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Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities
Digital Resources : Albert Einstein Institution : advancing freedom through nonviolent action
World Map Of Climate Disasters
Live Cyber Threat Map | Check Point

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Enormously exciting fossils found in New South Wales opal field suggest Australia had 'age of monotremes' : worldnews

As many as 2,000 people feared buried under Papua New Guinea landslide | CNN : worldnews

Software firm fined $74k for data breach caused by weak password; half a million users affected | The Straits Times ... SINGAPORE -- A company running online language lessons for children around the world used a password based on its website name, LingoAce, making it vulnerable to the data breach that resulted.
Software firm fined $74k for data breach caused by weak password; half a million users affected : worldnews

Visitor to Taiwan hit with $9,000 fine over roast chicken and pork combo lunch box : worldnews

Source: Ukrainian drone strikes Russian early-warning radar, traveling record-breaking 1,800 kilometers : worldnews

Biden calls Putin "brutal tyrant" : worldnews

Just before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin was telling Chancellor Scholz his ideas that Ukraine supposedly "belongs" to Russia. : worldnews

God has sent me, convinced that my energy is not biological: Prime Minister Narendra Modi : worldnews

US expected to lift ban on sale of offensive weapons to Saudi Arabia : worldnews

Palestinian medics say Israeli airstrikes kill 35 in Gaza's Rafah as displaced people are hit - The Boston Globe
Netanyahu acknowledges 'tragic mistake' after Rafah strike kills dozens of Palestinians : worldnews
22 killed in Israeli air strike on tents for displaced people : worldnews
Eschaton: Everyone Who Is Anyone Will Pretend To Believe This Ah, yes, it was a precision strike, oopise. -- The IDF opens an investigation into the air strike in Rafah on Sunday night. The IDF says its operational assessment ahead of the strike was that no civilians were going to be harmed - Barak Ravid (@BarakRavid) May 27, 2024 ... (what he means is they didn't expect there to be so many videos)

Hamas launches rocket attack towards Tel Aviv area : worldnews

Israeli Knesset to vote on declaring UNRWA a terrorist organization : worldnews

Palestinian Authority preparing to govern Gaza, say Prime Minister : worldnews
Palestinian Authority on verge of fiscal collapse as Smotrich withholds funds : worldnews ... Mahmoud Abbas is in year 19 of his 4 year term of office. Just another incompetent despot.

A Tour and Census of Palestine Year 1695: No sign of Arabian names or “Palestinians” | Palestine-Israel Conflict A Tour and Census of Palestine Year 1695: No sign of Arabian names or “Palestinians”

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 824, Part 1 (Thread #970) : worldnews

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Sunday to join an upcoming peace summit as his country struggles to stave off unrelenting attacks by Russia in its 27-month-old invasion. : worldnews
Zelenskyy calls on world leaders, especially Biden and Xi, to support upcoming peace summit : worldnews
Ukraine's Zelenskyy gets more air defense missiles from Spain to fight deadly Russian glide bombs : worldnews

Zelensky Reports New Russian Troop Build-Up Near Kharkiv : worldnews

"We Don't Want the UN Charter to Burn Down Like These Books" - Zelensky Records Appeal Amidst Kharkiv Printing House — The printing house was targeted by Russian missiles on May 23, resulting in seven fatalities, over 20 injuries, and the destruction of 50,000 publications. Kharkiv Printing House : worldnews

First Ukrainian Pilots Graduate US F-16 Training : worldnews

Ukrainian M1 Abrams Tanks Get Elaborate 'Cope Cages,' Soviet Explosive Reactive Armor : worldnews

Russia Steps Up a Covert Sabotage Campaign Aimed at Europe : worldnews
NATO Parliamentary Assembly supports Ukraine's right to hit targets inside Russia using Western arms : worldnews

Sweden allows Ukraine to use its weapons against targets in Russia | УНН : worldnews
Swedish minister on Kyiv striking Russian soil with Western arms: Ukraine has right to defend itself : worldnews undefined

Latvia to spend tens of millions on creating a drone army : worldnews

(1) Ukrainska Pravda in English on X: Polish Foreign Minister supports permission to attack Russia with Western weapons: Moscow does not restrain itself / X
Poland rolls out plans for fortifications along its border with Russia and Belarus : worldnews

Switzerland poised to get tough on Russian spies : worldnews

Germany and Italy come out against granting Kyiv free hand to attack Russia with allied weapons : worldnews
Germany: Ex-military officer sentenced for Russia spying : worldnews

Macron begins the first state visit to Germany by a French president in 24 years : worldnews

Spain to send Patriot missiles, Leopard tanks to Ukraine in $1.23 billion package : worldnews

Flock of 100 feral chickens torments resident of Snettisham village : worldnews
Cool Stuff - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Amateur Historians Heard Tales of a Lost Tudor Palace. Then, They Dug It Up. - The New York Times In a small English village, a group of dedicated locals has unearthed the remains of a long-vanished palace that had been home to Henry VIII's grandmother.

Canada to restore right of citizens born abroad to pass citizenship to children also born outside country : worldnews

Happy Memorial Day - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Biden's Chance to Do the Right Thing in Gaza : politics ... But for seven months, Biden has allowed himself to be ignored and steamrolled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the question now is whether the court ruling will help Biden find the gumption to pressure Israel to obey the decision ... Biden’s policy in Gaza has been a moral, practical and political failure. It has made the United States complicit in civilian deaths, including in the starvation of children

Sanders says he'll boycott Netanyahu speech : politics ... The Israel lobby spends more on Democrats than it does on Republicans
Pro-Israel Summary * OpenSecrets ... Even with the policy victories coming under a Republican president, the lobby still remained staunch Democratic contributors, giving more than $14.8 million in the 2018 midterms to mostly Democrats. This marked their third-biggest cycle ever and their biggest non-presidential cycle.

US president warns new army officers to be 'guardians of American democracy' : politics

Latest deadly weather in US kills at least 18 as storms carve path of ruin across multiple states - The Boston Globe

The Hard Problem of Bringing Trump Into Focus - The New York Times - For all the news that the former president makes, the Biden team is struggling to make the campaign about him.

A Little Bit Of Hopium - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Voting On Day 1, I'd Much Rather Be Us Than Them, Yes The Polls Were Wrong in 2022 Happy Memorial Day Weekend All!
May 24, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson
The Left Is Not Joe Biden's Problem. Joe Biden Is. Without a theory of change, nothing changes.
br /> The Shaky Foundation of Trump's Lead: Disengaged Voters - The New York Times - The Biden team faces questions of its own: Why have these voters backed away from him, and can his campaign find a way to reach them? By Nate Cohn - President Biden has actually led the last three Times/Siena national polls among those who voted in the 2020 election, even as he has trailed among registered voters overall. And looking back over the last few years, almost all of Mr. Trump's gains have come from these less engaged voters.

Conservative Christians are lending support - and cash - to Israel at war : worldnews

Church Says It Did Not Authorize 'People's Commencement Protest After Harvard Graduation Walkout | News | The Harvard Crimson -- Harvard-Epworth Church,

Unmasking counterprotesters who attacked UCLA's pro-Palestine encampment | CNN - some of the most dramatic attacks caught on camera that night were committed by people outside UCLA - not the university students and faculty who were eventually arrested ... The young man sporting the white mask and a white hoodie in widely shared video clips is Edan On, a local 18-year-old high school senior, his mother confirmed to CNN ... "Edan went to bully the Palestinian students in the tents at UCLA and played the song that they played to the Nukhba terrorists in prison!" his mother boasted in Hebrew on Facebook, referencing Hamas. She circled an image of him that had been broadcast on the local news.
Eschaton: One ... Oopsie: The young man sporting the white mask and a white hoodie in widely shared video clips is Edan On, a local 18-year-old high school senior, his mother confirmed to CNN, though she later said he denies being at UCLA. Video shows On joining the counterprotesters while waving a long white pole. At one point, he strikes a pro-Palestinian protester with the pole, and appears to continue to strike him even when he was down, as fellow counterprotesters piled on.

(1) Kyung Lah on X: "Here's our @CNN investigation. Others are named in this story & our digital write. They have not shown up in jail records. / X

Dobbs had the opposite effect conservatives intended: People are seeking abortions more than ever. : politics
Mississippi forces 13-year-old rape victim to carry pregnancy to term - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The reward for Republicans who try to solve problems: humiliation : politics

Sotomayor recalls closing her door and crying in despair over SCOTUS rulings : politics

Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment dies in darkness - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Chris Geidner points out that there have been multiple points over the past four years where it was essentially journalistic malpractice to withhold its should-have-been scoop on flag semiotics with the Alitos:
Washington Post bombshell: Washington Post buried Alito flag story for three years Saturday's report raises many questions, several relating to the fact that the Post, at least passively, made the decision not to reveal this news many times since 2021.

Fani Willis and judge presiding over Georgia Trump election case defeat challengers : politics

Opinion | Trump's terrible week is his own doing - The Washington Post - Trump had a string of terrible debacles, and Justice Juan Merchan set the law-and-order standard ... In short, whatever the verdict, Merchan succeeded in protecting our criminal justice system. No wonder Trump detested him, smeared him with a racist insinuation and attacked the judge's daughter. What Trump could not do was provoke a mistrial or throw the case off course. And for that, American owes a debt of gratitude to Merchan.

Will the Jury Convict Trump? Here Are the Clues. - POLITICO Judgment day approaches.

'He's more delusional than I thought': Libertarians jeer Trump during convention speech
Videos of Donald Trump Getting Booed Loudly During Speech Go Viral
Donald Trump Rejected by Libertarians, Gets Less Than 1% of Vote : politics
(1) Biden-Harris HQ on X: A seething and unpopular Trump lashes out and belittles the audience as they boo him / X

RFK Jr. eliminated in first round of Libertarian Party's presidential nomination vote : politics

Donald Trump Attacks E. Jean Carroll in Memorial Day Post : politics
Donald Trump Attacks E. Jean Carroll in Memorial Day Post -- "Happy Memorial Day to All, including the Human Scum that is working so hard to destroy our Once Great Country, & to the Radical Left, Trump Hating Federal Judge in New York that presided over, get this, TWO separate trials, that awarded a woman, who I never met before (a quick handshake at a celebrity event, 25 years ago, doesn't count!), 91 MILLION DOLLARS for 'DEFAMATION,'" Trump wrote on Monday.
Trump marks Memorial Day with scathing message to 'Human Scum' : Live updates : politics

'They're hoping they can silence me': Trump's latest Truth Social rant targets Jack Smith and accuses special counsel of 'doing very bad things' in response to gag order request : politics

Former RNC Chair Says to Put Donald Trump's 'Behind in Jail' : politics

Trump told donors he will crush pro-Palestinian protests, deport demonstrators : politics

Trump Freaks Out at New York Trial Judge as Jury Deliberation Nears : politics - "The reason the Radical, highly Conflicted Judge Juan Merchan had to come up with three FAKE options for the jury to choose from, without requiring them to be unanimous, which is completely UNAMERICAN AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is because the Corrupt, Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg, couldn't come close to proving that any crime was committed," Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social. "THERE WAS NO CRIME" he continued ...

Ohio public schools are releasing kids for religious instruction during the school day. Soon, they could be required to do it. : politics

After Brown v. Board, White families pulled their kids out of Pasadena's public schools. Decades have passed, and neighborhood parents are still working toward integration.

The Danger Of Superhuman AI Is Not What You Think - NOEMA The rhetoric over "superhuman" AI implicitly erases what's most important about being human ... Attempts to erase and devalue the most humane parts of our existence are nothing new; AI is just a new excuse to do it.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Maps AI's Rapid Advance

How Kid Rock Turned Into A Republican Mouthpiece And Trump's MAGA BFF The man born Bob Ritchie calls Trump his "bestie" and spouts right-wing talking points. Many close to him wonder what the hell happened

When Should You Cut Off Your Family Members? | Essence A new TikTok trend, #nocontactfamily, has many social media users contemplating if and when they should cut off their family members.

The Kardashians Are in Their Flop Era: More Boring Than Ever It's finally arrived: a time when the Kardashians’ lives are so boring that they're not even worth talking about. It's almost impossible to fathom. How did we get here?

My Partner and I Broke Free From Purity Culture Our pastors told us that if we saved ourselves for marriage, God would reward us with an amazing sex life. But the opposite occurred for my husband and me.

McDonald's Is Bigger Than Ever: How 'Super Size Me' Lost the Culture War - The New York Times "Super Size Me" helped lead a backlash against McDonald's. Twenty years on, the industry is bigger than ever.

Why "miles per gallon" is so deceptive - Vox And how to measure fuel economy better.

Do heat pumps work at freezing temperatures? | Heat pumps | The Guardian Critics claim that the technology is not up to the job – we examine whether the facts bear this out

How do animals get their patterns as explained by Turing mechanism | Knowable Magazine More than 70 years ago, mathematician Alan Turing proposed a mechanism that explained how patterns could emerge from bland uniformity. Scientists are still using his model - and adding new twists - to gain a deeper understanding of animal markings.

The psychology of self-control | Knowable Magazine

Jupiter may be the reason why Earth has a moon, new study hints : worldnews

CBD for dogs and cats — the latest science | Knowable Magazine - Though studies are still mixed, and products often inconsistent, many scientists have hope that cannabidiol can help canines and other furry patients suffering from arthritis, allergies and anxiety
The potential and risk of cannabinoids | Knowable Magazine Hundreds of these cannabis-related chemicals now exist, both natural and synthetic, inspiring researchers in search of medical breakthroughs - and fueling a dangerous trend in recreational use
Cannabis Oil Provides Modest Pain Relief. By the end of the study, the average pain level among participants had dropped from 7.9 to 6.6, equivalent to a 14% reduction in pain, with similar improvements in sleep, anxiety, depression, disability, and quality of life : science

Scientists Found a Paradox in Evolution -- and It May Become the Next Rule of Biology -- A new study unexpectedly reveals that cells thrive on chaos ... Now, USC researchers want to add a new rule called "selectively advantageous instability (SAI)," which explores how instability can actually benefit a cell and a cellular organism.
Biological rules - Wikipedia

How can you tell you’re entering the Deep South in the US? : AskReddit

Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search - The Verge - The company confirmed it is taking swift action to remove some of the AI tool's bizarre responses.

Lechmere Viaduct yesterday : boston

Lidar at Mt Auburn cemetery? : boston
Applied GIS for Cemetery Development - What is Mount Auburn Cemetery?



'A great sadness': Venezuela is first Andean country to lose of all its glaciers : worldnews
Mexico is about to experience its highest temperatures ever recorded as death toll climbs : worldnews
Mexico City's water 'Day Zero' may come even for the wealthiest residents - The Washington Post The metropolitan area of 22 million gets about a quarter of its water from a system that is running dry. Some say it could be unable to provide water by June 26.

Heat in India: North India boils as temperatures near 50C - BBC News : worldnews (122F)

Some 45,000 Rohingya flee amid allegations of beheading, burning in Myanmar : worldnews
Reports emerge of new atrocities against Rohingya in Myanmar : worldnews
Tatmadaw Deploys Chinese-Made UAVs

Burkina Faso extends military regime by five years after national consultations : worldnews

More than 100 people believed killed by a landslide in Papua New Guinea, Australian media report
UN fears 670 people buried under Papua landslide : worldnews ... If you consider multiple landslides caused by the same event, then it's the 1920 Haiyuan landslides with >250,000 deaths.
1920 Haiyuan earthquake - Wikipedia

Large number of Russian experts enter N. Korea to help spy satellite launch efforts: source | Yonhap News Agency : worldnews

After China drills, Taiwan president again extends goodwill : worldnews

Last major Arabic-style mosque in China loses its domes | China : worldnews

Vladimir Putin ready to 'freeze war in Ukraine with ceasefire recognising recent Russian gains, sources say : worldnews

(1) Daractenus on X: "The Moscow Times announces a war between FSB and the Russian MoD: "Hundreds of people of various ranks will be arrested." "The recent arrests of five top Russian military officers are likely just the first of dozens of military figures who will be jailed in a sweeping purge by by the security services, Russian government officials and sources close to the Kremlin and the Defense Ministry told The Moscow Times. Ostensibly an effort to stamp out military corruption, the Federal Security Service (FSB) is going after high-ranking generals in hopes of pinning the blame for the botched 2022 invasion of Ukraine on the military's top brass and taking control of the distribution of the army's vast budget -- all with the Kremlin's tacit approval. / X /a>

Putin Shakes Up Things at Home as His Optimism About Ukraine War Rises - The New York Times -- Despite years of criticism, President Vladimir V. Putin has only now changed his defense minister and allowed high-level corruption arrests.

Russian shell production three times greater than of Ukraine's allies : worldnews

(1) WarTranslated (Dmitri) on X: What a wonderful post that the Russian volunteer Anastasia Kashevarova shared, in the best Strelkov-Girkin style. Turns out that it's not so sensible to laugh at the "homeless hohols" who are begging for everything. The hohols somehow manage to take out equipment, manpower, and / X

European banks in Russia face awful lot of risk, Yellen says : worldnews

Russia's Mysterious Radio Signal -- A barrage of beeps, buzzes, and nonsensical words in the signal continues to spawn intriguing theories ... the station, located in Russia, has spent over 40 years broadcasting a mysterious range of beeps, buzzes, and spoken phrase ... UVB-76's activity only grew following the collapse of the Soviet Union ... All this is strange in itself, but in 2010, a wildly unexpected thing happened. (well that explains a lot)
The Buzzer UVB-76 Transmitter Site Outside of St. Petersburg, Russia - YouTube

Kadyrov's attack dog Magomed Daudov appointed Chechnya's new prime minister : worldnews

At least 24 dead, mostly children, in India amusement park fire, say officials : worldnews

Even in Saudi Arabia, Renewable Power Is Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels : worldnews

(1) U.S. Central Command on X: "25 May Red Sea Update At approximately 3:50 a.m. (Sanaa time) on May 25, Iranian-backed Houthis launched two anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBM) toward the Red Sea. There were no injuries or damage reported by U.S., coalition, or commercial ships. This continued malign and" / X

Dispute by Iranian ex-president's allies, 'interrogator journalist' sparks firestorm -- After a helicopter crash claimed the lives of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and his companions on Sunday, Ahmadinejad's decision to wear a white shirt - instead of the mourning color, black — to a meeting of Iran's Assembly of Experts drew criticism from certain government factions.

Iranian authorities have jailed a father who campaigned unsuccessfully for clemency for his 22-year-old son after he was sentenced to death in connection with 2022 protests : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread #51) : worldnews

(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "The War Cabinet will meet on Saturday to discuss negotiations for the hostage deal, according to a senior Israeli official." / X

There's no warrant, says Germany's Scholz when asked about arresting Netanyahu : worldnews

(1) U.S. Central Command on X: "U.S. Central Command personnel continue to team up with USAID and the UN to deliver aid to the people of Gaza via a temporary pier affixed to the beach. Aid delivered by CENTCOM personnel from the sea to the beach transfer point: • 1005 metric tons (2,214,543 pounds) total as" / X
(1) King Gwap on X: "@CENTCOM The pentagon and and the White House have both confirmed that no humanitarian aid has been delivered through this pier. None of it has reached the civilians. However, they are bringing in weapons which have successfully been delivered. Hmmm" / X

Thousands of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv on Saturday to demand urgent government action to bring home hostages held in Gaza, after the bodies of several were retrieved : worldnews

Food bound for Gaza rots in the sun as Egypt's Rafah crossing stays shut : worldnews
Sources say they were duped by Egypt changing ceasefire terms for Hamas | CNN Politics

Rafah op. doesn't contradict ICJ ruling, we will continue, Israel says : worldnews
US and UK to back Israel over ICJ ruling after blurring their Rafah red lines : worldnews
Israel presses on with strikes in Gaza after World Court ruling : worldnews

US aid vessels at Gaza pier disrupted by rough seas : worldnews
Israeli activists battle over Gaza-bound aid convoys : worldnews

IDF opens investigation into masked soldier's threatening video calling for mutiny - report : worldnews

Eschaton: What Can Biden DOOOO -- I wish some good faith people (many people are not) would UPDATE THEIR PRIORS, as the kids say, a bit about Biden and recognize that they spent months running interference for him on this while his critics, who they attacked, were completely correct about how Biden's every fake criticism of Israel was indeed fake! - The US and the UK will reject the international court of justice order directing Israel to end its offensive on Rafah after slowly blurring their red lines that once stated that they could not support a military offensive in Rafah.
Eschaton: Going To Be Another Great Day For The International Rules-Based Order Jake Sullivan's soul shrivelsa bit more -- The International Court of Justice ordered Israel on Friday to "immediately halt" its offensive in Rafah, in a high-profile rebuke that adds to global pressure on Israel over its war Gaza. The court cited "exceptionally grave" developments for the extremely vulnerable population in Rafah, and said it was not convinced that the evacuation efforts Israel put in place for Palestinian civilians in Gaza are sufficient to alleviate the immense risk.

Massive Gaza rocket barrage targets Tel Aviv, central Israel : worldnews ... The rockets were fired from within Rafah, KAN has reported.

Hamas official rejects talk of new negotiations with Israel | Israel-Palestine conflict News : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 823, Part 1 (Thread #969) : worldnews

Ukrainian General Staff: Russia has lost 501,190 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24, 2022 : worldnews

Zelenskyy: Putin either unhinged or had premeditated agreements on attacking Ukraine : worldnews
Putin afraid of what peace summit can achieve: Zelenskyy : worldnews

Russia Bombs Ukraine Superstore With Hundreds Inside : worldnews

(1) Volodymyr Zelenskyy / on X: Russia has launched another brutal attack on our Kharkiv – on a construction hypermarket, on Saturday, right in the middle of the day. As of now, it is believed that more than 200 people were in the hypermarket. All the emergency services are already on the site and providing .. / X
Ukraine Says Has Stopped Russia in Kharkiv, Now Pushing Back : worldnews

How Western Experts Got the Ukraine War So Wrong | Geopolitical Monitor ... Western experts exaggerated Russian military power, downplayed Ukrainian military power, ignored corruption in the Russian military, believed fairy tales about Russian military reforms, exaggerated regional divisions and under-estimated national cohesion in Ukraine. Western military reforms in Ukraine since 2014 were ignored. Meanwhile, changes in identity since 2014, the factors behind the failure of Putin's New Russia project in 2014 and the loyalty of Ukraine's Russian speakers were not considered

Russian forces may have seized first Estonian ground robot in Ukraine : worldnews

Russian jamming leaves some high-tech U.S. weapons ineffective in Ukraine : worldnews
Russia has figured out how to mess up Ukraine's crucial Starlink battlefield internet, report says : worldnews

(1) Ukrainian Front on X: During the offensive on Kharkiv, Russian losses amounted to 8 people to 1 Ukrainian, - Zelenskyi. ▪️Today Organization of collective security agreement and other structures is an opportunity to influence Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Your countries today do not influence the policy of the Kremlin, you are all under attack for 100%. / X

(1) NEXTA on X: NATO may invoke Article Five on collective defense in case of a serious cyberattack on one of the alliance countries The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this in an interview with The Economist: "We can invoke Article Five and respond in cyberspace and in other ... / X

(1) NEXTA on X: NATO may invoke Article Five on collective defense in case of a serious cyberattack on one of the alliance countries The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated this in an interview with The Economist: "We can invoke Article Five and respond in cyberspace and in other ... / X

(1) The New Voice of Ukraine on X: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen supports the proposal by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to establish a joint Air Defense Shield in Europe, Bloomberg reported on May 23. / X

Shoppers hit by rising prices as costs seen to soar over past five years : worldnews

Poland allocates 470 million euro to counter hybrid attacks : worldnews

Romanian prosecutors arrest suspect accused of spying for Russia : worldnews

A Plasma Rocket From Nasa Could Send Humans to Mars in Just 2 Months

Berlin police clear pro-Palestinian demo, open probes: Police cleared the premises after pro-Palestinian demonstrators occupied a building at Berlin's Humboldt University for over 24 hours. Student organizers condemned the police actions : worldnews

France fights back as Russia sows disinformation to weaken support for Ukraine : NPR French authorities say the Kremlin wants to divide society in France in order to weaken support for Ukraine as it resists the Russian invasion.

More than 10,000 people reach UK in small boats since January : worldnews
More than 10,000 people reach UK in small boats since January | Reuters

Rishi Sunak: I will bring back National Service : worldnews
Conservatives plan to bring back mandatory National Service : worldnews
Corbyn expelled from Labour after announcing run as independent : worldnews

Rio de Janeiro bay reforestation shows mangroves' power to mitigate climate disasters : worldnews

A firefighter was arrested Friday in Chile on suspicion of starting a blaze in February that killed 137 people in the resort city of Vina del Mar : worldnews

The Enduring Herc - Lawyers, Guns & Money
SIERRA HOTEL: Flying Air Force Fighters in the Decade after Vietnam: Office of Air Force History, U.S. Air Force: 9781508674009: Books

Sanders, Omar Proposal Would 'End Absurd Corporate Welfare' for Fossil Fuel Giants : politics

"Very abnormal": Expert worries pro-Israel megadonors trying to make Dems a "pro-Netanyahu party" : politics

Biden campaign plans to get more aggressive once Trump trial ends : politics

Biden is hiring a meme manager and is willing to pay up to $85,000 : politics

Biden campaign releases ad slamming Trump on gun control 2 years after Uvalde school shooting : politics

Biden's Justice Department keeps airing his family's dirty laundry

A town wired for Republicans, even if they've gotten a touch fash lately - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Meanwhile, Merrick Garland's DOJ is vigorously prosecuting one of the great crime sprees of our times (got to keep those guardrails nice and shiny - on bothsides):

"No blaming it on his spouse": Critics say seditious Alito flags expose his "Christian nationalism" : politics
Opinion | Durbin needs to get off the stick and act on Alito - The Washington Post - Passivity in the face of Supreme Court corruption is unacceptable.
Megyn Kelly: Is Sam Alito really that different than any Jersey Shore meathead who bought a "Let's Go Brandon" flag from - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Jay Willis on X: "oh you think it’s bad that a Supreme Court justice is a “stop the steal” conspiracy theorist? what if I told you some random dipshit is, too? I am very smart" / X
Democratic senators request meeting with Chief Justice Roberts over flags flown at Alito's homes : politics

There's No Sense of Shame at the Supreme Court : politics

Fani Willis files appeal against decision to dismiss charges in election interference case : politics ... For the unaware. These were the charges the judge said needed to be restated or retried. They weren't "thrown out", he even said to bring them up again cleaned up

Trump Tells Putin to Keep Wall Street Journal Reporter Hostage Through Election : politics

Trump's "Biden the assassin" fantasy is pure projection : politics

Trump Libertarian convention speech: Former president repeatedly booed - Trump, accustomed to friendly crowds, confronts repeated booing during Libertarian convention speech
Some actual libertarians show up to Libertarian convention - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Aaron Rupar on X: "TRUMP: Now I think you should nominate me or at least vote for me LIBERTARIAN NATIONAL CONVENTION: Boooooo!" / X
(1) Sonny Bunch on X: "Trump versus the Libertarian Party is the purest “let them fight” situation I’ve seen in some time." / X

Trump's fascist talk is what's 'poisoning the blood of our country' : politics

There Is Literally Nothing Trump Can Say That Will Stop Republicans from Voting for Him : politics

"I think they're building an army": Trump spews anti-immigrant sentiments at rally in the Bronx : politics

Trump Doubles Down, Seeking Fossil Fuel Cash at Private Houston Lunch | The event came just days after the city was walloped by a violent storm. : politics

Behind Trump's courthouse spectacle a dark reality remains concealed: Project 2025 would destroy the United States and make Trump a defacto king : politics

Donald the Dove cottons to Senate's most bloodthirsty authoritarian - Lawyers, Guns & Money

An inexhaustible supply of marks - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump Media is a staggeringly unprofitable company with no conceivable prospect for becoming profitable:

Trumpworld Claims 25,000 People Attended His Rally. Aerial Shots Show Otherwise. : politics
MAGA Idiots Fail to Spin Away Embarrassing Fact on Trump Bronx Rally | This pathetic lie will brighten your day. : politics
Trump appeared on stage at his Bronx rally with two rappers charged in a felony gang case : politics

As 'The Apprentice' Seeks Cannes Sale, Trump Team Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Block Film’s Release : politics

Cognitive Decline? Trump Brags About Putting His Pants On by Himself : politics

Mark Cuban defends Biden, bashes Trump on economy : politics

Donald Trump's post about Evan Gershkovich sparks fury: "Disgusting" : politics ... So funny how the hostages got released on Reagan inauguration. how did it go again, drugs for guns to the contras to free hostages . Or something like that.

Nikki Haley Shows Us Who She Really Is: a Coward : politics ... Vivik Ramadong ... That ubiquitous Gungadin has no moral core

ACLU sues Washington state to stop 'Parents Bill of Rights' initiative from becoming law : politics "Parental rights" to teach their kids that gays deserve death and that slavery wasn't actually bad

Gavin Newsom signs bill to help people in Arizona get abortions in California : politics

At least 66 members of far-right group in rural Oregon standing for office : politics ... At least 66 members of an anti-government group founded by far-right militia figure Ammon Bundy have attempted to win local positions of influence in the Republican party in Oregon, the Guardian can reveal.

Pronouns and tribal affiliations are now forbidden in South Dakota public university employee emails : politics

Families of Uvalde shooting victims suing gun manufacturer, Instagram, video game company : politics

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,635 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Douglas Fairbanks.

Study: Brooklyn Lost 50 Chain Stores in 2023 Amid NYC Drop National chain stores in New York City are closing down at an historic pace, according to one study.

Here's what really killed Red Lobster - Fast Company ... That wasn’t the only time a Red Lobster owner helped itself while hurting the company. In 2016, Golden Gate sold a 25% stake in the company for $575 million to a seafood company called Thai Union ...

Ancient viruses embedded in human DNA millions of years ago may play a role in raising people’s risks of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The viral genes have unusual activity levels in people who have a higher genetic risk of experiencing these mental health conditions : science

The Dark Forest theory in '3 Body Problem,' explained -- The chilling theory depicted in the Netflix series '3 Body Problem' is just one explanation for our lack of encounters with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Who was Cleopatra?

Should you be concerned about your microwave? - Though there are isolated and rare cases of radiation injury from microwave use, experts say they emit less electromagnetic radiation than candles.

These bug repellents actually work—if you use them correctly - Even the best products can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Here's what the EPA recommends—and what experts say are completely ineffective. (DEET the best)

Website offers free, practical advice for caregivers of dementia patients - The Washington Post - A first-of-its-kind website offers caregivers a comprehensive approach to managing combativeness and other neuropsychiatric symptoms of dementia ... More than 16 million unpaid caregivers - primarily family members and friends - help people with dementia live at home. (An estimated 20 percent of patients live in institutional settings ... DICE is also designed to help avoid the knee-jerk prescribing of psychoactive medications that have potentially serious side effects ... anticonvulsants, such as gabapentin, whose use has been on the rise despite safety concern
Gabapentin (Oral Route) Side Effects - Mayo Clinic ... vision changes, clumsiness, unsteadiness, dizziness, drowsiness, sleepiness, or trouble with thinking

Home | The DICE Approach - Are you are caregiver of a person with dementia?
How to support someone going through a life-altering loss - The Washington Post - Listen, be specific in offers of help, don't assume the pain is over, know the power of small gestures and keep showing up.

How dreams and nightmares change as you get older - The Washington Post - While dream content can be difficult to analyze, scientists agree that several themes frequently emerge starting in childhood and through different life stages ... Children typically have more animals in their dreams than adults ... Children also have more nightmares, which goes against the idea of childhood as being blissful and carefree and innocent ... How women's dreams change as they age ...

Flat Tires: How A Divisive Debate Over Cambridge Bike Lanes Left Everyone Unsatisfied | News | The Harvard Crimson : CambridgeMA
Flat Tires: How A Divisive Debate Over Cambridge Bike Lanes Left Everyone Unsatisfied | News | The Harvard Crimson

Karen Read trial: How Friday's testimony unfolded


'Boiling not warming': Marine life suffers as Thai sea temperatures hit record : worldnews ... once the air is hotter than you, it's not "wind chill" but "convection oven"

China Coast Guard: We can detain trespassers : worldnews
Philippines warns against arrest of its fishermen under Beijing's 'trespassing' law : worldnews

Philippines battles measles, whooping cough outbreaks: UNICEF : worldnews

Taiwan scrambles jets, puts forces on alert as China calls new war games powerful punishment for the island : worldnews
China surrounds Taiwan in surprise 'punishment' military drills : worldnews
The world's top chipmakers can flip a 'kill switch' should China invade Taiwan, Bloomberg reports : worldnews ... The problem for them was that it became basically impossible once Taiwan saw how free thought in Hong Kong was dismantled ... Yup. Hong Kong was supposed to be "safe" until 2035 before it was "fully integrated" into China. China broke their promise 15 years early. NOBODY is going to give China another chance like that again.

China to help Russia ramp up war on Ukraine, warns Grant Shapps : worldnews

Deputy Russian military chief of staff jailed for bribery in latest arrest of high defense official A new bribery arrest, fourth in just a few months, exposes a growing corruption scandal within Russia's defense ministry -- The arrest of Lt. Gen. Vadim Shamarin followed the arrest this week of Maj. Gen. Ivan Popov, a former top commander in Russia's offensive in Ukraine, also on bribery charges.
Russia has arrested a number of generals and military leaders in recent weeks, seeking to overhaul an army hierarchy seen as corrupt and inefficient in an reinvigorated push for victory in Ukraine : worldnews
Two more Russian officials arrested in widening military corruption probe : worldnews
(1) Shashank Joshi on X: "And another one! "A man has been charged with assisting Russian intelligence after being arrested by UK counter-terror police...Mr Phillips was arrested under new National Security Act powers"" / X
(1) max seddon on X: "To arrest one senior Russian military figure on corruption charges looks like carelessness. To arrest four in a month, and fire the defense minister, looks like a purge:" / X

US assets in Russia to be used as compensation for confiscated Russian assets in US : worldnews

Putin decree outlines Russian response to any US seizure of frozen assets : worldnews

Prime Minister Narendra Modi convinced to be 'emissary of God', questions his biological origins : worldnews
A Leak of Biometric Police Data in India Is a Sign of Things to Come : worldnews

US expected to designate Kenya as major non-NATO ally, source says | Reuters : worldnews

Surge in sexual violence against women and girls in Darfur : worldnews

Iran's Khamenei tells visiting Hamas chief that Israel 'will one day be eliminated' : worldnews

Israel-Hamas war update: Bodies of 3 hostages recovered in Gaza
Video shows Hamas abduction of female IDF spotters on Oct. 7 : worldnews
Israel to Restart Gaza Talks After Hostage Video Sparks Outrage : worldnews

Israel Warns Of Serious Consequences For Ties With Ireland, Norway And Spain For Recognising Palestinian State : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 820, Part 1 (Thread #966) : worldnews

At least seven killed in Russian missile strikes on Kharkiv region : worldnews

Zelenskyy: Russia can destroy Ukraine's cities, lives because of restrictions on defense, lack of long-range weapons : worldnews
NYT: Blinken favors lifting ban on Ukrainian strikes inside Russia with US arms : worldnews
The US is thinking about letting Ukraine use its weapons to strike Russia, even if it enrages Putin: report : worldnews
Russia says it will strike British targets if UK weapons are used to hit its territory : worldnews

US will announce $275 million more in artillery and ammunition for Ukraine, officials say : worldnews
UK-supplied drones have destroyed over $1.2 billion of Russian military gear in Ukraine, says UK official : worldnews

Over 3,000 Ukrainian convicts apply to serve in army : worldnews

Norway to block entry for most Russian tourists : worldnews

Bosnian Serb leader threatens secession ahead of UN genocide vote : worldnews
UN approves annual commemoration of 1995 Srebrenica genocide, over strong opposition from Serbs : worldnews
UN Approves Srebrenica Genocide Resolution, As Some Serbs Remain Defiant : worldnews

Germany has too many solar panels, and it's pushed energy prices into negative territory : worldnews

France investigating whether Russia behind graffiti on Holocaust memorial : worldnews

Hundreds of mammoth bones discovered in Austrian wine cellar : worldnews

(1) Shashank Joshi on X: "And another one! "A man has been charged with assisting Russian intelligence after being arrested by UK counter-terror police...Mr Phillips was arrested under new National Security Act powers"" / X

9 dead, 54 injured as wind causes stage collapse at Mexico election rally : worldnews

Trudeau cabinet withholding documents on foreign interference from inquiry : worldnews
Canada's Federal panel lists 35 'plausible' future threats to Canada and the world. Topping the list is the threat to society posed by disinformation and artificial intelligence. : worldnews ... PHC's report says that in as little as three years, the world's 'information ecosystem' could be flooded with misinformation and disinformation created by both people and artificial intelligence, leading to increased distrust and social fragmentation, isolating people in 'separate realities' and compromising public decision-making.

Just 10 "superspreader" users on Twitter were responsible for more than a third of the misinformation posted over an 8-month period, finds a new study. In total, 34% of "low credibility" content posted to the site between January and October 2020 was created by 10 users based in the US and UK. : science ,,, According to the Post article, the newest whistleblower alleges Facebook Communications vice-president Tucker Bounds shrugged off Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election when it bought social media ads to spread disinformation. The whistleblower said Bounds said, "It will be a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move onto something else. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement and we are fine." ... Tucker Bounds is also a republican operative ... it's revealing that wapo does not disclose his background in their article. (FB is responsible for Trump)

/u/JayEllGii describes the bizarre, confusing, and terrifying reality of political ignorance in America : bestof

Long before Key Bridge collapse, Baltimore mariners warned of 'ship strikes' - The Washington Post

Pollsters diagnose young vote's with 'Trumpnesia' : politics

FBI Informant Behind U.S. Drone Strike Says He's Living a Nightmare The man says he has been forced into hiding after his car was torched, his home was broken into, and his relatives were threatened.

Clarence Thomas Makes a Full-Throated Case for Racial Gerrymandering : politics
Clarence Thomas attacks Brown v. Board ruling amid 70th anniversary : politics

Supreme Court Sides With Republicans Over South Carolina Voting Map - The New York Times The case concerned a constitutional puzzle: how to distinguish the roles of race and partisanship in drawing voting maps when Black voters overwhelmingly favor Democrats.

Ohio governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring President Biden is on 2024 ballot : politics

Judge Outlines 'Shell Game' Played with Classified Docs at Mar-a-Lago "Strong evidence" of Trump directing the purloined papers scheme.

'These are crazy people': Schiff calls out Mike Johnson and Trump's courthouse MAGA cheerleaders : politics

Natalie Harp: Gatekeeper to the Reich - emptywheel
Meet Trump's 'Human Printer' - by Marc A. Caputo -- Her name is Natalie Harp. She’s 32. And she has unbelievable access to the man who might be president again.

'These are crazy people': Schiff calls out Mike Johnson and Trump's courthouse MAGA cheerleaders : politics

Most believe Trump guilty of crime as his NYC trial comes to an end, CBS News poll finds : politics

RFK Jr.'s Adviser Leaves Campaign, Citing 'Hateful and Divisive Atmosphere' - The New York Times - Angela Stanton King, a former Trump supporter who joined the campaign in December, was a high-profile figure in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s circle.

By signing bill deleting climate change from FL law, DeSantis shows he's living in denial | Record high temperatures and dying coral reefs are conditions he claims only zealots care about : politics ... If it gets too hot he can just outlaw thermometers.

Nikki Haley Savagely Dragged Over Her Trump Endorsement - Haley says she'll vote for Trump in November. And everyone is rightfully calling her out for it. : politics

Watch: Ted Cruz Loses It When Asked if He’ll Accept Election Results : politics

Ohio Elections Official Says He Will Soon Exclude Biden From the Ballot : politics

VA Quietly Fast-Tracking MDMA Therapy for Veterans With PTSD With FDA approval on the horizon, an internal document lays out measures to treat PTSD and stanch the suicide crisis.

Do you need a college degree to succeed? Here's what the data shows. - CBS News ... Young women without college degrees have, in some respects, fared better than young men, partly due to their expanding job opportunities. Their earnings have bumped up from about $35,000 annually in 1973 to $36,000 today. But young women with college degrees still earn far more, at about $65,000 per year, Pew found.

South African firm partners with Nobel-winning scientist to develop mRNA vaccines that target diseases that have plagued Africa for decades : worldnews

A Nearby Planet Could Be Earth 2.0 Or An 'Evil Twin,' Say Scientists : worldnews
A Nearby Planet Could Be Earth 2.0 Or An 'Evil Twin,' Say Scientists Gliese 12 b is an exoplanet, the name astronomers give to any planet found orbiting a star other than our sun. It orbits very close to a red dwarf star called Gliese 12, which is in the constellation of Pisces in the night sky.

The Prophet Who Failed, by Emily Harnett After the apocalypse that wasn't - Elizabeth Clare Prophet,

Prosecutors move to seize nearly $590,000 they say a Dorchester couple had stuffed in carry-on bags for a flight to California : boston

WZLX changed up their morning show, and I'm not a fan. : boston

A toll to drive downtown? As New York experiments, Boston watches : boston

How psychopathic / sadistic is your part of Greater Boston measuring with ... loud cars? : boston

Inside three unique stores on the Cape. -- Stores on Cape Cod evoke the era of the headshop, with hand-made tie-dye, used records, incense, and lots of crystals


NOAA 2024 hurricane forecast for Atlantic calls for historic number of storms Officials said all the elements are 'coming together' for multiple tropical storms to spin up in the ocean waters
NOAA 2024 hurricane forecast for Atlantic calls for historic number of storms - Up to 13 hurricanes forecast.

Australia reports first human avian flu infection : worldnews

Russia's Maj Gen Ivan Popov, who criticised leadership of Ukraine war, arrested in corruption purge : worldnews

Journalist and wife face being labelled by Russia as extremist group : worldnews

How does Israel-Hamas war end? Israel faces only bad options.

Israeli state attorney reject ICC request to arrest Netanyahu : worldnews

US worried Netanyahu may torpedo normalisation deal with Saudi Arabia : worldnews

US 'concerned' by Israel's isolation, Biden national security adviser says : worldnews

Nearly 70% of Gaza aid from US-built pier stolen : worldnews
Pentagon says none of the aid unloaded from US pier off coast of Gaza has been delivered to broader Palestinian population | CNN Politics : worldnews
Israeli soldiers and police tipping off groups that attack Gaza aid trucks : news

Israel says it will return video equipment seized from The Associated Press, hours after shutting down AP's Gaza video feed - CBS News

Eschaton: Vibes From an electoral perspective, "the president appearing to have his wallet stolen regularly by a country smaller (population) than Sweden" isn't a great look ... I mean, even if you approve of what's going on there, our guy getting pantsed daily isn't how it's supposed to be for The United States Of Fucking America. Big loser energy .. Netanyahu has said no to all of it. He did, though, show his gratitude to Biden by having his parliamentary majority give Elise Stefanik, a hack Republican congresswoman with no foreign policy standing whatsoever - and a person groveling to become Donald Trump's vice president -- the extraordinary honor of giving an address Sunday in the Knesset, where she slammed the U.S. president and praised Trump.

Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted - The kind of revelation that they should have had last October. The Biden administration fears Israel is disastrously squandering its opportunity for victory against Hamas, losing its best chance to eliminate the group' s hold on Gaza and threat to the Israeli people ... Of course if they really believed this was genuinely an effort by Israel to get rid of Hamas, instead of murdering or expelling as many Palestinians as they could get away with before the US stopped them, then Biden's people are dumber than I imagine!

'A pack of lies.' Israeli Prime Minister denies he is starving civilians in Gaza as a method of war : worldnews

Biden and the ICC - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's obvious to anyone who isn't a hopeless partisan on the issue that the Israeli government is committing systematic war crimes in Gaza, in a manner that’s fairly analogous to the ways the Russian government is committing systematic war crimes in Ukraine ... For example, it’s become Israeli government policy to starve the civilian population of Gaza. Part of that policy includes allowing right wing terrorist groups to block international food aid: Palestinian lorry drivers delivering aid to Gaza have described "barbaric" scenes after their vehicles were blocked and vandalised by Israeli settlers ("murderous invaders")

Israel will not transfer much-needed funds to the Palestinian Authority in the wake of the decision by three European countries to recognize a Palestinian state : worldnews

Swedish commander: Putin aims to control Baltic Sea, has his eye on Gotland Island : worldnews
Russia is waging a shadow war on the West that needs a collective response, Estonian leader says : worldnews

The Moscow Times: Russia unilaterally decides to redraw maritime borders with Lithuania and Finland in the Baltic Sea - Euromaidan Press : worldnews

Norway's prime minister says Norway is formally recognizing Palestine as a state : worldnews
Ireland, Norway, and Spain to recognise Palestinian state next week : news

UK defence minister says intelligence has evidence of Chinese lethal aid to Russia : worldnews
The Tory Mess - Lawyers, Guns & Money There will be a British election in early July, which will almost certainly lead to the Tories being disposed of by large margins:
What Have Fourteen Years of Conservative Rule Done to Britain? | The New Yorker - Living standards have fallen. The country is exhausted by constant drama. But the U.K. can't move on from the Tories without facing up to the damage that has occurred.

Mexico's drought, heatwave and water shortage are so bad even police are blocking traffic in protest - World News : worldnews

Eternal sunshine - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... A new Harris poll indicates that half of Americans believe that unemployment is at a 50-year high, when it is pretty much at a 50-year low.

Biden's federal judge picks are majority non-White and female - The Washington Post

US believes Russia launched space weapon in American satellite path − Reuters : worldnews ... I love the timing! Russia tries to get everyone at the UN to agree not to use space weapons while using space weapons.. hahaha

Russia last week launched a satellite that US intelligence officials believe to be a weapon capable of inspecting and attacking other satellites, the US Space Command said Tuesday as the Russian spacecraft trails a US spy satellite in orbit : worldnews

Biden administration suspends funding for Peter Daszak, scientist at center of COVID lab leak theory ... The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a letter to Peter Daszak on Tuesday, less than a week after the agency took similar action against Daszak's organization, EcoHealth Alliance (EHA)

Biden administration canceling student loans for another 160,000 borrowers : politics

Harvard commencement: Hundreds of students walk out in protest

How Yale University Surveils Pro-Palestine Students | The Nation Documents reveal a pattern of targeted monitoring: administrator presence at rallies, police surveillance of social media, and coordination between campus, local, and state police.

Eschaton: "Equivalence" Biden's people and nutbags like Lindsey Graham are in agreement that it was WRONG WRONG WRONG for the ICC to establish an "equivalence" between Hamas and Israel. Of course if they had requested to charge Netanyahu and not Hamas that would have been worse. The only solution was, of course, not to charge Netanyahu!

Another check-in with the information security candidate - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Another check-in with the information security candidate - Lawyers, Guns & Money I am beginning to think that Republicans who claimed that the secure treatment of classified information was the most important issue facing the country in 2016 and that violators should be locked up in federal prison were not acting entirely in good faith: Four months after the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago estate, Donald Trump's attorneys discovered four documents marked "classified" in his personal bedroom.

Lawmakers blast Alito over Jan. 6-related flags flown at his homes
Crazy Sammy's House of Neoconfederacy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Because nothing in contemporary American politics is ever subtle, the week in which Sam Alito's hobby of hanging seditionist flags was revealed is also the week the Supreme Court upheld South Carolina's racial gerrymander. And of course the Chief handed the case to his most trusted lieutenant on issues of race and voting rights:
Dems Call for Alito to Recuse Himself From Jan. 6 Cases Over Upside-Down Flag : politics

Supreme Court Architect Flew Same 'Appeal to Heaven' Flag as Alito : politics

Supreme Court's Samuel Alito problem compounded by Donald Trump's immunity case : politics
Lawmakers blast Alito over Jan. 6-related flags flown at his homes
Justice Samuel Alito: Second provocative flag at another home
Rebel rebel - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I mean to be fair you’re better off appealing to Heaven these days than to the Supreme Court:

Dick Durbin and the Ballad of the Blue Slip - Lawyers, Guns & Money The current Democratic leadership of the World’s Worst Deliberative Body is considering reinstating one of its worst rules:

Smartmatic alleges Newsmax has deleted evidence in lawsuit over false vote-rigging claims : politics ... The new filing refers to specific text messages in which Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy referred to Trump's attorney Sidney Powell, which Smartmatic says were deleted from Ruddy's devices but saved by other witnesses and provided to the plaintiffs during discovery

Garland calls Trump's false FBI search claim extremely dangerous : politics

Democrat ruled 'out of order' after listing off Trump's legal woes on the House floor : politics ... Action on the floor of the House of Representatives paused for more than an hour Wednesday after Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., listed off the criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

A Hidden Variable in the Presidential Race: Fears of ‘Trump Forever’ : politics

Additional classified records found in Trump's bedroom after Mar-a-Lago search : politics

Trump deletes 'unified Reich' Truth Social video after furious backlash : politics

MAGA Lawyer Gets Dismantled by His Own Damning Trump Emails : politics

Trump trial ends - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... As for the odds of a guilty verdict, having followed the case somewhat closely, and in the wake of the absence of even an attempt at a defense, I think they’re pretty good. But I certainly wouldn't be surprised by a hung jury, for obvious reasons. Buckle up.

Marco Rubio Says He Might Not Accept the 2024 Election Results, Because That's a Requirement of Potential Trump VPs Now : politics

Speaker Johnson loses his three top aides who quit together yesterday. I wonder why? : PoliticalHumor

Our Vaccination Heroes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fani Willis Says 'No One Above The Law' In Victory Speech : politics
Fani Willis calls Jim Jordan a 'clown' : politics
Trump prosecutor Fani Willis wins Democratic primary in Fulton County DA race : politics

Steven Kramer, the political consultant behind robocall that faked Biden's voice, indicted in N.H. on 13 felonies The Federal Communications Commission has proposed slapping Steven Kramer of New Orleans with a $6 million fine

Louisiana House passes bill making abortion pills controlled substances - The Washington Post No other state has taken such action. Debate on the measure, which the governor is expected to sign into law, raised fears of harm to reproductive health care.

Florida prepares for near-total abortion ban to take effect - The Washington Post

GOP Rep. Greg Murphy discloses tumor in his skull, will be absent from House for surgery OP Rep. Greg Murphy announced on Tuesday that he has a likely benign tumor in the base of his skull and will be absent from Congress as he undergoes surgery.

Montana's real estate bonanza turns political as property taxes soar - The Washington Post The downside of the pandemic-powered boom has gripped state legislatures across the West and is a hot campaign issue in Montana's gubernatorial race.

Rising waters plague septic tanks, threatening pollution and health risks - Washington Post - The drowning south - A hidden threat - Fast-rising seas could swamp septic systems in parts of the South

North Idaho primary features internal Republican battle over extremism - The Washington Post North Idaho has beaten the far right before. Now renegade Republicans are seeking to root it out of their own party, with a crucial test in Tuesday's primary.

RFK Jr. on the ballot in 5 states, despite campaign saying it's 15

Insane footage of a tornado today in Iowa. : videos
Kent Street in Greenfield, Iowa before & after today’s extremely violent tornado. This took seconds : pics
Drone video shows destruction, path of Greenfield, Iowa tornado - YouTube
Drone footage of that Tornado in Iowa which took out the wind turbines. : videos

A record number of youth are dying from opioid use - The Washington Post The new trend has shocked many pediatricians, who say they feel unprepared to provide counseling on opioid addiction.

Microsoft being investigated over new 'Recall' AI feature that tracks your every PC move : worldnews

Exactly how stupid was what OpenAI did to Scarlett Johansson? : technology
OpenAI didn't copy Scarlett Johansson’s voice for ChatGPT, records show - The Washington Post A different actress was hired to provide the voice for ChatGPT's 'Sky,' according to documents and recordings shared with the Washington Post.

85% of Neuralink implant wires are already detached, says patient : technology

Is Dark Matter's Main Rival Theory Dead? There's bad news from the Cassini spacecraft and other recent tests.

Why did T. rex have such tiny arms? | Live Science Tyrannosaurus rex and many of its theropod cousins had large bodies but tiny arms. What gives?
How many T. rexes were there? Billions. - Berkeley News By analyzing what's known about the dinosaur, paleontologists conclude there were 2.5 billion T. rex over the 2.4-million-year existence of the species

Making the Most of Mental Health Awareness Month

How to find hidden cameras in an Airbnb, according to a professional - The Washington Post Start with plugged-in objects, then activate your phone's flashlight, a security consultant says.
Parents called for mental health help. Police arrived and fatally shot their son. : news

What are some life skills that people no longer seem to have? : AskReddit

Welcome to the Age of Psychedelic Inequality | The Nation Psychedelic-assisted therapies have been hailed as the wave of the future. They're also becoming big business. What if most people can't afford them?

Is "Love Is Blind" a Toxic Workplace? | The New Yorker | Reality-TV contestants are barely paid, and the experience can feel like abuse. Former cast members of Netflix's megahit are speaking out—and calling for solidarity.

Explorer Bear is the portable fridge that says goodbye to ice | Popular Science Boasting a 75L capacity, it's ideal for transporting food and beverages on any adventure.

Keeping It in the Family: Why We Pick the Partners We Do Wading into the intriguing research on choosing a mate.

A long-term Australian study of period pain and its effects on around 1,600 teen girls' regular activities found about a third of 14-year-olds have experienced serious menstrual pain - defined as 'very painful' or 'quite painful' - while around half of girls aged between 16 &18 have experienced it. : science

Study finds microplastics in blood clots, linking them to higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Of the 30 thrombi acquired from patients with myocardial infarction, deep vein thrombosis, or ischemic stroke, 24 (80%) contained microplastics. : science

Why Fish Oil Supplements Can Be Dangerous for the Heart
What caused the carnian pluvial event ? And is it true that it rained for 2 milion years ? : askscience

By combining brain scans and nutritional intake data, a new study has found a nutrient profile that puts the brakes on brain aging | What's more, that profile matches an easy-to-follow popular eating plan that's been proven to convey multiple benefits. : science ... Specifically, those with younger brains had good levels of fatty acids, carotenoids, choline, two forms of vitamin E, and antioxidants in their blood. That's a nutritional profile which closely matches that of the Mediterranean diet.

The Navy Is Trading Guns for Hypersonic Power on the Zumwalt Destroyers

The 7 Best Calculators of 2024 - Best Scientific Calculator

What I've Learned: Stephen King. "I've been in recovery a day at a time for a long time now." : books

Apple needs to explain that bug that resurfaced deleted photos : technology

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,634 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Charles Francis Adams III.

How ECMO Is Redefining Death | The New Yorker A medical technology can keep people alive when they otherwise would have died. Where will it lead?

Greater Boston home prices hit a median of $950,000, a new record ... The 16 percent increase over April 2023 is a sobering reminder that the unmitigated housing crisis is pushing homeownership further and further out of reach for many buyers. While debates about how to solve the issue intensify, the latest market report underscored that there is no clear or immediate path to a solution.

GBH lays off 31 employees 'Really disturbing': GBH lays off 31 employeesThe job losses affected 13 departments and represented 4 percent of the workforce

Karen Read trial: Follow live updates as testimony continues

Dog attacks four people in Brighton, police say



Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the Doomsday Glacier with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise ... Thwaites, which already contributes 4% to global sea level rise, holds enough ice to raise sea levels by more than 2 feet. But because it also acts as a natural dam to the surrounding ice in West Antarctica, scientists have estimated its complete collapse could ultimately lead to around 10 feet of sea level rise -- a catastrophe for the world's coastal communities.
Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the Doomsday Glacier with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise , according to new research which used radar data from space to perform an X-ray of the crucial glacier. : technology

Report Reveals 'Catastrophic Decline' of Migratory Fish Worldwide : worldnews ... apparently we have destroyed (eaten / killed) over 80% of the fish population...

Sting on Japanese Mob Boss Highlights Atomic Trafficking Threat : worldnews

South Korean government vows stern response to Tokyo's pressure on Naver : worldnews

YouTube Blocks Anti-War Videos at Russia's Request -- Agentstvo : worldnews

IDF says Hezbollah's coastal rocket commander killed in drone strike : worldnews

Ebrahim Raisi, president of Iran, hours before his death, this morning. : pics

IDF succeeds in evacuating almost 1 million from Rafah in 2 weeks : worldnews

Sources say they were 'duped' by Egypt changing ceasefire terms for Hamas | CNN Politics : worldnews
An Egyptian spy single-handedly ruined the Israel-Hamas cease-fire: CNN : worldnews

CENTCOM: over 569 tons of aid delivered across floating pier into Gaza : worldnews

What to know about Gaza's death toll data - Vox Revised data from the health ministry turned into a debate about the war's human cost. That death toll remains devastating.

Israel tries to contain fallout over ICC warrant requests

Report: Netanyahu blocked Israeli intel chiefs from meeting US officials multiple times since Oct. 7 : worldnews

Netanyahu has condemned the move by war crimes prosecutor to seek his arrest : worldnews

Exclusive: Donald Trump foreign policy advisers met Israeli PM Netanyahu, source says | Reuters

Israeli soldiers and police tipping off groups that attack Gaza aid trucks - Individual members of Israel's security forces are tipping off far-right activists and settlers to the location of aid trucks delivering vital supplies to Gaza, enabling the groups to block and vandalise the convoys : worldnews

AP wins team picture story of the year, Poyipics discussion : Journalism
Israeli officials seize AP equipment and take down live shot of northern Gaza, citing new media law : worldnews

Amal Clooney played key role in request for ICC arrest warrants against Netanyahu, Gallant : worldnews ... Juan Carlos Salazar, the Secretary General of the UN, put this panel that included Clooney together. So if you’ve seen Juan, you've seen Amal ... You beautiful bastard you did it!

Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine : worldnews

The lowest rainbow I've ever seen. (Tata, Hungary) : pics

Assange wins right to challenge US extradition : worldnews

Howler monkeys suffering heatstroke amid Mexico heatwave : worldnews

'Grave Mistake': Yellen Under Fire for Opposing Global Billionaires Tax | "To reject the very idea of a global minimum tax on billionaires is to cede control of our economies and our democracies to oligarchs and plutocrats," warned one progressive critic over the U.S. Treasury Secretary's position. : politics ... Oxfam International calculated earlier this year that a 5% wealth tax targeting multimillionaires and billionaires in G20 countries could raise around $1.5 trillion a year in revenue globally. Such funds, the group said, would be "enough to end global hunger, help low- and middle-income countries adapt to climate change, and bring the world back on track to meeting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)—and still leave more than $546 billion to invest in inequality-busting public services and climate action in G20 countries."

Deathstyles of the rich and languorous - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fantasy Deportation Games - Lawyers, Guns & Money- Trump continues to rave about deporting immigrants. Radley Balko runs the numbers.
Trump's deportation army - by Radley Balko - The Watch The former president's vow to deport 15 million people is the cruelest, most illiberal, most openly authoritarian campaign promise in modern U.S. history. Oh, and it would also destroy the economy.

Biden: What's happening in Gaza is not genocide : worldnews
Conditioning Aid to Israel Would Boost Support for Biden in Key States, New Poll Finds : politics

Broad Public Support for Legal Abortion Persists 2 Years After Dobbs : politics ... About six-in-ten (63%) say abortion should be legal in all or most cases. This share has grown 4 percentage points since 2021 -- the year prior to the 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization that overturned Roe.

Judging without law: the ballad of Sam Alito - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Justice Samuel Alito: The Republican Party's man inside the Supreme Court - Vox

America's most powerful Newsmax grandpa - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Polls Probably Aren't Lying - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Joe Biden may very well lose this election and Donald Trump may very well be the 47th president of the United Stat

Trump on Restricting Access to Contraception: 'We're Looking at That' : politics
Trump suggests he is open to states restricting access to birth control : politics
How American Women Could Lose the Right to Birth Control : politics

Lawyers found classified docs in Trump's bedroom 4 months after Mar-a-Lago search : politics

Trump's Defense Rests Case in Hush Money Trial Without Calling Trump as Witness : politics

Trump posts video referencing 'unified Reich' if reelected : politics
White House slams ‘sickening’ video shared by Trump referencing ‘unified Reich’ : politics
Unified Reich Theory - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The 30-second video appeared on Trump's account at a time when the presumptive Republican nominee for president, while seeking to portray President Joe Biden as soft on antisemitism, has himself repeatedly faced criticism for using language and rhetoric associated with Nazi Germany.
This is America - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Here’s the lede of the ABC News story reporting on the fact that Donald Trump's campaign posted Nazi rhetoric on his campaign web site yesterday:

Donald Trump's "glitch" during NRA speech raises questions : politics

Brutal Donald Trump Biopic 'The Apprentice' Gets 8-Minute Cannes Standing Ovation as Director Says It's Time to Make Movies Political Again : politics

Trump Campaign Threatens Legal Action Over 'The Apprentice' Movie : 'This Garbage Is Pure Fiction'
Donald Trump Rape Scene in 'The Apprentice' Ignites Cannes Controversy Over Rape Scene
Sebastian Stan Earns Cannes Ovation Playing Trump in 'The Apprentice' ... Time to Make Movies Political Again

The MAGA memory hole - The Atlantic Many Republicans continue their collective amnesia about Trump.
The MAGA Memory Hole : politics

Michigan county refused to certify vote, prompting fears of a growing election threat this fall - CBS News : politics

Alabama's War on Women : politics

Jasmine Crockett moves to trademark 'bleach blonde bad built butch body' : politics
"Bad-Built Butch Body" Is Trademarked—and MTG Is Not Handling It Well : politics

TV meteorologist blasts Florida's new 'Don't Say Climate Change' law amid oppressive heat : politics
TV meteorologist blasts Florida's new climate law | CNN

Inside Oracle's Deadly Gamble on Cerner and Electronic Health Records Larry Ellison bet $28 billion he could revolutionize healthcare. So why are so many patients dying?

Former Tesla owners of Reddit, what went wrong with your Tesla? : AskReddit

An attorney says she saw her library reading habits reflected in mobile ads. That's not supposed to happen : news

Overdose Deaths Dropped in U.S. in 2023 for First Time in Five Years - The New York Times Preliminary numbers show a nearly 4 percent decrease in deaths from opioids, largely fentanyl, but a rise in deaths from meth and cocaine.

Scarlett Johansson Says She Declined ChatGPT's Proposal to Use Her Voice for AI - But They Used It Anyway: 'I Was Shocked' : technology
OpenAI pulls its Scarlett Johansson-like voice for ChatGPT : technology

Computer-Science Majors Graduate Into a World of Fewer Opportunities : technology

An Economist's Rule for Making Tough Life Decisions - A good rule of thumb in decision making is, whenever you cannot decide what you should do, choose the action that represents a change, rather than continuing the status quo.

Daily Active People is A Bigger Concern Right Now Than User Experience - How Mark Zuckerberg and his allies made Facebook harder and more dangerous to use in the pursuit of perpetual growth : technology

Eli5: How did people first translate languages if no one knew both of the languages being translated? : explainlikeimfive

MIT researchers discover three of the oldest stars in the universe
Why "Nothing" Cannot Move Faster Than Light? Or Can It? | by Alexandre Kassiantchouk Ph.D. | Time Matters | Apr, 2024 | Medium undefined

Archaeologists perplexed by large 'anomaly' found buried under Giza pyramids : worldnews

TIL that Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill. There are specific techniques and tips, like learning to check your reality, that can increase chances of having a lucid dream. : todayilearned

Research shows a U-shaped association between adolescent BMI and mental health, which was consistent across sex and grades and became stronger over time. These insights emphasize the need for targeted interventions addressing body image and mental health : science

What we know (and don’t know) about Ozempic - Vox - Ozempic has become hugely popular. Researchers are racing to learn more about what it does to us.

4 day care workers arrested for lacing children's food with melatonin: Police : news

[Serious] What is a trauma and/or mental disorder symptom that took you way too long to notice? : AskReddit

Rubbing Your Eyes Is Way More Harmful Than You Think

Oh my god Analyze This & Analyze That are fucking hilarious. The idea of a Comedy duo between a mob boss and his shrink is brilliant. : movies

Ladies of Reddit, what’s something guys dislike about themselves that you don’t actually mind? : AskReddit

What is the craziest thing you have seen or witnessed in public? : AskReddit

Revenue from so-called millionaires tax tops state projections ... Millionaires tax has already generated $1.8 billion this year for Massachusetts, ... haha, they said all the richies would leave)

ELI5: What and how different was Google compared to other search engine that enabled it to dominate the other search engines? : explainlikeimfive


72 Minutes Until the End of the World? - POLITICO A new book lays out the frighteningly fast path to nuclear Armageddon.

US warns of possible Pride Month attacks worldwide : worldnews

New Caledonia 'under siege' from rioting - capital's mayor : worldnews

Victorian premier accuses pro-Palestine protesters of bringing 'violence, homophobia and antisemitism' to Labor conference : worldnews

Taiwan's Parliament Erupts in Chaos Over Reform Dispute : worldnews

Institute for the Study of War on X: "Russian Security Council Deputy Chairperson Dmitry Medvedev called for Russia's envisioned "buffer zone" to encompass all of Ukraine, illustrating that the Kremlin's concept of the buffer zone is a thinly veiled justification for Russia's long-held intent to subsume the entirety Of Ukraine

The Pakistani and Indian governments on Saturday urged their citizens in Kyrgyzstan to stay indoors after mob violence towards foreigners. Hundreds of Kyrgyz men on Friday attacked buildings in Bishkek where foreign students reside, including Pakistani and Indian nationals : worldnews

50 killed, dozens missing after flooding in Afghanistan's Ghor province : worldnews

Attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo thwarted | Africanews : worldnews
🇨🇩 Kashama 🇨🇩 on X: Joe__Bassey The intelligence services of @KivuPulse have identified this white man named Benjamin, who was one of the armed men who attacked the nation's palace this morning. We have located his personal address, situated in #Washington DC, his current and previous phone numbers, as well as" / X

Abu Dhabi, once an untapped desert city, sees its first brewery open as UAE relaxes its alcohol laws : worldnews

Iran arrests 260 people for spreading 'satanism and nudity' : worldnews

'I Feel Suffocated': Iran Intensifies Crackdown on Women : worldnews

Jewish Iranian sentenced to death for murder receives last-minute stay of execution : worldnews

IranWire on X: A source close to Khamenei's office says Raisi is dead, and the government is working on a press release. @IranWireEnglish and @iranwire cannot independently verify the news. / X ... Video of the weather in the area of the rescue
Crisis in Iran - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, this seems like a problem. --- A helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed while visiting a northern region and his condition is currently unknown, Iranian state news agency IRNA reported Sunday.
Helicopter in Iranian President Raisi's convoy involved in 'accident' : worldnews
'No sign of life' at crash site of helicopter carrying Iran's president, others : worldnews

Israel Resists Grand Bargain as U.S. and Saudis Work on Security Pact : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread #50) : worldnews

Opinion | Israeli Independence Day brings hard questions about the future of Zionism - The Washington Post As Israel marks its Independence Day, the nation's Zionist ideology faces hard questions.
Israel's Wartime Government Frays as Frustration with Netanyahu Grows : worldnews

Gantz to Netanyahu: If you don't change course by June 8 we will withdraw from the government : worldnews

Bloodlands - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... at least in regard to this question anything resembling a liberal let alone a left wing view in regard to Palestinian political autonomy basically doesn’t exist among Israeli Jews, and the pleasant fantasy clung to by so many liberal/left people in America that the problem is Netanyahu and his Likud party is simply that ... But Israel's slaughter in Gaza, the creeping famine, the wholesale destruction of neighborhoods - this, polling suggests, is the war the Israeli public wanted. A January survey found that 94 percent of Jewish Israelis said the force being used against Gaza was appropriate or even insufficient ... "It's so much easier to put everything on Netanyahu, because then you feel so good about yourself and Netanyahu is the darkness," said Gideon Levy, an Israeli journalist who has documented Israel's military occupation for decades. "But the darkness is everywhere."

Member of Israel's War Cabinet says he'll quit the government June 8 unless there's a new war plan : worldnews

Israeli forces say Islamic Jihad leader killed in strike on West Bank : worldnews

Israel launches strikes across Gaza as U.S. envoy meets Netanyahu : worldnews

Man whose family was killed on Oct. 7 questioned under caution after allegedly being beaten by right-wing activist : worldnews

Zelenskiy says air defences must quadruple to halt Russian advance : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 816, Part 1 (Thread #962) : worldnews

Ukraine appears to have launched its biggest drone attack ever, with reports of explosions at two major Russian ports : worldnews

'Why the hell didn't you leave earlier?': the battle to evacuate residents as Russia advances in Kharkiv : worldnews

Ukrainian attacks disrupt 14% of Russia's oil refining capacity - Pentagon : worldnews

Ukraine war: Russia's lethal glide bombs hitting Ukraine's cities : worldnews

Ukraine destroys all 37 drones launched by Russia overnight, air force says : worldnews
Russia says Ukraine struck Crimea with ATACMS, 60 drones shot down, oil refinery halted : worldnews

American Ammunition Has Reached Ukrainian Brigades - And Now Those Brigades Are Blasting Russian Assault Groups : worldnews

Mass antisemitic rally in front of Munich synagogue calls for Israel's eradication : worldnews

Germany’s digital ministry resists Huawei 5G ban as decision nears : worldnews

The impressive bolide that illuminated the skies of Spain and Portugal in the middle of the night : worldnews
(1) Márcio Santos - Meteorologia e Ambiente on X: "Brutal!!!!!!! ☄️ Conseguimos ver o meteoro a atravessar a atmosfera! Porto, Portugal 🇵🇹" / X

Plan to ban sex education for children under nine : worldnews
The British justice system and British censorship - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Head of Canada's intelligence agency warns Canadians not to use TikTok : worldnews

Why can't America have high speed rail? Because our investment is a 'rounding error' compared with Europe's, says Amtrak’s CEO : politics

New York City said 'no injuries' at Columbia arrests; students' medical records say otherwise : news

Harvard punishes pro-Palestinian protesters, students say At least 12 undergraduates have been blocked from graduating on Thursday, encampment organizers say

Opinion | Fighting 'disinformation' can mean censorship, as we learned at UnHerd - The Washington Post - Self-appointed monitors can financially harm publications as they choose.

What marijuana reclassification means for the U.S. | AP News

If the election were held today, Biden would probably lose - Lawyers, Guns & Money

"Out of control": Legal experts say Justice Alito's "Stop the Steal" symbol is a huge red flag : politics
Samuel Alito's snide denial of his Jan. 6 flag is just as ugly as flying it in the first place : politics
Farah Griffin: If Sotomayor flew upside-down flag GOP would call for her resignation : politics

Poll: Voter awareness of Inflation Reduction Act's drug pricing provisions slowly rising : politics

GOP's 'Project 2025' Plan May See the Rise of Dictator Trump : politics

AOC Reveals Darker Intentions Behind MTG Hearing Chaos : politics

Elite Lawyer Brain: An apparently terminal condition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: This Is Just How Journalism Works, You Fool, You Imbecile, You Moron Any time journalists get caught trading access for PR, that is how the rest of them respond. Trump trial transcript with Michael Cohen (pdf): Q. So, talking for a few minutes about Ms. Haberman, who does she work for? (Haberputz is pure evil)

How Justice Juan Merchan has navigated Donald Trump's hush money trial - The Washington Post

Lawyer preparation suggests Trump won't testify in New York trial - The Washington Post Awaiting final word from the mercurial defendant, the judge is proceeding as if Trump will not take the stand.

Opinion | Biden can expose Trump in debates as mentally and emotionally unfit - The Washington Post He needs to goad Trump to be Trump, while reassuring voters about his own fitness for another term.

How Can This Country Possibly Be Electing Trump Again? : politics

Trump appears to freeze for 30 seconds on stage during NRA speech : politics
Trump floats idea of three-term presidency at NRA convention : politics
Trump Ends NRA Speech With 'Horror' Warning Set to Dramatic QAnon Music - In a melodramatic monologue, the former president said America was a "failing nation" and a "third-world nation" with an economy that's becoming a "cesspool of ruin." : politics
Dementia Don stumbles at podium in Minnesota (aka KARMA kicks his ass) : PoliticalHumor

Raskin says it's 'worth investigating' whether House members were drinking in hearing room : politics

Ladies & gentlemen, the marshal who served Rudy... moments before handing him the papers. : PoliticalHumor
Rudy Giuliani's tweet bragging about evading service of his Arizona indictment. He was served 30 minutes later, during his birthday party. : PoliticalHumor
Eschaton: Happy Birthday, Rudy ... In front of nearly 75 guests, two officials with Arizona’s attorney general’s office arrived at the shindig around 11 p.m. to hand Giuliani the papers in the case alleging he and 17 others were involved in a plot to overturn the 2020 election, the sources said. Some partygoers started screaming and one woman even cried as Giuliani was served.
Rudy Can Fail - Lawyers, Guns & Money

School apologizes after seizing Lakota student’s feathered graduation cap. - The Washington Post

Opinion | How America became a reluctant nation of immigrants - Washington Post ... Fear of uncontrolled immigration is upsetting the political landscape in the run-up to the presidential election ... The country might soon need to “station a soldier every hundred yards on our borders to keep out the hordes,” argued an article in Wisconsin in April of 1924.

Opinion | Why do we care Kristi Noem shot her dog, but not her family goat? - The Washington Post - Noem dragged the goat to the same pit in the ground where Cricket now lay and put a bullet in him, too. When he didn’t immediately die, she went back to her truck, reloaded and finished him off.

Greg Abbott pardoning killer of Black Lives Matter protester sends chilling message : politics

Stefanik Loses It When Fox News Host Reminds Her She Called Trump a 'Whack Job' : politics

Louisiana Republicans assume that Supreme Court will nullify the Establishment Clause - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Opinion | Time is up for neoliberals - The Washington Post Democracy requires a new, progressive capitalism ... We've now had four decades of the neoliberal "experiment," beginning with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. The results are clear. Neoliberalism expanded the freedom of corporations and billionaires to do as they will and amass huge fortunes, but it also exacted a steep price: the well-being and freedom of the rest of society.

TIL according to US Census data, the state of New York in 2023 had both: the largest population decline in pure numbers (almost 102,000 residents) and the highest rate of population decline (0.5%) among all 50 states. : todayilearned

TIL that among the top 50 drunkest counties in America, 41 are in Wisconsin : todayilearned

Former Far-Right Hard-Liner Says Billionaires Are Using School Board Races to Sow Distrust in Public Education : politics

Benedictine College nuns denounce Harrison Butker's speech at their school : politics In his 20-minute address, Butker denounced abortion rights, Pride Month, COVID-19 lockdowns and "the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion" at the Catholic liberal arts college in Atchison, Kan.

Mary Pultz Jenkins identified as remains found on Fla. beach in 1985 - The Washington Post Mary Alice Pultz Jenkins disappeared from Winchester, Va. Her remains, unidentified after being discovered on a Florida beach in 1985, are finally named.

Bridget and Christian Ziegler 'Prowled' Florida Bars for Women, Police Memo Says. | "Don't come home until your d*ck is wet," Moms For Liberty founder Bridget Ziegler allegedly told her husband. : politics
Sen. Marco Rubio won't commit to accepting 2024 election results : politics

North Carolina Republicans Vote to Ban Masks in Public -- Even for Cancer Patients : politics

'I'm the new Oppenheimer!': my soul-destroying day at Palantir's first-ever AI warfare conference | America's military-industrial complex took center stage at AI Expo for National Competitiveness, where a fire-breathing panel set the tone : technology

Woman Stuck in Tesla For 40 Minutes With 115 Degrees Temperature During Vehicle Update : technology
Tesla's Full Self-Driving Tech Isn't 'Just Around The Corner' And Now Owners Can Sue Over It : technology
TopGear Says Fisker Ocean is "Arguably Better Built" Than Tesla Model Y : technology

Texas power prices briefly soar 1,600% as a spring heat wave is expected to drive record demand for energy : technology

How outlaw chemists used 'blotter' to dose the world with LSD | Aeon Essays

People who work in the medical field, what were some of the most scary last words you've heard from a dying patient? : AskReddit

World-first trial shows benefits of finding, treating undiagnosed asthma and COPD | "It's estimated that 70% of people with asthma or COPD go undiagnosed, this is the first study to prove that treating those people makes a real difference to their health and quality of life : science

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 40 percent of deaths in Europe. The probability of dying young (30–69 years) from cardiovascular disease is nearly five times as high in eastern Europe and central Asia compared to western Europe : science

Recent research has found that psilocybin not only helps maintain body weight in female rats subjected to conditions mimicking anorexia nervosa but also enhances cognitive flexibility, particularly in adapting to changes in reward contingencies. : science
TIL research across 160 cultures revealed that spousal infidelity is the most common reason for a breakup : todayilearned

Climate change linked to increase in brain diseases. Researchers warn that brain diseases are getting worse as the intensity of climate change increases. : science

A new NIH study of prion diseases using a human cerebral organoid model suggests there is a substantial species barrier preventing transmission of chronic wasting disease from cervids (deer, elk, and moose) to people : science

Important brain structures that are key for signaling in the brain are narrower and less dense in females. The structural differences in male and female brains might explain why females are more prone to concussions and experience longer recovery than male counterparts, finds a new study in swine. : science

What is something that was extremely popular 10 years ago but is no longer popular today? : AskReddit

Diddy admits beating ex-girlfriend Cassie, says he's sorry, calls his actions 'inexcusable
50 Cent mocks Diddy hotel footage with video calling him ‘sick son of a -----' : Music
50 Cent mocks Diddy hotel security cam footage with video calling him ‘sick’ - Celebrity News - Entertainment - Daily Express US

What's the most egregious thing an extra has ever done in a movie? : movies

25 Years Ago, 'The Phantom Menace' Backlash Almost Broke Star Wars

Men of Reddit, what's your "line in the sand" that your ex or current SO has crossed? : AskReddit

Top baby names: Mateo’s popularity is growing | CNN

My Trans Awakening—at Age 66 - I came out after a lifetime in the closet. Now, I've found a community of people just like me in Calgary’s Rainbow Elders.

A Trial HIV Vaccine Triggered Elusive and Essential Antibodies in Humans : science

More than half of Native Americans aged 70 years and older have cognitive impairment. 54% of American Indians ages 72 to 95 had some form of impairment in their thinking and/or memory skills, while 10% had dementia : science

Eli5 What was the point of castrating young boys to sing opera when they could just as well have a woman sing the part ? : explainlikeimfive

TIL, at first, Andrew Johnson wanted the Confederate leadership to be tried for treason, but Ulysses S. Grant threatened to resign and Johnson backed down. : todayilearned
TIL that Abraham Lincoln was so convinced that he was going to lose the election of 1864 that he asked Frederick Douglass to lead scouts into the South to free as many slaves as possible before the new president took office. : todayilearned

The Search for Al Capone's Hidden Fortune | Unveiling the Mystery

Doctors of reddit whats the most embarrassing injury a patient had? : AskReddit

What completely failed as "The Next Big Thing" that was expected to succeed? : AskReddit

Sex, Women, and Emotional Safety. The Truth Many Men Don’t Want to Hear | by Lyrical Lioness, OCT, M.S.Ed., BMus. | Long. Sweet. Valuable. | Medium

Ancient Chesapeake site challenges timeline of humans in the Americas - The Washington Post An island eroding into the bay offers tantalizing clues about when and how humans first made their way into North America.

Bird flu virus in milk: Sample bought in Mass. tests positive A new analysis by scientists at the Broad Institute suggests milk sold in New England may have lower levels than the national average.

Boston has third worst commute in the country : boston ... Nyc, dc, and Boston are all 40 mins or above in commute time ... Seattle, San Diego, LA and Philly are markedly shorter on a percentage basis

ADO Air Carbon: The Lightest Carbon Folding E-Bike | Indiegogo

Electronic cigarettes and cardiovascular disease: epidemiological and biological links. Conclusion - The studies involved in this review have shown that e-cigarettes leads to adverse effects on cardiovascular system through various mechanisms. : science

How to Store Half a Lemon - and 17 Other Ways to Keep Leftover Food Fresh

Does Boston have a Robert Moses? : boston

Western MA therapists : massachusetts




Ancient Pandemics - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- the Antonine plague

More than 60% of world s coral reefs may have bleached in past year, U.S. agency says : worldnews

Georgia's president says a controversial foreign influence bill passed by parliament is unacceptable : worldnews

'They Shot at Us All': Burkina Faso Accused of Massacring Civilians : worldnews

New study claims Israel committing genocide in Gaza
Ben Gvir calls to 'encourage emigration,' resettle Gaza at ultra-nationalist rally : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 813, Part 1 (Thread #959) : worldnews

Ukrainian armed forces partially push Russians out of Vovchansk - General Staff of Ukraine : worldnews
Ukrainian forces say Russian attempt to break through defences in Kharkiv Oblast stopped, situation somewhat stabilised : worldnews

How Did Authorities Identify the Alleged Lockbit Boss? - Krebs on Security

Poland ranked worst country in EU for LGBT+ people for fifth year running : worldnews

Russian Disinfo Campaign Blames Ukraine for Shooting of Slovakia's Prime Minister : worldnews

France accuses Azerbaijan of fomenting deadly riots in overseas territory New Caledonia : worldnews
France imposes emergency in Pacific territory of New Caledonia as violent unrest turns deadly : worldnews
France saw a sharp rise in anti-LGBTQ incidents in 2023, according to a report published by the French interior ministry on Thursday, an increase activists warn marks a worrying trend in the country : worldnews

Tesla's Controversial Factory Expansion Is Approved : worldnews The controversial expansion of Tesla's only European gigafactory was approved on Thursday, as the local council in the German municipality of Grunheide voted in favor of the carmaker's plans to grow its facility near Berlin.

Peru classifies trans people as 'mentally ill' after government decree : worldnews

Jalousie - the Slum bordering the city of Petionville suburb of Port-au-Prince, Haiti : pics

State Department removes Cuba from short list of countries deemed uncooperative on counterterrorism : worldnews

The disconnect between economic statistics and public sentiment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A new study across 46 countries finds that people have been engaging less and less with the news since 2015; sharing news on social media has decreased by 29%, commenting by 26% and talking about the news face-to-face by 24%. : science

Today is the 95th anniversary of the inaugural Academy Awards, known today as the Oscars : pics

House votes to require delivery of bombs to Israel

5 Members of Harvard's Antisemitism Advisory Group Threatened to Resign, House Committee Says | News | The Harvard Crimson

Business titans privately urged NYC mayor to use police on Columbia protesters, chats show : politics .. This stuff is literally from union busting Pinkertons tactics and fascist governments. Well done Eric Adams. How else can you serve a foreign government?
Eschaton: Outside Agitators I suspect this play was not limited to Columbia. The full story of the sources of presure on universities (including governors leaning on even private universities) will make a fascinating book -- A group of billionaires and business titans working to shape U.S. public opinion of the war in Gaza privately pressed New York City’s mayor last month to send police to disperse pro-Palestinian protests at Columbia University, according to communications obtained by The Washington Post and people familiar with the group.

Eschaton: The Problem From Hell : Imagine making a career by giving yourself the most absurdly low bar brand in history - "I dislike genocide" - and presiding over one. Inside USAID, career civil servants with extensive experience were horrified by the lack of urgency from their politically appointed leaders. Internal USAID documents seen by The Independent showed that staff were passing their concerns about the lack of action up the chain to USAID administrator Samantha Power and other senior leaders in the form of letters and internal dissent memos, often to no avail.

Biden's team had a few demands for a Trump debate. A major one: No crowd. : politics ... On that same vein, I wish there was a clever way Biden could remind Americans Trump attended the debate in 2020 after knowingly testing positive for COVID pre-vaccines and covered it up. Trump was hospitalized just a few days later and a huge chunk of his cabinet became ill. It's still insane to think about. He's a psychopath.
Team Trump Seems to Be Freaking Out About the Biden Debate - Lara Trump is already preparing for her father-in-law’s debate defeat. : politics

SCOTUS Silently Grinds Democracy Into Powder as Trump Distracts America : politics
MAGA-Favored Upside-Down Flag Flew at Justice Alito's Home After Biden Won: Report : politics
At Justice Alito's House, a 'Stop the Steal' Symbol on Display : politics
Justice Sam Alito Blames His Wife for Flying a Very Sedition-y Flag Outside Their House in 2021 - Seems like a great thing for someone who is currently deliberating the concept of sweeping presidential immunity to have lying around.

McConnell opposes bill to ban use of deceptive AI to influence elections : politics
With GOP opposed, U.S. Senate panel advances bills to combat AI in elections : politics

Harris accepts debate invite from CBS News to face off with Trump's VP pick this summer : politics ... Current frontrunners for the GOP VP slot include the Big Mac Trump had for lunch yesterday, JK Rowling in a Klan hood, and Vladimir Putin in a fake nose and glasses.

Biden’s labor report card: Historian gives 'Union Joe' a higher grade than any president since FDR : politics
Near Miss - YouTube

The Biden administration is ending new leases in America's top coal region : politics - Coal industry jobs in 2023; 36,000 Clean energy industries; 3.6 million -- 1 to 100 ratio. At some point we need to discuss coal for what it is, a boutique industry well beyond its peak. Once the polluting heart of American energy independence, and industrial output, but now just a drag on innovation. Vote, our future depends on it.

Here are the prominent Republicans backing Biden over Trump in November : politics

Biden asserts executive privilege over Hur audio files ahead of House contempt proceedings against Garland : politics

Republicans are already trying to undermine the 2024 election : politics

If Trump is found guilty, will Americans still be able to vote for him? Experts weigh in : politics ... Yes. Eugene Debs ran for the presidency while serving a ten year sentence for sedition in 1920.

We're in a pivotal moment in American history. We cannot retreat | Clearly, our job is not just to re-elect Biden. It's much more than that : politics

Flirting with disaster in Donald Trump : politics ... In December 2022, Donald Trump said something that, in a healthy political culture, would have spelled his doom. He wrote, "A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great 'Founders' did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!"

Jurors were "nodding" and "smiling" as Michael Cohen testified, which may be a bad sign for Trump : politics
Michael Cohen testimony: Five biggest bombshells from Donald Trump hearing : politics

Trump attorney screams at Michael Cohen over critical phone call on Stormy Daniels : politics

The Trump hush-money trial reveals a seedy world shot through with moral rot : politics

"Trump derangement syndrome" : Hush-money trial suggests it was MAGA projection all along : politics

What American Fascism Would Look Like - It can happen here. And if it does, here is what might become of the country. : politics

Donald Trump is barely holding it together at trial - no wonder Republicans are afraid of a debate : politics

Donald Trump's Mafia Code Confirmed by Secret Recording: Lawyer : politics

Yes, That's Right: American Fascism: Why waste time debating the extent of Trump’s fascism when we ought to be fighting it instead? : politics

Body shaming, IQ insults and cross talk: House committee meeting devolves into chaos amid personal insults : politics
House Oversight Committee Hearing Goes Totally Off the Rails Thanks to MTG : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene rants about China controlling Biden with giant Scooby Doo sign and cringeworthy errors | The Independent Greene claims Democrats want to 'surrender America, putting us on our knees, to China' in bizarre rant mocked by Twitter users

Trump the crime boss summons his mob to court : politics
Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz become latest MAGA faithfuls to show up for Trump : politics
Matt Gaetz Fancies Himself a Proud Boy : politics

Fetterman, Smith want a Senate mental health commission : politics

Chaos erupts in hearing as Greene, Ocasio-Cortez clash over 'fake eyelashes' jibe at Crockett : politics ... love Jamie Raskin's introduction: "Ladies and Gentlemen, in this special nighttime episode, we resume the madcap comedy mystery series called 'Comer's High Crimes and Misadventures: The Hilarious Quest to Impeach a President Who Has Done Nothing Wrong,' an avowedly low-budget, but multi-million dollar taxpayer funded production, which most Americans had assumed ended 2 months ago and had completely forgotten about." ... Bleach blonde, butch built body ...
‘Oh baby girl, don’t even play’: AOC and MTG get into fiery exchange after dig over ‘fake eyelashes’ : politics

Lauren Boebert slammed for attending Trump trial but not son's court dates : politics
Say What?!? Lauren Boebert Gushes Over How 'Pretty' Trump Is When He Sleeps : politics

As sea levels rise, DeSantis signs bill deleting climate change mentions from Florida state law : politics

Over 80,000 Illinois people banned from owning guns still keep them, report shows : politics

Eschaton: I Blame Bad Parenting FLASH: Brent Bozell IV, seen here leaving court with Brent Bozell III, sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in federal prison for his role in the Capitol attack. I asked him if he still thinks the 2020 election was stolen, he declined comment.
(1) Ryan J. Reilly on X: FLASH: Brent Bozell IV, seen here leaving court with Brent Bozell III, sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in federal prison for his role in the Capitol attack. I asked him if he still thinks the 2020 election was stolen, he declined comment. Reporting with @JulesJester. / X
Conservative scion Brent Bozell IV to be sentenced in Jan. 6 case Federal prosecutors sought 11 years in prison and a terrorism enhancement for Bozell, whose father and grandfather shaped the modern conservative movement in the U.S.

Beware the Pettiness of the Powerful : politics ... Here's another article that goes into detail about the rift with the NYT. They've really been assholes towards Biden, his family, and his team over the years. There are a lot of reasons why the President does not trust them to do a fair sit down.

Jeanine Pirro claims unhoused people "want to be homeless, that's the style of life that they choose" | Media Matters for America

The Petty Feud Between the NYT and the White House - POLITICO Biden’s people think they’re “entitled.” The Times says “they’re not being realistic.”

RFK Jr. Is Priming His Audience for Election Denialism : politics

Gov. Greg Abbott pardons Daniel Perry, officer who killed police brutality protester in 2020 : politics ... Abbott just signaled that it is legal for conservatives to openly murder liberals in the state of Texas. There is no other logical basis for this decision.

At corruption trial, Menendez defense pins blame on wife : politics

GOP Rep Files for Divorce as Wife Drops Cryptic Hint About His 'Colleague' : politics
Man dies by suicide outside U.S. representative's Texas home

US prisoners are being assigned dangerous jobs. But what happens if they are hurt or killed? : politics

The Smith family, seeking political influence at City Hall, gets a slapback from voters : politics - He's also the executive chairman of the Sinclair Media group.

Poisoned, shot, or drowned? Here's how Rasputin really died. (use reader view)

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain Could be Great News for Your Employees | Why Choose Tufts Health Plan | Tufts Health Plan Viewed as effective treatment tool by many doctors

What State Best Represents America?

To have or not to have breakfast? - Harpers bazaar

How Language Influences Your Choices in Online Dating -- The New York Times - When a dating app allowed users to mute specific words, phrases and emojis, singles quickly curated their lists. How did a few overused phrases become an "ick" for so many?

How Some Women Find Sperm Donors in Facebook Groups Why Would Anyone Look for a Sperm Donor on Facebook? Meet the women logging on for fresh semen and the men who get their kicks offering their seed.

The Drawing the Art Institute Won't Give Back - Chicago Magazine - The heirs of a famous Jewish entertainer killed in the Holocaust want the museum to return a work they say was stolen by the Nazis. But was it really?

Scientists Bent Light to Curve 6G Beams, and It Might Make the Internet Unstoppable The quest for perfect connectivity has taken a giant leap forward.
China Claims It’s Testing 6G in Orbit Right Now. Whatever That Means. Maybe it's the prelude to a telecom revolution. Or maybe not.

New Study Suggests of Dyson Spheres, Possible Alien Civilizations Could unusual starlight patterns be the key to uncovering these mythical megastructures?
Scientists Say Our Universe Might Be a Hall of Mirrors Could exotic topologies explain the mysteries of the cosmos?
Scientists Just Made a Breakthrough For Light Speed Tech In a first for warp drives, this research actually obeys the laws of physics.

Archaeologists Found 23,000-Year-Old Footprints That Rewrite the Story of Humans in America New Mexico’s ancient sands reveal the oldest-known traces of early inhabitants.

MIT students stole $25M in seconds by exploiting ETH blockchain bug, DOJ says : technology

Straight A students of Reddit, how are you doing now? : AskReddit

What was the most traumatising dream you've had? : AskReddit

People with great parents, what's something they did that you still wouldn't do? : AskReddit

For people who have been cheated on, how did you find out? : AskReddit

What are some tips for dense thick hair in the summer? : AskReddit

What’s the worst and most extreme case of internalized racism you've ever seen? : AskReddit

What is your most valuable asset in life ? : AskReddit

You will be sent back in time but you're only allowed a single conversation with one person. Your goal is to prevent an event in world history from occurring. Who are you talking to and what will you say? : AskReddit

Cicadas love to land on people. Experts explain why. | Mashable A rare double brood has emerged ... Cicadas land on people because they strongly resemble trees

QakBot attacks with CVE-2024-30051 Windows zero-day | Securelist

19 Punctuation Marks You Never Knew You Needed | by Jack Shepherd | Cellar Door | Medium ~ I am once again asking you ~ to bring back the Exclamation Comma

Recommended Notes App for Surface (except OneNote) : Surface


'Shift to Green': 71.5% of India's Q1 13,669 MW from renewables, coal below 50% for 1st time in decades - ET : worldnews

In grim milestone, U.S. overdose deaths top 100,000 for third straight year : news ... that's about how many americans died per year during WWII (albeit with a smaller overall population of americans) or 30x the number of people who died during 911. The US was willing to upend their entire country, spend trillions in today's dollars, and take over entire countries for those events. Overdoses? Best I can do is nothing.

The Gulf of Maine is warming fast. What does that mean for lobsters—and everything else?

Gina Rinehart demands National Gallery of Australia remove her portrait : worldnews

Philippines sends warship to assert sovereignty, counter alleged reclamation activities by Beijing : worldnews

YouTube to block Hong Kong protest anthem videos after court order. : worldnews

China-linked network funding key anti-Israel protest groups in US - report : worldnews

Jordan thwarts Iran-led plan to carry out acts of sabotage in kingdom -- sources : worldnews

Israel Defense Minister Gallant: I wont agree to Israeli control of Gaza : worldnews

Netanyahu says he hopes to iron out discord with U.S., but won't budge on Rafah assault : worldnews
EU warns Israel continuing Rafah offensive will put 'heavy strain' on ties : worldnews

Gaza Strip pier project is completed, U.S. military says : worldnews

(1) BLYSKAVKA on X: ️Washington does not encourage attacks on russia by American weapons, but Ukraine itself decides how to conduct this war. This was stated by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. "These are the decisions that Ukraine itself takes, takes for its own sake. We will do everything necessary so that it gets everything it needs to win on the battlefield - says Blinken. / X
Blinken gives Ukraine the green-light to strike inside Russia | Major General Chip Chapman - YouTube

(1) Volodymyr Zelenskyy / on X: "The attack on Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico is appalling. We strongly condemn this act of violence against our neighboring partner state's head of government. Every effort should be made to ensure that violence does not become the norm in any country, form, or sphere. / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 812, Part 1 (Thread #958) : worldnews
General Staff: Russia has lost 488,460 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24, 2022 : worldnews

(1) The Kyiv Independent on X: "These are the indicative estimates of Russia's combat losses as of May 15, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine." / X ... 10 days to 500k at this rate.

Ukraine withdraws troops around Kharkiv as Russian offensive gains momentum : worldnews

Ukraine Update - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Top NATO commander says Russian troop numbers insufficient for Kharkiv breakthrough : worldnews

File Not Found: Russia Is Hacking Evidence of Its War Crimes - War on the Rocks
Prosecutor General's Office: Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine killed 546 children : worldnews

Canada's extreme weather events are costing billions, new data shows | : worldnews

Authoritarianism and Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Here's an extremely interesting and important article from Thomas Edsall (gift link), on shifting patterns of authoritarianism in American politics and culture. The most striking data point Edsall discusses is that over the last 30 years the party identification of Americans most attracted to authoritarianism has gone from 50/50 Republican-Democrat to 80/20. This is part of a worldwide trend.
Opinion | 'The Seeds Had Been Planted. Trump Didn't Do It Himself.' - The New York Times - Thomas B. Edsall

House Democrat says US-Israel relationship 'ironclad,' but discussions should be 'in private' : politics

Justice Department takes 'major step' toward rescheduling marijuana : politics - Look folks, no one should be in jail for merely using or possessing marijuana. Period, Biden said in Thursday's video,

Dow crosses 40,000 for the first time : news

Russian Disinformation Videos Smear Biden Ahead of U.S. Election : politics

What it means to be Muslim at Columbia

Legalizing Marriage for Same-Sex Couples Did Not Harm Family Formation in the United States: Twenty Years of Evidence : politics

The Saga of Clarence Thomas and His Luxury RV Takes a Disturbing Turn : politics

'Make my day pal': Biden challenges Trump to two debates under special conditions, Republican accepts : politics
After agreeing to two debates Trump is already trying to weasel out : PoliticalHumor
Pathetic Trump Already Trying to Weasel Out Of Debating Biden : politics

Jack Smith Basically Has One Option to Save the Classified Documents Case : politics

Former Situation Room officer: Pence came 'close' to being killed on Jan. 6 : politics

The secret recording that could sink Donald Trump : politics

Trump's Lawyers Are Making Major Mistakes : politics

Legal expert: Despite "credibility" issues, Michael Cohen "put it all together" for Trump jury : politics
Trump appears to fall asleep with his mouth open minutes into Michael Cohen's testy cross-examination | The Independent

Newly Released January 6 Tapes Destroy MAGA Republians' Biggest Lie : politics
'Four Hours At The Capitol' Offers Immersive Look At January 6 Insurrection - YouTube

Cohen to Haberman: 'Please start writing and I will call you soon' : politics

Tuberville says a bit too much about why he went to Trump's trial : politics
Judge Merchan visibly annoyed by Trump's courthouse entourage of Republican politicians : politics
At least 9 GOP lawmakers are at Trump trial, which could be a problem for Republicans : politics ... Reps. Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Mike Waltz (Fla.) and Eli Crane (Ariz.) were spotted in the courtroom, while Reps. Andy Ogles (Tenn.) Anna Paulina Luna (Fla.), Ralph Norman (S.C.) and House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good (Va.) were also spotted at the Manhattan courthouse. - A basket of deplorables.

It's time for Steve Bannon to go to prison, Justice Department says, citing January 6 subpoena : politics
Steve Bannon has days to avoid prison : politics

North Carolina Senate voted along party lines Wednesday to ban anyone from wearing masks in public for health reasons : politics
Congress voted against funding a cure for cancer just to block a win for Biden ... What happened to Cancer Moonshot? Partisan politics prohibits progress

Arizona Supreme Court delays 1864 abortion ban's enforcement : politics

Jan. 6 Cop Harry Dunn Loses Crowded Maryland House Primary : politics

'Don't be weak and gay': Book-burning Missouri Secretary of State candidate shares hateful video : politics

A GOP Texas school board member campaigned against schools indoctrinating kids. Then she read the curriculum. : politics

Houston ISD Superintendent Accused of Funneling Money from Texas to Colorado Charter Schools He Started : politics

Survivors of abuse at Missouri's Christian boarding schools demand the state 'do something' : politics

Elon Musk ordered to testify again in US SEC probe of Twitter takeover : politics
X now treats the term cisgender as a slur : technology

"Portal" Between Dublin and NYC Shut Down After OnlyFans Model Flashes It : technology

TIL that the average IQ is steadily increasing each generation. IQ tests are getting harder and harder to keep the average at 100, and today's kids taking tests from previous decades have an average score of over 100. : todayilearned

Eli5 why triangles are the strongest shape for design : explainlikeimfive

Google accidentally deleted a $125 billion pension fund's account : technology

Microsoft's quest for short-term $$ is doing long-term damage to Windows, Surface, Xbox, and beyond : technology



Russia finds vast oil and gas reserves in British Antarctic territory : worldnews - Other experts warn that the Ukraine conflicts, and the rivalry between China and the US were the biggest threats to Antarctica's future.

Summer 2023 was the hottest in 2,000 years : worldnews

World passes 30% renewables milestone for the first time : worldnews

East Texas, Already Soaked, Prepares for a 'Nightmare Scenario' of More Rain - The New York Times Some places in Texas have seen a year's worth of rainfall since January.

Orcas sink sailing yacht in Strait of Gibraltar : worldnews ..Orcanized crime is out of control ... It was Orca-Straited.

Former US Marine pilot arrested in Australia worked with Chinese hacker unknowingly, lawyer says : worldnews

Reports of army killing of villagers in Myanmar supported by photos and harrowing tale of a survivor : worldnews
'I had to cut off the head, bro' : Myanmar soldiers swap slaughter stories

'This means a lot': S'porean photographer wins court appeal against European painter who copied her work to win award - TODAY

China Forcibly Returns 60 Refugees to North Korea : worldnews

Putin is plotting physical attacks on the West, says chief of Britain's intelligence operations : worldnews

Opinion | It's Not Just Putin. Russia Needs China, Too. - The New York Times - The West Doesn't Understand How Much Russia Has Changed ... Never since the fall of the Soviet Union has Russia been so distant from Europe, and never in its entire history has it been so entwined with China.

Israeli tanks push into Gaza's Rafah, as displaced civilians flee again : worldnews

We Must Settle Gaza Now | Netanyahu Ministers Join Israeli Far-right 'March to Gaza,' Demand Palestinians' Expulsion : worldnews

Total casualties of wars in the Middle-East [OC] : MapPorn
UN says Gaza death toll still over 35,000 but not all bodies identified : worldnews
UN blames "fog of war" for major overcounting of Gazan child deaths : worldnews

UN sexual violence envoy pulls out of Security Council briefing on Hamas hostages : worldnews

IDF kills Hamas terrorists embedded inside UNRWA school in Gaza Strip : worldnews

Biden administration is moving ahead on $1 billion arms package for Israel, AP sources say : worldnews

(1) The Kyiv Independent on X: linken emphasizes long-term US security commitment to Ukraine in visit to Kyiv. "Under our own ten-year agreement, the U.S. will support Ukraine's defense and security across a range of essential capabilities," Blinken said." / X
Blinken in Kyiv says US arms will make a difference as Ukraine reels from a new Russian offensive : worldnews
Russia must pay for Ukraine rebuild, Blinken says
(1) Jay in Kyiv on X: "US Secretary of State Blinken playing some Neil Young in Kyiv tonight." / X

Ukraine's Zelenskyy says his army is locked in 'fierce' border battles amid a Russian assault : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 811, Part 1 (Thread #957) : worldnews

Facing an Endless Barrage, Ukraine's Air Defenses Are Withering - The New York Times This is what a year of Russian missile strikes on Ukraine looks like. Ukrainian air defenses used to intercept most missiles, but in recent months, more and more have made it through.

Russia suffers highest daily casualties of war so far: Kyiv : worldnews

Storm Shadow Missiles May Have Hit 'Secret' Russian Air Defense Base in Crimea : worldnews

Senior Ukraine Commander Sacked in Wake of Big Russian Advance in Kharkiv Region : worldnews

Argentina monthly inflation rate drops to single-digit in boost for government : worldnews

Pentagon intelligence officer quits in protest of Israel-Hamas war in Gaza ... The policy that has never been far from my mind for the past six months is the nearly unqualified support for the government of Israel, which has enabled and empowered the killing and starvation of tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians,” Mann wrote in his letter. "This unconditional support also encourages reckless escalation that risks wider war."

Wilhoit's law and campus protests - Lawyers, Guns & Money The chief pretext university presidents have used to justify the aggressive use of law enforcement against peaceful pro-Palestinian protestors has been to protect the security of people on campus. This is generally dubious at best, but at UCLA it has been revealed as a total sham [gift link]:

Nearly all Gaza campus protests in the US have been peaceful, study finds : politics (except for the admin/cops)
How Harvard's president helped end encampment - How Alan Garber ended the Harvard protest encampment peacefully

'Total outrage': White House condemns Israeli settlers' attack on Gaza aid trucks : politics
Israel 'Has Gone to War Against the Entire Palestinian People': Sanders | "Any objective observer knows Israel has broken international law, it has broken American law, and, in my view, Israel should not be receiving another nickle in U.S. military aid," Sanders said. : politics

Musing That Racism Isn't As Bad As It Was, 5th Circuit Mulls Further Neutering Voting Rights Act : politics
School segregation surges 70 years after Brown v. Board ruling : politics ... The resegregation of America's public schools coincides with the rise of charter schools and school choice options, and as civil rights groups have turned away from desegregation battles. Segregated schools disproportionately hurt Black and Latino students since those schools tend to have fewer resources, more teacher shortages, higher student-to-school counselor ratios, and fewer AP class options.

US appeals court upholds Biden's $15 minimum wage for recreational contractors : politics

As the American hunger crisis worsens, Republicans prepare to take a big bite out of SNAP : politics

Democratic group launches $25 million ad blitz targeting Trump on abortion : politics
Louisiana attempts to criminalize unprescribed possession of abortion pills
Progressives Prep $10 Million Campaign to Expose MAGA Supreme Court : politics
The Insidious Legal Movement to Make Pregnant Women Second-Class Citizens Is Growing : politics ... 40% of women who vote fully support this. 33% of adult women won't vote at all ... In hate states, women are considered to be doll-like incubators.

The biggest flaw in Justice Clarence Thomas' newest complaints : politics

Trump, gun owners and Jan. 6 rioters: Tough-on-crime Justice Alito displays empathy for some criminal defendants : politics

Wake up Maggie I think I've got something to say to you - Lawyers, Guns & Money I know you keep us amused - But I feel we're being used: Maggie Haberman received a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Trump administration.
(1) chris evans on X: Maggie Haberman received a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Trump administration. Text message receipts in court show she was collaborating with Michael Cohen to use her reporting as a mouthpiece for Trump's lies / X
(1) 🌻Justice ⚖Now on X: "@notcapnamerica @KatiePhang 'Sunshine Maggie' Access Journalism by: @jzikah" / X

Democrats Hold Leads in 4 Crucial Races That Could Decide Senate Control | New battleground state polls by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer show Democrats ahead in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and running well ahead of the president. : politics ... If you watch and read enough propaganda as such that everything you don't believe in is "fake news", then you begin to live in a literal alternate/fake reality.
Democrats Hold Leads in 4 Crucial Races That Could Decide Senate Control - The New York Times New battleground state polls by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer show Democrats ahead in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and running well ahead of the president ... Terry Crabtree, a disabled 52-year-old from Tonopah, Ariz., in Maricopa County, who operates a food truck, Carnivore Creations. "I can't stand Biden. I think he ought to be in prison. I think Trump should be in prison as well. I hate being given those two choices.”

Speaker Mike Johnson's appearance at Trump's felony trial marks a remarkable moment in US politics : politics

Liz Cheney fact-checks Republican's Donald Trump claim : politics ... Actually, @GovDougBurgum, Trump didn't just negotiate with terrorists, he invited the Taliban to Camp David on the anniversary of 9/11 and had his Secretary of State sign a surrender agreement with them.

Biden Is Quietly Winning the War On Crime -- After Trump Epically Lost It : politics

Discussion Thread: New York Criminal Fraud Trial of Donald Trump, Day 16 : politics

What is Project 2025? Trump shadow network plans to overhaul "deep state" : politics

Claire McCaskill: 'Everyone was expendable to Donald Trump, ask Mike Pence' : politics

How on Earth is Donald Trump Getting Credit for Joe Biden's Economy? : politics

Michael Cohen Says Trump Warned Him About This Creepy, Horrific Detail : politics
Michael Cohen says he buried Stormy Daniels' 'catastrophic' allegation at Trump's direction : politics
Angry Trump blasts judge after Cohen testimony : politics

She is such an amazing illustrator : PoliticalHumor

Donald Trump's obsession with control is backfiring on his lawyers in court. Trump can't even let his defense lawyers do their job - yet we're to believe he didn't direct hush money payments? : politics ... Do we really have a justice system if he is convicted but never sees jail? ... Just-us system ... Richard Pryor standup. But prob Old as the US

Trump, gun owners and Jan. 6 rioters: Tough-on-crime Justice Alito displays empathy for some criminal defendants : politics

Republicans ready for a Trump loss | This time, Trump has the GOP bought in earlier on his Big Lie ... Trump won't go quietly into this good night if he loses, nor will his followers.

Wisconsin Supreme Court's liberal justices appear willing to overturn ruling that barred most ballot drop boxes : politics

"Vile & heartless" Trump aide brags about getting innocent homeless people arrested : politics

2 Democratic candidates named Bob Ferguson join WA governor's race to 'confuse voters' : politics
Fake Parties and Cloned Candidates: How the Kremlin 'Manages' Democracy -- How Russian Officials 'Manage' Elections With Deceitful Tactics -- The New York Times -- The Russian authorities have used a variety of deceitful tactics to try to manufacture a big victory in parliamentary elections this weekend. Here's how they do it.

Trump branded 'moron' by Bruce Springsteen fans as he taunts star about crowd size at New Jersey rally : politics

Another Maggie Haberman NYT Story Covers Up Oleg Deripaska's Role - emptywheel

Bumble Apologizes After Its Latest Campaign Draws Backlash - The New York Times A new advertising campaign from the dating app set off a firestorm of criticism, prompting the company to apologize.

Tesla's head of Cybertruck manufacturing is out | Electrek ... At least 10% of the workforce has been let go, but Electrek has heard that as much as 20% of the entire headcount could be gone by the time everything is said and done.

J.K. Rowling's Trans Rants: Too Extreme for Elon Musk - J.K. Rowling Used to Want to Debate Gender. Now She Just Insults Trans People - The once-beloved children's author seems unable to think about anything besides policing gender
(1) Jonathan Chait on X: @jk_rowling Just call people what they want to be called. It's basic decency. / X

In Police Explorers Youth Programs, a Trail of Sexual Abuse | The Marshall Project Explorer posts, overseen by the Boy Scouts, are supposed to foster an interest in policing. They have faced nearly 200 allegations of misconduct.

The Hidden-Pregnancy Experiment | The New Yorker We are increasingly trading our privacy for a sense of security. Becoming a parent showed me how tempting, and how dangerous, that exchange can be.

The United States of Avocado | TASTE

What's the Best A/C Temperature for Sleeping—And Other Questions

Can I Just Quit Therapy? mental health 8:00 A.M. Maybe You Shouldn't Talk to Someone For years, we were told therapy was the key to a good life. What if we don't want to go anymore?

Weight loss jab could reduce heart attack risk, study finds : worldnews ...

New gel developed in Zurich renders alcohol harmless : worldnews

A strange fungus could transform emerging cicadas into saltshakers of death, scientists say : worldnews

(67) Sacred Geometry of the Platonic Solids by S M Phillips | Athanassios Nick. Christopoulos -

Karen Read trial: How Tuesday's testimony unfolded ... Witness who attended Canton house party says she saw a 'black blob' near where John O’Keefe's body was later found

Karen Read trial: How Wednesday's testimony unfolded
Karen Read's Murder Trial: An Endless Tide of Speculation - The New York Times - Karen Read has been accused of murdering her boyfriend, Officer John O'Keefe. But her lawyers say she's innocent, alleging a cover-up to hide the truth about his death.

After Microsoft invested $10 billion, OpenAI snubs Windows 11 as it releases ChatGPT app first on Mac. "We're just prioritizing where our users are. : technology


Chinese journalist imprisoned for her Covid reporting due to be released after four years | CNN : worldnews
Shein suppliers still working 75-hour weeks, report says : worldnews

Russian defence minister and long-time Putin ally Sergei Shoigu to be replaced : worldnews
Putin appoints Sergei Shoigu to Russia's national security council

Russia blames Ukraine as Belgorod apartments collapse after blast : worldnews

Turkey arrests spider smuggler said to be American Museum of Natural History curator : worldnews
Erdogan: more than 1,000 Hamas members being treated in Turkish hospitals : worldnews

IDF eliminates 2nd Hamas captor of Noa Marciano : worldnews

UN blames 'fog of war' for major overcounting of Gazan child deaths : worldnews

Palestinian Authority refuses to administer Rafah crossing - report : worldnews
IDF announces opening of new crossing for humanitarian aid to reach Gaza : worldnews
An all-out Israeli offensive on the Gaza city of Rafah would provoke anarchy without eliminating Hamas, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday, as Washington stepped up a pressure campaign against such an assault : worldnews

UN cuts Gaza civilian casualty figures by half, without explanation : worldnews
United Nations cuts estimates of women, children deaths in Gaza war in half : worldnews
United Nations halves estimate of women and children killed in Gaza : worldnews
Hamas casualty numbers are 'statistically impossible', says data science professor -- The Jewish Chronicle University of Pennsylvania statistician has analysed the widely quoted death figures put out by the terror group

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 810, Part 1 (Thread #956) : worldnews

Russians simply walked in, Ukraine troops in Kharkiv tell BBC : worldnews

Fake news on the rise leading up to EU election : worldnews

Eurovision camerawoman's story differs from disqualified Joost Klein's version : Music

German court finds AfD pursues goals 'against democracy' : worldnews

Spain's Socialists won the largest share of the vote in Catalan elections, as separatist parties are set to lose their majority after more than a decade in power in the region : worldnews

Man sets four lesbians on fire, killing three, in Buenos Aires boarding house - Buenos Aires Herald The attack may be the most abhorrent hate crime in recent years, according to the Argentine LGBT Federation

Thousands told to evacuate due to British Columbia, Canada wildfire : news

Joe Biden will double, triple and quadruple tariffs on some Chinese goods, with EV duties jumping to 102.5% from 27.5% : worldnews

US Warns About Black Basta Ransomware After Ascension Hospital Hack : technology
CISA: Black Basta ransomware breached over 500 orgs worldwide : technology ... The US needs to just hire people to conduct the same attacks against the nations we know are pushing and supporting these attacks on the west. ... Half the Republicans worship Putin. That's never going to happen.

Columbia's 'bunker mentality' on campus tensions sparked nationwide protests - The Washington Post

Campus protest crackdowns claim to be about antisemitism - but they're part of a rightwing plan | Arielle Angel | The Guardian

October 7 Survivors Sue Student Protest Group SJP - October 7 Survivors Sue Campus Protesters, Say Students Are "Hamas's Propaganda Division" - Four lawsuits alleging Hamas ties against Students for Justice in Palestine, the AP, UNRWA, and a cryptocurrency exchange share many of the same plaintiffs - Akela Lacy

Criticizing Israel? Nonprofits Could Lose Tax-Exempt Status Without Due Process

Israel does not deserve another nickel, Bernie Sanders says : politics

Trump vows 'day one' executive order targeting offshore wind - The Boston Globe

Stormy Daniels's voluble specificity - The Washington Post Daniels's testimony in Donald Trump's hush money trial didn't drift into the weeds. It expanded into a wide-open field where Trump was wholly exposed ... Her vivid, detailed testimony didn't drift into the weeds so much as it blossomed into a field. One that was so sprawling and wide open that there was no place for the former president to hide. Trump was wholly exposed ... Cloaked in black, a pair of eyeglasses perched on her head, Daniels had a lot to say. Perhaps too much. Her words were embarrassing and diminishing of Trump. They were explicit. But very few of them were about sex.

Perceived lack of recognition drives Trump support among historically dominant groups, US study suggests. : science

Sen. Bob Menendez's trial, where gold bars may shine, begins Monday - The Washington Post - The trial of the once-powerful New Jersey senator is set to begin Monday. He's accused of bribery, obstruction of justice and extortion - but may blame his wife.

2 hikers found dead on Mount Whitney in California : news

How 401(k) Drives Inequality - The New York Times - How an obscure, 45-year-old tax change transformed retirement and left so many Americans out in the cold ... in 2017 49 percent of Americans ages 55 to 66 had "no personal retirement savings." ... 40-year experiment with do-it-yourself pensions has been an utter failure ... for most Americans, replacing defined-benefit plans with defined-contribution plans had been "a shift from financial certainty to financial uncertainty" and suggested that it was time to abandon the "you're on your own" approach.

Can I Still Be Body Positive and Take Ozempic?

Parenting: This is illegal in most of the world. In America, new parents are embracing it. Sex selection with IVF is banned in much of the world. Not in the U.S.

A strange regression was linked to Down syndrome. These moms found answers. - The Washington Post - Their children's decline was precipitous and dramatic, with patients losing function in days or weeks, including the ability to talk, move or take care of themselves ... Regression symptoms in patients with Down syndrome were identified as early as 1946, but the condition was often misdiagnosed as either early-onset Alzheimer's disease or late-onset autism ... Down syndrome regression disorder, or DSRD. Though its prevalence is difficult to measure, DSRD is believed to affect between 1 to 5 percent of people with Down syndrome ... Many believe a better understanding of Down syndrome, which occurs in approximately 1 in 800 births and is caused by an extra chromosome 21, could lead to advances in our overall understanding of cancer, autoimmune conditions and longevity. Remarkably, people with Down syndrome rarely develop hypertension as they age and almost never develop most solid tumor cancers. But they are far more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease earlier in life. About 30 percent of people with Down syndrome develop dementia in their 50s.

ELI5 : how can psychedelic mushrooms make you see really complex geometrical fractals and visuals? : explainlikeimfive
Form constant - Wikipedia

Ketogenic diet a potential therapy for autism by reshaping gut bacteria and brain inflammation. Results align with existing research indicating that KD could enhance social behavior in ASD by reducing brain inflammation and improving metabolic and gut health. : science

How 'Cosmological Natural Selection' Could Explain Your Very Existence - There's an intriguing possibility that the emergence of conscious life is not just a coincidence, but an inevitable outcome of cosmic evolution.

A new study of romantic couples found that individuals who perceive themselves as being viewed more positively by their partners than they actually are tend to have partners who report lower levels of satisfaction. : science

Cheap Catalyst Made Out of Sugar Has the Power To Destroy CO2 : technology

Particle Could Be Portal to Fifth Dimension | What Is Dark Matter

The 30 Most Shocking Government Secrets - Turns out there's a whole file on Bigfoot.

New research has discovered that neotame, one of the new generation of artificial sweeteners, is capable of damaging the human intestine and causing illness : science

FDA recalls faulty iOS app that injured hundreds of insulin pump users | TechSpot ... As of April 15, 2024, there have been no reported deaths, but 224 individuals have reported injuries. A Class 1 recall, the most severe, is initiated when injuries or fatalities are possible, as per the FDA's classification system.

What is the scariest "trust your gut" feeling you felt before and glad you did so? : AskReddit

What's going on right now that most people have no idea about? : AskReddit

Mr. Chemex: The Eccentric Inventor Who Reimagined the Perfect Cup of Coffee

How a Small-Town Navy Vet Created Rock's Most Iconic Surrealist Posters | Collectors Weekly
Was Levon Mosgofian of Tea Lautrec Litho the Most Psychedelic Printer in Rock? | Collectors Weekly

When the Transcendental Painting Group Brought Modernism to the Desert in an Effort to Heal | Collectors Weekly

Storybook Apocalypse: Beasts, Comets, and Other Signs of the End Times | Collectors Weekly
Diablitos in the Details: The Curious Tale of Mexico's Most Peculiar Pottery | Collectors Weekly
Before Rockwell, a Gay Artist Defined the Perfect American Male | Collectors Weekly
Decoding Secret Societies: What Are All Those Old Boy's Clubs Hiding? | Collectors Weekly
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How to Cool Your Home in a Warming World Does your home become unbearable in hot weather? Increasingly a hot home is an overheating office too.

Do you need a dentist visit every 6 months? That filling? The data is weak | Ars Technica Getting evidence-based care may be like pulling teeth, researchers suggest.

Research: Polyamory isn't just for wealthy people. And it can be satisfying.

How An Obscure British Comedy Sketch Became The World's Most Repeated TV Program
Dinner for One with Freddie Frinton and May Warden - YouTube
Dinner for One - Wikipedia

How a Miami Student's Package Scam Came Crashing Down - The Package King of Miami - Matthew Bergwall was a gifted coder who could have gotten a job at any tech company. He decided to go in another direction.

The 'Sift' strategy: A four-step method for spotting misinformation


Gargantuan sunspot 15-Earths wide shoots powerful X-class flare toward Earth, triggering radio blackouts : worldnews
See photos of the rare northern lights display across the United States - The Washington Post The major disturbance of Earth's magnetosphere caused stunning aurora displays across northern Europe and very low latitudes in the U.S.
Spectacular photos show the northern lights around the world - CBS News
Why is the aurora usually green, and why was the southern one pink last night? : askscience

Record-breaking increase in CO2 levels in world's atmosphere : worldnews
Hawaii's Mauna Loa Observatory just captured ominous signals about the planet's health Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the atmosphere faster than ever - The Washington Post

CEO of world's biggest ad firm targeted by deepfake scam | Fraudsters impersonated WPP's CEO using a fake WhatsApp account, a voice clone and YouTube footage used in a virtual meet : worldnews

Bunbury tornado captured on film as it leaves trail of damage to 40 properties : worldnews

Japan backs U.N. move to grant full membership to Palestine : worldnews ... Poland, South Korea and Japan all support Palestine membership. It's quite surprising. Meanwhile Sweden abstained.

North Korea to deploy 'technically updated' multiple rocket launcher amid tensions : worldnews

Wife of U.S. soldier detained in Russia says he was having an affair, not involved in 'geopolitical intrigue' : worldnews

Death toll in Afghanistan floods rises to 153, says Taliban interior ministry : worldnews

South Africa: survivor found 5 days after building collapse : worldnews

Gunmen kidnap more than 100 in attack on villages in northwest Nigeria : worldnews

Kuwait parliament dissolved over 'widespread corruption' : worldnews

A parliamentary election runoff puts hard-liners firmly in charge of Iran's parliament : worldnews
Iran Brands Canada's Plan To Designate IRGC 'Hostile' : worldnews

Egypt, Qatar reject Israeli proposal to control civil administration in post-war Gaza : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread #49) : worldnews

(1) The Times of Israel on X: "Biden: There'd be a Gaza ceasefire 'tomorrow' if Hamas frees the hostages" / X
(1) The Times of Israel on X: "IDF chief said to tell PM that army fighting again in parts of Gaza due to lack of strategy" / X
(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "During a meeting that discussed the issue of the day after the war, an argument reportedly broke out between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar." / X
Argument broke out between PM Netanyahu, Defense Minister Gallant - Israel News - The Jerusalem Post - Prime Minister Netanyahu and security chiefs reportedly argued over discussions held about the course of the war, including questions of the day after in Gaza.

New polls show declining confidence in the Likud and sharp drop in Israeli citizens' optimism : worldnews

U.S. offers Israel intelligence, supplies in effort to avoid Rafah invasion : worldnews

Israel orders people in more areas of Gaza's Rafah to evacuate : worldnews
Israel orders more Rafah evacuations, expanding military operation : worldnews ... Israel ordered tens of thousands of people to leave Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday, signaling an imminent push by Israeli forces into the city's most urban districts, a move that could trigger the White House to freeze offensive weapons shipments ... More than 150,000 people had already fled Rafah this week, the United Nations said, after Israeli troops staged a lightning offensive east of the city to capture the border crossing with Egypt. According to Israeli military analysts, armored brigades in eastern Rafah are encircling the city.

Hamas says no budging from already-rejected hostage deal offer as Cairo talks break up : worldnews

Hamas publishes video of Nadav Popplewell, claims hostage killed by Israeli airstrike : worldnews

UN seemingly halves estimate of Gazan women, children killed : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 808, Part 1 (Thread #954) : worldnews

Zelensky: Ukraine defends in northern Kharkiv Oblast, 'extremely difficult' situation in Donetsk Oblast : worldnews

Ukraine's Security Service detains Russian agents preparing 9 May terrorist attack in Kyiv : worldnews

Russia takes five villages in Ukraine's Kharkiv region, defence ministry says : worldnews
Almost 2,000 evacuated from Kharkiv region as Russia claims capture of border villages : worldnews

(1) Euromaidan Press on X: "UK announces largest-ever military aid package to Ukraine The package consists of 4 million rounds of ammunition, over 1,600 missiles, and 400 vehicles, UK defense ministry announced." / X

M113, Bradley, boats and missiles: US announces new military aid package : worldnews
(1) NEXTA on X: US State Department has approved the urgent sale of three HIMARS to Ukraine The Associated Press says that the deal will reach about $30 million. Ukraine has requested the purchase of three missile systems to be funded by the German government. Secretary of State ... / X

(1) NEXTA on X: Russia has problems with the use of bombs - British intelligence The UK recalled that on May 4, a Russian fighter jet dropped a FAB-500 over the city of Belgorod. According to media estimates, in March-April 2024, 20 munitions were dropped over the Russian Belgorod region / X

(1) OSINTdefender on X: "A “Theatre Tactical Symbol” which was not previously seen has begun to appear on Russian Tanks, Armored Vehicles, and other Equipment seen over the last 48-72 Hours during Offensive Operations against the Kharkiv Region of Northeastern Ukraine, with this being another Indicator…" / X

(1) (((Tendar))) on X: "You know, some decoys are hard to recognize but others are way too obvious that you better hide from your superiors that you just wasted a $3 million missile on plywood. This was the latter case. No secondary explosions of missiles, not even secondary burns, tubes look pretty ... / X

Around 50,000 protesters marched through central Tbilisi on Saturday at a rally against a controversial foreign influence bill, dubbed "the Russian law", and backed by the Georgian government. Critics say the bill is inspired by a law in Russia that has been used to clamp down on dissent : worldnews

Poland will build fortifications on eastern border, PM Tusk says : worldnews

Romania - Controversial Law Granting Amnesty For Tax Evasion Under 1M euros Signed By President Iohannis : worldnews

Germany may introduce conscription for all 18-year-olds as it looks to boost its troop numbers in the face of Russian military aggression : worldnews
Germany considering conscription for all 18-year-olds in the face of Russian aggression - Both men and women could be called up to boost numbers in the armed forces
An estimated 2,300 people participated in a demonstration organized by the Islamist group Muslim Interactive in the German port city of Hamburg on Saturday. The group, classified as extremist by German security authorities, called for a new protest against "censorship and opinions being dictated." : worldnews
Berlin Tesla activists say civil disobedience is only option: Police are braced for further protests at the Tesla factory site in Grunheide near Berlin : worldnews

France to offer all 18 to 25-year-olds free fertility checks to combat falling birth rates : worldnews ... "Rising cost-of-living pressures, especially the price of childcare and housing, is another factor that puts a dampener on couples having children or deciding to have multiple." ... This is literally the last sentence in the article.

British colleges are handling protests differently.

Brazil floods drive thousands from their homes : worldnews

Mexico heat wave melts temperature records in 10 cities, including Mexico City : worldnews

Haitians demand the resignation and arrest of the country's police chief after a new gang attack : worldnews

One way to decrease temporary residents is to make them permanent, Canadian ministers suggest : worldnews

US set to impose 100% tariff on Chinese electric vehicle imports : technology

Biden just quietly took a key step to 'decriminalize' traffic safety policy : politics

26 senators tell USPS to pause all changes to delivery network until regulator's review : politics

Liberal icon Bernie Sanders is running for Senate reelection, squelching retirement rumors : politics

Most Democrats believe Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza - poll : politics - 56% of Democrats say they believe Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people living in Gaza, with only 22% saying they do not. 36% of independents (a plurality) and 23% of Republicans believe it is genocide. A plurality of voters (46%) disapprove of Congress sending $4 Billion in military aid to Israel.

AOC and Bernie Sanders defend Biden's decision to withhold military aid to Israel : politics

It can get much worse - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Even on the narrow issue of Israel/Palestine, Trump would be much worse than Biden. What you want to do with this information is up to you. But Donald the Dove arguments about Gaza are embarrassing even by that country-fried-rube standard:
Trump Did October 7th - by John Ganz - Unpopular Front - Things Can Always Get Worse ... I don't like to hazard predictions, but if experience is any guide, I strongly believe a right-wing Israeli government, under the chaos of a second Trump administration, would attempt to go forward with annexation and ethnic cleansing of the West Bank and God knows what permanent "solution" for Gaza. And I believe the chain reaction that would set off could very likely lead to World War III. We've already seen how bad things can get after just four years of Trump. What about eight? Or more!

Graham: Israel Should Do Whatever They Want to Palestinians Like When U.S. Nuked Japan : politics

Campus protests have parents watching anxiously from afar
At the University of Vermont, protest ends abruptly but peacefully - The Boston Globe - the protest at UVM in Burlington ended without rancor after protesters claimed victory and the administration avoided the kind of confrontation that has roiled other campuses nationwide
Police disband pro-Palestinian student encampments across the US | US campus protests | The Guardian Police disband pro-Palestinian student encampments across the US
Violence at UCLA protest raged for hours before police stepped in - The Washington Post Faculty had raised alarms in the days before the attack on pro-Palestinian protesters. That night, one witness called emergency services 11 times before police intervened.

Eschaton: It Seems There Are Some War Crimes, HOWEVER... Amazing stuff ... The Biden administration said Friday that it is “reasonable to assess” that US weapons have been used by Israeli forces in Gaza in ways that are “inconsistent” with international humanitarian law but stopped short of officially saying Israel violated the law.

Will you accept election results? Republicans dodge question.

Right-wing media criticize new Title IX rules over added protections for trans people and victims of sexual misconduct | Media Matters for America ... Project 2025 - It's about far more than that. The yes men have been complied into a list to takeover key positions so they can restructure our government into a christo-fascist nation. Indoctrination of our children in school, government supervision of pregnant women, mass deportations, imprisonment of political rivals, elimination of the free press, etc.

A wargame simulated a 2nd Trump presidency. It concluded NATO would collapse. : politics

GOP District Chair Kandiss Taylor Threatens Violence ... Against Those Who Oppose Christian Nationalism - Kandiss Taylor s a flat-earth, election-denying conspiracy theorist who unsuccessfully ran for governor in Georgia in 2022. Undaunted by her paltry showing in that election, Taylor subsequently became a Georgia GOP district chair and also began hosting a weekly program called "Jesus, Guns, and Babies" on the far-right Stew Peters Network.

Project 2025 targets election 2024: Targeting the voting booth for Trump is a massive operation to return the authoritarian to the White House : politics
Project 2025 is religious tyranny, threatening the freedom & liberty we fought for
A guide to Project 2025, the extreme right-wing agenda for the next Republican administration | Media Matters for America
Republican who wants to know about project 2025 : Defeat_Project_2025

Trump Allies Have a Horror Movie Plan to Clear Out Death Row Prisoners - The infamous Project 2025 includes a plan to purge prisons. : politics ... Because the CIA and FBI are majority right wing zealots, like all LEO organizations. Filled with MAGATS, and so-called centrists, like Milquetoast Merrick.
Trump Allies Have a Horror Movie Plan to Clear Out Death Row Prisoners | The New Republic Project 2025, a coalition of conservatives and Republicans, released a document last year laying out their policy wish list for all of the government, Hidden deep within the playbook on page 554 is a plan to execute every inmate on federal death row -- and add more criminals to it with the help of the Supreme Court, HuffPost reported Friday.

Trump, escalating attacks at rally, says Biden is surrounded by fascists : politics

(1) Philip Gourevitch on X: The late, great Hannibal Lecter is a wonderful man. / X
What does he do, this man you seek? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
80K Turn Out to Hear Trump Rant About Whales and Hannibal Lecter : politics

Trump insults prosecutor at Jersey Shore rally filled with vulgar jabs : politics

Biden says Trump 'snapped' after 2020 election loss : politics

Judge Tells Michael Cohen, Key Witnesses in Trump's Trial, to Stop Taunting the Defendant : politics

Trump May Owe $100 Million From Double-Dip Tax Breaks, Audit Shows : politics ... millions of dollars he is diverting from his political fundraising entities into his private legal defense expenses

Trump has spent most of his court-free days without public campaign events : politics

Thinking of not voting? It's music to Trump's ears. : politics

Narrative of Trump snoozing in court takes hold -- much to his annoyance -- The Washington Post It's unclear if the former president has actually been sleeping, and he vehemently denies it. But Democrats and late-night hosts have seized on the reports anyway.

Trump's Sleazy $1 Billion Shakedown of Oil Execs Gives Dems an Opening : politics

Trump is increasingly directing personal attacks against independent rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr. : politics ... Well, the RFK thing backfired in an interesting way. He was bankrolled by Trump supporters, after all. Serious buyer's remorse now ... "I support the emerging consensus that abortion should be unrestricted up until a certain point. I believe that point should be when the baby is viable outside the womb. Therefore I would allow appropriate restrictions on abortion in the final months of pregnancy, just as Roe v. Wade did." ... "we have developed a policy that we call "More Choices, More Life." We can reduce abortion across the board by supporting motherhood, supporting parents, and supporting families. Soon we'll unveil our plan for universally affordable child care, which will cap child care expenses at 10% for most families. And we will support women in need so that abortion isn't their only choice."

Trump Again, and Repeatedly, Denounces Jews Who Support Biden : politics
Trump's long history with antisemitic tropes - The Washington Post

Trump vows to fight 'anti-white feeling' in the United States. His allies have a plan | Reuters
Trump vows to reverse transgender student protections 'on day one' : politics

Trump's youngest son Barron 'declines' to be RNC delegate, his mother Melania says : politics

Corporate wants you to spot the difference because Donald Trump couldn't. : PoliticalHumor

Paul Manafort Quits The Trump Campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Manafort is now working for China instead of Russia. And he's been trying to hook up with Japan, South Korea, and Guatemala.

Why Are Some Republican Lawmakers Hellbent on Preserving Child Marriage? GOP lawmakers across the U.S. have opposed raising the marriage age, with some arguing child marriage bans would encourage abortion : politics

Kristi Noem Now Banned in More Than 90 Percent of All South Dakota Tribal Lands : politics
Eschaton: Whoopsie Doodle Came so close to getting rid of this guy a few times against IMMENSE opposition from his colleagues (And, yes, I get that they are going to support incumbents, but there is support and then there's SUPPORT ... Cuellar endorsed George Bush in 2000!!!

Katie Britt is back at it, pushing a bill to launch a pregnancy tracking federal database : Defeat_Project_2025

Paul Pelosi attacker could go away for 40 years - on enhanced charges of terrorism : politics ... And of course FoxNews and the Trumps mocked him like crazy, an elderly man being attacked with a hammer, even spreading the lie that they were gay lovers ... And Elon Musk helped amplify the gay lovers story.

Missouri Republican moves to loosen child labor laws, calls children "lazy" : politics ... That video clip was legitimately hilarious: "They know how to play VIDEO GAMES... they know how to JOIN GANGS..." The GOP is made up of cartoon characters at this point ... Well given that their MO is regressive policies it makes sense that they want to legisilate everything back to before 1938 when modern child labor laws were not a thing, women and minorities were second class citizens.

California says restaurants must bake all of their add-on fees into menu prices : politics ... Restaurants in SF are pissed. They can no longer hide their extra service fees, surcharges, and add-ons. Good.

VCU graduates walk out during Gov. Youngkin commencement address : politics

Indiana Democrats cautiously optimistic about medical marijuana legalization next year : politics

For a second time, Sen. Bob Menendez faces a corruption trial. This time, it involves gold bars : politics

Elon Musk's X can't invent its own copyright law, judge says | Judge rules copyright law governs public data scraping, not X's terms : technology ... This is an interesting ruling, and it's good that the judge weighed in on the issue of information monopolies by social media companies. The highlighting of the tensions between s230 and the desire for platforms to keep the user data they have private is a useful one as well, that has implications beyond Twitter.

Severe weather strikes Florida with tornadoes and melon-size hail in Texas - The Washington Post A storm outbreak that began Monday is ending with a bang.

ELI5: What is the significance of a Mobius Strip? : explainlikeimfive

If dogs can smell cancer, why isn't this a popular form of cancer screening? : askscience

Aging With Care - Find Assisted Living, Memory Care, & More - Find The Best Senior Care For Your Loved One


'Severe' solar storm could trigger Northern Lights as far south as Alabama on Friday night : news
After 6 Coronal Mass Ejections in just 2 days, forecasters issue geomagnetic storm watch for May 11. Localized power outages possible. : worldnews
Severe solar storm threatens power grids and navigation systems : worldnews

World's largest plant to extract CO2 from air opens in Iceland : worldnews

Venezuela loses its last glacier as it shrinks down to an ice field : news

Climate protesters try to break into Tesla's Germany factory, multiple people arrested : worldnews ... Climate activists protesting an EV car manufacturer… shits wild.

NZ First tries to introduce controversial bathroom bill : worldnews

Growing fears: Aussie MPs told to use burner phones in India : worldnews
US won't guarantee Australia will have complete control of Aukus submarines | Aukus : worldnews

Top Philippine security official demands Chinese diplomats' expulsion as territorial row escalates : worldnews

Taiwan Wants U.S.-Made Loitering Munitions to Deter a Chinese Invasion : worldnews

China military says it 'drove away' US destroyer in South China Sea : worldnews

Russia Victory Day parade: Only one tank on display as Vladimir Putin says country is going through 'difficult period' : worldnews

Putin says there is nothing unusual about tactical nuclear weapons drill : worldnews

Russian firms buy $4 billion worth of India-made arms, pay in Indian rupee : worldnews

Iran sentences renowned director to 8 years in prison and flogging, lawyer says : worldnews
Iran Deploys Drones, Surveillance to Enforce Hijab Rules : worldnews ... This is what happens when 16th century people get hold of 21st century technology.
Iran has launched a new crackdown on women defying its strict dress code : worldnews

UN General Assembly backs Palestinian bid for membership : worldnews
UN assembly approves resolution granting Palestine new rights and reviving its UN membership bid : worldnews

Report: State Department set to confirm Israel not breaking international law in Gaza : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread #48) : worldnews

Strapped down, blindfolded, held in diapers: Israeli whistleblowers detail abuse of Palestinians in shadowy detention center : news

Heavy fighting in Gaza's Rafah keeps aid crossings closed, sends 100,000 civilians fleeing : news
More than 100,000 flee Rafah as Netanyahu vows to widen Gaza assault : worldnews
Netanyahu: Israel will 'fight with fingernails' if US curbs weapons : worldnews
US says it's not abandoning Israel, asserts Rafah offensive would embolden Hamas : worldnews

Sirens sound in Be'er Sheva as Gaza rockets strike after 6 months of silence : worldnews
Fires rage in Northern Israel after Hezbollah barrage from Lebanon : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 807, Part 1 (Thread #953) : worldnews

Ukraine sends in reinforcements after Russian forces attack Kharkiv region : worldnews
Heavy Battles Taking Place Along Entire Front Line: Zelensky : worldnews
Governor: Russia has damaged or destroyed 660 power infrastructure objects in Kharkiv region since beginning of full-scale invasion : worldnews

Russia mounts surprise assault on northern Ukraine in most serious cross-border offensive in two years : worldnews

A Ukrainian Sport Plane Drone Just Flew 800 Miles Into Russia To Blow Up An Oil Refinery : worldnews

(1) Euromaidan Press on X: "An oil depot has been struck in occupied Rovenki, Luhansk Oblast Since 2014, the Russian-controlled facility has been the key fuel hub to supply the occupation forces. 📹via" / X

A Finnish first: Court issues school bully restraining order : worldnews

(1) Dr. Dan Lomas on X: A Russian-owned castle on the Kent-Sussex border that had its diplomatic status removed this week is suspected of being used by Russia's military intelligence agency to meet and recruit UK agents / X
British girl's hearing restored in pioneering gene therapy trial : worldnews

Nicolas Maduro appears on ballot 13 times for Venezuela election : worldnews
Nicolas Maduro appears on ballot 13 times for Venezuela election Voters are bombarded with chances to re-elect strongman president, while his opponent is pictured just three times

More intense rain expected as Brazilian flood death toll reaches 107 : worldnews
Caramelo, the Brazilian horse stranded on a roof by floods, is rescued after stirring the nation

Mexico's president accuses press and volunteer searchers for missing people of 'necrophilia' : worldnews

Sanders says he's worried Biden could lose election over Gaza war : politics

Most Democrats believe Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza - poll : politics - 56% of Democrats say they believe Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people living in Gaza, with only 22% saying they do not. 36% of independents (a plurality) and 23% of Republicans believe it is genocide. A plurality of voters (46%) disapprove of Congress sending $4 Billion in military aid to Israel.

Marijuana move could help Biden in key voter group : politics

Immensely powerful life-tenured official laments peons accurately reporting his corrupt conduct - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Clarence Thomas has taken another ride on the waaaaaaaambulance: ... Justice Clarence Thomas denounced on Friday "the nastiness and the lies" that have shadowed him in recent years as public scrutiny has mounted over his wife's efforts to subvert the 2020 election and luxury gifts he has accepted from billionaire friends.

Donald Trump's team made 'huge' admission in court -- legal analyst : politics ... Trump's lawyers admitted in court that Trump reimbursed his attorney for payments to Stormy Daniels, a legal analyst has said.

Donald Trump assures potential supporters that the genuine anti-vaxx kook in the race is not RFK Jr. - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Can you survive on New York City on 43 grand a month? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Cassidy Hutchinson Could Be Latest Major Republican Defection | The former Trump White House staffer said she's voting for "character" in the fall. : politics

"Reaching her expiration date": How Marjorie Taylor Greene fell so fast from MAGA stardom : politics

Kristi Noem Dog-Killing Story Is Actually Worse in Context

Wyomingites may be skeptical of Obamacare, but many use it for health insurance : politics

Virginia school board votes to restore Confederate names to two schools : news

Just like all states, Nevada will count ballots postmarked on or before Election Day. More people voting scares the hell out of the GOP so much they're trying to stop that. : PoliticalHumor

Woman was living inside rooftop grocery store sign with computer and coffee maker for a year : news

Teens kicked out of elite Catholic school for 'blackface' awarded $1m by jury after proving it was just acne mask : news
A GOP school board member tried to ban a student's art for being 'offensive' to Christians : politics

Bumble founder says your dating 'AI concierge' will soon date hundreds of other people's 'concierges' for you : technology

Warner Bros. Orders Fan-Made 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Removed From Internet After 15 Years / 'The Hunt for Gollum' movie has been blocked following the studio's announcement of their own Gollum movie. : movies

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger (Official HD Video) - YouTube
#shorts Eyes Of The Tiger - Survivor - YouTube

A young actress, an obsessed stalker and a Hollywood murder that changed America - Los Angeles Times

TIL the Big Bang theory was initially controversial and met with skepticism for seemingly supporting religious ideas that the universe has a beginning : todayilearned

A study on friendship preferences discovered that men showed a higher preference for friendships with other men who were attracted to different types of women. : science

If the diameter of gas giant planets include the gas, why don't we include our atmosphere when we calculate the diameter of Earth? : askscience

ELI5: What is the reason we don't use the international phonetic alphabet when writing things? : explainlikeimfive

A New Study Reveals a Warp Drive That Actually Operates Within Known Physics : technology

ChatGPT's answers might soon be NSFW as OpenAI opens the door to AI porn : technology
Arstechnica: Stack Overflow users sabotage their posts after OpenAI deal. : technology

What is the weirdest thing that happened to you at a concert? : AskReddit

Do Veneer Techs Actually Know What They're Doing?

It's been 17 years since this masterpiece was set free upon the world : videos

Songs where the end of one line is the beginning of the next line. : Music

How to access your (Google Mail) email account using IMAP

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World's top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target : worldnews
Despair, calls for civil disobedience from experts - expect 2.5C+ global temp rise by century end : worldnews

Renewable energy passes 30% of world's electricity supply | Renewable energy : worldnews

April temperatures in Indonesia hottest for more than four decades : worldnews

Young voters don't give Biden credit for historic climate bill - Los Angeles Times - How a drilling project and Israel-Hamas overshadow Biden's climate record for young voters

Vermont poised to become first US state to charge big oil for climate damage : politics

Japan's Holocaust: History of Imperial Japan's Mass Murder and Rape During World War II: Rigg Ph.D., Bryan Mark, Roberts, Andrew: 9781637586884: Books

[6~br />

Chinese network behind one of world's largest online scams : worldnews
br />
Pentagon slams Russia's 'irresponsible' use of nuke exercises as a 'pressure tactic' : worldnews

General Staff: Russia has lost 477,430 troops in Ukraine since Feb. 24, 2022 : worldnews
Putin Wants Russians to Live Longer as Demographic Crisis Grows : worldnews

Russian Interior Ministry forecasts largest spike in violent crime in 15 years : worldnews

Kremlin botnet launches wave of disinformation claiming Havana Syndrome doesn't exist. : worldnews

A (Strange) Interview With the Russian-Military-Linked Hackers Targeting US Water Utilities : worldnews

Children 'piled up and shot': new details emerge of ethnic cleansing in Darfur. : news

Iran couldn't shift its sanctioned oil without Malaysia and Singapore, US official says : worldnews

Amnesty Labels Iran's Hijab Enforcement 'War on Women' : worldnews
(Iran Protests) Khamenei's Hijab Enforcement Continues in Street War on Women : worldnews

Israeli tanks encircle eastern half of Rafah : news
US won't supply weapons for Israel to attack Rafah, Biden says
Israel going ahead with Rafah operation as hostage talks continue, Netanyahu says : worldnews
Biden's Rafah warning is turning point in US-Israel relations and a belated - but inevitable rupture - with Netanyahu : politics
Netanyahu Is Humiliating Biden | The New Republic - The U.S. president thought he could influence the Israeli prime minister. He's getting played instead.

Reports mount of mass graves at Gaza hospitals, some bodies found 'without heads' | The Hill

Zelenskiy Fires Bodyguard Chief After Arrest of Two Officers │Two Colonels Detained on Suspicion Of Plot To Kill President : worldnews

Ukraine says it repulsed Russian bid to cross border : worldnews
Russia launches large-scale attack against Ukraine, hitting energy infrastructure : worldnews

Dozens detained as Paris police clear Gaza war protest at Sorbonne university

Chinese election meddling could undermine Canada democracy, says spy agency : worldnews
Alleged Chinese meddling spurs foreign agent registry in Canada : worldnews

The GOP Plan For Executions If Trump Wins : politics

Sanders says he's worried Biden could lose election over Gaza war : politics

Extending Trump Tax Cuts Would Add $4.6 Trillion to Deficit: CBO | "We can't afford 10 more years of giveaways to the wealthy and corporations and fail to invest in the people who drive our economy," said the head of Groundwork Collaborative. "This tax law should expire." : politics ... Wow, who could've seen this coming? You mean giving $2 trillion in corporate welfare to companies already making record profits, so they could "create jobs" led to them buying back their own stock, instead, to make their shareholders rich and left taxpayers holding the bag? I, for one, am shocked.

Nearly 700 Jewish professors call on Biden not to sign controversial antisemitism legislation : politics
GOP lawmaker claims KKK is 'the military wing of the Democratic Party' in closed door meeting ahead of antisemitism hearing : politics ... Perry participated in attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election. Perry attempted to replace Pennsylvania's electors. The House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack called for an interview with Perry, the first time it publicly sought to question a sitting member of Congress. Perry declined the request the next day.
Audio captures Republican congressman claiming KKK is the 'military wing' of Democratic party : politics

Jamie Raskin Schools House Republican With Brutal U.S. History Lesson : politics
(1) Acyn on X: "Grothman attempts to lecture Raskin on the use of the word 'Republic' in the pledge of allegiance. Raskin provides Grothman with a history lesson" / X

Majority of Democratic Voters Believe Israel's US-Backed Gaza Assault Is 'Genocide': Poll : politics

33 demonstrators arrested as D.C. police clear GWU protest encampment - The Washington Post -- Police moved on the encampment hours before the D.C. mayor and police chief were set to testify on Capitol Hill about it. The hearing has since been canceled.

College protests at graduation using faux blood, stirs controversy -- The university has blood on its hands : Debate over imagery of bloody hands at protests divides community

Harvard's encampment is the last one standing in Greater Boston - The Boston Globe
MIT protests encampment ends with riot gear, state police clear out ... After nearly three weeks on campus, MIT's pro-Palestinian student encampment ends with arrests

FIRE and the dream of a world without work - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The right-wing uproar about Title IX -- Last month, the Biden administration released a significant update to the Department of Education regulations that guide colleges on how to implement Title IX ... Since Title IX's passage, the percentage of female college students has increased from 42% to 58%. The new rules are over 1,500 pages long, but the biggest change is the expansion of the regulation's protections against discrimination and harassment. The rules now explicitly prohibit discrimination and harassment on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tells public universities to ignore Biden's Title IX updates : politics

Biden Says Trump Will Not Accept 2024 Result: 'I Promise You He Won't' - "The guy is not a democrat with a small d," the president told CNN's Erin Burnett. : politics

Democrat blasts GOP for 'offering bills to give appliances more rights than women' : politics
Clinton thought she would 'throw up' listening to Supreme Court emergency abortion arguments | The Hill ... To hear male justices of the Supreme Court parsing how many organs you have to lose in order to be eligible for emergency treatment, honestly it was 'The Handmaid's Tale' come alive," Clinton said.
How Dobbs enables domestic violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Homicide is a leading cause of death in the perinatal period. But just as troublingly, abusers can use abortion bans to prevent partners from leaving or retaliate against them if they do.
Supreme Court throws its weight behind Trump's maga movement with dangerous consequences : politics

Federal appeals court refuses to dismiss Hunter Biden's gun charges

Guilty? By nearly 3-1, Americans predict Trump conviction in NY trial

` Discussion Thread: New York Criminal Fraud Trial of Donald Trump, Day 14 : politics
Stormy Daniels returns to witness stand for more cross-examination in Trump trial : politics
Stormy Daniels on having sex with Trump: 'Nobody would ever want to publicly say that' : politics
Stormy Daniels shoots down Trump attorney's claims she made up sex story: 'If it was untrue, I would've written it better' : politics
Donald Trump hush-money trial: Stormy Daniels spars with Trump defense attorney
"Jurors won't like it": Experts say Trump lawyer's victim-shaming of Stormy Daniels was a "disaster" : politics
(1) Mueller, She Wrote on X: I think it's important that we don't miss what Stormy is testifying to. He invited her to dinner. There was no dinner. She wanted to leave. He stood between her and the door. He told her that her career and future depended on her having sex with him. He didn't use a condom / X
Donald Trump is a sleazy predator who coerced Stormy Daniels into bed ... Little Donny Fuckface imagines himself to be a lot of things he's not. he's a low-wattage imbecile who thinks he's the smartest person who ever lived. he's a lifelong failure who believes he's the savviest businessman ever. he's an out-of-shape slug who pictures himself to be the apex of masculinity.
The Stormy Daniels Testimony Spotlights Trump's Misogyny : politics

Kind of rapey - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge Cannon Postpones Trump Case Citing Backlog Of Motions She Failed To Rule On : politics

'Looks Like S**t': Trump Loses It In Unhinged Nighttime Rant At Cable News Host : politics

Donald Trump lashes out at Judge Merchan over prison threat : politics

Trump promised to scrap climate laws if US oil bosses donated $1bn - report : politics
Trump Flaunts His Corruption | The former president's shakedown of oil executives may not have been illegal, but it is undeniably scandalous : politics
Trump to Big Oil Execs: Give Me $1 Billion and I'll Help You Wreck the Planet | "You won't read a more important story today," said one commentator. "Trump is willing to literally destroy the planet for $1 billion." : politics

Trump gets Barron's age wrong when asked about his youngest son's convention role : politics

Maricopa County Republicans censured the AZ Supreme Court because it rejected election lawsuits : politics ... This is like the local Scout troop censuring a nearby bowling league.

Conservative group FreedomWorks shutting down, citing Trump effect : politics .. After Trump won, a "huge gap" opened between the company's libertarian principles and the MAGA ideologies of its members, he said.

DOJ 'Stonewalling' House Ethics Committee Probe of Matt Gaetz - The feds are refusing to turn over relevant information to lawmakers as they investigate the Florida congressman, according to two sources. : politics
Businessman pleads guilty in $25M extortion attempt of Matt Gaetz's father - POLITICO

Ron DeSantis's Florida sues Biden admin for right to deny trans people gender-affirming care. The state is also currently suing for the right to discriminate against trans kids in schools. : politics

RFK Jr.'s new campaign hire appears to have been at the Capitol on Jan. 6 : politics
Brain worms, no metaphor this time - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... RFK is trying to sell himself as the young vibrant alternative to Biden and Trump, which is striking given that, besides the whole literal brain worm thing, he would be the oldest person elected president prior to Biden himself.

House quickly rejects Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's effort to remove Speaker Johnson from office - The Boston Globe - An overwhelming majority, 359-43, kept Johnson in his job, for now. It's the second time in a matter of months that Republicans have tried to oust their own speaker, an unheard of level of party turmoil with a move rarely seen in U.S. history.
Marjorie Taylor Greene's Motion to Oust Mike Johnson Goes Down in Flames : politics ... I like how they're claiming she's gone off the deep end now, when she started from a place of evil Jewlumminati banks started the California wild fires as part of their environmental agenda lol
House overwhelmingly unites against Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics
GOP rep: Greene has clearly gone off the deep end : politics
Marjorie Taylor Greene Finally Got What She Deserved: Defeat : politics

Donald Trump loses battleground state poll for first time in six months : politics

Donald Trump suffers huge vote against him in Indiana primary : politics

Michigan Republican unseated after losing to Democrat by 20 points : politics ... Donald Trump won the county with 60 percent of the vote in 2020. Wow. You love to see it.

Squad Rep's YouTube Page Is a Conspiracy Theorist's Dream : worldnews ... "BLACKS ARE THE TRUE J£WS [sic]." (lb sign)

A teacher spoke out against offering 'opposing' views on the Holocaust. It derailed her career. : politics

Missouri bill to ban all child marriages runs into resistance from House Republicans : politics

Kristi Noem Bailed on Fox News Because of Snow. So They Nuked Her. : politics

Larry Hogan's chances of flipping Maryland Senate seat, according to polls : politics

New bill would place restrictions on DeJoy's USPS reform efforts | USPS is stripping rural America of reliable service without legitimate justification, senator says. : politics

Recreational marijuana backers try to overcome rocky history in South Dakota : politics

Tesla exec resigns, says company has "taken its pound of flesh" as recent layoffs "are rocking the company and its morale" : technology

John Maynard Keynes, “Economic Possibilities for our Grandchildren (1930),” in Essays in Persuasion (New York: Harcourt Brace, 1932), 358-373

The Nation's First Woman Senator Was a Virulent White Supremacist | Smithsonian - In 1922, Rebecca Latimer Felton, a Georgia women's rights activist and lynching proponent, temporarily filled a dead man's Senate seat - Illustration of Rebecca Latimer Felton with text of newspaper articles about her white supremacist views overlaid on top

What's your favorite "Wow, I didn't see that one coming" from a relative/friend? : AskReddit

Inside L.A.'s greatest family feud: Warring brothers. Billions at stake - Los Angeles Times

'I didn't say it was valid' : Johnson County sheriff admits he didn't have signed warrant : politics

Wi-Fi jamming attacks: How they affect your smart home security | TechHive

Surviving UFO Acceleration by Controlled Time Dilation | by Alexandre Kassiantchouk Ph.D. | Time Matters | Medium

The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness: Haidt, Jonathan: 9780593655030: Books

Google helps Harvard scientists map the human brain

ELI5: What exactly carries a radio signal through a vacuum if there's no particles to experience a change in an electric field? : explainlikeimfive

New research provides insight into how belief in the QAnon conspiracy theory can strain interpersonal relationships. The qualitative study reveals how followers' deep entrenchment in QAnon can alienate their loved ones, leading to reduced communication and often the breakdown of relationships. : science

TIL that menstruation is actually very rare in mammals. Other than humans, only 9 primate species, 4 bat species, the elephant shrew, and one species of mouse menstruate. All other female mammals reabsorb their uterine lining, rather than shed it : todayilearned

Men of Reddit, what's one stereotype about masculinity that you wish would disappear, and how does it affect your life? : AskReddit

How To Make French Toast Even Better than the Diner Pay close attention and you'll always have the French toast you deserve.

What's something you keep in your car "just in case"? : AskReddit

Karen Read trial: Follow testimony Thursday with live updates

In closed-door budget process, Mass. House leaders scored big -- House leaders tucked dozens of their own earmarks into sweeping budget amendments assembled in private
Mass. House budget: See your town's earmarks

Nantucket short-term rental measure is voted down Measure to broadly legalize short-term rentals on the island was voted down at Town Meeting. Now what? ... Nantucket residents voted down a broad legalization of short-term rentals Tuesday, sparking what will likely be yet another round of debate in the multiyear saga over the right of homeowners to lease out their property to tourists on the island.

Cambridge bans drivers from going right on red - NBC Boston If you are driving or biking in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you can no longer legally go right on red at any intersection in the city



Opinion | Solar storms aren't the apocalypse. But Earth should prepare now. - Washington Post

There Is No Way Out for Europe. | by B | Medium Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder

UN expert attacks 'exploitative' world economy in fight to save planet : worldnews

Why Half of Humanity Lives in This Circle | by Tomas Pueyo | Medium More than 50% of the world's population lives in this circle. Do you think it's a coincidence?

In photos: The scene after a deadly tornado strike Oklahoma - The Washington Post

Australia has accused a Chinese fighter jet of firing flares into the path of a naval helicopter last weekend over international waters of the Yellow Sea, an action that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese blasted as "completely unacceptable." : worldnews
NSW police to be given powers to search people for knives with no warrant under new proposal : worldnews
Knife and Sword Laws in Australia

Japan, Germany may hold 1st joint land force exercise next year : worldnews

Knife attack at Chinese hospital kills 2 and injures 21 : worldnews
Xi Says China Will 'Never Forget' the US Bombing of Its Embassy : worldnews

Putin inaugurated as president for fifth term with Russia under tight grip : worldnews
'Tsar' Putin tells the West: Russia will talk only on equal terms : worldnews ... and with "on equal terms" he means: We want to keep everything that we have illegally annexed and all our other demands must be met otherwise Russia will collapse and we will have to destroy the world.

Russia vetoes UN resolution to ban nuclear weapons in space, instead seeks ban on all celestial weaponry : worldnews

Russian army has already lost 475,300 invaders in Ukraine : worldnews ... Western estimates are at 500K casualties, 150K KIA

The Alleged LockBit Ransomware Mastermind Has Been Identified As a Russian National : worldnews

US Army sergeant arrested in Russia accused of theft : worldnews
US soldier detained in Russia, White House confirms : worldnews

Reuters: Half of North Korean missiles fired by Russia blow up in mid-air : worldnews

India's Hindu nationalists are petitioning courts to tear down mosques and replace them with temples : worldnews

At least 11 people still alive under building collapse rubble, South African officials say : worldnews

Jewish businessman's murder in Egypt being reviewed by Foreign Ministry : worldnews

Opinion | When the Israel-Gaza war ends, what will the future look like? - The Washington Post

(1) Lazar Berman on X: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer and other top Israeli officials will meet with CIA chief William Burns at 1:30 p.m. today amid intensive efforts to hammer out a hostage deal with Hamas. / X
Biden officials "outraged" over Hamas response to Hostage talks - I24NEWS : worldnews
Hamas's Offer to Hand Over 33 Hostages Includes Some Who Are Dead : worldnews
Palestinians report tanks have entered East Rafah after War Cabinet gives operation go-ahead : worldnews
(1) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X The Israeli military confirms that its 401st Armored Brigade captured the Gazan side of Rafah Crossing this morning. The crossing with Egypt is now disconnected from the Salah a-Din road in eastern Rafah, which was separately captured by the Givati Brigade in the overnight / X

US knew of mediators' altered proposal to Hamas, did not inform Israel -- report : worldnews
US CIA director to travel to Israel on Wednesday for talks with Netanyahu - The Jerusalem Post
Benjamin Netanyahu says Hamas hostage deal does not meet Israel's needs : worldnews
Opinion | Ann Telnaes cartoon on Israel closing Al Jazeera's operations there. - The Washington Post Netanyahu shuts down Al Jazeera over Gaza war coverage

Israel going ahead with Rafah operation as hostage talks continue, Netanyahu says : worldnews
Israeli forces say they have operational control of Palestinian side of Rafah crossing in Gaza : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread #48) : worldnews

Ukraine Says It Arrested Two in Zelenskiy Assassination Plot - Bloomberg - Two colonels were part of a special unit protecting officials - Zelenskiy has claimed to have survived several plot attempts
Russian plot to kill Zelensky foiled, Kyiv says : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 804, Part 1 (Thread #950) : worldnews

Russian Mangust-class vessel destroyed in Crimea, military intelligence says : worldnews

Europe's election campaigns are under the constant threat of foreign interference : worldnews

Former Greens leader (Finland) attended Russian seminar justifying war in Ukraine : worldnews
Finland storing military equipment in Norway, Sweden : worldnews

Bugging equipment found in room where Polish government was to meet : worldnews

Hungary and Serbia's autocratic leaders to roll out red carpet for China's Xi during Europe tour : worldnews

Slovakia hit by wave of bomb threats : worldnews
More than 1,300 bomb threats received by schools across Slovakia Slovakia hit by wave of bomb threats

Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate during Auschwitz March of the Living : worldnews
Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate during Auschwitz March of the Living Israeli participant in the march says Jews again receive 'blow to the head on cursed Auschwitz ground'; survivor says marchers must be allowed to unite with memory of victims of Holocaust and Hamas massacre

Rheinmetall CEO, Armin Papperger, reports that the company will not only deliver hundreds of thousands of artillery shells to Ukraine this year, but also some prototype shells which have a range of 100 km. : worldnews
Pro-Palestinian protest in Amsterdam turns violent after student rally halted : worldnews
Police break up pro-Palestinian demos in Amsterdam, Berlin : worldnews
German investigators have searched the offices of far-right EU lawmaker Maximilian Krah in Brussels. Prosecutors say the searches are in connection with suspected espionage by a former aide accused of working for China : worldnews

'Taboo': French women speak out on rapes by US soldiers during WWII : worldnews
crippled_bastard comments on Taboo: French women speak out on rapes by US soldiers during WWII

Russia threatens Britain with retaliation if involvement in Ukraine war deepens : worldnews
China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns | Politics News | Sky News MPs will be told of a massive data breach involving the Ministry of Defence later today, targeting service personnel.
MoD data breach: China suspected of UK armed forces payroll hack : worldnews
China hacked Ministry of Defence, Sky News learns : worldnews

India forced meeting about Sikh activists by keeping Trudeau's plane in air during 2018 trip : worldnews

Columbia University cancels main commencement after weeks of protests - The Washington Post The announcement marked the latest disruption at a school roiled by weeks of pro-Palestinian protests and a police response that led to dozens of arrests.

Opinion | Jerry Nadler: Why a Jewish lawmaker voted against an antisemitism bill - The Washington Post - Combating antisemitism is vital. The bill the House just passed is the wrong way to do it.

The Trump Cases : What Stormy Daniels said happened in Trump's hotel suite, from the transcript - Despite objections from Donald Trump's attorneys, adult-film actress Daniels shared details of the alleged sexual encounter in the New York hush money trial.
Stormy Daniels testifies about alleged sexual encounter with Trump - The Washington Post - Judge expresses alarm at Trump's cursing amid disturbing testimony about sex.
Opinion | Stormy Daniels testimony gives Trump a taste of this own medicine - The Washington Post - As Stormy Daniels testified in the hush money case, Trump's angry response was unmistakable.
Stormy Daniels testifies that her obviously false denial was false - The Washington Post In early 2018, Daniels released a carefully worded statement denying an "affair" with Trump. Soon after its release and again Tuesday under oath, she said that the claims she made in that statement were false.

Trump's classified documents trial blown apart by Judge Aileen Cannon - The Washington Post Judge Aileen Cannon, the Trump appointee in charge of the Florida prosecution, has repeatedly given Trump's team exactly what it wants. His fans have noticed.

RFK Jr's history lesson on Russia's invasion of Ukraine flunks the fact test - The Washington Post - A line-by-line dissection shows he's often echoing Russian talking points.
RFK Jr. says he had parasitic brain worm and undisclosed memory loss - The Washington Post - Kennedy's campaign spokeswoman said he contracted a parasite years ago while traveling "extensively in Africa, South America and Asia in his work as an environmental advocate."

Why conservative media is suddenly turning on Kristi Noem - The Washington Post The Trump-era right wing has proved it will put up with plenty -- until it decides you're a political liability.

In Arizona, election workers trained with deepfakes to prepare for 2024 - The Washington Post "By the end of the second day, you're like: Trust no one," said one county recorder who completed the training.

Opinion | Brittney Griner: How Russia threw me in prison - The Washington Post undefined

Red Herrings, Transhumanism and well ... Pitchforks

New York governor said Black kids in the Bronx do not know the word 'computer' | Kathy Hochul | The Guardian Kathy Hochul made comment at California conference to showcase upstate AI center before apologizing on Monday night

What does an AR-15 do to a human body? A visual examination of the deadly damage. - Washington Post

How the FBI Destroyed the Careers of 41 Women in TV and Radio At the dawn of the Cold War era, dozens of progressive women working in radio and television were placed on a media blacklist and forced from their industry. Carol Stabile explores this shameful period in American history.

Project Azorian: The CIA's Quest to Steal a Soviet Submarine Inside the CIA s Quest to Steal a Soviet Sub Filled With Cold War Secrets -- Known as one of the "greatest intelligence coups of the Cold War," the project was highly ambitious - and shrouded in secrecy. By Tim Newcomb - Published: May 2, 2024

Inside the Uvalde Response | FRONTLINE

Voigt's resignation sparked a heavy reaction on social media, with many pointing out that the first letters of her first 11 sentences of her resignation post spelled out "I AM SILENCED," though it's unclear what that means, or if it's a coincidence ...
Indy Star bars Gregg Doyel from covering Caitlin Clark's games - The Washington Post Gregg Doyel, a longtime voice at the newspaper, will not be allowed to cover the Indiana Fever.
Star's Gregg Doyel has been suspended; will not cover any Fever games live at the fieldhouse after Caitlin Clark controversy His last column was April 29; he hasn't written a word since then despite the fact the Pacers are in the playoffs against the Knicks.

Apocalypticism Explained | Apocalypse! FRONTLINE | PBS | the Book of Revelation
Apocalypticism Explained | Apocalypse! FRONTLINE | PBS | The Book of Daniel

Parishes turmoil as traditionalism sweeps US Catholic Church | AP News

The Yale Review | Merve Emre: An Interview with Rachel Cusk The novelist on the "feminine non-state of non-being"

Do You Have an "Emotionally Immature Parent"? How a Nine-Year-Old Book Found a New, Younger Audience Therapist Lindsay Gibson's 2015 book has sold over a million copies and its message has soared on social media. What does it mean?

The Polyamorous Christian Socialist Utopia That Made Silverware for Proper Americans Oneida Limited actually emerged from a 19th-century polyamorous communist Christian utopia known as the Oneida Community.

I Read Everything Elon Musk Posted for a Week. Send Help. - Mother Jones - If your media diet looked like his, you'd be red-pilled too.

Naomi Watts and trans daughter Kai Schreiber light up Dior event
56 celebrities you didn't know are gay, bisexual or lesbian

Documenting Police Use of Force | FRONTLINE

How Married Couples Navigate Sexless Relationships - The New York Times - Amanda Montei, a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, spoke to more than 30 married people for whom sex is not essential.
Can a Sexless Marriage Be a Happy One? - The New York Times Experts and couples are challenging the conventional wisdom that sex is essential to relationships.

A 20-Person Polycule on Boundaries, Relationships and Intimacy - The New York Times - Lessons From a 20-Person Polycule - How they set boundaries, navigate jealousy, wingman their spouses and foster community.

The Yale Review | Anna Shechtman: "Life in the Algorithm" It has reshaped culture -- but how? Two new books reckon with our digital predicament.
The Yale Review | Catherine Nicholson: On Ramie Targoff's A new book celebrates -- and sells short -- Shakespeare's sisters

Quanta Magazine A group of prominent biologists and philosophers announced a new consensus: There's 'a realistic possibility' that insects, octopuses, crustaceans, fish and other overlooked animals experience consciousness.

Is the Law of Conservation of Energy Cancelled? Maybe energy can be created and destroyed, or maybe the notion doesn't quite make sense.

Quantum Questions Inspire New Math In order to fully understand the quantum world, we may have to develop a new realm of mathematics.
A pair of Calabi-Yau manifolds as an exactly soluble superconformal theory - ScienceDirect
On Landau-Ginzburg systems, quivers and monodromy - ScienceDirect

The big idea that our Universe is a hologram - Big Think Holograms preserve all of an object's 3D information, but on a 2D surface. Could the holographic Universe idea lead us to higher dimensions?

The Simple Idea Behind Einstein's Greatest Discoveries -- Behind Einstein's theory of gravity and our understanding of particle physics is the deceptively simple idea of symmetry. But physicists are questioning if focusing on symmetry is as productive as it once was.

This Physicist's Ideas of Time Will Blow Your Mind Is time only in our head?

The Science of Frozen Heads: How the First Cryonic Brains Will Rise Again Futurists, including some medical doctors, are signing up to be decapitated - and then have their brains frozen. But without a body, what will their minds become?

11 Most Endangered Historic Places' list includes Eatonville, Fla. : NPR

The 7 Best Countertop Ice Makers of 2024 - Portable Ice Machines

What the Science Really Says About The Health Benefits Of Freezing Bread - The actual health effects are not nearly as significant as they've been made out to be.

Bitter pills: The Daily Wire suggests its new vitamins will boost sperm counts and fight "wokeness" | Media Matters for America ... latest venture tries to cash in on fear of trans people and drag queens


Fish are getting smaller in warmer waters, but no one can agree why - The Washington Post Figuring out the reason why has big implications, with billions of people depending on seafood for protein.

CIA director heads to Qatar amid "near collapse" of hostage deal - I24NEWS : worldnews

U.S. put a hold on an ammunition shipment to Israel : worldnews

Latest Israel-Hamas war news and Gaza conflict updates - The Washington Post Hamas claims credit for a mortar attack on the Kerem Shalom border crossing, as its officials depart cease-fire negotiations in Cairo and Al Jazeera's offices in Israel are closed down.

Hamas says latest cease-fire talks have ended. Israel vows military operation in 'very near future' : worldnews

Ship with 400 tons of food aid destined for Gaza has left Cyprus : worldnews

NATO defines 'red lines' for Ukraine's entry into war with Russia : worldnews
Ukraine Plans Counteroffensive in 2025 with $61 Billion US Military Aid, Sullivan Says : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 802, Part 1 (Thread #948) : worldnews
(1) Andrew Perpetua on X: "Here are the losses I could identify today. Sorry about the prior post, I accidentally didn't export them all.

(1) Special Kherson Cat on X: "Russian boat full of infantry hits an anti-landing mine "YaRM" which was installed by drone operators of the 123rd TD Brigade. Somewhere in the Dnipro river, Kherson region / X

Ukraine Is Using a Weapon From Dungeons and Dragons to Wreak Havoc on Russian Trucks Ancient spikes from the past find new life in the sky, leaving invaders with nowhere to turn.

Man charged after bodies found in search for missing surfers, Mexican officials say - The Washington Post American Carter Rhoad, and Australian brothers Jake and Callum Robinson were on a surfing trip when they were reported missing in late April.
Everything you know about Cinco de Mayo is wrong - The Washington Post - It's actually a celebration of a Mexican military victory over the French ... . Mexico won the battle but would ultimately live under French rule for years ... "The holiday wasn't created in Mexico, it was created in the United States by Latinos living in the United States,"

Service to America Me dals honor feds amid political hostility - The Washington Post - Public Service Recognition Week honors federal workers amid increasing hostility from the right.

Russian ratfucking in 2016 was hugely consequential - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This also was the only point at which elite Republicans seriously considered abandoning Trump. What bailed Trump out, of course, was the intervention of Russian intelligence and Julian Assange: ... And it's also important to observe here that the media treating "Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault on a live mic" and a bunch of stories like "Chelsea Clinton did not have a high opinion of David Brock" as scandals of roughly similar importance is not inevitable, but was a choice the nation's elite political press made. Which needless to say is why they also have serious incentives to downplay the impact of Russian ratcuking - they were, after all, willful collaborators.

Politico Report Details Strange Rollout of January 6 Documentary 'The Sixth' - I'm used to efforts to whitewash American history, but this just doesn't smell right. Hell, we're arguing about that all over the country right now. But this is different. This is an attempt to apply the ancient historical principle of "Who you gonna believe, me or your own lying eyes?" to something we all saw on television. And the stakes are immeasurable. We can't afford the narcotic of historical amnesia this time

Latest updates on Pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses - The Washington Post - Schools continue to grapple with balancing students' free speech rights and maintaining an amicable atmosphere ahead of graduation ceremonies.
25 Pro-Palestinian demonstrators arrested after U-Va. calls in Virginia police - The Washington Post Virginia State Police used pepper spray to disperse demonstrators and help clear an encampment in Charlottesville.

College protests at Emerson mean criticism for school president

There are outside agitators in these protests, but they're not on campus - The Boston Globe Sorting through an impossibly tangled issue, in a moment with no room for complexity

America's chaotic news hasn't stopped: Trump trial, college protests and more - The Washington Post - Americans have been thrust under a cloud of chaos that seems to thicken with every breaking-news alert. And there is seemingly no relief ahead ... Unemployment is at its lowest level in decades, yet voters continue to register their displeasure with President Biden's handling of the economy.

Campuses are wrestling with the politics of war. So are we. - The Washington Post
What's Really Happening on College Campuses, According to Student Journalists - POLITICO

President of Harvard says college protest students to be put on involuntary leave if they don't vacate Harvard Yard
Boston-area protests support each other - and draw outside groups

Authoritarians love state violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Recognizing state violence as violence isn't just some academic point: The question, "should the administration use police violence to break up a demonstration?" sounds quite different than the question of whether "should the police be called in to enforce law and order?" For one thing, it makes it far less likely that people who aren't conscious authoritarians will think that the answer should be yes.
SIUE Professor Hospitalized After Arrest at Wash U Steve Tamari said he was "body slammed and crushed" and then dragged across campus
(1) Sandra Tamari on X: "I was arrested at the Gaza encampment at Washington University in St. Louis on Sat. My husband, a 65-year old full professor at S Illinois Univ Edwardsville, was brutally beaten by police. Here is the video of his arrest. He's wearing the yellow jacket. / X

NYC Mayor Smears Grandmother as Columbia "Outside Agitator" to Justify NYPD Assault on Columbia - Nahla Al-Arian lost more than 200 relatives in Israel's attacks on Gaza. Then Eric Adams said she was the reason police raided Columbia.
Gottheimer, Lawler, University Trustees Agree: FBI Should Investigate Campus Protests The bipartisan duo also praised schools that brought in police to violently quell protests and connected the demonstrations to the TikTok ban.

Professors Nationwide Defend Protesting Students as Politicians, Police Attack From UCLA to Columbia, Professors Nationwide Defend Students as Politicians and Police Attack University faculty have put their bodies and livelihoods on the line amid a brutal, violent response to student protests for Gaza.

Opinion | Ann Telnaes cartoon on state abortion laws - The Washington Post - State laws measure if a woman is close enough to death for an abortion
Opinion | Nick Anderson cartoon on free speech at Texas college campuses - The Washington Post
Opinion | Michael Ramirez cartoon on inflation under President Biden. - The Washington Post

Opinion | Amy Coney Barrett continues to surprise - The Washington Post Benchmarked against her conservative colleagues, Justice Barrett has been a pleasant surprise.
Justice Amy Coney Barrett Is No Hero, Especially After Abortion Ruling I Hate to Harsh Anyone's Mellow, but Justice Amy Coney Barrett Is Not Some Kind of Hero - I'm thinking in particular of The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus, who finds hope in Barrett's brief walk-on role as Not Insane Person in the dramas of the moment.

Checking in on the new Republican populism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump told his rich supporters that Democrats have an unfair advantage because they support labor and Social Security:

Denial and uncertainty are looming over a Biden-Trump rematch 6 months out from Election Day - The Boston Globe - It's six months before Election Day, and Joe Biden and Donald Trump are locked in a presidential rematch

Trump can testify in hush-money case despite gag order, judge says - "The order restricting extrajudicial statements does not prevent you from testifying in any way," Merchan said in court in New York, adding that the order does not limit what Trump says on the witness stand.

Top RNC lawyer resigns after rift grows with Trump - The Washington Post - The former president was angered by Charlie Spies's criticism of his false 2020 election-fraud claims.
RNC's Top Lawyer, With Ties to DeSantis, Pushed Out ... He was liked by Trump's top advisers, who orchestrated his hiring even though they knew he was skeptical of Trump's false claims of a stolen election.

Tim Scott auditions for vice presidency by refusing to say he would accept the election result if Trump loses - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - Lawyers, Guns & Money Among all the politicians on the left wing of the contemporary Democratic party, it's been evident for some time that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most talented, especially in terms of being able to combine ideological passion with an all too rare commitment to pragmatic considerations. This portrait suggests that she may well rise to the top of the party in a foreseeable future:

Kristi Noem just won't stop talking about killing her dog - The Washington Post - The South Dakota governor recounted the episode to show that she is tough enough to face "difficult, messy and ugly" tasks. But many in both parties are horrified ... As the saying goes, if you find yourself in a hole, stop murdering your puppy - and stop digging

Opinion | Why Arizona's conspiracy case against Trump allies matters - The Washington Post

AIPAC Is Secretly Intervening in Portland's Congressional Race The pro-Israel group is funneling money through a "pro-science" PAC, according to two members of Congress.

A small piece of paper, it carries a lot of weight - Lawyers, Guns & Money I noted with much amusement Scott's post revealing that Ben Sasse is paying McKinsey nearly five million dollars to develop a "vision" for the University of Florida. What can a bunch of 25-year-old newly minted MBAs tell the University of Florida about its "vision," other than it should probably try to envision not spending more money than it's going to bring in? ... Shortly afterwards, a proactive synergistic visionary named Laura Rosenbury became dean, and things started to change ... a lot ... Rosenbury was obsessed with improving the law school's ranking in the idiotic US News tables. (and Barnard is run by idiots and fools that hired this idiot)

With Kentucky Derby photo finish, Sierra Leone trainer Chad Brown sees another tough loss - The Washington Post Chad Brown said of Sierra Leone, the colt Mystik Dan beat by a nose in the 2024 Kentucky Derby: “In my mind, he ran the best race.”

N.H. lawmakers OK ban on marriage before 18, no exceptions Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill in 2018 raising New Hampshire's minimum marriage age to 16 -- up from 13 for girls and 14 for boys. This bill raises that threshold to 18, no exceptions. (West Virgina of New England)
N.H. lawmaker opposes new marriage bill, says teens are of 'ripe, fertile' age -

Brittney Griner Coming Home Excerpt on Russian Imprisonment | TIME

Ty'ah Settles, 3-year-old killed in D.C., shooting loved french fries, painting - The Washington Post Ty'ah Settles was riding in a car that got caught in the crossfire of a gun battle, police said. She was the city's youngest homicide victim this yea

The Missing Piece of the D.B. Cooper Story - Many saw flight attendant Tina Mucklow as the key to the mysterious skyjacking. But does her story hold the answers?

Opinion | Why you should have at least four children - The Washington Post ... Studies show that more parental control yields more anxiety and depression. Children who have more independent play not only have a lot of fun but also get to develop "capacities for coping with life's inevitable stressors." ... while mothers of three were more stressed than moms of one or two, mothers of four were less stressed ... a Norwegian study of 114,500 children that found that those in larger households had better mental health

Why does my child remember being someone else? - The Washington Post - The children who remember their past lives - What happens when your toddler is haunted by memories that aren't hers? ... since the 1960s, more than 2,200 children from across the world have described apparent recollections from a previous life, all documented in a database maintained by the Division of Perceptual Studies within the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine ... Yet Nina has also been a source of joy for Aija - a companion of sorts, whose presence has infused moments of her early childhood with a gentle, delicate charm.
Advice to Parents of Children who are Spontaneously Recalling Past Life Memories - Division of Perceptual Studies

Jack London, Martin Eden and the liberal education in US life | Aeon Essays - Do liberal arts liberate? - In Jack London's novel, Martin Eden personifies debates still raging over the role and purpose of education in American life

My Father's Fanatical Feud With the Bullies Next Door Became an All-Out War When the neighbor boys harassed me, my dad grabbed his rifle and set booby traps. Cops were called. Death threats were made. One thing was certain: He would never let them win.

How did America become the nation of credit cards? | Aeon Essays Americans have always borrowed, but how exactly did their lives become so entangled with the power of plastic cards?

Why You Can't Get a Restaurant Reservation | The New Yorker How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out.

Where Are All the Three-Bedroom Apartments?

A deepfake porn victim confronts the pain of having her likeness stolen and vandalised | Aeon Videos

Dua Lipa teaches viewers how to look on the bright side in 'Saturday Night Live' monologue - The Boston Globe

Twins Behind 'Ulterior Motives' Lost Media Track Tease Lost Eighties Album After moving to L.A. in the 1980s, Christopher and Philip Booth broke into the movie business by scoring adult films - and one of their tracks went viral decades later

America fell for guns recently, and for reasons you will not guess | Aeon Essays - The US today has extraordinary levels of gun ownership. But to see this as a venerable tradition is to misread history
Registration | Giffords | Firearm registration systems are a useful method of curbing illegal gun activity and encouraging responsible gun practices.

Why are witchcraft accusations so common across human societies? | Aeon Videos

Frank Stella dies; Malden native was legendary artist
Confined by early praise, Frank Stella found freedom in extravagance - The Washington Post The artist, who died Saturday, was hailed in his 20s by an establishment fixated on abstraction and purity. He spent the rest of his career producing work that repudiated those limits.
Frank Stella, the Indian bird maquettes : [exhibition] the Museum of Modern Art, New York, March 12-May 1, 1979

I Understand Thee, and Can Speak Thy Tongue: California Unlocks Shakespeare's Gibberish | Los Angeles Review of Books

Lost in a world of words: Outmoded methods of reading instruction leave Mass. students struggling

How socioeconomic equalisation generates new ideas of balance | Aeon Essays - In the Middle Ages, a new sense of balance fundamentally altered our understanding of nature and society

Arthur Erickson - The celebrated architect who took inspiration from sitting, waiting and contemplating | Aeon Videos

True Life: I Called Off My Wedding | Los Angeles Review of Books

This Trait Could Be Key to a Lasting Romance If you're having issues with your partner, one of you might need a nice dose of humility.

The Unusual Language That Linguists Thought Couldn't Exist -- A new sign language is developing in the Negev desert and it's catching linguists off-guard ... Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language (ABSL) is a new sign language emerging in a village with high rates of inherited deafness in Israel's Negev Desert.

Red Lobster Bankruptcy: Wall Street Wrecked the Chain, Not Endless Shrimp Endless Shrimp didn't sink the seafood chain. Wall Street did.

An Effortless Way to Improve Your Memory - A surprisingly potent technique can boost your short and long-term recall - and it appears to help everyone from students to Alzheimer's patient ... Although it's already well known that we should pace our studies, new research suggests that we should aim for "minimal interference" during these breaks - deliberately avoiding any activity that could tamper with the delicate task of memory formation.

Agent Orange exposure damages brain similar to Alzheimer's, Brown University study says The long-term impact of exposure on the brain has been a mystery. A new study at Brown University reveals a link between the herbicide and certain aging-associated diseases.

The Ancient Math That Sets the Date of Easter and Passover Why don't the two holidays always coincide? It is, to some degree, the moon's fault.

Quanta Magazine -- AI Starts to Sift Through String Theory's Near-Endless Possibilities -- Using machine learning, string theorists are finally showing how microscopic configurations of extra dimensions translate into sets of elementary particles - though not yet those of our universe.

Tiny, entangled universes that form or fizzle out - a theory of the quantum multiverse | Aeon Videos

Why do the building blocks of life possess a mysterious symmetry? | Aeon Videos
Crackling Chirality : with Dimitar Sasselov and S. Furkan Ozturk, Harvard University

The history of astronomy is a history of conjuring intelligent life where it isn't | Aeon Videos

As grocery prices rise, local nonprofits aim to combat food insecurity Grocery costs are higher than ever. That means big demand for food assistance nonprofits. The Greater Boston Food Bank now serves more than double the number of people it did pre-pandemic

Blue Note photos of jazz greats on display at Boston's Boch Center The famed jazz label is celebrated at the Folk Americana Roots Hall of Fame at the Boch Center

The Fat Greek, a Haverhill original, adds heft to the East Arlington fast-casual scene - The Boston Globe - Enjoy a saucy gyro, fries, and loukoumades.

Manchester, N.H., woman accused of speeding with unbuckled kids - Manchester woman was arrested Friday night after she allegedly drove an SUV at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour while weaving through traffic with her two small children riding unbuckled inside the vehicle, officials said.


As sea level rise accelerates, Boston is 'deep into overtime' to build coastal protections by 2030 -- As sea level rise accelerates, Boston needs to do more, quickly -- Sea level rise in Boston broke a record in 2023. It's expected to get worse soon.

Egypt progress truce talks as Israel downplays end to war with Hamas Egyptian state media say a Hamas delegation arrived in Cairo and that there has been "noticeable progress" in cease-fire talks with Israel, though an Israeli official downplayed the prospects for a full end to the war

Why 10/7 Was Successful for Hamas - Lawyers, Guns & Money ...All Israel is doing is hurting itself internationally and creating new generations of younger people in the Islamic world and otherwise who hate it. In this, Hamas is hugely victorious.
Hamas May Be Winning, but Palestinians Are Losing - Lawyers, Guns & Money

In Amsterdam, floating homes show the world how to live alongside nature - Washington Post

The Kids Are Alright - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Pritchett was the sheriff in Albany, Georgia who shut down the town's integration campaign in 1962 through peacefully arresting everyone, giving the media nothing to talk about, and taking their easily bored attention away from the movement. King realized what happened and so specifically chose Birmingham in 1963 because he knew that Connor was too stupid and violent to do that. It worked. King walked into Birmingham specifically to incite violence. Think of this too - King and Ralph Abernathy and Fred Shuttlesworth and all these leaders planned the children's march in Birmingham specifically knowing that kids would likely die and that only the blood of children would gain the national attention necessary to push for what became the Civil Rights Act. This was a sacrifice they were willing and even perhaps eager to make ... The administrations could have handled this in the peaceful way, such as happened at Brown. But with university presidents totally under the thumb of right-wing rich donors, they decided to do the Bull Connor thing and make it all worse. Great job! ... I don't know, it seems to me that a quasi-fascist ethno-nationalist government supported engaging in ethnic cleansing if not genocide and killing tens of thousands of people seems to be a problem worth responding to, especially when Joe Biden supports it! ... What we should be doing is supporting students in their activism, not whining that they aren't doing it in our preferred way. I have no preferred way. Because what do I know about what is the right way? There's no historical evidence that suggests there is a right way. So stop whining about the protests and do something.

Those crazy spoiled college kids: an infinite series - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Friend of the blog Michael Hiltzik points to among other things the similarities between what's going on now on college campuses and what was happening 60 years ago in California, when the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley inadvertently jump-started the political career of a largely forgotten B-movie actor: ... Some university leaders may be trying to demonstrate a strong hand in managing their campuses, but the message they communicate is the opposite. "They look weak, they look mostly like they are appeasing hostile outsiders who have no intention of being appeased," Timothy Burke, a professor of history at Swarthmore College, has written.

A Generation of Distrust | The New Yorker Among the protesters on college campuses - and among the students who oppose them, too - there is a deepening disillusionment with American institutions.

Column: Calling the police on campus protests shows that college presidents haven't learned a thing since the 1960s ... The lessons should be obvious. Bringing police onto a college campus on the pretext of preserving or restoring "order" invariably makes things worse. It's almost always inspired not by conditions on campus, but by partisan pressure on university administrators to act. Often it results in the ouster of the university presidents who condoned the police incursions, and sometimes even in the departure of the politicians whose fingerprints were on the orders.

Decades after Kent State shooting, the tragic legacy shapes its activism - The Washington Post The university where 13 student protesters were killed or injured during the Vietnam War era worries that other schools have learned nothing from its history.

Whites Always Oppose Protest Movements, No Matter the Tactics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Cutting research ties with Israelis would harm free inquiry - Squelching collaborations with academics because of their national origin goes against the purpose of higher education.
American colleges and universities can help Palestinian students -- Palestinians have long been highly committed to education, but in recent months Gaza educational institutions have been destroyed. And that's where American colleges and universities can help.

Amid protests, university funds show few direct Israel, defense ties - The Washington Post School investments are targets of Pro-Palestinian groups calling for "divestment," even if the ties aren't always clear.

Under attack, DEI quietly transforms - The Washington Post Under mounting legal and political pressure, companies' DEI tactics are evolving ... . So instead of referring to DEI, Taylor switched to calling these efforts "IED," putting the focus on "inclusion" as DEI accrued cultural and political baggage ... He expects the language to keep changing in response to public attacks, especially those by high-profile figures like Elon Musk, who in January wrote on his social media platform X that "DEI is just another word for racism." (said the racist fucker)

Biden awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Another Boeing whistleblower dies - Lawyers, Guns & Money .. This paranoid thriller is getting more and more outlandish:
Whistleblower Josh Dean of Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems has died | The Seattle Times

Taxing the affluent - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Great Week for Workers - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Cracking Down on Anti-Union CEOs - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Taxing billionaires - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The reproductive care desert - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Trump/DeSantis ban on abortion that went into effect yesterday has bad consequences well beyond the borders of the state of Florida:
Asshole threatens to sue woman under Fugitive Uterus Act - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Collin Davis

Hey what if one or both of these old guys were to die all of a sudden? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What are the odds that Donald Trump, or Joe Biden, or one of the two of them, or both of them, die in the next six months, that is, prior to Election Day? And what are the odds that, assuming survival until then, each of them dies between January of 2025 and four years later? ... A funny thing about statistics is that this also translates into just a 1 in 1,315 chance that both of them die within the next six months. So the election is unlikely to be between Kamala Harris and Kristi Noem.

This group of Republicans is working to defend the legitimacy of US elections - The Boston Globe Republican officials who believe in the legitimacy of elections have formed a group that's pushing back on the election lies and conspiracy theories that have persuaded a large share of their party that elections can't be trusted

Hope Hicks takes the stand: 5 takeaways from Trump's criminal trial - The Boston Globe -- NEW YORK -- Gasps were heard in the overflow courtroom when Hope Hicks was called as a witness on Friday in former President Donald Trump's criminal trial in Manhattan, an audible sign of the anticipation as Trump's former press secretary and White House communications director took the stand. Her testimony ended the trial's third week in dramatic fashion.

Trump claims he's not allowed to testify in his own defense because of gag order - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump's trial gives behind-the-scenes look at how he managed bad media coverage - The Washington Post - Jurors in Donald Trump's historic trial in New York got the inside scoop on how a presidential campaign responds to unflattering news stories.

RFK Jr. campaign: Aides to Robert F. Kennedy senior reject long-shot presidential bid
Hive of grifters - Lawyers, Guns & Money It is unclear what political impact RFK Jr.'s ridiculous campaign will have, but one thing it will do is get a lot of cranks and cronies lucrative no-work jobs: ... Kennedy, 70 years old, has surrounded himself with aides and advisers who have little political experience and, in some instances, histories that might have raised eyebrows on other campaigns. Former staffers complained that some top officials are more focused on raising their own profiles than helping the candidate, among other concerns. As a result of the disorder, several people have quit.

Election 2024: RNC files lawsuit to block count of Nevada mail ballots (postmarked before cut-off but refucks will fuck you again)

Kristi Noem admits error of describing meeting North Korea's Kim Jong Un in new book

Wherever there isn't a cop beating a guy, look for me mama I'll be there - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The only good think I can say about Tom Cotton is that he continues to make James Bennet's strident apologists look like absolute clowns:
The Republicans Who Want American Carnage - The Atlantic - Calls for the National Guard to stop campus protests are not about safety. By Adam Serwer
We interrupt the martyrdom of James Bennet so Tom Cotton can call to bring in the stormtroopers again - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(1) Anna Merlan on X: "Every fancy opinion columnist needs their account locked until they can stop hyperventilating. They're not getting enough oxygen to their brains" / X ...
(1) Caitlin Flanagan on X: "Dear NYPD: Please, please, please arrest these faculty members." / X (Flanafucked)

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,611 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Rosa Parks, or more accurately the building where her grave resides, because it was locked when I was there.
Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,617 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the grave of Madeline L'Engle.

Andor Revisited - Lawyers, Guns & Money I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to sit down with long-time friend of the blog Jeffrey Dudas and Stephen Dyson on the UConnPopCast to talk about Andor and the Battle of Algiers.
Robert Farley on how "Andor" recreates "The Battle of Algiers" (and it works) - New Books Network
Andor: Star Wars Recreates the Battle of Algiers (And It Works) - 19FortyFive
Review: 'Andor' Makes 'Star Wars' Feel Dangerous Again
This 60-year-old movie EXPLAINS Andor! How Star Wars was shaped by the Battle of Algiers. - YouTube
Andor and "The Battle of Algiers" : StarWarsAndor ... Oh definitely The Battle of Algiers, along with John Sayles' Matewan about the mining strike/massacre. Syril's basically a Space Pinkerton. Also Ken Loach's The Wind that Shakes the Barley, especially because Tony Gilroy has said one of the inspirations for Maarva's funeral and uprising are IRA funerals
Review: The 'Andor' Finale Gives New Life to an Old Text Andor Radicalized the Hero's Journey The series took the world of Star Wars seriously, and in the process found new life within an old text.
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (film) - Wikipedia
Matewan - Wikipedia

The Boeing of sports apparel - Lawyers, Guns & Money .. Making quality products is becoming increasingly inconsistent with the dominant ethos of corporate America.

Finally, a book by somebody who became a reactionary crank when they got older and wealthier - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Then, she fell in love with former Timesopinion editor and writer Bari Weiss, to whom she is now married. Bowles grandiosely characterizes Weiss as a "known liberal dissident," as if she were a renegade in a Soviet prison - not a canny businesswoman who left the Times vocally but voluntarily in 2020 so as to earn a purported $800,000 from an aggrieved newsletter the following year.

A California man hid for 6 months in a secret room inside Circuit City - Jeffrey Manchester, who became known as 'Roofman,' lived a double life

Senior living homes won't pick up fallen residents, call 911 instead - The Washington Post Frustrated cities and states have begun fining facilities for nonemergency calls, but some just keep calling ... unfairly burden taxpayers and occupy firefighters with nonemergencies that should be handled by staff at facilities that charge residents as much as $7,000 a month.

Tesla retreat from EV charging leaves U.S. network in doubt - The Washington Post - Sudden layoffs this week left Tesla construction vendors uncertain whether to carry on with the charging projects they were building.

The Real Amazons: Separating Fact from Fiction - Recent discoveries have further strengthened the theory that female warriors among Scythian and other steppe cultures played a role in the Greek myths of Amazons
Amazon Warriors Did Indeed Fight and Die Like Men - Archaeology shows that these fierce women also smoked pot, got tattoos, killed -- and loved -- men.

How ancient Amazonians transformed a toxic crop into a diet staple - The Washington Post While nearly unknown in temperate climates, cassava is a key source of nutrition in the Southern Hemisphere. It was domesticated 10,000 years ago, on the southern margin of the Amazon basin in Brazil, and spread from there throughout the region.

An Astronomer Has Found the Hardest Evidence Yet for the Elusive Planet Nine We could be getting closer to solving the universe's biggest mystery.
A Remarkable New Thruster Could Achieve Escape Velocity- and Interplanetary Travel
What we actually know about aliens, according to science - The Washington Post
UFOs and Aliens Don't Necessarily Mean the Same Thing The discovery of aliens visiting Earth would be thrilling, but proving it hinges on finding solid evidence.

What's in a name? What changing your name does to your sense of self | Metro News

I'm a trans woman. Why are people obsessed with my vagina? | Metro News

Five Phrases That Make People Discount What You're Saying These common expressions can cause listeners to think twice.

Chakras: A Beginner's Guide to the 7 Chakras

Healey comfortable with police response at campus protests

Methuen police detective alleges decades of racist abuse


Sex work decriminalised in Queensland after decades of campaigning : worldnews

Mass fish die-off in Vietnam as heatwave roasts Southeast Asia : worldnews

Japan whaling industry embarks on new era with cutting-edge 'mother ship' | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News : worldnews

Taiwan reports second Chinese combat patrol in a week : worldnews

Inside Shogun: How special effects brought 17th-century feudal Japan to vivid life | Ars Technica VFX producer Michael Cliett on the importance of historical accuracy in the show's VFX.

(1) Ademola Oduola on X: "KIM JONG UN Kim Jong Un born 8 January 1982, 1983 or 1984) is a North Korean politician who has been the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) since 2012. He is the third son of Kim Jong Il, who was the second supreme leader… / X

China declines to meet with US on nuclear arms control, US official says : worldnews
Death toll rises to 48 in China highway collapse : worldnews
Huawei Secretly Backs US Research, Awarding Millions in Prizes : worldnews

Russia accused of jamming GPS navigation : worldnews

(1) NEXTA on X: "ISW: the decision to arrest Russian Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov was made by Putin. This points to Shoigu's disgrace. / X

Russian governors report power outages after night drone attack - Euromaidan Press : worldnews

Gazprom slumps to first annual loss in 22 years as trade with Europe hit : worldnews

Macron's conditions to deploy troops in Ukraine: Russia's breakthrough and Ukraine's request : worldnews

Russia flaunts Western military hardware captured in war in Ukraine : worldnews

Georgian opposition leader beaten by riot police after protests against 'Russia law' : worldnews

India Takes Dig at US Over Student Arrests, Labels US Human Rights Report on India Deeply Biased : worldnews

Essential supplies running out as RSF paramilitary encircles Darfur's largest city : worldnews

Rescued Lion Couple Find Their Forever Home in South Africa : worldnews

Qatar set up a honeytrap using Grindr and used it to arrest a gay British man : technology

Billboards promising the end of the Ayatollah regime cover Israeli cities, stir rumors in Iran : worldnews

Blinken says pathway to Palestinian state is the 'only way' Israeli-Saudi normalization will work : worldnews

First Israeli airstrikes since Iran escalation reported in Damascus area : worldnews

Eschaton: Just Leaving It Here Not that anyone will process it. Another Israeli official told Haaretz that, contrary to reports, "Israel will, under no circumstances, agree to end the war as part of a deal to release the hostages" and is determined to enter Rafah "either if the cease-fire will be temporary or not."
Eschaton: America's Finest News Source : Much more accurate than that fucking newspaper.
Advisors Assure Biden This Will Blow Over Once All Gazans Dead Advisors Assure Biden This Will Blow Over Once All Gazans Dead

Eschaton: St. McCain - Cindy McCain, the American director of the U.N. World Food Program, became the most prominent international official so far to declare that trapped civilians in the most cut-off part of Gaza had gone over the brink into famine.
US says Hamas seized first aid shipment that entered Gaza via reopened Erez crossing : worldnews

Israel gives Hamas a week to accept ceasefire or Rafah operation to begin - report - I24NEWS : worldnews
Hamas indicates it will snub latest hostage deal offer, but says talks to continue : worldnews
Hamas sends mixed signal on presented hostage agreement : worldnews

'Hamas used rape systematically': Former Meta executive Sheryl Sandber on new documentary : worldnews
Senior Hamas official in Lebanon signals: 'We made it clear that our position is negative' : worldnews

Elyakim Libman: Remains of man thought to be Hamas hostage found in Israel : worldnews

Alarm in Israel at reports of possible ICC legal action over Gaza : worldnews

Palestinian security force kills Islamic Jihad gunman in rare internal clash : worldnews
Hamas slams Palestinian Authority for killing a Hamas terrorist in Tulkarm : worldnews

Eschaton: Shot/Chaser Shot: A bipartisan group of senators held a virtual meeting on Wednesday with senior officials at the International Criminal Court to express their concern about possible arrest warrants being issued for Israeli leaders over the war in Gaza, according to three sources who were in the meeting or briefed about it.   Chaser: Statement of the #ICC Office of the Prosecutor - Int'l Criminal Court (@IntlCrimCourt) May 3, 2024

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 799, Part 1 (Thread #945) : worldnews
(1) MAKS 23 on X: Russian losses / X
(1) Ukraine Battle Map on X: @sentdefender Meanwhile Russia is out here losing at least 128 T-90s / X

(1) War Mapper on X: As of the end of April 2024, Russia occupies a total of 17.53% (+0.01%) of Ukraine. This figure includes Crimea and areas of Donetsk and Luhansk occupied before 2022. This represents a net gain in Russia's favour of approximately 86km² since the end of March. / X

(1) Jennifer Jacobs on X: Scoop: US is in talks with close partners to lead a group of allies that would give as much as $50 billion in aid to Ukraine, with the massive outlay being repaid with the windfall profits from sovereign Russian assets, sources told @v_dendrinou @AlbertoNardelli and me / X

(1) @Suriyak on X: "Ukrainian-Russian war. Day 800: Situation south of Bakhmut: #RussianArmy retook all the territory that lost ten days ago between Ivanivske and Klishchiivka. Map: / X

Ukraine to start operating F-16s after May 5th : worldnews
(1) MAKS 23 on X: The newly pledged Patriot system is not expected to arrive in Ukraine until late June at the earliest. Its delivery could coincide with shipment of F-16 fighter jets", - The New York Times / X
(1) OSINTtechnical on X: The USAF has announced a contract to equip Ukrainian JDAM-ERs with Home-on GPS Jam seekers. This should enable Ukrainian Air Force strike aircraft to target Russian GPS jammers near the front, allowing other GPS guided munitions like GMLRS and 155mm Excalibur to hit targets. / X

(1) NOELREPORTS on X: "US-based company Feloni Aero launches the newest line of advanced attack drones Felon 1.0 and FelonX to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities. The Felon 1.0 carries a 5.56 mm caliber weapon while the FelonX is capable of firing the world's smallest anti-tank missile the Spike (analogous to the FGM-148 Javelin). / X

Russia using chemical choking agents against Ukrainian troops, US claims : worldnews
US confirms that Russia uses banned chemical weapons against Ukrainian Armed Forces : worldnews

HRW: Russian troops executed at least 15 surrendering Ukrainian soldiers since December : worldnews

"No Time For Fear": Ukraine's Frontline Quad Bikes Dash To Evacuate Wounded

(1) NEXTA on X: Three Russian students have been arrested in Finland on suspicion of exporting dual-use goods According to Yle, they were detained on April 30. The maximum term for exporting items that can be used for both civilian and military purposes from Finland is four years. The Russian… / X

Poland's finance minister forecasts 3.1% GDP growth this year, 3.7% in 2025 : worldnews

Five human skeletons, missing hands and feet, found outside house of Nazi leader Hermann Göring : worldnews

Welsh Senedd members consider criminalising lying by politicians : worldnews

Channel crossings: Busiest day of the year so far sees 711 migrants arrive in UK. : worldnews
Boris Johnson, who brought in UK voter ID rules, is turned away from polling station after forgetting his : worldnews ... Well this doesn't smell at all like another BoJo publicity stunt..
My Boris Johnson story | The Spectator

Colombia to cut diplomatic ties with Israel : worldnews

New Haiti PM named but powerful gangs demand seat at the table : worldnews

High degree of probability bodies found in northern Mexico are missing Perth brothers | Australia news | The Guardian

Canada MPs to hold hearings on Russian titanium sanction waivers : worldnews

How the US Is Destroying Young People's Future | Scott Galloway | TED : videos

Illiberal America - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I appreciated the great historian Stephen Hahn's essay today on illiberal America. The short version is that this nation has long been deeply reactionary and in some ways, it's amazing we've gone this far without the kind of challenge to the sheer structure of American democracy as we had until Trump. An excerpt of this history: ... Few Progressives of the early 20th century had much trouble with this. Segregation seemed a modern way to choreograph "race relations," and disfranchisement resonated with their disenchantment with popular politics, whether it was powered by Black voters in the South or European immigrants in the North. Many Progressives were devotees of eugenics and other forms of social engineering, and they generally favored overseas imperialism;

Opinion | The Deep, Tangled Roots of American Illiberalism - The New York Times - By Steven Hahn - The federal government soon allowed former Confederates and their white supporters to return to power, destroy Black political activism and, accompanied by lynchings (expressing the “will” of white communities), build the edifice of Jim Crow: segregation, political disfranchisement and a harsh labor regime. Already previewed in the pre-Civil War North, Jim Crow received the imprimatur of the Supreme Court and the administration of Woodrow Wilson ... Most worrisome, the Ku Klux Klan, energized by anti-Catholicism and antisemitism as well as anti-Black racism, marched brazenly in cities great and small. The Klan became a mass movement and wielded significant political power; it was crucial, for example, to the enforcement of Prohibition. Once the organization unraveled in the late 1920s, many Klansmen and women found their way to new fascist groups and the radical right more generally.

Pontecorvo's Colonel Mathieu: the paratrooper who embodied France | openDemocracy

Opinion | How Prohibition Fueled the Klan - The New York Times Today, as we find ourselves in the midst of another fight over immigration, it is worth revisiting the role that nativism played in driving, and later enforcing, Prohibition. The consequences of that battle reverberated for decades to come. It sparked a vast expansion of the repressive capacities of the federal government and a rise of right-wing extremism, led by a revived Ku Klux Klan. It also forged a new political coalition that would bring ethnic working-class voters into the Democratic Party, where they would remain for much of the century.

IRS aims to more than double its audit rate for wealthiest taxpayers in strategic plan update : politics

To the Gaza protesters helping to elect Trump: Give it a rest : politics

Israeli officials examine joint control of Gaza with Arab states postwar, report says : worldnews

GOP wont settle for nothing less than a King : PoliticalHumor

Mass deportations, detention camps, troops on the street: Trump spells out migrant plan | Trump White House 2.0 would mean a vast, legally dubious roundup of up to 11 million people and pit state against state : politics ... Immigration experts say that the deportation plans for a Trump White House 2.0 dwarf anything previously seen - both in scale and in the intensity of the former president's determination to run roughshod over legal guardrails. He attempted workplace raids during his 2016 presidential term, but they were largely stymied in the courts.

The dark side's power is so potent that it can warp appearances, revealing the true nature of those who wield it : PoliticalHumor
(1) Gary Peterson on X: Meeting Mike Lindell at the Waukesha Trump Rally must've been what it was like to shake hands with the Apostle Paul before Christ took the stage at the sermon on the mound. / X

Democrats alarmed over conservative judges in Trump court cases : politics ... Mein Drumpf: A coffee table book in all caps containing the rambling collected wisdom of twice impeached former president and rapist Don VonShitsInPants. For a limited time available plated in fake gold for only $10,912.99!

'Please let your attorney know': Judge tells Trump he can testify at his hush money trial : politics

Just 12 hours after his last gag order hearing Donnie is back at it again with his next gag order violation. This time reposting false information about Judge Merchant's daughter. : PoliticalHumor

Donald Trump is using campus protests to stoke right-wing violence for the election : politics

Looks like all that, "of course I'll testify" rhetoric was just BS after all. : PoliticalHumor

Trump Media's accounting firm hit with 'massive fraud' charge : politics
Eschaton: Shams I guess good for the SEC but it doesn't do too much to amelioriate the feeling that everything is trending towards being scams. BF Borgers, Trump Media & Technology Group's independent accounting firm, was charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday with widespread fraud and accused of operating a “sham audit mill.”   The SEC made no allegation of wrongdoing against Truth Social owner Trump Media (DJT), which is not mentioned in the charges from the regulator.

Donald Trump says liberals wanted him to overturn Roe v. Wade: 'Everybody wanted this to be done!' : politics ... Him still having so much support is a huge indictment of America as a country. There's something rotten and evil and very very dumb deep in our culture.

'None of you are pregnant': Paid parental leave bill sparks emotions in Alabama Senate : politics ... Republicans want to force rape victims to give birth to their rapist's off-spring, and then show up to work the very next day. Nice values.

Donald Trump says he wasn't sleeping in court but simply closing his 'beautiful blue eys'' so that he could 'listen intensely' : politics

Hope Hicks witnessed nearly every Trump scandal. Now she must testify. : politics

MAGAs embrace Trump's diaper rumor…. : PoliticalHumor

Kristi Noem explains to Sean Hannity why she shot a puppy and left it in a gravel pit | Sean Hannity gives Kristi Noem a friendly interview to defend shooting her 14-month-old dog | Media Matters for America | Hannity: “Is there a difference which way you put a dog down? I'm not really sure, but I don't think people understood it.”

Mark Meadows unmasked in Arizona fake electors indictment, faces 9 felony charges: Report : politics

Elon Musk reinstates X account of neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes : technology ... Twitter/X is now undeniably a Nazi and disinformation platform.

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar, wife indicted on charges of bribes tied to Azerbaijan : news ... Good thing all that time and money was spend making sure that Cuellar, one of the last remaining anti-abortion democrats, won his primary. Really looks smart in retrospect.
Eschaton: The Wanker Cuellar - Been trying to get rid of this guy for years, over the very active support of his colleagues (yes, of course, they defend incumbents, but they went above and beyond many times). - The Justice Department is expected to announce the indictment of longtime Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, on Friday, two sources familiar with the matter told NBC News.
Eschaton: Wife Guy The linked article stated that he kept mentioning his wife and the reporter didn't know why. Cuellar's wife has also been indicted ... The family who preys together, stays together... Like Bob and Nadine Menendez.
The Cuellar Problem - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Mainstream Dems went all in for Henry Cuellar, working hard to defeat progressive challengers to him. He's repaid them by being the right-wing corrupt asshole that he obviously always was ... The leadership justified standing behind the only anti-abortion Democrat in Congress by saying that only he could win that district in South Texas, which Joe Biden took in 2020 by seven points.
Texas's 28th congressional district - Wikipedia

Utah launches “"Snitch Line" to report trans people in bathrooms. Reactions to the form's release were immediate and predictable: multiple users started flooding in fake reports : politics

Texas man files legal action to probe ex-partner's out-of-state abortion : news

Pregnant women in Missouri can't get divorced. Critics say it fuels domestic violence : politics

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs legislation to ensure Biden will appear on November ballot : politics

Military documents contradict Republican Rep. Troy Nehls' military record claims : politics

Inside the Christian TV show rallying Trump superfans with apocalyptic warnings : politics - To rally the show's most loyal fans, known as the FlashPoint Army, the Fort Worth, Texas-based Victory Channel, a Christian network run by the nonprofit Kenneth Copeland Ministries, has hosted tapings across the nation as part of its Rescue America Tour ... Well...there ya go, flesh demon himself.

Former Boy Scout volunteer sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiding cameras in camp bathrooms : news

Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over the body of Kent State University student Jeffrey Miller : pics
The Girl in the Kent State Photo In 1970, an image of a dead protester at Kent State became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old kneeling next to him?
Two New Perspectives on the Kent State Shootings

Poultry enterprise in California to pay $4.8M after employing children to work with sharp knives : news

Eschaton: Ouch It's actually rare that our great newspapers do a scathing review of a conservative, so a little treat ... Now that Bowles is employed by the Free Press, a bastion of free thought, what free thoughts is she thinking? Very few, as it turns out. In fact, it can be difficult to discern any at all in her book.

Eschaton: The Book Of Face I left facebook of awhile and then rejoined mostly because certain things "required" it. I really cannot believe how bad it is at everything it is supposed to do. I'm not referring to the generally problems of social media (which they have addressed poorly, too), I just mean the basic interface, tools, the way to post or comment or really everything!!! ... AI spam, as well as the specter of AI content, is impacting how real people use Facebook and perceive reality more broadly. Facebook itself is shoving its own AI features down people's throats, and has made clear that it is going to continue spending billions of dollars on AI features that it intends to make core to its products and business model.

ELI5: Why are all old films always just a little too fast? : explainlikeimfive

Sony Make $26 Billion All-Cash Offer for Paramount : movies

6:16 in LA: Kendrick Lamar escalates Drake feud as he releases second diss track in one week : Music

Billy Idol says he's California sober: I'm not the same drug addicted person : Music

American Gods | Magazine | The Harvard Crimson | Percy Jackson tries to outrun the shadow of the country.

Yesterday on our 4th Grade Field Trip to a local state park my students found actual hidden treasure : pics

For people who grew up poor, what normal thing felt like a luxury? : AskReddit

the second worst spine next to human spines is the horse's : tumblr ... So, back right after thee dinosaurs fucked off and joined tghe choir invisible, the first ancestors of horses were scamering about little capybara-looking things called Eohippus, and they had four toes per limb: dawn horse

Study finds children with better physical fitness had lower incidences of anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder : science

Why can the speed of light in a medium be faster than c? : askscience

Why are photons the only force carriers that are "visible"? : askscience

Lazy eye (amblyopia) - Symptoms & causes - Mayo Clinic

New mRNA cancer vaccine triggers fierce immune response to fight malignant brain tumor : worldnews

TIL that 3% of people in the US will have a psychotic break at some point in their lives : todayilearned

TIL Most of the stories about the Dvorak keyboard being superior to the standard QWERTY come from a Navy study conducted by August Dvorak, who owned the patent on the Dvorak keyoard. : todayilearned
QWERTY vs. Dvorak vs. Colemak Keyboard Layouts - Das Keyboard Mechanical Keyboard Blog

Over 90% of infants were protected from measles and all infants were protected from rubella following a single dose of vaccine given by a painless microarray patch. They are easier to transport, reduce need for refrigeration, do not need a health professional and do not risk 'needlestick' injuries. : science

Quanta Magazine - The Mystery of the Missing Multicellular Prokaryotes - Why have bacteria never evolved complex multicellularity? A new hypothesis suggests that it could come down to how prokaryotic genomes respond to a small population size.

The Who - My Generation (Live At Hyde Park 2015) - YouTube

Guys of Reddit, what was your gf's reaction the first time she saw it soft? : AskReddit
What was the thing that someone said to you during intercourse which instantly turned u off? : AskReddit

[SERIOUS] Guys who practiced No Fap, did it really have a severe impact on your life, and what was it like? : AskReddit

People who have a higher sex drive than your spouse, how do you navigate this? : AskReddit

TIL that actress Alicia Witt's parents were found frozen to death in their Massachusetts home in December 2021.They refused help on home repairs repeatedly. : todayilearned

Apple announces largest-ever $110 billion share buyback as iPhone sales drop 10% : technology ... Reinvesting in the company and growing is always the best option. Buybacks and dividends are a signal that they can't use the money effectively to do that. At least with a dividend the stock holder gets to decide what to do with their money. It's great for tax advantaged retirement investments and smaller brokerage holders like -- you know -- most of us. I don't need the profits hidden inside capital gains (buybacks) for tax avoidance reasons like certain other stock holders. Buybacks aren't for us. They're for the wealthy.


Texas dairy farm worker's case may be first where H5N1 bird flu virus spread from mammal to human according to a new report by the CDC. All previous human cases were linked to transmission from infected birds. : science

White House downplays Biden calling Japan 'xenophobic' country : worldnews

China could use wind power dominance to force EU-US rift over Taiwan, warn Dutch : worldnews
China's newest aircraft carrier heads to sea for first time : worldnews
A 1000 year old ceramic dildo from China : pics

Moscow university student sentenced to 15 days in jail for 'displaying LGBT symbols' : worldnews

PhD in Holocaust denial: Abbas' doctoral dissertation revealed in full - For years, there have been rumors circulating about the research work authored by Abu Mazen in Moscow and his recruitment by the KGB - Now, the entirety of his work, with its outright antisemitic lies, has been exposed. His proven track record includes many years of terrorist activity, direct incitement to murder Jews, and generous funding of murderous terrorists serving time in Israeli prisons, as well as their families. But the world doesn't really take issue with all that. If even the crimes of an arch-terrorist like Yasser Arafat were forgotten and swapped for an especially embarrassing Nobel Peace Prize - what's to be surprised about whitewashing his deputy, who was always the second fiddle?

The Azadi Briefing: Deadly Floods Wreak Havoc Across Afghanistan

Turkey Halts All Trade With Israel: Officials : worldnews
Turkey to join South Africa's genocide case against Israel at World Court, minister says : worldnews

Is international terrorism a thing of the past? -- One reason for the surge in terrorist activity in various parts of the world, including West Africa, is surely the declining interest in combating this scourge and the intensifying international conflicts that have divided the major powers.

Russian troops enter base housing US military in Niger, US official says : worldnews

(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "Iran-backed militias in Iraq claimed they launched cruise missiles toward Tel Aviv and Beersheba on Thursday afternoon. No alerts or impacts were reported at the time. The militias periodically make similar claims without any attack being reported." / X

(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "Yemen's Houthis will target ships heading to Israeli ports in any reachable area, the military spokesman Yahya Sarea said in a televised speech on Friday

(1) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "Israeli fighter jets struck a building used by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon's Markaba a short while ago, the military says. Troops also shelled areas near Aalma ash-Shab with artillery to "remove threats," the IDF says. Overnight, another two buildings used by Hezbollah in Ayta ash-Shab were struck, the IDF adds.

(1) Iran International English on X: "Over the past fortnight, the Islamic Republic has executed one person every five hours without incurring any political repercussions, Oslo-based @IHRights director said Thursday. At least 63 individuals were executed in Iran's prisons in the final two weeks of April this year." / X

(1) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "An alleged Israeli airstrike hit a building belonging to Syrian security forces on the outskirts of the capital Damascus this evening, a security source tells Reuters. There is no mention of the strike by Syria's state-run media." / X

The rise of an atomic Islamic Hitler - Khamenei's regime, much like those of his totalitarian predecessors, does not rely on popular support or democratic legitimacy. Instead, it sustains itself through oppression, propaganda, and an iron grip on power - This regime, unyielding and defiant, represents a modern crisis that combines the destructive impulses of the past with the dangerous capabilities of the present. The world must not underestimate the peril it poses - not only to the Iranian people but to global stability and peace. The threat of radical Islam, coupled with the ambitions of a nuclear-capable Iran, demands a concerted and decisive response that has been sorely lacking.

(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "Cabinet is set to approve Prime Minister Netanyahu's and Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi's decision to close the Al Jazeera station in Israel

(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: Israel's hospitals and medical centers, particularly those situated in the northern district, are preparing to treat patients and the wounded in any escalation against Hezbollah. / X
(1) The Jerusalem Post on X: "Of the 2,500 Holocaust survivors who experienced the October 7 massacre, 86 have died, Israel's Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry announced ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Positive progress made in Gaza truce talks: Al-Qahera News : worldnews
Hamas sends mixed signal on presented hostage agreement : worldnews

Report: Many IDF posts on Gaza border failed inspections in days before Oct. 7 : worldnews
The 1973 Arab-Israeli War: The Albatross of Decisive Victory (Leavenworth Papers, Number 21) .. Armies appear to learn more from defeat than victory. In this regard, armed forces that win quickly, decisively, and with relative ease face a unique challenge in attempting to learn from victory. The Israel Defense Forces certainly fell into this category after their dramatic victory ...

The supreme test of leadership - - The emotional discourse about the deal with Hamas plays into the hands of its leaders, who are eager to sow discord between us. Policy makers must ignore the background noise and focus on the essence: preventing incentives for our enemies to recreate October 7, that is to say: their elimination.

Georgian Opposition Calls For New Protests After Violent Police Crackdown : worldnews

Ukraine has received Western weapons with permission to hit Russia. An interview with Latvia's Foreign Minister : worldnews

Russian army loses over 20,000 soldiers just in East in April - Ukraine's Forces : worldnews

Explosions rock Crimea: traffic on Crimean Bridge suspended : worldnews

Hybrid war: NATO sounds alarm over 'hostile' Russian activity across Europe : worldnews

One Year After Two Mass Shootings, What Progress Has Serbia Made On Gun Control?

Pro-Orban Forces Test Powerful New 'Sovereignty' Tool Against Independent Media ... It's a naked truth of today's Hungary that tangling with Prime Minister Viktor Orban's political machine risks leaving journalists dangerously exposed ... But the advent in February of the Sovereignty Protection Office has presented them with a fresh, and perhaps existential, challenge ... Legal scholars and political analysts warn it is "the tip of the iceberg" of "regime preservation" and evidence of Orban's increasingly autocratic effort to "create a perfect setting of intimidation."

Germany says Russians behind 'intolerable' cyber-attack last year : worldnews

"I'm Not Ruling Anything Out: - Macron Says Troops for Ukraine Possible if Russia Breaks Front Lines : worldnews

Anger as controversial MP George Galloway says gay relationships aren't 'normal' : worldnews

Brazil floods: Residents stranded on rooftops in Rio Grande do Sul : worldnews ... The 3rd rain related catastrophe in a period of a year...

Biden Extends Obamacare Access to 'Dreamers' Lacking Health Care : politics

MIT president appeals for peace as rally in support of Jewish and Israeli students is set to take place near campus

(1) Morning Joe on X: Deputy Commissioner Tarik Sheppard shows the chains used to secure Hamilton Hall at Columbia University. This is not what students bring to school. This is what professionals bring to campuses and universities ... Misleading: The post suggests that students wouldn't typically bring in that chain. However, it's actually a Kryptonite bike lock, sold at a discount by Columbia University.
Officer fired gun during Hamilton Hall sweep, NYPD confirms Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard said at a Friday press conference that the New York Police Department did not plan to release body camera footage from the incident.
Six pro-Palestinian students report harassment, assault at General Studies Gala Students reported being kicked, punched, and called “terrorists” and receiving other harassing comments.
Six pro-Palestinian students report harassment, assault at General Studies Gala Students reported being kicked, punched, and called "terrorists" and receiving other harassing comments.

Barnard faculty pass vote of no confidence in Rosenbury, first recorded instance in college history Seventy-seven percent of voting faculty voted no confidence in Rosenbury following a unanimous vote by Barnard’s American Association for University Professors chapter.
Barnard faculty just took a no-confidence vote regarding President Laura Rosenbury - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Laura Rosenbury (@presrosenbury) -- Instagram photos and videos

Facts First - Fact check: Trump falsely claims he's not allowed to testify at hush money trial : politics

Trump Is Now Raging at His Own Lawyer -- and Wrecking a Big MAGA Fantasy : politics

RFK Jr. Event Hosted by MAGA Group With Jan. 6 ties : politics

Arizona governor signs bill to repeal state's 1864 near-total abortion ban : news (back to 15 weeks_

American oil tycoon accused of trying to conspire with OPEC to inflate prices : worldnews

What's happening at Tesla? Here's what experts think. : technology

Introducing The Cold Case Files, a new Boston Globe series

Lowell murder-suicide: Officials identify man who killed wife and daughter before turning gun on himself

Metallica performed at St Quentin Prison 21 years ago : pics

Peggy Mellon Hitchcock, who helped Timothy Leary turn on, dies at 90 - The Boston Globe ... Timothy Leary hadn’t yet been thrown out of Harvard for his experiments with psychedelic drugs when he met Ms. Hitchcock one weekend at the apartment of Maynard Ferguson, the jazz trumpeter and bandleader, in the Riverdale section of the Bronx borough of New York City.

Larry Young, who studied the chemistry of love, dies at 56 - The Boston Globe

MeTV Announces Toons Network, A Free Channel Dedicated To Classic Animation (launches June 25) : television

Automakers Want AM Radios Out of Cars. Congress Is About to Require Them : politics ... FM by contrast can only be received if you have a direct line of sight between you and the transmitter. Its range is thus very limited, especially in mountain states.

Orangutan seen treating wound with medicinal herb in first for wild animals : worldnews

New genetic analysis of ancient human and squirrel remains has provided the best proof yet of a theory that squirrels spread leprosy-causing bacteria to medieval humans. Squirrel fur was widely used to trim and line garments. Many people also kept squirrels as pets. : science
TIL that malaria was once used as a treatment for syphilis with about a 25% effectiveness rate : todayilearned

Vigorous exercise burns fat more in males than in females - an unexpected finding from the largest study to date involving more than 100 scientists to explore how exercise affects the body. The study subjects were rats, which share much of their basic physiology with people. : science

Hyphenated surname people who married a hyphenated surname person, how did you decide your and your children's surnames? : AskReddit

Fueled partly by so-called millionaires tax, April revenues surge ... but state doesn't plan to reverse spending cuts

Newton residents lose their minds after photography exhibit on survivors of the Nakba launches in local library : boston


Summer heat hits Asia early, killing dozens as one expert calls it the "most extreme event" in climate history - CBS News
U.S. officials are bracing for another summer of dangerous heat. These maps show where it's most likely to happen. - CBS News

What we're starting to learn about H5N1 in cows, and the risk to people

Russia is shipping oil to North Korea above UN mandated levels, US official says : worldnews

US official urges China, Russia to declare only humans, not AI, control nuclear weapons : worldnews
Why China Is So Bad at Disinformation | WIRED ... "I think the biggest problem is [the Chinese campaign] doesn't synchronize their efforts," Watts said. “They're just very linear on whatever their task is, whether it's overt media or some sort of covert media. They're doing it and they're doing it at scale, but it's not synchronized around their objectives because it's a very top down effort."
China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces | WIRED

Iran says journalists charged after BBC report on protester death : worldnews

'No doubt' Netanyahu preventing hostage deal, charges ex-spokesman of Families Forum | The Times of Israel

Ukraine has received Western weapons with permission to hit Russia. An interview with Latvia's Foreign Minister : worldnews

Researchers discovered 27 original volumes containing the lost works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the library of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. The volumes contain a large number of footnotes by the authors, making them an even more important find. : worldnews

David Cameron commits 3bn a year in aid to Ukraine 'for as long as necessary' : worldnews

Biden administration plans to reclassify marijuana, easing restrictions nationwide : politics

Pro-Palestinian protests: Violence breaks out at UCLA; Columbia cleared
NYPD Raids CUNY's City College, Violently Arrests Students, Then Hoists American Flag - Hell Gate

Columbia protests: NYC police begin clearing students - Police clear pro-Palestinian protesters from Columbia University's Hamilton Hall

US drug control agency will move to reclassify marijuana in a historic shift, AP sources say : politics

Biden Campaign Blasts Trump for Threatening to Shut Down Pandemic Prevention Office : politics

Biden Clears $6 Billion in Debt for Closed Art School's Students : politics ... President Joe Biden is forgiving $6.1 billion in student loans for more than 300,000 attendees of the Art Institutes, a shuttered group of private colleges accused of fraud - the latest effort to deliver on his promise of easing student-loan debt ahead of November's election. The Art Institutes once operated 50 campuses across the US, but its doors closed abruptly in September 2023. The move will provide automatic relief for 317,0000 people who enrolled in the colleges between Jan. 1, 2004 and Oct. 16, 2017.

Art Institute Student Loan Forgiveness: How to Get It

The Art Institute was in trouble. Why didn't anyone protect students? The school's sudden closing should be a wake-up call for regulators to up their game ... After all, Art Institute schools have a long and sordid history. The for-profit college chain was owned by a large company that faced allegations of illegal recruiting practices across 39 states and Washington, D.C., and numerous lawsuits alleging fraud. The company ultimately agreed to a historic $95 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

NPR poll: Democrats fear fascism, and Republicans worry about a lack of values : politics ... Values means not gay. That's all there is. The fact he porked a Pornstar is a plus in that context.

Democrats win a New York special election, further narrowing the House GOP's majority : politics ... Democrats will now control 213 seats in the House compared to 217 for the Republicans. Five seats remain vacant ... Roe roe roe your vote, gently down the stream, Merrily merrily merrily merrily, fuck the gop

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she's moving ahead with effort to oust Speaker Johnson : politics

"If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're going to have selfish, ignorant leaders." - George Carlin [1024x538] : QuotesPorn

Donald Trump on What His Second Term Would Look Like | TIME - How Far Trump Would Go -- Donald Trump thinks he's identified a crucial mistake of his first term: He was too nice ... In a second term, Trump's influence on American democracy would extend far beyond pardoning powers. Allies are laying the groundwork to restructure the presidency in line with a doctrine called the unitary executive theory, which holds that many of the constraints imposed on the White House by legislators and the courts should be swept away in favor of a more powerful Commander in Chief.

Stormy Daniels' lawyer has the receipts : politics
That Time Trump Felt Up Giuliani - NYT Opinion - YouTube

Bill Barr says Trump often suggested executing his rivals during heated White House outbursts : politics

The Media's Coverage of Trump's Immunity Case Has Been Appalling : politics

Trump Unleashes Bizarre 'Word Salad' Answer During Live Nighttime TV Interview : politics

What Would Trump Do in a Second Term? Even He Has No Clue. Seriously. He was asked this question by Time magazine, and responded with waffling, gibberish, and not a single mention of legislation. : politics - Revenge. Purge. Turn his tax cuts permanent. Hand Taiwan to China. Hand Ukraine to Russia. Dismantle NATO. Steal. Pardon insurrectionists. Become America's first dictator. And then on day two...

Trump Hints Another January 6 Could Happen If He Loses the Election : politics

Kristi Noem's dog-killing embodies the cruel phoneyness of today's Republicans : politics

RFK Stadium set to be demolished, National Park Service says - The Washington Post - The National Park Service has given the green light for the city to begin deconstructing the vacant stadium.

Opinion | Adam Higginbotham: Challenger, the space shuttle that never came home - The Washington Post Seventy-three seconds after liftoff, Challenger exploded before millions of American eyes. Here is the story of its final moments.

A Sneaky Ad Scam Tore Through 11 Million Phones | WIRED Some 1,700 spoofed apps, 120 targeted publishers, 12 billion false ad requests per day—Vastflux is one of the biggest ad frauds ever discovered.

A Md. youth in a murder case hoped his probation was about to end. Then social media posts came to light - The Washington Post Citing social media posts in which a teenager rapped about drugs and violence, a Maryland judge declined to end his juvenile court supervision

The Affordable Connectivity Program Ends Today. Millions of Americans Might Lose Internet Access | WIRED The Affordable Connectivity Program -- a federal benefit that provides discounts on high-speed internet access to low-income Americans—ends on April 30. Here's what happens next (poor people refucked)

"Every man is the sum total of his reactions to experience. As your experiences differ and multiply, you become a different man…" -- Hunter S. Thompson [1080x1080] : QuotesPorn
Only the person who has faith in himself is able to be faithful to others. - Erich Fromm [720x405] : QuotesPorn
"Whatever you do, always give 100%. Unless you're donating blood." - Bill Murray [720x720] : QuotesPorn
"Let me tell you a secret they don't teach you in your temples ..." --Achilles [1800 x 2000] : QuotesPorn
"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor". -- Alexis Carrel [700*933] : QuotesPorn
"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persisten illusion." - Albert Einstein [640 x 480] : QuotesPorn
"Everything we hear is an Opinion, not a Fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the Truth." - Marcus Aurelius [1179x1106] : QuotesPorn

AI Image Generators Will Blow Your Mind. Here Are the Best Right Now : AI Image Generator Review - Rating Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion Think of it as a ChatGPT service for images.

I Tried These AI-Based Productivity Tools. Here's What Happened | WIRED

The Mysterious 'Dark' Energy That Permeates the Universe Is Slowly Eroding | WIRED | Physicists call the dark energy that drives the universe "the cosmological constant." Now the largest map of the cosmos to date hints that this mysterious energy has been changing over billions of years.

Ancient 'Zombie' Grave Discovered, Showing Strategies to Keep Dead Dead

The 8 Best Grow Lights in 2024 - Grow Lights for Indoor Plants These lights emit robust sunshine in the darkest areas of your home.

Scientists Found Evidence of the Magnetic Field in 3.7 Billion-Year-Old Rocks
Crustal magnetism - Wikipedia

Lexington mail thefts follow postal crimes in Boston, Everett - Mail thefts reported in Lexington, postal carriers robbed in Boston area

Shelby Hewitt: The 32-year-old high school student in Boston Why did a state social worker pose as a teen in three Boston schools and a treatment center? And how could nobody notice for so long?

Amid declining enrollment, Newton weighs joining state school choice program - might open schools to students from other districts

Supermarkets : CambridgeMA

Asperitas clouds in Boston: See photos, videos of rippling formations

Work to Install Separated Bike Lanes on Hampshire Street Begins August 21
In 5-4 Vote, Cambridge City Council Approves Controversial Bike Lane Delay : boston

Creepy guy on the Green Line taking photos of women : boston

Pub culture is slowly dying. : boston


Estuaries, the 'nurseries of the sea', are disappearing fast : worldnews

Cats suffer H5N1 brain infections, blindness, death after drinking raw milk : worldnews

India's Modi government operated 'nest of spies' in Australia before being disrupted by ASIO : worldnews
Indian spies booted out of Australia for trying to steal sensitive information : worldnews

China fires water cannons at Philippine ships in South China Sea : worldnews

South Korea radical Christians warn of "homosexual dictatorship" after opposition wins : worldnews

Putin eyes first tax hike in a decade to fund war : worldnews ... As a lady said at Navalny's funeral; Navalny sacrificed himself to save the country. Putin sacrificed the country to save himself.

Russian Arrest Warrant Issued for Garry Kasparov : worldnews

(1) Brady Africk on X: "One of these Russian decoys is visible at Kushchyovskaya air base which was struck by Ukraine last week." / X

Indian MP's sex abuse tapes spark outrage : worldnews
More than 2,000 pen drives carrying videos of alleged sexual assault against several women, allegedly recorded by Indian MP Prajwal Revanna himself, circulated : worldnews

Police abandoned Manipur women to mob that paraded them naked: CBI : worldnews (NE India)

Secret document says Iran security forces molested and killed teen protester : worldnews

US finds Israeli units committed human rights abuses before Gaza war | Israel | The Guardian State department says five units mostly from IDF but including at least one police unit responsible for gross violations in West Bank

Is what Israel is doing in Gaza genocide? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Limits of Accusing Israel of Genocide | The New Yorker Two recent court cases failed to stop the mass violence in Gaza, but they gave center stage to facts and historical interpretations that, in Western countries, at least, are often relegated to the margins.

Netanyahu tells Biden he's worried about possible ICC arrest warrants : worldnews
Netanyahu Vows to Invade Rafah 'With or Without a Deal' as Hamas Ceasefire Talks Continue : worldnews
Israel-Hamas war updates: Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah

Blinken urges Hamas to accept 'extraordinarily generous' ceasefire deal : worldnews

Israel reduces number of hostages to be released in Hamas deal to 33 - report : worldnews

As Hezbollah warns that escalation may end Israeli presence in northern Israel, senior IDF official says escalation only way out : worldnews

German ambassador attacked by Palestinians during visit to West Bank - I24NEWS : worldnews
Germany's Middle East policy has reached a dead end - DW - 01/31/2024 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the two-state solution that Germany backs. Accusations against the UN's relief agency for Palestinian refugees are complicating matters even further for Berlin.

As Anger Grows Over Gaza, Arab Leaders Crack Down on Protests: Grief and rage over the war and Israel have led to demonstrations across the Arab world. Arrests suggest governments fear the outrage could boomerang : worldnews

US military's pier in Gaza to cost $320 million; involves about 1,000 U.S. service members : worldnews

(1) NEXTA on X: "3 Russian air defense military units attacked in Crimea this night - Astra citing sources It is reported about the strikes on the military unit in the village of Donskoye (Simferopol district) and on the facilities of the 31st air defense division of the Defense Ministry of the" / X

(1) KyivPost on X: "Ukraine will become a member of #NATO. The work we are undertaking now puts you on an irreversible path towards NATO membership, so that when the time's right Ukraine can become a NATO member straight away, Jens #Stoltenberg said. / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 797, Part 1 (Thread #943) : worldnews

(1) NOELREPORTS on X: "NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Kyiv for a visit. He met with President Zelenskyi, during which they discussed the initiative to create a special fund for financial support of Ukrainian defense in the amount of €100 billion for a period of five years." / X

(1) (((Tendar))) on X: "If you combine both data streams I have showed in the previous posts then it means that Russia loses up to 45 pieces of hardware a day (destroyed and damaged) to gain 0.7 square kilometers a day. To put things into perspective I have added this map. There are still around" / X

Russia attacked Odessa: houses were damaged, there were dead and many wounded : worldnews ... Just to make it clear: This was a missile with a cluster payload striking civilian targets 100km away from the front line. There is no nuance ... Putin and his goons will get what's coming for them and, I hope their end will be much worse than Gaddafi's.

Ukraine's army chief reports tactical retreat in the east, and warns of front-line pressure : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 797, Part 1 (Thread #943) : worldnews

UA POV: NATO chief Stoltenberg makes unannounced Kiev visit, says arms flows to Ukraine will increase : UkraineRussiaReport

Russian organised crime leader and convicted murderer leaves prison to serve in Ukraine : worldnews

(1) Michael Kofman on X: Good thread by Rob. / X Some thoughts about the supplemental bill. This is good news, but it will primarily help Ukraine defend in 2024 and into 2025. Russia will still likely make further gains this year, and it doesn't fix all of Ukraine's issues. It should be seen as one part of a long-term strategy.

(1) NEXTA on X: The Legal Committee of the Georgian Parliament supported the draft law on "foreign agents" in the second reading Georgian media reported that the chairman of the parliament removed almost all opposition MPs and representatives of non-governmental organizations from the" / X

Eurozone exits recession as 'big four' economies beat forecasts : worldnews

(1) UkraineWorld on X: The proposed parliamentary resolution on #Iceland's long-term support for #Ukraine 2024-2028 put forward by the Minister of Foreign Affairs was approved by Alþingi today with overwhelming support. — Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland / X

Court hands Kivimäki 6-year prison sentence in historic hacking case | Yle News : worldnews ... 6 Years for 30 920 crimes. I Know this is a NEVER EVER before seen case for Finland, but this guy, and his actions resulted in multiple suicides, peoples lives being ruined etc. 6 Years for that is ... well.
Finnish carrier suspends Estonia flights after GPS interference prevents 2 landings : worldnews

Wanted Romanian prince detained in Malta after arrest over corruption : worldnews

(1) Markus Jonsson on X: "The GPS-jammer affecting aircrafts around Estonia is located in Russia, about halfway to St Petersburg from Narva, Estonia. This is shown by plotting the highest density of intersecting radio horizons of jammed aircrafts on a map. Further, a drone-based method supports it." / X
GPS Jamming At Tartu Airport - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Airlines report GPS signal jamming: Russia gets the blame - POLITICO - GPS interference is hitting aircraft navigation systems in the Baltics as well as in other conflict regions.

The Czech Republic signs expanded union for same-sex couples into law but doesn't include marriage : worldnews

German interior minister: Hamburg Islamist demo hard to accept : worldnews ... ... "The paradox of tolerance states that if a society's practice of tolerance is inclusive of the intolerant, intolerance will ultimately dominate, eliminating the tolerant and the practice of tolerance with them." "in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must retain the right to be intolerant of intolerance."

Germany's Middle East policy has reached a dead end - DW - 01/31/2024 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the two-state solution that Germany backs. Accusations against the UN's relief agency for Palestinian refugees are complicating matters even further for Berlin.
German army captain admits spying for Russia - DW : worldnews

French Navy orders placed for next generation aircraft carrier : worldnews
Paris will transform the Champs-Élysées into a giant picnic next month : worldnews

'Go To Therapy and Get Back To Work': UK's Sunak and Ministers Crack Down On 'Sick Note Culture' : worldnews

FBI tells Canadian parliamentarians they were targets of Chinese hackers in 2021 : worldnews

Opinion | Liz Cheney's Checkered History - The New York Times - Liz Cheney Is Very Worried - A second presidential term for Donald Trump would pose great risks to the nation's democratic practices and identity. A retribution-minded, Constitution-terminating leader buttressed by unscrupulous advisers and ethically impaired lawyers could, she argues, "dismantle our republic."

Oath and Honor review: Liz Cheney spells out the threat from Trump | Books | The Guardian
Opinion | Two Opinion Writers on the Biggest Takeaways From Liz Cheney's Memoir - The New York Times
6 Takeaways From Liz Cheney's Book Assailing Trump and His 'Enablers' - The New York Times

Supreme Court conservatives' experience may influence view of Trump's immunity : NPR
Nina Totebagberg: "Trump Derangement Syndrome" leads both liberals and conservatives to argue that you can prosecute a president for criming - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I want to pose this in the most polite and civil way I can think of, so I would like to ask the Official Voice of Even the Liberal NPR WTF is she even trying to say here ... Thanks Nina, for treating Sam Alito's position, which is that presidents should be able to coup without fear of prosecution because otherwise they would be tempted to attempt a coup, as something worthy of our careful consideration, as opposed to the most incoherent garbage ever spewed by a Supreme Court justice, which is kind of like picking Leo Messi's best goal.

Nothing makes sense any more - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Jost: The Republican candidate for president owes half a billion in fines for bank fraud and is currently spending his days farting himself awake during a porn star hush money trial and the race is tied? The race is tied. Nothing makes sense anymore. -- Acyn (@Acyn) April 28, 2024

Stormy Daniels' lawyer has the receipts : politics

Democrats blocked from using meeting rooms after Drag Story Hour held: 'Disgusting abuse of power' : politics
(1) Jan Jönsson on X: "Sagor ar inte farliga för barn och det ar inte dragqueens heller. Däremot har populism och intolerans krossat många individers drömmar genom historien." / X

Finally! A Republican Shows Some Spine, Says She's Voting for Biden : politics

Democrats blocked from using meeting rooms after Drag Story Hour held: 'Disgusting abuse of power' : politics

How Four Brothers Allegedly Fleeced $19 Million From Amazon Over the course of two years, four brothers allegedly swindled Amazon out of at least $19 million using $94 toothbrushes and other expensive goods ... Federal prosecutors accused Yoel Abraham, Heshl Abraham, Zishe Abraham, and Shmuel Abraham of invoicing Amazon for a large number of products the company never ordered.

Sustainability Activists Take Aim at Disposable Hotel Slippers - The New York Times

Oral History of the Blogosphere Part 11: Jill Filipovic - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Archaeologists Found a Smoking Gun Behind the End of the Maya Kingdom's Reign

'World-Changing' Underwater UFO Is a Threat, Says Ex-Navy Officer

Scientists Think They Know How Pluto Got Its Mysterious Heart New research offers a chilling explanation for the dwarf planet's most famous feature.

A Paradigm Shift in RAM Is About to Make Computing Unstoppable

It's Really Freaking Hard to Weigh a Neutrino. Scientists Are Finally About to Do It.

Bankrupt WeWork may abandon its lease at One Lincoln Street - The Boston Globe The coworking company still hopes to strike a new deal with landlord Fortis for lower rents

Karen Read murder trial begins in death of John O'Keefe



72 Minutes Until the End of the World? - POLITICO A new book lays out the frighteningly fast path to nuclear Armageddon.

'So hot you can't breathe' : Extreme heat hits the Philippines : worldnews

On the U.S. gulf coast, flooding risk grows as sea level rise accelerates - Washington Post

There's Now 1 Fast Charging Station for Every 5 Gas Stations in California : technology

Five Major Climate Policies Trump Would Probably Reverse if Elected : politics ... January 20, 2017 Less than an hour after President Trump took the oath of office on Friday, the White House’s webpage on climate change disappeared from the Executive Branch's main site - January 22, 2021 Climate Change Once Again Appears On White House Website

Blinken tells China it's in their interest to stop helping Russia : politics

U.S. Delays Plans to Sanction IDF Unit Embroiled in Alleged Human Rights Violations : politics
State Department weighing "new information" from Israel in determining whether IDF unit violated U.S. law : politics
Leaked USAID Document Concludes Israel Impeded Gaza Aid | Common Dreams Biden is breaking the law and defying his own agencies to fund Israeli war crimes said one observer.

Netanyahu Vows to Invade Rafah 'With or Without a Deal' as Hamas Ceasefire Talks Continue : worldnews
Israel-Hamas war updates: Netanyahu vows to invade Rafah

Ukraine Wins a Battle in Congress but the Aid War Continues : politics
Zelensky: Russia taking advantage of slow arms delivery : worldnews

A Supersonic Bomber's Mission Ended in Flames. Was It Due to an Error, or an Incredible Shot? Witnesses captured the finaly fiery moments of a military giant, sparking a war of words.

G20 Ministers Get Behind a Global Wealth Tax on Billionaires | A 2 percent levy, they say, could raise $313 billion a year to ease poverty and climate disparities. : politics ... Billionaires have the lowest effective tax rate of any social group. Having people with the highest ability to pay tax paying the least -- I don't think anybody supports that

Serbia's new government to include US-sanctioned ex-intelligence chief with close ties to Russia : worldnews

Spain's PM will not resign after allegations against wife : worldnews

US Air Force awards $13 billion Doomsday plane contract to Sierra Nevada (Reuters) -The U.S. Air Force said on Friday that it has awarded a $13 billion contract to Sierra Nevada Corp to develop a successor to the E-4B, known as the Doomsday plane due to its ability to survive a nuclear war.

TikTok parent company says it won't sell, despite possible U.S. ban : politics

Bernie Sanders says Netanyahu is attacking campus protests to deflect war criticism : politics
Netanyahu says Hitler didn't want to kill the Jews, but a Muslim convinced him to do it - YouTube
Summer Lee on Benjamin Netanyahu remarks on college protests: 'This idea that every criticism of Israel is antisemitic is dangerous' : politics

Avraham Stern - Wikipedia ... one of the leaders of the Jewish paramilitary organization Irgun. In September 1940, he founded a breakaway militant Zionist group named Lehi, called the "Stern Gang" by the British authorities and by the mainstream in the Yishuv Jewish establishment.[1] The group referred to its members as terrorists and admitted to having carried out terrorist attacks ... articles in Lehi publications contained references to a Jewish "master race", contrasting the Jews with Arabs who were seen as a "nation of slaves".[18] Sasha Polakow-Suransky writes that "Lehi was also unabashedly racist towards Arabs. Their publications described Jews as a master race and Arabs as a slave race." Lehi advocated mass expulsion of all Arabs from Palestine and Transjordan,[19] or even their physical annihilation.

Why Putin needs Trump to win : politics

Blinken to Meet With Arab Officials in Saudi Arabia About Israel-Gaza War : politics

Latest Israel-Hamas war updates: ICC arrest warrants possible

How the Columbia protest sparked a student revolt - The Washington Post
Pro-Palestinian encampments continue at Tufts, MIT, and Harvard as administrators push for demonstrations to end - The Boston Globe

Journalism professors call on New York Times to review Oct. 7 report - The Washington Post A major investigative report into sexual violence in the Hamas attack on Israel has drawn criticism inside and outside the newspaper
Evidence points to systematic use of rape and sexual violence by Hamas in 7 October attacks | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian Guardian aware of sexual assaults for which multiple corroborating pieces of evidence exist

Net neutrality rules restored by US agency, reversing Trump : politics
'Everyone Should Celebrate': FCC Restores Net Neutrality Rules : politics

Lawmakers Urge DEA To Stop Dragging Its Feet On Weed : politics

ELI5 what’s the difference between Army Rangers, Green Berets, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, SEAL Team Six and Marine Raiders : explainlikeimfive

India's intelligence service takes a deadly turn and stuns Washington - The Washington Post

Biden Revisits His Past in Interview With Howard Stern : politics

Biden administration dropping plan to ban menthol cigarettes: Report : politics

Don't Buy the MAGA Meme About Weak Biden : politics

More people see Trump's presidency as a success than Biden's presidency: Poll : politics

Poll: Biden and Trump supporters sharply divided by the media they consume : politics
Biden campaign hits Trump on 'boring' football comments ahead of NFL draft : politics

What is realistically the greatest threat to the USA? : AskReddit

Majority of voters no longer trust Supreme Court. : politics
The Trumpification of the Supreme Court : politics
A Supreme Court Justice Gave Us Alarming New Evidence That He's Living in MAGA World : politics
The Supreme Court's Five Male Justices Are Totally in the Tank for Trump : politics
Hey, SCOTUS -- your hypocrisy is showing : politics
Supreme Court appears skeptical of Trump's blanket presidential immunity argument : politics
Sonia Sotomayor Shreds Claim President Can Kill Political Rivals With Immunity : politics
Supreme Court rejects Elon Musk over agreement with SEC to vet social media posts : news
John Roberts isn’t happy with previous ruling against Trump - what happens now? : politics
Kavanaugh says 'most people' now revere the Nixon pardon. Not so fast. : politics

McConnell argues against presidential immunity for criminal prosecution : politics

Semion Mogilevich - Wikipedia - Jewish Ukrainian-born Russian organized crime boss ... described by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as "the most powerful and dangerous gangster in the world," with immense power and reach at a global scale, and connections to prominent government, military, and law enforcement officials, and powerful politicians around the world. ... William S. Sessions, Director of the FBI from 1987 to 1993 during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, was Mogilevich's attorney in the United States until Sessions' death on June 12, 2020 ... It's kind of weird that they let a guy, whose father had directly funded the Nazis, become the director of the CIA ...
William S. Sessions - Wikipedia ... Sessions served as FBI director from 1987 to 1993, when he was dismissed by President Bill Clinton. After leaving the public sector, Sessions represented Semion Mogilevich, international leader of the Russian mafia. He is the father of Texas Congressman Pete Sessions.

Arnie, Tiger Woods and Mark Wahlberg: The names dragged into Trump's hush money trial : politics
Arnie, Tiger Woods and Mark Wahlberg: The celebrities dragged into Trump's hush money trial | The Independent

CBS News poll finds Biden-Trump race tight in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin : politics

Latest scientific CNN poll shows Trump leading Biden. : PoliticalHumor

Noem called the puppy's actions "a result of Joe Biden's failed policies at the border." : PoliticalHumor
(1) New York Times Pitchbot on X: "Kristi Noem's killing of her pet dog highlights America's moral decline under Biden." / X
Kristi Noem Doubles Down on Story About Killing Her Dog From Memoir: 'I Decided What I Did' : politics
Kristi Noem dogged by poor polling amid fallout from tale of killing puppy : politics ("dogged")

Even Republicans can't figure out what Kari Lake thinks about abortion : politics

Project 2025 Is Already Here : politics

Anguish and fear in Florida amid rising anti-immigrant sentiment : politics

Alabama House passes bill that could lead to prosecutions of librarians : politics

Idaho's biggest hospital says emergency flights for pregnant patients up sharply : politics ... We’re putting sick women in helicopters to send them somewhere else in order to get healthcare. Idaho may as well be a third world country.

This congresswoman was born and raised in Ukraine. She just voted against aid for her homeland : politics ... Republican ... She says U.S. border security should be a bigger priority.

How Susie Wiles Became the Most Admired and Feared Political Operative Nobody Has Ever Heard Of - POLITICO - Susie Wiles helped dismantle Ron DeSantis and salvaged Donald Trump's campaign. Is she a MAGA hero or an enemy of democracy?

Charges against Trump's 2020 'fake electors' are expected to deter a repeat this year : politics

Donald Trump is now blasting RFK Jr. for taking support from him : politics
Trump Tears Into RFK Jr.'s Family and Begs MAGA Not to 'Waste' Votes on Kennedy : politics
RFK Jr. hits back after Trump's 'barely coherent' rant : politics

Donald Trump is running against Joe Biden. But he keeps bringing up another Democrat: Jimmy Carter : politics

Trump's isolation deepens after his coup crew is hit with Arizona criminal indictments : politics ("coup crew")
Number of Trump Allies Facing Election Interference Charges Keeps Growing : politics

5 Takeaways From the Second Week of Donald J. Trump's Criminal Trial : politics
How Donald Trump's court confinement is hurting his campaign : politics

Rooting for Trump to fail has made his stock shorters millions : politics

Federal judge upholds verdict in E. Jean Carroll case and denies Trump's motion for a new trial : politics

The Tech Baron Seeking to "Ethnically Cleanse" San Francisco : politics

Cursive Handwriting Bill Signed Into Law By Gov. Kevin Stitt : politics
California signs cursive writing into law -- what are the brain benefits?

US far-right outlet Gateway Pundit declares bankruptcy : politics

Missouri House backs legal shield for weedkiller maker facing thousands of cancer-related lawsuits : politics

Colorado allows anti-LGBTQ+ group to pursue law outing trans students to parents. The group wants voters to decide whether to out kids to potentially unsupportive adults, calling it "so supportive" of LGBTQ+ kids. : politics

Man killed in Seattle child sex sting had 40-year Navy history : news

Veronica Youngblood gets 78-year sentence in fatal shooting of daughters - The Washington Post

US Post Office phishing sites get as much traffic as the real one : technology

Baltimore principal's racist rant was an AI fake. His colleague was arrested. - The Washington Post

9-year old Eunice Winstead Johns and her husband, 24-year-old Charlie Johns, Tennessee 1937 : pics

Inside the Crisis at NPR - The New York Times Listeners are tuning out. Sponsorship revenue has dipped. A diversity push has generated internal turmoil. Can America's public radio network turn things around?

Who Is Enty Lawyer? The Story Behind Crazy Days and Nights

Express has filed for bankruptcy. We will never forget their pants. - The Washington Post - Express has filed for bankruptcy. Don't pretend you never shopped there.

Taylor Swift's new album 'TTPD' shatters records - The Washington Post Swift notched her 14th No. 1 album on the Billboard charts, with more than 2.6 million album sales

A recent study explored how liberals and conservatives in the US evaluate a person based on their Facebook posts. The results indicated that both groups tended to evaluate ideologically opposite individuals more negatively. This bias was three times stronger among liberals compared to conservatives. : science

One funeral at a time: new study based on data from eight countries over 40 years finds that opinions on sensitive topics like abortion, euthanasia, and homosexuality tend to change more through generational replacement than by individuals changing their minds. : science

What are the downsides of Marijuana that people don't know? : AskReddit

How does the anatomy of the eyes prevent water from entering the ocular cavity? Is there some biological watertight seal? Why doesn't water get in when say diving or when rinsing one’s eyes in the faucet? : askscience

Researchers conducted extensive interviews with women who attempted suicide during pregnancy or shortly after birth. They found 3 key themes to help to identify and support those at risk of a maternal suicide: Trauma and adversities - Disillusionment with motherhood - Entrapment and despair : science

Cardio-fitness cuts death and disease by nearly 20%. For every 1-MET increase in cardiorespiratory fitness - the amount of energy used for quiet sitting - a person can reduce their risk of death by 11-17%, and specifically, their risk of heart disease by 18%. : science

Attachment styles predict experiences of singlehood and well-being, study finds. Secure singles again showed the best psychosocial well-being, showing less fear of being single and greater satisfaction with non-romantic relationships. : science

Hidden Gospels: What Books Were Removed from the Bible (and Why)? While we might think of the Bible today as a complete, historical replica, there were certain books of Christian scripture that were removed by scholars during the 3rd century.

Eli5: why do people say Mayo is unhealthy? : explainlikeimfive

Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic - PMC
Cannabis and tobacco smoke are not equally carcinogenic - PMC While chemically very similar, there are fundamental differences in the pharmacological properties between cannabis and tobacco smoke. Cannabis smoke contains cannabinoids whereas tobacco smoke contains nicotine. Available scientific data, that examines the carcinogenic properties of inhaling smoke and its biological consequences, suggests reasons why tobacco smoke, but not cannabis smoke, may result in lung cancer.

The decipherment of an ancient scroll carbonized by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has revealed where the Greek philosopher Plato is buried, Italian researchers say : worldnews

Shining Light on Cosmic Hydrogen. Following the Big Bang, the Universe… | by Avi Loeb | Apr, 2024 | Medium - Avi Loeb ·

Therapists report significant psychological risks in psilocybin-assisted treatments : science

Research found cancer survivors reporting loneliness experience higher mortality risk, even after adjusting for sociodemographic characteristics. There are more than 18 million cancer survivors in the U.S. and that number is expected to increase to 22 million by 2030 : science

Cognitive behaviour therapy a more effective, long-lasting treatment for prolonged grief disorder than mindfulness therapy, study (n=100) shows : science

The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything There are two types of knowledge and most of us focus on the wrong one ... There are four simple steps to the Feynman Technique, which I'll explain below: 1) Choose a Concept 2) Teach it to a Toddler 3) Identify Gaps and Go Back to The Source Material 4) Review and Simplify (optional)

What does sex feel like from the males perspective? : AskReddit

The Four Desires Driving All Human Behavior Bertrand Russell’s magnificent Nobel prize acceptance speech ... acquisitiveness, rivalry, vanity, and love of power

The Wild Rise of Zillow Gone Wild

These Baby Names Were Everywhere In the 90s. Now They’ve Almost Vanished ... Michael, Christopher, and Matthew ... Liam, Noah, and Oliver are the names of this decade - and the last. Liam and Noah have topped the list since 2013 and 2011, respectively. Relative newcomer Oliver has only been a top dog baby boy name since 2018.

Should We Stop Keeping Pets? Research into animals' emotional lives has cast doubt on the ethics of petkeeping ... A survey earlier this year found that many British pet owners love their pet more than they love their partner (12%), their children (9%) or their best friend (24%). According to another study, 90% of pet-owning Britons think of their pet as a member of their family, with 16% listing their animals in the 2011 census.

The 8 Best Smart Locks of 2024 - Smart Lock Reviews .. Smart locks with Z-Wave connect with a Z-Wave hub, which then connects to your Wi-Fi network. Most of these smart locks are still controlled from an app on your smart phone or home hub. Z-Wave is a low-energy radio signal, like Bluetooth but with a stronger signal and more robust encryption.


Medvedev threatens Russia may seize private US assets if Washington seizes frozen Russian reserves : worldnews

AP and Reuters journalists arrested in Russia : worldnews

US buys 81 Soviet-era combat aircraft from Russia's ally for less than $20,000 each, report says : worldnews ... Ukraine needs spare parts ... So does Russia, and now they can't get their hands on these.
Why Did US Buy Old Soviet Aircraft from Kazakhstan? : politics

Sindhi nationalist raises voice against forced conversion of Hindu girls : worldnews

Hamas releases video showing signs of life from two Israeli hostages : worldnews

Ukraine's top general says troops fall back as figthing worsens on eastern front : worldnews

German AfD wants to dismantle EU, turn into confederation of nations -- Euractiv : worldnews

Assailants ambush and kill 3 police officers in southern Chile, shaking the country : news

DARPA unleashes 20-foot autonomous robo-tank with glowing green eyes | It rolls through rough terrain like it's asphalt : technology

Biden Administration Restores Health Protections for Gay and Transgender People : politics

Over 100 hidden-camera videos, mostly of Navy sailors, were uploaded to porn site : news

The Far Right's Campaign to Explode the Population - POLITICO - Behind the scenes at the first Natal Conference, where a motley alliance is throwing out the idea of winning converts to their cause and trying to make their own instead.

White House condemns Columbia student protest leader who called for Zionists to die : politics

'Stormy weather': Biden skewers Trump at White House correspondents dinner : politics

Former Capitol officer on Trump support of Jan. 6 rioters: 'He's a sick individual' : politics

What's the weirdest thing a President has ever done? : AskReddit

Biden campaign invokes Taylor Swift to knock Trump: 'The smallest man who ever lived' : politics

Maine Dems say they'll consider cutting off Trump's path, if Nebraska moves to hurt Biden : politics

Shocker From Top Conservative Judge: Trump Likely To Skate Completely - J. Michael Luttig sees two potential outcomes from Thursday’s Supreme Court arguments. Both are grim for our democracy. : politics America is now in fascism's legal phase The history of racism in the US is fertile ground for fascism. Attacks on the courts, education, the right to vote and women's rights are further steps on the path to toppling democracy For a far-right party to become viable in a democracy, it must present a face it can defend as moderate, and cultivate an ambiguous relationship to the extreme views and statements of its most explicit members. It must maintain a pretense of the rule of law, characteristically by projecting its own violations of it on to its opponents.

The president could "assassinate" political rivals and still enjoy total immunity, Trump lawyer says - Arguing before the Supreme Court, lawyer John Sauer said assassinations could qualify as "an official act" : politics

The Supreme Court Took Up the Question of Whether Staging a Coup Counts as an "Official" Act as President | How did we get to this point? : politics

Jamie Raskin Goes Scorched Earth on SCOTUS Trump Immunity Case : politics

Florida Rep. Bill Posey becomes latest Republican to announce retirement : politics

'Cruel and Insane": Republicans condemn Kristi Noem's dog-killing revelation : politics

Oregon governor's staffers raised concerns about role of first lady before exits : politics

Facebook cofounder accuses Tesla of being the next 'Enron' : technology

Louisiana man sentenced to 50 years in prison, physical castration for raping teen : news

Grigori Perelman, mathematician who refused to accept a Fields Medal and the $1,000,000 Clay Prize. : pics

ELI5: Can Alzheimer's disease really kill people? : explainlikeimfive

Scientists have recently discovered that psilocybin, the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms," can significantly reduce chronic pain in rats | Notably, this pain relief was related to pain from touch, but not pain from heat. : science

The emergence in the Neolithic of patrilineal social systems, in which children are affiliated with their father's lineage, may explain a spectacular decline in the genetic diversity of the Y chromosome observed worldwide between 3,000 and 5,000 years ago. : a team of scientists from the CNRS, MNHN and Universite Paris Cite suggest that these patrilineal organisations had a greater impact on the Y chromosome than mortality during conflict. science

Stoners not as lazy as stereotypes claim, study suggests | Study provides evidence that regular cannabis users exhibit significant motivation in their daily lives, despite experiencing some reductions in certain aspects of conscientiousness when high. : science

What's that one secret you wanna get off your chest? : AskReddit

What's something your parents do now you're an adult that drives you up the wall? : AskReddit

Parents of identical twins, how did you avoid getting them confused as babies? : AskReddit

Since we spend a lot of time talking about men writing women poorly, I want to know some examples of men who write awesome women. : books ... I’m a Black woman and I think James Baldwin writes Black women better than many


'Cheap and simple' Bill Gates-backed fusion concept surpasses heat of the Sun in milestone moment : worldnews

Former Australian PM: Trump acts like 12-year-old boy around Putin | The Hill

International Finance Corporation, a subsidiary of World Bank, is reported to be financing 10 coal projects in the Philippines : worldnews

Japan grants special residency permit to Russian man opposing Putin : worldnews

Germany's China envoy summoned by Beijing over spying claims : worldnews

Siberian Teen Jailed 3.5 Years for Anti-War Posts, Graffiti : worldnews

Windows vulnerability reported by the NSA exploited to install Russian malware : worldnews

Azerbaijan Asks India to Halt Arms Supply to Armenia Citing National Security Concerns : worldnews

Burkina Faso army massacred 223 villagers in revenge attack - HRW : worldnews

DR Congo accuses Apple of using 'blood minerals' from war-torn east : worldnews

EU ship destroys Houthi rebel drone in Red Sea fired from Yemen : worldnews
Is the Red Sea Really the Red Ocean? - Atlas Obscura
Mysteries of the Red Sea -- Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution This largely unexplored sea has features found nowhere else
Opinion: The global cost of the Red Sea attacks
The Science of the Red Sea's Parting | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine - It is physically and scientifically possible for a body of water to part

HMS Diamond makes first Sea Viper anti-ballistic missile kill in action in the Red Sea : worldnews
HMS Diamond makes first Sea Viper anti-ballistic missile kill in action in the Gulf of Aden | Navy Lookout

EU Parliament votes for unprecedented condemnation of Iran : worldnews

Hamas official says group would lay down its weapons if a two-state solution is implemented : worldnews

A US-led effort to bring aid to Gaza by sea is moving forward, but concerns remain | AP News : worldnews

The US secretly sent long-range ATACMS to Ukraine -- and Kyiv used them : worldnews
Kremlin Says Ukraine Access to ATACMS Will Not Impact Outcome of Conflict : worldnews

Russians Doubled Drones on Front Line in Past 3 Months - Ukrainian Pravda : worldnews

Poland ready to help Ukraine to get military-age men back, minister says : worldnews

Masked attackers storm anti-fascist event in Sweden : worldnews

NATO Secretary General receives prestigious Atlantik-Brücke award in Berlin : worldnews

Norway banned smartphones in school. Here’s what happened after.

'Are we joking?': Venice residents protest as city starts charging visitors to enter : worldnews

Spanish prosecutors ask judge to scrap case against Pedro Sanchez's wife : worldnews

Macron, in key speech, warns that Europe 'is mortal' : worldnews
France wants to use Greece’s air defense system for the Olympics, report says : worldnews

UK has worst rate of child alcohol consumption in world, report finds : worldnews

Argentine scientists find speedy 90-million-year-old herbivore dinosaur : worldnews

Haiti PM Ariel Henry resigns as transitional council is sworn in : worldnews

Disability benefit won't lift Canadians in need above poverty line: advocates : worldnews

Bernie Sanders to Netanyahu: 'It Is Not Antisemitic to Hold You Accountable' : politics

This New Biden Rule Will Save Americans $2 Billion On Utility Bills - The long-awaited move lays the groundwork for a massive overhaul in the way Americans build houses. : politics

Biden says he's 'happy' to debate Trump : politics

Harvard Yard access restricted indefinitely amid pro-Palestinian encampment, report says - The Boston Globe - The encampment was established by a student group on Wednesday
Northeastern University: Police clear 100 protesters from pro-Palestinian encampment

Why Did Elon Musk Just Kick Nelson Mandela's Grandson Off X? | The New Republic Mandla Mandela had just set off with a flotilla of aid for Gaza.

The Court is Corrupt. Say It With Me. : politics
The Court Just Sealed Everyone's Fate, Including Its Own | The New Republic - The justices seem to think that the power they apparently just handed Donald Trump can't be used against them someday. Right.
Conservative Justices Take Argument Over Trump's Immunity in Unexpected Direction - The New York Times
Samuel Alito's Resentment Goes Full Tilt on a Black Day for the Court - The associate justice's logic on display at the Trump immunity hearing was beyond belief. He's at the center of one of the darkest days in Supreme Court history. : politics
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Argues Presidents Must Be Allowed to Commit Federal Crimes or Democracy as We Know It Will Be Over : politics
Sam Alito Thinks We’re All Stupid : politics
Opinion: The Supreme Court just showed us that Trump is not incompetent. He's a master of corruption : politics

'That was embarrassing': Tribe torches Trump-friendly SCOTUS justices on immunity : politics
'High priest of policy': Sen. Whitehouse slams 'pompous' Gorsuch on Trump immunity : politics

Raskin: Supreme Court should be moved 'over to the RNC headquarters' : politics

Donald Trump refusing to go after David Pecker raises questions : politics

Trump will dismantle key US weather and science agency, climate experts fear : politics

Donald Trump Says He Doesn't Need Intelligence Briefings. So What Are They Exactly? : NPR - December 13, 2016 `
(1) Carey on X: @TruWordsRSpoken @atrupar Pepperidge farm? I remember but not PF being referenced. I DO remember he couldn't pay attention to the brief unless it had his name in it, so they started inserting "trump" in more places just to keep him listening. Also they dumbed it down quite a bit & added pictures 4 him / X

Shocker From Top Conservative Judge: Trump Likely To Skate Completely | The New Republic J. Michael Luttig sees two potential outcomes from Thursday's Supreme Court arguments. Both are grim for our democracy.
(1) @judgeluttig on X: "As with the three-hour argument in Trump v. Anderson, a disconcertingly precious little of the two-hour argument today was even devoted to the specific and only question presented for decision." / X

Barr: Trump Brought Up 'Things Like' Executing Rivals a Lot : politics

This Whole King Trump Thing Is Getting Awfully Literal : politics

Trump is among unindicted co-conspirators in effort to overturn 2020 election in Michigan, investigator says : politics

Trump's Happy Birthday Message for Melania Is a Gift for His Haters | The former president, who is on trial for falsifying business records related to an alleged affair, complained that he couldn't be with his wife. : politics
Donald Trump Has Never Sounded Like This : politics

Miami Grand Prix shuts down effort to hold Trump fundraiser at F1 race : politics

'I know it sounds crazy': The new strategy against Republicans in deep red states : politics
Opinion: Truth takes its revenge on Trump and his team : politics

A physician, a lawyer, a CEO: the 84 fake electors who allegedly tried to steal the 2020 election : politics

In ethics complaint, Republicans accuse 2 Dems of 'insurrection' for protesting on the House floor : politics -- Lame attempt to conflate a real insurrection with peaceful protests.

'Where's Cricket?' Don't Ask. Kristi Noem Defends Killing Her Dog. : politics
Kristi Noem Describes Executing Puppy She 'Hated' in New Book | The South Dakota governor describes killing an unruly hunting dog in an excerpt of her upcoming book obtained by The Guardian : politics
We Have Reached the "Murdering Puppies" Stage of Trump VP Auditions: Kristi Noem made a wild admission clearly aimed at Donald Trump. : politics
2004: The scream that doomed Howard Dean - YouTube

These Viking Women Had Cone Heads Thanks to Elongated Skulls - Atlas Obscura - Scientists posit how and why the ladies achieved the cone-head look.
Did Neanderthals Collect Impressive Animal Skulls? - Atlas Obscura Researchers found something "very strange" in a Spanish cave.

New England's Unique Stone Walls Are Bigger Than the Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, and the Pyramids of Giza -- combined. the region's ubiquitous stone walls are also a unique ecological habitat. Atlas Obscura Bigger than the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, and the Pyramids of Giza combined,

New England's Unique Stone Walls Are Bigger Than the Great Wall of China, Hadrian's Wall, and the Pyramids of Giza—combined. - Atlas Obscura Bigger than the Great Wall of China, Hadrian' s Wall, and the Pyramids of Giza combined, the region’s ubiquitous stone walls are also a unique ecological habitat.

Burglary ring targeted Indian and South Asian families in 43 break-ins, authories say


E.P.A. Severely Limits Pollution From Coal Burning Power Plants. New regulations could spell the end for plants that burn coal, the fossil fuel that powered the country for more than a century. : politics

Giant velociraptor bigger than Jurassic Park imaginings discovered in South Korea : worldnews

U.S., China top diplomats meet with Russia, Taiwan likely on agenda : worldnews

67 arrested during drug raids in Singapore, including 16-year-old girl : worldnews

China must stop aiding Russia if it seeks good relations with West, NATO says : worldnews

26,000 Cubic Meters of Russian Fuel Lost as SBU Drones Target Two Oil Depots in Smolensk Region : worldnews

(3) The Jerusalem Post on X: "The IDF attacked military buildings in which Hezbollah operatives were located in the south of Lebanon, according to a statement on Friday." / X

(3) Iran International English on X: "Iranian Defense Minister Mohammad Reza Ashtiani says Iran's recent missile attack on Israel was a "limited warning" intended to deter further confrontations without escalating the situation further." / X

Satellite images show Iran attempted to cover up damage of alleged Israeli strike : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 5) : worldnews

(3) Barak Ravid on X: BREAKING: Israel made it clear to Egypt on Friday that it it is ready to give one last chance to reach a hostage deal with Hamas, but if no progress is reached soon it will move forward with a ground invasion of Rafah, two senior Israeli officials told me / X

Royal Navy ship joins international effort to build pier for aid delivery into Gaza : worldnews

Zelensky claims Moscow is planning to derail Swiss peace conference : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 793, Part 1 (Thread #939) : worldnews

Russia would lose a war with NATO, Poland warns : worldnews
Poland today officially recognizes Silesian as a regional language. : worldnews

NATO's newest member: Sweden strengthens alliance with full military integration achieved : worldnews

Greece, Spain will refuse to send Ukraine air defense systems : worldnews

Germany's Scholz calls for more Ukraine air defense : worldnews

Macron Says EU Can No Longer Rely on US for Its Security : worldnews
France and Germany sign deal to co-develop 'tank of the future' : worldnews

Bicycle use in Paris now exceeds car use : worldnews

Humza Yousaf will not resign as Scotland's first minister : worldnews

Two British men charged with helping Russian intelligence : worldnews
Accused Russian spy led plot to burn down building in London : worldnews ... In 2021 the Biden Administration signed into law that those suffering from Havana syndrome can claim 6 figure compensation, something they'd be unlikely to do if they really believe it was fake...
Israeli Escalation, Is there More to Havana Syndrome, and more ... - YouTube

Thousands of Indigenous people marched through Brazil's capital, Brasilia, on Thursday, protesting against the government's failure to recognize more of their ancestral lands officially. Along with calling for more land recognition, some tribes also protested a proposed 590-mile rail project : worldnews

Mexican president claims that criminal groups are 'respectful' and 'respect the citizenry' : worldnews

Aid to Ukraine seemed dead. Then secretive talks revived it. - The Washington Post In one meeting, Biden and others sprang a surprise effort to persuade Speaker Johnson to pass the aid package

Sen. Chuck Schumer Warns Pakistan to Not Kill Imran Khan

For Dundalk, the Baltimore bridge was a lifeline. Now it's gone. - The Washington Post In Dundalk, Md., residents grapple with the sudden, surreal loss of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a local landmark and economic artery for decades

Emerson College protests tents removed by police, over 100 arrested
The media should be celebrating college protesters instead of demonizing them | Press Watch | Dan Froomkin

Student Activism Is Integral to the Mission of Academe - Some think protests and politics are beside the point. They're wrong.
Here's Where Student Protesters Are Demanding Divestment From Israel

Columbia Law School Faculty Condemn Administration for Mass Arrests The blanket suspension of student protesters casts "serious doubt on the University's respect for the rule-of-law values that we teach," 54 law professors wrote.
Columbia University is colluding with the far-right in its attack on students | Moira Donegan | The Guardian ... In her willingness to unleash state violence against student protesters, Minouche Shafik proved herself to be a willing ally to extremists
Is Columbia in crisis? By Spectator Editorial Board - April 18, 2024 at 10:40 PM ... Shafik's authorization of the New York Police Department to enter campus and forcibly remove peaceful protesters spotlights the emptiness and duplicity of the promises she made to Congress and the Columbia community.

(3) J.J. on X: Is this a picture of the crackdown on protests at UT-Austin, or is it a picture of law enforcement standing outside Robb Elementary School? / X

Kennedy endorsement carries deep personal meaning for Biden - The Washington Post Biden has longstanding ties to the family of the only other Catholic president, sharing politics and tragedy

Biden Just Saved the 40-Hour Work Week | It's been a fantastic week for middle-out economics. : politics

Fox News twists data on economy and crime to attack Biden - The Washington Post
Anti-democratic warning signs are blinking in current polling - The Washington Post This belief undergirds the idea that Trump’s post-2020-election efforts were rooted in his fighting against an illegal effort to influence the presidency rather than being such an illegal effort ... The Pew Research Center published data Wednesday showing that about half of Republicans (and independents who lean Republican) think Trump did nothing wrong in trying to overturn his 2020 loss, with a fifth indicating they were "not sure" if he did anything wrong. That’s more than two-thirds of the party, claiming innocence or uncertainty.

Biden pardons 11 people and shortens the sentences of 5 others convicted of non-violent drug crimes : politics ... Ehrlichman said in 1994 that the drug war was a ploy to undermine Nixon's political opposition - meaning, black people and critics of the Vietnam War: "The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

Biden just signed a potential TikTok ban into law. Here's what happens next | CNN Business
TikTok vows legal challenge to potential US app ban | CNN Business
Banning TikTok would hit China's tech ambitions and deepen the global digital divide | CNN Business

Biden gains on Trump in series of polls : politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez emerges as key Biden surrogate for progressives, young people : politics ... Somehow I doubt even the flaming wreckage that is the RNC would chuck their meagre resources into the chasm of anti-charisma that is DeSantis.

Billionaire tax to bolster Social Security popular in swing states : politics

Justice Clarence Thomas chooses not to recuse himself from another January 6-related case : politics

Mike Johnson on Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'I Don't Think About Her at All' : politics
'Mike You Suck': Columbia Students Let Loose on Speaker Johnson : politics

Giuliani charged in Arizona case; Trump an unindicted co-conspirator : politics

Donald Trump suffers huge vote against him in Pennsylvania primary : politics

Jack Smith's One Job Is to Take Donald Trump to Trial Before the Election. (The Supreme Court May Not Let Him.) : politics

Discussion Thread: New York Criminal Fraud Trial of Donald Trump, Day 7 : politics

'How Embarrassing': Trump Mocked For 'Pretending To Be President' In Strange Ceremony : politics

Highlights from Supreme Court arguments over Trump's immunity claim - The Washington Post
The Jaw-Dropping Things Trump Lawyer Says Should Qualify for Immunity: Apparently, John Sauer thinks staging a coup should be considered a presidential act. : politics

No one is above the law. Supreme Court will decide if that includes Trump while he was president : politics ... Whatever the outcome here, this specific case isn't going to get to a verdict now before Election Day. No way. And in that way he accomplished what he was after. There is NO good reason it should have taken the SC months to rule on this.
Granting Trump total immunity would make America a global outlier : politics

Discussion Thread: US Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Trump v. United States, a Case About Presidential Immunity From Prosecution : politics

New Complaint Alleges Trump Campaign Hid Millions in Lawyer Payments : politics

In Court, Donald Trump Is a Loser -- and Alone : politics

'So appalled': What witnesses told special counsel about Trump's handling of classified info while still president : politics ... Leading counterintelligence officials issued a memo to all of the CIA's global stations saying that a concerning number of U.S. informants were being captured and executed. Announcing the specific number of killings is rare as that figure is typically held under wraps from the public and even from some CIA employees, the Times noted ... A Mission Impossible plot. The NOC List (Non-Official Cover List) is a list of undercover spies that we don't want leaked or sold or blabbed to other governments. It's being disseminated from the Oval Office. I swear i could remember a report where he specifically wanted the FBI/NSA/CIA to make a huge listing of all their assets. They came back saying that would be a bad idea ... he said he didn't care, he knows best and then the deaths started. Probably around the time ol' Bone-Saw MBS was bragging about having Jared Kushner "in his pocket". Wouldn't surprise me at all if some of that information was passed to MBS, who then passed it along to Putin and who knows who else. Trump gave info to the Russians directly, in person. No need to use intermediaries for that.

Trump ally "cooperating with prosecutors" could spur others to flip—Lawyer : politics

DOJ Filing: Steve Bannon Is a "Co-Conspirator" in a $1 Billion Fraud Case : politics
Trump's chief strategist Bannon spent tumultuous time at Biosphere 2 in southern Arizona

Arizona's Abortion Law Repeal Comes as Independents Trust Biden More on Issue : politics

Conservatives Quickly Turn Against "Idiot" Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics

The WA GOP put it in writing that they're not into democracy : politics ... A resolution called for ending the ability to vote for U.S. senators. Instead, senators would get appointed by state legislatures, as it generally worked 110 years ago prior to the passage of the 17th Amendment in 1913. "We are devolving into a democracy, because congressmen and senators are elected by the same pool," was how one GOP delegate put it to the convention. "We do not want to be a democracy." The resolution sums up: "We ... oppose legislation which makes our nation more democratic in nature."

Survivors rejoice as Ohio lawmakers vote to make it illegal to drug, rape spouse : politics ... Twenty years ago, Ohio outlawed "forcible" spousal rape -- but lawmakers left in a provision that says purposely impairing your spouse's mental state with alcohol or drugs or waiting until they are unconscious to assault them is legal. Other than drugging and then raping, a spouse can "have sex" with their partner if the victim is substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition - or due to advanced age. Also, a spouse can "have sex" with their child bride, as the law doesn't count sex with a kid less than 13 years old as rape. (O-hi-O) ... Canada had similar wording until the 1980s. The logic being (a century or more before that when these laws were written) was that marriage was ultimate consent. Society's thinking has evolved.

Delaware Private School Allegedly Abused, Shamed, Bullied Students - A Private School Promised to Help Troubled Kids. Instead, Some Say, It Was a Nightmare. The New School in Delaware was supposed to provide a safe haven - but some parents and kids allege it was more like a "cult"

The Liberating Frankness of the Divorce Memoir | The New Republic | New books from Leslie Jamison and Lyz Lenz exude the glow of hard-won independence ... At a time when the discontentedly coupled are turning to energetic remedies for ailing marriages like swinging and polyamory -- the couple that strays together stays together -- it's almost refreshing to hear anyone favor just euthanizing the patient.

The Case for Rooms It’s time to end the tyranny of open-concept interior design.
The Curse of an Open Floor Plan A flowing, connected interior—once a fringe experiment of American architectural modernism—has become ubiquitous, and beloved. But it promises a liberation from housework that remains a fantasy.

The Most Treasured Jar in My Pantry | The New Yorker There is nothing "plain" about vanilla when your extract is home-brewed.

Just read 'The Second Sex'. : books
Simone de Beauvoir - Wikipedia

What Therapists Say Harms Eldest Daughters' Happiness Most | HuffPost Life
There Might Actually Be Some Science Behind Eldest Daughter Syndrome | HuffPost Life
What Oldest Siblings Bring Up Most In Therapy | HuffPost Life From struggles with perfectionism to feelings of imposter syndrome, here's what oldest children need help with.

What Consent Looks Like | RAINN
Sample consent forms - Open Brain Consent 1.1.0+some documentation

Why Don’t We Have A Cure For Cavities? Inside the Decades-Long Scientific Quest

The World’s Most Nutritious Foods

Near-Perfect Sci-Fi Movies You Might Have Missed

What is going on with Princess Kate? Psychic Astrology Reading & Predictions | by Lisa Paron | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Can You Solve Albert Einstein's Famous House Riddle?

Why You Can't Get a Restaurant Reservation - How bots, mercenaries, and table scalpers have turned the restaurant reservation system inside out. : technology

I flew 18 hours with my toddler and these are the essential lessons I learnt | CN Traveller

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Groceries Last Longer - Brown bananas and avocados will soon be a thing of the past.

Chemicals from Rite-Way's on-site dry cleaning have contaminated the ground and potential sale - Cambridge Day
Housing Authority plans 22 rooms in Baldwin, hits a snag in purchase from Lesley University - Cambridge Day


'Children won't be able to survive': inter-American court to hear from climate victims : worldnews

Monkeypox virus: dangerous strain gains ability to spread through sex, new data from Central Africa suggest : worldnews

Opinion | We Are Blowing the Fight to Contain Bird Flu - The New York Times - This May Be Our Last Chance to Halt Bird Flu in Humans and We Are Blowing It ... The outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza among U.S. dairy cows, first reported on March 25, has now spread to at least 33 herds in eight states. On Wednesday, genetic evidence of the virus turned up in commercially available milk. Federal authorities say the milk supply is safe, but this latest development raises troubling questions about how widespread the outbreak really is ... In April 2020, the Trump administration ousted Dr. Bright from his position as the director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, the agency responsible for fighting emerging pandemics. In a whistle-blower complaint, he alleged this happened after his early warnings against the coronavirus pandemic were ignored and as retaliation for his caution against unproven treatments favored by Donald Trump.

Opinion | H5N1 Bird Flu is Causing Alarm. Here's Why We Must Act. - The New York Times - Bird flu - known more formally as avian influenza - has long hovered on the horizons of scientists' fears. This pathogen, especially the H5N1 strain, hasn't often infected humans, but when it has, 56 percent of those known to have contracted it have died. Its inability to spread easily, if at all, from one person to another has kept it from causing a pandemic.

Seven juveniles with alleged 'violent extremist ideology' arrested in Sydney counter-terror raids : worldnews
Australian police arrest 7 alleged teen extremists linked to stabbing of a bishop in a Sydney church : worldnews

Two Japanese suspects in murder-mutilation case : worldnews

[Exclusive] Korean military set to ban iPhones over 'security' concerns : worldnews
South Korea bans iPhones for military males but home-grown Samsung Android phones are alright : worldnews

North Korea Sends Rare Delegation to Iran, Fueling Concerns of Military Cooperation : worldnews
N. Korea says expansion of AUKUS will turn Asia-Pacific region into 'nuclear minefield' : worldnews

China blasts US military aid to Taiwan, saying the island is entering a 'dangerous situation' : worldnews

China shows off nuclear might ahead of top US diplomat Antony Blinken's visit : worldnews

Russia vetoes a UN resolution calling for the prevention of a dangerous nuclear arms race in space : worldnews

Russian deputy defence minister detained on bribe allegations : worldnews

Turkey's bid to shape Gaza influence faces Arab resistance - report - I24NEWS : worldnews
Erdogan Urges Armenia to Shed "Fictional Historical Narratives" : worldnews

At least 32 dead as flash floods sweep through half of Kenya : worldnews

Qatari official: Jews are murderers of prophets; October 7th is only a 'prelude' : worldnews

Iran Hands Death Sentence to Rap Star Arrested for Protest Songs : worldnews
Iranian women violently dragged from streets by police amid hijab crackdown : worldnews
Iran threatens to annihilate Israel should it launch a major attack : worldnews

Israel blasts UN for excluding Hamas from sexual violence blacklist : worldnews

Hamas chief Sinwar exited tunnels, met with terrorists aboveground - report : worldnews
Hamas issues video showing Israeli-American hostage Goldberg-Polin : worldnews
Hersh Goldberg-Polin: Hamas releases video of hostage in proof he survived Oct. 7 injuries | CNN
Shani Louk, 23-year-old kidnapped from music festival, found dead, Israel says | CNN
'Underground hell' : Hamas publishes first video of mutilated American hostage, says 70 have been killed : worldnews

IDF hits 40 Hezbollah sites; Gallant says Hezbollah's south Lebanon command decimated : worldnews

UN Secretary-General excludes Hamas from conflict-related sexual violence list : worldnews

Israel gears up for Rafah civilian evacuation ahead of promised assault : worldnews
Tents appear in Gaza as Israel prepares Rafah offensive : worldnews

Netanyahu: More has to be done to stop pro-Palestinian protests on US campuses : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 791, Part 1 (Thread #937) : worldnews

US secretly sent long-range missiles to Ukraine : politics
U.S. Secretly Shipped New Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine - The New York Times Ukrainian forces for the first time used a longer-range version of weapons known as ATACMS, striking an airfield in Crimea and Russian troops in southeastern Ukraine.

(3) Volodymyr Zelenskyy on X: "The key now is speed. The speed of implementing agreements with partners on the supply of weapons for our warriors. The speed of eliminating all Russian schemes to circumvent sanctions. The speed of finding political solutions to protect lives from Russian terror. Every leader who does not waste time is a life saver. Every state that knows how to act quickly safeguards the rules-based world order. I thank everyone in the world who helps our people restore normal life after the Russian strikes. I thank everyone who helps our warriors defend the cities and villages of Ukraine from Russian evil." / X

The Syrsky War: Ukraine's Supreme Commander Is Betting on Drones, Patience and Discipline : worldnews

Russian missile attack on Kharkiv damages Danish Refugee Council's office, car : worldnews

Greece: Orange Sahara dust haze descends over Athens : worldnews

German army prepares plan to ready US troops to fight on Nato’s eastern front : worldnews

Zelensky: Russia planning to disrupt global peace summit in Switzerland : worldnews

Belgian man whose body produces alcohol in rare condition acquitted of drunk driving : worldnews

UK 'helping Russia pay for its war on Ukraine' via loophole on refined oil imports : worldnews
Six arrested after clashes between far-right groups and riot police at St George's Day march : worldnews
Princess Beatrice's ex-boyfriend found dead in hotel of suspected drug overdose after - LBC
Three people hurt and one arrested during major incident at school in Ammanford in West Wales : worldnews
Teenage girl arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbings at school | UK News | Sky News Pupils at Ysgol Dyffryn Aman in Carmarthenshire were told to stay in the classroom for several hours after the incident as the school was placed in lockdown.

Argentina seeks arrest of Iranian minister over 1994 bombing : worldnews
With public universities under threat, massive protests against austerity shake Argentina : worldnews
Argentina gripped by one of the largest protests in 20 years: 'Public education is an inalienable right' : worldnews

Haiti situation catastrophic and growing worse, UN warns : worldnews

Wildfire season roars to life in Western Canada : worldnews

Pelosi calls for Netanyahu to resign: "Obstacle to two-state solution" : politics

Bucking G.O.P. Isolationists, McConnell Was Linchpin in Winning Ukraine Aid - The New York Times The leader said he often "felt like I was the only Reagan Republican left" as he pushed back on rising forces in his party arguing against American intervention in foreign affairs.
White House seizes on Mitch McConnell saying Trump stalled action on border security : politics ... Biden and Democrats initially rejected GOP demands to include border security in a foreign aid package. But eventually they backed down and struck a deal with McConnell's designee, Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., who called it "by far the most conservative border security bill in four decades." ... Trump pressured Republicans to kill the bill anyway, saying on social media that "we need a Strong, Powerful, and essentially 'PERFECT' Border and, unless we get that, we are better off not making a Deal." ...In a separate post, he wrote: "I do not think we should do a Border Deal, at all, unless we get EVERYTHING needed to shut down the INVASION of Millions & Millions of people, many from parts unknown, into our once great, the soon to be great again, Country!" ... Murphy said in an interview. "We got Ukraine done. And we improved our position dramatically on the issue that we were most vulnerable on in the election: immigration." Since then, the Biden administration has been mulling executive actions to deter illegal migration, but any unilateral steps would pale in comparison to what Congress can do

U.S. bans noncompete agreements for nearly all jobs : politics

Biden-Harris Administration Finalizes Critical Rule to Clean up PFAS Contamination to Protect Public Health | EPA action designates two widely used PFAS as hazardous substances under the Superfund law, improving transparency and accountability to clean up PFAS contamination in communities : politics

Fact Sheet: Biden-Harris Administration Announces Rules to Deliver Automatic Refunds and Protect Consumers from Surprise Junk Fees in Air Travel : politics

Biden scores major union backing as its leaders attack Trump : politics
Joe Biden keeps sneaking wins past Republicans distracted by Trump : politics

Churches Don't Have to Be Accessible. That's Bad News For Voters. : politics

USPS commits to rerouting Reno-area mail despite bipartisan pushback and mail ballot concerns : politics

President Biden Signs Bill That Could Ban TikTok : politics
On TikTok, Potential Ban of App Leads to Resignation and Frustration - The New York Times While Congress says the social app is a security threat, critics of the law targeting it say it shows how out of step lawmakers are with young people ... Representative Jamaal Bowman, a New York Democrat, was another opponent of the bill and previously said that banning TikTok meant silencing the voices of young people ...
Love, Hate or Fear It, TikTok Has Changed America
'Thunder Run': Inside Lawmakers' Secretive Push to Pass the TikTok Bill - The New York Times - A tiny group of lawmakers huddled in private about a year ago, aiming to keep the discussions away from TikTok lobbyists while bulletproofing a bill that could ban the app.
What a TikTok Ban Would Mean for the U.S. Defense of an Open Internet - The New York Times Global digital rights advocates are watching to see if Congress acts, worried that other countries could follow suit with app bans of their own ... By targeting TikTok - a social media platform with 170 million U.S. users, many of them sharing dance moves, opining on politics and selling wares - the United States may undermine its decades-long efforts to promote an open and free internet governed by international organizations, not individual countries

Discussion Thread: US Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument in Moyle v. United States, a Case About Whether the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act Preempts Idaho's Abortion Ban : politics
The US supreme court heard one of the most sadistic, extreme anti-abortion cases yet. Idaho's law requires doctors to treat pregnant women’s health as disposable - and the loss of their lives as an acceptable risk : politics
The Supreme Court's likely to make it more dangerous to be pregnant in a red state : politics

The Supreme Court Has Already Botched the Trump Immunity Case : politics
Team Trump Is Ready to Lose the Supreme Court Immunity Case. They're Celebrating : politics
Cheney warns of 'profoundly negative impact' if SCOTUS doesn't resolve Trump immunity case quickly : politics

Meadows, Giuliani and other Trump allies charged in Arizona 2020 election probe : politics
Trump, Giuliani, Meadows are unindicted co-conspirators in Michigan fake elector case, hearing reveals : politics
RNC's 'election integrity' lawyer charged with election crimes - Christina Bobb is the lawyer overseeing the RNC's "election integrity" efforts. She was also just indicted by a grand jury for election-related crimes. : politics

Trump Lawyer Argues He Could Legally Order Assassination Of Political Rival : politics
Trump Lawyer Says Having Political Rival Killed Could Constitute ‘Official’ Presidential Act | The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Thursday on the former president's bid to secure sweeping immunity from criminal prosecution : politics ... It looks like it will be 5-4 IN FAVOR of immunity. They're throwing out the rule of law ... Biden should have the right-wing SCOTUS judges arrested immediately if they rule in favor of immunity.

Trump Was Warned to Return Records to Archives, Unsealed Documents Say : politics
Trump brushed off warnings he'd be charged in documents case: Unsealed filings : politics

Secret Service prepares for if Trump is jailed for contempt in hush money case : politics

'Losing All Credibility': Judge Torches Team Trump's Gag Order Defense : politics

FBI director rejects Trump's vow to investigate political rivals : politics

A secret pact at Trump Tower helped kill bad stories in 2016 : politics
Trump's humiliation deepens: In court, he can't hide from his tabloid roots : politics
Publisher Describes Quashing Doorman's Claim Trump Had Child Out of Wedlock | The former publisher of The National Enquirer testified at Donald J. Trump's criminal trial that he used a so-called catch-and-kill deal to silence the doorman. : politics
National Enquirer made up the story about Ted Cruz's father and Lee Harvey Oswald, former publisher says : politics

Trump keeps begging for a "rally behind MAGA" -- but his supporters aren't showing up to court: It's not just that Fox News told them entering New York results in instant murder : politics ... What's especially funny about all this is Trump can't quite admit that his people just aren't showing up. So he keeps blaming the barricades and the police presence. His lies got to the level of childish make-believe on Tuesday afternoon, as he falsely claimed on Truth Social that "Thousands of people were turned away from the Courthouse" and denied he "was disappointed by the crowds." Of course, by fantasizing about a massive caravan rallied to his defense, he proved he is not satisfied with reality: MAGA isn't showing up ... He brought women who had accused Bill Clinton of infidelity to a debate with Hillary - all while he was knowingly killing bad news stories about his own infidelity.
The Circus Trump Wanted Outside His Trial Hasn't Arrived : politics ... Yeah, it's hard to get bots and russian trolls to show themselves in public.

Donald Trump suffers huge vote against him in Pennsylvania primary : politics
Nikki Haley wins 17% of vote in Pennsylvania GOP primary. Is it warning sign for Trump? : politics

Romney: 'You don't pay someone $130,000 not to have sex with you' : politics

Bill Barr slinks back to the Trump camp, gets rewarded with a string of insults on Truth Social : politics

MAGA begins to panic: Trump may not make it to the ballot : politics ... The Trump White House was unlike anything I have ever seen - nor will likely see again. It was unprofessional, intolerable, idiotic, chaotic and filled with innuendo. It was a grade-B Hollywood production led by a self-loathing narcissist with delusions of adequacy.

GOP senator: Greene 'dragging our brand down' : politics
Opinion | Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Reached the Outer Limit of Extremism - The New York Times n our Trump-era politics, there's always the question of how crazy is too crazy -- how disruptive and extreme an elected official can get before becoming so embarrassing that members of her own team feel compelled to abandon her? Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to have reached that outer limit. Again. ... She has, in very little time, undermined the influence of her party's entire right flank, driving less unhinged Republicans - most notably the House speaker, Mike Johnson - to brush back her and her ilk like the poo-flinging chaos monkeys they are.

Ted Cruz could be in trouble with the IRS : politics

New Hampshire votes to kill anti-trans bill after powerful testimony from transgender teen athlete : politics
New Hampshire kills anti-trans bill after testimony from teen athlete ... Following Maelle Jacques and testimony from several other people, the bill was killed by the Education Committee in a 19-1 vote.

Ultra-Rich Should Pay to Save Social Security, Swing-State Voter Poll Shows : politics

New York appeals court overturns Harvey Weinstein’s 2020 rape conviction - LBC

Billionaire heiress, 16, disappears in San Francisco neighbourhood known for drugs and - LBC

Scientists Get Serious in the Search for a Working Warp Drive - A crucial development is propelling engineers toward faster-than-light travel.

Scientists Say the Moon Could Solve the Mystery of Stonehenge A major lunar standstill may offer clues about the monument's enigmatic design.

The Ancient Math That Sets the Date of Easter and Passover - Why don't the two holidays always coincide? It is, to some degree, the moon's fault.
What It Means to Keep Kosher for Passover | My Jewish Learning
Dayenu - Wikipedia
Plagues of Egypt - Wikipedia

Most expensive sales from January to March 2024

Kids who grew up with search engines could change STEM education forever - The Verge - File not found: A generation that grew up with Google is forcing professors to rethink their lesson plans ... the concept of file folders and directories, essential to previous generations' understanding of computers, is gibberish to many modern students.

Framework won't be just a laptop company anymore - The Verge
Framework | Framework Laptop 16 now shipping
Framework Computer - Wikipedia
FreeBSD - Wikipedia

T-Mobile's new 5G internet plan lets you take your Wi-Fi on the road - The Verge

Mass. Episcopal bishop removes female priest's collar, apologizes

What data tells us about the large immigrant population in Massachusetts -- and how it compares with the rest of the nation


Climate Change in Europe - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Climate change is horrible enough in the United States. Summers in New England are so much hotter than they used to be, as we turn into Virginia, Virginia turns into Miami, and Miami disappears into the ocean. But it's one thing to have humid, gross summers. It's another to have be next to the Sahara Desert, not to mention the warm ocean currents that traditionally made Europe habitatable. So in Europe, climate change is worse than every other part of the world, in a place where the infrastructure in uniquely incapable of handling it because of the old buildings that trap heat and a lack of central air. Thus, deaths from heat are skyrocketing ... Europe is heating up about twice as quickly as the Earth as a whole, and that heat is killing large numbers of people during the summer months, according to a new report by European climate experts ... That's the kind of weather that can kill people if they don't have access to air conditioning. The final death toll from the heat wave is still being calculated, but is almost certainly in the tens of thousands, researchers say. One study estimated there were upwards of 60,000 people died prematurely because of the July 2023 heat wave ... Europe's rapid warming is being driven by a trio of factors. The continent is close to the Arctic, which is the fastest-warming region on Earth. It is also naturally situated near warm ocean and atmospheric currents - that's why London's winters are so much more temperate than Chicago's, even though London is farther north.

Global defense budget jumps to record high of $2440bn : worldnews

Musk decries Australian court 'censorship' of X terror posts : worldnews ... Last month, a U.S. judge threw out a lawsuit by X against the hate speech watchdog, Center for Countering Digital Hate. In Australia, the e-Safety Commissioner fined X A$610,500 last year for failing to cooperate with a probe on anti-child abuse practices; X is fighting that penalty in court. Albanese hit back at Musk, saying the country would "do what's necessary to take on this arrogant billionaire who thinks he's above the law, but also above common decency
Aboriginal spears taken by Captain Cook in 1770 are returned to Australia's Indigenous people : worldnews
Australians join unauthorised activist mission to challenge Israeli blockade and deliver 5,500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza : worldnews

US and Philippine forces launch combat drills in the disputed South China Sea : worldnews
Philippines, US launch most far-reaching joint military drills : worldnews
Philippine troops kill 12 suspected Muslim rebels in clash that wounded seven soldiers : worldnews ... But of course they want "their" people to run the government, not just muslims in general. As usual, religion is being used as a cover for simple greed and power thirst. Being used as a tool for manipulation of people who lack enough intelligence for free thought, to coerce them into dying as cannon fodder for a false cause under the guise of religion but really just some power hungry fucks self-serving agenda. Just another day in the shit show of humanity.

Conservatives in Japan's ruiling LDP lash out over same-sex marriage ruling : worldnews
Japan's cannabis market growing rapidly amid regulatory shift : worldnews
How To Grow A Marijuana Bonsai - RQS Blog

Ten dead as Navy helicopters collide mid-air in Malaysia : worldnews
Malaysia - Wikipedia

North Korea tests its 'nuclear trigger' missile system, state media says : worldnews

Taiwan rattled by more than 200 quakes, but no major damage : worldnews

US sanctions 3 China firms for providing ballistic missile tech to Pakistan : worldnews
US moves to curb China's support for Russian military - Times of India : worldnews
US prepares to sanction China over its support for Russian war effort : worldnews

Russian Man Sentenced to Penal Labor for Street Interview With U.S.-Funded Radio Liberty : worldnews
Russian man sentenced to 5 years of labor for criticizing war in Ukraine : worldnews

Russia sets up missile brigade in Karelia in 'adequate response' to Finland joining Nato : worldnews

Ukraine Targets Power Stations and Oil Depot in Russia with Kamikaze Drones, Sources Say : worldnews

They were promised jobs in Russia. They ended up fighting in Ukraine. : worldnews

Russia drops X-59 missile on Belgorod in latest self-bombing : worldnews ... according to the article in the last 2 months alone Russia has dropped more than 20 bombs or missiles inside Russia or inside Russian controlled Ukrainian territories.

Russia warns Europe: if you take our assets, we have a response that will hurt : worldnews

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov shows off workout amid health rumours : worldnews
(3) Kevin Rothrock on X: After Novaya reports that Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov is terminally ill, his team releases this video showing him looking as lively as the title character in Weekend at Bernie’s. The camera movement reminds me of Spaceghost trying to breathe life into Ole Kentucky Shark. / X
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov shows off workout amid health rumours : worldnews

Russia quietly exits Karabakh, ceding its clout 'for good': When Russian troops deployed to Nagorno-Karabakh four years ago, their task was clear: keep the peace between bitter foes Armenia and Azerbaijan and prevent another war in the volatile region : worldnews ... Their mission was clear: encourage Azerbaijan to genocide the Armenians because the Armenians dared to say no to Putin

Azerbaijan's President blames France, India and Greece for arming Armenia : worldnews

Modi Calls Muslims ‘Infiltrators’ Who Would Take India's Wealth : worldnews
Modi accused of hate speech for calling Muslims 'infiltrators' at a rally days into India's election : worldnews
Over 17,400 citizens write to EC seeking action against PM Narendra Modi for hate speech : worldnews

ABC journalist Avani Dias told routine visa extension would be denied, days after India targeted her work on YouTube : worldnews ... Modi is taking advice from Musk, now?

World Bank suspends Tanzania tourism funding after claims of killings and evictions | Global development : worldnews

Drone, rocket attacks targeted US forces in Iraq, US officials say : worldnews

Five rockets fired from Iraq towards U.S. military base in Syria, security sources say : worldnews
Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah resumes attacks on US forces, statement says : worldnews

IAEA chief: Iran is weeks away from nuclear capacity - I24NEWS : worldnews
Iran's Israel strike coincided with crackdown on dissent at home : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 4) : worldnews

Hezbollah launches deepest attack into Israel since start of Gaza war : worldnews

Hamas armed wing al-Qassam Brigades calls for escalation across all fronts : worldnews
Hamas infiltration of UNRWA not addressed in Colonna report, Israel charges : worldnews
Hamas kills aid workers to manufacture Gaza food crisis, Fatah charges : worldnews

Blinken: Both Hamas onslaught, ensuing Israeli offensive raise human rights concerns : worldnews

US-Israel: Netanyahu vows to reject any US sanctions on army units : worldnews ... You can just reject sanctions? That's nifty ... Putin: Why didn't I think of that?

UN rights chief 'horrified' by mass grave reports at Gaza hospitals | Reuters : worldnews
'Completely baseless': Reports of mass graves at Gaza hospitals are false, IDF says - I24NEWS : worldnews
(3) GeoConfirmed on X: GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL Investigation. Palestinians are exhuming bodies from the grounds of the Nasser Medical Complex hospital complex in Khan Younis, Gaza. This is occurring at the same location where mass graves were dug and burial ceremonies had taken place by Palestinians in / X ... Footage from Palestinians digging graves/mass graves dated 25 January, 28 January and 03 February while IDF entered the hospital around 15 February ... Conclusion: This is disinformation by Al Jazeera and others: This is a known graveyard/mass grave and at least partially dug by Palestinians. This does not exclude that graves could have been added when the hospital was occupied by Israeli forces.

UNRWA review finds neutrality issues persist at UN agency : worldnews ... "Neutrality issues" - School curriciculums that encourage antisemitism and facilitate the development of extremism, taught by the same people who're literally on record about taking hostages and sex slaves in October and managed by people who don't see Hamas as a terrorist group

Israel military strikes northern Gaza in heaviest shelling in weeks : worldnews

EU Disappoints Ukraine By Failing To Agree Air Defence Deliveries : worldnews

"Our artillery is starving:" Ukraine holds its breath as US set to approve $60bn of military aid : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 790, Part 1 (Thread #936) : worldnews

Foreign Minister explains why Ukrainian consulates suspended services for men liable for military service : worldnews
Zelensky: Draft age lowered because younger generation fit, tech-savvy : worldnews

Military: Over 20,000 Russian troops trying to storm Chasiv Yar, outskirts : worldnews
Over 20,000 Russian troops trying to storm Chasiv Yar; Budanov says Ukraine to face "difficult situation" from mid-May : worldnews

Military: Russian forces using chemical weapons to storm Ocheretyne, situation 'difficult' : worldnews - The GOP, as it turns out, was the best Russian asset militarily. Had the aids passed earlier, we wouldn't be here.

Ukraine launches military charm offensive as conscription flags : worldnews
Ukraine launches military charm offensive as conscription flags | Reuters

ATACMS to be included in US package, possibly arriving in Ukraine next week - senator : worldnews

Russia destroys TV tower in Kharkiv with Kh-59 missile : worldnews

Health Ministry: Russian aggression damaged over 1,500 medical facilities in Ukraine : worldnews

Thousands of European flights reportedly affected by suspected Russian jamming : worldnews

Estonian defense spending could hit 5% of GDP soon, says commander : worldnews

German building materials firm Knauf to leave Russia after reportedly operating in occupied Mariupol : worldnews
Germany arrests 3 suspected China spies : worldnews
German Parliament worker arrested on suspicion of spying for China : worldnews

AfD politician's aide arrested on suspicion of spying for China | Germany | The Guardian Man worked as assistant to Maximilian Krah, top candidate in European parliament elections, say prosecutors ... The German interior minister, Nancy Faeser, said there would be an "exhaustive investigation" of the charges. If they were proved to be true, she said, the case would be nothing less than "an attack on European democracy from within" ... She said Krah and the AfD would also be potentially culpable. "Whoever employs a staffer such as this, also has responsibility for this," she said.
AfD politician's employee arrested on suspicion of spying for China : worldnews
German Far-Right AfD Leader Denies He Knew About Nazi Slogan : worldnews

Spain accidentally releases drug lord who planned to kill heir to Dutch throne : worldnews

Ireland: Almost 30 children in State care have disappeared this year, with whereabouts of 22 still unknown : worldnews

UK to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP - meaning tens of billions of pounds of extra funding : worldnews
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will announce the largest-ever military aid package to Ukraine on his visit to Poland. : worldnews
UK police charge two men with spying for China including MP researcher : worldnews
Sex offender banned from using AI tools in landmark UK case : worldnews

Venezuela voices outrage over new oil lease off Guyana : worldnews ... What an amazing leader that bus driver turned out to be. Lmao ... Hugo Chavez was more brazen than brilliant but Maduro makes him look like Neil deGrasse Tyson by comparison. The only thing keeping Maduro in power right now is just sheer brutality.

Psychologist becomes first person in Peru to die by euthanasia | AP News : worldnews

Fabricio Colon Pico: Ecuadorean police capture fugitive gang leader : worldnews
PA-X: Peace Agreements Database
PA-X: Peace Agreements Database - Site

Dominica High Court overturns ban on same-sex relations : worldnews

In Potential Blow to Cartel, Mexico Nabs Brother of Drug Lord "El Mencho" : worldnews
Wave of mass kidnappings puts Mexican state of Nuevo Leon on alert : worldnews

(3) The Associated Press on X: BREAKING: Senate overwhelmingly passes aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan with big bipartisan vote / X
Biden Signs $95 Billion Foreign-Aid Package, Says Weapons Will Flow to Ukraine in 'Next Few Hours : politics
Senate passes foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan | AP News ... The bill passed the Senate on an overwhelming 79-18 vote late Tuesday after the House had approved the package Saturday. Biden, who worked with congressional leaders to win support, said in a statement immediately after passage that he will sign it Wednesday and start the process of sending weapons to Ukraine, which has been struggling to hold its front lines against Russia ... The legislation would also send $26 billion in wartime assistance to Israel and humanitarian relief to citizens of Gaza, and $8 billion to counter Chinese threats in Taiwan and the Indo-Pacific. U.S. officials said about $1 billion of the aid could be on its way shortly, with the bulk following in coming weeks.

Biden clears way for Pentagon to send $1 billion in military aid to Ukraine, with shipment to begin in 'next few hours' : politics

McConnell says Tucker Carlson and Trump's waffling delayed crucial Ukraine aid : politics ... And yet you endorsed Trump for president again, ya greasy spineless weasel.

Liz Cheney Nukes the Supreme Court - With an Urgent Warning About Trump - There's still a lot we don’t know about what Trump did on January 6. And the Supreme Court may prevent us from ever knowing it. : politics

Biden Labor Department Finalizes Pro-Worker Rules on Overtime, Retirement Savings | Common Dreams Democrats are delivering for working people!declared Rep. Pramila Jayapal as the AFL-CIO noted that GOP ex-President Donald Trump gutted the rules that required overtime pay for millions of workers

1968/2024 Vietnam/Gaza - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The point of this thread is to explore the analogy between student protests against the United States government prosecution of the Vietnam War in 1968, and those against the Israeli government prosecution of the invasion of Gaza in 2024. The most obvious analogy is that a Democratic president who has carried out an extremely successful progressive political agenda at home may see his re-election hopes dashed by a foreign policy disaster, in no small part because of the political knock-on effects of university protests, and in particular the public perception of those protests, and the way university officials deal with them ... I'm writing this in the context of the situation at Columbia, where classes this week have gone remote, in the wake of the uproar over student protests, and the university's handling of them. (Relatedly, at least 40 student protesters were arrested at Yale this morning) ... one major difference that could be easily overlooked, which is that in 1968 less than 10% of the adult population had a four-year college degree, while that percentage has nearly quadrupled in the 56 years since. In other words, the social meaning of being a college student has shifted drastically in the post-WWII era, when college education has gone from a generally elite experience to a middle class rite of passage (this shift was underway in the late 1960s but was still in its early stages. One remnant of that earlier time is the obsession in the right wing and centrist media with elite colleges and universities, that functionally speaking somewhat replicate and preserve the pre-1960s cultural meaning of the concept of college). It would be a historical tragedy of the first order if Joe Biden's in my view anachronistic loyalty to the old Zionist vision is a or perhaps even the factor at the margin that leads to the re-election of Donald Trump. But this is clearly a possibility.

Opinion | Gaza Is Biden's War Now - The New York Times - What Happened to the Joe Biden I Knew? ... Gaza has become the albatross around Biden's neck. It is his war, not just Benjamin Netanyahu's. It will be part of his legacy, an element of his obituary, a blot on his campaign - and it could get worse if Gaza cascades into a full-blown famine or violent anarchy, or if a wider war breaks out involving Iran or Lebanon. An Israeli strike on a military base in central Iran early Friday underscored the danger of a bigger and more damaging conflict that could draw in the United States ... In January, the Israeli military dropped a bomb on a compound in Gaza used by the International Rescue Committee, a much-respected American aid organization that is supported in part by American tax dollars. The International Rescue Committee says that the near-fatal strike was caused by a 1,000-pound American-made bomb, dropped from an American-made F-16 fighter jet. And when an American-made aircraft drops an American-made bomb on an American aid group in an American-supported war, how can that not come back to Biden? ... President Biden is preternaturally supportive of Israel. It's in his DNA. Martin Indyk, who was twice ambassador to Israel, agrees. "You know the line about him being an old-style Zionist?" Indyk asked. "That’s the heart of it." ... Reports were already coming in of catastrophic starvation in Gaza, yet the Biden administration effectively blocked this alternative by watering it down to nothing, according to people close to the negotiations. The upshot: Children starved to death ... Another way of putting it: The more than 1,000 children in Gaza who are now amputees, their suffering is partly on us. ... So far the war in Gaza has, according to authorities there, killed roughly 34,000 people, including about 13,800 children. The toll includes some 484 health workers, 100 journalists and 200 aid workers. The war has also damaged or destroyed up to 57 percent of the territory's buildings

No appeasement goes unpunished - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Minouche Shafik not only completely rolled over for Congress at hearings, she literally called the police to arrest peaceful protestors while also evicting them. Which leads us to the inevitable next stage of the story, “if you treat Elise Stefanik as a good faith actor you will get exactly what you deserve“: It is beyond pointless to try to meet people who want to DeSantisize American public education halfway. No matter how draconian your response it won’t be enough. And the backlash on campus created by calling the NYPD right after the hearings was eminently predictable ... Columbia University President

Overreacting to Campus Protests - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The thing that strikes me about the last couple of days is that, like in the 1960s, university administrations are massively overreacting to campus protests and in doing so, making them far worse. Criminalizing protest at Columbia and Yale is going to do one thing, which is lead to more protests ... It might not have felt that the campus protests of the mid-60s were that important either at the moment. They also came out of nowhere. Of course, in California, they also led to that state's population electing Ronald Reagan governor. Like you are seeing from cynical actors such as Elise Stefanik, far-right forces are more than ready to take advantage of legitimate protest for their own ends. In conclusion, we live in interesting times.

Boston police warn law enforcement action 'imminen' at Emerson College
Protest, encampment now occupy Harvard Yard, following protests at other campuses Amid encampments, protests on college campuses, Harvard had initially closed off its yard to outsiders - and tents
LIVE UPDATES: Pro-Palestine Protesters Begin Encampment in Harvard Yard | News | The Harvard Crimson

On Criminalizing Homelessness - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... It's pretty clear the conservatives on the Court are going to let localities do whatever they want to the homeless. I'm not surprised. It fits their psychotic form of governance. It does seem to me though that one part of the solution needs to be that if we are going to effectively criminalize homelessness, we also need to criminalize actions that force people into homelessness ... I don't see how criminalizing homelessness is going to solve the problems. Fining the homeless is ridiculous on the face of it. But like a lot of issues, we are talking about a complex set of problems where no one really wants to wade into the complexity because to do so would be to knock them off their talking points, and that's across the political spectrum.

Justices Appear to Side With City Trying to Regulate Homeless Encampments - The New York Times - The Supreme Court appeared split along ideological lines in the case, which has sweeping implications for how the cities nationwide deal with a growing issue.

Eschaton: Amazing Stuff Probably everyone will forget about it tomorrow. BASH: So you voted yes on the foreign aid package. Do you have confidence that, at this point, given that it is still possible that Marjorie Taylor Greene will push to vacate, to kick him out of the speaker's chair, that he can survive? REP. TONY GONZALES (R-TX): He will survive. Look, the House is a rough and rowdy place, but Mike Johnson is going to be just fine. I served 20 years in the military. It's my absolute honor to be in Congress, but I serve with some real scumbags. Look, Matt Gaetz, he paid minors to have sex with them at drug parties. Bob Good endorsed my opponent, a known neo-Nazi. These people used to walk around with white hoods at night. Now they're walking around with white hoods in the daytime.

Republicans and Russians - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Who Are Key Players in the Trump Hush-Money Criminal Trial? - The New York Times

Only five people out of many thousands able to get through police blockade to support Donald Trump at his fake witch hunt show trial - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Is Furious He Got Caught Sleeping in Court : politics

'Stunning': Testimony in hush money trial reveals how National Enquirer worked with Trump campaign : politics

Trump valet Walt Nauta was promised a presidential pardon if he lied to the FBI, witness claims : politics

Trump's Bizarre Claim on Hush Money Trial Gets Brutal Fact-Check : politics

HEALTH HACK: Do NOT Inject Bleach - No Matter What Donald Trump Says : politics

Trump's New Legal Bills Are Hiding an $8 Million Mystery : politics

New York Courts to Publish Daily Transcripts of Trump Trial
Press Center - Home | NYCOURTS.GOV

The Inside Story of Alvin Bragg's Case Against Trump - The New York Times Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan D.A., campaigned as the best candidate to go after the former president. Now he finds himself leading Trump's first prosecution - and perhaps the only one before the November election ... it is Bragg, a Harvard-trained prosecutor who has often appeared to be a most uncomfortable, un-media-savvy public figure, who will now face off against the reality-television star turned Republican former president, master of spin, media-ready insult and creation of his own narrative ... to the commitment to service a word he has often used that his parents instilled in him when he was growing up on Strivers' Row in Harlem.

Strivers' Row | History - Strivers' Row

St. Nicholas Historic District - Wikipedia David H. King Jr., the developer of what came to be called "Striver's Row", had previously been responsible for building the 1870 Equitable Building,[6] the 1889 New York Times Building, the version of Madison Square Garden designed by Stanford White, and the Statue of Liberty's base ... King sold very few houses and the development failed, with Equitable Life Assurance Society, which had financed the project, foreclosing on almost all the units in 1895, during an economic depression.[3] By this time, Harlem was being abandoned by white New Yorkers, yet the company would not sell the King houses to blacks, and so they sat empty until 1919-20, when they were finally made available to African Americans[3] for $8,000 each. Some of the units were turned into rooming houses, but generally they attracted both leaders of the black community and upwardly-mobile professionals, or "strivers", who gave the district its colloquial name.[3]

Jon Stewart Slams the Media for Coverage of Trump Trial - The New York Times "Are you trying to make this O.J.? It's not a chase - he's commuting," Stewart said on Monday's "Daily Show."

Unfair!# - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The world is changed: Cassandra on Zoloft - Lawyers, Guns & Money

We interrupt the martyrdom of James Bennet so Tom Cotton can call to bring in the stormtroopers again - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Judge in fake electors case warns social media posts during court could rise to criminal charges : politics

Woman Charged With Murder After Driving Into a Party, Killing 2 Children - The New York Times The driver, Marshella Chidester, 66, was also charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The crash injured 15 other people on Saturday.

Eschaton: I Suppose The Harvard Bureau Of The NYT Needs To File Regularly

Eschaton: Oh No Elmo He's desperately trying to loot Tesla before it implodes, and it's pretty likely he'll succeed.But even by Tesla standards, this year has been unruly. Its stock has slid more than 40% amid slumping sales, confusing product decisions and more price cuts.ll the while, the board has tried to revive a $56 billion payout to Musk that a judge voided in January, on the grounds that directors had acted as "supine servants" to the CEO. On Tuesday, Tesla is expected to report a 40% plunge in operating profit and its first revenue decline in four years. Musk has ordered up the company's biggest layoffs ever and staked its future on a next-generation, self-driving vehicle concept called the robotaxi - Ah, yes, that idea has just been "kicking around." Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the company should have robotaxis on the roads in 2020. Also, this is genius business brain. The actual number of people ushered out may exceed 20,000, according to people familiar with the company's planning. Musk's reasoning, according to one person with direct knowledge of his edicts, was that Tesla should reduce headcount by 20% because its vehicle deliveries dropped by that amount from the fourth quarter to the first quarter. I think this is claiming it's "learning" now instead of just reacting, which is what Tesla fanboys believed for years.

Elon Musk's politics are an unfathomable, impossible-to-classify mystery that will never be explained - Lawyers, Guns & Money

It's Official: Scientists Finally Confirmed What's Inside The Moon : worldnews

The economic death of the author - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... 2) Relatedly, books that sell more than [incredibly depressing number] copies are very rare. The DOJ collected data on more than 58,000 titles published in a year, and found that 90% sold less than 2,000 copies, and that the median number of sales was ... twelve.

Contrafact - Wikipedia - In jazz, a contrafact is a musical composition consisting of a new melody overlaid on a familiar harmonic structure.[1] ...
Jazz standard - Wikipedia
Donna Lee - harmonic analysis
Donna Lee - Wikipedia - "Donna Lee" is a bebop jazz standard attributed to Charlie Parker, although Miles Davis has also claimed authorship.[1][2] Written in A-flat, it is based on the chord changes of the jazz standard "(Back Home Again in) Indiana".[1] Beginning with an unusual half-bar rest, "Donna Lee" is a very complex, fast-moving chart with a compositional style based on four-note groups over each change.
Jazz Standard Repertoire - Donna Lee Up tempo bebop tune based on the harmony to Indianna, sometimes credited to Miles
Donna Lee - YouTube - Charlie Parker
Just You, Just Me (Remastered 1999) - YouTube
Diana Krall - Just You, Just Me (Audio) - YouTube

Terry Anderson, RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I am struck, on the death of Terry Anderson, at how the American hostages held in Lebanon was a story in the 1980s that was at least as equal in the American imagination as bombing Libya or all the crimes the government was committing in Nicaragua. This was like a daily thing on the news and really at least to a reasonable extent until Anderson was released. Then it sort of disappeared from our consciousness. I would say far more people talk about Nicaragua these days when they think about 80s international issues than about the hostages. And if they are talking hostages, it’s of course the ones in Iran, understandably.
Terry Anderson, Reporter Held Hostage for Six Years, Dies at 76 - The New York Times The Beirut bureau chief for The Associated Press, he was kidnapped in 1985 by Islamic militants ... He sued Iran for $100 million in damages in a federal court and eventually collected about $26 million from Iranian assets in the United States that had been frozen by the government. His windfall lasted about seven years; he filed for bankruptcy in 2009. (3.7 million/year, gave to charities) ... "I was damaged a great deal more than I was aware of - than anyone was aware of," he said, adding, "It takes as long to recover as the time you spent in prison"

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,608 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the grave of Samuel Lanham - Born in 1846 in South Carolina, Lanham grew up in the world of owning humans, which as a young man he was happy to defend and commit treason for. His family was alright economically, but not super duper wealthy. He just went to the common schools, for instance. Not sure how many slaves they owned, probably “just” a couple. He volunteered for the Confederate Army immediately upon secession, even though he was only 15 years old. They took him too. He spent much of the war in Virginia and somehow did not die. He was wounded at Spotsylvania Court House, though I am not sure as to what severity ... But on other issues, he really was a good progressive reformer. For example, unlike the current spate of Republican southern legislators, he led a fight against child labor in his state. He signed laws limiting the hours railroad workers could labor in a day. He pushed for a constitutional amendment to allow the state to charter its own banking system, which voters approved. He pushed for new taxes on railroads and other corporations. He also pushed for election reform. Texas politics were, shockingly I know, incredibly corrupt and bribery was a real problem in nominating processes.

Remembering Steven - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Steven Attewell


(3) WE News English on X: Devastating floods in southern China leave eleven missing as tens of thousands are evacuated. Heavy rain and landslides hit Guangdong province, with more storms expected. / X

Putin's Propagandists Rage Against the Republican 'Betrayal' : worldnews

(3) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "Russian weekly oil refining is near an 11-month low due to Ukrainian drone attacks and floods - Bloomberg Severe weather conditions have also impacted processing, with floods in Russia’s Urals region forcing the Orsk refinery offline on April 7. In the latest reporting period," / X ... For years, Kurgan eco-activists have been pushing for a ban on uranium mining in Dobrovolnoye, fearing that radioactive solution would get into groundwater and the Tobol river. Rosatom explained the protests with "radiophobia." What will they say now?

The Art of Tanking a Deal: The dangerous cost of Trump withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal : politics ... Trump's decision to abandon the Iran nuclear deal resulted in the dangerous ripple effects we're seeing today, including increased regional aggression and pushing Iranian hardliners to the front of the regime

Israeli military intelligence chief quits over Hamas-led October 7 attacks : worldnews ... The report said Israeli officials dismissed the plan as aspirational, and deemed it too complex for the group to carry out. We've seen this in history many times. And this won't be the last time a military leader makes this same mistake.

Ukraine can prevail with U.S. support, NATO deputy says : worldnews

Aid approval brings Ukraine closer to replenishing troops struggling to hold front lines : politics ... The MAGA Republicans really set back Ukraine, and American interests, in their efforts the destroy democracy and advance Russian power in Europe.
(3) The Kyiv Independent on X: Ukraine to receive new military aid from US sooner than expected, congressman says during visit to Kyiv. The first batch of U.S. military aid will be delivered to Ukraine sooner than anyone thinks is possible, said Bill Keating, a Massachusetts Democratic congressman." / X
(3) Colby Badhwar on X: BREAKING: Biden Admin preparing large Drawdown Package for Ukraine; will include additional Bradleys, M113s, Humvees, along with the expected artillery ammo & air defense missiles." / X

(3) Ministry of Defence on X: Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 22 April 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 789, Part 1 (Thread #935) : worldnews

(3) Julian Ropcke on X: All the American money, all the Western support, all the German weapons won't help if Ukraine does not mobilize another 250,000 soldiers at least to reinforce a far too thin manned front. Russian troops reached #Ocheretyne / X

(3) MAKS 23 on X: Norway will contribute financially to the initiative to provide Ukraine with additional air defence systems: "there are significant sums that need to be used", - TV2 with reference to country's PM." / X

Germany promises to send Patriot air defence system to Ukraine as soon as possible | Ukrainska Pravda

(3) NOELREPORTS on X: Greece and Spain are under pressure from EU and NATO allies to provide more air defence systems to Ukraine. Both the Spanish and Greek Prime Ministers, whose armed forces together possess a significant amount of Patriot systems plus others such as S-300s, were told their need was" / X ... not as great as Ukraine's and that they did not face any imminent threat. (international well-duh)

On Earth Day, Biden is launching a new site to apply for Climate Corps jobs : politics
Home | American Climate Corps - Your Climate Career Starts Here - the next generation of creators, thinkers, leaders, and doers, working together to tackle the climate crisis. Help build a clean energy and climate-resilient future in your own community and across the nation.
Biden marks Earth Day with $7bn 'solar for all' investment amid week of climate action : politics ... Pretty cool to hear about the budding American Climate Corps site

Biden administration finalizes controversial minimum staffing mandate at nursing homes : politics

Biden expands Title IX protections for pregnancy, trans people and sexual assault victims : politics ... The new regulations officially add "gender identity" onto the list of protections from sex-based discrimination for the first time, though the administration said it has already been applying this standard. It also now offers full protection from all "sex-based harassment," broadening the definition to include "sexual violence and unwelcome sex-based conduct that creates a hostile environment by limiting or denying a person's ability to participate in or benefit from a school's education program or activity. The regulations update also enhances protections for students, employees, and applicants against discrimination "based on pregnancy, childbirth, termination of pregnancy, lactation, related medical conditions, or recovery from these conditions. It rolls back a lot of the bullshit the trump admin did as well ... Or to reiterate, if your AMAB coworker comes to work in a dress you can't tell them to not wear a dress because men don't wear dresses. Although the workplace may dictate dresscode it can't limit based on sex, so if the dresscode allows for a dress (presumably intended for women) anyone can wear a dress.

Campaign seeks to unseat 2 Arizona supreme court justices who upheld 1864 abortion ban : politics

Anti-LGBTQ+ activist claims Donald Trump is too accepting of LGBTQ+ people. Donald Trump was arguably the most anti-LGBTQ+ president of all time. : politics

Conservatives' savage child labor agenda wants kids working more for less : politics

Discussion Thread: US Supreme Court Oral Argument in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, a Case on the Criminalization of Homelessness : politics
Supreme Court waves off Kari Lake lawsuit over electronic voting : politics

The GOP's Worst Fears About the End of Roe v. Wade Have Come True : politics

With This Week's Abortion Case, Supreme Court Faces Grim Reality of Overturning Roe| The justices will decide whether pregnant patients must go untreated until they reach death's door. : politics ... "Idaho, Texas, and other states with strict abortion bans are putting doctors in the difficult position of deciding when an emergency goes from health-threatening to life-threatening." "And clinicians are expected to make these judgments under threat of severe criminal penalties."

Mike Johnson earns bipartisan praise for backing Ukraine aid, suggesting his speakership is safe : politics
Shadow speaker: Hakeem Jeffries quietly wrests control from Mike Johnson : politics ... Democrats got everything they wanted - a $95 billion foreign aid bill, the credit for passing it, and adversaries more divided than ever.Its like the JV team from high school going up against a group of professional atheltes. The fact that MAGA Republicans are largely inexperienced and ignorant of political maneuvering is costing them dearly, and we see it more and more as the Trumpist takeover of the GOP continues. It's a bunch of amateurs trying to fake it.
GOP operative's conviction over illegal Russian contributions to Trump campaign upheld : politics ... "Where's my Roy Cohn?" - Trump during the Russia Investigation. Trump's personal lawyer and fixer until his death. Represented Rupert Murdoch and Mafia figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti. Informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan ... Was strongly homophobic. Together with Sen Joe McCarthy (yes, that one) was responsible for the firing of scores of gay men from government employment; and strong-armed many opponents into silence using rumors of their homosexuality. He was however, gay himself, although close associate Roger Stone denied this - possibly tongue-in-cheek: "Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around." He died of complications from AIDS in 1986.

'Moscow Marjorie' Taylor Greene, GOP rebels defeated as House passes $61B in Ukraine aid package : politics ... No funding shall be made available to Ukraine unless restrictions on ethnic minorities’, including Hungarians in Transcarpathia, right to use their native languages in schools are lifted ... MTG's constituents in Georgia do not know what Transcarpathia is or why Hungarian independence in the region is a priority for her. That was unmistakably written for her by Russia, because they promised Hungary a slice of that territory in exchange for their cooperation on the invasion of Ukraine.
Biden slams Trump-Orban meeting in Florida - POLITICO The Hungarian leader has become an icon to some conservative populists for advocating "illiberal democracy." ... Trump praised Orban in a video post. "There's nobody that's better, smarter or a better leader than Viktor Orban. He's fantastic," Trump said. "He's a noncontroversial figure because he said 'This is the way it's gonna be,' and that's the end of it. He's the boss.”
U.S. Congresswoman Suspected of Having "Russian Handlers" After Transcarpathia Amendment
Hungary's PM Orban supports Trump after Florida meeting | Reuters
Marjorie Taylor Greene's "space lasers" show how the GOP gets away with escalating violence : politics

House Republicans blame Greene and Freedom Caucus for lack of border wins : politics

U.S. House votes down border bill favored by conservatives : politics
Russian pundits candidly talk about Trump - YouTube

Historic Trump criminal trial to hear opening statements : politics ... Hey, not to be that guy, but "kid gloves" aren't about children, but baby goats. Leather made of them is very fine and delicate, an analogue would also be "white glove" but also, we are talking about the guy with the smallest hands in recorded history, so maybe they would be little.

Why Do We Handle Something 'With Kid Gloves?' | Merriam-Webster -- It was the White Rabbit returning , splendidly dressed, with a pair of white kid gloves in one hand and a large fan in the other: he came trotting along in a great hurry, muttering to himself as he came, "Oh! the Duchess, the Duchess! Oh! won't she be savage if I've kept her waiting!" --Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1865

Discussion Thread: New York Criminal Fraud Trial of Donald Trump, Day 5 : politics ... Justice Merchan just gave us his ruling on the Sandoval hearing, which decides what previous Trump cases can be brought up during this trial ... Prosecutors [..] will want to show that this alleged crime of Trump's is part of a pattern of behaviour. Justice Merchan just gave us his ruling on the Sandoval hearing, which decides what previous Trump cases can be brought up during this trial. Prosecutors [..] will want to show that this alleged crime of Trump's is part of a pattern of behaviour -- So they're allowed to use two cases that Trump has already lost, in order to establish a pattern of behavior. That's pretty big in a jury trial ... Holy crap, they can ask about E. Carroll. He's going to perjure himself.

Judge in Trump case orders media not to report where potential jurors work : politics

Trump Has Only $6.8 Million for Legal Fees With Trial Underway : politics
Trump's Super PAC Has Been Footing His Legal Bills. Now It’s Running Out of Money. : politics

What happens if Trump gets convicted ahead of November? : politics

Trump's Trial Challenge: Being Stripped of Control : politics

How Trump has become angrier and more isolated on Truth Social : politics

Will a Mountain of Evidence Be Enough to Convict Trump? : politics

John Legend says Trump believes 'to his core' that 'Black people are inferior' : politics

Trump's Trial Is the Reality Show He Never Wanted : politics ... Trump is veering from rage to petulance, and from slumber to intimidation, in the courtroom because he's the star of a lurid Manhattan reality show he isn't producing or directing. He doesn't control the narrative and others are writing the scripts. And some of the scripts say nasty things about him, his sex life, his bookkeeping and his attempts to bury stories that might have derailed his 2016 presidential campaign .. So ... ACTUAL reality

Trump's a Fraud When It Comes to Law and Order and 'Backing the Blue' : politics

@realariaajaeger Stormy Daniels chose to wear this dress today to court. I can't imagine why. - Threads

Trump VP contender Kristi Noem says no exceptions for rape or incest in abortion ban : politics ... TEXAS HAD OVER 26K RAPE-RELATED PREGNANCIES IN 16 MONTHS AFTER ABORTION BAN (1625/month rapes resulting in pregnancy)
Rape-related pregnancy: estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women - PubMed - Results: The national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0% per rape among victims of reproductive age (aged 12 to 45); among adult women an estimated 32,101 pregnancies result from rape each year. (642,020 total rapes/year)
Rape Statistics - A Better Way - 321,500 rapes/year.
Tuberville echoes Trump, says Democrats support abortion 'past the birth of the baby' : politics (Dems want to abort 10 year olds)

RFK Jr. candidacy hurts Trump more than Biden, NBC News poll finds : politics

Republican lashes out at Matt Gaetz by branding him a 'scumbag' and repeating sex and drug claims : politics

Students Sue Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Silencing Black History : politics ... Filed on behalf of the NAACP and teachers, students and parents at Central High School, the lawsuit challenges a controversial section of the LEARNS Act, a new law championed by Sanders to promote school privatization and ban what she has called "left-wing indoctrination" and "critical race theory" in public schools. Similar anti-education initiatives popped up in red states across the country after intentionally manufactured disinformation about critical race theory (CRT) and schoolhouse diversity initiatives went viral on the right.

What's the most danger you've ever been in? : AskReddit

RES & Which version of Reddit we support : RESAnnouncements


The Earth After Humans - NOEMA Elephant-sized rats? City-building dolphins? Ever-cleverer crows? Life on a scorching hot, post-human planet will be otherworldly.

Ground-level ozone is getting worse. Here's what it means for your health.

Is there a tuberculosis vaccine? Yes, but it's not as good as it could be. It's time for a new one. - Vox - For the last 100 years, we've only had one TB vaccine -- and it leaves a lot to be desired.

Taiwan will tear down all remaining statues of Chiang Kai-shek in public spaces : worldnews

China military's biggest shakeup in 9 years adds info, cyber, space units : worldnews

Navalnaya Warns Of Putin's Willingness To Strike In Europe : worldnews

Moscow court sentences Meta spokesman in absentia to six years in prison : worldnews

Kremlin looking for successor in Chechnya in light of Kadyrov illness : worldnews

High Court In India Rules That Viewing, Downloading Child Porn Is Not A Crime : worldnews

India to surpass Japan as 4th-largest economy in 2025, IMF says : worldnews (US, China, Germany, Japan/India ... Well, considering that the Indian population is more than 10 times larger than the Japanese population, and still growing, while the latter is shrinking, it was due to happen.

University Students in Iran Protest Hijab Enforcement, Boycott Classes : worldnews
Iran's supreme leader tacitly acknowledges that Tehran hit little in its attack on Israel : worldnews

Israeli strikes on southern Gaza city of Rafah kill 22, mostly children, as U.S. advances aid package The first strike killed a man, his wife and their 3-year-old child. The woman was pregnant, and doctors managed to save the baby, the hospital said.

The Secret U.S. Alliance That Defended Israel From Iran Attack These same Arab nations are now pivotal in stopping Israel from further escalating the war after Iran's missile and drone attack.
Iran Attack: 3 Ways Israel Could Respond Israeli leaders have vowed to counterattack, but how they do so could jeopardize international support.

New York Times Brass Moves to Stanch Leaks Over Gaza Coverage An internal leak investigation ended without a “definitive conclusion,” as the Times cuts ties with a controversial Israeli freelancer.

Israeli military intelligence chief quits over Hamas-led October 7 attacks : worldnews

Israel's foreign minister says Erdogan 'should be ashamed' of meeting with Hamas chief : worldnews

Ukraine's Zelenskyy says "we are preparing" for a major Russian spring offensive : worldnews

Ukraine is heading for defeat - POLITICO The West's failure to send weapons to Kyiv is helping Putin win his war.

Ukraine's Defense as Russia Plans a Big Offensive Push - The New York Times

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 789, Part 1 (Thread #935) : worldnews

Ukraine loses five Abrams tanks in two months - The New York Times / The New Voice of Ukraine - Drone strikes challenge Abrams tanks' role in Ukraine's modern warfare

(3) Anton Gerashchenko on X: Poland is ready to host nuclear arms if Nato decides to deploy the weapons in the face of Russia reinforcing its armaments in Belarus and Kaliningrad, - Andrzej Duda. Poland has obligations to NATO as a member of the Alliance and is ready to deploy nuclear weapons on its" / X

Egypt reclaims 3,400-year-old statue of Ramesses II found in Switzerland : worldnews - Egypt has welcomed home a 3,400-year-old statue depicting the head of King Ramesses II after it was stolen and smuggled out of the country more than three decades ago, the country's antiquities ministry said on Sunday.

France being 'pounded' by Russian disinformation, says minister | France : worldnews ... He cited several examples, including the launch of a fake French ministry of defence website claiming that 200,000 French people were being called up to fight in Ukraine. A link to the site was posted on X at the end of March ...
How Russia Used Facebook To Organize 2 Sets Of Protesters : NPR (2017)

Eschaton: What Are We Doing Here Does anything make sense?
House Speaker's Ukraine Aid Support Influenced by CIA Briefing: CNN : worldnews ... CIA intel must have been a doozy ... I think he's summed it up as if Ukraine falls there will be US soldiers on the front lines of a nato conflict ... Baltic states first would be my guess. Polands larger and more prepared for Russia. Although all being part of nato makes the US soldier part moot. We’d be going in no matter where the Russians hit ... Only way Russia beats Poland with their military buildup is nukes. Which the CIA might have clarified. ... Yikes. This is timely considering we've also got that story out that Poland wants to host nukes. <

Joe Biden Has Stunning 9-Point Lead Over Donald Trump Among Actual Voters : politics ... However, the poll also found that 46 percent of overall respondents would vote for Trump in the presidential election, while 44 percent would vote for Biden when only offered the choice of these two candidates.

Liz Cheney: Supreme Court rule quickly on Trump immunity claim

Internet data centers are fueling drive to old power source: Coal - Washington Post

Islamophobia Scholar Farid Hafez Sues GWU for Smears -- The smears spurred Austrian police to raid Islamophobia scholar Farid Hafez's family home. Then the terrorism charges fell apart.

Idaho Goes to SCOTUS Arguing Pregnant People Are Second-Class Citizens -- The state says EMTALA, a law barring discrimination in emergency medical care, interferes with its abortion ban.

Why Mike Johnson Finally Ditched MTG and the Far Right

Trump Refused To Stand For Jury, And Trump Tried To Leave Early And Was Commanded To Sit Back Down.

Trump Trial Day 4: Everything That Happened Today What Happened in the Trump Trial Today: End of the Beginning A running recap of the news.
Why Donald Trump trial's first witness could destroy his defense : politics

Man Set Himself on Fire Outside Trump Trial: How It Happened

"The alternate reality Trump lives in is crumbling" with first criminal trial: ex-federal prosecutor "I think that Donald Trump is probably trying to get himself thrown into prison" : politics

Who will be Trump's VP? A shortlist | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Trump Rages About His Trial Sketch Artist, Courtroom Nap Reports The former president's anger during the first week of his New York hush money trial was "maxed out, even for him," a source tells Rolling Stone

Lara Trump Vows 'Four Years of Scorched Earth' If Trump Wins Sounds like a fun time for America.

Meta's AI Needs to Speak With You The company is putting chatbots everywhere so you don't go anywhere.

Suspected drunk driver crashes into Michigan birthday party, killing children | Michigan | The Guardian | Brother and sister, ages five and eight, killed as woman drives 25ft into a building, sheriff says

The Racist Origins of 7 Common Phrases

What Therapists Say Harms Eldest Daughters' Happiness Most | HuffPost Life | Mental health experts reveal how birth order affects well-being and how you can prioritize your joy.

A Man Hailed as Cindy Birdsong's Rescuer Is Accused of Exploiting Her - The New York Times The son of the former Supreme says in court papers that the man who sought to help his mother after she became incapacitated also took advantage of her financially.

From respair to cacklefart -- the joy of reclaiming long-lost positive words | Susie Dent | The Guardian
Words We Think We Know, but Can't Pronounce: The Curse of the Avid Reader

27 Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself

Who Killed Harry Houdini? - Theories About His Mysterious Death A Lingering Theory Says Harry Houdini's Death Was No Accident - It Was Much More Sinister - The master illusionist’s final days are still shrouded in mystery, with a conspiracy lurking behind the curtain of his last act.

Influencer Accused of Faking Being Amish Chased Off TikTok The content creator, who shared details of her plain life, allegedly cosplayed as a member of a secluded religious community for clout

What will humans look like in a million years? | BBC Earth

As adults get older, they shift their perception of when old age starts. This according to a survey on 14,056 middle-aged and older adults who responses to the question: "At what age would you describe someone as old" for 8 times over a 25Y period : science

These mighty pyramids were built by one of Africa's earliest civilizations - The mysterious rulers of Nubia, in present-day Sudan, erected hundreds of tombs and temples that rival Cairo's.

10 national parks to avoid the summer crowds

How to Tell an Older Person It's Time to Stop Driving - The New York Times

People Are Really Into This Laptop Backpack That's 55% Off | HuffPost Life

Apple AirPods are designed to die: Here's what you should know : technology


Climate Change Is Already Forcing People From Their Homes - ProPublica The Flooding Will Come "No Matter What" The complex, contradictory and heartbreaking process of American climate migration is underway.

The Worthlessness of Stated Climate Goals - Lawyers, Guns & Money

2024 Bondi Junction stabbings - Wikipedia

The Great Serengeti Land Grab - The Atlantic - How Gulf princes, the safari industry, and conservation groups are displacing the Maasai from the last of their Serengeti homeland

How 6 months of Israel's war in Gaza have upended the Middle East : NPR

The Incel Terrorist - - Oguzhan Sert was 17 when he walked into a Toronto massage parlour and killed an employee with a sword. The Crown argued the attack wasn't just murder, but an act of terror against women. The hard part would be proving it. By Lana Hall

House majority allowed to defeat Putin lickspittle faction - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Could Biden vs Trump All Come Down to Arizona's Senate Race? Arizona's Split Reality Ground zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.

Isra Hirsi, Ilhan Omar's Daughter, on the Columbia Protests - Isra Hirsi On the Resilience of Columbia University's Pro-Palestinian Protests

What's at stake for homeless people this week at the Supreme Court - Vox This week, the justices will hear the biggest case on homelessness in decades.

The less you vote, the more you back Trump - ABC News A new poll suggests it's Republicans who should be rooting for higher turnout.

The Toxic Culture at Tesla | The Nation The factory floors at America's top seller of electric vehicles are rife with racial harassment, sexual abuse, and injuries on the job.

Homicides in U.S. drop amid voter concern over crime

The Disturbing Extortion Scheme Targeting Teen Boys A catfishing scam that targets teen boys is on the rise, according to the FBI.

Columbine 25 Years On | History Today

“Independent” Investigations Into Sexual Abuse Are Big Business. Can Survivors Really Trust Them? - Mother Jones

The Dumbphone Boom Is Real | The New Yorker

Are toys getting louder? - The Washington Post Parents, brace yourselves

Everyday Sayings Explained

It crawled from below 50 years ago: how the global Dungeons & Dragons empire began in a basement | Games | The Guardian The fantasy tabletop role-playing game was conceived of by friends at the heart of Wisconsin's gaming community, and has evolved to become a global phenomenon

5 Bedtime Stretches That Will Help You Actually Get to Sleep Stretch away the stress of the day.

The air fryer is a hoax -- The air fryer is just a little oven that blows, and the idea that air frying is a new cooking technique is a myth

The Origins of 12 Silly-Sounding Compound Words
The Interesting Etymologies of 71 Everyday Words

"I Resonate With That" [NAILS ON CHALKBOARD]

Dark, accentuated lines that mark our teeth at birth are providing scientists with remarkable insight into the evolution of human development.

What the science says about periods and mental health - Vox Menstruation affects the body and mind in countless ways. A new study is just the beginning.

The misunderstood mineral pyrite is hiding a big secret.



Nature officially becomes a musician, earning royalties for environmental causes : worldnews

'Hard-Right' NatCon Event Was Organised by Oil Funded Group : worldnews ... "NatC" event. Not even hiding it anymore.

Plastics industry heats world four times as much as air travel, report finds : worldnews

Risk of bird flu spreading to humans is 'enormous concern', says WHO | Bird flu : worldnews ... The new trick that concerns scientists is that it's spreading cow to cow. It's never shown the ability to transmit well between mammals before this. Not that scientists know of anyway ... mooFlu ...

New types of mosquito bed nets could cut malaria risk by up to half, trial finds : worldnews

Peter Murrell, husband of former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, charged with embezzlement in SNP finance probe : worldnews

Resurrecting 1st Fleet: US Navy explores Indian Ocean options - Nikkei Asia Former secretary urges forming 'expeditious' presence in Singapore

Chinese warships at Cambodian base for months, CSIS analysis shows : worldnews

M6.6 quake in western Japan leaves at least 9 injured : worldnews
US envoy to the UN vows support for families of Japanese who were abducted and taken to North Korea : worldnews

China sends fighter jets to shadow US Navy plane over Taiwan Strait : worldnews

China sounds warning after Philippines and US announce most expansive military drills yet : worldnews
China slams U.S. probe into its shipbuilding industry, says move is a 'mistake on top of a mistake' : worldnews

'Russia doesn't care': Sweden sounds alarm over unsafe oil fleet : worldnews

Vladimir Putin and Russians oligarchs who met mysterious deaths -- How can so many billionaires with bodyguards and the best healthcare just drop dead? Many people are suggesting Russian President Vladimir Putin is involved ... Since late January 2022, Russia’s accident-prone business tycoons are rapidly in danger of becoming an endangered species.

Moscow says it will build drone bases along Arctic coast : worldnews

Russia to Hire Contract Soldiers in Bid to Avoid Unpopular Draft : worldnews

(4) MAKS 23 on X: "Exports of Russian diesel fell by 25% due to attacks on refineries", -- Bloomberg : ️ With the country's oil refining rate recently falling to an 11-month low, there is a possibility that it will have to divert crude that its refineries cannot process to the export market." / X
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The British government released satellite pics of the Russian port of Novorossiysk. After a series of defeats on sea, the bulk of the Russian Black Sea Fleet had to evacuate from Sevastopol and to withdraw back to Russia, making Novorossiysk basically their new HQ. The sat pics ..." / X

Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities : worldnews

India-US jet engine deal is revolutionary, says Defence Secretary Austin : worldnews

Erdogan to host Hamas chief Haniyeh in Turkey this weekend : worldnews

'Apocalyptic' Dubai floods shake picture-perfect city : worldnews

Africa's Oldest Oil-Rich Dictatorship Has a Succession Problem : worldnews

Iran ship linked to Houthi attacks goes home amid Israel tensions, report says : worldnews

Iranians leaving Syria bases fearing Israeli attack, report : worldnews
Iranian commander warns Tehran could review its 'nuclear doctrine' amid Israeli threats : worldnews
Sexual assault and brutal beatings: Iran renews violent hijab crackdown : worldnews
'War Against Women,' Iran Intensifies Hijab Crackdown : worldnews
Iranian volleyball player posted support for Israel on social media, and then she disappeared : worldnews

ICC considering issuing war crimes arrest warrants for Netanyahu, others - report : worldnews

US stops UN from recognizing a Palestinian state through membership : worldnews
US to oppose Palestinian bid for full UN membership : worldnews

New footage published of Hamas kidnapping of Yarden Bibas : worldnews

IDF arrests ISIS operative in West Bank, imminent terror attack thwarted : worldnews ... 9th ISIS-related plot disrupted against Israel since October 7th.

Israel reportedly deploys extra weapons for assumed Rafah offensive : worldnews

Six months into the war on Gaza, over 10,000 women have been killed, among them an estimated 6,000 mothers, leaving 19,000 children orphaned | UN Women - Headquarters : worldnews

Israel: UNRWA review group org has anti-Israel bias : worldnews

Ukraine's Allies See Bleak Times Ahead Without More Air Defenses : worldnews

Russia's war in Ukraine remains barrier to growth, says IMF chief : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 785, Part 1 (Thread #931) : worldnews

Border Guards: No build-up of Russian troops sufficient for reinvading observed on Ukraine's northern border : worldnews

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: We know that many countries are sitting on large piles of Patriot systems, maybe not wanting to deliver it directly, Rutte said after arriving at the two-day summit of EU leaders in Brussels. We can buy it from them, we can deliver it to Ukraine, we have the money available / X
A NATO state said it could buy Patriot systems for Ukraine from countries not prepared to give them directly : worldnews
Dutch PM offers to buy Patriot systems from allies for Ukraine : worldnews

G7 eyeing using frozen Russian assets as collateral for Ukraine loans, EU official says : worldnews

Poland arrests man suspected of spying for Russia to aid Zelensky assassination plot : worldnews
Poles 40% richer than they would be without EU membership, finds report : worldnews

People in Slovakia buy bullets for Ukraine in defiance of Russia-friendly PM : worldnews

German Coal Mines Emit Much More Methane Than Reported, Study Says : worldnews
Germany arrests two for alleged military sabotage plot on behalf of Russia : worldnews
German far-right leader in court charged with using Nazi slogan : worldnews
Germany busts people-smuggling ring for Chinese nationals - DW - 04/17/2024 : worldnews

Facebook apologises for flagging Auschwitz Museum's posts as violating community standards : worldnews

Meloni 'turning Italian broadcaster into megaphone for far right' | Italy | The Guardian - Investigation urged into alleged bid to turn Rai into propaganda channel for ruling parties before elections

(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "A court in France seizes Putin's ex-wife villa - Challenges A court in France has decided to seize the €5.4 million Souzanna villa from businessman Arthur Ocheretny, the current husband of Lyudmila Putina, the Russian president's ex-wife. French authorities confiscated it back ..." / X

UK Police bust global cyber gang accused of industrial-scale fraud : worldnews

Severe energy crisis paralyzes Ecuador for two days : worldnews

Snack giant PepsiCo sources palm oil from razed Indigenous land in Peru, a new investigation shows : worldnews

Argentina takes first step toward NATO partnership : worldnews

Some House Republicans need this reminder that Russia is not their friend : politics

Opinion | Ukraine aid benefits these congressional districts - The Washington Post - A lot of Ukraine aid is going to congressional districts in the South whose members oppose it. (as usual)

Is Columbia in crisis?
Columbia University is colluding with the far-right in its attack on students | Moira Donegan | The Guardian ... In her willingness to unleash state violence against student protesters, Minouche Shafik proved herself to be a willing ally to extremists

Baltimore bridge collapse highlights outdated safety standards, experts say - The Washington Post - Engineers say the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge shows how U.S. system hasn't evolved to keep up with modern challenges

Election denier Mike Lindell has FBI phone seizure case rejected by Supreme Court : politics

Bill to allow Joe Biden on Alabama ballot advances in Legislature : politics

12 jurors seated in Trump hush money trial as more alternates sought - The Washington Post

Trump quotes Fox News host on prospective jurors despite gag order : politics ... Court is in session. Now we'll see if the prosecution pushes for a contempt ruling before next Tuesday's scheduled contempt hearing. Multiple contempts. We got contempts all over the place. We'll see what happens. Edit: Prosecution cites 7 examples of violating the gag order and requests the judge add them for consideration at next Tuesday's hearing ... I just realized, if you read anything Donald Trump says with a Russian accent is sounds exactly like a Russian trying to sound American ... I am being persecuted like Nelson Mandolin let me tell you believe me.
Opinion | Trump tempts Merchan to find him in contempt - The Washington Post

Trump's increasingly charged criminal trial - The Washington Post - The big moment: A former president of the United States is on criminal trial for the first time in American history as of this week. It's been a long time coming ... The trial is quickly shaping up to be the culmination of Trump's years-long assault on a justice system that has long scrutinized him. And there's increasing reason to believe the situation could get ugly: ... Trump on Wednesday promoted the remarks of Fox News host Jesse Watters, who accused prospective jurors of being "undercover liberal activists." Trump is barred from making public comments about jurors and prospective jurors. Prosecutors included the post in claiming seven more gag order violations Thursday morning.

Trump hush money jury selection, alleged gag violations: Key takeaways - The Washington Post - The Trump Trials: Trump's jury seems nearly set. How we got here

Opinion | Did Donald Trump dream this trial? Did I? - The Washington Post

Opinion | Kennedy family rallies for Biden and against RFK Jr. - The Washington Post - The Kennedys rally to prevent RFK Jr. from extinguishing their torch

Rep. Ilhan Omar's daughter among students suspended at Columbia over pro-Palestinian encampment

"You can go three hours that way" : Kari Lake and Arizona GOP can't decide if abortion is bad or not : politics

First Thing: Arizona Republicans again block effort to repeal near-total abortion ban : politics
Let's talk about the guy who helped pass Arizona's 1864 abortion law - The Washington Post - Meet the 'pursuer of nubile young females' who helped pass Arizona's 1864 abortion law ( serial child rapist wanted his victims to have his babies and here we are ... but listen -->) While Jones lived in Arizona, he was elected to represent Tucson in the 1st Arizona Territorial Legislative Assembly. And then, when that legislature convened in 1864, he was elected speaker of the House. And it was that legislature -- the one Jones presided over in 1864, after he had already abandoned his first wife, and married a 12-year-old and was just weeks away from marrying a 15-year-old, though still a few years away from marrying a 14-year-old -- it was that legislature that passed a law reading, "Every person who shall administer or cause to be administered or taken, any medicinal substances, or shall use or cause to be used any instruments whatever, with the intention to procure the miscarriage of any woman then being with child, and shall be thereof duly convicted, shall be punished by imprisonment in the Territorial prison for a term not less than two years nor more than five years." And it was that piece of legislation that, earlier this week, was reinstated as law of the land in Arizona. It represents a near-total ban on abortion in the state.

Turning Point Action official resigns after accusation of election-related fraud - The Washington Post - PHOENIX - A top leader of the national conservative group Turning Point Action, which has amplified false claims of election fraud by former president Donald Trump and others, resigned Thursday after being accused of forging voter signatures on official paperwork so that he could run for reelection in the Arizona House ... Smith is aligned with some of the most conservative members of the Arizona House - sometimes referred to as the “Freedom Caucus” of the larger Republican caucus - and he has previously derided signature-verification work by local election officials as "a joke." (haha jokes on him)

Teen arrested after threatening shooting at Wootton High, police say - The Washington Post - Police in Montgomery County say 18-year-old Alex Ye had written a 129-page 'memoir' that discussed killing other students, but Ye had said it was a work of fiction

Tesla Stock Is Plunging Again. Here’s How Much More It Might Fall.

How TikTok Took The Pink Stuff, a Cleaning Paste, From Obscurity to Viral Sensation - The New York Times - and Walmart staple - thanks to one "cleanfluencer" and her legion of fans.
TikTok Says The Pink Stuff Is a Miracle Cleaner. We Found It's Not. | Reviews by Wirecutter
Political Debate Is Rife on TikTok. Politicians? Not So Much. - The New York Times Very few politicians, including the top candidates for president, are on the hugely popular video app - perhaps ceding much of the political discussion to others ... Some pundits call next year the "TikTok election" because of the ballooning power and influence of the video app. TikTok may have been known for viral dances in 2020, but it has increasingly become a news source for millennials and Gen Z-ers, who will be a powerful part of the electorate.

NPR C.E.O. Faces Criticism Over Tweets Supporting Progressive Causes - The New York Times Katherine Maher, who took over the public network last month, posted years ago on Twitter that "Donald Trump is a racist."

Opinion | 'Tradwives' embrace leisure over feminism - The Washington Post (needs Tradhubby)

They got their son a pet octopus. Weeks later, there were 50 more -- Terrance the octopus has dozens of babies an Oklahoma family now cares for - The Washington Post
Divers go in search of the Giant Pacific Octopus for a census of their numbers - The Washington Post Weighing as much as 150 pounds and with tentacles that can span up to 20 feet, the giant Pacific octopus lives up to its name. It's the biggest octopus in the world, and it calls the waters off Seattle home, part of its vast range over the Pacific Ocean.

Giant prehistoric snake longer than a T.rex found in India : worldnews


Climate crisis: average world incomes to drop by nearly a fifth by 2050 | Climate crisis : worldnews

Philippine officials are alarmed by the surge of Chinese nationals in Cagayan, a province at the northern tip of Luzon island facing Taiwan, describing it as a creeping invasion that has prompted government security forces to investigate : worldnews

Taiwan earthquake: Missing Singapore couple only ones still unaccounted for : worldnews

China's Xi Jinping says 'no force' can stop 'reunion' with Taiwan : worldnews

Flooding in Central Asia and southern Russia kills scores, forces tens of thousands to evacuate : worldnews

(4) Steffen Terp Laursen on X: "@EuromaidanPress" / X : Russia is a Terrorist State

Record Number of Russian Soldiers Convicted of Murder in 2023 -- Data : worldnews

(4) NEXTA on X: "Four major Chinese banks have stopped accepting yuan from Russia Among them - ICBC, China Citic Bank, Industrial Bank (they occupy the 1st, 10th and 12th places by capitalization, respectively) and Bank of Taizhou. Financial organizations took such a decision due to fears of possible secondary sanctions by the United States." / X

Yulia Navalnaya Appears on Time's 100 Most Influential People List : worldnews

Residents of flooded Russian city collect water from puddles amid low supplies of drinking water : worldnews

(4) (((Tendar))) on X: The Telegram channel of the "ZSU-War" released a picture of a destroyed Russian S-400 air defense unit. The channel reports that the first wave of missiles dstroyed the S-400 position. In detail, 3 launcher and the radar unit was destroyed, leaving the base defenseless against further missiles. / X
(4) NOELREPORTS on X: 3 S-400 launchers, 1 S-400 radar, 2 S-300 launchers, a storage of anti-aircraft missiles, Tupolev-bomber factory and a 29B6 over-the-horizon radar. I can think of worse Wednesday's. / X

(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "Heavy explosions reported from Gorbunov, Tatarstan, in Russia. Huge smoke plumes can be seen in videos. It is claimed that drones struck this morning the production and repair facilities of strategic bombers such as Tu-22M and Tu-160M. Source: Telegram / OperativnoZSU" / X

Putin's university classmate confirmed as new chief justice of Russia’s Supreme Court : worldnews

Sakha Rights Official Calls on Russia To Criminalize Domestic Abuse : worldnews

India adds 15GW of new solar capacity in twelve months to March 2024 : worldnews

Tajikistan builds villages for climate migrants fleeing fatal landslides : worldnews

Pakistan sets cannabis rules, eyes sales to help balance books : worldnews

Meta to temporarily close Threads network in Turkiye : worldnews

Dubai flooding hobbles major airport's operations as "historic weather event" brings torrential rains to UAE : worldnews
Videos: Shocking Moments From UAE's Worst Storm In 75 Years

Ex-Iranian Security Official Slams Russia's Lack Of Support In Israel Attack : worldnews

U.S., Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles - American forces did most of the heavy lifting responding to Iran's retaliation for the attack on its embassy in Damascus.
A Barrage of Missiles Met a Wall of Resistance Over Israel, and the Rules of War Changed -- A night of intense conflict showcases the evolving dynamics between offensive might and protective measures

Israeli tanks push back into northern Gaza, warplanes hit Rafah : worldnews

Intel From Saudi Arabia, UAE Helped Defend Israel Against Iranian Attack: Report : worldnews

US accuses Hamas of being 'obstacle' to Gaza truce after it rejected Israel's proposal : worldnews

Russian victory in Chasiv Yar would jeopardize 'last stronghold' of Donetsk region, Ukrainians say : worldnews

Ukraine: "Out of Missiles" to Halt Russian Strike on Power Station : worldnews (republifucked)

Polish Prime Minister Tusk fires official after bizarre series of vulgar tweets : worldnews
Tens of thousands march against abortion in Warsaw : worldnews

(4) Euromaidan Press on X: "Romania launches probe into unknown drone activity over NATO base construction site. Drones spotted flying near Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, where NATO's largest European base is being built to host up to 10K troops. Drones were downed electronically." / X

Support for Ukraine at stake as Croatia votes in parliamentary election : worldnews

Far Right's Ties to Russia Sow Rising Alarm in Germany : worldnews
We don't all smoke weed in Germany, Scholz assures Chinese students : worldnews

France's battle plan to produce one million heat pumps a year : worldnews

Jersey politician to propose decriminalising cannabis for personal use : worldnews

Canada's budget to increase taxes on the wealthiest, says source : worldnews
Multiple arrests, 19 charges laid in $22.5M Pearson gold heist (Canada) : worldnews
More than 1 in 4 deaths among young people in Canada were opioid-related in 2021, study finds : worldnews
Canada hands 'long overdue' title over more than 200 islands to Haida Nation : worldnews

Microsoft finds Russian influence operations targeting U.S. election have begun : politics

Sanders: "History Will Judge" US's Backing of Israel as It Destroys Gaza : politics

Joe Biden Is Now Beating Donald Trump With Republican Pollsters as Well : politics
Yes, Joe Biden Can Win the Working-Class Vote : politics
Biden chokes up while talking about deceased son and Trump's disparaging remarks about service members : politics ... This is part of the mechanism that makes it so hard for abused spouses to leave their abusers, to the point where victims of spousal abuse will defend their abusers and fight to stay with them. The converse is true too: if someone is identified as "not my tribe" we are subconsciously predisposed to treat them with suspicion, and we can even go so far as to no longer perceive them as "human" This is the mechanism behind so many horrible human behaviors, up to and including industrialized genocide ... This "biological tribalism" - which was once an essential survival mechanism - is now the root cause of most of humanity's ills.

Biden aides secretly refer to Trump as 'Hitler Pig', claims media outlet : politics ... Dude has so many names. I love The Count of Mostly Crisco ... So many to choose from : Nacho man Donnie Savage, Coupblai Con, Petty Don and the lawbreakers ... Mango unchanged (diaper) is also a pretty good one ... Tangerine Palpatine, Agent Orange, Missus Putin, Marquis du Fraud, Darth Cheeto, The Fanta Menace ... I'm glad to see Cheeto Benito picking up steam. I mean, Dorito Mussolini was fine, but Cheeto Benito was right there.

House hearing turns into chaos as Republican chairman challenged over Biden 'corruption' smear: 'No, you need therapy!' : politics

Mike Johnson Gives Impassioned Ukraine Speech as He Defies MAGA : politics (the tide she has turned)
Speaker Johnson is moving forward with foreign aid bills despite threat to oust him : politics
Biden backs Johnson plan for Ukraine, Israel; calls for vote this week : politics

Senate kills the articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas : politics
Senate Dismisses Impeachment Charges Against Mayorkas Without a Trial : politics
Discussion Thread: US Senate Convenes Impeachment Trial of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas : politics

Georgia's U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff one of several lawmakers to grill USPS Postmaster General over delays "You have weeks, not months to fix this," Sen. Ossoff said Tuesday. : politics

Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States : politics

Clarence Thomas faces backlash over Jan. 6 case comments: "What a disgrace" : politics

Supreme Court Considers Vacating Hundreds of Jan. 6 Charges : politics

Ex-prosecutors: Trump already touched the "third rail" in hush-money trial - and it could cost him : politics

The Joy of Making Trump Listen to Mean Tweets About Himself : politics ... I hope this means he’s heard the classics by now; Dorito Mussolini. And then having it explained to him that it’s because his face is the same intense orange color as a Dorito chip. And then they move on to thoroughly detail the meanings to Orange Julius, Cheeto in Chief, the Fanta Menace, Agent Orange, Trumplethinskin. Making sure to speak slow enough for the court stenographer to get this all accurately down and on the legal record. I particularly liked Don Snoreleone and the Nodfather ... Pervert Hoover was a new one for me

Ex-Trump Official Says Trump Is Hiding Extreme Positions While Campaigning : politics

Complaint Asks the FBI to Probe Trump Claims on a $50 Million Loan : politics

Trump quotes Fox News host on prospective jurors despite gag order : politics

Juror is struck off Trump panel in hush money trial over anonymity fears : politics
Trump hush money trial loses juror who felt 'intimidated,' judge says : politics
Trump gripes he can't reject 'unlimited' jurors in New York hush money trial : politics
Donald Trump Spreads Misinformation About His Jury Selection Process to Cement 'Witch Hunt' Narrative : politics
Trump Gets Accidentally, Hilariously Roasted During Hush Money Trial: Juror selection took an unexpected turn for the former president. : politics
Trump Forced to See Mean Memes About Him Shared by Prospective Jurors : politics
Donald Trump Risks Financial Setback if His Stock Price Keeps Sliding : politics
Trump deploys favorite political tool, social media, as legal cudgel : politics

Trump is funneling campaign money into cash-strapped businesses. Experts say it looks bad. : politics
Trump demands 5% cut from GOP candidates who use his 'name, image and likeness' in ads : politics ... Way to kill the chances of every down ticket. Suck em dry you dirty old conman it still won't pay a fraction of what you owe
Trump Demands Cut of Down-Ballot Republican Donations - The former president's campaign sent a letter to vendors demanding a cut of any candidate donations that use his name or likeness : politics ... Make America Grift Again ... And Again (MAGAGAGAGAGA+)
He's dropping little clues: The troubling message we are missing from Trump's MAGA rallies: Trump's revenge plot remains hidden in plain sight : politics

NYT Is Said To Have Learned Nothing From Its Trump I Coverage : politics

Kennedy family members to endorse Biden over RFK Jr. : politics

The RNC's Convention Playlist Is Full of Artists Who Detest Trump : politics

Raskin: Greene recycling direct Russian propaganda : politics
Moskowitz confronts Greene on Ukraine, Nazi remarks : politics

Lauren Boebert's fundraising plummets following infamous Beetlejuice groping incident : politics
Lauren Boebert Insists She Is 'Winning Fight' Despite Poll Problems : politics

Democrats retake Michigan House with special election wins : politics

Ohio GOP leaders reject Democrats' plan to get President Joe Biden on November ballot : politics

Top employees at Louisiana environmental agency resign in clash with leader, an ex-Trump official (and climate change denier) : politics

Pot Industry High on Florida’s Marijuana Legalization Referendum : politics

The Republican Plot to Roast Outdoor Workers. Is it too much to ask growers and construction firms to furnish water and shade on hot days? Apparently so ... in Florida and Texas. : politics

Iowa GOP votes to kill guaranteed income pilot program, stripping a hundred families of $500 per month : politics

Sweeping gun legislation approved by Maine lawmakers after mass shooting : politics

Right-Wing 'Reacher' Fans Flip Out After Alan Ritchson Calls Trump A 'Rapist And A Con-Man' : politics

Stonehenge project investigates possible Moon alignment : worldnews

Cancer could soon be detected by blood tests, even before symptoms - Washington Post


Record-high ocean temperatures have put more than 54% of the planet’s reef areas under stress, starving them and turning them white, in the past year. : worldnews

Global heating pushes coral reefs towards worst planet-wide mass bleaching on record : worldnews

World faces 'deathly silence' of nature as wildlife disappears. Loss of intensity and diversity of noises in ecosystems reflects an alarming decline in healthy biodiversity, say sound ecologists. : worldnews

Huge Saharan dust blob cooling eastern Atlantic

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s jailed former leader, moved to house arrest, says junta : worldnews

Russia's meat grinder soldiers - 50,000 confirmed dead : worldnews ... 50k identified. As a reminder, USSR had 15k dead total in Afghanistan ... How you doin', Russia? "Oh, not as well as yesterday, but better than tomorrow." -- Russian proverb

Ukraine Strikes Radar Station in Russia, 'Turned Into Colander,' Sources Say : worldnews

Dubai Grinds to Standstill as Cloud Seeding Worsens Flooding : worldnews
Storm dumps heaviest rain ever recorded in desert nation of UAE, flooding roads and Dubai's airport : worldnews
Dubai sees severe flooding after getting 2 years' worth of rain in 24 hours : worldnews

Israel kills senior Hezbollah field commander after attack drones penetrate border from Lebanon : worldnews

Pro-Iran militia chiefs flee north-east Syria bases fearing Israel strike : worldnews
China Supports Iran’s Position After Attack On Israel : worldnews
Putin Urges Iran's Raisi to Avoid Catastrophic Conflict : worldnews
Iran president warns of massive response if Israel launches 'tiniest invasion' : worldnews

Israel defense minister to Pentagon: No choice but to retaliate against Iran : worldnews
Israel's military chief says that Israel will respond to Iran's weekend missile strike : worldnews
Israel to carry out limited strike within Iran, according to a U.S. official - I24NEWS : worldnews ... Iran to retaliate to Israel's retaliation with advanced limited strike

Poll: 74% of Israelis oppose counterstrike on Iran if it harms security alliances : worldnews

Hamas offers to release only 20 hostages in ceasefire deal - report - I24NEWS : worldnews

7 hurt, 2 seriously, as Hezbollah drone hits community center in northern Israel : worldnews

Washington Post: US request not to target Russian oil refineries 'irritated' Zelensky : worldnews
Zelenskyy says deadly strike 'wouldn't have happened' if West gave Ukraine more air defenses : worldnews
Zelensky: Russia fires 10 times more shells, uses 300 aircraft in Ukraine only : worldnews
Ukraine Sees 'Hypocrisy' in Western Allies' Defense of Israel (Gift Article) : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 783, Part 1 (Thread #929) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 784, Part 1 (Thread #930) : worldnews

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: Quickly drew up a new comparison chart for the key security assistance provisions. Johnson's proposal has more than both Biden's original request and the current Senate bill, but all 3 are far short of what Ukraine needs if they're going to win. / X

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: "On March 12, the Biden Admin finally announced a new Drawdown package for ending an 11 week moratorium. For 11 weeks they maintained they would not provide any new aid. They watched as ammo ran out. They watched as Avdiivka fell. Then they reversed course. Why? 1/109" / X
(4) Colby Badhwar on X: This thread is on US Security Assistance to Ukraine (specifically Presidential Drawdown Authority), a topic I have been covering for 2 years now. There is no TL;DR. This is a complicated subject that I hope I have made understandable for you. 2/109 / X

Ukraine downs 9 drones from Russian attacks : worldnews
Russian forces strike Chernihiv with Iskander missiles: 14 civilians killed, 60 injured - photo, video : worldnews
Kharkiv Could Become Another Aleppo Without Air Defense, Mayor Warns : worldnews

Why Republicans Defend Israel and Ignore Ukraine - The Atlantic - There are lessons for other nations in the events of the past few days. By Anne Applebaum

Ukrainian Surgeons Perform Successful Brain Surgery on 4-year-old Northern Irish Child: The girl suffered from a rare form of epilepsy and UK doctors were reportedly unwilling to perform the complex surgery, eventually leading the family to seek help from a team of specialists in Lviv. : worldnews

As US continues to waver, EU unlocks 50 billion euros in Ukraine aid : worldnews
European Parliament demands Palestinian Authority removes antisemitism from curriculum : worldnews

Over 500 people targeted with Pegasus spyware under former Polish government : worldnews

Greece becomes first European country to ban bottom trawling in marine parks : worldnews

Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics : worldnews
Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics : worldnews

Vladimir Putin not welcome at French ceremony for 80th anniversary of D-day : worldnews

UK lawmakers back landmark bill to gradually phase out smoking for good. Once implemented - officials are aiming for 2027 - the legal age of sale that people in England can buy cigarettes will be raised by one year, every year until it is eventually illegal for the whole population. : worldnews
High court upholds top London school's ban on prayer rituals : worldnews

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: "2 years into Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, & Canada still has no plan to meet it's NATO commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence. Last week, National Defence (DND) released a defence policy update, projecting spending of only 1.76% by FY29. And what about 155mms? 1/37" / X

Secret Russian foreign policy document urges action to weaken the U.S. : worldnews

Whistleblower urges Boeing to ground all 787 Dreamliners after safety warning : worldnews

Cryptographers Who Solved Zodiac Killer Cipher Publish Paper About How They Did It undefined

The new science of death: 'There's something happening in the brain that makes no sense' | Death and dying | The Guardian New research into the dying brain suggests the line between life and death may be less distinct than previously thought ... Since the 1960s, advances in resuscitation had helped to revive thousands of people who might otherwise have died. About 10% or 20% of those people brought with them stories of near-death experiences in which they felt their souls or selves departing from their bodies. A handful of those patients even claimed to witness, from above, doctors' attempts to resuscitate them.

Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness? | Consciousness | The Guardian (2015)

The Titanic drug poisoning: is one of the greatest mysteries in film history about to be solved? | Life and style | The Guardian The Titanic drug poisoning: is one of the greatest mysteries in film history about to be solved? While filming the epic movie, 80 people - including James Cameron and Bill Paxton - were hospitalised after their food was spiked with PCP. Who was behind the psychedelic clam chowder?
Phencyclidine Intoxication and Adverse Effects: A Clinical and Pharmacological Review of an Illicit Drug - PMC - Angel Dust

Phencyclidine Intoxication and Adverse Effects: A Clinical and Pharmacological Review of an Illicit Drug - PMC Phencyclidine (PCP, “angel dust”) is an infamous hallucinogenic sought for its ability to induce the illusion of euphoria, omnipotence, superhuman strength, and social and sexual prowess. The acronym PCP stems from its organic name 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl) piperidine, which alludes to its relatively simple production from the arylcyclohexylamine piperidine.1, 2

The Lone Prospectors Keeping the Legacy of the Gold Rush Alive

A Beginner's Guide to Reading Palms


Dubai International Airport Is Closed... : WTF

US to Israel: Don't do something you'll regret : politics
Biden Tells Netanyahu: U.S. Won't Support Retaliatory Strike on Iran. But Some Republicans Want One. : politics

About 50 of the Nova festival survivors committed suicide - I24NEWS : worldnews

Settlers reportedly shoot dead two Palestinians in northern West Bank : worldnews

Abortion bans can doom autocrats. Look at Poland. : politics

Biden Must Again Prevent a Wider Middle East War : politics
White House opposes stand-alone Israel aid bill following Iranian attack : politics ... House MAGAs stalling on Ukraine aid for 7 months and counting.

House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will push for aid to Israel and Ukraine this week : politics
House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will push for aid to Israel, Ukraine | AP News
Congressional leaders at odds over Israel aid next steps as conservatives warn Johnson against including Ukraine funding : politics
Rep. McCaul says decision on Ukraine aid vote is a "speaker determination" : politics

The Dirty Little Gun Secret Behind MAGA World's Migrant Hysteria : politics

Changing Partisan Coalitions in a Politically Divided Nation - Party identification among registered voters, 1994-2023 : politics

'Grownup' leaders are pushing us towards catastrophe, says former US climate chief : politics

Joe Biden gets good news from America's most accurate pollster : politics

Biden awards $830 million to toughen nation's infrastructure against climate change : politics

The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem : politics
The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem | WIRED Microsoft has stumbled through a series of major cybersecurity failures over the past few years. Experts say the US government's reliance on its systems means the company continues to get a free pass.

The Motion Picture Association Doesn't Get to Decide Who the First Amendment Protects | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Motion Picture Association Doesn't Get to Decide Who the First Amendment Protects : politics

Our law makers sleeping : pics (Brazil)

Inside the secret battle to stop No Labels : politics

Former GOP insider: Trump has "reprogrammed a generation" to fight against democracy : politics

With Trump in court, Biden begins campaign blitz in Pennsylvania : politics

Trump told his lawyers...wake me up when they get to the part about rawdoggin a porn star : PoliticalHumor
Donald Trump was already a mess -- now he's falling asleep during his own trial : politics
Don Snoreleone : PoliticalHumor
Donald Trump Glares at Reporter Who Exposed Him Sleeping During Trial : politics
Imagine sleeping at your own trial : pics
Trump Campaign Insists Mid-Trial Snooze Never Happened : politics

Donald Trump to reveal bond details as Letitia James poised to strike : politics

Trump's Criminal Trial to Begin Today In Manhattan With Jury Selection : politics
Trump ratchets up attacks on judge and prosecutor ahead of hush-money trial : politics
How a hush money scandal turned into a criminal case: The whirlwind history of People v. Trump : politics
Trump trial set to kick off today in a historic first for a former president : politics
Donald Trump's Trial of the Century : politics
Juror dismissed from hush money trial said seeing Trump in person was 'jarring' : politics
Here's Everything You Need to Know About Trump's New York Criminal Trial : politics
Who are the key players in Donald Trump's hush-money trial? : politics
I Was a Skeptic of the Stormy Daniels Prosecution. I Was Wrong. The prosecution of Donald Trump starting in New York this week is on firm legal ground. : politics

Michael Cohen calls Trump a "petulant man child" in response to Truth Social attack : politics ... "The Grandtoddler" ... Cohen's fav name for him (that maga has quoted in letters to prosecutors etc, hilarious that they listen to his podcast) is "Von Schitzenpants" lol.

Donald Trump Seems Well Aware He's in Legal Peril : politics ... The prosecutor then dropped a bomb that they will be seeking an Order to Show Cause to hold Trump in contempt of court for violating the gag order.

Trump is pissed he can't attend graduation of the kid Melania was pregnant with when he had an affair with Stormy Daniels that resulted in the trial he’s in court for : PoliticalHumor

If convicted this year, Trump could lose the right to vote for himself : politics

@mollyjongfast * Looking good * Threads - He put makeup on his ears for this specisl occasion

These Mormon women are rejecting Trump, fraying GOP support in a key state : politics

The Family Fortune Behind Elise Stefanik's Humble Origins Myth : politics

Anti-Trans Missouri A.G. Can Now Access Trans People's Medical Records : politics

RFK Jr says he turned down an offer to join the Republican ticket as Trump's running mate : PoliticalHumor

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on House Republicans' 'bickering': 'Enough is enough' : politics

Where recreational marijuana stands in Florida before voters place their ballots : politics

Wyoming's elections will look different this year. Here's what voters need to know. : politics

Lawmakers weigh whether to reduce or acknowledge rights of growing Alaska homeless population | As the state's major cities scramble to house people, Gov. Dunleavy's protest bill would further criminalize the homeless, advocates say : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene Attempts Trump Legal Defense, Fails Very Badly Do not hire the space laser congresswoman as your criminal attorney : politics

A controversial Texas law has become a blueprint for other states. Immigrant communities are worried : politics

I'm a conservative who was born and raised in California. I moved to Arizona for political reasons but only lasted 3 months. : politics

'Rust' Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Sentenced to 18 Month Prison Term For Involuntary Manslaughter : movies

Texas Surgeon Is Accused Of Secretly Denying Liver Transplants (gift link) : news

Hospitals that make profits should pay taxes : politics

Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting : technology

Chaka Khan slams 'horrendous' music business and it needs to change : Music

Missouri saw motorcycle deaths rise dramatically after legislature repealed universal helmet law : politics

Eli5: How is it that there are so few passenger plane crashes? : explainlikeimfive

Hotel Maids, what's the weirdest thing you've found in a room? : AskReddit

What moment made you realize that getting married was a mistake? : AskReddit

what age did you have your first relationship? : AskReddit

Astronomers discover Milky Way's biggest stellar black hole -- 33 times size of sun : worldnews

Harvard Scientists Have Developed an "Intelligent" Liquid : science - The pursuit of materials with enhanced functionality has led to the emergence of metamaterials -- artificially engineered materials whose properties are determined by their structure rather than composition.

Researchers discover a genetic variant that reduces odds of developing Alzheimer's disease by up to 70% and may be protecting thousands of people in the US. It appears to allow toxic forms of amyloid out of the brain through the blood-brain barrier, and heralds a new direction in drug development. : science

ADHD symptoms persist into adulthood, with some surprising impacts on life success: The study found that ADHD symptoms not only persisted over a 15-year period but also were related to various aspects of life success, including relationships and career satisfaction. : science

Metal Detectorists Find "Incredible" Artifact Depicting Alexander the Great

What's the tightest written sci fi show you've ever watched? : television

Guys, what's a misconception about men that you wish women would stop believing? : AskReddit

Can any male who received circumcision later in life -- who was *competently* sexually active both before and after the circumcision -- weigh in on which feels better and why? : AskReddit

Amazon is filled with garbage ebooks. Here’s how they get made. : books

Bad news for Apple and Meta: Kids are bored with VR goggles : technology


India sets up International Big Cat Alliance for the conservation of 7 cat species including tigers and cheetahs. 16 countries to join. : worldnews

China continues to unlawfully persecute family of dissidents, finds report : worldnews

Georgian MP punches opponent in face in brawl over 'foreign agents' bill : worldnews

UN experts slam Pakistan on its lack of protection of Hindu, Christian women : worldnews

Nigeria's power grid collapses for the 5th time this year : worldnews

Saudi official says Iran engineered war in Gaza to ruin normalization with Israel : worldnews

'Al-Quds will be in the hands of the Muslims' - Ayatollah Khamenei tweets in Hebrew : worldnews
Iran says it gave warning before attacking Israel. US says that's not true : worldnews
(4) The Jerusalem Post on X: "UK dismisses Iran assertion it gave warning before attacking Israel." / X

Slain Iranian general planned, executed Hamas massacre : worldnews
Iran summons the British, French and German ambassadors over 'double standards' : worldnews

As Israel Conflict Spreads to 16 Nations, Biden Admin Says There's No War
Israel Escalation With Iran Trying to Drag U.S. Into War -- Netanyahu's recklessness was fostered by blind U.S. support, but Israel is the one pushing its war with Iran out of the shadows.
The Aftermath - Lawyers, Guns & Money
At least half of Iranian ballistic missiles failed or crashed prematurely - report - I24NEWS : worldnews
U.S. pushes Israel not to escalate confrontation with Iran: Live updates - The Washington Post

What will the future bring between Hezbollah and Israel? | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera Analysts believe an escalation is imminent, but views vary on how things will go.

Blinken says Hamas should accept "serious" Gaza hostage and ceasefire deal : politics

US works to prevent an escalation across the Mideast as Biden pushes Israel to show restraint : worldnews

Iron Dome missile defence system (L) intercepts rockets (R) : pics
What is the approximate cost of the whole Iran Israel "Iron Dome" missile incident? : AskReddit

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 4) : worldnews

Drones saturate the skies over Ukraine, largely paralyzing battlefield - The Washington Post

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 782, Part 1 (Thread #928) : worldnews

Belgium declares war on MEPs who took Russian cash : worldnews

Macron calls for Israel to 'avoid escalation' but says Iran's attack was 'disproportionate' : worldnews

Even Europe's far-right firebrands seem to sense Brexit is a disaster | William Keegan : worldnews

Biden in the situation room : pics

FBI investigating Baltimore’s Key Bridge crash; boarded Dali on Monday - The Washington Post ... a probe that will look at least in part at whether the crew left the port knowing the vessel had serious systems problems, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

The Shady Right-Wing Threats to Keep Biden Off Some State Ballots : politics
Donald Trump is falling behind Joe Biden in battleground state campaigning : politics

Justice Thomas misses Supreme Court session Monday with no explanation : politics

NBC, CNN and Fox News Join 9 Other Outlets Urging Trump and Biden to Commit to Election Debates : television

We May Finally Get To Write: "Convicted Felon Donald Trump" : politics

History in the making with debut of Donald Trump: criminal defendant : politics
The People v Donald Trump: Inside the first-ever criminal trial of an American president : politics

Trump Says He Has Enough Votes to "Cancel" 2024 Presidential Election : politics

Brooklyn Bolshevik Creates New Words : PoliticalHumor

How we got here: Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels hush money case timeline : politics
Donald Trump claims he'll testify in hush money trial. We've heard that before. : politics

Trump rages at judge hours before hush money case begins : politics

A Test of Strength: Biden stands with America’s allies. Trump doesn't. : politics

Majority of voters think Trump committed 'serious federal crimes,' according to NYT poll : politics

What Happens if Donald Trump Is Convicted? : politics

Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump's Immunity Claim : politics
Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump’s Immunity Claim - The New York Times Three Supreme Court briefs from former military leaders and intelligence officials explore whether presidents may be prosecuted for ordering unlawful killings.

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu admitted on Sunday his support for former President Donald Trump "doesn't make sense" after criticizing him in the past.

Oklahoma State Lawmakers Working On Bill That Would Create Criminal Penalties On Illegal Immigrants. House Speaker Charles McCall said the goal of the proposed law is to make Oklahoma the least attractive state in the nation for illegal immigrants. : politics ...'s one of the least attractive states for it shouldn't be that far of a stretch.

It's a working class party now - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Arizona anti-abortion activists aren't letting up after Supreme Court victory | The activists said they will continue protesting at clinics for the next two weeks and work to penalize self-managed abortions. : politics ... Just to illustrate who these people are: Video of Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern and an invited anti-abortion prayer group speaking in tongues on the Senate floor before the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a 19th-century abortion ban.

Migration's human toll overwhelms a border county in Texas

'Assault weapons' ban passes Colorado House : politics

Kansas governor vetoes bill banning trans youth healthcare: 'Not a Kansas value' : politics

A Hidden Sexual-Assault Scandal at the New York Philharmonic Two musicians were fired for sexual misconduct. Why are they back with the orchestra?

Prosecutions and lawsuits spread blame for school shootings - The Washington Post
There have been 404 school shootings since Columbine - Washington Post More than370,000students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine - There have been 404 school shootings since 1999, according to Post data

Search continues in Maine as officer is charged with lying about taking missing person to hospital : news

Authorities discover body after Florida woman is carjacked at gunpoint; had called husband to say she was being followed : news

Mass shooting in Chicago leaves 1 child dead, 10 other people injured in Back of the Yards : news

Jury convicts former DEA agent of obstruction but fails to reach verdict on Buffalo bribery charges : news

Teen Girls Confront an Epidemic of Deepfake Nudes in Schools : technology

J. Allen Hynek & Project Blue Book: UFO Secrets Revealed

Green Space and Internalizing or Externalizing Symptoms Among Children. increasing levels of green space were associated with fewer internalizing symptoms in early childhood, before and after adjusting for prematurity, child sex, parental education and age at delivery : science

Just Like Homo sapiens, Neanderthals Organized Their Living Space in Structured Way. Both Neanderthals & Homo sapiens exhibited a structured use of space, organizing their living areas into distinct high & low-intensity activity zones, suggesting a shared cognitive capacity for spatial organization. : science

Babies whose mothers engage more sensitively with them during play tend to have heightened brain activity when they encounter happy faces. The findings shed new light on the link between early caregiving experiences and later emotional and social competencies. : science undefined

TIL WW2 caused some 70-85 million deaths, from Germany’s invasion of Poland to Japan’s surrender (Sept 1, 1939-Sept 2, 1945). On average, that’s about: 12,000,000 lives yearly, 972,000 per month, 32,000 every day, 1,330 per hour & 22 each minute. So, a life every 3 seconds, constantly, for 6 years… : todayilearned

Infections with Toxoplasma gondii and Borrelia are directly related to personality traits without being mediated by overall health deterioration. This research challenges previously held belief that the behavioral changes in infected individuals were merely side effects of compromised health. : science

A new study found that individuals with stronger psychopathy, Machiavellianism, sadism, and self-concealment tended to have more pronounced social appearance anxiety | Individuals with more pronounced narcissism, on the other hand, tended to have lower social appearance anxiety. : science

TIL, Until the evolution of the printing press in the 15th century, use of modern numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), also called Arabic numerals, in Europe was mainly confined to Northern Italy. : todayilearned
The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution [Excerpt] | Scientific American

How do you move on from a spouse passing? : AskReddit

What was the one random experience you had that you'll never forget ? : AskReddit

What's the most disgusting/disturbing thing you had to do in your life? : AskReddit
What is something stupid that you may accidentally made but actually saved your life? : AskReddit

eli5 how a lazer works. : explainlikeimfive

What decision has affected your life the most? : AskReddit

ELI5: What do file extensions (exe, pdf, etc) actually do? : explainlikeimfive

This Huge 747 DreamLifter. I didn't even know these existed. : pics

Close Call Luck : WTF

What political scandal was so absurd it seemed like fiction? : AskReddit

What was your simple common mistake that entirely ruined your relationship? : AskReddit

What do you think is the worst disease/illness of all time? : AskReddit

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What subreddit has the most unhelpful or snobby people when it comes to seeking help or answers? : AskReddit

What book should be read by everyone? : AskReddit

Who are your favorite Youtubers to watch? : AskReddit

What are some instances in modern science or history where experts initially rejected the correct solution, similar to the Monty Hall Problem? : AskReddit

Parasitic Worms Plagued These Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs A study of ancient Egyptian mummies has shown that schistosomiasis and malaria hounded the pharaohs.

Why do Christian nationalists support Israel, when Israel is not even christian : NoStupidQuestions

Apocalypticism Explained | Apocalypse! Frontline | PBS PRophetic Belief In The United States: William Miller And The Second Great Awakening

Who is Karen Read, on trial for murdering boyfriend in Canton?

Boston Moved Their Highway Underground In 2003. This Is The Result. : pics

Amazon Grows To Over 750,000 Robots As World's Second-Largest Private Employer Replaces Over 100,000 Humans : technology

Internet History: Employee #1 of YouTube then versus now. : pics


Heat wave causes havoc in Mali, kills 100 people : worldnews ... Temperatures reached 48.5 degrees celsius ... Which is ~120°F. Not good.

Westfield Bondi mall attack: Sydney knife suspect identified by police : worldnews

Singapore wants to protect local Jewish community from impacts of Gaza war: Shanmugam, Minister for Law : worldnews

S.Korean media: North in final stage of spy satellite launch preparations : worldnews

Fitch Cuts China Outlook to Negative on Steady Rise in Debt : worldnews
(4) MAKS 23 on X: US has accused China of providing Russia with cruise missile and drone engines and machine tools for ballistic missiles, as it urges Europe to step up diplomatic and economic pressure on Beijing to stop the sales, - Financial Times - In disclosing previously… / X

Bloomberg: India set to receive Russian warships despite sanctions : worldnews
17 Indians among 25 crew on ship seized by Iran; India in touch with Iran to secure release of Indians : worldnews

174 people stranded in the air are rescued, almost a day after a fatal cable car accident in Turkey : worldnews
One person killed, seven injured, 184 stranded midair after cable car pylon collapses in Turkey : worldnews

Hundreds rally in Niger's capital to push for U.S. military departure : worldnews

Moroccan protesting Israel ties, war in Gaza given five-year prison sentence : worldnews

Controversy Erupts As Female Fan Hugs Goalkeeper In Iran : worldnews

Jordan to temporarily close airspace, state media says - The Jerusalem post : worldnews
Jordan's air defence ready to shoot down any Iranian aircraft that violate its airspace : worldnews

(4) Fared Al Mahlool | on X: BREAKING NEWS: Explosions in the Syrian capital, Damascus / X
(4) NewsWire on X: Explosions Heard In Erbil, Northern Iraq, Near U.S. Base - WAPO Reporter / X

Statement from NSC Spokesperson Adrienne Watson: "Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel" : worldnews
Iran launched dozens of drones toward Israel - report : worldnews
(4) NewsWire on X: U.S. And British Jets Now Intercepting Iranian Drones / X
British jets shoot down Iranian drones over Syrian border : worldnews
US shoots down Iranian drone aircraft bound for Israel-US officials : worldnews

(4) BNO News on X: "Israeli government spokesman says Israeli response to Iranian attack will be "clear and decisive" / X

(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "The most massive drone attack in world history is underway right now - CNN" / X

/r/worldnews Live Thread: Iran begins attack on Israel : worldnews - Iranian UN representative full statement: Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime's aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus. The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran's response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the U.S. MUST STAY AWAY!

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 3) : worldnews

Iran's UN envoy says attack on Israel 'can be deemed concluded' : worldnews

Russia calls for restraint after Iranian strikes on Israel : worldnews
Iran's Unprecedented But Choreographed Attack On Israel Underlines Tehran's Limits : worldnews
Iran vows 'next punishment' if Israel retaliates after unprecedented attack : worldnews

Israeli officials say 99% of Iran's fire intercepted : worldnews
'You got a win. Take the win': Joe Biden tells Netanyahu : worldnews
Biden told Netanyahu U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran : worldnews
The New York Times: Netanyahu dropped retaliation against Iran after Biden call : worldnews

(4) BNO News on X: "BREAKING: Explosions heard in Jerusalem, IDF intercepting targets" / X
(4) Israel Defense Forces on X: "Sirens sounding across Israel" / X
(4) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "Air defenses active over Israel" / X
(4) Joe Truzman on X: Cheers in Nablus, northern West Bank following red alerts in Israel. / X

Israel Says Hamas Rejected Cease-fire Proposal After Iran Attack : worldnews

Israel says it is closing its airspace as it braces for an Iranian drone attack : worldnews
Netanyahu says Israel ready for direct attack from Iran, will respond in kind : worldnews
(4) Israel Radar on X: ️Senior Israeli official: Very significant retaliation to come against Iran. via @N12News / X

Schools across Israel closed from Sunday, April 14 due to Iran threats : worldnews

Hezbollah launches explosive-laden drones, dozens of rockets at northern Israel : worldnews

Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza as Hamas official vows to 'break' Israel : worldnews

Ynet photographer attacked by settlers in the West Bank : worldnews

IDF eliminates Hamas terrorist who took control of aid trucks in Gaza : worldnews

Ukraine digs deep to prevent a collapse without U.S. aid : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 781, Part 1 (Thread #927) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 780, Part 1 (Thread #926) : worldnews

(4) Alex Kokcharov on X: "Estimates by #Ukraine's MoD DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 13 April 2024. While it's not possible to verify these figures, independent observers point to very substantial Russian losses in both personnel and equipment." / X
(4) Alex Kokcharov on X: "Estimates by #Ukraine’s MoD @DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 12 April 2024. While it's not possible to verify these figures, independent observers point to very substantial Russian losses in both personnel and equipment." / X

Ukraine Already Uncovers 11 Spy Cells This Year: Ukrainian Intelligence ecurity Service of Ukraine (SBU) Chief Vasyl Maliuk said Ukraine has exposed 11 intelligence networks spying for Russia so far this year, where some agents were working for state enterprises.

(4) Institute for the Study of War on X: "Significant delays in Western aid, due in part to successful Russian information operations and Western hesitancy, have created an opportunity for Russian offensive operations and Russia's strike campaign." / X
Kiev Mayor Klitschko: This is not war. This is terrorism : worldnews
br /> (4) Ministry of Defence on X: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 13 April 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine" / X

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: Ukrainian Railways initiates construction of major European routes. In an effort to facilitate integration with the European Union, Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) has initiated the construction of a European-gauge railway, stretching from the Ukrainian border town of Chop / X

Final reactor at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant put in cold shutdown amid safety fears : worldnews
Ukraine Begins Construction of First US-Design Nuclear Reactors The new reactors, located in the western part of the country, would be a significant step for Kyiv to shift away from Russian nuclear technology and ensure future energy autonomy and stability.

(4) The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "Researchers from the University of Southampton have released a study detailing the profound mental health challenges faced by Ukrainians amid the ongoing war." / X

(4) Saint Javelin on X: "This is a lesson in the importance of quick and decisive military support. If Ukraine had been given everything it needed to defeat the russians early on, then Iran would have calculated that supporting russia with drones and missiles was pointless. Instead, western inaction empowered the iranians, the chinese, the russians and others. Now this is spiraling out of control because of these stupid redlines. Easy solution. Peace Through Superior Firepower. / X

Not if but when, Nato's deputy chief says about Ukraine's accession : worldnews
(4) NEXTA on X: "Ukraine may receive 1.9 billion eu ros in macro-finance from the EU in May Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis said that the next tranche of macro-financial assistance for Ukraine after April could amount to euro 1.9 billion." / X

German Defense Chief compares Putin's actions to Nazi annexation of Czechoslovak territory : worldnews
Germany To Send Additional Patriot System To Ukraine : worldnews
German police shut down pro-Palestinian conference: Police in the German capital, Berlin, have stopped an event expressing solidarity with Palestinians amid the Gaza war. Authorities said they were concerned over potential antisemitic remarks and glorified violence : worldnews
Germany to give financial compensation to Holocaust survivors : worldnews ... 236 USD?? Like what?
Germany to give Holocaust survivors $236 payout to help them cope with October 7 attacks | CNN Each of the 113,000 Jewish survivors in Israel will receive the $236 as a one-off payment, according to the nonprofit Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) -- a Jewish umbrella organization that seeks damages for Holocaust survivors and which worked with the German government on the scheme.
A 605 MW PV plant in Germany is now Europe's largest solar farm - it will produce enough clean electricity to power around 200,000 households and avoid around 250,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually : worldnews

Auschwitz Museum accuses Meta of 'Algorithmic Erasure of History' : worldnews ... Zuckerberg is Jewish, why is he content to let antisemites run rampant on his own website? "Never again" unless it interferes with our algorithm making ad dollars through clicks?

Two youths arrested in Switzerland on suspicion of IS links : worldnews

Netherlands allocates additional $1.5 billion in aid for Ukraine : worldnews

(4) French Aid to Ukraine on X: Russia is a regime that understands only the balance of power. Maintaining the balance of power is not escalation.” - @SebLecornu" / X

Temperatures in parts of Spain up to 16C higher than normal : worldnews

New Brexit checks will cause food shortages in UK, importers warn : worldnews
Sunak urged to stop Braverman speaking alongside far right at Brussels convention : worldnews ... Most far right politicians in Europe are tame compared to Cruella ...
(4) NEXTA on X: "The U.S. and Britain have banned imports of aluminum, copper, and nickel from Russia The aim is to reduce Russia's revenues and make it harder for it to wage war." / X
Fake UK stamps blamed on Chinese-made counterfeits : worldnews
Royal Navy seizes 33m worth of illegal drugs : worldnews

Protests grow in Argentina against its right-wing leader's economic 'shock therapy' : worldnews

Toronto protesters cheer as Iran fires drones at Israel : worldnews

Biden returns to White House at short notice amid heightened tension between Israel and Iran : politics

Russia Is Buying Politicians in Europe. Is It Happening Here Too? : politics

(4) Jason Jay Smart on X: As president, Donald Trump made it very clear that he thought Ukraine must be part of Russia, his former adviser Fiona Hill says in a new book about US national security under threat from Russia & China. Trump is a threat to national security." / X

Speaker Johnson's perilous moment on Ukraine has finally arrived : politics
(4) Ford News on X: #BREAKINGNEWS There is no political cover for @SpeakerJohnson anymore and the Democratic Party is demanding he brings funding for Ukraine and Israel to the House floor immediately. The Democratic Party is calling out the lies already being spoken in the Republican Party / X

Trump's Classified Docs Co-Defendants Desperately Scramble for Exit - Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira want out of the case against the former president. : politics

What to expect when Trump's 1st criminal trial begins Monday : politics
The first criminal trial of a former president begins on Monday : politics

Evan Corcoran quits Trump's legal team, could be prosecution witness in classified documents case : politics

How Trump's 'woman problem' has become an election nightmare for the Republicans : politics

Opinion | Would Trump be a dictator? And can he be stopped? - The Washington Post - A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.

Republicans in swing state Wisconsin unenthused by Trump: 'A bad candidate' : politics

It's a working class party now - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Beloved Florida governor Ron DeSantis knows what the workers who are this country's salt of the Earth really want -- the inalienable right to die of heat stroke while working for a very low wage:
DeSantis signs controversial bill banning civilian boards from investigating police misconduct : politics

TN Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing People Who Help Trans Youth Access Care. "This is an absolutely horrifying development in Tennessee," LGBTQ legislative researcher Allison Chapman told Truthout. : politics So, if it wasn't clear before, Republicans are trying their hardest to make trans kids kill themselves. They're trying to cut off vital, life-saving programs and healthcare that has been shown to keep trans people alive and thriving

GOP lawmaker says first-cousins should be allowed to marry because gays are - LGBTQ Nation

Kentucky GOP lawmakers remove Democratic governor's role in filling US Senate vacancies : politics

Just saying - Lawyers, Guns & Money Having much of the United States government either under the direct control of, or considerably influenced by, religious lunatics in the grip of apocalyptic fantasies, is a bad thing. Especially given the similar dynamics in the Middle East.

Why We Need Press Objectivity, Not Balance - by Brian Klaas When the news is "balanced" in an unbalanced world, it becomes an instrument of deception. This has made producing the news extremely difficult in an era of mass delusions and hyper-polarization.

Faculty salaries in American higher ed have declined drastically since 1970 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Inside the cheating scandal rocking D.C.'s trivia scene - The Washington Post - Q: Why would someone cheat at pub trivia? A: Oh boy ...

Opinion | It's not 'terribly strange to be 70' - The Washington Post

9 spectacular night sky events to see in 2024

The U.S. Developed a Nearly Unstoppable Microwave Weapon undefined


The effectiveness of nonviolent civil disobedience in rallying support for climate action may significantly depend on how appropriate these tactics are perceived by the general public. Physical assault, soup throwing at artworks, and breaking into buildings were deemed highly inappropriate. : science

Man shot after reports of multiple stabbings at shopping centre in Bondi Junction : worldnews
Man in white shirt stands between Sydney mall mass stabber and a group of young kids : pics
What we know about how the Bondi Junction shopping centre stabbing spree unfolded - ABC News

China supporting Russia in massive military expansion, US says : worldnews ... If you don't send Ukraine weapons and money you will be sending them your kids.

Putin mocks planned Ukraine conference and says Russia won't accept any enforced peace plans : worldnews

(4) Special Kherson Cat on X: "A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, owned by former SBU officer of Ukraine Vasily Prozorov, was blown up in Moscow. He moved to Russia several years ago, and before that, since 2014 he had been collaborating with Russian intelligence services. Reportedly he was hospitalised." / X

Tajikistan Condemns Alleged Torture of Crocus Attack Suspects : worldnews

Court allows case over forced gynecological exams at Qatar airport to go ahead against operator : worldnews

Iranian forces take over Israel-linked Portuguese ship MCS ARIES : worldnews
(4) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "Iran's Tasnim news agency says the seizing of the Israeli-linked MSC ARIES container ship was carried out by the IRGC Navy." / X

US officials say Iran to launch 100 drones, dozens of missiles, report : worldnews
Iran warns U.S. to stay out of fight with Israel or face attack on troops : worldnews

Israeli settlers rampage through a West Bank village, killing 1 Palestinian and wounding 25 - The Boston Globe ... Dozens of angry Israeli settlers stormed into a Palestinian village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Friday, shooting and setting houses and cars on fire. The rampage killed a Palestinian man and wounded 25 others, Palestinian health officials said. ("settlers") ... Israel says it has killed over 12,000 militants during the war, but it has not provided evidence to back up the claim.

Opinion | Why did Guernica retract an essay about the Israel-Hamas war? - The Washington Post - Guernica doubles down on retraction of essay on Israel-Gaza war
From the Edges of a Broken World | Washington Monthly | The article Guernica retracted, and the translator who tried to tread the line of empathy.
The End Of Naivete - Yonatan Berg - Israel - Poetry International - Translation: 2017, Joanna Chen ... The tree lost its mythical powers, / horses huddled at the edge of the earth. / The sniping light turned cold, winter came, / we continued, faces sealed. Only at night / did we sit down with our own names.
On Guernica - Guernica

Body of missing teenage shepherd found in the West Bank : worldnews

Ukraine says eastern front has 'deteriorated significantly' : worldnews

Fact Sheet: US Assistance to Ukraine | Institute for the Study of War

European countries rebuff Kyiv's calls for more air defences : worldnews

Russia deploying new Kh-69 cruise missile in escalating attacks on Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine Begins Construction of First US-Design Nuclear Reactors : worldnews

Ukraine's Security Service prevents attempted murder of Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration : worldnews

Putin may launch all-out bid to seize second city - as Western officials fear major Russian advance : worldnews

Russian Network's Alleged Targeting of European Elections Sparks Belgian Police Probe : worldnews

French Foreign Ministry refuses to talk to Russians since they lie, Russia is outraged : worldnews

Intelligence Report Says Bots and Fake Accounts Linked to India's Governing Party are Harassing Canadians : worldnews
Quadriplegic Quebec man chooses assisted dying after 4-day ER stay leaves horrific bedsore : news

In the Arctic, America's clandestine forces game out a great-power war - The Washington Post - The Post was granted a rare embed with Navy SEALs and Green Berets as the Pentagon, wary of a conflict with Russia or China, stress-tested its preparedness

Biden Shrinks Trump's Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll : politics
About That New York Times Poll - The American Prospect Lazy journalism allows flawed polls to become the narrative - but that doesn't mean Biden is doing fine.

Opinion | Biden embraced Trump's tariffs -- and it could be his undoing. - The Washington Post

Tax Day Toolkit 2024 - Biden v. Trump and other tax fairness issues ... if you paid a penny in federal income taxes this year, you paid more taxes than: Elon Musk in 2018 Tesla from 2018-2022 Jeff Bezos in 2007 and 2011 ...

Biden cancels another $7.4bn in student loans for more than 277,000 : news

The 401(k) industry owns Congress : How lawmakers quietly passed a $300 billion windfall to the wealthy : politics

Support for Ukraine aid increases: Gallup : worldnews
America's political leaders are shrugging at Putin's evil : politics

Nearing 50 Supreme Court arguments in, lawyer Lisa Blatt keeps winning : politics

Trump's Weird Moment With Mike Johnson Reveals a Deeper GOP Sickness : politics
Donald Trump and Mike Johnson just mixed two big lies together. The continued effort by Trump and his allies to convince rank-and-file Republicans that any election they don't win must be fraudulent is a profound threat to American democracy. : politics
Speaker Johnson Gets Lifeline From Trump Amid Threat to His Job | Mr. Johnson met with former President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they found common cause in stoking unfounded fears of election fraud. : politics
Johnson kisses the ring ... : PoliticalHumor

Opinion | Republicans are in denial about Trump and tyranny - The Washington Post - They think tyrants won't come after them

New York appeals court rejects Donald Trump's third request to delay April 15 hush money trial : politics ... they argued the former president and presumptive Republican nominee should be on the campaign trail rather than "in a courtroom defending himself" starting next Monday ... The best part is this is literally a criminal trial for violating campaign laws, and he's trying to say he's too busy campaigning to attend.

Opinion | Is Trump: (a) Lincoln, (b) Mandela, (c) Jesus or (d) all of the above? - The Washington Post - This is why Trump supporters will believe absolutely anything

Billionaire Leonard Leo rejects Senate subpoena over supreme court gifts : politics

For all his bombast, Trump is plummeting - financially, legally and politically : politics

Why America's plutocrats are lining up to pay Trump's legal bills: It's simple: Keeping Trump out of jail is cheaper than paying their fair share : politics

Republicans' abortion laws: Restricting women whose votes they want - Our dream for you is a forced-birth hellscape. Please vote for us anyway!

RFK Jr. Campaign Fires Staffer Who Said the Quiet Part Out Loud : politics

New Report Reveals Matt Gaetz Is an Even Bigger Creep Than You Thought - The Florida Republican has some nasty habits, including showing his colleagues nude pictures of his dates. : politics

` Marjorie Taylor Greene Can'`t Stop Pushing Russian Propaganda : politics

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Banned From Setting Foot in 7,578.9 Square Miles of South Dakota : politics

DeSantis signs bill banning heat protection laws for outdoor workers : politics

Trans folks are peeing in bottles & avoiding water to dodge harassment under Florida’s bathroom law. Residents have taken it upon themselves to police restrooms, traumatizing trans folks and often incorrectly enforcing the law. : politics

Abortion initiative meets signature quota to get on Colorado ballot : politics

Opinion | For children, social media has become a grim fairy tale - The Washington Post ... Today, phone addiction and social media have led to a global crisis in youth mental health, according to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in a new book, "The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness." Haidt cites as evidence the startling rise in childhood depression, self-harm and suicide, especially among girls, who spend a great deal more time on their phones than their male counterparts ... Haidt is issuing a cri de coeur to parents, legislators, social media czars and schools to take courage and collective action: Raise the age of internet access to 16 and facilitate age verification; require social-media companies (Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, X) to keep youngsters away from dangerous sites; make all schools phone-free by fall; make in-person play a priority.

Mom accused of murder-suicide, leaving kids on 405 Freeway, was astrology influencer, fearful of eclipse : news
Mom accused of leaving 2 young children home alone for days to go on cruise : news
6-Year-Old Boy Left Behind in the Middle of a River : videos
California man who killed 6-year-old on his way to kindergarten in road-rage shooting sentenced : news

Matthews PD sergeant choked handcuffed man. Town kept the video secret. : news
Sex assault charge against U.S. Marine in case of teen found on base is dropped : news
Dallas doctor convicted of tampering with IV bags linked to coworker's death and other emergencies : news

Guilty plea by leader of polygamous sect near the Arizona-Utah border is at risk of being thrown out : news

Eli5: How did we go from zero ai, to one company with an ai that holds a conversation, and then seemingly immediately on to multiple companies with ai that makes music, photos, and movies in such a short period of time? : explainlikeimfive
Speed of AI development is outpacing risk assessment | Traditional methods of evaluating accuracy and safety are flawed : technology

The First Major AI Consumer Hardware Launch is a Dumpster Fire : technology

Elon Musk's X botched an attempt to replace “” links with “” : technology

Conan O’Brien Breaks Down 'Hot Ones' Episode: "I Had A Complete Breakdown - Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually" : television

Rate of sterilizations in US jumped after overturning of Roe v Wade.Research reveals number of people seeking permanent contraception increased after 2022 decision, in particular among women. : science

Former NIH director Collins on his prostate cancer, medical research - The Washington Post

They're young and athletic. They're also ill with a condition called POTS. - The Washington Post Since covid-19, diagnoses have increased, researchers and doctors report ... Short for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, POTS is diagnosed when a patient's heart rate goes berserk, jumping way above normal when changing position from lying down to standing.

Scientists uncover missing link between poor diet and higher cancer risk: A chemical linked to poor diet, obesity or uncontrolled diabetes could increase cancer risk over time. Methylglyoxal, produced when our cells break down glucose to create energy, can cause faults in our DNA. : science

Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet | Instill Health

Do all energy sources derive from gravity? : askscience

A New Study About Prime Numbers Is Stirring Up a Mess of Controversy Unconventional findings fuel a fiery debate among number theorists.

Eli5 how is indigo a color in the rainbow? : explainlikeimfive
eli5: What is the survival advantage of humans being able to see a wide range of colors, while most animals only see a few colors or completely different rays? : explainlikeimfive

The funniest review I've read in ages: Jamie's Air Fryer Meals - if it's got a tiny convection oven in it, Channel 4 will commission it : television

Balboa, Panama - Wikipedia
Panama Canal - Wikipedia

Middle-income families in Massachusetts struggle to pay for college

Karen Read lawyers make case for 3rd party culprit defense

Who has challenged you to push your creative boundaries? : AskReddit

When did a random act of kindness from someone else significantly brighten your day? : AskReddit

What is the "girls don't fart" equivalent for guys? : AskReddit

What's the worst case of alcoholism you've personally witnessed? : AskReddit

What a clear, non explicit sign that your partner is horny? : AskReddit

What can completely destroy your life in a matter of seconds? : AskReddit

What is, in your opinion the biggest butterfly effect ever? : AskReddit

What's the biggest scam in tech that has become widely accepted? : AskReddit

What is something that won't exist in 10 years? : AskReddit

Whats the worst pain you ever experienced? : AskReddit

What's your worst experience in life? : AskReddit

Billion dollar developer lawsuit will proceed, after Apple' s objection was rejected : technology

Former Microsoft developer says Windows 11's performance is "comically bad," even with monster PC | If only Windows were "as good as it once was" : technology
Microsoft starts testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu : technology

Google removing links to California news websites as part of test in response to pending legislation : technology
California’s Journalism Protection Act Is An Unconstitutional Clusterfuck Of Terrible Lawmaking | Techdirt

Amazon Grows To Over 750,000 Robots As World's Second-Largest Private Employer Replaces Over 100,000 Humans : technology

TIL Craigslist generates over $600 million in revenue annually with only 50 employees. : todayilearned


Climate Catastrophe
There have been record ocean temperatures every day for more than a year: Scientists are investigating what's behind the extraordinary measurements : worldnews

Corporate climate pledge weakened by carbon offsets move: The world's main benchmark for vetting corporate climate action has been accused by its own staff of "greenwashing" : worldnews

Hawaii "on the verge of catastrophe" as water crisis continues

New England states allocated $69 million for transportation climate projections


Cook Islands needs referendum to decide UN membership - minister : worldnews

Lego shoplifters nabbed in New Zealand for US$12,000 brick block heists : worldnews

Fears of another forest collapse event in Western Australia after record dry spell : worldnews
Australia could reach an ambitious emissions cut of up to 75% by 2035, advisers tell Labor : worldnews

Indonesia agrees to normalize ties with Israel as part of bid to join OECD -- official | The Times of Israel : worldnews

Vietnam sentences real estate tycoon to death in its largest ever fraud case : worldnews

With eyes on China, US and Japan vow new security collaboration : worldnews
US Department of Justice opens probe into Nippon Steel's US Steel deal, Politico reports : worldnews

Reports of workplace abuse in South Korea double over past 5 years : worldnews
Exit polls suggest a big win by South Korea's liberal opposition parties in parliamentary election : worldnews ... Basically, SK has 2 right wing parties with one party more focused on being economically conservative while the other is more focused on being socially conservative.
South Korean opposition wins landslide victory in parliamentary vote : worldnews ... South Korea's opposition won by a landslide in parliamentary elections on Wednesday, a result that risks making Yoon Suk Yeol, the president, a lame duck for his remaining three years in office.
South Korea's prime minister and top presidential officials offer to resign after election defeat : worldnews

Singapore tightens rules for expat workers with an eye on local discontent | Business and Economy | Al Jazeera The city-state is raising the salary threshold for foreigners to get a work permit amid stiff local competition for jobs.
Singapore tightens rules for expat workers with an eye on local discontent | Business and Economy : worldnews

Hong Kong Detains and Expels Journalism Advocate, Group Says : worldnews
Hong Kong customs makes largest-ever gold smuggling bust : worldnews ... Melted and moulded into parts like motor cores, screws, and gears, the smuggled gold was intercepted last month in two air compressors that were sent by air from Hong Kong to Japan and estimated to be worth HK$84 million (S$14.4 million),

Beijing 'does not accept criticism or pressure' over ties with Russia, Chinese foreign ministry says : worldnews
Beijing accuses US and Japan of 'smears' over Taiwan and South China Sea after Biden-Kishida summit : worldnews

Russian court extends sentence of Navalny ally Lilia Chanysheva to 9.5 years : worldnews ... She won't make it, they will off her

Russia Deploys Starlink on Ukrainian Front Lines for Year - WSJ Investigation : worldnews

Russian Orthodox Church declares holy war against Ukraine and the West : worldnews (run by KGB/FSB)

Russian Oil Is Once Again Trading Far Above the G-7’s Price Cap Everywhere : worldnews

Armenian PM suggests Russia used Nagorno-Karabakh as 'a leash' on Armenia : worldnews

The Supreme Court of India recognises the right to be free from the adverse effects of climate change. : worldnews
Apple warns of 'mercenary spyware attack' on users in India, 91 other countries : worldnews
Apple's India iPhone Output Hits $14 Billion in China Shift : worldnews

Taliban's plans to curtail access to Facebook in Afghanistan alarm critics : worldnews

Turkey reportedly proposes new draft peace treaty to Zelensky and Putin : worldnews ... freezing the war along the current front line. Turkey is pandering to Russia once again.

Ghana ruling party candidate takes strong anti-LGBTQ stance : worldnews

Togo bans protests over a canceled presidential election as tensions rise : worldnews

Zimbabwe is grappling with its sixth currency change in 16 years : worldnews

Mali's junta suspends all political activities until further notice, saying it needs to preserve public order, a move that follows last year's decision to call off elections indefinitely : worldnews ... So, full military kleptocray guided by Russians who are expert at guiding military kleptocracies, then?
Mali's junta suspends all political activities until further notice - Mali previously relied on French troops to help push back the insurgents. Amid growing frustration over the lack of progress, the ruling junta ordered French troops out and turned to Russian contractors instead for security support. The last French forces departed in August 2022 after almost a decade of operations in Mali.

Kenya proposes maritime treaty to defuse Ethiopia-Somalia tensions : worldnews

Yemen suffers $2 billion revenue loss from halted oil exports amid Houthi assaults : worldnews

Saudis Scale Back Ambition for $1.5 Trillion Desert Project Neom : worldnews


Iraq tightens grip on autonomous Kurdish region : worldnews

IAEA warns Iran very close to nuclear weapon capabilities, report : worldnews

Iran's persecution of Baha'is branded 'crime against humanity' : worldnews
Iran Court Summons 15 Baha'i Women Amid Rise in Harassment : worldnews
Iran Releases Environmentalists Accused Of Spying After Six Years : worldnews
Students in Iran threatened with prosecution for graduation dance video : worldnews
Iranian University Threatens Students Over Graduation Dance Video : worldnews ... The tyranny of Theocracies on display.
Khamenei Puts Public Pressure On Muslim Governments To Isolate Israel : worldnews
Ali Khamenei - Wikipedia

US seeking to deter Iran from strike on Israel, officials say : worldnews
Iran news agency scrubs posts alluding to strikes against Israel : worldnews

Speculation Mounts On Iran Leader's Health : worldnews

Bernie Sanders: No more US complicity with Netanyahu's war machine ... Israel has the right to respond to Hamas. It does not have the right to go to war against the Palestinian people.
Netanyahu hints at retaliation if Iran attacks, as CENTCOM chief lands in Israel : worldnews
Israel threatens to strike Iran directly if Iran launches attack from its territory : worldnews

US has seen no evidence that Israel has committed genocide, Defense Secretary Austin says : worldnews ... "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." -Upton Sinclair

Gantz: 'We will enter Rafah and go back to Khan Yunis' : worldnews

A mission of mercy, then a fatal strike: How an aid convoy in Gaza became Israel's target - The Boston Globe

Israel would let 150,000 Gazans return north in potential truce, officials say : worldnews

Zelensky ups pressure on Trump to visit war-torn Ukraine : worldnews
Ukrainian official ups urgency for more weapons: 'Nice and quiet diplomacy didn't work' : worldnews ... US cost was 2% of US defence budget. Attrition rates show it'll take about 2 more years to exhaust Russia. And with Russia gone US can cut the defence budget a lot.   It's a deal of the century financially for US. Current defence budget is so high overwhelmingly because of Russia. Not supporting means Putin goes country after country. Same as Hitler did. And China goes after Taiwan because it can see US will not do anything. Taiwan will cost a lot more, including many US lives.

Ukraine parliament passes controversial law to boost army recruitment : worldnews

US gives Ukraine weapons it seized from Iran en route to Houthis : worldnews ... Putin's hag MTG in shambles ...
U.S. announces $138 million in emergency military sales of Hawk missile systems support for Ukraine : worldnews

The head of the cybersecurity department at Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), Illia Vitiuk, has been suspended from his official duties following a media investigation : worldnews ... "Vitiuk has been reassigned to serve in combat and already has left for the front on Tuesday“ ... Damn, he got uno-reversed hard and deserved it.
Ukrainian security service's cyber chief suspended following media investigation ... Vitiuk's wife is listed as "private entrepreneur in the judicial industry,"

NATO: Ukrainian drones responsible for more than 65% of destroyed Russian tanks : worldnews
Terrified Of Ukraine's Drones, Russians Built A Roof Over Their Tank - blyatmobiles
Urban Dictionary: Blyatmobile : A Russian made coffin with wheels typically found in Ukraine in a state of uncontrolled conflagration or similarly destroyed state.
Ukraine Invasion Day 776: new cope-caged 'blyatmobile' T-72 tank
(4) Clash Report on X: "Russian wunderwaffe in action." / X
Blyat-mobile: Russian tank covered in armour plating takes part in attack on Krasnohorivka - YouTube
what does blyat mean - Google Search

Security situation at Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant continues to deteriorate, Ukrainian officials say : worldnews

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 8, 2024 | Institute for the Study of War

US needs Europe to face down Russia and China, says Nato deputy chief : worldnews ... Mr Trump has warned he would let Russia do "whatever they hell they want" to any Nato member who does not meet its alliance defence spending target of 2 per cent of its economic output. He was widely criticised for undermining the principle that an attack on one member is one on all the members of the Alliance.

EU passes asylum and migration pact after eight years of deadlock : worldnews
EU approves major overhaul of migration rules : worldnews
Over four million Ukrainian refugees under temporary protection status in EU: Eurostat : worldnews

Arctic region of Norway asks EU Commission for 26-hour day : worldnews

Two Russian oligarchs win court ruling over EU sanctions : worldnews
EU court takes Russian billionaires Fridman, Avan off sanctions list : worldnews
Kiboune comments on EU court takes Russian billionaires Fridman, Avan off sanctions list (Russian pov)

Russia's GPS meddling in the Baltic Sea demands NATO action, Sweden’s naval chief says : worldnews

Far-right MP charged over attack on Jewish ceremony in Polish parliament : worldnews ... "there can be no place for the acts of this racist, tribal, wild Talmudic cult on these premises ... I am putting an end to acts of satanic, racist triumphalism"

IKEA furniture destroys some of Europe's last remaining ancient forests - Greenpeace International : worldnews

Netherlands residents see value in EU and don't want a Nexit, but few feel "European" : worldnews

Neutral Switzerland joins European Sky Shield defence project : worldnews

Almost 3 quarters of Germany's arms exports in 2024 intended for Ukraine : worldnews
Germany delivers artillery shells, drones, armored vehicles to Ukraine : worldnews
Germany arrests two 'IS' suspects for enslaving Yazidi children : worldnews

The Trojan War Dining Room: A New Discovery at Pompeii : worldnews

France talks tough on Ukraine while gobbling up more Russian gas : worldnews
With less and less people sending each other letters, France's post office is looking to evolve into a premium meals-on-wheels service, its boss said Wednesday : worldnews

Britain announces Indo-Pacific military exercises with US, Japan : worldnews
A third of businesses short-staffed due to sickness : worldnews
HR Magazine - A third of businesses short-staffed due to sickness A third (34%) of UK businesses reported being short-staffed at least once a week, a survey commissioned by temporary work platform Indeed Flex has revealed ... An additional fifth (23%) of businesses reported being under-staffed at least once a month ... Of those who were short-staffed, half (49%) said it was due to employees being off sick.

Javier Milei's government scrambles to defuse child labor comments by president's ally : worldnews
Javier Milei's government scrambles to defuse child labor comments by president’s ally | International | EL PAÍS English (+pic)
Argentina to increase 'strategic alliance' with United States, Milei vows in after-hours speech : worldnews

Brazil and Colombia are curbing destruction of Amazon rainforest : worldnews
Roads of destruction: we found vast numbers of illegal 'ghost roads' used to crack open pristine rainforest : worldnews

Trudeau to Testify After Opposing Election Interference Inquiry - Intelligence reports released during hearings on Canada's elections in 2019 and 2021 describe China's meddling as "sophisticated, pervasive, persistent." : worldnews
Trudeau Rejects Claim China Meddled to Try to Help His Election : worldnews
Why Xi Jinping publicly rebuked Justin Trudeau, and what it means for Canada's relations with China - Chinese president expressed displeasure with prime minister leaking their G20 conversation to media ... She said Xi knew his rebuke would be captured by the media, which means he wanted this "dressing down" to be seen by domestic and international audiences.

Liberal Party of Canada member warned MP Dong of CSIS surveillance, national security source says : worldnews

"We're Responsible for This": American Surgeons Return from Gaza, Call for End of U.S. Culpability in Genocide | Democracy Now!

Biden considering Australian request to drop Assange charges : worldnews

Ex-Obama Adviser Spots Jared Kushner's Corruption 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

A near-total ban on abortion has supercharged the political dynamics of Arizona, a key swing state - The Boston Globe

An Honest Assessment of Rural White Resentment Is Long Overdue : politics ... Hollywood liberals didn't destroy the family farm, college professors didn't move manufacturing jobs overseas, immigrants didn't pour opioids into rural communities, and critical race theory didn't close hundreds of rural hospitals.

Lauren Boebert's son tells judge he can't afford a lawyer in thefts case

NPR in Turmoil After It Is Accused of Liberal Bias - The New York Times An essay from an editor at the broadcaster has generated a firestorm of criticism about the network on social media, especially among conservatives.
NPR editor's bombshell essay causing turmoil at liberal outlet: Report

Tesla Owner Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using Supercharger A Rivian driver got into a confrontation with a Tesla owner who appeared unaware that Superchargers are now open to other brands

Photo of desolate Dodger Stadium raises questions about city design: It's mind-boggling

Weed Recall Sparks Urgent Warning for California .. The Department of Cannabis Control is issuing this mandatory recall due to the presence of Aspergillus sp. in multiple Tyson 3.5 Gram Flower products

Women teamed up to protect themselves from men on the internet. Now, the men are suing them ... This post was on the more dramatic side of Are We Dating The Same Guy's usual content

Conan O'Brien recalls NBC network chief who was 'tight with OJ' that fired SNL's Norm MacDonald | Watch

Kate Coleman, Who Documented the Bay Area Counterculture, Dies at 81 - The New York Times She wrote about politics and the patriarchy as a left-wing writer, then alienated her compatriots with exposes critical of the Black Panthers and the environmental movement.

O.J. Simpson Dead at 76 : television

New hypothesis emerges on Parkinson's disease's origins and spread ... A new hypothesis paper appearing in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease on World Parkinson's Day unites the brain- and body-first models with some of the likely causes of the disease - environmental toxicants that are either inhaled or ingested.

The nervous system disorder that is now being linked to long COVID Among the range of conditions linked to Long COVID, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) stands out due to its debilitating impact on the autonomic nervous system, which controls a wide range of involuntary bodily functions.

Common over-the-counter medicine linked to increased dementia risk A study, published in the journal Neurology, found people who took drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for more than 4.4 years had a 33% higher risk of the cognitive disorder.

Common prescription drugs may cause depression as side effect, experts say

All about ITP, the autoimmune disease affecting children and adults alike ITP (immune thrombocytopenia) is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own blood platelets. This leads to a decrease in the number of platelets and consequently can cause a number of symptoms, including bruising and bleeding. ITP affects both children and adults alike. In the US alone, it is estimated that one in every 10,000 children is at risk of developing the autoimmune disease.

IOC accused of new low by funding study that claims trans women have physical disadvantage

College degree: New Englanders asked if college cost is worth it

Flurry of last-minute motions filed in Karen Read case before trial next week
Karen Read update: Unsealed documents show harrowing hours after victim's body found
Read Karen Read case documents

Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter being charged with federal bank fraud

RIPTA CEO Scott Avedisian to resign following hit-and-run charge -- Avedisian submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday. His severance package is still being finalized.


U.N. climate chief says two years to save the planet : worldnews

Great Barrier Reef suffering ‘most severe’ coral bleaching on record as footage shows damage 18 metres down : worldnews

Donor heart travels 12 hours across Atlantic before use in successful transplant in world first : worldnews
Donor heart travels 12 hours across Atlantic before use in successful transplant in world first | Euronews Surgeons in Paris successfully carried out a heart transplant earlier this year after a donor organ travelled across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The heart came from a 48-year-old man in the French West Indies who was declared brain dead three days after a stroke. It was then transported to Paris in the cabin of a commercial Air France flight and was preserved for twelve hours. The recipient was a 70-year-old man who was discharged from the hospital 30 days after surgery.

Vietnam: Property tycoon Truong My Lan sentenced to death in $27bn fraud case : worldnews

Japan's Kishida to Congress: U.S. doesn't have to do it alone : worldnews

China sanctions 2 U.S. defense companies and says they support arms sales to Taiwan : worldnews

Before He Died in Prison, Aleksei Navalny Wrote a Memoir. It's Coming This Fall. : worldnews

Russia's army is now 15% bigger than when it invaded Ukraine, says US general : worldnews

(4) Ministry of Defence - on X: "The Kremlin's war continues to have a profound effect on Russia domestically, including in the provision of healthcare - #StandWithUkraine" / X

Russian schoolgirl placed in pretrial detention for 'death to regime' graffiti : worldnews

Dozens of Nigeria’s Chibok girls remain in captivity 10 years after abduction by Boko Haram : worldnews

Biden warns Iran: our commitment to Israel's security is ironclad : worldnews
US Sees Missile Strike on Israel By Iran, Proxies as Imminent : worldnews ... The potential assault, possibly using high-precision missiles, may happen in the coming days, the people said, requesting anonymity to discuss confidential matters. It is seen as more a matter of when, not if, one of the people said, based on assessments from US and Israeli intelligence.

Hamas says it does not have 40 Israeli hostages to trade in cease-fire deal : worldnews
Hamas tells negotiators it doesn't have 40 Israeli hostages needed for first round of ceasefire : worldnews
U.S. officials fear most of Israeli hostages in Gaza could be dead - report - I24NEWS : worldnews

Sons and grandchildren of Hamas leader Haniyeh killed in Gaza airstrike : worldnews ... "Thank God for the honor of my children and grandchildren being martyrs. The enemy is delusional if he thinks that by killing my sons we will change our positions. The blood of my sons is not more precious than the blood of our martyred people in Gaza, as they are all my sons.
Hamas leader says no change in truce position after sons killed : worldnews ... they literally cannot agree to any truce because they no longer have anything to give (the hostages are long gone)

Russian missile strike targets cities across Ukraine : worldnews
Major Russian missile attack totally destroys power plant near Kyiv, the largest plant in the region : worldnews
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The Ukrainians energy company Centerenergo reports that the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant has been completely destroyed. (Source: Uniannet) While Western leaders are gridlocked into useless debates, Russia is doing what Russia does: destroying. As I said numerous times, you ..." / X
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The Ukrainians energy company Centerenergo reports that the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant has been completely destroyed. (Source: Uniannet) While Western leaders are gridlocked into useless debates, Russia is doing what Russia does: destroying. As I said numerous times, you will never ever be able to make peace with Putin." / X
Over 200,000 without power following Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 778, Part 1 (Thread #924) : worldnews

(4) Rob Lee on X: "The updated mobilization bill was passed on its second reading by Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, today. The demobilization component was removed from the final bill." / X
Ukraine’s parliament passes a controversial law to boost much-needed conscripts and fill army ranks : worldnews

Russia's FSB says British special forces operating in Ukraine : worldnews

(4) MAKS 23 on X: "Soft and quiet diplomacy did not work, I hope the new style of tough diplomacy will help to make a breakthrough", - Kuleba explained the change in tone of Ukraine on the issue of receiving air defense. Kyiv has identified four countries in Europe and Asia that have…" / X
Ukraine says there are more than 100 Patriot air-defense systems its allies could spare if they wanted : worldnews
(4) NOELREPORTS on X: Amazing, it actually happened. A decision to refuse the approval on the EU Council budget until Ukraine is given 7 Patriot system was supported by a large majority of 515 MEP's. / X
European Parliament refuses to agree on funding for Council of the EU until Ukraine is given Patriot systems : worldnews

EU votes to enshrine abortion access as a fundamental right : worldnews ... its just a resolution passed by the european parliament, not the council unfortunately.

(4) NOELREPORTS on X: Useless. Switzerland pledges $5.4 billion to rebuild Ukraine over the next 12 years. Stop this reconstruction nonsense, HELP Ukraine win the war, now! There will soon be nothing to rebuild if that dirty red USSR flag is flying everywhere in Ukraine. / X
Switzerland approves long-term financing for Ukraine worth $5.5 billion : worldnews

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: Politico: France imports growing levels of Russian LNG. France has paid Russia $644 million for liquified natural gas in the first three months of 2024, making it the fastest-growing consumer of Russian LNG in the EU, Politico reported on April 11. / X
(4) KyivPost on X: The European Parliament has voted in favour of rules allowing member states to ban imports of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), Reuters reports : AFP" / X

Farmers warn crisis is building as record rainfall drastically reduces UK food production : worldnews ... The same farmers that protest against rules to attempt to slow climate change? Those farmers are now complaining about the effects of climate change? ... Sorry, can’t feel bad for those hypocrites.Same farmers that voted for brexit also pissed because of the tax on trade. I don't blame them to be honest I blame the government that lied to everybody and continues to lie to everyone. I see more hate towards Greta Thunberg than towards Boris Johnson. I've reached the point where I sometimes think f it just let it burn.

Canadian DNA lab knew its paternity tests identified the wrong dads, but it kept selling them : worldnews

McConnell: Failure to pass Ukraine aid 'strategic and moral malpractice' : politics ... Throwing the Biden administration under the bus, when they've always pushed for Ukraine aid independent of deals for the border or, more recently, Israel... just proves that Moscow Mitch doesn't mean a word of it. It's all purely performative.

Joe Biden campaign responds to Wes Allen; says president will be on ballot in all 50 states : politics

The Media Did Not Make Up Trump's Russia Scandal -- Liberal bias mostly exists outside politics coverage.

Trump hush money charges seen as serious by most voters, Reuters/Ipsos finds : politics

Pastors Warned of Donald Trump's 'Takeover' of Church : politics - Warned?? They PROMOTED it!

Trump Finally Reveals It: Billionaires Get Tax Cuts, We Get Autocracy : politics

Trump is booted off Bloomberg's Billionaire list after Truth Social stock price dives : politics
Truth Social Losses Deal Humiliating Blow to Trump's Biggest Brag. Donald Trump has been kicked off an index of global billionaires. : politics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Far-Right Ties Keep Getting Worse : politics - We knew from the beginning that he was running at the urging of Steve Bannon ... and Putin ...

Trump-Endorsed Senate Candidate Questions if Nursing Home Residents Are Alive Enough to Vote "If you're in a nursing home, you only have five, six-month life expectancy," Eric Hovde said in an interview earlier this month : politics

Kari Lake faces "disaster" in Arizona : politics
Could Biden vs Trump All Come Down to Arizona’s Senate Race? - Arizona's Split Reality -- Ground zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.

Kristi Noem Is Now Banned From 10 Percent of Her Own State : politics

Right-wingers pledge to boycott The North Face because it supports LGBTQ+ youth. The outdoor apparel company sponsors an LGBTQ+ summer camp. Conservatives are outraged kids have fun there. : politics

O.J. Simpson, football great whose trial for murder became a phenomenon, dies at 76 - The Washington Post The amiable actor and pitchman saw his legacy spiral after the murder of his ex-wife and her friend

Lauren Oyler's meditations on Goodreads, anxiety, and gossip - Ann Manov - Bookforum Magazine

My dismal years in psychoanalysis with Melanie Klein’s disciple | Aeon Essays The therapist who hated me - Going to a child psychoanalyst four times a week for three years was bad enough. Reading what she wrote about me was worse ... Edna O’Shaughnessy was her name


Joe Biden Turns Trump's Biggest Conspiracy Theory Against Him In Scathing New Video : politics
(4) Joe Biden on X: "Donald Trump is trying to steal history the same way he tried to steal the election. But we saw the truth with our own eyes. Trump's mob on January 6 wasn't a peaceful protest -- it was a violent assault on our democracy." / X

This will be the abortion election, and Republicans are bracing for voter retribution : politics
Megathread: Arizona Supreme Court Rules that Pre-Statehood Abortion Ban Will Go Into Effect Within Weeks : politics
Arizona Supreme Court rules state must adhere to century-old law banning nearly all abortions | CNN

US Billionaires Have Doubled Their Wealth Since 2017 Trump Tax Overhaul : politics

Kevin McCarthy says he was forced out of House speakership over ethics inquiry - Former speaker says Matt Gaetz led charge to remove him to quash charges that Florida representative 'slept with a 17-year-old' politics

Paul Ryan Keeps It All in the Family | The New Yorker | By David Remnick May 17, 2017 | I thought of this exquisite sampling of the DeCavalcante tapes after reading the riveting serio-comic report in the Washington Post by Adam Entous describing a meeting in June, 2016, on Capitol Hill, at which Republican Party leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, gathered to talk business

Siding with special counsel, Cannon agrees to keep witness identities secret : politics

Letitia James nears green light to start taking Donald Trump's assets : politics

Donald Trump's first criminal trial is nearly here -- and he's already starting to melt down : politics

How Donald Trump's mug shot became a defiant and divisive 2024 symbol - Washington Post undefined

'Deadbeat MAGA tears'? Trump may lose 2024 over bleeding cash and fraud fines. Warning signs are emerging for Donald Trump as he faces cash and voter shortfalls. : politics

Trump attorneys subpoena wrong 'Jeremy Rosenberg' for hush money trial : politics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Far-Right Ties Keep Getting Worse : politics

Audit on Arkansas governor's $19,000 lectern to be released within next 10 days, lawmaker says : politics

Alabama secretary of state says Democratic convention too late to get Biden on ballot this fall : politics

Conservative co-sponsors abandon their own bill after gay politician’s powerful speech. Nebraska's anti-trans bill failed after the two state senators refused to vote for it. : politics

Missouri executes Brian Dorsey for 2006 double murder after mercy bid backed by 72 correctional officers | CNN

A Train Carrying Deadly Materials Was on Fire for Nearly an Hour as It Barreled Toward a Small Town. Why Didn't Anyone Stop It?

The Casimir Effect: Unlocking a Mind-Boggling Part of Reality By Harnessing the Unlimited Vacuum Energy In Space, We Could Finally Reach Light Speed - Invisible vacuum energy is all around us. We could use it to power propulsion, enhance nanostructures, and build levitating devices.

What Exactly Are Flamingos Anyway? | Audubon
A Genetic Discovery Has Dramatically Changed Our Understanding of Bird Evolution

A Deep Dive May Have Solved the Mysterious Origin of America's Earliest Language

A New Study About Prime Numbers Is Stirring Up a Mess of Controversy

Facing 'financial insolvency,' Goddard College to close after 86 years - VTDigger The Plainfield progressive higher education institution was founded in 1938. It will shutter at the end of this semester, its board announced Tuesday.

Why are young people like Kate Middleton getting cancer? The search for answers - Vox Cancer used to be a disease of the old. Not anymore.

The Revenge of the World's Most Famous Female Pirates

Jim and Pam Knew How to Survive a Soul-Crushing Office

How to Clean a Washing Machine in 30 Minutes or Less

The Incel Terrorist - Oguzhan Sert was 17 when he walked into a Toronto massage parlour and killed an employee with a sword. The Crown argued the attack wasn’t just murder, but an act of terror against women. The hard part would be proving it.

This Large Dual Basket Air Fryer Is 29% Off On Amazon | HuffPost Life Instant VersaZone 9QT Air Fryer, 8-in-1 Functions with EvenCrisp Technology, Crisps, Broils, Bakes, Roasts, Dehydrates, Reheats at Same or Different Temperature, from the Makers of Instant Pot, Black : Home & Kitchen

Microsoft Needs to Get Serious About Its Windows 10 Upgrade Problem | by PCMag | PC Magazine | Medium


Solar eclipse sweeps across North America. The moment of totality, in photos | AP News

COVID vaccine mandates at US colleges substantially reduced COVID deaths, cases and ICU admissions in the surrounding communities. : science

New Zealand tightens visa rules after migration hits 'unsustainable' levels : worldnews

Taiwan earthquake: Hundreds still awaiting rescue, 12 more people remain missing | CNN

China 'gravely concerned' about reports Japan could join Aukus security pact : worldnews

China sending Russia 'rifle scopes, tank parts and rocket fuel' : worldnews
Three killed after high winds pull them out of their apartments in China | CNN

Worker shortage is restraining production, says Russia's central bank : worldnews

Russia's ice-class ship Katerina Velikaya reportedly caught fire, leaving 1 dead, 3 injured : worldnews

Chechnya bans music that is too fast or too slow : The Russian republic has ruled that all music should "correspond to a tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute" meaning all western rave and techno music would be banned : worldnews

Lebanese Christian official kidnapped, sectarian tensions flare : worldnews

Top Iranian general killed in Damascus strike sat on Hezbollah’s decision-making body : worldnews
Iranian soccer fans boo through minute's silence for slain IRGC commander : worldnews

Hamas rejects ceasefire offer in Cairo : worldnews

Israel threatens to bomb nuke sites as Iran backs down from direct attack - report : worldnews
Israel 'can handle' any threat from Iran, says military chief : worldnews

Ben Gvir warns Netanyahu won't continue as premier 'if we do not enter Rafah' : worldnews
IDF entry into Rafah: 'It will happen, we already have a date' - Netanyahu : worldnews

Opinion | I'm Jewish, and I've covered wars. I know war crimes when I see them. - The Washington Post

Israeli military says it has withdrawn its forces from Khan Younis after months of fighting : worldnews

Islamic Jihad spokesman admits taking over all Gaza hospitals : worldnews

Zelenskyy straight-up said Ukraine is going to lose if Congress doesn't send more aid : worldnews

Sea Drone Found In Black Sea Is American Boat With Massive Soviet Warhead : worldnews

Russian Troops Execute 3 Ukrainian POWs in Kherson Region : worldnews

Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor damaged following drone attack | CNN : worldnews

Ukraine Sets Fire to Serpukhov Missile Ship in Russia's Kaliningrad, Intel Source Says : worldnews

Kremlin Troops Advance Behind Heavy Air Strikes, Up to 2 Kilometers Taken Near Avdiivka : worldnews

Food inflation in world's rich nations falls to pre-Ukraine war levels : worldnews

Vatican blasts sex change surgery, surrogacy and gender theory as grave threats to human dignity : worldnews

70 kg of cannabis discovered at French mayor's home : worldnews

Brazil Supreme Court judge opens inquiry into Musk : worldnews
Musk threatens to reveal information on Brazilian judge that would paint him as a traitor : worldnews

Mexican police find 7 bodies, 5 of them decapitated, inside a car with messages "detailing the reason they were killed" : worldnews

China paid approximately $250,000 to 'threat actors' working in Canada, inquiry told : worldnews
Paid to stay home: Suspended police officers cost Ontario taxpayers $134M over past decade : news
Canada spies found China interfered in last two elections, probe hears : worldnews

JPMorgan's Dimon warns inflation, political polarization and wars are creating risks not seen sin