The Sefer Yetzirah: Cube of Space
The Dimensions of Consciousness and the Experience of Being Alive

Sephirot, Seal, Direction, Formative, Planet, Contrary, Zodiac from Adam Kadmon's Perspective
Based on ancient versions of the Sepher Yetsira/Book of Formation

Metapsychology of the Cube of Space
Sephirot Belimah
Seals and Axes
Depths of Directions
Planetary Binomials
Planetary Formatives
The Cube of Psychological Space

Seven Doubles: Contrary Qualities (B'Oulam)
Seven Doubles: Days (B'shinah)
Seven Doubles: Openings (B'nefesch)
Seven Doubles: Tarot Correspondences

Arms of the World in Three Spheres
Twelve Simples B'Olam: Signs of the Zodiac
Twelve Simples B'Shinah: Months
Twelve Simples B'Nefesh: Organic Actions
Twelve Simples B'Nefesh: Organs of the Body
Twelve Simples: Tarot Correspondences

The Ari-Gra Lurianc Cube
Golden Dawn Cube

The Physical and Psychological Faces
Planetary Contrary Energies as Virtues and Vices
Stoic Philosophy: Four Powers of the Hegemonikon
Blake's Four Functions

The Wheel of Life / Samsara and the Cube of Space

Cognitive Metaphors and Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Mappings

Circular Zodiac: Hebrew Formative Letter, Sign, Double, Contrary

Sepher Yetsira Index

22 Autiot Yassod + Finals
Hypertext Hebrew Alphabet Contents