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7.5 magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador-Peru border region - The Boston Globe
Applause for 16-Year-Old Greta Thunberg as EU Chief Pledges $1 Trillion to Curb Climate Threat. "Greta Thunberg, literally changing the world." : worldnews
Science denier who once compared CO2 to Jews in Nazi Germany will head Trump's climate panel (the showrunners slip another one in)
Australia approves dumping of 1 million ton of sludge near Great Barrier Reef : worldnews

Strong majority of Canadians support mandatory vaccinations for children entering school: poll : worldnews
Anti-vaxx propaganda has gone viral on Facebook. Pinterest has a cure | Technology | The Guardian - As pressure mounts on Facebook to explain its role in promoting anti-vaccine misinformation, Pinterest tries different approach (Fuckbook profits from hate and death)

CIA gave details of 9/11 suspect's secret torture to film-makers, lawyers say - The makers of the film Zero Dark Thirty were given detailed information about the torture of an inmate at a CIA "black site" that had been denied to the prisoner s own defence counsel at his trial in Guantanamo Bay (meanwhile in the deeply buried forgotten shit dept.)

Trump steps back from the brink of disaster in Syria - The Washington Post

Trump aides worry he'll get outfoxed in North Korea talks -- President Trump is excited to meet Kim Jong Un in Hanoi. Others fear he'll give too much away (Trump considering giving Jong-Un South Korea)

Trump continues to ignore a law requiring him to appoint blame for Jamal Khashoggi's murder, and some Republicans are getting restive : politics
Saudi Arabia and China strike a $10 billion oil deal, brushing off the Khashoggi killing and Xinjiang Muslim camps : worldnews

Largest IS mass grave, holding an estimated 3,500 bodies, found in Syria : worldnews

One dead, multiple injured after Venezuelan national guard opens fire on opposition supporters : worldnews

Netanyahu Props Up Right-Wing Extremist Party Ahead Of Israeli Election | HuffPost (hate wins but don't criticize Israeli racists, you anti-semite)

As O'Malley recedes, abuse survivors steal the show in Rome
The Corruption of the Vatican's Gay Elite Has Been Exposed - Andrew Sullivan (the revelations go deeper)

Germany closed 2018 with record budget surplus of 58 billions : worldnews ... life's when you don't fund an enormous bloated military, conduct wars all over the world, and hand your government over to corrupt russian assets.

Armed Americans with arsenal of guns arrested in Haiti face no U.S. charges | Miami Herald

Congress could block big chunk of Trump's emergency wall money - Full funds likely to be unavailable from the sources president has identified

Justice Department preparing for Mueller report in coming days - The Washington Post
AP source: Mueller report not expected next week (depends how you define "coming days")
The slowly written Mueller report that's sitting in plain sight (Marcy Wheeler gets some recognition)

Chris Cuomo Makes Dire Prediction About Mueller Report: 'A Storm Is Coming' - Expect the president and his allies to throw everything they have at you, to make as much noise as possible, to distract and obfuscate"

Law Expert Mocks Donald Trump For Inadvertently Making A Case Against Himself | HuffPost - Harvard constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe said he's nonestly "never had an opponent who was quite as helpful" as Trump

All the President's broken men
Mueller could tell all in last major court filing in Paul Manafort's case

Cohen Gave Prosecutors New Information on the Trump Family Business - The New York Times

Trump's Next Week Will Be Pivotal in Presidency - Michael Cohen Testifies, Robert Mueller, Congress Must Act - If we are, it's time to push Congress to begin impeachment proceedings ... Mueller may drop his report. Michael Cohen is going before Congress in public testimony. The entire administration's foul entrails will be draped on the trees lining the National Mall between the Capitol and the White House. We should walk slowly and look at every inch of them. If we're sickened by the stench, so much the better.

Sarah Sander's towering lie

Jim Carrey on Twitter: "If u can still support this repugnant oaf, while ignoring 17 investigations, 34 indictments, 7 guilty pleas, 9000 lies, child imprisonment, money laundering, racism, misogyny, infidelity, environmental rape, and high treason, you're not just misinformed ... you're a Sith
Jim Carrey Darth Mauls Donald Trump's Base With 'Star Wars' Art

Joe on Trump: Only tyrants use terms like 'enemy of the people' ... Research indicates that a bed rock 20-25% of the adults in North America is highly vulnerable to a demagogue who would incite hatred of various minorities to gain power. These people are constantly waiting for a tough "law and order," "man on horseback" who will supposedly solve all our problems through the ruthless application of force ... Trump, Bush, and even Nixon all had roughly 25% support
Robert B. Reich: The 15 warnings signs of tyranny - Baltimore Sun
Yale psych prof: If Trump weren't president he would be "contained and evaluated"

Trump Spread Lies That Christopher Hasson Believed

Trump won't Rule Out Using Stolen Data in 2020 Campaign -- Democratic candidates have committed not to use hacked materials against one another. The Trump campaign declined to make such a pledge (his pal Vlad is on the case)

Trump administration bars clinics that provide abortions or abortion referrals from federal funding - The Washington Post - Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose $60 million a year, is calling on courts and Congress to block the rule. (SC will approve)

Trump Trade War Triggering $1.9 Billion Plunge In Farm Exports: USDA | HuffPost - Soybean exports to China have fallen more than 90 percent. (dumbfuck racist farmers screw themselves)
25 million tonnes of US soybeans will go unsold this year as a direct consequence of the trade war with China : politics ... "My gut feeling is that farmers didn't understand what a great thing they had in all these international deals to begin with. There really weren't better deals to be had, so the only outcome is going to be something worse" (haha dumbfuck suckers got taken)
Federal tax refund 2019: Colorado woman's $8,000 tax bill leaves her in tears - CBS News (surprise! that's how it works!)
South Dakota governor says Trump trade wars have 'devastated' the state (she's a Republican, you know)

Mitch McConnell's Misuse of Power
Mueller Biographer: McConnell "Aided And Abetted" Russia's Attack On The U.S. (Mitch is another of Putin's Bitches as is Trump, the NRA and the whole Republican party)

Grand jury is examining whether former interior secretary Ryan Zinke lied to federal investigators - The Washington Post (gee, looks like everyone except Rick Perry is a crook)

Democratic States Exceed Republican States by Four in 2018 - That four-state Democratic advantage is typical of what Gallup has found in recent years, though Democrats enjoyed much larger leads in 2008 and 2009, and Republican states outnumbered Democratic ones in 2015 and 2016. (Obama made them into Republicans)
Trump Job Approval 50% or Higher in 17 States in 2018 (and they love Trump)

Republicans Will Smear Democrats No Matter What "The Left" Does

How Amy Klobuchar Treats Her Staff - The New York Times ... She was known to throw office objects in frustration, including binders and phones, in the direction of aides, they said. Low-level employees were asked to perform duties they described as demeaning, like washing her dishes or other cleaning -- a possible violation of Senate ethics rules, according to veterans of the chamber. (angry raging blaming bitch, fuck off, Amy)
Exposing Amy Klobuchar's Mistreatment Of Staff Is Not Sexist ... many Democrats and journalists have dismissed reports of her behavior.

One of Jeffrey Epstein's Lawyers Was Ken Starr - This, in addition to being one of the least excusable humans of the last half of the 20th century -- Acosta, in 2011, would explain that he was unduly pressured by Epstein's Lefkowitz, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz, Jack Goldberger, Roy Black, former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis, Gerald Lefcourt, and Kenneth Starr, the former Whitewater special prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton's sexual liaisons with Monica Lewinsky -- s the cosmos jerking my chain? One of Jeffrey Epstein's lawyers was Ken Fcking Starr? The sanctimonious sheet-sniffing yahoo who presented to the Congress a soft-core porn novel in the hopes it would be enough to defenestrate a sitting president, who then went on to a career turning a blind eye to sexual assaults at Baylor University, and who now apparently took up working for a serial sex-maniac predatory pedophile? Oh, my aching pancreas, this is almost too good ... (also, of course, Dershofuck was on the pedo-plane)

National Enguirer'ss biggest investors include California taxpayers and state workers -- During the 2016 presidential campaign, California's massive public pension fund, CalPERS, was one of the biggest investors in the debt-laden owner of the National Enquirer (your deep state at work electing Republifucks)

Will The Supreme Court Get Serious About the Abuse of Civil Forfeiture? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (organized crime rings of cops, so probably not)

'He is not going to be the nominee' : Dems slam Sanders over Maduro stance -- The just-announced 2020 contender declines to say whether the socialist Venezuelan dictator should go (Bernie loves his corrupt dictators)
The Myth of Bernie Sander's White Working-Class Support ... "Bill and Hillary Clinton are part of the South. They understand the South and they understand the use of political strategies that will bring people in. They are moderate people, and most people in the South are moderate." ... How big a factor was the Never Hillary vote for Sanders? Pretty big. They made the difference in eight of the states he won (25% of Berniebros voted for Trump Johnson or Stein)

Early Poll of New Hampshire Voters Shows Potential Problems for Trump a Year Out from 2020 Presidential Primary Season | Office of News & Media Relations | UMass Amherst - UMass Amherst Poll Finds GOP Voter Support for Primary Challenge

North Carolina To Hold New Elections for Ninth Congressional District : politics
The anti-Ivanka - John Harris, Mark Harris's son (federal prosecutor says he's not part of his sick dad's crime family)
Mark Harris Son Testifies in North Carolina 9th District Ballot Scandal - Harris Should Not Be Seated in House of Representatives - His son's testimony Wednesday brought the North Carolina-09 election shenanigans to another level.

Trumpism in one tweet - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Patriots Owner Bob Kraft Charged With Soliciting Prostitution
Kraft being charged with soliciting prostitution in Fla. - The Boston Globe - Six Super Bowl rings. One prostitution ring (Patriot Pedo Nation!)
Trump-worshipping billionaire too cheap to keep it on the down low - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- For those who are innocent of the ins and outs of the sex trade, "Asian massage parlors" represent the Little Caesar's Pizza of late capitalist nookie ... Also, Adam Schefter is reporting that Kraft is not the biggest name caught up in this sting (whoa, "bigger" shoes to drop!)
Adam Schefter: Robert Kraft is 'not the biggest name' involved in prostitution bust
The NFL is aware of the ongoing law enforcement matter and will continue to monitor developments

Eschaton: How Many People Are Scared To Pull Open This Curtain - Sadly I think it's a lot. -- A judge ruled Thursday that federal prosecutors - among them, U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta - broke federal law when they signed a plea agreement with a wealthy, politically connected sex trafficker and concealed it from more than 30 of his underage victims ... "Epstein used paid employees to find and bring minor girls to him. Epstein worked in concert with others to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification, but also for the sexual gratification of others (so, who could they be?? maybe Donnie the Dunce?? and looks like the real pedo ring wasn't in the basement of some pizza joint!)
Alexander Acosta, Trump's Labor Secretary, Broke the Law in Jeffrey Epstein Case: Judge (shocking, isn't it?)
Jeffery Epstein Sex Trafficked Underage Girls And Trump's Secretary Of Labor Illegally Covered It Up, Federal Judge Says (the payoff was his appointment)

The state of women in U.S. media in 2019: Still f'ing abysmal especially at Reuters and the AP -- "The media is in a state of great disruption, but despite all the change, one thing remains the same: fewer women report the news than men" (your daddies are in charge)

Eschaton: How'd That Happen - In our our weird modern era of social media, I have mixed feelings about potential employers dumpster diving through your web presence to see what you do on your off time, but I think an exception can be made for the social media of the person you're hiring to do your social media.
HuffPost Fires Social Media Editor For Being Incredibly Racist On Social Media -- Yesterday, HuffPost fired a recently hired, Los Angeles-based social media editor after her managers were alerted to the fact that an Instagram account belonging to the new hire was spewing racist rants online ... Ashley Rose ... targeted a number of people with the sort of racist invective you'd expect to find in the darkest 4chan threads ... A HuffPost employee said numerous staffers are wondering who greenlit the hire ...

Eschaton: The Old White Duke - 1971. You know, before some of us thought white supremacy was bad.
Laura Ingraham attacks critics of "I believe in white supremacy" -- quote from John Wayne in 1971 Playboy interview -- Raymond Arroyo: Critics of John Wayne "are impugning America" (stupid racist Republican cowboy actor the best of America!)
It's time to take John Wayne's name off the Orange County airport -- But the resurrection of a 1971 interview Wayne gave to Playboy magazine has underscored the sheer crudeness of the actor's feelings about gay people, blackp that had been denied to the prisonereople, Native Americans, young people and liberals ... 1979, when the supervisors christened the airport at the urging of Supervisor Thomas F. Riley. Riley was an ex-Marine, but his rationale is lost in the mists of time. It may have had something to do with Wayne's status as a rock-ribbed Republican conservative, which was Orange County's self-image in that period. But that Orange County no longer exists ... (oh, no wonder Ingrafuck is having a cow)

Tucker Carlson Guest Says African Americans 'Need To Move On' From Slavery (Fucker Carlson's White Power Hour)

Reporter Hilde Lysiak, 12, Faces Down Arizona Cop Who Threatens To Throw Her In 'Juvey' - Town of Patagonia takes action against Marshal Joseph Patterson after journalist records confrontation on her phone. (oh, hello, Joseph, how do you like being infamous on the internets for all eternity for being an asshole?)

Ex-Fox News Quack Doctor Keith Ablow Accused of Sexually Exploiting Patients - The infamous TV huckster allegedly lured multiple female patients into sexual relationships, according to lawsuits, before engaging in physically abusive behavior.
'I own you': Prominent psychiatrist accused of sexually exploiting patients (yes, and the pic, as usual)

Proud Boys Lawyer Jason Lee Van Dyke Suspended By Texas Bar After Threats : politics

The Bulwark's Quest to Shame High-Profile Trump Backers - The Atlantic - The Bulwark's writers are the new outlaws of conservative media.

Outstanding Achievement In the Field Of Grifting - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This story about Nomiki Konst, who drifted through several quasi-jobs before landing at Seth Rich Troofer But From The Left Really Central to play an EXTREMELY online Bernie fanatic (more of Neera Tanden put GPS trackers in my teeth" than "I admire Bernie's lonstanding committement to take on Wall Street" variety) is amazing. (Bernie was knee-deep in this shit)
Who is Nomiki Konst? - Nomiki Konst, the 35-year-old TV pundit casting herself as the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of the New York public advocate's race ... (yeah, grift is deep)

On February 22, 1860, 3,000 shoemakers in Lynn, Massachusetts went on strike, beginning the nation's largest strike before the Civil War

Nine injured in crash on I-95 in North Attleborough - The Boston Globe

'Social-justice loans' could make pot startups more diverse -- But a year and a half after regulators started work, 112 businesses have received licenses, but only nine are woman-owned, and two are minority-owned.

Mark Zuckerberg Promised A Clear History Tool Almost A Year Ago. Where Is It? (Zuckerfuck lied? again?)

Eschaton: Why I Pay Attention - I'm perfectly happy for our robot cars to work perfectly well, but they won't, and when they don't they'll be trying to get all the nuisances (pedestrians) out of the way. I don't why people think cities without pedestrians are desirable. That's what mall-ville is for. But they do. -- Using $500,000 from the Volkswagen emissions scandal settlement and $300,000 in federal research funds ... In addition to giving people a new option to get around, the autonomous pilot program is designed to give public policymakers a better sense of what changes to the law, public safety procedures and infrastructure might be required if self-driving vehicles ever hit the mainstream. (outlaw pedestrians! give expensive roads to Elon for free! they still won't work!


Australian Rat Declared Extinct Due To Man-Made Climate Change | HuffPost - island mammal is just the first of what will be countless species lost to climate change if we don't get our pollution under control
Senators Not Backing Green New Deal Received On Average 7 Times As Much Fossil Fuel Cash | HuffPost - donations heavily favor the lawmakers who have so far refused to back the only climate policy to match the scale of the crisis (Mitch the Corrupt World-destroying Bitch leads the money grab)

Coast Guard Officer Plotted to Kill Democrats and Journalists, Prosecutors Say - The New York Times
Over 1,000 Hate Groups Are Now Active in United States, Civil Rights Group Says - The New York Times (almost all white supremacy terrorists)

Controversial Catholic cardinals blame child abuse on the 'plague of the homosexual agenda' : worldnews

Germany refuses to bow to UK pressure to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia : worldnews

The Latest: Venezuela's Maduro closes Brazil border : worldnews

Allies decline request to stay in Syria after U.S. troops withdraw - The Washington Post

Orban faces backlash after attack on Juncker - POLITICO - Renewed calls to expel Fidesz as dominant center-right party confronts intensifying split.

Airline Intrigue With Mueller Tie Lands in US Court - On Tuesday, in a federal racketeering complaint replete with globe-spanning intrigue, Ayasli accused Korkmaz of taking over his airline through a campaign of violence, extortion and financial crime (Erdofuck and his crooks) .

Eschaton: The Halifax Examiner Does It Again! - How an arms deal went wrong. Said deal involved South Africa still under apartheid, Portugal, France, and Nova Scotia in Canada. Oh my! My first thought on reading this in-depth investigative report was: Why is it up to a tiny publication in Halifax to investigate and report on an international, high stakes arms deal?

Immigrants: Trump administration still separates families. Here's how (cruelty is who they are)
Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Can't Return Home, U.S. Says (being born in America no longer works, Trump says)
Hoda Muthana: Trump urged Europe to take back its ISIS fighters. He appears less keen on taking back the ones who came from the US. - The Washington Post

Stephen Miller's claim that 'thousands of Americans die year after year' from illegal immigration ... criminal conviction and arrest rates in Texas for undocumented immigrants were lower than those of native-born Americans for homicide, sexual assault and larceny ... 50 percent fewer criminal convictions of illegal immigrants than of native-born Americans in Texas in 2015 ... 66 percent below the native-born rate. (Four Snozzes)

Trump claims border wall is under construction 'right now' using fence repair footage from 5 months ago

The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here's What to Expect -- A concise report will probably act as a "road map" -- and to further criminal investigation by other prosecutors.
7 Scenarios for How the Mueller Probe Might 'Wrap Up'
Trump Russia: Mueller report may never be fully revealed - CNNPolitics
Senate investigators pursue Trump's Moscow-based American former business associate - CNNPolitics

Devin Nunes Was Trump's Mole Inside the Gang of Eight ... And Paul Ryan knew (gang of traitors)

Schumer: Senate Dems to introduce measure to block Trump's national emergency

Trump's Presidency Is Getting Weaker
Crazy in Gov: Why Won't the Media Discuss Trump's Mental Instability?

Jeffrey Epstein case: Federal prosecutors broke law, judge says | Miami Herald - among them, U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta

Judge broadens gag order against Roger Stone after Instagram post - POLITICO
Judge Bans Stone From Commenting On Case After Bonkers Hearing On Instagram Post

Trump Never Directed Disaster Officials To Cut Off Aid To California Wildfire Victims
Trump's War on California -- It's undoubtedly a blue-state bastion. But far from being a socialist hellhole, the Golden State is thriving after years of malaise.

Trump White House Is Forcing Interns to Sign NDAs and Threatening Them With Financial Ruin - Not even the interns are exempt from the legally dubious rite of passage that is signing a Trump NDA.

American Democracy in Crisis: The Fate of Pluralism in a Divided Nation | PRRI - An overwhelming majority (81%) of Republicans have a positive view of Trump, compared to 31% of political independents and only seven percent of Democrats. Republican support for Trump has remained steadfast over the course of Trump's presidency, and Democratic support has remained low. Just before the 2016 election, 76% of Republicans had a favorable view of Trump, compared to only 6% of Democrat (he's gotten even more wildly popular!)

Americans Remain Deeply Ambivalent About Diversity - The Atlantic - A significant minority seldom or never meet people from another race, and they prize sameness, not difference -- ust under a quarter of Americans say they seldom or never interact with people who don't share their partisan affiliation. ... 27 percent of non-college-educated whites said they seldom or never encounter people from a different political party, compared with just 6 percent of college-educated whites. (the bubble of racist stupid) When asked how they would feel about their child marrying someone from the opposite political party, 45 percent of Democrats said they would be unhappy, compared with 35 percent of Republicans.

Donald Trump's 2020 Challengers Peer Through Oval Office Window On New Time Cover | HuffPost - s 2020 Challengers Peer Through Oval Office Window On New Time Cover -- Can you name them all?

How Bernie's 2020 Map Might Change Without The #NeverHillary Vote (12% of Berniebros voted for Trump, 8% for Stein/Johnson, 24% #neverhillary, so fuck you, Bernie, and your compromised "base")
Bernie Sanders's Impact on the 2020 Presidential Race - The Atlantic (#1: geezer)

2020 Democrats Embrace Race-Conscious Policies, Including Reparations - The New York Times

Eschaton: America's Worst Editorial Board - The New York Times -- Though this is a pretty common way of operating for big city editorial board past and present. Pretend to be on the side of the hippies, unless the hippies might actually win, and then find a way to disagree with and distance themselves from the hippies.

N.C. board declares a new election in contested House race after the GOP candidate admitted misspeaking under oath - The Washington Post
Candidate's son warned father of N.C. political operative's alleged tactics -- The son of Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris testified Wednesday that he warned his father repeatedly that he believed a political operative now at the center of an election-fraud investigation had previously used illegal tactics to win votes. (dad said, "that's the point"
North Carolina Vote Fraud Case Takes a Dramatic Turn Against Republican Candidate : politics
Republican candidate's son shakes up North Carolina hearing with surprise testimony - John Harris said he warned his father about potentially illegal activities of a political operative the candidate eventually hired.
Inside a Fly-by-Night Operation to Harvest Ballots in North Carolina - The New York Times

Joe Scarborough Directly Blames Donald Trump For Domestic Terror Threat: It's all His Fault
'This Isn't a Game' : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Reports on Her Home After Coast Guard Officer Arrested With Alleged Politician Hit List
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an economic illiterate -- and that's a danger to America - Marc A. Thiessen (as usual, for the comments)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Torches 'Wack' Attack Billboard With A Scene From 'The Office'
Laura Ingraham on Twitter: "Check out the sign in Times Sq.! ?Thanks to @JobCreatorsUSA?! " (started by Laura Fuckgraham)

Tucker Carlson Trends In All The Wrong Ways After Interview Meltdown Goes Viral | HuffPost - The Fox News host was mocked on Twitter after an unaired segment leaked online.

Sean Spicer Is Now A Journalist And Folks On Twitter Are Furious | HuffPost - The former White House press secretary has a controversial new reporting gig.

"She Was Pitching Her Intimate Knowledge of the Mueller Probe" : Sarah Isgur Flores, Former Trumper, Talked to MSNBC Before Signing with CNN -- The former Jeff Sessions spokesperson is now a power player at a network she once called the 'Clinton News Network." How'd she close the deal?
CNN in Damage-Control Mode Over GOP Operative Hire - The hiring of longtime Republican operative Sarah Isgur has set off alarms for Democrats. Now the network is doing some cleanup.

Blackface, racist photos rampant in yearbooks at colleges nationwide - In one of the most extensive searches of college yearbooks ever, we found blackface and Ku Klux Klan photos like Ralph Northam's far beyond Virginia
USA TODAY editor apologizes for racist yearbook image run on her watch

Sarah Isgur? CNN has really done it now. - The Washington Post - The pile-on is growing by the hour, with detractors putting CNN on notice that they won't abide the network's hiring of someone who worked under President Trump -- he of the constand "fake news" dununciations -- and who has no experience in journalism (another Zuckerfucker)

What A Pathetic White Power Hour Tucker Carlson Is Running - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump and the "Green Lantern" Presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Corey Robin is ... strange)

Does Tom Friedman's Latest Column Prove That Capitalism Was a Mistake?
The End of History - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Proposed Bill Reduces Arkansas School Lunch Funding Based On Reading Readiness | Fort Smith/Fayetteville News | 5newsonline KFSM 5NEWS - Arkansas Senator Alan Clark is proposing a bill that would force a school district to lose a percentage of its national school lunch funding if that district's reading readiness level falls below a certain standard (yes, they will take away the money Massachusetts sent them to feed their kids b/c their kids are too poor and starving to study! win!)

BREAKING: Gov. Evers vetoes Republican tax cut plan - WKOW - Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has vetoed an income tax cut bill in an early showdown with legislative Republicans who had moved to weaken the Democrat's powers just weeks before he took office

South Dakota Legislature: Republicans defeat bill to study S.D. preschool options - "Educating children prior to kindergarten isn't a boon to the state like it's touted, but rather is an attempt at "instilling a socialist agenda into the system," said Rep. Steven Haugaard, R-Sioux Falls : uspolitics

Road rage, hate crime or both? FBI will evaluate west-side shooting

Town says it's 'taken action' after marshal's encounter with young journalist (Marshal Joseph Patterson cop fucker got owned by a 10 yr old really smart girl)

The Latest: Smollett quiet after posting bond, leaving jail

"She Never Looks Back" : Inside Elizabeth Holmes's Chilling Final Months at Theranos -- At the end, Theranos was overrun by a dog defecating in the boardroom, nearly a dozen law firms on retainer, and a C.E.O. grinning through her teeth about an implausible turnaround.

The Classicist Who Sees Donald Trump as a Tragic Hero | The New Yorker -- Victor Davis Hanson (a "classical" neocon war-fuck)

Peter Tork, Court Jester of the Monkees, Is Dead at 77 - The New York Times

Jameela Jamil Calls Out Karl Lagerfeld For Being 'A Ruthless, Fat-Phobic Misogynist' (RIP asshole)

'Jerk punks' torched a statue of General Lee. It honors a WWII veteran, not the Confederate leader. (b/c the confederate guy wore wwii boots and uniform, jfc)

Hate Gender Reveals? Then This Supercut Of Gender Reveals Gone Wrong Is For You | HuffPost

Your Genetics Might Affect Fertility More Than You Think | HuffPost Life - This is what experts know so far about how family history plays a role in getting pregnant.

Cannabis May Pose a 'Long-Term Risk' to the Alcohol Industry : worldnews

Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis -- and let advertisers target them directly (Zuckerfuck and Fuckberg love their nazis if it makes them money, tell us again who's anti-semitic for criticizing lobbyists?)

Purdue's Sackler embraced plan to conceal OxyContin's strength from doctors, sealed deposition shows (and then he killed several hundred thousand people)

'He's learned nothing' : Zuckerberg floats crowdsourcing Facebook fact-checks -- As site grapples with flood of fake news, former Snopes editor says (Dumbfuckerberg)


One of Antarctica's biggest glaciers has a giant hole under it. Thwaites Glacier: If hole collapses from global warming, what happens? (they can't print the 10-20' part)
Eschaton: If I Gotta Go, The Planet's Gonna Go With Me - I certainly don't think all people think this way, but it's enough of a trope that a scary number of people might.
Trump National Security Council May Dispute Pentagon Climate Change Threat Findings - Of course, the president* is on the wrong side.

33 students at 2 Vancouver schools ordered to stay home until they can prove they've had measles vaccine : worldnews

Iranian morality police fire warning shots after crowd prevents arrest of women without hijab

3 UK Conservative MPs resign from party - The trio have been critical of Theresa May's strategy on Brexit - to join The Independent Group of eight Labour MPs who earlier this week formed a breakaway centrist faction in parliament.

Instead of punishing the Saudis for Khashoggi, Trump wants to hand them nuclear technology : politics
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden on Saudi disappearances: 'There's a lot more here than people realize'

Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week - CNNPolitics
Questions to Ask before Reporting a BREAKING Mueller Report | emptywheel - Questions to Ask before Reporting a BREAKING Mueller Report
Justice Dept. preparing for Mueller report as early as next week : politics

Trump Has Publicly Attacked the Russia Investigation More Than 1,100 Times - The New York Times

Trump declares New York Times 'enemy of the people'
NY Times Publisher: Calling The Media 'Enemy of the People' is 'False' and 'Dangerous'

Coast Guard Officer Discovered as White Nationalist 'Domestic Terrorist' Plotting to Murder Democrats, Media Personalities - The "domestic terrorist" had 15 guns and 1,000 rounds of ammunition ... Hasson apparently was putting together a hit list of prominent political figures and media stars, including apparent references to Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar; Congressmen Beto O'Rourke; Senators ...
'I am dreaming of a way to kill almost every last person on earth' A self-proclaimed white nationalist planned a mass terrorist attack, the government says (idiot just had to wait for the climate change he doesn't believe in)
Coast Guard lieutenant is a 'domestic terrorist' who compiled hit list, investigators say : news

Donald Trump Bashes Washington Post Fact Checker, Gets Fact-Checked Back : politics

Vladimir Putin treats Donald Trump as 'an asset' former national intelligence director says.

Trump grows frustrated with Coats, leading some to fear he might be fired - The Washington Post (he said Russsia is not our fbest friend)

Deutsche Bank reportedly planned to extend the dates of $340 million in loans to Trump Organization to avoid a potential nightmare of chasing a sitting president for cash : politics

The White House plan to exploit Andrew McCabe's new book
Andrew McCabe claims Trump wanted war in Venezuela because "they have all that oil"
So much for the deep-state coup: Andrew McCabe told Congress he was investigating Trump : politics

Trump Asked Matthew Whitaker To Meddle In Michael Cohen Probe: NYT | HuffPost - The president reportedly voiced his desire to put someone on his side in charge of the investigation. He denies it ... bashed Whitaker for not "pulling levers at the Justice Department that could make the president's many legal problems go away" (the levers in his head)
Trump reportedly wanted top federal prosecutor in charge of probing Stormy Daniels hush money affair -- even after the former Giuliani partner recused - The Times also reported that House Democrats are examing whether Whitaker committed perjury by telling a congressional committee this month that Trump never pressured him about various investigations. (Giuliani and Berman LLC the shit is so deep it's impossible to keep track of)

Trump chooses Jeffrey Rosen for deputy attorney general - The Washington Post

Ethically challenged: Three scandals rock Trump administration in one day
Eric Trump Offended by Suggestion His Father Would Ever Default on a Loan : politics

The Week In Clarence Thomas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

: Trump puts new attorney general in an awkward position from the start

Facing ethics violation, Wilbur Ross says he didn't mean to file inaccurate financial disclosures

Trump admin. says it will cancel $929 million for California rail project - Axios (will use the money for his wall)
Pornhub Government Shutdown Statistics - What People Were Watching - 2019 Insights Show That When the Going Gets Tough, People Watch Porn -- It's already proving to be a banner year for using porn as an escape ... Our new year is already off to a wild start. The government shutdown, which lasted for most of January, set all kinds of records:

Eschaton: Republicans Aren't Supergeniuses - This generation of Republicans is just a 20something in a diaper in a dumpster which is about to catch on fire.
Trump rolls out massive corporate-style campaign structure for 2020 - POLITICO - The structure is aimed at imposing a degree of order on Trumpls unwieldy political orbit.

A Former Trump Staffer Filed A Class Action To Invalidate All Of The Campaign's Nondisclosure Agreement

There's already a ferocious, nebulous social media campaign to undermine 4 Democratic presidential hopefuls
'Sustained and ongoing' disinformation assault targets Dem presidential candidates

Bernie Sanders Raises $6 Million After Announcing Presidential Bid : politics

Republican Mark Harris to be called next to testify in 9th district election hearing
Whuy doesn't the 'voter fraud' crowd care about what happened in North Carolina?
The Truth Behind The Lies Of The Original 'Welfare Queen (she was white, for one thing)

Supreme Court Strikes Blow at Civil Asset Forfeiture in Timbs v. Indiana Ruling - The Supreme Court Just Stopped Local Sheriffs From Carjacking to Pay the Bills -- And it was a unanimous ruling.
The Supreme Court Just Struck a Huge, Unanimous Blow Against Policing for Profit : politics

Kentucky Teen Nick Sandmann Sues The Washington Post For $250 Million | HuffPost - he Covington Catholic High student's suit says the Post "caused permanent damage to his life and reputation" (that's just the Besoz suit, he's suing for 666 trillion dollars for damage to his racist reputation)
Covington Catholic outrage spread by shady Facebook and Twitter posts
The Washington Post sued by family of Covington Catholic teenager - The Washington Post
New Footage Shows Catholic Teenager Yelling 'It's Not Rape If You Enjoy It'
Covington Boy: "It's not rape if you enjoy it." - Democratic Underground

Trump admin. says it will cancel $929 million for California rail project - Axios

(1) Parker Molloy on Twitter: "Like hey, I feel like this should be examined a bit?" / Twitter (CNN just hired a deeply corrupt Republican plant to run their 2020 coverage)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemns CNN for hiring former Trump aide as a political editor : politics
Deposed Times Public Editor On the Corruption of CNN - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Great piece by Margaret Sullivan on CNN hiring a political operative with no actual experience or expertise in journalism as a political editor:
CNN Defends Hiring Former GOP Operative Sarah Isgur as Political Editor
CNN Sarah Isgur Hire Is Symbol of Network's Emphasis on Conflict, Drama, Both Sides Over the Truth ... because CNN President Jeff Zucker, who made his name in reality TV, considers politics to be the same game. (so, we have a reality show of a reality show, great and this is what you get with corporate controlled news, and did you know "AT&T acquired Time Warner, which owns CNN, last year"? you're fucked all the way up)
The Shitstorm Surrounding CNN's Hiring of Sarah Isgur Highlights Everything Wrong with the Network

50 Headlines That Reveal Wash. Post Reporter Chris Cillizza's Obsession With The Clinton Email Story (and that was before the debates)
The Clinton Rules, A Play In Three Acts - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Act I: the Paper of Record literally collaborates with Steve Bannon on a bullshit story falsely insinuating that Hillary Clinton was corrupt, playing a major role in setting a tone of coverage that convinced a majority of the public that Hillary Clinton was the least honest candidate in a contest with Donald J. Trump.
The Metaphors Are Flat -- Deep Thoughts, with Tom "Suck on This" Friedman

Tucker Carlson and the oversold 'Republicans pounce' complaint (oh, Fucker Carlson lied deliberately to mislead you?)
Dutch historian exposes Tucker Carlson
Historian who confronted Davos billionaires leaks Tucker Carlson rant : worldnews

Politicians use Jussie Smollett, while a 1-year-old boy shot in the head is set aside - Chicago Tribune

Infusing Young Blood to Prevent Aging No Proven Benefit, FDA Says - Bloomberg (that's what Peter Thiel wants you to think)

Neuroscientists Say They've Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication : science - Ephaptic coupling

In the beginning was the word, and the word was embodied | Aeon Essays - A special class of vivid, textural words defies linguistic theory: could 'ideophones' unlock the secrets of human's first utterances? -- One of the founding axioms of linguistic theory, articulated by Ferdinand de Saussure in the early 19th century, is that any particular linguistic sign -- a sound, a mark on the page, a gesture -- is arbitrary, and dictated solely by social convention ... language as an embodied process can illuminate the marvel of language acquisition during infancy ... English has relatively few; by comparison, more than 4,000 Japanese words are classed as ideophones ... "Eurocentrism" ... early origins of language at least 40,000 years ago. The emergence of speech is a longstanding mystery for evolutionary theorists ... Ideophones move us a little closer to understanding how, through sounds alone, two individuals can share sensual experiences across time and space. They should remind us that language is deeply rooted in the body; that each word is, in some small way, a performance-piece that deploys many of our senses. Poetry ...
Three misconceptions about ideophones | The Ideophone
Ideophone - Wikipedia

Is the universe expanding faster than the speed of light? (Intermediate) - Curious About Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer

A Japanese plant used in traditional Asian medicine has a compound which could slow aging. It has been used as a remedy thought to treat heartburn, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and cholesterol, hay fever, gout, and constipation. Tests in human cells and animals showed promising results. : science

What has made you change your entire perspective on life ? : AskReddit

Local PD is sick of Karen's shit : funny (well done, read for Karen's "Suburbitank")
Teen makes $35,000 plowing Seattle's historic snow : news

This man was in a coma for a month, and experienced almost constant nightmares throughout. Here he is, talking about the most horrific one, that still haunts him. : videos

What's a toxic trait that YOU have? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Oh, Elon - Never tweet -- This morning, the market received the news that Tesla's general counsel, Dane Butswinkas, would be leaving the company after only two months on the job.

Advertisers Boycott YouTube After Pedophiles Swarm Comments on Videos of Children - The New York Times (this means there are "swarms" of pedos out there)
Google says the built-in microphone it never told Nest users about was 'never supposed to be a secret' : worldnews


Insects could disappear all at the same time says scientists : worldnews (at which point the whole food chain system collapses)
Florida is drowning. Condos are still being built. Can't humans see the writing on the wall? ... Florida's coastal real estate may be on the cusp of delivering that harsh wake-up call

Unvaccinated teens asking Vancouver doctors for measles shots : worldnews
136 people dead, 8,400 others sick in Philippines measles outbreak : worldnews

Mexican businesswoman decapitated after family wouldn't pay ransom

Vatican's Secret Rules for Catholic Priests Who Have Children - "The next scandal ... There are kids everywhere"

Gay Muslim comic gone from Instagram after Indonesia threatens to ban entire platform : worldnews (Muzfucks)

China in Central Asia: A military foothold takes root on Afghanistan's doorstep - The Washington Post

Worthwhile Canadian Political Scandal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Egypt Turns Back Veteran New York Times Reporter - The New York Times - holding him incommunicado for hours before forcing him onto a flight back to London without explanation.

Opinion | Europe to Mike Pence: No, Thank You - The New York Times - The Trump administration manages to turn Germans into Gaullists, ready to flirt with Russia and contemplate strategic independence. (why, it's almost like ...)
With Evangelicals Behind Him, Vice President Mike Pence Takes Prominent Role in Foreign Policy - WSJ - Vice president steered hundreds of millions in aid to Christians and other minorities in Iraq; he also pushed to sanction Turkey over detained U.S. pastor

I am a reporter with The Oregonian/OregonLive investigating cases in the U.S. where Saudi college students suspected of rape, manslaughter and other serious crimes have vanished and escaped prosecution. Ask me anything. : IAmA

Flynn-backed plan to transfer nuclear tech to Saudis may have broken laws, say whistleblowers - Investigators fear President Trump is still considering the plan, which was pushed by Flynn and Trump friend Tom Barrack.
Trump appointees promoted nuclear sales to Saudi Arabia despite warnings, report says - The Washington Post
Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Concerns about White House Transferring Sensitive U.S. Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia : politics

Trump Rages Against 'Socialist Tyranny' During Call To Oust Venezuelan President -- Trump embraced the rhetoric of the Cold War, promising to topple Nicolas Maduro and "socialists" all across the Western Hemisphere. (but he love commies, he said)
The GOP grabs socialism as 2020 lifeline - Axios

AP source: FBI had backup plan to save Russia probe evidence
Trump suggests Rosenstein, McCabe are 'treasonous,' citing Fox News
Andrew McCabe Couldn't Believe the Things Trump Said About Putin
Four Sentences: What the Legal System Has Said about the Suspect Loyalty of Trump
MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace To Trump Defenders: Time To 'Get Off The Titanic' -- A former CIA chief of staff tells her that Putin's alleged advice to Trump on North Korea's capabilities would have been aimed at undermining U.S. missile defense.
The Hidden History of Trump's First Trip to Moscow - In 1987, a young real estate developer traveled to the Soviet Union. The KGB almost certainly made the trip happen. (Russian agent for 32 years)

When Will Mueller Finish His Investigation? - The Atlantic - No one knows when it will actually "wrap up" -- or what it will mean when it does.

Intimidation, Pressure and Humiliation: Inside Trump's wo-Year War on the Investigations Encircling Him
President Trump Obstructed Russia Investigation Through Matthew Whitaker, Republican Lawmakers: 'New York Times' Report - A New York Times report is full of Trumpian abuses of power and assaults on the rule of law.

Former Bush Ethics Attorney Richard Painter Explains Why Donald Trump Has To Go | HuffPost - "The president is not well at all mentally. I think he's an extreme narcissist"

Roger Stone's Online Attack on Judge Amy Berman Jackson - The Atlantic - Never gratuitously annoy the person who is deciding how long you'll spend in federal prison
Judge Orders Hearing On Stone Gag Order After His Instagram Post : politics

Poll: 6-In-10 Disapprove Of Trump's Declaration Of A National Emergency (40% of Americans are treasonous traitors)
Emergency powers helped Hitler's rise. Germany has avoided them ever since.

Trump's emergency declaration may have laid the groundwork for his impeachment
From disputed New York Times scoop to 'Coup!'
The antibodies fighting off Trump's assault on democracy have been impressive

Michael Cohen to give America a 'chilling' peek into Trump Tower, says lawyer

Joe Scarborough Unloads On Donald Trump's Base For Sticking With Him Amid Racism And Lies -- "We could show you all the racist comments, right? But you wouldn't care, would you?"
Dan Rather Serves Up Delicious Viral Tweet Mocking Donald Trump's Wall Emergency

The chairman of the far-right Proud Boys sat behind Trump at his latest speech : politics

Chao has met at least 10 times with politicians and business leaders from the state in response to requests from McConnell's office
Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices : politics (so corrupt)
Puffin_Fitness comments on Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices, Russians, Saudis, Blackstone Group, Schwarzman, Kushfuck, Deripaska
u/Puffin_Fitness connects the dots between Saudi Arabia, Mitch Mcconnell and his Wife Elaine Chao : bestof (comments on up/downvoting and the deep traitorous corruption of Republicans)

I owe how much? Americans are shocked by the impact of Trump's tax law
If Only Republicans Would Hurt the Right People, I'd totally vote For Them ... Listen, if Donald Trump was just locking children in cages and urging violence against the media, I'd be totally down with him. But I have to pay a few thousand in taxes and because of this he is the greatest monster in human history."
How Republicans bought their own tax cut snake oil - The Washington Post

Is Our Media Learning? Is the Wrong Question - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In case you have any doubts of about whether coverage of the 2020 elections will be as bad or worse as 2016, the fact that CNN's politics editor will be someone with 1)no experience in journalism and 2)extensive experience as a hack Republican operative should settle the question (yeah, they really did that)
CNN Staffers "Demoralized' by Hiring of GOP Operative Sarah Isgur to Edit 2020 Coverage -- The former Jeff Sessions flack has zero journalistic experience and yet she is tasked with guiding CNN's 2020 reporting. CNN staffers and media critics alike are not pleased.
CNN Hires Jeff Sessions Spokesperson Sarah Isgur to Oversee 2020 Campaign Coverage - Donald Trump Justice Department - They hired a right-wing hack to run their 2020 coverage ... CNN's political coverage through one of the most consequential presidential elections of our time is going to be overseen by a right-wing hack who's never committed an act of actual journalism in her life (we don't need no journalists to run our journalism!)

Sen. Bernie Sanders Confirms 2020 Presidential Run | HuffPost - "It is time to complete that revolution and implement the vision that we fought for" (his slogan: "Make Geezers Great")
Sen. Bernie Sanders will seek the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 - The Washington Post
Bernie Sanders Joins the 2020 Presidential Race - The New York Times
Bernie Sanders is running for president again - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... it's difficult to make a compelling case that the party's candidate in next year's election should be a 79-year-old white man from the least ethnically diverse state in the nation, who regularly exhibits the sort of tone deafness toward racial matters that isn't exactly shocking from someone with his background.
Megathread: Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run : politics (the kids are not on board this time)
Bernie Sanders's 2020 policy agenda: Medicare for All; action on climate change; $15 an hour minimum wage

Howard Schultz: 'I will not be a spoiler'

Elizabeth Warren's Native American Ancestry Draws a Shrug From These Voters

His settlement with the league is a major victory for the leader of the league's protest movement

Steve King urges crowd to pray for Kevin McCarthy to restore committee assignments | Government and Politics | - King told about 45 people at a town hall meeting in Rock Rapids. (a huge cheering crowd of 45 confirmed racist asshole Republicans)

McAuliffe Drops Call for Northam's Resignation in Virginia - The Atlantic - Public opinion might heklp the state's embattled Democratic leaders survive.

Projection Can Be A Hell of a Vote Suppressant - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What do you know, Republicans have provided some of that vote fraud we've read so much about ... North Carolina ... I estimate the chances that John Roberts will cite this to justify upholding a vote suppression measure that would have done nothing to prevent this kind of fraud at roughly 100%.

Alabama editor calls for KKK to lynch Democrats : politics

Police: Man slapped kid accused of bullying his 12-year-old stepdaughter : news

NeonDisease comments on Houston police to end use of no-knock warrants, chief says

Father killed his 14-year-old because he "would rather have a dead son than a gay son," former foster mother says : worldnews

How An Evangelical Dating Guide And Purity Culture Gave Me An Anxiety Disorder | HuffPost (be a hot baby-machine for Satan!)

Guide to Low Cost or Free Rehab Options -- Delphi Health Group

The Empty Brain - aeon - Pocket (minds are not downloadable IP software running on bio-hardware computers)

Milfy-Way comments on my (24f) boyfriend (29m) is trying to be a streamer and it's hard to explain to him that it won't happen
Are Video Games the Cause of Rising Unemployment in Men?

[Serious] Men of reddit who got raped by women, what's your story? : AskReddit

I completed my challenge to read 50 books in 2018 and brought myself out of depression. Page count was about 12000 : books

YouTube Unleashed a Conspiracy Theory Boom. Can It Be Contained? - The New York Times


The War On Climate Change Won't Be Won Quibbling Over The Green New Deal's Costs (Republicans say it's too expensive to save the planet)
Climate change and cognitive bias - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Perhaps the strongest argument for the wisdom of catastrophic thinking is that all of our mental reflexes run in the opposite direction, toward disbelief about the possibility of very bad outcomes ... The sum total of these biases is what makes climate change something the ecological theorist Timothy Morton calls a "hyperobject" a conceptual fact so large and complex that it can never be properly comprehended.
The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells, reviewed. - The End of the Story -- The Uninhabitable Earth paints a picture of the world after climate change -- and suggests the limits of the way we think about the human narrative.
How Does Your State Make Electricity? - The New York Times
Surge in US economists' support for carbon tax to tackle emissions

Grand Canyon tourists exposed to radiation, safety manager says

Florida Paper Publishes List of the 1,200 Child Gun Violence Victims Since Parkland: 'This is the Real National Emergency' (America hates post-fetal children)

Angry Iranians Surround Morality Police Van, Free 'Hijab' Detainees : worldnews

Czech PM: Visegrad 4 summit in Israel has been cancelled : worldnews (the whole anti-semitism trope is getting overused and losing it's power)

French judge refuses to block Catholic sex scandal movie : worldnews

British Lawmakers Accuse Facebook Of 'Intentionally' Violating UK Privacy Laws (Zuckerfuck says fuck your stupid laws)

The English Voice of ISIS Comes Out of the Shadows - The New York Times ... drawn to the battlefield by watching YouTube.
Chemical attacks: Syrian military linked to more than 300 strikes, report says - The Washington Post

Seven MPs leave Labour Party in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership - BBC News (not pro-Israel enough)

Angela Merkel Mocks Trump Administration But Ivanka Is Not Having It -- The chancellor pointed out that the German cars most at risk of being deemed a "national security threat" are made in America (your so-called facts are the real national security threat, she said)
Trump wants to keep car tariffs in his back pocket - Axios (Trumps will make your cars 25% more expensive, claim Germany is paying for it)
An off-key Pence sings from the Trump hymnal to a stony European reception - The Washington Post

Japen's Abe won't confirm Trump Nobel Prize nomination, but media reports say he did

Transgender woman deported from US murdered in El Salvador : politics

The Democrats have an Israel problem -- and it's not Ilhan Omar -- Netanyahu has doggedly and successfully worked to thwart the goal pursued by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and still embraced by most Democrats: a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He relentlessly campaigned against Obama's nuclear deal with the Iranian regime, an initiative most Democrats still support. (the solution is to outlaw all criticism of Netanfuckyu's genocidal Likudnik party)

FBI is dismantling its war crimes unit : politics

Trump's go-it-alone presidency
Governing on the edge - Axios - "absolutely been effective, because the president is winning the message on border security" (in his head, anyway)

Andrew McCabe, Ex-FBI Deputy, Describes 'Remarkable' Number Of Trump-Russia Contacts : NPR
Former acting FBI director: Trump's 'own words' prompted counterintelligence investigation
Andrew McCabe "60 Minutes" interview: Former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe talks President Trump investigation and taking over for James Comey during the Russia investigation
McCabe's "Bizarre" job interview with President Trump and other clips

"I don't care." I believe Putin" : Trump rejected U.S. intel and listened to Moscow, says McCabe
'Something bizarre and sinister' about Donald Trump's relationship with Russia, CNN legal analyst warns
Donald Trump 'May Have Committed Treason' National Security Expert Warns

New York investigators could 'indict' Donald Trump while he's still president, Watergate prosecutor says

Trump appoints son-in-law of new attorney general as legal adviser, prompting conflict of interest fears : politics

Trump can't run the Mueller playbook on New York feds ("playbook" .. "Team Trump" ... "winning the news" ... )
Trump accused of 'relentless attack' on FBI

Roger Stone Posts Instagram Photo With Crosshairs His Case's Judge - "any inference that this was meant to somehow threaten the Judge or disrespect court is categorically false"
Roger Stone deletes photo of judge presiding over his case, says he didn't mean to threaten her
The crosshairs in the background are a nice touch - Lawyers, Guns & Money
'Random' Photo of Judge That Was Posted on Stone's Instagram Can Easily Be Found on Pro-Russian Sites
Stone Posted A Picture Of The Federal Judge On His Case With Crosshairs
Susan Hennessey on Twitter: "This is smart. The United States Marshals Service is really renowned for their sense of humor and casual approach towards threats against federal judges."
EmergenHat on Twitter: "By the way, because it looks like it will come up again thanks to Roger Stone: no, you can't get a new federal judge by insulting your current judge and then claiming resulting bias."
Stone Posted A Picture Of The Federal Judge On His Case With Crosshairs : politics
Shot Congresswoman Was In Sarah Palin's 'Crosshairs'

Lawmakers launch new probe into 'complex web' of alleged ties between NRA, Russians (so, they were commies all along)
Lawmakers launch new probe into 'complex web' of alleged ties between NRA, Russians

Trump Violates Constitution and Undermines America's Safety with Emergency Declaration
Warren: If officials believe Trump cannot fulfill duties, they must invoke 25th Amendment - The Nevada Independent
Warren: If officials believe Trump cannot fulfill duties, they must invoke 25th Amendment : politics
Trump golfs third day in a row since declaring national emergency on border : politics
The White House hints Trump may veto congressional resolution disapproving his national-emergency declaration : politics
16 States Sue to Stop Trump's Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall

How Mitch McConnell Enables Trump - He's not an institutionalist. He's the man who surrendered the Senate to the president
The feeble Republicans will not fulfill their oaths : politics
President Trump is dragging Republicans down with him : politics

Record High Name Government as Most Important Problem - 35% say government/leadership is top problem facing the country - Mentions of government jumped during the shutdown, and increased since ("government" = Trump)
Record number cite poor leadership as US's greatest problem (it's Pelosi's fault, say Republicans)

Survey of scholars places Trump as third worst president of all time : politics - James buchanon was 2nd worst and andrew johnson are the worst according to the survey.

Trump eyes retribution against comedy shows that hurt his feelings : politics

Could Congress Block Trump's Emergency Declaration? (and how will Suzie Doozy vote? hahaha)

William Hurd on "Face the Nation" says 1,000 Texas farmers could have land seized to build Trump's border wall - CBS News

Autopsy of a Dead Coup -- The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed. So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed. - Victor Davis Hanson
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Left's Manic Pixie Dream Girl - Once you see it, you can never unsee it.

Eschaton: Nudge - The ESCHATON ENDORSEMENT will influence precisely zero voters, and perhaps not even me as I might change my mind before I go pull the lever, but basically my desire is for a candidate that doesn't think the problems can be solved with a few more tax advantaged savings accounts.
Eschaton: Remember When Lindsey Graham Was Cool And Reasonable - Um, no, he never was. That never happened. Chaining himself to John McCain's leg for several years did not make him reasonable and cool, and he wasn't reasonable and cool before that (he's always been a wingnut dicksucking asshole)

Elizabeth Warren To Unveil Sweeping Plan For Universal Child Care | HuffPost - The proposal could put the issue on top of the 2020 campaign agenda.

Who Else Might Like Medicare for All? Retired Coal Miners Who Just Had Their Health Benefits Ripped Away : politics (true "men of the soil")
11,000 Texas farmers sign up for tariff relief : politics (Trumpsters fucking themselves to own the libs but will they get drug-tested?)

NC elections chief details 'coordinated, unlawful absentee ballot' scheme in 9th District : politics
North Carolina Election Board Finds Evidence Of Significant Fraud To Help GOP Candidate : politics

GOP Campaign Worker in NC Admits to Filling in Republican Votes on Absentee Ballots, Claims She Was Told to Lie : politics

Iowa Poll: Democrats' new remote caucus option could expand participation by nearly a third, results suggest

Republicans Already Are Demonizing Democrats as Socialists and Baby Killers - The New York Times

On PBS, David Brooks Warns Democrats 'Somewhere to the Left of Che Guevara' ("exposing and combatting liberal media bias!)

Alabama newspaper editor calls for Klan return to 'clearn out D.C. Goodloe Sutton (fat old white racist asshole who happens to hava a little newpaper, calls for moar lynchings of democrats)

The Authenticity Police Live Inside Their Own Ass - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This weeks' Food Authenticity Policing involves ... Kamala Harris being a neoliberal shill by, er, using the condiment placed on every table in a soul food restaurant. This one is instructive in the sense that it's completely nonsensical even on its own feeble terms ... I'm beginning to think that theater critic punditry is just a bunch of vacuous tautologies that don't actually tell us anything worth knowing about anyone except the pundits themselves.

SuperKarate?? on Twitter: "Hey, LGMer's look who it is ... (Dilan Esper) "Men should try being more likable"

New York City to Ban Discrimination Based on Hair - The New York Times - New guidelines out this week give legal recourse to individuals who have been harassed, punished or fired because of the style of their hair.

Grand jury seated in wake of new R. Kelly allegations, sources say - CNN

Five bystanders shot during police shootout with armed suspect : news

Smollett developments leave some baffled, others outraged
Fakers Like Jussie Smollett Play Victim, Politicians Buy It And Play Right Into Trump's Hands - In an era when victim status is the trump card for those wishing to advance a political agenda, count on more insistence that every victim must be immediately believed.
Liberals Devastated After Learning Hate Crime Didn't Actually Happen

Florida student refused to recite Pledge of Allegiance and was later arrested - The Washington Post (time to put some Republican teachers in detention, esp. the Trump-voting Cuban)
In this case, definitely petty - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is revolting misconduct on the part of both the teacher and the police:

Man accused of pulling gun on couple wearing MAGA hats : news
Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party : news

u/bobbyfiend eloquently explains why trump only caters to his base, and no one else : bestof

The Gaudy Pleasure Palace That Wrecked Alexandre Dumas

New research suggests that megaliths -- monuments such as Stonehenge created from large rocks during the Stone and Copper Ages in Europe -- owe their origins to a mysterious culture from northwest France with advanced seafaring technology.

Analysing data about cannabis use among more than 100,000 teenagers in 38 countries, including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany and Canada, the University of Kent study found no association between more liberal policies on cannabis use and higher rates of teenage cannabis use. : science

Guy ate edibles with his parents and this was the result : videos

u/f1sh_ explains how he broke away from a racist world view that he had inherited from his parents. : bestof

TempAcct20005 comments on Clever sign found at a Mexico resort

TIL that in the months after the 2011 quake in northeastern Japan, taxi drivers reported picking up "ghost passengers" in the coastal town of Ishinomaki where nearly 6,000 people died in the tsunami. : todayilearned

Bisexuals of Reddit, what is something that is a turn on from one sex but a turn off from the other? : AskReddit

House bill requires pornography filter on all phones, computers purchased in Kansas : technology

What is a fact that you think sounds completely false and that makes you angry that it's true? : AskReddit

Multilinguals, what's your "they didn't realise I could understand their language" story? : AskReddit

algarcia6850 comments on I may be deaf... but let me hear your roasts!
Men of reddit, what's the best compliment you've ever received from a girl? : AskReddit

What is a TED Talk that has changed your life? : AskReddit
The power of vulnerability | Breni Brown - YouTube
Listening to shame | Breni Brown - YouTube
My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story | Sue Klebold - YouTube
Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson - YouTube
Andrew Solomon: Depression, the secret we share | TED Talk
Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what | TED Talk
Video: TED 2014: How the Worst Moments in Our Lives Make Us Who We Are | Andrew Solomon
Wait But Why
Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban - YouTube
I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder - YouTube
Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe | TEDxBratislava - YouTube
Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes | TED Talk
Your body language may shape who you are | Amy Cuddy - YouTube
Sajid Javid and the strange science behind power poses | Science | The Guardian
Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong | TED Talk
The best stats you've ever seen | Hans Rosling - YouTube
Feeling good | David Burns | TEDxReno - YouTube
Why 30 is not the new 20 | Meg Jay - YouTube
MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement | Cassie Jaye | TEDxMarin - YouTube
Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight | TED Talk
The transformative power of classical music | Benjamin Zander - YouTube
How not to be ignorant about the world | Hans and Ola Rosling - YouTube
How I overcame alcoholism | Claudia Christian | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool - YouTube

Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019) : videos
At the time of posting there is currently 661 downvotes on the video from this morning exposing the YouTube monetized child pornography portal. : AdviceAnimals


'We don't have time anymore' : In face of climate change, young people across Europe are protesting for their future -- -The list of countries in which teens are protesting is growing, and they are organizing what is being billed as a global strike on March 15
A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job - Mother Jones
A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job : politics
Hundreds of thousands of cows drown after Australia sees a year's worth of rain in a week : worldnews

Washington state House committee passes bill to ban personal, philosophical vaccine exemptions : politics
'We now have an outbreak' : 8 cases of measles confirmed in Vancouver
Father at centre of measles outbreak didn't vaccinate children due to autism fears | CBC News -- Three sons developed symptoms after family trip to Southeast Asia (there's stupid, and then there's stupid)
Father at centre of measles outbreak didn't vaccinate children due to autism fears | CBC News : worldnews
Measles: WHO says cases have jumped 50%
Nearly 14% of Dutch teens don't turn up for meningitis vaccination as death toll rises to 41. The infection most commonly occurs in the 15 to 19 age group. : worldnews (and ... foreskins and "penis facials")
$100% True Stories from the Anti-vaxx Crowd
Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups : technology

Facebook labelled 'digital gangsters' by report on fake news -- Company broke privacy and competition law and should be regulated urgently, say MPs (Fuckbook gangsters Mark and Sheryl)

Angry over campus speech by Uighur activist, Chinese students in Canada contact their consulate, film presentation : worldnews

Billionaire Brexiteer Sir Jim Ratcliffe to relocate to Monaco in bid to save #4bn in tax
#123 billion of property is barely used in Britain as experts call for Empty Home Tax : worldnews

Poland PM cancels trip to Israel after Israeli PM said "Poles co-operated with the Germans" during the Holocaust" : worldnews (interindividualated envy)

Democrats offer European allies the promise of a post-Trump future. But can they deliver? - The Washington Post

Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry - The New York Times
Merkel Rejects U.S. Demands That Europe Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal - The New York Times

U.S. cyber force credited with helping stop Russia from undermining midterms : politics

Mueller questions Cambridge Analytica director Brittany Kaiser | UK news | The Guardian - Second former employee of controversial data firm to be questioned by special counsel's inquiry into Russia collusion

Trump's UN ambassador pick, Heather Nauert, withdraws from consideration | US news | The Guardian - Former Fox News host says she is not going ahead with appointment for family reasons (changed her mind?)
Heather Nauert nomination sunk by nanny issues - The Washington Post (oh, nevermind, she's crooked)

With Trump's Tough Deterrents, Many Asylum Seekers on the Border are Giving Up
Whitmer nixes private immigrant detention center proposed in Ionia : politics (for-profit charter torture prisons)

In 'The Threat,' Andrew McCabe Issues the Latest Warning Call About Trump's America (Trumpmerica!

'Evidence in plain sight' of Trump collusion with Russia, Schiff says
McCage says possible "inappropriate relatonship" between Trump, Russia prompted probe
Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone directly colluded with Russian operatives behind DNC email hack: Court filings show Mueller's team has correspondence between the Trump confidant and Russian intelligence. : worldnews

Trump Is Our One-Man National Emergency -- His "big beautiful wall" is the great lie, a metaphor for hatred and separation

'I think we do' have enough votes to put emergency termination on Trump's desk: Sen. Tammy Duckworth ... Don't forget Susan Collins, whose 43 minute 'explanation' of her vote to confirm Kavanaugh was as cringeworthy and degenerate as if she'd crouched down on all fours and fired a 21-gun salute of Sharpies out of her butt.

Trump rips 'Saturday Night Live' over 'total Republican hit jobs' : 'This is the real Collusion' (but he never watches TV!)
Trump asks how SNL can air "without retribution"
The joke - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I don't think Donald Trump understands humor. As in, at all. (It's collusion! to laugh at stupid Republicans)
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!" - So the Sitting President of the United States just encouraged "retribution" on Saturday Night Live-- a Satirical Sketch Comedy Show Just in case anyone was wondering ... This. Is. Not. Normal.
Donald Trump Is So Mad at Saturday Night Live That He Went on an Unhinged Rant Against the Networks : politics
Weekend Update: President Trump Declares a National Emergency - SNL - YouTube

Fox News' Chris Wallace Repeatedly Nails Stephen Miller on National Emergency: 'Answer My Question!"
Stephen Miller Just Went on Fox News to Discuss Trump's National Emergency. It Went Poorly ... "when you sound unhinged in a fox news interview, you got problems"
Stephen Miller and spray-on hair, explained - Vox
Stephen Miller Somehow Only Being 32 (!!!) Is More Proof That Terrible White People Age Like Day-Old Guacamole

Does Steve Bannon Have Greyscale? (Asking for a Friend) - These rules, however, do not apply to wizened banana stuck in a Nazi's Challenger Hellcat tailpipe Steve Bannon, who is ugly as fuck. Because Bannon's ugliness synopsizes his wretched soul and allows for an immediate and unambiguous repudiation of his beliefs. Someone who looks like that considering himself to be a member of a master race is so absurd that there's no possible analogy hyperbolic enough to reinforce that absurdity. His ugliness is analogy-proof! It transcends time, space, status, station and gravity. His ugliness is an event horizon.

Trump Keeps Being Racist To Native Americans And Getting Away With It : politics (but Warren is a fake!)
In Trump's World, He Never Loses -- His Rose Garden speech declaring a national emergency and his decades of self-aggrandizement are more closely related than you might think.
How to screw up an emergency declaration in 10 easy steps - The Washington Post

Graham Vows to Investigate Whether 'Bureaucratic Coup' Tried to Oust Trump (Queen Lindsey)

Scholar Matt Sears: Someday MAGA hats will be shameful secrets, like Klan robes : politics ... "Social media archive is going to help change a lot of careers and lives."
CNN, MSNBC To Air New Version Of Anti-Nazi Ad Fox News Rejected : politics

WWCTD? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Toobin on a potential retirement by Clarence Thomas:

Senate Guts First Amendment to Guard Israel from Boycott, But Ilhan Omar Can't Bring Up AIPAC?
Attacking Ilhan Omar Isn't Fighting Anti-Semitism. It's Upholding White Supremacy (Jewish Forward)
"If it's d hominem to point out that Elliott Abrams has lied to Congress and promoted atrocities in Latin America, then it's ad hominem for a preschool to check if a job applicant is a registered sex offender." ... Cynical and smarmy appeals to the private sphere are an everyday feature of the discourse now, but it was remarkable to see Elliott Abrams claim that boundaries of his personal life extend throughout the Western Hemisphere (vide infra)
Yes, let's revive a national debate over whether keeping commies out of Central America at the height of the Cold War was a good idea. That should go well for Democrats. (neocon gets toasted on the twitter) ... "I would like to have this debate. Suppose a failure to arm Central American death squads led Sandinista allies to win in Guatemala and El Salvador
does the Soviet economic model magically become workable and next thing you know the reds are in Omaha? -- Matthew Yglesias
Democrats should push back the New Hampshire primary. It's too odd to go early (Hillary won by .4%)

Maine paid for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff - Portland Press Herald - Newly released receipts reveal nearly a dozen trips to the president's luxury hotel, part of $170,000 in out-of-state travel by the former Maine governor in recent years ... spending at least $22,000 in Maine taxpayer money at a business owned by the president's family ... Receipts from those dozen trips also show the Republican governor or his administration spending hundreds of dollars on filet mignon or other expensive menu items at the restaurant in the Trump hotel. (Trump steaks! so, can you guys lock him up?) OFFICIALS BELIEVE BAN ON EMOLUMENTS VIOLATED (oh, well then)
Maine paid for 40 rooms at Trump hotel for LePage, staff : politics

Boy, 11, arrested after refusing to recite 'racist' Pledge of Allegiance (cops in FL schools enforcing racism)

Hullabaloo - Vote for the future - in 2016 Mr. Trump did not receive support from a large segment of voters who pulled the lever for Mitt Romney in 2012 ... Data also shows, unfortunately, that a lot of younger males aren't getting this memo. It's almost all women who are moving toward the Democrats.

Eschaton: I Don't Give A Shit How You Bend The Cost Curve - Make getting sick slightly less of a hassle than Comcast Customer Support and voters will love you. It's that simple. The details matter, but the wonks should be working out that shit between themselves, not by writing memos on op-ed pages because none of us should have to care about them.

Surely THIS Will Save Journalism | First Draft -- It's my forlorn hope that after the video pivot and the podcast boom and the hyperlocal experiments and the longform mega-wank and the Facebook bots and the Snapchat productions and the endless, endless, endless shitshow that is paywalls, publishers will just finally be so tired they'll agree to do journalism. But the enthusiasm for this type of thing is just too stupid and predictable. Can a webinar be far behind? (pivot to Apple! fire those useless journos and give the money to Tim Cook! he has an algorithm! which committed itself to doing "the best journalism")
Eschaton: Pivot To Smellovision - I'm no expert on The Business Model of journalism but the willingness to hand over control and revenue every time someone comes up with a shiny new idea has been bizarre to watch.

"Yeah, I'm endlessly caving in; And turning inside out" -- Tired: Women are driven crazy by their genital organs. Wired: Women are driven crazy by their genital organs.
The History of Hysteria
Female anatomy and hysterical duality | SpringerLink -- hysterical duality can be explained based on the dual-aspect model of feminine sexuality, which exhibits two initially contradictory paths: one derived from primary vaginal sensations and the other from clitoral pleasure ... leaves the hysteric's sexuality in a split state and traps her in the duality of clitoral pleasure versus penetration, which unconsciously represents humiliation and exploitation. (shrinkdom trapped in 1910) Tel-Aviv Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis
The Classification of Hysteria and Related Disorders: Historical and Phenomenological Considerations (how the male shrinks buried childhood sexual abuse and PTSD)

How sexist will the media's treatment of female candidates be? Rule out 'not at all'

'It Is Not a Closet. It Is a Cage.' - Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out -- The crisis over sexuality in the Catholic Church goes beyond abuse. It goes to the heart of the priesthood, into a closet that is trapping thousands of men.

Anthony Weiner released from prison, will register as sex offender

Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack - CNN
Jussie Smollett case is going to a Grand Jury. : television

A campus infected with hostility: A professor says he's been targeted for being a conservative Jew - New York Daily News - The reason for their attack? IJewish, politically conservative and I believe in Zionism, the civil rights movement of the Jewish people. (stealing a whole country and starving people and shooting them = "civil rights for Jews")

Jussie Smollett Case: Brothers Questioned By Police Were Paid $3,500 To Stage Attack, Which Was Rehearsed Days Before, Sources Say - CBS Chicago

My Wife Was Dying, and We Didn't Tell Our Children

Mercy In Their Bone-Filled Graves: Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming Turns 40 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The 23 most unforgettable last sentences in fiction - Washington Post - final lines can make or break the experience. Here are some of the best.
'As if' -- 40 comedies from the past 40 years that changed the way we talk

Is Email Making Professors Stupid? - The Chronicle of Higher Education ... "deep work" (requires secretaries!)

Why Misinformation Is About Who You Trust, Not What You Think - Issue 69: Patterns - Nautilus - Two philosophers of science diagnose our age of fake news.

radioactivemanissue4 comments on Accidentally taught our dog that Xbox going off = bedtime

Opinion | Bill de Blasio: The Path Amazon Rejected - The New York Times - It could have answered the concerns of citizens. Instead it bolted.


Opinion | Time to Panic - The New York Times - The planet is getting warmer in catastrophic ways. And fear may be the only thing that saves us.

More than 900 dead in Madagascar measles epidemic : worldnews (deport the anti-vax mommies to Madagascar!)
'Bring back our #ChildHoodDiseases,' White House official's wife says as she criticizes vaccines (#MakePolioEpidemicAgain #BringBackIronLungs)
Measles is back in the US because states make it too easy to avoid vaccines : politics

Aurora mass shooting: 6 dead, including gunman, and 5 officers wounded in attack at Illinois manufacturing firm - Aurora Beacon-News

Vatican Expels Theordore McCarrick From Priesthood On Sex Abuse Accusations | HuffPost - The former U.S. cardinal is the highest profile church figure to be dismissed from the priesthood in modern times ... first Roman Catholic prelate in nearly 100 years to lose the title of cardinal

Tibetan woman elected student president in Canada, Chinese students enraged : worldnews
Chinese company leaves Muslim-tracking facial recognition database exposed online : worldnews - The most pathetic part is that the Muslim majority countries are all completely silent on this

'Never again?' It's already happening ... the story of Walter Duranty, then the New York Times Moscow correspondent, who covered up the story of the Ukrainian famine, though he knew it was happening. (your NYT, evil since the beginning)

Trump took Putin's word over US intelligence on North Korea : worldnews

Mueller's office seeks prison sentence of 20 years or more for ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort
Dems prepare to force Trump to reveal private talks with Putin - POLITICO - Key chairmen met with the House general counsel in a bid to put any subpoena fight on firm legal ground.

Judge says Paul Manafort gave false statements to investigators to protect a Russian conspirator : politics

President's Lawyers Provided False Information to Government Officials on Stormy Daniels Payment, New Documents Show (isn't that a ... crime?)

Words are a president's strongest weapon. Trump is terrible at words.

'A recipe for disaster'? Trump's border emergency drags the GOP into a risky fight ahead of 2020.
Opinion | Phony Wall, Phony Emergency - The New York Times - The president plans to manage the border crisis from the golf course at Mar-a-Lago this weekend.

How President Trump came to declare a national emergency to fund his border wall - The Washington Post
Presidents Have Declared Dozens of Emergencies, but None Like Trump's
Trump Isn't Just Defying the Constitution. He's Undermining SCOTUS ... boasting that he'll win at the Supreme Court because it's full of his judges (just saying it out loud)
Trump's National Emergency Just Got Its First Legal Challenge - Legal advocacy group Public Citizen filed suit on behalf of landowners in Texas and an environmental group. More lawsuits are expected.
A Weak and Rambling President Declares a Fake National Emergency : politics
In declaring a national emergency, Trump reminds Republicans: It's all about hime

How Congress and President Obama Made Trump's Wall Possible

'Finish that wall' : Trump seeks to turn his failure to build the wall into campaign rallying cry

Eschaton: Brain Worms - At his peak, Donald Trump was not going to be shortlisted for a Noble Prize in Physics, but he was a normal enough guy who spoke in reasonably complete sentences and was aware of the world around him, or at least the parts of the world that interested him -- Degenerative brain diseases don't take you all at once, or even very quickly. But he isn't just a cranky asshole rich guy. The boy ain't right.

Tax Refund Fiasco Is Political Payback For Republicans | HuffPost - They stepped on this rake last year and now it's hitting them in the face (the riches got all the money and don't give a shit)

Capitol Police crackdown on press escalates to physical altercation - Capitol Police officers physically shoved reporters away from senators heading to vote on the spending package, even when lawmakers were willingly engaging with the press. (if the fucking Senate basement only protecting Rethugs like Suzie Doozy from the free press)
"It's What Happens in a Totalitarian Regime": Capitol Police Slammed for "Disturbing" Physical Attacks on Reporters - "It was insane, people were getting shoved into walls. It was unsustainable. It was violent." : politics (Trump escalates his war on reporters)

R.E.M.'s publisher asks Twitter to remove State of the Union video tweeted by Trump over use of the band's song

Donald Trump Jr. Delivers Yet Another Spectacular Self-Own On Twitter | HuffPost - This is your greatest worst moment ... "how hard is it to be this voluntarily stupid?? "

Jim Carrey on Twitter: "The real State of Emergency began in 1946 at the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY. Definitely not human. "
Jim Carrey on Twitter: "The New American Dream! Get rid of this filth and bring our blue skies back. "
Jim Carrey on Twitter: "NANCY SCORES! "

Pastor Calls Evangelical Christians Who Don't Support Trump 'Morons' -- "They are absolutely spineless morons," said Dallas Pastor Robert "Hand of Satan" Jeffress)

Or the Country Gets It - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Howard Schultz -- the Dems should nominate a bad candidate or he'll try to throw the election to Trump: Schultz ... has premised his exploration of a presidential campaign on the assumption that Democrats are likely to nominate a candidate that embraces what he calls "far-left" ideas that will turn off enough moderate voters to open space for an independent candidate ... The good news is that his threats reflect his remarkably deluded views about what both the Democratic electorate and the general electorate want.

Russia is backing a viral video company geared at American youth - CNN - Three online video channels designed to appeal to millennials have collected tens of millions of views on Facebook since September. But the pages pushing the videos do not disclose that they are backed by the Russian government.

AOC boyfriend: Conservatives spread hoax that Ocasio Cortez hired boyfriend - The Washington Post
The Latest Attempt to Take Down AOC Ended Just as Spectacularly As You'd expect

Texas elections chief sorry for fake news about 95,000 "illegal" voters, still wants purge : politics (+vid of dopey JorPe mad he can't punch women)

NFL Capitulates in Kapernick/Reid Collusion Suit - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Whatever the lawyers suing the league found, it must have been damning: several people high-up in the league estimate that the settlement amount for Kaepernick could be in the range of $60-$80 million dollars. (hahaha it would have been cheaper to just hire him, racism is expensive)

VANITY FAIR on Twitter: "Inside the complicated sisterhood of Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill"
(*) News about "Lee Radziwill" on Twitter

Who killed Jean McConville? Did a secret archive at Boston College hold clues? - The Boston Globe - The widowed Irish mother was dragged away from her 10 children in Belfast in 1972. They never heard from her again.

Bicycle rider struck, killed by cement truck in Fenway - The Boston Globe

ELI5: Why do people with Downs Syndrome seem to be far more functional in society than they were a few decades ago? : explainlikeimfive

Human cells reprogrammed to create insulin: Human pancreatic cells that don't normally make insulin were reprogrammed to do so. When implanted in mice, these reprogrammed cells relieved symptoms of diabetes, raising the possibility that the method could one day be used as a treatment in people.


Ad code 'slows down' browsing speeds - Ads are responsible for making webpages slow to a crawl, suggests analysis of the most popular one million websites. : technology


School children to strike over 'lack of climate change action' | More than 50 planned protests are set to take place across the UK, with walkouts being staged all over the world : worldnews
'The beginning of great change': Greta Thunberg hails school climate strikes | The 16-year-old's lone protest last summer has morphed into a powerful global movement challenging politicians to act

Global insect collapse catastrophic for the survival of mankind -- Humans are on track to wipe out insects within decades, study finds.
What are the biggest threats to humanity? - BBC News

Facebook is thinking about removing anti-vaccination content as backlash intensifies over the spread of misinformation on the social network : worldnews (Fuckbook spreads evil, again)

Reports: Suspect in Aurora mass shooting dead
At least 1 dead, multiple people injured in shooting at Aurora, Ill. manufacturing plant - At least five people were taken to hospitals after a shooting at the Henry Pratt Co. The suspected shooter has been apprehended.

Bombshell book alleges a Vatican gay subculture, hypocrisy : worldnews (so, the gay mafia is real)

India promises retaliation after worst attack in Kashmir in three decades kills dozens - The Washington Post - after a suicide bomber rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into a convoy of security personnel, killing 40 paramilitary officers as they traveled toward the city of Srinagar. India made clear that it holds Pakistan responsible for the unprecedented attack, leading to a fresh round of tensions between the two nuclear-armed rivals.
India has said it will ensure the "complete isolation" of Pakistan after a suicide bomber killed 46 soldiers in Indian-administered Kashmir. : worldnews

Eschaton: Upper Class Twits - Leaving aside the merits of Brexit as a project, The Discourse about Brexit has proven beyond any doubt that the wealthy Tories who run everything (not just MPs but journalists and many in business etc) are fucking idiots. -- Conservative MP David Davies says warnings about food shortages in a no-deal Brexit are a scare story because there are "orchards in Monmouth where we grow plenty of fruit and vegetables." (meanwhile, in the how stupid can you be competition, the result of centuries of Toryness)
Eschaton: Idiots Everywhere - Sometimes I am weirdly comforted by the fact that the US does not have a monopoly on Kakistocracy, that this is not actually the worst and true manifestation of American Exceptionalism. But not always -- Listening to another Commons Brexit debate just after spending two days in Brussels I am struck yet again by how little Tory Brexiteers (even ministers) understand the EU or how it works (they are paid to understand shit like this and still fail)

Air Force Defector to Iran Severely Damaged U.S. Intelligence Efforts, Ex-Officials Say - The New York Times - A former Air Force sergeant who defected to Iran did severe damage to American intelligence operations, and is suspected of revealing the names of double agents run by United States military intelligence, some of whom had their cover blown after her defection, according to former counterintelligence officials. Monica Elfriede Witt, 39

ISIS: Top US general disagrees with Trump over Syria troop pullout - CNNPolitics - and warned that the terror group was far from defeated, in a stark difference of opinion with the President. (he'll be fired tomorrow)

The massacre Trump's envoy to Venezuela wants us to forget ("envoy")

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Returns To Work At The Supreme Court : politics

Trump refused to believe US intelligence on North Korea's ICBM launch because Putin told him otherwise: McCabe

A Border Agent Detained Two Americans Speaking Spanish. Now They Have Sued. - The New York Times (speaking a "foreign" language in America probable cause for deportation ... somewhere)

Boyfriend's Email: Betina 'Manipulated' Russian Spy Agency for NRA Trip -- According to her boyfriend, Russian agent Maria Butina had major sway with the FSB officers
Russia Investigation: Senate Probe Faces Critical Point - The Atlantic - Senate's Russia Probe Is Facing a Reckoning -- Meanwhile, the Democratic-led House committee is gearing up for a reinvigorated inquiry. (Richard Burr's history will not look so good)
We're entering a new phase of the Trump-Russia investigation - in which the president's efforts to contain the probe are failing. Information he tried to suppress about his business and political dealings is emerging -- with more to come (which explains ...)

After the Coup is Gone - American Greatness (no collusion! no Russia! no crimes! lock up Obama!)
Why Are These Professional War Peddlers Still Around? | The American Conservative - Pundits like Max Boot and Bill Kristol got everything after 9/11 wrong but are still considered "experts" -- by Tucker Carlson (never Trumpers never forgiven and when shit calls you shit)

Exclusive: Sarah Sanders interviewed by Robert Mueller's office - CNNPolitics
WH press secretary Sarah Sanders interviewed by special counsel's office : politics

Cummings: 2 Trump attorneys may have lied about Cohen payments - POLITICO
Ethics Office Notes Show 'Evolving Stories' on Trump's Reimbursement of Michael Cohen, House Oversight Committee Says -- Panel sends letters to Trump Organization and White House inquiring about reimbursement for hush-money payments Trump's lawyer arranged

Judge gags Roger Stone from Mueller comments around D.C. courthouse - POLITICO
A Judge Ruled Roger Stone Can Still Talk To The Press, Just Not In Front Of The Courthouse
Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Stone with WikiLeaks - CNNPolitics
Mueller Unceremoniously Went into Significant Detail About Roger Stone Connection to DNC Hack : worldnews

Trump's bewildering national emergency press conference, annotated (even more incoherent)
Fact-checking Trump's announcement of a national emergency
Trump Declares National Emergency to Build Border Wall : news

Trump's National Emergency Press Conference Was an Insane Advertisement for the 25th Amendment - If your uncle behaved like this, you'd hide the car keys.

'I Didn't Need to Do This' Sums Up the Entire Trump Presidency
A quote Trump may come to regret: 'I didn't need to do this'

The Republican Party Is the Real National Emergency : politics

Trump Is Said to Plan $8 Billion for Wall Invoking Own Authority - Bloomberg
Trump's declaring a national emergency to get his wall. He's forcing a constitutional crisis.
Trump Keeps Doubling Down On The Same Failed Strategy | FiveThirtyEight
Opinion | A Trump-Made Emergency - The New York Times - The president decides that fulfilling a campaign promise is more important than respecting the separation of powers.
Trump's Face-Saving Way Out of Crisis Raises Fears Over Rule of Law
Sean Hannity: How Trump can take Congress' garbage deal, and stick the wall down their throats (whoah, Fox, that's kinda gay imagery from President Hannity)

Get out of the boat - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I'm going to post a couple of highlights from Trump's announcement today that he was tearing up the Constitution because of a fake national emergency (Let the record reflect that Ann Coulter spoke eleven consecutive completely true words today, which is probably a new record: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot")
Ann Coulter: National Emergency Designed 'for Trump to Scam the Stupidest People in His Base'
Trump on Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter: 'They Don't Decide Policy' (he had to say that, even)

'Off the rails' : Inside Trump's attempt to claim victory in his border wall defeat
Pelosi warns GOP: Next president could declare national emergency on guns | TheHill (which, by the way, is the only real one, besides Trump's lack of a brain and the total corruption of the Republican party)
Trump's border wall crusade has Republicans pay the price - CNNPolitics
Trump Winning The Immigration Debate. There is no crisis on the border. And yet, we continue to legislate as if there is one.

Why Trump is declaring an emergency - Axios - because it's the maximalist, most dramatic option. (and Hannity told him to)
Newspapers Rip 'Imperial' Trump's National Emergency, Calling Him Biggest Threat Of All -- Chicago Tribune skewers president's "act of petulance"
Chris Cuomo Says Hannity Calls The Shots: 'What He Says, The President Does' -- CNN host calls Hannity "without question the most powerful person in the media" (also, the stupidest: President Hannity!)
An emergency declaration by Trump will lead to lawsuits. Lots of them. - The Washington Post

Fox hosts are so mad at Rubio for opposing Trump's emergency declaration they want his resignation (the black Trumpsters)

Trump's Favorite Legal Scholar: The Constitution is Unconstitutional (Dershofuck on Fucker Carlson, evil squared)

How Much Ratf*cking Can We Allow and Still Remain a Democratic Republic? 'Private Mossad' Intelligence Agency Targeted U.S. Elections for Social Media Meddling - This seems to be a whole different playing field.
How Much Ratf*cking Can We Allow and Still Remain a Democratic Republic? : politics

Will John Roberts Do Another Racism For His Party? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to decide whether the Trump administration may add a question about citizenship to the next census questionnaire. (here's your answer)

Eschaton: Not A Lot Of Whistleblowing From Hope Hicks - Maybe cultivate better sources? Two people close to Ivanka and Jared think this is a good idea ... journalists are so weird. But really the point is how dare he profit off of book sales instead of letting ME profit off of book sales. (Haberputz is jealous)

/u/kookman gives a month by month breakdown of how and when the southern border became a national emergency : bestof

What the Furor Over Ilhan Omar's Tweets Reveals -- The conversation about Israel has become a toxic partisan firefight, bereft of insight or vision. ("conversation" hahahha)

Mel Watt attempted to 'coerce' relationship with employee while FHFA director, IG report says - Rep. Mel Watt, a Democrat from North Carolina and President Barack Obama's nominee as director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

We ought to just assume, unless proven otherwise, that all police forces are either filled with actual, active fascists or that they are sympathetic to fascist aims. And that very much includes in progressive cities such as Portland: (America has a cop/nazi problem)
Experts: Video shows Glendale officer lied about traffic stop : news

'Pizzagate' video was posted to YouTube account of alleged arsonist's parents before fire - The video was posted to Ryan Jaselskis' parents' YouTube account an hour before he allegedly tried to burn down the restaurant at the center of the conspiracy theory.

Fringe YouTuber Zhoie Perez Shot While Filming Guard Outside LA Synagogue

PICTURED: Two Nigerian actor brothers detained over Jussie Smollett attack | Daily Mail Online
Two suspects arrested in connection to the attack of 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett : news

Patricia Lockwood 7 The Communal Mind: The Internet and Me 7 LRB 21 February 2019 - Patricia Lockwood travels through the internet

Payless ShoeSource to close all 2,300 stores : news

Condom handouts in schools prevent disease without encouraging sex: UN study finds misgivings over impact of condom distribution in secondary schools are misplaced : worldnews

Freyja's Cats

YouTube channel that uploads piano tutorials has been demonetized for "repetitious content" : videos

Introducing r/redditsecurity : announcements

Eschaton: Perfectly Normal Company - Zuckerberg 2020! -- The company's information security team is capable of tracking these individuals' whereabouts using the location data they provide through Facebook's apps and websites. (unconfirmed: Zuck can blow up your phone and you also)

Amazon To Pay $0 In Federal Taxes In 2019: Report | HuffPost - The tech giant reportedly used various tax breaks and credits to claim a $129 million rebate on $11 billion in profits last year.
Why the Amazon Deal Collapsed: A Tech Giant Stumbles in N.Y.'s Raucous Political Arena


Bill 'effectively killing the solar industry in Kentucky' zips through Senate (in KY)

A remembrance of the victims from the Parkland shooting -- as told by their classmates
The Senate is Investigating the NRA's Russian Money Laundering Operation
Trump referred to 'gun violence' in his Parkland remembrance. Hours later, he changed it to 'school violence' (guns don't kill kids, schools kill kids)

Anti-Vaccine Facebook Ads Target Women in Measles-Stricken States -- Nearly 150 spots are targeting women over the age of 25 -- the group most likely to include mothers of children who might need to be vaccinated. (paywalled)

Amazon drops plan for New York City headquarters - The Washington Post

LGM Review of Books: Geoffrey B. Robinson, The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965-66 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Of all the horrifying violence that defines the twentieth century, possibly no event gets less public attention than what happened in Indonesia after the military, led by Suharto and with support from western governments, overthrew the government of Sukarno in 1965 and then engaged in an orgy of mass and organized killing over the subsequent six months. During that time, probably about 500,000 suspected leftists were rounded up and slaughtered and about another million were placed in prison, sometimes for up to thirty years. One of the worst acts of violence, arguably genocide, in the post-World War II era, it is nearly forgotten about on an international scale.

Sofija Kaczan death: Artur Waszkiewicz jailed for killing 100-year-old woman - BBC News - Waszkiewicz has 24 previous convictions for 51 offences, including battery in 2014.

Shamima Begum: Ex-London schoolgirl who joined ISIS begs to come home | Daily Mail Online

Belgian Counterintelligence Chief Suspected of Spying for Russia - intelligence service ADIV has been plagued by a long-standing conflict between its intelligence and counter-intelligence departments.

bellingcat - Third Suspect in Skripal Poisoning Identified as Denis Sergeev, High-Ranking GRU Officer - bellingcat

Eschaton: He Just Tweeted It Out -- War with Iran! (but plz, don't criticize AIPAC! )
Israel Says It Wants War with Iran and is Meeting with Arab Coungtries to Advance it
Israel's political identity crisis goes beyond left or right - We found that slightly less than half of the Jewish Israeli public supports a two-state solution, but were surprised to discover that another 25 percent or so support unilateral separation, meaning that nearly 75 percent of Israeli Jews support pragmatic and moderate solutions to the conflict with the Palestinians. Only about 15 percent of Israelis support annexation of the West Bank

Mike Pompeo refuses to say whether he believes CIA assessment on Jamal Khashoggi killing : politics

U.S. Border Patrol Detained U.S. Citizens for Speaking Spanish in Montana | American Civil Liberties Union - Speaking Spanish is not against the law. In fact, there is no official language in the United States (ICE fucker was hanging out in latinx areas)

Eschaton: Never Tweet - Yesterday was a fun day on the Twitter machine, with many members of the Foreign Policy Community, which appears to be the result of a generations long inbreeding project, stepping up to defend the honor of America's Greatest Human, Elliott Abrams. -- Including the Vice President for National Security & International Policy at the Center for American Progress. (fuck)
If Elliott Abrams's Career Is a Disgrace, Then American Foreign Policy Is Disgraceful

Trump's DHS Guts Task Forces Protecting Elections From Foreign Meddling 'It's very curious why the leadership has not committed resources to prepare for the 2020 election' (almost like ...)

Andrew McCabe says he opened FBI investigation of Trump for fear of being fired - The Washington Post
Andrew McCabe's s latest revelations show how Trump is his own worst enemy

Paul Manafort plea deal voided after judge says he 'intentionally' lied to the FBI, special counsel and grand jury - CNNPolitics
Manafort Found to Have Lied to Prosecutors While Under a Cooperation Agreement - The New York Times
The False Statement Trifecta - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Or, as some on Twitter have suggested, a hat trick:
[Megathread] Federal Judge Concludes Paul Manafort Lied to Special Counsel : politics
Manafort Keeps Lying On Russia Collusion. Is it to Protect Trump?

House Democrats may target Ivanka Trump in their Russia probe : politics
Ivanka Trump may finally have to testify in the Russia investigation : worldnews

Every Day Is a New Low in Trump's White House
Donald Trump Once Wanted Ivanka to Get Breast Implants: New Book |

McCabe Says Justice Dept. Officials Had Discussions About Pushing Trump Out - The New York Times
Andrew McCabe says he ordered the obstruction of justice probe of President Trump - 60 Minutes - CBS News

Senate confirms William Barr as attorney general in 54-to-45 vote - The Washington Post (and yes, the #face)
Daughter and son-in-law of AG nominee leaving the Justice Department - CNNPolitics (family business of crooks)

Trump technically obese, despite doctor's clean bill of health - A four-pound weight gain over the last year makes the president obese under the official definition of the term. ('cause Ronnie didn't lie about his weight, for sure)
Donald Trump weighs in at 243 pounds, president's doctor discloses after physical exam : politics

seeks protection after sounding alarm over White House security clearances -- Tricia Newbold says her supervisor "repeatedly mishandled security files and has approved unwarranted security clearances" (for Kushfuck the Traitor, among others)

Trump Judicial Nominees Are Refusing to Endorse Brown v. Board of Education : politics (Make Slavery Great Again)

Trump Plans National Emergency to Build Border Wall as Senate Passes Spending Bill - The New York Times
The real national emergency - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As always with Trump, there's an enormously powerful urge on the part of the elites, the media, the media elites, etc., to minimize what this is. What it is is an attempt to ignore any legal restraints on presidential power. (run ups to god-emperor for life declaration, don't be fools into complacency)
Let's say Trump declares a national emergency. What happens next?
Trump Puts Best Face on Border Deal, as Aides Try to Assuage an Angry Right - The New York Times
Fox Host: Trump Support Of Border Deal Means Shutdown Was A Waste Of Time

Trump Is Making 'Socialism' Sound Pretty Good -- And in any case, Democrats are not planning to seize the means of production anytime soon.

Why They Hate Ilhan Omar - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Because she is, inter alia, not willing to pretend that war criminals aren't war criminals during congressional hearings: (like the Center for American Progress)
A PC interlude - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Everything Omar says will always be given the highest level of scrutiny and interpreted with the maximum possible bad faith because she's a Muslim and a woman of color, and this country is run by racist misogynistic scum like Donald Trump and his bottom bitch Lindsey Graham.
The controversy over Ilhan Omar calling Lindsey Graham "compromised" explained -- A tale of conspiracies, bad faith, and misrepresentation all around.
Kevin McCarthy on deleted tweet about Bloomberg, Steyer and Soros: 'That had nothing to do about faith' (so, it's all about the benjamins, yeah?)

Elizabeth Warren receives standing ovation at surprise visit to Native American conference: report : politics

Ocasio-Cortez learned lobbyists pay people to wait in line for them. She's not pleased. : politics
The Ocasio-Cortez Effect: Wave of Challenges Hits Entrenched N.Y. Democrats - The New York Times

"My Only Goal Has Been to Protect Jeff and Lauren" : Michael Sanchez, Suspected Bezos Leaker, Supplies His Own Theory About the Affair, the Enquirer, Some Below-the-Belt Selfies, and "A Legendary Romance" Weeks ago, Michael Sanchez was a minor player on the fringes of Hollywood, a Roger Stone buddy, and a guy with a semi-famous sister. Now he's at the heart of a complexifier-ridden Hollywood-Silicon Valley-D.C. drama.

Until now, Trace IQ let journalists search names, phone numbers and addresses in one database - now they've been banned, but other groups, such as debt collectors, haven't

Fox News Rejects National Ad for Oscar-Nominated Anti-Nazi Documentary (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

Prime Time Sports forced to close, after removing Nike apparel from store | (Trumpster dumped Nike b/c of Colin Kapernick, his business tanked, hahaha)

Kansas lawmakers sponsor bill calling same-sex marriages 'parody' (by a 'parody' of a 'person' Rep. Randy Garber, a Sabetha Republican)

Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress Says Anti-Trump Christians Are "Morons" | Dallas Observer - "Like Christians in Nazi Germany" (wut?) new remarks have left him teetering on the edge of the deep end ... the biggest threat facing America today -- the vanishingly small number of white evangelicals who refuse to support the president. (Satangelicals)

The Teacher Strike Wave - Lawyers, Guns & Money - realize just how massive the teacher strike wave has been, 2018 saw the most workers strike in the United States since 1986. Teachers make up a huge percentage of them, as you can see from the graph at the top of the post

Investigation finds no evidence of 'racist or offensive statements' in Mall incident (updated? WaPo doesn't say why they changed the date and still doesn't tell you the church hired the "investigators")

Avenatti: New tape handed over in R. Kelly probe - CNN
Prosecutors Are Moving to Indict R. Kelly, After the Discovery of Another Videotape | The New Yorker - According to a senior law-enforcement official, the tape shows Kelly sexually assaulting an underage girl.

Ryan Adams and the Plague of Male Gatekeepers - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jill Abramson Plagiarized My Writing. So I Interviewed Her About It -- When journalist Jake Malooley talked to the former New York Times executive editor, she admitted only to minor mistakes

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh eyewitness accounts of the incident involving Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Publisher John Robinson Block - The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh -- To blame John Block's erratic, menacing and disturbing conduct on "financial and other challenges in the newspaper industry" is cowardly, despicable and a blatant lie. (drunk raving hedgie asshole John Block lies, destroys newspapers and America ... "You're not a human, you're a Block!")

Fox News loves American history. Just not Nazi American history. - The Washington Post
Field of Vision - A Night at the Garden on Vimeo - In 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in New York's Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism (Trump before Trump, Fox doesn't want you to see this)

Broadly-Worded Colorado Cannabis DUI Legislation Withdrawn by Sponsor | Ganjapreneur
Governor Baker files bill aimed at helping police fight impaired driving - The Boston Globe (same law, endorsed by Faker)
Intimate cannabis products on their way to Sira!

No evidence playing violent video games leads to aggressive behaviour in teens, study finds: 'The idea that violent video games drive real-world aggression is a popular one, but it hasn't tested very well over time
A new brain-imaging study reveals that the different "cognitive styles" of creative and analytical thinkers are due to fundamental differences in their brain activity that can be observed even when people are not working on a problem : science

Another Word on Amazon - Lawyers, Guns & Money - think briefly about what Amazon pulling out of New York means for modern progressive politics. To say the least, the obsequiousness of city officials around the nation is courting Amazon made a lot of people sick. I understand the desperation to bring jobs into cities, but given that Amazon wants to be treated like royalty and they are going to make the most conventional possible decisions, not building where they could actually revive an economy (Detroit, Newark) but rather where they can just glom on to already elite areas, the entire process was a grotesque prostituting of urban areas to Jeff Bezos.
Attempt at Massive Corporate Giveaway Fails - Lawyers, Guns & Money (pic of three dicks)

Amazon Got Exactly What It Deserved -- And So Did New York -- Trillion-dollar companies going shopping for billion-dollar subsidies should be publicly shamed. (they thought the "competition" would be good for the brand, but time moved too fast)

Amazon's Home Surveillance Chief Declared War on "Dirtbag Criminals" as Company Got Closer to Police
For Owners of Amazon's Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching Too


Green New Deal Ends Climate Change Denial as Argument, Republicans Pivot to Discussing Non-Solutions - Now Republicans have pivoted to actually talking-about-talking-about a solution. Also, cows farts. (well, that changed "the discourse")

Mars Rover Opportunity Is Dead After Record-Breaking 15 Years on Red Planet : worldnews
Second massive meteorite impact crater found under Greenland ice : worldnews
Scientists find a massive, 23-mile-wide meteorite crater hiding deep beneath the ice in Greenland. The new crater is just 100 miles from a 19-mile-wide crater discovered just 3 months ago, which was tentatively linked to the mysterious, 1,000-year period known as Younger Dryas. : science

Darla Shine, Wife of Top Trump Official Bill Shine, Goes on Pro-Measles, Anti-Vax Rant (Fox culture of stupid)

11 Russian fighter jets made mock attack on Norwegian Arctic radar : worldnews

A Dutch historian has become a social media star after an epic rant against the super-rich in front of the super-rich at the World Economic Forum in Davos : worldnews

Breast-ironing: UK government vows to tackle abusive practice - The government has vowed to confront the practice of breast-ironing, calling it child abuse and saying the police should prosecute offenders under assault laws. : worldnews

Mum who called trans woman a man in campaign of abuse is arrested in front of kids and thrown in cells (UK)
Heroin addict convicted of killing 100-year-old Holocaust survivor in street robbery

EU adds Saudi Arabia, Panama to dirty-money blacklist : worldnews

Netanyahu: Israel and Arab states advancing interest of combating Iran - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
U.S. Revives Secret Program to Sabotage Iranian Missiles and Rockets - The New York Times

Trump backer Tom Barrack defends Saudi Arabia - Real estate developer said that kingdom was misunderstood by the West

'That is a ridiculous question' : : Rep. Ilhan Omar's ense clash with Trump's Venezuela envoy -- Omar attacked Elliott Abrams for abuses that U.S.-backed forces committed in Central America in the 1980s
Ilhan Omar Questions Elliot Abrams Over El Mozote Massacre, Activities in El Salvador, Guatemala, Central America - Someone in Congress finally asked a world-historical ghoul to answer for what he did. (like all the fuckers, he walked away with no consequences but being re-hired by successive Republican administations, but her truth telling about AIPAC was a total scandal trope or something)
Venezuela Accuses U.S. of Secretly Shipping Arms After Weapons Found on Plane with Possible CIA Ties : worldnews (oh, look, Elliott Abrams up to his old shit)

House passes measure to end U.S. military involvement in Yemen, repudiating Trump's backing of Saudi-led coalition

National debt tops $22 trillion for first time, after Trump tax cut
Trump said he'd cut the national debt 'very quickly.' It just hit a record $22 trillion. (not a peep out of the Teaparty on their biggest issue, supposedly)

Nonprofit: Trump Administration Aims to House Detained Kids on Toxic Site - Serious potential health risks may remain for residents of a proposed detention center, where contaminants include arsenic, benzene, and lead.

How Team Trump keeps changing its story in the Russia investigation -
Federal judge finds Paul Manafort lied to Mueller probe about contacts with Russian aide - The Washington Post

Bamford's Silence about How Maria Butina Got Thrown Back into Solitary (vide infra for the original, which seemed ... lacking ... even to a non-expert and this one for Marcy's excellent story-telling, we're missing tons of dramas being played out on many levels, see the comments)

Who is Richard Burr, Really? Why the public can't trust his voice in the Russia probe (he's a Republican, duh)
House Democrats plan vast Russia probe - Axios
Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen will testify to Congress before prison despite delays
Trump's Russian Interpreter May Be Subpoenaed by House Democrats for Details of Private Putin Meetings, Report Says : politics

Trump Is Immune From Impeachment if Mueller Can't Share His Evidence - Attorney General nominee William Barr sounds likely to try to keep what the special counsel finds out from Congress

Republicans Trying, Failing to Come Up With Good Reasons to Conceal Trump Taxes : politics

President Trump wants the press to check out the Great Tariff Debate of 1888. Okay! - The Washington Post

Trump Proposes July 4 Parade in D.C., Which Already Exists (he says no one every thought of it before)
President Trump installed a room-sized golf simulator at White House - The Washington Post (that explains a lot)

McCarthy blames Republican loss of House majority on GOP health care bill - The Washington Post (Teaparty asshole blames Freedumb Caucus)

Senate Democrats Are Still Figuring Out This Whole Resistance Thing | HuffPost

Trump aide Sarah Sanders ridiculed for suggesting Mexico border wall would have stopped El Chapo : politics
GOP rep: Border deal is ' worse than we had before the shutdown' (Fart of the Deal)

Brock Long resigns as FEMA administrator - Axios - Long had been criticized and investigated by the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general for allegedly misusing government vehicles to travel to his home in North Carolina.

Before Bezos Fight, Enquirer Publisher AMI Faced Steep Losses - Bloomberg

Schumer recruits famed fighter pilot to challenge McConnell in 2020 - POLITICO - The GOP leader is deep into preparations to take on Democrat Amy McGrath.

Howard Schultz and the media's unlearnd lesson - CNN does not deserve praise for grilling Schultz on his wealth when Schultz's wealth is the only reason he was on CNN ... Ezra Klein writes, "in American politics, money is a shortcut to legitimacy'
Howard Schultz's s campaign is based on 3 ideas, and they're all wrong -- Schultz isn't solving America's problems, He's reinforcing them
In the land of the blind: Michael Scott for president - Lawyers, Guns & Money - LGM presents I DON'T SEE COLOR: THE HOWARD SCHULTZ EXPERIENCE
The Center Isn't Where Voters Are - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Just over a tenth of Americans think that both the Democratic and Republican parties are too extreme, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds.

Trump, No Stranger to Jewish Stereotypes, Rejects Ilhan Omar's Apology
McCarthy rebuffs accusations of anti-Semitism in deleted tweet about Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg - politico (hahaha it was all about the benjamins before it was all about the benjamins)
The Ridiculous Bad Faith of the Republican Attacks on Ilhan Omar - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The real reason for the controversy over Ilhan Omar's tweets -- Paul Waldman ... "a world of post-Jewish Zionism, where Israel's most vehement advocates are people who see it mostly as a tool to use in a holy war between Christianity and Islam" ... fundamentalist Christians ... Huchabee ... Palin ... are Israel's strongest advocates (so they god can kill all the Jews before he sand the fundies to heaven ... none of this can be remembered, or said)) The groups is not "the Israel lobby" ... it's the Likud lobby ... right wing ... Netanyahu (so whwat they are really saying is you can't criticize rightwing criminal racist authoritarians like you know who) Less influential lobbies wish members of Congress feared them the way they do AIPAC and the NRA. (Guns and Jews!)
Ilhan Omar is right about the influence of the Israel lobby : politics (memory is difficult)
Like many Jews, I've experienced anti-Semitism. But the Ilhan Omar backlash deeply troubles me (AIPAC is your Lord)

Democratic presidential candidate to Fox News host: I love you.' Huh? - The Washington Post - "And I love you. But you know, Fox may not always be comfortable for Democrats but I want to make that point." said Klobauchar (just the candidate America needs, will be promoted by your basically Republican media)

Virginia's two Catholic bishops release names of 58 priests they say have been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors

Rachael Rollins prepared to investigate Boston-based assault allegations against Va. lieutenant governor - The Boston Globe
Unmistakable Divide Among Women in Virginia Over Accusations Against Fairfax - The New York Times - unmistakable racial divide

Investigation finds no evidence of 'racist or offensive statements' by Covington Catholic students during Lincoln Memorial incident ... the report, prepared by Greater Cincinnati Investigation, Inc., (WaPo doesn't tell you who hired them, but it turns out to be the Catholic Church, who found the Catholic Church committed no wrongdoing at all!! except for some innocent tomahawking!)

GOP forces Colin Kaepernick name out of Black History Month resolution

Dozens Of White Supremacist Gang Members Indicted On Violence, Meth, RICO Charges - Arkansas-based New Aryan Empire, a meth-peddling white supremacist gang

Valerie Reyes' Ex-Boyfriend Admits to Dumping Her Body, Claims She Died After Sex -- The 24-year-old's body was found stuffed inside a suitcase last week, her hands and feet bound and her mouth covered with duct tape.
Max Landis' Sexual-Assault Accuser Speaks Out Against His Hollywood 'Comeback'

Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price. - The New York Times
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "Sometimes it's who you most suspect"

Councillors walked out as Zondervan spoke about developer effect on crafting legislation | Cambridge Day
Flood victims may get more official sympathy, but damage reimbursement is taken off table | Cambridge Day

Smoking cannabis as teenager increases risk of depression by 40 per cent, Oxford study finds : worldnews

Ultra-rare black leopard is photographed for the first time in 100 YEARS in Africa : worldnews

Saturn's rings are surprisingly young | ... first dinosaurs and mammels appared long before the lanet's stunning rings ... most likely formed in the last 100 million years ... planet's core is about 15 to 18 Earth masses, or 15 percent of the total mass of the planet. According to Iess, this finding could allow researchers to better understand how the planet and its moons formed.

Reddit's 2018 transparency report (and maybe other stuff)

Publishers Chafe at Apple's Terms for Subscription News Service -- Apple plans to keep about 50% of subscription revenue from "Netflix for nrews' service, likely won't share customer data with publishers (wtf? hahaha let Apple take half you subscription money)
Apple CEO Tim Cook promises to investigate the 'abhorrent' Saudi Arabian app that allows men to track women : worldnews


Earth Is 'Missing' at Least 20 Ft of Sea Level Rise. Antarctica Could Be The Time Bomb : science

A Call to Putin, and Russian TV Changed Its Story - The New York Times - Matteo Renzi, the former Italian prime minister, says he called President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia about false news reports attacking him on the international Russian television network RT. In two hours, the story was changed.

A Nazi Party rally at Madison Square Garden in 1939. Never let anyone tell you that fascism can't happen here. : pics

El Chapo Found Guilty on All Counts, Faces Life in Prison - The New York Times

"My daughter is not the same" : Families separated at the border are seeking millions in damages
Australia detained children on Nauru for years. It's finally coming to an end -- This is what happens when we prioritize protecting borders over people (conservative love destroying children)

Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian

The way Trump talks may make him seem like an outlier in American politics but a new study in PNAS argues he's actually the culmination of a presidential trend that began in 1900. Over the years presidential speeches have shown a consistent decline in analytical thinking and a rise in confidence. : science

Trump criticizes bipartisan border deal but predicts there won't be another shutdown
Lawmakers Say They've ve Reached Tentative Agreement To Prevent Government Shutdown -- Republicans were desperate to avoid another bruising shutdown.
Budget deal allows far less money than Trump wanted for wall - The pitfalls of a plan for Trump to shift federal dollars without an emergency declaration are coming into clearer view.

'It will create a firestorm' : Mulvaney's border wall cash grab sparks dissent in White House -- The pitfalls of a plan for Trump to shift federal dollars without an emergency declaration are coming into clearer view. (they are expert cash-grabbers)

Trump Doubles Down On Border Security At Rally: 'Walls Save Lives' -- The president's speech offered a stark contrast to a march a few miles away led by El Pasoan Beto O'Rourke ... "Walls end lives"
Beto takes on Trump in tale of 2 mega-rallies - politico -- Trump said 69,000 people signed up to attend the rally at the coliseum, but that only about 10,000 were allowed inside. Later, he said 35,000 people showed up. "It looks like Beto only has 900 guests at his so called March, tiny!" (and says many thousands outside watching TV or something)
Trump Lied About Getting Special Permission From El Paso Fire Dept, Says Fire Dept : politics = not only did the fire department not give Trump special permission, but the Coliseum had about 6,500 people in it
El Paso Fire Department denies Trump's crowd at rally (so Beto had more people, hahaha)
Trump seemed very interested in Beto O'Rourke's evidently larger crowd during his El Paso rally

Trump Supporter Shoves BBC Reporter at El Paso Rally - It's Not Dark Yet, But It's Getting There
Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally - BBC News (and they loved it)
'MAGA' hat-wearing Trump backer accused of shoving journalists at El Paso rally - As the man was escorted out of the arena on Monday night, Trump asked "You all right? Everything OK?"

Swiss Mystery Company Is at the Heart of a Mueller Puzzle - You've never heard of Zurich-based Salix Services AG. But Robert Mueller's team has ... In August 2016, Zamel met with former Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Donald Trump Jr., and Nader to discuss ideas that could potentially help Trump win the election. ... Nader told the room that the crown princes of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE were eager to help Trump win the election.

Don Jr. Get An 'F' On Twitter After Slamming 'Loser Teachers' At Campaign Event -- claims teachers are 'indoctrinating' children in socialism "from birth" (yeah, double no sense) ... "Says the loser who works for his dad"

Schiff: The need to probe Trump's finances is getting more urgent

Americans view Mueller as more credible than Trump, but views of his probe are scattered - The Washington Post- Fifty-six percent to 33 percent

Nunes says GOP lawmakers looking through Russia transcripts, will make DOJ referrals | TheHill (little commie ratfucker)

Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia - "We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying 'Hey Vlad, we're going to collude'"

Jeffrey Toobin said the wisest thing ever uttered on cable news - The Washington Post - Toobin wrote in the story that Stone took on a posture of caution when approaching a certain topic.

A Primer on How to Read: So the NYT Can Stop Telling Paul Manafort's Lies -- NYT Continues to Tell Paul Manafor's Lies
The Spy Who Wasn't -- The U.S. government went looking for someone to blame for Russia's interference in the 2016 election -- and found Maria Butina, the perfect scapegoat. (she was just your typical crook, Bamford says, see Marcy tomorrow)

Democrats tap Norm Eisen to consult on House Judiciary Committee - POLITICO - House Democrats leading a sweeping set of investigations into President Donald Trump and his administration announced Tuesday they've added two heavyweight legal consultants to the Judiciary Committee.

Scandal double standard: Dems pay the price for every misdeed, while the GOP skates : politics

Clinton on GOP promoting Trump 'stronger together' quote: Now copy my policies too

A Trump nominee's family company paid $290,000 fine for sexual harassment and discrimination -- AccuWeather, a private weather company whose former chief executive is President Trump's nominee to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, agreed to pay $290,000 as part of a settlement after a federal oversight agency found the company subjected female employees to sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.

American's Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing -- Optimism about finances over the next year is almost at a record-high level - 50% say they are in better shape financially than a year ago

Eschaton: We Have Considered Your Criticisms - And concluded that, no, we did a great job ... I am mindful of the criticism, which comes from stupid people who should shut up and buy subscriptions. (NYT pardons itself for getting Trump elected b/c they never fuck up, according to them)
Patrick Healy on Twitter: "I'm proud of our 2016 coverage and our team. I don't think we applied double standards to Clinton, but Im mindful of the criticism (and gets killed on the Twitter)

Bill Gates says tax policies like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's are 'missing the picture' Taxes can be higher, but modern monetary theory is 'crazy talk' (billionaire techbro college drop-out is lecturing you)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Corruption Game' Speech Is Now the Most Viewed Twitter Video of Any Politician (no wonder they want her to shut up )

Ilhan Omar Is Learning The Wrong Lesson From The Trump Era (never say the truth, that AIPAC lies and has always been evil)
Ilhan Omar's Tweet About AIPAC Causes Sincere Offense, Attracts Opportunistic Hypocrites - What a Monday it's been. Say, what's Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu up to? (meeting with anti-semitic Orban!)
Here's what you need to know about the Ilhan Omar controversy (Rethug and AIPAC trolls in comments)
The Sick Double Standard In The Ilhan Omar Controversy - The Forward - Peter Beinart (undersells the whole "Jesus kills all the Jews after the apocalype" piece)

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat everyone at Twitter in nine tweets | US news | The Guardian

Rich man want to be king - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bennet has never been the question to any question ever asked by the Democratic primary electorate. Come to think of it, who is pimping Bennet's potential candidacy? -- Joe Scarborough ... Bennet isn't the only person with whatever the opposite of impostor syndrome is ... Bill de Blasio will travel to early-voting New Hampshire on Friday, an aide to the Democratic New York mayor tells CNN, as he considers running for president in 2020. ... This will be a unifying moment for the country, as even the hardest core Manhattan provincial will have no interest in this candidacy ... presidential runs have apparently become GoFundMe campaigns for assholes. (And wait until the 2024 Republican race!)

Corey Maggette Accused of Rape at Duke by Fairfax Accuser, Friends Say - The New York Times

The 'Big Pharma' candidate? As he runs for president, Cory Booker looks to shake his reputation for drug industry coziness (Cory Fooker and the words journos can't say: charter Schools)

A record 7 million Americans are 3 months behind on their car payments, a red flag for the economy : politics

Make Cholera Great Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's safe to say that never have the libs been more owned: "I don't think I've washed my hands for 10 years," Hegseth said, inexplicably -- The punchline is that this yobbo is part of a team that is basically the de facto governing council of the United States.

Susan Collins defends Brett Kavanaugh vote after he dissents in abortion access case - CNNPolitics - "To say that this case, this most recent case, in which he wrote a very careful dissent, tells you that he's going to repeal Roe v Wade I think is absurd," (she winked and then cackled)

A hedge fund's 'mercenary' strategy: Buy newspapers, slash jobs, sell the buildings (destroy American democracy, profit!)

This Republican lawmaker said he would drown his own kids if they're gay (the MAGA face)
This Republican lawmaker said he would drown his own kids if they're gay -- West Virginia delegate Eric Porterfield (#face)
MAGA Substitute Allegedly Singles Out 10-Year-Old for 'Prison Attire,' Tells Students MLK Committed Suicide ... The substitute told the students that they aren't Christians if they don't believe in Trump ... (and watch meme history being made in comments:) "You'll never see the entire tree when you're only focused on picking one cherry."

William Webster, ex-FBI and CIA director, helps feds nab Jamaican phone scammer - The Washington Post - The FBI was able to document that Thomas, 29, from St. James Parish in the Montego Bay area, collected at least $300,000 with his scam from about three dozen victims, according to court records. One victim estimated he alone sent Thomas more than $600,000.

USS Fitzgerald - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Several folks have mentioned the big ProPublica series on the crashes of USS McCain and USS Fitzgerald. But if you need to wreck your day, read this one first

The Life of an American Boy at 17 (girls are evil except the ones he's boning)
LOL at Twitter mocking that weird 'American Boy' cover

How My Religious Education Stalled My Career Potential | HuffPost - As Bais Yaakov students, we were taught to focus more on becoming good Jewish wives and mothers and less on higher education and careers. (baby-machines for G-D)

Natalie on Twitter: "Can you all just grow up and admit that big noses are hot"

Bragging rights? Boston now has the worst rush-hour traffic in the country, report says - The Boston Globe - Boston has the worst rush-hour traffic in the country ... But for 2018, Inrix looked at how much longer it took to commute during the worst peak periods than when roads are unclogged .., Commuters who drove at the worst peak hour conditions would have spent 164 hours in traffic that they would have avoided under regular conditions. On this metric, Los Angeles ranked sixth, behind Washington, D.C., Seattle, Chicago, and New York. (no shit, worse than SF/LA)

Researchers in Germany have discovered why sleep can sometimes be the best medicine. Sleep improves the potential ability of some of the body's immune cells to attach to their targets, according to a new study : science

Do Animals Have Feelings? - The Atlantic - Scientists Are Totally Rethinking Animal Cognition -- What science can tell us about how other creatures experience the world

A new study found that ketamine trips are the most similar to near-death experiences, over other psychedelic drugs. "It can generate a sense of detachment from the body and the self and, at higher doses, a full-blown dissociative experience." : science

Men who have been raped by or pressured/ tricked into unwanted sex by a woman. What's your story? : AskReddit

Six Large Data Dumps Add Fuel to Collection #1's Fire - Security Now
Why Mark Zuckerberg's Writing Style Erodes Our Trust in Facebook - CEO Writing - The Blog of Slab (your brain has been zuckerfucked)

With the recent Chinese company, Tencent, in the news about investing in Reddit, and possible censorship, it's amazing to me how so many people don't realize Reddit is already one of the most heavily censored websites on the internet. : technology

Full Q&A: Zucked author Roger McNamee on Recode Decode -- McNamee was an adviser to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and helped recruit Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg


Trump again confuses climate change with weather in tweet attacking Amy Klobuchar : politics (stupid and evil have a very high price)
Polar Bears Invade Russian Town, State of Emergency Declared | Time

Proposal would eliminate personal vaccine exemption for Oregon school kids : politics (pls consider re-education camps)

Tree commemorating murdered French Jew is chopped down amid anti-Semitic spate | The Times of Israel

New legal bombshells explode on two Navy SEAL war crimes cases (Seal Team Seven)

GOP livid with Trump over ignored Khashoggi report - POLITICO - It's the latest rift between Republicans and the president over foreign policy. (they have to act like they care)
Saudi leader "have leverage over Trump"and can get away with anything, retired admiral alleges (saying the obvious out loud ...) "Just to be clear, a retired US Admiral is saying that the President of the United States is compromised by a foreign country that brutally murdered a journalist of our free press. This is not normal."

Private Mossad for Hire | The New Yorker - Inside a plot to influence American elections, starting with one small-town race.
AP Exclusive: Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many - When mysterious operatives lured two cybersecurity researchers to meetings at luxury hotels over the past two months, it was an apparent bid to discredit their research about an Israeli company that makes smartphone hacking technology used by some governments to spy on their citizens.

A note to Barr and Whitaker: The Mueller report must be made public - The Washington Post

Mueller Team Believes Potential Trump Pardon Tainted Manafort's Cooperation

Roger Stone's and Jerome Corsi's Time in the Barrel

Has the Supreme Court lost its legitimacy?
Has the Supreme Court lost its legitimacy? : politics

Donald Trump Watches TV 'Like An Old Man That Is In A Retirement Home,' Joe Scarborough Says After More Schedules Leak ... "What's better is 3 minutes after they said this Trump, who totally doesn't watch Morning Joe EVER, tweeted he works harder than any other President has." ... "TV: Trump just sits around watching TV all day. two minutes later ... Trump Live tweet: NUH UH

Trump's Trail of Fears -- The president, channeling his hero Andrew Jackson, continues to champion a particularly virulent form of reactionary white majoritarianism -- A portrait of Andrew Jackson was in the background as President Trump made a televised address from the Oval Office last month arguing for a border wall. (nice visual dog-whistle)

Top lawmakers to meet to revive stalled border talks with possible shutdown days away - The Washington Post
Beds and barriers at issue, as Washington barrels toward another shutdown
Devastated by one shutdown, dreading the next - The Washington Post
Flight Attendants and the Next Government Shutdown - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- perfect response to the New Gilded Age. We are a long ways from the PATCO strike, when the air traffic controllers were shutting down the skies so they could retain their benefits of free flights to Europe at a time when private sector workers were being creamed by inflation and deindustrialization

Raging over a looming loss on his wall, Trump rolls out more lies - The Washington Post

California Gov. Gavin Newsom To Withdraw Hundreds Of National Guard Troops From Border | HuffPost - "The border 'emergency' is a manufactured crisis, and California will not be part of this political theater

Neomi Rao, Trump's nominee for D.C. appeals court, apologizes for past writing on date rape

Jewish House Democrats urge Pelosi to denounce Ilhan Omar for 'hateful tropes' in tweets (b/c AIPAC isn't really evil)
Rep. Omar's latest tweets expose the thin line between criticizing Israel and being labeled anti-Semitic
Why Is "Trope" So Popular on the Internet?
Pro-Israel Lobby Caught on Tape Boasting That Its Money Influences Washington (make that into an anti-semitic "trope")

Trump offers socialism for the rich, capitalism for everyone else : politics ... After a few generations of this, almost all of the nation's wealth will be in the hands of a few thousand non-working families. To the conservative mind, the specter of socialism conjures up a society in which no one is held accountable, and no one has to work for what they receive. Yet that's exactly the society Trump and the Republicans are promoting for the rich.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - Rasmussen Reports. - 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump's job performance. Forty-seven percent (47%) disapprove. Trump's highest level of approval since shortly after his inauguration ... 39% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing (down is up in Rasfuckers land)

Trump Trade War Helps Push Farmers Into Record Number Of Bankruptcies : politics (fuck you, suckers)
Trump Trade War Helps Push Farmers Into Record Number Of Bankruptcies | HuffPost - Dairy farmers were counting on China milk buyers before the trade war ("industry analyst" says "both sides")

How our politics got so stupid - The Washington Post

Betsy DeVos is Profiting Off Separating Migrant Kids From Their Parents : politics ... "Important to note that her adoption agency is evangelical-run, while most of the families separated at the border are Catholic"

Cliff Sims, White House Tell-All Author, Sues Trump for Going After Him Over Book - The New York Times

Jewish advocacy group calls on Omar to apologize after 'stunningly anti-Semitic' tweet | TheHill - Suggesting that a Jewish organization is buying off American politicians is both demonstrably false and stunningly anti-Semitic (the truth is now "stunningly" anti-Jewish)

Who loaned $460m to American Media? Inquiring minds want to know - The Boston Globe
National Enquirer Publisher Asked Justice Department for Advice on Saudi Connection - WSJ - American Media inquired about having to register as foreign agent after publishing glossy magazine promoting Saudi Arabia and its new crown prince

'Weaker candidate than Hillary' : Democrats cast deep doubt on Biden's 2020 value
'A Woman, Just Not That Woman' -- How Sexism Plays Out on the Trail

Kamala Harris' A.G. Office Tried to Keep Inmates Locked Up for Cheap Labor -- Lawyers for California also argued that allowing certain inmates to be paroled early would deplete a program that allowed prisons to fight wildfires.
Kamala Harris supported 2008 San Francisco policy that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE - CNNPolitics

Rep. Seth Moulton, A Top Nancy Pelosi Critic, Is Thinking About Running For President (shutup, masshole)

De Blasio heads to New Hampshire as he contemplates run for president

Republicans gush over Klobuchar - POLITICO - GOP senators praised the Minnesota Democrat for her deal-cutting ways (why, it's almost like she's really a Republican)

Mark Harris Says Background Check On McCrae Dowless Missed His Felonies Talking Points Memo

About one-third of Americans say using blackface is acceptable | Pew Research Center - White adults are about twice as likely as black adults to say the use of blackface as part of a Halloween costume can be acceptable: 39% of whites hold this view vs. 19% of blacks. (old white sourtherners see no problem at all)

Theater Critic Punditry and the "Authenticity" Shell Game - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- reporters pretending to believe Republicans who pretend to care how Elizabeth Warren filled out some bureaucratic paperwork to zero professional benefit -- on a day when their President made a Trail of Tears joke!
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "He was still doing this as the war got closer " (Frank Rich had/has a corrupt brain, now on Fox as a 'liberal')

Staffers to Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax resign following second sexual assault allegation | General-assembly |

Utah Republicans have officially blocked their state's voter-approved Medicaid expansion (fuck your vote)

Denver teachers strike 2019: Educators walk out of classrooms Monday

In a wealthy, liberal community far from the South, an angry debate over Dixie - The Washington Post (NoCa and Oregon WERE big c c onfederates)

She Spoke Up About Sexual Harassment At Ernst & Young And Got Caught In A Web Of Retaliation | HuffPost

'Fure evil' : Southern Baptist leaders condemn decades of sexual abuse revealed in investigation ("condemn" hahahaha)

Police thought it was a suicide. Then a horror movie director handed over a secret recording. - The Washington Post

Michelle Carter, convicted in texting suicide case, is headed to jail : news

A cartoonist inserted a vulgar anti-Trump message in his comic strip. This paper isn't laughing

Fox & Friends host says he hasn't washed hands in 10 years: 'Germs are not a real thing -- I can't see them' (aside from all the stupid, this means he hasn't taken a bath in 10 years, which explains why he really stinks)

Heaven has a wall: Grocery store ad mailer stirs controversy - Digby says the store owner is responsible for the message. He claims this was intended to have a Christian meaning, nothing political.

Three-alarm fire damages Cambridge duplex - The Boston Globe
Residents credit neighbor for alerting them to fire

These maps show how much snow Massachusetts could get on Tuesday - The Boston Globe
Why are so many Boston restaurants closing? - The Boston Globe

Who would've thought a bluegrass spoof of atonal music would take off on YouTube?
Glenn Gould - Berg, Sonata for Piano op. 1 (OFFICIAL) - YouTube
P.D.Q Bach - Cantata Blaues Gras, Recitative and Aria: Blaues Gras - YouTube

Can a venomous snake commit suicide by biting itself ? : askscience

CDC study finds e-cigarettes responsible for dramatic increase in tobacco use among middle and high school students erasing the decline in teen tobacco product use from previous years. : science (misleading title: ecigs went up, cigs went way down: "In other words, there was a dramatic decrease in teen use of products containing tobacco. Actual cigarette usage was cut in half." but let's regulate anti-death sticks more)

Older person describes life before vaccinations were common : bestof

Children in multi-sibling households, what lessons did you learn that the only child might never get? : AskReddit

What life-altering things should every human ideally get to experience at least once in their lives? : AskReddit
What embarrassing phase did you go through as a teenager?

What's the worst form of torture to have ever existed? : AskReddit

Winnie The Pooh takes over Reddit due to Chinese investment, censorship fears : technology


Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature' (#apocalypse)
Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature : worldnews

Measles is deadly. Vaccines are not. We need our laws to reflect this reality : politics (getting a driver's license makes my kid autistic)

A Princess Vanishes. A Video Offers Alarming Clues. - The New York Times (Bonesaw)

Google 'agrees deal with Russia to censor Government-banned websites from its searches' | Daily Mail Online (always do evil when you can make a lot of money)

Eschaton: You Have Deal And No Deal - If you block a deal and then block a no deal you have....? -- The government has sought to buy Theresa May more time to put together a workable Brexit deal by promising another say for MPs by the end of the month, as business leaders said the process was now in the "emergency zone" ... if by 27 February there was no finalised deal to put to the Commons, MPs would again be given an amendable motion to consider. This would give them the chance to block a no-deal departure or other interventions. (United Kingdom of Dysfucntion)

Mother is arrested in front of her children after calling a transgender woman a man | Daily Mail Online - Police officers detained Kate Scottow, 38, at her home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire -- More than two months after her arrest and she has had neither her mobile phone or laptop returned

Inside Trump's next moves with Xi (Mar-a-Lago!)

In Closed Hearing, a Clue About 'the Heart' of Mueller's Russia Inquiry
House Intelligence chairman voices concern that Mueller's scrutiny of Trump's finances isn't adequate

Michael Cohen's Secret Agenda (Trumpland! Profit! and no so "secret")
Roger Stone says he shouldn't be subject to a gag order because he's less popular on Instagram than Kim Kardashian : politics (case closed)

Eric Holder Flays Trump For Whitaker Hearing Criticism: 'ou Out Of Your Mind?' (what mind?)

Trump ordered Justice Department to draft memo advising firing of Comey, former deputy FBI director claims -- Andrew McCabe memoir compares US president and his entourage to 'criminal brigade'

What If There Were 42 Million at the Border? (well, maybe if you hadn't spent 100 years fucking the region it wouldn't be problem, ya know?
Mo Brooks, Joaquin Castro use posters outside House offices to debate immigration - The Washington Post (Mo Brooks, fake human, always lies)

It's Time to Impeach Trump

Border talks at impasse as shutdown looms Friday, officials say - The Washington Post (Rethugs take the country off the cliff, again, b/c THEY still get paid)
Shutdown Leaves Trump With Worst Monthly Approval Rating in His Presidency : politics

Obama Official Rips Trump's Doctor As 'An Instrument Of His Lies'

Scoop: New leaks amid leak probe - Axios (Pres Lazy-Ass still doing nothing)

Trump Administration Wants to Deny Health Care to LGBTQ People : politics " providers would be able to refuse to provide treatment, referrals, or assistance with procedures if these activities would violate their stated religious or moral convictions. The deliberately vague language could apply to everyone from receptionists refusing to book appointments to scrub nurses refusing to assist with emergency surgery."

Tax code changes leave Americans asking, 'What happened to my refund?' -- "If I were to estimate, two-thirds will pay more than they thought" (but Trumpie said racists like me will get more money, waa-waa)
Trump Tax Cuts Are (Probably) About to Become a Political Disaster
Direct Action Bronson on Twitter: "inject this shit directly into my fucking veins "

Trump biographer says president had him investigated to get him to back off : "The whole model is extortion"

SCOTUS Ignores First Amendment, Allows Alabama to Force Muslim Man to Have Protestant Chaplain at Execution : politics (freedom of religion for Christians only)

Eschaton: EWWW - I remember reading about the "digust" theory before and it made a lot of sense to me (that it made a lot of sense to me does not make it true, of course). Conservatives just tend to be grossed out by difference. One signal to me of how much "conservative" there is in "conservatarian" is that all the glibertarians get about as punk rock as wearing a leather jacket. The freedom is the freedom to conform, because people who don't comform are icky. (like we said, Republicans are disgusting people who project their disgustingness b/c they always project everything. and also, primitive minds)

The far right hated that Trump brought Jewish guests to the State of the Union -- "I'm going to be sick"

Trump 'may not even be a free person in 2020, Elizabeth Warren says (zing!)
Donald Trump Appears to Joke About Native American Genocide In Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren : politics
Donald Trump Thinks the Trail of Tears Is Worth a Joke : politics
Donald Trump Jr. applauds racist Native American jokes, calls father's joke about Elizabeth Warren 'savage'
donaldjtrumpjr -- Savage!!! Love my President (InstaMAGAs love their Satan)
What's next, Holocaust jokes? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Your daily reminder that Donald Trump is a vile piece of shit, and that the 40% of Americans who continue to support him are 100% OK with his puerile racist humor, along with his countless other loathsome qualities.

Elizabeth Warren And Our Racist President - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Warren's formal announcement speech in Lawrence was great, and reporters Have Concerns about Identity: all signs point to supposedly objective reporters discussing Warren through the lens of this thoroughly debunked non-scandal (and BoGlo +"I always thought that nazi was a brand of fascist that was racist."

Justin Fairfax's Accusers Ready To Testify At Potential Impeachment Hearing -- A Virginia lawmaker plans to file articles of impeachment Monday if Fairfax doesn't resign
Va. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax renews his denials and asks for an FBI investigation into assault accusations against him - The Washington Post (bully-boy)

I woke up this morning - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ralph Northam, 21st Century Schizoid Blues -- Seriously, he's s a nearly 60-year-old upper class white guy from Virginia. You're basically trying to teach a chimp to land a 747. (VA didn't legalize slavery until 1661 and "indentured servant" a myth built to hide the violence of slavery; hence the teacking a chimp like Northam)
Doctor Historianess on Twitter: "Every time I think I'm done with Virginia history, I get dragged back in. But here's why Northam referring to the "20. and Odd Negroes" of 1619 is so problematic: An historiographical thread. 1/"

Blackface Scandal Spreads to Mississippi Lieutenant Governor ... Republican nominee for governor, Tate Reeves, was a member of a college fraternity famous for such shenanigans along with a general devotion to neo-Confederate emblems. (it's an asset in Fuckassippi)
Blackface Scandal Spreads to Mississippi and Its Republican Gubernatorial Candidate : politics

Klobuchar's opening pitch sidetracked by staff horror stories -- The senator is positioning herself as a Midwestern antidote to Trump in 2020, but her treatment of staff has become an obstacle. (she thought she could be a total raging abusive bithch with no consequences, bye, Amy)

Rob Lowe Deletes Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren After Backlash | HuffPost
Trump Revives Racist 'Pocahontas' Slur Against Warren, Donald Jr. Responds: 'Savage!' (like dick, like dick's dick son)

Cory Booker Has a School Choice Problem (Cory Fooker, the black guy who tries to destroy public schools so he can profit! has a big problem)

New Digital Ad Campaign Targets Susan Collins Over Kavanaugh Vote (Suzie Doozy cackles as rightwing money flows in)

Omar ignites new anti-Semitism controversy with comments on AIPAC - POLITICO - she suggested GOP support for Israel is driven by campaign donations from a prominent pro-Israel group. -- Omar singled out AIPAC, one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington, as the source of those donations. (saying the unsayable obvious and then the fake outrage)

Mistress' Brother Leaked Bezos' Racy Texts to Enquirer, Sources Say -- Multiples sources tell The Daily Beast that Michael Sanchez, a Trumpworld associate (so ... get this: he hooks up with the sister of a rightwing ratfucker who has been send Pecker ratfuck material for seven fucking years and then he sends her dick pics ... and also ... "Trump's knowledge and appreciation" makes him a party to extortion ... and ... if "there is no evidence" of his "hacking" her phone, how did he get them??) Sanchez said he had heard from AMI staffers that the tabloid operation was in the middle of "a takedown to make Trump happy"
Mistress's Brother Leaked Bezos Texts to Enquirer
Scoop: Bob Woodward writes email to Jeff Bezos: "It's Watergate redux"

Walter Jones: Longtime North Carolina congressman has died | Raleigh News & Observer - An early supporter of the war, Jones was generally credited with coining the term "freedom fries" and bringing them to House cafeterias ... "I did not do what I should have done to read and find out whether Bush was telling us the truth about Saddam (Hussein) being responsible for 9/11 and having weapons of mass destruction Because I did not do my job then, I helped kill 4,000 Americans, and I will go to my grave regretting that." (among the very few)

West Virginia GOP lawmaker compares gays to the Ku Klux Klan after using 'faggot' on the House floor (holy crap, another #face of Satan, how did this obvious non-human get elected?)

Behind the Scenes, It's Clear Chicago Media and Police Doubt Jussie Smollett's Story

Protesters Target Guggenheim Over Museum's Ties To Family At Center Of Opioid Crisis -- Purdue Pharma, which is owned by the Sackler family (the Fucklers white-washing isn't working)

7 Things Journalists Should Never Do (But Jill Abramson Did Anyway) | HuffPost - The former New York Times executive editor is under fire as several journalists have accused her of plagiarizing in her book (something wrong with her brain)

'Quit F**king With Me, Boy' : Florida Deputy Under Investigation After Grabbing Black Dad's neck in Video (Broward County +taxpayers have already paid over $500,000 for this asshole and he still has his job) )
Officer used Taser on man's genitals, says lawsuit accusing Arizona police of torture : news
Teen Gets 35 Years to Life for Murdering Spring Garden Dad Gerard Grandzol in Front of 2-Year-old Daughter : news

Facility where incapacitated woman gave birth to shut down
OPS principal arrested, accused of failing to report teacher's suspected sexual abuse | Education |

In revering Trump, the religious right has laid bare its hypocrisy : politics (Satangelicals love Satan's dick)

20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms - Houston Chronicle - 20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms (Satan's faces +fuck fundies)
Investigation reveals 700 victims of Southern Baptist sexual abuse over 20 years : news
The epidemic of denial about sexual abuse in the evangelical church. - The Washington Post - The epidemic of denial about sexual abuse in the evangelical church
Billy Graham's s Grandson Says Protestants Abuse Kids Just Like Catholics
Equality by C.S. Lewis Doodle - YouTube

Nearly a million more young adults now live with parents - study - Number has risen from 2.4 million to 3.4 million in 20 years, UK report says

Seafood mislabelling persistent throughout supply chain, new study in Canada finds using DNA barcoding, which revealed 32% of samples overall were mislabelled, with 17.6% at the import stage, 27.3% at processing plants and 38.1% at retailers. : science

How does the clitoris age? : askscience

What Is Philosophy's Point?, Part 1 (Hint: It's Not Discovering Truth) - Scientific American Blog Network
Why Isn't There More Progress in Philosophy?

Those who have been caught masturbating or having sex how did you handle that? What happened? : AskReddit

Mozilla Adding CryptoMining and Fingerprint Blocking to Firefox : technology


Amid Measles Outbreak, Washington State Legislators Consider Bill To Remove Personal Belief As Reason To Forgo MMR Vaccine : politics
Hundreds rally to preserve right not to vaccinate children amid measles outbreak - CBS News (epidemic of stupid and entitled)
For Some Kids, Measles Becomes a Time Bomb With No Cure - The inevitably fatal condition develops in one in 600 infant cases, and appears without warning between four and eight years later, like a bomb that has been tick, tick, ticking.

Let us not forget the Wounded Knee Massacre, 300 Sioux Natives slaughtered by the US 7th Cavalry to make way for gold mining in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 20 Medals of Honor were awarded. Let the world know. : pics

Genocide in Yemen on US tax dollars. You're censoring yourselves. : pics

Prominent Uighur musician killed in Chinese concentration camp : news

A closer look at the victims of Tiananmen Square. Never forget what the currently sweet-talking Government is capable of. : pics
Chinese persecution of Falun Gong spiritual practitioners. 10's of thousands have been killed and tortured. They'reone of the main groups used in organ harvesting. The Chinese government doesn't want you to see this, make sure you do.
Falon Gong followers protest organ harvesting of prisoners in China : pics
Hong Kong had also been losing its freedom. Our legislative system is more and more corrupt, while our people mysteriously disappear and end up in China. Don't let Hong Kong be the new Tibet. : pics
Tibetan in Delhi sets self alight to protest Chinese Leaders visit. We will not be silenced. Never forget those who've died for standing up for whats right. : pics
Capital punishment in China... gunshot to the head. We will not be censored. : pics
Filmmaker asks people on the street of Beijing what day it is on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre : videos
Christian Pastor Zhang Shaojie, arrested for " gathering a crowd to disturb public order" in Beijing, is being tortured, starved and near death less than two years into a 14 year sentence : pics
An excellent documentary on the events leading up to the student uprising that culminated in the massacre in Tianamen square. : videos
In pictures: Beijing's Tiananmen Square protests - BBC News
Let's also not forget about the oppression of Tibet, where people are lighting themselves on fire to protest the Chinese rule there.
We can not allow Reddit to be censored by terrible people who do senselessly murder innocent children and civilians. Let the world see what they don't want you to see. Haditha Massacre. : pics
Fuck Censorship, Never Forget What Happened. : pics
h Since Reddit has accepted Chinese censorship money. Need to get this out there. SUPPORT AN INDEPENDENT TAIWAN : pics
Reddit is now funded by Chinese investors, so let's remember that President Xi Jinping is so insecure in a meme that he banned Winnie the Pooh nationwide. : pics
Winnie the Pooh is banned in China because... : pics
Redditors Suddenly Care what China Does : AdviceAnimals
Given that reddit just took a $150 million investment from a Chinese censorship powerhouse, I thought it would be nice to post this picture of "Tank Man" at Tienanmen Square before our new glorious overlords decide we cannot post it anymore. : pics

Young girls' trauma leads Sierra Leone to declare a national emergency over rape ... more than 12,000 cases of sexual and domestic violence were reported in Sierra Leone in 2017 (child rape culture)

Finland basic income trial left people 'happier but jobless' - BBC News

Mexican scientist discovers cure for 100% elimination of HPV : news

Her Title: Cryptologic Technician. Her Occupation: Warrior. - The New York Times

Trump Defies Congressional Deadline on Khashoggi Report - The New York Times
Secret phone calls reveal Saudi Crown Prince's disturbing threat before Khashoggi death : news
Not just Oregon: Saudi students in at least 8 states, Canada vanish while facing criminal charges : news

Military women report they are being denied access to birth control foR 'RIDICULOUS' reasons that may violate Pentagon policy (but dick pills are fine!)

Wealth concentration returning to 'levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties' (and you know what happened then)

Under Trump, EPA inspections fall to a 10-year low - The Washington Post

Trump's doctor says he is in 'very good health' after exam by 11 specialists (yeah, sure)

Mueller: It's time to gag Roger Stone ... Stone's lawyers argued he is no Kim Kardashian.
Pardons and Spooks: The Back Story of Paulie's Plea --

New Evidence Emerges of Possible Wrongdoing by Trump Inaugural Committee | Trump, Inc. | WNYC Studios
Donald Trump Jr. 'Expects to Be Indicted' and is in 'More Immediate Jeopardy' than Jared Kushner, Journalist Says

Legal Expert: Trump Engaged in a 'Multi-State Criminal Conspiracy' to Violate Immigration and Human Trafficking Laws (so, the whole pizzagate thing was a projection too)

Firm owned by longtime Trump bodyguard Keith Schiller received $225,000 from RNC
A Trump property earned money from a political committee one out of every two days from 2017 until the midterms - The Washington Post
Make America Grift Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This would be the biggest scandal in all but about two previous presidencies, but it wouldn't even break the top ten of the Trump administartion's greatest grifting hits:

Trump says Democrats 'cannot legitimately win' 2020 presidential election (will declare election invalid if he doesn't win)

"Trump Is Hated by Everyone Inside the White House" ... Staff Are Miserable -- The leak of his schedules is a sign of deep disaffection. Mick Mulvaney, chafing at the family, is eyeing the exits, as is Larry Kudlow.

Matthew Whitaker Hearing Goes Off The Rails After He Chastises Chairman | HuffPost - Bold move.
Matt Whitaker Headed To Trump Hotel After Hearing And People Are Talking | HuffPost - "How very swampy." (they just don't give a shit)
Matt Whitaker Headed To Trump Hotel After Hearing And People Are Talking : politics
James Clapper Rips 'Truly Cringeworthy' Whitaker Testimony: It Was 'Amateur Hour' -- "He was terrible and obviously in over his head"
Judiciary Dem asks Whitaker: 'How the heck did you become the head of the Department of Justice?' (we already knew the answer)
Trumpworld's first hostile hearing
Whitaker And Nadler Clash At Judiciary Committee Hearing - The Atlantic - Throughout a contentious oversight hearing, the acting attorney general seemed to be auditioning for his next job in the Trump administration. The battle is on between Trump and his Democratic foes - CNNPolitics

Susan Collins Intentionally Misled the Public about Kavanaugh: She Must be Held Accountable for Kavanaugh's War on Roe (Suzie Doozy lied?)

Paul Ryan, Political SUPERGENIUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's almost impressive that Republicans managed to make their upper-class tax cut even more unpopular than it would be in the abstract ... the Trump administration reportedly pressured the IRS to err on the side of withholding too little from American's paycheck ... (so, that's even possible?)

Fox News' Chris Wallace Rips Republicans Outraged By Democratic Investigations -- "It's not like Republicans sat on their hands when Barack Obama was president" (pls, hypocrasy is a feature of the Republican brain)

Average Tax Refunds Down 8.4 Percent As Angry Taxpayers Vent On Twitter | HuffPost - Many workers who had always gotten a refund find out they now owe the IRS (OH, YOU GOT SCAMMED BY THE SWAMP MONSTER?)
get a tax refund and might have to pay
Trump's War On Regions That Will Support Him Anyway (as long as some off-white people get screwed worse)

The political anatomy of disgust - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The brains of liberals and conservatives reacted in wildly different ways to repulsive pictures: Both groups reacted, but different brain networks were stimulated. Just by looking at the subjects' neural responses, in fact, Montague could predict with more than 95 percent accuracy whether they were liberal or conservative ... people who are very sensitive to strong flavors are more likely to be conservative (contamophobic Republicans are disgusting, scientists say)
Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are Conservative Mother Jones - conservatism is positively associated with heightened epistemic concerns for order, structure, closure, certainty, consistency, simplicity, and familiarity, as well as existential concerns such as perceptions of danger, sensitivity to threat, and death anxiety. (Republicans are scared snowflakes, scientists say)
Why conservatives are more susceptible to believing in lies. - Misinformation is currently predominantly a pathology of the right ... Republicans believe people are fundamentally bad, while Democrats see people as fundamentally good. (Republicans are bad people, scientists say)

Emails Reveal Jake Tapper Ripping BuzzFeed Editor Ben Smith as 'Irresponsbile' For Publishing Trump Dossier ... and "uncollegial" ... "Collegiality wise it was you stepping on my dick" (wtf Fake Japper's dick is everywehre!)

Harry Reid Rebuked Amy Klobuchar For Mistreatment Of Staff | HuffPost - A leaked campaign document shows how staff tried to manage her anger (you're toast, Amy the Bitch, GTFO)
Staffers, Documents Show Amy Klobuchar's Wrath Toward Her Aides -- "It's hard to explain the anxiety that permeates the office,' (so, a lot like the raging Trumpster)

Yes, politicians wore blackface. It used to be all-American 'fun'

Second woman accuses Va. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault - The Washington Post (speaking of GTFO)
The allegations against Justin Fairfax are grave. They must be investigated. - The Washington Post ... Reporters for The Post looked into Ms. Tyson's story a year ago and could not corroborate it ...
Virginia Lieutenant Governor Faces Eroding Support from Democrats After New Accuser Speaks - The New York Times
Justin Fairfax Accused of Sexual Assault by Second Woman: 'Disgusting! This Dude Raped Me' ... 'I will not resign,' Fairfax said Friday after Meredith Watson publicly accused the lieutenant governor of raping her in 2000, when they were both Duke University student (so, serial rapist will not resign)
'This is an earthquake' : Virginia GOP celebrates Dems' implosion

How Howard Schultz Left a Bitter Taste in Seattle's Mouth -- The former Starbucks CEO says he can bring unity to the country, but he's a divisive figure in his hometown.

Editorial: Elizabeth Warren needs to stop the drip-drip-drip of fresh revelations - The Boston Globe

Thousands of Black Votes in Georgia Disappeared and No One Can Explain It : politics (Republican ate them, otherwise Stacy would have won)

A Texas council member called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 'bimbo' on Twitter. He has deleted his account ... "The embarrassment is to have bimbos like you with nothing between your ear." (Trumpster can't talk either)

Eschaton: Good Hitler/Bad Hitler - The good Hitler is the conservative one. The bad Hitler is the liberal one. Got it?
Eschaton: Turning Points - Candace Owens (pro-Hitler)
Matt Ortega on Twitter: "Candace Owens: "But if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted, he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalise." jfc"
Candace Owens - Wikipedia - Candace Owens (born April 29, 1989)[1] is an American conservative commentator and political activist. She is known for her pro-Trump stance and her criticism of Black Lives Matter and of the Democratic Party.[2][3][4] She is the Director of Communications at the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA. She is African-American and grew up in Stamford, Connecticut ... She was raised by her grandparents after her parents divorced.

This Austin Resident Was On Texas' List Of Potential Illegal Voters. Now She's Suing.

Jeff Bezos Can Sue the Pants Off the National Enquirer - POLITICO Magazine - A lawsuit could change the way we think about privacy in the digital age.
Private Eyes Detail Inner Workings of National Enquirer 'Blackmail' Machine
What happens when billionaires battle gossipmongers? Prepare for explosions. - The Washington Post - Jeffrey P. Bezos of fame and Peter Thiel, who birthed PayPal.
Does Jeff Bezo's behavior put Amazon at risk?
Jeff Bezos, long known for guarding his privacy, faces his most public and personal crisis - The Washington Post

Eschaton: The Tears of Amazon Cuomo - Amazon doesn't need any subsidies from anyone, and there's no sane argument that suggests that NYC needs to attract large employers at the moment, even if such subsidies were a reasonable thing for some municipalities to do (probably not!).

Marijuana legalization: Senator Ron Wyden introduces S. 420, a bill to legalize marijuana - CBS News : news

Nick Sandman's lawyer: 'Nathan Phillips will be sued' over lies against Covington boys (yeah, that'll work)

Arizona considering declaring porn a 'public health crisis' : news ... Gail Griffin, an 84-year-old senator serving in the Arizona House of Representatives, unveiled a measure that would install a block on all software sold in the state capable of accessing the internet.

Les Moonves, Fired by CBS, Sets Up Shop in Hollywood - The New York Times (Moonfuck is back!)

A Pedophile Doctor Drew Suspicions for 21 Years. No One Stopped Him. - WSJ - Federal government's Indian Health Service failed to protect Native American boys from Pat Webster's sexual abuse, despite repeated warning signs ... But the Indian Health Service didn't fire Mr. Weber. Instead, it transferred him to another hospital in Pine Ridge, S.D. He continued treating Native American children there for another 21 years, leaving behind a trail of sexual-assault allegations. (wonder where they got that idea?)

Abuse of Force: Bodycam video shows man tased 11 times : news

My Road Trip in Search of America's Best Orgasm -- What started as a search for the ultimate auto-erotic experience became a fantastic voyage into my own body

Mom who seduced teen sentenced to 1 year in jail; DA calls sentence double standard : news

TIL that the highest paid state employee in 39 states is either a college football or basketball coach : todayilearned (concussionball!)

The Tinder algorithm, explained - Vox - Some math-based advice for those still swiping this Valentine's Day (algorithmic superficiality)

Elegy for a vent in a Hawaiian volcano: It blew for 35 years. It just ceased. - The Washington Post

How Your Brain Decides Without You - Nautilus - Pocket - In a world full of ambiguity, we see what we want to see. (giving people more information doesn't change their stupid minds)

A special class of vivid, textural words defy linguistic theory: could 'ediophones' unlock the secrets of humans' first utterances? e

Scientists write in the "Journal of Psychopharmacology" that not only are MDMA-users more empathetic than other drug users, but this empathy is why long-term MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD can work. : science

A Mediterranean diet, characterized by their olive oil and nut consumption, has been correlated with lower depression risk. A new population study (n=26,656) found that depression scores were significantly lower among nut consumers, and particularly walnut consumers which were 26% lower (p<0.0001). : science

Physicists Found a Brand-New Kind of Magnet Hiding in a Uranium Compound : science

What's an actual, scientifically valid way an apocalypse could happen? : AskReddit

What's something someone did that instantly made you lose your crush on them? : AskReddit

Hey Reddit, what's the strangest coincidence you've ever personally experienced? : AskReddit


Experts predict five-year global heatwave and more weather disasters : worldnews

Falling total fertility rate should be welcomed, population expert says | World news : worldnews

Measles cases in Europe tripled last year, WHO says : worldnews
Measles as a Gateway Disease. Surviving Measles may do long term damage to immune system, creating an opening to suffer more communicable diseases. : worldnews
People who actively act like a piece of shit

'Political earthquake' as Thai princess runs for PM against military junta . : worldnews

A six-year old child was beheaded in Saudi Arabia : worldnews (redditors debate source but looks legit)
A six-year old child was beheaded in Saudi Arabia - Mehr News Agency - in front of her mother after he was confirmed to be Shia. (Saudi fuckers)

Brutal murder of 19-year-old girl shocks Jerusalem : worldnews

Four men have been arrested for vandalizing a Unesco World Heritage site in India after viral video emerges : worldnews

UK School cancels play about Darwin and evolution after Christian parents complain - It has provoked anger among other families who call the decision 'shameful' : worldnews

6 arrests in killing of journalist who exposed FIFA official : worldnews

Tensions escalate over delivery of humanitarian aid to Venezuela - The Washington Post (3rd grade bus driver now starving his people even more)

bellingcat - Third Skripal Suspect Linked to 2015 Bulgaria Poisoning - bellingcat

Eschaton: He Saw Her On TV - Only the people in the little box that talks to him are real -- The Trump administration will tap a former Fox News reporter and former intelligence operative to lead the U.S. government's premier agency charged with exposing and countering disinformation from Russia and other foreign governments around the world.

Does inconspicuous clerk's marking on Roger Stone indictment hold deeper clues to Mueller case? Hints of those ties may have been in a little-noticed marking on the indictment ... part of a larger story
Trump Confidant Roger Stone Sued by Jerome Corsi in Latest Twist - Bloomberg (who's pissing on whose grave?)

DOJ must release redacted Michael Cohen search warrant, judge says - POLITICO - The ruling delivered a partial victory to media organizations that have been seeking government records in the Cohen case.

Donald Trump's biggest nightmare isn't Mueller (opinion) - CNN -- the Southern District of New York
New Trump Probe Looks a Lot Like a RICO Investigation : politics

5 takeaways from the Matthew Whitaker hearing - The Washington Post
'Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up' : Matthew Whitaker very shaky performance

Trump makes a plea for the Politics of Irony - The Washington Post -- "Vengenance is mine' sayeth the lout

Eric Umansky on Twitter: "Scoop from @JustinElliott & WNYC's @ilyamarritz -- who've found: 1. The Trump inauguration paid the Trump hotel an "egregious" amount of $. 2. The deal may violate the law against self-dealing."
New Evidence Emerges of Possible Wrongdoing by Trump ProPublica

'My whole town practically lived there' : From Costa Rica to New Jersey, a pipeline of illegal workers for Trump goes back years

Opinion | Republicans Got Us Into This Mess, and They Have to Get Us Out of It - The New York Times - The idea sounds crazy -- until suddenly i doesn't ... the institutional corruption, weakness and self-betrayal of the Republican Party ... Trexit ... (sorry, where have you been for 50 years ... oh, Brookings)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposes The Dark Side Of Politics In 5 Incredible Minutes : politics (she did it again)
NowThis on Twitter: AOC: "We have a system that is fundamentally broken."

Democrats slam Collins for Kavanaugh vote in wake of Supreme Court ruling on Louisiana abortion law - The Washington Post (Suzie cackles "I'm rollin' in dough")

Virginia Political Crisis Grows for Democrats and Republicans - The New York Times

Eschaton: The Boss - But Klobuchar being a bad boss is one of those "everybody knows" things in DC. I haven't been in DC in years and even I "know" it. Klobuchar has a reputation for being a bad boss over and above normal "of course most senators are assholes" behavior. And, for what it's worth, I've heard this about Klobuchar specifically. I've never heard it about any other Dem women in Congress. I suspect (I have no idea!) Claire McCaskill (for example) wasn't always pure sunshine, but I never heard bad boss stories about her -- The joke I heard: Amy Klobuchar is a very likable and popular senator from Minnesota. She wins re-election with 70% of the vote there. The other 30% have worked for her.

Jeff Bezos Takes on the National Enquirer and Trump - Bloomberg - Jeff Bezos is standing up to a potent publication and Trump ally in the service of a principle.
Reporter: Bezos investigator believes 'government entity' may have obtained texts (some fat orange "entity" as the story gets deeper)
Jeff Bezos essentially accused the National Enquirer of having a political motive for exposing his affair, and insinuated a Trump connection : politics ... "He wants political influence so that Amazon will benefit from it. That's not right. And believe me, if I become president, oh, do they have problems. They're going to have such problems." (+Trumpian word salad)
Dick Threatens Use of Pecker Pics to Stop Investigation Into His Corrupt Media Enterprise - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Bezos security specialist Gavin de Becker said the texts & photos may have been obtained by a foreign govt for Trump and given to AMI. ... Trump might have enlisted the help of British intelligence or the Israeli Mossad ... or Bonesaw
Roger Stone denies hacking Jeff Bezos' phone even though no one asked if he did
If AMI's Jeff Bezos Shakedown Was Criminal, They Can Kiss Their Non-Prosecution Agreement Goodbye
National Enquirer publisher says it will investigate Bezos' allegations - CNN ("investigate" hahaha)
Ronan Farrow says he also faced 'blackmail efforts from AMI' for reporting on the National Enquirer, Trump
Ronan Farrow Says Jeff Bezos Isn't The Only One AMI Tried To Blackmail
He's studied thousands of threatening letters. Now he's at the center of Bezos's blackmail claims against a tabloid ... Gavin de Becker (impressive)

Watchdog group pushes for probe of Epstein plea deal | Miami Herald

The kleptocrats - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Fascinating piece by Frank Foer on how the US banking and real estate systems have facilitated the rise of a global kleptocracy: ... procuring a library card requires more identification in many states than does creating an anonymous shell company. ... what Foer is outlining just might have some relationship to the fact that a sleazy NYC real estate developer is now president of the United States.

Eschaton: Glass Houses - I'm a bit of a softy on plagiarism charges generally because sometimes it gets into "is this enough of a paraphrasing" territory. I guess I buy the sloppy defense a bit more than some do. But especially when you're a journalist writing a book about how all the new journalism is bad unlike the good old days of journalism and the good old journalists like yourself, and you screw up that badly (bad enough that even I don't think the sloppy defense is applicable), you have a bit of a problem and a little bit of remorse and shame would be appropriate.. But New York Times journalists and alums are not known for their sense of shame, as by definition they can do no wrong. They never get it wrong -- Jill Abramson can't eriously be a plagiarist, because plagiarism isn't a serious offense when people like Jill Abramson do it. Fareed Zakaria, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Stephen Ambrose, Juan Williams -- above a certain level, a public figure is immune to any real career consequences for stealing work from the lower castes.
Can a Journalist as Important as Jill Abramson Be a Plagiarist? Hmm Daily - The Worst Thing We Read Yesterday

Plagiarism And Journalistic Caste - Lawyers, Guns & Money
"I made mistakes" : Jill Abramson responds to plagiarism charges around her new book
Jill Bialosky, Poetry Will Save Your Life: A Memoir (Atria Books, 2017)
Jill Bialosky Says Plagiarism Claims 'Should Not Distract' From Her Poetry Memoir (she's an editor for Norton; see Dan Mallory for publishing industry pathology)

An ex-NBA exec joked he 'hid the steak knives' from his wife. Weeks later, she fatally stabbed him, police say.

'It's a Boy' : A mom staged transgender reveal photos for her 20-year-old son

Opinion | Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office - The New York Times - Hard work and discipline help girls outperform boys in class, but that advantage disappears in the work force. Is school the problem? ... Girls consistently outperform boys academically. And yet, men nonetheless hold a staggering 95 percent of the top positions in the largest public companies ... What if school is a confidence factory for our sons, but only a competence factory for our daughters? (no, you need to ask why the fucking sexist patriarchy oppresses women)

US researchers have confirmed that a wreck discovered off the Solomon Islands last year is the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Hiei, the first Japanese warship lost in the Second World War. : worldnews


First calving event at Brunt Ice Shelf in 47 years is looking inevitable -- it will be a doozy.

'Everything is not going to be okay' : How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in trouble

Matt Gaetz Tries To Remove Parkland Fathers From Gun Violence Hearing : NPR - A longtime Trump ally pushed to have two fathers of Parkland victims tossed out of a congressional hearing on gun violence ... Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., sparked commotion in the hearing when he listed circumstances in which violence was committed by undocumented immigrants, and said the solution would be to build the Trump-backed wall along the Southwest border.
NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Targeted in Congressional Inquiry Into Illegal Campaign Coordination

EU says no, again, to renegotiating Brexit deal as May arrives in Brussels : worldnews

A Desperate Exodus From ISIS' Final Village -- A stream of families and fighters, many of them hungry or injured, are surrendering on a rocky patch of desert in southeastern Syria. (Trump won the war!)
A Deadly Welcome Awaits Syria's Returning Refugees -- As the war in Syria dies down, the torture and mistreatment of returnees are ramping up.

More women come forward after Arias sexual assault complaint - Two more women have accused former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, a Nobel peace laureate, of sexual misconduct after a criminal complaint alleging sexual assault against another woman was filed against him this week in the Central American nation.

Year Before Killing, Saudi Prince Told Aide He Would Use 'a Bullet' on Khashoggi
UN investigator: Evidence shows Saudi officials 'planned and perpetrated' Khashoggi killing : worldnews
Legislation to punish Saudi Arabia for the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi and for its role in the conflict in Yemen was introduced Thursday by a bipartisan group of senators who said the Trump administration failed to hold a key ally to account : worldnews

Trump Calls for More Legal Immigration, After Pushing to Cut It - Bloomberg

Pentagon sending 250 troops to Texas due to caravan - CNNPolitics

Lea Gabrielle, former Fox News reporter, named to lead counter-propaganda efforts at State - CNNPolitics (perfect for the job)

Richard Burr on the Senate Intelligence Committee's Russia investigation, 2 years on - CBS News

Sergei Millian, identified as an unwitting source for the Steele dossier, sought proximity to Trump's world in 2016
The clapback continues: Pelosi delivers perfect response to Trump investigation questions - "Whatever the president says about us, he's projecting his own unruliness. He's a projector"

The Mueller investigation has sprouted. Therein lies the jeopardy for Trump. - The Washington Post -- "It's not the crime; it's the offspring of the crime

Here's why Trump's acting attorney general is now 'running scared from the law' as Democrats threaten a subpoena
Why is Matthew Whitaker panic-stricken about testifying before Congress? - The Washington Post
'They Hate This Guy' : Matt Whitaker Braces for Showdown With Dems

Trump says Democrats investigating him is 'PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT.' He's called for at least 18 investigations of his opponents. (Don't do what I do, do what I say I'm not doing)

Revealed: Man behind pee-tape allegations asked George Papadopoulos to work for both Trump and Russia -- after the election
Top intel Democrat ramps up the Russia investigation -- and hints it may implicate Devin Nunes (the little commie ratfucker finally going down?)

Trump FURIOUS after Schiff hires former NSC aides to help with probe - CNNPolitics ... Trump FUMED on Twitter
Trump Fears Schiff Recruiting White House Employees for Probe - Bloomberg

"I Am Disgusted" : Behind the Scences of Trump's Increasingly Scrutinized $107 Million Inauguration -- Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was the mastermind event producer (tentacles from the slimey swamp from the very beginning)

'Too hot to handle': Pelosi predicts GOP won't trigger another shutdown (the last one worked so well)

The Battle Over Trump's Tax Return Begins
House Democrats Hunt President Trump's Tax Returns on Ways and Means Committee - House Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee have released the hounds.
Trump's slump could be permanent (dump slumping Trump)

MSNBC host destroys Fox News' double standard on Trump's laziness by showing its coverage of Obama
TheBeat w/Ari Melber on Twitter: "WATCH: Fox News pundits defending Trump's 'Executive Time' schedule blasted Obama for playing golf. "We also know Trump golfs far more than Obama based on 2 years of data" - @AriMelber"

How the GOP's giant tax reform con was designed to trick American voters -- and is now backfiring spectacularly

Trump's Popularity Slumps to Record Low in January -- President posts negative net approval rating in 32 states ... best numbers came in Wyoming and West Virginia; his worst numbers were in the District of Columbia and Vermont.

'Queen of Coondescending Applause' Nancy Pelosi clapped at Trump, and the Internet lost it
Nancy Pelosi's clap at Trump's SOTU is quickly bcoming a meme

Consumer Protection Bureau Cripples New Rules for Payday Loans - The New York Times (no protection for you, haha)

Opinion | Abolish Billionaires - The New York Times - A radical idea is gaining adherents on the left. It's the perfect way to blunt tech-driven inequality.

Green New Deal FAQ | Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The Green New Deal's Huge Flaw -- It completely ignores the most crucial environmental, economic, and racial-justice issue of all: where we live. (suburbs and highways are the problem)

WTF -- Phoenix police on Wednesday disputed Cindy McCain's account of human trafficking at an Arizona airport. McCain had told local news station KTAR on Monday that she intervened at Sky Harbor International Airport last week when she spotted a woman with a child of a "different ethnicity" "I went over to the police and told them what I saw and they went over and questioned her and, by God, she was trafficking that kid" ... Phoenix Police Sgt. Armando Carbajal told KTAR that police conducted a welfare check on the child and found "no evidence of criminal conduct or child endangerment." McCain -- who is reportedly the co-chair for Arizona Governor's Council on Human Trafficking ... (she has a black kid?)
Phoenix Police Refute Cindy McCain's Story of Human Trafficking at Airport (update: lying racist bitch)
President Trump's s fantastical human-trafficking claims -- In fiscal 2018, the Justice Department initiated 230 human trafficking prosecutions. That's an 18 percent decline from the year before, when 282 cases were brought ... The foreign national cases, contrary to Trump's claims, generally used legal border crossings, visa fraud and airplanes. (the movies in his head go round and round)

This art installation features an Ivanka Trump look-alike vacuuming. The president's daughter isn't pleased -- In the exhibit, a woman dressed as Trump vacuums crumbs tossed by visitors

Republicans Split On Whether Blackface Is A Problem | HuffPost - Democrats overwhelmingly say it is (what does Cindy McCain think?) .

'What she's selling is bitter division' : Tucker Carlson suggests Stacey Abrams wants to 'overthrow' white men (as Nancy said: pro ... jec ... tion)

Why is Nancy and Beto with convicted Mexican drug lord El Chapo? (dead ringer)

Rep. Marcia Fudge gets restraining order against woman who accused her of assault: 'If I had hit her, she would have been hurt' ... A judge on Wednesday granted U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge a restraining order against an Avon woman who claimed the Congresswoman struck her hand last month during an altercation over Fudge's past support of a Cleveland judge now charged with murdering his wife. (she only punched her phone! and Fudgie wanted to replace Nancy)

Ralph Northam must resign - The Washington Post
'I believe her claim' : Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro on accuser of Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax
Virginia's descent from darling to dumpster fire leaves residents reeling -- Virginia already boasts half of the top 10 richest counties in the nation. And in 2018, the state elected a record number of women to Congress, helping to flip the House for Democrats. (the problem is men)
Why it's shocking to look back at med school yearbooks from decades ago -- They offer jaw-dropping examples of the sexism and racism that shaped professional cultures ... Teaching practices nurtured this focus on male heterosexual desire ... The 1972 University of Southern California Dentistry School yearbook ... (racist asshole doctor dudes)
10 Stars Whose Blackface Blunders Backfired, From Ted Danson to Kylie Jenner (Photos)
Ted Danson Blackface Performance at Whoopi Goldberg's Roast (1993) | Lost Media Archive | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Virginia Republican edited yearbook with racist images - POLITICO - State Sen. Tommy Norment, a Republican who represents much of the area north of Newport News, served as managing editor of the 1968 yearbook, which featured images of blackface and Confederate battle flags, and contained racist slurs, including the N-word.
Virginia Sen. Tommy Norment was an editor for VMI yearbook filled with racist photos and slurs | Virginia Politics |

Republicans Spl it On Whether Blackface Is A Problem | HuffPost - Democrats overwhelmingly say it is.

Why a photo of Mitch McConnell is resurfacing amid Northam yearbook controversy ("refsurfacing" in the minds of the media, who ignored it for 10 years)

Brian Snow on Twitter: "@POTUS Unforgivable! Mitch meeting with Sons of Confederate Veterans. Must step down do what's right! #SAD

Klobuchar's Mistreatment of Employees Is a Legitimate Issue - Lawyers, Guns & Money

If you must write prose and poems the words you use should be your own - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Jill Abramson reveals herself as a lousy journalist, bad plagiarist and not a good person and also, watch Barbara Ehrenreich wreck her reputation in the comments ... a whole lotta shit goin' down lately)
Barbara Ehrenreich on Twitter: "I give credit for Nancy P's recent transformation to AOC, who showed her it's possible to be gorgeous, charismatic and hard as nails. ... "When Pelosi was being hard as nails in her unpopular support for people with AIDS, Ocasio-Cortez hadn't been conceived."
Barbara Ehrenreich on Twitter: "I hadn't noticed" (self-destructs spectacularly)

No thank you, Mr. Pecker -- Something unusual happened to me yesterday -- Jeff Bezos ... Here's a piece of context: My ownership of the Washington Post is a complexifier for me. It't unavoidable that certain powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will wrongly conclude I am their enemy. President Trump is one of those people, obvious by his many tweets

Researchers say fears about 'fake news' are exaggerated

Craigslist founder donates $15 million for journalism ethics

In a Groundbreaking Hire, Axios Names Jess Szmajda as Its New C.T.O. -- Szmajda, a tech veteran, will help lead the media company's expansion into paid products. She'll also blaze a trail for other transgender leaders in the industry ... ter two years of doing business as a purely ad-driven media publication, Axios is preparing to introduce a complementary subscription component.

Delay, Deny, and Deal Flow: Two New York Times Reporters Cash in on Seven-Figure Facebook Opus | Vanity Fair - The book, acquired by HarperCollins, suggests the extent to which the publishing industry is willing to bet on politically adjacent reportorial blockbusters. (Sheryl is pouting)

A Florida politician allegedly made a habit of licking men's faces. She has now resigned ... Madeira Beach City Commissioner Nancy Oakley will face consequences for licking a city manager's which will include paying a $5,000 fine ... The investigation into Oakley's misconduct led to a very public airing of Madeira Beach's dirty laundry ...
"Have some Madeira M'Dear" by Flanders and Swann (read by Tom O'Bedlam) - YouTube

Parking lot suicides at veterans hospitals prompt calls for better staff training, prevention efforts - The Washington Post - Veterans are taking their own lives on VA hospital campuses, a desperate form of protest against a system that they feel hasn't helped them (support our troops was always a hollow lie)

Dollar stores: The cost of discount shopping

Aaron McGruder Back With New "Boondocks" Comics | What's Trending

Virginia Police Sergeant Suspended After Antifa Ties Him to White Nationalism - The New York Times

Workers found a suitcase next to a quiet Connecticut road. A woman' body was inside

A drunk passenger forced a plane to land. It cost him $16,000. - The Washington Post

It's Easy to Be a Saint in Paradise: Thoughts on The Good Place's Third Season - Lawyers, Guns & Money - he Good Place is the best show on television

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 408 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - James Russell Lowell is buried in Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts. (lots you didn't know about him)

Number of Canadian cannabis users relatively unchanged since legalization, Statcan says : worldnews


Earth just experienced one of the warmest years on record : worldnews ... ighteen of the hottest 19 years have occurred since 2001.
Today's Earth looks a lot like it did 115,000 years ago. All we're missing is massive sea level rise. -- New research suggests the planet is already paralleling the most recent major warm period in its past. Now the only question is how fast Antarctica could collapse.

'It will take off like a wildfire': The unique dangers of the Washington state measles outbreak

Saudi Arabia Gave U.S. Weapons to al Qaeda-Linked Fighters: CNN : worldnews

North Korea is hiding nukes and selling weapons, alleges confidential UN report : worldnews

12,000 Chinese blood plasma treatments contaminated with HIV : worldnews

Eschaton: The Language of Diplomacy - Oh dear. -- Donald Tusk @eucopresident -- I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted #Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely" (that pretty much sums it up)
Eschaton: Can Dish It Out - Don't know what's going to break the UK madness. Maybe we'll find out in 51 days when they, uh, break. -- Anyway: the lesson here is clear. Pro-Brexit politicians and commentators think it's entirely reasonable to describe European leaders as Nazis, Soviets, or whatever other historically inept slur leaps to mind, and just expect them to take it. But the minute they answer back, even politely, they have somehow crossed the line into indecency, sir, and this shall not stand. Somehow, Britain has ended up in an abusive relationship with the European Union. and Britain is the abusive partner.

Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds | World news | The Guardian - Bullying, public humiliation and discrimination
Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds : worldnews

Erdogan slams US 'silence' over Khashoggi, demands Saudi answers : worldnews
U.S. Erupts in Fury as Germany Deports Terrorist to Turkey - Bloomberg - Convicted terrorist accused in deaths of two U.S. servicemen

FACT CHECK: Was George Soros Arrested in Switzerland in February 2019? - George Soros, perhaps the most maligned and lied-about public figure alive, was once again the target of another garbled and malicious rumor in February 2019, when conspiracy theory websites reported "breaking news" that he had been arreted in Switzerland -- based on information provided by former U.S. President Barack Obama, who had himself been charged with treason against the United States and detained at Guantanamo Bay for a month (and waterboarded until he ratted out Soros!)

Trump shown meeting with Russians in Moscow in 1995 over 'building project' -- Video alleges to show US president meeting with former Russian officials in Moscow to discuss building an underground mall
Trump Moscow Deal: Trump Wanted $20 Million Up Front in 2006 - Bloomberg

House Expands Russia Inquiry as Pelosi Declares Democrats Will Not Be Cowed - The New York Times (by Trump's threat to tank the economy) ... into the potential influence that Russia and other foreign powers may be exercising over President Trump ... just hours after Mr. Trump used his State of the Union address to warn that "ridiculous partisan investigations" threatened the nation's economic health ... That, Ms. Pelosi said "was a threat; it was an all-out threat" ... (Trump IS the "economy" and Republicans are traitors)
House Intel Democrats Just Restarted and Supercharged the Trump-Russia Probe

Trump's State of the Union Protection Racket: Either Mueller Gets It, or the American Economy Does (oh, they mention his "sniffles"/cocaine snorting and "Il Duce hand gestures" +best summary except for Charlie)
Trump's State of the Union address gives away the game: he fears investigations
Donald Trump's State of the Union Speech Was Hilarious and Downright Depressing - The president* called for unity during State of the Union address. That was both hilarious and downright depressing.

Sealed Document 'Placed in Vault' on Same Day House Dems Postpone Michael Cohen Hearing
Big Cases Bot on Twitter: "New filing in United States v. Gates: Order on Sealed Motion for Leave to File Document Under Seal PACER Docket:"
Paul Erickson, Russian Agent Maria Butina's Boyfriend, Indicted for Fraud -- The federal indictment in South Dakota alleges that he ran a criminal scheme from 1996 to 2018 using a chain of assisted living homes.
Mueller probe filings raise prospect of more indictments | TheHill
House Intel votes to send witness transcripts to Mueller for possible perjury charges - POLITICO
House Democrats respond to Trump's call to halt investigations by relaunching Russia probe, investigating his family
Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner Transcripts Sent To Mueller For Possible Perjury Investigation After House Intel Vote : politics
Chairman Schiff Statement on House Intelligence Committee Investigation | Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

On Trump's calendar, just 17 intelligence briefings in 85 days U.S. officials also say Trump does not regularly read the written intelligence briefing sent over daily. (b/c, you know, he can't read and could care less)

Full text: Trump 2019 State of the Union address
State of the Union transcript, annotated

Trump Asks for Unity, but Presses Hard Line on Immigration - The New York Times
Most viewers approved of Trump's second State of the Union address -- Seventy-six percent of Americans who tuned in to President Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night approved of the speech he gave. Just 24 percent disapproved.
Speech audience was most partisan since 2001 : Trump speech draws Republican audience, which approved of it - CNNPolitics -- viewers were roughly 17 points more likely than the general public to identify as Republicans, and were largely fans of the President (what CBS didn't tell you)

State of the Union language : words Trump used in his State of the Union that had never been used before ... bloodthirsty chilling fentanyl freeloading hurting sadistic screeched venomous womb

State of the Union Fact Check: What Trump Got Right and Wrong - The New York Times
State Of The Union Address
Donald Trump Just Tried to Take Credit For Electing the Most Women to Congress Ever : politics -- Of 102 woman house reps, 89 are Democrats. 13 are Republicans, down from 25 last Congress and the lowest in decades. 37% of Democratic house members are women. 6% of Republicans are ... There are as many female Republicans in Congress as there are Republicans named Mike in Congress.
Don't believe President Trump when he says it's a "priority" to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions: His administration is asking a federal court to rule Obamacare's ban on pre-existing conditions unconstitutional.

State of the Union fact check: Trump's claims on El Paso crime rates
Border reaction to Trump speech: 'A waste of nine minutes' ... "That may be convincing to people in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania, but it's very difficult to make that case the closer you are to the border" (dimbulb racists who Fox)
Making America White Again is About Cruelty - Lawyers, Guns & Money - All of this border wall nonsense is about white people far away from the border freaking out about hearing Spanish or something. But the actions on the border that result are exercises in cruelty and can be genuinely dangerous, as in Nogales ... What's a few grievous wounds to people living in Nogales if it makes white people in Nebraska feel good about their own whiteness?

Why Trump's zigzagging speech made perfect sense -- State of the Union address, as it unfolded, was a dizzying and even disorienting experience, a cascade of rhetorical passages that seemed to contradict each other every few moments.

Donald Trump 2019: Same lying racist he was last year | - Racist trolling with a dash of desperation -- Tuesday's speech showed that Trump has learned nothing, not that this is any surprise. Trump spent the first 72 years of life learning nothing, so there was no reason to think he would start now. Sure enough, the speech showed that Trump is the same person he has been for the past three years, and likely his whole life: A liar, a racist and a man who is willing to ruin the country for no other reason than power and personal gain ... Surprising no one, Trump continued his multi-year effort to mainstream talking points taken straight from white supremacist websites.
Trump's Revealing Immigration Ad Lib -- Is the president ready to strike a compromise deal?

Nancy Pelosi's Literal Clap-Back At Trump Is The Most Iconic Moment Of The Night -- The speaker's seemingly sarcastic applause quickly turned into a new meme.
State of the Union: Nancy Pelosi clapping at Trump has become an instant meme | indy100 - 12 months ago Donald Trump went viral after applauding his own speech at the 2018 State of the Union address.
Nancy Pelosi and the Sarcastic Point Clapback Heard Round the World : politics
@pattonoswalt -- Congrats to @SpeakerPelosi for inventing the"fuck you" clap
Twitter: "This Nancy Pelosi: EVERYTHING.

Stacy Abrams: 'Together, We Are Coming For America, For A Better America'
Stacey Abrams's New Strategy for Democrats
Stacey Abrams destroys Trump in response to State of the Union over LGBT+ rights and the government shutdown | indy100
Opinion | The Stacey Abrams Revolution - The New York Times - She represents a repudiation of the idea that Democrats must downplay "identity" to appeal to the country at large. ("indentity politics" = noticing America is fucking racist)
Democratic Response to the 2019 State of the Union Address : politics ... "Nice country we're got going here. Either Mueller gets it, or the economy does."

This Altered Photo Of Women Lawmakers In KKK Hoods Is Spreading And Twitter Is Refusing To Stop It (we're not the KKK, you're the KKK!)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump unprepared and 'didn't do his homwork' ... " When she makes a mistake, she apologizes when it's pointed out and thanks the person for pointing out her mistake. WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT!
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Trump unprepared and 'didn't do his homework'
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Captured the Horror of the State of the Union | The New Yorker
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn't take kindly to being called 'sullen' at State of the Union address ... "sullen, teenaged and at a loss" (hahaha Peggy Noonan)

New poll finds overwhelmingly support for taxing the rich's wealth
Banks' $21 Billion Tax Windfall Doesn't Stop Their Job Cuts - Bloomberg - Loaned Less

the Hill is a shifty and untrustworthy publication, and if you get mad about something you've read in a story in the Hill, or about a tweet about a story in the Hill, you are a chump. Got it? Two response speeches, by two politicians, in harmony. One website, which is bad. Some indefinite number of angry chumps, ideally zero, but at least not you. (lied about Sanders' speech b/c right-leaning clickbait)

Eschaton: OWNED - We all get sucked in sometimes, but the theater of politics is just entertainment even though it's a bit hard to forget that when a reality show star is the president. Sure the theater sadly matters, some, for appealing to voters, but elections are pretty far away right now.

Eschaton: ACA Was A Failure - No, really, a total failure. Yes there were some good regulatory changes. Yes the exchanges make it possible for some people to buy on the individual market (though that insurance is mostly...not good). Yes the Medicaid expansion was great. But the important thing to remember about the Medicaid expansion was that it was a last minute *fix* to keep the price tag down. Think about that ... The failure was the exchanges. Now we're supposed to talk about all of the other good things in ACA, but remember back in 2009, the exchanges *were* Obamacare. They were the plan. Everything else was tinkering ... Nobody involved wants you to remember this. And the same people are going to bullshit you in 2020 and beyond.

ICE Arrested 21 Savage After New Rap About Kids Being Separated from Families at the Border : politics (not that ICE is fucking political or anything)

Trump announces controversial pick David Malpass for World Bank president - ABC News - Since reports emerged of the impending nomination, several economists and global development experts have pointed to past statements Malpass has made critical of the World Bank and multilateral institutions more broadly. (fucking every institution)

Andrew Cuomo: Trump's Assault on Abortion Rights Must Be Rejected -- The president and the religious right are spreading falsehoods about abortion laws to inflame their base.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar's Mistreatment Of Staff Scared Off Candidates To Manage Her Presidential Bid -- At least three people withdrew from consideration to lead the senator's nascent campaign -- in part because of Klobucher's history of mistreating her staff. (so many reckonings every day)

Yes, Virginia, This is Chaos ... "unprecedented"
Virginia's Governor and Attorney General Embroiled in Blackface Scandal - Lieutenant Governor Accused of Sexual Assault - The governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general are all embroiled in scandal -- and they're all Democrats
Virginia AG Mark Herring Admits to Wearing Blackface in 1980 - Bloomberg
Can We Have a Moratorium on White Men Running for Office for the Next 200 Years? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Hillary Clinton Blackface Hoax Explodes After Virginia Scandals

Rep. Bobby Scott learned of sexual assault allegation against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax a year ago from the accuser: Aides - ABC News
'Utterly shocked and terrified' : Fairfax accuser details alleged assault -- Vanessa Tyson called the encounter with Fairfax 'horrific' and said it has caused her 'deep humilation and shame' ... "Mr. Fairfax has tried to brand me as a liar to a national audience, in service to his political ambitions, and has threatened litigation. Given his false assertions, I'm compelled to make clear what happened."
Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax accuser told friend about 2004 assault - Professor scheduled to appear next week at symposium on sexual violence
Justin Fairfax and Vanessa Tyson - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Warning: contains a graphic description of sexual violence ... Also Donald Trump, serial sexual assaulter among many other things, is president of the United States and 40% of the population is totally OK with a serial sexual assaulter being president of the United States.
Justin Fairfax said "fuck that bitch" as he tried to discredit his accuser during a private meeting Monday night, sources tell @NBCNew
Fairfax Retained Kavanaugh's Lawyers After Allegations Surfaced

Susan Collins Raised More Money From Brett Kavanaugh Supporters Than Mainers | HuffPost - vast majority of money at the end of 2018 came from outside of Maine. (Suzie Doozy knew she had nothing to worry about)

'This One Here Is Gonna Kick My Butt' -- arm Belt Bankruptcies Are Soaring -- Trade disputes over agriculture add pain to low commodity prices that have been grinding down American farmers for years (WSJ paywall, for the headline)

Inside Wisconsin's Disastrous $4.5 Billion Deal With Foxconn -- A huge tax break was supposed to create a manufacturing paradise, but interviews with 49 people familiar with the project depict a chaotic operation unlikely to ever employ 13,000 workers. (hello Scott Walker and stupid Wisconsin voters who believed the scam/giveaway)

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says She'll Put American Interests Over Israel (confusing allegiances)

Howard Schultz and the For-Profit Higher Ed Grift - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Howard Schultz, the billionaire former Starbucks CEO and possible independent presidential candidate, invested millions of dollars and personally owned stock in Capella University, a troubled for-profit college that overcharged the federal student loan program hundreds of thousands of dollars, records show. (Christ, what an asshole)

The fake Elizabeth Warren scandal - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The parallels here with the Clinton e-mail nonsense are striking, except this "scandal" is even phonier, having no basis in any valid concern about anything:

derpyco comments on Aerosmith's Steven Tyler opens home for abused women in TN

A Utah Orthodox rabbi said his childhood nanny sexually abused him for 10 years. Here's why he decided to tell his story for the first time | Deseret News

The New York Times Co. Reports $709 Million in Digital Revenue for 2018 - The New York Times

Ketamine Could Soon Be Used to Treat Suicidal Ideation - Bloomberg - Ketamine Could Be the Key to Reversing America's Rising Suicide Rate -- A version of the club drug is expected to be approved for depression in March. Researchers think it could help treat suicidal thinking. (which is why the cops want to make it Schedule 1 and arrest everybody but important distinction between suicidality and depression) )
NMDA receptor - Wikipedia

Was C.T.E. Stealing His Mind? A Gunshot Provided the Answer - The New York Times (guns in the house of a suicidal man who killed himself with his kids downstairs)

api comments on Rand & Ron Paul, Russian Assets - I swear if there ever is an antichrist and a mark of the beast the far-right end times conspiracy crowd will be camping out to be first in line to get '666' stamped on their foreheads.
/u/api explains how the alt-right's neoreactionary goals of a return to a quasi-monarchy are ideologically aligned with Putin's goals : bestof

The Architecture of Yugoslavia - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: Chasing Buses - Reporting on collisions between cars and pedestrians/cyclists is almost always horrific. -- JUST IN: Georgia college student killed after his bicycle hits university bus -- The cyclist was crossing with the green, and the bus driver made a right turn into an intersection on that same green and hit someone in that intersection. What the hell is with "Jones' bicycle didn't stop, hitting the passenger side of the bus." The Bus drove into him!

Children raised by same-sex couples do better in school, new study finds : worldnews

semsr comments on 2019 Update: Super Bowl Championships by Team


2019 State of the Union Address and Response : politics
Trump'ss State of the Union: Follow along with Post columnists
2019 State of the Union live updates - The Washington Post
(2) Live fact-checking and analysis of Trump's State of the Union address
Why are women in Congress wearing white for Trump's State of the Union address?
Opinion | When the Suffrage Movement Sold Out to White Supremacy - The New York Times - African-American women were written out of the history of the woman suffrage movement. As the centennial of the 19th Amendment approaches, it's time for a new look at the past.
Trump reportedly tried to edit the State of the Union to make it meaner to Democrats : politics
In SOTU address, Trump calls for end of resistance politics ("you cannot resist me" he ranted)
Low Energy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - interminable SOTU was highly redolent of the current state of his presidency:
The Onion on Twitter: "Someone In This Room Tonight Will Be Murdered By An Illegal Immigrant,"

Eschaton: We'll Do Better Next Time - Nobody has any excuse for being surprised by this stuff ever. It is how it supposed to work. -- Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners have transferred American-made weapons to al Qaeda-linked fighters, hardline Salafi militias, and other factions waging war in Yemen, in violation of their agreements with the United States, a CNN investigation has found. -- Well if they violated the agreement I'm sure we'll stop providing weapons (and the wheels on the war bus go round and round)

Pope Francis confirms priests forcing nuns into "sexual slavery" led to dissolution of Saint Jean order of nuns in France - CBS News (ok, that's it?)

Recriminations fly over removal of Army commander ahead of Afghan deployment - POLITICO - The move is the latest development in more than a year of investigations and recriminations over a deadly ambush in Niger that left four special operations soldiers dead ... in ironic twist ... removal risks replicating in the adviser unit some of the problems that contributed to the Niger tragedy

As Cuba medical mystery deepens, State Department turns to new scientific panel for answers ... neuroweapon ..

Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes first public appearance since cancer surgery - The Washington Post

Trump is straining democracy at home and around the world - The Washington Post (Make America Suck Again)

Trump Called Nepal And Bhutan 'Nipple' And 'Button' In Intel Briefing: Time's John Walcott (Reddit predicted this, except "Butt-On")
UN pick Heather Nauert hosted panel on Sharia law conspiracies in 2009 Fox News webcast - CNNPolitics (only the best Fox idiots running your government)

CBP Apologizes To BuzzFeed News Reporter Over Trump And Mueller Questions - A top Customs and Border Protection official apologized Tuesday to a BuzzFeed News reporter who was aggressively questioned by an agent about articles regarding President Donald Trump at a passport control checkpoint in a New York City airport (gestapo)

Secret Files Show How Trump Moscow Talks Unfolded While Trump Heaped Praise On Putin
Felix Sater Promised a Putin Meeting with Michael Cohen Minutes after Don Jr Promised to Revisit Magnitsky Sanctions
Firms Recruited by Paul Manafort Are Investigated Over Foreign Payments - The New York Times

The 7 big investigations of Trump, explained - The Washington Post (Republican crooks all the way down)
'Always been dirty' : Nearly every organization associated with Trump under investigation

More Amazing Coincidences - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As a candidate, Donald Trump had a lot of praise for Vladimir Putin -- and no business, he kept insisting, in Russia. These documents tell a different story.

Michael Cohen Strikes Again: How Secret Recordings Led to Massive Trump Inauguration Investigation : politics
Trump's Legal Problems Might Outlast Robert Mueller's Investigation
Trump's Legal Problems Might Outlast Robert Mueller's The special prosecutor is handing off various deep dives into the bottomless lagoon of slime and corruption that is this administration*.
Federal prosecutors issue sweeping subpoena for documents from Trump inaugural committee, a sign of a deepening criminal probe - The Washington Post
Trump, Inc. -- Confidential Memo: Company of Trump Inaugural Chair Sought to Profit From Connections to Administration, Foreigners ("non-profit")
Sanders on Trump inaugural committee subpoena: 'This has nothing to do with the White House' ("Nothing! nothing, I tell you!, and I'm not the lying mouth of Satan!" she said)

Leaked calendars show how much Trump's ad hoc approach differs from his predecessors (lazy-ass dumb fucker)

The plan to keep Trump's taxes hidden -- The Trump administration wants to drag an expected Democratic request for the president's tax returns into a quagmire of arcane legal arguments.

White House Says Trump's SOTU Will Be 'Unifying' and 'Optimistic.' History Promises Something Else. ("Carnage" in the streets) Here's who Nancy Pelosi is bringing to the State of the Union

Trump's Options for Wall Shrink as Republicans Balk at National Emergency Declaration
Trump Ally Graham Warns GOP to Back President on Wall Emergency - Bloomberg (little gay worm issues threats!)

Nicolle Wallace Drops 'Truth Bomb' On Trump After Secret White House Memo Leaks -- " doesn't do much of anything as president" (which is probably a good thing)
Mike Huckabee Likens Trump White House To Restaurant Kitchen, Gets Served Online | HuffPost -- "His stamina is simply remarkable," (where Sarah learned her outrageous lies)
Conservative Columnist Names The Single Thread Holding Donald Trump's Presidency Together -- Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin: days of Trump "snookering most of the people most of the time are over"

'I trusted you!' Trump voters seethe after realizing they're getting screwed by the GOP's tax plan (no vaccine for stupid, yet)
Nycgirl on Twitter: "Voted for you . Family of 2 hard working N.Y. cops. Did taxes for years we would pay more and get a refund at the end of the year to help pay debt . First time in 30 years We had to pay more in Federal Taxes. I'm disgusted
White Tax Tears: Trump Voters Are Now Realizing They've Been Had : politics
Fox News Laments That Schoolchildren Are Being Taught Fairness : politics (kids are moochers and not people)
Americans have wised up when it comes to Trump - The Washington Post

Over 60 percent of voters -- including half of Republicans -- support Elizabeth Warren's wealh tax
Fox News Hosts Are Horrified to Learn Their Own Polls Show People Want to Tax the Rich : politics

Ups and downs: Trump's terrible tantrums (raging furioiusly yelling and screaming)

GOP Leadership: Instructs Lawmakers to Play Up Gruesome Murders and Rapes by Immigrants

Howard Schultz's Own Polling Finds His Campaign Would Reelect Trump (his time in the limelight is totally worth it)
Democratic super PAC unleashes wave of opposition research against Howard Schultz

Object lessons from the uproar over Ralph Northam - The Washington Post If Republicans insist on becoming the new Dixiecrats, they are headed for political oblivion, and the country is in dire need of a center-right party that is not based on racial identity and cultural grievance. Our democracy depends on it. (Jennifer's true colors)
Northam says he doesn't know how a racist photo got on his yearbook page. This yearbook staffer explains why that's not likely - CNNPolitics

Kellyanne Conway threatens to "perform" abortionss "with a gun" on feminists in resurfaced video (hey, it was years ago)
Ted Cruz just compared rape victims to a man who climbed on a train and electrocuted himself : politics

Was tabloid exposi of Bezos affair just juicy gossip or a political hit job? - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Speaking Of Things That Were Predicted - Dem charter advocates mostly went silent a few years ago as reality caught up with them. All of this was perfectly predictable. --- After more than 20 years of growth nationally, it is noteworthy that some of the trend lines for charters are on the decline. This experiment with deregulation has resulted in massive corruption, fraud and diminished learning opportunities for young people. -- Teachers unions are bad... so what if we just throw lots of money at unaccountable for profit companies with minimal oversight! Because freedom! I see no problems with this approach at all.
Cory Booker Hates Public Schools - There are many good reasons to oppose Cory Booker's bid for the presidency. One of the main ones is his long-standing drive to destroy public education. (hello, dem too stupid to go silent)

"What Do You Think the Point of Robbery Is?" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - civil forfeiture procedures enable police to rob black people with impunity. Otherwise, what would the incentive be to become a cop?

Sheriff's use of courtroom camera to view juror's notebook, lawyer's notes sparks dismissal of criminal case ... resigned with full benefits and moved to Florida. (who's the crook?)

Montana Dems troll Gianforte with journalist assault bill - POLITICO

Accusing Anti-Anti Racists of Stupidity is the Most Racist Act of All - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I also wonder why Reality Winner is the only Greenwald source to ever be arrested and charged with crimes for leaking national security secrets when she leaked documents that were unfavorable to Trump, but I guess we will just never know, now will we. Go ahead Glenn, sue me for libel. (Glen Greenwald's interesting career path)

McClatchy upgrades CEO's housing stipend to $35K a month amid buyouts

Between Netflix ponying up $45 million for the adaptation of J.D. Vance's whitewashed vision of Appalachia and Liam Neeson revealing his racist revenge fantasies while out on the promotional circuit for a film for which he's making eight figures, this week's news cycle contains an array of solid reminders that white supremacy is not just the province of presidents and backwards racists in "Fuck Your Feelings" t-shirts, but is also seriously lucrative shit trafficked in by some of the culture's most recognizable and powerful purveyors.

Harvard's top astronomer says an alien ship may be among us -- and he doesn't care what his colleagues think ... 'Oumaumau

Contrary to previous studies, Harvard research shows marijuana use associated with increased sperm count and higher testosterone. : science

New research investigates a simple strategy to help couples stay calm during conflict: affectionate touch. The study, based on experiments on 140 couples, found that couples behaved more constructively and felt calmer when they were engaged in affectionate touch during conflict. : science

Guy finds and develops 31 rolls of never-before-seen photos from WWII : videos
Researchers Discover Wreck that Could Finally be Amelia Earhart Plane : news

Ladies, just like leggings can very easily attract a guys attention, what is something guys wear that will attract your attention? : AskReddit


A third of Himalayan ice cap doomed, finds report | Environment | The Guardian - Even radical climate change action won't save glaciers, endangering 2 billion people
Military steps in as Australia floods bring crocs to the streets : worldnews
Independent Senator questions whether 'driest continent on the planet' should grow, export cotton -- Australia

2019 police shootings database - Washington Post

McClatchy buyouts could claim chain's full-time Guantanamo reporter

Muslim school in UK 'stops girls from eating lunch until boys have finished' : worldnews

US arms sold to Saudi Arabia and UAE end up in wrong hands - The US shipped weapons and secrets to the Saudis and Emiratis. Now, some are in the hands of fighters linked to al Qaeda and Iran

Erdogan says cannot understand US 'silence' over Khashoggi murder : worldnews

Eschaton: The Concern Is Touching - The slightly but not really paranoid view of this has been it's been part of a grand project to kidnap children for white Christian adoption. I haven't seen anything yet to really discount that theory -- He said the government should focus on reuniting children currently in its custody, not those who have already been released to sponsors. -- "For Christian adoption" is the more benign view of this, of course

CNN Poll: 4 in 10 call this the worst governing of their lifetimes - CNNPolitics
CBS News poll: Most Americans oppose Trump declaring national emergency for wall - CBS News

Trump Team's persistent lying about Russia creates counterintelligence challenge
Fact Check: Trump Misleads Americans About His Ties to Those Charged in the Russia Investigation : politics
"We have very fast airplanes" : Trump's foreign policy pronouncements go beyond self-parody -- Breaking news: Trump's "Face the Nation" interview makes clear he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about

Democrats prepare for week of blockbuster hearings into Trump : politics
US prosecutors reportedly subpoena Trump golf courses in Scotland, which some Democrats worry might have been funded by Russian money : politics
Paul Manafort Judge Clears Courtroom to Hear Secret Evidence - Bloomberg

A Lobbyist At The Trump Tower Meeting Received Half A Million Dollars In Suspicious Payments ...A bank flagged transactions, including large cash deposits, made before and after Rinat Akhmetshin attended the 2016 Trump Tower meeting. (totally innocent)
Trump Inaugural Committee Ordered to Hand Over Documents to Federal Investigators - The New York Times

Don Jr. and Jared Kushner's congressional testimonies are finally going to Mueller

Trump Once Said Power Was About Instilling Fear. In That Case, He Should Be Worried. - The New York Times
Psychiatrist Warns Trump Could Become "Extremely Dangerous" As Mueller Gets Closer

A big leak rattles the White House - Axios - private schedules ... Trump has "hundreds of calls and meetings every day")

Why Can't Trump Remember People's Names? | NowThis - YouTube (stable genius brain with the best memory)
Trump's 'Great Memory' Fails As He Repeatedly Forgets Names In New Supercut

Purge of undocumented workers by the president's company spreads to at least 5 Trump golf courses

90 Democrats, one lone Republican sign onto a bill giving back pay to federal contract workers : politics

If Trump declares a national emergency, Pelosi can jam Republicans. Here's how.

Empty Quarters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Why did Republicans stake out a position so far from voters's preferences? Because they could. As Democrats became the party of civil rights, the G.O.P. could attract working-class whites by catering to their social and racial illiberalism, even while pursuing policies that hurt ordinary workers. (who were too stupid to realize they were conned, yet again)

The Virginia mess - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is getting really ugly: (and also, comments about fakeperson "TJ/ThrottleJockey)
Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Virginia Denounces Sexual Assault Allegation as a 'Smear' (implies Northam behind it)
Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax denies sexual assault allegation - The Washington Post

Northam meets with senior staff and considers options, including resignation - The Washington Post
Northam Photo Was First Surfaced By Right Wing News Site
Lt. Gov. Fairfax slams 'defamatory and false' sexual assault allegation (by BLP)
Virginia Voters Quickly Sour on Northam Amid Blackface Scandal - Democrat sees 41-point drop in net approval after yearbook photo emerges

Ralph Northam's Mistake ... not the particulars of his dalliances with racism, but the fact that they exist -- and that they caught black voters unawares.
Eschaton: 50-50 - Northam changes parties to GOP tomorrow, they embrace him, and all his sins are "forgotten" by Monday. Stop. Recruiting. Republicans. To. Be. Democrats.
Eschaton: The World Passes You By - didn't watch the Northam press conference but caught descriptions of the various highlights. Forget the past, or even him... there's no way that people around him for years haven't noticed that he's a bit... uh... problematic on certain issues. And not "didn't use the most woke word on Twitter" problematic, but... problematic.
Northam's med school banned yearbooks in 2013 -- after students posed in Confederate garb

Opinion | Blackface Is the Tip of the Iceberg - The New York Times - The structural problems we need to solve lie at the roots of American society.

McConnell Confederate Flag Photo Resurfaces in Northam Controversy | Time
Photo of Mitch McConnell in Front of a Confederate Flag Resurfaces Amid Northam Yearbook Controversy : politics
ChuckVoellinger on Twitter: "Tell it to McConnell, or is the Confed flag just a celebration of "southern heritage"? " (this pic has been on LGM every week for years, but no one noticed)

Soak the rich? Americans say go for it - POLITICO - Surveys are showing overwhelming support for raising taxes on top earners (tired of being tinkle-downed)
The "bi-partisan spending spree:" the reactionary centrist meme that cannot be killed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What's increasing the deficit is upper class tax cuts, period, which are actually very unpopular, but which can now be purchased at better bicameral legislatures everywhere. (fuck off, Steve)

Senator Sanders to ask why drug, once free, now costs $375k : politics

Liz Crokin Warns of 'Vigilante Justice' if QAnon's Promised Mass Arrests Don't Happen Soon (if Trump doesn't lock up and execute all the libtards and " elite satanic pedophiles" they will!)

Here Are The Racist Conspiracy Emails Rotting Right-Wing Billionaire Joe Rickett's Brain (dumbfuck rich assholes)

Super Bowl Ratings Hit 10-Year Low : television

A Suspense Novelist's Trail of Deceptions - Dan Mallory, who writes under the name A. J. Finn, went to No. 1 with his dibut thriller, 'The Wooman in the Window." His life contains even stranger twists.

Leavenworth judge blames children in Kansas sex abuse case | The Kansas City Star ... the 'aggressor' in sex abuse case with 67-year-old man

Boy, 4, Finds Gun And Shoots Pregnant Mom In The Face | HuffPost ... in a Washington state apartment found a loaded gun under a mattress ...

The psychological pitfalls of integrating an Eastern spirituality into a modern Western context. (Spiritual by-passing)
Tension Between East and West: Lecture 4: Spiritual Geography

Patients use medical marijuana mostly for chronic pain - Vast majority, 85.5%, of medical cannabis license holders were seeking treatment for an evidence-based condition, with chronic pain accounting for 62.2% of all patient-reported qualifying conditions, finds study based on state registry data. : science

Astronomers have discovered the Milky Way's disk is warped and twisted, not flat like a pancake. The authors hypothesize that as the Milky Way's inner disk of stars rotates, it drags on the outer disk as well, distorting the flat spiral.

(40) Mark Zuckerberg - Fifteen years ago today, I launched the first version of the Facebook website from my college dorm ...


Stock valuations are the 'most obscene' since the Great Depression -- and one market bear says Wall Street experts are giving people false hope before the next crash

Patriots beat Rams, 13-3, for a record-tying sixth Super Bowl championship - The Washington Post

Every extremist murder in 2018 was linked to right-wing terrorism

The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Gaining Ground and Could Hit Manufacturers Hard The EU and at least 18 U.S. states are considering proposals that address the impact of planned obsolescence by making household goods sturdier and easier to mend ... "Let's plan the obsolescence of planned obsolescence.'

Macedonia to sign NATO pact this week : worldnews

Plan to evacuate queen if Brexit goes bad POLITICO - There are no indications Whitehall's emergency plans would involve relocating Queen Elizabeth II to the Continent. (except for that castle in Switzerland they just bought and the walking dead are walking off the cliff)
Brexit: Theresa May 'determined' to leave EU in March ... "No, it' not a 'sweet deal', it's the best deal for any memberstate and we pissed it away because thick old cunts don't understand the modern world and bought a shit-ton of fantasy as fact. Fucking fucking fucking fuck 'em." ... "Pissed away because thick old cunts are afraid of immigrants, also. We have those same sort of thick old cunts in the USA, but they're thicker and older and more numerous." (her face says nothing if not determined)
Vocaroo | Voice message : Trump : I love the poorly educated

Sudanese teacher detained for protesting dies in police custody, reportedly tortured to death : worldnews

Iran Arrests 72 Partygoers for Drinking, Dancing : worldnews .. "I think it's time Iran had another revolution. A DanCe Dance Revolution."

While female activists remain locked up in Saudi Arabia, there can be no return to business as usual - The Washington Post (Bonesaw, face of evil)

Ethical Hacker Exposes Magyar Telekom Vulnerabilities, Faces 8 Years in Jail : technology

India has made a diplomatic protest to the US after 129 Indian students were arrested for enrolling in a fake university. The University of Farmington, advertised as based in Michigan state, was run by undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security : worldnews

Russia Pulls Out of I.N.F. Treaty in 'Symmetrical' Response to U.S. Move (1. order Trump to kill the treaty 2. follow suit 3. claim it wasn't their idea 4. nuclear armageddon)
Played by Putin: Madeleine Albright explains how Trump is "playing a strong hand poorly" ... "Because he's holding the cards backwards for Putin to see, while he stares at the design on the back and randomly picks an unknown card to play."

Trump Admin Says It's Too Hard To Reunite Thousands Of Separated Families: Court Filing : politics (not "too hard" to rip children aways from their parents, though)
Trump administration says it would require extraordinary effort to reunite migrant families : politics

Third Trump Club Fires Undocumented Workers : politics ... "I'm old enough to remember when a politician's entire career was demolished by the discovery of ONE undocumented nanny..."

Seems Legit - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump, who inherited more than $400 million, could not get a loan in 2016 even from Deutsche Bank:
U.S. Is Perceived to Be More Corrupt Under Trump : politics ... "Is it because half his cabinet resigned under corruption scandals, and the other half are accused of corruption, and because the president and his family holding private business interests that benefit from their government positions?"

'A watershed moment' : Trump faces crossroads amid mounting threats on all sides ... "I don't think he's even trying to mask the fact that he is operating as the head of a family-owned business instead of the head of one of the most powerful countries in the world," said Omarosa ...

Why the FBI Sent So Many Agents to Roger Stone's Home
Trump's won't Commit to Making Mueller Report Public
Trump said 'you have to get rid of' the Russia probe and parroted a Kremlin talking point on CBS 'Face the Nation'

Trump says he doesn't "have to agree" with intelligence chiefs on global threats (his syphilitic stable genius brain is very more intelligent)
McConnell should make it a trend - The Washington Post

Insider leaks Trump's "Executive Time"-filled private schedules - Trump has spent around 60% of his scheduled time over the past 3 months in unstructured "executive" time (Fox, nap, twitter, McDonald's time)
Cooper: Make-believe isn't OK when you are president (toddler-in-chief)
President Trump's Daily Briefing

Will the media ever figure out how to cover Trump? - The Washington Post - By Jill Abramson

Mika Brzezinski presses ex-Trump aide for details on president's 'face-lift' tweet (ah, the orange hair and goggle eyes)

How Fox News Pushes Trump to Make Every Bad Decision - No story has demonstrated the power of this unending Trump-Fox feedback loop like the partial government shutdown. (oh, President Murdoch/Hannity behind the curtain)

Forget philanthropy. The super-rich should be paying proper taxes. Rather than funding a better state, they hide behind the fig leaf of charitable giving. : politics
Millennials' pay still stunted by the 2008 financial crash (America loves to fuck their children over)

Sen. Collins Received Numerous Out-of-State Donations Following Her Pivotal Kavanaugh Vote: Report : politics ("or, as she calls them, bribes")

Hillary Clinton on Twitter: "This has gone on too long. There is nothing to debate. He must resign. "
Northam meets with senior staff and considers options, including resignation - The Washington Post
Virginia House Democrats Call For Gov. Ralph Northam's Resignation (gtfo racist asshole)
6 moments of weirdness with Ralph Northam - POLITICO - The Virginia governor joins the annals of bizarre political press conferences. (squirm, fucker)
Here's what Virginia Governor Ralph Northam told Justin Fairfax during the yearbook-photo crisis - The Washington Post
Northam Refuses to Resign: I Am Not in Photo, But I 'Darkened My Face' for Michael Jackson Costume at Dance Contest (implausible deniability)
Ralph Northam is about to moonwalk out of the governor's mansion

A tip from a 'concerned citizen' helps a reporter land the scoop of a lifetime about Northam ... "The revelations about Ralph Northam's racist past were absolutely driven by his medical school classmate's anger over his recent very public support for infanticide" (but definitely not a Trump voter and BLP definitely not a Breitbart spinoff ... and oh, Northam voted for W twice)
Website that published Virginia governor's racist yearbook photo has ties to Corey Stewart campaign -- Big League Politics is owned by a former Corey Stewart consultant.

Eschaton: The World Passes You By - I didn't watch the Northam press conference but caught descriptions of the various highlights. Forget the past, or even him... there's no way that people around him for years haven't noticed that he's a bit... uh... problematic on certain issues. And not "didn't use the most woke word on Twitter" problematic, but... problematic.
Eschaton: 50-50 - Northam changes parties to GOP tomorrow, they embrace him, and all his sins are "forgotten" by Monday. Stop. Recruiting. Republicans. To. Be. Democrats.
The Northam Controversy, the Kavanaugh Controversy, and Long-Past Misbehavior - Volokh Conspiracy : (Eugene weighs in)
The exceedingly weird saga of Ralph Northam - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Victor LaValle on Twitter: "Speaking of Klan robes, a personal story: 1990, freshman year in college. Im assigned a room with two guys. One an old friend, the third a kid my old friend knew. That third kid, Ron, was white. (My buddy Latino.) 1 day I return to dorm to find Ron in a klan robe & hood."

Howard Schultz And Starbucks' Long History Of Fending Off Unions The way the potential presidential hopeful saw it, his workers didn't need collective bargaining -- all they needed was him (so, a Republican ratfucker mole)
TIL As owner of Seattle Supersonics billionaire Howard Schultz gave out $3.50 Starbucks gift cards to employees as a holiday gift. : todayilearned

Opinion | The Real Legacy of the 1970s - The New York Times - economic tumult changed who Americans were as a people ... Inflation ... (and then all the kids went to law school)
Democrat's tax plans reflect profound shift in public mood (waking up after 40 years of trickle down, finding themselves soaked in Republican piss)

Texas Officials Are Exaggerating Voter Fraud. That's exactly the point.

'Your brand is toxic' : Bay Area's last GOP lawmaker couln't overcome Trump ... Baker drowned in a wave election with a concrete "R" chained to her ankle

Conservative journalists quit job over pro-Trump bias - Former RedState contributors Kimberly Ross and Andrea Ruth have left the organization over what they say was a "purge" of writers critical of President Trump.
Conservative journalists quit job over pro-Trump bias : politics (no sympathy)

ICE arrests rapper 21 Savage, says he is actually British and overstayed visa : news (he should have self-deported as a kid, they say)
Phrynobatrachus comments on 21 Savage arrested by ICE (had nothing to do with him saying ICE was doing bad things to children)

Tom Brady's New England Patriots Are Team MAGA, Whether They Like It or Not -- Their star quarterback, coach, and owner all supported Trump. But that's not the only thing that makes the Super Bowl LIII-bound Patriots the preferred team of white nationalists.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Tells Joe Rogan: Trump Is No Worse Than Obama - 'Everyone has a right' to social media, says the head of the website that notoriously tolerates racists, death threats, and trolls. (dumbuck racist techbros can't think, it's all PR)

Rising ESPN star Adnan Virk fired, escorted out in leak investigation

inmynothing comments on Indiana school superintendent charged with insurance fraud after helping sick student resigns

Opioid crisis: Lawsuit claims Sackler family disregarded safety, opioid addiction in Purdue push to profit from OxyContin - The Washington Post (lock up the Sackler fuckers, maybe the next bunch of deathmongers will think twice)

Denver voters to weigh decriminalization of magic mushrooms : politics

First Poster for Documentary 'Hail Satan?' Traces the rise of The Satanic Temple, one of the most controversial religious movements in American history.

Reefer madness letter from the Concord New Hampshire Monitor - Marijuana is harmful : bostontrees - It's he same one guy, Berenson. Get keeps turning up with this bogus book. He'll go away soon.

Why most Massachusetts marijuana sales are on the black market, two years after legalization - The Boston Globe : bostontrees

Darwin's to Open on Putnam Avenue in Cambridge, Taking Over Petsi Pies Space

How Emergent is the Brain? - Neuroskeptic - Does anyone really believe that the brain is such a strongly emergent system that we could never, even in principle 'explain it though an analysis of interactions between its elemental units'? Apart from the units and their interactions, what else is there -- unless we invoke dualism?
Mind--body dualism - Wikipedia
Strong and Weak Emergence - David J. Chalmers

The HyperCube : gifs
Hyperspace Lighting Company

Butter-scented chemical linked to "popcorn lung" (bronchiolitis obliterans) discovered in vape juices, and is the most common flavoring chemical in e-liquids. In the new study, the chemical, together with another similar one, was found to impair the function of the lungs when inhaled. : science


Climate change denier among those appointed to EPA science board : politics
Extreme weather shatters records around the world

After one woman saved Chicago's homeless from the cold, an army of strangers followed her lead - CNN - Donations of transportation, food and money flooded in after strangers learned that real estate developer Candice Payne had booked 20 hotel rooms at the Amber Inn motel.
No Heat for Days at a Jail in Brooklyn Where Hundreds of Inmates Are Sick and 'Frantic'

Measles outbreak sparks concerns over anti-vaccination movement | Society | The Guardian - Washington state outbreak highlights low vaccination rates and the danger the disease presents to unvaccinated children

Two Years Ago, the Trump Administration Limited Abortion Access Worldwide. These Powerful Images Reveal the Impact. : politics (elect evil, people suffer and die, red states have very high infant mortality)

US stops all aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza - BBC News (Netanfuckyu told Putin to order Trump)

/u/QueenJamesKingJordan provides comprehensive detailed, cited, list of torture/enslavement/murder abuses by Saudi's against domestic servants : bestof

El Chapo 'raped girls as young as 13' - and called them his 'vitamins' : news

Venezuela's opposition leader calls for 'unstoppable' wave against Maduro amid huge demonstrations ... as massive anti-government rallies choked the streets, a top general defected and the opposition urged European powers to join the international alliance against him.
Venezuelan general deserts Nicolas Maduro in highest ranking military defection to hit regime : worldnews

Unsecured MongoDB databases expose Kremlin's backdoor into Russian businesses | ZDNet - account spotted on thousands of Russian-linked, internet-exposed MongoDB databases.

Terabytes of Enron data have quietly gone missing from the Department of Energy MuckRock (ask Rich Perry)

By 2025, deaths from illicit opioid abuse are expected to skyrocket by 147%, up from 2015, according to a new study. Between 2015 and 2025, around 700,000 people are projected to die from an opioid overdose, and 80% of these will be caused by illicit opioids such as heroin and fentanyl. : science
Opioid Addiction Is a Huge Problem, but Pain Prescriptions Are Not the Cause - Scientific American Blog Network - Cracking down on highly effective pain medications will make patients suffer for no good reason

Judge Orders Pentagon To Stop Discriminating Against Naturalized Citizen Soldiers : news

Immigrant rights attorneys and journalists denied entry into Mexico - Los Angeles Times - Two U.S. immigrant rights attorneys and two journalists who have worked closely with members of a migrant caravan in Tijuana said they had been denied entry into Mexico in recent days after their passports were flagged with alerts by an unknown government. (Russia? like Interpol?)

New York Daily News Nukes Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin With Explosive Cover | HuffPost - undefined
INF Treaty Withdrawal: Trump Scraps Policy That Kept Peace - a Nuclear Treaty That Kept Us Safe for Decades (run up to Trump's world-ending war)
Killing the INF Treaty is a gift to Putin from Trump - The Washington Post (his mustache covers his upper lip - revoltin' Bolton)
Trump lifts U.S. sanctions on Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in 'huge gift to Putin'

A New Mueller Filing Shows How Russia Misuses U.S. Courts - The Atlantic - A new filing by Special Counsel Robert Mueller shows how Russia uses the federal courts to go after its adversaries.

Trump plays with fire when he insults his intelligence officers - The Washington Post (he's so much more "intelligent")
'Willful Ignorance' : Inside President Trump's Troubled Intelligence Briefings ... 'Willful treason'

Liar, liar: Trump changes his story again on Trump Tower Moscow : politics
Don Jr is going to be indicted and Mueller will use that as leverage to get Trump: ex-prosecutor (will Jr. go jail for Fat Donnie? what do you think?)

Trump now says he fired Mattis 2 months after the defense secretary resigned and publicly rebuked Trump. : politics

Jared Kushner shouldn't be allowed to play government

Author of controversial Nunes memo joining National Security Council - CNNPolitics - Kashyap Patel, a senior staffer for Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee (Trump sends commie traitor to NSC b/c Putin)

McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall - The Washington Post ... telling him the move could trigger political blowback and divide the GOP, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the exchange.

Trump Sought a Loan During the 2016 Campaign. Deutsche Bank Said No. : politics

Trump taps Ronny Jackson to receive promotion and be his top medical adviser, despite investigation - The Washington Post - inspector general opened a case against Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson in June. (dude knew which side his toast was buttered on)

Stephen Colbert Is So Shocked By Trump's NYT Interview That He Does An Extra Monologue | HuffPost ... "I lost massive amounts of money doing this job. This is not the money. This is one of the great losers of all time"

If you're still working for Trump, his stink won't wash off (Chrisie's stink is his own)

Almost Half Of Voters Are Dead Set Against Voting For Trump | FiveThirtyEight (half of the fucking country is evil, stupid and insane)

Ralph Northam is done, whether he knows it or not - The Washington Post ...The sad thing is, he probably could have gotten past this if he would have been the one to bring it up years ago. He could have given a speech on race relations, shown the photo, and said, "Look how stupid and insensitive I used to be. We can can all learn. We can all grow and do better." What sort of faculty member, editor, or staff member would have ever allowed such a photo in the yearbook in the first place. Jesus...what are people thinking ? (most of these articles are written without mentioning "Eastern Virginia Medical School" +"coonman")
The Ralph Northam Year Book Photo Is a Reminder About Medicine's Racist History - Ralph Northam's yearbook photo is a disturbing reminder of the medical community's history of racism.
Ralph Northam must resign. And that's just a start
There was more than 1 photo of men in blackface in the 1984 EVMS yearbook | Virginia Politics |
Ralph Northam's blackface yearbook photo and the racist origins of minstrel shows - The Washington Post
Ralph Northam's Anticipatory Tribute to Ed Gillespie's 2017 Campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money (see the Yglesias tweet)
A few thoughts on Governor Whatshisname - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... He will be replaced by a more liberal African American man, who will be in the unusual position of being able to run as an incumbent in 2021 (Virginia governors can only be elected once)
Justin Fairfax would become Virginia's 2nd black governor if Northam resigns

Howard Schultz's 2020 policies: Reduce the debt, cut entitlements, oppose Medicare for all and taxes on wealthy (and give him all your money)
Howard Schultz's cable news fantasy campaign -- The billionaire "centrist" has a powerful constituency in America's green rooms
Polling on Howard Schultz for President -- Schultz is viewed unfavorably by Democrats (50% unfavorable -- ?4% favorable), Republicans (43% unfavorable -- ?4% favorable), and Independents (31% unfavorable -- 4% favorable) ... Schultz takes an average of four points away from what the Democratic candidate receives in a two-way race, while taking just 1% away from Donald Trump. That means Schultz's presence in the race makes Trump's margins between 2 and 4 points better than they would be without him in the race. (little democracy ratfucker)
Howard Schultz viewed unfavorably by Dems, GOP and independents : politics
Sherrod Brown calls Howard Schultz 'a total idiot' over possible independent campaign for president
Sherrod Brown: Medicare for All Not 'Practical.' Progressives: 'OK. Thank You, Next.'

Kellyanne Conway's Bonkers Take On Sexism Sets Twitter Alight -- after she claimed Sen. Cory Booker was sexist because he's running for president against a number of women.
? Maggot 'welcome to the dystopia' McFear ? on Twitter: "Your point is moot. If he were a Republican he'd be joining a pack that looked like this: "
Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

The sudden departure of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's communications director followed reports of sexual misconduct -- Matt House

Eschaton: There Is A Natural Order To Things - In DC, it's a Republican president who isn't obviously vulgar (W. was a challenge at first but then 9/11 removed all such concerns). Democrats can control the House or Senate, but only if there are enough conservative Democrats to mean that many wonderful moments of bipartisanship (Republicans getting what they want) can happen. Democrats having power... even just Nancy Pelosi running the House without dozens of "blue dog" types undermining her every 5 seconds... confuses the Villagers.

Sure, Jan. -- Two days after Foxconn said it no longer planned to build a sprawling new factory in Wisconsin, the Taiwanese technology giant appears to have reversed course, citing a "personal conversation" with President Trump -- Anyone in a MAGA hat want to have a little wager with me?

A retired US general has been destroying Trump online -- without ever mentioning his name -- Martin Dempsey, the four-star Army general who was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Barack Obama until his retirement in 2015, has kept up a running commentary of Trump via his Twitter account.
GEN(R) Marty Dempsey on Twitter: "Leadership: the art of motivating people to act toward achieving common goals. Brinksmanship: the art of pushing a confrontation to the limit of safety to force a desired outcome. One is persuasive, the other coercive. One feels like success, the other like failure. #Leadership"

Russian propaganda machine discovers 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard
Did enough Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Trump to cost Clinton the election? - The Washington Post (2017 reprise: probably, but they weren't really democrats???)

Democrats Need to Make Getting Rid of the Electoral College a Top Priority -- Two Republican losers have "won" the presidency in 16 years -- that should be a lesson for Democrats.

Eschaton: Why Would I Waste My Beautiful Mind On That? - I remember when it mattered when a George Will column dropped, no matter what his history of duplicity and mendacity. Maureen Dowd had her time. For a long time it mattered, even or especially during the Obama administration, when David Brooks had something supposedly profound to say. One (I am "one" in this narrative) would have to read these things just to know what was being read. ... Now, eh. Who cares what David Brooks writes?

Ocasio-Cortez Raises Over $100,000 Off Of Primary Threat Against Her : politics
Cory Booker, School Choice Fan and Ex-DeVos Ally, Is Running for President - Politics K-12 - Education Week (your typical fuckocrat)
Stacey Abrams Debates Francis Fukuyama on Identity Politics - Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy - Stacey Y. Abrams (neoCon Fuckyumama is still around)

Supreme Court puts off decision on restrictive Louisiana abortion law - The Washington Post

Ryan Zinke told police a Post reporter caused a fracas at his house. Here's what really happened (lying dinky pinky Zinke)

MSNBC panel spirals into chaos after RNC's McEnany accuses Jewish reporter of condoning anti-semitism (dimbulb white Rethuglobitch)

'Wrong and naive' : Bullock apologizes for handling of harassment - Potential 2020 presidential candidate and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (both the DGA and Blas dumped him for sexual harassment, this idiot never thought there would be a problem, just quit now)

Fox Business host thinks black people are jealous that white Patriots players come from 'two-parent families'

The Real Story Behind the Viral 'Poo Flip'

Is Antarctica 'straddling' the South Pole by continental drift coincidence, or is the spin of the Earth balancing it's position somehow? : askscience
TIL that "morning wood" is medically important to penile health, and that not having it over extend periods of time is a possible sign of a health issue. : todayilearned

Simple Answers to Profound Questions | by Anne Diebel | The New York Review of Books - The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing
The 'Oumuamua Legacy -- Whatever it was, an interstellar object may have done some good (so, it might have been an alien spaceship)

/u/JukeBoxDildo shares a beautiful story of the day they stopped being suicidal : bestof

Men of Reddit, what questions have you always wanted to ask other men? : AskReddit


At Least 21 Deaths Linked To Frigid Weather, Hospitals Treating Dozens Of Frostbite Victims | HuffPost - Temperatures plunged to -50 degrees Fahrenheit in places.
America colonisation cooled Earth's climate 'cooled Earth's climate'
U.S. Economy Added 304,000 Jobs in January; Unemployment at 4% - The New York Times - The strong Labor Department report indicated that private-sector employers shrugged off the government shutdown.

Typhus Epidemic Worsens in Los Angeles - NBC Southern California

Blackwater founder Erik Prince's new company is building training center in Xinjiang

Book Written by Detainee via WhatsApp Gets a Top Prize - The New York Times - A stateless Kurdish-Iranian asylum-seeker detained by the Australian government won the country's highest-paying literary prize on Thursday. But he could not attend the festivities to accept the award. (the Aussie verion of the wall)

20 charged in Chinese birth tourism crackdown (build that wall)

Impunity: the Jamal Khashoggi case 2019-02-01 | Espresso

Trump makes it official: U.S. to quit missile treaty with Russia - Politico (destroying everything is all he knows how to do)

Russia's Playbook for Social Media Disinformation Has Gone Global

Why Intelligence Leadership Won't Resign in Response to Trump's Criticisms

Trump, in Interview, Calls Wall Talks 'Waste of Timne' and Dismisses Investigations
5 Takeaways From The Times's Interview With President Trump (1. He talks with his hands)
White House Abruptly Canceled Trump's Meeting With Intel Chiefs -- The cancellation came a day after top officials gave testimony to Congress seemingly contradicting key parts of the president' foreign policy
Trump Tells N.Y. Times: Border Wall Talks A 'Waste Of Time -- Trump said he was going ahead with the wall and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi couldn't stop him (bully is what he does)
Anderson Cooper Shreds Donald Trump's Latest Gaslighting Attempt With Genius Caption ... "once again telling you not to trust your own eyes and ears, not to believe what you see and hear, but to believe only him" (yer lying ears)
Trump Lost the Shutdown, But At Least God Made Him President, and He's Building That Wall

Senate Evidence Clarifies Mystery Calls Around Trump Tower Meeting - The New York Times - Donald Trump Jr. has testified privately that he could not recall who called him from blocked numbers around the time of a 2016 meeting with Russians (is that a lie to Congress?)
Donald Trump Jr. Called a 'Famiily Friend' Who Was Also a Link to Moscow (so, it wasn't Donnie Fatpants, it was Putin)

Belarusian model: I gave info on Trump to Russian tycoon

Trump Returns This Weekend to Mar-a-Lago, His Gilded Comfort Zone - The New York Times

Trump to throw spotlight on abortion in State of the Union - POLITICO

Democrats Announce Hearing On Trump's Tax Returns | HuffPost

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, wife gave $500K to Trump campaign's legal defense fund - ABC News

Cory Booker Announces Run For President In 2020 | HuffPost - The New Jersey senator joined a crowded field of Democrats set to challenge Donald Trump for the presidency.
Booker is running. I've watchied him for 20 years. Here's what I've learned

Opinion | Attack of the Fanatical Centrists - The New York Times - Of obsessions, vanity and delusions of superiority ... In any case, however, eight years have passed since Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson predicted a fiscal crisis within two years unless their calls for spending cuts were heeded, yet U.S. borrowing costs remain at historical lows ... In any case, however, eight years have passed since Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson predicted a fiscal crisis within two years unless their calls for spending cuts were heeded, yet U.S. borrowing costs remain at historical lows ... Sure enough, Schultz is all into cutting Social Security, but opposes any tax hike on the wealthy. (Shultz is a centrist idiot)
Powerful Men Can't Stop Complaining That They're Being Bullied -- Howard Schultz ... (is a very rich snowflake)
Howard Schultz May Be Even More Disingenuous Than Trump
by Democratic backlash to independent presidential run, rethinks effort (sez Fox)

House Democrat warns ethics committee about Steve King promoting white nationalism website | TheHill

Utah Voters Approved Medicaid Expansion At The Ballot Box. The GOP Is Trying To Undo It. | HuffPost - The Republican majority in the Utah Legislature is moving fast to defy the will of Utahns who approved the proposition. (Republicans: fuck your democracy and your stupid voters)

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes to Cherokee Nation for DNA Test - The New York Times

Human Survival Is A Political Agenda on Twitter: "It's not that you can't nominate any white people for public office, out of fear that there is a blackface photo in their past. It's that you can't nominate any of them that were 1) born before 1998 2) who were in a fraternity"
Gov. Ralph Northam 'deeply sorry' after photo emerges from his 1984 yearbook showing blackface, KKK hood

Fox News' Jesse Watters Gets Schooled Over Nonsensical Winter Solar Panels Claim -- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also waded into the debate about solar panels not working in winter (they are all idiots)

Is Campus PC Out of Control? (Spoiler: Nah) - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I have a review of The Coddling of the American Mind in Academe. The parts of the book about campus p.c. suffer from the typical effects of the genre: that is, overgeneralizing based on cherry-picked anecdotes, some of which demonstrate the opposite of the points they're intended to prove on closer inspection. (oh look, Lukianoff and Haidt)

Democrats Must Reach Out to Moderates in 2020 -- By Waging a Vicious Class War

'Astonishing devlopment' Josh Hawley may have violated Missouri open records law | The Kansas City Star (nice headline, KCStar)

Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as 'terrorism' -- threat and viewed KKK as victims -- Bureau spied on California activists, citing potential 'conspiracy' against the 'rights' of neo-Nazis (rotten to the core)

A domestic terrorist slaughtered 5 women in a Florida bank and hardly anyone noticed -- Will Bunch

Vice Media to Reorganize, Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter ... Around 250 jobs are expected to be cut ... educes redundancies internationally and reorients to focus on growth areas like film and television production and branded content. (you mean paid ads)
McClatchy Offers Buyouts to 450 Employees Following BuzzFeed and Vice Staff Cuts | Miami New Times
Digital Media: What Went Wrong - The New York Times - For years, BuzzFeed seemed to be leading the journalism industry toward a brave new future. Now that it has stumbled, the way ahead looks more old-school than ever.
The Newseum was a grand tribute to the power of journalism. Here's how it failed

On Wednesday, the Twitter mob came for me - The Washington Post - Max Boot

Lawmakers Take Aim at South Dakota Compound of FLDS, Sect Made Infamous by Warren Jeffs - No births or deaths have been reported there in 14 years. A new bill would make that a crime. (Republicans protected them for years)

Karen Walker Sings the Blues: Megan Mullally on Her Most Dramatic 'Will & Grace' Episode Yet ... singing 'The Man That Got Away'

Eschaton: Oh, Los Angeles - I know UCLA's campus isn't tiny, but... UCLA students call about 11,000 Uber and Lyft rides that never leave campus every week, raising concerns about the environmental impact of unnecessary trips. (the helicopter generation can't walk)

YA Twitter Forces Rising Star Author to Self-Cancel (yellow isn't a color in PoC and women can be real bitches)

'Am I being catfished?' An author confronts her number one online critic | Books | The Guardian (toxic feminitity)
This Author Stalked a Negative Reviewer and Got a Book Deal? | Bookstr
Apparently, I have more to say about Kathleen Hale than I originally thought - Planet of the April
On the importance of pseudonymous activity
My side of the story... - Y.A. Reads Book Reviews
What You Need To Know About Kathleen Hale #HaleNo
Author slammed for stalking negative reviewer
Blythe Harris - James Cormier

How this amateur painting became a hilarious social media sensation - The Washington Post


Polar Blast Envelops Midwest, Strains Aging Infrastructure | HuffPost - The Postal Service took the rare step of suspending mail delivery in many places. (Arctic Maelstrom)
Polar Vortex Tweets: Wild Images of the U.S. Cold Blast
Scientists have detected an enormous cavity growing beneath Antarctica : science (scientists say it definitely isn't an alien/Nazi base but may be the end of the world as we know it:) "Most Dangerous Glacier in the World. It's there where I found my neck hairs stood up. 2' to 10' rise in sea levels alone due to this glacier.

Colonisation of the Americas at the end of the 15th Century killed so many people, it disturbed Earth's climate, suggests a new study. European settlement led to abandoned agricultural land being reclaimed by fast-growing trees that removed enough CO2 to chill the planet, the "Little Ice Age". : science (forgotten genocides +lots of stuff on Jared Diamond )

Ireland dismisses the suggestion that they should leave the European Union and join the United Kingdom : worldnews (Tories really thought that would work)

Five foreign journalists arrested in Venezuela - Two of the detained are from France, two from Colombia and one from Spain.
Maduro Turns to Special Police Force to Crush Dissent - The New York Times
Elliott Abrams, Trump's Pick to Bring "Democracy" to Venezuela, Has Spent His Life Crushing Democracy (yeah, it's really happening again)
Bernie Sanders is dead wrong about what's happening in Venezuela (Bernie is stuck in 50 years ago and is not, shall we say, a deeply informed thinker)

Marathon church service ends as Netherlands lets Armenian family stay - Supporters used a law that bars police from entering a place of worship while a service is in progress to stop them from being deported.

Russian 'Troll Farm' at Heart Of Mueller Investigation Evicted from Headquarters After Wave of Bomb Threats
Russian "troll farm" at heart of Mueller investigation evicted from headquarters after wave of bomb threats : worldnews

Saudi women's rights activist is being tortured in 'palace of terror,' brother says : worldnews (by Bonesaw himself, the sadistic fucker)

ICE force-feeding detainees on hunger strike
Trump's Use of Undocumented Workers Should Be a Bigger Scandal

Filling in key blanks in the Trump-Russia timeline (long list of Trump's tre45on)
Intel officials, Trump at odds over our biggest adversaries (President Stupid and Compromised)
Trump claims his intel chiefs were 'misquoted' when they publicly broke with him ("they didn't say that" he said)
Trump singled out Dan Coats in morning rant about intelligence community - CNNPolitics ... President Donald Trump seethed (they are running out of furious adjectives)
Donald Trump Admits He Didn't Read Intelligence Report, Then Criticizes Reporting On It

The Trump-Russia Investigation and the Mafia State | The New Yorker

Mueller says Russians are using his discovery materials in disinformation effort - The information appears to have come from the materials shared with attorneys for Concord Management, one of several Russian entities accused of election meddling.
'It's some galaxy brain stuff they wanted us to believe:' How Russia's effort to sabotage Mueller's investigation backfired ... fake trove of the special counsel's files were immediately dismissed as largely fabricated by the reporter and researcher who received them.

Terabytes of Rat-Fucker Data Trail -- We often talk details about the Mueller investigation that should make Donald Trump worry. (ratfucker had 2 yrs to bleach his shit)

NRA Heavyweight Wanted Access to Putin: Leaked Email - 'Impressing the NRA's Russian hosts is the quickest way to secure a private interview with President Putin' (Natonal Russian Association)
NRA's Ties to Russia and Alleged Spy Maria Butina Run Deep Despite Denials, Report Reveals
NRA Attempts To Distance Itself From Trip To Moscow In 2015 : worldnews

The Trump Court and the Second Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Russian group suspected in DNC hack targeted Washington think tank - CNNPolitics

Mueller's team seized 'voluminous and complex' evidence from Roger Stone - Federal investigators probing Roger Stone seized multiple hard drives containing years of communication records from cellphones and email accounts.
Fed Seized 'Several Years' of Roger Stone's Communications

GOP delay in naming House Intelligence Committee members may have cost Mueller - Democrats have been unable to authorize release of witness transcripts to the special counsel without GOP members who were just named Wednesday. (obstruct justice, always)

Trump accused of 'stopping working' as schedule reveals he averaged one event per day in January

Senate Rebukes Trump Over Troop Withdrawals From Syria and Afghanistan - The New York Times

Trump Finally Realizes Democrats Aren't Falling for His Wall Renaming Trick
Trump's latest rage tweets give Democrats an opening. Here's how they'll respond
Learning to ignore Trump - The Washington Post
The scariest thing about Trump's tweets

Senate investigators told Trump Jr.'s mysterious calls weren't with his father - CNNPolitics ... business associates ... and appear to contradict Democrats' long-held suspicions that the blocked number was from then-candidate Donald Trump.
Donald Trump Jr. Writes 'S&L' Instead Of 'SNL' And Twitter Loses It | HuffPost (his face is morphing)

Mitch McConnell: Democrats' Voting Rights Bill Just A 'Political Power Grab' | HuffPost (from my authoritarian autocracy!)
McConnell: Making Election Day a Holiday Is Undemocratic
Mitch McConnell: Free and Fair Elections Would Be Disastrous For the Republican Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Franklin Graham Comes Up With A Brazen New Way To Excuse 8,000+ Trump Lies | HuffPost - The evangelical leader refuses to even admit that the president has lied. ("Satan doesn't lie," he said, "and even if he does, so do you, neener-neener." )
God 'wanted Donald Trump to become president' says Sarah Sanders - CNNPolitics (true, but not for the reasons you think)

'Whistleblower' in White House security clearance office gets suspended -- Tricia Newbold was suspended less than a week after NBC reported Jared Kushner's top-secret security clearance was approved over staff objections ... A White House security specialist has been suspended without pay for defying her supervisor Carl Kline less than a week after NBC News reported Kline approved Jared Kushner for top secret clearance over the objections of career staff (Putin and Bonesaw, behind the scenes)
'Whistleblower' in White House security clearance office gets suspended : news
Dems Call For Revoking Kushner's Security Clearance

Undocumented worker who worked for Trump golf course to attend State of the Union - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Nobody Cares About The Poors - A weird thing in Dem politics has been the decades-long contradiction between "we must end welfare as we know it" and "any social program must be means-tested so that it doesn't quite reach middle class people."
Eschaton: Is Our Children Learning - Seems like it! -- In less than a decade, mainstream Democrats in Congress have gone from entertaining Social Security cuts to almost universally endorsing the program's expansion (hello bluedog centrist Liberputz asshole stupid dems)

How the relationship between Trump and Bloomberg went into a tailspin - The Washington Post

Bernie Sanders to propose dramatic expansion in estate tax on richest Americans, including 77 percent rate on billionaires - The Washington Post - For the 99.8% Act would target the wealthiest 0.2 percent of estates.
How would you feel about a tax system that taxed income above $10,000,000 at a 70% rate? : AskReddit

Howard Schultz Doesn't Understand American History -- The most effective third-party presidential candidates were polarizers, not centrists. (among other things he doesn't understand)
If Howard Schultz Wants To Run For President, He Should Run Against Donald Trump - Mark Cuban isn't ruling it out
Schultz deletes tweet of column calling Warren "Fauxcahontas' and Harris 'shrill' ... along with a link to an article on PJ Media by Roger L. Simon titled (PJ Media hahaha +sounding like another racist asshole you might know +fastselfdestruct)
Howard Schultz is suffering from the Frappuccino Syndrome - The Washington Post (entitled rich Jewish asshole syndrome)
Morning Joe Asks Howard Schultz How Much Cheerios Cost
The Ultimate Consumer Wank Vanity Candidate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tom Friedman used to write multiple columns a year about his desire a Third Way third party presidential candidate who understood that Tom Friedman was right about everything. In his brief time as a potential candidate [Schultz] has managed to hit every mark you would expect of the plutocratic vanity candidate who would play to this audience and no other ... Evaluating political candidates based on inane trivia and uncritically accepts every wingnut media legend to come down the pike? We're just living in a political novel written by Ron Fournier in which Schultz is the hero, right?
Jamison Foser on Twitter: "Howard Schultz: I'm a self-made billionaire. Also Howard Schultz: The federal government paid for my housing.
Anil Kalhan on Twitter: ""State and county election records show that going back to 2005, @HowardSchultz has cast a ballot in just 11 of 38 elections.""
Ian Millhiser on Twitter: "This dolt knows so little about politics, he doesn't even understand that the early states only matter if you want to win a party nomination. He's running as a fucking independent.
Moderation Needs to Be Saved From Howard Schultz's Madness
What is it like to be a billionaire? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Howard Schultz's s bizarre explosion onto the national political scene raises a number of questions. (By the way, if Schultz's campaign actually goes anywhere, somebody needs to check out exactly why and how he ended up going to Northern Michigan University. My spidey sense tells me the contradictory accounts he's given about that are leaving out a big part of this story, which on its face makes no sense. ...) (+ JM Keynes in 1929 for the money quote)
Taking Howard Schultz seriously - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Howard Schultz explaining how a working class Jewish kid from a family where nobody had ever gone to college, and who grew up in the Brooklyn projects, ended up attending Northern Michigan University, on the shores of Lake Superior, and thus approximately seventeen parsecs from Brooklyn, both geographically and culturally: (doesn't add up and "not ready for prime time")

Michael Bloomberg's Secret Plans to Take Down Trump -- Whether or not he runs for president, the former New York City mayor is building the most powerful political organization in America.

Bezos' Investigators Question the Brother of His Mistress, Lauren Sanchez, in National Enquirer Leak Probe -- Michael Sanchez is an outspoken Trump supporter with ties to Roger Stone and Carter Page ... how the couple's' text messages wound up in the hands of the National Enquirer ... (why didn't he, you know, ask her?) Sanchez ... "a gay man, a Hispanic, a West Hollywood homeowner and strong supporter of Trump"

State: All 366 on local list of potential noncitizen voters are citizens | Elections | - A similar scenario played out statewide. (Texas Rethugs backtrack)

O, Wisconnsin - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Foxconn con continues to unravel in predictable ways.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs executive order to abolish Common Core : news ... state's Education Commissioner has never worked in education in his entire professional life. (like Floridumb wasn't stupid enough already)

Virginia lawmaker says she wouldn't have co-sponsored controversial abortion bill if she had read it closely
Abortion bill draws GOP outrage against Va. Gov. Northam, Democratic legislators - The Washington Post (patriarchy counterattacks! they want moms to die so their babies can be born)
No, Virginia Democrats Don'T Support Infanticide -- Here Are the Facts Behind an Abortion Controversy Engulfing Virginia Democrat

Opinion | The Six Forms of Media Bias - The New York Times ... Centrists were wrong about the urgency of reducing the deficit over the past decade. They were wrong about the Iraq war in 2003, wrong about the economic might of Japan in the 1980s and wrong about the economic might of the Soviet Union before that.

Why We Are Quitting RedState - The Bulwark - For more than a decade, RedState was a solid voice in the world of online conservative commentary. Unfortunately, the allure of Trumpism has left the once great site a shell of its former self (cracks in the edifice)
Jerome Corsi and Larry Klayman Threaten to Sue Gateway Pundit | Right Wing Watch

Opinion | The BuzzFeed Layoffs as Democratic Emergency - The New York Times
Loss of newspapers contributes to political polarization ("loss" = bought by hedge funds and strip-mined)

Tucker Carlson Called Out On His Own Show: 'I Already Think Less Of You' ... "Your party is the one tearing families apart at the border and allowing children to die in federal custody," Klein fired back. "Whose party is harming children?" (Fucker Carlson wants to control womens' bodies)

Republican Sen. Rand Paul Awarded $580,000 In Damages After Attack By Neighbor | HuffPost - A Kentucky jury handed out the verdict after a neighbor tackled the senator in 2017 over his lawn care habits.

Kim Davis Must Pay Legal Fees After Same-Sex Marriage Battle, Kentucky Governor Says | HuffPost - Bevin's lawyers say taxpayers "should not have to collectively bear the financial responsibility for Davis's intransigence" ... more than $222,000 in legal fees for the gay and straight couples who sued. (sweet karma)
Kentucky clerk Kim Davis may have hefty legal bill in gay marriage case : news

Trump Allies Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Hiding or Dead. It Started on QAnon.

Make America Hat Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The following is an editorial from Tennessean:

New York school 'strip search' of black girls aged 12 investigated : news (the one they said never happened? oh, they lied?)

Disgraced former NY AG Eric Schneiderman now a meditation teacher - A champion of the #MeToo movement, he resigned last year after a report in The New Yorker magazine detailed allegations of physical abuse.

Police Release Photos Of "Persons Of Interest" In Jussie Smollett Attack | HuffPost

'The man who attacked me works in your kitchen' : : Victim of serial groper took justice into her own hands

Does carbonating a liquid alter the ph level of it? : askscience

Formerly sedentary young adults who were instructed to exercise regularly for several weeks started choosing healthier foods without being asked to, finds a new study of 2,680 young adults. : science

A "gold standard" study finds deleting Facebook is great for your mental health | A unique study praised for its rigor finds numerous upsides to deactivating your Facebook account : technology

Undiscovered Merlin tale fragments found in Bristol archives : books

Martin Scorsese being interviewed by his daughter. (Only 500 views.) : movies

/u/kuppajava explains the racist nature of people who fly the Confederate flag : bestof

Subreddit dedicated to roasting people suddenly refuses to roast a guy who's seriously depressed. Entire thread turns into a warm embrace. : bestof

/u/Pesfi678 shares a terrifying experience from her childhood when a man appeared on her patio while she was home alone and the unexpected outcome when she encountered him again as an adult. : bestof (we're all robots)

Eschaton: Good But Scary - Apple is doing what they obviously should be doing but it also highlights the fact that... Apple has a lot of power. (Fuckbook was doing their usual illegal fuckberg shit and the sheriff caught them and turned off their iPhones, hahaha)
Maybe Only Tim Cook Can Fix Facebook's Privacy Problem


'This is historic cold' : Extreme, dangerous freeze descends on the Midwest ... Nearly 90 million people are likely to experience temperatures at or below zero in the Midwest and New England, according to the National Weather Service; 25 million of them will face temperatures below minus-20
Atop Mount Rainier, digging out from the government shutdown means epic snow plowing - The Washington Post (what do you need government for?)
U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This Is the Age of Weather Extremes - The New York Times
People of Chicago, what is -30F really like? : AskReddit

I was ambassador to Afghanistan. This deal is a surrender. - The Washington Post (Trump surrenders to Putin's dick)

Eschaton: What A Lovely Little War - Only took 17 years until we surrendered! -- This current process bears an unfortunate resemblance to the Paris peace talks during the Vietnam War. Then, as now, it was clear that by going to the table we were surrendering; we were just negotiating the terms of our surrender. The Taliban will offer any number of commitments, knowing that when we are gone and the Taliban is back, we will have no means of enforcing any of them ... In Afghanistan, President Trump has a choice. He can follow Obama's example and leave the country to the Taliban, or he can make clear that the United States has interests, values and allies, and will stand behind them. -- "the United States has interests." (killing many people and bankrupting America)

$840M in gold bars prepared for loading onto Russian jet at Venezuelan airport: report : news
Venezuela is how 'illiberal democracy' ends - For absolute proof that the ideological language of the 20th century is insufficient to describe the political realities of the 21st century, look no further than the international alliances that have formed around Venezuela. In the past few days, Venezuela has functioned as a kind of a Rorschach test, a black blob upon which many people want to project their own political views. (destroyed by stupid kleptocratic idiots, literally)

Another reported off-the-books meeting between Trump and Putin jolts debate : politics

Trump tells intel chiefs to 'go back to school' after they break with him -- The president reopened his feud with the intelligence community in a series of heated tweets. (the traitor said his Russian-compromised toddler genius brain is the best)
Trump suggests US intelligence chief should 'go back to school' because he knows more about Iran
The Situation Room on Twitter: "It's hard to imagine a bigger void between a sitting President and the US intelligence community" CNN's @jimsciutto says about US intelligence leaders contradicting President Trump on key national security issues during a briefing today. (corresponding to the "void" in Trump's head) ... .Putin, Kim and Erdogan are playing Trump like a symphony. Trump fears and hates the intelligence community for what some in it have exposed about his own corruption. Finally, the delusional fool thinks he's smarter than all of them. Perfect!

Trump and his aides offer the public a glimpse of their private notes -- no matter how revealing (Bolton alerts Putin, again)

Mitch McConnell's Ties to Russian Oil Money (evil snake)
Democrats Want to Know What Russia Has on Steve Mnuchin : politics (Putin owns them all)

House Homeland Security chair: 'Unacceptable' that Nielsen won't testify next week : politics

Whitaker says Mueller's decisions will be reviewed. It's unclear what that even means. (means Trump will "review" decision to send him to prison)

John Podesta 'Had A Smile' During Roger Stone's Arrest: He's In A 'World Of Hurt' | HuffPost ... "I think he's in a whole world of hurt...I think that barrel that he finds himself in is about to go over Niagara Falls."
Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone raid shows that CNN is no longer covering Robert Mueller. They're working with him | Fox News - Tucker Carlson: Roger Stone raid shows that CNN is no longer covering Robert Mueller. They're working with him (hahaha, Fucker Carlson and Fox never heard of "journalism" b/c Trump leaks to them so they can call it "reporting")

Mueller Witness' Team Gamed Out Russian Meddling ... in 2015 - One former analyst at the Wikistrat consulting firm called it 'disturbing'
Hacked emails list right-wing fundraiser partying with Russian fascists and oligarchs : politics (oh look, Daily Caller is run by traitors and Russian agents)

The only good thing you can say about Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - He is almost unbelievably lazy ... He's a semi-retired old white guy who watches FOX all day, and then yells random things at strangers. No wonder his base loves him. Our next fascist is almost sure to be much more energetic, so count your blessings.

No GOP appetite for a second shutdown | TheHill
Big border deal fades before talks even begin - POLITICO - Democrats and Republicans are unlikely to trade wall funding for Dreamer relief in their dash to avert another shutdown.

Democrats' Approval Rating Highest In 10 Years, With Nancy Pelosi Now Trusted More Than Donald Trump ... Only 56% blame Trump and the GOP for the shutdown. That's still nearly half of Americans that think Trump, who claimed credit for it, who at first agreed to a deal to keep the government open, then changed his mind when he got shat on by Ann Coulter, that this man and his party are not responsible.

From fake news to enemy of the people: An anatomy of Trump's tweets
Why Trump is still beefing with 'Da Nang Dick' - POLITICO - A long-running feud over New York City real estate may play a part in the ongoing attacks on Sen. Richard Blumenthal.

Chris Christie rips Kushner's dad: 'One of the most loathsome, disgusting crimes that I prosecuted' ... "If a guy hires a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law, and videotapes it, and then sends the videotape to his sister in an attempt to intimidate her from testifying before a grand jury, do I really need any more justification than that?" (in the not far from the tree dept)

Those Rats Won't Fuck Themselves! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This was overdetermined: ... Stein has no signature issue, and does absolutely nothing to advance any kind of left political vision; she wants to throw elections to Republicans and that's all she wants to do. She represents the vanity wank candidate in its purest form. Even Ralph Nader might as well fold up his bottomless narcissism and go home
Jill Stein almost broke Tucker's "dog trying to figure out how a doorknob works" face

Eschaton: Spending Money At Starbucks Is Unamerican - Feel free to use their bathrooms and just hang out without buying anything, though. (Schultz says health insurance is "unAmerican")
Eric Trump Torches Democrats As 'Almost Anti-American' Radicals | HuffPost -- "They've become crazy," he claimed during a Fox (Fake) News appearance.
Laura Ingraham's Cry For CEOs To Defend 'This Way Of Life' From Socialism Goes Awry -- "where teachers spend their own money to supply classrooms and you need to beg on the internet when your kid gets cancer?"

Paul Krugman on Twitter: "Very good piece. Howard Schultz may be a fool, but he represents a real and dangerous phenomenon: plutocrats willing to undermine resistance to Trump unless they get to keep their taxes low. This isn't "centrism"; it's attempted blackmail"
Howard Schultz And The Plutocrat Revolt | Crooked Media ... If Democrats don't learn to welcome the hatred of the plutocrats, we will either be stuck with Trump, or his movement will come roaring back in four years to take on a governing party that will have nothing to show for itself.
Howard Schultz is anything but a realist - The Washington Post ... The idea that a billionaire with no political experience is just what we need is particularly galling amid our current disastrous experiment ... hallowed middle ground ... between extremes (b/c caring for your fellow Americans is "extreme" and this from Warren:) "We have a billionaire who says he wants to jump into the race and the first issue he's raised is no new taxes on billionaires? Let's see how that goes."
This is no time for Howard Schultz's foolishness -- Just what we need, another ego-crazed billionaire with zero experience in government who thinks he is destined to be president. What could go wrong?

Chuck Schumer Wants A LITERAL LOSER To Deliver The Democratic SOTU Response - Chicks On The Right ("White Right Chicks" -- racism with more makeup)

Eschaton: And How Are Your Lives Again - There are plenty of acceptable opinions in supposedly objective political journalism, and perhaps the most prominent one is that cutting the deficit is always good and extremely important, and that the only way to do this is by cutting socialsecurityandmedicareandwelfare.

The Late Show on Twitter: "TONIGHT: Step aside Fox News, Trump has a new place to get misinformation about immigrants. #LSSC "

"We're Trying to Grab People by the Collar Every Day" : Axios, the Fast-Twitch Media Darling, Is Celebrating Its Second Anniversary -- And Virtual Profitability -- The start-up, forged by former Politico all-pros, had revenue of $25 million in its second full year. What's next? Subscriptions, naturally.

Livid liberals try to bully Schultz out of 2020 - Axios (hahahaha Axios turd Mike Allen)
The Starbucks Music Store Under Howard Schultz Was Painfully White (Jewish dude doesn't like schwarzer music? you're kidding ...)

Satanic Temple Leader Lucien Greaves: 'Mike Pence Really Scares Me'

Checking In On the Most Ridiculous 2020 Democratic Primary Campaigns - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tulsi '20 is going exactly as well as you would expect:

Exclusive: Foxconn reconsidering plans to make LCD panels at Wisconsin plant | Reuters (hahah Republican scammers got scammed and stupid racist voters also)
Foxconn may not build $10B Wisconsin plant Trump touted : politics
#132 Negative Mount Pleasant by Reply All from Gimlet Media

Utah Legislature Thwarting People's Will on Medicaid - The Atlantic - Republican lawmakers don't want to fully implement a ballot initiative passed in November (fuck your laws, they said)

Blackface in this Phoenix restaurant's photo? That's what I see

Lady Gaga Lambasts Dr. Luke's Lawyer in Explosive Kesha Deposition 00 "When men assault women, they don't invite people over to watch" Gaga told Dr Luke's lawyer in heated and emotional exchanges.
Where does Dr. Luke's nickname come from? - that the name derives from his mixing of Adderall and Ritalin with [Coca-Cola] and MDMA to create the perfect studio cocktail [for] working through the night. (Dr Polish Asshole)

Walmart Santa Charged With Murder After Kids Found Buried in His Backyard - Elwyn Crocker and four other adults have been jailed on child cruelty charges and murder. But neighbors had raised the alarm about abuse in the household years earlier.

Civil forfeiture: SC police seize millions, often from innocent people - In South Carolina, civil forfeiture targets black people's money most of all (so, cops are an ... organized crime ring!)

A fake check causes a real headache - The Boston Globe

United Airlines Ejects Fat-Shaming Passenger From Flight | HuffPost (FOTIFAE: cellphones exist, 101)

Christa Blackmon on Twitter: "Omg people do I have to explain the Bene Gesserit are a faction WITHIN the Empire? They are part of the Imperial system!"

Deep space radio waves baffle astronomers; aliens not ruled out - ABC News ... "waiting for the men in black to show up"

When police focus on revenue (ticketing), their ability to address violent crime is diminished: "We find that police departments in cities that collect a greater share of their revenue from fees solve violent and property crimes at significantly lower rates." : science

55 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free : books

'More unites us than divides us' : New research based on data from over 60 countries and 140,000 people suggests that people are much more united in their beliefs and values than media reporting would suggest. This narrative may be perpetuated and seized upon by politicians to sow divisions.

What was the stupidest thing you have said/done during sex? : AskReddit

Robocallers blasted Americans with 26.3 billion spam calls last year -- Robocalls are up 46 percent from 2017


Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron: The president tweets, for the umpteenth time, that climate change is not real because it's cold outside
Gone in a generation: Montana's forests have swung from pulling carbon dioxide out of the air to putting it back again. - Washington Post - Across America, climate change is already disrupting lives

The Venezuela Calumny -- If screaming about a failing petrostate is all you have, you've lost the argument (another Krugthu slapback this time at Bret "Writer for the wall Street Journal I mean New York Times" Stephens)

Trump administration's tentative deal with the Taliban could return Afghanistan to chaos (surrender to your enemiies, declare victory, go home, get a congratulatory call from Putin, give a Fox interview and call it a day)

Trump met Putin without staff or note takers present -- again - Trump reportedly keeps finding a way to meet the Russian leader privately.

U.S. intel agencies: Russia and China plotting to interfere in 2020 election : politics

Testimony by intelligence chiefs on global threats highlights differences with president - The Washington Post (President Stupid)
U.S. Intelligence Chiefs Suggest Trump Administration Misrepresenting North Korea, Iran Situation - They've earned scrutiny, but their warnings about Trump's incompetence on North Korea and Iran are serious.

Mueller team signals to Stone associate another indictment may be in the works - CNNPolitics
Roger Stone's Lawyers Miss Filing Deadline for His Arraignment
How Roger the Rat Fucked Himself | emptywheel

William Barr's view of Russia recusal could undermine all government ethics programs (the crookification of justice)

Rachel Maddow: Trump May Have Cooked Up 'Taped Women' from 'Sicario' (the movies in his head go round and round)

The lowest-paid shutdown workers aren't getting back pay
Republicans are trapped inside one of Trump's biggest lies (pls, they are Republican lies they build in Trump's head)
Don't overthink this. Trump lost the shutdown.
No Republican senators have signed onto a bill to give federal contractors backpay after the shutdown : politics (just to make things clear)

Harley-Davidson (HOG) Profit Is Wiped Out by Trump's Tariffs (Trump voting HOG riders got suckered but don't care)

Top GOP senators propose repealing estate tax, which is expected to be paid by fewer than 2,000 Americans a year - The Washington Post (the evil snake plots his next move to fuck America)

Nancy Pelosi approval rating has doubled in wake of Trump government shutdown, poll finds : politics

GOP leaders push new tax cut to exclusively benefit the wealthy : politics (unlike the last six)

CNN joins MSNBC in shunning Sarah Sanders briefing - The Washington Post

Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Says He Wouldn't Be A Spoiler In Race For White House (politics is hard for coffee salesguy and WP: Schultz was born to a Jewish family on July 19, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York)
Hecklers Attack Howard Schultz At Event After He Teases Presidential Bid | HuffPost
Why Howard Schultz's Independent Bid For President Is A Radical Idea (NPR says centrism is a new idea!)
Howard Schultz Blames Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for His Decision to Run as Independent ("Democrats are way too radical")
'The View' Makes Howard Schultz Squirm: Can You Really 'Live With' Re-Elelcting Trump? (from the bitches who told AOC to shutup and learn something)
Megadonor Haim Saban thinks Howard Schultz would guarantee second Trump term
Howard Schultz Gave Less Than 1% of Fortune to Charity -
Why billionaires with big egos now dream of being president - The Washington Post - The trends that brought us Howard Schultz (and Donald Trump) started in the 1970s.
What Howard Schultz's s ludicrous candidacy tells us about the American electorate (his contituency, social lib, economic asshole, is 4%)
Warren fires back at Howard Schultz" 'What's ridiculous is billionaires who think they can buy the presidency'
Why Schultz Is Running - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Looks like calling people "un-American" is going to be Scholtz's calling card
Dear billionaires: stop running for president : politics
Let Them Eat (Starbuck's Coffee) Cake

The Many Ways to Leave the White House - The New York Times

Ocasio-Cortez Understands Politics Better Than Her Critics : politics

Democrats tap Georgia's Stacey Abrams to deliver the response to Trump's State of the Union address

Some Dems float idea of primary challenge for Ocasio-Cortez | TheHill - the Democratic lawmaker, who requested anonymity, told the Hill ... (could it be Seth "Moldy" Moulton?) (

Footage Of Shirtless Bernie Sanders Drunkenly Singing With Soviets in '88 Surfaces

Tulsi Gabbard campaign in disarray - POLITICO - Her campaign manager is already set to depart and the congresswoman is under fire back home in Hawaii. (she just primaried herself)

Texas voter citizenship review list has problems, state tells counties | The Texas Tribune - County officials said the number mistakenly flagged is "significant" (just a little oversight/glitch/deliberate ratfuck)

Addiego switches parties - New Jersey Globe - State Sen. Dawn Addiego will switch parties and become a Democrat

FBI finds no specific motive in Vegas attack that killed 58 - "It was all about doing the maximum amount of damage and him obtaining some form of infamy." (sounds like a "motive")

Portland man charged with stalking The Oregonian/OregonLive editor | - In numerous emails and phone calls, Purfield has asserted that journalists, and Bottomly in particular, have published false information about horrific national events, including mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary, an Aurora, Colo., movie theater and a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Accused child rapist released twice, arrested again on new child rape charges. : news
Sex trafficking victim's desperate call to mother saves her life, lands three in jail, police say : news

Star Jussie Smollett Victim of Homophobic Attack By MAGA Supporters

A Jewish family was booted from a flight over 'body odor' -- but says anti-Semitism is to blame (passengers say he stunk)

The Secret Algorithm Behind Learning - Shane Parrish - Pocket - the Feynman Technique

The Long Lines for Women's Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Haven't They Been? ... "the main concern of the male city fathers was to provide toilets for men, whose role in public space was accepted and indeed regarded as important to the industrial economy" ...

A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists say they think they found one - Jerusalem Post - "We believe we will offer in a year's time a complete cure for cancer"

What Alex Berenson's new book gets wrong about marijuana, psychosis, and violence -- The book, Tell Your Children, has received a lot of media attention, butit essentially Reefer Madness 2.0.
If Legal Marijuana Leads to Murder, What's Up in the Netherlands? - A terrifying argument that cannabis causes homicides sparks a debate over whether the drug is more dangerous than its ceriminalization. (Berenson/Gladwell bullshit)
SC police, doctors fighting medical marijuana; AG calls it US's 'most dangerous drug' (10's of thousands die of MJ OD's every year!)

If a 20 year old gets an organ transplant from a 50 year old, 30 years later is that organ functioning as if it were 80 years old or 50 years old? : askscience

cybernewtype2 comments on I [31m] found torn-up remnants of a Plan B box in the kitchen garbage. My wife [27f] should have no reason to use emergency contraceptive because I had a vasectomy years ago. I don't know what to say to her.

The Best of Reddit's communities in 2018
The Best of Reddit's Communities in 2018
Reddit's best for 2018


Apple FaceTime bug lets you listen even if someone doesn't answer - Apple FaceTime bug lets you listen in on people you call, even if they haven't picked up their iPhone


Eschaton: Apocalypse Soon - My knowledge of how things work in Parliament is a bit below what's required to follow the minute by minute at this point, but things are looking... not good.

Eschaton - You don't actually have to be in a position of having to make these choices ... Supplies of medicine should be deemed more important than shipments of food if there is a no-deal Brexit, the health secretary has told MPs ... Bradshaw responded: "Over food? Over vital food?" -- Just pretend it's all been a horrible dream, or a glorious adventure of the imagination inside a snowglobe.

US levels criminal charges against Chinese tech giant Huawei and top exec - ABC News

Trump Camp Pushed Stone for More Wikileaks Info at Key Moment in 2016 : politics

"These Are Not Normal Nominess" : As Trump Stacks Courts With Far-Right Judges, Dems Urged to Recognize Depth of Crisis --

Midway through first term, Trump is not meeting the public's modest expectations for his job performance, poll finds -- his overall job-approval rating languishes at 37 percent, one point above his record low in August and at two previous points. Nearly 6 in 10 say they have an unfavorable view of the president as a person. Similar majorities say they doubt his empathy, honesty and ability to make political deals, although on several of those attitudes, his ratings have not changed significantly during his time in office. (the stupid is persistent)

Pelosi invites Trump to deliver State of the Union on Feb. 5 - The Washington Post

Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "We haven't seen this before because no one else was willing to make such a stupid argument." ... Interesting the GOP chairwoman picked unemployment levels George W handed to Obama. You'd think the GOP would keep mum on its negative history. (no no, they just blame it on the black guy but the real question is did Ronna do this thinking no one would notice?)

Government shutdown cost the economy $11 billion: CBO - including a permanent $3 billion loss (yeah, he just set it on fire, but arithmetic is too complicated for Trump-infested brains)
$1.5 trillion U.S. tax cut has no major impact on business capex plans: survey | Reuters -- capital investment or hiring plans, according to a survey released a year after the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in more than 30 years. (it went 100% to the superrich but the idiots believed him)
U.S. Treasury Set to Borrow $1 Trillion for a Second Year to Finance the Deficit : politics (hahah suckers and they will pivot to fiscal responsibility as soon as a Dem wins)
Why Trump's $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Hasn't Sparked Hiring in Investment ... it was never intended to spark hiring or investment. it was theft from the nation, given to the rich. they should read some history and try to get right or payback is gonna be a bitch.

Kamala Harris: 'Foreign powers infecting the White House like malware'

Post-shutdown negotiations look brutal for Trump | TheHill
Trump Goes After Fox News: 'Even Less Understanding' of Wall than 'Fake News CNN and MSNBC'

Jared Kushner, a Confident Negotiator, Finds Immigration Deal to Be Elusive - The New York Times (Maggie disassembles the supergenius)

The One MAGA Hat Mystery I Can't Solve - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Is it Trump - as is - they love? Or do they secretly wish he were telegenic, bright, articulate and polished? (no, they love creepy fake people)

President Trump slams Ann Coulter, Fox News in fallout over the wall - The Washington Post - A lasting fissure could have untold consequences for his presidency, which relies on right-wing media for policy ideas as well as for the rosy picture of his White House that it paints for its audience.
As Trump slides in new poll, he retreats deeper into Fox News fantasyland - The Washington Post
Just in case anyone was wondering

A cavalcade of nativist nonsense for your Monday morning - Lawyers, Guns & Money - First up, Megan Neely Duke biostatistics professor ... (and Tom Brokaw, hightly respected racist asshole)

Trump calls Bible literacy classes in schools 'great'
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!" (illiterate Trump, speaking at the lowest level of any president + b/c he lost 5% of Satangelicals since last year)

Will Donald Trump Face a Significant Primary Challenge? [SPOILER: no] - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In addition to Mr. Hogan, William F. Weld, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, is weighing a challenge to Mr. Trump as a small-government moderate, people who have spoken with him said. Mr. Weld, 73, who was the Libertarian Party's vice-presidential nominee in 2016 ...

An Obscure White House Staffer's Jaw-Dropping Trump Tell-All -- In Team of Vipers, Cliff Sims recounts his year and a half in a West Wing

Eschaton: The Bad Coffee Man - The real point is no one involved is this stupid. Schultz is advised by resistance grifter Steve Schmidt, who isn't too stupid to understand that a rich guy independent run almost certainly, on balance, tilts things towards Trump. Schultz probably can't be that stupid either. So... (anti-leftist, radical centrist fiscal conservative deficit hawk cross between Liberputz and Stein with much more money -- sort of AOC's evil cross-gender twin -- will try to get Trump elected)
The Last Thing America Needs Right Now is a 'Centrist Independent'-- Howard Schultz is contemplating a run for president, while Kamala Harris leans into Obama-style rhetoric ... But the towering, blistering arrogance of Schultz's vanity exercise is precisely what the country does not need in its two-year effort to wrest the wheel from El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago.
Newly Independent Howard Schultz Depicts Democrats As Health Care Radicals | HuffPost
Howard Schultz Might Reelect Trump Because He Does't Understand How Politics Works (but he knows how to sell coffee! what else do we need?)
Mike Bloomberg | Mike Bloomberg Statement on Independent Runs - In 2020, the great likelihood is that an independent would just split the anti-Trump vote and end up re-electing the President. That's a risk I refused to run in 2016 and we can't afford to run it now. We must remain united, and we must not allow any candidate to divide or fracture us. The stakes couldn't be higher (lookin' at you, Howie)

The Case of the Bumbling Spy: A Watchdog Group Gets Him on Camera - The New York Times

Eschaton: It Isn't A Trade - A maddening thing is that assumption that There Can Be No Nice Things, and if you want to add nice things over here you must take them away from over there. We're a rich damn country and we can have lots of nice things and we spend lots of money on not nice things. There are some unavoidable trade-offs between the young and the old: A dollar spent on Medicare is unavailable for universal pre-K. ("hard choices" says NYT)

New Party, Who Dis? - The Bulwark - A new poll shows New Hampshire Democrats prefer a Democratic Socialist to Hillary Clinton. And also shows Trump losing big to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren -- and Beto O'Rourke (but Republican in the red state will vote for Trump, so, so what?)

Donald Trump: Polling data point to re-election challenges in Wisconsin

Women's March Leader Omits Jews From Holocaust Remembrance Statement - March leader Linda Sarsour penned a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that omitted any mention of the Jewish people, two years after she attacked President Donald Trump for the same thing.

New York Has Finally Updated Its Archaic Abortion Law - But the RHA could have become law long before Trump took office if Cuomo had pressured members of the state Senate's breakaway Independent Democratic Caucus to return to the party fold ...The IDC only disbanded after Cynthia Nixon primaried the governor from the left last year. (Cuomo fuck never takes responsibility for his bullshit)

Do You Still Have A Job At BuzzFeed?

Lifestyle guru B. Smith has Alzheimer's. Her husband has a girlfriend. Her fans aren't having it.
She Walked Into an Elevator on Friday Night. She Wasn't ?Freed Until Monday

Billionaire pharmaceutical exec John Kapoor goes on trial starting today in the first prosecution of a CEO tied to the opioid crisis : news

Federal funding for abstinence-only programs had no effect on teenage pregnancy overall, but did lead to an increase in teenage pregnancy in conservative states. Federal funding for comprehensive sex education led to a reduction in teenage pregnancy in conservative states. : science

New study shows how LSD affects the ability of the thalamus to filter out unnecessary information, leading to an "overload of the cortex" we experience as "tripping". : science

TIL of Alexandra David-Niel, an explorer who snuck into Tibet in the 1920s to learn about Buddhism when it was closed to outsiders. She lived until 101 and her writings influenced Jack Kerouac amongst others. : todayilearned
` Tulpas: Intelligent companions imagined into existence

Ladies, what's the weirdest fetish a guy has dropped on you all of a sudden with little to no warning? Were you with it or...against it? : AskReddit


How school lockdowns traumatize children - The Washington Post

Kilauea, Hawaii : gifs

Forever stamps to jump to 55 cents, biggest increase in USPS history - Priority mail prices are also increasing. A small flat rate box will now cost nearly $8, instead of $7.20

/ UK firms plan mass exodus if May allows no-deal Brexit - Thousands of British companies have already triggered emergency plans to cope with a no-deal Brexit, with many gearing up to move operations abroad if the UK crashes out of the EU, according to the British Chambers of Commerce. : worldnews ... "Still 50:50 after all these months? lol..." "Yes, half our country are cretins in case you haven't realised already" ... "American here, Trump hovers around 40-42% approval even today. I feel your pain. It appears a substantial portion of participants in Western civilization are brainwashed and unreachable." (literally the walking dead)
Martial law plans looked at in case of no-deal Brexit : worldnews ... "Holding a second referendum would completely undermine our democracy. Oh, and we're preparing for martial law."

U.S. and Taliban Edge Toward Deal to End America's Longest War (all for nothing)

Malaysia stripped of hosting world championship after refusing Israeli Paralympic athletes : worldnews ... "Who knew that hosting an international event meant that people from other nations would attend?"

20 Dead as Bombs Target Sunday Mass in Philippine Cathedral - Bloomberg - Two bombs minutes apart tore through a Roman Catholic cathedral on a southern Philippine island where Muslim militants are active, killing at least 20 people and wounding 111 others

Venezuela's top military envoy to the United States has defected to support the opposition leader and calls for more to follow : news
Trump pulls a surprise move in Venezuela - Los Angeles Times ... ... But it may be the most traditional foreign policy move this president has ever made. Not merely because Trump is seeking regime change in a Latin American country; the United States has done that for more than a century. And not because the intervention was aimed at a leftist government allied with Cuba, long a target of hawkish Republicans ... (behind the scenes, Cuban Marco Flubio)
I've Recorded In Denmark - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bret Stephens has some good old-fashioned red-baiting for you: But particularly hilarious is his attempt to pre-empt the very obvious response that what Osacia-Cortez is proposing milder versions of policies already in place in Scandinavia, as opposed to, say, looting the treasury through currency manipulation while imposing extreme austerity on the rest of the population: (AOC will turn America into a socialist hell! said one of the conservative assholes working for the NYT)

Iran publicly hangs man on homosexuality charges - Middle East - Jerusalem Post - Iranian media reported that the 31-year-old kidnapped two 15-year-olds.

Eschaton: The Troubles - Been educating myself a bit about that time in Northern Ireland ... By clueless commentary I mean things like the Tory Northern Ireland secretary, whose job, you might guess, is being aware of affairs in Northern Ireland, admitting she had precisely zero understanding of the basic political divide, which even I am aware of. Northern Ireland is, as I'm sure you know, dear readers, one nontrivial part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (clueless is what Tories do)

Opinion | She Wanted to Drive, So Saudi Arabia's Ruler Imprisoned and Tortured Her (Bonesaw hates women, SA is a toxic mascularchy)

Trump lifts sanctions on firms linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska : worldnews (commie Donnie does Putin's dick)

No Escape for Roger Stone: Mueller's Case Is a Slam Dunk and He's oo Slimy to Get Flipped -- Prosecutor who helped convict Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby for lying and obstruction says the case against Trump's old pal is virtually perfect ... The long-anticipated indictment of Roger Stone finally dropped on Friday, and it landed on Stone like the proverbial ton of bricks.
Trump advisers lied over and over again, Mueller says. The question is, why? - The Washington Post (they were servants of the god of corruption and treason) "They all conspired against themselves"
Trump advisers lied over and over again, Mueller says. The question is, why? : politics
Roger Stone indictment: Is this all Mueller has, or is he closing in on Trump? - The charges do not allege Russian coordination, but Mueller might be building a conspiracy case ... That said: Roger Stone just might top them all.
Mueller's Real Target in the Roger Stone Indictment It was probably not Stone himself, but rather his electronic devices ... If the indictment is borne out, Stone's actions come very close to making him the key missing link in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.
Stone indictment hints at more Russia probe charges from Mueller
'I Will Piss on your Grave' : Emails Reveal Roger Stone's Abuse of Frenemy Randy Credico ... Mueller, a notoriously serious and straight-faced law man, has spent a huge amount of time dealing with clowns.
'The indictment, I think, is a pretty damning indictment' -- Chris Christie on Roger Stone

IRS will need at least a year to recover from government shutdown, watchdog tells Congress - The Washington Post (little baby threw a very expensive trumtantrum)
Trump's golf course employed undocumented workers -- and then fired them amid showdown over border wall
Trump ordered 15,000 new border and immigration officers -- but got thousands of vacancies instead

Pelosi's stock soars on victory in standoff (Seth "Moldy' Moulton is pouting)
Nancy Pelosi keeps throwing shade at Donald Trump - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Supporting Our Defective President To Own The Libs - I suppose this type of piece does little other than entertain us, which is enough, because the mainstream press is never going to stop pretending that Trump isn't what Trump obviously is, and aside from a daily snapshot on the mental health of the population of our great nation, it really doesn't matter if his approval rating is 27% or 40%.

Trump faulted for government shutdown: NBC-WSJ poll ... as more believe US is 'on the worng track' ... By a 50 percent to 37 percent margin, Americans blame President Donald Trump, rather than Democrats in Congress.
'Wrong track': Public sours on nation's direction after shutdown -- Sixty-three percent of Americans say the nation is on the wrong track
6 in 10 back Democratic inquiries -- including release of Trump taxes (POLL) - ABC News
Most Americans say new Dem majority should publicize Trump tax returns: poll : politics
Mixed attitudes toward investigations of Trump - The Washington Post (half the country are idiots and support obvious evil)
The horrifying world of Ben Garrison, Trump's cartoon propagandist

You Can't Get There From Here - There was some concern about that speech, because Trump had been doing that Trump thing where he gets bored and flutters his eyelids and then veers psychedelically off-script and begins drawling about some bizarre shit that no one can quite place or even parse. For a while, that meant interrupting himself to explain how smugglers bring women across borders into Texas and California and Arizona with specific types of tape over their mouths -- he would list the types of tape that the smugglers used, usually mentioning that it was blue ... "they make a left turn"
Daniel Dale on Twitter: "Trump is telling his "four women" "duct tape" "backs or cars or trucks" "desert areas" human trafficking tale again. Again, human trafficking experts tells me they've never heard of this happening; just isn't how it usually works."
Trump claimed women were gagged with tape. Then Border Patrol tried to find some evidence -- An internal email, sent 2 weeks after Trump started making the claim, asked agents for "any information" about what Trump was describing.
Conservative CNN host attacks Donald Trump's "wall porn" base suggests they have "sexual fetish for a cement wall" ... "No, the sexual fetish is for white supremacy."
Shutdown surrender reveals President with No Clothes, 35 days later : politics
Shutdown surrender reveals President with No Clothes, 35 days later - While Trump emerges from the shutdown as a reduced figure, Pelosi's reputational stocks are through the roof. It's hard to believe it was only a few weeks ago that she was seen by many in the party as a liability who should move aside for a younger replacement. (oh hi, Moldy Moulton)

Roger Stone arrest prompts Trump to seek distractions and dredge up Hillary Clinton's emails

On a Normal Day, Kushner's Security Clearance Would Be the Story (what's worse, a slimy crooked traitor in the WH or Hillary's emailzzzz?)

witter Erupts After Melania Trump Vows To 'Coninue' Fighting For Children Everywhere ... "I presume she means cage fighting."

The Entire Republican Party Needs to Be Destroyed, Part the Zillion - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Good thing Kindly Old Moderate George H.W. Bush named Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court to replace Thurgood Marshall, since his wife has full access to the president to push extremist agendas her husband will approve on the Court.

He argued that gay marriage was unconstitutional. Now Trump wants him on the federal bench. - The Washington Post - So I was surprised to find out that Portman was supporting the nomination of Eric Murphy to be a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit even after Murphy argued against same-sex marriage at the Supreme Court.

Trump's claims on alleged illegal Texas voting are misleading - Business Insider ... claiming that 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas ... referencing "Fox & Friends" ...

Opinion | Paths to Power: How Every Member Got to Congress - The New York Times

How social media platforms enable politicians to undermine democracy - Vox - How social platforms enable far-right politician's campaigns to undermine democracy.

Centrism Fan Acct ?? on Twitter: "Love to push a RW smear implying that a woman screwed her way to the top.... for principled leftism. (Also, it's about policy disagreements)" (some idiot named Lauren Steiner)

Conservative Kelli Ward to lead Arizona Republican Party after upset - Kelli Ward, the bomb-throwing conservative former state senator and loyalist to President Donald Trump, upended the race to lead the Arizona Republican Party by beating the establishment favorite and incumbent GOP chairman, Jonathan Lines. In doing so, Republicans from across the state on Saturday chose a more right-wing vision headed into the 2020 election cycle where Arizona is poised to reach battleground status.

Andrew Billum's Florida troubles just got worse -- a when a state commission found probable cause that Gillum violated ethics laws by accepting gifts from lobbyists (much worse than Putin buying Republican congresspeople)

Colorado Senator Obliterates Ted Cruz On Senate Floor - News & Guts Media

One of America's worst gerrymanders just suffered a potentially fatal blow -- North Carolina may soon have free and fair elections again ... The second development is North Carolina Chief Justice Mark Martin's announcement on Friday that he plans to leave his court in order to become dean of Regent University Law School, a conservative Christian-identified school in Virginia founded by televangelist Pat Robertson ...

During the Shutdown, Senator Bill Cassidy Took a Stand for Football -- Rolling Stone - In the midst of the longest government shutdown in United States history, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) took to the floor Friday to talk about an important issue facing the American people: football officiating.

GOP State Rep Accused of Drugging and Sexually Assaulting Woman After Offering Her a Ride Home : politics

Wasted opportunity - Bernard Media and the blown chance to pants RWNJs - Lawyers, Guns & Money - See if you can spot where a prank designed to make Laura Loomer and Infowars look like dolts went horribly wrong. And no, it isn't because they both do a perfectly good job without help.

Twitter is the crystal meth of newsrooms - The Washington Post
Local newspapers have already been gutted. There's nothing left to cut (Boston Globe begs to differ)

On Meet the Press, Tom Brokaw Says 'The Hispanics Should Work Harder at Assimilation' ... "It's the intermarriage that is going on and the cultures that are conflicting with each other." (another reckoning: respected tv journalist is a racist asshle)

How Many Cops Are Nazis? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Max Feller-Kantor's new book Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD. -- It's hard to read this and come away with any conclusion other than many police departments are simply rotten to the core, filled with open racists who see black and brown youth as inherently criminal and who can only be controlled through violence.
How a California officer protected neo-Nazis and targeted their victims | US news | The Guardian - Court hearings reveal investigator in stabbings of leftwing protesters pursued criminal cases against anti-fascists but advocated no charges for armed white supremacists (Nazi cop fuckers)

Billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel denies being a vampire | The Independent

'Untouchable' Exposes How the Media Protected Harvey Weinstein for Decades -- The Sundance Film Festival was Harvey Weinstein's hunting ground. Now, it's the host of a new documentary examining his alleged abuses. (Fuckstein)

The Advantage of Netflix is That I Can Hate Watch the Hillbilly Elegy Movie Without Paying Extra Money - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Loads of houses are up for sale -- but middle-class buyers are still shut out - The Washington Post

Lack of sleep is tied to increases in two Alzheimer's proteins : science

Why Can't the World's Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness? ... what if we're ust constitutionally incapable of ever solving the Hard Problem? After all, our brains evolved to help us solve down-to-earth problems of survival and reproduction; there is no particular reason to assume they should be capable of cracking every big philosophical puzzle we happen to throw at them. ... "myterianism" ("new" actually #HardProblem)

What is a movie that left you completely speechless the first time you saw it? : AskReddit

Mythopoetic men's movement
What are some "guy secrets" girls don't know about?
What are some "girl secrets" guys don't know about?
The Still-Misunderstood Shape of the Clitoris - The Atlantic - Can a 3-D printed model of the organ change views on female sexuality? Yes and no. An Object Lesson.
This is a 3D model of a clitoris -- and the start of a sexual revolution ... It looks like a tulip emoji ...
The clitoris revealed, and how io9 got it wrong - Incredulous

Eschaton: Whispers: They All Are - Less than a year ago raised over $128 million to develop autonomous cars. Now they're looking like the Theranos of self-driving.
Chinese Self-Driving Startup Fires Co-Founder and CTO Alleging Corruption and Faked Data - The Drive


Pentagon Fears Confirmed: Climate Change Leads to War, Refugees - Study confirms links between drought, war and migration : politics ... I don't hear Democrats touting open borders, but I hear plenty of Republicans cheering on open regulations for pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Which side really cares about our safety and security again? (supergeniouses)
UN warns climate change a national security threat; U.S. ignores link | More than 80 of the 193 UN member states spoke at the daylong council meeting and virtually everyone except the United States agreed that climate change was happening : worldnews ... Russia's UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia objected strongly to discussing climate change in the Security Council, saying it is not a threat to international peace and security and should only be discussed in specific cases where it is a risk factor. (and their Trumpuppet)
A landscape unseen in over 40,000 years: Glacial retreat in the Canadian Arctic has uncovered landscapes that haven't been ice-free in more than 40,000 years and the region may be experiencing its warmest century in 115,000 years (Deathpublicans killing the planet)

Washington measles outbreak spreads to Oregon, officials say : news (part of the stupidity pandemic)

Eschaton: Measles WTF - Now anti-vaxxers are largely "vaccines are like bad, yo" with not much reason behind it and mostly not because they actually have autistic children. I would say it used to be more a left wing thing, politically, and it became more of a right wing thing, but isn't precisely either. West Coast right wingers are weird. But, in any case, they're making their the children and the children of other people sick.

Brazilian Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights falsely claimed Dutch specialists recommend sexually stimulating babies : worldnews

Hundreds Missing After Iron Ore Mine Dam Collapses In Brazil | HuffPost - Nine people have so far been found dead after the dam burst in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais state, on Friday.
A mining waste barrage broke on Brazil, releasing toxic mud on a small city. It is not the first time this has happened on Brazil. This is the result of years of negligence and corruption. : worldnews

An African practice of 'ironing' a girl's chest with a hot stone to delay breast formation is spreading in the UK, with anecdotal evidence of dozens of recent cases, a Guardian investigation has established.

Maduro Denied Attempt to Pull $1.2 Billion in Gold from England : worldnews

Huge Trove of Leaked Russian Documents Is Published by Transparency Advocates - The New York Times - a mammoth collection of hacked and leaked documents from inside Russia, a release widely viewed as a sort of symbolic counterstrike against Russia's dissemination of hacked emails to influence the American presidential election in 2016 ... war in Ukraine as well as ties between the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church, the business dealings of oligarchs and much more ...

APNewsBreak: Undercover agents target cybersecurity watchdog - The researchers who reported that Israeli software was used to spy on Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi's inner circle before his gruesome death are being targeted in turn by international undercover operatives ... Citizen Lab, based out of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, has for years played a leading role in exposing state-backed hackers operating in places as far afield as Tibet , Ethiopia and Syria . Lately the group has drawn attention for its repeated exposis of an Israeli surveillance software vendor called the NSO Group, a firm whose wares have been used by governments to target journalists in Mexico , opposition figures in Panama and human rights activists in the Middle East .

'The aritstocrats are out of touch' : Davos elites believe the answer to inequality is 'upskilling' (the 21st century "trickle down" bullshit +Michael Dell is an evil idiot)

Women detainees 'being sexually assaulted and flogged' in secret Saudi prisons -- Female activists described being forced to kiss in front of interrogators, waterboarded and tortured with electric shocks (Toxic Male Sadistic Arabia)
Saudi students who vanish before trial span states, decades | (ban SA visas except for women)

Trump and His Associates Had More Than 100 Contacts With Russians Before the Inauguration - The New York Times (totally innocent! no collusion!)
Trump and associates had over 100 contacts with Russians before taking office: NY Times : politics ... You know what they say: fool me once, shame on you. Fool me over 100 times and I'm a Trump supporter ...
Trump and His Associates Had More Than 100 Contacts With Russians Before the Inauguration : politics
17 Times Trump And His Team Denied Contact With Russians
Adam Parkhomenko on Twitter: "never forget" (Crook Jr in jail would be so satisfying)

Sen. Wyden: I will fight to make sure Mueller report is public : politics
The juiciest morsel in Mueller's charges against Roger Stone -- The special counsel offered the clearest evidence to date of the Trump campaign's alleged attempts to cooperate with WikiLeaks.
John Podesta: It might now be Roger Stone's time in the barrel ("vengence is sweet" Podesta tried not to say)
Uh-Oh -- Roger stone's arrest brings the Mueller investigation one step closer to Trump himself.
The Despicable History of Roger Stone

Nancy Pelosi Knocks Trump: 'What Does Putin Have On The President?' -- The House speaker also took aim at the indictment of Roger Stone, calling Trump's choice of friends "staggering"

Dithering GOP Stalls House's New Trump-Russia Probe -- Democrats now in control of the crucial intelligence committee want to get back to their Russia probe. It can't happen until the Republicans formally join. (commie Retraitors have Putin's back)

Barack Obama's Photographer Trolls Roger Stone With Rolling Stones Lyric Before the president was done talking on Friday, a group text chain with several former Trump aides lit up with complaints.
s -- Pete Souza shared some "Sympathy for the Devil"

US economy lost at least $6 billion during shutdown, S&P says | TheHill (coulda paid for his steenking useless wall)

'All for nothing' : Trump's wall retreat bewilders allies -- Before the president was done talking on Friday, a group text chain with several former Trump aides lit up with complaints. 'Prisoner of his own impulse' : Inside Trump's cave to end shutdown without wall ("the best impulses" from the depths of his reptile brain)
'Complete, total surrender' : Why Trump waved the white flag -- The sudden erosion of support from Senate Republicans ultimately forced Trump's hand
By pursuing shutdown, Trump revealed how much America depends on government - The Washington Post (wingnut Iowa farmers don't need no steenking government)

'She's not one to bluff' : How Pelosi won the shutdown battle - Pelosi's victory will help define her over the next two years as she clashes with Trump. (Seth Moulton says he could have done much better)
The vindication of Nancy Pelosi -- How Pelosi delivered Trump the most humiliating loss of his presidency -- Pelosi has long held that Trump is weak, easily confused, and easily baited. That informed her strategy.

2 winners and 3 losers in the deal to end the government shutdown -- Air traffic controller's role in American political history comes full circle ... Loser: basic rationality and people who like to plan. This entire shutdown was incredibly pointless from day one.

Why Did Trump Take So Long to Fold on the Shutdown? - POLITICO Magazine - Presidents are almost never rewarded for admitting they were wrong -- but they should be
The shutdown was proof of Trump's stark incapacity for leadership ("leadership" = "bow down and follow my stupid orders")
For a President Consumed With Winning, a Stinging Defeat - The New York Times

Trending: 'cave' Lookups spiked 1,500% on January 25, 2019 (Americans had no idea what the word meanT)

Government Shutdown Accomplished Nothing, Other Than Hurting People | HuffPost - President Donald Trump did not win a single policy concession from his shutdown, but he did manage to make some people miserable.
Trump Caves On The Shutdown -- To A Woman Who Questioned His Manhood -- Nancy Pelosi held her ground and denied the president his pointless wall.
'This is a Cave, Not a Wall' : Internet Explodes Over Donald Trump's Shutdown Defeat -- Did he end the shutdown for the State of the Union or the Super Bowl? ("master negotiator" Jared Kushfuck advised him every step off the cliff)
Ann Coulter Admits To Bill Maher: 'OK, I'm Very Stupid Girl' About Donald Trump -- Maher asked Coulter when she first realized Trump was 'lying conman' .... told Maher how it was "Crazy" she expected Trump to "keep the promise" to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that he'd made "every day for 18 months" (haha, she told Trump what to do and it was terrible)
Ann Coulter says she made a mistake on Trump: 'I'm a very stupid girl' ... Yup, but for many more reasons than just supporting trump.
Neil Young: Stupid Girl- guys don YouTube
'Trump caves' or 'Genius' : Right wing splits after Trump ends shutdown with no wall funding ... president's online "base" is a tricky thing to define, as it has a history of at least partially turning on him when Trump the person fails to live up to Trump the meme: a chaotic, super-masculine fighter of "social justice warriors" who is also extremely good at deals ... Hannity blames democrats ... (cognitive dissonance is their specialty)

Trump just caved. Democrats can now take control of the immigration debate. - The Washington Post

How Tariffs Stained the Washing Machine Market - The New York Times - A year after the Trump administration tried to help American manufacturers of laundry equipment, prices are up, sales have fallen and stock prices are down. (what a win!)

Melania Trump -- An Apology - father was not a fearsome presence and did not control the family. Mrs Trump did not leave her Design and Architecture course at University relating to the completion of an exam, as alleged in the article, but rather because she wanted to pursue a successful career as a professional model. Mrs Trump was not struggling in her modelling career before she met Mr Trump, and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of Mr Trump. (O RLY)

Trump Meets With Hard-Right Group Led by Ginni Thomas - The New York Times (is all that even legal?)

: Washington Post Hits Back At Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 'Misfired Facts'

Bernie Sanders set to launch 2020 bid (oh great)

Eschaton: Crazy Violent People Still Here - I never went to Comet Pizza but I did meet the owner a couple of times a million years ago. Reasonably sure it is not the hub of a global pedophile ring -- Not sure "hoaxer" is the right word. Sure some people were probably full of shit, but there were plenty of true believers. This is probably more of just symbolic target than somebody actually believe that Pizzagate thing, but it doesn't matter much.

Checking In With A Great American Public Intellectual - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Kevin Williamson has a nuanced, illuminating take on Elizabeth Warren: "No tax cut will bring prosperity back to these fallen places. Instead, I say: Go take another Oxy and crawl into your hole to die, grandma. With some time to reflect on the matter, I can admit it was amusing to have been hired for the thought-provoking complexity of my hateful beliefs, only to be fired because people thought I believed much more simplistic versions of the terrible things I espouse.
Alicublog: The Kulaks Must Be Liquidated as a Class

Texas officials flag tens of thousands of voters for citizenship checks | The Texas Tribune - The list compiled by the Texas secretary of state contains 95,000 names.

BuzzFeed Staff Unload on CEO Jonah Peretti After Massive Layoffs: You Make 'Same Mistakes Overf and Over' -- Reporters blasted the company's CEO for spreading out the announcing of a 15% cut and only offering dogs in the office to comfort them ... BuzzFeed staffers chewed out CEO Jonah Peretti on the day that the company began laying off 15% of its staff. On Friday, BuzzFeed News laid off 43 staffers, including much of its national security and entertainment teams (no more Trump scoops for you)

Another cartoonist loses his job. This does not bode well for the future of newspaper cartooning. - The Washington Post - Steve Benson was laid off Wednesday by his longtime employer, the Arizona Republic, as part of larger cuts by the Gannett company. He had been at the paper nearly four decades, winning the Pulitzer in 1993 and being named a finalist for the prize four times.

The Half King Is Dead. Long Live the Half King. - The New York Times - a small bar nestled just below the High Line on the corner of 23rd Street and 10th Avenue ... in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, has been for the better part of two decades a watering hole for writers, photographers and filmmakers

TIL Florida repealed its helmet law in 2000. In the 30-months after, helmet use in Florida dropped from 99% to 53%. The number of riders under 21 who were killed (despite still being legally required to wear a helmet) nearly tripled, from 35 to 101. Hospitalizations increased by 40%. : todayilearned (antiregulation Floridumb)

North Carolina toddler who was missing for 3 days says he 'hung out with a bear'

Massachusetts man holds onto hood of car for three miles in road rage incident

Gunman still at large after Louisiana shooting leaves 5 dead | CBC News : news (unleashing gun-enabled hatred)

Purdue Pharma lawsuit: Family behind OxyContin-maker engineered opioid crisis, Massachusetts AG says - CBS News ... paying "themselves billions of dollars" (late-state death capitalism and more Jewish evil)
The making of an opioid epidemic | News | The Guardian

Michael Jackson Documentary About Child Sexual Abuse Charges Leaves Crowds Shocked | HuffPost
Inside 'Leaving Neverland' : Sundance's Horrifying Michael Jackson Child Rape Documentary -- Two accusers come forward with graphic accounts of alleged child sex abuse by the King of Pop in a disturbing but essential new 4-hour documentary that premiered at Sundance.

Brain researchers warn that lack of sleep is a public-health crisis : worldnews (having to work 3 jobs to survive is the problem, duh)

Thinking about genetic risk could trigger placebo and nocebo effects: A new study suggests that learning about genetic risk may influence your physiology, even if what you're told isn't entirely accurate. Thinking one had a genotype may have a more powerful physiological effect than having it.

Children who have more conflict with their mothers during early years of school may find it more difficult to find a sense of purpose in life as adults, suggests new research. This negative impact on a sense of purpose was not as strong for conflict with fathers. : science

This is why you can't tickle yourself: A new study found that the brain is much less active when you touch yourself, which is probably a good thing. People with schizophrenia, for example, are more successful at tickling themselves, suggesting an issue with discerning the "self" versus "others." : science

Interviews with patients suffering from depression in 1959 : videos 1950s Housewife Tries LSD : videos
A new study found that LSD changes something about the way people perceive time, even at microdoses. : science
Research-backed education for psychedelics | ??

A collection of 800 free ebooks including works by Asimov, Jane Austen, Philip K. Dick, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Neil Gaiman, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf & James Joyce : books
I didn't know the definitions of all of the sub-genres of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror until I found this site. Figured I'd share
Genres & Sub Genres | WWEnd
Science Fiction Books

What was very popular in the 90s and almost extinct now ? : AskReddit


'Today was a rough day for the ice disk' : A mysterious Maine phenomenon weathers a chain saw attack ... "There were ducks sitting on it ... The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan. It was a big duck-go-round"

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro - sources | Reuters (so many countries on the brink at the same time)
AP Exclusive: Anti-Maduro coalition grew from secret talks

A crisis of conservatism creates gridlock on both sides of the Atlantic - The Washington Post (rise of the dimbulb racist assholes)

Trump administration to start sending asylum seekers to wait in Mexico - The Washington Post - U.S. officials at the southern border will begin sending some asylum applicants back to Mexico on Friday as the Trump administration implements new measures preventing migrants from waiting in the United States while their cases are processed.

FDA identifies contamination source in blood pressure medicines used by millions - The Washington Post - cancer-causing impurities that have tainted millions of bottles of commonly used generic blood pressure and heart failure medications recalled by drugmakers over the last seven months. (deregulate! get government off our backs!)

Eschaton: Bannon - More fun. -- According to a person with direct knowledge of the manner, one of the senior officials who reached out to Stone was Steve Bannon, who served as CEO of the Trump campaign during the election's final stages.
CNN 01 25 2019 stone - YouTube Roger Stone arrested! ... remarkable ... they didn't do this with anyone else involved in the investigation ... house filled with evidence ...
Eschaton: The Stone Zone - Is being relocated. -- Roger Stone, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller and arrested Friday on charges of obstruction, giving false statements and witness tampering. -- They didn't do it the nice way ... someone called CNN (will they raid the WH?)
'FBI! Open the door!' : The tactics behind the armed agents at Roger Stone's home
How CNN captured video of the Roger Stone raid - CNNPolitics -- They were there staking out Stone because there was just enough evidence lurking in the special counsel's activity over the past week ... placed a bit that Stone could be arrested as early as Friday.
Chad Johnson on Twitter: "FBI arrested my neighbor Roger before my morning jog, I've only seen shit like that in movies, crazy to start to my Friday
Goth Ms. Frizzle on Twitter: "my dude looks like the babadook "

Roger Stone, Adviser to Trump, Is Indicted in Mueller Investigation - The New York Times
Indicting Roger Stone, Mueller Shows Link Between Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks - The New York Times

New Roger Stone indictment penetrates deep into Trump's inner circle -- What's important there is the suggestion that Stone, at the urging of a senior Trump campaign official, sought to learn of future dumps of then-unreleased information coming from WikiLeaks ... "The indictment confirms that Stone was acting at various points as an agent of the Trump campaign in seeking and passing back information about both the timing and substance of the WikiLeaks-Russia cache of stolen emails" ... This post originally referenced Stephen K. Bannon as the unnamed senior Trump campaign official who was directed to contact Stone. But that is inaccurate ... (see below)
Steve Bannon is the high-ranking Trump official in Roger Stone indictmentwho asked about future WikiLeaks releases in October 2016 (that didn't take long #thenooseistightening)

After Roger Stone, we should be asking: What did Trump know, and when did he know it? - The Washington Post

Mueller indicts Roger Stone, says he was coordinating with Trump officials about WikiLeaks' stolen emails - CNNPolitics (so, they are all crooks -- lock them up!)
Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone indicted by special counsel in Russia investigation - The Washington Post
Trump associate Stone arrested, faces obstruction charge
4 takeaways from the Roger Stone indictment - The Washington Post - The big one: Repeated references to Trump campaign contacts about WikiLeaks -- and a possible reference to Trump? (Individual 1?)
Trump Associate Roger Stone Indicted In Mueller Investigation | HuffPost
Stone Indicted, Collaborated With Enormously Successful Ratfucking Campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and your media -- except for MSNBC -- joined the ratfucking)

We can't ignore impeachable conduct in plain view (haha Jennifer quotes the Haberputz reality inversion pr piece we didn't link to)

Mueller says Paul Manafort should not get credit for cooperating

Trump Official Overruled Experts Who Denied Jared Kushner Top Security Clearance: NBC | HuffPost - The personnel office director also cleared 30 other people in the Trump administration. The House Oversight Committee is investigating. (they thought they would be in permanent control with commie ratfucker Nunes protecting them)
Officials rejected Jared Kushner for top secret security clearance, but were overruled - Jared Kushner was rejected for a top secret clearance by 2 career security specialists, but their supervisor overruled them and approved him, say sources. (Kushfuck is a crook, will fall soon)
The Information Security Presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Hillary's email best practices against a spy and traitor getting classified information and the media inattention is astounding)
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "There was no way to stop conservatives from pretending to be sincerely outraged about Hillary's handling of classified information, but journalists didn't need to pretend to believe them.

Senate approves bill to reopen the government, the first step to ending the nation's longest shutdown (and stupidest)

Trump lost. Period. - The Washington Post ... Trump "pround" to have capitulated to a woman and this is what happens when Fox & Fuckers is running the WH) ... "The government will re-open. Trump is weakened and bitter. Coulter is angry and bitter (kind of a default for her). Stone is arrested. This is a good day."
Pro-Trump Media Stars Despair After Trump Caves on Shutdown
'It is shameful' : CNN host blasts Trump after shutdown announcement : "Thirty-five days, 35 days of federal workers rationing asthma medicine for their kids, sleeping in cars, driving Uber late-night shifts just to make ends meet, and this man is not getting a single penny for his wall," Brooke Baldwin said ... Jim Acosta noted ... "right out of 'Alice in Wonderland'to see the White House and people inside the White House, applauding the president during one of the biggest tactical defeats, strategic defeats of his career. (and Wemple congratulates CNN)

Post-ABC poll: Trump disapproval swells as president, Republicans face lopsided blame for shutdown - The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi, a Woman in Control, Is a Rival Who Flummoxes Trump - The New York Times -- has an understanding of the way the legislative branch operates that the president does not. ("they will follow my orders or I will throw a tantrum!" Trump said) "Dealing with anyone with power equal to his is a first for him -- at least in his mind"
The Late Show on Twitter: "TONIGHT: Pelosi trumps Trump on the State of the Union. #LSSC " ... "We finally got what we promised in 2016. A woman in victory over Donal Trump
Colbert Bestows Pelosi With A Fearsome New Nickname For Winning Trump Showdown | HuffPost - Neuterin' Nancy (not as good as "Trump's balls in a vice" Nancy)
Pelosi is schooling Trump. He's a slow learner

Trump's Zombies Applaud as He Lights Himself on Fire

Someone Dubbed Wilbur Ross Onto Mr. Burns, And Now It All Makes Perfect Sense | HuffPost
ElElegante101 on Twitter: "Fixed it: Wilbur Ross dubbed over Mr. Burns "
Lawmakers, Trump reach tentative deal to reopen government: report : news (and 5K reddit comments)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Exposing The Super-Rich's Bogus Claims About Raising Taxes --- Wealthy conservatives have long argued that raising their taxes was bad for everyone. (what, the riches lied so they could take your monies?)

'Mild-Mannered' Senator's 25-Minute Takedown Of Ted Cruz Sets Twitter Alight -- "I feel like Michael Bennet just yelled on behalf of everyone who's felt like they're going completely insane for the past few years"
CSPAN on Twitter: ".@SenatorBennet responds to @Sentedcruz: "These crocodile tears that the Senator from Texas is crying for first responders are too hard for me to take.""

AOC Thinks Concentrated Wealth Is Incompatible With Democracy. So Did Our Founders. By Eric Levitz < a>

Fire at Comet Ping Pong Pizza shop was intentionally set, DC fire officials say - Story | WTTG (the hate-filled delusion lives on in the diseased brains of Trump fanatics)
Five myths about conspiracy theories - The Washington Post

'Florida is Trump's state to lose' -- New numbers -- the nation's s biggest swing state raise Democratic alarms.

Time to take on the Covington 'smirk' (commenter:) "It's his birthright smirk."

Black Children Don't Have Nick Sandmann's Rights -- And they definitely don't get the chance to redeem themselves on national TV with the help of Savannah Guthrie.
The MAGA hat is not a statement of policy. It's an inflammatory declaration of identity. (racist white asshole identity)

The digital winter turns apocalyptic - Columbia Journalism Review - Alex Pareene ... the media industry lost about 1,000 jobs nationwide this week. The national economy, meantime, is operating at close to full employment.

Tom Raum, versatile Washington reporter for AP, is dead - The cause of death was a brain injury from a fall last week at home, said his wife, Nora Raum.

4chan trolls flood laid off HuffPost, BuzzFeed reporters with death threats - The threats are part of a coordinated campaign organized on the far-right message board.

Patton Oswalt Responds To Online Attacker By Donating Money To Troll's GoFundMe Page | HuffPost (sad Trump supporter is mad at the wrong people, as usual -- $31K by Friday morning)

School-Safety Panel Said to Pull Punches, Fearing 'Racist' Tag (RealClearPropaganda)

exercise increases growth hormone in the blood stream. If this is true, does that mean people who exercised more often in their formative years are taller? : askscience

TIL Crocodiles are the ultimate survivors. Having arisen some 200 million years ago, they have outlived the dinosaurs by some 65 million years. Even humans, the most fearsome predators ever to stalk the Earth, have failed to force into extinction any of the 23 species of crocodilians. : todayilearned

TIL that in 1833 Britain used 40% of its national budget to free all slaves in the Empire. The loan for the Slavery Abolition Act was so large that it was not paid off until 2015. : todayilearned

Other than cheating, what secret do you keep from your SO to prevent upsetting them? : AskReddit

How to Guide on converting Android to Win10 Mobile : windowsphone


Civil penalties for polluters dropped dramatically in Trump's first two years, analysis shows (Environmental Destruction Agency)
Many Americans think that climate-change deniers 'get what they deserve' when disasters strike (ok, now extend that thinking)
The silver lining at the end of the world - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bank of America Corp. worries flooded homeowners will default on their mortgages. The Walt Disney Co. is concerned its theme parks will get too hot for vacationers, while AT&T Inc. fears hurricanes and wildfires may knock out its cell towers.
Triaging Climate - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Officials in anti-vaccination 'hotspot' near Portland declare an emergency over measles outbreak ... Only 1.2 percent of the children had a medical dispensation, meaning that nearly 7 percent were not immunized for personal or religious reasons. Nationally, about 2 percent of children went without required immunizations for nonmedical reasons. (need a vaccination against mommy blogs)

FDA's opioids adviser accuses agency of having 'direct' link to crisis : news

Taliban Assures U.S. It Opposes Use of Afghanistan as Platform for Terrorists - WSJ - Insurgency repeats pledge to try to stop groups such as Islamic State and al Qaeda, in boon to peace talks

France says it expects Iran-EU trade mechanism to be established in 'coming days'

Maduro isolated as Latin American nations back Venezuela opposition leader | Reuters
Venezuela's Military Backs Maduro - Announcement comes a day after Juan Guaids, head of the national assembly, declared himself president
Venezuela? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The silliest Republican scare tactic - The Washington Post - one group of Americans that has had Venezuela on its mind for a while now: conservatives, especially conservative pundits. -- They love Venezuela. Or rather, they love using Venezuela as a terrifying specter to scare their viewers into thinking a complete societal collapse could be in the cards for the United States, if those nasty liberal Democrats get their way ... Trump himself said before the 2018 elections. Democrats "would turn our country so fast into Venezuela, and Venezuela is not doing too well, folks." ... (can't tell the difference between "socialism" and "corrupt stupidity" faciliated by 100 years of American interventions) ... "Without fear, stupidity and hatred, what would Republicans campaign on?" ... "Good, cheap hairspray."

Skripal poisoning: Trump admin yet to impose new Russia sanctions required by law - The European Union punished four Russians this week in connection with the Skripal poisoning, but the U.S. hasn't moved forward with its own penalties (blocked by Putin's pal)

Donald Trump Is 'Clearly' Intimidating Witnesses and Breaking the Law, Says Senior Democratic Senator

Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas President Trump's former fixer, Michael Cohen
Jerome Corsi collected payments from Infowars through job Roger Stone arranged - The Washington Post (jfc, always the faces of evil)

Another rotten day for Republicans - The Washington Post

President Donald Trump Postpones State Of The Union Until Shutdown Ends | HuffPost - The president backed down from his vow to go forward as planned after the House speaker said she would not take steps to authorize the speech during the shutdown.
'Folded Like A Cheap Suit' :" Twitter Users Taunt Trump For Being 'Outplayed' by Pelosi -- The president agreed to postpone the State of the Union after first threatening to 'do something in the alternative" (reality of my tiny disaeased brain)
There is only one way to break Trump's pathoology. Pelosi has found it ... The result of this is that the obscuring fog of both-sidesism lying atop this whole situation has been dissipated. What has been laid bare, instead, is a simple reality: Democrats actually do control one chamber of Congress, after having won a major electoral victory, and that actually does give them some veto power over Trump's conduct and agenda (and fuck you, NYT, for validating "Foxlandia")

Pelosi has Trump on the ropes - The Washington Post
Trump Says He'll Delay Speech Until After Shutdown, as Democrats Draft Border Security Plan
Trump Administration Flails as Government Shutdown Stories From Federal Workers Continue to Pile Up - Its feet are vainly spinning in the air.
Trump Folds to Nancy Pelosi on State of the Union Address During Government Shutdown - "Moderate" Democrats ought to take note of how swiftly she got the president* to fold on the State of the Union. (hello, Seth "Moldy" Moulton!)

Here's why Trump isn't budging on his border wall -- The president's right flank is more concerned with preventing "amnesty" o young undocumented immigrants known as "dreamers" ..
Cory Gardner will vote to reopen government without wall funding - Axios (cracks in Trump's wall of stupid)
Six GOP Senators Buck Trump As Competing Shutdown Measures Fail - Talking Points Memo (went from 1 to 2 to 6)
Trump just lost a lot of leverage in the shutdown - The Washington Post - only Joe Manchin III broke with the Democrats

The New Yorker January 28, 2019 Issue | The New Yorker (hahaha)

Trump's s Wall of Shame - It would stand as a lasting reminder of the white racial hostility surging through this moment in American history - By Jamelle Bouie -- Whether praised by its supporters or condemned by its opponents, the wall is a stand-in for the larger promise of broad racial (and religious) exclusion and domination ... In fact, you can almost think of the wall as a modern-day Confederate monument, akin to those erected during a similar but far more virulent period of racist aggression in the first decades of the 20th century. (the biggest Confederate Monument and let's go with this comment:) "Mr. Bouie has perfectly summarized the Wall issue. This is a dying gasp of American white nationalists, a symbolic stunt crafted to pay homage to their illegitimate president while at the same time menacing non-whites on both sides of the Rio Grande."
Trump's Wall is the New Confederate Monument - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Excellent stuff. It ain't Maureen Dowd's op-ed page anymore.

Professional Liars and the People Who Represent Them - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Leah Litman has an excellent post about the revelations that the Trump administration lied to the Supreme Court about its intentions to help secure a favorable ruling in Jennings v. Rodriguez: (their central strategy was always to create so much shit you couldn't possibly keep track of it)

Wilbur Ross Shrugs Off Shutdown: Federal Workers Will 'Eventually' Get Paid -- "I don't quite understand why" they're using food pantries, the billionaire commerce secretary said ("they could just starve their families for a couple of months" he said)
HoosierMamaTags on Twitter: "Seems like there's always that one guy who makes an entire country facepalm."
Sean Hannity offers to host Donald Trump to give the State of the Union during a "special edition of Hannity"

Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Flight Attendants Detail Serious Safety Concerns Due to Shutdown - Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

'Master negotiator' or 'nonentity'? Kushner thrusts himself into middle of shutdown talks. (let's go with inexperienced evil and dumb entity)

Fox News Poll: Voters see shutdown as bigger problem than border situation | Fox News (so, is Trump supposed to see this, Fox?)

The political scientist Donald Trump should read - Vox - The conventional wisdom holds that close competition ensures voters have real choices and politicians face real accountability and strong presidential leadership injects a necessary energy into the system. Lee challenges both views, presenting new evidence suggesting that both forces intensify, and perhaps even drive, the kind of all-out partisan combat that is paralyzing the system ... one of the best predictors of the overall level of partisanship, with party polarization increasing by fully 34 percent when presidents highlight them in their State of the Union addresses (Ezra is learning)

Another victory is looming for Mitch McConnell - The Washington Post - Hugh Hewitt -- You are an insufferable fool. WaPo would do itself a favor to ban you from their pages. Every time Chuck Todd has you on his show I change the channel. Go away, you pompous windbag ... Yet again WaPo publishes a piece of horse dung by this guy, and once again I ask, "why?" (WaPo's core of rw windbags cf Theissen)

Coalition of Corruption | Gaslit Nation on Patreon
"She Was a Cartoon Villain Brought to Life" : A Former Trump Aide Recalls Conway's Leaking Tactics in the West Wing Viper's Nest (Kellyanne Fuckway is the Queen of Vipers)

Ten takeaways from Sarah Sanders's disappearance from White House briefings (speaking of vipers)

Elizabeth Warren to propose new 'wealth tax' on very rich Americans, economist says

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has 3 Burning Questions For Sean Hannity And Fox News | HuffPost - The freshman lawmaker has a laugh at Sean Hannity's expense

Eschaton: Area Man Should Shut Up - We all loved Onion Joe and Obama's wacky white sidekick, but it's over. (only Michael Bloomberg is more out of touch)

Robert Redford: We must defend our democracy -- and not by impeachment (just vote the corrupt crook out said another entry in the old white guys who should shut up dept as if you can't do both)

Florida Secretary of State Mike Ertel resigns over blackface photos - By mid-afternoon, Ertel turned in his resignation, after photos emerged of him posing as a Hurricane Katrina victim in blackface at a private Halloween party 14 years ago.

Republican California assemblyman defects to the Democrats | The Sacramento Bee - Democrats celebrated with a victorious news conference Thursday morning, grinning and cheering as Assemblyman Brian Maienschein of San Diego announced his decision.

The Covington Boys and the Poison of Trumpism | Crooked Media (one truth emerges from the war of conflicting opinions)
Third Kentucky bishop apologizes for Covington Catholic high school students - The Washington Post ... John Stowe ... said he is "ashamed" that the actions of Kentucky Catholic school students in D.C. last week are tainting the antiabortion movement and said wearing attire representing President Trump is incongruous with the "pro-life" label ... "ending abortion" (hahaha, you aren't supposed to connect the fucking dots)
'Your administration tore babies from their parents' : Critics slam Sarah Sanders for Covington comments
Red MAGA Hats Are the New White Hoods
Nathan Phillips, man at center of standoff with Covington teens, misrepresented his military history - The Washington Post - "I'm bummed. I'm definitely disappointed," said a man who had advocated for Phillips -- In reality, Phillips served from June 1972 to May 1976 in the Marine Corps Reserve ... He spent much of his enlistment in California, did not deploy and left the service as a private after disciplinary issues ... (and didn't get "spit on by a hippie girl" RW propaganda)

Trump's Transgender Military Ban and Lessons from a Lifetime of Gender-Policing

60 hours, 50 abortions: A California doctor's monthly commute to a Texas clinic

BuzzFeed to Cut 15% of Its Workforce - WSJ - Layoffs could affect about 250 jobs across the digital publishing company

Cuomo's L Train Plan Will Cause Crowding 'Greater Than Anything Ever Experienced' (he thought he could wave his magic dick)

4 girls allegedly strip searched at middle school - Story | WTTG - School denies (says school just took their blood-pressure after they were "giddy" in the lunchroom)

Shoot Someone In A Major US City, And Odds Are You'll Get Away Wit It
Child accidentally shoots mom while sitting in backseat of car outside Norwalk preschool : news

Jayme Closs freed herself. The kidnapped teen will now receive $25,000 in reward money. - The Lily - Hormel Foods pledged the money in October for information leading to her safe return

'Trump will handle this' : Florida man tried to force Iraqi family out of his neighborhood, police say

A 'lovable rogue' visited an Irsh farm. A 'love rival' made sure he would never leave, police say.

Trump T-shirt controversy at CDY Fitness in Troy, Missouri after owner asks Jake Talbot not to wear it again - The Washington Post ... "It's 2019; get the hell over it. It's not racism ... I'm sure Donald Trump is not racist" he said (our "post-racial society" headed by definitely not a racist Trump)

She wrote 'Cat Person.' Now she has a new book. Before you open it, beware. Things are going to get weird

Here's the Medical Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Refused to Run : videos

Adults sleep better while being gently rocked. In an overnight study, participants fell asleep faster, slept more deeply, and woke up less in beds that rocked them throughout the night. : science

TIL pregnancy physically changes a woman's brain structure. Grey matter volume is decreased in certain areas, giving mothers a higher capacity for empathy to help better understand their baby. : todayilearned

When faced with a stressful situation, thinking about your romantic partner may help keep your blood pressure under control just as effectively as actually having your significant other in the room with you, according to a new study. : science

They stole $1.7 million : videos
Asimov destroyed my doubts about older Sci-Fi. : books

Gordon Ramsay Savagely Critiques Spicy Wings | Hot Ones : videos
This Booby Trapped Meth House : WTF

3 years ago, I built a wild scavenger hunt date for my reddit Secret Santa Giftee and created a business! Now I travel around the world building intricate scavenger hunts for clients!
What's the most fucked up thing you've seen someone do at work and still not get fired?

We Followed YouTube's Recommendation Algorithm Down The Rabbit Hole -- YouTube is still suggesting conspiracy videos, hyperpartisan and misogynist videos, pirated videos, and content from hate groups following common news-related searches ... (Google/YT puts you nine clicks away from pure right wing hatred)
Google update could 'destroy' ad-blocking : news (hello Firefox, my old friend ...)
Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently : privacy
redditsings - Take it away (of course this exists)

It's Now Clear None of the Supposed Benefits of Killing Net Neutrality Are Real - Network investment is down, layoffs abound, and networks are falling apart. This isn't the glorious future Ajit Pai promised. (Republicans always scam you)


This Could Be The Biggest Scandal Of The Climate Change Era | HuffPost - A huge barrier to solving this problem is the failure of conventional economics to acknowledge the severity of climate change ("too expensive to save the planet and not kill everybody on it," said respected "echonomoics" assholes)
Corp monetizing climate change: Muggy Disney Parks, Downed AT&T Towers: Firms Tally Climate Risk - Bloomberg (1) kill everybody; 2) profit!)

The Nobel Prize on Twitter: "On 23 Jan 1911, Marie Sklodowska Curie was rejected admission to the French Academy of Sciences. Marie Curie applied for the chair in the section of physics, formerly occupied by her husband Pierre Curie, but was defeated by Edouard Branly by two votes."

Venezuelan President Maduro gives U.S. diplomats 72 hours to leave after U.S. recognizes opposition leader as interim president
Maduro Cuts Ties with U.S. After Trump Recognizes New Leader in Venezuela - The New York Times
Unrest roils Venezuela amid new push to topple Maduro (off the cliff with the bus driver)
Why the new protests in Venezuela are different - The Washington Post
UK's ex-EU ambassador: Brexiteers like 'snake oil salesmen' ... 'breathtaking dishonesty' (the la-di-la-lying-lady off the cliff)

The Daily 202: 10 sobering quotes from the new National Intelligence Strategy - The Washington Post - Every four years, the National Intelligence Strategy attempts to do something that official Washington seems increasingly incapable of: long-term thinking.

US-Born Marine Veteran Detained By ICE Was Carrying His US Passport When He Was Arrested : politics (what happens when there are no consequences)

Fed Said to Probe Deutsche Bank Over Suspicious Danske Cash - Bloomberg
IC Expert CEO Andrey Rozov behind mysterious purchase of NY building tied to Felix Sater and Aras -- The CEO of the developer of Trump Tower Moscow was behind a mysterious New York real estate transaction in late 2015, just as the Trump Organization was negotiating to build in Moscow with the developer. (perfectly legal and a good deal!)

Donald Trump pursued a business deal in Russia and hid it from voters
Trump's lies on his business dealings in Russia were a profound betrayal of voters (the racist suckers got conned by the conman?)

Trump exasperated by gaffe-prone Giuliani - POLITICO - freewheeling lawyer cleans up yet another set of public comments
'The President's B***h' : 'The Late Show' Taunts Rudy Giuliani With Tombstone Epitaphs (if Verizon won't spell 'Bitch' imagine what else ...)

Trump's health secretary refuses Democrats' request to testify on separated kids (8 months of stonewalling)

Michael Cohen postpones House testimony, blames Trump "threats" (yes, we're trapped in a gangster movie)
Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen delays House testimony - POLITICO - ongoing threats against his family -- House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff accused the president of deploying "textbook mob tactics" in a bid to intimidate Cohen from publicly testifying in Congress. (and 40% of the country loves him)
And their families -- their families were taken care of ... "Due to ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. Giuliani, as recently as this weekend" ... Straight up obstruction of justice from the mobbed up Leader of the Free World. Also known as another Wednesday afternoon.
Eschaton: The Made Man Knows How They Play - Jack Shafer has been so dumb for so long (or pretending to be). (Shack Jafer looks stupid on twitter, again)

House Democrats probe how Jared Kushner got security clearance - in response to grave breaches of national security at the highest levels of the Trump administration

Pelosi tells Trump: No State of the Union address in the House until government is opened - The Washington Post
Trump to Explore Venue Alternatives for State of the Union - The New York Times
AP-NORC poll: Shutdown drags Trump approval to yearlong low
Trump is trapped and tanking - The Washington Post -- The irony here -- or is it karma -- is that Trump's biggest cheerleaders in the right-wing media (e.g. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity) and his hardcore anti-immigrant adviser Stephen Miller who egged him on are now responsible for the worst political debacle of his presidency, one that has erased any residue of presidential power. He's now trapped, waiting for a permission slip from the right-wing media chorus to capitulate 00 or watch his support and any hope for legislative accomplishments evaporate.
New polls indicate Trump's shutdown position is unpopular and dragging his approval rating to new lows -- Trump is losing the argument over the shutdown.
The GOP is in a very familiar shutdown position: Losing it badly - The Washington Post - polls look very similar to when Republicans caved during the 2013 and 1995-96 shutdowns
Trump planned to still give SOTU in the House. But it was never up to him. - The Washington Post ... "Trump has a long history of pretending to not understand when a woman says "no." (and this one has his balls in a vice, haha)
Nancy Pelosi tells Trump not to bother showing up at her house - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Megathread: Speaker Pelosi tells President Trump the House won't authorize State of the Union address in the chamber 'until government has opened
Trump tells Pelosi he will deliver State of the Union before Congress next week, despite her request for a delay during shutdown : politics

McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government | TheHill
IRS Union Warns Absences May Delay Tax Refunds: 'The Situation Is Dire' -- "The suffering of thousands of middle-class working families has to end, and it has to end now," ("fuck you," said Trump)
Trump finds a cure for his small-hands problem - The Washington Post - The longest government shutdown in U.S. history shows no sign of resolving, and Americans wonder what President Trump and his team are doing. -- Now we know. They are doing the important work the people sent them to do. They are elongating Trump's finger (big job)
FBI Agents Say Operations Are Compromised by Shutdown - The Atlantic
Pelosi has edge over Trump on budget negotiations, CBS News poll shows - CBS News - 65 percent of Republicans say President Trump should refuse a budget unless it includes wall funding, and 69 percent of Democrats think congressional Democrats should keep refusing to fund it.
Poll: Shutdown, Russia drive Trump to all-time high disapproval - POLITICO -- 57% disapprove
Federal Employees Going Through 'A lLittle Bit of Pain' But Border Wall Is 'Bigger Than' Them Says Lara Trump
Trump is being the adult in the room on the shutdown - The Washington Post (another Thiessen debacle, noted for the comments:) "Trump is like some idiot who has locked his car door from the inside, and is shouting for someone to let him out."

How the Clinton machine flooded the FBI with Trump-Russia dirt until agents bit | TheHill (John Solomon is Andrew McCarthy's even more evil twin)

For two years, Trump has been undermining American democracy. Here's a damage report -- Can U.S. democracy survive when between 35 and 45 percent of the population cheers a president who behaves like an autocrat? (Make America Fucked Again or deport all the fuckers to Russia)

Trump Administration Grants South Carolina Foster Care Agencies Authority to Discriminate Against Jewish and Muslim Families

The Public On Next Steps For The ACA And Proposals To Expand Coverage
U.S. Uninsured Rate Rises to Four-Year High - The U.S. uninsured rate has risen steadily since 2016 - Women, younger adults, the lower-income have the greatest increases - All regions except for the East reported increases

Estimating the Potential Effects of Adding a Citizenship Question to the 2020 Census | IZA - Institute of Labor Economics

On Fox Business, Ben Stein compares Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's rhetoric to Hitler, warns about mass murder and genocide ... "It led to mass murder, it led to dictatorship, it led to genocide" (give all your money to the riches or they will send you to the gas chamber +fuck, the face)
Eschaton: Atrios, Economist - I actually am in that I have a Ph.D in economics. I think touting credentials is mostly dumb so I don't do it, but Ben Stein has an undergraduate degree in economics. His post-grad degree is in law. And his late in life experience is being an actor, game show host, and Fox News professiona.
Sean Hannity Tries To Give New Nickname To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Fails Miserably | HuffPost

Biden's Paid Speech Buoyed the G.O.P. in Midwest Battleground - ... Mr. Biden stunned Democrats and elated Republicans by praising Mr. Upton while the lawmaker looked on from the audience ... two weeks before the election (tone deaf self-promotion his whole career gtfo, asshole)

Kamala Harris's Logo Is a Disaster. Here's Why Does bad graphic design doom good candidates? Or do lousy candidates inspire bad graphic design? (prolly the latter)

Buttigieg Announces His Run for the Presidency - The Atlantic - Trump is turning 73 in June, and Giuliani will be 75 in May. Buttigieg just turned 37 over the weekend.

Fear of Kobach and 2020 'disaster' drive Pompeo recruitment, say GOP strategists (ugly ffatface fucker will win!)
Kansas Lawmakers Defect to Democrats as G.O.P. Struggles in Suburbs - The New York Times

Sheila Jackson Lee Leaves 2 Posts After Aide Says She Was Fired for Reporting Sexual Assault - The New York Times - Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat of Texas, resigned as the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.CreditCredit -- facing fallout from a lawsuit claiming she fired an aide who said she was sexually assaulted by a supervisor at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, said on Wednesday she had decided to resign ... Members of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's board had given Ms. Jackson Lee an ultimatum late last week after the claims became public: step down as chairwoman or face a vote of removal as soon as this week ...

'I am a survivor' Ernst says as divorce details become public ... adamantly denied her ex-husband's accusation that she had an affair ...

Speaking of clueless old white guys who want to be president - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday said that attempting to legalize recreational marijuana "is perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done." ... In 2018, more people than that are OD-ing on drugs, have OD'd on drugs, and today, incidentally, we are trying to legalize another addictive narcotic, which is perhaps the stupidest thing anybody has ever done" (so many pot od's in the depths of his stupid brain)

Nothing justifies what the Covington students did - The Washington Post - The seeming lack of judgment by their chaperones was curious (they were all racist fucks)
WH Bashes Media: 'Never Seen People So Happy To Destroy A Kid's Life' (dot one and oh, look who's talking)
Who knew? Trump's top White House attorney is Covington Catholic High School graduate (dot two is a dot too far)
The MAGA hat-wearing teen at the center of a viral video firestorm isn't sorry -- Nick Sandmann (they are never sorry about anything)
Covington Catholic Teen on 'Fox & Friends' : Blackface Is 'School Spirit' (oh, and the faces, again)
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "i hope the next black teen arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way also gets a segment on the today show"
Newest video to surface of the Covington kids shows one of them yelling to a group of girls "IT'S NOT RAPE IF YOU ENJOY IT!" Fuck anyone who is still defending them. Catholic Schools in the south like Covington are incubators for vile racism and misogyny.
House Intelligence Committee Looking Into Tweet About Viral MAGA Hat Teen Video | HuffPost - The Twitter account that promoted a video of Covington Catholic High School Students surrounding a Native American man has since been suspended.
Opinion | Covington and the Pundit Apocalypse - The New York Times (Frank Bruni, Catholic boy, always wrong, about everything)
Covington Catholic and the Trump-Era Overcorrection - The Atlantic - The evolving coverage of a confrontation on the National Mall offers a case study in how media outlets zigzag wildly in their efforts to please their readers. (why Serwer doesn't have Bruni's job is an eternal mystery)
Parkland survivor David Hogg sees double standard in defense of Covington Catholic students : politics

The Trump administration quietly changed the definition of domestic violence. - definition is substantially more limited and less informed, effectively denying the experiences of victims of abuse by attempting to cast domestic violence as an exclusively criminal concern. (they love abusing women)

Team Trump Finally Disavows Pizzagate Theorist Who Boasted of Being on 2020 Board - Even for Team Trump, which has attracted some interesting characters along the way, her views are extreme. But for over a month, the Trump campaign and its advisory board of media surrogates remained silent as she insisted she was an official part of the #MAGA team.

Eschaton: The Worst People -- New York City media stories are always a reminder that people fail upwards because they are bad people with connections. -- The two reporters said they decided to leave the new Gawker after Bustle Digital Group ... refused to oust Griffith over offensive workplace comments about everything from poor people to black writers to her acquaintance's penis size
Gawker 2.0 Implodes as Its Only Reporters Quit ... Last week, The Daily Beast reported that former editorial staffers were furious that BDG hired writers to complete articles partially written by the unionized staffers who were fired en masse shortly before Mic's sale to Goldberg ... (CEO Jewish Dick Bryan Goldberg hires a gender harasser with the mental age of less t han 6, surprise, it's a woman)
Gawker Staff Quits After Boss Misgenders Potential Hires and More - Literally a week after the nonconsensual Gawker reboot announced its first four hires, two of those hires have quit.

'Bohemian Rhapsody' Director Bryan Singer Faces New Sexual Abuse Allegations -- Singer, who was fired from "Bogemian Rhapsody" has previously been accused of sexual misconduct involving teenage boys (toxic gay pedo hollywood)
'Nobody Is Going to Believe You' The Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer has been trailed by accusations of sexual misconduct for 20 years. Here, his alleged victims tell their stories ... After the Harvey Weinstein news came out, everyone thought Bryan Singer would be next. (another Jewish toxic dick, this time gay)

Islamberg Muslim Massacre Plot Suspect Invited Trump to His Eagle Scout Ceremony - One of four teens police say planned to attack an Islamic community in New York was an adamant supporter of the president and a wall on the southern border.

Five people shot dead at SunTrust Bank in Florida, suspect in custody - The suspect allegedly called police to say he had fired shots in the bank. Five people "were senslessly murdered" the police chief said

Roy Edroso on Twitter: "Latest transmission from the Rod Dreher Opus Dei Pillow Fort "

Clark County measles outbreak grows, vaccination rates plummeting : news - I still cannot believe this many people take their advice from mommy blogs rather than medical professionals (science is hard for girls)
Religious exception for vaccination or religious excuses for avoiding vaccination

Dan Nexon on Twitter: "Read. And don't forget to support @MotherJones" (Fuckbook killed legit news and democracy)
Clara Jeffery on Twitter: "A big reason that so many news orgs are hurting is the deceptive bait-and-switch policies Facebook thrust upon them:"

Verizon Media, HuffPost's Parent Company, Announces Sweeping Layoffs - The cuts will affect 7 percent of the workforce.


Greenland's Melting Ice Nears a 'Tipping Point,' Scientists Say

Dutch surgeon wins landmark 'right to be forgotten' case ("right to erase evil history" case, Nazi's will sue next)

UK leader unveils Brexit Plan B, looks a lot like Plan A - ABC News (la-di-la lady)

Leaked audio records allegedly show how Oleg Deripaska's associates plotted the arrest of the 'sex trainers' who claimed to have 'RussiaGate' dirt on him (Trump handed her over to Putin, of course)

A. Wess Mitchell, the top diplomat for European affairs, resigns from the State Department - The Washington Post (gutting the State Dept b/c who needs intelligence and experience?)

Supreme Court allows Trump restrictions on transgender troops in military to go into effect as legal battle continues - The Washington Post -- five conservatives--Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr., Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh--allowed the restrictions to go into effect while the court decides to whether to consider the merits of the case. (and there you are, the two illegitimate Trumpsters join the other three assholes and we're fucked)
Megathread: Supreme Court Allows Trump's Transgender Military Ban to Take Effect
News about #TransMilitaryBan on Twitter

ICE Agents Detain Woman Despite 'High-Risk' Pregnancy and Deny Her Medication for Days, Immigration Lawyers Say (ICEfuckers)

Pain Cuts Deep for the Homeless and Other Vulnerable Americans
Senate Leaders Plan Competing Bills to End Shutdown - The New York Times
Sen. Warner introduced bill to end future government shutdowns: Senator Warner's Stop STUPIDITY (Shutdowns Transferring Unnecessary Pain and Inflicting Damage In The Coming Years) Act would fund the government except for the legislative branch and the Executive Office of the President : politics
Congress agitates to end relentless shutdown - POLITICO - The Senate is prepping dueling votes while House centrists are pushing Pelosi to counter Trump with her own compromise proposal ("centrists" for Trump)
Senate will vote Thursday on competing GOP and Democratic bills to end shutdown - ABC News
The president whom the Senate Republican leader helped elect has turned out to be the one thing he can't control c
Mitch McConnell Can't Escape Blame For Shutdown As Constituents Grow

Trump preparing two State of the Union speeches for different audiences: Sources - ABC News (for reality and alternate reality)

Supreme Court keeps cloak over mystery Mueller subpoena fight - POLITICO - But the justices allowed the public release of a partially-redacted legal filing that disclosed a few more facts about the dispute ... wholly-owned by a foreign state (so, Russia or China or Turkey or SA? let's go with Russia)
u/garrencurry shows a clear channel for Russia to funnel money to the GOP, using sources. Many, many sources. : bestof

All Evidence Points to Campaign Finance Crimes By President Trump | Just Security
Trump's Lawyer Said There Were "No Plans" For Trump Tower Moscow. Here They Are. (so tall, so bigly and a $50 million payback to Putin on the top)
Trump's Lawyer Said There Were "No Plans" For Trump Tower Moscow. Here They Are.

Trump Offered NASA Unlimited Funding to Go to Mars By 2020 (plant the Trump Flag on Mars, he said)

The GOP has become the Soviet party - The Washington Post (can we nuke the traitors?)
House Democrats turbocharge committee probes of Trump | Reuters

US banker with ties to Putin's inner circle sought access to Trump transition: Sources (they swarmed toward the corruptrump)

Mueller wants to know about 2016 Trump campaign's ties to NRA - CNNPolitics

Kavanaugh 'likely' to be investigated for perjury, House judiciary member says

Rudy Giuliani's Afraid Lying For Trump 'Will Be On My Gravestone' ... claims he didn't believe he'd said anything untruthful and had "a sense of ethics that is as high as anybody you can imagine" (a bigly sense of ethics)
Giuliani says 'tapes' prove Trump's innocence, then says there are no tapes
Rudy Can Fail If You Give 'Em Enough Rope - Lawyers, Guns & Money
"Trump Is Screaming. He's So Mad At Rudy" : Guiliani's Fate Is Uncertain After Botched Interviews ("sceaming" "furiously")
The real Trump bombshell - Axios - Giuliani admitted that Trump's team may have been working on -- and updating him on -- a potential Trump Tower in Moscow all the way up to Election Day. This possibility is a huge deal for four reasons: (lies, lies, lies, lies)
"Even If He Did Do It, It Wouldn't Be A Crime" : Rudy Giuliani on President Trump
Twitter Gives Rudy Giuliani Hell For His Imagined Talk To St. Peter | HuffPost

Is Pence as Unfit for Office as Trump? His delusional, dead-on-arrival speech about ISIS certainly suggests it. : politics

Support for Donald Trump's Impeachment is Higher Than His Approval Rating, New Poll Shows
Support for Donald Trump's Impeachment is Higher Than His Approval Rating, New Poll Shows - approval rating at just 40 percent, while 57 percent disapproved. Forty-six percent of voters, meanwhile, supported impeaching Trump, while just 44 percent are opposed, according to the poll.
Trump Hyped a Poll That Says 57% of People Have Ruled Out Voting For Him in 2020 : politics ... The poll, conducted for NPR, PBS and Marist, shows that half of Latinos now approve of his performance as president, up 19 points from a poll published last month by the same group. (they are voting for their own deportation? something doesn't smell right ...)

Trump Stared At Walls, Wandered Out Of Room While Ryan Explained Health Care : politics
Trump reportedly walked out of a policy meeting to watch TV : politics

Power struggle paralyzes 'irrelevant' White House press shop - CNNPolitics

Ari Melber Taunts 'Low Energy' Trump Over How Little He Works -- The president has been watching a lot of TV and playing a lot of golf - Trump spent 166 days at a golf club, averaging 80 more days playing golf than Obama over his first two years. (stupid RW American fucker suckers bought his lies)
Trump's longest presidential stretch away from golf (the lying voice of evil)
'Absolutely out of control' : Cliff Sims's book depicts life in Trump's White House - "Team of Vipers" (Trump's a psychopath, obviously, elected by soulless psychopaths)

Donald Trump Jr. blames Michael Cohen for Moscow project - Axios

Nine Years After Citizens United, Calls to Overturn 'Horrendous' Decision and Pass Pro-Democracy HR1 - "Until Citizens United is overturned, the corporate oligarchy will maintain the power to block the policies favored by the majority of Americans.'

Ocasio-Cortez: I give 'zero fucks' about pushback from other Democrats
The super rich at Davos are scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal to hike taxes on the wealthy

The 2020 Democratic Candidates Are Using More Colors In Their Logos

Graham turns focus to Clinton email probe, draws Democratic mockery : politics ... "This is going to be like the History Channel it turns out. Instead of taking a look at the current issues, Lindsey Graham wants to go back and answer important questions about the Bermuda Triangle and Hillary Clinton," Dubin said (but her emailzzzzz is forever)

The L.A. Teachers' Strike Is Part of a National Movement - The Atlantic (after 20 years of being despised and shafted)
The Recent Strike Wave - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Great news from Los Angeles, with the teachers winning basically everything they wanted from the city.

Everyone is still getting the Covington Catholic story wrong - The Washington Post - Anyone who wears a Make America Great Again hat knows what it stands for, and who it stands against. Anyone with an understanding of American history knows that white people have long made excuses for other white people's racist behavior -- protecting their own as a method of protecting themselves.
But Nick's Claim about Nathan is Contradicted by the Facts, See How He Moved into Phillips' Path - YouTube (oh, his PR firm lied and spun)
1 of 4 - Indigenous Peoples March #MAGAyouth, Nathan Phillips and others on Vimeo (more context: innocent boys)
linds on Twitter: "@NPR They harrassed my friends and I as we walked by even before this incident happened ?? no one provoked them, no one was chaperoning them. They just screamed at anyone who walked by ???????" / Twitter (MAGA assholes were being MAGA assholes all day)
On the Covington Catholic Gaslightling Campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money Don't Doubt What You Saw With Your Own Eyes : New Video Shows MAGA Teens Are Just As Awful As Everyone Thought - Perhaps -- probably -- because what had happened was so undeniable, it was immediately denied. Right-wing trolls not only immediately proposed that the visibly aggressive teens, who were draped in the symbols of white nationalism and misogyny, were in fact the aggressed upon, but began a campaign of brutal online harassment against anyone -- especially journalists and especially female journalists -- who accurately described what they had seen, or reacted to it on the terms it deserved. (yer eyes are lyin' and journos apologized for what they saw)

So Jake Tapper pushed a "statement" supposedly written by a teenager that turns out to be actually from a PR firm run by...a fellow CNN commentator (!!!) who used his own media connections to spin this story. Tapper runs w the narrative and the ENTIRE MEDIA follows suit. Jesus (Scott Jennings is the Sandmann's PR guy, Tapper is in bed with them, Jesus ... and btw, the kid obvously didn't write the "statement")

Waleed Shahid on Twitter: "The earlier footage of Native American veteran Nathan Phillips being mocked by Trump supporters is so much worse. "
aishku ?? ? on Twitter: "After a hard day of deciding what kind of health care girls and women can have, young gentlemen sing and dance in celebration with indigenous people using the widely accepted and respected tomahawk chop and screaming. #culturalexchange #prolife #healthcare #magateens"
Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation 'not surprised' by D.C. controversy : news

After Viral Video, Families of Covington Are Swiftly Circling to Protect Their Boys - The New York Times ("fierce devotion" to racism in their "all male brotherhood")
Covington Catholic video: RunSwitch PR helped Nick Sandmann (hired by the rich banker mom)
Covington students, Nathan Phillips viral video: Twitter suspends account that helped ignite controversy - CNN - The account claimed to belong to a California schoolteacher. Its profile photo was not of a schoolteacher, but of a blogger based in Brazil (Russia)
After Viral Video, Families of Covington Are Swiftly Circling to Protect Their Boys - The New York Times ("boys" = racist assholes: "We got two n-words" and no, the school isn't in "downtown Covington") )
I Know the Truth About the Covington Catholic Controversy - POLITICO Magazine (Shack Jafer says there is no truth, only your p0litical opinion)

After Mueller Gambit Fails, Jacob Wohl Goes Full Birther On Kamala Harris : politics
Not a good morning at CNN - Lawyers, Guns & Money - First, Chris Cuomo actually both sided the nonsensical racist nonsense of comically inept conspiracy grifter Jacob Wohl that Kamala Harris isn't really eligible to be president. (runs in the fam)

In 1980, the Democratic National Convention became a heated battle between Kennedy and Carter. The fight for the soul of the party didn't end there

Joni Ernst says she turned down chance to be Donald Trump's vice-president | US news | The Guardian - Ernst says husband Gail 'hated any success I have'

Bill O'Reilly Says Kamala Harris Lost His Vote, And Twitter Users Are Laughing -- The disgraced former Fox News host is still simmering over the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

A 'justice' system that frees the monied and locks up the poor isn't worthy of the name

Why does the left still associate with Louis Farrakhan? - The Washington Post (the "left" = Muslim girl and a few dumb black PR climbers)

What I Learned Inside the Lonely, Sad World of QAnon Facebook Groups - VICE
The Alt-Right is Recruiting Depressed People : politics ... There's a reason why the all the well-known extremist groups are male-dominant ...

Rep. Lori Saine says blacks, whites lynched in 'nearly equal numbers' for being Republican (she's a Republican, surprise, and stupid on so many levels)

Why 2019 Could Be Marijuana's Biggest Year Yet -- A green tide in Congress raises hopes that pot could be legal under federal law by year's end

"5 minutes of sheer terror" : Hackers infiltrate East Bay family's Nest surveillance camera, send warning of incoming North Korea missile attack Fake ICBM missile warning over Nest system sends East Bay family into panic

Gay Priests and the Lives They No Longer Want to Hide - The Gay Church Thousands of priests are closeted, and the Vatican's failure to reckon with their sexuality has created a crisis for Catholicism.

/u/Chinaroos explains modern medicine like they are a plague doctor who has somehow ended up in this time period : bestof

/u/aawoodsbooks lists some of the major mistakes new writers make. : bestof

#WaitUntilThe3rdDate hashtag on Twitter


Martin Luther King Jr., Day Tribute - 'I Have a Dream' Speech Was Also About Cashing a Check
Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed by a deranged woman in 1958. MLK almost died. - The Washington Post - He described the attack a decade later in his last sermon, which he delivered the night before his assassination.

Super Blood Wolf Moon 2019: Stunning Photos of Total Lunar Eclipse From Around the World

World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam | Business | The Guardian - Charity calls for 1% wealth tax, saying it would raise enough to educate every child not in school
A 'Fundamentally Inhuman' Economy: 26 Billionaires Own as Much as World's 3.8 billion Poorest People
World's 26 richest people own as much as poorest 50%, says Oxfam : worldnews
The top 26 billionaires own $1.4 trillion -- as much as 3.8 billion other people (CNN refuses to tell us who they are, but no Putin/Russians or Saudis are on the list)

Report finds another undisclosed North Korea missile site, says there are 19 more

China's Annual Economic Growth Rate Is Slowest Since 1990 -- Economic downturn deepened in the final months of 2018

Taliban kill more than 100 people in attack on Afghan military base
Social media outage and disruptions in Venezuela amid incident in Caracas - NetBlocks

'They covered it up': 3 women go public with sexual assault allegations against former RCMP doctor | CBC News

Kremlin accused of laying false trail linking Sergei Skripal to ex-MI6 officer behind Trump dossier -- Well-placed sources now believe that the plot to kill Col Skripal may have included a 'black ops' attempt to sow doubt on the veracity of the explosive dossier that claims Donald Trump received Kremlin backing. (win-win-win)

Facebook's s success at removing Russian-linked accounts shines light on a troubling reality - This marks the first time an online influence operation has been directly linked to Vladimir Putin's Kremlin (o rly)

No More Deaths volunteers found guilty for leaving food and water for migrants - The Washington Post (save lives, go to prison)
Literally What Jesus Told People to Do: If giving water to someone dying of thirst is illegal, what humanity is left in the law of this country?

Get used to it: The 'I-word' -- impeachment -- is about to dominate Trump coverage
If Trump is impeachable, so is Pence : politics

Frm U.S.Attorney: Moscow Project Appears to 'Deeply Implicate' Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump (a consumation devoutly to be wished, for sure)
Senator Says 'One Bad Email' Could Show House GOP Allegedly Worked to Obstruct Justice - emocratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse alleged that Republicans in the House of Representatives could have worked to obstruct justice in the ongoing probe by special counsel Robert Mueller into whether or not President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with Russia. (looking at you, commie ratfucker Nunes)
Senate Dem on call for Neilsen investigation: I am 'sick and tired of this administration lying'

Debate builds over making Mueller report public | TheHill ("debate" hahaha Trump says he'll read it and summarize it for you)
Rudy's remarkable interview - Axios ... 'perfectly normal' that Trump talked to Michael Cohen before he testified about him to Congress (Fooliani keeps digging)
MSNBC Panel Savages Rudy Giuliani: 'Worst Lawyer Ever,' 'He Should Be Disbarred,' Doesn't Understand 'Anything He Is Saying'

Watergate's Carl Bernstein On BuzzFeed: It's Trump Who Has Been Lying All Along -- "We have a president of the United States who lies .... serially, routinely, compulsively such as never has happened in our modern history"
President Trump made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years - The Washington Post - The president averaged nearly 5.9 false or misleading claims a day in his first year in office. But he hit nearly 16.5 a day in his second year, almost triple the pace. (just wait)

Trump Brags About His Accomplishments, Gets Hit With Immediate Fact Check | HuffPost - anniversary message to himself isn't going over well as the shutdown approaches the one-month mark ... "historic results" (true)
Trump's corruption keeps getting more obvious -- Whenever Rudy Giuliani gives a round of interviews to defend President Trump in the Russia scandal, there's a good chance he'll blurt out something that implicates his client in new wrongdoing or admit that Trump has been repeatedly lying about some element of the case. On Sunday he was at it again:

Cohen Threatened CNBC That Trump Would Sue After 2014 Poll Disappointment - WSJ - Future president also complained to network over 'business leader' ranking after fixer tried to rig online survey

Book by Former Staff Member Describes a White House 'Out of Control'
In Business and Governing, Trump Seeks Victory in Chaos - The New York Times
Senate Republicans all but surrender to Trump on wall despite shutdown's toll
Trump fails to woo Democrats - Axios ("woo") Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown - The Washington Post

Trump's Big Offer to End the Government Shutdown Is Just Another Scam -- Why? Because he's offering to do something the courts will say he has to do anyway.
McConnell has ceded all power to Trump in government shutdown : politics
Trump-Loyal Senators Make Russian Oligarch's Day -- Led by Mitch McConnell, Senate Republicans ensure sanctions will be lifted on companies of "Putin's favorite industrialist"
Calls escalate for Trump to end shutdown and trade war amid fears of economic slowdown - The Washington Post

TSA Reports Increased Absences As Government Shutdown Continues - Bloomberg

The 'Both Sides' Brigade Is Encouraging Trump to Take More Hostages (Chris ... checks notes ... Cuomo! is a centrist!)

Jared Kushner, SUPERGENIUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I see no flaws in this new, improved Kushner plan: Senior White House officials told Axios their strategy -- conceived largely by Jared Kushner and Vice President Mike Pence ...

President Trump Posts Altered Photos to Facebook and Instagram That Make Him Look Thinner
Trump's Social Media Photos Reportedly Altered to Make Him Look Thinner and His Hands Bigger

Karen Pence and her defenders can't claim they're standing for Christian beliefs | The hypocritical definition of orthodox Christianity.
Trump is the best Christian
MLK's son hits Pence for comparing Trump to his father: He 'was a bridge builder, not a wal builder'
Sarah Sanders Sparks Social Media Backlash After Saying MLK 'Gave His Life

Bernie Sanders calls President Trump a racist on Martin Luther King Day : politics

Two years after Trump asked black voters what they have to lose, the answer is clear: Plenty : politics (which is why 90% didn't vote for him)

Poll: Majority Backs AOC's 70 Percent Top Marginal Tax Rate

Kamala Harris Joins Democratic Presidential Field - The New York Times

The Historic 2020 Democratic Primary - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Gillibrand asnswers the Franken question)
Tulsimentum! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - OK, maybe her record in Congress is well to the right of what's acceptable to be a national Democratic candidate in 2019, and she has a recent history of rabid homophobia and sticking up for authoritarians, but she really has her finger on the pulse of the party now, and what Democrats are looking for is BOTH SIDES DO IT and plenty of it:

Pictures emerge showing Covington High School members dressed in full body "blackface" while harassing black basketball players at a public basketball game in 2015. : pics (totally innocent MAGAs)
Staring Down the the MAGA Teens at Indigenous Peoples's March
Why Trump's MAGA hats have become a potent symbol of racism
14 Words (longform of MAGA)
We Need to Learn to Call a Racist a Racist : politics

New York Passes a Ban on 'Conversion Therapy' After Years-Long Efforts (Cuomo and his Rethug caucus)
New York Passes a Ban on Conversion Therapy (oh look, nays: Simcha Felder)

ELI5: The broken window fallacy : explainlikeimfive

Opinion | Ilhan Omar and the Myth of Jewish Hypnosis - The New York Times - A conspiracy theory with ancient roots and a bloody history. (go deeper, Bari)

A high school football star had a rape charge against him dropped after sixteen year old girl confessed that the rape never happened. He spent six years falsely imprisoned and broke down when the case was moved to dismissed. : pics

Chico's mass overdose highlights severe new phase of opioid epidemic

More exposure sites named in Portland-area measles outbreak - KTVZ

Provo man facing terrorism charge after making mass shooting threat targeting females : news

Miami-Dade Had Evidence Teen Did Not Murder Rabbi but Charged Him Anyway, Lawsuit Alleges : news

How to make your best pot of chili - The Washington Post

Correction: Obit-Mary Oliver story - The Washington Post

TIL: London based study in 2018 discovered that 70% of women are bullied by "Queen Bees" in the workplace. "Queen Bees" have been characterized as women who adopt socially aggressive behaviors such as gossiping, exclusion, alienation, and stealing friends/partners due to insecurity. : todayilearned

How MLMs are hurting female friendships - The Washington Post ... less than 1 percent of MLM participants will profit, a far worse rate than for "legitimate small businessses" of which 39 percent are profitable over the lifetime of the business. MLM makes even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison (let me recruit you for my scam)

Yes, it takes two Fyre Festival documentaries to fully convey how easily we're all scammed
Unpaid Fyre Fest caterer in Bahamas gets over $90,000 in donations after doc profiles scam : news

The moon rotates around its own axis at the same speed as its rotation around earth, which is why we don't see the "dark side". Is this purely coincidental or not? : askscience

Difference between violet and purple
TIL the reason there are supposedly 7 colors in the rainbow is because Isaac Newton felt there should be 7 colors, and so he separated indigo and violet in his descriptions. Most modern representations have 6 colors. : todayilearned

Human family tree gains new member as scientists confirm 'missing link' : worldnews


To fight climate misinformation, point to the man behind the curtain. Point not just to the lies, but who's behind them, researchers suggest. : politics
Trump confuses weather with climate change again: 'Wouldn't be bad to have a little good old fashioned Global Warming right now' (fucking idiot sounds like a fucking moron)
Trump just confused weather with climate change ... again : politics

Turkey issues international arrest warrant for Kanter after he criticizes Turkish president : worldnews

Protests erupt in Pakistan after Police killed parents in front of the kids claiming them to be terrorists : worldnews
Pakistan Arrests Officers After Children Who Survived Shooting Contradict Police : news

Journalist in Ghana who exposed soccer corruption shot dead : worldnews

An Egyptian court on Sunday sentenced a television host to one year in prison for interviewing a gay man last year. Mohamed al-Gheiti, who has expressed his stance against homosexuality on several occasions, was accused of promoting homosexuality and contempt of religion : worldnews

UK Bill bans 'abhorrent' quizzing of domestic abuse victims in court - Domestic abusers will no longer be able to cross-examine their former partners in family courts under a comprehensive government package of reforms to tackle the issue.

China: Why are authorities blurring men's ears? - CNN (symptomatic of a very sick government)

AP Exclusive: Vatican knew of Argentine bishop misconduct (of course they did, despite all their lies)

Inside the Mueller team's decision to dispute BuzzFeed's explosive story on Trump and Cohen
Giuliani: Trump Tower Moscow negotiations 'as far as October, November' 2016
Giuliani says Trump might have talked to Cohen about his testimony: 'So what?'
BuzzFeed News in Limbo Land - The New York Times
Buzzfeed Journalist Insists Cohen-Trump Story Is 'Accurate' And Has 'Further Confirmation' That It's Correct
The House Intelligence Committee Can and Should Subpoena the 18-Minute Gap on the Trump Tower Deal

Trump Follows Nixon's Last Lines of Defense as Walls Close In - Suborning perjury, hush money, obstruction of justice, impeachment: they all echo Nixon as he made his historic confessions to my old colleague David Frost ... Diane Sawyer, another staffer who was helping Nixon write his memoirs (and there you are)
Five reasons Trump may be a one-termer - The Washington Post

We need to stop lying to kids about Donald Trump : politics - If only a quarter of adults can identify facts in a statement, our kids are screwed with or without Trump.

Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can't seem to make a deal ... "People saw him as some sort of business wizard. That's all disintegrating. It's like McDonald's not being able to make a hamburger" ("hamberder" and "I alone can fuck up government so bad you wouldn't believe it")
A look back on two dismal years of the Trump administration - The Washington Post
Things Donald Trump knows better than anyone else, according to Donald Trump. - YouTube
If only we could find this Nobody - Medium

Eschaton: Your Liberal Media (NYT kisses Trumps ass, again)
Here's an alternative to Trump's extortion
Trump's Plan to End the Shutdown Is Already Getting Terrible Reviews
Ted Lieu on Twitter: "Dear @POTUS: The fact that white supremacists don't support your proposal doesn't mean Dems will. Why are we even talking about DACA, which is a status issue, in a shutdown based on your failure to sign funding bills? Reopen government & then we can resolve the issues."
Democrats Reject Trump Border Wall Proposal, Calling It A 'Non-starter'
In Trump's Immigration Announcement, a Compromise Snubbed All Around (usual NYT "both sides" bullshit)
Trump Touts Border Wall In San Antonio, Which Has No Wall And Isn't On The Border (ever hear of "Wall Street?")
Trump mentions San Antonio in comments about success of walls - there is no wall around San Antonio : politics (he meant "The Alamo")

Nancy Pelosi hands Donald Trump a lesson in the art of politics | US news | The Guardian
Pelosi is winning battle with Trump because she's better at her job : politics - Pelosi is a skilled politician with lots of experience, Trump is a reality TV character.

Donald Trump May Be a 'Disrupter' President but in Two Years He's Done Little That Can't Be Undone, Experts Say (except for, you know, those SC assholes)

The shutdown has exposed Trumponomics for what it is: a disaster | Robert Reich | Opinion | The Guardian - When the president is proud to close government and proud to slash taxes for the rich, American workers get shafted

Many 2020 Dems Silent On Trump's Afghanistan, Syria Withdrawals
We Can Do Better - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's becoming more and more obvious that "2020 presidential nominee" ain't the job for Beto: Some supporters of Ms. Jones saw it differently: Beto O'Rourke first. (slightly better than Tulsi-fuck)

Elizabeth Warren Got Out Ahead Of The Democratic Field - The Atlantic - The Massachusetts Senator announced she was running for president on New Year's Eve -- and then had the field largely to herself

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter: "This photo looks like a Spice Girls album cover, but for reopening the government ?? cc: @RepJahanaHayes @KatieHill4CA @LaurenUnderwood"
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Brilliant Speech at Women' s March: "This Is About Justice"

The Women's March was smaller this year. Did the recent controversy make women stay home? -- This year, many women said, they had a hard time deciding whether or not to go (good job Farrakhan fucks)

The man who stood behind Trump - The Washington Post (inside a MAGA head)

Two yars into Trump'ss presidency, far-right extremism has surged - Despite numerous high-profile incidents, the federal government has provided no leadership to law-enforcement in tackling the threat. (MARA!)
The racism and irrationality that fuel blind support for Trump : politics

Thai commercial warns about the dangers of social media justice : videos

Covington Catholic: Longer video shows start of the incident at Indigenous Peoples March : news (redditor watches the who thing so you don't have to: media totally ignored "black israelites" hate group so they could make it a two-sided story - Nathan was trying to defuse the confrontation and didn't "get in the kid's face" he got between the haters who then surrounded him but some of the NA's were pretty racist also but not the kids, apparently, who were just MAGAs)
The at-right has their copy/paste in order about these Kentucky kids : trollfare
Obvious heavy-handed brigade ongoing in this Covington Catholic thread : trollfare (infowars)
Longer video shows start of Covington Catholic incident at Indigenous Peoples March (reality is hard and everyone has an opinion)
Fuller Picture Emerges of Viral Video Between Native American Man and Catholic Students - The New York Times (and finally, the NYT's take)
Longer video shows start of Covington Catholic incident at Indigenous Peoples March - The short video shows a faceoff between Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann,
Analyzing video from the incident at the Indigenous Peoples March

shauna on Twitter: "The yourthful indiscretions" of most of us do not involve acting like overprivileged sociopaths, my dude. (Byron Tau's reputation is destroyed in one tweet)
Arlen Parsa on Twitter: "Hey Twitter, we need to have a talk. Last night I learned & confirmed the name of the "main student" from the #CovingtonCatholic incident. The kid grinning in front of the Native elder. Hop in this thread because I'm going to walk you through some deep but important stuff. 1/?"
MAGA hat boy's mother blames 'black Muslims' or her son harassing Native American man -- Parent claims musician 'drummed in his face' white 'black Muslims yelled profanities
The Presumption of White Male Innocence in the Face of All Available Evidence - Lawyers, Guns & Money

mirror of Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan facebook video (2 hr full vid)
pizza roll heiress on Twitter: "The MAGA kids' school seems extremely and consistently horrible
Covington Catholic High School Teens Taunted Native American Elder Nathan Phillips At The Indigenous Peoples March
Native American Vietnam Veteran Speaks Out After MAGA Hat-Wearing Teens Harass Him | HuffPost
WATCH: Covington Catholic Students Wearing MAGA Hats Taunt Native Americans [VIDEO] | ... mother ... "Shame on you. Only reporting what you want. More fake news." (yeah, bitch, the video or your lying mouth?) ... Similarly, comments have been disabled on videos on the Covington Catholic YouTube channel, and in particular, the video that promises, "When you come to Covington Catholic High School you are going to be a well-rounded individual" (well-rounded racist asshole)
AJLux on Twitter: "I don't know who made this but DAMN what a powerful image #RedHats #CovingtonCatholic "
Lulu Says on Twitter: "It's even worse when you see the full mob effect."

Dr. Jack Brown on Twitter: "THREAD: Body Language Analysis No. 4372: Covington Catholic High School, Nathan Phillips, and Racism #Nonverbal #EmotionalIntelligence #BodyLanguage #CovingtonCatholicHighSchool #NathanPhillips #MAGA #Racism #IndigenousPeoplesMarch #NativeAmerican"
Dee Garretson on Twitter: "This priest has deleted his twitter account, but it was horrible. He's priest of a church whose school is a feeder elementary for Covington Catholic. You can see it starts early."
MAGA hat boy's mother blames 'black Muslims' after son harasses Native American man : beholdthemasterrace
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder : rage
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder. - r/news - snew
voksul comments on Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder.
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder : news
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder - r/news - snew
Kerry O'Malley on Twitter: "Indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter" (see O'Kav)
Jake Walter, a one-time Covington Catholic basketball standout, held a woman down this weekend and repeatedly raped her until she bled. : beholdthemasterrace
Some faces are made for punching.

The Mayor of Covington, Kentucky, Defends His City's Values - The Atlantic -- What His City Stands For
Michigan Native American leader Nathan Phillips recounts incident
U.S. diocese, school apologize after students mock Indigenous demonstrator | CBC News
School condemns Trump-supporting students who harassed Native American : news
Catholic high school students in "Maga' hats mock Native American after D.C. rally, could face expulsion

University of Oklahoma sorority expels student involved in blackface video : news

Neo-Nazi gets life for Charlottesville attack : beholdthemasterrace

InfinitelyThirsting comments on CMV: White people should not be berated for their past in colonialism, slavery, and genocide.

A vulture swoops down on Gannett -- The hedge fund Alden Global Capital this week offered $1.4 billion to buy Gannett, which publishes USA Today and dozens of other daily papers across the country, including The Arizona Republic, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and The Cincinnati Enquirer. (hedge-fuckers destroying democracy, as usual)

The Plot Against George Soros - How two Jewish American political consultants helped create the world's largest anti-Semitic conspiracy theory ... Birnbaum and Finkelstein's ideas spawned a new wave of anti-Semitism, and that they did so in the service of an authoritarian leader, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reviled around the world for his far-right views ... (and then got picked up by the two Fuckbook Jews, in service of themselves, wtf?)

Warren Jeff's Polygamist Cult Once Controlled This Town. Now It's Launching a Democracy From Scratch

Why are Ohio's medical marijuana prices high? (Republicans are stupid, make Potachusetts look good)

Man who rescued deer from frozen lake faces fine after taking animal home to nurse back to health : news

Ocean Ramsey's viral videos with a great white shark upset some other marine biologists - The Washington Post

I have become a Marie Kondo disciple. I am proud and ashamed. - The Washington Post

What happens when the doctor blames you for your own cancer? - The Washington Post - The tight link between tobacco and lung cancer has hardened into stigma, and the potential for care disparities is real. (they collected billions from cig taxes and spent none of it on lung cancer)

There are five types of insomnia, each with its own distinct features, according to a recent study. By enlisting the help of thousands of volunteer participants for the study, the scientists were able to discover that insomnia is a more complicated health issue than many people may have thought. : science

If we could travel at 99.9% the speed of light, it would take 4 years to get to Alpha Centauri. Would the people on the spaceship feel like they were stuck on board for 4 years or would it feel shorter for them? : askscience

The concentration of the sugar in the plant's nectar was increased by an average of 20% within minutes of sensing the sound waves of nearby bee wings through flower petals. This might be part of the reason many plants' flowers are bowl shaped, to better trap the sounds. : science

Single life gets better with age, new research show - Over the course of their adult lives, and over time historically, single people become more satisfied with their lives. : science

TIL duct tape is a recognized & effective treatment for common warts like verrucas. In blind clinical trials duct tape removed warts completely 85% of the time. The success rate for cryogenic treatments was 60%. : todayilearned
Topical treatments for skin warts | Cochrane

Psilocybin combined with psychological support might correct pessimism biases in depression - The psychedelic drug psilocybin could help alleviate depression by causing people to have a less pessimistic outlook on life, according to new preliminary research. : science

What are some underrated combinations? : AskReddit

Notabilia - Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia : InternetIsBeautiful (browser killer)

Tech writer suggests '10 Year Challenge' may be collecting data for facial recognition algorithm : news (Zuckerfucked, again and again)


TV News Coverage of Climate Change Somehow Got Even Worse Last Year (too boring, too complicated, too much sciency stuff)

An expensive lesson in hubris for the United States - CNN (haha, Putin won and it was very cheap)

Opinion | Time to Break the Silence on Palestine - The New York Times - Martin Luther King Jr. courageously spoke out about the Vietnam War. We must do the same when it comes to this grave injustice of our time. (the Zionist genocidal project)

Activists: Chechen authorities order families to kill their LGBT family members, also pay ransoms : worldnews (is Putin gay?)

Infamous private paramilitary firm Blackwater planning comeback in Syria : worldnews (Trump will appoint Prince the Grand Imperial Commissar of Afganistan)

TIL the Peruvian government sterilized 200,000 Indigenous Americans in the 1990s. : todayilearned (remember ... Fujimori?)

Syrian girl disfigured by bomb attack refused US visa under Trump travel ban | US news | The Guardian - Exclusive: Marwa al-Shekh Ameen, 16, was denied a visa in December after doctors in Germany encouraged her to get treatment in the US

9 experts on Theresa May's "Plan B" and what's next for Brexit (plan B = no plan)

Mexican oil pipeline erupts in deadly fireball amid attempts to steal fuel - The Washington Post - outside Mexico City, unleashing a massive fireball after residents tapped into the duct to steal buckets of gasoline ... Earlier this month, Mexico's new president, Andris Manuel Lspez Obrador, closed many of the country's pipelines, saddling dozens of cities with an acute gasoline shortage. (what could go wrong?)
Salvador Zaragoza A. on Twitter: "Ojo a este video donde pobladores de llevaban el combustible...antes de la explosisn en #Tlahuelilpan "
Mexicans stealing Fuel from a pipeline when some smokers show up. results in a huge explosion. : videos

The US and UK have let xenophobia bring them to the brink : politics

Arizona: Four women convicted after leaving food and water in desert for migrants | US news | The Guardian - Federal judge finds activists guilty of entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit to give aid to migrants (you need a "permit" to save lives)

Democracy: Generally Better Than Not Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- And a lack of representation combined with white nationalist leadership is especially bad: Trump told then-White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and then-Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney that he did not want a single dollar going to Puerto Rico, because he thought the island was misusing the money and taking advantage of the government ... Instead, he wanted more of the money to go to Texas and Florida, the person said.

Sheriff Ends Cooperation With ICE After Agency Tried to Deport U.S. Marine Born in Michigan : politics - Kent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young announced on Friday that her department will no longer hold immigrant detainees for federal immigration officials unless there's a warrent (what a concept)

In rare statement, Mueller's office disputes nature of Buzzfeed report on Cohen's Trump Tower testimony
Peter Carr Speaks - emptywheel -- Yesterday, Mueller's spox Peter Carr issued a statement vaguely denying Thursday's s Buzzfeed story claiming that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie.

Watch: White House spokesperson repeatedly declines to deny that Trump directed Cohen to lie to Congress - Even Fox News found it suspicious.
Trump's Attorney General: Trump Broke the Law - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Soon to be heard from Alan Dershowitz: "Obstruction of justice is not a crime!" (let alone Fooliani)

The Producers - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Misty water-color memories, aka August 2015:
The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter: "Trump was working on his big Moscow deal right up to close to the election. His plan was to win by losing... and then he lost by winning. Now it's all coming out and he's sunk

Kasparov: All Trump's 'big decisions' are 'connected to Putin's interests' : politics

Discussion Thread: President Trump Live Remarks On Shutdown Compromise : politics ... "Trump announces wall make out of Big Macs"
Here's Trump's latest offer to end the shutdown -- and why Democrats aren't interested
Pelosi Statement on Trump Speech - Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Trump proposes compromise in which Democrats bail him out in exchange for nothing - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Greg Sargent on Twitter: "Demanding concessions in exchange for cleaning up the mess you made isn't an offer of "compromise" as conventionally understood."

Trump plans to make Democrats an offer to end shutdown, not declare national emergency, in Saturday speech, official says - CNNPolitics
'Theater of the absurd': How the shutdown's bleakest week unfolded for Trump
Defiant Pelosi Begins Swimming To Afghanistan After Trump Denies Use Of Government Plane
Why can't Trump make deals? No one trusts him anymore

50,000 Coast Guard retirees at risk of not receiving pension checks during shutdown

Donald Trump is the perfect Republican | A party built on lies has found a liar to lead them : politics ... The only thing Republicans have learned from Donald Trump is that they no longer have to lie strategically. They don't need a rationale behind a lie. Trump has taught them that all lies, all the time is the way to go.

Impeachment inquiry is the right idea right now (opinion) - CNN

?????????? on Twitter: "Grift girl mocks government employees and urges them to "get a real job" because irony is dead

Chances of Trump running in 2020 election diminishing every day

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Tax Rate Plans Find Favor among Republicans, She Responds with Retro Meme
Alexandria Ocasio-CortezBut We Need to Abolish the Ultra-Rich - To combat inequality and oligarchy, we need to tax the accumulated wealth of the billionaire class, not just income.
Fox News host Laura Ingraham complains about the "minority privilege" of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (said the rich white wingnut bitch)

Republicans are accidentally doing more to advance progressive values than Democrats - ThinkProgress - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Elizabeth Warren, and the GOP's penchant for self-owns

Why was Beto O'Rourke a national phenomenon while Stacey Abrams wasn't ?

Henry Cuellar's (D-Texas) Policy Preferences Could Destroy the World. But Then Again, He's a REally Nice Guy -- Two competing values are at work in a coming primary challenge against oil-and-gas-backed Democrat Henry Cuellar, announced last week by Justice Democrats, the group that recruited Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., to run for office

Flint water crisis: hope for justice as top Democrat vows to review investigation | US news | The Guardian - Critics say there was little accountability when Republicans headed the investigation and its targets have been let off lightly
15 people have been charged in the Flint water scandal : news

Ga. lawmaker who defended Klan named to House post on eve of King Day (sure looks the part)

Korean green card holder avoid prison time for illegal voting in NC | News & Observer

Justice Department's Reversal on Online Gambling Tracked Memo From Adelson Lobbyists = Analysis sent to Justice Department argued that 2011 opinion that helped online gambling was wrong (def not human)

Powerful Scenes From the 2019 Women's March
Don't Give Up on the Women's March - This year, controversy surrounds charges of anti-Semitism, most pointedly against Tamika Mallory, one of the four national co-chairs (along with Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez and Bob Bland) (in spite of the Farrakhan Muzfucks fucking it up)

'We will not be silenced' : A meaningful march days after Trump joked about a Native American massacre
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder. : news ("go back to your country," they screamed +post locked for doxxing +Catholic schools are all MAGA and racist)
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder. - r/news - snew (copy)
Outrage as non-Native youth wearing #MAGA hats taunt and disrespect Native elder
Covington Catholic faces backlash after incident at Indigenous Peoples March -- Covington Catholic High School students surrounded, intimidated and chanted over Native Americans singing about indigenous peoples ... chants of "build that wall, build that wall," from the students (around all the reservations)
Lulu Says on Twitter: "I dgaf if they are minors. They need to be identified. What school are they from? Who was chaperoning them? This is one of the most horrific displays of ignorance, racism & disrespect. My god. I feel sick."
What MAGA Means - Lawyers, Guns & Money (MAGA kid's hate face goes viral)
MAGA Teens Harassed Native Elder at Indigenous Peoples March ... Although parents and chaperones were present, multiple witnesses on social media say they did nothing to intervene. (including the superintendent of schools)
WCPO on Twitter: "Boone County deputies say Jake Walter, a one-time Covington Catholic basketball standout, held a woman down this weekend and repeatedly raped her until she bled. "Walter dismissed the victim by laughing at her and telling her that she would be fine."" 4th accusation of rape, thankfully Cov Cath can't cover this one up as he is an adult now. Cov Cath coaches protected him while he was there which is just as big of a crime if you ask me (quite a Christian culture you have there)

March for Lies (Update) - Lawyers, Guns & Money (haha deleted his lies)
Ben Shapiro March for Life speech: the Baby Hitler controversy, explained - Vox - The philosophical problem of killing baby Hitler -- Let's figure this one out, folks.

FDA chief threatens to take e-cigarettes off the market : news

40% of medical marijuana users quit taking other prescription drugs, study finds : bostontrees
Meth Use Is Rising In Boston, Intensifying The Opioid Crisis | CommonHealth (old people shooting up)

Measles sickens 19 in Washington state. Portland Trail Blazers fans may have been exposed : news
New York's Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame. -- Other tight-knit communities have recently fallen victim to measles outbreaks too.
New York Confronts Its Worst Measles Outbreak in Decades - The New York Times - Borough Park, Brooklyn, has seen 35 cases of measles in an outbreak affecting more than 200 people in ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in New York and New Jersey.

A large sculpture of a spoon that was placed outside Purdue Pharma headquarters as part of a protest against the opioid crisis : pics

Man who attacked Sikh store clerk in Oregon charged with hate crime : news (quite a mug shot)
Homeowner fatally shoots 3 men during home invasion, police said : news

The Pinkertons Are Still Around, Suing Over Red Dead Redemption 2 (hahaha, pay for citing our terrible criminal history!)
Steven Attewell on Twitter: "That lawsuit baffles me, because what reputation do they have other than as corporate gunthugs? See if you can get Rockstar to call you as an expert witness!"

Who is Ed Buck? The erratic life of the Democratic donor in whose home two dead men have been found - Los Angeles Times

How Anna Delvey Tricked New York

When I replaced social media with reading : books

How Mary Oliver' Biographer Finally Met the Legendary Poet

Online experiment finds that less than 1 in 10 people can tell sponsored content from an article - A new study revealed that most people can't tell native advertising apart from actual news articles, even though it was divulged to participants that they were viewing advertisements. (we're doomed)

Asked my chemistry teacher (first year of highschool) this "Why do we use the mole (unit) instead of just using the mass (grams) isn't it easier to handle given the fact that we can weigh it easily? why the need to use the mole?" And he said he "doesn't answer to stupid questions" : askscience

A Precocious Puberty Case: I Went Through Puberty at Age 2

nublargh comments on When it sinks in that I stayed up most of the night to paint a meme for internet points...

What gets way too much credit? : AskReddit

This seems necessary... : pics
When was your last "I gotta get the hell out of here" moment?
What common misconception do you hate to hear repeated as fact? : AskReddit

Microsoft recommends switching to iPhone or Android as it prepares to kill off Windows phones : windowsphone (Fuckya Nadella's final nail)


Northeast faces crushing winter storm this weekend. Here are city-by-city forecasts for ice and snow. - The Washington Post

Deadly Nairobi attack comes as U.S. military ramps up airstrikes against al-Shabab in Somalia - The Washington Post
Zimbabwe Crackdown Saps Hopes of Reform - Foreign Policy

Trump said he beat ISIS. Instead, he's giving it new life ... The president decided to withdraw U.S. forces without consulting allies or understanding the facts on the ground. (who needs facts, when Putin tells him what to do?)

Best anti-Brexit sign goes to : pics

In a rare move, Mueller's office denies BuzzFeed report that Trump told Cohen to lie about Moscow project

Leaked Memo Reveals Trump Administration's "Immoral Plan to "Truamatize" Migrant Children
NEW: Sen. Jeff Merkley has formally requested FBI Director Wray open a perjury investigation into Sec. of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen @SenJeffMerkley says "new documents show Nielsen lied in sworn testimony to Congress about the administration's family separation policy." (in the top 3: Trump, McConnell, Nielsen in the evil in government ranking)
Christian Apologists: Lying is Still a Sin, Even if You Do it for Jesus (fake news for fake Christians)

Kevin Sieff on Twitter: "Mexico's largest airline is trolling Americans and it's the best. h/t @Aeromexico " ... "There are no borders within us"

White House pushes long odds strategy for wall - POLITICO - But even Republicans on the Hill recognize the idea is not likely to succeed pending a shift in Democratic thinking.
Trump admin weighed targeting migrant families, speeding up deportation of children - officials wanted to specifically target parents in migrant families for increased prosecutions.
Trump touts story about finding 'prayer rugs' along border - Trump cited a story from conservative news outlet the Washington Examiner in which an unnamed rancher living in New Mexico claimed to have found 'prayer rugs" or pieces of carpet used by Muslims for prayer, near her property (politico doesn't realize this is a recyled lie)
Trump' Prayer-Rug Paranoia - The president turns again to flimsy rumor to build support for his policies. (from Fox to his brain)
$11 toothpaste: Immigrants pay big for basics at private ICE lock-ups | Reuters
Government shutdown: border wall land seizure lawsuits continue as other lawsuits stall - Vox
Republican Congressman: Trump's Border Crisis Is a 'Myth' - A conversation with Texas Rep. Will Hurd, who knows the border better than most of his colleagues

Adam Schiff's warning now looks even more worrisome

Donald Trump Told Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About Moscow Tower Project - Trump received 10 personal updates from Michael Cohen and encouraged a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin.
Democrats demand investigation after report that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress - The Washington Post - Democratic leaders reacted with fury late Thursday and demanded an investigation following a new report that President Trump personally directed his then-attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the president's push for a lucrative condo project in Moscow in the lead-up to the 2016 election.
Cohen bombshell could significantly change Mueller debate
Mueller might finally have a smoking gun - The Washington Post ... A conspiracy can be complicated, hard to prove. "Suborning perjury," a phrase known to anyone who's watched "Law & Order" is specific and simple ... None other than Graham told us in the Bill Clinton impeachment proceedings in the House that we simply cannot allow a perjurer to remain in office:
(((Rep. Nadler))) on Twitter: "We know that the President has engaged in a long pattern of obstruction. Directing a subordinate to lie to Congress is a federal crime. The @HouseJudiciary Committee's job is to get to the bottom of it, and we will do that work. (what commie ratrucker Nunes was covering up)
Why Trump's Directing Cohen, Others to Lie Would Be Far Worse Than Watergate = it exposed any U.S. officials who were involved in orchestrating his false testimony to blackmail by Russia.

Compromise: Before Trump Won His First Primary, Putin Collected His First Receipt | emptywheel ... Even before the GRU hacked John Podesta, even before Don Jr told his June 9 visitors that his dad would consider lifting sanctions if he got elected, Michael Cohen let a key Putin deputy know that Trump would be happy to discuss real estate deals that involved both partnering with the GRU and with sanctioned banks. -- And Putin has been sitting on that receipt ever since.
It Sure Sounds Like Don Jr. Lied Under Oath About Trump Tower Moscow! : politics

Reporter with checkered past comes back with Trump Tower Moscow bombshells for BuzzFeed - CNN (says Oliver Darcy in inevitable hit job, gets destroyed on the twitter)
Larisa Alexandrovna on Twitter: "1. It is entirely appropriate to question and discuss the veracity of any story and weigh that information against already well established facts, the types of sourcing, etc. Common sense suggests restraint until additional confirmation is available. This applies to any story."

Five big takeaways from the stunning report that Trump told Cohen to lie - The Washington Post ... 1) his children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. received regular, detailed updates about the real estate development from Cohen, whom they put in charge of the project ... 4) The new story suggests Donald Trump Jr. may have committed perjury ... 5) What if there are tapes?
Congress to probe report that Trump directed lawyer to lie

Eschaton: Impeach - What choice do they have? -- Trump also supported a plan, set up by Cohen, to visit Russia during the presidential campaign, in order to personally meet President Vladimir Putin and jump-start the tower negotiations. "Make it happen," the sources said Trump told Cohen.
Donald Trump's Presidency Is Legally Over, Pending Mitch McConnell's Acknowledgement Of His Constitutional Duties (Mitch Bitch is deep in the Russian ditch)
Mitch McConnell Pens Op-Ed Opposing Democrats' Voting Bill - There Is No More Loathsome Creature Walking Our Political Landscape Than Mitch McConnell -- Yes, that includes the jumped-up real-estate crook in the White House ... He's selling out his country, and he's doing it in real-time and out in the open. This is worse than McCarthy or McCarran ever were. Mitch McConnell is the the thief of the nation's soul

The really scandalous part of Michael Cohen's poll-fixing efforts - the scandal here is less that Cohen tried to manipulate online popularity contests, and more that such surveys get away with masquerading as polls in the first place.

The circular firing squad: Mueller targets turn on each other - POLITICO - After Rudy Giuliani's latest comments, it's everyone for themselves. And it's a prosecutor's dream for the special counsel.
What I meant when I said there was no collusion - The Washington Post

The 1 Line That William Barr Wrote About Obstruction That Could Haunt Trump | HuffPost - nominee for attorney general spelled out obstruction, and it sounds a lot like what's in the new BuzzFeed report

"Are We Really Where We Are?" : Trump, Putin, and Washington's Unbelievable New Normal -- Regardless of whether Trump ends up making a A week of setbacks to end the shutdown has left lawmakers in a dark mood.

The making of Trump's Enemies List

Security concerns created by Trump's disclosure will delay Afghanistan trip, Pelosi says -- while leveling the remarkable allegation that the commander in chief with authority over security preparations had imperiled the safety of lawmakers and troops when he disclosed the confidential plans. ("ISIS, if you're listening," Trump said)
What Trump Just Wrecked by Canceling Pelosi's Trip to Afghanistan 'We're still gathering information just like you,' one Pentagon official told The Daily Beast. 'We are trying to figure out what is going on.'
Pelosi snatches away the football, and Trump falls flat again - The Washington Post (and then) Unbelievably, the story gets worse for Trump ... ("are you listening, ISIS?" he said again when she tried to fly commerical)
Trump's letter to Pelosi accomplished its main goal: Owning the libs (and Crystal Minton makes a reappearance on the stage of stupidity)
Robert Sacamano on Twitter: "Hahahaha oh i'm so glad Schiff has been confirmed to have been on the bus lol. "

Nancy Pelosi steals the spotlight - The Washington Post

Trump White House reportedly sought to put Pelosi 'in her place' - The president and his team were bothered that the California Democrat had raised security concerns about the upcoming State of the Union address. In response, Trump decided to scrap a long-planned secret trip in which congressional leaders -- including the chairs of the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committees -- who were set to visit with American troops stationed abroad, while receiving briefings on the status of an ongoing war. (win-win)
First lady Melania Trump flying to Mar-a-Lago after president cancels Nancy Pelosi's visit to Afganistan

The shabbiest U.S. president ever is an inexpressibly sad specimen - The Washington Post (George says feel sad for the poor guy and don't get mad at Republicans in general for inflicting him on us)

Mnuchin Flew to L.A. on Private Jet of Billionaire Michael Milken - The New York Times

McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government | TheHill
Capitol Hill Aides Wait for a Disaster to End Shutdown - The Atlantic - Aides on Capitol Hill fear that a dramatic government failure may be the only thing to force President Trump and the Democrats back to the table. (you know, those Democrats whose bill to reopen government just got ditched by Mitch the Bitch need to come 'back to the table')
Shutdown breaks Congress's spirit -- A week of setbacks to end the shutdown has left lawmakers in a dark mood.

Trump is moving the polls: His are down, and Pelosi' are up ... Perhaps the Senate Republicans finally revolt and vote on House bills to open the government. Maybe Ann Coulter signs a permission slip to let Trump open the government.

The New York Times is overdue for a Russia reckoning. What went wrong in 2016? (whoever leaked to Buzzfeed knew not to leak to the Times b/c Baquet who immediately dumped Spayd so no internal watchdog and the Sulzfucks were fine with it b/c they hated Abramson)

The Horror of Trump's Wounded Knee Tweet -- The president poked fun at a devastating massacre and reinforced racist, misogynistic stereotypes (christ what an asshole loves racist massacres)

Pence says criticism of wife's job at anti-LGBT Christian school is 'deeply offensive to us' (when you point out how deeply offensive we are)

Rep. Steve King is fundraising off controversy from white supremacy comments

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have a history. If he runs, it may come back to haunt him.

/u/Literally_A_Shill comprehensively showing the complete turnaround in opinions from Republicans on various issues and topics under Obama vs under Trump : bestof
anon_in_colorado comments on Mitch McConnell Accuses Dems Of Trying To Swing Elections With Anti-Corruption Bill (the voters need corruption!)

Trump Begins Third Year With Low Job Approval and Doubts About His Honesty | Pew Research Center - Views of economy remain positive, divided by partisanship (you mean stupid farmers with rotting soybeans in their fields)

Women Will March Again As Leaders Try To Move Past Controversy | HuffPost - leadership has been roiled by claims of anti-Semitism but hopes women will turn up across the country for the third year. (what could go wrong with having three Farrakhan muzzies lead the movement? +they were warned and went for the powergrab b/c of course)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: National Women's March -- It should not be this difficult to condemn hate speech. Until national leaders get it right, local marches will carry the mission forward.

McConnell courting Pompeo to run for an open Senate seat in Kansas - The Washington Post

AJC poll shows tough numbers for new governor's favorability

/u/TehSoupNazi provides compelling evidence that Fox News was created mainly to protect corrupt Republican presidents from being taken down : bestof

D.C. restaurant fined $7,000 after asking transgender woman for ID before letting her use bathroom - The Washington Post
Upper East Side Restaurant Nello Bans Single Women From Eating At The Bar (mngmt thought they were all hookers)

Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?

Even College Graduates Can't Afford a Home on the West Coast

Twins get some 'mystifying' results when they put 5 DNA ancestry kits to the test | CBC News

TIL the grasshopper and locust are actually the same creature; the locust is the grasshopper high on serotonin. : todayilearned

TIL in 1974 a Norwegian student visited Lendbreen ice patch looking for historical artifacts. He discovered a spear from the Viking age. More than 1000 years old, it had been preserved in the ice and remains one of the best examples of these weapons know to date. : todayilearned

Suicides in Japan down for 9th straight year to 37-year low in 2018 : news

Fasting May Have a Powerful Effect on Our Circadian Rhythm - A recent study on mice showed that 24 hours of fasting appeared to reset "crucial" clocks on aging-related diseases. : science

A new study found that 44 percent of medical cannabis users stopped taking a pharmaceutical drug, or used less of one, or both, in favor of cannabis. They rated marijuana better than pharmaceutical drugs on effectiveness, side effects, availability and cost. : science

Kevin Hart < The Rock < Shaq < Yao Ming : pics

TIL that when Prince released his single titled Breakfest Can Wait, he used a picture of comedian Dave Chapelle on the cover, who was dressed up as Prince serving pancakes, taken from the famous 2004 sketch on the Dave Chapelle Show. : todayilearned


Anti-vax movement makes 2019 list of top global health threats, but that's not the whole story - complacency, inconvenience in accessing vaccines, and lack of confidence are key reasons underlying hesitancy.

Trump administration separated thousands more migrants than previously known, federal watchdog says - POLITICO (oh, whoops, they all lied, again)

Rebuking Trump, over 130 House Republicans challenge plans to lift sanctions against Putin ally - The Washington Post - The overwhelming 362 to 53 vote will not prevent the Trump administration from easing sanctions on three companies connected to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian oligarch with ties to former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as Senate Republicans narrowly blocked a similar measure on Wednesday. (+list of Russian-compromised Refuck Senators in comments)
Effort to ease Russian sanctions boosted by former Louisiana senator - CNNPolitics -- David Vitter

Michael Cohen offered man $50,000 to rig polls for Trump, report says

Rudy Giuliani just contradicted nearly all the Trump team's past collusion denials - This is at least the 10th time the denials have been watered down. It might be the most significant rollback ... "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign," ... "Yes, you have," Coumo said ... This appears to be the first time anyone has acknowledged the possibility that someone colluded without Trump's knowledge. (so, they've already lied ten fucking times about his being a traitor)
Rudy Giuliani Backs Off Remarks on Potential Collusion by Trump Aides - The New York Times (best video)
Rudy Giuliani's disastrous CNN interview created more problems for Trump - In a stunning revelation, Giuliani conceded that Trump's campaign manager may have colluded with Russia. (b/c you know, he did)
Giuliani's absurd 'collusion' walkback signals serious worry about Trump's vulnerability
Rudy Giuliani Gets Heated With Chris Cuomo: 'I Never Said There Was No Collusion' - Trump's attorney told the CNN host that even "if the collusion happened, it happened a long time ago" (end of story)

Barr is right about releasing Mueller's report (they set it up so the Special Ccounsel doesn't report to the public, ya know? so it falls to Adam)

Dan Abrams: This Has Been 'The Worse 48 Hour For Trump So Far' in the Russia Probe

The Coming Shutdown Disaster That The Trump Admin Apparently Never Thought About - He wants Democrats to come back to the table agreeing with his position on a wall, and he does not understand why they have not (destroying trust in government, Putin's plan)

Trump Hits Back at Nancy Pelosi, Threatening Her Trip to See Troops - The New York Times
Trump cancels Pelosi's trip to a war zone out of sheer pique - Lawyers, Guns & Money

WAPO: "he did not want a single dollar going to Puerto Rico"
Democrat responds to being told 'go back to Puerto Rico' on House floor

Maxine Waters takes over House Financial Services Committee and prepares to pressure Wall Street

The Shutdown Is Hurting Trump's Approval Rating. But Will It Hurt Him in 2020? (not a good move, apparently)
Trump Is Unifying Democrats Instead of Consolidating His Base | The Cook Political Report
57 percent of voters say they won't support Trump in 2020
Poll: Trump Approval Rating Is Down, Has Slipped With His Base : NPR
Trump Poll: Net-Changes: Suburban Men-Down 18%, White Evangelicals-Down 13%, (losing the Satangelicals, and dumb white guys though the latter are his strongest idiots) Many Voter Think Trump'sa Self-Made Man. What Happens When You Tell Them Otherwise? (many voters are incredibly stupid)

Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues | Pew Research Center - Among Republicans, Gen Z stands out in views on race, climate and the role of government

Judge Blocks Wisconsin GOP's Early-Voting Restrictions - Wisconsin Republicans adopted in a December lame-duck legislative session, saying the limits are clearly similar to restrictions he blocked two years ago. (haha fuckers)

Eschaton: But Ron, I Thought You Were Busy Saving Detroit From Black People - Ron Fournier sends me an email. -- Good morning, See the press release below from Unite America announcing a new campaign calling for a bipartisan "Unity Ticket" for president and vice president in 2020. Please let me know if you have any questions. Ron Fournier Spokesperson, Unite America -- My question is: Won't you fucking fuck right the fuck off? (rw "centrist" scammers will scam)

John Whitehouse on Twitter: "it's very real " (Fucker Carlson owns himself)

A New Right-Wing Smear Campaign Targets a Former FBI Official to Distract From Russia Scandal - The politics of personal destruction meet a Trumpian conspiracy theory -- and it involves me - David Corn

Kamala Harris Was Not a 'Progressive Prosecutor' - The senator was often on the wrong side of history when she served as California's attorney general (lawnorder bitch, proving her balls, you mean)
Gillibrand's Franken-Problem Won't Die

Reactionary Moral Crusaders of the Past - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Ku Klux Klan

Storied Jewish publication The Forward ending 121-year print run -- moving to digital only

Michigan State president resigns after saying abuse victims were 'enjoying' the 'spotlight' ... In fact, he'd been forced on the university in appalling fashion. After Sim's departure, the board had considered two candidates: Engler, and another former governor, Democrat Jim Blanchard, whom Engler had unseated in 1990, but Republicans in the state legislature threatened to yank millions in funding from the school if Engler didn't get the nod .. But Engler's cloak of protection was stripped from him in November, when Democrat Gretchen Whitmer won the job he'd once had: the governorship. That meant Republican lawmakers could no longer hold MSU's funding hostage. In addition, Democrats flipped two seats on the school's board, giving them a 6-2 majority. (jfc, Republicans -- after all that, he still blamed the women last week)

Leaked Emails Reveal Jesse Singal's Thoughts on Trans Issues (he's on a mission to correct your thinking, not inform you)
Atlantic cover story is a loud dog whistle for anti-transgender parents -- ThinkProgress - Jesse Singal is known for concern-trolling against trans kids, and that's exactly what his latest article does.
Journalist Jesse Singal says he 'googed' on interpreting trans study -- and activists are infuriated (and spent years of pretend-expert pontificating on his "goof')

Chili's re Mother Jones - refused to promote lesbian mom because she didn't dress 'gender appropriate'

Laquan McDonald shooting: Three Chicago police officers found not guilty of cover-up - CNN

Purdue Pharma cemented ties with universities and hospitals to expand opioid sales, documents contend - STAT
Ambrosia: 'Young blood' transfusions accepting PayPal payments, operating in 5 cities - Business Insider

Why Is All of New Zealand Obsessed With This Drunken, Littering, Rowdy Tourist Family?

Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object 'Oumuamua
6 Strange Facts about the Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua

Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants | HuffPost - A Q&A with Twitter's CEO on right-wing extremism, Candace Owens, and what he's do if the president called on his followers to murder journalists.


New U.S. Oil And Gas Drilling To Unleash 1,000 Coal Plants' Worth Of Pollution By 2050 -- The great American fracking boom threatens to undermine efforts to avoid climate catastrophe in this century.
The 15 hottest places in the World yesterday were all in Australia : worldnews
Insect collapse: "We are destroying our life support systems" : news
About 100 crashes due to icy roads, Michigan State Police says

Anti-vax Movement Listed by World Health Organization as One of the Top 10 Health Threats for 2019 : worldnews
How Herd Immunity Works

Billions of Puerto Rico's debt might be invalid, federal oversight board says : worldnews

Four U.S. troops reported among 16 dead in north Syria attack | Reuters
Pence declares 'ISIS has been defeated' on the same day as deadly Syria attack - CNNPolitics
Syria explosion: U.S. troops among casualties in ISIS-claimed attack in Manbij - The Washington Post

Death Toll Rises to 21 in Attack on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex - The New York Times
Ethnic violence in Congo killed nearly 900 over a few days in December | Reuters

Men in police uniforms massacre unarmed civilians in Haiti

Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote in British Parliament - The New York Times - The House of Commons voted 325 to 306 to reject an opposition motion of no confidence. If successful, it almost certainly would have ousted her from power and probably would have forced a general election, adding still more layers of uncertainty in a country fast approaching the March 29 date for leaving the bloc ("solemn promise" to deliver on the results of Russian influenced referendum)
Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote : worldnews
u/flappers87 provides a step-by-step breakdown of what the Brexit deal's defeat means for the UK (TL;DR: "Shit's fucked yo") : bestof

Upskirting to become crime carrying two-year sentence - Upskirting is to be a criminal offence after the bill passed its third reading in the UK House of Lords. : worldnews ... "Upkilting is a different ball game."

Russia says Ukraine may no longer be a country soon : worldnews (Putin says Trump promised it to him)
Official Data Vastly Underestimates Russian Emigration - Report - At least six times more Russians are leaving the country than officially estimated, a comprehensive study conducted by the Proekt news outlet said on Wednesday.

New satellite network will make it impossible for a commercial airplane to vanish : news

Trump's tales about gagged women are misleading Americans about human trafficking, experts say (the movies in his head go round and round)

Republicans Break Ranks Over Move to Lift Sanctions on Russian Oligarch ... The Republicans voted with Democrats seeking to keep sanctions in place on companies controlled by an influential Russian oligarch with connections to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. (Trump ordered them to lift sancions b/c Putin told him to)
Deripaska's Rusal Flouts Sanctions Pledge With New Kremlin Stooge -- The move further concerned lawmakers already worried that the changes made to comply with Treasury's demands would prove cosmetic. (plan B)
Democrats Fall Short in Effort to Rebuke Administration on Russia Sanctions - The New York Times
Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery. - The New York Times (Putin: "I have the Pee Tapes" Trump: "Fuck me in the ass")
The Russians know exactly what Putin and Trump talked about, but we probably won't find out for decades
Republicans Allow Trump Treasury to Lift Sanctions on Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska - Republicans Seem to Think Our Russia Problems Are Over? (traitors)

New court filing indicates prosecutors have extensive details on Manafort actions not yet made public - The Washington Post - interactions with former Russian aide Konstantin Kilimnik and others
Manafort worked with alleged Russian agent even after criminal charges. : worldnews (dumb and dumber)
Rick Gates Tells Mueller About Trump Team's Dealings With Israeli Intelligence Firm
Senators nearing subpoena for Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, in probe of Russian election interference

Rachel Maddow Explains Putin's Possible 'Blackmail In A Bottle' On Donald Trump ... "backflips on demand" for Russia
New court filing indicates prosecutors have extensive details on Manafort actions not yet made public - The Washington Post

Trump advisers are cynically feeding his raging ego, and we're all the victims

Unauthorized Special Edition of the Washington Post: "Trump Flees White House" -- "Bye-Bye 45"
Fake editions of The Washington Post handed out at multiple locations in D.C. - The Washington Post

Trump's bloody hand injury attracts armchair doctors - POLITICO - bloody hand injury attracts armchair doctors - The White House said that the president, who is due for his annual physical, suffered a minor injury. (during one of his table-pounding tantrums, or, Barron bit his hand)

Donald Trump Approval Rating Average in First Two Years Is Lowest for Any President Since World War II : politics

Shutdown's Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth
The gang concept almost never works : Senators struggle to end shutdown - A bipartisan Senate group is likely to run into resistance from Trump.
Senate Republicans stand with McConnell on the sidelines of shutdown fight - The Washington Post
The shutdown threatens the promise of government jobs -- and a way of life
For the First Time in History, a US Military Service Is Working Without Pay : politics
Small businesses near national parks say shutdown has left them struggling to survive -- "Everyone is worried about buying groceries and paying their bills. It's horrible."

Nancy Pelosi uninvites Trump from State of the Union over government shutdown - Vox - She also says he can deliver it in writing if he wants.
Nancy Pelosi uninvites Trump from the State of the Union until the shutdown is over : politics
Nancy Pelosi Might Have Just Blown Up the State of the Union. And That's OK - Sometimes our cherished political rituals are more distracting than useful.
Nancy Pelosi Asks Trump To Delay State Of The Union Until Shutdown Ends | HuffPost - The Democratic leader cited the cost of the annual event's security, which has been jeopardized because of the government shutdown.
All hail Leader Pelosi - Lawyers, Guns & Money - (1) This is a beautiful bit of trolling of the Toddler in Chief.
Exactly How Bad Is Trump At Making Deals? Even Worse Than You Think. | HuffPost - The shutdown stalemate highlights how the president's strategies contradict best practices, negotiation experts explain.

Giuliani Rumored to Be 'Very Worried' About Mueller Report, 'Hates' Working for Trump Now (but couldn't help himself)

Exclusive excerpt: Chris Christie torches Jared - Axios - Trump "trusts people he shouldn't including some of the people who are closest to him" (rmbr, FF CC was going to be the new AG two weeks ago)

Trump Job Approval Sets New Record for Polarization - Average 79-point difference between Republican and Democratic approval - Largest previous party gap was 77 points in Obama's final year in office - Trump averaged 40.4% overall approval in his second year

The Gang That Can't Even Do Racism Right - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Trump administration's attempt to add a discriminatory citizenship question to the 2020 census was done so incompetently and capriciously it was absolutely roasted for multiple legal violations in a closely argued, nearly 300 page opinion by a U.S. District Judge ... From the Supreme Court that brought us Shelby County, you never know! But the most likely outcome is that this time the Trump administration's incompetence saved us from their malevolence.

Fox News Legal Analyst Wants To Disband And Replace The FBI To Protect Trump | HuffPost (we could call them "Stormtroopers")

T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had reservations at Trump's hotel (corruption pipeline)
T-Mobile announced a merger needing Trump administration approval. The next day, 9 executives had reservations at Trump's hotel
Federal agency 'improperly' ignored constitutional concerns before allowing Trump to keep lease to his hotel, internal watchdog says

Jim Carrey Takes 1 Of Fox News' 'Warped Fraudcasters' To Task In New Trump Art | HuffPost (Hannity and his moron Fannitys)

Pelosi gets revenge against one of the Dem rebels - POLITICO - Rep. Kathleen Rice loses out on a Judiciary seat after opposing Pelosi's return to speakership (consequences, dumbass, now how about Moldy Moulton?)
Seth Moulton to speak in N.H., restarting buzz he may run for president - The Boston Globe ("run in and shoot people" Moldy Moulton runs vanity campaign b/c that's who he is)

Marine vet held by ICE for possible deportation is U.S. citizen, lawyer says : politics (another ICE-fucker fuckup: they've done this literally thousands of times, b/c fuck you and also fuck you MI for letting this happen)

New Prime v. Oliveira: Justice Neil Gorsuch hands victory to labor rights. - ruling unanimously that independent contractors who work in transportation may not be forced into mandatory arbitration

Karen Pence Is Working At A Sch ThinkProgress - Everyone is worried about buying groceries and paying their bills. Itool That Bans LGBTQ Employees And Kids | HuffPost - school discriminates against LGBTQ people in its job application and says LGBTQ kids aren't welcome (Pence might get the gay cooties)

Republicans Rebuke Steve King but Face Vexing Question: Why Not Sooner? - The New York Times (party of racist assholes and clowns, that's why)
Steve King's Fall Has Lessons for Trump's GOP - Bloomberg - The Iowa congressman lacks the protections that shield Trump. (conservative says go back to dog-whistles)
Lindsey Graham just accidentally admitted that suppressing black voter turnout is a core GOP goal : politics
The Register's editorial: Steve King should resign for the good of Iowa (but he represents the bad of Iowa)

Tulsi Gabbard's Record on Syria Is Not Really Anti-War - Lawyers, Guns & Money

NYC restaurants cutting staff hours as minimum wage hits $15 : news

Center for American Progress Fires Two Staffers Amid Leak Investigation - suspected of being involved in leaking an email exchange that staffers thought reflected improper influence by the United Arab Emirates within the think tank, (Center for Islamic Progress)

Kevin Mallory: The churchgoing patriot who spied for China - BBC News

John Engler to resign as Michigan State interim president - Engler has been under heavy criticism for the past year, since he took over for Lou Anna Simon, who herself resigned under heavy criticism for her handling of the Larry Nassar sexual assaults scandal. ... "John Engler's reign of terror is over" (pic says it all)
Michigan State president to resign after he said sexual abuse victims enjoyed the spotlight (pig face fucknozzel)
We need a total and complete shutdown of Michigan State until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It these ever-changing times, in which all that is solid melts into air, it is almost reassuring to be reminded that John Engler remains unfathomably reprehensible: ... when he was governor, "Engler fought hard against a lawsuit brought by dozens of female inmates who had been raped by state corrections officers." (even better pic and MI elected this fucker?)

Fifth_Down comments on Why do people hate Mary Lou Rhetton so much? - But it was what she did during the Nassar scandal that would make Retton so hated among the gymnastics community. Retton privately lobbied Congress against passing a bill that was designed to protect athletes from child sexual assault. The bill was created specifically in response to the Nassar scandal and to fix existing flaws that it had exposed. In the end the only time Mary Lou ever took a stand on anything, was to advocate against protecting children from sexual predators. And as a result people stopped holding back on criticizing her for the way she won in 1984.

There is nothing toxic about my masculinity! - The Washington Post

When YouTube Red-Pills the Love of Your Life - MEL Magazine - What it's like to watch, terrified and helpless, as your partner becomes radicalized by hate on the fringe right

Chris Hansen To Catch a Debtor - 'Catch a Predator' Host Arrested
Chris Hansen arrested, charged with bouncing checks : news

Texas police department fires 5 officers, suspends 2 over in-custody death of 55-year-old suspect : news

Families accuse Colorado mental health facility of holding patients for insurance money - State looking into Clear View Behavioral Health

Sacklers Directed Efforts to Mislead Public About OxyContin, New Documents Indicate - The New York Times - A filing in a Massachusetts lawsuit contains dozens of internal Purdue Pharma documents suggesting the family was far more involved than the company has long contended.
Family That Owns OxyContin Maker Led Efforts to Mislead Public, Documents Show : news (one of the largest mass-murderers in history)

Man treated in hospital after injecting himself with own semen to treat back pain : news

Is it possible to have a form of electricity other than AC or DC? : askscience

PG&E ex-CEO gets $2.5 million severance amid wildfire woes : news

Finally, A Personality Quiz Backed By Science | FiveThirtyEight - Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Take One That Isn't ... Meet the Big Five : extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, negative emotionality and openness to experience. (simplified version)

Chemotherapy + stem cell transplantation has nearly completely halted MS disease progression in a randomized trial. The trial randomized 110 patients to either stem cell transplant or standard, disease modifying therapy. Only 3 patients on transplant had disease progression vs. 34 on SOC. : science (that's kinda big)

TIL Physical activity and complex movements are one of the reasons behind the advancement of human brain. While even small exercises are beneficial, not exercising can lead to reduction of brain functioning and faster aging process. : todayilearned

New study examines a model of how anger is perpetuated in relationships. Being mistreated by a romantic partner evokes anger, that motivates reciprocation, resulting in a cycle of rage. This may be broken but requires at least one person to refuse to participate in the cycle of destructive behavior. : science

Why do people with iron deficiencies crave ice? : askscience

/u/mischiffmaker explains why Christians have historically mocked Jewish people despite both their religions being rooted in Judaism : bestof

What exists for the sole purpose of pissing people off? : AskReddit
What was that one memorable moment that you've shared with a complete stranger?
Giving healthy advice for the elderly : funny

CAT STEVENS - Wild World 1971 - YouTube

TriMageRyan comments on Allowing people living in their cars to stay somewhere safe.

This persons whole YouTube channel has been demonetized because copycat channels steal/re-upload his videos : videos

Facebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just A Harmless Meme -- Right? (Fuckbook: "only do evil")


The polar vortex has fractured, and the eastern U.S. faces a punishing stretch of winter weather - The Washington Post - Temperatures may plunge below zero in Kansas City on Sunday, where the AFC championship game between the Chiefs and the New England Patriots will be played.

Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change: New study found that if all fossil fuel infrastructure (power plants, factories, vehicles, ships and planes) from now on are replaced by zero-carbon alternatives at the end of their useful lives, there is a 64% chance of staying under 1.5C. : science (last chance, dumbasses)

The Latest: Kenya police: Attackers could still be active - The Somalia-based Islamic extremist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for that attack, and it has claimed responsibility for the one on Tuesday.

Congo voting data reveal huge fraud in poll to replace Kabila | Financial Times - FT analysis of 2 voting databases shows Martin Fayulu won the presidential election

El Chapo Trial: Former Mexican President Peqa Nieto Took $100 Million Bribe, Witness Says : news (Putin says Trump was much cheaper)

No Brexit (Updated with a very important question) - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well that was fun.
Theresa May will bid to force a SECOND vote on her Brexit deal despite facing huge defeat - Allies claim that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Theresa May last minute help after saying the EU could grant extra concessions if MPs shoot down her deal
Britain is left without a Brexit plan. It's headed toward disaster. (off the Tory cliff and Putin chalks up another win)
Theresa May's Brexit Plan Meets Crushing Defeat in House of Commons - Jeremy Corbyn Calls for No-Confidence Vote - Brexit Was an Act of Wish-Fulfillment Totally Unmoored From Reality. Sound Familiar?

Eschaton: The Ringing of the Division Bell Had Begun - And May's Brexit Deal goes down. 432-202.

Eschaton: Endgame - What's fascinated me all along about Brexit (car crash fascinated) is that none of the Brexit players, except maybe the BREXIT MEANS NO DEAL EVERYBODY BECAUSE NOBODY HAS ANY DEALS lunatics (and even them), ever appeared to have tried to game this thing out ... For all the trash talk of Corbyn and his failed opposition party, "let them light the fuse and then blow the whole thing up and themselves in the process while we are in the other room" was always the clear strategy, and probably the only possible one given that Corbyn, despite some reports to the contrary, was never actually Prime Minister. I don't agree with what I think is Corbyn's desired outcome (Lexit, basically), but he took the only path possible to stop May's Brexit.

The gravedigger of American democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Christopher Browning, the great historian of genocide, has a remarkable essay about 21st Century American democracy and its enemies, including the most important one: Mitch McConnell

The Non-Interventionist Mindset of Donald J. Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia - The New York Times (also considered giving NY and CA to Putin ... if it smells like treason ...)
Amy Fiscus on Twitter: "NEW: Trump has privately told senior administration officials that he wants to withdraw from NATO altogether, per @julianbarnes @helenecooper" (Trump surrendered to Russia)
Dem rep: Trump pulling US from NATO grounds for 'impeachment or the 25th amendment'

Eschaton: From Bean To Cup - It's a good thing we're run by mostly incompetent evil crooks. -- BREAKING: HUGE win in #2020Census citizenship question case. The Court says Secretary Ross violated federal law in attempting to add a citizenship question to the #2020Census and enjoins him from adding the question.
Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Adding Citizenship Question To The Census : politics (but the SC has his back)

Opinion | Donald Trump: The Russia File - The New York Times - Americans deserve to know what the president and Vladimir Putin are talking about.
Obstruction Is Collusion - politico Magazine - how prosecutors think about the latest Russiagate revelations - The revelation that the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation to determine whether President Donald Trump is compromised by or working for the Russian government is beyond disturbing.
Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger To The National Security Of The United States, Former Doj Chief Says : politics

Josh Marshall on Twitter: "Folks, the whole collusion story over three and a half years. All in 140 seconds. We watched it unfold. Remind yourself what we all saw. Watch/Retweet."
Donald Trump has been compromised by Russia - The Boston Globe
A national nightmare: Has Russia turned Trump? - The Boston Globe
u/vahlros comes up with the best analogy for how stupid the debate is on whether Trump is compromised : bestof
u/human progression beautifully summarizes Russian links to Trump. Good enough for a film script. : bestof

Conservative writer Jerome Corsi says Mueller has summoned his stepson to testify before grand jury - The Washington Post

Timothy Snyder | Twentieth Century Lessons on Tyranny (Episode 629)

William Barr's Secret Pro-Trump Memo Keeps Getting More Suspicious
William Barr confirmation hearing: AG nominee to field questions on Mueller probe, independence from Trump - The Washington Post (Uranium One and Clinton Foundation just as bad as Trump being Putin's puppet)

'Photoshop Battle' Breaks Out Over Donald Trump's Fast-Food Banquet For Athletes - Trump as Hamburglar? Check.

Eschaton: Afternoon Thread - For the millionth time I get - not approve of, but understand - the popularity of the basic politics of Trumpism, but I will never get how people watch 25 seconds of the man and do not want to pull a Homer into the hedges out of embarrassment. (1/3 of Americans have no moral vision)

What Trump's orgy of inaugural spending tells us about the people around him ... Four Whorepersons of the Crapocalypse ... A Man for All Treasons ...
At Trump's Inauguration, $10,000 for Makeup and Lots of Room Service
Trump's extravagant, $3,000, 300-sandwich celebration of Clemson University (McD's and Wendys!)
Trump has turned the White House into a White Castle : President roasted for serving Clemson fast food
Sarah Huckabee Sanders blames Democrats for Donald Trump serving McDonald's, fast food to Clemson Tigers : politics

Source: White House believes shutdown will be twice as costly - The original estimate that the partial shutdown would subtract 0.1 percentage point from growth every two weeks has now been doubled to a 0.1 percentage point subtraction every week
Trump administration recalls tens of thousands of federal workers as it seeks to blunt shutdown's impact (no pay, haha)
McConnell blocks House bill to reopen government for second time : politics (Mitch the Bitch ditched America again)
Missing in action McConnell suggests no shutdown deal in sight
McConnell can, should reopen government | Lexington Herald Leader (oh, he's hurting Kenfuckians?)
Mitch McConnell should do the obvious right thing, reopen the government : politics
TSA Strike? As Trump and GOP Refuse to End Shutdown, Call Grows for Federal Workers to Rise Up : politics

Chris Christie accuses Jared Kushner of political 'hit job' n explosive new book -- ex-New Jersey governor, who had prosecuted Kushner's father, was sacked as head of Trump's transition team
Jared Kushner Told Donald Trump That Firing Comey and Flynn Would Help End Russia Probe, Chris Christie Says : politics

GOP maps out early 2020 strategy to retake House | TheHill - The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) will target the 31 Democrats running in Trump districts (that will surely work, esp after Trump goes to prison)

How to Build a Powerful Protest Movement | The New Republic - What makes a protest powerful? ... once such movements had mobilized 3.5 percent of their country's population (and sometimes less than that) in ongoing forms of protest, they always succeeded. For the United States, that would mean eleven million people.

Opposing Trump is making Nancy Pelosi more popular : politics
Shutdown talks: Trump tried to negotiate with rank-and-file House Democrats. None of them showed up. - Vox - doesn Trump tried to bypass Nancy Pelosi and negotiate with members of her caucus. None of them showed up. : doesn't understand how to negotiate with House Democrats ("negotiate" = "scream and throw tantrums")

Protesters Flip Script On Trump At Farmers Convention: 'Lock Him Up' : politics - The rural vote helped put Trump over the top in the 2016 election, but farmers aren't doing so well with him in the White House. Net farm income fell an estimated 12 percent last year, down about 40 percent from its peak in 2013. (dumbfuck racists aren't doing so well under god-emperor Trumpster)

GOP leaders strip Steve King of committee assignments | TheHill
GOP Strips Rep. Steve King Of All Committee Assignments Over White Supremacist Views | HuffPost
Report: Rep. Tlaib's Profanity Received 5 Times More Coverage Than Rep. King's White Supremacy Remarks : politics

'Inflammatory statements' : NBC News stumbles over Steve King, 'Racist' comments

Ocasio-Cortez Forced to Explain Marginal Tax Rates to 'Far-Right Former Governor' Scott Walker : politics
trumpke_dumpster comments on Walker takes an L on this one - explains marginal tax rates
Poll: A majority of Americans support raising the top tax rate to 70 percent : politics

A Democrat who votes with Trump 69% of the time should be primaried (Opinion) - CNN - This cycle, progressives have an opportunity to strategically primary the worst Democrats in their ranks, and Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, should top the list.

Glenn's Latest Appearance on Tucker's White Power Hour - Lawyers, Guns & Money (speaking of absences of moral centers)

Twenty Things You Probably Didn't Know about Kamala Harris (all good things that Rethug assholes hate)

Judge voids Alabama law protecting Confederate monuments : politics

Schwarzenegger and Obama Backing Redistricting Reform - The Atlantic - Is This the Year for a Redistricting Revolution?

With New Voting Laws, Democrats Flex Newfound Power in New York - The New York Times (Cuomo didn't like it)

Cuomo Swooped in as L-Train Savior, but M.T.A. Rejected Similar Plan Over Safety Concerns - The New York Times ("fuck your safety," Cuomo said)

The backlash to the Gillette ad is exactly why

Jesuits release list of priests credibly accused of abuse, including 22 with Mass. ties - The Boston Globe

Vermont ruling says scent of burnt marijuana is not probable cause for search, seizure - The Boston Globe : bostontrees
SJC upholds right of police to arrest suspect for drugged driving based on observations - The Boston Globe : bostontrees
Best vaporizer for flower? : bostontrees

Atheists vs religious belief, with Wittgenstein on the stand | Aeon Essays - In the case atheists vs religious belief, Ludwig Wittgenstein is called to the stand. Whose side does his testimony serve?

Book sales are up this year over last year, and physical books are thriving : books

YoutubeArchivist comments on StarWarsTheory creates a Darth Vader fan film, hires a composer to create original music, and doesn't monetize the video. Warner Chappell is falsely copyright claiming the video's music and monetizing it for themselves.

What random fact could save your life one day? : AskReddit


Ice loss from Antarctica has sextupled since the 1970s, new research finds - The Washington Post - An alarming study shows massive East Antarctic ice sheet already is a significant contributor to sea-level rise
PG&E to file for bankruptcy following devastating California wildfires - The Washington Post (they could have spent a little "executive compensation" on fixing transmission lines and not burning down the whole state, so fuck them)

Feds Can't Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Finger Or Face, Judge Rules : technology

Reports: 2 killed, 40 detained in new gay purge in Chechnya : worldnews

Gone: More cases emerge of Saudi students vanishing while facing Oregon charges | ... at least five Saudi nationals who vanished before they faced trial or completed their jail sentence in Oregon. They include two accused rapists, a pair of suspected hit-and-run drivers and one man with child porn on his computer. (are all Saudi men rapists?)

Pentagon Officials Fear Bolton's Actions Increase Risk of Clash With Iran

Transcripts detail how FBI debated whether Trump was 'following directions' of Russia
Mueller Draft Report Says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United States', Watergate Journalist Says

Kremlin Blessed Russia's NRA Operation, U.S. Intel Report Says

Trump denies working for Russia, calls past FBI leaders 'known scoundrels'
Revelations about Manafort's 2016 interactions with Russian associate show special counsel's intense focus on Russia contacts
Trump is doing immense damage. He has a hidden helper. - The Washington Post - should renew our focus on the quiet but critical role that Mitch McConnell has played in enabling the damage that Trump is doing to the country on so many fronts. (Mitch the Traitor Bitch)

Trump confiscated notes of Putin meeting right before NYT bombshell : politics
The US apparently kept no detailed notes of Trump-Putin meetings for the past 2 years : politics
US kept no detailed Trump-Putin notes for the past 2 years - Vox - a huge problem.

Ask the Trump White House for comment and you might get an because irony is deadon-denial denial - The Washington Post
Our man in Moscow - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The basic insanity of the present political situation in America is captured by the question of the moment, which is whether the president of the United States is an asset of the Russian government. That is, is Donald Trump in some sort of compromised situation that allows Vladimir Putin and his merry band of oligarchs to manipulate Trump because of that situation? ... In my view, the odds that Trump is in a compromised position in regard to Russia are vastly higher than 5%, but even if they were only 5%, the idea of voting for him for president would be obviously crazy, even if I thought he was a splendid candidate in every other respect. But I suspect about 37% of the country continues, and will continue, to think otherwise.

Mueller Probes an Event With Nunes, Flynn, and Foreign Officials at Trump's D.C. Hotel - Devin Nunes has been a pitbull for the president, growling at the prosecutors investigating Trumpworld. Now an event that Nunes himself attended is under Mueller's microscope (dirty little commie traitor, lock him up!)
Trump's lawyers rebuffed request for Mueller interview in recent weeks

Jared Kushner, SUPERGENIUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Trump administration is what happens when the tactics the most clueless Extremely Online people are convinced can accomplish anything are executed by the most inept people imaginable: (Kushfuck is a traitor also)

Opinion | Donald Trump and His Team of Morons - The New York Times - Nobod y person left besides those with no reputation to lose.
Donald Trump and His Team of Morons : politics

Five Dealbreakers for Confirming Trump's Next Attorney General

Eschaton: How Did They Do That - It is true, your honor, that the FBI has my client on tape doing the murder and confessing to the murder and bragging about the murder and re-enacting the murder and then doing another murder and then planning another murder and doing that one too. The real question is, then, how did they get these tapes?

Trump's Shutdown Turns Atlanta International, the World's Busiest Airport, Into a 'Shitshow'
the line waiting to get through TSA security at the Atlanta airport this morning : gifs
'Senior Trump Official' On Shutdown: 'We Do Not Want Most Employees To Return' -- "an opportunity to strip wasteful government agencies for good."
'Senior Trump Offical: 'We Do Not Want Most Employees To Return'
Republicans Have No Idea What the Shutdown Means for Americans Who Are Not Rich : politics
You'll Never Believe It, but the Shutdown Is Making Trump Unpopular -- Even a somewhat conservative poll shows his approval rating at the lowest level in nearly a year.
Philip Cohen Trump's shutdown gamble now hinges on a wall many Republicans were never truly sold on -- For two years, the GOP had many opportunities to fund Trump's wall both in part or in whole and it declined on every occasion.

Rasmussen poll shows Trump with lowest approval in a year | TheHill - The Rasmussen poll found that 43 percent of likely voters polled approve of Trump's job performance, his lowest mark in the poll since January of 2018, when his approval was at 42 percent. (crooked Fuckmussen, even)

Shutdown tests farmers' loyalty as Trump visits their annual convention - George Driver, a retired timber farmer in central Tennessee, said he thinks the border wall is worth any temporary effect on agriculture. And he said most farmers he knows feel the same way. (the definition of dumb-fuck suckers)

No Coincidence Here: Trump's Bezos Attack Was a Valentine to The Enquirer

House Democrats' Colossal Election Reform Bill Could Save American Democracy
New York Has Some of the Worst Voting Laws in the Country. That's About to Change -- The state Legislature is set to pass a sweeping reform package to make it easier to vote. (after Cuomo blocked it for years)

Steve King Loses House Committee Seats Over White Supremacy Remark - The New York Times
Rush Responds to Steve King's Rabid Racism with Censure Resolution
Why it's racist to call racists racist - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... All this is reflected in an email from NBC News management to its reporters, instructing them not to call Steve King's racist remarks -- let alone King himself -- racist ... The email was sent to staffers by Susan Sullivan, a senior employee in the standards division at NBC News. (read that again)
Senate GOP leader rips Rep. King over white supremacy remark - ABC News - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday denounced Rep. Steve King over his latest remarks on white supremacy, saying, "There is no place in the Republican Party, the Congress or the country for an ideology of racial supremacy of any kind." (and everyone fell over, laughing)
Steve King and Donald Trump Share the Same Beliefs - The Atlantic - What's the Difference Between Steve King and Donald Trump? -- The congressman from Iowa has drawn rebukes from Republicans for his statements about white supremacy and white nationalism, but he shares many of his views with the president.
Man Deemed Too Racist to Serve on Committees As Representative of Donald Trump's Republican Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bernie Sanders Will Meet With Former Women Staffers About 2016 Campaign Sexism And Harassment - The meeting will follow reports over the past weeks about allegations of sexism and sexual harassment during 2016 on the broader campaign. (Bernie's Bro Problem)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is freaking out the news media. And it's working for her

What Happens When Elizabeth Warren Sells Out To The Powerful - Here are two issues where I believe Warren has done the wrong thing. There is a common theme here: They challenge and complicate her populist appeal (Chaitster hates taxes on medical device makers, loves charter schools b/c his wife is one)
"Powerful Interests" -- Did you know that Elizabeth Warren is in the pocket of "powerful interests?" She is if you are a charter school hack like Jonathan Chait, whose wife is a professional charter advocate. He doesn't mention this of course in his eye-rolling concern tolling post about Elizabeth Warren selling out -- Charters exist to bust teacher unions and move educational funding into the pockets of highly-paid administrators, using the rhetoric of "saving our students" while often not accepting troubled students and placing huge burdens on teachers without the collective bargaining they need to ensure they teach in acceptable conditions ... his beloved Question 2 had a $1.8 million donation from the Walton family of Walmart and $240,000 from Michael Bloomberg. Yeah, it's clearly Elizabeth Warren and her teacher union allies that are the problem.

Kasich: Republican Party is mired in the 1950s and ignores today's America at its peril (hahaha)

Rand Paul neighbor attack: Senator to have surgery in Canada - Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, one of the fiercest political critics of socialized medicine, will travel to Canada later this month to get hernia surgery.

"I Support A Full InvestigationInto How Blue Lives Matter!" ... Glem Greenwald (the Intercept hired fucking Walker "I'm in a mental hospital" Bragman??)

Right-Wing Activist Laura Loomer Allegedly Trespasses at Nancy Pelosi's California House to Stage Protest

The Unmanning of Conservatism -- In Trump's view of masculinity, cheap shots replace bravery and hostility replaces honor.
How 'traditional masculinity' hurts the men who believe in it most ... What the largest psychological organization in the United States had never done was release guidelines for treating men ... stoicism, dominance, aggression and competitiveness.
P&G Challenges Men to Shave Their 'Toxic Masculinity' in Geillette Ad
A fitness fanatic runs into an alarming ailment that was caught in the nick of time - The Washington Post (auto-toxic masculinity) e

Police: 51-year-old man assaulted child at Asheville Mall

The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started - Bloomberg - The collapse of the sedan market has left Detroit automakers with too many plants. (trucks! everyone needs a big truck!)

The Truth About the Gig Economy -- Uber and similar companies aren't driving huge changes in the way that Americans make a living.

San Jose: Two cats live alone in $1,500-a-month apartment

I Was A 'Unicorn,' A Single Female Swinger, But My Sex Life Was Far From Magical

So, What Really Happened To The Cauldron? - The Cauldron

Nobel Scientist James Watson Stripped Of Titles For 'Rephrehensible' Race Remarks

Teenagers who report using recreational marijuana just once or twice display increased volume of numerous brain regions, according to a study of 14-year-olds from Ireland, England, France, and Germany. : science

Poor sleep linked to buildup of dangerous plaques throughout body. Researchers found that subjects who slept fewer than six hours were 27% more likely to have atherosclerosis throughout the body than those who slept seven to eight hours : science

Americans more likely to die from opioid overdose than in a car accident : news

Extreme opponents of genetically modified foods know the least but think they know the most : science

Five myths about witch hunts (b/c Americans are stupid about history)

help for people overwhelmed by stuff

Admins of Reddit, what's your favorite subreddit? : AskReddit
The Signpost of Reddit!

No more carrying a charger! Finally a USB-C Surface Charger : Surface


See The First Ever Panoramic Photo Of The Far Side Of The Moon From China's Chang'e 4
The new space race pits the U.S. against China. The U.S. is losing badly. - The Washington Post

Guantanamo Bay Guantanamo Bay branded a 'stain on US human rights record' Amnesty International calls US naval prison a symbol of Islamophobia and xenophobia (and just how did the military get to decide all this?)

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered 100 days ago. The Saudi repression engine rumbles on. - The Washington Post
Egypt university expels female student for hugging male friend. : worldnews ... Let's not forget that Egypt has one of the highest rates of rape in the world and that Cairo(Egypt) followed by Karachi (Pakistan), then Kinhasa (DRC), then Delhi (India) and finally Sao Paolo (Brazil) were ranked the 5 worst cities for women in the world.

Jeremy Corbyn: We will do 'everything' to prevent no-deal Brexit -- The Labour leader declined to say when he would lay a no-confidence motion if MP's reject the Brexit deal ("everything" except something that would actually stop it)

Poland's transformation is a story worth telling -- it's one the the world's most successful economies 00 just don't tell the right-wing government (or all the nazis who voted for a dictator)

White House Sought Options to Strike Iran - WSJ - State and Pentagon officials were rattled by the request (Bolton tried to start WWIII)
'A reckless advocate of military force' : Demands for John Bolton's dismissal grow after reports he asked Pentagon for options to strike Iran
Daniel W. Drezner on Twitter: "In which the @WSJ provides your occasional reminder that when it comes to Iran, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo are batshit insane."

The Border Patrol Has Been a Cult of Brutality Since 1924 - Since its founding in the early 20th century, the U.S. Border Patrol has operated with near-complete impunity, arguably serving as the most politicized and abusive branch of federal law enforcement -- even more so than the FBI during J. Edgar Hoover's directorship ... The 1924 Immigration Act tapped into a xenophobia with deep roots in the U.S. history. The law effectively eliminated immigration from Asia and sharply reduced arrivals from southern and eastern Europe ... As a result, new arrivals to the United States were mostly white Protestants (what a coincidence!)

Top Democratic Committee Lawyers to Consider Subpoenaing Trump's Russian Translator From Putin Meeting

It's Already Collusion
Mounting evidence suggests Trump fears Putin due to compromising info
Trump Confronts the Prospect of a 'Nonstop Political War' for Survival

Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration - The Washington Post
Trump Concealed Details Of Putin Meetings From Administration Officials: Report | HuffPost - The Washington Post reports the president instructed his interpreter not to disclose any details of what transpired during the meeting to administration officials (took two years, b/c commie Rethugs)
It's a big deal that Trump didn't allow notes on his meetings with Putin
The key is to assume the worst - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Helsinki meeting with Putin. It turns out to be much, much worse than we feared.
Trump has concealed details of his face-to-face encounters with Putin from senior officials in administration : worldnews - undefined

Trump Doesn't Deny He's a Russian Agent When Asked By Fox News' Jeanine Pirro ("Haybe I am, and Maybe I'm not")
Trump dodges question on whether he has worked for Russia - The Washington Post
Trump, Putin, Fox News and a Test of Presidential Power - Bloomberg - The FBI worried that Trump was serving Russia's interests. Turns out, Trump's been burying records of his conversations with Putin. And he won't give even Fox News a straight answer about any of it.
Trump Tweets Lengthy Attack on F.B.I. Over Inquiry Into Possible Aid to Russia - The New York Times
There Is a Bombshell of a Word in the New York Times Report on the Trump FBI Investigation - This is the most astounding evidence of Oval Office criminality since the release of the "smoking gun" tape in 1974 ... "No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials."

Here are 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset - The Washington Post
Trump's "Offical Acts" to Pay Off a Russian Bribe Should MakeI the sources said Trump told Cohen.mpeachment a Legal Issue, Not Just a Political One
GOP senators visited Moscow on July 4, warned Russia against meddling in 2018 election: report | TheHill (they signed over American Indpe #CovingtonCatholicendence on the 4th of July in Moscow -- it was a run-up to Helsinki)

FBI can't neutralize a security threat if the president is the threat

CNN' Tapper uses Manafort's proven ties to Russian intelligence to crush GOP senator's wild rant about Democrats colluding with Russians (Ron Johnson R-WI-batshit insane)

Schizopelte comments on Mueller Draft Report says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United Sates', Watergate Journalist says ... the "Harkonnen Gambit"

William Barr's confirmation hearing expected to be a battle over Mueller's future (look at his evil face)

How Republicans discovered what a real crisis is - The Washington Post - As we continue the longest federal shutdown in history, President Trump seems to waver between demanding Congress meet his demands for a wall and threatening to declare an emergency in order to move funds around to do it anyway ... Let's remember that no such "emergency" existed when Trump submitted his 2019 budget. ... "Trumpty Dumpty wanted a wall. Trumpty Dumpty made a great squall. All the King's horse[excrement] and all his yes-men Won't stop Bob Mueller. (Will Don see the Pen?) "

Americans blame Trump and GOP much more than Democrats for shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds - The Washington Post (the Trumpdown!)
Donald Trump bears most blame for shutdown, according to new CNN poll - CNNPolitics
Make no mistake -- this is a GOP shutdown (opinion) - CNN - This is really the Republican Shutdown, or maybe the Grand Old Party's Dysfunctional Moment, and it's vital that we be clear about what is going on.
Trump losing battle to avoid blame for shutdown as it enters day 23 : politics

Vandals Topple Joshua Trees Amid Shutdown, Igniting Outrage | HuffPost - An image of one chopped down tree has gone viral online, provoking shock and anger.

Conservative S.E. Cupp Tells Trump To Give Up: 'This Is What Losing Looks Like' -- "So now it's time to accept the loss and move on to what's next"

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Said It: FBI-Probe Targets Who Slam Agents Are Losers | HuffPost
No, Twitter Is Not Reassured That Trump Is Alone In The White House | HuffPost - "Do we think he is wandering the hall, talking to the portrait of Nixon?"
Jim Carrey Mocks Mike Pompeo' Amazing Gracelessness in Scathing New Drawing

Eschaton: Totally Normal Ones - Tuned out a bit yesterday and you can get your super expert commentary elsewhere, but I was amused by this -- "I haven't actually left the White House in months," Trump says. What?
I drew the 'Cry Baby' heard round the world. (No, it wasn't Trump.) (Lizard Gingrich)

Judge blocks Trump birth control coverage rules in 13 states

Ocasio-Cortez is the latest Twitter powerhouse - Axios - A freshman congresswoman who has held office for less than two weeks is dominating the Democratic conversation on Twitter, generating more interactions -- retweets plus likes -- than the five most prolific news organizations combined over the last 30 days.
Ocasio-Cortez is driving more Twitter conversation than the top 5 news companies combined : politics
National Emergency - YouTube

Dissecting Trump's Online Following (subtract r/politics from r/conservative and you get the Blessed Virgin Mary and assault rifles)

Tulsi Gabbard once touted working for anti-gay group that backed conversion therapy - CNNPolitics

The Big Electoral Story of 2019 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Right now, it's fun to poke at clown car candidates such as Julian Castro and Tulsi Gabbard; the first an empty suit whose literal only claim to a shot is his ethnicity, the latter an offensive horrible person ...

Today Was a Good Day (I Murdered Some Looters) - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Q Anon -- Mass arrests, Dems in shackles, global pedophile rings exposed, it's all going to happen ... But the most fascinating thing of all about Q folks is their obsession with martial law (they are in favor) and not-t00-subtle horniness for civil war. (deep in the delusion)
Mike Rothschild on Twitter: "A #QAnon believer describes their ideal version of what "the storm" will look like. It's fun! " ... "That guy has more issues than a magazine rack."

My group filed an IRS complaint about organizations that espouse Meir Kahane's beliefs ... Jewish terrorist ...expulsion of Palestinians ... JDL ... But U.S.-based nonprofits still send millions of dollars a year in tax-deductible contributions to organizations that espouse Kahane's ideology. The Heritage House is supported heavily by Jewish Heritage Movement, a Staten Island-based tax-exempt organization ...
New poll shows strong anti-Arab sentiment among Israeli Jews | The Times of Israel - Intolerance toward non-Jewish minority highest among religious respondents ... secular Israelis are far more tolerant of Arabs than religious Israelis. The results indicated the more religious the respondent, the more likely they were to reject the non-Jewish minority ... Over half of respondents said they agreed to some extent with the statement: " "Most Jews are better than most non-Jews because they were born Jews" ... (70% of Israeli Jews are extreme racists, and irony of ironies:) half the pharmacists in Israel are Arabs

You Should Care That Richard Spencer's Wife Says He Abused Her -- Despite the so-called alt-right's attempt to be respectable, violence seems to follow it everywhere -- even, allegedly, into Spencer's won home

She Accused Him Of Rape. Text Messages Proved It Was A Lie. | Daily Wire - On December 16, 2018, Nikole P. Tucker reported that she had been forcibly raped by a man while in her dorm at the State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack.

Who Is Jake Patterson? Alleged Jayme Closs Abductor Lived Under The Radar | HuffPost

Woman banned from Walmart after riding cart while drinking wine from Pringles can

Gun seized from 6-year-old kindergartner walking into school : news - Show n tell just got really interesting.
Cops deliver vape pen to end 6-hour gas station standoff | The Sacramento Bee

Students in Rural America Ask, 'What Is a University Without a History Major?' ... And under former Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican whose term ended Monday, state funding declined and a mandatory tuition freeze made it hard for the college to make up the difference. (Rethugs defunding education everywhere, b/c you don't need no so-called 'history,' and we'll do the "thinking" for you so don't bother to even try)

California bans gender in setting car insurance rates : news
A Woman's Guide to Cannabis
Finally, TV Dares To Represent Women Who Wank On Their Bellies | HuffPost

TIL: Abraham Lincoln is believed by many scholars to be one of only two Presidents of the United States who wasn't a Christian. Thomas Jefferson is the second. : todayilearned

Durgin-Park, a sassy classic, at 192. In lieu of flowers, leave a bigger tip - The Boston Globe
Here's a look at the Boston-area restaurants that have closed recently (or will close soon)

Faneuil Hall's promised retail revolution? We'er still waiting ... It was the second biggest tourist attraction in the US, after Disney World ... The landlord, Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp ...

It hasn't snowed, hasn't snowed, hasn't snowed (Boston's snow drought)

Americans' unconscious bias on the basis of sexual orientation and race dropped dramatically over the past decade but bias against people based on body weight increased : science

At the heat death of the universe, will most black holes eventually merge due to the incredibly long timescale before they evaporate from Hawking radiation, or will most black holes not merge due to the sheer vastness of space between them? : askscience
How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity. - YouTube

The power of purpose and meaning in life: A new study of older adults reveals that the sense that one is living a worthwhile life appears to be positively linked to just about every aspect of our lives, not just health, but to social functions, emotional experiences, economic prosperity and sleep. : science

R.News censoring the NYT story about FBI counterintelligence investigation of Trump/Russia and R.News silencing people from mod messaging when asked why they removed the NYT article. : trollfare

a very NSFW french cartoon warning of the dangers of video game addiction. : videos (in the can't get much more bizaare dept)
Columbian twitch thot Alinity admits on stream she married and divorced a Canadian for citizenship : videos
Columbian twitch thot Alinity admits on stream she married and divorced a Canadian for citizenship : videos

What are some unspoken rules of Reddit? : AskReddit
HELP reddit turned spanish and i cannot undo it! : AskReddit

Demand for new smartphones is in free-fall and this chart shows that the bottom is not yet in sight : technology

Don't he media are unwittingly selling us an AI fantasy - Journalists need to stop parroting the industry line when it comes to artificial intelligence

Who Is MacKenzie Bezos? - The New York Times - Her divorce from the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made this novelist, and her private life, a public fascination.
MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder | WIRED


RAF veteran 'admitted 1961 killing of UN secretary general' - Cold case documentary casts new light on mystery of Dag Hammarskold's plane crash ... in a mysterious plane crash in southern Africa. (the surfacing of deep evil contiunes)

Police use water cannon and teargas on Paris protesters | World news | The Guardian - Marches across France take place on the ninth weekend of gilets jaunes demonstrations

Huge swarm of locusts descends on Mecca leaving worshippers at Islam's holiest site covered in insects (omen?)

Saudi Women, Tired of Restraints, Find Ways to Flee - The New York Times ("restaints" is NYTese for "having the shit beaten out of you")
Saudi teen who fled family 'very, very happy to be in her new home' after landing in Toronto
Justin Trudeau confirms Canada will grant asylum to 18-year-old Rahaf al-Qunun : worldnews

21pc girls in Pakistan become victim of child marriage, WHO reports - Pakistan - DAWN.COM (21% get child raped, b/c Muzzies)

Trump's bizarre statement on China dishonors us all -- "I find China, frankly, in many ways, to be far more honorable than Cryin' Chuck and Nancy. I really do. I think that China is actually much easier to deal with than the opposition party" ... China, which is holding a million members of religious minorities in concentration camps for "reeducation" by force? ... China, whose state-sponsored hackers were indicted just three weeks ago and accused of a 12-year campaign of cyberattacks on this and other countries? ... (he wants to lock up all Democrats)

The U.S. Government Has Amassed Terabytes of Internal WikiLeaks Data

Mohasif Motawakil: Former interpreter for U.S. troops detained at Houston airport - The Washington Post - He helped U.S. troops and fled Afghanistan. CBP detained him in Houston, an advocacy group said.

Ivanka Trump under consideration to lead The World Bank: report - Business Insider (only the best crooks)
Ivanka Trump is reportedly being considered to head the World Bank : worldnews
US World Bank nominee doubles as rapping spaceman - YouTube
Trump expected to ditch career diplomat, nominate Scott Taylor as Qatar ambassador | (again)

F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia - The New York Times (Fuckabee Sanders says story is "rediculous")
How the Times Reported the F.B.I. Counterintelligence Investigation Into President Trump: An Interview with the Journalist Adam Goldman | The New Yorker
FBI Probed Whether Trump Was Working For Russia After Comey Firing: Report | HuffPost - Law enforcement officials launched an investigation into whether the president was secretly working on Russia's behalf (Putin's stooge pupet)
What if the Obstruction Was the Collusion? On the New York Times's Latest Bombshell -- It was about Russia. Full stop. It was always about Russia. And it still is about Russia. (Trump is a fucking commie traitor)
Washington Monthly | The Intelligence Community Has Long Suspected Trump of Being Under Russian Influence
Mueller is Investigating Trump as a Russian Asset - The probe is not just about Russian election interference, or about Trump's obstruction of the probe -- it is about the secret relationship between Trump and Russia that appears to be causing both these things to happen.
Ex-FBI Officials Say Spy Inquiry into President Trump Is 'Uncharted Territory" - the highest levels of Justice and the FBI knew the president was -- and may still be -- under investigation. (racist retards elected a commie spy)

Trump goes on Twitter tear after learning FBI investigated him as a possible Russian agent : politics - Wow, just learned in the Failing New York Times that the corrupt former leaders of the FBI, almost all fired or forced to leave the agency for some very bad reasons, opened up an investigation on me, for no reason & with no proof, after I fired Lyin' James Comey, a total sleaze!"

A Less Obvious Question about NYT's Reporting on Trump-Russia -- I can't help wondering yet again, a handful of years later, what the real reasons were that Abramson was fired in May 2014 -- diruing a mid-term election year -- after a mere 32 months in that role. Her predecessor Bill Keller had been in that same role for eight years ... Did we end up with this mess because a traditional media company had difficulty with a woman's editorial management style? Or because she might be sympathetic to women running for public office? (or something even worse? Sulzfucking and Baqueting America)
A.G. Sulzberger is getting chewed up - Columbia Journalism Review (the origin of all the Iowa diner stories)

Cheryl Rofer on Twitter: "I've done a timeline comparing the two here. " (the deeply compromised NYT)
Tonight's News Dump And Another Long Ago
Nate Silver: I'm not trying to be a jerk but the Times still owes its readers an explanation about what the f*** was going on with this vector of its reporting in 2016. (Baquet was as bad as Comey)
Cool. Still would like an explanation for this enormous lie from the @nytimes on October 31, 2016
Was There a Connection Between a Russian Bank and the Trump Campaign? | The New Yorker

There's a way to know if Russia threw the election to Trump (Nate Silver, wrong again)
The Shit Had Hit the Fan - Lawyers, Guns & Money
"We Did Nothing Wrong Ever," The Ballad of Dean Baquet

Stays: Another Reason for the Shutdown? | emptywheel

Christian Group Reported Expenses for Having Russians at National Prayer Breakfast - - A Christian charity with ties to the National Prayer Breakfast reported unspecified expenses associated with having Russian guests attend the event in 2017 and possibly other years, federal tax documents show. (Evangelicals, NRA are commie traitors)
Comey tweets FDR quote after latest Trump attack | TheHill
Prosecute Donald Trump To The Full Extent Of The Law : politics

Trump Has Entered The Lying Stratosphere, Says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist | HuffPost - "No one believes a word out of his mouth" (Satan always lies, and his voters love lies)

Senate Democrats Call For DOJ Ethics Probe After Whitaker Non-Recusal

GOP rejected Obama's executive reach, but accepts Trump's

David Frum: Trump Is Losing the Border-Wall Fight - The Atlantic - The president, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.
As Trump Sticks With His Wall, His Ratings Stay Stuck in Place - The New York Times - The border wall remains popular only with the president's base and shutting down the government over the issue seems unlikely to win new fans. (SD, OK, W.VA and AL most racist states)

Trump Sets Record With Longest Government Shutdown Ever | HuffPost - demand for a border wall has kept much of the government closed for more than three weeks, leaving some 800,000 workers without pay.
Shutdown becomes longest federal closure in US history
The 'unbelievable behicles' used to smuggle immigrants are mostly factory-issue sedan (from the Fury Road factory, get it?)
Not One Network Should Have Aired Trump's Immigration Speech

Eschaton: Rapists Coming Over The Border - I know it's mostly just racism. Keep the brown people out, kick the ones who are here, and any lie in service of that is fine. But I've known enough (not many, but enough given they aren't exactly my main social circle) people over the years to know that the fear of this type of thing is real. Black people riding the bus to the exurbs to steal your TVs, Mexicans crossing the border in Tijuana to rape "your" daughters in Missouri, etc. Yes it's mostly hatred but there is fear there. I really don't understand it. Fears aren't always rational, of course, but there are so many more things to be legitimately afraid of.
Fear | Lapham's Quarterly ... "Fear itself these days is America's top-selling consumer product, available 24-7 as mobile app with color-coded pop-ups in all shades of the paranoid rainbow. Ready to hand at the touch of a screen, the turn of a phrase, the nudge of a tweet. Popularly priced at conveniently located checkpoints on drugstore and supermarket shelves, at airports and tanning salons ... "

White House warns shutdown could carry on after emergency declaration - POLITICO - Trump may tap his emergency powers without reopening the government, a move some allies say could 'screw' Demoracts (Trump dismantling America)

Border Patrol union deleted 2012 webpage opposing border wall (deport ICE to your nearest volcano)

Nope - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I know I can't think of any down side to Ann Coulter becoming the effective Queen of America

Behind the viral #GoFundTheWall fundraiser, a rising conservative star and a shadowy email harvesting operation (suckers got scammed, again)
Daniel W. Drezner on Twitter: "I'll believe that Trump is growing into the presidency when his staff stops talking about him like a toddler.

THE TRUTH MATTERS by Bruce Bartlett | Politics and Prose Bookstore

V.A. Seeks to Redirect Billions of Dollars Into Private Care - The New York Times

Daniel W. Drezner on Twitter: "I don't mean to be that guy, but King just got re-elected to Congress, and he's made similar comments in the past. Maybe, unfortunately, it kinda sorta is representative of a portion of your state? (Joni Ernst says Iowa definitely not racist)

Can someone explain to me in detail, the anti-religion themes of The Golden Compass? : books

Their Warhols Are at the Whitney. Their Ugly Divorce Is on Display, Too. - The New York Times

This Is What Black Burnout Feels Like

I'm autistic. I just turned 36 -- the average age when people like me die. -- The stress of living with autism is exhausting.

Secrets of the Creative Brain - The Atlantic - Pocket
Physics explains why time passes faster as age you Quartz

Is Sunscreen the New Margarine? | Outside Online -- How did we get through the Neolithic Era without sunscreen? Actually, perfectly well. What's counterintuitive is that dermatologists run around saying, "Don't go outside. You might die."

Eschaton: And Justice For All - Evers would later describe it as a "pep talk" to "get better-quality investigations." But what he outlined, according to a 177-page August 2018 Internal Affairs report obtained by the Inquirer, was a scheme to flip low-level suspects into off-the-books confidential informants through a process that would evolve into falsifying paperwork, as well as hiding information from the District Attorney's Office (cops - #notallcops! - will crook)

nurseintrerrupted comments on What's going on with Jayme Closs? Who is she and why is it national news that she's been found? (how to protect kids)

Car full of teens crashed into his truck, then opened fire on him, man testifies in Saginaw courtroom |

'Serial predator' : L.A. writer has been sounding alarm on Ed Buck for over a year -- Long before a second man died in the political donor's home, writer Jasmyne Cannick has been publishing accounts from his alleged victims ... Moore's journal said that Buck got him hooked on meth and had drugged him against his will.

John Lasseter's return proves that Hollywood still does not understand the damage he did

Child porn ring leader beaten to death at detention center, authorities say : news (didn't take long)

TIL In 1862, Ulysses S. Grant enacyed General Orders No. 11, which expelled all Jews, including families with children, from Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. : todayilearned

Monogamy May Be Written in our Genes - Scientific American

The Unknowability of the Number Line - Scientific American Blog Network

YSK that more than 40% of people have a vitamin D deficiency, especially in the winter months, which can cause fatigue, depression, pain, and a host of other problems. : YouShouldKnow (hello, you-know-who +the motherfucker gene)
Our Take On The MTHFR Gene - 23andMe Blog

Researchers studying the gut bacteria of thousands of people around the globe conclude that the microbiome is a surprisingly accurate biological clock, able to predict the age of most people within years. : science
Focus: Microbiome: Treating Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome with Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
Clinical Experience: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Dietary Management
Do Probiotics Really Work? - Scientific American - Although certain bacteria help treat some gut disorders, they have no known benefits for healthy people
Could probiotics cause 'brain fog' and bloating?

What are virtual particles? How are they theoretically real yet undetectable? : askscience

Neonatal circumcision could increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome in babies : science
Adversarial childhood events are associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): an ecological study | bioRxiv ... MNC maile neonatal circumcision ... MNC explained 14.2% of the variability of SIDS's male bias in the US, reminiscent of the Jewish myth of Lilith, the killer of infant males.
JCTRES | Online first - Neonatal circumcision and prematurity are associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Complications of Circumcision
Circumcision Deaths

TIL Regular drinking lowers the levels of serotonin in your brain, the chemical which helps to regulate your mood, and the correlation is that those who experience anxiety or depression are twice as likely to be heavy drinkers. : todayilearned

Greater depressive symptom severity linked to smaller amygdala volume in young adults, a key brain structure that regulates emotions, according to a new study. : science

Mercury (planet) - Wikipedia

YSK that you can get rid of the vast majority of junk mail using these tools [US] : YouShouldKnow

deadantelopes comments on What if advanced aliens haven't contacted us because we're one of the last primitive planets in the universe and they're preserving us like we do the indigenous people?

CMV: If you critically examine the Bible like a movie script, you'd find God as a poorly developed character with inconsistent character traits and unexplained attitudes. : changemyview ... The real reason dictators lie is to test and enforce loyalty ... "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." -- Voltaire

Whoever raved about Childhoods End on here not too long ago. Thank You!
TIL that over 20,000 people have purchased Alien Abduction Insurance. : todayilearned

Do you hear "I'm a paper chaser" or "I'm a big fucking slut" : videos
A show about a guy dating multiple women at once, watched by women who hate guys that date multiple women at once. : funny
Neil Young visits a record store and finds a bootleg copy of one of his records. Gets in an argument with an apathetic employee and walks out with the record, only to be confronted by the employee. An incredible snapshot of the 70's. : videos
Anaconda with a fan : WTF

Teachers of reddit, what is the smartest/most creative way of cheating that you've seen? : AskReddit

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Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims win legal victory against InfoWars, Alex Jones - ABC News

Why Jim Yong Kim's move has shaken up the World Bank - The departure of the bank's head raises questions about its future amid Trump administration suspicions of international institutions ... The day after suddenly announcing that he was ditching the presidency of the World Bank for a Wall Street private equity firm, Jim Yong Kim made an appearance before staff to muster an explanation ... (another piece of Barry's "legacy")

US official says withdrawal from Syria has begun (Trump capitulates to Putin)
U.S. Equipment, but Not Troops, Begins Exiting Syria in Chaotic Withdrawal - The New York Times

Japanese PM warns UK: 'World is watching' on Brexit

Poland arrests Huawei, Orange executives on suspicion of spying - POLITICO - Authorities search offices of Huawei, Orange and the telecoms regulator to confiscate data and documents.

Macron's popularity jumps as Yellow Jacket measures kick in (5 whole percent!)

Trump and Pompeo Embrace Autocrats and Disparage Opponents at Home - The New York Times
Pompeo's Cairo speech panned as 'tone-deaf,' 'hyper-partisam,' 'offensive' ... "That they think that anyone still wants to hear about Barack Obama's 2009 Cairo speech -- get over it."

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has no remaining cancer, Supreme Court announces - The Washington Post
Reforming the SCOTUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money

APNewsBreak: US approved thousands of child bride requests

The International Crisis of Donald Trump | The New Yorker - While Washington melts down over the government shutdown, the worst-case scenario for the President's foreign policy has actually happened ... But a probe of Trump, Inc., given the President's tendency to conflate his personal interests with the national interest, now seems indispensable to the foreign-policy concerns of the day, whether it's explaining Trump's otherwise hard-to-fathom pro-Russia tilt or shedding light on his famiy's pursuit of business deals with Middle Eastern figures who are also key to Trump's geopolitical priorities

Exclusive: Trump team should be allowed to 'correct' final Mueller report, says Giuliani ("and erase all that horrific stuff" he said)
As Mueller writes his report, a potential battle brews over obstruction of justice - CNNPolitics (the real "national emergency" in Trump's head)
Senate intel committee grilling ex-Trump campaign members in Russia probe
What don't we know about the Russia investigation?

Documents Show NRA and GOP Candidates Coordinated Ads in Key Senate Races (with the Russians)
Documents Show NRA and Republican Candidates Coordinated Ads in Key Senate Races : politics

Prosecutors Examining Ukrainians Who Flocked to Trump Inaugural - The New York Times - They attended meetings and orchestrated encounters at Trump International Hotel with influential Republican members of Congress and close allies of President Trump. Representing a range of views, including a contingent seen as sympathetic to Moscow, (but see the pic for the dresses)

We Had to Elect the Dumbest Guy Available -- President Trump Discusses Walls and Wheels to Show Off His Very Good Brain - Not even the second dumbest. (the stupid and evils finally found their guy)

Trump Thought It Would Only Take Three Days to Get Mexico to Pay for the Wall : politics
Former Trump Organization VP Spills Beans On Donald Trump's Awful Dealmaking Skills -- "It is always someone else's fault"
Trump Sold $35 Million Of Real Estate In 2018

Trump administration lays groundwork to declare national emergency to build wall - The Washington Post
What Someone Needs to Explain to Trump About 'National Emergencies'
According to customs & border patrol, illegal entries at southern border is down 76% since its 2000 peak. : politics (national emergency!)

Trump apparently plans to raid Army disaster relief and construction funds to build his wall : politics
Trump rejects shutdown deal Republicans negotiated with Republicans : politics
GoFundMe Border Wall Campaign Implodes, Turns to Kris Kobach and Sheriff Clarke - The wall won't build itself (hahaha suckers got played for $20M)
GoFundMe Is Refunding All $20 Million In Donations To Build Trump's Wall After The Plans Changed - The Iraq War veteran behind the crowdsourcing effort suddenly changed his plans Friday on what to do with the funds.

At White House, Empty Desks and Unpaid Bills as Trump Shows No Sign of Relenting - The New York Times
Trump could take billions from disaster areas to fund wall - Trump could dip into money set aside to fund civil works projects all over the country including storm-damaged areas of Puerto Rico.

Now on Craigslist, Facebook: Household items from furloughed workers trying to make ends meet - The Washington Post
Due to TSA absences, Miami airport will temporarily close one terminal early for 3 days - CNNPolitics
More T.S.A. Agents Refuse to Work During Shutdown, Raising Fears of Airport Turmoil : news
The Wages of White Nationalist Symbolism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In order to build his Potemkin wall, Trump might attempt to unilaterally use funds actually being used for important purposes: Electing a cross between George Wallace, Calvin Coolidge, Bernie Madoff, and Lloyd Christmas seemed like a great idea, what went wrong?
Hirono blasts McConnell's explanation for blocking funding bills: 'One of the lamest excuse I've heard'

Trump's Wall Could Unite Left and Right in Texas Over Eminent Domain, Land-Grab Disputes - one of the more fascinating sidelights of El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago's now-consistent threat to declare an actual emergency over a phantom national threat on the southern border of the country is the obvious problem that the federal government is going to have to grab somebody's land in order to build this big monument to the president*'s tiny self.
/u/DianneReams asks in a thread about the US government shutdown about what is NOT being done. Answers from all walks of life speak personally on what is being affected right now. : bestof

Farm Country Stood by Trump. But the Shutdown Is Pushing It to Breaking Point. - The New York Times -- While many rural conservatives may loathe the idea of Big Government, farmers and the federal government are welded together by dozens of programs and billions of dollars in spending ... John Myer, a farmer in Ovid, N.Y., said he needs the $15,000 owed to him under the trade bailout to pay his property taxes ... "I may lose the farm, but I strongly feel we need some border security," Mr Nunnery said. ("trade bailout" = tariff disaster fund for snowflake farmers who voted for tariffs : dumb fucker racist suckers hate big government except the part that gives them money)
| The Kansas City Star - So overall spending on food stamps is much higher than farm subsidies. But on a per-person basis, farmers come out ahead.
Betting the Farm - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Seems like a serious case of economic anxiety: (Mr. Nunnery proves it was always the racism)

"I Felt Dirty" : Former Employees Of The Veteran Crowdfunding Trump's Wall Say He Pushed Fake News To Get Rich -- "He never wanted the truth. It was all just for clicks, and the more inflammatory, the better" - The veteran has also spearheaded other crowdfunding ventures over the years, raising thousands of dollars on GoFundMe with the promise of helping mentor fellow vets at military hospitals, but spokespersons for the medical centers said they have no record of Kolfage working at their facilities or donating any money. (suckers got scammed, again)

Prankster Punks Donald Trump With 'Secure The Border Fund' Domain Name Purchace
Don Lemon Reveals Weird Tell-Tale Sign That Shows Donald Trump Is Feeling The Heat -- "When he does this thing, you know something is about to happen. This thing"
Spooky Old TV Show Features A Wall-Building Con Artist Named Trump | HuffPost - Trackdown

Trump administration wants to reclassify leaking nuclear waste to avoid cleaning it up, say officials | The Independent - This is unacceptable, and we will not stand by while this administration plans to abandon its responsibility to clean up their mess (like mercury, it's good for you!)

Trump's Hannity interview reveals a president out of touch with reality -- He can't explain what he's trying to do or why (compare their faces)
Why Trump's Unusual Leadership Style Isn't Working in the White House (b/c he's fucking babyhead, duh) ... Mr. Trump exhibits several qualities that are prevalent among many leaders, including narcissism and dishonesty.
Trump's Typos Reveal His Lack of Fitness for the Presidency - They suggest not just inadequate manners or polish, but inadequate thought.

Andrew Sullivan: Welcome to Act III of the Trump Tragedy -- When is the moment we can say that Trump has clearly gone over the line in erasing democratic and constitutional restraints on his personal power? I'dsay declaring a national emergency when there isn't one to fund a project he can't get through Congress pretty obviously qualifies. Wouldn't you? (Sully)

Ocasio-Cortez's climate genius stroke: Her Green New Deal is the most serious response to the crisis yet : politics (Lieberputz wants to kill the planet, natch)
Conservative Men Are Obsessed With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Science Tells Us Why. | HuffPost (she scares the shit out of the patriarchal snowflakes)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has An Epic 4-Word Clapback To Joe Lieberman's Slam -- "I certainly hope she's not th future" the former senator said ... "New party, who dis?"
'New party, who dis?' Ocasio-Cortez mocks aging Joe Lieberman for hoping 'she's not the future' | Daily Mail Online
Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez - Politico (like Joe Lieberputz)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Takes the Democrats Back to the Future: An Interview with the Historian Rick Perlstein | The New Yorker - Perlstein, an expert on the postwar rise of the American right, talks about the House's leftist freshmen and the Democratic Party coming to terms with its power ... And, suddenly, she has the power to actually act in a way that the Party hasn't -- a party that, almost forty years later, is still traumatized by the success of Ronald Reagan. It's a profoundly generational phenomenon, and clearly, it's scary (def read)

Progressives Fought for Key Committee Spots, but Centrist New Dems Came Out on Top

Why is Congress so dumb? - The Washington Post - We lawmakers dumped our in-house experts. Now lobbyists do the thinking for us ... Our decay as an institution began in 1995, when conservatives, led by Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), carried out a full-scale war on government. Gingrich began by slashing the congressional workforce by one-third. He aimed particular ire at Congress's brain, firing 1 of every 3 staffers at the Government Accountability Office, the Congressional Research Service and the Congressional Budget Office. He defunded the Office of Technology Assessment, a tech-focused think tank. Social scientists have called those moves Congress's self-lobotomy, and the cuts remain largely unreversed. (Gingrich unleased the prion disease on American democracy)

Not Tulsi Time - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Now here's a candidate worthy of a hard pass: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said Friday she will run for president in 2020. ... Oh good, the Democratic Dana Rohrabacher
Dylan Matthews on Twitter: "Like she has fucked up views on issues that 95 percent of primary voters have never heard of, it's almost futuristic" -- Tulsi Gabbard is a really next-level politician. Any amateur can be a traditional US racist politician, but it takes skill to succeed in America as a Hindu-nationalist racist / tankie Assad apologist. (everything you needed to know about her in this thread)
Tulsi Gabbard: The Bernie-Endorsing Congresswoman Who Trump Fans Can Love (7/16)

Tarrant County GOP's vice-chairman survives recall vote over his religion -- County party officials overwhelmingly rejected attempts to remove Shahid Shafi because he's Muslim. The 139-49 vote in his favor came after the state's top Republican officials denounced the failed move to oust the trauma surgeon.

Steve King under fire after embrace of white supremacy - POLITICO
How Steve King's Idiotic and Odious Words Help the Left Destroy Western Civilization - King equated Western civilization, which belongs to all of us, with white people only. And that's just what the hard left wants people to think.
Republicans Are Shocked Steve King Is a Racist in Their Party - Donald Trump Is an Inevitable Result for Republicans - Not one of them is a freak accident. (party of racism since St Ronnie)
Tim Scott: Why are Republicans accused of racism? Because we're silent on things like this. (Steve "Racist Fucker" King)

When you read Kamala Harris's book, you'll come away with one thought ... "I know she would have told me to hold fast to conviction; to listen to my gut," Harris writes. "But your gut will tell you if you're on the right tract." (more gut is better than brain, where have you been Kamala? +"tract?" +she's a cop)
Texas set to remove Confederate plaque from state Capitol : news

Is Peter Boghossian Getting Railroaded for His Hoax? (good info on Institutional Review Boards/IRBs and human-subject research +Pinker probably wrong, again)

Now that R. Kelly is finally going to be punished for his crimes what other celebrities past or present have done immoral/illegal things that never got the attention they should have? : AskReddit
Currently flying over LA : pics
With all the justified focus on R Kelly right now let's not forget that Chris Brown is also a complete pile of shit. : Music

Florida pardons 4 black men accused of 1949 rape - The case of the men known as the Groveland Four has been documented in a book and is considered a blight on Florid's history. One of the four was killed before he could be charged and the other three were convicted on dubious evidence ... A posse of about 1,000 men was formed to hunt down Thomas. He was shot 400 times when they found him sleeping under a tree. White residents also formed a mob and went to a black neighborhood, burning houses and firing guns into homes in a disturbance that took days to quell.

Pedophile Gary Oliva confesses to killing JonBenit Ramsey by accident | Daily Mail Online

Jayme Closs has been found alive : news

/u/InternalAffair provides a detailed list of high-profile cases of Police brutality and misbehavior, complete with links and sources : bestof (cops kill 10K dogs/year b/c they can get away with it)

What if Cities Are No Longer the Land of Opportunity for Low-Skilled Workers? - The New York Times - Dense cities like New York have long promised higher wages, but now that is primarily true for workers with more education, a new analysis finds ... (but the next generation will do much better in cities)

In a House With 16 Bathrooms, There Are Lots of Choices - WSJ - The proportion of homes with 10 or more bathrooms has nearly doubled in the past decade, as wealthy owners of luxury megamansions see an abundance of toilets as a covetable amenity

jansuza comments on 'Smith' might be a common surname because blacksmiths were never forced into active combat roles in wartime. (revelatory)

TIL that researchers used Renaissance paintings to get a sense of breast cancer's historical prevalence

Earth's magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don't know why

What are the greatest last words in history? : AskReddit

TIL that all languages follow this law. The second most common word is used 1/2 as much as the most. The third word is used 1/3 the most, and so on and so on for all languages : todayilearned
Top hundred words
Word frequency: based on 450 million word COCA corpus
Most common words in English - Wikipedia

TIL the Himba tribe in Namibia has no word for the color blue. In research, when shown 11 green squares and 1 blue, they couldn't pick out which was different. The research suggests that without a way of identifying the color as different, it's harder for our eyes to notice it. : todayilearned

Why is nuclear fusion 'stronger' than fission even though the energy released is lower? : askscience

u/Lithide uses IP address tracking to find out why a fairly unknown actor is the 3rd most translated personality on Wikipedia. : bestof

High School teachers of Reddit, what is the one thing that you want your students to know that you'd never tell them in person

Illegal dumping with a surprise explosion : WTF

AT&T to StopS ? Nope. This rancid apple fell right next to the MAGAt tree. Location Data to Third Parties After Motherboard Investigation - Motherboard - After Motherboard found that AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are selling their customers' phone location data ultimately to bounty hunters, AT&T has decided to stop service for all location aggregators, an essential part of the data supply chain.
For Owners of Amazon's Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching -- Beginning in 2016, according to one source, Ring provided its Ukraine-based research and development team virtually unfettered access to a folder on Amazon's S3 cloud storage service that contained every video created by every Ring camera around the world (you've been googlefucked b/c encryption "would make the company less valuable," owing to the expense of implementing encryption and lost revenue opportunities due to restricted access.)

Retailers are slashing iPhone prices across China as consumers say the phones aren't worth the cost : technology


Ocean Warming Is Accelerating Faster Than Thought, New Research Finds - The New York Times - a finding with dire implications for climate change because almost all the excess heat absorbed by the planet ends up stored in their waters.
Once again climate models shown to be way too conservative. Four new studies show the ocean is warming 40% faster than the IPCC predicted. Mass fish die off, coral reef death, rising sea levels and more destructive hurricanes expected. 2018 was warmest year on record, as was 2017, as was 2016. : worldnews
Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change - The New York Times ... After Jim Baker gave his boisterous address to the I.P.C.C. working group at the State Department, he received a visit from John Sununu, Bush's chief of staff. Leave the science to the scientists, Sununu told Baker. Stay clear of this greenhouse-effect nonsense. You don't know what you're talking about.
Climate change was the driving force behind destructive 2017 B.C. wildfire season, study says | The record-breaking B.C. wildfires of 2017 may have burned as much as 11 times more land than they would have without the influence of human-caused climate change : worldnews
A $3 billion problem: Miami-Dade's septic tanks are already failing due to sea rise
In Florida, officials ban term 'climate change' (Republicans - bury them up to their necks in the sand of Miami Beach)

Ex-head of Guantanamo Bay indicted for interfering with death probe - Business Insider
Former head of Guantanamo Bay was indicted for allegedly interfering with an investigation into a civilian's mysterious death at his base : worldnews

Russian Official Cancels U.S. Visit, Saying 'Second American Civil War' is Underway
Obvious Russian

Largest strike in history is taking place in India : worldnews
At this year's annual meeting of the Indian Science Congress, speakers dismissed Albert Einstein's theory of relativity as "a big blunder", said Isaac Newton didn't really understand how gravity works, and asserted dinosaurs were created by the Hindu god Brahma. : worldnews (it's like if you made Christian fundies the head of science)

Venezuela's defense minister asked Maduro to resign: Washington Post | Reuters
Venezuela's inflation rate, which reached 1,350,000% in 2018, is expected to hit a staggering 10,000,000% : worldnews
Paraguay's president says his country has broken diplomatic relations with Venezuela because it doesn't recognize the legitimacy of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's re-election : worldnews

German Parents Have No Right to Homeschool Their Kids, European Rights Court Rules : worldnews

In EU, it's watchdog vs. watchdog ndependent external auditing body is not happy with the anti-fraud agency's performance (b/c, you know ...)

eremy Corbyn dodges question on timing of no-confidence vote - UK Labour Party leader says a defeat for Theresa May's Brexit deal would not necessarily lead to him trying to topple government. (Corbynated)

"Yellow vests" protest movement knocks out 60% of all speed cameras in France : worldnews

Murdered journalists were tracked by police with shadowy Russian links, evidence shows: New evidence shows that three Russian journalists killed in the Central African Republic last year were victims of a well-planned ambush involving a senior police officer with shadowy Russian connections. : worldnews

Turkey Issues Ultimatum to Trump - Pull Out of Syria or We Strike: U.S. Using 'Ridiculous Excuses' : worldnews ("we will kill the Kurds no matter what you do")

21 bodies found in Mexican town on Texas border : news

Trump Demands That Reports on Waste and Fraud in Afghanistan Be "locked Up" -- The move would end a government watchdog's decadelong public accounting of reconstruction funds. (he just flushed the toilet)

Russia's seizure of Ukrainian ships, sailors brings muted U.S. response - "The Kremlin is not going to be dissuaded by condemnation," one former U.S. diplomat said. "They will be dissuaded by pain" (the pain is Trump's balls in Putin's vice)

How Putin's proxies helped funnel millions into GOP campaigns
How Putin's proxies helped funnel millions into GOP campaigns : politics -- In 2015-16, everything changed. Blavatnik's political contributions soared and made a hard right turn as he pumped $6.35 million into GOP political action committees, with millions of dollars going to top Republican leaders including Sens. Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham. (so, real treason)

Paul Manafort's Ongoing Conspiracy with Suspected Russian Agent Konstantin Kilimnik
Mueller is "in the bottom of the 9th inning"
21 People with the Power to Stop the Madness [UPDATE] | emptywheel (and KY is the heart of stupid evil)

Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked operatives, report shows (what's this "team" shit? you can't write "organized crime family? -- Ivanka and Don Jr going to jail)
Donald Trump's team had 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials: report : worldnews
Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller - Meanwhile, federal workers are still without pay
White House Hires 17 Lawyers to Help Hide Obstruction of Justice - Mother Jones
Trump Has Just Hired An Army Of 17 Lawyers To Hide From Mueller : politics

A beefed-up White House legal team prepares aggressive defense of Trump's executive privilege as investigations loom large (taxpayers pay to defend a career criminal)

Fox News Shep Smith and Andrew Nepolitano now see proof of 'collusion' between Trump's team and Russia : politics - Fox News Shep Smith and Andrew Nepolitano now see proof of 'collusion' between Trump's team and Russia -- "This shows that Bob Mueller can demonstrate to a court, without the testimony of Paul Manafort, that the campaign had a connection to Russian intelligence and the connection involved information going from the campaign to the Russians"

Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen will testify at House Oversight Committee before entering prison
Chris Geidner on Twitter: "JUST IN: Michael Cohen, on his planned Feb. 7 House testimony: "I look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired.""

White House gearing up to replace RBG - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ginsburg made a horrible decision by not retiring in 2014, as did Breyer, so this has nothing to do with holding women to different standards than men, despite the evidence-free claims people make in that regard

Trump says he never said that Mexico would directly pay for the wall : worldnews (and long list of Trump's "nobodys")

Opinion | Trump Hits the Wall - The New York Times - And what's all that sniffling about? (thanks, Gail, his coke habit has been ignored by the media) "He makes Jeb Bush look like a combination of Mighty Mouse and Bruce Springsteen" ... Trump's breathing has actually sounded strange for a long time, but most of us have chosen to ignore it rather than engage in a national conversation about the president's nose (his coke-hole, you mean)
Trump's Border Crisis Is A Myth - The federal government is shut down for basically no reason.

Mitch McConnell is the reason we still have a shutdown - The Washington Post (brilliant)
Mitch McConnell is the reason we still have a shutdown : politics
McConnell blocks House bills to reopen government : politics
McConnell blocks Senate Democrats' move to reopen government : politics

So when will Fox News finally let Donald Trump's shutdown end? ... When Tucker Carlson is the most powerful man in America...we are truly in the worst timeline.
For Trump, Storming Out of a Meeting Is a Signature Ploy - Bloomberg
Nancy Pelosi Says Shutdown Meeting Was Set Up For Trump To Walk Out | HuffPost (he thought it would look good to his debased)

The government shutdown spotlights a bigger issue: 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck : politics - And 40% of Americans cannot afford a $400 emergency. This is a societal issue and forcing 800K people to miss a paycheck just shows how close to the edge most of this country is

Trump's Shutdown Settles It: His Base Is About Racism, Not Jobs

Eschaton - This is more a Daily Show bit than journalism, because we shouldn't be taking these stupid things seriously in the first place. -- EXCLUSIVE: DHS test of steel prototype for border wall, Trump's preference, showed it could be sawed through.
Both sides: The never ending story - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Consider just how lazy you have to be to write something like this: (Charlie Savage's brain has been rotted by the NYT prion disease) Yes the Democrats can "save face" by not having to acknowledge that they have simply forced Donald Trump to engage in what even Charlie Savage characterizes as "an extraordinary violation of constitutional norms." But the president using the Constitution as toilet paper is a small price to pay if the alternative is forcing reporters to be a little more honest and tiny bit more hardworking, instead of hitting the bothsides macro for the eleventyzillionth time.

Eschaton: Can't Escape Everything - There are some things that rich people can't realistically protect themselves from, without an absurd amount of inconvenience. Sure you don't have to live next to a superfund site, but living in a bubbled dome, solely, even if affordable, is pretty inconvenient. Gotta breathe the air the rest of us do, sometimes, unless you want to be bubble boy. Kinda hard to establish an alternative food supply system, too.
FDA Postponing Some Food Inspections As Shutdown Drags On, Commissioner Says | HuffPost - he partial shutdown is on track to be the longest since the 1970s

Donald Trump's Tweets Are No Match For Nancy Pelosi On Time Magazine's New Cover | HuffPost
Anderson Cooper's CNN Show Taunts Donald Trump With Clever Shutdown Caption

The 5 Corners Of The 2020 Democratic Primary | FiveThirtyEight

Kamala Harris: Ending the 'failed war on drugs' starts with legalizing marijuana
Presidential dreams pull Democrats away from key Senate races - The wide-open Democratic presidential primary looks set to draw in more than a dozen candidates who think they could be the ones to beat Trump.

Eschaton: How Can Trump Supporters Support This??? But They Do So He Is Golden!!! - I suppose it's interesting to wonder what would pull Trump's support down from 40% to 27%, but really 40%ish of this country would support almost any Republican and 27% would support any. This is a conversation about 13% of the population.

Q13 FOX staffer fired after TV station airs altered Trump video | The Seattle Times

1950's TV show called "Trackdown" Had Villain Named Trump Who Promised to Save World by Building a Wall

Top Bernie Sanders 2016 adviser accused of forcibly kissing subordinate - POLITICO - The claim is the latest complaint about a hostile environment for women on the campaign. Robert Becker denied wrongdoing.

Virginia Study Finds Increased School Bullying In Areas That Voted For Trump : NPR -- You don't have to be a psychologist or a sociologist to understand that if these conversations are happening on the TV and at the dinner table that these kids will take this perspective and they're going to play out in the schools.

White Supremacist Rep. Steve King Gets A Primary Challenger | HuffPost - Iowa state Sen. Randy Feenstra will try to unseat the congressman.
Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics - The New York Times
Steve King's White Supremacist, Racist Views Prompt Republican Primary Challengers for Iowa Congress Seat - Also, the president* is his dreamboat on immigration.
Steve King Is a Public Racist. Iowans Have Elected Him to Congress 9 Straight Times. : politics

Evangelical group wants gays removed from anti-lynching bill - Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver opposes including the words "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" in a federal anti-lynching bill. ("we will hang the fags" he said)
Pastor Who Praised Pulse Nightclub Gunman Resigns After Allegedly Paying for Sex - The New York Times - resigned from his ministry last week after allegedly using drugs, gambling and paying for sex with prostitutes. Donnie Romero -- Steven L Anderson ... Both churches are vehemently opposed to homosexuality and have been classified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center ... The website of Faithful Word Baptist Church describes homosexuality as "a sin and an abomination which God punishes with the death penalty" (like "God" doesn't punish everyone with the "death penalty")
Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress Defends Trump's Border Wall: 'Heaven Itself Is Going to Have a Wall Around It' ("built with the bodies of death-penaltied gays)

Report: Cleveland Has Lead Levels As High As Flint : news

Wisconsin judge not arrested after blowing over legal limit : news
Ohio school removes police officer after principal gets ticket for parking in handicapped space : news

Every Successful Relationship Is Successful for the Same Exact Reasons - Mark Manson - Pocket (good list to give to your friends and therapy patients)

Opinion | You Should Meditate Every Day - The New York Times ... keep digital monsters at bay - Farhad Manjoo ... spent New Year's Day at a meditation center, surrounded by hundreds of wealthy, well-meaning, Patagonia-clad white people seeking to restore order and balance to their tech-besotted lives ... a software upgrade for my brain

These Are The Most Popular Baby Names On The West Coast | HuffPost Life - The top names for boys and girls vary by U.S. region.

U.S. Fertility Rate Declines for Seventh Year Running : news

Hubble finds record-breaking quasar with brightness of 600 trillion suns - Astronomers are hoping the discovery will provide an insight into the birth of galaxies more than 12 billion years ago. : worldnews
Hubble Space Telescope's main camera stops working : worldnews

Andromeda321 comments on 13 more Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) detected by Canadian CHIME telescope, including the second ever detected repeating FRB. (def not aliens!)
Repeated radio signals coming from galaxy 1.5 Billion light years away, scientists have announced : worldnews

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective in preventing childhood diseases, a significant minority remains skeptical, such as the anti-vax movement. Mathematicians show this may be due to "hysteresis", where an effect persists despite changed initial conditions. : science

What are you addicted to? : AskReddit

Redditors with SOs who talk in their sleep, what is the creepiest thing they've said? : AskReddit

spiteful10inchdildo comments on Lost my husband
u/spiteful10inchdildo, a cancer survivor, shares some insights on how to process losing your partner to cancer : bestof

Keanu Reeves reacts perfectly when Kelly Ripa confesses that she used to make out with a life sized cardboard cutout of him back in the day...
10 Insanely Good Reasons You Should Publish On Medium | WordStream

Facebook deal makes it impossible to delete app. : worldnews

Married Amazon Boss Jeff Bezos Getting Divorce Over Fling With Movie Mogul's Wife
Jeff Bezos' Relationship with TV Host Lauren Sanchez Led to Divorce | (boob-job Lauren)
Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos NO PRENUP ... $137 BILLION on the Line

America desperately needs fiber internet, and the tech giants won't save us == Harvard's Susan Crawford explains why we shouldn't expect Google to fix slow internet speeds in the US.


Repeated radio signals coming from galaxy 1.5 billion light years away, scientists announce | The Independent ... The breakthrough is only the second time scientists have seen such a repeating radio burst ... The flashes only last for a milisecond but they are flung out with the same amount of energy the sun takes 12 months to produce.

Eschaton: Under the Sea - In Venice there's an elaborate system and, of course, apps to let you know where you can and can't easily walk every day. But that's Venice. -- A Jersey Shore town is planning a 24-hour online livestream of flooding along one of its most frequently inundated streets. (fake news!)

China revealed the J-20 stealth fighter's mission -- and even the F-15 could likely wreck it

What's Worse Than Brexit? This. A new referendum could make Theresa May's current predicament look comfortable. (Brits fuck themselves in the ass, harder)

Police raid settlement yeshiva, summon 80 teens in deadly Jewish terror probe | The Times of Israel - Students at Pri Haaretz in Rehelim ordered to report for questioning on rock-throwing attack that killed Palestinian woman in October; 5 teens already arrested
The American 'Zionist' assault on Israel | Daniel Gordis | The Blogs - Less hubris and more interest in why Israelis think what they do would go a long way to helping this relationship survive (those dots are hard to connect, so bow down to Netanfuckyu)

Journalist Pelin \nker sentenced to jail in Turkey over Paradise Papers investigation | News | The Guardian - Journalist was found guilty of 'defamation an insult' for writing about companies owned by former PM ("insulting" to call attention to their huge crimes, and ...) After the sentence was issued, \nker told the ICIJ she intended to appeal, pointing out that the Yildirim family had admitted that articles about their Maltese businesses were accurate. (guilty is no excuse for insulting thme)

Iran says it holds US Navy veteran, 1st arrest of Trump era

Mueller Is Holding Top Secret Intelligence That Will Sink Trump | Observer ... This looks unmistakably like a clandestine intelligence operation to anyone even marginally acquainted with spycraft ... (and oh, the irony, of not paying attention to Snowden's revelation about NSA's espionage capabilities)

The 'Collusion' Debate Ended Last Night
The collusion debate is over - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- How long will the Republican party choose to continue to tolerate the Trump administration's combination of profound corruption and utter incompetence? No one knows the answer to this question, including the very people who will have to answer it over the coming months.
There Is No Question Anymore Whether the Trump Campaign Was in Cahoots With the Russians : politics

New York Times Makes Major Correction to Report on Manafort and Russian Oligarch
The Times' Oligarch Switcheroo (doesn't really change anything)

Why the latest Paul Manafort news is a very big deal - CNNPolitics (b/c you know, "Collusion") What we learned on Tuesday puts Manafort back at the very center of all of this. Which is a very big deal given not only his prominent place in the Trump campaign but the fact that he was one of three top Trump aides in that June 2016 Trump Tower meeting in which Russians had promised dirt on Clinton.

One more Russian contact: Here's why it matters ... You will recall that while Manafort was in charge of the Trump campaign in summer 2016 the Republican National Committee platform was changed to remove support for weapons for Ukraine, a dramatic about-face for Republicans and a position that would please Russia and its Ukrainian puppets ... The revelation is noteworthy on many levels, beyond further evidence of the abject incompetence of the lawyers serving the Trump circle ... "The most innocent possible explanation here is that Trump hired an international criminal who was trying to give campaign information to a Russian oligarch in exchange for debt relief, and using a Russian intelligence asset as his go between" ("I don't know Russia. I have nothing to do with Russia") ... "97 contacts between Trump's team and Russia linked operatives, including at least 28 meetings. And we know that at least 28 high-ranking campaign officials and Trump advisers were aware of contacts with Russia-linked operatives during the campaign and transition. None of these contacts were ever reported to the proper authorities. Instead, the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them." (let that sink in)

The new Russia revelations are more consequential than Trump's newsless immigration speech - The Big Idea: President Trump showed last night why he waited two years to address the country from the Oval Office in prime time. The format doesn't suit him. (and he had to read with no arm-waving)

Law firm tied to mystery Mueller subpoena represented Russian interests - CNNPolitics

(((mariamarie))) on Twitter: "I didn't cheat on you, baby. I just fucked my ex. I fucked her before so it was ongoing fuck. That's not cheating. See, what I mean, baby?" (Senator Lankford from OK is a commie)

House Democrats to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. first in Russia investigation (will he take the fall for Dumb Daddy Donnie?)
House Democrats ready subpoena for testimony from Acting Attorney General Whitaker - ABC News

Rosenstein Plans to Stay Until Mueller Submits a Report : politics (so he knows when it's coming)
Rod Rosenstein: "The Department of Justice is not going to be extorte.d (C-SPAN) - YouTube
Rod Rosenstein To Leave DOJ Once New Attorney General Confirmed: Reports | HuffPost
Rosenstein expected to depart DOJ in coming weeks if new attorney general confirmed - ABC News

Trump Campaign Consultants Cambridge Analytica Found Guilty of Breaking Data Laws - The British analytics company employed by the Trump campaign has been fined for refusing to disclose to an American voter how much data they held on him and how they used it.

AP Politics on Twitter: "AP FACT CHECK: Democrats put the blame for the shutdown on Trump. But it takes two to tango. Trump's demand for $5.7 billion for his border wall is one reason for the budget impasse. The Democrats refusal to approve the money is another." (both sides are the same! AP gets roasted)

Trump's Speech to the Nation: Fact Checks and Background
"Immigrants are coming over the border to kill you" is the only speech Trump knows how to give - Most politicians know how to strike more than one note. Trump does not.
Trump Jr. suggests border wall is like a zoo fence - CBS News
The real crisis is that Trump has no idea what he's doing - A flailing president whines and dissembles from the Oval Office.

Eschaton: Well Then -- Trump argues that we need a border wall to stop migrants just driving right across in their "unbelievable vehicles... stronger, bigger, and faster vehicles than our police have, than ICE has" (Mad Max Fury Road in Trump's brain -- we've come this far, and still ...)
Trump Threw 'Temper Tantrum' After Dems Refused Border Wall, Chuck Schumer Says -- The president walked out of a discussion to end the government shutdown Wednesday ... "I said bye-bye, nothing else works" (said the 4 yr old)
Trump Storms Out of White House Meeting With Democrats on Shutdown - The New York Times
White House Scrambles To Check Growing GOP Discomfort With Shutdown | HuffPost

Trump's s Misleading And Outright False Claims From His Border Address -- Again, Mexico is not paying for the wall.
Trump tried to play a normal president on television. The result was very strange. - The Washington Post
Trump's Border Speech Gets A Savage Instant Fact-Check On Fox News - Shepard Smith had some quick corrections for the president.
A growing number of Americans blame Trump for shutdown: Reuters-Ipsos poll | Reuters - 51 percent of adults ... 32 percent blame congressional Democrats (32% hard-core evil and insane)
David Frum: Trump Is Losing the Border-Wall Fight - The Atlantic - The president, trapped without a decent exit in a predicament of his own making, will yield everything and get nothing.
Trump Channels Hannity and Lou Dobbs, Fearmongers for the Wall - Much of the Oval Office address echoed usual Trump rhetoric: hyperpartisan at points, and dripping with nativism. But in a notable way, Trump blinked.

Oval Office address was a pure propaganda opportunity. Networks shouldn't allow it next time.
Trump Primetime Speech TV Ratings: Tuesday, Jan. 8 | Hollywood Reporter - The response by Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer has slightly larger preliminary numbers than the president's address (usually, everyone turns off after the speech)
Is Our Media Learning? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (no, and) ... Those both sides won't do themselves

Pelosi says Trump doesn't get shutdown's effect on workers: 'He thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money' (lotta zingers lately)
Pelosi And Schumer Become Instant Memes After Response To Trump's Border Wall Speech
Trump's Border Speech Was a Dud, But at Least the Memes Are Good
A Gambling Site Took Bets On How Much Trump Would Lie In His Oval Office Address And Is Paying Out $276,424
'Forrest Trump' : Donald Trump's Latest Bonkers Typo Sends Twitter Into Tailspin -- "Your brain is like a box of chocolates"
Donald Trump Jr. Says Border Wall Is Like A Zoo Fence Protecting You From Animals | HuffPost
Emily Jane Fox on Twitter: "Immigrants as caged animals, from the First Son "

TSA Union Warns Of 'Massive Security Risk' As Some Officers Quit Amid Shutdown
Coast Guard families told they can have garage sales to cope with government shutdown - The Washington Post - 'Bankruptcy is a last option,' the service said in a tip sheet published on a website. (military voted Trump)

The partisan warrior leading the White House's shutdown response - The White House nerve center spearheading the erratic response to the government shutdown is run by an interim director and longtime conservative firebrand whose confirmation last year was nearly derailed because of his inflammatory comments about Muslims. With limited governing experience under his belt, Russell T. Vought took the helm of the Office of Management and Budget a little more than a week ago ...

The G.O.P.'s Plan to Take Down Beto: Unleash the Bernie Bros (yeah, that'll work)

Tensions rise between 2 of Hawaii's Congressional leaders over 'religious bigotry' comments -- U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard appears to have "called out" U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono over her questioning of a judicial nominee, accusing her and others of religious bigotry ... "It is unfortunate that Congresswoman Gabbard based her misguided opinion on the far-right wing manipulation of these straightforward questions." ... Another member of the knights is Rep. Gabbard's father, state Sen. Mike Gabbard, who did not respond to Hawaii News Now's request for comment. (Gabbard supports "religious freedom" to ban abortion)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' Critique of Fact-Checking Is Valid

Angela Davis Says She's 'Stunned' After Award Is Revoked Over Her Views on Israel ... after a civil rights group in her native Birmingham, Ala., reversed its decision to honor her with an award amid protests over her support for a boycott of Israel. (BDS support for Palestine is "anti-semitic" and "there ought to be a law or something")

People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds - The Verge ... And the finding holds true across party lines ... Older users shared more fake news than younger ones regardless of education, sex, race, income, or how many links they shared. In fact, age predicted their behavior better than any other characteristic -- including party affiation ... (but) Users who identified as conservative were more likely than users who identified as liberal to share fake news: 18 percent of Republicans shared links to fake news sites, compared to less than 4 percent of Democrats.(b/c old people use Fuckbook) fake news spreads quickly on Facebook in part because news articles generally look identical in the News Feed (round up the olds and send them to education camp)
People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds : politics

Designing Against Misinformation -- Facebook Design -- After a year of testing and learning, we're making a change to how we alert people when they see false news on Facebook (haha Fuckbook doesn't use Fuckbook to communicate)

Boycotting white supremacists - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is really invidious: Shafer and Silver think it's bad to threaten to boycott advertisers if they give their advertisers to white supremacist propaganda sites: The problem here is that Jack Shafer and Nate Silver can't face up to what Tucker Carlson and Fox News and Donald Trump and, ultimately, the Republican party now represent. What they represent is white supremacist ethno-nationalism ... (Shack Jafer)
Nate Silver on Twitter: "I tend to agree that Tucker is a racist, or at least that he convincingly plays a racist on TV. However, I don't want the PR department of Applebee's deciding for us all what's racist vs. legitimate/acceptable political speech." (Silver admits he's after clicks, and ...) "Why hello friends I heard there was a well-earned ratio happening and I would like to add to it if I may" (gets ratiod)

Special Snowflake Triggered By Proxy, Needs Safe Space - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "Even is Cillizza is mediocre, there are a lot of mediocre pundits and people and hacks. They are entitled to a little representation and six figure salaries, aren't they, and a l