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Prisoners in China's Xinjiang concentration camps subjected to gang rape and medical experiments, former detainee says

Victims of child sex abuse are often told by the authority figures they confide in that their allegations could "ruin the perpetrators life" an analysis of over 3,200 UK cases found.

Abortion and gay marriage have officially been legalised in Northern Ireland : worldnews

Trudeau outlasts challengers to gain second term - POLITICO - The prime minister demonstrated surprising strength at the polls.
Justin Trudeau wins second term in hard-fought Canada election : worldnews

In Rare Joint Statement, U.S. and European Lawmakers Condemn Trump for Abandonment of the Kurds

Erdogan and Putin Meet as Syria Cease-Fire Nears an End - The New York Times
Putin and Hungary's Orban helped sour Trump on Ukraine
Hungarys Orban Gave Trump Harsh Analysis of Ukraine Before Key Meeting (wanna-be dicktators love each others' dicks)
In Hungary, a Freewheeling Trump Ambassador Undermines U.S. Diplomats - The New York Times - He brokered a White House meeting for Hungary's prime minister. He spends $320,000 on parties and takes positions at odds with American policy. He says he knows what President Trump wants - David B. Cornstein (interesting, his Jewishness erased from WP)

Russian helicopters land in abandoned U.S. base in Syria, Russian Defense Ministry-run television channel calls it a "historic moment" : worldnews
Iraq says U.S. forces withdrawing from Syria have no approval to stay - Reuters

Graham and Fox News expert showed Trump a map to change his mind about Syria withdrawal - not the first time Trump has been shown a map detailing economic assets to convince him not to order U.S. troops home (dimbulb 3rd-grader in-chief)

Trump made at least 20 false claims in angry, rambling Cabinet monologue - CNNPolitics

Alex Gibney: How Donald Trump Is Morphing Into Vladimir Putin

William Taylor testifies about deep-seated push for Ukraine quid pro quo - POLITICO

The President of the United States Just Called the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution 'Phony' (the Constitution is "phoney" bc it didn't enshire him as God)
Trump Likens Impeachment Inquiry To 'A Lynching' In Twitter Outburst - "without due process or fairness or any legal rights"
Lawmakers outraged after Trump compares impeachment inquiry toa lynching
Trump calls impeachment inquiry a 'lynching' as a key witness testifies
We' re talking about the presidents racial rhetoric again (mob of black people are lynching him)
Trump Rails Against Obama During Rambling Hannity Chat: 'They Could've Impeached Him'
The smoking gun has already been revealed - The Washington Post (Trump rages, "I have an ABSOLLUTE right to be crooked!)

Opinion | The Unraveling of Mick Mulvaney - The New York Times - should never have been cast in the role of spin doctor.

Opinion | The Crisis of the Republican Party - The New York Times - The G.O.P. will not be able to postpone a reckoning on Donald Trump's presidency for much longer.
Media Attempt to School Republicans Is a Disingenuous Fraud - American Greatness - What we are witnessing with such gems of hysterical mendacity are the pathetic death throes of a discredited political franchise and its rapidly disintegrating narrative (Roger Kimball thinks he can write)

Mueller didn't make Donald Trump Jr. or Don McGahn testify, and a judge is curious to know why : politics (he's a Republican, duh)
Trumps quest for vengeance against John Brennan -- William Barr's review of the Russia probe, some see a presidential target.
With Impeachment Looming, Trump Is Threatening to Sue Everybody Who Pisses Him Off

Teen Models Remember Trump Would "Find a Reason" to Come Backstage When They Were Changing ... "gropey" behavior and his interest in young girls.

White House to cancel Times, Post subscriptions after Trump's 'Hannity' comments

Time to Put Trump in the Same League as Weinstein, Epstein, Cosby -- All the Presidents Womenshows the most powerful rapist in the world should be seen as a predator first, and a president second (Oppenheim, Lack, Lauer ...)

Trump unironically says his sons receiving foreign payments "would be the biggest story of the century"
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "After pushing unfounded Biden conspiracies, Trump tells Hannity that if his sons Don Jr & Eric accepted payments from questionable foreign sources "it would be the biggest story of the century." (The Trump Organization does in fact take payments from questionable foreign sources)" / Twitter

CNN Poll: 50% support impeaching Trump and removing him from office - CNNPolitics (and 99% of Fuckagelicals support him, what does that mean?)

Trumps Rallies Aren't a Sideshow - They Are the Campaign. - The president is banking on base-pleasing campaign events to counter impeachment and power his 2020 reelection bid

Anxious Democratic Establishment Asks, 'Is There Anybody Else?' - Party leaders who are fatalistic about Democrats's chances in 2020 are musing about possible late entrants to the race. Sherrod Brown? Michelle Obama? (NYT at work, fucking things up again bc they are terrified of Warren)

Eschaton: So Do That - I've read about Joe Biden scaling back online advertising money and also seen Joe Biden fundraising off of the "Russian facebook trolls" that are attacking him. - Certainly not defending foreign money involvement in elections (actually illegal!) or facebook (delete your damn account) but if reaching people online is so effective perhaps campaigns should figure out how to do that... (Biden is incompetent)

The embarrassing epilogue to the medias obsession with Hillary Clinton's emails -- Maybe Clinton's emails shouldn't have been covered as if they were the single most important issue facing 2016 voters? (hello, Haberputz and Fucket) It's Official: the Press Failed Hillary Clinton and America in 2016 - New State Department report implicitly indicts media behavior.

Tulsi Gabbard is being used by the Russians, and to a former U.S. double agent, the evidence is clear | Opinion : politics
The principled, righteous Tucker Carlson - The Washington Post
The Hillary Clinton-Tulsi Gabbard feud, explained - Vox - Neither of them come out looking particularly good. (oh, pls, Voxers)
Hillary Clinton, Master Troll? - The New York Times - Freed of the constraints of public office, Mrs. Clinton seems to be living her best life.

The woeful defeatism of Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account

Freshman Dem Katie Hill denies improper relationship with aide - POLITICO - and blamed the controversy on an 'abusive husband' that she is in the midst of divorcing. "The fact is I am going through a divorce from an abusive husband who seems determined to try to humiliate me," Hill said in a statement to POLITICO ... RedState also published a nude photo of Hill and alleged that she and Heslep were both romantically involved in a consensual relationship with a female campaign staffer in her 20s. Hill identifies as bisexual.

City of Sevierville calls homophobic comments made at public meeting "offensive" - "We got a queer running for president, if that ain't about as ugly as you can get ... I'm not prejudiced, a white male in this country has very few rights and they're getting took more every day" ... County Commissioner Warren Hurst (is a dimbulb racist homophobic evil asshole)

Proud Boys Maxwell Hare, John Kinsman Sentenced to Four Years for Upper East Side Brawl (you're fucked, dudes)

Rosario Dawson and her family sued over alleged transphobic assault - The actor and girlfriend of presidential candidate Cory Booker allegedly attacked a transgender employee in Los Angeles, the lawsuit claims. (well, well)
Jury rules against dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender transition ... "chemical castration" (bc 7 yr-old boys fuck a lot of girls)

A 1946 mob lynching puts court focus on grand jury secrecy - The Washington Post

A police officer got 90 days after accusations hebrutally rapeda drunk woman. Now he faces federal charges - Curtis Lee Arganbrigh (90 days with pay)

A video caught white students saying the n-word. Amid outcry, theyve been criminally charged.

Scoop: Adam Neumann will determine WeWork's fate - Axios


Greta Thunberg mural in Edmonton vandalized in both official languages | The Province
Sir David Attenborough: Humans have made a tragic, desperate mess of the planet
'This is oil country': Newly painted Greta Thunberg mural gets defaced, covered in slurs | CBC News : worldnews (dumbfuckster Canadian oil guys are threatened by children)
Dallas tornado slams Metroplex, lofting debris 20,000 feet high - The Washington Post - Violent thunderstorms tore across that metro area during regional severe weather outbreak.

"Blacked out" : Today media companies from all over Australia unite in an unprecedented action to fight for press freedoms and the public's right to know what's going on in this country (fucking Tories, the same everywhere)

Thieves steal Amazon fertility statues as synod nears end - The Washington Post

Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded for a baffling reason (Nobel Committee is hopeless)

/u/Interpine explains how the corrupted oligarchs are responsible for Hong Kong's social unrest today : bestof
Blizzard denies reports that it's banning Twitch viewers for pro-Hong Kong chat : technology
Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board : news

Korea. Pretty powerful image : pics

Netanyahu says he can't form a government after election deadlock

Hong Kong descends into chaos again as protesters defy ban : worldnews

Chile is the latest Latin American country to erupt in violent protest. Here's why
/u/Pelidaq explains the situation in Chile and how the government is doing the opposite of what they should to ease the tensions : bestof

This case makes it difficult to separate the current Russian regime from Soviet dictatorship - The Washington Post

Another Brexit hiccup, as House Speaker John Bercow denies Boris Johnson a vote today - The Washington Post
Brexit: More than 200,000 sign letter demanding Final Say referendum in less than 48 hours : worldnews
Northern Ireland: Same-sex marriage and abortion will be legal | UK News : worldnews (getting ready for splitsville, women still jailed in NI for buying abortion pills)

How American Guns Destabilize Mexico - Lawyers, Guns & Money (tnx, St Ronnie)

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange loses bid to delay hearing

U.S. At 'Risk Of Losing Leadership' On Global Stage, IMF Chief Warns In Candid Interview

Hacking the hackers: Russian group hijacked Iranian spying operation, officials say - Reuters (so, all those "news" stories you read about "Iranian hackers" were fake Russian news)
Russians are already trying to interfere in the 2020 election, Facebook data shows - CNN

Trumps claim the Saudis will pay '100 percent of the cost' (three noses, maybe four and see below)
What is Trump trying to cover up about his Saudi phone calls and Jamal Khashoggi's murder? ... no transcipt of call ... "highly unusual" ... "Is complicity in the murder of a legal US resident impeachable?" (not if you're a Republican)
Trump admin apparently over Khashoggi killing, will attend Saudi's 'Davos in the Desert' (and oh look, Kushfucker)

Pentagon draws up plans for quick Afghanistan withdrawal in case Trump blindsides military - Officials cautioned, however, that the planning is a precaution and there is currently no White House directive to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan.

Germany's Maas says Turkey 'invasion' illegitimate under international law : worldnews

'We have come to behead you, infidels': Turkey-backed militia vows to behead any 'infidel Kurd' they find in northern Syria as ceasefire crumbles and Recep Erdogan vows to 'crush the heads' of Kurdish forces if they do not retreat : worldnews (Xi-talk)
US troops pelted with rotten fruit and stones as they leave Syria : news
'Trump betrayed us': Kurds plead with US soldiers as they pull out of Syria as the president 'plans U-turn to leave 200 troops in the country' and US soldier is spotted with banned patch of solidarity : worldnews
Kurds Confront Exiting U.S. Troops In Syria With Heartbreaking Signs; ''Thanks US people, but Trump betrayed us.'' : worldnews
Syrian protesters picket retreating U.S. troops: "Tell your children that the children of the Kurds were killed by the Turks" : worldnews
Trump Said to Favor Leaving a Few Hundred Troops in Eastern Syria - The New York Times - The president appears to be trying to balance competing impulses: bringing troops home while ensuring that efforts to contain ISIS will continue and answering withering criticism for his Syria policy. (that'll really help)
US troops in Syria going to Iraq, not home as Trump claims : worldnews
Trump's Letter To Erdogan Was So 'Adolescent' People Thought It Was A Fake (don't insult adolescents) "Imagine the letters we haven't seen" .. and he can't write, either)
As Trump Tweets He Is 'Bringing Soldiers Home' Pentagon Chief Says US Forces Leaving Syria Are Shifting to Iraq: "We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says -- and neither can our allies"

Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies : politics ("inconsistencies")

Tracking President Trumps Unprecedented Conflicts of Interest

Inside Trumps First Pentagon Briefing (baby-in-chief's first question was "when is my parade?"

Trump Canceled G-7 At Doral In Response To Republicans' Wavering Support (told his deBase it was libtard dems and media who wrecked his beuatiful emolument)
Why Trump Dropped His Idea to Hold the G7 at His Own Hotel - The New York Times - He knew Democrats would criticize him. When Republicans started doing so, he changed his mind.
Trump reversed course on hosting G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him - The Washington Post
But I won't do that - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump backed away from his most egregious violation of the emoluments clause yet because of Republican pushback:

Private Photos of Indicted Donor Depict Ties to Trump, Giuliani - Dating back to 2015, the private Instagram account of Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian-American indicted for illegal campaign donations, appears to show VIP access to President Trump and a close relationship with Rudy Giuliani.

There's trouble for Trump and the GOPs future ... White evangelical Christians are much more likely to reflect male resentment (e.g., society is too feminine, society punishes men for being men) than any other group (dumbfuck Satangelicals for Trumpster)
This isn't just hardball politics. It's impeachable.
About 50 Republicans are going to decide whether America becomes a dictatorship | Will Bunch - About 50 Republicans are going to decide whether America becomes a dictatorship (from Confederate Red States with no living people in them)

Yes, you can impeach a president in an election year : politics

Live updates: Republicans seek censure of Schiff as more witnesses prepare to testify in Trump impeachment inquiry - The Washington Post (yeah, that'll work)
Pelosi details evidence of what she calls Trumps 'shakedown' of Ukrainian leader as GOP seeks censure of Schiff
Pelosi's meeting antics were a disservice to women ("she should have shut up and sucked Trump's dick like a good girl" Murdoch says)

Opinion | Want Trump to Go? Take to the Streets - The New York Times - Want Trump to Go? Take to the Streets -- Another moment for public protest has arrived.

Lindsey Graham says he's open to other evidence on Trump impeachment - Axios (but says he'll flip back tomorrow)
The Perpetual Reeducation of Lindsey Graham - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Vowed to Save Coal, Now Miners Are Getting Laid Off : politics (they voted for evil, and they got evil)
Manufacturing is now officially in recession, despite Trump's vow to boost industry (MAGA supporters cheer, he owned teh libs)

What White Evangelicals Think of Impeachment - The Atlantic - New polling suggests that Trumps base is totally unified behind the president, no matter what investigations might reveal (Talibanelist Satangelics for the Antichrist!)
Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment : politics
Netflix released a new documentary on the secretive religious group 'The Family' Despite its flaws, its a must see.

The media has turned a corner and is normalizing Trump less. It's about time
Eschaton: I'd Like To Be Wrong - But "dems gonna do 15 minutes of impeachment hearings at 3 AM the Friday after Thanksgiving on one count of something and then after giggling Mitch tosses it say 'oh well we tried Republicans are bad vote D'" is the very likely and very wrong thing which is about to happen.

The White House didn't like my agency's research. So it sent us to Missouri.

What Our Poll Shows About Impeachment Views in 6 Swing States - The New York Times - With core supporters and opponents dug in, a crucial sliver of people support the inquiry but not necessarily removal.

Fox News is a huge obstacle to Trump's removal, new data shows - The Washington Post - 98 percent of Fox-citing Republicans oppose impeaching and removing Trump ... 71 percent of Fox-citing Republicans strongly approve of Trump,

Warren: Cutting aid to Israel 'on the table' in response to settlement building : politics (support authoritarian apartheid wanna-be crooked dicktators so as not to offend AIPAC Jewsters? maybe not)
Why Arent More Democrats Endorsing Warren?

Lansing Sun among dozens of new sites that look like local news outlet (Republifuckers)
br />
Iowa caucuses: Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden top poll
Buttigieg and Klobuchar try to lure Biden voters - Los Angeles Times (FUCK OFF, CENTRIST DEMS)
Mark Zuckerberg Advised Pete Buttigieg on 2020 Campaign Hires - Bloomberg (what make him even think this was ok? FUCK OFF ZUCKERFUCKSTER)

Charter Movement Continues Taking Losses with Elizabeth Warrens New Education Plan (lock up crooked DeVos, how's that for a plan?)

Supreme Court wipes out ruling on Michigan partisan gerrymander - The court had already declared in June that such challenges involve an essentially political issue, beyond the authority of federal courts to resolve. (Rethugs say cheating is fine)
Michigan will not hold democratic election in 2020 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Official Democratic Campaign of Tucker's White Power Hour - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Russian spy/agent Gabbard)

Eschaton: Manhattan - Just who are your friends, George, and are you even vaguely aware that they are unrepresentative? -- STEPHANOPOULOS: And it shows I live in Manhattan. In this place it's not popular -- I don't mean unrepresentative of AMERICA I mean unrepresentative of Manhattan. -- When Emanuel is the populist voice of reason.... (Stephanopoopalus in his super-coastal-elite bubble)

'C'est moi' : Mitt Romney admits to running secret Twitter account under the alias 'Pierre Delecto'
The Ballad of Pierre Delecto - Lawyers, Guns & Money

We Like Cletus - Lawyers, Guns & Money - BREAKING NEWS: A professor named Evan Mandery went on a Cletus Safari and found he liked Cletus. A lot. (Jackson Cooterville)

Guy In MAGA Hat Allegedly Unloads Bear Spray Into Crowd Of Anti-Trump Protesters | HuffPost - Five people were treated after the attack with bear repellent at the Santa Monica Pier ... 32-year-old David Nicholas Dempsey, who was booked on suspicion of illegal use of tear gas, assault with a caustic chemical and parole violations. The station said he was on parole from a weapons conviction ... said he was "attacked" by "libtards" and "flag-burning commies" (oh, the irony, your typical gunnut commie-supporting Trumpster asshole crook)
KRON4 News on Twitter: "INSANE VIDEO: Police say a Donald #Trump supporter was arrested after spraying bear repellent on a small crowd protesting the president at the Santa Monica Pier >> More here:" / Twitter
xsy Bear repellent allegedly sprayed by man in MAGA hat at Santa Monica protest : news

Inside the Rise and Fall of Bryan Goldberg's Gawker - Bustle Digital Group Gawker Project Interview - Last year, Bryan Goldberg revealed big plans for his relaunch of Gawker, then postponed it indefinitely while laying off the whole staff. Now, there's serious talk of reviving it yet again. Here's what happened behind the scenes.

Its Not Just Ronan Farrow: NBC News Killed My Rape-Allegation Story Too (Oppenheim, Lack and the rapey Jews)

A.B 5, Freelancers, and the Dilemmas of Regulation - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If, like me, you've been watching the rather astonishing flood of progressive legislation that's been coming out of the California legislature this session now that Gavin Newsom is governor, you may have been somewhat dismayed to see some of your California-based friends freaking out about this article (CA killing free-lancers)

The problem with Steven Pinker, Sam Harris and the epidemic of annoying white male intellectuals

Notes from Our Post-Racial Society - Lawyers, Guns & Money - America has truly been made great again (Emmett Till's bullet-proof memorial sign will be monitored by the internets, tnx Confederate racist asshole traitors)

Allison Moorer prayed for God to protect her mother. Her prayers went unanswered. - The Lily - An excerpt from 'Blood,' a forthcoming memoir by Allison Moorer

Suicides among veterinarians has become a growing problem - The Washington Post

Authorities charge officer who opened fire on couple's car : news
Father of Parkland shooting victim speaks out against sheriff trying to get reinstated: 'No integrity at all' : news

Brothers saved meth equipment in fire, left their grandmother to die, according to DA : news

12 Men Share Their Abortion Stories | Glamour

Women At Ernst & Young Instructed On How To Dress, Act Nicely Around Men | HuffPost - At the height of the Me Too movement, the message of the training seminar was "fix the women" ... Women should look healthy and fit, with a "good haircut" and "manicured nails" (asshole financialBros)

Illegal vapes traced to California woman who was CBD pioneer : news
Medical pot users sign onto vaping ban lawsuit : bostontrees
Judge is critical but allows Baker vaping ban to stand- Boston Globe : bostontrees
How One Mass. Town Learned To Love The Cannabis Business | Bostonomix
No, vaping is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, and it doesn't cause "popcorn lung"

Shorpy Old Photos | Poster Art | Framed Prints

TIL that only 15% of Americans can read at a University Bachelor's degree level, with most people reading at a 7th to 8th grade level. (and Republicans want to keep it that way)

World's loudest bird is as deafening as thunder, scientists discover : news

Scientists have announced a new gene-editing tool called "prime editing" that avoids some of the pitfalls of CRISPR's genetic "scissors" approach. The new technique is the first to "search-and-replace" genes without breaking DNA. : science

TIL female psychopaths appear to be more prone to promiscuity than male psychopaths, and while they.prefer to date non-psychopathic men in the short-term, for long-term relationships they tend to look for a fellow psychopath. : todayilearned

8-year longitudinal study concludes the amount of time spent on social media is not associated with increased anxiety or depression in teenagers. Researchers write "Hopefully these results can move the field of research beyond its past focus on screen time." : science

Study finds insufficient evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder. Rather than being negatively impacted by gaming itself, it's suggested that young people who engage in dysfunctional gaming may be doing so in a bid to escape "underlying frustrations and wider psychosocial functioning issues

ELI5: Serotonin is the hormone what makes us happy, so why aren't we just injecting it into our body/taking it as tablets to get out of misery on command? : explainlikeimfive

50,000-year-old, tar-smeared tool shows Neanderthal smarts : science

When was a time someone got their ass kicked because they thought someone was an easy target? : AskReddit
[Serious] Redditors who were the final people to see a missing person, have they been found? And how has their disappearance affected you? : AskReddit

What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious] : AskReddit
u/i_readalot gives practical advice on the intricacies of pleasing a woman : bestof
What shouldn't be attractive but is?
What parts of a man's life are many women unaware of? : AskReddit

Amazon is shipping expired food, from baby formula to old beef jerky, scaring consumers and putting big brands at risk : news


Poll: Number Of Americans Who Favor Stricter Gun Laws Continues To Grow : politics

World's 1st Ebola vaccine gets green light from EU regulator : worldnews

Police blast mosque with water cannon as tens of thousands protest in Hong Kong : worldnews

China has destroyed large areas of one of Tibet's biggest Buddhist sites, satellite images reveal: ... a densely populated area on the west bank of the river running through Yarchen Gar in Palyual County, eastern Tibet has been reduced to bare ground.
China's economic growth drops to lowest level since 1992 : news

Venezuela's Water System is Collapsing

Brexit: PM sends letter to Brussels seeking further delay - BBC News

Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq - ABC News
Pelosi leads a surprise delegation to Jordan for 'vital discussions' on Syria crisis

After Criticism, Trump to Select New Location for G7 - The New York Times - White House officials would consider another site, the president said, suggesting Camp David was a possibility.
CREW Statement on G-7 Doral Announcement - CREW - Trump's decision to award the G-7 Conference to his own property was outrageous, corrupt and a constitutional violation. It was stunningly corrupt even for a stunningly corrupt administration.
Trump says his Doral golf resort will no longer host next years G-7 summit, bowing to criticism
Trump Abandons Plan For Flagrant Violation of Constitution - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Sword of Donaldclese - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump Resort no longer hosting G7 next year : worldnews
The Cave - Lawyers, Guns & Money (the "face" of evil)

Caught up in Trump impeachment, US diplomats fight back
As U.S. diplomats defy the president and the secretary of State to testify before impeachment investigators, they're being hailed as heroes by colleagues who' ve long felt abused.

Mulvaney faced White House ouster threat before Trump impeachment crisis took over - CNNPolitics
Mulvaney: Trump was "honestly surprised" at level of backlash over G7 decision ("It never occured to him that this was blatently illegal" Mulvaney said)
Trump cant stop bragging to foreign leaders about his resorts -- Trump's own staff, are questioning whether his business deals are influencing U.S. foreign policy.
A Special Counsel Must Investigate Rudy Giuliani and Bill Barr : politics

No, Putin Doesn't Like Impeachmentone thing the Kremlin wants even more than sowing chaos in the United States: Keeping Trump in the White House.

The Teflon is starting to wear off .. : PoliticalHumor
Invisible : PoliticalHumor
Wait! What? Who?? : PoliticalHumor
NBA AND CHINA. : PoliticalHumor (nice branding, LeBitch)
Snowden brings the heat : PoliticalHumor
Idk he'd probably still find a way : PoliticalHumor

Donald Trump's presidency continues its bizarre degeneration
Trump's presidency is a trainwreck. Let us count the ways

Jake Tapper Calls Out Top Republicans Avoiding His Show for 4th Week in a Row, 'Shirking' Their Duties of Accountability ("Accountability?" Repubicans laugh)
Beating Trump: Undoing the great mistake of 2016 - Los Angeles Times - The time has come to undo the great mistake of 2016 and drive Trump out of office at the ballot box. It is time to pull our country out of the illiberal abyss into which it is sinking and put it on a path toward reason and fairness and empathy and constructive engagement with the world.
Trump's season of weakness: A president who prizes strength enters key stretch in a fragile state
America is being held hostage by a bloody madman -- and he's in the White HouseDonald Trump has his finger on the button. We now know he'll push it, if he thinks it can get him re-elected

Trumps lawyers will go into impeachment empty-handed because all his stories have fallen apart: ex-Justice Dept official

'I never saw that' : Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Mulvaney quid pro quo admission (what you saw live on TV was just "a hypothetical" says lying mouth of Satan)
Mick Mulvaney struggles to explain his comments on Ukraine during 'Fox News Sunday' appearance

Justice Department Distances Itself From Giuliani -- In an unusual statement, a spokesman said department officials would not have met with President Trump's personal lawyer had they known his associates were under investigation (very believeable)
Trump's Rudy problem (history of crookedness that the DOJ had no idea of)

Trump Campaign Floods Web With Ads, Raking In Cash as Democrats Struggle - The New York Times - the Trump campaign is plastering ads all over Facebook, YouTube and the millions of sites served by Google, hitting the kind of incendiary themes immigrant invaders, the corrupt media that play best on platforms where algorithms favor outrage and political campaigns are free to disregard facts. (Zuckerfucking you)
Democratic challengers outpace vulnerable GOP senators in Q3 fundraising - Axios (RepubliGirls goin' down)

Trump signs more executive orders in first three years than Obama despite calling them 'power grabs' : politics

This Sure Looks Like Mitt Romneys Secret Twitter Account -- Meet "Pierre Delecto"

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Endorses Bernie Sanders At Comeback Rally In Queens | HuffPost - The Sanders campaign estimated that the rally drew nearly 26,000 attendees, which would make it the largest Democratic presidential rally of this cycle.

'This is a real warning' : Ex-campaign aide bluntly states Clinton didnt go far enough criticizing Tulsi Gabbard
u/Preech drops some facts about Tulsi Gabbard : bestof
/u/Portarossa provides a perfect explanation of the current feud between Hillary Clinton and Tulsa Gabbard : bestof
Wajahat "Get Over It" Ali on Twitter: "Here's a reason why Tulsi Gabbard is a terrible candidate for President: - in 2017, she revealed she met Syria's brutal dictator Assad without informing top Democrats - she refused to call him a war criminal for years, instead she called US backed groups in Syria "terrorists" +Yang is another one)

Watch Jill Stein go off the rails when CNN host asks her about Moscow dinner with Putin - Raw Story (lying commie bitch has meltdown)
'I am not a Russian spy' : Jill Stein slams Clinton's accusations (you're the spy! she raged, furiously)

Facebook isn't free speech, it's algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage
Facebook no longer among 10 most valuable global brands : technology
Rankings - 2019 - Best Global Brands - Best Brands - Interbrand

'I want to see what comes out of the woodwork' -- It was Week 3 of the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and Joanne Vega was only beginning to pay attention, the details sifting into her consciousness as she half-listened to Fox News or caught snippets on the radio driving to her job caring for special-needs children. (Staten Island racist dimbulb Republicans +WaPo unusually blocks comments)
The things we do for money I'll never understand - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Peter Thiels attack dog is threatening to sue CNN on behalf of Donald Trump for, er, reporting: (well, non-Trump-sycophantic reporting, tbf)

u/srsly_its_so_ez lays out facts on Bernie Sanders and how the media is intentionally misrepresenting him : bestof

Ronan Farrow' s dark memoir puts the media at the center of intersecting conspiracies -- noirish road to uncovering alleged sexual misconduct at NBC and in Hollywood.

Body of dead baby found in dormitory at Ohio college : news

Feud Erupts After ABCs Matthew Dowd Lumps Megyn Kelly in With Matt Lauer:WhyCant They Just 'Fade Away?'
Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on the Meticulous Reporting and Hard-Earned Trust Behind the Harvey Weinstein Investigation - Nieman Reports - , and the limits of #MeToo journalism

For decades, Buddy Cianci's ex-wife stayed silent about their marriage. Now she's speaking out

34th horse dies at Santa Anita since December : news (and the answer is ... rampant doping)

Opinion | Did Harold Bloom or Toni Morrison Win the Literary Canon Wars? - The New York Times - It is perhaps easier to see how the loss of the privileged place accorded to literary expression in society translates into different decisions by students about what to study.

What's an unusually strange historical event that few people know of? : AskReddit
Iphikrates comments on Is the Military "Worship" of the Spartans Really Justified?

Hubble reveals that galaxies without dark matter really exist. : worldnews
Why are protons and electrons not pulled together by each other? : askscience

TIL that sleeping laterally (ie on your side) is the most common sleep position and that sleeping on your right side makes you more likely to experience positive dreams and less likely to experience nightmares than sleeping on your left side. : todayilearned

Being single beats being in bad relationships, and even neutral ones that aren't particularly bad, suggests new study. On 7 different measures, single people did better than people in bad romantic relationships. But they also did better than people in relationships that were not that bad at all. : science

Doubting death: how our brains shield us from mortal truth. The brain shields us from existential fear by categorising death as an unfortunate event that only befalls other people.Being shielded from thoughts of our future death could be crucial for us to live in the present. : science

evoblack comments on Just realized how many obese people are living in the U.S.

What literally screams "aaaaaaaaaa"? : AskReddit
What dream made you go "Thank God that wasn't real"? : AskReddit

What is common knowledge in your field, but if you told us, we would think your next level smart? : AskReddit

When capitalisms collide - Three new books on capitalism conclude that in our current global state, the prevailing mode of economic organization is unsustainable. : books

The cognitive benefits of time-space synaesthesia | ScienceBlogs

Truckers of Reddit, what is the strangest thing you've seen on the road

Midwives/gynecologists of Reddit, what's the weirdest thing you heard from a pregnant woman or her family that made you think they had no prior sexual/medical education? : AskReddit

Teachers/professors of reddit what is the difference between students of 1999/2009/2019? : AskReddit

What screams "I'm very insecure"? : AskReddit

What is your go to slang for vagina? : AskReddit

Waiters/servers of reddit; what is the best clapback you've delivered to a rude customer? : AskReddit

Imgur Drops Support For NSFW Subreddits Citing Business Risks : news


Hong Kong protesters mock China leaders, defy face mask ban | (pretty good)
Man arrested over 'Lennon Tunnel' knife attack - RTHK

How The Sinaloa Cartel Just Beat The Mexican Army | Time

Chile shuts down capital city metro as violent protests spread : worldnews
Protests around the world: violent clashes hit Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona : worldnews
Curfew announced in Santiago, Chile for the fist time since Pinochet's dictatorship : worldnews

Cheers erupt outside Parliament as Brexit delayed again : worldnews
MPs put brakes on Boris Johnsons Brexit deal with rebel amendment PM says he will press ahead with legislation next week, but is obliged to request extension
Petulant Man-Child Admits the Inevitable - Lawyers, Guns & Money
U.K. Lawmakers Disrupt Boris Johnson's Brexit Plan -- fizzled amid parliamentary maneuvers.
Why Boris Johnson may not get his big Brexit vote after all - A proposed amendment could yet force the British prime minister to ask Brussels for an extension.
Boris Johnson Forced To Request Brexit Delay After U.K. Parliament Extends Deadline | HuffPost
Mandatory Brexit "Super Saturday" Post - Lawyers, Guns & Money

'We were not impressed' - Harry Dunn's parents on their bizarre day with Trump

Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria : worldnews
Trump officials say aid to Puerto Rico was knowingly stalled after Hurricane Maria | TheHill (TRUMP IS THE LAW)

Feds Admit 1,250 More Immigrant Children Were Separated From Parents : politics
Documents Reveal Serious Abuse Allegations By Minors In Border Patrol Custody : politics (your shallow-state ICE pedo ring)
These Allegations of Child Abuse Against Customs and Border Protection Go On for Tens of Thousands of Pages : politics (when will they all go to prison?)

He fetishized the military but the generals have had it with feckless, reckless Trump : politics
Russian Media Cheers Trump's Moves in Syria: 'Putin Won the Lottery!' For Russia, Trump's presidency is a gift that keeps on giving.
Kurdish General Slams U.S.-Syria Policy; Gen. Petraeus Calls Withdrawal 'A Betrayal' : worldnews

Growing number of Republicans struggle to defend Trump on G-7 choice, Ukraine and Syria - The Washington Post ("growing group of evil traitors struggle to defend Satan")
Turkey fired on U.S. special forces in Syria. It's absurd that it still has U.S. nukes. : politics (Trump will give Erdogan the football)
Turkey-Syria conflict: Hevrin Khalaf's death parked a global outcry. Now we know how she died - This Kurdish womans death sparked a global outcry. Now we know how she died (disgusting)

Review of Russia Inquiry Grows as F.B.I. Witnesses Are Questioned - The New York Times - The review, led by the prosecutor John Durham, has focused on former investigators who are frequent targets of President Trump. ("I'm not the crook! You're the crook!" as Trump perverts all of government)
AG Barr expands controversial review into origin of Russia investigation. U.S. Attorney John Durham has expressed his intent to interview a number of current and former intelligence officials, including ex-CIA Director John Brennan. : politics (distraction)

Classic: Trump Interrupts First All-Women Spacewalk to Get His Facts Wrong : politics

Trump has yet to figure out that Pelosi doesn't melt down (and revoltin' Moulton gets incinerated in comments)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the win : PoliticalHumor
Dumbest super villain of all time : PoliticalHumor
One of the worst parts of the Trump era : PoliticalHumor

Mayor de Blasio: 'Sure looks' like Rudy Giuliani should go to jail over Ukraine scandal

Former White House ethics director on Trump giving his own hotel G7 contract: We have reached the bottom.There is no level of corruption greater than a President participating in the award of a contract to himself' : worldnews
Any Other Federal Employee Giving Himself A Contract Could Be In Jail -- But Not Trump
Democrats introduce 'THUG Act' to block funding for G-7 at Trump resort -- Trump's Heist Undermines the G-7 ...
Ex-Ethics Chief: If Trump Resort Hosting G-7 'Is Not Corrupt, Nothing Is' (let's go with nothing)
Ethics Watchdog Calls for Twitter to Suspend Kellyanne Conway for Constantly Violating the Hatch Act : politics

Trump veterans see a presidency veering off the rails - POLITICO - But White House insiders differ on whether the president has changed -- or they have (let's go with neither)
America is being held hostage by a bloody madman and he's in the White House
Trump Is Going Ballistic Because the Walls Are Closing In | Is our system ready for a president who wants to burn it down? : politics

The Trump-Republican Tax Law Has Cost Home Owners $1 Trillion : politics ... "You mean the Republicans passed a tax law that screwed average Americans but gave a huge tax cut to the wealthiest of the wealthy? Wow, nobody saw THAT coming!" (suckers)

In ruling on Trump finances, court finds broad authority for impeachment inquiry | The late Elijah Cummings, as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, had a valid reason for seeking the president's financial records, the judges said. : politics

Watergate Is Irrelevant to the Impeachment and Potential Removal of Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Submitted Without Comment - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I will add that as of now the Times itself has not seen fit to cover this conclusive development in the story they pretended to think was more important than any Trump scandal and all policy issues combined as recently as 3 years ago. ...story finally up! A16 of the print version. (yeah, they buried their blunder and gave Haberputz the Liar's Prize)

Hillary Clinton Cleared of Mishandling Classified Information After 3-Year Private Email Probe, Trump So Far Silent : politics
Hillary Clinton calls Donald Trump an 'illegitimate president'
Hillary Clinton cancels appearance at Fortune event co-starring Kirstjen Nielsen. - Tulsi Gabbard, Anita Hill are still on the bill with the child-caging former Homeland Security chief.
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard gets 2020 endorsement from David Duke : politics
Tulsi Gabbard unites Putin apologists, bloodstained Modi, genocidal Assad and the U.S. far right : politics
What's Eating Tulsi Gabbard? (something, something Putin)

Fox News chyron: "Hannity sources: Disastrous day for Dems in their secret Soviet-style impeachment attempt" (well then)
Anderson Cooper Delivers Scathing Review Of Rare Stephanie Grisham Interview | HuffPost - "Does everyone working for the president have to debase themselves and lie like he does?" ... press secretary Stephanie Grisham for giving a rare interview on"Fox & Friends" ... "apparently got a brief furlough from West Wing witness protection" to "check in with her supervisors over at Fox News, though it seems like she saw her shadow and is now back underground for six more weeks of stonewalling" (yeah, bi-annual WH PC was held on Fox & Friends, we've come to this)

Pure TheatricsCharles Harder Letter Threatening to Sue CNN Over Trump Coverage Derided By Lawyers (the vampire's lawyer)

Mark Kelly raises astronomical sum in bid to snag Senate seat from GOP : politics

Christian broadcaster: Elijah Cummings' death was God' s revenge for his 'demonic attempt' to impeach Trump ... During an interview with Maryland pastor Stacey Shiflett on his MC Files broadcast this Thursday, far-right conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald ...
Steve Bannon made a fiercely anti-China movie for some of the Chinese government's biggest foes.

The Koch network says it wants to remake public education. That means destroying it, says author of new book on billionaire brothers. - The Washington Post (remember fat Wyatt?)

What 33 universities learned about sexual violence in a new survey - The Washington Post - Selected results from the Association of American Universities study of sexual misconduct
Harvard Administrators Discuss Sexual Misconduct Survey Results at Town Hall | News | The Harvard Crimson ... that found incidences of sexual misconduct have remained largely unchanged over the past four years ... The 2019 iteration of the survey came four years after its 2015 debut, when Harvard found that 31 percent of its senior undergraduate women had experienced nonconsensual sexual contact during their time at Harvard ... now 32% ... less than half thought ... there would be a fair investigation ... (the patriarchy is unfazed)
Harvard Band Members Walk Out of Centennial Banquet After Alumni Comments on Sexual Harassment Policy | News | The Harvard Crimson (part of their culture, alumni said)

Verizon seeks buyer for HuffPost website | Financial Times - Telecoms group raises sale with potential acquirers as part of digital media retreat (Puffington Post)

Man pays hitman 2 million yuan to kill competitor, gets busted after job is passed along four times : news

Make your mornings or evenings brighter with a weeks worth of waffle recipes

Decision on vape ban expected Monday : bostontrees
CDC Official Pushes Back Against Linking Legal Marijuana To Vaping Deaths : bostontrees
CBD is Overrated / *CBD Info. from longtime user : bostontrees

Women are more than twice as likely as men to suffer from PTSD. Studies are underway to find out why. - The Washington Post

The Younger Dryas climate change event occurred around 12,000 years ago and was more rapid (change of about 5 degrees in a few decades) than the climate change happening today. How does it compare to modern climate change? Was there significant extinction and damage to the environment? : askscience

People think about breaking up more when they look outside their relationship for psychological fulfillment, suggests a new study (n=5,169), which found that the more emotional support people received from outside their romantic relationship, the more negatively they rated their relationship. : science

What is one bitter truth you know about life? : AskReddit

Ancient 'lost city' of the Khmer Empire uncovered in Cambodia : news
Learn About a Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest

Psychopathic men have a personality style that makes them attractive to women, suggests new study in Evolutionary Psychological Science. Psychopathy may include features that make men appear as more attractive romantic partners despite having a reduced interest in committed relationships. : science

Redditors who are over 60 and haven't had children : what is your life like? Do you regret not having children?


Qatar now so hot it has started air-conditioning the outdoors - Giant coolers in public areas accelerating climate crisis further by using electricity from fossil fuels : worldnews - Show Greta we do not need her yelling at us, 'United We Roll' says in Facebook post (dumbfuck asshole truckfuckers will belch black smoke at her in their support of killing everyone to own the libs)

Right-to-Carry gun laws are associated with a 29% increase in firearm workplace homicides, according to a new longitudinal study of 50 states. The results are consistent with the most recent and methodologically strong studies of the laws. : science

Adam Silver: Chinese Government Asked NBA to Fire and Discipline Daryl Morey : worldnews (bow down to Xi)

China's economic growth sinks to 26-year low : worldnews ... "Any woman or man under age 35 was raped and sexually abused,"

A Million People Are Jailed at China' s Gulags. I Managed to Escape. -- Here's What Really Goes on Inside Rape, torture and human experiments. Sayragul Sauytbay offers firsthand testimony from a Xinjiang 'reeducation' camp

Blasts collapse roof at Afghan mosque, killing at least 62 at Friday prayers - Reuters - and wounding more than 100, officials said.

Chick-fil-A's first UK location will close after pressure from LGBTQ rights group

Court Refuses to Block Release of Netflix's Panama Papers Movie 'The Laundromat'

Firefight breaks out after Mexican Federales capture El Chapo's son in Culiacan, Mexico : worldnews -- "outgunning lawmen"

The Cost of Boris Johnson's Brexit Drive: A Fractured U. K.? -- The proposed exit deal promises to accentuate centrifugal forces that were already pulling Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom. (so after all that time, the Brits blew themselves up with their hatred and stupidty)

Russian hacker group Cozy Bear never stopped breaching targets - Axios - Cozy Bear, the less-discussed of the two Russian hacker groups that breached the Democratic National Committee in 2016, had been thought to be scaling back operations since that election, but a new report finds the group instead became more covert. (Trump says "we don't need no ... cybersecurity ...")

Syria Kurds accuse Turkey of violating cease-fire (what "cease-fire?")
ISIS eyes breakout opportunity as Turkish forces batter Kurds - The Washington Post (Trump liberates ISIS, Republicans cheer)
In 'Cave-In,' Trump Cease-Fire Cements Turkeys Gains in Syria
Turkish Proxies Appear to Be Using White Phosphorus in Syria - Photos of children show horrific burns caused by what looks like white phosphorous.
'Dad stop the burning, I beg you': Horrifying footage reveals badly-burned Kurdish children in Syria amid claims Turkey is using banned weapons such as napalm and white phosphorus : worldnews
Trump's Capitulation to Erdogan Is Complete
Syria: Damning evidence of war crimes and other violations by Turkish forces and their allies | Amnesty International
Trump got rolled (again), claims saying "yes" is a world-historic accomplishment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge rules DOJ improperly redacted court filing related to Mueller probe | TheHill (Barr lied and cheated?)

The Mick Mulvaney Farewell Tour - Lawyers, Guns & Money
GOP lawmaker responds to Mulvaney: 'Are we trying to exculpate Russia?' (yes)

Trump's Nancy Pelosi 'meltdown' tweet was the perfect self-own. Here's why.
What 4 Art Experts See in the Iconic Nancy Pelosi/Donald Trump White House Photo - Vogue (maybe McNaughton will do a version )
TheBirminghamBear comments on A Body Language Expert Says Donald Trump Is "Pulled Back in Retreat" in That Viral Nancy Pelosi Photo
YouCantSeeAThing comments on Trump directed me to work with Giuliani to push Ukraine on investigations: Sondland
Exclusive: Giuliani pushed Trump administration to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt on Democrats - CNNPolitics

Pentagon expert could reveal key details in Ukraine probe
Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals, impeachment inquiry shows - The Washington Post
Diplomat tells investigators he raised alarms in 2015 about Hunter Bidens Ukraine work but was rebuffed ... George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state, testified Tuesday that he worried that Hunter Bidens position at the firm Burisma Holdings would complicate efforts by U.S. diplomats to convey to Ukrainian officials the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest, (the Bidens are above your stupid conflicts of interest) )

Deripaska-Linked Firm Was Raided for Undisclosed U.S. Probe - Bloomberg - Laundering investigation grew out of Robert Mueller's work

Gordon Sondlands Testimony About The Trump-Ukraine Scandal Defies Belief ... claims he didn't know Donald Trump was targeting Joe Biden in Ukraine but the evidence was on front pages for months.
Opinion | How Did Gordon Sondland Think This Was Going to End? - The New York Times - He paid $1 million for an ambassadorship and bought himself disgrace (hey, it was cheap)
Devin Nunes Tries to Use Steele Dossier to Defend Trump During Closed-Door Impeachment Hearing - Ambassador Gordon Sondland appeared perplexed by Nunes comments, according to one source, and the exchange was "awkward" ("are you really that stupid?")
To Win Giulianis Help, Oligarchs Allies Pursued Biden Dirt
2014 photo of Trump and indicted Giuliani associate took place at Ivanka Trump hosted fashion show - CNNPolitics
Evidence in case against Giuliani's South Florida associates includes 50 bank accounts

Trumps shout-it-out-loud strategy (yes! I'm a crook! an elected crook! I'm crooking! shut up!)

Opinion | The Crisis of the Republican Party - The New York Times - The G.O.P. put Donald Trump in power. It's their special responsibility to uphold the rule of law (NYT calls on the party of irresponsibility to be responsible)
Internal Democratic poll suggests a way to bleed Trump dry - The Washington Post - New internal polling by Democrats suggests there might not be any downside in taking the more drawn out and open-ended approach though some Democratic leaders might be loath to do so. ("fast and narrow" so Mitch can flush it in 5 minutes; how stupid are our democratic leaders?)
Trump at the center of Ukraine efforts against rivals, impeachment inquiry shows - The Washington Post (Trump can't resist being the star of his own impeachment)
Trump's Behavior Could Worsen Under Impeachment - The Atlantic - As the impeachment inquiry intensifies, some associates of the president predict that his already erratic behavior is going to get worse.

Eschaton: The Referees - Anybody sentient knows Trump is a brain worm addled psychopath, but Democrats aren't allowed to say it because that's just Partisan and Objective Political Journalists aren't allowed to say it because all they do is type up what people tell them (this is not true but it's what they pretend), so that leaves the Wise Old Men Of Washington which is basically Henry Kissinger and some retired generals. Maybe if Mad Dog says something Mitch McConnell will have to act!!! Hey maybe if you want some retired generals to violate some Normand Republicans noticed
s perhaps all you "objective journalists" could start doing it too. No? Ok shut up then.
Eschaton: Wow The Marshall of the Supreme Court Is Coming For Drumpf Now - I have never understood journalist's love of "Mad Dog," even given their general professed love of The Troops, but apparently a couple of zingers at a dinner are Real Courage or something ... Mattis lets loose "I earned my spurs on the battlefield; Donald Trump earned his spurs from the doctor" -- Martha Raddatz ... "lets loose." Christ these people are broken.
Trump's Behavior Could Worsen Under Impeachment - The Atlantic - As the impeachment inquiry intensifies, some associates of the president predict that his already erratic behavior is going to get worse.

Trump Writes Unhinged 'Legal' Letter Demanding That CNN Pay Him Money (for being "pro-impeachment")

The week Donald Trump's presidency crashed and burned -- and Republicans noticed
Trump supporters cry bitter tears after bus company they never bothered paying leaves them stranded

Behind Trump's Texas Show Of Force, A Weakened President (another "rally" for the nazis)

Trump Impeachment News Today: Updates for October 18, 2019 - Bloomberg
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Impeachment - A narrow and quick impeachment is no longer sufficient for a White House that flaunts its crimes.
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Impeachment
Impeachment is too important to leave to Congress -- it's going to take mass mobilization

UPDATED: Another anti-Muslim group to host event at Mar-a-Lago - News - The Palm Beach Post - West Palm Beach, FL (racisim for profit!)

Conway Violated the Hatch Act 50+ Times This Past Year on Twitter Alone - CREW

GOP Group Uses Trump's Own Words On Corruption Against Him In Searing Fox News Ad

Supreme Court will decide constitutionality of consumer watchdog bureau - The Washington Post (Republifucks will outlaw protecting consumers)

State Department probe of Clinton emails finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information - The Washington Post

I pay $21,000 a year for lousy health insurance - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Joe Biden's framing of the health insurance debate is straight out of the traditional right-wing playbook: (JoeBi's brain is corporate-captured and can't think)

Hillary Clinton Suggests Tusli Gabbard Is a Russian Plant in the 2020 Democratic field. - Hillary Clinton Is More Than Qualified to Judge the Effectiveness of Foreign-Influenced Straw Candidates - Clinton, who finally, after long years, has discovered that she has no fcks left to give, warned the country to beware that the Russians seem to be "grooming" Tusli Gabbard.
And now, a bit of fun - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Hillary Clinton Appears to Claim Russians 'Grooming' Tulsi Gabbard to Run as Third-Party Candidate
Hillary Clinton suggests Putin has kompromat on Trump, Russia will back Tulsi Gabbard third-party bid - The Washington Post (not looking good, though)
Hillary Clinton Appears to Claim Russians 'Grooming' Tulsi Gabbard to Run as Third-Party Candidate
Hillary Clinton claims Jill Stein is a 'Russian asset' and suggests Russians are 'grooming' Tulsi Gabbard : politics

New poll shows majority of Coloradans support impeachment inquiry, Hickenlooper leads Gardner - leads Sen. Cory Gardner in a theoretical Senate matchup next year by 11 percentage points and that a majority of Coloradans support the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Andrew Yang's ideas on automation and mass unemployment are not based in reality. (doctors will be rioting in the street)

If You Can Ban Nipples, You Can Ban Nazis - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mark Zuckerberg has a hilariously pompous op-ed in the Wall Street Journal defending his decisions to accept money for political ads that tell willful falsehoods about political opponents:
Matthew EEEEK!-lesias on Twitter: "The fake origin story of Facebook written for Mark Zuckerberg by the team of GOP political operatives who runs their DC office versus contemporaneous coverage of Facebook's origins (Fuckerberg zuckerfucking your democracy with lies, almost like he's a mouth/hand of you-know-who))

Filmmaker Pulls Out Of Women's Conference Because Kirstjen Nielsen Will Be Speakings ... " Most Powerful Women Summit' "should not be giving Kirstjen Nielsen a platform to rehabilitate her image" says dream hampton.

"Everybody Is Freaking Out" : Freelance Writers Scramble to Make Sense of New California Law (punish the writers, of course)

The Fort Worth officer who shot Atatiana Jefferson wasn't actually asked to do a wellness check : news

What percentage of people with major depressive disorder has suicidal thoughts? : askscience

'Morals over money': Waitress fired after refusing to serve transphobic customers : news

Doctors, testifying in vape ban lawsuit, differ on possible causes of lung illness - The Boston Globe

Excessive brain activity linked to a shorter life. People who died before their mid-80s had lower levels in their brains of a protein called REST that tamps down genes involved in sparking brain activity, compared to the very oldest people. : science
Excessive brain activity linked to a shorter life : worldnews
New research from Harvard Medical School suggests the secret to living longer may lie in neural activity, which speeds up and slows down as we age: Over-excitation, or too much activity in the brain, leads to shorter life spans. Suppressing neural over-excitation actually extends life. : science
Excessive brain activity linked to a shorter life - The Washington Post

Relationship Counseling - The 5 attachment languages
Reddit relationship advice - 3 tips to rekindle desire
Reddit relationships - 3 tips to boost intimacy?
8 Best Sex Tips - How To Please A Woman

What's a fun little fact about yourself? : AskReddit

What's an argument that you "lost" because the other person was to dumb to understand your logic?


Qatar, facing unbearable heat, has begun to air-condition the outdoors - Washington Post (global warming karma)

Past three months in Afghanistan have been the deadliest for civilians in a decade - The Washington Post

'Think of your family': China threatens European citizens over Xinjiang protests : worldnews
In rare, 'significant' move, Hong Kong judiciary appoints two judges to hear legal challenges against anti-mask law

Was That Reclusive Family in a Dutch Farmhouse Waiting for The End of Time,or More Facebook Followers?

Quebec to offer legal cannabis at $4.49 a gram, beating grey-market price : worldnews (meanwhile, in Retardachusetts)

Brexit deal reached with EU, says UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson - The Washington Post - European and British negotiators struck a deal Thursday to split Britain from the European Union, raising the prospect that the country could be out of the bloc by the end of October.

Boris Johnson denies asking Trump to arrange 'ambush' with grieving parents and US woman involved in their son's death : politics (which liar is the liar?)

Elijah E. Cummings, Powerful Democrat Who Investigated Trump, Dies at 68 - The New York Times - A son of sharecroppers, he fought tirelessly for his hometown, Baltimore, and became a key figure in the impeachment investigation of President Trump.
Rep. Elijah Cummings dies at 68 - The Washington Post
Rep. Elijah Cummings Dead At 68 | HuffPost - The veteran Democratic representative chaired the powerful House Oversight Committee investigating President Donald Trumps impeachment.
Elijah Cummings 'signed subpoenas from his hosptical bed' for Trump impeachment before his death ... "This is a fight for the soul of our democracy; nothing less, and so I'm going to work hard to make sure we save that democracy, and I will fight until I die."

US troops bombed their own anti-ISIS headquarters as Turkey-backed fighters closed in during Trump's hasty retreat : worldnews
Not a better methapor for the current administration.... : PoliticalHumor

"They Mutilated the Body of My Daughter" -- The Mother of an Assassinated Kurdish leader speaks out about Turkey backed militias war crimes (fat Donnie the murderer)
The Kurds Gave Their Lives to Defeat the Islamic State. Trump Just Pissed It All Away
Pence announces Turkey has agreed to temporary ceasefire in Syria - Axios (nice satanic dunce hat in the pic)
Turkey agrees to Syria ceasefire: Vice President Mike Pence - ABC News - but differ over whether it's a ceasefire or pause in operations
What are the problems Trump told Erdogan he has 'worked hard to solve'?
Erdogan orders US to remove Kurds from northern Syria so that Turkey can seize area unopposed: US complies - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Sen. Mitt Romney raises a troubling theory about Trump and Turkey ... Romney then returned to the idea that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan might have given Trump an ultimatum that was met with acquiescence. (what does Erdofuck have on Trumpster that made him completely change US foreign policy all by himself and against the advice of everyone except Erdofuck and Vladifuck)

"Is This Real?' : Trump Sends Third-Grade Reading-Level Letter to Erdogan
Trish Regan on Twitter: "EXCLUSIVE: I have obtained a copy of ?@realDonaldTrump?'s letter to #Erdogan ...
Turkey's Erdogan 'threw Trump's Syria letter in bin' - BBC News
'We dumped it in the trash': Trump's letter to Erdogan gets hostile reception | Middle East Eye - Explosive correspondence threatening Turkish president sours relations even further as Mike Pence arrives in Ankara
Kremlin questions language of 'unusual' Trump letter to Erdogan - Reuters -- "You don't often encounter such language in correspondence between heads of state. It's a highly unusual letter" Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call.

Opinion | Our Republic Is Under Attack From the President - The New York Times - By William H. McRaven -- Admiral McRaven is a former commander of the United States Special Operations Command.
The hasty U.S. pullback from Syria is a searing moment in America's withdrawal from the Middle East

President Trump thought this image would make House Speaker Nancy Pelosi look weak : pics
Chad Nancy Devastates Virgin Trump's Terrible Tweet - "Not hard to figure out which person at the table cannot read" ... "generals shamed"
Trump' s "Nervous Nancy" tweet shows his problem with powerful women
She doesn't look nervous : PoliticalHumor
Lawmakers, social media users praise photo of Pelosi confronting Trump | TheHill
Bill Pascrell, Jr. on Twitter: ".@SpeakerPelosi speaking out against trump's disgraces to his face and every man on his side looks down in shame ... (well, except for Mnuchin, who is incapable of shame)

Trump makes at least 12 false claims with Italian President : worldnews

When Reality is more absurd than imagination! : PoliticalHumor
They're Not Even Pretending Anymore : PoliticalHumor
I knew I recognized this guy from somewhere... : PoliticalHumor (really does)

Trump has awarded next years G-7 summit of world leaders to his Miami-area resort, the White House said ... That decision is without precedent in modern American history: The president used his public office to direct a massive contract to himself.
Tell me about the oranges, Lilly - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the most unambiguous possible violation of the emoluments clause, short of sending the leaders of the G7 certified letters informing them that the president will consider their requests on a cash-only basis: ... The point is to steal everything that isnt nailed down, and to do it right out in the open, with total impunity, because this is basically a banana republic now.
David Fahrenthold on Twitter: "The summit will be held in June, when Miami is hot and Doral is usually empty. In 2017, only 38% of Doral's rooms were occupied in June. Only August (31%) was slower. Now -- b/c @realdonaldtrump has awarded the summit to himself -- it will be full." / Twitter
Mulvaney concedes that Trump's desire to investigate "DNC server" was part of the reason Ukraine aide was held up - reporter: so it was a quid pro quo - Mulvaney: we do that all the time. get over it. politics is going to be involved in foreign policy. elections have consequences (haha suckers, you elected a crook, you got a crook, elections have consequences)
'Get over it' : Trump chief of staff confirms president froze Ukraine aid in part over political investigation
Former Acting U.S. Solicitor General: Mulvaney Admitted 'Textobook' Definition of Impeachable Offense

The end of the American republic? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump and the Senate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - To provide a slight ray of optimism on a day that has seen three what would be five-alarm scandals for any of administration, it should be noted that Trump is really unpopular, and in a political world where incumbency provides little advantage and federal elections are mostly determined by how a voter feels about Trump, that is not great for marginal Republican senators:
Matthew "Scary Halloween Themed Pun" Yglesias on Twitter: "You hate to see it." / Twitter (look like Suzie-Doozy really did let Kavanaugh fuck her)

Gordon Sondland breaks with Trump in impeachment testimony - POLITICO - EU ambassador told House investigators he opposed the presidens request to run Ukraine policy through Rudy Giuliani.
This central claim in Gordon Sondlands testimony just doesn't add upthe first to say he didn't know what Giuliani was up to. But thats extremely difficult to swallow -- for this reason.
Sondland Throws Trump Under the Bus - The U.S. ambassador to the EU will tell Congress that he was effectively forced to work with Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine by the president.

Does Trump Realize the Trouble He's In? -- Recognizing when things are going wrong is an essential skill of the presidency. Trump doesn't seem to have it.
President Trump Exhibits Signs of Madness in Kurds Discussion, Letter to Turkey's Erdogan - The President* Is at Least Half-Mad. It's Time to Take the Car Keys. -- There is a constitutional remedy for a criminal president. There is a constitutional remedy for a president who is crazy. There is no constitutional remedy for a president* who is bothe simultaneously.

Trump Sent Attorney General Barr to Rome in Search of a Deep State Plot. Italian Intelligence Says There's Nothing There. (Fathead Barr, intelligence professional)

Mulvaney confirms Ukraine aid withheld in part to force probe of Democrats - The Washington Post

Eschaton: A Noun, A Verb, Some CRIMES - Oh Rudes. Tough day -- The counterintelligence part of the investigation indicates that FBI and criminal prosecutors in Manhattan are looking at a broader set of issues related to Giuliani, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, than has been pre viously reported.
Impeachment Inquiry: Mulvaney Undercuts Trumps Denials of Quid Pro QuoMulvaney, told reporters that the U.S. withheld military aid to force Ukraine to investigate corruption, which he said would include scrutinizing Democrats.

Rick Perry Called Rudy Giuliani at Trumps Direction on Ukraine Concerns
Perry Tells Trump He Will Resign as Energy Secretary - The New York Times - Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas who has become enmeshed in the Ukraine scandal, said he would resign as secretary of energy. (bye-bye crook)
Energy Secretary Rick Perry, 1 of the '3 amigos' on Ukraine, tells Trump he plans to resign - ABC News (3 crookagos)
Rudy Giulianis Twitter Feed Is a Boomer Conspiracy-Theory Sh*tshow -- lawyer has baffled a lot of people with his recent behavior. Perhaps his social-media habits can explain why.

Modest Changes in Views of Impeachment Proceedings Since Early September | Pew Research Center - 54% approve of House decision to conduct inquiry

Trump melts down when he can't control the news

McConnell eyes quick impeachment trial in Senate - POLITICO - The Senate majority leader told Republicans he hoped to wrap up any impeachment trial for Trump by the end of the year. (promises 5-minute "trial")

Forget Trump's "Meltdown" -- Follow the TestimonyOn a week of revelations in the Houses impeachment inquiry.

Eschaton: Why Me - Amy Klobuchar has been an exception to the latter, having shown throughout the race so far a gritty determination to offer the Democratic primary electorate as little as possible. This approach hasn't worked very well, oddly enough, and at Tuesday night's debate, her frustration with progressives boiled over in response to Warren's suggestion that opponents of a wealth tax want "to protect billionaires." "I want to give a reality check to Elizabeth," she said huffily.... (get.the.fuck.out.Amy Klulessbacher)
The largest-ever natural experiment on wealth taxes found that they work as intended -- both raising revenue and controlling income inequality. The taxes had the greatest impact on the top .1% wealthiest. (hello, corporate Klulessbacher)
Eschaton: But How Will You Pay For Free Money For Corporations? - Tough question, Anderson.
Eschaton: Employer Tax Credits - Sometimes they propose things just to troll me. -- U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris will announce a plan to incentivize jobs in rural communities during her stop in Tipton on Thursday afternoon ... The problems vary, of course, but rural areas tend to lack appropriate infrastructure such as adequate broadband service or a decent airport. There are ways to make rural areas attractive for employers other than "free money for JAAYYUUUB CREATORS" but that's the best we can do because capitalism means government does nothing but give tax money to corporations. (how can she not understand this??)

Elizabeth Warren is failing the commander-in-chief test - The Washington Post

'They've got no margin for error' : Biden cash crunch raises alarms (he spent it all on private jets)

Classes canceled for 361,000 students as Chicago teachers go on strike : news

John Yoo gets paid $400,000 per year by the people of the state of California to spread egregious lies via the right wing propaganda network - Lawyers, Guns & Money (torture Yoo)

Things Aren't Getting Better for 2020's Most Vulnerable Senate Republicans ... Tillis, Gardner, Ernst and Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) all have approval ratings beneath 40%.

In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace | Pew Research Center - An update on America's changing religious landscape (Fuckangelicals hitched their wagon to Satan)
Eschaton: Godless - I suspect the number of true believers hasn't changed all that much, but that people increasingly don't identify themselves as culturally Christian is interesting. When I was younger, if you weren't Other (Jewish, etc.), you were default Christian, and people thought it was weird if you claimed otherwise.

The largest dark web child pornography site in the world has been taken down after IRS followed Bitcoin transactions : worldnews

Porn Actor Accused of Sexual Assault by Over Two Dozen Women: 'I Told Him to Stop'

At the Times, a Hesitance to Hyperlink - VICE - Journalists at the New York Times and its own standards editor say that getting continually dragged by other journalists for not giving credit is embarrassing. (also why they don't allow commewnts on must articles, stay in their bubble)

Los Angeles Times reaches historic agreement with its newsroom union - Los Angeles Times

N.Y.C. Votes to Close Rikers. Now Comes the Hard Part. - The New York Times - The City Council approved a sweeping $8 billion plan to close the troubled jail complex and replace it with four smaller jails by 2026, an aggressive timeline that will prove challenging.

Deepak Chopra Has Never Been Sick | The New Yorker

Most vaping illnesses are tied to marijuana, but health officials can't say where vapes were bought (Charlie Vaporous' disasterous distraction from his terribleness)

ELI5: How does smoking cigarettes give you low doses of radiation? : explainlikeimfive

TIL expensive weddings usually end in divorce. : todayilearned

What's one of the most important rules when using Reddit? : AskReddit


Leader of Hong Kong democracy group attacked with hammers : worldnews

Kim Jong Un rides white horse on sacred mountainand plans 'great operation'

U.S. security chief 'heaped pain' on grieving parents of UK teen: lawyer -- "We have said for a long time the family needs to meet, they need to meet in private, away from the media and not curated by politicians, spies or indeed lawyers. Most sensible folk and not a nincompoop in a hurry would understand that"
Grieving Parent's Ambushed' by Trump, Who Had Teens Killer Waiting at White House
Trump Meets Grieving Britons, and Springs a Surprise - The New York Times
Donald Trump "ambushed" Harry Dunn's parents by revealing the woman allegedly responsible for the teenager's death was waiting to meet them at the White House, their lawyer has said

A British family vacationing in Canada unknowingly swerved onto a US road to dodge an animal. ICE has detained them and their 3-month-old baby for 12 days. : worldnews (well, well, more to the story?)

ICE Moved 700 Women Out Of A Detention Center And Won't Tell Lawyers Where They Are

Turkey 'effectively holding 50 US nuclear bombs hostage' at air base amid Syria invasion -- White House officials scrambling to retrieve weapons of mass destruction, reports say (blunderbusster)
Trump appears to confirm open secret about US nuclear weapons in Turkey - CNNPolitics
Wednesday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Read President Trump's Bizarre Letter to Turkey's President ... "Don't be a fool, I'll call later" ...
This letter Trump sent to Erdogan is 'so weird we had to check with the White House to make sure it's real' : politics
This is like that scene in the Godfather where Fredo kills Fredo for betraying Fredo to Fredo - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jennifer Bendery on Twitter: "Wow-- more details on the White House meeting, via a senior Democratic aide: Pelosi directly to Trump: Russia has always wanted a "foothold in the Middle East" and now it has one. "All roads with you lead to Putin."" / Twitter

Turkeys Erdogan walks back refusal to meet with Pence and Pompeo
Trump was warned that if he withdrew US troops from northern Syria it could have catastrophic consequences. Less than a week after Turkey invaded, the nightmare scenario Trump was warned about has become a reality. : worldnews
Trump defends his Syria retreat as 'strategically brilliant,' saying the Kurds are 'no angels' and that they have 'a lot of sand they can play with' : worldnews (yes, he really said that)
Trump: Kurdish Organization "Worse than ISIS" (and that)
Trump-Erdogan Call Led to Lengthy Push to Avoid Halkbank Trial - Bloomberg ("just a little favor" for not blackmailing Trumpster with all the dirt on him)
Trump Lashes Out on Syria as Republicans Rebuke Him in House Vote - The New York Times
Trump dismisses Turkey's invasion of Syria: 'It's not our border'
Trump Dismisses Concerns Over Kurds, Russian Expansion in Syria - Bloomberg
Frustration on Syria mounts from Republicans during 'heated' Esper meeting - CNNPolitics

In Bipartisan Rebuke, House Majority Condemns Trump for Syria Withdrawal - The New York Times ... 7 Days in Syria: Trump Abandoned the Kurds. Mayhem Followed.
Democrats say Trump had a 'meltdown' and insulted Pelosi in Syria meeting
Trump tries to distance himself from chaos in Syria as tensions with lawmakers in both parties escalate - The Washington Post
Lindsey Graham to Pat Robertson: 'I'll become Trump's worst nightmare' if he doesn't stop slaughter of Kurds (sure, little Lindsey)

Trump Phone Call to Duterte Left White House Staff 'Genuinely Horrified' (oh shit, another one) ... congratulated the Philippine President for ... a bloody drug war that has allegedly killed over 20,000 people (Trump is working on that)

Trump Vetoes Latest Effort To Overturn National Emergency To Fund Border Wall | HuffPost - The decision to stop the measure passed by Congress was released amid the fourth Democratic debate. (he really owned the libs with that one)

Testimony exposes deepening discontent with Pompeo at State Department - The Washington Post (Dumbpeo the crook)

Mounting frustration inside White House over Hill depositions as refusals to comply with subpoenas increase - CNNPolitics
Pence tells House committees he will not cooperate in impeachment inquiry - Axios (arrest.the.fucker)
Mulvaney emerges as a key facilitator of the campaign to pressure Ukraine - The Washington Post
Now my name, it is Mulvaney and I'm known quite famously - Lawyers, Guns & Money

"You guys are about to write a story that says the former Attorney General, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook!" "Yup, another one." - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ex-Aide Saw Gordon Sondland as a Potential National Security Risk - The New York Times - A former top White House adviser viewed Mr. Sondland, a Trump donor and the ambassador to the European Union, as a risk because he was so unprepared for his job (hey, he ran hotels and gave a million to Trumpster, sounds pretty "prepared" by current standards)
Gordon Sondland, Trumps envoy at center of impeachment probe, overseeing home renovations costing $1 million in taxpayer money (well, he got his money back)

Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies businesses made themselves appear more profitable to lenders and less profitable to tax officials. One expert calls the differing numbers versions of fraud
Confidential informants part of Manhattan DA Cy Vance's investigation involving President Trumps tax returns (see pic for Trump's mouth-to-brain ratio)
Newly uncovered tax documents show Trump kept 'two sets of books' and may have committed financial fraud : politics
Which Trump Will Take the Fall for Years of Tax Fraud? | Vanity Fair - Junior and Eric, its time to prove your loyalty (we vote for iCrooka)

Top impeachment investigator says Pentagon was ordered to not comply with subpoena : politics (o rly)

Mulvaney emerges as a key facilitator of the campaign to pressure Ukraine - The Washington Post
The lawyer at the center of the Ukraine vortex - POLITICO - Meet John Eisenberg, the White House attorney whose actions are coming under scrutiny
Federal investigation of Rudy Giuliani includes counterintelligence probe - CNNPolitics
Scoop: Kurt Volker testimony revealed depth of concerns about Giuliani - Axios (lock up the mobster)
House Democrats Torn Over How Much to Punish Rudy Giuliani for Ignoring Subpoena (obviously.lock.him.up.)
Eschaton: Sounds Bad, Mr. Mayor - I is disappoint -- Giuliani, a Trump ally who later became the president'spersonal attorney, repeatedly argued to Trump that the U.S. government should eject Fethullah Gulen from the country, according to the former officials, who spoke on the condition on anonymity to describe private conversations. ("eject" so he could be chopped up into little pieces; fate is coming for you Rudianai)
Fourth defendant in Giuliani associates' case arrested at New York airport - David Correia has been charged with participating in a scheme to use foreign money to build political support for a fledgling recreational marijuana business in Nevada and other states,

25% approve of Congress; up from 18% last month; Trump's approval at 39%, 52% of Americans now support Trump's impeachment and removal, Impeachment support reflects growth in support among independents, Dems
Historical support for impeachment and removal - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... By contrast, a majority of the electorate wants to remove Trump right now, which is an unprecedented situation in regard to any sitting president in US history.

Cuomo signs law aimed at weakening Trump's pardon power, closes 'double jeopardy' loophole - Lawmakers said the measure was necessary to ensure state investigations don't get derailed by the president.

Trump picks Colorado Springs author of Illuminati books for education board - George Mentz is also an online professor, Newsmax writer and Trump donor

Jimmy Kimmel Rips Apart Heartless' Lara Trump's Latest Defense Of Her Father-In-Law | HuffPost - Jimmy Kimmel Rips Apart 'Heartless' Lara Trumps Latest Defense Of Her Father-In-Lawover her comments about the Kurds and Syria ('soulless')

David Shulkin: How Donald Trump Hired Me to Be VA Secretary | Time (holy.fucking.crap.)

Kentucky governors race tied: poll

Eschaton: Our Health Care System Is Fucked Up And Bullshit - And while reasonable people can disagree about how to fix it, anyone who doesn't accept that basic premise - along with the fact that every other comparable country does it better and *much much cheaper* - can fuck right the fuck off. (hello, BoGlo commenters who hate "socialized medicine")

Opinion | Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate - The New York Times (as graded by your mostly idiot Timesters)
Democrats debate in Ohio: Who came out on top?
Which Candidates Got the Most Speaking Time in the Democratic Debate - The New York Times
Five ways the debate could have -- and should have -- been much, much better -- By Margaret Sullivan (why is your media running and fucking up the debates?? almost like they want Trump to win?)

Democratic Debate: Centrists Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg Battle Elizabeth Warren
Some Democratic women were bothered by Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren debate exchange - The Boston Globe - "Wow, a man taking credit for a womans work, how original"
Biden's Attacks on Medicare for All Undermine the Entire Democratic Agenda (#dumbass #OldJoe)
Americans already pay a 'gigantic' hidden health-care tax, economists say -- The question of who will foot the bill for Medicare-for-all is almost beside the point, according to the authors of 'The Triumph of Injustice' (way too complicated for JoeBi to understand)

Dems go after Warren, and other big moments from Tuesdays debate -- Elizabeth Warren fended off attacks from the Democratic field on health care and solidified her status as a frontrunner.
5 key takeaways from the 4th Democratic debate - ABC News
AP FACT CHECK: Dems debate on guns, Syria, health care

Democratic Candidates Turn Fire On New Front-Runner Elizabeth Warren | HuffPost - Her 2020 challengers repeatedly went after her from the right, on everything fromMedicare for Allto the wealth tax
5 Takeaways From Tuesdays Democratic Debate: The Elizabeth Warren Pile-On
Analysis: Elizabeth Warren growing into front-runner status

Kamala Harris Makes Blistering Case For Twitter To Ban Donald Trump | HuffPost - "Of all the things, why that?' Harris was asked. ... "a 2-year-old with a machine gun" (and Chris Hayes is an idiot, also)

Democratic debate: Sorry, but Democrats need to talk about Hunter Biden - Vox - Democrats are afraid to talk about Hunter Biden. Trump wonbe
Joe Biden Goes Off: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders Are 'Trying to Con the American People' Like Trump (and other incohernt mumbles)
Joe Biden, Bleeding Cash, Spent Nearly $1 Million on Private Jets - roughly one out of every 16 dollars raised by the campaign has been spent on such aviation (hey, he's always been way above you)

4 Debates In, Democrats Finally Got The Chance To Talk Abortion Rights | HuffPost - More than half of the 12 presidential contenders shared their plan on how to protect reproductive rights in the face of state anti-abortion legislation.

Sanders and Warren stockpile millions more than 2020 rivals

These 7 charts show how legalized political corruption is so much bigger than Trump -

Democratic presidential candidates have declared war on rural America - Scott Jennings (former Bushie, "conservative commenter" K-School asshole and all-round idiot owned the libs with that take)

The rise of the entitled millennial politician (Buttabeep and Joke Kennedy)

CNN's John King asks if Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib endorsements of Bernie Sanders are "too urban" | Media Matters for America - CNNs John King asks if Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar and Rep. Tlaib endorsements of Bernie Sanders are too urban ("too far left, too uncompromising" too girly? fuck off asshole, go interview some white Iowa dumbfucks tractor-guys)

Judge admits he made $107 million mistake in deciding Johnson & Johnson opioid award : news

'This is seriously bad' Video shows concerns days before Hard Rock hotel collapse : news

Why the official story of Shep Smith's abrupt departure from Fox News doesnt add up

Survey finds evidence of widespread sexual violence at 33 universities - The Washington Post - About one-quarter of undergraduate women say they have been victims of sexual touching or penetration without consent since starting college, according to a survey this year on sexual assault and misconduct at 33 major universities ... Data from Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and several other participating universities was not available

Trump Teen Rape Allegation Resurfaces, Ronan Farrow Claims National Enquirer Tried to Protect Him in New Book
Matt Lauer Had Sexual Relationship With 'Well-Respected' NBC Star: Report
NBC News Chief Noah Oppenheim Unleashes on Ronan Farrow in New Staff Memo - The war between NBC and its former star reporter got even uglier on Monday (what do Lauer, Oppenheim, Lack, Weinstein, Epstein have in common?)

The Abusive Behavior of Ex-Mount Sinai Doctor David Newman ... He had published op-eds in the New York Times and the Huffington Post; he had done a TED Talk showing how medical data gets misinterpreted. He had been profiled in Wired magazine. With help from the superagent Binky Urban, he had published a book with Scribner, Hippocrates' Shadow ... (another Jewish dickster masturbated on women, but with morphine and propofol +Dennis Charney (bio purged) and Mount Sinai completely corrupt and the whole story is disgusting patriarchy)

Outrage grows in firing of Madison West High School security guard over use of N-word | Local Education | (white people make stupid rules)

Huge Child Porn Ring Busted as Authorities Cite Ability to Crack Bitcoin Privacy : technology
Feds take down the world's 'largest dark web child porn marketplace' : news

Andrea Long Chu Wants More The 26-year-old critic argues for a new understanding of gender and desire in her debut book, Females ... A little less than a year ago, in a New York Times op-ed about her plans to undergo surgery to "get a vagina" (26-yr old "critic") ... Sandy Stone, the artist and academic credited with establishing the field of trans studies ... Chu's ... new theory ... "everyone is a girl" ... "It was like having a crush on myself"

Misreading Harold Bloom | The New Yorker - The anxiety and influence of a critic.

Hope for millions of Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers as research identifies cause of pain as 'gut itch' : news

In a stroke of good news for aspiring pet owners, a Swiss company developed a vaccine for cats that reduces their likelihood of triggering an allergic response in humans. This decreases the odds that a cat would need to be rehomed or given to a shelter because of an immune reaction in its owner. : science

u/kalai224 invalidates the reasons another redditor has for being against public healthcare. : bestof

What's a toxic trait you have
People who don't comment on posts, why not?

What is the experience that gave you the greatest understanding of yourself? : AskReddit

Uber: The ride-hailing app that says it has 'zero' drivers


'I'm standing here in the middle of climate change': How USDA is failing farmersThe $144 billion Agriculture Department spends less than 1 percent of its budget helping farmers adapt to increasingly extreme weather (maybe, you know, you shouldn't have voted for him)

Student 'suicide' video triggers protesters rampage at the Hong Kong Design Institute in Tiu Keng Leng after it refused to reveal the complete security footage of a 15-year-old female student's : worldnews
Classes suspended at Hong Kong Design Institute after students vandalise campus demanding surveillance footage of classmate, who is an active protester, found dead and naked in sea : worldnews (suppresssed by China-owned reddit admins)

LeBron James Says Daryl Morey Wasn't 'Educated' About Hong Kong And China ... "And so many people could have been harmed not only financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually" (highly educated rich dumbfuck sportball dude says you should shut up about democracy and freedom!) s
Hong Kong Protestors Voice Disappointment in LeBron James: "He Supports Totalitarianism?" (yes, he does)
LeBron James undermines values with comments on Daryl Morey and China
LeBron James: Daryl Morey was 'misinformed' about the situation in Hong Kong : news
Shorter Lebron: Stick to Sports - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The NBA continues to refuse to cover itself with glory:
DreamWorks bootlicks China with '9-dash line' including Taiwan in 'Abominable'. : news
GitHub - caffeine-overload/bandinchina: Naming and shaming companies who kowtow to Chinese censorship requests

Newborn baby girl found buried alive in a cemetery in India - The Washington Post (India only wants boys, who will never find a mate) )

'Tortured' and shackled pupils freed from Nigerian Islamic school - "Beating, abusing and punishment, this is what they always did to us here. They make a cover story and say they were teaching us. They are not teaching us for the sake of God" : worldnews (more muzfucks)

Son escapes, rescues 5 siblings trapped for 9 years by "end of times" father
Family 'waiting for end of time' found in basement after 9 years : worldnews

Model at centre of Italian PM sex party trial killed by poison : worldnews

'It is time for independence': Nicola Sturgeon says she will demand Scottish vote to leave the UK next year : worldnews

17,000 viewers demand BBC deletes documentary on how Iraqi Muslim clerics sell girls for sex : worldnews (muzfukers supporting child abuse)

The parents of motorcyclist Harry Dunn, 19, killed in a traffic crash that involved an American diplomat's wife, took their case directly to U.S. audiences Monday, holding a New York news conference at which they urged the woman, Anne Sacoolas, to return to Britain "to present herself to police "

British holidaymakers "traumatised" after arrest at US border (ICE-fucked)
A British family on vacation accidentally drove into the U.S. They've spent days detained with their 3-month-old baby ... put in an "icebox" (Trump wlll deport them to Honduras)

Manbij: Video appears to show Russian soldiers in abandoned U.S. base in Syria - The Washington Post (sucking Putin's dick)
Trump only imposed sanctions on Turkey after advisers explained to him the obvious consequences of letting them invade Syria, report says : worldnews
The 1,000 elite US troops in Syria are making a chaotic and demoralizing retreat after Trump canceled their mission: "Not only is the most successful international counterterrorism operation in history finished, but the winners are Syria and Russia." : worldnews
Trumps betrayal of the Kurds is sickening to U.S. soldiers
Turkey-Syria offensive: Russian forces move to separate Turkish and Syrian armies - The Washington Post
War Hawks, Peace Activists, Scholars, And Humanitarians Agree: Trump Made Syria Much, Much Worse
US officials are considering pulling nuclear weapons from Turkey, effectively severing the US-Turkey alliance : worldnews

Lara Trump Defends Trump on Syria By Claiming the 'Average American' Doesnt Even Know Who the Kurds Are (she's sub-average)
Photos have emerged showing Ivanka with Trump in Istanbul in 2012 to celebrate the opening of Trump Towers in the city, as the president tries to force Turkey to end its invasion into Kurdish-held territory in northeastern Syria. : worldnews

Trump Is Being Impeached Because He Keeps Helping Russia

CIA spy whose cover was blown by Bush administration warns Trump over chilling effect of outing whistleblower: Valerie Plame said her "heart goes out" to the CIA operative who raised concerns about a phone call between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart : worldnews
Obama's Crackdown on Whistleblowers - The NSA Four reveal how a toxic mix of cronyism and fraud blinded the agency before 9/11 (for the history)

Eschaton: Standing Up For Themselves - It never gets mentioned but one thing that Trump White House did early on that has had major ripple effects was to get rid of the visitor logs. We would know right away how many times Rudy was in the building or, for that matter, if Parnas and Fruman ever stopped by -- The Pressoes freak out about what it sees to be its institutional prerogatives at times. They can turn the story of a Breitbart reporter being turned off of Air Force 1 into a week long story about tyranny and the threat to democracy if they, collectively, choose to. White house visitor logs? Press briefings? Who cares. u

White House tried to limit what former Russia aide Fiona Hill could say to Congress, letters show - The White House did not try and block her from testifying but told her lawyers about areas that could fall under executive privilege. (his crimes and treason executive privilidged)

The Difference or Parties : PoliticalHumor

u/slakmehl explains a convoluted plot to discredit and unjustly fire the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine : bestof

Eschaton: Plot Twist - Really didn't expect the writers to cast Bolton as the surprise hero. -- Mr. Bolton instructed Fiona Hill, the senior director for Russian and Eurasian affairs, to notify the chief lawyer for the National Security Council that Mr. Giuliani was working with Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, on a rogue operation with legal implications, Ms. Hill told the investigators, according to two people familiar with her closed-door testimony. "I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up," Mr. Bolton, a Yale-trained lawyer, told Ms. Hill to tell White House lawyers, according to the testimony.
John Bolton's potential revenge on Trump - The Washington Post ... Giuliani tweets "atomic bomb" ...Giuliani may be right -- just perhaps not in the way he intended
John Bolton's eruption shows Trump's defenses are collapsing
Trump Suspects a Spiteful John Bolton Is Behind Some of the Ukraine Leaks - increases the paranoia currently infecting the West Wing.
State Department Official George Kent Testifies in Impeachment Probe - WSJ - Kent had raised concerns about efforts by Rudy Giuliani and others to undercut former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine
Impeachment Investigators Question George Kent, State Dept. Ukraine Expert - The New York Times
White House directed three amigosto run Ukraine policy, senior State department official tells House investigators -- Mick Mulvaney organized a meeting this spring in which officials determined to take Ukraine policy out of the traditional channels, putting Energy Secretary Rick Perry, U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland and special U.S. envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker in charge instead, a top State Department official told lawmakers Tuesday. George Kent ... instructed to "lay low" ... and and defer to Volker, Sondland and Perry (the "three idiots")

Trumps impeachment barricade crumbles -- Key witnesses are ignoring Trump and delivering bombshell testimony
Financial Times editor drops bombshell over increased odds of Senate booting Trump from office: 'It's disintegrating in a terrible realtime fashion'

How Lev Parnas Became Part of the Trump Campaign's "One Big Family" (ahen, "crime family")
Giuliani says he wont comply with a congressional subpoena (lock him up in the basement)
Paula Reid on Twitter: "JUST IN: Rudy Giuliani tells Congress he will not participate in "unconstitutional, baseless, and illegitimate" impeachment inquiry. Cites attorney-client and executive privileges ... "That executive privilege bullshit went out the window when the president started committing crimes"
Ex-Rep. Sessions Subpoenaed Over Interactions With Giuliani, Giuliani Associates - WSJ
WSJ: Federal Investigators Have Viewed Giuliani's Bank Records ... "Nosferatu Colludiani" ...
George Conway Reminds Rudy Giuliani of his Miranda Rights: 'We Know Your'e Not in Custody (Yet)'
Rudy Can Only Be Failed - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Rudy The Guy Who Breaks Rocks - Wow sounds bad Mr. Mayor. -- Fiona Hill, the White House's former top Russia adviser, told impeachment investigators on Tuesday that Rudolph W. Giuliani, the president's personal lawyer, ran a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine that circumvented U.S. officials and career diplomats in order to personally benefit President Trump, according to a person familiar with her testimony.
Eschaton: "Rudy The Rock" - Anyone remember this? I sure don't and I am cursed with remembering all of this sort of bullshit. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani earned the nickname "Rudy the Rock," for his stalwart leadership after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Giuliani joined CNN anchor Paula Zahn on Monday morning to discuss his memories of that day.
Eschaton: What Will We Tell The Children? - If America's Mayor goes down they will lose all faith in the Heroes of America as anointed by cable news. Daddy, why is the rotting corpse of Nosferatu in handcuffs?
Trump lawyer Giuliani was paid $500,000 to consult on indicted associates firm (deep crook state)
Giuliani pressed Trump to eject Muslim cleric from U.S., a top priority of Turkish president, former officials say - The Washington Post (Erdogan owns Trump/Ghouliani)

Trump appears to forget basic details of the Ukraine scandal timeline : politics

Is this Barr's cry for help? ... Barr talked at length about a "campaign to destroy the traditional moral order." The alleged perpetrator of this campaign? "Militant secularists" ... This appeared to be a tacit endorsement of theocracy."
Pence, Pompeo, Barr and Mulvaney could be subpoenaed by House Dems and also be impeached: Former GOP rep
William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions : politics (good Catholic rapist)
State Department Slammed After Website Gets "Christian Leader" Makeover

Pelosi holds off on vote to authorize Trump impeachment inquiry - POLITICO - Members of leadership and vulnerable Democrats were opposed to taking the vote.

The time bomb inside the Trump administration is now going off - The Washington Post
The floodgates are opening as Trump officials publicly defy his orders and more whistleblowers come out of the shadows : politics
Trump is at war with statistics and its going about as well as youd imagine ... "crooked fake polls" ...

Eschaton: Civilitude - Wow apparently Trump and his supporters love glorifications of violence against the press and other entities they don't like? This is a new thing we just learned and not something present in [checks transcripts] comments from the president himself in every rally appearance for the last 4 years.
Violent Video Was Product of Right-Wing Provocateurs and Trump Allies - The New York Times - The clip underscores how the president's escalating war on what he calls the "fake news" media has encouraged media-savvy members of the far-right fringe to defend Mr. Trump with extreme language and images.

Jim Mattis' sad silence helps no one
Trump Can't 'Cover Up' Ukraine Scandal Because There Are 'Far Too Many Witnesses,' Congressman Says

Donald Trump Is Copying Richard Nixon's Reelection Misdeeds dirty tricks helped take out his most feared rival Ed Muskie. Trump is trying the same with Joe Biden.

House Democrats express greater confidence about impeachment showdown with Trump - The Washington Post
House Democrats' Ukraine investigation is spilling across the Trump administration - Axios

Everything Republicans should stop lecturing us about - The Washington Post ... "rule of law" ... (hahaha)

Rep. Peter DeFazio calls for audit into Elaine Chaos alleged Kentucky favors
We Found a 'Staggering' 281 Lobbyists Who've Worked in the Trump Administrationone lobbyist for every 14 political appointees, and four times more than Obama had appointed six years into office.

Appeals court to hold rehearing on Trump hotel lawsuit

Weekly Update: 50% Favor Impeachment And Removal of President Trump; 38% Oppose (even the fake pollster Rassmussen)
Who's Who In The Trump Impeachment Investigation - We were having trouble keeping track of the many people involved in the Ukraine adventures at the heart of the impeachment inquiry, so we made this for ourselves -- and you.

October Democratic Debate: Live updates from Ohio
Democratic debate: Elizabeth Warren on how much Medicare-for-all costs - Vox
Eschaton: Debate Thread - What about voters who love using gofundme to pay to treat kids when they have cancer?
October Democratic debate live updates - The Washington Post
Bernie Sanders to be endorsed by Ocasio-Cortez - The Washington Post

NYT's hosting its first presidential debate tonight in 15 years -- and first in Twitter age. One Times journalist suggests to @joepompeo that "the angry left blue-check-mark mob will find something to be outraged about."
"They're in a No-Win Situation" : Will the Times' First Presidential Debate in 15 Years Fire Up the Twitter Mob? (see above)

The hidden menace threatening Democrats' bid to beat Trump in 2020 - POLITICO - The hidden menace threatening Democrats' bid to beat Trump in 2020: foreign election interference and disinformation by Trump and his allies.

A new poll shows Elizabeth Warren leading the Democratic field, with 28 percent - The Washington Post - 7 percent ahead of Sanders and 10 percent ahead of Biden.
Elizabeth Warren Is Beginning to Win the Electability Argument | Vanity Fair - Warren is single-handedly shifting the conversation among Democrats about whether a woman can win.
Princeton Professor Attacks Elizabeth Warren For Having Too Many Affluent Supporters - Lawyers, Guns & Money (BernieBros attack!)

As Trump criticizes Hunter Biden, House Democrats should be investigating his daughter - Ivanka Trumps actions have continued to be troubling, at the very least, when it comes to mixing personal business with her position in the White House ... (Icrooka)
Bidens Rivals Are Utterly Perplexed at the Timing of Hunters Interview
Onion staff submits mass resignation in protest against impossible working conditions - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "Just today, I have seen Donald Trump's son, Ron Paul's son and Mitt Romney's niece speak out forcefully about how bad it is to use family connections to advance your career." / Twitter

RNC Chairwoman Decries Nepotism In Politics -- Even Though Mitt Romney Is Her Uncle | One Twitter user summed it up: "I don't know if you quite understand what nepotism means, Niece of Mitt Romney"
Justin Baragona on Twitter: "So far today, Rand Paul, Ronna Romney McDaniel, Donald Trump Jr. and Meghan McCain have weighed in on how bad nepotism is." / Twitter ("they think irony is the opposite of wrinkly")

IS Tulsi Gabbard The Gops Favorite Democrat? The New York Times Opinion Section Is On It !

Opinion | Why Are Democrats Jilting G.O.P. Voters Who Want to Like Them? - The New York Times - Candidates are leaving potential Republican converts without options (yes, another NYT shit-piece)

For-Profit Hospital Industry Leads Fight Against Medicare for All

Impeachment Could End Collins' Career ... Collins is unpopular, with only 35% of voters approving of the job shes doing to 50% who disapprove.
New Poll Suggests Sen. Susan Collins' Support for Brett Kavanaugh Will End Her Career .... "turncunt"...

Congressman Accused of Using Campaign Funds for Family Vacations Seeks GOP Endorsement for Another Term - Southern California Congressman Duncan D. Hunter is seeking funds to run for another term in the 50th District, even though hes been indicted for misappropriating campaign funds,

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the n-word in WAMC radio interview ... "n****r wops"

Texas GOP speaker tape: Lawmaker 'vile' ,Trump 'killing us'

Jeffrey Epstein's inner circle Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel traced to Brazil : news

City of San Antonio Plans to Pay Settlement to Woman After Detective Searched Her Vagina in Middle of the Street : news

Indictment: Man admits to possessing 1 million child porn images, videos : news

Many dishonest police officers on Brady lists still work, testify - Across the USA, prosecutors arent tracking officer misconduct, skirting Supreme Court "Brady" rules and sometimes leading to wrongful convictions. (cops are crooked liars)

Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot Atatiana Jefferson charged with murder - The booking came just hours after Aaron Dean resigned from the Fort Worth Police Department.

Vaping devices test positive for meth at high school : news

Harold Bloom, Critic Who Championed Western Canon, Dies at 89 - The New York Times - Called the most notorious literary critic in America, Professor Bloom argued for the superiority of giants like Shakespeare, Chaucer and Kafka.

ELI5: What happens to your brain when you smoke DMT and why does it have such life changing effects in only 10 minutes? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How do atoms create living things? What differentiates something animate from something inanimate? : explainlikeimfive

TIL the Ancient Egyptian historian Manetho claimed that Moses was an Egyptian priest named Osarseph who led a colony of leper slaves and invited barbarians to destroy Egypt. After 13 years, the pharaoh Amenhotep and his son Ramses drive them out of Egypt. Osarseph then changes his name to Moses. : todayilearned

ELI5: How does laying in a dark room, silent, motionless, eyes closed but conscious not give us the same benefits of actually being asleep. Trying to understand how being unconscious changes how our bodies regenerate during this time even though they are physically in the same state. : explainlikeimfive

Monkeys outperform humans when it comes to cognitive flexibility.When it comes to being willing to explore more efficient options to solving a problem, monkeys exhibit more cognitive flexibility than humans, according to a new study. : science

3000-year-old toolkit suggests skilled warriors crossed Europe to fight an epic battle : science

[Serious] What are some signs of suicidal tendencies which lot of friends and relatives miss? : AskReddit

What is the WORST piece of information you know? : AskReddit
What are you interested in that most people aren't?

WeWork set to sack 2,000 staff as anger towards founder Adam Neumann grows : news
WeWork isn't a tech company; it's a soap opera

Eschaton: Uber'd - Still laughing that people believed (or claimed to believe) that self-driving tech was the key to Uber taking over the world. Even if you believe the tech will work any day now, it's not clear how that tech would really lower costs. Also, too, there's a weird obsession with removing any employees who actually do the work while keeping around amazingly large staffs? I have no idea why Uber has so many non-driving employees. What do they do

Malware That Spits Cash Out of ATMs Has Spread Across the World : technology


Japan's skies turn deep shade of purple as strongest typhoon since 1958 approaches

President Xi Jinping vows Chinese separatists will be 'smashed to pieces' as US-themed protests begin in Hong Kong (Trump is jealous)

Vietnam pulls DreamWorks' 'Abominable' film over South China Sea map : news (Hollywood bows down to their Chinese masters and Reuters won't show you the map)

Former K-pop girl group f(x) member Sulli, 25, found dead : news

9 Catalan pro-independence leaders condemned to 9-13 years of prison, matching the time in prison punishement for murder and rape in Spain : news
Barcelona Airport closed due to protests by Catalan Independentists. Following HK way : pics

Activists defiant as Uganda proposes death penalty for gay sex : news (Chick-Fil-A murders gay people)

President Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading claims over 993 days - The Washington Post

Trump's blunder in Syria is irreparable
Russian shadow falls over Syria as Kurds open door for Assad | World news | The Guardian
Turkish-Backed Free Syrian Army Is Deliberately Releasing ISIS Prisoners - radical proxies are also apparently executing Kurdish prisoners and killing unarmed civilians, videos show.
Trump makes 'insane' suggestion Kurds are deliberately freeing Isis prisoners, after hundreds escape during Turkey bombing | The Independent - US president suggests former allies he abandoned are trying to 'get us involved'
US Military says Turkey's incursion into Syria to create a safe zone near the border was a lie. Within the last 24 hours the US Military has learned Turkey's forces plan to penetrate deep into Syria's South and West. : worldnews
US troops believe Turkey deliberately fired artillery at an American commando outpost in Syria : worldnews -- That is an extraordinary headline. American Troops, along with a Lieutenant General say an attack on American Forces by a NATO ally appears to be intentional ...
Disaster is unfolding in Syria as videos emerge of US allies being slaughtered and hundreds of ISIS prisoners escape during airstrikes : worldnews
US shared intelligence with Turkey that may have aided attack on Kurds : worldnews (turns out, it wasn't a good idea to elect a "businessman" with properties in countries ruled by authoritarian enemies of America, who could have predicted?? certainly not your corporate media dumbfucks)
Trump has delivered what Russia wants in Syria -- at zero cost -- and 'Putin likely can't believe his luck' (wasn't 'luck' dude) ... Putin was later quoted "This is the best birthday I ever had." Because it was his actual, honest to good god damn birthday. You can't write this shit .
Trump hands Putin another win with Syria pullout
Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity Came Fast. - The New York Times - All the warnings were there. But President Trumps reliance on his instincts, and his relationships, led him to ignore the consequences of a move that has emboldened Russia, Iran and the Islamic State.
Syrian troops enter towns in northeast as Erdogan warns of wider offensive - The Washington Post
Trump and Syria: the worst week for US foreign policy since the Iraq invasion? | US news | The Guardian - A close ally is abandoned, and Isis is regrouping. The speed of the unravelling is breathtaking - In the week since Donald Trumps fateful phone conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the US has entirely abandoned the Kurds, its most effective allies in the Middle East, and with them a Syria strategy that was five years in the making.
Unswayed by top advisers, Trump doubles down on decision to withdraw troops - The Washington Post
Monday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Russia and the bombing of the hospitals. Something something Obama drone strikes something.
Trump thought Turkey was bluffing and would never actually invade Syria, report says : worldnews
Trumps Worst Betrayal Yet
Jubilant ISIS Prisoners Hail American Liberators

In a month, Trump has destroyed 'America First' (Make America Bow Down to Dicktators Again)
Not Since Joe McCarthy Has the State Department Suffered Such a Devastating Blow - Not Since Joe McCarthy Has the State Department Suffered Such a Devastating Blow

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz ejected from closed-door impeachment meeting (tried to crash meeting so he could leak)
Matt Gaetz Thinks His Audience Is as Big a Box of Rocks as He Is - One of Trump's prime congressional flunkies makes a scene ... "It's not like I'm on the Agriculture Committee" Gaetz moped. Good thing, too, since he apparently could be outsmarted by produce. (the new Devin Nunes)

Former Trump Aide to Testify on Pressure to Oust Ambassador to Ukraine - The New York Times - Fiona Hill, President Trump's former top Russia and Europe adviser, headed to Capitol Hill on Monday morning where she is prepared to testify that she and other officials objected strenuously to the removal of the ambassador to Ukraine, only to be disregarded.

Bill Barr's meeting with Fox News chairman should be investigated ... "What the hell is the attorney general of the United States doing meeting with the head of Fox? And for what purpose could that possibly be, especially in light of the fact this is happening exactly at the same time the president of the United States is saying Fox News isn't being kind enough to him?" (perfectly normal)

Jonathan Chait: The (Full) Case for Impeaching Trump - A menu of high crimes and misdemeanors
Opinion | The Clinton Legacy: Impeachment Hurts the President - The New York Times - The 1998 trial damaged Democrats more than Republicans (he killed Gore)

Among the Witches Inside the Republicans' bunker.
Rick Scott donates campaign contributions from Igor Fruman | Miami Herald (the Republicrooks are wide and deep)

Liz Cheney Blames Turkey's Invasion of Syria on Democrats' Impeachment Inquiry ... During a Fox & Friends appearance on Monday morning ...
And I do not support a full investigation - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I give Matt Taibbi this, hes not going to let any mere facts interfere with his thoughts about how only the Deep State can melt steel beams: (what happened to Taibbi's brain or soul?)
The Foreign Policy Stylings of Donald the Dove - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Todays Impeach-O-Meter: OK, It Was a Quid Pro Quo, but We Didn't Say the Words "Illegal Quid Pro Quo' Out Loud

Macabre Video of Fake Trump Shooting Media and Critics Is Shown at His Resort - The New York Times
Mr. Trump stops in the middle of the church, pulls a gun out of his suit jacket pocket and begins a graphic rampage. As the parishioners try to flee, the president fires at them. He shoots Blac k: Today media companies from all over Australia unite in an unprecedented action to fight for press freedoms and the publicLives Matter in the head... (yeah, a very thin and tall and muscular Trump)
Fury over fake video of president pistol-whipping late John McCain shown at his resort, as Fox News tensions escalate amid impeachment push : politics
Kathy Griffin Slams Pro-Trump Video That Shows Her And Others Killed | HuffPost
Fake President Shoots Media Members In Graphic Video Shown At Pro-Trump Event: Report | HuffPost

Trumpism's Infinite Vulgarities - Republicans have come to accept what they once professed to abhor (nah, they were always evil gross assholes while they clutched their bibles and condemned other people)
American Priorities - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump supporters showed a fantasy wank video of Trump murdering journalists and political opponents at an MAGA conference event at the Trump Miami resort: ... I don't see how Democrats can appeal to middle Americans after Elizabeth Warren made a mild joke about opponents of marriage equality.
Eschaton: Civilitude - Wow apparently Trump and his supporters love glorifications of violence against the press and other entities they don't like? - This is a new thing we just learned and not something present in [checks transcripts] comments from the president himself in every rally appearance for the last 4 years.

Trump escalated his war on Fox News again, slamming anchor Chris Wallace for his coverage of the Ukraine scandal and comparing him unfavorably to his dead father : politics
Now That Shep Smith Is Gone, Trump Zeroes In On Fox News' Chris Wallace

Video: Protesters Chant 'Impeach Trump' Outside White House As Others Gather Outside Trump Golf Club With 'Traitor' Signs : politics

Fact check: Trump says again that Americans need ID to buy groceries. They still don't : politics (remember when HW saw a "cash register" for the first time in his life?)

She does : PoliticalHumor
"Not my problem" : PoliticalHumor
Sorry if this a repost - but it made me laugh. : PoliticalHumor
'Memba When? : PoliticalHumor
I would rather be an American : PoliticalHumor
Making America great! : PoliticalHumor
Happy Holidays : PoliticalHumor
Ok Tea Party, it's your time to shine!
Tick tock Donny : PoliticalHumor

Exclusive Survey: Big Moves among Early State Democrats - Firehouse Strategies
The surprising fluidity of the 2020 Democratic field - The Washington Post
New Poll Finds Trump Underwater in Ohio, Trailing Generic Democrat - Innovation Ohio (pls, NYT, send another crack reporting team out to Ohio to interview wingnut dumbfucks)
Ohio soybean farmer says he wouldn't vote for Trump again even if he could 'walk across my pond' (not the NYT)

Biden says if hes elected in 2020, he will not pardon Trump (but reach across the aisle #OldJoe says he might reduce Trump's jailtime to 10 minutes in Mar-a-Lago +he's really getting old fast, see pic)

Warren's Rise Hasnt Come At Biden's Expense -- Biden's numbers are steady in post-Ukraine polls.
This is from the official Trump campaign twitter - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump War Room (Text TRUMP to 88022) on Twitter: "Happy Indigenous People's Day, Pocahontas! We hope you're celebrating all 1/1024th of your heritage with your favorite recipe from Pow Wow Chow!

Trump's Trillion-Dollar Hit to Homeowners: By reducing deductions for real estate taxes, Trump's 2017 tax plan has harmed millions and helped give corporations a $680 billion gift (way too complicated for dumbfuck Ohio voters to understand)

Focus group: These Ohio swing voters want Democrats to give up Trump impeachment - Axios - Swing voters in this Rust Belt state are expressing a range of unease about impeaching President Trump, from fears it will hurt the economy to frustrations that House Democrats are more invested in going after Trump than in helping people ... Eleven voters ... things like wages and unemployment, border security, bringing troops home, and health care costs and access. (dumbfucks in action, dumbfucking themselves again) )
Voters arent buying Trump's promises of a health care plan (read your other article, Axios, and decide which "take" to go with)

Judge rules to restore 165,000 'inactive' Kentuck voters back to regular voting rolls (Kenfucky)

Chelsea and Hillary Clinton disagree on trans self-identification | Daily Mail Online ... Chelsea Clinton emphatically states a person with a beard and a penis can 'absolutely' identify as a woman, while mom Hillary shuffles and looks conflicted as she blames 'generational' difference sfor not being as open to trans rights " a very big generational discussion, because this is not something I grew up with or ever saw" ("I never saw any of those transgenitals and don't konw how I'd feel if I did" she said)

The Work of Democracy: The Despicable Susan Collins Is Irate A Constituent Actually Asked Her Some Questions : politics
Karen McManus on Twitter: "Full page ad this morning in the Portland Press Herald" / Twitter

nside Mark Zuckerbergs private meetings with conservative pundits (Zuckerfucking democracy for profit)
Mark Zuckerberg has been holding off-the-record dinners with influential conservatives including Tucker Carlson and Lindsey Graham : technology
We are ruled by hideous men - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mark Zuckerberg ladies and gentlemen:
Elizabeth Warren on Twitter: "You're making my point here. Its up to you whether you take money to promote lies. You can be in the disinformation-for-profit business, or you can hold yourself to some standards. In fact, those standards were in your policy. Why the change?"

Elizabeth Holmes Is a Visionary, and We Need More Like Her | RealClearMarkets (noted for RealClearRepublicanBullshit)

Georgia police officer found not guilty of murder in shooting death of unarmed veteran : news

Paedophile who abused up to 200 children stabbed to death. : news

Mom says man shot her 1-year-old daughter in fit of rage after car crash : news
2-year-old boy shot in 'cowardly, violent act' of road rage: Baltimore police : news (this is now apparently a thing)
Greensboro Women Runs Over Crowd Of Ppl : videos
Man accused of pouring boiling water on child a year after putting other child in oven : news

Teens arrested after log goes off cliff, kills photographer while taking senior pictures : news

Harold Bloom, Critic Who Championed Western Canon, Dies at 89 : books
Bloom on Harry Potter |

An analysis of studies involving more than 23,000 people with dementia has found outdoor activities and massage are more effective than drugs in treating aggression and agitation. : science

ELI5: Why is organized crime so prevalent on Sicily? Why do so many of the "families" originate there and not say -- Corsica?

TIL a study of 685 pedophiles found they were twice as likely to have suffered a head injury before age 13, compared to the general population : todayilearned

Parents who have disowned or genuinely stopped loving your child - what happened? : AskReddit
The Missing Missing Reasons | - Down the Rabbit Hole - The world of estranged parentsforums

People who grew up in states that still celebrate the Confederacys history, how is the Civil War taught in schools?

Former religious people, what made you stop following religion? : AskReddit

What is the weirdest sexual experience you have had? : AskReddit
What's the creepiest thing a person of the opposite sex has ever done to you, thinking it was okay? : AskReddit

buvet comments on AITA for making a dad joke?

Reddit, get your shit together. We are half way through October and there has yet to be an epic creepy stories thread. So until that happens, what are your creepiest, spookiest, most inexplicable, supernatural/horrifying life experiences? : AskReddit


'This Did Not Go Well' : Inside PG&E's Blackout Control RoomAs the utility turned off power to millions of Californians, its website went down and it struggled to communicate with local officials and inform residents.
Nineteen dead, 16 missing in Japan after Typhoon Hagibis drenches Tokyo - The Washington Post
Typhoon, Cyclone or Hurricane? Different Names for the Same Storms - The New York Times - Powerful tropical storms occur all around the world, but what they're called depends on where they form.

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists hoist 'Lady Liberty' statue above city to rally protests : news
Free Hong Kong, Democracy Now! : pics
China's Xi warns attempts to divide China will end in 'shuttered bones' : worldnews
Australian University offering class on 'understanding China' funded by CCP : worldnews
Xinjiang re-education camps torture method demonstrated by former prisoner : pics

Gamers Are Organizing a Mass Protest at Blizzard's BlizzCon : worldnews
Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organization Says : worldnews (haha Chinese puppets)
Apple Safari browser sends some user IP addresses to Chinese conglomerate Tencent by default : worldnews (Apple loves authoritarian dictators, being one themselves)
The NBA executives who bow to China shame themselves and their country - The Washington Post (even Megan McAddled)

Activists' phones targeted by one of the world's most advanced spyware apps
NYC Law Enforcement Has Been Cracking Locked iPhones for Almost 2 Years : technology

Rape victims still being subjected to degrading two-finger tests despite India's ban -- Human Rights Watch has described the test as "invasive, humiliating, and inhumane' (let us rape you again to prove you weren't a virgin in the first place)

US crash suspect does not have diplomatic immunity, UK foreign office says. : worldnews
The mother of Harry Dunn says "sorry doesn't cut it" ahead of a potential meeting with the woman involved in the crash that killed him : worldnews

Reversals of fortune : These two places symbolized Venezuela's strength. Now they epitomize its implosion. (of corruption)
This is the ninth day of protests in Ecuador against a series of changes that have left the rich people richer and the poor people poorer. There has been some deaths already and yet i haven't seen anyone talk about this ... : pics

US pulling out of northern Syria; full withdrawal possible (Trump salutes Putin)
Trump orders withdrawal of U.S. forces from northern Syria, days after Pentagon downplays possibility - The Washington Post
Turkish army has bombed a car with occidental journalists inside : news
Disaster is unfolding in Syria as videos emerge of US allies being slaughtered and hundreds of ISIS prisoners escape during airstrikes : worldnews
U.S. troops withdraw from another Syrian town as Turkish forces cut off supply lines - The Washington Post
12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia. - The New York Times
Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes - The New York Times - The attacks caused about 700 Islamic State families to escape a Kurdish-run camp. The American defense secretary also said the U.S. would pull about 1,000 troops from the area.
At least 750 Isis affiliates escape Syria camp after Turkish shelling | World news | The Guardian - Kurdish-led administration in north Syria says riot broke out in camp holding women and children
US veterans condemn Trump for allowing wholesale slaughter of allies in Syria
Hundreds of ISIS Supporters Flee Detention Amid Turkish Airstrikes - The New York Times - The attacks caused about 700 Islamic State families to escape. The American defense secretary said the U.S. would pull out about 1,000 troops from the area. (Trump liberated ISIS!)
Mattis: Trump's troop pullout will lead to 'disarray' in Syria and Isis resurgence : politics
The Kurds Are Officially Ready to Partner With Assad and Putin - The Kurds' commander in chief explains why his forces are finally ready to partner with Assad and Putin (Make Russia Great Again)
'Oh My God, Why Are They Doing This?' Northeastern Syrians Await Their Fate -- A massive humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Syria. Over 130,000 civilians have been displaced in a once relatively stable region.
GOP congressman: 'We all know' Turkey wouldnt have attacked if U.S. troops remained at border
Behind the scenes of the Trump bluff that kicked off Turkeys invasion
Syrian Arab Fighters Backed by Turkey Kill Two Kurdish Prisoners - The New York Times - The killings, one of them caught on video, raised the specter of wider sectarian warfare as fighting in Syria escalates (Dumpster's supergenius move bc his hotels in Istanbul)
Senior female Kurdish political leader killed in ambush in Syria
Pro-gov Turkish media hail execution of Syrian Kurdish politician as 'success' : worldnews
'That's a war crime' : Ex-Trump envoy Brett McGurk is outraged by assassination of Hevrin Khalaf - Ms. Khalef was reportedly dragged from a vehicle & shot to death (Dumpster is a war criminal)
Kurdish general to U.S.: Either protect us, or 'move aside so we can let in the Russians' : worldnews
Fighting In Northeastern Syria Has Already Displaced Over 130,000 People, UN Warns | HuffPost - Relief agencies have estimated that up to 400,000 civilians in the conflict zone may require aid and protection.
Hundreds Of ISIS Supporters Escape As Turkish Troops Near Kurdish-Held Syrian Town | HuffPost
Retired Marine Gen. John Allen: 'There is blood on Trump's hands for abandoning our Kurdish allies' - CNNPolitics
The U.S. Spoiled a Deal That Might Have Saved the Kurds, Former Top Official Says - Forsaken by the U.S. and under attack by Turkish troops, the Kurds are turning to Russia for help. The last time they tried to do so, the Americans worked to talk them out of it

Darn Kurds didn't help us at...Oh, they did? Well, um, give me a minute to think of my next smugly condescending, misinformed excuse... : PoliticalHumor (Turkey sat out WW 2 until Feb 1945 when Russia invaded Bulgaria and it looked bad for them)
This has aged so badly. : PoliticalHumor
Irony : PoliticalHumor
Donald gets passed around more than the village bicycle : PoliticalHumor
What a time to be alive : PoliticalHumor (jeff tiedrich strikes again)
Oct 2019 : PoliticalHumor
Made in USA : PoliticalHumor
Trump Foundation Dissolved : PoliticalHumor
Trumps Welfare Lines : PoliticalHumor (dumbfuck tractor-queens going for their big goverment handouts)
The least Christian President ever : PoliticalHumor (good worshippers of Satan)
Trump made a woman pretend to be his daughter during the 69 btw. : PoliticalHumor
Time to play golf. : PoliticalHumor
True Trumparrassment : PoliticalHumor
Impeachment is not the Endgame : PoliticalHumor

House Democratsimpeachment roadmap

Adam Schiff says whistleblower may not testify in impeachment probe - POLITICO - He says there is concern for the person's safety.
Schiff Says Secret Testimony Aimed at Keeping Trump in the Dark - Bloomberg -- "grand jury" phase
Protecting whistleblowers identity is 'our primary interest' ,Schiff says (Putin would polonium him/her for Trumpster)
House Democrat says all Ukraine witness transcripts will be released : politics
McKinley to testify Wednesday; Democrats mull whether to question Bolton - The Washington Post

Theres yet another level to the Trump administration's corruption in Ukraine -- there are now two dimensions to Mr. Trump's abuse of his office in Ukraine: his attempt to induce President Volodymyr Zelensky to launch investigations of former vice president Joe Biden and Ukraine's purported role in the 2016 election; and his removal of a competent and corruption-fighting ambassador who opposed a questionable venture by men who contributed to Mr. Trumps campaigns and did business with his personal lawyer.

Opinion | Making America Worse - The New York Times - As impeachment commands the spotlight, the Trump administration continues to gut the rule book to hurt millions.

McMaster wasn't aware of White Houses foreign call lockdowns (which means Bolton did it)

Sondland to tell Congress that contents of 'no quid pro quo' text came from Trump: report : politics
Trump's envoy who denied quid pro quo now says he isn't certain ... "Which confirms the story that he called the President directly. The Ukraine foreign policy was directly made from the Oval Office, circumventing the State Dept. entirely. Remember this guy is a Republican DONOR. That are those people who congress and the administration works for. If one of them separates from Trump, there is hope that Trump will be out this year." ... "Portland hotel magnate Gordon Sondland donated $1 million to US president's inaugural committee" Gordon Sondland is about to blow a hole in Trumps Ukraine defense
Gordon Sondland is about to blow a hole in Trump's Ukraine defense
A local reporter grilled Mike Pompeo about Ukraine. He accused her of working for the DNC. - The Washington Post
PBS NewsHour full episode October 9, 2019 - YouTube (fathead Dumbpeo accuses Judy Woodruff of working for the DNC)

Tlaib says Democrats have discussed detaining White House officials who don't testify : politics

Trump wants to be a dictator : politics (and his debased base is good with that)
Donald Trump: Xenophobe in public, international mobster in private : politics
Explainer: How Trump used the U.S. government to chase conspiracy theories : politics
Take It From a Former Moonie: Trump Is a Cult Leader : politics
Take It From a Former Moonie: Trump Is a Cult Leader - It might seem an outrageous proposition to compare Donald Trump to a murderous cult leader. And yet there are alarming parallels. -- Steven Hassan

Trump threatens to sue top Democrats Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi - CNNPolitics (for "harrassment of the greatest president in the history of the world"
Trump says 'treason.' -- His fans invoke violence. How attacks against Schiff are escalating online.
Trumps campaign manager calls impeachment inquiry a 'seditious conspiracy' as another witness testifies
Andrew S. Weiss on Twitter: "THREAD: Have we reached the point where Giuliani'S role in Ukraine-gate no longer looks like an outtake from a bad Coen Brothers movie and is creating a far more serious legal situation that should be setting off alarm bells inside DOJ comparable to James Coms firing?
Arrested Giuliani associate was at Ron DeSantiselection night watch party
Federal Prosecutors Scrutinize Rudy Giulianis Ukraine Business Dealings, Finances bank records have been examined; witnesses are questioned about work for a Ukraine mayor, efforts to oust U.S. ambassador (Ghouliani goin' donw)
'Disruptive diplomat' Gordon Sondland, a key figure in Trump impeachment furor, long coveted ambassadorship ('Crooked Asshole')
'Just the tip of the iceberg' -- .FEC chair warns charges against Giuliani associates highlight big dark money problems
Public Servants Are Starting to Respond to Donald Trumps False Attacks

2014 photo shows earlier ties between Trump and indicted Giuliani associate - POLITICO - Trump has sought to distance himself from Lev Parnas as evidence of their ties mounts.
Guiliani donor Sam Kislin tied to hundreds of millions stolen from Ukraine : news
u/PoppinKREAM lays out who Giuliani's client Reza Zarrab is after being mentioned : bestof (NYT should fire 6 of their idiots and hire this guy)

The Weekly | How Did Rudy Giuliani Get Here? - The New York Times (your NYT white-washes Ghouliani's history, natch)
How Rudy Giuliani's epic slide, from crime buster to conspirator, reveals America's broken windows -- Will Bunch (racist crook from the beginning)
Eschaton: Rudy - As I (and he!) said, Rudy neither works for the administration nor is he usually working in the capacity of the president's personal lawyer. I'm not sure why keeps saying that but he does. He's at the center of it all and has no plausible legal arguments for not testifying. Lock him up!
Giuliani Acknowledges Knowing Of His Fathers Criminal Activity (and then America's mayor happened and this was all forgotten, his whole family was mobsters and he waged war on their competitors)
Rudolph Giuliani | The Mob Museum - Giuliani was born in Brooklyn to parents who were the children of Italian immigrants. He grew up with a father who reviled ethnic Italians who tarnished their community by turning to organized crime
Giuliani and Trump: Bound by Corruption From the Beginning? | The Nation
Rudy's Love/Hate Relationship With The Mob - CBS News - Giuliani's mob fascination -- including a reported link in his own family-- has already surfaced during the presidential campaign ... His father and uncle had Mafia ties. Uncle Leo DAvanzo ran a loan-sharking and gambling operation out of a Brooklyn bar, and used his father Harold as muscle to collect unpaid debts ... the two were involved in a shootout with a member of the mob on a Brooklyn street in the early 1960s over a loan-sharking dispute ... cousin Lewis D'Avanzo was a mob associate who ran a major car theft ringwent to school with Giuliani and attended the mayors first wedding - was involved in several murders ... father spent a year and a half in Sing Sing prison for robbing a milkman at gunpoint in the 1930s ...
Mafia Plot To Kill Giuliani? | The Smoking Gun - alleges that the underboss of the Genovese crime family, Bobby Manna, was 'getting information' from an assistant prosecutor in Giuliaini's office ...
Giuliani was always a fraud. Just ask the FDNY | - 9/11 families saw how his malfeasance killed their loved ones

Macabre Video of Fake Trump Shooting Media and Critics Is Shown at His Resort - The New York Times ... Mr. Trump stops in the middle of the church, pulls a gun out of his suit jacket pocket and begins a graphic rampage. As the parishioners try to flee, the president fires at them. He shoots Black Lives Matter in the head, and also shoots Vice News. Some of those in the church try to apprehend Mr. Trump. He fends them off and makes his way toward the altar, knocking over several pews. He wrestles a parishioner with a Vice News logo as a face to the ground and then shoots the person at point blank range. In the background, the former F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, is seen trying to get away ... The clip ends with Mr. Trump putting a stake into the head of a person with a CNN logo for a face. Mr. Trump then stands on the altar, admiring his rampage, and smiles. (yes, it's come to this)

Tuesdays debate: A moment of truth for Sanders (will he have another heart attack?)

Warren Wants to Close the Loophole Through Which Brett Kavanaugh and Maryanne Trump Barry Crawled : politics
CBS News Battleground Tracker: Warren extends lead across early states, New Hampshire and draws even with Biden in Iowa

Hunter Biden News: Joe Biden's 2020 Presidential Campaign - Bloomberg
A Statement on behalf of Hunter Biden, dated October 13, 2019
The media needs to focus on the real corruption (Trump's crooked kids are off limits for your lamestream media)
How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump Have Profited Off Their Dad's Presidency -- No one knows a 'clear conflict of interest' when they see it better than the president's children.

Giuliani bungling gives Biden a new punchline - POLITICO - "America's mayor" (jfc, his wrinklehead)

Trump says immigrants are unwelcome in Minnesota. What's unwelcome is his bigotry

Trump mounting troubles in Iowa could spell doom for Republicans - Iowa Senator Joni Ernst is facing tough questions on impeachment and trade that have implications far beyond the mid-west : politics

We're in a permanent coup (russian Taibbi goes full Trumpster, like his pal Glenn Greenfuck)

Ellen DeGeneres is killing us with her kindness - The Boston Globe - Yet now she and her wife, actress Portia di Rossi, are fine hanging out with Bush, who backed a failed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. Making nice with someone who believes your community unworthy of basic rights isn't kindness. It's self-harm (well, it's all a TV show +BoGlo commenters are bigoted asshole pigs, depressing)

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Woody Harrelson InSNLCold Open Mocking Democratic Town Hall ... Biden .. "You know me, I went to bat for marriage equality, and I believe were all equal whether you're gay, lesbi, transgenital or queer -- you're OK with Joe" he said
Saturday Night Live - SNL on Twitter: Warren-ing! Warren-ing! ... SNL / Twitter

Water Finds Its Level as Fox News Hires Dictator-Loving, Deep-State Loathing John Solomon (jfc what an evil asshole and yes, another fathead)
Something fishy? - Columbia Journalism Review - John Solomon had grand plans for the digital future of the Center for Public Integrity. But there was always a catch..

Ronan Farrow: National Enquirer shredded secret Trump documents - POLITICO

Woman killed in own home when Fort Worth officer shoots her, police and witness say -- Fort Worth, TX police release body cam video of fatal shooting | Fort Worth Star-Telegram (her second murder)
Texas police shooting: Fort Worth officer fatally shoots woman in her home - The Washington Post
Police in Metropolitan Dallas Rack Up Another Homicide - Lawyers, Guns & Money (life in danger by seeing someone standing in their own home)
Joe OConnor on Twitter: ""Police work is a hell of a business. It's a lot like politics. Everything about it calls for the highest type of man, and there's nothing in it to attract the highest type of man." Raymond Chandler (1940)"
Bodycam was rolling as officer killed woman in her home - CNN Video : news

Victims Furious Molester Masseur Thomas Winne Gets 120 Days in Sneak Plea - He could have faced life if convicted of the top charge at trial, but women found at last minute that prosecutors had made a deal (many copsters love rapists)

In the rush to harvest body parts, death investigations have been upended - Los Angeles Times (cops)

'i'm nearing the end of my life' : Alex Trebeck says he's not afraid to die as cancer grows

Unfortunately, We Lost Dr. Flowers Yesterday, the Founder Of The First Robotics Competition : science
Dr. Woodie Flowers, Co-Chair of FIRST Robotics, and STEM promoter, has passed away : technology
Death, Obituaries : Dr. Woodie Flowers Has Died, See Cause of Death. - Market News

Archaeologist discovers 27 new ancient Mayan sites : news

Grading cannabis strength will improve mental health of users

What is your secret fantasy? NSFW : AskReddit

How to combine internet connections on Windows 10
What free software is so good you can't believe it's free? : AskReddit
Best Distro for Me

In the spirit of October whats the creepiest or most paranormal experience that has happened to you?

What innocent question that someone asked you, crushed you a little? : AskReddit

What is your best answer to "why are you not married"? : AskReddit
What do you not understand the popularity of? : AskReddit

Deafening cinema sound is ruining films, claims Hugh Grant | Film : movies

Kurzgesagt - What if we nuke a city? : videos

What looked amazing in the ads, but turned out to be useless after you bought it? : AskReddit

People who look at the x-rayed baggage in airports what's the most disturbing thing you have found?

What was the biggest controversy on reddit? : AskReddit
The 'ask a rapist' thread : MuseumOfReddit


Oxygen-dependent man dies 12 minutes after PG&E cuts power to his home : news
PG&E Power Outage: Autopsy reveals Northern California man dependent on oxygen did not die because of PG&E outages : news (haha they lied)
Power is almost fully restored after intentional shutoffs in Northern California left 800,000 in the dark : news
Saddleridge Fire has forced 100,000 people in northern Los Angeles to flee their homes : news
Japan Braces for What Could Be Strongest Typhoon in 51 Years : news
Two dead, nine missing after Typhoon Hagibis drenches Tokyo - The Washington Post
Google is funding climate change denialism : worldnews
This man is going places : PoliticalHumor

Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge becomes first person ever to run a sub-two hour marathon : news

This image, the flag of Tibet, has been illegal in China since 1959. Please remember that Hong Kong is not the only oppressed region of China. : pics
The full Tiananmen Square Tank Man picture is so much more powerful than the cropped one : pics
The Tiananmen Square photo has been getting posted a lot lately. The video is the most powerful. : videos
Bodies lie on the ground in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square massacre, 1989. : pics (never forget)

Superstar German DJ permanently banned from china for liking a 'South Park' tweet (our times: push a like button, get perma-banned from a whole country)
Host on Chinese-language station in Toronto says he was fired for criticizing Beijing : worldnews (China fuckers are the world's boss)
Blizzard restores Hong Kong player's winnings, reduces suspension after international uproar : news
Apple Told Some Apple TV+ Show Developers Not To Anger China - We thought trade would bring Western values to China. Instead, it brought Chinese values to Apple (haha, Apple has always had "chinese values")
Report: Apple told Apple TV+ creators to avoid portraying China in a poor light
Chinese app on Xi's ideology allows data access to 100 million users' phones (yeah, Apple loves authoritarian dicktatorships)

Never again 'never again' - Germany is at risk of failing the litmus test set by history.

Man convicted of rape after fathering six children with own daughter : news - He also repeatedly raped one of the girls his daughter had given birth to ... The man, who cannot be name for legal reasons, also arranged for a friend to rape one of his daughters while he watched. (UK)

How Twelve Years of Warning and Six Years of Plodding Reform Finally Forced FBI to Do Minimal FISA Oversight | emptywheel (it's hard with the constant barrage of Trump shit, but this small piece of truth happened, now pardon Snowden)

U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately 'bracketing' American troops with artillery fire in Syria
Kurdish Leader: Trump Just Stuck a Knife in the Back of Americas Brothers-in-arms The international community must choose: Enforce a no-fly zone over northern Syriaor join Trumps cowardly betrayal of the Kurds, and his appeasement of a murderous Islamist-fascist Turkish government
Leader of Syrian Kurds tells US 'you are leaving us to be slaughtered' - CNNPolitics
Trumps Abandonment of the Kurds in Syria Has Other Allies Worried
[Serious] US Soldiers of Reddit: What do you believe or understand the Kurdish reaction to be regarding the president's decision to remove troops from the area, both from a perspective toward US leaders specifically, and towards the US in general? : AskRe ddit
ISIS Rears Its Head, Adding to Chaos as Turkey Battles Kurds - The New York Times - A prison break and a bombing claimed by the Islamic State punctuated fears that the Turkish invasion, now in its third day, was sowing mayhem.
Betrayal of Kurds is yet another impeachable offense : politics
'Americans sold us out,' Kurds guarding US base in Syria say : news
U/grizwald87 explains who the Kurdish people are and why their relationship with the US Military is so tragic : bestof (Trump is a traitor to everyone but himself and even that's arguable)
Elizabeth Tsurkov on Twitter: "Pro-AKP trolls are justifying the field executions by claiming that the victims had a video on their phone showing abuse of detainees. Totally false. The video they're sharing was manufactured months ago as part of disinfo campaign" / Twitter

Let's hear it for the boy : PoliticalHumor
MAGA : PoliticalHumor
I am sure there is nothing sketchy here : PoliticalHumor
Just a matter of time now.... : PoliticalHumor
They have more in common than you think... : PoliticalHumor (gettin' there)
Perspective : PoliticalHumor

TIL then-candidate Richard Nixon sabotaged a peace deal that would have ended the Vietnam War because he thought an end to the war would have turned the 1968 election in favor of Democrat Hubert Humphrey. : todayilearned (Rethuglicans always the same)

The Senate is likelier to remove Trump after impeachment than you think - The Washington Post

Why Trump's Fourth Secretary of Homeland Security Just Resigned (lasted 6 months, didn't want to be "branded" as Trump's "border cop")
Trump says he is replacing McAleenan as acting homeland security secretary - The Washington Post

Lutsenko is unnamed Ukrainian who led plot to oust Yovanovitch, says official - Lutsenko is the Ukrainian official who prosecutors say urged 2 Giuliani associates to push for the ouster of Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador. (gee, NBC, "ousted for extreme corruption" is too hard for you?)
Anatomy of the phone call now imperiling Trump's presidency (crime in plain sight)
At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump call with Ukrainian president - The Washington Post

Why Trump cant stop all witnesses from testifying in Congress's impeachment inquity

Giuliani Is Said to Be Under Investigation for Ukraine Work - The New York Times - whether the lawyer broke laws meant to prevent covert foreign influence on the government.
Guiliani donor Sam Kislin tied to hundreds of millions stolen from Ukraine : news (deep crooks)
Rudy Giuliani says he's unaware he's under investigation for Ukraine involvement - CNNPolitics
Giuliani Is Said to Be Under Investigation for Ukraine Work : politics
Opinion | America Exports Its Corruption to Ukraine - The New York Times - Once upon a time, we spread ideals of democracy and rule of law. Now? We send Giuliani.
'Stop talking' : Trump advisers want Giuliani dumped -- Trump allies felt Giuliani's free-wheeling monologues were hurting the president. And that was before the ex-New York mayor's business associates got arrested.
Trump tells reporters he doesnt know if Giuliani is still his attorney (hahahaha)
Frank Figliuzzi: Rudy Giuliani just threw Trump under the bus : politics (you're under the bus! no, you're under the bus!)
Men of honor - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation - The Washington Post (they have the dirt on each other ... "dope ring")
Eschaton: Trough - Rudy's 75. Reports suggest he likes to live the "good life" (spend absurd amounts of money on absurd things) but I really would have thought America's Mayor could just ride that halo into the sunset instead of figuring out more and more crimes to do ...

Those Foreign Business Ties? The Trump Sons Have Plenty Too - The New York Times (I'm rubber, you're glue)
This tax returns court ruling against Trump is a really big deal - The Washington Post - In a 2-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld Congress' broad investigative powers and rejected the president' bid to block lawmakers from subpoenaing the documents.
Trump renews claim that he is immune from criminal investigation in effort to block Manhattan DA probe - The Washington Post
Impeachment has put Trump in a different place. Hes showing it every day.

Chris Wallace: For All the GOP Criticisms of Whistleblower, 'The Basic Allegation Has Been Largely Confirmed'
Limiting The Scope of Impeachment Makes No Sense When New Crimes Are Revealed Daily : politics (Prancy-Nancy retires to her narrow fainting-couch)
We're going to impeach Trump's sorry ass -- thanks to a few brave citizens; America is in debt to one whistleblower and a pair of foreign service officers, Bill Taylor and Marie Yovanovitch

Trump Rates His Professional Flunkies - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The current state of American politics is that a reactionary propaganda network for bored, angry old people has played a crucial role in electing a president who is a bored, angry old person who continuously watches said reactionary propaganda network.
southpaw on Twitter: "TV Guide President" / Twitter (and the bobbing red-shirts)

Trump Impeachment Crisis Tees Democratic Candidates Up For Chaotic Fall | HuffPost - The Democratic presidential race had largely been static through the summer.

The bully in chief loses his secret weapon: Fear - The Washington Post - Many Americans remain amazed that Republican lawmakers can be so cowed by an unpopular and unhinged president. Do they really think he has the power to prevent their reelection, or do they simply fear the nasty tweets? It is hard to fathom how grown men and women are both so scared of losing an elected position (are they entirely unemployable elsewhere?) or receiving unhinged criticism from Trumpers. (Believe me, the latter is quite easily ignored.)

Raw, angry, uncensored: Welcome to Trumps impeachment-era campaign latest rallies show a bare-knuckled approach the likes of which voters have never seen before (unscripted Hitler)

u/garrencurry explains every example of just how computer illiterate the current White House staff is : bestof (Trumpsters are dumb, right?)

Warrens same-sex marriage quip captures what some find exciting -- and others distressing -- about her (oh puh-leeze, she "demeaned" racist bigoted southern satangelical assholes? the horror, let's get some Ari Fleischer quotes, quick! ... WaPo shitpost gets 10K comments)
Will Elizabeth Warren Embracing Popular Positions on LGBT Rights Doom Her Presidential Aspirations? Views Differ - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Ari Fucking Fleischer speaks for all democrats)
Nate Silver on Twitter: "Why are we pretending that this openly misogynistic quote from a guy who's best known as a Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky Truther ( somehow has its pulse on the finger of swing voters?" / Twitter (first, WaPo published shit like this, so don't this your media isn't corrupt/evil, and now, down the Gladwell rabbit-hole: )

Malcolm Gladwell's Penn State Rabbit Hole Isn't Very Deep (Gladfucker, never forget his shit, it's really bad)
Malcolm Gladwell Rebuts Claim He ShillsFor Big Tobacco (Gladfuck's first job: writing lies for the Tobacco Death Machine)
Was Malcolm Gladwell in the Pocket of Big Tobacco? Adweek
Malcolm Gladwell: Tobacco Industry Shill? - By Yasha Levine - The eXiled

Warren Buys Facebook Ads That Claim Zuckerberg Backs Trump : technology
Ethan Grey on Twitter: "Elizabeth Warren is correctly pointing out that Facebook is set to ratfuck Democrats in 2020. Just like they did in 2016." / Twitter
Julia Carrie Wong on Twitter: "Elizabeth Warren is now running FB ads with a false statement about Mark Zuckerberg and FB endorsing Trump for president, to draw attention to FB's controversial policy allowing politicians to make false statements in ads." / Twitter

Eschaton: How Intolerant Libs Should Talk To Their Racist Uncles At Thanksgiving - We get these every year and they're always directed at imaginary liberals who are faulted for not being nice enough to their big racist relatives. I'm not sure where these fantasies stem from or who the audience for them is supposed to be, but if we're having them, how about suggesting the racist uncle stop being a racist for 3 hours (yet another NYT "don't offend racist assholes" piece)

Kamala Harris Wrecks Donald Trump Jr. For Mocking Her Laugh
Kamala Harris on Twitter: "You wouldn't know a joke if one raised you."
Wajahat Ali on Twitter: "Kamala should prosecute and acquit herself for murdering Don Jr." / Twitter
Kamala Harris to Donald Trump Jr: 'You wouldn't know a joke if one raised you'
Kamalas Fake Lover: Jacob Wohl Told Me It Was for a Spike TV Show --The duo behind botched smears against Elizabeth Warren, Robert Mueller, and Pete Buttigieg have truly outdone themselves.

Warren Buys Facebook Ads That Claim Zuckerberg Backs Trump : politics (Zuckerfuckerberg makes his choices)
Elizabeth Warren trolls Facebook with 'false' Zuckerberg ad

/u/zooicide85 outlines how Chick-Fil-A has used it's profits to promote the execution of homosexuals internationally. : bestof (another good Christian "Southern tradition")

Alex Jones loses appeal to have Sandy Hook suit dismissed : news

Ranked-choice voting has 'Mainementum' as it spreads across the country

A Relationship With Jeffrey Epstein That Bill Gates Now 'Regrets' ... In fact, beginning in 2011, Mr. Gates met with Mr. Epstein on numerous occasions including at least three times at Mr. Epsteins palatial Manhattan townhouse, and at least once staying late into the night ... (affter everyone knew Epstein was a pedo ... at the pedo-palace, and lied multiple times about it, the shit is much deeper than his supergeniious lies ...) Mr. Gates and the $51 billion Gates Foundation have championed the well-being of young girls. By the time Mr. Gates and Mr. Epstein first met, Mr. Epstein had served jail time for soliciting prostitution from a minor and was required to register as a sex offender (the little boomer creep is not aging well, see pic, money rots souls +how many billionaires does it take to kill a guy on "suicide watch?" )

Ronan Farrows Former NBC Producer Writes Stunning Op-Ed Claiming NBC News Killed Anti-Weinstein Reports
In 'Catch And Kill,' Ronan Farrow Offers A Damning Portrait Of A Conflicted NBC -- note: This review contains explicit accusations from Catch and Kill that some readers may find upsetting (tnx, NPR for the snowflake warning)
"They're All Friends" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - NBC's leadership knifed a lot of talented people (mostly women) in the back by firing and/or exposing them to abuse AND killed a blockbuster scoop to back up a powerful celebrity working for the network and another powerful celebrity who was good buddies with many of the networks prominent employees (Jewish fuckster dicks)

Georgia Southern University students burn Jennine Caps Crucet's novel - The Washington Post - The white students gathered around the fire, speculating why parts of the book were not already engulfed in flames. ("Georgia southern University" for dumbfuck racist nazi book-burners)

Louisiana High school declines free lunch from Chik-Fil-A out of respect for LGBTQ staff : news

At Least 9 Shot, 4 Dead in Early Morning Brooklyn Massacre : news

Fort Worth Police Officer Fatally Shoots Woman Inside Her Home : news (black woman standing inside her own house)

Deputy Lauren Michael is charged with shooting unarmed e-scooter rider - The Washington Post -- Her explanation sounded too familiar to prosecutors ... Only a coward shoots a woman in the back and then lies about it ... (the second time she did this, got a "medal of valor" for the first murder of a "civilian")

Boston Herald eliminates copy desk positions. : boston ... As the Herald sheds jobs, its hedge-fund parent embraces overseas outsourcing and AI (so, Chinese AI will be "editing" your wingnut rag, tnx evil hedgies)

Study Identifies Religious Bias Against Refugees. The bias is weakest among those who self-identify as non-Christian, non-white and Democrat, compared to self-identified Republicans, Christians and whites. : science

Merging stars may create the universe's most powerful magnets. New research suggests colliding stars can form massive and magnetic stars (blue stragglers) that evolve into magnetars which are neutron stars with absurdly strong magnetic fields that reach 5 quadrillion times the strength of Earth's. : science

The brain tunes itself to a point where it is as excitable as it can be without tipping into disorder, suggests a new study in rats. This criticality hypothesis asserts that the brain is poised on the fine line between quiescence and chaos. At exactly this line, information processing is maximized. : science

Ex-Smokers, Light Smokers Not Exempt from Lung Damage. The impact of smoking on lung function lasts decades, upending an assumption that it only take a few years for the rate of lung function decline to return to normal after smokers quit. : science

TIL that even though the Myers-Briggs personality test as been debunked, it is still used by thousands of companies, schools and institutions around the world to help make decisions about personnel recruitment and promotion. : todayilearned

TIL that blind people may detect and respond to light if it is a kind of skyblue light at 481nm. There is more to the eye than rods and cones ... third photoreceptor ...

Gentlemen, what is an absolute red flag a woman can raise on the first date? : AskReddit

[Serious] Redditor's who live in secluded towns, what is the darkest thing that happened in your town but is kept secret?

What are extremely helpful websites that not a lot of people know about? : AskReddit
What's the best kept secret on the Internet? : AskReddit

What is the most common form of sexism men face? : AskReddit

How long do you think it will be until a reddit post hits 1 million upvotes for the first time? And what will the post be? : AskReddit


Wildfire explodes overnight in Northern Los Angeles area - tens of thousands affected : news
The Latest: 100K ordered to evacuated because of LA wildfire : news
Temperatures in Denver dropped 64 degrees in less than 24 hours, setting a record : news
'They should be allowed to cry' : Ecological disaster taking toll on scientists' mental health
Revealed: Google made large contributions to climate change deniers | Environment | The Guardian (you've been googlefucked)
California's Dark Ages -- Why the progressive paragon is living like it's 1899 (WSJ: "too many libtards")

Leading Uighur Academic Vanishes In China : worldnews

Hong Kong Protester Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Police After Being Arrested - While Hong Kong police have said they will investigate, they have also warned the student that she and her parents could be arrested for making false accusations. : worldnews
Google pulls Hong Kong protestor game from store : news
Apple CEO Tim Cook defends decision to remove an app used by Hong Kong protesters : news
Zedd just got banned from China for liking a South Park Tweet : Music

Uganda announces 'Kill the Gays' law imposing death penalty on homosexuals : worldnews

US soldier who ran over and killed a British Army captain, 46, with a forklift truck at Iraqi base fails to show up for inquest hearing after an American general dropped all charges against him : worldnews

In a four-part comment chain, u/PoppinKREAM details President Trump's handling of Russia meddling in U.S. elections

Fact check: Trump falsely claims 'we have no soldiers in Syria'
Turkey Bombs US Special Forces In Syria Attack, Apparently By Mistake : politics (you know, the ones that aren't there)
James LaPorta on Twitter: "On our #BREAKING scoop. Artillery shelling from #Turkey was so heavy that U.S. personnel considered firing back in self-defense. 1 shell landed 225 meters from the OP (Danger Close) US Forces withdrew once the shelling stopped. #Syria #Trump #Military" / Twitter
US shared intelligence with Turkey that may have aided attack on Kurds : worldnews (but Fox can still "claim" their lies are true)
Isis militants break out of prison in Syria after bombing by Turkey | The Independent - Escape comes after Trump cleared way for Erdogan to launch offensive on Kurds (promise to help Trump build a Tower somewhere)
Retired general tells Fox host "You're chasing a myth" after he suggests ISIS defeated in Syria : politics
Kurdish Fiasco Shows We Should End Trump's 'Stupid, Endless Presidency'

Trump says he's end the US role in middle East wars. He's sending 1,800 troops to Saudi Arabia.

Nailed it. : PoliticalHumor
Repeat betrayal discount : PoliticalHumor
buttery emails! : PoliticalHumor
Our big orange baby, : PoliticalHumor
How fitting! : PoliticalHumor

Donald Trump, corrupted absolutely : politics

Donald Trump, corrupted absolutely - The Washington Post

Federal judge says Trump's use of emergency funds to build wall is unlawful : news

Marie Yovanovitch, former ambassador to Ukraine, testifies in House impeachment inquiry - The Washington Post
Trump Had Ukraine Envoy Removed on 'False Claims,' She Tells House Inquiry

Anita Kumar on Twitter: "Stephen Miller is screaming at reporters who are asking about Joe Biden at the White House right now. It's hard to hear because of protestors on Pennsylvania Avenue

Senate report has a clear verdict: Russians meddled in 2016; Rudy's conspiracy theory is crap; Bipartisan report, signed by every member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, debunks Trump-Giuliani theory : politics

Kyle Cheney on Twitter: "CONFIRMED: Ambassador Sondland WILL testify next Thursday despite State Department's direction to block his appearance. Statement from his lawyer:" / Twitter
Josh Lederman on Twitter: "EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Hill to testify to Congress that Giuliani, Sondland circumvented the NSC and normal White House process to run a shadow #Ukraine policy, a person familiar with her testimony tells @NBCNews" / Twitter
Trumps envoy to testify that 'no quid pro quo' came from Trump (or maybe it did)
Ambassador and Oregon hotelier Gordon Sondland faces backlash at home over role in Ukraine scandal - Los Angeles Times (yes, he ran hotels, like Dumpster)
Eschaton: You Don't Have Any Power Over Me - CONFIRMED: Ambassador Sondland WILL testify next Thursday despite State Department's direction to block his appearance. -- We can have some lofty legal arguments about appropriate application of "executive privilege" but, no, the State Department can't just randomly order someone to defy a subpoena and apparently a lawyer told him that.

Pentagon officials deemed withholding of aid to Ukraine was illegal

Trumps former Russia aide set to give revealing testimony on Giuliani, Sondland -- Fiona Hill's appearance next week before Congress has stoked fear among people close to the president
Fiona Hill, who was until recently President Donald Trump's top aide on Russia and Europe, plans to tell Congress that Rudy Giuliani and E.U. ambassador Gordon Sondland circumvented the National Security Council and the normal White House process to pursue a shadow policy on Ukraine

More Potential Whistleblowers Are Contacting Congress - The first two officials who came forward about the presidens pressure campaign on Ukraine seem to be just the beginning, according to Hill sources.

Eschaton: Never Heard Of Him - There are many mysteries of the Trump era, but one is how so many people are unaware of the fact that he'd sell out everybody except maybe Ivanka for a nickel ... "yet he demands absolute loyalty"

Michael McKinley, a career diplomat and senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, has resigned his position amid rising dissatisfaction and plummeting morale inside the State Department over what is seen as Pompeos failure to support personnel ensnared in the Ukraine controversy (mission accomplished)
Pompeo refuses to say if he met with Giuliani on February Warsaw trip (Pomphead looking very imprisonable)

Opinion: Trump is creating the worst constitutional crisis in 150 years : politics
Americans Are Supporting Donald Trump's Impeachment Much Faster Than They Did With Richard Nixon During Watergate : politics

Deutsche Bank may have destroyed copies of Trump's tax returns, cleansed servers, claims former executive: Report : politics (hahaha told you)

Bill Barr, Trumps Hatchet Man, Is About to Become His Scapegoat
Moral Relatvism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
If you read Comey's memoir, the story that he doesn't realize he's telling you is a story about a man so convinced of his own heroism that he constantly searches for opportunities to intervene and ends up making things worse. An extremely American story

Rudy Giuliani's relationship with arrested men is subject of criminal investigation: Sources - ABC News (lookin' pretty crookin')
Ukrainian Andrey Kukushkin, Linked To Giuliani Associates, Arrested In San Francisco On Campaign Finance Violations CBS San Francisco
Eschaton: Lock Him Up - Sometimes I don't think our elite journalists are very good judges of character.
Indicted Giuliani associate worked on behalf of Ukrainian oligarch Firtash - Reuters
Giuliani planned to fly to Vienna a day after arrested associates: report : worldnews
Giulianis Ukraine Team: In Search of Influence, Dirt and Money ... president's lawyer was paid by Lev Parnas, who with Igor Fruman worked on behalf of President Trump in Ukraine. (so Rudy is paid by Putin)
Kevin McCarthy Is Donating the Cash He Took From Rudy Giulianis Indicted Pals ... One of Trump's biggest defenders in the Ukraine affair took campaign contributions from Ukrainian-Americans working with Rudy Giuliani to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.
Envoy to Ukraine was removed after pushback on Giuliani (how many years will Rudy-Dudy get?)
Giuliani's finances are reportedly being scrutinized
Geoffrey Berman: Manhattan US attorney in the spotlight with another high profile investigation of Trump's inner circle - CNNPolitics (Trump will fire him)
'Tip of the Iceberg' : Prosecutors Allege Vast Criminal Conspiracy by Giuliani Associates to Funnel Foreign Cash to Trump and GOP
Chris Hayes: Today we saw the first arrests of the impeachment era : politics

A series of disclosures suggests Trump's White House politicized pretty much everything -- and there are lots of witnesses

Federal appeals court rejects Trumps bid to block House subpoena for his financial records
But the department did not agree with President Trumps lawyers that a sitting president is immune from criminal investigation.
This tax returns court ruling against Trump is a really big deal - The Washington Post - Congress can seek eight years of President Trump's financial data (2-1 with one flunkie Trump judge who had never been a jugde before of course)
You still don't understand what you're dealing with do you? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Marty Lederman takes a look at the dissent from a Trump-appointed judge in todays DC circuit decision finding that Congress has a right to subpoena Donald Trumps financial records, and discovers that it has no basis in what could broadly be described as "law"
Appeals court rules against Trump in fight with Congress over presidents accounting firm records

Trump Would Only Resign If He Can 'See It As A Win': 'I Don't Think He Really Cares About His Family Members Being Prosecuted,' Says Ex-FBI Official : politics (lock them all up, permanently)

Trump 'thinks he is a king,' Barr, McConnell and Giuliani corrupted by power and egoFormer top FBI official : politics

Republicans stumbling over question at heart of impeachment - Should the president ask foreign countries to investigate political rivals? (Rethug commie traitors overwhelming say sure)
Analysis: Impeachment fight tests Constitution's limits
New revelations about Trump test Pelosi's narrow impeachment strategy ... leading some Democrats to wonder whether the probe should be expanded beyond the Ukraine scandal ...
The 'No Collusion' Song Goes Silent. We're not hearing it -- and no surprise, since President Trump unabashedly asked Ukraine to disadvantage Joe Biden in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

FEC chairwoman says she 'will not be silenced' after Republican lawmaker requests ethics investigation : politics

The Memo: Bad polls for Trump shake GOP | TheHill

Kevin McAleenan Resigns as Acting Homeland Security Secretary - The New York Times

Opinion | Luckily, Trump Is an Unstable Non-Genius - The New York Times

At Minneapolis Rally, an Angry Trump Reserves Sharpest Attack for Biden - The New York Times (MAGATS in the backgroud)
'Stunning in ugliness & tone' : Trump denounced for attacking Somali refugees in Minnesota
Donald Trump Whipped Up a Slanderous Attack on Ilhan Omar at His Minneapolis Rally | This is going to be the worst, most racist presidential campaign since 1868. : politics
Trump's Minneapolis Rally Was a Demonstration of the Moral Suicide Pact He's Made With His Supporters : politics
Trump Attacks Ilhan Omar at Minneapolis Rally, Appears to Simulate Orgasm On-Stage - Trump's Minneapolis Rally Was a Demonstration of the Moral Suicide Pact He's Made With His Supporters - They have given too much of themselves to The Leader to go back now. They will support him, no matter what he does, until he is stopped.
Donald Trump Whipped Up a Slanderous Attack on Ilhan Omar at His Minneapolis Rally -- This is going to be the worst, most racist presidential campaign since 1868. (NYT calls it "fired-up" and "combative" not "fucking inciting violence racist lies")

Trump Rallies No Longer Assured Airtime as TV Networks Reassess : politics

Trumps Immigrant Wealth Test Blocked, Called Repugnant Policy

Lindsey Graham dishes on Trump in hoax calls with Russians - POLITICO (got played, haha)

How Fox News is spinning its own poll showing a majority of Americans want Trump impeached and removed | Media Matters for America (FAKE NEWS! ... oh wait)

Shepard Smith Leaving Fox News After 23 years | Hollywood Reporter (ineviitable)
Shepard Smith, Fox News veteran anchor and frequent Trump target, abruptly resigns from the network - The Washington Post ... with little explanation after 23 years on the air. (hint, hint)
Fox News gets rid of its only real journalist 36 hours after William Barr met with Rupert Murdoch - Lawyers, Guns & Money (NO CONNECTION WE TELL YOU)
Brian Stelter on Twitter: "Shep Smith cared deeply about having a newscast on Fox that countered the opinion shows that dominate the network. He felt he was doing something critically important. Now he's suddenly walking away. And we haven't heard the half of it yet." / Twitter
Michael M. Grynbaum on Twitter: "SHEP says that under his exit agreement with Fox News, "I won't be reporting elsewhere at least in the near future."" / Twitter ... So it seems clear now that the AG of the United States is also responsible for staffing matters at State TV. Just like in Iran, China, Turkey etc....
Matthew Gertz on Twitter: "All three cables were covering Parnas/Fruman/Giuliani at the top of the 3 p.m. hour. But Rudy is most likely to be watching Fox, and of the three, Shep's segment seems the most likely to trigger a shouted "asshole" to me." / Twitter
Why Shep Smith finally walked out of Fox News for good - CNN
Shepard Smith steps down as Fox News anchor : news

Josh Gerstein: Farewell to the blog -- The time has come. With this post, the Under the Radar blog will formally end its ten-and-a-half year run.

Does Tucker Carlsons audience know hes taking them for fools? (see the last part of your question for the answer)

Rand Paul Goes Down in Flames on The View: 'Don't Mansplain!'

Religious right sticks by Trump as political heat rises ("we plege allegiance to our Satan")

Professional-Managerial Chasm | Online Only | n+1 (Megan Day and her lies)
Warren jokes men who think marriage is between one man and one woman should 'just marry one woman' : politics

How Trump-Country Democrat Rep. Max Rose Got to Impeachment (Staten Island of cops and fireguys is deeply Trumpster)

Trump and Pence plan 11th-hour mission to save Kentucky governor - POLITICO - The president and vice president will star in pre-election rallies for Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, two people familiar with the planning said.

Ma'am, this is an Arby's - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Yes, the DNC is RIGGING the process by not suppressing the publication of ARBITRARY POLLS that show Gabbard has basically no support for the obvious reason that drizzling some apologism for Assad and Modi and support for a candidate who is your far more popular competitor on the ballot on top of a Blue Dog voting record has no constituency unless you charitably count "Michael Tracey's twitter followers"
Tulsi Gabbard wouldnt shut the fuck up about how she was being silenced for not appearing at prior debates and now that shes invited to one she'll boycott it to not get questioned about the situations in Syria or Kashmir

Is the President of the United States Being Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Dozens of Women News? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (not according to the rapey rapists who run your news, see below)

NBC News Chief Noah Oppenheims Harvard Writings on Women and Sexual Assault Horrify Staffers (yet another Jewish fuckster)

Opinion | How to Tax Our Way Back to Justice - The New York Times - It is absurd that the working class is now paying higher tax rates than the richest people in America.

Bret "Bedbug' Stephens backs out of a free and open exchange of ideas: ... with professor Dave Karpf. The discussion would have put a bow on a highly public back-and-forth Stephens instigated a month and a half ago, but at the last minute, Stephens insisted that the event be closed to the public. When Karpf disagreed, Stephens pulled out entirely ... "I can't wait to read the column by Bret Stephens attacking the vicious no-platforming of Bret Stephens by Bret Stephens" ... (what a melty little asshole snowflake)
The Conscience of Bret Stephens | The New Republic - How one columnists wild family history explains an increasingly isolated school of conservatism (not to get Freudian or anything)

"You Are to Stand Down" : Ronan Farrow's Producer on How NBC Killed Its Weinstein Story (Lack and Oppenheim, Jewish dicksters killed the story to protects Jewish dickster Weinstein and oh look, Jewish dick Lauer)
Ronan Farrow Depicts a Chilling Cover-up at NBC (+dicksters pic just add Weinstein for 4 ugly bald jewish guys +Rebecca is conflicted about "punishment" but if you don't punish them, they will be back in charge)
Ronan Farrow overcame spies and intimidation to break some of the biggest stories of the Me Too era - The Washington Post

Kansas 13-year-old girl who pointed finger gun at classmates charged with a felony : news (while arming kindergartners with real guns)

Confessed killer Stephen McDaniel keeps his body eerily still during 2 hour interrogation : WTF

Baker defends vape ban : bostontrees (Charlie Vaporous)

STD epidemic hitting U.S., feds warn : news

Researchers found that human breast milk has 200 times the amount of GML found in cows' milk. which fights infections by harmful bacteria and allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. Infant formula has none. GML is inexpensive to make and may be a beneficial additive to cow's milk and infant formula

Sleep Deprivation Shuts Down Production of Essential Brain Proteins : science

Foamy spacetime at the Planck scale could solve cosmological constant's mismatch with dark energy : science
Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 131302 (2019) - Hiding the Cosmological Constant
Physics - Focus: Quantum FoamScrubs Away Gigantic Cosmic Energy

People whose first relationship was very long term, what weird thing did you believe was normal until you started seeing other people? : AskReddit


California Utility PG&E Shuts Off Power Amid Wildfire Risk
The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America - The New York Times

Two Nobel literature prizes to be awarded after sexual assault scandal | Books | The Guardian - Atwood and Murakami among favourites for prize as academy tries to rebuild its reputation

This image is illegal in China. Tiananmen Square 1989 massacre : pics
u/Spencerforhire83 give a list of how major companies have responded to pressure from China : bestof

Taiwan rejects China's "one country, two systems" offer : news

Apple Removes App That Tracked Hong Kong Police - The New York Times (the company that keeps you in a walled authoritarian garden? no ...)
Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app store : worldnews
'Free Hong Kong' signs confiscated at Wizards basketball game : news

Polands economic miracle wont lastRather than preparing for the inevitable downturn, the government is pursuing short-sighted policies that will hamper long-term growth. (oh, rightwingers rightwinging)

Death Toll Climbs as Turkish Offensive in Syria Enters 2nd Day - The New York Times - At least 16 Kurdish fighters were reported to have been killed as Turkish ground forces assaulted towns in northeastern Syria.
Defying the World, Turkey Launches a War Against a U.S. Ally in Syria | The New Yorker
Trump Is Complicit in Erdogan's Ethnic Cleansing : politics
Iran says Turkish military must immediately end attacks in Syria and withdraw : news ... Erdogan just threatened to release the 3.6 million refugees in Turkey into Europe if the west continues to criticize his military campaign in Syria
Trump downplays U.S. alliance with Syrian Kurds, saying 'they didnt help us in the Second World War' (stupidity is a Republican virtue)
Intel officials say ISIS could regroup after U.S. 'betrayal' of Kurds in Syria
11,000 Kurds died fighting ISIS and now the US is abandoning them -- who will help America next time? (
Jenan Moussa on Twitter: "1/ #BREAK I just spoke to my source in Kobani, NSyria, which is under fire by Turkish army. He told me something incredible: Acc to him, 1000s of Kurds from Kobani are right now fleeing to a US military base near Lafarge cement factory, to seek US soldiers' protection. @akhbar" / Twitter
Pompeo: U.S. didn't give Turkey a 'green light' to invade Syria ("believe my obvious lies" Pomphead screamed)
Turkey's Syria invasion: Member of US Special Forces says, 'I am ashamed for the first time in my career' | Fox News
Trump defends abandoning Kurds by saying they didn't help US in WWII : worldnews
Turkey's Erdogan threatens to send 'millions' of refugees to Europe if EU calls his Syria offensive 'invasion' : worldnews
Trump not worried about Isis fighters fleeing Syria because 'they're going to be escaping to Europe'

"Thanking" us with their lives : PoliticalHumor
Ouch. : PoliticalHumor
A strong foreign policy foundation : PoliticalHumor
She definitely crossed the line : PoliticalHumor

Trumps resistance to the impeachment inquiry is a genuine constitutional crisis -- Here's how bad things can get if Trump keeps stonewalling impeachment ... White House Counsel Pat Cipollone sent an eight-page-long middle finger to House Democratic leaders on Tuesday, pledging resistance to the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. ... ("fuck your fake Constitution," Trump raged, furiously)

Stephen Moore Goes Full Orwell In Head-Spinning Defense Of Trump's Latest Lies: Stephen Moore says Trump might say things that are untrue, but that doesn't make them lies (write that on the fuckers gravestone)

Trump is in free fall. We need insights on his fitness from Mattis, Kelly and others. Now (oh yeah, more "insights" into his insanity will help a lot)
Source: Trump calling McConnell as often as 3 times a day : politics ("save my ass" turtlehead," he raged furiously)

Marie Yovanovitch, ex-ambassador to Ukraine, expected to testify in impeachment probe despite White House pledge not to cooperate, people familiar say - The Washington Post - Congressional investigators expect that Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, will appear as planned for a Friday deposition
Trumps Ukraine stone wall has begun to crack

GOP players in Benghazi probe drop strong defense of congressional oversight - The Washington Post (hahaha)
Why are Republicans who voted to impeach Clinton so unmoved by Trumps actions? (hahaha)

What legal strategy?: Trump relies on Trump to survive impeachment (teh bestest instincts)
At least four national security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy before and after Trump call with Ukrainian president - The Washington Post

Democrats confident in obstruction case against Trump -- but want more

Opinion | The House Can Play Hardball, Too. It Can Arrest Giuliani. - The New York Times - Two ways that Democrats in the House can match the White Houses aggressive tactics (let's see if Nancy can bring herself to do anything)
Two Giuliani Associates Who Helped Him on Ukraine Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charges - WSJ - Prosecutors say Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were part of a conspiracy to funnel a Russian donor's money into U.S. elections
Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani had lunch with 2 indicted associates at Trump hotel just before arrest" - CNNPolitics (Rudy thought they would get away)
The Mystery of Rudy Giuliani's Vienna Trip -- President Trump's personal lawyer told me he was planning to fly to Vienna roughly 24 hours after his business associates were arrested as they prepared to do the same.
slakmehl comments on Megathread: Two Giuliani Associates Tied to Ukraine Scandal Arrested on Campaign Finance Charges (and look, John Solomon)
Eschaton: Wow Who Told Them - Federal prosecutors were not intending to unseal the indictment against the Giuliani associates and two others Thursday, according to three US officials. Their hand was forced by an attempt by Fruman and Parnas to leave the country ... Authorities are also on the lookout for this mystery man who may have tipped them off. Anyone with any clue to his identity should get in touch.
\ Marshall Cohen on Twitter: "Paul Manafort's defense attorneys are helping Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman today at their initial criminal appearance at EDVA
Impeachment inquiry involves Michael Duffey, who led Wisconsin GOP - Michael Duffey, a politically appointed Office of Management and Budget official, was given authority by the White House to keep aid to Ukraine on hold after career budget staff members questioned the legality of delaying the funds. -- Duffey previously served as executive director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin (Republican crooked fathead)
Tick Tock Motherfucker! : PoliticalHumor

REVEALED: Rudy Giulianis indicted Ukraine henchman gave thousands to Kevin McCarthy (DUMB-DE-DUMB-DUMB)
When You Look at Giuliani's Buddies the First Word That Comes to Mind Is HENCHMEN -- The HENCHMEN were allegedly throwing HENCHMONEY at Republican candidates across these United States.
Impeachable Offense Du Jour Part Deux - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Z-Team - Lawyers, Guns & Money - impeachment has no chance now: Trey Gowdy, the former South Carolina congressman who led the committee that investigated the terrorist attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi ...
Josh Marshall on Twitter: "Honestly escapes me why the White House wants Gowdy as their impeachment TV lawyer. For starters, he's on the record with years of comically broad theories of impeachment and congressional oversight. Not great on TV and looks like a stock character in a David Lynch movie." / Twitter (BOTTOM OF THE STINKING BARREL OF CROOKS!)
Hillary Clinton on Twitter: "It's becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors." / Twitter
Pete Sessions isCongressman 1n indictment of Rudy Giuliani associates, reports say former House chairman, now running for Congress in another district, was involved in the effort to oust the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine (DING-DING-DING)
The Arrest of Giulianis Ukraine Associates Shows How Much Trump Has Already Corrupted Our Elections (UNSTABLE GENIOUS OF CORRUPTION)
Bill Barr has known about investigation into Rudy Giulianis Ukraine henchmen for months: report (LOCK UP THE COVERUP)
Impeachable Offense Du Jour - Lawyers, Guns & Money - And the hits just keep on coming: President Donald Trump pressed then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to help persuade the Justice Department to drop a criminal case against an Iranian-Turkish gold trader who was a client of Rudy Giuliani ... Tillerson refused, arguing it would constitute interference in an ongoing investigation of the trader, Reza Zarrab, according to the people. They said other participants in the Oval Office were shocked by the request ... (lots of illegal shit we don't know about bc they kept their traitorous mouths shut)
President Trump Pressured Rex Tillerson to Get Case Against Giuliani Client Dropped - The Ukraine Scandal Was the Lid on the Trump Sewer and Now It's All Spilling Out -- Next we learn of the president*'s shady advocacy for an Iranian-Turkish gold trader represented by Rudy Giuliani.

Deutsche Bank Does Not Have Trumps Tax Returns, Court Says ("sorry, we burned them")

For Trump, an impeachment vote is a race against the clock. Not so for Pelosi.
Opinion | Should the House Just Start Jailing Trump Officials? - The New York Times - With the White House stonewalling the impeachment inquiry, Nancy Pelosi has options to weigh.
Trump is openly telling us hes above the law. Heres his next move.

Majority now want Donald Trump impeached and removed from office: poll : politics ... He's clearly losing the impeachment popular vote, but what about the impeachment electoral college? ... You mean the Senate?
Trump rages at Fox News after poll shows most Americans want him impeached: 'Much different than it used to be in the good old days' : politics
Trump slams Fox News over poll showing 51% want him removed from office : politics ... "Oh well, I'm President" ...
Trump Lashes Out at Fox News Poll as Barr Meets With Murdoch - The New York Times
This looks totally legit - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Attorney General William Barr reportedly met with media mogul Rupert Murdoch on Wednesday night, The New York Times reports. The Trump official and the Fox News owner reportedly met at Murdoch's home in New York. (they really don't give a shit +) "You know who else was in Jerry Jones booth with St. Ellen of Perpetual Indulgences on Sunday? Yep, good 'ol Rupert himself!"
Eschaton: Coulda Sat That One Out
The Bulwark on Twitter: "LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH" / Twitter
Meet Wendi Deng, the evil genius who hangs with Ivanka and (probably) bangs Putin (2016)

Trump Campaign Sees Impeachment Motivating Base - WSJ - but some Republicans worry about alienating independents ("fire-up" his insane base of already fired up dumbfuck Foxers)

Trump Asks: 'Impeached For What?' Twitter Users Reply With Plenty Of Options

Eschaton: He Might Even Believe This - Trump is incurious, uneducated, and filled with brain worms, but the boys are are truly idiots. -- [Eric] TRUMP: If I took a billion and a half dollars from China, or if I took $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian oil company, people's heads would explode. -- The media's heads would explode. The Democrats' heads would explode. (you already did dipshit, and it didn't happen, you know?)

Karen Pence says she loves the way Trump treats young women - Raw Story (said the evil superKhristian anti-gay charterschoool asshole)

White House Aides Avoid Media Amid Impeachment Storm | HuffPost - a well-worn strategy: Senior officials conveniently manage to be elsewhere when major controversies engulf the White House.

Mike Pence Refuses Five Times to Answer Questions About Trump's Alleged Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine : politics (looking pretty guilty, Mikey)
Mike Pences extremely evasive answers on Ukraine

The Actual Laws Trump Has Broken, Just With the Ukraine and China Affairs, Could Land Him 10 Years in Prison : politics ... "good thing he never possessed a joint" (or looked cross-eyed at a cop)

Partisan Antipathy: More Intense, More Personal | Pew Research Center - Majority of Republicans say Democrats are 'more unpatriotic' than other Americans ("other" = Rethugs, Republicans think Trump is "very moral")

Democrat challenging Mitch McConnell raises $10.7 million in third quarter - CBS News - Amy McGrath,

Trump supporters outnumbered at Utah anti-impeachment event : politics (funny/pathetic)
Trump supporters outnumbered at Utah anti-impeachment event | (hilarious, dumbfuck white blonde Cynthia Hardy lady holding the "try to impeach this" red map of dust while being outnumbered)
Just look at all that red fat melt away. : PoliticalHumor (hey, Cynthia Hardy)

Joni Ernst dodges questions about Trump, showing her moral cowardice - The Washington Post

Cruel to be kind - Lawyers, Guns & Money - And nothing illustrates that decadence more clearly than the blindness of people like Degeneres, Axelrod, etc., who more than anything else just want to get back to "normal" since "normal" had been working out so well for them personally, and more particularly for their masters (Axelfucked ... see Corey Robin's "Obamanauts" on their thinking they were in a Hollywood movie)
Ellen built her brand on being nice to anyone, even George W. Bush. That brand might not be viable now (dumb Ellen is best buds with the war criminal who wanted to bay gays forever)

Ronan Farrow Goes After NBC News Executives in His New Book - The New York Times
Rebecca Traister on the Toll of Me Too

Splinter Shutting Down - parent company praised the outlet but said it failed to bring in sufficient traffic (sad, hedgies kill another one)

After I lost my wife of 14 years, I remarriedto a man. Heres what I learned about straight privilege.

Vaping illnesses, deaths and bans: What we know about electronic cigarettes - The Washington Post

An SD card found on an Alaska street showed a woman's murder. Now a man is arrested : news - He even labels the SD card "Homicide at midtown Marriot"

Scientists have found a naturally quantum material, and it could be a 'game changer' : science

Profit without honor - Lawyers, Guns & Money - a depressing little set of essays from the Chronicle of Higher Education, that grapple with the enrollment and revenue declines that are starting to hit American higher ed, and which are predicted to get worse over the next decade

Why can objects only travel at light speed in a vacuum. Theoretically shouldn't they just be able to accelerate to much higher than that? Photons especially have no weight so why are they limited to 300000 km/s. : askscience

What is the most Bullshit reason for a teacher to give you a bad grade ? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Nerd Trump - Oh, Elon.What Unsworth now reveals, through deposition transcripts and emails that his lawyers obtained, is that Musk and his affiliates paid private investigators, including one who turned out to be a convicted felon, to try and dig up dirt on the cave rescuer. Additionally, Musk directed his team to pressure foreign officials in Thailand to say nice things about him and his mini-sub, even as they were grappling with what would prove to be a deadly rescue mission.


Revealed: the 20 firms behind a third of all carbon emissions | Environment | The Guardian
Goldman Sachs released a 34-page analysis of the impact of climate change. And the results are terrifying. : worldnews
vascopyjama comments on Use them as a speed bump :" Kerri-Anne Kennerley suggests running over climate change protesters

Millions Of People In California Face Historic Power Outages Due To Fire Danger | HuffPost - Outages are planned in more than half of California's 58 counties, although not everyone in those counties will have their power cut.

2 Killed In Shooting Near German Synagogue | HuffPost - The shooting on Yom Kippur took place in the eastern German city of Halle. Police arrested one person.
Gunman opens fire in deadly attack at German synagogue : worldnews
Germany Synagogue Shooter Denied Holocaust in Apparent Video Uploaded to Twitch - VICE - A Twitch spokesperson confirmed the link to the video has been taken down ... The gunman who killed two people near a synagogue in Halle, Germany, on Wednesday appears to have filmed his attack, and the footage was uploaded to Twitch, a platform popular with video game users.

Satellite images reveal China is destroying Muslim graveyards where generations of Uighur families are buried and replaces them with car parks and playgrounds 'to eradicate the ethnic group's identity' : worldnews
Muslim women in Chinese prison camps are being subjected to systematic rape, sterilisation and forced abortions, survivors have claimed : worldnews
Apple bows to China by censoring Taiwan flag emoji : worldnews
Chinese Citizens Will Be Required To Scan Their Faces To Use The Internet : worldnews

Outrage in Hong Kong as heavily pregnant teen, 19, who was 'just walking in a mall' is arrested : worldnews
Sixers fan supporting Hong Kong ejected from preseason game amid NBA-China controversy : news ... This game was in Philly, not China. Total bullshit. Time for some more Free Hong Kong signs at every NBA arena ... CCT: "We believe that any remarks that challenge national sovereignty and social stability are not within the scope of freedom of speech" (free speech except when it comes to criticizing your Chinese corporate overlords)
Dealing With China Isn't Worth the Moral Cost - We thought economic growth and technology would liberate China. Instead, it corrupted us.
Blizzard Employees Staged a Walkout After the Company Banned a Gamer for Pro-Hong Kong Views : news
Nearly all of the NBA's partners have cut ties with the league and NBA Events in China Disrupted Over Hong Kong Tweet
u/lebbe lists down Business Hall of Bootlickers of China : bestof

During a moment of silence for the right terror victims in Germany, someone started to sing the German anthem. Someone else reacted with 'Halt die Freese" The reaction of the stadium audience and players say it all.

Trump defends diplomat's wife involved in car crash that killed British teenager: 'It happens' | The Independent ("we've all done it")

Khashoggis Murder Should Have Made Saudi Arabia A Pariah. 7 Men Made Sure That Didnt Happen (led by #TraitorMitch)

Pentagon wont take over Islamic State prisons if U.S.-allied Kurdish forces withdraw, officials say (Trump just let ISIS out of jail, all that death and money for nothing)
Editorial: Trumps betrayal of the Kurds was the president at his malignant and incompetent worst
Donald Trump's Syria Withdrawal Could 'Undo Five Years' Worth of Fighting Against ISIS,' Retired General Warns : politics
Donald Trump and Recep Erdogan destroyed the United States' Syria policy
Donald Trumps longtime business connections in Turkey back in the spotlight
Syria Update: Turkey Is Blowing the Hell Out of It and the Russians Are Cheering - Everything we knew would happen is happening.
Badass Kurdish civilian take up arms to protect her people from Turkish invaders : pics

Turkey Begins Syria Incursion, Targeting Militia Backed by U.S. - The New York Times
Lindsey Graham on Trumps Syria decision: "He's putting the nation at risk"
The President* Is Having Another Episode. Get the Net. Trump observes that the Kurds did not, in fact, fight at Normandy ... "They didn't help us at Normandy" (yeah, he really said that)

Eschaton: What's Going On With Mushmelon - I bet he's mad because someone (whoever) told him giving Turkey the green light would be Really Smart and he's actually getting pushback from Republicans who for whatever reason are not on board and his little brain is confused.

In Honor Of The Kurds : PoliticalHumor
Hillary still winning the popular vote three years later : PoliticalHumor
I hope to be as cool as Nash one day... : PoliticalHumor
Love the bipartisanship of this issue : PoliticalHumor
Emmy award winning performance : PoliticalHumor
Ruh Roh, Donny : PoliticalHumor
Even the propaganda arm of the Trump Presidency wants him removed from office : PoliticalHumor
NBA unveils new logo : PoliticalHumor
Oh, the irony... : PoliticalHumor
A multiple-choice question where all the answers can be right : PoliticalHumor
Can you hear the lawyers cackle? : PoliticalHumor
Mark you calendars. Yesterday was a day that will live in infamy : PoliticalHumor
Don't jump to conclusions

Bipartisan senate report says Russia's disinformation campaign is just getting started, recommends national PSA. : news

First on CNN: Trump told Perry and State Department officials as early as May to talk to Giuliani about Ukraine
President Donald Trump directed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and two top State Department officials to deal with his private attorney Rudy Giuliani when the Ukrainian President sought to meet Trump, in a clear circumvention of official channels : worldnews
Trump Urged Tillerson to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges - Bloomberg

Also he is lying. Maybe you could include that part, Jake -- Ambassador Gordon Sondland has been told by the State Department to not appear thi For Trump to give this guy the Presidential Medal of Freedom is a little on the noses morning before the House regarding his role in the Ukraine scandal. His attorney said he has no choice but to comply with State Dept directive. --Jake Tapper-- This "oh gee, sorry, gotta disobey the hoagie penis because my boss said so" is 100% bullshit and journalists just keep repeating ("hoagie penis" = "sub poena")

Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump's Bluff: "You Are Not Above The Law"
'There really is no appealing the process of impeachment,' says ex-Clinton White House counsel
Trump impeachment: Vote on charges while gathering evidence for more

Trump's Razor - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Congressional Republicans arent backing Trump to the hilt because they lack backbone. Theyre backing him because they support him on the merits:

Clinton-email critics pull a role reversal as Trump administration draws fire for private phone use - The Washington Post - More than four years after a squad of House Republicans led a charge against then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her handling of sensitive diplomatic information, the State Department is once again under scrutiny for how diplomats use personal phones to conduct official business ("that was then, this is now, and we're Republicans, so shut up)

White House says it will not comply with impeachment inquiry : worldnews
Trumps burn-down-the-House plan (with Nancy in it)

Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment | Fox News

White House Letter Distorts Both Law and History on Impeachment

The 'I'm rubber, you're glue' presidency: Trump turns to schoolyard taunts in impeachment battle

Eschaton: Lock'em Up - I don't claim to know precisely what the Dems should do (such humility) but I really want to believe they are smart enough to game the situation out. As in "what if they defy all efforts at oversight? what is our *next* step." Because that was an obvious move.
Eschaton: Regicide - A lost opportunity of the Trump era is that the moment we elected a brain worm infected racist lunatic to president was the moment we should have reconsidered the "treating the presidency as a monarch" thing which has always been wrong and ridiculous. Oh well.

Read the whistleblowers memo about Trump's Ukraine call, as described to CBS News

Fox guest calls impeachment inquiry 'regicide' and whistleblowers 'suicide bombers' (his highest hignness Emperor King Trumpster is above your stupid laws, says Fox)
Trump ally on Fox News calls whistleblowers 'suicide bombers,' accuses Democrats of 'regicide'

Eschaton: The Good Old Days - People are forgetting that the Bush era was bad and also absolutely absurdly insane and it is making me mad. Busy at the moment but here are some reminders! -- But really Bush wasn't just bad...that whole era was absolutely bonkers. There was no Trump tweeting bullshit at you through your phone constantly. But otherwise just as bonkers.
20 Forgotten Bush Scandals - Everyone remembers weapons of mass destruction, the US attorney firings. But historians will note that those are only the beginning of the Bush administration scandals (and then float-above-it-all Barry pardoned the corrupt war criminal and here we are)

Trumps Syria decision tests the bounds of Republican support as he demands solidarity on impeachment (bad timing, Donnie)

Poll: Half of voters support impeaching and removing Trump - POLITICO - A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is the latest survey to show public backing for Congress intensifying impeachment inquiry (but what about the RNC poll which said only 3 people support impeachment)

Mulvaney sidelined as Trumps impeachment crisis rages -- The head of Trumps White House staff is lying low an approach being adopted by a wide swath of Trump aides paralyzed by an all-consuming fight.
Trump declares "war" -- and, yes, our full-blown constitutional crisis is here
Are we in a constitutional crisis yet? - Thirteen legal experts respond to the Trump administrations refusal to comply with the Houses impeachment inquiry.
Opinion | This Is a Constitutional Crisis. What Happens Next? - The New York Times - With a full-on confrontation between the House and the president, no simple resolution is available.
This is the constitutional crisis we feared - The Washington Post ... The White House has released an extraordinary letter from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone to congressional Democrats, a document that will live on in infamy from this day forward as evidence of how profoundly Trump corrupted the office of the president and everyone around him.

Trump hasnt gone mad. He's gone rogue

Democrats plot next phase in impeachment, including new wave of subpoenas - CNNPolitics
House Democrats Are Going With 'No Play, No Pay' to Get Trumpists to Testify - Elijah Cummings signaled this was on the table some time back. Now it's in motion.
Five facts that blow up the latest White House defense of Trump
Pence, Pompeo and Barr deserve to be impeached, too - The Washington Post (add Mitch to the list)

Rachel Maddow Reveals How Trump May Have Thrown Pence Under The Bus To Save Himself | HuffPost - The president is trying to save himself at the cost of his vice president,

Two Key Players In The Ukraine Controversy Spent Lavishly As They Dug For Dirt On Biden - Bank records reveal a whirlwind of spending at high-end restaurants, an infamous strip club, and five-star hotels by the two little-known operatives who waged a back-channel campaign with Rudy Giuliani.

Donald Trump Promised to Eliminate the Deficit in 8 Years. So Far, He Has Increased it by 68% (white Iowasucker diner guys believed him, and still do bc math is hard for men who never finished high school)
For the first time in history, U.S. billionaires paid a lower tax rate than the working class last year - The Washington Post - In 2018, for the first time in history, America's richest billionaires paid a lower effective tax rate than the working class. (haha he gave all your money to his billionaire fucker friends)

Trump Melts Down And Falsely Claims Only 25% Want Him Impeached ... The 25% number that Trump quoted has been the number of Republicans who support impeachment in various recent polls

Trumps latest curious choice for a Presidential Medal of Freedom ... In fact, as far as Meese was concerned, the White House didn't even have to tell Congress when the president was ignoring federal laws. (What's more, this was not only the scandal of his tenure as A.G.) For Trump to give this guy the Presidential Medal of Freedom is a little on the nose, isn't it? (Ed Fucking Sleezy Meezy)

Armed conspiracy group will defend Republicans at Minneapolis Trump rally | City Pages -- Oath Keepers - The group was launched in 2009 after -- not coincidentally -- we elected a black president. Its beliefs roughly mirrored the conspiracy theories of the day: that the black guy was preparing to invoke martial law. That he would take away your guns. That he would relegate patriots to detention camps ... A decade later, it appears Obama forgot to execute his plot ... Antifa are "violent communists" (said the commie traitors)

Minneapolis Has Simply Pegged the President* for What He Is: A Notorious Deadbeat - Donald Trump has stiffed 10 American cities on the security bills for his rallies.
Unpaid bills pile up in Trump rallies' wake -- Cities across the country say the president's campaign has failed to reimburse them for law enforcement costs (lying crooked grifter-in-chief)
Trump says he won't pay $500K for MN rally. He still owes DC $9M. : politics
Trump threatens to sue Minneapolis for demanding he pay for rally security in advance: Trump's campaign has stiffed at least 10 cities, going back to the 2016 campaign. Minneapolis won't stand for that : politics

Donald Trump Allegedly Hid Behind a Tapestry to Grope a Woman at Mar-a-Lago in the Early 2000s -- In an exclusive excerpt from All the President's Women, Karen Johnson, one of 43 women with new allegations against the president, tells her story -- over 100 interviews, many of them exclusive, to craft a detailed history of Trumps relationships with women, stretching back to his childhood and education as well as his rise through real estate, entertainment, and politics. What emerges from the authors' reporting is a portrait of a predator who hides behind wealth and institutional power to frequently harass and abuse women. (Evangelicals say it was god's will)

Amish are the target of a Republican campaign to help Trump win in Pennsylvania in 2020 - The Washington Post (they watch Fox?) ... Pennsylvania is home to more than 75,000 Amish people, and most who are eligible dont vote. (so, that'll work)

Joni Ernst Refuses To Condemn Soliciting Foreign Interference - Iowa Starting Line (says treason by Repubicans is fine)

The revealing splits in GOP senators' reactions to impeachment (mostly Trump-suckers)

Elizabeth Warren targets environmental justice in new climate plan - Axios
Elizabeth Warrens Pregnancy Story Is All Too Common. We Know Because We Live It. A conservative news site thought they had the 'goods' on Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Instead, they opened a national conversation on the realities of gender discrimination in America (BernieBroGirls and wingnut Washington Free Beacon of Republican/Russian shit)
Elizabeth Warren pregnancy smear quickly infects media world - The Washington Post - By Margaret Sullivan (Margaret misses the origin of the lie in Jacobin Berniegirl)

Joe Bidens Case for the Presidency Is Collapsing -- The former vice president believes he can restore comity between the parties, but Trump's impeachment is proving him wrong (#OldJoe centrist demented Republican is toast)
Joe Bidens Family Has Been Cashing in on His Career for Decades. Democrats Need to Acknowledge That.

Facebook denies Biden campaigns request to remove false Ukraine ad by Trump campaign (Zuckerfuck laughs)
Facebook confirms Donald Trump can lie in ads, but he can't curse: In the three days after Trump's impeachment inquiry was announced on Sep. 24, Trump campaign spent $1 million on Facebook ads, many with false or misleading claims. : worldnews ... -Zuckerberg took Russian money. -Zuckerberg let Cambridge Anal. spread propaganda and help swing election. -Zuckerberg knew all this was happening. -ZUCKERBERG MEETS WITH TRUMP LAST WEEK -Zuckerberg changes FB policy to allow Trump to lie. Is it just me, or is this the blossoming of a full-blown Trump-Zucker bromance? (Zuckerfuckerberg agrees to throw election to Trump)

Trumps 2016 campaign was run on a shoestring. His reelection machine is hugeand armed with consultants.Since 2017, nearly $92 million has flowed to dozens of firms providing political consulting services (you think that' bad, wait 'til Lizzie gets the nom)

Matt Drudge, an influential figure in conservative media, sours on Trump as he faces impeachment - CNN (Sludge Report)

Pennsylvania Attorney Generals Staff Pushed Philadelphia Inquirer to Be More Critical of Larry Krasner: Emails (corrupt lawnorder asshole wants more black/brown people in jail)

A West Virginia survivalist camp gets preppers ready - The Washington Post (look at your state, dude)

Render to 'God and Trump' : Ralph Reed calls for 2020 obedience to Trump -- evangelicals have a duty to defend the incumbent GOP leader (Trump and Satan are one)
God, via his Earthly representative Ralph Reed, orders all good Christians to vote for the compulsive pussy-grabber - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... It's a sign of the moral degeneracy into which white evangelical Protestantism in America has fallen that we already know that a couple of dozen of new allegations of sexual assault against Trump will not make the slightest difference to any of his idolatrous evangelical supporters.
Dinos and Demons and Swedes, Oh My! It May Be Cartoonish, but Evangelical Radicalism Isnt Just a SideshowEvangelical authoritarianism is a problem that the American mainstream as a rule fails to treat with the seriousness it demands, in part because its easy to laugh at the antics of a Robert Jeffress while assuming that more respectable conservative evangelicals are more moderate and more numerous. (they are all fucking insane and important to note the authoritarian/cultic/homeschooler culture: "you shall believe this bullshit! and:) "presuppositionalism, which argues that there can be only one source of knowledge: God's word" (as interpreted by stupid evil authoritarian assholes)
40% of Americans Believe in Creationism
Who's an evangelical and who gets to decide?
The Skeleton in Doug Phillipss Closet Is Now in the Creation Museum. Literally.

Lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell names more defendants : news ... The same people who murdered Epstein will get Ghislaine. She knows too much.
Jeffrey Epstein accuser names four women in his web of enablers : news -- Ghislaine Maxwell - Rosalyn Fontanilla - Lesley Groff - Cimberly Espinosa

Annals of Espionage: The Black Cube Chronicles: The Double Agent -- How a whistle-blower exposed Harvey Weinstein's attempts to suppress allegations of sexual assault and harassment.
Matt Lauer Accused of Raping NBC Colleague, Ronan Farrow Book Alleges - Variety
Ronan Farrow Strikes Again: Ronan Farrow Book: How Harvey Weinstein May Have Leveraged Matt Lauer | Hollywood Reporter
Savannah Guthrie: We Are Disturbed to Our Coreby Lauer Rape AllegationsHorrific allegations detailed in Ronan Farrow's new book emerged overnight after a former NBC staffer came forward to accuse Matt Lauer of anal rape -- ex-NBC staffer Brooke Nevils claimed Lauer had raped her in a Sochi hotel room during the 2014 Winter Olympics. (NBC says "it's a sad day" bc they had no idea he was a raping motherfucker)
Former NBC staffer accuses Matt Lauer of rape in Ronan Farrow's new book : news - I'm calling bullshit on Savannah Guthrie, Hoda, and the rest of those people not knowing exactly what Matt Lauer was.
Ronan Farrow exposes the rot at NBC News - The Washington Post -- Everyone knew that the decision by NBC News to bail on the Harvey Weinstein story was among the most cowardly media episodes of modern times ... All these details are damning; they raise questions as to why the NBC News leadership remains in place, and they show how elites protect elites ... (comment:) For all its millions (of viewers) , NBC News produces about 11 minutes of news a night. Pathetic. (and even that is hard for them)
NBC News chief Andy Lack preyed on female employees for sex: report | Page Six (jesus, he looks the part, another ugly jewish dickster)

Mia Farrows Brother Sentenced for Child Sex Abuse -- ohn Charles Villiers-Farrow sentenced to 10 years in prison. (2913) ... Villiers-Farrow also had a brush with fame in 1968 when he accompanied Mia and their sister, Prudence, to visit Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in India. The Beatles arrived in India to meet with Maharishi while the Farrows were there.

TIL that, the father of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, was a vice president of ENRON, another company that committed fraud. : todayilearned

Inspector general report shows at least 16 officers involved in cover-up of Laquan McDonald shooting : news (16 lying copsters)

The Killing Of Joshua Brown - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Dallas PD has suspects and I have questions (yeah, looks like the Dallas copsters killed him and have a really flimsy coverup)
Police: 3 suspected of killing witness at Dallas cop's trial
What if Your Abusive Husband Is a Cop? | The New Yorker - Police departments have become more attentive to officersuse of excessive force on the job, but that concern rarely extends to the home (cops have highest % of domestic abusers)

St. Paul cop offers break to shoplifter caught in the act, but she responds by stabbing him : news

Wondering why traffic blows? 1,000,000 more cars registered since 2010. : boston (Masshole drivers)

'Thank You, Gov. Baker': N.H. Vape Shops See Rush After Mass. Ban : boston
Solder in Cheap Carts Offgassing into Vapor, Colorado : bostontrees (Charlie Baker will ban "solder")

A new way to 'hear' dark matter: Physicists at Stockholm University and the Max Planck Institute for Physics have turned to plasmas in a proposal that could revolutionise the search for the elusive dark matter. : science

Pretentious redditor writes up an FAQ on why he downvoted someone. Mod responds in the same FAQ style as he bans him. : bestof


Greta Thunberg effigy found hanging from Italian bridge : news (the hate will increase)
As Sea Levels Rise, So Do Ghost Forests - The New York Times - Saltwater is killing woodlands along the East Coast, sometimes surprisingly far from the sea. (bury Trump and Marco Flubio up to their necks on Miami Beach)

Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to trio for groundbreaking discoveries about the universe

China's vise grip on corporate America (bow down to your CCP masters)
Internal Memo: ESPN Forbids Discussion Of Chinese Politics When Discussing Daryl Morey's Tweet About chinese Politics

Blizzard Bans 'Hearthstone' Player From Esports Tournaments for Pro-Hong Kong Statement (meet your new Chinese overlords and their reddit mods)
Blizzard suspends hearthstone player for supporting Hong Kong : worldnews (original post deleted for not being "relevant")
53,000? post just now CENSORED from reddit/r/worldnews : hearthstone

EU president Donald Tusk accuses Boris Johnson of playing 'stupid blame game' and not wanting a deal -- Prime minister not acting in best interests of British public, Tusks says (when have Tories ever)
Brexit: Deal essentially impossible, No 10 source says after PM-Merkel call - BBC News
BECAUSE I SAID BO Boris Johnson plans to tell Queen she cant sack him even if he loses no confidence vote

Socialists win in Portugal in rebuke to far-right populism : worldnews

Asking an employee to get a sick note is a public health risk, experts say A 2018 survey conducted by IPSOS found that eight in 10 Canadians would go to work sick if their employer required sick notes for minor illnesses. (Canada: making sure disease spreads and more people die)

Donald Trump's family firm is refusing to accept a legal bill worth tens of thousands of pounds after he lost a lengthy court battle against a windfarm near his Aberdeenshire golf course, according to the Scottish government. (Trump wins again)
Losses deepen at Trumps Scotland properties, new financial reports show ... "tremendous success" - Turnberry has not turned a profit since Trump has owned it. (paid cash with Russian money)

Top Secret Russian Unit Seeks to Destabilize Europe, Security Officials Say

Russia's 2016 chaos bomb defines the Trump presidency, right up to Ukraine and Syria (dirty little commie traitor Trump socks Putin's dick)
Senate Intel releases 2nd volume of report on 2016 Russian interference - Axios
The Republican Senate Confirmed the Russians Interfered in the 2016 Primaries (!) to Help Trump -- A new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee also makes clear this was no beta test -- it was a full-blown intelligence attack (so, Trump is covering up an attack on America in the tradition of Bush and Obama (twice for Barry))

Secret Court: FBI Warrantless Searches Were Illegal : news ... Is there anything the federal government did in response to 9/11 that WASN'T a mistake? (lock the cockpit doors and that's about it)

'It Didn't Have to Be This Way' : Just-Retired CENTCOM General (maybe you military guys shouldn't have voted for a commie traitor?)

The US is considering pulling out of a vital treaty with European allies and Russia, according to the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee: ...the lawmaker was "deeply concerned" by reports that the White House was considering withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty. : worldnews ... Trump is destroying all of the checks and balances we have on Russia before he gets impeached. (baby destructo-maniac smashes America)

Trump wishes Abe 'a very happy birthday' -- on day of Putin's birth

China rejects Trumps call to investigate Biden and son "Beijing will stick toprinciple of non-interference in internal affairs of other countries" (hahah, owned Trumpster in one sentence)

Trump to host Turkish leader as he considers invading Syria (planning more treason with dicktators)
Chaos in Syria, Washington after Trump call with Erdogan unleashed Turkish military
Republicans deliver rare rebuke of Trump, slamming his Syria withdrawal decision - The Washington Post
Decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria exposes Trump to political peril - Axios
Kurds Have Been Preparing for Trump's Syria Betrayal -- With a Vengeance (they knew they couldn't trust the evil clown)
Eight Times the U.S. Has Betrayed the Kurds
Syrian sources claim Turkey attacked in Iraq, not Syria - Middle East - Jerusalem Post
Trump's abrupt decision to pull out of Syria was reportedly made 'instinctively' at the end of a call with Turkey's president : worldnews (the "best instincts" and no brain)

Lindsey Graham -- He traded his honor to be relevant as a Trump adviser. But on Syria, Trump didn't bother to ask what he thought. (literally a sucker)
What in the world is Lindsey Graham thinking? - The Washington Post (he's thinking about Trump's mushroom)

Inside Trumps obsession with polygraphs -- Increasingly paranoid about leaks, the president has repeatedly mused about administering lie detector tests to White House officials (said the guy who doesns't need a lie detector)

Judge Throws the Book at Trump's 'I'm Above the Law' Defense -- The idea that a sitting president cannot be indicted for his crimes while in office -- may finally be coming to an end

Ukraine Continued: How a Crucial Witness Escaped | by Murray Waas | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books - A classified State Department assessment concluded in 2018 that Ukraine's former Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko -- who is at the center of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump -- had allowed a vital potential witness for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Konstantin Kilimnik, to escape from Ukraine to Russia, beyond the reach of the United States, after a federal grand jury in the US charged Kilimnik with obstruction of justice.

Overwhelming Confirmation of Whistleblower Complaint: An Annotation
Trump's Ukraine Call Was 'Crazy' and 'Frightening' Official Told Whistle-Blower (wait 'til he nukes California)
The timeline of Trumps call with Zelensky just got a bit more complicated
House Democrats consider masking identity of whistleblower from Trumps GOP allies in Congress (so Trump doesn't order their assassination)

Democrats to subpoena key witness blocked from testifying in impeachment probe - ABC News - A key witness in the Democratic impeachment probe, Amb. Gordon Sondland, was barred from testifying at the last-minute Tuesday by the Trump administration, sources confirmed to ABC News (Trump is so above your so-called laws)
Trump Blocks Sondland Testimony, and the Cover-up Begins
Republicans Have No Leg to Stand On and They Know It - Trump has no real argument for why Gordon Sondland can't testify before Congress, and neither do congressional Republicans.

White House Signals It Won't Cooperate With Impeachment Inquiry
White House says it will not cooperate with House impeachment inquiry; Democrats to subpoena State Dept. official ... "Adam should be Impeached!" Trump wrote in his tweet.
White House Letter Declares Trump Will Stonewall Impeachment Probe in Congress - The White House Stonewall Letter Is a MAGA Rally Draped in a Toga -- Gaze in awe at The Constitution According to Camp Runamuck ... Point One: The president can't be indicted for his crimes because there is a constitutional remedy for crimes in office. - Point Two: The constitutional remedy is illegitimate. - Owned, libtards!
Trump administration announces it won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry - Lawyers, Guns & Money - And I know we're all inured to this stuff, but I can't imagine a more straightforward constitutional crisis than a presidential administration simply refusing to cooperate with the legal process laid out in that document by which the legislature is supposed to investigate potential serious executive misconduct.

Rudy Giuliani says he will not testify before the House Intelligence Committee - Axios

Poll: Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump - The Washington Post ... The findings indicate that public opinion has shifted quickly against the president and in favor of impeachment proceedings in recent weeks ...
Oct. 1-6, 2019 Washington Post-Schar School poll - The Washington Post - Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump -- 58% to 38%
National (US) Poll - October 8, 2019 - Voters Remain Divided On Impea | Quinnipiac University Connecticut - 45 percent saying he should be impeached and removed and 49 percent opposing the idea (and then there's Quinnipac)
Why Impeaching President Trump is Popular (oh look, NYT's Republican goon squad of Stephens, Brooks and Will say it will make Trump more popular)

Republicans Ask Trump Not to Blindside Them on Impeachment Moves - Bloomberg

The impeachment walls are closing in - The Washington Post - Remarkably, nearly 30 percent of Republicans favor an impeachment inquiry and almost one-fifth of Republicans say they favor a vote recommending his removal. Given these numbers, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's effort to concoct a reassuring poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee for his members looks amateurish and blatantly dishonest, if not ridiculous.

POLITICO Playbook: Trump changes the subject - politico (impeachment was so last week)
This will get worse for Trump. Adam Schiff signals what's next ... You can bank on this: The public will learn more. A lot more (the traitor's crimes are deep, but too complicated for your media)

These Trade Claims Made by Trump? They're All Wrong -- The president and his advisers have been deluded about what big tariff hikes and aggressive negotiating tactics will achieve (act macho, rile up the base that doesnt understand anything)

As interviews get tougher, Team Trump doubles down on avoidance - The Washington Post

Two Candidates, Two Investigations, One Deeply Flawed Agency - The New York Times (Chait reviews James B Stewart's book on "Deep State" (and once again, we see how naive and upprepared Hillary was)

GOP Rep. Ralph Abraham introduces resolution to expel Nancy Pelosi from House | Fox News (and lock her up)

Trump campaign threatens to sue Minneapolis over phony security bill for rally -- $530K bill from Mpls. to campaign may spur suit (Trump offers five bucks)

It's funny cause its true. : PoliticalHumor

Betsy DeVos Could Face Jail After Judge Rules She Violated 2018 Order on Student Loans (lock up the cheating crook)
John Solomon foisted a bogus story on Fox News viewers. His punishment? A contract. - The Washington Post ("where's my beer?)

The Obamanauts | Dissent Magazine - What is the defining achievement of Barack Obama? - Corey Robin ... Obama's most important legacy will be one of productive disappointment: energizing a multiracial coalition of young voters whose subsequent disaffections with Obamaism and inclinations toward socialism are today remaking the left (so, basically nothing, except for pardoning the biggest war criminal in US history and 70,000 banksters, thanks, Barry) ... Liberals tear their hair out when they read accounts like these. How did these people not see how they were adding to the Republican arsenal of intransigence? Why did they turn eight years of hope and change into Groundhog Day? (Barry was "compromised" from day one)

John Hickenlooper posts Colorado fundraising record in his first six weeks as U.S. Senate candidate - The Colorado Sun - fundraising in the third quarter bested the marks for his rivals, but not Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (Republican dark money pours in)

Wall Street Spreads Anybody-But-Elizabth Warren Sentiment (capitalist fuckers getting scared, thanks, Barry)

The Puke Funnel - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Washington Free Beacon believes it has Elizabeth Warren DEAD TO RIGHTS: ( something pregnancy something) ... Meagan Day of Jacobin magazine ... "is really something if you like evil, soulless hacks." (started with the lying BernieBros/Girls)
Geraldine on Twitter: "Warren: I was fired for being pregnant Company: we wrote down another reason, tho Journos: WE CANNOT BELIEVE THAT WARREN LIED Company: yes, definitely she's the one lying" / Twitter
The political challenge for Warren in a hypothetical general election is how does she prevent this story from quickly gaining a hold on half the electorate (does the NYT propagate the Berniebro/Winngnut lie? you know the answer)

Dianne Feinstein endorses Joe Biden for president over Kamala Harris - (old geezer lady likes old demented geezers)
Kamala Harris forced to address alleged sex assault where her husband works - husband, Douglas Emhoff, is a partner at the firm that Vanina Guerrero is suing.

Marco Rubio: division of news content threatens US democracy | Miami Herald (the problem is all the non-Fox media, Flubio lied)

RealClear Media Has a Secret Facebook Page Filled With Far-Right Memes - RealClearPolitics has carefully cultivated a non-partisan imagewhile in the shadows its parent company pushes images of killer Clintons and a freedom-loving Kremlin. (Oh look, RealClearRepublicanBullshit)

Pat Robertson 'Appalled' By Trump: He 'Allowed Khashoggi to Be Cut in Pieces,' May Lose 'The Mandate of Heaven' Over Syria (Trump will never lose the Mandate of Satan given to him by the Satangelicals)
But Jerry Falwell Jr. settles Miami court case over South Beach pool boy venture (evangelicrook had to pay)

Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: Google BossDaughter Scrubbed From Guardian ExposiWhen one of the world's most respected newspapers went up against former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and his daughter and backed down, Wylie decided to go to The New York Times ... That story originally claimed it was Sophie Schmidt who suggested to Alexander Nix, the former director of Cambridge Analyticas parent company SCL, that he should get in touch with Peter Thiels Palantir and look into using data mining techniques to bolster their political operations. (evil doesn't fall far from the tree of evil rich assholes +vampires)

John Solomon foisted a bogus story on Fox News viewers. His punishment? A contract. - The Washington Post (evil fake journo)

Moorhead police: Man points out his Trump bumper sticker vs. teen driver's for Warren, flashes loaded gun - The suspect was soon jailed and awaits potential felony charges ... The man was booked into the Clay County jail less than 90 minutes later on suspicion of felony terroristic threats and carrying a weapon without a permit (more Trumpian stochastic terrorism)

Okkosari Oo Muddhu Video Song | Nirmala Convent Video Songs | Akkineni Nagarjuna, Roshan, Shriya - YouTube

'Tell Me Who I Am' : Inside the Most Jaw-Dropping Documentary of the Year -- the film explores an identical twin brother who loses his memory following an accident -- and the dark secrets that he comes to learn about his life.

Twitter's best hotel hacks
Rick Klau on Twitter: "I don't remember who posted this on Twitter a few years ago, but whoever you are: you have improved every night I've spent in a hotel since." / Twitter

Dog ownership associated with longer life, especially among heart attack and stroke survivors. Researchers found that compared to non-owners, dog owners experienced 24% reduced risk of all-cause mortality; 65% reduced risk of mortality after heart attack : science

I spent the past three years embedded with internet trolls and propagandists in order to write a new nonfiction book, ANTISOCIAL, about how the internet is breaking our society. I also spent a lot of time reporting from Reddit's HQ in San Francisco. AMA! : IAmA ... "I admire the courage you have in showing your face in public again after that sloppy as fuck NYT piece. How do you do it?" (Andrew Marantz)

What subreddits do you feel were great in concept but never got the attention they deserved, and why? : AskReddit

Discussing Blackness on Reddit? Photograph Your Forearm First - The New York Times - Moderators of an online forum called Black People Twitter have caused an uproar by requiring participants to submit a photograph proving they are not white.

Why AirPods can't be fixed - The Washington Post ... a "tradegy" of disposable wealth ... (Apple suckers)


Peruvian Glaciers Have Shrunk By 30 Percent Since 2000. Overall, the country lost nearly 8 gigatons of ice from 2000 to 2016, with 170 glaciers disappearing entirely

lebbe comments on China accused of genocide over forced abortions of Uighur Muslim women as escapees reveal widespread sexual torture: Such abuses aimed at curbing women's ability to reproduce are common in Xinjiang, experts say (and you thought the Nazis were bad)

NBA In Crisis After Bashing GM To Appease China | HuffPost - Daryl Morey quickly deleted a tweet which included an image captioned: "Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong" (and then his genocidal corporate masters had a meltdown bc if there's one thing America DOESN'T stand for, it 's FREEDOM ... and "there are other perspectives")
Daryl Moreys Hong Kong Tweet Has Put His Relationship With the Rockets in Limbo ... "We love authoritarian genocidal evil assholes" said the NBA)
James Harden apologizes as controversy grows: "We love China"
China is holding the NBA hostage over the tweets of a Houston Rockets manager - The Washington Post
South Park' creators issue a mocking 'apology' to China after the show was reportedly banned in the country : worldnews

Disturbing video shows hundreds of blindfolded prisoners in Xinjiang : worldnews
The Presidential Candidates on China and Human Rights | Council on Foreign Relations (all the Dems +Bill Weld)

Britain's democracy gap -- It's ironic the British government insists EU is "undemocratic" as it loses sight of its own values (what Tories/Republican fuckers always do)
Britain Demands Return of American Woman Who Fled After Fatal Crash : news

More Scary Brown Threats to American Security - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Another example of how those scary immigrants from Central America are threatening America or something: (un-documented workers putting Floriduh back together, will be deported after they finish the job)
Acting Homeland Security Chief Shouted Off Stage at Georgetown Law - The New York Times - Kevin K. McAleenan, the acting secretary of homeland security, was forced offstage at Georgetown Universitys law school by demonstrators who shut down his planned keynote address as they protested the Trump administration's immigration policies.

Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy - The New York Times ("Fuck the Kurds again!" he smiled)
US to step aside for Turkish assault on Kurds in Syria
Trump pulling out U.S. from Syria as Turkey to invade - The Washington Post
Trumps Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation ... also boasted that "if Turkey does anything that I, IN MY GREAT AND UNMATCHED WISDOM, consider to be off limits, I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey." (yeah, he really said that)
Israel Was Surprised by Trumps Decision to Withdraw From Syria, Allow Turkey to Start Operation -- It is unclear if Israel was given any time to prepare for the White Houses announcement, and sources tell Haaretz that the decision may have not been discussed by the security cabinet (so, no)
Trump Defends Decision To Abandon Kurdish Allies Fighting ISIS In Syria | HuffPost - "Turkey, Europe, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and the Kurds will now have to ... figure the situation out" the president mumbled (so, America/corporate war-mongers in service of Putin/Saudis/Israel fuck the Kurds one more time)
President* Trump Abandons the Kurds in Syria Overnight -- This is a nightmare only a twisted, compromised mind could concoct.
We Have a Great and Unmatched Idiot in the Oval Office -- If you wanted to fracture the Western Alliance, what would you do right now that Donald Trump isn't doing?

Exclusive: Official Who Heard Call Says Trump Got 'Rolled' By Turkey and 'Has No Spine' ... The U.S. withdrawal plays into the hands of the Islamic State group, Damascus and Moscow, and the announcement left Trumps own Defense Department "completely stunned"
Trumps former ISIS envoy offers scathing critique of his Syria decision -- and entire management style
Malcolm Nance on Twitter: "This is Erdogan' -- in Trumps America 2017 - a reminder of how Erdogans security staff beat Kurdishprotesters in Washington DC in May 2017
Trumps Crazy Syria Move Will Wipe Ou Americas Allies and Set Up a Big ISIS Comebac -- With Trump's permission, kTurkey will now ethnically cleanse the Syrian Kurds who fought ISIS on behalf of the U.S., leaving no one to hold off the terror group.
Trumps foreign policy has taken a turn, and the GOP doesn't have a good answer
'POTUS went rogue' : Trumps Syria move blindsides national security leaders
In Turkey Vs. Kurds Dispute, Trump Chooses The Side Where He Has A Condo Complex | HuffPost - letting Turkey move into northern Syria to wipe out the Kurds, who have long fought Islamic State terrorism alongside the U.S. ... Trump Towers in Istanbul ...

Turkey attacks Kurds as US withdraws - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Leave aside the policyconsiderations of allowing our allies in a war against ISIS to be massacred, after lying to them about our intentions.What has become clear today is that Trump made this monumental decision completely off the cuff, without consulting, say, the US military or any other relevant party first.
What's the Turk paying you to sell out the Kurds? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is 25th amendment territory
Monday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money - finally decided to sell out the Kurds.Kurdish security was part of the case for the invasion of Iraq; the Kurds have been reliably supportive of US policy in Iraq and Syria; the Kurds have been at the center of the breakdown in the US-Turkey alliance; many military and national security professionals have genuinely warm feelings for the Kurds
The spirit of the age in a tweet - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Thank you Prime Minister Erdogan for joining us yesterday to celebrate the launch of #TrumpTowers Istanbul!Ivanka Trump (@IvankaTrump) April 20, 2012

Hard Truths in Syria : America Can't Do More With Less, and It Shouldn't Try
Obama's Idealists -- American Power in Theory and Practice (and how far we've fallen with Trumpistan)

Pat Robertson is appalledby Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria: The President of the United States is in great danger of losing the MANDATE OF HEAVEN if he permits this to happen.
Lindsey Graham on Twitter: "I don't know all the details regarding President Trumps decision in northern Syria. In process of setting up phone call with Secretary Pompeo. If press reports are accurate this is a disaster in the making. (Queen Lindsey reaps his whirlwind of evil)

Eschaton: Weapons Kill People - Maybe we should rethink the whole "selling arms to everybody" thing.
Eschaton: Intervention - I know the post below seems like some flippant hippy peacenik shit, but even without getting into some grand debate about the appropriate involvement of the United States in this conflict (or potential conflict) or that one, giving people the tools to massacre each other everywhere in the world probably isn't the best plan if you care about people (not) being massacred. You don't have to think our policy is literally by and for the benefit of our arms productions industries (that's crazy conspiracy talk!) to see that it is indistinguishable from one that is.

90 former national security officials praise whistleblower - CNNPolitics
What Top Military Officers Really Think About Trump - The Atlantic - The commander in chief is impulsive, disdains expertise, and gets his intelligence briefings from Fox News. What does this mean for those on the front lines? (nothing, see yesterday's "rank-and-file")

Running Covert Propaganda Against Americans Is Illegal. Trump Tried It Anyway. - The whistleblower stopped a covert psychological operation against the American public dead in its tracks

Scoop: Trump says he worries about the stain impeachment will leave on his legacy - Axios - Trumps private concerns of an impeachment legacy (the shitstain on America is worried about stains)
Impeachment tentacles spread throughout Trump's team - A president who loves to be in control is finding it difficult to control an investigation that's extending far beyond his direct orbit.

What We Know About Trumps Bizarre Attempt to Blame Rick Perry for the Ukraine Call ... the former Texas governor had been deeply involved in the administration efforts to influence Ukrainnewly elected government, including a push for Ukraine to shake up Naftogaz, the state-owned natural gas company, by adding Americans to its board of directors ... (crooks will crook the crooks)

John Dowd says Florida clients won't comply with impeachment inquiry (anyone who had any connection with Trump's treason is "immune") Perry denies pressing Ukraine on energy company, says he's not resigning (karma's a bitch, asshole)
Demoralized State Department personnel question Pompeo's role in Ukraine crisis ... a State Department workforce that is increasingly demoralized and resentful under his leadership, amid a growing belief that he has subordinated its mission and abandoned colleagues in the service of President Trumps political aims.

Seeking Ukraine Aid Records, House Subpoenas White House Budget Office and Pentagon -- Democrats are looking for information that could reveal whether President Trump's decision to withhold security aid from Ukraine was tied to his bid to pressure its government to investigate rivals ... As three congressional committees pressed forward to determine the validity of the whistle-blowers' complaint, which accused Mr. Trump of hijacking American foreign policy for his political benefit, the president sounded defiant and continued to lash out at his accusers. Trump ... calls his actions "very terrific" (and says he will fire Schiff and impeach Pelosi)

Giuliani's answer to impeachment inquiry: Sue Schiff (yeah, that'll work)
Opinion | What Happened to Rudy Giuliani? - The New York Times - The man I worked for in 1993 is not the man who now lies for Donald Trump.
Lawyer Claims Congress Is 'Harassing' Rudy Giuliani's Allies -- by Asking Them for Ukraine Documents -- "I have a real question about whether I should recognize their legitimacy," Giuliani says about the Congressional committees looking into his Ukraine work. (I am above your so-called "Congress" Ghoulianii ranted)
Kyle Cheney on Twitter: "Here's the letter (yes it's Comic Sans) indicating that Rudy Giuliani's associates will not be appearing or providing documents this week. Attorney John Dowd (Trump's former lawyer) argues the timeframe is too short and info could be attorney-client privileged." / Twitter

Trump Won't Stop His Abuses of Power - The president is violating his oath of office in plain sight. Congress can't accept that (haha #MitchPutinsBitch cackles in the background)
Its not news that Trump is corrupt. What's new is how he is succeeding in corrupting our government.
Trumps defiance of oversight presents new challenge to Congress's ability to rein in the executive branch
Perks of a "Rigged System" -- On the circular cynicism that insulates Trump

Polls begin to signal rising impeachment threat to Trump - A CBS News poll found 23% of Republicans backing an impeachment probe. In a USA Today survey, 30% of Republicans called itan abuse of powerfor Trump to ask Ukraine to investigate Biden (but they will still vote for Satan)

A federal judge takes a sledgehammer to Trumps stonewalling

Ratcliffe: DOJ Inspector Generals Report On FISA Abuse Will Be Released Within Next "Week Or Two" ... "The bottom line is, Adam Schiff is a material fact witness in the investigation. He shouldn't be running the investigation. (haha RealClearRepublicanPropaganda)

9 scenarios for how the Trump-Ukraine impeachment process could end - Vox - President Nancy Pelosi? President Steve Mnuchin?

A federal judge takes a sledgehammer to Trump's stonewalling
Federal judge rules Trump must turn over his tax returns to Manhattan DA, but Trump has appealed
Trump Taxes: President Ordered to Turn Over Returns to Manhattan D.A. - The New York Times - A judge rejected the president's argument that he was immune from criminal investigations. (totally immune! Trump raged furiously, threatens to impeach judge)
Trump Tax Returns: POTUS Loses Court Fight to Keep Records Secret - Bloomberg (is the wall of evil crumbling?)
Judge tosses out Trump challenge to tax return turnover : news

God I love Jeff : PoliticalHumor (Tiedrich)
He's also a 'Stable Genius' : PoliticalHumor
Lindsey in denial : PoliticalHumor
Soledad for the win : PoliticalHumor
Nickelback sees 569% surge in song downloads after Trump's 'Photograph' tweet

Chao met 4 times as often with Kentucky officials as from any other state - politico - Transportation secretary met far more often with constituents of her husband Mitch McConnell than officials from any other state (no corruption there #CocaineElaine)

Opinion | The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You - The New York Times ... For the first time on record, the 400 wealthiest Americans last year paid a lower total tax rate -- spanning federal, state and local taxes than any other income group, according to newly released data. (haha suckers, we lied!)
How tax brackets changed over time in the US : gifs
These 3 Policy Failures Are Killing the American Dream - 1) We let wages fall too damn low. 2) We let the costs of housing, health care, and higher education rise too damn high. 3) We let our social-welfare institutions (such as they are) grow too damn outdated (Republicans laugh at "let")
TIL that Americans are the most charitable people in the world. "Americans are about twice as generous in their private giving as Canadians, and 3-15 times as charitable as the residents of other developed nations. Americans also volunteer more than almost any other wealthy people." : todayilearned

2019 Virginia Legislative Election Survey - Judy Ford Wason Center for Public Policy - Christopher Newport University - Democrats lead Republicans by 13 points on the generic ballot test among likely voters, 49% to 36%. These advantages remain under our most stringent model.

'I Gave the Other Guy a Shot' : After taking a chance on Donald Trump in 2016, a swing county in western Pennsylvania is up for grabs again (NYT sends another team of crack reporters to another diner, this time in PA to find out what the Trumpsters are thinking)

This Election Was Always Going to Be a Mudfight. If Joe Biden Can't See That, He Should Get Out of the Way. The former vice president must come to grips with what he's up against in Donald Trump ... I understand the family stuff. Really, I do, even though if he cant find a way to turn the corruption attacks on his son around on Sluggo Jr., the Princess, the Dauphin Son-in-Law, and The Dumb One, somebody in the Biden campaign deserves to be fired. (since he's never listened to anyone -- DON'T TOUCH THE GIRLS -- it'S his liiterally stupid fault)

Nina Turner: Charter School Advocate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The biggest detriment for me in supporting Bernie Sandersun is his horrific campaign team. Jeff Weaver is the lefty version of Mark Penn. Many of his top advisers are nothing more than internet trolls from 2016 and open Jill Stein voters that same year. And then there's the hire of David Sirota, for which I have no words. One of his leading people is Nina Turner, as awful on Twitter as Sirota and the others. And, as Rachel Cohen writes, it turns out that she has all sorts of ties to the charter school industry ... Nina Turner is just another union-busting charter grifter ... But you have to question Bernie's judgment in who he surrounds himself with, which matters because if he becomes president, these people are heading to the White House with him.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Files for Divorce - Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is heading for splitsville with her husband -- for the second time (it's complicated)
Mark Kelly outpaces Martha McSally in latest Senate fundraising tally

FBI Crackdown on Atomwaffen Division Heats Up With New Arrests - Two members of a Virginia cell and an active-duty soldier who belongs to an offshoot group have been charged in recent weeks.

Your annual reminder/notification of how the Susan G Komen foundation is a fraud that doesn't actually want to cure cancer. : videos

Ellen DeGeneres Sits Next To George Bush At Cowboys Game. Fans React. | HuffPost
Parker Molloy on Twitter: "Just Ellen DeGeneres hanging out with her buddy George W. Bush, taking in a football game." / Twitte ... I feel like you shouldn't need a flow chart to help you decide whether to go to a game as a war criminal's guest ... (shut up, she's elite you're not)
There's hey, it took such and such politician a long time to come around on thsiand then there's "HEY, WE NEED TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO EXPLICITLY DENY YOU RIGHTS." (yes, you forgot this, and why gay Ellen is a jerk)

Opinion | The Education of Fanatical Centrists - The New York Times -- Will they finally admit what the G.O.P. has become? (Barry is working on it)
When normal politics are no longer possible -- Paul Krugman has a good column, that reminds me of Orwells dictum that we have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men ... (good stuff on Popper and Marcuse) ... Liberal democracy and the current incarnation of the Republican party cannot co-exist for much longer. One of them must be destroyed; and the Democratic party's standard bearer needs to understand this above all.

The Black Cube Chronicles: The Private Investigators -- How two operatives tasked with surveilling reporters became embroiled in an international plot to suppress sexual-assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein. -- By Ronan Farrow

Alan Dershowitz and the wheel of pain - Columbia Journalism Review (Dershofuck is going down in flames, says it all anti-semitic)
Alan Dershowitz wishes to inform you that he is the Real Victim here - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Some lessons from the MIT Media Lab controversy - Columbia Journalism Review (two MORE stores about Media Lab that can't tell you what the fuck they actually do besides run a PR operation funded by people like Epstein and Bonesaw and then lie about it ... and ... "measure consumer emotion responses to digital content, such as ads and TV programming" )
The Moral Rot of the MIT Media LabLike its parent university, the famed research center became far too comfortable selling its prestige. Even to Jeffrey Epstein ... the architecturally distinct building, the quirky research teams, the robots and the canisters and the exhibits -- amounted to a shrewd act of merchandising intended to lure potential donors into cutting ever-larger checks ... MIT left Swartz to twist in the wind ... because "branding"

GE freezes pension plan for 20,000 U.S. employees : news (needs the money for their shitty execs who ruined the company)

Opinion | In the Land of Self-Defeat - The New York Times - What a fight over the local library in my hometown in rural Arkansas taught me about my neighbors go-it-alone mythology -- and Donald Trump's unbeatable appeal (meanwhile, in dumbfuck rural Arkansas, which gets more money from blue states than it pays in taxes, hates "big government" and librares full of books they will never read; the stupidity is willful, and deep)
Arkansas Gets More In Federal Funding Than It Pays In Taxes - News - Times Record - Fort Smith, AR - Arkansas receives about $2.6 billion more in federal funding than it pays in federal taxes, a net gain of about $865 per Arkansan, according to a report the National Priorities Project released Thursday.

FBI confirms Samuel Little's confession: He is the worst serial killer in U.S. history : news

Teens Shoot Photographer Nine Times in Park After Asking for Photo : news

Woman charged with false rape report faces trial in Kansas : news

Woman who keyed the Tesla turned herself in. : videos
The judge who sentenced a man to 10 days in jail for oversleeping jury duty clears his record : news

Truck driver wins 17k on scratch card. News station asks him to reenact it for a story. Truck driver wins 250k on scratch card during re-enactment. : videos
TIL The mother of a sick baby asked Ronaldo for an autographed shirt so she could sell it for the baby's treatment. He sent her a signed shirt and cheque for $83,000. : todayilearned

Eschaton: Marks - Rich people are so dumb. -- Holmes dropped out of Stanford University at 19 to form Theranos in 2003. The Palo Alto company promised to revolutionize health care by requiring only a pinprick of blood to run hundreds of tests. At its peak, it was valued at $9 billion and had a partnership with Walgreens (very talented con-artist)

Youth marijuana use can have adverse health outcomes. However, reports from Colorado, Oregon, and Washington indicate no statewide increase in youth marijuana use following retail legalization for adults. : science

TIL: that adjectives, in the English language, are meant to be in this order: opinion-size-age-shape-colour-origin-material-purpose Noun. "A lovely little old rectangular green French silver whittling knife." : todayilearned

New study find that among trans people with gender incongruence, undergoing gender-affirming surgery was significantly associated with a decrease in mental health treatment over time. The study gives "strong support for providing gender-affirming care to transgender individuals who seek them." : science
A Comprehensive Defense of Trans People : musicotic

9 out of 40 mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor developed a form of lung cancer, according to a new study. These findings have been criticized -- exposure wasn't similar to human vaping -- but the authors argue that e-cig vapor can cause DNA damage that leads to lung cancer over time -- These mice were literally surrounded by vapor for four hours per day for five days each week. This ist how a person would use an e-cigarette, which is an issue that this team has been criticized for in the past (so who's paying for this fake science?)

TIL Tea has a less jittery and more calming caffeine experience than coffee because the amino acid L-theanine and high antioxidants have a calming effect. : todayilearned

Why do only a few languages, mostly in southern Africa, have clicking sounds? Why don't more languages have them? : askscience

ELI5: When did people stop believing in the old gods like Greek and Norse? Did the Vikings just wake up one morning and think ''this is bullshit''? : explainlikeimfive

Investigating Athene, the YouTuber who started his own religion : videos

Bisexuals of Reddit what are the differences between having sex with a male and a female? : AskReddit

What looks easy peasy lemon squeezy but is actually difficult difficult lemon difficult? : AskReddit

If Subreddits could fall in love, what couples could you imagine? : AskReddit


Earth just experienced its hottest September ever recorded | September follows a record-setting summer, which recorded the hottest June and July, and the second hottest August. Scientists continue to warn that human activity is heating the planet at a dangerous rate : worldnews ... Don't think of it is the hottest summer ever. Think of it as the coolest summer of the next 50 years ... (until the glaciers come back)
Coral reefs in Persian Gulf dead due to climate change: official : worldnews ... also not forget that the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and most of Saudi Arabia are almost entirely dependent on desalinization as their primary water source. Exponential increases in water demand as a result of rapid growth in the past two decades have increased the salinity of the gulf ... a little bit
The Greening of Paris Makes Its Mayor More Than a Few Enemies - The New York Times ... Two-thirds of public transport users are women ... (car drivers are furious!)
Eschaton: Weather - Global warming aside, the United States has the worst weather in the world. Of course the weather isn't the same everywhere, but almost everywhere in this country it's bad in its own way. Much of the Midwest literally has the worst weather in the world. There are colder places and there are hotter places, but few places where you get 105 degree days in July and -10 degree days in January. Even some places with more moderate weather overall (highs not so high, lows not so low) have bizarrely large intraday temperature swings. -- Today is a pretty nice day, if cold compared to... 2 days ago.

Anger grows at civilian deaths by US, Afghan forces : news (they keep doing what they've always been doing, forever)
Iraq demonstrators protest government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi - The Washington Post
From Baghdad to Kyiv to Haiti, people everywhere are rising up. The U.S. is a big part of the problem. | Will Bunch - From Baghdad to Kyiv to Haiti, people everywhere are rising up. The U.S. is a big part of the problem
Joshua Potash ?? on Twitter: "Ukraine. Today. Protesting President Zelensky and his concessions to Putin. Showing us the way." / Twitter

The invocation of a draconian law to quell a four-month unrest in Hong Kong has signalled the start of an authoritarian era that will plunge the city in a worse crisis, analysts and Hong Kongers have said. : worldnews (on the brink ...)
Hong Kong Protesters establish provisional government : worldnews

In Kazakhstan, Muslim women who fled China recount ordeals - The Washington Post
China accused of genocide over forced abortions of Uighur Muslim women as escapees reveal widespread sexual torture: Such abuses aimed at curbing women's ability to reproduce are common in Xinjiang, experts say
this is a social experiment : pics

North Korea Breaks Off Nuclear Talks With U.S. | HuffPost - Officials from Pyongyang and Washington failed to come to an agreement during a meeting in Sweden.

Why the Middle East Is More Combustible Than Ever - Why the Middle East Is More Combustible Than Ever (tnx, W and Barry)

Five murdered in Austrian ski town of Kitzbuehel: police - Reuters

Johnson to Challenge the Queen to Fire Him, Sunday Times Reports - Bloomberg
Johnson: UK 'packing our bags and walking out' in 25 days (off cliff with the stupid Tories, have fun)
Harry Dunn crash: Mum appeals for US suspects return (drunken Republican bitch murderer)

Russia sees leverage as Ukraine squirms amid impeachment drama - The Washington Post

2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney - ABC News
Whistleblower's attorney says team now representing 'multiple' officials (the dam, has it broken?)
Second whistleblower comes forward 'with first-hand knowledge' of corruption allegations : worldnews

Eschaton: And after I finish tweeting, Slick Rick is on next - Hilarious. -- President Trump told House Republicans that he made his now infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the urging of Energy Secretary Rick Perry -- a call Trump claimed he didn't even want to make (haha, under the bus with the rest of them) < br /> Trump throws Rick Perry under the bus, tries to blame him for making the Ukraine call
Trump is reportedly blaming Rick Perry for his infamous call with the Ukrainian president : worldnews ... "How can someone else be blamed for Donald Trump's phone call? He made the fucking call! I only blame myself when I drunk dial my ex! I don't blame Rick Perry." (new meme: "Just blame Rick!)
The Mastermind is Revealed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - We have finally located the evil genius behind the Trump administration's many impeachable offenses: (Rick takes the fall!)
AP sources: Trump allies pressed Ukraine over gas firm - Giuliani, Perry
Crazed Rudy Giuliani Asks, 'What if Joe Biden Committed Murder?" In Bizarre Treason Defense

Scoop: Mick Mulvaney predicts post-impeachment election landslide for Trump - Axios (having his crimes exposed will make Trump even more wildly popular, does this evil asshole really think that? while Trump raises "breathtaking sums" from accusing the libtard demonrats of trying to impeach his highest highness)

GOP senator says diplomat told him Trump was withholding aid to ensure investigations - Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin ("winced")
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Loses It on Meet the Press: I Do Not Trust the FBI or CIA ... "Fox News conspiracy propaganda " ...
'Who leaked?' Republican Sen. Ron Johnson's conspiracy-filled defense of Trump, analyzed.

Trump's man in Brussels at center of impeachment inquiry -- Gordon Sondland, Washingtons ambassador to EU, assisted US president in Ukraine (just a little "ensnarement" in Trump's crookedness)

Judge orders White House to preserve records of Trumps dealings with foreign leaders

Barr and a Top Prosecutor Cast a Wide Net in Reviewing the Russia Inquiry - The New York Times - The attorney general and a veteran prosecutor, John H. Durham, have charted an unusual course that could bolster President Trumps pet theories about the Russia investigation (from 4chan to Stephen Miller to Trump's empty head to the entire DOJ: Hillary is the real crook!)
Barrs Requests for Foreign Help Prompt Backlash in Australia, Italy, U.K. --Opposition lawmakers, intelligence officials question why the attorney general is working outside usual channels in review of Russia-probe origins (well, that's obvious)
Barrs review of Russia investigation wins Trump's favor. Those facing scrutiny suspect hes chasing conspiracy theories (fed him by Putin)

Pompeo says he sent response to House investigators, but subpoenaed documents remain undelivered - The Washington Post (the "response" was a crayon-scribbled "fuck you")
'This is what we do': Trump official Mike Pompeo suggest pressuring foreign leaders to investigate political rivals is normal : worldnews
Diplomats angry and afraid as Ukraine controversy embroils Pompeos State Department (one government agency at a time, are there any left?)

Why Trump, Facing Impeachment, Warns of Civil War | The New Yorker
If Trump's Rage Brings 'Civil War,' Where Will the Military Stand? ... No doubt most will embrace the Constitution. But some will see that as a tough call (not to commit treason is a tough call) ... Recent polling shows that among military veterans, approval ratings for Trump are higher than among the civilian population. In my experience, the support for Donald Trump among a large segment of the U.S. military is downright cult-like. None of this makes sense ... (read on, it's depressing how much the "rank-and-file" support evil lazy-ass draft-dodging Cadet Bonespurs ... feels like a toxic masculinity problem +CENTCOM is 24/7 Fox Tv)

emptywheel on Twitter: "@RepJerryNadler George Papadopoulos, whose entire conspiracy theory was written by Stephan Roh, wants you to know you should not listen to a thing Stephan Roh says." / Twitter ... Reminder that Stephan Roh, the Russian-tied lawyer who invented the conspiracy theory the Attorney General of the United States is running around the world trying to prove, offered to hire Papadopoulos in 2017.
Donald Trumps Ukraine Scandal Has Its Roots in Russia -- President's apparent willingness to accept political favors from foreign leaders, and his eagerness to do Putin's bidding.

The Nickelback joke Trump doesnt get ... Nickelback didn't exactly become famous for being famous. It became famous for being famous despite being horrible. That makes Trump the Nickelback president. He was elevated to the top of society despite being utterly deplorable, and also because he was utterly deplorable ... Trump is dangerous, but hs also ridiculous -- a peril and a parody at the same time

What Is Romney's Next Move In His Spat With Trump? | HuffPost (getting impeached by Trump, obviously)
Powell: 'The Republican party has got to get a grip on itself' : politics (said the lying Republican who lied the country into a war to protect the 9/11 Saudi-fuck Arabs)

Democrats fear disruptions of recent weeks will harm effort to defeat Trump - The Washington Post - The top fundraiser in the Democratic presidential field was hospitalized with a heart attack, the longtime polling leader and his son sit at the center of an impeachment inquiry, and the one candidate with clear momentum faces persistent doubts among some party leaders that she is too liberal to win the general election ("too liberal" = "too girly")

Joe Biden has watched the GOP his whole life and never thought "wow they would do that to me, also, too." ... "I can't believe this guy is going after my family like this" he told Senator Chris Coons of Delaware ... (delusional fucking idiot, no wonder Barry chose him instead of someone with a brain)
Top Biden Donors Gather Amid Storm Clouds Over Campaign - The New York Times - Now fourth in the Democratic money chase and under fire from President Trump, Joseph R. Biden Jr. is increasingly dependent on his top donors, many of whom met in Philadelphia (yesterday, when asked about crooked Hunter, he said "shut up" in a carefully prepared response to the boiling controversy)

If Hunter Biden Is Fair Game, So Are Trump's Kids (lock them all up)

Public support for Trump's impeachment is higher than it was for Nixon and Clinton - Axios - Trumps impeachment poll warnings -- Public support for President Trump's impeachment is higher than it was for Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton when the House launched impeachment inquiries against them.
Analysis: Trump's old ways colliding with new realities ... In many ways, Trump has lived a life free of consequences ...
'Out on a limb' : Inside the Republican reckoning over Trumps possible impeachment

DeVos violated a court order to stop collecting on the debts of Corinthian College students. Now, they want her held in contempt. : politics (they are all contempuous)

Zero members of Trump administration appear on Sunday talk shows : politics (now, there's a first)

Eschaton: Morning Thread - Hillary got it wrong. It's a basket full of idiots, not deplorables. (let's make it "evil fucking idiots")

Jim Jordan Doesn't 'Think' Trump Did Something He Actually Did On Camera : politics

For House Democrats, impeachment probe widens the divide they hoped to bridge - The Washington Post ... "Not true!" a woman shouted from the back. "Fake news!" He's your president, Slotkin!" (speaking of deplorable idiots, fuck off Michigan Returds)

Out on a limb: Inside the Republican reckoning over Trumps possible impeachment
Susan Collins calls Trump's invitation to China 'completely inappropriate' (she clutched her pearls and then said "where's my money?")

Look in my eyes, what do you see - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Nathan Robinson is having a normal one ... Aside from the obvious, "this is a mass movement, and only one specific 78-year-old white guy can or will ever be able to make it happen" is a position that has never had any obvious coherence. (smart, but too young and inexperiened BernieBro)

'Unfit to Sit': Rallies Demand Kavanaugh Impeachment on One-Year Anniversary of Senate Confirmation - "The public deserves to know the truth about whether Kavanaugh lied under oath, whether he committed sexual assault, and whether he really deserves to be on the Supreme Court." : politics

KarmaSutra: When fate fucks him in all sorts of creative ways! : PoliticalHumor
The Daily life of a conservative : PoliticalHumor
Idiocracy meets nepotism : PoliticalHumor
Dawn is coming... : PoliticalHumor
Not just two, a few million : PoliticalHumor
And this is just this beginning : PoliticalHumor
Swedish proverb: Those who sit in a house of glass should think twice before throwing a rock! : PoliticalHumor
The accusation is perfectly fine. : PoliticalHumor
One foot in the mouth! : PoliticalHumor
Promises kept : PoliticalHumor
"He'll run this country like his businesses!!" : PoliticalHumor
I've had it with these damn whistles
Don't...You...Dare... : PoliticalHumor

Guestpass127 describes how the relationship between republicans and liberals has worsened in the last decades : bestof

/u/SkittleTittys explains (in a very neutral way) the complexities of Trumpism

Sen. Susan Collins is an endangered Republican. Impeachment could make her more so. : politics

Three Hours Before Blasting Trump's Ukraine Call, Tucker Carlson Called It A Made Up Story
John Solomon Joining Fox News as Contributor ... a former columnist for The Hill (one deplorable fake journo down, let's try for Andrew McCharthy next, karma lords)

Whistleblowers Are Bad Now - Lawyers, Guns & Money - my Greenwald, Tuesdays at 9 on Russia Today:
Glme before we even know if it (I Do *NOT* Support Trump) on Twitter: "I'm seeing a lot of Good Liberals jumping to conclusions about this Deep State "whistleblower" before we even know if its one of the ones who will get me a Pulitzer Prize or one of the ones I have to send to prison.
zachary on Twitter: "When the whistleblower is against Trump" / Twitter (Taibbi and Greenwald pro-Russia)

Here we go again: US govt tells Facebook to kill end-to-end encryption for the sake of the children : technology

'Harvey Weinstein Told Me He Liked Chinese Girls' -- Why it took me more than 20 years to tell my #MeToo story.

Two centuries ago, University of Virginia students beat and raped enslaved servants, historians say

Suspicious insulin injections, nearly a dozen deaths: Inside an unfolding investigation at a VA hospital in West Virginia - The Washington Post ... The probe has come to focus on a now-fired hospital employee, a woman who worked the overnight shift as a nursing assistant and left last year, according to people familiar with the case ... (your perfectly good VA system)

Tanning Salons Could Be Targeting Gay Men by Opening in LGBT Neighborhoods, Putting Them at Risk of Cancer ... Each year, indoor tanning is thought to cause over 460,000 cases of skin cancers in the general population. Compared with heterosexual men, gay and bisexual men are believed to be twice as likely to have skin cancer, and six times more likely to use a tanning bed over the course of their lives (1/4 of all cancers ... and no regulation)

Foreign-student recruiter shuts down, leaving Mass. schools in the lurch - The Boston Globe - Eduboston, stunned the schools, students, and families it had been working with when it announced it would be abruptly closing up shop Sept. 30. The move came amid lawsuits, accusations of fraud, and an apparent mountain of debt.

What's better left unsaid in Bellingham? Politics -- Bellingham emerged as the most closely divided town in Massachusetts, a mere 26 votes out of almost 9,000 deciding the race locally in favor of Donald Trump. (GeezerTrumpTown wants "small government" and "better walls" around their brains)

Cigarettes, N.H., Craigslist: How the vaping public is contending with Baker's ban

The Mamas and Papas -- Go where you wanna go - YouTube

How a Murderous Rampage Reveals Perils for City's Street Homeless - The brutal killing of four men occurred in a Manhattan neighborhood where the street homeless problem has long persisted.

Someone is really charging people $1,100 to live in a shed! And they want you to have a 650+ credit score too. ?? : sandiego

How Many Hours of Sleep do You Actually Need? - It depends on how well you want your brain to work (at least 8 hrs +afternoon nap)
An Ode to Being Old - On the harder-to-measure benefits of age and experience.

7 Books That Will Change How You See The World
27 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself

TIL: The hormone, oxytocin, which triggers feelings of unconditional love and protection occurs when parents and children look into each other's eyes or embrace, this spikes in both human and canine brains, we love our pets in the same way as family members, and dogs return this devoted affection.
Why humans love pet dogs as much as their children - Telegraph - Researchers found that the same hormone, oxytocin, spikes in both human and canine brains when a dog is gazing at its owner

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), nearly 2 million diabetics, many of them poor, got health insurance, a new study shows (n=2,400). Increasing coverage rates can enhance health equity, because people with undiagnosed or untreated diabetes disproportionately belong to underserved groups. : science (repeal and reFuck)

ELI5: Why is 2.4Ghz Wifi NOT hard-limited to channels 1, 6 and 11? Wifi interference from overlapping adjacent channels is worse than same channel interference. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the only ones that don't overlap with each other. Shouldn't all modems be only allowed to use 1, 6 or 11? : explainlikeimfive

What do we know about the gut's role in depression, and have there been recent major shifts in understanding? : askscience

A Mysterious Sleeping Disorder That Turns Life Into a Waking Dream - The New York Times

Scientists now have the clearest-yet view of the universe's cosmic web -- a vast structure that links far-flung galaxies (bright spots) by threads (blue) of gas.
Milky Way's centre exploded 3.5 million years ago : science
Rocks at asteroid impact crater off the Yucatan Peninsula record the first day of dinosaur extinction. New study confirms the asteroid impact set wildfires, triggered tsunamis and blasted so much sulfur into atmosphere that it blocked the Sun, causing global cooling, ultimately dooming dinosaurs. : science

TIL about the Great California flood of 1862 which submerged Sacramento under 10 feet of water and turned California's Central Valley into a vast inland sea spanning 300 miles long, 20 miles wide and 30 feet deep. It killed thousands, bankrupted the state and historically happens every 200 years.
California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe - Scientific American
Minute by minute: What if Oroville Dams spillway had failed one year ago? (like, holy crap)

Surface Pro 7/Laptop 3/Pro X FAQ - READ FIRST : Surface

The Private Life of Lord Byron by Antony Peattie review - portrait of a paradox | Books | The Guardian - The Private Life of Lord Byron by Antony Peattie review portrait of a paradox The received image of Byron as a rakish bon vivant is decisively reframed in a biography exploring his personal foibles

throwaway-parrot comments on Alex, the African Grey parrot, is the only animal to ever ask an existential question. He asked "what color" he was (funniest and most touching thing you'll read today

What are some deep, thought provoking questions to ask someone to know them better? : AskReddit

Turning the passenger airbag into a claymore mine using a coin collection : WTF

Men of reddit, whats something you see as romantic you wish ladies would do more often? : AskReddit
Women of Reddit, what is the dumbest thing a man has ever said to you about sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc.? : AskReddit

People of Reddit, are you aware of the YouTube channels who take screenshots of popular Reddit posts, put a text to speech voice over on them and get millions of views? If so, what are your opinions on them? : AskReddit

10 Tips to Avoid Leaving Tracks Around the Internet - The New York Times (don't use google or facebook helps a lot)


Radical warming in Siberia leaves millions on unstable ground - Washington Post (meanwhile, in Siberia ... )
Waterloo teacher on leave after "sniper rifle" comment about Greta Thunberg visit : news
Greta Thunberg is being tipped to win the Nobel Peace Prize : worldnews
Piers Morgan on Greta : PoliticalHumor
Earth just experienced its hottest September ever recorded : worldnews

Flu shots urged in Western states with low vaccine rates : news ... Wyoming, Utah and Idaho rank among the bottom 10 states for adult flu vaccination.

Violence grips Hong Kong as Lam activates emergency powers | World news | The Guardian - Thousands hit the streets, crowds set fire to stations and police fire live ammunition
Hong Kong emergency law 'marks start of authoritarian rule' : worldnews
All Hong Kong rail services suspended as protests erupt. Shots have been fired as protesters continued their pro-democracy protests, seemingly galvanized by a ban on the wearing of face masks. Inner-city train lines have also been halted. : worldnews
Taiwan flag emoji disappears from latest Apple iPhone keyboard : worldnews (evil for profit is Apple's slogan)

Saudi Arabia and Iran Make Quiet Openings to Head Off War - The New York Times

Revealed: the QAnon conspiracy theorist who is friends with Australian PM Scott Morrison | Australia news | The Guardian - QAnon figure BurnedSpy, whose wife works on the prime minister's staff, has propagated bizarre theories about Alexander Downer and Julie Bishop (conservatives can't think)

Judge shoots self in court after being forced to change verdict : worldnews

The teenager who's been married too many times to count
Scandal of young Iraqi girls sold for sex in temporary 'pleasure marriages' that can last as little as an hour - as one Shia cleric claims it is 'no problem at all' to wed a nine-year-old : worldnews (muzfuck Shia' pedos for Allah)

British research group Forensic Architecture finds Israeli sniper shot 9 year old Palestinian child in the head with live ammunition. : worldnews (jewfuck racist murderers)

US Diplomat's wife flees the UK and hides behind diplomatic immunity after killing 19 year old in a head on collision. : worldnews

Prince Andrew has avoided questions from the media in Australia amid controversy surrounding his links with the late billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. : news

Trump hotel taking bookings from foreign officials who never stay in rooms, investigation told : worldnews (no crime at all)

Trump Will Deny Immigrant Visas to Those Who Cant Pay for Health Care (must have a million dollars in the bank and yeah, it was Jewish Nazi Stephen Miller who thought of this)
US immigrants will be denied entry if they can't afford health care : news

Trump impeachment inquiry live updates: Trump says the Democratic-led House has the votes to impeach him - The Washington Post (timeline of the shit hitting the fan on Friday, see below)

2nd Official Is Weighing Whether to Blow the Whistle on Trumps Ukraine Dealings
Mounting evidence buttresses the facts laid out in whistleblower complaint - The Washington Post ... "It's a success story, as whistleblower complaints go" (rmember Barry's war on whistle-blowers?)
Whistle-Blower News: Trump Orders Cut to National Security Staff - Bloomberg (predictable)
'Me! Me!' : An aggrieved Trump spins an alternate reality as impeachment probe escalates
Scoop: Trump pins Ukraine call on Energy Secretary Rick Perry - Axios (haha, instant "retirement")
If Donald Trump goes down, he'll try to take everyone with him
Wendy Siegelman on Twitter: "Robert Bensh is Senior Managing Partner Pelicourt LLC - Pelicourt is largest owner of Cub Energy, and the CEO of Cub Energy is largest owner of Pelicourt Frank Mermoud, who has close ties to Manafort and Arron Banks, is one of four directors of Cub Energy" / Twitter ... Rick Perry had more extensive role in Ukraine than previously reported & pushed to add 2 Americans to Naftogaz supervisory board: Robert Bensh, Michael Bleyzer

Holding Ukraine hostage: How the president and his allies, chasing 2020 ammunition, fanned a political storm - The Washington Post
Trumps corruption is black and white

Pentagon orders the preservation of all records relating to Ukraine : worldnews

Read the Text Messages Between U.S. and Ukrainian Officials - The New York Times

How Rudy Giulianis Bid to Discredit Mueller Played Into Impeachment Probe (dumbfuckers)
Michael Cohen expected to be brought to NY to meet with investigators - CNNPolitics
The Invention of the Conspiracy Theory on Biden and Ukraine | The New Yorker - How a conservative dark-money group that targeted Hillary Clinton in 2016 spread the discredited story that may lead to Donald Trump's impeachment

Trumps calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some 'genuinely horrified' (as he committed treason in front of their eyes, but "most" didn't give a shit)
Trump has spoken privately with Putin at least 16 times. Heres what we know about the conversations (nothing, conversations were "perfect")
Fawning on Putin and haranguing Theresa May: Trump's 'troubling' calls to world leaders revealed by White House officials : worldnews ... "According to reports, the US president repeatedly cast doubt on Russian involvement in the Salisbury nerve agent attacks during a phone call with Theresa May" ...
Trump "fawning" to Putin and other authoritarians in "embarrassing" phone calls
Fox News' Tucker Carlson turns on Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden: There CNN's Sara Murray reports how President Trump's children are profiting off their father's presidency, while Trump and other Republicans are accusing Joe Biden and his son Hunter of being "corrupt" for doing the same. : politics

House Democrats subpoena White House in impeachment inquiry - Axios
White House Subpoenaed in House Impeachment Inquiry : news

For Trump, Ukraine is a story of personal resentment and political opportunism - The Washington Post

Pompeo fails to meet House subpoena deadline to produce Ukraine documents : politics
Pompeo fails to meet House subpoena deadline to produce Ukraine documents : worldnews (fathead says he is above your stupid Constitution)
Pompeo Defends Trumps Ukraine Conspiracy Theory - In Athens, the American secretary of state dismissed the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry and the political drama that it has sparked as a 'silly gotcha game'

Escalating Impeachment Inquiry Rattles State Department | HuffPost - The department is reeling from daily revelations in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, according to former senior officials (and the revelations that they are all Trumpcrooks)

Stephen Miller blamed impeachment on Deep State -- Bannon says thats for 'nut cases'

Kevin McCarthy has put Republicans in a really bad place - The Washington Post

Impeachment Shouldn't Make a Pelosi Presidency Possible - Bloomberg - Democrats should make it legally impossible for impeachment to deliver them the White House (hahaha Bloomfuck is getting worried)

Trump cares about corruption : PoliticalHumor
How about that? : PoliticalHumor

'If the president is doing it' : How Trump took swearing mainstream (the debasing of America by his base of evil lunatics)

Eschaton: Both Sides - I agree that we should impeach both Trump and Joe Biden. -- Just to keep the universe in harmony.

Trump Administration Unveils More Cuts to Food Stamp Program - The New York Times (killing more people so the riches and take it all is the Republican way)

Bloomberg Law retracts story on Labor Department appointee Leif Olson - The Washington Post (Bloomfuckers, again)

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Out White House Aides Reportedly 'Horrified' by Trump Conduct: 'History Will Judge Them by What They Did. And the Answer Is Nothing' : politics

The 'Never Trump' Coalition That Decided Eh, Never Mind, He's Fine

Expanding Medicaid to more low-income adults helped many of them feel healthier, and do a better job at work or a job search, in just 1 year after new health coverage. Those with mental health disorders such as depression or addiction got an especially big boost in health and work-related measures. : science (vote Republican and die!)

'I Want Them to Pay' : Four Teens Plead No Contest in Texas High School Football Rape ScandalTheir pleas mark the first time athletes have faced justice in the mass sexual-assault and bullying case that victimized 10 boys ... In the 30 months since, most of the 13 accused boysmany of them now menhave walked free on bail during the investigation, gassing up their trucks at the local H-E-B grocery and grabbing food at Whataburger, while still living near their alleged victims. (probation for gang rape with shampoo bottles bc Texas)
'I Want Them to Pay' : Four Teens Plead No Contest in Texas High School Football Rape Scandal -- Rape a dozen boys, get community service? Texas, what the fuck? (they were good Christians)
12 arrested in connection with alleged rapes at Alabama university : news (and then there's Fuckabama)

Witness in Guyger Trial Shot, Killed Friday Night: TDMN : news

Four Homeless Men Killed With Steel Beam in NYC Murder Rampage : news

National Grid employee fired after Belmont bumper sticker confrontation | - National Grid has fired the employee who, in a Trump hat, confronted a Belmont woman over her bumper stickers (drunk Trumpster encouraged by the Orange Demon)
National Grid employee fired after Belmont bumper sticker confrontation : boston

Don't listen to people in traffic vests unless they have police identifiers - Seaport : boston

Clampdown on vaping could send users back toward cigarettes : news (tnx, Charlie Vapor)
A new, non-vaping, non-smoking way to get nicotine has come to America - CNN (and did Charlie Baker take big-cancer's lobbying money?)

College Students Just Want Normal Libraries -- Schools have been on a mission to reinvent campus libraries -- shifting academic priorities and space constraints threatened to deplete certain book collections, particularly those in highly technical fields such as chemistry, economics, and education (you don't need no education ... but administrators need all the money +sportball stadiums)
College Students Just Want Normal Libraries : books

Bible discovery: Lost gospel found in Egypt dubbed 'priceless' by Richard Dawkins -- THE lost gospels of Judas, which were discovered in Egypt more than five decades ago, one of the most surprising document finds of the 20th century (here we are, 13 yrs after Gospel of Judas, are our scientists waking up?)
Puzzling Bible: Lost Gospel Divides Scientists Over Judas' Role in Jesus Christs Betrayal -- According to Richard Dawkins, the uncovered texts not only tell us a more complete story of Jesus Christ, but also shed light on the person who played perhaps the most crucial part in leading up to his crucifixion Judas Iscariot.

Scientist Who Discredited Meat Guidelines Didn' Report Past Food Industry Ties -- The lead researcher, Bradley C. Johnston, said he was not required to report his past relationship with a powerful industry trade group (and he was sure it would never come out 3 days later)
Scientist Who Discredited Meat Guidelines Didn't Report Past Food Industry Ties

ELI5: Generation Z appears to be, on average, so much poorer than those of their parents. For most, ever owning a house seems unlikely, and even car ownership is much less common. What exactly happened to cause this? : explainlikeimfive (Boomers said fuck off and die)

[NSFW] Redditors who unexpectedly found someone you know on a porn site, how did that go? : AskReddit

What is an unexplainable memory from your childhood? : AskReddit


Online haters are targeting Greta Thunberg with conspiracy theories & fake photos | Climate scientists say such organized attacks are par for the course for anyone who dares to discuss the science. They often are highly coordinated, using the same talking points, themes & language, said Michael Mann : worldnews
Trump targets 16-year-old Greta Thunberg again on twitter, quotes tweet calling her "an actress" : A professor of Vermont Law School took Trump to task for "cyberbullying a child"

Traffic at standstill as thousands again take to streets in Hong Kong to protest against anti-mask law : worldnews
Hong Kong to introduce anti-mask law, effective midnight : worldnews
Trump privately told Xi Jinping he would roll over on Hong Kong to get a trade deal: report : worldnews

New revelations about Islamic reform schools in Nigeria paint horrifying picture of physical, sexual abuse : news (muzfucks fucking and torturing kids in the name of Allah-fuck)

Russian witness thrown from a window after his name was exposed by Trump Tower lobbyist: emails : worldnews (he put himself in a locked bad, shot himself three times in the head, and jumped out the window)
Email Leak Exposes Trump Tower Russian's Dirty Lobbying Operations

Thirteen Ukrainian soldiers died during Trump-ordered freeze on military aid : politics

Is ICE trying to deport this U.S. citizen? Francisco Galicia remains in limbo 2 months after release - ICE informed the Dallas-born 18-year-old that his case had been filed with an immigration judge. Two immigration attorneys say that means deportation proceedings are moving forward (Trump an deport American-born US citizens)

'Just Because He Does It in the Open Does Not Make Abuse of Power OK': Outrage After Trump Asks China to Investigate Bidens: "Let's be very clear what's happening here: Trump is openly asking foreign governments to interfewre inthe 2020 presidential election against his political rivals"
Demanding Transcript of Trump Call With Xi, Warren Slams President for Selling Out People of Hong Kong 'Behind Closed Doors': "The public must see the transcript of Trump's call with Xi. And we need a leader who will stand up for our values." : worldnews

CIA's top lawyer made 'criminal referral' on whistleblower's complaint about Trump conduct - Experts are raising questions about why the Justice Department did not open an investigation. (Barr has totally corrupted the whole Justice Dept)

Trump is now publicly abusing his oath of office - The Washington Post
Trump says he has an 'absolute right' to ask a foreign government to investigate his political rival
White House plans to spurn Democrats' request for documents in impeachment inquiry ('I AM THE LAW" he raged, furiously)
White House Will Refuse To Cooperate With Impeachment Probe : politics
Nancy Pelosi Says House Doesn't Need 'Too Much Inquiry' To Impeach Trump, Claims President Had 'Confessed' To Violating Oath Of Office : politics

Eschaton: Trump's Gonna Be In The Stocks By Tomorrow - Inevitable. -- Who's in charge of strategy: Officials said Kushner and White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney are the officials most focused on developing an impeachment strategy.

Top intel watchdog divulges info on whistleblower complaint - POLITICO
FEC chairwoman confirms accepting 'opposition research' from foreign national is illegal : politics

Three deeply problematic aspects of newly released text messages centered on the Ukraine scandal - The Washington Post
Trove of text messages makes it clear: Trump knew his Ukraine extortion was illegal : politics
Fmr. Solicitor General on Ukraine Texts: You Can Literally Litigate For Decades & Never See Something in Writing As Damning'
Quid pro quo: Newly released texts take Trump scandal to a new level : politics
Playbook: The smoking texts
Newly Revealed Trump Administration Texts On Ukraine Appear To Show Clear Quid Pro Quos | HuffPost - call with the leader of Ukraine has prompted an impeachment inquiry as Democrats condemn what they call brazen efforts to extract political favors.
Trump Envoys Pushed Ukraine to Commit to Investigating Biden - The New York Times
Ukraine to Review Criminal Case of Firm Linked to Biden's Son
Damning text messages detail Trump pressure on Ukraine - CNNPolitics

The Former Special Envoy To Ukraine Told Congress That Trumps Biden Conspiracy Has 'No Credibility To Me' -- Kurt Volker, the former special envoy to Ukraine, also told Congressat no timedid he take part in an effort to investigate Joe Biden, according to remarks obtained by BuzzFeed News.
Volker Gives New Details on Giulianis Role in Ukraine Policy

Scope Of Trumps Ukraine Scheme Comes Into Focus As New Reports Emerge
/u/riemannszeros points out the constantly changing right-wing narrative regarding the Trump-Ukraine scandal : bestof (Satan's mouth is a fountain of lies)

Pence Makes Clear There Is No Daylight Between Him and Trump - The New York Times - The vice president has risen to his boss's defense at a moment of crisis that some Republicans fear could inflict lasting damage on them both
Impeachment Will Test the Pence-Trump Partnership - The Atlantic - When a Vice President Becomes a ThreatThe fragility of Mike Pences partnership with Donald Trump could soon be on high display.

Fox Legal Analyst: Trumps Behavior 'Criminal And Impeachable' - Judge Andrew Napoliano also warned Trump's "Civil War" tweet is 'a dog whistle to the deranged' (i.e., his whole base)

Ron Johnson OK with Trump asking China to investigate the Bidens (speaking of really weird traitorous heads)
Ron Johnson Fails to Defend President Trump on Ukraine Aid Quid Pro Quo - If Ron Johnson Keeps This Up, Trump Could Be in Leavenworth by Christmas -- The Wisconsin senator is not helping Dear Leader in his public appearances.

Tlaib: Democrats Are Looking Into How to Arrest Trump Officials (Free Beacon of Shit thinks this is a scandal)

Eschaton: Sure My Client Is Guilty Of Some Things - But other people are guilty of other things, so, covfefe? (Fuckiani admits Trump is a crook, again)
Giuliani says State Dept vowed to investigate after he gave Ukraine docs to Pompeo - Democrats who saw the documents dismissed them as "propaganda and disinformation spreading conspiracy theories"
Why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo should resign - The Washington Post

Trump's impeachment polling is historically unprecedented
Trump's impeach-me strategy
White House letter dares Pelosi to hold vote on impeachment inquiry - Axios
Opinion | Trump, the Self-Impeaching President - The New York Times - Now he wants China to investigate the Bidens and help his re-election bid. Give him this, hes not subtle.

The Scandal Has Spiraled Out of Trump's Control - When the week began, the president faced questions about Ukraine. Now the inquiry has gone global.
Trumps Allies Are Running Out of Excuses
The Only Issue Left Is Trumps 'Absolute Right' to Solicit Collusion
Mitt Romney Calls Trumps Ukraine Call, China Comments 'Brazen And Unprecedented'
Trump calls for impeachment of Mitt Romney for criticizing him in rambling tweet - Raw Story (don't impeach me, impeach him! said the 4 yr old)
How Devin Nunes is defending Trump against impeachment | The Fresno Bee (little commie ratfucker)
The real issue isn't Donald Trump. It's his party. : politics
Shepard Smith Dunks Trump: President 'May Have Violated Federal Law... On Live TV' : politics
Ukraine Diplomat Texts Point to Trump Quid Pro Quo: The Smoking Gun - This Is a John Le Carre Novel Starring the Marx Brothers. It's Also a Smoking Arsenal. Every Republican in Congress now looks like a fool or a crook. There is no third alternative (the wheels of karma grind slow, but fine)

Whistleblower accuses largest US military shipbuilder of putting American lives at risk by falsifying tests on submarine stealth coating

Eric Trump Pens Dumb Op-Ed Citing Marcus Aurelius in 'The Gladiator' - Eric Trump Just Penned One of History's Greatest Philosophical Texts 00 The Really Not Smart One strikes again, this time citing "The Gladiator."

Elizabeth Warren Hilariously Trolls Political Smear Calling Her A 'Cougar' -- Two discredited far-right conspiracy theorists were up to their old tricks. But she deftly dismissed them ... Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman -- held a press conference in Arlington, Virginia, featuring Kelvin Whelly, a former U.S. Marine in his mid-20s who claims he had a paid sexual affair with Warren, 70, that included bondage ... Whelly claims he met Warren through a male escort website, Cowboys4Angels ... (hahhaha)

Donald Trump's Senate red wall against impeachment - Axios (36 committed hands of Satan even w/o Suzie-Doozy)

'Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth' - : Sasse decries Trump's call for probe
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded to Trump calling her a 'wack job,' by saying it is better than being someone who 'betrays our country' : politics

Willing to take one for the Team! : PoliticalHumor

Rick Perry Created AI Office Within Energy Dept. Despite Wife's Investments - CREW

The Supreme Court term will launch a conservative revolution ahead of the 2020 election (no abortions, and a lot of other evil shit rolling out with the Beer-Court)

'Coup' talk is proliferating on Fox as the impeachment inquiry ramps up
'Treason, Spy Coup' As Impeachment Talk Intensifies, So Does Trump's Rhetoric (NPR calls incoherent delusional ranting "rhetoric")
"Stupid Watergate" Is Worse Than the Original
Justice Department hasnt interviewed key Russia probe witnessesinvestigation into the origins of the Russia probe seems to be focusing on the intelligence community' s links with foreign sources. (Barr dismantling "Intelligence" bc why would the NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY need to talk to "foreign sources?")

Schiff's false claim his committee had not spoken to the whistleblower ... Four Pinocchios ... (interesting, fackfucker Kessler does it again to give ammo to Trumpturd, but gets owned in the comments)

The Platonic Ideal of Hackery Has Been Achieved - Lawyers, Guns & Money (NYT is deeply distrurbed)
My Conversation with a Trump Supporter - Lawyers, Guns & Money

I'm the Executive Producer of the Epstein: Devil in the Darkness podcast, and have investigated Jeffrey Epstein for years. AMA! : IAmA ... "So pretty much _every_ single person we have talked to believes it was not a suicide. At this point, I agree." ... (and there you are)

A Good Man Is Getting Even Harder to Find - WSJ - The future of mating looks grim as more educated women compete for fewer eligible males (get a job and take a shower)

Inside TheMaven' Plan To Turn Sports Illustrated Into A Rickety Content Mill ... "broverlords" ...

Bootleg film shows Florida prison in all its danger, squalor. An inmate shot it on the sly : news (American, the Beautiful)

West Virginia mother pleads guilty to mutilating son's genitals, starving and locking him in room : news

21-year-old oversleeps jury duty, goes to jail for 10 days : news

Ohio University suspends all fraternities after hazing complaints : news

2 Women Say James Franco's Acting School Sexually Exploited Them -- In a lawsuit filed Thursday, the women say the school pressured them into uncomfortable activities and promised acting opportunities that did not materialize ("school")

Michigan school resource officer sentenced to 1 year in jail for sexually assaulting 3 high school students : news (cop gets 1 year bc copsters are extra-special criminal pedophiles)

100s of accused priests living under radar with no oversight : news

Florida man accidentally shoots, kills son-in-law who was trying to surprise him for his birthday: Sheriff : news (shoot first, kill your relative, ask questions later in gunnut stand yer ground Floriduh ... but as usual, you never know where the comments will go: " Bald eagles be like: Auu eeeEE! Au eeEE! EE! My boy the red tailed hawk be like: SCRWWWRAAAAAAAWWW!!)

Employees at a Maine hospital made a 'wall of shame' showing confidential medical records of disabled patients patients : news
N.J. hospital kept patient on life support for months to boost its survival rates, investigation reveals : news (well no shit)

Army Corps: Replace the Cape Cod Canal bridges : boston (read a couple of comments for insight into the problem)
Corps of Engineers calls for replacing 'functionally obsolete' Sagamore and Bourne bridges (just use the secret Cape Cod tunnel)
Cape Cod Canal Tunnel Permit bumper sticker | Historic New England
cape-cod-canal-tunnel.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600 W 1185 pixels) - Scaled (74%)

Home Alone After School: A Safety Guide for Kids |

Scientists implant "memories" into bird brains to teach them songs they've never heard, using optogenetics, a technique where flashes of light are used to stimulate certain neurons in the brain, in effect, creating auditory memories that would normally be coming from outside. : science

Crazy_manman explains how much we *don't* know about mushrooms and fungi ?? : bestof

What are some REALLY REALLY weird subreddits? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Pedo Guy - Oh, Elon. -- When Elon Musk publicly called a British cave rescuer who had insulted him a "pdeo guy" last year, the billionaire entrepreneur had no evidence to back up his claims. And while he later apologized for the outburst, the Tesla Motors and SpaceX CEO went on to hire a private investigator to dig up dirt that might support his unsubstantiated accusation. -- BuzzFeed News has found that the self-proclaimed private investigator whom Musk hired was a convicted felon and scammer. (scammers will scam other scammers)


Naturopath who said bicarbonate soda cures cancer banned for life by health watchdog | Australia news : news

Deaf Islamic convert is named as Paris Police HQ attacker | Daily Mail Online

Hong Kong government to announce new law banning masks during public assemblies : worldnews
Hong Kong on 'verge of extreme danger' as police arrest 269 over National Day violence : worldnews
The Hong Kong protester shot by police has been charged with assault and rioting : worldnews ("you got in the way of one of our glorious bullets")

13.5 Tons of gold found piled in Chinese ex-governor's home -- $712,000,000 give or take

British doctor, who refused to use transgender pronouns as people's chosen sex as it went against his Christian faith, has lost his tribunal. A panel ruled his Biblical view of what it is to be male and female was "incompatible with human dignity." : worldnews (fuck off, Christo-fuck)

Jamal Khashoggi's Murder Haunts Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince (Bonesaw haunted? doubtful)

'Unbelievable': Snowden Calls Out Media for Failing to Press US Politicians on Inconsistent Support of Whistleblowers : worldnews (thanks, Barry, you asshole)

Trump wanted to have U.S. forces equipped with bayonets to stop migrants at border, among other ideas, officials say - The Washington Post ... Trump also suggested the excavation of a border trench, or moat, that could be stocked with dangerous reptiles, the officials said, adding that such ideas, along with the bayonets, were not taken especially seriously by aides in the White House. (yeah, which is why they requested "cost estimates" on the snakes and laser-sharks

Trump Just Committed More High Crimes on White House Lawn
Not just Ukraine, Trump now calls for China to probe Bidens (and give more trademarks to crooked Ivanka)
Trump raised Biden with Xi in June call housed in highly secure server - CNNPolitics
Trump Publicly Urges China to Investigate the Bidens - The New York Times - President Trump made a similar, but private, request of the president of Ukraine, an episode that has sparked an impeachment inquiry.

u/PoppinKREAM goes through all felonies Trump has done as president : bestof
This might be the worst impeachment news of all for Trump - The Washington Post - He has committed impeachable offenses even before this, but I do think this is more easily understandable by the public" Pelosi said
Pelosi Sends Letter to Leader McCarthy Reiterating the Critical Importance of the Ongoing Impeachment Inquiry | Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Eschaton: Evening Thread - Sauli Niinistv, the president of Finland, had this to say at today's at the press conference with Donald Trump, the president of the United States: "You have a great democracy. Keep it going on."
The Finnish President Looking 'Finished' With Trump Is Twitter's Newest Meme - Finnish President Sauli Niinistv has joined the long list of people who have witnessed a Trump meltdown firsthand.
Max Sternlicht on Twitter: "The Finnish President telling trump that he doesn't want to be touched is amazing and incredibly uncomfortable #TrumpMeltdown" / Twitter
DogsHateBoots on Twitter: "Finnish President doing a Jim from The Office #TrumpMeltdown" / Twitter
The President of Finland is like, Hey, America, I think it's time to put your toddler down for a nap
Trump rides a roller coaster of grievance, victimhood and braggadocio as Finland's leader looks on
Circus Trump: What that White House news conference looked like to the Finns -- Coming from a nation that ranks second on the World Press Freedom Index the United States ranks 48th
Trump Is Going to Burn Down Everything and Everyone, and Republicans, That Means You - That press conference was terrifying. And congressional Republicans should be more afraid than anyone. Trumps going down and taking them with him. (and jfc, the jowls)
If Republicans Ever Turn On Trump, It'll Happen All At Once

Odd markings, ellipses fuel doubts about the rough transcript of Trumps Ukraine call (he's always been an incompetent crook)
Republican senators echoed Biden in urging Ukrainian president to reform prosecutor general's office - CNNPolitics (they don't remember doing that)

Today in Dean Baquet - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Both Sides Do It being a demanding mistress, the Times has in its trademark way published a story, immediately seized on by the Trumpoverse, strongly implying that the Ukraine whisteblower and Adam Schiff engaged in conduct that was inappropriate ... Trump did it, he released a transcript confirming that he did it, everything else is an attempt to throw up a big LOL Nothing Matters fog. Good journalists and editors will resist it. (seriously, fuck these assholes)
Susan Hennessey on Twitter: "This is literally how the process is supposed to work. Everyone did what they were supposed to do. Except for the president and those covering for him now." / Twitter
Julian Sanchez on Twitter: "I've got to say, all this desperate flailing around in search of some kind of procedural faux pas by the whistleblower is pretty damn comical. IF HE DIDNT CHECK BOX 28A ON FORM C19 NONE OF IT COUNTS! THOSE ARE THE RULES, PROBABLY!!!
"I Demand Another Code Red!" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I see Joe Biden has been implicated in another scandal: ... boldly engaging on national television in activity similar to the allegations at the heart of Democratrapidly intensifying impeachment probe ... But are we sure Trump followed proper procedure before whistleblowing himself?
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "Republicans doing all this work to falsely accuse Schiff of fabricating conduct the president has admitted to, only for the president to commit the impeachable offense again on camera." / Twitter
The Mad King's Enablers -- As Trump's demands grow ever more erratic, democracy rests on the willingness of bureaucrats to ignore the democratically elected chief executive.
Did Donald Trump Just Self-Impeach? | The New Yorker

Chuck Todd's Biden-Ukraine Take Shows Press Learned Nothing From Trump 2016 - Chuck Todd Eats the Biden-Ukraine Nothingburger and Demonstrates That We Learned Nothing From 2016 -- Ratfcking material is not worthy of discussion just because it is effective. (they are incapable of learning anything, and need to be fired and live the rest of their lives in ignomy)

White House Floats Potential DOJ Investigation Into 'Joe Biden and His Family' (mob boss and his enforcers at work, Refucks think thiis is just fine)
Trump campaign to drop bomb on Biden in early voting states - POLITICO
Trump wins the chyron war with Biden - POLITICO
Irony is dead: The Trump sons are doing everything possible to make corruption a major 2020 issue -- Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump really should sit this Hunter Biden thing out (they just get more blatent bc they know Fox won't cover it and probably not CNN either)

Greg Sargent on Twitter: "New USA Today poll: Americans support House *impeaching* Trump by 45-38 They support *Senate conviction and removal* by 44-35 (!) Note: 30% of Republicans say pressure on Ukraine to smear Biden is an abuse of power. And it's early. More will come out." / Twitter (well, that sure changed in a week)
Trump: Poll shows growing support for impeachment over Ukraine - Perilous times for Trump: By 45%-38%, Americans support impeaching him over Ukraine allegations, poll finds
New Polling Makes It Clear: Support For Impeachment Is Up | HuffPost - What remains to be seen is whether that momentum will continue.
Eschaton: Leadership - As some point the "Green Lantern theory of politics" in popular online discussion went from "you can't clap louder to win a war" to "President Obummer can't will Joe Lieberman to vote for a public option" to "the world is as it is, public opinion is what it is, leadership means nothing, whatchagonnado." ... People do take their cues from their leaders on some issues at least. Especially in a year in which a dominant message has been "trust Pelosi, she is very smart and knows what she's doing," of course impeachment support would follow her lead ... (comment:) I think Team Blue should encourage Team Goon's duct-taping themselves to the Orange Anus. In the immortal words of James Carville, when your enemy is drowning, throw them an anchor.
Poll finds nearly two-thirds of Americans don't oppose removing Trump via impeachment and conviction - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trumps impeachment defiance spooks key voting blocs - Many voters critical to Trump are breaking from the president on impeachment, posing a risk to his congressional firewall.

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ; The Senate: Ratings Changes and the Shadow of Impeachment - If theres a trial in the upper chamber, who might feel the heat? (Fuckabama turns even more evil and stupid)
In an impeachment hearing, we are all jurors - The Washington Post

Pompeo is enabling the destruction of U.S. diplomacy - The Washington Post

Pelosi fiercely defends impeachment inquiry as Trump blows up - POLITICO - The president lashed out at Democrats for investigating his efforts to pressure Ukraine.
Trump Attacks Democrats for 'Bullshit' Probes but Wont Say 'Jockstrap'

ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: In The Year Of the Whistle-Blower. Or How The Game Is Played. - Trumpian narcissism

Eschaton: Why - Hi, @GOPLeader. This is the thanks you get for your slavering subservience to Trump and his lawlessness. Trump privately says you botched your defense of him, the AP reports. You failed his greatness, and his people are letting the world know it: Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) October 2, 2019 --I he told Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, as the two campaigned in Iowa, Mr. Coons recalled. can't imagine what makes it worth waking up and thinking "I have to perform well for Trump on the TV box."

Rudy Giuliani: I Provided Documents State Department Watchdog Gave To Congress | HuffPost - Democrats were reportedly prepared for some kind of a bombshell but instead were handed a 40-page packet of documents that included conspiracy theories and news clippings. The pages also referenced a slew of names related to the scandal: Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, Hunter Biden and George Soros. (yes, I obstructed justice, so what?!?!)
Giuliani consulted on Ukraine with imprisoned Paul Manafort via a lawyer : worldnews
Trump Ordered Ukraine Ambassador Removed After Complaints From Giuliani, Others - WSJ - Marie Yovanovitch dismissed after Trump allies said she was blocking Biden probe and bad-mouthing president, people familiar with the matter say
In May, Ukrainian oligarch said Giuliani was orchestrating a 'clear conspiracy' against Biden

Donald Trump Is Stuck In A Human Centipede Of Boomer Memes - This would also explain why Barr went to London and then reportedly went to Rome to talk to Italian secret service members about Mifsud (he is eating the memes he degenerates)

Biden-Ukraine Dirt File Has Private Email Between John Solomon and Rudy Allies - The email was then included in part of a misinformation dossier that the State Department Inspector General delivered to Congress ... In March, The Hills investigative reporter John Solomon published a story claiming that the U.S. government had pressured Ukrainian prosecutors to drop a probe of a group funded by the Obama administration and liberal billionaire George Soros ... Solomons email was part of a roughly 50-page package of material that was turned over to lawmakers on Wednesday by the State Departments Inspector General's office (hahaha they ratfucked themselves, Solomon has always been a shit)

George Conway: Trump Is Unfit for Office - The Atlantic - Trump's narcissism makes it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires - George T. Conway III
Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trumps call with Ukraine president manifests criminal and impeachable behavior (internal war at Fox)
Peter Schweizer Book Alleging Biden Corruption in Ukraine Appears to Have Lifted Passages From Wikipedia -- In more than a dozen instances, Peter Schweizerbookappears to have copied nearly complete sentences or large parts of them from other sources (yo, it's what they do)

Pence's Team Is Trying To Distance Itself From The Ukraine Scandal - A senior aide to the vice president was reportedly on Trump's call with the Ukrainian president (goin' down, Mikey-shit)
Pence: I Participated In Ukraine Plot, But Only as a Patsy ... He is floating the absurd defense that, while he did participate in Trumps plan to extort Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden, he was completely ignorant of what he was doing. (plausible)
Mike Pence pretends to be even dumber than Mike Pence - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Mike Pence Fights Trump Attempts to Drag Him Into Ukraine With Defensive Leaks - Even Mike Pence Can See Trump Is Trying to Drag Him Down With the Ukraine Ship - Hence the defensive leaking from the vice president's camp ... The White House Counsels Office did not alert the vice president's office to the existence of the whistleblower complaint until the day before it became public, the aide added. (the knives are out)
Democrats now probing Mike Pence and Rick Perry's roles in Trump's Ukraine scheme : worldnews (lock up the little Satangelical and Rick Fucking Perry??) ... "Rick Perry's involved? I just assumed he had been taking a three year nap ever since he was confirmed as head of DoE."
Trump used Mike Pence to tell Ukraine the US would withhold military aid while demanding they investigate corruption : worldnews
Energy Secretary Rick Perry eyeing White House exit in November - POLITICO (that was fast)

IRS whistleblower said to report Treasury political appointee might have tried to interfere in audit of Trump or Pence - The Washington Post

Another GOP senator breaks from Trump to defend Ukraine whistleblower - I stand with Chuck Grassley on this Ernst said

The son of a late Deutsche Bank executive, who has a stash of secret bank records, has spoken to investigators probing Trump : worldnews

CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad Pushing Biden-Ukraine Claims and Bashing Network Anchors - The 30-second spot paints the president as a victim of Democrats and alleged media lapdogs like CNN.

Eschaton - A very good day for our wet big boy. -- "I know this is a contrarian viewpoint but I am seeing signs that the online right is starting to side with Trump on this Ukraine business. And the NYT story on Schiff was good for him. All in all, a good day for the president so far." -- Blake News (dumbfuck propaganda news)

DOJ joins Trump lawsuit seeking to block release of his tax returns - as part of a probe into hush money payments to two women claiming affairs with Trump.

Trump's video taken off Twitter after band Nickelback complains | US news | The Guardian - Trumps video taken off Twitter after band Nickelback complains US president receives copyright censure over clip that took aim at political rival Joe Biden (crooks always crook)

Political Operatives Are Faking Voter Outrage With Millions Of Made-Up Comments To Benefit The Rich And Powerful - A fierce battle over the regulation of the internet was riddled with millions of fake comments in the most prolific known instance of political impersonation in US history. (Ijit Pie-face, the crook, fucked your internets with lies and shit) )
California Will Have an Open Internet - And so will lots of other states, despite the F.C.C.'s decison

Why Elizabeth Warren is getting such good press - The Washington Post

Elizabeth Warren Accuser 'Not Up to Caliber' to Work For Gigolo Agency -- According to the owner of Cowboys4Angels, the Jacob Wohl-fueled conspiracy is -- as expected -- all lies
Elizabeth Warren began in Two Thousand Sixteen, (which was rather late for her), between the end of the Sanders campaign and Brittany Howard's first solo LP - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Elizabeth Warren says Trump supporters "are getting really nervous" after protester heckles rally : politics
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders blow past Joe Biden in fundraising race : politics
Bernie Sanders Had a Common Heart Procedure. So Why the Mystery? - The New York Times - Mr. Sanders has not disclosed health details like whether blood and electrocardiogram tests showed he had a heart attack, nor allowed reporters to interview his doctors.
Bernie Sanders Had Heart Attack, His Doctors Say as He Leaves Hospital - The New York Times (so, Sanders as Lizzie's VP?)
Warren campaign fires senior staffer for 'inappropriate behavior'
Biden's Most Formidable Opponent Is Not Another Democrat -- Questions about his age have dogged the former vice president throughout the primary.

Pastor Robert Jeffress: Democrats Worship the Child-Sacrificing Demon God Moloch | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos (of course that's where that fired Fox asshole got his shit)

Former North Carolina State Political Party Chairman Pleads Guilty to Making a False Statement to The FBI | OPA | Department of Justice (this is funny: "a state political party" bc your DOJ can't say the word "Republican" - if it had been a "Democrat" they would have used the word in every sentence)

Bob Woodward interviewed the 'She Said' authors at a book event. Things got tense. Then there was heckling -- But about 20 minutes in, things got awkward. As Woodward repeatedly interrupted the authors to ask questions or clarify facts, audible murmurs rippled through the crowd. Eventually, one attendee yelled "You're interrupting her!" as many applauded in agreement. The audience grew increasingly frustrated, particularly when Woodward told Twohey and Kantor that they were dodging his question about what might have motivated Weinstein's alleged abuse. "STOP!" several crowd members yelled at Woodward as he continued to press the topic. Some people heckled and hissed; others left early. (speaking of CLUELESS entitled old white guy ASSHOLES who refuse to take feedback bc they know so much more than you do, what "motivated" YOUR abuse, Bobby? Why did you have to make it ALL ABOUT YOU? ... and he doesn't "believe" Christine Blasey Ford, either, of course)
Harvey Weinstein loses his bid to move trial out of New York : news

Woman with walker, called 'Nazi scum' by protesters at Bernier event, speaks out : news (husband fought the nazis)
ThinGrayLine ?? on Twitter: "What a disgrace, I have no words... 'Protesters at @MaximeBernier's Event at Mohawk College' cc: @RubinReport @DMillardHaskell @FPVaughanIII" / Twitter

Jeffrey Epstein Raked In $200 Million After Legal and Financial Crises - The New York Times

Doctor gets 40 years in prison for prescribing over 500,000 opioid doses | US news : news
Chronic Pain

Amber Guyger was hugged by her victims brother and a judge, igniting a debate about forgiveness and race

Christopher Hasson, a U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant intent on mass violence, to plead guilty - The Washington Post (to having a few more gunz than he should have had bc there's no law against white domestic terrorism, you know)

''Burn this letter xoxo' : Fake weight loss nurse tried to hirea hit man from Florida jail, police say -- Jesusadelaida Lopez (keep diggin' Jesse)

Tennessee deputy groped woman, forced her into 'baptism,' lawsuit claims : news (scumfucker copsters look like high school kids)

TIL of Lucy Ann Johnson, a woman who disappeared in September 1961. Her husband reported her missing in 1965, and he was suspected of her murder. In 2013, Johnson was found alive. She said that she had left because her husband had been abusive. : todayilearned

Gentrification Comes For Harriet Tubman House | HuffPost - Local residents are protesting the sale while the nonprofit that owns it says selling it is crucial for its survival.

Someone needs to write an op-ed in the globe about how ridiculous this vape ban is : bostontrees

Twin birth rate - The Washington Post - Demographers credit the boom in twin births since the 1980s to women using fertility treatments and choosing to give birth at older ages, when they tend to produce more eggs per cycle. Now, changes in those fertility trends may be leading to a downturn in twin births.

Women who hold anti-feminist attitudes tend to fake orgasms more frequently, study finds : science

The Biggest QuantumB Scrubs Away Gigantic Cosmic Energy
reakthrough YetLiterally - For the first time ever, physicists tested the phenomenon of quantum superposition using molecules. That's a big deal. : technology

TIL In 1723 the death rate in London outstripped the birth rate and it remained higher for the next decade. Gin was to blame. Women addicted to Gin neglected their infants or quietened them with Gin.The term 'Mothers Ruin' survives to this day : todayilearned

This preacher speaking in tongues while checking his phone might be the funniest thing ever : videos

Psychologists/Therapists of Reddit, have you ever had a patient that you thought was a lost cause? If so, why? : AskReddit

Parashooting : WTF (scare yourself)

how much different does sticking your penis in a butthole feel much different from a vagina? Why? : AskReddit

"The Great War" channel has had 250+ of their videos Demonetized : videos (Youtube decides you don't need to know anything about history)
Netflix consumes 15% of the world's global internet traffic. Following Netflix, miscellaneous video embeds on websites takes up 13.1% of all internet traffic, while YouTube takes up 11.4% and general web browsing takes up 7.8%.


Hong Kong protesters embrace 'V for Vendetta' Guy Fawkes masks : worldnews

Dow dives more than 500 points, as markets worry about US economy : news
NYC housing prices in near 'free fall,' conditions mirror recession era following tax hikes : news
A San Diego backyard shed is for rent for $1,050 a month : news
IRS: Sorry, but It's ust Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor | Congress asked the IRS to report on why it audits the poor more than the affluent. Its response is that it doesn't have enough money and people to audit the wealthy properly. So it's not going to (every $1 gets them $6 back, so it's like almost on purpose)

What If The World Treated The U.S. Like a Rogue State | HuffPost Highline

Donald Trump Is Pressuring U.S. Allies To Endorse His Favorite Conspiracy Theory | HuffPost - A wounded president who lost the popular vote is seeking foreign help to validate himself and attack his enemies.
Donald Trump impeachment: President called Boris Johnson for help to discredit Mueller inquiry | News | The Times
Australian opposition call for release of Trump transcript

A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won't Destroy Records About Trumps Calls With Foreign Leaders. The Justice Department Is Hesitating (whoops, sorry, too late, pushed the wrong button)

A Trump hotel mystery: Giant reservations followed by empty rooms - POLITICO - The House is investigating whether groups tried to curry favor with Trump by booking rooms at his hotels but never using them.
Did Trump Just Go Full Dr. Evil? Twitter Users React To Snake-Filled Moat Report | HuffPost - sharks with frickin laser beams
Trump shouted 'you're making me look like an idiot' at White House staff, report claims | The Independent (always blames someone else for what he's doing)
You are making me look like an idiot! ... But making a racist game show host with no understanding of public policy President of the United States seemed like such a great idea!
Adam Schiff calls Trump's whistleblower tweets "an incitement of violence" - Axios - Schiff calls Trump's whistleblower tweetsan incitement of violence
Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blowers Accusations
Heres the next fake scandal Trump thinks will save him (NYT tries to lie, and save Trumpster)

Trump involved Pence in efforts to pressure Ukraines leader, though aides say vice president was unaware of pursuit of dirt on Bidens (oh sure)

Sebastian Gorka Joins Mike Pompeo's Vatican Trip as Vatican Police Conduct Raid - Sebastian Gorka Joins Mike Pompeo on His Vatican Trip While Vatican Authorities Raid the Holy See -- A confluence of events at the Vatican prompts concern we've entered a Dan Brown novel.

Senator King suggests at least 20 minutes are missing from Trump-Ukraine call transcript : politics

y Mike Pompeo Pushed Out His Own Ukraine Representative, Kurt Volker, to Quiet a Growing Scandal - Volker was the easier guy to let go (should have fired Ghouliani, the real villain)
On Ukraine, Pompeo offered a master class in misleading the public using only facts - The Washington Post
Kurt Volker was working on behalf of Americas interests, unlike Rudy (or Dumbpeo)
State Dept inspector general requests 'urgent' Ukraine briefing on Capitol Hill - ABC News - The unusual nature and timing of the briefing during a congressional recesssuggests it may be connected to a recent intelligence community whistleblower allegation which describes, in part, the State Departmentrole in coordinating interactions between Rudy Giuliani, the president's personal attorney, and Ukrainian officials.
State Department inspector general gives Congress bizarre packet of 'disinformation' ... essentially a packet of propaganda and disinformation spreading conspiracy theories ...
Emergency State Dept IG briefing turns out to be a bunch of conspiracy theories delivered in Trump Hotel folders - Lawyers, Guns & Money (oh shit, the Trumpp Hotel folders are real)
Lisa Desjardins on Twitter: "THE STATE DEPT IG briefing: Rep. Raskin says its an irrelevant packet of conspiracy theories that incl. false accusations about the Bidens, former amb. Jovanovich. It went to Pompeo. Not clear from whom. + it contains this unique cover pg. and folders frm the Trump Hotel." / Twitter
This Is 'Bullsh*t,' and It Will Continue to Be Bullsh*t No Matter How Many Wingnuts Repeat It - The president* is already saying, in a blatant fabrication, that Adam Schiff wrote the whistleblower complaint. Expect to hear it more and more. And more.

Mike Pompeo and Bill Barr are increasingly implicated in the impeachment inquiry (Pompeo will order himself not to testify)
New reports reveal wider role for Barr and Pompeo in impeachment scandal : worldnews
AG Barr made an unusual call to Trump to give him political advice about how Rudy Giuliani should handle the Russia probe : worldnews

Opinion | Was There Another Cover-Up In Response to the Whistle-Blower? - The New York Times - The Justice Department should have shared a campaign-finance investigation with the Federal Election Commission.

Congress to get briefing on alleged retaliation against U.S. diplomats - Reuters

Trumps Impeachment Saga Stems From a Political Hit Job Gone Badobsession with finding dirt on Biden goes back to Steve Bannon and Clinton Cash.

More than 50 former female ambassadors call on administration to protect Yovanovitch - More than 50 former female ambassadors call on administration to protect Yovanovitch (after Trump screams, "off with her head")

Eschaton: I'm In Charge - It's one thing for there to be a dance between individuals and their subpoenas, and there is that executive privilege thing even if until recently it didn't mean "it can be invoked if Trump says so" but Pompeo saying "my people won't testify" is just absurd.

Poll: GOP doesn't believe Trump talked about Biden to Ukrainians - Only 4 in 10 Republicans think Trump mentioned Biden on Ukraine call even though he acknowledged doing so (don't both us with reality!)

'We're Not Fooling Around' : House Democrats Tell White House Subpoena Is Coming

Support for impeaching Trump hits new high - POLITICO - more voters back beginning impeachment proceedings to remove Trump than oppose. ... 46 percent of voters said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings vs. 43 percent who said they should not. Eleven percent had no opinion. That support represented a 3-point bump from last week,
'Unhinged and dangerous' president escalates impeachment threats as approval rating hits all-time low : worldnews
Trump calls impeachment probe 'a coup' designed to strip citizens of rights in furious Twitter thread : politics

Republicans Changing Delegate Rules to Prevent Discord at Convention - The New York Times - political advisers have been working for months to get states to adjust their plans to ensure that nothing disrupts next years convention

Opinion | Will Trump Ever Leave the White House? - The New York Times - a loaded question with no obvious answer (gun-nut militias will defeat your so-called army)
Whiteness visible: White America's Siege Mentality - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This very interesting Thomas Edsall piece explores a question I asked yesterday: What are the odds that the 2020 presidential election produces something other than a peaceful transition of power, if Trump loses?

News media pushing back on Trump spin but needs to push harder - The Washington Post

A presidency of one: Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump (bow down to the supreme Trumpster!)

Impeachment Rules Say Senate Must Act, but Its Act Might Be a Swift Dismissal - The New York Times (#MoscowMitch says a 5 second trial is sufficient)

Punching himself in the face: Trump declares a trade war, blows up U.S. manufacturing and blames everyone else : politics
POLITICO Playbook: What Republicans are saying privately about impeachment - POLITICO - Nobody wants to look like [Kevin] McCarthy did on 60 Minutes
Beneath the impeachment spin: Growing GOP concern - CNNPolitics (Trump) "He is taking it upon himself to tweet about every shiny object. That is not helpful right now"
False 'Coup' Claims by Trump Echo as Unifying Theme Against Impeachment

Who's the real antichrist : PoliticalHumor

No Change in Trump Reelect Prospects | Monmouth University Polling Institute - Recent events have not moved public opinion in either direction on whether President Donald Trump deserves a second term. His reelection bid remains underwater, with particular signs of weakness among critical voting blocs. 4-in-10 (39%) registered voters feel that Trump should be reelected in 2020

Susan Collins feted as "hero of Kavanaugh confirmation" at high dollar California fundraiser (

Armed Militias Are Taking Trump's Civil War Tweets Seriously (would make a good 2 episode Netflix)

Pelosi and Schiff, Simply Appearing on TV, Spark Another Meltdown. That's a Win for Pro-Impeachers

Watch your language, Donald. : PoliticalHumor
Mike Pompeo, everyone. : PoliticalHumor

Bernie Sanders has surgery for artery blockage, cancels campaign events - Axios
Bernie Sanders Has Heart Procedure - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... worth noting at this point that Clinton's brief (and less serious) illness was a HUGE issue during the 2016 campaign, one of the few times when Clinton got significantly more media attention than Trump: (tnx NYT ratfuckers)

Warren passes Biden to lead 2020 Democrats by 4 points in weekly national poll : politics
Warren gets dramatic shift in support from black voters Massachusetts senator is gaining traction with a pivotal constituency.
Why Do Black Democrats Usually Prefer Establishment Candidates? | FiveThirtyEight

FBI investigating alleged hacking attempt into mobile voting app during 2018 midterms - CNNPolitics (you don't need paper ballots, you need a ... mobile voting app!)

Corey Lewandowski Hurls Incendiary Charge at Sanders, Warren: They Want Illegal Aliens to Come Across This Border and Kill Americans (firing up his base in NH)

Stephen Colbert Ridicules Ainsley Earhardt's Confusion With 'Explainsley to Ainsley' Segment (dumbass Fox bitch is "confused")
Host Todd Starnes Out at Fox News (Exclusive) - The host will no longer be working at the network, its website, or Fox Nation (since Trump loves to eat babies)

James M. Craven on Twitter: "@GMA @ABC @GStephanopoulos" / Twitter (Couric, Stephanopoulos, Epstein)

Catch and Kill: National Enquirer Alum Dylan Howard Threatens Booksellers Over Ronan Farrow Exposi - Dylan Howard has hired a high-powered law-firm to quash the New Yorker writers forthcoming book. (sorry, dude, you look the part)

79 arrested in human-trafficking, prostitution sting in Kingwood area | - CONROE, Texas Six females, including a 16-year-old, were identified as victims of human trafficking after a two-week sting in the Kingwood area.

'Not racist but ...' : White police officer who killed innocent black man in his home sent offensive texts
Amber Guyger found guilty of murder in fatal shooting of Botham Jean : news
Guyger Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Murder of Jean : news

Virginia police officer suspended after turning in suspected undocumented immigrant over to ICE | Fox News

GEO Group Runs Out of Banks as 100% of Banking Partners Say 'No' to the Private Prison Sector Morgan Simon

Alan Dershowitzs new book will counter the #MeToo movement (luckily Epstein "committed suicide" b4 Rudy's pedo shit could get enough attention, dig deeper, Dershofuck))
A Stirring Defense of Dude Process - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... most concerted effort yet to counter claims that he had sex with Virginia Giuffre, who maintains she was recruited as a sex slave to Epstein starting when she was 17 years old....

Ohio State Reports Over 1,500 Instances Of Sexual Assault By Team Doctor | WOSU Radio - For the 2018 report, school officials put the number of reported instances of fondling by Strauss at 992 and instances of rape at 30. Because of the ongoing investigation into Strauss, the university disclosed that an additional 437 instances of fondling and 17 of rape have been reported so far in 2019 ... We find that University personnel had knowledge of Strausssexually abusive treatment of male student-patients as early as 1979 ... but that complaints and reports about Strauss' conduct were not elevated beyond the Athletics Department or Student Health until 1996 (and then the waited ANOTHER 20 YEARS b4 they did anything)

Chicago school forced a coatless boy out into the cold and lied about it, lawsuit says : news

CDC clarifies stance on vaping illness, admits that bootleg THC products are likely to blame -- THC products, the agency says, are likely a major factor, with unregulated street-level sales of tainted THC vape cartridges being the primary culprit ... As all of this was unfolding, lawmakers (who rarely have any idea what they're talking about) ...
CDC clarifies stance on vaping illness, admits that bootleg THC products are likely to blame : bostontrees (after Charlie Fucking Baker kills hundreds of small businesses)

ELI5: What is borderline personality disorder : explainlikeimfive

Eli5: What does I think therefore I am mean and why is it a big deal?
TIL Until the late 15th century the word girl simply means a child of either sex ... knave girls ... gay girls ...

Children told lies by parents subsequently lie more as adults and face adjustment difficulties, suggests a new Singapore study (n=379). Parents' lies elicit compliance in the short term, but are associated with detrimental effects when the child becomes an adult.

Florida man arrested for cutting brake lines on dozens of electric scooters : news
Found in our small town newspaper : WTF

Women of reddit, what do men do that they think is okay but is actually creepy? : AskReddit

[Serious] People who have cut a parent out of their lives, have you ever regretted it and why? : AskReddit

Does He Believe Chaos Is a Ladder He Can Climb? Trump-Enabler Peter Thiels Dinners Are the Hottest Ticket in L.A. So Whats His Endgame?

Marketing Expert Scott Galloway on WeWork and Adam Neumann - At What Point Does Malfeasance Become Fraud?: NYU Biz-School Professor Scott Galloway on WeWork (check out the non-detached earlob)


Christian School Principal Sends Newsletter Saying Greta Thunberg Has 'Mental Problems,' Accuses Her of Promoting 'Doomsday Waffle Talk' .. Australia ... (doomsday coming for you, asshole)

Towering Arch Bridge In Taiwan Suddenly Collapses, Crushing Boats Below | HuffPost - An air force helicopter, fishing ve BGR - THC products, the agency says, are likely a major factor, with unregulated street-level sales of tainted THC vape cartridges being the primary culprit.
ssels and more than 60 military personnel, including divers were searching for possible victims.
Watson Shen on Twitter: "Apparently a bridge collapsed in Yilan, Taiwan after being ravaged by a typhoon. ??????" / Twitter

Hong Kong Police Shoot a Protester, 18, With a Live Bullet for the First Time - The New York Times
Protester shot in chest by live police round during Hong Kong National Day protests : worldnews (Reddit puts the NYT to shame)

What is Trump trying to cover up about his Saudi phone calls and Jamal Khashoggis murder?

Shoot Them in the Legs, Trump Suggested: Inside His Border War - The New York Times ("feed them to alligators!)

Russia: Our approval is needed to publish Trump-Putin calls : worldnews

Australian PM confirms Trump asked for help investigating Mueller probe : worldnews - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed that US President Donald Trump asked him to help gather information for an inquiry into Robert Muelles investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.
Attorney General William P. Barr has held private meetings overseas with foreign intelligence officials seeking their help in a Justice Department inquiry that President Trump hopes will discredit U.S. intelligence agencies's examination of Russian interference in the 2016 election ... The head of the justice department was hopping all over the world trying to get foreign governments to discredit his own justice department. Totally normal.
Barrs enabling of Trumps corruption just got more dangerous
h Bill Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape from Joseph Mifsud, the Prof Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe - The Attorney General William Barr traveled to Italy to meet with Italian secret service agentsand, potentially, undermine the Mueller investigation. (so that's why)
/u/PoppinKREAM describes Attorney General Barr's shady history and the threat his unwavering loyalty to Trump poses to the rule of law in the US : bestof

Eschaton: These Are My Obsessions - Most of the current frontburner crimeing activities actually make no sense. I mean this stuff is only happening because Trump has brain worms. Sending your AG around the world to pressure foreign leaders to justify conspiracy theories about the 2016 election and to discredit the Mueller investigation which for some reason everyone agreed to Move Past (something about not pulling A Few Good Man courtroom scene).
Eschaton: Following The Worms Around The Brain Maze - I admit I'm having a hard time following this story because it's all taking its cues from Trump's mushmelon.

Pompeo Scolds Russians On Election Meddling After Participating In Trump's Ukraine Call | HuffPost - Pompeo Scolds Russians On Election Meddling After Participating In Trumps Ukraine Call (to get the Russians to influence elections)

Opinion | Did the Trump White House Mishandle the Ukraine Call Memo? - The New York Times - What the whistle-blower describes is highly unusual and cause for concern.

Trump's Dark 'Civil War' Threats Were Pushed Last Year by Russian Trolls Charged in Mueller Probe
What Is Key Wiki, the Online Site Tracking Anti-Trump Activity (so they can kill you when Trump says start the war on libtards)

Whistelblower's Lawyers Say Trump Has Endangered Their Ckliet of President Publicly Threatens 'Big Consequence' : Threats against a whistleblower are not only illegal, but also indicative of a cover-up"
Edward Snowden Condemns Trump's Mistreatment of Whistleblower Who Exposed Ukraine Scandal

Trump amps up attacks on whistleblower as some Republicans call for more strategic response to impeachment - The Washington Post (they think assassination of WB might look a little bad)
The Floodgates Open on Trump | The New Yorker - Democrats in Congress are deeply worried about the President using Twitter to incite violence and to direct it at specific members.
Pompeo was on Trump-Ukraine call at center of impeachment inquiry - Pompeo had previously dodged questions about the July call (fathead was in the thick of it)
Liz Cheney: Ukraine call 'starting to seem like a political set up' (said evil bitch, quoted by Rethug rag TheHill)
GOP defenses for Trump's Ukraine call quickly collapse under scrutiny (Lizfuck retires to her couch, under scrutiny)
Trumps Claims About Biden Aren't 'Unsupported' They're Lies -- accusations turn reality on its head and the media should say so (mediaweaselspeack )

Trump-Picked Intelligence I.G. Debunks GOP Conspiracy Theory : Intelligence Inspector General to GOP: You Know Nothing of My Work - By Jonathan Chait
An Inspector General Just Nuked Trump's Go-to Attack on the Ukraine Whistleblower

/u/-martinique- gives a succinct description of three types of Republican politicians in relation to Trump : bestof

'He conned us from day one' : Florida man tied to Giuliani Ukraine work leaves trail of debt | Miami Herald (crooks and more crooks)
Giuliani hires Watergate prosecutor to represent him in House impeachment probe - POLITICO - personal attorney is lawyering up as he faces a subpoena in the fast-moving inquiry.
Report: Trump Bullies Giuliani in Private, but Rudy Can't Quit Him

House committee chairs counter Pompeo, say secretary should stop intimidating witnesses ... "Secretary Pompeo was reportedly on the call when the President pressed Ukraine to smear his political opponent. If true, Secretary Pompeo is now a fact witness in the House impeachment inquiry"
Pompeo, Democrats trade threats over impeachment depositions - The Washington Post

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter: "It's wild to me how people crawled over my 60 mins interview with a fine-toothed comb to find any word or reason to claim Im unfit for the job, yet here Kevin McCarthy (the GOP Leader!) is a bumbling, sloppy, dishonest mess & his mediocrity is accepted as a matter of course. (swarmed by Rethug/Russian bots/trolls/idiots)
Trevor Noah: Rep. Kevin McCarthy Done F**ked UpHis Trump Defense On60 Minutes

Eschaton: Saint Rudy Of 9/11 - House Dems are subpoenaing Rudy for some documents. The important question is when Rudy goes "lol no" do they know how they are going to respond?
Eschaton: A Lot Of Crimeing Is Okay - That's the precedent being set by Pelosi by limiting impeachment (Rancid Nancy-Prancy retires to her fainting couch to narrow her focus)
The Note: Trump complicates own defenses on impeachment - ABC News

Governmen-by-conspiracy-theory rides again

Judge to DOJ: Decide on charging Andrew McCabe by Nov. 15, or face release of FBI records - The Washington Post

Trump's Favorite Democrat Will Not Budge on Impeachment ... Jefferson Van Drew freshman Democratic congressman from New Jersey (one of the Trumpster "moderates" Rancid Nancy is screwing the country to protects and he's a "dentist")

Democrats' Plans to Tax Wealth Would Reshape U.S. Economy -- Proposals from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have raised concerns from economists and business leaders who fear the plans would sap economic growth ("raised concerns" from the same predatory captitalists that always "raise concerns" that the NYT prints)

Call my lawyer! : PoliticalHumor
Grand Old Phonies : PoliticalHumor
Ouchie : PoliticalHumor

Texas Republicans admit there's a problem ... The retirement of six House Republicans from Texas at the end of this term shows their pessimism about winning back the House majority in 2020

Devin Nunes Sues Reporter, Hearst for Article About Family's Iowa Dairy (dumbfuck traitors fake farmer ratfucker sues everyone, claims Ryan Lizza was a pedophile "cruising the neighborhood")

How the sexy peach emoji joined the resistance - The Washington Post - If you want to understand how the peach emoji has come to represent both the potential impeachment of President Trump and a butt, you must first look to the ancient Sumerians.

The Elaine Massacre: 100 Years Later - Lawyers, Guns & Money - 100th anniversary was yesterday. 1919 was an atrocious year in American history, one marked by massive racial violence, lynchings of both people of color coming off of trains from World War I in their Army uniforms and unionists standing up for the rights of working people. It was the year of the Red Scare and of the rise of J. Edgar Hoover as a force in American history. It was the year that the U.S. decided to go all-in on isolationism and reject the League of Nations. It was a no-good, awful year and I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention (read, and weep)

In leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook against critics, competitors, and Elizabeth Warren - The Verge (Zuckerfuckster pledges billions in dark money to Trump)
Don't You Know That Obscene Wealth Is Not Enough - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Krugman is good on why some Dem plutocrats are furious about Warren even if electing her would not affect their material standard of living in any way (Zuckerfuckster is so above you stupid laws)
Elections 2020 : Mark Zuckerberg Says a Warren Presidency Would Totally 'suck' for Facebook Which, Good
> In two hours of leaked audio, Mark Zuckerberg rallies Facebook employees against critics, competitors, and the US government. : worldnews (Fuckerberg)
Facebook removes pro-Trump "Police Lives Matter" pages that were run from Kosovo : worldnews

Mark Meadows Involved in Creationist Dinosaur Dig Controversy Featuring Ken Ham
Mark Meadows and the Dinosaur Property | The New Yorker - A fight among fossil hunters, a dubious documentary, and the conservative congressman from North Carolina.

The Man Who Spoke In Nothing But Cliches - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The New York Times interviewed Bill Maher to express the same vacuous sentiments that have been expressed on their op-ed pages a trillion times with an even higher density of rote cliches than a typical Weiss or Stephens column about CAMPUS PC or CANCEL CULTURE: (Maher doing his asshole schtick)

Warren, Biden in virtual dead heat in Saint Anselm College poll of NH primary voters

Another Devin Nunes lawsuit: Congressman sues magazine over story about familys Iowa farm (traitor Nunes)

What if Your Abusive Husband Is a Cop? | The New Yorker - Police departments have become more attentive to officersuse of excessive force on the job, but that concern rarely extends to the home. (highest percentage of abusive husbands are copsters)

Florida boy, 15, died while 'protecting' sister, 5, from home invasion, suspect arrested with several stabs wounds : news

Amber Guyger convicted of murder in wrong-apartment killing of innocent man - ABC News (the castle doctrine didn't work bc it wasn't her castle)

Federal judge rules Harvard does not discriminate against Asian Americans in admissions - The Washington Post
U.S. judge says Harvard University admissions program is constitutional : news
Seven takeaways from the Harvard admissions ruling - The Boston Globe

What's the most NSFW outfit you've seen that someone actually wore to work? : AskReddit


Global efforts to stop climate change are too little too late, report concludes | The solutions prescribed to stave off climate change aren't on track to work, concludes new research that suggests a focus on building infrastructure to protect communities and planting trees

Montana Governor declares emergency as rare September storm pounds Rockies : news

From parade to pandemic: Museum looks at 1918's deadly flu ... From parade to pandemic: Museum looks at 1918's deadly flu ... Officials went ahead with the parade despite the discouragement of the city health department about the ever-spreading virus. Within 72 hours of the parade, all the hospital beds in P\ hiladelphia were full of flu patients. Within six weeks, more than 12,000 people died a death every five minutes -- and 20,000 had died within six months ... More U.S. soldiers died from the flu than from battles in Europe during the war ... The general public in much of the U.S. was uninformed about the virus because of the crackdown on news and any speech deemed unpatriotic. Speaking of soldiers dying from the flu fell into that category ... It is too easy in the United States to forget ... (mutatis mutandis and good move, "officials")

Nigerian police have freed 19 pregnant women from properties in Lagos, which they describe as "baby factories". Most of the women had been abducted "for the purpose of getting them pregnant and selling the babies", a police statement said. : worldnews

Chaotic scenes overtook the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday, as protesters and police engaged in running street battles in a march billed as a rally against global totalitarianism. It also launched the 17th week of pro-democracy demonstrations aimed at China's tightening grip on the territory. : worldnews
China has quietly doubled troop levels in Hong Kong, envoys say (XI getting ready to kill everyone, wreck world economy)
19Cheungh1, a Hong Konger, shares the current state of police brutality in HK : bestof

Benjamin Netanyahu Unable to Form New Israeli Government. Opposition Benny Gantz now has the opportunity to be PM : worldnews

Thousands Rally in Moscow to Demand Release of Protesters - WSJ - Demonstrators had been jailed during summer protests that were biggest public show of dissent in years against Putin rule
'The Dragon Has Unclenched Its Jaws' 25,000 Rally in Moscow to Demand Release of Jailed Protesters

The trial of a neo-Nazi "terrorist" cell accused of plotting violent political upheaval in Germany opens Monday amid reports the country's far-right scene is growing more armed and radical : worldnews

Austrian elections: exit polls show collapse in far-right support | World news : worldnews

Boris Johnson's own party no longer believes he will keep his promise to deliver Brexit by October 31 : worldnews

Cops are shooting protesters in Haiti as they protest President Moose : worldnews

Mohammed bin Salman denies personal involvement in Khashoggi killing in '60 Minutes' interview but says it was carried out by Saudi officials : news (who told him nothing, I tell you, nothing! and also, Jared is totally innocent!)

Trump Was Repeatedly Warned That Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Was 'Completely Debunked' -- Thomas P. Bossert, President Trump's first homeland security adviser, said he was 'deeply disturbed' that Mr. Trump had urged Ukraine to investigate Democrats (since Pres Dumbfuck can't read, who is feeding him this shit? which he believe after despite being told it's all horseshit bc his genius brain)
Pelosi, who officially launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump this week, suggested that Russia may have "had a hand" in the Ukraine whistleblower scandal. : worldnews (oh, Vlad on his nightly bed-time call to baby Donnie)
Trump's own staff repeatedly warned him that his theory about Democrats and Ukraine had been debunked : politics

Trump-Ukraine call needs criminal investigation. Why did DOJ say no? -- Is Donald Trump's s Justice Department part of the Ukraine scandal cover-up? (glad you asked that question)
The Dangerous Position of William Barr | The New Yorker (lock up the crooked fucker)

It's Not Just Trump | The entire executive branch of the government has been corrupted by our corrupt president. : politics ... "multiple White House officials" had "direct knowledge" of the call. According to the Washington Post, 12 to 13 people, including at least three people from the Situation Room, at least two or three members of the national security adviser's leadership team, a State Department surrogate for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and a senior representative from the Russia and Ukraine directorate were listening in (and no one said anything, lock up the team of traitors)
Shakedown Street - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I'm a fool to do your dirty work, oh yeah: ... commenter: "going to have to take temporary retirement just to keep up with the news."
Ryan J. Reilly on Twitter: "News from the past 30 mins: - Rudy Giuliani subpoenaed. - WSJ: Mike Pompeo was on Trump's Ukraine call - NYT: Trump pushed Australian prime minister to help with probe he wants to undermine the Russia investigation. - Happy Monday

Trying to defend Trump, GOP leader caught off guard by reality : politics ... Too often, GOP officials rely exclusively on conservative media, which filters out accurate information Republicans really ought to know. Then, when the cocoon is punctured, and folks like McCarthy are exposed to details the rest of us already know, they're incredulous (they were never that into "reality")
'You just added another word' : Repubican house leader Keven McCarthy appears to lean about Trump's damning quote in TV interview (Fox didn't tell him about the whole "favour" part of reality)

Rudy Giuliani, Joe diGenova Rage at Fox News Bombshell on Ukraine-Biden Plan - The Trump-boosting lawyers didnt deny they were involved in a controversial, aborted Ukraine trip. They are, however, denying that Trump knew anything about it in advance.

How the diplomatic pros lost Ukraine to Trump - The Washington Post (the shallow state fucked up)

Whistleblower's lawyers raise 'serious concerns' for their client's safety after Trump implied the complaint was an act of treason : worldnews
Donald Trump has put whistleblower in danger, lawyers say : politics
Donald Trump threatens whistleblower as Democrats aim for speedy impeachment - CNNPolitics

Dean Baquet and the Ethics of Whistleblowing - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Baquet cooperating with Trump in hunt to kill whisleblower)
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "honestly this entire series of tweets should be an article of impeachment" / Twitter
David Begnaud on Twitter: "BREAKING: Tonight, "60 Minutes" has obtained a letter that indicates the government whistleblower who set off the impeachment inquiry of President Trump is under federal protection, because he or she fears for their safety
Matt O'Brien on Twitter: "The New York Times should be doing some soul-searching about how they missed a once-in-a-generation scoop because they were so obsessed with both-sides-ism. Instead, they're trying to out the whistle-blower. (Ken Vogel, NYT reporter and Trump mouthpiece has a long history of Ukraine bullshit) )
Vogel wrote the January 2017 original fabricated "Ukraine collusion" hit piece that Manafort/Giuliani planted. He worked for Politico then and it was published 12 hours after Buzzfeed published the Steele Dossier. Here's the Ukrainian who Vogel used as his 'credible' source: (the shit is so deep at the NYT ... remember Baqeut/Bennett publishing John Yoo's anti-impeachment piece of lying shit and just calling him a "law professor" last week?)
Matt Pearce ?? on Twitter: "It does seem like the incentives for whistleblowing are a bit perverse, because if you do it the proper, legal way, you become fairer game for journalists to identify you, whereas if you just leak the same stuff to journalists, we'll generally conceal the source and protect you ... "The New York Times literally granted anonymity to three sources who provided information about the whistleblowers identity."

Dan Froomkin on Twitter: "The AP simply ignores Trump's civil war threat and his call for Schiff to be tried for treason
Trump's Twitter tirades about treason and civil war reveal a dangerously unfit president
Trump threatened 'civil war' - He's cornered -- and panicking about it ... Democrats now can threaten immediate consequences for the failure to comply: impeachment for that very act of stonewalling
Whistleblower Complaint: Now Trump Talks of Civil War and Treason - Bloomberg - not just the presidents phone calls to Ukraine that are a problem. Now there's more ... the opaque and overtly illicit material that we now know is hidden on that system, the use of which only became known thanks to a complaint filed by a Central Intelligence Agency whistle-blower, that is the stuff of presidential impeachment proceedings.
Beyond repugnant: GOP congressman slams Trump for warning of 'civil war' over impeachment
GOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment | TheHill ... ....If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal -- Pastor Robert Jeffress, @FoxNews (already happened, Conferate asshole, and this time we won't make the same mistakes)

Eschaton - I can imagine the conversations in newsrooms when Trump became president. They aren't all that stupid. "How are we supposed to cover this freak show of a man?" And the answer they came to is "we cover it like we cover any other presidency." But that's not what they've done, even if they think it is. They aren't covering Trump as they would've covered Obama or even George W. Bush. Pretending everything is normal is not normal coverage. Normally "tan suits" are enough to cause a freakout.
Eschaton: There's A Little Green Man In My Head - I don't know if it's good that the president is completely losing it (you know where to find him), but I will point out that it has been trivially easy this entire time to make him lose it.

Trump retweets bot that replaces key words in his tweets with 'shark' | TheHill
Trump allies concerned he doesn't understand gravity of impeachment fight (thinks a few more angry tweets will make it all go away)
Warning flares from Tom Bossert and Adam Kinzinger show the risks of Trump's hyperbolic defense
Fact check: Trump and other Republicans falsely claim whistleblower rules changed just before Ukraine complaint (and his army of evil robot liars like Gym Jordan spread the shit)

National (US) Poll - September 30, 2019 - Support For Impeachment Grows | Quinnipiac University Connecticut - American voters are divided on impeaching and removing President Trump from office, 47 - 47 percent -- closing a 20 point gap from less than a week ago ... The gap also closed among independents, who clearly said that the president should not be impeached last week 58 - 34 percent, and today are only slightly opposed to impeachment at 50 - 42 percent. Republicans feel much the same today as they did last week about impeachment; today, they say Trump should not be impeached 92 - 7 percent, and last week, they were opposed 95 - 4 percent. (down 20 in a week, and in free fall)

Trying to defend Trump, GOP leader caught off guard by reality : politics ... Too often, GOP officials rely exclusively on conservative media, which filters out accurate information Republicans really ought to know. Then, when the cocoon is punctured, and folks like McCarthy are exposed to details the rest of us already know, they're incredulous (they were never that into "reality")
Kevin McCarthy and the 'but not impeachable' defense of Trump
'You just added another word' : Repubican house leader Keven McCarthy appears to lean about Trump's damning quote in TV interview (Fox didn't tell him about the whole "favour" part of reality)

In May, Trump told reporters he hoped "Barrlooks at the UK, and I hope he looks at Australia, and I hope he looks at Ukraine" (Dumbster always broadcasts his crimes)
Attorney General Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016 : politics
Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016 - The Washington Post (lookin' bad, crookster)
Barr personally asked foreign officials to aid inquiry into CIA, FBI activities in 2016 - The Washington Post

Release of Trump-Putin transcripts needs Russian approval, Kremlin says | World news | The Guardian
Trump-Putin phone calls in U.S. Democrats' sights: Schiff - Reuters
Intelligence panel has deal to hear whistleblower's testimony
Trump Raises Idea of Arresting House Chairman for Treason - The New York Times (insufficient loyalty of the god-emperor of America, his highest highness, Trumpster)
Trump-Putin phone calls in U.S. Democrats' sights: Schiff - Reuters
Intelligence panel has deal to hear whistleblower's testimony
Trump asks if Schiff should face 'arrest for treason' over impeachment probe (said the god-emperor of America)
Trump Raises Idea of Arresting House Chairman for Treason - The New York Times

The impeachment inquiry: "We could not ignore what the president did."
What's the Matter With Republicans? - Trump has given them another chance to break away. Why wont they take it? (Trump is who they are)
Jeff Flake: Fellow Republicans, there's still time to save your souls ("If we had souls" he qualified)

Wilbur Ross is reportedly the 8th Trump official to use private email for government business : politics

Clearly Trump is Innocent : PoliticalHumor (today's meme explosion as Trump melts down)
Really steppin up. Respect. : PoliticalHumor
Crazy : PoliticalHumor
Orange man prepared! : PoliticalHumor
The Conspiracist-in-Chief can rest easy. : PoliticalHumor
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man? : PoliticalHumor
You're not supposed to say that out loud
Got heeeem : PoliticalHumor
You would really think we would be more mature than this by now. : PoliticalHumor
We've come full circle... : PoliticalHumor
We were saved by the Electoral College : PoliticalHumor

Tom Joseph on Twitter: "A perfect storm has hit Trump. His criminality & betrayal of America being laid bare as his mind crumbles. #Presidementia coined by @JohnMTalmadgeMD - a great follow for analysis of Trump's frenzy as the walls cave in. Trump cannot handle what's coming -- he cannot handle the truth
Nancy Pelosi's impeachment inquiry of Trump ramps up: What's the plan? (leave for a month)
Poll: 54 percent say House should cancel recess, start impeachment proceedings quickly : politics

Opinion | Impeach the Malignant Fraudster - The New York Times - This is how Republicans can redeem themselves. (Satanists can't be redeemed, sorry)

Bernie Sanders Is in Trouble - POLITICO Magazine - Up close and personal with a candidate in decline and seemingly stuck in his ways (you know what other old white guys is "stuck in his ways?")
Joe Bidens Digital Ads Are Disappearing. Not a Good Sign, Strategists Say ... pullback is a striking and potentially worrisome sign about his appeal among the digitally active (#OldJoe decides to go for the 80 and older vote)

What Democrats Could Lose With Their Left Turn - The New York Times - A survey experiment shows that some independents are already being turned off (NYT does it AGAIN)

Rep. Chris Collins of New York is resigning from Congress ahead of his expected guilty plea in an insider trading case. : news
Republican congressman resigns after admitting that he is, in fact, a witch : PoliticalHumor
Save Dump! : PoliticalHumor
So we finally know.... : PoliticalHumor (haha)
Dirtbag Don, Be Careful What You Wish For... : PoliticalHumor
Guiliani 69 : PoliticalHumor
Newt knows best, am I right?! : PoliticalHumor
Smash and grab job : PoliticalHumor
"I moved on him like a bitch. I didn't even ask, I just started impeaching. And when you're the Speaker of the House, they just let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by subpoena. Depose 'em. You can do anything." - Nancy Pelosi : PoliticalHumor

As the economy teeters,Trump's 'eighth wonder of the world' wobbles with it ... The lofty rhetoric reflected the grand scale of Foxconns plans, which were negotiated under former governor Scott Walker (R) (dumbfuck Wississippi Trumpsters believed the scam, got screwed)

Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase loves Trump in a state where he is very unpopular - The Washington Post

Huge "Police Lives Matter' Facebook page run from Kosovo, pushed misinformation about U.S. cops (commie copsters)

"Get over it" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is pretty bad: Hillary Clinton defended former Vice President Joe Biden against allegations that he has has acted inappropriately by head kissing and touching the backs of women (Hillary-Dillary-Don't)

Coming Forward About Sexual Assault, and What Cmo he was.
es After - What is Worth It? -- Is It Still? Will It Ever Be? The women (and men) who came forward about sexual assault and harassment tell about everything that came after.
Another Woman Says Al Franken Groped Her (Cranken Franken-Stein is a total creepster)
He Said She Said She Said She Said She Said She Said She Said She Said She Said She Said - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As we mourn his dismemberment at the sole hands of Kirsten Gillibrand, it should be noted that yet another woman has come forward against Al Franken ... Well, that Jane Mayer apologia looks even worse than it did at the time, and it looked very bad at the time.

Girl recants accusation that classmates cut her dreadlocks : news

Man paralyzed by gunshot wound after trying to kill wife, police say - The Washington Post (justice served)

Man jumps to his death at Grand Canyon Skywalk : news (for the comments)

NYPD officer killed in the Bronx died by friendly fire, police say : news

Sex Story: The Architect With Multiple Secret Boyfriends

On Terrible and Overrated Books - Lawyers, Guns & Money - With one bizarre exception, this is a useful list of once famous books that are, in fact, awful, many because of their eye-rolling toxic masculinity ... Henry Miller ... DFW ... Kerouac ... Salinger ... Ayn Rand ... Hemingway ... Robert Bly ... Frank Herbert (speaking of misogynist assholes)
BBC - Culture - The cult books that lost their cool - From the self-indulgent to the tiresomely macho, Hephzibah Anderson chooses her picks of previously hip books that have not aged well.

Mass. State Police is plagued with scandal. Lawmakers' response? Crickets

Three Vape Shops Sue Baker Administration Over Ban | Bostonomix .. Massachusetts last Tuesday became the first state in the nation to halt sales of all e-cigarette products amid growing concerns over a mysterious lung illness associated with vaping. (which had nothing to do with black-market THC but Baker is incredibly stupid and evil ... a "death sentence" for small businesses which Charlie could give a shit about) )
CDC Finally releases article on THC vaping related illness. : news
They are trying to put local tax On MMJ! : bostontrees ... You know what's really annoying? All of these documents use the word marijuana, which isnt even the correct term, its fucking slang. it shows the level of ignorance of the people behind the damn laws. (Charlie makes his next move, needs more cop money, screw your medical condition, click through and see all the other shit they are working on)
Patients with chronic pain should be able to use medical marijuana, state board of physicians says : bostontrees (Connecticut)

In marijuana, CBD and THC have opposite effects on anxious behavior: While THC was shown to make rats more nervous, CBD normalized that activity in trials. "Our study identifies for the first time a novel molecular mechanism by which CBD may actually block these THC-related side-effects." : science

Sunday Book Review: Arnhem, Ten Days in the Cauldron - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Arnhem: Ten Days in the Cauldron is a tapestry of the human stories behind the failed Allied attempt to seize the bridge at Arnhem

Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice. - The New York Times

New study finds that vaccination with common tuberculosis vaccine during childhood is associated with a 60% lower risk of developing lung cancer later in life : science

Scientists present new evidence that great apes possess the "theory of mind" which means they can attribute mental states to themselves and others, and also understand that others may believe different information than they do.

Psychologists, Therapists, Councilors etc: What are some things people tend to think are normal but should really be checked out? : AskReddit

What's the creepiest/downright scariest thing to happen to you or someone else in your hometown/city?

What is your absolutely favorite quote you've heard? : AskReddit

What makes you lose respect for someone instantly? : AskReddit

What is something the internet hates way more than it should? : AskReddit

Inside the new Uber: Weak coffee, vanishing perks and fast-deflating morale - The Washington Post (the whole thing is run on VC cocaine)

Changes to Our Policy Against Bullying and Harassment : announcements


7 things we learned researching climate change on Cape Cod - The Boston Globe ... #6: In 1938, a hurricane put much of the western edge of the Cape under several feet of water and killed 564 people. The sea level has risen a foot since then, the population has quintupled, and many new buildings have been erected in harm's way.
Why Trump Is Ramping Up His War With California Over Pollution | HuffPost - The administration is opening new fronts in its battle with the Golden State over clean car standards (polluting gas-bag in chief)
Climate Change: Russia's Oil and Gas Heartlands Are Under Threat - Bloomberg - Russia was happy that global warming opened up Arctic oil, but the melting of permafrost poses a huge threat to its hydrocarbon heartlands that circumvent new environmental legislation by dumping pollution into the sea instead of the air, The Independent can reveal. : worldnews
Thousands of ships fitted with cheat devices that circumvent new environmental legislation by dumping pollution into the sea instead of the air, The Independent can reveal. (capitalists cheat and try to destroy the plantet?)
Billionaire French luxury brand boss accuses teen climate activist Greta Thunberg of 'catastrophism' : worldnews ... The billionaire boss of the company behind brands such as Christan Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton has laid into teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, accusing her of 'demoralising' young people by embracing 'catastrophism' ... "Please don't concern yourself with the systematic destruction of our environment and keep buying my extravagantly overpriced tokens of wealth." (kill all the billionaires, for starters)
Neoliberalism Has Received Its Death Blow - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump sure has shown those neoliberals how a Man of the People governs: (man of the earth) ... For much of the past decade, the chief lobbyist for the group was David Bernhardt. Today, Mr. Bernhardt is the Interior Secretary.
Accurate : PoliticalHumor

India needs to reset its moral compass - The Washington Post (and Bill Billionaire Gates)

Houthis say they killed or wounded 500 Saudi-led coalition fighters and captured 2,000, showing footage of soldiers, corpses - The Washington Post

Anti-authoritarianism rallies to be held in 40 cities globally in support of Hong Kong protest movement: in Australia, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, UK, US : worldnews
Global Anti-Totalitarianism Rallies (from Sept 28 to Oct 1) Join the Fight Against Tyranny ! Find Your City Here ! : HongKong

China, Political Order, and International Order - Lawyers, Guns & Money - China is a highly authoritarian state with an extremely poor record on human rights. During the 2000s, it seemed like the country was very slowly and tentatively liberalizing. This is no longer the case. The cumulative weight of the color revolutions and the Arab spring seems to have convinced Beijing, like many other authoritarian regimes, that the possibility of revolutionary surprises is both real and dangerous

u/PoppinKREAM summarizes conditions of Uighur Muslims in China. : bestof
NewSovietMan1917 comments on I fucking hate liberals
Silence on Uyghurs because China is powerful - Mahathir; Muslim countries are silent about the persecution of Uyghurs "because China is a very powerful nation", said Malaysia Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad : worldnews (yo, muzfucks, where's your jihad?)
Street fires burn in Hong Kong amid running battles between protesters and police : worldnews

Swiss to auction 25 supercars seized from son of Equatorial Guinea dictator : news
$16M worth of undeclared cash and luxury watches confiscated from Equatorial Guinea's president's son as he enters Brazil : news

Russian Priest Who Adopted 70 Children Charged With Pedophilia : news ... "Stop me if you've heard this one"

Saudi King Salman's bodyguard shot dead in personal dispute, state media reports : worldnews (don't believe anything they say)

Prince Andrew could become more deeply engulfed in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal as police in the US seek to talk to victims of the late American billionaire pedophile. : news (well, no shit, lockup the pedo-fuck and burn down the royalty)
No regret: Captured ISIS fighter wants to come home -- but not if he will be judged by Canadian law (for the pic of evil dumbfuckery, wants to bring his three terrorist kids back to CA)

Boris Johnson is whipping up fears of rioting and deaths on the streets if Brexit is not delivered by 31 October so that he can try to invoke emergency powers and avoid extending the UK's EU membership beyond that date, Labour's Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, claimed on Saturday. (carnage in the streets! lucky all those Brit dumbfuck rightwingers don't have gunz like in America)

Journalist applauds 'historic' Supreme Court ruling that shields her confidential source (Canada)
No regret: Captured ISIS fighter wants to come home but not if he will be judged by Canadian law : news

u/bmerry1 explains why the crowdsrike conspiracy is so dangerous : bestof (Trump trying to give Ukraine and Baltics to Vlad)

Rudy Giuliani Subpoenaed By House in Trump Impeachment Probe - Bloomberg
About 300 former national security officials and ex-White House staff sign open letter accusing Trump of possible 'unconscionable abuse of power' over Ukraine call : politics - Inspector General Defends Whistle-Blower: Impeachment Update

The Ukraine Scandal Is a Fitting Symbol of Trumps Presidency. It May Finally Be His Downfall.

Ukrainians named in whistleblower report say Trumps lawyer was clear about his hunt for dirt on Bidens

One Down - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The first Ukraine related resignation/firing has happened: Kurt Volker, the US special representative for Ukraine negotiations, abruptly resigned Friday amid fallout over the whistleblower scandal

Bill Barr's (Claimed) Surprise about Being in the Zelensky Transcript Is Irrelevant To His (Non) Recusal
Bill Barr is the Roy Cohn of John Mitchells - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Is Donald Trump's Justice Department part of the Ukraine scandal cover-up? : politics
Rudy Giuliani Reveals State Department Text Messages About His Ukraine Dealings: 'They're All Over Me...Asking Me to Do it' : politics

Did the White House Hide a Bombshell Memo From Mueller? (it was on the secret server in the basement)
Trump may have lied to Mueller, House Democrats say - POLITICO

Schiff says House Intelligence has reached agreement for whistleblower testimony : politics

Trump is reportedly infuriated that Mick Mulvaney didn't have a strategy to defend explosive revelations that Trump urged the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden : politics ... "firing your chief of staff in the midst of a political disaster always brings much-needed stability, of course." (for not protecting Trump from his own dumbfuckery) ... "trump's camarilla is pretty much filled with unappointed sycophants at this point" ... "noun DEROGATORY - a small group of people, especially a group of advisers to a ruler or politician, with a shared, typically nefarious, purpose." ... "that is satisfyingly precise"

The President of the United States Is Unwell : politics (yeah, read his attempts to talk)

"My existence is deep fake!" : PoliticalHumor
The irony is palpable : PoliticalHumor

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing Worked with Rudy Giuliani to Dig Up Ukraine Dirt on Joe Biden: Report ... bombshell report ... Fox News reported that two frequent guests on the right-leaning cable news channel were "working off the books" to help former New York City mayor and current presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani dig up dirt on President Donald Trumps leading Democratic opponentand that the only person who knew about their involvement was the president himself.

Joaquin Castro Calls for Investigation Into Whether Jared Kushner Shared Intelligence That Led to Khashoggi Killing : politics (another one of those it was obvious and reported at the time but then nothing happened things)

How Trump has made a political career out of sowing suspicion against enemies - Axios - Trumps playbook for planting suspicionRaise deeply serious questions, regardless of what the facts say; hammer on those questions; never, ever seek finality.
Without evidence, Stephen Miller claims whistleblower is a 'deep-state operative' (said the Jewish nazi)
The Whistle-Blower Complaint Is Democracy at Work, Not the Deep State : politics
Whistleblower painstakingly gathered material and almost single-handedly set impeachment in motion - The Washington Post

History will be cruel to many who saw Trump treachery and DIDN'T become whistle-blowers

Trump writes the GOP impeachment playbook: Scorched earth. But will it work? - The Washington Post (lie, lie, scream, rage furiously, talk to Mitch, lie, distract, invent new crises, rage some more, claim victimhood, suck Vlad's dick)

Trump betrays America -- so why arent the Democratic candidates saying so? (they don't want to be all divisive, esp lookin' at you, #OldJoe) ... Could the foregoing indicate that the Senate Majority Leader believes the GOP has hitched its wagon to a "star" that is about to supernova, reduce to a red dwarf and be swallowed by a black hole?

Dear anonymous op-ed writer: Your plan didn't work

How Melania Obtained Her "Einstein Visa" Under Scrutiny After She Lied About Having University Degree (deport the lying bitch)

Adam Schiff says he expects the whistle-blower to testify 'very soon' (hopefully b4 Nancy-Prancy sends everyone home)

Nancy Pelosi Says Public Opinion Shifting In Support Of Impeachment Inquiry | HuffPost - The House speaker for months took a cautious approach in weighing the calls of other Democratic House members to launch impeachment proceedings (Dilly-Dally nancy-Dancy)
Democrats count on Schiff to deliver focused impeachment inquiry of Trump - The Washington Post (NARROWLY FOCUED screams Nancy, who hated Nadler's agressive push to impeach, fuck the dems)
GOP Leadership Memo Suggests Senate Cannot Block Trial If House Votes To Impeach Trump | HuffPost - "There is no way we could somehow bar the doors and prevent the managers from presenting the articles" (hahaha, "barr the doors")

Trump impeachment inquiry poll: CBS News poll finds majority of Americans and Democrats approve of impeachment inquiry against Trump - CBS News
Americans believe Trump's Ukraine Call Is A Serious Issue, But Are Unsurprised By His Actions | Ipsos

State Department takes closer look at Hillary Clinton's e-mail server

Drain the swamp? Trump has named more lobbyists to Cabinet than Bush or Obama did in 8 years : politics (too complicated for his base of dumbfuck suckers)
Norman Ornstein on Twitter: "Romney, Sasse, Hawley, Graham, Collins, Portman, Murkowski, Alexander, et al, are no longer Republicans or conservatives. They are Stepfords. Monotonically, slavishly loyal to Trump, no matter the outrage of offense, or how corrupt or traitorous. Stepford Party senators. Pathetic" / Twitter
Why are Republicans silent about the Ukraine whistleblower scandal? This one chart explains.Comparing the political fortunes of Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake tells you a lot. (gay Lindsey loves Trump's dick)
George Conway posts epic tweetstorm obliterating Lindsey Graham 'pure garbage' defense of Trump -
Republicans' Quest for a White America Is Destroying America | Time

Biden Campaign Demands TV News Execs Stop Booking Rudy Giuliani - it is editorially irresponsible to book the president's personal lawyer

Power Ranking: Impeachment Week puts Warren in a prime 2020 position - The Washington Post - Alternatively, Democrats might decide to venerate Biden as St. Joseph of Ukrainegate, the first true martyr of the #Resistance

[Report] Secrets and Lies, by Linda Stasi | Harper's Magazine - Secrets and Lies Sexual abuse in the world of Orthodox Judaism By Linda Stasi .. (rot at the core of Yeshiva, hidden by the Hasids, protected by Israel, Ultra-orthodox lobbied for years against Child Victims Act, sue them into the 17th century where they belong)
Nuchem Rosenberg Has an Accessible Blog | Frum Follies by Yerachmiel Lopin

Last year, tech companies reported over 45 million online photos and videos of children being sexually abused -- more than double what they found the previous year -- The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong? Online predators create and share the illegal material, which is increasingly cloaked by technology. Tech companies, the government and the authorities are no match.

Preying on Children: The Emerging Psychology of Pedophiles - The New York Times ... A majority of convicted offenders are men who prey on children ages 6 to 17. But women also commit hands-on offenses; rough estimates put the rate of pedophilic attraction at 1 to 4 percent in both men and women. Studies suggest that a small subset of male and female pedophiles have an interest in toddlers, or even infants. As scientists seek to understand how the disorder develops, there is growing consensus that the origin is largely biological. This view is based in part on studies pointing to subtle physical traits that have a higher incidence among pedophiles. ... "These are not genetic; they can be traced to specific periods of development in the womb." ... By contrast, the common presumption that pedophiles were themselves abused as children now has less support. Child victims are at far greater risk of future substance abuse, depression, persistent traumatic stress or criminal aggression than of becoming molesters. The vast majority of offenders deny any sex abuse in their childhood, even though they could garner sympathy in court by doing so ... 85 percent of convicted online offenders acknowledged in therapy that they had raped or otherwise sexually abused children
Child sexual offenders show prenatal and epigenetic alterations of the androgen system ... The findings support theories of testosterone-linked abnormalities in early brain development in delinquent behavior and suggest possible interactions of testosterone receptor gene methylation and plasma testosterone with environmental factors. (problem with their distinction between CSO and P, see above)
Minor Physical Anomalies as a Window into the Prenatal Origins of Pedophilia. - PubMed - NCBI - Evidence is steadily accumulating to support a neurodevelopmental basis for pedophilia ... Moreover, greater sexual attraction to children was associated with an elevated craniofacial-to-peripheral anomalies ratio (Epstein's face)
Pedophiles more likely to have physical irregularities -- ScienceDaily ... left-handed, undetached earlobs, malformed ears, or a high or steepled palate ... For years, it was thought that child molestation was somewhat of a learned behavior, potentially from the abusers having been sexually abused themselves as children. While this may be a factor in some cases, this is not the case in those with genuine pedophilia.
Frontiers | The Neurobiology and Psychology of Pedophilia: Recent Advances and Challenges | Human Neuroscience
Are paedophiles' brains wired differently? - BBC News ... convicted paedophiles are three times more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous than the rest of the population - and that they are significantly shorter than other convicted criminals (AI will eventually find them)

Bond Denied For Javier Garcia, 22, Charged With Terrorism In Woodfield Mall Incident CBS Chicago - The 22-year-old man accused of driving an SUV into Woodfield Mall on Sept. 20 has been charged with terrorism.

More research finds 'stand your ground' laws lead to more homicides (huge surprise)

Two AWOL soldiers joined a far-right militia in Ukraine. They returned and killed a Florida couple, feds say. : news

Crossing a line in gang wars: Chicago gang members on trial for execution-style murder of 9-year-old : news

TIL at University Florida in 1924, a Catholic priest was kidnapped and castrated by KKK members, including the Gainesville mayor and police chief : todayilearned

Dallas man went back to bed after killing burglar, police say : news
Mississippi police officers fatally shot a man in a wrong-door raid. The city says he had no constitutional rights because he was an undocumented immigrant. : news

Harvard President Apologizes for Comparing Rich Donors to Freed Slaves in Alumni Meeting : boston

Good thing we got all of those regulated vapes off the shelves in MA... : bostontrees - Charlie is on it! The only governor to actually make the black market vape crisis even worse...
Many Vaping Illnesses Linked To Black Market Dank Vapes'Or Other THC Products (Baker is a knee-jerk jerk)
CDC: Black-market vapes infused with THC tied to lung illnesses : bostontrees
Vaping illnesses: The difference between black market and medical marijuana dispensaries
Dank, TKO, and other "Cali Cart" brands linked to vaping illnesses. : bostontrees
Globe: Amid vaping update, Baker stands by temporary ban : boston

Expectations shape your relationship, suggests a new study (n=253), which found that people were more grateful, had more respect, and were more satisfied with their relationships if they had low expectations of sacrifice by their partners, supporting the theory that "expectations kill gratitude"

TIL Bill Gates predicts that the growth of instructional software will replace textbooks. However, in a 2018 survey of college students, the trade publication Library Journal found that 75 percent say that reading print books is easier than e-books : todayilearned (Bill is not that smart, but thinks he is bc he has billionaire brain)

Anybody looking for a 1 bedroom, great location in Kenmore! $3k, inquire ASAP will go fast!!! : boston

[Serious] What was a normal part of your life growing up that other people were shocked by? : AskReddit

Legendary Crime Scene : funny (staged, but still)
Worst driver alive? : WTF

What is the greatest design fuck up of the human body? : AskReddit - Dunno but I wish my tongue could clean my teeth like a toothbrush does


Massive Climate Strikes Erupt Worldwide for the Second Week in a Row : worldnews
Climate change: Greta Thunberg calls out the 'haters'. "Going after me, my looks, my clothes, my behaviour and my differences". Anything, she says, rather than talk about the climate crisis. : worldnews
abc730 on Twitter: "If you're a grown adult enraged by 16-year-old activist @GretaThunberg , satirist @markhumphries and his co-writer @evanwilliams have created a new service that could help -- The Greta Thunberg Helpline - For adults angry at a child (and then the trollbots arrived)
Beware Greta Thunbergs science fiction the end of the world is not nigh - By Niall Ferguson (BoGlo's default go-to darkweb pseudo-intellectual conservative Hoover thinktank idiot, why publish this shit, John "big Capital" Henry?") ... "behond moronic"
Half a million walking in the streets of Montreal alongside Greta Thunberg today : pics
500,000 people at Montreal climate march today : gifs

Twitter Users Weather The Storm With Jokes About Tropical Depression Karen | HuffPost - Twitter Users Weather The Storm With Jokes About Tropical Depression "Karen" has ben the internet's "stock female antagonist" (as in, "Karen and her suburbitank")
600 People are still missing in the Bahamas weeks after Hurricane Dorian : worldnews
600 people are still missing in the Bahamas weeks after Hurricane Dorian : news

China harvesting organs of Uighur Muslims, The China Tribunal tells UN. They were "cut open while still alive for their kidneys, livers, hearts, lungs, cornea and skin to be removed and turned into commodities for sale," the report said. : worldnews (even the nazis didn't do that ... Xi's "organ farms")
China unveils 500 megapixel camera that can identify every face in a crowd of tens of thousands : technology

Brother gets life for 'honour killing' of Pakistan social media star : news

Pakistan blocks 900,000 websites over content; The Pakistan government has blocked 900,000 websites for carrying blasphemous and pornographic content and/or sentiments against the state, judiciary or the armed forces : worldnews

Japanese minor opposition party head suggests 'wiping out races that have babies like idiots' and questions educational support to poor countries on the reasoning that 'it's impossible to teach dogs'. : worldnews

Boris Johnson has been referred to a police watchdog over his alleged relationship with an American businesswoman - CNN (BoJo and his BloJos)
Boris Johnson could be forced out as UK Prime Minister next week : worldnews

Army official at Mar-a-Lago accessed Russian child-porn website | Miami Herald - uploaded suspected child porn ... sentenced to three years of probation on Friday after he made false statements to a federal agent during a child pornography investigation. (the pedoporn/Russian connection itself was fine with the Army)

Republicans Block FEC From Publishing Rule On Foreign Election Interference (and why would they do that, seems kinds of traitorous?)

State Department takes closer look at Hillary Clintons e-mail server (Pompeo will also probe Benghazi and the pizza joint)
State Dept. intensifies email probe of Hillary Clinton's former aides ... "Those targeted were notified that emails they sent years ago have been retroactively classified and now constitute potential security violations" (so they retroactively classify shit so they can go after Hillary and distract everybody : "I'm not the crook, she's the crook!)

Trump says he raised Hunter Biden allegations with his China go-between - The Washington Post ("China, if you're listening, I have a great bribe for you")

Trump to Putin: Your Ratfucking Was Great, Please Do More - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, nobody can accuse Trump of being subtle:

Trump told Russian officials in 2017 he wasn't concerned about Moscow's interference in U.S. election ("go ahead and fuck this democracy" the treasonous traitor said)
Trump's Ukraine call sparks new questions over intelligence chiefs firing The president removed Dan Coats days after his conversation with Zelenskiy and insisted that Coat's deputy not get the job - Three days after his now infamous phone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Donald Trump abruptly fired his director of national intelligence in favour of an inexperienced political loyalist ... the White House learned within days that the unorthodox call on 25 July with Zelenskiy had raised red flags among intelligence professionals and was likely to trigger an official complaint ... (no treason there)
Top intel official interrupted meeting to urge his deputy to resign - CNNPolitics - Coats and No. 2 intelligence official, Sue Gordon
Dan Coats disrupted meeting to urge Sue Gordon to resign: Report ("get the fuck out now, the ship of rats is goin' down!" " he said)

White House restricted access to Trumps calls with Putin and Saudi crown prince (the treason, it is deep)
The White House reportedly tried to conceal transcripts of Trump's calls with other world leaders, including Russia's Putin and Saudi Arabia's Mohammad bin Salman : worldnews

Washington Monthly | The Scariest Thing Trump Said on the Ukraine Call - Trump's words about Marie L. Yovanovitch, his former ambassador to Ukraine, were ominous ... she was "bad news" ... "She's going to go through some things" ... old school mob boss ... "whacked" ... "you won't hear from her again"

Trump officials were reportedly so alarmed by his Ukraine call that the transcript had to be printed out and passed around by hand : worldnews

Collusion After the Fact - Lawfare ... But it seems preponderantly likely that Mueller never learned of this information ... But it rather dramatically affects theno collusio n narrativeAnd had Mueller been aware of it, I feel certain that it would have warranted investigation and discussion. The fact that nobody privy to the fact of its having happened came forward even though Comey had publicly announced that the bureau was investigating possible collusion represents a triumph of omert` over patriotism (traitors all the way up and down)

'The New Berlin Wall' : Why Ukraine Is Central to the Scandal (Dump traitorizing for years)
Trump, caught off guard, struggles to fight impeachment storm - Los Angeles Times -- As soon as President Trump learned he was facing an impeachment investigation on Tuesday, he upended his meetings with world leaders near the United Nations and rushed to his soaring skyscraper a few blocks away in midtown Manhattan. Then, back in his penthouse at Trump Tower, he sought solace at his favorite placein front of a TV with his Twitter account in hand.
Trump's Big Lie About Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Ukraine Falls Apart -- In pushing to oust the former prosecutor, Biden did the right thing, no matter the personal cost.

Amateur pro-Trump 'sleuths' scramble to unmask whistleblower: 'Your president has asked for your help' ("rid me of this troublesome truthteller" and traitors to Amercia respond)
Amateur pro-Trump 'sleuths' scramble to unmask whistleblower: 'Your president has asked for your help'

Racism and Credit Claiming: A History of Rudy Giuliani - Lawyers, Guns & Money (he really is a ghoul)
The strange career of Rudy Giuliani, from US attorney to Trump bagman, explained -- "law and order" over the rule of law (very similar to Trump in his constant, unmerited self-promotion and deep racism)
Rudy Giuliani's former DOJ colleagues believe he committed crimes in pushing Biden probe

Eschaton: This Is Excellent News For John McCain - It always is. -- Executive Director of the McCain Institute Kurt Volker resigned from his position as the U.S. Special Envoy for Ukraine Friday, following reports he collaborated with Ukraine and President Donald Trump. (so, Heghan?)
McCain Institute head Kurt Volker steps down as US diplomat - The State Press - amid reports that he was involved in the Trump-Ukraine investigation
How I missed the Ukraine story - Columbia Journalism Review ... "described the calls proudly" ...

Mike Pompeo Grapples for Ways to Outlast Hurricane Rudy - One top official is out. Congress is at the doorstep. And the presidents lawyer is practically taunting him on live television. What does the Secretary of State do now?
Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is subpeonaed by 3 house committees over Ukraine favors : worldnews

Trump blurs lines between personal lawyer, attorney general ... "To him, it appears Giuliani and Barr both have the same job." (Barr is in the middle of all this, with Giuliani and Mulvaney, and of course, Javanka ... and when Jeff Sessions is the only Trumpster with any morals, you've got a problem)
Mick Mulvaney on shaky ground in wake of whistleblower fallout - CNNPolitics

Staring down impeachment over Ukraine call, Trump sees himself as a victim of historic proportions - The Washington Post (the greatest, most perfect president is always the victim)

Republican silence supports Trump's threats

Washington Monthly | Democrats Should Not Base Impeachment Decisions on GOP Reactions ("they will impeach the next democrat! the horros!) ... But the moral bankruptcy and tactical desperation of the Republican Party should not guide Democratic policy.
The Impeachment Probe Should Include All of Trump's crimes
Donald Trump was impeachable the day he took office: Two and a half years later, we're finally there - From the first day, Donald Trump has been an unhappy president. Because he knew he was engaging in treason : politics

Editorial: President Trump needs to step down - Connecticut Post - Even given the incredibly fast pace of news in the Trump era, the speed with which the Ukraine scandal has moved from vague complaint to impeachable offense has been stunning. Though we're still at the beginning of the process, there is already a mountain of evidence implicating President Donald Trump with conduct far outside the accepted norms of a democratic leader.
Connecticut newspaper calls on Trump to resign, citing 'damning evidence' from Ukraine call : politics

Trump Calls 4 Congresswomen of Color 'Democrat Savages' Along With Schiff and Nadler

Donald Trump Truly Has No Idea What He's Even Talking About - It is a problem for President Donald Trump that it's often impossible to tell what the hell he talking about.
A sober thought - Lawyers, Guns & Money - . How it might end is another question, but it feels to me like something has really shifted this week, and today in particular (and oh, the face)

Yeah, dare to dream, Man.... : PoliticalHumor
Moscow Mitch vows to maintain status quo, retreats into his shell : PoliticalHumor
This is a fact. : PoliticalHumor
Donald gets savaged for making an offensive remark about "savages" which I find barbaric : PoliticalHumor (using racism to distract from impeachment crimes)
Can you imagine? : PoliticalHumor
More relevant than ever : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton: Obama People Are Big Hypocrites So Checkmate Libs - The first rule of the New York Times is that you cannot criticize the New York Times. -- "Much of the criticism of us yesterday came from Obama administration folks. Here are their stats and their legacy on this issue: -- nytmike" -- So the federal government did one thing which was maybe bad (going after illegal leakers to the press), and a newspaper, which is not the federal government, did a totally different thing (potentially outing a whistleblower who tried to do things through legal means and was prevented by illegal acts of his superiors) WHICH WAS NOT BAD SO STOP SAYING THAT, and all of our critics worked for the Obama administration (you guys did not know this, but I did! I think), so checkmate libs! Often with this fucking newspaper their particular misdeeds don't even matter that much, it's that you frequently get windows into their totally broken fucking brains and realize "these are not the people who should be ruling our discourse." (jfc, any lie/deflection will do, Baquet, Bennett and the Sulzfuckers at work)
Michael S. Schmidt on Twitter: "Much of the criticism of us yesterday came from Obama administration folks. Here are their stats and their legacy on this issue:" / Twitter .... Thank you, sir. I also encase myself in comforting bullshit to avoid my own massive fuckups. ... While there's a debate to be had about this record why on earth would this justify the NYT in outing a whisteblower - unless it's just what aboutism, which is no justification. (and then they dug it even deeper)

Lindsey Graham overheard talking about whistleblower controversy - "Kavanaugh on steroids" ... talking to someone named "Jared"

u/cashoutatthewindow lists long list of Republican pedophiles charged and convicted of being pedophiles after the guy in charge of white house communications at Mar-A-Lago gets busted uploading child porn : bestof

Moderates, all is not lost. Here's how we move forward. (start by fucking off, you closet Rethugs, commenters don't buy your crap either)

George Conway Says Wife's Boss Will Be Remembered As 'Dumbest And Worst' President -- "Without a doubt"

Deep Throat's identity was a mystery for decades because no one believed this woman - Nora Ephron told everyone who the anonymous source for Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate scoops was. And she was right.

At Fox News, Trump Impeachment Inquiry Brings On-Air Sniping - The New York Times
Chris Wallace Clashes With Fox News Colleague Over Trump Defenders' 'Deeply Misleading' Spin on Ukraine -- clashed with colleague Sandra Smith after she echoed White House talking points on the whistleblower complaint.

Eschaton: Waiting For Morning Joseph - I know I'm not inside their heads, but as a long time Watcher of Democrats, I do think they are constantly waiting for the Nonpartisan Referee (the Marshal of the Supreme Court, or a Republican FBI Man, or some Respected By Both Sides Teevee Pundit, or David Brooks, or the Washington Post Editorial Board) to make a judgment on the outcome of the game without ever bothering to go play on the field. Gotta suit up at least. They started to and suddenly everything is different!

College voting sites in doubt going into 2020 Texas election | Fort Worth Star-Telegram - 11,000 college votes turned Tarrant County purple in 2018. Now campus voting may end ... frustrated that too many young people voted ... they changed the law ... (of course the Rethugs did that)

'The Fast And The Furious' Director Rob Cohen Accused Of Sexual AssaultThe alleged victim says Cohen assaulted her when she was unconscious. In February, his daughter accused him of assaulting her when she was a child (another Jewish movie dickster/abuser)

AOC threat: Gretna Louisiana police officers fired for Ocasio-Cortez 'needs a round' Facebook post - The Washington Post

Police chief accused of slamming black teens head into door: 'Trump is last hope for white peoplep -- Frank Nucera Jr., former chief of Bordentown Township ... Nucera collects an annual pension of nearly $106,000 (so, racist copster fucker cashed in)

A 13-year-old dies after his classmates punched him at school : news
White students called a 10-year-old black girl the N-word as they beat her up on a bus, court documents say : news

Doctor facing life in prison for thousands of opioid doses : news

Mark Ronson Apologizes ForEmbarrassingRemarks On Sapiosexuality (turns out you can't "find intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship" unless you are so gay??)

Dating Apps Are Making Marriages Stronger - WSJ - Couples who meet online tend to communicate better and have longer, happier relationships ... the rate of marital breakups for respondents who met their spouse online was 25% lower than for those who met offline. The researchers suggested that a greater pool of potential spouses might give users more options and allow them to be more selective ... also found that more anonymous online communications produced greater self-disclosure and stronger feelings of affection than face-to face communications ... "This isn't settling. It's learning."

Harvard president apologizes for reference to freeing of slaves in discussing fund-raising effort - The Boston Globe ("giving us your big bucks is like freeing the slaves" - all you need to know about Harvard in one sentence)

CommonWealth Magazine - Lots of questions, but few answers in bribery case (Massachrooketts)

Amid vaping update, Baker stands by temporary ban - The Boston Globe ... after two new reports signaled mounting evidence that most vaping-related lung illnesses were linked to illicit pot products.(#BlunderBaker digs in on his dumb brain, anything to destroy fastest-growing small businesses in MA bc he's a pro-cancer/opiods/tobacco/blackmarket idiot) ... "See, eg., Baker's appeal to moral panic / ignorance in the threat that marijuana decriminalization would worsen the opioid epidemic when all available evidence shows the opposite. Also: basically every republican position on anything."
Journey of a Tainted Vape Cartridge: A Leafly Investigation : from China's poison labs to you lungs
Lawsuit filed against vaping ban : boston

Scientists have created the first psilocybin-producing bacteria. The development of a psilocybin production platform in a highly engineerable microbe could lead to rapid advances towards the bioproduction of psilocybin for use in ongoing clinical trials. : science

Predators could be the antidote to unhealthy herds, suggests new study. The healthy herd hypothesis suggests predators reduce disease risk for wild animal populations, by being more likely to attack the infected, and by reducing the density of prey populations and the chances the sick infect others. : science

/u/kaaz54 gives an overview of the incredibly complex internal workings of the Holy Roman Empire's government : DepthHub (it was a mess)

/u/aieou explains gravity wells : DepthHub

/u/marisachan on the extent of slavery in the antebellum south and how whites indirectly profited from it : DepthHub

Lambdoma Melody in E - YouTube
The Sound of a Pendulum Wave - As Bounces with Harmonic Series Pitches - Bounce Metronome Pro - YouTube

Percentage of the Christian population who identify as Catholic, Protestant, or Mormon in the USA by county [x-post /r/Catholicism] : MapPorn (aother view of the problem, note these are percentages of people who identify as Christian)

/u/rockhistory writes about the 'rock-star levels' of debauchery that The Beatles engaged in : DepthHub

Is there anything you did where you thought you were in the clear, but years down the line it came to bite you in the ass? : AskReddit

New Checkm8 jailbreak released for all iOS devices running A5 to A11 chips | ZDNet - Bootrom jailbreaks are very rare. They are the most highly sought after jailbreaks because they are permanent and cant be patched.
New SIM card attack disclosed, similar to Simjacker | ZDNet - an app to test your phone's SIM card for both Simjacker and WIBattack


Opinion | How the Climate Kids Are Short-Circuiting Right-Wing Media - The New York Times - Young people like Greta Thunberg are participating in the culture wars while also managing to float above the fray.
ELI5: If 97/98% of climate scientists agree that global temps rising is probably man made, how are they remaining % able to publish peer reviewed journals? : explainlikeimfive
Frankie speaks the truth. : PoliticalHumor
Imagine Being This Threatened by a 16 Year Old Child : PoliticalHumor (sick Trumpster fuckers)

Hurricane Lorenzo packs Category 4 windsand presents an ominous climate signal -- one of the largest and most powerful hurricanes of record for the central tropical Atlantic.

Senate Democrats accuse NRA of promising access to U.S. officials in exchange for Russian business - The investigation by Senate Finance Committee Democrats says NRA may have violated numerous tax laws.
NRA Was 'Foreign Asset'To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals (band of traitors)
Trump Meets With LaPierre to Discuss How N.R.A. Could Support Political Defense - The New York Times (and there you are)
Oh, look! A wild felony appears. : PoliticalHumor

300 men and boys are freed from 'house of torture' Islamic boarding school where they were chained up, raped by staff and starved 'in the name of teaching them the Koran' in Nigeria : worldnews (Wahhabi muzfucks)

Japan promotes China as bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea : worldnews ... How the fuck do people think North Korea stuck around long enough to be nuclear-armed in the first place? ... North Korea is little more than a puppet buffer state between China and South Korea. Millions of North Koreans have lived in poverty and oppression for generations BECAUSE. OF. CHINA.

Turkey doctor gets 15 months' jail for revealing pollution cancer risk : worldnews (Erdogan's Furkey)

Tik Tok bans pro lgbtq+ content : news

70 countries have now experienced organized disinformation campaigns : worldnews ... Seven states are using disinformation to influence other countries, the study found. It's not a hugely surprising list: China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson: A Tale of Two Crises | The New Yorker (two lying dumbfuck crooks destroying their countries bc dumbfuck asshole voters were confused by propaganda)
Boris Johnson could soon be forced to stand down as prime minister to make way for Jeremy Corbyn : worldnews
Finally, democracy has a good week as institutions strike back at Donald Trump and Boris Johnson : politics

Judge Blocks Trump Administration Plan to Detain Migrant Children - The New York Times - A federal judge issued a final order that prevents the government from enacting its plan to detain children for lengthy periods (like, forever)

Snowden on point : PoliticalHumor
Iceberg dead ahead : PoliticalHumor (Larry Tribe)
His presidency? : PoliticalHumor
His jumpsuit will match his tan : PoliticalHumor
The new Trump Tower : PoliticalHumor

Kremlin says it hopes US wouldn't release Trump-Putin calls
Vladimir Putin Spokesman Talks Release of Trump Communications - Vladimir Putin May Have Just Sent a Signal About Trump's Secret Server - This is just getting started.

Whistle-Blower Shines Light on Potential 'Abuse' of Secret N.S.C. Computer SystemComplaint alleges that the National Security Council took an extra and previously unknown step to shield President Trumps call with the Ukrainian leader from all but a very small number of officials. (Trump's security is your national security)
White House 'lockdown' of transcript would be highly unusual
White House says lawyers directed moving Ukraine transcript to highly secure system ... The admission lends further credibility to the whistleblower complaint description of how the July 25 transcript with the Ukrainian president, among others, were kept out of wider circulation by using a system for highly sensitive documents.
So cover me up - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The crime, contrary to the cliche, is almost always worse than the cover up. But the cover up is both bad in itself and suggests that the underlying crime is worse:
'This is unprecedented' : Intel chief defends withholding whistleblower complaint
Adam Schiff says White House 'hijacked' House Russia probe transcripts
Feinstein calls for 'word-for-word' transcript of Trump call at heart of impeachment inquiry

House Democrats Issue First Subpoena in Impeachment Inquiry - The New York Times - Three committee chairmen issued the first subpoena in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, seeking documents and witnesses regarding his dealings with Ukraine.

In Ukraine Phone Call, Alarmed Aides Saw Trouble - The New York Times (trouble they might get caught) )

AnotherPersonPerhaps comments on White House admits Trump's Ukraine phone call record was moved to secret server (thoughtful summary and commentaries your mainstream high-paid reporters seem incapable of, read down, good comparison with Andrew Jackson)

Acting DNI Shows Why Generals and Admirals Should Not Become Top Civilians - Defense One (authoritarian, hierarchical, following orders mindset, not good for government/democracy)
u/PoppinKREAM does it again with a breakdown of the US President/Ukraine phone call. : bestof
/u/De_Vermis_Mysteriis Extensively Debunks Trump's Biden Conspiracy, With Excellent Links. : bestof
u/jattyrr provides a detailed breakdown of Joe Biden's work in Ukraine and explains how the current narrative being pushed by Republicans is false : bestof

Effort to shield Trumps call with Ukrainian leader was part of broader secrecy effort ... "The whistleblower is a son of a bitch who lied about me," Giuliani said in an interview Thursday.
Rudy Giuliani claims he's withholding text messages that will 'protect' him in the Ukraine scandal : worldnews ... And so they start turning on each other. Let it all out. Follow him to the footnotes of history ... Wait, so he's witholding texts that will protect him? If they protect him, why wouldn't he release them? ... Because they likely implicate a bigger fish ... He's publicly threatening Trump not to come after him or lay the blame at his feet, probably after watching Trump throw every other person under the bus.
Giuliani cancels paid appearance next week at Kremlin-backed conference - The Washington Post ... Giuliani, who confirmed to The Washington Post on Friday morning that he would attend the event, reversed himself that evening after The Post reported on his participation in the meeting, which Russian President Vladi-mir Putin and other top Russian officials are expected to attend. (yeah, he was really going to do that)

Opinion | Just How Corrupt Is Bill Barr? - The New York Times - attorney general is implicated in the Ukraine scandal, but refuses to recuse (lock up the lying fucker)
Pelosi: Attorney General Bill Barr has 'gone rogue'
Rudy Giuliani, William Barr likely to be called to testify in impeachment inquiry, House intel Dem says - CNNPolitics ... several questions for Giuliani ncluding whether the Presidents personal lawyer has a security clearance ... "Rudy may be the best source of information, because he doesn't know what he should't say (karma is coming for you, evil fuckers)
Rudy Giuliani says he won't testify without consulting Trump (good luck with that, dumbfuck)
Pompeo Subpoenaed for Ukraine Documents as House Committees Accelerate Impeachment Inquiry | Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
The Trumpists Have Begun to Turn on Each Other Now. The Cannibal Feast Has Begun. - Mike Pompeo is the latest to get dragged into the Ukraine fiasco.

Scott Stedman on Twitter: "Holy shit. It looks like Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing got the corrupt ex-Prosecutor in Ukraine to make ridiculous claims in a sworn affidavit for their new Ukrainian client." / Twitter
The State Press on Twitter: "BREAKING: Volker's resignation comes amid reports that he was involved in the Trump-Ukraine investigation" / Twitter (running for the doors)

Better call Barr - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Here are some misty water-color memories of the way high status liberals were vouching for career Republican hatchet man Bill Barr until about fifteen minutes ago.
Michelle Goldberg on Twitter: "Spoiler: very" / Twitter

Trumps Attack on Whistle-Blower in Private Meeting Was Caught on Video ("we're at war with the lying truth" he said)
Trump Ukraine scandal: President has committed new impeachable offense ... threatening the life of a CIA officer ("Vlad, if you're listening ...")

Donald Trump Suggests Whoever Passed On Ukraine Call Information Should Be Executed. "Because that's close to a spy"
More than 300 former officials call Trump's actions concerning Ukraine 'profound national security concern'

Justice Department knew about whistleblower complaint involving Trump more than a week before referral : worldnews ... TLDR: AG Barr is a corrupt fixer all in for Trump.

James Risen: Whistleblower Complaint Shows 'Trump Is a Habitual Criminal' Abusing His Office

The Whistleblower Could Teach Mueller Some Things About Writing | HuffPost - The complaint accusing President Donald Trump of misconduct should be held up as an example of how to write well (fucked that one up, didn't you, Republican Bob)
Whistleblower painstakingly gathered material and almost single-handedly set impeachment in motion ... Six weeks later, the whistleblower has by some measures managed to exceed what former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III accomplished in two years of investigating Trump: producing a file so concerning and factually sound that it has almost single-handedly set in motion the gears of impeachment.

Giuliani Sits at the Center of the Ukraine Controversy - WSJ - Ukrainian officials saw him as a direct conduit to Trump; former New York mayor featured in whistleblower complaint (America's lying crooked mayor will go to prison)

Trump, the TV president, finally meets a media story he can't control
Impeachment Is Going to Make Trump Angrier - The Atlantic - New Frontier of Haterdom

Impeachment Shouldn't Be the Goal of Impeachment -- America deserves answers, not closure (Pareene)
Eschaton: This Stuff Is Unacceptable - Like Pareene I have no illusions that elite accountability is going to make a comeback. Bygones. Look forward. Time to move on. The nation needs to heal. NPR will drum these into our heads until the end of days. The talent there makes a shitload of money, too. And the reason for impeachment isn't to shave a few more points off of Trump's approval rating ... The point is to highlight all the things that are unacceptable in our too powerful executive and, to the extent that this Congress can, draw some lines ... The man has spent years doing obvious crimes and bragging about them. Sternly worded tweets and pleas for Republican Daddies to save us were never going to be enough. Gotta use the power. Limiting it to one thing and getting off the table as fast as possible isn't going to be enough.

Eschaton: What's It For - Things change by the minute, but there's still a sense that enough Dems just want us to get past this bit of narrow ugliness and move on -- In lieu of justice, what I would like is answers. I would like the full story, a complete and detailed account of everyone's involvement in everything ... The whistleblower's complaint is in large part an explanation of how dedicated the White House is to avoiding public disclosure of malfeasance. The fact that we are able to read it today is proof that impeachment is not a goal in and of itself, but a tool for ferreting out the truth. It should convince any skeptic that an impeachment inquiry should be wide-ranging and inclusive of all the presidens most serious scandals, from his apparent family history of tax fraud, to his ongoing abuse of office for self-enrichment, to his well-documented attempts at obstruction of justice. ...

White House Dusts Off Mueller Playbook As Pressure Mounts | HuffPost
Trump's Defenders Have Plenty of Lame Excuses - No quid pro quo! It's just politics! Democrats did it too!

Pence seeks to dodge impeachment spotlight as his Ukrainian moves attract notice : politics (Penscester is sweating)
The Inscrutable Mike Pence: A Book Review by Peter Baker - The New York Times

Trump: 'There should be a way of stopping' the impeachment inquiry : politics (

It's settled then!
President Trump Insists He Would Get a Nobel Prize, If 'They Gave It Out Fairly' : worldnews (if there were a Nobel Prize for corruption and treason, he means)
Trump rants nonsensically about his own spelling mistake, while confusing hyphen for apostrophe : politics

Heres How Donald Trump Ended Up Referencing A Russian-Promoted 4chan Conspiracy Theory In His Call To The Ukrainian President -- From the depths of 4chan, to the president's mouth, and then back to the depths of 4chan (Fucker Carlson and 4Chan now running the country)
This operation does not exist, nor will it ever exist - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Seven important and awful signs for Trump - The Washington Post

Now One Of Trumps Court Picks Is Tied Up In This Ukraine ScandalSenate Democrats are asking judicial nominee Steven Menashi, a White House legal aide, what hes known about the bombshell whistleblower complaint (crook all the up and down)

Former George W. Bush lawyer Richard Painter: Trump is "a lot worse than Nixon" : politics

The Latest: Trump ad claims Dems trying to 'steal' election (by making his corruption even more obvious)
Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment - POLITICO Magazine - Impeachment proceedings used to be news of unquestionable gravity. The week showed is just more fodder for the ideological and culture wars (shut up)
Democrats are taking a big impeachment risk. It's not what you think ... Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is under pressure from a small group of vulnerable members to make the impeachment inquiry "narrowly focused." ... The risk now is that, in declaring that the weight of the full House is behind an impeachment inquiry thas focused only on the Ukraine matter, it could compromise the Judiciary Committee's effort to fortify its own position in court. (for the sake of a few centrist dems in swingy states, Nancy-Dancy screws the whole country)
Democrats May Rush Trump Impeachment Proceedings on Ukraine, Plan 2 Weeks Off - The Democrats' Impeachment Moves Are Not Exactly Machiavellian at the Moment - There's no need to rush, and there's definitely no reason to take two weeks off right now. - Damned if I know why Congress is taking a two-week break at this point in history (Rancid Nancy needs to spend "narrowly focused" time on her fainting couch)

The dam is breaking: Trump' true character is revealed, more fully than ever
Democrats have Donald Trump on the ropes and should impeach him as soon as possible.

Fox News Host says Trump's sons "stopped doing international business deals" just before Eric Trump tweets Scotland golf deal : politics

Kamala Harris Calls For Formal Impeachment Inquiry Into Brett Kavanaugh | HuffPost - in the wake of a new sexual misconduct claim against the Supreme Court justice.

The Rot on The Hill | The New Republic - John Solomons role in laundering Trump's Ukraine scandal is just the latest black mark on the dodgy D.C. newspaper ... These columns, in the words of The Washington Post, "veered rightwards" in more honest terms, they were right-wing fever dreams. (finally, some attention to this jerkoff corrupt conservanut propaganda spouter with ties to the Ukraine/Russians)
John Solomon: How a conservative columnist helped push a flawed Ukraine narrative - The Washington Post (looks the part, too)

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll Results and Analysis | Home of the Marist Poll - Americans Divide About Impeachment Inquiry But Want to Know More ... More than two in three Americans (68%) say they are following the news about the House of Representatives formally starting an impeachment inquiry of President Trump either very closely (37%) or fairly closely (31%). This includes 80% of Republicans, 70% of Democrats, and 64% of independents.
Support for Trump impeachment rises 12 points in new poll | TheHill

LISTEN: Gov. Cuomo blames angry 'leftists' for impeachment of Trump, appearing to contradict previous stance ... "quote unquote inquiry" ... (congenital asshole idiot basically supports Trump, no wonder his gf dumped him and look at the scnnozz)

The Watergate whistleblower was named Deep Throat. What should we call this new whistleblower? : AskReddit

Trump is on track for a level of defeat in California not seen since the Civil War ... Just 29% of likely California voters say they plan to vote for Trump, compared with 67% who say they do not

Stormy Daniels to receive $450,000 settlement over arrest at Ohio strip club : news - Whoa....looks like the new Police chief of Columbus isn't messing around. He recommended that 2 of the cops involved be fired and the other 2 suspended without pay for 240 hours. (Trumpster copsters cost city a half-million)

Eschaton: MAGA Brain - There were a couple years when every utterance and crayon-scrawled facebook posting by Sarah Palin was treated by the media as the deliverance of some sort of holy tablets, instead of the 180 proof gibberish that they always were. And then they didn't. Never especially optimistic, but maybe it's time to treat the brain worms guy as just a guy with brain worms who happens to be a president who loves crimes.

Sabrina Tavernise on Twitter: "@mattmfm I deleted a tweet I wrote last night that didn't give the full picture of the story I helped report yesterday with 9 colleagues on voters' reaction to impeachment. There were a range of views from all over the country. It wasn't focused on swing voters" / Twitter (yeah, right, NYT, that's not what you said:) ... Your tweet literally said "swing voters" ... That's a lot of explaining and extra words to basically say you lied and got caught. How about you just say you lied and got caught. Much easier. Stop wasting everyones time ... Oh look, a "professional" writer for the NYT lied ...
Oh well : PoliticalHumor ... I talked with six swing voters today ...

Call 911, Chelsea Clinton Just Burned Donald Trump Bad | HuffPost
Chelsea Clinton on Twitter: "Yes, you are." / Twitter

"It's Management Bedlam" : Madness at Fox News as Trump Faces Impeachment
Geraldo Rivera Says Hed Like to Beat Up 'Rotten Snitch' Whistleblower for Trump (Fox fucker supports treason)
Paul Ryan Is Concerned - Lawyers, Guns & Money (from his seat on the board of Fox)

Why did Park Police officers kill Bijan Ghaisar? - The Washington Post - Nearly two years have passed since officers shot nine times at an unarmed man after a minor accident. There remains no explanation for why they did it.

Chicago-area man seen on video berating woman for Puerto Rico shirt convicted of hate crime : news

Former Marine who said he'd 'slaughter' antifa loses appeal to restore gun rights

Father of 'Affluenza Teen' Arrested For Assault : news

Parents wounded by LAPD officer in Costco shooting are outraged by lack of charges : news (psycho killer copster walks, natch)

Amber Guyger testifies at Dallas murder trial for fatally shooting neighbor Botham Jean : news

Princeton grad who killed his father after his allowance was cut gets 30 years to life : news

Bunk Beds Are Renting For $1,000 As The Housing Crisis Spins Out Of Control | HuffPost - In the midst of an affordable housing crunch, people are trading privacy for a place to live ... Podshare! ...

Tests show bootleg marijuana vapes tainted with hydrogen cyanide : news
It is now proven that the cause of this mysterious illness is from black market THC vapes. : bostontrees (also confirmed, Charlie Baker is a corrupt idiot)
Weed vape ban could push users to illicit dealers : bostontrees ... AKA Governor harms public health in assinine attempt to protect public health ...
Historic marijuana vote in US House, vape crisis fallout, MA approves MJ cafes/delivery : bostontrees
Dispensaries blame computer system as medical marijuana patient complaints persist : bostontrees

Inglehart Welzel cultural map of the world - Wikipedia
New Book Examines Landscape of Competing Facts in American Politics | School of Public Affairs | American University, Washington, DC ... When people encounter someone who views facts differently than they do, they tend to judge that person even more severely than when that person has opinions that are different from their own. Research has found this tendency to be just as pronounced among conservatives as liberals (so, both sides)

By popular demand... the Lumia 1020 - iPhone 11 Pro shootout!

Those who have a sunny disposition are 14 per cent less likely to die young than their gloomier friends and colleagues. They also have a 35 per cent lower risk of having a heart attack, stroke or developing angina, according to research. : science

Carrying ten kilograms of excess body fat increases the risk of depression by seventeen per cent - and the more fat, the greater the probability of developing depression. This is the main conclusion of a new study carried out by researchers from Aarhus University, Denmark. : science

Conflict is unavoidable but how a couple behaves after is important, suggests new study (n=796), which found that actively repairing the relationship through expressions of affection can bring partners back to pre-conflict feelings and a higher level of intimacy, but avoidance is generally negative. : science

Study suggests that the decline in marriage rates may be attributable to a shortage of economically attractive partners for unmarried women to marry : science
Fertility and intelligence - Wikipedia

A study by the University of Birmingham has shown that children who have experienced child abuse or neglect are four times more likely to develop serious mental illness such as psychoses, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. : science ... A fascinating book for laypeople who want to read further into this is The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van der Kolk, MD.

Why does Sagittarius A* have the * in it's title? : askscience

Libraries & Archivists Are Digitizing 480,000 Books Published in 20th Century That Are Secretly in the Public Domain | Open Culture

TIL that a baby prince from the Khwarezmian Empire was sold as a slave after the Mongols invaded their land and killed his family. He arrived in Egypt and rose among the ranks until he became king. He then lead the army and served the Mongols one of their first major defeats in history. : todayilearned

I'm Bishop Robert Barron, a Catholic bishop ready to answer any questions about God and religion from nonbelievers. AMA! : IAmA

[NSFW] You wake up and discover that you've become the opposite gender. Everyone treats you as if you've been this other gender your entire life. What do you do? : AskReddit (don't miss at least the first thread)

Van Attacker Who Allegedly Killed 10 in Toronto Says He Was Radicalized on Reddit and 4Chan : technology

What is one of the dumbest things you've done when your brain was on "auto-pilot"? : AskReddit
What the weirdest thing you did while you were high? : AskReddit

AndySocks comments on Operation: Femme Fatale 2

WeWork Is Unloading Adam Neumann's Cronies -- and His Private Jet -- plan for a brighter financial future includes firing nearly 20 of Neumann's family and friends and selling his $60 million private jet. By Alison Durkee (yeah, the corruption and stupidity was deep)


Teenage Girls Are Leading The Climate Movement -- And Getting Attacked For It -- A new movement of teenage climate activists -- most of whom are girls -- are getting dragged, doxed, hacked, and harassed online (and the boys, as usual, are playing video games in their basements)
I would like people to panic - Top scientist unveils equation showing world in climate emergency : worldnews
Goldman Sachs released a 34-page analysis of the impact of climate change. And the results are terrifying. : worldnews
Climate change on Cape Cod: At the edge of a warming world - The Boston Globe

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel should be reinstated after post-Parkland suspension, report says - The Washington Post -- 'Mind-boggling' : Parkland parents protest recommendation to reinstate sheriff behind shooting response ... Almost nine months later, though, an independent arbitrator has now said that Israel should be reinstated ("independent" pro-copster)

Video of police beating protester sparks outrage in Hong Kong - police claims officers were only kicking a "yellow object" : worldnews ... This is the umpteenth case of wanton police brutality against citizens.

Abortion now legal across Australia : worldnews

Boris Johnson tells friends of murdered MP Jo Cox to back Brexit if they want to stop getting death threats : worldnews (sorta sounds like a threat, doesn't it?)
Boris Johnson could go to jail if he refuses to ask for extension to Brexit negotiations, according to senior judge - Supreme Court could issue rarely-used 'mandamus' order to require prime minister to go to Brussels : worldnews

The Cybersecurity 202: Trumps CrowdStrike conspiracy theory shows he still doubts Russian election interference (no Russians involved! he ranted and raged, furiously. "I don't need your stupid intelligence! Vlad is my best friend! So shut up!" )

Donald Trump Claims Mike Pence Also Had Conversations With Ukraine President, Wants Pence Transcripts Released | Donald Trump Made a Surprise Claim in His United Nations Press Conference Wednesday, Apparently Implicating Vice President Mike Pence in the Ukraine Scandal. : worldnews (dum-di-dum-dum)

Whistleblower complaint against President Trump is released - The Washington Post - Whistleblower claimed that Trump abused his office and that White House officials tried to cover it up

Seven days: Inside Trumps frenetic response to the whistleblower complaint and the battle over impeachment ... the White House released a rough transcript of the call, part of a broad gamble by Trump that he could once again beat the -forces arrayed against him ... And during his news conference Wednesday in New York, Trump pulled Vice President Pence into the controversy with him, urging the assembled reporters to also ask for VP Pences conversations because he had a couple of conversations also. ("rough transcript" = "heavily edited and redacted" +so Pence, Barr and Giuliani should all go to prison with Trumpster)
Donald Trump Claims Mike Pence Also Had Conversations With Ukraine President, Wants Pence Transcripts Released | Donald Trump Made a Surprise Claim in His United Nations Press Conference Wednesday, Apparently Implicating Vice President Mike Pence in the Ukraine Scandal. : worldnews (lock up the soulless hand of Satan)

Document: Read the Whistle-Blower Complaint - The New York Times

Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A. Officer Who Was Detailed to the White House - The New York Times - His complaint suggested he was an analyst by training with an understanding of Ukrainian politics ... Mr. Trump cajoled Mr. Zelensky to coordinate with Attorney General William P. Barr and the president's personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani (and there you are) ... White House officials "intervened to 'lock down' all records of the phone call" putting them in a highly classified system meant for discussing covert actions. One White House official called that an abuse because the transcript contained no classified material. (so a bunch of "WH officals" watched Trump commit treason and supported him in it)
Top Democrats accuse Trump of trying to intimidate whistleblower to obstruct justice ... Democratic Reps. Eliot L. Engel, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Adam Schiff, chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and Elijah E. Cummings, chairman of the Oversight Committee, issued a joint statement condemning Trumps comments that seem to threaten the whistleblower's life. ("would someone rid me of this troublesome whistleblower?")

When did each Democrat start supporting impeachment? - The Washington Post -- Why now? The moments that moved Pelosi and House Democrats toward impeachment.
The full Trump-Ukraine timeline -- as of now (reveals the depths of his Uraine obsession bc Putin)
Why Ukraine came up in the latest Trump scandal - Vox - The country has always been at the center of Trumps scandals -- Trump has sold out Ukraine to cozy up to Russia

Takeaways from Trump whistleblower complaint - The Washington Post ... 5. Many people around Trump are apparently troubled, and some are allegedly assisting in a coverup ... a dozen staffers heard the call ...
What you missed while not watching Day 3 of President Trumps impeachment drama

Trump Attacks Whistle-Blower's Sources and Alludes to Punishment for Spies ... I want to know who's the person who gave the whistle-blower the information because that's close to a spyMr. Trump said.You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now" (And then said, "Are you listening, Russia?")
Audio of Trump discussing whistleblower at private event: 'That's close to a spy'
The Smear Job On The Ukraine Whistleblower Has Already Started | HuffPost - Trump allies are twisting a report that clears the whistleblower of partisan bias to argue the exact opposite. (up is down, evil is good say Trumpsters)
Trump Attacks Whistleblower Sources, Suggests Complaint Is Treason: Reports | HuffPost - The president reportedly made the comment as acting DNI Joseph Maguire testified about the complaint before the House Intelligence Committee.
$50K reward offered to out Trump whistleblower - Two Trump supporters are offering a $50,000 reward for information about the national security whistleblower at the center of the Ukraine phone affair (so, soliticing murder is not a crime? )
NYTimes Outs Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower As CIA Officer - Task & Purpose

Voter Support for Impeachment Grows Amid Ukraine Scandal - Morning Consult - Backing for impeachment increases by 13 net points since the weekend -- 43% support beginning impeachment proceedings to remove Trump from office, up 7 points from a weekend survey, while opposition dropped 6 points, to 43%. - 59% of voters who back impeachment said Trump committed an impeachable offense, a Morning Consult record high.

Whistle-Blower Is Said to Allege Concerns About White House Handling of Ukraine Call - The New York Times - New details have emerged about the intelligence officer who raised alarms about the presidents pressure on Ukraine to open inquiries that could benefit him politically.
Trumps Not-So-Excellent Day (of your not-so-excellent pres)
Phone Call Showed Only a Slice of Trump's Obsession With Ukraine
The Ukraine Scandal Is Not One Phone Call. Its a Massive Plot ... Giuliani, Pence, Barr, Mulvaney ... (should all go to prison for the rest of their lives)
Watergate Figure John Dean Has A Blunt Warning For Rudy Giuliani | HuffPost - The former New York City mayor may have crossed a line as Trumps attorney
John Dean on Twitter: "Giuliani is not Trump's private lawyer (Trump pays him nothing) rather Rudy is a lawyer who has become Trumps coconspirator. They're using the attorney-client privilege to hide criminal behavior but it cant be used for that purpose! Sad day that lawyers back at core of scandal!
Giuliani Won't Say if He Has a Security Clearance - personal lawyer was shaping U.S. policy in Ukraine and now there are questions as to why and with what broader government knowledge.

Trumps other Ukraine problem: New concern about his businessZelensky recounted his stay at the presidents N.Y. hotel in call with Trump.
Former Ukraine prosecutor says Hunter Biden 'did not violate anything'

Trump Threatened An American Serving Her Country As He Pressured Ukraine | HuffPost - "absolutely chilling to our diplomats" ... She's going to go through some things" Trump said of Marie Yovanovitch, a veteran foreign service officer who served as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine until May of this year. She departed from her post months earlier than expected after conservative media outlets and Donald Trump Jr. accused her of being part of an alleged Ukrainian attempt to support Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign (your dumbfuck mob-boss lying fucker pres)

The Trump-Zelensky readout is a devastating indictment of our president - The Washington Post (we see what you did there)
Justice Dept. rejected investigation of Trump phone call just weeks after it began examining the matter - The Washington Post (Barr barred the door)
Ukraine's president tells Trump to his face that he doesn't want to be involved in US elections : worldnews

Eschaton: Who Hates Him - Though it's not a transcript it is quite damning. Even more damning than I would have expected a real transcript to be! ... President brain worms thinks it's great, though. Either the people who work with him are as dumb as he is or after hours of him raging they just said, "ah, fuck it, this is great for you, Mr. President. Release it, asshole."
Pre-Transcript Release, Chris Christie Argued Trump Was Only in Trouble If He Said Something Like 'Do Me a Favor' ... Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie proved prescient Wednesday morning on the set of Good Morning America. Just hours before the transcript of a phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was released ... Christie immediately downplayed the significance and dismissed the "seismic reaction" that Democrats are having, calling it an "overreaction" ... before painting what would ostensibly be worst-case scenario ... "if he's saying do me a favor" ... (fatfuck apologist of evil really stepped into that one)

The Ukraine conspiracy is plainly bigger than just Trump - The Washington Post

"Do Us a Favor" : The Forty-eight Hours That Sealed Trump's Impeachment (mobster talks mob talk)
If This Is Trump's Best Case, The Ukraine Scandal Is Looking Really Bad For Him

Republicans Say Impeachment Will Backfire. History Says It Won't (Republicans don't need your so-called "history")

The House doesn't need an impeachment inquiry to confirm Trumps wrongdoing. Just look at his hotel ... In reality, his corruption is hidden in plain sight.

Adam Schiff Is Taking the Lead on Ukraine, and There's a Reason for That - The Intelligence Committee is far better behaved than Jerry Nadler's Judiciary, which is where the wild things are ... Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert, Matt Gaetz, and that propeller-beanie'd crew.

'Ice in his veins' : McConnell steers GOP through Trump's Ukraine scandal - The Senate majority leader is saying little to his own members about his own view of a threat that could imperil not just Trump but his majority.

Democrats Worry Rudy Giuliani Would Send Trump Impeachment Hearing Off the Rails (not-so-stable legal genious)

Journalists regularly do things like "take notes" and also "record conversations and then have them transcribed" and know the difference but it's all so confusing ... The transcript, in keeping with White House practice, is a memorandum of a telephone conversation and is not a verbatim account of the conversation ... The article+headline refers to it 6 times as a transcript before that 12th paragraph (reporting is hard! thinking is hard!)

All the president's loyalists: Impeachment net snares Trump's top advisors (lock them all up forever and oh look, the Pencester!)
Democrats, Please Dont Mess This Up. Impeach Trump for All His Crimes, Not Just for Ukraine.
Majority of House Dems Now Support Impeachment Inquiry - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump, Giuliani, and Manafort: The Ukraine Scheme | by Murray Waas | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Giuliani denies charges in whistleblower complaint, says details are 'total nonsense'

The first daughter has not directly acknowledged the impeachment inquiry into her father, but she's standing by her family using her typical method of communication: clothes.

Why Pelosi and her party finally embraced impeachment - POLITICO - Pelosi was in New York City for a private dinner with members of the Acela Corridor elite Fortune 500 executives, politicians and high-profile journalists ... Steny Hoyer ...

Wall Street Democratic donors may back Trump if Warren is nominated ("Democratic" sure)
Wall Street Democrats threaten to back Trump if Warren nominated - Lawyers, Guns & Money - These people need to have something extremely unpleasant happen to a few of them (after the most scrupulous due process naturally), pour encourager les autres.
Brian Schwartz on Twitter: "NEW: Wall Street donors are privately warning: We'll sit out, or back Trump, if you nominate Elizabeth Warren. ... Translation: We are ok with blatant corruption, endless criminality, and putting children in cages as long as we make a lot of money.

It is possible to write a perfectly reasonable argument that people on the left of the Democratic Party should prefer Bernie to Warren. But nobody who writes for the most prominent pro-Bernie outlets seem capable of writing one, so instead they keep churning out these ridiculous hatchet jobs saturated with both ridiculous bad faith arguments about Warren and magical-thinking overstatements about what a Sanders administration could accomplish. Current Affairs has now stepped up to the plate:
The Bernie vs. Warren Debate We Need
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Here is an article by a Yale Law School graduate who teaches at Harvard arguing that the left should not trust Elizabeth Warren because she was a professor at Harvard Law School." / Twitter (what's happened to Nathan J Robinson's brain?)

A first: Vermont GOP governor backs Trump impeachment probe - The Washington Post - Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (Rethugs in blue states getting scared)

The Pee Tape Is Real, but It's Fake -- There's a video going around that no ones really talking about. What makes it most unreal is how believable it is.

Fox News Civil War: Tucker Carlson Repeatedly Mocks 'Daytime Host' Shepard Smith in Jawdropping Segment

The limits of Trump' 'sso what if I did?' strategy (posted for the BoGlo Russian/deadhead Refuck comments )

Devin Nunes Accuses Democrats Of Wanting 'Nude Pictures' Of Trump - The Republican congressman made the unrelated allegation during a hearing about a whistleblower complaint against Trump
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "Here's Devin Nunes accusing Democrats of trying to obtain nude pictures of Trump" / Twitter (and more importantly) Schill corners Maguire into admitting that his initial response to the whistleblower complaint was to consult with the White House

#Q13FOX on Twitter: "Hacked Seattle road sign says 'Impeach the Bastard'

Census: Inequality grew, including in heartland states - The gap between the haves and have-nots in the United States grew last year to its highest level in more than 50 years of tracking income inequality, according to Census Bureau figures ... with several heartland states among the leaders of the increase, even though several wealthy coastal states still had the most inequality overall (bc there are more well-off people in "coastal" states)

Impeach Trump? Anger rises in divided states of America (Iowa dumbfucks say "witch hunt, so very "divided")

The President* May Have Poisoned the Republican Brand All the Way Down to the Taproot - Even state legislators in Texas are running for the hills ... I will never understand why people who will turn into Che Guevara if their water bills go up a nickel are perfectly fine with their states' spending millions on doomed and lunatic lawsuits. I mean, I understand it, but I don't understand it

Eschaton: That Fucking Newspaper - Even worse than the BBC's Brexit vox pops. -- I talked with six swing voter stoday. Impeachment repelled every one of them. This could cost Dems at polls. Great Iowa and Colorado insights from @tripgabriel and @jackhealyNYT -- Ah, yes, the American swing voter. The MAGA mom. The woman who voted for Trump in 2016 and Republicans in 2018. The guy with the Robert E. Lee portrait. The woman who went to 23 Trump rallies (NYT specializes in this crap, it's what they do! and jfc, they deleted their stupid fucking tweet, the paper of record!)
Man who has been to 23 Bob Dylan concerts still trying to decide if he's a fan - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Those lovable scamps at the New York Times are up to it again:
Matt McDermott on Twitter: "The NYT article includes an interview with Donna, presented as a swing voter who doesn't favor impeachment. - The problem? NYT interviewed the same woman last year. She voted for Trump and the Republicans again in the Midterm. - This isnt a swing voter.
Matt McDermott on Twitter: "The NYT is repeating its exact same 2016 reporting antics, presenting devout Trump supporters as some sort of forgotten swing constituency. Why does this keep happening, and why do they keep going back to the same individuals for interviews?" / Twitter ... Its bc they're white and support white supremacy. The NYT does as well. Once you understand that the NYT is ok with white supremacy everything else makes sense.
Matt McDermott on Twitter: "The NYT article also includes an interview with Reggie. Reggie was highlighted in an AP story last year entitled 'In the heart of Trump country, his base remains unshaken.' Reggie has a portrait of Robert E. Lee hanging in his living room. - No, Reggie is not a swing voter (the New York Slimes did it again)
Matt McDermott on Twitter: "The NYT article also includes an interview with Trisha, who admits she's been to 23 Trump campaign rallies. 23! She wrote a book about Trump! NYT has interviewed her at least twice in the past two years. Shes a Trump fanatic, not a swing voter. (could they interview some more extreme rightwingnut racist so-called good Christian fucking assholes and call them "swing voters" bc they are trying to make the dems cater to Republican asshole dumbfuck racists? bc Warren/Sanders scares the shit out of them? ... they may be a special suite in the 6th ring of hell for Dean Baguet and the Sulzfucks)

Sixth-Grade Boys Allegedly Attack, Cut Girl's 'ugly' Dreadlocks at Private Christian School - where Karen Pence currently teaches art.
Mikea Turner on Twitter: BULLIED OVER HAIR CONT.The sixth-grader's aunt showed me where the alleged attack happened on the playground. It's now surrounded by caution tape (crime scene)

Army Service Members Warned About Extremist Violence At 'Joker' Screenings -- The U.S. military cautioned service members on the potential for mass shooters at screening sfollowing extremist posts on social media ... after an FBI investigation unearthed social media posts associated with extremists classified as misogynistic "incels" that suggested replicating the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, during the Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises"

Pregnant woman walking with daughter called racial slur, punched in Cambridge : boston
Grounds of Boston-area synagogue vandalized : boston

Mass. retracts number of EEE deaths; confirms 12th human case of virus - The Boston Globe
4th EEE death confirmed in Massachusetts as total cases grow to 11, officials say : boston

Charlie Baker is a Weak, Reactionary Snowflake Megathread : bostontrees
Volcano and other dry herb vaporizer banned as well? : bostontrees (pro-black market/opiods/tobacco/cancer Baker bans everything, tells medical patients to go back to smoking plants and die)
Imgur: Charlie Baker Meme
'It's totally a disaster' " Ban On Vaping Products Frustrates Mass. Businesses
US vaping illness count jumps to 805, deaths rise to 12 - The Boston Globe

Therapists in Boston : boston


The World's Oceans Are in Danger, Major Climate Change Report Warns
Worlds Ice And Oceans Under Dire Threat, Shocking UN Report WarnsHundreds of millions of people in coastal areas would be threatened if climate change continues unabated (captialists/Republicans fucking the world: "we got our helicopters")
Psychologist says he's worried about the mental wellbeing of climate change activist Greta Thunberg | Daily Mail Online (Australia, home of conservative ratfucker climate-deniers as they melt)
'Don't buy coastal properties': UN scientists issue stark warning on climate | IPCC warns one billion people will be affected as soon as 2050 because of rising sea levels, water shortages and food insecurity : worldnews
Flood Map: Water Level Elevation Map
'Mapping Choices' Launched to Visualize Carbon Choices
Nation Perplexed By 16-Year-Old Who Doesn't Want World To End ... At press time, an online survey found that a majority of Americans agree someone should make sure Thunbergs parents are aware of her unusual behavior in case she needs to seek help.
Presidential Harassment : PoliticalHumor

China Wants the World to Stay Silent on Muslim Camps. It's Succeeding ... But Mr. Erdogan, who has stridently promoted Islamic values in his overwhelmingly Muslim country, was largely silent on the incarceration of more than one million Turkic Muslims in Chinas western region of Xinjiang, and the forced assimilation of millions more ...
China's 'horrific' treatment of Uyghurs condemned by US and more than 30 countries at UN : worldnews
TikTok censors references to Tiananmen and Tibet. : news

Johnson delivers bizarre speech to UN warning of 'terrifying limbless chickens' and comparing Brexit to having 'liver pecked out by an eagle': Sleep-deprived PM gives rambling address to largely empty hall, before cutting trip short to deal with fallout of SC ruling on his suspension of Parliament : worldnews
u/iamnotinterested2 lists more than 60 reasons Brexit voters voted Brexit : bestof ... "I want other people to suffer just like us."

Iranian president asserts 'wherever America has gone, terrorism has expanded' : worldnews (well, that's true)
This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism vs. No It Won't -- 032602 - The Onion
Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over' - 011701 - The Onion -

Senate Votes to Overturn Trump's Emergency Declaration Over U.S.-Mexico Border

The courage of a single whistle-blower may change history : politics

Majority of House supports impeachment inquiry - POLITICO
Impeachment Proceedings to be started against Donald Trump : worldnews

Ukraine president thought only U.S. side of Trump call would be published : worldnews
Trump to meet Ukraine's Zelensky at UN amid impeachment frenzy (more extortion and bribery)
Trump quietly met with Ukraine's president last night -- and Zelensky just tweeted a picture of it
Ukrainians understood Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy phone call: Ukrainian adviser - ABC News
Washington Post editorial quietly broke open Trumps Ukraine scandal

Trump's 'transcript' of Ukraine call unlikely to be verbatim
White House's 'transcript' of Ukraine call unlikely to be verbatim, instead will be reconstruction from staff notes carefully taken to omit anything embarrassing to Trump.
White House Seeks Deal for Whistle-Blower to Speak to Congress - The New York Times - the administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower's complain (totally transparent verbatim redaction)
What to expect when you are expecting a Trump 'transcript' (fakescript fuckscript)
That time Nixon released doctored transcripts during Watergate : politics

White House Seeks Deal for Whistle-Blower to Speak to Congress - The New York Times - As House Democrats moved to begin a formal impeachment inquiry, the administration also prepared to release a redacted version of the whistle-blower's complaint
He's a man of his word : PoliticalHumor
There's a tweet for everything : PoliticalHumor

Senate votes 100-0 to release Trump whistleblower complaint

White House threatens to shut down legislative process during impeachment inquiry - Move comes after Speaker Pelosi accused president of a 'breach of his Constitutional responsibilities' ("I will shut down all of government, maybe permanently, it will be a beautiful thing" he said)
Nancy Pelosi: Trump incredulous after his moves on transparency failed to stop House Speaker - CNNPolitics (his fathead is incredulous)

Why an Impeachment Inquiry Now? Democrats Cite the Clarity of the Case - The New York Times
This isn't just another spat. Trump compromised our security for his gain.
Trumps corruption must play a key role in impeachment hearings
Pelosi, top Democrats favor quick, narrow Trump impeachment probe focused on Ukraine - The Washington Post (Rancid Nancy says "no way" I'm taking Trump's dick out of my mouth)

Acting director of national intelligence threatened to resign if he couldn't speak freely to Congress ... (10 mintues later after call from Trump:) ... "At no time have I considered resigning my position since assuming this role on Aug. 16, 2019. I have never quit anything in my life, and I am not going to start now" ...

U.S. invokes state secrets privilege to block American journalist's challenge to alleged spot on drone kill list ("Yes, Trump ordered you killed, and we won't tell you when we're going to kill you, either, and fuck your so-called fake journalism")

U.S. Supreme Court not politicized, says Chief Justice Roberts - Reuters - speaking at a New York synagogue on Tuesday night, lamented the perception that the Supreme Court is becoming politicized and that the justicesdecisions are guided primarily by their partisan affiliation (hahaha)

Fact check: Trump made 79 false claims last week - CNNPolitics (so, 10+ lies/day from Satan' lying mouth)

Trump Lashes Out On Twitter In Response To Impeachment Inquiry Announcement | HuffPost - he president tweeted a string of angry messages after Nancy Pelosi announced a full impeachment inquiry in response to his call with Ukraine's president ... "Such an important day at the United Nations, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats purposely had to ruin and demean it with more breaking new Witch Hunt garbage. So bad for our Country"
Trump's Ukraine Explanations Are All Over The Map As House Gears Up For ImpeachmentTrump has said he both did and did not talk about withholding aid to the nation, and did and did not ask them to investigate Joe Biden.

No Tax Return Privilege or Blanket Immunity, DA Tells Trump ... Trump has fought every jurisdiction attempting to scrutinize his finances, including the Manhattan district attorney, House Oversight Committee, House Intelligence Committee, and attorneys general from Maryland and Washington (above-your-stupid-laws crooked Baby-in-Chief has temper tantrum)

Trump offered Ukrainian president Justice Dept. help for Biden investigation, memo shows - The Washington Post
Lawmakers react to text of Trump's Ukraine call: 'A classic mob shakedown' ... Warrent referred to the call as ""a smoking gun."
Democrats Say Trumps Ukraine Call Was "Far More Damning" Than They Expected ... "'exactly the crime that we were concerned about"
Trump Asks Ukraine's Leader to 'Do Us a Favor' and Also Urges Inquiry of Biden ... One Senate Republican, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly, said the transcripts release was a "huge mistake" that the GOP now has to confront, even as they argue that House Democrats are overreaching with their impeachment effort. (is this some kind of genius move to make Biden more likeable bc Trump is terrified of Warren?)

Don't Overthink It - Lawyers, Guns & Money

5 Moments In Donald Trumps Phone Call To Ukraine That Could Fuel The Impeachment Investigation

White House mistakenly sends Trump-Ukraine talking points to Democrats - The Washington Post (mu-haha, fucked themselves again +comment: "Mad Orange Cheeto Pig Dotard RUMP Thanksgiving Turkey-in-Chief MAD DOTARD tRumpf tRumpelstiltskin Dumbo Dump Gormff Doofy Orange Dumbo")
But their emails - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A major symptom of patriarchy is the unshakable delusion that rich + white + male = intelligent. As a result, when things like this oopsiedoodle shared by CaptainBringdown occur, many people will reject the evidence of their eyes and ears and come up with cockamamie theories about distraction, manipulation and taking command the news cycle. (talking points email was sent from a server in the Ukraine, according to Trump)

Bill Pascrell, Jr. on Twitter: "The trump White House just accidentally sent our office their talking points for deflecting trump's treachery. They're complete Orwellian lies and toxic trash, but maybe you'd like to read them to appreciate their corruption! Hazmat suit possibly required

Pelosi Tells Trump: Y' an executive said." / Twitter
ou Have Come Into My Wheelhouse' - Speaker Nancy Pelosi was once the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. (yeah, well, she pardoned war-criminal W Bush)

Inside Trumpworld, public defiance vs. private anxiety over impeachment - POLITICO
The Federalist BUSTS the Whistleblower's Lawyer: He Interned For Chuck Schumer in 2001 (and his cousin-in-law twice-removed was a Democrat!)
Democrats' double standard on Ukraine - Thiessen ... "Wapo could replace you with a transcript of the Fox News chyron and save some money." ... "Wapo could replace him with a blow up sex doll and save even more money" (+the Russian trolls get buried in scorn)

DOJ Axed Probe Of Trump Asking Ukraine To Investigate Joe Biden : politics (meanwile, Barr doing treason in the background while you're distracted)

How about an anonymous Senate vote on articles of impeachment? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (they could do it if they weren't sucking evil's dick)

U.S. Ambassador Roped Into Rudys Quest to Smear Biden -- And that ambassador was involved with the now-infamous phone call that has Washington headed toward an impeachment inquiry.
Giuliani pursued shadow Ukraine agenda as key foreign policy officials were sidelined - The Washington Post
Rudy Giuliani May Have Just Confessed To A Criminal Conspiracy To Receive Classified Information Without Authorization, Says National Security Lawyer : politics
Rudy's Ukraine Henchmen Made Big Donation to Pro-Trump PACWe set out to trace money from Giuliani's connections to a top Trump group, and stumbled down a rabbit hole of high-dollar Miami real estate deals. (crooks all the way down)
The White House's Ukraine memo destroys Guilianis attempts to frame the State Department
Rudy's Harebrained Project - They tried to keep Trump from doing it, but were outmaneuvered by Rudy Giuliani who volunteered for double duty as an amateur sleuth and diplomat and has honchoed arguably the most harebrained foreign policy scheme since Ollie North delivered a cake to the Iranians.
Flanderization - TV Tropes
Rudy Giuliani Has Another Wild Night With Screaming Match On Live TV | HuffPost - The former New York mayor claimed he was working on behalf of the State Department when he contacted Ukrain. (no, he was working for the Trumpster-in-Chief)
Acyn Torabi on Twitter: "Here's a clip of Rudy flipping out on Fox News tonight" (goes on Ingrafuck, fucks himself)
'SHUT UP, MORON!' Giuliani Erupts on Fox News Guest for Comments About His Ukraine Involvement
Rudy Giuliani's Latest Fox News Meltdown Did Not Project a Sense of Innocence

Not funny like a clown - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The funniest thing about Trump's Ukrainian catastrophe is that it was motivated by his fear of an opponent who was never going to win anything anyway. Rudy Giuliani was the Joe Biden of the 2008 presidential election. . . . Also LOL as the kids say:
Adam Schiff on Twitter: "The transcript of the call reads like a classic mob shakedown: (ALSO, remember when:) @SenKamalaHarris: Has the president or anyone at the White House ever asked or suggested you open an investigation into anyone? - BARR: ..... ah .... - HARRIS: Seems like something you should be able to answer - BARR: I don't know .......
You will probably not be surprised to see that sleazy fixer Bill Barr, currently acting as the personal attorney of Donald J. Trump, is all over the scandal that is likely to get Trump impeached:

A dream is a wish your heart makes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Oh nothing, just the president of the United States announcing that Nancy Pelosi is no longer Speaker of the House.
Trump must be destroyed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In case you're not treating yourself to the spectacle of Trump's current press conference, you can follow along with Daniel Dale here. -- Trump seems even more low-energy, disjointed, and incoherent than usual, which is saying something. He's an old unhealthy man, whose narcissism is eating him alive (No narcissist can ever be happy or satisfied for more than fleeting moments, which are soon overwhelmed by the baseline self-loathing that dominates his psyche). (+Frank Bruni is a total idiot trying to cloud your mind)

A Week in Two Tweets - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Gary Legum on Twitter: "An entire presidency teetering because a couple of outer-borough goombahs are punching above their weight and tried to shake down a foreign leader like he's the Brooklyn land commissioner." / Twitter
Jess Dweck on Twitter: "Congrats to Trump on finally being fucked by a woman his own age" / Twitter
"We can guarantee you that not a single armored division will get done over for fifteen bob a week." - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: America's Mayor - Not actually working for the USG, by the way -- "Rudy -- he did all of this," one U.S. official said. " This shitdown that we're in -- it's him injecting himself into the process." ... Several officals tracedtheir initial concerns about the path of U.S.- Ukrainian relations to news reports granted by Giuliani in which he began to espouse views and concerns that did not appear connected to U.S. priorities or policy. -- The former New York mayor appears to have seen Zelensky, a political neophyte elected president of Ukraine in April and sworn in in May, as a potential ally on two political fronts: punishing those Giuliani suspected of playing a role in exposing the Ukraine-related corruption of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and delivering political ammunition against Biden.

Eschaton: PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT - I find this to be Trump's funniest regular tweet. I get that the nurturing of outrage about constant victimhood is a key appeal for segments of the conservative movement, but that has to be a little inclusive. WHITE MALE CHRISTIANS ARE HARASSED. "WE" ARE HARASSED. Even DONALD TRUMP IS HARASSED as MAGAs identify with Trump, the man. -- But PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT is, well, it's the president.

The Trump Whistleblower Scandal Is Proving Edward Snowden Right | HuffPost - Snowden shouldve gone throug 'official channels,' his critics yelped. Here's what happens when you do.

Freshman Rep. Lance Gooden (R-Texas) introduced a resolution aimed at removing House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.) from his role as the top Democrat on the panel responsible for handling impeachment proceedings. (hahaha, "Lance")

Why the House Democratic Caucus Was Able to Move So Rapidly Toward Impeachment (they were getting screwed by Rancid Nancy and had enough)

Colbert Audience Goes Wild: Trump Impeachment Inquiry Gets 40-Second Ovation | HuffPost
The Late Show on Twitter: "TONIGHT: Is this the thing?! #LSSC" / Twitter

Anthony Scaramucci Makes A Bold Prediction About How It Ends For Trump | HuffPost - He also said in a podcast interview that he could turn 5% to 8% of Trump voters against the president, more than enough to swing the election.
Anthony Scaramucci on Twitter: "He is gone. It's only a matter of time now and negotiation. @realDonaldTrump is done. (#RealFakeHuman)

Chuck Todd Torches GOP Senator Over Biden Claims : 'Don't Gaslight Us' - slammed Sen. John Kennedy's repeated calls for a probe of Joe Biden as the House prepares for impeachment proceedings against Trump. (loyal lying acolytes of the Antichrist)

Watch: Nicolle Wallace cuts away from Trump: 'We hate to do this, but Trump isn't telling the truth' : politics

Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Was Right About Trump -- "bullies don't win." "Baby, they don't, because we're gonna go in there and we're gonna impeach the motherfucker)

Trump's Pinocchio-laden claims about Joe Biden, Ukraine and polls ... In the space of minutes, the president told falsehoods about aid to Ukraine, his standing in the polls, the history of impeachment, impressions of his phone call and of course the role that Biden played in trying to root out corruption in Ukraine. It adds up to Four Pinocchios. (too much even for factfucker Kessler)

Here Comes Ivanka With Whatever This Is -- Ivanka Would Like Donald Trump To Know She Thinks He's Great

Trump administration rule could end free school lunches for about 500,000 children - The Washington Post (meanwhile, while you were distracted)

Warren passes Biden in new nationwide poll : politics
Warren takes Democratic presidential nomination lead in California, new poll finds ... veep's leads have vanished in Iowa and New Hampshire, while his South Carolina firewall shows signs of cracking.
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is essentially tied with former Vice President Joe Biden in today's Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll. Warren gets 27 percent of the vote while Biden gets 25 percent of Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic.
5 reasons Elizabeth Warren has the best chance to beat President Trump

the moderate category seems less an ideological destination than a refuge for the innocent and the confused
The Moderate Middle Is A Myth | FiveThirtyEight (actually "moderates" are not "all over the map")

Think you have Trump on the ropes? Try visiting a county fair in his world. - The Washington Post (hahaha Satan's pawn Gary Abernathy says dumbfuck Trump-screwed gun-nut welfare tractor-queens will bury any democrat)
Iowa reporter who found a viral stars racist tweets slammed when critics find his own offensive posts

Minimum Wage Impacts along the New York-Pennsylvania Border - Liberty Street Economics - By the end of 2018, leisure and hospitality workers in New York border counties earned 33 percent more, on average, than they did in late 2013, while workers in Pennsylvania border counties only received a pay increase of 15 percent over the same period. These trends suggest that the minimum-wage increases had the intended effect of boosting worker pay in low-wage industries, without negatively affecting jobs. (wait, that's not what the WSJ/Republifucks said would happen)

Placido Domingo Withdraws From Metropolitan Opera Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations | HuffPost - The opera legend stepped down ahead of opening night in 'Macbeth' (another asshole fucker man down #TheReckoning)

Evangelical Magazine Founder Steps Down Amid Accusations Of Racial Insensitivity | HuffPost - Former staffers at Relevant magazine claim Cameron Strang was an 'egotistical' leader who was privately reluctant to listen and learn from marginalized voices (fundie fake Christian is "egotistical?"

Vox Media Acquires New York Magazine, Chronicler of the Highbrow and Lowbrow - The New York Times

Federal charges filed against 13 doctors in Appalachian opioid sting : news

Video Shows Miami Cops Attacking Black Man for Recording Them With Cell Phone : news
No Charges Against LAPD Officer in Deadly Costco Shooting : news

A college student died in his dorm room. It took almost two months for anyon to notice. - SFGate - The rank odor from the end of the hallway had become too strong to ignore.
Four men who "brutally" raped a victim when she was a child and "traded" her for cigarettes, money and alcohol have been jailed : news

Couple receive nearly 25,000 ecstasy pills in the mail by mistake : news

AI equal with human experts in medical diagnosis based on images, suggests new study, which found deep learning systems correctly detected disease state 87% of the time, compared with 86% for healthcare professionals, and correctly gave all-clear 93% of the time, compared with 91% for human experts. : science

If Ice Age floods did all this geologic carving of the American West, why didn't the same thing happen on the East coast if the ice sheets covered the entire continent? : askscience

Boston Dynamics: Spot Launch : videos (don't miss Atlas doing parkour, scroll down)

What scientific photos are hard to believe but are indeed real? : AskReddit

A robot read 3.5 million books to find we describe women by appearance, and men by virtue. : books

What has aged well? : AskReddit
People who have actually had sex with a step relative, what was the aftermath? : AskReddit

Redditors who have 'missed' time (e.g; you're doing something at 4:28, the next moment it's 8:00, and you have no recollection of anything that happened in between), what's your story? : AskReddit

How to rebuild credit from coerced debt |

Over 800 Top-tier Virtual Offices to Boost Your Brand


Greta Thunberg warns world leaders that 'we will not let you get away with this' | Addressing the UN climate summit in NYC, she said: "This is all wrong. I shouldn't be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope. How dare you?" : worldnews
Donald Trump Mocks 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, Twitter Reacts: 'She Has More Class in Her Little Finger' : politics
Fox News Apologizes For Guests 'Disgraceful' Attack On Greta ThunbergMichael Knowles of the Daily Wire repeatedly called the 16-year-old Swedish climate activis 'tmentally ill.' (yeah, vry sry)
Fox News Guest Calls Greta Thunberg 'Mentally Ill Swedish Child' as Right Wing Unleashes on Climate Activist

Greta Thunbergs response to Trump's sarcastic tweet mocking her is perfect.
Did someone threaten to take her assault rifle?! : PoliticalHumor
Maybe we should listen to what she has to say : PoliticalHumor
A momentous occasion : PoliticalHumor
Sad Man. : PoliticalHumor

Dinesh D'Souza compares teen eco-warrior Greta Thunberg to Aryan poster girl used by NAZIS | Daily Mail Online (convicted felon pardoned by criminal Trump Dinesh D-Fuckhead Nazi brown guy)
Climate Hysteria Is Harming Our Kids | Ricochet - None of this is healthy, neither for Ms. Thunberg nor for anyone else. Especially other kids (crazy evil rightwing assholes went nuts, as you know from yesterday's twitter threads)
Activists Unfurl 'Exxon Knew, Make Them Pay' Banner Outside Meeting of Fossil Fuel CEOs Steps From UN Climate Summit : worldnews
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross falls asleep at United Nations during Trump's speech (120 yr old couldn't stay awake for 10 minutes)
Trump slams open-border activists for evil agenda decires Iran 'bloodlust' in fiery UN speech (vry fiery, Fox tries to distract you)

Iran profile - timeline - BBC News

'No religion' officially overtakes Christianity in New Zealand census stats : worldnews

Haiti: photojournalist shot in face as senator opens fire outside parliament | World news | The Guardian

'I've mapped child murders since my stepfather killed two girls' - BBC News (Australia)

Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmaker hospitalised after being ambushe d Harry Dunnby 3 men, including 1 who was filming the attack : worldnews

Dismay at Gates Foundation prize for Narendra Modi | Letters | World news | The Guardian - 37 development academics and practitioners condemn the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation over its intention to give the Goalkeepers Global Goals award to the Indian prime minister (is BG an out-of-touch evil elitist? does money rot people's brains/souls?)

Eschaton: Nobody Understands The UK Political System - But their Supreme Court just told Boris that shutting down parliament was unlawful and it has to come back in session.
Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament unlawful, supreme court rules | Law | The Guardian - decision to prorogue parliament can be examined by judges (Dizzy Lizzy II bought his lies)
UK Supreme Court Rules Boris Johnsons Decision To Suspend Parliament Was Unlawful ... suspending parliament to escape scrutiny in the run-up to the Oct. 31 Brexit deadline.
U.K. Speaker Bercow says Parliament must reconvene without delay : worldnews
Jeremy Corbyn says election is only way to settle Brexit crisis ... attacked the Tory 'born-to-rule government of the entitled'
Britains Supreme Court rules Prime Minister Boris Johnson suspended Parliament illegally
BBC News: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, court rules : worldnews ... A unanimous ruling, which was highly unexpected.
EU's chief Brexit Coordinator goads Boris Johnson over Supreme Court defeat: "I never want to hear Boris Johnson or any other Brexiteer say again that the European Union is undemocratic." : worldnews
Boris Johnson told to resign following Supreme Court defeat and become the 'shortest-serving Prime Minister ever' : worldnews
Something Bad Happened to a Clown - Lawyers, Guns & Money

After Thomas Cook collapse, UK PM asks why bosses got paid millions : worldnews (since they knew what was going to happen and did it anyway)

NYT Publisher Details Troubling Moment U.S. Refused To Help Reporter In Danger | HuffPost - A.G. Sulzberger said the Trump administration has been complicit in a global effort to delegitimize the media, threatening reporters both at home and abroad (Trump ordering dicktators to arrest and torture reporters, not a big story, apparently)
Opinion | The Growing Threat to Journalism Around the World - The New York Times (clean your own house, Sulzfuck, you've done more damage than Dumpster to journalism)

Senate Intel panel seeks interview with Ukraine whistleblower
House impeachment vote has suddenly become a real threat for Trump
And away we go - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Daniel W. Drezner on Twitter: "The strategic case for impeaching President Trump." / Twitter
House Speaker Pelosi to announce formal impeachment inquiry of Trump - The Washington Post ... "The President is making lawlessness a virtue" (see "vice-signaling")
Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry : news
What Powers Does a Formal Impeachment Inquiry Give the House? - Lawfare
Nancy Pelosi on Trump's Impeachment Inquiry - The Atlantic
Nancy Pelosi Plans Formal Impeachment Inquiry of Trump - The New York Times - Faced with new allegations against President Trump and administration stonewalling, Democrats have ended months of caution
Here's a timeline of Trump's latest scandal. It's damning.
Trump says he has authorized release of transcript of call with the Ukrainian president - The Washington Post ... He made the call to Ukraine the day after Mueller testified to Congress. (one of 12 calls) ("we just edited it a little" he said)
'A shift to Schiff': With growing calls for Trump impeachment, Democratic leadership plots a new course (Pelosi has "lost confidence" in Nadler)
Trump's latest excuse for withholding Ukraine's military aid package ... blame it on Europe
Ukraine Likely to Reopen Probe of Hunter Biden Firm: Sources - President Zelensky came to office vowing to fight corruption, and it looks like hell open a lot of cases shut by shady prosecutors. But the focus is on Ukraine, not the U.S.
Georgia Democrats change course and endorse impeachment of Trump - U.S. Reps. Hank Johnson and John Lewis
ohn Lewis Says He Has Been Moved By the Spirit of History. There Is a Powerful Momentum Building Here. - A civil rights icon calls for the impeachment of Donald Trump, the President of the United States.
Trump scoffs at rising impeachment calls: 'It's nonsense' (reports Republican rag The Hill)
The Ukraine scandal makes a stronger case for impeachment than the Mueller probe didI used to be on the fence about impeaching Trump. Not anymore. (are the Voxers waking up?)
Stevens Statement on Reports of Abuse of Power by President Trump | Representative Haley Stevens (dem Michiganders slowly wake up)
Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Should Be Impeached | - 'We Are in a Crisis'

Opinion | Beware of Impeaching Trump. It Could Hurt the Presidency. - The New York Times (says John Fucker Yoo and the NYT)
"Why are we publishing this man, did we run out of human beings?" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Did NYT opinion reach rock bottom when it gave a venue for Ken Starr to vouch for the integritude of Bill Barr? No, surely it was when it allowed Bret Stephens to compare someone who mildly criticized him on Twitter to Geobells. How could you top ... John Yoo ... It is critical that Congress not interfere with critical executive powers, like the power to use extortion to encourage foreign states to ratfuck American elections or the power to arbitrarily detain and torture people ... On some level, the fact that the Times felt having an actual human rights violator who has never faced any consequences for it and indeed has fully retained his elite status give a bad faith defense of an authoritarian president is grimly appropriate. (something is deeply wrong with this newspaper)
John Yoo' s Tortured Logic carte blanche constitutionalism was a gift to the Bush Administration, offering legalistic justifications for lawless behavior.

Say What You Will About Both Sides Do It, It's An Ethos - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Our nation's elite reporters have apparently looked at their 2016 coverage and decided that they handled everything perfectly:
Parker Molloy on Twitter: "We live in Both Sides hell" / Twitter (NPR does its both sides thing, no moral center there either)

Impeachment needs to avoid the Mueller investigation traps - The Washington Post
Trump finally realizes being president is hard - The Washington Post

Trump ordered hold on military aid days before calling Ukrainian president, officials say - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Totally Normal President - Gotta wait to see what all the facts are -- President Trump told his acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, to hold back almost $400 million in military aid for Ukraine at least a week before a phone call in which Trump is said to have pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate the son of former vice president Joe Biden, according to three senior administration officials.
Trump officials struggle to justify him pressing Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden while his own children do business around the world : worldnews
Trump's Phone Call With Ukraine's President Is a 'Diplomatic Disaster' for Kiev and Will Strengthen Russia, Says Think Tank: 'The Only Winner in This Story Is Putin' : worldnews

Seismic change: Democratic hold-outs rush toward impeachmentAnd Speaker Nancy Pelosi appears more open to the idea of an impeachment investigation than ever before.

Seven freshman Democrats: These allegations are a threat to all we have sworn to protect ... Reps. Gil Cisneros of California, Jason Crow of Colorado, Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania, Elaine Luria of Virginia, Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey, Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and Abigail Spanberger of Virginia are all freshman Democrats (the dam, is it breaking?)
House Democrats' refusal to take action against Donald Trump has one result: It helps him. (way to energize your base, idiots)
Pelosi quietly sounding out House Democrats about whether to impeach Trump, officials say - The Washington Post (seen tip-toeing around with her fingers to her lips)
Trump Is Probably Going to Be Impeached Over Ukraine Scandal - Bloomberg
Why Trump Has Finally Forced Pelosi and House to Impeach Him
Trump Asked Ukraine To Meddle In Our Elections. The GOP Blames Everyone But Him. : politics

I still find it hard to believe that a minority of American voters, located in just the right places to activate flaws in our electoral system, gave the awesome power of the U.S. government over to a failing grifter with no vision beyond his immediate self-interest. But here we are, enjoying another round of idiot's kleptocracy ... Apparently, all of this might prove a bridge too far for the House leadership and moderate Democrats. Too bad FOX News and its political wing (that is, the Republican party) would rather drown the Republic in a gold-plated bathtub than oust a dangerously corrupt and lawless president.

The president and his allies, from Peter Schweizer to Frank Gaffney, want to open a new front on the former VPs son even as their Ukraine gambit appears to have backfired ... trying to spread dirt on Hunter Bidens work in China
In Trump's attacks against Biden, Democrats see a worrisome reprise of 2016 (Maggie Haberputz is on the case)

Abby Huntsman Finally Convinced Trumps a Criminal: 'This Is Extortion' (Fox/The View bitch finally see the obvious)
Compared to historical cases, its clear this Trump-Ukraine story is impeachment material (Republican rag Examiner flips!)

New York prosecutors reject Trump's immunity claim in tax returns case

Eschaton: Only Realistic Path - I don't what the Democrats are going to do, but their failure to come out of the box running in January, or at least the second the Mueller report dropped, due to I think general lack organization and laziness in the first instance and cable news brain in the second (or, simply, we thought Mueller would save us but he didn't convince the NYT and CNN so shruggy), has made impeachment the only sensible option ... The answer to "what're you going to do about it?" was, too many times, "absolutely nothing." (Rancid Nancy and her little group of "moderate" dems fucked their country)

Donald Trump Mocks Mitt Romney For Losing To Barack Obama | HuffPost - The president took a dig at the Utah senator on Twitter after he expressed mild criticism of Trumps Ukraine phone call ("If, maybe, he kinda-sorta did something vaguely resembling treason it might be something to consider but probbably not" Mittster said)

Trump snubs Jared Kushner's signature accomplishment - The president thinks criminal justice reform is a political loser, and hasn't been shy about saying so.

Trump's Economic Program Has Left Most Americans Worse Off - His tax cuts and tariffs are driving up prices and lowering wages. (happy yet, racist tractor queens and car dealers?)

Ted Cruz messed with the wrong professor - The Washington Post - Between the Republican senator and an expert on sanctions and nonproliferation, trust the expert on sanctions and nonproliferation.
Nicholas Miller on Twitter: "Ted Cruz wrote an op-ed on Iran and it's a real gem - He argues the attack on Saudi Arabia was caused by the Iran deal, as opposed to US withdrawal from the deal ...

The absurdity of Joe Biden - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Another day, another Paleolithic Biden moment ... This video of Biden captures one aspect of the sheer absurdity of the idea of nominating him to oppose Trump in next year's election ... This is a creepy dominance ritual by a man who is well aware of what hs doing. The idea that Democratic voters would choose this man, of all people, to run against Donald Trump is truly one of the bizarre possibilities of this very bizarre time. ... (#OldJoe #DementedJoe #CorporateJoe #DumbJoe)
Another day, another Paleolithic Biden moment. - A young woman is asking him a serious, critical question.- He grabs her hands. Why? - As she persists, he pats them patronizingly and says "Thank you for admiring me so much" - This is a man from another time. (2020 BC) ... You are running against one of the greatest misogynists and racists ever occupy the White House, and you're going to send a guy who can't help but grab women all the time and says black people can't raise their kids? (and the stupid twitter girls: "he's the candidate best suited for bridging the divide between Democrats and Republicans and defeating Trump in 2020." - gotta love that "bridge that divide shit)

Dem Primary in Flux | Monmouth University Polling Institute - Many see no need to choose between electability and issue alignment ... Compared to Monmouth's prior New Hampshire poll, which was in May, Warren's support has grown by 19 points (from 8%) while Biden's has dropped by 11 points (from 36%) ... "Warren continues to look stronger with every new poll. She seems to be picking up support across the spectrum with gains coming at the expense of both Biden and Sanders"
Mr. Sanders is embracing an idea at the center of Elizabeth Warrens presidential campaign. His proposal goes further in who would be taxed and how much money would be raised.

Warren Is Spending Campaign Cash to Unseat Susan Collins -- campaign manager said that they plan to devote staffers to helping win back the Senate (Susie Doozy, pawn of Satan)

Tulsi Gabbard Qualifies for Next Debate, Bringing Lineup to 12 - The New York Times - Ms. Gabbard earned 2 percent support in a new poll in New Hampshire, enough to secure a spot on the stage in Ohio next month.

Kentucky GOP governor makes last-minute campaign shakeup - POLITICO - Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has shaken up his reelection campaign weeks ahead of the November vote, a potentially ominous sign for the Republican incumbent.

Lawsuits. Possible bankruptcy. Declining numbers. Is there a future for the Boy Scouts?

Twelve years ago, 47 dogs were rescued from Michael Vicks dogfighting operation and allowed to live. Theyve enriched the lives of countless humans and altered the course of animal welfare.

University of Arizona Suspends Two White Men Accused of Beating Black Student in Racist Attack - The victim was near a residence hall around 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 when students Matthew Frazier, 20, and Matthew Rawlings, 19, startedscreaming at him for no reasoncalled him the n-word eight to 10 times, tripped him, tackled him, kicked him, and punched him in the headat least five times (Fuckazona full of racist fuckers)

Funny how quickly these things disappear from the news cycle.. : PoliticalHumor

Iowa pig farmer convicted of killing wife with corn rake : news

Toronto man who won $10M in lottery dies under mysterious circumstances in Ethiopia : news

Florida police officer fired for arresting two six-year-olds : news
Officer fired for KKK and Confederate items says he's just a fan of history, 'Dukes of Hazard' : news
Fort Wayne police officer faces child seduction, pornography charges : news
Unopened Amazon packages were found in a dumpster. So Burlington police delivered them. : news

Suicide Prevention | For Researchers | Springer Nature

43 Percent of White Students Harvard Admits Are Legacies, Jocks, or the Kids of Donors and Faculty : boston -- 43% of Harvard undergraduates identify as white (coincidentally the same percentage as the legacy/athlete/faculty dependent admits). 25% of Harvard undergraduates identify as Jewish. Assuming that Sephardic and other non-Ashkenazic Jews are a large minority, more than 50% of the white population at Harvard is Jewish, a minority group. (connect.the.dots.)

Baker declares public health emergency, orders 4-month ban on all vaping products : boston
Gov Baker today declared a 4 month ban on all flavored and non-flavored vaping products, made with both nicotine and marijuana : bostontrees - So, ban the legit sources and force folks to buy the risky black market stuff? Brilliant /s ... This is how Massachusetts rolls.
Baker declares public health emergency, orders 4-month ban on all vaping products : bostontrees (Faker says he'd rather people die from cigs)
Still no rec dispensary in Boston but... social cafes and body camera delivery services. Yay! : bostontrees
Cambridge has temporarily banished 'Big Cannabis.' Up next: lawsuits ... "temporarily" two years ... (Fuckbridge Retardachutts)

More people tuned into '60 Minutes' on Sunday night than the Emmy Awards : television

The 5 Years That Changed Dating - When Tinder became available to all smartphone users in 2013, it ushered in a new era in the history of romance.

For some with chronic pain, the problem is not in their backs or knees but their brains - The Washington Post ... Breakthroughs also could help head off a growing backlash among chronic pain patients and their doctors, who are terrified that medicines turn from powerful painkillers is cutting people off from the only thing that eases their suffering.

NASA Spots Lost Spanish Stonehenge from space and draught reveals structure

TIL TVs emit a tone during ad breaks that are inaudible to humans but that smartphones are listening for; now corporate entities can link the tv & phone as belonging to the same person. It means govt entities can play a tone thru the TV & ping all the phones in the room, identifying the whole group. : todayilearned

Impostor Syndrome, when people feel like frauds even if they are actually capable and well-qualified, is more common than you think, with 20% of college students experiencing it in a new study. Seeking social support from those outside their academic program, like family and friends, reduced it. : science

. A new Stanford-led study reveals that turmeric -- a commonly used spice throughout South Asia -- is sometimes adulterated with a lead-laced chemical compound in Bangladesh, one of the world's predominant turmeric-growing regions. It's a potent neurotoxin considered unsafe in any quantity

u/one_lucky_expat provides an excellent write-up explaining why average quality of life in the US is declining... seven years ago : bestof

People who were born deaf but gained hearing later in life, what objects did you expect to make noise? : AskReddit

[Serious] What was the last situation where some weird stuff went down and everyone acted like it was normal, and you weren't sure if you were crazy or everyone around you was crazy?
Well, that was a close one! : WTF (+first comments)

[Serious] People who have found a secret room or space in their house: How long did you live in the house before you found it and what was in it? What was the eventual outcome of finding the room? : AskReddit

What thing about reddit, annoys the heck out of you? : AskReddit

How TikTok Holds Our Attention | The New Yorker - On the popular short-video app, young people are churning through images and sounds at warp speed, repurposing reality into ironic, bite-size content (America has ADHD, esp the kiddos)
Kik is shutting down. In Drunken Text, Kik CEO Ted Livingston Threatens to Quit: 'I'm Not Going to Jail for This' and appears to be close to quitting the social messaging startup he founded in 2009. : news
CoinDesk Victim of Hoax In Which Fake Kik CEO Claimed to Quit - CoinDesk - CoinDesk has become the apparent victim of a Telegram hoax, in which an unknown individual sought to spread misinformation by posing as Ted Livingston, CEO of messaging startup Kik (you never know these days)

Eschaton: Solar Shingle - started paying attention to Elon Musk because of his stupid hyperloop and fake and dangerous self-driving cars that will be here any day now, 6 weeks, a year, tops, but basically he's generally a huckster. His "solar shingles" looked neat when he unveiled them but, as he often does, he promised a technology before it existed. Though in this case it wasn't simply a prototype that wasn't quite ready for mass production. It was nothing. A fake ... The shingle Musk held turned out to be fake, but that was not widely known when Tesla shareholders voted to acquire SolarCity in November, 2016. (there is something wrong with our system)
WeWork C.E.O. Adam Neumann Steps Down Under Pressure - The New York Times


Alyssa Milano on Twitter: "Stop what you're doing and wtch this please" (and ... wow ... trhread gets brigaded by planet-destroying evil assholes)
Vice signaling - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The purest form of vice signaling is to support Donald Trump, since really the only reason to support Trump if you're not a one percenter is to own the libs, which means making fun of the SJWs 24/7, even if it destroys the planet in the process.
Greta Thunberg glares at President Trump : gifs
That death stare is glorious : PoliticalHumor
Climate change targets need to be 'five times more ambitious', say scientists : worldnews
Climate change 'accelerating', say scientists : worldnews
Today in the Sixth Extinction - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ever since the giant dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers were constructed in the mid-20th century, people have known that they destroy salmon runs. The 4 huge dams on the lower Snake are particularly awful and unnecessary. But because the people in Lewiston are really proud of their stupid worthless port and because for many, many people, dams equal progress and thus the hippies who want to tear them down obviously want to take us back to prehistoric times, the salmon are about to go extinct.

FBI arrests Army soldier who allegedly discussed plans to bomb major American news network - ABC News
FBI arrests Army soldier who allegedly discussed plans to bomb major American news network : news

Police Begin Search After Danskes Ex-CEO in Estonia Goes Missing ... the former Danske executive had left home for a walk without bringing his mobile phone or his dog ...

Five women go on trial over planned Notre Dame car bomb attack : news

The Urgent Search for a Cyber Silver Bullet Against Iran - The New York Times - As the United States weighs possible cyberattacks against Iran, it is looking for options that would deter Tehran from further strikes but avoid creating more conflict in the region.

Boris Johnson Faces a New Scandal, and 'People See Blood in the Water' ... a potentially more serious accusation of mixing friendship with a young woman and misspent public money ...
Spain will remove rights for British residents post-Brexit if the UK does not reciprocate : worldnews
A near majority of Scots are now in favour of independence from the UK because of Brexit : worldnews

Eschaton: Stranded - I'm trying to imagine this happening in the US with hundreds of thousands stranded in various places in the world and whether it would even occur to anybody to do anything to help get people home -- The UK Civil Aviation Authority announced at about 2am that Thomas Cook Group has ceased trading with immediate effect, with all flights and holidays cancelled ... "the biggest peacetime repatriation in UK history"
Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after British travel provider Thomas Cook declared bankruptcy. : worldnews

'Howdy, Modi': Trump plays unusual role of warm-up act at massive Modi rally in Houston - The Washington Post - Trumpego was put into vivid effect here Sunday when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi lathered praise on his American counterpart at a massive rally celebrating the Indian diaspora (so now we're holding rallies for foreign dicktators in America)

Trump Condemned for Moving to 'Roll Back the Clock' on Women's Rights as Letter Exposes Attempt to Form Anti-Abortion UN Coalition : worldnews ... The whole trump camp is a cesspool of thieves, liars, rapists, profiteers, racists and, fraudsters all hiding beind a shield of Christianity. They will continue to shame our country and pillage our coffers until they are stopped. The opposition needs to stop fucking around and start putting people in jail again. Mueller had them on the ropes until they nerfed the investigation. Pelosi and team are complicit if they continue to stand on the sidelines and finger wag their disappointment.
Trump Admin Tells UN There Is No International Right To An Abortion
Trump Humiliates Himself At UN By Whining About Obama's Nobel Prize

'The dam could break' on impeachment this week - Democrats had been holding back as they ready a slew of charges against President Donald Trump. The Ukraine affair may force them forward.
How well know if the impeachment dam starts to break
House Democrats near 'tipping point' on impeachment as Pelosi faces crucial week - CNNPolitics

Trump just inched toward spilling the beans on Ukraine - The Washington Post
Trump Blurts Out to Media He Demanded Ukraine Smear Biden
Pence Gave Ukraine the Message Too | Talking Points Memo
As Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukraine, Pressure to Impeach Builds - The New York Times

The Mounting Scandal Over What Trump Said to Ukraines President
Trump just poured rocket fuel on the impeachment fire (it's his plan, and it's working bc Rancid Nancy and Schiff)
Its time, Speaker Pelosi (Rancid Nancy says "later, I've got a mushroom in my mouth")
Nancy Pelosi's Failure to Launch hesitation on impeachment empowers a lawless president (pathetic, as usual)
Moderate Dems eye impeachment as Ukraine furor builds - POLITICO - If the vulnerable lawmakers shift course, it will put real pressure on Speaker Nancy Pelosi ("I'm just protecting those 15 Dems who love Trump" she said)
The most noxious part of the Ukraine-Biden whistleblower affair is that Team Trump thinks we're all idiots - Los Angeles Times
In Ukraine, Trumps allies are corrupt oligarchs and Russian stooges

Begin impeachment hearings now - The Washington Post -- House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.), like many senior House Democrats, has for months expressed skepticism about starting impeachment hearings against President Trump. (useless fuckers)
Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned of a 'new chapter of lawlessness' and a turning point in the House investigation of President Trump. (Rancid Nancy Pelosifuck stamped her little feet and clutched her pearls and ... Warned" ... not "demanded")
The strategic case for impeaching President Trump - The Washington Post - Welcome to some zero-sum game theory ... After 2= years, the message is pretty clear; the Trump presidency is not good for the United States. The question is what to do about it - Drezner (deport all the Republicans to Uranus?)

Inherent contempt: How House Democrats could fine or even jail Trump officials who refuse to cooperate

The intelligence watchdog at the center of Ukraine firestorm - POLITICO - President Trump appointed Michael Atkinson, a widely respected career DOJ official, to keep the intelligence community accountable

Opinion | Trump, Unrestrained - The New York Times - America's vulnerability is exploited by its president.
Progressives to Pelosi as Trump Lawlessness Mounts: 'Stop Playing Craven Political Games' and Impeach : politics
After Trump and Rudy's Ukraine gambit, Democrats must quit stalling and impeach : politics
Ukraine Officials Were 'Blindsided' When U.S. Military Aid Was Withheld After Trump Call: Report
Trump Admits He Tried to Get Ukraine to Investigate Biden : politics
Ukraine Scandal: Want To Impeach Donald Trump? Call Congress. - Bloomberg - latest scandal is impeachable by any standard. But representatives won't act without public pressure ("representatives" = fuckass dems not doing the job they're paid to do)

Giuliani Says He Can't Guarantee That Trump Didn't Threaten Ukraine Aid ("not 100% sure Trump is not a treasonous traitor")

Opinion | Donald Trump vs. the United States of America - The New York Times - Just the facts, in 40 sentences.
Donald Trump vs. the United States of America : politics
Trump, Biden and Ukraine: Sorting Out the Accusations - The New York Times (yeah, "sort" them out Times fuckers, see below)
How the Media Helped Trump Carry Out His Ukraine Smear ... Headlined "Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies"
The Press Is Embracing False Equivalence -- Again : Coverage of the president's pressure on Ukraine suggests the media learned nothing from 2016. (they are incapable of learning anything)
GOP rival Bill Weld says Trump has committed 'treason, pure and simple' (boy, did his face go all saggy)
Romney: Trump asking Ukraine to investigate political rival 'would be troubling in the extreme' (said a taliong head of Satan)

Massive "I Love America" Facebook page, pushing pro-Trump propaganda, is run by Ukrainians
Massive "I Love America" Facebook page, pushing pro-Trump propaganda, is run by Ukrainians (and yeah, it's RUSSIANS in the Ukraine doing this)

Trump officials struggle to justify him pressing Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden while his own children do business around the world : politics
CNN's Jake Tapper corners Mnuchin on why Trump is targeting Biden's son, given his own children's conflicts : politics

I am quite sure that the belief of the Dem leadership is they just have to ride this shit out until the primaries start and then "oh well, election is here, can't possibly do anything now just vote you losers it's up to you!!!" - We have elections every two years. We have presidential elections every 4, and that process basically takes up 2 years. The window for doing anything about anything is apparently very small. (so, bc Rancid Nancy and dumb dems, elections don't actually matter that much after all, it's almost like they're Republifucks in their hearts oh well maybe next time way to get out the vote, shitheads)

Eschaton: So What Are You Going To Do About It - I probably posted this before but I remember some Obama person (forget who) complaining that when Mitch made clear that he wasn't going to do anything with Garland that this was basically the angle reporters took.Obama didn't get outraged on behalf of Garland, so it was ridiculous to expect the press to get outraged on his behalf. (float-above-it-all bipartisan Barry and his "legacy")

Whistleblowers Complaint Is Make-Or-Break Moment On Impeachment (let's go with "break" since that's what dems do, see Barry)
Propaganda works - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Right wing propaganda is so ubiquitous that it only becomes obvious in its rawest form, like this "story" from Fox News this morning: (Nunes-fuck and lying Foxaganda)
ABC News Politics on Twitter: ".@MarthaRaddatz: "Should a president be asking foreign leaders to investigate political opponents?" Former Trump Defense Sec. Gen. James Mattis: "This is is not something I have any background on ... I really prefer to talk about things I know more about"" / Twitter

As the national debt has risen, Trump officials kept saying it would fall - The Washington Post - When Republicans cut corporate and individual taxes in 2017, they promised two things: It would grow the economy and it would not add to the national debt. Neither of those have borne out. (they never have but your media keeps selling the lies)

'Off the charts' : White House turnover is breaking records - 'I think we have tremendous stability' Trump told reporters last week

Thieves Steal More than $350,000 in Jewelry from Trump Tower, Suspected To Have Been Inside Job : worldnews (Junior and Eric)

Election 2020: Biden, Sanders, and Warren poll best against Trump - Vox - The case for looking beyond the top three candidates (your corrupt corporate pro-Republican off to the races media is choosing your pres)
Warren takes California lead in new CA120 tracking poll - Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly | Capitol Weekly: The Newspaper of California State Government and Politics.

Ilhan Omar Knocks Joe Biden: It's Now 'Very Clear' He's Not The One

4 in 10 House Republicans in office when Trump was inaugurated have now quit or lost their seats : politics

DNC raises threshold to make November debate stage - POLITICO - Candidates will need to clear 3 percent in four DNC-approved polls, up from the 2 percent required to qualify for the September and October debates. But the committee also created an additional early-state path to qualify: garnering 5 percent in two approved polls conducted in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada or South Carolina.

Richard Cohen Leaves the Washington Post | Washingtonian (DC) (something happened and the longterm asshole is finally gone)

With Enemies Like This Who Needs Friends - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bari Weisss Unasked Questions - Judith Butler's review of Bari Weiss's new book is great in part because it's not a hatchet job. It engages with the ideas as if it was a work of serious scholarship, and is all the more devastating for it:
Both Sides Do It is Not an Intellectual Program - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Judith Butler' s review of Bari Weiss's new book is great in part because it's not a hatchet job. It engages with the ideas as if it was a work of serious scholarship, and is all the more devastating for it: (any criticism of the authoritarian racist apartheid state of Israel is anti-semitic!)
On Being a Fetish - I've got that "Jewess look" : dark curly hair, light skin, big breasts, a big nose ... FOR SEVEN YEARS, I worked at a sex-toy store, and during my time there I heard about more fetishes than I could count

Two #MeToo Books Were Just Published. One Is Great. The Other Shows You What Not To Do. - In the end, The Education of Brett Kavanaugh becomes a book not about this revolutionary and confusing moment but, intentionally or not, about whether to believe the women who speak up.

Why the California Uber/Lyft Law Matters - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A R.I. church was told it hired an accused child molester. It kept him on for two decades. - The Boston Globe (lying ass priest says no one told him ... the ex-cop Barboza case)
One accused teacher, 8,000 dirty images: A schools exploitation shows no place is safe from hidden cameras anymore

Five people wounded in shooting at Kansas City swingers club : news

How Cleaning Out My Hoarder Mother-in-Laws Junk Caused My Own Marriage to CrumbleAs we plowed through decades of her extreme clutter, I began to notice similar tendencies in my husband. And once I saw the hoarder in him, there was no turning back. ("hoarder" = psychopath and jfc, a month to do one fucking closet?) ... The hoarder crowds his life with rubbish in an effort to keep other things out of his life ...
My father had a lifelong ticket to fly anywhere. Then they took it away | Life and style | The Guardian

Dry shampoo can explodes in car, blasts a hole through the roof - The Washington Post

Immigrant kids fill this towns schools. Their bus driver is leading the backlash (oldfuck racist literal tractor queen boomer is not happy the kids are not all white)

/u/elkengine comes up with the best rebuttal to the "But the Nazis were socalist!" nonsense to date : bestof

Trump's vaping crackdown could help Juul by ending the decades biggest small-business success story - Since the end of 2012, vape shops have been the fastest-growing large retail segment

Today's obesity epidemic may have been caused by childhood sugar intake, the result of dietary changes that took place decades ago. Since the 1970s, many available infant foods have been extremely high in sugar, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) after 1970 quickly become the main sweetener. : science

A deepfake pioneer says 'perfectly real' manipulated videos are just 6 months away : technology

Emilia Clarke portrait for Emmys (2019) : pics

Women of Reddit: What's something that men seem to always overreact about? : AskReddit
What item do you use for their not intended purpose and how? : AskReddit

Would you date an opposite sex version of your self? Why and why not? : AskReddit

Tesla May Soon Have a Battery That Can Last a Million Miles.

How to check if Yahoo owes you $358 -- You could be entitled to a portion of a huge data breach settlement.


Massive mural of Greta Thunberg painted in Bristol, England. At 15 meters (49 feet) high, it took eight days to paint. : pics
As The Amazon Burns, Brazil's Best Ally In Climate Denial Is The United States -- Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have forged a nationalist alliance based on the idea that climate change is a hoax.
Germany to join alliance to phase out coal : worldnews
By 2100, increasing water temperatures brought on by a warming planet could result in 96% of the world's population not having access to an omega-3 fatty acid crucial to brain health and function.

Unvaccinated Children Are Now Barred From Going To School In New York -- And Their Anti-Vax Parents Are Really Mad

London Student jailed after making guns with 3D printer : worldnews

Malta appoints public inquiry into murder of prominent anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia : worldnews ... How is it that the prime minister who ordered her assassination gets to appoint the head of the investigation? ... (which is why here we are, years later)

A crackdown on Islam is spreading across China : worldnews (the monotheistic state of Xi worship)

Know your enemy- China... (a guide to the current internal politics of the CCP) - Album on Imgur

The Kingdom of Secrets (an Imgur guide to the current crisis in Saudi Arabia) - Album on Imgur ... Petro-Islam. The vast wealth of Saudi spreading the ideals of Wahhabism across the globe .. So for al-Qaeda, a group formed IN Saudi, led BY a Saudi, funded by Sauds, sheltering with the Taliban (who existed because of Wahhabi influence), to then send a bunch of Saudi's to attack America as it did on 9/11? ... Let's face it - You dont get much more 'dictatorship' than a medieval monarchy supported by a bunch of clerics who think everything beyond the 15th Century was a bad idea, do you really? ... Yemen is Saudi's Vietnam ... Yeman is the largest humanitarian disaster on Earth and isn't slowing down.
FDD's Long War Journal | A Project of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

The slow death of Russia (an account of the long and complicated internal politics of the Putin regime) - Album on Imgur

Should U.S. troops put their lives on the line for Saudi Arabia? - The Washington Post (well, the Bush coverup was expensive, but worked)

Modi, Trump, and White Nationalists Have a Lot In Common - How the White Nationalists Who Love Trump Found Inspiration in the Group That Gave Us Narendra Modi
Bernie Sanders: As Trump meets with Indias Modi, a reminder to put human rights at center of U.S. foreign policy (two asshole authoritarian dicktators will surely do that)

Protestors call for Scotland to remain in the EU : worldnews

Questions over Boris Johnson's relationship with ex-model 'awarded poundsign 126,000 o public funds' ... 'grave and serious' allegations that he failed to declare potential conflicts of interest over close friendship with American model turned entrepreneur Jennifer Arcuri? (the crook is crooked?)
The Past Couple Weeks of British Politics: Some Rambling Thoughts - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Labour Party is preparing for a potential general election in its expected utterly incoherent and shambolic manner (Brits have been Corbynated)
Why the hard left has abolished Labour Students | Coffee House
Corbyn suggests UK could be better off after Brexit if deal is right | Politics | The Guardian
Jeremy Corbyn: I'll stay neutral and let the people decide on Brexit
The failed Watson plot exposes what really scares Corbyn and his coterie | Andrew Rawnsley | Opinion | The Guardian (and you thought American politics was fucked)

Australia's most highly decorated former SAS soldier, investigated for allegedly kicking a handcuffed Afghan detainee off a cliff : news

An Abrupt Move That Stunned Aides: Inside Trump's Aborted Attack on Iran ... Without consulting his vice president, secretary of state or national security adviser, he reversed himself and, with ships readying missiles and airplanes already in the skies, told the Pentagon to call off the airstrikes with only 10 minutes to go ...
rightwingdings comments on Never forget Agrabah (Republicans are the walking brain dead)
American History in Three Sentences... : PoliticalHumor

As a foreign reporter visiting the US I was stunned by Trump's press conference | Lenore Taylor | Opinion | The Guardian (the whole Reublican Party is demented and sundowning)
Foreign Reporter Shocked By Trump's 'Alarming Incoherence' On Border Wall Tour : politics

Here's Trump Saying 'It Doesnt Matter' About Things That Very Much Do Matter - a lot

Ukraine and Whistle-Blower Issues Emerge as Major Flashpoints in Presidential Race - The New York Times - The controversy centers on whether President Trump manipulated foreign policy to pressure Ukraine to take action to damage Joseph R. Biden Jrs election bid ("whether" fuck you NYT)
Trump Didn't Bribe Ukraine. It' s Actually Worse Than That. - Mislabeling what the president has done could make impeachment more difficult to achieve. (politico starts with the assumption that Trump is above you so-called fake laws)
President Trump and the warping of democratic governance - The Washington Post
Rudy Giuliani accused me of exposing Paul Manafort's Ukraine deals to help U.S. Democrats. That's a lie. (lying ghoul-face lied?)
Trumps Ukraine call reveals a president convinced of his own invincibility ("I am God, I am the biggest and most beautiful deity!")
Trump, Biden and a Whistle-Blower Complaint: Here Are the Basics - The New York Times

Pelosi threatens 'new stage' of probe as Trump admin stonewalls whistleblower complaint - Pelosi said that any further obstruction from the administration will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness
Eschaton: Scary - SHIT IS GONNA GET REAL
Potentially significant. In new letter to lawmakers, PELOSI says if the admin fails to turn over whistleblower complaint, the investigation will enter "a whole new stage" (of pearl-clutching Trump dick-sucking)
We're passing the tipping point on impeachment
We're passing the tipping point on impeachment

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter: "At this point, the bigger national scandal isn't the president's lawbreaking behavior - it is the Democratic Party's refusal to impeach him for it. (you could start by impeaching Rancid Nancy)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Democrats' Refusal To Impeach Trump Is A 'National Scandal' Pelosi has repeatedly pushed back on her fellow Democrats' calls to impeach the president. (Rancid Nancy knows SO much better than you)
'We've been very weak' : House Democrats decry their oversight of Trump, push Pelosi on impeachment
Schiff: Impeachment may be the only remedy if Trump pressured Ukraine on Biden - Axios
Nancy Pelosi hints at impeachment over Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint - Axios (Rancid Nancy and her "hints")

Slightly different : PoliticalHumor

Feinstein Demands Barr Hand Over Whistleblower Report: This Is 'Unacceptable' (90-yr old DiFi stamps her feet)

Trumps newest, worst Watergate: Can scared Pelosi, Dems, media finally find their inner 1974? ... Are we shocked that a political establishment either too fearful or too corrupted to tackle the actual smoking barrels of AR-15 assault rifles that left a trail of bodies this summer from El Paso to Gilroy has gone all deer-in-the-headlights when confronted with a metaphorical smoking gun at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? (no) ... MSNBC asked 15 moderate Democrats who've so far resisted calling for an impeachment inquiry to come on TV and talk about it, in light of the Ukraine disclosures. All 15 said "no" ...
AM Joy w/Joy Reid on Twitter: "House Democrats we reached out to on #impeachment who declined to come on #AMJoy." / Twitter ... Vote these traitors out. How are they any different from the likes of Graham. McConnell, Meadows, Jordan, Etc.? They are all complicit in enabling an illegitimate life long criminal to remain POTUS.

Former Federal Prosecutors Call For Giuliani to be Disbarred, Possibly Indicted : politics

VP Pence arrives on Mackinac with eight-vehicle motorcade ... Cars are generally banned on the island, and that century-old ban is integral to its charm ... "sacrilige" ...
Ron Fournier on Twitter: "Sacrilege" / Twitter

NBC/WSJ poll: A record share of voters dislike Trump personally, but Democrats face challenges of their own - Voters overall also have doubts about Democrats' most progressive policy proposals. And many worry Joe Biden isn't up for the job ... A combined 69 percent of registered voters say they donlike Trump personally, regardless of their feelings about his policy agenda.A record 50 percent say they dislike him personally and dislike his policies, while another 19 percent say that they dislike him but approve of his policies. (so, Recreeps will vote for him anyway)
Poll: Record 69% of voters say they dislike Trump personally : politics

Iowa Poll: Elizabeth Warren surges in Iowa, narrowly leading Joe Biden ... Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, now holds a 2-percentage-point lead, with 22% of likely Democratic caucusgoers saying she is their first choice for president.

Iowa Dems to Trump: Youre Helping Biden With Ukraine Claims

Bernie Sanders slides to third in Iowa Poll as fewer respondents view him favorably
Warren Leads in New Iowa Poll With Biden Second - The New York Times - The latest poll numbers from The Des Moines Register and CNN were very good for Elizabeth Warren as she and Joseph R. Biden Jr. broke away from the rest of the Democratic pack.
The State of Iowa - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Elizabeth Warren has surged in Iowa, narrowly overtaking Joe Biden and distancing herself from fellow progressive Bernie Sanders, the latest Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.
How Mitch McConnell May Have Given Us America's Most Progressive President - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A useful reminder that Elizabeth Warren would probably be a law professor right now if it wasnt for Republicans denying her the job she first wanted (#MitchTheBitch and #AssholeBenNelson remember him?) ... And also reminds us that Summers and especially Geithner were terrible: (but no shneo-libreal order there and for the last time, fuck off Larry)
Election 2020: Polk County Steak Fry draws largest crowd in its history
Dems Cook 10,500 Steaks While Lecturing Americans About Eating Less Meat (haha libtards, owned you on that one)

Trump critic and rising GOP star Ben Sasse is now a Trump apologist. How sadly predictable. Sasse could have been a thought leader of post-Trumpian conservativism. What is he now? ("yes, Lindsey taught me now to suck Trump's dick and now I'm totaly gay for Donald")

DHS Warns Against Growing Threat Of White Supremacist Extremism Online | HuffPost - The agency says the internet has become a breeding ground for domestic terrorism, following hate-based mass shootings in the U.S. (that black bitch says "fake news"

M.I.T. Media Lab, Already Rattled by the Epstein Scandal, Has a New Worry - The New York Times ... the Open Agricultural Initiative, called OpenAg for short is the development of a device known as a personal food computer, a high-tech, climate-controlled mini greenhouse meant to allow crops to thrive in thin air, without soil or sunlight ... Mr. Harper had made exaggerated or false claims about the project to its corporate sponsors, a group that included the retail giant Target, as well as in interviews with the news media ... (lying TEDster scammers, and this money-laundering operation does what, exacly? ... another fathead)

Colorado city ends topless ban after spending $300G defending it in court : news

Patriots owe fans explanation for Antonio Brown - The Boston Globe ...Since the Patriots released Brown on Friday, Bill Belichick has gone into stonewalling mode and Robert Kraft is nowhere to be found.
Bill Belichick has testy pre-game exchange with reporter Dana Jacobson about Antonio Brown - The Boston Globe
Sean Grande on Twitter: "I guess this explains why we never got his R.S.V.P." / Twitter
After Patriots release him in wake of rape charge, Antonio Brown says he's quitting NFL : news

Florida grandmother outraged after 6-year-old arrested for tantrum : news
Officer Under Investigation After Arresting Children, 6 and 8, Chief Says : news

Woman tries to burn letters from her ex, ignites apartment instead: report | Fox News

Three Dead, Four Sick After Drug-Related Mystery at Luxury Pittsburgh BuildingPolice say there was no party at the swanky south side apartment complex, but that all the victims were wearing orange wristbands and are thought to have taken tainted drugs.

Canada Now Has Psilocybin Dispensaries : bostontrees

She Quit Her Job. He Got Night Goggles. They Searched 57 Days for Their Dog. - The New York Times - A couple combed a rural Montana community for their Border collie, Katie.

How Twitter added cred to Miltons Shakespeare annotations
Duncan Salkeld on Twitter: "@jes1003 The first downstroke on the capital 'H' begins with a short hook from the left in the Folio and elsewhere in Milton's Commonplace-book ... quite distinctive (imho)" / Twitter

Sean Carroll on Twitter: "Do quantum signals travel backwards in time?!? (No.) The delayed-choice quantum eraser, a section that got cut from Something Deeply Hidden. #SomethingDeeply" / Twitter
Sean Carroll (@seanmcarroll) / Twitter

Small clinical trial show reversal of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease treatment using electromagnetic waves via wearable head device. TEMT appears to penetrate the brain to break up amyloid-beta and tau deposits, slowing the progression of Alzheimer's

If we return to the moon, is there a telescope on earth today strong enough to watch astronauts walking around on the surface? : askscience

[Serious] People who truly believe they have experienced a ghost or demonic presence, what's your story?`

Some WeWork Board Members Seek to Remove Adam Neumann as CEO - WSJ - SoftBank officials are among those expected to push for Neumann ouster ... after a tumultuous week in which his eccentric behavior and drug use came to light and the startup delayed its much-anticipated stock-market listing.


Aerial view of about a million people coming out for a Climate Strike march yesterday, in New York. : pics
From Sydney To San Francisco, Millions Are Striking For Global Climate Action | HuffPost - The day of protest precedes the United Nations summit on how to rein in the worst effects of climate change.
Incredibly Moving Photo Of Greta Thunberg's First Climate Strike Goes Viral - She sits alone outside the Swedish parliament in the picture.
Climate strikes: hoax photo accusing Australian protesters of leaving rubbish behind goes viral - The image was not taken after a climate strike and was not even taken in Australia : worldnews
/u/inconvenientnews elaborates on how billionaires and the fossil fuel industry are making a concerted effort to discredit climate activists and the idea of climate change : bestof (guillotine time)
KainX comments on ELI5: How do recycling factories deal with the problem of people putting things in the wrong bins?
11% of the Military Budget Could Fund Enough Renewable Energy for Every Home in the US : technology (why we can't have nice things in a fucking nutshell) ... "But using the military budget to help people in America is SOCIALISM. That money should be used for bombing the shit out of the middle east, not spent on free-loading libs!"
9/21/2019 : videos

China's 'detention' of Uighurs: Video of blindfolded and shacckled prisoners 'authentic' (Xi and his boxcars and concentration camps, don't miss the video)
Hollywoods Great Leap Backward on Free Expression - Beijing moves to co-opt the American film industry

Reports: Russia army destroys Israel drone in Damascus airspace : worldnews

Indonesia rethinks ban on sex outside marriage : worldnews

An Egyptian businessman and actor, Mohamed Ali, has posted a series of videos online accusing the country's leader of wasting millions on luxury residences and hotels while millions of Egyptians live in poverty which causes huge protests around Egypt. : worldnews (fuck Sisi-fuckster and his military fuckers)
Egyptians call for a day of rage, mass protests are currently erupting all over the country against the ruling tyrannical military regime. : worldnews

China develops handheld 'crowd control' sonic gun which causes eyes and internal organs to painfully vibrate, causing dizziness and vomiting : worldnews

Hong Kong protesters personal data leaked by Russian website : worldnews

The Australian State Dinner, in photos - politico (summit of corrupt climate-change denying asshole evil fuckers ... Fuckway, Barr, etc) )
'Get rid of the prisoners by shooting them' : Australian Commandos tell of war crimes in Afghanistan

Irish PM given holy water for 'added protection' before next meeting with Boris Johnson, asks 'Shall I pour it over him?' (good one)
British unions vote unanimously to boycott Israel (nah, just the "occupaton" but still ... Likud has sqaunderd a lot of karma points so they could act like Nazis)

U.S. to send troops to Saudi Arabia after attacks on oil facilities - The Washington Post (Trump a client state of Bonesaw)
Straight up the very same one : PoliticalHumor

Iranian Students Set to Start at U.S. Universities Are Barred From Country - The New York Times - The students, who were mostly headed to schools in the University of California system, had visas in hand when they were blocked from their flights this month.

The US just signed an agreement that could send asylum seekers back to El Salvador - Vox - It could be yet another barrier to obtaining asylum in the US (Trumpfuckers fucking innocent victims of US fuckups in their countries seeking asylum from the US-caused carnage and yeah, thanks, Barry)

Twitter removes 10,000 accounts for promoting political discord - Twitter said the accounts included more than 4000 found to be operating out of the United Arab Emirates, and 4000 others from China. More than 1000 accounts came from Ecuador, and the company also shut down accounts from Spain and Egypt, and those linked to Saudi Arabia
Twitter closes thousands of fake news accounts, including 4,302 Chinese accounts targeting Hong Kong protests : worldnews
Stop engaging with online trolls altogether, public figures say | Society : worldnews

DoD deletes tweet that joked about blowing up millennials trying to storm Area 51 - Task & Purpose (Dumpsters in your corrupt military thought this was "funny" spent your tax money making it)

George Conway and Neal K. Katyal: Trump has done plenty to warrant impeachment. But the Ukraine allegations are over the top. - The Washington Post (Rancid Nancy-Prancy swoons and takes to her fainting couch)
Consensus Grows that Ukraine Scandal Is Impeachable Offense : politics
Americans have a right to know if the GOP actually thinks Trump's conduct is acceptable
Nancy Pelosi Still Resists Impeachment After New Reported Trump Corruption : politics (Rancid Nancy's world-historical blunder and sucking Trump's dick for the 2 or 3 "centrist" dems left)
A whistleblower alleges Trump requested 2020 election interference. Pelosi still says she won't pursue impeachment
Don't Be Complicit in the Trump War on Truth : politics - Refusing to impeach Trump kills impeachment as a tool going forward and lets a corrupt autocrat rewrite our system of separation of powers.
Reiterating Call for Impeachment, Warren Accuses Congress of Complicity in Trump's Continued Abuses | "A president is sitting in the Oval Office, right now, who continues to commit crimes," Warren tweeted. "Today's news confirmed he thinks he's above the law. If we do nothing, he'll be right." : politics
How Trump and Giuliani pressured Ukraine to investigate the president's rivals
Ukraine, if youre listening ... : How Trump tries to quell controversies by saying the quiet part out loud
Trump's Ukraine Call: A Clear Impeachable Offense - The Atlantic
Behind the Whistle-Blower Case, a Long-Held Trump Grudge Toward Ukraine - The New York Times

Congress doesnt have a lot of options to get this whistleblower complaint (system not set up for something this crooked)
Opinion | Why the Whistle-Blowing Process Is Breaking Down - The New York Times - The separation of powers has become increasingly subservient to the separation of parties (and Nancy-Dancy sucking Trump's dick)
Intel Whistleblower Complaint Q&A Part 2: Constitutional Boogaloo - Just Security - undefined
Republicans echo Trump in suggesting whistleblower complaint is politically motivated - The Washington Post (oh look, Gym Jordan)
Can President Trump Be Held Accountable for the Whistle-Blower Complaint? | The New Yorker

The president has a canned approach for trying to fend off bad news
Chris Cuomo Breaks Down What Rudy Giuliani Was Really Doing In That Bonkers Interview | HuffPost
Twitter Erupts Over Guiliani's Bonkers CNN Hit: 'A Level of Pants-Sh*tting Panic Rarely Seen' On TV

This Is Excellent News For Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Glad to see that the same newspaper that brought you wall-to-wall EMAILS and Clinton Foundation Clouds and Shadows stories has determined that Trump trying to extort a foreign leader into ratfucking the elections is highly disturbing for ... Joe Biden: (NYT is a pile of sick fucking shit)
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "BREAKING NEWS from Ken Vogel: Nixon breaking into psychologist's office raises disturbing questions and casts shadows over Daniel Ellsberg" / Twitter
southpaw on Twitter: "Around this time four years ago, NYT made a huge deal of Uranium One--an ultimately banal story of the sale of equity in a company that owned a company that had a US uranium mine. But you wouldn't have known it from the Times's initial bungled reporting. (" / Twitter
Ken Vogel: Hack reporter on the make - Lawyers, Guns & Money - frontpaging this comment from Daragh McDowell, because it explains how perverse it is to bothsides the Ukraine scandal, and it also illustrates how the career incentives for individual journalists can undermine journalism as a profession: (NYT supports massive corruption, as usual)
How out in the open criminality suddenly becomes a media expose - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jon Chait points out that all the basic facts about Donald Trumps attempt to use U.S. taxpayer money to bribe and extort Ukraine into smearing Joe Biden have been public knowledge for months ((ignored by the NYT, natch)
And That Little Boy Nobody Liked... - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Roy Cohn, not only a Trump associate but a window into how Trump has completely taken over the Republican Party: ... He also persecuted men in the State Department who were suspected of being gay, despite being a closeted gay man himself. Later, he became a consigliere to New Yorks mafia families, some of whom also had ties to Trump, even as he ranted about law and order.(Republicans are, you know, deeply evil)

Crossfire Hurricane review: tale of Trump and the FBI is a gas gas gas | US news | The Guardian - Josh Campbell worked for James Comey his book is a must-read indictment of the 'mob boss' in the White House (Sessions, Rob Rosenstein, Fuckabee Sanders, Barr, Nunes ... are his henchmen, and yeah, Dems were almost as bad)

Investigate the FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh: Sen. Whitehouse (lock them all up)

Judge orders Trump to answer questions under oath in protesters' case -- The protesters allege Trumps security guards roughed them up. The judge said Trumps testimony is 'indispensable' to the case ... outside Trump Tower during a 2015 protest over the then-candidats comments about Mexican immigrants ... caught on video ... The judge rejected the argument of Trumps attorneys that he should not have to testify because of his duties as president (too busy playing golf and betraying America)

Leftists, liberals, and neoliberals share a problem: Congress -- Congress, not neoliberalism, hamstrung Obama's presidency - Farhad Manjoos latest column in the New York Times is an example ... "schneo-liberalism" ... (well, yeah, but then we have Lieberputz, Nelson and Heitkampfuck ruining everything)

Economic Confidence Drops to Lowest Level Since Shutdown (tractor-queens are sad, will still vote to screw themselves)

Bernie Sanders Calls for Eliminating Americans' Medical Debt - new plan would wipe out an estimated $81 billion in existing medical debt and ignore such debt in credit scores.

NY Post Savages Bill de Blasio with Front Page Obituary of His Failed 2020 Campaign: Dead of Ego-Induced Psychosis ... "it died doing what it loved best -- being as far away from New York City as possible" (well, they got that one right)

'When you are in, you can't get out.' Women describe how Jeffrey Epstein controlled them
Prince Andrew accuser says she was forced to perform sex acts at 17 : worldnews
PBSO deputy who guarded Jeffrey Epstein on work release witnessed unusual treatment : news

How Congress failed to act on the fentanyl epidemic despite dire warnings - Washington Post - In the face of 72,000 people dying last year, more than the entire Vietnam War, people are starting to wake up

The race to create a perfect lie detector and the dangers of succeeding (AIs reading your lyin' mind)

Candace Owens to Congress: 'White Supremacy and White Nationalism Are Not a Problem' -- Five months after far-right pundit Candace Owens told Congress that the rise in hate crimes is 'fake' and the GOP's Southern Strategy was a 'myth' Republicans once again invited her to testify before a subcommittee on combating white supremacy (female Ben Carson/Clarence Thomas for the dough, said Hitler was "OK")

PewDiePie: I Wasnt Wearing a Nazi Cross, I Was Wearing Vetements (sure, Nazi asshole)

Antonio Brown Cut From New England Patriots Amid Sexual Assault Accusations | HuffPost - The star wide receiver was only part of the Massachusetts team for 11 days before getting released (the stain remains on what's left of Fuckachiks soul)

Walmart ceases e-cigarette sales : news

Judge refuses to toss Coast Guard officer's gun charges : news
Amish businessman ordered to pay $5.2M in scam targeting his own community : news
Man accused of stealing car with 2-year-old inside, hits, kills bicyclist, Cleveland police say : news
Reward upped to $35K in search for missing 5-year-old Dulce Alavez : news
South Carolina Woman Who Said She Was Too 'Pretty' for Jail Gets No Time Behind Bars : news
Woman Quits Job, Searches 57 Days for Lost Dogand Finds Her : news
Woman, 88, beaten, robbed of $5,000 she had saved for late husband's headstone
8,000 sex assault kits turn up 1,800 DNA matches : news

Google's Processor Makes Three-Minute Calculation For Which Supercomputers Would Take 10,000 Years; To our knowledge, this experiment marks the first computation that can only be performed on a quantum processor

Scientology policy enabled years of child sexual abuse, lawsuit says - The third lawsuit filed against Scientology and leader David Miscavige in three months accuses the church of sexual battery, racketeering and conspiracy (the face, oh, the face of evil )

The Guardian's Best Books of the 21st Century : books
The 100 best TV shows of the 21st century | Television & radio | The Guardian

TIL Collapse of Aztec society was linked to an outbreak of salmonella after the Spanish conquest : todayilearned
What's the issue with Jared Diamond? : badhistory

This study on a community sample of school children in the September issue of SLEEP, shows that overall habitual nappers had better academic achievement, greater happiness, grit, and self-control, and reduced internalizing behavioral problems : science

Want to Be Emotionally Resilient? Science Says Do This - CBT "worry journal"

The Future of Political Philosophy | Boston Review - For five decades Anglophone political philosophy has been dominated by the liberal egalitarianism of John Rawls. With liberalism in crisis, have these ideas outlived their time?

Found this funny lip-sync clip and hope you like it as well : funny

Mama Lynx and her 7 kittens. : aww

He "Was Struggling Not to Laugh" : Inside Netflix's Crazy, Doomed Meeting With Blockbuster


Millions expected to make Friday climate protest the largest in history : worldnews
Greta Thunberg, Climate Change Activists Speak to Congress
Greta Thunberg Congress Testimony: Boy Bodyguard Shields Her
Science Discussion Series: Climate Change is in the news so let's talk about it
Climate Protest in Germany : pics
Broward student suspended for handing out climate change flyers. He can't attend prom now (Republicans)
Australia banned from speaking at UN Climate Change Summit in unprecedented rebuke : worldnews (fuck off you cunts)
Trump admin ignored its own evidence of climate change's impact on migration from Central America - migration surged from those areas where climate change is hurting crops and farmers.
Thousands of Scientists From 40 Nations Join Global Climate Strike: "Students have led and we must follow ..." (fuck off with your stupid sciencey shit, Republicans say)
Birds Are Vanishing From North America - The New York Times - The number of birds in the United States and Canada has declined by 3 billion, or 29 percent, over the past half-century, scientists find. ("we don't need no fucking birds," Republicans say)
500 million bees have died in Brazil in three months : worldnews

LIVE: Flooding from Imelda turns deadly in Texas as rainfall totals approach 4 feet : news

2 Florida students arrested for plotting school massacre : news
The Senate surrenders legislating on guns to Trump - POLITICO - "a shame. We used to be a separate institution" .. The Senate is essentially outsourcing its legislative duties to a divided White House and the whims of President Donald Trump
Beto O'Rourke says Senate's top Democrat has accomplished 'absolutely nothing' on gun control (Chuckie Fuckie fucked you over bc he didn't want to divide the extreme gun-nuts who might have voted for Dems)
For Trump, a Time of Indecision - The New York Times - Trump seemed taken aback when asked if the White House was preparing to roll out gun control proposals the next day, a timeline administration officials had suggested was likely.
Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market (just a little weapon of mass killing hunting gun)

'Total Massacre' as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan | Amnesty International said the bombing "suggests a shocking disregard for civilian life." : worldnews (Trump unleased your corrupt killer military at least it wasn't a wedding party with 24 children)

Tensions rise in the Australian outback as Christian missionaries destroy sacred Aboriginal artefacts, claiming that Aboriginal culture is a form of devil worship. : worldnews (next, will destroy Stonehenge and the Parthanon)

Hong Kong police used 'retaliatory violence' and torture against arrested protesters, according to Amnesty International (sado-fuckers the same everywhere)
Hong Kong enters 16th weekend of protests as police warn violence escalating beyond control : worldnews
TikTok may be censoring Hong Kong protests, Washington Post reports : worldnews

UK Police arrest journalist wearing press pass during climate protest - Body camera footage shows photographer identifying himself as member of the media : worldnews (learning from the Chinese)

The war machine is never satisfied : PoliticalHumor

Why did Jeffrey Epsteins private jet fly to Riyadh on the eve of the 2016 election? ... Two people of note were in Riyadh at roughly the same time ... Bonesaw ... Bezos (hmmmmm)
Jeffrey Epstein accuser: 'I was trafficked to Prince Andrew : news

Tillerson: Netanyahu, Israelis 'played' Trump

'It Won't End Well' : Trump and His Obscure New National-Security Chief

Pentagon is last holdout as Stephen Miller tries to slash number of refugees allowed in U.S. - The Pentagon is the lone voice inside the Trump admin defending the U.S. refugee program.

Marine unit wants to hold annual ball at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club

Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies - The New York Times - Secret F.B.I. Subpoenas Scoop Up Personal Data From Scores of Companies (seriously, wtf)

Senior Adviser to Ukraine's Interior Minister: Trump is 'Looking for Kompromat' o Discredit Biden and Avenge Manafort ... (Pelosi's) always been a coward. She did the same thing when the Dems took the House in 2006 and she refused to even consider impeaching W. Bush after he lied the country into the Iraqi war.
/u/Portarossa does a very deep dive into the current Trump-Whistleblower situation : bestof (Trump has rotted all of government)
As whistleblower scandal deepens, Trump bets on the coverup working - The Washington Post
The U.S. has no rules for when the president is a national security threat - The Washington Post - he whistleblower controversy reveals the limits of our systems defenses.
Donald Trump 'Must Be Removed From Office' If Intelligence Whistleblower's Complaint Is About Ukraine, Constitutional Expert Says: 'As Soon As Possible' : politics
Trump is a walking, talking national security liability : politics
Swalwell to DNI: 'You do not have to be a part of a lawless administration' : politics

Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Indicting A Sitting President : NPR
Congress should use impeachment "muscle power" to access Trump's whistleblower complaint, Watergate prosecutor says : politics (Rancid Nancy-Dancy clutches her pearls and runs into the elevator)
Someone Should Do Something - Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and the Democrats should do something about Trump at some point. (lame-ass out-of-touch fuckoffs)
Eschaton: With Great Power Blah Blah Blah - I pick on Pelosi because she's the only Dem who really has power at the moment. And she does *have power*. When the Dems are locked out of power completely they genuinely have the excuse that they can't do much more than sternly worded tweets (nie letters). Then they mobilize people, ask for campaign contributions, run on doing stuff and... well, do it.
Trump officials are reportedly ignoring House Democrats because they know Nancy Pelosi won't impeach : politics ("she's our bitch, don't worry" they said)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Defends Her Opposition to Impeachment: 'If Somebody Had a Crime that the President Had Committed, That Would Be a Different Story.' (haha fooled you, it was 2008 and Bush)

What did Trump tell Ukraines president?
A deficiency in the law : : How Trump accidentally exposed a whistleblower loophole - What happens when the administration won't tell Congress about a whistleblower complaint regarding the president? The answer to the once hard-to-fathom question is complicated.
Rudy Giuliani denies asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden -- before admitting it - "No, actually I didn't" ... "Of course I did" ... CNNPolitics (caught in his own web of lies)
But I ask you, what is a contract? Webster's defines it as "An agreement under the law which is unbreakable" "Which is unbreakable" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - President Donald Trump they aren't even disputing the facts). Murdering an individual isn't as important as colluding with foreigners to subvert an election 1/" / Twitter
I have to believe both of them... : PoliticalHumor

Trump Pressed Ukraine Leader as Giuliani Pushed for Biden Inquiry (they colluded their treason)
Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine, according to two people familiar with the matter - The Washington Post
Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate Bidens Son
Trump pressed Ukrainian leader to investigate Bidens son, according to people familiar with the matter
Ukrainian Official: Trump Looking for Dirt To Discredit Biden
Trumps Ukraine Scandal Is Hiding in Plain Sight
Hillary Clinton: 'The president asked a foreign power to help him win an election. Again.' : politics
Megathread: Report States Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President to Investigate Biden's Son
How Long Will Republicans Tolerate Trump's Lawlessness? -- there's only so much Democrats can do about the president's increasingly bold misconduct. (Bloomfuck asks: "HOw long will crooks tolerate crookedness??)
'Urgent Concern' About the President

'It's Treachery If Not Treason' : : Harvard Law Professor On Trump-Ukraine Report - Tribe said America has elected a president whoseems to know no bounds (o rly)

Trump Lawyers Argue He Cannot Be Criminally Investigated - The New York Times - legal team is trying to block a subpoena seeking his tax returns, claiming that any criminal investigation of Mr. Trump is unconstitutional. (Article Zero: Presidents named Trump are your supreme leader for life above your stupid law)
Trump tax returns: Judge blocks California law - Los Angeles Times (well, that worked)

Eschaton: Pelosi's Going To Be So Mad - One more thing she's going to have to work to ignore. -- The whistleblower complaint that has triggered a tense showdown between the U.S. intelligence community and Congress involves President Trump's communications with a foreign leader, according to two former U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Eschaton: Stop Bothering - If Democrats can't even manage to game out what to do when they, say, subpoena someone and they don't respond appropriately, just stop bothering at all ... I guess the only plan is they reduce the witness to a blubbering pile of goo like in some ridiculous courtroom drama... I CONFESS I CONFESS!!! I HELPED TRUMP DO ALL THE CRIMES!!! - Which won't happen, and even if it does the NYT headline will be: Confession of Trump's Crimes Creates A Dilemma For Democrats - Which would be ridiculous, but I have to admit, not actually wrong.

Eschaton: Well At Least There Is The Power Of The Purse - Haha, no. Pelosi has been firm in telling her caucus that Democrats needed to back a "clean" funding measure, and so far, many progressives and Latino Democrats have agreed to hold their fire for later this fall, unwilling to block the bill and take blame for a shutdown.- And then in November after the election [voice in earpiece: there is no election] I mean, um, in November things will be different because, um? (Nancy-Prancy says not giving Trump his great wall would be "too divisive")

Opinion | Why Republicans Play Dirty - The New York Times - They fear that if they stick to the rules, they will lose everything. Their behavior is a threat to democratic stability.

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Surpasses Obama's, Not Just on Rasmussen Reports
Trump Job Approval 43%; Ties Party Polarization Record - 86-point party gap in ratings ties highest in a single poll - Only three presidents have registered 80+ point gaps ... 91% of Republicans and 5% of Democrats approving of the job he is doing (Trump wildly popular with Talibangelist Satangelicals)
How Popular Is Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight

Jim Carrey Flips A Cartoon Bird At Donald Trump's Unquestioning Base
Jim Carrey on Twitter: "At least Polly gets a cracker." / Twitter

Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Thinks He's The "Most Purely Evil Human Being" He's Met. Stefan Schwartz also says Trump has an "early high school" reading level : politics

GOP Senate candidate Jason Lewis said Republicans have 'dual loyalties' to Israel, 'Jewish lobby' controls the party - CNNPolitics (saying the obvious out loud)

HUD Secretary Ben Carson makes dismissive comments about transgender people, angering agency staff - The Washington Post ... "big, hairy men" trying to infiltrate women's shelters ... (stupid fucking prejudiced assholes top to bottom, hello black guy)
Ben Carson Spews Hateful Anti-Trans Slurs at HUD Meeting : politics

Eschaton: Fit To Hissy - I think the Rules Of Political Journalism are dumb and bad. Journalists shouldn't cover every Republican hissy fit as if it was a good faith event. However... Democrats can't complain too much if they don't even throw their own hissy fits for legitimate reasons.

McConnell backs election security amendment after facing criticism - POLITICO (#Moscow'sBitch)

Trump's farmer bailout is already more than twice as expensive as Obama's automaker bailout : politics (dumbfuck racist tractor queens/car dealers vote for Trump, get tariffed to death, then bailed out twice, so for nothing)
I VoTed TRumP bECausE SocIAlisM NOt GoOd : PoliticalHumor
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin Lost the Most Factory Jobs in Past Year - Bloomberg - Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (have they learned anything?)

GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw Tries to Hide in Elevator While Confronted by Combat Veterans Over His Support for Trump: 'Do Your Duty' (fat chance)

How Trumps Florida 'field general' got kneecapped - Gov. Ron DeSantis ousted the woman responsible for winning Trump Florida in 2016.

Eschaton: Generations - All of these lines are somewhat arbitrary but they do have somewhat agreed on definitions. The oldest boomers are about 74. - The oldest millennials are about 38. - Xers are a myth

The Dreamlife of Bobo - Lawyers, Guns & Money - David Brooks describes an imaginary supporter of radical Trotskyite Elizabeth Warren: (NYT has a rotting brain problem ... Bobo born 1 week after Obama, both 58)

Young Women Actually Make Up More of Bernie's Base Than Men Do : politics

DNC set to squeeze Dem debate stage again - POLITICO - The 2020 Democratic field is eagerly awaiting the next round of DNC debate criteria, which could shrink participation again in November.

Bill De Blasio Drops Out Of Presidential Race | HuffPost (bye-bye lazy entitled loser)

Exclusive: Will Tulsi Gabbard Answer Questions About Her LGBTQ Hate Guru? | Iowa Informer - Gabbard has thus far avoided discussing guru Chris Butler's decades of hate speech ... and his Science of Identity Foundation (SIF) ... a breakaway sect of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), also known as the Hare Krishna movement ... goes by Kris Butler, Jagad Guru, Srila Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa, and Srila Prabhupad (dude is so gay and her family is full of hate)

Younger Black Voters to Their Parents: Break Up With Joe Biden, I'm Bored -- An organic effort by black millennials and Gen Z-ers to influence older family members against Mr. Biden may be important in the Democratic primary. (another stupid-fuck NYT framingy)
Black Leaders Condemn Attacks by Sanders Supporters Amid Fallout From WFP's Warren Endorsement (white BernieBros go full racist)

University of Chicago nurse strike: 2,200 nurses walk off job today -- live updates : news

Trump appointee Darrell Issas confirmation hearing held up because he couldn't pass the background check: report ... once the chair of the House Intelligence Committee ... (and there you are)

Prosecutors say an alleged member of a white-supremacist group was involved with illegal guns, drugs - The Washington Post

U.S. Orders Duke and U.N.C. to Recast Tone in Mideast Studies - The New York Times - after concluding that it was offering students a biased curriculum that, among other complaints, did not present enough "positive" imagery of Judaism and Christianity in the region ... The inquiry was part of a far-reaching investigation into the program by the department, which under Betsy DeVos has become increasingly aggressive in going after perceived anti-Israel bias in higher education. (Trump is now rewriting college curriculums to be more pro-Likud and Evangelical)
Betsy DeVos' Department of Education Meddles in Middle Easter Studies at Higher Education - DeVos is the worst of the worst. She knows nothing about education and even less about human beings, from all the available evidence. Her confirmation hearings were as disastrous as any that ever have been conducted
Campus PC is really out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Attorney General Barr once lauded 'masterful' book that criticizes campus sexual assault investigations (Devil's Triangle Boofboy Beer kav)

MIT Media Lab Kept Regulators in the Dark, Dumped Chemicals in Excess of Legal Limita -- lready under fire for accepting contributions from Jeffrey Epstein, is being investigated for an apparent violation of state environmental regulations. (could some elite reporting organization pls to a story on what the fuck this pit of crookedness actually does?)

Jury acquits Macomb dad charged after criticizing judge on Facebook : news - A $500,000 bond for a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $1000 points to judicial impropriety, and retaliation- not justice .. 41-B District Court Judge Sebastian Lucido (is a very bad elected judge)

D.C.'s Maret School releases investigation detailing allegations of sexual abuse at the private school ... At least four faculty members at an elite D.C. private school are suspected of sexually abusing students between 1975 and 2008,

Charlie Rose Hit With New Harassment Allegations (ugly creepster)

Ohio child sex trafficking sting nabs more than 100, including church leader, ER doctor: report : news

Tekashi 6ix9ine testified in court that Cardi B was a gang member : news
Topless women win big as Colorado city drops ban - Fort Collins decided is not worth the money to fight for its ordinance banning women from appearing topless in public.

american_apartheid comments on All Cops Are Bastards ... police are literally allowed to rape people on the job in 35 states, as they have the power to determine whether or not you consented to sex with them while in their custody.
u/american-apartheid explains why people say ACAB : bestof
Decorated police officer facing child pornography charges : news

TIL A 40,000-year-old bracelet was found in Siberia. It was made by an extinct human species called Denisovans. Homosapians did not produce bracelets of this technical sophistication until 10,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery ever discovered. : todayilearned

Marriage therapists of reddit, what do you do when it's apparent that a couples' issues are entirely one spouse's fault? : AskReddit

William Blake: The greatest visionary in 200 years : books

You guys accidentally diagnosed me through a meme. Thank you. [Serious] : medicalschool

Which subreddit has moved the farthest from its intended purpose and how? : AskReddit

What's an instant clothing turnoff for you when looking at the opposite sex? (14K+ updoots)

'An app my cat could have written': Larry Ellison says Uber's business model is 'almost worthless' : technology

Eschaton: Rich People Are Dumb (Or Lying As They Talk Their Book) - LOL. - Ellison, who sits on the board of Tesla (TSLA), and considers Elon Musk a close friend, also asserted that Tesla could roll out a ride-sharing service with autonomously driven cars at prices two-thirds below what Uber charges, while also ensuring people get to their destinations safely (money rotting their souls and brains)

Facebook worker dies after jumping off building at company headquarters : news


Many people want to set aside half of Earth as nature - A new survey of 12,000 adults in 12 countries revealed overwhelming support for conservation, as well as knowledge gaps in subjects like extinction rates.
Greta Thunberg: We are ignoring natural climate solutions - Film by Swedish activist and Guardian journalist George Monbiot says nature must be used to repair broken climate
Climate Change Is Already Killing Americans and Costing Billions in Medical Bills, Report Finds : science

Preventing School Shootings by... Criminalizing Depressed Tweens? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Why call out the horrific absurdity of children being taught to defend themselves from high-powered weapons with school supplies, if you'r e just going to pile on the equally horrifying, absurd responsibility of deciding which of your friends are future murderers?

Flu vaccination in the U.S. substantially reduces mortality and lost work hours. A one-percent increase in the vaccination rate results in 800 fewer deaths per year approximately and 14.5 million fewer work hours lost due to illness annually. : science
Polio outbreak declared in PH ... A disease which can be fatal on rare occasions, polio can only be prevented through multiple doses of polio vaccines.

Black panther found prowling rooftops in small French town : news

Current US President has actively increased the number of civilian casualties in the Middle East, as well as reducing the transparency of reporting on these casualties. : bestof

Massive protests in Karachi after Hindu girl found dead in Pak hostel : worldnews (muzfucks)

U.S. drone strike kills 30 pine nut farm workers in Afghanistan - Reuters (the shit goes on and on and on, forever, tnx, "W")

Election setback has Netanyahu now seeking to share power in a unity government - The Washington Post - Election setback has Netanyahu now seeking to share power in a unity government (puts on his skull-cap)

FIFA tells Iran: Women have to be allowed into football stadiums : worldnews

Why is New Yorks most famous library getting into bed with the Saudi crown prince? - Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is going to be sponsoring an event at the iconic New York Public Library. This reputation-laundering shouldn't be allowed to happen (the Harvard/MIT/Standford/Epstein syndrome)

The murder of a lawyer for a key witness in a major Dutch organised crime trial has sparked outrage and calls for a tougher crackdown on violent underworld gangs. Derk Wiersum, a 44-year-old father of two, was gunned down in the street shortly after leaving his house in Amsterdam. : worldnews

EU gives Boris Johnson ultimatum: Show us Brexit plan in 12 days or 'it's over' (go ahead, drop dead)

Ireland's President looks like Danny DeVito playing Bernie Sanders

We're Not the Saudis' Mercenaries - Trump brought the crisis with Iran on himself.

Trumps communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint that spurred standoff between spy chief and Congress, former officials say
Trump 'promise' to mystery foreign leader prompted US intelligence official to file formal whistleblower report; Putin and emir of Qatar among leaders who spoke to president around time inspector general issued 'urgent concern' notification ... Money is on Putin asking for the return of the CIA asset that we extracted last year and is in the CIAs protection program (possibly along with his family), and Trump promising to return him on the call. That extraction was then leaked to ensure that Trump could never send him back.
CNN Analyst Condemns Whistleblower Complaint: Intel Community Should Not 'Snitch' on Trump to Congress (make it into a t-shirt: Do NOT SNITCH ON HERR LEADER!)
Let's All Say it Together: "But Her Emails!" - Lawyers, Guns & Money
How much are we supposed to take? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... not impeaching Trump is becoming a monument to a kind of exaggerated prudence which becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish from simple cowardice. ("I could commit treason multiple times in plain sight, and no one would care" but the point really is that #nancyDancy and #ChuckieFuckie are operating in a normative universe which is no longer there and don't see the world-historical moment just like Barry didn't)
If the President Does It - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The borscht continues to thicken:

Eschaton: Pelosi's Going To Be So Mad - One more thing she's going to have to work to ignore. - The whistleblower complaint that has triggered a tense showdown between the U.S. intelligence community and Congress involves President Trump's communications with a foreign leader, according to two former U.S. officials familiar with the matter. (Nancy-Prancy doesn't want to "divide America" by looking at Trump's treason ... usless fucking idiots, they had one job)

Eschaton: Stop Bothering - if Democrats can't even manage to game out what to do when they, say, subpoena someone and they don't respond appropriately, just stop bothering at all. Are we gonna hold the guy in contempt or not? Pretty simple, really. Have a plan. And if you aren't going to hold them in contempt, every time you don't you signal that people can show up in a mankini and sing the greatest hits of Snow instead of testifying and lol nothing matters. - I guess the only plan is they reduce the witness to a blubbering pile of goo like in some ridiculous courtroom drama... I CONFESS I CONFESS!!! I HELPED TRUMP DO ALL THE CRIMES!!! - Which won't happen, and even if it does the NYT headline will be: -- Confession of Trump's Crimes Creates A Dilemma For Democrats -- Which would be ridiculous, but I have to admit, not actually wrong.

Pelosi says Corey Lewandowski deserves to be held in contempt - politico (deserves but too divisive to actually do it)
Pelosi says she would have held Lewandowski incontemp 'tright then and there' Several lawmakers in the room took her remarks as a dig at House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), who chose not to hold Lewandowski in contempt for his defiant behavior on Tuesday. (not believeable given her record)
This Picture Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Impeachment - The New York Times - A Renaissance-style tableau for a divided Washington (fucking dems ... Pelosi: impeachment inquiry is "just not worth it")

Robert O'Brien 'Looks the Part,' but Has Spent Little Time Playing It

An unshackled Trump finally gets the presidency he always wanted - POLITICO - No longer hemmed in by aides, Trump has bent the presidency into the mold of his Trump Organization setup with him at the center.

Trump's 2020 strategy looks less and less tethered to reality (very confident of his Russian rigging)
The Final Lesson Donald Trump Never Learned from Roy Cohn - POLITICO Magazine - The unrepentant political hitman who taught a younger Trump how to flout the rules didn't get away with it forever (so basically, the prototype for Stephen "yes, I'm Jewish and support the Nazis" Miller

Trump Threatens To Sic The EPA On San Francisco Because It's 'Going To Hell' (drives his germophobia nuts)
San Francisco to Get Environmental Violation for Homelessness, Trump Says - The New York Times

American Airlines Mechanic Accused of Plane Sabotage May Have Ties to Terrorist,s 1/" / Twitter
U.S. Says - The New York Times - A judge denied bail to the employee, who the authorities said told federal agents he had tampered with the plane because he was upset about an impasse over a union contract.
American Airlines mechanic who allegedly sabotaged plane has ISIS ties, prosecutor says : news

Fox News Poll: Biden at new low in Democratic primary race | Fox News

Beto ORourke calls for federal legalization of marijuana, government stipends for ex-offenders
Hi. I'm Beto O'Rourke, a candidate for President. : IAmA

Why college students could draw new attention in 2020: Their turnout doubled for the midterms, study finds - The Washington Post (hope for the future)

Barack Obamas Biggest Mistake - schneo-liberalism was an economic disaster and a political dead end. But they could have done so much more ... "He chose an economic recovery plan that benefited educated, well-off people much more than the middle class," (bungled generational opportunity, float above it all let me into the elite Barry looking for his drunk rejecting father, and his team of centrist neolib conservatives laid the groundwork for Trumpster, but it all goes back to Hillary' Iraw vote)

Stop Gaslighting The Left About Evangelicals. They Believe Awful Things About Jews ... White evangelicals still makes up about 16% of the U.S. population, and, as of the 2018 midterms, 25% of the electorate. ... "We thank you O Lord for President Donald Trumps courage in acknowledging to the world a truth established 3000 years ago, that Jerusalem is and always shall be the eternal capital of the Jewish people." ... 80% of which evangelicals believe God's promise to Abraham and his descendants was for all time and that 52% view Israel as "important for fulfilling biblical prophecy" ... (Rapture based love for Jews they will then killis a myth, idiots say)
A lot of white evangelical voters aren't evangelicals - Religion News Service - According to the exit polls, 26 percent of the electorate in last week's midterms consisted of white evangelicals. Yet white evangelicals make up just 15.3 percent of the U.S. adult population What gives? Apparently, the Baptist and Pentecostal and non-denominational Christian faithful turned out to vote Republican in disproportionate droves ... lot of the voters identified as white evangelicals weren't Baptists, Pentecostals and non-denominational Christians. They were mainline Protestants and Catholics. (so, religious fucks in general voted for the Antichrist, of course)

Protestor dropped an 800-pound opioid spoon in front of the Johnson & Johnson HQ : news

Bill Gates says where you were born is the biggest predictor of your success -- and it's a glaring sign of global inequality ... In todays news, we examine the relation between being rich and succeeding in life. Remember to tune in at 11 to find out if people breath air. (genius at work)

Federal Court Blocks South Dakota Laws Suppressing Pipeline Protests : news (the SD "shut your damn mouth" law)

Former University of Delaware baseball player Clay Conaway begins first rape trial - The Washington Post - Clay Conaway, a former University of Delaware baseball player, has been charged with raping multiple women ... Criminal charges against the 23-year-old man date back to 2013, when he was a star baseball player at Sussex Central High School ...

Her name is Chanel Miller, not 'unconscious intoxicated womann' - Stanford assault case She never would have found herself addressing that man, Brock Turner, at the court hearing where he was sentenced to six months in county jail for attacking her while she was unconscious ... You don't know me, but you've been inside me, and that's why we're here today"

Women can now legally go topless in Utah, 5 other states, after federal ruling : news

104 arrested in massive central Ohio trafficking, online child sex sting : news

A 3-year-old was found sleeping in a box on a strangers porch. His parents are feared dead.

Natural hair styles in the workplace: Protections for race-based hair discrimination are growing - The Washington Post (yeah, they do that, and see Japan)

The Ridiculous Campaign Against Vaping - POLITICO Magazine - A robust study in the United Kingdom found that vaping is twice as effective as other common nicotine replacements in getting smokers to quit. The flavors, according to surveys of users, are a big draw for smokers quitting traditional cigarettes. (your politicians are truely idiots, see Cuomo-fuck and Gretchen Whitfuck want more cancer deaths so they can look political)

Researchers got 2,700 college students from five countries to progressively narrow down which characteristics were most important to them in a lifetime mate, and the one that emerged from all cultures was kindness. : science

What is something we can all agree on being a "dick move" ? : AskReddit


"Please save your praise. We don't want it." Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg told the USA Senate Climate Change Task Force. "Don't invite us here to tell us how insiring we are without doing anything about it because it doesn't lead to anything"
Greta Thunberg: 6 things to know about the climate change activist
Your young women will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams - Lawyers, Guns & Money
'We are losing the race' on climate catastrophe, warns UN chief : worldnews
U.S. has highest proportion of climate deniers, survey of 28 countries finds : worldnews (Anti-Christ voting Deathangelicals)
Why baby boomers' grandchildren will hate them (hello, Victor)
The 'Climate Strike' is a crock that exploits kids (and this is why, hello, Vic)
Trump moves to block California from setting own auto emissions rules - Axios

Opinion | Why an Assault Weapons Ban Hits Such a Nerve With Many Conservatives - The New York Times - The premise of Trumpist populism is that the political preferences of a shrinking minority of citizens matter more than democracy ... Public support for enhanced background checks stands at an astonishing 90 percent, and 60 percent (and more) support a ban on assault weapon sales. Yet Republican legislatures block modest, popular gun control measures at every turn. This report tallied the human and economic toll of gun violence in all 50 states. The cost is staggering. - 2017 marked the first time firearms killed more people than motor vehicle accidents, the report said.

Anti-vaccine protesters are likening themselves to civil rights activists - POLITICO

White House Describes Saudi Oil Attack as "Their 9/11", depsite no reported casualties. : worldnews (and they did 9/11 but we all forgot about that, tnx, Barry)
Saudi Arabia says "We don't know" who attacked its oil sites after U.S. accuses Iran : worldnews
Who's Saudi Arabia's bitch again? : PoliticalHumor

sraeli election: Netanyahu says he won't concede, blames media bias
Israeli election: Netanyahu and Gantz parties in tie - The Washington Post - Israel's two main parties locked in dead heat as negotiations begin for new government
Netanyahu's main election rival, Gantz, says it appears prime minister lost : worldnews
The Israeli Elections, Take Two - Lawyers, Guns & Money (karma is coming for Fuckanyahu)
Gamble pays off for Lieberman, who becomes Israeli kingmaker ... the prime minister is expected to be indicted on corruption charges in the coming weeks ...
Netanyahu Is in Trouble, and Other Takeaways From the Israeli Election - The New York Times
Opinion | The End of the Netanyahu Era - The New York Times - he dynamics that kept him there for a decade have shifted under his feet ... Ask Israelis to rank the groups that contribute to the success of the country, and year after year they say the same thing: At the bottom of the list of perceived contribution to Israels success, one finds Muslim Arab Israelis, and just a notch above them, ultra-Orthodox Jews, or Haredim. (he was counting on the hasids having more babies)

Eschaton: What's It All About Then - I don't imagine a golden age of conservatism - either here or in the UK - but the degree to which the current leaders are completely incurious and incompetent is staggering. They were evil before, but now evil and lazy and dumb (BoJo is a lazy-ass idiot)

Navy Confirms: Those UFO Videos Are Real And Never Shouldve Been Released -- unidentified aerial phenomena. ("they aren't UFOs" they're UAPs!!)

Edward Snowden sued by Trump's DOJ over memoir government "does not want you to read" | ... amazingly, he hadn't submitted manuscript for approval

Covering up the corruption: GOP tries to block probe of Mike Pence's Ireland trip | - Mike Pence spent $600,000 on limousine rides so he could stay at Trump's resort in Ireland. Republicans don't care
Military has spent nearly $200,000 at Trumps Scottish resort since 2017The spending paid for the equivalent of hundreds of nights of rooms over approximately three dozen separate stays (no corruption there)

Mystery of Rep. Adam Schiff and whistleblower complaint takes an ominous new turn - The Washington Post - secretive back-channel maneuvering, a possible threat to national security and potential lawbreaking at the highest levels of the Trump administration, possibly at the direction of President Trump himself (tre45on in plain sight)

White House Fires Homeland Security Dept'.s General Counsel

Pentagon has warned of dire outcomes if military projects canceled for wall don't happen (tre45on undermining America)

Trump taps Robert C. O'Brien to replace John Bolton as national security adviser
Bolton unloads on Trumps foreign policy behind closed doors

Trump Wants a Torture Proponent to Lead U.S. Human Rights Policy. The Senate Should Say No - POLITICO Magazine (of course he does)

'Feel free to leak this' : Inside the Pelosi-Nadler impeachment schism (Nancy-Dancy fucking America bc she's old and dumb)
Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats say no to Kavanaugh impeachment - CNNPolitics

It was chaos, and then a real lawyer showed up e
Lewandowski hearing was a disaster (Opinion) - CNN (no, Dems were a disaster)
Eschaton: Our Failed Media Experiment - Corey Lewandowski: LEWANDOWSKI: I have no obligation to be honest with the media 'cause they're just as dishonest as anybody else.

New study: Trump's Electoral College win was no fluke and is likely to happen again; Republicans likely to win 65 percent of close elections where they lose the popular vote, according to new analysis
Our Omniscient Framers - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Well, who are you to question a hasty compromise pounded out one afternoon nearly 200 years ago that failed to work as intended almost immediately?

Donald Trump, king of chaos: New research on right-wing psychology points toward big trouble ahead | - supporters want chaos and destruction. When their bad drug high finally wears off, it won't be pretty

Ilhan Omar urges Twitter to take down Trumps false tweet

Trump Says Homeless Californians Are Ruining Cities' 'Prestige' The president, who seemed unconcerned about homeless people themselves, said "we'll be doing something about it" ("whaddya think these boxcars are for?")

Trump Insider Claims Melania Has a Long-Term Boyfriend (and Donald Trump Knows About it)

Jimmy Carter says he couldn't have managed presidency at 80
Nearly a third of likely caucus-goers do not want Biden, poll finds News Service Iowa State University

How long will Warren dodge on health care and taxes? - The Washington Post
How Electable Is Elizabeth Warren, Anyway? (Chaitster is skeptical, natch)
Jonathan Chait's Anti-Warren Op-Ed Rests On Laughable Myths
A 21st Century Breakup Inside the divorce rattling Silicon Valley and Democratic politics (Zuckerfuckberg thought he had a good pre-nup)

Fox Business Host Says GM Strike Is 'Just 4 Or 5 Guys In Shorts' - There are almost 50,000 United Auto Workers on strike, making it the largest auto strike in a decade ... Charles Payne reduced the nationwide strike to just a handful of people (not like Fox would lie to their idiot viewers, or anything)

Kentucky Democrats say state "improperly" deactivated 150,000 voters weeks before election - Kentucky officials have listed more than 150,000 voters as "inactive" just weeks before key state elections : politics (#MoscowMitchBitch cackles)
Two computers stolen from Atlanta polling site contain statewide voter data : politics

Fox News has no pride whatsoever - The Washington Post

He's not going to have Hillary Clinton sitting on her hands' - Trump's uphill battle to hold Wisconsin

Lindsey Graham's appeasement of Trump appears to have reached its limit

'The ground is shifting' : Arizona emerges as a 2020 trouble spot for Trump - Democrats appear to have their best shot at capturing the state since Bill Clinton won it more than two decades ago.
Arizona Democratic Party will hold vote to censure Sinema | TheHill - progressives in the state Democratic Party see her as too accommodating to President Trump and his policies ... and resistance to joining fellow Democrats in trying to reinstate net neutrality rules to prevent internet service providers from throttling websites. (corporate shill and Nancy-Prancy is her role model)
McSally's GOP Senate Challenger Wants to ... Annex Mexico | RealClearPolitics ... , the wealthy owner of a cosmetics company Daniel McCarthy ...

Joe Kennedy to formally announce he'll run for Senate (politics of distraction)

If there is a common argument with no historical basis being endlessly recycled by conservative hacks, it's going to find its way to Megan McArdle eventually: (McMegan McAddled)

The Man Who Knew Too Little - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What, and I cannot stress this enough, the fuck: (Macolm Gladwell/Gladfuck "thinks" Joe Paterno was totally innocent, wtf?? assholes always out themsselves, eventually ... he just Stallman'd himself)
Malcolm Gladwell Goes On Bill Simmons's Podcast To Dust Off The Oldest, Dumbest Defense Of Joe Paterno - There's no good reason to consider Malcolm Gladwell a serious writer or thinker anymore, thanks in large part to the things Gladwell continues to write and think.

What Reconstruction-Era Laws Can Teach Our Democracy - The New York Times - THE SECOND FOUNDING - How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution By Eric Foner

An Iowa hog farmer said his wife fell on a corn rake. Now he's on trial for her murder ... He hoped people would feel sorry for him and not ask any more questions ... made his 13 yr old kid find his mother with a rake in her back ... (good Christian hyper-controlling murderous asshole Trump voting tractor queen patriarchal fucker man)

Justice Denied - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jason Solomon writes here about the horrifying and very much ongoing miscarriage of justice that is the Dan Markel murder mystery. (disgusting)

State senator Michael Folmer charged with child pornography - The Washington Post - Republican state Sen. Mike Folmer was charged with possession of child pornography on Tuesday night after authorities said they discovered images of child pornography on his cellphone.
Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer arrested on child porn charges : politics
Pa. State Sen. Mike Folmer Resigns After Arrest On Child Porn Charges : NPR

A Chinese woman who allegedly paid $400,000 in bribes to get her son into UCLA as a fake soccer recruit was arrested in Spain as part of the sprawling college admissions scam, federal prosecutors said Tuesday. : news

Democratic donor Ed Buck charged with operating drug house after 2 men found dead in home - Los Angeles Times -- prosecutors calling him a violent sexual predator who preys on men struggling with addiction and homelessness (he keeps doing it)
Dem Donor Ed Buck Arrested After 3rd Man's Overdose, Charged With Operating West Hollywood Drug House

Judge won't free extremists who attacked protesters at white nationalist rally in Charlottesville

Now I just see a dog - Lawyers, Guns & Money

MIT scientist says he doesn't think pedophilia is okay any more : news

Lawsuits: After a U