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Reference: Web/Net 1

A Mathematical Theory of Communication by Claude E. Shannon
MIT Museum Collections - People

The Internet Health Report: Latency across major backbones
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Doc Searls and David Weinberger: World of Ends: What the Internet Is and How to Stop Mistaking It for Something Else
David Weinberger: Small Pieces Loosely Joined (a unified theory of the web) ch.2: Space
IPv6 - Scaling the Internet, Driving New Services
Everything you need to know about IPv6: Page 1
An Introduction to IPv6: The New Internet Protocol
Charlie Stross: The Panopticon Singularity
The Cyberspace Battle Against Place
The Internet's History and Development: From Wartime Tool to the Fish-Cam
The History of the Internet: By Dave Kristula
The First Email System -- History of Email (Part 3) | Robert Field
V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, Inventor Of Email, Fires Back At Critics Who Question His Discovery - V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai was 14 years old when he developed the technology we now know as email.
Forgotten Websites
YouTube - Me at the zoo (the first video on Youtube)
The Living Internet
The Institute of Internet History -
The History of the Internet in a Nutshell
In what year did the internet really start?
Origins of the Internet
The Jargon File
xkcd - A Webcomic - Map of the Internet

net.legends FAQ 1/4
Konami Code Sites

Internet Memes
10 Most Popular Internet Memes (In History) - BroadbandSearch
Internet Meme Database | Know Your Meme

YouTube - All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Clifford Stoll: Why Web Won't Be Nirvana - The Internet? Bah! (1995) (social media)
The 100 Most Iconic Internet Videos [Full List] - Urlesque - Internet Trends, Viral Videos, Memes and Web Culture
The 100 Million Views Club: The Most Watched Viral Videos of All-Time?
Top 20 YouTube and Video Memes of All Time
History of the Internet and Web
The Futorologian Congress: web/net neologisms
Cat and Girl » Archive » Costume Shop | Cat and Girl » Archive » The Hipster Scout Lodge (hipster meme)
Patterns for Personal Web Sites

Eric Levenez: Unix History unix.png (history of Unix variants)
Computer Languages History
The evolution of computer languages (infographic) | ExtremeTech
History of the C family of languages
UNIX History Graphing Project
Standards and specs: Not by UNIX alone - A maze of twisty little standards, all alike
The Unix Tree
pronunciation guide for unix
Sam's Telcomms Index
Eric Raymond: The Unix and Internet Fundamentals HOWTO
All My FAQs
Where World Wide Web Went Wrong
Project 2038 FAQ
W3C: Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition
Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One 2004
The Lemon: History Of The Internet - ugh.pdf - The UNIX-HATERS-Handbook
.:: Phrack Magazine ::.
NANOG Archive
Abilene Network Traffic
Computer Networks: The Heralds of Resource Sharing - Googl Video
Hackers - The Missing BBS Files - CommuniTree
BBS Ads Collection v1.0
Colin Douthwaite logs off - alt.ascii-art | Google Groups
Dedicated to Colin - alt.ascii-art | Google Groups
Colin's art [Warning: HUGE!] - alt.ascii-art | Google Groups
Colin Douthwaite Ascii Art Collection [HUGE] - alt.ascii-art | Google Groups
Colin Douthwaite's ASCII Art - alt.ascii-art | Google Groups
All Eight Parts of The BBS Documentary Online (free & legal) •
BBS: The Documentary : Jason Scott : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
[bbs documentary] The BBS Documentary - Part 1 - Baud
BBS: The Documentary
ASCII by Jason Scott / Why the BBS Documentary is Creative Commons
Internet Archaeology
Channel 1 fights Mass DOR over the Modem Tax
The Freeware Hall Of Fame (sm) Sub-1 Home Page
husband-and-wife pair Brian Miller and Tess Heder: a bulletin board system (BBS) called Channel 1,
Home-grown BB$ | WIRED - Jack Rickard Textfiles and BBS History
Death of BBS's Rant (Apple and Commodore)
alt.hypertext | Google Groups: 1991: Tim Berners-Lee
Eternal September - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
YouTube - The Internet in 1969
VisiCalc: Information from its creators, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston
YouTube - 1964 Antique MODEM Live Demo
The similarities between VMS and Windows
The Secret Origin of Windows
Watch The History Of Computers
The Computer Chronicles Anthology (1986) | CosmoLearning Computer Science
Below is a record of the first message ever sent over the ARPANET
ARPANET Maps - These maps are from Heart, F., McKenzie, A., McQuillian, J., and Walden, D., ARPANET Completion Report, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Burlington, MA, January 4, 1978.
Internet Oracle
The History of the Internet in a Nutshell
Getting Personal: A Q&A with a PARC Pioneer Reflecting on "The Office of the Future" 40 Years Later: Scientific American
Wired 10.02: The In Crowd : Meet the minds behind five elite email lists (2002)
40 maps that explain the internet
Project Code Rush | Click Movement (dot) org The year is early 1998, at the height of dot-com era, and a small team of Netscape code writers frantically works to reconstruct the company's Internet browser.
Windows 1.0 Press Kit | Docs for Facebook
Revolution OS
On the road to electronic publishing - Andrew Odlyzko - April 30, 1996
4/The Gadget Lover: Narcissus as Narcosis
The History of Electronic Mail Tom Van Vleck
Clay's Mail Call Wav Page
Low Bottle Pressure Mary Thompson & Jerry Clancy.
Study Says Technology Could Transform Society - (1982)

xkcd - map of the internets
RFC 1925 (rfc1925) - The Twelve Networking Truths
Early DOS Manuals
Larry Osterman's WebLog : Why is the DOS path character "\"?
The Old New Thing : What's the deal with those reserved filenames like NUL and CON?
Bill Gates gets ticked off - ctrl+alt+del
Main Page - Network Naming Schemes
JS Online: Phil Katz (PKZip)
research!rsc: Zip Files All The Way Down
My IP Address Lookup and IP Address Locator
iiFTP - Index of /pub/
SS > jokes > DEC Answers Leap Year Complaint
The Manager FAQ
The case of the 500-mile email
Command-Line Reference
An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line |
How To Criticizing Computer Scientists
George Coulouris: Bits of History (the 'em' editor)
Al Gore and the Internet By Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf
Face to Face: Alan Kay Still Waiting for the Revolution |
The Internet is serious business - Encyclopedia Dramatica
The History of
GW-Basic: Gregory Whitten (+Joel Spolsky)
Almost Perfect by W. E. Pete Peterson The Rise and Fall of WordPerfect Corporation
A Potted History of WordStar
IEEE Spectrum: A list of innovative and inspiring integrated circuits: 25 Microchips That Shook the World
Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone | Politics and Law - CNET News
How to Get Started with Usenet in Three Simple Steps
Yarchive collected by Norman Yarvin
Inside the World's Greatest Keyboard - PC World
Zach's Journal - RIP, Erik Naggum
How do you organize your source code? - comp.lang.lisp | Google - Groups (Erik Naggum)
Charlie's Diary: How I got here in the end, part five: "things can only get better!"
Why do we have an IMG element? [dive into mark]
I'm actually Knuth's homeboy on Flickr
The Four Horsemen the Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse: - terrorists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and money launderers
Computer Resurrection Issue 9
Obsolete Computer Museum
Old Computers - rare, vintage, and obsolete computers
YouTube - Pirates of silicon valley - Part 1
How a handful of geeks defied the USSR » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism
Library "Gaming in the Clinton Years"
Gallery: Internet Explorers 1 Through 9 - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic
Home collection of input and interactive devices that he found interesting, useful, or important in the history of pen computing, pointing devices, and touch technologies
Apple Computer and the Church of Satan “They want to dance, but their feet won’t let them.”
? Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal - YouTube

The Ultimate Guide to Envelopes - Blue Summit Supplies

A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (Rosetta Stone)
The Nerdity Test | The Official Geek Test
Just Sysadmin Things... for which I've been reprimanded : sysadmin
d AYBABTU: The History
Unix/Linux/Gnu Manuals (Linux Sysadministation, FreeBSD) (PDF/HTML)
Geekiest Link: Geek Code Generator/Decoder/Linker/Zone
Unix Power Tools
UNIX Tutorial for Beginners
UNIX for beginners
pshift: A Very Useful UNIX Commands
(Useful) Stupid Unix Tricks?
Ubuntu Forums - Malicious Commands
Tech Source From Bohol: The 7 Deadly Linux Commands
My 10 UNIX Command Line Mistakes

Linux Commands Cheat Sheet - Quickly Reference Common Commands!

Unix Toolbox
BigAdmin Shell Commands
Linux Command Directory: Index
Linux-Unix Cheat Sheets - The Ultimate Collection
Linux Commands - A practical reference
How To Look Like A UNIX Guru
Learn UNIX in 10 minutes Learning the shell.
Weekend Project: Linux For Beginners |
145 new quick cheat sheets for some of the most widely used tools on the web
The TTY demystified | study | Unix find | find is one of the most useful Linux/Unix tools around
User Guide to Using the Linux Desktop Bill McCarty: Learning Debian GNU/Linux
A Unix Utility You Should Know About: Pipe Viewer - good coders code, great reuse
UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits
Rutgers: System Administration Resources
Scott Gasch: Algorithm Archive (Work in progress)
The 100 Oldest Currently Registered .COM Domains | A history of Mondo 2000
"The Unix-Haters Handbook" Download Page
special collection of freeware tools for system administration written in Perl

Ted Nelson: Xanalogical Structure
Xanadu: : Enfiladic Hypertext (Ted Nelson)
Geeks Bearing Gifts - Chapter Summaries - by Ted Nelson (timeline: Computer Literacy)
The Secret History of Hypertext - Alex Wright - The Atlantic - When Vannevar Bush’s “As We May Think” first appeared in The Atlantic’s pages in July 1945, it set off an intellectual chain reaction that resulted, more than four decades later, in the creation of the World Wide Web. (memex)
BBC News | SCI/TECH | Visionary lays into the web
54-year-old software project escapes vapor status to take on the PDF | The Verge

learn UNIX in 10 minutes
Unix for Advanced Users
How To Write Unmaintainable Code
What Is... (O'Reilly Tech FAQs)
Handy One-Liners for SED (unix stream editor)
Getting Started with awk
Splunk > Splunk Base: tag your IT
Removing A User | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
Unix Errors
The Hedonist Masses » IRC Bible
The End-of-Line Story
Command-line Fu < The best UNIX commands on the web
The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer
my evolution as a programmer
Single list of HOWTOs
Lambys Blog Blog Archive Can you get cp to give a progress bar like wget?
Sexy clones of classic Unix tools Down Not Across
jwz - engineering pornography
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
On Arguing: How To Argue With Zompist or, Social Skills 101
Five Geek Social Fallacies locks
Analog Computer Museum

Francis Litterio's Technical Web Pages

Timothy Campbell: Internet Trolls
Internet troll - Wikipedia
Slashdot trolling phenomena - Wikipedia
Rabett Run: Advanced Trolling 101 - the tone troll
Unarmed but still Dangerous - Dealing with Internet Trolls - the Cognitive Therapy Approach
Forum Trolling - /i/nsurgency w/i/ki
Conversational Terrorism
Conversational Terrorism: How NOT to Talk!
Troll - Encyclopedia Dramatica
The definitive guide to Trolls - Ubuntu Forums
Forumwarz - Forumwarz - A free browser-based RPG about Internet Culture
Peter Suber, "Logical Rudeness"
Slashdot Troll HOWTO
Notes From The Geek Show: Arguing With Geeks 12
The Recreational Trolling FAQ!
HowStuffWorks "How Trolls Work"
Smooth Operator - Troll Semantics: A Classification Of Internet Trolls
The Subtle Art of Trolling
What is a Troll? Internet Trolls Article
How to Become an Internet Troll |
Heartless Doll - 10 Trolls Every Blogger Will Encounter
RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines
Internet Message Posting Tips
Guide to Flaming - Home Page - 157 New Yorker Internet Cartoons
Flame Warriors Home
Archimedes Plutonium
The Twelve Commandments of Flame - Guide to Flaming
Johnny Storm: Revealed. | MetaFilter
Chapter 4: Usenet customs & myths (1 of 7) -- FLAME, BLATHER AND SPEW
Troll Bridge by Terry Pratchett
The Psychology of Cyberspace - Home Page/Table of Contents - Internet Safety Tips
How To Behave On An Internet Forum (Technology: MySpace, Facebook & More)
How to Disagree
Invalid techniques of proof
Arthur Schopenhauer: Die Kunst, Recht zu behalten / Fragment der Einleitung - The Art Of Controversy
Peter's Evil Overlord List
Derailing for Dummies
Kaycee Nicole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Münchausen by Internet.

ELI5:What is 4chan and why is it being banned in so many places? Isn't 4chan just like reddit? : explainlikeimfive (history of the internets)

the Lemacs/FSFmacs schism
American RadioWorks - The Surprising Legacy of Y2K
The Year 2038 Problem
Wired 12.10: The Long Tail
Mathematics and the Internet: A Source of Enormous Confusion and Great Potential Walter Willinger, David Alderson, and John C. Doyle
BBC Internet Services Network

GeoURL ICBM Address Server
Geo Tag Generator
Geocoder: free US address coordinates

Copyright Renewal, Copyright Restoration, and the Difficulty of Determining Copyright Status
The Illustrated Story of Copyright
Unix System Laboratories Plaintiff, vs. Berkeley Softare Design Inc Civ. No. 92-1667 Opinion
Creative Commons: Commons Deed
Brad Templeton: 10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Donna Wentworth: Copyfight: the politics of IP
George Ziemann: Thomas Edison, Intellectual Property and the Recording Industry
Rights for Artists the economics of content
Copyright Conundrum
The Eric Eldred Act: campaign to restore balance to copyright laws by expanding the public domain
Trusted Computing, Peer-To-Peer Distribution, and the Economics of Pirated Entertainment
Benjamin Edelman: Documentation of Gator Advertisements and Targeting
Chilling Effects: Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Reverse Engineering
Chilling Effects: joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, University of San Francisco, and University of Maine law school clinics
bIPlog: Berkeley Intellectual Property weblog
Caerdroia: The Intellectual Property Myth
EFF: File Sharing
EFF: The Customer Is Always Wrong: A User's Guide to DRM in Online Music
A Proposal for a Copy Optimized DVD Audio Format ||
How to Cause Information Technology Disasters
SSRN-The Broadband Debate: A User's Guide by Tim Wu
SSRN-Copyright's Communications Policy by Tim Wu
Anarchism Triumphant: Free Software and the Death of CopyrightForeign Policy: Lessig: The Public Domain: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tim O'Reilly: Software licenses don't work
You Decide: Trademark v. Free Speech
DRM Watch
Microsoft Research DRM talk by Cory Doctorow
FFII: Software Patents in Europe
Chilling Effects: Fan Fiction: Copyright

Going Postal Troutman Sanders LLP are idiots
Errata: Kim Schmitz (aka Kimble)

Wired: The Free & The Unfree
Copyright Advisory Network for Libraries
Copyscape: Find copies of your content on the Web
Edward Felton: Freedom to Tinker: "Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue: Technology, Politics, and the Fight to Control Digital Media"
Piercing the peer–to–peer myths: An examination of the Canadian experience
SwpatAnim050418En: FFII Wiki -- How Software Patents Actually Work
nootropic: Gallery of DRM-Related Antipixel Buttons and Badges
A Beginner's Guide to Exploring the Darknet
Darknet "Trusted Computing" Paper (.doc)
Copyright Renewal Database: Welcome
Economic and Game Theory Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
In defense of BSD licenses « objects in motion
Is BSD The New GPL?
Groklaw - An Explanation of Computation Theory for Lawyers

Social Nets
XFN: Background (XHTML Friends Network)
apophenia: Research on Social Network Sites
The Unforeseen Consequences of the Social Web - ReadWriteWeb
Life With Alacrity: Tracing the Evolution of Social Software
marginwalker: Beyond Friendster: Openness and the Future of Social Networks
My Friendster Experience: An Addict's Perspective (read this)
Social Networking Models
Excerpts from discussions about the definition of social software on the net
Connected Selves
apophenia: my Friendster publications privacy information and links that are designed for policy-makers, their staffs, the press, and the interested public
Social Grid: Tranforming Google Into a Free Dating Service | Online Dating Services, Part 1 | Soulmate Calculator
Corante: Social Grid: Soulmate Manifesto
thesocialsoftwareweblog | Judith Meskill: How Many Social Nets Are Too Many?
Virtual Worlds Review: guide to persistent online social virtual worlds
Christopher Allen: My Advice to Social Networking Services
K5: User Sponsorship and Managed Growth
Chatarooms separate the men from the boys
Social Networking Tools Applied to Scientific Topics
Captology: Using Computers To Change People’s Beliefs and Behaviors
Reputation and Opinion in Social Networks
Social Grid: free online dating service and decentralized social networking community that helps people meet through Google
The Augmented Social Network: Building identity and trust into the next-generation Internet by Ken Jordan, Jan Hauser, and Steven Foster
Corante: Ten Commandments of Social Networking (corante has bad CSS doesn't allow copying)
Manifesto for Social Networking Required Social network analysis software and services for organizations and their consultants
Tracing the Evolution of Social Software
Abstract of the ASN White Paper: Augmented Social Networks
Identity and Deception in the Virtual Community : Judith S. Donath
Links on trust and reputation
Researchers: Metcalfe's Law overshoots the mark | CNET
FCKeditor: OS HTML/XHTML editor
HTML Playground, html, css reference by example
Periodic Table of the Elements - Josh Duck
XFN - XHTML Friends Network
MMOG Chart
exploring enron | visual data mining
RAND: A Long Look Ahead: NGOs, Networks, and Future Social Evolution
Tribes, Institutions, Markets, Networks: A Framework About Societal Evolution
RAND | Research Areas | National Security | Archive | Understanding Networks and Netwars
The Emergence of Noopolitik: Toward An American Information Strategy
FlickrLand March 2005 - a photoset on Flickr: Network analysis of the Flickr population

IncrediBILL's Random Rants (anti evil web practices, scrapers, etc: protect yourself from badbots +whitelist!)
LinkScrubber Link Checker Service - When 200 Is Not OK!

Yahoo Buzz | Lycos 50 | Google Zeitgeist
Google Meme Observatory - Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords "The Secrets of Google Adsense"
Inside AdSense | Inside AdWords
Google Adwords Select - We test a detailed (46 point) blueprint -
PBS | I, Cringely . September 22, 2005 - Google Goes Las Vegas
Fun with Google AdWords - or "Why Genocide's Worth at Least a Buck a Click"
Google Operating System: Meaning of Parameters in a Google Query
Google Sitemaps - My sites
Which sources does Google News index?
SSRN-The Structure of Search Engine Law by James Grimmelmann

Google Apps
Google: Webmaster Information | Guide Lines
Google Guide | Advanced Search Operators
Google Help : Cheat Sheet
Soople: Easy Expert Search
Touchgraph: Google, Amazon, PubMed Browsers
I Hack Stuff: GoogleDorks
Google MyWay - How to search Google efficiently
Cool Google Features...
YouTube - Google's Channel
Google Quick Help Search Strategies
Unofficial Google Advanced Search
Phil Bradley: Finding what you need with the best search engines
Squeezing The Search Loaf: Finding Search Engine Freshness & Crawl Dates
Useful Google feature: better date search
Google Results By Date And Time
Insider Secrets: Google hacks - CNET Reviews Search a particular date range
Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet (&as_qdr=)

Google NewsMap
Google War
Google Bomb List
Tara Calishain: Why Try to Out-Google Google?
ResearchBuzz -- Obsessed with search engines, databases, and various info-piles since 1998
Google Hacks | The Ethical Hacker Network - Google Hacking: Ten Simple Security Searches That Work
Google search URLs revealed or How to create your own search URL
Google Talk
Google: Pigeon-Rank
Google PageRank Report
Google Ranking Factors - Summary List
PageRank Prediction - Pagerank Predictor
The Google Toolbar PageRank Demystified
Google Librarian Center: How does Google collect and rank results?
How To: Connecting to Google Talk Using Trillian - Patrick Haney
SSW Rules to Better Google Rankings
American Historical Association Blog: Google Books: What’s Not to Like?
Google Weblog
Webmasterworld: Google News
Google Dance - The Index Update of the Google Search Engine
My Google-Dance-Machine
K5: Google Update Esmeralda
Google Zeitgeist: Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google
Information Foraging: Why Google Makes People Leave Your Site Faster
Google: Advanced News Search
Google Weblog: New Google Operator: ~ synonyms
Using google to hack, crack, and just plain find what you need
Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine
Search Google Search Results
Google Spam Filtering Gone Bad by Seth Finkelstein
"Googlearchy": How a Few Heavily-Linked Sites Dominate Politics on the Web
Freedom to Tinker: Googlocracy in Action

Internet Marketing Strategies: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
» Google Webmaster Central Hack for Additional Link Information » Kichus - SEO KiD
A Step By Step Guide on the 6 Best SEO Analysis Tools and How to Use Them

Google Watch
Search Beyond Google
Google Keyword Density Analysis
Yahoo Keyword Density Analysis Comparison to Google
goRank: keyword report URL analyzer
Alexa | Traffic Ranking
Google Ranking Report - PageRank Checker
PageRank Search
SEOSurvey | Guide to SEO > Advanced Link Building Strategies
* PageRank 10 List - PR 10 List - PR10 Liste - PageRank10 Liste
Uncovering Google's PageRank System
Great Site Ranking in Google The Secret's Out - Printer Friendly
Eric Wolfram's Writing : How To : Score Higher in Google Search Engine (and why Google is saving the web.)
Update Allegra - Google Update 2-2-2005
Dupe content checker - 302's - Page Jacking - Meta Refreshes
Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification:
Google and the Mysterious Case of the 1969 Pagejackers ||
Page Hijack Exploit: 302, redirects and Google
Slashdot | Google 302 Exploit Knocks Sites Out
Graywolf's Wolf-Howl: GoogleBowling
Steven Hargrove : How to redirect a web page, the smart way
Permanent Redirect with HTTP 301
Learn about the Canonical Link Element in 5 minutes
Canonical Link Element | Marketing and Technology Discussed
Google's War on SEO - Documented |
Alexa: Web Information Services Beta
Anonymizing Google's Cookie
Bruce Clay: Search Engine Relationship Chart
New Search Related Patents
Google Pagerank 10
Great Site Ranking in Google The Secret's Out
Phil Craven: Google's PageRank Explained
DMOZ: a.k.a. The Open Directory Project (ODP)
OpenSearch: Add Your Own Search Engine To A9 (Or Potentially, Anywhere)
mezzoblue  §  Google Maps and Accountability
Notes: Interesting Google Satellite Maps
GoogleMapsHacking - An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki
Google Sightseeing
Google Sightseeing
Google Sightseeing » Post Archive » UFO
Google Maps Wallpaper
NexSat, NRL/NPOESS Next-Generation Weather Satellite Demonstration Project

Google Cartography
Dogpile: SearchSpy
Yahoo! Creative Commons Search BETA
AOL Database: search history data of 650 000 AOL users.
Do Web search engines suppress controversy? by Susan L. Gerhart
Web Search for a Planet: The Google Cluster Architecture
Search Engine Forums
Google Answers: Just for Fun
LinkTron 5000: generates unique Google search query terms for a target web page (I'm Feeling Lucky)
blogzilla: keyword searching
Speegle: talking search engine
5th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards

Gmail: Help Center: keyboard shortcuts
Hack Attack: Become a Gmail master - Lifehacker
Official Gmail Blog
Brad Templeton: The GMail Saga
Pop Goes the Gmail: Gmail > POP3 and SMTP > Gmail converter
marklyon: Mbox & Maildir to Gmail Loader (GML)
G-Mailto: automatically associates "mailto" email links on the web with GMail
Gmail is too creepy
Justin Blanton: Getting More Out Of Gmail
Gmail Tips | Gmail Tips - The Complete Collection, News and Tools for Gmail Junkies
Gmail Gems
Gmail as an online backup system
Furl: Gmail as an online backup system
Dan Brown: The Information Architecture of Email
s Extra Pair of Hands - Email Address Length FAQ (6-254 characters)
Gmail FAQ
GMail | Utilities
wiki on Gmail
Flexbeta compares 1GB Free/Notfree Email Services
Gmail Watch
Gmail File System
gmcp (gmail copy)
Gallina: just a GMail based blog
Gmail Agent API v0.5 / Mail Notifier & Address Importer
Gmail Icon Maker
Gmail Tools
Robs Blog: Gmail Tools & Plugins
Gmail Spam Survey (
Gmail Tools & Plugins
Gmail Users
Inside Google: New Gmail Features
GMail Drive shell extension
Hack Attack: Advanced file and attachment management with Gmail - Lifehacker
Skinning Gmail with a Custom Stylesheet
Firefox Hack: Hide Text Ads in GMail
Plugins and tools to make Gmail easier to use
Gmail Extended - Listing tools, utilities, scripts, applications, programs, etc.
Gmail S/MIME for Firefox
Adding Persistent Searches to Gmail []
.: UNEASYsilence :. » How-to: Backup to Gmail
Google Tutor & Advisor » Blog Archive » Sending Gmail to your Mobile Phone | How to Migrate Your Custom Domain.s Email to Google (And Maintain Your Addresses)

Google Desktop Search Plus (GDSPlus) v1.0
Following Leaders: Alternatives to Google Desktop Search
Google Personalized Search
Desktop Search Programs Matrix
Keeper Finders - Five new programs that let you search your hard drive without having a seizure
Yoz Grahame's Cheerleader: At last, I understand the dangers of Google AutoLink!
Greg Duffy [dot] com - Google's Cookie and Hacking Google Print
Language Tools
Can't Find On Google
Search engines are not unfair (November 2005) - News - PhysicsWeb

IMAP Service Providers: A Step in Dealing with Viruses, Spam, and Email Overload
Daemon News: BSD Home IMAP server for home use -- with procmail and fetchmail
Providing access to the Google Desktop search service from remote machines

Google Scholar
Using Google Scholar
The Scientist: Google Scholar
Google Scholar Documentation and Large PDF Files
Gale: Google Scholar Reviewed

Google Suggest FAQ
Analysis of Google Suggest
Google Suggest

Ferguson: What’s Next for Google (chart of available digital media)
Google Raises Word Limit to 32
Web of Letters
Tools You Might Have Missed
Google Search Tips 2005 - advanced operators
Montage-a-google: Google Images Montage
Going Under Cover with Book Search Tools
Finding warez using Google | The days start here
Neave Lab - Flash Earth for Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth
The Web Robot Pages | Robots Exclusion | A Standard for Robot Exclusion
Web Server Administrator's Guide to the Robots Exclusion Protocol
Robots.txt Specifications - Controlling Crawling and Indexing - Google Code
Hiding Email Addresses from Web Spiders
askMefi: Obfuscation of Email addresses
Enkoder Form
Revisiting Meta Tags
Google Blog: preventing comment spam ("no follow")
Web Tool Central Robots.txt file generator
New Robots.txt Syntax Checker: a validator for robots.txt files
Houston Web Designer & SEO - Tips on Website Development & Website Marketing tips and Strategies » Blog Archive » 10 common mistakes using robots.txt on your website
The HTML Hell Page

metacrawler: MetaSpy
Fravia: Web Searchlores *** Seekers Message Board | termisearch
swansong.htm: Soswswso! (Fravia farewell)
How to search the web, by fravia+: tadimens *
Fravia - Wikipedia
Learn 2 Search
Bibliography on evaluating web information
Tips for online sociological research by Conrad Hackett
Tim Bray: On Search, the Series
Internet Tools for the Advanced Searcher
Faganfinder Advanced Google Search Interface
Faganfinder: URLinfo
Search Engine Bookmarklets
Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher
Marcus P. Zillman: Searching the Internet
ResearchBuzz | Yahoo's No-Limit Query Limit As Opposed to Google's -- So What?
Those Dark Hiding Places: The Invisible Web Revealed
Breaking Windows 2.0: Fun with Google Searches
Yahoo SM vs. Google AdWords Taking Advantage Of Technology - How To Find MP3's with Google

Find Forward: Google front-end: search anything
A9: Amazon Search Engine
Princeton Shape and Analysis: 3D Model Search Engine
IconSurf: Visual Surf Engine
Slider: Search DMOZ, Kanoodle, Ah-ha
Vivisimo Document Clustering
BananaSlug Search Search the World's Top Directories
Icerocket Search
Grokker - A New Way to Look at Search
YubNub : social command-line for the web

Pubcookie: open-source software for intra-institutional web authentication
Shibboleth Project - Internet2 Middleware
SourceID | SAML, Liberty Alliance, WS-Federation | Federated Identity Management
OpenID: an actually distributed identity system

Web Design

45 Must-See Incredible Resources And Inspirational Collection To Discover The Best Of The Web In January
Hausschrift-Liste Unternehmen-zu-Schrift - TypoWiki
The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web - a practical guide to web typography
Font guide for webmasters
Fonts on the web and a list of web safe fonts | Dustin Brewer Web Design
The Anatomy of Web Fonts [Design Principles]
Online Javascript Font Browser
What the Font? Font Identifier
Identifont - identify fonts and typefaces
Minifonts: Simple Setter: pixel font typesetting utility (mac/win)
Old Typewriter Fonts
Free Typewrite Fonts
Code Style font sampler: reference point to the most common fonts available on Web users' computers
Free Fonts
The Font Thing: Windows Font Manager
Fonts in Cyberspace: A guide to finding language fonts on the Internet
Silkscreen Font Family
USAAF Stencil Fonts
Pixel/LED fonts
Simply the Best Fonts library
Profont: Programmer's font
Font size and tag testing page
Font Flood: Free Fonts
Free and Easy Font Viewer 1.2
- Over 25,000 free fonts ready for download online now!
Mike Davidson: Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text
Articles: Arial Sidebar 2
The Scourge of Arial
Essential Fonts For Designers | 300 Free Truetype Fonts You Should Have
UsableType: Web Typography Guide
Ellen Lupton: Thinking w/Type
Fontleech: The Free Font Blog
9800 Free Fonts, fonts for free, font finder, download free fonts, free typography
15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography. Part 1 | i love typography
Guide to Creating a Website with HTML from

ISO 216: International Standard Paper Sizes by Markus Kuhn (A4)
Paper sizes

Smashing Magazine » Blog Archive » Online Generators
Stripe Generator - diagonal stripes background tiles web 2.0 webdesign
Nine things you can do to make your web site better []
HTML CODE Resource All the tags you might use in HTML
Web Design Patterns
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
HTML is no TML
Good Hypertext Writing
Q-HTML text to HTML converter
Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Cheat Sheet [Inc HTML5 Tags] -

HTML Code Tutorial: The Idocs Guide to HTML [*]

HTML 4.0 Elements
HTML Commands
txt2html - Text to HTML converter
How to Obscure Any URL
Web Tutorials
HTML 4.01 Specification
Style Guide for online hypertext | Cool URIs don't change
Common HTTP Implementation Problems
Why HTTP? « Timothy Fitz
Reverse HTTP draft-lentczner-rhttp-00
XHTML Transitional, Strict - What’s the Difference?
Comparison of Strict and Transitional XHTML
XHTML: Differences between Strict & Transitional
XHTML 1.0 Reference
Yahoo Group: XHTML-L
W3C: XHTML MarkUp Validation Service
Amaya Home Page - W3C's Editor/Browser

Web Design: Brainstorms and Raves
Netdiver: new media culture_magazine + design portal Web Design & Entertainment
Fiction Pixel: 3D Design & Graphics
John Gruber: Daring Fireball: Independent Days
sitepoint: XML-based content manangement system with PHP
sitepoint: intro to tables
A Really, Really, Really Good Introduction to XML [XML, XSLT & Web Services]
notes about web design, development, standards, typography, music
AskTOG: Interaction Design Solutions for the Real World
Mandarin Design | Cheap Thrills for the Beer-Budget Blogger
Printing Basics for Web Developers
7rules: Why Not Web Standards?
300 Images from 1800 sites
The Scriptometer tries to measure whether a programming language can be easily used for SOP (Script-Oriented Programming)
E-Learning tool categories wwwtools for education
Free HTML Templates
Template Outpost: Your source for web site templates
Instructions for Editors
AutoIt v3 - Automate and Script Windows Tasks - For Free!
Web Tool Central - Webmaster / Promotion / Scripting resources
Browser Cam: How Your Website Looks in Any Browser/OS
Eric Meyer
Jeffrey Zeldman: Daily Report: Web Standards Issues
O'Reilly: | Embedded Markup Considered Harmful
YesLogic: Prince: XML + CSS Formatter
Writing HTML
Writing for the Web
Web Style Guide, 2nd edition
How to Write HTML Files Jakob Nielsen's Web Publishing Site | Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2003
Top Ten Mistakes of Web Management
Web Developer's Handbook: developing web-sites: Color\ Tools, SEO, Usability etc
HTML Diff Highlights the differences between two HTML pages
HTML Tag Quick Reference Guide
Web Design References
Dynamic Drive: DHTML Resources
Web developer resource
Web Design from Scratch - Free web design course - basics, layout, free tutorials, case studies, how to guides and examples -- a museum of strange and rarely used HTML tags
The Grid System (web design)

Transform HTML with Regular Expressions
Regular Expression Tester
The Regex Coach - interactive regular expressions
Learning to Use Regular Expressions
Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet - Cheat Sheets
regex - Henry Spencer's regular expression library
Regular Expression Tutorial
Regular Expression Library -- presented by Training | Markup Code
txt2re: headache relief for programmers :: regular expression generator
Bring Me Your Regexs! I Will Create HTML To Break Them! (Historical Archive of
RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags - Stack Overflow
Regex Dictionary by Lou Hevly

Vincent Flanders Web Pages that Suck
Text Size Sampler
Yahoo: URL Shortening
Testing the Three-Click Rule By Josh Porter
The Myth of "Seven, Plus or Minus 2" By James Kalbach
Search Engine Decoder
MSNBOT— The MSN Search Prototype Web Crawler
Robust Hyperlinks and Robust Locations
Google: IFL - The "I'm Feeling Lucky" (Pseudo-)Protocol
Word HTML Cleaner: Strip the gunk from MSWord HTML
Scripting News
The Colour of the World Wide Web
Internet Related Techologies: Webmaster Resources | IRT: Knowledge Base: Java Script
W3.ORG: Web Services Activity
Webmaster World
Free Webmaster Tools

Full CSS Property Compatibility Chart
CSS Text Wrapper
Rendurr 2.1
33 Must Read CSS3 Tips
60 Awesome Tutorials, Tricks, and Tools that will Make You a CSS Master | Tech King
Basic Templates (CSS)
James Kalbach and Tim Bosenick: Web Page Layout: A Comparison Between Left- and Right-justified Site Navigation Menus How to make web pages - A good practice guide to HTML and CSS | Bad Tags | Dog Blog
CSS Beginner's Guide | W3 Schools: Full Web Building Tutorials - All Free | CSS Tutorial | CSS Examples - Learn CSS the modern way
MaKo 4 CSS - CSShark's Tutorial on CSS and CSS-P
CSS Panic Guide
101 CSS Tips, Tutorials and Examples : blog
The Definitive Guide To Styling Web Links - Smashing Magazine
960 Grid System
SonSpring | 960 Grid System
Fluid 960 Grid System | 16-column Grid
Cheat Sheet Round-Up: Ajax, CSS, LaTeX, Ruby... | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
CSS3 - Guide, Examples and Resources
CSS Transparency for IE and Mozilla, Firebird and Firefox (-moz-opacity and filter: alpha)
CSS Library - A CSS Resource - includes CSS tutorials and articles
HTML Goodies: Primers
Common XHTML Validation Errors
Web Design: Advanced techniques: Tables
Bring on the Tables (HTML Tables
sorttable: Make all your tables sortable
HTML Table Generator with CSS Style Sheet
CSS Directory
CSS Unleashed: Experiments on Text and Borders
CSS Property Index
Simon Willison's Weblog: Using bookmarklets to experiment with CSS
CSS ain't Rocket Science
Basic Tips: articles and tips for webmasters: CSS design
Jamlingo: webmasters, CSS help
Altova: XSL/XSLT
CSShark: Cascading Style Sheets is a means to separate the presentation from the structural markup of a web site
Visibone: HTML & CSS resources
Literary Moose: CSS Destroy
CSS Slants (diagonal lines and shapes)
drop shadowed boxed using CSS
css/edge | pure CSS popups
Bluerobot: CSS resources
Andy Budd: CSS/Web Standards
QuirksMode: for all your browser quirks
190 Style Sheets Computer technology sites
Sitepoint: Style Web Forms Using CSS | Simple Tricks for More Usable Forms
Fun with forms – customized input elements CSS Layout Techniques: for Fun and Profit (3-column tips)
Cross-Column Pull-Outs: A List Apart
Keep CSS Simple
Visibone: Style Sheet Examples
CSS Creator: Generate a CSS layout for your site
WillMaster Possibilities: HTML/CSS/Forms Tutorials
These web sites are identical—or are they?
CSS3 Please! The Cross-Browser CSS3 Rule Generator

Fahrner Image Replacement technique
In Defense of Fahrner Image Replacement By Dave Shea
Facts and Opinion About Fahrner Image Replacement
Image Replacement Replacement | serving SVG from your web server
PNG Behavior
PNGs Are Better Than GIFs
LibPNG: Portable Network Graphics
Transparent Gif Tutorial
PureJPEG - Filter Unnecessary JPEG Data
PNG Optimization Guide: More Clever Techniques | How-To | Smashing Magazine
Coding Horror: Getting the Most Out of PNG
punypng - PNG Image Optimization and Compression - Gracepoint After Five

Complex Spiral Consulting | CSS: Containing Floats
Paranoidfish: After Stretches: Floats Kaliber 10000: Designer's Lunchbox
Maxdesign: Floatutorial | Colored boxes | Listamatic | Listutorial | Selectutorial
Max Design - Sample CSS Page Layouts

HTML - Kit: resources for web developers | CSS Rounded-box generator
Designers Toolbox
Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials, Programming Tutorials and Web Tutorials - Home - Total Tutorial
Beginner's Guide To Learning How To Code : A thorough guide on coding; languages, and basics explained.

Favicon Generator All About the Favorites Icon
Favourite Favicons
FavIcon from Pics online generator
How to Create a Favicon
Web Tool Central
Online Image Splitter
The Tile Machine
Firdamatic: online tableless layout generator
jpg2asc: online convert JPG images to ASCII images
Ascii Art Dictionary / Collection / Frames — convert images to ASCII text
inknoise: Layoutomatic
Textism: Online Text TO HTML | Textile Reference

CSS Design: Creating Custom Corners & Borders | CSS Drop Shadows | II: Fuzzy Shadows
9rules: cssvault: CSS resources and sites | White space: design thought for everyone CSS1 tutorial
CSSHelpPile: Links and Discussion on CSS Resources
Nemesis Project: CSS Tutorials and Layouts
CSS Panic Guide
Ultimate Drop Down Menu Version 4
Writing Efficient CSS
Mezzoblue: How to Conceive a (CSS) Layout | CSS Crib Sheet
Can Cederholm: Faux Columns | Patrick Griffiths: Elastic Design | Javascript Image Gallery
design Principles
Web Design: The Page Paradigm
max-width in Internet Explorer
Side-stepping IE (CSS hacks)
These CSS bugs are all found only in Internet Explorer
Hivelogic: full page columns without background image/floats
HTML Kit: Navigate Beyond HTML
20 Essential Tools and Tips to an Accessible Website | Speckyboy Design Magazine
Quick Escape - A tool to convert raw HTML to escape characters | Developer Tools | Accessify
Dive Into Accessibility: 30 days to a more accessible web site | Using relative font sizes
Testing the Three-Click Rule Undesign Web Design References: Tools
Designing With Grid-Based Approach | Smashing Magazine
Minimal Verbosity: buttons
Kalsey Consulting: Button Maker Verts: Vertical Button
ACME Label Maker

Digital Web: Web Design Magazine | Forms, usability, and the W3C DOM
sitepoint: Simple Tricks for More Usable Forms By Simon Willison
Meg Hourihan: Taking the "You" Out of User: My Experience Using Personas
Sitemaps and Site Indexes: What They Are and Why You Should Have Them by Chiara Fox
boxes and arrows: Usability Issues
Examining the Role of De Facto Standards on the Web by Heidi Adkisson
Usability test data
WebWord Usability Weblog
Joel Spolsky: User Interface Design for Programmers: Chapter 3: Choices Monitoring the online customer experience, by Mark Hurst
Open content and value creation by Magnus Cedergren modern unstructured information management
CWD.DK: Cool Web Design
Steal These Buttons
Brilliant Button Maker by
The Man in Blue > widgEditor: A simple, standards-compliant WYSIWYG HTML editor

A tutorial on character code issues
IANA Character Sets
HTML Code page 437 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Character HTML 4 Entities
ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) Characters List
Unicode Web Site - Unicode 5.0 encodes exactly 98,884 graphic characters on different planes
ishida >> Unicode utilities
Unicode table for you
A tutorial on character code issues
How to type French characters
Unicode UTF-8 encoding
Arabic Alphabet Unicode
Punctuation Details
Greek character codes with both names and entity codes

Symbol Codes | Hebrew
Symbol Codes | Hebrew Unicode Chart
Unicode and HTML for the Hebrew alphabet - Wikipedia

Typing Errors: The standard typewriter keyboard is Exhibit A in the hottest new case against markets. But the evidence has been cooked. - Reason Magazine (QWERTY/DVORAK)
Keyboard Trivia
the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Math Characters in HTML Typesetting Mathematics Characters on the Web sans TeX/LaTeX Software?8
Bloo - Home
Index of HTML 4.01 Character Entity References
Evolt: A Simple Character Entity Chart
Character Entity Sets
The Trouble With EM ’n EN (and Other Shady Characters)
XHTML Character Entity Reference

The Ultimate List Of Online Color Tools For Web Developers
An On-Line Color Thesaurus - Mostly Color
The Meaning of Colour in Web Design
Optimize Your Monitor for Web Viewing
Using Adobe Gamma on Windows
Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing
Vischeck: showing you what things look like to someone who is color blind
Colorfilter for color-blind simulation
50 Facts about Color Blindness
color blind test by jean jouannic opticien
We are Colorblind » Patterns for the Color Blind
Color Theory For Designers, Part 2: Understanding Concepts And Terminology - Smashing Magazine
50 Best Color Sites for Designers
Color Idioms in Different Languages
Alan Kennedy's Color/Language Project - Facts About Color - Linguistic Facts About Color
Color-Name Dictionaries
"Resene RGB Values List"
John Dyer | PhotoShop-like JavaScript Color Picker - John Dyer
ColorZilla for Firefox - Eyedropper, Color Picker and much more
ColorZilla: Advanced Eyedropper, ColorPicker, Page Zoomer and other colorful goodies
Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator -
Structure & Strangeness
Color Visibility Test Program
Colour Contrast Check -
COLOURlovers :: loving colours since 1981 | Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List
Color + Design Blog / As Seen By The Color Blind by COLOURlovers
Color Name & Hue - Color Blindness viewed through Colorblind Eyes
FM 100 Hue Test
Multicolr Search Lab - Idée Inc.
Color Codes Matching Chart HTML (CMYK, RGB Hex)

Name that Color - Chirag Mehta :
Color Name & Hue
Vision simulator | Causes of Color
Colours In Cultures
List of Crayola crayon colors - Wikipedia (in Hex, RGB)

NASA: Color Usage: Using Color In Information Display Graphics
Bookmark Bliss: 10 Tools to help you select a Web 2.0 Color Palette by Fuzzy Future
Name that Color - Chirag Mehta :
ColorJack: Sphere
Color Systems
moreCrayons: a bigger box of crayons; 4,096 colors for the web
Web Colors safe for really old Netscape Browsers
Web Safe Color Table
webpage design for designers: graphics and palettes
GenoPal - Color Schemes
Unsafe Colormatch
Website Tips | Color: Charts, Tutorials, Design
VisiBone: Web Color KiloChart
post1092.jpg (JPEG Image, 1092x1456 pixels) The 216-Color Webmaster's Palette
Webwhirlers: Colours on the web | Colornames
The Color Spot at HTML Nation | Hexadecimal Color Codes with color names
The X11 Color Set
Color Blender
Color Fields Color Picker
500+ Named Colours with rgb and hex values
Generating Colors in HTML
Multicolr Search Lab - Ide Inc.
Color Is Relative : Art Gabriel Mott : Interpretation of Dick Nelson

Adobe: kuler
9rules logo color, Daily Color Scheme
COLOURlovers Coup.0 :: Color Trends & Palettes
COPASO | Pro Color Palette Software from COLOURlovers
Easy RGB: color matching, calibration, harmonies, tints
easyRGB: Color Harmonies

Color Schemer: color harmonies
How Web Colors Work In 2018 |

Screen Calipers
Pixy: Color Schemer
Natural Selections: Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design by Luke Wroblewski
Colormatch: generates 6-color matching palettes
ColorMatch Remix
4096 Color Wheel
Color Psychology, Light Therapy and Color choices in web design
The Power of Colour
Color Blender
Mezzoblue: Color Schemes
Creating Color Palettes
Color Palette Generator: from images by url
Color Wheel
Dynaclaim: Color Names
List of colors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Juicystudio: Colour Contrast Analyser
Quick Color
Web Color Theory
Webattack: Freeware Color Pickers
Conversion from Pantone to RGB and Hex HTML
Color Codes Matching Chart HTML (Pantone, CMYK, RGB Hex)
Catman's Color Brightness, Contrast, and Harmony Tool
Colorcell wants to find the most popular color combinations
Where'd ya get that color scheme?
Web Page Backgrounds
Mayang's Free Texture Library
Free Backgrounds and Textures
Web Page Background Patterns
Spectacle - Website Color Schemes
Outstanding Website Background Guide: 60+ Impressive Resources | Noupe

The RGB Color Calculator - A Web Page Color Choosing Tool
Color Schemes
Color Palette Generator (from photographs)
synthAxis: Color Generator
Color Code Converter: hexadecimal values of your RGB colors and vice versa
ColorWhore a directory of nice colors
ColorBrewer - Selecting Good Color Schemes for Maps
MacOS X apps: ColorDesigner2
AUTOPEDIA™: RGB to Hexidecimal Color Conversion Calculator accessibility color contrast checker tool
Color Chart Pickers by Backgrounds By Marie
Color Picker
slayeroffice | tools | color palette creator v1.6
Palettizer css color contrast picker
Infohound Color Schemer
The Coloring Pages: Java conversion applet for CIE color metrics, Hunter Lab, RGB
Colour Matching for Web Design - Choose a Colour Scheme
Web Color Visualizer
AFP Webworks Colour Schemer
Adam Polselli's 2005 Color Forecast
The Code Project - Color Picker Control for your Web site – A HTML Component (HTC) - HTML / CSS
mambofrog » Color Palette Tools - Web Color Combinations Tool and Library
Color Tool 2.0.8 Alpha
Steel dolphin Creative - Color Scheme tool
{style:phreak;} - colormatch redux
Your Online Manufacturers Color Database (Powered by CBN Systems Technology)
Etsy :: Colors
Color + Design Blog / Color Inspiration from the History of Halloween by COLOURlovers
Color Palette Generator
The Online School of Design ILU: Color Calculator
Color Scheme Designer 3
Stripe Generator - ajax diagonal stripes background designer

Arin Whois | ARIN | Whois Report | Geektools | CoolWhois |
Better Whosis | Check Domain | .edu Whois Look up
International Domain Name Registration: Country Codes
Demo |
The Adventures of Team ARIN
DNS Right - DNS Tools, Network Tools, Portscan, NS Lookup, Email Test, MX Records, Blacklist checks, Reverse DNS
Domain information of |
Find Age of Website Tool
Free DNS service - Easy, web-based domain manager -
DNS (Domain Name Services, named, ndc)
Adjust Windows XP DNS Cache Settings
DNS tricks and tips
djbdns | Daemontools | The importance of separating DNS caches from DNS servers
Zytrax: DNS for Rocket Scientists
Log messages for BIND 8 named, named-xfer, ndc and some for BIND 9 | Men & Mice
Root-Zone Whois Information: Index by TLD Code (Country Codes)
MyDNS: free DNS server for UNIX
CNET: VeriSign calls halt to .com detours
ICANN: Letter from Paul Twomey to Russell Lewis 3 October 2003
ICANN: Advisory Concerning Demand to Remove VeriSign's Wildcard
David Monosov: SiteFinder vs. Engineers: Our Mistake Is Ignorance
DNS opens networks to data attacks
zoneedit: free DNS service
Dynamic DNS Providers
gTLD-MoU: Generic Top Level Domain Memorandum of Understanding
DNSmasq: DNS forwarder and DHCP server
Open Root Server Confederation
Karl Auerbach: Will ICANN Reveal Its True Self To WSIS?
Geert Lovink: ICANN, WSIS and the Making of a Global Civil Society - Part I | Part II
Adult-Related TLDs Considered Dangerous
DJB: DNSCurve: Usable security for DNS

DNS encoding of network names and other types
Paul Mockapetris: Letting DNS Loose
IAB Commentary: Architectural Concerns on the use of DNS Wildcards
VeriSign planning more changes to .com, .net
All .com Domains
Internet Domain Study
NSD: Name Server Daemon: authoritative only, high performance, simple and open source name server
Free DNS service - Easy, web-based domain manager - DNS faq
Neustar UltraDNS
namebench - Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility - Google Project Hosting
Waht is OpenDNS?: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

UCI Internet Weather Report Internet Storm Center | Internet Storm Center | Infocon: Current Infosec News and Analysis
CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC)
survivaltime is calculated as the average time between reports for an average target IP address - Analyst's Diary
SANS Top 20 Vulnerabilities - The Experts Consensus
FrSIRT - Vulnerability and Cyber Threat Monitoring 24/7
HackerWatch | Malware Removal - MajorGeeks Support Forums
Windows XP Cleaning Procedure - MajorGeeks Support Forums
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
ThreatExpert - Automated Threat Analysis
Anubis: Analyzing Unknown Binaries
Malware Resources |
Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools | TechEd North America 2012 | Channel 9
Hunt Down and Kill Malware with Sysinternals Tools (Part 1)
Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals Tools - Mark Russiniovich, Also MIT Techno - Spiceworks
Malware Domain List
BotHunter Software Distribution Page
Welcome to the Home of OSSEC
List of a few country's CIDRs | A Daily Rant
AV-TEST - The Independent IT-Security Institute: May/Jun 2012

Cyber Insecurity: How the Dominance of Microsoft's Products Poses a Risk to Security -

AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software
Free Antivirus: Real Time Anti-Malware Detection Rates - IT security, vulnerability assessment & network security -
Test Your Firewall
Test My Firewall - Web Security Audit
Leak-tests results -
Firewall Products (hardware + flash-card monowall)
Help Net Security
The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security
The_History_Of_Hacking - Google Video
NSA: Operating Systems Guides: Security
Wiretapped - Computer Security Software etc.
A History of Viruses Jeremy Paquette
VIRUSTOTAL - Free Online Virus and Malware Scan
A Tangled World Wide Web of Security Issues
Web Security Horror Stories: The Director's Cut at
Try others...: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (how to use YUMI)

Online Forensics of Win32 System
Foundationstone Forensic ToolkitTM v2.0
Virus.Org :: Information Technology Security News And Updates
Secunia - Advisories - Microsoft Internet Explorer Multiple Vulnerabilities
Top 100 Network Security Tools
List of the more common Trojan Ports
SANS Intrusion Detection FAQ: What port numbers do well-known trojan horses use?
TCP Vulnerabilities in Multiple IOS-Based Cisco Products
What You Should Know About Download.Ject
BHODemon 2.0
Netcraft: Netcraft Toolbar Tutorial
Prolexic Technologies: Zombie Report
InformationWeek > Security > AOL: We're Not Zombie Haven > June 15, 2005
Microsoft Statement Regarding Configuration Change to Windows in Response to Download.Ject Security Issue
Increase Your Browsing and E-Mail Safety: 4 Steps to Help Ward Off Hackers and Attackers
Microsoft Download Center
eEye - Vulnerability Assessment and Intrusion Prevention Network Security Software
An Illustrated Guide to IPSec
The Ethical Hacker Network - Anatomy Of A Hack
How To Become A Hacker
Most Famous Hackers & Crackers in the World
File: archives/7/p7_0x03_Hacker's Manifesto_by_The Mentor.txt
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
HOPE Number Six
Insurgency Wiki
Hacks, Phreaks, Worms, Tigers and Bears The top eight events that changed the course of computer security history (and two that didn’t)
The History of Hacking | IT Security |
Wepawet » JavaScript Report for 1aea206aa64ebeabb07237f1e2230d0f - Analysis report for ccc[1].ht_
Web Application Exploits and Defenses
Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus on Vimeo

OSF DataLossDB | Data Loss News, Statistics, and Research a research project aimed at documenting known and reported data loss incidents world-wide

TCP/IP Information
TCP/IP basics Network Uptime: Introduction to TCP
The TCP/IP Guide - Table Of Contents
TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview
TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1 The Protocols W. Richard Stevens
RFC 1149 (rfc1149) - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avia
TCP/IP Protocol Sequence Diagrams
Nmap Documentation | NMapWin

2019 Best Packet Sniffers (9 Packet Analyzers Reviewed)
Nessus | Introduction to | Nessus | Doing More with Less
Use Nessus for Wireless packet ID
Win Pcap: the Free Packet Capture Architecture for Windows
Ethereal: network protocol analyzer
Introduction to Packet Sniffing
Wireshark: Go deep.

Exploring TCP/IP with TCPdump and | tethereal
Packetyzer - Packet Analyzer for Windows
ettercap: multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
EtherApe: graphical network monitor
tcpflow: TCP Flow Recorder
IPTraf: IP Network Monitoring Software
Snort Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System
HNS - The Story of Snort: Past, Present and Future
IPAudit Network Monitor
fairly fast packet filter (FFPF)
ngrep: network grep
tcptrack | dsniff | Snoopy | Driftnet
hping: command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
Monitor network traffic with ntop - Program - Linux - Builder AU
ntop | iftop: display bandwidth usage on an interface
Analyzer: a public domain protocol analyzer
Capsa | Nexvu LanScaper Network Testing Kit
Argus: fixed-model Real Time Flow Monitor
Driftnetlistens to network traffic and picks out images from TCP streams
GNU + Netcat | Socat
A Unix Utility You Should Know About: Netcat
darkstat: packet sniffer which runs as a background process on a cable/DSL router
Chaosreader A freeware tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data from snoop or tcpdump logs
the_skys_kid comments on Freenode under DDOS again (UDP)
Tutorial: tcpdump -
Kismet: 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector

Nmap Hackers: Raw sockets, MS05-019 and Windows Firewall -- Summary
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-019: Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Could Allow Remote Code Execution and Denial of Service (893066) (Raw Socket disable)
GRC Sucks dot com | Debunking Steve Gibson, Syncookies, Nanomites, Pathlock
Flow Based Observations from NETI@home and Honeynet Data
Whitedust: Fun Things To Do With Your Honeypot
Know your Enemy: Web Application Threats
Friday: Monitor Your IP Space | Five Days of Announcements | Project Honey Pot

Hakin9 Live
PHLAK :: [P]rofessional [H]acker's [L]inux [A]ssault [K]it - :: News
Ethernet Security Taps
Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site
Netgraph: realtime network monitoring tool
Ethernet Cable: Color-Code Standards
How to Make a Category 5 /5e Patch Cable
[Geeks are Sexy] technology news: Save money: How to make your own Ethernet patch cord.
the 5-in-1 network admin's cable
rate my network diagram
Information Security for Beginners - Top 100 ftp servers in Russia
Securiy Mill | Windows Exploit Programming Primer Tutorial

Internet Safety: How to Save on it? (55 Easy Ways!)

Secure Passwords 101: Why They Matter + How To Create Them
Password Chart
One-Time Passwords
mkpasswd - A tool for the pseudo-random generation of passwords
APG (Automated Pasword Generator)
Password Meter - How Secure is my Password? Free Online Tool
Diceware Passphrase Home
KeePass Password Safe
LastPass - Password Manager, Form Filler, Password Management
Password Safe
Password generator
GRC | Ultra High Security Password Generator  
Password generator to generate good, secure, random and easy to remember passwords.
GenPass: Legacy Password Generator
SuperGenPass: A Free Bookmarklet Password Generator
SuperGenPass is not that secure – Aki Björklund
Password Composer Greasemonkey User Script
Robert Hensing's Secure Windows Initiative Blog : Why you shouldn't be using passwords of any kind on your Windows networks
Suggesting cryptographically strong passwords to users
GeodSoft How-To: Cracking Passwords Techniques
Linux Shadow Password HOWTO
 Ultra High Security Password Generator
Password Cracking with Rainbowcrack and Rainbow Tables »
Password Recovery Speeds - How To Crack Passwords:
CERIAS Weblogs » Security Myths and Passwords
Passwords you’ll never forget, but can’t recall
Default Password List
How can I gain access to a Windows 2000/XP/NT computer if I forgot the administrator's password?
How to reset the Domain Admin Password under Windows 2003 Server
Cain & Abel: password recovery tool for Microsoft Operating Systems
Default Password List
Password Generator based on master password + site name

Paj's Home: Cryptography: JavaScript MD5
The Risks Digest Volume 25: Issue 69
KON-BOOT - Ultimate Windows/Linux Hacking Utility

Cracking Syskey and the SAM on Windows Using Samdump2 and John (Hacking Illustrated Series)
Why forced change password policies are ridiculous
Please Give Your Windows XP Administrator A Password - Dashken's I-Blog
Forgot the Administrator's Password?
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
Default Password List
noWice: A guide to accessing System (unlimited access, even admins r somewhat restricted) (AT command)
Re: Disturbed eh?: PC Talk Forum: LocalSystem and Administrator

Know your Enemy: Tracking Botnets
BBC NEWS | A Million Zombies: Have hackers recruited your PC?
KLOTH.NET - List of Bad Bots
Bot Spot: bots on the net
Drunk Men Work Here - On Bots - Fresh Zero Content for Compulsive Clickers
Inside the 'Ron Paul' Spam Botnet - Research - SecureWorks
The Big Ol' Ubuntu Security Resource - IT Security

SWATCH: The Simple WATCHer of Logfiles
Network and Network Monitoring Software

The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution
The Team Cymru Darknet Project
Whitehats: Open Source Security Tools Database
/.: Sniffers
Sans: Libpcap, winpcap, libdnet, and libnet applications and resources
P0f v2 is a versatile passive OS fingerprinting tool
Tor: an anonymizing overlay network for TCP
TheOnionRouter/OpenbsdChrootedTor - Noreply Wiki
Net Tools
AntiExploit: the first ON-ACCESS exploit-scanner for Linux and FreeBSD
Rateless: simple, Highly-optimized, Not Patented Error Correcting Codes
Metasploit Project: penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research
lf274, SystemAdministration: Intrusion detection with Debian GNU/Linux

The Eight Rules of Security Top 75 Security Tools
Nmap: Top 75 Security Tools Security News for Systems Administrators
The SANS Top 20 Internet Security Vulnerabilities
Scott Berinato: The future of security
Nine Famous Hacks
Hackers Hall of Fame
Paul Graham: Great Hackers
» Best Hacking Tools and Tutorials
The Hacker FAQ
Eric Steven Raymond: How To Become A Hacker
Hacking Illustrated: Hacking and Computer security videos - IT Security Information Network
zone-h Digital Attacks Archive
NewsForge: A peek at script kiddie culture
The Boston Consulting Group/OSDN Hacker Survey
Bruce Sterling: The Hacker Crackdown
Discovery: Hackers
grsecurity: hardening Linux Kernels
Alt.2600 / #hack FAQ | What is 0-day?
DOE-CIAC: Computer Incident Advisory Capability
HackThisSite | Try2Hack | Counterhack
Stephen Lau: The Spinning Cube of Potential Doom
SecuritySpace: Internet Research Reports
Peter Gutmann Professional Paranoid | godzilla crypto tutorial | Link Farm
Metasploit Framework
SecLists.Org Security Mailing List Archive

Bruce Schneier: Crypto-Gram Newsletter | Breaking Iranian Codes
Self-Study Course in Block Cipher Cryptanalysis
Introduction to Cryptography by Christof Paar - YouTube
Schneier on Security: Safe Personal Computing
Schneier on Security: TSA Lied About Protecting Passenger Data
The Psychology of Security
Dabbling in Cryptography (Reeds, Morris, Dennis Ritchie, M-209 Crypto, NSA, RG, Bell Labs)
Permissive Action Links
SecurityFocus HOME Columnists: Bruce Schneier on Cryptography
Search Security | Glossary
Steve Friedl's An Illustrated Guide to Cryptographic Hashes
CodeCon 2005
Big iron lessons, Part 6: Intro to crypto, continued: Post-War to present
A Mini-Course in Cryptography - What is encryption?
Matt Blaze: | Matt Blaze: Master-Keyed Lock Vulnerability | Is it harmful to discuss security vulnerabilities?
Crypto-anarchism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Serials and Codes: unlock the world | HD-DVD format security
Cryptologia: A quarterly journal devoted to all aspects of cryptology
Deciphering encrypted text
PatchDayReview: Windows Security Hole of the Day Penetration Testing Using Social Engineering
How to hide your hard disk porn stash
Wired: How to Disappear
Intrusion Sec: Hacker Playground
kernelthread: A Taste of Computer Security
Crypto Politics and Export Controls
Alfred J. Menezes, Paul C. van Oorschot and Scott A. Vanstone: Handbook of Applied Cryptography
H2K2: Speakers and Panels

Elonka's Kryptos Page
Elonka's List of Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers
Historical Ciphers
An intro to Elliptical Curve Cryptography
CSE P 590TU: Practical Aspects of Modern Cryptography, Winter 2006
[IP] on crypto systems from CTO PGP
Deconstructing The Xbox Security System - Google Video
Coding Horror: Rainbow Hash Cracking
Software Integrity Checksum and Code Signing Vulnerability
Managed Security Services - LURHQ
The Google Hacker’s Guide: Understanding and Defending the Google Hacker
Paul Mungo: Approaching Zero
How to write Buffer Overflows
Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?
EFF: Best Practices for Online Service Providers (Logging)
Linux Security
Root Exploit
WYTM: What's Your Threat Model?
Tao Security - most known Windows Exploits software security site
Off-the-Record Messaging (deniable crypto)

EPIC Top Ten Privacy Resolutions for 2005
Privacy Rights
Online Policy Group: anonymity/privacy online | OPG Service
Google Tutor & Advisor » Blog Archive » Clearing Google Search History to Maintain Your Privacy
Google Tutor & Advisor » Blog Archive » Keeping Private Matters Private in Google Desktop Search

IACR: International Association for Cryptologic Research
PGP Corporation
PGP Corporation - Downloads - Beta - PGP Global Directory- Beta Program
International PGP Home Page | PGPdisk
MIT Distribution Center for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
GnuPG: GNU Privacy Guard
The WWW Based PGP 5.0 Key Server System
True Crypt for Windows
TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source Disk Encryption Software - Documentation - Hidden Operating System
Whole Disk Encryption & Why You Need It | From The Technical Mind of Jared
Gmail S/MIME :: Add-ons for Firefox
Encrypt Thunderbird Email with Enigmail
Rubberhose cryptographically deniable transparent disk encryption system
Utimaco Safeware AG: SafeGuard Easy
gHacks » Securing your Pc with True Crypt
Virtual Hosting LockBox Computing: 25 Free Tools To Encrypt Literally Everything
Francis Litterio's Cryptography References
Open PGP Alliance
PGP for Absolute Beginners PGP Attacks
North American Cryptography Archives | Where to Get PGP and GPG
EPIC Online Guide: to Practical Privacy Tools
IETF: Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy (openpgp)

Gallery of CSS Descramblers | The History of the DeCSS Haiku by Seth Schoen
Expert Reviews - Ciphire Labs | For Experts - Ciphire Labs | Download - Ciphire Labs Mail: Easy encrypted email

stealth message: Email Security and Privacy with no Downloads
CAcert: Free certificate authority

steganographic software
Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers
SNEAK: Snarkles.Net Encryption Assortment Kit
Cryptainer Free Encryption Software
The Alphabet in Binary Code
ASCII Conversion Table
ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange

Computer Insecurity: the paper that got Daniel Geer fired from @Stake
eWeek: Security Expert Geer Sounds Off on Dismissal
Experts Warn of Microsoft 'Monoculture' compromise - Developer Cleanup Info
Dave Dittrich Computer Resources | Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks/tools
Cisco: Strategies to Protect Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
Disinfo: Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Resources
Help Defeat Denial of Service Attacks: Step-by-Step
Consensus Roadmap for Defeating Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
John Walker: Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Net Security | The Anatomy of Cross Site Scripting
XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Cheat sheet: Esp: for filter evasion - by RSnake
Security Focus
Counterpane Internet Security
How a Bookmaker and a Whiz Kid Took On an Extortionist — and Won - CSO Magazine - May 2005
Security Fix - Brian Krebs on Computer and Internet Security - (
Slowloris HTTP DoS
Don King Reveals Truth About Cisco Access Lists!
XORP is the eXtensible Open Router Platform
Punching holes into firewalls: Secure TCP-into-HTTP tunnelling guide
How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately aka The Surf At Work Page
Peering Over the Firewall: Using Snort and a homemade read-only cable to follow network traffic
SDelete: Secure Delete
Feature: OpenBSD Hackathon 2005, Part III -- ICMP Attacks - Offering step-by-step setup of firewalls and routers to help protect your network.
Kerio Firewall
PCFlank: Personal Firewalls vs. Leak Tests: Part II: "Leak Tests Win Again!"
Sygate Personal Firewall
Tiny Personal Firewall
Securepoint Free Personal Firewall/VPN Firewall-1 Resource
K5: OpenBSD Firewall
Flexbeta: How Secure is Windows Firewall?
Bluetack: ProtoWall and Blocklist Manager
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall is a free network firewall
downloads Security-Privacy - Personal Firewalls
Free Firewall Software - Comodo™ Firewall
Microsoft Security Essentials vs Avira vs avast! vs AVG [3rd Edition] |
Probably the Best Free Security List in the World
HIPS Explained
Windows XP firewall - Wilders Security Forums
Majorgeeks: firewalls

Sysinternals Freeware (Process Explorer)
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000 - RootkitRevealer
Anti Rootkit Software
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000
Bluetack - Protowall IP blocking firewall
Windows rootkits come of age
Rootkit creators turn professional -

Defeating Statistical Steganalysis
Deogol: an HTML steganography tool
Steganography: How to Send a Secret Message By Bryan Clair
the information hiding homepage digital watermarking & steganography
StegoArchive.Com (s-tools)
Steganography with Flickr
Steganography made simple

2019 Best Network Monitoring Tools (25+ Free & Paid Tools Reviewed)

AnySoftwareTools: Tech Tips, Reviews, Buying Guides

Clever Computer Science Ideas
Waste: encrypted Chat
gaim: get the news in RSS
Roundtable: Is the Cyberterror Threat Credible?

Freebyte's Guide to free anti-virus software
Viruslist: Virus Encyclopedia
Clamav free antivirus
Antivirus Tools: Rav/Clamav/Vexira Scan Log Analyzer
McAfee: Regional Virus Info
AVG Anti-Virus
F-Secure Lab Blog
Clamav for Windows
NOD32 Anti-Virus
Network Associates anti-virus DAT Files
McAfee AVERT Stinger: a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses
AntiVir Personal Edition (Windows)
Places that viruses and trojans hide on start up
avast! antivirus software - computer virus, worm and Trojan protection by ALWIL Software
A .NET Developer's Guide to Windows Security, by Keith Brown

Wired: Slammed! An inside view of the worm that crashed the Internet in 15 minutes (Slammer Worm)
Worm Radar
CWShredder Remove Coolsearch
CAIDA: Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis | The Spread of the Witty Worm
/.: Nasty New Virus Variants
worm blog: worm problem, technology, detection, and defenses
Lucent: Reverse Code Engineering: Bagle Virus
Vmyths: Truth about computer security hysteria
Jim Morrison: Blaster Revisited
PCFlank: test shows how vulnerable your computer is to various Internet threats
Decompression bomb vulnerabilities

419 Eater
How to block spambots, ban spybots, and tell unwanted robots to go to hell
Security Focus: Tracking Down the Phantom Host
Peer to Peer and SPAM in the Internet
Lurhq: Phatbot Trojan Analysis
Popuptest: Test your popup blocker software
Anti-Spyware Test (Guide) by Eric L. Howes
Anti-adware misses most malware
Spyware Warrior: Anti-Spyware Feature Comparison
Software: Spyware/Adware/Hijackware Tools
Windows Live OneCare safety scanner: Free online tool for PC health and safety (anti-malware
Spybot Search & Destroy
SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed
Webroot Spysweeper
Pest Patrol
Lavasoft Ad-aware
Giant Antispyware
Pestscan: Online Spyware Protection
Computer Associates Spyware Information Center
| Spyware Confidential |
Comparison of Unwanted Software Installed by P2P Programs
Spychecker - download spyware removal and Internet privacy tools - Free software, no spy/crapware
Grokster and Claria Take Licenses to New Lows, and Congress Lets Them Do It
Microsoft Downgrades Claria Adware Detections
Merijn: The CoolWebSearch Chronicles
CoolWWWSearch.SmartKiller (v1/v2) MiniRemoval
Sartup Monitor
Startup List
Spyware and Trojan Horses
Absolute Startup: control of Windows Startup
Seven Easy Ways To Protect Your Computer
Windows Security Checklist
How to stop Internet Explorer pop-ups
Spychecker: anti-spyware tools
Anti-Spy Tools
Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products | Anti-Spyware Test (Guide) by Eric L. Howes
Orphans | Spyware Blog
Junkware 101
PC Pitstop
Adaware: About:Blank (CoolWebSearch morphing spyware)
Subratam: Specialized Spyware Removal Tools
HiJack This
Lurkhere: Anti-spyware tools
Spyware Removal Tools Review
MSNBC - Is This Software On Your Hard Drive?

Internet Explorer Privacy & Security Settings
BBC link to Real Player without the spy and ad ware
The Safe Way to run Windows XP
Running As Non-Admin
HOW TO: Use the RUN AS Command to Start a Program as an Administrator in Windows XP
Running restricted -- What does the "protect my computer" option mean?
How to develop code as a non-admin
Download - Personal (PSI) - Vulnerability Scanning -
An A-Z Index of the Windows NT/XP command line
Repairing Windows XP in Eight Commands - Guide - Short-Media
Langa Letter: XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive Total-Rebuild Option -- Windows XP Management
Unlocker 1.8.5 By Cedrick 'Nitch' Collomb
MoveOnBoot download and review - move or delete files on next reboot from SnapFiles

The Invisible Things Lab's blog: Attacking SMM Memory via Intel® CPU Cache Poisoning
1.91% of all PCs are fully patched! - Blog -

An Analysis of Conficker | An Analysis of Conficker C
Win32/Conficker.C - CA
Remove Downadup - Removal tool for Downadup (known also as Conficker or Kido)
Leaked memo says Conficker pwns Parliament • The Register
Containing Conficker - Hack a Day
Computer Worms - Conficker| Microsoft Security
Conficker Worm: Help Protect Windows from Conficker
Download McAfee AVERT Stinger Conficker - Remove Conficker worm from your system - Softpedia
The inside story of the Conficker worm - tech - 12 June 2009 - New Scientist

IANA Port Numbers | IANA Character Sets
Port Numbers w/typical exploits
RFC defined ESMTP Status Error Codes | Understanding SMTP error codes
A quick overview of SMTP - How to Spoof an Email Without Software - Guide to Spyware Removal

SPF: Sender Permitted From
An Interview with the Lead Developer of SPF Meng Weng
SPF Registration
SPF Setup Wizard
libspf2 - Home
The Attention Bond Mechanism: Extended Q and A
MTA Authorization Records in DNS (marid)
Sender-ID and free software
ASF Position Regarding Sender ID
Danny O'Brien: To Evil!: Evil of September 2004
You Don't Know Jack About VoIP | Not Your Father's PBX? | VoIP: What is it good for?

Yahoo: DomainKeys: Proving and Protecting Email Sender Identity
Caller ID for E-Mail Technical Specification
Sender-ID Back from the Dead
An Effective Solution for Spam
Email Scam, Fraud and Phishing Resource
Welcome to the 419 Eater
Nigerian Scam Baiting
Here be dragons: Chicanery, cons and scams

Anatomy of an Email Message
Reading Email Headers
Referer Spam
Colin Fahey: Spam: The Phenomenon
Reverse-Proxy Spam Trojan - Migmaf
ACMQueue: The Economics of Spam
E-card Hijack Spam
Advanced Email Link Generator with Anti-Spam Encoder
Lycos: Makelovenotspam: DDOS anti-spam screensaver
Wiki Spam
Why Am I Getting All This Spam?
TrustedSource: IP reputation, spam maps
Mailinator:Spam Map
Mask Email Image Generator
How to encrypt your email - Lifehacker

Junkeater Antispam Bypass Compulsory Web Registration: many logins for websites
Sorting e-mail friends from foes
Configuring Mail Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text
Spam Solutions checklist
Sophos outs 'dirty dozen' spam producing countries
The Next Generation of mail clients
Anti-Spam Solutions and Security, Part 2 by Dr. Neal Krawetz
How to Show Full Headers in Outlook 2000/2002
Gordon Cormack and Thomas Lynam A Study of Supervised Spam Detection Applied to Eight Months of Personal Email
K5: Kyle: TMDA Ends Spam
Sam Holden: Spam Filters (compares 7 heuristic and Baysian Filters)
Paul Graham: Spam Fighting Resources
Eliezer Yudkowsky: An Intuitive Explanation of Bayesian Reasoning
USS Clueless: Baysian Spam Filters
Popfile Baysian Spam Filter
K9 Baysian Spam Filter
BayesIt plugin for The Bat! | VampireX anti-spam for TB!
The 10 Biggest Spam Myths
Spam Poison
Apache SpamAssassin Project
SpamAssassin | Source Forge | Configuration | Win32 Install | SARE - SpamAssassin Rules Emporium | Rules | SAConf: Windows GUI
SpamAssassin CustomRuleset
Popular Spam Protection Technique Doesn't Work
CRM114 - the Controllable Regex Mutilator
DSpam Project: Statistical-Algorithmic Hybrid Filter
K9 POP3 Mail Filtering
Spam Probe
SpamPal homepage
Sendmail Anti-Spam Configuration Control Understanding the File
Blue-Labs: Sendmail Map Hints - Access spamcop: delay_check Anti-UBE FEATUREs in sendmail 8.10/8.11 SpamFilters for Sendmail
Sendmail Log Levels
LogReport$: Sendmail
Even more hints about sendmail/e-mail | config error: mail loops back to myself
A quick view on sendmail (config)
Closing Open SMTP Relays
Anonymous Relay Test (comprehensive) | Anonymous Relay Test
Re: Secondary mail server configuration.
Sendmail: Primary and Secondary mail exchangers
Sendmail Notes - Waikato Linux Users Group - SendMail as a secondary MX
[UCLA-LUG] Config sendmail for a secondary mx
Mail relay testing
OpenBSD sendmail + auth + tls/ssl HOWTO
Sendmail config file: /etc/mail/access (updated daily)
Re: Sendmail reject non-extant hosts? RFC1123
Real-time Spam Black Lists (RBL)
Spews Spam Prevention Early Warning System
Google: Spam: Blacklists
Declude: List of All Known DNS-based Spam Databases
Sendmail / Milter / Spamchecks Mail Filters
Spam blocking and RBL lists; Country IP space Blackholes Explanation
Multi-RBL check
The Spam Problem: Moving Beyond RBLs
Blacklists Compared, 19-May-07 (*)
Postfix: The IBM Secure Mailer
The Postfix Home Page
howTo Confiure a Windows 2000 SMTP Server
The Rise of the Spammers by David Barroso Berrueta

Gorilla Design Studio Presents: Using the Hosts File (Effective Anti-Ad)
[ HOSTSFILE.MINE.NU ] [Hosts File Project]
Welcome to DenyHosts
The Abusive Hosts Blocking List
A Troubleshooting and Security Guide for using the MVPS HOSTS file
Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much)
Hosts file: how to make the internet not suck (as much) | hostassist
Mike's Ad Blocking Hosts file
Hosts File of Ad Servers
All bogons (ips not allocated) for entire IPv4 ip space)

FTC: Operation Secure Your Server (open proxy and mail relays)
Anti-Virus Companies: Tenacious Spammers
K5: Spam-Free at Last (spam-fighting techniques
FairUCE: spam filter that prevents spam from reaching the recipient's inbox by verifying the identity of the sender
Network Fusion: Spam in the Wild, The Sequel comprehensive comparison of enterprise antispam