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Genesis: Bereshit/Bereshyt

Yom Ehhad: Day One
Adam and Eve
Nahash: Serpent of Genesis
Tohu Ve Bohu
Decoding the Archetypes of Genesis

Crosswalk Interlinear Bereshit/Genesis
JPS Hebrew Bereshit
Breslov: Bereshit (Book of Genesis) Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan
Genesis 1 - Bereshit - Bereshith

threetwoone - Hebrew Bible overview | Descendants of Adam in Genesis
threetwoone: Genesis Chapters 1-10 | Genesis Chapters 11-14 | Genesis Chapters 15-19

R. Mamorstein: Mila Yomit, Pasuk 1: Commentaries on Bereshit
Vernon Jenkins: The Other Bible Code: Geometrical Structure of Genesis
English Genesis w/ Rashi and Rashbam
Bereishis Book 1: Genesis: Rashi Commentary
Intro to Hebrew: Genesis in .wav format
Genesis: Literal Translation
Bereshit: Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan
TextWeek: Genesis Resources
Genesis 1-3 Comparative Translations
Seven Days of Creation
The Astonishing Pattern of SEVENS in Genesis 1:1
Genesis One: A literal translation of the ancient text
The Poetry of Genesis Chapter One
The seven times "tov" in Genesis 1
Lech-Lecha (summary of Genesis)
Book of Genesis - Wikipedia
Book of Genesis : Wikis (The Full Wiki)
Meru: Symmetry in the Hebrew Text of Genesis
Textweek: Genesis
Genesis in the Paleo-Hebrew Mesha Script
Midrash: Torah Commentary by Shmuel ben Aharon-Wahli
Hebrew Text of Genesis (Bereshyt/Bereshit)
Blumenthal: Reading Genesis
H. Peter Aleff: Ancient Creation Stories told by the Numbers: The mathematics of Genesis 1
Genesis and Biology « Alethia Eleutheroo (Dr. Shiv Chopra - gestation and birth cycle)
Bernard Lewis: An Ismaili Interpretation of the Fall of Adam
Adam avait-il des parents ?
Menahem ben Benjamin Recanati: Comentario Sobre El GÉNESIS
Bereshit: Commentary by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Mond
The how to notes and glyph sets - The Chronicle Project
Torah Science: Periodic Table of Genesis
Book Review: The Text of Genesis 1-11: Textual Studies and Critical Edition by Ronald S. Hendel
Exegesis for the Parashah of Bereshit (Gen 1:1 - 5:8) The Cipher of Genesis: How Classical Curve World Emerged From Quantum Flat World Jack Sarfatti,Ph.D.
Early Jewish Writings: Genesis
Birth Of Christ: The Secrets and Mysteries of Genesis
Genesis Proclaimed Association
Genesis - Commentary by Rabbi Dr. Zvi Mond
Genesis 1-11: The Primeval Story
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | In the beginning ...
Genesis, Evolution and Natural Selection
The Mayim of Creation By Gregory Bartholomew
Decoding-Genesis-One - A Short History And Introduction To The Verbs Of Genesis One
The Earth of Genesis 1:2: Abioic or Chaotic: Ouro

Crystalinks: Creation Myths and Theories | Garden of Eden
Links to Creation Myths from around the world
Comparison of the bible's Creation Stories with Modern-Day Science
Of Men and Mud by Heinz Insu Fenkl
Common Elements in Creation Myths
The Darkness, the Water, and Breath: Ancient Birth of the World Mythology
A Guide to Understanding Cosmogonic Myths and Theoretical Science
Foutz: Introduction to the Gilgamesh Epic
Google: "Shin-eqi-unninni" worlds first known author
Genesis Interpretation
Commentary on Genesis
Creation HyperHolograph: Genesis 1.1
The Genesis Formulae
Genesis One
Mathematical Correlations Between Genesis, the Great Pyramid, & Dante's Commedia
John Gill's Commentary on Genesis
Crisp: Genesis: The Secret Bible
F. J. Mayers: Ain Soph - The Unknown God: Na-Hash, The Serpent
Ain Soph - The Unknown God F.J.Mayers
Day-Age Genesis One Interpretation
Shea, W. H. --- Literary Structural Parallels Between Genesis 1 and 2
The word "EARTH" in Genesis 1:1
GENESIS 5 and 11: Chronogenealogies
Appendix B-The Forgotten Archbishop: Ussher
John Calvin: Commentary on Genesis
Lambert Dolphin: Introduction to the Opening Chapters of Genesis
Proof Genesis was given by God (Really)
Hoeller: The Genesis Factor: Gnostic Interpretations
A New Look at an Old Earth
Dinosaurs and the Bible
Theosophy of Genesis
de Parucker: Opening Lines of Genesis
Theosophical Society: The Four Adams
The Meaning of Genesis: Creation, Evolution and the Origin of Evil
Davidmann: Meaning and Intent of Genesis: Essential Notes on Hebrew Grammar
Davidmann: Meaning and Significance of the Names of God in Genesis
Meaning and Significance of the Names of God in Genesis
Davidmann: Pre-flood Evils: Genesis Ch.5
Davidmann: Genesis: Differentiating Between Good and Evil
Hebrew Creation Narrative
Generations of Ten
Biblical Generations
Ten Generations of Man
Genesis: A Creation Story Inspired by Modern Physics
Neo-Patristic Return to the First Four Days of Creation
Folklore of the Ancient Hebrews Genesis & Judges
Charles Fillmore: Mysteries of Genesis
Journey Out of Time by Arthur C. Custance, Ph.D.
Arthur Custance: Analysis of Genesis 1:1
Hidden Things of God's Revelation
Genesis Chapter One: Setting the Stage: Verses 1-2 | Without Form and Void
The Continuity of Figurative to Literal Meaning in Genesis 1
Eve and Adam Resources online
Anderson & Stone: The Life of Adam and Eve: The Biblical Story in Judaism and Christianity
Slavanic Life of Adam and Eve
Noncanonical Literature - OT Pseudepigrapha
Life And Times Before The Flood Taken From Ancient Documents
Adam: a Mysterious Person
Commentary: the Hebrew word Adam
Cultural Origins in Genesis
Another Eve: A Case Study in the Earliest Manifestations of Christian Esotericism *
And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
BBC: Genetic 'Adam never met Eve'
The Time Element in Genesis 1 and 2
The Dual Serpentine Force
Ordo Nachasciorum Christianus (Nahash)
Nachash - How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!
Robert T. Mason: The Divine Serpent in Myth and Legend: The Mythic Beginnings
Wiki: Serpent
The Serpent of Genesis 3 (Companion Bible: App.19)
The Olive Branch: The Serpent of Genesis 3
The Nachash and His Seed: Some Explanatory Notes on Why the “Serpent” in Genesis 3 Wasn’t a Serpent Michael S. Heiser, PhD
Nehushtan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a sacred object in the form of a snake of brass upon a pole
Biblical Fundamentals vs Religious Fundamentalism
Adam and Eve will Surely Die, Sudden Death?
The Life of Adam and Eve: The Biblical Story in Judaism and Christianity
Enuma Elish: Seven Tablets of Creation
Creation Myths & Sacred Narratives of Creation
Genesis 1-11: Creationism & the Early Church
The Myth History of the Catastrophe Events and Their Cultural Effects
Noah's Ark: A lost legend about Ziusudra, king of Sumer
Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study
The Ark of Noah (1) | Lectures by Gnostic Instructors | The Teachings of Gnosis
The Ark of Noah (2) | Lectures by Gnostic Instructors | The Teachings of Gnosis
Genesis and ancient Near Eastern stories of Creation and the Flood
Wikipedia: Deluge/Great Flood (mythology)
faq/religion - AskHistorians
Flood Stories from Around the World
Hasel: The Nature and Universality of the Genesis Flood Narrative
G.F.Hasel: The "Days" of Creation in Genesis 1
` The Theology of the Flood Narrative
Noah's Ark and the Biblical Flood
Antediluvian Patriarchs
Stambaugh: Understanding the Hebrew of Genesis One: Star Formation and Genesis 1
Story of Abraham: Genesis 16:1-3, 15-16, 17, 21:1-2
Mathematical Correlations between Genesis, Great Pyramid & Dante's Commedia
GOD, The Early Years
Sol Abrams: Polytheism in Genesis: Baal and Ashtoreth vs. Yahweh
Bill Moyers: Genesis Conversation
Genesis Research: New Perspectives affirming the Scriptual Genesis Record
The Days of Genesis for those who can't read Hebrew
Folklore of the Ancient Hebrews: Genesis 19:4-8 and Judges 19:22-24
Genesis in Pig Latin
A Note on Genesis By The V.H. FRA. I.A. 5 = 6
Hasel: Genesis 5 & 11: Chronogenealogies
Golden Age Project: Alternative Genesis (The Shining Ones)
Lambert Dolphin: Notes on Genesis Chapter One
Ulrich Utiger: Genesis, Science, Cosmology
Creation Myths: How did we get here, and what can we learn from it?
RashiYomi: Genesis 1: Creation of Prophecy, not Creation of the World
Curt Sewell: The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship
A Witness: Genesis
Harold Tresman: Geological Genesis: Earth a satellite of Saturn?
The story of Genesis: reflection of an explanation of creation that recognized it as a process
Sample Chapter for Kahn, P.W.: Out of Eden: Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil.
Genesis: The Structure of the Book as a Whole
The Astonishing Pattern of SEVENS in Genesis 1:1 (Panin)
Names of Angels Found In Genesis 11-24
Peter Zoeller-Greer: Genesis, Quantum Physics and Reality
How Many Heavens Are There?
Angelology: Seven Heavens
The Evolution of Genesis: An introduction to the origins of the Creation myth: major flaws of Creationism: Evolution links
The Forbidden Knowledge: Genesis Revisited
Moshe Kline: Torah, Mishnah, Kabbalah: Genesis: Creation Weave
Eve: Did She or didn't She? The Seedline Hypothesis Under Scrutiny
Special notice to ALL WHO DENY two seedline
Two Seedline Taught in Dead Sea Scrolls
A Word to the "Two-Seed" Believers Jeffrey Aaron: The Genesis Code *
Adam and Eve Archetypes
A Tantric Perspective on the Myth of Adam and Eve
Bayith-YHWH: the word "ET"
Focus on Jerusalem: Genesis 1:1
Adam & Eve Archetypes
Genesis Unveiled
Milton's Eve and The Ramayana's Sita: Two Female Archetypes
Daniel J. Elazar: Creation: Making Distinctions: Bereshith: The Matrix of Life in Covenant
Schlomo Katz: Bereishis
Sefer 'Uzza Wa-'Aza(z)el: Exploring Early Jewish Mythologies of Evil
(Neil Douglas-Klotz: Bereshit Mysticism in Thomas and John
"Genesis Decoded" by Daneann | RedBubble (Elohim as physicist)
“Le Livre de la Genèse illustré par Robert Crumb”, épisode 1 - Le fil livres - Télé
Kukis: Original Creation
Hebrew Grammar for Dummies