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Hebrew Resources

Aleph | Bayt
Hypertext Hebrew Alphabet: Symbolic Meanings of the Hebrew Letters/Alphabet
Hebrew Alphabet: Semantic Structure and Formative/Creative Meanings of the Autiot

Philosophical Qabala: Hebrew letter meanings
Aleph-Bet (Modern & Paleo) w/meanings
Paleo Hebrew Initial Findings, Resources

Biblical Hebrew - Wikipedia
Paleo-Hebrew alphabet - Wikipedia
Western Neo-Aramaic - Wikipedia
Samaritan script - Wikipedia
Ktav Ashuri - Wikipedia

Bethashem: Basic Meanings of the Hebrew Letters
Alphanumeric Symbolism of the Hebrew Alphabet *
Spiritual insight of the Alef-Beit
Hebrew Letter Meanings
Cederland: The Evolution of the Alphabet
Starting With Aleph: An On-line Course in Hebrew Reading and Jewish Values
Jewish Language Research Website
Ammi Shaddai: Hebrew Alphabet Meanings in Spanish
Memosys: The aleph-bayt connection
Omniglot: Hebrew Alphabet
Soulworksstudio: The Aleph-Bet
Aleph-Bet: The Letter Aleph
Hebrew alphabet - Factbites
Proposal to add the Hebrew Tetragrammaton to ISO/IEC 10646
The Hebrew Alphabet: It's Inner Structure
Midrashic Women: Formations of the Feminine in Rabbinic Literature - Google Book Search (Samekh, and the problem of "unregulated women")
Kolel's Zohar Course (Samekh first mentioned in Gen 2.21 (vayisgor: sealed)
Hebrew Alphabet | Hebrew : Virtual Ulpan
Alphabet hebraique juif de aleph beth
Secrets hidden in the Hebrew alphabet | prepare the way ... (Teth?)
Hebrew Letters, Numbers, and Their Meaning (Revised) - prepare the way ...
AHRC Guest Articles A fresh look at the Hebrew Alphabet By Larry Cohen
The Infinite And The Alephbet 72-minute cosmology documentary. (download torrent) - TPB (Larry Cohen)
Judy Racz: The Hebrew Alef-Beit (adblock the background)
The Word: The Dictionary That Reveals the Hebrew Source of English - Isaac Mozeson - Google Books

messiah (Mem-Sheen-Yod-Hayt)

The Divine Design of the Hebrew Alphabet - The Symbolic Meanings of the Twenty-Two Hebrew Letters
- the letters of the Hebrew alphabet with their symbol and meaning.
Mysteries of the Qabalah: Part I: The Hieroglyphical Interpretation of the Hebrew Alphabet - Mysteries of the Qabalah, by Elias Gewurz, [1922], at
Hebrew Alphabet Reference FREE - Android Apps on Google Play
The aleph and Elohim
The Abc's of God: Hebrew For ''Dumee'' (My Blood) - A. Mivasair God - Google Books
Hebrew Letters The Dna of Creation Part 6

Melingo (Hebrew translation)
Transliteration Table
Hebrew Transliteration Table Transliteration of Hebrew Letters in the Bible
Hebrew Streams: Hebrew & Aramaic Transliteration (Academic & Non-Academic)
Michigan-Clairemont Hebrew Transliteration Scheme
Alphabet Hebraique/Transliteration
Hebrew Transcription
Transliteration Software
Phonetic/spelling alphabets for various languages
Hebrew Language, Grammar Pronunciation-Transliteration

Learn the Aleph-Bet
Hebrew Alphabet w/sound
Aleph-Bayt (w/sound)
Hebrew Alphabet (w/sound) (NJOP can't decide on a URL)
Hebrew Alphabet used in writing STA"M
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Berger: Safrus (Sofer)
Hebrew Alphabet
Mordecai Pinchas - Sofer: Forming the Letters
The Aleph Beth with Qabalistic Relationships
Symbolic Meaning Of The Hebrew Letters — F. G. P.
The Multilevel Meanings of the Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew Letters / Final Consonants & Vowels
Hebrew Alphabet Numerical Values
Hebrew Aleph-Bet with Numeric Values and their Meanings
Hebrew Letter Chart w/literal & symbolic meanings
Alef-Bet: calligraphy, script, number, sound *
The Hebrew letters and their values and symbols
Hebrew Orthography
Books about Hebrew calligraphy
Clickable AlefBeis w/meanings and sounds
Ginzberg: The Legends of the Jews: The Alefbeis (Alphabet)
Jewfaq: Hebrew Alphabet
Wikipedia: Hebrew alphabet
The Hebrew Alphabet (w/formative meanings)
Aleph-Bet: Complete Guide to Hebrew Pronounciation
Levsoft: Animated Alef-Bet
Alef-Beyt: The Formation of the Letters (anim)
Aleph-Bet on the Net | Hebrew Tutorials
Morsels of Hebrew Grammar
Hebrew Character Representation: graphic & decimal code points
Daniel Nuriyev: Hebrew Alphabet *
Dictionnaire Hébraïque de base (avec gematria)
Meta-Physics and The 'Sign of the Cross' (Hebrew Alef-Bet Meanings
Le Sens CachÉ Des Lettres HebraÏques: Les Instruments de la CrÉation
Tirage aléatoire d'une Lettre hébraïque
Aleph-Beth: Alphabet hébraïque juif et généalogie de nos patriarches

Aleh-bet: The formation of the letters
Hebrew Alef-Beit w/pronunciation
Morsels of Hebrew Grammar: A Resh with a Dagesh!
Aleph-Bet on the Net: Tutorials
Aklah: Learn the Aleph-Bet
hebrew allphabet spelling - Google Search
Jewish Virtual Library: Hebrew Alphabet
Alfabet | M.A. Ouaknin: Mysteries of the alphabet
Double Letters, Sofit Letters, Vowels
Aleph bet: The Formation of the Letters
Understanding Hebrew: A search for the pure language By Eleazar, 1999
The Mother of Languages - The Influence of Hebrew on other Languages
Making The Alphabet Dance or Ingenious Hebrew Letter Forms
The Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew Alphabet
Hebrew Letters of the Day
Precepts of GOD - Psalm 119: Hebrew Alphabet Meanings
Hebraic Roots, Christianity & the Hebrew alphabet, free software, mp3s
The Chronicle Project .org (SDH)

Hebrew Numbers
Fundamental Powers: Sephirot as Numbers
Morim: Hebrew Numbers
Hebrew Numbering System
Hebrew Numbers
Hebrew Aleph-Bet and Letter as Numbers
Masculine and Feminine in Numbers
Hebrew Numbers
Numbers and Numerals: Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic
Hebrew Numbers: Cardinal and Ordinal (PDF)
The Confusion of Hebew Numbers
The Hebrew Numbering System
Jewish Encyclopedia: Numbers and Numerals
The Hebrew Numbering System by Simon Montagu
Hebrew Numbers and Counting
parshablog: The Torah begins with the letter Bet

Hebrew Dictionary
DAVAR - hebrew dictionary
AHRC: Biblical Hebrew Dictionary
Basic Hebrew Online Tutorial
Learn Hebrew For Free - FoundationStone *
FoundationStone: Online Hebrew Tutorial v2.0
Hebrew for Me
ZigZagWorld: Hebrew for Me: Java applets for Hebrew vocabulary
Ukindia: Hebrew Lessons
Online Elementary Hebrew
Basic Hebrew Tutorial
Biblia Hebraica: Online Tutorial 600 Hours of Jewish Audio & Video
3 wrong ways (and 1 right way) to translate Biblical Hebrew « Vridar
Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

YouTube - A History of Hebrew Part 10: The Hebrew Root System
Learn Hebrew Videos
Hebrew is Easy
Consonants and Vowels In the Hebrew Script
Hebrew Cantillation Marks And Their Encoding
MP3 Song Files for Torah Cantillation
Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor
Timeless Lessons: Your on line source of Tora Audio Files
Hebrew Learning Resouces
Hebrew Language Resouces
YouTube - Biblical Hebrew Language - PART 1 Hebrew Resources
Hebrew Language Resouces (w/sound)
Hebrew Resouces
BigChalk: Hebrew
Academy of the Hebrew Language
Hebrew Speech Synthesizer
Hebrews: A learning module
Learn Hebrew, the Hebrew Alphabet/Aleph Bet/Alef Bet, the Hebrew Bible, and All Things Hebrew!
HaKesher: Language Resources: Books & Tapes
Easy Hebrew: Correspondence Course: for CHRISTIANS who long to know HEBREW
Hebrew World: the Hebrew language with Israel's spirit!
Hebrew World: Alef-Bet CD
Jewish Studies: Free Online Courses
H-Judaic: Jewish Studies Network
Shorashon, lexique de près de 4000 racines hébraïques
Hebrew language lessons
Aryeh Kramer: Hebrew Tutorials and Games
Curso de Hebraico
Learn Hebrew Online - Live Hebrew Lessons with teachers from Israel
Hebrew for Christians - Learn Hebrew for FREE!
The Hebrew Alphabet
Janine Schloss: The Hebrew Alphabet
Brad Scott: Mysteries and Truths Hidden within the AlephBet
Bible History | The Jewish Year
Hebrew The Original Language
EcoRebbe: The Nature of the Hebrew Language (Hirsch)
Judaism Online | Jewish Information |
Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Palestinian | Babylonian Talmud
Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts
The Online Jewish Library: The Bible ,the "Mishna" ,the "Tosftah" and Babylonian & Jerusalemian Talmud Online in Hebrew
Jewish Oral Law: Talmud, Mishna, & Gemara
Sacred Texts: The Babylonian Talmud Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson
Levinas as reader of the Talmud
Babylonian Talmud Megillah 9a-b: Translation of the Torah into Greek - CojsWiki

Biblical Hebrew
Wikipedia: Hebrew Language | Jew
The Hebrew Text of the Tanach
National Center for the Study of Hebrew
Navigating the Hebrew Bible (with sound clips)
Virtual Religion Index: Hebrew Scripture
Hebrew Union: Scholarly Resources
Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem
Society of Biblical Literature Electronic Resouces
Biblical Hebrew: online tutorials, self-study, correspondance courses
Sefaria: a Living Library of Jewish Texts Online
Intro to Biblical Hebrew (w/flash card alephbeit)
Bible Hebrew Resource Page B-Hebrew: Biblical Hebrew Mailing List
Wigram: Hebrew Bible: Structure and Idiom
The Tanakh: Jewish Scriptures | Triangulations
Can you name the Jewish Scriptures? | Triangulations
Four Levels of Biblical Understanding: PaRDeS
J.S. Trimm: The Memra
The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
Bet HaShem Midrash: House of The Name Academy
Biblia Hebraica: Learning Resources
Lee R Martin: Biblical Hebrew Lessons: free, online courses
Why Learn Biblical Languages? History of the Hebrew Language
An Attempt to Delineate the Characteristic Structure of Classical (Biblical) Hebrew Poetry
Levsoft: Bible Verse Explorer: Hebrew + Transliteration
Torah Net: Online Torah Resources
Eric Sholom Simon: Torahnet Page: Torah Study Opportunities on the 'Net Tanach Study Center
Biblical Grammar: 50 College-Level Lessons: Software Program
Center for the Bible and Classical Hebrew Studies
Richard C Steiner: Does the Biblical Hebrew Conjection (Waw) Have Many Meanings, One Meaning, or No Meaning At All?
The 'Textual Mechanics' of Early Jewish LXX/OG Papyri and Fragments
The Psalms Targum: An English Translation by Edward M. Cook
Revue Biblique
The Bible Land Shop Homepage: Bible Study Tools, Jewish and Christian Gifts from Israel
William M. Schniedewind, Prolegomena for the Sociolinguistics of Classical Hebrew
History of the Hebrew Language by David Steinberg

Jewfaq: Judiasm 101
Jewfaq: the Shema: Hebrew: text and sound, transliteration, English
Judaism 101: Torah
Keriat Shema - The Recitation of the Shema in Hebrew
JewishPath: Hebrew Glossary
BlueThread Hebrew Glossary
Judaism FAQ Resources
Online Learning Center: Judaism Links and Resources
Microsoft's Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew Glossary
Hebrew Glossary
Hebrew Glossary

Jewish Virtual Library : History of the Bible
Hall History: ancient hebrew history Resources
Jewish Encyclopedia: Torah
Sources: Jewish Mysticsm
Medieval Jewish History Resource Directory
Hebreunet: Gate of Hebraic Language
Hebrew Language: Learn Hebrew Resources

Maimonides - Wikipedia
Maimonides: The Foundations of Jewish Belief: The Thirteen Foundations of the Ramba'm

Mark R. Sunwall: Maimonides on the Sabians, A Case of Constructive Disapproval
Mark R. Sunwall: The Suprarational Grounds of Rationalism: Maimonides and The Criteria of Prophecy
Blumenthal: Maimonides: Prayer, Worship and Mysticism
Maimonides Mini-Course
Hoover Institution - Policy Review - The Moses of Cairo - Maimonides: The Life and World of One of Civilizations’s Greatest Minds
Medieval Sourcebook: Maimonides: The 613 Mitzvot

Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism: Miriam: Prophetess, Diseased and Well
Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets ... - Google Book Search
Judaism 101: Prophets and Prophecy (list of seven female prophets) - Secular Culture & Ideas: Female Prophets in the Bible: Miriam, Deborah, Hulda, and Noadia

Blue Thread: A neutral space to study Torah, Mitzvot, and their meaning to Reform Jews
Internet Jewish History SourceBook
The Ioudaios-L Discussion List: Judaism in the Greco-Roman world
Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
Hebraica Team | About Hebrew
Hebrew Translating Discussion Group/Resources
The Sabbath, Sabbath and Weekday Services/Sacred Texts
Israel Timeline
Jewish Virtual Library
Time-Line for the History of Judaism
Jack Fellman: Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the Revival of Hebrew
My Jewish Learning | A Timeline of Jewish Texts
The Birth and Evolution of Judaism: The Pre-Mosaic Stage (~1950-1300 BC)
The History of the Ancient Near East: The Hebrews
Brief History of Israel (BC)
History of Israel, from 1850-present
A New Chronology: Synopsis of David Rohl's book "A Test of Time" by John Fulton
Timeline of the Jewish People
Dinur Center: Online Texts and Documents Related to Jewish History
Jewish Virtual Library
Daat: Hundreds of Articles in Hebrew
Pirqe Rabbi Eliezer Electronic Text Editing Project
Lewis Barth: Is Every Medieval Hebrew Manuscript a New Composition? The Case of Pirqé Rabbi Eliezer
RashiYomi: Rashi: The King of Commentators
Louis Ginzberg: The Legends of the Jews volumes I-IV
Ginzberg: The Legends of the Jews Volume 1
UPenn: Etexts: Judaic Studies Resources
Hellenistic Judeo-Christian Resources on the Net: Judaica *
Editors: Joseph Dan (Jerusalem/Berlin), Peter Schäfer (Berlin/Princeton): Jewish Studies Quarterly
Jewish Studies Quarterly
Jewish Topics: A look at Jewish topics through the prism of the classic Jewish texts
Columbia: Middle East & Jewish Studies: Internet Resources
Hebrew Books: Search or Browse 1,117 Seforim/766 Journals
Jewish Audio: Online Resources
Jewish Books for the Home Library
Megillat Ester
Vision and Covenant | Hellenistic Civilization (9th Century BCE - 5th Century AD)

JPost: Great 360 degree Panoramas from the Holy Land!
Dinur: Second Temple and Talmudic Era
Temple Mount
Holy Smoke: Rebuilding the Temple
Tony Badillo: King Solomon's temple: does it reveal a human form?
Building the Third Temple Today
The Yoru-Shalem Heavenly Temple Show
The Secrets of the Future Temple Kabbalah and Mysticism - Mile Chai Jewish Books and Judaica
The Third Temple
Wired: Apocalypse Now Yitzhaq Hayutman
Towards the Eternal Center: Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple
Temple Secrets: First Temple
Aish HaTorah's Tunnel Tour
The Temple Institute
Donald Binder: Second Temple Synagogues
Donald Binder: collection of ancient literary references to Second Temple synagogues
Azamra: Secrets of the Future Temple: "Mishkney Elyon"
King Solomon the Myth (Fabrications of the Theologists)
The Jerusalem Syndrome
Torah on the Web - Virtual Beit Midrash - Torah
Juan Bautista Villalpando, S.J. (1552 to 1608) and his version of Solomon's Temple
The Lost Ark: a frightening artifact
Crystalinks: The Ark of the Covenant
Where has the lost Ark of the Covenant been?
250 Ark of the Covenant Links

The Hebrew Calendar *
Jewish Calendar Info
Judaism 101: The Jewish Calendar - A Closer Look
Gregorian * Hebrew calendar converter
Babylonian, Jewish, Muslim, Luni-Solar, Indian, Iranian Calendars
JOS Calendar Conversion
Hebrew Calendar Science & Myths by Remy Landau *
A Fresh Look At The Biblical Hebrew Calendar
Observational Scriptural Full Moon Hebrew Calendar
Kabbalah Club: Hebrew Months
A Fresh Look At The Biblical Hebrew Calendar
Hebrew Months
Akhlah: Hebrew Months
Jewish Calendar: Religious Festivals & Holy Days
Catholic Encyclopedia: Jewish Calendar
Jewish Holidays
About the Hebrew Calendar
Shavuot: the sephirotic omer counting chart
The Israeli New Moon Society Jewish Calendar Tools
8 Time
Two Jewish Calendars
Jewish Calendar - Hebrew Calendar
Hebrew/civil Calendars: Kaluach
5771: Secrets of the Year 5771 - The Mathematics of 5771
The Year 5771: Ayin Aleph « Defining Words
prayerbeacon: New Wells in the Year of Ayin

Eliezer Segal's Babylonian Talmud Page
Daf Yomi Resources The ONLY Daf Yomi web site featuring Tsuras HaDaf: Online copy of original Talmud (in Gif format), page by page
Daf Yomi Advancement Forum
Mishna Yomis
Rabbi Judith Abrams: Adult Talmud Study | Jewish Texts: The Owner's Manual Teacher's Version
Daf Yomi Forum
WebShas: bibliography of the Talmud
Aish Das: "HaMakor" is Hebrew for "The Source" : bibliographic help in researching topics within traditional Jewish literature
Gil Student: The Real Truth about the Talmud
Shamash: Lech Lecha
MP3 & RealAudioTM Shiurim online
Seforim Online (many PDFs)
Torah Net: Parsha Online
Orthodox Union: Torah Dimensions: selection of audio and video presentations
Tachash: Scholarly Works, Jewish Friends, & Beyond
Jewish Theological Seminary | Library
Second Temple Synagogues
Shamash: Judaism and Jewish Resources
Project Genesis
Hypertext Halacha
Siman 61 : The law concerning precision and concentration while reading the Shema
Ohr Somayach Tanenbaum College
Center for Basic Jewish Education
Ask Lazar Archive
Lustick: Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel
Breslov Chassidus
Breslov Research Institue: the teachings of the chassidic master Rebbe Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810)
Breslov Center
Chassidus & Judaism
Devekut - Chassidut
Nechamat Zion: Shuva Bonim
Excerpts from a lesson given by HaRav Eliezer Berland, shlit"a, Parshas Mikeitz
Guide to Chabad Literature
Shuvu Bonim: Breslov Institutes
Chasidism Reading List
Nichmas Chaim
Divrey torah chassidus hassidus: Jewish Meditation
The Inner Dimension: Gateway to the Wisdom of Kabbalah and Chassidut
The Gal Einai Email List Archives for the Year 5759

Yale: Judaica Exhibit
An Embodied Myth? : The Historical Destiny of the Jews
A Brief Guide for Editors and Translators of English Sefarim
Tzimzum: Null and Void
Torah Web: weekly divrei Torah from these world-renowned talmidei chachamim
Torah Scholars
Yeshivat Hakotel: Torah Online (MP3/Real Audio Shiurim)
Movements of Judaism
U Calcary: Religious Studies 361: Post-Biblical Judaism
Rambi: Index of Articles on Jewish Studies: The Jewish National and University Library
Hasidic Rebel Blog
BBCi: Religion & Ethics: Judaism
Catholic Encyclopedia: Hebrew Language and Literature
Crystalinks: Another Brief History of Israel
Time-Line for the History of Judaism
Overview of World Religions: Judaism
The Golden Dynasty: The Life and Times of the Rebbes of the Ruzhiner Dynasty
Hareshima: Jewish Internet Portal
Journey into Torah
Ascent of Safed: Ha Ari: Isaac Luria
Bas Ayin: Journal of Jewish Spirituality
Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture: An integral voice of the "New Jewish Culture"
Shamash: Big List of Divrei Torah
Torah Leining
Hebrew Theological College
OUnetwork: Orthodox Union Network
Shamash: Introduction to Derech Chaim
Rabbi Kook on Weekly Torah Portion (Parsha), Jewish Holidays and Psalms (Tehillim)
Language, Names, and Heraldry of Jews in Medieval Spain
Jewish History, Given Names over the Ages
Judaica Libraries and Archives on the Web
The Judaica Bibliography
Princeton: Jewish Studies Resources
Zemerl: The Jewish Song Database
The Nature and Central Themes of Judaism
The Popular Arabic Literature of the Jews
A Chrestomathy of Modern Judeo-Arabic Texts
Synagoga Judaica by Johannes Buxtorf

Yiddish Phrases
Hebrew Books of the Bible & Hebrew/Yiddish Glossary
Yiddish Dictionary of Words, Phrases, Exressions & Slang
List of English words of Yiddish origin - Wikipedia
Survey of American Jewish Language and Identity
Yiddish/Hebrew refresher course: glossary

Cambridge U: The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
Digital Genizah
The Princeton Geniza Project
On The Rabbinical Exegesis of an Enhanced Biblical Value of Pi
The Molten Sea and the Value of Pi
Hypertext Terumah
UPenn: Center for Judaic Studies
Sacred Texts: Hebrew Visions of Hell and Paradise
Mosaistics: The Tablets of the Law of Moses
2-D structure of the Ten Commandments
Mosaistics: 3D Structure of the Tablets of the Law of Moses
Moses, Pythagoras, and Thales of Miletus
Moses' | Horns
Modia: Judaisme, le Talmud et la Torah
Lexique juif
S.R.Hirsch: The Menorah: Components and Workmanship
Eye of the Needle: Camel or Rope?
Yeshivat Bat Ayin
YouTube - Hexagram - Star of David or star of... (1of2)
Zoroastrianism & Judaism
Karaism is the original form of Judaism as prescribed by God in the Torah
Karaism vs. Rabbanism In the Writings of Salmon ben Yeruham
Crimean Karaims
Karaim Communities
Judah's Three Transgressions

Sephardic genealogy at
Suarez is of Hebrew origin - Canary Islands (Las Islas Canarias) - Family History & Genealogy Message Board -
Sephardic Genealogy Sources
FASSAC: Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture
Sephardic Sages
Sephardic Institute: Lecture Series
Sephardim and their History
Journal for the Study of Sephardic & Mizrahi Jewry - Mozilla Firefox
Judeo-Spanis (Ladino) Language
Medieval Sourcebook: Iberia
Los judíos del occidente musulmán: Al-Ándalus y Sefarad
History of the Sephardic Jews
Los Muestros on line
Powell's Books - After Jews and Arabs: Remaking Levantine Culture by Ammiel Alcalay
HISTORY Secret muslim jews await their messiah: Shabbetai Tzvi, by Gad Nassi
Institut Sépharade Européen - Instituto Sefardi Europeo - European Sephardic Institute
500 Anniversary Of The Forced Conversion Of The Jews Of Portugal

Shabbat: Rest: Contrary to common perception, time does not stop when we rest: it flows inward
The Religion of David (with Timelines)
New Jerusalem Mosaic
War with Amalek
Judaism and Racial Consciousness (War with Amalek)
At the Time of Jesus: The Truth about Hillel and his Times

Department for Jewish Zionist Education: Pedagogic Center - Torah for Teenagers: Zionism
Remember when Lubavitch was Anti-Zionist?
What the Rabbis said about Zionism in the Previous Generations
Hirhurim - The Religious Zionism Debate IV The Three Oaths | Hirhurim - The Many Flavors of Zionism
Jews Not Zionists
Ahad Ha’am (Asher Ginsberg)
openDemocracy: Nation as trauma, Zionism as question: Jacqueline Rose interviewed
Guardian: Education | Out of the ivory tower: Jacqueline Rose
Sample Chapter for Rose, J.: The Question of Zion
Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem: David Hartman
Pluto Press: John Rose: The Myths of Zionism
Orthodox Anti-Zionism
Articles, Challenging Christian Zionism: Christians Committed to Biblical Truth and Justice
Article, Wagner, Evangelical-Jewish Alliance: Hal Lindsey: The Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism
Article, Wagner, Evangelical-Jewish Alliance An Orthodox Perspective on Christian Zionism
Challenging Christian Zionism:   Christians Committed to Biblical Truth & Justice

Jewish Festivals
The Historical Background to the Maccabean Revolt

The Marginalia Review of Books – Literary Criticism and the Composition of the Hebrew Bible – By Juha Pakkala
The Development of the Jewish Canon
Structure of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and Apocrypha
The Marginalia Review of Books – The Canon(s) of the Jewish Scriptures

Carol Myers: The Roots of Restriction: Women in Early Israel
Kolot: Center for Jewish Women's and Gender Studies
Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution (Jewish Women's Archive)
The Secret of the Dreidel
Ancient Hebrew Social Organization
Levenson: The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son (Review)
The Hasidic Stories Home Page
Nigal: Hasidic Stories: Transmigration of Souls
Guf: a Jewish soul myth | Triangulations
An Anthology of the Vilna Gaon by Rabbi Moshe Tzuriel
Vayishlach (Genesis 32:4-36:43) :The Struggle of Jacob
Judaic Seminar
Bar-Ilan University's Parashat Hashavua Study Center
Bibliography: Hekhalot Mysticism (in Hebrew)
Question 1: Is "Rabbinic Mysticism" an oxymoron
Jewish Children's Learning Network: Bereshit
Torah spirituality, healthcare and healing
Livius: First-Century Judaism
Gerald A. Larue: Old Testament Life and Literature
Disputation of Barcelona (1263): Latin account
Disputation of Barcelona: Hebrew Report of Moses Nahmanides
Elliot R. Wolfson: From My Flesh I Would Behold God
Maven: Jewish Portal
Short History of the Jews of Malta (inc Abulafia)
Summary of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Murder of the Late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
The Alhambra Decree ( Followed by Isaac Abrabanel's Answer) (1492)
Apocalyptic Speculation: Rabbinic Parables
Torah Science Foundation: unification of Divine and secular knowledge
With an Eye on Eternity: The Torah Universe - Its Purpose, Design, and Fabulous Opportunities
The Daniel Elazar: On-Line Library
Rabbi Yehudah ha-Levi: The Kuzari
Medieval Sourcebook: Judah Ha-Levi: The Kuzari, part I
The Urim and Thummim
Inner Jew: Presenting a contemporary approach to Inner Judaism grounded in traditional sources
Inner Jew: Meditation and Spirituality
Reclaiming Judaism as a Spiritual Practice
The Significance of the Menorah
International Society for Textual Reasoning (STR): rereading judaism after modernity
Eric Voegelin: Outline: Israel and Revelation (1956)
Kevin Alan Brook: Are Russian Jews Descended from the Khazars?
Mikdash and Shabbat: A Spiritual Space-Time Connection
Jewish Spirituality Resource Page: Dates of Sages and Kabbalists
Sages & Scholars
Tzadikim Nistarim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ralf Hildebrandt: The Annotated Sandman
Todd Weinstein: The Thirty Six Unknown
Justified and Ancient: 36 "Just" beings, or Tzaddikim
The Wonderful World Of Thirty-Six
Lamed Vav
Rabbi Zwerin's Kol Nidre Sermon: The 36 - Who Are They?

Christianity in Talmud and Midrash: R. Travers Herford: The Princeton Theological Review 4:412-414. [1906] (Minim, two powers)
McGrath - Two Powers and Early Christology (early Jewish and Christian monotheism)("God and a second figure who functions as God's supreme divine agent")
Jesus Conference Abstract: Hurtado: Binitarian Shape of Early Christian Worship)
Hurtado: What Do We Mean by "First-Century Jewish Monotheism" - Gnosticism
Philo of Alexandria [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy] (cf two powers)
The Logos and Its Function in the Writings of Philo of Alexandria
Margaret Barker, The Great Angel, A Study of Israel's Second God (two powers)
Jewish-Christian Relations: Problem of the Christian Old Testament
CWRU: Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity, by Daniel Boyarin

Rabbi Leibel Reznick: Hidden Blue: the Identity of the Chilazon
Torat Emet: The Body of G-d
Khima (Comet) and the Deluge
Is the Tachash Kosher?
The Hebrew Heritage of Blacks in America
Hebrew Information Highway
Open Source Judaism
Hebrew History Federation: technological and artistic contributions Jews have made to civilization
Hebrew History Fact Papers: Babylonian Origin of GreekScience
How Old is the Universe?
Conversion to Judaism
the Jewish Version of Jack and the Beanstalk
Halachic Responses to Sociological and Technological Change \ Rabbi Michael J. Broyde and Avi Wagner
Can you please define the punishment of Kareit (excision)? - philosophy consequences
The Jewish Ritual of Circumcision - ReligionFacts
Circumcision: Then and Now
In The Image Of God
Bris Milah -
History of Circumcision
History of Circumcision timeline
Jewish History and Jewish Memory: Essays in Honor of Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi - Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi - Google Books (Shekinah and circumcision)

Debka File: We Start where the Media Stop
Gamla: News & Views, Politics and Military Analysis from Jerusalem, Israel
Koenig's International News: WorldWatchDaily
Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem Perspective Online
Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs'and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
Vayera - scribal correction (+Lo)

Jewish Bookstores
Davka: Word Processing, Learning Hebrew, Judaic Classics
Levsoft Catalog
Jewish Software
Super Milon: Jerusalem Dictionary & translation program
Cherub Press: Academic Publisher of Jewish Mystical Literature
The Soncino Zohar CDROM
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Judaica Press America's Jewish Bookstore
Aronson: Jewish Books
Eichlers Judaica Store
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Littman Library of Jewish Civilization
Seeka: High-tech meets fine art in this collection of Judaica and jewelry by the Israeli born artists

Hebrew Fonts
Hebrew Fonts
Fonts for Scholars, Academics, Students: Jack's Scribal and Epigraphic Fonts
Ari Davidow, Hebrew typographer