist attacks on memorials [across Germany] linked : worldnews

Heat spurs afternoon building site bans in two Swiss regions : worldnews

Temperatures hit 45.6C in Portugal ... almost too hot for photosynthesis to occur.

In Major Win for Indigenous Rights, Ecuador Votes to Ban Oil Drilling in Protected Amazon Lands : worldnews
Thieves caught will be burned: Quitos neighborhoods take security into their own hands

Ontario court rules against Jordan Peterson, upholds social media training order : news

Dark Brandon Unveils Student Loan Repayment Plan That Includes Forgiveness - The Biden administration has launched a new student loan repayment program, after the Supreme Court rejected the last initiative. : politics

GOP under fire for trying to make news out of Biden petting a dog in Hawaii : politics

Conservative Judges Under Fire For Luxurious EducationalTrips

Jack Smith Reveals Trump Employee Flipped After Ditching MAGA Lawyer : politics
Prosecutors: Trump Mar-a-Lago security aide flipped after changing lawyers : politics
Sounds very much like organized crime: Witness in Trumps documents case recants false testimony

Aileen Cannon faces huge test after Yuscil Taveras flips on Trump : politics

MAGA Lawyer Doubles Down on Election Lie After Arrest for Trying to Steal Election Himself : politics
First mug shots in Trump Georgia election case released : politics
Im not a fan of this Hollywood Squares reboot : PoliticalHumor
The Kraken has been released on $100,000 bail : PoliticalHumor
Former Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Surrenders for Arrest in Fulton County : politics

Trump says he'll proudly be arrested tomorrow in Georgia
What if Donald Trumps conspiracy is even more sinister than we suspected?

Trump accused of skipping debate because hes scared of Chris Christie

Times Person of the Year 2001
Trump Is Holding a Giuliani Fundraiser for $100K a Ticket: Report : politics
The Wisdom of Rudolph Giuliani | The New Yorker

Jared Kushners Massive Saudi Earnings for Few Investments Raise Questions

Emails reveal Secret Service contacts with Oath Keepers : politics
Eschaton: Seems Bad : The corruption of the Secret Service has been rather obvious, despite/because of destroyed evidence and incurious investigators.

Trans Jan 6 rioter is begging Marjorie Taylor Greene to get her into a women's prison - LGBTQ Nation

House Freedom Caucus Opposes Extension of Government Funding - The Angry Children's Caucus Is as Angry and Childish as You Expect - A large portion of the Republican Party is completely out of its mind.
The Angry Childrens Caucus Is as Angry and Childish as You Expect | A large portion of the Republican Party is completely out of its mind.

The Struggle to Tax the Rich Isnt Done Yet In Some States Its Actually Happening

Fury at Michigan officials charged in 2020 false electors scheme: this isn't who we are

Democrat Adam Frisch leads against Rep. Lauren Boebert in poll for 2024 race : politics

South Carolinas All-Male Supreme Court Upholds Radical Abortion Ban: The ban effectively wipes out abortion access in the South.

The full genetic sequence of the Y chromosome has been determined by an international research team of over 100 scientists in a milestone study. : science

Were All 3 Ancient Giza Pyramids Built With 8 and Not 4 Sides?

TIL that the portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a prostitute began in 591, when Pope Gregory I conflated Mary Magdalene with Mary of Bethany and the unnamed "sinful woman" who anointed Jesuss feet. Pope Gregoryssermon resulted in a widespread belief that Mary Magdalene was a repentant prostitute.

TIL Josef Mangele aka The Angel of Death, who was the chief Nazi Dr at Auschwitz, died of old age in Brazil in 1979 : todayilearned

Whats something that happened on a first date that made you decide against a second date?

Whats a first name that you always assume belongs to an elderly person?


Tropical Storm Harold makes landfall on Padre Island, Texas: Latest forecast - ABC News Heavy rain, gusty winds and flooding are possible.

California assesses post-Hilary damage; some areas hit with flooding and mudslides

Study claimed that COVID-19s public health impact is more than 50% greater than that of cancer or heart disease. In the 3 months postinfection, people whod had COVID-19 had higher rates of death and many health conditions, including heart failure, diabetes, Alzheimers disease, and depression

Australia buys US$1.1 billion of US missiles amid Aukus and arms race concerns
I was shocked: Catholic-run public hospitals refuse to provide birth control and abortion
I was shocked: Catholic-run public hospitals refuse to provide birth control and abortion - Publicly funded Catholic hospitals across Australia are using the cover of religion to opt out of providing reproductive care

Australia sends its biggest warship to joint drills with Philippines, US. : worldnews

Marshalls astounded at exclusion from US nuclear compensation plan

Japan to start releasing Fukushima plants treated radioactive water to sea as early as Thursday
Game over: voice of Mario retiring after three decades, Nintendo announces : worldnews

Chinese activist Kwon Pyong, a critic of Xi Jinping, flees to South Korea on jet ski : worldnews

A @Telegraph investigation found that Chinese firms are exporting dual-use helicopters, drones, optical sights, and crucial metals needed in the Russian defense industrial base (DIB). (1/5)
3/ @Telegraph reported that Russian firms involved in the production of missile launchers, armored vehicles, and strategic bombers have received tens of thousands of shipments from China since the start of Russias full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

A BRICS no-show speaks volumes about Putins shrinking horizons
Putin says Russia faces big economic challenges, must keep inflation in check : worldnews
Russias Surovikin dismissed as head of aerospace forces: Russian journalist

Ukraine blows up five jets deep within Russian territory
Two Tu-22 bombers attacked by drones and destroyed at Russian Soltsy and Shaikovka airfields : worldnews
Airport chaos continues in Russia as Ukrainian drones target Moscow for the second time this week : worldnews
Satellite imagery from Soltsy-2 air base, Russia onsistent with circulated images indicating loss of Tu-22M3 Backfire-C bomber - Also appears the remaining Tu-22M3 have been redeployed following the apparent attack

Head of Russian space agency offers context on why spacecraft crashed into the moon : worldnews ... "Unfortunately, the engine shutdown did not occur normally in accordance with the cyclogram, but according to a temporary cutoff" ... "we created an absolutely toxic environment for all of our best scientists and engineers, who promptly left Russia."

The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "Russian soldiers are routinely treated with disgust by their compatriots when they return to Moscow, according to a video interview with two mobilized soldiers." / X

Moon landing anticipation builds for Indias Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission after Russias crash

Children trapped 900 feet in air when chairlift cable snaps in Pakistan's northwest | CNN : worldnews

Four arrested for acts of homosexuality in Uganda
Hospital detentions for new mothers with unpaid bills challenged in Ugandan court : worldnews

Algeria refuses French request to fly over its airspace for military operation in Niger : worldnews

Saudi border guards killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants, HRW says : worldnews
Saudi officials are killing hundreds of women and children out of view of the rest of the world while they spend billions on sports-washing to try to improve their image. : worldnews

Russia reportedly blocks UN Security Council statement on Pyla incident : worldnews

Over 200 Palestinians, nearly 30 Israelis killed in 2023: Says UN : worldnews

11 countries adopt declaration in support of Ukraine at Athens summit : worldnews
Luxembourg decided to join over 25 countries and signed into the G7 declaration on security guarantees for Ukraine
F-16s could change the course of the war in Ukraine - #Ukraine needs 128 fighter jets to replace its old fleet and gain an advantage in the skies, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yuriy Ignat, has said.
France delivers first batch of SCALP long-range missiles to Ukraine, says ambassador : worldnews
Ukraine says it will pay people who report corruption and bribery 10% of the cash that gets recovered : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 545, Part 1 (Thread #691) : worldnews

Estimates by #Ukraines MoD @DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 22 August 2023.

Finnish foreign minister Valtonen: "Russia has ruined its relationship with Finland" : worldnews

Sweden to lift parliamentary ban on uranium mining : worldnews

Europes heatwave turns deadly as 18 burned bodies found in Greek fires

Billboards across London reveal an estimated 1 in 20 UK flights running on Russian oil : worldnews

Brazil High Court Rules Homophobia Punishable By Prison : worldnews

Canada considering foreign student visa cap to address housing shortage : worldnews

Biden tours overwhelming devastation in Maui: Thecountry grieves with you

Trump attorneys guided false electors in Georgia, GOP chair says
Eastman and Down: Arraignment edition H - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The former White House chief of staff, a key witness to Donald J. Trumps efforts to remain in power after his 2020 election loss, maneuvered to provide federal prosecutors only what he had to.

Trump Promises He Wont Intimidate Witnesses in Georgia Bail Agreement - The former president must surrender himself to Georgia authorities by Friday. His bond has been set at $200,000
Trumps $200,000 bond in his Georgia RICO case is the first time hes on the hook for cash in his criminal cases
Trumps bond set at $200,000 in Fulton County election interference case

Donald Trump cant be trusted to show up for Georgia arrest -- Lawyer
Viktor Bout urges Trump to flee to Russia back in April. Russia media posts the telegram. : politics
Trump Raises Eyebrows With Joke On Fleeing U.S. To Share Gold Domed Suite With Vladimir seemed to jest about skipping the country while griping about a $200,000 bond he faces for his criminal case in Georgia.

Court limits Trump social media use : politics
In Trump cases, experts say defendants rhetoric will be hard to police

Attorney: New bombshell report confirms Mark Meadows ratted out Trump to the FedsMeadows quietly agreed to cooperate with prosecutors amid Trumps executive privilege fight, New York Times reports

Trump has already recorded his debate-night counterprogramming interview with Tucker Carlson, sources say : politics

Jack Smith Slams Trumps 2026 Trial Proposal for Jan. 6 Case in D.C.
DOJ Rips Trumps Push to Delay 2020 Election Trial Three Years

Former president floats 10 percent tax on all foreign imports and calls for ring around the collar of U.S. economy
Trump promised giant Foxconn factory in Wisconsin that never materialized - The Washington Post

What the Polls May Be Getting Wrong About Trump New research suggests that the criminal charges against Trump arent actually helping him in the GOP primary race.
Majority of likely Iowa GOP caucusgoers say Trump won 2020 election

Rudy Giuliani: I Have Scientific Evidence the 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump The former mayor and alleged coconspirator claimed such evidence is very persuasive and will prove both Trumps and his innocence.

Far-Right Republicans Pledge to Shut Down Government Over Cancerous Woke Policies | The GOPs Freedom Caucus will do anything to hurt Bideneven destroy the U.S. economy.

Bill Nye Calls for GOP Candidates To Be Grilled on Climate Change:Going To Get Worse and Worse
How wealthy super emitters are disproportionately driving the climate crisiswhile blaming you

These 11 Republican Voters Cant Say Who Will Win in 2024, but They Know Who Will Lose ... So a random sampling of 11 Republican voters showed that pretty much 100% of Republicans are criminally insane.

Why do Republicans disproportionately believe health misinformation? - The Washington Post

Ron DeSantis wants to strip Disney workers of free passes and discounts, arguing it sucks millions from Floridas economy

Georgia teacher fired for reading book about gender identity to students : politics

Support for Abbotts Crackdown Is Waning on Texas Border
Under new state law, Texas will bill electric vehicle drivers an extra $200 a year : politics

All removed from Tennessee House subcommittee after paper sign debacle : politics

Republicans Are Fooling Democrats on KidsOnline Safety - they plan to use this to censor medical information, CRT(Critical Race Theory), and anything deemed Inappropriate. Next is that it will force you to hand over your full government ID and Social Security number in order to use most websites while also weakening encryption.

Vivek Ramaswamy Wants to Give Putin Whatever He Wants in Ukraine : politics

San Francisco Archdiocese files for bankruptcy as it faces more than 500 sexual abuse lawsuits : news ... Student loan avoidance through bankruptcy? Nope! Child rape liability avoidance through bankruptcy? Yes!

Isurers must cover injectable HIV prevention drug unless courts void mandate

Lawmakers eye sale of recalled baby products Facebook in safety push

search of 98-year-old newspaper co-owner Joan Meyers house that contributed to her death

You will be shocked to learn that the guy who killed a small businesswoman over the pride flag she displayed at her store imbibed a steady diet of anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda: ... Matt Walsh, Jordan Peterson, and Benny Johnson.

Student killed, 23 hurt in school bus crash on 1st first day of elementary school in Ohio - ABC News

Shadi Hamid made a name for himself by consistently downplaying the threat posed by the contemporary Republican Party in both dreary and self-important prose, most famously by asserting that the only threat to democracy in 2020 was the possibility that Democrats would not accept an opposition victory. I think you know how this ends:

Hot Take: Affirmative Action Programs for the Rich Are Actually Good! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Tesla reportedly asked highway safety officials to redact information about whether driver-assistance software was in use during crashes : technology

Meta launches Web version of Threads amid mass user exodus : worldnews

Elon Musk to remove headlines from news articles shared on X | Fortune
Farrow on Elon - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... In 2018, the Times reported that members of the Tesla board had grown concerned about Musks use of the prescription sleep aid Ambien, which can cause hallucinations. The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year that he uses ketamine,
Musk staffers suggest his erratic behaviour is due to escalating drug use : AdviceAnimals

Mackenzie Scott, one of the worlds richest women, has given away $14 billion, nearly half her fortune, in just 3 years

Eschaton: Feudal Lords I guess this is what it's about. -- The founder and sponsor of a far-right network of secretive, men-only, invitation-only fraternal lodges in the US is a former industrialist who has frequently speculated about his future as a warlord after the collapse of America, a Guardian investigation has found. Federal and state tax and company filings show that the Society for American Civic Renewal (SACR) and its creator, Charles Haywood, also have financial ties with the far-right Claremont Institute. -- Everybody like this just wants sex slaves, probably child slaves.
US businessman is wannabe warlord of secretive far-right mens network

How a 1933 Loch Ness monster photo started the global craze in Scotland - The Washington Post

Lunch atop a Skyscraper has come to represent the countrys resilience, especially on Labor Day.

Graves of four Confederate soldiers in Williamsburg show ordinary life and painful death

When Maura died, a Smithsonian curator likely took part of her brain - Washington Post Searching for Maura -- Maura came to St. Louis from the Philippines to be put on display at the 1904 Worlds Fair. Records suggest that, after her death, a Smithsonian anthropologist took part of her brain.

Gun deaths among U.S. children hit a new record high. It marks the second consecutive year in which gun-related injuries have solidified their position as the leading cause of death among children and adolescents, surpassing motor vehicles, drug overdoses and cancer. : science

New psychology research indicates that general cognitive ability is linked to reduced emotional responding : science - the smarter you are, the more in control of your emotions you tend to be.>

Mass. police oversight board releases 1000s of officer disciplinary records : news

Americans Rate Dallas and Boston Safest of 16 U.S. Cities : boston (not statistics

What is an unwritten rule of being a man? : AskReddit


Calls for ecocide law to punish those who destroy nature like war criminals

Climate scientists warn natures anaesthetics have worn off, now Earth is feeling the pain as ocean heating hits record highs

The heatwave in Europe has pushed the zero-degree limitthe altitude at which the temperature dips into the minusto a record height of 5,298 metres in Switzerland

Pioneering wind-powered cargo ship sets sail : worldnews

Houston shatters 114-year heat record as tropical cyclone forms in Gulf : news

850 people still missing after Maui wildfires, mayor says : news

Hilary live updates: Risk of flooding remains as powerful storm moves through SoCal : news

Australia to buy Tomahawk missiles from US to boost defense : worldnews

Singapore to roll out targeted support for those in 50s and early 60s to cope with retirement : worldnews

Run It Cold: Why Xi Jinping Is Letting China's Economy Flail - China is steering clear of big stimulus even in the face of deflation risks.
Chinese social media filled with anti-black racist content, says watchdog : news

Russian special services call on Putin to fire defence minister and announce mobilisation and switch to more aggressive warfare.
Russian Soldiers Say They Are Viewed With Disgust in Moscow : worldnews

Russian dam bursts washing away railroad -- Economy to lose 'billions' ... Billions of rubles ... Like 40 bucks

Russia wants all taxi drivers to drive domestic cars as a buffer against sanctions, drivers association opposes : worldnews
Dominos Pizza signals closure of Russian business

US Embassy in Minsk says U.S. citizens in Belarus should depart immediately. Citizens who will travel to Belarus need "contingency plan that does not rely on U.S. government assistance" : worldnews

India says spacecraft heading to moon working perfectly

Wagner Group leader says that he is in Africa: he recorded a video from the desert : worldnews

Niger: ECOWAS rejects juntas three-year transition plan
11 nations of West Africa commit to a military deployment to restore the ousted president of Niger : worldnews

Crimes beyond imagination: Saudi border guards killed hundreds of migrants, HRW report says
Hundreds of migrants killed by Saudi border guards - report : worldnews

Iraq switches off electronic billboards after hacker broadcasts porn to Baghdad passers-by : worldnews

Hebron terror attack: Mother shot dead in front of daughter : worldnews

Zelenskyy Goes to Greece for Balkans Summit : worldnews

Zelenskyy thanks Denmark for pledging to send F-16s for use against Russias invading forces
Denmark Reacts to Russias Criticism over F-16s to Ukraine: They Should Be Ashamed
Ukraine sky shield getting stronger as allies supply coveted F-16s
US significantly increases production of 155-mm shells to provide to Ukraine
Ukrainian drone destroys Russian supersonic bomber : worldnews - A flagship Russian long-range bomber has been destroyed in a Ukrainian drone strike, according to reports.
Ukraine lines up destroyed Russian tanks in central Kyiv : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 544, Part 1 (Thread #690) : worldnews

Joint Investigation IDs Over 25,000 Russian Troops Killed In Ukraine : worldnews
Russian losses per 21/08/23 reported by the Ukrainian general staff - +12 tanks +14 APVs +19 artillery pieces

Ukraines troops report success in operations near Robotyne, Mala Tokmachka
Ukraines use of imprecise cluster bombs is making Russian very scared to go on assault, says frontline soldier

2/ Russian frontline units, particularly in southern Ukraine, have frequently struggled with degraded morale following Ukrainian strikes on rear areas.
4/ A broken Russian frontline unit would threaten the integrity of other frontline defenses, and such a break in the Russian frontline would provide a vulnerability that Ukrainian forces could exploit.
6/ Morale issues pertaining to the RU defense against UKR counteroffensive operations are only relevant if UKR forces can degrade Russian morale to the breaking point and take advantage of it; these morale issues will not matter if Russian forces do not break under this pressure.

Pro-Russian singer Goran Bregovic denied entry to Moldova : worldnews

More Villages Evacuated as Large Wildfire in Northern Greece Rages for Second Day : worldnews

Wildfire on Spains popular tourist island of Tenerife was started deliberately, official says

EDF extends 1.3 GW nuclear reactor outage as river water heats up : worldnews

British nurse to be sentenced for murdering seven babies | CNN : worldnews
Rapist police officer held details of 750 women on his phone, court hears : news

Leftist leads Ecuador presidential poll count amid spike in violence : worldnews
Ecuadorians reject oil drilling in the Amazon in historic decision : worldnews

Guatemalas anti-corruption candidate wins presidency in landslide vote

Ortega reportedly allowing Russian military to establish bases, cruise missile batteries in Nicaragua : worldnews

Trudeau denounces Meta's news block as fires force evacuations : worldnews
NASA mapping data shows extent of wildfires across Canada : worldnews

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Banking lobbyists, lawmakers gear up for a fight over new exec pay bill spurred by crisis : politics

Republican feud over root canal spending cuts raises US govt shutdown risk
House Freedom Caucus fires warning shot over government shutdown - Members of the House Freedom Caucus are making it harder for leadership to avoid a government shutdown, announcing on Monday that theyll oppose a stopgap funding bill unless it caves to their terms.

Trump to be booked at Georgias notorious Fulton County Jail at center of DOJ probe

Trump legal team agrees to $200,000 bond after meeting with Fulton County district attorney's office | CNN Politics
Eastman agrees to $100K bond in Georgia election case | The Hill

Mark Meadows might have just thrown Donald Trump under the bus : politics
Mark Meadows asks federal court for Georgia charges to be dismissed : politics
Mike Pence and Mark Meadows Just Ruined Trumps Defense in Classified Docs Case: The former president appears to be caught in a huge lie.

MTG Baselessly Claims Georgia Prosecutor Is Guilty of RICO Crimes, Not Trump

Donald Trump confirms he will skip Republican presidential debates : politics

Trump-Fox Feud? Please. Americas Pravda Will Back Him All the Way.
The fantasy that theres going to be a race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination
The parade of the pathetic pick me politicians - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump's legal woes are part of his quasi-religious mythology of martyrdom
GOP will lose up and down the ballotwith Trump, New Hampshire governor warns, Republican Chris Sununu, governor of the first-in-the-nation primary state, urges second-tier candidates to drop out and consolidate behind an alternative.

Iowa poll: Trump challengers face huge climb to stop him in first GOP contest
The Cult Runs Deep: Nearly 3 in 4 Trump Voters Say Indictments Are a reason to Support HimMany voters supporting the former president also rated him as more truthful than their own friends and family
This election has real stakes. No one on the Republican debate stage will address them. : politics
Trumps threats are not empty and they pose a danger to us all

Hogan says No Labels likely to launch third-party alternative if Trump, Biden win nominations ... No Labels has received major funding that included Harlan Crow, a leading donor to Republican and conservative causes

Look Whos Defying the Supreme Court Now: Republicans havent lost too often at the high court of latebut when they do, theyre sore losers indeed.

Trouble looms for Senate GOP despite recruiting wins : politics

How Hunter Biden's plea deal became a huge cluster - The irony is that if anyone is being treated unfairly, it's Hunter.

Three years after a foiled plot to kidnap Michigans governor, the final trial is set to begin | The final trial of suspects in a bizarre plot to kidnap Michigans governor begins this week

Congress Is Pushing An Online Safety Bill Supported By Anti-LGBTQ Groups : politics

Judge blocks Georgia ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors : news

Little Rock Nine members slam restrictions on AP African American Studies course in Arkansas : politics

Denver Archdiocese sues Colorado over LGBTQ rules for universal preschools == State's non-discrimination requirements directly conflict with St. Marys,St. Bernadettes, and the Archdioceses religious beliefs, the lawsuit says ... The child molester down at the Catholic church would like to express their moral outrage over civil rights for LGBTQ people.
Final State Report Concludes More Than 200 Colorado Children Were Abused By Priests, Catholic Church Vows Reform

Court Finds that Texas Law Requiring the Rejection of Mail Ballots and Applications Violates the Civil Rights Act : politics

Indianas near-total abortion ban takes effect as state Supreme Court denies appeal

Nearly Two Thirds of L.A's $1.3 Billion in COVID Relief Funds Went to Cops and Firefighters, Zero Went to Building Housing

Woman gets 15 years to life in deaths of boyfriend, friend after 100 mph car crash into brick wall : news

Dramatic video footage shows shooting ambush in Fargo that killed an officer last month : news

Georgia sheriff pleads guilty to groping TV Judge Hatchett : news

Ratfucker also a deadbeat - Lawyers, Guns & Money Vanity candidate and big fan of what Ron DeSantis is going to higher education in Florida Cornel West has a problem with paying his taxes and child support:
Decline of the West Cornel Wests latest book is a memoir. Scott McLemee thinks it marks the end of the line. (2009)

Opinion | What Just Happened at West Virginia University Should Worry All of Us : politics

Elon Musk's Shadow Rule - How the U.S. government came to rely on the tech billionaire -- and is now struggling to rein him in.
The Big List of Elon Musk's Hyperbole, Evasions, and Outright Lies - The billionaire simply can't stop making shit up
Elon Musks X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts
X Blue users will need to send selfie, data to Israeli software company : news

7 Books to Guide You Through Menopause - The New York Times These seven books can help guide you through the maddening, mystifying and long transition.

Young People At Risk Of Psychosis Saw Symptoms Surprisingly Improve With Marijuana Use, Study Finds
Cannabis Use Not Associated with Greater Risk of Heart Attack, Study Finds : science

In 1873, Boston women couldnt vote in local, state or federal elections. But could they run for office? Some women decided to find out. Hijinks ensued.


Biden faces calls to declare climate emergency as he heads to Maui : politics

Hurricane Hilary moves very near to Mexicos Baja coast packing deadly rainfall
Hilary will produce really significant impacts in California, FEMA administrator warns
First-ever tropical storm watch issued for Southern California as Hurricane Hilary barrels north : news
Like the mystics and statistics say it will - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Myanmar arrests 14 including Swiss national over film deemed offensive to Buddhism : worldnews (the no-selves get their selves hurt)

Japan, U.S., Australia eye ship deployment to Philippines for drill : worldnews

US urges China to cease military pressure against Taiwan : worldnews

Russias Luna-25 spacecraft crashes into moon
Russian moon landing crashes. : worldnews

Ukraine continues to target Moscow with drone strikes, forcing the city to shut down its airports : worldnews
Russians report drone attack on Kursk railway station : worldnews
(2/5) Strikes deep inside Russia are strategically important because President Putin almost certainly invaded Ukraine on the assumption that it would have little direct effect on Russians.
(5/5) Pressure is likely to particularly fall on VKS Chief of Staff, Colonel-General Viktor Afzalov; VKS Commander-in-Chief General Sergei Surovikin remains absent, suspected to have been detained in relation to the June 2023 Wagner Group mutiny.

Prigozhin, Russias Wagner Group leader, will be killed by Putin or lead another coup within 6 months, journalist says
Vladimir Putins biggest rival Alexei Navalny is in one of the worst places in the world this is what it's like

Russian women fear return of murderers freed to fight for Wagner | Russia : worldnews

Chechen Government officials praise Kadyrovs son for visiting and beating up Russian teenager imprisoned for burning Koran

India imposes 40% export duty on onions to calm rising prices : worldnews ... This years August monsoon is the most dry season in 100 years in India. Climate change is here guys.

Pakistan: More than 100 arrested after churches burned : worldnews

IDF soldiers shoot masked settler allegedly hurling stones at Palestinians : worldnews

Ukraines Foreign Minister responds to criticism of counteroffensive
Zelenskyy: Ukraine to receive 42 F-16 fighter jets : worldnews
Ukraines long F16s training process has begun -defence minister
Zelenskyy begins talks with Sweden about receiving Gripen jets, which some experts think could give Ukraine a better chance at taking on Russias air defenses
Security Guarantees for Ukraine: Zelenskyy Announces Talks with Sweden : worldnews
We are ready to exchange Belgorod for NATO membership - Zelenskyy

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 543, Part 1 (Thread #689) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 20.08.

The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "The Ukrainian military has broken through Russia's first line of defense near Tokmak, in Zaporizhzhya Oblast - a welcome sign of success on the southern front in its ongoing counteroffensive. For more:" / X

''Russian terror is endless'': Presidents of Moldova and Estonia react to Russian missile strike in Chernihiv : worldnews

Drilling in the North Sea history and environmental concerns

Rheinmetall opens Lynx infantry fighting vehicle factory in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary, Europes most advanced plant for armoured vehicles

Swiss parliamentarian calls for zero-trust approach amid Huawei espionage claims

Authorities left people to die despite warnings about Cape Verde migrant boat weeks before tragedy, rights group alleges
Spain wins Womens World Cup for the first time, deservedly beating England in Sydney

Ancient Pompeii Reveals Room of Slaves: Casting Light on Pompeiis Lower Class

Shooting near Ecuador presidential candidate Otto Sonnenholzner : worldnews

British Columbia wildfires intensify, doubling evacuations to over 35,000 : worldnews
Dozens remain in Yellowknife hospital as evacuation stretches past deadline, The deadline for residents to leave Yellowknife has passed but more than three dozen hospital patients remain in the Northwest Territories capital, making some of the regions most vulnerable citizens the last to evacuate
Canada demands Meta lift news ban to allow wildfire info sharing : worldnews

Comment: One year in, the Inflation Reduction Act is proving that climate action is good for business : politics

AOC and the Squads List of Left-Wing Accomplishments Is Quite Long

Trumps lies tested limits of the bully pulpit. His right to say them is at core of criminal defense

J. Michael Luttig and Laurence Tribe make the case for Trumps disqualification from public office

Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Trump ever declassifying Mar-a-Lago docs: Sources : politics

Former Bush 43 attorney general: Trump should serve time if convicted

A Legally Besieged Trump Focuses on a Personal Goal: Revenge Against Hillary Clinton : politics

Chuck Todd: Trump is systematically attacking prosecutors and judges in his cases

Trials Are About Facts. Thats Bad For Trump
Jack Smith could send Trump to prison: See rare footage of him in action : politics
Why Georgia is Trumps perfect legal storm
GOP senator says Trump should drop out and calls classified documents case a 'slam dunk' | CNN Politics

This could get Judge Cannon removed from Trump case, Glenn Kirschner warns : politics

Trump made a mockery of American democracy. Why are Americans shrugging this off? : politics

Trump Backs Out of Debate, Blockbuster Press Conference : politics
CBS News poll finds Trump's big lead grows, as GOP voters dismiss indictments - CBS News
Trump Voters Trust Ex-President More Than Their Family and Friends: Poll : politics
The Cult Runs Deep: Nearly 3 in 4 Trump Voters Say Indictments Are a 'reason' to Support Him

Inside the Collapse of Hunter Biden's Plea Deal - An examination of confidential correspondence and interviews with those close to Mr. Biden and lawyers involved in the case show how the deal ultimately fell apart amid schisms and withering external pressures.
In talks with prosecutors, Hunter Biden's lawyers vowed to put the president on the stand - A behind-the-scenes look at how a plea deal for the presidents son nearly came together before it fell apart.
David Weiss, the special counsel investigating Hunter Biden, has long targeted Delawares powerful interests. His onetime experience with Beau Biden potentially complicates the probe.

How G.O.P. Views of Biden Are Helping Trump in the Republican Primary - The New York Times
The Desperation of Republican Elites - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Guns, Republicans and manliness: We all suffer from the rights mental health crisis Republican men seem massivelytroubled about their masculinityand thats literally causing death and suffering

Eschaton: Rudy! I pretend a bit that the fate of Rudy greatly interests me for affectation, but I actually don't care about Rudy himself. He's a piece of shit that deserves some punishment, of course, but I see his comeuppance more an indictment of the journalists who spent years being his free PR agents.

The Antiabortion Judge With a Financial Ethics Problem : politics ... Federalist Society member James Ho ... doctors experience an aesthetic injury when their patients have abortions ... Ho was sworn into the job in a mansion belonging to Harlan Crow.

Ron DeSantis calls Trump supporters listless vessels in Republican broadside
Deplorable listless vessel gaffes again - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Education of Ron DeSantis: 5 Takeaways - The New York Times
Disney sues DeSantis for damages after he asks them to drop suit : politics
Awkward DeSantis is far from a threat to Trump GOP. His public humiliation may never end. | I have to believe DeSantis wants to drop out, run home to the Florida governors mansion and go to his happy place, which I assume involves daydreaming of more ways to be cruel to LGBTQ+ children.

Republican Jeff Hurd announces his intention to replace Rep. Lauren Boebert in Congress : politics

Mike Lindell Has A Plan To Stop The Evil Fix Elections, And Help You Save On Bedding

Cobb County School Board votes to fire fifth-grade teacher over book : politics

There wont be libraries left: how a Florida county became the book ban heartland of the US | As the extremist group Moms for Liberty flourishes in Clay County, a campaign of outrage has books disappearing from school shelves

Heartstopper Books Removed From Marion County Library Amid Anti-LGBTQ+ Complaints

Almost a third of Missouri schools will be on a four-day weekly schedule this year : politics

What the Texas Education Agency takeover means for Houston and schools across the US : politics

San Francisco kicked out its progressive DAand violent crime went up

The professional administrative classs role in the dismantling of the humanities

Affidavits reveal what evidence police used to raid Kansas newspaper : news - We have now discovered that the probable cause affidavits were not filed with the District Court until three days after the illegal searches were executed. While the affidavits purport to be signed before Magistrate Viar on the day of the illegal searches, no explanation has been provided why they were not filed prior to the execution of the illegal searches ... They didnt simply backdate the document. They LIED on a SWORN AFFIDAVIT declaring the date to be three days prior to try and defraud anyone investigating their misconduct. That is not backdating, it is perjury.

Ramaswamy Says How Elon Musk Runs X is a Good Example of How to Run Government (Ramadummy)

Starbucks told to pay $2.7 million in lost wages to manager fired after arrest of 2 Black men : news

New Research on the Hidden Benefits of Sleep : worldnews


New study warns against risks of time-traveling pathogensthat may be unleashed by thawing Arctic permafrost

Worlds first superfast battery offers 400km range from 10 mins charge

An AI weapons race may create a world where everyone stays inside out of fear of being chased down by swarms of slaughterbots, warns founding Skype engineer

Sailing boat owners caught shooting at killer whales at the Strait of Gibraltar : worldnews

Heat wave coming to central U.S., with excessive heat warning in Texas - The Washington Post

Fire experts say a 1991 Oakland firestorm marked the beginning of the current era of fire risk one thats intensifying.
Lahaina survivors search for victims where fires left all vulnerable - The Washington Post

Hurricane Hilary racing toward California, with catastrophic flooding feared
Tracking the path of Hurricane Hilary

Japan scrambles jets after Russian planes spotted over Sea of Japan, East China Sea : worldnews

N.Koreas ICBM likely the result of Russian technical cooperation, CSIS reports

China announces drills near Taiwan following VP Lais return from Paraguay
Taiwans Election Not For Bully Next Door China To Decide: FM

What just happened: Storm clouds loom for Chinas economy - , China is one of the worlds most expensive places to raise a family, a fact that has driven fertility down to an all-time low of 1.2 children per woman.
China helping to arm Russia with helicopters, drones and metals : worldnews

Putin will skip UN General Assembly in September. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin won't be participating in the United Nations General Assembly session this year, Ukrainska Pravda reported on Aug.18.
Putin meets military commanders as Kyiv shoots down 15 drones
Russia labels former Putin adviser foreign agent
Russian general who knew secrets of Putins palace dies suddenly in prison

Russia threatens Germany to bomb Rheinmetall tank factory in Ukraine : worldnews

Russian lander experiences emergency situationwhile approaching lunar surface

Moscow is negotiating with Turkiye, Qatar on a agreement on grain shipment primarily to African countries
Threats and assaults on UN peacekeepers are unacceptable, said the European Commission president. (Fuckiye)

West African bloc says D-Day set for possible Niger intervention (
France, U.S. relations grow tense over Niger coup : worldnews

Nigeria says 36 soldiers killed in an ambush by an armed group and a related helicopter crash : worldnews

Iran Is Set to Make Hijab Laws Stricter : worldnews

Biden administration extends protected status for Ukrainians in US : worldnews
Troop Deaths and Injuries in Ukraine War Near 500,000, U.S. Officials Say : worldnews
New York Times sources claim that total losses of Ukraine and Russia are approaching 500,000 : worldnews

Raw Footage of attack on Chernihiv: The entire downtown of Chernihiv covered in glass, blood and debris. you can see some survivors are fully paralyzed by shock and terror. Russians aimed at the busiest part filled with people enjoying their Saturday morning strolls, theatre hit [NSFW;blurred] : UkraineWarVideoReport
Just moments ago, this Ukrainian family from Chernihiv was joyfully returning from church with a basket of apples, celebrating a religious holiday in Ukraine. In an instant, the husband finds himself clutching his wife's lifeless hand at an intersection stained by her blood. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Another horrifying video of an explosion during an attack on the city center of Chernihiv by Russian ballistic missiles. It's likely that all these teenage girls in the video are drone pilots. : UkraineWarVideoReport
It Is heinous to attack the main square of a large city United Nations in Ukraine
Russians hit Chernihiv Music and Drama Theatre with missile, killing 7 civilians, including child, wounding 90 : worldnews
Seven killed, 90 wounded in Russian missile strike on Ukrainian city of Chernihiv : worldnews
Ukraine war: US allows transfer of Danish and Dutch F-16 war planes to Kyiv : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 542, Part 1 (Thread #688) : worldnews

Russian losses per 19/08/23 reported by the Ukrainian general staff. +500 men +8 tanks +14 APVs +19 artillery pieces +6 UAVs

9/ ISW has consistently assessed that the Ukrainian counteroffensive will be a protracted, non-linear series of operations, which will likely continue to occur in phases of differing tempos.
Washington Post: US intelligence thinks Ukraine will fail to reach counteroffensives key goal. The U.S. intelligence assesses that Ukrainian forces will fail to reach the southeastern city of Melitopol in this years counteroffensive, the WP reported, citing unnamed sources.
(3/3) Across the front, both sides confront a similar challenge: attempting to defeat well-entrenched forces while having limited uncommitted forces to open new assaults.
NEW: It is premature to make assessments about the overall success of ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive operations occurring along several lines of advance toward several different apparent objectives
ISW on X: "7/ ISW has, in fact, assessed that Ukraine has many options for severing critical Russian ground lines of communication along the northern Sea of Azov coast of which the seizure of #Melitopol is only one." / X
ISW on X: "3/ The unverified intelligence assessment reportedly states that effective Russian defensive operations and dense minefields have constrained Ukrainian advances and will continue to do so." / X

While Russian authorities claim only one plane was damaged, several Tu-bombers are reportedly being redeployed to Olenya.

Ukraine, Romania work on grain transit route after Russia deal collapse : worldnews

Norwegian mass killer Breivik sues the state for "extreme" isolation -lawyer : worldnews

Germans trust in state institutions hits new low

2,000-year-old arch in Caesarea aqueduct collapses; official: Wesounded the alarm

Switzerland announced it would no longer accept passports issued in the Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine and Georgia The documents would not be recognized as valid to cross the Schengen borders and would also not be accepted for obtaining a visa

Austrian ex-chancellor Kurz charged with perjury. If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison : worldnews

Lucy Letby whistleblower says babies would have lived if hospital had acted sooner | Lucy Letby : worldnews

Ecuador prepares for once-in-a-lifetime vote to stop oil drilling

Dominican officials say plastics company to blame for explosion that killed 31 people : worldnews

Wildfires Burning Out of Control Widen Canada, As residents of Yellowknife fled a wildfire in the Northwest Territories, a state of emergency was issued hundreds of miles away in Kelowna, British Columbia. : worldnews
Canada left off Chinas list of approved countries for tour groups

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez calls on U.S. to declassify documents on Chiles 1973 coup ... It is long past time for the American people to know how Nixon and Kissinger installed a murderous fascist dictator in Chile in 1973.

Tuberville says military a little overloaded with 4-star generals ... And if there is anyone who understands the military chain of command better than the experts it is a football coach. Fucking ridiculous ... You dont have to be an expert to have an opinion. I am no expert, but I think Congress has too many ignorant football coaches, and pedophilic wrestling coaches.

FBI joins investigation of threats to grand jurors in Trump Georgia case : politics undefined

Law enforcement expects Trump to surrender at Atlanta jail at the end of next week : politics

Judge wont delay Trumps defamation claims trial, calling the ex-presidents appeal frivolous

Trump Cancels Press Conference, Will Lie in Legal Filings Instead : politics
Whats ahead for Trump: There's literally no downside to encouraging violence
GOP Lawmaker to Trump: If Youre Innocent, Start Acting Like It

The Constitution Prohibits Trump From Ever Being President Again : politics
This issue could knock Trump off ballots nationwide. Get ready for it to dominate primary season : politics
Legal scholars increasingly raise constitutional argument that Trump should be barred from presidency | CNN Politics

Federal judge denies Trumps attempt to delay a second trial with E. Jean Carroll

Polling roundup: Trump has no realistic path to win a general election : politics

Biden campaign expects GOP candidates to out-MAGA each otherduring first debate
Inside Trump's Decision to Skip the G.O.P. Debate - Fox News leaned on the former president privately and publicly to join the debate. But all the while he was proceeding with a plan for his own counterprogramming.
Do debates matter in the GOP primary? They might be the only things that do - POLITICO In recent nominating contests, the nationally televised shoutfests have prompted significant shifts in polling afterward.
Big GOP donors push for Trump alternative

Theres nothing serious about GOP Hunter Biden probe, says counsel ... Tonight on FOX News, how Hunter Bidens penis was actually behind Watergate. We expose everything in our three part special: Tricky Dick ... Yea, but it wouldn't have happened if Empty Green Trashbag hadnt used a space laser to go back in time and show those pictures during Nixons impeachment trial ...
Biden says special counsel probe of his son is up to the Justice Department

Trumps Lawyer Was at the Capitol on January 6With Alex Jones

Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing : politics
Proud Boy on house arrest in Jan. 6 case disappears ahead of sentencing : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene defends Proud Boys leader in social media post as DOJ seeks 33-year sentence : politics

Publix Heiress Donated to Candidate Who Backed Patriot Prayer, Schmoozed With White Supremacist : politics

Floridas restrictive sex ed rules are causing back-to-school mayhem
There wont be libraries left: how a Florida county became the book ban heartland of the US (considers outlawing "reading"
Dynamic, proactive new logistical synergies from Chairman Rufo - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The GOP Is Over Its War On WokeTurns out Republican primary voters arent that into the anti-woke rallying cry, and presidential candidates are responding accordingly ... DeSantis seemed to use the word in Iowa more than any other candidate competing for the Republican presidential nomination ... calling it a "mind virus"zombifying the country.

New Jersey can sue gun companies under public nuisance law, federal appeals panel rules : politics

Federal judges rule against provisions of GOP-backed voting laws in Georgia and Texas : politics

Town fires librarian who worked there for 11 years because she refused to remove LGBTQ+ books : politics

Teacher Is Fired for Reading Book on Gender Identity in Class. The teacher in Georgia was fired for reading to fifth gradersMy Shadow Is Purple which is about a child who cannot relate to the colors blue and pink. (Refuck war on sanity continues)

Eight in 10 LGBTQ+ Americans fear for safety as bigotry sweeps nation : politics

Wisconsin Republicans propose eliminating work permits for 14- and 15-year-olds : politics .. So, kids are too young to know their gender identity and to learn about racism, but theyre old enough to work and give birth. Got it.
Hack judge shits in her pants over prospect of Wisconsin holding democratic legislative elections - Lawyers, Guns & Money

You gotta know that a guy who helps you steal, even if you take care of him real well, I mean, hes gonna steal a little bit extra for himself - James OKeefe

The search had its origins in a dispute between a restaurant owner and her estranged husband, records and interviews show
A raid on a Kansas newspaper likely broke the law, experts say. But which one? : politics ... Either they violated the shield law or they probably violated the federal law,Either way, its a mess.

With HR 3557, Broadband Monopolies Are Pushing A Bill That Would Crush Your TownsAbility To Stand Up To Them

A.I.-Created Art Isnt Copyrightable, Judge Says In Lawsuit Ruling That Could Give Hollywood Studios Pause - A federal judge on Friday upheld a finding from the U.S. Copyright Office that a piece of art generated by AI is not open to protection.

X Could Be Delisted From App Stores If Block Feature Removed : technology

Eschaton: How My Apes Doing Not so good! - The Sotheby's auction house has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by investors who regret buying Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs that sold for highly inflated prices during the NFT craze in 2021. A Sotheby's auction duped investors by giving the Bored Ape NFTs "an air of legitimacy... to generate investors' interest and hype around the Bored Ape brand," the class-action lawsuit claims ... It wasn't revealed at the time of the auction that the buyer was the now-disgraced FTX, the lawsuit said ... Two years of The Discourse in politics in the US is largely due to SBF spreading money and attention around to your favorite centrist dipshists. Were they the marks, or were you?

Surgeons say pig kidney functional in human for over a month : worldnews

ELI5: the concept of zero : explainlikeimfive


Americas richest 10% are responsible for 40% of its planet-heating pollution

This law may be the turning point in Americas fight to save the planet ... By 2030 the U.S. could be generating 80% of its electricity from clean sources.

EPAs new definition of PFAS could omit thousands of forever chemicals

New Zealand man wrongly jailed for 18 years wins S$4m payout : worldnews

Biden to sign strategic partnership deal with Vietnam in latest bid to counter China in the region - POLITICO opens the door to closer diplomatic, economic and technological cooperation with former foe

US, Japan and South Korea agree to expand security ties at summit amid China, North Korea worries | AP News
At Camp David, US, South Korea and Japan agree to deepen military ties, condemn China : worldnews

North Korea becoming more repressive amid reports of starvation | The Hill

Chinas Evergrande files for bankruptcy
China developer (Soho China) profit falls 93% in fresh blow to property market : worldnews

Russias Elite Split Into Squabbling Factions Over the Ruble

Russian-backed general admits his troops 'cannot win' against Ukraine and suggests freezing the front line where it is : worldnews Russian-backed general admits his troops cannot win against Ukraine and suggests freezing the front line where it is
We Cannot Win Says Top Russian Commander
Gen. Milley: The Russians are in pretty rough shape. So theyve suffered huge amount of casualties. Their morale is not great. Their leadership is questionable and spottyLogistics is not great

Drone attack hits building in central Moscow : worldnews
Drone attack hits building in central Moscow : worldnews
2/ The damage to the expo center in the Moscow City business district caused by the Ukrainian attack drone on Friday morning.

You literally could not make it up: Russian diplomats are now using a photo from a 2014 anti-Kremlin protest in Moscow opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a symbol of common values, friendship, and harmony between Russia and Ukraine
Lost In Lies: Keeping Track Of Russian Propaganda Claims#Russia now claims to have destroyed 87 out of the 72 Krab SPGs delivered to Ukraine, and 260 out of the 183 M777 towed artillery pieces delivered to #Ukraine.

About 20,000 people are mobilized in Russia every month for the war against Ukraine
Russia is charging families of dead soldiers $1,500 to get their bodies back, human-rights group claims : worldnews

Russia kidnaps children for patriotic training

A Moscow judge has granted the Justice Ministrys request and ordered the dissolution of the Sakharov Center. Its just Russias latest human rights org to bite the dust, joining Memorial and Sova of late.

Belarus leader Lukashenko admits that at start of war some Russian troops invaded Ukraine from Belarus : worldnews

Reuters: India considers importing wheat from Russia at discount. India is in talks with Moscow to import Russian wheat at discount prices in an attempt to push down food inflation ahead of the upcoming elections next year, Reuters reported on Aug. 17, citing unnamed sources.

Women lose value if men glimpse their faces in public, says Taliban official ... How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. - Churchill

Israeli cops accused of beating Palestinian detainee, branding him with Star of David : worldnews
An Israeli Civil War: From Public Secret to Shared Illusion - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Imaginary (sociology) - Wikipedia

U.S. intelligence says Ukraine will fail to meet offensives key goal
Ukraines counteroffensive is beginning to make slow but significant progress: ten weeks in, the Ukrainian army is starting to figure out what actually works
The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "The UK Defense Ministry has signed three contracts worth over GBP 90 million ($115 million) to supply Ukraine with air defense systems." / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 541, Part 1 (Thread #687) : worldnews

In a few hours: Ukraine takes out hundreds of Russian soldiers : worldnews

Yes, contrary to many peoples beliefs, medics are a target at this war.

(4/6) A new textbook on the history of Russia will be issued to schools in the occupied regions of Ukraine and throughout the Russian Federation from 1 September 2023.
(6/6) Russias aim is to create a pro-Kremlin information space in the occupied regions in order to erode Ukrainian national identity.

The first ship to use the Ukrainian Black Sea corridor has arrived in Istanbul - The Hong Kong-flagged container ship Joseph Schulte, which left the Russian-blocked Ukrainian Black Sea port of Odesa earlier this week, had been in port since February 23, 2022.

Austrian Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz Indicted for False Testimony - Bloomberg Former politician currently works as Thiel Capital strategist

Berlin prosecutor investigates possible poisoning of Russian journalist | Elena Kostyuchenko, who has criticised the invasion of Ukraine, fell ill on a train journey in Germany : worldnews

Bolsonaros Mounting Legal Troubles Raise Prospect of His Arrest

More than 2,400 killed in Haiti gang violence since January 1, says UN : worldnews
Haitians flee homes in Port-au-Prince as gang violence surges : worldnews

Canada mulling game plan if U.S. takes far-right, authoritarian shift: Joly
95% of Yellowknife has now been evacuated due to wildfires : worldnews

Intelligence Agencies Warn Foreign Spies Are Targeting U.S. Space Companies - The New York Times U.S. officials say Chinese and Russian spy agencies are trying to steal technology from private American space companies and preparing cyberattacks that could disable satellites in a conflict.

Eli5: what were the panama papers and did anything happen after they were leaked : explainlikeimfive

White House Targets Key Democrats on Potential Saudi-Israel Pact : politics

FACT SHEET: One Year In, President Bidens Inflation Reduction Act is Driving Historic Climate Action and Investing in America to Create Good Paying Jobs and Reduce Costs
Bidens approval rating on the economy stagnates despite slowing inflation, AP-NORC poll shows

The Supreme Court Could Overrule Rent Control In New York And Across The Nation : politics

Rural voters shaping the GOP presidential turn against U.S. aid to Ukraine : politics ... "salt of the land"

Sen. Tommy Tuberville doubles down after blocking hundreds of military promotions:I dont care if they promote anybody
Republican Senators Stock Trade Linked to Ukraine War Raises Eyebrows
Earlier this week, I spotted one of the most suspect congressional trades Ive seen. worth mentioning here that Tommy Tuberville sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, giving him access to confidential information on the war in Ukraine.
DOD-Tuberville standoff has no end in sight : politics

Donald Trump calls off press conference where he said he would share report on Georgia election fraud claims : politics
Trump cancels news conference to release report on 2020 election : politics
Coward Trump Mocked After 2 Backpedaling Announcements In A Row

Trump surrender in Georgia case expected next week, source says : politics
Trump and 18 co-defendants to be booked in Georgia jail : politics

Georgia Republican lawmaker moves to impeach Trump prosecutor Fani Willis : politics
Steve Bannon threatens Fani Willis in fiery speech: "Down her throat" : politics
FBI working with sheriffs office after threats to Fulton County officials
As Trump racks up indictments, his supporters are getting arrested and threatening violence against a judge and jurors : politics
3 key differences between Donald Trumps Georgia indictment and his other 3

The identities behind the 30 unindicted co-conspirators in Trumps Georgia case
Trump Is Going to Leave Judges With No Choice but to Hold Him in Contempt : politics

Alleged threat against Chutkan is reflective of GOPs war against Black legal minds

Trump Discovers That Some Things Are Actually Illegal : politics
Why Trumps alleged cheapness could cost him big in Georgia
Political Warfare Comes Home: After Trumps Indictments, Can America Protect the Peaceful Transfer of Power?
Trump expected to skip debate and do interview with Tucker Carlson instead : politics
Trump Plans to Skip GOP Debate for Interview With Tucker Carlson - The New York Times - apparent decision to skip the first debate is a major affront both to the Republican National Committee and to Fox News, which is hosting the event.

Our collective malady: Donald Trumps mental health crisis is Americas problem ... the Trump era is Americas collective malady.

Rudy Giuliani Was Always Like This
Rudy Giuliani Was Always Like This - Opinion : politics
(136) Chris Hayes: This is who Rudy Giuliani has been all along - YouTube
The fall of Rudy Giuliani: How Americas mayor tied his fate to Donald Trump and got indicted
What happened to Rudy? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Rants That Fox News Is Showing Unflattering Angles of His Chin : politics

Kenneth Chesebro, alleged architect of fake electors plot, followed Alex Jones around Capitol grounds on January 6th

U.S. seeks 33 years in prison for Proud Boys Tarrio in Jan. 6 attack

Arizona Investigators Aggressively Looking at Top Trump Ally Kelli Ward - The fake elector, and one of the state 's most prominent Republicans, is in the crosshairs of a criminal probe into the scheme to steal the election

Outrage after DeSantis says hed start slitting throats if elected president
Video Shows DeSantis Pushing for GOP State Legislatures to Overturn 2020 Race : politics
Strategist Says DeSantis Memo Leak Is The Dumbest Thing Ive Seen In A Long Time
Disney not letting DeSantis walk away from their feud unscathed : politics
The store brand Orban in Iowa - Lawyers, Guns & Money Lyz Lenz has been on the ground with Pudding Ron in the Hawkeye state. There are a couple of potential problems with his all-in-in-Iowa strategy. The first is that he is not anatural retail politician: ,,, the reality is that Iowa is bad at picking the president, especially Republican ones over the past 20 years. In 2016, Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses. Before that, Rick Santorum. Before that, Mike Huckabee. Iowa doesnt pick the president, they pick the most evangelical reactionary.

Marjorie Taylor Greene May Not Run for Reelection : politics

Ken Paxtons team said there was no evidence to support impeachment. The House published 4,000 pages
Federal Judge Strikes Down Portions of Texas Voter Suppression Law S.B. 1 : politics

Rep. Santos: Most people lie on their resumes

25 Political Karens Who Need To Sit Down Somewhere : politics

American democracy is cracking. These forces help explain why.
There Can Be No Saving the Republican Party : politics
Lock Them Up Is Now the Republican Partys Highest Goal Its no longer about policy or even culture war but prosecutorial revenge.

The new DNC chair works for a firm that fights labor regulations on behalf of clients like McDonalds and Lyft, and has successfully opposed laws guaranteeing sick leave and union organizing ... the chair of the 2024 DNC convention.

Exclusive: James OKeefe Is Now Under Investigation for Looting Project Veritas

California GOP may strip opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage from platform : politics

With 2 quiet vetoes, Gov. Tina Kotek pushed back on drive to decriminalize sex work in Oregon : politics

Green Party candidate Cornel West owes more than half a million dollars in taxes and child support: Records : politics

Anti-Abortion Groups Are Coming for Birth ControlJust as Reproductive Rights Activists Warned: Dark money anti-abortion and pay-to-play groups are predictably responding to the FDAsover-the-counter birth control pill decision with disinformation.

All Pennsylvania students will get free breakfast, a centerpiece of Gov. Josh Shapiros budget

Hamilton East Library Board president removed after Noblesville School Board vote : politics

Why the Populist Right Hates Universities : politics

Elon Musk Plans to Remove Option to Block People on Twitter : technology
"Free speech" as the right to force other people to listen to you whether they want to or not - Lawyers, Guns & Money Free speech as the right to force other people to listen to you whether they want to or not ... It was always headed in this direction, as its clear that Elon bought Twitter not just to allow white supremacists, anti-trans fanatics, anti-vaxxers, etc. etc. back on the site, but to put their content in as many feeds as possible:
Jack Dorsey quit Instagram and entered the Musk-Zuckerberg fight, posting on X (formerly Twitter) that hes going Meta free
@Jack (Dorsey) quits Instagram, putting the first-name handle up for grabs | TechCrunch

Manufactured insecurity - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Truman Establishes Sole Presidential Authority - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Washington Post's Smithsonian Series Is Remarkably Important - It's recapturing history that has been obscured and perfumed and rendered invisible.

The Upper West Side Therapy Cult That Broke All the Rules | The New Republic At the Sullivan Institute, psychotherapy became a potent form of social control.

What dark facts about world war 2 people should know about? : AskReddit

[Serious] What dark family secret were you let in on once you were old enough? : AskReddit


UN climate summit host UAE failed to report methane emissions to UN. State oil firm, whose chief will preside over Cop28, also accused of incoherent reduction targets.

Hawaiian Electric Knew Wildfires in Maui Were a Growing Risk, But Waited Years to Act - WSJ Four years ago, the utility said it needed to do more to prevent its power lines from emitting sparks. It made little progress, focusing on a shift to clean energy.

Hurricane Hilary could be first tropical storm to hit California in 84 years | The Hill

Australia to Build Paint Facility to Make F-35As Virtually Invisible
Radioactive material found as Australian border force raid Sydney home : worldnews
Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston not guilty of concealing fathers abuse

South Korea fines mobile carriers $25 million for exaggerating 5G network speed : worldnews

North Korean missile capable of striking the U.S. likely a result of cooperation with Russia, think tank says : worldnews

China building airstrip on disputed island claimed by both Vietnam and Taiwan : worldnews
China appears to be building an airstrip on a disputed South China Sea island : worldnews
Xi Jinping speech calling for patience released amid economic gloom : worldnews

Lukashenko claims Putin has achieved his goals in war against Ukraine : worldnews

Russia hikes interest rates to 12% as rouble falls : worldnews

Russian Army Commander Dismissed for Ukraine War Failures Dies in Moscow : worldnews

This video is from St. Petersburg but it is happening all over Russia. Immigrants who moved to Russia for work, many are Syrians and other Middle Easterners, are seen receiving summonses to report for military duty, being loaded onto buses, and taken to the local commissariat (voyenkomat) so they can be processed for service. Russia has been under a full "ghost mobilization" since the beginning of the year but they won't call it a mobilization for domestic political reasons.

Russia claims Ukraines military resources are almostexhausted

Talibans ties with Pakistan fraying amid mounting security concerns

No Concept of Political Parties in Sharia: Taliban Bans Democracy in Afghanistan

A Nigerian forest and its animals are under threat. Poachers have become rangers to protect both from deforestation : worldnews

Sudan "spiralling out of control" as 1 million flee country, UN warns : worldnews

$3 Narcotic Pill Sold in The Gulf Worries European Officials : worldnews

Saudi crown prince invited to visit UK, government source says : worldnews

US asks Iran to stop selling drones to Russia : worldnews
Irans foreign minister visits Saudi Arabia on first such trip in years as tensions ease

Israel to sell Arrow-3 missile-killer to Germany in $3.5B defence deal : worldnews

In a new report on how the Biden administration learned to stop worrying and not fear The Bomb (sorta), @juliaioffe says the White House became more relaxed about nuclear escalation after testing Putins red lines incrementally with aid to Ukraine. At home, Biden has had to battle The Blob (the Washington foreign-policy establishment) by appearing to be neither cowardly nor reckless.
White House denies talks about Ukraines membership in NATO in exchange for territory
NATO official admits comments on Ukraine giving up territory to gain membership were a mistake
#NATO chief @jensstoltenberg distanced himself from ludecrous comments made by his chief of staff Stian Jenssen, who said #Ukraine could surrender territory to end the war. Stoltenberg said its up to the Ukrainians to decide on conditions for negotiations

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 540, Part 1 (Thread #686) : worldnews

Nicholas Drummond on X: "If you want proof that drones have changed modern warfare irreversibly, look no further than the cope cages fitted to these Russian BM-21 Grads en route to Ukraine." / X

Apparently, Russian infantry are not pleased with their current fate re: cluster munitions.

Christian Rosenkreutz on X: "still it appears that no ship traffic has sailed under the Kerch Bridge going north into the Sea of Azov, or south from there back out into the Black Sea #KerchBridge #Crimea #BlackSea #SeaOfAzov #UkraineWar #MarineTraffic #WorldWarIII #WWIII #WW3 #NATO" / X still it appears that no ship traffic has sailed under the Kerch Bridge going north into the Sea of Azov, or south from there back out into the Black Sea
Russia hits Ukrainian grain depots as foreign ship attempts Black Sea corridor : worldnews
Russia confirms it hit Swedish plant in Lutsk, saying it was a military target : worldnews

Poland plans to move around 10,000 troops to border with Belarus | CNN : worldnews
Poland arrests nine over alleged plot to sabotage Ukraine arms supplies - Nine are said to be members of Russian spy ring that monitored railway lines and made plans to disrupt deliveries

Sweden raises terrorist alert level after Koran burnings : worldnews

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have joined the #G7 security guarantees for #Ukraine.

German government approves controlled legalization of cannabis use : worldnews

Wild boar invasion: Another Italian city faces a porcine problem

Frances Sarkozy Blasted For Call To Compromise With Russia ... he was accused on French TV of having pocketed lucrative speaking fees for praising Putin at conferences held in Russia.
Nicolas Sarkozy loses appeal on corruption convictionFormer French president will serve one year under house arrest, wearing an electronic tag.
Nicolas Sarkozy loses appeal on corruption conviction : worldnews

Banking glitch allows customers to withdraw money they dont have
Bank of Ireland warns money withdrawn during IT blunder will be debited as online services restored : worldnews

Ex-British Museum worker believed connected to theft of pricelessartifacts dating back to 1,500 BC

Argentinas leading presidential candidate Javier Milei says hed close the nations central bank if elected

Peruvian Bishops decry approval of abortion for 11-year-old girl : worldnews

Nicaraguan government seizes highly regarded university from Jesuits | AP News The University of Central America in Nicaragua, which was a hub for 2018 protests against the regime of President Daniel Ortega, called the terrorism accusation unfounded and the seizure a blow to academia in Nicaragua.
Nicaraguan government seizes highly regarded university from Jesuits : worldnews

Canada wildfire: Car began melting as family evacuated north
Evacuation of Yellowknife ordered as wildfire approaches city : worldnews
Northern Canada on fire, in addition to smaller communities, all of capital of Northwest Territories (20,000+) told to evacuate. : worldnews
The fire this time - Lawyers, Guns & Money The north woods are on fire:
The entire capital city of Canadas Northwest Territories has been ordered to evacuate as hundreds of wildfires scorch the region, officials say

Pentagon study calls for reforms at US military academies to combat wave of sexual assaults | The Hill

Trump Allies, and Possibly Trump, Likely to Be Booked at Notorious Atlanta Jail - The New York Times The local sheriff has said the defendants would be treated like everyone else should they surrender at the jail; the process for Donald J. Trump could be different.
Trump, allies will be booked at Fulton County Jail, sheriff says : politics
Trump lawyers negotiating with Fulton County DA over details of surrender, sources say : politics
Trumps legal advisers urge him to cancel press conference to refute Georgia allegations: Sources

Trumps Total Charges Could Result In More Than 700 Years In PrisonHeres Why Thats So Unlikely

Trump Supporters Dox Georgia Grand Jurors After Fulton County Indictment : politics
Officials Investigate Threats Against Trump Grand Jurors in Georgia - The New York Times with suggestions that they be harassed or made infamous

The Georgia Trump Indictments Started a Fight That Democrats Will Win : politics

Recently Indicted Mark Meadows: I Was Just Doing What My Boss Donald Trump Told Me In a bid to punt his case to federal court, Meadows has argued that aiding in an election interference campaign was part ofhis official dutiesas Trumps chief of staff.
Mark Meadows surfaces at last and it sure looks like hes flipped on Trump

Trump seems to have already broken the most important condition of his release
Donald Trump Finally Gets His O.J. Moment : politics

Fact-Checking the Breadth of Trump's Election Lies - The former president faces multiple charges related to his lies about the 2020 election. Here's a look at some of his most repeated falsehoods.

All these Trump indictments are a bore? Let me rewrite that for you. | Press Watch

Trump Doesnt Like A Big Orange Photo Of Him That Fox News Keeps Using
Ex-Trump Aide Says Trumps Use Of Word RiggersIs A Racist Dog Whistle

Woman charged with threatening to kill judge overseeing Donald Trumps election case (called judge her "slave")
Texas woman charged with threatening to kill judge overseeing Trump case, Democratic congresswoman : politics

Roger Stone Recorded Details of Fake Electors Plot Days After 2020 Election: Report : politics
New Footage of Roger Stone Working to Overturn 2020 Election Emerges : politics
What Roger Stone video reveals about plot to overturn 2020 election : politics

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump : politics
Rudy Giuliani made desperate appeal to Trump to pay his legal bills in Mar-a-Lago meeting | CNN Politics
Rudy Giuliani pocketed $300,000 from farmers investing in anti-Biden documentary that was never made, lawsuit claims : politics

Pence world poised for a showdown with Trump - POLITICO
Never Trump: Never Stop Never Trumping, Sad fanfic edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Never Trump: Never Stop Never Trumping, Sad fanfic edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I speak, of course, of former Vice President Mike Pence ... Theres been no boom-or-bust with Pence hes polling at a nice, consistent 5%, and has barely budged even as Trumps only remotely viable competitor has Scott Walkered. ... It isn't just the open bigotry and red meat hatred and bullying that drive people to Trump. Trump is also loved because of his vulgar hedonism. No other Republican candidate has that.

How Republicans overhype the findings of their Hunter Biden probe - The Washington Post
Hunter Biden is a sensitive topic that advisers rarely broach with the president | CNN Politics

Indicted Ex-Trump Officials Weird Witches Gripe Gets The Treatment Online - Jeffrey Clark, a former top Justice Department official, said witches, spiritists and mediums were attacking him

Dual citizen of France and Canada who mailed ricin to Trump sentenced to nearly 22 years in prison | CNN Politics

House Judiciary subpoenas Garland, Wray over contact with social media companies | The Hill

Dont Believe Republican Bluster About Trumps Indictment: It doesnt matter what happens in the courts -- conservatives are already committed to political show trials against their enemies.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Vows To Go After All of Them if Donald Trump Wins

Matt Gaetz Admits Biden Impeachment Is Really About Helping Republicans in 2024 : politics

Daughter alleges Sen. Dianne Feinstein is victim of elder abuse : politics

New accusations: Ken Paxton used burner phone, secret email account, fake Uber name to hide ties to Nate Paul : politics

DeSantis slips to lowest level of support in Quinnipiac 2024 polling | The Hill
Barbarians inside the gate - Lawyers, Guns & Money There has some really superb reporting about the takeover of the New College by DeSantis, Rufo, and their cronies ... If they actually try to build a functional neoconfederate college in place of what theyve ruined, their incompetence will become more important than their malice, but I doubt they actually care about that. The model theyre trying to show off is how to wreck things

What Happened to Dealing With George Santos Quickly? : politics

Appeals Court Rules on Abortion Pill, Backs Proposed Limits You Could See The Appeals Court Ruling on the Abortion Pill Coming From a Mile Away -- Now, all the lawyers seeking to ban mifepristone will need to do is talk very fast and use the word "abortifacient" a lot.
Fifth Circuit inflicting aesthetic damage, on me - Lawyers, Guns & Money

School board orders librarians to use Moms for Libertys book censorship list to evaluate books. Moms for Liberty is an extremist organization that wants to remove all references to LGBTQ+ people from schools.

It's official: Ohio will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in November : politics ... O-HI-o

Texas and others create punitive barriers to EV transition - A growing number of conservative states are imposing new taxes on drivers using electric vehicle charging stations and trying to limit EV sales.

Inside the campaign to cancel sex ed - by Rebecca Crosby

North Carolina is the latest in a wave of states passing anti-trans lawsRepublicans in the NC legislature recently overrode the Democratic governors veto.

Looking for an alternative, the school district in Louisville, Ky., turned to a software program leading to chaos. Its one of many districts struggling to get students to class.

The International Chess Federations new guidelines also strip transgender men of previously won womens titles.

As Xitters Lawyer Stalled DOJ, Elon Musk Met with Jim Jordan (Twice!) and Kevin McCarthy
Trump judge makes barbed comment about Elon Musk as contents of Jack Smiths Twitter warrant revealed
The End of Twitter - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Two brands suspend advertising on X after their ads appeared next to pro-Nazi content | CNN Business
Nearly 50% of environmentalists abandoned Twitter following Musks takeover. There has been a mass exodus, a phenomenon that could have serious implications for public communication surrounding topics like biodiversity, climate change, and natural disaster recovery.

Newsmax Pundit Urges Conservatives to Be More Homophobic

Marion police chief should be fired over newspaper raid | The Kansas City Star
Marion police chief lies, deflects on newspaper raid. He should be fired, immediately : politics

Random drug testing for 7th to 12th graders raising eyebrows in Crete Public Schools District : news

Marijuana and hallucinogen use, binge drinking reached historic highs among adults 35 to 50 | National Institutes of Health (NIH) NIH-funded study also shows younger adults reported marijuana, vaping, and hallucinogen use at or near historically high levels.

Fresh look at DNA from Oetzi the Iceman traces his roots to present day Turkey : worldnews

LK-99 has been proven to not be a superconductor : worldnews

TIL that men who ejaculate more frequently significantly lower their risk of prostate cancer. A study in 2016 concluded that there is a statistically significant reduction in the risk of prostate cancer among men who ejaculate more frequently compared to those who ejaculate less frequently. : todayilearned


Global water crisis could spiral out of control due to overconsumption and climate change, UN report warns
Quarter of worlds population living with extreme annual water stress
One in four living with extreme water stress these are the countries worst affected - Water stress measures the amount of available supply a country uses to meet demand, and is expected to worsen as the climate warms.a>

National disgrace: protest after tree estimated to be hundreds of years old cut down in Tasmania

Power lines likely caused Maui's first reported fire, video and data show - The finding adds to evidence that the island's electric utility was the source of at least some fires reported on Aug. 7 and 8

Avian flu mutation found on five mink farms : worldnews

As Myanmar Currency Crisis Deepens, Junta Shuts More Money-Exchange Businesses : worldnews undefined

VinFast: Vietnam EV maker valued at more than Ford or GM : worldnews

North Korea says Travis King wants refuge from racism, mistreatment in US Army : worldnews

Chinas fertility rate drops to record low 1.09 in 2022- state media

Shoigus ex-deputy and one of the Russian commanders in the war against Ukraine, Colonel-General Zhidko, died suddenly in Moscow. He was 57.
It is reported that two russian generals died in one day. More information to come. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russia Targets Activists Families as Efforts to Muzzle Dissent Spread

Russian officers refused to collect the bodies of dead troops so the military wouldn't have to pay their families, convict soldier says : worldnews

Russia firing at ship in Black Sea violation of intl law, piracyand a crime: Kyiv

India and China pledge to maintain peace and tranquility along disputed border despite tensions
Burger King says tomatoes on vacation as India battles food inflation

Pakistan crowd vandalises churches, torches homes after blasphemy accusation | Reuters

Afghan women escape for a chance at education : worldnews

More than a dozen Niger soldiers killed in attack near Mali border : worldnews

Iranian authorities have re-arrested a journalist who interviewed the father of Mahsa Amini whose custody death sparked months of protests, just two days after her release from jail : worldnews

Talk of Ukraine joining NATO in exchange for territorial concessions is unacceptable
Saying Ukraine should cede its land invites Russian aggression - Head of Ukraines ruling party

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 539, Part 1 (Thread #685) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 16.8.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian defenders liberate Urozhaine : worldnews
NEXTA on Twitter: "A short video showing the horrifying scale of destruction in #Bakhmut after the arrival of the "liberators"." / X

Ukrainian prisoners of war say they were tortured at Russian prison : worldnews

Ukraines Ridiculously Powerful 82nd Air Assault Brigade Is Finally in Action
Ukraine used an experimental drone to attack a Russian bridge (video from the drone) : worldnews
Ukraine tests homemade demining machine : worldnews

First ship leaves Odesa port along temporary corridor : worldnews
Financial Times on Twitter: "Ukraine defies Russian threat of naval attack as container vessel leaves Odesa" / X

Booing and walkouts after the Killers tell Georgia audience Russian is their 'brother'

Finland to Build EUs Largest Stockpile for Chemical and Nuclear Emergencies

Denmark calls on China to speak up to Russia over Ukraine

Share of battery-run electric vehicles continues strong growth in Germany since beginning of 2023 : worldnews
German Cannabis Bill Passes Scholz Cabinet in Legalization Push : worldnews

France: Exhumation of German WWII soldiers begins : worldnews

Three Bulgarians were arrested in the UK on suspicion of being Russian Spies : worldnews

Paraguays new president calls his country, Taiwan brothers

Flying Aliens Harassing Village in Peru Are Actually Illegal Miners With Jetpacks, Cops Say

Three military services now without Senate-confirmed heads for first time in history : politics

Government's own experts found barbaric and negligent conditions in ICE detention

Jack Smith Got High Value Evidence From Donald Trumps Twitter DMs
Special counsel obtained Trump DMs despite momentous bid by Twitter to delay, unsealed filings show (Muskfucker)
Special Counsel Obtained Trump's Direct Messages on Twitter - The nature of the messages or who exactly wrote them remained unclear, but it was a revelation that such messages were associated with the former president's account.

Trump expected to be booked at Fulton County jail, sheriff says | CNN Politics : politics
Trump supporters post names and addresses of Georgia grand jurors online A fringe website featured the purported names and addresses of the Fulton County grand jury that indicted Trump and 18 others for their efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Just Say That the Election Was Corrupt, and Leave the Rest to Me: In Georgia, Donald Trump Appears Beyond F--ked
Opinion | Why the Fani Willis Prosecution of Donald Trump Is Indispensable - The New York Times In contrast to the special counsel Jack Smiths latest laser-focused federal indictment of Mr. Trump, Ms. Willis charges a wide range of conspirators, from people in the Oval Office to low-level Georgia G.O.P. functionaries, and is the first to plumb the full depths, through a state-focused bathyscaph, of the conspiracy.
What the Heck Happened in Coffee County, Georgia? | Lawfare
Unmasking the Co-Conspirators in Trumps Georgia Indictment

Biased. Corrupt. Deranged. Trumps Taunts Test Limits of Release

Donald Trump receives 2024 election blow after Georgia indictment : politics

Trump Plans to Release 100-Page Report on Georgia Election Fraud Claims - The New York Times Liz Harrington, a communications aide described as a true believer in the former presidents lies about a stolen election, helped prepare the report. Mr. Trump said he would release it on Monday.

Trump alleged co-conspirators never got paid by Trump team
It's immoral to fulfill the terms of a contract you made with a sucker - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump | CNN Politics

Trump refusal to sign loyalty pledge puts RNC in bind | The Hill
Lindsey Graham: Dont Indict Trump, or Impeach Him, or Vote Against Him
Lindsey Graham: The best way to punish Donald Trumps attempt to steal the 2020 election is to re-elect him
Meanwhile, at the Gray Lady, the presidents many feloniesincluding the ones that were in furtherance of destroying democracy in America lack the inexhaustible interest of, say, compliance with email server management best practices: (Peter Baker is bored)
Teflon Don is a collective fiction its time to tell the story of Trump in jail: Trump still believes hesuntouchable, and so do his dangerous followers. Its time for consequences that count
Kimberly Guilfoyle's John Gotti Reference Backfires Badly | HuffPost Latest News The conservative media personality seemed to inadvertently suggest that Gotti, an infamous mobster, was less of a criminal than Trump.

The strange career of the Electoral College - Lawyers, Guns & Money - That Trump could lose next year by ten million votes and still be elected president doesnt provoke this reaction among the power elite and its media lackeys because white supremacy is so deeply encoded in American culture that even this radically anti-democratic outcome barely provokes any protest from Anyone Who Matters. And this is because its not actually anti-democratic, if you just assume, mostly but not always unconsciously, that white votes should count for more than non-white votes.

Americans are divided along party lines over Trumps actions in election cases, AP-NORC poll shows
8/16/23 - Majority Of Americans Say Trump Should Be Prosecuted On Federal Criminal Charges Linked To 2020 Election, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; DeSantis Slips, Trump Widens Lead In GOP Primary | Quinnipiac University Poll
Trump enjoys strong GOP support after the indictment. General election could be different | AP News

What if, Knowing What They Know Now, Republicans Dont Vote for Donald Trump? - The New York Times Editorial Board has vomited forth 1748 words pondering this question ... Put another way, what if Trump goes to prison and Republicans and the New York Times have to deal with that?

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein alleges financial abuse in lawsuit over her husbands estate

Ron DeSantis Wants Disney To Drop The LawsuitBecause Hes Moved OnThe Florida governor, running for president with dismal poll numbers, has been mocked by Democrats and Republicans for his feud with the media giant.
Chairman Rufo's gender politics ... turning the New College into a massive affirmative action program for male jocks, with a commensurate watering down of academic standards: ... Now imagine how much of a cynical liar Cornel West has become to affirmatively defend the destruction of higher ed in Florida being wrought by the Himmler Twins.
Chaos reigns at New College of Florida as fall semester nears
Yankees ask Orioles to just start the season over from scratch - Lawyers, Guns & Money At least we know now why Pudding Ron and Race Science Elon get along so well:

Evangelicals now hate Jesus because he sounds like a liberal wimp. Christians are now complaining that "turning the other cheek" is nothing more than liberal talking points. : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Trump Prosecutor Should Be Going After Rapists. Ahem. : politics

George Santos Missed the Deadline to Reveal His Finances. Now What? : politics

The cruelty of Dobbs is the entire point - Lawyers, Guns & Money The extinguishing of reproductive freedom in America will not lead to pregnant women or parents getting materially more support in pro-life [sic]states. But it will mean rape victims giving birth before they start Grade 7:

State investigators will probe police raid of Kansas newspaper office - The Washington Post A lawyer for the Marion County Record expressed optimism about the investigation of a search that its editor decried as Gestapo tactics ... It also turns out that the judge who issued the warrants for the three locations had two DUIs herself, both in 2012. She had been fired from her previous job as County Attorney in another county and has been romantically linked with the new Marion police chief.
Judge Laura Viar, who approved newspaper raid, has DUI arrests | The Wichita Eagle
Warrant for Kansas newspaper raid withdrawn by prosecutor for insufficient evidence
Kobach defends KBI directors comments on newspaper raid as search warrant withdrawn

Gee whiz, what a bloodbath - Lawyers, Guns & Money Financially beleaguered West Virginia University is proposing eliminating 9 percent of the majors and 7 percent of the full-time faculty members at the flagship Morgantown campus, including the entirety of the department of world languages, literatures and linguistics, the university announced Friday ... But wherever you see crises that allegedly require the shock treatment of mass faculty firings and department closures, you almost always see administrators knowing a demographic crunch was coming taking extremely foolish debt-funded risks:a>

Entire police force in Minnesota city resigns over pay concerns | The Hill

Judge sentences Murdaugh co-conspirator to prison in scheme to steal from housekeepers family (after killing her)

The lifelong effects of the favourite child
How to have meaningful conversations with kids - Vox Its not dissimilar from talking to other adults, but even the most well-meaning grown-ups can forget that.

New photo from NASAs James Webb Space Telescope reveals the colors of Earendel, the farthest star ever detected

Apple to start paying $500 million in BatteryGate lawsuit payments

Whats an extremely useful website most people probably dont know about?

OneLook Dictionary Search
Etymonline - Online Etymology Dictionary
Free Text to Speech Online - TTSMaker


This summer has been one of the rainiest on record since 1872 Last summer was one of the hottest for Massachusetts, and Boston recorded its driest summer in 138 years.

5 Western Oil Firms to Use 1/8 of World's Carbon Budget by 2050 : worldnews

Hawaii Wildfires Timeline: How Lahaina Became a Death Trap - The New York Times When a historic coastal town in Hawaii was overrun by fire, many residents fled for their lives but there was nowhere to go.
Biden to visit Maui wildfire aftermath, pledges support as long as it takes

New Covid vaccines are on the way as Eris variant rises

Woman at center of deadly poisoning case says she bought mushrooms from grocer and supermarket : worldnews

Philippines police arrest radio reporter without warrant : worldnews

Typhoon Lan makes landfall in Japan, thousands told to seek safety : worldnews
Roaring Back From Pandemic, Japans Economy Grows by 6 Percent

Foreign investment in China falls to lowest level on record : worldnews
China halts youth jobless data as economy falters : worldnews
China to stop releasing youth jobless rate data from Aug, says stats bureau : worldnews
China Claims Huge Breakthrough in Laser Weapon Development

Russian Central Bank Calls Emergency Rate Meeting Amid Tumbling Rouble : UkraineWarVideoReport
Russias Emergency Rate Hike Fails to Lift Ruble After Crash
In an act of pure desperation to bolster the crumbling Russian Ruble the Russian Central Bank dramatically raised the key interest rate to 12% (up from 8.5%). This extraordinary increase lays bare how dangerous the plunge of the Russian currency (and inflation) for Russia has become. Whether this will help to support the Ruble manipulation remains to be seen. I have my doubts. The value of Ruble is anyway far below what it pretends to be and everyone holding just a bill of that currency, knows that it is toilet paper. The Russian black markets will have another feast ... Treating its subjects as slaves, while handing everything over the super-upper class in charge. Like I said yesterday, the joke is on you, Russians. You are losing your future, this war and everything what you own to a few, who have their money and properties hidden in the evil West. But I also say: Every people has the government it deserves, you more than any other country.
Russia Hikes Rates at Emergency Meeting Called After Ruble Crash : worldnews
Russian central bank jacks up interest rates to 12% at emergency meeting after ruble plunge : worldnews

At least 12 die in inferno at petrol station in southern Russia : worldnews

Landslides from torrential rain kill over 50 in Indian Himalayas : worldnews

The head of the Russian paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has been meeting with representatives from Mali, the Central African Republic and Niger. The United States is attempting to block the Wagner Group from profiting from African mines : worldnews

2 Nigerian men accused of running a global sextortion ring linked to a teens suicide have been extradited to US, officials say

Nigers coup leaders say they will prosecute deposed President Mohamed Bazoum for high treason

Algeria bans Barbie' movie, media and official source say

International sanctions are in effect: Russians are chased out of Turkish hotels and deprived of their "wings" Digest of the Center for Strategic Communications - On August 14, hundreds of Russian vacationers were thrown out of hotels in Antalya the planes of the Red Wings airline did not arrive to pick them up. All because two out of three Boeing-777 aircraft in the airlines fleet broke down at the same time. It would not be difficult for Turkey to help with Boeings, but it cannot be.

UK should finally acknowledge role in 1953 Iran coup, says former foreign secretary David Owen. : worldnews

@ZelenskyyUa -- I thank @POTUS Joseph Biden, the U.S. Congress, and the American people for a new $200 million assistance package. Air defense missiles, artillery ammo, mine clearing systems, and anti-tank weapons will add strength to our Defense Forces. Another step toward our joint victory!
Ukraine ready to boycott Olympic Games if Russia and Belarus take part in competition
Ukrainian minister announces raising US$6.3m for 10,000 kamikaze drones : worldnews
Ukraines counteroffensive would fall apart without all the Russian vehicles it has captured, frontline mechanic says
Approximately 30 foreign microchips were found in the Kh-101 missiles launched by Russia at Ukraine on the night of August 15 head of the presidential office Andriy Yermak said. These missiles were manufactured in April 2023. Clearly someone is bypassing sanctions..

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 538, Part 1 (Thread #684) : worldnews

Ukrainian deminers are using a new demining tactic - CNN. When it gets dark and the air cools, sappers launch drones with thermal imaging cameras. On the screens, mines heated by the sun during the day become visible and seem toglowhe detected mines are detonated with special charges. Correspondents say the main problem for Ukrainian troops remains trench fighting and mined areas: They are surrounded by mines. Dont try to tell them that the counter-offensive should be faster.

Captured Russians ask Ukraine not to exchange them before end of contract to avoid fighting againThe publication writes that some of them are asking not to return them at all. But then they will be forced to remain in detention until the end of the war, unless they volunteer to fight in anti-Putin Russian units

traffic between Zaporizhzhia and Crimea are not using Chonhar or Heniches'k it seems. At this point its unclear if some traffic is not allowed to go that route or if its just faster due to slow traffic

Ukraine Says Downed Waves of Missiles, Drones Over Odesa
Overstretched Russian forces may lack the mechanized reserve to thwart #Ukraine establishing a bridgehead on the #Dnipro River, report says

Poland to hold biggest military parade in decades, as its clout in Europe grows | CNN : worldnews
Officials Reveal Dreaded Russian Plot Against New Target in Europe : worldnews
Polish Officials Reveal New Russian Influence Plot for War on Ukraine The Kremlin has kicked its influence arm into high gear to destabilize yet another Russian neighbor, officials told The Daily Beast.

Thousands in Bosnia protest against violence after man livestreamed killing of ex-wife on Instagram : worldnews

Al-Qaida calls for revenge attacks on Sweden and Denmark
UK warns terrorists very likely to try and carry out attacks in Sweden

Minister: Germany plans $5.5 billion in annual military aid for Ukraine until 2027 : worldnews

Fire destroys campsite and 500 hectares in south of France : worldnews

Suspected Russian spies held in major UK security investigation : worldnews
Three Russian spies who lived in UK for a decade and baked cakes for neighbours charged in national security sting
UK installs record number of heat pumps and solar panels : worldnews

Argentine peso plunges after rightist who admires Trump comes first in primary vote : worldnews

Second Ecuador politician killed in less than a week : worldnews

Boiling point? Canadas warming oceans enter uncharted territory

Army, Navy, Marines All Without Senate-Confirmed Leaders Thanks to GOP Stunt : politics

Judge dismisses suit to halt Bidens student debt relief for longtime borrowers
Biden administration report warns grad school borrowing is cause for concern

UPS drivers new $170k per year deal shows that unions (and Joe Biden) may just save the middle class after all

Why Trumps New Mob Boss Case Will Be So Hard to Shake
Megathread: Trump and Others Indicted by Fulton County DA on Charges Related to the Effort to Overturn Trumps 2020 Loss in Georgia
Trump indictment live updates: Former president and allies charged by Fulton county grand jury
Trump's Fulton County indictment, unpacked Trumps Fulton County indictment, unpackedTrump and 18 others face felony charges for being part of a conspiracy that began before the 2020 election and continued after January 6.
Here's who else was charged in Georgia (other than Trump) - Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, John Eastman and Sidney Powell are among the 18 others who were indicted
4 things revealed by Trumps Georgia indictment
The often startling numbers behind Trumps indictment in Georgia

Derp from the Dersh - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Dershofucker)
The view from on the road to nowhere - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Peter Baker in the Newspaper of Record:
Donalds razor
We Will Finally Get a Trump Mugshot With Georgia Indictment | The New Republic Heres what it could look like.

Trump wants judge in dismissed Clinton lawsuit removed from the case : politics
Trump Announces Plans to Finally Go Ahead and Prove Election Was Rigged : politics

Make attorneys get attorneys: Trumpers face prison in Georgia some are already starting to turn

Trumps attempt to undermine Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg's case badly backfires

Trumps unnamed co-conspirator sparks massive speculation

A Grim Chronicle of Trump's Corrupt Public Life - Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis's wide-ranging indictment of the former president just might sticknot that youd know it if you read The New York Times.
A Grim Chronicle of Trumps Corrupt Public Life
Trumps 4 criminal cases, ranked in order of how screwed he is - 1) New York- Maybe fucked. 2) Jan 6- Fucked 3) Documents case- Really Fucked 4) Georgia- Totally fucked. Like really, really fucked.

What next for Donald Trump? Booking, trial, jury selection, key dates : politics
Trump may well end up in prison. There is still time for 2024 : politics

Trump Assails Prosecutor, Judge in Election Interference Cases : politics
Top Democrats urge Trump, supporters not to interfere with legal process

Opinion: Republicans may be sleepwalking to disaster : politics

Jared Kushners money from Saudi Arabia comes into sharper focus ... over $3 billion was handed over to Jareds private equity fund despite the fact that Jared had no prior experience managing such a fund. The Saudi sovereign wealth fund advised against this, but Jareds "friend" MBS overruled them. What did Jared give them in return?
Ive never seen anything like it: Economic analyst breaks down origin of Jared Kushners $3 billion profit

Trump Attorney ScoldsFox & Friends Host to His Face: You Used to Love Trump!

Christie pulls ahead of DeSantis in New Hampshire GOP primary: poll : politics
Christie rejects Trump-Gore comparison:When Al Gore lost his legal challenges, he conceded
DeSantis campaign is falling apart so quickly that a new poll has him behind Chris Christie in New Hampshire

DeSantis calls on Disney to drop lawsuit against him, warns company it is going to lose
Ron DeSantis has moved on from Disney feud
DeSantis claims every urban core is a disaster zonein CNBC interview

Recall language approved for school board member charged with being fake elector for Trump : politics

Arizona fake electors face legal jeopardy, experts say. : politics

Even after Planned Parenthood stopped performing abortions, Texas is still trying to shut it down : politics
Texas sues Planned Parenthood for millions in Medicaid payments : politics

Maryland bans spanking children at private schools, day cares : politics

California school district forces teachers to out trans kids to their parents. The state tried to warn them that the new rule is illegal. : politics

The Kids Online Safety Act isnt all right, critics say

Heres everything that Massachusetts' 4% tax on millionaires will pay for, from free student lunches to college financial aid

New Oregon law allows patients to have their amputated body parts for cultural, spiritual beliefs : politics

Homeowners were having issues with hot water tank before deadly blast in Pennsylvania, officials say - ABC News but the cause of the blast remains under investigation

Elon Musk's Twitter throttles links to Threads, Blue Sky and New York Times - The Washington Post Elon Musk's X is throttling traffic to websites he dislikes - The site formerly known as Twitter added a five-second delay when a user clicked on a shortened link to the New York Times, Facebook and other sites Musk commonly attacks, a Washington Post analysis found


Earth just had its hottest July by a long shot, NASA and NOAA say

Judge rules in favor of youths in landmark Montana climate trial - The Washington Post This is a monumental decision said a lawyer for the young plaintiffs, and could influence how judges handle similar cases in other states
The Kids Win One! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Climate disinformation in Spanish spreads, impacting Latinos Spanish-language disinformation on social media as well as coded language to spread false narratives often flies under the radar of the platforms content moderation policies .. a network of Spanish-language social media accounts, mostly based in Spain and Latin America, that engage with a broader right-wing agenda and heavily relies on translated right-wing content originally generated in the U.S. in English. Among that content is climate change denialism

How the Maui wildfire devastated Lahaina, hour by hour - The Washington Post In a visual timeline, survivors recount how they were overwhelmed by the fires speed, smothering smoke and lack of escape routes

New Covid vaccines are on the way as Eris variant rises in US

Australia PM considers national public holiday because of Womens World Cup

New Zealand to drop all remaining Covid-19 restrictions : worldnews

Lion shot dead after escaping from South Korean farm : worldnews

North Koreas Kim orders sharp increase in missile production, days before US-South Korea drills

Taiwan vice president is troublemaker, says Beijing
Taiwan will not back down to threats, Taiwan VP says on US trip : worldnews

Seven of Hong Kongs most prominent democracy figures, including media tycoon Jimmy Lai, were cleared Monday of the charge of organising a massive rally in 2019

Russian Central Bank Calls Emergency Rate Meeting Amid Tumbling Rouble : UkraineWarVideoReport
Ruble Crashes Through 100 Per Dollar Despite Central Banks Move
As rouble falls past 100 per U.S. dollar, Kremlin blames loose monetary policy : worldnews
Russia (RUS) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners | OEC - The Observatory of Economic Complexity

Wagner Group starts to have problems with fundingUK Defence Intelligence

Russia to equip new nuclear submarines with hypersonic missiles : worldnews

Russian warship fires warning shots at cargo ship in Black Sea, Ukrainian adviser says violation of international law

Hundreds of Russian Tourists Stranded in Turkey After Planes Break Down : worldnews

Nigerian delegation says Niger junta is open to diplomacy : worldnews

Explosions heard in Syrian capital Damascus - state media : worldnews

Iran backs Japans call for Kuril Islands talks with Russia amid Moscow 'betrayal' in Gulf territorial dispute
Shippers warned to stay away from Iranian waters over seizure threat : worldnews

Lebanon Christian cleric urges state control of weapons after clash : worldnews

Ex-IDF general likens military control of West Bank to Nazi Germany : worldnews
Teen girls told to sit in back of bus, cover up because of Haredi passengers : worldnews
Likud minister mocked for saying its my job to name friends to government posts | The Times of Israel

Saint Javelin on Twitter: "The installation of the trident on the "Motherland" monument has been completed!" / X
Ukraine desperate for help clearing mines, says defence minister : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 537, Part 1 (Thread #683) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 14.8.2023 : ukraine

Ukraine says it ousted Russian forces from front line territory near Bakhmut : worldnews
Ukrainian guerillas set fire to Russian military base in Mariupol : worldnews
(2/4) Ukrainian forces have worked to raid or set up small bridgeheads at new locations on the Russian-held east bank.
(4/4) The combatants also continue to skirmish for control of small islands in the Dnipro estuary. Russian commanders face a dilemma of whether to strengthen this area or to deploy troops in the areas of Ukraines main counter-offensive operations, farther to the east.
Update on Urozhaine: Based on Russian reports this morning, I believe Urozhaine is under the full control of the AFU.
Ukrainian Cluster Shells Massacred Russian Troops Fleeing Urozhaine : worldnews

Ex-major general of Ukraines Security Service sentenced for treason

Tiny Ukrainian Drones Just Wrecked One Of Russias Terminator Vehicles

Ukrainian soldier tells story of how Wagnerites amput

Danish air force intercepts Russian bombers headed to NATO airspace : worldnews

Dozens of Russian diplomats leave Moldova after expulsion order : worldnews

Poland detains Russians spreading Wagner Group propaganda : worldnews
Poland Detains Two Russians for Spreading Wagner Propaganda : worldnews

Czech police seize 646 kilos of cocaine hidden in banana crates : worldnews

China courts Germanys far-right populist AfD
German automaker Mercedes-Benz has completely disconnected Russian dealerships from its software. Access, among other things, is limited to online services that allow you to quickly find the cause of the failure and eliminate it : worldnews
Platform 17: Arson attack on memorial to deported Jews in Berlin

Toronto gay couple wins lawsuit in Italy after sons birth photo used without consent
United States return 266 incredibly valuable stolen artefacts to Italy : worldnews

RAF Typhoon jets intercept Russian bombers flying north of Scotland : worldnews

Theresa Villiers: Ex-environment secretary failed to declare Shell shares : worldnews (Tory shit)
More than 500 people crossed Channel in small boats on Saturday : worldnews

Far-right populist emerges as biggest vote-getter in Argentinas presidential primary voting

Guatemala presidential frontrunner to keep same-sex marriage illegal and run country with fear of God

Cocaine cartels encroach on Unification Churchs Paraguayan paradise

Canadian Armed Forces deployed to fight wildfires in Alberta, Northwest Territories : worldnews

Giving Up A Myth - Lawyers, Guns & Money It is time for arms controllers and nuclear abolitionists to retire the Oppenheimer/ Manhattan Project myth.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin blasts GOP senator's blockade of military promotions as 'unnecessary' and 'unsafe' ... for the first time in the history of the Department of Defense, three of our military services are operating without Senate-confirmed leaders. (PUtin Pawn Tuberfucker)

White House steps up judicial confirmation efforts after slowdown - The Washington Post

DeJoys 10-Year Plan Could Gut USPS. He Doesnt Want You toKnow the Details.

Two Months in Georgia: How Trump Tried to Overturn the Vote : politics
How Donald Trump tried to undo his loss in Georgia in 2020 : politics
Trumps legal team connected to Georgia voting system breach: report
Donald Trump faces pivotal 24 Hours as Fani Willis to bring Georgia charges : politics
Donald Trump expected to face 2020 election charges in Georgia this week
Trump says he didnt tamper with election ahead of possible Georgia indictment
Why Georgias case against Trump could be so damaging
Why Georgias case against Trump could be so damaging
Georgia court website briefly publishes, removes document about potential Trump charges : news Damn that is a lot of felony charges.
In Georgia, cameras could sharpen the focus on Trump in the courtroom : politics
Hes going to be very surprised: Georgia DA Fani Willis prepares to face off with Trump
Hes going to be very surprised: Georgia DA Fani Willis prepares to face off with Trump | Legal watchers say the Fulton county district attorneys entire career has prepared her for the prosecution of Donald Trump

Trump jabs at judge in election case, testing warning against inflammatory statements
Donald Trump Takes Legal Risk by Sharing Tanya Chutkan Claims : politics
Trump Spent The Weekend Publicly Attacking His Judge
Daring the judge: Donald Trump attacks judge in 2020 election case, despite her warnings
"Blatantly unlawful": Legal experts say Trump is "witness tampering in real time" on Truth Social : politics

Trumps Bid to Sink the Manhattan DAs Case Has Already Made It Stronger

Trump Indictment: Co-Conspirators Begin to Turn on Each Other : politics
Why Are So Many of Trumps Alleged Co-Conspirators Lawyers?

The conservative case for disqualifying Trump is strong : politics
Trump could be the most successful con artist in American history : politics
The constitutional case that Donald Trump is already banned from being president : politics
GOP sees turnout disaster without Trump : politics

Republicans furious after DOJ gave them what they wanted : politics
Hunter Biden Says Prosecutors Reneged on Major Part of Plea Deal - The New York Times The move is the latest salvo in the back and forth between Mr. Biden and David C. Weiss, the federal prosecutor who was appointed special counsel last week.

White supremacy and plutocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money The twin pillars of the contemporary Republican party are, functionally speaking, closely connected:

Nevada jumps in front of South Carolina in GOP early voting - POLITICO After announcing its caucuses will be Feb. 8, only one of the four early states is left to set its primary date.

Fully expected the downfall: Inside DeSantiss brawls with Fla. Republicans
The war on free speech in Florida - Lawyers, Guns & Money Christopher Rufo collaborated with Sarasota police to use state coercion to force one of his most prominent critics to leave campus: Time for Bari Weiss to commission another piece by Cornel West pretending to wonder why anyone is criticizing Ron DeSantis when he just wants college students to read Pluto`

Civil rights groups sue Tennessee over the states GOP-drawn congressional and state Senate maps, calling the boundaries unconstitutional racial gerrymandering

Newest anti-woke tantrum: Right-wingers dont think kids of different races can be friends

Despite bans, organizations help Idahoans access abortions: Ultimately, its unstoppable
Idaho law hands parents more power in choosing school curriculums. Its led to major changes - Translation: Idaho law hands ignorant far-righters the power to force their ignorance on school curriculums.

RFK Jr. backs 15-week federal ban on abortion, then reverses himself : politics
Ratfucking failson supports national abortion ban - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Silicon Valley/Rogan/Greenwald Axis of Derp is going to like him even more now:
The rodent fondling Kennedy has demonstrated how misogynists misuse the concept of fetal viability to deny people their rights.

13-Year-Old Rape Victim Forced to Give Birth Due to Mississippis Abortion Ban.
She Wasnt Able to Get an Abortion. Now She a Mom. Soon Shell Start 7th Grade. ... In the fall of 2022, Ashley was raped by a stranger in the yard outside her home,

David McCormick is gearing up for a Senate run in Pennsylvania. But he lives in Connecticut : politics ,,, Tubberville lives in Florida, Ted Cruz lives in Cancun. What's the problem here

Bodycam video shows confrontation between U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson, officer | The Texas Tribune with the Amarillo Republican directing a profanity-laced tirade toward a trooper.

Book battles are raging nationwide. A WA library could be nations first to close

In the pandemic emergency, Brewster Kahles Internet Archive freely lent out digital scans of its library. Publishers sued. Owning a book means something different now ... No dice, wrote Judge John G. Koeltl of U.S. District Court in Manhattan. His decision granting summary judgment for the publishers in March went far beyond the pandemic library. Any benefit for research and cultural participation, he said, was outweighed by harm to the publishers bottom line. (you don't)

In a small Kansas town, a brazen attack on press freedom - "These are Hitler tactics, and something has to be done" (crooked judge/cop shit is deep)
A central Kansas police force sparked a firestorm by raiding a newspaper and the publishers home
After a police raid on a Kansas newspaper, questions mount

Montgomery brawl video went viral because it's so cinematic In the most unexpected action sequence of all, a teen swam to the rescue and performed a professional wrestling move on one of the bad guys.
Ive spent my career explaining race, but hit a wall with Montgomery brawl memes
Ammon Bundy Finally Appears In Court After Weekend Arrest

That I dont know. I just dont know. I really just dont know. -- The AMA recently published an article about how the Republican drive to ban some health care procedures is impacting residency program selection.

Idahos Teacher of the Year Winner Leaving State Following Right-Wing Harassment The educator was attacked for discussing world cultures and for recognizing the existence of the United Nations.

Blind Side subject Oher alleges Tuohys made millions off lie

TIL estrogen is responsible for the "masculinization" of male brains in early development. Newborn female mice exposed to estrogen will even go on to exhibit male behavior, such as mounting other female mice. Estrogen also plays important roles in memory, stroke prevention, and overall brain health. : todayilearned

AI improves breast cancer detection rate by 20 percent : worldnews

Women tend to overestimate hostile sexism and underestimate benevolent sexism in romantic partners, study finds : science

New study links mindfulness meditation and psychedelic use to positive leadership outcomes at work : science

Revealing the Smithsonians racial brain collection

The 1848 Revolutions Did Not Fail | The New Republic The year that Europe went to the barricades changed the world. But it has not left the same impression on the public imagination as 1789 or 1917.

The Myth of Zen in the Art of Archery Yamada Shoji (Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, vol. 28 issue 1-2, 2001)PDF
The Myth of Zen in the Art of Archery on JSTOR

The Wizards of Bullshit : HistoryofIdeas

People are having sex in self-driving cars, apparently : technology


ELI5: Would removing CO2 from the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels have an immediate or longer term effect on our climate if at all? : explainlikeimfive

NSW Labor accused of fundamental breach of trust over logging in promised koala national park

Only AI made it possible: scientists hail breakthrough in tracking British wildlife

Bronze Age deforestation changed Europes climate. Tree-cutting driven by the switch to farming is linked with warmer summers in southern Europe.

93 confirmed dead in Great Maui Fire: Locals ask for help DNA testing remains, insist tourists stay away for now : news
Death toll from Maui wildfire reaches 89, making it the deadliest in the US in more than 100 years : news
Hawaii has a robust emergency siren warning system. It sat silent during the deadly wildfires : news
Lahaina before and after - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Fake-populist lies, coming and going - Lawyers, Guns & Money Richard Grenell is.a reprehensible asshole even by TrumpWorld standards: (Ukraine aid responsible for Maui fires)

No evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause sudden cardiac arrest or myocarditis in athletes. Social media has been awash with claims that COVID-19 vaccinations are to blame when athletes falls to the ground with a sudden cardiac arrest. : science

Long COVID is devastating and far from rare. As infections rise again, why are we still ignoring it? |

Doctors Orders -- COVID-19 and the new science wars - The inability to found any discipline of social science akin to one of the natural sciences is a key feature of the spread of scientism in the modern world.

US Secret Service tip-off leads to arrest of five foreign nationals over alleged ATM scam : worldnews

Miss Universe Organisation cuts Indonesia ties over sex abuse claims : worldnews
Authorities in Indonesias ultra-conservative Aceh province have ordered men and women not immediately related or married to stay apart in vehicles and public places

S. Korea-U.S.-Japan summit to lead to security cooperation framework: official : worldnews
U.S., Japan to develop hypersonic missile interceptor

China vows vigorous response to US visit by Taiwan vice president.
China vows forceful response over Taiwan VPs US visit

Chinas Inner Mongolia reports two cases of bubonic plague

Modern Russia remains an empire and does not see itself as a Great Power unless it dominates its neighbors. Consequently, Russia will continue to threaten, attack, and absorb its neighbors until the West acts collectively to contain it

[2/4] Since the abortive mutiny of June 2023, the Russian state has acted against some other business interests of Wagner owner Yevgeny Prigozhin. There is a realistic possibility that the Kremlin no longer funds the group.

Russian warship fires warning shots on cargo ship in Black Sea : worldnews

Ethiopia cracks down on gay sex in hotels, other venues : worldnews

At least six killed, 12 hurt in Somalia bus explosion

ECOWAS to hold Russia responsible if Wagner Group violates human rights in Niger | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News : worldnews

King of Jordan approves a bill to criminalize online speech. Human rights groups call it draconian : worldnews

The Wall Street Journal reports that the US government is trying to convince Egypt to start supplying weapons to Ukraine, but Cairo is in no hurry to fulfill this request. After the Egyptian authorities refused to supply weapons to Ukraine, some members of the US Congress proposed to freeze the allocation of 230 million US aid to Cairo.

A year ago, an Iranian womans death sparked hijab protests. Now businesses are a new battleground
Iran protests: Teen girl Sonia Sharifi abducted and tortured by Iranian forces for second time
Iran's politicians to debate hijab laws in secret : worldnews

Palestinian officials welcome first Saudi Arabia ambassador : worldnews
Palestinian President Abbas to Meet With Egypt, Jordan Amid U.S.-Saudi Israel Talks : worldnews

A Ukrainian arms dealer accused of corruption is now one of the countrys top weapons suppliers
Rheinmetall to deliver Luna drone system to Ukraine by year end : worldnews
By end of year, Rheinmetall will hand cutting-edge UAV over to Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 536, Part 1 (Thread #682) : worldnews

Estimates by #Ukraines MoD @DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 13 August 2023.

Up to five mines per square metre Ukraines Defence Minister on Russian minefields
Ukrainian forces hit an ammunition storage warehouse in Russian-occupied Oleshky. This couldnt have arrived at a worse time since Russians are increasingly having problems along the Dnipro river and while Russians are trying to take potato fields near Kupyansk in hope to lure Ukrainian troops away from the important frontlines. You Russians are having the dumbest leadership, both political and military. Please keep Shoigu for as long as possible.

Ukraine Makes Tactically Significant Progress in Its Counteroffensive
Ukraine makes partial but significant gain in south as counteroffensive grinds on
#UkrOffensive2023ZAP Was wondering which Romanchuk bunk line of defense would give way first: Juno (left - #Urozhaine ) or Omaha (right - #Robotyne ) Line of Crapola cant be far behind from breaking also.

7 killed in Ukraines Kherson region, including a 23-day-old baby girl Seven people, including a 23-day-old baby girl, were killed in Russian shelling in Ukraines southern Kherson region on Sunday

Ukraine fires missiles at Kerch Bridge connecting Crimea to Russia : worldnews
Ukraine war: Crimea bridge targeted by missiles, Russia says : worldnews
Russia vows retaliation for Ukraines terrorist attackon Crimean Bridge

Travellers frustrated as Lithuania tightens border with Belarus : worldnews

Germany rejects over 30,000 Iraqi asylum seekers in six months : worldnews
Berlin seeks mafia-busting powers to tackle crime clans : worldnews
Germans stage rally demanding legalization of cannabis : worldnews

We risk being seen as the nasty party again, warn senior Conservatives after proposals from some minister to have the United Kingdom leave the ECHR over immigration
TikTok users in UK to be left with more toxicversion of app, say campaigners
UK Court of Appeal: Low-THC hemp flower is not a narcotic drug

Brazils former highway police chief arrested, accused of interfering in 2022 presidential elections

Colombia prosecutors confirm arrest of father of 2 of the 4 children lost 40 days in Amazon jungle : worldnews ... the charges were abuse, including sexual abuse of the oldest stepdaughter. Kids knew how to survive, because they would run away to the forest often, even for 3 consecutive days.

Argentina says it will punish foreign football fans who burn or tear up bank notes to taunt locals while attending matches in the country : worldnews

Do Cartels Exist?, by Rachel Nolan A revisionist view of the drug wars

Group That Calls CO2 Gas of Life Praises Albertas Renewables Moratorium

6 ways the Inflation Reduction Act changed America and the world in 1 year : politics

Americas Original Gun Control | Early in our history, firearms laws were everywhere
Gov. JB Pritzker signs new law allowing victims of gun violence to sue gun makers : politics

Key allegations against Clarence Thomas in Democrats call for probe
Unprecedented, stunning, disgusting: Clarence Thomas condemned over billionaire gifts
The Supreme Court is taking a wrecking ball to the wall between church and state The Courts Republican majority has ground the Constitutions establishment clause down to a nub.
Losing Our Religion review: Trump and the crisis of US Christianity | Books : politics undefined

Joe Biden Goes Full Dark Brandon Barking Back At Fox News Peter Doocy
How the Dark Brandon Meme Evolved From an Online Joke to Joe Bidens Unlikely Weapon

Louis DeJoy: From Trump villain to Bidens clean energy buddy

Prosecutors have messages linking Trumps team to Georgia voting system breach The messages confirm that Trumps team tried to access Coffee Countys voting systems prior to Jan. 6
Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trumps team is behind voting system breach.
Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trumps team is behind voting system breach
Georgia Is Ground Zero for Trump Exhaustion as Another Indictment Looms
Trump election investigation in Georgia headed to grand jury next week : politics
Former Georgia lieutenant governor to testify before Fulton County grand jury in 2020 election probe Tuesday : politics

Jack Smith calls out Trump defence for forgetting when the Capitol riot happened : politics

Republican senator who voted to convict Trump speaks out on his third indictment : politics

A MAGA Mob Called for His Death, But Mike Pence Just Cant Quit MAGA
Pence says he doesnt recall if he was told about false elector scheme leading up to Jan. 6

Trump heading for Republican coronation as 2024 rivals struggle to stop him

Republicans Are Mad They Got The Hunter Biden Special Counsel They Asked For : politics

A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were suppressed : politics

The psychology of the Trump cult - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump has gone off the deep end for real: He's a danger to humanity | Donald Trump has gone off the deep end for real: He's a danger to humanity - Even by his standards, Trump has gone berserk on social media since the last indictment. Drop this guy, America

Matt Gaetz says only "force" can make change in Washington D.C. : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greenes campaign manager to pay $25k over Ohio train derailment scam

The mystery of Vivek Ramaswamys rapid rise in the polls

DeSantis taps anti-LGBTQ+ Liberty Counsel lawyer for judgeship : politics
Protesters Hit DeSantis With Pudding FingersChant in Iowa
Theyre violating my rights: Worrells chief of staff fired while on maternity leave
Orlando attempts to reassure LGBTQ+ people its safe to visit despite Florida having some of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ+ state laws in the US.
Meatball of the year : PoliticalHumor (uncanny)

GOP senator amplifies conspiracy theory that Covid was pre-planned by 'elite' in anti-vaccine rant on Fox ... Ron Johnson and Maria Bartiromo falsely claimed the FDA approves ivermectin to treat the disease ("elite" = "the Jews")

Arkansas education department nixes AP African American Studies course at last minute : politics

Sheriff says U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson cursed at officers, threatened his job in rodeo altercation : politics

Voters saw through Ohio Republican phonies, demolishing Issue 1 and perhaps some political careers:

Massachusetts Adopts Universal Free Meals For All Public School Kids : politics

Eschaton: 8 Can't Wait Never take advice on either politics or policy from people who care nothing about the issue they are claiming to care about. I mean, do you think Jon Chait cares about whether cops murder black people with impunity? Do you think Matt Yglesias cares about anything that happens to people outside of his Monkeysphere of 8?

In Marion County newspaper raid, a grim threat to Kansans First Amendment rights - Why would a judge sign off on an apparently illegal search? What type of officials would willingly execute such an abuse of power? Could any convoluted sequence of liquor permit infighting possibly justify such drastic measures? Are we still living in a state and nation where the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution applies?
Police questioned over legality of Kansas newspaper raid in which computers, phones seized : politics
Marion County Record: Police raid Kansas newspaper office and owner's home, seize records and computers | CNN
Police raid Kansas newspaper office and owners home, seize records and computers ... When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. And also wearing a badge.
Police raid local Kansas newspaper office and homes of reporters | Kansas | The Guardian The paper added that Newell admitted to the drink-driving arrest and driving with a suspended license.
Police stage chilling raid on Marion County newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones
Marion County Record Subjected to Police Raid After Unpublished DUI Story About Restaurateur Kari Newell The Marion County Record said its co-owner died Saturday after a police raid left her stressed beyond her limits.
UPDATED: Illegal raids contribute to death of newspaper co-owner | Marion County Record | Aug. 13, 2023 (disgusting details)

RFK Jr. says hed sign a federal ban on abortions after three months of pregnancy

Starting next year, child influencers can sue if earnings arent set aside, says new Illinois law

Michigan police handcuff Black child by mistake : news

Family of Utah man shot dead by FBI after threats to Biden say he was frustrated at "corruption" ... Suicide by Fox.

Tasers, taunts, torment: How 6 White officers subjected 2 Black men to hours of grueling violence, and then tried to cover it up | CNN : news -- Rankin County, Mississipp

Another Inmate found dead in cell at Fulton County Jail : news

Sunnyvale dentist facing child porn, peeping charges after camera found in restroom : news

Ex-USC campus gynecologist ordered to stand trial on sex charges : news

Boston doctor arrested for allegedly masturbating, exposing himself on aircraft while teen sat next to him : news

Harris County woman awarded $1.2 billion in revenge porn case : news

Mob of up to 50 people swarms LA mall and steals tens of thousands in luxury goods, police say : news

New Footage Shows Tesla On Autopilot Crashing Into Police Car After Alerting Driver 150 Times : technology

TIL that Sean Connery whilst working with Lana Turner, was confronted by Turners gangster boyfriend Johnny Stompanato. Stompanato drew a gun on Connery, only to be disarmed and beaten up by the actor.

Which writers have the most beautiful prose? : books

Its actually a real problem that men increasingly dont read books and literature is seen as geared towards women
The 12 Book Classical Education - ThinkingWest
Classical Educators Reading ListTop 55 Books
Literature List - JECA - Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy


Virtually certain extreme Antarctic events will get worse without drastic action.

Global heating likely to hit world food supply before 1.5C, says UN expert : worldnews
Global heating likely to hit world food supply before 1.5C, says UN expert - Water scarcity threatening agriculture faster than expected, warns Cop15 desertification president : worldnews

EU blindsided by spectacular solar rolloutLarge majority of EU countries will hit 2030 solar targets ahead of schedule, according to new data

80 people now confirmed dead in The Great Maui Fire, but officials fear the death toll could be far higher as hundreds are still not accounted for : news

Global Covid cases up 80pc as new subvariant EG.5 rises : worldnews

NSW gay conversion therapy ban to extend to gender identity, transgender suppression : worldnews

The 1975: Malaysia festival cancelled after gay kiss demands $2.7m in damages from British band : worldnews

2 killed, 16 missing after mudslide in north Chinas Xian: Report

Russia is accelerating the implementation of the digital ruble. The Central Bank of Russia will start its first real operations on 15 August in 11 cities. Now Russians are being told that it will be "the onset of a new beautiful and transparent world". : UkrainianConflict
Why Putins Russia cannot accept its borders
Bellingcat Investigator Predicts Prigozhins Demise or Second Coup

The number of suicides among #Russian officers has increased significantly since the start of the war - This was told by the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of #Ukraine Andriy Yusov. According to him, some of the occupiers have already killed themselves out of fear of retribution.

Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky sentenced to 8 years in prison for criticizing Russias invasion of Ukraine
Russian Orthodox priests face persecution from state and church for supporting peace in Ukraine : worldnews

Russian Factories Face Record Labor Shortages : worldnews
Russia is manufacturing its own version of Irans Shahed attack drones to continue air attacks on Ukraine, report says

Starvation as a Means of Genocide: Azerbaijans Blockade of the Lachin Corridor Between Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh
Reasonable to believe genocide against Armenians being committed, former ICC chief prosecutor says | CNN

Indias Hindu-Muslim hate crimes are being tracked, by self-exiles Modi supporters wants silenced

Dengue outbreak in Bangladesh sparks alarm after 364 people die this year and infections rise : worldnews

Ghana abolishes death penalty, replaces it with life imprisonment : worldnews

Ethiopia cracks down on gay sex in hotels, bars and restaurants : worldnews

Nigers captive leader losing weight in inhumane conditions, daughter says
Blinken says US backs ECOWAS efforts on Niger. : worldnews
Niger coup: Russia warns Ecowas not to take military action : worldnews
Tensions rise as West African nations prepare to send troops to restore democracy in Niger : worldnews

Seven worshippers killed in northern Nigeria mosque collapse : worldnews

Islamic State attack on army bus kills 33 Syrian soldiers : worldnews

UN completes removal of oil from decaying tanker off Yemen : worldnews

Temperatures in Iraq surpass 50 degrees Celsius amid heatwave : worldnews (122 F)

Growing Segregation by Sex in Israel Raises Fears for Women's Rights - Ultra-Orthodox members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right coalition want to expand the powers of all-male rabbinical courts, and to bar women and men from mixing in many public arenas. ... Bus drivers in central Tel Aviv and southern Eilat have refused to pick up young women, because they were wearing crop tops or workout clothes. Last month, ultra-Orthodox men in the religious town of Bnei Brak stopped a public bus and blocked the road because a woman was driving.

Zelensky to Sack All Military Commissars Because of Cynicism and Graft
Zelenskyy fires recruitment officials for accepting $10,000 bribes to help Ukrainian men dodge the draft: bribery during war is treason
Yermak: Ukraine, UK start talks on security guarantees. The governments of Ukraine and the U.K. began bilateral negotiations on security guarantees for Ukraine, Presidential Office head Andriy Yermak said on Aug. 11.
F-16 training: Ukrainian pilots will not be operational before 2024 : worldnews
WSJ: Ukraines Sea Drones Alter Balance of Power in Black Sea

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 535, Part 1 (Thread #681) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 11.8.2023 : ukraine
The Kremlin won't admit how many soldiers have died i

NYT: Ukraine Makes Tactically Significant Progress in Its Counteroffensive (Article in Comments)
The Armed Forces of #Ukraine performed a miracle, pushing #Russians back to defensive positions, reports the Pentagon.
Tank battles in the center of Urozhaine. Good news soon
2/ Ukrainian forces on the other hand maintain reserves that allow them to rotate units instead of relying on redeploying units conducting defensive and offensive operations to other sectors of the line without rest.

Ukraines Odesa opens a few beaches for the first time since Russian invasion

New report highlights evidence of escalating Russian genocide in Ukraine : worldnews
A new international report has identified evidence that Russias campaign of genocide in Ukraine is escalating
Russian missile hits hotel used by UN in Zaporizhzhia : worldnews
Business Ukraine mag on Twitter: "A series of recent Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian hotels and restaurants frequented by international correspondents is fueling accusations that Moscow is deliberately targeting the media in a bid to intimidate journalists covering the war in Ukraine" / X

Russians stop providing insulin to civilians without Russian citizenship in occupied village in Kherson Oblast : worldnews
The RU-appointed head of the occupied town of Lazurne, Kherson region, said that residents without RU passports will not be given insulin & other medicines, and also threatened to take the children who refuse to study in RU schools to the demarcation line.
Ukraine says Russias plans property inventory in occupied Kherson Oblast, aims to steal unclaimed property

Explosions heard in Crimean Bridge area : worldnews
Russia says drones swarmed Crimea overnight; U.S. sanctions Russian elite : worldnews

Man in Bosnia kills ex-wife live on Instagram, then kills 2 more people before taking his own life : worldnews
Migrants who storm #EU borders are brought to #Belarus from #Moscow - #Polish border guards detained 105 violators of the Belarusian-Polish border over the past day. They are citizens of Sri Lanka, Sudan, Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia. It turned out that they had Russian tourist and work visas. The migrants came to Belarus by organized transport from Moscow, reports the Polish Border Service.

Almost 14,000 evacuated in Polish city after unexploded WWII bomb found : worldnews

German far rights Hocke wants to kick disabled kids out of regular schools
China courts Germanys far-right populist AfD

France evacuates Eiffel Tower amid bomb alert : worldnews

Mass arrest at LGBTQ club in Venezuela prompts outcry over discrimination : worldnews

Bolsonaro received cash from $70,000 sale of luxury Saudi gifts, Brazils police allege
Brazil police arrest Amazon deforestation gang leader : worldnews

Chinese immigration consultant with Vancouver ties arrested in Shanghai, according to Chinese media reports : worldnews
Fury as Alberta cuts renewables during Canadas worst fire season ever

The Pentagon plans to shake up DCs National Guard, criticized for its response to protests, Jan. 6

301 military promotions Sen. Tommy Tuberville is blocking, visualized - The Washington Post (Russian owned football-head nukes US military)

Barrels of drinking water for migrants walking through Texas have disappeared : news

Lawmakers Urge Corrupt As Hell Clarence Thomas To Resign After New Revelations
Trumps lawyers wanted Clarence Thomas to review their 2020 election lies, saying he was theironly chanceof stopping Bidens victory
AOC leads call for federal ethics investigation into Clarence Thomas | Democrats make demand in letter to attorney general Merrick Garland and condemn judges blatant disregard for judicial ethics

Grand Jury to Hear Trump Election Interference Case Early Next Week - The New York Times
Geoff Duncan: Former Georgia lieutenant governor to testify before Fulton County grand jury in 2020 election probe Tuesday | CNN Politics ... The Fulton County probe brings the possibility of a fourth indictment against Trump, taking the GOP frontrunner even further into uncharted legal territory.

Judge Chutkan says Trumps right to free speech in January 6 case is not absolute

Judge warns Trump: nflammatory statements about election case could speed trial

Trump could face "big picture" RICO case in Georgia, expert says - CBS News

Nancy Pelosi praises the exquisite indictments against Trump: They're beautiful and intricate

Trump Allies Spill as Jack Smiths Probe Targets Sidney Powell

Why Would Trump Leave Office After A Second Term If Prison Awaits? Experts Fear He Wont.

Republicans Wanted a Hunter Biden Special Counsel. Theyre Pissed They Actually Got One

Youre not serious people: Congress called out for ignoring Jared Kushners huge scandal

How Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trumps Toxic, Twisted Bromance Nearly Drove the Country Off a Cliff

Donald Trump and the forgotten 14th Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money ,,, Dred Scott had taught them that even the most expensive and carefully worded protection of rights against state violation would mean little if they were interpreted by public officials hostile to civil rights (confederate resident evil)

Better martyrs: the growing role of women in the far-right movement

Violent threats against public officials are rising. Heres why

Former Republican staffer admits GOP would intentionally spread lies : politics
The GOP Is Done with Democracy : politics

Records: Michigan voting machines exchanged at mall, manipulated in hotels

Ron DeSantis slips to third place in Republican primary poll : politics (after Ramadummy)
At the Iowa State Fair, DeSantis Cant Seem to Catch a Break
Videos by PragerU, a conservative media company, can be played in Florida classrooms : politics
It was the latest action by board members out to change the school after their appointment by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Tommy Tuberville's Block of Military Promotions Hits His Home State : politics

3-Year-Old Migrant Dies During Trip to Chicago on Bus Sponsored by Texas : politics
3-Year-Old Dies Riding One Of Abbotts Migrant Buses
Texas questions rights of a fetus after a prison guard who had a stillborn baby sues : politics
Sheriff: Ronny Jackson threatened to beatstate trooper after being handcuffed at rodeoThe report on the July 29 incident from Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry portrays the GOP congressman as belligerent and uncooperative.

Vos says lawmakers may consider impeachment if Protasiewicz doesn't recuse from redistricting cases - We are going to exercise our power we obtained through extreme gerrymandering to prevent having the power to gerrymander being taken away. Sounds like a legit form of democracy.

The failed Ohio amendment reflects Republican efforts nationally to restrict direct democracy : politics

Police raid local Kansas newspaper office and homes of reporters : politics ... Whenever you see this story, note that local politician and restaurant owner Kari Newell arranged for the blatantly unconstitutional raid and equipment seizure. Why? Because Newell was afraid the Marion County Record would publish information about her drunk driving conviction from 2008. Newell illegally concealed that conviction from the state alcoholic beverage commission because it would have jeopardized her restaurants liquor license.

Illinois Supreme Court upholds states ban on semiautomatic weapons | The law bans dozens of specific brands or types of rifles and handguns, .50-caliber guns, attachments and rapid-firing devices.
Illinois just made it possible to sue people for doxxing attacks : politics

Anti-LGBTQ+ couple cries religious discrimination after their foster parent application was denied. The state requires parents to treat even LGBTQ+ foster kids with respect, but this couple says that violates their religious beliefs. : politics ... The lawsuit was filed by Michael and Catherine Burke against the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF)

Mayes warns counties against GOP-led efforts to count ballots by hand : politics - AZ

Unluckiest generation falters in boomer-dominated market for homes - The median age of a first-time homebuyer climbs to 36, as high interest rates and asking prices further erode spending power, first-time home buyers are older, with a median age of 36, the oldest since NAR started keeping track in 1981, when it was 29As the age climbed, she noted, the share of first-time home buyers sank to historic lows

Were All Water-Bottle Freaks -- Americans are drinking more water. How best to contain it: That's the burning question.

Ammon Bundy arrested: Held in Gem County on a $10K bond : news

As kidfluencers come of age, we need to consider the consequences of viral fame : technology

FTXs Bankman-Fried headed for jail over alleged witness tampering
Sam Bankman-Fried Is Jailed for Leaking His Exs Diary

News Corp profits dive 75% as Rupert Murdoch-owned company hints at AI future | News Corporation : worldnews

Music labels sue Internet Archive over digitized record collection : worldnews

Music labels sue nonprofit Internet Archive for copyright infringement over digitized 78s of Frank Sinatra and other artists : technology

Scientists uncover hidden math that governs genetic mutations : worldnews

Fossil of tiny extinct whale discovered in Egypt, named for King Tut : worldnews

found no detectable difference in altered states of consciousness induced by 20 mg psilocybin, 100 microg LSD, or 500 mg mescaline and no severe side effects were noted for any substance

New research has identified an increased likelihood of criminal sexual behavior among celebrities who cheat on their partners. The findings, published in Sexuality & Culture, suggest that unresolved sexual frustration can manifest in harmful behaviors among celebrities. : science

New analysis linked lead exposure, either in utero or during childhood, with an increased risk of engaging in criminal behavior in adulthood : science

How do we know that the sun has burned half of its fuel? : askscience

Research shows that older adults with moderate to severe distance vision issues were 72 percent more likely to have dementia. Prioritizing vision health may be key to optimizing both sight and overall health and well-being : science


The Race to Save the World's DNA - A scientific rescue mission aims to analyze every plant, animal, and fungus before it's too late.

Huge coral bleaching unfolding across the Americas prompts fears of global tragedy

First Extinction Alert Issued In 70 Years For Rarest Marine Mammal On Earth : worldnews ... Lots of extinction/endangered animals in this modern age seems to point back at China and "medicine"

Climate change will even make food poisoning worse : worldnews

Beavers born in Sussex for first time in 500 years : worldnews

Hawaii fires: states deadliest natural disaster leaves 67 people dead
Hawaii fires: death toll increases to 67, says Maui county
Maui wildfires live updates: 55 dead as Lahaina fire continues - The Washington Post
53 people have died from the Maui wildfires, governor says, and historic Lahaina has burned down
At least 55 people died on Maui. Residents had little warning before wildfires overtook a town. - The Boston Globe
The destruction of Lahaina - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Maui: Emergency sirens werent activated ahead of deadly fire, agency says

1,377 confirmed cases and 2 deaths in a week. See the latest COVID-19 data from Mass.

Right-Wing Herd Immunity Logic Has Infiltrated US Politics and Public Health

eli5: why Australia is so less populous? : explainlikeimfive (no water, no rivers)

New Zealand intelligence report accuses China of foreign interference

North Koreans ordered to protect portraits of Kim Jong-un as tropical storm Khanun looms : worldnews

Biden calls China a ticking time bomb due to economic troubles
Biden Fears China Is Ticking Time BombPosing Danger to World ... Does that say Abe Lincoln?
China says military company worker exposed as CIA spy : worldnews

A rocket with a lunar landing craft blasts off on Russias first moon mission in nearly 50 years

Ukraine Issues Warning to Moscow Residents: Expect More, Daily Attacks
Record Number of Explosions Rock Russia in 2022
Twelve Still Missing As Debris Cleared After Deadly, Unexplained Blast Outside Moscow : worldnews
Large Fire Erupts at Warehouse in Odintsovo, Moscow Region : worldnews

Kremlin wants to nationalise Yandex in preparation for presidential elections : worldnews

6 Western nations demand Russia return two regions it took from neighboring Georgia 15 years ago : worldnews

Teenage girl dies after being forced to stay in a period hut in Nepal ... Chhaupadi is based on the centuries-old belief that women and girls are unclean and untouchable during menstruationThe practice, which has links to Hinduism, is deeply embedded in western Nepal.

Sudan conflict 'on verge of turning into a civil war' says UN Official | Africanews : worldnews Sudan conflict on verge of turning into a civil war says UN Official | Africanews

South Africas ex-President Jacob Zuma wont return to prison due to overcrowding

LGBTQ+ people in Ethiopia blame attacks on their community on inciteful and lingering TikTok videos : worldnews

ECOWAS orders immediate activation of standby force in Niger
ECOWAS approves military intervention in Niger. : worldnews
West African nations mobilize standby force as Niger crisis grinds on : worldnews

Iran set to free 5 U.S. citizens in exchange for access to billions of dollars in blocked funds : worldnews

Ukraine says Saudi talks were breakthrough -- Kyiv has more to offer Africa than Russia
Biden asks Congress to allocate additional $22 billion to support Ukraine : worldnews
British Commandos train hundreds of Ukrainian Marines in UK programme : worldnews
A first group of six Ukrainian pilots is not expected to complete training on the U.S.-made F-16 before next summer, senior Ukrainian government and military officials said

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 534, Part 1 (Thread #680) : worldnews

And now, ladies and gentlemen, meet theOlenegorsky Gornyak hole. Two things stand out to me: 1) The Russian ship has been holed below the waterline. 2) The ships interior also appears to have been significantly damaged by the explosion from the Ukrainian naval drone
Ukraine volunteers making $400 Sport FPV drones carrying explosives for kamikaze attacks at the front : worldnews

Ukrainian forces have captured Russian positions east of Robotyne.

What isn't visible at that Rostov-on-the-Don airport casevac point is theseriously wounded that make up 15% of every set of battlefield casualties.
The Russian soldier captured a video that exhibited numerous seriously wounded Russian soldiers awaiting several hours to be evacuated. : UkraineWarVideoReport

NEW: #WagnerGroup maintains a presence at facilities in #Belarus & the status of its rumored withdrawal to #Russia remains unclear. #Ukraine contd counteroffensive operations in at least 3 sectors & advanced in the Donetsk-#Zaporizhia border area Aug 10.

Scholz Will Provide Ukraine with Taurus Missiles If They Are Programmed Not to Strike Russian Territory : worldnews
TSMC decides to build a factory in Germany : worldnews

Switzerland Freaks Out After Veselnitskaya Plot Is Exposed : worldnews ... Corrupt Swiss politicians received kickbacks to grant Russia access to a large amount of money, even though Russia was under sanctions. The Russian lawyer, who was the intermediary, is the same one who met with Trumps campaign team (Trump Jr, Kushner, etc) at Trump Tower ... the Trump voters will still talk about the Russia Hoax as if its not abundantly clear dodgy things went on.

Loch Ness monster hunters gear up for the biggest Nessie hunt in decades : worldnews

Argentina cracks down on football fans who tear up money to taunt locals : worldnews

Buenos Aires protester dies of heart attack apparently suffered while being detained by police : worldnews

Assassinated Ecuadorian candidate stood up to organized crime : worldnews

Quebecers take legal route to remove Indigenous governor general over lack of French : worldnews
Indigenous-led archaeology school disheartened after dig site vandalized twice in 4 days | CBC News

US suicides hit an all-time high last year | AP News - About 49,500 people took their own lives last year in the U.S., the highest number ever, according to new government data posted Thursday.

How the Inflation Reduction Act Has Reshaped the U.S.and The World ... Companies have invested more than $270 billion in U.S.-based clean energy projects

U.S. international image rebounds with Biden reversing Trump policies : politics

An insidious form of climate denial is festering in the Republican Party

2024 Preview: Bidenomics Versus the Trump Freak Show : politics

Thomas accepted more gifts from billionaire benefactors, new ProPublica report says : politics
US Supreme Courts Clarence Thomas enjoyed array of luxury perks, report says ("PERKS")
After new Justice Thomas bombshell, Sen. Whitehouse says SCOTUS scandals will get worse : politics
Looks like Ron was actually right. : PoliticalHumor

Biden attorneys are in talks with special counsel Robert Hur over terms to interview the president : politics
Biden world resigned to a campaign shadowed by Hunter Biden drama - POLITICO The White House was privately frustrated by the appointment of a special counsel. But Republicans were, too.

Jack Smith Wants Trump Convicted by Super Tuesday : politics
Jack Smith uses Trump lawyers media statements against him in latest 2020 election case filing

Judge Limits Trump's Ability to Share Jan. 6 Evidence - During a 90-minute hearing in Washington, Judge Tanya S. Chutkan also warned the former president against any attempt to intimidate witnesses or prejudice potential jurors.
Prosecutors convinced a judge not to let Trump have his phone while reviewing trial documents because he has a 'tendency' to hold onto material 'he shouldn't have'
Trump's speech will be limited to protect trial, witnesses, judge says - Veteran jurist, tough sentencer of Jan. 6 riot defendants limits what Trump can reveal about government evidence as prosecutors push for January 2024 trial date
Read the Courts Rules for Trump on What He Can and Cannot Say About His Jan. 6 Criminal Case

Trump Is Disqualified From Holding Office, Conservative Law Professors Argue : politics

Matt Gaetz Has a Plan for Blocking Jack Smiths Indictments of Trump | Gaetz believes a select committee should be established to grant Trump immunity from prosecution for his crimes

Trump reacts with fury to proposed 2 January trial date in special counsels2020 election case

Judge Chutkan says Trumps right to free speech in January 6 case is not absolute

Federal Judge Found Reason to Believe Trump WouldFlee from Prosecution

Donald Trumps Campaign Money Could Be Frozen as Part of Probe: Attorney
Spiraling Legal Bills Threaten Trump With a Cash Crunch - The former president's political orbit, including the super PAC that backs him, is already spending more than it is taking inan unusual trajectory this far out from an election.

Jared Kushner crossed line of ethics by accepting $2B Saudi investment: Comer

Harassment of mother and daughter poll workers could form part of Trumps Georgia indictment, report says

Why Elon Musk Fought a Federal Search Warrant to Help Trump. | Twitter, owned by Musk, fought for months for the right to tell Trump about Special Counsel Jack Smiths search warrant for his account

Trumps court appearances should be nationally televised, Adam Schiff says
I'm sure this applies to Trump too, right? Right? : PoliticalHumor

Inside One Egregious Mistake From Trumps Florida Judge Aileen Cannon ... Damn. She has less than 14 days of courtroom experience in her career as a judge. That was four trials and she screwed up at least 2 of them.

Joe Manchin threatens to leave Democratic Party for the last 18 months of his political career - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ron DeSantis "sad and pathetic," says Florida State Attorney he suspended : politics
Slavery Was Good DeSantis Suspends Floridas Only Black Woman State Attorney
A satire on Ron DeSantis's culture war His efforts to polarize the history of slavery have been a flop.
Academic bomb in our community: Black leaders decry Floridas African American history standards.
After DeSantis suspends Worrell, new leadership fires staffer on maternity leave : politics - So basically they show up with Cops at her door while she is nursing her newborn, fire her, and demand the passwords to the social media accounts which she doesnt have since they were changed when she went on leave. Ron and his crew are certainly acting like a fascist police state.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville Actually Lives in Florida: Report : politics (Florida's third senator)
Metaphorical Florida Man also literal Florida Man - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Over 40 percent of Texans live in maternal care deserts, new report says : news

FBI investigating after Oklahoma education funds misspent : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greenes 2020 campaign manager, two others agree to pay $50,000 for roles in East Palestine charity scam

Theyre Going to Shoot Someone: Michigan Republicans Warn of Civil War at Pool Party Fundraiser for Fake Electors
Belleville man charged after July altercation at Michigan Republican party meeting : politics

Parents annoyed as pronouns law requires Indiana schools to report all nickname requests : politics

State Pension Fund Is Helping a Middle Eastern Firm Export Arizonas Precious Groundwater It makes me angry, says a La Paz County supervisor. It's unbelievable

Dobbs will further intensify Republican attacks on democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Massachusetts adopts universal free school meals : politics

Out of control college spending - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Academic freedom no, patronage yes - Lawyers, Guns & Money The University of Florida in 2022 had more than 50 employees with titles of director, associate director or assistant director of communications, roughly double the number it had in 2017. The school also employed more than 160 assistant, associate, executive and other types of deans last year, up from about 130 in 2017.

FTXs Sam Bankman-Fried headed for jail after judge revokes bail
When bad things happen to (formerly) rich people - Lawyers, Guns & Money This schmuck again:
Eschaton: Always Eugenics Effective Altruism was also a way rich tech assholes were trying to smuggle genocidal racism into the mainstream

Brett Favre cant be removed from lawsuit over misspent welfare money, Mississippi Supreme Court rules

Maryland principal accused of sexual assault, bullying by dozens of teachers - The Washington Post Educators and others reported Joel Beidleman to Montgomery County Public Schools 18 times in seven years. It made no difference.

Jonathan Girard charged with voyeurism; camera allegedly found in Vt. gymnastics bathroom

Barnstable County deputy sheriff arrested, placed on leave after alleged road rage incident

Association between cannabis use and risk of diabetes mellitus type 2: Cannabis Consumers Possess Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes : science

Dinosaur tracksite in Lesotho: how a wrong turn led to an exciting find : worldnews

Large creature with 20 arms found lurking in Antarctic sea. Its a new species (icosapus)

Physicists have found a demon particle inside a superconductor, and it could finally explain how they work

Never mind room temperature, LK-99 slammed as not a superconductor at all

A frigid apocalypse doomed early humans in Europe : worldnews ... evidence of a massive North Atlantic cooling event about 1.1 million years ago that lasted roughly 4,000 years and appears to have wiped out the entire population of archaic humans who had colonized Europe.
A frigid apocalypse doomed early humans in Europe | Reuters Homo sapiens, arising in Africa more than 300,000 years ago, may have briefly appeared in Europe more than 200,000 years ago. But our main dispersal from Africa came only about 60,000 years ago. With Homo sapiens expanding throughout Europe, Neanderthals disappeared about 40,000 years ago.

Genetically engineered bacteria can detect cancer cells in a world-first experiment : worldnews

Quantum superchemistry observed for the 1st time ever

Playing football may increase the risk for Parkinsons disease: Study finds participants with a history of playing organized tackle football had a 61% increased odds of having a reported parkinsonism or PD diagnosis

Lumen Nature Retreat, an upscale campground on 20 acres, offers nature with panache

Interesting confidential Cambridge real estate listing : CambridgeMA

What is a true story from your life that sounds made up? : AskReddit

Best Mushroom Grow Kits For Sale Online [2023]


Antarctica could become planets radiatordue to extremeweather, fear scientists carrying out government review ... the heat needed to melt one gram of 0C ice into 0C water, is the same amount of heat needed to heat one gram of 0C water to 81C (178F).

Nature needs money: Lula tells rich countries to pay up and protect worlds rainforests

Global rice prices surge close to 12-year highs, and could rise even more : worldnews

Cyprus begins treating islands sick cats with anti-Covid pills | Cyprus

Australia promotes teaching of indigenous languages to prevent further loss : worldnews

17 dead after Rohingya boat from Myanmar capsizes on the way to Malaysia | CNN : worldnews
Owners of Swatch LGBTQ watches in Malaysia could face fine, up to 3 years jail
Malaysian government bans the sale and possession of Swatch Pride rainbow watches

TIL During Pol Pots rule from 1975 to 1979, it is estimated that 1.5 to 2 million people, nearly a quarter of Cambodias population, perished due to forced labor, starvation, diseases, torture, or execution.

Indonesias capital named worlds most polluted city - Jakarta topped the list as the worlds most polluted city

Kim Jong Un fires top general, orders North Korean military to gird for war
North Koreas Kim dismisses top general, calls for war preparations

Chinas consumer prices fall for the first time in 2 years, as fears of deflation grow ... If money is going to be more valuable in the future, why spend it? If no one spends, there are no buyers for businesses, no loans, nothing.
Russia Is Chinas Raw Material Appendage, Ukraine Envoy Says
Biden administration restricts American investments in high-tech sectors in China : worldnews
Cheng Lei: Journalist held in China says she sees only 10 hours of sun a year : worldnews

Putin considers attending G20 summit in person, setting up tense meeting with Western leaders : worldnews
Russia Destroys Drones Near Moscow, as Attacks Far From the Front Line Intensify : worldnews
Plant in Moscow Oblast that suffered from explosion participated in development of next generation bomber : worldnews
Founder of Russias Google slams Putins barbaric Ukraine war

1000s of Russian convicts released to fight with Wagner accused of new crimes : worldnews

(1/5) Over the last week, the Russian authorities have likely increased their ongoing efforts to disrupt Russian citizens access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Reports suggest many of the most popular VPNs have become unusable in some regions of Russia.
(3/5) VPNs are hugely popular in Russia, despite being illegal since 2017. They allow users to access objective international news sources, including about the war in Ukraine.
(5/5) As well as increased technical disruption, the Russian state has also launched a public information campaign, attempting to scare citizens into avoiding VPNs by claiming they put their personal data at risk.

Kevin Rothrock on Twitter: "Russian federal agents have arrested a man at an airport in Blagoveshchensk suspicion of planning to go to Ukraine to fight against Russian invaders. He's being charged with attempted treason. The FSB released a "confession" video too." / X

Kremlin aide who brings Ukrainian children to Russia associated online with neo-Nazism : worldnews
Russias latest effort to sway young minds: High-school textbooks praising the conflict in Ukraine

Putin profits off global reliance on Russian nuclear fuel : worldnews

Armenians face genocide in Azerbaijan, former International Criminal Court prosecutor warns : worldnews

India succeeds in reducing emissions rate by 33% over 14 years - sources : worldnews ... To clarify, that's emissions intensity per unit of economic activity. The actual emissions in total terms are at an all time high.
India: Journalist detained for allegedly provocative remarks against judge : worldnews

Talibans Arrest Of Ethnic Uzbek Commander Sparks Clashes In Northern Afghanistan
Taliban repression of women a crime against humanity, says Gordon Brown : worldnews

U.S. Reaches Deal With Iran to Free Americans for Jailed Iranians and Funds : politics

Lebanon moves to ban Barbie film for promoting homosexuality

Ukraines Foreign Minister: Talks with Russia Possible After Its Troops Leave Ukraine, But Not with Putin

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 533, Part 1 (Thread #679) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 10.8.2023 : ukraine
Ministry of Defence UK daily Ukraine update 10.08.2023

Ukrainian troops on southern front expected less resistance, tank unit commander says

CNN has endangered the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and used our fallen heroes for ratings. I call on every unit and political ministry to boycott CNN until an apology has been issued. : ukraine

Russians ban raising Crimean Tatar flag in Crimean schools : worldnews
Russia is preparing children from occupied territories to fight against Ukraine : worldnews

Poland plans to send up to 10,000 soldiers to border with Belarus : worldnews

Swedish book retailer publishes copy praising Adolf Hitler : worldnews

German cabinet approves 58 bln euro green investment plan for 2024 : worldnews
Germany Announces Arrest Of Suspected Spy For Russia : worldnews
Germany has spent 55K on Merkels hair and makeup since she left office
Angela Merkel von 2000 bis 2017: Die Spuren der Macht - DER SPIEGEL (20 years of Merkel's looks)
Top German official expects federal cabinet to approve marijuana legalization bill next week

Ecuadorean candidate Villavicencio killed at campaign event-local media : worldnews

Bidenomicsis working which means Biden and the Democrats may win too
Former NEC Director on Bidenomics: Most significant economic response to any legislation in 7 years : politics
CPI inflation July 2023: Inflation rose 3.2% annually

Man who threatened Biden shot dead in FBI raid in Utah : politics

Clarence Thomas 38 Vacations: The Other Billionaires Who Have Treated the Supreme Court Justice to Luxury Travel
The broadest look yet at Clarence Thomas luxury travel bankrolled by wealthy friends reveals private jet and helicopter rides and VIP sporting event tickets
Corrupt as hell: Clarence Thomas faces fresh calls to resign after more billionaire gifts revealed
The style to which he has become entitled - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trumps Allies Prepare for Indictments in Georgia Probe: Theyre Coming for Everyone
Atlanta-area prosecutor expected to seek more than a dozen indictments in Trump case : politics
Trump is running a TV ad in Atlanta criticizing the DA investigating him : politics

A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were 'suppressed' : politics A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were suppressed

Aileen Cannons Order in Trump Case Could Lead to HerRecusal: Lawyer

Trump, staffers to be arraigned on superseding indictment in classified documents case. : politics

Judge Worried Trump Would Destroy Evidence in January 6 Case : politics
Trump requests to review classified documents at Mar-a-Lago ahead of trial : politics

Stunning New Memo: Trumpworld Knew Fake Elector Scheme Would Fail, Didnt Care

Trump is a serious threat to the union of American states : politics

Donald Trumps movements were tracked by Twitter -- Prosecutor

Trump says he wont sign loyalty pledge required for first GOP debate

Trump Has a Big Weakness, But His Rivals Dont Want to Exploit It: The former president has been an electoral liability three cycles in a row. Why not mention it?

Giuliani claims dog ate my homework in Smartmatic case, lawyers say

So wheres the bribe, James Comer? ... What Comers evidence shows, though, so far extends no further than Hunter Biden giving the impression that he might be able to influence his father.
House Republicans issue new report on Joe Biden corruption that again offers no evidence

Washington grapples with AI deepfakes on the campaign trail : politics

What Is Mike Pence Really After in the 2024 Race? : politics

Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn groped 2 women in Scottsdale, one says A woman says Boris Epshteyn, a special adviser to Donald Trump, repeatedly groped her and her sister inside a Scottsdale nightclub in 2021, according to police body camera footage obtained by The Arizona Republic.

Ex-federal judge and prominent conservative: There is no Republican Party

Pelosi reemerges as top Trump adversary | The Hill

Manchin thinking seriously about leaving Democratic Party

Floridas DeSantis replaces elected Democratic prosecutor
The truth about Monique Worrell On November 3, 2020, Monique Worrell (D) was elected state's attorney in Florida's 9th Judicial District, which includes Orange and Osceola counties. Worrell won in resounding fashion, collecting 395,979 votes and defeating her opponent by a two-to-one margin. Her term does not end until July 7, 2025. -- But now, Worrell is out of a job.
DeSantis is still standing by Floridas revisionist Black history Even after receiving backlash from fellow Republicans, the Florida governor is tripling down on the states controversial Black history standards
School district censors Shakespeare to comply with Dont Say Gay law. Florida bans teaching about sexuality and gender in all grade levels, so now high school students cant read entire plays by Shakespeare.
Openly Murderous: DeSantis Outlines Border Proposal Modeled on War Zones | By admitting border agents would have to make their own "judgments" to determine whether to shoot a migrant, said one critic, the Florida governor signaled he would embracethe large-scalemurder of innocent people
Christopher Columbus Says Slavery Was Better than Getting Killed in New Videos Approved for Florida Students
Florida schools "hijacked by the left" turn to anti-climate cartoons

TX Gov Abbott has massive saw blades installed between buoys : politics
We Are Feeling Overpoliced: State Troopers Join Patrols in Austin | The city ended a partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety this month after troubling incidents. In response, Gov. Greg Abbott sent in more troopers.

Ohio Republicans bet voters would dilute their own power. They lost. : politics
Staggering Ohio loss ignites an identity crisis within the anti-abortion movement : politics
Commentary: Ohios GOP just learned voters are not as gullible as they think
Democrats may embrace abortion rights even more tightly after Ohio win. The power of reproductive rights in recent elections is prompting Democrats to rethink their 2024 strategy : politics
Where so many Republicans voted No on Issue 1 in Ohio (rural fuck country bumpkins all went yes)
Republicans Dealt Huge Blow in Ohio Election : politics

Abortion rights have won in every election since Roe v. Wade was overturned : politics

Dont be fooled by the spin: Republicans are banning courses and harassing teachers out of their job | The confusion is the point: Educators cant figure outwhats allowed, and are forced to give up teaching entirely

Rep. Matt Gaetz calls LGBTQ+ people degenerate while announcing prayer-in-schools bill | He says his bill will require teachers to give time in each class for prayer.

Mississippi to pay more than $400K in attorneys fees over unconstitutional sodomyaw

Racing to Stop Trump, Republicans Descend on the Iowa State Fair - The New York Times

GOP Candidate Anthony Sabatini Plagiarized Massive Segments of His College Thesis Controversial GOP congressional candidate Anthony Sabatini appears to have lifted massive segments of his college thesis from Wikipedia and gotten away with ituntil now.

Small towns probably vote less Republican than you think : politics

Why are Black rappers aligning themselves with the right? : politics

Oregons Greater Idaho movement echoes a long history of racism in the region

The Claremont Institute: The Anti-Democracy Think Tank | The New Republic ... It was once (mostly) traditionally conservative and (sort of) intellectually rigorous. Now it platforms white nationalists and promotes authoritarianism ... Claremont represents something new in modern American politics: a group of people, not internet conspiracy freaks but credentialed and influential leaders, who are openly contemptuous of democracy.
What the Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute? | The California think tank was once (mostly) traditionally conservative and (sort of) intellectually rigorous. Now it platforms white nationalists and promotes authoritarianism. : politics

A former Fox executive now argues Murdoch is unfit to own TV stations : worldnews

ABC exiting Twitter: Australias national broadcaster shuts down almost all accounts on Elon Musks X

Yeah.. this stuff is why Europeans compares US politics to bad reality shows. : PoliticalHumor

Big Brothers Luke Valentine Removed From Season 25 After Using N-Word

New school bus routes a disaster -- Kentucky superintendent admits. Last kids got home at 10 pm

Utah man killed by the FBI shows how far some Trump supporters are willing to go : politics

6-year-old boy who shot his Virginia teacher said I shot that b**** dead, unsealed records show

3 people found dead after falling in hole in Texas cornfield, officials say : news

Scientists at Fermilab close in on fifth force of nature : technology

Impossible Science: MIT Scientists Successfully Demonstrate First-Ever Control over Quantum Randomness : science

Eating a handful of nuts every day is associated with a 17% lower risk of depression. The finding was regardless of other factors that might influence mental health such as lifestyle, medical conditions, and body mass index : science

300,000-year-old skull found in China unlike any early human seen before : worldnews

Mars is spinning faster, and scientists arent sure why

Analysis of data from 427,435 people shows even below the threshold for diabetes, people with high blood sugar have increased risk of heart and circulation problems with women at greater risk than men : science

TIL human sweat is the most extreme and distinctively human evolutionary trait as a whole

What is the biggest lie of your generation? : AskReddit

A picture of Jesus making out with Judas from a 14th century illuminated manuscript. : pics


No quick fix to reverse Antarctic sea ice loss as warming intensifies - scientists : worldnews

Amazon nations seek common voice on climate change, urge action from industrialized world : worldnews
Amazon deal lacks concrete measures, say climate activists : worldnews

Almost all sides of Maui, Hawaii is currently on fire and the historic town of Lahaina is reportedly gone : worldnews
LIVE: 6 confirmed deaths in raging wildfires, hundreds of homes feared destroyed

Thermal imaging reveals hidden gas seeping from 32 Aussie sites : worldnews

Philippine leader says no promise made to China to remove grounded warship : worldnews

Nagasaki marks 78th anniversary of atomic bombing with mayor urging world to abolish nuclear

Rare Russian VIP jet spotted in North Korea sparks concerns of arms deal : worldnews

Chinese economy slips into deflation as recovery falters and demand slows : worldnews
China slips into deflation as post-COVID recovery stalls : worldnews
Chinas property crisis deepens as another huge developer risks default
Dollar firm on safe-haven demand as markets fret over China, banks : worldnews ... It's hard to accurately explain how completely fucked China is right now, and how deeply fucked it will remain for decades to come.
A rift is growing between Xi and Putin after Russia mocked a Ukraine peace plan backed by China : worldnews
A Handsome Daddy PutinBug Is Plaguing Chinas InternetA bizarre series of fake social media accounts beaming pro-Russian war propaganda to China

Prigozhins mutiny was a planned special operation

OSINTdefender on Twitter: "Damage to the Zagorsk Optical-Mechanical Plant appears to be Extremely Severe with almost every single Building on the Complex said to have been Totally Destroyed or Damaged to the point of Inoperability." / X
A massive explosion was reported on the territory of the Zagorsk optical-mechanical complex in #Sergiyev Posad, near #Moscow - Russia : worldnews
Massive Explosion Outside Moscow Leaves Dozens Injured : worldnews
Explosion rocks plant near Moscow: evacuation ongoing : worldnews

Russians ask people not to burn down military enlistment offices, blaming Ukrainian scammers for it

Russia presents rewritten history textbook with lies about war in Ukraine : worldnews

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi reinstated to Indias parliament three days after the countrys top court halted his criminal defamation conviction for mocking the primeministers surname
Indian Armed Forces Named in Complaint to International Criminal Court on Abduction of Dubai Princess

Niger coup leaders refuse to let senior U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland meet with nations president

ChrisO_wiki on Twitter: "4/ Around 500 Wagner stormtroopers who survived the battle of Bakhmut are reported to have been recruited for new work in Libya. The stormtroopers are paid 240,000 rubles ($2,471) per month plus another 190,000 rubles ($1,956) monthly to serve in Libya." / X

World Bank halts new loans to Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law : worldnews

Iraq bans media from using term "homosexuality"
Iraq bans the term homosexuality, asks media to use sexual deviance instead

US, Saudis Agree to Broad Terms for Israel Normalization: WSJ - Bloomberg
Australia will refer to West Bank as occupied Palestinian territories ... Australia will go back to referring to these areas by their status as recognised by the UN.

US Justice Dept stands with Ukraine in war crimes investigations: Official : worldnews
Ukrainian official: Russia is sponsor of global neo-Nazism and must be demilitarized : worldnews
Ukrainan ambassador to Serbia: Ukraine will not recognize Kosovo : worldnews
Ukraine claims to have dismantled an all-female spy ring working for Russia : worldnews
After watching Ukraine track down and kill Russian military commanders, the US and its allies are training to avoid the same fate : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 532, Part 1 (Thread #678) : worldnews

Ukraines Armed Forces gain ground near three villages in south
Military: Russians attacked Ukrainian troops with chemical munitions in Ukraines south

Ukraine accuses Russia of targeting rescue workers with consecutive missile strikes : worldnews
Russian double tap missile strike kills seven near hotel used by journalists

Top tanks worth millions and other expensive heavy armor are being hunted in Ukraine by cheap exploding drones worth only a few hundred bucks : worldnews

A Finnish man places 26.5 pounds of dynamite in a friends vehicles and claims it was a joke

Despite warnings and recruitmentattempts, Lithuanians keep travelling to Belarus

Berlin ready to extend Patriot air defence deployment to Poland until end of 2023 : worldnews

Russia suspends tax treaties with Switzerland and otherunfriendly states

Forty-one migrants die in shipwreck off Italy : worldnews

France: Eleven missing after fire at holiday home for disabled people : worldnews

Third heatwave of the year Firefighters in Portugal are battling to contain wildfires engulfing thousands of hectares amid soaring temperatures The fire near Odemira began on Saturday and was driven south by strong winds into the hilly interior of the Algarve, Portugals main tourismregion

Peruvians on alert over 7-foot face eater aliens targeting remote community

Mexico shutters 23 pharmacies at Caribbean coast resorts after US warned of dangerous pill sales : worldnews

Canada says highly probable China engaged in online targeting of Canadian lawmaker

Biden Orders Ban on U.S. Investments in Chinas Sensitive High-Tech IndustriesThe new limits, aimed at preventing American help to Beijing as it modernizes its military, escalate a conflict between the worlds two largest economies.

Biden signs order protecting Grand Canyon lands sacred to tribes - POLITICO

President Biden Calls Climate Change Existential Threat In The Weather Channel Interview

Biden to reinstate labor rule shelved by Reagan, giving construction workers a pay boost : politics

Senate Democrat: Tuberville prepared to burn the military down with promotions blockade

Senator Dianne Feinstein Taken to Hospital After Tripping, Falling in San Francisco
Dianne Feinstein Hospitalized After Falling at Home : politics

Sen. Tuberville brags about voting against funding for Ukraine

Donald Trump says he would prefer being abroad than in U.S. : politics
He Hates America: Trump Slammed For Admitting He'd 'Prefer' to Live Overseas. The former president made the confession during a rally in New Hampshire.

Trump Pushes Total Lie About Georgia Prosecutor Sleeping With Gang Member | The former president baselessly accused Fani Willis, who is investigating his 2020 election meddling, of having an "affair" with a "gang member"
Georgia grand jury about to indict Trump; fascist ex-POTUS goes on smear campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... There are days when its fairly difficult to imagine how this country doesnt just fly apart in the increasingly foreseeable future.

Trump Signed Documents Acknowledging Conditions of Release, Includes Tampering, Retaliation, or Intimidation
Trump Promises to Violate Protective Order : politics
Trump Unloads Particularly Unhinged Campaign Speech -- Even for Him

There Does Seem To Be A Two-Tiered Justice System,And Donald Trump Is Its Poster Child Trump now faces 78 felony counts in three indictments but has yet to wear handcuffs, lose his passport, post bail or even have his mug shot taken

Washington DC grand jury that indicted Trump meets again in sign Jack Smiths probe isnt over
Jack Smith may force Trump to pay back millions in donations, ex-FBI official says : politics

Uncovered Fraudulent Elector Memo Reveals Details of Plot to Overturn 2020 Election: Report ... The armed services were to be told to use force against Americans to keep Trump in office
Secret Memo Laid Out Strategy for Trump to Overturn Bidens Win

Special Counsel Obtained Search Warrant for Trump's Twitter Account - The warrant, obtained in January, is the first known example of prosecutors directly searching Donald J. Trump's communications in the federal inquiry into the events of Jan. 6, 2021.
Twitter was fined $350,000 for failing to turn over Trumps data

Trumps criminal trials prompt GOP political doomsday alarms

Chris Christie Dares Trump to Say Fat Pig Jab to His Face

The GOPs belated but growingadmission that Trump lost
No, fellow Republicans, the Justice Department is not biased against us : politics

Political violence in polarized U.S. at its worst since 1970s : politics

Vulnerable Republicans arent sold on impeaching Biden but they broadly agree the GOP doesnt have enough evidence to impeach him

GOP Shamelessly Moving the Goal Postsin Hunter Biden Probe: White HouseRepublicans appeared to drop their long-held goal of showing payments directly to the President

The Republican governor accused Monique H. Worrell, the state attorney in Orlando and a Democrat, of leniency toward violent criminals, a charge her office has denied.
Ronald DeSantis, whose nickname is Ron, is making some Florida students get their parents permission to use their nickname

Biden :Democracy Won In Ohio Victory for Abortion-Rights Supporters
Post-Dobbs politics in the midwest - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Nearly twice as many people voted on the Ohio measure than cast ballots in primaries for governor, Senate, House and other marquee statewide races last year.
The contest was seen as a test of efforts by Republicans nationwide to curb voters use of ballot initiatives.
Win for reproductive rights as Ohio voters reject effort to make it harder to amend state constitution | Ohio | The Guardian Proposal would have made it considerably harder to amend state constitution as voters give verdict on Issue 1
Ohio Vote Shows Abortion's Potency to Reshape Elections - The Dobbs ruling has turned a coalition of liberal, swing and moderate Republican voters into a political force. Even in August in Ohio.
Ohio voters reject ballot measure seen as threat to abortion rights effort : politics
Progressives Are Defeating Conservatives in School Board ElectionsEven in Ohio

Circular saw blades divide controversial Rio Grande buoys installed by Texas governor

Arizona Republicans Dont Want to Hear About the Deadly Heat Wave - GOP lawmakers are brushing off the extreme heat and any suggestion of climate change. -- We pray, Father, for solutions to end suffering and for our temperatures to trend downwards to provide relief for so many in harms way, the legislative chaplain said as sweaty heads bowed in the state Senate.

Conservatives Are Mad That Robert E. Lees Dead Horse Has Been Canceled

Republicans Wife Replaces Library Books With Bibles

He was a top church official who criticized Trump. He says Christianity is in crisis. : politics

Anti-woke darling Richard Hanania is exposed: What this says about the "intellectual" right

The apotheosis of the long con - Lawyers, Guns & Money Remember Truth Social, the alternative to Twitter before Twitter became the alternative to Twitter?

Advice | Is gas cheaper than electric car charging? Compare EV costs in 50 states. - Washington Post ... The bottom line? In all 50 states, its cheaper for the everyday American to fill up with electrons and much cheaper in some regions such as the Pacific Northwest, with low electricity rates and high gas prices.

FBI fatally shoots man in Utah who allegedly threatened Biden, Alvin Bragg and others Agents were attempting to serve a search warrant at the Provo home of the suspect when he was shot and killed.
Man killed during FBI raid in connection with threats against Biden, other officials - ABC News Craig Robertson was shot and killed during an FBI raid early Wednesday morning.

Anton Lazzaro, GOP Operative Who Sexually Abused Teen Girls, Gets 21 Years Lazzaro, a wannabe playboy who landed himself a spot as an alternate elector for former President Donald Trump in 2020, was convicted of teen sex trafficking in March.

State police union seeks to block names from being released in trooper ticket scandal audit : politics ... 30 thousand fake tickets

Cops Identify and Charge White Antagonists in Montgomery Dock Brawl
Montgomery Riverside Brawl: Whereabouts of 2 Suspects Is a Mystery Police said Tuesday that the duo were about to surrender. But by Wednesday afternoon, they were nowhere to be found.

Body found in barrel identified as potential witness in case of Missouri man accused of holding woman in basement Jaynie Crosdale was identified as a possible witness in Timothy Haslett Jr's case in January. Months later she was found dead in a blue barrel in the Missouri River.

Church of Scientology fires back after Leah Remini sues, says she's 'horrible' and 'toxic'

Worlds largest study shows the more you walk, the lower your risk of death, even if you walk fewer than 5,000 steps: Walking at least 3967 steps a day started to reduce the risk of dying from any cause, and 2337 steps a day reduced the risk of dying from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.


July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth : worldnews

Even frozen Antarctica is being walloped by climate extremes, scientists find : worldnews

Analysis using data from more than 100 countries spanning nearly two decades, indicates that increased air pollution is linked with rising antibiotic resistance across every country and continent. : science

Forests Are Losing Their Ability to Hold Carbon : worldnews

CDC says COVID variant EG.5 is now dominant, including strain some call "Eris" : worldnews
EG.5 coronavirus variant: Symptoms and spread of dominant strain Although the updated booster shots expected in the fall dont target EG.5, experts said they may nonetheless offer some protection.

Covid vaccine makers stocks crash to multiyear lows

Mushroom poisoning deaths: Family lunch mystery grips Australia - BBC News : worldnews

New Zealand is partnering with BlackRock in aim to reach 100% renewable electricity : worldnews

UN unvestigators find Myanmar military is targeting civilians with aerial bombing, mass executions of detainees and large-scale burning of civilian houses : worldnews

China Demands Philippines Remove Ship From Disputed Waters : worldnews

China hacked Japans sensitive defense networks, officials say
System error: Japan cybersecurity minister admits he has never used a computer | Japan | The Guardian
Japanese militarys role in comfort women system of sexual slavery has disappeared from the countrys textbooks

Taiwan to station 5,000 more troops in Taipei to boost decapitation resistance
Biden signs law implementing first part of U.S. trade pact with Taiwan : worldnews
Taiwans exports fell more than 10 percent from a year earlier in July, marking the 11th year-on-year decline

Chinas working population will shrink in the coming decades and keep the nations economy from surpassing Americas
China exports take deepest plunge since 2020 : worldnews
Pop fans report ban on rainbow clothing at concert in China : worldnews

Russia blasts Saudi Arabia talks on ending war in Ukraine after Moscow gets no invitation to attend : worldnews
Falling ruble forces Russia to abandon its own budget principles : worldnews
A new executive order from Putin suspends agreements with dozens of nowunfriendly nations on avoiding double taxation. Looks like a retaliation against the West & another attempt to pressure expats into repatriating.

(2/4) A sprawling organisation of up to 200,000 frontline personnel, Rosgvardia was created in its modern form in 2016 and is led by Putins former bodyguard Viktor Zolotov. The decision to strengthen the force follows the abortive Wagner mutiny of June 2023.
Reportedly, Moscow plans to create 25 new prison colonies and six other detention centers in occupied Ukraine by 2026. This is russkiy mirPutin has prepared for #Ukrainestate-sponsored terror reminiscent of Stalinism.

Pro-Ukrainian hackers breach Moscow engineering service website : worldnews

UK intelligence explains why Putin wants to give heavy weapons to Russian National Guard : worldnews

Russia releases history schoolbook praising Ukraine invasion : worldnews

A Shortage Of Optics Was Holding Back Russian Tank Production. That Shortage May Have Ended. : worldnews

Russia to evacuate entire town due to danger of falling rocket : worldnews

Muslim homes, shops bulldozed; over 150 arrested in Nuh in Indias Haryana
India parliament to debate no-confidence motion against PM Modis government
India bars makers of military drones from using Chinese parts : worldnews
Indian lunar landing mission enters moons orbit
Imran Khan: Pakistan military is petrified of elections

Farm attacks in SA surge after EFF sings Kill the Boersong

Niger coup: Wagner taking advantage of instability - Antony Blinken : worldnews
Acting US deputy secretary of state meets with military junta members in Niger | CNN Politics : worldnews

Thousands of US troops arrive in Red Sea amid ratcheting Iran tensions: More than 3,000 US sailors and marines aboard two warships have reached the Red Sea, US Navy says. : worldnews
Thousands of US troops arrive in Red Sea amid ratcheting Iran tensions | News : worldnews
Germanys Bosch Alleged To Aid Iran In Spy Tech Targeting Protestors
Japan urges Iran not to provide Russia with weapons for Ukraine war : worldnews

Australia to officially resume use of term Occupied Palestinian Territoriesreversing Coalition stance
Israel arrests settlers after rampage on Palestinian village leaves 1 dead : worldnews

Western allies receive increasingly sobering updates on Ukraines counteroffensive: This is the most difficult time of the war
Zelenskyy warned Russia that it may be left with no ships if it continues to attack Ukraines ports
Russian strike on Ukraine city kills eight, damaging hotel used by journalists : worldnews
Ukraine shuts down Russian spy ring of local women -Three women were apprehended in Donetsk Oblast, while the fourth one is in Russia. Ukraines SBU says they worked covertly for Russian intelligence, including through a Wagner fighter

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 531, Part 1 (Thread #677) : worldnews

Journalists Identify Almost 30,000 Russian Military Members Killed In Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraines Armed Forces take initiative on Bakhmut front: Russian communication hub destroyed and 65 occupiers killed

Russians attack Zaporizhzhia Oblast with projectiles loaded with chemical substance : worldnews

Russia plans to dump its rubbish on Ukraines temporarily occupied territories

National Resistance Center: New Wagner camp under construction near Ukraines border. The construction of another camp for Wagner Group fighters has begun in Zyabrovka airfield in Belarus, Ukraines National Resistance Center reported on Aug. 8.
Tensions rise as Belarus begins military drills near Poland and Lithuania : worldnews
Polish Border Guard asks for 1,000 more soldiers on Belarus frontier : worldnews
Belarusian sprinter who defected at Olympics to race for Poland : worldnews

NATO, EU send aid to Slovenia after devastating floods that killed at least 6 and left many homeless : worldnews

Norway fines Facebook owner Meta over privacy breaches : worldnews

Italy hits banks with 40% windfall tax for 2023 : worldnews
Italy earmarks 2.9 million to tackle blue crab invasion

Drought in Spain empties reservoirs, forces limits on water use : worldnews

France Is Europes Top Power Exporter as Germany Turns Importer
France moves to ban far-right party Civitas for anti-Semitism after speaker told during a meeting that he didn't want Jews and non-Catholics to be citizens : worldnews
French research centre behind controversial Covid paper found to have used questionable ethics processes | Coronavirus : worldnews- French virologist Didier Raoult ... hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin ,,,

The Irish Light: Woman abused by paper which falsely said vaccine killed her son : worldnews

Lecturers in the UK refuse to mark exams in labor dispute, leaving thousands unable to graduate : worldnews ... ftfy: universities refuse to make basic improvements to working conditions while filibustering negotiations, leaving students without their marks.
Brick Lane: Chinese political slogans appear on London street art wall : worldnews

Brazil has 1.7 million Indigenous people, near double the count from prior census, government says : worldnews
Indigenous leaders from across South America called Monday for bold steps to protect the Amazon and their ancestral lands ahead of a summit on saving the world's biggest rainforest : worldnews
An Indigenous leader has inspired an Amazon city to grant personhood to an endangered river : worldnews

Thousands in Haiti march to demand safety from violent gangs as killings and kidnappings soar : worldnews

Jews remain the primary target of hate crimes in Canada. While other religiously motivated hate crimes decreased in 2022, antisemitic attacks increased. : worldnews
B.C. case exposes corporate ties to Chinese criminal underworld : worldnews

Child sex abuse probe leads to Australia arrests after FBI murders The Australian Federal Police announced Tuesday that at least 13 children were rescued from further harm as a result of a joint operation with the FBI, dubbedOperation Baki

Universal Child Care Should Be at the Top of the Progressive Agenda - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Exclusive: Former Coast Guard head covered up secret investigation into sexual assaults at the Coast Guard Academy | CNN Politics

Appeals court halts new Biden rules on debt relief for defrauded students - The Washington Post

Retirement talk surrounding Thomas, Alito raises stakes for 2024 election : politics

Judge Aileen Cannon Comes Out Swinging in Trumps FavorAgain
Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon sides with Trump again in classified documents case : politics

Ahead of possible Trump indictment, Atlanta locks down courthouse : politics
The Jolt: Timing of possible Trump indictment by Fulton DA still uncertain : politics
Security increases for judge assigned to Donald Trumps January 6 criminal case

Secret Memo Laid Out Strategy for Trump to Overturn Biden's Win -The House Jan. 6 committee's investigation did not uncover the memo, whose existence first came to light in last weeks indictment .. lawyer Kenneth Chesebro ...

Will Donald Trump be jailed before his trial? : politics
Could Donald Trumps social media posts land him in jail?

Trump criminal charges go to heart of KKK Act : politics
Trumps Team Argues for His Right to Post All-Caps Threats Amid Jan. 6 Charges
Trump asks court to let him use election case evidence while campaigning : politics

Enough With the False Narrative About Trumps Rise

No, Jack Smith doesnt have to prove Trump knew he lost
Trumps Got Himself Some Jury Trouble: The former president is demanding a change in trial venue, for the same reason he demanded that votes not get counted in certain U.S. cities.

Donald Trumps remarks about Mike Pence could be his undoing
Mike Pence qualifies for first GOP debate : politics

Guess who is responsible for Donald Trump being the GOP presidential candidate in 2024? - Lawyers, Guns & Money A key management strategy is to conclude that Trump is going to be the nominee because the Biden administration has manipulated the DOJ into indicting Trump:

A Rock of Stability in Our Troubled Era - Lawyers, Guns & Money I speak, of course, of The New York Times, which remains unwavering in its commitment to bothsiderism.

The impeachment effort losing steam in the House GOP : politics (impeaching Biden for not being corrupt like Trump)
House GOP eyes fall push for Biden impeachment inquiry | CNN Politics

GOP Declares War on HIV Program as Dr. Fauci Rings Alarm. After demonizing abortion services and marriage rights, Republicans now take aim at PEPFAR, which has saved millions of lives. : politics

DeSantis Florida approves classroom videos that compare climate activists to Nazis
Florida caves & allows AP Psychology class in humiliating defeat for DeSantis administration : politics
Slitting throats DeSantis copies Trumps fantasies of violence
Students banned from using nicknames under new anti-trans Orange County schools guidance : politics

Suspended Texas AG Ken Paxton wants articles of impeachment dismissed : politics

Sinema independent bid could boost Democrats in Arizona Senate race: poll : politics

Ex-F.B.I. Official in Talks to Resolve Charges of Working for Oligarch : politics

Voters reject Ohio Issue 1 in August special election The no vote is leading 57% to 43% with more than 80% of the vote counted, according to unofficial results.
Ohio Republican attempt to trick voters into giving their authority back to a gerrymandered legislature so they can keep their horrible abortion law a massive fail - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ohio voters head to the polls to decide Issue 1 : politics
How many voters does it take to make a majority? Why Ohio's Issue 1 is controversial : politics
High turnout, long lines: A look at Ohios last weekend of early voting on Issue 1
An Ohio election that revolves around abortion rights is fueled by national groups and money : politics
Judge shuts down parents attempt to ban trans students from Ohio school bathrooms

When Confederate-glorifying monuments went up in the South, voting in Black areas went down : politics

Georgia kids would need parental permission to join social media if Senate Republicans get their way : politics

Mississippi Officials Made 161 Voting Precinct Changes

Virginia lawmakers redefined sexual conduct to exclude homosexuality

These Nazis Want to Turn New England Into a White Ethnostate : politics

The Northwests Long History of Right-Wing Extremism

Montgomery police announce arrest warrants issued for three men in massive brawl at Alabama riverfront dock : news
Why the Montgomery Riverfront Uprising is making Black people so damn happy - TheGrio
Balloon Juice - Alabama G-ddamn.

AI Swipes Data By Listening to Keyboard Keystrokes with 95% Accuracy: Researchers at Cornell have found a way to steal data by recording keystroke audio. : worldnews

New tool could easily detect cancer protein marker, viruses : worldnews

7,000 year-old DNA proves European Neolithics had only one partner at a time : worldnews

NASA finds Mars days shrinking, cites increase in spin speed : worldnews

Lab-grown RPE cells promise to cure age-related blindness : worldnews

Hopes Dashed As LK-99 Confirmed Not To Be A Room-Temperature Superconductor : worldnews
Beijing Superconductor (LK-99) Levitation Video Author Admits Fraud, Takes it Down : technology

Drugs for schizophrenia were invented and developed 70 years ago by "serendipity" .. But they often dont work. New neuroscience study in mice suggests theyve been designed & refined to target the wrong neurons.

Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance - Wikipedia
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck - Wikipedia

Cambridge School Committee to consider universal eighth grade Algebra 1 access - The Boston Globe : CambridgeMA


Some Facts And Figures - Lawyers, Guns & Money Some numbers and more of that thermodynamics I wish everyone would learn.

Indias Chandrayaan-3 enters lunar orbit in step closer to moon rover soft landing

South American winter heatwave reaches almost 40C temperatures : worldnews

A record 270 GW of solar is predicted worldwide for 2023 : worldnews

Racism at heart of US failure to tackle deadly heatwaves, expert warns | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Less plastic in oceans than assumed : worldnews

Extreme weather and climate change: Boston leads N. American snow loss

China funded $130,000 to Solomon Islands newspaper for favourable coverage : worldnews

International backlash grows after Chinese vessel fires water cannon on Philippine boats | CNN : worldnews
Philippines tells China it will not abandon post in disputed reef : worldnews

Several Hundred Sex Abuse Allegations at Japanese Talent Agency Johnny & Associates : worldnews
Japanese middle schoolers average 12% on English speaking exam : worldnews

All scouts leaving South Korea camp as typhoon looms : worldnews

The stealthy military flight comes a week after Russias defense minister visited Pyongyang with the goal of convincing North Korea to boost weapons sales to Moscow.
North Korean hackers breach computers of Russian corporation that produces cruise missiles : worldnews

China Approves Over 50 Gigawatts of New Coal Power : worldnews
Earthquake in eastern China knocks down houses and injures at least 21, but no deaths reported : worldnews

Russian President Vladimir Putin can choose not to hold presidential elections next year because he will "obviously" win re-election, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said late Sunday.
Kremlin Says Theoretically Possible to Not Hold Presidential Elections

It turns out that cut and run was the best strategy for companies deciding what to do at the start of the war. The faster you left, the lower your loss
European Companies Record Billions in Losses From Russia Operations : worldnews
Putins secret navy A small group of Western businesses holds back EU sanctions, and keeps money flowing into Russias war machine.
Russia passed a new law on Friday allowing courts to strip foreign owners from hostile countries of stakes in key Russian entities, in a purported attempt to protect strategic companies from foreign influence : worldnews

Hackers break into website of Moscow Technical Inventory Bureau: Data transferred to Ukrainian forces : worldnews

Hindus, Muslims clash in Indias Haryana as trouble spreads

Pakistan passenger train derails killing 30 : worldnews

World Bank to help fund 1,000 mini solar power grids in Nigeria : worldnews

In Kenya labor dispute, workers who clean up toxic content on Facebook, TikTok and ChatGPT for $3 an hour go to court. Content moderators in the African country have formed a union to defend themselves against Big Tech : worldnews
Kenyan victims of the 1998 US embassy bombing in Nairobi on Monday renewed calls for compensation from Washington as the East African nation marked 25 years since its deadliest terror attack : worldnews

Niger closes airspace as it refuses to reinstate president : worldnews
Niger coup: Ecowas deadline sparks anxiety in northern Nigeria : worldnews

Bear escapes from crate in planes cargo hold at Dubai airport

Iraq on Sunday called on the United States and Britain to extradite former officials accused of facilitating the theft of $2.5 billion in public funds in one of the countrys biggest-ever corruption cases

Taliban Prepare Suicide Bombers in Water Dispute With Iran : worldnews

Israel: The High Court of Justice issued an interim injunction on Sunday relating to the recusal law passed by the coalition, and expanded the panel hearing petitions against the legislation to 11 justices, indicating that it is formally considering intervention against the law. : worldnews
Netanyahu Says Bet on Israel Deepening Ties With Saudi Arabia : worldnews
IDF thwarts terror attack by Jenin-based cell : worldnews

Ukraine says it foiled an attempt to assassinate Zelenskyy with an airstrike, accuses woman of trying to betray his location : worldnews
Woman arrested in plot to assassinate President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine says : worldnews

The United States has already provided Ukraine with more aid than any other country in history -- The Washington Post. The aid has so far reached $66.2 billion, of which military aid is $43.1 billion, economic support is $20.5 billion, and another $2.6 billion is humanitarian aid.

Kyiv says Jeddah participants back Ukraine territorial integrity in any peace deal : worldnews
Germany Ready to Send Long-Range Missiles Taurus to Ukraine
Ukraine says U.S and German air defence systemshighly effective

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 530, Part 1 (Thread #676) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 7.8.2023 : ukraine
Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Russia's estimated losses on day 530 of its full-blown invasion of Ukraine." / X Russias estimated losses on day 530 of its full-blown invasion of Ukraine ... Cracked 250K

Throughout the summer, Russian forces have worked to close gaps in their defensive lines and expand existing fortifications along highways in occupied Ukraine.

Very interesting article about how the Ukrainian Air Force has adapted to keep losses down and at the same time integrated better western systems.
(4/4) At the start of Ukraines southern counter-offensive from June 2023, Russian attack helicopters proved effective. However, in recent weeks Russia appears to have been less able to generate effective tactical airpower in the south.
Russias air force is barely able to leave its own airspace because Ukraines defenses are so strong, UK intel says
(2/4) Over the summer, Russian tactical combat aircraft have typically carried out over 100 sorties a day, but these are almost always restricted to operating over Russian-controlled territory due to the threat from Ukrainian air defences.

Ukraines Latest Tank-Destroyer Is A 79-Year-Old Gun Bolted To A 50-Year-Old Tractor

Increased attacks on Crimea disrupt Russian logistics, attempt to derail its southern defenses : worldnews
Russian Tourists Visiting Occupied Crimea Drop By Nearly Half Following Bombings : worldnews

Belarus opposition meet in Warsaw, plans strategy against Lukashenka
58% of Ukrainians in Poland have been asked to work below minimum wage, new IRC survey reveals : worldnews
Polands health minister sparks outrage after revealing sensitive information about doctor

Lithuania records warmest night in history : worldnews

Danish PM says that a potential ban on setting fire to religious texts would not limit freedom of expression : worldnews

Two migrants dead, 30 missing after shipwrecks off Italian coast : worldnews
Tunisia: Four dead, 51 missing after migrant ship sinks off coast : worldnews
Italian man crushed to death under falling cheese wheels : worldnews

Pope says Church open to everyone, including LGBT people, but has rules : worldnews ... an apparent reference to women not being allowed to become priests through the sacrament of Holy Orders and same-sex couples not allowed to contract marriage, which is also a sacrament.

Swedish mountain lodge closes as stomach bug spreads among hikers | Europe : worldnews

Loch Ness: Monster hunters wanted in new search

The chequered past of Europes floating prison (Tories of course)
Met only authorised baton rounds for black-led events, FOI reveals : worldnews
Teenage Sex Pictures Scandal: BBC Pauses Complex and Fast Moving Investigation as Police Takes Over
China tracked UK PMs movements using hidden tracking device in car parts

Significant flooding hits Halifax area for second time in weeks : worldnews

Update: Partisan Gaps Expand Most on Government Power, Climate
Most disapprove of Bidens handling of climate change, Post-UMD poll finds (even though they don't know anything about it)
7 in 10 say theyve heard little or nothing about Inflation Reduction Act since passage: poll

Fitchs downgrade provides fresh ammo in the next fiscal fight
Biden Saved the Economy and Launched a New Age of Prosperity. Why Isnt He Getting Any Credit?

Trucking Firm That Got $700 Million U.S. Bailout Declares Bankruptcy : politics ... Trump tapped Darren Hawkins, Yellows chief executive, to serve on a coronavirus economic task force, and Yellow had financial backing from Apollo Global Management, a private equity firm with close ties to Trump administration officials. Democrats on the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis wrote in a report last year that top Trump administration officials had awarded Yellow the money over the objections of career officials at the Defense Department

Why leftists should work their hearts out for Biden in 2024 : politics

Conservative groups sue to block Biden plan canceling $39 billion in student loans : politics

The S.E.C.'s Chief Is Worried About A.I. - Gary Gensler, who has studied the consequences of artificial intelligence for years, said that the technology could lead to future financial crises.

Superluxury, really bougie: The corrupt entitlement of Clarence Thomas - The R.V. that Clarence Thomas has constantly used to establish his would-be populist cred was the luxurious gift of one of his rich friends:

Legal experts predict Supreme Court wont spare Trump from trial and verdict
On January 19, 2022, SCOTUS Upheld Judge Tanya Chutkans Decision Rejecting Trumps Executive Privilege Claims

How Donald Trump finally met his match in Jack Smith : politics

Donald Trump expected to be indicted in Fulton County election probe this week, Fulton Co. insiders say : politics

New charges against Trump focus on lies. Scholars see an authoritarian playbook : politics

Donald Trumps attacks on Mike Pence raise legal questions
Pence says Trumps lawyers asked him to reject votes outright

Trump attorney says he wont accept plea deal in Jan. 6 case
Co-conspirator 2 asks for his disbarment to be put off because of his pending indictments - Lawyers, Guns & Money Rough time for the Lionel Hutz of Carl Schmitts: Attorney John Eastman, an architect of Donald Trumps last-ditch efforts to subvert the 2020 election, is asking a California judge to postpone disbarment proceedings lodged against him, saying hes increasingly concerned hes about to be criminally charged by special counsel Jack Smith ...~

Theres a Good Reason Trump Aides Dont Think the New Indictment Is a Joke
Fake elector plot raised concerns over legal peril, indictment shows

Trump attorney says hed love to see Jan. 6 trial televised

Trump taunts defeated U.S. womens national team - "Many of our players were openly hostile to America - No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close. WOKE EQUALS FAILURE. Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell!!! MAGA"
Trump posts another attack on judge ahead of first court deadline : politics
Trumps attack on filth and decay in nations capital just the latest in his personal feud with DC

Trump counterclaim dimissed in E. Jean Carroll case

Bernie Kerik: Trump ally meets with special counsel investigators | CNN Politics - The interview largely focused on what Trumps former attorney Rudy Giuliani did to prove that Trump actually won the election
Rudy Giuliani Wants $6.5 Million for His Manhattan Apartment

The Pelosi Factor Trumps longtime antagonist played an essential role in his historic indictment (kicked Garland in the butt)
Ex-Donald Trump adviser calls him a "lunatic" over Pelosi attack : politics

Kamala Harris Takes on a Forceful New Role in the 2024 Campaign
Why are Republicans so obsessed with Kamala Harris? : politics

Hunter Biden business associate testifies he has no knowledge of wrongdoing by Joe Biden : politics
WSJ wonders why Hunter Biden lacks the scrupulous integrity of Jared Kushner - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I would like to present to you perhaps the definitive passage from the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which is fully beyond satire:

Mitch McConnell Mercilessly Heckled During Speech With Chants of Retire!
McCarthy, Comer, and Jordan: The All-Time Congressional Clown Show : politics

Some state Republican parties are struggling and seeing deep divisions : politics

Republicans accused of cynical ploy in blaming fentanyl crisis on Biden : politics .. Cynical ploy describes the entirety of Republican campaign strategy since Nixon.

Of course he lost: Ron DeSantis rejects Trumps 2020 election claims
Altered State: Floridas DeSantis is teaching a master class in Authoritarianism 101
Ron DeSantis met with swathes of empty seats at Iowa event, photo shows : politics
DeSantis says GOP will lose if election is about Jan. 6, Trump in NBC interview : politics
Black lawmakers press Justice and Education Departments to investigate Floridas race curriculum
Florida officials tell state schools to teach AP Psychology in its entirety
Florida veered from norms to strip transgender care from Medicaid, records show : politics

It was an explosive claimthat a Virginia school district covered up a crime in order to protect transgender rights. But was it true?
GOP official wants to require teens be accompanied by their parents at the public library : politics

Democrats see Michigan and Minnesota as guides for what to do with majority power | Democrats in Minnesota and Michigan who won full control of their state government have used their new power to enact sweeping policy changes that have been stalled for years : politics

It's Illegal to Drive While Undocumented In Wisconsin, Which Is Hurting Dairy Workers Laws making it illegal for undocumented Wisconsinites to drive are especially brutal for dairy workers ... I used to think that what would finally undermine the xenophobia that has come along with the prion disease that is attacking the conservative brains higher functions was that it would start costing some of the donor class money. I am less sure of that than I was. The prion disease has so separated the Republican conservative brain from reality that it may be impossible to reconcile the two, even for profit. Thats a sea change worth noting in places large and small.

Americas white majority is aging outGeneration Z will be the last generation of Americans with a white majority, according to census data. The nations so-called majority minority arrived with Generation Alpha, those born since about 2010.
Americas white majority is aging out

The average doctor in the U.S. makes $350,000 a year. Why? - The Washington Post ... By accounting for all streams of income, they revealed that doctors make more than anyone thought and more than any other occupation weve measured.
Doctor pay - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... In general, U.S. physicians are making about 50 percent more than German physicians and about more than twice as much as U.K. physicians ... In marked contrast to the legal profession, a big factor here is that for many decades now the relevant self-regulating bodies in the medical field have managed to keep the supply of licensed physicians in the US very low, relative to population growth.

The Secret Hand Behind the Women Who Stood by Cuomo? His Sister.For nearly two years, Madeline Cuomo quietly worked with grass-roots activists to help smear her brothers accusers. He wasseeing everything she told his defenders.
Eschaton: The Worst Family : All of them -- Made up almost entirely of women inspired by Mr. Cuomo's handling of the Covid pandemic, We Decide New York rapidly joined forces in spring 2021 to defend an increasingly isolated governor as traditional allies abandoned him. The group swarmed his critics on social media, sold Cuomo swag and pushed for due process.

Cop-watchers are now YouTube celebrities. Theyve changed how police work

Former Minneapolis officer sentenced to nearly 5 years for role in George Floyds killing

Advocates applaud DEA for being open to relaxing virtual prescribing rules | The Hill

162 infant deaths have been associated with nursing pillows since 2007, investigation finds Federal officials are poised to propose the first safety requirements for nursing pillows. An industry-supported group is fighting back, arguing that government regulation of the widely used product could discourage breastfeeding.

Large brawl in Alabama as people defend Black riverboat worker against white assailants : news
To jump somebody : therewasanattempt
White Alabama Boaters F Around And Jumped A Black Man; Promptly Found Out - This viral video is an example of exactly what not to do when outnumbered.

U.S. lab says it repeated fusion energy feat with higher yield

UK detector might be our last-chance saloon to find Wimps Scientists have warned that we could be running out of time to unlock the secrets of dark matter

Satan - Wikipedia
Our DNA is made up of Adenine, Guanine, Thymine & Cytosine which are held together by a Sulfuric Bridge. Which appears constantly in this pattern 10-5-6-5 and that in Hebrew is the exact name of God:YHWH (Yahweh). Another representation of God's credible design of His most precious creation


Glacial break causes major flooding in Alaska, destroys structures : news ... The flooding is due to a break on Suicide Basin,

What Boiling Oceans Will Do to Life on Land | The New Republic We knew this would happen, but the difference is that we thought it would be a little bit later

Beanies, scarves and puffer jackets come out as near-record chilly weather hits parts of the Pacific. : worldnews ... But last week, the country recorded its second-lowest temperature ever, at 9.3 degrees Celsius. According to Tonga Meteorological Services, the lowest temperature recorded in the country was 8.7 degrees Celsius in September 1994.

Global food prices rise after Russia ends grain deal and India restricts rice exports : worldnews

A flightless parrot is returning to mainland New Zealand after a 40-year absence : worldnews

Philippines condemns Chinas use of water cannons at its vessels

Japans prime minister hit out at Russian threats to use nuclear weapons as the country marked the 78th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on Sunday
Hiroshima before and after the A-bomb. 78 years ago today on August 6, 1945. : pics
Japanese life expectancy falls in 2022 for 2nd straight year : worldnews

Despite heatwave warnings, South Korea presses on with world scout jamboree with President Yoon ordering officials to roll out tour programmes showcasing Korean culture and nature in Seoul and other cities| Hundreds of participants have already fallen ill due to the searing temperatures : worldnews
80 Korean scouts to leave Jamboree World Scout event over alleged sex crime : worldnews

Kim Jong Un tells North Korea arms factories to boost capacity : worldnews

Chinese embassy slams Moscow over Russian border incident : worldnews
China slams treatment of its citizens at Russia border : worldnews
More than a million displaced and dozens dead after record rain drenches northeastern China : worldnews
China releases TV documentary showcasing armys ability toattack Taiwan

Putin's Forever War - Vladimir Putin wants to lead Russians into a civilizational conflict with the West far larger than Ukraine. Will they follow him? ... for every Muscovite who dies in the war, 87.5 people die in Dagestan, Russias southernmost republic; 275 people in Buryatia, where he lives; and 350 people in Tuva, home to an Asian minority and the poorest region of Russia.
Russia rejects peace agreement, insisting its war in Ukraine will rage on for the foreseeable future
Kremlin says they only want Ukrainian territories included in Russian Constitution : worldnews
Russia says Western bid to get Global South to back Ukraine is doomed : worldnews
Russia promises retaliation after Ukrainian drones hit a Russian tanker in 2nd sea attack in a day : worldnews

A tiger cub that the Russians stole from Mariupol zoo and then sent to the Moscow Circus has died, its war-supporting Russian trainer has said.

At least 19 killed and 50 injured in Pakistan train accident : worldnews

France backs ECOWAS push to reverse Niger military coup, says the coup leaders in Niamey had until Sunday to hand back power : worldnews
Niger Republic cut ties with Nigeria, USA, France. : worldnews
Algeria is categorically against any military intervention in Niger - "A military intervention could ignite the whole Sahel region", President Tebboune says in interview with local media : worldnews

Russian migration to Turkey spikes by 218% in aftermath of Ukraine war : worldnews

Authorities in Iran are trying to enforce laws obligating women to cover their hair by sending them into psychological treatment. While healthcare organizations warn the countrys judiciary is hijacking psychiatric medicine for its own purposes

Israel: Hundreds of thousands protested against judicial reforms across the country with the main focus staying in Tel Aviv for the 31st week. The demonstrations continued even though an attack in the city left a municipal inspector in critical condition : worldnews
A former aide of a lawmaker from Israels hard-right governing coalition was among two settlers arrested Saturday over the killing of a 19-year-old Palestinian in the occupied West Bank ("settlers" = invaders)
Two Israelis arrested after Palestinian man killed in West Bank | CNN : worldnews
Hamas sentences seven Palestinians to death for collaborating with Israel : worldnews

Summit in Saudi Arabia agrees on basis of peace deal : worldnews
NEXTA on Twitter: "Negotiations on #Ukraine have begun in #SaudiArabia, which will be attended by about 40 countries, Al Jazeera writes." / X
China backs further Ukraine peace talks after Saudi Arabia summit

Ukraine proposed peace formula to restore intl rules-based order: Zelensky

Russia launches new burst of missile and drone attacks, Ukrainian air force says : worldnews ...
Ukraine Reports Massive Countrywide Missile Attack Overnight : worldnews
The UK Strengthened Ukraines Air Defense with Unannounced Ground Launched AIM-132 ASRAAM Missiles | Defense Express
UK Intelligence states Russia has lost at least 50% of its paratroopers in Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraine gets rid of Soviet symbols on Motherland monument in Kyiv : worldnews
NEXTA on Twitter: "The #Ukrainian coat of arms is already on the Mother #Ukraine Monument." / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 529, Part 1 (Thread #675) : worldnews

Russian losses as of Aug. 6th 2024 : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russia, Ukraine confirm Kyiv hits Chonhar bridge to Crimea : worldnews
Ukraine strikes key Crimea bridges with Storm Shadow missiles : worldnews

Remarkable video has emerged of a Ukrainian combat drone attacking one of Russias much-vaunted T-90M Proryv tanks, pursuing it as it attempts to flee, disabling it with grenade as it was moving, and then finally finishing it off.
ISW on Twitter: "6/ The arrival of these units and formations in the #Bakhmut area represents the commitment of a sizable amount of combat power that Russian forces could otherwise have used to support offensive operations in Luhansk & Kharkiv oblasts or to reinforce Russian defensive operations." / X

We recently spent several days on the front line with the SBUs special forces. Rather than conduct covert operations sneaking behind enemy lines, most of their work nowadays is with loitering munitions.

Ukraine war: The Russians hunting for cheap flats in occupied Mariupol : worldnews
Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "Ukrainian kamikaze marine drones shown remarkable improvements in capabilities in recent attack on Novorossiysk Drones like Magura V5 can operate up to 800 km& transmit real-time images,even w/ RU jamming proving ineffective. Possibly can now hold 450 kg" / X

2 US military veterans killed in drone attack in Ukraine | Stars and Stripes : worldnews
Ukraine war: Russia hits blood transfusion centre, says Zelensky : worldnews

Europe is simply unwilling (with notable exceptions) to invest in its own defense. No entreaty from America is going to change that when a war on their own continent has failed to do so. The unpalatable fact is that most of Europe is militarily unreliable and will likely remain so until forced to do otherwise by events. At which point it will be too late.

Russia spreading false claims about Quran burnings to harm Nato bid, says Sweden

Denmark tightens border control after Koran burnings : worldnews

Slovenia has suffered its worst-ever floods. Damage could top 500 million euros, its leader says : worldnews

Germany: Ukrainian refugees living in mining ghost towns

Austrian leader backs far-right idea of enshrining cash in constitution : worldnews

Wrongly convicted in Britain no longer forced to pay saved living costs in prison ... Malkinson had been jailed for life with a minimum term of seven years but served 17 because he continued to insist that he was innocent.

US intends to offer 38 second-hand F-16 fighters to Argentina : worldnews

Venezuelas bolivar weakens against the U.S. dollar as inflation rages ... The annual rise in consumer prices for June topped 404%, according to central bank data, as analysts predict that inflation will continue to accelerate this year.

El Salvador Escalates Gang Crackdown With New Measures : worldnews

Russia and China Sent Large Naval Patrol Near Alaska - WSJ Four U.S. destroyers were dispatched to monitor Russian and Chinese ships
U.S. Navy destroyers dispatched to Aleutians after Chinese, Russian vessels spotted nearby : worldnews

How China weaponizes the capitalist system against us : politics

Biden is aging just fine : politics

Indict Trump for Insurrection, Too : politics

If you go after me, Im coming after you! Judge asked to intervene after Trump threatens revenge on witnesses
Experts Warn Of Trump And Allies Assailing Justice System If He Wins : politics

CBS News poll finds after latest Trump indictment, many Americans see implications for democracy. For some, it's personal - CBS News

Trump may have committed a technical violation of the Constitution, not a crime, his lawyer says
Trump says that communists and Marxists led by Biden are violating his civil rights : politics
Trump: I Will IMMEDIATELY Ask for New Judge, New Venue in Jan. 6 Trial
Trump says hell seek a new judge in election case

A man aspired to overthrow the government, and they called it a crime - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Appearing on five television networks Sunday morning, a lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump argued that his actions in the effort to overturn the 2020 election fell short of crimes and were merely "aspirational" ... n the other posts, Mr. Trump attacked Ms. Pelosi, the former House speaker, who recently said that the former president had seemed like a scared puppy before his arraignment. She is a sick & demented psycho who will someday live in HELL! Mr. Trump wrote.

Mike Pence does not rule out being witness for Trumps prosecution

Pence confirms he took notes on Trump about overturning election : politics
Trump: Pence has gone to the Dark Side
Mike Pence heckled by Trump supporters at town hall after rolling out mocking merch : politics
Video Shows Mike Pence Confronted by Angry Trump Supporters: 'Traitor!'

Inside Trumps alternate electors plot to steal the vote in Georgia

What about Hunter Biden?: how the presidents son became a Republican target again | The GOP is trying very hard to prove wrongdoing by father and son to distract from the three indictments of Donald Trump

Eschaton: A Play In Three Acts The Mag Habs Maneuver: Essay question: How does this differ from the way Fox would have framed the news? Or Trumps own team? ("lies" from that fucking "newspaper")

The cross-burning next time - Lawyers, Guns & Money Dahlia Lithwick is excellent on the very perilous time the country is entering, not because the latest indictment of Trump isnt justified but because it is:

Conservative elites lack the courage and will to use their influence to oppose Trump, and that is why he remains a force in American politics ... Come November of next year, Donald Trump might be elected president of the nation whose democracy he attempted to overthrow.

Bill Barr says hes willing to testify against Trump at Jan. 6 trial

Christie says Trump was too coward on Jan. 6 to join supporters on Capitol Hill

MTG Claims Prosecuting Trump Is Communism But Wants to Impeach Biden

Aides frustrated and disappointed by campaign's inner workings -DeSantis continues resetting bid as Trump holds primary lead
No wonder Trump is kicking his ass: Newsom camp hits DeSantis on debate proposal
DeSantisanti-woke bills are costing Florida millions of dollars in business

Private Equity Billionaire Tied to Jeffrey Epstein Led Industry Backing for Kyrsten Sinema : politics

Houston to refile cases against Food Not Bomb volunteers feeding homeless : news
Texas abortion ban ruled unconstitutional by state district judge : politics
In Texas, a temporary win for abortion rights : politics
In Baseless Texas Lawsuit, Matthew Kacsmaryk Could Singlehandedly Shut Down Planned Parenthood ... Absolutely shameful. Republicans and their corrupt judges have wrought so much harm on society. Weve got to make sure republicans never regain the power to appoint judges again

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court majority sidelines chief justice, imposes new filing deadlines : politics

Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, Republicans try to change the rules : politics
Ahead of Ohio abortion vote, Republicans try to change the rules : politics ... Theres a sense in which winning is more important than democracy, she said

Are G.O.P. Voters Tiring of the War on Wokeness? New polling shows national Republicans and Iowa Republican caucusgoers were more interested in law and order than battling 'woke' schools, media and corporations. (back to basic racism)
Are G.O.P. Voters Tiring of the War on Wokeness?

Fancy Farm showdown: Kentucky serves as litmus test for 2024 strategies - POLITICO bellwether election could tell us a lot.

Anguish in Camelot: Kennedy Campaign Roils Storied Political FamilyThe presidential bid by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has tested the bonds of an iconic Democratic clan that does not want him to run and does not know what to do about it.

Massachusetts passes budget that would make free school meals permanent : politics

Federal appeals court rules Kentucky can force trans kids to detransition. The chief judge said just because some officials disagree with the ban doesnt mean it shouldn't take effect.

New Oregon law will further regulate water use on big livestock operations : politics

Wellness culture and fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money a really interesting piece in the Guardian about the increasingly convoluted connections between right wing conspiracy theories and the traditionally left-wing at least in an amorphous cultural sensewellness and alternative medicine worlds: ... Many far-right or conspiracy sites now fund themselves through supplements or fitness products, usually by hyping how the mainstream doesnt want the audience to have them ... When you think about it, its not that strange that this kind of thing should become so resonant in vaguely hippieish alternative medicine and wellness circles, along with its more obvious home in the right wing fever swamps.

Ancient Arrowhead Made of Meteorite Material Found in Switzerland, Mystifying Archaeologists : worldnews


NASA restores contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistake led to weeks of silence : worldnews

Satellite supergroup spots methane super-emitters with staggering accuracy

Bark beetles are eating through Germanys Harz forest. Climate change is making matters worse

Singapore hangs third person for drug offences in little over a week | Crime News : worldnews

US soldiers in S Korea caught smuggling, distributing drugs : worldnews

US declines to invoke prisoner of war status for Travis King : worldnews

Taiwan detains army officer suspected of leaking military secrets to China : worldnews

Hong Kong police plan to arrest Danish artist and hold trial in mainland China : worldnews ... Hong Kong wondering why Western businesses are moving their regional HQs to Singapore

China warns Japan not to support NATO expansion : worldnews
Anger in China over plan to use cities as moat to save Beijing from floods
China lifts anti-dumping tariffs on Australian barley after three years, easing supply concerns : worldnews
Runaway pet dog attacks rare white peacock at zoo in China : worldnews

US and Western officials fear Putin unlikely to change course in Ukraine before 2024 election : worldnews (you know why)

Russia prepared for Ukraine war with university blood drives and by having surgeons practice on large animals but they may not have been ready for the extent of the casualties

Russia says JPMorgan stops processing its grain payments : worldnews

Raging Putin ally demands Barbie ban in Russia : worldnews ... Maria Butina. She was the Russian asset/honeypot that got deep into the NRA and with some US politicians. She was charged with espionage, sent back to Russia and shes now a Russian MP and pro-Putin propagandist. Her comments are about Barbie dolls. She says they are trans because they have breasts but dont have vaginas,,, a government intelligence prostitute is advocating dolls should have vaginas because shes promoting traditional family values

U.S. company Haas appears to still indirectly supply Russian arms industry with technology : worldnews

Russia is withdrawing its aviation from Belarus : ukraine
Almost all Russian helicopters have left Belarus, says Belarusian Hajun monitoring group : worldnews

Pakistan court sentences ex-PM Imran Khan to 3 years in prison: State TV : worldnews
Former Pakistan PM Khan disqualified from political office after guilty verdict in corruption trial | CNN : worldnews

Kill the Boer Song Fuels Backlash in South Africa and U.S

Ethiopias federal government on Friday declared a six-month state of emergency as violent clashes escalate between the national army and local fighters from the northern region of Amhara

Cameroon said Thursday that at least 12 people have been killed in new attacks by Boko Haram in Darak, a fishing island on Cameroon's northern border with Chad and Nigeria. Military officials say troops have been deployed : worldnews

Ugandan Journalists Assaulted During Press Conferences : worldnews

Niger: Detained president calls for help, defiant junta refuses to hand back power : worldnews
Coup: Tinubu notifies Nigerian Senate of ECOWAS decision to deploy military, enforce no-flight zone, cut off electricity in Niger
Nigeria: Tinubu seeks parliaments approval to invade Niger
Niger severs diplomatic ties with Nigeria, France, US, Togo : worldnews

Iran proposes long jail terms, AI surveillance in harsh new hijab law : worldnews

Jordans free speech boundaries tested with satire ... Its mocking commentary of the lavish wedding of Jordans crown prince

Israels security chiefs fear miscalculation with Hezbollah leading to all-out war
Israelis fund Palestinian teens escape from abusive father in Gaza
Israeli Cargo Ship Breaks Through Russian Blockade Of Ukrainian Black Sea Ports, Earns Praise : worldnews

Saudi Arabia kicks off Ukraine talks that exclude Russia : worldnews
Ukraine makes diplomatic move to weaken Russia : worldnews
Air-raid warning was announced all over Ukraine due to launch of missiles including cruise missiles from belarus : worldnews
Ukraines Foreign Minister says Chinas participation in meeting on Ukrainian peace formula is major breakthrough: Saudi Arabia has attracted China, and this is a historic victory
Ukraine to receive first Abrams tanks in September : worldnews
Ukraine did not receive more than 90% of tanks promised by Germany
Russian Defence Ministry claims its minister arrived in Ukraine : worldnews *occupied Ukraine
Russia Planning False Flag Attack at Belarus Oil Refinery, Ukraine Claims

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 528, Part 1 (Thread #674) : worldnews

Recent updates as of 05.08
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine 05 August 2023.

Ukraine claims it broke through part of Russiasfearsome defensive line in its counterattack. The next layer is even worse.
Russias planting mines everywhere, even cruelly hiding explosives in everyday items like fridges, toys, and childrens books, Ukrainian military engineers say

At least three explosions have already been reported near the Crimean bridge
Blasts in Crimea, pro-Russia officials report Ukraine drone attack : worldnews
Ukraine war: Another Russian tanker hit by sea drone near Crimean Bridge, Moscow says : worldnews
Russia says tanker hit in Ukrainian attack near Crimea : worldnews
Very interesting read on how important the ruzzian tanker Sig is to the scumbags & why the USA Govt sanctioned the Sig years ago The Russian tanker hit overnight by a Ukrainian USV, Sig, was a prolific sanctions violator and a major lifeline for the Russian war effort in Syria.

Thousands of Ukraine civilians are forced to work as slaves for the Russians : worldnews

Sixteen people have now been detained by Warsaw who were allegedly spying for the Kremlin. Poland is also alarmed by the movement of thousands of Russias Wagner mercenary fighters close to its joint border with Belarus

Lithuania To Close Two Border Crossings With Belarus : worldnews
Lithuania deems 1,164 Belarusian and Russian nationals a threat, revokes residence permits and visas : worldnews

Greece Returns to Investment-Grade Elite With Scope Rating Upgrade : worldnews

New coup plot details fuel fears about Germanys far right: A former German lawmaker who also served as a judge led members of a far-right terrorist group that was plotting to overthrow the government on a tour of the Reichstag, home of the countrys parliament, according to prosecutors

Greta Thunberg pulls out of Edinburgh Book Festival over

Red panda twin babies born at UK zoo boost speciesendangered population

Amazon deforestation continues to fall under Lula: Rate plunged sharply in July, continuing a downward trend since Lula took office at the beginning of the year : worldnews

we dont talk more about the longer term horrors of Trump/Sessions/Millers family separation policies at the border. How many of these families havent been reunited? How many children were just lost in the system? Its one of the worst things in all of American history, if not in total numbers, at least in moral bankruptcy ... Just an utter shitshow. And all to make whites in Nebraska and Indiana feel good about themselves by destroying Latin American families.

Bidens student loan forgiveness plan faces new lawsuit to block program

Bidenomics Actually Worked, But Voters Arent Buying It

Hundreds of Thousands of Young Children and Postpartum Adults Would Be Turned Away from WIC under House and Senate Funding Levels : politics

Biden administration opens new office to study long COVID response, NIH begins clinical trials : politics

How a U.S. Tech Mogul Used Nonprofits to Sow Chinese Propaganda - The New York Times The Times unraveled a financial network that stretches from Chicago to Shanghai and uses American nonprofits to push Chinese talking points worldwide.

Army chief retires as Tuberville hold snarls the Pentagons top ranks (Russian agent?)
Defense secretary issues new memo on how to reshuffle Pentagon leadership roles amid Tuberville blockade | CNN Politics

A Republican 2024 Climate Strategy: More Drilling, Less Clean Energy - The New York Times Project 2025, a conservative battle plan for the next Republican president, would stop attempts to cut the pollution that is heating the planet and encourage more emissions.

Senator introduces bill to strip PGA Tours tax-exempt status (Saudi corruption machine)
Another 2024 Republican Candidate Is Now Profiting Off Saudi-Backed LIV Golf | HuffPost Latest News The upstart league is hosting a major tournament at The Greenbrier, owned by Senate hopeful Jim Justice mirroring LIV's relationship with former President Donald Trump.

Clarence Thomass $267,230 R.V. and the Friend Who Financed It

How Jack Smith Structured the Trump Election Indictment to Reduce Risks : politics
Key revelations, groundbreaking strategies and notable omissions in the new Trump indictment : politics

Mainstream media quote and host Republican sources who mislead audiences on indictment charges | Media Matters for America Trump lawyers are pushing a bogus First Amendment defense

DOJ prosecutors request gag order after Trump arraignment, citing social media threats : politics
Feds alert judge to Trumps If you go after me, I'm coming after you! post
DOJ Seeks Protective Order After Trumps I'm Coming After You Post
Special counsel cites threatening Trump post in request for protective order in election case : politics
Former White House press secretary on Trump threats: How is that not intimidation?

Judge denies Trump legal teams motion to extend deadline over protective order dispute in election subversion case

Ex-White House Press Secretary Says She's Nervous Following Trump's Chilling'Post

Nothing to See Here, Just Donald Trumps Attorney Admitting in Multiple Interviews That Trump Broke the LawAlso, hed like Trump to get credit for not sending in the tanks

Inside the courtroom, it was clear this indictment is different for Donald Trump : politics

Trump calls for Supreme Court to intercede against Biden after third indictment
Is America on the brink of tyranny? Trumps plan if elected in 2024 should frighten us all.
The big reason Trump leads the GOP field: Republicans think he won the 2020 election : politics

Another Reason to Worry About the Judge in Trumps Documents Case: Aileen Cannon makes a lot of mistakessome of which suggest a lack of familiarity with the Constitution.

Trump, in fiery speech in Alabama, boasts he needs one more indictment to close out this election
Donald Trump calls 3 indictments badge of honorin Alabama GOP dinner speech
Hes alone: Trump arraignment sees no family, no posse, no protests
Down the Rabbit Hole Into Donald Trumps Brain - Trump's Way of Speaking Defies All Logic

Trumps Legal Team Is Enmeshed in a Tangle of Possible Conflictsweb of overlapping interests encompassing witnesses, co-defendants and potential targets.
Awkwardness in Trumps circle: Top aides could be trial witnessesotentially putting them in a bind as cases advance

If Trump is convicted, Secret Service protection may be obstacle to imprisonment : politics
Donald Trump may go to prison after all - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mike Pences Vaguely Inspiring Supervised Visit with His Dignity

John Eastman Comes Clean: Hell Yes We Were Trying to Overthrow the Government

Federal judge wants Giuliani to clarify incongruous and puzzling court filing in Georgia defamation case

Spring Mills man accused of attacking officers with flagpole on Jan. 6 released on supervised bail : politics
Big Country man indicted on several charges related to January 6 insurrection at US Capitol : politics
Oregon man arrested after facial recognition, cell data allegedly shows he breached capitol during insurrection : politics
Twin brothers arrested for Jan. 6 riot at Capitol : politics
SC family sentenced for role in Jan. 6 assault on US Capitol : politics

Key Witness Doesnt Back Up G.O.P.s Biggest Allegations on Bidens - The testimony of Devon Archer, a Hunter Biden associate, paints an unflattering portrait of Hunter's business dealings, but contradicts reports of bribes or material involvement by the president.

Wisconsin governor pushes for prosecution of states 2020 fake electors

Republicans Keep Being Charged for Meddling With Voting Equipment : politics

Texas man who threatened poll workers and Arizona officials is sentenced to 3 1/2 years : politics

Democrats are drastically overperforming in 2023s special elections. Is it a clue for Biden vs. Trump?

DeSantis takes a risk, concedes Trumps election lies were false
Transgender adults in Florida are blindsided that a new law also limits their access to health care : politics
What a joke: Gavin Newsoms team slams Ron DeSantisdebate proposal

The Tennessee GOP Expelled Two Black Lawmakers. Voters Said, Oh No You Don't
It has been a good week for democracy in more ways than one

Gov. Tina Kotek vetoes plans to study decriminalizing sex work, creating state bank : politics

Mississippi School District Implements Transphobic Dress Code : politics

North Carolina Rep. Mannings office says she has broken sternum after three vehicle wreck

Mississippi cannot strip convicts of right to vote, federal appeals court rules A 2-1 panel faulted a provision of Mississippis state constitution that mandates lifetime disenfranchisement for people convicted of crimes including murder, rape and theft.

Supreme Court rules against Tulsa in case over Native American mans speeding ticket

Idaho State Police said 11 kids were injured, seven deemed critical.

Listen to some bullet-head and the madness that he's saying - Lawyers, Guns & Money prominent neo-Nazi Richard Hanania has an incredibly thirsty blog promoting his forthcoming book, The Bell Curve of Turner Diaries. And he helpfully includes the various people who have blurbed it:

When higher education is Rufoed - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Milwaukee prosecutors charge 14-year-old with fatally shooting fourth-grader : news

EMT arrested for stealing money from undercover investigator posing as patient : news

Family outraged after teens charged with attempted murder after assaulting police officer : news

[ELI5] What does it mean when people say that Tesla stock is overvalued? : explainlikeimfive

The Oppenheimer paradox: Scientists vs. the military-industrial complex : worldnews

Remains found in China may belong to third human lineage : worldnews

Why you should vote in the City Council election in November: a sample of what the Council does : CambridgeMA
Size of Cambridge City Council candidate field grows, with bike infrastructure looking like a key topic -


Scientists in disbelief as temperatures soar to 37C in South America in the middle of winter : worldnews

Ocean heat record broken, with grim implications for the planet : worldnews
Ocean heat record broken, with grim implications for the planet : worldnews
Oceans hit highest ever recorded temperature and set to rise further : worldnews

Baytown couple dies in home after air conditioning failure in Texas heat : news

Limitless energy: how floating solar panels near the equator could power future population hotspots

Virus-carrying tropical mosquitos found in Finland as climate heats : worldnews

Australia will return looted sculptures to Cambodia : worldnews
Australias prime minister stands firm against the US on WikiLeaks founders prosecution

A parliamentary vote to select Thailands new prime minister expected on Friday was delayed again after a court put off a decision in a case involving the progressive party that won Mays election, adding to growing uncertainty about when a new government can take office

Elon Musk: Japan issues rare warning over fake X account - BBC News Japans finance ministry has called on X, formerly known as Twitter, to take down an account impersonating its top currency diplomat Masato Kanda.
Japan issues rare warning over fake X account : worldnews

Russia doubles 2023 defence spending plan as war costs soarRussia has doubled its 2023 defence spending target to more than $100 billion, a third of all public expenditure
Ruble hits lowest value against USD since early in Ukraine war : worldnews ... The Ruble is on borrowed time just like Putin

Conflict Erupts Among Russias Pro-War Bloggers
Russia's so desperate for soldiers that its offering a $5,200 sign-on bonus to recruit from neighboring Kazakhstan

Russian warship damaged after Ukraine attacks Novorossiysk naval base, sources say : worldnews
Videos Show Russia Is Lying About Ukraines Secret Attack on its Ship
Russian warship listing heavily is being towed back to port after this mornings "unsuccessful" Ukrainian sea drone attack. Novorossiysk, 2023. : CombatFootage
Follow the Moskva
Russia accuses Ukraine of attacking Black Sea navy base and Crimea with drones : worldnews
Ukraine mocks Russian warship hit by drone overnight : worldnews

Russia court sentences Alexey Navalny, jailed opposition leader and Putin critic, to 19 more years in prison : worldnews

Russia-backed hackers used Microsoft Teams to breach government agencies : worldnews

Tell Russia to stop using Ukrainian grain as blackmail: US challenges world : worldnews
US secretary of state @SecBlinken, urged all countries at the UN to tell Russia enough. Enough using the Black Sea as blackmail. Enough treating the worlds most vulnerable people as leverage. Enough of this unjustified unconscionable war (in #Ukraine)

Niger: President Mohamed Bazoum calls on US for help after coup : worldnews
Biden calls for release of Niger president, family : worldnews

More than six million people one step away from famine in Sudan, the UN warned on

Saudi Arabia extends oil production cut : worldnews

U.S. moves to put Marines on commercial ships to stop Iranian seizures : worldnews

Lebanon on Friday marks three years since one of historys biggest non-nuclear explosions rocked Beirut. Yet nobody has been held to account as political and legal pressures suspend the investigation
Beirut, at SunsetOn August 4, 2020 a massive explosion ripped through the beleaguered citys port, killing 218 people and injuring 7,000. The explosion was not an act of terrorism or war but an act of carelessness from which Beirut has still not recovered.

Chris Christie visits Ukraine, highlighting GOP divide over U.S. role - The Washington Post The Republican presidential contender met with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv and visited towns ravaged by Russian forces early in the war ... DeSantis struggled to articulate a consistent position earlier this year, facing blowback from donors and the more hawkish wing of the GOP when he described Russias invasion of Ukraine as a territorial dispute.He subsequently backtracked. Ramaswamy has advocated for concessions to Russia to negotiate a peace treaty and has said he would limit further funding for Ukraine. (Ramadummy)
Ukraine says Russia planning false flag attack at Belarus refinery
Ukraine says density of Russian mines is insane as it plays down counteroffensive expectations

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 527, Part 1 (Thread #673) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 4.8.2023 : ukraine
Ukrainian defenders kill another 640 Russians and destroy 19 artillery systems and 27 Russian UAVs : worldnews

A feared Ukrainian female sniper the Russians call Punishersays women can be especially deadly on the battlefield because a male soldier might hesitate to take a shot, but a woman 'never' does

A Ukrainian drone spotted a fellow wounded soldier bleeding out on a battlefield. He crawled back to safety after the drone dropped off water and aid: report : worldnews

(4/4) There is a realistic possibility that Russia is using OWA UAVs to strike this area in the belief they are less likely to risk escalation than cruise missiles: Russia likely considers them as acceptably accurate, and they have much smaller warheads than cruise missiles.

Iuliia Mendel on Twitter: "Kherson detention centers: Russian troops tortured nearly half of those held, international human rights report finds | CNN" / X

We have to fight two enemies: Ukraines female soldiers decry stigma and harassment
A picture of courage: Injured Ukrainian mother appears on the cover of Playboy after undergoing months of treatment and reconstructive surgery | Daily Mail Online

Tensions between Poland and Belarus continue to escalate. Polish combat helicopters now patrol the Belarus border, armed and authorized to fire without hesitation. This response follows airspace violations by Belarusian military helicopters who flew low and undetected 1/

Latvia to ask thousands of Russian citizens to leave the country : worldnews

Lithuania has declared more than a thousand citizens of Russia and Belarus living in the country to be threats to national security and said it is stripping them of their permanent residency permits : worldnews

Influencer Andrew Tate released from house arrest while he awaits human trafficking and rape trial The 36-year-old was indicted in June along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian women in the same case.
Andrew Tates Romania house arrest lifted

China raps Italy for malicious criticism of Belt and Road
Giorgia Meloni: Italian PM sues Placebo frontman for defamation after he called her a fascist and a racist during a gig in Turin last month : worldnews ... She also filed a defamation lawsuit against Roberto Saviano, a journalist and the author of Gomorrah, for calling her a bastard during a TV interview in 2020If found guilty, Mr Saviano could face up to three years in jail.
Protests held across Europe in solidarity with lesbian mothers in Italy : worldnews
German tourists blamed for toppling 150-year-old Italian statue : worldnews

UK: Climate Activists Throw Red Paint At Scottish Parliament Over Oil And Gas Licenses : worldnews

Cuba bans company access to ATMs, limits cash transactions : worldnews

The US wants Kenya to lead a force in Haiti with 1,000 police. Watchdogs say they'll export abuse : worldnews

Killing of American biologist in Mexico adds to rising violence against scientists there: 3rd fatal incident involving researchers studying the environment in different parts of Mexico in recent years : worldnews

Canada wildfires have already doubled smoke emissions record set last year : worldnews
Canadian province of Alberta suspends approvals for green energy projects, like wind or solar power : worldnews

Two US Navy sailors charged with spying for China : worldnews

After helping prevent extinctions for 50 years, the Endangered Species Act itself may be in peril : politics

Biden to create new Grand Canyon national monument to block mining - The Washington Post The Arizona monument would be aimed at safeguarding areas near Grand Canyon National Park that local tribes want to protect from uranium extraction

CNN Poll: Majority of Americans oppose more US aid for Ukraine in war with Russia | CNN Politics - 55% say the US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine vs. 45% who say Congress should authorize such funding. And 51% say that the US has already done enough to help Ukraine while 48% say it should do more (Republicans say surrender to Putin)

More Americans say they can never retire : politics

Republicans who fought Bidens agenda now claim credit for it

Senate Democrats ask for Alito to be recused from Supreme Court ethics and tax cases : politics
Visiting Portland, Justice Kagan says she supports ethics code for Supreme Court : politics

Totally paralyzed sometimes: Talk of Mitch McConnells replacement reportedly 'accelerated' in GOP

Tip of the iceberg: Legal experts say Jack Smith has a lot more evidence than indictment shows
Mark Meadows Was Nowhere in the Latest Indictment. Thats Bad News for Trump

Mike Pence: Trump and his crackpot lawyers told me to overturn the election

Donald Trump Pleads Not Guilty to Trying to Overturn the Election, Despite Us All Witnessing Him Trying to Overturn the Election : politics

Jack Smith Has an Indictment. Trump Has a Massive Plan for Revenge

Forced to wait by the judge, Trump is out of his comfort zone in court : politics
Trump reportedly irked that arraignment judge called him Mr Trump
From Mr President to Mr: strongman Donald Trump cut down to size in court
Trump Was Seriously Salty About the Way a Judge Addressed Him: Report

Its justice that Trump, who wanted to toss Black votes, gets charged under a KKK Act

Will they flip? Why the six people cited in Trumps indictment pose a threat to him

Capitol Police officer: Trump should have been arrested on Jan. 7

Trumps Idiot Lawyer Undermines His Case Moments Before His Arrest: Alina Habba undercut the entire premise of Trumps defense against the January 6 charges
MSNBC Panel Stunned by Trump Lawyers Admission on Fox News
Donald Trump lawyer appears to admit to one of Jack Smiths charges

Expected fourth Trump indictment leads to closed roads near Georgia courthouse : politics

House Democrats call for live broadcasts of court proceedings in Trump criminal cases
House Dems call for Trump trial to be televised : politics
One Sign Trump Is Actually in Trouble: Dems Are Keeping Their Mouths Shut : politics

Is Trump running for president mostly to avoid prison? : politics

Trump documents case judge made multiple errors in earlier trial : politics
Exclusive: Trump documents case judge made multiple errors in earlier trial | Reuters Florida-based U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon

Trumps Jan. 6 defense strategy: Flood the zone with sh*tTrump and his defenders resort to his Big Lie tactics: Spew so much nonsense that debunkers cant keep up (
Trumps Defense Plan: Just a Guy Out of Touch With Reality

Trump sued Michael Cohen for $500 million. Now hes worried hes at risk of self-incrimination

The problem isnt Trump its the willingness of so many Americans to support him
Trump could lose half of GOP voters if he is convicted: poll : politics
Nearly two-thirds of Americans think Jan. 6 charges against Trump are serious: POLL - ABC News

John Bolton: In a second Trump term, wed almost certainly withdraw from NATO

Are Democrats Tricking Republicans Into Nominating Trump? Conservative elites driven to madness by DeSantiss collapse.

Joe Biden calling his son is still not a scandal The latest GOP attempt to paint Hunter Biden as his fathers secret business liaison failed to live up to the hype
Jim Jordan assures public the snipe will turn up any minute now - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Rudy Giuliani goes on unhinged rant claiming Mike Pences wife leads him around on a leash

Casey DeSantis raised $63M for Hurricane Ian relief. Where did it go? : politics
Florida bans AP psychology over gender identity, sexual orientation lessons, College Board says : politics
DeSantis appointee to Disney board taught seminar using discredited research claiming White people were slaves in America : politics
Florida teacher shortage one of the worst in the country as new school year starts : politics

Both expelled members of Tennessee Three win back their state House seats

Federal court denies a Right To Bully trans students in Ohio. The judge concluded theres no right to misgender & bully trans students in the Constitution. He rejected claims based on 1st & 14th amendment

Indiana Courts Continue to Rule in Favor of Transgender Youth | ACLU of Indiana

The Land Beyond the Drug War - Every state in America has a fentanyl problem, but only Oregon has decriminalized drugs and sent hundreds of millions in legal-weed tax dollars to organizations that are trying to heal people. In Portland and a rural county nearby, there is both chaos and hope.

Connecticut law ending religious vaccine exemptions for children is upheld : politics

Ohio Republicans plan to trick voters may backfire spectacularly (
Fall abortion battle propels huge early voter turnout for an Ohio special election next week : politics

Docs reveal identity of Texas AG Paxton s alleged mistress - The revelation comes as Paxton's attorneys fight to dismiss nearly all the articles of impeachment against him.
Top Texas A&M officials were involved in botched recruiting of journalism professor, who will receive $1 million settlementdecision to temporarily suspend a respected opioids expert after she was accused of criticizing Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a lecture.

Climate change and conference realignment - Lawyers, Guns & Money What all this illustrates is that powerful institutions in American life are not even pretending to make even the most minimal changes that are demanded by any serious response to the climate crisis. Indeed, they are doing quite the opposite: the presidents and governing boards of these universities are voting to create collegiate sports alignments that will require hundreds of teams from dozens of sports not just football to collectively fly from one end of the country to the other hundreds if not thousands of times per year to compete against each other.

Financier of QAnon-Esque Child Trafficking Film Is Arrested for Child Kidnapping

Police officer Ricky Anderson charged with murder for shooting Black man in his bed - ABC News Ricky Anderson has been charged for the fatal shooting of Donovan Lewis ... According to the complaint, Anderson had a total of 58 complaints against him over the years, including use of force complaints, and has also been reprimanded for sexual harassment while on the job.

Appeals court throws out conviction after judge says Black man looks like a criminal to me

Gilgo Beach: Police identify another victim in serial killing investigation - ABC News

WATCH: Arkansas deputy shoots at Pomeranian but hits woman standing on porch instead : news

Wild otter attack leads to woman being airlifted to hospital, 2 others treated for injuries - ABC News

Six white former officers plead guilty in torture of two Black men | The Hill ... The attack on the two Black men is being called a racist crime after the deputies, who called themselves The Goon Squad, tortured the men for spending the night with a white woman.

This Church Promised to Save Their Souls. Defectors Say It Was a CultHow a group of Christian outcasts banded together to expose alleged sexual assault and manipulation that was happening within its ranks

Threads Has Lost More Than 80% of Its Daily Active Users : technology

Free Speech Absolutist Elon Musk Hides Effective Political Ad That Calls Out GOP

New Google tool lets users track and delete search results about themselves : worldnews

EPA Approved a Fuel Ingredient Even Though It Could Cause Cancer in Virtually Every Person Exposed Over a Lifetime : politics

XQ-58A Valkyrie drone successfully flown by AI pilot

Successful room temperature ambient-pressure magnetic levitation of LK-99 : worldnews

Scientists uncover previously unknown spectrum of magnon excitations in an antiferromagnetic thin film : worldnews

New chemotherapy can kill all solid tumors in animal trials : worldnews

James Webb telescope captures end stages of dying stars life

Apple is set to shed nearly $60 billion in value after iPhone sales fell : technology undefined


Gravity varies around the world. Here's where it changes the most - The Washington Post

The world just got its first real taste of what life is like at 1.5 degrees Celsius - The Washington Post

Its midwinter, but its over 100 degrees in South America - Some places have even reached all-time maximumssurpassing summer temperatures, even though it is winter

Earth Overshoot Day: Weve burned through Earths yearly resource budget in under 8 months

Presidents of Mediterranean states demand climate crisis action : worldnews

Waves grow up to 13 feet tall in California as Earth warms, research finds : news
Waves are getting bigger and surf at least 13 feet (about 4 meters) tall is becoming more common off Californias coast as the planet warms, according to new research that tracked the increasing height from historical data gathered over the past 90 years.

Amazon deforestation falls over 60% compared with last July, says Brazilian minister : worldnews
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Wednesday the world must help Brazil protect the Amazon, ahead of a summit next week on the worlds biggest rainforest, a key buffer against climate change

Atlantic orcas learning from adults to target boats off Spains coast

Australian museum to return stolen Cambodian artefacts : worldnews

Singapore executes man over drugs in third hanging in week : worldnews

Russian military plane flies to North Korea days after Shoigu visit. Flight-tracking data and satellite imagery suggest Moscow dispatched team to Pyongyang in follow-up to last weeks trip
Travis King: North Korea confirms custody of US soldier : worldnews

Heaviest rainfall in 140 years drenches Beijing while Typhoon Khanun hits Japans Okinawa

ISW on Twitter: "3/ The highest echelons of the Russian military command may have directed milbloggers to stay silent about problems that can be directly blamed on the Russian military command." / X 3/ The highest echelons of the Russian military command may have directed milbloggers to stay silent about problems that can be directly blamed on the Russian military command.

Russian military recruitment offices hit with string of arsons

Ex-Con Freed to Fight in Ukraine Accused of Butchering Six Back Home : worldnews

Russia fines Apple $4,400 for false information aboutUkraine fighting

Extreme weather events take a toll on energy sector in India : worldnews
Everyone is aghast: Indias move to weaken forest protections outrages conservationists
Deadly communal violence flares in India a month before world leader summit : worldnews
Kerala lottery: Indian women sanitation workers hit jackpot : worldnews

Pakistani Defence Minister calls female leaders trash and leftovers in parliament

Meta, Google and YouTube profiting off posts for bogus womens health cures in Kenya

A Niger coup leader meets with Wagner-allied junta in Mali | CNN : worldnews
Nigeria cuts electricity to Niger after coup. : worldnews Coup Belt - Wikipedia

The United States has ordered the partial evacuation of its embassy in Niger following last weeks coup

Putin talks to Erdogan by phone, discussing grain deal and agreeing to meet in Turkiye

ISIS says its leader was killed by militants in Syria and names successor Abu al-Hussein al-Husseini al-Qurayshi, who headed the extremist organization since November, died fighting in Syria, the militant group said.

Anti-LBTQ backlash grows across Middle East, echoing U.S. culture wars - The Washington Post

US military may put armed troops on commercial ships in Strait of Hormuz to stop Iran seizures | AP News

Catastrophe: Volodymyr Zelenskys grim warning as he accuses Vladimir Putin of trying to collapse global food markets
Ukraine accuses Russia of damaging 40,000 tonnes of grain : worldnews
Ukrainian pilots will start training on F-16 fighter jets in August 2023 - This was announced by Volodymyr Zelenskyy at a meeting with heads of Ukraines foreign diplomatic institutions.
Ukraine war: Barrages of drones intercepted near Kyiv and Moscow : worldnews
How Ukraines Most Elite Snipers Rewrote the Marksmans Handbook

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 526, Part 1 (Thread #672) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 3.8.2023 : ukraine
Ministry Of defence UK daily Ukraine update 03.08.2023
Russian losses by weeks of July : ukraine

Ukraine released footage of a HIMARS strike on Russians gathering out in the open on a beach, saying it took out 200 troops : worldnews

The slow counteroffensive of the Armed Forces is a consequence of the allieshesitation -When Ukraine first asked for Western tanks, Russia simply did not have serious fortifications. But in six months, the occupiers had already built hundreds of miles of fortifications.If the last year of the war has shown anything, it is that such fluctuations are costly. It not only deprives Ukrainians of their lives, but also enables a protracted, painful war
The worst are tripwires,says Pole. which you cannot see at night, and set off a whole string of connected mines. Combat medics say that most casualties they evacuate have been injured by mines

4/4) Although undergrowth can also provide cover for small stealthy infantry assaults, the net effect has been to make it harder for either side to make advances.

Russia systematically forcing Ukrainians to accept citizenship, US report finds

During the last attack of the Russian Federation on the port of Izmail, one of the drones fell on the territory of Romania
This gives you a real sense of just how close these Russian air attacks are to the EU and NATO border.

Belarus helicopters entered Polands airspace as provocation
Poland deploys attack helicopters to border with Belarus : worldnews
NATO vows to do everything necessary to protect allied territory following Polands airspace breach
#EU expands #sanctions against #Belarus for its role in #Russia's war against #Ukraine to target sanctions circumvention:
There is no indication that #Wagner fighters in #Belarus have the heavy weaponry necessary to mount a serious offensive against #Ukraine or #Poland without significant rearmament

Russia adds Norway to list of countries unfriendly to its diplomats

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania want to decouple their power grids from the Russian system by February 2025. The three countries' grid operators signed an agreement calling for the move, Wednesday. : worldnews

London to protest in support of lesbian mums stripped from birth certificates in Italy : worldnews

Pope meets victims of clerical sexual abuse in Portugal : worldnews

France may soon overtake Russia as the worlds No. 2 arms exporter

Greenpeace protesters drape giant oil-black fabric over Sunaks mansion

Brazil police raids leave at least 45 people dead : worldnews

Meta is so unwilling to pay for news under a new Canadian law that it's starting to block it on Facebook and Instagram in that country : worldnews

US Navy Sailors Charged With Selling National Security Secrets to China - Bloomberg San Diego man first to be charged with espionage in district - Cases show Chinese efforts to gain US secrets, prosecutors say

US border agents habitually abuse human rights, report reveals : worldnews
Dead person found in Texas anti-migrant buoys that Mexico and Justice Dept. want removed

Majority in U.S. Say Biden Administration Ethics Are Subpar
CNN Poll: Half of Americans think the economy is getting worse, despite months of stronger economic news : politics

One of the reasons Fitch slashed Americas credit rating was the Jan. 6 insurrection over 2 years ago, source says
Jan. 6 Cited RepeatedlyBy Ratings Firm In U.S. Credit Downgrade: Administration Official

82% of Voters Oppose GOP Push to Cut Social Security for Americans Under 50: Poll Voters would rather see taxes on wealthy Americans to ensure Social Security remains a guarantee for all,

Conor Friedersdorf has a blog asserting that the current iteration of the Supreme Court is not reactionary or partisan, based on a superficial analysis of 13 merits cases from a single term. The problems with this mode of argument will be obvious to anybody who knows anything, although Mark Joseph Stern goes into a little more detail: ("Libertarian" Friedersdork wrong, as usual)

Sen. Dianne Feinsteins daughter has power of attorney over her
As Dianne Feinstein, 90, struggles to function in the Senate, a dispute within her family over control of her late husbands estate is another difficult chapter at the end of a long career.

Barack Obama Is Also Scared Shitless That Donald Trump Could Win Another Term: Report : politics

Finally. The Coup Indictment. : politics
Trump pleads not guilty to charges that he plotted to overturn election - The Washington Post A very sad day for America the former president declares as the clock begins ticking toward his trial on Jan. 6-related charges
Trump Pleads Not Guilty to Plotting to Overturn the 2020 Election - The New York Times

What Makes Jack Smiths New Trump Indictment So Smart
Jack Smith has a lot more evidence about Donald Trump -- Bill Barr
Which side are you on? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern try to draw a line through the right wing of the legal profession, with corrupt movement lawyers on one side, and John Roberts and Bill Barr et. al. on the other: ... In America in 2023, the Republican party is fully dedicated to replacing liberal democracy with authoritarian ethno-nationalism.

Trump Is a Dangerous Criminal Who Belongs in Prison : politics
Trump says he faces 561 years in prison in fundraising email : politics

Pence Says Trump Pushed Him Essentially to Overturn the Election

Trumps First Amendment defense in Jan. 6 case is shaky, experts say

Trump indictment references Pence or vice presidency more than 100 times : politics
Its Clear Hes Going to Testify: Pence Has Central Role in Trump Prosecution
Trump Extremists Make New Calls to Hang Mike Pence : politics
Trump Extremists Make New Calls to Hang Mike Pence: Watch His Toes Dangle

Donald Trump Has a Huge Rudy Giuliani Problem : politics
Rudy Giuliani in Vile New Audio Transcripts:Jewish Men Have Small Cocks .. because they cant use them after they get married ... Whereas the Italian use them all their lives so they get bigger
Americas mayor ... On the other hand, he did walk around with a megaphone while the emergency response center he personally chose to locate at the site of the citys most obvious terrorist target was reduced to rubble, so.

Indictment Mystery: Did Someone Spill About the Donald Trump-Kevin McCarthy Jan. 6 Call?

So Sad! Trumpworld Delights That This Aide May Be in Legal Trouble - Boris Epshteyn
Conspirator 6 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jeffrey Clark plotted to reverse Trumps loss. Now hes a GOP luminary.
How Utah Sen. Mike Lee is tied to co-conspirators in Donald Trumps latest criminal indictment. Lee is not mentioned in the latest criminal charges against the former president, but several people Lee worked with after the 2020 election are anonymously listed as co-conspirators

Cardinals mascot accused by Tucker of being a federal provocateur charged for 1/6 crimes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Former Georgia state senator subpoenaed to testify before grand jury in 2020 election probe : politics
Fulton County sheriff says well have a mugshot if former Pres.Trump is indicted locally

Trump Wants Jan. 6 Trial in Unbiased West Virginia, Where He Won by 30 Points | The former president called the conservative state politically unbiased
If you want a vision of the future, imagine a tRump attorney spouting quasi-legalistic arguments, forever - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trumps Jan. 6 indictment is his biggest grift yet: The latest indictment will be another cash cow for Trump unless the FEC acts now
There is no First Amendment right to overturn an election: Trumps lawyers plan to argue he had a First Amendment right to subvert the 2020 election. He didnt.

Sen. Ed Markey: Put a camera in courtroom for Trump trial : politics

Devon Archer said the opposite of what Republicans claimed - The Washington Post

CNN Poll: Percentage of Republicans who think Biden's 2020 win was illegitimate ticks back up near 70% | CNN Politics : politics
Trump supporters view the latest indictment as evidence of a crime against Trump
About half of US Republicans could spurn Trump if he is convicted, Reuters/Ipsos poll shows

Extremely Reasonable and Normal Republicans - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The rhetoric by the Fascist Party at Turning Point Action was very healthy for a democracy. (JD Hillbilly for Putin Vance)

Ron DeSantis Vows to Start Slitting Throats on First Day of Presidency
Ron DeSantis agrees to debate Gavin Newsom on Fox News : politics
DeSantis policies prompt 2 major Black groups to move events out of Florida : politics
decision to restrict AP Psychology comes several months after its decision to block AP African American Studies courses.

Nessel slams Michigan commission for delaying disciplinary action on false Trump elector : politics

The cruelty Olympics: Texas workers condemn elimination of water breaks

Sweeping ballot proposal would force California lawmakers to reveal lobbyist ties : politics

Heartstopper, The Colour Purple and hundreds more books set for Iowa school ban : politics

How the loss of local newspapers fueled political divisions in the U.S. : politics

Media Elite Myopia - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is like shooting fish in a barrel, but I cant help making fun of it. Fine for Quartz to prioritizing diversity. All media sites should. But the utter myopia that is the baseline for these people is amazing.

Cornel West Owes More Than Half a Million in Unpaid Taxes : politics
Trump supporter has Trumpian attitude toward paying taxes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Policy-Blogging: A History of Progressive Inflation Control - The Macunian Tradition, Keynes' Plan to Pay for the War, and John H.G Pierson - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Monticello woman dies from water toxicity, her family is raising awareness : news

FBI Portland Seeking Additional Victims After Woman Escaped Makeshift Cinderblock Cell in Klamath Falls, OR (Photo)

Video shows Minnesota trooper fatally shot Black driver in traffic stop - The Washington Post

How cities can stem the tide of pedestrian deaths from large cars and SUVs | Ars Technica Ever-larger cars and trucks are causing a safety crisis on US streets.

Dick Van Dyke Talks Openly About His Alcoholism | The Dick Cavett Show : television

I am suing Scientology and David Miscavige - by Leah Remini

Breastfeeding for six months or more appears to reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems developing in mothers for at least three years after delivery, according to new study. : science
Breast milk lipid molecule stimulates brain stem cells to produce oligodendrocytes, effectively reversing white matter damage in neonatal mice. : science

Cancer-killing pill that appears to annihilate solid tumours is now being tested on humans

A whale from 40 million years ago is the heaviest animal that has inhabited the Earth : worldnews

Spectacularly Preserved Jellyfish Found in 500-Million-Year-Old Rock : worldnews

This New England neo-Nazi group is getting bigger and scarier, experts say. Most troubling: Military vets fill its ranks.
Cell phone video surfaces of off-duty Hull police officer Scott Saunders alleged assault on 72-year-old in Pembroke


Black swan pathogens from ancient permafrost may be getting ready to wake up

July has been the hottest month in human history : worldnews
Climate change made July hotter for almost every human on earth : worldnews

Phoenix heat wave broke record for electricity demand again and again and again : technology

Nasa has picked up a "heartbeat" signal from its Voyager 2 probe after it lost contact with it for two weeks because a wrong command tilted its antenna to point two degrees away from Earth : worldnews

The first generation of solar panels will wear out. A recycling industry is taking shape : worldnews

Rhino poaching declines in South Africa amid crackdown: The number of rhinos killed by poachers at Kruger National Park dropped by half as part of a downward trend nationwide. But authorities said demand for illegal rhino horn persists. : worldnews - Too bad cockroaches cant be used in Chinese medicine. (cure for limp dicks in China)

All minks to be culled at bird flu sites, at least 50K fur animals already ordered killed (Finland) : worldnews

Former childcare worker charged with over 1,600 counts of abuse in Australia : worldnews
An Australian state is adding a special U class licence that must be obtained before driving super and hypercars in order to prevent inexperienced drives from crashing. : worldnews

South Korea raises heat alert to highest amid sweltering weather : worldnews

Taiwan Vice President Lai to transit U.S. during Paraguay trip : worldnews (China has meltdown)

Xi Jinping replaces generals in charge of Chinas nuclear arsenal
Floods surrounding Beijing kill at least 20, leave 27 missing while thousands evacuated : worldnews
Beijing rains heaviest since records began 140 years ago : worldnews
China curbs children from using smartphones, internet at night : worldnews

"Wash your head with your own urine, and then drink it." A leak of recordings from the phone of the liquidated Russian soldier has appeared online, demonstrating how the Russian Army handles the members of the Wagner Group PMC. : UkraineWarVideoReport
Over the past two days, there have been about 25 arsons of military enlistment offices in Russia. Most often, the arsonists turned out to be elderly people or women. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russia Reports Ukrainian Drone Hits Government Offices In Moscow : worldnews
Turkmenistan suspends Moscow flights citing safety concerns after Ukrainian drone attacks on the Russian capital : worldnews

Wall Street Reaped Ruble Fortune on Clients Fleeing From Russia : worldnews

A guidebook to Russian wartime oligarchsreleased by @wwwproektmedia found that at least 81 of Russias richest businessmen are involved in supplying Russias military-industrial complex.

(2/6) Since its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has mainly deployed mobilised reservists to back-fill established formations, or as part of territorial defence infantry regiments.
(4/6) An exception to this was the 3rd Army Corps created in summer 2022, which has generally performed poorly.
6/6) Without a major new wave of mandatory mobilisation, Russia is unlikely to find enough new troops to resource even one new army.

Classic Russianescalate a situation and then demand concessions from the West for them to de-escalate. Deployment of a tactical nuclear weapon to BLR does nothing to increase the likelihood or improve the effectiveness of that weapon. It only serves to cause us to self-deter -- Russia offers to remove its nuclear weapons from Belarus if the U.S. agrees to remove all of its nuclear weapons from Western Europe and Turkey
Lukashenko claims he joked about Wagner Group planning to attack Poland

Indian business hub Gurugram remains tense after Hindu-Muslim clashes : worldnews

Music may lead youth to go astray: Taliban burns musical instruments in Afghanistan

Police arrest military officers planning to topple Sierra Leonean govt

Iran shuts down for two days because of unprecedented heat
Irans official in-charge for enforcing hijab, chastity caught having gay sex on camera, fired

The Face of Israels Protests Is a Particle Physicist
Israel holds over 1,200 detainees without charge. Thats the most in 3 decades, a rights group says
Palestinian gunman shoots 6 at Maaleh Adumim restaurant before being shot dead : worldnews

Scale of amputations in Ukraine reaches WWI level
Since the beginning of the war, up to 50,000 Ukrainians have lost one or more limbs, These figures are based on information from the government and medical institutions, although the actual figure may be higher because the prosthetics process takes a long time. At the beginning of the war, the main causes of amputations were wounds received during artillery and rocket attacks. Now, many people are injured by being blown up by mines installed along the front line.
Ukraine is 3D printing bombs to keep up with its battlefield demands, says report, with some costing as little as $3.85 : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 525, Part 1 (Thread #671) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 1.8.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian HIMARS Strike Takes Out 200 Russian Troops Gathered on a Beach
Ukrainian HIMARS Strike Takes Out 200 Russian Troops Gathered on a Beach
Ukraines Armed Forces dislodge Russian forces from positions near Andriivka

International group working to identify Russian forces that carried out grisly war crimes on Kherson prisoners (nation of sado-fuckers)
Russian troops tortured half of prisoners detained in Kherson, say war crime investigators ... including genital electrocution (rapo-fuckers)

Russias overnight attack on Izmail port causes jump in food prices worldwide
Ukraine war: Drones target Odesa grain stores near Romania border : worldnews
Russian drones attack Ukrainian port, grain storage facilities in Odesa region : worldnews

Child abductions are Russian plan to weaken Ukraine, says UK envoy
2/ The #Kherson Oblast occupation Ministry of Education and Science announced that Russian authorities sent students from occupied Henichesk to the Sokol Children and Youth Recreation Center in Kaluga Oblast for health improvement and education.

Georgia: Russian cruise ship Astoria Grande has left the Black Sea port of Batumi after anti-war demonstrators threw eggs and called for its passengers to leave. : worldnews

Polish Ministry of Defense confirmed cross of the border by two Belarusian helicopters : worldnews
Diplomatic row between Ukraine and Poland deepens : worldnews
Polish Foreign Ministry says current relations with Ukraine are not the best

Europe marks Holocaust memorial day for Sinti and Roma: Sinti and Roma people from across Europe gathered at the Holocaust memorial at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland on Wednesday to remember the murder of an estimated 500,000 men, women and children by Nazi Germany during World War 2 : worldnews

Billboard highlighting clerical abuse removed as pope arrives in Lisbon | Reuters

Meta loses battle in EU, will ask for consent to show personalized ads : worldnews

Irelands far-right party in crisis amid claims of stolen gold

Quakers pledge to stand by trans Brits: A gold-standard for other faiths to follow

Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau announce separation
PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau are separating : worldnews
Meta permanently ending news availability on its platforms in Canada starting today : worldnews

Border Patrol arrests jump in July, a blow to Biden's plans for migrants - The Washington Post

Fitch downgrades U.S. long-term rating to AA+ from AAA
GOPs Fiscal Vandalism and Political SabotagePrompts Second-Ever US Credit Downgrade |Republicans were warned that their repeated brinksmanship and deficit-funded tax giveaways for the wealthy and big corporations would have consequences,
Fitch highlighted Jan. 6 insurrection in talks with Treasury ahead of US downgrade : politics

Supreme Court approval ratings at record lows, new Gallup poll shows | CNN Politics
Supreme Court approval ratings at record lows, new Gallup poll shows : politics
The Supreme Court Must Side With Women, Not Their Abusers : politics

After nearly 40 years as a US senator, it is time for Mitch McConnell to retire: Opinion : politics

Special counsel Jack Smith announces new Trump charges, calling Jan. 6 an "unprecedented assault" : politics
Special Counsel Jack Smith Delivers Statement : politics
Trump is charged under civil rights law used to prosecute KKK violence : politics
Opinion | Trump indicted for Jan. 6. At last. - The Washington Post

U.S. v. Trump Will Be the Most Important Case in Our Nations History
Trump charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruction in Jan 6 probe : politics
Trump charged in US special counsel probe in efforts to overturn 2020 election : politics

Here Are the 78 Charges Trump Now Faces, and All the Prison Time : politics

Trump has been indicted before. Historians say this time is different. - The Washington Post Scholars say the new charges of attempting to overturn the 2020 election pose a unique test for the rule of law and go to the core of the threat to democracy
The alleged Trump crime that we all saw - The Washington Post Federal indictment lays out a case for actions that many Americans saw with their own eyes
DOJ alleges Trump criminally conspired to cling to power
Prosecuting Trump is perilous. Ignoring his conduct would be worse. : politics
This Is *the* Case : politics

Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell appear to be among alleged Trump co-conspirators : politics
Here are the Trump co-conspirators described in the DOJ indictment - The Washington Post

The Obama-appointed judge who could send Donald Trump to prison : politics
Trumps new judge is a tough Jan. 6 sentencer and has a history with him
The judge assigned to Trumps Jan. 6 case is a tough punisher of Capitol rioters

The real problem - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Trumps utterly unhinged reaction to his latest criminal indictment ... The point is that this utter wreck and disgrace of a human being is going to be the Republican nominee for president, and there isnt even any serious challenge to that happening, because one of Americas two major political parties belongs to this pscyhopath.

Trump Supporters Cant Stop Fani Willis And They Cant Stand It
New York attorney generals Trump lawsuit ready for trial, her office says

Unequal Justice: Trump 2024 and the Blueprint to End American Democracy - The far right Heritage Foundation created a platform for Trump that plots an authoritarian take-over of the country. : politics

Trump Dines With Fox News Executives After Learning of Third Indictment - The New York Times The Fox leaders appealed to the former president to participate in the first G.O.P. debate, which is being hosted by the network.

Trump IndictmentJan. 6 Riot Was Fueled by Lies From Trump, Special Counsel Says
Trump Told Pence Youre Too Honest When He Objected to Jan. 6 Scheme
Mike Pence Lands at the Heart of the Trump Indictment - The New York Times Anyone who puts himself over the Constitution should never be president of the United Stateshe former vice president said shortly after the indictment of Donald Trump.

Donald Trumps $100 million PAC is down to just $3.6 million in cash
Just 4 of Donald Trump's 44 former cabinet members have publicly endorsed his 2024 run : politics
All The Republicans Who Told Donald Trump He Was Lying About Election Fraud : politics

Public Opinion About Trumps Criminality Is Shiftinga Bit

Come Here, Big Tits: Rudy Giulianis Sex Abuse Accuser Has theTapes

Another GOP bombshell fails to detonate - House Republicans are having a hard time selling the idea that Devon Archer's testimony was important

Everything has fallen off a cliff: Battleground state GOPs nosedive in Trump era

Michigan Republicans charged for tampering with 2020 voting machines : politics
Police report: Michigan GOP delegate kicked in groin during meeting : politics
Trump Meddler in Michigan, Matthew DePerno, Is Charged in Election Breach | A key figure in a multistate effort to overturn the 2020 election, Mr. DePerno lost his race for Michigan attorney general in 2022. : politics

Ron DeSantis Invites Nations First Black VP to Florida for Roundtable Discussion on the Upsides of Being Enslaved In a shock move, she declined.
Harris says she wont debate DeSantis on new Black history standards in Florida
Harris rejects DeSantis offer to debate Floridas new Black history standards
DeSantis History - Lawyers, Guns & Money Jedd Legum did a deep dive into the "historians" behind DeSantiss history standards, and hoo-boy:

Identity of woman in alleged Paxton affair revealed, raising impeachment conflict concerns : politics

Mohave County votes down hand count of ballots for 2024 election : politics

Dems Say GOP Reps F-Bomb Tirade at Teens Will Have Political Fallout

Utah law requiring age verification for porn sites remains in effect after judge tosses lawsuit : politics

Transgender Rights Targeted In Oklahoma Governor's Executive Order | HuffPost Latest News

Robert F Kennedy Jrs campaign bankrolled by Republican mega-donor

TIL after centuries of use in America there was an international effort to ban sign language. Educators from Europe wanted to force the deaf to try to focus on oral communication instead. Linguists rejected American Sign Language as a language until William Stokoe proved it had grammar in the 1960s. : todayilearned
(80) Was Helen Keller A Fraud? | The Deep Dive - YouTube

Room-temperature, ambient-pressure superconductor breakthrough by Korean team replicated, twice | peer-reviewed by Chinese scientists who successfully synthesized magnetic levitation-enabled LK-99 crystal : worldnews

AI offers huge promise on breast cancer screening : worldnews

Swiss research raises hopes for the treatment of hereditary anemia : worldnews

Scientists discover massive ancient whale : worldnews

Opinion | An Interior Department test proved passwords are ineffective - The Washington Post


Antarctica: Argentina-sized Sea Ice Chunk Missing : worldnews

The cost of climate change: 2C global warming target is not economically reasonable unless we make major changes. Climate change would be best approached in an integrated manner with biodiversity and health issues considered side-by-side with economic factors.

Phoenix's Month in Hell: A 31-Day Streak of Record Heat Ends - A continuous stretch of days reaching or exceeding 110 degrees has filled emergency rooms. On Monday, the city hit 108 degrees, breaking the run, but setting a new, brutal record.

Its not just hot. Climate anomalies are emerging around the globe. (

Good and bad weather - Lawyers, Guns & Money

BPs 2bn profits cause anger amid climate crisis

Shameful loss: wolves declared extinct in Andalucia

Former childcare worker charged with 1,623 sexual abuse offences against 91 children in Australia and overseas : news

Myanmar junta pardons ex-leader Suu Kyi for five offences : worldnews

South Korean dog meat farmers push back against growing moves to outlaw their industry : worldnews

Taiwan expands protections against workplace sexual harassment : worldnews

In the first half of year 2023, Chinas renewable energy installed capacity accounted for about 48.8% of the total installed capacity

Russian economic house of cards could topple at any moment : anime_titties
Vladimir Putin says Russian navy to get 30 new ships this year : worldnews
Same Moscow skyscraper hit in new drone attack : worldnews
A building in the Moscow City business district that houses three federal ministries was hit by a drone for the second time in three days this morning. Zelensky advisor Mykhailo Podolyak said Russias capital is rapidly getting used to full-scale war
Putin Outlaws Anonymity: Identity Verification For Online Services, VPN Bypass Advice a Crime : worldnews

Russias use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine will be considered an attack on NATO, given Ukraines proximity to the alliance's territory,US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said in a tweet, responding to Dmitri Medvedevs nuclear threats
US on Medvedevs nuclear lies: reckless and irresponsible

NEXTA on Twitter: "In St. Petersburg, a man threw a Molotov cocktail at the door of a military recruitment office." / X
Dissatisfaction is rising in Russia. For several days in a row, military enlistment offices around the country have been attacked with molotov cocktails.

Israeli ship becomes the first to break through Russian grain blockade : worldnews
Six ships break Russias Black Sea blockade
NATO Planes Watched As Civilian Ships Ran Russias Naval Blockade Of Ukraine

Over 1 million women went missing in India from 2019 to 2021 - report : worldnews ... Those are only the reported and documented cases, too. What an absurd number.
When Women Refuse
Indian guard kills colleague and three passengers on train, then hails Modi : worldnews

Islamic State claims responsibility for Pakistan bombing, death toll rises to 45 : worldnews

Burkina Faso, Mali say any intervention to restore deposed President Mohamed Bazoum will be considered a declaration of war against them.
Burkina Faso and Mali say intervention in Niger would be 'declaration of war' : worldnews Burkina Faso and Mali say intervention in Niger would be declaration of war .. Lol, two African states that rely on Russian / Wagner support defend the Russian backed coup that overthrew the democratically elected government. Shocking.
Niger has suspended the export of gold and uranium to France this Sunday with immediate effect : worldnews
France to begin evacuation for its citizens, EU nationals in Niger : worldnews
US troops restricted to American base in Niger : worldnews

Barbie Release Postponed in Middle East as Potential Ban Looms in Saudi Arabia and More Territories

Iran shuts down for two days because of unprecedented heat
Iran official in charge of promoting Islamic valuessuspended over alleged gay sex video

UN reports 11 killed as clashes rock Lebanon Palestinian camp : worldnews
Palestinians in Gaza protest economic hardship, call to end Hamas rule : worldnews

US transfers $1.25 billion in grant funds to Ukraine : worldnews
The Future of the US-Ukraine Relationship - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ukraines plan if Russia assassinates Zelenskyy

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 524, Part 1 (Thread #670) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 1.8.2023 : ukraine
Ministry Of defence UKDaily Ukraine 01.08.2023

Russians bombard hospital in Kherson, killing doctor and injuring nurse : worldnews

Cluster bombs transferred to Ukraine exceeded expectations
Russian forces lack artillery ammunition, reserves in southern Ukraine
Rob Lee on Twitter: ""Ukraine is currently firing up to 8,000 rounds of artillery a day...according to American officials." "The US is now also working to ramp up supply of the shells, with a target of producing up to 90,000 a month by FY 2025...compared with 24,000 now"" / X Ukraine is currently firing up to 8,000 rounds of artillery a day..The US is now also working to ramp up supply of the shells, with a target of producing up to 90,000 a month by FY 2025compared with 24,000 now"
The defense-industrial complex of Ukraine has developed Rubakaoperational-strategic level barrage munitions.capable of covering a distance of 500 kilometers. The device is manufactured by a classified Ukrainian defense company.
Ukraines Defense Ministry has announced an agreement, recently finalized with Turkey, to build a center for servicing and repairing Bayraktar drones in Ukraine. The ministry calls it a significant step toward strengthening defense capabilities.

IAEA: Landmines discovered close to Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News : worldnews

Civilian opposition to occupiers grows in Crimea

Child abductions are Russian plan to weaken Ukraine, says UK envoy

Lukashenko taunts Poland again over Wagner troops near border : worldnews
Belarussian helicopters sighted on Polish side of the border, reportedly harassing citizens [PL] : worldnews

Polish Left sets out plan to end toxic relationship between church and state ... The group also wants a ban on the conducting of exorcisms on minors. There are no precise figures on how many exorcisms are conducted annually in Poland, but it is estimated to be around 130 to 150

Croatia to Help Export Ukrainian Grain through Its Ports : worldnews

US limits visa waiver for Hungarian passport holders : worldnews

Sweden rules out sweeping changes to free speech law amid Quran burnings : worldnews ... Western democracies should not be held hostage by religious nutjobs who would slit your throat without a second thought.

US sanctions four Bosnian Serb top officials for undermining peace deal : worldnews

Sunaks new oil and gas licences are moral and economic madness

Millions in Haiti starve as food, blocked by gangs, rots on the ground : worldnews

All news in Canada will be removed from Facebook, Instagram within weeks: Meta : worldnews
New regulations mean warnings like "poison in every puff" will soon be on every cigarette : worldnews
(Canada) 11 inmates mistakenly released from Hamilton jail since 2021, documents show : worldnews

Biden Shores Up Democratic Support, but Faces Tight Race Against Trump - The New York Times A New York Times/Siena College poll found that President Biden is on stronger footing than he was a year ago but he is neck-and-neck in a possible rematch against Donald Trump.
Cross-Tabs: July 2023 Times/Siena Poll of the 2024 Race and National Issues - The New York Times
Why Trump Is So Hard to Beat - The New York Times The first Times/Siena poll of the G.O.P. primary shows he still commands a seemingly unshakable base of loyal supporters.
Even Trumps indictments havent shattered the deadlock between the parties. Heres why
LOL nothing matters - Lawyers, Guns & Money After Democrats fared well against MAGA candidates in the midterms last year, it might have been reasonable to think that President Biden would have a clear advantage in a rematch against Donald J. Trump.

Biden Administration Launches Office for Long COVID Research : politics
NIH announces first clinical trials for long COVID treatments | The Hill

Sanders, Warren: DOJ Must Sue Big Oil for Decades of Lies on Climate Crisis : politics

Biden Cancels Space Command Move to Alabama Amid Tuberville Feud : politics ... When a state votes out former Civil rights attorney who prosecuted KKK in favor of unqualified openly racist fotbal coach, what does it say about the state? ... It says stay the fuck out of Alabama
Biden has decided to keep Space Command in Colorado, rejecting move to Alabama, officials tell AP : politics

Biden mocks Republicans over impeachment talk, touts jobs in Maine : politics
Without a recession to exploit, the GOP has lost economic coherence : politics
A Run of Strong Data Buoys Biden on the Economy : politics

After McConnells and Feinsteins episodes, should age limits be on the table?

Trump charged by Justice Department for efforts to overturn his 2020 presidential election loss : news
Trump indicted by federal grand jury for illegally interfering in the 2020 presidential election - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Co-Conspirators - Lawyers, Guns & Money
From the Archives: In January 2022, @AnnTelnaes drew a "who's who" guide of those connected to the Jan. 6 insurrection.
The insurrectionists roll call By Ann TelnaesJan. 4, 2022
The Craziest Details From the Trump January 6 Indictment

Trump steps up war with Senate GOP : politics

Looming Trump Jan. 6 indictment could come Tuesday : politics

Trumps New Legal Fund Is a Lean, Mean Grift Machine

Trumps Rape Trial Testimony Is Already Coming Back to Haunt Him

Donald Trump discovers identities of Mar-a-Lago witnesses who testified : politics

Donald Trump PAC broke campaign finance lawsFormerFEC attorney

Trump gets deposition notice in his lawsuit against Michael Cohen : politics

Donald Trump blames Russia investigation for Ukraine war : politics ... So in his addled brain, Russia invaded it's neighbor trying to illegally seize their land because of a US investigation into the US president for (accurately) identifying that he was working with the Russians to influence the election

Donald Trump Has an Absurd Amount of Support From Republicans Who Believe He Committed Serious Federal Crimes: Poll
Ingraham: Dont Get Hung Up on Whether Proof of Joe Biden Crime Exists

The GOPs Nazi Problem Has Deep Roots
Warning: A Convention of States Is Practicing to Rewrite the Constitution: If a far-right organization gets its way, our country will be thrown into a constitutional crisis.

The Quiet Collapse of Four Key State Republican Parties : politics

I cant believe were having this conversation: the states pushing for 14-year-olds to serve alcohol
Wisconsin Republicans now want to let children serve alcohol in restaurants. "This literally creates the perfect scenario for somebody to be groomed." : politics
The ideological majority of the Wisconsin Supreme Court will shift this afternoon when liberal Justice-elect Janet Protasiewicz is sworn in at the state Capitol to a 10-year term.

School district flags hundreds of books for removal because of Iowa law : politics

This belongs in the Smithsonian: Inside the meme video operation that swallowed Ron DeSantis campaign
Puhshaws fash army
Florida OKs school materials aimed at making students conservatives : politics
Leprosy could be endemic in Central Florida, CDC says. What to know about the disease. - CBS News

Even more insidious than the NRA: US gun lobby group gains in power

RFK Jr. Was a Compulsive Womanizer, and Yes, We Should Care: The presidential candidate might be the political outcast of his family, but he inherited his fathers and uncles disregard for women.
RFK Jr. super PAC got more than half its funds from GOP mega donor | $5 million came from former Trump supporter Timothy Mellon. : politics

Houston man ticketed for feeding unhoused found not guilty : news (sadism is the point)

'Will Literally Change Lives': Massachusetts Legislature Approves Universal Free School Meals | "Congress must follow suit and make this a reality for every child who calls America home," said U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley. : politics

A Mendacious Fool - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Anyway the best way to not think about Matt Stoller is to ignore Matt Stoller. I have failed on this occasion but shall strive to do better next time.

Who Are the Newly Revealed Jeffrey Epstein Associates? (JFC)

Tell Me Why It Hurts : How Bessel van der Kolks once controversial theory of trauma became the dominant way we make sense of our lives.

TIL Buzz Aldrins mothers maiden name was Moon.

The World Destroyed Sinead OConnor

Driver who hit 6 farm workers says it was an accident and he fled in panic Daniel Gonzalez, 68, turned himself in Monday, police in Lincolnton, North Carolina, say.

Man Fatally Stabbed After Vogueing at a Brooklyn Gas Station - The New York Times OShae Sibley, 28, was vogueing when men attacked him with gay slurs and told him to stop. A hate crimes task force is investigating.

Teen faces felony after emergency dash to hospital interrupted by Arkansas State Police PIT Maneuver : news

TIL former US President John Tyler joined the Confederates in the American Civil War. Tylers death was the only one in presidential history not to be officially recognized in Washington, because of his allegiance to the Confederate States of America.
Born 14 years after the nations founding, the tenth commander in chief still has one living grandson

Bizarre giant viruses with tubular tentacles and star-like shells discovered in New England forest : worldnews

Cancer pill AOH1996 shows promise in annihilating all solid tumours : worldnews

Scientists Control Human DNA with Electricity in Leap Forward, Study Reports | Breakthrough research represents the missing link that will enable wearables to controlgenes in the not-so-distant future.
Scientists Control Human DNA with Electricity in Leap Forward

Scientists Create New Material Five Times Lighter and Four Times Stronger Than Steel : technology - Researchers have developed a highly robust material with an extremely low density by constructing a structure using DNA and subsequently coating it in glass.

Eli5: What is P vs NP? : explainlikeimfive

Millions of long-term smokers have lung disea | EurekAlert! These findings suggest that a large proportion of tobacco smoke-exposed persons without airflow obstruction have a persistent, symptomatic non-obstructive chronic airway disease that is distinct from COPD,

Early-life lead exposure linked to higher risk of criminal behavior in adulthood : science

What made you break up with your ex? : AskReddit

What are the things every man should at least try even though they are stigmatized as "feminine" or "unmanly" ? : AskReddit

[Serious] What is the scariest, most dreadful, horrifying, stomach churning thing that has ever happened to you? : AskReddit

What is the most unforgettable experience youve ever had in your life thus far?

Whats the worst way youve watched someone screw up their lives?


July has been so blistering hot, scientists already calculate that it's the warmest month on record : news

30 days over 110 degrees in Phoenix. But expected monsoon rains could cool historically hot Southwest. - The Boston Globe
Barry's inferno - For 31 straight days from the last day of June through Sunday, the second-to-last day of July Phoenix has hit at least 110 degrees, not merely breaking its 18-day record in 1974, but setting a significant new one.

New North Sea oil and gas licences will send wrecking ball through climate commitments

Deadly Mediterranean wildfires kill more than 40 : news

Scientists discover antibodies capable of stopping several coronaviruses, potentially preventing future outbreaks : worldnews

Dog Meat Trade Faces Increasing Scrutiny in South Korea : worldnews

Contraction in China factory activity extends into a fourth month : worldnews
Beijings worst flooding in a decade kills at least 2 as China grapples with remnants of Typhoon Doksuri
Chinese zoo denies its sun bears are humans dressed in costumes : worldnews
Communist China Has Peaked | Opinion -- a high variant estimate for 2100 of 1.15 billion people. The high variant, based on Beijing's numbers, is unrealistic. The low variant -- the most realistic estimate from all indications -- is 487.93 billion ... Even the 2022 low variant might be too high.

Putins remarkably calm response to Finland and Sweden joining NATO confirms that he has never really viewed the alliance as a security threat to Russia. He simply exploits the NATO issue as a convenient smokescreen for the genocidal invasion of Ukraine
Moscow is experiencing more frequent drone attacks, but they remain less serious than Russias attacks on Ukraine, which often target civilian areas
Russian government is no longer capable of protecting its population from war
Putin is forming mysterious private armies across Russia to protect himself from Wagner soldiers, report says : worldnews

Medvedev threatens nuclear weapons in case of success of Ukraines counteroffensive

Russias Prigozhin says Wagner is not recruiting now, may do so in future
Russians forcibly mobilise about 60,000 men from occupied territories : worldnews

#Russia reportedly imported more than $502 million worth of foreign-made microchips in the first six months of 2023 despite US and EU sanctions. Sizeable part of these imported chips are used by Russias#defence industry:

Russia Edges Closer to Abortion Ban in Quest to Preserve Traditiona Values

African leaders leave Russia summit without grain deal or a path to end the war in Ukraine : worldnews

Russian propaganda is making its way into popular kidsgames like Roblox. One Russian official even hosted a concert in Minecraft.

The large majority of mini-solar grids in India no longer work due to poor maintenance, an environmental group found : worldnews
Jaipur-Mumbai train: India railway constable shoots four dead on train : worldnews

A bomb at a political rally in northwest Pakistan kills at least 35 people and wounds more than 100 : worldnews
Pakistan explosion: Eyewitness describes doomsday scenes - BBC News

Taliban burn musical instruments in Afghanistans Herat province; local officials warn that listening to and playing music are illegal

Niger Loses Aid as Western Countries Condemn Coup : worldnews
Pro-coup protesters in Niger shout long live Putin as new leaders face calls to cede power

Uyghurs in Turkey protest Chinese foreign ministers visit, citing ongoing persecution in Xinjiang

Lebanons central bank governor ends 30-year tenure under investigation during dire economic crisis

Palestinians in Gaza protest economic hardship, call to end Hamas rule : worldnews
Thousands take to streets in Gaza in rare public display of discontent with Hamas : worldnews

Ukraine to formally start talks with US on security guarantees : worldnews
Ukrainian troops finish training on formidable AS90 self-propelled artillery that can wipe out Russian targets from 18 miles away, UK says

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 523, Part 1 (Thread #669) : worldnews

Ukraine retakes 15 sq km in south, east in past week : worldnews

It is now absolutely certain that the rail bridge of Chonhar connecting Russian-occupied Crimea with the remaining Russian-occupied Kherson Oblast has been severely hit. You can also see from the picture that the strike was quite precise, hitting the the steel structure next to the supporting hill at the northern end of the bridge. That bridge is most certainly out of action for the remainder of this war.

Ukraine says Russian missiles hit another apartment building and likely trapped people under rubble : worldnews

Russian ombudswoman reports about deporting over 700,000 Ukrainian children to Russia : worldnews ... Kidnapping. Not deporting.
Ukraine's birth rate drops by 28%. The Ukrainian data analytics website Opendatabot has reported that in the first six months of 2023, the country's birth rate was 28% lower than the same period in 2021, the largest decline since independence in 1991

Russian liner returns to Batumi carrying sanctioned propaganda singers, Georgians prepare : worldnews

Ethnic Albanian party in North Macedonia offers deal to clear the way to join EU : worldnews

Denmark will seek to make it illegal to desecrate the Quran or other religious holy books in front of foreign embassies, foreign minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen says in interview

Ancient Glass Workshop Discovered in Czech Republic May Have Hosted Sacred Rituals, Archaeologists Say : worldnews

R&I upgrades Greek economy's rating to investment grade BBB- : worldnews

UBS drops Credit Suisses Russian clients

Netherlands starts towing burning EV-laden freight ship away from environmentally sensitive islands : worldnews

Italy intends to leave Chinas Belt and Road Initiative, defense minister says

Briton who killed terminally ill wife in Cyprus freed after 19 months : worldnews

NASA, Brazil to expand partnership to monitor Amazon deforestation : worldnews

Canada says it is disappointed by US decision to maintain lumber duties : worldnews

Pentagon hit by critical compromiseof US air force communications

U.S. 2024 Election Could Be Catastrophic for Russia: Senator .. A prominent member of the Russian senate has warned that the 2024 U.S. presidential election might prompt more support for Ukraine in its ongoing defensive war against Moscow's full-scale invasion.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says millions of people cant find a doctor. Hes mostly right.

Bidenomics critics are being proven wrong. Happy days are here again
Biden jokes that Republicans may impeach him because inflation is starting to cool down : politics

First on CNN: Biden administration launches new income-driven student debt repayment plan : politics

Biden unveils new measures aimed at addressing extreme heat as US swelters : politics
Project 2025: plan to dismantle US climate policy for next Republican presidentRightwing groups penned a conservative wish list of proposals for the next conservative president to gut environmental protections

McConnells health scare puts focus on shadow race to replace him
Fixing the Glitch - Lawyers, Guns & Money Lotta folks been asking what will happen if Senator McConnell isnt able to serve the rest of his term as the senior Senator from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Heres a quick explainer:
Trump hits Mitch McConnell for destroying our oceans with windmills when asked about the GOP leaders health scare

Trump Lawyer: He Couldve Deleted Mar-a-Lago Tapes If He Really Wanted To
Experts: Trump employee almost certainly cooperatingand may have ncriminating evidenceYuscil Taveras could be key in sinking Trump and his co-defendants
Mar-a-Lago employee overseeing surveillance cameras previously received target letter in Trump classified documents probe : politics
Yuscil Taveras: Mar-a-Lago employee overseeing surveillance cameras, previously received target letter in Trump classified documents probe: | CNN Politics
Trumps superseding indictment paints a picture of a ridiculous Mar-a-Lago clown show
Panic at Mar-a-Lago: How the new obstruction charges may produce even more witnesses against Trump : politics

Trump legal fees eclipse second quarter fundraising, reports say : politics
Trump has spent $40m from his campaign funds on his legal costs, report says : politics
Donald Trump campaign group is running out of money, US media reports : politics

Trump says it's really unpleasant that he has to keep telling Melania hes been indicted again

Fulton County DA says work is done in Trump probe and were ready to go
Georgia prosecutor investigating Trump says charges ready to go
Atlanta braces for possible indictments in 2020 election investigation : politics
Judge orders hearing on Trump's motion to disqualify Fulton County DA : politics
Judge Hands Trump Another Loss in Georgia Election Probe : politics
Georgias Broad Racketeering Law May Now Ensnare Donald Trump ... it appears that this racketeering charge may not just ensnare Trump, but it may also catch much of the leadership of the Georgia Republican Party who assisted Trump in pressuring elected officials and organizing fake electors for the state.

As he prepares for Hill testimony, Hunter Bidens ex-business partner also trying to fend off jail

GOP splits further over Tubervilles military blockade as it stretches through summer
Take That, Tuberville: Biden Rejects Plan to Move Space Command to Alabama : politics

GOP lawmaker screamed curse words inches from Senate pages faces and shooed them, source says (drunken asshole)

House of Representatives debate on trans healthcare descends into pure transphobia : politics

Conservatives have already written a climate plan for Trumps second term (destruction)

The GOP primary is already decided. Were just pretending it isnt
Trump Crushing DeSantis and GOP Rivals, Times/Siena Poll Finds - The New York Times
The Producers, criminal litigation edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money In case you need a detailed statistical explanation of why theres not going to actually be a GOP presidential primary contest this coming winter, Nate Cohn provides one: ... MAGA base represent 37 percent of the Republican electorate.
DeSantis fatigue grows among Florida Republicans as 2024 campaign falters : politics
Weak, small and reckless: how Ron DeSantis, Republican Napoleon, met his Waterloo : politics

Abortion advocates sue Alabama AG over prosecution threats for out-of-state travel | The Hill

Teachers sue over Tennessee law restricting what they can teach about race, gender, bias : politics

Top North Carolina Republicans privately encouraged then-Democrat Tricia Cotham to run for the state House in 2022, a year before she switched parties and gave the GOP a veto-proof majority : politics

RFK Jrs super PAC is mostly funded by a GOP megadonor who spent millions on Trump and bankrolled an effort to build a border wall in Texas

Ex-Fox News Pundit Bill Kristol Joins Fight to Deny Fox Station Broadcast License
Fox News a hive of woke scum and villainous satanists??

Will the Strike Wave of 2023 Continue? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Texas Education: None of the Reading, All of the Beating - Lawyers, Guns & Money

First religious charter school in the US faces legal challenge : politics

Idaho mom Lori Vallow to be sentenced in deaths of her 2 children and romantic rival

Six injured after man drives vehicle into migrant workers in North Carolina : news

Mass shooting at Muncie, Indiana street party leaves one dead, multiple people wounded, police say : news

Texas A&M approves Dr. Kathleen McElroy settlement, picks new president : news

Teen was sexually abused at therapeutic boarding school, lawsuit says as parents advocate oversight : news

99-year old trucking company Yellow shuts down, putting 30,000 out of work | CNN Business : news
Teamsters blast bankruptcy-bound Yellow, cite $700 million Covid loan firm got from Trump White House : politics

A.I. is on a collision course with white-collar, high-paid jobs and with unknown impac

Twitter neighbours complain of lit-up 'X' sign working at high intensity

The Center for Countering Digital Hate said it had received a letter from X, Twitters parent company, accusing it of trying to hurt the social platform with its research ... Now he is also taking aim at an organization that studies hate speech and misinformation on social media.

BuzzFeed and other big media brands of the social-web heyday were casualties of a gold rush controlled by Silicon Valley giants.

Judi Dench says she can no longer see on film sets : movies Macular Degeneration

Opinion | Maternal Instinct Is a Myth That Men Created - The New York Times (a woman's place in in the home)

Circulating metabolites modulated by diet are associated with depression : science

Excavations at a Bronze Age site in northwestern China show people were systematically mining and burning coal on a large scale up to 3600 years ago, 1 millennium earlier than previously thought. : science

Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance - Wikipedia

Bringing sex toys out of the dark: exploring unmitigated risks - Microplastics and Nanoplastics : science

Eli5 Why does time go faster w age : explainlikeimfive

Scientists designed a new RNA-based therapy that eradicated tumors and prevented their recurrence in mouse models of melanoma. The findings suggest that it has the potential to be effective against tumors that have already spread to other parts of the body and against different cancer types. : science

Scientist identified a biomedical compound with the potential to stop breast cancer from spreading to other parts of the body : science

This protein may predict mild cognitive impairment years before symptoms, study suggests: Protein known as NPTX2 is not only a likely standalone risk factor for MCI and Alzheimers dementia, but also improves prediction of cognitive impairment


Scientists Predict a Collapse of the Atlantic Ocean Current : worldnews - Shutting down the AMOC can have very serious consequences for Earths climate, for example, by changing how heat and precipitation are distributed globally. While a cooling of Europe may seem less severe as the globe as a whole becomes warmer and heat waves occur more frequently, this shutdown will contribute to increased warming of the tropics, where rising temperatures have already given rise to challenging living conditions

Sudden explosion of dangerous fungus Candida auris may be because of climate change, scientists say : worldnews

US Secretary of State tells Australia that WikiLeaks founder is accused of very serious crime

For some islanders, deep sea mining evokes colonialism : worldnews

Philippines seeks rice supply boost, may look to India : worldnews

Singapore Executes More Drug Offenders, Including First Woman Hanged in 19 Years : worldnews

Japan grants long-term visas to Russians opposed to Ukraine war : worldnews
Japan forecasts large boost to defense spending over next five years : worldnews
Japan imports 97% oil from GCC countries in May : worldnews

Kim Jong Un has plastered his walls with bizarre, giant portraits of Putin, images from North Korean state media reveal : worldnews

US announces $345 million military aid package for Taiwan : worldnews
China accuses U.S. of turning Taiwan into "powder keg" after White House announces new military aid package : worldnews
China says US military aid to Taiwan will not deter its will to unify the island : worldnews

Report: Chinese companies evade sanctions, fuel Russia's war : worldnews

Drone attack targets Moscow, hi-rise damaged - report : worldnews
Explosions Rock Moscow in Brazen Early-Morning Drone Attack : worldnews
Putin complains that Russia cannot cease fire when attacked : worldnews
Putin searches for more friends at Africa summit but low turnout dampens bid for influence : worldnews
Putin says Russia withdrew army from Kyiv because it was asked

Medvedev threatened the world with nuclear weapons if "Russian" territory taken
Wagnerites heavy equipment possibly returned to Russian Defence Ministry

Bajaur, Pakistan: Blast rips through political gathering, killing at least 44 | CNN

Afghanistan: Taliban Burn Musical Instruments : worldnews

Burundis president says Africas poverty is universal delusion

The African Union has issued a 15-day ultimatum to the junta in Niger to reinstall the countrys democratically elected government just as the coup leaders met with senior civil servants to discuss how they would run the country and as the U.S. and the European Union threatened sanctions

Pentagon files reveal flaws in U.S. claims about Syrian civilian casualties in Baghdadi raid : worldnews

WSJ: Saudi Arabia To Host Ukraine Talks Early Next Month : worldnews

Lebanons Hezbollah leader [Hassan Nasrallah] urges Muslims to punishQuran desecrators if governments fail to do so
Kill same-sex people, Lebanons Hezbollah chief says in new LGBTQ attack

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Tel Aviv to protest against the Israeli governments judicial reform on Saturday evening, as the protest continued into its 30th consecutive weekend, with demonstrations taking place in some 150 sites throughout the country

Zelenskiy Warns War Coming To Russia After Drone Attack Closes Moscows Vnukovo Airport
Strikes on depots in Crimea more significant than Kerch Bridge attack, says former Aydar commander : worldnews
Air defence forces shoot down 4 Shahed drones at night : worldnews
Pentagon will buy Starlink terminals for Ukraine that Elon Musk wont be able to disconnect

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 522, Part 1 (Thread #668) : worldnews

ISW on Twitter: "#Ukrainian forces continued #counteroffensive operations in western #Zaporizhia Oblast on July 29 and reportedly made marginal advances northeast of #Robotyne (10km south of #Orikhiv)." / X
Ukrainian Tank Losses Diminish As Polish Technicians Save More And More Damaged Leopard 2s : worldnews
Ukraine shows off a sea drone that can wipe out Russian ships and is faster than anything in the Black Sea

Ukrainian Armed Forces announces successful strike on Chonhar Bridge : worldnews

ISW on Twitter: "2/ The #Kherson occupation admin shared an announcement on July 26 that a second group of 40 children from Skadovsk Raion in occupied Kherson Oblast arrived at the Raduga Social and Rehabilitation Center for a 21-day rehabilitation course in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic." / X
Russian authorities continue to deport #Ukrainian teenagers to #Russia under the guise of summer camp programs.

Cruise ship that outraged Georgians belongs to Russian businessman sanctioned in Ukraine : worldnews

Wagner troops moving towards Polish border and could try sneaking across, PM says : worldnews
Wagner troops inch closer to Polish border: Poland PM fears hybrid attack
Wagner could pose as migrants to enter EU, PM Morawiecki warns : worldnews

Ukraines accession to the European Union will become one of the major topics in the European community, the Head of the Ministry of European Affairs of the Czech Republic, said in an interview with Czech publication Ceske Noviny on July 29.

Three injured in shooting in Dutch city Rotterdam : worldnews

Thousands protest against Germanys far-right AfD party

Joining Chinas Belt and Road was an atrocious decision, Italian minister says

Influencers and freebies: Big Tobaccos push to sell nicotine pouches in UK

Son of Colombias president arrested as part of money laundering probe

Kenya offers to lead Haiti policing mission to combat gangs : worldnews

Evacuation order issued for Canadian town as wildfire crosses over from US : worldnews

The demographics of 2050 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Members of Congress break for August with no clear path to avoiding a shutdown this fall : politics

Biden to sharply reduce student loan payments for millions of borrowers - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Videos of Dianne Feinstein and Mitch McConnell Resurface Questions About Age - The New York Times Two troubling moments involving Senators Dianne Feinstein and Mitch McConnell thrust questions about aging in office out of Congress and into the national conversation.
McConnell and Feinstein episodes raise age concerns about US leaders : politics
US Congress is a cozy club of multimillionaire boomer lawmakers hoarding power : politics

Congressional Dems pile on Alito after he says SCOTUS ethics cant be regulated
Wrong and Frightening: Alito Claims Congress Cant Regulate SCOTUS What a surprise, guy who is supposed to enforce checks and balances thinks checks shouldnt apply to him, said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

A presidential split-screen: Amid Trump drama, Biden governs : politics
Where did it all go right for Biden? Facts blunt Republican attack lines : politics

Trump pays millions in legal fees, aides allegedly asked about loyalty - The Washington Post
Trump legal fees balloon, as prosecutors ask about possible conflicts : politics
$60 Million Refund Request Shows Financial Pressure on Trump From Legal Fees : politics

Peter Strzok claims new Trump charges highlight the danger that he poses to national security
Trump says hell still run if convicted and sentenced, responds to security footage allegations

Trump wants no limits on presidential power. Thats not new for the GOP.

Trump calls for conditioning Ukraine aid on congressional Biden probes - The Washington Post The demand echoed Trumps withholding Ukraine aid to seek an investigation into Biden, leading to his first impeachment
Trump Calls Biden Dumb Son of a Bitch at Pennsylvania Rally
Dozens served in Trumps Cabinet. Four say he should be re-elected.

Republicans Want To Make It Harder to Vote and Easier to Cheat : politics

Fetterman recaps six months in Congress:Fixation on a lot of dumb shit

Ron DeSantis Seems to Think Slavery Is Something That Belongs on a Resume : politics
Does DeSantis have a Florida problem? Trump dominates in the Sunshine State. : politics
Im not wanted: Florida universities hit by brain drain as academics flee

Lifesaving HIV program faces a new threat: U.S. abortion politics : politics

Inside the Party Switch that Blew Up North Carolina Politics : politics
Inside job - Lawyers, Guns & Money The anti-democratic North Carolina traitor who switched party affiliation and delivered an abortion ban months after being elected on a strong pro-choice platform was recruited by ... Republicans: this bait-and-switch is yet another example of how Dobbs has really unleashed the most anti-democratic forces in the Republican Party.

An Arkansas judge has blocked a law targetting librarians over harmfulbooks

The Secret History of Gun Rights: How Lawmakers Armed the N.R.A. : politics

Mastercard Move at Cannabis Shops Intensifies Call for US Decriminalization : politics

The Struggle to Save Portland, Oregon - The New York Times The city has long grappled with street homelessness and a shortage of housing. Now fentanyl has turned a perennial problem into a deadly crisis and a challenge to the city's progressive identity.

The conservative diaper fetish is getting out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money

4 dead, others injured in Wisconsin after two separate aircraft crashes | The Hill

From 2014 to 2022, there were 4011 mass shootings, ranging from zero events in Hawaii and North Dakota to 414 events in Illinois. A total of 21 006 people were killed or injured : science

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,406 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Julia Ward Howe.

Nolan's Narrative
Oppenheimer: From Hiroshima to Hollywood | Greg Mitchell | Substack
From Oppenheimer to Repo Man: Truthdig's Guide to Nuclear Cinema Surveying eight decades of onscreen atomic anxiety.

A cross-national analysis of population surveys from 29 countries reveal that half the population will have a mental health disorder by age 75 : science


Antarctica hits -83.2C, earths lowest temperature since 2017

N. Atlantic ocean temperature sets record high: "Based on our analysis, the record-high average sea surface temperature in the North Atlantic Ocean is 24.9 degrees C," or 76.8 Fahrenheit : worldnews

July has been the hottest month in humanitys history

Melting ice reveals remains of climber lost on glacier 37 years ago : worldnews

Vicious cycle: Heat waves ramp up global burning of fossil fuels
Heat wave - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This kind of forgetting is no doubt adaptive to the challenges of day to day living, but it makes it difficult to use emotion and memory in a constructive political way, which is one of many reasons that weve done so little about the climate crisis, forty years after it became clear that it was happening and was going to get much much worse.

The Worlds Largest Wind Turbine Has Been Switched On
The Worlds Largest Wind Turbine Has Been Switched On

The Colorado River Basin is currently experiencing a megadrought, which is a prolonged and severe drought that lasts for decades or even centuries. This megadrought has been caused by a massive 86% decline in snowpack runoff, which is the primary source of water for the Colorado River. : science

Air conditioning: the benefits, problems and alternatives : worldnews

Forced to cut food aid to millions globally because of a funding crisis: UN : worldnews

Study explains how air pollution increases the risk of dementia: a very small increases in PM2.5 mean a 70% increased risk of developing dementia, partly due to an interaction between air pollution and homocysteine and methionine, respectively : science

A study estimates 800 great white sharks are swimming off the Cape Cod coast : worldnews

Summer brings COVID-19 uptick amid renewed travel, socializing. How bad will it get? - Los Angeles Times ... Hospitalizations are rising fastest in the South, Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states

What COVID Revealed About American Psychiatry | The New Yorker The pandemic destabilized usnd exposed the fractures in our countrys approach to mental health ,,, We don't have a psychiatric-health-care system ... no gene for social collapse ...

ulian Assange: US rejects Australias calls to end pursuit of WikiLeaks founder during Ausmin talks
U.S. to help Australia develop guided missiles by 2025 - Austin : worldnews

Deaths in Philippine boat accident amount to 26 : worldnews

Japan will extend an export ban on luxury cars to Russia from next month so that it will cover all new and used vehicles over 1900 cc, the government said on Friday, as it further steps up sanctions against Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine : worldnews

US announces $345m military aid package for disputed Taiwan | Military News | Al Jazeera : worldnews

Hong Kong court dismisses ban on 2019 pro-democracy protest song : worldnews

China hopes France can help take heat out of relations with EU : worldnews
China defends trade with Russia after the US says equipment used in Ukraine might have been exported : worldnews ... The decrepit old loon bear is reaching the permanent retirement age. The wolves around are starting to salivate and no amount of growling is going to keep them at bay once they see him unable to eat fake honey.
Russias economic isolation from the West is deepening its China dependency car imports from the Asian nation shot up 540%

African Union chair: Putins grain offer not enough, Ukraine ceasefire needed
African leaders press Putin to end Ukraine war and restore grain supplies : worldnews
Putin had a plan, but it ain't cunning. Naively he thought he'd end the #Ukraine grain deal then destroygrain ports & b seen as a saviour by showering #Africa with "free" grain. But yesterday in Moscow, African leaders said they need grain & need the grain deal restarted

Maria being drunk again. Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova stated that Ukrainians hate and are very aggresive towards Putin because they would like Putin to be their president, but have to choose from what the West gives them

Cruise Ship With Russian Tourists Leaves Georgian Port Amid Public Protests : worldnews

80% of Indian journalists allege favoritism towards Modi government, reveals study : worldnews

Saudi Arabia invests $10 billion to build Pakistans largest oil refinery in Gwadar

Afghans awaiting US resettlement say theyre being deported from Pakistan back to the Taliban | CNN
Taliban use stun guns and fire hoses on beauty salon ban protesters : worldnews

Exiled Russian mercenary boss Prigozhin hails Niger coup, touts services

Tunisia fires: We had no water to douse the flames

Were angry: Israel tensions mount as army reservists threaten to refuse duty
Netanyahu wont commit to abiding by ruling if Supreme Court blocks controversial law
Several Likud MKs indicate they may not back more overhaul laws [concerning Israels Supreme Court] without consensus
Likud MKs bill would give coalition power to ban political parties

Ukraine moves Christmas to December 25, distancing itself from Russian tradition Celebrating December 25 is logical. This is how Europe celebrates. We celebrated in December this year and there was nothing difficult about it. We want to be closer to Europe and to the world,
Kyiv says Qatar will provide it with $100 mln in humanitarian aid : worldnews
Ukraine got its hands on North Korean rockets that troops say are wildly unpredictable anddo crazy things, and theyre lobbing them at the Russians
General Zaluzhnyi raised the topic of StarlinkUkraines battlefield decisions depended on the continued use of Starlink for communications, General Zaluzhnyi said, and his country wanted to ensure access and discuss how to cover the cost of the service

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 521, Part 1 (Thread #667) : worldnews

The total combat losses of the enemy on 29.07.2023 : UkraineWarVideoReport
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of July 29, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Fighting has increased in intensity over the last 48 hours, especially in two sectors in the south: in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and the south of Donetsk Oblast, according to the UK Ministry of Defense report on July 29.
Russian blogger Ross Marsov says Russians have lost around 20 artillery guns, which equals to one artillery battalion, just in Vremevsky ledgeStaromlynivka axis) in the past two months.

Kerch bridge closed due to collapse : ukraine
Alex Marquardt on Twitter: "We got an exclusive look at Ukraine's latest sea drone, used to attack Russia in the Black Sea. Fast, nimble and packed with 100s of kg of explosives. Naval drones just hit the Kerch Bridge and they say the drones are limiting the Black Sea Fleet's movements." / X

Racism in Finland: Government minister embroiled in shocking new row : worldnews

Estonias Intelligence: Russia Can Continue War at Previous Pace for a Long Time

A Swedish woman who received permission from local authorities to burn a Torah book outside Israels embassy in Stockholm aborted the act on Friday, burning a blank piece of paper instead
Swedens Foreign Minister Reaches Out To Saudi Arabia Minister Over Burning Of Quran
Jews and Muslims Unite at Rally to Denounce Desecration of Sacred Texts : worldnews

Russian and Belarusian tennis players will not play at the tournament in Prague, Czech police intervened : worldnews

More Wagner fighters move closer to Polish border, Poland PM says : worldnews
Polish Prime Minister announces relocation of 100 Wagner mercenaries to Suwalki Gap
Polish parliament approves changes to Russian influence law despite Venice Commission call to scrap it : worldnews

Germany: Far-right AfD deliberates EU election candidates : worldnews

Portuguese artist rolls out banknote carpet to slam popes visit costs

French President Emmanuel Macron has declined to condemn the countrys top police chiefs for appearing to suggest officers were above the law, seeking to stave off unrest among security forces wearied by repeated bouts of street violence

Andrew Malkinson: End living cost charge for wrongfully convicted, Tory MP says : worldnews
I voted to fuck around, not to find out - Lawyers, Guns & Money I have here pretty much the ultimate Brexit voters:

A drought alert for receding Lake Titicaca has Indigenous communities worried for their future : worldnews

El Salvador clears way for mass trials as crackdown on gangs ramps up | El Salvador : worldnews

Canadas Housing Affordability Crisis Escalates ... The main issue is no enough supply, and the federal government doing everything they can to keep prices high. Only 300k units were built last year, yet we brought in around 1.2 million new people. Not to mention 40% of our PMs cabinet are landlords.
Human rights tribunal approves $23B revised First Nations child-welfare compensation deal : worldnews

U.S. Hunts Chinese Malware That Could Disrupt American Military Operations - The New York Times American intelligence officials believe the malware could give China the power to disrupt or slow American deployments or resupply operations, including during a Chinese move against Taiwan.

Exclusive: Pentagon Investigates Critical Compromise Of Air Force Communications Systems

The UFO congressional hearing was insulting to US employees, a top Pentagon official says
AOC on UAP Hearing, mentions Boeing: Ido think something is going on

Biden escalates clash with Tuberville over military vacancies - The Washington Post Alabama senator has blocked hundreds of military appointments over abortion. Biden says he is torpedoing national security. (RePutinists)

National Park Workers Save Their Union - Lawyers, Guns & Money I hate the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation more than I can express in words. These are just rich assholes trying to destroy unions throughout the country and of course they have endless money to do so. Thus, good on the National Park Service workers on the Blue Ridge Parkway to reject a NRW attempt to decertify their union.

Bipartisan bill would bar agencies from denying job applicants over weed use : politics

Biden gets surprise boost from economy : politics
Why Did Economic Forecasters Get Their Recession Call Wrong? | The New Yorker Not only has the economy outperformed predictions but its growing at a faster rate than experts think is sustainable in the long run.

Alito says Congress has no authority to regulate Supreme Court
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gives a middle finger to Congress:No provision in the Constitution gives them the authority to regulate the Supreme Court -- period
AOC claps back at Justice Alito for saying Congress cant have oversight of Supreme Court

Its not just Feinstein: McConnell episode exposes age, vulnerability of U.S. leadership (geezerdom)

Donald Trump Is In a Category 4 Legal Shitstorm That Could Soon Become Category 5
Trump May Die in Prison If He Doesn't Strike a Deal: Legal Analyst
Latest Trump charges put spotlight on consciousness of guilt

Fresh charges tie Trump even more closely to coverup effort. That could deepen his legal woes : politics
Trump Privately Called His Teams Election Lies Crazy. The Special Counsel Has Questions
New Trump Charges Highlight Long-Running Questions About Obstruction - The New York Times The accusation that former President Donald J. Trump wanted security camera footage deleted at Mar-a-Lago added to a pattern of concerns about his attempts to stymie prosecutors.

Bolton on DOJ report Trump tried to destroy evidence: He thinks he can do whatever he wants

Donald Trump Takes The Stage As A Song Lyric About Going To Prison Plays

Majority of Americans believe Trump has done something illegal: poll

Trump is running to stay out of prison: GOP candidate booed for dig at former president
Trump says hell run for president from jail if convicted on any of his various indictments
GOP support for Trump softens as the former presidents legal troubles mount
Trump shows in Iowa he still rules the GOPdespite his deepening criminal peril
Trump insulted their governor and may be indicted again. They love him. - POLITICO

Trump blasted mail voting for years, now urges Republicans to use it? Sure, buddy | Opinion : politics

Judge dismisses Trumps defamation lawsuit against CNN

Rudy Giuliani Makes Shocking Confession About 2 Black Georgia Poll Workers : politics

New York Man Sentenced for Assaulting Law Enforcement Officer During Jan. 6 Capitol Breach | USAO-DC | Department of Justice Defendant Attacked MPD Officer Dragged Into Crowd of Rioters - Thomas F. Sibick, 37, of Buffalo, New York, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson to 50 months in prison, 36 months of supervised release, and ordered to pay $7,500.79 in restitution.

Senator Files Bill Barring Fox From Getting $200M Tax Break From Lawsuit Payment : politics

The Republican Party Will Never Be a Home for Black Voters | Opinion : politics

As His Campaign Craters, DeSantis Walls Himself In
DeSantis rocked by Black Republican revolt over slavery comments : politics
Ron DeSantis' slavery comments are infuriating Black Republicans - POLITICO
DeSantis Caught Using Taxpayer-Funded State Vehicles to Campaign : politics

Democrat mocks Greene after call for decorum: She showed us a dick pic last week

CNN says Ted Cruzs Senate seat in Texas is most likely to flip in 2024

MAGA plan to hand-count ballots is "dumbest idea": GOP elections official : politics (it would take 3 million years)

Alabama Is Defying the Supreme Court on Voting Rights | The states refusal to comply has been met with a revealing silence on the right

Our so-called liberal media covers up the rights racism and growing homophobia

Why drag restrictions and bans have failed to become law : NPR

Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ""harmful" materials

Oakland NAACP blasts local leaders, calls for state of emergency due to crime

Mass shooting near community event leaves 5 injured in Seattle The shooting targeted a youth community outreach event, police said, and injured 5 people, two critically, who were all in their 20s.

Jimmie Allen, Whos Facing Sexual Assault Allegations, Is Going on a Comedy Tour

A Haunting Portrait of Newark's Bloody Summer of Unrest - The photojournalist Bud Lee captured the riots of 1967 and the human cost of the brutal police crackdown.

RFK issues anti-Semitic air siren - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Lets check in on the failson engaged in a bizarre campaign to ratfuck the Democratic primary by running as a Republican conspiracy theorist:
southpaw on Twitter: "RFK Jr is such a lousy ostensibly Democratic spoiler that his Republican-funded staff is posting nearly as many white nationalist and Nazi dog whistles as Ron DeSantis." / X

Elon Musks Unmatched Power in the Stars
Elon Musks Twitter bans ad showing Republican interrupting couple in bedroom (but child abuse movies just fine)

Zuckerberg implies less than half of Threads users have stuck around : worldnews

The Rebranding of MDMA | The New Yorker Ecstasy used to be known as Therapy. What kind of drug could it become next?

Why Barbie Must Be Punished | The New Yorker

The Best Way to Store Tomatoes | The Kitchn - Stem Side-Up with a Taped Stem


Ancient pathogens emerging from melting ice and permafrost risk eroding ecosystems. Computer simulation shows the release of only 1% of dormant pathogens could cause major environmental damage and the widespread loss of host organisms around the world. : science

G20 environment meeting ends without agreement on climate crisis: No consensus reached on key points, including curbing emissions and scaling up renewable energy, despite record temperatures and wildfires across the globe. : worldnews

Global warming is over. This is global boiling, warns UN chief | CBC News : worldnews

July set to be Earths hottest month on record, with the UN warning the consequences are clear and tragic

False claims that heatwave is bogus spread online - BBC News
Expert Panel Warns Journalists of Coordinated Climate Disinformation Campaigns : worldnews
How Extreme Weather Is Fueling the Political Right : politics
Battle plan: How the far right would dismantle climate programs
Its Called Summer : GOP Brushes Off Record Heat Wave - Republicans say people concerned about unprecedented heat around the world should just chill out.

Youve heard it before: its not the heat, its the humidity

Olive oil has become gold: Middle East demand skyrockets amid European drought

A 46,000-year-old worm found in Siberian permafrost was brought back to life, and started having babies : worldnews

Avian flu warning to tourists as birds face catastrophe

Australian state bans gas to new homes from 2024 in push to cut emissions : worldnews

Emmanuel Macron denounces new imperialism in Pacific on historic visit to Vanuatu

Singapore Hangs First Woman in 19 Years for 31 Grams of Heroin : worldnews

Japans population declines for 14th straight year
Japan to open hotline for male sex victims amid Johnnys abuse claims
In Japan, a J-Pop star has come out as gay and his fans cheer : worldnews
Japans once beloved table tennis star is at the center of a child custody feud following the breakup of her marriage; unlike many other countries, it doesnt allow dual custody of children for their divorced parents.

Putin thanks North Korea for supporting Russias invasion of Ukraine

New Taiwan weapons package to be announced soon US officials

India and Brazil oppose Chinas rapid expansion bid for BRICS group
US intelligence report says China likely supplying tech for Russian military : worldnews
Biden to Sign Order Curbing US Tech Investments in China by Mid-AugustLimits to cover deals in China chips, AI, quantum computing

Putin: Russia ready to discuss conflict with Ukraine, but Kyiv refuses : worldnews
Russia Fears Pro-Ukrainian Drone Attack On Major Navy Parade : worldnews

Prigozhin Apparently Spotted In St. Petersburg On The Sidelines Of Russia-Africa Summit : worldnews

Historian Tim Snyder: Our misreading of Russia is deep. Very deep. ... two different fairy tales, as the Poles say ... It is a different paradigm of power altogether, driven by Weberian notions of charismatic leadership ... The thing is, Russia cant have a domestic policy,The elite have stolen all the money, all the laws are corrupted, and theres almost no social mobility or possibility of change in most Russianslives, so foreign policy has to compensate and provide the raw materialthe scenography for governance

Border guards on Wagnerites in Belarus: Theyre aggravating situation

Bunkers, sniper rifles: Deepening sectarian war in India dents Modi's image : worldnews
Indian-Made Cold Syrup Sent to Iraq Contains Poison, Test Shows - BNN Bloomberg : worldnews

Ministry of Defence accidentally emails ally of Russia - BBC News

General declares himself leader of Niger after staging coup : worldnews
France says Niger coup not definitive, president must be reinstated : worldnews

African Union calls on Russia to reinstate Ukrainian grain deal : worldnews

Russian flags waved as putsch topples Niger leader : worldnews

Iran protests: Return of morality police met by defiance : worldnews

Netanyahu wont commit to abiding by ruling if Supreme Court blocks controversial law
After new law, Netanyahu vows to keep attorney general and return felon to office : anime_titties
Exodus: The Israelis Planning Their Escape From Netanyahus Judicial Coup
Opinion | A Biden Peace Deal Between Saudi Arabia and Israel? - The New York Times

Almost 80% of Ukrainians consider all Russians responsible for war : anime_titties
U.S. expects to begin delivering Abrams tanks to Ukraine in September : worldnews
Ukraine moves Christmas Day in snub to Russia : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 520, Part 1 (Thread #666) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 28.7.2023 : ukraine

Mapped: Ukrainian counter-offensive breaks through Russian defences in major push : UkraineWarVideoReport
Armed Forces of Ukraine liberate Staromayorske village in Donetsk region : worldnews
A new phase in Ukraines counteroffensive seems to be underway in the south and east, while Russia is attacking in the north.
This apocalyptic scene from Staromaiorske is @GeoConfirmed to 47.753361120564236, 36.793510065680486. Satellite images show the homes along this leafy street were in tact on June 9. Now destroyed.

Russians leave up to 4 mines on one square metre in area of counteroffensive

Olga Kharlan has received automatic qualification for the 2024 Olympics from the International Olympic Committee. This was announced by Vadym Gutzait, member of the Executive Committee of the International Fencing Federation, Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, President of the NOC of Ukraine : ukraine

Russians suddenly block traffic on Crimean Bridge : worldnews

Third racism scandal hits Finlands government in space of a month

Swedish PM extremely worried as more apply to burn Quran
Swedens prime minister is concerned about a new wave of applications to burn religious books
Sweden approves Torah burning in Stockholm outside Israeli embassy : worldnews

Serbia Prosecution Seeks Ban on Far-Right Leviathan Movement

Information War: Russian Actors Identified In Purported German Video Against Ukraine Aid

Whats Happening in Italy Is Scary, and Its Spreading
Emperor Neros lost theatre found under site of hotel in Rome | Archaeologists hailexceptional findsat venue whose existence was previously known only from mentions in ancient texts
Wreck of ancient Roman cargo ship found off the coast near Rome : worldnews

Aeolus: Impossible satellite ready to fall to Earth - A British-built spacecraft is expected to fall to Earth later on Friday, after completing a transformative mission to map the planets winds.
Disabled flyers angry at airline double charging

Brazil denies U.S. extradition request for alleged Russian spy Sergey Cherkasov - CBS News
Attacks on indigenous people doubled during the Bolsonaro years: almost 800 were killed : worldnews

Venezuela police raid gay sauna, arrest 33 men : worldnews

Mexico urges US court to revive $10 billion lawsuit against gun makers : worldnews

The UFO reports piquing Nasas interest
Aliens are among us and they want to impeach Biden

The Dangerous and Frightening Disappearance of the Nuclear Deterrence Expert - POLITICO

Joe Biden must declare a climate emergency. And he must do so now. : politics

Labor Department Finds 44% Increase In Illegal Child Laborers Since October : politics

Americas farms are desperate for labor. Foreign workers bring relief and controversy

Biden to sign historic executive order on how US military handles sexual assault cases

Judge orders release of 3 of Newburgh Four and assails FBIs role in a post-9/11 terror sting ... The real lead conspirator was the United States

A year after Dobbs, House GOP proposes taking food from hungry babies : politics

University of Chicago Project s Report Is the Scary News We Knew Was True - This report is a whole lot of awful. - From April 6, 2023 to June 26, 2023, Americans agreeing that the use of force is justified to restore Donald Trump to the presidencyincreased from 4.5% to 7%, or the equivalent of an estimated shift from 12 million to 18 million American adults.

Biden to run against MAGA in 2024, not just Trump : politics
The Coming Biden Impeachment Farce : politics

Sam Alito, principled textualist (with notably rare exceptions and regulations) - Lawyers, Guns & Money - David Rivkin and James Taranto are happy to provide an abjectly fawning interview as part of Sam Alito's Resentful Self-Pity World Tour. It is full of unintentionally hilarious passages like this: "By comparison with the previous eight decades or so, the court has frequently declined to defer to elite political opinion, and as a result it has made news in other ways." Like Glenn Greenwald, the Federalist Society and their media lickspittles have created a universe in which the Princeton-and-Yale educated lawyer who holds one of the most powerful positions in the country is not "elite."
David Rivkin landed a fawning on-the-record interview with Alito shortly after the Supreme Court took up Rivkins case seeking to roll back the federal income tax. Legendary stuff.

McConnell has fallen multiple times this year, sources say : politics
Mitch McConnell vows to serve his full term as Republican leader
More on McConnell and signs of a terrible September - POLITICO
Ky. Dems predict challenge to Senate replacement law amid focus on McConnells health (only Refuckers allowed)

Trump charged with trying to delete Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage in new indictment : politics
Trump Tried to Delete Mar-a-Lago Security Footage to Thwart Investigators | Special Counsel Jack Smith has leveled additional charges against Trump, Walt Nauta, and a third Mar-a-Lago employee for mishandling classified docs : politics
Trump had his body man travel to Mar-a-Lago to figure out how to delete security footage of classified documents, DOJ alleges in new charges

Donald Trump Charged With More Federal Crimes In Classified Documents Case : politics
Trump charged with retaining classified document he bragged about on tape : politics
Donald Trump faces additional charges in classified documents case in Florida : politics
Opinion | New Trump indictment shows he didn't learn lesson of Watergate - The Washington Post

Read: Trump accused of deleting surveillance video in classified docs case : politics

Ex-Trump lawyer says evidence against him overwhelming in Mar-a-Lago case
New Trump Indictment Contains Single Most Important Claim: Ex-Prosecutor ... Trump now being charged with willfully retaining national defense information in connection to the war plan is the single most important incident alleged in the entire indictment against the former president.
3 things we learned from the new charges against Trump in documents case - The Washington Post

These people are admitting they lied to you: Trumps own men undermine his delusional defense
These are my tapes: Trump rips new charges in classified docs case
The incredibly damaging timeline of the alleged Mar-a-Lago coverup - The Washington Post
The New Evidence Against Donald Trump In The MAL Case Is BRUTAL
Jack Smith isnt finished yet
The Trump Classified Documents Indictment, Annotated - The New York Times
Trump Tried to Delete Mar-a-Lago Security Footage to Thwart Investigators | Special Counsel Jack Smith has leveled additional charges against Trump, Walt Nauta, and a third Mar-a-Lago employee for mishandling classified docs : politics
Trump Employee 4in superseding indictment identified as Yuscil Taveras
Trump says this is all a conspiracy on the part of the Biden administration to divert attention away from Hunters laptop

Special counsel charges third defendant in Trump Mar-a-Lago classified documents case : politics

Barricades Go Up Around Fulton County Courthouse As Trump Indictment Looms : politics

You Are a P*ssy: McCarthy and Swalwell Get in House Floor Feud ... Mitch had a stroke, Trumps getting indicted two more times, and McCarthy was called a pussy on the house floor. What a great week man.

Pro-Trump Attorney Working for Election Deniers Announces Her Indictment : politics

Ron DeSantis popularity plunges to lowest in polls history
No One Will Say It Out Loud But DeSantis Is Done
Republicans like the hate DeSantis is selling. They just dont like him.
Dear Ron DeSantis, slavery was not a job skills program : politics
Ron DeSantis snaps back at reporter over slavery question in tense exchange : politics
Absurd DeSantis car crash reveals he's using state vehicles for presidential campaign
Florida allows teachers to use conservative PragerU curriculum in classrooms : politics
Disney criticizes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis attempt to remove himself from legal battle:Evade responsibility

Moms, a target of the right, lean heavily left : politics

GOP Congressman Unleashes Profanity-Filled Tirade on Teen Senate Pages : politics
A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo - Wikipedia
Republican defends screaming expletives at resting teens : politics - Fun facts this guy also tried to bring a loaded gun on a plane, and screamed at library workers because of a book about Mike Pences gay rabbit.
GOP congressman curses out teenage Senate pages

Alabamas middle finger to the Supreme Court is dangerous and familiar territory

Conservatives Are Furious That Nancy Mace Has Premarital Sex : politics

Civil rights groups condemn Soul Fest concerts at Georgia park with giant Confederate carving - Stone Mountain Park, just outside Atlanta, is where the Ku Klux Klan marked its rebirth in 1915.

Beto: Step It Up Biden - Lawyers, Guns & Money writes a pretty powerful op-ed in the Times, urging Biden to step up and stop Greg Abbotts personal militarization of the border.
West Houston bookseller sues state over new law requiring vendors to rate books for sexual content : politics
HISD to eliminate librarians, turn some libraries into discipline centers at 28 campuses

Ive never seen anything like this: Illegal medical lab discovered in Reedley

Eschaton: Nazis Everywhere The Right is just filled with Nazi sympathizers now (media, congressional staffers) and it is amazing how much pretending not to notice there is.

Eschaton: They Can Monster Anyone (Including Voters) I come back to this point regularly because our glorious political journalists like to pretend they're operating in some Realm of Objectivity inaccessible to us mere mortals, until they have a few drinks or write their memoirs and admit the obvious 20 years later. For whatever reason, they absolutely monstered Howard Dean out of the primary in 2004, and before that, they regularly treated Dean supporters as absurd, ridiculous, childish, wrongheaded, etc. I don't care about Howard Dean in 2023, but reasonably the man facing several felony indictments - and his supporters - probably deserves at least as much monstering.

No labels, no guru, no method, no teacher, no shame - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Both parties have conspiracy theory candidates, but its only aprimary advantage for Donald Trump | Robert F. Kennedy Jrs unhinged views dont play the same way.

Facebook Bowed to White House Pressure, Removed Covid Posts - WSJ pressure from Washington was behind a decision to take down posts attributing pandemic to man-made virus

Twitter under fire for reinstating account that posted child sex abuse : news
The continued adventures of Len Mukos, free speech champeen - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Tesla range deceptions: We bought the ruse, and an even bigger one about EVs, for far too long. The company reportedly exaggerated its vehiclesrange. We were easy marks.

Amazon faces potential break-up as FTC finalizes antitrust lawsuit | The FTC is getting ready for the big one : technology

San Francisco man charged in assault of Asian American woman had past hate crime charge dropped in plea deal Man charged in horrific assault on 88-year-old Asian American woman had prior hate crime charges dropped in plea deal - James Lee Ramsey, 27, allegedly kicked the woman to the ground in San Francisco two years after being charged with a hate crime in an assault on an Oakland Chinatown leader.

Oppenheimer First Reactions

Sinead O'Connor : Nothing Compares 2 U (Official Music Video) [HD]

Threads users down by more than a half : worldnews

Korean team claims to have created the first room-temperature, ambient-pressure superconductor : worldnews

Study of 76,207 Japanese women found that low fiber intake during pregnancy was associated with neurodevelopmental delay in their offspring at 3 years : science

Exploring vacuum energy -

Can you cure lyme disease? A cancer drug may provide treatment


Climate change is killing off a vital ocean current system and it could spark permanent droughts and extreme winters, scientists say : worldnews

Era of global boiling has arrivedsays UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record
This Looks Like Earth's Warmest Month. Hotter Ones Appear to Be in Store. July is on track to break all records for any month, scientists say, as the planet enters an extended period of exceptional warmth.

Mediterranean Sea hits highest-ever temperature : worldnews

Climate change: Last years UK heatwave a sign of things to come

What Climate Change Is Doing to Our Sex Lives - How will our hotter world affect our intimacy?

Global food systems broken, says UN chief, urging transformation in how we produce, consume food

Mangrove forest thrives around what was once Latin Americas largest landfill

51 pilot whales die in Australia as officials race to save dozens of others in mass stranding : worldnews

Melbourne on high alert over neo-Nazi gym meet-up this weekend : worldnews

New species of dinosaur discovered in Thailand : worldnews

Japanese population falls in all 47 prefectures for 1st time : worldnews

North Koreas Kim shows off banned missiles to Russian minister

Not long after Qin Gang was removed as Chinas foreign minister, records of his time in office were deleted

Russia declares the International Court of Justice judge who issued Putins arrest warrant "wanted"
CIA Official reveals actual Russia Policy contradicts Public Positions : worldnews
Ukraine war latest: Russia and Belarus banned from 2024 Paris Olympics; why Putin isboxedin; Russia-North Korea deal | World News
Putin to African Leaders: Ill Give You Free Grain to Be My Friend
Russia refuses to speak at UN on attacks on Ukraines port city of Odesa
Russias economy is being propped up by Wagner Groups gold-smuggling operations, UK government report says

Drunken Wagner fighters are boozing to theirheartscontent at train stations in Moscow instead of going home, report says

Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov accused of ordering torture and murder of missing gay man : worldnews

In India, workers are less willing to accept job offers that are linked to castes other than their own, especially when those castes rank lower in the social hierarchy. Caste identity is so strong that workers forgo large payments to avoid job offers that conflict with their caste identity. : science

Niger soldiers announce coup on national TV : worldnews
Niger coup: Captive President Bazoum defiant after takeover : worldnews

West Africa recorded over 1,800 terrorist attack in first six months of 2023, regional official says | AP News

Russian fighter jet strikes another US drone in the 6th incident this month : worldnews

Israeli Supreme Court to review law that limits its power, setting up showdown with government | CNN : worldnews
In Israel, the Worst May Be Yet to Come : anime_titties
14-year-old Palestinian killed during Israeli military operation in West Bank : worldnews

US President Joe #Biden ordered the transfer of evidence of #Russian war crimes in #Ukraine to the #Hague court, the The New York Times reports. This is a very serious step. For his sake, Biden went to the confrontation with the Pentagon, which was afraid of creating a precedent for the prosecution of American soldiers.
This man is an absolute leader and legend. Zelenskyy just visited the Cathedral in Odesa that recenly got hit. : ukraine
Zelenskyy advises Russians leave Crimea while Kerch Bridge is somehow still functioning : worldnews
Ukrainian fencer disqualified from World Cup for refusing to shake hands with Russian opponent : worldnews
A Ukrainian MP is being investigated for calling in sick during the war, and then showing up in the Maldives with his wife and kids : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 519, Part 1 (Thread #665) : worldnews

Ukrainian troops reportedly break through Russian defences in Zaporizhzhia : worldnews

NATO can convoy Ukrainian ships in the Black sea: U.S Admiral explains how it can work : worldnews
Russia preparing for Black Sea blockade, warns Ukrainian Defense spokesperson : worldnews
NATO will step up security in Black Sea region after Russia declares parts are unsafe for shipping : worldnews

Moldova expels 45 Russian diplomatic staff in spy row : worldnews

Russia using disinformation to imply Sweden supported Quran burnings

Greece fires in maps and satellite images show extent of damage : worldnews

Almost 800 migrants drowned off Tunisia in six months : worldnews

Rare clay figurine found in Italian Cave dating back 7000 years : worldnews

Portugals parliament first country to recognize Palestinian Nakba and condemns Israeli expansionism
Wretched headline de l'heure - Who is this an unwelcome distraction for? Who is this an unwelcome distraction for, motherfucker? Here are the paragraphs that come before any mention of Pope Francis - When a panel of experts read aloud some of the harrowing accounts they had collected from recently discovered victims of child sex abuse in the Portuguese Catholic Church, the countrys senior bishops squirmed in the auditorium front-row seats - During a live television broadcast, the experts reported in February that at least 4,815 boys and girls had been abused since 1950, most aged 10-14. Before the stunning findings, senior Portuguese church officials had maintained there had been only a handful of cases of clergy sex abuse (chop off their dicks and send them to hell)

Ireland unlikely to offer condolences to Russia if Putin dies, Varadkar says : worldnews
US embassy in Dublin warns visitors to Ireland to avoid walking alone : worldnews

Laser mapping reveals a forgotten Maya city in the jungle : worldnews

Canadas wildfires lead to highest emissions on record

U.S. recovered non-human biologics from UFO crash sites, former intel official says

A mysterious cellphone, cryptic instructions and an interrupted smuggling run of 14 Indian nationals - U.S. border patrol says it has arrested over 4,900 people crossing Quebec-U.S. border in the last 10 months : worldnews

Biden announces new actions to help people deal with extreme heat : NPR

US Government Shutdown Threatened as Congress Leaves for August Recess - Bloomberg - House GOP canceled expected vote on agriculture funding bill - Government funding will expire Sept. 30 without a deal

Workers at companies that tested out a 4-day workweek are happier and more efficient and firms made more money. One lawmaker says its here to stay

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.4% Rate in Second Quarter : politics
No matter where you look, consumer confidence is up
US economic growth accelerated in 2nd quarter, exceeding expectations and quieting recession fears - ABC News A cooldown of inflation and a solid jobs market have fueled growing optimism.
US economy blows past expectations: Three quick takeaways : politics
Yale professor: Bidens economy most successful since FDRs New Deal

UPS-Teamsters Deal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

DeJoy Is Still Dragging His Feet at Every Step on Electrifying the Postal Fleet : politics

Biden admin canceling $130M in debt for students who it says were ripped offby Colorado college

In Americas internal colonies, the poor die far younger than richer Americans
Progressives Unveil OLIGARCH Act to Combat Existential Threat of Extreme Wealth Inequality American oligarchs have used their wealth to accumulate an unprecedented level of political power, which theyve used to amass even greater wealth. We must stop this cycle

Battle plan: How the far right would dismantle climate programs

With latest batch of judicial nominees, Biden has put forward 180 people for the federal bench | CNN Politics
Supreme Court clears way for Mountain Valley Pipeline construction to proceed | CNN Politics

The second-highest job in the land has been shifting for decades, and some of those changes havent made things easier for Kamala Harris.

Mitch McConnell faces resign calls over freeze: "Cognitive malfunction" : politics
McConnell fell recently at Washington, D.C., airport prior to Wednesdays freeze-up

A confused Dianne Feinstein tried to give a speech in the middle of a Senate hearing vote and was told to just say aye instead
Feinstein gets confused in Senate Appropriations hearing and has to be prodded to vote | CNN Politics : news
This Senate Is the Second-Oldest in History | The New Republic A recent incident with Mitch McConnell has cast a light on just how old this Congress is ... The Senates median age, however, is 65.3 years, an uptick from 64.8 in the last session

Just say nothing: Democrats advise Biden to keep mum on Trumps legal woes

Opinion | Do You Know a Politically Motived Prosecution When You See One? - The New York Times Jesse Wegman ... In the first example, the Justice Department and the F.B.I., under Attorney General Merrick Garland, waited more than a year to pursue an investigation of Mr. Trumps role in the Jan. 6 attack with any urgency largely out of the fear that they would be seen as politically motivated.

Trump teams prepare for possible grand jury vote in special counsel probe Trump said last week he received a target letter in connection with an investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and efforts to overturn the election.
Trumps legal team meets with special counsel as federal indictment looms
Trump teams preparing for possible Thursday grand jury vote: Sources : politics

Half of Republicans Dont Think Trump Took Classified Docs. That's Terrifying. Trump still controls the Republican Party and theyll believe anything he says.

Why Trumps Next Criminal Case is Uniquely Dangerous for Him

Trump needed $225 million. A little-known bank came to the rescue. : politics

Trump made at least $9.6 million from the Middle East while president : politics

Raskin slams preposterous idea that Biden drug control strategy should include 'faith' (Gosar)

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley pleads guilty to Jan. 6 crime Kelley ran for governor in Michigan last year but lost in the Republican primary.

Political expert reactions pour in after Rudy Giuliani concedes : politics

Hunter Biden plea hearing provides drama. How will it all end?
Rejected plea deal leaves Hunter Bidens team fuming

New Marquette Law School national survey finds Trump holding steady among Republicans, DeSantis remaining clear second choice in party, and a tie in Biden/Trump head-to-head - In a potential rematch of the 2020 presidential election between President Joe Biden and Trump, registered voters were evenly split, with each candidate receiving 50% support.

Team DeSantiss fury at mild Republican criticism distills his politics
Black History Is a Casualty in Ron DeSantiss Christian Nationalist Quest ... "Put on the full armor of God. Stand firm against the lefts schemes. You will face flaming arrows, but if you have the shield of faith, you will overcome them, and in Florida we walk the line here"
Oldest Black fraternity pulls 2025 convention out of Florida citing hostile policies -- Alpha Phi Alpha.

I have been indicted, says suspect in Michigan vote machine tampering probe - Lambert is one of nine suspects loyal to former President Donald Trump referred to special prosecutor last year
With Democrats in control in Michigan, teachers win back key bargaining rights : politics

Conservatives and Campus Free Speech II: Deep in the Black Heart of Texas Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... An instructor at Texas A&M was suspended based solely on a second-hand account that she had made critical comments about the states lieutenant governor: ... Remember when Bari Weiss located her pseudo-university in Texas because if Elon Musk located there it must have a robust commitment to free speech? And as they both define it, it does!

'Arthur' Book Facing Ban in Florida Over This One Wacko Complaint under review in one school district after a local conservative activist ranted that one aspect of it could DAMAGE SOULS

Matt Gaetz confronted with sex doll during fundraising event : politics

Man of the People! - Lawyers, Guns & Money It is almost impossible for me to express in the English language how much I despise Nicolas Kristof. Between his self-serving centrist bullshit, his white slavery obsession, his inability to even apology over being played for a sucker by the Cambodian women he claimed to be saving, and his clownshow effort to run for governor of Oregon, this is a person with literally no redeeming value to society. But that will never kick you off the New York Times op-ed page. Nope, such a thing is impossible.

Tried that in a big town. : PoliticalHumor

Maternal Deaths Are Expected to Rise Under Abortion Bans, but the Increase May Be Hard to Measure it may take years for maternal mortality data to reveal the toll.

Cornel West Is So Vain That He Thinks The 2024 Election Is About Him The Princeton professor is running for the presidency of the United States of America as a Green Party candidate, and this is nothing but a futile vanity project.

Feds Drop Sam Bankman-Frieds Campaign Finance Charges

Tesla created secret team to suppress thousands of driving range complaints
Elon lied to customers about the range of Teslas and then cancelled their service appointments - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Changing Facebooks algorithm won't fix polarization, new study finds - The massive study of Facebook and Instagram included changing the way posts were fed to hundreds of thousands of users - The first results of that research show that the companys platforms play a critical role in funneling users to partisan information with which they are likely to agree. But the results cast doubt on assumptions that the strategies Meta could use to discourage virality and engagement on its social networks would substantially affect peoples political beliefs.

Twitter placed ads for USA Today, National Womens Soccer League, and other major brands on a terrorism-linked neo-Nazi account
Elon Musk Just Killed Twitter. What The X? : videos

11-year-old girl arrested over false report of kidnapped friend in online challenge gone wrong - The girl has been charged with a felony and misdemeanor. She is now in custody.
11-year-old Florida girl arrested after prank-texting 911 to say her friend was kidnapped as part of a YouTube challenge : news

Wisconsin woman convicted in killing and dismembering ex-boyfriend The Brown County jury deliberated less than an hour before convicting Taylor Schabusiness, 25, of homicide, third-degree sexual abuse and mutilating a corpse in the February 2022 killing of Shad Thyrion.

After Tyre Nichols death, DOJ launches civil rights investigation into Memphis police, city - six months after Memphis police officers tased, pepper-sprayed and brutally beat 29-year-old Tyre Nichols during a traffic stop. Nichols died three days later and federal investigators later launched a civil rights investigation into his death.

911 callers say it looked like WPD officer intentionally struck pedestrian : news

Sweet Daddy Walsh and the Sweet Baby Gang: Matt Walshs dirty deal with diapers

How TV Writing Became a Dead-End Job - The New York Times The writers say Hollywood studios are increasingly limiting their roles in television productions, highlighting a trend for white-collar workers.

What AI Teaches Us About Good Writing - NOEMA While AI can speed up the writing process, it doesnt optimize quality and it endangers our sense of connection to ourselves and others.

Out with the chardonnay, in with the gummieswhy a new generation of Greater Boston parents are choosing cannabis to cope ... cannamoms

Einstein and Oppenheimers Real Relationship Was Cordial and Complicated

Lockheed Martin gets DARPA, NASA contract to build nuclear-powered rocket - The Washington Post If successful, the technology could dramatically cut the travel time to Mars

Cases of meat allergy linked to lone star ticks are rising, CDC reports At least 42% of 1,500 doctors surveyed had never heard of alpha-gal syndrome, a tick-borne illness that can cause potentially life-threatening allergy to red meat.

Vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (VILPA) in short bouts of 4.5 minutes was associated with a 31%-32% reduction in physical activityrelated cancer incidence, and a minimum dose of 3.5 minutes of VILPA/day was associated with a 17%-18% reduction in total incident cancer

Illicit drug use is involved in nearly one in three sudden cardiac deaths in young adults : science

A new study revealed that the progression of Alzheimers disease (AD) can be slowed by suppressing a protein (SSH1) in the brain that causes corrosion. This slows the development of oxidative damage and buildup of toxic plaques and tangles in the brain, both risk factors for AD.

Unpacking Googles new dangerous Web-Environment-Integrity specification ... lmao Trusted sites aka sites that run Google Ads API

Release of document trove about Riverbend Park raises questions on Decker account, DCR decision : CambridgeMA The most important part of this article imo is that Decker was caught lying, doubled down, and now Cambridge Day has evidence that she was lying once again

Whats the stupidest Real Men dontyouve ever heard?

What caused you to stop smoking cigarettes? : AskReddit


Gulf Stream could collapse as early as 2025, study suggests | Climate crisis | The Guardian A collapse would bring catastrophic climate impacts but scientists disagree over the new analysis
A crucial system of ocean currents is heading for a collapse that would affect every person on the planet
Potential collapse of the Gulf Stream - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Heat waves in US and Europe would have been virtually impossible without climate change, new report finds | CNN

Florida seawater hits hot tub level and may have set world record | AP News

Deadly Mediterranean wildfires kill more than 40 : worldnews

Nasa briefly loses contact with ISS after power outage and relies on backup systems for first time | Nasa : worldnews

Dozens of pilot whales beached in mass stranding east of Albany in WA, Australia : worldnews

Colonisation by British luckiest thing to happen to Australia - John Howard

Cambodian PM Hun Sen says will resign, hand power to eldest son : worldnews

Japans population drops by nearly 800,000 with falls in every prefecture for the first time

Secret agreements with Russia aid North Koreas nuclear program, reports indicate

Facing threats from China, companies in Taiwan turn to weapons manufacturing : worldnews

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to visit China in October, Kremlin says : worldnews
Threat of strategic aviation use: 12 bombers take off in Russia : worldnews

Putin cannot unite Russian "elite" after Wagner mutiny : worldnews

Russias IKEA Copycat Disappoints Russians and Quality of Meatballs bad

India PM Narendra Modi faces no-confidence vote in parliament : worldnews

Pakistan Supreme Court rejects Imran Khans plea to stay criminal proceedings against him in Toshakhana case

Two-thirds of African leaders refuse to attend Putins summit
Russia-Africa Summit turns to be diplomatic fiasco: Boycott among African nations : worldnews
African leaders are staying away from Russia's big summit in St Petersburg tomorrow: only 21 heads of state and government are going, as opposed to 43 the last time in 2019. The Kremlin is complaining of very fierce western pressure:

Ghana parliament votes to abolish death penalty : worldnews

West Africa recorded over 1,800 terrorist attacks in the first six months of the year resulting in nearly 4,600 deaths with dire humanitarian consequences, and a top regional official said Tuesday thats just asnippet of the horrendous impact of insecurity

Soldiers holding Niger president inside palace: Security sources | Military News : worldnews

Oil from "FSO Safer" supertanker decaying off Yemen's coast finally being pumped onto another ship : worldnews Oil from FSO Safer supertanker decaying off Yemens coast finally being pumped onto another ship

Iran helping Russia build drone stockpile that is expected to be orders of magnitude larger than previous arsenal, US says
Iran intensifies hijab crackdown on women, rights groups call for intervention : worldnews
Iran Tries To Quell Scandal Over Officials Same-Sex Video

Israels Supreme Court says it will not block law that limits its power -- for now
Israeli doctors walk off the job and more strikes are threatened after law weakening courts passes : worldnews
Israeli forces kill two Palestinian teens in occupied West Bank : worldnews

U.S. Says Main Thrust of Ukraines Counteroffensive Has Begun
The Next Steps - Lawyers, Guns & Money For the first time in a few weeks there seems to be some optimism about Ukrainian offensive efforts:
Opinion | In Russia, Putin Is Doubling Down on Failure - The New York Times

Right now, the Russians launched 98 missiles from 12 TU-95 aircraft toward Ukraine. The approximate time of arrival is 18:30 when many Ukrainians are just returning home after work. Updates on the shot downs or casualties will as always be provided in the comments. : ukraine
West scrambles to hash out details of Ukraine F-16 training : worldnews
Russia briefly deployed its super-advanced T-14 tanks to Ukraine, then withdrew them again, state media says : worldnews
The New Voice of Ukraine on Twitter: "The High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine is set to hear the case of raiding the Mezhyhirya Residence by fugitive former president Viktor Yanukovych and his son." / Twitter
War turns Ukraine from agrarian state to super lab of inventions

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 518, Part 1 (Thread #664) : worldnews

Estimates by #Ukraines MoD @DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 26 July 2023.
Losses of the Russian military to 26.7.2023 : ukraine

Stopping the modern Hitler: snipers hold the line in Ukraines battle for survival taking out Russian colonels from 2.8 km away, saving a battalion of 600 men from encirclement, and enabling to capture a russian stronghold without a single KIA
Armed Forces of Ukraine advancing in three directions : worldnews

Americans On A Rampage Through Russian Defenses : UkraineWarVideoReport
Ukraine launches high-intensity assault with 100 armoured vehicles
Last russians are being driven out of Andriivka and Klischiivka : UkraineWarVideoReport
The Ukrainian kamikaze drone must have been very well armed, the Russian T-72B tank exploded immediately after being hit! The tank crew had no chance! : UkraineWarVideoReport
Euromaidan Press on Twitter: "The Russian army has used Shahed kamikaze drones assembled in the Russian Federation in its recent attacks on Ukraine." / Twitter

Female Ukrainian judge jailed, shocked, threatened with firing squad in Russian captivity : worldnews ... While I was there, I heard loud, agonizing screams constantly I still cant believe that men can scream in such pain. Those were truly inhuman soundsI dont know what they were doing to them. At that moment, I wished for God to make me deaf (Russia pure evil)

Russians mines at Zaporizhzhia NPP can explode any time

Zelenskyy advises Russians leave Crimea while Kerch Bridge is somehow still functioning : ukraine
Defense minister: Attacks on Russian military targets in Crimea to continue : ukraine
Russia extends deadline for repair of Crimean bridge until end of year : worldnews
Explosions in Crimea: Russian repairs battalion attacked, many wounded : worldnews
NEXTA on Twitter: "The Yellow Ribbon, the symbol of resistance against #Russian occupation, was spotted in #Simferopol." / Twitter

Latest in Ukraine: Britain Says Russia Could Be Preparing Black Sea Blockade : worldnews
Russia additionally mines approaches to Ukrainian ports- The Guardian : worldnews
Russia will not get away with attacking Black Sea grain deal ships : worldnews
Russia bombs alternative food export routes from Ukraine driving world grain prices up 17%
Russia deploys corvette in Black Sea to intercept commercial vessels
Romanian ship damaged during Russian attack on Ukrainian port : worldnews

Moldova expels 45 Russian diplomats, administrative staff reduced by 60 : worldnews

Hungarys PM Orban says Slovakia is breakaway part of Hungary, Bratislava outraged, summons ambassador

Far-right group burns Quran in Copenhagen : worldnews

Italy wildfires force airport to close as temperatures soar to 47C : worldnews 47C = 116.6F
Italy storms: North hit by hail and rain as Sicily burns : worldnews

French media authority asks platforms to ramp up fight against hate speech : worldnews

Whither Fish and Chips? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Apple hit with $1B UK lawsuit over abusivepricingin App Store (Cookster cackles)

Canada funneled arms to Saudis during Yemen war via opaque U.S. program in second-biggest weapons export deal in Canadian history : worldnews
Canada mosque axe and bear spray attacker sentenced to eight years : worldnews

Whistleblower tells Congress the US is concealing multi-decadeprogram that captures UFOs

Biden Orders U.S. to Share Evidence of Russian War Crimes With Hague Court : politics

Most young people are no longer proud to be Americans, poll finds : politics
Facing Widespread Precarity, Young US Voters Are Becoming Even More Progressive : politics
Anger and radicalization: rising number of Americans say political violence is justified

Fed meeting July 2023: Fed approves hike, interest rates rise to highest level in more than 22 years

How the Ultrawealthy Use Private Foundations to Bank Millions in Tax Deductions While Giving the Public Little in Return The rich get huge tax breaks by donating art, property and company shares to benefit the public. But some donors collect millions while offering little or no public access.

Labor Department says number of children it it found working illegally is up 44% since October While Labor touted increased enforcement, a top Biden administration official faced criticism from Congress about reports of migrant minors working dangerous jobs.

A political gap in excess deaths widened after COVID-19 vaccines arrived, study says : politics ... the excess death rate among Republican voters was 43% higher than the excess death rate among Democratic voters (Refucks killed their stupid anti-vax voters)

Biden threatens to veto House funding bills as Republicans add culture war provisions : politics

Biden to forgive $130 million in debt for CollegeAmerica students : politics

The Supreme Courts excuses for ethics violations insult our intelligence

Senate Republicans see Biden impeachment as fraught with risk : politics
Biden laughs off impeachment threat after McCarthy teases inquiry : politics

McConnell freezes during press conference : politics
Mitch McConnell escorted away from cameras after freezing mid-press conference : politics
McConnell freezes at briefing, concerning colleagues : politics
Today in the American gerontocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
What the Hell Just Happened to Mitch McConnell in This Press Conference? : politics His brain is slowly melting into a slush of vacuous hate. He has done so much damage to our democracy. But time makes dust of us all -

The Fulton County Case Against Trump May Be the Most Seriouand Imminent

Trumps next indictment: The key events that will form the basis of Jack Smiths newest case

"Scared" Trump forced to raise a lot because his lawyers are "holding him up for money": analyst : politics
Trumps Elite Strike Force Team Falls on Hard Times
Trump's aggressive legal strategies keep backfiring spectacularly - His lawyers love using the courtroom for political attacks. Its not going well.

Donald Trumps popularity has fallen among Republican voters, poll suggests
Incandescently stupid. Former DHS official says he had to dumb down classified memos for Trump : politics

Ted Lieu Reads Judges Ruling Rejecting Fmr. Pres. Trumps Request for New Trial in E. Jean Carroll Case

Trump Will Give Ancient Oil Lamps and Coins Back to Israel : politics
The Grift that Keeps on Grifting - Lawyers, Guns & Money How was it possible for Donald Trump, lifelong fraudster and confidence artist to take over the Republican Party? I suppose thats one of those mysteries thats wrapped in an enigma and then stored in a puzzle box hidden beneath the floorboards in the worlds most difficult escape room
The Long Con Mail-order conservatism ... Romneys lying, in fact, was so richly variegated that it can serve as a sort of grammar of mendacity. (2012 for the history/context)

Where Is Melania Trump Now? - The New York Times The former first lady has mostly retreated from public viewand steered clear of the campaign trail while her husband fights to return to the White House and faces increasing legal peril.

Giuliani Admits False Statements About Election Workers

Judge pumps the brakes on Hunter Bidens guilty plea because of concerns about a novel provision in the deal
Why Hunter Bidens plea deal wasnt approved on Wednesday
Republicans in Congress Seek to Block Hunter Bidens Plea Deal
Judge says member of Hunter Bidens legal team misrepresented her identity on eve of plea deal hearing legal team staunchly denied any misconduct, saying the episode was a misunderstanding ... U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika wrote that an employee at Latham & Watkins, a law firm representing the presidents son, had called the court clerks office and falsely claimed to work for a Republican lawyer in the hopes of persuading the clerk to remove documents that apparently contained Bidens personal tax information.

A Growing Share Of Americans Think States Shouldnt Be Able To Put Any Limits On Abortion

The Real Threat to Free Speech Is Coming From the Right : politics

Tubervilles tales about his father in World War II have false elements

Resolution to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene brought by House Democrat : politics

House Republicans plan to hold Metas Mark Zuckerberg in contempt of Congress

Could James Comer Really Be As Dumb As He Looks? : politics

DeSantiss crusade to delegitimize the horrors of slavery is white supremacy in government
How the right ended up trying to softpedal enslavement : politics
DeSantis says he would pick RFK Jr. to head the CDC or FDA - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Remember when all those Very Serious and Savvy Journalists were insisting that DeSantiss Covid vaccination policy deserved to be treated with respect, because after all there were Real Questions about this Very Complicated Issue?
DeSantissmall-dollar donation ratio ranks near bottom of GOP field
DeSantis team fires aide who secretly made video with Nazi symbol : politics
Pathetic: DeSantis Campaign Planted That Bizarre Anti-LGBTQ Ad in Fan Account. The DeSantis campaign made the bizarre ad, but pretended it didnt.
Ron DeSantis staffer fired over Nazi symbol video once praised Nick Fuentes : politics
Rightwing propaganda outlet PragerUs materials approved for schools in Ron DeSantis Florida
DeSantisn ew campaign deputy was part of massive anti-net neutrality campaign that used dead people to spam the FCC
Jets and other travel costs drain DeSantis campaign funds amid layoffs : politics

Paul Gosars Newsletter Features Website That Calls for Readers to Stand up for Hitler
House Democrats want to censure Paul Gosar again : politics

Arlington Public Schools Refuse to Comply With Virginias Anti-Trans Policies

Kari Lake suffers blow in Arizona before likely Senate bid : politics

Focus relentlessly on under 25: Leaked chats reveal influential gender-critical groups plan to use children to push for bans on transitioning

How George Santos Used Political Connections to Fuel Get-Rich Schemes : politics

A GOP Grandmother Spat at Protesters in the Name of Religious Freedom

The GOP and the NRA want to stop gun violence research. California is a target : politics

Houston teacher fired for attending downtown drag show : news

History-Blogging: Rating NYC Mayors - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Why is that every Mayor of NYC, regardless of party, becomes some variety of ahole? Are there examples of non-ahole NYC mayors?

The Liz Bruenig Express Arrives in Atlanta - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: Congratulations, Frank! He got what he worked for his whole life. - "The Florida Keys have lost between 80% and 90% of their coral reef systems in the last 50 years." - Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) July 25, 2023

RFK Jr.s campaign filings show payments to a litany of Republicans and controversial activists, including some anti-vaxxers
Author Who Debunked RFK Jr. A Decade Ago Thinks His Candidacy Is Pretty Depressing - author Seth Mnookin
RFK Jr is Trump 2.0 dont be scared to say it
Robert Kennedy Jr. is wrong on every single point about Ukraine ... using his time on Fox News to hammer pro-Russian propaganda that is intended to make the United States the villain in a story where Putin has initiated torture, mass murder, wholesale destruction, displacement, and kidnapping of children on an industrial scale. (Putin pawn)

TIL Oppenheimer attempted to poison his tutor with cyanide : todayilearned

Sinead O'Connor, acclaimed Dublin singer, dies at 56
Sinead OConnor, Evocative and Outspoken Singer, Is Dead at 56

FBI Seizure of Mastodon Server is a Wakeup Call to Fediverse Users and Hosts to Protect their Users : technology

Elon Musk has officially killed Twitter. The zombie platform lives on as X, a disfigured shell of its former self - Twitter, the text-based social media platform that played an outsized role on society by serving as a digital town square, was killed by its unhinged owner Elon Musk on Sunday. It was 17 years old. A zombie Twitter, known only as X, reluctantly endures. A warped and disfigured platform, X marches on like a White Walker, an ugly shell of its former self under the command of a loathsome leader ... X is a platform where journalists are banned and smeared while the most repellant and dishonest voices are elevated.
First as pathetic farce, then as even more pathetic force - Lawyers, Guns & Money The most ridiculous thing about Elons attempt to rebrand Twitter
Elon Musks X Rollout Is Already a Dumpster Fire - Conference rooms are to be renamed seXy and eXposure, despite Musks alleged sexual harassment. Trademark issues abound. Police had to get involved. Yikes.
Elon Musk and company take @x handle from its original user. He got zero dollars for it.

Doctors who put lives at risk with covid misinformation rarely punished - The Washington Post

Court Says Its Fine For Cops To Use Cell Phones To Peep Into Peoples Cars

Ohio K-9 officer fired after his police dog attacked surrendering suspect : news

Some Mass. lawmakers want to get rid of religious exemption for childhood vaccine requirements - The Boston Globe : massachusetts

History Cambridge is answering your questions about Cambridgeport - Cambridge Day
The areas, neighborhoods and squares of Cambridge - Cambridge Day
Cambridgeport History Hub - History Cambridge
Cambridge History | Original Research | Articles | Exhibitions

Women of reddit, what job would a man have that would be an automatic deal breaker for you? : AskReddit

Whats the worst part about aging?


Warning of a forthcoming collapse of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation | Nature Communications
Gulf Stream shutoff could happen this century, scientists warn It would be the end of the world as we know it but some scientists say they feel fine.
Scientists detect sign that a crucial ocean current is near collapse - The Washington Post raising the possibility that this crucial element of the climate system could collapse within the next few decades.

Is it really hotter now than any time in 100,000 years?

Record Hot Oceans Are Driving Weather Disasters Around the World : worldnews
From scorching heat to deadly storms, Europe has no rest from summer of hell
July heatwaves virtually impossible without climate change
By the time I get to Phoenix the asphalt will be 180 degrees - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Every single one of the 45 beds in the burn center is fullhe said, and one-third of patients are people who fell and burned themselves on the ground ... It seems probable that much of the American southwest will become essentially uninhabitable over the next few decades (Note that before the advent of residential air conditioning, the idea of living in Phoenix was considered absurd by most people: the citys population was 65,000 in 1940).

These maps show what to expect from this weeks dangerous heat in Southern New England

A three-day United Nations summit opened in Rome on Monday aimed at tackling a "broken" global food system where millions are starving, two billion are overweight or obese and the planet is suffering : worldnews

South America Will Pledge to End Amazon Deforestation by 2030 : worldnews

Chocolate prices soar as cost of cocoa rises 25% : worldnews

US Approves Lab-Grown Chicken Meat : worldnews

How an ungovernable otter became an internet sensation

Australian rural internet worse than villages I know in Africa, Ross Garnaut says | Rural Australia

Singapore to execute a woman for first time in almost 20 years : worldnews

Malaysias gay community fears backlash after Matty Healys outburst

Fukushima fish with 180 times legal limit of radioactive cesium fuels water release fears | Fukushima : worldnews
Arrests after headless body found in Japanese hotel room but mans head still missing

Anger in South Korea as court rejects removing minister over Halloween crush : worldnews

China, Taiwan brace for their most powerful typhoon this year : worldnews

Chinese firms send Russia vast amounts of dual-use equipment: Report : worldnews

Putin forewarned of rebellion 2-3 days in advance but did not order to suppress it
Vladimir Putin Paralyzed During Wagner Rebellion Despite Advance Warning: Report

Russias not just seeing an exodus of people it saw a record $239 billion worth of assets being pulled out last year

Putin Signs Law Raising Age Of People In Military Reserve By Five Years : worldnews
Russia extends conscription for compulsory military service up to age 30 : worldnews
Vladimir Putin signs law banning gender changes in Russia : worldnews ... Lawmakers say the legislation is to safeguard Russia against western anti-family ideologywith some describing gender transitioning as pure satanism

Rare testimony reveals brutal life for Russian convicts fighting in Ukraine | CNN : worldnews
A Russian soldier said he was shot in the leg fighting in Ukraine then sent back out 10 days later, where he was shot again : worldnews

Russia almost always adapts in the kinetic & information space if given time. The Kremlin is actively investing in force regenerationRapid pivots are not the Kremlins forte, however.A new report from @nataliabugayova

Taliban bans beauty salons in Afghanistan despite UN concern and rare public protest : worldnews

Algeria fires fanned by winds kill 34 as temperature hits 118 degrees : worldnews

BBC condemned for dangerous question about gay players in Morocco at Womens World Cup

Mali drops French as its official language : worldnews
U.S. blacklists officials who helped Wagner Group enter Mali : worldnews

US says Russian plane hit one of its drones with flare over Syria : worldnews

Iran shuts down biggest e-com company after female employees seen without hijab : worldnews

Netanyahus judicial overhaul: Israel Knesset passes first bill, despite mass protests
Israel protests: doctors announce strike amid mass demonstrations over judicial overhaul | Israel : worldnews
Israels credit rating lowered, Moodys warns of significant risk ... Bibi, Ben-Gvir, Smotrich have done a better job at scaring away investors than BDS has in the last (almost) 20 years

67% of Americans say US should support Ukraine until Russia pulls all invading forces from its territory or is defeated on the battlefield. The only thing preventing this is lack of US weapons driven by lack of American presidential will @marcthiessen
US to provide tiny Black Hornet nano-drones to Ukraine in new aid package : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 517, Part 1 (Thread #663) : worldnews

(5/5) Since the start of the war, Russias strike campaign has been characterised by poor intelligence and a dysfunctional targeting process.
Ukrainian marines shoot down Russian Ka-52 helicopter : worldnews

Mines found at Ukraines Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine

Russian occupation authorities close Crimean Bridge for traffic again : worldnews
The Russian Ministry of Defense is reporting that earlier this morning the Sergey Kotova Project-22160 Patrol Ship of the Black Seas Fleet which was operating to the Southwest of Sevastopol was Attacked by 2 Unmanned-Speedboats filled with Explosives; the Ships is claimed to have Destroyed the 2 Boats with its Standard Gun at a distance of 800 and 1000 Meters resulting in No Damage to the Patrol Ship.
Kyiv Repels Fresh Drone Strike as Russia Claims It Repulsed Ukraine Attack On Black Sea Vessel : worldnews

How Russia sabotages grain deal: Ukrainian military intelligence intercepted secret report : worldnews
Trying to make the world starve -- Russian drones destroy grain warehouses at Ukraine ports
(3/5) Between August 2022 and June 2023, when the Black Sea Grain Initiative was still in force, Russia generally refrained from striking civil infrastructure in the southern ports.
The Baltic States have five ports that could be used to safely export much more of Ukraine's grain. We are officially proposing that the @EU_Commission help us to increase rail capacity on the #BalticRoute
Greece, Bulgaria discuss transit of Ukrainian grain by rail : worldnews

Russia has killed a lot of media representatives during the full-scale invasion. Just several days passed after the data was collected, but the number of victims from the media sphere has already increased.

"Russia is preparing an operation in the Black Sea under a foreign flag," - US State Department : worldnews

Albania Legalizes Medical Cannabis : worldnews

Police in Sweden receive yet another application to hold a Quran-burning protest, with the event this time to be held outside the Iranian embassy in Stockholm : worldnews

Major Cyber Attack Exposes 12 Norwegian Ministries : worldnews

Rhodes wildfires are like a biblical catastrophe
Why doesnt Greece do controlled burns to reduce Wild Fires?

Two teachers called out far-right activities at their German school. Then they had to leave town -- The teachers reported students greeting each other with the Nazi salute, scratching swastikas on their desks and threatening to beat up immigrant classmates
Google Street View is back in Germany after 10+ year halt : worldnews

Jury finds 6 people guilty of terrorist murder in 2016 Brussels extremist attacks that killed 32 : worldnews

Italy wildfires encircle Palermo as temperatures hit 47C : worldnews

Far-right party Vox loses ground in Spanish election, dashing its hopes to enter a governing coalition that would have given the far right its first share of power in Spain since Francisco Franco : worldnews

Paris to bring back swimming in Seine after 100 years : worldnews

This Day in Labor History: July 25, 1973 - Lawyers, Guns & Money On July 25, 1973, the Irish Minister of Finance, Richie Ryan, introduced the Civil Service (Employment of Married Women) Act, which ended the nations long-standing ban on married women working for the government. It's hard to overestimate the conservatism of Ireland during most of the twentieth century, a nation where the Catholic Church had more control than any other nation in the world, including Italy. This was a staunch patriarchy and womens lives were tightly controlled by men, backed by the both church and state

Ecuador declares prison emergency as inmates killed and 100 guards taken hostage | Ecuador : worldnews

Mexico security forces collaboratedin student disappearances, report says

Foreign interference in Canada: Ex-RCMP officer charged : worldnews