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South Korea: Students sue after teacher ends exam 90 seconds early

Xi warned Biden during summit that Beijing will reunify Taiwan with China

Syrias Assad claims Holocaust was a lie fabricated to justify creation of Israel

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 665, Part 1 (Thread #811)

Dutch minister: If you dont stop RussEia now, theyll go further.Its not just Ukraine

Biden says no question Trump backed insurrection

Jack Smith gets hold of incendiaryevidence Against Donald Trump

~Federal judge rules removal of a Confederate statue in Arlington Cemetery may proceed

Nationwide swatting spree targeting Jewish institutions appears coordinated, coming from outside US: FBIs

Colorado tourism shoots up 10,000,000,000%

5 children killed in house fire as dad shopped for Christmas gifts (

I believe bestselling author Mark Dawson is a serial plagiarist
According to a new research some cats play fetch like dogs but mostly on their own terms and they appear to pick up the playful behavior spontaneously, without any intentional training from their owners
Researchers have uncovered a way to destroy cancer cells by using the ability of some molecules to vibrate strongly when stimulated by light. The method had 99% efficiency against lab cultures of human melanoma cells, and half of the mice with melanoma became cancer-free after treatment

Teslas recall of 2 million cars relies on a fix that may not even work
Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective | Tens of thousands of customers told Tesla about a host of part failures on low-mileage cars. The automaker sought to blame drivers for vehicle but Tesla documents show it had tracked the chronic 'flaws' and ,failures'
ELI5 Why we no longer use Flying Boats for air travel when traveling along the coast?

Dad's note to gay son that hasnt came out yet.

Intel CEO laments Nvidia's 'extraordinarily lucky' AI dominance, claims it coulda-woulda-shoulda have been Intel



Scientists Contact Whales in World-First Communication Experiment

Worse than worst case: Koreas population is shrinking faster than predicted

Survivors Face Subzero Temperatures After Quake Kills Over 120 in China : The 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck Gansu Province around midnight. People who had fled their homes huddled in the cold, building fires to keep warm.
Earthquake Kills Over 120 in China Over 120 in China

Russias ambitions go beyond Ukraine, warns U.S. State Department

Gaza hospital chief confirms facilitys use as Hamas military base staffed by terrorist operatives
Russia keeps proving its undefeatable missile doesnt work that well, UK intel says

Many top Russian athletes faced minimal drug testing in 2023 ahead of Paris Olympics

South Africa Eskom soot pollution is 42 times worse than China

Erdogan says signals from US, Canada may help Turkey move on Sweden NATO bid

Houthis Warn Maritime Coalition: Red Sea Will Be Your Graveyard
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin announces Operation Prosperity Guardian in Response to Houthi attacks on commercial ships.
Houthis vow to keep up attacks in key strait after US rolls out plan to shield ships

At UN, West accuses Iran of illegal missile testing, high-grade uranium enrichment
Irans Water Reserves Plunge Amid Drought, Mismanagement

Israel offers Hamas one-week pause in fighting as part of a new hostage deal

Benjamin Netanyahu Brags Hes ProudTo Have Prevented A Palestinian State

Gaza hospital chief confirms facilitys use as Hamas military base staffed by terrorist operatives

IDF spokesperson says no changes on ground after hostages mistakenly killed
Fears mount for Gazas tiny Christian community after mom and daughter shot dead
IDF raids vacation homes of Hamas leaders in Gaza

UN official called out for blatant anti-Israel online history ... Hamascharter says about women that they are important because they manufacture menNaturally, progressive feminists love them! Wait ...

Hamas is using suicide bombers - IDF soldier

Gaza aid trucks stolen by gunmen and looted, as convoys start crossing from Israel

President Volodymyr Zelensky pushed back against doubts about Ukraines battlefield prospects and about the support of its allies, saying on Tuesday that his country is not losing the war and is prepared to negotiate with Russia, but only on its own terms.
Zelensky: Military proposed to mobilize 450,000-500,000 soldiers

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 664, Part 1 (Thread #810)

For the first time in history, Christmas in Ukraine will be celebrated nation-ally on Dec. 25. 2023. Previously, Christmas was celebrated on Jan. 7, and this day was designated as bank holiday.

Ukraine finds surveillance devices in army chiefs offices

Ukraine launches war crimes probe after Russians use Ukrainian POWs as human shields
UN decries Russias failure to protect Ukraine civilians

Germany: Serbia vote fraud unacceptable for a candidate to join the EU

Italian marijuana activists have already collected nearly half the signatures needed to put legalization measure before parliament
Italian marijuana activists have already collected nearly half the signatures needed to put legalization measure before parliament
British Airways folds to criticism, will screen Jewish sitcom on flights

Argentinas government says it will take away welfare from protesters who block streets

China, Russia tried to meddle in 2022 midterms: US intel
Putin waits for Trump to negotiate Ukraine without EU, Czech President Petr Pavel has said.

The lesson of the missing Russian binder and the former POTUS who yelled 'hoax' Trump remains a clear and present danger to thesecurity of our nation for a host of reasons, including his trackrecord on safeguarding Americas secrets.

The US Senate will not vote on a package to provide more aid to Ukraine and bolster US border security before early next year, as Democratic and Republican negotiators continue their work, chamber leaders said

This Horrible Congress Is Even Worse Than You Thought

Sen. Tuberville drops remaining holds on senior military promotions
Senate confirms four-star military nominees after Tommy Tuberville lifts hold on hundreds of promotions

Poll Finds Wide Disapproval of Biden on Gaza, and Littl Room to Shift Gears -- Opinion is split between those wanting the war to end and those pressing for a definitive Israeli victory, and the divide is starkest among older and younger generations.
Stop Talking About Bidens Mental Acuity. Start Talking About Trumps Signs of Dementia | Opinion
New Jobs Numbers Defy Expectations As Bidenomics Grows the Economy Where Trumps Agenda Failed
Joe Biden plans to ban logging in US old-growth forests in 2025
Biden to nominate five new judges in Texas, other Republican-led states

Legal scholar: Clarence Thomas corruption almost certainly unlawful and ethically reprehensible
The Clarence Thomas Scandal Is Somehow Looking Even Worse
What are the Supreme Court justices salaries?

35 Months Since the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol
Jan. 6 Rally Organizers Lied About Plan to March to the Capitol, Report Finds | Women for America First, which planned the rally on the Ellipse, knew of President Donald J. Trumps plans to have his supporters march to the Capitol but repeatedly denied it to federal permitting officials.
Sixteen members of Congress have spread fedsurrection conspiracy theory

This Is Still Fascism -- Only Worse CNN host shuts down flailing Republicans wild spin of Trumps xenophobic rant about immigrants
Senate Republicans recoil at Trump poisoning the blood of our country remarks
Tuberville on Trumps poisoning the blood of our countrycomments: I'm mad he wasnt tougher
Trump Knows What Hes Doing: The Creator of Godwins Law Says the Hitler Comparison Is Apt

Megathread: Colorado Supreme Court Rules Trump is Ineligible to Appear on Ballot Due to 14th Amendment; Appeal Likely to Reach US Supreme Court
Texas Lt. Guv Threatens to Take Biden Off States Ballot After Colorado Ruling
Trump ineligible to run for president in Colorado because of Jan. 6, court rules in historic move -- He quickly vowed to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Rejects Trumps Bid To Toss Fraud Lawsuit In Scathing New Ruling
Donald Trump rages at judge for mocking his witness
Donald Trump Is Running Scared

This Member of Congress Has the Worst Approval Ratings: Poll - Only 6% of respondents in a recent poll said they approve of Senate Minority Leader McConnells job performance
This Member of Congress Has the Worst Approval Ratings: Poll - Only 6% of respondents in a recent poll said they approve of Senate Minority Leader McConnells job performance~

Manchin says he wont be a 2024 spoiler as he frets Trump could destroy American democracy

Ron DeSantis Went Down With The Anti-Woke Ship | As GOP voters seem increasingly "meh" on culture war rhetoric, its bad news for the politician who has most publicly positioned himself as an anti-woke warrior.
Wheels threaten to come off DeSantis campaign
Florida was supposed to be the future of the GOPnow the state party is in shambles: Gov. Ron DeSantis grasps desperately for attention, as the state party chair is pushed out after a rape allegatio
Florida Republican party chair suspended amid rape accusation

ACLU sues Texas over controversial immigration law Texas city is latest to debate ban on using roads to transport people seeking abortions
Texas Companies Say Republicans Are Ruining Their Business

A woman who had a miscarriage is now charged with abusing a corpse as stricter abortion laws play out nationwide

Arizona Democrats No 1 message: Republicans want to destroyour democracy

Most kids losing Medicaid come from just nine states all led by Republicans

Right-wing pundits tremble in fear of ... tap-dancing

Kansas school district changes hair policy after Native American boy cut his hair to avoid punishment

Over 170 of Jeffrey Epsteins high-profile associates will be NAMED in court documents set to be unsealed in the first days of 2024
Federal judge orders documents naming Jeffrey Epsteins associates to be unsealed


People, not the climate, caused the decline of the giant mammals. For the first 700,000 years, the populations were fairly stable, but 50,000 years ago the curve broke and populations fell dramatically and never recovered

US Steel, once the worlds largest corporation, agrees to sell itself to a Japanese company for $15 billion

Millions of Chinese Blacklisted for Debt as Loan Defaults Hit Record High

Vladimir Putin: Russia not interestedin war with NATO

Ukrainian Forces Reportedly Press Fight Inside Russia, Target Air Base, Battle Near Border Village

Air Force: Russian air defense downs its own Su-25 jet

In Unprecedented Move, Close To 100 MPs Suspended From Parliament (India)

Turkey saves $2 billion on Russian oil as imports soar despite sanctions
Israel-Hamas war: Hamas leaders hold secret meeting in Turkey

Egypts Sisi sweeps to third term as president with 89.6% of vote

Gulf Splits Hinder US Efforts to End Houthi Ship Attacks
Saudi Arabia to sign peace deal with Houthis, report
Container ships rerouted towards South Africa as anti-Israel militants attack vessels in Red Sea.
BP pauses oil tanker transits through Red Sea. Oil prices surge (

Israel-Hamas war: Israel linked hacking group claims to have paralysed gas stations across Iran in cyber attack
Iranian Oil Minister: 70% of gas stations shut off nationwide

Mossad chief, Qatar PM and CIA chief meet for triple summit in Warsaw

Doctor who treated freed Hamas hostages describes physical, sexual and psychological abuse
Israeli hostage abducted from music festival found murdered in captivity

Majority of Israelis oppose annexation, resettlement of Gaza

Auschwitz slams Israeli council heads plans for Gaza Strip

Israel uncovers biggest Hamas tunnelnear Gaza border

Stop the fight and start negotiations, Israel hostage families say

5 million shekels ($1.5M) in cash found in senior Hamas members home

IDF Confirms Intercepting Over 100 Drones, Cruise Missiles Since Start Of War

In March 2014, Republicans went on recess whole critical Ukraine legislation was pending, and in the shadow of Russian aggression. Senator McCain scorched the GOP in remarks that are now prescient:

Article on memetic warfare & how #Ukraine and its supporters successfully use of memes & the internet to keep morale high and increase support in the rest of the world

sYour occasional reminder that despite the deluge of Russian disinfo thats trying to convince you otherwise, the size of Russias economy is only 5.9% the size of the US economy.If it werent for 70 years of stockpiled military gear, Putin's global terror binge wouldn't exist. Thankfully, Ukrainians are solving that problem for the rest of the world.
The analytical note from @Deepstate_UA's summary today again emphasizes Russia's manpower advantage.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 663, Part 1 (Thread #809) : worldnews
Ukrainian drone video provides a grim look at casualties as Russian troops advance toward Avdiivka >br />
Ukraine starts mass production of 750 km range kamikaze drones

Putin threatens Finland with problems

Hamas operates all over Germany, investigation finds

Pope condemns attacks on civilians in Gaza:It is war; it is terrorism
Pope says priests can bless same-sex unions, requests should not be subject to moral analysis

Church of England blesses same-sex couples for the first time, but they still cant wed in church

Canada to say all new cars must be zero emissions by 2035
Canada to say all new cars must be zero emissions by 2035

Ex-FBI agent says missing Russia binder could "expose US intel sources" ... These guys are so hesitant to say what should be painfully obvious by now: Trump is a Russian asset. Putin owned the man in the highest position of our country ... They Murder JFK, and do nothing about this clear and present danger traitor, who should be on death row right now if they did their jobs.

President Biden safe but startled after car plows into motorcade

Clarence Thomas Faces Backlash for Complaining About Supreme Court Pay (
Clarence Thomas Faces Backlash for Complaining About Supreme Court Pay

Trumps poisoning the blood of the country slur alarms critics:Parroted Hitler His statements were roundly condemned as a warning of his increasingly authoritarian rhetoric
Trump echoes Hitler and MAGA hears it loud and clear New poll shows that over 40% of GOP Iowa caucusgoers says Trumps rhetoric makes it more likely theyll support him
Authoritarianism Expert Spots Trump Line Showing Who Hell Target After Immigrants

After touting stock market, Trump claims record high under Biden only makes rich people richer | The Dow Jones hit a record high despite Trumps prediction that the economy would collapse under Biden

Jack Smith lands two star witnesses against Donald Trump

Out of reach: The American dream will now cost you a staggering $3.4M, new study saysheres why most US households will need to rethink that white picket fence

Over the last 10 years, more than 50,000 research papers have been retracted. Mostly for misconduct.
Over the last 10 years, more than 50,000 research papers have been retracted. Mostly for misconduct.


/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 662, Part 1 (Thread #808)


Uranium price hits highest level in almost 17 years

Myanmar rebels seize city of Namhsan from military junta despite China-backed ceasefire
More young people in South Korea consider marriage, childbirths as nonessential

North Korean nuclear attack would end Kims regime, USwarns

Foreign ministry slams Vietnam's claim Taiwan is part of China

Putin says Macron stopped calling him

Putin admits Russia has suffered huge losses in Ukraine

This week the BBC exposed a massive Russian propaganda campaign on #TikTok, using thousands of fake accounts. Main tactic was to post videos detailing false claims about president Zelensky & senior Ukrainian officials. BBC video here on how to spot Russias fakes
This week the BBC exposed a massive Russian propaganda campaign on #TikTok, using thousands of fake accounts. Main tactic was to post videos detailing false claims about president Zelensky & senior Ukrainian officials. BBC video here on how to spot Russias fakes.
This week the BBC exposed a massive Russian propaganda campaign on #TikTok, using thousands of fake accounts. Main tactic was to post videos detailing false claims about president Zelensky & senior Ukrainian officials. BBC video here on how to spot Russias fakes.

Child marriage has declined in Indiabut across the country, one in five girls and nearly one in six boys are still married as children, and in recent years the practice has become more prevalent in some states/union territories, according to study

Iran says it has executed Mossad agent accused of spying for Israel

Iran says it has executed Mossad agent accused of spying for Israel

U.S. considers striking Yemeni group
US, UK forces down 15 drones over Red Sea as Houthis vow to keep up attacks on Israel
Royal Navy destroyer HMS Diamond shoots down drone while escorting merchant ships in the Red Sea

Indian Navy sends warship, aircraft to assist vessel hijacked by Somalian pirates

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 44)

Israel urging US not to talk publicly about two-state solution

NYT: Israel had blueprint of Hamass financial infrastructure in 2018, but didnt shut it down NetanfuckupNYT: Israel had blueprint of Hamass financial infrastructure in 2018, but didnt shut it down)

IDF: Hostages were shirtless, waving white flag when soldiers opened fire
IDF says Israeli hostages it killed in Gaza were bare chested and waving white flag | Gaza | The Guardian
Hundreds march in Tel Aviv demanding hostage deal after IDF killed 3 in tragic error
Hundreds march in Tel Aviv demanding hostage deal after IDF killed 3 in tragic error
Israeli military opens probe after videos show Israeli forces killing 2 Palestinians at close range

IDF opens probe of troops filmed shooting dead already-neutralized Palestinian suspect
Israeli troops filmed beating Palestinian photojournalist in East Jerusalem

Mossad chief to meet Qatar PM in Norway for renewed hostage talks

Hamas chief Sinwars days are numbered, senior US official warns
IDF trial of flooding Hamas tunnels with seawater proves successful, ToI told

Ukraine puts head of Russian church on wantedlist

This sound is so scary and unbearable but Ukrainian kids have listened to it for almost two years.

Mariupol doctor who betrayed wounded Ukrainian soldiers to Russians is sentenced to life in prison

Russians storm the closed border with Finland.
Very interesting, Macron announces that a European defense industry strategy will be introduced in 2024. United States To Gain Access To 15 Military Bases In Finland

Poland Scraps Probe Into Air Crash That Killed President

EU vows Ukraine will get its money with or without Orbsn's support
Scholz explains how he distracted Orban from voting against Ukrain
EU was ready to take away Hungarys veto rights if it had not conceded on issue of Ukraine accession talks

Europe must rearm as new threats loom, German minister says
Award ceremony suspended after writer compares Gaza to Nazi-era Jewish ghettos

Very interesting, Macron announces that a European defense industry strategy will be introduced in 2024.

Academics from top London university reported for terrorism offenses by legal group
Suella Braverman tricked into receiving D*ick Of The Year award
Assisted dying campaigners hope to make 2024 tipping point for UK legislation | Assisted

Organized Crime, Violence Spurs Largest Exodus of Mexican Families in Modern history

U.S. Lawmakers Fear Theyve Already Emboldened Putin With Ukraine Aid Delay

Federal Reserve on cusp of what some thought impossible: Defeating inflation without steep recession
Biden campaign says jobs report shows he iscleaning up the economic disaster Trump left

GOP Sen. Mullin Says BidenMay Not Be Impeachable Because He Wasnt in Office at the Time of Accused Indiscretion

Justice Neil Gorsuch took 10 minutes to approve Dobbs abortion opinionJustice Neil Gorsuch took 10 minutes to approve Dobbs abortion opinion
The Most Interesting Part of the New York Times Scoop on the Fall of Roe | The famously secretive courts operations get a close look
Senators Hold Up 43 Biden Diplomatic Nominees as Crises Roil World

GOP baffled that We Dont Care if You Die is not a winning slogan
GOP baffled that We Dont Care if You Die is not a winning slogan
The venom of our age: James Carville on the danger of Mike Johnsons Christian nationalism
Pete Buttigieg: Mike Johnson Should Focus on His Job and Less on Taking Away LGBTQ+ Rights

Most people think the U.S. crime rate is rising. Theyre wrong

Top secret US intelligence file on Putin disappeared during Trump presidency
Just devastating: U.S. searching for stack of intelligence on Russia missing under Trump: reports
Documents from binder with intelligence on Russian election interference went missing at end of Trumps term

Trump plots his return: Pardons, payoffs and payback | Donald Trump had made crime a form of politicsx

After 40 witnesses and 43 days of testimony, here's what we learned at Trumps civil fraud trial

Protect NATO from Donald Trump? The U.S. Congress just passed that into law

House GOP reeling after a top recruit blasts Trump on tape

Giuliani After $148M Defamation Loss: I Dont Regret aDamn Thing

Marjorie Taylor Greene wants Democrats and media figures jailed

Texas Independence Vote Is Imminent, Groups Leader Says Pregnant Texans Continue to Be Pulled Over in Carpool Lane After Abortion Ruling:I Have Two Heartbeats in the Car
Kate Cox case reveals toll of US abortion bans on women in medical emergencies (t

A Black woman miscarried at home and was charged for it. It shows the perils of pregnancy post-Roe

An order blocking enforcement of Ohios abortion ban stands after the high court dismissed an appeal

A Shocking Number of Republicans Are Signing FloridasAbortion Petition

Confederate Memorial at Arlington will be removed despite GOP opposition

DeSantis Says Trump Will Declare Iowa Caucuses Stolen if He Loses

Florida Sex Scandal Shakes Moms for Liberty, as Groups Influence Wanes

Update on the failsons who somehow made Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Summers look sympathetic< ... The Winklevoss twins have, for the better part of a decade, been trying to convince the world they made a comeback/a>

Happy 80th birthday Keith Richards

What's the simplest skill that you've seen someone refuse to learn?

People who saw someone die, how did you feel at that moment?

New Banner over Harvard Sq?

Cambridge Mandated Separated Bike Lanes on Every New Road. Here's How It's Going


Biggest solar flare in years temporarily disrupts radio signals on Earth

China solar panel costs drop 42% from year ago

Jeff Bezos plays down AI dangers and says one trillion humans could live in huge cylindrical space stations techbro iediot)
Wrongfully jailed for 20 years, Australia's most hated woman likely to receive record compensation | Australia news

Putin flaunts alleged military successes, claims Russia is doing great
Putin flaunts alleged military successes, claims Russia is doing great
Russian Activists Claim To Have Blown Up Voronezh Oil Depot in Anti-Putin Move

Bulgaria PM sees imperial ambitionsbehind Putins Black Sea comment

Joe Biden drops out of high-profile India visit after claims of Indian murder plot on US soil

Afghanistan: Taliban sends abused women to prison - UN

Missile fired from Yemen strikes cargo ship in Red Sea hours after earlier attack
Shipping giant Maersk tells all its ships to pause Red Sea voyages
U.S. warns Houthis to stop attacks in Red Sea

Iranian State TV: Gunmen Kill 11, Wound 8 in Attack on Police Station

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 43)
My nation is in trauma: Herzog says now not the time to discuss 2-state solution

IDF troops mistakenly opened fire and killed three hostages during Gaza battles, spokesman says

Hamas claims responsibility for rockets fired at Jerusalem; one said to fall near Ramallah hospital

Hamas rigs childrens backpacks, dolls, in ambush on IDF forces in Gaza
Hamas rigs childrens backpacks, dolls, in ambush on IDF forces in Gaza

Hands raised: About 70 terror suspects left a Gaza hospital and handed over their weapons

IDF takes over, destroys Hamass Shejaia headquarters

Israel-Hamas war: Israeli soldiers suspended for reading out Jewish prayers at Jenin mosque during West Bank raid

Nearly one-fifth of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza died due to friendly fire and other accidents, IDF says

World Bank allocates $1.34 billion in additional aid to Ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 660, Part 1 (Thread #806)

Ukraine councillor tosses grenades into meeting

Russian military used Ukrainian POWs as human shields, Prosecutors Office confirms

Newest NATO member Finland signs defence pact with US
Newest NATO member Finland signs defence pact with US

Hamas operatives arrested in Germany after planning attack

Afghanistan: Taliban sends abused women to prison - UN

Canadas new dental care plan could impact nearly 9 million Canadians

Congress Stiffed Zelenskiy and the US Is the Big Loser
Senate passes $886 billion defense spending bill with pay raises for troops, Ukraine aid

Senate passes bill for promotions back pay after Tuberville holds end

US rightwing media begins to show signs of impeachment fatigue

Worst. Congress. Ever.
Government shutdown in January looms as Congress looks to head home
Democrats outvoted GOP on every major bill passed in House

Why Trump Wont WinHis threats to democracy make him dangerous. They also make him a weak candidate.
Republican voters know Trump isnt joking with his dictator remarks

Trumps deal with LIV Golf is awkward for his impeachment-happy allies

Dictator Trump Plans to Deploy Massive Number of Troops on U.S. Soil
Proud Boy Who Threw Rock At Capitol Doors On Jan. 6 Sentenced To 5 Years comments

Fox News turns on House Republicans over Joe Biden impeachment
Fox News Host Drops The Mic On James Comer's Biden Hypocrisy

Material From Russia Investigation Went Missing as Trump Left Office
The mystery of the missing binder: How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump : politics
A Binder on Highly Classified Russian Intel Went Missing Under Trump
Classified Russian Election Meddling Intel Vanished From Trump White House: Report In the last days of his administration, the former president pushed to declassify sensitive docs about the FBIs Russia investigation. The originals are missing

"Worst legal strategy ever devised by a human mind": Expert warns Giuliani faces "massive" verdict : politics

Proud Boy Who Threw Rock At Capitol Doors On Jan. 6 Sentenced To 5 Years
'I'm not a progressive': Fetterman breaks with the left, showing a maverick side

When the FBI Is Asked to Go After the Right, It Inevitably Comes for the LeftThe FBI was never meant to address right-wing extremists. We cant look to it to stop the right.

Broke Giuliani Must Pay Up $148 Million for Defaming Georgia Election Workers
Rudy can fail, and so can his lawyers

Inside the destruction of reproductive freedom in America
How a Supreme Court Leak Helped Conservative Justices Unite to Overturn Roe
Texas Abortion Case Exposes GOPs Inability to Defend Their Own Laws
Texas Abortion Case Exposes GOPs Inability to Defend Their Own Laws

Conservatives Want to Destroy Public Schools. Communities are Fighting Back.

A Mississippi House candidate is charged after a Satanic Temple display is destroyed at Iowa Capitol
Uproar as after-school Satan club forms at Tennessee elementary school
Uproar as after-school Satan club forms at Tennessee elementary school
Moms For Liberty Is Tearing Itself Apart | One of the Republican Partys most successful grassroots organizations is being torn apart by scandal, including accusations of sexual assault.

Not Gonna Read That -- No matter how bad you think the Times elite are, they are always always worse.
Kill the Children< ... The rise of child roofers comes as young people are crossing the southern border alone in record numbers. Nearly 400,000 children have come to the United States since 2021 without their parents, and a majority have ended up workingThe rise of child roofers comes as young people are crossing the southern border alone in record numbers. Nearly 400,000 children have come to the United States since 2021 without their parents, and a majority have ended up working


Two Americas ... Americans are often taught to think of the differences between Republicans and Democrats as a set of reasonable disagreements over how to tackle agreed-upon problems. But what we can see, in the divergent agendas of Republican-led states and Democrat-led states, is how the differences have far more to do with the actual purpose of government. For Democrats, that purpose is usually the public good. For Republicans, that purpose is harsh social regulation, with little apparent regard for the lives of those who have to endure these policies.
Red States and Blue States Are Becoming Different Countries

The Biggest Scandals of 2023

Incels are getting better at imagining slave sex robots and its making Western women nervous ... Above: a world in which Elon Musk reply guys stop interacting with human women - I have seen the five creepiest photos in known human history, so now you have to as well:
Total recall

The pill messiah -- Doug Smith claims he can end the opioid crisis.But will his troubled past catch up with him first?

Is Arabic a Social Construct? -- Fourteen hundred years ago, a Meccan merchant in the grips of a midlife crisis was hanging out in a cave when an angel came down from Heaven to tell him that God happened to think that his rustic dialect was the best language ever, so now half a billion people who speak different languages claim that they are speaking that one

What is Cosine?
A Number Greater Than Its Own Square?

Mathematics Is The Language Of The Universe
Mathematical Explanation of Chaos, Randomness, and Complexity in the Universe.

Richard Feynman: The Man Who Only Used His Intellect to Enjoy Life

Did Einstein Stand on Newtons Shoulders? No, on Maxwells!


Trump Says Biden Plunging U.S. Into Depression. The Stock Market Hit a Record High
Republicans Passing Bill Letting FBI Spy on Americans Enrages MAGA

Putins Pals Think the GOP Just Won Them the War in Ukraine
Congress approves bill barring any president from unilaterally withdrawing from NATO
Nancy Pelosi Says Jan. 6 Was An Inside JobBy Donald Trump And His GOP Allies

We Now Have Even More Details About James Comer sShady Shell Company

7 SHOCKING Truths about Nicaea>


COP28: UN says staggering $7 trillion spent every year on investments that fuel climate change : worldnews

COP28: UN says staggering $7 trillion spent every year on investments that fuel climate change : worldnews
The age of fossil fuels will end: Australias Chris Bowen hails COP28 agreement

COP28 Climate Summit President Has Direct Conflict of Interest, Al Gore Says

Most US Voters Agree: Make Big Oil Pay for Climate Damage : politics

Developing nations spent record $443.5 billion on public debt in 2022, World Bank says : worldnews

Study shows that sodium-ion batteries have an equivalent climate impact as their lithium-ion counterpartswithout the risk of running out of raw materials, and theres the potential to further reduce climate impact using a better electrolyte

Australia will become the first country in the world to ban engineered stone following surge in silicosis cases
One man sent 17 million scam SMSes, Australian police say. : worldnews

Thailand to legalize same-sex marriage : worldnews ... Good for them. Still wonky its illegal to sell sex toys there. Its not really enforced but you still could technically get in trouble

Japans parliament passes bill to legalize cannabis-derived medicines

15% of South Korean workers beaten or cursed at in workplace : worldnews

Alleged helicopter defector arrested for plotting to take a U.S. chinhock helicopter to China after they offered him $15M : worldnews

Russian Riot Police Raid Gay Club Amid Crackdown OnLGBT Movement

Ukrainian intelligence attacks and paralyses Russias tax system

U.S. imposes sweeping Russia-related sanctions against 250 people, companies : worldnews

Smoke attack disrupts Indian parliament, four arrested. : worldnews

Ghana will enter malaria eliminationphase in 2024

Arab leaders reject international force in post-war Gaza, but offer no alternative : worldnews ... "Weve tried nothing and were all out of ideas"

US warship shoots down Houthi drone launched from Yemen - US official : worldnews
Houthis fire two missiles at jet fuel tanker in Red Sea; US warship downs drone : worldnews
Bullets, missiles fired at Ardmore tanker in latest Houthi attack : worldnews

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cancels Geneva trip amid calls for his arrest : worldnews
(From Fall In Mosque-Goers In Iran Now Highly Alarming - Minister ... Only an abusive person or God would ask someone to discard their own common sense, logic, and reason for them. This regime has mistakenly lifted the veil to this scam by pushing their gaslighting too far ... In February, a senior Iranian cleric, Mohammad Abolghassem Doulabi, revealed that 50,000 out of 75,000 mosques nationwide had been closed due to a significant decline in attendance.
Iran Deports Almost 350,000 Afghans Within 3 Months : worldnews
(Iran) Six Bahais Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for their Faith

Israel close to diplomatic solution to move Hezbollah away from border

Israel likely to govern Gaza by default post-Hamas, says retired US general David Petraeus

Israel must comply with laws of war under US weapons assistance policy, State Department says : politics
Biden warns Netanyahu that Israel attacks on Gaza are alienating international community - In indication of possible shift in tone from the White House, Biden called on Netanyahu to change his hardline government : politics
Biden says Netanyahu must change Israel government, losing global support : worldnews
Biden Points to Gaza Hostages When Asked About Israeli Tunnel Flooding Reports : worldnews ... The freed Israeli hostages were not happy to hear about the flooding plan either. They had a meeting with Netanyahu that did not go well ... she continues: And you are talking about washing the tunnels with sea water? You are shelling the route of tunnels in the exact area where they are. The girls ask me where is their father? And I have to tell them that the bad guys dont want to yet release him. The woman adds: You put politics above the return of the kidnapped. (Netanfuckyu --> Netanfuckup)

Poll shows soaring Palestinian support for Hamas; 72% back October 7 atrocities : worldnews

US and UK impose additional sanctions on Hamas officials : worldnews

Tanzanian Joshua Mollel, missing since Oct. 7, confirmed dead, body held in Gaza : worldnews

Hamas used toxic substance to kill Nahal Oz troops on Oct. 7, IDF probe said to show : worldnews

Zelensky reiterates objection to ceding territory to Russia : worldnews
Biden Administration Announces New Security Assistance for Ukraine : worldnews
Biden Administration Announces New Security Assistance for Ukraine : worldnews
U.S. intelligence assesses Ukraine war has cost Russia 315,000 casualties ... 87% of the total with which it started the war, have been killed or injured, the source said. <
Aid stalemate leaves Zelensky with little to show from US trip : worldnews
Zelensky asks Orban to name one reason" for blocking Ukraines accession to EU
NATO is in Ukraines future: we just have to make sure they win the war - Biden
More than 50 injured as 10 Russian ballistic missiles target Kyiv - Ukraine : worldnews undefined
Scores injured as missiles, drones hit Kyiv
Russia Firing Ballistic Missiles at Ukraine on Par With Gulf War Scud Bombardment : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 658, Part 1 (Thread #804) : worldnews

raging545 - on X: "VIDEO of a Ukrainian soldier with an Australian made "Droneshield" anti-drone gun at the front lines. Interestingly he is also a Columbian soldier fighting with the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. #Ukraine #Ukrainewar #ukraineRussiawar #Russia" / X

Frontline report: Ukraine keeps Avdiivka front stableas Russia claims new attacks -- Facing heavy losses, the Russian command shifts its narrative, saying thattaking the city may not be their primary goal.
#Ukraines new Siberian Battalion and naturally many of them are used to the cold. These Russian recruits are mostly rebels from Siberian regions with large indigenous populations. One Russian said: I don't want to have any part in those terrible crimes that my country did within its own borders, and what is more terrifying, the massed firepower that is now killing thousands of Ukrainians

Russias new Black Sea naval base alarms Georgia

NATO increases military budget by 12% to 2.03 billion euros : worldnews
Too many Europeans pushed into poverty by healthcare costs, says WHO : worldnews

Donald Tusk sworn in as Polish PM : worldnews

Thousands rally in Slovakia to condemn the government plan to close top prosecutors' office : worldnews

Zelensky arrives in Norway for unannounced visit : worldnews
Norwegian PM announces $1.8B in aid to Ukraine : worldnews
Ammunition, tanks and drones: Denmark prepares1 billion aid package for Ukraine (

German chancellor warns about decrease of support for Kyiv: Putin still determined : worldnews
Scholz to lobby for Ukraines accession to EU at European Council summit

Lesbian couple flees Italy as government strips them of parental rights : worldnews

Swiss parliament votes to cut funding for UNRWA amid incitement allegations : worldnews ... UNRWA, also known as Hamas in the West

24 hours into Argentinian presidency, Javier Milei shuts Ministry of Culture : worldnews ... Its slimmed-down budget and operations will be transferred to a new Ministry of Health and Human Capital

Asian American Comedian Murdered in Colombia After Meeting a Woman Online : worldnews ... Authorities said that he was the 27th non-migrant foreigner killed in Medellin and the surrounding area in 2023.
Argentina announces a 50% devaluation of its own currency as part of shock economic measures : worldnews
Argentina devalues peso, cuts spending to treat fiscal deficit addiction

Biden says world leaders keep telling him You can't let Trump win

US issues sweeping sanctions targeting Russia over Ukraine war : worldnews

President Joe Biden has offered changes to US border policy that raises the prospects of a bipartisan deal on immigration and aid to Ukraine, Republican senators report.
Ukraine faces a daunting winter after Zelensky can't convince Republicans to move quickly on new aid
Republicans helping Russia by denying Ukraine aid, Biden says | Ukraine | The Guardian US president announces emergency $200m in aid after Congress continues to deny Volodymyr Zelenskiy
Republicans Try to Blame Dems for GOP Inaction on Ukraine Aid : politics

Biden tells donors Israel is losing support, Netanyahu must change his government
Israel losing global support over Gaza bombing, Biden says : politics
Biden says Netanyahu must change Israel government, losing global support : politics

Biden administration announces $37B in funding to benefit seniors, disabled Americans : politics

Five Ways Biden Can Win in 2024 : politics

House Republican admits vote for Biden impeachment inquiry despite lack of evidence is for election : politics

Supreme Court will rule against Donald Trump, attorney predicts : politics
Supreme Court agrees to quick review of Trumps presidential immunity claim
Lawrence: Justice Kavanaugh destroyed Trump immunity claim 25 years ago : politics
Supreme Court agrees to hear showdown over abortion pill access : politics

How Mike Johnsons creationist beliefs clash with climate facts: He just wasnt interested
How Republicans convinced themselves Americawas meant to be a Christian nation

Court rejects Donald Trumps request for immunity in E. Jean Carrolls defamation suit

Jack Smith Is Going to Expose Trump -- with His Own Cell Phone Data
Donald Trump rages at Supreme Court granting Jack Smiths wish
Investigators accessed Trump White House cellphone records and plan to use them at trial, special counsel says : politics

Trump resorts to old excuse over his dictatorcomments -- he was 'jokijng'

Report: Trump Made $160 Million in Foreign Business Deals as President

Donald Trump sells cut-up pieces of suit he wore in mugshot for $5,000
Trumps Desperation to Sell NFTs Has Him Ripping Up His Clothes

Trump on Hannitys show: 24 false or misleading claims in 5 minutes

Election worker targeted by Rudy Giulianis lies is afraid forher life
Rudy Giuliani Leaves Defamation Trial To Defame Some More Outside : politics

Top Court Clears Path for Democrats to Redraw House Map in New York : politics
New Yorks high court orders new congressional districts, potentially flipping US House

Kate Coxs case reveals how far Texas intends to go to enforce abortion laws
Texas Republicans drove Kate Cox out of her own state. What her abortion story means for America: The conflict between a mother of two and Texas embodies the larger battle for the soul of America : politics
Stunning threat in Texas abortion case steps up Paxton criminalization crusade | State attorney general threatened to prosecute doctors if they provided abortion care to a woman with a nonviable pregnancy
Texas Woman Who Sued for Emergency Abortion Flees State to Get Care
Pregnant women take a leading role in new legal battles over abortion - After the Texas Supreme Court prevented Kate Cox from getting an abortion in Texas, other people seeking abortions may try to sue
Ted Cruz and John Cornyn avoid questions on Kate Cox abortion case : politics
Ann Coulter Joins Critics Of Texas Brutal Anti-Abortion Decision
What Pharmacies Are Doing to Customers Is An Atrocity Even to a Cynic Like Me | In theory, if you take mifepristone up here in the Commonwealth (God save it!), Ken Paxton could learn about it in Texas. : politics

Stunning threat in Texas abortion case steps up Paxton criminalization crusade | State attorney general threatened to prosecute doctors if they provided abortion care to a woman with a nonviable pregnancy

DeSantis staffers blocked release of travel records, whistleblower says : politics
Florida high school fined more than $16K for allowing transgender athlete to play girlsvolleyball

Republican Nikki Haley renews attacks against trans women in sport : politics

Fast food chains use Alabama prison inmates as slave labor, lawsuit alleges (

This wasnt what this interview was going to be about: Ron Johnson flails under pressure from CNN

Tesla could still sue Cybertruck owners if they flip their vehicles too soon / The automaker has reportedly added back the controversial clause against resellers : technology Tesla could still sue Cybertruck owners if they flip their vehicles too soon / The automaker has reportedly added back the controversial clause against resellers
Tesla recalls nearly all vehicles on US roads over lack of Autopilot safeguards : worldnews

Extremely rare dolphin with thumbs spotted off coast of Greece

This Unknown Book Recommended by Andrew Huberman has Changed My Life Forever | by Novel Nest | Nov, 2023 | Books Are Our Superpower

Lee Smolin Deflates the Tacit Pythagoreanism of Todays Physicists
Stephen Hawking says theres no theory of everything



Voter turnout plunges below 30% in Hong Kong election after rules shut out pro-democracy candidates : worldnews

Russia has lost 87% of troops it had prior to start of Ukraine war, according to US intelligence assessment : worldnews

Alexey Navalny, Russian opposition leader, missing from prison, says his team | CNN

Uganda medical researchers ordered to report homosexuals to the government : worldnews

A missile strikes Norwegian-flagged tanker off Yemen in an apparent expansion of rebel attacks : worldnews
Commercial Ship In Flames After Red Sea Missile Attack : worldnews
French Frigate Languedoc Intercepts Yet Another Drone from Yemen - Naval News : worldnews

After Putin-Netanyahu talk, Russia demands Hamas releases hostages : worldnews
Qatar sent millions to Gaza for years with Israels backing. Heres what we know about the controversial deal ... CNN was told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued the cash flow to Hamas, despite concerns raised from within his own government ... Israeli policy was to treat the Palestinian Authority as a burden and Hamas as an asset. ( <--- )
Israel drove suitcases stuffed with cash into Gaza to keep Hamas in power: NYT : Paul Squire - Dec 11, 2023, 1:53 PM EST
Buying Quiet: Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up HamasPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gambled that a strong Hamas (but not too strong) would keep the peace and reduce pressure for a Palestinian state ... an empowered Hamas helped Mr. Netanyahu avoid negotiating over a Palestinian state.
Former US ambassador to Israel Indyk says Netanyahu is a clear and present danger to Israel
Ukraine to EU: Dont wait on US to make decisions

Israeli defense chief resists pressure to halt Gaza offensive, says campaign will take time
IDF says deaths of 20 out of 105 soldiers killed in Gaza op were friendly fire, accidents : worldnews

Half of Gazas population is starving, warns UN
Gallant: Hamas battalions onceconsidered invincible now on verge of collapse

Israel has no intention on staying permanently in Gaza, defence minister says : worldnews

One girl was given ketamine: Israeli doctor says hostages abused, drugged in Gaza

Zelensky Will Travel From Argentina to Washington To Meet With Biden, Lawmakers : worldnews
Ukraine says no green light for EU membership talks would bedevastating
Today, the International Monetary Fund decided to approve the revision of the program for Ukraine. This will allow Ukraine to receive a tranche of about $900 million, permanent representative of Ukraine at the IMF, Vladyslav Rashkovan reported.
Ukraines Largest Mobile Operator Knocked Out, Millions Lose Phone and Internet Service

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 657, Part 1 (Thread #803) : worldnews

combat losses of russia in ukraine's via UA forces : ukraine

UNITED24media on X: "We will never forget what Russia did to Mariupol and its people." / X

1/5) Russian forces highly likely continue to struggle when fighting at night. Numerous reports from combatants have highlighted this trend since the start of the war
(3/5) NVGs have frequently featured high in the lists of equipment Russian units request from their families and supporters. Ukrainian forces have often been equipped with night vision devices from international partners.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine hacked the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation,t is reported that as a result of a large-scale cyberattack, all servers were affected by malicious software. Configuration files that ensured the functioning of the complex tax system of the Russian Federation were completely destroyed, including the database and its backup copies.

European Union Targets Iran Drone Industry, Citing Russias Use Against Ukraine

Donald Tusk wins parliaments backing to be new Polish PM
Polands Law and Justice party loses power after eight years of authoritarian rule
Rights court rules Poland should recognise same-sex partnerships : worldnews
Far-right MP expelled from Polish parliament after spraying Hanukkah candles with fire extinguisher : news

Latvia Signs $105M Coastal Missile Defense Deal With US : worldnews

Reichsbrger: German far-right extremists charged with planning violent coup

Irelands lack of sonar forced British navy to chase Russian sub away from Cork Harbour

MI6 chief thanks Russian state television for its help in encouraging Russians to spy for the UK
Anguish grows over effective ban on most UK citizens marrying foreign nationals ... Honestly, is evil af. I have to choose between going home or my wife. One day I want to raise my children in the UK

Media: Brazilian President Lula denies Zelenskys request to meet

Panama Canal drought to disrupt global trade well into 2024 : worldnews

Mexico's president vows to eliminate regulatory, oversight agencies, claiming they are 'useless'

Farmers Killed 10 Cartel Members with Machetes Over Extortion Fees : worldnews

CSIS chief says he learned new details of alleged plot to kill Sikh activist from U.S. indictment Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar was gunned down in B.C. in June
A report by Amnesty International says police in British Columbia conducted arbitrary arrests andaggressive surveillance, harassment and intimidationof First Nations protesters blocking a pipeline project.
Alberta Sets a Methane Super-Emitter Record
Canadian charged with 14 counts second degree murder/counselling suicide, in addition to alleged links to 117 deaths worldwide in up to 40 countries : worldnews

Putin must lose: Zelenskiy arrives in US to try to save $61bn Ukraine aid package
Zelensky arrived at Congress : pics
White House: Another aid package for Ukraine to be announced before end of year : worldnews
U.S. declassifies intel as the White House pushes for more Ukraine funding : ukraine

Congress Pulls Bill That Would Massively Expand Surveillance After Dramatic Showdown

I am a Zionist, says Biden at Hanukkah event, promises continued military assistance to Israel
Biden tells donors Israel is losing support, Netanyahu must change his government | CNN Politics : worldnews

Over 100 European lawmakers call on US Congress to approve aid for Ukraine : worldnews (Refucks: "Fuck off")

Red States and Blue States Are Becoming Different Countries -- Jamelle Bouie - Dec. 12, 2023 : politics

The Supreme Court's "Dilemma." How can they give Trump legal immunity, but not Biden? : PoliticalHumor
Senate Democrats press Thomas to recuse himself from Trump immunity case : politics

Jack Smith to use Trumps phone data at trial
Jack Smiths SCOTUS leapfrog is the "smart" move, experts say

NBC News demands Trump campaign takes down fake clip : politics

I hope all the 19 year old geopolitical scholars on TikTok who say they "won't vote for Genocide Joe" are happy when King Donald decides to nuke Gaza like it's an incoming hurricane : PoliticalHumor

Watch Matt Gaetz Get Trolled With Underage Sex Awardat Republican Event

Restrictive abortion and LGBTQ policies could make Texas less desirable to move to, impact economy, study says : politics

A Complete Waste of Tim: What the Colony Ridge Hysteria Says About the Right-wing Media Ecosystem

Kentucky woman who sued for abortion access says embryo no longer has cardiac activity : news ... Unpopular opinion, but we should surgically implant a dead fetus inside GOP senators and then tell them no when they want it removed.

GOP Senator Flabbergasted When Asked to Back Up Evidence-Free Claim | The Republican senator appeared speechless when asked to back up his wild claim about Democrats.

Fox News Hosts Say Republicans Have No Evidence to Impeach Joe Biden : politics

An Iowa fight over a Satanic display reminds us: Republicans believe "free speech" is only for them : politics

As ChatGPT gets lazy people test winter break hypothesis

Stephen Colbert Details Hospitalization, Recovery for Ruptured Appendix:I Was Not Aware of the Amount of Trouble I Was In
Stephen Colbert Details Hospitalization, Recovery for Ruptured Appendix: I Was Not Aware of the Amount of Trouble I Was In

Harvard Corporation Breaks Silence, Stating Support for Gay While Addressing Plagiarism Allegations | News | The Harvard Crimson
Harvard Corporation Breaks Silence, Stating Support for Gay While Addressing Plagiarism Allegations | News | The Harvard Crimson : news

The photographer Leonardo Sens, waited 3 years to take this shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. : pics

TIL about Derinkuyu (modern day Turkey), a 3000 year old underground city that once housed up to 20000 people and their livestock : todayilearned

The 5alpha condensate state in 20Ne -- Nature Communications

Study on 142 children aged from birth to 18 months, found that adding fish to a toddlers repertoire of finger foods may help protect them from neurodevelopmental delays thanks to a child's microbiome that amplified the positive-influence

Scientists Discover 512-Year-Old Shark, Which Would Be The Oldest Living Vertebrate On The Planet : worldnews

In a new study two forever chemicals PFAS(PFOS and PFOA) spurred cancer cells in the lab to migrate to new positions, an indication that the chemicals could contribute to cancer metastasis in living organisms

Politely asking Genghis Khan to stop killing people : videos

Twenty-year study confirms California forests are healthier when burned or thinned

Why is the earliest sunset in the northern hemisphere not on the winter solstice? : askscience

What small nation has a lot of cultural influence and relevance around the world? : AskReddit

TIL President Johnson (LBJ) was almost beaten with a tire iron for trying to trick black people into opening a trunk full of snakes : todayilearned

TIL - The severed head of Mata Hari was embalmed and kept in the Museum of Anatomy in Paris. In 2000, archivists discovered that it had disappeared : todayilearned

Author Cait Corrain loses book deal after accusations of review bombing on Goodreads : books

Which character suffered the biggest micarriage of justice? [SPOILERS] : television


Whats the absolute scariest horror movie that youve ever watched?

The 21 Best Memes Of 2023 That Took Over The Internet

Hamilton man shot in testicle by ex-girlfriend: 911 call : news


The Qatargate Files: Hundreds of leaked documents reveal scale of EU corruption scandal : worldnews undefined

Russia Forming Assault Units with Disabled Soldiers, Relatives Outraged : worldnews
Russia made more money from oil exports in October than it did in any month before the Ukraine war : worldnews

Anguish grows over effective 'ban'' on most UK citizens marrying foreign nationals

Argentina's President Javier Milei reduces ministries from 18 to nine on first day in office : worldnews

See No Evil -- Why Does the Chicago Police Department Tolerate Abusive Racists in Its Ranks?

In identical twins, when one is diagnosed with dementia, BOTH have similarly shortened life expectancy : science

OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever has become invisible at the company, with his future uncertain, insiders say : technology

In identical twins, when one is diagnosed with dementia, BOTH have similarly shortened life expectancy : science


Pledges from climate talks not enough to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, IEA says : worldnews

Observers Say OPEC Panicking as COP28 Talks Focus on Possible Fossil Fuel Phase-Out

Almost 100 journalists killed and 400 imprisoned in 2023, says report | Journalist safety : worldnews

Hundreds From Philippines Set Sail as Tensions Flare With China : worldnews
Philippines, China trade blame over South China Sea clash : worldnews

Hong Kong makes final push for opposition-free local election, but voters uncertain about race : worldnews

With Putins reelection all but assured, Russias opposition still vows to undermine his image
/Multiple Russian political opposition figures have reportedly developed a common campaign strategy for the upcoming presidential campaign cycle aimed at compelling Putin to address topics he seeks to avoid and revealing the breadth of Russian opposition against Putin.

Russia has recruited over 100,000 prisoners for its 'human wave' assaults against Ukraine since the war began, reports say : worldnews
Russia tries to unfreeze gold reserves for climate funds at COP28 : worldnews

gurpatwant singh pannun: Must hold assassination plotters accountable: US - The Economic Times The White House has urged India to hold accountable the ones behind an alleged plot to assassinate a Sikh separatist leader which the US claims to have thwarted
Must hold assassination plotters accountable: US : worldnews
Indias plan for 50,000 e-buses on its roads gets US support

Qatar PM warns: Gaza war putting entire generation at risk of radicalisation

Houthi Militia Threatens to Block All Ships Headed to Israel -- It was unclear to what extent the Iranian-backed militia, which controls northern Yemen, would be able to act on its expanded warning.
Houthi Militia Threatens to Block All Ships Headed to Israel : worldnews
Houthi official: Well now target any Israel-bound ship of any ownership
French Navy intercepts two drones fired from Houthi area in Yemen : worldnews
Israel ready to act against Houthi rebels if international community fails to, official says | CNN : worldnews

Iraqs Kataeb Hezbollah vows more attacks on US forces

Teenage children of jailed Narges Mohammadi accept her Nobel Peace Prize : worldnews
Mossad helps arrest two Iranians in plot to attack Israelis in Cyprus : worldnews
Iran bans Mahsa Aminis family from travelling to accept EUs Sakharov human rights prize
Iran Accuses Jailed Swedish EU Diplomat Of Conspiring With Israel : worldnews

Six civilians, including two children and a woman, killed by Assad regimes shelling on Idlib City and Sarmin Town, 25 more civilians injured by missile shelling on different areas in the province

Netanyahu appreciates US veto in UN,says Gaza war willcontinue
Netanyahu criticizes dangerous Russia-Iran cooperation directly to Putin
Israel will not bow to international pressure to end war with Hamas, says Netanyahu : worldnews
Israeli tanks reach centre of Khan Younis in new storm of southern Gaza : news
Report: Israeli sources say intense fighting in Gaza to go on for 2 more months : worldnews
Israel: pressure to end war inconsistent with support for eliminating Hamas : worldnews

Israel-Hamas war: Terrorists lose contact with Gaza leaders, surrender : worldnews
Sinwar denying reality, fled north Gaza in humanitarian convoy ... When Sinwar appears in public it will always be with a child. its to avoid assassination.

Israel says over 7,000 militants killed in Gaza Strip : worldnews

IDF releases video of Hamas stealing aid from Gazans : worldnews
Gaza in chaos as Palestinian anger against Hamas grows : worldnews

After weeks in Hamas tunnels, some freed child hostages still speaking in whispers : worldnews

Israel orders more evacuations in Khan Younis after US blocks Gaza ceasefire call : worldnews

sraeli strike leaves Gazas oldest mosque in ruins

Israel is detaining civilians in Gaza. Many have disappeared, families say. - The Washington Post

U.S., Ukraine counteroffensive plans marred by miscalculations, disagreement - The Washington Post
Volodymyr Zelenskyy : While in Argentina, I had a call with @EmmanuelMacron.
Ukraine says any Russian presidential voting in its occupied regions would be null and void
Ukraine condemns Russian plans for elections on occupied territory : worldnews
Ukraine and US Sign Historic Joint-Weapons Production Agreement : worldnews
Ukrainian Parliament Amends Laws on National Minorities Rights
Wartime spread of drug-resistant infections in Ukraine is an urgent crisis, CDC report says

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 655, Part 1 (Thread #801) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Dec. 10, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This was probably the start of a more concerted campaign by Russia aimed at degrading Ukraines energy infrastructure. However, initial reports indicate the majority of these missiles were successfully intercepted by Ukrainian air defence

Finnish Public Service Yle exposes how Russia systematically russifies Ukrainian children from destroyed Mariupol, near the Finnish border in the former Finnish town of Terijoki (now russified to Zelenogorsk)

Supo declassifies 60-year-old file on JFK killer Lee Harvey Oswald (Finland) : worldnews
Supo declassifies 60-year-old file on JFK killer Lee Harvey Oswald | Yle News | Yle With the 60-year confidentiality period lifted, the files offer insights into Oswald's mysterious stay in Helsinki before he visited the Soviet UnionThe Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo) has declassified a 60-year-old file shedding light on Lee Harvey Oswald's visit to Finland in 1959.

Swedish cartoon published on the day of CHOD visit to #Ukraine combat units.

LEAK: European Commission readies single market scheme for defence

Germany warns of warmonger Putin pushing propaganda at Paris Olympics

Italian climate change protesters turn Venices Grand Canal green

Saudi Arabia could take effective majority controlof London Heathrow

Lula urges caution to Maduro amidst escalating Guyana-Venezuela row : worldnews
Guyanese and Venezuelan leaders to meet Thursday on border row : worldnews

Secret Indian Memo Ordered Concrete Measures Against Hardeep Singh Nijjar Two Months Before His Assassination in Canada
Royal Navy warship HMS Trent sent to Caribbean to hunt drug smugglers : worldnews

Canadas surging cost of living fuels reverse immigration
Disinformation is the hreat of a generation,but Canada is struggling to deal with it: National security adviser

CNN poll: Large majority of US adults and half of Republicans agree with Bidens goal to slash climate pollution

1.8 Million Barrels of Oil a Day Avoided from Electric Vehicles : technology ... Well, its beginning to be statistically significant. The world burns 97 million barrels a day

Soon, Biden Will Call for the War to End. And Netanyahu Will Attack Him : politics
VP Harris presses Israel on civilian deaths in Gaza. What does international law say? : politics
Biden administration uses emergency authority to sell about 14,000 tank shells to Israel : worldnews
US skips congressional review to approve emergency sale of tank shells to Israel : worldnews

Biden dings Trump on infrastructure, while he showcases $8.2B for 10 major rail projects
Biden announces proposal to replace all lead water service lines in US within 10 years : politics (Refuckers are outraged)

Republicans to meet allies of Hungarys Viktor Orban on ending Ukraine aid ... wtf Republicans? I mean, you're straight up just strategizing with fascists now? How can people vote for you?

US Oil Will Keep Booming in 2024, Setting up Possible Clash With Saudis
US oil production will keep booming in 2024, setting up a possible showdown with Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Morally, this is obscene: GOP divided over stripping compensation for radiation victims from NDAA

Not just the Supreme Court: Ethics troubles plague state high courts, too : politics

Liz Cheney: Speaker Mike Johnson cant be trusted to defend the constitution

Less appetite and opportunity to serve as fake Trump electors in 2024

Mitt Romney says he doesnt see any evidence to authorize Joe Biden impeachment inquiry
Trump thehuman gumball machine willimpose his will on the nation if elected, Romney says

Trump Doubles Down on Dreams of Being a Dictator : politics
Opinion | Robert Kagan: How to stop the Trump dictatorship - The Washington Post
Why Trump Refuses to Deny He Plans to Become a Dictator: Its because he loves dictators.
Trump defends dictator comments amid NYC soiree filled with MAGA diehardsAt an event with key figures within the MAGA movement, the former president repeated comments that he wants to be a dictator on 'day one'

Megyn Kelly said that Donald Trump is increasingly confused and not asmentally sharpas he once was

As 2024 approaches, the media is faced with the question of how to cover Donald Trump : politcs
What Will Happen to the American Psyche If Trump Is Reelected? : politics

The poison of Trumps intolerant language: Violent rhetoric is a road to civil war
Donald Trump will never leave office voluntarily Rep. Schiff on the threat of a second Trump term

Master Calendar of Trump Court Dates: Criminal and Civil Cases : politics ... 25 cases in the next year

Jack Smith reveals sweeping scope of bid to debunk Trump election machine claims : politics

Trump say he's snot testifying in his civil fraud Monday


Giulianis financial woes could compound as he faces mounting legal exposure
Giuliani spread lies about Georgia election workers. A jury will decide what he owes them. : politics

Christie gets new life after punchy debate | The Hill ... And the better he performs, the longer he will stay in the race. And the longer he stays in the race, the bigger advantage Trump has to win the nomination
Christie gets new life after punchy debate : politics

Liz Cheneys 2024 campaign mission: Defeat House Republicans

Republican States Are Gayer Than You Think : ... Overall, it found that the U.S. had an LGBT population of 5.6 percent. That population varied widely between individual states; West Virginia and Mississippi had the joint lowest, 4.1 percent, while Washington, D.C. and Kentucky had the highest proportions14.3 percent and 10.5 percent respectively.- politics

Democrats, Biden campaign condemn blocking of emergency abortion for Texas woman : politics
J.D. Vance Said Republicans Arent Trying to Limit Birth Control Access. Heres a List.

No, expelling George Santos didnt set a bad precedent
Republicans are trying harder than ever to suppress the youth vote : politics

Kate Cox cant get abortion for now, Texas Supreme Court court says, halting judges OK
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton literally

A massive tech company exodus is occurring in Texas, reports show : technology ... a Texodus ... Texit

After Dobbs, doctors say more people are turning to permanent contraception : news

AOC blasts GOP for subjecting children to genital exams with anti-trans sports bans. AOC blasted state policies that force genital examinations on minors if anyone accuses a student athlete of not being the "right" gender. : politics

NYCs congestion pricing plans highlight America's troubled history with trains

Tesla drivers run Autopilot where its not intendedwith deadly consequences (Elon marketing death)
Inside the final seconds of a deadly Tesla Autopilot crash - Washington Post A reconstruction of the wreck shows how human error and emerging technology can collide with deadly results

Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories are allowed back on X : technology (Elongated Dickhead marketng hate and violence)

OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever has become invisible at the company, with his future uncertain, insiders say : technology

Tornado causes massive explosion : WTF

Man arrested after grandpa sucker-punched while pushing grandchild in stroller : news

On the streets, opioids sometimes more potent than fentanyl: nitazenes - The Washington Post

Were on the side of righteousness
Opinion | How Telfar shopping bags help me find Black joy over and over and over - The Washington Post

Crews search for survivors, survey damage after Tennessee tornadoes leave at least 6 dead | CNN : news

ChatGPT-created letters of recommendation are nearly indistinguishable from human-authored letters, study finds : science

Salton Sea Lithium Discovery: Fueling Innovation in Electric Vehicle Battery Production
Salton Sea Lithium Discovery: Fueling Innovation in Electric Vehicle Battery Production - Different Hub ... Conclusion: The Salton Sea's lithium reservoir isnt just a discovery; its a beacon of hope for cleaner energy and sustainable resource extraction. Join us in following this journey toward a greener tomorrow.

Mysterious Link Between Owning Cats And Schizophrenia Is Real, Study Says : worldnews

Scientists tested the ability of tiny antibodies produced by llamas, called nanobodies, to effectively neutralize human norovirus, which causes acute gastroenteritis and 212,000 deaths annually, in the lab, and found they neutralized the current circulating pandemic strain and its older variants. : science

Pliosaur discovery: Huge sea monster emerges from Dorset cliffs

The Single Sentence Buddha Kept Repeating When He Taught Mindfulness :Intense Completely Understanding; Fully Aware.

TIL of Dr. Benjamin Spock, a pediatrician whose 1946 book "Baby and Child Care" is one of the best-selling books of the twentieth century. His then unconventional advice to parents to show affection to their children and to see them as individuals revolutionized how parents raised their children. : todayilearned

Pole dancing classes boost womens mental wellbeing, study finds

Discrimination During Pregnancy May Alter Circuits in Infants Brains. Scientists found infants of mothers who experienced discrimination generally had weaker connections between their amygdala and prefrontal cortex (c

Children born moderately early between 32 and 38 weeksgestation are more likely to have developmental disorders such as language delay, cognitive impairment, ADHD and Cerebral palsy compared with children born at full term, according to a major new study

Spinal Stenosis | Johns Hopkins Medicine

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis | Johns Hopkins Medicine
Exercises for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Pin on Sciatica
What is Sciatica? | Johns Hopkins Medicine ... also called lumbar radiculopathy ... Sciatica usually heals on its own with rest and time.

ELI5: Why do different amphetamineshave such vastly different effects?

TIL: over 600 US planes crashed in a remote region of the Himalayas whilst delivering supplies to Chinese forces over thehump
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)

Gen Z and millennials visit libraries at higher rates than older generations : books

What are some movie urban legends that are still talked about as if theyre true?

ELI5 How do saws that stop automatically if they hit a finger work? : explainlikeimfive (fingers are capacitorss)
Saw a weird formation of clouds today : pics
Weird shape formed by clouds yesterday in Outat El Haj, Boulmane, Morocco : pics

TIL Emperor Justinian II (685-695 and 705-711) was overthrown in a rebellion and had his nose cut off to prevent him from ever ruling again. However, he managed to return to power in 705 with a prosthetic gold nose and took his revenge on those who had deposed him. : todayilearned

Whats the wildest thing you've seen going on at a party you were at?

What is something GOOD going on in the world that a lot of people arent aware of?
Uplifting News


John Kerry warns against carbon capturesgreat facade as a climate cure-all

Observers see OPEC panickingas COP28 climate talks focus on possible fossil fuel phase-out

OPEC Leader Tells Members to Block Any Climate Summit Deal to Curb Fossil Fuels - The New York Times In a letter, the secretary general of the oil cartel called on countries in the group to reject any text or formula that targets energy
OPEC Leader Tells Members to Block Any Climate Summit Deal to Curb Fossil Fuels : worldnews

Azerbaijan says it has sealed consensus to host COP29: The COP28 summit still needs to formally approve the next host country. Azerbaijan would follow Dubai in being the second host in a row to be a major producer of fossil fuels.

The world's wealthiest families got $1.5 trillion richer in 2023, with Hermes owners and the rulers of Abu Dhabi leading the way
families got $1.5 trillion richer in 2023, with Hermes owners and the rulers of Abu Dhabi leading the way
The world's wealthiestfamilies got $1.5 trillion richer in 2023, with Hermes owners and the rulers of Abu Dhabi leading the way -

Australias PM Albanese says migration intake must be sustainable
Rabies-like disease detected in South Australian bats

Philippines condemns Chinas actions in South China Sea against fishing vessels
Philippines still among countries with lowest proficiency in reading, mathematics, and science : worldnews

Bear attacks in Japan are at a record high. Climate change and an aging population are making the problem worse | CNN : worldnews

Chinas November consumer prices fall the fastest in 3 years

With war the organizing principle of Russian life, the continuation of aggression against Ukraine and the crusade against Western interests at home and abroad is becoming the raison dre for the entire machinery of Putinism," @AlexGabuev writes

Vladimir Putin praises Modi for his tough policies; says he is main guarantor of steady Russia-India relationship (dicktofucks hang together)

Russia Issues Arrest Warrant for U.S.-Russian Journalist Masha Gessen : worldnews ... Gessen who uses they/them pronouns is a nonbinary and transgender person. They moved to New York in 2013, when Russia started imposing restrictive policies against the LGBT community. Gessen is a longtime outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin.
Masha Gessen - Wikipedia

Moscow Bans QR Codes in Billboards Over Navalnys Anti-Putin Campaign
Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Missing For Three Days, Life At Risk Supporters Say

Russias Kursk region bans coercing omen to have abortions through propaganda of abortion and childfree lifestyle

Russian cities cancel New Year celebrations to save money for war : worldnews

Russia has begun buying eggs from Turkey. It is cheaper to import eggs from Turkey than to produce them in Russia. Russia continues to claim that sanctions do not work.

Czech Reflex magazine has proposed the following design for Russian and Belarusian teams uniforms.

Russia records 11 incidents involving civilian airplanes in first 8 days of December : worldnews
Russia records 11 incidents involving civilian airplanes in first 8 days of December The incidents highlighted the increasingly apparent impact of Western sanctions on Russia's airlines, which have prohibited the export of aviation-related technology and spare parts and banned the ability of Russian airlines or Russian-owned airplanes to use EU airspace.

Toshakhana case: Pakistan National Accountability Bureau summons Imran Khans wife
Toxic smog in Pakistan leaves tens of thousands ill : worldnews

We deliver to Ministers, MP: Uganda plans ban on sale of used clothes; 80,000 people, mostly women, to lose jobs

Turkey issues arrest warrant for Somali presidents son over fatal traffic crash

Egypt said to warn Israel ties could rupture if Gaza multitudes flee to Sinai

Yemen's Houthis say they will target ships in Red Sea en route to Israel : worldnews

US vetoes extraordinary UN Resolution demanding immediate Gaza ceasefire : worldnews

Civilians make up 61% of Gaza deaths from airstrikes, Israeli study finds : worldnews ... Thats about the same fraction of men killed. So are they just counting all males as Hamas? How do they know if they are supposedly dressed as civilians? How do they determine who is Hamas? Something doesn't add up.

Israeli Defense Minister cites indications that Hamasis beginning to break in Gaza

IDF reports rockets fired at Israel from Gaza humanitarian zone : worldnews
Israeli National Security Adviser Hanegbi indicates war against Hezbollah likely after defeat of Hamas

Russia Warns Israel Over Flooding Tunnels in Gaza: War Crime ... and trust us, we know war crimes

Police break up Jewish ultranationalist march through Muslim quarter of Jerusalems Old City (not at all a provacation)

Ukraines Zelenskyy will travel to Argentina for Mileis swearing in as president
Zelenskys four possible reasons for traveling to Mileis inauguration in Buenos Aires (Spanish, translation in comments)
With Zelensky in the swearing of Javier Milei, Argentina changes its geopolitical framing - Infobae (Spanish, use translate)
President Zelenskyy arrived at Sal Airport in Cape Verde for a meeting with Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva : ukraine
Ukraines first lady warns of mortal danger if West backs down over support
EU aims to grant Ukraine aid even if Hungary vetoes it at coming summit : worldnews
Ukraines parliament approves bills
Ukraines parliament adopts range of European integration laws related to combating corruption as key for EU talks
Kyiv Says World Olympic Body Allowing Russian Athletes is Encouraging War in Ukraine
A Soviet-era statue of a Red Army commander taken down in Kyiv | AP News (riding a horse)

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 654, Part 1 (Thread #800) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 9.12.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian soldier with the call sign Barbie talks about the Bradley : ukraine

This drone crew is one of the most effective on the battlefield. They destroy artillery up to 30 kilometers behind enemy lines, as well as mortar positions directly on the frontline with the Punisher UAVs. Watch us join the crew for a day:

Up to 800,000 Russian citizens illegally arrive in Crimea during its occupation : worldnews

Pouring oil on fire Azerbaijans President slams sale of Indian arms to Armenia

EU reaches deal to enable members to ban Russian gas imports : worldnews
European Union nations reach landmark agreement on Artificial Intelligence regulation : worldnews
EU agrees historic deal with worlds first laws to regulate AI
EU approves ban on destruction of unsold clothing : worldnews
EU adds Hamas military chiefs Mohammed Deif, Marwan Issa to terror blacklist

US envoy slams Hungarian PM Orbn as a leader who embraces Putin
Orban openly switches to Russian agenda - Tusk
EU aims to grant Ukraine aid even if Hungary vetoes it at coming summit : worldnews

Switzerland urged to join NATOs united front against Putin

Germanys Chancellor Olaf Scholz sent a clear message to #Ukraine and the world at the SPD party conference today. Germany will not stop supporting Ukraine in the coming years, and Germany will have to do more if others let up.
Germanys Social Democrats say their previous policy on Russia was a mistake, underestimated Putin's imperial thinking

Life for the Lowest Class in Ancient Pompeii? It Was Awful. - The New York Times Excavations in the ancient ruins have unearthed a cramped space where enslaved workers and donkeys performed their grueling tasks.
Life for the Lowest Class in Ancient Pompeii? It Was Awful. Excavations in the ancient ruins have unearthed a cramped space where enslaved workers and donkeys performed their grueling tasks. : worldnews

Frances Emmanuel Macron buffeted from all sides in row over secularism
France's Le Pen ordered to stand trial in EU funding scandal

Italian grandmother who has lived in UK for 42 years told to leave by Home Office | UK News | Sky News Leonarda Zarcone, born in Italy and a French citizen, and her husband moved to the UK in 1981. Post-Brexit, she and her family were granted settled status, but the Home Office requested more information.
Italian grandmother who has lived in UK for 42 years told to leave by Home Office : worldnews

Illegal Gold Mines Were Just Blown to Pieces in the Amazon : worldnews

11 dead in clash between criminal gang and villagers in central Mexico : worldnews
CDC issues travel advisory for Mexico, citing Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Indian proxies funding Canadian politicians at all levels of government: CSIS Report
Canadas opposition filibusters overnight against PM Trudeaus carbon tax We have successfully killed a day of government business," Conservative House leader Andrew Scheer told reporters
5 now dead in majorcantaloupe salmonella outbreak as Canadian cases nearly double ... cantaloupes textured skin can trap and hold bacteria it picks up during growing, harvesting, packing, storage, transport, and distribution. This is why you should wash the skin before cutting it. The transferring of the bacteria occurs when cutting the infected skin and it touches the meat inside.

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

White House: Costs of not supporting Ukraine too high to pay : worldnews
More than 30% of Americans are in favor of cutting aid to Ukraine : This is evidenced by the data of a Pew Research Center poll. At the same time, 29% of respondents believe that the current aid is enough, while 18% demand its increase ... So, the Republicans are blocking aid despite public opinion favoring Ukraine aid
Ukraine aid in growing jeopardy as Republicans double down on their demands for border security : politics
Russia Celebrates Republicans Blocking Aid to Ukraine With a Missile Barrage : politics
The GOPs abandonment of Ukraine makes me ashamed to be an American

State Department approves sale of tank ammunition to Israel, bypassing Congress : politics
Poll: A third of Americans approve of Bidens Israel-Hamas response
Eschaton: Veto I try to be upbeat, but when people ask WHAT CAN JOE BIDEN DO, not vetoing a UN resolution is it. We're long past pretending back channel negotiations are helpful. They're fully endorsing this, and that's their legacy ... We pretend too much that "history will remember." Historians might, but ultimately the people who control the microphones and the school curriculums control what "we" remember. Still this will be the biggest thing of the Biden administration.

Family Separation at the Border Is Over, for Now - A San Diego judge ended family separation for 8 years. : politics
Federal Judge Preemptively Blocks Restarting Trumps Family Separation at the Border - Settlement ends what judge calls 'one of the most shameful chapters in American history' as Trump refuses to rule out renewing controversial program if he wins presidency

Biden administration announces largest passenger rail investment since Amtrak creation : politics

Biden announces nearly $5 billion in student loan forgiveness : politics

Biden: November jobs numbers are in an economicsweet spot

Inside the closed-door meeting where Tuberville caved : politics

We Need More John Fettermans in the Senate : politics

Record $15.9bn in US political ad spending expected for 2024 : politics

December 2023 National Poll: Economic Worries and Anxiety Driving Younger Voters Away from Biden

Kevin McCarthys exit shows that Congress is now the House of Maga
Kevin McCarthy endorses Trump for president and would consider serving in his Cabinet : politics

Trump Takes 2024 Lead as Biden Approval Hits New Low, WSJ Poll Finds

Biden mocks Trump during California fundraising trip : politics
Rebuild the base How the Biden campaign will tackle a possible Trump rematch (

Hunter Biden criminal tax charges rare, say experts : politics
Hunter Biden: Republicans are trying to kill meto destroy fathers presidency
GOP Oversight chair targeting Hunter Biden twists himself in knots over latest charges : politics
White House reups Bidens pledge not to pardon son if convicted - Nothing has changed

Inside Trumps Plot To Corrupt the 2024 Election With Garbage Data
Donald Trump Is Already Trying to Overturn the 2024 Election: The former president is already trying to sow chaos about the next presidential election. : politics

Cheney: Trumps comments must be taken literally and seriously

Experts: Filing shows how Trump plans to go around Judge Chutkan to stop casedead in its tracks

Donald Trump could be "killed" in jail: Prison expert : politics
What Donald Trumps time in prison could look like

The Trump Prosecutions Are Cause to Celebrate the Rule of Law : politics

Trump Is Coming for Your Health Care -- Again

Loudermilk says blurring Jan. 6 riotersfaces is to protect them from insurrection hunters

Hey Stephen, you need to calm down - Lawyers, Guns & Money Stephen Miller, along with several other right wing scumeaters are having extremely normal reactions to Tims Person of the Year
Republicans Are Once Again Being Very Weird About Taylor Swift | The New Republic

GOPs Vance seeks investigation into op-ed that criticized Trump | After a journalist warned of a possible Republican dictatorship, Sen. J.D. Vance contacted law enforcement, requesting a possible criminal investigation.
Senate Republican says Washington Post op-ed suggested open rebellion against US
Sen. Vance sends letter slamming Ohio State University DEI efforts, calling it racial hatred

DeSantis Super PAC Cancels Donor Event Citing Waning Interest : politics
DeSantis Revives Vicious Attacks on LGBTQ Families as His Campaign Flounders - Nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ adults now say they face discrimination in their daily lives as anti-LGBTQ violence spikes. : politics
Casey DeSantis encourages Republicans nationwide to vote in Iowa caucus : politics
Iowa GOP says only residents can caucus after Casey DeSantis urges others to 'participate'
Casey DeSantis Backpedals After Urging Out-of-StateMamas for DeSantis to Participate in Iowa Caucus
A loving tribute to Rick Scott - Lawyers, Guns & Money With Ron DeSantis term limited out, Florida Republicans are going to need a new gubernatorial candidate. This guy is making a hell of a pitch:

Wisconsin Fake Electors Admit It Was All A Sham! : politics
Why Is One of Trumps Fake Electors Still Overseeing Voting in Wisconsin?

Texas Supreme Court halts order allowing emergency abortion : politics
Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts ruling allowing woman to have emergency abortion : politics
Texas Supreme Court temporarily halts ruling allowing Dallas woman to get an abortion : politics
Paxton asking TX Supreme Court to Force a woman to give birth to a non viable fetus : politics
Texas Supreme Court abets Ken Paxtons fascist crusade ... the top priority is controlling and brutalizing womenThis is what abortion bans in America have always been about, and why they are not consistent with either the equal protection or due process clauses of thr 14th Amendment.
Texas attorney general says he will sue doctor who gives abortion to Kate Cox : politics
Texas Supreme Court abets Ken Paxtons fascist crusade

Democrat aligned groups are working to put a state constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights on Montanas ballot next year, a move that would boost embattled Democratic Sen. Jon Tester re-election bid ... The effort in Montana is part of a national strategy by Democrats to put abortion issues on the ballot in as many critical states as possible.

Eschaton: No They Don't : How we got here in one column headline ... Centrist dipshits, man.
In Texas, Ken Paxton takes abortion law into his own hands By Ruth Marcus ... I strongly support the right to abortion. But I believe that those on the other side are, for the most part, motivated by the sincere belief that abortion is the taking of a human life. And so, I try to write about this contested subject with respect for their views, and for the moral underpinning of their convictions. (they all want to control womens' bodies, you centrist dipshit)

Sex scandalized GOP official reportedly cites Trump values as new Republican standard : politics

Republican Reveals His Own Daughters OnlyFans Account
Eschaton: Viper Sack I wonder if any of these people ever think about why, exactly, everyone around them is a complete asshole ... A Republican member of Congress is alleging that a former top aide spearheaded a vindictive threat to expose his daughters OnlyFans account.

Her Online Sex Life Was Exposed. She Lost Her Election. Now Shes Speaking Out.Susanna Gibsons campaign was rocked when an opponent exposed her private digital life to the public. She wont be the last.

Arena Group? More like AIrena Group. Am I right? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The civil liberties group says it opposes the N.R.A. and its mission but has agreed to represent it in the Supreme Court in a free-speech case.
The A.C.L.U. Has a New Client: The National Rifle Association : politics

I find it distasteful to be defending presidents of elite American universities, since they represent the pinnacle of the contemporary pyramid of overpaid university administrators in our extremely dysfunctional higher education system. But ... The metaphorical lynch mob that has come after the presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn for the crime of having tried to give intelligent and nuanced answers to gotcha questions from fascist Trump enabler Elise Stefanik is a disgrace.

The free speech myth - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Liz Magill resigns - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well I guess a lot of LGM commenters are going to be happy that Liz Magill was forced to resign for giving a truthful and indisputably legally correct answer to an utterly absurd bad faith question. After all, she should have known how dangerous it was to answer in such a provocative way, instead of using more demure and modest language ... Magill a lawyer and law professor refused to perjure herself by uttering a preposterous lie in response to Elise Stefaniks trolling, and she paid for this refusal with her job. But I guess she was asking for it, right?
UPenn president, board chairman resign after firestorm over answers to Congress about antisemitism on campus - The Boston Globe

We watched our friends grow up together and we saw them as they fell - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Plus: Glen Hansard and Lisa ONeill perform Fairytale of New York as areflection after Communion : Can honestly say this is the first time ve ever seen dancing in the aisles at a funeral

Merlin Sheldrake Will Change the Way You See Mushrooms | The New Republic A new illustrated edition of Entangled Life shows how extensively we rely on fungi.

A new randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial found that consumption of an oral live bacteria formula significantly improve the gut microbiome after six months and lead to remarkable alleviation of long COVID symptoms affecting different systems and organs. : science

Scientists Have Reported a Breakthrough In Understanding Whale Language : worldnews

First tyrannosaur fossil discovered with its last meal perfectly preserved in its stomach : worldnews

The promise of Jerry's Pond   (excllent article by Greg Hrris, did you know they called "Jerry's Pit" The Cape Code of North Cambrige?)
Greg Harris | Greg Harris, American Storyteller
Earth Day celebration Jerrys PondFest is May 7, looking forward to clearing fences up since 1961


Carbon pricing would raise trillions needed to tackle climate crisis, says IMF: Traditionally unpopular carbon taxes could be achieved with regulatory compliance, IMF head tells Cop 28 : worldnews

COP28: Five reasons for optimism on climate : worldnews

UN says Africa faces unprecedented food crisis, with 3 in 4 people unable to afford a healthy diet : worldnews

Dozens of Zimbabwe elephants die as climate change dries up Hwange park : worldnews

Indonesia eyes visa waivers for 20 countries, including India : worldnews

Photo shows Japan PM Kishida met leaders of controversial religious group : worldnews ... Controversial religious group is the most generous statement to give moonies.
Japan's Incomplete Reckoning With World War II Crimes -- Gary Bass's new book asks why the tribunal in Tokyo after World War II was so ineffective.
Thousands of tons of dead sardines wash ashore in northern Japan : worldnews

South Koreas defense chief vows retaliatory strikes on heart and head of North Korea if provoked

600 North Koreans deported from China havevanishedrights group says
North Koreans deported from Chinese jails face torture, activists warn : worldnews

Chinese balloon crosses Taiwan Strait median line : worldnews
Anonymous posts Taiwan flag on UN site : worldnews
Taiwan: The God Flower vanishing because of climate change

Anxiety Rises in China Over Speculated Return of COVID Controls : worldnews

Putin will seek another presidential term in Russia, aiming to extend his rule of over two decades : worldnews
Putin to stand for fifth term as Russian president : worldnews ... 110% of Russians voted in favor of Putin

Russian forces may be suffering losses along the entire front in Ukraine at a rate close to the rate at which Russia is currently generating new forces.

Russian girl shoots several classmates, leaving 1 dead, before killing herself : worldnews

Kevin Rothrock on X: "With the price of eggs up more than 40% this year in Russia, grocery stores in some parts of the country have reportedly started selling eggs individually. The equivalent of a dime will fetch you one of these round fellas." / X

Exiled leader says China erases Tibetan culture

Nepal: Twelve arrested for smuggling Nepalis into Russian army

FBI chief to visit India next week after US raised foiled murder plot : worldnews
First it was wheat, then rice, now onions are on Indias restricted list

Pakistan nuclear weapons plan was always India-centric, says secret 1980 US cable |

Talibans education policies harm boys as well as girls in Afghanistan, rights group says

Ancient Egyptians kept baboons in captivityand then mummified them

Turkey Warns Israel About Assassinating Hamas Members in its Territory : worldnews
Turning a page, Greece and Turkey agree to mend ties : worldnews
Somali presidents son causes fatal accident in Turkey

Sirens blare in north after alleged assassination reported in Syria : worldnews

US embassy in Baghdad attacked with rockets, no casualties : worldnews
Rockets have been fired at the US embassy in Baghdad

US imposes sanctions on Iran-backed network funding Yemens Houthis
US asks Israel not to respond to Houthi attacks : worldnews ... Washington told Israel to let the American military handle the Houthi threat, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Levels of hell: Father of Swedish EU diplomat calls for his release by Iran
Censorship Major Tool Of Suppression, Iranian Writers Say : worldnews

France Warns Lebanon: Rein In Hezbollah or Face New DMZ Buffer Zone : worldnews
One-fifth of Hezbollahs rockets land in Lebanon, IDF says
Israeli civilian killed by anti-tank missile in north as Hezbollah attacks continue : worldnews

U.S. issues strongest criticism of Israel yet as civilian deaths in Gaza surge : politics

US says no deadline on Gaza war but officials warn Israel on protecting civilian life : worldnews

Killing of Reuters Journalist Was Apparently Deliberate Israeli Strike, Group Says Human Rights Watch found that the slain journalist and six colleagues were not near active fighting in southern Lebanon and would have been clearly visible to Israeli forces. (not the first or the last time)

IDF: Hamas officials keeping Gazans in poverty, suffering : worldnews

The Israelis grappling with helping sick Palestinians : worldnews

Hamas says it repelled Israeli rescue attempt in Gaza, hostage killed : worldnews

IDF uncovers terror tunnel, weapons cache in Gaza university : worldnews

Hamas broke temporary truce in Gaza minutes after it began, senior IDF officer says : worldnews

Palestinian PM says does not rule out Hamas as junior partnerafterwar

Red Cross reprimanded hostage families: Think about the Palestinians

Col. Richard Kemp: IDF kills fewer civilians per combatant than most other armies : worldnews
Ninety Per Cent of War-Time Casualties Are Civilians, Speakers Stress, Pressing Security Council to Fulfil Responsibility, Protect Innocent People in Conflicts

Freed Hamas Hostages Were Sexually Assaulted in Captivity: Doctor : worldnews

I watched the Oct. 7 video. I don t know how anyone can say Hamas are freedom fighters. Brutal footage of the Hamas attack was screened this week at Harvard, where some pro-Palestinian students have blamed Israel for the barbarous attacks ... Accepting that the Oct. 7 attacks were brutal acts of terrorism doesnt mean you have to agree with how the Israeli government has responded to them. And the anger at campus protests must not be mistaken as anger toward the Palestinian cause.

Israel is recruiting Africans to plug its farm work shortage : worldnews

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called off a high-profile briefing with US lawmakers amid an impasse over future US funding for the country : worldnews
Zelenskyy lights Hanukkah candles together with Ukrainian rabbis : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 653, Part 1 (Thread #799) : worldnews

Antimicrobial-resistant bacterial infections spreading in Ukraine amid war with Russia, CDC says : worldnews ... There is an extensive library and research center at the George Eliava Institute in Tbilisi, Georgia. Phage therapy is today a widespread form of treatment in that region

Russia Imposes Soviet-Style Re-educationon Kids in Occupied Ukraine

Four Russian soldiers charged with war crimes for torturing US citizen in Ukraine : worldnews
Pro-Russian MP killed in occupied Luhansk, Ukrainian intelligence suspected : worldnews

EU nations still buy half of russia's liquefied natural gas exports - worth over $1B monthly: report : Still no EU sanctions on russian LNG : Most of these seven measures proposed by the @AtlanticCouncil two weeks after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine are still not fully enactedSanctions on russia still aren't close to the embargoes put in place against Iran or North Korea

Armenia and Azerbaijan announce deal to exchange POWs and work toward peace treaty : worldnews

Slovakias new government closes prosecutors office that deals with corruption and serious crimes

Supreme Court of Finland denies Ukraines extradition request for Russian neo-Nazi war criminal and co-founder of group "Rusich" Yan Petrovsky, orders his release
Finnish union will be part of Swedish strike against Tesla : worldnews

Latvian Constitutional Court rules in favor of dismantling Soviet monuments : worldnews

Denmark passes law to ban Quran burnings : worldnews

Dutch police arrest Syrian interrogation chief for crimes against humanity : worldnews

Belgium wants to deny entry to violent Israeli settlers from occupied West Bank : worldnews

Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein dies unexpectedly at age 51

Spain Expels US Diplomats Over Spy Scandal : worldnews

French ambassador: Now is not the time for negotiation, now is the time for war
Macron to host Orban to find compromise on new Ukraine aid
Donald Tusk: Viktor Orbans government has openly switched to Russian positions. I dont think I can change his mindset
French intelligence director: IS propaganda is regaining appeal among a new generation
Paris's Notre Dame cathedral to reopen to the public in 2024 after devastating fire
Hanukkah ceremony at Elys sparks secularism backlash against Macron
Two arrested in France over alleged bedbug scam : worldnews .. Two men have been arrested in France after allegedly scamming elderly people into paying thousands of euros for bedbug treatment they did not need.

Court says Scottish gender reform block is legal : worldnews

UK Foreign Secretary to US: Blocking Ukraine aid would be Christmas presentto Putin
U.K. says Russia's intelligence service behind sustained attempts to meddle in British democracy : worldnews
UK paid Rwanda an extra 100m for asylum deal

Brazilian Hezbollah suspect cased out synagogues in Brasilia, documents show : worldnews

Venezuela issues arrest warrants for opposition staffers for treason : worldnews
SOUTHCOM to Conduct Flight Over Guyana : worldnews

Signs of life seen at helicopter crash site - Guyana Defence Force : worldnews
Brazil urges Venezuela not to attack Guyana : worldnews .. Just doing what putin told him to do
UN to hold emergency meeting at Guyanas request on Venezuelan claim to a vast oil-rich region

Two Ontario men arrested on terrorism charges : worldnews
Canadas haves-and-have-notshealth system lags behind Europe
Protection money: Mounting fears over extortion letters targeting B.C. businesses
Toronto-area movie theatres playing Hindi films evacuated after unknown substances released

Biden warns of NATO war with Russia if aid disappears : worldnews
The Sanctions Against Russia Are Starting to Work - The Atlantic Economic penalties gain force over time, and for average Russians, the pain is finally setting in.
US to oppose Arab-backed resolution calling for urgent Gaza ceasefire : politics

U.S. may tighten immigration policy to force Republicans to agree to allocate military aid to Ukraine -According to the agency, the White House may, among other things, tighten the standards for vetting those seeking asylum in the United States, as well as begin to deny asylum to applicants crossing third countries on their way to the States. In addition, the administration is considering extending the expedited deportation procedure to the entire U.S. territory (now it operates only at the border)

White House Disavows U.S. Islamic Group After Leaders Oct. 7 Remarks

U.S. officials push for increased aid in Gaza as Israeli offensive continues - The Washington Post
Putins Pals Think the GOP Just Won Them the War in Ukraine ... GOP- Government of Putin.
Very Stressful: Ukraine Allies Watch In Frustration As Congress Dithers Over Aid

Sanders Votes No on Giving Israel Aid to Continue 'Inhumane War' on Gaza - "I do not believe that we should give the right-wing extremist Netanyahu government an additional $10.1 billion with no strings attached." : politics

Major donor calls on UPenn president to resign for disastrous testimony on antisemitism, threatening $100 million gift
Penn loses $100 million donation over antisemitism hearing
One Law Firm Prepared Both Penn and Harvard for Hearing on Antisemitism : politics

The Real Problem With Those College Presidents? Gross Incompetence: Yes, Elise Stefanik set a trap. But the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT didnt have to walk right into it.

All of a sudden, it's no longer taboo to talk about placing conditions on the billions of dollars in US aid to Israel : politics

Biden campaign says jobs report shows he is cleaning up the economic disaster Trump left
FACT SHEET: President Biden Announces Billions to Deliver World-Class High-Speed Rail and Launch New Passenger Rail Corridors Across the Country : politics

Biden to Big Pharma: Gouge Prices and We'll Snatch Your Patents

Senate Budget Chair Rips GOP Deficit Hawks Over Trillions in Tax Cuts for Rich : politics
Senate Budget Chair Rips GOP Deficit Hawks Over Trillions in Tax Cuts for Rich If not for the Bush tax cuts, their extensions, and then the Trump tax cuts, the U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio would be declining indefinitely, wrote Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

White House threatens to veto anti-EV bill just passed by US House : technology

Biden wants to give 500,000 Americans money to buy homes : politics ... No corporation should be legally allowed to own single-family housing. Their only priority is making money for their shareholders and they dont give a single fuck about the American consumer. They are taking advantage of housing, one of the most fundamental needs for every person
Democrats Introduce Bill Banning Hedge Funds From Owning Single-Family Homes : politics
Hedge Funds Have Invaded the Housing Market. A New Bill Would Ban Them. : politics

Mike Johnson thought the cameras were off. They weren't ... Eventually, God revealed to Johnson that he would be a Moses-like figure leading the GOP and the country through a ed Sea moment ... Christian liberty ...

GOPs Brutal Math: Trump Could Secure Nomination Before Conviction

What Jack Smith Says - Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance The Special Counsel files his 404(b) notice
Special counsel alleges Trump sentsupporters on path to Jan. 6 violenceIn D.C. court filing, Donald Trump is accused of a history of election lies and public endorsement and encouragement of violence

Trump appeal in Jan. 6 case could land at Supreme Court, delay trial - The Washington Post Both appeals court and Supreme Court would have to rule on appeals quickly for trial to begin before 2024 election, experts say

Fani Willis Closes In On Direct Evidence Against Donald Trump

Trump on Trial: The Looming Legal and Political Collision - The New York Times The former presidents trial in one of his four criminal cases is scheduled for early March, putting his legal drama and the race for the White House on an unprecedented trajectory.

Where Are All the Anti-Trump Republicans? A vast array of GOP power brokers detest and disdain the former president. So why are they keeping so quiet? : politics

Trumps fantasy of infallibilityhas been destroyed: Narcissistic injurymade him more dangerous | Dr. Justin Frank: Trump does believe that God is on his side and that he is the Chosen One or some such figure

Everything Trump said outside the doors of his NY fraud trial is wrong. Heres why, point-by-point.

Seven delusions plaguing the mind of the Trump base voter : politics
Trump Rages After Billionaire Dem Donor Gives $250K to Pro-Haley Super PAC : politics

Trump Isnt Bluffing (his whole life is a bluff) Trump Isnt BluffingWeve become inured to his rhetoric, but his message has grown darker.By David A. Graham

Republican Adam Kinzinger says he's politically homeless ... and if Trump is the nominee, he'll vote for Biden

Chinese garlic is a national security risk, says US senator : politics Rick fucking Scott?? That fucking ghoulish vampire that leeched off Medicare for years is complaining about fucking garlic?

Colorado justices grapple with unprecedented possibility of disqualifying Trump from ballot : politics ... Why isnt it enough that a violent mob breached the Capitol when Congress was performing a core constitutional function? In some ways, that seems like a poster child for insurrection," said Justice William W. Hood III
Major ruling looms after Colorado Supreme Court hearing on whether the insurrection ban applies to Trump ... January 6th, the fake elector plot, the coordination in far right media, "stop the steal", etc .. it was all part of an overarching, seditious conspiracy designed to overthrow the United States and install Trump despite his loss. It happened in plain sight and we all saw it. hat Trump can run again despite being the central figure in all of this is absolute insanity, let alone him being the clear front runner for one of the primary political parties.
Legal scholar: InfluentialColorado Trump ballot challenge could set off chain reaction Courts do not have to shield their eyes from the obvious facts staring them in the face,law professor says

Trump fake electors buckle in Wisconsin, get charged in Nevada : politics
Wisconsin fake electors settlement has just given Jack Smith more ammo : politics

Trump PAC paid part of nearly $900,000 fee to fraud trial expert witness : politics

Dominion wins access to Newsmax journalists texts in its defamation case

Trumps Georgia Co-Defendant Kenneth Chesebro Cooperating in Michigan, Wisconsin Probes: Report

Grifters and sycophants the radicals who would fill key posts if Trump is re-elected
Donald Trumps dream team looks like an American nightmare

Trumps Fox News town hall drew in lower ratings than DeSantis-Newsom debate

Opinion | Why Fundamentalists Love Trump - The New York Times

Kevin McCarthy was once envious that Democrats ook like America

Column: In two decades, much of the West has turned blue. Why hasnt Texas?
The Texas Historical Commission Removed Books on Slavery From Plantation Gift Shops : politics ... Among the literature no longer available for purchase is an autobiography of a slave girl, a book of Texas slave narratives, the celebrated novel Roots by Alex Haley, and the National ook Awardwinning Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison.

Texas AG Ken Paxton says anyone involved in authorized abortion could be prosecuted

Moms for Liberty founder leaves rightwing leadership role amid queer sex scandal & rape allegations. Republicans are also trying to remove her husband from his leadership role in the party. : politics

How an Ohio senators stunt proves the Trump dictatorship theory ... Sen. J.D. Vance wants Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate my colleague Robert Kagan for allegedly inciting insurrection with his recent essay warning of the "increasingly inevitable" dangers of dictatorship under Donald Trump.
How an Ohio senators stunt proves the Trump dictatorship theory ... Vance's missive would be dismissible for what it is: a preening, Trump-toadying stunt.

Pregnant woman sues Kentucky for right to have abortion : politics

Democrats choice to replace George Santos is lukewarm on abortion, violated federal law over 300 times with his stock trades, and once said Florida' "Don't Say Gay bill is common sense

Police have recovered video of Florida GOP chair and alleged victim in rape investigation : politics

He is hated House Republicans secretly consider expelling Matt Gaetz after booting George Santos

GOP Star Tim Sheehy Forgot to Mention the Family Money in His Self-Made Success Story

Republicans Are Once Again Being Very Weird About Taylor Swift | The New Republic Do conservative men just hate to see a girlboss winning? Or is something deeper going on?

The UNLV shooter - Lawyers, Guns & Money

TIL According to a 2019 survey on 4500+ Americans, the average age that children stop believing in Santa Claus is 8.4 y.o. The oldest average comes from the state of Mississippi at 10.2 y.o. : todayilearned

Powerful X-ray reveals the inner life of an electric-vehicle battery. Researchers get an unprecedented glimpse of how ions behave during a drive. : science

Where do Americans live after 85? Look inside the homes of 11 seniors ... The analysis showed roughly half of the 5.9 million Americans age 85 and older are living with family, including spouses and adult children, while more than 40 percent live alone, including in independent living or assisted-living facilities. A quarter live in multigenerational households, with people of two or more generations under the same roof, and about 8 percent live in nursing homes or memory care facilities.

Physicists entangle individual molecules for the first time, hastening possibilities for quantum information processing: Meaning that the molecules remain correlated with each other and can interact simultaneously even if they are miles apart.

Astronomers have discovered excephosphorus, a critical ingredient for life as we know it, at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, challenging current views of how the element originates and extends the galactic habitable zone : science

Newly identified biomarkers may detect early cognitive decline via blood test. Future blood tests may be able to detect the condition earlier in people whose cells are aging early due to stressors like psychiatric disorders or childhood maltreatment. : science
Epigenetic age acceleration as a biomarker for impaired cognitive abilities in adulthood following early life adversity and psychiatric disorders - ScienceDirect

What's the worst thing your country did in its history? : AskReddit

Apple admits to secretly giving governments push notification data : worldnews


Earth on verge of five catastrophic climate tipping points, scientists warn : worldnews ... The tipping points at risk include the collapse of big ice sheets in Greenland and the West Antarctic, the widespread thawing of permafrost, the death of coral reefs in warm waters, and the collapse of atmospheric circulation in the North Atlantic ... When a climatic system tips sometimes with a sudden shockit may permanently alter the way the planet works.

Wind and solar pose climate threat too, oil giant Saudi Arabia argues - POLITICO The kingdom is elevating the use of fans and filters to pull carbon dioxide out of the sky. But its motives are under scrutiny at global climate talks.

Andrew Forrest calls for fossil fuel bossesheads on spikes in extraordinary outburst on sidelines of UN COP28 climate conference

Indigenous groups rebuke court OK for palm oil company to raze Papua rainforests on their ancestral lands: If fully developed, the project would replace 692,000 acres of the 3rd-largest stretch of rainforest on the planet with palm oil estates : worldnews

Sandfire Resources unlikely to face prosecution for destroying Aboriginal Australian artefacts, lawyer says
Police search for men who desecrated crypt of Meshilin Marrogi, sister of underworld figure George Marrogi - ABC News (very underworld)

Islamic State claims responsibility for deadly Philippine bombing : worldnews

Over 300 Civilians Reportedly Killed as Retreating Myanmar Military Ups Atrocities : worldnews

Attack on Pakistan highway to China shakes key Belt and Road link : worldnews ... Religious terrorist outfits [in Gilgit-Baltistan] are going to pose a formidable threatnot only to the local communities but also to the international trade passing through [the Karakoram Highway] ... Militaries have always been the backbone of trade. How do you think the silk road got started? Or the Pax Romana / Mongolica / Britannia / Americana? Trade routes are paved with the blood of enemies.

China's ex-foreign minister Qin Gang died of suicide or torture: Report

Russia warns US that Ukraine will be its second Vietnam ... Maybe Russias second Afghanistan, perhaps ... Russia wishes it were. It is much worse ... Yeah 10 years 15k dead vs 2 years and 400k+ dead yeah this is much much worse ... Edit: current death count is believed to be 336k with a 15% margin of error either way. the total wounded is over 1 million with 30-40% margin for error as rounded are much harder to track in the short run.
Number of Deserting Russian Troops Surges : worldnews

Russian lawmakers set presidential vote for March 17, 2024, clearing a path for Putins 5th term
Russian Presidential Election Set For March 17; Navalny Says Putin Victory Could Destroy Country

Pro-Russia Ukrainian MP Illia Kyva shot dead in Moscow suburb : worldnews

Two dead and five injured in school shooting in Russias Bryansk

Russia tricks US actors into appearing in propaganda videos : worldnews

G7 to introduce import restrictions on Russian diamonds next month : worldnews

Seychelles declares state of emergency after huge explosion : worldnews

Uganda accuses U.S. of pushing LGBT agenda after new sanctions (

Putin arrives in Middle East flanked by Russian fighter jets : worldnews

Saudi Arabia asks for USrestraint over Houthi ship attacks in Red Sea

Iran Expands Influence Through Islamic Students Associations In Europe : worldnews
Iranian regime accused of raping and violating protesters as young as 12 : worldnews
Iran seizes two fuel tankers carrying 4.5 million liters of fuel in Persian Gulf : worldnews
Iran uses rape, torture to silence detained Mahsa Amini protesters, Amnesty says : worldnews
Situation horrible, stay at home: Air pollution chokes Iran's capital Tehran
Iranian Court Orders US to Pay $50B for Soleimani Assassination : worldnews

The UN has failed, its head needs to resign Ambassador Gilad Erdan
Eschaton: What Can You Say Biden's people are more willing to run with bullshit than even the IDF. The Israel Defense Forces says public discussions about the state of captives held in Gaza has moved into reckless territory, urging those responsible to knock it off ... This is Radio Rwanda stuff.

Netanyahu to Hezbollah: If you attack, we'll turn Beirut into Gaza : worldnews
Netanyahu faces growing anger from hostages and their families : worldnews
Israel pressures Egypt to accept Gazan refugees after war, report says : worldnews

Gaza residents dare to openly condemn Hamas as humanitarian disaster spirals
Israeli TV: Gaza residents increasingly directing anger at Hamas over war : worldnews

Israeli FM accuses UN head of backing Hamas after he uses rare clause to urge truce : worldnews

Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah killed by Israeli tank, investigation finds : worldnews

Hamas leader asks brave Pakistan for help; says it can force Israel to retreat from Gaza

IDF says Hamas firing rockets from Gaza safe zones as civilian scramble for shelter : worldnews

New Footage shows dozens of Gaza men said to have surrendered to IDF; reportedly may be Hamas suspects : worldnews

Ukraine will meet all EU accession requirements by end of 2023 -- Zelenskyy
New Aid to Ukraine Drops to Lowest Level Since War Began - Bloomberg Kiel Institute data shows new aid fell 90% in August-OctoberFurther delays will clearly strengthen Russias position
White House announces plans to strengthen defense cooperation with Ukraine. and Ukraine following the first day of U.S.-Ukraine Defense Industrial Base Conference on Dec. 6.
New Aid to Ukraine Drops to Lowest Level Since War Began : worldnews
Nearly 900,000 Ukrainians to receive UN aid this winter : worldnews
apan ready to allocate $4.5 billion towards Ukraine'recovery efforts. During a meeting with G7 leaders, Japanese PM Fumio Kishida announced Japan's readiness to contribute $4.5 billion in funds to support Ukraines recovery efforts, Kyodo News reported on Dec. 6.
US Files War Crime Charges Against Russian Troops Accused of Torturing an American in Ukraine : worldnews
In the first prosecution of its kind, the defendants were charged with three war crimes including torture, confinement and inhuman treatment
How Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for hollow security guarantees : ukraine
Govverment support to Ukraine by country, acording to latest update from Kiel Ukraine Support Tracker : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 652, Part 1 (Thread #798) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 7.12.2023 : ukraine

Oversmarting the enemyIn 2022, the Ukrainians shot down a Russian helicopter by Javelin because it stopped in the air waiting for something. Today, they destroyed another one by HIMARS because it landed within their reach. (They also sank the Russian ship by a mere MLRS salvo from the shore, but this is another story.)
The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "In what is becoming a commonplace occurrence at the front, more Russian soldiers have staked their claim for the Darwin Award for stupidest way to die after relaxing a little too much following a frontline cannabis session." / X

Ukraine holds back Russian assault on Avdiivka as long winter battle looms : worldnews

Tesla loses legal action in Sweden as dispute with Nordic unions escalates : worldnews ... Musk said last week: I disagree with the idea of unions. I just dont like anything which creates a lords and peasants kind of thing (Elongated Dickhead is dumb)

Leaked documents show that the burning of Korans and anti-Erdogan "protests" we saw in Finland and Sweden were organized by Russian security services. : worldnews

Prime Minister: Romania stands by Ukraine until it defeats Russia : worldnews

Far-Right Politician Arrested for Kidnapping, Killing Two, Including Teenage Girl : worldnews undefined

Danish dockworkers join Swedish strike action against Tesla : worldnews

Germany to consider offering LGBT Russians asylum: Justice Ministry : worldnews

Italy tells China it is leaving Belt and Road Initiative : worldnews

French intelligence director: IS propaganda is regaining appeal among a new generation
Paris knife attacker had planned to target a Jewish site : worldnews

Russia hacking: FSB in years-long cyber attacks on UK, says government
UK Says Russia Targeted Politicians in Email-Hacking Campaign - Bloomberg FSB attempted to hack personal email addresses, minister saysRussia is one of the most prolific state actors in cybercrime

US Holds Military Exercises In Guyana As Border Tensions Soar : worldnews ... Maduro is a useful idiot for Vladimr Putin. Hes been given his orders. Putin is desperate to create chaos anywhere in the world. Republican Congress is falling right in line too.
US military Southern Command conducting flight operations over Guyana : worldnews
Venezuela Brands US-Guyana Military Drills Provocation
Guyana appeals to US and UN as Maduro advances annexation of territory | Venezuela : worldnews
Guyanas president says it is preparing for a possible incursion by Venezuela into disputed area
Venezuela-Guyana dispute: Maduro mobilizes the army and announces annexation of Essequibo : worldnews
Lula Reluctantly Adopts Mediator Role in Venezuela-Guyana Crisis : worldnews
Brazil Deploys 16 Armored Vehicles to Venezuelan Border : worldnews

Republicans Block Aid to Ukraine, Jeopardizing Its Fight Against Russia - The New York Times The vote spotlighted waning support in Congress for backing Ukraine in the war, and left the fate of the effort uncertain (Refuckers owned by Putin, will give him all of Europe)

Person of the Year 2023: Taylor Swift | TIME
When Can I Wear Red Lipstick? - The New York Times A reader wonders if bold lip color may be overkill in some situations, like job interviews or work parties.

'We can never let it become normal': Biden calls for gun control in wake of Texas, Nevada shootings : politics

Biden administration to forgive $4.8 billion in student loan debt for 80,300 borrowers : politics

AOC gloriously shuts down legislation targeting trans women in sports : politics

New Legislation Proposes to Take Wall Street Out of the Housing Market : politics

Eschaton: Two Years Of Gullible Coverage I do wish journalists would occasionally step up and admit they were responsible for spreading bullshit.
Eschaton: Two Years Of Gullible Coverage do wish journalists would occasionally step up and admit they were responsible for spreading bullshit ... The main lobbying group for U.S. retailers retracted its claim that "organized retail crime" accounted for nearly half of all inventory losses in 2021 after finding that incorrect data was used for its analysis ... The anecdotes tended to center around the big chain pharmacies, and they'd use this "fact" to excuse any branch closures. But "we" all have the same complaints about those stores (and I used to love my local big chain pharmacy branch) - they're always understaffed and half the things you want to buy are locked up.

Hunter Biden indicted on nine tax charges, adding to gun charges in special counsel probe - The Boston Globe

Mike Johnson says God will punish depraved U.S. because more teens identify as LGBTQ+
Mike Johnson Compares Himself to Moses at Christian Nationalist Gala lleges God directed his path to power through the roiling sea ... he had been speaking directly to God.

Former speaker Kevin McCarthy will retire from Congress at end of year : politics
McCarthys Exit May Create Even More Headaches for the Tiny G.O.P. Majority ... efforts to keep its majority in the 2024 election ... three, soon two, vote majority ...Republicans will lose their best House fund-raiser (among other things)
Inside Kevin McCarthy's PAC: Lavish spending, luxury hotels, private jets - Los Angeles Times

The GOP just conflated antisemitism with anti-Zionism. Thats problematic.

New research undercuts Republican views of racism - The Washington Post Republicans are more likely to say White people experience racism than Black people. That's not true ... Instead, the rhetoric from Republican leaders rejected the idea that there existed systemic racism in the country. Suggesting that it did was cast as unpatriotic and ahistoric ... It is likely that Republican perceptions of White Americans as facing more discrimination than Black Americans are themselves a reflection of oversensitivity, of viewing the question through a lens of partisan perception rather than actual experience. (poor little brain snowflakes)

The roots of Trumps megalomania: Public humiliation pushed him into a delusional state of mind | Experts on Trumps God complex and the roots of his megalomania

Heres what Trump 2.0 will bring: ignorance and vengeance in the US, chaos for world order
Trump Will Be a Dictator on Day One and Every Day Thereafter: His interview with Hannity told us everything we need to know about his second-term plans. : politics
Trumps dictator remark puts 2024 campaign right where Biden wants it
Trumps dictator answer to Sean Hannity tests Republican tolerance
Opinion: The Trump dictatorship: How to stop it By Robert Kagan

Attorney General Stephen Miller - Lawyers, Guns & Money (good job central casting)

Trumps Latest Courtroom Defeats Are a Really Big Deal

Pro-Trump electors indicted in Nevada, the third state to issue charges : politics

Five Takeaways From the Republican Debate - The New York Times An ascendant Nikki Haley endured a barrage from Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. Chris Christie delivered a strong showing. And with time ticking down, there were few direct attacks on Donald Trump.
Key takeaways from the fourth Republican debate - The Washington Post As the 2024 GOP primary field narrows, four contenders sparred on gender-affirming care for minors, fentanyl, military aggression toward China and more
Fact-checking the fourth Republican presidential debate - The Washington Post

Chris Christie Calls Ramaswamy Most Obnoxious Blowhard in America At Debate

GOP activist from The Villages found guilty of 2020 election voter fraud : politics

Georgia prosecutors predict jail sentences in Trump 2020 election case : politics
Georgia prosecutors predict jail sentences in Trump 2020 election case : politics
Mike Pence Is on the Witness List for Trumps Georgia Trial: Report (

6 Republicans who falsely certified that Trump won Nevada in 2020 indicted : politics
Pro-Trump electors indicted in Nevada, the third state to issue charges : politics

House Censures Jamaal Bowman for False Fire Alarm - The New York Times Lawmakers voted to formally rebuke Mr. Bowman for setting off a false fire alarm in a House office building, the latest partisan use of a once-rare congressional action formerly reserved for grave offenses.

Texas Republicans leap into action to force woman to carry non-viable, life-threatening pregnancy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... But as Texas fighting tooth and nail to deny Cox a medical exemption makes clear, the ambiguity is a deliberate strategy doctors are under constant threat, and the chilling effect on access to critical medical care is inevitable and willful. Medical exemptions mean nothing when the persons responsible for enforcing the law think women never have a legitimate medical necessity.

Life during the war on women - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fox News: Democrat Voter Is Actually Unaffiliated Anti-Vax Activist

Bridget Ziegler, Wife of Florida GOP Boss Christian Ziegler, Erased From Leadership Instit Bridget Ziegler had a top position at the Leadership Institute. Shes reportedly out after her husband was accused of raping their threesome partner ... The woman says that Christian Ziegler showed up at her home anyway and raped her.

School board member sworn in on pile of banned books to troll Moms for Liberty : politics

New Signs of Life in Seemingly Stalled Gaetz Ethics Probe: Report : politics

New research undercuts Republican views of racism : politics ... It is likely that Republican perceptions of White Americans as facing more discrimination than Black Americans are themselves a reflection of oversensitivity, of viewing the question through a lens of partisan perception rather than actual experience.

Eschaton: Mechanical Turk Amazing stuff ... The company, which went public last year, now says off-site agents working in locales such as the Philippines help during more than 70% of customer interactions to make sure its AI system doesn't mess up.

Washington Post staffers walk off job in labor protest - The Washington Post The workers say they will cease work for 24 hours to protest deadlocked contract negotiations and the terms of a buyout offer. Management says it will keep the daily news report going ... More than 750 Washington Post staffers said they had walked off the job Thursday, refusing to work for 24 hours in the biggest labor protest at the company in nearly half a century.

Opinion | What Is Happening at the Columbia School of Social Work? - The New York Times ... Other leading schools, like the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice at the University of Chicago and the School of Social Work at the University of Michigan, have embraced social justice goals but without as sharp an ideological expression as Columbia ... What was once its central mission to enhance the world of social worknow follows an emphatic political statement ... If you think of slavery as the original sin of the United States, it makes sense to center that reality as part of the schools mission ... Foundations of Social Work Practice: Decolonizing Social Work ... This decolonization framework, in which people are either oppressor or oppressed, often viewed through the prism of American ideas around race, is by no means exclusive to the Columbia School of Social Work. But its application in the program illustrates the effects of the current radicalism on campus and the ways in which those ideals can shift an entire field of practice ... "Is this a school of social work or an indoctrination agency for extreme ideology?" Eyal said. "We're missing the purpose. It's not our purpose" ... (Pamela Paul sets up her punching bag and knocks it out ... see comments)

College Presidents Under Fire After Dodging Questions About Antisemitism - The New York Times The leaders of Harvard, M.I.T. and Penn appeared to evade questions about whether students should be disciplined if they call for the genocide of Jews ... Its unbelievable that this needs to be said: Calls for genocide are monstrous and antithetical to everything we represent as a countrysaid a White House spokesman, Andrew Bates ... Even the liberal academic Laurence Tribe ... Claudine Gays hesitant, formulaic, and bizarrely evasive answers were deeply troubling to me and many of my colleagues, students, and friends

A plane flying over Harvard campus pulled banner that said Harvard HatesJews with Palestinian flag

Who Has Claim? 3,000 Years of Religion in the Land Between | by Lyman Stone | In a State of Migration | Oct, 2023 | Medium
Holman Illustrated Guide To Biblical... by Wright, Paul

Advanced Placement Program Releases Revised African American Studies Framework Course to Officially Launch in 2024-25 School Year

Darryl George: Black Texas school student suspended again for natural hairstyle : NPR (racist fuckers and proud of it)

US Senator Kevin Cramers son charged with manslaughter in crash that killed North Dakota sheriffs deputy
US Marshal in custody after accused of sexually abusing woman during flight to London Two law enforcement sources said two federal marshals had been drinking during the flight. The second marshal was being sent back to New York without facing any charges

Waltham update: Man pleads not guilty, ordered held without bail

In a new study, researchers found that through debate, large language models like ChatGPT often wont hold onto its beliefs -- even when its correct.

Spouses or partners in heterosexual relationships may have high blood pressure that mirrors one another, finds new, multinational study. Many married couples often have the same interests, living environment, lifestyle habits and health outcomes. : science

Study finds that individuals with ADHD show reduced motivation to engage in effortful activities, both cognitive and physical, which can be significantly improved with amphetamine-based medications : science

He struggled when his kids mom died. Then boxes began appearing at his door.

About Us | BladGo A Quality Provider Of Handheld Bladder Scanners

Personal Story: Franciscan Childrens Hospital is despicable

Credit card skimmer found at Market Basket in Chelsea : boston


Earth on verge of five catastrophic tipping points, scientists warn : worldnews ... The tipping points at risk include the collapse of big ice sheets in Greenland and the West Antarctic, the widespread thawing of permafrost, the death of coral reefs in warm waters, and the collapse of atmospheric circulation in the North Atlantic.

Scientists say November is 6th straight month to set heat record; 2023 a cinch as hottest year : worldnews

Study shows 90% of marine species at risk of extinction by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed

WHO calls for higher taxes on alcohol, sugary drinks : worldnews

Wieambilla shootings: US man arrested over Australian religious terror attack : worldnews

Tokyo aims to make high school tuition free of charge for all : worldnews
Japan Diet passes bill to legalize cannabis-derived medicines : worldnews
Japan: Tokyo taxi driver arrested, accused of running over pigeon : worldnews

Kim Jong Un wipes away tears as he calls on women in North Korea to have more babies : worldnews
Kim Jong-un cries as he tells women to have more babies : worldnews

Auroras observed in Hokkaido & near Beijing for 1st time in 20 years, more might be seen in 2024 : worldnews

Putin stands 70ft from British ambassador meeting due to sanitary reasons

Russian forces are killing their own wounded with drones to stop them from surrendering, Ukrainian officials say : worldnews

Two Russian Officers Sentenced To Four Years Each For 'Failing To Repulse A Ukrainian Attack
Putin Called Out Over Deliberate Extermination of Russian Troops

The United States and the European Union banned the supply of aircraft and components to Russia, and also obliged lessors to return leased aircraft, which make up as much as 40% of the Russian fleet.

Nepal calls on Russia to stop recruiting Nepalis for war in Ukraine: 6 residents already died : worldnews

India reveals that it has returned lunar spacecraft to Earth orbit | India now credibly has the third most advanced deep-space program in the world. : worldnews
India to be third largest economy in the world by 2030, says S&P Global Ratings : worldnews
Will attack Parliament on or before Dec 13: Pannuns new threat to India .. He picked December 13th for a reason. 13th December 2001 was the last time the Indian parliament was attacked by Pakistan based terrorist group.
In the salt deserts bordering Pakistan, India builds its largest renewable energy project : worldnews ... When completed, the project will be about as large as Singapore,

Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai urges world to confront Talibans gender apartheid against women

Malala Yousafzai likens Talibans treatment of women to apartheid in Mandela lecture

Relatives of Nelson Mandela welcome Hamas officials to 10th anniversary memorial : worldnews

Putin arrives in the UAE for rare trip, before visiting Saudi Arabia : worldnews
Putin makes rare visit to the UAE, Saudi Arabia to talk relations No fear of ICC arrest warrant in UAE or Saudi Arabia

Iran Says It Sent Capsule With Animals Into Orbit : worldnews

Israel investigates possible trading knowledge ahead of Oct 7 Hamas attack : worldnews

Netanyahu alleges global indifference to what rights group callswidespreadsexual crimes by Hamas
Biden now regrets the strength of his support for Netanyahu he must act before its too late

Israel booting top UN humanitarian official Hastings : worldnews
Israel reveals disturbing testimonies of Hamas rape on October 7 at UN : worldnews

US believes Israel could wrap up major ops in southern Gaza by January

Arab Citizens of Israel Released in Deals With Hamas Fear a Backlash - The New York Times Almost all the 15 Israeli-Arab women freed in the swaps were released against their will. One was expelled from a university and others fear they could be attacked by those who link them to Hamas.
Arab Citizens of Israel Released in Deals With Hamas Fear a Backlash: Almost all the 15 Israeli-Arab women freed in the swaps were released against their will : worldnews

IDF locates massive weapons depot in Gaza
Hamas commanders killed by IDF hiding in tunnels : worldnews

Hamas Terrorists Ignored Israeli Air strikes and Continued Raping Hostages, Freed Captive Reports : worldnews

At least 10 freed hostages were sexually abused by Hamas in captivity, doctor says : worldnews
Israeli hostages parents slams Red Cross for lack of action

Ukraine could lose the war if the U.S. delays military aid, top Ukrainian official says : worldnews
Zelenskyy to Meet with G7 Leaders : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 651, Part 1 (Thread #797) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 6.12.2023 : ukraine

#Russian forces continued offensive ops. along the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line, near Bakhmut, near #Avdiivka, W. & SW of Donetsk City, in the Donetsk-Zaporizhia Oblast border area, & in western Zaporizhia Oblast & advanced near Avdiivka. 9/10

Russians ordered to conquer Avdiivka before Putins annual phone-in show

#Ukraine Hits Strategic Russian #OilDepot in #Crimea - Kyiv Post sources claim that the attack had serious consequences, while #Russia has downplayed the incident.

EU Faces Crucial Talks on Landmark AI Rules : worldnews

EU faces hugerisk of terrorist attacks, says officia

A bedbug hoax is targeting foreign visitors in Athens. Now the Greek police have been called in : worldnews

Spain arrests two intelligence agents who allegedly passed secrets to the USA : worldnews

France passes law to protect farmers againstabusive lawsuits from ormer city dwellers
Mathematics, reading skills in unprecedented decline in teenagers: OECD survey : worldnews - Paris

Nine arrested over pro-Palestinian banner in London. Banner reading globalise the intifada was hung outside building that police say was being used by squatters

Lula invites Putin to Brazil, sidesteps on war crimes arrest : worldnews ... He is literally telling Putin that he will do nothing to prevent his possible arrest, coward Putin won't even dream about going there.

Maduro orders the immediateexploitation of oil, gas and mines in Guyanas Essequibo

Undeterred by heavy snow, absent buses, thousands rally for Israel in Ottawa, Canada : worldnews

Zelensky cancels Congress briefing as Republicans walk out over Ukraine funding : politics
Senate Republicans to block Ukraine funding after tempers flare at classified briefing : politics

Biden to sign executive order on federal funding for Native Americans : politics

40+ White House Interns Decry Israels Genocidal Assault on Gaza

Billionaires had a surprisingly bad day in the Supreme Court today : politics

Sen. Tuberville drops his months-long hold on military promotions : politics

Biden Says He May Not Have Sought Reelection If Trump Werent Running

You Wont Believe the Edits Republicans Are Making to the January 6 Tapes
You Won't Believe the Edits Republicans Are Making to the January 6 Tapes - sHouse Speaker Mike Johnson confirmed news of the disturbing edits.
Republicans Are Blurring the Faces of Capitol Rioters so They Wont Get Arrested
House speaker says Jan. 6 footage should be blurred to protect rioters, then backtracks : politics

Too many are misreading the 2024 polls. Heres a better way.

Americans are sleepwalking into a Trump dictatorship : politics
Trump is hiding his fascist plans in plain sight | Trumps nightmarish scheme was leaked to the New York Times and yes, it was on purpose

Donald Trump says he will be a dictator only on day one. Then he'll focus on drilling.

Trump Deflects Questions on Retribution and Law-Breaking at Town Hall : politics

Trump Refuses to Tell Hannity He Will Not Abuse Power if Re-Elected : politics

Jack Smiths New Evidence: Trump Tried to Start Yet Another Riot: According to the Justice Department, a Trump agent tried to start a riot in another state to disrupt the 2020 election.

Test case for America: Colorados top court poised to weigh Trumps eligibility to run again

Alyssa Farah Griffin Claims Trump Wanted Person Who Revealed He Went to Bunker During George Floyd Protests Executed

Eric Trump no longer testifying in Trumps civil fraud trial
Trump reveals why son Eric wont testify again at fraud trial

Scott Walkers Anti-Union Law Could Be Undone by a Court That Respects the Constitution

Poll finds most Florida voters back adding abortion rights, marijuana legalization to state Constitution : politics
Florida abortion measure tops 621,000 signatures : politics

Elias: Transgender students Californias latest state-local conflict Which side will eventually prevail in fight over school districts parental-notification rul es is uncertain

Defying presidents and Congress, the ATF, DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshals shroud their shootings in secrecy : politics

Tennessee DCS working closelywith Knoxvilles juvenile detention center to reform illegal use of seclusion

Boston's answer to ChatGPT? MIT spinoff Liquid AI has a radical new approach.

Research has found that people who spend more than 60 minutes commuting to and from work each day are 1.16 times more likely to suffer from depression than those who spend less than 30 minutes. : science


World carbon dioxide emissions increase again, driven by China, India and aviation : worldnews

Ancient methane escaping from melting glaciers could potentially warm the planet even more : worldnews

Myanmar junta leader says armed organizations must solve their problems politicallystate media

S. Korea indirectly supplied more 155-mm shells for Ukraine than all European countries combined: WP | Yonhap News Agency

Moodys downgrades outlook on China credit rating over debt fears

Putin to Visit Saudi Arabia, UAE in Rare Trip Abroad : worldnews

Important @RobynDixon : on the Russian deserters escaping Ukraine war: One Russian underground antiwar network, Go by the Forest, says it has helped more than 400 men to desert, & advised nearly 20,000 how to avoid being drafted

Russia LGBT: Police raid Moscow gay clubs, media say : news

Senior US official visits India, discusses alleged plot to kill Sikh separatist : worldnews

US considering appropriate action in response to Houthi missile attacks in Red Sea

Netanyahu corruption trial resumes, as war rages on | CNN : worldnews
Israel: PM Netanyahus corruption trial resumes

Someone bet against the Israeli stock market in the days before hamasoct. 7 attack

IDF officials: 15,000 likely killed in Gaza since start of war, 5,000 of them are Hamas : worldnews

Israel, Hamas Engage in Some of Fiercest Fighting of War : worldnews

Hamas drugged freed Gaza hostages to make them seem calm and happy
Hostages given tranquilizers to look happy up on release from captivity

IDF exposes Hamas use of civilian sites for military purposes in northern Gaza : worldnews

Spies may have helped Hamas obtain accurate maps of IDF bases, report says : worldnews

Israel has set up pumps in Gaza for flooding Hamas tunnels with seawater -- WSJ : worldnews

Gazan residents storm aid trucks amid resumed fighting : worldnews ... civilians are trying to get everything they can off the trucks before they get to the warehouses. because once the trucks get to the warehouses, hamas controls the distribution and its said that hamas keeps most of the supplies for itself and for people in their inner circle.

Hamas raped men as well as women during October 7 attack: Investigators reveal how sex assault victims were tied up, stripped and mutilated as Israel launches its 'biggest ever criminal investigation' | Daily Mail Online

Tel Aviv Bourse Says No Unusual Trading Ahead of Oct 7 Hamas Attack : news

On December 5, 1994 Ukraine signed the Budapest Memorandum, voluntarily giving up nuclear weapons in exchange for guarantees of territorial integrity and security.S
Zelensky says Israel-Hamas war taking focus off Ukraine, fears aid reduction : worldnews
The year began with Western resolve at its peak, Ukrainian forces highly confident and President Volodymyr Zelensky predicting a decisive victory. But now, there is uncertainty on all frontsPart 1 of an examination of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.
Im afraid well never find them: Russia holds thousands of Ukrainian civilians hostage

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 650, Part 1 (Thread #796) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 5.12.2023 : ukraine

Deputy Russian army corps commander is killed in Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine's Air Force destroys Russian Su-24M aircraft near Zmiinyi Island : ukraine

Crimean Bridge closed for record time due to drone attack : ukraine

Swiss bank Banque Pictet admits hiding $5.6 billion of Americans money from IRS

France temporarily freezes assets of Hamas leader Sinwar : worldnews

Boris Johnson considered raid on vaccine plant in the Netherlands
Indian police accused of harassing Sikh activist in UK before his sudden death : worldnews

Republicans Dangerous New Bill Would Try to Muzzle All Criticism of Israel

Havana's Man in Washington - Lawyers, Guns & Money Havanas Man in Washington - I'd like to read a nice long case study at some point on how Cuba has managed repeated penetrations of the US intelligence community and diplomatic establishment:

Sanders opposed to sending $10B to extremist Netanyahu government in Israel
Sen. Bernie Sanders To Vote Against Military Aid To Israel - An additional $10.1 billion in "unconditional military aid" to Israel would be "irresponsible," the Vermont senator said. : politics

That Time Bernie Sanders Told America:I Am Proud to Say That HenryKissinger Is Not My Friend

The potential decline in participation by young voters could hurt President Biden in a potential matchup with former president Donald Trump.
Tommy Tuberville ends Senate blockade on 400+ military promotions : politics

The Supreme Court is taking up a case that could rule out a tax on wealth favored by some Democrats : politics
Discussion Thread: US Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Moore v. United States : politics

Vice President Harris breaks nearly 200-year-old record for Senate tiebreaker votes, casts her 32nd : politics

What's a little obstruction of justice among friends of ours? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Its hard for anything to shock any more in this increasingly dysfunctional political system, but the highest ranking Republican elected official in the country is withholding evidence of criminal wrongdoing from the Department of Justice, and openly saying that he's doing so: ... (and) ... A reminder that Nikki Haley transformed into one of Donald Trumps biggest supporters approximately 3.2 nanoseconds after it became politically convenient to do so, and that even now her only objection to Trump is that she is more electable, given the intense love affair reactionary white voters have always had with women of color who belong to non-monotheistic religions.

Trump Is Attacking Biden With Liesand Getting Away With It

Recognizing the Trump Threat - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Recognizing the Trump threat part deux - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Atlantic Both Sides Do It But We Need To Throw Iraq Against a Wall to Show the World We Mean Business World HQ during the Bush administration is devoting its next issue to describing how horrible a second Trump term would be:
Trump's language has become darker, harsher and more threatening during his third run for the White House.

Donald Trump will never leave office voluntarily: Rep. Schiff on the threat of a second Trump term
Liz Cheney warns that Trump won't leave office if he's elected to a second term and says vOting for him may mean the last election that you ever get to vote in
Just the tip ... : PoliticalHumor

"Chilling moment": Liz Cheney says she secretly listened to phone call revealing Trump's Jan. 6 plot : politics

Trumps call to go into cities and watch elections sounds alarms

Special counsel alleges Trump sentsupporters on path to Jan. 6 violencepublic endorsement and encouragement of violence
Donald Trumps team suffers Clueless moment in court

Trump is selling $35 Christmas wrapping paper emblazoned with his mug shot : politics

Another one under the bus: Trump rekindles conspiracy theory that Ray Epps and other of his own supporters were government agents, planted at the January 6th riot to incite violence. (Rays business folded and he was forced to sell his ranch and leave his community. He now lives in an RV

When after all, it was you and me - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- How is this possible? I mean surely this is some sort of joke: Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. currently leads the pack of 2024 presidential candidates with a high favorability rating among respondents in a Harvard CAPS-Harris survey.

White House: If GOP votes on impeachment inquiry, Greene truly calling the shots

Gold bars featured in Bob Menendez bribery case linked to 2013 robbery, records show : politics

John Fetterman paid George Santos $343 for a Cameo to troll Bob Mendendez : politics
John Fetterman Tearfully Mocks Mike JohnsonsDuty To Hold Impeachment Vote

Election 2024: DeSantis Campaign in Turmoil Ahead of Iowa Caucus in Jan - Bloomberg

Moskowitz is a f***ing legend.. : PoliticalHumor ...
Biden filmed laughing at video of a shouting Lauren Boebert: Massive failure
Hollywood Stars Are Lining Up to Shower Lauren Boeberts Opponent With Cash

The Huge, Hilarious Mistake in James Comers New Biden Corruption Claim: Previously reported-on emails cast doubt on James Comers entire argument.

Its Time to Run This Anti-Gay GOP Wife Out of Politics
Curtains for Moms for Liberty: The fallout of a rape charge shows the far-right group is floundering : politics

Cant even bring themselves to denounce neo-Nazis: Texas GOPs internal war over Hitler apologists

Shock Poll Shows Independent Nebraska Union Leader Beating Republican Senator : politics

Thurston County candidate who didnt vote for himself loses by 1 vote

Yes, Theyre Pro-Confederacy. But Theyre Just the Nicest Ladies!

The ghoulish part loud - Lawyers, Guns & Money The frontrunner for the Republican Senate nomination in Montana comes out for the total abolition of Medicare and Medicaid:

Texas woman asks judge to let her terminate pregnancy after lethal fetal diagnosis : politics

Republicans in New Hampshire Want to Ban Abortion After 15 Days

Detroit is close to recording its fewest homicides in nearly 60 years : politics

Fox News 7 Deadly Sins: How the network hooks viewers on envy and fear ... Fox isnt reporting the news or making logical arguments. Its building a paranoid narrative targeting deep anxiety.

Alabama officer on leave after video shows her using stun gun on man who is handcuffed and crying : news : Law gangster takes a staycation after torturing kidnapped man.

Eschaton: Defund the Police - Not sure what they do.

Brian Laundrie allegedly told his parents Gabby Petito was and he needed a lawyer 13 days before she was reported missing

The Rosenbergs and Ted Hall - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I mentioned Ive been reading about the Manhattan Project. Heres a story, or pair of stories, that raise questions about legal and moral guilt and innocence, moral panic, and retrospective historical judgement, among other issues ... Another sad detail is that, after the executions, none of the many aunts and uncles of the Rosenbergstwo orphaned toddlers were willing to adopt them.

ELI5 The science behind the South being overburdened with STD's ? : explainlikeimfive

Hackers stole ancestry data of 6.9 million users, 23andMe finally confirmed : worldnews

Allowing sales of alcoholic beverages inside football stadiums is positively associated with severe antisocial behavior during the matches, study shows. : science

New theory seeks to unite Einsteins gravity with quantum mechanics

Researchers have created an eco-friendly alternative insulating material for buildings using recycled newspaper and rice husk : science

Study mapped ketamines effects on the brains of mice, and found that repeated use over extended periods of time leads to widespread structural changes in the brains dopamine system

Preschoolers categorize people according to body shape rather than race : science

Researchers develop a blood test to identify individuals at risk of developing Parkinsons disease

Study suggests existence of a universal, nonverbal communication system. The research found that these patterns kick in at a very young age. Childrens co-speech gesture first begins to follow the patterns of their spoken language at 3 to 4 years of age.

Results of puberty suppression in 12-15 year olds with gender dysphoria: "the majority of participants experience no reliable change in distress across all time points. Between 15% and 34% reliably deteriorate and between 9% and 29% reliably improve" : science

A study of 118 observational studies, based upon around a million patients with a wide range of cancers, finds that taking a daily low-dose (75 or 81 mg/day) of aspirin was associated with a 20% reduction in deaths from cancer and in deaths from all causes : science

Brains of newborns arent underdeveloped compared to other primates, finds new study

Galleries | Philip Newsom

Here are the top 25 most-viewed articles on Wikipedia for 2023 - The Boston Globe

Doctors, how do you inform patients of an incurable and fatal diagnosis? : AskReddit

What existed when you were a child that doesnt exist now?

Whats a movie twist that caught you completely off guard?

Whats the most unexpected health discovery youve ever made?

Why did you break up with your previous partner? : AskReddit


Gigantic Baby-Sized Rat Species Caught on Camera For the First Time Ever : worldnews

Mount Marapi: Eleven hikers killed as volcano erupts in Indonesia : worldnews

Teen sentenced to 16 years jail for killing River Valley High schoolmate - This was a shocking event for many Singaporeans.

N. Korea warns physical clash, war on Korean Peninsula a matter of time, not possibility
North Koreas Kim Jong Un calls for action on falling birth rates

Hong Kong: Protest leader Agnes Chow jumps bail : worldnews
Former Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow flees territory for Canada | Hong Kong : worldnews

Beijing accuses US of threatening peace and stability after warship passes disputed South China Sea reef : severely undermined regional peace and stability
Beijing accuses US of threatening peace and stability after warship passes disputed South China Sea reef ... More like 700-ish miles, but the point stands. The only countries that could actually lay claim to any of it are Malaysia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

Could support for war be dropping in Russia? Reliable polls don't exist in Russia, but data suggest support for peace is rising among poorest people By contrast, support for war appears highest among richer Russians who have advanced university degree

Specialised vehicle factory ablaze in Moscow

Alleged plot by Indian intelligence to kill targets in Canada and U.S. reveals sloppy spycraft : worldnews

World Bank accused of turning blind eye to sexual abuse inKenyan schools it funded

Yemens Houthis organize parade of thousands of recruits to fight for Hamas

Leaks shows Qatar secretly sent $15 million to Islamist movements in northern Mali : worldnews
Live update: In call with Blinken, Qatari PM says Doha committed to truce efforts in Israel-Hamas war http://
Kushner, Jewish business leaders huddle with Qatari PM

US warns of appropriate responses after blaming Iran for attacks on commercial ships in Red Sea

Royal Navy sends second warship to Gulf : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 43) : worldnews

Who will run Gaza after the war? U.S. searches for best of bad options - The Washington Post

Netanyahu: Palestinian Authority cant return to Gaza, this isnt Oslo II

Israeli forces reported to be pushing into southern Gaza : worldnews
Israel, Expanding Offensive, Tells More Gazans to Evacuate : worldnews
Eschaton: Bad We only get one go - something that becomes more painfully obvious with each year - and the explicit blessing of mass slaughter in Gaza can only be done by people who think some people aren't really people.

US sends Israel thousands of bunker busters,bombs for Gaza war

U.S. researchers claim informed traders profited massively from October 7 attack ... The study concluded that there were traders who knew about the attack led by the terrorist organization Hamas, leading to massive profits from the ensuing massacres and war ... So there were definitely a lot of people who knew about this and it would be strange, given how each new revelation seems to widen dramatically the number of people who had to know, if some traders didnt find out through their business intelligence arms.
Israel investigates possible trading knowledge ahead of Oct 7 Hamas attack | Reuters

ICC Prosecutor: Oct. 7 attacks crimes shocking humanitys conscience

Israel kills Hamas commander behind deadly attacks; rocket barrage targets Tel Aviv : worldnews

UK to start Gaza surveillance flights to help find hostages from Israel held by Hamas

Young Palestinian prisoners describe harsh treatment in Israeli jails - The Washington Post

The largest wind power plant in Eastern Europe will be built in Ukraine, Ukrainian DTEK and Danish Vestas, which is the worlds leading manufacturer of wind turbines, signed a memorandum on the construction of the Tyligul wind farm in the Mykolaiv region.
Ukrainian Armed Forces Use Drone Fleet with 70+ Models, Backed by 20+ Ammo Types : ukraine

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 649, Part 1 (Thread #795) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 4.12.2023 : ukraine
Official: Russia has lost over 7,200 troops, 530 units of military equipment over past week : ukraine

Ukraine war: Soldier tells BBC of front-line hell

Deputy Russian army corps commander is killed in Ukraine : worldnews
Military confirms death of Russian troops who killed Ukrainian POWs : worldnews

Polish security chief: NATO Eastern Flank states have 3 years to prepare for Russia attack : worldnews

Estonia may follow Finland and close border crossing to Russia : worldnews

MOT: Russia planned Islamophobic campaigns in Finland, Sweden to delay Nato membership | Yle News : worldnews

Police in Spain and Italy seize 5,000 litres of adulterated olive oil in raids. International gang allegedly sought to pass off lower-quality oils as virgin and extra virgin. : worldnews

Police make 630 arrests of climate protesters in London in one month : worldnews

Venezuelan Voters Back Maduros Claim to a Neighbors Territory Maduro says an oil-rich part of Guyana belongs to Venezuela. Voters agreed on Sunday, but turnout appeared to be low.
Venezuelan Voters Back Maduros Claim to a Neighbors Territory ... 0% of Guyana's drilling licenses are owned by US based companies.
Venezuelan electoral authorities on Sunday claimed that 95 percent of voters in a nonbinding referendum approved of the nations territorial claim on a huge chunk of neighbouring oil-rich Guyana

Brazil launches $204 million drive to restore Amazon rainforest : worldnews

Dozens of Iranian regime officials denied entry to Canada, says border agency : worldnews

White House says it is nearly out of money to help Ukraine fight war with Russia : worldnews
White House: U.S. to run out of money for Ukraine by end of year : ukraine
The White House has issued a blunt warning that the US is set to run out of funds to aid Ukraine by the end of the year, saying that a failure by Congress to approve new support would kneecap Kyiv (refucklicans cackle) < br /> Playbook: Times up on Ukraine funding
White House warns Congress the US is out of money, nearly out of time to avoid kneecap to Ukraine

Kissinger - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Man of Wealth and Taste - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The pre-written hagiographies of Kissinger were amazing. As people online noted, the main guy who wrote Kissingers Times obituary has been dead for a decade, so these were like a blast from the past. My favorite version of this was the Post piece about Kissingers dating life.

ADL director: Call out antisemitism when it happens; call out anti-Muslim hate when it happens : politics

Philly protesters call for a ceasefire in Gaza, protest businesses like Goldie in Center City Gov. Josh Shapiro was critical of protesters who chanted outside of Goldie, an Israeli-style falafel shop co-owned by Michael Solomonov.

Americans need an extra $11,400 today just to afford the basics, Republican analysis finds : politics

Former US Ambassador Arrested, Accused of Serving as Cuba Agent : politics

The Supreme Court seeks a middle path between following the law and blowing up the government | SEC v. Jarkesy is still likely to end in a 6-3 decision against the federal government. But it probably wont be a catastrophic loss.
Opioid maker Purdues bankruptcy case comes before Supreme Court

McCarthy limps towards possible exit from Congress after year of bruising speakership : politics
Swalwell Predicts Kevin McCarthy Will Be Next Expelled From Congress - The Messenger The California congressman predicted the former speaker of the House wont last long following a physical scuffle with Tim Burchett

Comer mischaracterizes Hunter Biden car payment reimbursement to his dad - The Washington Post The payments Hunter Biden made to his father came two years after the elder Biden had left the vice presidency

GOP official arrested over Jan. 6 involvement : politics

Republicans Are Trying to Redefine Whos an American (

Trump Will Abandon NATO : politics

Part Mussolini, part Berlusconi, part Putin: Historian on Trumps planned legal revolution

The Atlantic Dedicates Entire Issue to Warning Fascist Trump Poses Dire Threat to America: Second Term WillBe Much Worse
What Trump Could Do With a Second Term - The Atlantic The staff of The Atlantic on the threat a second term poses to American democracy.
A second Trump term will be far more autocratic than the first. Hes telling us
Recognizing the Trump Threat - Lawyers, Guns & Money We have, to understate briefly, been critical of the political press for enabling Trump with horse race and Both Sides coverage. So I should acknowledge when a major article is completely straightforward about what a second Trump presidency would be like, and Savage, Swan and Haberman really rise to the occasion here:
Why a Second Trump Presidency May Be More Radical Than His First - The New York Times Donald Trump has long exhibited authoritarian impulses, but his policy operation is now more sophisticated, and the buffers to check him are weaker.

Trump pardoned a hodgepodge of controversial figures, from Joe Arpaio to Roger Stone. Now, dozens of them are contributing to his 2024 bid or have spread his false election claims. : politics

Legal expert warns Trump co-defendant may be indicted again for straight up witness intimidation
Donald Trump co-defendant may have just threatened a witness : politics

Fox News Host Cuts Into Trump Speech To Correct Many Untruths

Donald Trump Flips Out At Robert De Niro : politics
Donald Trump Fires Back At Liz Cheney With Unexpected Confession About Eating : politics
Trumps revenge? GOP braces for daily blasts from orange Jesus

Republican Senate frontrunner in Montana calls for returning healthcare to pure privatization

Heres a wild way for Democrats to try to stop Trump: Vote in Republican primaries

Republicans Are Finding Out That Pro-Life Means a Lot of Things to a Lot of People

Matt Gaetz frets about House GOPs precarious majority after George Santos exit

House GOPs majority hinges on New York

Democrats bank on abortion playing pivotal role in Arizona Senate race : politics

How abortion restrictions affect the care Wisconsin doctors can give patients : politics

That's authoritarianism: Florida argues school libraries are for government messaging
Florida Attorney General Argues for Removing LGBT Library Books Florida's Argument About Books in School Libraries Is Plainly Wrong : The First Amendment is a shield, not a sword.

Conservatives use anti-trans hearing to promote conversion therapy over gender-affirming care. The activists told the legislature that family rejection and addiction treatment are better for trans people than the medically accepted standard of care. : politics

Everybodys daughter: The rape victim behind Kentuckys viral abortion ad

Texas Republican Party rejects ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers

Mississippi Sheriff's Deputies Calling Themselves 'Good Squad' Roamed Rankin County If Your Sheriff's Deputies Are Calling Themselves a 'Good Squad' It's No Secret What They're About - And yet, for years, a bunch of these guys in Mississippi were allowed to continue brutalizing people in pursuit of drug arrests.

Misinformation researcher Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Facebook - The Washington Post ... her superiors soured on her as Harvard was getting a record $500 million pledge from Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg

Restricted access to abortion may be associated with more (11%) children subsequently entering the U.S. foster care system, according to an analysis of federal- and state-level data : science

Why Anonymous Sperm Donation Is Over, and Why That Matters : politics

Individuals who report tinnitus, which present as a ringing in the ears in more than 1 out of 10 adults worldwide, are experiencing auditory nerve loss that is not picked up by conventional hearing tests. This work is a first step toward our ultimate goal of silencing tinnitus

Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia-Related Disorders and Psychotic-Like Experiences: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis : science

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? The DEFINITIVE guide | by Andrew Springer | Medium

What's a disproven parenting myth that way too many people still believe? : AskReddit

What's the most severe case of mass stupidity you've ever witnessed? : AskReddit


Studies show that a third of the population still doubts human responsibility for climate change. A new study tested 6 interventions to prevent disinformation on nearly 7,000 people from 12 countries, and found the protective effect is small and disappears after the 2nd exposure to disinformation. : science

Open secret at climate talks: The top temperature goal is mostly gone - POLITICO Researchers injected a sobering finding into global climate negotiations Sunday by saying the world will likely fail its most important warming test.

Cop28 president says there is no science behind demands for phase-out of fossil fuels

Deal to triple renewable energy backed by 117 countries : worldnews

Deadly COVID Strain Killing Cats in Cyprus and the UK : worldnews

Latest outbreak of deadly bird flu kills 220 flamingos in Argentina. : worldnews

Online gaming platforms such as Roblox used asTrojanhorse for extremist recruitment of children, AFP warns

Philippine troops kill 11 Islamic militants in one of bloodiest anti-insurgency offensives this year : worldnews

Japan backs tripling global nuclear energy by 2050 : worldnews
Tokyos fertility rate lowest in Japan as births fall for 7th year

South Korean city turns to matchmaking to boost low birth rates : worldnews

Think of what happened to Hong Kong when you vote, Taiwan president says : worldnews

Hong Kong minister hits out at claims that citys days as global financial hub are over - Data showing slowdown in IPO market has prompted wave of negative comments on mainland Chinese social media likening Exchange Square to an ancient relic
Hong Kong minister hits out at claims that citys days as global financial hub are over

Russia Steps Up Presence in Indian Ocean : worldnews

India Election Latest: BJP Leads in States Held by Opposition : worldnews
Global private hospital group embroiled in cash for kidneys racket enticing the impoverished to sell their organs ... Indias Apollo Hospitals ... desperate young villagers from Myanmar are being flown to Apollos prestigious Delhi hospital and paid to donate their kidneys to rich Burmese patients.

ELI5: Why do Pakistan and India hate each other? : explainlikeimfive

Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger look to form a federation : worldnews

The Pentagon says a US Navy warship and multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea | AP News Ships face Houthi-claimed attack in Red Sea as officials say a US warship also fires in self-defense Commercial ships came under attack Sunday by drones and missiles in the Red Sea and a U.S. warship there opened fire in self-defense as part of an hourslong assault claimed by Yemens Houthi rebels, officials said.

Britains Maritime Agency Reports Potential Explosion in Red Sea

In meeting with Egyptian President, US VP Harris says the US will under no circumstances permit the forcedrelocation of Palestinians
Vice President Harris says too many innocent Palestinians have been killed as fighting picks up in southern Gaza

Israel risks strategic defeat if civilians arent protected, Pentagon chief says ... Israel has a big Netanyahu problem and his cabinet is packed with psychopaths. The last thing he cares about is Palestinian civilian lives.
Israel-Hamas war live: over 15,500 Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes in last two months, says Gaza health ministry | Israel-Hamas war | The Guardian ... UN agency says around 1.8 million people in Gaza have been forced to leave homes

Israeli prisoner release shines light on system of detaining Palestinians without charge : news

Israel tells Arab states it wants buffer zone in post-war Gaza : worldnews

Israeli medical experts declare some Gaza hostages dead in absentia : worldnews

Israel says it has hit more than 400 targets in Gaza since end of truce with Hamas : worldnews
IDF uncovers 800 Hamas tunnels since start of war, destroys 500 : worldnews

Hamas official says no negotiation or captives release until war ends : worldnews

Relatives of still-captive Bibas family say they wont be broken

UN says Israel will not renew visa for top aid official : worldnews

UN rights office seriously concerned about Israelsincreased arrest of Palestinians

We must continue to support Ukraine, as Putins victory will be a tragedy - NATO Secretary General
After the presidential elections in russia in March 2024, Western leaders will have to decide whether to recognize Putin's legitimacy if he runs and wins. This was stated by Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an interview with the Associated Press. "This is why the "game" will already be on the side of the Western leaders of the civilized world ... By the way, there may be a turning point - the illegitimacy of President Putin Zelenskyy says.
Ukraine blocks ex-president from leaving country amid alleged plan to meet pro-Putin Hungarys Orban
Defenders of Light New mural unveiled in #Ukraines capital Kyiv. Depicts a soldier guarding the sky and an engineer ready to repair power infrastructure damaged by Russian forces. A fitting tribute.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 648, Part 1 (Thread #794) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 3.12.2023 : ukraine
Russias losses for this week: Over 7,000 troops, 500 pieces of equipment. [article]
Currently, there are ~430,000 Russian military personnel on the territory of Ukraine. The average age of the military occupiers is 35-40 years old
Frontline report: Russian soldiers refuse to attack Dnipro islands as Ukrainians maintain bridgehead across the river : ukraine
In #CrimeaIsUkraine two nice girls offered the Russian invaders some nice vodka, with arsenic! More than 20 dead invaders! : ukraine

Video Emerges Appearing to Show Russian Soldiers Executing Surrendering Ukrainians : worldnews
Kyiv Confirms Russian Troops Executed Two Ukrainian Soldiers Upon Surrender : worldnews

Random Russian military vehicle drives into a random civilian vehicle in the occupied territories in a perfect display of the best features of the Russian world where nothing is forbidden and anything is possible.

Per Russian own admission, Ukrainians control the sky around Krynky through EW and unlimited FPV drones. Ukrainian artillery, including mortars, dominates and Russians are powerless
Thats not fireworks.Thats air defense working. Such things happen when russia is your neighbor and it attacks you with Shaheds and missiles

Ukrainska Pravda in English on X: "Striking Polish hauliers aren't letting patrol boat sent with US aid into Ukraine" / X

Lithuania called on NATO to provide Ukraine with all necessary weapons to achieve victory over the Russian Federation : worldnews

Leaders of 60 European cities convene in Germany to learn about Jew-hatred : worldnews
Heavy snowfall disrupts travel in Switzerland and Germany : worldnews - Heavy snowfall disrupted travel in Switzerland and southern Germany, with hundreds of flights delayed or canceled so far.

One dead, one injured after assailant attacks passersby in Paris : worldnews

Justice being served ex-soldiers extradition signals hope for reckoning of Pinochet-era crimes

Should Venezuela invade its oil-rich neighbor? Maduro will put it to a vote Sunday : worldnews

Giant seamount discovered in Guatemala is nearly twice the height of the worlds tallest building | CNN

Mexicos minimum wage will rise by 20% next year, to about $14.25 per day

Henry Kissinger's (Maybe) Last Interview: Drop the Two-State Solution - yIn one of the final interviews before he died, the famous statesman said the two-state solution was no longer viable and that the U.S. must reconcile with China.

Congress can help make housing affordable it just has to act

Irresponsible: Fox News cited fake terrorist attack 97 times then used it to vilify Muslims. It's dangerous. It brings a real possibility of revenge violence, extremism watchdog warns

Tommy Tuberville and the future of the single senator veto : politics

Dozens of Troops Suspected of Advocating Overthrow of US Government, New Pentagon Extremism Report Says : politics

Swing-state Muslim leaders launch campaign to abandon Biden in 2024

Biden used to keep quiet about Trump. Now Bidens invoking his name to raise alarms
Miss Americana: How Taylor Swift could save Joe Biden : politics

Mike Johnson Becomes Surprise Champion of More Ukraine Aid : ukraine
Cheney: Johnson was a collaborator in Trumps effort to remain in power
Turns Out a New Speaker Didnt Solve the House GOPs Problems
McCarthy was ditched and Santos expelled. The House is making history, but not as the GOP envisioned : politics

Theres a storm coming. We all know it. And yet Americans are pretending that everything is normal.

Its Time to Fix Americas Most Dangerous Law - the Insurrection Act, a federal law that permits the president to deploy military troops in American communities to effectively act as a domestic police force under his direct command.
Trump Could Legally Use the U.S. Military as Domestic Law Enforcers : politics ... Blue wave or fascism. Those are our options in 2024

Judge Chutkan said Trumps time in the White House doesnt shield him from criminal liability ... Defendants four-year service as Commander in Chief did not bestow on him the divine right of kings to evade the criminal accountability that governs his fellow citizens.

Donald Trump headed "directly to conviction" for Jan. 6: Legal analyst : politics

Trump calls on supporters to guard the vote in Democratic-run UScities

Trump Says if Jesus Came Down He'd Win the Blue States in Unhinged Iowa Speech
Donald Trump Speech Gaffe Sparks Avalanche of Jokes, Memes : politics

Trump attempts to spin anti-democracy, authoritarian criticism against Biden

Trump amplifies call for prosecuting Jan. 6 police officers : politics

Ayman: Trumps explosive rhetoric is getting more dangerous all the time

Populism is all about hair : what rightwing leaders are trying to tell us with their wild coiffures - From Boris Johnson to Javier Milei, Geert Wilders and Donald Trump, sporting a wild and woolly barnet spells virility, charisma and populist appeal

6 Takeaways From Liz Cheneys Book Assailing Trump and His Enablers
Liz Cheney on why she believes Trumps reelection would mean the end of our republic
Liz Cheney is back and unloading on the current leaders of her ancestral GOP : politics

Plain historical falsehoods: How amicus briefs bolstered Supreme Court conservatives review indicates most conservative briefs in high-profile cases have links to a small cadre of activists aligned with Leonard Leo

Ron DeSantis bashes Trump and teases plans to supersede Obamacare
Pro-DeSantis super PAC fires CEO amid turmoil : politics
DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down fires Kristin Davison, Erin Perrine, Matt Palmisano - POLITICO

Nikki Haleys GOP ascent adds to the well-deserved humiliation of desperate Ron DeSantis

What the DeSantis and Newsom Debate Really Revealed : politics
Hannity said hed leave his beliefs out of the DeSantis-Newsom debate. His charts hinted otherwise.

Floridas Republican chair has denied a womans rape allegation in a case roiling state politics
Florida GOP chairman under fire as more details emerge in rape inquiry : politics
In Floridas Hot Political Climate, Some Faculty Have Had Enough

George Santos constituents cheer his expulsion: This creep is no longer my congressman

Money pit: Kyrsten Sinema faces campaign cash questions, complaints : politics

Georgia Republicans New Voting Maps Defy Court Order to Boost Black Representation

Republicans are getting killed on reproductive rights, and theyre taking desperate measures to prevent their constituents from having a say next year

GOP Lawmaker Laments Workers Laziness In Hearing About Overtime Pay: There's just a lot of people in this country that dont want to work, period Rep. Virginia Foxx said during a hearing about people who work too much.

Texas GOP Rejects Ban on Associating With Nazi Sympathizers, Report Says : politics

Ohio Fails to Pass Restrictions on College Teaching About Climate Policies - Inside Climate News The legislation, written to fight the woke fiefdom of higher education

Massachusetts GOP lawmakers block money for temporary shelters for migrant homeless families : politics

This is a good piece from a philosophy professor on how the humanities are undermined by constantly having to defend their value, given that its actually quite difficult to say what their value is:

Longstreet: the Confederate general who switched sides on race | Books | The Guardian

Tiny robots made from human cells heal damaged tissue : worldnews

A Stanford Medicine-led trial of 22 pairs of identical twins comparing vegan and omnivore diets found that a vegan diet improves overall cardiovascular health in as little as 8 weeks. By studying identical twins, researchers were able to control for genetics, same households and similar lifestyles. : science


Biden Administration Announces Rule to Cut Millions of Tons of Methane Emissions - The New York Times The measure, which requires oil and gas producers to detect and fix leaks of the greenhouse gas, came as the U.S. vice president spoke at the COP28 climate summit.

Heatwave in 2022 may have caused 70,000 deaths in Europe : worldnews

Global deal to phase out fossil fuels is in trouble : worldnews

Over 110 countries set to join COP28 deal to triple renewable energy : worldnews

3 Khalistanis Guilty Of Plot To Kill Indian-Origin Radio Host In New Zealand : worldnews

Myanmars military is losing ground against coordinated nationwide attacks, buoying opposition hopes

Magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes Mindanao, Philippines : worldnews

Worlds biggest experimental nuclear fusion reactor launched in Japan

South Korea successfully launches 1st spy satellite into orbit : worldnews
Bird strike forces Republic of Korea Air Force to write off $85 million stealth fighter jet : worldnews

Chinas respiratory illness rise due to known pathogens, official says
US aims to limit Chinas role in electric cars

Russians support of Ukraine war collapses, finds poll
Who supports Putin? Men, older generations and traditionalists, study shows : UkraineWarVideoReport

Putins desperate for fresh meat in #Ukraine. Unprecedented raids on conscripts are taking place in Moscow. Military registration & enlistment offices en masse organize a one-day conscription sending people with serious illnesses & even visitors from other regions to the army. https://
Putin orders Russian military to boost troop numbers by 170,000 | Russia : worldnews
Ukraine war: Putin to boost Russian troop numbers by 15% : worldnews
Putin, Desperate To Reverse Russias Demographic Collapse, Moves To Restrict Abortions and Pardon Female Inmates Who Conceive During Marital Visits.Changes are part of long-range, societal fixes, as toll in Ukraine war has taken 300,000men killed or seriously wounded

Russian Troops Say Theyre Starving, Sent to Slaughter - New Video
Russia paying off' soldiers wives to silence anti-war dissent before election

Police raid Moscow gay bars after a Supreme Court ruling labeled LGBTQ+ movementextremist

Russian media: Two incidents involving civilian aircraft reported in one day : worldnews

HIV infection rates reach epidemic levels in 19 Russian regions : worldnews

Russia not re-elected to International Maritime Organizations Council

NATO chief tells Erdogan time has come to let Sweden join the alliance

Irans Revolutionary Guards say two officers killed in Syria after strike blamed on Israel
Iran using Gaza conflict as cover for execution of 127 people since war began

No indicators Israel shared Hamas war plans with U.S.

Mossad: Negotiating team in Qatar ordered home as truce talks hit a dead end

Israel-Gaza war: Residents of Khan Younis say Israeli strikes heaviest since start of war : worldnews
Israel strikes southern Gaza, US VP Harris calls for restraint : worldnews

IDF spokesperson says Hamas was supposed to release members of Bibas family in truce deal it violated : worldnews
Truce fell apart after Hamas refused to release more Israeli female hostages : worldnews
Hamas claims its only holding three more women and children hostage
Hamas Leader Says He Doesnt Know How Many Hostages Remain Alive in Gaza: The Number Is Not So Important
Seven more Israeli captives confirmed murdered by Hamas : worldnews

Abandoned Babies Found Decomposing in Gaza Hospital Weeks After it was Evacuated : news

Hamas drugged Israeli children, according to new testimonies of released captives : worldnews

US blames Hamas for end of ceasefire as rocket barrages fired at central Israel, south : worldnews

After 8 weeks, UN Women condemns Hamass sexual violence on Oct.7

Israel Plans to Kill Hamas Bosses Around Globe After War : worldnews

Discovery of Rockets Hidden in UNRWA Relief Supplies Raises Questions, Again : worldnews

Zelensky acknowledges need for greater war mobilization as manpower slumps : worldnews
The war has made holding Presidential elections in Ukraine impossible - Zelenskyy
Ukraines ex-president says he was blocked from leaving country men aged 18-60 cannot leave. He is 58.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 647, Part 1 (Thread #793) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 2.12.2023 : ukraine
The total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02.2022 to 02.12.2023 : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russians continue to commit atrocities in Ukraine Two Ukrainian servicemen decided to surrender to representatives of the Russian forces. However, the Russians treacherously killed Ukrainian soldiers, violating the norms of international humanitarian law. : UkraineWarVideoReport

Russian Capture of Maryinka Fabricated and Premature, Say Pro-Kremlin Sources : worldnews

#Russia Imported Over 100,000 Asian Migrants to #Donbas, Plans to Create Cross-Border Commonwealth - #Moscow plans to replace the local population in the #occupiedterritories and to create a cross-border commonwealth of mixed Russian and Ukrainian regions.

Crimean Bridge left vulnerable after strong storm washes away Russian-installed protective barriers : worldnews

Putins buddy Orban pushes EU to the brink over Ukraine

Macron says Israel must more precisely define goal of Hamas assault

Election of the weekend: Venezuela/Essequibo - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Alleged Montreal-area Chinese police stations threaten to sue RCMP for $2.5 million

TIL that the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime concluded that billions in drug money kept the global financial system afloat during the 2008 crisis : todayilearned
Did Drug Cartels Save the Global Financial System? | The Motley Fool

The Supreme Court May Be Poised to Kill the Voting Rights Act Once and for All : politics
Sandra Day O'Connor's complicity
Joe Biden retakes lead from Donald Trump in latest national 2024 poll : politics

Johnson argues House has duty to hold vote on Biden impeachment inquiry
Mike Johnson Wrote the Foreward for a Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Poor Book That Endorsed Pizzagate and Denigrated a Prisoner of War | He now claims he never read the passages in question and strongly disagrees with them.

Kevin McCarthy, Who Talks From Notes, Says Biden Is Old Because He Talks From Notes : politics

GOP fights Hunter Biden push for public hearing : politics

Biden campaign hits back on Trumps vow to repeal Affordable Care Act
Obamacare is even more popular than the last time Trump tried to kill it | The issue doesnt specifically motivate Republican voters, either

Federal judge says Trump does not have absolute immunity, denying bid to dismiss election subversion case : politics
Judge rejects Trump immunity claim in federal 2020 election case : politics

Trumps Lawyer Told Him Defying Subpoena Would Be a Crime. He Did It Anyway

Trump can be held civilly liable in Jan. 6 riot, judges rule : politics

Donald Trumps own judges are ruling against him

The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory review: Trump and his evangelical believers : politics

Trump pardoned them. Now theyre helping him return to power.

Stephen Millers Right-Wing Lawsuit Machine Must Be Stopped

Conservatives call for big business tax cuts while White House backs child tax credit : politics

Pelosi calls Santos a coward for leaving chamber before expulsion vote closed
George Santos Is Gone. Two Dozen Candidates Want His Seat. : politics

Ironically, Senator Rafael 'Ted' Cruz wants to ban preferred names
5th Circuit rules Texas must remove river border buoys : politics

Susan Sarandon Says Anti-Jewish Speech Was a Terrible Mistake

Cornel West has blown millions of dollars on women, luxury condos, women, and Caddys, and the rest of it he wasted:

911 Call and Affidavit Reveal Chilling Claims in Florida GOP Chair Rape Probe
If Moms for Liberty co-founder had sex with a woman, why is she targeting Floridas gays?

$100 cap on ambulance rides new recommendation would end surprise billing for patients

Homeschooling hid child abuse, torture of 11-year-old Roman Lopez by stepmom - Washington Post Roman Lopez was 11 when he went missing. His years of torment were concealed by home schooling.

Colorado strikes excited delirium from all lawenforcement diagnosis, training documents

Bill Gates feels Generative AI has plateaued, says GPT-5 will not be any better : technology

The 10 Best Books of 2023 - The New York Times

Feynman - Lawyers, Guns & Money Richard Feynman was a misogynist asshole. Theres no mitigating that. His contributions to both pedagogy and finding the Challenger problem were unique only in his ability to promote himself.

The Imperfect Universe. Some things just never quite add up | by Nir Zicherman | Nov, 2023 | Medium Some things just never quite add up ... The music of today sounds equally good in all keys at the expense of it sounding perfect in any key : Equal Temperament :: Just Intonation.

Computable number - Wikipedia
Uncertainty principle - Wikipedia
Arrow's impossibility theorem

Multiple Lyme bacteria species found in brain of patient diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, 15 years after initial Lyme diagnosis and continuous antibiotic treatment. The patient committed suicide and left a note requesting that his brain be analyzed for the presence of Borrelia. : science

Lifestyle choices that could lower the risk of all cancers. A new study has highlighted 10 lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer by as much as 30%. : science
Electro-Cooling Material Makes Solid-State Fridge Viable : science

Have you ever experienced sexual harassment by a woman? What happened? : AskReddit

New study finds bots and fraud farms responsible for 73% of web traffic : technology


World to hit 1.4C of warming in record hot 2023 : worldnews

World Bank increases climate spending to 45% : worldnews

Countries in the Horn of Africa grappling with climate disasters impacting millions : worldnews

Not so dead as a dodo: De-extinction plan to reintroduce bird to Mauritius

Golden mole not seen for 80 years and presumed extinct is found again in South Africa : worldnews

Massachusetts second state with child pneumonia outbreakasquestions remain about virus sweeping China

Japan expresses concern about US Military continuing to fly Osprey Aircraft without providing adequate details of fatal crash : worldnews

Taiwan Begins Mass Production of Indigenous Air Defense System : worldnews

China lures hundreds of Taiwan politicians with cheap trips before election : worldnews

Russian Orthodox Church forces parishioners to pray to Saint Putin on giant screen

Revenues of Russias top oil and gas producers fall 41% in first 9 months of 2023
The United States government aims to halve Russias oil and gas revenues by the end of this decade US Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Resources Jeffrey Payette said

SBU Strikes Again: Another Train Blown Up On Critical Russia-China Railway : worldnews ... The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has blown up a second train in two days on the Baikal-Amur railway line deep inside Russia

The incidents highlighted the increasingly apparent impact of Western sanctions on Russias airlines, as it was not the first time that incidents involving equipment malfunction on civilian airplanes were reported.

Data: Rise in Attacks on Christians in India, Up Four Times in 11 Years (2012-2022) : worldnews

Sudan: New Mass Ethnic Killings, Pillage in Darfur : worldnews

70-year-old Ugandan woman becomes Africas oldest mother after givingbirth to IVF twins

U.S. presses sceptical Turkey to curb Hamas fundraising : wo

Gallant to Blinken: We will fight Hamas until we prevail no matter how long it takes : worldnews

Israel-Hamas war live updates: Gaza truce expires; more than 100 hostages have been released - The Washington Post
How many hostages has Hamas released? Tracking how many remain in Gaza. - The Washington Post
Truce ends, fighting in Gaza resumes; IDF says Hamas violates terms after rocket fire : worldnews
IDF resumes combat in Gaza after Hamas violates ceasefire - : worldnews

A mass assassination factory: Inside Israels calculated bombing of GazaPermissive airstrikes on non-military targets and the use of an artificial intelligence system have enabled the Israeli army to carry out its deadliest war on Gaza, a +972 and Local Call investigation reveals.

Israel informs Arab states it wants buffer zone in post-war Gaza : worldnews

Palestinians say IDF drops flyers in Khan Younis telling residents to move out : worldnews

Hamas: It doesnt matter how many hostages are still alive
Oct. 7 was just a rehearsal, warns Sinwar

New report says the IDFs elite intelligence unit saw signs Hamas was preparing a terror attack
Israel Knew Hamass Attack Plan More Than a Year Ago
You covered your ass - Lawyers, Guns & Money This will be a familiar story to Americans, but its amazing that the Israeli right has put together a dominant coalition based largely in the premise that it is the faction best positioned to protect Israelis from terrorism:
New report says the IDFs elite intelligence unit saw signs Hamas was preparing a terror attack

Nearly 100,000 Gaza buildings may be damaged, satellite images show : worldnews
This place was Home to someone : pics
I commend @JomanaCNN for this report finally putting a face to one of the 15,000 names that Israel killed in Gaza last 7 weeks. Our people, our children are not just numbers or collateral damage, they are the soul of our souls as Khaled Nabhan the grandfather says here.

PAs Abbas a liability in planning for post-war Gaza, Arabofficials say

IDF posts map of Gaza to guide civilians away from bombings. Interactive map divides Strip into zones, by number as military urges Gazans to locate relevant section and follow warnings to escape danger : worldnews

Israel: 2,005 soldiers injured since Oct. 7 : worldnews

Israel drawing up plans for global campaign to assassinate Hamas leaders : worldnews

Hamas drugged children; burned legs with exhaust for identification : worldnews

IDF uncovers terrorist tunnel in Gaza kindergarten : worldnews

UN will investigate sexual assault, rape, in Hamas' October 7 attack, Guterres assures : worldnews

US tells Israel it will announce visa ban on violent settlers in coming weeks (but not the Brooklyn Hasids)

Counteroffensive did not achieve desired results,Zelensky says. Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine is in a new phase,President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the Associated Press, published on Dec. 1.
Ukraine Blames Russia for No Recent Prisoner Swaps : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 646, Part 1 (Thread #792) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 1.12.2023 : ukraine

Russian forces killed 2000 Ukrainian civilians in 2023 : worldnews

Russian general blown up on mine in Ukraine

Ukrainian Su-25 Struck By Lancet Drone Was An Elaborate Decoy - Read our report by clicking the image below:

Everything indicates Chinese ship damaged Baltic pipeline on purpose, Finland says

Slovak truckers will block the main border crossing with Ukraine from Friday, joining Polish protests to win restrictions against Ukrainian drivers. : worldnews
Ukraine and Poland agree on conditions for unblocking border for truck traffic

Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish leaders refuse to take photo with Lukashenko at COP28 : worldnews

EU defense spending soars to new high as 20 states ramped up budgets in 2022 : worldnews

Swiss have frozen $8.8 billion of Russian assets : worldnews

Germany unveils law for faster migrant returns : worldnews

Pope Francis Cracks Down on Catholic Officials He has said repeatedly that modern American conservative politics have no place in the pulpit, and he seems to be making good on that.

Israel recalls its ambassador to Spain indefinitely

Body found in rural England barn triggers Europe-wide investigation : worldnews

Paraguay official sacked after dealings with fictitious country: A senior Paraguayan official was fired this week after signing a cooperation memorandum with a country he has since learned does not exist : worldnews

Argentinas incoming foreign minister says country will not join BRICS bloc

Peruvian rainforest defender from embattled Kichwa tribe shot dead in river attack : worldnews

Canadas homicide rate is at the highest level in 30 years

Eschaton: Village Royalty The problem with Henry Kissinger isn't just all the people he killed, it's that he killed all those people - joyfully unapologetically - and was still treated as a Wise Old Man of Washington. A fancy friend to parade at dinner parties to show you were somebody who mattered. A man whose council and praise was sought, treasured, and boasted about ...So when you wonder how things are as they are, how so many fucked up things are tolerated and cheered, how it's the people who object who are painted as deviant or even as The Real Racists, it's because this is a deeply fucked up culture filled with deeply fucked up people who fucking loved Henry Kissinger.
Realpolitik was Kissingers excuse, not his motivation
Kissinger, ur-MAGA - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The only eulogy to Henry Kissinger worth reading: Anthony Bourdains scathing comments about diplomat resurface ... Once you've been to Cambodia, you'll never stop wanting to beat Henry Kissinger to death with your bare hands
Eschaton: Finally Got Him, Satan The important thing to understand about Henry Kissinger is that people in Washington do not understand what anyone has against him.

What Really Happened to the American Dream? (Why American capitalism is so rotten, Part 2) - Robert Reich ... the increasing concentration of political power in a corporate and financial elite that has been able to alter the rules that run the economy.

Most of Ukraine aid never leaves US

Tuberville signals he' s backing down on most of his holds on top military nominees after bipartisan pressure

Sandra Day OConnor, first woman on Supreme Court, dies at 93

In defense of Hillary Clintons 2016 presidential campaign

Democrats turn tables on GOP in judge nominations : politics
GOP Melts Down As Dick Durbin Uses Its Tactics For Advancing Biden Judges : politics

AOC says her life completely transformed for the better after Pelosi stepped down from leadership

Speaker Johnson wrote foreword for book filled with conspiracy theories and homophobic insults : politics

Liz Cheney tells "CBS News Sunday Morning" that the U.S. is "sleepwalking into a dictatorship" : politics

Trumps 48-Hour Manic Rant Had Immediate Consequences: The former president covered a lot of ground during his recent posting binge, most of it is insane.
The violence is Trumps goal

Donald Trump Wants Jan. 6 Police to Be Charged for Fighting Rioters : politics

Jan. 6 rioter asks for early release, says he was manipulated by Trump and Fox News

Kevin McCarthy Says Matt Gaetz Belongs in Jail Has Allegedly Committed worse rimes Than George Santos
Steve Scalise reveals whats really happened since McCarthys fall

Mr. Santos, a New York Republican, is the sixth member of the House to be expelled in the bodys history. To hell with this placehe said after his colleagues ousted him
How House lawmakers voted on expelling Rep. George Santos - Washington Post
George Santos Accused Of Stealing HouseMembers Personal Credit Card Info
Gone Baby Gone - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Notes on MAGA Camp - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The departure of Adam Laxalt, a longtime friend of the Florida governor, is the latest shake-up inside Never Back Down as it faces questions over the groups strategy and spending.

Fetterman calls for Menendez ouster, says actions more sinister than Santos

Gavin Newsom trolls DeSantis over flailing 2024 bid in hostile Fox News debate : politics
Ron DeSantis destroyed by Gavin Newsom in debate: You demean and humiliate
Discussion Thread: California Governor Newsom Debates Florida Governor DeSantis : politics
Ron DeSantis Is No Match for Gavin Newsom | At last nights Fox News debate, even a home field advantage couldn't keep the aspiring presidential candidate from choking.
Newsom camp: Hannity, DeSantis cheated. They dispute the charges. - POLITICO

Kari Lakes goose is cooked (again) as a judge tells her to move on from fairy tales

The Bogus Historians Who Teach Evangelicals They Live in a Theocracy : politics

Florida GOP Leader, a Moms for Liberty Founder, and Allegations of Group Sex and Rape : politics

Judge wont bar Biden administration from cutting down Texas razor wire on border

Arizona gave families public money for private schools. Then private schools raised tuition. Critics worry that the states new universal school choice program is a subsidy for the affluent

Rep. Brandon Williams threatens ex-staffer in holiday party confrontation (see video) : politics

Eschaton: Liberty For Me Amazing and unsurprising, as these things are. - Wouldnt it be ironic if the woman who led an ultra-conservative movement in Florida education that sought to put gays back in the closet was having a long-term, three-way lesbian relationship with a lover she shared with her husband, the states GOP chairman? ... Bridget Ziegler

Louisiana Governor-Elect Jeff Landry Is Pulling a Tommy Tuberville On New Orleans' Water Supply - Seriously? He wants to withhold necessary sewage funding until the city prosecutes people getting abortions?

Why Cornel West Is Broke (use readerview)

Space Karen during interview yesterday where he tells advertisers leaving X to "go f*ck yourself" : pics
One morning, when Skon Mule woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a corn cob - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Walmart says it is not advertising on social platform X | Reuters
Eschaton: Redemption Tour Musk's supposed "apology" was just doubling down, and most people pretended not to notice.

The Cybertruck Is a Disappointment Even to Cybertruck Superfans / Looking at the specs alone, the car is delivering 30 percent less range than expected for 30 percent more money
Tesla falls on long wait for Cybertruck payoff, hefty price tag / Tesla shares fell more than 3% on Friday

Return to office is dead, Stanford economist says. Heres why

The physical and philosophical problem of time - Big Think

Maize (corn) was first domesticated about 10,000 years ago, but a new genomic study shows it didn't take off as a crop until a hybrid appeared about 5,000 years later

Researchers found that liberal-leaning media outlets exhibit more negative sentiments towards artificial intelligence (AI) compared to their conservative counterparts. This aversion in liberal media is primarily driven by concerns over AIs potential to amplify societal biases.

Largest study of its kind shows leafy greens may decrease bowel cancer risk | It suggests that increasing the intake of folatewhich can be found in leafy greens, such as spinach, cabbage and broccoli could help to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by up to 7%.

Brain Study Suggests Traumatic Memories Are Processed as Present Experience : science

TIL GPS satellites go so fast, that they need to adjust their location calculations to account for Relativity : todayilearned

If pulling an all-nighter, don't follow with an important decision, suggests a new brain imaging study. Researchers found a 24-hour period of sleep deprivation significantly impacted individuals' decision-making processes by dampening neural responses to the outcomes of their choices. : science

Malicious bots make up nearly three-quarters of Internet traffic : technology

How long does sciatica last: Symptoms, treatment, and management
How Long Does Sciatica Last? Plus Tips for Managing Your Symptoms
Relief in Minutes - Best Stretches for Sciatica Pain (Step by Step Video)
Taming the pain of sciatica: For most people, time heals and less is more - Harvard Health
sciatica pain duration - Google Search

ELI5: What is the difference between taking paracetamol and Ibuprofen? : explainlikeimfive
Whats the point of paracetamol?
Ibuprofen vs. Naproxen: What to Know About Each
BBC Radio 4 - Sliced Bread - How good are painkillers at targeting specific types of pain?

Men who keep secrets from your partner, what kind of secrets and how lame/lethal are these?! : AskReddit

What was once commonplace 20-30 years ago has now evolved into a luxury? : AskReddit


World to hit 1.4C of warming in record hot 2023 : worldnews
2023 set to be hottest year on record: United Nations : worldnews

Plans to present meat as sustainable nutritionat Cop28 revealed. Documents show industry intends to gofullforcein arguing meat is beneficial to the environment at climate summit.

We have to work urgently: Mexican ecologists start campaign to save axolotl

Ending extreme poverty has a negligible impact on global greenhouse gas emissions : science

World economy will slow in 2024 because of inflation, high rates, war: OECD : worldnews

Anthony Fauci will testify before Congress on COVID origins and the US pandemic response : politics

Thalidomide: Australia gives national apology to survivors and families : worldnews

New Zealand plans to ban cellphone use in schools : worldnews

Singapore and Zurich worlds most expensive cities - Singapore and Zurich tied for the world's most expensive city this year, followed by Geneva, New York and Hong Kong, the Economist Intelligence Unit said as it cautioned that the global cost-of-living crisis was not yet over

Malaysias first Islamic rehab centrefor those in same-sex relationships to open in July, says state exco ... gay the pray away .. Being gay is illegal in Malaysia with penalties ranging from 20 years in prison to caning and Sharia law

Another Entire Junta Battalion Raises the White Flag in Myanmars Northern Shan State

Japan plans to suspend its own Osprey flights after a fatal US Air Force crash of the aircraft : worldnews
TIL Japan recounted its islands and found 7,000 it didn't know it had. There are now officially 14,125 islands in Japanese territory. : todayilearned

South Koreans want their own nukes. That could roil one of the worlds most dangerous regions
South Korea Industrial output, retail sales, investment all fall in October : worldnews
South Korean farmers scuffle with police at protest over dog meat ban : worldnews ... Remember that dogs are not eaten for nutrition or sustenance, nor are omnivores more economical than obligate herbivores. In Asia, dogs are eaten purely because of a superstitious belief that it confers special benefits not supported by science, and the suffering of the animal enhances those "benefits"

North Korea makes rare admission after local polls: Dissenting votes : worldnews

Taiwan president: China too overwhelmed to consider invasion : worldnews

Hong Kong national security police charge man over wearing alleged seditious shirt atairport

Russia approves record spend for its military in new 2024 budget : worldnews
Putin is urging women to have as many as 8 children after so many Russians died in his war with Ukraine : worldnews

Russias Lavrov faces Western critics at security meeting, walks out after speech

Ukraines SBU Blows Up Freight Train in Rail Tunnel Deep Inside Russia
In a devastating blow, Ukraines SBU destroys key railway tunnel connecting Russia & China
Ukraines Security Service blows up railway connecting Russia and China

Top Russian court bans LGBT movement as extremist
Shameful And Absurd: Russian Supreme Court Declares LGBT Movement As 'Extremist'

Russian FSB general who botched invasion of Ukraine amassed wealth and property like a real estate king : worldnews

Russia fails to be elected to executive council of chemical weapons watchdog for the first time

Jammu & Kashmir Police book Srinagar NIT student forhurting religious sentiments

Pakistans Policemen threaten Afghan women and girls with sexual abuse, HRW says

At least 40 civilians killed by al-Qaida-linked rebels in a Burkina Faso town, UN rights office says : worldnews

Candy company Mars uses cocoa harvested by kids as young as 5 in Ghana: CBS News investigation : worldnews

Russia will send fighter jets and attack helicopters to Iran, state media says. The move could strengthen ties that already have the US worried. : worldnews Russia is slated to send Iran advanced fighter jet and attack helicopters, reports say.
Classified Document On Irans Hijab GuardsUnveils Government Cover-Up (

US Navy warship shoots down a drone launched by Houthis from Yemen : worldnews

Royal Navy destroyer deployed to the Gulf on maritime security mission : worldnews
Israel-Hamas war: UK sending one of its most lethal warships to Gulf to deter Iran-backed groups | UK News : worldnews

Blinken said to tell Israel to change strategy for southern Gaza, suggest it wont have months to win war
No way Israel will agree to end war against Hamas, says Netanyahu

Truce in Israel-Hamas war extended by a day, minutes before it was set to expire
Israeli assesments say Friday to be final day of cease-fire : worldnews
Extension of Israel Hamas truce confirmed : worldnews

Military Intelligence Directorate head to resign due to Oct. 7 massacre : worldnews

Israel investigates sexual violence committed by Hamas as part of October 7 horror | CNN : worldnews
After 7 weeks of silence, UN chief calls to investigate Hamas sex crimes on Oct 7 : worldnews
Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages - report : worldnews
IDF is investigating Hamas claims that Bibas children, mother are dead : worldnews

Seven wounded in Jerusalem shooting attack, terrorists killed : worldnews
3 killed, at least 11 injured in shooting attack near entrance to Jerusalem : worldnews
Hamas Claims Jerusalem Shooting That Killed 3, Calls For Escalation

Hostages held in homes of Hamas-sympathetic UNRWA employees : worldnews

Arab Israeli prisoners oppose release under hostage deal, prefer to go to trial : worldnews

Blinken: No Fatigue in NATO Support of Ukraine
NATO hears Ukraines call for creating single defense industry complex

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 645, Part 1 (Thread #791) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 30.11.2023 : ukraine

Ordinary citizens funded the classified Black Box project, leading to the covert development and production of the 800 km range Beaver suicide drone.
Ukrainian Buk air defense systems are fully equipped with modern American Sea Sparrow. They will be used to intercept Calibers and X-101

Russia replacing Ukrainian population in occupied territories by importing 100,000+ Central Asians : worldnews

Kremlin warns of tensions if Poland sends troops to Finnish-Russian border : worldnews
Poland, other countries, boycott OSCE meeting over Russisa's Lavrov's participation
Poland is encouraging truckers and farmers to block thousands of Ukrainian trucks at the border: With the connivance of the Polish authorities, transporters and agriculturalists have left Ukrainian drivers stuck for days, claiming they represent unfair competition : worldnews

Russia accuses Bulgaria of malice over diplomatic overflight ban : worldnews

Lawyer and Covid vaccination opponent to run for Lithuanian presidency ... Another lunatic

Switzerland aims for zero HIV and hepatitis infections by 2030 : worldnews

Germanys Steinmeier left waiting on tarmac in Qatar
Germany: Right-wing extremist group leader sentenced to jail : worldnews ... domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, said in June that there were some 338,800 people who belonged to the right-wing extremist spectrum in Germany in 2022, up from 33,900 in 2021.
Germany teens held for alleged Christmas market attack plot : worldnews
A court in Bavaria has ruled that police were right in wiretapping phone calls between members of the Last Generation climate activist group and journalists : worldnews

Pope says he has acute bronchitis, doctors recommended against travel to avoid change in temperature : worldnews

Far-right Dutch leader Geert Wilders suffered a major setback to his goal of forming a governing coalition Wednesday when a key potential partner ruled itself out, uncomfortable with his extreme views : worldnews

French economy contracts in Q3, inflation eases further : worldnews

Leo Varadkars Ireland is flirting with a new form of totalitarianism Now the whole world can see that Ireland is poised to pass one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in modern times

London council will not light Hanukkah candles over fears ofinflamingtensions

Indigenous community in Ecuador wins legal fight to reclaim ancestral land after more than 80 years : worldnews

Guyana Official: Venezuelas Actions Are an Unprecedented Challenge
Brazil increases northern border military presence amid Venezuela-Guyana spat : worldnews ... Oh boy, the desperation of the Venezuelan govt. With their economy already being dog shit. Now they wanna invade another country because Exxon found oil in Guyana. Typical neocolonialism mindset of them.

Canada is seeking more cooperation from India in light of US allegations : worldnews
Canada Economy Surprisingly Shrank 1.1% in Third Quarter : worldnews
Ontario To Make Holodomor Education Mandatory for High School Students | Ontario Newsroom : worldnews ... The Holodomor can be seen as the culmination of an assault by the Communist Party and Soviet state on the Ukrainian peasantry, who resisted Soviet policies.
Google Strikes $100M Online News Sharing Deal With Canada After Standoff : worldnews ... Say what you will but this is a victory for Trudeau. Now it will put pressure on Meta to do the same as Google.

1.1 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. Over a week later, the source remains a mystery. : news

Henry Kissinger, Who Shaped U.S. Cold War History, Dies at 100 - The New York Times The most powerful secretary of state of the postwar era, he was both celebrated and reviled. His complicated legacy still resonates in relations with China, Russia and the Middle East.
Henry Kissinger, who shaped Cold War history, dies at 100 - The Washington Post The diplomat exercised an unparalleled control over U.S. international affairs and policymaking. He was also the target of relentless critics, who deemed him unprincipled and amoral.
Opinion | Ben Rhodes: Henry Kissinger, the Hypocrite - The New York Times ... the ease with which he wielded power made him a natural avatar for an American national security state that grew and gained momentum through the 20th century, like an organism that survives by enlarging itself. (cancer)
Henry Kissinger, War Criminal Beloved by Americas Ruling Class, Finally Dies - The infamy of Nixon's foreign-policy architect sits, eternally, beside that of historys worst mass murderers. A deeper shame attaches to the country that celebrates him
How Henry Kissinger Prevented Peace in the Middle East Lets not forget that Kissingers crimes included the deaths of thousands of Arabs and Israelis.
Survivors of Kissinges Secret War in Cambodia Reveal Unreported Mass Killings ... The U.S. carpet bombing of Cambodia between 1969 and 1973 has been well documented, but its architect, former national security adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ...
Few people have had a hand in as much death and destruction, as much human suffering, in so many places around the world as Henry Kissinger. (death monger)

U.S. Charges Indian Man With Plotting to Kill Sikh Activist in New York: American officials had expressed concerns to New Delhi about the thwarted plan to kill the man, who is a U.S. citizen : worldnews
Indian official directed plot to kill Sikh separatist in New York, US justice department claims : worldnews
India Accidentally Hired a DEA Agent to Kill Sikh American Activist, Federal Prosecutors Say : politics ... India and hostile ex-wives hire the same guy as a hit man. Amazing.
Contrary to government policy: India responds to US assassination plot claims

A significant 59% of Americans support providing military aid to Ukraine, while 30% oppose it, according to the annual Reagan Institute poll.
Ukraine aids best-kept secret: Most of the money stays in the U.S.A.
Bombenomics: Biden admin circulates map showing states that benefit from Ukraine aid : politics

Whitehouse, Graham, Wilson, Cohen Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Seize Russian Oligarch Assets to Aid Ukraine : worldnews

Pending home sales drop to a record low, even worse than during the financial crisis : news

Three US cities make list of most expensive in world - A cost-of-living crisis is slamming these coastal cities - New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are three of the most expensive cities on the planet to live in, according to a new report.

EPA proposes requirement to remove lead pipes from US water systems within 10 years : politics (Republicans angry)

Thousands of fake Facebook accounts shut down by Meta were primed to polarize voters ahead of 2024 : worldnews ... Pretty much irrelevant when Meta has already said they're happy for Republicans to pay for ads that spread misinformation. They just don't want people spreading it for free.

Corporate profits popped in Q3, just shy of all-time peak : politics

Tuberville Signals He May Back Down on Military Nominations inVery Near Future

Inspector general launches probe examining decision to relocate FBI headquarters to Maryland : politics

Supreme Court conservatives seem likely to axe SEC enforcement powers : politics
The Supreme Court Isnt Done Messing With Your Reproductive Rights | The high courts last minute business includes a key ruling that could upend patients ability to access medication abortions. (death to women)
Senate Judiciary Committee authorizes subpoenas for Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo in Supreme Court ethics probe : politics

A Rando Trump Judge Just Blew a Giant Hole in the Voting Rights Act : politics

She got so mad at me book on the Squad details AOC-Pelosi clashes

Sen. Rand Paul performs Heimlich on Sen. Joni Ernst during luncheon - The Washington Post ... Cant help but choke on the woke policies Dems are forcing down our throats, Ernst wrote.
Rand Paul successfully used Heimlich maneuver on choking Joni Ernst in GOP lunch : news

Mike Johnson Just Blew a Hole in the GOPs Biden Impeachment Inquiry
Who Paid for Mike Johnsons Trip to Israel? Officially, an obscure nonprofit paid for Johnson and his wife to go to Israel. But the trip never appeared in the groups tax return.

Hunter Bidens public hearing request creates GOP divisions
James Comer Seems to Forget He Said Hunter Biden Could ChoosePublic Hearing While Comer rejected Hunter Bidens offer to publicly testify, last month he declared it Bidens choice to testify in public or private.
I dont know about Comer but Marjorie Greene is all in. (worth the click)
Republicans dont want Hunter Biden to testify publicly because truth is scary

Change is coming. The question is: what kind of change will it be? : politics

A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending. : politics

Is Donald Trump Going to Prison? : politics

Trumps violent rhetoric charts his campaign warpath
Trump unleashes grievances, warnings in wild 24 hours on Truth Social : politics

Trumps Obamacare repeal and replace revival is just a distraction from his revenge plans
GOP Rep to Special Counsel Jack Smith: Your Days Are Numbered

Trump is afraid of a rematch : politics

Appeals court reinstates gag order that barred Trump from maligning court staff in NY fraud trial : politics
Trumps Gag Orders Reinstated by Appeals Court in New York Civil Fraud Case
Trump targets wife of New York judge overseeing civil fraud trial : politics

Trump co-defendant in Georgia who pleaded guilty could testify in other cases - Prosecutors in Arizona and Nevada have made overtures to Kenneth Chesebro, who helped organize pro-Trump state electors in 2020

Former N.J. Trump golf club worker says she was sexually harassed, tricked into signing NDA - POLITICO

McCarthy Says He Told Trump F-ck You After Speakership Ouster:

FBI: Man wearing Captain America backpack stole items from senatorsdesks during Capitol riot
Proud Boy Jan. 6 defendant who shot at law enforcement is sentenced to prison : politics

McCarthy says Gaetz 'belongs in jail' : politics

Court filing reveals Rep. Scott Perrys vast web of contacts in bid to reverse 2020 election
Scott Perrys texts reveal details about efforts to overturn Trumps loss in 2020

15-foot George Santos balloon becomes social media sensation. Congressman calls it flattering
GOP congressman says it would be politically advantageous for him to vote to expel George Santos because some of his constituentsdon't like the fact that he's gay
Heres Every Single Lie Told by George Santos
Santos throws tantrum press conference on eve of expulsion from Congress : politics
What happens next if GOP Rep. George Santos is expelled from Congress? : politics

Biden Scorches Boebert With Hand Gesture In Her Own Backyard : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greenes Russian propaganda post sparks backlash

Report: Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler accused of sexual battery : politics ... Sources told the Florida Center for Government Accountability that the woman accusing Christian Ziegler of sexual battery alleged that she and both Zieglers had been involved in a longstanding consensual three-way sexual relationship prior to the incident.
Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler, husband of Moms For Liberty cofounder, accused of sexual assault by alleged menage a trois lover - Florida Center for Government Accountability (FLCGA)

Poll: Over 60% of Florida voters support proposed abortion, marijuana amendments : politics

18 Republican AGs are outraged that the Biden administration wants to help LGBTQ+ foster kids : politics

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appoints anti-LGBTQ+ Christian nationalist to oversee state libraries. Jason Rapert recently called LGBTQ+ people a cult and a "devil of Hell." : politics
Revolt in 2100 - Wikipedia ... describes a rebellion against an American theocracy and thus served as the vehicle for Heinlein to criticise the authoritarian potential of Protestant Christian fundamentalism.

Kentucky reaches a new low in white Christian nationalism : politics
Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear tells Jen Psaki that trans kids are children of GodThe way these Super PACS and my opponent went about their campaign was just mean, and it was gross, and it was cruel

With generous benefits, Pa. lawmakers could be second best compensated in nation : politics ...

Idaho asks supreme court to decide on law penalizing abortion providers : politics

Arizona judge recuses himself from abortion arguments : politics
Arizona Officials Charged With Conspiring to Delay Election Results : politics

For Republican Governors, Civics Is the Latest Education Battleground : politics ... (moving on from drag queens)

Detroits newest road can charge electric cars as they travel on it

Fort Worth, Texas, approves $3.5 million settlement for child who witnessed fatal police shooting of aunt Atatiana Jefferson Zion Carr, then 8, was playing video games with Jefferson when former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean shot and killed her.

MSNBC cancels Mehdi Hasans show
Dismay as Mehdi Hasans MSNBC and Peacock news showcancelled

Linda Yaccarinos Very Unmerry X Messthought she could manage the mercurial Elon Musk.She let her ego get the best of her.

Apple and Google avoid naming ChatGPT as their 'app of the year,' picking AllTrails and Imprint instead : technology

Imprint: Learn Visually

I gave him this fish and he immediately carried it into the water) Why? : aww

ELI5: How does YouTube manage to process videos so efficiently while serving billions of users? : explainlikeimfive

Eli5 how were movies copied in say the 1930s? It was actual film but only one reel was created from filming the actors etc. But hundreds of theatres played the movies simultaneously. : explainlikeimfive

ELI5: Why can you drink half & half cups without refrigeration? : explainlikeimfive

TIL when breastfeeding, the mammary glands will detect pathogens in the baby's saliva and create the needed antibodies for it in the milk. : todayilearned

A six-planet solar system in perfect synchrony has been found in the Milky Way : science
Six-planet solar system in perfect synchrony found in Milky Way | AP News

Vitamin B12-folic acid supplementation improves memory by altering mitochondrial dynamics, dendritic arborization, and neurodegeneration in old and amnesic male mice (Nov 2023) : science

The worlds strongest material could be used to make clean drinking water .. The two-dimensional carbon material, made from single layers of graphite, a material mined from the ground, is extremely lightweight, conductive, and flexible, and has the potential to deliver transformational technologies across industries, from electronics to transportation.

People with personality traits such as conscientiousness, extraversion and positive affect are less likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those with neuroticism and negative affect, according to a new analysis. : science

Young individuals with autism not only experience heightened daily stress but also tend to employ less effective emotional regulation strategies compared to their non-autistic peers. : science

Turtleboy blogger could face more charges in witness intimidation case involving Karen Read trial, special prosecutor says

ELI5: Why do people of Meth look like their mouth got smaller? : explainlikeimfive

What was cool in 2013 but not anymore in 2023? : AskReddit


Solar storm to hit Earth on November 30, will disrupt mobile communication : worldnews

First plane using only sustainable fuel flies across Atlantic | The Hill

Working more than 55 hours a week kills 750,000 people a year worldwide : worldnews

Australia: Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked hotel where families of hostages staying : worldnews

Australian Federal government moves to ban Nazi salute after spike in anti-Semitism, racism : worldnews
NSW drug law overhaul would allow six marijuana plants for personal use : worldnews

US military aircraft with eight aboard crashes off Japan island : worldnews

Koreas total fertility rate during the third quarter stood at 0.7, the lowest-ever for a third quarter

Putin accuses the West of trying to dismember and plunder Russia in a ranting speech
Putin wont make peace in Ukraine before 2024 US election ... Trump, who is seeking reelection in 2024 and is the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, has been sharply critical of U.S. support for Kyiv.

Ex-US Marine Paul Whelan Assaulted in Russian Prison, Family Says : worldnews

Draft bill seeks loyalty agreement from foreigners entering Russia

India jubilant as all trapped workers rescued from Himalayan tunnel : worldnews

Gay couple in Nepal becomes the 1st to officially register same-sex marriage in the country : worldnews

Saudi Arabia has intercepted Houthi missiles aimed at Israel, Der Spiegel reports : worldnews
Saudi Arabia wins bid for 2030 world fair, beating Italy, S. Korea : worldnews

Somali Pirates Tried to Hijack an Israeli-Owned Ship. Security Officials Are Perplexed. : worldnews

Russia Takes Control of Iraqs Biggest Oil Discovery in 20 Years

Iran execution of child condemned by UN human rights office : worldnews

Biden warned Bibi Israel cant operate in southern Gaza the way it did in north

Netanyahu: Dont accuse me of boosting Hamas with Qatari money
Von der Leyen: Now or never for Israel-Palestine solution

Israeli troops in northern Gaza targeted with bombs, in apparent breach of truce : worldnews

Israeli official says truce can be extended as long as lists of hostages provided daily : worldnews
Israel remains focused on crushing Hamas even with a cease-fire : worldnews

Freed Hamas captives tell of fear, squalor and hunger : worldnews
Released Thai hostage says Israelis held with him were beaten with electric cables : worldnews

Hamas Hands Youngest Israeli Hostage, a Ten-Month-Old Infant, to Separate Terror Group in Gaza, IDF Says : worldnews
Israeli girl released from Hamas captivity now only whispers, says her father
Hamas announces death of youngest hostage Kfir Bibas : worldnews ... 10 month old.

Mom of Gaza hostage: Red Cross acting as Uber service for the released, not visiting those held

Eschaton: War Is Bad It's the job of the self-appointed guardians of the rules-based international order to prevent things like the slaughter of thousands of innocents under their watch. The mentality of the people who think Israel needs to be allowed some slaughter, as a treat, in response to the Hamas massacre and hostage taking, is the same as the mentality that led to our post-9/11 forever war.

Hamas to release two Russian hostages in act of appreciation to Putin

There are 2 million Nazis in West Bank, says Israeli Finance Minister

Released Palestinian terrorist refuses to leave Israeli jail : worldnews

Ukraine tells Nato it wont back down in Russia fight
We have no choice but to give Ukraine everything it needs to succeed in its mission to restore sovereignty and control of its borders: anything less will be our failure" Pavel, a former NATO Military Committee chair, commented.
The wife of Ukraines spy chief, Lt Gen Kyrylo Budanov, is being treated in hospital for suspected poisoning with heavy metals, a Ukrainian intelligence source has confirmed to the BBC.
Ukraine joins European power grid, boosts electricity trade - After years of technical and political efforts, Ukraine completed a historic synchronization project with continental Europe.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 644, Part 1 (Thread #790) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 29.11.2023 : ukraine
November was Russias worst month for casualties since the war began, UK says ... An average of 931 Russian troops were killed or wounded per day this month
A Russian soldier says his regiment lost over 1,000 men in just 10 days of fighting in Ukraine : worldnews
As reported, Russian Major General Vladimir Zavadsky, Deputy Commander of the 14th Army Corps, was killed. Presumably he was killed by a mine.

Ukrainian forces have made new advances near Krynky, Kherson region. There are reports of heavy Russian casualties in this area in the last couple of days

Finland draws line in Arctic snow, closing entire border with Russia : worldnews

Putting Orban in his place: EU has options - up to elimination of veto : worldnews

Employees can be banned from wearing headscarves, top EU court rules : worldnews

Ukraine Support of Existential Importance to Europe, Says Scholz
Pope strips anti-gay US cardinal of his Vatican apartment and salary : worldnews

German intelligence warns of heightened terror risk : worldnews
Germany records over 300% increase in antisemitic incidents : worldnews

Yoga sect leader Gregorian Bivolaru and followers arrested in France : worldnews

Forever chemicals found in drinking water sources across England Expert salarmed after potentially toxic chemicals detected in sources at 17 of Englands 18 water firms

Incoming Argentina president Javier Milei converting to Judaism : worldnews

Three assassinations plotted by India on Canadian soil: US indictment : worldnews

U.S. intelligence officials push India to prosecute those behind Sikh assassination plot in U.S. - The Washington Post ordered the assassination of a Sikh separatist in New York City in May, U.S. prosecutors alleged
Cardin: News of foiled New York assassination plot disturbing

Joe Biden Retakes Lead from Donald Trump in Latest National 2024 Poll : politics

U.S. GDP grew at a 5.2% rate in the third quarter, even stronger than first indicated : politics

Number of Suicides in the US in 2022 Reaches Record Level : news

Life expectancy in 2022 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Life expectancy in the United States has begun to climb again as the threat of Covid-19 has receded, increasing by more than a year from 2021 to 2022, according to data released on Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... Despite having one of the worlds most robust stores of vaccines, the United States struggled to vaccinate as many people against Covid and especially older people as other large and wealthy nations did. And it fell behind in administering booster shots, too, leaving it more vulnerable as the Omicron wave swept the country.

Eschaton: Tom and Tom Can't give him his second mustache this week. Today: Pay particular attention to that last point: a revamped Palestinian Authority is the keystone for the forces of moderation, coexistence and decency triumphing in all three wars. It is the keystone for reviving a two-state solution.

Is anti-Zionism now inherently anti-Semitism? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Chuck Schumer more or less says it is:
Opinion | Chuck Schumer: What American Jews Fear Most - The New York Times

Why Senate Dems are prepared to swallow a border policy compromise - POLITICO In addition to helping embattled US allies, Senate Dems believe changes could help cool border politics in battleground states ahead of 2024.

Should Sotomayor and Kagan resign next summer? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - (1) The chances of the Democrats holding the Senate next November are between slim and none. Currently, the seven seats most likely to flip are all held by Democrats. You have to get to Ted Cruz in Texas before you get to a somewhat vulnerable Republican. Basically the Dems are going to be drawing to an inside straight here. s

After blocking hundreds of promotions, Tuberville said the US hasthe weakest military than weve probably had in my lifetime

Bait and switch: Liz Cheney book tears into Mike Johnson over pro-Trump January 6 brief

How Humiliating: Critics Taunt Groveling Kevin McCarthy Over Trump Revelation
Kevin McCarthy Unlocks New Level of Embarrassment With Claim That America Never Acquired Land Via War The former House Speaker appears to know very little about U.S. history
Its Official: Mike Johnson Is Even Less Competent Than Kevin McCarthy Was

Hunter Biden is calling House Republicans bluff
Republicans Reject Hunter Bidens Offer of Public Testimony
Republicans Trip Over Their Own Assholes Trying to Take Down Hunter Biden : politics
Ranking Member Raskins Statement on Chairman Comers Rejection of Hunter Bidens Public Testimony
AOC Says Republicans Would Be Humiliated If Hunter Biden Hearing Was Public

Mike Lee Acknowledges Jan. 6 Rioter Was Probably Not A Fed | HuffPost Latest News The Utah Republican had amplified a false claim that a Trump supporter at the U.S. Capitol riot was actually an undercover government agent.

Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch to Be Deposed in $2.7B Smartmatic Election Lawsuit : politics

If Trump Wins Again, There May Be No Stopping Him: If a presidential candidate is telling you that he wants to end the republic, believe him. : politics
Trump lawyers ID election denials Patient Zero: Russianinterference

Were seeing a cognitive decline - The View host Sunny Hostin rips Trumps public blunders ... He talked about golden showers at a rally ... at a high school
Trumps aberrant behavior is getting worse. Why are Americans ignoring his decline?
Why Is the Mainstream Media Ignoring Trumps Cognitive Decline?
Trump Furiously Denies Hes Cognitively Impaired

Trump Caught Moving Money Around to Pay Massive Tax Bill. | Trump wasnt supposed to be moving significant amounts of money around without notifying a court-appointed auditor. He just got caught paying himself so he could pay his taxes.

Ex-Federal Prosecutor Thinks Trumps Lawyers Doomed Him With Latest Dumb Move

Trump says he never swore to support the Constitution so he can run again

Trump tells one truth on Truth Social - Lawyers, Guns & Money One distinctive feature of Trump is that while he lies all the time he also is willing to tell the truth when other Republicans are trained to lieThe latest example of the latter is his candor that Republicans still hate the ACA and will probably repeal it if they get a trifecta in 2025:

Trump doubles down, saying Obamacare Sucks and must be replacedcongressional Republicans are divided on whether to pick that battle again after they tried and failed to eliminate the law in 2017.

Trump Rallies are Tutorials in Hate, Vulgarity, and Disrespect : politics

I dont understand why everyones commenting on Melanias attire at Rosalyn Carters funeral.

Mike Pence: My Son Had to Remind Me Not to Let Trump Steal the Election : politics ... And then he had to consult with fucking Dan Quayle, a conservative judge, the greatest legal mind of a generation his own goddamn son and he then came to the conclusion that he cant do something that literally no one has ever believed the Vice President could honestly do.

If Trump convicted, Home Depot billionaire says hed still likely fund campaign

Students for Trump founder arrested, accused of striking girlfriend with gun - Ryan Fournier, 27, charged with domestic assault on a female and assault with a deadly weapon over incident in North Carolina
Students for Trump Founder Ryan Fournier charged with aggravated assault : politics

Its a good thing most women dont want to date Trump voters

No Labels is a crypto-Trumpist operation - Lawyers, Guns & Money More excellent work here from Thomas Edsall, who lays out how No Labels, a Nancy Jacobson-Mark Penn joint, is planning to try to get Donald Trump elected ... Yet another fun fact is that No Labels itself appears to be something of an authoritarian cult, which might explain its abiding if technically closeted affection for Donald Trump ... Crypto-fascists are in many ways worse than open fascists, because their lies are especially destructive of liberal democracy. They should be treated accordingly.
They consider it leakage - Lawyers, Guns & Money You gotta know that a guy who raises money to help you pack the federal courts with neoconfederate cranks, even if you take care of him real well, I mean, hes gonna steal a little bit extra for himself.

The evidence is growing that MAGA celebrity comes at a political cost - The Washington Post Biden is trying to tie the GOP to Rep. Lauren Boebert, who embodies the perverse political incentives in the modern Republican Party
Biden targets GOP Rep. Boebert in her district in a fresh political attack on Republicans : politics

House GOP appears to have the votes to expel Santos : politics

Texans leaving the state as property taxes climb : politics

Arizona officials charged with allegedly conspiring to delay midterm election outcome - The Washington Post
Tensions build at Arizona farms as foreign firms exploit unregulated water | AP News : news

LGBTQ groups sue over Iowa law banning library books and gender identity discussions The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Iowa Safe Schools, an organization that advocates for LGBTQ children, and seven Iowa students and their families.

Recount confirms single vote win for Whitehorn in Caddo Sheriffs race

Mysterious woman tells school board that Scholastic book sparked porn addiction - "A Single Kiss"

Eschaton: Car Brain On Fox Car Brain On Fox - What is wrong with these people ... Putting speed limiters in car would be great, though if people thought "defund the police" was bad politically ...
Kat Abu on X: "Fox News is telling its viewers that speeding is a constitutional right:" / X Fox News is telling its viewers that speeding is a constitutional right:

Elon Musk has boosted the pizzagateconspiracy theory five times in the last two weeksA new iteration ofpizzagate has focused on unfounded claims that journalists were part of the conspiracy theory.
Musk boosts Pizzagate meme in latest controversial tweet on X - The Washington Post The far-right theory motivated a gunman to fire multiple rounds inside the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Northwest Washington in 2016. Musk boosted the theory to his 164 million followers anyway.
Elon endorses Pizzagate - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Elon Musk deletes Pizzagate meme following widespread backlash

The Washington Post Will Pause Its Advertising on X : technology

New Stable Video Diffusion AI model can animate any still image

Eschaton: "Boring Company" Is Just A Really Dumb Idea ... Doesn't require much more explanation than that. The initial promise of it, really, was that Musk had somehow improved tunneling speeds/costs. He did this by (essentially) writing on a napkin, "make tunnel machine faster," and then got a bunch of writeups about it from the usual sycophants in the press.

TIL that horizontal collaborationFrench women sleeping with German occupierswas a major contributor to young men joining the French Resistance

Kids who feel their parents are less reliable take fewer risks vital to learning and growth. New research suggests children without predictable support from the adults in their lives are less willing to take risks to explore and learn about the world and reap those rewards.

Eli5: what exactly is scientifically problematic in regards to define whether a virus is a living entity or not? : explainlikeimfive ... Viruses are therefore an entity which is alive for part of its life cycle and nonliving for part of its life cycle. (life-death)

Newborn babies can perceive the beat in music but not simply due to the statistical learning ability of newborns, instead that beat perception is actually a separate cognitive mechanism that is already active at birth : science (see amusia)

How and when to take gabapentin - NHS Brand name: Neurontin
Gabapentin as a potential option for treatment of sciatica - PubMed
Gabapentin: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Warnings -

5 Ways to Help Prevent Your Sciatica From Flaring Up: Richard B. Kim, MD: Neurosurgery

8 Foam Rolling Moves Thatll Remove Every Bit of Stress in Your Body
Foam Rolling: Applying the Technique of Myofascial Release | NASM

Stealing overtime was common for years in Mass. State Police, retired trooper testifies

CCC Political Satire Website : CambridgeMA
CCC - Cambridge Conservatives Coalition - Home

How to report dangerous driving as a cyclist? : CambridgeMA

What's a lace-curtain Irish motherfucker? : boston

Group of Trader Joes workers in Hadley pushes to decertify new union

What is a bad habit that a shocking amount of people have? : AskReddit


Too little, too late: the desperate search for cod babies Historically, it was overfishing that hurt the much-prized fish but now rising ocean temperatures are inhibiting the fishs ability to produce codlings at all

Toxic gas putting millions at risk in Middle East, BBC finds : worldnews

EV Sales Break Records | Financial News : worldnews

Egypt Wiped Out Hepatitis C. Now It Is Trying to Help the Rest of Africa. : worldnews ... Egypt has shown that dramatic improvements in public health are possible when drugs are priced affordablyand a government makes an effort to systematically deploy them

Vaping: Australia to ban disposable vape products from January : worldnews

South Korea court sentences 68-year-old man to 14 months in jail for praising the North in a poem : worldnews (unification)
South Korea turns to blind-dating in time of low birth rates : worldnews

North Korea says its new spy satellite photographed White House, Pentagon : worldnews

Most Taiwanese do not view US as trustworthy but majority believe in its securitycommitment

Members of Hong Kong pro-democracy party League of Social Democrats face 26 charges over fundraising, banners : worldnews
Hong Kong October home prices drop to lowest since March 2017 : worldnews

Russian soldiers increasingly using bribery to avoid combat or to be discharged after injury
Intercepted calls from the front lines in Ukraine show a growing number of Russian soldiers want out : worldnews

Trapped miners in the Himalayas saved by drill : worldnews
Indian rescuers break through debris to reach 41 men trapped in tunnel : worldnews
Reuters: Russia's oil trade with India faces currency obstacle. Russias oil trade with India, one of its leading buyers, faces an obstacle due to payments in currency other than the dollar, Reuters reported on Nov. 27, citing undisclosed sources.

Undercover filming highlights Saudi plan to artificially raise oil demand : worldnews

CNN: Missiles fired from Yemen toward US warship that responded to attack on commercial tanker : worldnews

The US used a contentious surveillance power to disrupt Irans weapons program
Violence Against Women Systematic In Islamic Republic, Activists Say

Fourth group of hostages released by Hamas as Gaza ceasefire extended by 48 hours : worldnews

Hamas cannot continue to rule Gaza, says EU foreign affairs chief. Josep Borrell says Hamas is a terrorist organisation and calls for return of Palestinian Authority to Gaza. : worldnews

Freed Israeli hostage describes deteriorating conditions while being held by Hamas : worldnews
Three-year-old-twins among hostages released by Hamas - BBC News : worldnews
2 mothers and 9 children: Hamas said to hand Israeli hostages over to Red Cross : worldnews ... Five fathers left behind.
First on CNN: Father describes how his young daughter Emily Hand survived Hamas captivity : worldnews
Aunt says Hamas forced 12-year-old hostage to watch videos of atrocities, aimed gun at him when he cried : worldnews

Women held hostage by Hamas in Gaza kept in cages - report : worldnews ... Most of them received half a slice of bread twice a day

The Oslo Accords, which aimed to bring "peaceful coexistence" to Israel and the Palestinians, are now dead, one of the deal's architects, Norwegian peace worker Jan Egeland : worldnews

Keep waving: Daily Hamas propaganda clips show freed hostages forced goodbyes
Palestinian Authority minister: Hamass October 7 massacre of Israelis heroic

Eschaton: LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU Israeli leaders at all levels have been releasing the most absolutely psycopathic genocidal statements for a month now, which most US politicians pretend not to hear, and Bibi's just like "Hahaha that stupid Joe does whatever I want and there will never be a two state solution."

We will continue with this support as long as it is necessary. This support is of existential importance. For Ukrainebut also for us in Europ -- eNone of us want to imagine what even more serious consequences it would have for us if Putin won this war.
NATO chief says Ukraine inflicting heavy losseson Russian forces
Wife of Ukraines spymaster hospitalised after presumed poisoning attempt
Kyiv Confirms Poisoning of Intel Chief Budanovs Wife

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 643, Part 1 (Thread #789) : worldnews

Russian losses through 2023-11-28 : UkraineWarVideoReport

Although modest, this advance likely represents one of the greatest Russian gains since spring 2023. It has cost the units involved thousands of casualties.

Russias Powerful Invisible Defenses Around Sevastopol Rendered Visible - Electromagnetic Warfare a major cause of Ukrainian drone losses, making them to lose control or miss their target.

Ukraine Has New Way to Get Grain to World Despite Russias Threat in Black Sea

Europe is guzzling diesel from India, a key buyer of Russian oil : worldnews

Tesla sues Sweden over postal strike: The electric carmaker has asked the courts to impose a fine of $96,000 if Sweden fails to ensure license plates for new cars : worldnews

Spain ready to sign a deal with Britain on Gibraltar as early as Wednesday - minister : worldnews

Zero tolerance for antisemitism: Tens of thousands march against hate in London

Brazil moves troops to Venezuela border : worldnews

Trudeau offended Israel with call for "maximum restraint" says Israeli president : worldnews (Bibifucker)
Canadian life expectancy falls for third year in a row in 2022: StatCan : worldnews

Stop the price-gouging: Biden hits corporations over high consumer costs

No, TikTok, Joe Biden Doesnt Control the Price of a Quarter Pounder

Schumer vows to break Tubervilles military promotions blockade by end of 2023

The Supreme Court case seeking to shut down wealth taxes before they even exist : politics

Nominations - Lawyers, Guns & Money The single most important thing a president does is nominate judges. We now know that, long after conservatives realized this. But Biden has really slowed down his nominations, both in terms of judges and other nominations. This is terrible and it needs to change stat.

GOP faces ominous signs in effort to avoid January shutdown : politics

Mike Johnson Spoke to George Santos About His Options Right Around the Time Santos Accused His Colleagues of Being Drunk Felons Who Have Sex With Lobbyists Every Night

Hunter Biden agrees to testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee : politics

Major news outlets gave much less coverage to Trumps vermin attack than they did Clintons deplorables remark -- Huge disparities mark coverage in national broadcast, cable, and print outlets ... 18 times more coverage

Pence told Jan. 6 special counsel harrowing details about 2020 aftermath, warnings to Trump: Sources : politics

Georgia prosecutors oppose plea deals for Trump, Meadows and Giuliani : politics

Trumps climate plan: Kill us all even faster ... also his Health Plan, Domestic Plan, and Foreign Policy

Donald Trump will testify again at his New York fraud trial : politics

Judge denies Trumps effort to subpoena Jan. 6 records

Donald Trump rages at Fox News coverage of election rival : politics

No Guardrails: Experts sound alarm about Trumps plot for radica second term. Trump will send the military to attack protesters, If he's elected in 2024.
Donald Trump says he never swore oath

Press: Donald Trump is the biggest loser in American politics : politics

Crazy: Trump pardon of Kushner pal is a taste of tough on crime presidency

DeSantis aide lay dead or dying outside governors office for 24 minutes

Antagonisms flare as red states try to dictate how blue cities are run : politics

Texas abortion case goes before state's highest court, as more women join lawsuit : politics

What is no-fault divorce, and why do some conservatives want to get rid of it? : politics

Portland Teachers End Strike After Winning Higher Wages and Smaller Class Sizes : politics

In the battle over books, who gets to decide what's age-appropriate at libraries? : politics

A Quarter Century of School Shootings - Lawyers, Guns & Money
What Happens to a School Shooter's Sister? - Twenty-five years ago, Kristin Ki nkel brother, Kip, killed their parents and opened fire at their high school. Today, she is close with Kipand still reckoning with his crimes.

Robert De Niro says anti-Trump speech censored at Gotham awards ceremony : politics ... Jon Stewart says fuck apple, and now Deniro


Climate change triggered by massive volcanic eruptions may have ultimately set the stage for the dinosaur extinction, challenging the traditional narrative that a meteorite alone delivered the final blow to the ancient giants. : science

Worlds biggest iceberg moving beyond Antarctic waters

US workers earned $21,400 more due to the 1970 Clean Air Act : technology

COP28: UAE planned to use climate talks to make oil deals : worldnews

Climate protest: More than 100 arrested at worlds largest coal port In Australia

State of emergency: Once-in-a-century drought in Amazon : worldnews

Weather tracker: Waterspouts off Amalfi coast fuelled by unusually warm conditions | Italy | The Guardian

My baby nearly died warns mum as cases of RSV virus surge

Human case of flu from pigs found in UK : worldnews

Shock as New Zealand axes world-first smoking ban : worldnews ... Smoking is the leading cause of preventable deaths in New Zealand

Drone Attack at Myanmar-China Border Gate Causes Over $14m in Losses : worldnews

Japan complains over South Koreas comfort women ruling in talks

South Korea: Man gets 14-month jail term for praising North in poem : worldnews

N. Korea restoring guard posts, bringing heavy firearms along inter-Korean border : worldnews

China walking pneumonia outbreak: Govt issues urgent advisory to states, UTs for respiratory illness preparedness | India News

India aims to triple coal output from underground mines : worldnews
New video shows trapped laborers alive in Himalayan tunnel but rescue still no closer | CNN : worldnews

Pakistani Taliban threatens to attack Chinas Belt and Road route unless tax paid

Sierra Leone president says calm restored, most leaders of barracks attack detained : worldnews

Kuwaits former defence minister receives jail sentence

Tanker in Middle East safe from attackers after US Navy responds, officials say : worldnews
US destroyer has ballistic missiles fired toward it, after responding to attack on commercial tanker : worldnews

Syrian government forces shelling of a northwestern village Saturday killed at least nine people, including six children, as they picked olives

Iran sues newspaper for publishing morality guard documents : worldnews

Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and free more hostages and prisoners : news
Hamas releases third group of hostages as part of truce, and says it will seek to extend the deal - The Boston Globe

Mass casualty events - Lawyers, Guns & Money The IDF is killing Palestinian civilians at an extraordinary rate: ... The frequent use of 2,000 pound bombs in a densely populated area pretty much settles the question of whether Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties.

Joe Bidens call for two-state solution as PM Netanyahu plans Israel's full force after Gaza truce

Israel, Hamas raise concerns over lists of people due to be freed, says official : worldnews

Russian-Israeli hostage escaped from Hamas but was found and returned byf1 Gazans : news

Released Filipino hostage to get lifetime benefits from Israeli govt

The editor of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz bashed the prime minister for giving the blatant antisemite X owner a PR visit

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the most influential person in Europe in 2023 according to Politico.
Ukraine Thwarts New Russian Drone Attack : worldnews
Germany to supply Ukraine with IRIS-T systems in $1.4 billion package : worldnews
Russian S-400s Moved From NATO Borders to Ukraine Frontline to Offset Losses, UK Defense Ministry Reports : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 642, Part 1 (Thread #788) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 27.11.2023 : ukraine
UK Defense Ministry: Russian casualty rates some of highest over last 6 weeks
Previously, the deadliest reported month for Russia was March 2023 with an average of 776 losses per day, at the height of Russias assault on Bakhmut. (2/4)

Russia Captures Fortified Factory District in #Avdiivka, Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Outgunned - Reports from both sides tell of strong Russian advantages in #artillery, air power and armored vehicles.

Resistance forces blow up a car of Kadyrovs militants near #Melitopol,

In collusion with private entrepreneurs, the officials allegedly stole at least 30% of military food supplies from a warehouse, which were then sold in shops, restaurants, and markets, the bureau said.

Snowstorm causes massive power cuts across Ukraine : worldnews
A very powerful storm in the Black Sea sank buildings in Russian-occupied Crimea, stranded a ship in Russian Krasnodar region and left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. Sadly, a lot of Ukrainian people on Russian-occupied territories suffer from the horrible weather.

EU is ill-equipped to meet growing global threats : worldnews

Tesla Sues Sweden Over Blocked License Plates, Business Daily DI Reports : worldnews

Swiss city votes to reject basic income experiment : worldnews

Paris mayor quits X platform, calling it a gigantic global sewer

Rishi Sunak agreed migrant deal, Suella Bravermansallies say
UK spends more financing inequality in favour of rich than rest of Europe, report finds : worldnews

Indian High Commissioner urged the Canadian government to release evidence to back up its claim that there was Indias involvement in Nijjars death

US pushes for extension of Gaza pause, but the possibility of war raging again looms large : politics

Sen. Murphy open to placing conditions on aid to Israel, calls civilian death toll in Gaza unacceptable
Sens. Chris Murphy, Bernie Sanders Come Out In Support of Conditions On U.S. Aid to Israel : politics
Bernie Sanders says Israel in violation of international law: Do not have the kill 12,000 people
Eschaton: But You Did Maybe Biden means this, but no one has been working towards this unattainable goal for 20 years. A two-state solution is the only way to guarantee the long-term security of both the Israeli and the Palestinian people.

Biden plans to use Cold War-era law in attempt to lower US prices : politics

As FISA turns 45, time to rethink post-9/11 mass surveillance expansion under Section 702 : technology

The Case That Could Destroy the Government - The Atlantic What was once a fringe legal theory now stands a real chance of being adopted by the Supreme Court.
The Case That Could Destroy the Government : politics

Biden Touts Steps to Ease Inflation as Holiday Shopping Starts - Bloomberg Biden Touts Steps to Ease Inflation as Holiday Shopping StartsAdministration links 2022 inflation surge to supply chains

Biden to Skip U.N. Climate Summit, White House Official Says

Sure, Joe Biden is pretty old: Listen, could you do what hes doing?

Hunter Biden laptop update - Lawyers, Guns & Money Amazing what you can find on that thing!

Team Biden plots attack on Trump over Obamacare : politics

Fox News Reporter Mocked by White House for Making His Own Biden News : politics
Fox News Reporter Mocked by White House for Making His Own Biden News Lucas Tomlinsons segment claimed Biden faced questions about his age on Nantucket. He didnt say he asked the question. ("That's a stupid question")

Trumps Legal Calendar Fills Up the Final Weeks of 2023
Trump is fighting an uphill battle in his fraud trial. But it could be years before penalties kick in.

Trump Has a Master Plan for Destroying the Deep State
With Trump moving closer to renomination, rewriting Jan. 6 attack gains urgency - The Washington Post
"This is in purpose": Experts alarmed after filing reveals shocking extent of Trump-inspired threats : politics

Donald Trump faces Judge Chutkan deadline over classified materials : politics

Trump Doesnt Want to Name His Experts in the Hush Money Case

Trump hints at expanded role for the military within the US. A legacy law gives him few guardrails : politics
Trump hints at expanding domestic role for the military within the U.S. : politics

Trumps pardoning of a Kushner-linked drug smuggler undercut a larger DOJ investigation
Kushners Mexican connection

Donald Trump Has to Be Controlled, Attorney Says

Trump, Who Destroyed Roe, Thinks He Can Run As an Abortion Moderate in 2024

MSNBCs Scarborough: TrumpOnly Thinks America is Great When Trump is President

Trump claims he mixed up Obama and Biden in speeches on purpose and got aperfect scoreon a cognitive exam
Trump interview an insult to Hispanic community, ex-Univision head says

MAGA Furious Over Mitt Romney Saying Hed Vote for Democrats

Donations to GOP drop as worries mount about the partys finances

Inside the Operation to Bring Down Trumps Truth Social - The North Atlantic Fella Organization is trying to shut down Trumps flailing social media platform before the 2024 electionby shitposting

Donations have surged to groups linked to conservative Project 2025 : politics

The poison of Trumps intolerant language -- Violent rhetoric is a road to civil war
Ex-GOP Strategist Sounds The Alarm On Classic Step Toward Autocracy

Why voting for third party candidates could be a triumph for Trump in disguise : politics

The insidious rise of 'tradwives': A right-wing fantasy is rotting young menminds

Wisconsins Legislative Maps Are Bizarre, but Are They Illegal? | Wisconsins gerrymandering case has garnered national attention. But a little-explored aspect of the suit the pervasive presence ofSwiss cheesedistricts could have huge ramifications for the outcome.

Matt Gaetz Is Miraculously More Hated Than Ever in Congress. | And thats saying something for a man who was under FBI investigation for allegedly sex-trafficking a minor.

George Santos says hell treat expulsion as a badge of honor as he claims his colleagues are drunkenly having sex with lobbyists every night
The incredible rise and dramatic fall of George Santos : politics

Lauren Boebert mocked for Yass queen tweet to Dolly Parton: she hates you

Sanders private Razorback party at the Governors Mansion cost $13,000, covered by public funds (Crookabee Sanders) s

Conservative voters in Iowa are open to moving on from Trump : politics

When Peter Antonacci was stricken in governors office he lay in hallway 24 minutes before anyone noticed

Kansas Library Removes LGBTQ+ Books in Order to Keep Lease. St. Marys Public Library yielded to city commission demands influenced by the Society of St. Pius X, an anti-LGBTQ+ group, which has sparked concerns over censorship of LGBTQ+ content. : politics

This guy is a charlatan : University of Florida turns against Joe Ladapo - Colleagues say the state surgeon general rarely is on campus and has sullied the reputation of the flagship school.

Jason Eaton: Man arrested over shooting of three Palestinian students : news

33 states accuse Meta of having a big open secretmillions of underage users

New study finds ChatGPT gives better advice than professional columnists : science
A new AI program, GatorTronGPT, that functions similarly to ChatGPT, can generate doctors notes so well that two physicians couldnt tell the difference. This opens the door for AI to support health care workers with improved efficiencies.
Blade Runner director Ridley Scott calls AI a "technical hydrogen bomb" | "we are all completely f**ked" : technology

What Is ChatGPT Doingand Why Does It Work?
Readings on Large Language Models - Lawyers, Guns & Money

ELI5 Why did Richard Nixon end the convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold as part of the Nixon Shock? : explainlikeimfive

The 2018 false missile alert that sent Hawaii into a state of panic : pics

The Ars guide to time travel in the movies | Ars Technica We picked 20 time-travel movies and rated them by scientific logic and entertainment value.

Beliefs about Emotions Influence How People Feel, Act and Relate to Others | Scientific American Thinking about a range of emotions as friends rather than foes improves the quality of our life

Biontech is planning cancer vaccines before 2030 : technology

A study spanning eight weeks, focuses on girls aged 11 to 14, found that weekly fluctuations in testosterone levels could predict mood changes. : science

TIL that 7 Up contained lithium citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug, until 1948. : todayilearned

Pentadecanoic Acid, a core nutrient found in dairy fat, has demonstrated significant potential in enhancing longevity. Pentadecanoic Acid outperformed three prominent longevity drug candidates rapamycin, metformin, and acarbosein providing extensive cell-repairing benefits.

Open-access article exploring current knowledge on Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) and Post-Finasteride Syndrome (PFS), two clinical conditions with similar symptomatology and both caused by prescribed drugs. More research is needed on biological markers and therapeutic strategies. : science

Only 2.4 percent of Massachusetts residents do not have health coverage. Its the lowest of any state

TIL the "OMG" cosmic ray was (probably) a proton travelling at 99.99999999999999999999951% of the speed of light. It would take 215,000 years for a photon to gain a 1 centimeter lead on this proton. : todayilearned ... Basically think of x/y on a graph. The faster you are going on the x(space) axis the slower you go on the y (time)axis. Each of us is moving at the speed of light. But we divide that speed between the two axis.

What's the most interesting website/web service/web app youve ever found?
Old Games Download - Abandonware and Retrogaming

Moby Dick Isnt What I Expected

After 151 years, Popular Science will no longer offer a magazine : technology

Mental professionals of reddit, what is the worst mental condition that you know of? : AskReddit

What is a drug/substance youll never do again and why?

what makes life worth it for you? : AskReddit


Thousands march across globe to denounce violence against women on the UN-designated International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women : worldnews

Korean Autopsy Study Reveals Nationwide Rate of Sudden Cardiac Death From mRNA Vaccine at <0.0001% - A final piece to the puzzle

Philippines considers return to fold of International Criminal Court

Indonesian police, fishers start patrols to stop Rohingya boats : worldnews

Myanmar armed group seizes China-Myanmar border crossing : worldnews

Number of kids in Japan feeling suicidal may have increased during pandemic | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News : worldnews

Bedbug infestation fears in Hong Kong spark panic buying of insecticides : worldnews

China says a surge in respiratory illnesses is caused by flu and other known pathogens : worldnews
WHO calls on China to reinstate masks, social distancing and staying home when ill amid mystery pneumonia outbreak : worldnews
Mycoplasma Likely Main Culprit Of Outbreak Of Pediatric Cases Of Pneumonia Worldwide : worldnews
China demands more fever clinics amid pneumonia surge : worldnews
Chinas secretive Sunway Pro CPU quadruples performance over its predecessor, allowing the supercomputer to hit exaflop speeds

Russia says it thwarted Ukrainian drone and missile attack : worldnews

Russian Lawmaker Disputes Report He Adopted Child Taken from Ukraine : worldnews

Russias interior ministry has added the spokesperson of U.S. tech giant Meta Andy Stone to its wanted list, Russian state-owned news agency TASS reported

Blast Reported at Russian Tank Engine Facility, Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant-Uraltrak : ukraine

Sierra Leone imposes nationwide curfew after attack on army barracks : worldnews

Armenia and Saudi Arabia Establish Diplomatic Relations : worldnews

Second tanker reportedly seized by gunmen in Red Sea after Houthi threats : worldnews
Israeli-linked oil tanker seized off the coast of Aden, Yemen, private intelligence firm says : worldnews

Israel allegedly strikes Syrias Damascus International Airport (
Syria says an Israeli airstrike hit the Damascus airport and put it out of service : worldnews

Irans Security Agencies Coerce Muslims to Denounce Jailed Bahai Women
Iran hangs 17-year-old for murder - rights groups : worldnews

Attacks against US troops foiled, say Iraqi security forces : worldnews

Arab states condemn Wilders for push to relocate Palestinians to Jordan : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 42) : worldnews

Israel gets list of 3rd group of Gaza hostages to be freed Sunday, notifies families
Second group of Hamas-held hostages released after hours-long delay; temporary cease-fire holds : worldnews
Hila Rotem released from captivity without her mother, despite Hamas obligation : worldnews
4-year-old US national Abigail Edan 4 released from Hamas captivity. 51 days after being abducted from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Abigail Edan, daughter of Ynet photographer Roy Edan who was killed by Hamas terrorists along with his wife Samdar, returned to Israel : worldnews
Despite Hamas commitment to not separate families of hostages, a 13-year-old girl was released from captivity without her mother, and two children whose father remains in captivity and their mother was murdered. This happened yesterday too.

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Gaza Strip today. The Prime Minister was accompanied by Chief of Staff Rabbi Tzachi Braverman, Chief of Staff Rabbi Tzachi Hanegbi, the Prime Minister's military secretary Colonel Avi Gil and Deputy Chief of Staff Colonel Amir Baram.

Hamas says it released one Russian hostage at Putins request

Even with a ceasefire, #Hamas continues its psychological warfare on Israel Two days of hostage releases and Two days that it didnt happen according to plan.Hamas is using any method in its arsenal to drag onthis process

Another 200 trucks had been dispatched to the Gaza Strip from Nitzana, Israel, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a statement, with 187 of them having made it past the border by the early evening local time

Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Are Being Killed at Historic Pace - Even a conservative assessment of the reported Gaza casualty figures shows that the rate of death during Israels assault has few precedents in this century, experts say.

Hamas onslaught was originally planned for first night of Passover

Fatah official: Oct. 7 is part of our defensive war against Israel, Hamas is part of our political and social fabric

Netanyahu to Qatar: Israel will not assassinate Hamas leaders in country : worldnews
Qatar says location of Hamas leader thought to have planned Oct. 7 attack is unknown : worldnews
Netanyahu in Gaza: Nothing will stop us

Israeli forces fire tear gas at West Bank crowds celebrating release of Palestinian prisoners : worldnews

Irish troops unharmed as Unifil patrol hit by Israeli gunfire in southern Lebanon : worldnews
Irish PM panned for saying freed hostage child Emily Hand found after she was lost ... The tweet from Varadkar did not mention that the 9-year-old Hand had been held hostage for 50 days in Gaza by Hamas terrorists after she was kidnapped from a sleepover with her friend on October 7 during the terror groups devastating attack on Israel.
Irish ambassador to Israel summoned for reprimand

Hamas praises clear, bold stance of Spain, Belgium on Gaza war

Israel kills senior Hamas commanders in underground targeting - Hamas : worldnews

Report: IDF general, Shin Bet head claim settler violence unchecked on Ben Gvirs orders

Al-Qassam confirms the killing of 4 commanders in Gaza : worldnews

Human Rights Watch says rocket misfire likely cause of deadly Gaza hospital blast : worldnews ... between 20-30% misfire and land in Gaza.

Why Ukraine Can and Will Win
Why Ukraine Can and Will Win : ukraine
General James L. Jones retired four-star Marine Corps general and a former NATO supreme allied commander in Europe: The West Too Cautious AboutGiving Ukraine Weapons That Could Strike Into Russia
Ukraines arms industry boss calls for country to be arsenal of the free world
Ukraine preparing for possibility of war spreading beyond its east and south - Ukraines Joint Forces Commander
Media: Ukraine retaliated against Russia's mass attack with 35-drone-strike : ukraine
Russia offered to end its invasion of Ukraine if it dumped plans to join NATO, but Kyiv feared a double-cross, says negotiator : worldnews
The fact that the Russian MoD appears willing to accept additional risk here highlights the overstretch the war has caused for some of Russias key, modern capabilities. (4/4)
Ukraines risky decision to stay and let Russia bash its forces against Bakhmut came with costs but was worth it

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 641, Part 1 (Thread #787) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 26.11.2023 : ukraine

Based on Magyars latest footage we can assume that at some point and possibly even at this moment Ukrainian forces have widened their hold on the left (South) side of the Dnipro River. The Russian attempt to dislodge Ukrainian troops at this particular area in the east failed.
Nearly dozen Russian soldiers surrender near Avdiivka last night

The Russian invasion army fully captured the southern industrial area of #Avdiivka. Ukrainian troops withdrew to the city itself and Russian forces inside the ruins are getting resupplied with food afoot. Still no indication, Avdiivka wont end like Bakhmut.
This follows an uptick in losses of SA-21 air defence systems in Russian-occupied Ukraine in late October 2023. (2/4)
Ukrainians have developed a drone mothership that launches a smaller FPV to engage enemy targets : ukraine

Pulitzer Prize Winner, Holodomor Enabler: Walter Duranty : ukraine ... In 90 years, the New York Times has not adequately reflected nor atoned for its role in the genocide of Ukrainians.
Eyewitness to the Holodomor - the Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932- 1933. Woman from Cherkassy oblast who was 10 at the time. : ukraine

Nearly 500,000 residents in Crimea without electricity, Authorities. [article] : ukraine

Moscow Vows To Respond As Moldova Joins EU Sanctions Against Russia : worldnews

Precarious finances: 38% of Europeans no longer eat three meals a day : worldnews ...36% said I hardly ever heat my home when it's cold

Ministry: 2,100 trucks stuck at Ukraine border due to Polish blockade : ukraine
Polish truckers to start round-the-clock blockade of border crossing on Nov. 27 : ukraine
Gynaecologist charged in Poland with helping patients obtain abortions : worldnews

US group calls popes pick to head Vatican office handling sex abuse allegations troubling

Thousands march in France to condemn violence against women: Many wearing purple, the color of women and gender equality, demonstrators wove through the streets of Paris and other cities, carrying signs reading: "One rape every six minutes in France" and "Protect your girls, educate your boys". : worldnews

March against antisemitism draws 50,000 in London : worldnews
Fivefold rise in number of EU citizens refused entry to UK since Brexit | Immigration and asylum : worldnews

Venezuela denies entry to flight of deportees, Chilean official says : worldnews

Brazil signs on to global climate deal to triple renewable energy : worldnews

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III - I spoke today with Israeli Minister of Defense Gallant about the release of hostages held by Hamas and the temporary pause of Israels operations in Gaza. I emphasized the need to increase humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza, and the U.S. focus on containing the conflict to Gaza. State and non-state actors seeking to escalate this conflict must stop.

Biden suggests Hamas attack inspired by US diplomacy with Saudis : politics
Biden administration preparing sanctions against violent Israeli settlers in West Bank : politics

Biden draws parallel between Russia-Ukraine war and Soviet-era famine : worldnews

Biden Wants to Finish The Job on Guns, Abortion Rights and Climate in a Second Term (and weed)

Special counsel investigating Joe Bidens handling of classified material is not expected to bring charges

Trumps vote share in national polls is higher than at any time in the past year.

Job Gains in Construction After Two Years of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law : politics

Voters want control of the border, but do they want Trump immigrant roundups and detention camps? : politics

A N.Y. car crash falsely propagandized asa terror attack symbolized our increasingly Orwellian post-truth world. ... The website Meidas Touch published a list of more than 30 Republican officials or right-wing luminaries who tweeted similar sentiments and occasionally embellished their posts with new made-up details, like the discovery of an Iranian passport at the crash site (led by Fox Fuckers)
Fox News celebrates Thanksgiving : PoliticalHumor

The definitive case for ending the filibuster : politics

Members of Congress Head for the Exits, Many Citing Dysfunction : politics

Romney says any Democrat would be an upgrade over Trump in 2024

House Republicans ratchet up focus on Jan. 6 amid Greene, Trump loyalist pressure : politics (violent traitors are political prisoners)
Widespread election fraud claims by Republicans dont match the evidence

Why Trumps Trials Should Be on TVThe conduct of the trials, their fairness, and their possibly damning verdicts will be at the center of the 2024 election. Transparency is crucial.

Donald Trump Closer and Closer to Losing Freedom: Ex-GOP Congressman

Trump Revives Plan to Dismantle Obamacare if Elected in 2024 : politics

Trumps Pardoning of a Loan Shark Derailed a Federal Investigation: Report

It has to be done: can Reconstruction-era laws hold Trump and allies accountable?

Donald Trump Accuses Key Evangelical Leader of Scamming

As Trump visits Carolina-Clemson game, billboards taunting him await. Heres what they say
Donald Trump greeted by loud boos at South Carolina football game : politics
Trump and Nunes Are Now Selling World Class Wines Loaded With Glycerine. No Joke

A Troubling Trump Pardon and a Link to the Kushners - The New York Times A commutation for a drug smuggler named Jonathan Braun had broader implications than previously known. It puts new focus on how Donald Trump would use his clemency powers in a second term.
A Troubling Trump Pardon and a Link to the Kushners : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greenes Antics Slammed by Democrat: Getting Worse

George Santos Calls Congressman aP*ssyin Scorched Earth Tirade The congressman ranted for more than three hours via a livestream, targeting political "hypocrites" and the upcoming expulsion vote against him.

How school boards became one of democracys front lines

Arkansas Governor puts Christian nationalist on state library board. The Arkansas State Library is both an information resource center for state government and a support system for local public libraries : politics (Fuckabee)

Washington Post Editorial Board to liberal women: Close your eyes and MAGA - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... So, according to the WPEB some liberal women have to marry right wing dirt bags because a bunch of right wing dirt bags said they do.

A Jewish professor at USC confronted pro-Palestinian students. Hes now barred from campus

At Meta, Millions of Underage Users Were an Open Secret, States SayMeta routinely documented children under 13 on Instagram and collected their data, according to a newly unsealed complaint.

The Soviet Roswell, the forgotten UFO crash | by Other World Media | Medium

Feynman, pedagogy, and the two cultures - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The flip side of this is that Feynman, who had a true genius for mathematics, physics, and the pedagogy of the natural sciences, was basically an idiot when it came to other forms of learning. He could see no value in the humanities and social sciences, which is reflected by this:

Spin: Explained : An Introduction to Spin in Quantum Mechanics


World stands on frontline of disaster at Cop28, says UN climate chief : worldnews

Photovoltaic panels are 20 times better than planting trees on an area of land for reducing climate change : science

Over 250,000 have died in a single year just from pollution caused by fine particulate matter, with ozone and nitrogen-dioxide also claiming lives, a new EU report has found : worldnews

Adopt an axolot campaign launches in Mexico to save iconic species from pollution and trout

Australia and Philippines begin joint patrols in South China Sea as regional tensions rise : worldnews

Japan hints at banning Russia from 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo : worldnews
Japan detects season's first bird flu case, to cull 40,000 birds - NHK : worldnews

China accuses US of dangerous provocations after Navy warship sails through Taiwan Strait | CNN

Zhongzhi, one of Chinas major shadow banks, declares itself severely insolvent: The wealth management giant reports a shortfall of $36 billion and warns of the risk of maintaining operations normally

Putin to boost AI work in Russia to prevent Western monopoly | Jefferson City News-Tribune : worldnews

Russia lost 76 passenger aircraft due to sanctions : worldnews

Texty: Russia made over $ 5 bn on stolen harvest in occupied Ukraine : worldnews

Sikh activist accuses India of transnational terrorism after US foils plot to kill him

Egypt to Build Undersea Interconnection Cable with Europe : worldnews

Israeli-owned ship attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean, US defense official says; no injuries : worldnews

Hamas postpones hostages release until Israel complies with terms of agreement ... Israel confirms: Crisis averted, hostage deal to happen in couple of hours

Hamas is set to release 14 Israeli hostages for 42 Israel-held Palestinians in a second truce swap : worldnews

Eschaton: Notable : Both the facts and that the NYT is reporting it this way.
Gaza Civilians, Under Israeli Barrage, Killed at Historic Pace - The New York Times In less than two months, more than twice as many women and children have been reported killed in Gaza than in Ukraine after two years of war.

West Bank: IDF kills terrorist behind several PIJ attacks : worldnews
Armed Palestinian groups in W. Bank reportedly execute two men accused of spying for Israel : worldnews

Israels Communications Minister Threatens Haaretz, Suggests Penalizing Its Gaza War Coverage

Zelensky expects EU to fulfill promise to launch accession talks : worldnews
Swiss President makes surprise Ukraine visit : worldnews
Kyiv Says 13,500 Ukrainians Returned via Russia Route : worldnews
Zelenskyi announced a new comprehensive plan for mobilization in Ukraine.
BBC: 650,000 conscription-aged men have left Ukraine for Europe : worldnews
Ukraine Plans to Launch Army of Robots After Drone Program Success

Russia launches largest drone attack on Ukraine since start of invasion, says Ukrainian military : worldnews
Russian forces have mounted a massive drone attack into northern Ukraine over the last 24 hours. Overnight, the Ukrainian Air Force reportedly downed *74* Russian Shahed-136/131 one-way attack drones.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 640, Part 1 (Thread #786) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 25.11.2023 : ukraine

Newsweek: Ukraine is winning artillery war against Russia. [article] : ukraine

4/ Russian sources claimed that elements of the 188th and 144th brigades are facing extremely poor conditions and a lack of resources while trying to defend the #Krynky area. Ukrainian military officials confirmed that Ukrainian forces maintain positions on the east bank of #Kherson Oblast.
Ukraine now in full control of Kherson Oblasts left bank, forcing Russians to flee from reinforced 'Surovikin'

Each year on the fourth Saturday of November, Ukrainians worldwide commemorate the victims of the HolodomorThis year, as Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty, remembering the Holodomor through its symbols is a testament to the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraines Security Service detains traitor who turned in his father to gain position in occupying authorities

Russian woman films Crimean Bridge from her yacht: Ukraines Security Service reveals details of special operation

Russia threatens Moldova with revenge for joining EU sanctions : worldnews

Finland refuses to negotiate with Putin over situation on Russian border : worldnews

Indian student population in German universities skyrockets, outpaces China : worldnews

Rome, Berlin plan massive hydrogen pipeline to Africa : worldnews

Anger across Italy as killing of student highlights countrys femicide rate

The French government has launched a campaign encouraging people not to buy new clothes in Black Friday sales : worldnews

Irelands prime minister condemns anti-immigrant rioters in Dublin

Toyota Truck Ads Banned In UK For Lacking A Sense Of Responsibility To Society
Huw Edwards set to leave BBC after internal inquiry : television

Brazil signs on to global climate deal to triple renewable energy : worldnews

Trudeau blames MAGA influence for stirring debate on Ukraine ... Trump is an avatar for hate
EU and Canada establish a Green Alliance at the Canada-EU Summit : worldnews
EU and US Delay Key Trade Meeting Amid Deadlock in Negotiations : worldnews

Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Draws Its Biggest TV Audience Ever

Biden calls Friday hostage release only a start and says cease-fire deal has gone well so far
Biden: Conditioning military aid to Israel is a worthwhile thought, hopes Gaza ceasefire can last more than four days

Eric Swalwell Fact-Checks 3 Republicans Over Bridge Crash Misinformation | Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna and Kari Lake all rushed to suggest the Rainbow Bridge incident was an act of terror. : politics (and Fux)

Opinion | Cass Sunstein On Why He Is a Liberal - The New York Times By Cass R. Sunstein
Opinion | Why I Am a Liberal : politics

A note on polls - Lawyers, Guns & Money

36 percent of voters say American dream still holds true: Poll : politics

Mike Johnson Spent Years Defending Christian Speech In Schools. The ultimate goal of the enemy is silencing the Gospel, the Republican said in 2004 after Jewish parents sued a school for pushing Christianity on their kids.
House Speaker Mike Johnson applauded idea of making gay sex illegal

Three general election debates are scheduled for 2024. Neither party has committed to attending : politics

One way Trump is fighting history: Election losers usually lose the rematch, too : politics

Fake elector probes in 2020 swing states could spell more trouble for Trump
The poison continues to spread: legal losses fail to quell election denial hotbed

Donald Trumps latest legal filing tired and laughable - attorney
Donald Trump's Lawyers Say That False Statements Are Free Speech : politics

Trumps Attacks On Judge and Law Clerk Triggers Hundreds Of Threats: Report
Trump lawyers dismiss death threats asirrelevant to federal gag order

Aileen Cannon may have just "screwed" Donald Trump: Legal analyst : politics

New Book Divulges Trumps Privat eColorful Language On Evangelicals

Donald Trumps Aura HasPeeled Away, Says Top Republican Donor

Donald Trump ally responds to rape accusations : politics

Donald Trump's Lawyers Say That False Statements Are Free Speech : politics

Rep. Dean Phillips wont run for reelection amid presidential bid

Could Haley Really Beat Trump? Big Donors Are Daring to Dream. : politics

DeSantis super PAC head quits, latest blow to struggling Republicans presidential bid

Santos says he expects to be expelled from House : politics
I enjoyed this story about how George Santos cut his teeth in a Queens boiler room:

Citing constitutional separation of power, Ga. Supreme Court declines action on DA oversight rules : politics

Trump wont need more Black votes. He just needs Black voters to stay home again.

5 states where the abortion fight is likely to play out next : politics ... South Dakota, Missouri, Nevada, Florida, and Arizona

What do Utahs special congressional election results say about the GOPs grip on Utah? ... Utah is a theocracy masquerading as a state.

A biolab was operating in a California city. Heres what a congressional committee found

It was stunning: Bipartisan anger aimed at Medicare Advantage care denials - A bipartisan group of lawmakers is increasingly concerned that insurance companies are preying on seniors.

Derek Chauvin, former officer convicted in George Floyds killing, stabbed in prison, reports say

Advertisers continue to flee Elon - Lawyers, Guns & Money It turns out that brands dont like being associated with racist conspiracy theorists:

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,488 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Richard Feynman.

CREDO: My View on the Three Interconnected Vengeful Male Sky God Cults

Microdosing psychedelics shows promise for improving mindfulness in adults with ADHD : science

What we actually know about aliens, according to science - The Washington Post

A cheap and widely available prescription drug -amitriptyline- can improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in patients seen in general practitioner surgeries : science

Scrub-a-Dub in a Medieval Tub - JSTOR Daily Contrary to popular misconceptions, Europeans in the Middle Ages took pains to keep themselves clean.

The #1 U.S City where Millennials Are Moving : boston

What legendary YouTube channel doesnt make videos anymore?

How TikTok became a place for tattletales | Mashable TikTok is a relatively anonymous place compared to other social media


Scientists baffled after extremely high-energy particle detected falling to Earth : worldnews

A23a: Worlds biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years

Calls to oust U.N. official over Australian trip funded by Palestinian lobby groups - UN Watch : worldnews
UN rapporteur for Palestine Francesca Albanese was allegedlypaid to be in Australia to spout hate against Israel

Japan ordered to compensate wartime comfort women A South Korean court has ordered Japan to compensate a group of women who were forced to work in military brothels during World War II
Japan ordered to compensate wartime comfort women

South Korea and Boeing to Research Long-Endurance Military Drones : worldnews
South Koreas canine farmers protest proposed ban on dog meat

Australian warship HMAS Toowoomba sailed through sensitive Taiwan Strait close to China : worldnews

China says no unusual pathogens found after WHO queries respiratory outbreaks : worldnews
No unusual virus behind rising Pneumonia cases China has clarified, reveals WHO

Kremlin are inexplicably concerned over the outcome ofRussias elections next year

Show only replies to original poster.

Missing Ukrainian child traced to Putin ally : worldnews

Putin pardons two cannibals because they fought against Ukraine : worldnews

Russian aviation on verge of collapse due to sanctions, Ukraine announces after successful hack

Oscar Pistorius to be freed on parole : worldnews

Human Rights Watch under fire for allegedly accepting millions in Qatar funds : worldnews ... This is now the third time HRW has been caught taking money from totalitariansall of whom hate HRWs biggest target: Israel.

Execution of Another Protester Sparks Outrage Among Iranians : worldnews

Egypt president says future Palestinian state could be demilitarized : worldnews

Hamas hostage deal - 24 women, 15 teenage boys to be freed from jail : worldnews
13 hostages from Gaza now with Red Cross, making way toward Israel : worldnews
Red Cross in Gaza says Israeli hostages delivered to them : worldnews
Confirmed: Hamas releases 12 Thai hostages : worldnews

IDF completes preparations for ceasefire, destroys Shifa tunnels : worldnews
Gaza war to continue for at least two more months: Israel Defence Minister : worldnews

Israels election poll: Netanyahus Likud and far-right parties in unstoppable downhill

Gaza war increases risk of Islamist attacks in Europe, security officials say : worldnews

Global womens rights groups silent as Israeli women testify about rapes by Hamas

2 Palestinians killed, 11 wounded trying to reach north Gaza despite IDF warnings

Canada Commits Nearly $1 Billion for Military Aid to Ukraine : ukraine
Canada will transfer 11 000 assault rifles and 9 million rounds of small ammunition to Ukraine
Denmark will increase aid to Ukraine by more than 3.15 billion euros by 2027
Finland may increase aid to Ukraine in 2024
German ambassador: New Patriot air defense system to arrive in Ukraine this winter

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 639, Part 1 (Thread #785) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 24.11.2023 : ukraine

Russia Facing Mass Casualties from Ukrainian Strikes Behind Lines, UK Ministry Says
Ukraine likely took out over 70 Russians in a precision strike 14 miles behind the front line, UK intel says : worldnews
Trucks Full of Wounded - Russian Soldier Reveals Huge Casualties in Avdiivka
Russian Troops Plead for Rotation After Losing 3 Companies from Ukrainian Bridgeheads : worldnews

Ukraine aims a major drone attack at Crimea : worldnews
Russian and Chinese executives discuss Russia-Crimea tunnel project : worldnews

Finland closes passenger border crossings with Russia : worldnews

Estonia accuses Russia of weaponising illegal immigration at Europes borders

Romania not ready for legal recognition of same-sex couples, PM says : worldnews

Authorities launch probe after at least 85 Jewish graves damaged in Belgian cemetery : worldnews

4 years of climate change denial: Dutch environmental groups react to far-right election swing

An agency created an AI model who earns up to $11,000 a month because it was tired of influencers who have egos - Spain
An agency created an AI model who earns up to $11,000 a month ... We can realistically create an economy that requires no humans whatsoever in the next 50 years. Which I guess also could be an approach to Climate Change.

Violent protests in Dublin after woman and children injured in knife attack : worldnews
It was pure instinct: Brazilian Deliveroo driver tells of moment he stopped Parnell Street attacker
Caio Benicio, Heroic Brazilian, Stopped the Dublin Stabbing That Led to Far Right Riot It turns out, the man who stopped him was Brazilian.
Irish police chief warns of further disruption by far right after Dublin riot : worldnews

UK net migration hit new record high in 2022 in latest blow for Sunak | Reuters
Fury as Jewish BBC staff are banned from attending anti-Semitism march despite many colleagues going on pro-Palestine rallies

President-Elect Milei says will move Argentine embassy to Jerusalem : worldnews

Growing Numbers of Chinese Migrants Cross U.S. Southern Border - The New York Times More than 24,000 Chinese citizens have been apprehended crossing into the United States from Mexico in the past year. That is more than in the preceding 10 years combined.

FBI ends investigation of car wreck at Niagara Falls bridge, no indication of terrorism : news

Biden in Thanksgiving message calls for unity above politics:Stop the rancor
Pipe down: Biden allies step up calls for Dems to rally around president

Bidens Israel-Hamas war stance seems to be really hurting him with Democratic voters

Biden proposes ban on cable cord-cutting fees : politics

"Powerful influence of wealthy lobbyists": Right-wing group pressures lawmakers on pro-Israel bills - ALEC, the group behind a wave of bills to crack down on Israel boycotts, urges states to unconditionally back war : politics

Tuberville blockade keeps first female superintendent from Naval Academy : politics

Our unelected monarchy makes a joke of our democracy : politic s (SC)

All horse race, no substance: The nations major papers continue to endanger democracy

Johnsons Release of Jan. 6 Video Feeds Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

Markwayne Mullin defends conduct:Every now and then, you need to get punched in the face

Newly released Jan. 6 footage does not show a federal agent flashing his badge while undercover : politics

Donald Trump stung by court filing on Thanksgiving : politics

DOJ Points to New York for Examples of Trumps Alarming Hate

Donald Trump Losing Every Day Hes in Court: Michael Cohen

Trump Has a Plan for Massively Increasing Inflation : politics

Newsmax Airs Alarming Discussion of Civil War With Federal Government : politics

Andrew Cuomo accused of sexual harassment in new lawsuit filed by former executive assistant Brittany Commisso - CBS News
Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 13 women, DOJ says
Cuomo Created Sexually Hostile Workplace, Says Justice Department - Investigators found that the executive staff of Andrew Cuomo, the former governor, prioritized protecting him rather than the women accusing him of sexual harassment.

History shows House expulsions are rare. Will GOP Rep. George Santos join the list? : politics

Ohio voters just passed abortion protections. Whether they take effect is now up to the courts : politics

The Missouri governor is granting pardons at a pace not seen since the World War II era : politics

Baltimore City Council Joins More Than 100 Localities in Support of Medicare for All : politics

Immigrants embody the Texas spirit. So why does Abbott and the GOP vilify them? : politics

Floridas Don't Say Gay law could be coming to workplaces next

U.S. Senate candidates family business found liable in egg price-fixing

Judge rejects attempt to enshrine abortion rights on Nevada ballot | The Hill

Democratic cities brace for a nightmare winter housing migrants - POLITICO

NYU Langone Fired Him for His Anti-Hamas Posts. He s Suing. The lawsuit, filed by the director of a cancer center, comes amid debate over how companies handle employees' public remarks about the Israel-Hamas war.

Lucid CEO: $50,000 Model 3, Model Y Competitor Coming Sooner Than You Think : technology

X May Lose Up to $75 Million in Revenue as More Advertisers Pull Out - The New York Times Internal documents show companies like Airbnb, Coca-Cola and Microsoft have halted ads, or may do so, after Elon Musks endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory.

Trader Joes Follows SpaceX in Arguing US Labor Board Is Unconstitutional

Tiffany Haddish Arrested for DUI in Beverly Hills : television

Is This the Worlds Highest-Grossing Photograph? Girls in the Windows

ELI5: How do holograms work, especially the idea that if you have a small part of a holographic image you can recreate the whole. : explainlikeimfive

In virtual offices, people share less equally compared to surreal places. This finding is crucial for virtual meetings, as different settings can significantly influence behavior, impacting decisions and interactions. : science

6,770 unearthed animal bones whisper tales of Iron Age sacrifices | Researchers uncovered the bones underneath a building once home to the Tartessians. : science

Mysterious cosmic ray observed in Utah came from beyond our galaxy, scientists say : news
Scientists have just detected the second most powerful cosmic ray but explaining its origin might require some new physics. It had an estimated energy of 240 exa-electron volts, making it comparable to the most powerful cosmic ray ever detected, the Oh-My-God particle, which was discovered in 1991. : science

Early dark energy fails to solve mystery of cosmic expansion. The extra ingredient would explain why the Universe is expanding so fast now but conflicts with data from ancient quasars

People with higher BMIs are over 10% more likely to develop obesity-related cancers such as colorectal, kidney, pancreatic or ovarian cancer even if they don't have a cardiometabolic condition such as heart disease or type 2 diabetes. (N = nearly 600,000 people) : science

Bacteria store memories and pass them on for generations: Researchers found that E. coli bacteria use iron levels as a way to store information about different behaviors. These iron memories persist for at least four generations and disappear by the seventh generation. : science

Study found individuals with high levels of narcissism self-reported greater levels of non-adherence to NPI, COVID disregard, COVID stress, anti-vaccination attitudes, and psychological entitlement. : science

Most-cited scientists: still mostly men, but the gender gap is closing. Gender imbalances in author numbers decreased sharply over time in both high-income countries (including the USA) and other countries, but the latter had little improvement in gender imbalances for top-cited authors. : science

Babies as young as four months show signs of self-awareness and can make sense of how their bodies interact with the space around them, according to new research. : science

eli5 Why can geostationary orbits only be achieved at a certain distance from Earth? : explainlikeimfive

The expression of immune related genes and potential regulatory mechanisms in schizophrenia : science

The Matrix Oracle scene : movies

What was the most difficult situation in your life and how did you handle it? : AskReddit

Men with female best friends, have you ever thought of your friend in a sexual or romantic way? What did you do about it? : AskReddit

What words or phrases instantly tell you that youre dealing with an absolute moron?

What secret was revealed when cleaning out the home of a deceased family member? : AskReddit

Women who said "I can fix him", what happened? : AskReddit


The Coming Collapse

Theyre talking, but a climate divide between Beijing and Washington remains The two superpowers are a long way from the days when a surprise U.S.-Chinese agreement to cooperate on climate change had the power to land a landmark global pact.

Investigation reveals shadow companies linked to Indonesia palm oil giant First Resources: This supplier of brands like Pepsi & Procter/Gamble has likely driven more deforestation in SE Asia during the last 5 years than any other

UN climate meetings organised in a way that benefits richer, larger countries. Countries with more economic power have more influence over the negation processes at the COPs at the expense of poorer, often smaller, and less developed countries. This power materializes in different ways. : science

Shell to face human rights claims in UK over chronic oil pollution in Niger delta : worldnews

Conservative backlash kills off EUs Green Deal push to slash pesticideuse

20-year study finds sudden cardiac deaths in athletes have fallen - despite claims Covid jabs fuelled a rise. Debunking a major claim peddled by anti-vaxxers in the wake of Covid, scientists discovered such cases have actually fallen after examining 20 years of US college sports. : science

Rat plague spreads to Australias fishing towns

The Chinese mafias downfall in a lawless casino town

South Korea court orders Japan to compensate comfort womenoverturning a lower court ruling that dismissed the case

North Korea said Thursday it would deploy new weapons and stronger armed forces to the border with the South, as Seouls spy agency said Pyongyang had received Russian help to successfully put a military spy satellite into orbit
North Korea scraps military deal with South, vows to deploy new weapons at border : worldnews

North Korea fires ballistic missile, launch apparently fails: South Korea : worldnews

Journalist Dies in Hospital in China Hours After Police Raid : worldnews
WHO statement on reported clusters of respiratory illness in children in northern China 22 November 2023 : worldnews

Putin: we must think how to stop the tragedy in Ukraine
Russia-Ukraine war live: Putin calls conflict a tragedy despite invading and claims hes open to peace talks (surrender all of Europe)
Putin wont stop if he takes Ukraine, Pentagon chief warns

Parts of Moscow Oblast without power as explosions hit energy plants : ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence gets access to Rosaviatsias secret data:Industry on verge of collapse

Cannibal released from Russian prison to fight in Ukraine : worldnews
Russian deputy adopts and renames girl abducted from Ukrainian orphanage : worldnews
Russias kidnapping #Ukraine's babies for Putins mates to keep. Say hello to the little bundle of joy Margarita. When Russian forces invaded Ukraine's southern Kherson region, she, along with 47 other children were taken from the Regional Children's Home. Now Sergey Mironov, a key political ally of wanted war criminal Putin hasadopted her Records show the girls identity was changed in Russia.
At least 11,000 Ukrainian children are reportedly being detained at 43 re-education camps across Russia, thousands of miles from home. Their simple right to life and liberty is being impacted.

Liveuamap on X: "Putin has arrived in Minsk, Belarus for CSTO summit" / X
Belarusians will be forbidden to live abroad without LukashenkaspermissionNow, Belarusians will have to apply to the Department of Migration on the territory of Belarus in order to leave Belarus for permanent residence abroad. They will check whether the applicant is not prohibited to leave the country, whether he or she has no debts to the state, including military duty.

Secret Intelligence Documents Show Global Reach of Indias DeathSquads
Suicide Rate 2.6 Times Higher Among Indian Men Compared To Women: Study : worldnews

Chads military rulers announced a general amnesty ending prosecution and guilty verdicts over the deaths of hundreds of protesters in a 2022 anti-government rally. The opposition has denounced the amnesty as a move by the government to shield the police and military officers from justice

Congo and the UN sign a deal for peacekeepers to withdraw after more than 2 decades and frustration : worldnews

32 killed in attacks in the Abyei region, which is disputed between Sudan and South Sudan : worldnews

Turkeys central bank raises interest rates to 40%

US warship shoots down attack drones over the Red Sea : worldnews ... from Houthi controlled areas in Yemen.

Irans Barring of Inspectors Is Serious Blow to IAEAs Work, Grossi Says
US National Security Councils Kirby reports Irans delivery of glide bombs to Russia, with potential plans to transfer ballistic missiles
Iran Raises Retirement Age After Years Of Mismanaging Funds : worldnews
Iran secretly executes man over 2022 anti-government protests - sources : worldnews

Mansour Abbas meets with families of hostages, delivers letter to Emir of Qatar calling for release : worldnews
Palestinian, Arab officials urge Hamas to disarm before it is destroyed : worldnews

All hostage families are told whos slated for release tomorrow, in change of strategy
Egyptian official says Hamas refuses Red Cross visit to hostages; Thai captives to be freed as gesture to Iran : worldnews
Israel-Hamas truce to begin at 7am on Friday with first hostages to be freed, says Qatar : worldnews

Netanyahu: Ive told Mossad to act against the heads of Hamas wherever they are

Israel shares full list of Palestinians to be released in hostage deal : worldnews ... Holy crap thats a lot of Muhammads (94/300). They werent kidding when they said its the most popular boys name in the world

Bathrooms and air conditioning: Inside Hamas tunnels under Al Shifa Hospital. IDF releases footage from Hamas expansive tunnel network under Gaza's primary medical center, revealing a series of well-appointed underground spaces
IDF destroys 400 tunnel shafts in Gaza since outbreak of war : worldnews
Israeli army displays tunnel beneath Al Shifa it says served as Hamas hideout : worldnews

Israeli forces arrest Al-Shifa Hospital director : worldnews ... Al-Shifa Director Dr Muhammad Abu Salmiyas brother was a senior Hamas field commander assassinated by Israel in 2004.It has now been proven that the director allowed Hamas to operate from his hospital and detain hostages there in direct violation of the Geneva conventions.

While a Fire Rages in Gaza, the West Bank Smolders | Human Rights Watch Surge in Israeli Killings, Administrative Detention and Settler Violence

Hamas attacks horrific but unlike Holocaust: Yad Vashem chairman : worldnews

Zelenskyy thanks allies for arms, air defence coalition: Not everything can be said publicly yet, but Ukraines sky shield is getting more powerful.
Yale historian says west can break Ukraine stalemate with more military aidTimothy Snyder argues that dropping five more queens on the board would allow Ukraine to prevail
Ukraine elected to UNESCO World Heritage Committee for the first time. Ukraine was among the nine countries elected to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee during the Nov. 22 vote for the first time in history.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 638, Part 1 (Thread #784) : worldnews

These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Nov. 23, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Losses of the Russian military to 23.11.2023 : ukraine

The fields are just littered with corpses Oleksandr, a deputy of a Ukrainian battalion in the 47th mechanised brigade said. They are trying to exhaust our lines with constant waves of attacks. They have switched to infantry tactics, advancing solely at the expense of human resources.Russias killing fields & their attacks towards town of Avdiivka
Russia sending wavesof soldiers in battle for Avdiivka: Some die, others keep on coming. Its like a zombie movie.
Just imagine the level of difficulty of setting up frontline positions in winter.
1/ With the onset of winter in Ukraine, ill-equipped mobilised Russians are appealing to the governors of their home regions for assistance in dealing with the cold and a plague of mice. In response, relatives and governors are sending them coal, clothes and badger fat.

In Kherson region, Ukrainian soldiers ambushed a convoy of Russian trucks loaded with ammunition and, after neutralizing it, took the ammunition with them

DeepState: Russians have built over 6,000 km of fortifications in occupied territories - Considering the 1,500 km active frontline, there's an average of four km of fortifications per km, DeepStates satellite imagery analysis reveals.

European Parliament votes to abolish member states veto

Poland Charges 16 Foreigners With Spying For Russia : worldnews

Hungarys Viktor Orban threatens to blow up EU's Ukraine policy - In a letter to Charles Michel, the Hungarian leader demands full review of EU policy on Ukraine. (best pic)
Hungarys Viktor Orban threatens to blow up EUs Ukraine policy

Far-right anti-Islamist Wilders wins Dutch election, sending shockwaves through Europe : worldnews
Election winner Geert Wilders known as the Dutch Donald Trump | AP News

Swiss government decides to ban Hamas : worldnews

German police raid properties of Hamas supporters across the country : worldnews

Drug cartel violence flares in western Mexico after vigilante leaders killing

Lawmakers mystified after NASA scales back Mars collection program

US closer to using AI-drones that can autonomously decide to kill humans : worldnews

Biden was personally engaged in getting hostage deal over finish line Kirby says
Should U.S. Aid to Israel Be Contingent on Human Rights? : politics
The Grotesque Reason Why Some Biden Officials Don't Want a Cease-fire - Some in the administration are worried that a pause in the fighting will allow journalists to show just how devastating Israel's campaign against Gaza has been.

IDF elite intel officer warned about Hamas attacks, ignored : worldnews

Right-wing U.S. media covered fiction as fact: A non-existent terrorist attack from Canada at Rainbow Bridge : politics (Fox ran 'terrorist' headline)
Fox Aint News ... Fox News: TERRORISTS, maybe even a CARAVAN of EBOLA EMAILS CRITICAL RACE THEORY TERRORISTS, bombed the BORDER because of UNCLE JOE BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Fox News reporters tweet (still up as I post this) is 3 sentences long. Every single one of them is false. The entire tweet is wrong. ... Fox News is nothing more than a Russian propaganda disinformation network and it should be banned in this country.

Why the House GOP is having a hard time passing its remaining funding bills : politics ... Every bill they try to pass has a poison pill slipped in because theyre obsessed with their culture war bullshit, and they know its the only way to sneak their hugely unpopular policies in.

Mike Johnson says his pals would use trans laws to spy on naked girls. He argued that trans people shouldnt have rights because his friends were peeping Toms
Mike Johnson applauds efforts to make gay marriage & sodomy illegal again
Mike Johnson: Depraved America Deserves Gods Wrath

Gov. Josh Shapiro thinks voters have Trumpbrain fog. He wants Biden to refresh their memory.

Democracys last Thanksgiving: Experts imagine America in a year if Trump wins the 2024 election | If Trump winsin 2024, itll be a dark Thanksgiving indeed
Trump struggles to get into holiday spirit with scathing Thanksgiving post : politics
Donald Trump rages at his enemies in furious Thanksgiving message : politics
Who knows it when none can call our power to account? - Lawyers, Guns & Money If anybody else published this after having been warned by the judge not threaten court personnel, he would be in the Tombs in a New York minute. ... That this man was ever president of the United States is a disgrace that can no more be washed away than the blood on Lady Macbeths hands. That he could be again is an ongoing national emergency.

Trumps fraud trial court flooded with credible death threats and antisemitic abuse
Trump posts led to serious and credible threats against judge
Judge and clerk in Trump civil fraud trial have received hundreds of serious and credible threats

Trump called Iowa evangelicals so-called Christians and pieces of shitbook says

Ex-Trump Staffer A.J. Delgado Now Says Her Boss, Jason Miller, Raped Her : politics

Chris Christies Campaign Is Facing an Existential Crisis

Gallego Is Ahead of Lake, Sinema in New Poll on Arizona Senate Race : politics

Why George Santos lies are even worse than the usual political liesa moral philosopher explains

Small Kentucky town urged to evacuate after train derails, spilling chemicals Two of the derailed cars were carrying molten sulfur, which caught fire after the cars were breached, officials said.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Denies Sex Assault Claim: Absolutely Not True
New York City mayor Eric Adams accused of sexual assault : politics

The Big, Obvious Reason Why Elon Musk's Anti-Media Lawsuit Will Backfire - Musk's lawsuit against Media Matters could reveal embarrassing secrets about the company's handling of far-right content.

OpenAI researchers warned board of AI breakthrough ahead of CEO ouster, sources say
OpenAI was working on advanced model so powerful it alarmed staff : technology
Eschaton: Learning I don't worry about Skynet being activated. I do worry about "what if we took what computers were good at - precision - and took that away and decided that made them better." But this is funny.

Sony facing $7.9 billion mass lawsuit over PlayStation Store prices : worldnews

With no access to crypto, disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried is now trading fish to pay for services in prison : technology

TIL about Operation Artichoke. A 1954 CIA plan to make an unwitting individual attempt to assassinate American public official, and then be taken into custody and disposed of

If free will is only an illusion, it's the most convincing one ever - Stanford neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky argues that we don't actually make choices in life. I decided (I think) to challenge him on that.

Missing blob of water predicted to be in the Atlantic finally foundThe newly discovered water mass, called the Atlantic Equatorial Water, stretches from Brazil to West Africa
Missing blob of water predicted to be in the Atlantic finally found

Study has found that reducing the intake of a single amino acid, isoleucine, by two-thirds, improved the lifespan (33% males, 7% females), weight, and health of middle-aged mice without requiring a drop in calorie intake : science

Babies Brains Are Primed for Their Native Language Before Birth. Results provide the most compelling evidence to date that language experience already shapes the functional organization of the infant brain, even before birth


Ozone hole largest on record over past 3 years, new research finds : worldnews ... At the moment it is largest in 19 years and is the size of about 3 Antarcticas

More than 1 million gallons of oil leaks into Gulf of Mexico, potentially putting endangered species at risk : worldnews

Climate change: Rise in Google searches around anxiety

Half of COVID survivors still had symptoms at 3 years, more reinfections amid Omicron : science

Emergency warning issued as bushfire threatening lives and homes in Perth Western Australia. : worldnews

U.S. advises Philippines on warship repair on China-claimed atoll : worldnews

Rohingya refugees reaching Indonesia by boat pushed back to sea : worldnews

Pacific shift: US to build a "missile wall" against China : worldnews
Only a two-state solution can bring real peace, China president says in first public speech on conflict : worldnews ... Does he think the same thing about Taiwan
China accused of closing and destroying mosques : worldnews
Mysterious pneumonia outbreak overwhelms Chinese hospitals with sick children

Putin Appears To Forget He Started The Tragedy Of WarIn Ukraine In Bizarre G20 Appearance

Russians Confidence in Military Dips in 2023 ... Three in four Russians (75%) interviewed this past summer expressed confidence in the military, which is down from the 80% measured in the early months of the war.
UK estimates indicate Russia has lost 15% (or 2,400) of its tank inventory in Ukraine : worldnews
6/ Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu addressed the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) Collegium on November 21 and announced the that the Russian MoD is increasing its military training efforts across #Russia.

Russian man imprisoned for theft: Forced into war by Prigozhin and lost both legs : worldnews

U.S. thwarts plot to kill Sikh separatist, issues warning to India ... U.S. authorities thwarted a plot to kill a Sikh separatist in the United States and issued a warning to India over concerns the government in New Delhi was involved,

Pakistan under fire for $830 exit fee for refugees who fled Taliban : worldnews

Israel recalls its ambassador from South Africa : worldnews

Sudan refugees detail second wave of ethnic purge by Arab forces : worldnews

White House declassifies intel suggesting Wagner Group is preparing to provide air defense capability to Hezbollah or Iran : worldnews
Hezbollah will respect' ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Cabinet okays deal for release of 50 Israeli hostages in exchange for 4-day Gaza truce | The Times of Israel
Israeli cabinet approves deal for return of 50 hostages in exchange for multi-day ceasefire : worldnews ... srael believes Hamas could potentially locate some 30 more mothers and children and that the 4-day halt could be extended by extra day per each 10 Israeli hostages freed

Netanyahu says Israel will continue war against Hamas after cease-fire : worldnews

Israel says WHO ignored terror activity at Gazas Shifa Hospital
IDF breaches blast door in Hamas tunnel under Gazas Shifa Hospital

Eschaton: How Does This Keep Happening I dunno, boss, we keep giving them the coordinates down to the centimeter of where NOT to bomb and then they do a big whoopsie and bomb precisely there! Well we'll try again tomorrow. - The Biden administration has been providing Israel with the location of humanitarian groups in Gaza for weeks to prevent strikes against their facilities. But Israel has continued to hit such sites ... Maybe they should stop sending Israel their target list.
Eschaton: Words

UN records over 28,500 civilian casualties in Ukraine : ukraine
2/ Russian forces conducted a series of missile and drone strikes overnight on November 20-21 and on November 21 targeting port and civilian infrastructure, including a hospital in #Donetsk Oblast.
The supplies of weapons that Ukraine needs to succeed are still delayed, and even now they do not reach the required level - Pavel - The Ukrainian soldiers feel not only understandable fatigue, but also increasing disappointment in Western support. They feel abandoned. ... At least a third of Ukraine's energy infrastructure has been destroyed, Pavel said, and it will not be restored before winter, putting pressure on Ukrainian citizens to continue to persevere and support the military

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 637, Part 1 (Thread #783) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 22.11.2023 : ukraine
Estimated Russian losses as of day 637 of Russias full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian military: Dozens of Russian marines killed at award ceremony : ukraine

FSB Officers Poisoned by Partisans After Ordering Restaurant Takeaway

Sweden must join Nato soon to ward off Russian threat, says defence minister : worldnews

After meeting Israeli, Palestinian families, pope calls for peace, end to 'terrorism'
Pope invited trans women over for a pasta & meatballs dinner : worldnews

Far-right leader Geert Wilders wins Dutch election: Exit poll : worldnews
Dutch election: Wilderss far-right party set for gains

German police raid homes of 17 people accused of posting antisemitic hate speech on social media : worldnews

Hamas October 7 massacre film screened for French Senators : worldnews

Falklands sovereignty not up for discussion Britain warns after new Argentinian president vows to get them back
UK PM Sunak reportedly said just let people dieCOVID inquiry hears
Higher Cognitive Ability Linked to Voting Against Brexit, Study Finds : science
Growing numbers of people in England and Wales are being found so long after they have died that their body has decomposed, in a shocking trend linked to austerity and social isolation : science ... Men are more than twice as likely as women to be discovered in a decomposed state
Mans body lay undiscovered for over 20 years inside house in Mallow, Co Cork
Sex life data stolen from UK government among record number of ransomware attacks

Two Women Were Part of a Cartel Hit Squad That Killed a Police Chief : worldnews - Mexico

Canadas unprecedented housing crisis could be a warning sign for the US
Judge suspends adoption of pro-Palestinian policy at McGill student union : worldnews
Canada bans import, export of elephant ivory and rhino horns including hunting trophies : worldnews

The Rise of the Far Right Is a Global Phenomenon : politics

Biden admin officials see proof their strategy is working in hostage deal
Statement from President Joe Biden on the Hostage Release in Gaza | The White House
Give Biden and Blinken Credit for Gaza Truce : politics
Biden Admin warns it might not support next phase of Israels war

Opinion | Bernie Sanders: Justice for the Palestinians and Security for Israel - The New York Times

Sen. Bernie Sanders publicly pressures Merck, J&J, and Bristol Myers Squibb to testify on drug pricing : politics

Eschaton: America's Worst Newspapers The New York Times and Washington Post.
Warped Front Pages - Columbia Journalism Review Researchers examine the self-serving fiction of "objective" political news (NYT is "objectively" pro-fascist)

N.Y. governor says no sign of terrorism in car crash, explosion at Rainbow Bridge border crossing - The Boston Globe
2 dead after vehicle explodes crashing into Rainbow Bridge checkpoint at U.S.-Canada border in Niagara Falls
Rainbow Bridge between US, Canada closed following explosion : news

A Supreme Court case about stocks could help make Trumps authoritarian dreams realityThe unitary executive is back, and it could supercharge Trumps plans to fill the government with his own loyalists.
A Supreme Court case about stocks could help make Trumps authoritarian dreams reality
Justice Thomas pens dissent over refusal to hear chemical company appeal : politics
Clarence Thomas Just Made Another Mess for His Colleagues to Clean Up : politics

Speaker of the House: the right of privacy doctrine should be entirely overruled - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Mike Johnson, the new speaker of the House, voiced support for revisiting Supreme Court decisions that struck down restrictions on the use of contraception, barred bans on gay sex and legalized same sex marriages, according to a CNN review of his prior public statements.
Mike Johnson said his friends would use trans-inclusive laws to spy on girls : politics
Mike Johnson Said He Wanted to Revisit Supreme Court Decision That Legalized Gay Sex : politics
Republicans Pushing To Investigate Jan 6 Investigators All Played Parts In Efforts To Overturn 2020 Election

Jan. 6 Rioter Gets 3 Months in Jail After Ditching Court, Berating Judge

November 2023 National Poll: Trump Maintains Lead Over Biden ... 47% to 43%

Donald Trumps lawyer made one big courtroom mistake
Donald Trump has worst day yet in NY civil fraud trial as underlings scribbled note ties him to conspiracy

Trump Tells Iowa Voters Hes Just Not Into Golden Showers
One detail in Trumpsgolden shower denial raises questions ... However, a number of social media commentators questioned why Trump had referred to four hookers, as this figure isnt included in the Steele dossier.
Columbo busts Trump : PoliticalHumor

The Bizarre Reason a Colorado Judge Didnt DisqualifyTrump From Running in 2024: Judge Sarah Wallace found the case that the former president violated the Fourteenth Amendment compelling. Then she found a way to ignore her own judgment.
Both sides appeal ruling that Trump can stay on Colorado ballot despite insurrection finding : politics
Ruling that Trump can stay on Colorado ballot appealed : politics

Donald Trump Posted 19 Truth Social Videos in a Cry for Help

November 22, 2023 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... These things are very difficult to measure, especially in real time, but Im picking up on what may be a significant change in the way the legacy media are beginning to cover the existential threat that Donald Trump represents to the American political and legal systems. This Thomas Edsall piece is representative
The Roots of Trumps Rage (malignant narcissism age rage racist crook)

Openly authoritarian campaign: Trumps threats of revenge fuel alarm
Openly authoritarian campaign: Trumps threats of revenge fuel alarm
Have You Listened Lately to What Trump Is Saying? : politics
Its getting scary: Trump signaling push for autocracy being tolerated by GOP decried by Steele
Trump, Project 2025, and the plan to bring autocracy to the US : politics
What is the worst scenario for the 2024 US Election? : AskReddit
MSNBCs Claire McCaskill Claims Trump Even More Dangerous Than Hitler and Mussolini ... the only thing he cares about is himself ...

Joe Scarborough Rips Through Frightening List Of Donald Trumps Fascism

The simple reason why Donald Trump is escalating his Hitlerian rhetoric: MAGA demands more | Many of Trumps diehard followers are White Christians who have found a role model and outlet for their desires

The Red State Brain Drain Isnt Coming. Its Happening Right NowAs conservative states wage total culture war, college-educated workers, physicians, teachers, professors, and more are packing their bags.

What does the Kennedy name mean now?RFK Jr., the fourth Kennedy to run for president, is clashing with myth and historyand his own family
The Mind-Bending Politics of RFK Jrs Spoiler Campaign Hes a conservative. Hes a liberal. And he could turn the presidential race upside down.

60 years later, a Secret Service agent grapples with JFK assassination - The Washington Post

Matt Gaetzs Constituents Hate Him: Florida voters really, really do not like the controversial Republican representative.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mike Lee get Jan. 6 footage but trying to blame the FBI could backfire | Whatever, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Mike Lee no one actually thinks the FBI was behind January 6
Marjorie Taylor Greenes Book Is Now Out And Critics Are Suggesting A Scathing New Use

Republicans are now running ads to support Kyrsten Sinemas campaign

Missouri Supreme Court deals a blow to secretary of states ballot language on abortion

Federal judge says Pennsylvania mail-in ballots should still count if dated incorrectly : politics

The first estimate of births since Dobbs found that almost a quarter of women who would have gotten abortions carried their pregnancies to term.
Abortion bans reduce access to all maternal healthcare - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Texas has, after California, the highest GDP of any state. Yet 46.5 percent of its counties are maternity care deserts; for some women, the nearest birthing hospital is a 70-minute drive from their home. In some states, including Oklahoma and Mississippi, the majority of counties are maternity care deserts.
When misogynists feign empathy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Abortion rights groups seek ballot measures in 9 states in 2024 Despite an unbroken winning streak since Roe v. Wade was overturned, some of the efforts to enshrine abortion rights in state constitutions face substantial challenges.
A Satanic Abortion Clinic Named After The Mother Of Supreme Court Justice Alito Is Open in New Mexico : politics

New Florida Bill Aims to Bring Dont Say Gay Into Workplaces
GOP lawmaker wants to ban businesses from talking about LGBTQ+ people in sweeping new bill. The bill would ban LGBTQ+ nonprofits in the state. : politics

New Jersey banning sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 : politics

Iowa officials wife found guilty on all 52 counts of voter fraud charges

Racism in North Dakota - Lawyers, Guns & Money I will state again that this nations focus on race as being about Black and white people is really problematic, because thats just one side of it. A big side, I grant you. But far from the whole.

Democrats who swept Moms For Liberty off school board fight superintendents $700,000 exit deal

Catholic Hospitals Remove Crucifixes So They Cant Be Used to Beat Staff

Conservative Group Accidentally Reveals Its Secret Donors. Some of Them Are Liberal Orgs. : politics (pretending to be 'liberal')

Will ProPublica cross a picket line by publishing its next big scoop? - The Washington Post The media nonprofits union wants to stop a collaboration with a newspaper whose reporters are on strike. Editors say the story is more important than solidarity:

Judge finds reasonable evidence Tesla knew self-driving tech was defective

The GOP rallies around Musk after his self-inflicted antisemitism mess : politics
Business leaders are ignoring Elon Musks antisemitism much quieter when antisemitism comes from the right than from the left
EU stops advertising on X over hate speech. Fines could follow next year : worldnews

Exclusive: Sam Altman's ouster at OpenAI was precipitated by letter to board about AI breakthrough -sources : technology ... Ahead of OpenAI CEO Sam Altmans four days in exile, several staff researchers sent the board of directors a letter warning of a powerful artificial intelligence discovery that they said could threaten humanity, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters ... According to one of the sources, long-time executive Mira Murati told employees on Wednesday that a letter about the AI breakthrough called Q* (pronounced Q-Star), precipitated the boards actions ... The maker of ChatGPT had made progress on Q, which some internally believe could be a breakthrough in the startup's search for superintelligence, also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), one of the people told Reuters. OpenAI defines AGI as AI systems that are smarter than humans

Rumors about AI breakthrough and threat to humanity as cause for firing of Altman : worldnews

Sam Altman Is Reinstated as OpenAIs'Chief Executive - The move capped a chaotic five days at the artificial intelligence company. ... The companys board of directors will be overhauled, jettisoning several members who had opposed Mr. Altman ...
Sam Altman Is Reinstated as OpenAIs Chief Executive
Sam Altman will return as OpenAI CEO : technology
Former Harvard president Larry Summers named to new OpenAI board
Open AI Board caves to Altman - Lawyers, Guns & Money
OpenAI Was Never Going to Save Us From the Robot Apocalypse - By Eric Levitz

Binance was slapped with a $4.3 billion fine because it let groups like Hamas and ISIS receive funds: Treasury Department : technology
Behold the Utter Destruction of Cryptos Biggest Names

Axl Rose accused of sexual assault in former models lawsuit ... The lawsuit, filed by former Penthouse model Sheila Kennedy, claims that Rose sexually assaulted her in his hotel room after meeting her at a New York nightclub in 1989, near the height of his bands fame.

Daryl Hall Suing John Oates in Mysterious Lawsuit : Music

Declassified: Scotlands iconic UFO Sighting

Study suggests that long-term exposure to ADHD medications was associated with an increased risk of Cardiovascular Disease highlighting the importance of carefully weighed potential benefits and risks when making treatment decisions about long-term ADHD medication use : science

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a higher tendency for young adults to return to their parental home and a decreased likelihood of them moving out : science

TIL Alaska is so large and deserted, it has the equivalent population density of 16 people living in Manhattan. : todayilearned

Harvard University researchers discover one of the origins of itch - The Boston Globe

Airborne virus infectivity can be reduced by up to 99.98% by commercially available NPBI-based air purifiers, per experiment using real-world concentrations of COVID-19 strains, flu and RSV viruses : science

Boston brothel ring: Defendants scheduled to appear in Worcester court

The comments sections of boston dot com are a deep cesspool of stupidity and anger. : boston

Older people of Reddit- what is the coolest technology to become mainstream in your lifetime? : AskReddit

What is the scariest story you know to be completely true? : AskReddit

What is something that is wildly controversial that you think shouldnt be?

What is a fact that you only recently learned, but should have known for ages? : AskReddit

Whats the most disturbing vid there is?

Microsofts Windows Hello fingerprint authentication has been bypassed


The world briefly smashed through the 2-degree warming limit for the first time ever : worldnews

UN report says world is racing to well past warming limit as carbon emissions rise instead of plunge : worldnews

Fossil fuel delegates attended UN Climate Conferences (Cops) at least 7,200 times over 20 years : worldnews

How Larry Summers's Bad Predictions Hurt the Planet - The clean-energy transition is faltering because of unexpectedly high interest rates, which Summers's demands to slow down the economy helped usher in.

Antibiotic resistance a looming, deadly global threat : worldnews

Japan sounds warning over North Koreas third attempt to launch spy satellite Nuclear-armed state plans its first launch since Kim Jong-un visited Russia, where Vladimir Putin promised to help him build satellites.
Japan urges citizens to take shelter after North Korean missile launch : worldnews
Japan eyes banning cannabinoid HHCH after gummies render many ill : worldnews

N Korea tells Japan it will launch spy satellite in days : worldnews

1,000 Hong Kong taxi drivers plan Wednesday strike against ride-hailing services : worldnews

Respect the facts: Beijing rejects Australian claims China sonar injured navy divers
China says it would be a huge foreign policy mistake for Argentina to cut ties

Russia says co-existence not possible with Ukraines current 'regime'

US sanctions Russian officers who committed war crimes in Bucha, Andriivka : worldnews

Congo-Brazzaville stampede: Dozens killed during army recruitment drive : worldnews

Erdogan says Turkey to keep Israels nuclear weapons on global agenda

Houthis say theyl continue attacks until demise of Israel

US forces attacked at Iraq air base, respond in self-defence : worldnews

Hamas deputy chief in Lebanon killed in Israeli attack, report says : worldnews

Israel-Hamas war live updates: Israel approves hostage deal, fighting pause - The Washington Post
Hamas chief says close to truce agreement with Israel : worldnews
Hostage deal could be finalized in coming hours : worldnews
Home | Hamas freedom fighters | Free Palestine

US considering tactical recovery plans for hostages in Gaza : worldnews
US. has sent Israel data on aid group locations to try to prevent strikes - POLITICO Among the sites provided to the Israeli government are medical facilities, including Al-Shifa hospital, which Israeli forces raided last week.
Biden threatens visa bans for extremists who attack Palestinians in the West Bank, calls again for two-state solution

Netanyahu says war against Hamas will not stop after cease-fire | AP News

300 UN diplomats watch footage showing terroristsatrocities in Oct. 7 massacre
IDF lookouts said they saw unusual activity along the Gaza border before the October 7 attack, but their commanders told them to stop bothering them, report says : worldnews

Israel Palestine Conflict: Red Cross president meets with Hamas chief to advancehumanitarian issues

Israeli tanks surround north Gazas Indonesian Hospital - So every hospital is a Hamas operational control centre? And then they'll go to the south and do this all over again?

Three more journalists killed in Gaza in Israeli offensive, relatives say : news ... Total number of journalists killed so far in this conflict is 48 according to the CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists) of which 43 are Palestinian, 4 are Israeli, and 1 is Lebanese. For reference that death total is over twice that of the Russia-Ukraine war even when including the earlier 2014 conflict.

BBCs Mishal Husain Has A Tense Exchange With Israels Spokesperson Over Palestinian Deaths

Ukrainians who fled their country for Israel find themselves yet again living with war : worldnews

Zelensky says he's survived five or six assassination attempts by Putins forces
Very important signal: Zelensky welcomes Fox chief Lachlan Murdochs visit to Kyiv ... in a sign his global media empire will continue to throw its weight behind the war-torn nations struggle against Russia.
Very important signal: Zelensky welcomes Fox chief Lachlan Murdochs visit to Kyiv
The European Parliament has agreed to open an office in Ukraine to boost its support for the Ukrainian Parliament, following requests by top Ukrainian government officials, according to a document from the European Parliament bureau seen by Euractiv.
The Kyiv Independent on X: "General Staff: Over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers trained in partner countries. Over 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have received training in facilities of more than 30 partner countries in less than two years." / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 636, Part 1 (Thread #782) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 21.11.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian forces are reportedly on the outskirts of Pishchanivka and Poima on the left bank, Kherson region. Russian troops and collaborators have been notified to evacuate within the next 24hrs. #Ukraine #Ukrainewar #UkraineRussiawar #Russia

Top Ukraine cyber officials fired amid IT bribery probe : worldnews

Russian news anchor threatens Finland with invasion amidst border tensions : worldnews

NATO chief commits to Bosnias territorial integrity and condemns Russian 'malign' influence

Spains police detain three in probe into murder attempt on politician

UK government blocks MP questions about Gaza-related activity at its Cyprus base : worldnews
Former PM David Cameron is introduced to the House of Lords as Baron Cameron of Chipping Norton : worldnews
Disabled people must work from home to do their duty says UK minister Laura Trott
NHS England Chooses Palantir For Central Role In Patient Data Handling : worldnews
UK Museum Determines Roman Emperor Was Trans, Changes Pronouns to She/Her - The Messenger Elagabalus only ruled for 4 years before being assassinated

Mileis dollarisation gets first test as Argentine banks re-open

Brazil records its hottest ever temperature ... 44.8C (112.6F)

A Canadian mining company at the center of Panama protests says it may have to suspend operations : worldnews

Behind the scenes of a UFO whistleblowersodd visit to Capitol Hill ... Non-Human Reverse Engineering Programs,

` Democrats' border problem is getting real - Many in their own party are quite concerned about the situation

Yellen says high food and rent prices key factors in voters negativeeconomic outlook ... Krogers profit also topped $2.2 billion, up 35.6% from 2021, outpacing the 7.5% sales growth for the year.

Biden urged to go big on Social Security as a way to beat Trump : politics
Joe: Its time fascism is called fascism and Americans know exactly what theyre voting for

Senate Democrats shoot down Biden naysayers in party : politics ... Axelfuck ...
Ignore Trump? Democrats Now Want Him Plastered All Over the News. - The New York Times

Democrats nearly double Republicans in October fundraising | The Hill

Trump, Mike Johnson meet at Mar-a-Lago : politics
Worry less about TikTok and Bin Laden fret more that Mike Johnson shares the terrorist's view By calling America "dark, depraved and irredeemable" the GOP speaker may as well be citing Al Qaedas leader ... People who have apocalyptic fantasies of a theocratic state have no business being second in line to the presidency

The Maga release of the Jan 6 tapes is about vengeance : politics

The far right toppled McCarthy over spending. What has it gotten them? : politics

The Decision That Could End Voting Rights : politics ... The court ruled thatSection 2 of the Voting Rights Act ... does not allow private parties to bring lawsuits challenging racial discrimination in voting ... This from the same folks that empowered individuals to enforce abortion bans.

Billionaires are lining up to eagerly fund Trumps anti-democratic agenda | Robert Reich

Trumps Similarities to Hitler Prove It Certainly Could Happen Here
Democracy Under Trump Is a Dark Destiny for America : politics
Ex-Trump aide says democracy wont survive if he wins 2024 election
"Our democracy hangs by a thread": Expert panel says a Trump victory in 2024 will end it : politics

14th Amendment cases challenging Trumps eligibility thrust courts into unknown territory

A traitor: Anonymous former senior Trump official speaks out in new book

Trump is hailing his courtroom win in Colorado. Judge says he instigated insurrection : politics ... Is the presidency not public office? WTF are we talking about here~

"In the bag for Trump": Expert says Judge Cannon's new order leaves other trials "in limbo" : politics

Trumps witness cries after dismantling Donalds Mar-a-Lago claims
Donald Trumps Defense in E. Jean Carroll Case Could Be About to Implode

Donald Trump files lawsuit against 20 media outlets full list

Cassidy Hutchinson Gives Dark Reason WhyEverybody Should Vote For Joe Biden

Trumps Doc Insists His Health Is ExcellentAfter Verbal Slips
Conservative Pundit Trashes Trump's excellent Doctor's Note With Just 1 Word ... The word: propaganda.

Dean Phillips supporters launch ads attacking Bidens electability

Matt Gaetz at 21% approval rating in Florida, poll says : politics

Wisconsin supreme court appears poised to strike down legislative maps and end Republican dominance | Wisconsin | The Guardian Decision from four liberal justices in lawsuit could eliminate some of the most gerrymandered districts in the United States
Is democracy coming to the state of Wisconsin? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Florida bill seeks to place restrictions on use of pronouns : politics
Could Florida Shut Down Charities Helping LGBTQ+ People in Need?| The proposal would stop any contractor or organization receiving state funds from activity that considers individuals gender identity or sexual orientation. : politics

Utah teachers wouldnt be able to display pride flags under lawmakers draft proposal. The draft legislation would broaden the scope of topics prohibited for endorsement by school employees, specifically gender identity, sexual orientation, political and social viewpoints.

Recognizing fake news now a required subject in California schools : politics

The twentysomething mayor-elect making history in Indiana

Cuomo weighs run for NYC mayor amid Adams woes

Scream VIIStar Axed Over Pro-Palestine Posts ... Western media only shows the [Israeli] side. Why do they do that, I will let you deduce for yourself.

Free speech fetishism is inimical to the university - Lawyers, Guns & Money

You've Got to Read George Orwell's Review of 'Mein Kampf' - I plan on printing this passage out and putting it on the refrigerator.

Has free speech absolutism ever gotten more absolute? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Elon filed his THERMONUCLEAR suit in a carefully cherrypicked venue:
Elon Musks X sues media watchdog Media Matters over report on pro-Nazi content on the social media site
Ken Paxton announces investigation of media group following Elon Musks lawsuit ... What do you call a government that acts like the personal bodyguard and hitman for billionaires petty complaints?
Absolutely sweet free speech - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Free speech absolutism doesnt get much more absolutist than this: ... The Attorney General of Missouri (a Republican) is "looking into" @mmfa creating three X/Twitter accounts then accurately reporting when X showed ads to offensive contentn abuse of government power that genuinely threatens free speech
The lawsuit against Media Matters has been filed. In a blatant act of forum shopping, X Corp., a Nevada corporation based in San Francisco filed suit against Media Matters, an organization in Washington, DC, in the northern district of Texas.
Theyre going after the critics

After OpenAIs stunning ouster, policymakers are warning that AI could turn the economy on its head
505 OpenAI employees threaten to quit and call on the board to resign over Sam Altmans firing
Why Was Sam Altman Fired As CEO of OpenAI?
Sam Altmans Job at Microsoft Will Be Harder Than Ever

Oh my God. Where to start in this over-long article about why Peter Thiel claims he wont donate to any politicians this election cycle?

Binance Founder Changpeng Zhao Steps Down, Pleads Guilty - WSJ

Male nanny sentenced to over 700 years in prison for sexually assaulting 16 boys in California : news
This Louisiana Town Runs Largely on Traffic Fines. If You Fight Your Ticket, the Mayor Is Your Judge.: Fenton, population 226, brings in over $1 million per year through its mayors court, an unusual justice system in which the mayor can serve as judge even though hes responsible for town finances.

Over 900 firearms traded in for H-E-B gift cards at San Antonio gun exchange event : politics

How a Maine Businessman Made the AR-15 Into America's Best-Selling Rifle = Neither a gun enthusiast nor a right-wing ideologue, Richard Dyke used political connections and lobster giveaways to build Bushmaster, the company that popularized assault-style rifles.

Poll: Gun ownership reaches record high with American electorate A record share of voters in NBC News latest poll say that they or someone in their household owns a gun

What a Drag It is Getting Old - Lawyers, Guns & Money I have to say that the Rolling Stones having their tour actually sponsored by the AARP is so on the nose as to be the funniest thing Ive ever seen in my life.

Joyce Carol Oates's Relentless, Prolific Search for a Self - In more than a hundred works of fiction, Oates has investigated the question of personality -- while doubting that she actually has one.

Attractiveness has a bigger impact on mens socioeconomic success than womens, study suggests

Short-term consumption of highly processed diets varying in macronutrient content impair the sense of smell and brain metabolism in mice (Nov 2023) : science

Canton police chief says department review over handling of Karen Read case will end wild speculation

Massachusetts police discriminate in traffic stops, previously unreleased data reveals : massachusetts

DiZoglios push to audit Legislature has enough signatures to move toward 2024 ballot, supporters say

Whats the best example of girls supporting girls youve ever seen in your life?

Whats the best drawing application for Surface Pro : Surface

YouTube blames ad blockers for slow load times, and it has nothing to do with your browser | The delay is intentional, but targeting users who continue using ad blockers, and not tied to any browser specifically. : technology


The world briefly smashed through the 2-degree warming limit for the first time : worldnews
World facing hellish 3C of climate heating, UN warns before Cop28

Earth passed a feared global warming milestone Friday, at least briefly | Average global temperatures were more than 2 degrees Celsius above a pre-industrial benchmark on Friday, preliminary data show : worldnews

Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says : worldnews
The richest one percent of the global population are responsible for the same amount of carbon emissions as the world's poorest two-thirds, or five billion people, according to an analysis published Sunday by the nonprofit Oxfam International : worldnews

Large eruption occurs in Papua New Guinea: Japan weather agency : worldnews

4 more free COVID tests will be available to each household ahead of the holidays - ABC News

A real blow for the junta: Myanmars ethnic groups launch unprecedented armed resistance
Myanmar Regime-Backed Rallies Denounce China, Accusing It of Backing Anti-Junta Alliance : worldnews

APEC over, Taiwan reports renewed Chinese military activity : worldnews

China calls for urgent action on Gaza as Muslim majority nations arrive in Beijing | CNN
China to host foreign ministers from Arab and Islamic countries in search for end to conflict : worldnews undefined
China Puts Money Behind Singapore Model in Major Housing Shift : worldnews
Albanese accuses China ofdangerous, unsafe and unprofessionalbehaviour in naval ship altercation

Anti-Mobilization Protests By Russian Soldiers Wives and Mothers Quashed
General mobilization in Russia possible after 2024 presidential elections : worldnews

Russian police are overwhelmed by the number of people snitching on neighbors and colleagues : worldnews

Russia puts Ukrainian winner of Eurovision Song Contest on wanted list

40 workers have been trapped inside a collapsed tunnel in India for over a week and 3 attempts to drill through the debris have failed so far : worldnews

Yemens Houthis release footage of takeover of Israeli-linked cargo ship
Japan condemns Yemens Houthi rebels hijack of cargo ship in Red Sea

Irans Khamenei claims itsa fact Israel has been defeated by Hamas in Gaza

Heavy rocket barrages come from Lebanon; 3 more soldiers killed in Gaza, IDF announces : worldnews
Gallant: Hezbollah has fired over 1,000 munitions at Israel since start of war : worldnews

Biden says revitalized Palestinian Authority should eventually govern Gaza and the West Bank

Hamas, Israel deny reports of ceasefire, hostage deal again : worldnews
Palestinian Authority retracts statement denying Hamas responsibility for massacre : worldnews
Following strong Israeli rebuke, Palestinian Authority foreign ministry deletes the false claim from social media that the Oct. 7 rave massacre was committed by the IDF : worldnews

IDF kills three Hamas division commanders in Gaza, strikes terror cache : worldnews

Israel says CCTV footage shows hostages were taken to Gaza hospital : worldnews
Detained Gaza terrorist says Hamas hid as hospital staff in Al Shifa : worldnews

Palestinians in Gaza, West Bank strongly support Hamas, October 7 attack : worldnews

France calls West Bank Israeli settler violence policyof terror
Far-Right MKs scream at hostages families in Knesset hearing on death penalty bill

Tanzania confirms student abducted by Hamas is dead - I24NEWS : worldnews

IDF says Noa Marciano was murdered by Hamas inside Shifa Hospital, not killed by Israeli airstrike : worldnews

Israeli ex-PM claims Hamas command centre is in the south of Gaza not al-Shifa Hospital : worldnews

Normal life in the world largely depends on whether America is strong in protecting life. And the world sees this strength in helping Ukraine. -- President Zelenskyys address, 20th November 2023
Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, and Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine, with a congratulatory note to the President of the United States Joe Biden on the occasion of his 81st birthday. : ukraine
Upon the submission of the Minister of Defense, I have changed the commander of the Medical Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.President Zelenskyys address, 19th November 2023

Biden Administration Announces New Security Assistance for Ukraine : UkraineWarVideoReport

Ukraine war: US Defence Secretary Austin meets Zelensky to support Kyivs fight against Russia amid Israel-Gaza war
I came to Kyiv today with an important message the United States stands with Ukraine, and we are going to be with them for the long haulSecretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III
Japan vice ministers visit Ukraine to examine recovery needs : worldnews
Top Ukrainian cyber defence officials sacked amid corruption probe : worldnews
As the war grinds on, Ukraine needs more troops. Not everyone is ready to enlist : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 635, Part 1 (Thread #781) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 20.11.2023 : ukraine

Ukraines troops work to advance on Russian-held side of key river after gaining footholds
Ukraine says it has pushed Russian forces back up to 5 miles from the banks of Dnipro river, in first possible counteroffensive success : worldnews

MAGYAR: 500 russian FPV drones detected, 352 of them eliminated. : ukraine

How the war changed me: the confession of an ordinary Ukrainian girl

An orphaned teenager who was taken to Russia early in the Ukraine war is back home with relatives : worldnews
#Orthodox_Church of #Ukraine effectively driven out of #Russia occupied #Crimea #relgiousfreedom #StandWithUkraine #LetMyPeopleGo #StopRussia
Ukraines security service sniper claims world record after successful 3.8 km shot at a Russian soldier

Finland may completely close border with Russia on November 22 : worldnews
Russians outraged over Finland not consulting them before closing checkpoints : worldnews

Declining Western support for Ukraine. A massacre in Israel followed by war in Gaza. The disarray in the U.S. Congress. In his new series Crossroads of a Crisis WTOPs National Security Correspondent J.J. Greens delves into the three weeks in October when the world changed dramatically. And while many have been distracted by the chaos, Russian spies have launched a secret espionage operation in the U.S.

Danish politician kicked out of government party after disclosure of relationship with 15-year-old girl : worldnews

Ndrangheta: Over 200 gang members sentenced to total of 2,200 years in jail after one of Italys biggest ever mafia trials

Pedro Snchez is back now Spains PM must make his daring gamble pay off

Hat worn by Napoleon fetches record 1.9m at Paris auction

Rishi Sunak: The time has come to cut tax : worldnews

Fiery right-wing populist Javier Milei wins Argentinas presidency and promises 'drastic' changes
Far-right libertarian economist Javier Milei wins Argentina presidential election : worldnews
Javier Milei: from TV pundit to the presidency : worldnews
Argentina has non-negotiable sovereignty over the Falklandscountrys new right-wing president Javier Milei declares ... We had a war that we lost and now we have to make every effort to recover the islands through diplomatic channels

A gang took hospital patients and staff in Haiti. Residents fear violence will worsen : worldnews

Spavor blames fellow prisoner Kovrig for Chinese detention, alleges he was used for intelligence gathering - The Globe and Mail
Spavor blames fellow prisoner Kovrig for Chinese detention, alleges he was used for intelligence gathering : worldnews

Statement from President Joe Biden on Transgender Day of Remembrance | The White House

The Era of Total U.S. Submarine Dominance Over China Is Ending - WSJ New Chinese submarines and sensors to catch U.S. subs will alter the balance of power

Biden removes sanctions from Chinese institute in push for fentanyl help : politics

Sanders Calls for Conditioning Aid to Israel Amidst the Growing Crisis in Gaza and the West Bank : politics
Blumenthal calls on Israel, US to release more intelligence on Gazas al-Shifa Hospital
Dissent over US policy in the Israel-Hamas war stirs unusual public protests from federal employees : politics
Rightwing group pressures states to pass pro-Israel resolutions : politics
Why GOP senators frustrated by Tuberville blockade on military promotions may go against one of their own : politics

Secretive White House Surveillance Program Gives Cops Access to Trillions of US Phone Records | WIRED

How the Hillbillies Remade America : politics

Wages are rising. Jobs are plentiful. Nobodys happy.
Weve been fighting poverty all wrong: The success of the expanded child tax credit shows why anti-poverty programs should be unconditional.

Full Committee Hearing: Standing Up Against Corporate Greed: How Unions are Improving the Lives of Working Families : politics

Washington blinks as debt costs begin to bite : politics

States rethink Medicaid enrollment efforts as millions lose coverage : politics

The Supreme Courts new code does nothing to enhance ethics
How SCOTUSs ethics code provides cover for corruption

Federal appeals court ruling Voting Rights Act Section 2 enforcement - POLITICO The decision from the 8th Circuit is likely headed to the Supreme Court.

Biden approval rating ticks up as voters rank stronger economy: Poll : politics
Harris says she and Biden have to earn our reelect
Is it time for America's elder statesmen to retire? : politics Media company want democracy to retire for profits.
The Real Reason Why Biden Shouldnt Drop OutA contested Democratic primary with less than a year before the 2024 election would be a mess.
Playbook: A not so happy birthday for Biden - POLITICO
Biden turns 81 as questions about age continue to dominate 2024 race - ABC News
The strange career of period life expectancy - Lawyers, Guns & Money Breaking: Joe Biden is now 81 years old.

Mike Johnson Says Americans Misunderstand Separation Of Church And State

Capitol riot footage deals blow to January 6 conspiracy theory : politics ... Skeptics, however, pointed out that Lyons was actually holding a vapenot a government IDpouring cold water on the theory.
Sen. Mike Lee promotes a debunked conspiracy theory about a Jan. 6 rioter A Republican senator said over the weekend that he planned to question the director of the FBI on whether a Trump supporter currently serving four years in federal prison is an undercover federal agent.

6 in 10 Trump voters say theres a chance they choose another candidate: Poll
Vulgarities, insults, baseless attacks: Trump backers follow his lead : politics

Many former Trump aides say he shouldnt be president. Will it matter?
Has Anyone Noticed That Trump Is Really Old? : politics

Twitter gives special counsel Jack Smith 32 of Trumps private messages

Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab : politics

Judge Aileen Cannons Games in Florida May Delay Other Trump Trials
Trump Serves Food to Soldiers and Police, Complains Theres None Left for Him

Donald Trumps Colorado ruling worst decision he could get: Attorney

Donald Trump dreams of an American Fourth Reich and hes not kidding

Trump calls to revamp the RNC if GOP debates go ahead

What happens after Donald Trumps final battle? ... 2024 is our final battle.
Trump's Dire Words Raise New Fears About His Authoritarian Bent - The former president is focusing his most vicious attacks on domestic political opponents, setting off fresh worries among autocracy experts.

Suing over the Truth - Lawyers, Guns & Money In addition to Republicans and Musk going after Media Matters, you now have Trumps lovely Truth Social company suing media companies for reporting the truth that it is a sieve for cash.

Legal Experts Burst Trumps Bubble Over New Ruling: Actually VeryWorst Decision For Him

MAGA conspiracy-theory defense keeps failing in court: Bad news for Donald Trump? | Paul Pelosis attacker tried to plead being stupid and gullible turns out thats not a viable defense

Ex-RNC chair calls for Donald Trump to be thrown in jail : politics

Illinois governor deeply concerned by Trump rhetoric reminiscent of Nazi era

Marjorie Taylor Greene Furious Over GOPs Impeachment Failure
Marjorie Taylor Greenes book under fire for patently falseJan 6 claims

Senate Democrats warn Manchin that running for president would risk disaster : politics

RFK Jr. leads 2024 candidates in favorability poll | The Hill

DeSantis Refuses to Condemn Elon Musks Endorsement of Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory
The White House May Condemn Musk, but the Government Is Addicted to Him | Rarely has the U.S. government so depended on the technology provided by a single technologist with views that it has so publicly declared repugnant. : politics

GOP moves to split Arizona Democrats in 3-way Senate race : politics

Deliberate and anti-democratic: Wisconsin grapples with partisan gerrymandering

Support for Abortion Access Is Near Record, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds - WSJ Support for Abortion Access Is Near Record, WSJ-NORC Poll Finds - Some 55% of respondents say a pregnant woman should be able to get an abortion for any reason
Opinion | Republican Sandy Senn Wants Voters to Have a Say on Abortion - The New York Times
The Story Behind the Abortion Win in Ohio Offers Important Insights for 2024 : politics

Texas school board reinstates cast, script of musical production after restrictions led a transgender student to lose role : politics

Sherman ISD removes superintendent from fine arts supervision following anti-trans policy : politics

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Pardons Turkey but Denies Clemency for Wrongly Imprisoned Man : politics

Meet Louisianas Execution-Happy New Governor

A Montana farmer with a flattop and ample lobbyist cash stands between the GOP and Senate control : politics

Texas rejects science textbooks with too much information about climate change : politics

Store brand Gym Jordan is releasing a lot of raw footage from the 1/6 attempted coup, which is very exciting to the kind of cynical liars and/or country fried rubes who pretended to believe, or in a few cases may have actually believed, that the TWITTER FILES and John Durham's piddlyshit indictments were a huge deal:

Our Brilliant Health Care System - Lawyers, Guns & Money Perfect! - UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurance company in the US, is allegedly using a deeply flawed AI algorithm to override doctors' judgments and wrongfully deny critical health coverage to elderly patients.

Moms for Liberty Tanked at the Polls. : politics

The faith-based leader for Phillys Moms for Liberty chapter is a registered sex offender

Extra Fees Drive Assisted Living Profits - The New York Times The add-ons pile up: $93 for medications, $50 for cable TV. Prices soar as the industry leaves no service unbilled. The housing option is out of reach for many families.
Who Is Most Responsible For Divisions In The U.S.? Social Media Ranks #1 Among Young Voters, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Table The Talk About Politics At Thanksgiving, Say Voters

Joe Namath accused of allowing sexual abuse at his football camp

Maria Bartiromo Floats Bonkers New COVID Conspiracy About Trump and China ... China unleashed a deadly coronavirus within its own borders in an effort to install Joe Biden as U.S. president, was somewhat endorsed by the GOP lawmaker who heads the House investigation into the origins of the virus.

Women and the Writers Strike - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What Happens When the Super Rich Are This Selfish? (It Isnt Pretty.)

Former Biden official Ron Klain to join Airbnb as chief legal officer

about the Dexter Wade case here, but a tragic story has taken a turn for the obscene:

Ad Execs Urge Twitter CEO To Resign After Musk Endorses Antisemitic Post In the aftermath of IBM, Disney, Apple and others pausing spending on X, formerly known as Twitter, top advertising executives made a personal appeal to CEO Linda Yaccarino.
Advertiser exodus expected to deeply impact X ad revenue, analysis indicates : technology

Snap, X, Discord CEOs subpoenaed for child exploitation hearing A representative for Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said that X and Discord had refused electronic service of subpoenas and that his office had engaged U.S. Marshals to serve them. <

Whats Happening At OpenAI
What OpenAI shares with Scientology - by Henry Farrell Strange beliefs, fights over money and bad science fiction
Read an excerpt adapted from Alec Nevala-Lees book, Astounding.
Operating Thetan - Wikipedia
Welcome to LessWrong!
Eliezer Yudkowsky - Wikipedia
Nick Bostrom - Wikipedia
From Algorithmic Monoculture to Epistemic Monoculture? Understanding the Rise of AI Safety - by Shazeda Ahmed on November 16, 2023
Shoggoths amongst usWhat Lovecrafts monsters _actually_ tell us about Large Language Models

Shakira Dodges Trial by Settling Tax Fraud Case in Spain The singer will instead serve a suspended sentence and pay a multimillion-dollar fine.

Quiz: How to tell your real work age - Washington Post What your communication habits at work say about you and how that might differ from your boss and colleagues

Using Learning Styles to Your Advantage: 14 Study Methods, Tips, & Common Misconceptions

The Other Ozempic Revolution - The Atlantic Weight-loss drugs affect identities and relationships as much as waistlines.

What is death? | MIT Technology Review New neuroscience is challenging our understanding of the dying processbringing opportunities for the living

Eye-to-eye contact during conversations is rare and happen only 3.5% of the time but shapes our social behavior and this time, even it lasts for a few seconds, appears to be an important predictive factor for subsequent social behavior
The U.S. Government UFO Cover-Up Is RealBut It s Not What You Think - Decades of declassified memos, internal reports, and study projects create the sense that the government doesn't have satisfying answers for the most perplexing sightings.

Snow no more in Mass.: New climate report warns of rainy winters ahead : massachusetts

Which dispensaries in Boston have the best prices? : boston

YouTube is reportedly slowing down videos for Firefox users : technology
when youtube tried blocking adblockers : videos


EU strikes deal on new ecocide rules to put polluters in jail

Worlds first gene therapy that could offer relief to thousands of people with sickle cell disease and thalassemia was approved in the U.K.

Magnitude 6.8 quake hits Davao Occidental | GMA News Online the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) reported.

Renewed fighting in Myanmar has displaced 26,000 people since Monday, UN says : worldnews
Children among 11 people killed in Myanmar in military jet bombing : worldnews

Pro-Beijing lawyer petitions High Court to allow arrests of US lawmakers behind Hong Kong Sanctions Act : worldnews ... an order for the arrests of US representatives Young Kim, Jim McGovern, and John Curtis, as well as senators Dan Sullivan and Jeff Merkley.

Russian mass media report about the fall of a downed kamikaze UAV on both sides of the road in the Moscow region - Unlike previous attacks, this time only one drone is known to have been used

Russias justice ministry has filed a motion with the countrys Supreme Court to label what it called the international LGBT public movementas extremist and to ban its operation within Russia
Russia moves to ban international LGBT public movement for 'extremism'

4/ The Russian government continues efforts to restrict citizens access to the internet and to strengthen its control over the Russian information space.
Russia tightens its grip on encrypted communications and tools with the ability to bypass government censorship : worldnews

Media: Kazakhstan blocks Russian TV portal

Indias most populated states govt looks to ban products with halal tag.

Maldives new president asks India to withdraw its military : worldnews

Saudi Media reports Houthi rebels take Israeli cargo ship : worldnews
Saudi media says Houthis grab Israeli owned cargo ship : worldnews
Militants believed to be Houthi rebels use helicopter to seize Japanese tanker in Red Sea

A split emerges as Biden struggles to deter attacks on U.S. troops - The Washington Post Frustration is building within the Defense Department, officials say, over the surge in Iranian proxy attacks on American military positions
Protests By Workers, Professionals Continue In Iran : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 41) : worldnews

Palestinian Authority denies Hamas music festival massacre : worldnews
Netanyahu slams preposterous Palestinian Authority for denying Oct. 7 massacre
Surveillance footage shows Hamas bringing hostages into Shifa Hospital on Oct. 7 : worldnews
IDF unveils footage showing role of Shifa hospital in Oct 7 attack : worldnews
UK doctor who worked at Shifa confirms Gaza hospital used for non-medical purposes
Hamas publishes video showing terror operatives storming Gazas Rantisi Hospital

PM says bucking intl pressure against Gaza op, stresses no hostage deal as of now
Israel and Hamas reach tentative U.S.-brokered deal to pause conflict, free dozens of hostages - A five-day pause in fighting, monitored by aerial surveillance, could see dozens of women and children freed from captivity in Gaza, according to people familiar with the terms of the agreement
Ceasefire - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Hamas battles Israeli forces in north Gaza, hostage deal report denied : worldnews

Evidence gleaned since Oct. 7 shows Hamas militants prepared for asecond phase of assaults amid hopes of inspiring violence in the West Bank and beyond
Army says Shifa given 6,000 liters of water, 2,300 kg of food : worldnews

IDF uncovers weapons in Gaza high school as fighting expands to new areas : worldnews

Dashcam footage documents farmer who saved 120 lives on Oct. 7 : worldnews

31 premature babies safely evacuated from Shifa Hospital to southern Gaza, WHO says : worldnews
IDF Enables Evacuees From Shifa Hospital To Leave Safely, Contrary to False Media Reports : worldnews

Video shows dozens of bodies after alleged attack at UN-run school in Gaza | CNN : worldnews

#BREAKING: nearly six weeks after the barbaric Hamas massacre, the body of 12-year-old Liel Hatzroni has been identified. Her entire family, including her twin brother, were murdered and their bodies incinerated when Hamas set the house on fire. May her memory be a blessing

Ukraine Announces Sanctions on 37 Russian Groups, 108 People : worldnews
Major natural gas deposit discovered in western Ukraine : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 634, Part 1 (Thread #780) : worldnews

Russian losses per 19/11/23 reported by the Ukrainian general staff ... +1190 men +13 tanks
Its been awhile since I made a visual chart of both Russian military casualties and Ukrainian military and civilian casualties using statistical averages from Pentagon leak and NYT articles from earlier in the year see original breakdown in tweet below, so I decided to do an updated version on day 633 of the Russo-Ukraine War.

Ukraine Announces Success on Dnipro River, Pushes Russia Inland
Ukraines troops work to advance on Russian-held side of key river after gaining footholds
Ukraine pushes Russia 3-8 km away from main river in Kherson region : ukraine

Oh boy, the manifold RuAF artillery supply chain logistical failures shown in the @secretsqrl123 post & the telegram video.
Oh boy, the manifold RuAF artillery supply chain logistical failures shown in the @secretsqrl123 post & the telegram video

Politico: Ukraine has evidence of 109,000 Russian war crimes, Prosecutor General says. Its our commitment to decide to document, prosecute each and every incident, because each and every incident of war crimes has its victims.
No one knows exactly how many Ukrainian children have allegedly been abducted by Russia during Vladimir Putins war. @CeciliaVega spent months following one grandmother as she risked her life to find her grandson before he completely disappeared.
Russia abducted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children, 'adopting' them by force and militarizing them : ukraine

Around 3,000 trucks stuck at Ukrainian border due to Polish drivers blockade

Defence Forces helping to build temporary border fence in Kuhmo (Finland) : worldnews

Norway intercepts 6 Russian bombers and fighters : worldnews

Germanys Scholz criticises Israelssettlements in occupied West Bank

Germany, France and Italy reach agreement on future AI regulation : worldnews

France test-fires long-range ballistic missile to boost nuclear deterrence : worldnews

And that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away at Age 96
Statement from President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden on the Passing of Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter : politics
Rosalynn Carter, former first lady who championed mental health and humanitarian causes, dies at 96 : politics
Rosalynn Carter, RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Joe Biden: The U.S. wont back down from the challenge of Putin and Hamas
Biden presents plan for two-state solution in Israel-Hamas war: A ceasefire is not peace
Biden warns U.S. could sanction Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians : worldnews
U.S. Prepared to Issue Visa Bans on Israeli Extremists Attacking Palestinians in West Bank, Biden Says
Biden warns U.S. could sanction Israeli settlers who attack Palestinians : politics ... In case people have forgotten, there is an illegal settlement that Netanyahu named after Trump.
Trump Heights - Wikipedia
Biden orders top aides to prepare reprimands for violent Israeli settlers in West Bank : worldnews
By supporting Ukraine, were keeping American troops out of the war - US President
More than 100 former White House officials send letter praising Bidens Israel stance
Poll: Biden's standing hits new lows amid Israel-Hamas war Young voters are breaking from Biden, helping give Trump a narrow lead for the first time in NBC News polling, though the gap is within the margin of error.
Lawmakers debate future of Israel military aid : politics

Sanders calls for conditioning US aid to Israel : politics

L.A. Times Calls for Gaza Ceasefire to End Israels Indiscriminate Killing of Palestinian Civilians
Eschaton: Journalists It's normal, during conflicts, for journalists to express solidarity with other journalists - on "all sides" - and to condemn military targeting of them, or even just insufficient concern for their safety ... The Los Angeles Times is prohibiting staff from covering the Gaza war for at least three months if they signed a strongly-worded open letter criticizing Israels military operations in the region.

After 24 Hours, Pro-Palestine Harvard Students End Occupation of University Hall | News | The Harvard Crimson
As Harvard Jews for Palestine Occupy University Hall, Dean of Faculty Hoekstra Stays Mum | News | The Harvard Crimson

Hispanics warn of dangerous trap in Ukraine-for-border talks : politics

The wealth baseline never shifts - Lawyers, Guns & Money Heres yet another essay about how Americans have to work longer into old age so that we can "afford" Social Security and Medicare.

Peaking Into the Dark Recesses of the Labor Market - Lawyers, Guns & Money One thing about the labor market in the United States is that there is so much unbelievably horrifying exploitation going on in ways that you wouldnt even think of.

Veteran Psychedelic Therapy Gets Cautious Support at First House Hearing of Its Kind Since 1960s : politics

Opinion: Christian nationalism is only espoused by a minority of Americans : politics

Another Republican accuses McCarthy of violence after elbow incident : politics

GOP lawmaker accused of picking colleagues noses on Israel trip

Hunter Bidens career of benefiting from his father's name - The president's son has had a complex, even tortured relationship with the Biden brand

Biden team ratchets up offensive against Trump : politics
Biden Campaign Starts Reminding America Why It Dumped Trump In The First Place : politics
Biden campaign works to ease Democratic anxiety over reelection chances - The Washington Post The president and his team are facing calls to become more active and aggressive in highlighting the contrast with his most likely opponent, Donald Trump

Vulgarities, insults, baseless attacks: Trump backers follow his lead Many GOP voters are not just tolerating, but relishing and emulating Trumps often crass and cruel approach to politics

A study in Political Research Quarterly found that partisan biases, fueled by Trumps false 2020 election fraud claims, significantly impact U.S. voters confidence in elections, overriding objective measures of election administration quality

Trump vows to kill Asia trade deal being pursued by Biden if elected : politics

Donald Trumps New Campaign Talking Point: Save the Donuts

Colorado Official Rips Judges Trump Ruling: Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card

Trump claims judge in fraud trial is complete and total puppet of New York AG

Donald Trump mocks Jimmy Carters presidency day after Rosalynn Carter entered hospice care

Fears of political violence are growing as the 2024 campaign heats up and conspiracy theories evolve : politics

Manchin exit deals blow to Senate compromise : politics Manchin killed the presidents landmark Build Back Better legislation because it didnt hurt the environment to his liking. His career was spent holding progress hostage.
Can a socialist ex-marine fill Joe Manchins seat in West Virginia?

DeSantis exacerbates attacks on GOP rival withReal Nikki Haley website

Voters back abortion rights, but some foes wont relent. Is the commitment to democracy in question?

In a swing Wisconsin county, everyone is tired of politics : politics

Ohio bill allowing unapprovedflags in HOA, condo communities called unconstitutional ... Thin Blue Line flag ...

Newsom TV ad hits DeSantis on abortion as Fox debate looms : politics

Alabama GOP congressional candidate facing theft charge : politics

Neo-Nazis March Through Madison Yelling There Will BeBlood

Western District of North Carolina | Federal Indictment Unsealed After U.S. Postal Employee And Two Co-Conspirators Are Arrested For $24 Million Stolen Check Scheme | United States Department of Justice

Bowen Turners Release From Prison Puts South Carolinas Justice System on Trial Once AgainAnother privileged son with a big-name attorney gets a sweetheart deal.

The Wellness Company has helped underwrite the online programming of Kari Lake, Laura Loomer, Naomi Wolf, and others. But critics say the Goop-like firm is a prolific grift.

Antisemitism was rising online. Then Elon Musk's X supercharged it. After neo-Nazi protests in Charlottesville, white supremacists were confined mostly to fringe websites. Musk's purchase of Twitter changed that.
DeSantis refuses to condemn Elon Musk over support of antisemitic post Ron DeSantis refuses to condemn Elon Musks endorsement of antisemitic conspiracy theory
The Free Speech Absolutism of Elon Musk, Free Speech Absolutist - Lawyers, Guns & Money
There are about fifty reasons your petulant flounce is nonsense, you emotionally spavined freak, but lets start with the first clause of the first sentence: its 2023 and you e-file complaints now. You dont have to wait for the courthouse to be open. You utter twat.
Its illegal for you to refresh the page! -- brain genius Elon Musk
Elon Musk is so mad about all the advertisers fleeing X, he announced hes going to sue Media Mattersand in his statement, he appears to confirm the accuracy of their reports in an attempt to downplay it
Elon Musk vows thermonuclear lawsuit as advertisers flee X over antisemitism
X is placing ads for Amazon, NBA Mexico, NBCUniversal, and others next to content with white nationalist hashtags | Media Matters for America
Here are the companies pulling ads from X | Media Matters for America

Tucker Carlson spreads antisemitic message in interview with Candace Owens | CNN Business

Satya Nadella furious with blindside ousting of Sam Altman
OpenAI is optimistic that it can bring ousted CEO Sam Altman and other senior figures back, The Information reported

Being Breastfed in Infancy and Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Precursor Lesions : science Being breastfed in infancy was associated with increased risk of CRC in adulthood, including among younger adults. However, further research is needed to understand the underlying biological mechanisms, as this association does not establish causation

Study finds that degrees from the most selective liberal arts colleges yield a long-term return on investment thats comparable to degrees from comprehensive, top-tier research universities.

When we see what others do, our brain sees not what we see, but what we expect: If we observe actions in meaningful sequences, our brains increasingly ignore what comes into our eyes, and depend more on predictions of what should happen next, derived from our own motor system. : science

Young women (18-29Y) with major depressive disorder (MDD) have 19% lower taurine concentration in the hippocampus : science

TIL of shifting baseline syndrome which is a gradual change in the accepted norms for the condition of the natural environment due to a lack of experience, memory, and/or knowledge of its past condition.

Cheap medicines prevented migraine as well as expensive ones: A new Norwegian study sheds light on what works best to prevent migraine attacks, and surprisingly, cheaper medicines worked as well as the expensive ones. : science

TIL that in the US alone, over 200,000 minors were legally married from 2002 to 2017, with the youngest being only 10 years old and most of them married to adults. : todayilearned

TIL of the 6 Degrees of Separation theory: The idea that all humans are connected with 6 connections or less : todayilearned

TIL that some cultures didn't practice kissing at all before contact with the West, and only half of the world today kisses romantically : todayilearned

What is the most fucked up book youve ever read?

Whats the most f**ked up story youve heard?

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof - Wikipedia


Climate change: Is the world warming faster than expected? - BBC News

Some good news on climate change - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Worlds 280 million electric bikes and mopeds are cutting demand for oil far more than electric cars, researchers say

Australian naval personnel injured by sonar pulses from Chinese warship : worldnews

Philippines says at least six killed in Fridays magnitude 6.7 quake
Philippines Marcos meets Chinas Xi to find ways to reduce South China Sea tensions

Myanmar: UN says tens of thousands displaced in clashes. Myanmars western Rakhine state has been the site of new clashes between the Arakan Army militia group and the junta, which overthrew the civilian government early in 2021. Fighting was also reported in Chin state
Myanmar: Eight children killed in military strike on school in Chin State : worldnews

S.Korea and Japan to construct next-generation energy supply network : worldnews

Taiwans opposition parties fail to agree on a joint candidate for Januarys presidential election
Japan firms exit Taiwan offshore wind projects amid industry woes : worldnews

Putin sees political, economic upside to Israels war with Hamas

The Moscow Times, Noted For Its English Coverage Of Russia, Is Declared Foreign Agent

Russian doctors write open letter in support of artist sentenced to seven years for anti-war tags : worldnews

TIL in 2020 68% of new marriages in India were arranged whereas in 2023 44% were. : todayilearned

Special womens exhibition opens in Kabul amid womens restrictions

Liberia President George Weah concedes election defeat : worldnews

South African lawmakers approve marijuana legalization bill years after court deems prohibition unconstitutional : worldnews

Bahrain crown prince blasts intolerable situation in Gaza, demands Hamas release hostages

Arab forces will not go to Gaza, says Jordanian minister in rebuke of Israel : worldnews

Some 25 rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon in latest barrage, IDF says : worldnews

Israel and Hamas reach tentative U.S.-brokered deal to pause conflict, free dozens of hostages : news

Innocent Civilians : PoliticalHumor
Israeli airstrikes kill 80 in Palestinian refugee camp : news
Netanyahu is a liability for Biden: Peace is impossible until he goes | Simon Tisdall | The Guardian

Information missteps have led to questions about Israel's credibility Israel has released several pieces of incorrect or disputed information, leading to weakened credibility and online ridicule.

Anyone who wants to thwart the establishment of a Palestinian state has to support bolstering Hamas and transferring money to Hamas, Netanyahu told his Likud partys Knesset members in March 2019. This is part of our strategy
Blowback: How Israel Went From Helping Create Hamas to Bombing It
How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas -

Panic as Gazas al-Shifa evacuates, Israel army denies ordering it to do so ... This was a horrifying read. WHOs word is beyond credible. Im shocked yet not at all shocked Israel is trying to play down its culpability here
IDF: No order given to evacuate Shifa, safe route opened for any who wish to leave : worldnews
Israel orders evacuation of Gazas Al-Shifa hospital in next hour: Report

Israel says it will allow two trucks of fuel a day into Gaza : worldnews ...For 2.2 million people

Israeli Army Takes Journalists on Controlled Visit to Gaza Hospital : worldnews

Hamas confirms death of senior official Ahmed Bahr : worldnews

IDF locates more Hamas terror tunnels, uncovers info on Gaza hostages : worldnews

Nissim Vaturi, Deputy Speaker of Israels Knesset, calls to stop being humane and burn Gaza

Hamas has demanded Israel stop flying drones over Gaza in hostage negotiations. : worldnews

IDF suspends soldier who threw stun grenade into West Bank mosque : worldnews

Israeli Victim of Rave Massacre Buried Outside Cemetery Due to Incomplete Conversion to Judaism : worldnews

Israel investigates sexual violence committed by Hamas as part of October 7 horror : worldnews
Israeli police say extreme sexual violence, rape by Hamas terrorists was systematic : worldnews

Israeli settler attacks force 963 Palestinians out of West Bank homes since Gaza war started : worldnews
West Bank farmers claim that they were already suffering attacks by settlers before October 7, but that now the Israeli army has also joined in the harassment : worldnews

Israeli intelligence operative sentenced to six years and eight months in prison for hacking environmentalists on Exxon's trail. : worldnews

Zelensky Reveals Moscows Maidan 3 Plan: Disinformation Campaign Aiming to Spark Coup
Zelenskyy warns that supply of vital artillery ammunition to Ukraine has really slowed down
More than 4,330 Ukrainian citizens remain in Russian captivity : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 633, Part 1 (Thread #779) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 18.11.2023 : ukraine
It is meat assault season: 26710 russian soldiers turned to cargo 200 and 300 over the past 30 days sets another record. [link to source in comments] : ukraine
Ukrainian forces eliminate nearly 500 occupiers near Avdiivka, capture one. [article] : ukraine

Russian army loses up to 1,000 soldiers daily near Avdiivka and overall has sustained casualties of 300,000-400,000 - western officials. : UkraineWarVideoReport

4/ The #Ukrainian General Staff acknowledged that #Russian forces have a fairly seriousline of fortifications in #Kherson Oblast.
(4/5) Eyewitness reports suggest small uncrewed aerial vehicles and artillery (especially cluster rounds) continue to play a major role in disrupting the attacks of both sides.

EU Slams Russias Shamefu Use of Migrants at Finnish Border

US happy that incoming Polish government will improve relations with EU, says ambassador

Israels right to self-defence mustnot be called into question: Germanys Scholz

Archaeologists thrilled after discovered in San Casciano (Italy) a youthful marble Apollo : worldnews

Portugal just ran on 100% renewables for six days in a row : worldnews

170,000 protest in Madrid over proposed amnesty for Catalan separatists : worldnews

Scotland could rejoin EU smoothly and quickly after independence (dump Tolryland)

Taylor Swift fan dies before Brazil concert amid sweltering conditions : worldnews

A study from one of Canadas premiere climate labs says methane emissions from Albertas natural gas industry are underestimated by almost 50 per cent.

Biden Skillfully Handled Xi Jinpings U.S. Visit in Ways Trump Simply Never Could ... comparing a man who has decades of political experience, and was longtime member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and a witless buffoon who has no idea how the government actually works.

Senate Republicans fail to stop Bidens new student loan income-driven repayment plan

Why GOP Is Scared to Stop Tommy Tubervilles Tantrum Over Military Nominees

Tempers flare and bills languish as Speaker Johnson confronts the same problems that vexed McCarthy : politics
House speaker says Jan. 6 footage being posted online for public access : politics
Mike Johnsons campaign contributions from company tied to Russia ... One of the men behind the company, Nikolaev, an oligarch with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was also found to have financially backed Maria Butina, a Russian citizen who lived in Washington D.C. Butina was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2019 after admitting to acting as an unregistered foreign agent to infiltrate conservative political groups and influence foreign policy to Russia' s benefit before and after the 2016 election. ... Welp, Johnson is pretty blatantly compromised.
Mike Johnson: U.S. Dark and Depraved Because So Many Teens Are LGBTQ+. Johnson made the remark to a Christian right activist just three weeks before becoming speaker of the House.

Not voting for Biden means Trump wins. : PoliticalHumor

GOP Sen. Mullin Says His Offer to Brawl With Union Leader Was Oklahoma Values
Former GOP House members wife said Sen. Markwayne Mullin put his finger in the noses of sleeping members of Congress and their spouses on a trip to Israel

White House challenges latest Biden impeachment inquiry - The Washington Post
White House: GOPs impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional congressional harassment
Whatever access you need: How Biden handled early days of classified documents probeBidens degree of cooperation appears to stand in contrastwith Trumps conduct.
Rep. Comer Rakes in Campaign Cash as Top Biden Impeachment Investigator : politics

I am an expert on polls. Heres why they cant tell you if Biden beats Trump again

"Our democracy hangs by a thread": Expert panel says a Trump victory in 2024 will end it : politics

New audio reveals Donald Trump wanted to join Jan. 6 crowd : politics

Ukraine implicates three Giuliani allies in plot to help Russia meddle in 2020 US election : politics

Colorado Judge Keeps Trump on Ballot but Finds He Engaged in Insurrection
Trump Engaged in Insurrection but Can Stay on Colorados Ballot Anyway,Court Rules ... But Wallace found that, while Trump did incite an insurrection, he did not meet the qualification of an officer of the United States,meaning he can still appear on the ballot.

Donald Trump, ungagged, is right back to attacking his fraud trials law clerk

Trump loses bid for mistrial in New York fraud case : politics

On the level of Hitler and Mussolini: Biden camp slams Trump on anti-immigrant plan

Chutkan denies Trump motion to strike Jan. 6 language from indictment | The Hill
Judge Rejects Trump Motion to Strike Jan. 6 Mentions From Federal Election Case

New Hampshire shows how deeply rooted Trumps fraud lies are ... 55% think Biden stole election

Trump says Biden isnt in charge. Sidney Powell says neither was Trump

Ex-Fox News reporter sues network, saying he was fired for challenging lies about 2020 election : politics

House and Senate retirements affect 2024 election for control of Congress - POLITICO

Washington Post lawsuit challenges Florida law shielding DeSantis travel records - POLITICO

Texas House votes to remove school vouchers from massive education bill : politics
Texas: Republican-controlled school board votes against climate textbooks : politics

Moms for Liberty pushes to remove Scholastic book fairs from Oklahoma schools. The organization said, in part, that "Scholastic is focused on indoctrinating youth with radical viewpoints and sexual ideologies" : politics
Moms for Liberty reports over $2 million in revenue, with bulk of contributions from two donors : politics

Arizona State University cancels event featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Conservatives not planning to shift education messaging ahead of 2024 : politics

Officials stock up on overdose antidote naloxone after fentanyl-laced letters disrupt vote counting : politics

Buffalo shooting survivors mother elected to city council in landslide win

As mass shootings multiplied, the horrific human cost was concealed : politics ... as gun violence has grown more common, state lawmakers have increasingly restricted access to government records documenting its destructive impact, such as photos and videos showing mutilated bodies and audio recordings capturing childrens cries.

The suspect never made it out of the buildings lobby before being shot by a state trooper, police said

The Bin Laden Letter Is Being Weaponized by the Far Right | WIRED

Sean Combs, Cassie settle her bombshell rape, sex trafficking lawsuit day after filing : news

Mary Trump and Kathy Griffin mock Joe Rogans IQ of a turnip

SpaceXs Starship Lost Shortly After Launch of Second Test Fligh

White House blasts Elon Musk for promoting antisemitic and racist hate

The head of the ADL rushing to Elons defense less than 48 hours after he explicitly endorsed the specifically anti-Semitic version of Great Replacement Theory that motivated the Tree of Life Massacre is yet another striking example of how broken American politics is

With antisemitic tweet, Elon Musk reveals his actual truth
Elon Musk to file thermonuclear lawsuit as advertisers desert X (t
X ad boycott gathers pace amid antisemitism storm - BBC News
Disney, Apple, Warner Bros. Among Mass Advertiser Exodus From X Following Antisemitic Post : worldnews

Unauthorized David Attenborough AI clone narrates developers life, goes viral

OpenAI Investors Plot Last-Minute Push With Microsoft To Reinstate Sam Altman As CEO : technology
OpenAI announces leadership transition
Details emerge of surprise board coup that ousted CEO Sam Altman at OpenAI Microsoft CEO Nadella "furious"; OpenAI President and three senior researchers resign.
Before OpenAI Ousted Altman, Employees Disagreed Over AI Safety
Earthquake at ChatGPT developer as senior staff quit after sacking of boss Sam Altman
OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman is leaving, too : technology
3 senior OpenAI researchers resign in the wake of Sam Altmans shock dismissal as CEO, report says
WTF is going on at OpenAI? We have theories | TechCrunch

Gen Z Is Leaving Dating Apps Behind : technology

ELI5 How do you research using scholarly sources? : explainlikeimfive

New data: Over 100 elementary-aged children arrested in U.S. schools : news

TIL about Three Identical Strangers, a pair of triplets who were secretly separated at birth and sent to different families to study child development. : todayilearned

Children whose mothers are highly stressed, anxious or depressed during pregnancy may be at higher risk for mental health and behavior issues during their childhood and teen years : science

TIL 59% of 18-25 year olds in the United States are overweight or obese : todayilearned

A novel approach for the protein determination in food-relevant microalgae : science

Following a Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cognitive decline in older people. The study provides new evidence for a better understanding of the biological mechanisms related to the impact of the diet on cognitive health in the ageing population : science

Genital herpes linked to accelerated brain shrinkage : science

Researchers have shown for the first time that hemoglobin, a protein found in red blood cells, where it binds oxygen, is also present in the epidermis, our skins outermost body tissue. The expression of hemoglobin by keratinocytes represents a defense mechanism against skin aging and skin cancer.

Psychedelic science is facing serious challenges that threaten the validity of core findings and raise doubt regarding clinical efficacy and safety. In this paper, researchers introduce the 10 most pressing challenges and provide a roadmap for tackling these challenges. : science

Terrorism rather than pandemics more concerning for those with those with authoritarian views, analysis shows : science

ELI5: What is the opioid crisis in the US? : explainlikeimfive

TIL That Supermassive Black Holes also have a habitable zone where planets can form : todayilearned

Test Your Brain: Can You See These Visual Illusions? | by Simone Lilavois | Medium Harnessing Physical and Cognitive Illusions to Illuminate the Mechanisms of The Visual System

ELI5: Why is it faster to fly east than west? : explainlikeimfive

The Mystifying Secrets of The Numbers 3,6,9 | by Sanghamitra Moulik | Mystic Minds | Medium Patterns & geometry through which the Universe speaks

(99+) Sacred Geometry of the Platonic Solids by S M Phillips | Athanassios Nick. Christopoulos -

Spouses of Reddit, what's the funniest thing youve realized about marriage?

What fact sounds ridiculous, but is true? : AskReddit

Whats a commonly taught historical fact that just isnt true?

What is the biggest hoax that people still believe? : AskReddit

If you could learn the answer to any unsolved mystery, whether its historical or personal, what would it be?

What is the scariest yet most realistic future film ever made ? : AskReddit ... nuclear holocaust Threads was much more terrifying and depressing than US TV movie, The Day After.


2 degrees, 40 feet: Scientists who study Earths ice say we could be committed to disastrous sea level rise

Climate change may slightly increase the amount of carbon Earths plants can store,according to a new study that updates climate models to include recent advances in the understanding of how photosynthesis works.

Study: 58% of world's richest companies quietly lobby against climate policies -

Only 4% of countries propose eliminating multibillion-dollar subsidies for fossil fuels in their climate plans : worldnews

Oil prices on track for fourth straight week of declines : worldnews

It feels like Im not crazy. Gardeners arent surprised as USDA updates key map

A new model weighs protecting public health and the economy to determine what should stay open during the next pandemic : science

Military lawyer David McBride pleads guilty to unlawfully sharing secret allegations of Australian war crimes : worldnews

Powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake tears through Philippines with residents told to be prepared for aftershocks : worldnews

Junta Continues to Lose Bases as Resistance Operations Expand Across Myanmar : worldnews

Japan and South Korea leaders meet again as ties improve : worldnews

Dog Meat Consumption Set to Be Banned in South Korea : worldnews

Highly-Decorated Russian General Who Once Criticised Putin Found Dead : worldnews

I Just Wanted to Stop the War: Russian Artist Sentenced to 7 Years for Price Tag Protest

Russian authorities ask the Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ movementextremist
Russia moves to outlaw the international LGBT movement as extremist organisation

Bangladesh opposition mourns death of democracy ahead of vote

Saudi Arabia detains worshippers praying for Gaza in holy sites : worldnews

UAE to build three desalination plants to supply Gaza with water : worldnews
The worlds largest single-site solar farm just came online in the United Arab Emirates and it will power nearly 200,000 homes

Biden: Israels Gaza operation will end when Hamas no longer able to murder Israelis

Israel drops leaflets warning people to flee southern Gaza towns : worldnews

Netanyahu says Israel not successful at minimising Gaza casualties but blames Hamas

IDF says Hamas hiding evidence of use of Shifa hospital as command centre : worldnews

Army says it struck Hamas underground sites where senior commanders were hiding : worldnews

Israel finds body of Gaza hostage near Al-Shifa hospital : worldnews

Survey finds majority in the West Bank support the Oct 7 massacre : worldnews

Hostage Emily Hand marks 9th birthday in Hamas captivity : worldnews

How Hamas exploited Israels reliance on tech to breach barrier on Oct. 7

Hamas Claims 86-Year-Old Hostage Dies of Heart Attack in Captivity : worldnews

Blacklisted spyware firm looks for inroads amid war in Gaza - POLITICO .. NSO Group is looking to make inroads with the Biden administration amid the conflict in the Middle East, part of a larger effort to reverse sanctions against the company.

Ukraine Aid From US Wont Be Approved for a Month, Maybe Longer - Bloomberg. New US aid for Ukraine risks slipping to mid-December and maybe longer, casting doubt on Washingtons ability to keep up the flow of weapons that both the Biden administration and UA say is vital. (pro-Putin Refuckers)
The UK will continue to Stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes for them to achieve victory : ukraine
Zelensky Warns About Target for Putins Next Distraction
Zelensky warns of Russian disinformation campaign aimed at regime change in Kyiv : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 632, Part 1 (Thread #778) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 17.11.2023 : ukraine
Ukrainian Marines: Russia has suffered close to 3,500 casualties in Dnipro River battles : ukraine
15 Russian warships destroyed, 12 damaged, Ukraines navy says

Ukrainian Marine Corps Says Multiple Bridgeheads Secured on Left Bank of Dnipro River : worldnews

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plants power unit 5 leaks from reactors primary circuit

Purra: Finland ready to close entire border with Russia : worldnews

Swedish dockworkers are refusing to unload Teslas at ports in broad boycott move. : news

Mass shooting fears as Lithuanian MPs propose automatic weapons bill : worldnews

Massive cryptomining rig discovered under Polish courts floor, stealing power

EU leader Ursula von der Leyen urges states to begin economic de-risking from China or face trouble : worldnews

Germany to discuss draft laws to make recognition of Israel a condition for citizenship : worldnews

French senator arrested on suspicion of drugging MP with intent to commit rape : worldnews

Labour MP Jo Stevens office vandalised by pro-Palestine protesters
Former deputy PM condemns dictatorial Braverman Rwanda plan
I will take them on: Rishi Sunak vows to challenge those standing in way of Rwanda plan
Bill to separate church from state to be introduced in UK parliament -- Sponsor Paul Scriven: "The separation of the Church of England and the state is long overdue. We need to reflect Britain as it is today, not what it was back on the 1500s" : worldnews

Argentina on a knife-edge as presidential election offers clashing visions of the future | Reuters

Pentagon fails sixth audit in a row : politics

Israels Ludicrous Propaganda Wins Over the Only Audience That Counts - Why make an effort to be credible if youre going to be uncritically echoed by White House and the Western press? (SEE BOXES OF "MEDICAL SUPPLIES" and Biden buying the lies)
Eschaton: Indiscriminate - So that's what you were supporting (the boxes)
Eschaton: Headlines (tunnels! command and control centers)
Eschaton: The Hamas Command Center Is East, West, South and North Somewhat Anywhere there are ICUs.
Biden's an old guy who has difficulty letting reality intrude upon what he knows for sure, but he is also obviously surrounded by the ghouls who though the Kushner-Netanyahu peace plan was excellent. The judgment and honesty of those people is, to put it mildly, questionable
Eschaton: America's Worst President Joe Biden.
Sympathy for Israel plunges among younger voters: Poll : politics
Israel is tearing MAGA apart : politics

Biden signs stopgap spending bill, averting government shutdown | CNN Politics : politics

The GOP doesnt want you to know the true number of undocumented immigrants

Senate Republicans get ready to roll Tuberville on military holds : politics

Mike Johnson to release Capitol security footage from Jan. 6
Mike Johnsons ministry board includes far-right figures who doubt evolution, oppose LGBTQ rights

House GOP cant do anything right but theyre still on course to impeach Joe Biden ... the hint of a hint of a shadow of conjecture ...

So much for "small government": Budget fight reveals GOP main issue is culture war : politics

People of color get significantly less representation than White voters. And thatsnot the only way the Senate is skewed.

Want to Know What's Bedeviling Biden? TikTok Economics May Hold Clues. - Economic despair dominates social media as young people fret about the cost of living. It offers a snapshot of the challenges facing Democrats ahead of the 2024 election.

Biden voters say more motivated to stop Trump than to support president-Reuters/Ipsos : politics

Wingnut welfare is an abundant resource - Lawyers, Guns & Money Leonard Leos slush fund is funded lavishly even by the standards of Republican institutions that provide ongoing material benefits to the 1% -- A quarter billion a year is one hell of a lot of boxes of ziti. Clarence Thomas is probably complaining to Harlan Crow that hes getting stiffed as we speak.

What Happens If Trump Is Convicted in Winter 2024? : politics

Trump reacts in disgust on Truth Social after Biden sees no charges in documents case : politics

Donald Trump poses the biggest danger to the world in 2024 : politics
The Economist names Trump biggest danger for 2024
Trump says the quiet part out loud: Hell destroy democracy
Trump Gives Away the Game With January 6 Confession in New Recording: A new audio recording reveals Trump admitting that he could have stopped the January 6 "problems" all on his own.

Has Trump Gone Even Crazier? | Washington Monthly Forget parsing every Biden utterance. The likely GOP nominee is forgetting where he is, stumbling over words, and waxing full fascist.

Trump instantly lashes out at court clerk as soon as gag order lifted : politics
Trump and Aides Immediately Attack Clerk After Gag Order Is Paused : politics

Judge Gets Tough on Leaks in Trump Election Interference Case - Judge Scott McAfee issued a protective order on Thursday blocking the release of some evidence to the public. : politics
The election interference case against Trump is taking shape. : politics

Trump doesnt deserve special treatment in New York hush money case: Prosecutors

Trumps expert accountant couldn't even ballpark it when asked what he's charging for his testimony

Donald Trump Has Serious Plans for the Mass Violations of Civil Rights : politics

Trump classified documents trial running about four months behind schedule : politics

Youre gonna get us all killed : New lawsuit provides harrowing look at Fox News' lies

Trump Adviser Stephen Millers Legal Group Rakes in $44 Million

John Sullivan, who said he was only filming Jan. 6, is convicted. : politics

Man Obsessed With Online Conspiracy Theories Convicted in Paul Pelosi Attack : politics ... Conspiracy Theoriesmakes it sound like he found them on hidden Internet forums and not the single largest news network in the country.

Ron DeSantis Florida drag ban blocked by Supreme Court
Supreme Court will not allow DeSantiss unconstitutional anti-drag law to be enforced
DeSantis State Guard contracts with combat-training company

A Nationwide Abortion Ban Will Be on the Ballot in 2024 : politics
Ohio voted to protect abortion rights. Republicans are scheming to undo it

Matt Gaetz accuses NSA of targeting white people:Bigoted nonsense

Ethics chairman introduces Santos expulsion resolution after damning report : politics
Damning Ethics Report Solves the Big George Santos Question: Where the Money Came From
George Santos Used Campaign Funds to Pay for OnlyFans: Ethics Report : politics
George Santos Is the Most Comically Dumb Con Man of All Time. | Where Donald Trumps corruption and deceit have torn apart this country, Santoss was merely laughable

Moms for Liberty Scrambles, Removes Leaders Amid Proud Boys Link Controversy : politics

New polling shows Americans oppose Republican anti-LGBTQ+ priorities : politics

How ID Requirements Harm Marginalized Communities and Their Right to Vote : politics

No Labels Tax Forms Reveal Execs Cashing In on 2024 Hype
No Labels, no guru, no teacher, no money left on the table - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eric Adams attended nearly 80 events celebrating Turkey - POLITICO

C.T.E. Study Finds That Young Football Players Are Getting the Disease - The New York Times

Small sacrifices - Lawyers, Guns & Money newest blockbuster from WAPO on the carnage caused by the AR 15 including never before published photos from Uvalde and other shootings. Absolutely horrifying and needs to be seen by every American. This insanity needs to stop.
As the NRA fades, a more zealous US pro-gun group rises as a lobbying power | US gun control | The Guardian Gun Owners of America, formed in belief NRA wastoo liberal, spent $3.3m lobbying against gun control and boasts 2m members
Dont just be horrified. Ban AR-15s, bump stocks and large magazines.

Workers on edge after thieves across the U.S. target delivery trucks : news

Homosexuality is now legal in Murfreesboro, city leaders decide in response to lawsuit - The Murfreesboro City Council updated code prior to Oct. 28 BoroPride

An Old Guy Is Running a Dungeon for Kids in Tennessee and No One's Doing Anything About It - A ProPublica report out of Knoxville on the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center is rough reading.

X Races to Contain Damage After Elon Musk Endorses Antisemitic Post - The New York Times
Advertisers Flee X as Outcry Over Musk's Endorsement of Antisemitic Post Grows - Disney, Apple, Paramount and Lionsgate halted marketing on X, formerly Twitter, as Elon Musk faced a furor over antisemitic abuse on his social media platform.
The New York Times plans an event with Elon Musk despite his history of attacking the outlet | Media Matters for America
White House Condemns Elon MusksAbhorrent Endorsement of AntisemitismEuropean Commission and IBM halt X ads, citing hate speech
Apple to pause advertising on X after Musk backs antisemitic post
I wouldnt worry about it though, its not a big corporate advertiser - Apple and out:
Lionsgate Has Suspended All Advertising on X, Spokesman Says - Bloomberg
Lionsgate suspends all advertising on Elon Musks X (
No more ads on Elons X, EU Commission tells staff
Pouring poison into your own cesspool - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Sounds Like Theres Quite a Story Here ... the news that Open AI, which created ChatGPT, has fired CEO Sam Altman because the board concluded he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board. Yikes.

Vitamin B12 is a key player in cellular reprogramming and tissue regeneration, finds a new study in mice. Vitamin B12 supplementation shows potential in speeding up tissue repair in a model of ulcerative colitisan observation that points to potential new treatments for inflammatory diseases.

ELI5 In what way are The Beatles, as often stated, the most influential band in music history?

What is the most disturbing thing youve heard said casually?

Whats the stupidest thing youve ever heard anyone say?


Iceland volcano: Peninsula faces decades of instability

Greenhouse Gases Once Again Hit Record Levels, WMO Urges Urgent Fossil Fuel Cuts : worldnews

Shifting Political Winds Threaten Progress on Europes Green Goals

Wolf cull begins in Estonia despite conservation fears : worldnews

Sailors are looking for new ways to ward off orca attacks and say blasting thrash metal could be a game changer ... Metal-oraca-lypse is the new Sharknado.

UK becomes 1st country to approve gene therapy treatment for sickle cell, thalassemia : worldnews

McDonalds has lost its legal dispute with fast-food rival Hungry Jacks (The Australian name of Burger King) over its Big Mac lookalike burger the Big Jack

After battle with junta, Myanmar rebels take control of border point with India : worldnews
An ethnic resistance group in northern Myanmar says an entire army battalion surrendered to it The surrender of 261 people 127 soldiers and 134 of their family membersappears to be the biggest army surrender since armed conflict in Myanmar broke out in 2021
An ethnic resistance group in northern Myanmar says an entire army battalion has surrendered to it : worldnews

South Korea to maintain 52-hour workweek : worldnews

North Korea says it tested new solid-fuel engines for intermediate-range ballistic missiles : worldnews

Xi told Biden Taiwan is biggest, most dangerous issue in bilateral ties -US official : worldnews
Joe Biden reaffirms stance on Taiwan, confirms agreement on new talks at meeting on Apec sidelines : worldnews
Taiwan pledges US$3.8 million to help war-torn Ukraine : worldnews

Joe Biden calls Xi a dictator hours after constructive meeting; agree to pick up the phone and call one another
Biden Again Calls Xi a Dictator, Showing Limits of Cooperation : worldnews
China is willing to be a partner and friend of the US, Xi tells American CEOs
Earth is big enough for U.S. and China to succeed, Xi says as he meets Biden
More pandas will be coming to the U.S., Chinas president signals
Chinese President Xi Jinping signaled that China will send new pandas to the U.S., calling them "envoys of friendship between the Chinese and American peoples." : worldnews
Chinas home prices dip for 4th month, may weaken further

Russian Army Is Double Its Size on the Eve of Invasion and Likely Will Stay That Way
Russia not elected to UNESCO Executive Board for the first time : worldnews
EU plans fresh Russia sanctions including against son of Dmitry Medvedev : worldnews
Ukraine war: Russian diamonds set for ban under new EU sanctions : worldnews

St. Petersburg artist given seven-year sentence for anti-war protest using supermarket price tags : worldnews

Putin frees pardoned murderer from paying damages to victims family

MOSCOW, Nov 16 (Reuters) Russias rocket forces loaded an intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with the nuclear-capable Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle into a launch silo in southern Russia, according to a defence ministry TV channel broadcast on Thursday.

India not ruling out probe, told Canada to share evidence: Jaishankar on Hardeep Nijjar killing : worldnews

Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan in very bad condition, says UN official
UN Human Rights Chief alarmed by reported abuse of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Turkeys Erdogan labels Israel a terror stateslams its backers in West ... He also likened the conflict between Israel, a Jewish state, and the Palestinians to a war between the Christian and Muslim worlds, saying the crisis was a matter of cross and crescent

US Navy Warship Shoots Down Drone From Yemen Over the Red Sea : worldnews

Biden Allows Iran to Access Another $10 Billion Amid Gaza War : worldnews
Iranian authorities on Wednesday released the prize-winning rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh after she spent more than two weeks in prison. Sotoudeh was arrested at the funeral of Armita Garawand who activists say was fatally beaten by the Tehran morality police. : worldnews
Students urged to stay home in smog-hit Tehran : worldnews

No condemnation of Hamas: UN Security Council passes resolution calling for temporary cease-fire, hostage return : worldnews

Israeli opposition leader says time has come to replace Netanyahu : worldnews

The Israeli military has set its sights on southern Gaza. Problems loom in next phase of war : worldnews
In first in war, IDF calls on some southern Gaza residents to evacuate : worldnews

Biden: Gaza op will end when Hamas can no longer murder Israelis : worldnews

So that's what you were supporting ... Someone showed Biden the picture of the stack of boxes with big English words "MEDICAL SUPPLIES" on them.
Eschaton: I Can't Anymore After being promised a massive SciFi command center, I saw a video of 10 guns - smaller than the armory of a typical Texas nursery school - found behind an MRI machine (lol) and a box of dates. And here's our man:
IDF publishes evidence Gazas Al Shifa Hospital used for terror
Israel says it has uncovered weapons, military operations in al-Shifa : worldnews
Photos of hostages found on laptop computers at Al Shifa, IDF says : worldnews
BBC goes inside Al-Shifa Hospital with the Israeli army : worldnews

IDF strikes Hamas leader Haniyehs residence in Gaza

Demanding answers, families of captives begin protest march from Tel Aviv to Knesset - The government has already abandoned us, don't leave us alone, - organizers beseech the public as days-long march to Jerusalem is launched amid reports of potential hostage deal

How the dead are counted in Gaza - BBC News

France calls West Bank Israeli settler violence policy of terror (shittlers)
French President Macron speaks up for Swiss neutrality | French President Emanuel Macron said he respects the tradition of Swiss neutrality, which is behind a refusal to allow war material re-exports to Ukraine. : worldnews

Trudeau criticized for calling on Israel to exercise maximum restraint in Gaza

At least 6 injured, one critically, in shooting attack in Jerusalem : worldnews
Eight Israelis Wounded, One Critically, in Jerusalem Checkpoint Shooting Attack; Three Gunmen Killed : worldnews

Ukraine Cannot Afford Any Stalemate In War With Russia, Zelenskyy Says
Ukraines Foreign Minister has responded to mounting calls for peace talks with Russia by noting that Putin is a habitual liar who has been deceiving the world about the escalating Russian invasion of Ukraine for the past ten years
BBC News David Cameron makes first official visit to Ukraine
Pillaging Ukrainian grain to fund war was Russias plan from the outset, report says
Ukraine Indicts Officials Linked to Efforts to Investigate the Bidens : worldnews

Rudys Ukraine caper looks even worse nowMore evidence has emerged about the willingness of Trumpworld to exploit Russian misinformation.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 631, Part 1 (Thread #777) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 16.11.2023 : ukraine

Institute for the Study of War on X: "@criticalthreats" / X

Official: Russian army eliminated almost all Ukrainian literature in occupied Luhansk, Donetsk

Black Box project for Ukraine's intelligence causes US$900 million in damage to Russians
Ukraines secret Black Box project revealed to be long-range attack drone
Black Box: how Ukrainian society created weapons capable of hitting the Kremlin - Militarnyi

A real story of a woman kidnapped from her own apartment and held in Russian captivity. Make sure you read it all. : ukraine

The Economist: As Ukrainian men head off to fight, women take up their jobs : ukraine

ANALYSIS: #Armenia and #Kazakhstan Reveal Cracks in Russian-Led Regional Blocs - Armenias snubbing of #Moscow-led summits combined with Kazakhstans leaders recent visit may indicate a fundamental change in the existing power dynamic.
Synagogue in Armenia set alight in latest attack on Jewish diaspora : worldnews

Czech Republic to freeze all Russian state assets

German police raid pro-Hezbollah Islamist organizations : worldnews

There were 54 victims of alleged abuse by people in the Church in 2022, according to the second report issued by the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI)
Vatican confirms ban on Catholics becoming Freemasons : worldnews
The Catholic Church Is Still Beefing With the Freemasons, But at Least Trans People Can Be Baptized -- This is some serious grudge-holding by an institution known for holding grudges for millennia.

Dutch election promises new era and shake-up in politics : worldnews

Pedro Sanchez wins second term as Spains PM after Catalan amnesty deal

Paris mayor says her city has too many SUVs , and is giving voters the chance to significantly hike parking fees for them. She hopes the vote will send a message to carmakers to stop pushing to buy ever-bigger, moreexpensive, more resource-guzzling, more pollutingvehicles.
French authorities Wednesday released from custody a police officer who shot dead a teenager during traffic controls this year in a killing that sparked over a week of nationwide rioting, prosecutors said. He is awaiting trial on murder charges : worldnews

Top general locked away evidence of SAS executions : worldnews

Guyana tells UN court that Venezuelan referendum on territorial dispute is an existentialthreat

Leave the gold in the ground: Ecuadors forest guardians mobilise against illegal mining in Amazon

Jacques Cartier Bridge reopened after demonstration for Palestine - Canada
Such a difficult life in Canada: Ukrainian immigrants leaving because its so expensive

Break Up the Raiders! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

US public support for Israel drops; majority backs a ceasefire, Reuters/Ipsos shows : politics
1 arrest made after Capitol Police clash with protesters outside DNC - ABC News Six officers were injured and treated on the scene, according to sources.

Osama bin Laden Letter to AmericaGoes Viral on TikTok , Is Deleted by Guardian

Reporter who is refusing to divulge her sources could be held in contempt of court - ABC News A federal judge in Washington is weighing whether to hold in contempt a veteran journalist who has refused to identify her sources for stories about a Chinese scientist who was investigated by the FBI but never charged

Republicans tried to squash Bidens new student loan repayment plan. They failed

Mitch McConnells Strength Is Tested in Fight for Ukraine Aid as some Republican colleagues balk

The Least Productive Congress Since Great Depression : politics
The unusual inability of the House GOP to win votes - The Washington Post
Why Republicans Are on the Verge of Fistfights : politics
Republican Congressman Melts Down Asking What His Partys Even Doing
GOP Congressman Chip Roy Declares the GOP Is Useless, in Floor Speech Democrats Are Probably Turning Into a 2024 Ad Right Now : politics
The ominous rise of congressional anger - The Washington Post (just say "Republicans")

House GOP starts Thanksgiving recess early after spending bill blocked

The same guys who helped Trumps campaign investigate Hunter Biden were paid off by Russians, Ukrainian prosecutors allege

Trump signals hes out for revenge in second term

Trumps recent social media post should make him liable for incitement

Trump Co-Defendants Attorney Admits to Leaking Video Evidence At Emergency Georgia Hearing
Lawyer of Georgia defendant in Trump election case admits to leaking witness video : politics

2 Georgia election workers to seek millions from Giuliani at defamation trial Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss will seek $15M to $43M from Rudy Giuliani at trial.
Lawyer acknowledges sharing videos that prompted dispute.

Christie warns Trumps vermin remark could incite others: He doesnt care

Letter: Do evangelicals now choose to ignore the Bible in favor of electing Trump for president? : politics

Voters see person responsible for overruling Roe v. Wade as a moderate on abortion says press that falsely portrays him as a moderate on abortion

The NYT does a deep dive into RFK Jrs financial adventures, and its not a pretty picture ... hard to excerpt, because its a very tangled story, but the bottom line is that Kennedy has spent his life cashing in on his name and family connections, to support a wildly extravagant lifestyle.

Sen. Joe Manchin says Donald Trump would destroy US democracy if he wins second term as president : politics
Joe Manchin Says Trump Will Destroy U.S. Democracy if He Wins in 2024

Once Floridas favorite son, Floridians turn on DeSantis in his bid for president

Nevada attorney general opens probe into Trump 2020 fake electors : politics

Yevgeny "Eugene" Vindman, Trump whistleblower, to run for Abigail Spanberger's seat Yevgeny Vindman, is running for Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanbergers seat.

House Ethics Committee report on George Santos finds substantial evidenceof wrongdoing
Santos says he wont seek reelection after release of ethics report
The GOPs pickle on expelling George Santos
Bye, Bye, George Santos : The question is why did the House not bounce your grifting ass when it had the chance two weeks ago. By Charles P. Pierce

Pussy Riot protest at Indiana State Capitol in US with a giant vulva : worldnews ... to fight for reproductive rights.

Terror on repeat - A rare look at the devastation caused by AR-15 shootings
[NSFL, Extremely Graphic] - Photos Released by the Washington Post from Scenes of Mass Shootings : pics

Dexter Wade, buried without his familys knowledge, had ID on him with his home address, lawyer says (

Music mogul Sean Diddy Combs sued for rape, sex trafficking

5 takeaways from JFK: What the Doctors Saw documentary - The new documentary looks at the assassination of president John F. Kennedy 60 years ago from the perspective of the Parkland doctors

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,480 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Clark Gable.

SpaceX will try again to launch its mega rocket into orbit after first attempt ended in an explosion : worldnews

Eschaton: Elmo I'll admit that I didn't predict "he's going to be a massive public racist and antisemite" (though it doesn't surprise me at all!!!), but Musk was an invited guest of Schumer just two months ago and I don't really understand what we're doing here. Any of it.
IBM suspends advertising on X after report says ads ran next to antisemitic content : technology

Social media gets teens hooked while feeding aggression and impulsivity, and researchers think they know why | CBC News : worldnews

Emotion data based on facial coding indicate that prolonged usage of TikTok leads to a negative aroused mood supporting the studys broader premise that social media apps lead to mental health issues.

An international team of scientists has uncovered the vital role of microglia, the immune cells in the brain that acts as its dedicated defense team, in early human brain development : science

TIL California has a higher GDP than all of Africa combined. : todayilearned

States with legalized medical marijuana see a 0.5 to 1.5 percentage decrease in the frequency of nonmedical prescription opioid use. : science

What is the scariest thing seen in the ocean that has a photographic proof? : AskReddit

Whats a mystery or unexplained event from your personal life that still baffles you to this day?

The tiny changes that made Godzilla a phenomenon, from Monarch to Mothra - Polygon


"Relentless earthquakes" in Iceland, 700 yesterday, another 800 overnight, as preparations and evacuations are underway as volcanic eruption is expected : news

The Fifth National Climate Assessment : politics

World behind on almost every policy required to cut carbon emissions, research finds : worldnews

A new study from The Lancet medical journal projects that global warming will create food insecurity for almost 525 million people.

Climate-heating gases reach record highs, UN reports : worldnews
Heat projected to kill nearly five times more people by 2050 : worldnews

3000 years of carbon monoxide records show positive impact of global intervention in the 1980s. Levels of the trace gas are now stable or even trending down and have been since the late 1980scoinciding with the introduction of catalytic converters in cars

Animals to be recognised as sentient beings under proposed Victorian cruelty laws : worldnews

Worlds most dangerous bird emerges from ocean, stunning onlookersCassowaries are fucking cool. Closest thing to a raptor alive today that I know of.

American sex offender barred from entering Philippines : worldnews

Taiwans opposition parties to decide on joint presidential ticket

U.S. and China Agree to Displace Fossil Fuels by Ramping Up Renewables | The climate agreement between the two countries is seen as a bright spot as President Biden prepares to meet President Xi Jinping. : worldnews
China leads list of labor abusers, sometimes akin to slavery, detected on fishing vessels worldwide : worldnews
China is using the worlds largest known online disinformation operation to harass Americans
China Claims World's Fastest Internet With 1.2 Terabit-Per-Second Network = The network spans 3,000 km from Beijing to Guangzhou

Putins Daughter Joins Moscow Genetics Society, Criticizes Russian Laws

Police raid on Voronezh restaurant ends with call-up papers issued to 50 Azerbaijani-Russian men : worldnews

Kazakhstan: Death of ex-officials wife sparks conversation around domestic abuse

India tunnel collapse leaves 40 workers trapped for days, rescuers racing to bore through tons of debris : worldnews
Jammu: At least 36 die after bus falls into India gorge : worldnews
India: Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy faces prosecution. Invited to speak at the Munich Literature Festival, Booker Prize-winning novelist Arundhati Roy cannot travel to Germany as she faces charges in India over comments she made in 2010 about Kashmir : worldnews

Erdogan stokes judicial crisis, calling for new constitution : worldnews (naming him supreme asshole)

France issues arrest warrant for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad : worldnews

Found document suggests Iran sought to help Hamas make its own weapons ahead of attack, sources say : worldnews
(Iran Protests) Zahra Saeedianju Arrested Ahead of Slain Brothers Anniversary
Iran tells Hamas it will not enter the war with Israel : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for 2023 Israel-Hamas Crisis (Thread 40) : worldnews

Canadian PM Trudeau tells Israel killing of babies in Gaza must end : worldnews
Netanyahu rebukes Trudeau on social media for urging maximum restraint in Gaza to protect civilians

Hamas agrees to tentative deal to free dozens of hostages, pending Israels approval ... Hamas wants a multiday pause in fighting, increased humanitarian aid, and freedom for an unknown number of Palestinians in Israeli jails in exchange for the release of at least 50 women and children being held in Gaza

Israeli military forces raid Gazas largest hospital in operation against Hamas
Israeli forces enter al-Shifa Hospital amid collapse of Gazas medical system
IDF special forces raid Gazas main hospital, find weapons and Hamas assets inside
IDF says troops fighting against Hamas in certain part of Gazas Shifa Hospital
IDF: Medical supplies delivered to Gazas Shifa Hospital

Israel Gaza: Hostages fates haunt Israel as war intensifies

Israel Blames Translation Error for Claiming Calendar in Childrens Hospital Was List of Hamas Hostage Guards ... The article conveniently does not mention that the calendar is titled "Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood" and starts on Oct 7.

Children as Young as 10 Took Part in Hamass Oct. 7 Terror Attack, Survivors Say

U.S. intelligence backs Israeli claims about Hamas operations under Gaza hospitals : worldnews

Surging Israeli settler violence puts West Bank Palestinians on edge : worldnews

Israel Opens Complex Sexual Abuse Probe Into October 7 Attacks : worldnews

Israel FM: Israel wont reopen its two Gaza crossings after war

BBC Apologizes for Reporting That Israel Targeted Medics, Arabic-speakers in Gaza Hospital : worldnews

Gazan criticizes Hamas on Al Jazeera as reporter turns away, ignores him : worldnews

The Jerusalem Post on X: "Released footage from the October 7 massacre shows an Israeli trying to save himself and others behind him by throwing back grenades tossed by Hamas. #Israel | #HamasMassacre" / X

Putins goal remains the destruction of Ukrainea -- all of Ukraine and his allies and propagandists are still talking about how, once they achieve this goal, they will expand their empire further,The Atlantic explained Why West must defeat Russia
Top Zelensky Advisor Yermak Upbeat on US Military Assistance After Washington Meetings : worldnews
Russia is already losing soldiers and equipment near Avdiivka faster and on a larger scale than, for example, near BakhmutZelenskyys address, 14th November 2023
The monument to the russian writer Alexander Pushkin was finally dismantled in Kyiv. : ukraine
Fedorov: Ukraine produces new models of marine drones with surprises

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 630, Part 1 (Thread #776) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 16.11.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov took out US$400 million loan through DTEK from Russian Sberbank, leak reveals : ukraine

ISW: Russian forces are likely attempting to regain initiative in Ukraine through multiple simultaneous offensives : ukraine

Ukraine Confirms Dnipro Foothold for the First Time, Paving Way to Crimea
Ukraine says it now has a foothold on the eastern bank of Dnieper River near Kherson : ukraine
Frontline report: Ukrainian troops widen bridgehead east of Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast : ukraine
Russia says Ukrainian forces have crossed a key river but face hell fire and death

3/ #Russia will have to decide whether to keep certain elements on sectors of the front for defensive purposes or redeploy them to support offensives elsewhere that will likely culminate without reinforcements, hindering Russia's ability to fully regain the initiative.
Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov took out US$400 million loan through DTEK from Russian Sberbank, leak reveals : ukraine

Finland says Russia leads asylum seekers to its border : worldnews

Polish top court to ask for EU ruling on recognising same-sex marriages : worldnews

Cyprus Confidential: ICIJ Reveals How 67 Russian Billionaires Used Cyprus Financial Firms To Hide Their Wealth : worldnews
You're Not Going to Believe This, But Russian Oligarchs Are Hiding Their Wealth In Cyprus : What a nice safe-deposit box to stash billions of dollars as sanctions come down.

Bulgaria likely to sign military deal worth $1.5 billion with US : worldnews

Belgium bans use of Ozempic for weight loss until summer : worldnews

Macron Declares Natural Disaster Amidst Unprecedented Flooding in Northern France : worldnews

Suella Braverman releases scathing letter targeting Rishi Sunak following sacking.
Supreme court rejects Rishi Sunaks plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda
McDonalds UK boss says fast-food chain faces weekly sex abuse claims

Argentina inflation hits 143% as election runoff looms : worldnews

Brazil: Health warnings as country gripped by unbearable heatwave
Brazil: Health warnings as country gripped by unbearableheatwave. Rio de Janeiro recorded 42.5C on Sundayan all-time record for November and high humidity on Tuesday meant that it felt like 58.5C. (137F) ... summer starts in another month
Starbucks: slave and child labour found at certified coffee farms in Minas Gerais : worldnews

Hospital director in Haiti says a gang stormed in and took hundreds of women and children hostage : worldnews

100 officers deployed after Trudeau surrounded at Vancouver restaurant : news

The White House is worried about the difficulties in providing aid to Ukraine. The reluctance of the US House of Representatives to approve the request of US President Joe Bidens administration to support Ukraine makes it challenging to help Kyiv, said Jake Sullivan, the US Presidents national security advisor.

US public support for Israel drops; majority backs a ceasefire, Reuters/Ipsos shows | Reuters

The Squad Is About to Fight for Its Political LifeThe war in Gaza has set the stage for a huge primary battle in 2024 ... he American Israel Public Affairs Committee, one of the most powerful, best-funded influence operations in Washington,.
You Wont Believe How Much AIPAC Is Spending to Target the Squad in 2024

Opinion | New Perspectives on the Feel-Bad Economy : Why Economic Feelings Are a Partisan Thing - The New York Times By Paul Krugman ... a running joke among economists I talk to that even mainstream news organizations apparently find it hard to say nice things about the Biden economy (the newsfuckers)

Democrats advance plan to force quick vote on military nominations : politics

Opinion | We Waited 200 Years for This Supreme Court Ethics Code? - The New York Times Jesse Wegman
The US supreme courts new 'ethics code' is an embarrassment

Most Americans in new poll say Congress shouldnt use government shutdown to bargain
GOP at Fault If Government Shuts Down, Say Nearly Half of Americans ... 43% say President Biden and congressional Democrats would be at fault, and six percent would blame both the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

Republicans Mocked Over Day of Chaos: Toddlers

Same clown car with a different driver: House GOP goes off the rails
Speaker Johnsons close ties to Christian right both mainstream and fringe

James Comer Melts Down Over Report He Did the Exact Same Thing As Joe Biden: You look like a smurfthe House Oversight chair desperately yelled, hoping to change the subject.

Kevin McCarthy "shoves" Republican colleague, sparking chase: report : politics

Republicans Get Ready to Rumble : politics
Republicans Are the Party of Asinine Toxic Masculinity A GOP senator challenging a union boss to a fight and an alleged kidney punch in the hallway by a deposed leaderjust a normal day for conservatives in the Capitol.

Biden: Trumps vermin remark echoes language used in Nazi Germany
How Trumps rhetoric compares with Hitlers
They will be the bigliest most beautiful concentration camps ever, everyone says so. : PoliticalHumor

Trump, who mocks Bidens age and gaffes, deals with blunders of his own

Trumps most effective inoculation effort centered on Russian influence
The Russia Connection -- Continued ... The Mueller Report made clear that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election and that the Trump campaign was open to receiving help from Russian sources.
The Two Impeachment Treason Trip: Ukraine Charges Rudy Giulianis Sources ... Yesterday, Ukraines SBU charged with treason three of the people from whom Rudy Giuliani sought dirt on the Bidens to help Donald Trump get reelected ... The allegations say the threesome took $10 million from Russias GRU to discredit Ukraine.
Uh-Oh: Giulianis Biden Sources Charged With Being Putin Agents | The Ukrainian officials Rudy Giuliani used to investigate Joe Biden were just charged with treason
Hunter Biden seeks to subpoena Trump, Barr in criminal case | The Hill

Donalds Desperate Demand: Trump Files for Mistrial in New York Bank Fraud Case
Stunning: Court reporters hint at rumblings of potential Trump settlement talks in NY fraud case

Jack Smith Cites Medieval Murder as He Seeks Donald Trump Gag Order : politics

After Trump case video leak, Georgia prosecutor seeks emergency seal for evidence : politics
Georgia Judge Schedules Emergency Hearing in Trump RICO Case Following Video Leaks : politics

Donald Trumps comments could land him in jail: Ex-White House lawyer
Ex-Senior Trump Official: Hes A Traitor And A Clear And Present Danger
Profiles in something or the other - Lawyers, Guns & Money People should be far more contemptuous of this unnamed official than of Trump himself.

A right-wing think tank is building a MAGA army for a future Trump administration : politics

Donald Trumps former lawyer will leave the U.S. if he gets re-elected

Eschaton: The MAGA Cinematic Universe A question that people - journalists, Professional Democrats, opnionators, etc. - should think about is why, exactly, there's this massive cast of B- and C- list MAGA characters without there being any equivalent on The Left. You probably have to be a little bit online to be aware of most of them, but most people are at least a little online now. Like why is Laura Loomer? There isn't a simple answer to this question, but it's part of the issue of general asymmetries in how politics is covered. This pre-dates and transcends Trump, of course. An equivalent cast of characters existed during the Bush years, during the Obama years, and now (some the same, some newish!).

What level of chickenshit is My sides failed coup was really FBI agents in ghost buses? ... A Republican member of Congress who insists tRump won the last election has reached it ... At a Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday, Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation put operatives into ghost buses to incite the Jan. 6 attack.

U.S. political violence driven by new breed of grab-bag extremists

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Lesson in Civics During Fiery Confrontation

Waiting for him to drop out: DeSantisinfluence nosedives in Florida

Nikki Haley vows to abolish anonymous social media accounts: Its a national security threat

Meta Allows Ads Claiming Rigged 2020 Election on Facebook, Instagram - WSJ Company weighed free-speech considerations in changing its policy last year

The Battle Over Church and State Could Take Down the Charter School Movement | The New Republic The Supreme Courts rightward tilt has the Christian right dreaming of upending public education. But it could come at the expense of conservativesbig ideas.

Central Bucks School District superintendent abruptly resigns Staggering, one board member calls Abram Lucabaughs $630,000 severance package

An educator at Tilden Middle Schoomay be on leave after screenshots showed a Facebook post of hers containing misinformation about Israel

Bill would ban Native American mascots at Massachusetts public schools : politics

Opinion | Where Does Religion Come From? - The New York Times By Ross Douthat ... The only definite answer is that the world is much stranger than the secular imagination thinks.

Frances Langum on X: "Rest in peace, old skool blogger. Zandar Versus The Stupid: Last Post, Please Read" / X

Silicon Valleys worldview is not just an ideology; its a personality disorder ... Libertarianism for me. Feudalism for thee.

He Thought His Chuck Close Painting Was Worth $10 Million. Not Quite.

"Zoom Fatigue": Exhaustion caused by video conferencing proven on a neurophysiological level for the first time - Using EEG and ECG data, researchers were able to prove that video conferences and online education formats lead to greater fatigue than face-to-face alternatives. : science

Three-toed dinosaur footprint spotted at nature reserve : worldnews

Webb Shows Planets Really Do Start with Pebbles : worldnews

Nearly one in five school-aged children and preteens now take melatonin for sleep, and some parents routinely give the hormone to preschoolers. This is concerning as safety and efficacy data surrounding the products are slim, as it is considered a dietary supplement not fully regulated by the FDA

How to Know if You Have a Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's .. The APOE gene is important for the formation of a protein that helps carry cholesterol through the bloodstream. Nearly 30 years ago, scientists learned that APOE also influences a persons chances of developing Alzheimer's

Antidepressants Dont Work the Way Many People Think

What Skulls Told Us - JSTOR Daily The pseudoscience phrenology swept the popular imagination, and its practitioners made a mint preying on prejudices, gullibility, and misinformation.

What immediately tells you someone is a trashy parent? : AskReddit

They found credit card skimmers at the Somerville Market Basket : boston


Global emissions set to fall only 2% by 2030 UN report

In fight to curb climate change, a grim report shows world is struggling to get on track : worldnews

Iceland braces for volcanic eruption as prime minister reassures residents : worldnews

The world is awash in plastic. Oil producers want a say in how it's cleaned up : worldnews

Forests hold massive carbon storage potential: New findings show the worlds forests could store 226 billion metric tons of carbon if protected and restored

EU Agrees to Restore 20% of Its Lands and Waters by 2030 : worldnews

Philippines: Ex-Senator Leila de Lima leaves jail. The human rights campaigner and former justice minister, who spent a decade investigating ex-President Rodrigo DuterEe's war on drugs, had been in prison for over six years

Myanmar rebels seek to control border with India after early wins : worldnews

China-made phony news sites spreading pro-Beijing propaganda in South Korea: NIS : worldnews

Biden, Xi to agree on reopening of military-to-military channels : worldnews

Russian oil shipped through Turkey and Greece ends up as US military jet fuel : worldnews
Secret $40m deal links Abramovich to Putins wallets

As Cargo Flights Leave Kaliningrad, Air Defence Systems Disappear : worldnews

Anna Politkovskaya: Russian convicted of journalist murder gets pardon : worldnews

Kazakhstan Opens Secret KGB Archives Amid Moves Toward Decolonization In Central Asia : worldnews

Kenyans get tree-planting holiday to plant 100 million seedlings : worldnews

More Attacks on US Forces Following Strike on Iran-Backed Targets in Syria : worldnews

Journalists, Teenager Among Over 20 Arrested in Irans Rasht

The U.S. says Hamas operates within and beneath hospitals, endorsing Israels allegations
Gaza reports more than 11,100 killed. Thats one out of every 200 people.

PM Netanyahu says Israel will pursue war against Hamas to the end
Biden says he believes deal to free dozens of hostages held in Gaza is "going to happen" : worldnews

Go to another country: Israeli minister tells Gaza residents amid Hamas war
Israeli lawmakers call on world to take in Gazan refugees : worldnews

Netanyahu stances frustrating US attempts to rally Arab support for post-Hamas Gaza : worldnews

IDF confirms soldier held hostage by Hamas killed in Gaza - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post
IDF announces death in captivity of one of its soldiers : worldnews
Hamas releases video of soldier held hostage; IDF: Psychological terrorism

IDF forces capture Hamas military police HQ in Gaza : worldnews

Leader of Israels Labor: Something is very wrong on the global left

Ukraine charges Rudy Giulianis top local ally with Moscow-linked treason
Office of Public Affairs | Active Russian Agent Andrii Derkach Indicted for Scheme to Violate Sanctions in the United States | United States Department of Justice
Ukrainian politician suspected of treason says he has been detained : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 629, Part 1 (Thread #775) : worldnews

The Naval Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces explained the pause in the Russians use of Kalibr cruise missiles to strike targets in Ukraine.
Ukrainian Partisans: Russian Black Sea Fleet Warships Have Fled Crimea : worldnews

PwC Cyprus moved 1bn for Russian tycoon on day he was put under sanctions

Polish Left announces bills to liberalise abortion law on first day of new parliament : worldnews

Scholz says Erdogan accusing Israel of fascism is absurd
Top German journalist received 600,000 from Putin ally, leak revealsInfluential author and broadcaster Hubert Seipel received financial support for his work on two books described by many as sympathetic to Russian president
Top German journalist received 600,000 from Putin ally, leak reveals

French doctors vow to disobey bill stripping undocumented migrants of healthcare rights
A Rwandan doctor went on trial in France on Tuesday on charges of committing genocide and crimes against humanity during Rwandas 1994 massacres, after a three-decade investigation by French authorities

Storm Debi Wreaks Havoc: UK, Ireland, Belgium Face Flooding, Power Outages, and Flight Cancellations : worldnews

Argentinas far-right Milei angers Falklands veterans with Thatcher praise

Colombia passes ambitious junk food law to tackle lifestyle diseases
Invasive Cocaine HipposAre Being Sterilized in Colombia sterilizing, exporting and euthanizing the animals

Protests erupt in Mexico as first non-binary magistrate found dead : worldnews

Demonstrators from across the country March forIsrael in DC with ramped up security for the unprecedented event | CNN
More Than 500 U.S. Officials Sign Letter Protesting Biden's Israel Policy - The signers, representing some 40 government agencies, reflect growing internal dissent over the administration's support of Israels military campaign in Gaza.

Bernie Sanders: US should back union movement to save the middle class

The Biden Campaign Needs to Pivot to Marijuana : politics

Senate panel will move to break Tubervilles hold

Senate Rules panel votes along party lines to break Tubervilles military holds ... The resolution, however, would not apply to nominees to the Joint Chiefs of Staff or commanders nominated to lead combatant commands .. The Rules panels 9-7 vote means Schumer can bring the resolution to the Senate floor, but it needs 60 votes to pass.
House blocks Marjorie Taylor Greenes push to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

CPI report October 2023: Inflation flat from the prior month, core CPI at 2-year low
Is inflation falling too fast? (featuring DJ Khaled) - Lawyers, Guns & Money

New Supreme Court ethics code does very little to hold justices accountable, expert says

Mike Johnson Comes Under Pressure Over His Finances : politics
Mike Johnsons Shady Finances Are Already Coming Back to Bite Him. | Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is facing a new ethics complaint over a litany of alleged violations with his financial disclosures.
Speaker of the House of Representatives: its not election theft if you really believe the election was stolen
Speaker Johnson: Separation of church, state a misnomer

House Speaker Mike Johnson endorses Trump, defendsstolen election claims
Johnson Said in 2015 Trump Was Unfit and Could Be Dangerous as President

GOP lawmaker claims Kevin McCarthy elbowed him after meeting, sparking altercation - ABC News

GOP Senator Tries to Physically Fight Union Boss During Hearing

Biden Campaign Slams Trump Vermin Comments: Language of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini
Trumps incendiary vermin remarks prompt backlash

Trump Told Reporter He Hopes Fans Act On His Fiery Rhetoric : politics
Trump tests Republican Party willingness to follow him into fascism : politics
Opinion | Trump Wants Us to Know He Will Stop at Nothing in 2025 - The New York Times
It's just a shot away - Lawyers, Guns & Money Jamelle Bouie points out that one of the ways Donald Trump has broken traditional political journalism in this country is by simply saying right out in the open that he was conspiring to do the kinds of things that traditionally had to be uncovered by investigative journalism:
Liz Cheney says RNC chair collaborating with Trumps Nazi propaganda

Judge Chutkan just shut down Trumps mischiefex-prosecutor

Trump Shares Creepy Fantasy About Citizens Arrest of Trial Judge, Attorney General
"This is an actual incitement": Legal experts alarmed after Trump pushes "citizen's arrest" : politics

Trump attacks Paul Pelosi and Jack Smiths wife in cowardly ploy
Paul Pelosi Describes the Night He Was Attacked at Home - The New York Times Mr. Pelosi told a federal jury that the intruder was targeting his wife, the former House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and wanted to take her out ... Mr. DePape told the police last year that he was on a mission to capture Ms. Pelosi, interrogate her and possibly break her kneecaps. He also said that he viewed Ms. Pelosi as a leader of a cabal of liberal elites bent on taking away peoples freedoms, echoing the language that right-wing pundits and elected officials have for years used to describe her.

The boss is not going to leave: Proffer videos show ex-Trump lawyers telling Georgia prosecutors about efforts to overturn 2020 election
Ex-Trump allies detail efforts to overturn election in Georgia plea videos - The Washington Post
Ellis told Georgia prosecutors Trump planned to stay in power:
Thats game over: Legal experts say new Jenna Ellis revelation is beyond devastating for Trump ... As Megan McArdle has observed, Democrats by not saving Kevin McCarthy really made a huge blunder without McCarthy Republicans probably wont be able to get the votes from their own conference to fund the government and will need to rely on votes from the Adult Party! A true sea change in American politics here.
Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell Captured on Tape Spilling to Prosecutors : politics
Trump Was Not Going To Leave The White House, Lawyer Testifies In Georgia Case

Michael Flynn and his family kept leftover donations sent in by QAnon supporters, sister says according to court filing : politics

The untold story of how the January 6 riots were planned on Facebook and how the company missed it (Fuckereberged)

Man who counted on billionaire tech bro gets what he deserves - Lawyers, Guns & Money On one level, the strategic choices made by Donald Trumps nominal primary opponents are immaterial becuase there never was a competitive primary. But this bit from a Tim Scott postmortem is amusing:

Trump to remain on Michigan ballot after judge rejects another 14th Amendment challenge

Trans Boy Returns To Lead Role In Oklahoma!After Outcry At Sherman School Board Meeting

The Dan Markel Case: Charlie Adelson, Convicted
(1) Donna Adelson, leading contender for the title of Worlds Worst Mother-in-Law, was arrested by the FBI at the Miami International Airport last night ... (2) Speaking of the mysterious workings of social privilege, I found this detail from the lede in the NYTs portrait of literary agent Andrew Wylie worth mulling over:

Nearly two dozen toddlers sickened by lead linked to applesauce pouches, CDC says Children ages 1 to 3 were affected, and at least one child showed a blood lead level eight times higher than the level that raises concern, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

Should We End Obesity? | TIME Ozempic has done all three.

A Monster : Super Meth and Other Drugs Push Crisis Beyond Opioids - Millions of U.S. drug users now are addicted to several substances, not just opioids like fentanyl and heroin. The shift is making treatment far more difficult.

Life expectancy gap between men and women in the US widened significantly during the Covid-19 pandemic : news

Large psychology study debunks stereotype of feminists as man-haters : science

U.S. men die nearly six years before women, as life expectancy gap widens : science ... covid, opioids, guns and cars.

Five Alien Species

TIL In 1980 Mark Felt, now know as the Watergate leaker codenamed Deepthroat, was convicted of violating the civil rights of people associated with the Weather Underground by authorizing FBI agents to perform illegal searches of their homes. He was pardoned by Ronald Reagan in 1981. : todayilearned

New Poster for May December

What is the most evil company in history? : AskReddit


Committed global warming risks triggering multiple climate tipping points. The likelihood of crossing the 1.5Cthreshold and the 2.0C threshold is 83% and 55%, respectively even if GHG concentration remain at todays level

New satellite will track C02 emissions from worst polluters from space for the first time : worldnews

Chronic Fatigue and Dysautonomia following COVID-19 Vaccination Is Distinguished from Normal Vaccination Response by Altered Blood Markers : science

Thousands gather for pro-Israel rally in Sydney amid anti-Semitism warning. Thousands of Australians have come out in force for a setthem free rally organised by Jewish Australians.
Australia to apologise half a century after Thalidomide tragedy

Duterte critic Leila de Lima granted bail after six years in jail : worldnews

Chinese Navys Suspected New Overseas Base In Cambodia Now Even Larger

Russia terminates agreement with Japan on dismantling nuclear weapons : worldnews
Japan, U.S., S. Korea to Start Real-Time Missile Info Sharing : worldnews
1,200 march in Tokyo in support of Israel : worldnews

North Korea Lashes Out at UN Command Over Seoul Meeting : worldnews

Kremlin Media Announces Russian Troop Withdrawal from Kherson Region, Immediately Deletes It : worldnews

(2/4) These reports are credible and follow numerous reports since the invasion of a high rate of disciplinary incidents, crimes and deaths related to alcohol abuse amongst the Russian force.
(4/4) One of the core drivers of poor Russian discipline and substance abuse likely remains the continued lack of opportunity for combat troops to rotate away from the front line.

Billionaire FBI informant Peter Thiel dished about two Kremlin invites to private Putin meetings : worldnews ... Cough elon musk cough cough

@maxseddon & I have written a profile on a Russian chip-smuggling ring working through France, Ireland and UAE centred on one man, Maxim Ermakov. Who he? Well, there are a few clues that hes maybe not *just* a businessman.

Nepal decides to ban TikTok : worldnews

More than 30 workers feared trapped after India tunnel collapse : worldnews

Pakistans special envoy urges Taliban to decide between Pakistan and TTP

White owned farms in South Africa prevented from exporting products. : worldnews

Escalating violence and mining expansion lead to massive displacement in Congo : worldnews

Burkina Faso crisis: 100 believed killed in Zaongo massacre, says EU : worldnews

US carries out air strikes in Syria against Iran-linked facilities : worldnews

Riyadh Summit Reveals Arab Worlds Rift With Iran On Israel
TV report: Saudis helped block Arab summit bid to sever all contacts with Israel : worldnews

Tortured Iranian Protester Needs Urgent Liver Transplant : worldnews
Iranian dissidents say they face intimidation, abductions, assassination attempts around the world : worldnews

Pentagon chief warned Israel about Israeli military actions in Lebanon : worldnews

Were Rolling Out Nakba 2023, Israeli Minister Says on Northern Gaza Strip Evacuation
PM warns ministers to pipe down after comments on new Nakba and nuking Gaza

Hamas may free 80 hostages for Israeli prisoners in possible deal - report : worldnews

IDF: Hamas command center found under Gaza childrens hospital; hostages were likely held there
Situation at Gaza hospitals extremely heartbreaking: Red Cross
IDF to Assist Evacuation of Babies from Shifa Hospital : worldnews
Newborns taken off incubators wrapped in foil to keep them alive at Gazas largest hospital, director says | CNN
Israeli forces at gates of Gazas main hospital with hundreds trapped
EU condemns Hamas's use of hospitals and civilians as human shields
IDF releases footage of Hamas firing RPG from Gaza City hospital : worldnews

More Gaza hospitals suspend operations as Israel hunts Hamas : worldnews
Hamas blocks IDF fuel delivery to Gazas Shifa Hospital

Hamas envisioned deeper attacks, aiming to provoke an Israeli war : worldnews

Ukraine hails historic step as EU takes Kyiv closer to membership amid war with Russia
The first videos of piloting of F-16 fighters by Ukrainian pilots in Romania. Ukraine will probably receive the F-16 this winter. Ukrainian pilots learn very quickly - ex-CIA director Petraeus
Zelenskiy tells Ukrainians to prepare for Russian winter onslaught : worldnews
After 52 days, Russia renews missile attacks on Ukraines capital | CBC News

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 628, Part 1 (Thread #774) : worldnews

Good morning. Russian losses per 13/11/23 reported by the Ukrainian general staff

Russia ramps up attacks on key cities in eastern Ukraine : worldnews
Biggest Art Theft Since Nazis

Ukrainian forces made a marginal gain on the east (left) bank of #Kherson Oblast on November 12 amid ongoing ground operations.

Tesla faces strikes in Sweden unless it signs a collective bargaining agreement : worldnews

Germanys Scholz spurns calls for Gaza ceasefire; UK defense chief backs IDF efforts
Berlin criminalizes slogan From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free

Lion captured after escaping from a circus and roaming streets of Italian town : worldnews

Macron reaffirms support for Israel after controversial BBC interview : worldnews
Tens Of Thousands March In Paris Against Anti-Semitism : worldnews
Vandalized WW1 Memorial in France prior to armistice commemorations : pics

Jews in Ireland concerned about hostility : worldnews

Hadrians Wall Damaged by Sycamore Gap Tree Felling, Inspection Confirms

Suella Braverman sacked as home secretary by Rishi Sunak : worldnews
Suella Braverman sacked as home secretary : worldnews
David Cameron returns to UK government as foreign secretary | David Cameron | The Guardian : worldnews
Anti-Israel activists target Jewish families leaving London synagogue
UK to try five suspected Russian spies next year : worldnews

Massa says hed eliminate currency restrictions in late 2024 if elected

Fox News fearmongered about Middle Eastern terrorists at the border over 400 times in the four weeks after the Israel-Hamas war began

Sickening: Ohio Jewish cemetery desecrated amid rise in antisemitic incidents

Joe Bidens economy is, honestly, pretty amazing: How come he doesnt get credit?
I Was Obamas 2012 Campaign Manager. Theres No Need to Panic Over Biden. Dont sweat the doom and gloom polling. Weve been here before.
Here's How Biden Can Turn It Around - Top Democrats agree that the president needs more aggressiveness, more help from his friends and a few more friends. Liz Cheney, Rahm Emanuel and Mitt Romney can help.

Secret Service Agents Protecting Bidens Granddaughter Open Fire Amid Car Break-In

Military families and retired service members lobby to end Tubervilles blockade

After All That Pressure, Supreme Court Adopts Most Pathetic Code of Ethics Ever

Government shutdown looms as new speaker struggles to control hardliners : politics
Looming shutdown serves as first major test for McConnell-Johnson relationship : politics
Thanksgiving shutdown sets up nightmare scenario for travels : politics
Mike Johnson risks becoming the next Kevin McCarthy : politics
Who Paid for Mike Johnson to Attend This Conservative Conference? : politics

McCarthy says Jeffries hasnt spoken to him since ouster as Speaker

Trump will file for mistrial in NY fraud case very soon, attorney says
Its all a charade: Jack Smith busts Trump trying to hoodwink judge in new filing

Opinion: Trumps mental gaffes cant be ignored

Trump calls political enemies vermin,echoing dictators Hitler, MussoliniOn Veterans Day, the former president vowed to root out his liberal opponents, drawing backlash from historians who say his rhetoric is reminiscent of authoritarians
` Normalizing Trump is a choice - Lawyers, Guns & Money In a recent speech Trump went Nazi even by Trump standards:
NYT covering Hillary Clintons deplorables remark vs NYT covering Donald Trumps vermin remark.
Trump Campaign Doubles Down: Its Totally Fine That He Called His Enemies Vermin
Trump threatens to handle the "vermin": MAGA has got a hold of the Nazi playbook : politics
Musk and Yaccarino X has been placing ads for BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel on the pro-Hitler account
A wasteland: Political coverage ignores the threat to democracy
Nate Silver would like a pony - Lawyers, Guns & Money Remember when this guy was considered some sort of savant?

Trump Isnt Merely Unhinged
Trump and allies plot revenge, Justice Department control in a second term : politics
Trump says special counsel Jack Smith and others will end up in a mental institution if hes re-elected
Trump wants to turn the government into a weapon for personal revenge : politics
Behind the Curtain: Trump allies pre-screen loyalists for unprecedented power grab : politics
If Trump wins, US would look like Putin and Orban's illiberal democracy aRaskin says
I'm more worried today than I was on January 6 : top conservatives warning to America

Donald Trump Jrs original testimony could backfire as he retakes stand

Trumps New York Trial Promises to Get Even Worse
Trumps Idiot Lawyers Just Shared Faulty Evidence in Fraud Trial

This is a stupid strategy: Michael Cohen thinks Trump is marching his kids into aperjury trap

New book details Trump lawyers secret meeting with Jack Smith ahead of DC indictment
Book: Trump hangs up on Kim Kardashian over Biden support

Tim Scott suspends 2024 GOP primary bid : politics
Please clap - Lawyers, Guns & Money You will be shocked to learn that try to be less obviously angry was not an affect that appealed to Republican primary voters:

Vivek Ramaswamy Says He'll Fire Government Employees Based on Their Social Security Number : politics

Hey, Joe Manchin! Theres no middle in a right-wing GOP. (

Sinema left the Democratic party. Democratic donors left her too. : politics

Chair of Party That Lost Big on Abortion Says We Can Win on Abortion
How abortion could upend the 2024 battle for Congress

MAGA-dominated state Republican parties plagued by infighting, money woes : politics

Progressive Minnesota US Rep. Ilhan Omar draws prominent primary challenger | AP News

QAnon Shaman who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6 files paperwork to run for Congress - Jacob Chansley, who served about 27 months in prison for his role in the Capitol attack, filed to run for the seat left vacant by Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz.

How Moms for Liberty and a notorious English teacher exploited a high school student

Theres a hole in daddys arm where all the money goes

Millennials walked on Instagram so Gen Z could run on TikTok : funny

Study: 12 Ft. Lanes Are Deadlier Than 10 Ft. Ones So Why Do Many DOTs Build Them Anyway?A 12-foot lane can expect roughly 50 percent more crashes than a 10-foot one. Yet many traffic engineers still pick the wider design.

David Sabatini, whose career imploded at MIT, takes job in Prague Former MIT biologist, who lost positions after engaging in a prohibited sexual relationship, accepts new science job in Prague -- David Sabatini

Device keeps brain alive, functioning separate from body : science

A new study has found that mothers react faster and show stronger neural reactions when they anticipate winning a reward for their children than when they expect to win it for themselves. : science

Study shows link between mental and physical health: Individuals with severe mental illness are almost twice as likely to report physical multimorbidity, emphasising the critical importance of addressing the intersection between mental and physical health. : science

Melatonin Alleviates Intestinal Barrier Damaging Effects Induced by Polyethylene Microplastics in Albino Rats : science

A team of researchers have redesigned the needle used in IVF procedures, helping to increase the likelihood of having a baby through this treatment : science

A floating, solar-powered device that can turn contaminated water or seawater into clean hydrogen fuel and purified water, anywhere in the world, has been developed by researchers. : science

A neuroscientist explains the Adderall conundrum : science

A meta-analysis of 83 neuroimaging studies found that prior adversity was associated with greater amygdala reactivity and diminished prefrontal cortex reactivity across a wide range of task domains. : science

TIL A Canadian Mental Health and Addiction Centre has a success rate of nine in 10 patients getting better from a psychiatric point of view and it only takes patients for whom all previous treatment attempts have failed : todayilearned

A global scientific team has compiled the most comprehensive list of genetic variants associated with prostate cancer risk 451 in all through a whole-genome analysis that ranks as the largest and most diverse investigation into prostate cancer genetics yet.
Scientists discover key to a potential natural cancer treatments potency

This Is the Most Bizarre Grammar Rule You Probably Never Heard Of

Internet use predicts heightened anxiety symptoms in adolescent girls, but not boys : science

What's something that only ignorant people believe? : AskReddit

Killer Whales : WTF

Eli5: What is calculus in simple words? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5. I just heard an interview with a scientist who said something like we only know 10% of the species that exist on earth. How do we know how many we haven't discovered if we haven't discovered them? : explainlikeimfive

Colorado hiker wearing only a cotton hoodie is rescued after hours in a severe snowstorm : news

Wives of Reddit, what is a sexual fantasy you could never tell to your husband? : AskReddit

Bing loses search market share to Google despite ChatGPT integration | Even AI can't help Bing bridge the gap with Google : technology


Iceland declares emergency over volcano threat - BBC News : worldnews

Countries meet in Kenya to thrash out global plastic pollution treaty : worldnews

Researchers horrified after discovering mysterious plastic rocks on a remote island heres what they mean

Pandora's child - Lawyers, Guns & Money Pandoras child ... talks about why shes decided not to have children, given the terrible state of the world, and in particular the climate change crisis.

The Australian government said Saturday it was responding to a "significant cyber security incident" affecting several ports operated by DP World Australia that could last a number of days : worldnews

China blasts Philippine vessel anew with water cannon : worldnews
Dozens of Chinese ships chase Philippine vessels as US renews warning it will defend its treaty ally : worldnews
Activists Keep Disappearing in Marcos's Philippines - Military kidnappings have produced a public outcry.
Activists Keep Disappearing in Marcos's Philippines - Military kidnappings have produced a public outcry.

Biden, Xi set to pledge ban on AI in drones and nuclear warhead control : worldnews

Microsoft chief says Russia is spreading Middle East disinformation : worldnews

Russia says a battalion made up of Ukrainian prisoners of war is about to be sent to fight against their own country : worldnews

Russian insurgents behind assassination of FSB officer in Russias Bryansk Oblast - Ukrainian intelligence (n
Russian Volunteer Corps Fighting Against Kremlin Releases Video of Intelligence Officer Ambush : worldnews

Another rail accident in Russia, this time near Ryazan. Allegedly 19 rail cars were involved in this incident.

Blinken again urges India to co-operate as Canada probes killing of pro-Khalistan activist : worldnews
India breaks world record with Diwali oil lamp display despite air pollution fears
ndian journalist targeted with NSO spyware| Apples recent round of alerts reached more than 20 people in India, most of them opposition politicians
India Supports UN Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlements In Palestine : worldnews

Malis army drove closer on Saturday to the town of Kidal clashing with Tuareg separatist and rebel groups in what could signal the start of fighting for the strategically important northern crossroads
Malis army reports clashes with rebel groups near strategic town of Kidal

South African president deploys army to tackle illegal mining : worldnews
South Africas Too White Farms May Lose EU, UK Access
South Africas Too White Farms May Lose EU, UK Access

U.S. asks Congo and Rwanda to de-escalate tensions as fighting near their border displaces millions : worldnews

The Militia at the Center of the Darfur Genocide Kills Hundreds in Sudan : news

Turkish Lawyers March AgainstJudicial CoupPresident Defends it

Egypts President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi discussed de-escalation efforts in Gaza in meetings on Saturday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdoan on the sidelines of the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit in Riyadh.
FMs of Arab, Islamic countries assigned to create an international pressure to stop the war on Gaza : worldnews ... Bashir Assad who has killed hundreds of thousands, maybe a million Arabs, displaced more than half of Syria, and killed 20 thousand or more Palestinians in Syria, hundreds of them tortured to death, is at the Arab League summit to tell Israel about human rights. ROFL

Diwali dropped as a holiday for Indian schools across Qatar : worldnews

Internet collapses in war-torn Yemen over maintenanceinvolving undersea line

UAE Maintains Ties With Israel Despite War In Gaza : worldnews
Iran asks Islamic countries to designate Israel army terrorist groupbut UAE plans to maintain ties: Report

Nasrallah urges more global protests, longer war, says only US, UK stand with Israel : worldnews
Israel: 6 civilians wounded in anti-tank missile attack from Lebanon : worldnews
Israel warns Lebanon it could turn Beirut into Gaza : worldnews

Israeli Fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Chotiner's interview with Israeli settler leader Daniella Weiss tells you all you need to know about the settler movement. And I mean, the level of blindness that Americanseven many American liberalshave toward just what really is going on in the settlements is really, really bad. Fuck Hamas, but anyone who supports Israeli policy, go ahead and try to defend this utter insanity, which is should be noted is effectively the policy of the Netanyahu government ... Two million Jews in Judea and Samaria. More settlements, more farms, bigger cities.
Judea and Samaria Area - Wikipedia
Settler terrorism: An American problem | Brookings ... Palestinians are not strangers to settler terrorism. In fact, the number of settler attacks against Palestinians rose by about 150 percent every year between 2008 and 2012. Settler terrorism has intensified not only in volume but also in the nature and viciousness of its attacks. For example, in 2014 Israeli settlers kidnapped 16-year-old Palestinian Jerusalemite Mohammad Abu Khdairand burned him alive.
Israels Occupation: 50 Years Of Dispossession - or half a century, Israel s occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip has resulted in systematic human rights violations against Palestinians living there.
Israels settlements: Over 50 years of land theft explained
Israeli settlement - Wikipedia
60,000 American Jews Live in the West Bank, New Study Reveals - Haaretz Com (mostly Haredis from Brooklyn)

Israels free speech crackdown:War inside of a war
Eschaton: Partners No one has ever reconciled the general expressed belief that Netanyahu is an untrustworthy madman with the notion that the US supports Israel - and by extension him - without reservation.

Netanyahu indicates Israel will oppose Palestinian Authoritys return to Gaza after war

Netanyahu rejects growing calls for a cease-fire as Israel battles Hamas outside main Gaza hospital : worldnews
Israeli official says military not firing on Al Shifa hospital in Gaza : worldnews
Netanyahu: Hamas refused Israeli fuel offer for Gazas Shifa hospital
IDF: No siege at Shifa Hospital, well help move babies to safety
About a dozen children with cancer, blood disorders taken out of Gaza for treatment: WHO : worldnews

IDF using human shields : h3h3_productions

IDF claims it killed Hamas commander who held hospital patients hostage : worldnews

Hitler's Mein Kampf book found in childrens room used as Hamas basein Gaza.
Arabic annotated copy of Mein Kampf found among possessions of terrorist in Gaza home

International travel demand falls after onset of Israel-Hamas conflict, data shows : worldnews

Palestinian supporters take to waters at Port Botany in blockade campaign against Israeli ships : worldnews

30 years after illegal takeover, High Court orders settlers out of Palestinian land : worldnews ... The high court of Israel is always fighting against illegal settlements but the government is fighting against the high court

Why we decided to not allow the Washington Posts article about Nord stream (Russian propaganda)
Danish military expert Anders Puck Nielsen questions the Nord Stream story in WP: It's possible in the same way that its possible to win a football match 10-0 ... Washington Post spreading already debunked Russian fake news! unbelievable

Ukraine has enough energy resources to get through winter, energy minister says : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 627, Part 1 (Thread #773) : worldnews

Losses of the Russian military to 12.11.2023 : ukraine
These are the indicative estimates of Russias combat losses as of Nov. 12, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
ISW: Equipment losses forcing Russias hand in infantry tactics - Russian forces likely rely on infantry-led frontal assaults to compensate for a lack of adequately trained personnel and due to widespread equipment losses.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine expanded their control on the left bank of #DniproRive in the Kherson region in the settlement of #Krynky and north of Pidstepne and other areas arround there .

Explosion rocks Melitopol as traffic between Russian military bases suspended : worldnews

West Must Arm Ukraine to Stop Future Russian Threats, Latvian President Says : worldnews

Man convicted of death threats against Tusk reportedly inspired by state TV : worldnews - Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk

Germany set to double its Ukraine military aid under Scholz plan, Bloomberg reports : worldnews
Germany is going to double (!) the planned military help for Ukraine for the coming year. Instead of 4 billions of Euro, Germany will send 8 billions of Euro, making it by far the 2nd largest contributor of all military aid to Ukraine. Thats impressive

Thousands to march in France against anti-Semitism : worldnews
Marine Le Pen and her far-right RN party say they will attend Sundays march against antisemitism in the French capital. But other parties say they refuse to march alongside a party founded by antisemites

Far-right thugs, football hooligans blamed for violence at London march : worldnews

UCLA faculty call on school to condemn protests, speech crossing the line

U.S. Court Sides with Biden, Allows Willow Oil Project in Alaska to Go Ahead : politics

Oklahoma senator proposes'Lock the Clock bill for permanent daylight saving time ... We were horrified to see Pro-Palestinian rallies on campus in which the massacres by Hamas were celebrated, including explicit calls for violence (including chanting Intifada or event advertisements featuring images of weapons/violence)

Joe Biden wants to complete his goals on civil rights, taxes, and social services if hes reelected
Biden team says election night wins show path to 2024 victory : politics

John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh Are Rigging the Supreme Court Docket : politics
"Senate Democrats expand their probe over ethics concerns on the Supreme Court. Senate Democrats are trying to implement a code of ethics for the Supreme Court...." [PBS's Geoff Bennett and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), full transcript] : politics

Shutdown standoff: White House preps for Johnson to fail Biden aides are betting that Johnson wont be able tofigure this out and are preparing along two tracks.
House Republicans unveil their plan to avert a government shutdown next week : politics
White House reacts to Speakers extreme stopgap funding bill
Johnson announced his pitch to avoid a shutdown. Its already hitting a wall.

Kevin McCarthy accuses Matt Gaetz of pushing for his ouster as revenge over ethics probe : politics

Biden shifts into campaign mode with more attacks on Trump - President Joe Biden is ramping up attacks on former President Donald Trump after some allies privately urged him to do so in recent days. : politics
Trumps rivals seize on opportunities to challenge his acuity | Bidens team seeks to neutralize the age issue, while GOP hopefuls are urgently looking for ways to dent Trumps lead
Fmr U.S. president Trump mixes names of Biden and Obama at campaign rally : politics
Fox Host Floats Conspiracy Theory: Trumps Gaffes Are Intentional
China Paid Trump Millions In Rent. Then He Left The White House , the state-owned Industrial and Commercial Bank of China paid him an estimated $7 million to rent space in Trump Tower

Trump continues attacks on special counsel Jack Smith, references his family : politics

Covering him as a normal candidate: Extremism scholars say TV news normalizing Trumps threats

Trump Takes Veterans Day Speech in a Very Different Direction : politics - Using incendiary and dehumanizing language to refer to his opponents, Mr. Trump vowed to root out what he called the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our countryThe threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous and grave than the threat from withinMr. Trump said Saturday in a nearly two-hour Veterans Day address in Claremont, N.H. (two hours!)
Its Official: With Vermin, Trump Is Now Using Straight-up Nazi Talk | Hes telling us what he will do to his political enemies if hes president again. Is anyone listening?
Donald Trump is plotting a crackdown on immigration if he is elected including rounding up undocumented immigrants and holding them in large detention camps as they wait to be expelled from the country include those that have been settled in the country for decades.
Trumps plans if he returns to the White House include deportation raids, tariffs and mass firings
More fascist Trump plans - Lawyers, Guns & Money Hes not being shy about what a second term would be like:
Trump Issues Sinister Threat to Root Out Leftists If Elected in 2024

I dont think most Americans realize what a coup is: Edel Rodriguez takes on Trump
The Authoritarianism Is The Point - by Daniel W. Drezner Why is the Trump campaign so loudmouthed about its autocratic policy plans?

GOP Candidates Are Warming to the Idea of War With Iran - It's like Iraq and Afghanistan never happened in the minds of the next generation of Republican warmongers.

Republicans Advocate Transphobic, Authoritarian Project 2025 Even After Election Failures

How the right-wing titans of Silicon Valley turned against Trump : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene Finds Herself Increasingly Isolated : politics

An unlikely trio of Trump supporters are now his defiant co-defendants | A pastor, a publicist and a political activist tried to convince an election worker to falsely confess to voter fraud. They, along with Trump, now face criminal charges in Georgia. : politics

Sen. Manchin is the last in a line of formidable West Virginia Democrats who promoted coal interests : politics

Rep. Bob Good Says the GOP Must Be Even More Extreme on the Issue of Abortion in the Wake of Election Losses : politics

After Florida Voters Chose Democracy, DeSantis and the GOP Chose Suppression : politics

Some Trans Kids Are Being Forced To Flee America For Their Safety Many people in conservative states are having to make a difficult choice after facing harassment and anti-trans laws.

Washed-up fascists are still fascists : PoliticalHumor
Scott Baio - Wikipedia

Brad Wenstrup, Ohio Republican who ousted the notorious Jean Schmidt, will retire

No bar exam required to practice law in Oregon starting next year : politics

F.B.I. Examining Whether Adams Cleared Red Tape for Turkish Government : politics

Army Ammunition Plant Is Tied to Mass Shootings Across the U.S. - The New York Times ... But as military demand has slowed, billions of rounds have been sold commercially

John Lewis arrested in 1961 for using a Whites Only restroom, he became a Congressman for Georgia : pics ... America used to be segregated in the 1960s. Want your mind blown? Washrooms, water fountains, and even bus seats were reserved for whites only. Explicitly and legally.

20 more Texas students lose their theatre roles over gender policy. The student-run production of the classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical 'Oklahoma' or has encountered even more controversy

Ten Days Before The Twilight Zone Premiered, Mike Wallace Asked Rod Serling A Question That Aged Badly : television

The problem isnt inflation. Its prices. What goes up may not come down. Like, ever.

Should Your Ex-Boss Get a Say in Your New Job? Wall Street Says Yes Legislation in New York that would outlaw noncompete agreements, a staple at big banks, has led to frenzied lobbying to persuade Gov. Kathy Hochul to kill the effort.

Meditation Is Big Business. The Science Isnt So Clear.For years, mindfulness has been promoted as a near panacea. But just how much does the brain affect the body?

Son of Hollywood exec arrested after body part found in dumpster. Wife and in-laws are missing : news

SpaceX Doesnt Do Safety

Industrial robot crushed worker to death at a vegetable packing plant : news

The most popular books New Yorkers are reading now, according to 9 indie booksellers : books

Has anyone read Godel, Escher, Bach-The eternal golden braid
I Am a Strange Loop - Wikipedia

The Mathematical Experience - Wikipedia

AirPhysio Review: Complaints, Side Effects, Cost | HealthNews

TIL that 61% of US troops killed in Vietnam were under the age of 21. The overall average age was 23. : todayilearned

TIL that in the first 40 years of the US Interstate Highway System, it directly saved the lives of 187,000 people, prevented injuries to nearly 12 million people and returned $6 in economic productivity for each dollar that it costs. : todayilearned

A new study has found that spontaneous laughter can significantly reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, leading to positive effects for overall health

Men who are overweight or obese at age 18 have a higher risk of 17 different cancers later in life: lung, head and neck, brain, thyroid, esophageal, stomach, pancreatic, liver, colon, rectal, kidney, and bladder cancer, malignant melanoma, leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma. : science

TIL of Aphantasia, a condition where a person is unable to picture things in their mind : todayilearned

Collective intelligence can help reduce medical misdiagnoses: An estimated 250,000 people die from preventable medical errors in the U.S. each year. Single diagnosticians achieved 46% accuracy, whereas pooling the decisions of 10 diagnosticians increased accuracy to 76%. : science

Skulls in Ukraine reveal early modern humans came from the East. These two individuals interbred with Neanderthals and with the very first European Homo sapiens, who arrived around 45,000 years ago and were thought to have become extinct following a major climatic catastrophe. : science
Early Homo erectus lived at high altitudes and produced both Oldowan and Acheulean tools : science

Your mental dictionary is part of what makes you unique heres how your brain stores and retrieves words

ELI5 why does a q (nearly always) need a u after it?

What is something that still hasnt gone back to normal after the pandemic?

What immediately tells you someone is an asshole? : AskReddit

Tesla will sue you for $50,000 if you try to resell your Cybertruck in the first year : technology

Whats the most dystopian thing happening right now that we never thought could happen just 25 years ago?

Apple might have to pay that 13B EU tax bill after all


Iceland evacuates the town of Grinkavik due to imminent volcanic eruption, a response last seen 1973.

Microplastic-eating plankton may be worsening crisis in oceans, say scientists : worldnews

EU negotiators agree historic law to restore Europes nature

Amazon deforestation falls more than 20% to its lowest levels in 5 years : worldnews

A surprise offensive by Myanmar ethnic armed groups has blocked two strategically vital roads to the countrys biggest trading partner China, choking cross-border commerce and denying the cash-strapped junta taxes and foreign exchange
Losing ground to rebel alliance, Myanmar junta faces biggest test since coup : worldnews

Indonesian clerics issue fatwa boycotting products linked to Israel and Zionism : worldnews

Pyongyang reconfirms stronger ties with Russia despite warning : worldnews

New Hong Kong law to extend reach of espionage crimes overseas

Biden and Xi meeting set for next week as US hopes to halt downward spiral in relations : worldnews
Suspected Russian hackers disrupted the market in U.S. Treasuries by attacking China's == and the worlds -- largest bank.ICBC was reportedly forced to conduct some trades via a portable USB drive after the bank was hit by a ransomware attack
China denies accusations of forced assimilation and curbs on religious freedom in Tibet : worldnews

2/ An investigation by Important Stories highlights the role that Transneft has played in recruiting men to fight in the BARS-20 Gromvolunteer battalion, one of dozens formed by corporate or political sponsors as part of Russias Special Combat Army Reserve (BARS).

Lieutenant Colonel of FSB shot dead in Russias Bryansk Oblast
Mobilised soldiers beat their colonel to death in Simferopo

Train with 19 wagons derails in Russia due to interference by unauthorised persons : worldnews

Russian media: Massive fire breaks out at Kotovsk gunpowder plant. Local residents said they heard an explosion before the fire erupted at the factory. No casualties were reported.

Three months after Moscow adopted law on goods deliveries to northern territories, a crisis looms in isolated Arctic settlements : worldnews

U.S. and India strike deal to co-produce Stryker armored vehicle : worldnews

UN warns violence against civilians in Sudan vergingon pure evil

After five years of drought and two locust plagues, Somalia is now being ravaged by "once-in-a-hundred-year" floods. : worldnews

Erdogan threatens Israel: It is testing our patience : worldnews

Irans Raisi: The only solution is a Palestinian state fromthe river to the sea
In Brussels, FM Cohen says Iran is financing Hamas to stop Arab countries normalization with Israel

Netanyahu says IDF will control Gaza after war, rejects notion of international force : worldnews

Macron condemns rising antisemitism and Israeli bombing of civilians : worldnews
Macron calls on Israel to stop killing Gazas women and babies (

News outlets deny claims they had prior knowledge of Hamas attack on Israel | Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times and CNN say suggestions are untrue, outrageous and reckless : worldnews
News Outlets, Press Freedom Groups Reject Claims Journalists Knew of Hamas Attack : worldnews

No Canadians approved to leave Gaza on Friday were able to exit: Global Affairs : worldnews

Terrorist organizations in Gaza responsible for hitting Al-Shifa Hospital - IDF spokesman : worldnews

IDF: Troops found Hamas drone manufacturing plant, weapons depot in Gaza residential building : worldnews

IDF says it killed Hamas commander who held some 1,000 Gazans hostage at hospital : worldnews

IDF gains control of Hamas territory in northern Gaza, kills 150 terrorists : worldnews

Soldiers find rocket launcher hidden in shipping container on Gaza coast : worldnews

Ukrainian military officer coordinated Nord Stream pipeline attack that shocked and mystified the West - The Washington Post Roman Chervinsky, a colonel in Ukraines Special Operations Forces, was integral to the brazen sabotage operation, say people familiar with planning
Ukraine to Putin: You cut our power, we kneecap your biggest economic driver : worldnews
Ukraine ranks second most generous country in world, survey shows : worldnews
IMF: Ukrainian economy shows signs ofstronger-than-expected recovery. The IMF upgraded Ukraines 2023 GDP growth to 4.5%, up from a range of 1-3% predicted in July.
Decommunization: Kyiv City dismantled over 60 Soviet monuments, 56 more slated for removal : worldnews
The attack was part of an overnight barrage that suggested Moscow was testing air defenses before another potential winter campaign against Ukraines energy infrastructure

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 626, Part 1 (Thread #772) : worldnews

Russia suffers record personnel losses over the past 30 days: 25760 soldiers [link to source in comments] : ukraine
Losses of the Russian military to 11.11.2023 : ukraine

Ukrainian Marines Still Holding Dnipro Bridgehead, Special Ops Busy : worldnews
The Ukrainian Army posters dont mess around.

Amidst constant air sirens and distant explosions, Kherson celebrates Liberation Day with unbreakable spirit. From early morning people gather on Freedom Square to celebrate the citys liberation from Russian occupation. Witnessing this resilience brings smiles to faces

Russian boats hit in Crimea on 10 November beyond recovery : worldnews
Ukraine claims it hit two Russian landing craft in Crimea with sea drones | CNN : worldnews

Moscow-backed Ukrainian Orthodox Church hires US lobbyist for $1400 per Hour. UOC-MP is paying a hefty price to promote the idea of ongoingreligious persecutionin Ukraine

Finnish investigators confirm recovered anchor belongs to Chinese vessel | News | Yle Uutiset : worldnews .. The NBI is probing the incident as a suspected case of aggravated criminal mischief

Estonia will let Taiwan open Tallinn office, despite China warnings : worldnews

Germany approves gl