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Bible Resources

Synoptic Gospels Primer
The Five Gospels Parallels
Synoptic Gospels Primer
The Synoptic Problem Home Page
Gospel Parallels - Help
Gospel Author Comparison Chart
Mark Goodacre: Mark without Q: A Synoptic Problem Web Site
The Two Gospel Hypothesis (2GH), formerly known as the Griesbach Hypothesis
Deardorff: The Talmud of Jmmanuel
Matthew -- Talmud of Jmmanuel (TJ) verse comparisons
Lendering: Q-Source
Q: The Lost Sayings Source: Burton Mack's translation
The Lost Sayings Gospel Q
Jirair Tashjian: A Proposed Reconstruction of "Q"
Four-Color Synopsis
The Case Against Q: A Synoptic Problem Web Site by Mark Goodacre
NT Gateway Weblog E. W. Lummis, A Case Against "Q"
A Second Gospel p. 1 The Evolution of Mark
Gospel of Mark Chapter 16
Gospel Timeline
Timeline: Development of the Biblical Canon
BibleView: Timelines
New Testament Canon Lists
Old Testament (OT) Book Order: Hebrew Canon.
New book, 'Evolution of the Word' by Best Selling Author Marcus Borg Examines the Bible in Chronological Order for the First Time
Church Tradition & The Textual Integrity Of The Bible: Early Lists Of The Books Of The New Testament
McGarvey and Pendleton: The Fourfold Gospel (1914)
A Reading Guide to the Gospel of Mark
The Heavenly Veil Torn: Cosmic Symbolism in the Gospel of Mark
Wim van den Dungen: translation of Q1
Biblical Authors (New Testament)
A Synopsis for Q
The Existence of Q
The Book of Jesus : A Chronological Harmonization of the Gospels
Q document - Wikipedia
Thoughts on Antiquity » Blog Archive » Q and the Historical Jesus, Pt. 1
Canon of the Bible
Gavin Rumney: Questions About the Biblical Canon
Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?
Daniel B Wallace: The Synoptic Problem
The Logia Translation Hypothesis Home Page (Brian E Wilson)
Synoptic Crucifixion/Resurrection Chart Diagrams: Pentateuch sources, Hebrew Bible People and Places, Timeline, more
Synoptic Gospels Primer - Glossary: Q
Cygnus' Study: Q: The Lost Sayings Source: Burton Mack's translation
Sayings of Jesus: Latin Vulgate Bible with Douay-Rheims and King James Version Side-by-Side
5 Gospel Word Frequency Clouds
Are the Synoptic Gospels Copy Exercises? Jesus and Anacreon « New American Mercury *
Earliest Christian History: A Decade in...NT/Biblical Studies!
Did Jews Borrow Greek Myths: 3 examples | Triangulations
Infographic – Timeline of the New Testament Books – Jericho Brisance

Society of Biblical Literature
2003 Society of Biblical Literature Program
Society of Biblical Literature: The Unspeakable in Biblical Scholarship by Jacques Berlinerblau (faith-based scholarship)
SBL:The Forgery Indictments and BAR: Learning From Hindsight (Hershel Shanks)
Society of Biblical Literature: Guidelines
Ekthesis: Day Conference on TC and the NA Text: The Theory of Local Text-Types - A Plea For Paradigm Shift in New Testament Textual Research (RH dead)
BibleX: Latest Issue of Review of Biblical Literature

Access Foundation: Bible Atlas Online
A Primer for Second Semester Divinity School Students
The Septuagint: Theological and Academic Resources
The Septuagint: Theological and Academic Resources for the Study of the Septuagint and Old Greek Versions
Biblical Hermeneutics Meta Stack Exchange
Who was Moses supposed to say sent him, “Ehieh” or “Yahweh”
Biblical Hermeneutics Home Page
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The First Principle of Historical Hermeneutics: the historian cannot privilege one set of texts over another, or one position over another
Biblical Exegesis
Bratcher: Hebrew Poetry: Parallelism
Hermeneutics: Hebrew Poetry (parallelism)
Bible Version Comparisons
The Documentary Hypothesis
Who Wrote the Pentateuch: The Five Books of Moses?
Answering the Documentary Hypothesis
The Tablet Theory of Genesis Authorship (Bible is History)
Biblical Words: Pronunciation Guide

Bible Wheel: Biblical Canon: integrated geometric structure built upon the perennial symbol of completion, perfection, and things divine: the eternal Circle *
[Apologetics] > The Bible Wheel Challenge
A Great Cloud of Witnesses

ASA - September 2003: Re: Tit for Tat (Richard's challenge)?
ASA - September 2003: Re: Tit for Tat (Richard's challenge)?
ASA - September 2003: Biblewheel: Tit for Tat (Richard's challenge)?
ASA - September 2003: Report on the YEC seminar in Durango, 9-2003 (Young Earth Creationists)
Menachem Cohen: The Idea of the Sanctity of the Biblical Text and the Science of Textual Criticism
Documentary Hypothesis
ESV Bible Blog » Mapping New Testament Social Networks
Many Eyes: Network Diagram for New Testament Bible Social Network Visualizations : Network Diagram for New Testament Bible Social Network
Many Eyes: Browsing visualizations - "bible"
Google maps involving Jesus, Christianity and the Bible
Native Intelligence: Jack D. Forbes: The Jewish Bible And The Appropriation Of Another’s Religion

Secret Gospel of Mark
Secret Mark letter translated by Morton Smith
Secret Mark
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean » The Secret Gospel of Mark and Carlson’s The Gospel Hoax: Smoking gun? (NT Apocrypha 22)
Apocryphicity » Blog Archive » More Anti-Apocrypha Apologetic: Ben Witherington’s “What Have They Done With Jesus?”
Palm Tree Garden Gnostic Forum / Secret Gospel of Mark Revisited: The Current State of Scholarship
The Secet Gospel of Mark Unveiled: Reply to Scott G Brown by Peter Jeffery (stupid copy-protected PDF)
Reactions to: Peter Jeffery, The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled: Imagined Rituals of Sex, Death, and Madness in a Biblical Forgery (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006)
Hypotyposeis: The SBL Session on Secret Mark
NT Gateway Weblog Some More SBL
Apocryphicity » Blog Archive » Secret Mark at the 2008 SBL Annual Meeting Morton Smith and the Secret Gospel of Mark get another look in light of recently published correspondence between Smith and Gershom Scholem
Gospel Secrets: The Biblical Controversies of Morton Smith
TaborBlog » Blog Archive » Latest on the “Secret Gospel of Mark”
The secret gospel of Mark. A literary forgery from century XX.

Josephus - The Flavius Josephus Home Page
Scholarly study of the works of Flavius Josephus

Reading the Old Testament
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies | Philo Page
James F. McGrath: A Resource Page for New Testament Studies
Philo and Friends
Philo Concordance Project
Electronic Resources for Hebrew Bible
Hebrew Streams: Ancient Hebrew Elements in the New Testament
Messianic Texts at Qumran (A Brief Word) homepage | KJV and the Textus Receptus
The Bible - Read and Study Free Online
Resouce Pages for Biblical Studies
Scriptorium: Greek, Hebrew Language Learning Resources
Glo's Greek Lessons
Koinonia: Koine English for Koine Greek by Mark Strauss (contra ESV)
Liddell and Scott Greek-English Lexicon (LSJ) - Logos Bible Software
Lexicon-Concordance Online Bible with Strong's Exhaustive Concordance, Thayer's Lexicon, Etymology, Translations Definitions Meanings & Key Word Studies -
Perseus Digital Library
Tyndale Tech: Perseus Greek Texts free on Logos
Tyndale Tech
WikiBiblica - A Public Commentary on the Bible

Ekthesis: Top Ten Online Biblical Studies Resources
Lee Martin: Dictionary of Special and Technical Terms for Hebrew and Greek Studies Scriptorium: Early Writing *
Esoteric Texts: Apocrypha Gnostics Nag Hammadi Pseudepigrapha
The Tertullian Project | Roger Pearse's Pages | A survey of Greek and Latin Manuscripts
The Nag Hammadi discovery of manuscripts
The Jung Codex
A little-known find of Coptic books in 1910 at Roger Pearse
Internet Archive: Details: Coptic homilies in the dialect of Upper Egypt; edited from the papyrus codex Oriental 5001 in the British museum
Noncanonical Literature
pseudepigrapha, apocrypha, apocrapha, dead sea scrolls, gnostic, complete book archives, lost books of the Bible, Extra Biblical writings, Church Fathers.
Old and New Testament, Apocrapha
Old Testament Pseudoepigraphia
xaosearch: A Scripture Index to Charlesworth's the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
NPR : Scholar Bart Ehrman, 'Lost Christianities'
Apocrypha Translation List
Lost Books: Pseudepigraphal, Deuterocanonical (Apocryphal) Books
Early Christian Writings: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers
Early Christian Writing: All of Early Christianity: The New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, and Church Fathers
Virtualseminary - Canonpage
Hypotyposeis: Canonical Bias in Citation
OTP Index: citations in the margins (and sometimes the notes) provided by the various translators in Charlesworth's Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, 2 vols.
Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha
Original Eagle Vision of 4 Ezra
Christian INDEX of Bible > New Testament > Apocrypha > Gospels
Christian Apocrypha
Extra-Biblical Writings: Acts, Gospels, Apocalypse, Apocrapha
Living Web: Scripture: Old Testament, New Testament, Apocrapha, Pseudipgrapha, and InterTestamental Works
CCEL: Apocrypha & Pseudoepigraphia
Alan Humm: On-Line Texts Related to Biblical Study: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
Extra Biblical Writings (collected in Zip files)
Light from the Logos - Bible Studies
Cloud of Unknowing | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Pseudepigrapha, Gnostic, Apocrypha & Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls: Qumran Timeline
Dead Sea Scrolls Link Index
Library of Congress: Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The Messianic Elite: The Communities of the Scrolls
The True Revelations Of The Dead Sea Scrolls
How the Dead Sea Scrolls authors rewrote the Bible, literally | The University of Kansas

The Dead Sea Scrolls - Leon Levy Digital Library

Teacher of Righteousness
The Teacher of Righteousness and the Dead Sea Scrolls, by Bette Stockbauer; Share International Archives
The Teacher of Righteousness and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Teacher of Righteousness and the End of Days
Teacher of Righteousness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
4Q Pesher Nahum and the Teacher of Righteousness by Gregory L. Doudna
Bible and Archaeology, Bible news, Interpretation and Archaeology, Excavations in the Holy Land
As Requested: Terje Oestigaard Responds- Part One - history of archaeological thought, relation to biblical archaeology
Ralph Klein: The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East
DNA to reveal source of Dead Sea Scrolls
Apocryphicity Blog Archive Top Ten Faulty Arguments in anti-Apocrypha Apologetics (Part 1)
Apocryphicity Blog Archive Top Ten Faulty Arguments in Anti-Apocrypha Apologetics (Part 2)
Apocryphicity Blog Archive .Top Ten Faulty Arguments. Revisited
Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings
CARM: Lost Books
Reluctant Messenger: Lost Books
Ancient Manuscripts and Early Church Writings
Early Christian Thought in 21st century language
Wikipedia: Apocrypha
Early Sources of Christianity
History of the Early Church
The Inner Sanctum
complete gospels
The Pauline Epistles - Re-Studied and Explained: Edwin Johnson, M.A., 1894 An Internet Resource for Studying the Early Church
A Double Take on Early Christianity, An Interview with Rodney Stark (generally a good thing for women, at least)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Phillip Schaff: History of Christianity
Biblical Studies on the Web | WWW Biblical Theology Index | Biblica
Do We Need A New Bible? Reflections on the Proposed Oxford Hebrew Bible Online Courses
Fordham Graduate Student Handbook: Dept of Theology: A Dissertation upon Dissertations
Christian History
Ante-Nicene Fathers to AD 325
Patristics Texts and Resources: Source Texts by the Fathers, with Studies and Commentary
Hygoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
Bible/Church History Chart
Chris Harrison - Visualizing the Bible - Bible Cross-References
Reformed Reader: Strongs, many other resources (Baptist)
Yale Divinity: Research Guide for Christianity
Wabash Center: Internet Resources for Theology and Religion
Theology Today: a quarterly ecumenical journal of theology
Specialized Bibliography in the Academic Study of Religion
Resource Pages for Biblical Studies
J.G.R.Ch.J: Journal of Greco Roman Christianity and Judaism
Spei Meliorum Temporum: Biblical Studies and Resources
Custance Online Library
Theology Website: Etexts: Athanasius, Aristotle, Calvin, Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh, Gnostic Texts
New Testament Non Canonical Christian Literature Index - How many 4th century parodies?

Myth, Metaphor, and the Gospel - Paradigm of Christ - Masahito Koishikawa.
John 14:16 Interlinear: and I will ask the Father, and another Comforter He will give to you, that he may remain with you -- to the age;
Spirit of Truth
The Spirit of Truth By Dr. William S. Sadler | Urantia Book | Urantia Foundation
Paraclete - Wikipedia

Free Bible Software
Good News Bible Study: Free Bible Study Software
Bible Software
Bible Database: Free Bibles and Software

Dictionary of Theology
Internet Theology Resouces
Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of the Bible
Pickover: What is God?

Bible History Online *
Naves Topical Bible (Bible History Online)
Fausset's Bible Dictionary (Bible History Online)
Easton's Bible Dictionary (Bible History Online)
Smith's Bible Dictionary (Bible History Online)
Hitchcock's Bible Dictionary - Biblical Names and Meaning (Bible History Online)
Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (Bible History Online)
Bible History Online - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

Religious Studies Web Guide
General Religious Studies Resources
Encyclopedia of N.T. Textual Criticism
Internet Journal of Religion
David Washburn's Biblical Language site
Romanesque & Gothic France: Representative Churches
Bible Tutor: Resources w/audio readings
St. Pachomius Library: Encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity
Phillip Johnson: The Aquarian Age and Aplogetics Christian Apologetics
The Reliability of the Gospels
Bede's Library: The Seekers' Guide to the Bible
Bede's Libary: Reasonable apologetics: the alliance of faith and reason
The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria
Ellen Brundige: The Decline of the Library and Museum of Alexandria
Apologetics Reviews: Reviews of popular Evangelical Christian apologetics book and web resources
Tyndale House: WWW Links for Biblical Studies
Bible resources: large collection of links
Wieland Willker: Bible-Links Page
Index of 100+ Versions of the Scriptures
Interactive Bible
Amazing Bible : Study Resources
Virtual Christianity: Internet Resources
Review of Biblical Literature
Brown, William P. : Structure, Role, and Ideology in the Hebrew and Greek Texts of Genesis 1:1-2:3
Centre for the Study of Biblical Research
Theology Website: online theological community
Andrew Dickson White: Warfare of Science with Theology
Biblelands: Mustardseed Media's virtual multimedia tour of the Holy Land

Internet Theology Resources: Monastic Studies
Internet Theology Resources: Spirituality (& mysticism) Full texts by recognized religious scholars
Bible and Interpreations
The Text This Week: Scripture Index
CNN: New Pentateuch translation from original Hebrew meanings (Robert Alter's Five Books of Moses
Bible and Astronomy - Astronomy
Theory of Torah: Why are there references to stars and planets in the Pentateuch?
Cornwell: Alpha & Omega: Mazzaroth: Zodiacal Ages
Bullinger: Witness to the Stars
Frances Rolleston: Mazzaroth; or, the Constellations
Jewish views of astrology - Wikipedia
The Mystery of the Mazzaroth: (Prophetic Types in the Jewish Constellations and Hebrew Stars)
"And let them be for signs ..." Larry Pahl: Gospel in the Stars...
Bullinger: Appendixes To The Companion Bible
Appendixes to The Companion Bible
Kuhn: Man's Two Births: Zodical Sym! A.B. Kuhn: Spiritual Symbolism of the Sun and Moon
The "Gospel in the Stars" Theory
Stars for Signs: Astrology in the Christian Bible
Christian Astrology?
Prevalence of Astrology in Early Jewish Tradition, History a! Unspoken Bible: Biblical Astrology | Gospel Zodiac
Evan Wiggs: The Message in the Mazzaroth
Zodiac: The Bible in the Stars
Velikovsky: Khima
CRI: Gospel in the Stars Theory
Planet Finders: New Planets & Biblical Scripture
Catholic Encyclopedia: Astronomy in the Bible
Left Behind: The Mazzaroth & The Zodiac
Scott B. Noegel: Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies: Jewish Magic Bibliography | Astrological Bibliography
Flat Earth Bible
Connections Between the Stars and Literature
Torah is built on Planetary Cycles, Kabbalah of Moses
Octaeteris - Wiki
Planets Testify
Genesis Files The Mazzaroth is the Hebrew Zodiac containing the 12 signs, revealing an extraordinary message written in the stars.
Hebrew Mazzaroth
Barbara Aho: The False Gospel In The Stars Preparing The Way Of The Antichrist
'Jesus was born in June', astronomers claim - Telegraph
Torah is built on Planetary Cycles, Kabbalah of Moses
Astronomy and Astrology in Antiquity
Beth Alpha Zodiac -
Beit Alfa - Wikipedia

BBCI: Horizon: The Bible Code - programme summary
Bible Codes (ELS) Refuted
YFiles: Mathematical Codes Found in The Bible; Part 1
The Rise and Fall of Bible Codes (ELS)
Barry Simon: The Case Against the Codes (ELS)
Mathematical Refutation of "Bible Codes"
An Impartial Opinion on "Torah Codes"
Mathematicians' Statement on the Bible Codes
Assassinations Foretold in Moby Dick!
Jeffrey H Tigay: UPenn: The Bible "Codes": A Textual Perspective
Bible Code Riddles in Pictures
Talk Reason: Autopy of the Bible Code
Genetic Code is the Genesis Word in the Book of Life
Evolution - July 1998: Re: The Other Bible Code
Bible Codes
Intro to the Bible Codes
Randall Ingermanson: Code Cracker Software
Things We Didn't Find Out in Sunday School
What the heck is a "Jesus Code"? (Quacks and Hacks)
The Bible Code: Playing with the Bible or Playing with Ourselves
Menachem Cohen: The Religious and Scientific Aspects of the Debate on the Codes Hidden in the Torah at Equidistant Letter Sequences
Stan Tenen: ELS Patterns: A Deeper Meaning ?
Talk Reason: Autopsy of the Bible code
Writing.Com: The Da Vinci or the Genesis/Elijah Code?

Oneness and Plurality
Institute for Biblical Studies - (
Judaism vs Christianity
Oneness vs Trinity
Ellen Kavanaugh: G-d is One, Not A Trinity
BHC: Elohiym
Barre: El, god of Israel --Yahweh, god of Judah
Catholic Encylopedia: Elohim
Daniel Segraves: Elohim & the Plural Passages
Perspectives on Alhym (Elohim) Historically and Today
The Trinity -- Fact or Fiction?
Oneness vs Plurality: Links
The Nicene Creed and Truth about the Trinity
The Truth of the Holy Trinity
Trinity vs. Oneness Debate
Oneness Bible Studies

Asor: Near Eastern Archaeology
Diggings: Archeology
Diggings: Free Correspondence Course
Christian M.M. Brady: What Do the Stones Cry Out?
James Ossuary
The Experts and the Ossuary: A Report on the Toronto Sessions about the James Ossuary
Rochelle I. Altman: Updates on the Ossuary of Ya'acob bar Yosef and the Temple Tablet
Official report on the James Ossuary by Dr. Rochelle I. Altman
Geologists: Ossuary Patina Faked
Jeffrey R. Chadwick: Indications that the "Brother of Jesus" Inscription is a Forgery
Responses to the Epigraphic Forgery Crisis - By Christopher A. Rollston and Heather Dana Davis Parker
The Ossuary of James
A True Word - The Ossuary Scam: A Critical Analysis of the "James" Ossuary
Archaeology & the Patriarchs
Map: Ancient Near Eastern Archeology Sites
The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land
Holy Land Maps
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem
Reich: The State of the Arts: Archaeology in Israel 1995
Associates for Biblical Research
The Biblical and American Archaeologist (BAA)
Ze'ev Herzog's Deconstructing the Walls of Jericho and Yossi Sarid's Response
Deconstructing the walls of Jericho Who are the Jews?
Deconstructing the walls of Jericho
Dig the Bible: Where Archaeology & the Bible Intersect
The Foundation for Biblical Archaeology
Madison Biblical Archaeology Society
Christian Archeology
Recent Developments in Biblical Archaeology
The Temple Inscriptions of The House of Yahweh
Mediterranean archaeology
Biblical Archeology Society
The View from Nebo: How Archeology is Rewriting the Bible (ref. Ebla)
ICR: Ebla: Its Impact on Bible Records
Biblical Archeology: Books Database
Archeology of Ancient Cultures
Archaeological Institute of America
Dutch Foundation for Biblical Archaeology
Society for the Reclamation of Antiquities/ Israel Exploration Society
John Argubright: Bible Believers Archeology
Jerome Kahn: Review: William H Stiebing: Out of the Desert? ARcheology and the Exodus/Conquest Narratives
Biblical Studies Info Page
SBL: Raiders of the Faux Ark: Biblical archeology is too important to leave to crackpots and ideologues. It's time to fight back.
National Geographic Magazine - Herod (and pics of Masada)

Jeanie Crain: Bible as Literature
A Question of Truth: Is there truth in the Bible? *
Scot Nelson: Yeshua(Jesus) & Judaism vs. Paul & Christianity
A Radical Jew: Paul and the Politics of Identity
Karl W. Luckert: Israelite Religion (Egyptian Light and Hebrew Fire)
Bible Versions & Theology
Phil Johnson's Bookmarks
Phil Johnson's Bookmarks: Really Bad Theology (Phil hates Gnostics)
G.A. Riplinger's Response to James White's Criticism of New Age Bible Versions
Qadesh La Yahweh Press: Free Publications
Domain of Man: avant garde research in the area of the Amarna Period in Egypt and its relation to Biblical Israel
Was Moses Akhenaten?
Did Moses Write the Pentateuch?
Moses Mystery Chapter One
Lost Worlds - Moses and The Exodus from Egypt The problem of finding a historical date
The "Apocrypha": Why It's Part of the Bible
Map: Lands of the Bible in Modern Times
Androgyny in Christianity
Institute for Religious Research: Resources for Investigating Competing Religious Claims
Alpha & Omega Information Services: Eastern Orthodox: Education Materials, Free Orthodox Software

Christopher B. Siren: Canaanite/Ugartic Mythology FAQ
Christopher B. Siren: The Assyro-Babylonian Mythology FAQ
Christopher B. Siren: Sumerian Mythology FAQ
The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute | Digital Map of the Ancient Near East
Gateways to Babylon: First Steps into the Ancient World
Simo Parpola: The Murderer of Sennacherib
Simo Parpola: Assyrians after Assyria
Simo Parpola: Sons of God: The Ideology of Assyrian Kingship
Simo Parpola: The Mesopotamian Soul of Western Culture
Beth Suryoyo Assyrian
Learn Assyrian Online: Aramaic Alphabet: Syriac-Aramaic Vocabulary
Sacred Texts: Ancient Near East
The Hittite Home Page
Hittite Literature in Translation
The origin and evolution of Sanskrit: Hittite and Anatolian Languages
Miguel Vidal: Pre-Proto-Indo-European Morphology
Indo-European Proto-Dialects
Everything you ever wanted to know about Proto-Indo-European (and the comparative method), but were afraid to ask!
Hittite Inscriptions
Mesopotamia: Dawn of History
Mesopotamia: The Hittites Mysticism Chapter 1 Spreading the Babylonian Mysteries
Mythology of Messengers (MLK)
Selected Works of Martin Luther
Hall of Church History
Traditionalism in the Mishnah And Talmud
Freedom Domain: Common Symbolism of Religion
Christ in the Old Testament
Obituary for the Old Testament (premature)
The Christian Heritage (early Taliban)
Justice and Righteousness
Robert M. Price: Robert Eiseman's James the Brother of Jesus: A Higher-Critical Evaluation
The Works of John Frame and Vern Poythress
Poythress: Structuralism and Biblical Studies
Lee R Martin: Critique of Structuralism in Biblical Hermeneutics
Tabernacle Home Page: Everything foreshadows Jesus
Ugarit-Ras Shamra and Conventional vs Revised Chronology
Old Testament Studies - Reliability and Chronology
A New Biblical Chronology
ASK: Associates for Spiritual Knowledge
Religious Resources on the Net
Karen Armstrong: A God for Both Sexes
Contra Mundum ("Against the World") is a forum for discussion and exploration of ideas and issues in Reformed thought today
The Christian Defense Forum: A Christian Chat forum for discussion, questions and answe
Cyber Hymnal: 4,800 Christian hymns & Gospel songs from many denominations
Jubilee Apostolic Church Online: online Bible lessons
Biblical and Theological Reader -Main Index
Who Wrote the Psalms of David?
Paula Fredriksen: Judaism, The Circumcision of Gentiles, and Apocalyptic Hope: Another Look at Galatians 1 and 2

Mythological Elements in the Story of Abraham and the Patriachal Narratives
Focus And Structure In The Abraham Narratives - Trinity Journal - Find Articles
The Calling of Abram
Transcend Polarisation - Abraham, the Sumerian
Chapter 15: E
Main Themes of the Abraham Cycle (Genesis 12-36)
The Role Of Genesis 22:1-19 In The Abraham Cycle: A Computer- Assisted Textual Interpretation
The Test Of Abraham Genesis 22:1-19 John I. Lawlor
Nimrod's Garment of Authority Vs Abraham's Garment of Authority
Abraham in Arabia?
Gene Matlock: Who Was Abraham?
Gene Matlock: Abraham = Brahma; Sarah =Saraswati « Hindu focus
End of Abraham
Brahma and Abraham: Part I - Divine Covenants of Common Origin | Rainbow Warrior -
Brahma / Abraham
"Abraham" by Robert I Bradshaw w/timeline
geo/graphi/culture: Abrahamic-Brahmanic Linkages
Buddha-Moses Osiris-Israel Solomon-Suryavarman Ephraim-Narmer Menes-Manasseh Joseph-Horus-Vishnu Abraham-Brahma Joshua-Shiva Kyedorje-Chedorlaomer
Who was Abraham?( Brahma) Gene D. Matlock - Topix
Meridian Magazine :: Books: Showing Forth the Power and Knowledge of Zion: The Wisdom of Heaven and Earth (LDS) (Abraham/Sarah sister theme)
Abraham, the Sumerian.

Institute for the Study of Hierological Values ('Ishval'): The promotion and propagation of the principles of Truth in all religions
Univ Virginia: Religious Movements Homepage
Christian Reconstructionism (Dominionism) - Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence - Part 1
Cults and Religion: Academic Approach the the Study of Religion
Beatus De Liebana, Codex Urgellensis (hand illustrated)
Mark Goodacre: The Aseneth Home Page
Marcionite Research Library
Ecole Iniative: Hypertext Library of Early Church Literature
Timeline of the Churches of God
Adamic Timeline with Numerical Code
Comparison of Babylonian & Noahic Flood Stories
Catholic Encyclopedia: Antediluvians
Hebraic Roots of Christianity
WTS: Resource Links
Greater Things: Alphabetics and Bible Parallels
Eighth Day Assembly: Shemology and other Topics
Gramcord Institute: Biblical scholars: tools for publishing scholars
MoellerHaus: The Great Isaiah Scroll and Isaiah Commentary
The Bible: Book that bridges the Millennia (Real Video)
The Bush Beneath the Flame
Divine Mediator Figures in the Biblical World
Melchizedek as a Divine Mediator
Birgir Pearson: Gnosticism, Judaism, and Egyptian Coptic Christianity: The Figure of Melchizedek in Gnostic Literature
Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Nag Hammadi Library: Melchizedek
Melech-Tsedeq .... Melchisedec.... has come?
Order of Melchizadek
Hidden Meanings: Melchizedek
Jesus as High Priest in Letter to the Hebrews (Melchizedek)
King James VI of Scotland: Daemonolgie
Wigram: Hebrew Bible: Structure & Idiom of the Language
Lexiline: The Holy Bible
Dora Jane Hamblin: Has the Garden of Eden been located at last?
Prophecy In The Puranas: Western Parallels in Hindu Scripture
The Bible Decoded
The Heavenly Veil Torn: Mark's Cosmic "Inclusio"
Shawn Eyer: The Strange Case of the Secret Gospel According to Mark
Philosophy and the natural sciences in the medieval interpretation of the biblical text: texts and studies
Interactive Bible: False Doctrines: Catholocism, Islam, Mormons, JW, Evolution, Rapture
Steps to Recovery from Bible Abuse
Comments on "accurate" Bible translations
Hidden Codes in the Bible: the Value of PI
Bible Mysteries
John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible
Believe: Religious Information Source: 700 Scholarly Articles
Bullinger: The Alleged "Corruption" of the Hebrew Text
In Search of Mathematical Miracles: Ivan Panin, 19, Torah Codes
A Mathematical Challenge (Ivan Panin)
Ivan Panin: Of the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures
The Spirtual Understanding of Psalm 119
Psalm 119
Vernon Jenkins: The Other Bible Code
The New Bible Code: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
The Lost Word of Masonry
RWA: The Lost Word of Freemasonry
Dolf Boek: Chronological & Heretical Theological Errors in Christology & Its Consequence Upon 100 (1899-1999) Years of Australian 3rd Taw/Tau Freemasonary
Gerard Hall: Christology
Peter-R. Koenig: Theodor Reuss and Rudolf Steiner
Vine and Fig Tree
James D. Hajicek: Church Calendar Hypothesis
Samuele Bacchiocchi: Festival Typology
Index Librorum Prohibitorum: Roman Office of the Inquisition, 1559
Pabco: Herbert Armstrong's Books and Writings
Kjos Ministeries: Pagan Symbols, Harry Potter, Olympic Paganism, Islam
Delusions of Grandeur: Demonology, Descensus, Dualism in Dead Sea Scrolls
Henry F: Sheep in the Bible

The Gospel of the Holy Twelve: known also as "The Gospel of the Perfect Life"
The Essene Nazarean Church
Essene Church of Christ
Nazarite Assembly
Nazarite Temple of Life
Sacred Unity Foundation
Covenant Essene Church
Trinity Bible Essene Center
The Essenes & the Essene Way of Life
Essene Spirit: Essene Resources
Who Were the Essenes?
Nazirene Home Page
Yahoo Group: Beni-Amen
Order of Nazorean Essenes | Pre-existence
The Nazarene Way: The Esoteric Teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes

Church of the Firstborn
Jesus' Death in Q
Genealogy of Jesus
Preterist Archive
The Return of Christ Fulfilled: Brief Presentation of the Preterist View
Preterist Perspectives
Response to the Preterist Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse
A Brief Theological Analysis of Hyper-Preterism
International Preterist Association - What is preterism?
The Concept of the Father God: Adonai, Elohim, Abba
Church of YHWH
GodsBlog: In Memorium of My Father | No One Is Alone by Karen Renee Robb
Miriam & Aaron: Women and the Bible
1 Corinthians 14:34 - “Silence” in the Church : Christian Courier
Is there any evidence that the Tetragrammaton YHWH ever appeared in the original Nt documents.? - The Tetragrammaton has NEVER appeared in ANY New Testament document or Manuscript.
The Gregory of Nyssa Website
Catholic Encyclopedia: Gregory of Nyssa
YHWH: The Killer God
The Garden, the Ark, the Tower, the Temple: Biblical Metaphors of Knowledge in early Modern Europe
Lambert Dolphin: Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Languages
Jim Rovira: Babel in Biblia: The Tower in Ancient Literature
The Tower of Babel: Towards the World's Protolanguage: Semitic Etymological Dictionary *
Rachel Adelman: The Degeneration of Language and the Tower of Babel
BabelStone: 72 Views of the Tower of Babel
Maurice Olender: From the Language of Adam to the Pluralism of Babel (PDF)
Abnormal Interests: Shifting Back Ten Centuries? (Canaanite shift re-dated)
Covenant Eschatology
Spirit of the Word
Charles Slagle: Absolute Assurance in JESUS CHRIST Four Views of the Salvation of Our God
Gobbeldy-Gook Gospel
(E)schatology (N)ext (D)oor
Masahito Koishikawa: The Paradigm of Christ *
Who Were the Chosen Twelve?
Christian Heritage
Dating the Oldest New Testament Manuscripts
Truth in Heart: Revival Theology Resouces
Antipas: Christadelphians
Grail Church: Jamesian Christianity
Symbolism in the Shadows of Atonement: The Priestly Garment
Stephen M. Ulrich : The Lynching of Nestorius

BBC - History - In Search Of Myths And Heroes: The Queen Of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba's visit to King Solomon
University of Toronto -- News@UofT -- Scholars search for the queen of Sheba (May 18/05)
Sheba | The amazing name Sheba: meaning and etymology
Elizabeth | The amazing name Elizabeth: meaning and etymology - Elisheba means God Is Seven.
Bathsheba | The amazing name Bathsheba: meaning and etymology
Elisheba | The amazing name Elisheba: meaning and etymology - Elisheba is the name of the wife of Aaron (Exodus 6:23).

The Samaritans
B'Nai Avraham: Articles: Red Heifer, Breastplate of Satan, etc
Good News
Fossilized Customs: The Pagan Sources of Popular Customs
Brit-Am: The Lost Tribes
The Ten Lost Tribes: Overview
Andew Dickson White: A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom (1898)
Adult Christianity (postfun)
Ted Brooks: I Was a Flakey Preacher
Vitale: Jezebel, the Swine and the Fiery Serpent Christian scripture & anti-music
Calvinism 101
William Craig: From Easter to Valentinus and the Apostles' Creed: Resurrection Appearance Trajectories
Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History?
Henry F. Schaefer: Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God
Restoration Movement
Removing the Veil: Jesus and Women
Robert Brinsmead: Verdict
Larry Pahl: Where is Robert Brinsmead?
Brinsmead: To Whom It May Concern
WCG: Links
Christian Research Institute
Christian Research Institute (CRI)
Galatia Revisited: Salvation Under the Government and the Law
A Witness: Bible Commentary
The Eucharist, Paul and James
A Jewish Response to the Messianic Movement and other Missionary Groups
Messianic Judiasm
Dagoi: Early Church Resources, Christian Left
Biblical Hebrew Israelites: Black Egyptians/Black Israelites
Software: Bible Chronology
Ronald Ecker: And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible
The Leviathan - putting the fun back in fundamentalism. A satirical look at Christianity
Peace Church Bible Study Home Page
Evangelicalism Without Fundamentalism: "Fundamentalism is, for Barr, finally a pathological condition of Christianity"
Contents - Universalism: The Prevailing Doctrine of the Early Church
Objectivity's Space: Mary was probably not a virgin in the modern sense of the word,

Aaron Roy Shafovaloff Blog
Mars Hill Review: A literary journal, revealing Christ in unexpected places: Literary Journal
Razormouth: Cutting-edge Christianity
Credenda/Agenda: bimonthly periodical exploring all areas of life from a biblical, classical Protestant perspective
Ginkworld: site for the emerging church : pomo theology
The Ooze: conversation for the journey : Christian Issues a voice from the emerging Christian counterculture
Hippocampus Extensions: bi-monthly pub.: interaction of truth and the human experience, that is, the word of God and our rebellious hearts
Ship of Fools: The Magazine of Christian Unrest

The Translator's Responsibility: Translation Criticism: The Potentials and Limitations: Categories and Criteria for Translation Quality Assessment By Katharina Reiss
English Bible Translation Comparison
Helmut Richter: Comments on "accurate" Bible translations
Bible Translations Comparison Chart
Mis-Translations! Translations! Transliterations! (Part 1) - Friends N Christ
Dial-the-Truth Ministries ( - Other Publications
McKinsey: Biblical Errancy
Biblical Inerrancy Debate
Flat Earth Bible
The bizarre editing of the Bible
Did Moses Write the Torah?
Did Moses Write the Lists of Genealogy in the Bible?
Moses and the Authorship of the Pentateuch
Review: The Hidden Book in the Bible: The Discovery of the First Prose Masterpiece
Robert K. Tschannen-Moran: Why The Religious Right Is Wrong: The Founders Knew What They Were Doing
Mazzebahs Of Yahveh (Genealogy of Genesis)
Infidels: Biblical Errancy
Till: Where Is the Objective Evidence?
Farrell Till: If It Walks Like a Duck....
Gerald Larue: Old Testament Life and Literature: Ch2: How Do We Read? (1968)
Biblical Inconsistencies, by Donald Morgan
biblical problems
Internet Infidels: Secular Web Discussion Groups
biblical Errancy - index of Biblical citations
Biblical Errancy
Jim Meritt's List of Bible Contradictions Beaten to a Pulp
Bible Difficulties
The 10 Most Confusing Bible Contradictions | Diluted Reality
Only the virgins left alive among the Midianites (origins of Christian moral relativism)
Rev. William G. Most: Free From All Error: Authorship, Inerrancy, Historicity of Scripture, Church Teaching, and Modern Scripture Scholars Evangelicals and the Canon of the New Testament
Was Peter Ever in Rome? ("It’s a tough question for the Roman Catholic Church, whose claim to apostolic authority, it turns out, stands on no real evidence at all")
Keathley: The Authorship of Second Peter
Mark McFall: 2Peter in the Light of Modern Scholarship
The Rejection of Pascal's Wager: Skeptic's Guide to Christianity
The Authorship of the Petrine Epistles
The Heresy of KJB-onlyism Page
"Roots" of the KJV Controversy: The Unlearned Men: The True Genealogy and Genesis of King-James-Version-Onlyism
"The Burning Bush" : Westcott and Hort
The Bible text and translation debate
Riplinger: The James White Controversy - Part 1
Westcott & Hort's Greek Text and Theory Refuted
Floyd Nolen Jones: Which Version is the Bible?
The Real Bible: Who's Got It
Watch Out For Rapture Watch!
Ken Johnson: A Response To J. H. Melton's Forum Re.The King James Version And Inspiration
Fruit of good labours | TLS - Discovering the earliest known draft of the King James Bible
The New World Translation and John 1:1: What the Scholars Really Said
Three Translations of John 1:1
Dennis Bratcher: The Unity and Authorship of Isaiah: A Needless Battle
Pious Fraud: or It Sucks That You Don't Know Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic
BBC - BBC Radio 4 Programmes - The Story of the King James Bible
The Holey Bible
The "Holey" Bible: Contradictions & fallacies in the Holy Bible: A primer for literal believers in creationism
The Fallible Gospels: Reasonable Observations on the Origins of Christianity
Christian Separatism: The Errancy of the Masoretic Text and the KJV (anti-semitic)
Jerome Kahn: Enlightenment Pages: Spiritualism: Old Testament
Edward Carpenter: Pagan & Christian Creeds: Their Origin and Meaning
Evangelical Theological Society Membership Challenge on Inerrancy hair-splitting
Please Don’t Call Me An Evangelical
Puritan Storm Rising
Baptist History and Heritage: The origins of the Southern Baptist Convention: a historiographical study
The Bible and Christian Heresies
Dark Mirrors of Heaven
Bible: Ridiculous Ending to the Gospel of Mark | Conversational Atheist
Religion Comparision Index |

2 Enoch: The Book of the Secrets of Enoch
Book of Enoch
Reluctant Messenger: Book of Enoch
R.H. Charles: Book of Enoch (Enoch 1)
The Pseudepigraphical Book of Enoch: The Patriarch Enoch
Dark Mirrors of Heaven - Enoch & the Watchers
The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha: The Book of Enoch
J Davila: Enoch as a Divine Mediator
Enoch Literature
Ethiopian Enoch (RW Charles)
Notes on 1 Enoch
Fragments of the Book of Enoch from Qumran Cave 7
1 Enoch & 2 Enoch
The Apocryphical Book of Enoch
Book of Enoch: Enoch's Ten Weeks, etc
Mystae: The Pseudepigraphical Book of Enoch
The Apocryphal Book of Enoch: The Lost Text
Enoch | Book of Enoch
Elijah - Wikipedia
Enoch - Wikipedia
Metatron - Wikipedia
Metatron - Wikipedia - Scholems scholastic analysis ... Scholem theorizes that the two Hebrew spellings of Metatrons name are representative of these two separate traditions.[1Yahoels name is commonly seen as a substitute for the Ineffable Name
Elijah, Enoch, and Moses
Fire from Heaven: The Book of Enoch the Prophet trans. Dr. Richard Laurence (1821)
Jewish Encylopedia: Metatron
Jewish Encylopedia: Enoch
1911 Encylopedia: Enoch
Jehoel - Wikipedia
Apocalypse of Abraham - Wikipedia
Enoch and the Canon
The Apocryphical Book of Enoch: The Lost Text
Book of Jasher
(99+) The Angel- Messiah Of Buddhists, Essenes, And Christians | Bettina Morello -

The Origin Of Satan, Elaine Pagels
Islamic Glossary: Shaitan
Bible Study and Doctrinal Resource Center: Satan's Rebellion & Fall
Baldwin: Hell's Angel: Four Characterizations of Satan in Biblical and Extra-Biblical Literature
Where are the Dead? Study of Sheol/Gehenna/Hades/Hell in the Bible
Sheol: The way different Bibles translate it
x Friends of the Nazarene: Where are the Dead?
] Satan and the Forces of Chaos: Executive of God
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean » History of Satan
Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil
Satan the Accuser: Trickster in Talmudic and Midrashic Literature
Southall: Satan: A Biblical Profile
Every Occurrence of Diabolos ("Devil")
Ralph F. Wilson: Demonization and Deliverance in Jesus' Ministry
The Myth of Satan and What Constitutes a Lie
Biblical Polytheism and the Mystery of Lucifer
What about Lucifer
"Some Light on Lucifer" by Ina Belderis
Satan Revisted
Stacie Hanes: The Devolution of Satan in Paradise Lost
The Devil and Satan
The Truth About "Satan"
The Gospel According to Acharya S: The Origins of Good and Evil
Christian Urgan Legends
Fall of Satan
Wormwood Chronicle: A Study of Synchronicity in Contemporary World Events
The Providence Journal | Religion: The devil you know (Henry Kelly)
The Abominable Fancy: Christians' homicidal fantasies towards the other
Three Models of Hell | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction
Hell, Sheol, Gehenna, Hades, Tartarus
Hades, hell, sheol, gehenna
Facts About Hell
Real Live Preacher: Hell (video, four parts) | References to gehenna/hades/fire in the NT

Tim Boucher » The Psychological Function of the Apocalypse
Feminism and Apocalyptic Thought: Strange Bedfellows
frontline: apocalypse! | PBS
It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again
Eschatology, end times, & millennialism: Competing theories
The millennium and end-of-the-world predictions.
The end of the world |
A Brief History of the Apocalypse
Apocalyptic and End of the World Fiction, Film and TV at EmptyWorld
TerraMortis - Gateway to the End of the World
Apokalypso: Millennium Prophecies and Jubilee Visions
Daily Kos: The Midnight Cry - The Millerites (1844 failed prophecy)
Daily Kos: The Midnight Cry (Part 2)
End of the World: 50 Failed Prophecies | The end of the world
Koenraad Elst: The Psychology of Prophetism: A Secular Look at the Bible *
A Strategy for Apocalypse

Flowchart for the book of Revelation
The False Prophet, Is He Here?
Biblaridion - theological zine dedicated to prophetic witnessing
Cutting the Covenant: Q3-2005- pg.3

Wiki: Revelation
Book of Revelation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Apocalypse Now, Later or Never?
Apocalipsis: The Book of Revelation
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Study of the Book of Revelation
Farrell: Why The New Testament Book of Revelation is Often Misunderstood and Misused
Third Woe of the Revelation of John
Bahai: An exegesis of the Book of Revelation
Taking the Name, the Mark & the Number
Marked of God
Chad McCoy: The Book of Revelation, An Eschatological Study of the Endtimes
55 Hours to Live: A Heretic's Final Journey
Book Of Revelations Is A Must Read By Gary Leupp
Essene Book of Revelation

Diagram 4. Revelation "Event Chart"
Diagram 5 "Rapture and Second Coming Comparison"
What is the purpose of the Tribulation?
Blue Letter Bible - Four Views on the Millennium
Postmillennialism: Wishful Thinking or Certain Hope?
A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism
ESCHATOLOGY - Different Rapture Views  -- Greg Rugh
slacktivist: L.B.: The denial of death
Fake Rapture
Is there a Fake Rapture coming or is it a Real One?
Blue Beam Project and the Fake Rapture « Heaven Awaits
The Rapture
Rapture Index
Millennium 7000: Bible Studies
Apocalyptic Millennialism
Premillenial tensions
Meaning of the Millennium
Millenarianism -- Still Waiting
Lexington | Behold the Rapture |
Timeline of unfulfilled Christian Prophecy
Revelation 12: The Woman and the Dragon
Home of The 5 Doves
Robert Riggs: Apocalypse Unsealed
Library of Date Setters of The End of the World (200 failed predictions)
Robert F. Riggs: The Apocalyse: An exegesis of the Book of Revelation
GogUmogog: Jewish Apocalypse & Armageddon
Marian Apparitions & Catholic Apocalypticism Links
Erev Moshiach - a Jewish boy's visions of the end of days
The Bible Prophecy Portal of the Internet
Prophecy Central: A World Of Information About Biblical Prophecy
Mark of the Beast
Michael Gilleland: The Number of the Beast: A Numerological Primer
Lamb & Lion: Bible prophecy ministry devoted to proclaiming the soon return of Jesus
Khouse: Prophetic Material
Largest Collection of Bible Prophecy And World Event Information
Rapture Ready: The rapture is going to strike without warning
seven common approaches to interpreting Bible prophecy
L. Ray Smith - Exposing Those Who Contradict
Rapture Forums: The End Times Rapture and Bible Prophecy Community | The Rapture Dashboard Index
Bible Prophecy Charts Dispensational Truth or God's Plan and Purpose for the Ages by Clarence Larkin
4-rightly.gif Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth
5-recreation.gif The Six Days of Re-Creation
5-crisis.gif The World's Seven Great Crises
Commentary on Revelation [*]
Seven Days of Creation
Seven Literal Days of Creation
A futurist common sense commentary on Revelation
Millennium Prophecies and Jubilee Visions
Messianic Prophesies
Messianic Directory
Davidic Chiasmus & Parallelisms: A Governing Literary Structure for Messianic Literature
Seven Major Approaches to Biblical Prophecy
Shepard's Rod Tract
God's Last Call: The Restoration of All Things
God’s Last Call: Proclaiming God’s Last Message In Earth’s Final Hour
The Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, the Original Jewish Version *
Revealing Daniel
Final Book of Daniel (He's back)
Prophecy Database: 800 Links
The Seven Thousand Year Plan of God
Torah and Eternity: the Eighth Day
Ashes for Beauty: 10 Red Cows
The Study of Eschatology
K5: Christian Eschatology
Prophecy Update : News for the End Times
End Times: acharit-hayamim
It's All Over: End Times
Exodus 2006: Escape from the End Times years | End of the World Scheduled for 2006
Our Lady of the Roses end times prophecies, Third Secret of Fatima and much more
Tribulation News Network
BibleTime: Tribulation Timeline
Hislop: The Two Babylons - The Great Red Dragon
Jeremiah Project: Bible Prophecy
A Brief History of the Apocalypse: 2000 - Now: "Real Soon Now"
1999: The Final Solution: The Ark of Sirius
100 Messianic Websites
Denounement 1999 | Numerical Patterns of Words in Hebrew - A Bible Prophecy Discussion
Gary Naler: The Remnant Bride: Bible Study (& Bible contradictions)
Remnant Bride Bible Study
His Remnant
14 signs of a Prophet; 2 Witness; Figtree; Abomination of Desolation (poor Hebrew)
William Branham: The Revelation of the Seven Seals
The Unsealing of the Seven Seals
"Seven Seals" revealed as beyond Einstein theories
Revelation of Jesus Christ Bible Prophecy
Bible Prophesy Research Center
Days of Thunder
The Saints: Day of the Lord, Apocalypse, The Church
Lion & Lamb Productions: Biblical Prophecy
The Last Trumpet: Post-Tribulation Research Center
Bible Prophet
Worldwide Church of God: Articles About Prophecy
The Mystery of the Alpha & Omega: A Revelation of Jesus the Messiah in the Bible - Google Books
Mystery Babylon: Liberty = Inanna
Bible Revelations
101 Biblical Prophecies
Exodus III : Harmonic Analysis, End Times, Rapture, YAHWEH, Exodus, Judgement Day
Robert G Pickle: The Last Deception & The New Beginning
Chabad Lubavitch, the synagogue of Satan
What Really Happens When Prophecy Fails: The Case of Lubavitch
Failed Everything He Learned About Torah He Learned At The University Of Berlin?
Torah and geocentrism
Purim Torah: geocentrism is a valid way of looking at the universe
Michael Scheifler: Bible Light: Antichrist, 666, and the Harlot Church Dressed in Purple and Scarlet
Antichrist: key scriptures
Antichrist: in the Bible and the USA
Ba'hai: Prophecy Fulfilled
100 100 Bible Prophecies Explained
CrossSearch for Biblical Prophecy
Daniel Prophecy Site
Pope is declared a proper receptor to the new age (anti)Christ (re: Lambert)
Millennium Calenda
Soul Device - Apologetics Cults Religions Answers
Bert Thompson: The Origin, Nature and Destiny of the Soul
Prophecy Truths
The Circle of Time: 1998 Marked by God
Armadeddon Explained (World ends in 2003)
World Ends in 2002 (Doomsday Clock)
Jim Bramlett: The World's Greatest Truths
Voice of the Christian Right: Thinks Clinton is a Witch of the NWO
BPR: Sky Signs
Randall Radic: The False Prophet and the Mark of the Beast
Counting From The 5 BC Birth Of Christ The Year 2000 Ended In 1996 AD
J.Preston Eby: Looking for His Appearing
Michael Dewayne Fortner: Fire from Heaven
Kevin D. Paulson: Stampeded Interpretation: A Reply to Samuele Bacchiocchi, "Islam and the Papacy in Prophecy"
Bible Commentary
Bible Gems: The Forbidden Chapter
Isaiah 53 - The Suffering Servant
Prophecy Keepers
Jack Van Impe Ministeries
The Third Testament: 144000 Chosen
The Middle East in Bible Prophecy
Godsend Institute: Christian Cloning (new meaning to "born again")
Born Again Christian Info
The Way of the Master: Biblical Evangelism
WPA (Watchmen-Prophets-Assembly: Introduction To Prophecy With Emphasis On Asteroids And The Great Flood
Anti-Semitism of the "Church Fathers"
cherubthroneside God's "Mercy Seat" atop the Ark of the Covenant
Religious crosses - a cross-reference for the emblem of Christianity

Christian Mysticism
Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism *
Christian Mysticism: Prayer and Contemplation, Dangers
An Epiphany of Mystical Symbols: Jacob of Sarug's Mêmrâ 109 on Abraham and His Types
The Life and Works of Hildegard von Bingen
Of True Repentance: Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme) 1575-1624
Crosscircle: Esoteric Christianity: Ezekial's Wheel Spreading the Babylonian Mysteries
Carl McGolman: The Website of Unknowing: Celebrating the Lives and Writings of the Medieval English Mystics
Five Marks of Authentic Mysticism (Underhill) « The Website of Unknowing
Sacred Union and Christianity by Margaret Starbird
CCEL: Eckhart, Johannes (c. 1260-1327)
Christian Mystics: The Site for Christian Mystics Traditional and Contemporary
Carmelites: Thérèse of Lisieux
Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Dark Night of the Soul St. John of the Cross
Upper Triad: Christian Contemplative Prayer
Meta-Physics and The 'Sign of the Cross' (Hebrew alphabet meanings)
Saint Theresa of Avila (1515-1582). Selections. Carmelite nun from Spain