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The Times Square ball drop's history: Crowds muted by coronavirus pandemic - The Washington Post

Caribbean volcanoes rumble to life as scientists study activity not seen in years : news

Blistering 2020 was France's hottest year ever, say climate experts : worldnews
Ireland's climate: A year of extremes, from wettest February to driest spring : worldnews
The edges of the forest on Mount Fuji have crept up several dozen meters in altitude over the past 40 years, an ecological study has found. The findings have been attributed to global warming. : worldnews

'A real bad precedent': Australia criticised for Antarctica airport plan : worldnews

The largest iceberg in the world is very close to impacting San Pedro Island : worldnews
Norway landslide: At least 10 people injured and 26 missing, police say : worldnews

Another day of record COVID-19 deaths in U.S.; 7,500 dead in last 2 days : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data Last Effing Day of Effing 2020 : boston (12.9%+ 81 deaths 6887 new cases)
6,887 New Confirmed Cases; 96k Tests Reported; 80,359 Active Cases; 8.60% Positivity; 9.35% Non Higher Ed; 81 Deaths (-37); 2,271 Hospitalized (+14) including 417 in ICU (-16) and 240 Intubated (+9); 88% Hospital Capacity (+17%); 75% ICU Capacity (-1%); - December 31, 2020 Data : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 6,887 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 81 new deaths - The Boston Globe
Massachusetts COVID-19 town-by-town map: Updated with latest data - WCVB - December 31, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

The Mutated Coronavirus Is a Ticking Time Bomb - The Atlantic -- everything we know so far suggests a huge danger.
How Does the Coronavirus Variant Spread? Here's What Scientists Know : Coronavirus
Children's ability to detect emotions appears to be minimally impacted by masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. : science
If covid 19 became a pandemic in 1990 rather than 2020, how would events have played out differently? : AskReddit

PSA: Order a Covid at home test online to avoid waiting in line for hours and being rejected : CoronavirusMa

COVID-19: "I never dreamed I could be so sick." : Coronavirus

At Least One Person Is Hospitalized With COVID-19 After Attending That Republican Christmas Party With A Conga Line : politics

Dr. Drew Pinsky, who apologized for downplaying coronavirus, says he has Covid-19 : worldnews

The Small Colorado Town felt insulated from the Pandemic. Then Came the Coronavirus Variant. - The New York Times ... The response to the virus is shaped not only by geography but also by politics. President Trump won 74 percent of the vote here in November

Elderly forced to sleep in lawn chairs to queue for vaccines in Florida amid chaotic first-come-first-served rollout : Coronavirus

Florida breaks record with 17,000+ coronavirus cases in one day. : Coronavirus

Wisconsin hospital worker arrested for spoiled vaccine doses Authorities arrested a suburban Milwaukee pharmacist Thursday suspected of deliberately ruining hundreds of doses of coronavirus vaccine by removing them from refrigeration for two nights.
Police in Wisconsin say they've arrested fired hospital employee suspected of intentionally spoiling COVID-19 vaccine : Coronavirus

Over half of Ohio's nursing home workers are refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine, the governor says. : Coronavirus

Critically ill patients evacuated hundreds of miles as fears grow London could run out of beds : worldnews
UK records 55,892 COVID cases - highest ever daily total : Coronavirus

New COVID-19 strain spreading faster than all forecasts - Irish PM : worldnews

France to deploy 100,000 police on New Year's Eve to impose 8pm curfew : worldnews

Japan may consider declaring a state of emergency to counter rising Covid-19 cases : worldnews
Daily Tokyo COVID-19 cases surge past 1,000 for the first time : worldnews

Thailand becomes first country to ban eating and drinking on domestic flights due to COVID-19 : worldnews

Sri Lanka opens borders to tourists, and the very first batch has covid positives : worldnews

Canadian politician faked Twitter posts to conceal Caribbean holiday : worldnews

Nurse strips off PPE suit to have sex with Covid patient in hospital toilet, suspended : worldnews

Anti-vaccine sentiment rife in Poland : worldnews

Anti-lockdown activist who walked into hospital and filmed 'empty' wards is handcuffed in her dressing gown and arrested by police who turned up at her door : worldnews

U.S. warships transit Taiwan Strait, China denounces 'provocation' : worldnews
Nuns arrested as Beijing turns up heat on Church in Hong Kong : worldnews
U.S. demands release of Uighur doctor who family say is sentenced to 20 years because of her family members' human rights activism : worldnews
China tells U.S. politicians to stop using Xinjiang to interfere in its affairs : worldnews
China allegedly paid non-state actors to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan : worldnews ... Information of this alleged intelligence is thus far uncorroborated ...

Indonesian fisher finds drone submarine on possible covert mission, likely a Chinese Sea Wing : worldnews

US bans palm oil imports from Malaysia's Sime Darby over forced labor: It is the third US Customs and Border Protection import ban this year related to suspected forced labor in Malaysia : worldnews

Jair Bolsonaro has been named the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project's 2020 Person of the Year for his role in promoting organized crime and corruption : worldnews

US poised to take custody of alleged killer of Daniel Pearl : worldnews

Western intelligence agencies complicit in Lockerbie disaster, report claims : worldnews

Vatican denies knowledge of $1.8 billion transferred to Australia : worldnews

Second Indigenous activist killed in Honduras this week : worldnews

Ethiopian migrant who became symbol of integration in Italy killed on her goat farm : worldnews

Spain's homeless help repopulate rural ghost towns : worldnews

Holyrood and Stormont reject 'disastrous' Brexit trade deal: Scottish and Northern Irish parliaments condemn deal in symbolic votes as Westminster backs it : worldnews
Brexit: How Northern Ireland is different : worldnews
UK 'ready for new start' as EU deadline approaches : worldnews
Gibraltar Gets Its Own Brexit Deal With Spain - The New York Times Spain and the European Union will share oversight over the flow of goods and people to the British territory, which worried about being left isolated and economically pinched outside the bloc.
Father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday he was in the process of applying for a French passport to maintain his ties with the European Union after Brexit : worldnews

Jonathan Pollard, spy who passed US secrets to Israel, arrives in Jewish state : worldnews (Adelson flew him in his private jet)

Iran accuses Trump of 'plot to fabricate pretext for war' : worldnews
Iran says Trump's life 'will end,' won't stop until revenge on US for killing Soleimani in new statement : worldnews
US to move aircraft carrier out of Mideast amid Iran tension : politics ... When a rogue nation of religious wackos threatens world peace through its insane leader and his cult of citizens it is up to the sane countries to ignore such baseless provocation. This would be my advice to Tehran.

NATO is furious at Trump delaying the military handover to Biden while 'there's a significant security situation underway with Iran that could explode at any time' : worldnews ... "You think 2020 was bad? Wait for 2021 when she's old enough to drink."

Cyber attack on U.S. government may have started earlier than initially thought - U.S. senator : politics
Microsoft says Russians hacked its network, viewing source code - The Washington Post (will release Windows 11 next month)

Jan. 6 will be a glorious tribute to Trump's failure : politics

2020 Shatters the Myth of American Exceptionalism : politics
Nationwide Covid memorial announced as part of Biden inauguration : politics
Vaccination is going slowly because nobody is in charge | We've known for months that vaccines were coming. Why weren't we prepared to use them? : politics
Covid, Covid, Covid: In Trump's Final Chapter, a Failure to Rise to the Moment
How Trump warped HHS long before Covid-19 | Political interference and tensions with scientists preceded and set the stage for he disaster of 2020.

Truth bombs over MAGA land : PoliticalHumor

Trump Has Spent Nearly a Quarter of His Presidency on the Golf Course : politics
Trump Fears That His Influence Is Waning The president is plotting retribution. Not just because hes mad about his election loss. But because he wants to keep folks in line.
Trump and Melania abruptly decided to ditch the Mar-a-Lago New Year party that many of his supporters bought tickets for : politics (no refunds)
No reason given for Trump cutting short his Florida vacation : politics
Trump to Snub His Own New s Party for Last-Ditch Election Challenge, Says Report : politics
Trump is a chaos agent in his final days between fighting with Congress, raising fears of war with Iran, and continuing his futile effort to overturn the election : politics

Secret Service making changes to presidential detail amid concerns current members are aligned with Trump: report : politics

Bernie Sanders dubbed "national treasure" after $2,000 stimulus appeal : politics ... It's really funny that Republicans are finally breaking with Trump ... To not give Americans $2000.
'Tired of That Hypocrisy': Sanders Blasts GOP for Claiming $2,000 Checks Are Too Costly After Passing $1.5 Trillion in Tax Cuts : politics
Mitch McConnell Made $3,300 This Week While Blocking One-Time $2,000 Stimulus Check : politics
In Stimulus Battle, Donald Trump Was No Match For Mitch McConnell, Who Shaped His Presidency : politics

Trump Pardons Racist Former Maryland Cop Who Unleashed Her Canine on Homeless People for Fun : politics

Josh Hawley reminds us that the GOP is the sedition party : politics
Why Josh Hawley's move could endanger Senate Republicans : politics

At least 140 House Republicans to vote against counting electoral votes, two GOP lawmakers say : politics (sedition list)
Trump's enbarrassing Electoral College Hustle - It is doomed to fail but would still set a destructive precedent. (WSJ)

'Playing with fire': GOP Sen. Ben Sasse tears into Republicans planning to object to Electoral College results. The Nebraska senator said that in private, few Republicans actually believed Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud. : politics

Trumpist Lawyer Lin Wood Goes on Unhinged Rant Suggesting Justice John Roberts Is a Murderous Pedophile : politics
Trump lawyer Lin Wood says Jeffrey Epstein still alive in bizarre conspiracy tweets. The lawyer wrapped the claim up in a conspiracy theory alleging Chief Justice John Roberts killed Justice Antonin Scalia : politics

Michigan woman who made election fraud allegations could face lawsuit : politics

Republicans Have a Friend in the Company That Counts Their Votes. Raising Some Questions about the Voting Machine Company Behind So Many Surprise Wins This Year : politics

Biden's Incoming Press Secretary: Briefings Won't Be A Platform For Right-Wing Spin : politics

Georgia Senate runoffs shatter record with over 2.56 million early votes cast : politics
Parler users shame "traitor" Kelly Loeffler for asking for campaign money: "You're a billionaire" : politics
Ossoff Dunks on Fox's Peter Doocy: C'mon, Man! you're a Serious Reporter : politics
Poll: 55% of 'very conservative' Georgia voters who won't vote in runoffs say they'll stay home due to 'rigged' process : politics
The Democrats are suddenly leading in Georgia and the GOP should be worried : politics
Newly-released Georgia Senate runoff polls show Democratic candidates with a widening lead : politics
Eschaton: Thoughts and Prayers - NEWS: David Perdue came in "close contact with someone on the campaign who tested positive for COVID-19" and will quarantine, per his campaign.
Priscilla Thompson on Twitter: "LIVE LOOK at the line of people waiting to vote at 730am NYE on the last day of early voting in Cobb County, Georgia. As a reminder, the states runoff elections will ultimately determine the balance of power in Washington DC." / Twitter

Eschaton: Dapper Nazis - Reminiscing, as one does, at the end of the year. The Ohio Diner profiles were a constant presence over the course of the Trump administration, but we shouldn't forget the other popular genre piece from the early days: The Dapper Nazi profiles.

As Trump Supporters Plan Mass Election Protest, Businesses Prepare for Possible Violence : politics
2020 Was a Record Year for Far Right Violence in the US : politics

Congresswoman-elect Salazar to miss swearing-in ceremony due to Covid diagnosis : politics

Trump's fight to overthrow election now falls to the guy who invented the CueCat - The Verge
Christina Warren on Twitter: "Wait. Wait. Wait. The guy who is claiming (falsely) that the voting machines in Georgia were hacked at that hearing this morning is the deranged founder of the CueCat, the worst gadget of all time, and a former treasure hunter. I'm not joking. This is real." / Twitter
Eschaton: Pivoting to Cuecat Not quite sure this article captures how much some local newspapers got suckered by cuecat, thinking it would keep their ads relevant in the interwebs era. First in a neverending series of initiatives by newspaper executives wasting money doing anything but maintaining a product people might actually want, then blaming the toobz when they failed. (the bigger picture)

New California Law Will Require State Prosecutors To Investigate Police Shooting Deaths Of Unarmed Civilians : politics

This Year's Underground Sensation: Modern Monetary Theory - The economic ideas that once fueled deficit mythbusters and provided hope for a pandemic recovery have spawned a vibrant political subculture.

A small redemption of a miserable year - Lawyers, Guns & Money One of the few things to emerge from 2020 I hope continues throughout 2021 is Chotiner applying his interview style to his dry-as-a-good-martini Twitter feed:
Isaac Chotiner on Twitter: "I interview people for a living and am always looking around to see who I can learn from when it comes to the art of asking the right questions. These are some great ones." / Twitter
Isaac Chotiner on Twitter: "I disagree with Megan McArdle on a lot, but I would not have expected her to be surprised that Josh Hawley would do something this deeply unpatriotic" / Twitter

Pornhub acquiesced, cutting off the income that tens of thousands of verified models rely upon

Alexander Wang Calls Sex Assault Baseless and Grotesquely After days of staying silent amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, fashion designer Alexander Wang has released a statement, denying all the allegations made against him.

Sex offender, 38, 'spent hours glued to child porn on AT&T store iPad' until horrified workers called police : news

Driver of truck that killed 5 bicyclists on Nevada highway had high level of meth in his system, prosecutors say : news
Drug Overdose Mortality by State

California philanthropist charged with murder in hit-and-run crash that killed 2 young brothers : news

Official: Trooper under investigation dies, apparent suicide : news

FALSE IMPRISONMENT LAWSUIT: Boca Raton HOA Deactivated Key Fobs Of COVID Positive Homeowners : news

5 NY1 Anchors Exit As Part of Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement = Five Spectrum NY1 anchors who sued Charter Communications (patriarcy only wanted hot young blond babes)

Increases in extreme human longevity: Some statistical questions - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Women and Depression: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments| SoCal Empowered

Extinct woolly rhinoceros found frozen in Siberian permafrost : worldnews
Whales alive: beaked species spotted for first time by Chinese scientists. Three whales seen in South China Sea were Deraniyagala's beaked whales or ginkgo-toothed beaked whales. The least-known marine mammals, these species have previously been spotted only dead and stranded. : worldnews

Antibiotics banned in UK but fed to US animals may undermine drugs for cancer, Covid and infections : Ban on hormone beef and chlorinated chicken in UK-US trade deal would not be enough to protect consumers, report warns. : worldnews

When men's masculinity feels threatened, they may attempt to restore it by withdrawing from relationships that could provide care and support. Not only could this harm the relationship and affect their romantic partner, but this tactic may not restore masculinity in the eyes of others. : science

Men in the military who were randomly assigned to mixed-gender squads for eight weeks developed more egalitarian attitudes than those assigned to male squads. Contrary to some predictions, the integration of women into squads did not reduce male recruits' performance. [Experimental data from Norway] : science

Women of Reddit, what are some men's problems that you really can't understand? : AskReddit

What would be the scariest message humanity could receive from outer space? : AskReddit

sunagainstgold comments on Bigfoot, Twin Peaks, and sparkling vampires- where does the trope of supernatural or "weird" occurrences in the Pacific Northwest originate?


Dark storm on Neptune reverses direction, possibly shedding a fragment : worldnews

South America lost an area of forest the size of Ecuador in the last decade as illegal deforestation rose in Indigenous territories & parks : worldnews

Pipeline spills about 400,000 litres, some enters North Saskatchewan River : worldnews

Croatia earthquake: Strong aftershocks hit after quake kills seven : worldnews

America's Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster

US Coronavirus: US hits record for daily deaths. Winter will be 'awful' before we see 'some light,' expert says - CNN

MA COVID-19 Data 12/30/20 : boston (15.4%+ 118 deaths! 6135 new cases!)
6,135 New Confirmed Cases; 86k Tests Reported; 78,810 Active Cases; 8.44% Positivity; 9.37% Non Higher Ed; 118 Deaths (+60); 2,257 Hospitalized (-2) including 433 in ICU (+2 ) and 231 Intubated (+6); 71% Hospital Capacity (-13%); 76% ICU Capacity (+2%); - December 30, 2020 Data : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-30-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. coronavirus deaths rise past 12,000 - The Boston Globe

Something to the what could Baker ever do crowd out there : CoronavirusMa

WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic is 'not necessarily the big one' : Coronavirus
Ohio State study: 30% of student athletes have heart damage linked to COVID-19 : Coronavirus

How COVID-19 Affects the Mental Health of Seniors | Southern California Sunrise Recovery Mental Health Treatment

Eschaton: Old Is, What, Anybody Over 30? ... Morning eyeballing it calculation, but roughly 19% of Covid deaths in the US have been people 64 and under. 8% have been people 54 and under. (so covid is the anti-boomer virus, but still kills the kids)
Florida COVID-19 'whistleblower' named 'Technology Person of the Year' by Forbes : technology

Toxic Individualism : Pandemic Politics Driving Health Care Workers From Small Towns (another aspect of the Big Stupidty Sort)

Oxygen supply issues forced five Los Angeles-area hospitals to declare an 'internal disaster' : news
COVID-19 superspreader event feared in L.A. as Christian singer defies health order for concerts : Coronavirus

Despite pandemic, Universal Studios, theme parks regularly hit capacity : Coronavirus

Nearly every inmate in Alaska's largest prison has now had COVID-19, officials say : Coronavirus

Texas share of coronavirus tests coming back as confirmed cases exceeds "red flag" levels as hospitals, ICUs run out of beds. : Coronavirus

Around the world, people yearn for significant change rather than a return to a pre-COVID normal : Coronavirus

The Cruise Ship Suicides Began After the Last Passengers Left

>br ? The UK has reported another 53,135 cases of coronavirus, the highest recorded daily total since the pandemic began : worldnews
Scientists call for full lockdown in England as new Covid cases multiply : worldnews
Ireland returns to full lockdown for at least a month, with prime minister warning of 'extremely serious' situation : Coronavirus
London faces ticking time bomb over oxygen supplies as another hospital issues warning to staff : worldnews ... Staff are worried about speaking out due to fear of reprisal ...
Stop saying new Covid-19 strain originated in the UK, cries ex-MEP who routinely called the virus Chinese : worldnews

Germany alarmed by threat posed by coronavirus deniers : worldnews

Japan's new Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, says he plans to make coronavirus measures mandatory for the first time, punish rule violators and provide economic compensation as his government struggles to slow the ongoing virus upsurge. : worldnews (the Swedumb of Asia)
Overworked Japanese nurses quitting as they face discrimination from neighbours over Covid : worldnews

Russia police arrest Covid-denying priest Father Sergiy : worldnews ... A former policeman, Fr Sergiy spent 13 years in a prison colony for murder. He was released in the late 1990s.

Ontario finance minister on holiday trip outside Canada as health officials urge people to stay home during lockdown | CBC News : worldnews

Philippine president's guards used 'smuggled' COVID-19 vaccines: Minister : worldnews

Australia's billionaires became 50% richer during pandemic : worldnews

Apple removes app promoting private parties in pandemic : worldnews (the corp that uses iSlaves to make their phones)

Hong Kongers who tried to flee to Taiwan jailed in China for up to 3 years : worldnews
EU and China approve major investment deal : worldnews
Merkel pushes EU-China investment deal over the finish line despite criticism : worldnews (Smerkle says China must make an "effort" to reduce slave labor)

Indian farmers continue protest against reforms : worldnews

Hindu temple destroyed, set on fire by mob in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province : worldnews

Former Jewish American spy Jonathan Pollard lands in Israel - Israel News -

Syrian soldier killed in Israeli raid near Damascus : worldnews
Many Syrians forced from their homes by their country's brutal, decade-old war are now shocked to discover that their family farms have been taken over by regime loyalists and cronies. The government has staged auctions to effectively "confiscate" fertile land and punish opponents : worldnews

Iraqi interpreters 'stalked by death squads' for helping the British : worldnews

Saudi Activist Who Fought for Women's Right to Drive Is Sentenced to Prison : worldnews
US approves sale of $290m in bombs to Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Iran allocates $150,000 for families of each victim of Ukraine plane crash - IRNA : worldnews

Blasts hit Yemen's Aden airport as new unity government arrives : worldnews

Argentina Legalizes Abortion, a Milestone in a Conservative Region : worldnews

Refugee status granted over person's non-binary status for first time in UK court, following landmark ruling. Judgment decided in case of Arthur Britney Joestar from El Salvador after concluding that they would face persecution for their identity if they returned to their home country. : worldnews

Trump pardon of Blackwater Iraq contractors violates international law - UN : politics
Blackwaters Youngest Victim: 9-Year-Old Ali Kinani Was Among Victims of Trump's Pardoned Killers

Trump Could Still Start a Last-Ditch War With Iran | A final grand distraction before the president is forced to relinquish his office is a real danger that deserves serious attention. : politics

Increasing Pentagon Spending When People Are Going Hungry Is Madness : politics

Fed Judge Says 'Criminal' Trump Only Pardons Republicans, Child Murderer Or Turkey : politics ... So a Republican, a child molester, and a turkey walk into a bar... The bartender says what can I get you Mr President?

Ohio Senator Brown joins Sanders in delaying Senate holiday over $2K stimulus checks : politics
$2,000 stimulus checks likely would have passed Senate if McConnell had not blocked : politics
'Err on the Side of Helping People': AOC Slams Blue Dog Democrat for Opposing $2,000 Relief Checks : politics

Top presidential historian on Trump's legacy: 'He was largely responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans who did not need to die' : politics
Operation Warp Speed at a crawl: Adequately vaccinating Americans will take 10 years at current pace : politics

Trump Is Set To Violate Palm Beach Deal By Staying Too Long At Mar-A-Lago. Again. : politics

Pence refused to sign on to plan to overturn election, lawyers say : politics
How Congress and coronavirus could quash Trump's Electoral College gambit - POLITICO How Congress and coronavirus could quash Trumps Electoral College gambit (Josh "I look really weird" Hawley cackles)
Josh Hawley is a deeply serious person - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump asks U.S. Supreme Court to set aside Wisconsin's election
Giuliani reveals Trump campaign is filing new Supreme Court bid to try to overturn election result : politics

The Art of the Deal president who couldn't make deals: Trump's record of failure
Trumps big policy win: Stronger showers, faster dishwashers. It's something almost no one asked for. : politics

The Next Big Challenge: Trump-Proofing the Presidency | The New Yorker

You Should Be Angry. - The Triad Think about that: The price of admission for advancement in Republican politics is now participating in an attempt to overthrow a free and fair election.

Eschaton: Gotta Get Better At This : The Lincoln Project raised $4.8 million between November 24th and December 16th hyping the Georgia Senate runoff elections. Since then, it has spent $1.1 million on independent expenditures in those races and paid Steve Schmidt $1.5 million.

IRS Plans a 50% Ramp-Up in Audits of Small Businesses Next Year : politics (50% ramp-down of big business)

Biden, Harris to make closing pitches in Georgias Senate runoff contests
Strong early-vote turnout gives Dems hope in Georgia runoffs - POLITICO Democrats are encouraged by stats that show their voters are overperforming with early voting set to conclude later this week.
Jon Ossoff Hijacks Fox News Airtime to Take Down Perdue and Loeffler : politics
No Fraud: Georgia audit confirms authenticity of absentee ballots : politics

Kelly Loeffler's Conflict of Interest Is Even Worse Than Reported : politics

Jim Jordan Schooled On History After Invoking Founders To Swipe At COVID-19 Lockdowns : politics
Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow dies with COVID : politics
Luke Letlow, GOP congressman-elect from Louisiana, dies of covid-19 : politics
Congressman-elect Luke Letlow, 41, dies from coronavirus complications; 'we're all in disbelief' | Coronavirus | (didn't believe in the hoax that killed him)

Even If Its Bonkers : Poll Finds Many Believe QAnon And Other Conspiracy Theories ... "a group of Satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media" While only 17% said it was true, another 37% said they didn't know. (55% of Amerficans say yes or maybe)
More than 1 in 3 Americans believe a deep state is working to undermine Trump: NPR/Ipsos poll finds widespread concerns about the spread of false information, despite some believing in COVID-19 and QAnon-related conspiracies : politics

Nashville explosion: Woman warned MNPD Warner was building bomb in 2019
No white people were harmed in the course of this investigation - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Why the Nashville explosion is confounding terrorism experts
Feds probing if Nashville bomber believed in lizard people conspiracy Investigators are aware of statements the suspect made about a conspiracy theory that powerful politicians and Hollywood figures are actually lizards who have extraterrestrial origins.

Musician Keyon Harrold says his 14-year-old son was falsely accused of stealing an iPhone - CNN ... She disputes his account and accusations of racism
Manhattan DA Investigating Keyon Harrold Incident

Proud Boys Are at War With Their Female Extremist Wing -- A transphobic MMA fighter has announced herself to be the Den Motherof the Proud Girls, but some members of the extremist, misogynistic Proud Boys don't want her in the ranks.

COVID and Apocalyptic Evangelicalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Anyway, evangelicals really thrive in conditions of desperation, extreme poverty, and other disasters.
As a plague sweeps the land, zealots see a gift from heaven -- Extremist pastors are using the COVID-19 pandemic to push their conservative religious ideologies. (Satengelical Evangilfuckers)
Prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist says she is beginning to wonder if Trump really is 5D chessplaying after all : politics (1D mind)

Timeline: Fox News misinformation in 2020 | Media Matters for America
The Great News Quiz of 2020 - The New York Times - It's been a newsy year. As 2020 comes to a close, how well do you remember it all?
Opinion | Why increasing the stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000 is a bad idea - The Washington Post (says Fred "Starve Fuckers" Hiatt)

Massachusetts Senate Overrides Veto, Passes Law Expanding Abortion Access : politics (Charlie "I control women's bodies" Baker is unhappy)

(17) World History - Quora Who are the most evil humans in history that most people have never heard of?
(17) World History - Quora Why were four Japanese Aircraft Carriers defeated by two US Aircraft Carriers in the Battle of Midway in WW2?

How to Understand the Universe When Youre Stuck Inside of It -- Lee Smolin has a radical idea for how to understand an object with no exterior: Imagine it built bit-by-bit from relationships between events.

Feelings of gratitude motivate people to maintain romantic relationships. People automatically evaluated romantic partners who expressed gratitude more favorably and thus became more committed; however, if romantic partners did not reciprocate such gratitude, they became less committed. : science

Cognitive tests often dont capture the complexity of ADHD symptoms ... Computational psychiatry could be a helpful supplement to the diagnostic process, researchers report in a new publication.

TIL that Homo erectus stood about 1.79m (5'10"). Only 17% of modern male humans are taller - Their fossils were the oldest known early humans to have possessed modern human-like body proportions. And they are the longest lived human species around 9 times as long as our own species H.Sapiens. : todayilearned

TIL: A research that analyzed the birthdays of all 20 million husbands and wives in England and Wales failed to reveal any evidence of attraction or compatibility between people of particular star signs. : todayilearned

Being a misfit doesn't bother everybody. Assertive, creative, and open people do not care all that much whether or not they fit in. However, warmhearted, nice, and agreeable people have a particularly strong desire to fit in. (n=2,672,820 from 102 countries) : science

Undocumented immigration to the United States has a beneficial impact on the employment and wages of Americans. Strict immigration enforcement, in particular deportation raids targeting workplaces, is detrimental for all workers. : science

Fundraiser by Rainy Maple Logan : Little Lupe Does it Again

What's a very common thing that you just can't relate to? : AskReddit


International convention to stop richer countries exporting contaminated material for recycling could mean a cleaner ocean in five years. : worldnews
Child labor in palm oil industry tied to Girl Scout cookies : worldnews ... So the corporation that is built on an unpaid child sales force uses child labor overseas? Who could have seen this happening? (the cookie MLM)
Alarm sounds as exploratory drilling for oil begins in northern Namibia: wildlife-rich Okavango Delta would be affected by Canadian oil company's fracking : worldnews

Fatal freshwater skin disease in dolphins linked to climate crisis : worldnews

Strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake hits central Croatia : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 12/29/20 : boston (10.5%+ 58 deaths 4713 new cases)
3,659 New Confirmed Cases; 49k Tests Reported; 78,215 Active Cases; 7.58% Positivity; 8.58% Non Higher Ed; 58 Deaths (+10); 2,259 Hospitalized (+27) including 431 in ICU (+0) and 225 Intubated (-9); 84% Hospital Capacity (+3%); 74% ICU Capacity (+0%); - December 29, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-29-2020 : CoronavirusMa

'Personally, I'm incredibly frustrated' : Dr. Ashish Jha comments on slow vaccine rollout

AstraZeneca vaccine not ready for quick European approval, watchdog official says : worldnews
A Voice Told Me to Kill My Kids: A Small No. of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms
Mysteriously, COVID-19 hasn't spread among Seattle's outdoor homeless population. What does that mean for a vaccine? : Coronavirus
NYC Closing Out Its Bloodiest Year in Nearly a Decade as Killings Spike Amid Pandemic, Unrest : Coronavirus
Skyrocketing Suicides Were Predicted During First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic -- Here's What Johns Hopkins Researchers Actually Found ... suicides in the overall population actually dropped, relative to previous years. However, the researchers also discovered that suicide deaths increased dramatically among Black Marylanders during the same period.
Vitamin D deficiency correlates with a reduced number of natural killer cells in intensive care unit (ICU) and non-ICU patients with COVID-19 pneumonia : Coronavirus

Wuhan's Covid-19 infections may have been almost 10 times higher than official figure, study shows : worldnews ... The Chinese official study contradict to the Chinese official figure. So which Chinese official I should trust? ... Both of them, if you don't want to spend the rest of your life making IPhones.
Australia insists WHO inquiry into Covid origin must be robust, despite China tensions : worldnews

Church receives backlash from the community after hosting large unmasked service : news

'Patients are dying like flies': California nurse urging Covid safety goes viral on TikTok : Coronavirus

Florida reports 22.75% coronavirus positivity rate, state blames reduced hours for the holidays : Coronavirus

'Like a bathtub filling up': Alabama is slammed by the virus : Coronavirus

Live free or die if you must, urban Coloradans say but not in my hospital

How California went from a leader in the Covid fight to a state in despair | California : Coronavirus (and refucks are trying the recall Newsome for being pro-mask)
TheLandOfConfusion comments on L.A. Health Department Asks Film Industry to Pause Production

Ohio reports single-day spike of 151 COVID-19 deaths and 7,526 new cases : Coronavirus
Illinois reports 5,644 new COVID-19 cases, 106 deaths : Coronavirus

Wuhan's Covid-19 infections may have been almost 10 times higher than official figure, study shows : worldnews

Covid19: Number of hospitalizations for covid-19 in England exceeds the peak of the 1st wave : worldnews
France may impose third national lockdown if Covid cases continue to rise : worldnews

Spain is to set up a registry of people who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus and share it with other European Union nations, the health minister has said. The list would not be made accessible to the public or to employers. : worldnews

Not wearing a mask in public is now a criminal offence in South Africa. : worldnews

Rio de Janeiro authorities announced Monday they will block beach access the night of December 31 to prevent crowds in one of Brazil's worst-hit cities by the coronavirus pandemic : worldnews

50 journalists killed in 2020: watchdog - France 24 It highlighted murders in Mexico, India and Pakistan.

Shoved aside : Fiji set to lose top job on UN rights body in global power struggle - Country's expected ascension to human rights council presidency is being challenged by a China-backed bid by Bahrain ... The fact that China has anything even remotely to do with a human rights council shoes how much of a joke it is.

Hong Kong Activist sentenced to 4 months of jail for 'insulting the national flag' : worldnews ... What happend: Teenager threw piece of fabric ... Clearly he is a threat to national security of the harmonious nation of china
EU criticizes China for the arrest of Zhang Zhan, the woman who documented the Wuhan quarantine in the early stages of the pandemic : worldnews
iPhone workers: forced labor or detention centers, says report : worldnews
China lowers age of criminal responsibility to 12 after high-profile offences committed by children : worldnews

Japan gave intel on China's crackdown on Uyghurs to U.S. and Britain. : worldnews
Japan to create first wooden satellites that completely burn up on re-entry to eliminate space junk : worldnews
No executions of death row inmates in Japan throughout 2020, making it first time in nine years where capital punishment was not carried out. This was confirmed on Dec. 28, as penal detention facilities act stipulates death penalty not to be administered between Dec. 29 and Jan. 3. : worldnews
Births in Japan expected to fall below 800,000 in 2021; pandemic cited : worldnews

7 year old girl first killed then Gang Raped by her own cousins in Pakistan , her body later found in a Drain in a shocking incident of Paedophilia,Necrophilia,Incest all at the same time : worldnews (muzmonsters)
Each year, 1,000 Pakistani girls forcibly converted to Islam : worldnews
"Virgin brides" : How Christian girls including minors are forcibly converted in Pakistan : worldnews

Indian Army officer along with two spies, abducted 3 young labourers from Kashmir, took them to an apple orchard, killed them in a fake gunfight and planted weapons on them - all for grabbing two million rupees as rewards : worldnews

Russia gives Kremlin critic Navalny an ultimatum: Return immediately or face jail : worldnews (return so we can kill you or we will kill you) )
Russia ready to fight off Western attempts to seize its assets in $50bn battle with oligarchs over collapsed Yukos oil empire : worldnews
At least 3 killed in Russian terrorist attack : worldnews

Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia seen fully recovering in 2021 : worldnews ... while Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand struggle to return to health.

Saudi Arabia jails women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul : worldnews

Ethiopian war criminals expected to leave Italian embassy after 29 years. : worldnews

Turkey's top court rules Kavala's rights not violated -Anadolu : worldnews

Israeli occupation demolishes structures in south of the West Bank, clash with local residents : worldnews

Iran has denied U.S. allegations that it played any role in recent attacks targeting Washington's embassy in Baghdad, accusing President Donald Trump of acting out of "fear" and instilling further instability in Iraq with increased military movements at a crucial time for all three nations. : worldnews

Pope Francis formally strips Vatican secretariat of state of financial assets, real estate holdings : worldnews

Spanish police find Nazi memorabilia stash as they arrest suspected arms traffickers : worldnews

Storm Bella helps Great Britain set new record for wind power generation: More than half of Great Britain's daily electricity came from wind turbines for the first time on Boxing Day, as the country headed for its greenest year on record , due in part to the coronavirus. : worldnews

Swiss Return Remaining $150 Mn Seized Over Stanford Scam to US the remaining $150 million linked to a vast financial swindle by Texas financier Allan Stanford,

Indigenous environmental defender Felix Vasquez shot in his own home in front of his family

Brexit 'big bang' to trigger tectonic trading rift in Europe : worldnews
British woman fined 1500 euros over air rage incident on flight diverted to Cork.

UN rapporteur on Assange: 'The US is trying to criminalize investigative journalism': A London court will decide on January 4 on the US extradition request for Julian Assange. For Nils Melzer, UN special rapporteur on torture, it's a political process and a travesty of justice : worldnews

Simultaneous power outages reported in various parts of Mexico - This is what we know so far about power outages in Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, Culiacan, among other locations.

The Trump administration has approved another $290 million precision-guided bomb sale to Saudi Arabia, according to a notice to Congress. The sale is in addition to a license the Trump administration recently announced to sell $478 million worth OF smart bombs to the Saudis. : worldnews

Record shows US sold ambassador's home in Israel for $67M - ABC News - the sale that shines new light on a transaction that has been shrouded in secrecy ... The Israeli business newspaper Globes has identified the buyer as the U.S. casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, a strong supporter of both President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ... At more than $67 million, it appears to be the most expensive single residence ever sold in Israel ... By selling the residence, it would make it harder for future presidents to reverse the decision to move the embassy ...
Its been 12 years (Dec. 2008) since Israeli forces used White phosphorus on unarmed people on Gaza. : pics (and then ... nothing)

Trump administration vaccine rollout has been a predictable fiasco - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump's Covid Aid Shenanigans Were All About Me Me Me. This egomaniac has zero concern for the unemployed, the cratered businesses, the sick and dying. He'd much rather pardon crooks and undermine democracy. : politics

Joe Biden: 'Enormous damage' to US security agencies by Trump : politics
The final, desperate days of our psychopath in chief: How bad will it get? : politics

Bernie Sanders threatens to filibuster defense bill unless Senate allows vote on stimulus payments : politics
McConnell blocks Schumer's bid to unanimously pass $2,000 stimulus checks : politics
Trump slams McConnell for blocking vote on $2,000 stimulus checks - Axios
GOP pollster says Trumps demand for $2,000 stimulus checks is a nightmare for Republicans in Georgia

Donald Trump angered by Mar-a-Lago renovations, sources say - CNNPolitics

District attorney hires forensic accounting experts to aid Trump criminal probe - The Washington Post
Trump Could Finally Testify Under Oath in Lawsuit-Filled 2021 : politics

southpaw on Twitter: "The US President superimposed a Nobel prize he didn't win on this video." / Twitter
Trump Is Still Pretending He Won the Nobel Peace Prize : politics

Trump performing well among people charged with voter fraud in Pennsylvania : politics ...President Trump received 100% of the dead mother vote
PA Lt. Guv Trolls Republicans on Voter Fraud: Trump Got 100% of the Dead Mother Vote : politics

Michael Cohen says the associates Trump pardoned may now be forced to testify against him because they can no longer invoke the Fifth Amendment : politics

Appeals court backs subpoena-like power for minority in House - POLITICO

Mitch McConnell Is Accountable to Corporations Not the People Who Elected Him

Marco Rubio says Anthony Fauci lied about masks. Fauci didn't. : politics (little lyin' Flubio)
Rubio vs. Fauci Is Amazing - The Bulwark Marco Rubio inadvertently told us what he thinks of Republican voters.

Judge orders halt to voter purge in two Georgia counties ahead of Senate runoff : politics

AR 670-1: Army Leaders to Announce Hair Regulation Changes in 2021 Having grooming standards that show sensitivity to the cultural and ethnic diversity ... allowing some women to wear ponytails in uniform ...

Nikki Haley's mind-numbing inanity : politics

Ted Cruz Got $35 Million For Billionaire Fracking Donors In Last Coronavirus Bill: Report : politics

Opinion | 2020 Was the Year Reaganism Died - The New York Times ... What I mean by Reaganism goes beyond voodoo economics, the claim that tax cuts have magical power and can solve all problems ... I mean something broader the belief that aid to those in need always backfires, that the only way to improve ordinary people's lives is to make the rich richer and wait for the benefits to trickle down ... Reagans famous dictum that the most terrifying words in English are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help" (refucks marketed sadism)

Pro-Trump Pollster Quotes Stalin To Persuade Mike Pence To Act Like Him | HuffPost Rasmussen Reports inaccurately suggested the vice president could simply toss out the electoral votes from six battleground states Donald Trump lost.

The Proud Boys Don't Have to Go Home, But They Can't Stay Here - Washington's famous Hotel Harrington has shut its doors to keep the Camo-Americans away.

Thousands of Colorado residents without heat after attack on gas service - ABC News

2 Louisville Officers Tied to Breonna Taylor Raid Will Be Fired - The New York Times Detective Myles Cosgrove will be terminated along with Detective Joshua Jaynes, who was involved in planning the deadly raid.
Joshua Jaynes: Second Louisville police officer involved in Breonna Taylor investigation will be fired : news

Mormon church sued for alleged role in Boy Scouts sex abuse : news

Man accused of attacking 2 journalists at protests outside Oregon Capitol turns himself in : news

The Racism of Technology - Lawyers, Guns & Money In February 2019, Nijeer Parks was accused of shoplifting candy and trying to hit a police officer with a car at a Hampton Inn in Woodbridge, N.J. He had been identified by police using facial recognition software, even though he was 30 miles away at the time of the incident.

Report: Phoenix police officer threatened 'to shoot' mayor over budget

U.S. to allow small drones to fly over people and at night : worldnews

Roe Act becomes law, expanding abortion access in Massachusetts : boston ... Allowing terminations for a fatal fatal anomaly in state is huge. Previously you had to fly out to Colorado and pay like $20,000 cash. Finding a practitioner that will set up shop here is another story because it's extremely dangerous for them (fucking Charlie Fucker Baker Fucker)

Is Marriage Becoming Irrelevant? 29% say it is very important for a couple to marry if they have a child - Down from 38% in 2013 - Fewer say it is important for couples to marry to spend lives together

New US dietary guidelines: No candy, cake for kids under 2 : news

Vitamin D for Painful Nocturnal Leg Cramps - Full Text View - symptomatic hypercalcemia has not been reported except for those taking more than 40,000 units daily for several months. This is far above the cumulative dose in our study.
Best Evidence Review: Muscle Cramps -- Painful, Common, and Neglected Vitamin B complex represents a potentially effective non-prescription treatment for leg cramps
What Causes Leg Cramps and How Can You Treat Them? | Everyday Health Vitamins and Minerals: Potassium and Magnesium for Muscle Cramps
Magnesium, a treatment for leg cramps? - NPS MedicineWise While magnesium deficiency has been proposed as a cause of leg cramps, there is no evidence that magnesium supplements provide a clinical benefit other than for pregnancy-related leg cramp.
One of the best sources of calcium is found in calcium lactate. Magnesium glycinate and magnesium malate tend to be some of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium.
Vitamins & Minerals for Muscle Spasms | Calcium and Magnesium
(PDF) Therapeutic Activity and Safety of Vitamin K 2-7 in Muscle Cramps: An Interventional Case-Series
Leg Cramps and Vitamin E | JAMA | JAMA Network (1972)

More than 73% of American adults are overweight or obese : news

A ten-year longitudinal study on a group in early adolescence from as young as 10, investigated how playing violent video games at an early age would translate into adulthood behavior (23 years). It found no correlation between growing up playing video games and increased levels of aggression. : science

ELI5 why our brains can form arbitrary memories from seemingly random events and recall them perfectly but its hard to memorize something when you are intentionally trying to memorize it? : explainlikeimfive

People who grow up with aggressive parents are more likely to use anger words as such mad, hate, and stupid when annoyed or irritated with romantic partners. These moments can escalate into more intense conflict, unless we stop repeating our parents' communication patterns. : science

Jaan_Doe comments on This guy is playing the Kashakas, a percussion from West Africa, which consists of 2 small gourds filled with beans attached with a string.

Schaubslazythirdnut comments on The stunning fall of the JRE: "COVID broke him and he can't be trust now."

/u/Bardfinn explains why seemingly intelligent people fall for conspiracy theories. : bestof

what do you have extensive knowledge on but never get to talk about? : AskReddit

What is the worst thing that is legal? : AskReddit

Google told its scientists to 'strike a positive tone' in AI research, documents show : worldnews (Foogle goes full China)
Apple loses copyright battle against security start-up Corellium - The Washington Post Corellium helps customers find bugs in Apples mobile operating system. Apple aimed to shut it down.


The 10 most destructive extreme weather events in 2020 cost the world about $140bn , a new report has revealed. This year saw huge fires in Australia and the western US, extreme flooding in China, India and Pakistan, and severe storms in Asia and North America. : worldnews
The latest Ocean data reveals two important anomalies that will impact global weather development, going into 2021. Current weather trends indicate an important after effect on the Severe weather season in the United States and even Summer heatwaves in Europe. : worldnews

to World Russia Admits to world's largest Arctic Oil Spill : worldnews

A Scary Amount of Nutrition Science Has Deep Ties to The Food Industry, Study Reveals : worldnews ... one out of every eight leading, peer-reviewed studies on nutrition is tied to business

WHO chief warns that COVID-19 won't be the world's last pandemic as he tells countries to prepare for future emergencies : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 12/28/20 : boston (9%+ 48 deaths 4060 new cases 2230 hosp) )
covid-19-dashboard-december-28-2020 : CoronavirusMa

5 Times Deadlier Than Flu, COVID-19 Has Risk Of Long-Term Effects, St. Louis VA Study Finds : Coronavirus
Small Number of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms : news
"I've lost who I am" - An Anchorage teacher's coronavirus infection affected her brain. Now she s having to relearn basic living.
'Super Gonorrhea' on the Rise Due to COVID-19, WHO Says : worldnews
Cleaning surfaces to guard against COVID is likely a waste, experts say : CoronavirusMa
ELI5: How do blood oximeters calculate one's blood oxygen level by just being placed on a finger for the pulse? : explainlikeimfive
Misinformation Spread By Anti-Science Groups Endangers COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts : Coronavirus
Debunking the False Claim That COVID Death Counts Are Inflated : Coronavirus

People with coronavirus are still getting on planes. No one knows how many. : Coronavirus

2 women arrested after hosting 200-person party in New Jersey : news

Jewish GOP leader stricken with COVID after White House Hanukkah party - Jewish Journal - December 23, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Family blames haircut after couple dies from COVID-19 just 10 days apart : Coronavirus

Grief overload as virus deaths mount in North Dakota (N. DaCovid)

L.A. was uniquely vulnerable to this COVID catastrophe. Here is what went wrong : Coronavirus ... The trifecta of fatigue, winter weather and holiday travel that has led to more coronavirus transmission across the country hit here, too

Russia admits to world's third-worst Covid-19 death toll -- More than 186,000 Russians have died due to coronavirus, three times more than previously reported

In the first 9 months of 2020, as the COVID-19 catastrophe unfolded across Ontario, the three largest publicly traded long-term-care operators in the province made huge payouts to investors while taking millions in government funds, data shows : worldnews (death for profit industry)

France takes careful vaccine approach to counter skepticism : worldnews

Brazilian governor celebrates holidays in Miami after imposing strict lockdowns : worldnews

Trolls and social media platforms face huge fines in Australia for failing to remove abuse material | Online abuse : worldnews

Beijing goes into emergency mode after five new Covid-19 cases recorded: New controls introduced in the Chinese capital as the city authorities warn the epidemic control situation is severe . Mass testing carried out in two districts where new cases have been detected : worldnews
Chinese journalist who documented Wuhan coronavirus outbreak jailed for 4 years : worldnews ... "disorderly conduct and provoking trouble"
U.S. bolsters support for Taiwan and Tibet, angering China : worldnews
US citizens in the 1% and 5% highest-income counties obtained better health outcomes than average US citizens but had worse outcomes for infant and maternal mortality, colon cancer, childhood leukemia, and heart attacks compared with average citizens of other developed countries. : science

Muslim Teenager in UP Arrested Under 'Love Jihad' Law for Walking With a Hindu Friend : worldnews
An Indian army officer and 2 associates are accused of planting weapons on the bodies of 3 labourers killed in Kashmir to make it look as though they were militants in a staged gun battle : worldnews

Russia moves to curb internet following investigative reports on Navalny poisoning : worldnews

Loujain al-Hathloul: Saudi woman activist jailed for five years : worldnews

Human rights activists slam Israel for politically motivated decision to postpone vaccination of Palestinian prisoners : worldnews (sounds kinda genocidal, doesn't it?)
Hezbollah says it has doubled its arsenal of guided missiles : worldnews

A cameraman for Reuters was arrested in Ethiopia after police raided his home and confiscated his computer, phone, and other materials. The Reuters cameraman had reportedly been involved in covering fighting between government troops and rebel forces in the North Tigray region. : worldnews

Filipino mother, son shot dead by off-duty policeman in row over noise laid to rest : worldnews

German nuns accused of enabling child sex abuse by priests : news

Policeman with "super-recogniser" facial recognition abilities, identifies 2,000 wanted suspects from memory : worldnews

'People are being shown no mercy': Online evictions raise alarm in Ontario : worldnews

Biden says Trump and his political appointees have blocked national security transition work, posing threats to the U.S. - The Washington Post ... Biden specifically called out the Office of Management and Budget and the Defense Department as agencies where his transition team had encountered roadblocks from political leadership (kinda treasony)

No, a 2018 executive order doesn't allow Trump to unilaterally impose martial law : politics (delusion refuckers)
Donald Trump raises supporter hopes before another inevitable election letdown : politics (the grift goes on)
Rep. Louie Gohmert, Pack of GOPers Sue Mike Pence in Bid to Force VP to Pick Trump Electors on Jan. 6 (Louie Gumball)
GOP lawmaker sues Pence in bid to overturn Biden win | TheHill
For D.C. protests, Proud Boys settle in at citys oldest hotel and its bar
Twitter is the copium of the people - Lawyers, Guns & Money It is the cry of the soul in a soulless world.

Americans' acceptance of Trump's behavior will be his vilest legacy ... Most of the 74,222,957 Americans who voted to re-elect Donald Trump -- 46.8%of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election (are evil walking dead zombies eating the brains of America)
And when they see their reflection, they're fulfilled - Lawyers, Guns & Money : There is something deeply, deeply sick about a country in which Donald Trump and not the theoretical President Trump but the Donald Trump who had actually been president for nearly four years could get 74 million votes. And a pandemic that requires collective action and sacrifice to save lives is really throwing that into sharp relief:
Trumps legacy: An enduring contempt for truth? (you mean Republicans since Nixon)
Idiocy and autocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money The always interesting Fintan OToole has an article on what Donald Trump was and will continue to be all about: ... What Trump adds to the mix is an open embrace and celebration of autocracy, which is a significant step beyond what movement conservatism was forty or even twenty years ago ... Trump's nearly sole talent is that he has a feral instinct for tapping into the endlessly rich vein of intellectual and emotional stuntedness that is the American worship of "freedom" ... That 74 million plus people would vote to retain an openly autocratic crook as president in large part because they believed he was going to protect this kind of freedom is an indictment of an entire culture, if not a whole species.
Opinion | Trump is growing smaller before our eyes - The Washington Post

I Regret Nothing: Doctor Who Criticized Trump Parade Works Last Day At Walter Reed
The Plague Year: The mistakes and the struggles behind America's coronavirus tragedy : politics
The Plague Year | The New Yorker

$2,000 stimulus checks gain momentum as Republicans, Democrats press for new vote : politics
Pelosi Sets Up Showdown on Trump's $2,000 Checks After GOP Balks : politics
'A Terrible and Costly Stunt': Trump Delay in Signing Relief Bill Could Cost Millions a Full Week of Unemployment Aid : politics
POLITICO Playbook: Trump got nothing - POLITICO - TRUMP made all this noise about the Covid relief and government funding bill only to sign it and get nothing in return?

Mike Pence Was Enjoying a Ski Vacation While Millions Lost Unemployment Benefits : politics

Trump administration fails the first test of Covid vaccine distribution : politics
Biden to invoke Defense Production Act to spur Covid vaccine production
Marco Rubio Shredded On Twitter For Bashing Fauci After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
Beginning Jan. 1, federal mandate will not require paid leave for employees with COVID-19 : politics

After a year of pandemic and protest, and a big election, America is as divided as ever - Washington Post

A New Congressional Budget Office Study Shows That Medicare for All Would Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually : politics (can't do that say Refuckers)

Should senators be allowed to trade stocks at all? Amid the obvious conflicts, probably not : politics (ultimate insideer trading)
Chris Collins is out of prison nbut other allegations of insider trading swirl in Congress

Republicans propping up the fossil fuel industry is borderline socialist. Technically it's crony capitalism,

Nearly 2.1 million have voted early in U.S. Senate runoff in Georgia : politics More than a quarter of the state's registered voters have either cast ballots early or through the mail
'A tremendous honor': Raphael Warnock looks to make history as Georgia's first Black senator : politics
Teens expand TikTok playbook to help Democrats in Georgia runoffs : politics
A pro-Trump lawyer called for Republican candidates David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to be arrested as Georgia's runoff Senate race heats up : politics
Georgia Senate runoffs test whether Trump remains a 'poison' for moderate GOP voters (unlikely)

Arizona Republican Party joins in on Donald Trump's practice of mocking John McCain : politics
Republicans descending to minor-party status in New Mexico : politics
The COVID Stimulus Marks a Paradigm Shift in Fiscal Policy : Trump May Have Accidentally Been a Transformational President ... In January 2008, Barack Obama declared his intention to be the next Ronald Reagan (indeed)

Major Polling Firm Now Openly Fascist - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Rasmussen Reports (Rasfuckers go full Stalin, explicitly)
Rasmussen quotes Stalin in tweet on US election | TheHill

Read Elizabeth Warren's Scathing Report on Corrupt Prison Audits : politics

Marijuana Decriminalization Vote Is Hugeand Not Enough ... They will leave legalization up to the states and here in Kansas, until the boomers die off, its never gonna happen. Fucking old conservatives man ... yworst thing to happen to the country.

Virginia should repeal right-to-work for good : politics ("right-to-work" = "right-to-fire-you")

Eschaton: Habits : The edit board of NYPost, the presiden'ts favorite paper, tells him to give it up and says his encouragement that pence do something he can't on Jan 6 is cheering for an undemocratic coup -- Maggie Haberman ... It's Maggie's old employer, too, something "we" don't talk about enough ... We're going to get lots of coverage of what right wing media outlets think of Joe Biden for absolutely no good reason at all.

If Anthony Warner Were a Muslim Cleric, We Wouldn't See This Intricate Discussion About Who's a Terrorist : A terrorist act took place on Christmas Day in Nashville.

How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor - The New York Times None of the police officers who raided Breonna Taylors home wore body cameras, impeding the public from a full understanding of what happened. The Times's visual investigation team built a 3-D model of the scene and pieced together critical sequences of events to show how poor planning and shoddy police work led to a fatal outcome. (fucker copfuckers)

Video shows black 14-year-old falsely accused of theft in a SoHo hotel : news (another racist Karen, doxx her, internets)

Mango Sorbet - Lawyers, Guns & Money fever swamps. Her latest foray produced this amazing bolus of rhetorical toxic waste, from one Bruce Bawer
In a Station of the Metro - Wikipedia

He spent 10 days in jail after facial recognition software led to the arrest of the wrong man, lawsuit says : technology (Charlie Baker's fav cop tech)

'Highly suspicious' fire at Black church in Massachusetts being investigated as arson : news

Is Substack the Media Future We Want? | The New Yorker
Subscriptions start working for the middle (substack)
Heather Cox Richardson Offers a Break From the Media Maelstrom. It's Working. - The New York Times
Letters from an American

The Mommy Issues Picture Show - Tasteful Rude

A new cancer therapy simultaneously zaps tumors with imaging-guided laser radiation and stimulates the anti-cancer immune response. This technology, developed by South Korean scientists, combines photodynamic therapy with immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer and is the first of its kind. : science

Experiences during the first few years of life can have enduring downstream consequences for people's romantic relationships 20-30 years later. Hostility by the mother in early childhood was a significant predictor of dehumanization behavior against romantic partners by adults.

US citizens in the 1% and 5% highest-income counties obtained better health outcomes than average US citizens but had worse outcomes for infant and maternal mortality, colon cancer, childhood leukemia, and heart attacks compared with average citizens of other developed countries. : science

Covid-19 made digital the default. Will it stay? - The Washington Post


Gingerbread monolith appears in San Francisco's Corona Heights : news

Native oysters unexpectedly returned to Belfast Lough after more than 100 years though scientists unsure how they got there. Ostrea edulis, European flat oyster, is listed as threatened and/or declining by Ospar conservation scheme. : worldnews

America's healthcare system will struggle to deal with Covid 'long-haulers' - The US already has sky-high rates of chronic illness. Now comes a wave of Covid patients who never seem to fully recover : politics
December is the deadliest month in the US since the coronavirus began pandemic and projections for January are 'nightmarish,' expert says : Coronavirus
Fauci says he believes worst is still to come in the pandemic following holiday season : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/27/20 : boston (10.6+ 100 deaths 4602 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-27-2020 : CoronavirusMa
7,424 New Confirmed Cases; 108k Tests Reported; 78,086 Active Cases; 6.32% Positivity; 7.35% Non Higher Ed; 46 Deaths (-30); 2,077 Hospitalized (-18) including 416 in ICU (+7) and 232 Intubated (+0); 77% Hospital Capacity (-8%); 74% ICU Capacity (-2%); - December 26, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Coronavirus has killed more than 2,900 U.S. health care workers, analysis says : Coronavirus
Covid poses 'greatest threat to mental health since second world war' | Society : Coronavirus
AstraZeneca CEO: Oxford vaccine will protect 95% : Coronavirus
Long Covid patients haunted by smells of fish, sulphur and burnt toast : Coronavirus
Loss of smell in patients with COVID-19 MRI data reveal a transient edema of the olfactory clefts : Coronavirus
Study finds evidence of lasting immunity after mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection : Coronavirus
Here's where all the COVID-19 vaccine candidates currently stand : Coronavirus
A Doctor, Who Is Breastfeeding, Explains Complex Choice To Get COVID-19 Vaccine : Coronavirus
S-variant SARS-CoV-2 is associated with Significantly Higher Viral Loads in samples tested by ThermoFisher TaqPath RT-PCR : Coronavirus
Scientists urge government to issue Vitamin D advice, "arrogance that the government wants to wait" : Coronavirus

California Covid-19 Update: Statewide Available ICU Capacity Falls To 0% On Christmas Day : news
Central and Southern California have 0 percent I.C.U. capacity : Coronavirus
L.A. County reports nearly 30,000 coronavirus cases over 2-day period : Coronavirus
Illinois COVID-19 Update: IL reports 3,767 cases, 104 coronavirus deaths : Coronavirus

'Consequences are significant' for woman who fled Perth coronavirus quarantine hotel : Coronavirus
Despite the obligation to quarantine 200 British people secretly disappear from the Swiss ski resort

"Believe in science:" EU kicks off COVID-19 vaccine campaign : worldnews

Canada reports its first cases of new coronavirus variant : worldnews

COVID-19 vaccine controversy: Chinese vaccine with pork gelatin cannot be given to Muslims, say Sunni scholars : worldnews

Japan bans entry from all countries to block new strain's spread : worldnews

Tragedy in Belgium as 18 die at nursing home after visit by corona-infected Santa : worldnews

Mexico City's COVID-19 'excess mortality' reaches 214 deaths a day : worldnews

'Militant neo-Nazis' have spearheaded coronavirus protests : At anti-lockdown protests, hooligans have provided the muscle to break through police lines. They may have their roots in football, but they're now more likely to be found practicing combat sports than on the terraces. : worldnews

Duterte threatens to end US military pact if no vaccines : worldnews

'China-Pakistan Spy Ring Busted In Afghanistan; 10 Chinese Nationals Held On Espionage Charge : worldnews

Sony uses COVID-19 recession as excuse to cut jobs while benefiting from stay-at-home economy : worldnews
38% of LGBT in Japan people sexually harassed or assaulted: survey. : worldnews
Regulatory loophole blamed for asbestos detected in bath mats: Series of bath mats and other items containing asbestos discovered among "hometown tax" gifts offered by local government in western Japan, as well as products offered by major Japanese furniture retailers, prompting large-scale recalls. : worldnews
Japan Airlines staff reassigned to work as shrine maidens during coronavirus travel downturn : worldnews
Lawmaker attended drinking party with about 30 people in Japan despite authorities' warnings to refrain from dining in large groups to prevent further spread of coronavirus. Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, a member from LDP, also fell down and was taken to hospital by ambulance after drinking. : worldnews

Pakistan Threatens Google, Wikipedia for Sacrilegious Online, Calls for Immediate Removal Unlawful From Its Platforms : worldnews
Pakistani militants shift focus to cities in targeting of Chinese : worldnews

A Bangladeshi film director has been arrested and charged after a scene in "Nabab LLB", a fictional courtroom drama about rape and the treatment of victims depicted police harshly interrogating a rape victim and highlighting attitudes towards violence against women in the conservative nation : worldnews
Bangladesh 'set to move' new group of Rohingya to remote island : worldnews

Turkey says it killed 15 Kurdish militants preparing attack in northeast Syria : worldnews
A private Turkish TV station that aired pro-Kurdish opposition views has shut down less than a month after launch, underscoring press freedom concerns in a country often chastised by rights groups. Olay TV, owned by businessman and former minister Cavit Caglar, began broadcasting on November 30 : worldnews

1,000 migrants stranded, freezing amid heavy snow in Bosnian camp : worldnews

Syria air defences intercept barrage of Israeli missiles
Israel said planning to advance settlement building before Biden enters office | The Times of Israel Defense Ministry panel reportedly set to convene in coming two weeks on building approvals in West Bank, East Jerusalem, in last gasp of Trump administration

Belarus accused of deliberately spreading Covid-19 among jailed critics : worldnews

Argentina's Catholics, evangelicals unite against abortion bill : worldnews (fuckangelicals)

Family feud rages as Swarovski empire loses its luster : worldnews

Storm Bella batters France, thousands of homes without electricity | Reuters

Irish government to provide funding for Erasmus scheme to northern Irish students post brexit after UK government refused to continue participation. : worldnews

Boris Johnson admits Brexit deal falls short for financial services : worldnews

Why the Russian hack is so significant, and why it's close to a worst-case scenario : politics

UN hits Trump over Blackwater pardons, says move 'contributes to impunity' - The U.N claimed the move would embolden others to commit crimes. : worldnews

Oh what a relief it is - Lawyers, Guns & Money President Trump late Sunday signed the stimulus bill into law, three people briefed on his decision said, averting a Tuesday government shutdown. His decision to back down and sign the measure will release $900 billion in stimulus funds into the economy that had been held up for nearly a week.
Trump signs coronavirus relief and government funding bill into law after lengthy delay - CNNPolitics
Biden calls Trump's refusal to sign relief bill an 'abdication of responsibility' : politics
Mass confusion over Trumps endgame as Washington barrels toward shutdown, economic crisis
Trumps plans to sign relief bill on Christmas Eve were scrapped last minute
When it comes to Trump, look not at what he says, but what he does and what that means.
DebentureThyme comments on Sanders on Trump's COVID stimulus response: 'What the president is doing right now is unbelievably cruel' ... When it comes to Trump, look not at what he says, but what he does and what that means.
Edging closer to shutdown with Trump showing no signs of caving
Trump just cost jobless workers one week of federal unemployment assistance after he failed to sign the relief bill by midnight on Saturday : politics
Unemployment benefits lapse for jobless Americans as Trump holds out on signing relief bill : politics

Americans' acceptance of Trump's behavior will be his vilest legacy : politics
Trump fed our worst instincts. His global legacy is toxic and immoral : politics

How the Trump Administration Suppresses Photography of the Pandemic : politics (media cooperates)
Violence against women surges during COVID-19 crisis as Senate Republicans block anti-domestic violence law : politics

Trump Leaves a Mess Behind at NASA : politics

Trickle-down tax cuts make the rich richer but are of no value to overall economy, study finds (obvous refuck scam worked for 50 yrs)

Trump finds time to complain that Melania has not been featured on enough magazine covers, despite mounting crises : politics ... She has the charisma of cold clam chowder and has made not one effort to be liked by anyone but those blind to the many faults of this disease of a family.

Sad and an utter scam : Republican congressman accuses Trump of temper tantrums and conspiracy theories
QAnon Rep. Vows to Disrupt Electoral College Vote Count as Trump Tweets 'See Everyone in D.C.'
How many GOP senators will object to the certification of the Electoral College vote? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump supporter and Fox News star Geraldo Rivera said the president is acting like an 'entitled frat boy' since losing the election : politics
Former Bush Officials Lashes GOP For Supporting 'Delusional' And 'Unhinged' Trump : politics
Rep. Kinzinger calls efforts to overturn electiona 'scam' : It is a scam and it is going to disappoint the people that believe this election was stolen

Bill Barr Accused of Arresting Impeachment Witnesses to Shield Trump

As Trump leaves office, South Florida is poised to become his new MAGA capital : politics

Trump's Fraud Claims Died in Court, but the Myth of Stolen Elections Lives On : For years, Republicans have used the specter of cheating as a reason to impose barriers to ballot access. A definitive debunking of claims of wrongdoing in 2020 has not changed that message (that and trickle down and wars is all they got)

Trump's inaction on stimulus bill leaves Georgia's GOP runoff candidates in awkward spot : politics
Columnist: Trump seems happy to torpedo GOP chances in Georgia : politics (for not backing his coup)
A Republican voting initiative we should all get behind - Lawyers, Guns & Money Georgia Republicans are being asked to #BoycottGeorgia.
Sam Wang on Twitter: "Georgia Republicans are being asked to #BoycottGeorgia. Supporters of Trump lawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell say by not voting, "there will be so few [votes] that GOP vote totals will go negative... The fraud will be so obvious, SCOTUS can then invalidate [2020]."" / Twitter
Jon Ossoff has raised more money than any Senate candidate in US history in heated Georgia runoff election : politics
Pro-Trump lawyer's call for Georgia runoffs boycott, hints at arresting Loeffler, Perdue : politics

In His Final Month in Office, Trump Works Overtime to Drag the GOP Down With Him : politics

CNNs Tapper: 'No Value' to Interviewing People Like Kayleigh McEnany Who 'Lie the Way Most People Breathe' (Kay-Lier, and nice, Jake)

Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is 'Mass Radicalization,' Experts Warn. : politics

Florida political mystery takes a turn. Someone changed the name of dark-money donor. : politics

Why these Fox News loyalists have changed the channel to Newsmax - The Washington Post

Mark Meadows has skeletons in closet the dinosaur skeletons, to be precise : politics Meadows, who is a fundamentalist Christian ...

Authorities identify Anthony Warner as Nashville bomber, say his remains were found in the wreckage - The Washington Post
Nashville bomb: Anthony Quinn Warner told woman he gave homes to he 'intended to spend Christmas in woods with his dogs'
Officials: Box truck playing similar audio to Christmas explosion under investigation : news
Suicide bombing suspected in Nashville explosion as investigators search home south of the city : news
Nashville explosion: Questions remain as investigation enters Day 3
FBI agents investigating if 5G paranoia was behind Nashville bombing | News |
Here's How Widespread The Nashville Explosion Knocked Out AT&T Service In The Southeast : technology

Man Sues Police After Being Pepper-Sprayed While Filming Son's Arrest : news

Virginia Deputy Fired After Far Right Calls For Violence On Social Media : politics
Virginia Deputy Fired After Far-Right Calls For Violence On Social Media | HuffPost A Virginia sheriff's deputy was fired Saturday after a freelance journalist linked his social media account to chilling threats against politicians and judges.

Six injured in Massachusetts shooting at music video filming : news ... You can move to Nahant - but get there you can't - without first driving through Lynn - Lynn, the city of sin

Two women and three girls were found dead in Arkansas on Christmas Day : news

A Racial Slur, a Viral Video, and a Reckoning - The New York Times ... Mimi Groves ... a Heritage High School student ... By then, she was a varsity cheer captain who dreamed of attending the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, whose cheer team was the reigning national champion ... Ms. Groves, who just turned 19, lives with her parents and two siblings in a predominantly white and affluent gated community built around a golf course (white "Heritage")

"The President has got his war/ Folks don't know just what it's for/ Nobody gives us rhyme or reason/ Have one doubt, they call it treason:" Roberta Flack's First Take at 50 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Girl Scouts rebuke Boy Scouts in escalating recruitment war : news Fuck the Girl Scouts. it's !basically an MLM that sells cookies.

How state marijuana legalization became a boon for corruption : massachusetts (pro-corruption Charlie Fucker)

Turn Your Sex Life Around - The New York Times With all its stress and uncertainty, this year hasnt exactly been a banner year for intimacy. But that can change.

u/enfrozt explains Linux and Computers to someone who knows nothing about Linux : bestof

Carrie Fisher: The turbulent life of an unsung Hollywood hero : movies

What are some street smarts everyone should know? : AskReddit

Who had grandparents fight in WW2 and what stories did they share? : AskReddit


EU bans plastic waste exports to poor nations. Under new rules, trash importers and exporters will need to agree on how to handle hazardous shipments. : worldnews
Scientists have come up with an experimental process that might be able to turn dioxide carbona greenhouse gas emitted by all engines gas-burninginto jet fuel. If successful, the process, which uses an iron-based chemical reaction, could result in net zero emissions from airplanes. : science

Mass die-off of birds in south-western US 'caused by starvation' : news

One in 1,000 Americans have died from Covid-19 : Coronavirus
Six million people have travelled through US airports before Christmas Eve despite rising Covid cases. More than 1.1 million people screened at airports on day before Christmas Eve, breaking pandemic travel record as hospitalisations overwhelm health systems : Coronavirus
1,944,585 vaccine doses administered in the US : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/26/20 : boston (12.4%+ 46 deaths (2 days) 7435 new cases (2 days)
covid-19-dashboard-december-26-2020 - see page 1 note : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 7,424 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 46 new deaths - The Boston Globe

The CDC's failed race against covid-19: A threat underestimated and a test overcomplicated : politics (Jared hacked the CDC into pieces)

What's in that new vaccine? Here's a great MIT breakdown of the Pfizer vaccine ingredients. It's from MIT, but written for normal people to understand : CoronavirusMa
Reverse Engineering the source code of the BioNTech/Pfizer SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine - Articles

New covid strain is 70% more transmissible : worldnews
Schools "may need to close to control new variant" : Coronavirus
British scientists trial new Covid antibody therapy that could give patients INSTANT immunity : worldnews
UK scientists trial drug to prevent infection that leads to Covid | Coronavirus | The Guardian
Vitamin D, other everyday vitamins could counter coronavirus effects: report : worldnews
Vitamin D is not as toxec as was once thought
Vitamin D Intake & Toxicity - GrassrootsHealth ... , and no toxicity was observed in studies reporting a daily vitamin D intake below 30,000 IU.
How Much Vitamin D is Too Much? A Case Report and Review of the Literature | Bentham Science ... : A 56-year woman was admitted to our Hospital following a 3-week history of nausea, vomiting and muscle weakness. The patient had been assuming very high dose of cholecalciferol since 20 months (cumulative 78,000,000UI, mean daily 130,000UI), as indicated by a non-conventional protocol for multiple sclerosis
Tel Aviv research: 99.9% of COVID-19 germs dead in 30 seconds with UV LEDs : news ... Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species : Karl, Please Come Over For Gay Sex
COVID19 is a seasonal climate-driven disease across both hemispheres : Coronavirus
We Don't Yet Understand Why COVID-19 Numbers Aren't As High As Predicted In Africa

Families turn obituaries into final pleas to avoid COVID-19 - Los Angeles Times ... After honoring her decades in medicine and listing her surviving relatives, he included a plea to anyone who picked up the Courier & Press in Evansville, Ind.

Why 530 Frozen Bodies Sit in a Brooklyn Warehouse : Coronavirus

LA's Covid 'tsunami': inside the new center of America's raging pandemic : Coronavirus

Trump claims Florida doing well as cases pass 1.25m with death toll nearly seven times that of Japan : politics

Canada detects first coronavirus variant cases: health officials : Coronavirus

A pandemic atlas: Peru's death toll leaves a grieving nation : Coronavirus

COVID-19 situation in Palestine is "catastrophic" | Royal News : Coronavirus

Meet The 50 Doctors, Scientists And Healthcare Entrepreneurs Who Became Pandemic Billionaires In 2020 : worldnews

Japan to ban new entries of foreigners until end-January - Nikkei : worldnews
Japan: Man fled hospital after testing positive for coronavirus, visited public bath : worldnews

Covid-19: NSW Health Minister fears Sydney beach Christmas gathering could be a super-spreader event : worldnews

Turkmenistan president claims licorice can cure Covid-19 : worldnews

Food scraps for cleaners: Internal emails from the company that has a multimillion-dollar contract to clean Melbournes tram network suggest that cleaning standards were impossible to maintain while staff were underpaid and worked so hard they were put at risk of injury. : worldnews (captitalist cunts)

China to overtake US as worlds biggest economy by 2028, report predicts : worldnews
Chinese asked to stay home for the holidays as 20 new infections reported : worldnews
Zoom shared US data with Beijing to maintain market access in China : worldnews

Korean artificial sun sets the new world record of 20-sec-long operation at 100 million degrees : worldnews

Japan shuns different surnames for married couples in gender policy: After heated debate among ruling party lawmakers, the government failed to include a commitment to allowing married couples to use different surnames in its basic gender equality promotion policy approved Friday. : worldnews

Russia's total number of COVID-19 cases crosses 3 million mark : worldnews ("offical data")
Russia opens criminal case against ally of Kremlin critic Navalny : worldnews
George Blake: Soviet Cold War spy and former MI6 officer dies in Russia : worldnews
Cat rescued from central Russian waste processing plant named assistant to regional environment minister. Widely circulated surveillance footage this week showed plant worker retrieving cat from tied plastic bag on conveyor belt. : worldnews

Pakistan threatens Google, Wikipedia over 'sacrilegious content' : worldnews

16-year old, suspected of throwing rocks, dies in police chase in the West Bank. : worldnews
Syria intercepts Israel missiles : worldnews They intercepted the missiles with their target. Check mate israel.

Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar threatens Turkey with war : worldnews

Boko Haram kill villagers in Christmas Eve attack : worldnews

A 25-year-old woman was beaten to death in front of her two children by Houthi rebels in Yemen's Ibb province : worldnews

Duterte to US: No vaccine, no VFA : worldnews Lol, nice Duerte. Enjoy dealing with China on your own. (Visiting Forces Agreement)

The family with no fingerprints : worldnews (India, genetic mutation)

At least 20 people killed as migrant boat sinks off Tunisia coast. : worldnews

Manhunt under way after four injured in Berlin shooting | Germany News : worldnews

France finds first case of new coronavirus variant : worldnews

Britain and EU publish Brexit trade agreement : worldnews
London ambulances can no longer guarantee response to home-birth emergencies' Critical that this information is communicated to [pregnant] women, to inform their planning and future choices says London Ambulance Service NHS Trust : worldnews
Royals Officially Cancel Christmas Walk in Effort to Prevent Onlookers from Gathering : worldnews

Several tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Cisco and VMware, have filed a brief backing Facebook's lawsuit against Israel-based spyware firm NSO Group, which has been accused of hacking into Facebook-owned WhatsApp's instant messaging app to enable spying by the company's clients : worldnews

Russia has accused the U.S. of starting a "visa war" with Moscow, resulting in severe staff shortages at the only remaining American diplomatic mission in the country as President-Elect Joe Biden prepares to take office and officials continue to investigate the SolarWinds hack. : worldnews
Opinion: It's time to treat Putin's Russia like the rogue regime it is - CNN

Until Bidens win is certified, the U.S. remains vulnerable

With His Pardons of Stone and Manafort, Trump Completes His Cover-Up : politics
Prosecutor in Manafort case knew pardon was coming so he found a legal loophole : politics ... civil forfeiture. He gets out of jail but still loses all his stuff
Trump pardons four former Blackwater contractors. This is what they did in Iraq : politics
Donald Trump's spate of pardons could spark another political battle : politics

Trump appears to back plan to overturn election result in Congress amid more false claims of fraud : politics
Pence has until Sunday to make a move to oust Trump with the help of House Democrats : politics
Mike Pence Cannot Block the Certification of Joe Biden's Victory When the Senate Formally Counts Electoral College Votes on Jan. 6th : politics
With less than a month left in office, Trump lashes out at 'totally incompetent' Supreme Court for refusing to overturn his election loss : politics

Critics fear Trump could pressure William Barr's successor for big favors : politics

Trump's Presidency Is Over. His Judges Will Be Here For Decades. : politics

Millions of Americans lose jobless benefits as Trump refuses to sign aid bill : politics
Trump plays Christmas Day golf with Lindsey Graham while complaining about bills pork stimulus : politics
While in Florida Golfing, Trump Allows Jobless Benefits to Expire for Millions : politics
The relief passage Congress passed remains unsigned. Countless people will be evicted and/or lose unemployment benefits if Trump doesn't sign the bill today. What is Pay Check Don doing about it? Tweeting about how other states should emulate Rick DeSantiss insane COVID non-response policies:
Donald Trump's mind is elsewhere as unemployment benefits run out for millions of Americans - CNNPolitics

Fintan O'Toole: Trump has unfinished business. A republic he wants to destroy still stands : politics
Remember that stupid thing Donald Trump did? Hard as it is to pick, here are the top 10 : politics

$8 billion was spent on political ads during 2020. The election proved that money was mostly wasted. : politics
Journalism needs to do a major post-mortem in coming months on it's coverage of Trump : politics

Chief Justice Decries Threats of Actual or Proposed Violence After Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Against Trump : politics
Former chief justice to Moody: Your election challenge was meritless, unethical | Commentary : politics (Florifuck)
I-Team: Hearsay, unfounded accusations, are not evidence of voter fraud, Nevada secretary of state says : politics

Despite smooth election, GOP leaders seek vote restrictions : politics

Judge Orders Steve Bannon Submit to an Interview Under Oath in FTC's Investigation Into Cambridge Analytica : politics

Here's proof that tax cuts for the rich don't boost the economy : politics

Trump stain likely to dog officials post-administration job prospects | Serving in the White House is normally a passport to a lucrative job in business or lobbying but little about the Trump presidency is normal : politics

The Trump administration wants to take credit for a covid vaccine. Trump supporters are undermining it. : politics

Lost in the middle: Will the arrogant certainty of "centrism" destroy America? From Bill Clinton through Barack Obama and now Joe Biden, the centrist consensus has failed and learned nothing

What polls say about Kelly Loeffler and Raphael Warnock 1 week before Georgia's election : politics

QAnon Rep. Vows to Disrupt Electoral College Vote Count as Trump Tweets 'See Everyone in D.C.' : politics
RudderlessQAnon may reinvent itself after US election, warn experts - Trump's defeat hurts movement, but influencers continue to hype conspiracy theory.
I think Dan Brown turned my parents into QAnoners |

A Stinging Setback in California Is a Warning for Democrats in 2022 - The New York Times Democrats lost four swing House districts in the state, suggesting that their hold on a number of formerly Republican seats is tenuous at best.

He just humiliated her : People think Trump Jr. insults girlfriend Kimberly in video Christmas : The way he talks to her and belittles her is unacceptable and dangerous

She Noticed $200 Million Missing, Then She Was Fired | Alice Stebbins was hired to fix the finances of California's powerful utility regulator. She was fired after finding $200 million for the state's deaf, blind and poor residents was missing. : politics

Trump Appointed Betsy DeVos, the Bookless Bookshelf : PoliticalHumor

Person of interest identified in connection to Nashville bombing : news
CBS News: Person-of-interest identified in Nashville bombing
Downtown Nashville explosion knocks communications offline

Man being arrested for marijuana possession dies in BRPD custody; cause of death pending : news

Did we defund the police? No, butbig changes are happeningeven after protests die down ... new city budgets show the protests worked

Lin Qi, Chinese Producer on Netflix's 'Three-Body Problem,' Dies at 39 after allegedly being poisoned as part of executive ranks dispute : television
Russian Historian jailed for dismembering partner : news

A Great Cultural Depression Looms for Legions of Unemployed PerformersWith theaters and concert halls shuttered, unemployment in the arts has cut deeper than in restaurants and other hard-hit industries.

Washington's Secret to the Perfect Zoom Bookshelf? Buy It Wholesale. - POLITICO Books by the Foot, a service run by the Maryland-based bookseller Wonder Book, has become a go-to curator of Washington bookshelves, offering precisely what its name sounds like it does.

Egyptian scientist proves a way to transmit data through silicon based material to win the best physicist award 2020. : worldnews

A Termopolio (street food vendor) has just been discovered almost intact in Pompeii (article in Italian, pictures at the end) : worldnews

Just How Dark Were the Dark Ages? | Discover Magazine After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe wasn't quite the horrible and backwards place earlier historians would have you believe. Modern scholars now look at the Dark Ages in a whole new light.

How the Maya Created Their Extraordinarily Accurate Calendar Thousands of Years Ago | Discover Magazine The ancient Maya created a system of timekeeping based on astronomy
The Maya Katun Cycle and the Retrograde Periods of Jupiter and Saturn
Reading, That Strange and Uniquely Human Thing - Issue 94: Evolving - Nautilus How we evolved to read is a story of one creative species.

Talking out loud to yourself is a technology for thinking | Psyche Ideas

Ketamine may ease depression by restoring the brain's sensitivity to prediction error. In other words, the drug may help to alleviate depression by making it easier for patients to update their model of reality. : science

(16) Quora : Is it true that every once in a while you should put the accelerator in a car to the floor to allow the valves to open up? I was told this by a mechanic.

Aretha Franklin - Think (feat. The Blues Brothers) [Soul] : Music

Hamster escapes from maze : aww

Apple sued by early app store maker, Cydia, over control of the iPhone : worldnews


Merry Christmas Everyone! : boston - Boston was warmest major city in the contigous US on Christmas morning 2020
Christmas Day Wonder: Gingerbread Monolith Mysteriously Appears at SF Park | KQED

Kilauea Eruption Day Four - Rising Lava Lake Update (Dec. 24, 2020) - YouTube
#Kilauea Volcanoes Live, Worldwide. - YouTube
/> Canada Boosts Fossil Subsidies to $14.3B Per Year, Joins Saudi Arabia as G20's Top Two Oil and Gas Funders : worldnews (they know they will have a bunch of super-habitable land when all the rest of the world is toast)

Record-high 119,000 Americans hospitalised for coronavirus ahead of Christmas Eve : Coronavirus

1 in 5 adults developed pandemic-related mental disorders: Analysis : Coronavirus
Moderna COVID-19 vaccine causes swelling and inflammation in patients who have cosmetic facial fillers : Coronavirus

DeSantis spokesman Piccolo deletes his Twitter account after tweet about COVID-19 victims - Orlando Sentinel - after he tweeted in the middle of night that photos of each dead COVID-19 victim should be balanced with 99 photos of people who survive the disease.
DeSantis spokesman Piccolo deletes his Twitter account after tweet about COVID-19 victims : Coronavirus
Colorado's two In-N-Out locations declared COVID-19 outbreaks as 80 employees test positive : Coronavirus

1;136;0c Dad 'woke up with Scottish accent' after six weeks in covid ventilator coma : Coronavirus

L.A. County hospitals running dangerously low on oxygen, supplies as ER units are overwhelmed : Coronavirus
California Church With Over $1 Million in COVID Fines Received PPP Loan Worth $340,000 : Coronavirus

Nurses celebrating coronavirus vaccines are getting hit by anti-vaxxers on social media : Coronavirus

NY Covid deaths still above 100 daily; 6,950 hospitalized statewide on Christmas day : Coronavirus
Coronavirus in Illinois updates: 5,742 new and probable cases of COVID-19 and 156 additional deaths reported Christmas Day : Coronavirus

Stockton Family Dollar employee robbed, beaten after asking women to wear masks : Coronavirus

Kentucky state representative Thomas Huff says he's in the ICU with COVID-19 : Coronavirus (refuck caught the hoax)

The Moderna Vaccine's Antibodies May Not Last As Long As We Hoped : worldnews

There Is Anger And Resignation In The Developing World As Rich Countries Buy Up All The COVID Vaccines : worldnews

UK's biggest coronavirus testing lab hit by COVID-19 outbreak : worldnews (virus is smart)

Leaked Documents Show How China's Army of Paid Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus : worldnews

Mutated COVID-19 strain confirmed in Japan as nationwide case tally hits record high. : worldnews

Sweden sees deadliest November since Spanish flu : Coronavirus

Japan reports 3,831 new COVID-19 cases and 63 deaths. The highest number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in a single day, to date. : Coronavirus

France records 20,262 more COVID-19 cases, 159 more deaths in last 24 hours : Coronavirus

Skiing spread coronavirus across Europe at the start of the pandemic. In Switzerland the slopes are full again : Coronavirus

10 of 12 Hong Kong activists who were captured at sea attempting to flee to Taiwan to face trial Monday in mainland China : worldnews

Chinas atrocities in Tibet are growing too big to ignore

Nepal has plunged into a political crisis and renewed instability after President Bidhya Devi Bhandari dissolved parliament at the request of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and announced general elections would be held in April and May next year, more than a year ahead of schedule : worldnews

Gunmen on motorbike shot dead a women's rights activist and her brother north of Afghanistan's capital, as a wave of assassinations ravages the violence-wracked country. Freshta Kohistani was the second activist to be killed in two days : worldnews

Pakistani court orders release of men previously convicted in Daniel Pearl murder : worldnews

Japan is "extremely behind" in promoting gender equality its government said Friday, as it delayed almost two decades-old target to have at least 30% of leadership positions occupied by women by end of 2020. Just 14.8% of leadership positions in politics and business in Japan are occupied by women. : worldnews ... Yeah when the government says that women needs to wear heels to work properly it probably has a problem with sexism ... Or that they have to serve tea to everyone at work every day
Osaka: Manager of yakiniku restaurant planted spy cam in women's toilet : worldnews

Alexei Navalny ally arrested by Russian police : worldnews

Belarusian MFA Reacts To Sanctions: "U.S. Enforces Dictatorship Of Human Rights In Belarus" : worldnews

Russia listed four NGOs, three AIDS service organizations and one educational affiliate of exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky's Open Russia pro-democracy group, as foreign agents and undesirable organizations amid renewed crackdown on critical voices. : worldnews

UN condemned Israel 17 times in 2020, versus 6 times for rest of world combined : worldnews (tiny racist asshole country 3x more evil than the whole world)
Israeli jets fly over Beirut, explosions reported in Syria : worldnews
TV report: Partner to Netanyahu's lawyer plotted to smear judges in his trial : worldnews

'Mom, we need food': Thousands in South Sudan near famine, Hundreds dead : worldnews

Tunisia minister 'sacked and arrested' in scandal over illegal waste from Italy : worldnews

Notre Dame choir holds Christmas Eve concert inside fire-damaged Paris cathedral : worldnews
France bans police drones at Paris protests : worldnews

UK television station Channel 4 has come under fire for a digitally altered video of Queen Elizabeth II giving her annual Christmas message, but the station says the segment is "a stark warning" about deepfake technology and the "proliferation of misinformation" in the digital age. : worldnews
Iconic venue "Cafe de Paris," known for hosting artists like Prince and Judy Garland, closes its doors after 96 years due to COVID-19 : worldnews
UK terror plots: Durham teenager asks to remain anonymous : worldnews (white supremo nazi rapist)

Scotland's future is of an independent, European nation : First Minister Sturgeon post Britain's Brexit news : worldnews

Thousands of Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs snorting and squealing way across Puerto Rico in what many fear unstoppable quest to eat and reproduce. They forage through gardens and farms knock over trash cans and leave pungent trails of urine and excrement stopping occasionally to bathe. : worldnews (said to be Republican pigs)

Experts who wrestled with SolarWinds hackers say cleanup could take months - or longer : worldnews
Microsoft Reseller Compromised In Newly Revealed Attempted Intrusion Blamed On Russian Hackers The Microsoft customer is security company CrowdStrike Holdings, which said the hackers had gained access to the reseller that sold it licenses to Microsoft Office software
Microsoft Reseller Compromised In Newly Revealed Attempted Intrusion Blamed On Russian Hackers : worldnews

Stuck in Guantanamo for 12 years without charge, Afghan inmate's health at risk : worldnews (Barry was "powerless" to do anything bc he wanted to look pro-war)

Trump's border wall was a complete waste of time and money : politics

Trump is threatening Iran and Biden says the Pentagon is stonewalling him on 'many things' with less than a month until inauguration : politics (traitors)

Could Trump declare martial law to try to steal the election? - The Washington Post

How real is the threat of prosecution for Donald Trump post-presidency? | US news | The Guardian

Trump's Most Disgusting Pardons : Blackwater mercenaries committed a massacre. Now they'll go free.
I Sued Blackwater for the Massacre of Iraqi Civilians. Trump Just Pardoned Those Convicted Killers. : politics
FBI team leader: How I know the Blackwater defendants didn't deserve a pardon from Trump : politics
Trump pardoned a former K-9 police officer who was convicted of releasing her dog on an unarmed homeless man : politics
Jared Kushner played a key role in White House pardon 'free-for-all' (Kushfucker)
Could Ghislaine Maxwell be next to receive a presidential pardon from Donald Trump? : politics
Behind Trump Clemency, a Case Study in Special Access - The New York Times Philip Esformes was sentenced last year to 20 years for Medicare fraud. Then a well-connected organization supported by his family weighed in with the White House.

Trump reportedly baffled that Mike Pence can't simply declare him president again : politics
Pence under pressure as the final step nears in formalizing Bidens win
Trump warns Republicans who didn't back Election Fraud claims: 'I will Never Forget!' : politics

The Trump administration is holding back over half of its vaccine doses. Distribute them now. : politics (they're in Jared's basement)
sam deutsch on Twitter: It"s remarkable how much better the @washingtonpost is than the @nytimes when it comes to accurately capturing the current moment" / Twitter

The Truth Is Our Only Defense Against Trump | The United States needs a fact-finding commission to establish a record that can stand against the coming tidal wave of deceit. : politics

'Merry... Christmas': Watch Rep. Debbie Dingell Drop House Gavel in Disgust Over GOP's Covid-19 Cruelty : politics

'Shameful': Trump Golfs, Tweets Election Lies as 14 Million Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits Just After Christmas : politics
Americans suffer at Christmas while Trump golfs and sows chaos : politics
COVID relief bill flown to Florida, where Trump went golfing : politics
Trump's threat to veto Covid relief bill is holding up $9 billion in state vaccine funding : politics

Sanders Rips GOP for Happily Endorsing Trump's Assault on Democracy But Refusing to Back His Call for $2,000 Checks | "Pathetic," said the Vermont senator. : politics

Biden pledges tuition-free community college for all : politics

The Great Disappointment - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A big source of uncertainty at the moment is: What happens when reality - of a sort - finally sets in for all the people who are still expecting Trump to remain president? (The extent to which this group includes Trump himself is a further significant unknown) ... All this reminds me of the fascinating history of what happens to prophetic movements when the prophecies fail. A particularly interesting one is the story of William Miller and The Great Disappointment, which eventually gave birth to the Seventh Day Adventists.

Trump is destroying his own party on the way out the door : politics

Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert to object to certifying Biden's Electoral College victory - Challenge to President-elect Joe Biden's win in Congress not expected to go anywhere : politics
GOP seeks to avoid messy Trump fight over Electoral College : politics

Sidney Powell's Hidden Kraken Witness Is a Pro-Trump Podcaster Once Sued for Fraud: WaPo : politics

Dominion Attorneys Send Brutal Letter to Trump Campaign s So-Called Star Witnesss Mellissa Carone : politics
OANN is doubling down on election conspiracy theories after Dominion threatened the network with a defamation lawsuit : politics ... a turd reich eagle on that microphone, if I ever saw one.

Court affirms ruling dismissing Trump challenge in Wisconsin : politics

USPS agrees to treat Georgia runoff ballots as express mail : politics
Loeffler didn't disclose top donors own multibillion-dollar company cited for illegal hiring scheme. The omissions for a company whose business Loeffler oversees "strain credulity to the breaking point," expert says : politics
Democrats shatter fundraising records ahead of Georgia Senate runoffs : politics
Democrats Ossoff and Warnock each raise more than $100 million for Georgia Senate runoffs : politics
More Than 64k Early Georgia Runoff Voters Didn't Vote in General Election : politics
Rand Paul is 'very, very concerned' about increased voting in Ga. : politics

Iowa Democrat asks House to review race she lost by 6 votes : politics

Judge Tosses Out Rep. NunesLawsuit Against Washington Postthe latest development in a string of legal battles waged by Nunes against mainstream media outlets, some of which have also been scorned and sued by Nunes ally President Donald Trump. (little commie fucker)
Devin Nunes Loses Lawsuit Accusing The Washington Post of Conspiring with House Democrats to Defame Him : politics This is a Congressman who managed to lose a lawsuit against a cow. And someone elects him.

Are there no poorhouses? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "Liberal economist" Larry Summers says Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ("Starve, fuckers" the "liberal" economist said)
Eschaton: Larry Is Lying The important thing about this is that Summers is lying -- It isn't that he's wrong about this, it's that he doesn't believe it. He does not think that $2000 checks relative to any baseline or other policies will "overheat" the economy. Larry Summers has always lied, tnx Barry)

Explosion in Downtown Nashville Was An 'Intentional Act' - The New York Times
Massive explosion in Nashville rocks downtown on Christmas : worldnews
Explosion in Nashville that damaged dozens of buildings is believed to be an intentional act : politics
Explosion reported downtown Nashville, police investigating : news
Nashville Fire Radio: Explosive device in RV detonated. Bomb Squad on the way - Heavy building damage. : nashville
Nashville explosion witness remembers chilling warning: 'Evacuate now'
Vehicle in Downtown Nashville Blared a Warning -- Then Exploded

Lawsuits: Police beat and falsely arrested marcher and photographer during protests : news

An Oscar Winner Made a Khashoggi Documentary. Streaming Services Didnt Want It
Oscar Winner, Bryan Fogel, Made a Khashoggi Documentary, 'The Dissident" and Streaming Services Didn't Want It. : movies

'80s TV star Kirk Cameron led an army of mask-less singers in Christmas carols to protest California's stay-at-home orders : politics

After the Great Fire, 1872 : boston

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish - Lawyers, Guns & Money Rush Limbaugh made his final broadcast yesterday, ending his 32 year career. How would you describe his legacy?

(16) World History - Quora Child's bones buried 40,000 years ago solve long-standing Neanderthal mystery

ELI5: what is the science behind weighted blankets and how do they reduce anxiety? : explainlikeimfive
Waist Training Beginners Information : waisttraining
Tightlacing 101: 4 Myths About Waist Training with a Corset | The Lingerie Addict | Over 4000 Teaching Education Degrees

5- to 9-year-old children chose to save multiple dogs over 1 human, and valued the life of a dog as much as a human. By contrast, almost all adults chose to save 1 human over even 100 dogs. The view that humans are morally more important than animals appears later and may be socially acquired. : science

Scientists have shown that a non-invasive blood test can identify cancer up to four years prior to conventional diagnosis. The assay has a high degree of specificity for five common cancer types- liver, lung, colorectal, stomach, and esophageal- and could contribute to reducing disease mortality. : science

Female managers are less negative towards employee depression than male managers are : science

A bit of stress might not be so good for us after all: The study found even mild stress may harm most s functionspeople executivemental skills such as self-control, focused attention, working memory and problem solving. : science

In some people, SSRI and SNRI antidepressants cause a persistent iatrogenic syndrome called Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD) in the literature; a recent update of the package leaflets was requested by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to warn of this possibility. : science

Vietnam War-era U.S. bombings of Cambodia still contribute to underdevelopment and poverty today. Bombs on softer high-fertility land were less likely to explode, thus leaving dangerous unexploded bombs in the most fertile lands. Counterintuitively, the most fertile land becomes the least productive (Kissinger cackles)

Analysis and Qualitative Effects of Large Breasts on Aerodynamic Performance and Wake of Miss Kobayashia's Dragon Maid Character : science

People who like to explore abandoned buildings. What was the biggest "fuck this, I'm out" moment you had while exploring? : AskReddit

Who ruined your family Christmas this year, and what did they do? : AskReddit


Merry Christmas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Great Conjunction 2020: Jupiter, Saturn meet to last till Christmas; all you need to know about this spectacle : worldnews

The world's largest lake is shrinking: the Caspian Sea is set to fall by 9 metres or more this century - an ecocide is imminent

Organic meat production just as bad for climate, study finds : worldnews
Norway supreme court verdict opens Arctic to more oil drilling : worldnews

Covid-19: How Much Herd Immunity is Enough? - The New York Times Scientists initially estimated that 60 to 70 percent of the population needed to acquire resistance to the coronavirus to banish it. Now Dr. Anthony Fauci and others are quietly shifting that number upward. (90%)

A Boston ICU filled up yesterday and hospital staffers spent nine hours trying to find a bed somewhere else for a Covid-19 patient | Universal Hub
You'll never guess what a Massachusetts Republican honcho came down with after attending a Chanukah party at the White House | Universal Hub ... The party was about a month after Mountain declared he did not believe Joe Biden had actually been elected. Last year, he declared that if US Rep. Ayanna Pressley and the other three Squad members don't leave the USA, they should be indicted.

Masks block 99.9% of large Covid-linked droplets: Study : worldnews
COVID-19 will be 'with us for the next 10 years', warns vaccine chief : worldnews
Covid-19 antibodies last for more than six months according to a study by the Finnish health authority THL : worldnews
New British Covid-19 strain appears more transmissible in young people and children, says WHO : worldnews
Yet another new COVID-19 variant seems to have developed, this one in Nigeria : worldnews (virus goes super mutant)
The autopsy, a fading practice, revealed secrets of COVID-19 : worldnews

Hospital Workers Start toTurn Against Each Other to Get Vaccine

WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives. We have a vaccine now. We don't need false positives anymore. : DarkFuturology

Genetics experts worry coronavirus vaccines might not work quite as well against UK variant : worldnews

'Acceptable' for Chinese COVID-19 vaccine to have 50-percent efficacy- DOST : worldnews
Brazil institute says CoronaVac efficacy above 50%, delays full results : worldnews

While New Zpealand is Covid-free, Taiwan just tested the first local Covid-positive patient transmitted by a New Zealander pilot returned from the US, ending the world's longest Covid-free streak of 8 months : worldnews (America is exceptionally stupid)

Japan's daily coronavirus cases hit new record of over 3,200 : worldnews

India's Covid-19 active cases now comprise only 2.8 per cent of total caseload : worldnews

Italy becomes first European country to surpass 70,000 deaths : worldnews

Airline Sacks Pilot Blamed for Taiwan's First Local Virus Infection Since April : worldnews

China to suspend direct flights to and from the United Kingdom : worldnews

Covid-19: The Philippines and its lockdown baby boom : worldnews

Over half of adults in China, or more than half a billion people, are now overweight, an official report has found. : worldnews
China targets Jack Ma's Alibaba empire in monopoly probe : worldnews
More than 50 Australian coal ships remain stranded off China's coast despite power blackouts : worldnews

More than 80% of municipal junior high schools in Fukuoka, Japan have rules on the color of students' underwear, and a majority also exercises rules pertaining to hair and eyebrows, it has emerged from the results of an investigation conducted by the Fukuoka Bar Association released on Dec. 22. : worldnews

Royal Caribbean Cruises is attempting to stop some victims of the White Island volcano disaster from suing in the United States by filing a proceeding against them in the Australian Federal Court. : worldnews

Queensland health minister says crew of coronavirus-infected superyacht 'not cooperating' : worldnews

"There is no democracy in India, it is only in imagination, not in reality", says opposition party leader Rahul Gandhi; hits out at the centre after he met president with 20 million signatures against the new farm laws. : worldnews

Vietnam climbs into UN high human development group : worldnews

Devastating fires engulf Brazilian Pantanal wetlands, again.

Russia says it expects 'nothing good' from Biden administration : worldnews (right about that)
Russia clears way to block Facebook, YouTube for 'censorship' : worldnews
Russia to launch own TikTok developed with Putin's alleged daughter : worldnews
$1 million of Iranian cash stolen from Russian Foreign Ministry in broad daylight after being stashed in vodka box

More than 100 people killed in dawn attack on Ethiopian village, rights group says : worldnews
Ethiopian military kills 42 people involved in deadly attack -- worldnews
Nigeria school abductions sparked by cattle feuds, not extremism, officials say : worldnews

Shell Oil Site Seized by Nigerian State Over Unpaid Damages : worldnews

Pakistani Court orders release of man charged in killing of an American journalist Daniel Pearl : worldnews

Iraqis were outraged, heartbroken but not surprised to hear US President Donald Trump had pardon for four Blackwater contractors convicted of killing Iraqi civilians in Baghdad in 2007 : worldnews

Massive gold treasure discovered in Turkey that is bigger than GDPs of many countries : worldnews

Israel using Gen. Mark Milley to pass messages to Biden administration on Iran : worldnews
Israel welcomes a German push to expand the Iran nuclear deal into a broader security agreement once Joe Biden moves into the White House next month : worldnews
US dangles billions for Indonesia normalising ties with Israel : worldnews (Kushfucked)

Leaked Hamas Christmas memo causes Christian dismay in Gaza : worldnews

Iran foreign minister dismisses Trump's tweet that Tehran behind attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad - "Putting your own citizens at risk abroad won't divert attention from catastrophic failures at home" he said. : worldnews
Iran said boosting air defenses around nuke sites, fearing Trump-ordered strike : worldnews (US military will let him do this)

Syria, Hezbollah were owners of $1 billion in amphetamine seized in Italy : worldnews

Asylum seekers living in Greece's largest camp have fewer rights than animals, advocates say : worldnews

Finland's bittersweet boost as UNESCO recognises its sauna culture.The country received a huge boost last week when UNESCO officially recognised the importance of its sauna culture. : worldnews

Biggest circular tomb in the ancient world to open in Rome.The site opens 1 March 2021, and from 22 April visits will include virtual and augmented reality elements. : worldnews

Portugal outrage after Spanish hunters massacre 500 wild animals : worldnews

Argentine man cleared in deadly bombing at Jewish center : worldnews

The deputy imam of a mosque in Germany was attacked and killed with an iron rod while walking in a park. 26-year-old Shahid Nawaz and his wife were attacked. : worldnews

Macron released from coronavirus quarantine : worldnews

UK and EU announce post-Brexit trade deal - BBC News : worldnews
UK and European Union strike historic Brexit trade deal : worldnews
Germany's Lufthansa is airlifting 80 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to the UK on Wednesday as firms seek to beat the lorry chaos at sea ports : worldnews (Britsters off the crazy cliff, eh?)
"British made huge concessions" in Brexit trade talks, French source says : worldnews
UK slaps 20,000 fine on Indian TV channel over anti-Pakistan content : worldnews
U.K. - Deepfake queen to deliver Channel 4 Christmas message : worldnews

Canada criticized for clean fuel rules that hit poorest households hardest : worldnews
Canada Stimulus Package: Second Stimulus Checks Plus A Dose Of Sexism : worldnews
Canadian unions see opportunity as new generation of organizers emerge amid pandemic : worldnews

Biden: Pandemic will be 'first priority, the second priority and the third priority' : politics (he should have said "and you can guess what the fourth priority will be")
A majority of Americans would back a Biden mask mandate : politics

'Unhinged, Lame-Duck President Wants to Start a War': Warnings as Trump Blames Iran for Rocket Attack : politics (you can bet your corrupt military is on board with this)
Donald Trump's Martial-Law Talk Has Military on Red Alert : politics (set to go)

Trump will do anything for Saudi crown prince, but won't call U.S. victims of Saudi terrorism : politics (soon to be pardoned for "all past present and future cimes against America")
Trump administration pushes forward on $500 million weapons deal with Saudi Arabia - The Washington Post

Trump appoints anti-immigrant, anti-refugee Richard Grenell to Holocaust Memorial Council - Trump's newest appointee to the Holocaust Memorial Council, also supports Germany's far-right political groups that are vehemently anti-refugee. : politics (puts a Nazi on the Holocaust board)

"Trump has pardoned a child murderer" says lawyer for Iraq Blackwater massacre victims : politics ... But it was a brown, Muslim child, so conservatives proudly support it.
Shock And Dismay After Trump Pardons Blackwater Guards Who Killed 14 Iraqi Civilians : politics ("I love the best murderers" Trump said)
Blackwater attack survivor to Trump: You will have to face God : politics (Allah is not happy)
Adam Schiff says Trump's pardons show he Is "lawless until the bitter end" : politics
Trump's latest pardons complete coverup of the Russia scandal : politics
The craven corruption of Trump's pardons: Separate justice system for friends and allies - For Trump, whether the crime is corruption, lying to law enforcement or even war crimes, justice does not apply to those who have been loyal to him. : politics
Here Are the Questionable Trump Pardons That You Did Not Hear About Last Night : politics
The Treasonous Pardon of Paul Manafort - The Bulwark Trump, Russia, and the swamp won. America lost.
Can a Pardon Be a War Crime?: When Pardons Themselves Violate the Laws of War
While Trump is pardoning war criminals and corrupt cronies - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Trump Has Executed More Prisoners Than the Last 10 Presidents Combined (he loves killing people)

As Trump leaves office, 50% of Americans see him as a 'failed' president : politics ... So45% think he was fair to great (insert cuckoo sound). That is the real story. Our country is in a dark place. I hope we can work our way out of it.
Trump's old tweet suggesting Clinton should accept defeat with dignity returns to haunt him : politics
Biden's post-election stock market bump is easily beating Trump's : politics

GOP blocks House Democrats' attempt to pass $2,000 stimulus checks after Trump voices support : politics
Millions of Americans are left scrambling to pay for food and rent as $900 billion stimulus bill falls apart - The Washington Post
US companies no longer have to pay sick leave to people with Covid after Mitch McConnell reportedly blocks extension : politics

Trump Back At Mar-A-Lago, Raising Taxpayer Golf Tab To $151.5 Million : politics

Trump puts on show of erratic behavior in final days - CNNPolitics
Frustrated Trump met with Pence before holiday break - CNNPolitics

Trump's White House lawyers are trying to stop a last-minute impeachment repeat : politics

Prosecutors have "mounting amount of evidence" against Trump, Michael Cohen says : politics

96 percent of Democrats say Biden was elected fairly, just 22 percent of Republicans agree : politics (60 million evil delusional Americans)

Secretly recorded White House video caught Trump aides off-guard and ramped up chaos : politics
The coup and the grift: Understanding Trump's evil endgame : politics
Opinion | Republicans raging at Trump over stimulus deal are getting exactly what they deserve - The Washington Post

Dominion warns legal action against Rudy Giuliani 'imminent' as exec sues for defamation : politics
Lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems sent 21 retraction or record preservation demand letters this week -- read them all here : politics
Dominion sends letters to Fox News, right-wing media threatening defamation - Business Insider - to Sean Hannity, Maria Bartiromo, Lou Dobbs, and other pro-Trump media figures

This Is Just What Jared Does: Kushner Bails on Trumps Mission to Destroy the 2020 Election (POS Kushfucker)
A Brief Reminder Of Charles Kushner's Creepy Crimes, Through Tweets : politics

Donald Trump executive order banning diversity training blocked by federal judge : politics

Pompeos Wife Tested Positive for Coronavirus as Cases Spiked ... after the couple came under criticism for holding parties at the State Department despite a nationwide spike in Covid-19 cases.

Kelly Loeffler falls behind Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate runoff poll : politics
As Georgia Senate Runoffs Near, Sen. Kelly Loeffler's Scandals Are Piling Up : politics
Georgia Senate runoff: Democrats take the lead in Georgia senate races as Michelle Obama joins campaign. : politics
Civil Rights Groups Denounce Georgia Officials For Closing Early Voting Sites Ahead of Senate Runoffs : politics

Cameroonian immigrants in Adams County prison say they were tortured by ICE agents : news

Ohio mayor calls for 'immediate termination' of officer who shot and killed a Black man 'who had committed no crime' : politics

Oklahoma County Officials Approve $17,000 Pay Raise For Themselves : politics

Eschaton: A Christmas Miracle : Rush Limbaugh has retired from radio.

Eschaton: Feelings How are NYT people real : Privately, Barbaro repeatedly pressed at least four journalists Friday to temper their critiques of The Times and how they framed what happened. I know, because I was one of them (podcaster)
Host of The Daily Clouds N.Y. Times Effort To Restore Trust After Caliphate

Fundraiser for Daniel P. Brown by Susan Pottish : Help Dan Go Beyond Parkinson's

I think this is pretty neat : massachusetts ... For the lazy, Massachusetts is equivalent to Norway, Ireland and Switzerland. Our dear friends in Mississippi are equivalent to Portugal and Slovakia (MA #1 on HDI, Fuckassippi #50)

A forgotten organ may hold the key to protecting the health of women and their unborn babies during pregnancy. The deficiency of Tregs in mothers also resulted in long-lasting transgenerational effects on the offspring, which remained prone to diabetes and overweight throughout their life spans. : science : THE THYMUS AS KEY TO HEALTHY PREGNANCIES

Redditors that worked with a dating company (Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc.), what's the most insane user stat or behind-the-scenes fact you found out about? : AskReddit

What do you absolutely fucking hate hearing? : AskReddit


Mount Etna, Italy, erupts again as lava blasts from the Southeast Crater. Mt Etna is one of Europe's most active volcano and an estimated 500K people live around the mountain. No casualties have been reported so far. : worldnews

Scientists descended into Greenlands perilous ice cavernsand came back with a worrying message

Warmer winters causing more ice-free lakes in Northern Hemisphere, study finds : worldnews

Matter of great concern Scientists find microplastics in human placenta for 1st time (rise of the plastic babies)
Plastic straws to be banned in China from 2021 : worldnews
The discovery of microplastics in the air above the ocean reveals the spread of this hazardous pollution. The source of these microplastics was most likely the plastic bags and other plastic waste that had been discarded near the shore and made its way into the ocean hundreds of kilometers away : science
EU bans plastic waste exports to poor nations : worldnews

Monolith and snow crop circle. What the aliens saw as they left? : massachusetts

The virus is accelerating changes in our society - The Washington Post
Vaccine opponents outline online campaigns to sow distrust in coronavirus vaccine
The Coronavirus Is Mutating, and America's Leaders Are Flying Blind : Travel restrictions might make sense, but what this country really needs is better disease surveillance. (Refucks refucked the country)
Letting the virus spread unchecked cannot fail, it can only be failed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Atlas just shrugged it out ... A LOT of people have behaved unforgivably this year, and Atlas near the top of the list. (Murdoch's WSJ fucking you again)
Pfizer to supply US with additional 100M doses of vaccine : Coronavirus
Did they have to die? How America's Covid response left 3,000 health workers dead. Dire PPE shortages. Limited Covid tests. Political negligence. A Guardian/KHN investigation reveals what went wrong : Coronavirus
Covid: Earlier lockdown in England could have saved more than 20,000 lives, new study says : Coronavirus (which means Trump killed 100's of thousands of Americans)
U.S. ranks 43rd worldwide in sequencing to check for coronavirus variants like the one found in the U.K. : Coronavirus (Make America Sequence Again)
Animated Graphic: Coronavirus Infections Week By Week (India with 4x the population tried to catch up to Trumpmerica but failed by 40%, Brazil with 63% left in the dust)
US deaths in 2020 top 3 million, by far most ever counted : news
1 Million US citizens vaccinated against Coronavirus. : Coronavirus
Joe Biden: Covid vaccination in US will not be mandatory : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/23/20 : boston (12.3%+ 81! deaths 4509 new cases
covid-19-dashboard-december-23-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 4,509 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 81 new deaths - The Boston Globe

New coronavirus strain may infect children more easily, says scientist on Covid advisory group to UK government, - The Irish Times - 23 Dec, 2020 : Coronavirus
Masks block 99.9% of large COVID-linked droplets: study : Coronavirus
Surge in US air travel alarming health specialists : boston
COVID-19: Second variant found in two coronavirus cases in UK is 'highly concerning' : Coronavirus
COVID-19: South African variant may be worse than UK variant : worldnews (virus ups its game for 2021)
Coronavirus reaches end of earth as first outbreak hits Antarctica : worldnews
Doctor who discovered Ebola warns MORE killer viruses are coming after Covid : worldnews
Study: Vitamin D deficiency found in over 80% of COVID-19 patients : science
Vitamin D deficiency aggravates COVID-19: systematic review and meta-analysis : science ... nearly twice as likely to go to hospital, nearly twice as likely to die if deficient.
After legal threats from Herbalife, Elsevier retracts journal and removes then a paper which claimed that a young woman in India died of liver failure after using the company's products, citing "legal reasons" as motive. : worldnews
Etsy Stock Surged 340% This Year Thanks Largely To Face Mask Sales : worldnews
Post Covid Mucormycosis is a growing concern in India. How common is it and where does it come from? : askscience

Why the pandemic is causing spikes in break-ups and divorces : Coronavirus

Florida's governor is not prioritizing essential workers for vaccines, ignoring official advice. 'I don't think that's the direction we want to go,' he said. : politics

Viral video shows Republican club members dancing in a conga line at maskless holiday party in New York City : politics ... The Republikaren Party

Officials: COVID-19 patient beat fellow patient to death at Antelope Valley Hospital : news

One person with covid-19 went to work in Oregon. Then, 7 people died and 300 had to quarantine. : Coronavirus

Passenger Who Had Medical Emergency on Flight Died of Covid-19, Coroner Says : Coronavirus

Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow moved to intensive care unit with COVID-19 : Coronavirus

As COVID-19 Ravaged This Iowa City, Officials Discovered Meatpacking Executives Were the Ones in Charge : Coronavirus

Tennessee Hospitals Are Disturbingly Close To Their Breaking Point : Coronavirus

In rural Pa., largely untouched by COVID-19 in the spring, deaths are now surging: It's just scary' : Coronavirus ... Greene, who voted for President Donald Trump, said she was frustrated at how divisive and symbolic masks became in her area.

California is in a crisis. Overwhelmed hospitals beg families to avoid holiday gatherings

A Rural County Battling COVID-19 Faces a Difficult Obstacle: the Local Walmart : Coronavirus

Ohio judge pulled from cases over coronavirus concerns : Coronavirus
Georgia probate judges susceptible to COVID with 15 infected, three dead : Coronavirus ... Murray County Judge John Waters thought it was a hoax. He was in a coma for a month and has to learn how to walk again

Here's what the ICU ward looks like with 0% availability : Coronavirus

Fort Worth pastor who urged faith over fearin the pandemic mourns parents who died of COVID complications

Hong Kong fourth wave: officials fear new strain of Covid-19 seen in UK may be in city as 53 new cases confirmed | 2 Students Infected with UK Strain Arrived in HK On Dec 7 and Dec 13 : Coronavirus

Trolls and social media platforms face huge fines in Australia for failing to remove abuse material : worldnews

y China to bring in law against food waste with fines for promoting overeating : worldnews
'Good riddance,' China says as Germany leaves U.N. Security Council : worldnews

Tibetan leader welcomes U.S. bill that reaffirms rights, angering China : worldnews

Japan's highest court upheld ruling granting retrial to man described as world's longest-serving death row inmate. He and his supporters argue he confessed to crime after allegedly brutal police interrogation that included beatings and evidence in case planted. : worldnews
Starvation death of mother and daughter in Japan reveals harsh cost of poverty in the time of coronavirus : worldnews

Kerala Catholic priest, nun sentenced to life in prison in 1992 Sister Abhaya murder case : worldnews

Putin signs bill granting lifetime immunity to former Russian presidents : worldnews (Trump is jealous)
Putin signs law letting ex-presidents become senators for life : worldnews
Russian lawmakers passed a bill Tuesday to ban the public dissemination of data about security and law enforcement members. The move follows leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny's viral YouTube video of a phone call with one of his alleged poisoners. : worldnews

Chernobyl fears resurface as river dredging begins in exclusion zone : worldnews

CIA Found to Be Running Death Squads in Afghanistan : worldnews (thanks, Barry)

Thai King's mistress Sineenat Wongvajirapakdiking's sexually explicit photos leaked as revenge porn : worldnews

Israeli government collapses, triggers new elections : worldnews
Portuguese FM: We'll move embassy when Jerusalem is capital of two states : worldnews

Pope Francis Rumoured To Be Resigning After Christmas : worldnews

A Brazilian woman enslaved as a maid from the age of eight for almost four decades and forced into marriage has been rescued in a rare crackdown on domestic slavery, officials said. She had worked for the family for most of her life without pay or any time off, according to labour inspectors. : worldnews

France rewards coronavirus frontline immigrant workers with citizenship : worldnews (while America deports them)
People in France who refuse to get coronavirus test or vaccine could be restricted from using public transportation. Newly introduced bill designed to provide French government with legal framework for dealing with coronavirus pandemic and future public health crises. : worldnews (meanwhile, in Fuckmerica)
Three police shot dead in central France : worldnews

'Disgraceful': lorry drivers stuck at Dover tell of lack of facilities | World news : worldnews ... Hands up from those who think the British Government couldn't run a piss-up in a brewery.
Covid-19: Scuffles as hauliers face 'a few days' at UK border : worldnews
Senior British royals accused of breaking coronavirus regulations during family outing : worldnews
Sikh community prepares 800 meals in 2 hours to help stranded lorry drivers in Dover, Kent. : worldnews
Man pulls 19 hand grenades out of river while magnet fishing : worldnews
Plan for compulsory microchipping of cats in England amid boom in pet ownership : worldnews

U.S. considers closing Iraqi embassy as anniversary of Soleimani killing nears - Axios

Tensions intensify between Biden and Pentagon over stalled transition briefings - CNNPolitics (your military sabotaging the national security of America)

The US has suffered a massive cyberbreach. It's hard to overstate how bad it is : politics
Bruce Schneier: The US has suffered a massive cyberbreach. It's hard to overstate how bad it is : technology
Biden blasts Trump over cyberattack: "This assault happened on Donald Trump's watch" : politics

Trump has avoided American public for 10 days : politics
Opinion | Trump may be fading faster than you think - The Washington Post

Great moments in mindless sycophancy - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Trump considers executive order to overturn election)

victorvictor1 comments on The Military Would Not Participate in a Coup. Trump Can't Understand Why ("support our troops"
Sources: Secret Service Has No Plan if Trump Refuses to Go : politics
Pelosi vowed to pull Trump out of White House by his little hands, report says : politics
Nothing to see here: Why media keeps downplaying Trump's coup attempt | Trump's cabal of desperate conspirators is more dangerous than ever, but mainstream media tells us to move on : politics

Inside Trump and Barr's Last-Minute Killing Spree - Private executioners paid in cash. Middle-of-the-night killings. False or incomplete justifications.

A Damn Lawyer on Twitter: "Ali Kinani was 9 years old when he was shot in the head by Blackwater guards on September 16, 2007 in Baghdad Iraq. @realDonaldTrump just pardoned his killers. I represented Ali's and five other families in a civil lawsuit against Blackwater and Erik Prince for the killings." / Twitter
"And then the situation turned violent" (Eric Prince's hired murderers)
Trump pardons former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and son-in-law's father in another round of clemency action : news
Trump Gives Clemency to More Allies, Including Manafort, Stone and Charles Kushner - The New York Times ... President Trump doled out clemency to a new group of loyalists on Wednesday, wiping away convictions and sentences as he aggressively employed his power to override courts, juries and prosecutors to apply his own standard of justice for his allies.
Trump Commutes 20-year Sentence of Nursing Home Mogul Convicted in Massive Medicaid Fraud : politics
Trump Pardons Two Russia Inquiry Figures and Blackwater Guards - The New York Times The pre-Christmas wave of 20 pardons and commutations are not likely to be the last before Mr. Trump leaves office on Jan. 20.
Trump grants clemency to 20 people, including three former GOP members of Congress and two men convicted in the Russia probe - The Washington Post
In 2007, a group of Blackwater contractors escorting a convoy opened fire in Baghdad's Nisour Square, killing 14 unarmed civilians including two boys, aged 9 and 11 - Four of them have just been pardoned : worldnews (DeVos behind the curtain, should have been the headlines of the above)
CNN Host On Trump Pardons: It's A Good Night To Be A Corrupt Republican Congressman : politics
Latest pardons reflect Trump's overtly pro-corruption perspective : politics
Opinion | No president has ever misused the pardon power as thoroughly as Trump has - The Washington Post

In new court filing, Bill Barr accused of arresting impeachment witnesses to shield Trump : politics
Opinion | Kirstjen Nielsen and Rod Rosenstein earned their places in the William Barr Hall of Shame - The Washington Post For the depths of their complicity with a despotic and cruel president, two names sink to the bottom. Former homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and former deputy attorney general Rod J. Rosenstein have earned their places in the William Barr Hall of Shame. Their profiles of disgrace serve as cautionary tales.
Rudy Giuliani Left a Voicemail for Lev Parnas Lawyer Before Impeachment Hearings, Asked for Call Back at "Soon to Be Gotten Rid Of Phone Number" : politics
Feds Consider Warrant to See Rudy Giuliani's Emails: Report : politics

Trump vetoes $740bn US military bill over clause to rename bases honouring Confederates : politics (double/triple traitor)
Trump vetoes NDAA - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump's surprise demand for $2,000 stimulus checks blew up Mitch McConnell's master plan and leaves him in a no-win situation : politics
'This Is a No-Brainer': House Democrats Announce Effort to Pass $2,000 Payments as Trump Demands Bigger Checks |"We can pass $2,000 checks this week if the Senate GOP agrees to stand down," said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. : politics
Republicans just voted to defund the police : politics
Pelosi on Trump's call to increase stimulus payments: "Let's do it!" : politics
$2,000 stimulus check talk gives Mitch McConnell, Georgia senators headache : politics
Monsters of 2020: The United States Senate | Any principles they once had have gone missing. : politics
GOP Senator Worth $39 Million Was Biggest Opponent of the $600 Stimulus Checks : politics Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

Dominion Voting Systems employee sues Trump campaign and supporters for defamation over election conspiracies : politics

Dem Files Petition To Disbar Rep. Matt Gaetz Over Support of Trump's Election Lawsuits : politics

Jared Kushner signed off on secret payments to top campaign officials, source says |

Opinion | Trump's call for $2,000 stimulus checks detonates a truth bomb in the Georgia Senate races - The Washington Post By abruptly calling for $2,000 stimulus checks on Tuesday night, Trump inadvertently exposed core truths about the consequences of continued GOP control of the Senate ones that Republicans are working to conceal and about the post-Trump Republican Party in general ... It demonstrates, once again, that the only real obstacle to more generous economic assistance is the Republican Party.
POLITICO Playbook PM: No one knows how this ends - POLITICO
President Trump: Unhappy, Unleashed and Unpredictable - The New York Times President Trump remains the most powerful man in the world, but powerless to achieve what he most wants: to avoid leaving office as a loser.
Trump orchestrates final loyalty test in dying bid to subvert election - POLITICO The president is plotting to force Republicans to go on record answering one question: Are they for or against his bid to overturn the election?
Republicans plunge into open battle over attempts to overturn Trumps loss to Biden

As Trump meets with QAnon influencers, the conspiracy theory's adherents beg for dictatorship urging the president to #crosstherubicon

FBI links Iran to online hit list targeting top officials whove refuted Trumps election fraud claims (the muzfucks support the Trummpster)
Irans Rouhani says 'madman' Trump will suffer similar grim fate as hanged Saddam Hussein

Trump's Coup Attempt Could Cost Republicans the Senate : politics

36 Facts About the 2020 Elections | The Cook Political Report
Despite Trumps intense hunt for voter fraud, officials in key states have so far identified just a small number of possible cases
Brindisi-Tenney race narrows even more: 3 to 5 votes separate candidates - More than 300,000 ballots were cast in the election, making the margin separating the candidates 0.000016%.

Ronald Reagan Paved the Way for Donald Trump -- A new Showtime docuseries reminds us of just how awful Ronald Reagan was and how his brand of demagogic racism became a model for Trump.

Biden might have to fire thousands of Trump appointees on Inauguration Day - Business Insider
Biden will take over @POTUS Twitter feed with zero followers because Team Trump won't roll them over : politics

The Trump Administration's Final Push to Make It Easier for Religious Employers to Discriminate : politics

Trump White House staffers receive conflicting messages about their departure - POLITICO

There is a greater wealth divide in America today than in France during the French Revolution : videos

White supremacists planned an attack on the US power grid if Trump lost the election, a mistakenly unsealed FBI affidavit reveals : politics (hiding the nazi takeover)

Judge rules defendant can't get fair trial in courtroom adorned with portraits of White judges - The Washington Post

More than 120,000 signatures collected to stop 'whites only' church in Minnesota town : politics

In a reversal, Pa. Supreme Court says police can't search cars without a warrant : politics
Jaywalking decriminalization is coming, 100 years after the auto industry helped make it a crime : politics

Pistol-packing freshmen prompt Congress gun review

Former Rep. Katie Hill sues ex-husband, Daily Mail, over 'nonconsensual porn' The suit comes 2 weeks after a judge approved a TRO against Hill's ex-husband, and targets media outlets Hill says helped her ex kill her political career.
Former Rep. Katie Hill sues ex-husband, Daily Mail, over 'nonconsensual porn' : politics

How Fox's Maria Bartiromo went from respected finance reporter to Trump apologist - The Washington Post (see the Shkreli story: women love their psychopaths)

How Cities Lost Control of Police Discipline - The New York Times In the chaos of 1960s Detroit, a fledgling police union laid the groundwork for a system that, to this day, constrains discipline for officers accused of misconduct. (arrest the unions)

N.J. couple's baby was taken after N.C. traffic stop. They've been trying for weeks to get him back. : news
N.J. couple's baby was taken after N.C. traffic stop. They've been trying for weeks to get him back. - deputies from Montgomery County, N.C., drew their guns, violently beat Sykes with a baton in the baby's presence and searched their vehicle for two hours ... There is no body cam video. No dashboard footage. (copsters "smelled marijuana" from their car on the hightway, yes, ACAF)

A Massive Purge Is Underway at Alex JonesInfowarsLayoffs! Dissent! A Michael Flynn snub! Things are not well in the house that brain pills built.

What World War II myths are still believed today?
The film Promising Young Woman floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee

What We Know About Clubhouse's App Influencer Program - The New York Times Tech investors have warmed to the idea that being a content creator is a legitimate form of business.

(16) World History - Quora What major events in human history are rarely known about?

Octopuses are ocean thugs that punch fish | News | The Times

Physicists Prove Anyons Exist, a Third Type of Particle in the Universe | Discover Magazine This year, physicists gave us an early view of a third kingdom of quasiparticles that only arise in two dimensions.
Visualizing Dark Matter With the Biggest Astronomy Collaboration Ever

People with both anxiety and depression, with symptoms such as worrying a lot, feeling unmotivated or not feeling good about themselves, had the most trouble adjusting to changes. However, their judgment can improve if they focus on what they get right, instead of what they get wrong. : science

Study suggests that fear of being single is detectable by others and lowers one's romantic desirability : science

One in four women with ADHD has attempted suicide. Women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are eight times more likely to attempt suicide, while men with ADHD are four and a half times more likely; parental violence and substance dependence increase the prevalence of suicide attempts. : science

Massive Tsunami Hit the Neolithic Middle East 9,000+ Years Ago. Scientists estimate that the wave capable of doing this would have traveled inland between 1.5 to 3.5 kilometers (about 1 to 2 miles) and would have been between 16 and 40 meters (52 to 130 feet) high at the coast. : science

Experiencing the illusion of having an opposite-sex body in virtual reality can shift aspects of gender identity. An experiment involving the illusion of owning an opposite-sex body led people to embrace a more equal identification with both genders. : science

How corrupt is Massachusetts compared to other states? : massachusetts
Most Corrupt States 2020 (MS lowest bc they don't give a shit about corruption)

What are the most desolate MA regions? : massachusetts

Google told its scientists to 'strike a positive tone' in AI research - documents : worldnews


The Christmas Star appears again: Jupiter and Saturn align in the Great Conjunction after sunset on Dec. 21, 2020. : worldnews
The increase in the Earth's average temperature is greater than thought : worldnews

Microplastics revealed in the placentas of unborn babies : worldnews
Australian cattle feed invention equal to taking '100 million cars off the road' wins international prize : worldnews
India's leopard population increases by 60% in 4 years : worldnews

Norways supreme court approved the governments plans for Arctic oil exploration on Tuesday, dismissing a lawsuit by campaigners who claimed the scheme violated peoples right to a healthy environment. : worldnews

One in four believe 5G poses health risk - More than 50 per cent of people would not buy a house near a 5G tower, according to a new survey of Australians about the new technology : worldnews

Coronavirus pushes 2020 U.S. death toll past 3 million, highest in history : Coronavirus
2020 is the deadliest year in US history as coronavirus 'kills one American every 33 seconds' : Coronavirus
Dr. Anthony Fauci says Americans should assume a new, more contagious strain of Coronavirus is already in the US : Coronavirus
Good news: Coronavirus vaccine will still protect against new U.K. variant, WHO says
BioNTech Can Make a New Vaccine within 6 Weeks even if Current Vaccine Doesn't work on New Strain says CEO : Coronavirus
If the U.S. Already Had a Covid Variant, We Wouldnt Know : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/22/20 : boston (9.1%+ 43 deaths 4468 new cases active semi-exp) - Over 2,000 hospitalization for the first time in almost 8 months. I remember when we were down to 300...
covid-19-dashboard-december-22-2020 : CoronavirusMa

[data] Notice: COVID-19 dashboard reports will NOT be published on Christmas Day, Friday, December 25th or on New Years Day, Friday, January 1st. Reports published on December 26 and on January 2 will each include two days of COVID-19 data. - Commonwealth of Massachusetts - December 22, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
BAKER: New capacity limits beginning 12/26 : boston
COVID-19 Update Press Conference: December 22, 2020 (Scheduled for 1pm - Notes included) : CoronavirusMa
1pm Charlie Baker press conference update. Thoughts? : CoronavirusMa

Does recovering from covid make you a dead end for spread? : CoronavirusMa

New Testing Shows Masks Not Enough to Stop COVID-19s Spread Without Social Distancing : Coronavirus
Covid could shorten US life expectancy by up to three years, experts say : Coronavirus

130 experts sign open letter to Boris Johnson urging he make vitamin D a coronavirus strategy
130 experts sign open letter to Boris Johnson urging he make vitamin D a coronavirus strategy : worldnews
Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions | Science | AAAS ... A similar mRNA vaccine developed by Moderna, which was authorized for emergency use in the United States on Friday, also contains the compound, polyethylene glycol (PEG).

Editorial: ICUs are full and people are dying, but, sure, open the strip clubs : politics

L.A. County's spiking COVID hospitalizations are literally off the charts : Coronavirus
California faces 'darkest days' as COVID-19 cases surge, pushing hospital staff to the breaking point : Coronavirus
More than 10% of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department personnel in coronavirus quarantine : Coronavirus

South Dakota's coronavirus surge is turning nursing homes into a 'Battle Zone' - The state has lost a greater share of its nursing home residents to COVID-19 than any other state this fall. (thanks for refuck necromonger Kristi Noem)

White House identifies Knoxville as city with worst COVID-19 infection rate for its size : politics (Refucks at play)

The DeSantis DeSaster - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Gov DeathSentence)
Opinion | Even by Florida standards, Gov. Ron DeSantis is a covid-19 catastrophe - The Washington Post
Florida reports 10,434 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, 74 more resident deaths : Coronavirus

More than 90% of NC's counties are showing heavy community spread of COVID : Coronavirus

Hundreds of thousands of families spend holidays with an empty seat at the table : Coronavirus (and then turn on Fox news)

Wisconsin sees record number of COVID-19 deaths Tuesday : Coronavirus

Anti-Maskers Face Civil Penalties for Abusing Airline Crew : Coronavirus
Dozens of airline passengers in Canada hit with fines, warning letters for refusing to wear a mask : Coronavirus

Covid: New variant detected 'due to strength of UK surveillance' : Coronavirus (America at the bottom, of course)
As new COVID strain hits U.K., at least 70 London flights landed in U.S. in the past 48 hours : worldnews
World's media ask how it went so wrong for 'Plague Island' Britain | World news : worldnews

Wales now has the second worst coronavirus infection rate in the world : Coronavirus (Lithuania #1)

Coronavirus cases confirmed in Antarctica : worldnews

How Vietnam fought a pandemic and won: Do it hard, fast, and serious, and the pandemic will be crushed with practically zero community transmission. : Coronavirus

Taiwan reports first domestic case of COVID-19 in 253 days : worldnews

Congress passed a bill that would sanction Chinese officials if they try to appoint the next Dalai Lama : worldnews
Canada rejects purchase of Canadian Arctic gold mine by Chinese company : worldnews

S.Korea scrambles jets as Chinese, Russian aircraft enter air defence zone : worldnews

Suspect in death of Russian COVID-19 scientist Alexander Kagansky released after statement: "He stabbed himself and leaped to his death." : worldnews (classic) ... Outside the box ReTrumplican logic. Gotta love it

Investigative Reporting Details Massacres, Reign of Terror by US-Backed Death Squads in Afghanistan : worldnews (Barry in the basement)

Hundreds of children stood trial Erdoan over six years : worldnews

A 16-year-old boy in Thailand is being criminally charged under an infamous law against making fun of the king and could face up to 15 years in prison : worldnews
Hundreds of Thai workers found dying in S. Korea : worldnews

Philippines poised to lift age of consent for sex from 12 to 16 after decades of lobbying from children's rights activists : worldnews

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro and Bolsonaro close ally arrested over bribery scheme : worldnews
Brazilian woman forced into domestic slavery and marriage freed after 40 years : worldnews

Karima Baloch: Pakistani rights activist found dead in Toronto : worldnews

Over 1,500 lorries are stranded in Kent and the number is set to grow as Tesco warns of fruit and vegetable shortages over Christmas : worldnews

Number of journalists killed in retaliation for their work more than doubled in 2020, a year when more news people than ever were jailed by authoritarian governments, according to new figures from CPJ. All told, between Jan. 1 and Dec. 15, at least 30 journalists were killed around world. : worldnews

Biden says the Pentagon isn't briefing his team on the suspected Russian cyber attack : politics
The tangled webs of Christopher Krebs and Russia's cyberattack
How to Understand the Russia Hack Fallout | WIRED Not all SolarWinds victims are created equal.

Trump's Longtime Banker at Deutsche Bank Resigns : Rosemary Vrablic, who oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to President Trump's company, will leave the bank next week ... Deutsche Bank in August opened an internal review into a 2013 real estate transaction between Ms. Vrablic and a company owned in part by Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of Mr. Trump and a client of Ms. Vrablics. Dominic Scalzi, a longtime colleague of Ms. Vrablics who played a role in that transaction, will also leave the bank. (comin' for you Kushfucker)

Is It Time to Impeach Now That the President Is Reportedly Discussing Martial Law in the Oval Office? - Seems like we could have seen this coming based on every single thing Donald Trump has said and done in public life.
Is It Time to Impeach Now That the President Is Reportedly Discussing Martial Law in the Oval Office? : politics
Trump Is Guilty of Sedition and Must Be Brought to Justice : politics
Home - General Strike 2020
The Military Would Not Participate in a Coup. Trump Can't Understand Why. : politics
Pentagon anxiety rises as officers wait for Trump's next unpredictable move : politics
Trump is getting angry with Mike Pence for not joining in his attempts to overturn the election, report says : politics
Trump turns on Pence, McConnell, Cipollone in desperate final days - Axios Targets of his outrage include Vice President Pence, chief of staff Mark Meadows, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Secretary of State Pompeo and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Trump trashes McConnell in astonishing email to GOP senators - Axios
Disgrace to his uniform: Col. Wilkerson on Flynn's martial law election plot
Trump Is Keeping His Coup Dreams Alive by Surrounding Himself With MAGA Cranks. As the president's final days in office approach, even his usual toadies aren't cutting it. : politics

Ohio's Jim Jordan among legislators meeting with Trump in futile effort to stop Biden from taking office, report says : politics ... Gym Jordan has always been a rape facilitator

Former CIA chief says Trump knows Russia helped him so he gives them a pass. John Brennan said the Republican president doesn't see Russia as a threat to him personally : politics
Biden called Trump "Putin's puppy." The president-elect may put Moscow on a tighter leash. : politics

The last days of Donald - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the presidency is still in the hands of a mentally ill aspiring despot who is decompensating quickly:

Trump threatens 30-day reign of destruction on the way out of office : politics
Trump is the least patriotic president in US history : politics
Trump turns on Pence as Lincoln Project ad gets in his head , report says : politics

Feds have discussed making a legal request for Giuliani's electronic communications, say two sources : politics
Investigation Appears to Be Tightening Around Rudy Giuliani. A Trump Pardon May Not Solve the Problem. : politics

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, PhD and the MyPillow Guy Just Gave Away the Game on Trump's Election War : politics (haha "Dr")
Trump is an authoritarian wannabe. He must never hold power again. : politics
Trump Is Finally Realizing that the GOP Is Abandoning Him : politics

Eschaton: The 25th Amendment Option -- I don't think it is widely understood that the 25th amendment option is, as the kids say, complicated, but we are a few days away from it being not complicated at all!

Four Seasons Total Landscaping: The Full(est Possible) Story ... "Make America Rake Again!"

The Trump administration inherited President Obama's millions of Twitter followers 2017 in but Twitter said Joe Biden will 'start from zero' when he takes over @POTUS, according to his team : politics

Trump's loss was radicalizing: His promise to "cheat" the system has further deluded his fans. Trump got elected by promising he knew how to cheat "the system" -- now his voters can't believe he's failing

'It's hostage-taking.' AOC lashed out after lawmakers got only hours to read and pass the huge 5,593-page bill to secure COVID-19 relief : politics (Fucklosi did this)
One-third of Democrats want Pelosi out as House speaker, despite no challengers: poll : politics
AOC Says Lawmakers Don't Have Time to Review $2.5T Spending Bill Before Voting on It : politics
'Pathetic': Congress Passes Covid Relief Bill With Billions in Gifts for the Wealthy, $600 Checks for the Working Class : politics
10 years in prison for illegal streaming? It's in the Covid-19 relief bill : politics
'It's unconscionable' : Outrage over the hree-martini lunch tax deduction in the new coronavirus aid deal
The Coronavirus Relief Bill Reveals How Much Republicans Care About Suffering Americans (Not At All) : politics
No student loan relief in $900 billion stimulus bill : politics (fuck the kids, Republicans said) ... No worries Americans, while you have no health insurance, waiting in food bank lines and being evicted, your politicians are giving Israel $500 million
Congress Doesnt Care About Your Surprise Ambulance Bill | Dying? Hail an Uber, because lawmakers exempted ambulances from their medical-bill reformsmuch to private equity's delight.

The Lefts Most Naive Cynics Have Turned on AOC (pivot to the right)
Our grifter problem - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... ginning up a hate campaign against AOC

Don't let Mitch McConnell get away with his vile rewriting of history (Dems blocked his generous aid)

Anger as Republican lawmakers who played down pandemic jump vaccine queue : politics
Florida Sen. Rick Scott votes no on COVID-19 relief bill that passed 92-6 : politics
No vaccine can end America's pandemic of ignorance and irrationality : politics (that's the virus' job, duh)
White House official Dr Birx to retire amid backlash over Thanksgiving trip : politics
WH virus coordinator Deborah Birx says she will retire
White House official Dr Birx to retire amid backlash over Thanksgiving trip : Coronavirus

Post-Election, the US Postal Service Remains in Peril : politics
USPS struggles to deliver mail by Christmas - The Washington Post

When You've Lost Gollum... - Lawyers, Guns & Money That moment when a top 5 worst living American turns on another top 5 worst living American ... Televangelist Pat Robertson declares that Biden will be president and that Trump

The Devils Went Down to Georgia : In the newest swing state, all of the Senate runoff candidates are relying on Trump for one last turn out extravaganza.
Poll shows Georgia Republicans increasingly see election as rigged, less likely to vote in Senate runoffs : politics
Georgia Republicans were warned to vote in special election if they want to go to Chick-fil-A again - Republicans have told a lot of lies about this election, but this may be the biggest one yet. : politics
How "Pro-Israel" Orthodoxy Keeps US Foreign Policymaking White (fundies want Jesus to destroy Israel, but in the meantime, vote Republican because Israel)

Man Accused of Illegally Voting for Trump Under Names of Dead Mother and Mother-in-Law | Investigators say Bruce Bartman is a registered Republican who illegally registered both deceased women as Republican voters in an attempt to reelect President Trump. : politics

Iowa Democrat asks House to review 6-vote race, cites errors : politics (Refucks are outraged)

Texas AG Ken Paxton urged White House to revoke Harris County COVID relief : politics (yeah, that asshole, wants TX Dems to just die)

Watch out Ron Johnson! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Alabama Republicans ran a natural experiment to test the thesis that literally anybody but a child molester in an off-year race could win a Senate election as a Republican in this statewith the answer being the affirmative: In their wisdom, the voters of Alabama chose to replace Democrat Doug Jones, who prosecuted the Birmingham church bombing, with a man who recently announced his discovery that there are three branches of government, "namely the House, the Senate and the executive." (dumbfuck Coach Tubs will fuck America)

2020 was the most important year for American Democracy since the Civil War : politics

Armed Anti-Lockdown Protesters Just Tried to Storm Oregon's State Capitol : politics
Fox News Host Defends Armed Right-Wing Oregon Mob: What Else Can They Do? : politics
I Hate Oregon Nazis - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judges Are Locking Up Children for Noncriminal Offenses Like Repeatedly Disobeying Their Parents and School Skipping : ProPublica : Michigan's juvenile justice system is archaic. Counties act with little oversight, and the state keeps such poor data it doesn't know how many juveniles it has in custody or what happens to them once they're in the system.
Judges Are Locking Up Children for Noncriminal Offenses Like Repeatedly Disobeying Their Parents and Skipping School : politics

Lawsuit alleges LDS Church, leaders knew of child sex abuse but failed to report it : worldnews

Court Extends Manhattan U.S. Attorneys Term, as Inauguration Nears

Calls Increase for NYPD Commissioner to Be Stripped of Absolute Authority Over Officer Discipline | Recently released documents show that NYPD commissioners have used their authority to reject the civilian review board's recommendations and even guilty pleas from officers themselves. : politics

New York enacts automatic voter registration : politics

AP source: Justice Dept. filing lawsuit against Walmart alleging it illegally distributed opioids, helping fuel crisis : politics

Washington settled sexual misconduct claim against Daniel Snyder for $1.6 million - The Washington Post (football-head sportsdude captialist asshole)

Who Did J.K. Rowling Become? Deciphering the most beloved, most reviled childrens-book author in history.
Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living inanti-intellectual times The philosopher and gender theorist discusses tensions in the feminist movement over trans rights.

Eschaton: Oh, Stu - Journalists tend to believe they should have immunity from libel or defamation suits. You can tell who they think is "in the club" by whether or not they think such immunity applies. But what about when one sues another one?
Former Inquirer columnist Stu Bykofsky's defamation lawsuit against The Inquirer can continue, Philly judge says (is he a pedophile? opinions differ)

The enduring lessons of a New Deal writers project - Columbia Journalism Review

Why on Earth Is Someone Stealing Unpublished Book Manuscripts? - The New York Times A phishing scam with unclear motive or payoff is targeting authors, agents and editors big and small, baffling the publishing industry.

Bookshop.Org gives back much of its profits to independent book sellers. The business will give 65-75% of sales to book sellers. 10% of all sales goes into a general pool for all bookstores, & stores around the country can get a 30% profit if buyers link directly to the store on Bookshop.Org. : books

Was There A Combat Zone Strangler? (From 2010) : boston
Massholes are the most Generous People according to Statistics

Spectacular Ice Age rock paintings found in Colombian rainforest : worldnews

Octopuses Observed Punching Fish, Perhaps Out of Spite, Scientists Say. This antisocial fish-punching phenomenon occurs in the midst of collaborative hunting efforts, in which octopuses and fish team up to chase and trap prey together.

Early Humans May Have Hibernated Through Long Winters : worldnews

Facial Hair Is Biologically Useless. So Why Do Humans Have It? | WIRED

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight After Pregnancy - BFG Muscle


The Great Conjunction: Jupiter and Saturn to align in the sky tonight : worldnews
Happy Solstice : funny

*Stratosphere warming watch* Strong signals now emerge for a possible disruptive Sudden Stratospheric Warming event in early January 2021. These SSW events can impact the course of Winter, with a cascading effect as the Polar Vortex collapses. : worldnews

Photo and Video Chronology Kilauea 12/20/20 (how many Republicans would fit in there?) Klauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island | Hawaii | The Guardian All the water evaporated out of the lake and a steam cloud shot up about 30,000ft (9km) into the atmosphere, Birchard said.
Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts after earthquake on Hawaii's Big Island : worldnews (Pele opens her mouth)
Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Erupts On Big Island : news ... (Known bugs: sheep spawning at Z+ 2000 meters, orderly United States presidential succession.)

The Case for Letting Malibu Burn - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... All these disasters do is exposed and exacerbate previously existing forms of inequality.

Quarter of world may not have access to COVID-19 vaccine until 2022. If all vaccine candidates were successfully scaled, the total projected manufacturing capacity would be 5.96 billion courses by the end of 2021, with prices ranging from USD 6 per course to as high as USD 74 per course. : science

US reaches 18 million COVID Cases and this graph is a cause for concern. : CoronavirusMa
35% of Americans Could Lose Their Home in Next Two Months, Census Report Says : Coronavirus
Ethicists debate whether anti-mask protestors should forfeit COVID-19 medical care : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/21/20 : boston (9.5%+ 41 deaths 3760 new cases active growth high linear) )
61k Tests; 3,760 New Confirmed Cases; 84,368 Active Cases; 5.94% Positivity; 7.61% Non Higher Ed; 1,991 Hospitalized (+72) including 410 in ICU (+23) and 215 Intubated(+10); 41 Deaths (-19); 81% Hospital Capacity (-2%); 72% ICU Capacity (-2%); - December 21, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-21-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,760 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 41 new deaths Monday - The Boston Globe

COVID-19 Update: December 21, 2020 (Scheduled for 1pm) : CoronavirusMa
Town-by-Town COVID Trends (colors added!) : CoronavirusMa

The vaccine rollout at Mass General/Brigham...well, it looks like it didn't start out smoothly. : CoronavirusMa

Covid vaccines still effective against fast-spreading mutant strain - German health minister : worldnews - So the final boss of 2020 is a more contagious version of the coronavirus. That is pretty cliche when you think about it. Instead of having some kind of creative villain you have the same one but just harder in some way.
Mutant coronavirus in the United Kingdom sets off alarms, but its importance remains unclear | Science | AAAS
A bloodtest can be used to predict clinical severity of a covid infection - showing which patients will recover without ventilation or deteriorate within a two-week timeframe, needing intensive care or with fatal outcome : worldnews

Fired data manager Rebekah Jones sues FDLE over raid on her home : politics

Tier 4 lockdown could last for months as new Covid-19 strain out of control : worldnews
Passengers who packed out trains to leave London after latest restriction announcement branded 'totally irresponsible' : worldnews
India bans international flights from UK from tomorrow till Dec. 31. The decision is taken after an out of control new variant of COVID-19 spreading at a much faster rate : worldnews
Canada halts flights from U.K. in response to new coronavirus strain : worldnews
Cases of UK's highly contagious mutant COVID strain detected in returned travellers in Australia : worldnews
Sydney cut off from the rest of Australia amid COVID-19 outbreak : worldnews

Thailand had kept its coronavirus cases under control. Now it's testing thousands as it battles a shrimp market outbreak : worldnews

Suicides among women in Japan and South Korea have soared during the Covid pandemic : worldnews

China states firm opposition for U.S. bill, could remove Chinese firms from U.S. exchanges : worldnews
China's Secret War for U.S. Data Blew American Spies' Cover

Taiwan sends ships, aircraft as Chinese carrier passes island : worldnews

Japan sets record $52 billion military budget with stealth jets, long-range missiles : worldnews

Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny dupes spy into revealing how he was poisoned : worldnews ... OSINT:"It's ike Batman and Wikipedia had a baby kinda.
If it Hadn't Been for the Prompt Work of the Medics: FSB Officer Inadvertently Confesses Murder Plot to Navalny
Russian scientist working on COVID-19 vaccine plummets to death in St. Petersburg : worldnews

Rockets hit near US Embassy in Iraq ahead of Soleimani anniversary : worldnews

344 kidnapped Nigerian boys freed, says state official : worldnews

Mother Of 6 Brutally Murdered In Shomron Forest (West Bank) : worldnews

Execution-style killing of mother and son by off-duty cop sparks outrage in the Philippines : worldnews

6 Hungarian parties join forces to try to defeat Orban : worldnews

The United States and Ukraine were the only countries that voted at the United Nations General Assembly against a yearly resolution that condemns the glorification of Nazism while Australia, Canada and EU members abstained : worldnews (Trump supports Nazis)

Germany and Finland repatriate ISIS brides and their children : worldnews

Halle synagogue attack: Germany far-right gunman jailed for life : worldnews
She Called Police Over a Neo-Nazi Threat. But the Neo-Nazis Were Inside the Police. - The New York Times Death threats linked to police computers and the discovery of far-right chat groups in police departments across Germany have fed concerns about far-right infiltration. (ACAN)

Charlie Hebdo: four men charged over Paris knife attack : worldnews
Miss France runner-up targeted by wave of anti-Semitic abuse after on-stage interview : worldnews

Eschaton: Normal Year -- Completely. -- Boris Johnson will hold a press conference on Monday to outline his response to the UK being cut off from countries around the world due to fears over the new mutant coronavirus strain. ... "Brexvid"
Freight chaos as Europe closes borders to UK : worldnews (slow-motion Troy disaster about to go off the cliff)
COVID-19: Sainsbury's warns of fruit and veg shortages if freight chaos not solved within days | Business News : worldnews
Travel chaos as trains and motorways loaded with people escaping London for Christmas : worldnews

Trump administration weighing legal immunity for Saudi crown prince in alleged assassination plot - The Washington Post (he's going to pardon Bonesaw)

Cyber Hack a Reminder That Trump Failed to Protect U.S. : politics
Biden is considering Russian financial sanctions or other retaliatory action in response to the SolarWinds hack : worldnews
Romney says Russia attacked U.S. with no fear of reprisal : politics

Some White House advisers fear Trump's final days - CNNPolitics ... In his moments of deepest denial, Trump has told some advisers that he will refuse to leave the White House on Inauguration Day, only to be walked down from that ledge ... How such an episode might unfold isn't clear, and federal law enforcement agencies have been loath to discuss the possibility.

This Is the Most Criminal Dereliction of Duty in the History of the American Presidency : politics
America Isn't Finished Paying for Trump's Incompetence : politics ("conservative" Regressives broke the world)

Why Joe Biden should pardon Reality Winner : politics

'$600 Is Not Enough,' Say Progressives as Congressional Leaders Reach Covid Relief Deal | "How are the millions of people facing evictions, remaining unemployed, standing in food bank and soup kitchen lines supposed to live off of $600? We didn't send help for eight months." : politics (Refucks toss you a few crumbs while they complain about the "deficit" and laugh)
White House secures three martini lunch tax deduction in draft of coronavirus relief package : politics (hahaha suckers)
Democrats wanted a tax credit for low income families. Republicans wanted a tax break for '3 martini lunches.' : politics
#LetThemEatCake trending as Americans react to stimulus proposal : politics
Covid bill dedicates $10B to ailing Postal Service : politics
Do be like that : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton: Reach For The Stars I'd like to think if Democrats were truly in charge, they'd dream bigger than what was once a compromise proposal. (Nancy-Dancy and the Centrist Dems)
'This Is Atrocious': Congress Crams Language to Criminalize Online Streaming, Meme-Sharing Into 5,500-Page Omnibus Bill : politics (5,000 pages so no one could read it)

Trump Tries to Ruin the Environment as Much as Possible Before Leaving : politics

A real mess: Trump is leaving behind crises and undermining Biden before he takes office
Trump's abuse of 'acting' officials is ripe for change by Biden : politics

Trump's obsession with overturning the election is out of control : politics
Frustrated Trump redoubles his efforts to challenge the election result : politics
Martial Law? Seizing Voting Machines? Trump's Election Denial Is Only Getting More Deranged : politics
Trump plots martial law from White House -- the press shrugs -- The Normalizing Olympics -- Incredibly though, the Times did not run its martial law story on page one on Sunday. Instead it was tucked inside on page 28. (It was also buried on the papers website.) (Maggie "access")
Krebs: Trump mulling martial law is 'beyond the pale' : politics
Michael Flynn 'Traitor to American Ideals,' Ex-Deputy Says Amid Trump Martial Law Talk : politics
Trump's talk of martial law sends White House staffers rushing to the press : politics (Regresssives meme takes off)
Increasingly desperate, Trump turns to fringe figures, radical ideas : politics
Trump Is Going Full QAnon for His Final Month in Office : politics
Trump Shares Video Suggesting COVID Pandemic Created to Make Him Look Bad, Lose Election : politics

As Trump pushes baseless fraud claims, Republicans pledge tougher voting rules : politics

The CEO of a voting-systems company says politicians around the world are worried that Trump's conspiracy theories will be used to undermine their own elections : politics

Barr says he sees no reason to appoint special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden; says he won't appoint one : politics
Barr say no reason to seize voting machines as he pushes back on Trump conspiracy theories : politics (on his last day, and refucks don't want voting machines investigated in Kenfucky)
Barr refutes Trump on Hunter Biden, voting machines, Russia hack - Axios

The Trump White House has entered its final stage: complete meltdown | Trump has retreated to the proverbial bunker with an 'elite strike force' of wingnuts and lackeys. Thy're all he's got left : politics

Hand Them a S--t Pie So Gross They Will Choke on It : Michael Cohen Predicts Trumps Post-Presidency Legal Drama

Eschaton: Look Forward A big reason to prosecute is deterrence. A big reason for more extensive oversight would have been to scare the shit out of, if not the high level Trumpkins, everyone around them ... The Democratic chairman of a House subcommittee issued subpoenas on Monday to compel Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and Centers for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfield to produce documents related to the agencies' coronavirus response. (needs death penalty)

Trump's coup goes beyond a grift: The president is desperately seeking any path to stay in power. New reporting shows that Trump really still thinks he can steal this election : politics

Republicans desperate to avoid floor fight over Electoral College vote : politics

Donald Trump Is Already Wondering What Airport Will Bear His Name ... also the "USS Donald Trump"

The White House -- Scene of COVID Outbreaks Under Trump --Will Get A Deep Clean For President-elect Biden: Fears about lingering coronavirus are prompting a massive disinfection initiative before the Bidens move in (add an exorcism)

Trumps legacy: He changed the presidency, but will it last? (Dems, no, refucks, yes)
The Twitter presidency is over. Or is it? - Vox How Trump blurred the lines between politics and persona in ways that will reverberate for years ... it's futile to try to discount the social media presidency ... "parasocial interaction" ... the illusion of a face-to-face relationship with [a] performer ... "intimacy at a distance" ... If George W. Bush was the candidate voters wanted to get a beer with, Trump was already their longtime drinking buddy.

Is a Civil War Brewing Within the GOP?: Some Republicans are denouncing a surrender caucus within their party that has the temerity to accept the results of a democratic election. : politics
Pro-Trump televangelist Kenneth Copeland says devil is trying to steal election, kill babies : politics
Pro-Trump Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Says Devil Is Trying To Steal Election, Kill Babies -- "I can tell you who is in danger and its Cuba. Glory to God" (dumbfuck chrisofascist Satangelicals)

Trump wants Supreme Court to overturn Pa. election results

No, Democrats Didn't Question the Legitimacy of the 2016 Election : politics (Refucks can't remember day before yesterday)
We No Longer Need to Engage With Trump's Die-Hard Supporters : politics
More than 300,000 Trump supporters plan to join virtual second inauguration event on 20 January : politics

What a Miserable 2020 Revealed About America : politics : 74 million people think that the guy who let a plague run wild is a good leader.

Ex-Houston cop in anti-voter fraud operation targeted a Hispanic worker in violent incident, police say - The Washington Post The nonprofit group, the Liberty Center for God and Country, paid 20 private investigators close to $300,000 to conduct a six-week probe of alleged illegal ballot retrievals in Houston leading up to the election, the group has said. None of its allegations of fraud have been substantiated.

Hundreds of young Republicans, Trump admin, GOP officials defy COVID Rules at Florida gala : politics
It's Really Worth Repeating : PoliticalHumor
More than 1.3 million Georgians have already voted in the Senate runoffs, rivaling general election turnout : politics
Trump Drives A Wedge Among Georgia Republicans, Risking A Larger GOP Split : politics
Frontline doctors criticize Perdue, Loeffler in new Georgia ad : politics
Georgia's millionaire senators won't drain the swamp. They are the swamp | Obscene wealth, financial speculation, cavalier indifference -- yet Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue claim their Democratic challengers are out of touch
Kelly Loeffler says she uses private jet to save taxpayers, but took publicly-funded flights | Kelly Loeffler and her husband bought a $10 million jet but taxpayers are still covering her flights to D.C.
Pollsters disappear in Georgia with Senate on the line - POLITICO The public polls that drove so much news about the November election are mostly sidelined in Georgia after some high-profile misses.

In FBI Probe, Texas AG Paxton Faces Aggressive, Ethical Prosecutor. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has denied any wrongdoing : politics

Virginia Removes Its Robert E. Lee Statue From U.S. Capitol : politics

Joni Ernst sparks backlash for getting COVID vaccine after spreading conspiracy : politics
Hundreds of Maskless Trumpkins Pack Turning Point USA Party at Mar-a-Lago

If the rule you followed has brought you to this, of what use was the rule? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The most discouraging aspect of our current political situation is that nothing Trump has done since the election has been surprising in any way, yet more than 74 million Americans voted for him, and it appears practically all of them would vote for him again if given the chance ... (Trump needs to be impeached again, but Nancy-Dancy and Chuckie-Fuckie won't do it)

Centrist Dems Are Wrong About Novembers Losses -- Dems failed to inspire their own base
The Trade: Meet the New Red Dog Democrats - The Bulwark The two parties have traded voterswhether the old political class likes it or not.
Where Immigrant Neighborhoods Swung Right in the Election - The New York Times ... Almost all of the precincts with a majority Latino population showed an increase in enthusiasm for the president (they love their authoritarian machomen and also Chines, Indians, ex-Russsians and Arabs and esp Cubans)

Sociopaths are Us - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The head of Colorado's Republican Congressional delegation isn't getting vaccinated against COVID-19 because hes an American, which means he enjoys the blessings of Freedom: ... "I'm more concerned about the safety of the vaccine than I am the side effects of the disease" (like death, you fucking asshole) ... A key to understanding the Republican party is that it has turned a toxic combination of rampant sociopathy and religion-inspired magical thinking into an ethno-nationalist ideology that must be subscribed to by all "real" Americans. ... Jenna Ellis, crooked lawyer's boss)

Republican lawmakers vote far more often against the policy views held by their district than Democratic lawmakers do. At the same time, Republicans are not punished for it at the same rate as Democrats. Republicans engage in representation built around identity, while Democrats do it around policy. : science

Mendacity or Ineptitude? - Lawyers, Guns & Money Smith throws so much vitriol at Biden that its almost pointless to analyze and categorize it. But one of the places where it becomes, at least in my opinion, pretty close to being explicitly misogynist is when he criticizes Biden for not asking whether community colleges should even try to retain students. (Kyle Smith, National Fuckyou)

Opinion | Laura Poitras: Journalism Is Not a Crime - The New York Times - The Justice Department is setting a dangerous precedent that threatens reporters - and the truth. (Snowden docs)

The 'Caliphate' retraction won't end the New York Times's woes (systemic incompetence and corruption)

The Red Slime Lawsuit That Could Sink Right-Wing Media - The New York Times (not really, but still)
Rolling Over and Showing Your Belly May Not Spare Fox News and Newsmax from Smartmatic Lawsuit, Legal Expert Says
Eschaton: Who's Afraid Of A Defamation Suit
John Whitehouse on Twitter: "Newsmax just aired this note to "clarify" its coverage of Smartmatic and Dominion." / Twitter
Pro-Trump network Newsmax just aired a 2-minute video admitting that it has 'no evidence' of outlandish fraud claims against two voting machine companies : politics
Could Fox News lose its grip on far-right conservative viewers to Newsmax, OAN? : politics

With the Election Over, Facebook Gets Back to Spreading Misinformation : technology

Protest at Oregon Capitol: Pepper spray used by protesters and police ... protestors who appeared to oppose policies closing certain businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus
Heavily Armed Far-Right Mob Floods Oregon Capitol : politics

Sociopaths and the women who love them - Lawyers, Guns & Money If you're looking for a beyond-crazy story that doesn't directly involve Donald Trump, this article about someone who blew up her life over Martin Shkreli might fit the bill: ... Well, I suppose this can help one see why so many people enthusiastically support Trump when he holds them in contempt while making their lives materially worse ... The only thing worse than men is women's taste in men. (yeah, read yesterday)

West Point accuses 70 cadets in worst cheating scandal since 1976

The "Permit Karen" of Montclair New Jersey : Living With Karens A white woman calls the police on her Black neighbors. Six months later, they still share a property line. (and she is gay)

Oregon man accused of threatening Black FedEx driver, deputies say : news

Some Boston Police Officers Have Been On Medical Leave For Years, Costing The City Millions : boston

The Games of 2020 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

John Mulaney in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse : television

(17) World History - Quora What are some of the costliest mistakes ever made in history?

The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five [Jazz] : Music

Cannabis could reduce fentanyl use, reduce overdose risk : science (someone call Charlie Baker Faker)

Why do asteroid trajectories have such a large window of uncertainty? : askscience

Scientists are rethinking where life originated on Earth | Science | AAAS

ELI5: We measure space objects speed in relation to earth. But since earth is also moving through space, how do we know the true speed of objects without a universal "non moving" point? : explainlikeimfive

Adolescents who were raised in nurturing environments had IQ scores that were on average 6 points higher than those who were not. This is a striking difference that has profound implications by increasing the intelligence of entire communities. : science

Guy builds a veggie garden for family Of groundhogs : aww

Hunter scared off a doe being pursued by this whitetail buck. Buck is pissed : gifs

The COVID-19 pandemic masks the way people perceive faces. Holistic processing, the hallmark of face perception, was disrupted for faces with masks. This could have significant effects on daily activities and social interactions. : science
People, will you continue wearing masks even after this pandemic ends, and why? : AskReddit
People with unattractive teeth, noses, or lips. Have you noticed people treating you differently since wearing a mask everywhere? Has you self confidence increased? : AskReddit

Short landing in Brazil : WTF

[Serious] Men of reddit who have been raped by women, what's your story? : AskReddit

Women of reddit what do men need to know is not sexy? : AskReddit


Ursid meteor shower peaks this week around winter solstice : news

Biden says 'No time to waste' as climate team unveiled : politics
Biden administration has 'most robust climate change plan ever': Jennifer Granholm : politics

The monolith has been removed : boston

US reports over 400,000 new Covid 19 cases : Coronavirus
U.S. Has Administered 556,208 Vaccine Shots in First Week : Coronavirus
Front-line essential workers and adults over 75 should be next to get the coronavirus vaccine, a CDC advisory group says : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/20/20 : boston (8%+ 60 deaths 4162 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-20-2020 : CoronavirusMa
4,162 New Confirmed Cases; 82,617 Active Cases; 90,789 New Tests; 5.78% Positivity; 7.53% Non Higher Ed; 1,919Hospitalized (-8); 60 Deaths (+13); 83% Hospital Capacity (-2%); 74% ICU Capacity (+1%); - December 20, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 4,162 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 60 new deaths Sunday - The Boston Globe

Massachusetts Deaths 2017, Pub. OCT19 : boston

Elevated biomarker for blood vessel damage found in all children with SARS-CoV-2: Study found high proportion of children with SARS-CoV-2 infection met clinical criteria for thrombotic microangiopathy -- ScienceDaily
Coronavirus is more than just a respiratory illness. It's a social and cultural killer : CoronavirusMa
According to a study published by The Lancet, there's reason to believe that COVID could impair men's long-term production of sperm : Coronavirus

Overdose deaths far outpace COVID-19 deaths in San Francisco

Doonesbury 12-20-2020 : PoliticalHumor

Fury as some politicians ignore their own virus rules: The lack of self-awareness in American politics is just something else : politics
Birx traveled over Thanksgiving weekend after warning Americans to limit celebrations to household : politics (can't hear the gallowping karma coming for her)
Eschaton: The Good Doctor Birx has had some pals in the media all along, desperate to keep her reputation intact, so this won't hurt at all.
Louisiana Congressman-elect Luke Letlow hospitalized as COVID symptoms persist : politics (maskless asshole caught the hoax)
Megachurch pastor diagnosed with COVID after attending White House party with daughter : politics

EMT Gives CPR To Suspected Coronavirus Patient On LAX-Bound Flight, Now Feeling Symptoms : Coronavirus

Distressing video shows California hospital overwhelmed by COVID patients : Coronavirus

L.A. County reports more than 100K new coronavirus cases in just 8 days amid fastest acceleration of infections : Coronavirus
Unprecedented coronavirus outbreaks at L.A. County supermarkets further strains the essential service : Coronavirus

Health chief changes benchmarks so no Arizona business will be shuttered in pandemic : Coronavirus

Florida reports 8,401 coronavirus cases, 97 deaths on Sunday : Coronavirus

COVID-19 in Tennessee: 16,036 cases, 111 deaths reported for Dec. 19 and 20 : Coronavirus

'This is deadly serious' - New coronavirus variant 'out of control', health secretary warns : Coronavirus
Coronavirus: Scientists alarmed at infectiousness of viral variant : Coronavirus
'Worst moment of whole epidemic': Britain says new virus strain up to 70 per cent more transmissible : worldnews
Covid: New coronavirus variant 'in every part of Wales' : worldnews
German health minister says vaccines effective against new coronavirus strain : Coronavirus
Boris Johnson announces London to go into Tier 4 during Christmas : worldnews (Brits love their hierarchical "tiers")
The Dutch government on Sunday banned all passenger flights from Britain after finding the first case of a new, more infectious coronavirus strain that is circulating in the UK. : worldnews
Italy joins other EU states in suspending all travel from UK due to new Covid strain : worldnews
Covid-19: Fake 'immunity booster' found on sale in London shops : worldnews

Anti-vaxxers should also forgo ventilators and intensive care treatment should they become ill says German doctor. : worldnews

Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro bizarrely suggests COVID-19 vaccines could turn people into 'crocodiles' or bearded ladies : worldnews ("bearded" = with dicks)
Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro said that the pandemic was "coming to an end", even if the figures indicate the opposite : worldnews (SA's lie-spouting orange turd)

Nine people have been killed after an oxygen ventilator exploded at a hospital treating coronavirus patients in southern Turkey : worldnews

Canada's confirmed COVID-19 cases surpass 500,000 : worldnews
Calgary doctor says dramatic 40% drop in preterm births during lockdown is global trend : worldnews

Mongolia writes off utility costs for households to buffer COVID-19 impact. Mongolia on Sunday decided to write off payments of water, heat, electricity and waste for households and organizations across the country. : worldnews (Redeathlicans cackle)

COVID-19: Italy orders Christmas lockdown as Sweden changes tack with toughest measures yet : worldnews (Swedumb)

New COVID-19 strain: Saudi Arabia suspends international flights, closes land and sea ports : Coronavirus
Concern among Muslims over halal status of COVID-19 vaccine : worldnews

Chinese Journalist Who Documented Communist History Is Detained in Beijing : worldnews

Taiwan sends ships, aircraft as Chinese carrier passes island : worldnews
Taiwan's planned submarine fleet could forestall a potential Chinese invasion : worldnews

CIA-Backed Afghan Death Squads Massacred Children Inside Religious Schools in Campaign of Terror : worldnews (Barry's legacy of death and terror)
Car bomb in Afghanistan's capital Kabul kills 8 people and left wounded more than 15 people, according to Interior Minister : worldnews

India is planning a surgical strike against Pakistan, warns Islamabad's foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi : worldnews

Japan to develop longer-range anti-ship missiles as China pressure mounts. : worldnews
Santa Claus bikers parade in Tokyo against child abuse : worldnews

Israeli Defense Minister states he would like to normalize relations with Arabs and give Palestinians more independence. : worldnews (sure they do)
Trump's flurry of dodgy deals will not bring the Middle East any peace : politics
Mobilizing marijuana: Israels cannabis industry prepares to go legit : worldnews
US Embassy courtyard named in Jared Kushners honor : Kushner courtyard, dedicated in honor of Jared Kushner and inspired by his relentless pursuit of peace

Court Finds Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity in the Philippines : worldnews

Bi-Partisan US Porn Bill Threatens Sex Workers Worldwide : worldnews

Hours after 35 passengers were kidnapped, Boko-Haram attacks Ajiri community in Borno State, Nigeria : worldnews

Iran sentences Zombie Angelina Jolie to 10 years in jail for photos : worldnews (insulted the Islamic Republic of Muzfuckers)
Iranian foreign minister uses Farsi word for kikes : worldnews

Eschaton: British Trump (off the Tory cliff)
Conservative MPs threaten rebellion on Brexit deal : worldnews (stupidity inception)
Police Scotland to double its presence in border areas as new restrictions are put in place : worldnews
British banks under pressure over 45m loans to firm with links to Myanmar military : worldnews

The former governor of Mexico's Jalisco cartel ravage state, Aristoteles Sandoval, was shot dead in a restaurant in the beach-resort town of Puerto Vallarta : worldnews

US Navy to adopt 'more assertive posture' against China and Russia : worldnews

Keep up the good work, Putin tells spy agency staff : worldnews

Trump contradicts top U.S. officials, suggests without evidence China behind cyberattack : worldnews (Republicans love commies now)
White House U-turn on blaming Russia for SolarWinds cyberattack: AP : worldnews
Trump Is Covering for Russia Again. We Deserve to Know Why. : politics (pee tapes, obviously +long list of traitorous actions)
Trump Shrugs Off Massive Kremlin Cyberattack As No Biggie, Baselessly Points To China : politics ... "Daddy Vladdy got his moneys worth with this syphilitic orange shitgibbon"
Elizabeth Neumann: Trump and Putins unique relationship doesn't smell right to me : politics ... Former Trump Homeland Security Official Elizabeth Neumann (hence the "smell")
Biden is considering Russian financial sanctions or other retaliatory action in response to the SolarWinds hack : politics
How U.S. agencies' trust in untested software opened the door to hackers : worldnews
Dozens of Al Jazeera journalists allegedly hacked using Israeli firms spyware ... likely ordered by Saudia Arabia and UAE

Democrats cry alarm over proposal to split up NSA, Cyber Command amid hacking crisis : politics

John Brennan: There should be no holiday break at the Pentagon : politics

Trump discussed bringing military in to overturn election result and calls for wild protest on 6 January : politics
Report: Trump Asked About Imposing Martial Law to Run a New Election : politics
Army brass rejects calls for martial law: No role for military in determining election outcome : politics

Trump calls Bolton 'one of the dumbest people in Washington' after former aide weighs in on martial law report : politics
Romney calls for response 'of like magnitude or greater' to Russia hack : politics
Romney says Trump has 'blind spot' on Russia, calls hack 'extraordinarily damaging' : politics

Trump retweet suggests Tuberville will challenge Electoral College results in Senate : politics (the Tubs, traitor to America)

Battered nation syndrome - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Dr. emptywheel on Twitter: "Boiling Frog Journalism: The President entertains his recently pardoned General's pitch for a coup and it's not 5-alarm fire coverage." / Twitter
Jonathan Chait on Twitter: "The crazy Trumpists are turning on the even-crazier Trumpists" / Twitter
Spies on Flynn-Trump Coup Talk - SpyTalk
The QAnon General: Tracing the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Michael Flynn : politics

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing? : politics

U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused on domestic extremists. Their latest target: Satanists. : worldnews
U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused on domestic extremists. Their latest target: Satanists. a neo-Nazi-influenced satanic group called the Order of Nine Angles, which the intelligence community believes is making inroads among white supremacists.

Poll finds that Americans accept Joe Biden's win in the election 2020 -- except for the Fox News viewers | Media Matters for America

Electoral college confirms Joe Bidens victory in 2020 presidential election, with 306 to 232 final count : politics
Twitter now alerts Trump that Biden is president every time he lies about election fraud : politics

Anger Mounts as Democrats Accuse GOP of Imperiling Covid Relief With Effort to 'Sabotage a Biden Presidency' : politics
Day After GOP Senator Blocked Direct Payments Twice, Poll Shows 88% of Likely Voters Support More $1,200 Checks : politics

They Said Tax Cuts for the Rich Would Create Jobs. It Never Happened. : politics
A New Congressional Budget Office Study Shows That Medicare for All Would Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually : politics (Refucks brains if they had one explode)

Analysis: Trump's impeachment foretold everything that's happened since : politics
Just because Trump is leaving the White House doesn't mean the threat of authoritarianism is over : politics
Trump Hanging Out With 'Crackpots or Conspiracy Theorists' Has Officials Alarmed : politics

Jared Kushner approved the creation of a shell company that spent almost half of the Trump campaign's $1.26 billion war chest, source says : politics
Joy WE VOTED!! WEAR A MASK!! Reid ))))))) on Twitter: "This story needs a lot more attention. How is this not money laundering?" / Twitter

Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows attempted to hide his COVID-19 diagnosis and the White House outbreak : politics

Bernie Sanders: Trump's An 'Authoritarian,' But Also 'A Reflection Of The Democratic Party' : politics - Every administration since Clinton, Bernie has been warning us what the complacency and corruption of the DNC leads to. Each of those warnings then in succession came true. Learn from your history, or Trump will come right back and win again.

Trump Supporters Mock Biden Visit to Family Grave on Anniversary of Deadly Crash : politics ("looking for dead people's votes" the completely evil assholes said)
Dr. Jill Biden, Ed.D. - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Melania Trump Speech About Kindness, Giving Back To Community Mocked On Twitter : politics

On Twitter, Mike Lindell Calls For Martial Law To Be Declared In Minnesota : politics (pillow asshole)
MyPillow CEO tweets, then deletes call for Trump to "impose martial Law" in 7 states : politics

Trump campaign brings new U.S. Supreme Court challenge over Pennsylvanias 2020 election

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp draws anger and mockery after attending White House Christmas party amid Trump attacks : politics
Young Voters Showing Up for Georgia Senate Race : politics
GOP winning the Georgia ad war as Dems shift money to ground game : politics

Senator Amanda Chase Is What the Next Frontier of GOP Lunacy Looks Like : politics
Virginia State Senator, 2021 Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Is Next-Level MAGA irginia state Senator Amanda Chase and her staff wanted to be clear: She was experiencing a sinus infection, not COVID-19 symptoms. Just a little head cold. In fact, Chase told The Daily Beast on Friday shortly before stating that she would refuse a COVID-19 vaccine, she was already feeling much better.

The Supreme Court might be finding its way to overturning 'qualified immunity' : politics
Trump's is ending his term with a spree of executions, once again revealing his appetite for cruelty : politics
When the Far Right Penetrates Law Enforcement : politics

Chicago mayor says attempt to block video of raid on Anjanette Young's home 'a mistake' : news (yeah, just a little "mistake")

Why Do They Hate Us? - The French Press - Race, Christian Nationalism, and White Evangelical Alienation from America

The Sacklers - group chat of pain - The Ink reviewed the WhatsApp text thread of a family behind the opioid crisis

There are flickers of hope for local journalism. So far, its not nearly enough.

Pro Pedophilia White Supremacist Forced 12-Year-Old Girl to Wear a Disguise as He Kidnapped Her: Police. Nathan Larson, who has run for public office and has been linked to a website promoting pedophilia, is awaiting his court date in Denver.

The Journalist and the Pharma Bro : Why did Christie Smythe upend her life and stability for Martin Shkreli, one of the least-liked men in the world?

Encore Boston Harbor not for sale, casino president tells employees : boston

A pastry chef from Tehran opens a tiny Cambridge bakery near Fresh Pond - The Boston Globe

Handel and Haydn Perform Handel's Messiah for the 167 Year in a Row : boston

In 2021, We Need To Fix America's Internet - We Pay Twice As Much As Europe For High Speeds, Assuming We Can Even Get Them : politics (corporate necromongers cackle)

Researchers Achieve First Sustained Long Distance Quantum Teleportation : worldnews (Elon Musk announces quantum subway, to be working in a year)

Scorned scientist now vindicated in her work on how to treat stroke : worldnews (male docs are big dicksters, killing people and raking in the dough)

Incredible photo produced as student takes longest picture ever... by accident : worldnews

[UPDATE] I proposed to my girlfriend with the help of some random internet strangers. We did it Reddit! : boston
Celebrating 200K subscribers and wrapping up 2020

You now have a one-time ability to talk to your 15 year old self for 60 seconds. What do you tell them? : AskReddit

What screams "I'm uneducated"? : AskReddit

What's something that's not a cult but feels like a cult? : AskReddit

Comedian Eddie Izzard gets wave of support for using she/her pronouns


this year remixed, this is absolutely amazing : videos

Will the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn even be viewable for us in New England?

Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri : worldnews (scientists no sure, but signal may say "cut your shit out you dumb cunts")
Aliens calling? First potential radio signal from exoplanet detected : technology
"Guardians?" - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Max Boot on Twitter: "You mean like "Guardians of the Galaxy"? Are they going to enlist talking racoons?? / Twitter
Mysterious Rectangle Formation in the Sky in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho : WTF
There's a monolith just outside Boston : boston
Monolith now found in Boston : boston

Huge Antarctic iceberg headed towards South Georgia breaks in two : worldnews

World's Most Endangered Turtle Gets Some Good News. We may be able to stop an extinction! : worldnews
Naturalist Lived as a Wild Turkey : worldnews

Plastic Recycling is an Actual Scam - Climate Town : videos

The U.S. has recorded 250,000 cases in a day for the first time. : Coronavirus
COVID-19 as the Leading Cause of Death in the United States : Coronavirus
A death every 33 seconds - The Washington Post
States were left scrambling after finding out they'd get 20-40% less vaccine than they expected. Here's why. - USA Today - December 19, 2020 [Massachusetts now receiving 17,100 fewer doses -- a 28% decrease from what it was expecting] : CoronavirusMa

MA COVID-19 Data 12/19/20 : boston (9.4%+ 47 deaths 3995 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-19-2020 : CoronavirusMa
3,995 New Confirmed Cases; 81,282 Active Cases; 6.01% Positivity; 7.79% Non Higher Ed; 1,927 Hospitalized (+53); 47 Deaths (+3); 85% Hospital Capacity (+2%); 73% ICU Capacity (+1%); - December 19, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,995 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 47 new deaths Saturday - The Boston Globe

Lawmakers call on Charlie Baker to close indoor dining in Massachusetts - Boston Globe Media (non-paywall) - December 18, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
1,009 new reported school relate cases in Mass. in the last week. : CoronavirusMa

Neanderthal gene found in many people may open cells to coronavirus and increase COVID-19 severity : Coronavirus ... This could also add to the reasons why Covid-19 hasn't been as bad in Sub-Saharan Africa, since much of the population there has a smaller percentage of Neanderthal genes than the rest of the world's population (0.3% vs 2%) (virus biased towards dumb white people)

People are strange - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- If somebody had presented the American public with the following dilemma nine months ago, what would have happened? ... Or we can kill 300,000 to 500,000 Americans because that would be the easier thing to do in the extremely short term, like this week.

8 Catholic Sisters Die of Covid-19 Within a Week at a Wisconsin Home - The New York Times

Report: Airplane passenger with coronavirus-like symptoms dies after plane diverts to New Orleans : news
United Helps to Contact Passengers After Possible Covid-19-Related Death on Flight - The New York Times The flight, United 591 from Orlando to Los Angeles, was diverted to New Orleans on Monday after a passenger had a medical emergency on board. "medical emergency" = died and wife knew he was covid-positive and endangering the whole plane)

How the School Reopening Debate Is Tearing One of America's Most Elite Suburbs Apart - In a district where parents are epidemiologists and health policy experts, the meltdown happened one Zoom meeting at a time. (take a guess ... Brookline, Massachusetts)

Stanford apologizes for coronavirus vaccine plan that left out many front-line doctors : Coronavirus

Nearly all of California under stay at home order as FDA authorizes second vaccine : Coronavirus ("nearly all" ignore and party on)
10 Members Of San Bernardino Family Contract COVID-19, Father Dies : Coronavirus
Appeals court blocks San Diego County restaurant openings

Anti-vaxxers should forego ventilators, German doctor says : Coronavirus
English Translation | Collins German-English Dictionary - Querdenker - open-minded thinker (just a little "open-mindedness" to bullshsit)

Switzerland approves use of Covid-19 vaccine by Pfizer-BioNTech. It's over 90% effective in all age brackets. : worldnews
COVID-19: New coronavirus strain spreading faster than previous variant, UK government scientists warn ministers : worldnews
Boris Johnson calls crisis meeting over new Covid strain : worldnews

French President Emmanuel Macron blamed his COVID-19 on combination of 'negligence' and 'bad luck' : worldnews
Angela Merkel 'incredibly proud' of BioNTech founders: The German chancellor has voiced her appreciation for BioNTech, the small German firm behind the first coronavirus vaccine to get regulatory approval. Merkel said the shot will save "many lives." : worldnews
Chilean president handed $3,500 fine for mask-less selfie with stranger on beach : worldnews
NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says give 2020 the middle finger : worldnews (2021: "hold my beer")
Pfizer irked after Belgian politician publishes COVID-19 vaccine prices | Reuters : worldnews
With a reputation as the 'pharmacy of the world,' India is geared to mass-produce COVID-19 vaccines : worldnews
'Baby bust': Canada's population growth essentially stops' due to COVID-19 : worldnews
The European Union is paying less money than the United States for a range of coronavirus vaccines - The EU has a 24% discount on the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine compared to the US, and will pay 45% less than the US for the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine, but 20% more for the Moderna vaccine : worldnews
Deadly fungal disease triggered by Covid spreads in India, alarming doctors : worldnews (turns people into brain-eating Republican zombies)
India hits 10 million coronavirus cases but pace slows : worldnews

Brazilian woman threatened by Amazon loggers wins global human rights award : worldnews

China-based exec charged with sabotaging Zoom conferences and sending consumer data to Chinese government. : worldnews
Chinese Government Surveilled Me In Connection with Huawei, former Czech cybersecurity chief claims : worldnews
US charges ex-Zoom employee with shutting down Tiananmen Square events : worldnews

North Korean plant may be building nuclear components, report finds : worldnews

Apple Supplier Wistron's 'Labour Violations': 12-Hour Shifts, No Overtime : worldnews (Taiwan, Apple as usual profits)

Sensitive US military equipment given to local forces goes unaccounted for in Afghanistan, watchdog says : worldnews (your bungling corrupt capito-war machine)
Rickshaw bomb kills 15 children in Afghanistan : worldnews (Taliban says children blew themselves up)
Rockets hit U.S.'s Bagram Airfield base in Afghanistan : news

Indian troops target UN vehicle from across LoC in 'new low' : worldnews

EU Parliament calls for action over Egypt's human rights abuses : worldnews

Japan calls on Germany to send warship to East Asia : worldnews
Japanese cosmetics company under fire after CEO uses racial slur for Koreans, and boasts that his firm is "pure Japanese". : worldnews
Tokyo train operators agree not to run trains all night on New Year's Eve : worldnews
Japanese serial killer, who chopped up nine bodies, wants to get married while on death row : worldnews (women are strangely attracted to violent men)

Nigerians given 2 weeks to register sim cards | Africanews.The Nigerian Commission has issued a directive to all mobile network operators to deactivate all sim cards that will not be duly registered with valid national identity card by Dec31.The move may see mobile lines blocked of 198m users. : worldnews

Ten years later, the Tunisian revolution is still unfinished : worldnews

UN peacekeepers have deployed in the west of Central African Republic following surprise attacks by powerful armed groups involved in "a deliberate attempt to disrupt" upcoming elections in one of the world's poorest and most troubled nations : worldnews

Chaos and jubilation as freed Nigerian schoolboys reunite with family : worldnews

Britain not ready for no deal, says Brexit select committee : worldnews (Toried to death)
Miles of lorry queues in Kent again as businesses stockpile before Brexit : worldnews
Lorry drivers heading to EU from UK face ham sandwich ban : worldnews
Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain's Pandemic Spending : worldnews
Judge Rules That Freedom Of Speech Includes Right To Offend : worldnews
Judge Rules That Freedom Of Speech Includes Right To Offend - UNILAD The landmark ruling means that a feminist, who called a transgender woman a pig in a wig and a man will face no repercussions for her words.
Undercover activists at farm supplying Sainsburys and Asda saw workers kicking turkeys more than 200 times in shocking scenes of suffering and cruelty. Worker suspended and official investigation launched after footage showed what campaigners called a total disregard for animal welfare. : worldnews (sado-fuckers)

Mexico: assassin shoots former state governor in restaurant bathroom : worldnews -- Former? Well over 100 Mexican politicians were assasination in 2018.
Mexico records lowest number of murders in nearly three years : worldnews (cartels killed all the journos, so no one "recording")

Spy companies using Channel Islands to track phones around the world : worldnews

Congress, experts worry about potential spy agency reorganization amid hack response | Reuters (in the middle of the cybeattack, Putin told Trump to wreck cypersecurity and don't let NSA know anything)
Defense Officials Push Proposal to Separate NSA, Cyber Command - WSJ - Proposal to split control of the two agencies before end of Trump administration faces resistance from lawmakers

Hack Suggests New Scope, Sophistication for Cyberattacks - WSJ Suspected Russian hack involving SolarWinds software that compromised parts of the U.S. government was executed on a scale that has surprised even veteran security experts
Russian cyberattack against US: Worst may be yet to come, experts fear, as Trump remains mum : politics
Trump downplays Russia in first comments on cyberattack (Russian agent)
Trump downplays Russian cyberattack on U.S. : politics (says it might be China, has Putin's dick up his ass)
Trump downplays huge hack, floats China as possible culprit - The Boston Globe
Trump downplays Russian-linked cyberattack on U.S. - Axios

Suspected Russian cyber-attack growing in scale, Microsoft warns - Government agencies around world among targets in SolarWinds espionage-based hack : worldnews (Putin hacks the world while Trump has Twitter-pacifier in his mouth)
Russia is behind the broad, ongoing cyber spy campaign against the U.S. government and private sector, Pompeo says : worldnews ("says" = forced to grudgingly admit late on Friday night)
Cyber-attack is brutal reminder of the Russia problem facing Joe Biden : worldnews
Hackers' broad attack sets cyber experts worldwide scrambling to defend networks : worldnews
Cloudflare CEO says 'zero-trust architecture' is an answer to U.S. government breach : technology

US plans to shutter remaining consulates in Russia : worldnews
White House Blocks a Statement Acknowledging Russias Role in Cyberattack (Putin's piglet)

Pentagon training equates whistleblower Chelsea Manning with terrorists : politics (white supremacist ok)

Row explodes between Pentagon, Biden transition team (military planning coup, doesn't want anyone to know)

Eschaton: Sure Why Not Anything to keep his foxy friends talking about him. - During the meeting, the president asked about Flynn's suggestion of deploying the military, those briefed said. That was also shot down.
Officials increasingly alarmed about Trump's power grab
Trump Floats Coup Plan Thats So Wild Even Rudy Giuliani Is Terrified
Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law as Trump advisers clash - CNNPolitics
Trump Discussed Naming Sidney Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud - The New York Times In a meeting at the White House on Friday, the president discussed appointing Sidney Powell, a lawyer who promoted conspiracy theories about rigged voting machines, to probe voter fraud.
Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law as Trump advisers clash : politics
Giuliani asks DHS about seizing voting machines - Axios
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "He didn't win the Election. He lost all 6 Swing States, by a lot. They then dumped hundreds of thousands of votes in each one, and got caught. Now Republican politicians have to fight so that their great victory is not stolen. Don't be weak fools!" / Twitter
Don Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "SCOOP - Sidney Powell was in Oval Office last night as POTUS discussed making her special counsel for election fraud. @KannoYoungs and me" / Twitter
Amid Vaccine Rollout and Historic Hack, Trump Remains Focused on Reversing Election - WSJ The president has been largely out of sight, paying little public attention to any events other than his efforts to overturn Joe Bidens victory
Donald Trump's legacy: He shook Americans' faith in their country to its very foundation : politics

The inside story of how Trumps denial, mismanagement and magical thinking led to the pandemics dark winter (murderer in chief)

As Congress struggles to approve $900 billion in stimulus funding, a new report shows management of last loan program was so bad an audit can't be done on where $670 billion in taxpayer money went : politics (look in Jared's basement)
AOC says the GOP 'just doesn't care' about struggling Americans as stimulus talks get pushed into the weekend : politics
AOC calls Amazon jobs a 'scam' because more than 4,000 of its employees are on food stamps : politics

Republicans Remember to Care About the Deficit at the Worst Possible Moment : politics
Ron Johnson twice blocks Covid stimulus checks : politics
America's Dumbest Senator: Let Them Eat Shit - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Mitch McConnell Is Trying To Block Mandatory Paid Sick Leave For Workers Who Get COVID : politics
Fewer Jobs, Rising Poverty: Scathing Report Finds Trump Economic Legacy 'One of the Worst Among All US Presidents' : politics

Donald Trump Hates and Refuses to Do His Job. But He Wants to Keep It, Anyway. : politics

In Last Rush, Trump Grants Mining and Energy Firms Access to Public Lands - The New York Times (his "job")

Trump and Death: When considering the number of deaths for which Trump was responsible, historians will also look at those killed because of his devotion to the death penalty. : politics

Trump 'Is the Republican Party,' Pollster Says as President Hoards Campaign Donations : politics
Lawmakers ask FBI and Federal Election Commission to investigate Jared Kushner-backed Trump campaign company after Insider's reporting : politics
Lara Trump served on the board of a company through which the Trump political operation spent nearly $900 million. : politics
Lara Trump Sat on Board of LLC That Saw $700 Million in Campaign Cash : This Would Be a Neat Epitaph for the Entire Trump Era - A shadowy LLC through which the campaign allegedly funneled hundreds of millions, run by a Trump family member?
Jill Stein had to walk so Donald Trump could fly - Lawyers, Guns & Money (another Russian agent)
Former Melania Trump aide claims the first lady called Ivanka and Jared snakes , reigniting feud rumours : politics

Pence, Who Backed Muslim Visa Ban, Gets Vaccine Invented by Muslim Immigrants Pence also praised far right-wing evangelical leader John Hagee. Hagee has said that Muslim Americans are not real Americans.

Even as Trump vows to keep fighting, his aides are quietly starting to move on - The Washington Post

We need a Trumpism vaccine : politics (COVID: "hold my beer")
All the Republican rats - The Washington Post

Centrist Dems Sure Hate the Left Side of Their Caucus - Lawyers, Guns & Money That Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives actually inspire people and push the nation to the left really bothers generations of Democratic lawmakers, to the point that they want to marginalize and punish them and make sure that the nation stays nice and right-centrist .... the caucus didnt just choose some random Democrat instead of AOC. It chose one of the worst members of their caucus, someone who, for all the crap that AOC gets about opposing other Democrats, actually has opposed Nancy Pelosi for Speaker ... rather discipline and punish the left in search of mythical centrist voters. (refucks in disguise)

BUSTED? Why the numbers behind Mitch McConnells re-election dont add up (Moscow's Bitch committed massive election fraud)
Why The Numbers Behind Mitch McConnell's Re-Election Don't Add Up | : politics

Republicans strategize for next elections: 'Their plan is to make it harder for voters to participate' : politics
Federal Judge Rejects Georgia GOPs Attempt to Prevent Newly Registered Voters from Participating in Senate Runoff Elections : politics

Warren reintroduces bill to bar lawmakers from trading stocks : politics
Elizabeth Warren brings back push to ban lawmakers from stock trading as Georgia's two senators shrug off attacks on their campaigns during a runoff election : politics
Georgia Senators Loeffler and Perdue Are Campaigning Against Democracy : politics
Pressley calls Georgia GOP candidates 'the Bonnie and Clyde of corruption' : politics
Democrats rally support in Georgia Senate race; Republicans rack up court losses : politics
Facebook is lifting its political ad ban in Georgia only (Zuckerfucking the election)

In FBI probe, Texas AG faces aggressive, ethical prosecutor : politics ... Leveraging political connections to avoid prosecution is all the Rebuplican scumbags have time for nowadays.

Tucker Carlson Defends Telling People They Should Be Nervous About Vaccine Rollout : worldnews (Tucker-Fucker says Soros and Gates micro-chipped the vaccine to turn patiotic Americans into traitorous Dems in a plot against Herr Trump)

Republican Lawmaker Contracts COVID Then Deletes Post Criticizing Pandemic Precaution ... Joe "You Lie!" Wilson ...
Minn. Sen. Jerry Relph dies of COVID-19 complications : politics (horrible Republican asshole maskless in caucus where multiple Refucks caught covid)

Unchecked Republican Lies Opened the Door for Trump: Network executives need to decide which side they are on: democracy or fascist rebellion. : politics

Brianna Keilar Hits Pearl-Clutching Republicans With A Very Long List Of Trump's Insults : politics
Meghan McCain hits Trump over attacks on father: 'You have disgraced the office of the presidency' : politics ... But my husband will keep sucking your dick with his fluff pieces in The Federalist, and I will always support the GOP

Republicans are fighting hard to bankrupt states.

Proud Boys leader says he burned Black Lives Matter sign stolen from church in Washington - The Washington Post

Texas Baptist Minister, a Lifelong Republican, Loses License After Endorsing Biden : politics ("you're either a traitor or not a good Christofucker)

Dr Jill vs. "Dr" Oz.whatever good Mr. Oz did in the past was nullified by his pushing of pseudoscience, alternative medicine, and the loads of non-evidentiary advice given to his viewers ("conspirituality")

N.Y.C. to Change Many Selective Schools to Address Segregation - The New York Times

Print the legend - Lawyers, Guns & Money This years Judy Miller award for not letting facts get in the way of a good narrative goes to: The New York Times has retracted the core of its hit 2018 podcast series Caliphate after an internal review found the paper failed to heed red flags indicating that the man it relied upon for its narrative about the allure of terrorism could not be trusted to tell the truth ... In fairness, it's not like anything had happened in the previous two years that would make Baquet worry about Times reporters favoring a predetermined narrative over the truth

Foxconn tells Wisconsin it never promised to build an LCD factory : technology (Refuck suckers)

'I want to hit this kid' : Newly unearthed body cam footage shines light on Boston police during racial justice protests
An off-duty officer crashed into a disabled grandmother. A ll never forget : boston

Wynn Encore Casino in Everett for sale : boston

Long-Term Cannabis Use Associated with Reduced Symptoms in Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress : science

During the coronavirus crisis, neurotic people experience more negative emotions in their everyday lives, are more unstable emotionally and worry more about their health. Results match other studies showing that most people are coping with the restrictions better than expected : science

How to stop thinking about something - New study used imaging to look at people's brain activity, see thought patterns, and watch them fade as they are removed. It found that to fully purge a problematic memory that keeps bubbling up, one may need to deliberately focus on it and then push it away. : science

What historical fact makes you cry? : AskReddit

What something that you've done while horny and you regret it? : AskReddit

The Dad completely steals the show : aww

How old were you when you got the first time horny? : AskReddit

Did people in Victorian era England really sleep hanging from a rope for 2 pennies? ("hungover")

What's your childhood mystery that you finally solved years later? : AskReddit

What is considered socially acceptable now, that was not socially accepted 20 years ago? : AskReddit

What's your most painful memory? : AskReddit


Are UFOs Real? Senior Government Officials Keep Saying Yes

Caving to pressure from climate action campaigners, Lloyd's of London, announced it will no longer cover coal-fired power plants and mines, tar sands, or Arctic energy exploration activities from January 2022 onward, with plans to fully phase out such businesses by 2030. : worldnews

Kangaroos can communicate with humans, scientists have concluded : worldnews ... "Fook off, m8"

Disastrous oil spill in Mauritius partly caused by crew seeking mobile phone signal : worldnews
European home improvement stores continued to sell illegally logged wood from Russian taiga after alleged smuggler's arrest back home. More than 20 European companies were said to have bought 30 million euros ($36.7 million) worth of suspect wood. : worldnews ... "Just west Europe things: extracting natural resources from other countries while pontificating about how eco conscious they are."

Super cyclone Yasa flattened entire villages as it tore through Fiji, but there were no initial reports of casualties. A Category Five storm made landfall on Fiji's second-largest island Vanua Levu late Thursday, packing winds gusts of up to 345 kilometres an hour (210 miles an hour) : worldnews

Bitcoin soars above $23,000 as mammoth 2020 rally drives record highs : worldnews

More Than 1.1 Million People Have Been Vaccinated: Covid-19 Tracker : Coronavirus
Johns Hopkins Launches COVID-19 Mortality Calculator, Aims to Inform Vaccine Prioritization : Coronavirus

562,000 US Covid-19 deaths projected by April - nearly the population of Wyoming : worldnews (Trumpy and Fuckpublican deathmongers cackle)

MA COVID-19 Data 12/18/20 : boston (9.7%+ 53 deathss 5632 new cases
5,632 New Confirmed Cases; 80,989 Active Cases; 6.13% Positivity; 8.04% Non Higher Ed; 1,874 Hospitalized (+3); 44 Deaths (+9); 83% Hospital Capacity (-2%); 72% ICU Capacity (-1%); - December 18, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-18-2020 : CoronavirusMa
Mass. reports 5,632 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 53 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Governor Baker Covid-19 Update - December 18, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

1,009 Cases of COVID-19 Reported Among Mass. Students, Staff Who've Been In School Buildings : boston

UMass models projects rising COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts to level off in January - Boston Globe Media (non-paywalled) - December 16, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
Feds Cut MA Coronavirus Vaccine Shipment By 28 Percent : CoronavirusMa

A universal influenza virus vaccine induces broad and long-lasting immunity in a randomized, placebo-controlled phase I trial. : science
High levels of pandemic-induced anxiety, depression observed in social media posts : Coronavirus

My mom died and we gathered for her funeral. Then 17 people in my family got coronavirus : Coronavirus

COVID-19 positive man dies on United flight : Coronavirus

Frontline workers protest at Stanford after hospital distributed vaccine to administrators | The hospital was accused of prioritising administrators over some medical residents and nurses in first wave of vaccine distribution : Coronavirus
Only Seven of Stanford's First 5,000 Vaccines Were Designated for Medical Residents : Coronavirus

U.S. college student gets 4 months in prison in Cayman Islands for violating COVID-19 measures : Coronavirus
Classic 'Scrubs' Scene Teaches Us How Quickly Infection Spreads, Importance of Social Distancing (Video)

South Florida parties on: No mask, no distancing, no problem inside bars and clubs : Coronavirus

Teen takes exams in hazmat suit as family says school district won't take COVID-19 seriously : Coronavirus

Like ants on sugar: Covid-fatigued Texans shrug off mandates for holiday fun

'I am very worried for our state:' North Carolina hits highest one-day COVID-19 case count : Coronavirus
Iowa reports no additional COVID-19 deaths as hospitalizations continue to decrease : Coronavirus
Postponing surgeries, calling up student nurses, Alabama hospitals enter uncharted territory : Coronavirus

The Family Court Judge Who Threatened a Mother With Contempt of Court for Getting Her Child a COVID-19 Test : Coronavirus
The Family Court Judge Who Threatened a Mother With Contempt of Court for Getting Her Child a Test COVID-19 ProPublica Ohio juvenile court Judge Timothy Grendell thought coronavirus precautions were overblown, and made sure people knew it. In one case he forbade a mother from getting her children tested for COVID-19. Then, one of them had to go to the emergency room. (asshole Ohio big dick MRA death judge is smarter than doctors)

Secrets, lies and COVID shaming: How parents are misleading N.J. schools about sick kids. : Coronavirus

Russian vaccine Sputnik V is using Twitter to needle and undermine its rivals : Coronavirus

Rupert Murdoch receives dose of Covid vaccine in UK | Rupert Murdoch | The Guardian
UK regulator Ofcom revealed 159 operator masts were attacked so far in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 (coronavirus)-related and general anti-5G conspiracy theories, causing base station downtime adding-up to 170,000 hours : Coronavirus

The Covid-19 epidemic has killed more than 60,000 in France : Coronavirus (US 4.6 x Fr so 2x the deaths)

Sweden does U-turn on face masks to fight virus : Coronavirus

South Africa coronavirus: Second wave fueled by new strain, teen 'rage festivals' - The Washington Post But in a beach town last week, more than 3,000 17- and 18-year-olds went ahead with a huge, week-long graduation party, and more than 1,000 of them have since tested positive for the coronavirus. Hundreds more refused to get tested or gave wrong numbers to contact tracers.

Pope Francis: Divert arms money to fight COVID-19, ensure vaccine for all : worldnews

If You Turn into Alligator: Brazil President's Bizarre Warning About Covid-19 Vaccine Goes Viral
Brazil overcomes more than 1,000 Covid-19 deaths in 24 hours : worldnews

New Zealand goes a month without community transmission of Covid - 19 : worldnews

Brazilian supreme court decides all Brazilians are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Those who fail to prove they have been vaccinated may have their rights, such as welfare payments, public school enrolment or entry to certain places, curtailed. : worldnews

Irish ambulances will cross the border and help ease the pressure on Northern Irish emergency services who are struggling with rising cases each day : worldnews

Woman accused of threatening Otago University graduation wanted to surpass Christchurch terrorist attack, police say : worldnews

North Korean fishing captain is publicly executed for listening to foreign radio while at sea : worldnews

A citizen journalist detained in China after reporting from the Covid-19 ground zero of Wuhan will face trial later this month, her lawyer said Friday, as fears grow for her health. Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer, travelled to Wuhan in February and livestreamed her experiences on social media. : worldnews

Taiwan has claimed that China is backing private investment in Pacific undersea cable networks as a way to spy on foreign nations and steal data from its rivals, following a report this week that the U.S. is warning Pacific nations against awarding cable contracts to Chinese state-linked firms. : worldnews
Taiwanese visitors to mainland China could face problems if their Covid-19 test certificates carry words Wuhan coronavirus . Health certificates that use phrase will be deemed void and may result in passengers being refused entry on arrival. : worldnews

A rural Japanese town voted its sole female councillor out of her seat after she accused its mayor of sexual assault. The public referendum over whether she had damaged the town's reputation highlighted the backlash against women who come forward with allegations of sexual abuse : worldnews
1,000 people stuck overnight in Japan traffic jam stretching 9 miles long. : worldnews (snow!)

Myanmar gang rape victim wins legal battle with military : worldnews

Men who dragged Christian woman naked in Egypt are cleared : worldnews (muzfuckers)

Life has got worse since Arab spring, say people across Middle East : worldnews

Turkish media vows to take over Tel Aviv, calls opposition terrorists : worldnews -- Vows to destroy Israel (Erdofuck)

344 kidnapped Nigerian boys freed, says state official : worldnews
ISIS affiliate in Somalia declares war on Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Shabab : worldnews

What a White Religious Supremacist State Looks Like - Lawyers, Guns & Money That Israel is going to make sure Jews are vaccinated before Palestinians says just about everything you need to know about this ethno-nationalist state. (most Jews ok with this)

Russia banned from using its name, flag at next 2 Olympics : worldnews

Denmark: Reform recognizes sex without consent as rape : worldnews
Swiss parliament approves same-sex marriage : worldnews

Spain's parliament votes to legalize euthanasia : worldnews

Ireland has second-highest quality of life in the world, according to UN report.The Republic is now second only to Norway, which has been deemed the best country in the world for quality of life. : worldnews

Boris Johnson's father caught getting on tube without mask in fourth breach of Covid rules : worldnews (not the first time for BoJo's daddy, claims he "forgot" four times)
'I Feel Fine' - Beatles legend McCartney gives COVID vaccine a shot in the arm : worldnews ... Baby's good to me, you know She's happy as can be, you know She said so I'm in love with her and I feel fine
Jacob Rees-Mogg says Unicef should be ashamed for feeding hungry London children : worldnews (what a name for the cunt)
Greater Manchester Police failings: Mayor Andy Burnham 'should resign' : worldnews
England Tree of the Years to be cut down and protesters will face two-year jail sentences : worldnews ... Imagine how beautiful our world could be if high court judges had the balls to sentence rich tax evaders as harshly as this

New York Times' Retracts Core Of Hit Podcast Series 'Caliphate' On ISIS ... The newspaper has reassigned its star terrorism reporter, Rukmini Callimachi, who hosted the series ... The Times resisted revisiting Chaudhry's story until his arrest this fall, when Canadian officials charged him with lying about participating in terrorist activities ... Dolnick, a scion of the Sulzberger family, which has a controlling stake in the New York Times Co., personally encouraged her role and took on oversight of the Caliphate project. (another Baquet blunder, this time "podcasts")
An Arrest in Canada Casts a Shadow on a New York Times Star, and The Times - The New York Times ... Mr. Flood didn't know it at the time, but he was part of a frantic effort at The New York Times to salvage the high-profile project the paper had just announced ... (they knew and did it anyway)
A Riveting ISIS Story, Told in a Times Podcast, Falls Apart - The New York Times A Canadians gruesome account as an Islamic State executioner in Syria, which was the subject of the 'Caliphate' podcast by The New York Times, was fabricated, officials say. A Times review found no corroboration of his claim to have committed atrocities.
New York Times SaysCaliphatePodcast Fell Short of Standards (which are, apparently pretty low)

The Mexican government announced an increase of 15 percent in the daily minimum wage for Mexican workers beginning January to reach the equivalent of about $7 a day. The new wage will still fall below $1 an hour but is well above the country's current 3.3 percent inflation rate. : worldnews

Canada defends pro-Palestinian vote at UN General Assembly : worldnews

The New Language of Forever War-Making | The New Republic The post-9/11 consensus is crumbling, so Americas hawks are inventing fresh rhetoric to justify imperialist disasters. (9/11 was a huge disasterous deadly lie that they used for 20 years to kill millions of people, but now they need a new lie to invade the future by "defending forward" to make money and kill more people, fucking deathpigs)

Suspected Russian hack is much worse than first feared : politics ... Two large share holders of Solarwinds met with execs and sold almost $300mil in shares days before the announcement of the hack
Hacked networks will need to be burned 'down to the ground' : politics
Trump moved cyber security budget to pay for his wall before major hacking assault : politics ... Man that would be almost as dumb as getting rid of the pandemic response team just before a global pandemic..... Oh wait nevermind.
Suspected Russian hack is much worse than first feared: Here's what you need to know : worldnews (Trumpy's going-away present to Putin)
Trump Won't Denounce Russian Hack Because He's Still Subservient to Putin : politics
Microsoft identifies more than 40 organizations targeted in massive cyber breach : worldnews
Biden and lawmakers raise alarms over cybersecurity breach amid Trump's silence : politics
Trump Stays Silent on Nuclear-Stockpile Hack, Focusing Energy on Showerheads and Toilets Instead : politics
Eschaton: How'd This Work Out Not well! -- President-elect Donald Trump named former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani as an informal adviser on cybersecurity, according to the presidential transition office. Giuliani, who heads a cybersecurity consulting firm Giuliani Partners, will serve as an adviser on finding solutions to cyber-incursions in the private sector and to advise the government on possible responses. (2017)
Opinion | As Trump Botches the Coronavirus Crisis, I Long for ... Giuliani ... calm, honest and humble - By Jennifer Senior (NYT, yuo're supposed to forget this crazy bullshit from them)

DOD pauses transition meetings as Biden team meets resistance - Business Insider
Scoop: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings : politics (says military coup imminent)
Biden Team Rejects Claims of Mutually-Agreed Upon Pause in Transition Cooperation : politics

Abolish the Space Force : politics
Abolish the Space Force and Its Guardians

Ayanna Pressley says $600 stimulus checks an "insult" as Americans struggle : politics
Did Mitch McConnell block relief bill for months because of a Kentucky nursing home mogul? : politics
Sen. Ron Johnson blocks Hawley bill proposing $1,200 stimulus checks, citing national debt : politics
Republican Senator Who Voted for Trump's $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut for the Rich Blocks $1,200 Stimulus Checks : politics
The GOP's 'deprivation' fetish is making it impossible to make policy, even in a total disaster : politics
These companies took $1.8 billion in federal aid to save jobs. They laid off 90,000 workers anyway. : politics

Pfizer said it has millions of doses of vaccine sitting in a warehouse because the federal government hasn't told it where to send them : politics (shipping order says "Jared's basement")
Is There Nothing About This Pandemic That These Clowns Won't F*ck Up?: Pfizer says it has plenty of vaccine doses, but the Trump administration* isn't getting them distributed. : politics

3,500 Americans died in one day. The President didn't mention it. : politics
Donald Trump's herd immunity: Who's the real "enemy of the people"? | It's clearer than ever that Trump was happy to see people die. His assault on public health can't be forgotten : politics
Trump attacks Supreme Court for not helping him steal election and dubs McCain overrated in late night Twitter rant : politics

Trump has gone way too far. He needs to be put on trial : politics
Opinion: Donald Trump's lengthy humiliation is a necessary gift to the world : politics

If Trump pardons himself, Biden should un-pardon him : politics
Trump expected to issue wave of pre-Christmas pardons today - Axios Trump pardons expected today

Why Trump declaring a 2024 presidential bid would be "profoundly stupid" : politics

Once a friend, Biden calls Lindsey Graham a personal disappointment for not recognizing election win : politics

Mike Pompeo threw a Christmas party for State Department staff. No one showed up. - Ouch. They invited 900 people, but only a couple dozen showed up. : politics

Jared Kushner And Trump Basically Stole $617 Million Of Trump Campaign Funds
Jared Kushner helped create a Trump campaign shell company that secretly paid the president's family members and spent $617 million in reelection cash, a source tells Insider : politics
Kushner OK'd Trump Campaign Shell Company That Secretly Paid Inner Circle: Report : politics ... Kushner directed Lara Trump, Vice President Mike Pence's nephew John Pence, and Trump campaign CFO Sean Dollman to serve on the shell companys board ... Just imagine what we dont know yet.
Hey, look who stole $617 million in Trump campaign money - Lawyers, Guns & Money Sometimes its the person you most suspected.
Eschaton: Seems Bad Of course Donald wanted the money, but he also wanted to WIN, so he should be very mad at Jared who for some reason he is never mad at (if his asshole kids hadn't vacuumed up half a billion he probably would have won and doomed America)
Lara Trump served on the board of a company through which the Trump political operation spent more than $700 million. - The New York Times
Trumps Future: Tons of Cash and Plenty of Options for Spending It

Still waiting for mail? Sen. Sherrod Brown says Postmaster General must be removed : politics

Scathing Supercut Shows How Republicans Keep Moving The Goalposts On Trump's Defeat : politics

That is one big sh*t stain to carry around : PoliticalHumor

Judge says Michael Flynn may not avoid prison in scathingremarks: I can't hide my disgust : politics

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office - POLITICO A growing call to invoke the Insurrection Act shows how hard-edged MAGA ideology has become in the wake of Trumps election loss.
Video: Man wearing gas mask leaves threatening 'we want blood' note for Duval County Democratic Party | The note continues, "You lost the election. Redress our grievances now or we will. Be back later. We the People." : politics
Right-Wing Militias Are Bracing for Civil War - The Atlantic A Pro-Trump Militant Group Has Recruited Thousands of Police, Soldiers, and Veterans (context)
The Republican Party now has more in common with the Southern minority of 1860 - Rejecting majority rule -- in any form -- threatens the American union (
White House Advisor Peter Navarro Releases Dubious Voter Fraud Report

Trump won't pardon his family because they may testify against him, says ex-lawyer : politics
Inside the Ivanka-Melania War ... they absolutely loathe one another. (slit-eyes vs no-chin)
Ivanka Trump, Famed Public Health Expert, Screened CDC Guidance to Make Sure It Was Nice to Her Dad : politics
Trump Bows to Reality, Asks Confidants: Should I Do The Apprentice Again?
Have you accepted Donald Trump into your heart? - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- LAST DAY TO ORDER YOUR 2020 TRUMP CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT

How Biden's Covid bubble popped

More than 1.1 million ballots cast in early voting for Georgia U.S. Senate runoffs : politics
Georgia breaks all-time voting record : politics
Republicans Are Trying to Disqualify Newly Registered Voters from Participating in Senate Runoff Elections : politics
Georgia Senate Races Will Decide 'Whether Weed Gets Legalized,' Cory Booker Says : politics
Turnout in Georgia US Senate Runoff Approaches Presidential Levels : politics
The leopards were not supposed to eat my face - Lawyers, Guns & Money Brian Kemp is outraged that people are buying his bullshit about widespread voter fraud now that its being directed at him
Why do all these white supremacists keep showing up in my photo ops? - Lawyers, Guns & Money A truly remarkable set of coincidences:

The Establishment Strikes Back - The American Prospect Long Islander Kathleen Rice made an out-of-nowhere, last-second bid for the seat, interrupting the process. Rep. Rice is a backbencher from the party right flank who, in 2018, refused to support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker (Biden swerves right)

Washington Monument shuttered after interior secretary tests positive for the coronavirus -- Park Service staff say they may have been exposed when David Bernhardt led a private, after-hours tour (fucker)

'Latinx' hasn't even caught on among Latinos. It never will.The term is an English-language contrivance, not a real gesture at gender inclusivity.

2 charged with kidnapping child later abandoned at Mississippi Goodwill : news

Ex-Rochester police chief says mayor told him to lie about Daniel Prude death : news ... Mayor Lovely Warren urged him to omit facts (like that Black gay girl mayor in Chicago)

Eschaton: America's Worst Police Department The Boston Police Department.
Bodycam Video Shows Mob Mentality Of Boston Police Who Responded To George Floyd Protests, Lawyer Says - Hours of video given exclusively to The Appeal show police officers bragging about attacking protesters and multiple instances of excessive force and the liberal use of pepper spray.

NYPD used excessive force during George Floyd protests, city investigation finds : news

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo files ethics disclosure indicating he is seeking position at Northeastern, setting off succession campaign - The Boston Globe
Robert DeLeo Is King of the Hill : After generations of iron-fisted leadership on Beacon Hill, the winds of change are beginning to blow. Just dont tell that to House Speaker DeLeo.

Motorist rescued after 10 hours in car buried by snow plow : news

TIL that it was widely assumed that infants felt no pain and they routinely underwent major surgeries without anesthesia up until infant pain was formally recognized in 1987. : todayilearned (just because they were screaming doesn't mean they felt any pain, said the asshole doctors)

How are Protons and Neutrons spherical when they're made up of three Quarks? : askscience

Study shows the human brain reacts with increased electrical activity after listening to credible information : worldnews ... Not so much that it likes credible information, it just likes things stated as facts rather than possibilities

TIL : The World population was about 300 million at the time of Jesus. A thousand years later it was about 310 million. : todayilearned undefined

Women overestimate men's attraction to thin female fashion models, study finds : science

A comprehensive study involving more than 250,000 women, shows that oral contraceptive use protects against ovarian and endometrial cancer. The protective effect remains for several decades after discontinuing the use. : science

What's a statistic that everyone should know? : AskReddit

What is the oldest memory you can remember and how old were you? : AskReddit

People who aren't superstitious, what is something that still creeps you out/ you won't mess with? : AskReddit

Sony Pulls Cyberpunk 2077 From PlayStation Store, Says Buyers Can Get A Refund : worldnews

Law banning rental fees for customer-owned routers takes effect Sunday : technology (yeah they were rent you what you owned)


Australia's newest $1.2B coal plant written off as worthless : worldnews ... newest coal-fired power station have written down the value of the asset to zero, wiping out a $1.2 billion investment in the face of an onslaught of renewable energy.

Lloyd's market to quit fossil fuel insurance by 2030. World's biggest insurance market to end new investments in coal, oil sands and Arctic energy by 2022 : worldnews

Christmas During Spanish Flu Pandemic Presented Similar Challenges Let's Lighten Things Up With a Look Back at Christmas During the Spanish Flu Pandemic - In 1918, people were much more familiar with epidemic disease (Charlie, take a look)

More Americans have died from coronavirus than in combat during WWII : Coronavirus
U.S. Surpasses 3,600 Daily Coronavirus Deaths, Breaks Prior Hospitalization Record : Coronavirus
With 244,365 new cases and 3,607 new deaths reported in a single day, the U.S. enters new territory. : Coronavirus

Recommendation paves way for FDA authorization of Moderna Covid vaccine in US : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/17/20 : boston (12%+ 44 deaths 4977 new cases)

4,985 New Confirmed Cases; 76,215 Active Cases; 6.02% Positivity; 7.90% Non Higher Ed; 1,871 Hospitalized (+20); 44 Deaths; 85% Hospital Capacity (+0%); 72% ICU Capacity (-1%); - December 17, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-17-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 4,985 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 44 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Mass. reports 591 new coronavirus cases among public school students, 418 among school staff members - The Boston Globe

Big coronavirus case spikes in Maine reported this week - The Boston Globe

Stop & Shop Not Enforcing Coronavirus Guidelines: Union - Patch - December 15, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Opinion | People Thought Covid-19 Was Relatively Harmless for Younger Adults. They Were Wrong. - The New York Times -- New research shows that July may have been the deadliest month for young adults in modern American history ... Young adults are dying at historic rates (send them back to school!)
Study highlights neurological impact of COVID-19 on children : Coronavirus
New study out of Europe shows that closing schools and universities reduces COVID transmission by 38%. It is the second most effective nonpharmaceutical intervention for curbing the spread second only to limiting gatherings to 10 people at 42%. : CoronavirusMa
How Effective Is the Mask You're Wearing? You May Know Soon - The New York Times
Hospitals Discover a Surprise in Their Pfizer Vaccine Deliveries: Extra Doses - The New York Times Pharmacists have found that they can squeeze an additional dose from some of the glass vials that were supposed to contain five doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
Pulse oximeters that measure blood oxygen levels are FOUR times more likely to be inaccurate in black patients than white patients, study finds, as scientists worry the devices weren't designed to scan blood color through darker skin : worldnews
Claim that nurse died after getting COVID vaccine is false : Coronavirus

Live updates: California's infections jump 50 percent in a day, exceed India's : Coronavirus (goes esponential)
SoCal ICU capacity sinks to an alarming 0% : Coronavirus
Coronavirus: ICU capacity drops to 0% in Southern California as state reports 379 new deaths, shattering record : Coronavirus
Skyrocketing coronavirus levels in California sewage points to rapid spread of virus in fall : Coronavirus
Unions for frontline workers call for 4-week shutdown in LA County in January amid COVID-19 surge : Coronavirus

Tennessee's Choice To Stockpile COVID-19 Vaccines Confounds Doctors : Coronavirus (in case anyone needs it later)

Florida reports 13,148 new coronavirus cases Thursday, most since mid-July : Coronavirus

More than 11,000 in Michigan have died after contracting COVID-19 : Coronavirus
How did it get in? Ravaged by coronavirus, Florida family grieves

New Zealand's economy bounces out of recession with 14% gain in GDP : worldnews
New Zealand secures enough vaccine for all New Zealanders, and six pacific nations : worldnews

Swedish king: Sweden has failed to protect the elderly : worldnews

Tokyo Hospitals Overwhelmed As Virus Cases Hit New Record : worldnews

Taiwanese doctor could face possible prison term of up to three years for making comments about US pork imports containing ractopamine. : worldnews (wtf, are you China?)

Saudi prosecutor seeks maximum jail sentence for women's rights activist: Loujain al-Hathloul, one of kingdom's most prominent human rights campaigners, may face 20 years behind bars : worldnews

Iranian president happy terrorist Trump's presidency is ending : worldnews
Gang of horns and hooves : Turkish city terrorised by a goat, sheep and three lambs : worldnews

Vladmir Putin says if Russia wanted to kill opposition leader Navalny, it would have 'finished' the job - CNN

French president Emmanuel Macron tests positive for coronavirus : worldnews
France to Become the First Country to Label Electronics With Repairability Tags : worldnews
Jean-Luc Brunel, who knew Jeffrey Epstein, in custody - Paris prosecutor's office : worldnews
Widow of January 2015 Paris attacker sentenced to 30 years in prison : worldnews

Russia is capable of killing thousands with a new chemical weapon attack on the streets of Britain, warns Defence Secretary - as family of Salisbury poisoning victims sues Putin over 'state sponsored' Novichok death : worldnews
Unicef to feed hungry UK children for first time in 70 year history : worldnews (wait 'til Brexit)
Black people five times more likely to be subjected to police force : worldnews (UK racist cop fuckers)

Nuclear weapons agency breached amid massive cyber onslaught - POLITICO Hackers accessed systems at the National Nuclear Security Administration, which maintains the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.(Trump's goodbye present to Putin)
More Hacking Attacks Found as Officials Warn of Grave Risk to U.S. Government
Russians use previously unknown tactics to penetrate government systems - The Washington Post
Exclusive-Suspected Russian hacking spree reached into Microsoft

Sen. Blumenthal says Russian cyberattack is virtually an act of war : politics
Romney: 'Stunning' for White House not to respond on Russian cyberattack : politics

Trump DNI Ratcliffe Stirs Dispute Over China 2020 Election Meddling Views - Bloomberg - Ratcliffe's office says report to Congress will be delayed (he really is a rat: "China! not Russia!")

National Security Experts Warn Trump Is Promoting Terrorism : politics

Secret Emails Show The Dramatic Moment A Top ICE Lawyer Tried -- And Failed -- To Get Deported Children Flown Back To The US
DHS Inspectors: ICE Detainees Kept In Solitary Confinement For 300 Days Inspectors also found that nearly a dozen immigrants detainees were kept in solitary confinement for more than two months.
Uninstalling Stephen Miller - The Bulwark - How one mans mastery of the dark bureaucratic arts made life a living hell for immigrants and refugees.

'Gratuitously Cruel': Outrage as GOP Tries to Prevent People on Unemployment From Also Receiving Stimulus Check : politics
US unemployment claims rise to 885,000 amid resurgence of COVID-19 : politics
Most Americans want stimulus checks, reject GOP's 'red line' on liability protections, poll shows : politics
AOC urges public to tell Congress that one-time $600 stimulus checks are not enough : politics
McConnell backed stimulus checks after fears for Georgia election: NYT : politics
Bernie Sanders and Joe Manchin reportedly fight on conference call over stimulus checks : politics

Biden order to halt border wall project would save U.S. $2.6 billion, Pentagon estimates show : politics

Is it time for a 9/11-style commission to study the nation's Covid response? (3,000 vs 3-500.000, so no)

Don't be silenced by armed police raid at my Florida home, COVID whistleblowers. I won't be
Florida covid-19 whistleblower: Nothing Gov. Ron DeSantis has done with the virus has been honest : politics
Floridas Sun Sentinel found an odd gap in state COVID-19 deaths ahead of the election
Trump states shut out COVID headlines as virus spreads unchecked : politics
Pompeo cancels final holiday party after he comes into contact with coronavirus - The Washington Post
We want them infected: Trump appointee demanded herd immunitystrategy, emails reveal -- Then-HHS science adviser Paul Alexander called for millions of Americans to be infected as means of fighting Covid-19. (necropolitics by zombies)
"Who Cares" : A Trump Administration Official Wanted to Purposely Infect Infants, Kids and the Middle Aged With COVID-19
Rep. Joe Wilson Announces COVID Diagnosis After Speaking on House Floor ... Wilson became infamous after shouting out "You lie!" at President Obama during an address to a joint session of Congress in 2009.

Biden To Have Entire WH East And West Wings Showered With Disinfectant Right After Trump Leaves : politics
Ocasio-Cortez Warns Biden That War and Wall Street Appointees Are a Huge Reason We Got Trump

Trump has reportedly been convinced he actually won, tells advisers he may not vacate the White House : politics
Report: Trump Contemplating Not Leaving White House on January 20 : politics
Trumps defeat is now final, bringing a disastrous presidency to a welcome end - Bidens victory was not the result of fraud, as Trump falsely claims (says Fox, finally)
Pence prepares to confirm Trump's loss and then leave town
Pence may leave for overseas trip after certifying vote: report : politics

Trump pardon requests pour in during final weeks: 'It's turned crazy' - CNNPolitics
Trump is reportedly considering a pardon for the Trump Organization's chief financial officer : politics
Presidents shouldn't have blanket pardon power | Clemency and pardons are ripe for abuse but ending the practice entirely would be unjust too

Barr's Guiding Principle Was to Protect Trump : With Barr Out, New York Prosecutors Are Freer to Zero In On the President
Richard Painter: Trump is an ncompetent dictator but a shrewder" plot might have worked

Everything's great: GOP ditches election post-mortemsMitt Romney lost by 5 million votes in 2012 and sparked a 100-page RNC autopsy report. Donald Trump lost by 7 million and there isn't a peep.
Never-Trump movement splinters as its villain heads for the exit - POLITICO

xkcd: 2020 Election Map

Rand Paul: The fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen (speaking of evil little fuckers)
Republicans are still pretending there was election fraud : politics
Republicans Will Never Accept the Election Results: The media keeps asking when the GOP will acknowledge that Joe Biden won a fair election. It ain't happening. : politics
The Proud Boys are using YouTube to organize violence at Joe Biden's inauguration On 'The War Room,' they glorify violence and tell members to 'revolt.'

Texas lawsuit was the last straw. I'm leaving the Republican Party: Former NH GOP chair | The GOP has ransacked our Constitution and attempted a coup. The Republican Party of Lincoln is no more. I'm switching my registration to independent. : politics

Trump names Rudy Giulianis son and 2 other aides to Holocaust Museum Council (he looks like a fat Eric)

Weaponizing the free exercise clause - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Savvy take on the Supreme Court reaching out to nullify New York maximum occupancy limits on houses of worship during COVID although they were no longer in force is that it was just a narrow holding. This never actually made any sense, and that's not how lower courts are viewing it either: (Catholic assholes want to kill you)

Trump now rejecting the crypto-leftist bias of Fox, Breitbart, and Newsmax - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Matthew Gertz on Twitter: "For the second consecutive night, the president of the United States was up after 1 a.m. tweeting deranged OAN chyrons. Left, OAN News, 12:09 a.m. Right, Trump, 1:14 a.m." / Twitter
Matthew Gertz on Twitter: "Here are some other screengrabs from that hour." / Twitter
Some cheerful thoughts from Paul Waldman - Lawyers, Guns & Money And again, we were less than 44,000 votes out of 158.4 million cast, i.e., 0.028%, from the almost unimaginable catastrophe of Trump winning another term.

Judges dismiss two GOP lawsuit challenging Georgias absentee ballot rules
An outraged Kemp blasts pro-Trump conspiracy theorists harassing his family (noted Republican election terrorist gets terrorized)
Ga. county won by Biden, Clinton registers nearly 10,000 new voters before Senate runoffs : politics
GOP launches legal war on absentee voting ahead of Georgia runoffs - POLITICO Federal judges will hear cases Thursday aimed at restricting absentee voting in the Jan. 5 Senate runoffs.
Influx of new voters could swing US Senate runoffs in Georgia
Georgia Senate Runoffs: Breaking Down November, Looking to January

We've finally identified the source of fraud in the 2020 election. It's Ron Johnson (fountain of Satan's lies)
GOP-led committee tries to create, not examine, an election problem : politics

Pro-Trump election lawyer shares racist slur about Mitch McConnell's wife : politics ... "Mitch is married to China" (hahaha)

Trump cuts healthcare funds to California over abortions : politics

Inevitable Megachurch Abuse of PPP Funds is Coming to Light Private Jet Included

The Rural Voter Issue - Lawyers, Guns & Money - How much of that is just people living on Facebook? (dumbfuck tractor-queens default to Refucking)

Texas forced to release 2019 inaugural spending details : politics

Trump election betting markets 2020: Offshore oddsmakers made a killing off gullible MAGA supporters ... The online bookmakers that fielded bets on the election saw their largest single-event windfall ever

Cruel transphobic law that banned trans people from updating their birth certificate ruled unconstitutional : politics ... one of the plaintiffs was outed as trans when she 'was required to provide her birth certificate for a new job, leading colleagues to refer to her as a 'freak' and threaten to beat her up for using womens bathrooms'

U.S. whistleblower was pressed to exaggerate leftist role in urban protests, lawyer says : politics

6 men indicted in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor (the pics)

Republicans suddenly discover they dont like naughty words (little Flubo)

The hullabaloo about calling Jill Biden doctor,explained (tldr; she's a woman, Republiicans hate women, even Republican women hate women)
Dr. Jill Biden deserves her title. Saying otherwise demeans teachers and community colleges. : politics
Obsessed Tucker Carlson Calls Jill Biden 'Illiterate' and 'Our National Shame'
"Conservatives" have spent the past 4 years praising a foreign born 1st lady with poor English skills that has posed with little to no clothes for money and fame. Now they want to attack the incoming 1st lady for being too educated. : PoliticalHumor (tiny Ben Shapiro gets on the stupid train)

Tinfoil gloves: why has MMA become a breeding ground for QAnon? : politics ... Why has a conspiracy theory sucked in angry young meatheads whose most prominent authority figure is close friends with Alex Jones and flat earthers? Tough to say

How Mormons Became American - The Atlantic The Most American Religion : Perpetual outsiders, Mormons spent 200 years assimilating to a certain national ideal - only to find their country in an identity crisis. What will the third century of the faith look like?

Texas Wedding Photographers Have Seen Some $#!+ (entitled assholes spreading covid)

John O. Brennan on UFOs - Marginal REVOLUTION

LGM Film Club, Part 98: Soviet H-Bomb Test - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins looking into third chemist at state drug lab - The Boston Globe Troubled lab once again the subject of scrutiny

Marblehead police officer resigns after allegedly carving swastika on fellow s car : boston

Origins of Mass Towns : boston
The infamous Somerville turkey has been euthanized : boston

Bike lane dividers removed after causing multiple accidents, bikers deemed better to hit than concrete : boston

Has anyone had dental surgery done at BU's Goldman school of dentistry? : boston

Comparison is the thief of joy : Relative deprivation, the belief that your situation is worse than others, or that others are doing better than you, can trigger anger and resentment, and is associated with risk taking behavior like gambling. Having hope for the future is protective against this.

Doris the lady lizard now appears to be male: A small reptile at Melbourne Aquarium appears to have changed its sex from female to male, a discovery which would be world first. Aquarium keepers noticed one of their female Boyd's forest dragons change colour, grow larger crest, and stop laying eggs. : worldnews

ELI5 why do beer guts on guys (I've never seen them on women or haven't been able to tell) look like a pregnant belly (raised with a definite shape) whereas you can tell the larger stomachs caused from bad diets flatten out and have rolls? : explainlikeimfive - I swear to god, you fucks, do not start microdosing alchohol with your asshole.

(17) World History - Quora Were housewives in the 50s really submissive to their husbands?

/u/IridiumPony explains why requiring a license to have a kid is a reaaaaaallllyyyyy bad idea : bestof

u/TheChance, responding to a post about conspiracies around Bill Gates and Vaccinations - "This is the kind of stuff you get when lots of people who don't know how to evaluate information all make a hobby out of confusing each other." : bestof

u/GearBrain explains why he thinks the internet was a mistake : bestof
u/loquacious explains what the internet was like before and after Eternal September : bestof

If guys started hiding their nips the way girls did, do you think eventually girls would get conditioned to be sexually aroused by male breasts? Why and why not? : AskReddit


U.N. Report: In The Age Of Humans, 'The Dominant Risk To Our Survival Is Ourselves' : worldnews

Trump administration delays endangered species protection for monarch butterfly "on the brink of collapse" : news

Report: Amazon generated 465M pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2019 - FreightWaves : news

FDA authorizes rapid, at-home Covid test kit, costs $30 with results in 15 min : news

MA COVID-19 Data 12/16/20 : boston (9.6%+ 71 fucking deaths 5450 new cases)

Vitamin D and Covid-19 (research summary)
#VitaminDforAll (Vitamin D for everyone) Over 100 Scientists, Doctors, & Leading Authorities Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19 : Scientific evidence indicates vitamin D reduces infections & deaths
'Alarmingly high' vitamin D deficiency in the United Kingdom : worldnews

'I do not feel safe': Kansas GOP mayor resigns after threats over backing mask mandate : politics

TX Doctor Says Half Of Nurses In His Unit Won't Get Vaccinefor Politically Motivated Reasons : politics

Gucci Mane packed the house at a Houston night club without a mask in sight : news

First German clinic has to use triage rules because of Covid-19 forcing doctors to decide who gets treatment and who does not : worldnews

New Zealand says its strict Covid lockdown is paying off as economy rebounds. : worldnews (America is broken)

U.K. Vaccinated 137,000 people from COVID last week : worldnews

Eswatini (Swaziland) PM dies of COVID-19, making him the first world leader to pass away from the virus : worldnews

"Those who refuse the Covid vaccine will pay for the treatment": the the San Marino government : worldnews ... The good old threaten them with the U.S. Healthcare System.

At least 250,000 suffered abuse in New Zealand's state care system, inquiry finds. : worldnews historic abuse of children, young adults and vulnerable adults by state-run institutions between 1950 and 1999, as well as in affiliated religious institutions, such as church-run orphanages.

Torres Strait Islander leaders in Far North Queensland say they are "incredibly nervous" about China's plan to build a $200 million "comprehensive multi-functional fishery industrial park" on Daru Island in PNG's Western Province and are seeking urgent talks with the Australian Government. : worldnews

China used "mass surveillance" on thousands of Americans' phones, report claims : worldnews
British high street brands under pressure from human rights campaigners to ban cotton picked in Chinese region that is home to its oppressed Uighur population...reports revealed at least half million Muslims being forced to work in fields of Xinjiang amid ongoing anti-Muslim crackdown by Beijing. : worldnews

India now a dangerous and violent space for Muslims , report says : worldnews

Vietnam calls for joining hands in preventing famine in Yemen : worldnews

'Ghost boat' washes up in Marshall Islands with 649 kilos of cocaine on board : worldnews

Israeli spy firm suspected of accessing global telecoms via Channel Islands : news

Saudi Arabia removes school textbook content that were considered antisemitic, homophobic, sexist, and anti-Israeli, including a unit that condemned homosexuality as something punishable by death. : worldnews

Two elderly men who were beheaded by Azerbaijani forces in videos widely shared on messaging apps have been identified, confirming two of the bloodiest atrocities of the recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh. The ethnic Armenian men were non-combatants, people in their respective villages said. : worldnews

Hungary bans same-sex couples from adopting children : worldnews

Paris fined 90,000 for breaching gender parity law by appointing too many women in senior roles. The fine was handed out by the country's public service ministry for breaching the "Sauvadet law".
Paris mayor mocks 'absurd' fine for hiring too many women : worldnews

MI6 kept quiet about 'criminality' of agent with licence to kill : worldnews

Most child sexual abuse gangs made up of white men, Home Office report says : news
Gay 'conversion therapy': Man given electric shocks demands apology : worldnews
Hundreds of global faith leaders call for ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy : worldnews

Billions Spent on U.S. Cyberdefenses Failed to Detect Giant Russian Hack: The broad Russian espionage attack on the U.S. government and private companies, underway since spring and detected only a few weeks ago, is among the greatest intelligence failures of modern times. : politics (CEO didn't want to spend money on security while Trump fired cybersecurity)

Christopher Krebs: We prepared for more Russian interference. But this year the assault on democracy was from within the US : politics

We want them infected: Trump appointee demanded herd immunity strategy, emails reveal ... Alexander also argued that colleges should stay open to allow Covid-19 infections to spread ... This goes far beyond incompetence, this shows true intent to place millions of Americans in mortal danger. This requires public trials, with sentences that involve prison time ... "necropolitics"
'Like a Hand Grasping' :Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C. | Kyle McGowan, a former chief of staff at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and his deputy, Amanda Campbell, go public on the Trump administration's manipulation of the agency.
DeSantis faces renewed scrutiny following discovery of mysterious gap in Florida's COVID death tally. Florida may have manipulated COVID death data ahead of the November election: report : politics
Florida's 'Grim Reaper' lashes out at DeSantis' attempt to sanction him over COVID-19 lawsuit
Hundreds Of Invitees Skip Mike Pompeo's Superspreader Holiday Party : politics ... Just a few of the more than 900 invitees to Secretary of State's indoor holiday party showed up on Tuesday following a flood criticism that the event could become a superspreader for coronavirus
Ex-CDC Staffers Say Conway And Ivanka Were Part Of WH Effort To Meddle Into Agency's Messaging : politics (the death bitches killed thousands)
Trump penned 'political suicide note' at every Covid press conference, former Australian PM says
Trump has tweeted about TV ratings four times more than masks during the pandemic : politics
Biden says he will take vaccine publicly after White House refused to say if Trump would : politics

Progressive Leaders Call for Direct Cash Payments & Enhanced Unemployment Insurance in COVID Stimulus : politics
Amid Mounting Progressive Pressure, Congressional Leaders Reportedly Planning to Include Direct Payments in Relief Package | "I will not vote for a Covid package that doesn't include survival payments and unemployment relief for the American people. It's a red line," said Rep. AOC : politics
Nearly 8 million Americans have fallen into poverty since the summer | Nation's poverty rate has risen at the fastest pace ever this year after aid for the unemployed declined. : politics

A huge study of 50 years of tax cuts for the wealthy suggests 'trickle down' economics makes inequality worse : politics (shocking news that no one ever thought of)

Trump's Mar-a-Lago neighbours initiate legal action to stop him moving there when he leaves White House. Trump signed a deal in 1993 that bars him from using the private club as a permanent residence : politics ... He ransacked the constitution but he has never gone against an HOA, now, he is truly fucked! ... (caught in his own scam)

Trump Throws Impotent Fit Over Rigged Election for 38th Day Straight : politics
EnticingInsouciance comments on Trump Throws Impotent Fit Over Rigged Election for 38th Day Straight (great comment, read it on its own)

Trump lashes out at McConnell for acknowledging election reality : politics
Mitch McConnell deserves no praise for finally recognizing reality : politics

Trump is already considering axing his new attorney general if he won't agree to a special counsel probe into Hunter Biden : politics (revolving door accelerates)
Bill Barr was Trump's biggest enabler and top servant -- but his real legacy is even darker
Trump's Hunter Biden Obsession Is Getting Out of Hand : politics
The country is in a dangerous hour : Lincoln Project founder warns second Trump coup is coming
Six Weeks of Republican Shamelessness Have Done Real Damage : politics

Judge orders Trump Organization to give records to New York AG : politics

Trump's election lawyers must be investigated : politics
The Lawyers Filing And Promoting Trump's Frivolous Election Lawsuits Should All Be Disbarred : politics
It's time to hold lawless Trump officials accountable and finally right the wrongs from the Bush-era torture program (tnx Barry, this is all your fault)

Pennsylvania AG Shapiro calls the Electoral College a system that no longer has a safety valve : politics

Ocasio-Cortez: I'm 'not ready' to be Speaker but Pelosi and Schumer need to go : politics (fucking fogies)

Obama: Republican Party 'is the minority party in this country' : politics

QAnon Supporters Vow to Leave GOP After Mitch McConnell Accepts Election Result : politics
North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges Trump to suspend civil liberties to keep power: Invoke the Insurrection Act : politics
Prepare for war : A local GOP official goes all-in with election conspiracy theories

How did a Proud Boys leader with a felony record get into the White House? : politics

Fact check: CNN did not report that Trump would likely get a second term in office weeks after declaring Biden President-elect : politics
Sen. Rand Paul falsely claims presidential election was 'stolen', siding with Donald Trump : politics (traitor and always has been)

Senate Confirms Another Trump Nominee, 36, to Lifetime Judgeship During Lame Duck Session : politics

Journalists, it's time for a cold-turkey breakup with Trump : politics

Bette Midler calls Donald Trump a vampire who needs a stake through the heart : politics

School Privatization Zealot Betsy DeVos Reportedly Urging Career Education Staff to Obstruct Biden Agenda | One House Democrat said he can't wait for January 20, "when this disgrace is pushed out the door and her bags are dropped at the curb." : politics

Value of Loeffler's Mansion Dropped $6M Overnight and Nobody Can Explain Why ... resulting in a much lower tax bill for the senator and her husband (couldn't have been that)

Cuomo signs bill banning sale of Confederate flags : politics

DC Police Detail Arrests, Damage From Saturday's Trump Protests : news

Kamala Harris promises gun reforms to 'honour lives' of Sandy Hook victims : politics

An ex-cop held an A/C repairman at gunpoint over a false claim he had 750,000 fake ballots, police said : politics (stochastic delusionality)

Despite Nationwide Attention to Police Brutality, Arrest Rates for Cops Who Kill People On-Duty Remain Appallingly Low : politics
A new bill would make all police misconduct allegations and settlements public : politics

Mayor Lori Lightfoot's administration tried to block TV station from airing body camera footage of police raid on wrong home : politics

New Report Says LA County Sheriff's Department Routinely Obstructs Investigations and Fails to Follow Law : news

Iowa using $10M in virus aid to fund state police officers : news

Phoenix police shoot and kill ex-NFL player Ekom Udofia : news

They make millions by operating youth facilities. But children allege rampant abuse. : news
A profitable 'death trap': Sequel youth facilities raked in millions while accused of abusing children Sequel Youth & Family Services collected hundreds of millions in tax dollars to care for vulnerable children, despite abuse and negligence allegations.

Shake Shack who? (ACAF and need their "aha moment")

Man with chainsaw chases McDonald's employees, steals food and drink : news

Florida pastor charged with possessing child pornography of children as young as 3 : news

'Conspirituality' Explains Why the Wellness World Fell for QAnon. There are underlying personality traits that conspiracy theorists and people with alternative or spiritual beliefs have in common.
taitmckenzie comments on Conspirituality Explains Why the Wellness World Fell for QAnon. There are underlying personality traits that conspiracy theorists and people with alternative or spiritual beliefs have in common.
'Conspirituality' Explains Why the Wellness World Fell for QAnon : The philosopher Jules Evans tells us who and what are prone to both conspiracy theories and alternative beliefs, while advocating for "critical spirituality" ... There are certain moments in history when the collapse of the ruling narrative leads to a period of instability in what is believable and credible; when there's a collapse in the monopoly of meaning and lots of rival meanings and theories appear.
The Emergence of Conspirituality: Journal of Contemporary Religion: Vol 26, No 1
Culture and Occulture
Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes) | Plate 43 from 'Los Caprichos': The sleep of reason produces monsters (El sueno de la razon produce monstruos) | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Priest who gave Sen. Ted Kennedys funeral homily charged in sex assault case - A Barnstable Superior Court grand jury on Friday indicted the Rev. Mark R. Hession, 62, on two counts of rape, one count of indecent assault and battery of a person under 14, and one count of witness intimidation,

'Miracle' the German Shepherd survives being thrown off motel balcony by owner : news
'Miracle' the German shepherd survives being thrown off motel balcony by owner - ABC News - A Florida woman has been arrested after attacking a maid and throwing her German shepherd off a motel balcony.

Air pollution contributed to girl's death, coroner rules in landmark case : worldnews

Lost artefact from Great Pyramid of Giza found in cigar box in Aberdeen : worldnews

Mathematicians Explore Mirror Link Between Two Geometric Worlds Decades after physicists happened upon a stunning mathematical coincidence, researchers are getting close to understanding the link between two seemingly unrelated geometric universes.

10 states sue Google for alleged anticompetitive behavior : news

'Digital colonisation': The world's smallest island nation just launched a major effort to win back control of its top-level internet domain : worldnews


Scotiabank becomes fifth major Canadian bank to refuse to fund oil drilling in Arctic refuge : worldnews

Moderna Vaccine Is Highly Protective and Prevents Severe Covid, Data Show - The New York Times The positive review likely ensures that the F.D.A. will grant emergency authorization for a second coronavirus vaccine this week for millions of Americans. Fauci recommends Biden and Harris get COVID-19 vaccine right away
Pandemic backlash jeopardizes public health powers, leaders ... (biggest insult in rural Kansas is to call someone a "democrat")
FDA authorizes first over-the-counter home test for COVID-19 - CBS News
Kate Walsh on Twitter: "Why I love my job at BMC"
covid-19-dashboard-december-15-2020 : CoronavirusMa
3,720 New Confirmed Cases; 72,587 Active Cases; 5.88% Positivity, 7.72% Non Higher Ed; 1,834 Hospitalized; 55 Deaths; 83% Hospital Capacity (+1%); 70% ICU Capacity (+0%); - December 15, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

MA COVID-19 Data 12/15/20 : boston (8.4%+ 55 deahs 3720 new cases)

Mass. reports 3,720 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 55 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Baker implores residents to celebrate holidays with household members only; details timeline for vaccine rollout - The Boston Globe
Baker Urges Mass. Residents To Alter Or Cancel Holiday Plans To Increase Safety Amid Pandemic : boston
The Christmas Conversation - SNL - YouTube

A century after 1918 pandemic killed 675,000 Americans, the USA is divided over a COVID-19 vaccine : Coronavirus
New coronavirus strain spreading in UK has key mutations, scientists say : Coronavirus
Five Severe-COVID Risk Genes Found, Suggesting Drug Targets : Coronavirus
Stony Brook University, New York | Research
Safe Social Distancing Alert: Long Streams of Virus-Laden Droplets Can Trail Behind Infected Individuals : Coronavirus
For many with eating disorders, pandemic set off cascade problems. Here'how to get help. : Coronavirus
Here LED lights found to kill coronavirus: Global first in fight against COVID-19 - The finding suggests the UV-LEDs can be installed in air conditioning and water systems. It requires less than half a minute to destroy more than 99.9% of coronaviruses. : Coronavirus

I am David Quammen, here to talk about my New York Times Op-Eds on the coronavirus pandemic and its origins. AMA. : Coronavirus
More than 4 million people in the US traveled for Thanksgiving, new data shows : Coronavirus
The Psychic Toll of a Pandemic Pregnancy : Coronavirus
Mental health tech startups fetch record investments with COVID-19 | Reuters (you don't need to see a shrink, just take this mental health app)

Funeral homes, morgues grapple with surge in US Covid-19 deaths : Coronavirus

California Is Coming Apart Over COVID-19
Los Angeles Covid-19 Update: Ambulances Waiting 4 Hours To Offload Patients As L.A. Has Just 56 Adult ICU Beds Left, Orange County Has None : news
California orders 5,000 body bags, refrigerated trucks on standby as COVID surges : Coronavirus
Fresno County tracks COVID-19 outbreaks at businesses. Why do they keep it secret? : Coronavirus

TN state Rep. David Byrd put on ventilator more than a week after being hospitalized for COVID-19 : Coronavirus (TN news sites won't tell you but he's a Republican of course)
A Republican Coronavirus Deniers Story Told In 2 Acts ... Byrd and Carter in June voted in support of a House resolution stating that "mainstream media has sensationalized the reporting on COVID-19 in the service of political agendas" (and now he's begging for your prayers) the 63-year-old Waynesboro Representative was seen amongst some 70 House Republicans during a caucus meeting Nov. 24, with his face butt-ass naked just raw dogging air like hes not living in a pandemic. A week-and-a-half later he was hospitalized with the virus.
Accused Tennessee lawmaker David Byrd reverses, will seek reelection | WZTV (pray for the good Christian)
Tennessee to reduce COVID test hours, despite exploding cases, as vaccines roll out : Coronavirus ... Under the new plan, testing will be scaled back from five days per week to two days per week.

Santa took photos with about 50 kids before positive COVID test, Georgia officials say : Coronavirus (COVID Santa)

Mississippi has no more ICU beds : Coronavirus

City pulls back COVID relief money for golf course clubhouse after community backlash - KSTP News - 12-15-2020 : Coronavirus

Colorado's public school enrollment has dropped by 30,000 students. That could spell financial disaster for districts. : Coronavirus

Paris streets empty as COVID-19 curfew takes effect : Coronavirus

Support For Scottish Independence Is Growing, Partly Due To U.K.'s COVID-19 Response : Coronavirus

Sweden's leader says health officials misjudged coronavirus second wave : Coronavirus

The madness of the Covid Christmas amnesty | The Spectator London will enter Tier 3 Covid restrictions on Wednesday, because people are mixing too freely and thus spreading a deadly virus. Next week, those restrictions will vanish for five days, allowing people to mix more freely, thus spreading a deadly virus. (Tories fuck everything up again)

Malka Leifer, former Melbourne principal and accused child abuser, loses appeal against extradition from Israel to Australia : worldnews ... Israel's Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by former Melbourne school principal Malka Leifer against a ruling to extradite her to Australia to face 74 charges of sexual abuse ... Adass Israel girls school
Australia set to introduce a bill to decriminalize small amounts of MDMA, heroin, and other hard drugs : worldnews

New Zealand sex worker wins six-figure sum in sexual harassment case : worldnews

ICC rejects Uighur genocide complaint against China : worldnews ... unable to act because the alleged acts happened on the territory of China, which is not a signatory to The Hague-based ICC. (of course not)
Chinese government forcing hundreds of thousands of Uighurs to pick cotton : worldnews
A data leak shows that over two million Chinese Communist Party members were secretly embedded in organizations around the world including India. : worldnews
China is global leader in jailed journalists for second year, report finds : worldnews
Revealed: China suspected of spying on Americans via Caribbean phone networks : worldnews
A 15-year-old is now the youngest reported Hongkonger in exile : worldnews

Nanjing Massacre: China Mourns Mass Murder of 300,000 Civilians By Japanese Forces In Nanjing During WW2 : worldnews

More people died from suicide in Japan in October than the total number of COVID-19 deaths in 2020, figures released by the Japanese National Police Agency show. Japan has the highest suicide rate in the G7 and subsequently reports its data every month compared to other countries including the US. : worldnews
Japan to raise medical fees for some aged 75 or older : worldnews
Japanese serial killer who baited suicidal people using Twitter gets death penalty : worldnews
Japanese city of Akashi to certify same-sex couples, children as family ; a first in Japan. : worldnews
Most in Japan oppose holding Olympics in 2021: polls : worldnews

Pakistan approves new anti-rape laws, closing loopholes, abolishing antiquated two-finger testing, setting up special courts for rape cases, and introducing chemical castration as a 'form of rehabilitation' in extreme cases : worldnews (muzfuckers raped the rape victims to see if they had been raped)
Pakistani High Court Judge ruling condemns zoos as being concentration camps for innocent wildlife : worldnews

India farmers intensify protests as deadlock over new farming laws continues : worldnews
Facebook did not ban violent extremist group in India over fears of damage to business prospects, report says : worldnews
India arrest singer for releasing a song that mocks Indian PM Narendra Modi : worldnews

US imposes sanctions on Turkey over purchase of Russian air defence system : worldnews

Boys escaped through forest after gunmen abducted their friends at Nigeria school : worldnews
Boko Haram claims kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian students : worldnews
Boko Haram in Nigeria: Extremists kidnap more than 300 boys, leader says - The Washington Post

Philippines: ICC finds "reasonable basis" for alleged crimes against humanity in Duterte's drug war : worldnews

Hungary amends constitution to redefine family, limits gay adoption : worldnews

Bolivia Approves First Same-Sex Civil Union Following Legal Battle : worldnews

Denmark to classify immigrants from Muslim countries separately in crime statistics : worldnews

Saudi Arabia applied for diplomatic immunity for ten man security team in Norway : worldnews

An investigation into Fiji's attorney general over a murder case that went cold has brought the divisions between the country's ethnic Indian residents and indigenous population back into the spotlight. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is being investigated in connection with fatal twin bomb attacks. : worldnews

Brazil cops nabbed after images capture arrest of two men later found dead : worldnews

US embassy took part in DEA plot to discredit Colombia's war crimes tribunal : worldnews

Drug-related deaths in Scotland at worst level on record and at higher reported rate than any EU country, according to new figures. The latest NRS statistics indicate there were 1,264 drug-related deaths in 2019 - a 6% rise on 2018. It marks highest number since records began in 1996.
Brexit Update from Delusional Britain - Lawyers, Guns & Money
'Unconscious bias training' for civil servants in England to be scrapped, because government found no evidence of it working : worldnews

EU to unveil landmark law curbing power of tech giants. Facebook, Amazon, Google and others could soon face massive fines in the European Union under a draft law that seeks to reign in tech giants. Firms could be fined up to 10% of their annual turnover for violating competition rules. : worldnews

Iran says it would rejoin nuclear deal within an hour of US doing so : worldnews

An alligator that survived World War II bombings in Berlin and died in Moscow seven decades later has been immortalized in the Russian capital this month. Saturn, who died of old age at 84 at the Moscow Zoo in May, was rumored to have been part of Adolf Hitler's personal collection. : worldnews

Putin Gave 'Direct Order' to Kill Me, Says Russia's Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has described how he thought he was going to die after a poisoning attack he says was ordered by President Vladimir Putin. : worldnews
CNN-Bellingcat investigation identifies Russian specialists who trailed Putin's nemesis Alexey Navalny before he was poisoned : worldnews
Suspected Russian hackers breached U.S. Department of Homeland Security - sources : worldnews (Trump/Putin knew when he fired cybersecurity)
Scope of Russian Hack Becomes Clear: Multiple U.S. Agencies Were Hit : politics
'Massively disruptive' cyber crisis engulfs multiple agencies : politics
Hackers used SolarWinds dominance against it in sprawling spy campaign ... The hackers inserted malicious code into Orion software updates pushed out to nearly 18,000 customers ... Security researcher Vinoth Kumar told Reuters that, last year, he alerted the company that anyone could access SolarWinds update server by using the password solarwinds123 ... days after SolarWinds realized their software had been compromised, the malicious updates were still available for download. (fucking idiots)

Putin congratulates Biden after Electoral College victory : worldnews ... Now, there can be no disPutin ... Why was he Stalin? ... No need to be Russian ... No Crimea here, move along ... Biden, the real tsar of the show.

Donald Trump labelled "loser of the year" by Europe's biggest news magazine : politics

It Never Had to Be Like This : 300,000 Dead in US From Covid-19 Under Donald J. Trump
Everyone Linked to Post-Election White House COVID Outbreak

Biden and Harris inauguration plans call for smaller events with fewer guests. - The Washington Post

Trump must turn over financial documents to New York attorney general, judge rules : politics
Judge Rules Letitia James Will Get Trump Organization Documents | Law & Crime

Sanders on McConnell: When children are going hungry in America, suddenly we don't have enough money : politics
Mitch McConnell Congratulates Joe Biden for Being President-elect - The New York Times
McConnell sets up a clash with Trump over whos in charge in the GOP (with Trump gone)
Trump says Biden pretending he's won and insists he had landslide victory : politics
Ron Johnson calls election legitimate and acknowledges Biden victory

If Biden wants to unite the country, one thing is clear: Dump the corporate lobbyists : politics

Bidens post-Electoral College speech was a stinging rebuke of Trump : "In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed"

Trump administration concedes election to Joe Biden - Lawyers, Guns & Money undefined
Twitter confirms Trump can be banned from inauguration day onwards : politics

Opinion | Bill Barr failed at his job. His bootlicking resignation letter made that clear. - The Washington Post
Bill Barr was the worst Attorney General in American history - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Bill Barr Resigns as Trump Attorney General With Obsequious Letter Twice, William Barr has been Attorney General of the United States. And twice he has proven to be a willing footman for political deceit and political corruption.
Good riddance: Elizabeth Warren says outgoing attorney general William Barr made DoJ more corrupt
Trump Replaces Barr With Anti-Regulatory and Pro-Corporate Crusader Who Has No Experience as a Prosecutor : politics

Pro-Trump Group Sends Fake Documents in Attempt to Reassign Arizona's Electoral Votes : politics
As electoral college formalizes Bidens win, Trump backers hold their own vote

Yes, Trump will leave office but his seditious secession movement isn't going away
Wisconsin Supreme Court Was Close to Flipping State to Trump ... 4-3 ... the Wisconsin Supreme Court came one vote from reducing the Democrat's electoral-vote count from 306 to 296 just hours before electors cast their ballots

No one has lost quite like Donald Trump in nearly 150 years : politics
Shut the door on Trump by ending the electoral college : politics

AZ election fraud suit in which plaintiff not registered voter tossed
Trump claims new fraud evidence as Michigan officials push back on disputed report | TheHill
>br /> Trumps frenetic, fanciful, bitter final plea
Inside the Right-Wing Media Bubble, Where the Myth of a Trump Win Lives On - The New York Times - The Electoral College has affirmed Biden's victory. That doesn't mean that Trump-friendly news outlets have accepted it.
This is the reality: Newsmax and One America grapple uneasily with Bidens electoral college victory (haha, they used the word "reality")
POLITICO Playbook: Reality, meet D.C. - POLITICO ("D.C." = Refucklicans)
When Did Republicans Start Hating Facts? : politics ("we create our own reality")
Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is 'Mass Radicalization,' Experts Warn : politics
Time We Called It What It Is: Fascism. The epic thrash we're witnessing is because the forces of capitalism, seeing a terminal economic crash approaching, are attempting to preemptively replace democracy with authoritarianism -- fascism

Unspeakable Bravery: These Senate Republicans Declared Joe Biden May Have Possibly, Technically Won The Election : politics ... History will remember these Senators as being pathetic political hostages to a criminal reality TV show host. Congratulations, you all earned it.
Republicans are waging a war on democracy. But why are they allowed to get away with it? There are no incentives, at the federal or local level, for Republicans who want power at any cost to act any differently. : politics
GOP Lawmakers Are Scared: Republican Insiders Texted Me Their True Feelings About Stop the Steal
The moral hypocrisy of conservative leaders is stunning : politics (and always has been, duh)
>br /> Everyone Trump Touches Dies: The List - The Triad He revealed people for what they really were.

Proud Boys say they've had a member "at the White House for four years" : politics ... Big night for Stephen Miller, who only got into politics because his arms are too weak to strangle prostitutes
Stephen Miller is a fraud who should just go away already : politics (to prison for the rest of his pathetic evil life)

Kayleigh McEnany slammed for claiming Biden's Electoral College speech was divisive : politics (hahaha, enjoy the rest of your life as a moral leper, bitch)

Jenna Ellis, President Trumps lawyer, was fired from Weld County DAs office form "mistakes," records show (and oh, she lied)
How's that elite legal strike force doing? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the continuum from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, via which a party that over the past several decades has become increasingly contemptuous of actual knowledge and expertise and the nature of reality itself has managed to end up hermetically sealing itself in a vast vat of its own endless bullshit. Thus do we get an Elite Legal Strike Force made up of these preposterous characters.

Trump is the ultimate Reaganite - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Opinion | Just How Dangerous Was Donald Trump? - The New York Times
Is Donald Trump the Next Jimmy Carter? | The New Republic Political scientists have argued that Trump represents the last gasp of a failing coalition. But we might be in a new political era altogether.

Amanda Chase, Republican contender for Virginia governor, says Trump should declare martial law - The Washington Post -- State Sen. Amanda F. Chase, a brash Republican gubernatorial contender who bills herself as "Trump in heels"

Biden to name Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary - The Washington Post
Biden picks former EPA chief Gina McCarthy as White House climate czar - The Washington Post McCarthy heads the Natural Resources Defense Council, which has sued the Trump administration more than 100 times.
Biden to tap former Michigan Gov. Granholm to lead Energy Department - POLITICO

Melania Trump breaks childrens hospital rules by taking her mask off to read to patients

USPS Finally Releases Louis DeJoy's Calendar And Everything's Redacted

Biden puts skin in the game in Georgia - POLITICO The president-elect is expending precious political capital on the Senate runoffs even before taking the oath of office. ("expendiong precious political capital" so the Refucks won't fuck his presidency, fuck you Politico)
Georgia Is Showing Up Big for the Senate Runoff Vote : politics
Georgia Republican Infighting May Depress Senate Runoff Turnout It Appears Georgia Republicans Are Eating Their Own Entrails - Chaos reigns
Trump Retweets Threat to Jail Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State -- The president is furious that Republican officials didn't steal the election for him
Trump antagonizes Republicans with Georgia fundraising ploy - POLITICO (Trump vacuuming up all the monies, hahaha)
Trump is pocketing Georgia Senate runoff donations for his PAC, while the GOP candidates themselves don't get a dollar, a new report says : politics

QAnon supporters suggest Trumps new deputy attorney general will fulfill conspiracy theory and institute mass arrests

Trump's Inappropriate Boy Scout Jamboree Speech: A Look Back : Has anyone ever seen Trump hold a baby? No, I thought. I cant recall ever seeing Donald Trump cradle a baby in his arms. But I have seen him tell 24,000 Boy Scouts a meandering story about a real-estate developer hosting wild parties on his yacht.

Dr Jill Biden won't be a 'traditional' US first lady. Some men are threatened by that : politics ... I've seen the current FLOTUS naked and they are threatened by Jill Biden not being "traditional" (hello, Joseph Fuckstein)

Sportsmax - SNL - YouTube

Everything We've Learned About Modern Economic Theory Is Wrong - Bloomberg Ole Peters, a theoretical physicist in the U.K., claims to have the solution. All it would do is upend three centuries of economic thought (economics stuck in the 17th century bc simple math)

Consumer Groups Say The FCC Just Blew $9 Billion To Deliver Broadband To Already Served Rich People : politics

Unionbusters Know No Bottom - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Manhattan Institute is a hive of scum and villainy almost like no other. And there's nothing our free marketbetters love more than hating on teachers unions. (teachers should't be vaccinated because they are union scum and WaPo was fine with this evil shit)

Trump Is Considering Clemency for Silk Road Kingpin - the president has expressed sympathy for the situation of Ross Ulbricht, who is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth: Bezos Ex-Wife Gives Away $4.2 Billion Within 4 Months - Bloomberg World's 18th-richest person announced contributions on Medium
384 Ways to Help -- Emily Dickinson lived much of her life isolated in a single room ... Her room overlooked a cemetery, and many of her poems are focused on death.

Paul Behrends, Ex-Staffer to Dana Rohrabacher Who Was Linked to Veselnitskaya Dies Suddenly After a Fall - Grubbs said there was no reason to think anything suspicious had happened to Behrends or that there was any link to his associations with Russia

Canadian Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard Indicted on Sex-Trafficking Charges - The New York Times Mr. Nygard was arrested in Canada at the request of the U.S. attorneys office in New York City, which accused him of recruiting dozens of women for sex.

So Jeffrey Toobin Had a Zoom Incident. What Now? - The New York Times The Undoing of Jeffrey Toobin -- How a leading man of legal journalism lost his sweetest gig. ... #MeToobin ... (the Toobs and his little dick)

"What's wrong with being sexy?" -Malcolm Gladwell - Lawyers, Guns & Money Yet another affluent guy who pretends not to understand the concept of "consenT" when defending another affluent white guy getting fired for sexual misconduct: (Gladfuck defending Toobin! what a twisted mind)

Former HPD Capt. Mark Anthony Aguirre charged with holding repairman at gunpoint in fake voter-fraud conspiracy - ABC13 Houston

Eighteen Sheriff's Deputies Waited 500 Yards Away While A Burglar Terrorized A 70-Year-Old Disabled Man : technology

You Have the Wrong Place: Body Camera Video Shows Moments Police Handcuff Innocent, Naked Woman During Wrong Raid ... CBS 2 quickly found the suspect police were looking for had no connection to the Blassingames and had been in prison at the time of the raid for years ... But moments later, the officer's body camera turned off (fucking cops can't read addresses and sat on the evidence for two fucking years with no consequences)

Bristol sheriff violated immigration detaineescivil rights during May melee, attorney general says (asshole Trumpster)

Chief of staff to ex-mayor of Fall River pleads guilty to extortion, bribery charges - The Boston Globe The chief of staff for former Fall River mayor Jasiel Correia pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to charges of extortion, bribery, and making false statements, the office of the US Attorney for Massachusetts said in a statement.

Massachusetts House speaker knocks Bakers abortion proposal, says reps will overturn it
Abortion-rights bill deserves passage - again : The Legislature should reject Governor Baker's restrictive amendments (Charlie Cracker)

Supreme Judicial Court rules law banning panhandling violates First Amendment rights of homeless people - The Boston Globe (Globe commenters mostly hate poor people)

Nestle illegally fires worker for reporting racist comment : news

Treasure hunter marks five years in jail for refusing to give up his gold | US news | The Guardian

Tome raiders: solving the great book heist | Books | The Guardian - When 2.5m of rare books were stolen in an audacious heist at Feltham in 2017, police wondered, what's the story?

Lonely people have a unique brain signature, perhaps due to so much imagined social contact : science ... and are also more likely to treat pets like people.

Evolution Made Really Smart People Long to Be Loners : Research finds highly intelligent individuals prefer to socialize less than the rest of us ... In general, urbanites have higher average intelligence than ruralites do, possibly because more intelligent individuals are better able to live in "unnatural" settings of high population density (less herd mind)

What If You Could Do It All Over - The uncanny allure of our unlived lives
Physics Explains Why Time Passes Faster As You Age Mind time cannot be measured on a watch.

Plot Twist: The Key to Better Sleep Is Not a Bedtime -- It's a Wake-Up Time

Negative stereotypes toward Black men can be provoked or deflected by clothing. Clothing emits signals of power and status and can carry with it certain stereotypes. Men in formal clothing were rated more trustworthy, intelligent, and warm than men in soccer uniforms. : science

A new chicken-sized dinosaur with flamboyant features used to attract mates or intimidate foes has been discovered. Ubirajara jubatus, which lived about 110 million years ago, had elaborate plumage including a long fur mane and stiff ribbons projecting from its shoulders. : worldnews

A manly beard may help drive sales by increasing perceptions of expertise and trust. Beards from an evolutionary perspective serve as a cue to others about masculinity, maturity, competence, leadership and status. The ability to grow a healthy beard may signal immuno-competence. : science

TIL that no matter the language, we all exchange information at 39 bits/second, suggesting a biological limit. Languages that are lower information density are spoken fast (Spanish & Japanese) while denser languages are spoken more slowly (Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese). : todayilearned

Americans Don't Read ... and That's Affecting Our Elections

Celebrate Jane Austen's Birthday With a 360-Degree, Interactive Tour of Her House : books
Famous Writer's Houses To Visit | House & Garden

Authors Show Their Personal Libraries on "Show Your Shelf" : books

What' s the worst scandal to happen at your school? : AskReddit
Whats the worst scandal to happen at your school? : AskReddit

What YouTube channels should everyone binge watch? : AskReddit

Facebook Is a Doomsday Machine - The Atlantic The architecture of the modern web poses grave threats to humanity (Fuckerberg is a threat to humanity and Fuckbook is a doomsday machine)


US to hold world climate summit early next year and seek to rejoin Paris accord : politics

current guess for CBS is 6-24 : boston
Everything that's related to Boston Weather: Forecasts, School Closings, Maps...

Fauci predicts 'herd immunity' for U.S. by late spring or early summer : Coronavirus
Covid 'D-Day' arrives as vaccine set to arrive in all 50 states : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/14/20 : boston (9.4%+ 37 deaths 3572 new cases)
3,572 New Confirmed Cases; 72,883 Active Cases; 5.71% Positivity, 7.70% Non Higher Ed; 1,788 Hospitalized; 37 Deaths; 82% Hospital Capacity (-2%); 70% ICU Capacity (+0%); - December 14, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-14-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 3,572 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 37 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Boston, Somerville, Brockton, and Newton mayors agree to roll back reopening in wake of rising COVID-19 rates - The Boston Globe
Boston and other cities moving back to phase 2 step 2 : CoronavirusMa
Hundreds Of Businesses In Mass. Violated COVID-19 Rules, Putting Workers At Risk - WBUR - December 14, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

First Coronavirus Vaccines Arrive In Mass. : boston

KN95 face masks (10)
LED lights found to kill coronavirus efficiently, quickly, and cheaply, a global first in fight against COVID-19. The finding suggests the UV-LEDs can be installed in air conditioning and water systems. It requires less than half a minute to destroy more than 99.9% of coronaviruses. : science

More Than 100,000 U.S. Coronavirus Deaths Are Linked to Nursing Homes : Coronavirus
WHO : Only with Vaccination of Younger People Will Number of Cases Decrease : Coronavirus
Children May Be Driving the Pandemic After All - Spiegel - 11 Dec 2020 : Coronavirus
Russia's coronavirus vaccine has efficacy of 91.4%, trial results suggest : Coronavirus
Pfizer CEO says still negotiating with U.S. on more coronavirus vaccines : Coronavirus (Trump still demanding it be called "the Beautiful Donald J Trump vaccine"

Ferrets, cats most susceptible to COVID-19 infection after humans, study finds : Coronavirus
Cats develop antibodies and their clinical symptoms last 2-3 days, after which they quickly recover, study of 130 cats says : Wuhan_Virus

Will New York Shut Down Again? Andrew Cuomo Says State Is on Path - Bloomberg
Will New York Shut Down Again? Andrew Cuomo Says State Is on Path - Bloomberg

Ron DeSantis sued for withholding White House report slamming his inadequate response to COVID : politics

More than 700 Utah babies have had the coronavirus; here's how families and doctors care for them : Coronavirus

75 infected with COVID-19 after Santa visits nursing home in Belgium : worldnews

Coronavirus has shrunk India?s lavish, extravagant weddings. But the grandeur isn't gone. - The Washington Post (rich Brahmans, you mean)

Netanyahu drops Trump from his Twitter photo : politics

FSB Team of Chemical Weapon Experts Implicated in Alexey Navalny Novichok Poisoning - bellingcat

Russian hack was classic espionage with stealthy, targeted tactics : Some malware used in the attack had never been seen before by investigators (and Traitor Trump, duh)
Trump Admin Admits Russian Intelligence Was Likely Behind Major Hack of U.S. Networks : politics ("I love Putin's dick" Trump said)
Trump administration has allowed extensive cyberespionage - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Weird How the White House Hasn't Said Much About Massive Russian Cyberattack : politics

The Trump administration turned down more vaccine doses 'as recently as November,' former FDA commissioner says : politics
'What a Failed State Looks Like': GOP Under Fire for Blocking Necessary Funds as Covid Vaccine Distribution Begins | "The end of a tragic, crippling pandemic is in sight and Senate Republicans can't get around to authorizing any money to complete the job." : politics
Thanks to GOP Stonewalling, Experts Say Congress 'Already Too Late' to Prevent Lapse in Unemployment Benefits | "We will find ourselves early next year in the midst of a humanitarian crisis brought upon by cruel indifference." : politics
How Right-Wing Conservatives Have Laid Waste to America for 50 Years: Thanks to a half century of insidious "trickle-down" philosophy
Democracy's Afterlife : Fintan O'Toole : Trump, the GOP, and the rise of zombie politics.

Barr fired - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The world's neediest and most pathetic man tries to step on Biden's moment.
Barr was corrupt until the end - Lawyers, Guns & Money In addition, the more important part of the story is that Bill Barr allowed Rudy Guiliani access to the FBI to use agents to launch political investigations intended to help the Don:
Megathread: Attorney General Bill Barr Submits Letter of Resignation Effective December 23rd : politics
Barr was corrupt until the end - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Head of White House security office loses part of his right leg to COVID-19 and is facing 'staggering medical bills' : politics

President-elect Joe Biden clears 270-vote threshold in Electoral College count, formalizing his victory : news
Biden Captures Electoral Votes From All States Trump Contested : politics
Megathread: Joe Biden Clears 270-Vote Mark as Electors Affirm His Victory as President-Elect. Will Address the Nation at 7:30 PM EST : politics
How Lucky - Lawyers, Guns & Money Congratulations to Joe Biden, selected by the Electoral College to be the 46th president of the United States.
In speech Monday night, after electoral votes secure his win over Trump, Biden to say democracy prevailed
Here Are the Electoral College Results, By State - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton casts electoral college vote for Joe Biden : politics

Brendan Gutenschwager on The Electors are already here, they've been checked in : Michigan State Police are blocking access to the Capitol, preventing the GOP Electors from getting inside #Michigan #ElectoralCollege #ElectoralCollegeVote" / Twitter
Nevada GOP on Twitter: "Our brave electors standing up for what is right and casting their electoral votes for @realDonaldTrump. We believe in fair elections and will continue the fight against voter fraud in the Silver State!" / Twitter

Pennsylvania casts 20 electoral votes for Joe Biden : politics
Stacey Abrams Announces Georgia's 16 Electoral Votes for Joe Biden : politics

"It's raining" : Kayleigh McEnany refuses to say whether Trump will accept Electoral College vote

Trump supporters have intimidated and harassed the Electoral College, but electors say extremists won't stop them from casting their vote for Biden : politics
Adam Klasfeld on Twitter: "Trump retweets his flagrant lies from yesterday and repeats his open threat to electors who carry out their duty by failing to overthrow the U.S. democratic order as he wishes." / Twitter

Credible threats of violence force Michigan officials to close government buildings ahead of electoral college vote
Michigan House punishes GOP Rep. Gary Eisen for hinting at Electoral College disruption : politics ... Rep. Eisen has been removed from his committee assignments for the rest of the term ... The current term ends 12/31/20. Whooptie shit.

Fake electors try to deliver Arizona's 11 votes for Trump : politics ... sovereign citizens of the Great State of Arizona (WS nazis)

Trumped: With veto-proof majorities, the Senate and House reject the president's awful ultimatums : politics (throw him in the dumpster and set it on fire)

Donald Trump Has Hidden Evidence Of His Crimes For Years. Joe Biden Can Expose It. : politics

Giuliani Ignored COVID Restrictions Then Got Treatment You Can't Have : politics
'The Actual Scandalous Headline Is Medics Need Two Jobs to Survive': AOC Defends Paramedic Outed by NY Post -- "It's not like she does anything shameful for money, like writing for the New York Post." ... By Dean Balsamini and Susan Edelman (fuckers for all eternity)
AOC defends medic who has OnlyFans side job to make ends meet: 'Leave her alone' : politics ... "we've had a softcore nudie model and escort as first lady for four years" ...

When a third of voters say Biden'ss win isn't legitimate, democracy is at risk : politics
Whats Next for Trump Voters Who Believe the Election Was Stolen? -- What becomes of their skepticism has important implications for American democracy ... 77 percent of those who cast ballots for Mr. Trump said they thought the election had been stolen from him. Just 10 percent of Democrats agreed ("Democrats" yeah sure)
Congressman cites Trump's efforts to overturn election in announcing decision to quit GOP - CNNPolitics

How do we hold the traitors to democracy accountable? : politics
Column: Trump's election lawyers should be disbarred : politics

Trump tells allies he will run in 2024, but hints he may back out - POLITICO In calls to allies, Trump has been asking how to navigate the next two years and floated a possible trip to the Middle East. ("trip" yeah, right and says he'll definitely release his taxes this time)
How Trump's fake 2024 candidacy will freeze the G.O.P. in place : politics
Trump's Axis of Assholes Just Completed Its Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party : politics
Ivanka mulling Florida senate run in major snub to Trump ally Rubio : politics

Early in-person voting begins in Georgia as U.S. Senate showdown enters final weeks : politics
Inside the nasty feud between Trump and the Republican governor he blames for losing Georgia (the Kempster wasn't sufficiently evil and that's saying a lot)
A lifelong Republican stood up to Trump. His reward: Death threats : politics - Gabriel Sterling, a top Georgia election official

Supreme Court wont revive Kansas voting law requiring proof of citizenship ... Kansas had been the only state to require a physical document such as a birth certificate or passport to register to vote (Gorfuck recused)
Kris Kobach Once Botched a Case So Badly That a Judge Ordered Him to Take Extra Law Classes. SCOTUS Just Refused to Hear That Case. : politics
Even with Three Trump-Appointed Justices on the Bench, SCOTUS Declines to Roll Back Marriage Equality : politics ... Don't like gay marriage? Don't get gay married ...

Democrats Have a Problem. Weed Workers, Wages, May Be the Answer. : politics

The Far-Right-GOP 'Feedback Loop' Is Exactly What Experts Warned Us About : politics

There Was a 1,200% Increase in Journalist Arrests in 2020 | by Trevor Timm | Dec, 2020 | GEN (nazi copsters for Trump)
Police Say Seizing Property Without Trial Helps Keep Crime Down. A New Study Shows They're Wrong. : politics (lying, you mean)

As critics blast amisogynisticop-ed on Jill Biden, a Wall Street Journal editor blames cancel culture (cancel the fuckers)
The WSJ op-ed writer slammed for attacking Jill Biden also penned a homophobic essay using the n-word : politics (Joseph Epsein down in flames)

Alex Jones faces calls for arrest after apparent Biden threat : politics ... Him getting arrested on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting would be kind of poetic.

Sean Hannity, America's No. 2 threat to democracy: An A-to-Z guide (WS nazi fox fucker)
Fox News host asks Stephen Miller if Trump has "worst legal team" after losses in court : politics

Trump, who often portrayed liberal protesters as thugs, is silent on violence among his supporters : politics
'Stop the Steal' Protests Are Getting Violent, But That's Not Stopping Trump | Despite stabbings and a shooting at 'Stop the Steal' protests over the weekend, the president is encouraging supporters who insist, wrongly, that he won the election. : politics
Proud Boys sparked violence around pro-Trump rally, D.C. officials say - The Washington Post
Proud Boys' party is over: Trump fans throw tantrums because they've lost more than an election : politics ... The right is losing the culture war, and its anger over that will continue to grow, even as Trump himself is pushed out of the spotlight.
Dozens of white nationalists screamed abuse at a pro-Trump drag queen trying to speak at MAGA rally : politics ... like chicken supporting Hot Wings ... Rachel Discrimination! ... White Supermissy!

Murdock City Council votes to allows White supremacist church fearing First Amendment backlash - The Washington Post 273-person city of Murdock (nazi fuckers)

Lexington Police: Driver shouting slurs runs over man attending menorah lighting ceremony
Man Charged With Assaulting An Elderly Woman At Swampscott Trump Rally (Red Sox previously honored him during Hats-off for heroes campaign) : boston

Prominent evangelical warns Christians against Trumpism | In a new column, conservative writer David French warns of the 'Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism' and French joins Morning Joe to discuss French's column and a call from Beth Moore to 'move back' from Trumpism. : politics
Jerry Falwell Jr. spent heavily on Trump, GOP causes with funds from nonprofit Liberty University : politics
In final years at Liberty, Falwell spent millions on pro-Trump causes : politics

Michigan man jailed for nearly 4 decades exonerated after witness admits to lying : news

Meg Jones reported around the world while embodying Wisconsin values She was 58 and just last month was diagnosed with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Six Tips for Modern Christians to Grow in Faith and Grace

Articles - Grof Transpersonal Training : Holotropic Breathwork,

(17) World History - Quora - What were the main reasons for the US Civil War?

Cast-iron pans spark a debate that's as enduring as the cookware itself - The Washington Post

It's long past time to give Black jazz drummers the respect they are due

LGM Film Club, Part 96: Remember My Forgotten Man - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Remember My Forgotten Man ... (dance sequence at 5:35)

What's that "can't stop laughing" moment where you're in a situation you shouldn't be laughing? : AskReddit

Google Dominates Thanks to an Unrivaled View of the Web - The New York Times


Climate summit: UN chief tells all countries to declare a climate emergency or face 'catastrophic' results : worldnews (Republicans: fuck you and the planet you rode in on)
'Can Anybody Still Deny That We Are Facing a Dramatic Emergency?' Asks UN Chief at Climate Summit. "If we don't change course," he warned, "we may be headed for a catastrophic temperature rise of more than 3 degrees this century." : worldnews

Brazil is holding the climate hostage for $10 billion annually : worldnews

U.S. expects to have immunized 100 million against COVID-19 by end of March
Covid's U.S. toll: Nearly 300,000 dead and a stalemate between fatalism and hope : Coronavirus
2020 was the year that American science denial became lethal : politics

MA COVID-19 Data 12/13/20 : boston (9.35%+ 41 deaths, 4677 new cases)

Mass. reports 4,677 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 41 new deaths Sunday - The Boston Globe
5,968 New Confirmed Cases; 67,754 Active Cases; 5.60% Positivity, 7.67% Non Higher Ed; 1,670 Hospitalizations; 47 Deaths; 86% Hospital Capacity (+0%); 74% ICU Capacity (+5%); - December 12, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts Daily Dashboard December 13th 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Follow the data: COVID trends point to more restrictions, perhaps a lockdown, by Jan. 1 : CoronavirusMa

Massachusetts has the highest rate of childhood vaccinations out of all states (based on DTaP, MMR, varicella, influenza, vaccine combos, and HPV vaccines). : boston

Heres a look at the COVID restrictions that go into effect today in Massachusetts

Vitamin D Deficiency in COVID-19 Quadrupled Death Rate : worldnews
Effect of Vitamin D3 Supplements on Development of Advanced Cancer: A Secondary Analysis of the VITAL Randomized Clinical Trial | Cancer Screening, Prevention, Control | JAMA Network Open | JAMA Network
Does Vitamin D Have a Role in Cancer Prevention? | Cancer Network (1/19)
Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention - National Cancer Institute (1/10th of now recommended dose)
Over 100 Scientists, Doctors, & Leading Authorities Call For Increased Vitamin D Use To Combat COVID-19 : worldnews
Bats are still on the menu and for sale at markets in Indonesia, despite their link to COVID-19 : worldnews
Five key genes linked to severe COVID-19 found, suggesting drug targets : worldnews
Natural Immunity From Covid Is Not Safer Than a Vaccine
It's all about air flow: How to keep coronavirus at bay indoors : Coronavirus

Trump White House's Covid Christmas parties underscore a dangerous pandemic disconnect : politics

White House task force report warns Florida -- again -- to increase mask-wearing, limit indoor gatherings : politics
DeSantis defends incident involving former health employee: 'It was not a raid' : politics ("me or your lyin' videotape") xsy

Coronavirus in Mississippi: No ICU beds left as surge continues (fatest state in the country)

Viral video showing packed bar with no masks stuns NC health officials : Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases in Ohio surge 41.7% in a week : Coronavirus
Indiana is on fire : Gov. Eric Holcomb orders hospitals to delay elective surgeries as COVID-19 overwhelms health care system
COVID-19 in Tennessee: Record-high 11,352 new cases, 62 deaths reported on Dec. 13 : Coronavirus

The Americans least likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine are the ones being hit hardest by the virus : Coronavirus

The Second 1,000 Coronavirus Deaths in Kansas Came 5 Times Faster than the First 1,000 : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Second wave destroys Sweden's COVID strategy : Coronavirus

Germany: Anti-lockdown protest leader contracts COVID : worldnews
Germany to close most shops from Dec 16-Jan 10 - draft government proposal : worldnews

South Korea reports record 950 cases in Covid 'emergency' : worldnews
Korean government considering last resort amid uncurbed virus spread. : worldnews

Moscow will not impose curfew despite rise in coronavirus infections - mayor : worldnews

After fires, Australia gets ready for floods : worldnews

Major leak 'exposes' members and 'lifts the lid' on the Chinese Communist Party : worldnews
Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover : worldnews
Switzerland has strongly rejected accusations that a deal allowing Chinese officials to enter Switzerland and interrogate Chinese nationals put dissidents at risk : worldnews
China holds memorial for Nanjing Massacre victims : worldnews
China's tiny Jewish community in fear as Beijing erases its history : worldnews

Protesters hurl eggs as South Korea releases child rapist : worldnews

Classify social media as news media, subject them to journalistic standards, says SC judge: INDIA : worldnews

A new video is empowering people in Japan's famously reticent society to speak up when they witness incidents of sexual harassment, with reactions to the two-minute clip indicating that it is having the desired effect of making people act instead of choosing to look the other way. : worldnews

Malaysia seizes record haul of crystal meth worth $26.2 million : worldnews

Iran on Saturday executed an exiled journalist over his online work that helped inspire nationwide economic protests in 2017, a little more than a year after authorities tricked him into traveling to Iraq where he was abducted. : worldnews

Navalny poisoning: Russia made second assassination attempt ... A second dose of poison was allegedly given to Navalny before he was flown to Berlin for further treatment y
Putin test-fires FOUR nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles from submarine in fresh show of strength : worldnews

Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire breached after six weeks, says Russian army : worldnews
Turkey summons Iranian ambassador over Azeri poem tensions : worldnews

New report says part of South Sudan is in 'likely famine' : worldnews

Nigerian military exchanges fire with bandits who kidnapped students : worldnews

Kenya to compensate rape victims from violence 13 years ago : worldnews

In 1st for Arab world, Moroccan schools to teach Jewish history and culture : worldnews

Israel's supply chain targeted in massive cyberattack : worldnews
Report: Likud lawmaker David Bitan hospitalized in ICU after COVID-19 diagnosis : worldnews

Austrian constitutional court rules headscarf ban in primary schools 'unconstitutional' : worldnews

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in France for a third consecutive weekend of demonstrations over a controversial security bill that would limit filming of the police. The authorities were girding for further possible violence after the last two such protests in Paris ended in rioting : worldnews

UK ministers warn supermarkets to stockpile food on no-deal Brexit fears - Sunday Times : worldnews (off the Tory stupid cliff)
No-deal Brexit means UK poised to lose access to security databases, Raab admits : worldnews

Bolivia approves first same-sex union following legal battle. Bolivia's Constitutional Court previously ruled that domestic laws should be consistent with international human rights obligations. : worldnews

She Stalked Her Daughters Killers Across Mexico, One by OneArmed with a handgun, a fake ID card and disguises, Miriam Rodriquez was a one-woman detective squad, defying a system where criminal impunity often prevails.

Armed Mexicans Smuggled Into U.S. to Guard Border Wall, Whistleblowers Say : worldnews (Trumpies plan)

Exclusive: Hackers spied on U.S. Treasury emails for a foreign government - sources | Reuters
Chris Bing on Twitter: "Incident comes shortly after Trump administration fired heads of DHS' Cybersecurity Infrastructure Protection Agency. There is also no current top cyber official. Am I the only one who finds it suspicous? Multiple agencies wrapped up in the investigation. Keep an eye on story (updating):" / Twitter (Putin's piglet junked cybersecurity, fucking the country for years)
Russian government spies are behind a hacking campaign that has breached U.S. agencies and a top cyber firm - The Washington Post (oh look, he is Putin's piglet)
Biden must call out Putins secret war against the United States (but then he would have to point out Putin's primary agent)

Immigrant Teens Say They're Being Forcibly Drugged in US Custody : politics

White House Officials Who Completely Mismanaged The Pandemic Will Be Among The First To Get Vaccinated : politics

The GOP is holding up relief for millions of Americans because they want to make sure corporations have blanket protection from workers who get COVID on the job : politics (freedom to kill law or we kill you)
People Are Going Hungry as Trump's Food Aid Program Runs Out of Money | Food banks are overwhelmed with demand, and the president is poised to let a program alleviating hunger lapse : politics
AOC says if Democrats win in Georgia, US will get a $15 min wage, expanded health care. 'If we win these races in Georgia, we'll be able to get people Covid relief without the funny business' : politics

Trump will leave office with a historically bad economic record : politics
Trump on attending Biden inauguration: 'I don't want to talk about that' : politics
Trump Sets Himself Up for Veto Humiliation Before Leaving Office : politics
Here are all the ways Trump has lost the presidential race since Election Day : politics
The Supreme Court Rejects Texas's Shameful Lawsuit, But There Has to Be a Reckoning | The New Yorker

A new Electoral College fiasco brewing - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Compared with todays GOP, the 1860 secessionists were softies - At least the Confederate secessionists acknowledged that Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election.

House Intelligence Committee chair discusses possibility of investigations after Trump leaves office : politics

Team Biden slams WSJ op-ed urging Jill to drop Dr. title as "patronizing, sexist, elitist" : politics ... A man without a doctorate calling a woman with a doctorate "kiddo" and telling her not to go by doctor. Absurd. (Joseph Epstein is a total fucking asshole)

Trump Taunted With #TrumpMeltdown After Attacking Supreme Court, Bill Barr in Twitter Rant : politics
Attorney General William Barr is reportedly brushing off Trump's attacks over Hunter Biden investigation as a 'deposed king ranting' : politics

Republicans Find Themselves Speechless Following a Supreme Court Defeat - The New York Times
CBS News poll: Most feel election is "settled" but Trump voters disagree - CBS News ... 82% of Trump voters say they do not consider Mr. Biden legitimate andalmost half of President Trump's voters say Mr. Trump should refuse to concede after that Electoral College vote happens, and instead do all he can to stay in power ...

Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Reversal in Congress, Testing Pence - The New York Times
Trump Allies Eye Long-Shot Election Overturn in Congress, Testing Pence : politics
Why the 25th Amendment may be invoked to remove Donald Trump before Jan 20 | Opinion : politics

'They chose to subvert the Constitution': Pelosi slams House Republicans who backed Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn election results : politics
Trump unleashes an army of sore losers - POLITICO GOP candidates for House, legislative and gubernatorial races in more than half a dozen states are claiming voter fraud and still refusing to acknowledge defeat.
The G.O.P. Can No Longer Be Relied On to Protect Democracy : politics (hello, the past 50 years)
Win Black founder Ashley Bryant: "Trump was a reflection of the disease in our country" : politics

Trump unleashes an army of sore losers : politics
Joe Biden 'Will Be Removed One Way or Another,' Alex Jones Tells Pro-Trump March : politics
GOP Congressman-Elect Praises Maskless Trump Supporters: This Is A Phony Pandemic : politics
Fox News Conspired to Overthrow Trump, MyPillow CEO Tells 'Stop the Steal' March : politics

Female extremists in QAnon and ISIS are on the rise. We need a new strategy to combat them. We refuse to treat women terrorists with the same seriousness and concern as men. The skepticism increases their danger. : politics

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices Tell Trump Lawyer His ElectionS Suit macks of Racism : politics
Republican legislators are refusing to pay two Wisconsin counties the $3 million they're owed for conducting election recounts : politics

Judges may reinstate foreign agent case against Flynn partner : politics

Double standards : PoliticalHumor

The column about Jill Biden in the Wall Street Journal is worse than you thought - The Washington Post
Chasten Buttigieg on Twitter: "The author could've used fewer words to just say ya know in my day we didn't have to respect women." / Twitter

Wallace grills Scalise on Texas lawsuit: 'You were talking about disenfranchising 10 million Biden voters' : politics
'Texit' | Representative says he is committed to filing legislation allowing Texas to secede | Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) said he believes the federal government is out of control. : politics

Pro-Trump rally chants "destroy the GOP," boos Georgia "RINOs" Loeffler and Perdue : politics
'I won't vote next time': could Georgia Republicans' doubts cost them the runoffs? : politics
Kelly Loeffler slammed for posing with former KKK leader ahead of Georgia runoff elections : politics ... and listens to daddy Peterson6h lectures about the bible and how women want to be subjugated by men subconsciously.
The races are not equal: meet the alt-right leader in Clintons campaign ad - Jared Taylor 'race realist'
Racialism - RationalWiki

Trump's base responds to his loss - Lawyers, Guns & Money
MAGA Marchers and Proud Boys Descend on D.C., Setting Fire to Churches' Black Lives Matter Signs and Getting into Stabbing Fights : politics
Vandals hit Black churches during weekend pro-Trump rallies : politics
MAGA protesters damage historic Black church in DC : news
Sawyer Hackett on Twitter: "Pro-Trump Proud Boys are ripping BLM flags *off of churches* in DC." / Twitter
Marianne Williamson on Twitter: "Tonight in DC. ...Tell me how this is not like Berlin in 1935. Really. Somebody tell me." / Twitter

In Trump they trust. The 'hold your nose and vote' theory of why white evangelicals went for Donald Trump is in shambles. : politics (fuckangelicals)
The Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism - The French Press

'Proud Boys' burn Black Lives Matter signs at churches in Washington

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Adviser (Italian big dickster)

Eschaton: No Big Whoop - People forget the "patriotic correctness" following 9/11, but if this humble blogger had suggested 3000 dead just wasn't a big deal, people would have been mad!
Hosting Scott Atlas, Laura Ingraham mocks the COVID-19 fatality rate even as thousands die a day ... "we're not mathematicians here at the Ingraham Angle" before suggesting that the fatality rate isless than the flu ("in fact, we have no brain at all")

Oregon just decriminalized all drugs -- here's why voters passed this groundbreaking reform

Apple TV Was Making a Show About Gawker. Then Tim Cook Found Out. - The New York Times Big tech companies now exert huge influence over what stories get told. The message is clear: Be careful who you offend. (little gay Timmmy got his feelings hurt, while he sucks China's dick)

Letting your dog sleep in your bed is actually good for you, study finds : worldnews ... A dog wrote this article

Young adults who increased social media use were more likely to develop depression. Those using more than 300 min/day were 2.8 times as likely to become depressed within 6 months. Initial social media use led to increased depression, but initial depression did not lead to change in social media use. : science

By age 3, kids prefer nature's fractal patterns, despite the fact that most are raised in manmade structures with Euclidean geometry, suggesting that this may be something innate, and may explain how viewing nature's fractals reduces stress and refreshes mental fatigue. : science

Andromeda rising over tufa rock formations at Mono Lake, California, USA [2048x3072][OC] : EarthPorn

TIL: Carmen 16 is a poem written by Gaius Valerius Catullus is considered so sexually explicit it wasn't published in English until the late 20th century. It is considered to be one of the filthiest expressions ever written in Latin, or any language, for that matter. : todayilearned

Age is just a number! : aww (watch)

R.L. Stine, famous horror writer, presents resource with detailed information and tips on writing. Encourages teachers to print and share, free of charge. : books
Lecture #Introduction: 1 Brandon Sanderson on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy - YouTube

What is the strangest thing you've seen that you cannot explain? : AskReddit


World needs to declare 'climate emergency' - UN : worldnews
World's biggest iceberg on collision course with penguin island : worldnews
Alpine glaciers have been reduced by 60% in last 150 years : worldnews

First evidence of microplastics in human placenta : worldnews (says may crate "plastic zombies")

One of the best Christmas Ads this Year : aww

F.D.A. Clears Pfizer Vaccine, and Millions of Doses Will Be Shipped Right Away - The New York Times An initial shipment of about 2.9 million doses of the vaccine will be sent around the United States over the next week.
U.S. poised to hit 16 million COVID cases within days even as vaccine begins roll-out : Coronavirus
Covid kills 3,309 people on deadliest day in the US as vaccine approval hailed as monumental moment : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/12/20 : boston (11.1%+ 47 deaths 4968 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-12-2020 : CoronavirusMa
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as a whole, is now "Red" with 50 Cases/100K and 5.25% Test Positivity : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 4,968 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 47 new deaths Saturday - The Boston Globe
923 At Massachusetts Schools Test Positive For COVID-19 In Last Week : CoronavirusMa
Jason_OT comments on MWRA Covid-19 Tracking as of 12/11/20

Michelle Wu: Boston is beyond the time to act on further COVID-19 restrictions, including indoor dining : CoronavirusMa

Cape Cod bridge traffic down sharply since onset of COVID-19 - Cape Cod Times - December 10, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Covid-19 has an odour, and the dogs are detecting it : meet the canine super-squad sniffing out the virus : worldnews
If you need proof that masks/social distancing/hand sanitiser work, Ireland has had no recorded cases of flu yet this season. : Coronavirus

Vaccinated people will still need to wear a mask. Here's why : Coronavirus - some vaccinated people get infected without developing symptoms and could then silently transmit the virus
Coronavirus Shows You May Not Be as Good at Detecting Misinformation as You Think : Coronavirus

Fauci says 32-year-old brother of daughter's boyfriend has died of Covid - Dr Fauci gave the example of how the virus is impacting people irrespective of age and healthy lifestyle : Coronavirus

DHS holds holiday party, with revelers posing for photos unmasked : Coronavirus (macho copsters)

States with the highest COVID-19 infection rates : Coronavirus -- #1L UB - #2 UT - #3 SD - #4 NE - #5 NB - #6 AK - #7 WY - #8 NM - #9 NV - #10 ID

DeSantis refused to disclose White House coronavirus report that contradicts him The report said state officials should take urgent action to slow the spread of COVID-19. The governor has declined to do so.

No ICU beds left in Mississippi as COVID-19 case levels continue to hit record highs : news

With the Virus Surging, Arizona Teachers Protest by Calling In Sick : news

California breaks 3 coronavirus records in 1 day as crisis reaches new peak : Coronavirus
L.A. County in uncharted territory as COVID-19 cases explode to single-day record with more than 13,000 : Coronavirus

Deadliest place in America: They shrugged off the pandemic, then their family and friends started dying : Coronavirus (Kansas county 88% Trumpsters, hate national healthcare)

Illinois reports 8,737 cases, 127 coronavirus deaths : Coronavirus

Healthcare workers divided on vaccine : Coronavirus (in Alabama)

Judge who approved raid on Florida Covid scientist appointed by Governor DeSantis : politics

Russia reports 28,137 new coronavirus cases, 560 deaths : Coronavirus

Germany: Anti-lockdown protest leader contracts COVID : Coronavirus

WHO accused of conspiring with Italy to remove damning Covid report | The 102-page report said Italy's pandemic plan had not been updated since 2006 and that, due to being unprepared, the initial response from hospitals was improvised, chaotic and creative : worldnews

Swedish Covid Workers Are Quitting, Leaving ICUs Short-Staffed : worldnews (Swedumb)

Germany ICU capacity at 'critical' level: An intensive care doctor has warned that rising infections have left only five to 10% of intensive care beds available in parts of Germany : worldnews

Psychedelic drug psilocybin to be used in Australia's first ever and largest psychedelics study to treat anxiety : worldnews
Psychedelic drug DMT to undergo first clinical trial to treat depression : worldnews

Flamethrower drone incinerates wasp nests in China : worldnews

Southeast Asia braces for trash dump as China's door shuts : worldnews ("we're tired of your shit" China says)

First woman detained under India's controversial Love Jihad laws 'forced into miscarriage' : worldnews

Going undercover in the schools that chain boys - BBC News The school I find him in is one of 23 Islamic educational institutions in Sudan, known as khalwas,

600 students feared kidnapped by armed bandits in Northern Nigeria : worldnews

Iran executes French-based dissident journalist captured last year : worldnews

Israeli Surveillance Companies Are Siphoning Masses Of Location Data From Smartphone Apps : worldnews (dictators love their products)

Swiss freeze assets of Belarus leader Lukashenko : worldnews

Austria seizes guns destined for German right-wing militia : worldnews

Algeria's President Tebboune mysteriously absent after Covid-19 treatment : worldnews

France attempted to hide award ceremony featuring Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi : worldnews
Dozens arrested at Paris protest over proposed security law : worldnews

Food meant for British supermarkets is becoming trapped in Europe as shipping lines refuse to release goods for transport back to the UK : worldnews ... With the Russian backed Tories and the Russian backed Republicans, both our countries are in deep shit.
Brexit: Armed Royal Navy boats on standby to protect UK waters in case of no deal : worldnews
Priti Patel under fire over tour of Bahrain police station where human rights activists were tortured: How can the Home Office accept that I was tortured at this site, then send the Home Secretary there for a photo opportunity? victim asks. : worldnews

Mexican photojournalist killed after taking photos of bodies along a road | Mexico : worldnews

Trump humiliated as Supreme Court rejects last-ditch attempt to undo election results : politics
Trump Rants About Getting 'Screwed' By Supreme Court In Twitter Meltdown
When I Lost the Election For The Seventh Time - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Twitter Slaps Harsher Restrictions on Trump's Nutso Morning Tweet Storm : politics
Who writes Trump's tweets? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump's spin on his big Supreme Court failure is as bad as his legal case : politics ... "I won the Supreme Court by alot" ... Kaylie says
Trump Rants About Getting 'Screwed' By Supreme Court In Twitter Meltdown : politics
Donald Trump should take election challenge to Judge Judy, Twitter users suggest : politics

The Republican war on democracy moves on to new fronts - Lawyers, Guns & Money The complicity of most elite Republicans with Trump's attempts to steal the election is something that cannot be quickly swept away. And before we heap too much praise on the Supreme Court, remember that it will be perfectly fine with all of the vote suppression measures Republicans will be even more enthusiastic to enact in order to avenge The Donald: (and Trump destroying voting on his way out)

Trump Pursues Appointing Special Counsel to Probe Election, Hunter Biden - WSJ

Calls for GOP not to be seated in Congress: A look at the fallout from Texass brazen election lawsuit
The Constitution has an answer for seditious members of Congress : politics
New Jersey representative asks Pelosi to 'refuse to seat' any House members who supported Trump's election lawsuits : politics -- "The text of the 14th Amendment expressly forbids Members of Congress from engaging in rebellion against the United States," Pascrell said ."Trying to overturn a democratic election and install a dictator seems like a pretty clear example of that."
Aid and comfort to the enemies of the constitution by a congress member is disqualified and must be removed. This includes members of Congress who supported the explicitly unconstitutional attempt to overturn the will of the people. : politics
Republicans want more than a coup: Trump's loyalty test exposes their hatred for democracy. More than half of House Republicans and 17 GOP attorneys general have outed themselves as traitors : politics

Trump's desperate gambit to stay in office alarms Europeans, who know about coups : politics

Pelosi: GOP 'brought dishonor to the House' for supporting election lawsuit : politics
An Indelible Stain : How the G.O.P. Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy
PA Attorney General calls Republicans' unwavering support of Donald Trump, a cancer on this country : politics
Michigan electors need an armed escort for the journey to the State Capitol to cast their ballots for Joe Biden as angry pro-Trump supporters plan protests : politics (sounds a little armed rebellioney)
Republican congressman rips Texas GOP for suggesting secession and says 'my guy Abraham Lincoln and the Union soldiers already told you no' : politics
GOP Rep. Who Backed TX Lawsuit Goes Off the Rails When Chris Cuomo Confronts Him on Voter Fraud Claims: "I Don't Have Proof That Men Landed on the Moon"
Sen. Alexander criticizes Texas lawsuit: "Can you imagine another state telling Tennessee how to count its votes to decide who the electors are? : politics
Twitter Critics Shred GOP Lawmakers Who Shot Themselves In The Foot For Trump For Nothing : politics

Federal Judge in Wisconsin Deals Trump Another Court Defeat - The New York Times A Trump appointee in Milwaukee, Judge Brett H. Ludwig, dismissed a suit contesting the election with a withering rebuke.

Feds: White supremacy terror plot timeline tied to Trump election loss - The investigation was revealed in a federal search warrant unsealed Thursday in the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Wisconsin. : politics (Trump's backup plan)

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Most US voters don't want Trump to run in 2024 and 42% say he is 'one of the worst presidents' ever, Fox News poll finds : politics

Trump can't protect himself from New York prosecutors with a self-pardon, says the state senator who wrote the law to explicitly stop this from happening : politics
Manhattan District Attorney intensifies investigation of Donald Trump : politics

Psycho secession: Texas' lost-cause lawsuit was the first shot in a new Civil War : politics ... "I mean, it's the same civil war. they're literally using the same flag." ... But this one will work because reasons.... treasons* ...
Imploding MAGA World Turns to Civil War Fantasies, Secession After Supreme Court Disaster : politics
Texas AG Ken Paxton was indicted for fraud 5 years ago. Will he ever face a jury? : politics

Trump's Failed Efforts to Overturn the Election Have Fractured the GOP : politics
In challenging election defeat, Trump cements his control over the Republican Party - The Washington Post (the traitor test)
Republicans faced a simple choice: For or against democracy. : politics

55 percent in new Fox News poll say US worse off than it was 4 years ago | : politics

Trump's end-of-term execution spree is nothing more than a perverse power trip : politics (killing black people)

David Axelrod: History will scorn the cowards who fear Trump : politics

Trump Has Full-Blown Meltdown And Hints That He'll Fire Bill Barr And 'Declassify Everything'
Trump raised firing Barr in White House meeting on Friday : politics

D.C. braces for clashes Saturday as pro-Trump demonstrators descend on Washington : politics
Feminist Proper Gander on Twitter: "There's going to be a Qruise" / Twitter

GOP lawmakers in Missouri propose bills making it legal to hit protesters with cars : politics

Pro-Trump rally in D.C.: Tensions flare in Washington as thousands gather for demonstrations - The Washington Post
Maskless Trump supporters, counter-protesters face off in C.D photos - Axios
. MAGA Protesters Chant 'Destroy the GOP' at Pro-Trump Rally : politics (great idea, go for it)

Trump Rape Accuser Says Appeal Shouldn't Derail Discovery : politics

Bad News for Evangelicals -- God Doesn't Need Donald Trump in the White House (but Satan did)

Government study shows taxpayers are subsidizing starvation wages at McDonald's, Walmart. Sen. Bernie Sanders called the findings "morally obscene" : politics

Melania Trump hoped taxpayers would fund post-White House projects, report says : politics ... Free Loading Off The United States

Trump Is Finishing Russia's Smear Campaign Against America - In 2016, Putin had a plan to discredit U.S. elections. In 2020, Republicans are executing it.
A Pro-Trump Voting \Expert/ Was Questioned About His Data. It Did Not Go Well for Him. : politics

Democrats Ossoff and Warnock Hold Razor-Thin Leads Over Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia as Runoffs Approach : politics
Parler users trounce Kelly Loeffler's plea for donations. Loeffler is not welcome on Parler. : politics - Pandemic Barbie, lol.

Mike Pompeo has cemented his legacy as the most self-serving Secretary of State in recent US history : politics

Ivanka Trump Has Been Grifting Her Way Through Her Father's Presidency. But It's Hunter Biden We Want to Investigate? : politics

A Michigan judge rules companies don't have to serve gay customers. The attorney general says she'll appeal : politics

Veterans Groups Call for VA Secretarys Dismissal removal after investigation found he mishandled sexual-assault investigation (Trumpy Flunky Dunky)

Ron Johnson to bring Ken Starr to testify at controversial hearing on 2020 elections - CNNPolitics

Senates octogenarians face the age question and whether it's time to exit (foad)

The YouTube Ban Is Un-American, Wrong, and Will Backfire - TK News by Matt Taibbi (Taibbi supports Russian interference in American elections to keep his coke and hooker supply)

Iowa autopsy report: DNC meddling led to caucus debacle - POLITICO - State party audit finds plenty of blame to go around.

Even QAnon Is Abandoning Parler, the Far-Right's Answer to Twitter - For five days at the beginning of November, Parler was the most downloaded app in the U.S. But now, users are over it ... Many conservatives have grown tired of Parler because theres no one with an opposing point of view to argue with. (haha, no one to troll with their lies and they are all pedos)

Unpromising - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Joseph Epstein ... Gregg Easterbrook ... (misogynist evil Republican assholes who have contributing nothing but evil hate accomplished women who have devoted their lives to helping other people)

Artificial intelligence finds surprising patterns in Earth's biological mass extinctions : technology

Tower of human skulls reveals grisly scale to archaeologists in Mexico City | New sections of the tower at the capital's Templo Mayor Aztec site include 119 skulls of men, women and children : worldnews
Aztec Serpent Head Cornerstone
Roncevaux Pass - Roncesvalles, Spain - The site of a legendary battle immortalized in medieval literature.

Teens unhappy with their physical appearance are at significant risk of depression by early adulthood. Heightened risk ranges from 50% to 285% by age of 18, with depression severity greater in boys. Dislike of one's physical appearance affects up to 61% of teens worldwide. : science

Faecal microbiota transplantation(FMT) from healthy donors is highly effective, and superior to antibiotics, for diarrhoea caused by recurrent Clostridioides difficile infection. High quality of evidence suggests. : science

Men of Reddit, What's the best compliment you have ever received from a girl? : AskReddit

What is the single most you'll understand it when you 're older thing? : AskReddit

What is one item you did not realize was expensive, until you became an adult? : AskReddit


Nobel Peace Prize awarded to World Food Programme : worldnews
Unbearable days will be seen in our lifetime, World Economic Forum warns : worldnews
World carbon dioxide emissions drop 7% in pandemic-hit 2020 : worldnews

Eschaton: 3000 Per Day We "overreacted" to 9/11 in a lot of ways. Numerous ways. A cynic might think that official reaction to things has more to do with callous opportunism than genuine concern. Only a cynic, though.
CDC forecasts predict that the US will have up to 362,000 dead by January 2 : Coronavirus
The new tidal wave of coronavirus deaths has arrived - The Washington Post

The magnifying glass: how Covid revealed the truth about our world | Coronavirus | The Guardian : The pandemic has illuminated deprivation, inequalities and political unrest, while reminding us of the power and beauty of nature and humanity (completely misses the selfish stupidity epidemic)

MA COVID-19 Data 12/11/20 : boston (10.7%+ 47 deaths 5475 new cases)

Mass. coronavirus death toll passes 11,000 - The Boston Globe

7 charts that show how the coronavirus is making a disturbing comeback in Mass. - The Boston Globe
COVID Levels in Boston's Sewers Are Higher Than at Any Point in the Pandemic : boston
MWRA Covid-19 Tracking as of 12/11/20 : boston
These 158 Mass. communities are at high risk for COVID-19 - The Boston Globe

Biogen conference in Boston likely linked to as many as 300,000 COVID-19 cases worldwide, researchers say - The Boston Globe

Rampant partisanship in the US may be the largest obstacle to reduced social mobility critical to limiting spread of COVID-19. Partisanship is more important than public health concerns for explaining willingness to reduce mobility. This effect has grown over time, especially among Republicans. : science

Male patients with COVID-19 are 3 times more likely to require intensive care, and have about a 40% higher death rate. With few exceptions, the sex bias observed in COVID-19 is a worldwide phenomenon.( N=3,111,714) : science
Deep Dive Shows FCC's Covid Response Was Largely Theatrical Nonsense | Techdirt : Coronavirus
Ferrets, cats and civets most susceptible to coronavirus infection after humans : Coronavirus
Evaluation of Cloth Masks and Modified Procedure Masks as Personal Protective Equipment : Coronavirus this study demonstrates that the FFEs of consumer-grade masks available to the public are, in many cases, nearly equivalent to or better than their non-N95 respirator medical mask counterparts.

F.D.A. Panel Gives Green Light to Pfizer's Covid Vaccine - The New York Times , paving the way for health care workers to begin getting shots next week.
Sanofi suffers major setback in development of a Covid-19 vaccine - STAT
When Can I Get the Covid Vaccine? All Your Questions, Answered. | Elemental
Coronavirus airborne: Infrared video shows how droplets spread the virus - The Washington Post

Covid: Genes hold clues to why some people get severely ill : Coronavirus

COVID-19 anti-vaxxers use the same arguments from 135 years ago : Coronavirus
Psychic numbing: Why rising death tolls no longer shock us : Coronavirus
Without Clear Pandemic Rules, People Take On More Risks As Fear And Vigilance Wane : Coronavirus
Americans must be vigilant against anti-vax rumors in 'fractured media universe' : Coronavirus
California's health order falling on many deaf ears : Coronavirus

American Elites Still Don t Understand How COVID-19 Works - Nine months into the pandemic, government leaders can't comprehend -- or refuse to clearly say -- what this virus is or how it spreads.

"It's An Ugly Death": Staten Island Families Grieve Loved Ones Lost To COVID As Others Buck Restrictions - Gothamist (Trumpistan)

GOP Rep. David Byrd may go on ventilator due to COVID, says he needs miracle ... "So please pray that God will breathe His healing spirit into my lungs!!" (that'll work, try not being a selfish idiot)

Speaker's death calls into question the refusal by many House Republicans to wear masks (Live Free and Die)

'I didn't make it' -- A Disney World waitress struggles to hold on to her middle-class life amid a pandemic and catastrophic layoff

Indoor Dining Will Shut Down in New York City Again : Coronavirus

A small town dragged its feet on COVID-19 mask mandates. Now residents are paying the price. : Coronavirus (freedumb to kill themselves)

Dave Ramsey, Christian personal finance guru, defies COVID-19 to keep staff at desks : Coronavirus

ICUs in Stockholm reach 99 percent capacity: report : worldnews (Swedumb)

Germany reports record coronavirus cases at nearly 30,000 : worldnews

Study finds that Covid spread at least 2 month through Italy without the health care system noticing anything. : worldnews

WHO accused of conspiring with Italy to remove damning Covid report : worldnews
WHO accused of conspiring with Italy to remove damning Covid report : Coronavirus

South Africa's chief justice unrepentant for linking vaccines to Satanism : Coronavirus

Australia to pass surveillance bill that'll allow children as young as 14 to be interrogated by government agents and could see journalists jailed for 5 years for refusing to reveal sources. Authorities could hack, secretly takeover, and add, copy, and delete material on computers. : worldnews
Calls to boycott all Chinese-owned companies in Australia grow : worldnews
'Humiliating': lawyers decry Australia's handcuffing of asylum seekers for court visits : worldnews

China Authorities Detain Bloomberg News Beijing Staff Member - Bloomberg
China sends Uighur Muslims to "re-education" camps simply for being young, or for making a phone call to a family member abroad : worldnews
Taiwan says it will not use Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccines due to safety concerns, not politics : worldnews

Suicides in Japan increase for fifth straight month, police data shows : worldnews

Bhutan parliament decriminalizes homosexuality : worldnews

Trump administration helped GOP donors get Syria oil deal : worldnews

What do we know about Mohsen Fakhrizadeh? - The Washington Post death potentially complicates a path back to a nuclear deal and follow-up agreements. (fat-ass wrecking ball destroying everying on his out)
Iranian teenager who posted distorted pictures of herself is jailed for 10 years : worldnews

Reporters Without Borders: Belarus is Europe's most dangerous country for journalists : worldnews

Argentina's lower house approves landmark abortion bill. Set to become first major Latin American country to legalise abortion : worldnews

No-deal Brexit is now likeliest, Ursula von der Leyen tells EU leaders : worldnews
UK Supreme Court enables $18.5 billion class action against Mastercard : worldnews
Met police to compensate child slavery victim arrested after reporting ordeal | Global development : worldnews

Mexican lawmakers postpone discussion on marijuana legalization to 2021 : worldnews

Supreme Court Rejects Texas Lawsuit Challenging Biden's Victory - The New York Times The suit, filed directly in the Supreme Court, sought to bar Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin from casting their electoral votes for Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Supreme Court dismisses bid led by Texas attorney general to overturn the presidential election results, blocking Trump's legal path to a reversal of his loss - The Washington Post
"Megathread: US Supreme Court Rules on Texas V. Pennsylvania, Et al. : politics
Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "At the White House Christmas Party, guests were informed about 10 minutes ago that the president won't be joining them to make remarks." / Twitter

Eschaton: I Bet Alito Really Didn't Want To Reject It - Bye Don.
Greg Sargent on Twitter: "Bye Don. "Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot."" / Twitter
Mark Joseph Stern on Twitter: "To explain the statement by Alito and Thomas: This is totally separate from the merits. They think the Supreme Court is required to hear suits between states, so they think they can't just deny the filing. But they also clearly say they would NOT grant relief to Paxton et al." / Twitter
You say you want a revolution - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Nothing says Constitutional like secession! (Refucks want to secede)
Texas GOP suggests seceding from the US following SCOTUS rejection : politics
Remember This When Anyone Tries to Memory-Hole the Last Four Years as Not a Republican Problem - Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, has joined the Covenant of Sedition
U.S. Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit : news
Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit to overturn Biden's election victory - The Boston Globe (for the BoGlo commenters)

You Don't Need to Seat the 126 Republicans Who Signed Onto the Covenant of Sedition : politics
Opinion | These Republicans may not be capable of shame, but you should know who they are - The Washington Post

Pentagon Weighs Sharp Drawback in Support for C.I.A. - The New York Times (your covert fascist army)
U.S. passes National Defense Authorization Act, placing sanctions on Russia and Turkey : worldnews

Supreme Court overturns top military court, rules that rape cases before 2006 can be prosecuted : politics

An overwhelming majority of Americans want Congress to pass more stimulus -- now ... 12,000,000 losing unemployment after Christmas. What fucking country is this? ... The one where 22% of the population dictate if 60% of it gets to eat tomorrow

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: TIME's Person of the Year 2020 | Time

Donald Trump Labelled 'Loser of the Year' by Europe's Biggest News Magazine : politics
Manhattan D.A. Intensifies Investigation of Trump - The New York Times the latest indication that he still faces the potential threat of criminal charges once he leaves office.
Manhattan DA's Office Reportedly Escalating Investigation of Trump Significantly -- Recently Interviewed Deutsche Bank Employees : politics

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "I just want to stop the world from killing itself!" / Twitter
Eschaton: Well That's A New Kind Of Scary Nutty "I have to kill you to save you" vibes.
Delenda est - Lawyers, Guns & Money For at least the next couple of months a typical day will feature more Americans dying from COVID-19 than died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks ... America's decidedly non-Burkean conservatism is marked, perhaps even defined, by an existential terror that the next liberal step will bring down civilization. Whether that step is the New Deal, ending de jure apartheid, the Great Society, Obamacare, gay marriage, energy-efficient lightbulbs, or what have you, catastrophe forever looms.

A Vile Website Doxxing Trump's Enemies Has Caught the Eye of the FBI : politics ... individuals behind it used email addresses associated with a Russian email service provider and web hosting services based in the country ... Even in the final days of this Administration, all roads lead to Moscow.
Editorial: 'Someone is going to get killed' if Republicans don't tone down their incitement : politics

With time running out, Trump and GOP allies turn up pressure on Supreme Court in election assault - The Washington Post
Can Trump's scheme to overturn 2020 results become a crime? : politics
Seditious abuse of the judicial process: States reject Texas effort to overturn Biden's election
The 'Trump Won' Farce Isn't Funny Anymore - The New York Times - Republicans are now seriously arguing that elections are legitimate only when their side wins.
Texas lawmaker to file bill calling for vote on secession from US : politics
Majority of House Republicans support a lawsuit that aims to overturn the will of voters and hand 2020 election to Trump : politics
Swing States Trump Lost Respond to Texas Lawsuit at SCOTUS: This Is a Seditious Abuse of the Judicial Processa That Should Never Happen Again : politics
Supreme Court: Battleground states issue blistering rebukes to Texas' lawsuit to invalidate millions of votes - CNNPolitics
Four State A.G.s Ask Supreme Court to Reject Texas Election Lawsuit - The New York Times The attorneys general of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia asked the Supreme Court to reject a lawsuit from Texas seeking to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's victories.
#SeditiousSeventeen: Trump-Texas bid to overturn U.S. election at Supreme Court assailed as 'bogus' by other states : politics
In Blistering Retort, 4 Battleground States Tell Texas to Butt Out of Election : politics
Pennsylvania files ferocious condemnation of Texas law suit to overturn election results : politics
Pennsylvania AG calls Texas' Ted Cruz a 'sad sack' after Trump asks the senator to argue election case : politics
Hundreds of GOP members sign onto Texas-led election lawsuit
The Galling Hypocrisy of Texas AG Ken Paxton - The Dispatch His lawsuit against states Biden won is a betrayal of everything defenders of federalism and the Electoral College claim to believe.
100 Republican House members endorse Texas's attempted autogolpe - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A very substantial faction of the Republican Party is simply openly opposed to liberal democracy (or pretending to be to please Daddy Trump, a distinction with no difference.) This is a major crisis, not least because the winning Democratic candidate can't always expect to have a multi-state cushion.
Meet The 106 House Republican Traitors Who Betrayed America For Trump
New amicus brief from 106 Republican House members in support of Texas' bid to overturn President-elect Joe Biden's win in the Supreme Court. Here they are
Max Kennerly on Twitter: "More than a dozen just won re-election in PA, GA, MI, or WI. Fine, they can have it their way: they admit they weren't duly elected (because of "unconstitutional irregularities"), and so Powell v. McCormack doesn't apply. A simple majority of the House can vote to exclude them." / Twitter
It's Not Just Trump's War on Democracy Anymore | The New Yorker
The Republican Party Is Abandoning Democracy - The Atlantic One hundred and six Republican members of Congress, and 18 state attorneys general, are asking the Supreme Court to overturn the election.
Michigan AG says Texas 'has no standing to disenfranchise' millions of voters : politics ... "I don't know what they did in these other states, I don't know what their oath was to, I don't know if they swore to uphold the tiny, fragile ego of a man who cares about nothing but himself, but they sold their souls and I hope it was worth it to them " (sold their souls to the Trump store)

Trump Won Farce Isn't Funny Anymore. Republicans are now seriously arguing that elections are legitimate only when their side wins. : politics
Don't look past Trump's coup attempt: This is a dark moment in American history - Trump's attempt to overturn the election has failed. But the larger plan to subvert democracy is working perfectly : politics
The president and his party have gone to war against America : politics
The Republican Party As Totalitarian State - The Triad - One of our two major political parties has become an autocracy.
60% View Joe Biden's 2020 Presidential Victory As Legitimate, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 77% Of Republicans Believe There Was Widespread Voter Fraud
Rush Limbaugh Goes Viral for Talk of Secession, Now Claims It Wasn't His Idea : politics

Subpoenas served in Ken Paxton case (it's all about getting a pardon from TraitorTreump)
GOP Senator Ben Sasse suggests Texas AG looking for Trump pardon with SCOTUS lawsuit : politics
FBI subpoenas Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton amid whistleblower allegations : politics

. Trump Is 'Desperate' to Avoid Rape Accuser E. Jean Carroll in Court : politics

Heres what happened when a Georgia lawmaker scrutinized the Trump campaigns list of allegedly illegal votes

Brendan Keefe on Twitter: "Here's the Passing around USB ports like they were vials of heroin or cocaine" / Twitter

Leaving behind the question of whether the Senate should be debating new Smithsonian museums instead of working up a COVID-19 relief package, the fact that a single senator can hold up legislation to the point of effectively killing it for the time being is yet another sign of the worthlessness of the Senate as an governmental body. Of course, this serves the interests of the most racist and misogynist senators, which leads us naturally to Mike Lee.

Watchdog says VA Secretary Robert Wilkie questioned the credibility of a House aide who reported a sexual assault - The Washington Post
Rep. Dan Crenshaw Linked to Smear Campaign of Female Vet Led by VA Secretary, Watchdog Says

SE Cupp: Right-wing media isn't doing journalism. It's fan fiction : politics ... Fuck SE Supp ... Her whole career is built on carefully and deliberately normalizing right-wing lunacy.

Barr Worked to Keep Hunter Biden Probes From Public View During Election - WSJ

Devin Nunes says hes tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies
Several dozen members of Michigan's state legislature tested positive after Rudy Giuliani visit

Mitch McConnell is destroying the case for reelecting Georgia's GOP senators : politics
Bette Middler Blasts McConnell: 'How Did He Win With an 18% Approval Rating?' : politics
Nearly 90 percent of Black women voters in Georgia say they're likely to vote in runoffs: survey : politics

Watchdog Raises Possible Kushner Link to $700M Rescue Loan : politics

Editorial: Goodbye to Betsy DeVos, who survived by accomplishing almost nothing : politics

Chuck Schumer forced to have serious and painful talks with Dianne Feinstein over apparent cognitive decline Her staff have to defend her and make her seem normal : politics (advanced dementia)

How the Christian Crowdfunding Site GiveSendGo Became the Go-to Site for Trumpist Rage

In leaked recording, Biden says GOP used defund the police to 'beat the living hell' out of Democrats : politics
New Study: Militarizing the Police Doesn't Reduce Crime : politics

Eschaton: Pete Is Exactly What I Think He Is OMB and VA are important work but don't offer too many exciting "important speech on a podium" moments. (Buttaboop is an attention-seeking drama queen)

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Anti-Transgender Bill After Claiming To Be LGBTQ-Friendly | HuffPost

6 Injured When Driver Rams Into Protest Against ICE in Manhattan - The New York Times A black car hit several people marching in Manhattan in support of immigrant detainees on a hunger strike.
Reports Of Two Females In A Vehicle Plowing Through A Group Of Protesters In #NewYork #NYC

Trump Administration Executes Brandon Bernard After Jurors Plead For His Life | HuffPost Bernard was an accomplice to a crime at age 18. He is the ninth person to be executed as part of the Trump administrations end-of-office killing spree.

The real history of race and the New Deal - Slow Boring - Material benefits trumped FDRs terrible civil rights records (racist asshole)

GOP candidate who pushed QAnon conspiracy theory gets arrested for child pornography

NY Times Assistant Who Edited Cottons 'Send in the Troops' Column Resigns

Facebook Employees Leaving As Hate Speech Festers A departing Facebook employee said the social network's failure to act on hate speech "makes it embarrassing to work here." ... "With so many internal forces propping up the production of hateful and violent content, the task of stopping hate and violence on Facebook starts to feel even more sisyphean than it already is" ... Breitbart News, Fox News, the Daily Caller, Donald Trumps campaign and main account, and Ben Shapiro ... (Fuckerberg loves hate speech)
After The US Election, Key People Are Leaving Facebook And Torching The Company In Departure Notes : technology

LGM Film Club, Part 95: Ervin and Ehrlichman - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Body cam footage shows raid on former Florida Covid data scientist's home : news

Louisiana state trooper arrested, accused of 'excessive, unjustifiable' actions during arrest : news

Massachusetts tax revenue eclipse total for last November despite COVID-driven recession : boston
Former Massachusetts State Police supervisors arrested on corruption charges : boston

(20) Who are the most evil humans in history that most people have never heard of? - Quora
(20) Sufyan Ahmad's answer to Who are the most evil humans in history that most people have never heard of? - Quora : King Leopold II of Belgium

Siege Mentality: A Tale of Two Wus

Prescription Drug Addiction - The Recovery Village

Treatment without the trip: Scientists create hallucination-free psychedelic that could fight depression & PTSD : worldnews

Cheese, by far, was shown to be the most protective food against age-related cognitive problems. Daily consumption of alcohol, particularly red wine, and weekly consumption of lamb, but not other red meats, was related to improvements in cognitive function, finds first-of-its-kind analysis. : science

Artificial intelligence finds surprising patterns in Earth's biological mass extinctions : worldnews

New computational method validates images without 'ground truth' ("noise" is dark information)
Network isotopy: A framework to study the 3-D layouts of physical networks

Invisible structures generated by gravitational interactions in the Solar System have created a "space superhighway" network, astronomers have discovered. This network can transport objects from Jupiter to Neptune in a matter of decades, rather than the much longer timescales. : science

Strong social support decreases mental health problems in young adults. People who experienced greater levels of social support experienced 47% less severe depression and 22% less anxiety than those with less social support, and 40% decreased risk of experiencing suicidal ideation and attempts : science

A healthy gut microbiome contributes to normal brain function. Scientists recently discovered that a change to the gut microbiota brought about by chronic stress can lead to depressive-like behaviors in mice, by causing a reduction in endogenous cannabinoids. : science

Ravens parallel great apes in physical and social cognitive skills - the first large-scale assessment of common ravens compared with chimpanzees and orangutans found full-blown cognitive skills present in ravens at the age of 4 months similar to that of adult apes, including theory of mind. : science

The Zodiac Killer's unsolved 340 cypher is finally cracked after 51 years! : videos

Men of Reddit, what do women tend to get wrong about penises? : AskReddit

People who went through the Great Depression had lasting habits of frugality. What habits have we developed as a result of the pandemic that we will carry forward for a lifetime? : AskReddit


Sun launches explosion of electromagnetic energy towards Earth: Geomagnetic Storm Watch issued : worldnews

World carbon dioxide emissions drop 7% in pandemic-hit 2020 : Coronavirus
Record-breaking warming at the North Pole : worldnews

270 million people face starvation, says WFP as it receives Nobel Peace Prize : worldnews

EU-wide ban would save nature from 500,000 tonnes of microplastics : worldnews
Noise and Light Pollution From Humans Alter Bird Reproduction - Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet
Water joins gold and oil for first time as traded commodity on Wall Street amid fears of scarcity : worldnews (Nestle buys all the water)
Aboriginal landowners have called for a "reset" in Australia's lucrative mining sector after an inquiry pilloried Rio Tinto for blowing up a 46,000-year-old heritage site to expand an iron ore mine. Rio destroyed caves, known as rock shelters, at Juukan Gorge in Australia's ore-rich Pilbara region : worldnews

More Than 3,100 Dead From COVID-19 In U.S. In Grim Single-Day Record : worldnews
New CDC coronavirus forecast: 362,000 dead by Jan. 2 : Coronavirus
It may not have started here, but the novel coronavirus became a U.S. tragedy : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/10/20 : boston (9.2%+ 41 deaths 5139 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-10-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Mass. reports 5,130 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 41 new deaths - The Boston Globe
Clearly they don't actually want anyone to get tested... : CoronavirusMa

Indoor transmission: 20 feet, 5 minutes : CoronavirusMa
How a simple smell test could curb COVID-19 and help reopen the economy : Coronavirus

Why Did the U.S. Turn Down Vaccine Doses? - The New York Times (hello, Jared the DeathMonger)
CDC's Redfield told staff to delete email, official tells House watchdog : politics (fire his evil ass)
CDC director allegedly ordered deletion of email showing effort to interfere with coronavirus guidance, lawmaker says - The Washington Post
Trump virus coordinator Birx seeks role in Biden government

FDA Meeting: Coronavirus Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Livestream : Coronavirus
FDA panel recommends approval of Pfizer's Covid vaccine for emergency use : Coronavirus

More Americans Have Died From Coronavirus Than in Combat During WWII : Coronavirus

Ellen DeGeneres tests positive for COVID-19 : Coronavirus

'A slap in the face': Yuma hospital fires ER doctor for talking about COVID-19 in Arizona : Coronavirus

'Morgues are full': Governor urges Idahoans, 'Please make the right choices' on COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Alabama hospitals filling up fast, Montgomery fills every ICU bed : Coronavirus

A Hospital's Secret Coronavirus Policy Separated Native American Mothers From Their Newborns : Coronavirus

LA County Breaks Record For COVID-19 Single-Day Cases Again With 12,819 Cases : Coronavirus

One in three Slovaks believes Covid-19 is a hoax, one in five believes the vaccine will microchip them : Coronavirus

Health Canada approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine : worldnews
Developing nations are first in line for China's Covid vaccines. Analysts question Beijing's intent : worldnews
Hackers steal Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine data in Europe, companies say : worldnews
Covid used as pretext to curtail civil rights around the world, finds report : worldnews
China flight attendants advised to wear diapers for COVID-19 protection: : worldnews
Why millions of dollars in pandemic aid are going to corporations making healthy profits : worldnews
Covid has 'cut life expectancy in England and Wales by a year' : worldnews

Shoplifting has increased during pandemic, experts say - The Washington Post Retailers, police departments and loss prevention researchers are reporting an uptick in theft of necessities like food and hygiene products

You Pay the Salaries of These People Holding Pandemic Holiday Parties | From big-name governors to top White House officials to obscure county judges, the list is a long, growing, and disturbing one. : politics

Florida newspaper investigation finds state government misled public on Covid as cases rose | Governor Ron DeSantis and his administration suppressed facts and dispensed dangerous misinformation , according to paper : politics

'Indiana is on fire' : Gov. Eric Holcomb orders hospitals to cancel, delay elective surgeries as COVID-19 overwhelms health care system

S.D. lawmaker diagnosed with COVID-19 after attending dinner at Gov. Noem's mansion (Death Bitch)

Newly sworn-in NH House Speaker Dick Hinch dies of COVID-19 ... More than a quarter of House members, most of them Democrats, skipped the ceremony after learning the day before that several Republican lawmakers had tested positive for the virus after attending an indoor GOP caucus meeting Nov. 20 where many attendees weren't wearing masks. (anti-mask Republifucker dies)
N.H. House Speaker Dick Hinch died from COVID-19, medical examiner finds - The Boston Globe

New law allows Australia to scrap China Belt and Road plans : worldnews

Fitch upgrades its China growth forecast for 2021 : worldnews
Labour is glorious : Canadian journalists photograph and investigate massive chinese labour camp and publish findings
Activists are fighting for a renewable future in Sub-Saharan Africa. Chinese coal projects threaten to dirty those plans : worldnews
U.S. blacklists Chinese crime boss, others in anti-corruption sanctions : worldnews

Japan suspicious as Chinese, South Korean companies buy land near military sites : worldnews
Japanese government's new birth rate plan: Use AI to tell people who'd be a good spouse for them. : worldnews ... They really will go to any lengths to avoid facing the fact that their cultural work-life balance is outdated and untenable ...

Gunmen shoot dead Afghan TV journalist and her driver : worldnews

Indian newspaper reporter burned alive after exposing corruption : worldnews (Modistan)
A dead professor and numerous defunct organisations were resurrected and used alongside at least 750 fake media outlets in a vast 15-year global disinformation campaign to serve Indian interests, a new investigation has revealed. : worldnews
Dalit Man Beaten To Death In Madhya Pradesh, Allegedly For Touching Food - India : worldnews

Serbia Convicts Yugoslav Soldier of Killing Albanian Civilians : worldnews

Azerbaijan accused of ethnic cleansing as horrifying footage appears to show elderly Armenian man being beheaded by soldiers : worldnews
Armenia/Azerbaijan: Decapitation and war crimes in gruesome videos must be urgently investigated : worldnews
Erdogan has admitted that Turkey helped Azerbaijan wage war against Armenians in Karabakh War. : worldnews (Erdofucker)

Qatar to allow Pride flags during 2022 World Cup -- but will still lock up gay men for having sex (with each other)

Lebanese judge charges caretaker PM in port blast : worldnews

Thai protesters say royal insult law must go : worldnews

Israeli anti-terrorism lawyer was convicted over attacks on Palestinians : worldnews

Norwegian Parliament Endorses Cutting Aid to Palestinians Over Antisemitism and Incitement in Educational Materials : worldnews (says they support racism)

Belarus, citing COVID-19 fears, to close land borders to its own citizens and some foreigners as brain drain bites : worldnews ... Lukashenko played down the dangers of COVID-19 during the first wave of the virus, asserting that nobody would die from it

Elderly Ukrainian woman sent to prison for 5 years for sharing pro Stalin meme (use automatic google translate) : worldnews

Venice flooded as new $8 billion dam system fails to activate : worldnews (they forgot to turn it on)

With Far-Right Extremism On The Rise, Germany Investigates Its Police : worldnews (all cops are Nazis)
German delivery man drove without license for 40 years : worldnews

France unveils controversial proposed law on Islamist extremism : worldnews
France's Europe minister comes out as gay and pledges to travel to 'LGBT-free' towns in Poland : worldnews

UK reportedly granting 5 passports a minute to Hong Kong residents : worldnews
Court finds UK war crimes but will not take action : worldnews
Zuckerberg threatened to pull investment from UK if the government didn't soften it's stance on regulation of tech companies : worldnews (Zuckerfucker also threatened to hold his breath until he turns greener)
Facebook faces U.S. lawsuits that could force sale of Instagram, WhatsApp : worldnews
England's second largest police force failed to record over 80,000 crimes, report finds : worldnews (Manchester UK)

British Columbia, Canada has new Minister of Mental Health and Addictions- only Ministry of its kind in N America : worldnews

Maduro allies win 91% of Venezuela congress seats after disputed vote : worldnews

Argentina abortion bill heads to Congress vote as protests build : worldnews

Russian Media Wants Moscow to Grant Asylum to rump : worldnews
Russian state media are calling for Trump -- Trumpusha -- to get asylum in their country when he leaves the White House so he can save himself from prosecution
Biden must call out Putin's secret war against the United States : politics (and partnership w/Republican party)

The Republican Party Is Now a Seditious Organization : politics
The Republican Party is a danger to American democracy : politics
Trump's attempted coup just gets more desperate and more absurd : politics

Ludicrous Texas anti-election lawsuit jolts Republican politics : politics
The Trump team throws in the towel on proving voter fraud - The Washington Post
17 Republican Attorneys General Back Trump in Far-Fetched Election Lawsuit - The New York Times (secede, fuckers)
Explaining the Supreme Court lawsuit from Texas and Trump challenging Biden's win - CNNPolitics
If You Didnt Vote for Trump, Your Vote Is Fraudulent
Trump is inciting domestic terrorism. Trump's repeated false claims about the presidential election add fuel to the already simmering fire of right-wing extremism in the US. : politics
Trump's Backers Are Becoming More Violent. I Fear What Will Happen in January. : politics
Volunteers 'shaken' after attempted bombing at Spokane County Democrats headquarters : politics
Trump Is Growing the GOP's 'Anti-Rule of Law' Wing
Denialism 2020: Trump and his fanatical allies are electoral terrorists. It's got to stop. Don't tolerate Trump, Giuliani, the Texas AG or anyone else who won't accept Biden win. No tent is big enough to hold people who want to burn it down. : politics
Bolton: Trump didn't understand what it means to be president ... And Bolton didn't understand what it meant to be a US citizen with a conscience when he took the book deal over testifying. : politics
Steve Schmidt: We are one election away from losing our democracy
The GOP's Antidemocratic Bid to Overturn the Election - The Atlantic In elections going forward, not trying to steal the election will be seen as RINO behavior (party of crooks and traitors) .

Forty-one days of pure hell: How do we survive the end of the Trump presidency? : politics

Biden To Have Entire WH East And West Wings Showered With Disinfectant Right After Trump Leaves : politics ... "Fumigate")
Biden taps Susan Rice for top White House domestic policy job - POLITICO
Biden to tap Denis McDonough for Veterans Affairs - POLITICO McDonough served as former President Barack Obama's chief of staff from 2013 until 2017.

Giuliani says he didn't know most Americans can't access his VIP coronavirus treatment regimen : politics
Trump and Friends Got Coronavirus Care Many Others Couldn't
Giulianis vile admission perfectly captures the ugliness of the Trump era

Trump Says It's 'Terrific' 15% Of US Population Has Contracted COVID-19 : politics ("I killed half a million people" he bragged)
Trump mocked for complaining about how the country is run, given he runs it : politics
'Depressed' Trump ghosting friends who admit he's the 2020 loser : politics
Historically illiterate imbecile : Trump mocked for forgetting Nixon in bizarre claim about election
Trump, Dumbass Extraordinaire, Is Already Complicating the Vaccine Rollout : politics

The Kraken Is Dead: Sidney Powell's Final Lawsuit Just Got Dismissed : politics ... This Texas lawsuit with 18 states, the POTUS and many national lawmakers signing on, is the closest we've been to secession since the Civil War.
Last Kraken Slain: Court Notes Federal Judges Do Not Appoint the President, Wonders Why Sidney Powell Asked : politics
Trump's 'Elite Strike Force' Has Now Lost More Than 50 Election Challenges : politics
Pennsylvania AG on Texas election lawsuit: Ted Cruz is 'a sad sack' : politics
Fact Check: Debunking five voter conspiracies in Texas AG's election case - CNNPolitics
Report: Trump Warned Georgia Attorney General Not To Challenge Texas Lawsuit : politics

Shameful : Senate Republicans and Two Democrats Kill Effort to Stop Trump's Lame-Duck Sale of F-35s and Drones to UAE (Kelly and Sinema are warfuckers)

The Moral Case For A Wealth Tax Has Never Been More Clear : politics
New Research Shows 'Pandemic Profits' of Billionaires Could Fully Fund $3,000 Stimulus Checks for Every Person in US. "America's billionaires could pay for a major Covid relief bill and still not lose a dime of their pre-virus riches." : politics
Sanders on McConnell: When children are going hungry in America, suddenly we don't have enough money : politics

Watchdog finds lapses in documentation for Susan Pompeo'travel - The State Department inspector general found no fault with the secretary of State or his wife, prompting a furious response from Mike Pompeo's deputies. (crooks will crook)

Kurt Bardella: Republican criticism of Biden's Cabinet shows GOP's Trump amnesia is spreading

Chuck Schumer had to tell Dianne Feinstein that she should step down as the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee twice because she forgot the first conversation they had, new report alleges : politics (Demented Diane)
Dianne Feinstein's Missteps Raise a Painful Age Question Among Senate Democrats : politics
Dianne Feinstein forgets conversations and gets upset with her staff for not briefing her on a topic shortly after they do, new report says : politics

'Dear God, stop the nonsense': Chicago mayor unloads on McConnell over Covid relief - "I dont know what goes on in that man's mind," Lori Lightfoot said of the Senate majority leader. : politics (answer: nothing, just death ticking)

Biden to campaign in Atlanta on Tuesday for Ossoff, Warnock
Julian Castro warns that 'nothing is going to get done' in Washington if Democrats lose Georgia Senate races
Georgia Republicans are using fake claims of fraud to make it harder to vote. : politics
Jon Ossoff is betting that TikTok can boost young voters in Georgia's heated runoff race and his chances don't look bad

Hunter Biden confirms he is under federal investigation - The Washington Post (IOKIYAR)
The Seeds of Hunter Bidens Current Legal Woes Were Found on His Laptop

Who Funds the Federalist? Finally, We Know. - EXPOSEDbyCMD (oh look, Uiline asshole, Ben Domenech, Mollie Hemingway and Real Clear Republican Liars)

Why So Many Men Stuck With Trump In 2020 | FiveThirtyEight ... gender and sexism may have been a big dividing line, as was the case in 2016 ... (macho men love Trump and think the virus is overrated)

'Under the rug:' Sexual misconduct shakes FBI's senior ranks ... at least six sexual misconduct allegations involving senior FBI officials over the past five years, including two new claims brought this week by women who say they were sexually assaulted by ranking agents (macho copsters? shocking)

The 10 Most Important Articles Published by

A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear: Author Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling on the Free State Project - Vox - Seriously, this happened. You should absolutely read about it ("Libertarians" = stupid white guys)

Cannabis review site Weedmaps agrees $1.5 billion deal to go public : worldnews

The Shadow of the Obelisk. Thomas William Parsons (1819-1892). Rome, Ruins of. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, ed. 1876-79. Poems of Places: An Anthology in 31 Volumes. Italy: Vols. XI-XIII
(PDF) James S. Grotstein: A Beam of Intense Darkness: Wilfred Bion's Legacy to Psychoanalysis

Who was the craziest leader in history?

Antioxidant vitamins dont stress us like plants do --and dont have their beneficial effect ... Eating food from plants that have struggled to survive toughens us up as well.

Social Media Addiction - WebServ

PTSD: How Long Will It Take for Treatment to Work? (15 45' sessions and you're cured)

World-First Clinical Trial Explores Safety and Efficacy of DMT for Major Depression : worldnews

New Whale Species Discovered; Lends Proof Other Large Mammals May Be Undiscovered : worldnews

Honeybees found using tools, in a first to repel giant hornet attacks : worldnews

Sphexishness | Crucial Considerations - a science, philosophy, rationality & ethics blog Douglas Hofstadter has coined the term (aka the Republican Party)

Wielding a gun makes a shooter perceive others as wielding a gun, too - the gun embodiment effect - finds a new randomized controlled trial. Accidental shootings of unarmed victims may sometimes happen because the shooter misperceived the victim as also having a gun. : science

Religious discrimination particularly high for Jews and Muslims research shows. While 8.7% of all the people surveyed reported being threatened with physical violence due to their religion, threats were reported by 16.7% of Jews and 20.3% of Muslims. : science

How Has Boston Gotten Away with Being Segregated for So Long? : boston

How Many Fact Checkers Do They Have?Inside the battle between Biden and Facebook ... Facebook thought it was trying to be a neutral referee. But the Biden and Trump campaigns were playing entirely different sports. ("thought"- sure they did, suckers)
The Smoking Gun in the Facebook Antitrust Case | WIRED (FuckerbergSandfucker)


Every year for the past 15, environmental scientists working under the aegis of a US government agency issue a report on the state of the Arctic, and Tuesday's edition confirms an alarming trend: the North Pole is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the planet : worldnews
The Worlds Largest Iceberg, the Size of South Georgia Island is on a Collision Course with ... South Georgia Island

Another Leaked Government Photo shows Motionless, Cube- Shaped UFO : worldnews

Climate change: Global 'elite' will need to slash high-carbon lifestyles : worldnews
Report: UK low-carbon revolution 'cheaper than thought' : worldnews
'Not going to get invited': climate summit hosts unlikely to give Scott Morrison a speaking slot. He is unlikely to win a last-minute speaking slot at a global leaders climate ambition summit as his government has failed to meet the demands set by the event organisers. : worldnews

France confirms outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu on duck farm : worldnews
'Mystery illness' in India is neurotoxic poisoning, initial reports say : worldnews ... but it is not yet clear what the source is and how and why it has happened

Rio Tinto should pay restitution for sacred Aboriginal caves blast - inquiry : worldnews
Little pygmy possum found on Australian island for first time since fires : worldnews
Lizards and snakes bring halt to work on Tesla plant near Berlin | Environmentalists win injunction forcing US electric carmaker to suspend forest clearance : worldnews ... "Zuckerberg is not going to like the Musk endangering his family."

U.S. records more than 3,000 deaths in a single day, a new high : Coronavirus
U.S. coronavirus case tally climbs to 15 million from 14 million in just five days : Coronavirus
Experts Warn New U.S. COVID Hospitalizations Could Hit 23,000 Per Day After Christmas : Coronavirus

Theres No Place for Them to Go: I.C.U. Beds Near Capacity Across U.S. (DeathKotas)
Mass. Vaccine Rollout Plan Will Be In 3 Phases. Here's When You Could Get Yours : boston

MA COVID-19 Data 12/9/20 : boston (8%+ fucking 89 deaths, 5675 new cases)
5,675 New Confirmed Cases; 61,181 Active Cases; 5.81% Positivity, 7.90% Non Higher Ed; 1,576 Hospitalizations (+24); 89 Deaths; 81% Hospital Capacity (+3%); 65% ICU Capacity (+0%); - December 9, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard
COVID-19 Vaccine in Massachusetts - Commonwealth of Massachusetts [official site] - December 9, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Keller @ Large: Poll Shows Strong Support For COVID Restrictions In Mass. - CBS Boston - December 8, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Chief Scientific Advisers Say There's A "Disastrous" Risk The Public Will Think The Pandemic Is "Done" As Vaccine Rolls Out : Coronavirus
Giuliani says he has Giuliani says he exactly the same of coronavirus after testing positive : Coronavirus
viewhas exactly the same view of coronavirus after testing positive : Coronavirus

Men with COVID-19 three times more likely to need intensive care: study : Coronavirus

Drive-by burials and FaceTime farewells: Grief in the Covid era will weigh on the American psyche for years to come : Coronavirus

Virtually all children infected with COVID-19 show signs of blood vessel damage : Coronavirus
Growing concern that COVID-19 could cause long-term erectile dysfunction : worldnews
Warning after two NHS workers have allergic reaction to Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine : worldnews
China's Covid vaccine from Sinopharm is 86% effective, UAE says : worldnews
Morocco to use Chinese vaccine to kick off mass vaccinations : worldnews
Amnesty: rich countries have bought too many COVID-19 vaccines : worldnews
Nine out of 10 in poor nations to miss out on inoculation as west buys up Covid vaccines : worldnews
Journal confirms Oxford/AZ vaccine is 70 percent effective in preventing coronavirus : worldnews
Sanofi says its Covid-19 vaccine won't need 'supercooling' like Pfizer's : worldnews
A 4 year old from Milan, Italy, had covid on November 21st 2019 : Coronavirus

Infected after 5 minutes, from 20 feet away: South Korea study shows coronavirus' spread indoors : Coronavirus

COVID Patient Tells Doctor All 22 People at Her Thanksgiving Dinner Have Symptoms : Coronavirus

Dr. Deborah Birx says Florida among states not mitigating COVID-19 to full extent : Coronavirus

Colorado school outbreaks nearly doubled in November as coronavirus cases surged : Coronavirus

COVID-19 killed a thousand Wisconsinites in three weeks. These residents don't see the danger. : Coronavirus

Cuomo: Staten Island Accounts for 25% of City' COVID-19 Deaths : Coronavirus ... 57% of ballots cast in Staten Island for the November election were for Trump. In comparison, Manhattan was 12% Trump, Bronx 15.9% Trump, Brooklyn was 22% Trump, and Queens was 27% Trump ...

U.S. COVID-19 case rate by state : Coronavirus - Spoiler alert: out of the top 20 states with the largest number of infections (when adjusted for population), 16 of them are Republican-voting states.

Florida reports over 9,500 cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday : Coronavirus

(Sweden) 99 percent of ICU places in Stockholm region filled: "The situation is very serious" (translation in comments) : Coronavirus (Swedumb ran the stupidity experiment)
Fact check: Sweden has not achieved herd immunity, is not proof that lockdowns are useless : Coronavirus
Sweden Proposes New Covid Law to Let It Shut Down Businesses : worldnews

Chengdu enters 'wartime mode' after 7 domestic COVID-19 cases in two days : worldnews

Canada crushed the Covid-19 curve but complacency is fueling a deadly second wave : worldnews
Ontario considering restrictions on people who refuse to take COVID-19 vaccine : worldnews

Passenger on 'cruise to nowhere' tests positive for COVID-19 : worldnews

Christchurch shooter was active with Australian far-right groups online but escaped police attention : worldnews
Alleged neo-Nazi teenager arrested in NSW to face terror charges : worldnews
Scott Morrison warned Australia is obliged to compensate war crimes victims : worldnews
British journalist uncovered Australian woman's alleged plan to kill parents on dark web, police say : worldnews

Germany blocks Chinese takeover of satellite firm on security concerns - document : worldnews
Chinese football team forced to forfeit game, as player's hair 'not black enough' : worldnews
China jailing Uighur Muslims simply for being under 40 years old, leaked docs show : worldnews
Huawei tested AI software that could recognize Uighur minorities and alert police, report says : worldnews (can we do this for Republicans?)

Japan unveils $708 billion in fresh stimulus with eye on post-COVID growth : worldnews

Protesting farmers get free wifi by anonymous good Samaritan : worldnews
Indian Chronicles: deep dive into a 15-year operation targeting the EU and UN to serve Indian interests : worldnews

China sends warplanes, troops for drill in Pakistan : worldnews
Hindu, Christian women 'marketed' by Pak as 'concubines', 'forced brides' in China: US : worldnews

Russia calls Israel "the problem" in the Middle East, defends Iran and it's allies : worldnews
Palestinian child killed and four severely injured in the West Bank in past two weeks : worldnews

Saudi crown prince seeks to halt lawsuit alleging he sent Tiger Squad to Canada to kill former official : worldnews

Explosion hits third Polish supermarket in two days : worldnews Polish supermarket in the Netherlands. Owned by Turkish family. In total they own 12 supermarkets.
Catholic media mogul downplays paedophilia in church, calls bishop covering it up a "martyr" : worldnews
Influential Polish priest accused of excusing child abuse and violating Covid rules

French army gets ethical go-ahead for bionic soldiers. The report from a militray ethics committee considers medical treatments, prosthetics and implants that improve "physical, cognitive, perceptive and psychological capacities" : worldnews

Brexit-backing billionaire will build his SUV in France, not the UK : worldnews
Tasers used on children under 11 in U.K, UNICEF says : worldnews

Canada Will Let Health Care Professionals Legally Use Psychedelic Mushrooms, Health Minister Says : worldnews

Will Trump pardon Assange? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

. All 50 states and DC have now certified their presidential election results : politics
The Trumps are reportedly preparing to move out of the White House : politics

Russian Media Wants Moscow to Grant Asylum to Trump to Help Him Dodge Prosecutions ... Trumpusha

Ilhan Omar Rips Congress for Approving $740.5 Billion Bill to 'Appease Defense Contractors' While Skimping on Covid Relief : politics
Rep. Katie Porter tore into McConnell for holding up the $908 billion COVID-19 stimulus bill over corporate protections, saying they enable 'the worst examples of disregard for human life' : politics

Florida governor suppressed Covid information before 2020 election to help Trump, report says : politics
Raid on Florida Covid data expert's home was American over-policing in action : politics
'He Sent The Gestapo': Florida's COVID-19 Dashboard Creator Rebekah Jones On Gun-Wielding State Agents Raiding Her Home : politics
GOP lawyer resigns over treatment of Florida data analyst : politics

The wrong Johnson - Lawyers, Guns & Money This madness-of-King-Donald piece is entertaining reading even if the general contours are predictable at this point. But I particularly like the symbolism of this detail:
Opinion | Pat Toomey reveals just how deranged many Republicans have become - The Washington Post
Even in Defeat, Trump Tightens Grip on State G.O.P. Lawmakers - The New York Times ... "get my house bombed"

Megathread: U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Republican Challenge to Biden's Pennsylvania Win : politics
The Texas Attorney General's Shameful and Stupid Attempt to Crash the Election : politics
Trump's pledge to intervene in Texas election challenge branded 'insane'
PA GOP Leader: My House Would Get Bombed If I Didn't Want To Help Trump Overturn Election : politics

Democratic lawmakers introduce a resolution to amend the 13th Amendment to end forced prison labor : politics

More voters say pardons for Trump's family would be inappropriate: poll : politics
Democrats probe Kushners' billion-dollar rescue deal for family-owned skyscraper
Melania Trump 'just wants to go home' - CNNPolitics ... said to be toying with writing a photo-centric coffee table book about White House hospitality history, or one perhaps centered on the design projects she has completed while first lady

NY AG Letitia James says Trump cannot avoid justice in the great state of New York : politics

Biden is reportedly considering nominating Pete Buttigieg, his former presidential opponent, to be ambassador to China : politics

Giuliani shares that he's getting the same COVID-19 treatment as Trump, as the US reports 2,622 more coronavirus deaths on Tuesday : politics
Giuliani witness whose testimony went viral says she isn't self-quarantining despite his covid-19 diagnosis : politics

After years of indifference and denial under President Trump, experts expect Joe Biden to confront the dangers of domestic extremism : politics (you mean "encouraged")

ObamaCare support back at record high: Gallup : politics

There's Evil, and Then There's Erik Prince : politics
Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Infiltrate Domestic American Political Organizations -- There's Evil, and Then There's Erik Prince -- Enough with the private armies, and the private covert-ops brigades. A militarized political opposition does not end well for a democracy.

The marketplace for fantasy is reshaping conservative media, just like it reshaped conservative politics - The Washington Post

Harvard Law Professor Hits Donald Trump With The Cold Truth: You Are A Loser : politics
A Trump supporter reportedly set up fake Twitter accounts and raised $7,384 for the non-existent 'Gay Voices for Trump' organisation : politics

Report: Suspected Chinese spy targeted Bay Area politicians, then disappeared -

How much land does a man need? - Lawyers, Guns & Money how much economic inequality is acceptable in an at least minimally just society got largely sidetracked into an argument about whether it was OK to criticize Bob Dylan for selling the rights to his music for $300 million ... something very new in historical terms, because until very recently human societies never produced anything even remotely comparable to the wealth modern societies ... (stuck in refuck scarcity mentality)

Light pollution map

Pornhub limits uploads and disables downloads after New York Times expose


Arctic warming cascades through ocean and over land, U.S. report says : news

Mt Everest grows by nearly a metre to new height : worldnews

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle named top plastic polluters for third year in a row
Coca-Cola named world's worst plastic polluter for third straight year.. : worldnews
Colombian environmental official assassinated: 284 environmental leaders and land defenders have been killed in the country so far during 2020 : worldnews

The Danish climate minister closing down the oil industry for good : worldnews

First patient receives Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine : worldnews ... The second patient was called William Shakespeare and is from Warwickshire... wow
A Covid vaccine is the last thing we need to think about right now
Bill Gates says six Covid vaccines could be available by spring 2021 : Coronavirus
Here's Why Vaccinated People Still Need to Wear a Mask - The new vaccines will probably prevent you from getting sick with Covid. No one knows yet whether they will keep you from spreading the virus others to but that information is coming. : Coronavirus

The Pandemic's Final Surge Will Be Brutal - Over the weekend, the seven-day average of COVID-19 deaths passed the spring's peak.

Mass. reports 3,627 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 40 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Baker rolls back Mass. reopening to Phase 3, Step 1, adds other restrictions - The Boston Globe
The MBTA Is On Life Support. Only The Feds Can Save It Now : boston
MA COVID-19 Data 12/8/20 : boston (8.4%+ 40 deaths 3627 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-8-2020 : CoronavirusMa

MRWA Tracking - Updated 12/8/20 : CoronavirusMa

Rhode Island averaging the most daily cases per capita in the United States - WPRI - December 7, 2020 [our neighboring state also has the highest testing rate, second highest population density state, and is in a 2-week business "pause" that may be extended] : CoronavirusMa

Hybrid Depression: Prolonged Lockdowns, Politics, and Seasonal Depression Create Perfect Storm | D'Amore Mental Health

Large US Study Confirms Covid-19 Complications: Lung, Kidney and Cardiovascular issues : Coronavirus

People who purchase a firearm during the pandemic are more likely to be suicidal than other firearm owners. 70 % of those who bought a firearm during the COVID-19 pandemic reported having suicidal thoughts throughout their lives, compared to 37 % of the rest of the community of gun owners. : science

Los Angeles deputies break up underground party, arrest 158 : news

COVID In New Jersey: Gov. Murphy Says Rate Of Noncooperation With Contact Tracers Now Up To Whopping 74% Of Cases : Coronavirus

'Millionaire's tax': Argentina passes levy on the super-rich to help pay for Covid response : worldnews

Christchurch inquiry report released -- as it happened

Australia to make Facebook, Google pay news outlets for content : worldnews
Australia's allies need to help it stand up to China or risk being picked off too, former Hong Kong governor warns : worldnews
China suspends importation of more Australian beef as trade battle escalates : worldnews

Hong Kong police arrest more top opposition figures : worldnews
Chinese Phone Maker Gionee Found Guilty of Implanting Malware in More Than 20 Million Devices : worldnews

Russian 'doomsday' plane's radio equipment 'stolen by thieves' : worldnews

Civilians killed in airstrikes in Afghanistan soars by more than 300% : worldnews

Indian police make 1st arrest, break up Muslim-Hindu wedding under controversial new "love jihad law" : news

Mohammed bin Salman rejected claims he sent an elite hit squad to kill a Saudi spy chief exiled in Canada, arguing he's immune from prosecution anyway : worldnews

Azerbaijani soldiers filmed beheading elderly Armenian man : worldnews (muzfuckers)
Hundreds protest in Armenia after PM ignores deadline to resign : worldnews

'Thank you Mossad' banner, Israeli flag spotted in Iran's capital : worldnews

64% of Arabs in Israel support forming a bipartisan Arab/Jewish party for the next elections. : worldnews

Japan town's sole female councillor ousted after accusing mayor of sexual assault : worldnews
Japan to fund AI matchmaking to boost birth rate : worldnews

Olympics branded a 'mockery' after inclusion of breakdancing for Paris Games : worldnews
Belarus's Lukashenka Banned From Olympic Games Over Athlete 'Political Discrimination' : worldnews

British travellers could be banned from entering the EU unless they pay to renew their passport : worldnews
UK: Peer who thinks being gay is a disease suspended from House of Lords after shocking tirades about homos and queers : worldnews
Revealed: Mark Zuckerberg threatened to pull UK investment in secret meeting with Matt Hancock : worldnews
Isle of Wight monolith: Designer claims responsibility for structure : worldnews

Trudeau government won't say who got billions of dollars in aid | While some payments have been revealed, the destination of billions of dollars in aid remains secret : worldnews
Canadian MP's microphone malfunctions during confidence vote, hilarity ensues : worldnews

Gangs Are Doing Fast & Furious-Style Heists on Moving Semi-Trucks to Steal PlayStation 5s : worldnews

FireEye, a Top Cybersecurity Firm, Says It Was Hacked by a Nation-State - The New York Times -- almost certainly Russian -- made off with tools that could be used to mount new attacks around the world.

Fort Hood panel faults Army for ignoring sexual assaults; some fired - Panel blasts Fort Hood leaders, Army after disappearance, death of Spc. Vanessa Guillen; 14 fired or suspended -- a scathing indictment of a dysfunctional Army culture and called for changes in staffing and programs to protect soldiers from assault. It found systemic failures starting with Army leaders who failed to address known problems with sexual assault and crime to understaffed and resourced programs to aid victims and investigate crimes.
Army secretary to fire or suspend large number of Fort Hood officers to address command culture at base : news

Biden picks retired general Lloyd Austin to run Pentagon - POLITICO (Mitch McKKKonnell not so sure)
Opinion | Sorry, Gen. Lloyd Austin. A Recently Retired General Should Not Be Secretary of Defense. - The New York Times
Bidens reliance on retired military brass sets off alarm bells

Suspected Chinese spy slept with at least 2 mayors and got close to Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell in a yearslong intelligence campaign, report says : politics

McConnell Refuses to Endorse Bipartisan Stimulus, Risking Deal : politics

West Wing fears COVID spread after Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis attends WH party
Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis tests positive for coronavirus : politics

Florida State Police Raid Home Of COVID Whistleblower, Point Guns At Her & Her Family, Seize All Her Computer Equipment : technology
Rebekah Jones says Florida Gov. DeSantis trying to "intimidate scientists" by raiding her home : politics ... Watching the video of a dozen cops barging into her home with guns drawn terrifying her children in order to cover up a colossally mismanaged pandemic by an inept, evil governor is not going to be a good look for desantis ... Yes but it's a great look for the Fascist GOP, and the millions of Americans who hate facts and science.
Florida police raid COVID data whistleblower's house with guns drawn : politics
Rebekah Jones, fired Florida COVID-19 data scientist, posts video of agents raiding her home - CBS News
Rebekah Jones on Twitter: "2/ They took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country. They took evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was about a security breach. This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo." / Twitter (she got 200K+ twitter followers in less than 24 hrs)
Florida Data Scientist Ousted Over COVID Controversy Raided by State Police: 'They Pointed Guns at My Kids' : politics
Florida police raid home of former Covid-19 scientist - CNN Video
DeSantis appointee quits after raid on home of fired Florida data scientist : politics

Trump passed up chance to lock in 100 million more Pfizer COVID vaccine doses : politics (wanted to let Jared grab them)
Trump left 100 million doses of vaccine on the table - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Operation Warp Speed scientist cant explain Trump's vaccine order
Elevating Fringe Theories, Ron Johnson Questions Virus Science - The New York Times The Wisconsin Republican has transformed his Senate panel into a forum for amplifying dubious theories and questionable treatments pushed by President Trump.
Republicans invite anti-vaxx crackpot as star witness - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Jenny McCarthy wants you to look at her boobs)
Pfizer and Moderna RSVP Hell Fuck No to Trump' Vaccine Summits: The drug manufacturers appear to want no part in the administration's attempt to take credit for the COVID-19 vaccines. : politics

President-elect Joe Biden's Transition: Live Updates - The New York Times

Why Biden Needs to Throw the Book at Trump. Healing Cannot -- and Should Not -- Occur Without Prosecution
Trump's Dilemma: Who Will Give Him Asylum Now? The best candidate, by far, is Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, the despotic ruler of North Korea. : politics
Aides speculate if Trump will travel to Mar-a-Lago for holidays and never return : politics

Eschaton: Oh No Cavuto -- Joe Biden now clearly the President-elect of the United States = -It's so silly that what the little heads who talk to Donald from inside his teevee say is newsworthy, but it is.

Opinion | J. Michael Luttig: No, President Trump can't pardon himself - The Washington Post

Dr. Lance Dodes: Trump is "delusional at the core," will live in "fantasyland till the day he dies" : politics
Trump doubles down on false claim he's won two elections and calls US third world country : politics
Trump's fired election-security chef compared the president's false claims about voter fraud to Russian disinformation : politics

Trump's Bogus Legal Cases Are Inciting Armed Mobs : politics

Trumps options dwindle as safe harbor deadline looms

In Bonkers SCOTUS Bid, Texas Tries To Sue To Overturn WI, PA, GA and MI Election Results | Talking Points Memo
Trump asks Pennsylvania House speaker for help overturning election results, personally intervening in a third state - The Washington Post
More than 1000 lawyers call for Giuliani'S strike force to be disbarred for election fraud conspiracies : politics
GOP leadership rejects resolution acknowledging Biden as President-elect - CNNPolitics
Ted Cruz Wants to Toss Out 7 Million People's Votes. Appalling. : politics ... So a douche from Texas wants to argue against Pennsylvania law because he wants to make the guy who called is wife a cow happy? Hmm makes sense.

Trump is offering pardons 'like Christmas gifts' to people who don't even want them, according to a report : politics
Trump plots mass pardons, even to people not asking

Ivanka Trump ridiculed for posting photo of her father lined up on Mount Rushmore : politics

President Trump walks out on Medal of Freedom ceremony for legendary wrestler, ex-Iowa coach Dan Gable : politics (press was mean to him, the star of the show)

Whistleblower: Companies Building Trump's Wall Smuggled In Armed Mexican Guards : politics

Trump blows a hole in the GOP on his way out : politics
88% of House and Senate Republicans refuse to publicly acknowledge the obvious: Joe Biden won : politics
No One Expects Civility From Republicans : politics
Joyce Vance: Republicans had one last chance to choose country over party, and they chose Trump : politics

Pompeos spent over $40K in taxpayer funds for State Dept dinners : politics

'What Can We Do to Fix It?' Trump Reportedly Offered to Help Pennsylvania GOP Attempt to Overturn Biden Win | "It may not be working, but this is still dictator stuff, and let's not ever let ourselves get used to it." : politics
Trump asks Pennsylvania House speaker for help overturning election results, personally intervening in a third state : politics
Kemp recertifies Biden win in Georgia after recount : politics
Activists warn Georgia county closure of early voting sites for runoffs harms voters of color most : politics
Twitter jokes that Kelly Loeffler and Ann Coulter are the same person after Georgia runoff debate : politics
A Black Michigan lawmaker criticized Giuliani's voter fraud claims. Now she's getting racist, lynching threats. : politics

Dems and Rural Voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - And I think it misses the point because to admit the point is to have to reckon with what you don't want to deal with: the fact that most of our white neighbors are horrible racists who are completely comfortable with the rise of fascism in America.

Senate Dems Ask FBI for Full QAnon Threat Assessment : politics

There's a Nonzero Chance Trump's Presidential Library Will Be a Theme Park With Rides Like Witch Hunt Mountain : politics

Trump appointee who oversees Voice of America refuses to cooperate with Biden transition team - The Washington Post Michael Pack, who has headed the U.S. Agency for Global Media since June, has defied requests

Prominent evangelicals are directing Trumps sinking ship. That feeds doubts about religion. (mebbe not worship Satan?)

Incognito Cops Roamed the Streets Amid Summer Protests. The Defense Bill Will Put a Stop to It.

Gov. Northam signs 'Breonna's Law' banning no-knock search warrants: Virginia is the first state to ban no-knock search warrants in response to Breonna Taylor's death, according to Gov. Northam's office. : politics

California police officers would have to be 25 or get bachelor's degree under new proposal : politics

He Pretended to Be Trumps Family. Then Trump Fell for It.

Eschaton: America's Worst Democratic Congressmen (Masshole fucks things up as usual)

Store clerk shoots armed man and woman who tried robbing store in Illinois : news

Former student sues Portsmouth Abbey, claiming she was abused by a teacher and duped by the school - The Boston Globe

Am I an Addict? Addiction Self-Test | Healthy Life Recovery

Experts are sounding the alarm about the dangers of gas stoves -- Quartz
Gas Stoves: Health and Air Quality Impacts and Solutions - Rocky Mountain Institute

The Skeletons at the Lake | The New Yorker

Undocumented immigrants far less likely to commit crimes in U.S. than citizens - Crime rates among undocumented immigrants are just a fraction of those of their U.S.-born neighbors, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis of Texas arrest and conviction records. : science

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy reduces activation in brain regions related to self-blame in patients in remission from depression. These areas of the brain are linked to emotions such as guilt and embarrassment. Reduced self-blame from this therapy was linked to greater self-kindness. : science

[Serious] What lead to the most intense orgasm of your life? : AskReddit

Google is facing a mounting rebellion from its employees over the dismissal of AI ethics researcher Timnit Gebru. : worldnews


Former Israeli space security chief says aliens exist, humanity not ready - The Jerusalem Post This "Galactic Federation" has supposedly been in contact with Israel and the US for years, but are keeping themselves a secret to prevent hysteria until humanity is ready.
'Magical' monolith appears on Isle of Wight beach in the UK : worldnews

Water Futures to Start Trading Amid Growing Fears of Scarcity - Bloomberg

Great Barrier Reef has deteriorated to 'critical' level due to climate change : worldnews

'Devastating': more than 61,000 koalas among 3 billion animals affected by bushfire crisis : worldnews

Over 250 scientists from 30 different countries call on policy makers to take action to prevent societal collapse : worldnews

Last month was the hottest November ever as Europe had its warmest fall on record : worldnews

Americans Struggled to Maintain Social Distance for Thanksgiving, Cellphone Location Data Shows : Coronavirus
It's Time to Scare People About Covid

MA COVID-19 Data 12/7/20 : boston (10.5%+ 30 deaths 2463 new cases)

State reports 2,463 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 30 new deaths Monday - The Boston Globe

ER doctor who criticized Trump's actions to be removed from Walter Reed schedule - CBS News

Leading Covid-19 vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna decline invitations to White HouseVaccine Summit
Trump Officials Passed When Pfizer Offered to Sell More Vaccine Doses in Late Summer (he thought it would make him look bad, now too late)
When and where? How vaccines will roll out in US
` We Had the COVID-19 Vaccine the Whole Time
Repurposed flu treatment could help stop community spread of COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Woman receives 3 false COVID-19 results before testing positive : Coronavirus

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee - The New York Times The selection of Dr. Jane M. Orient as federal health officials are trying to promote a vaccine to end the coronavirus pandemic prompted harsh criticism ... A doctor who is skeptical of coronavirus vaccines and promotes the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment will be the lead witness at a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing
Anti-Vaccine Scientist Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee : politics
UN Secretary General says misinformation on Covid-19 is shadow pandemic: worldnews
Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine : Coronavirus

The rich infected the poor as COVID-19 spread around the world : Coronavirus

Airflows inside passenger cars and implications for airborne disease transmission : Coronavirus

Covid deaths eight times higher than those from flu or pneumonia : Coronavirus

Ohio State Study Finds Specific Proteins Inhibit Or Enhance Virus That Causes COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Monulparivir, the drug that "completely" stops the spread of coronavirus in 24 hours : worldnews
A blood test has been developed that can predict whether Covid patients will need intensive care or are even likely to survive shortly after they develop symptoms.
COVID-19 one year on: The Taiwanese scientist who tried to warn the world of coronavirus : Coronavirus

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: I will not eat indoors in a restaurant because the Covid risk is too high : Coronavirus
Every week of lockdown increases binge drinking, study finds : Coronavirus

Agents raid home of fired Florida data scientist who built COVID-19 dashboard DeSantissent the Gestapo ... FDLE agents with guns drawn at home of woman fired over COVID-19 data.
Rebekah Jones, fired DOH employee, tweets video of police serving a warrant at her home : Coronavirus (guns pointed at her kids for refusing to lie for DeathSentence)
Rebekah Jones, fired DOH employee, tweets video of police serving a warrant at her home - Tampa Dispatch - They pointed a gun in my face. They pointed guns at my kids. They took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country. They took evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was about a security breach. This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo.
Rebekah Jones on Twitter: "1/ There will be no update today. At 8:30 am this morning, state police came into my house and took all my hardware and tech. They were serving a warrant on my computer after DOH filed a complaint. They pointed a gun in my face. They pointed guns at my kids.." / Twitter
#Deathsantis - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Nursing home staffers attended a 300-person superspreader wedding. Now six residents have died. : Coronavirus

Over half of NYC firefighters would refuse COVID-19 vaccine, survey finds : Coronavirus

ICU space shrinks across California; weekend cases smash records : Coronavirus
California coronavirus shutdown will last through Christmas as hospitalizations surge past 10,000 : Coronavirus
In an alarming new record, daily COVID-19 cases surge to 10,500 in L.A. County : Coronavirus

Maskless crowd at high school football game prompts apology from Oklahoma district : Coronavirus

El Paso runoff candidate in Saturday;s election dies after battle with Covid-19 - KVIA : Coronavirus
Coronavirus is ravaging Colorado nursing homes and other senior care centers again, killing hundreds more : Coronavirus

Defiant NYC Bar Closes Temporarily, Co-Owner Accused of Breaking Deputy's Legs Vows Innocence : Coronavirus

Indiana had the worst COVID-19 infection rate in the US last week : Coronavirus

South Korea warns of 'medical collapse' as it races to control coronavirus surge : Coronavirus

Tulum's Burning Man Became a COVID Superspreader Event

The Swedish Experiment - Lawyers, Guns & Money It seems as if the Swedish Experiment has reached its end. The steps taken to save the economy by killing a lot of people have gone bad ... Sweden's total coronavirus death count crossed 7,000. Neighboring Denmark, Finland and Norway, all similar-sized countries, have recorded since the start of the pandemic 878, 415 and 354 deaths respectively. For the first time since World War II, Swedens neighbors have closed their borders with the country ... Meanwhile, Sweden' laissez-faire pandemic strategy has failed to deliver the economic benefits its proponents had predicted. (7000 dead for nothing)

Bird flu outbreak in Japan spreads to fifth prefecture. : worldnews
1 Dead, 292 Fall Sick In Andhra Pradesh Due To Mysterious Disease : worldnews
WW1 trench fever identified in former homeless man in Canada : worldnews

Assemblywoman who said mayor groped her loses seat in recall vote : Japan : worldnews

Beijing may have built bases in the South China Sea, but that doesn't mean it can defend them, report claims : worldnews
China is "wiping out a whole generation of Hong Kongers," rights group warns, after activists jailed for protests : worldnews

Russian Physicist Working On Hypersonic Aircraft Arrested For High Treason : worldnews
Love, Offshores, and Administrative Resources: How Marrying Putin's Daughter Gave Kirill Shamalov a World of Opportunity - OCCRP

Israeli police cleared in shooting of maimed Palestinian boy : worldnews 13-yr old boy throwing stones was killed by an army and its a footnote. (Jewfuckers)
May God give us patience: Palestinians mourn child killed

A satellite-controlled machine-gun with "artificial intelligence" was used to kill Iran's top nuclear scientist, a Revolutionary Guards commander says. : worldnews
Iran's top banker says US blocking COVID-19 vaccine purchase : worldnews

Greek police detain dozens to stop march in memory of slain teen : worldnews

Belarus Opposition Continues Rallies Despite Harsh Crackdown : worldnews

Italy's Forrest Gump: Man argues with wife and walks 450 km to cool off : worldnews

Maduro claims sweep of boycott-tainted poll, wins control of Venezuelan congress : worldnews

Two-thirds of Britons say UK bungled 2nd wave of Covid-19, over half call govt's response to crisis National Humiliation : worldnews
90,000 London children to be homeless this Christmas, London Councils warn : worldnews (Toryfucked)
UK Metroplitan police faces legal action over spies' use of dead children's identities : worldnews (ACAF)
Police officer who retired after novichok poisoning 'fighting for pension', says wife : worldnews (Toryfuckers)
Royal Navy's new aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales stranded in Portsmouth for six months after second flood : worldnews
Manchester Arena attack: Jailed terrorist Hashem Abedi has admitted involvement in planning bombing, inquiry told : worldnews
UK races to deport asylum seekers ahead of Brexit : worldnews
Registrars have right to object to gay marriage says Labour equalities spokesperson : worldnews (religious freedom to be an asshole)

Budget furniture giant IKEA said it has taken the emotional decision to end a seven-decade tradition and discontinue its catalogue, one of the world's biggest annual publications, as shoppers move online. : worldnews

Mexican president proposes stripping immunity from US agents : worldnews

NSF releases footage from the moment Arecibo's cables failed : worldnews

Social Security Administration is preparing to bar 500,000 Americans from getting benefits | TheHill
The Coming Wave of Evictions Will Significantly Worsen America's COVID-19 Crisis - The Appeal

Trump's Dismantling of the Open Skies Surveillance Program Is a Priceless Gift to Russia : politics (now, why would he do that?)
Trump bails on surveillance treaty used to monitor Russia, guts program of resources : politics
Pentagon advisor resigns in protest, saying the Trump administration is putting the nation 'at risk' by purging posts to fill them with loyalists : politics

Democrats' push to investigate Trump won't stop when he leaves office : politics

The Supreme Courts Dangerous New Crusade Against Science Is Just Beginning - Even the pope sees the problem with holding crowded services during a pandemic. But five justices now see a conspiracy against religion in any effort to respect science.

Live Updates: Biden Presidential Administration Transition - The New York Times
If Biden wants to unite the country, one thing is clear: Dump the corporate lobbyists : politics
Biden Picks Xavier Becerra to Lead Health and Human Services - The New York Times The selection of Mr. Becerra, the California attorney general, is a surprise
To rebuild CDC, Biden picks Rochelle Walensky - POLITICO The chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital will take a top role in helping the new administration curtail the coronavirus pandemic.
Biden's post-election stock bump tops Trump's : politics

Electoral function: Donald Trump lost, and its about to be official : politics

Washington Must Grant Puerto Rico Statehood, Finally : politics

Trump is reportedly planning a made-for-TV exit on Air Force One from the White House to a rally on Inauguration Day, hoping to pull viewers from Biden : politics
Donald J. Trump Presidential Library

Attorney general William Barr to step down before end of Trump's term in final blow to president : politics

What If Trump Is Trying To Break the GOP? - The Bulwark The future of the Republican party is an endless series of loyalty tests and Trump family vendettas. Good luck.

Stelter: Trump's 'junk-food' news diet is contributing to his downfall : politics

How close did we come to a second Trump term? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (if the nazi clowns were just slightly less incompetent, America would be toast)
The Places That Had the Biggest Swings Toward and Against Trump - The New York Times

Federal judge upholds Michigan election: 'The people have spoken' : politics
MI SOS Says Dozens Of Armed Individuals Swarmed Outside Her Home While Shouting Graphic Threats : politics
Michigan Secretary of State says armed protesters gathered outside her home : politics

Arizona Legislature shuts down after Giuliani possibly exposed lawmakers : politics

What The Polls Say About Georgia's Senate Runoffs | FiveThirtyEight
'Perdue Pleaded the Fifth': Ossoff Debates Empty Podium as GOP Senator No-Shows Amid Scrutiny Over Stock Trades | "It shows an astonishing arrogance and sense of entitlement for Georgia's senior U.S. senator to believe he shouldn't have to debate at a moment like this in our history." : politics
Kelly Loeffler disqualified herself at Sunday nights debate (Steal the Election : iow, a refuck)
How Kelly Loeffler got backed into admitting Donald Trump lost - CNNPolitics
Kelly Loeffler Did Her Best Robot Rubio Impression at the Georgia Senate Debate - Raphael Warnock did not seize on it, and the moderators allowed the loop to play throughout. By Charles P. Pierce Dec 7, 2020
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "Kelly Loeffler is like an SNL parody of a politician with negative charisma. It's awkward to watch." / Twitter
Kemp tells lawmakers they cant overturn results of Georgia's election

First Lady Melania Trump Announces Completion of the New White House Tennis Pavilion | The White House

Conservative nonprofit group challenging election results around the country has tie to Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis - The Washington Post

High Court Turns Away Case on Transgender Student Bathroom Use - Bloomberg

Bob Dylan Sells His Songwriting Catalog in Blockbuster Deal - The New York Times Universal Music purchased his entire songwriting catalog of more than 600 songs in what may be the biggest acquisition ever of a single act's publishing rights.

The Death of Zappos's Tony Hsieh: A Spiral of Alcohol, Drugs and Extreme Behavior - WSJ

The Man Who Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure

'Mank': What Really Happened in the 1934 California Governor's Race - The New York Times

Higher inflammation, as measured by cytokine activity in blood, was related to worse attention control, but five weeks of meditation training improved attention control. The study suggests that the immune system influences cognitive processes. : science

How the Fine-Structure Constant Shapes the Universe - The Atlantic Give it up for 1/137.

Girls of reddit, What's something guys see done in porn that you wish they would stop trying to do in real life? : AskReddit

What animal do you hate the most? : AskReddit

5G Truthers Bought Faraday Cages to Protect Their Routers. They're Mad They Worked. : worldnews


Japanese spacecraft successfully returns asteroid sample to Earth : worldnews

Winter Storm Batters New England, Leaving 200,000 Without Power : news

A gamble pays off in spectacular success: How the leading coronavirus vaccines made it to the finish line -- The astonishing, 11-month sprint harnessed new technology that will pave the way for other vaccines and breakthrough medical treatments.
Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca covid vaccines: What you need to know - The Washington Post
Operation Warp Speed chief predicts significant decrease in deaths among elderly by end of January
Dr. Deborah Birx: Trump's COVID Myths are Undermining Public Health Response : politics (destroyed in comments)

MA COVID-19 Data 12/6/20 : boston (6%+ 48 deaths 4747 new cases)
covid-19-dashboard-december-6-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Anyone know more about the latest Cambridge Biobot sewage testing? : CoronavirusMa Supposedly went up SEVEN-FOLD

Dr. Ashish Jha castigates the Baker administration - "Over past 6 weeks, I've gone from uncomfortable to aghast at lack of action...They must see different data because no rational explanation for lack of action" : CoronavirusMa
Dean of Brown Public Health: MA has more new COVID cases per capita than GA, FL, TX; "I've gone from uncomfortable to aghast at lack of action" : boston
Boston coronavirus positive test rate crosses city's 'threshold for concern' - Boston Herald - December 5, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
Bay Staters who got COVID, how do you think you caught it? Were you completely surprised, or were you doing something something that could potentially infect you (indoor gatherings / meals etc)? : boston

Public Transit Faces Huge Service Cuts Across U.S. - The New York Times

Are more people freezing their eggs during the pandemic? - The Lily

Sun Sentinel Investigation: Gov. Ron DeSantis Ordered Public Health Officials Not To Discuss The COVID-19 Virus With The Public : politics

Opinion | Covid-19 Came for the Dakotas - The New York Times (Refucks came to kill everybody : the heart of the big sort`)

Wyoming health official says 'so-called pandemic' a communist plot : news

Former Alabama Sen. Larry Dixon died from COVID. His last words were a warning. : Coronavirus

This doctor just perfectly debunked anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories in one minute flat : Coronavirus

Riverside County sheriff slams Gov. Newsom, vows not to enforce lockdown order : Coronavirus

A man went for a 280 mile walk to calm down after an argument with his wife. He was then fined for breaching coronavirus lockdown regulations. : Coronavirus

Eight Michigan hospitals at 100% capacity, 15 at 90% or more : Coronavirus

Our Kids Are the Sacrifices: Parents Push Schools to Open

Covid-19: The World Watches as Russia and Britain Lead the Way in Mass Vaccinations : Coronavirus

Compulsory face masks almost halved German Covid-19 cases : worldnews

Long a Holdout From Covid-19 Restrictions, Sweden Ends Its Pandemic Experiment - WSJ

If you don't think Covid is real, you're an idiotsays Canadian politician

How Iceland hammered COVID with science. Iceland's science has been credited with preventing deaths COVID-19 the country reports fewer than 7 per 100,000 people. It has also managed to prevent outbreaks while keeping its borders open, welcoming tourists from 45 countries since mid-June. : worldnews

'We were sexually harassed at Myanmar's new year party' - BBC News

Chinese coal miners killed by carbon monoxide poisoning : worldnews

Japan, France and U.S. plan their first joint military drills for May : worldnews
Britain to send aircraft carrier strike group to waters near Japan : worldnews

Saudi prince blasts Israel at Bahrain summit, calls it a 'Western colonizing' power that 'incarcerated Palestinians in concentration camps' - Israeli minister replies: 'This doesn't reflect the spirit of change in the Middle East'
More Netanyahu protests as Israel edges toward snap election : worldnews
Netanyahu's reaction to Bidens victory is appalling (defund the Jewish apartheid state)

Erdogan to face human rights scrutiny next week, EU says : worldnews

Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei hands power to son due to health : worldnews (imanocracy)

Uganda police say they regret firing live bullets that killed more than 50 people during demonstration against the arrest of opposition politician Bobi Wine : worldnews

Thousands of anti-Lukashenko protesters march in Belarus, dozens detained : worldnews

Ethiopia's Tigray Crisis: Why Nobel laureate Abiy Ahmed sent his troops to battle : worldnews

Kazakhstan government is intercepting HTTPS traffic in its capital : news

500 kilogram WWII bomb sparks evacuation in Frankfurt. Thousands of residents from the Gallus district of Germany's financial capital, Frankfurt, were told to leave their homes in preparation for the safe removal of a British 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) World War II bomb on Sunday. : worldnews

Police in Italy have arrested 19 people accused of running a smuggling ring bringing migrants to Europe. : worldnews

Protesters return to French streets to denounce police violence; tear gas fired : worldnews
Violence erupted in Paris on Saturday for the second consecutive weekend at a mass protest against a new security law, with demonstrators clashing with police, vehicles set alight and shop windows smashed : worldnews

Scotland's harsher animal cruelty penalties comes into force including longer jail term and unlimited fines : worldnews

UK races to deport asylum seekers ahead of Brexit : worldnews
We won't be cash cows : UK students plan the largest rent strike in 40 years
Roald Dahl's family apologises for his antisemitism | Roald Dahl : worldnews

Striking Peruvian workers temporarily erected new blockades on the Pan-American Highway on Saturday, a day after they had ended a five-day blockage following the shelving of a controversial agricultural law. "We want to solve the salary issue" : worldnews

Drug smugglers from Venezuela, who lied about being U.N. workers, crash jet with cocaine in Honduras. : worldnews

Biden will team up with Europe to be tougher on China than Trump : politics
Pentagon spy agencies to meet with Biden transition team - The Washington Post

Trump's Operation Warp Speed promised a flood of covid vaccines. Instead, states are expecting a trickle. : politics
Trump fails to deliver on his promise of 300 million vaccines in 2020 : politics

Alec MacGillis on Twitter: "This graph is stunning. We still haven't even made it back to the level of job loss at the worst point of the Great Recession. @crampell:" / Twitter
Eschaton: They Misunderestimated It From the beginning, the usual voices were saying that everything would be fine, that we would just turn the economy off and then back on again ... Very Serious People know that the worst thing you can do is err on the side of helping people too much. Poorer people, of course, there's always money in the banana stand for the yacht crowd. The impulse is always, at best, to do just enough, instead of just a little bit more just in case.

McConnell Faces New Pressure for Big Stimulus After Grim Unemployment Report: 'Political Games Costing Lives' : politics

He's the president-elect, sir : Chris Wallace corrects Trump health secretary on Biden's title
ABC's Stephanopoulos to GOP senator on presidential race: 'Why can't you accept the results' : politics

Biden Cabinet Picks Belong to Him, Not to the Senate - Bloomberg The Constitution expects senators to defer to the presidents hiring decisions. (MitchBitch and Ms Lindsey say they get to decide)

Eschaton: Thoughts and Prayers NEW: Rudy Giuliani, the President's personal attorney and former Mayor of New York, has tested positive for COVID-19 according to President Trump.
Giuliani, Trumps personal lawyer, tests positive for coronavirus, president says
Rudy Giuliani potentially exposed hundreds to Covid-19, doctor says - CNN Video
Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Rudy Giuliani admitted to hospital after COVID-19 diagnosis: Sources : Coronavirus
Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus, Trump says : news
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "At another point Giuliani, who exposes himself to coronavirus like normal people breathe air, asked a woman sitting next to him to take her mask off" / Twitter
Ali A. Rizvi on Twitter: "Rudy Giuliani has COVID-19. Now watch this." / Twitter

Trump seems depressed and is doing little work apart from pursuing his election fraud claims, report says : politics ("work")
A miserable end to a miserable presidency : politics

Barr Is Said to Be Weighing Whether to Leave Before Trumps Term Ends
Judge Jeanine calls Bill Barr a reptile as Trumpworld turns on his attorney general : politics

Trump's wild Inauguration Day exit

The Devil Went Down to Georgia - The Bulwark The president of the United States asks his supporters to overturn a free and fair election through extralegal means. What could possibly go wrong?
The devil went down to Georgia - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Reporters at Trump's Georgia rally had to enter 'RiggedElection!' as the WiFi password to a network titled 'Make America Great Again' : politics
Donald Trump tells supporters he has 'never lost an election', in his first rally since losing the US election : politics
'If I lost, I'd be a very gracious loser,' Trump said during a rally where he falsely claimed he won an election that he lost : politics
Trump claims at Georgia rally that he won Wisconsin, five days after Wisconsin certified Biden's win : politics
Trump bizarrely claims to be the only one who likes cucumbers : politics (up his butt)
MyPillow Guy Wigs Out At Trump Rally, says People Will Go To Prison For Georgia Vote
Tapper blasts Trump's Georgia rally: If only he went after the virus the way he does democracy : politics

'Every Day Was Like a Veep Episode': The Veepiest Moments of the Trump Era : politics

A federal appeals court unanimously shut down a conservative lawyer's attempt to block Biden's presidential win in Georgia : politics
Arizona Legislature 'cannot and will not' overturn election, Republican House speaker says : politics

Letter: GOP lawmakers guilty of sedition : politics

Court Losses Pile Up For Trump In 6 States : NPR Within a span of hours, the legal teams of Trump and allied Republicans lost challenges in courts in six states.

GOP senator privately concedes 'it's political suicide' to admit Biden won : politics ... Who would have thought a political party whose currency is fraud, lies, and conspiracy theories would end up like this?

Trump's false fraud claims are laying groundwork for new voting restrictions, experts warn : politics

Trump's bold moves raise fear of 'destructive' final days in office : politics

New York tenants sue Donald Trump for rent fraud scheme affecting up to 14,000 apartments in buildings owned by his father : politics

Rudy Giuliani celebrated a recent Michigan ruling as a 'big win' for Trump's election team. It was actually about a local marijuana measure. : politics

Corporations Paying Lawmakers to Outlaw Protest Is a Crime Against Democracy : politics

Michigan lawmaker posts voicemails saying she should be lynched
Susan J. Demas: How does Michigan's Legislature come back from last week's conspiracyfest? - Michigan Advance
SNL Parodies Rudy Giuliani and Melissa Carone's Disastrous Hearing

Georgia governor rebuffs Trumps call for special session to overturn election results, top official says

Democrats bet Perdue's stock trades can sway runoff : politics
Perdue Says the SEC Totally Exonerated Him, a Thing the SEC Cannot Legally Do : politics
After losses on Election Day, Democrats have a second shot in Georgia. Here's their winning formula for the Senate : politics
Loeffler and Warnock to meet in Georgia Senate debate : politics
Trump urges Brian Kemp to nullify will of Georgia voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money Your reminder that the vast majority of Republicans are perfectly OK with this behavior:

The Republican Plan for the Next Four Years Isn't Normal : politics (normal for them: fuck everything up as much as possible)

New Jersey gala attended by Rep. Matt Gaetz that ignored COVID rules prompts restaurant closure : politics
New Jersey gala attended by Rep. Matt Gaetz that ignored COVID rules prompts restaurant closure - Los Angeles Times (for the pic, he's so gay)

McCarthyism was never defeated. Trumpism wont be either.

White Evangelicals Made a Deal With the Devil. Now What? : politics (the Gates of Hell)

Obama: Democrats need 'universal language' to appeal to moderate voters : politics (said President Centrist)

Joe Biden's already more popular than Trump's ever been - CNNPolitics
How Joe Biden's Digital Team Tamed the MAGA Internet - The campaign's empathetic digital strategy held up surprisingly well against President Trump's passionate digital following. ("passionate" = totally insane")

Opinion | Two cheers for the Never Trump conservatives - The Washington Post perhaps 8 million of President-elect Joe Biden's more than 81 million votes came from self-described conservatives, and 3 million from Republicans

Trump supporter arrested for assault after firing a gun into crowd of counter-protesters
Sheriff: Defiant NYC bar owner struck deputy with his car

Trump Lost, But My Brother's Still in a Far-Right Militia : politics (and a drunken, drug-addicted, abusive asshole)

Contractors working on Trump's border wall are pointlessly blowing up chunks of Arizona that they won't have time to actually build on, campaigners say : politics

Right-wing users flock to Parler as social media giants rein in misinformation : politics ("Pornler")

A Powerful Reporter Got Away With Sexual Misconduct for Decades. His Paper, and His Union, Looked the Other Way. - The New York Times Michael Fuoco was a bigfoot reporter with a fiery personality and a reputation for harassing young women. No one seemed to want to rein him in.

"On the Government Website:" An Expert Critic's Examination of Van Morrison's Anti-Lockdown Songs - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Rumors of Rahm Emanuel Joining the Biden Administration Have Angered Left the Here's Why : politics ... Teen Vogue is honestly better than just about every other news magazine.

Evil clowns have been sighted all over America since 1981.
Another Monolith has popped up in Melbourne, Australia. Pretty sure it's not native! : pics Clown drive phenomena

Atypical forms of dementia are being diagnosed more often in people in their 50s and 60s - The Washington Post - behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD)

Drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days : news

Quantum Breakthrough: New Device is 100,000,000,000,000x Faster Than Leading Supercomputer, Researchers Say : worldnews

CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing successful for a patient with Sickle Cell Disease and another patient with transfusion dependent --Thalassemia - More than a year later, both patients had clinically improved and no longer needed blood transfusions. (NEJM, 5 Dec 2020) : science

How do protons and electrons ACTUALLY merge into neutrons? : askscience

Scientists confounded by new findings on universe's mysterious dark matter | Flash News : worldnews

Drinking alcohol blocks the release of norepinephrine, a chemical that promotes attention, when we want to focus on something, in the brain. This may contribute to why drinkers have difficulty paying attention while under the influence. : science

Jupiter and Saturn will come within 0.1 degrees of each other, forming the first visible "double planet" in 800 years : news

Drinking blocks a chemical that promotes attention : news

Court Suspends Copyright Troll Lawyer From Practicing Law : technology

Psychologists/ psychiatrists of reddit, what's the most scared or creeped out you've ever been from a patient? : AskReddit

Library removes LGBTQ books from kids section : news

(19) World History - Quora - Why was the British Empire so effective at colonization?

Mastercard to investigate allegations against Pornhub : news

Ransomware gangs are now cold-calling victims if they restore from backups without paying | ZDNet : worldnews

More than 1,000 Google employees have signed a letter demanding answers from leadership after a top AI researcher was suddenly fired : technology
Nicolas Le Roux on Twitter: "Now might be a good time to remind everyone that the easiest way to discriminate is to make stringent rules, then to decide when and for whom to enforce them. My submissions were always checked for disclosure of sensitive material, never for the quality of the literature review." / Twitter ("do evil all the time")


U.N. Warns 2021 Is Shaping Up To Be A Humanitarian Catastrophe : worldnews
U.N. chief calls on humanity to end 'war on nature' : worldnews (Republicans: "we'll just nuke nature ... oh wait")
Europe can hit climate neutrality goal at net-zero cost: report : worldnews

World's biggest iceberg captured by RAF cameras : worldnews
Australia's Great Barrier Reef status lowered to "critical" and deteriorating : worldnews
As Amazon deforestation hits 12 year high, France rejects Brazilian soy: Brazil's current top soy importer plans to grow more at home : worldnews

The world's first space garbage truck will be Swiss. : worldnews

India Doubles Its Tiger Population in Just 12 Years : worldnews

The Virus Is Devastating the U.S., and Leaving an Uneven Toll - The New York Times The United States saw the most new coronavirus cases of the pandemic on Friday, with deaths and hospitalizations also rising. Underlying conditions largely determine who survives.
US Coronavirus: The country hit a record 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases. And the impacts of Thanksgiving will only make things worse, experts warn CNN - Masks Work - Lawyers, Guns & Money America's patchwork response to COVID, with the federal government having long since checked out, needless to say has had awful consequences. But it has provided a natural experiment to make clear that masks are effective:
Corona Virus Spread Over Time from r/dataisbeautiful : CoronavirusMa
COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in the U.S. this week, report says : Coronavirus
54% of Americans know someone who has died or been hospitalized: Survey : Coronavirus
Federal Officials Project 100 Million Vaccinated, 450,000 Dead in U.S. by February : Coronavirus ... 620,000 died in the civil war . We kind of got our own civil war going on between ignorance and science
Two people dying every minute: US COVID-19 deaths shatter more records : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/5/20 : boston (7%+ 41 deaths, 50K+ active)
5,356 New Confirmed Cases; 54,199 Active Cases; 5.40% positive, 7.45% non-higher ed, 18.92% pos tests/new individuals tested; 1,428 hospitalized; 41 deaths; 78% hospital capacity (+2); 63% ICU capacity (+0); - December 5 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-5-2020 : CoronavirusMa

Massachusetts coronavirus totals: Charts tracking the cases in every county - Boston Globe Media [non paywall site] - November 3, 2020 6:49 PM : CoronavirusMa

More Restrictions? State Officials Calling on Baker to Act as COVID Cases Hit Record Numbers: We need at least 30 days of temporary restrictions on gathering sizes, non-essential indoor activities [...] we have reached the tipping point - NBC Boston - December 4, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
COVID-19 infections tied to near-maskless meeting at State Police headquarters : boston

Nantucket COVID-19 surge continues: 64 new cases reported Friday - The Inquirer and Mirror - December 5, 2020 : CoronavirusMa

Bats are carrying other coronaviruses that could transmit to humans, says Wuhan's expert virologist : worldnews
IBM detects hacking ploy to target COVID vaccine supply : worldnews
Team behind Oxford Covid jab start final stage of malaria vaccine trials : worldnews
Coronavirus vaccine may give people immunity for 90 days, scientists estimate : worldnews
Oral Drug Blocks SARS-CoV-2 Transmission, Georgia State Biomedical Sciences Researchers Find : Coronavirus
Georgia State Researchers Find Oral Drug That Stops Coronavirus Spread In Animals : Coronavirus
Younger Adults Cautioned to Take COVID-19 Seriously as Demographics Shift : Coronavirus
Another Reason to Wear a Mask: COVID-19 May Cause Erectile Dysfunction : Coronavirus

New study identifies cognitive factors linked to the use of pseudoscientific practices to fight COVID-19 : Coronavirus

SoCal ICU capacity drops below 15%, triggering stay-at-home order : Coronavirus

Video Shows Passengers Applauding as Anti-Masker Escorted Off Frontier Airlines Flight : Coronavirus
Griffin Frank on Twitter: "The plane erupted in applause after the mask-less woman was taken off. Someone even called her Karen -" / Twitter

South Dakota governor mocks Joe Biden's message as COVID deaths rise by 47% in 2 weeks : politics - "Some have said that my refusal to mandate masks is a reason why our cases are rising here in South Dakota, and that is not true"

National New Mexico shut down nearly everything to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed by covid. It wasn't enough.

Oregon doctor's license revoked over refusal to wear mask during pandemic : Coronavirus

Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly axed for appearance at anti-mask rally : Coronavirus
East Lake Fire Commissioner arrested in Key West after mask ordinance violation : Coronavirus

Wyoming health official says 'so-called pandemic' a communist plot : Coronavirus

COVID didn't scare him. Four months later, he's recovering from a double lung transplant. : Coronavirus

The coronavirus has come roaring back into Brazil, shattering illusions it wouldn't : Coronavirus

South Korea diplomat says hard to believe North Korea has no COVID-19 cases : worldnews

Argentina has passed a new tax on its wealthiest people to pay for medical supplies and relief measures amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. : worldnews

Japan's 10-Year Cancer Survival Rate Rises to 58.3% : worldnews -- By type of cancer, the 10-year survival rate for prostate cancer was the highest at 98.8%, followed by breast cancer at 86.8% and thyroid cancer at 85.7%. - The worst was pancreatic cancer at 6.2%, followed by liver cancer at 16.1% and gallbladder or bile duct cancer at 19.1%.

Anger, violence after fake money handed out in '$100k cash drop' : worldnews

China tweet that enraged Australia propelled by 'unusual' accounts, say experts : worldnews
'Appalling' and 'grim': World leaders react to sentencing of Hong Kong activists : worldnews
Activist held in China after retweeting 'ink girl' video of defaced Xi Jinping poster : worldnews
Norway's central bank deputy governor Jon Nicolaisen resigns over China ties : worldnews
U.S. ends exchange programs with China, calling them 'propaganda' : worldnews

Nepal nationwide protests to call for restoration of monarchy : worldnews

Legendary Afghan pilot in hiding after U.S. reverses decision to help him flee Taliban : worldnews (see: Kurds)

Israeli forces fatally shoot Palestinian child during village protest : worldnews
Palestinian teenage detainee hospitalised with broken jaw after beating in Israeli prison : worldnews
Bahrain says it won't allow imports from Israeli settlements : worldnews
Normalisation with Israel requires Palestinian state: Saudi FM - Prince Faisal bin Farhan quashes speculation that Saudi Arabia may be set to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel. : worldnews

Iran's supreme leader transfers power to son as health deteriorates : worldnews (so, Muzfuck King)

Acting head of the Serbian Orthodox Church hospitalized for COVID-19 one month after his predecessor died of COVID-19 : worldnews

Uganda: Police Regret Using Live Bullets During Protests : worldnews ... Kill 50 people and all you have to do is "apologise"

Berlin refuses Japan's request to remove "comfort women" statue : worldnews (very dark)

Manny Pacquiao Takes Step Towards Philippines Presidency : worldnews (the best sports-heads to run your country)

Guests at Brussels 'daddy orgy' thought cops were part of the act, host claims : worldnews ... David Manzheley said some of the 30 male guests had "tried to unzip the pants of the policemen because they thought that the raid was part of the orgy" ... following what Manzheley suspected was a tip-off by a rival sex party organiser in Brussels ...

Why the Gerhard Sabathil spy probe fell apart : worldnews

Macron attacks 'big lie' that France is eroding freedoms - France 24 : worldnews (Macaroni goes with the big lie)
Macron on authoritarian claims: we're not Hungary, Turkey : worldnews (low bar, dude)

Chance of a Brexit deal is no higher than 50%, say UK sources : worldnews
British Woman, 32, CLEARED after having sex with 14-year-old boy : worldnews

Collapse of illegal gold mine in Nicaragua traps at least 10 : worldnews
Peru's Congress on Friday repealed a farming law that had triggered days of roadblocks and other protests by striking workers. The protesters erupted with joy and immediately began lifting the blockades that had choked many stretches of the north-south Pan-American Highway : worldnews

"The families soon realized that although they now had clear evidence of murder, even that was not enough to spur authorities to act. And they would come to see that this was all by design." New mass graves created by state police discovered in Mexico : worldnews

Canadian Government quietly made 'back door' agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste. Campaigners, scientists say Trudeau government showed 'bad faith' by using loophole on plastic waste : worldnews

'Havana Syndrome' likely caused by microwave energy, government study finds : worldnews
Report Points to Microwave Attack as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies

U.S. sells more than $175 billion in weapons to foreign governments, nearly 3% higher than last year : worldnews

Federal Judge Delivers 'Huge Victory' for Immigrants, Ordering Trump Administration to Fully Restore DACA : politics
Judge Requires the Government to Explain Why Undisclosed Data on Missing Separated Parents Was Not Provided Sooner : politics (Stephen Miller, crimes against humanity)
Forcing trans people to submit medical proof for a passport ruled unconstitutional by federal judge : politics

Unnamed Pentagon officials blast the use of anonymous sources
Opinion | Ben Ginsberg: Here are the election reforms we need, because America won?t be so lucky next time - The Washington Post

Biden officially secures enough electors to become president : politics
Biden speaks to a nation in crisis as Trump remains silent : politics
Biden laughs off Trump not coming to his inauguration : politics

Sanders opposes bipartisan COVID-19 relief deal, calling it 'not acceptable' as it lacks payments for Americans : politics (Pelosi needs to go)

Eschaton: Oh No They Fired Henry Kissinger Too much fucking perspective on things.

Trump's Final Days of Rage and Denial - The last act of the Trump presidency has taken on the stormy elements of a drama more common to history or literature than a modern White House.
Trump Consumed With 'Narcissistic Crusade' Over Election Loss -- Slammed for Silence on Surging Pandemic : politics

Historians sue Trump administration to stop bonfire of records in the Rose garden | Screenshots are not complete copies of presidential records, they say. : politics

GOP Hail Mary for Congress to overturn Trump loss has Senate Republicans cringing: "A pretty wild idea" : politics
Backing Trump, Some Ex-Military Officers Spread Conspiracies, Urge Martial Law : politics
221 congressional Republicans won't say whether Biden or Trump won the election, Washington Post survey finds - The Washington Post (lock the rest of them up)

The Political World Starts To Move On From Trump : politics ("political world" = NPR)

Trump sued by N.Y. apartment tenants alleging years-old rent scheme : politics

State Supreme Court rejects move to nullify election; federal judge calls idea 'bizarre' : politics
Trump-Appointed Judge Denies Appeal to Give Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Voting Machine Access : politics
A Judge Just Shot Down 25 of the Trump Campaign's Conspiracy Theories in Nevada : politics
Donald Trump's brutal day in court - Several of the most devastating opinions, both Friday and in recent weeks, have come from conservative judges and, in some federal cases, Trump appointees.
As lawyers keep pushing Trump election challenges, calls for sanctions mount : politics

Deadline Detroit | Giuliani's Michigan witness Mellissa Carone harassed, sent sex videos to boyfriend's ex

Eschaton: Soon These Stories Will End The worst people trapped in hell with all the other worst people.

Faith shaken in system, Trump's Georgia supporters consider skipping U.S. Senate runoffs : politics
Georgia Democratic senator receives death threats after election hearing
Trump Reportedly Called Kemp A 'Moron' And A 'Nut Job' In Phone Call To Aides -- President's repeated attacks against a fellow Republican raise fears that Trump could end up threatening chances of GOP Senate candidates in runoff (keep it up, moronic nutjob)
Georgia GOP Senators Get The Grinch Treatment In Damning New Attack Ad : politics
Trump Is Spreading the 'Dead People Voting in Georgia' Lie onFacebook: Every day Facebook fails to correct the record and demote election disinformers in its algorithm, it rips the fate of this pivotal election out of voters hands." : politics

Bar association opens probe into Florida attorney after Channel 2 investigation : politics

We'll Be Stuck With Trump's Postmaster General for a While - Louis DeJoy is likely to last well into the Biden administration.

Ivanka Trump: New combative President's daughter sparks questions about her future - CNNPolitics

AOC attacked Trump and Republicans on Twitter over rising college costs, arguing that many lawmakers didn't understand students' financial struggles : politics

Joe From Scranton Didnt Win Back the Working Class -- An economic analysis of the counties that Joe Biden won and lost shows how the two parties are continuing to realign.

Rev. George William Rutler Investigated Over Sexual Assault Accusation - The New York Times Prominent New York Priest Is Investigated Over Sexual Assault Accusation - The Manhattan district attorney's office said it was investigating the Rev. George William Rutler after a security guard said he attacked her at his church ... a well-known figure in the world of Catholic conservatism, and has been outspoken in his criticism of liberalism and the pontificate of Pope Francis. (voted for the pussy-graber)

Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves - The New York Times undefined

Gitanjali Rao, 15-year-old Colorado student and scientist, is named Time's Kid of the Year : worldnews

Brain implants in monkeys offer hope for restoring vision in blind people : worldnews

World's four largest space agencies published 20 studies on Nov. 25 investigating genetic, biochemical and physiological changes in 56 astronauts, making it the largest study of astronauts to date. It's a turning point in space biology and aerospace medicine" : worldnews

We read the paper that forced Timnit Gebru out of Google. Here's what it says | MIT Technology Review


Climate change is resulting in profound, immediate and worsening health impacts, over 120 researchers say : worldnews
New Zealand PM declares climate emergency - joining 30+other countries, pledges to be carbon neutral by 2025 : worldnews
Global soils underpin life but future looks bleak, warns UN report : worldnews
The world is running out of sand, and you need to care : worldnews
Australia's Great Barrier Reef critical due to climate change : worldnews

Denmark stops new oil adventures in the North Sea, and order existing rigs to shut down by 2050 : worldnews

'We lost everything:' Central Americans flee north after back-to-back hurricanes : worldnews

North American farmers profit as consumers pressure food business to go green : worldnews

Myanmar monk offers temple sanctuary for threatened snakes : worldnews

Japan spacecraft approaches Earth to drop asteroid samples : worldnews
A Chinese space probe has left the surface of the moon to return to Earth, bringing with it the first samples of lunar rock to be collected in four decades. : worldnews

A 9/11 every day - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The U.S. Has Passed the Hospital Breaking Point - The Atlantic A new statistic shows that health-care workers are running out of space to treat COVID-19 patients.

MA COVID-19 Data 12/4/20 : boston (11.4%+ 37 deaths
covid-19-dashboard-december-4-2020 : CoronavirusMa
5,192 New Confirmed Cases; 51,371 Active Cases; 5.44% positive, 7.48% non-higher ed; 1,394 hospitalized; 37 deaths; 80% hospital capacity (+4); 63% ICU capacity (+2); - December 4 : CoronavirusMa

More Mass. Residents Than Ever Have The Coronavirus. Where They Caught It Is The Mystery - WBUR - December 4, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
Buckle up folks. This is only the beginning. I'm a bit tired of our elected officials playing the blame game. : CoronavirusMa

Opinion | When Can I Get a Coronavirus Vaccine in America? - The New York Times
Pfizer halves vaccine supply estimate, blaming it on the supply chain. : worldnews

Repurposed Antiviral Drugs for Covid-19 Interim WHO Solidarity Trial Results

Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany - 20 days after becoming mandatory face masks have reduced the number of new infections by around 45%. Economic costs are close to zero compared to other public health measures. : science
Those not wearing masks violating other citizens Fundamental Rights: Supreme Court of India : worldnews (America: death, liberty and freedumb)

The State Level Trumps - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is a hard-hitting piece on the horrible leadership of Kim Reynolds and other Iowa Republicans on COVID-19.

Florida investigation finds governor misled public on Covid as cases rose : politics
Matt Gaetz among dozens of Republicans attending secret party despite COVID surge : politics

Actress Letitia Wright criticised for sharing vaccine doubter's video : worldnews

Italy bans Christmas travel: Between Dec 21 and Jan 6, Italians will only be allowed to move between regions for work, medical reasons and emergencies. : worldnews

Germany says it dealt with COVID-19 so well that some people doubted the virus' existence, and broke the rules. It just reported its highest daily death toll, at 487. : worldnews

Family in South Australia find live koala in their Christmas tree : worldnews
Calls for a royal commission after report reveals backpackers paid $3 an hour on NSW blueberry farms : worldnews

Chinese reporter calls GOP Senator a 'bitch' after her Tweet claims China has a 5,000 year history of cheating and stealing. : worldnews ... Marsha Blackburn has a "cognitive level is still as low as a monkey" (true)
China to expand weather modification program to cover area larger than India. In the next five years, the total area covered by artificial rain or snowfall will reach 5.5 million sq km, while over 580,000 sq km (224,000 sq miles) will be covered by hail suppression technologies : worldnews
US intelligence director says China is top threat to America : worldnews ... "I think America is currently the biggest threat to America."
China turns on nuclear-powered artificial sun , ten times hotter than the real thing : worldnews
China has done human testing to create biologically enhanced super soldiers, says top U.S. official : worldnews (said idiot John Ratcliffe)
U.S. toughens visa rules for Chinese Communist Party members: State Department : worldnews
Chinese dissident targets Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, others after report says they lobbied to weaken forced labor bill : worldnews

Japan's Mega-Size Missile-Defense Destroyers Could Be Some Of The Toughest Warships In Asia : worldnews

Vietnam protests Taiwan's illegal drills on Spratly Islands in the South China Sea : worldnews

Indian school teacher wins $1 million Global Teacher Prize for promoting girls education, says will share half with fellow finalists : worldnews
Govt orders Wikipedia to remove link showing incorrect map of India, says sources : worldnews

Bangladesh set to relocate Rohingya refugees to remote cyclone-prone island : worldnews

Arzoo Raja, 13-year-old Pakistani Christian abducted and forced to convert and marry : worldnews

Iran's Zarif says nuclear deal 'will never be renegotiated,' rules out new talks : worldnews

Egyptian model arrested for indecent photoshoot in front of pyramid : worldnews
Egypt arrests: Three human rights members released from detention : worldnews

Massive explosion at Engen Oil Refinery in Durban : worldnews

47-Year-Old Man Jailed For Life For Raping 14-Year-Old Stepdaughter In Calabar, Nigeria : worldnews
The police have discovered another baby factory in Ogun State, Nigeria. : worldnews
Real-life Mowgli found in Rwandan jungle among wild animals, eats grass and can't speak. : worldnews

Israel urges citizens to avoid Gulf, cites Iran threat : worldnews
Presidency condemns settler's attempt to burn down Gethsemane Church | Israel / Palestine : worldnews

Serbia unearths mass grave from Kosovo war : worldnews

Poland and Hungary, as a retaliatory action, bet on vetoing the EU budget, as well as coronavirus recovery package for the member states. : worldnews
Hungarian right wing media figure spoke about a former comrade-in-arms who "uses" little boys in Thailand. : worldnews

Norway excavates a Viking longship fit for a king : worldnews

France eyes shutting dozens of mosques suspected of 'separatism' : worldnews
France: 76 mosques face closure, 66 migrants deported : worldnews
French police union calls for charges against Black man whose beating by police sparked outcry : worldnews
France security law incompatible with human rights, say UN experts : worldnews (Macaroni's fascist takeover hits some bumps)
Surgeon sentenced to 15 years in France's biggest ever paedophilia case : worldnews (300+ victims)
France could veto 'bad' Brexit trade deal : worldnews
Brexit deal must be acceptable to all 27 EU members, Charles Michel says : worldnews

'High-value' business travellers to be exempt from quarantine in England : worldnews
Bank of England criticised for losing track of 50bn of banknotes : worldnews

Canada introduces bill to apply UN Indigenous rights declaration : worldnews
RCMP could easily identify officers accused of sexual assault, says former Supreme Court justice | "Like the Catholic Church, they just move them to another parish. I have a list [of RCMP officers] who have been found guilty up to 15 times. Those people have been promoted." : worldnews (cop rape culture)

More than 400 lawmakers from 34 countries back 'Make Amazon Pay' campaign : worldnews

As lawmakers move toward stimulus deal, 3.9 million Americans are long-term unemployed : politics
Why the U.S. dollar is trading at a 2 1/2-year low : politics
Eschaton: Jerbs : BREAKING: U.S. added 245,000 jobs in November, vs 440,000 expected
Live Market Updates: Stocks Climb as Stimulus Talks Continue - The New York Times

Fauci says he accepted Biden's offer to be chief medical adviser "on the spot" : politics
274,000 Dead, and Trump Obsesses Over Election Conspiracy Theories. Where's the Outrage? | A 9/11 a day and ... meh?
'What the Hell Are They Doing?' Outrage as GOP Tries to Adjourn House With Millions Going Hungry, Covid Surging : politics

Scott O'Grady: Trump Pentagon nominee spreads debunked conspiracies and tweets suggesting Trump declare martial law - CNNPolitics

The size of Joe Bidens victory matters. And it is huge.

Trump mulls preemptive pardons for up to 20 allies, even as Republicans balk - POLITICO The clemency would be unprecedented, and some Republicans are expressing initial hesitation. But theyre not telling Trump to stop.
Amicus Brief in US v. Flynn Challenges Trump's Pardon of Flynn as Corrupt and Unconstitutional : politics
Report identifies key players in alleged Trump pardon scheme : politics
Giuliani furiously denies discussing pardon with Trump : politics
Rudy Giuliani erupts over lawmaker's pardon question [VIDEO] : politics
They went to Jared's Lawyer - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Odd that the series finale would also bring back this character:

Mask-free President Trump confers medal to mask-free Lou Holtz, who's recovering from covid-19 : politics

I'm Not Saying Donald Trump Is Planning a Coup, but He's Doing Exactly What Someone Would Do if They Were Planning a Coup : politics
Is this a coup? Home of the Coup-o-meter

Trumps live tweets show he is increasingly watching Fox's fringe-right competitors | Media Matters for America (over more off the sanity cliff)

Star witnesses turn Rudy Giuliani's voter fraud hearing into a "Saturday Night Live" dress rehearsal : politics
Parker Molloy on Twitter: "Decided to mix in clips of the nSNL Girl You Wish You hadn't t Started A Conversation With at a Party character. It's uncanny." / Twitter

Trump's plant in the DOJ has been barred from the building after she harassed staff for evidence of election fraud, report says : politics

Donald Trump can -- and should --be stopped from running in 2024 | This is the moment to send a clear message that democracy need not supply its enemies with the means to destroy it

Fired Trump Cybersecurity Official Debunks President's Election Fraud Lies, One By One : politics

Claims of 'voter fraud' have a long history in America. And they are false : politics

Judges turn back claims by Trump and his allies in six states as the presidents legal effort founders

Trump Is Reportedly On the Verge of Firing Bill Barr : politics

Why the Trumpists Calls for Dictatorship Should Worry Us : politics

Trump is worried that he may be prosecuted in New York after he leaves office : politics (coming for your fat ass, traitor bitch)

Trumps Used Bogus Election Claims to Raise More Than $200 Million After Election Day : politics
Giuliani's witness at voter fraud hearing just got off probation for computer crime, reports say : politics
Sidney Powell's Georgia Kraken Filing Began by Saying Dominion Flipped Votes from Biden to Trump : politics
Analysis | Giuliani boasts about finally providing evidence of fraud (which doesn't appear to be evidence of fraud) : politics

Trump raises $495 million since mid-October, including a massive haul fueled by misleading appeals about election fraud : politics

Ivanka Trump gave "highly misleading" defense in inauguration corruption probe: DC attorney general : politics
Ivanka Trump is accused of letting her father's inauguration committee overpay a Trump hotel. Now she's calling the investigation 'a waste of taxpayer dollars.' : politics
Ivanka Trump Is Extremely Testy About Accusations the Trump Organization Ripped Off Inauguration Funds : politics

Melania - Woman of Many Faces : pics
Trump Wears Glasses? Photog Snaps Rare Photo Of The Presidential Peepers. | HuffPost Trump reportedly does not like to be seen wearing reading glasses.
The RNC Shelled Out $300k for Don Jr.s New Book : politics

Trumps Covid response has been great human tragedy, says Romney : politics ... at least 130K to 210K Americans died under him. In other words, Trump has killed more Americans than Al Queda and ISIS put together. SMH.

'No fake news:' Biden and Harris sit down for a 'very normal' interview with Jake Tapper : politics

The 2020 popular vote puts Biden's win over Trump in a new light : politics

What's the future of the G.O.P.? You're looking at it -- and it's bonkers.

The House Just Voted to Decriminalize Weed : politics

'What did you do?': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clashes with Marco Rubio on Twitter over PPP loan data : politics

A Gathering Political Storm Hits Georgia, With Trump on the Way - The New York Times

Georgia Was a Big Win for Democrats. Black Women Did the Groundwork. : politics
Trump, Pence to campaign in Georgia as Senate runoff turnout concerns grow among GOP : politics
David Perdue's smarmy new Fox News interview showcases the Trump effect : politics
Sen. David Perdue Bought Stock in Opioid Alternatives While His Senate Committee held Opioid Crisis Hearings : politics
U.S. bank lobby spends $1 million on ad blitz for Republican Perdue in Georgia U.S. Senate runoff : politics
Warnock leading Loeffler, other Georgia Senate runoff race deadlocked: poll : politics
Ga Republicans Forced To Counter don't Bother Voting Sentiment At Fox Town Hall : politics

AP, NPR and others suddenly sounding all tough on Trump, but its too little and too late

Investigation into Multiple Allegations That Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr., Failed to Comply with His Ethics Agreement and Violated Conflict of Interest Laws : politics

RNC's highest-paid vendor of the 2020 election: A mystery company formed nine months ago | Digital Consulting Group made $42 million in eight months for media and marketing services. But who's behind it? : politics

Idaho's Anti-Handout Lt. Governor Got $300K From COVID Program : politics
Church of Scientology, worth billions, took at least 30 PPP loans : politics

Amending the 13th Amendment: Lawmakers aim to end legalized prison slavery : politics

ICE Is Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Divulge Its Sources

California Republican lawmaker accused of rape by former legislative aide: Patricia Todd is at least the sixth woman to accuse Brough of sexual assault or harassment in the past 10 years. : politics

Tony Hsieh's American Tragedy: The Self-Destructive Last Months Of The Zappos Visionary

Murdoch's son and daughter-in-law spent millions on progressive causes in 2020 cycle : politics

Opinion | The Children of Pornhub - The New York Times

The Timely Pessimism of Reinhold Niebuhr - Lawfare

All Hail the Monolith Obelisk - YouTube

Astronomers unveil most detailed 3D map yet of Milky Way : worldnews

Watch This Google Hacker Pwn 26 iPhones With a 'WiFi Broadcast Packet of Death' : worldnews

Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I. - The New York Times


2020 is a 'preview' of how bad things can get if we don't fix climate change, other systemic problems: Lancet report | In 2018 in the U.S. alone, pollution caused more than 68,000 people to die prematurely. : science
Bill Gates just released a plan for US leadership on climate change, including $35B in funding : politics

Biggest solar flare in three years is sign sun is waking up : worldnews
Confirmed: Navys previously unreported 2019 Triangle UFO incident

UN chief denounces suicidal failure to tackle climate change : worldnews
UN calls on humanity to end war on nature, go carbon-free : worldnews

UK Approves Covid-19 Vaccine which was tested on 43 thousand people. Only 94 contracted the virus. : worldnews

More Americans died from COVID-19 yesterday than the number of people killed on 9/11 : Coronavirus
One American is dying of COVID-19 every 30 seconds : Coronavirus
U.S. virus deaths have passed the spring peak.
Covid live updates: U.S. coronavirus cases, hospitalizations set records - The Washington Post
The US reports 3,100 coronavirus deaths in one day -- 20% more than previous record : news
Five graphics that help explain the severity of the pandemic right now - The Boston Globe
The US reports 3,100 coronavirus deaths in one day -- 20% more than previous record : Coronavirus
True Pandemic Toll in the U.S. Reaches 345,000 : Coronavirus
412,000 Missing Deaths: Tracking the True Toll of the Coronavirus Outbreak : Coronavirus
Introducing Code Purple - Giving Map

US expects 100 million people vaccinated by February : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 12/3/20 : boston (10.2%+ 49 deaths
Mass. reports 6,477 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 49 new deaths - The Boston Globe
6,477 New Confirmed Cases; 49,225 Active Cases; 5.29% positive; 20.01% positive new individuals; 49 deaths; 1,324 hospitalized; 76% hospital capacity; 61% ICU capacity - December 3 : CoronavirusMa
covid-19-dashboard-december-3-2020 : CoronavirusMa
6,477 new COVID-19 cases, 49 additional deaths reported in Massachusetts

Baker says high number of COVID-19 cases in state shows widespread community transmission - The Boston Globe

New Covid waste water chart...woof : boston
MWRA update looking pretty grim : CoronavirusMa

If MA were its own country, it'd be the 4th richest in the world. With that in mind, does anyone know what the plan is with PUA ending soon and no federal stimulus on the horizon? : boston (PCI, #1 in states)

Its past time to close houses of worship : CoronavirusMa

Japan study finds 98% of COVID-19 patients had immunity six months later : Coronavirus
No, the Moderna and Pfizer RNA vaccines for COVID-19 will not permanently alter your DNA : Coronavirus
No Symptoms Shown in Over One-Third of COVID-19 Infected Children : Coronavirus
Remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, and interferon regimens had little or no effect on hospitalized patients with Covid-19, as indicated by overall mortality, initiation of ventilation, and duration of hospital stay. : science

Where are people getting this idea that masks are just a conspiracy to control us? : CoronavirusMa

Melinda Gates: This pandemic has exposed our nations broken caregiving system
Pandemic is pushing America's 911 system to breaking point ambulance operators say : Coronavirus
'Dealing with a lot:' Suicide crisis calls mount during COVID-19 pandemic : Coronavirus

EU pushes for 'right to disconnect' from work at home : worldnews

The Epicenter - The New York Times As winter turned to spring, the coronavirus hit a corner of Queens harder than almost anywhere else in the United States.

Social Distancing Plummeted In Lead-Up To Fall Surge, Survey Finds : Coronavirus

'Covid ended our marriage': The couples who split in the pandemic : Coronavirus

Large crowd gathers in New York to protest a bar shut down. : Coronavirus
Server takes glass to the face after Edmonton pub customer reminded of mask bylaw : news
'I'm 23 years old and I just had a stroke': Arizona man goes viral after COVID-19 experience : Coronavirus

Some Pennsylvania counties have few or no ICU beds left amid COVID-19 surge, says health official : Coronavirus

Iowa Is What Happens When Government Does Nothing : Coronavirus

Kristi Noem's grandmother died in a nursing home hit by COVID-19 as the South Dakota governor continued to downplay the virus : politics (they have no soul and no heart)

Canadian intelligence: 3 countries spread virus lies Russia, China and Iran are behind dangerous misinformation campaigns about coronavirus, the intelligence agency responsible for keeping Canadians safe said in a report made public Thursday.

Italy, Govt to ban travel during Christmas : Coronavirus

Sweden says no need for face masks as COVID-19 deaths top 7,000 : Coronavirus

France, world's most vaccine-sceptic country, warily eyes Covid-19 shots : worldnews

Petition to 'free' Afghan war crimes whistleblower David McBride reaches 36,000 signatures - McBride has been charged with 5 national security offences for revealing war crimes committed by Australian soldiers : worldnews

China threatens lasting punishment as Biden backs Australia : worldnews
China buys first Indian rice in decades amid scarce supply | China has begun importing Indian rice for the first time in at least three decades due to tightening supplies from Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam : worldnews
U.S. bans cotton imports from China producer XPCC citing Xinjiang 'slave labor' : worldnews

The UAE and Israels whirlwind honeymoon has gone beyond normalization
A Saudi prince detained in a guarded villa in Riyadh without any formal charges has been moved to an "undisclosed location." The move marks an escalation in the nearly three-year detention of Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz, highlighting the kingdom's defiance of international pressure for his release : worldnews

Boxer Manny Pacquaio Could Be Next President of the Philippines. Seriously. : worldnews

Indigenous people block Trans-Amazon Highway protesting industrial drought : worldnews

Colombia Is Considering Legalizing Its Massive Cocaine Industry; There are 200k coca growing farmers. The state would buy coca at market prices. The programs for coca eradication each year cost $1 billion. Buying the entire coca harvest each year would cost$680M. It costs less to buy it all. : worldnews

Naked man flashes behind notoriously anti-LGBT Lithuanian MP during online meeting : worldnews

Private spies reportedly infiltrated an Amazon strike, secretly taking photos of workers, trade unionists, and journalists. Now a union is taking legal action. : worldnews (Stinkertons in Spain)

Thousands Sign Up to Throw Eggs at Margaret Thatcher Statue : worldnews
Explosion sees 'serious incident' declared in Bristol, UK, with casualties confirmed : worldnews

Undercover footage from Ontario pig farm shows alleged abuse. Whistleblower investigation may be the last before the province's ag-gag law takes effect, the second law of its kind in Canada. : worldnews

Trump administration to label China greatest threat to national security : worldnews (said the biggest threat to national security)

Biden Asks Dr. Fauci To Join His Team; Will Urge 100 Days Of Mask Wearing : politics

Trump Promises To Defund The Entire Military, If Congress Won't Let Him Punish The Internet For Being Mean To Him : politics
Donald Trump has lost more than 200,000 Twitter followers since election day : politics

US jobless claims remain high at 712,000 as virus escalates
3,000 Americans died from COVID-19 yesterday, with 100,000 more in hospital. The president was obsessing over an election he lost a month ago. : politics
Biden Endorses $908 Billion Covid Relief Plan as Down Payment : politics
Fauci to have first "substantive discussions" with Biden transition officials - CBS News

A girl came to the U.S. border with reports of sexual abuse. ICE expelled her, citing COVID-19 : politics

Mike Pompeo to host 900-person Christmas party despite Covid surge : politics ... "I bet the location will have color-coded rooms and a mysterious figure in red who walks through the party as midnight approaches."
Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties after subordinates are warned against hosting non-mission critical events

Trump escalates baseless attacks on election with 46-minute video rant - The Washington Post
The most petulant 46 minutes in American history - The Washington Post
Trump Releases 46 Minutes Of Lies Falsely Asserting Fraud In 2020 Election : politics
CNN boycotts Trump's epic 46-minute propaganda speech : politics
Trump suggests after Supreme Court gets involved in bizarre Facebook election revote video : politics
Trump address using charts to prove election was rigged is widely mocked with Twitter memes : politics
The big lie from Donald Trump | TheHill "we won Michigan by a lot!" ... almost half of Republicans expect Trump to be inaugurated in January.
Tim O'Brien: Trump's 'mind is on fire with the reality' that he will no longer have the presidential safety-net : politics
My God, He's Completely Insane : politics
Republican congressman tells Trump to 'delete your account' after he tweets a 45-minute speech repeating baseless voter fraud claims : politics

Trump's grievances feed menacing undertow after the election

Trump is said to be livid at Barr, with one official suggesting termination possible : politics
Trump's advisors are frantically trying to stop him from firing Attorney General Barr as the president's fury hits a boiling point : politics
Barr had 'intense' meeting with Trump after AG's interview undercutting voter fraud claims: Sources : politics
He stopped loving him today - Lawyers, Guns & Money As was predictable, Bill Barr deciding to secure his parachute as the gas leaks out of the Trump Organization blimp may well result in his getting to test it early:

Pardoning Giuliani Would Put Trump in Legal Jeopardy : politics
Pardon my criminal kids : PoliticalHumor

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is urging Republicans to boycott the Georgia Senate runoffs, even though the party desperately needs the votes : politics
Trump 'Fraud' Witness Also Believes Ghosts Are Haunting His FamilyJesse Morgan became a mini-hero on the right after testifying about ballot fraud. His past claims are similarly dubious.
Florida attorney reportedly under investigation after telling Republicans to change 'your address for the next 2 months' for Georgia runoffs : politics
Roger Stone Says North Korean Boats Delivered Ballots Through Maine Harbor As Trump Boosts Fraud Claims : politics ... Yes, the North Koreans sailed across the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, stayed and chilled with Castro for a couple days, and went right up the East Coast to MAINE to personally deliver fake ballots. Makes complete sense, Roger.

Freshly pardoned Michael Flynn shares message telling Trump to 'suspend the Constitution' to hold a new presidential election : politics

Mike Pence Backs Away From the Trump Election Fraud Train Wreck : politics
Lindsey Graham begs Trump legal team to "prove" their claims as lawsuits fail in court : politics

Trump's lamee-duck pardons will all be legal, no matter how corrupt they look: There's no way to challenge or overturn any of his pardons unless he gives one to himself.

'They have not earned your vote': Trump allies urge Georgia Republicans to sit out Senate runoffs : politics
Arizona Gov Confirms Trump Was On The Line When He Ignored Phone Call : politics

Mary Trump said she thinks her uncle genuinely believes he won the election, and that he's the only person she knows 'who can gaslight himself' : politics

Michael Cohen on How 'Monster' Trump Will Undermine Biden

Kayleigh McEnany isn't aware of anything : politics

Sanders Slams McConnell for Pushing '3-Martini Lunch' Deduction and Zero Relief for 26 Million Hungry Americans : politics
Bernie Sanders Calls Betsy DeVos Worst Education Secretary in US History : politics

Katie Porter, Esquire, Tears Steve Mnuchin, Smug Prick, a New Asshole : politics
Elizabeth Warren on Twitter: "I've known @RepKatiePorter since she was a law student in my bankruptcy class 20 years ago. To answer your snotty question, Sec. Mnuchin: not only is Rep. Porter a lawyer, she can run circles around you and any of your legally questionable and morally bankrupt policy failures." / Twitter

Conservative think tank Idaho Freedom Foundation received $130,000 in PPP money : politics

Postal Service Delays Disenfranchised Thousands of Legally-Cast Ballots This Fall : politics

Election officials warn Trumps escalating attacks on voting are putting their staffs at risk
Florida attorney under investigation for registering to vote in Georgia, encouraging others to do the same : politics
Trump campaign's star witness in Michigan was deemed not credible. Then, her loud testimony went viral. : politics
How Is Trumps Lawyer Jenna Ellis Elite Strike Force Material?
Trump aide banned from Justice after trying to get case info -- Heidi Stirrup (yeah, another central-casting character)

Democrats took a risk to push mail-in voting. It paid off : politics

QAnon supporters think Biden's medical boot is hiding ankle monitor following secret arrest : politics

Ivanka Trump was deposed Tuesday in DC attorney general's inauguration lawsuit : politics
Ivanka Trump says she was deposed for 5 hours in inaugural spend probe. Here's what she failed to mention : politics

Substantial Likelihood Of WrongdoingBy VOA Parent Agency, Government Watchdog Says

Trump reportedly derailed a GOP meeting about the Georgia Senate runoffs by praising QAnon : politics

Opinion | The Conspiracy Theory That Could Hand Joe Biden the Senate - POLITICO ... There is no evidence that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are secretly working for the Democratic National Committee, but no one has definitively disproved it, either.
Trump roils Georgia GOP as party waits to see if presidential visit helps -- or hurts -- in crucial Senate runoffs
Ex-U.S. Attorney asks Georgia to investigate Sen. Lindsey Graham : politics
Opinion | David Perdue has troubles - The Washington Post
The Runoff Report: Poll: Ossoff and Perdue about even, Warnock slightly leading Loeffler : politics
Republican Sen. David Perdue's stock portfolio shows he'd occasionally make at least 20 trades in one day, per a New York Times investigation : politics ... but, but, AOC tweets!
Scope of GOP senator's 'prolific' stock trades comes into view | Did David Perdue not consider how his "prolific" and ethically dubious investment strategy this might look to voters? : politics
The Federal Elections Commission has questions for Sen. David Perdue : politics ... I am sure Georgia conservatives love Perdue & Loeffler getting richer by playing the markets using privileged information while they get sick and die. It just cracks me up to see these yokels railing against coastal elites while getting fleeced by their own moneyed class

We Cant Restore The Soul Of The Nation With Rahm Emanuel In Public Office
Potential HHS Nominee Gina Raimondo Has a 'Mixed' Record on Abortion - The Rhode Island governor engineered a budget deal in 2015 that stripped abortion coverage from thousands of families

The Elect - Lawyers, Guns & Money Fintan O'Toole has a very interesting essay in the Dec. 3rd issue of the NYRB, on what exactly is entailed when one of the two major political parties in a democracy concludes that democracy presents an existential threat to that party:

Bill Clinton had to have close adviser explain the hit TV show Friends to him | Daily Mail Online - Clinton sabotaged Hillary's 2008 Presidential run

U.S. Used Patriot Act to Gather Logs of Website Visitors - The New York Times

Unpacking secret encrypted messages between men involved in alleged Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot : politics

Florida Masseuse Ordered to Pay $31,573 After 'Soliciting' Robert Kraft To Commit ProstitutionThe women he patronized now have criminal records.
American Justice - Lawyers, Guns & Money Meanwhile, all charges against Kraft were dropped in September

Shock Doctrine: Higher Education Version - Lawyers, Guns & Money Colleges and universities around the nation are using COVID-19 related budget crises to double down on their long existing attack on the humanities and social sciences.

Rembrandt's own mortality -- seen in another artist's face

More than 2.5 miles of cliff paintings found hidden in the Amazon rainforest show ancient hunter-gatherers killing Ice Age creatures : worldnews

Youth who develop higher levels of conscientiousness and emotional stability achieve greater success as young adults, with better income and career satisfaction. The study shows that teens are not just stuck with their personality traits, and positive change can have a big impact on their careers. : science

TIL humans often experience illusions of brain control over events we cannot actually change. While psychologists in the past thought this meant we evolved to be deluded, some neuroscientists now think these false beliefs are our s rational response to an uncertain and unpredictable world. : todayilearned

For the first time ever a quantum computer which is made from particles of light has outperformed even the fastest classical super computers : technology

What character death was satisfying to you? : AskReddit

What's the weirdest sex act you've ever done alone? : AskReddit

[Serious] What is your small town dark secret story? : AskReddit

Google spied on employees and fired them for unionizing, U.S. labor board says : worldnews


Humans waging 'suicidal war' on nature - UN chief Antonio Guterres : worldnews (hello 73 million Trumpsters)
New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern to declare climate emergency : worldnews

No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time : worldnews
Singapore becomes first country to approves sales of lab-made meat. Singapore is moving quickly to allow the sale of cultured meat, a move that fits into its broader food-security agenda. In response to the pandemic, Singapore is trying to produce 30% of its own food by 2030, up from under 10% today : worldnews

Cannabis Is Officially a Medicine, Following Historic UN Vote : worldnews

The monolith: Alien message or American weirdness? - The Boston Globe (monolith in Romania re-possessed by aliens)

America's COVID deaths may be equivalent to a 9/11 every day by Christmas : Coronavirus
Americans warned Covid risk to country at historic high : Coronavirus
Leaked government map reveals almost entire US is a Covid hotspot : politics
Fauci: U.S. could hit herd immunity by end of summer 2021 if Americans embrace virus vaccines : politics

MA COVID-19 Data 12/2/20 : boston (6.6%+ 46 deaths

4,613 New Confirmed Cases; 45,390 Active Cases; 4.94% positive; 19.8% positive new individuals; 46 deaths; - December 2 : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts reports highest single-day total of new COVID-19 cases with 4,613 : boston
Mass. reports 4,613 new confirmed coronavirus cases, highest one-day total reported during pandemic - The Boston Globe

Boston has seen the third-largest drop in rental prices amid the pandemic : boston

'These Are Deaths That Could Have Been Prevented,' Says Researcher Studying Evictions : politics

New study finds alcohol-free hand sanitizer stops COVID-19 just as well : Coronavirus

Opinion | Remote education is a failure - The Washington Post
Vast Majority of Remote Workers Now Talking About Mental Health at Work Due to COVID : worldnews

1 In Every 800 North Dakota Residents Now Dead From Covid (the big sort contiues)

Couple with coronavirus boarded SFO flight to Hawaii, arrested : Coronavirus

Oregon doctor and staff refuse to wear masks during pandemic, calling Covid 'common cold' : Coronavirus

Face masks reduced Tampa Bay coronavirus cases by 1.4 million, says USF professor : Coronavirus

Cases Drop 30% in England After Lockdown : Coronavirus

Covid Pfizer vaccine approved for use next week in UK : worldnews
Vladimir Putin orders mass vaccination to begin in Russia next week : worldnews

Interpol warns that COVID-19 vaccines could be targeted by criminals : worldnews

Canada PM Trudeau indicates U.S. border restrictions to last a long time : worldnews

Japan approves free COVID-19 vaccines for nation : worldnews

Nepal's female soldiers break taboos to tackle COVID crisis : worldnews

China concealed official figures, misled world on Covid outbreak : worldnews (not deliberately)
China successfully lands spacecraft on moon to retrieve lunar rocks : worldnews (claims the Moon belongs to them)
China's XXX files : 25 thousand people disappear each year, their organs are harvested : worldnews
Explained: How China is brutally eradicating Uighur Muslims from Xinjiang : worldnews
Genghis Khan's memory is erased from view as China cracks down on Mongolian culture : worldnews
Hong Kong university student leader arrested in early morning raid by 20 police officers
China crosses India's red lines, fast-tracks construction of road and 2nd village inside Bhutan's territory : worldnews

'Will not be bullied': citizens around the world told to buy Australian wine in stand against China : worldnews

WeChat blocks Australian Prime Minister in doctored image dispute : worldnews
Petition to 'free' Afghan war crimes whistleblower David McBride reaches 36,000 signatures : worldnews (exposed Australian war crime atrocities)
Backing Australia, US State Dept says China hit "new low" with doctored image : worldnews (said the fake US government)

India witnessed the biggest organized strike in human history. : worldnews

Turkish cop photographed killing Kurdish student walks free : worldnews

Alarm as execution looms for scientist on death row in Iran : worldnews

Brazilian bank robbers leave cash strewn across the streets to aid their getaway as residents rush to pick it up after spectacular raids on four banks across city : worldnews
Gunmen take control of Brazilian city, rob bank, leave thousands of Rials behind after explosion. : worldnews

Christian family killed and beheaded in Central Sulawesi; fire set to six chapels : worldnews

Nearly 100,000 refugees in Ethiopia in 'desperate need' of help as food runs out : worldnews
/u/bout_that_action gives a detailed and thorough account of war, famine and intrigue in Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Tigray stuck between the two. Bonus: Sudan. : bestof

UAE finds its voice within OPEC, complicating oil diplomacy : worldnews

Gantz says party will vote to dissolve Knesset, setting stage for new elections : worldnews
Israel transferred $1.14 billion in tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Wednesday, according to the Palestinian civil affairs minister : worldnews

Moldova's new president calls for Russian troops to withdraw from territory : worldnews
A man suspected of murdering dozens of elderly women detained in Russia : worldnews

Federal future for Cyprus is 'going nowhere': Ersin Tatar : worldnews (Furkey and Erdofuck)

Over 700 gang members in Central America arrested in U.S.-assisted actions : worldnews

An anti-gay Hungarian politician has resigned after being caught by police fleeing a 25-man orgy through a window : worldnews
Hungary's rightwing rulers downplay MEP 'gay orgy' scandal amid hypocrisy accusations : worldnews

Tearful mourners hold vigil in German city after drunk man kills five : worldnews

England wakes up to life after lockdown - and people head to Primark.England's lockdown is over and today shoppers used their new freedom to queue outside Primark before dawn to grab pre-Christmas bargains on Wild Wednesday and people were giddy with excitement about returning to the pub. : worldnews
UK takes step towards world's first nuclear fusion power station : worldnews
Black Lives Matter has increased racial tension, 55% say in UK poll : worldnews

Airbnb asked Canada for a bailout. Canada slapped Airbnb with a tax. : worldnews

Critics Smell 'Economic Sabotage' as McConnell Unveils Covid Plan With $0 for Unemployment Boost, Direct Payments : politics
More than half of emergency small business funds went to larger businesses, new data show : politics
Release of PPP loan recipients' data reveals troubling patterns - The Trump Organization and Kushner Companies are major beneficiaries of PPP loans (huge surprise)

Mitch McConnell's dark pivot: Wreck the economy and sabotage Biden's presidency

Trump's popular vote share drops below 47%, report says : politics
There Wasnt That Much Split-Ticket Voting In 2020

White House fires Pentagon advisory board members, installs loyalists - POLITICO
Pentagon blocks visits to military spy agencies by Biden transition team - The Washington Post

Trump to boycott Biden's inauguration and won't even invite him for White House visit - report : politics
Trump's 2024 begins ... "It's been an amazing four years. We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I'll see you in four years."
Trump rehashes vote-fraud claims for 46 minutes in his 'most important speech' ever : politics

Trump pardon: DOJ investigating potential presidential pardon bribery scheme, court records reveal - CNNPolitics ... The case is the latest legal twist in the waning days of President Donald Trumps administration
Trump Has Discussed With Advisers Pardons for His 3 Eldest Children and Giuliani - The New York Times Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is promoting baseless claims of widespread election fraud, talked about a pardon with President Trump as recently as last week.
Justice Dept. investigated potential bribery-for-pardonscheme involving White House

I Rememb--wait, what? : PoliticalHumor

Trump Threatens to Wreck Defense Bill Unless It Stops People Being Mean to Him on Twitter : politics
Why Does a Self-Proclaimed Billionaire Keep Begging for Donations? : politics

Suddenly Republicans want norms, ethics and "civility": Are they actually psychopaths? Trump is still trying to steal the electon -- ibut Republicans are now acting as if they never enabled this criminal
Removing Trump Is Not Enough. He Must Be Prosecuted. : politics

Trump Reportedly Considering Pardons For 3 Of His Children And Rudy Giuliani : politics (for all past, present and future crimes)
Fmr. FBI Lawyer: Why Would Trump's Kids Need 'Pre-Emptive Pardons'? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC : politics
Trump, Kushner, White House sued by watchdog to prevent illegal deletion of official emails, WhatsApp messages : politics
nside Ivanka Trumps failed attempt to have Congress secure her legacy (but she did fuck everything else up)
If Donald Trump pardons himself before he leaves office, will Joe Biden be able to undo it when he becomes president? : politics
What to do about that pardon Trump will grant himself : politics

Anderson Cooper Delivers Lengthy Takedown Of Donald Trumps Latest Con : politics

Historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Trump's coup is not over; his enablers aren't done : politics
Going "Back to Normal" Is Too Dangerous to Even Contemplate : politics

The Guy Appointed to Investigate the Russia Investigation Isn't Even Eligible for the Job Attorney: General Bill Barr appears to have broken Justice Department rules by appointing John Durham special counsel. : politics
Roger Stone accuses Bill Barr of "deep state" connection following voter fraud dismissal : politics
Lou Dobbs Accuses Bill Barr of Being Compromised and Part of the Deep State : politics (Lou Blobbhead)
Swing-state counties that used Dominion voting machines mostly voted for Trump : politics

Wisconsin Federal Judge Picks Apart Sidney Powell and Lin Wood's Lawsuit in Brutal Order

The naked corruption of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue : politics
2,596 Trades in One Term: Inside Senator Perdues Stock Portfolio
Hollywood Jumps In to Support Democrats in Georgia Senate Races: "There's a New South That's Rising" : politics (GA focusing attention, reality show inception)

Biden will carry Georgia after second recount: secretary of state : politics
Trump Inevitably Flips Out at Georgia Elections Official Who Begged Him to Stop Threats to Workers : politics
Trump Doubles Down On Attacks That Have Inspired Death Threats Against GOP Officials In GA : politics (live by the buffoon, die by the buffoon)

'Someone's Going To Get Killed': Election Official Blasts GOP Silence On Threats : politics
QAnon Left a Noose Outside a 20-Year-Old Election Worker's Home: Rather than condemning the death threats, President Trump doubled down on baseless conspiracy theories about election rigging. : politics

Trump Is Burning Down the GOP on the Way Out : politics

Trump Campaign Lawyer Joe diGenova Could Be Disciplined for Stunning Statement That Chris Krebs Should Be Shot : politics

Elizabeth Warren slams "unqualified billionaire" Betsy DeVos for criticizing student debt forgiveness : politics
'Bye-Bye, Betsy DeVos. You Won't Be Missed,' Says Sanders as Billionaire Education Secretary Attacks Push for Tuition-Free College : politics

Flynn Tells Us Who He Is Again : politics Last night, fresh off his pardon for past crimes, retired General Mike Flynn endorsed a call for President Trump to suspend the constitution and declare martial law.
Pro-Trump Attorney Lin Wood and Pardoned Michael Flynn Call for Trump to Declare Martial Law : politics
Lawyers Condemn Michael Flynn and Lin Woods Breathtakingly Morally Treasonous Call for Trump to Declare Martial Law and Hold New Election
Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis Lost Their Minds When Bill Barr Said Game Over, and Lawyers Had Some Thoughts : politics

Power Up: Ivanka Trump is leaving the White House. She may not leave politics. : politics

Dr. Kavita Patel: Dr. Atlas did more damage in 130 days than you could possibly imagine : politics

Obama: Broad slogans like "defund the police" lose people : politics
Barack Obama narrates new Jon Ossoff ad ahead of Georgia runoff: "Vote like our lives depend on it, because they do" : politics

Nevada governor: 'Unconscionable' for Trump to suggest Reno's COVID-19 surge unit 'fake' : politics
Doctor left stunned and disappointedand after Trump uses his image to falsely suggest Covid is a scam : politics

Mark Kelly to be sworn in as US senator, flipping Arizona seat from red to blue : politics

Barack Obama says DNC should give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a bigger platform as feud between progressives and centrists grows : politics
Obama says AOC should've been more prominent at Democratic National Convention : politics
AOC defends time spent on Twitter: Not all politics is envelopes to corporate CEOs for money | Congresswomans comments appear to be a swipe at her colleague, senator Joe Manchin : politics (another corrupt old asshole self-owns)
Katie Porter in heated exchange with Mnuchin: 'You're play-acting to be a lawyer' : politics (ditto)

Parlers got a porn problem: Adult businesses target pro-Trump social network ... #sexytrumpgirl

Authorities tie viral 'protesters needed' Craigslist ad to registered Republican : politics

'Tis The Season: Congress Looks To Sneak In Unconstitutional Copyright Reform Bill Into 'Must Pass' Spending Bill : politics

Confessions of a Clintonworld Exile | Vanity Fair ... Doug Band ... Clintonism was based on the baby boomer credo that you truly can have it all.

It Wasn't the First Time the NYPD Killed Someone in Crisis. For Kawaski Trawick, It Only Took Seconds 112 ProPublica
Federal judge finds Portland in contempt for violating order that limited use of tear gas, other munitions : politics

John Mulaney Says He Was Investigated by Secret Service After 'SNL' : television

u/kromem describes records of the Catholic Church covering up child sex abuse, dating back over a thousand years. Goes on to say abuse rates in other churches are about the same as evidenced by insurance rates. : bestof

San Francisco bans smoking inside apartments; pot smoking OK : news

Some fun stats from the 2020 presidential election results in MA : boston

Behind the Mask of the Phantom Gourmet : boston (entitled racist asshole Trumpsters)

New drug reverses age-related cognitive decline within days : worldnews
ISRIB (trans-isomer) | PERK inhibitor | Read Reviews & Product Use Citations

Declines in blue-collar jobs have left some working-class men frustrated by unmet job expectations and more likely to suffer an early death by suicide. Occupational expectations developed in adolescence serve as a benchmark for perceptions of adult success and, when unmet, pose a risk of self-injury : science

How the heck does a laser/infrared thermometer actually work? : askscience

Researchers discover distinct gut bacteria in people with clinical depression compared to healthy people, suggesting GI symptoms could be a sign of mental illnesses & be used in the future as a diagnostic tool. : science

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson is a must read for all of us who grew up with toxic parents. : books

What are your most toxic reddit experiences?

Have you ever saved someone's life? How did it happen? : AskReddit

Redditors, what is your "Never again" brand? : AskReddit

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk remains "highly confident" that his company will land humans on Mars by 2026, saying on Tuesday that it's an achievable goal "about six years from now." : worldnews (and it will be a self-driving spaceship)


Anxiety over the climate crisis is stopping people having children, study finds : worldnews

Australia just had its hottest November on record, and massive fires are already burning : worldnews

'Catastrophic' bushfire burns half of Queensland's Fraser Island and threatens ecological disaster The fire on the world's largest sand island, also known as K'gari, has been burning for six weeks and is encroaching on areas with 1,000-year-old trees : worldnews
Amazon deforestation hits 12 year high under President Bolsonaro : worldnews
Even certified sustainable palm oil is linked to worse social & ecological outcomes for Indonesian forest communities, a new study shows : worldnews

Utah Monolith Removed by Four Men, Photographer Says - The New York Times A photographer said four men dismantled the mysterious shiny object that has captivated the country. On Tuesday, a local outdoorsman with a penchant for stunts claimed credit for the disappearance.

Covid-19 Likely in U.S. in Mid-December 2019, CDC Scientists Report - WSJ - New analysis of blood donations finds virus was present on West Coast earlier than previously believed
Why health officials are terrified of a pandemic Christmas - The Washington Post Despite warnings, millions traveled and gathered for Thanksgiving. As officials brace for the surge ahead, they say a new approach is needed.

MA COVID-19 Data 12/1/20 : boston (6.2%+ 30 deaths)
2,845 New Confirmed Cases; 4.61% positive; 15.6% positive new individuals; 30 deaths - December 1 : CoronavirusMa

At dawn of holiday season, Gov. Baker reports dozens of COVID-19 clusters linked to houses of worship - WCVB - December 1, 2020 [includes recap of Gov. Baker COVID-19 update] : CoronavirusMa

According to this from the NIH, *40,000* cases of child abuse were not reported by schools in March and April alone, due their closure. The number today must be devastatingly high. I know how seriously this community takes the virus, but I really think we need to reevaluate school closures. : CoronavirusMa

COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guideline

Oklahoma governor declares day of prayer amid COVID pandemic, but no mask mandate : politics

He didnt take covid-19 seriously. Being hospitalized made a believer out of him.

S.F. Mayor London Breed had her own French Laundry party -- the night after Gavin Newsoms

North Carolina Rep. Ted Budd Tests Positive for COVID-19 (R-NC)

After swingers convention held in New Orleans, 41 test positive for coronavirus, organizer says : news

Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic - CNN Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19
Leaked documents reveal China's mishandling of the early stages of Covid-19 pandemic : worldnews
A baby was just born with coronavirus immunity. The baby's mother survived a mild case of COVID-19 in March, while she was 10-weeks pregnant. The mother's SARS-CoV-2 antibodies disappeared, but doctors discovered that the boy was born with circulating antibodies : worldnews

Vitamin D Insufficiency May Account for Almost 80% COVID-19 Deaths - MDPI Journal : worldnews

UK bars, cinemas may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to visit : worldnews

Photo reveals Australian soldier drinking beer out of dead Taliban fighter's prosthetic leg : worldnews
Australia and the United States will jointly develop hypersonic cruise missiles, the Australian defence minister announced on Tuesday, pledging to invest advanced capabilities that will give the country's military more options to deter aggression against its interests. : worldnews

Fears grow over mysterious, massive Chinese fishing fleet near the Galapagos Islands : worldnews