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Masterpost on spotting Russian (and other) disinfo operations
Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund Ukraine Charities
Digital Resources : Albert Einstein Institution : advancing freedom through nonviolent action
World Map Of Climate Disasters
Live Cyber Threat Map | Check Point

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Climate Change Is Already Forcing People From Their Homes — ProPublica The Flooding Will Come "No Matter What" The complex, contradictory and heartbreaking process of American climate migration is underway.

The Worthlessness of Stated Climate Goals - Lawyers, Guns & Money

2024 Bondi Junction stabbings - Wikipedia



The Great Serengeti Land Grab - The Atlantic - How Gulf princes, the safari industry, and conservation groups are displacing the Maasai from the last of their Serengeti homeland

House majority allowed to defeat Putin lickspittle faction - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Could Biden vs Trump All Come Down to Arizona's Senate Race? Arizona's Split Reality Ground zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.

Isra Hirsi, Ilhan Omar's Daughter, on the Columbia Protests Isra Hirsi On the Resilience of Columbia University’s Pro-Palestinian Protests

The less you vote, the more you back Trump - ABC News A new poll suggests it's Republicans who should be rooting for higher turnout.

The Toxic Culture at Tesla | The Nation The factory floors at America's top seller of electric vehicles are rife with racial harassment, sexual abuse, and injuries on the job.

“Independent” Investigations Into Sexual Abuse Are Big Business. Can Survivors Really Trust Them? – Mother Jones

The Dumbphone Boom Is Real | The New Yorker

Are toys getting louder? - The Washington Post Parents, brace yourselves

Everyday Sayings Explained

5 Bedtime Stretches That Will Help You Actually Get to Sleep Stretch away the stress of the day.



Nature officially becomes a musician, earning royalties for environmental causes : worldnews

'Hard-Right' NatCon Event Was Organised by Oil Funded Group : worldnews ... "NatC" event. Not even hiding it anymore.

Plastics industry heats world four times as much as air travel, report finds : worldnews

Risk of bird flu spreading to humans is 'enormous concern', says WHO | Bird flu : worldnews ... The new trick that concerns scientists is that it's spreading cow to cow. It's never shown the ability to transmit well between mammals before this. Not that scientists know of anyway ... mooFlu ...

New types of mosquito bed nets could cut malaria risk by up to half, trial finds : worldnews

Peter Murrell, husband of former First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, charged with embezzlement in SNP finance probe : worldnews

Resurrecting 1st Fleet: US Navy explores Indian Ocean options - Nikkei Asia Former secretary urges forming 'expeditious' presence in Singapore

Chinese warships at Cambodian base for months, CSIS analysis shows : worldnews

M6.6 quake in western Japan leaves at least 9 injured : worldnews
US envoy to the UN vows support for families of Japanese who were abducted and taken to North Korea : worldnews

China sends fighter jets to shadow US Navy plane over Taiwan Strait : worldnews

China sounds warning after Philippines and US announce most expansive military drills yet : worldnews
China slams U.S. probe into its shipbuilding industry, says move is a 'mistake on top of a mistake' : worldnews

'Russia doesn't care': Sweden sounds alarm over unsafe oil fleet : worldnews

Vladimir Putin and Russians oligarchs who met mysterious deaths -- How can so many billionaires with bodyguards and the best healthcare just drop dead? Many people are suggesting Russian President Vladimir Putin is involved ... Since late January 2022, Russia’s accident-prone business tycoons are rapidly in danger of becoming an endangered species.

Moscow says it will build drone bases along Arctic coast : worldnews

Russia to Hire Contract Soldiers in Bid to Avoid Unpopular Draft : worldnews

(4) MAKS 23 on X: "Exports of Russian diesel fell by 25% due to attacks on refineries", -- Bloomberg : ️ With the country's oil refining rate recently falling to an 11-month low, there is a possibility that it will have to divert crude that its refineries cannot process to the export market." / X
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The British government released satellite pics of the Russian port of Novorossiysk. After a series of defeats on sea, the bulk of the Russian Black Sea Fleet had to evacuate from Sevastopol and to withdraw back to Russia, making Novorossiysk basically their new HQ. The sat pics ..." / X

Hackers Linked to Russia’s Military Claim Credit for Sabotaging US Water Utilities : worldnews

India-US jet engine deal is revolutionary, says Defence Secretary Austin : worldnews

Erdogan to host Hamas chief Haniyeh in Turkey this weekend : worldnews

'Apocalyptic' Dubai floods shake picture-perfect city : worldnews

Africa's Oldest Oil-Rich Dictatorship Has a Succession Problem : worldnews

Iran ship linked to Houthi attacks goes home amid Israel tensions, report says : worldnews

Iranians leaving Syria bases fearing Israeli attack, report : worldnews
Iranian commander warns Tehran could review its 'nuclear doctrine' amid Israeli threats : worldnews
Sexual assault and brutal beatings: Iran renews violent hijab crackdown : worldnews
'War Against Women,' Iran Intensifies Hijab Crackdown : worldnews
Iranian volleyball player posted support for Israel on social media, and then she disappeared : worldnews

ICC considering issuing war crimes arrest warrants for Netanyahu, others - report : worldnews

US stops UN from recognizing a Palestinian state through membership : worldnews
US to oppose Palestinian bid for full UN membership : worldnews

New footage published of Hamas kidnapping of Yarden Bibas : worldnews

IDF arrests ISIS operative in West Bank, imminent terror attack thwarted : worldnews ... 9th ISIS-related plot disrupted against Israel since October 7th.

Israel reportedly deploys extra weapons for assumed Rafah offensive : worldnews

Six months into the war on Gaza, over 10,000 women have been killed, among them an estimated 6,000 mothers, leaving 19,000 children orphaned | UN Women – Headquarters : worldnews

Israel: UNRWA review group org has anti-Israel bias : worldnews

Ukraine’s Allies See Bleak Times Ahead Without More Air Defenses : worldnews

Russia's war in Ukraine remains barrier to growth, says IMF chief : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 785, Part 1 (Thread #931) : worldnews

Border Guards: No build-up of Russian troops sufficient for reinvading observed on Ukraine's northern border : worldnews

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: We know that many countries are sitting on large piles of Patriot systems, maybe not wanting to deliver it directly, Rutte said after arriving at the two-day summit of EU leaders in Brussels. We can buy it from them, we can deliver it to Ukraine, we have the money available / X
A NATO state said it could buy Patriot systems for Ukraine from countries not prepared to give them directly : worldnews
Dutch PM offers to buy Patriot systems from allies for Ukraine : worldnews

G7 eyeing using frozen Russian assets as collateral for Ukraine loans, EU official says : worldnews

Poland arrests man suspected of spying for Russia to aid Zelensky assassination plot : worldnews
Poles 40% richer than they would be without EU membership, finds report : worldnews

People in Slovakia buy bullets for Ukraine in defiance of Russia-friendly PM : worldnews

German Coal Mines Emit Much More Methane Than Reported, Study Says : worldnews
Germany arrests two for alleged military sabotage plot on behalf of Russia : worldnews
German far-right leader in court charged with using Nazi slogan : worldnews
Germany busts people-smuggling ring for Chinese nationals – DW – 04/17/2024 : worldnews

Facebook apologises for flagging Auschwitz Museum's posts as violating community standards : worldnews

Meloni 'turning Italian broadcaster into megaphone for far right' | Italy | The Guardian - Investigation urged into alleged bid to turn Rai into propaganda channel for ruling parties before elections

(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "A court in France seizes Putin's ex-wife villa - Challenges A court in France has decided to seize the €5.4 million Souzanna villa from businessman Arthur Ocheretny, the current husband of Lyudmila Putina, the Russian president's ex-wife. French authorities confiscated it back ..." / X

UK Police bust global cyber gang accused of industrial-scale fraud : worldnews

Severe energy crisis paralyzes Ecuador for two days : worldnews

Snack giant PepsiCo sources palm oil from razed Indigenous land in Peru, a new investigation shows : worldnews

Argentina takes first step toward NATO partnership : worldnews

Some House Republicans need this reminder that Russia is not their friend : politics

Opinion | Ukraine aid benefits these congressional districts - The Washington Post - A lot of Ukraine aid is going to congressional districts in the South whose members oppose it. (as usual)

Baltimore bridge collapse highlights outdated safety standards, experts say - The Washington Post - Engineers say the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge shows how U.S. system hasn't evolved to keep up with modern challenges

Election denier Mike Lindell has FBI phone seizure case rejected by Supreme Court : politics

Bill to allow Joe Biden on Alabama ballot advances in Legislature : politics

12 jurors seated in Trump hush money trial as more alternates sought - The Washington Post

Trump quotes Fox News host on prospective jurors despite gag order : politics ... Court is in session. Now we'll see if the prosecution pushes for a contempt ruling before next Tuesday's scheduled contempt hearing. Multiple contempts. We got contempts all over the place. We'll see what happens. Edit: Prosecution cites 7 examples of violating the gag order and requests the judge add them for consideration at next Tuesday's hearing ... I just realized, if you read anything Donald Trump says with a Russian accent is sounds exactly like a Russian trying to sound American ... I am being persecuted like Nelson Mandolin let me tell you believe me.
Opinion | Trump tempts Merchan to find him in contempt - The Washington Post

Trump's increasingly charged criminal trial - The Washington Post - The big moment: A former president of the United States is on criminal trial for the first time in American history as of this week. It's been a long time coming ... The trial is quickly shaping up to be the culmination of Trump's years-long assault on a justice system that has long scrutinized him. And there's increasing reason to believe the situation could get ugly: ... Trump on Wednesday promoted the remarks of Fox News host Jesse Watters, who accused prospective jurors of being "undercover liberal activists." Trump is barred from making public comments about jurors and prospective jurors. Prosecutors included the post in claiming seven more gag order violations Thursday morning.

Trump hush money jury selection, alleged gag violations: Key takeaways - The Washington Post - The Trump Trials: Trump's jury seems nearly set. How we got here

Opinion | Did Donald Trump dream this trial? Did I? - The Washington Post

Opinion | Kennedy family rallies for Biden and against RFK Jr. - The Washington Post - The Kennedys rally to prevent RFK Jr. from extinguishing their torch

Rep. Ilhan Omar's daughter among students suspended at Columbia over pro-Palestinian encampment

"You can go three hours that way" : Kari Lake and Arizona GOP can't decide if abortion is bad or not : politics

First Thing: Arizona Republicans again block effort to repeal near-total abortion ban : politics
Let's talk about the guy who helped pass Arizona's 1864 abortion law - The Washington Post - Meet the 'pursuer of nubile young females' who helped pass Arizona's 1864 abortion law ( serial child rapist wanted his victims to have his babies and here we are ... but listen -->) While Jones lived in Arizona, he was elected to represent Tucson in the 1st Arizona Territorial Legislative Assembly. And then, when that legislature convened in 1864, he was elected speaker of the House. And it was that legislature -- the one Jones presided over in 1864, after he had already abandoned his first wife, and married a 12-year-old and was just weeks away from marrying a 15-year-old, though still a few years away from marrying a 14-year-old -- it was that legislature that passed a law reading, "Every person who shall administer or cause to be administered or taken, any medicinal substances, or shall use or cause to be used any instruments whatever, with the intention to procure the miscarriage of any woman then being with child, and shall be thereof duly convicted, shall be punished by imprisonment in the Territorial prison for a term not less than two years nor more than five years." And it was that piece of legislation that, earlier this week, was reinstated as law of the land in Arizona. It represents a near-total ban on abortion in the state.

Turning Point Action official resigns after accusation of election-related fraud - The Washington Post - PHOENIX - A top leader of the national conservative group Turning Point Action, which has amplified false claims of election fraud by former president Donald Trump and others, resigned Thursday after being accused of forging voter signatures on official paperwork so that he could run for reelection in the Arizona House ... Smith is aligned with some of the most conservative members of the Arizona House - sometimes referred to as the “Freedom Caucus” of the larger Republican caucus - and he has previously derided signature-verification work by local election officials as "a joke." (haha jokes on him)

Teen arrested after threatening shooting at Wootton High, police say - The Washington Post - Police in Montgomery County say 18-year-old Alex Ye had written a 129-page 'memoir' that discussed killing other students, but Ye had said it was a work of fiction

Tesla Stock Is Plunging Again. Here’s How Much More It Might Fall.

How TikTok Took The Pink Stuff, a Cleaning Paste, From Obscurity to Viral Sensation - The New York Times — and Walmart staple - thanks to one "cleanfluencer" and her legion of fans.
TikTok Says The Pink Stuff Is a Miracle Cleaner. We Found It's Not. | Reviews by Wirecutter
Political Debate Is Rife on TikTok. Politicians? Not So Much. - The New York Times Very few politicians, including the top candidates for president, are on the hugely popular video app — perhaps ceding much of the political discussion to others ... Some pundits call next year the "TikTok election" because of the ballooning power and influence of the video app. TikTok may have been known for viral dances in 2020, but it has increasingly become a news source for millennials and Gen Z-ers, who will be a powerful part of the electorate.

NPR C.E.O. Faces Criticism Over Tweets Supporting Progressive Causes - The New York Times Katherine Maher, who took over the public network last month, posted years ago on Twitter that "Donald Trump is a racist."

Opinion | 'Tradwives' embrace leisure over feminism - The Washington Post (needs Tradhubby)

They got their son a pet octopus. Weeks later, there were 50 more -- Terrance the octopus has dozens of babies an Oklahoma family now cares for - The Washington Post
Divers go in search of the Giant Pacific Octopus for a census of their numbers - The Washington Post Weighing as much as 150 pounds and with tentacles that can span up to 20 feet, the giant Pacific octopus lives up to its name. It's the biggest octopus in the world, and it calls the waters off Seattle home, part of its vast range over the Pacific Ocean.

Giant prehistoric snake longer than a T.rex found in India : worldnews


Climate crisis: average world incomes to drop by nearly a fifth by 2050 | Climate crisis : worldnews

Philippine officials are alarmed by the surge of Chinese nationals in Cagayan, a province at the northern tip of Luzon island facing Taiwan, describing it as a creeping invasion that has prompted government security forces to investigate : worldnews

Taiwan earthquake: Missing Singapore couple only ones still unaccounted for : worldnews

China's Xi Jinping says 'no force' can stop 'reunion' with Taiwan : worldnews

Flooding in Central Asia and southern Russia kills scores, forces tens of thousands to evacuate : worldnews

(4) Steffen Terp Laursen on X: "@EuromaidanPress" / X : Russia is a Terrorist State

Record Number of Russian Soldiers Convicted of Murder in 2023 -- Data : worldnews

(4) NEXTA on X: "Four major Chinese banks have stopped accepting yuan from Russia Among them - ICBC, China Citic Bank, Industrial Bank (they occupy the 1st, 10th and 12th places by capitalization, respectively) and Bank of Taizhou. Financial organizations took such a decision due to fears of possible secondary sanctions by the United States." / X

Yulia Navalnaya Appears on Time's 100 Most Influential People List : worldnews

Residents of flooded Russian city collect water from puddles amid low supplies of drinking water : worldnews

(4) (((Tendar))) on X: The Telegram channel of the "ZSU-War" released a picture of a destroyed Russian S-400 air defense unit. The channel reports that the first wave of missiles dstroyed the S-400 position. In detail, 3 launcher and the radar unit was destroyed, leaving the base defenseless against further missiles. / X
(4) NOELREPORTS on X: 3 S-400 launchers, 1 S-400 radar, 2 S-300 launchers, a storage of anti-aircraft missiles, Tupolev-bomber factory and a 29B6 over-the-horizon radar. I can think of worse Wednesday's. / X

(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "Heavy explosions reported from Gorbunov, Tatarstan, in Russia. Huge smoke plumes can be seen in videos. It is claimed that drones struck this morning the production and repair facilities of strategic bombers such as Tu-22M and Tu-160M. Source: Telegram / OperativnoZSU" / X

Putin's university classmate confirmed as new chief justice of Russia’s Supreme Court : worldnews

Sakha Rights Official Calls on Russia To Criminalize Domestic Abuse : worldnews

India adds 15GW of new solar capacity in twelve months to March 2024 : worldnews

Tajikistan builds villages for climate migrants fleeing fatal landslides : worldnews

Pakistan sets cannabis rules, eyes sales to help balance books : worldnews

Meta to temporarily close Threads network in Turkiye : worldnews

Dubai flooding hobbles major airport's operations as "historic weather event" brings torrential rains to UAE : worldnews
Videos: Shocking Moments From UAE's Worst Storm In 75 Years

Ex-Iranian Security Official Slams Russia's Lack Of Support In Israel Attack : worldnews

U.S., Not Israel, Shot Down Most Iran Drones and Missiles - American forces did most of the heavy lifting responding to Iran's retaliation for the attack on its embassy in Damascus.
A Barrage of Missiles Met a Wall of Resistance Over Israel, and the Rules of War Changed -- A night of intense conflict showcases the evolving dynamics between offensive might and protective measures

Israeli tanks push back into northern Gaza, warplanes hit Rafah : worldnews

Intel From Saudi Arabia, UAE Helped Defend Israel Against Iranian Attack: Report : worldnews

US accuses Hamas of being 'obstacle' to Gaza truce after it rejected Israel's proposal : worldnews

Russian victory in Chasiv Yar would jeopardize 'last stronghold' of Donetsk region, Ukrainians say : worldnews

Ukraine: "Out of Missiles" to Halt Russian Strike on Power Station : worldnews (republifucked)

Polish Prime Minister Tusk fires official after bizarre series of vulgar tweets : worldnews
Tens of thousands march against abortion in Warsaw : worldnews

(4) Euromaidan Press on X: "Romania launches probe into unknown drone activity over NATO base construction site. Drones spotted flying near Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base, where NATO's largest European base is being built to host up to 10K troops. Drones were downed electronically." / X

Support for Ukraine at stake as Croatia votes in parliamentary election : worldnews

Far Right's Ties to Russia Sow Rising Alarm in Germany : worldnews
We don't all smoke weed in Germany, Scholz assures Chinese students : worldnews

France's battle plan to produce one million heat pumps a year : worldnews

Jersey politician to propose decriminalising cannabis for personal use : worldnews

Canada's budget to increase taxes on the wealthiest, says source : worldnews
Multiple arrests, 19 charges laid in $22.5M Pearson gold heist (Canada) : worldnews
More than 1 in 4 deaths among young people in Canada were opioid-related in 2021, study finds : worldnews
Canada hands 'long overdue' title over more than 200 islands to Haida Nation : worldnews

Microsoft finds Russian influence operations targeting U.S. election have begun : politics

Sanders: "History Will Judge" US's Backing of Israel as It Destroys Gaza : politics

Joe Biden Is Now Beating Donald Trump With Republican Pollsters as Well : politics
Yes, Joe Biden Can Win the Working-Class Vote : politics
Biden chokes up while talking about deceased son and Trump's disparaging remarks about service members : politics ... This is part of the mechanism that makes it so hard for abused spouses to leave their abusers, to the point where victims of spousal abuse will defend their abusers and fight to stay with them. The converse is true too: if someone is identified as "not my tribe" we are subconsciously predisposed to treat them with suspicion, and we can even go so far as to no longer perceive them as "human" This is the mechanism behind so many horrible human behaviors, up to and including industrialized genocide ... This "biological tribalism" - which was once an essential survival mechanism - is now the root cause of most of humanity's ills.

Biden aides secretly refer to Trump as 'Hitler Pig', claims media outlet : politics ... Dude has so many names. I love The Count of Mostly Crisco ... So many to choose from : Nacho man Donnie Savage, Coupblai Con, Petty Don and the lawbreakers ... Mango unchanged (diaper) is also a pretty good one ... Tangerine Palpatine, Agent Orange, Missus Putin, Marquis du Fraud, Darth Cheeto, The Fanta Menace ... I'm glad to see Cheeto Benito picking up steam. I mean, Dorito Mussolini was fine, but Cheeto Benito was right there.

House hearing turns into chaos as Republican chairman challenged over Biden 'corruption' smear: 'No, you need therapy!' : politics

Mike Johnson Gives Impassioned Ukraine Speech as He Defies MAGA : politics (the tide she has turned)
Speaker Johnson is moving forward with foreign aid bills despite threat to oust him : politics
Biden backs Johnson plan for Ukraine, Israel; calls for vote this week : politics

Senate kills the articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas : politics
Senate Dismisses Impeachment Charges Against Mayorkas Without a Trial : politics
Discussion Thread: US Senate Convenes Impeachment Trial of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas : politics

Georgia's U.S. Sen. Jon Ossoff one of several lawmakers to grill USPS Postmaster General over delays "You have weeks, not months to fix this," Sen. Ossoff said Tuesday. : politics

Prosecutions of Fake Electors for Trump Gain Ground in Swing States : politics

Clarence Thomas faces backlash over Jan. 6 case comments: "What a disgrace" : politics

Supreme Court Considers Vacating Hundreds of Jan. 6 Charges : politics

Ex-prosecutors: Trump already touched the "third rail" in hush-money trial - and it could cost him : politics

The Joy of Making Trump Listen to Mean Tweets About Himself : politics ... I hope this means he’s heard the classics by now; Dorito Mussolini. And then having it explained to him that it’s because his face is the same intense orange color as a Dorito chip. And then they move on to thoroughly detail the meanings to Orange Julius, Cheeto in Chief, the Fanta Menace, Agent Orange, Trumplethinskin. Making sure to speak slow enough for the court stenographer to get this all accurately down and on the legal record. I particularly liked Don Snoreleone and the Nodfather ... Pervert Hoover was a new one for me

Ex-Trump Official Says Trump Is Hiding Extreme Positions While Campaigning : politics

Complaint Asks the FBI to Probe Trump Claims on a $50 Million Loan : politics

Trump quotes Fox News host on prospective jurors despite gag order : politics

Juror is struck off Trump panel in hush money trial over anonymity fears : politics
Trump hush money trial loses juror who felt 'intimidated,' judge says : politics
Trump gripes he can't reject 'unlimited' jurors in New York hush money trial : politics
Donald Trump Spreads Misinformation About His Jury Selection Process to Cement 'Witch Hunt' Narrative : politics
Trump Gets Accidentally, Hilariously Roasted During Hush Money Trial: Juror selection took an unexpected turn for the former president. : politics
Trump Forced to See Mean Memes About Him Shared by Prospective Jurors : politics
Donald Trump Risks Financial Setback if His Stock Price Keeps Sliding : politics
Trump deploys favorite political tool, social media, as legal cudgel : politics

Trump is funneling campaign money into cash-strapped businesses. Experts say it looks bad. : politics
Trump demands 5% cut from GOP candidates who use his 'name, image and likeness' in ads : politics ... Way to kill the chances of every down ticket. Suck em dry you dirty old conman it still won't pay a fraction of what you owe
Trump Demands Cut of Down-Ballot Republican Donations - The former president's campaign sent a letter to vendors demanding a cut of any candidate donations that use his name or likeness : politics ... Make America Grift Again ... And Again (MAGAGAGAGAGA+)
He's dropping little clues: The troubling message we are missing from Trump's MAGA rallies: Trump's revenge plot remains hidden in plain sight : politics

NYT Is Said To Have Learned Nothing From Its Trump I Coverage : politics

Kennedy family members to endorse Biden over RFK Jr. : politics

The RNC's Convention Playlist Is Full of Artists Who Detest Trump : politics

Raskin: Greene recycling direct Russian propaganda : politics
Moskowitz confronts Greene on Ukraine, Nazi remarks : politics

Lauren Boebert's fundraising plummets following infamous Beetlejuice groping incident : politics
Lauren Boebert Insists She Is 'Winning Fight' Despite Poll Problems : politics

Democrats retake Michigan House with special election wins : politics

Ohio GOP leaders reject Democrats' plan to get President Joe Biden on November ballot : politics

Top employees at Louisiana environmental agency resign in clash with leader, an ex-Trump official (and climate change denier) : politics

Pot Industry High on Florida’s Marijuana Legalization Referendum : politics

The Republican Plot to Roast Outdoor Workers. Is it too much to ask growers and construction firms to furnish water and shade on hot days? Apparently so ... in Florida and Texas. : politics

Iowa GOP votes to kill guaranteed income pilot program, stripping a hundred families of $500 per month : politics

Sweeping gun legislation approved by Maine lawmakers after mass shooting : politics

Right-Wing 'Reacher' Fans Flip Out After Alan Ritchson Calls Trump A 'Rapist And A Con-Man' : politics

Stonehenge project investigates possible Moon alignment : worldnews

Cancer could soon be detected by blood tests, even before symptoms - Washington Post


Record-high ocean temperatures have put more than 54% of the planet’s reef areas under stress, starving them and turning them white, in the past year. : worldnews

Global heating pushes coral reefs towards worst planet-wide mass bleaching on record : worldnews

World faces 'deathly silence' of nature as wildlife disappears. Loss of intensity and diversity of noises in ecosystems reflects an alarming decline in healthy biodiversity, say sound ecologists. : worldnews

Huge Saharan dust blob cooling eastern Atlantic

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s jailed former leader, moved to house arrest, says junta : worldnews

Russia's meat grinder soldiers - 50,000 confirmed dead : worldnews ... 50k identified. As a reminder, USSR had 15k dead total in Afghanistan ... How you doin', Russia? "Oh, not as well as yesterday, but better than tomorrow." -- Russian proverb

Ukraine Strikes Radar Station in Russia, 'Turned Into Colander,' Sources Say : worldnews

Dubai Grinds to Standstill as Cloud Seeding Worsens Flooding : worldnews
Storm dumps heaviest rain ever recorded in desert nation of UAE, flooding roads and Dubai's airport : worldnews
Dubai sees severe flooding after getting 2 years' worth of rain in 24 hours : worldnews

Israel kills senior Hezbollah field commander after attack drones penetrate border from Lebanon : worldnews

Pro-Iran militia chiefs flee north-east Syria bases fearing Israel strike : worldnews
China Supports Iran’s Position After Attack On Israel : worldnews
Putin Urges Iran's Raisi to Avoid Catastrophic Conflict : worldnews
Iran president warns of massive response if Israel launches 'tiniest invasion' : worldnews

Israel defense minister to Pentagon: No choice but to retaliate against Iran : worldnews
Israel's military chief says that Israel will respond to Iran's weekend missile strike : worldnews
Israel to carry out limited strike within Iran, according to a U.S. official - I24NEWS : worldnews ... Iran to retaliate to Israel's retaliation with advanced limited strike

Poll: 74% of Israelis oppose counterstrike on Iran if it harms security alliances : worldnews

Hamas offers to release only 20 hostages in ceasefire deal - report - I24NEWS : worldnews

7 hurt, 2 seriously, as Hezbollah drone hits community center in northern Israel : worldnews

Washington Post: US request not to target Russian oil refineries 'irritated' Zelensky : worldnews
Zelenskyy says deadly strike 'wouldn't have happened' if West gave Ukraine more air defenses : worldnews
Zelensky: Russia fires 10 times more shells, uses 300 aircraft in Ukraine only : worldnews
Ukraine Sees 'Hypocrisy' in Western Allies' Defense of Israel (Gift Article) : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 783, Part 1 (Thread #929) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 784, Part 1 (Thread #930) : worldnews

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: Quickly drew up a new comparison chart for the key security assistance provisions. Johnson's proposal has more than both Biden's original request and the current Senate bill, but all 3 are far short of what Ukraine needs if they're going to win. / X

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: "On March 12, the Biden Admin finally announced a new Drawdown package for ending an 11 week moratorium. For 11 weeks they maintained they would not provide any new aid. They watched as ammo ran out. They watched as Avdiivka fell. Then they reversed course. Why? 1/109" / X
(4) Colby Badhwar on X: This thread is on US Security Assistance to Ukraine (specifically Presidential Drawdown Authority), a topic I have been covering for 2 years now. There is no TL;DR. This is a complicated subject that I hope I have made understandable for you. 2/109 / X

Ukraine downs 9 drones from Russian attacks : worldnews
Russian forces strike Chernihiv with Iskander missiles: 14 civilians killed, 60 injured – photo, video : worldnews
Kharkiv Could Become Another Aleppo Without Air Defense, Mayor Warns : worldnews

Why Republicans Defend Israel and Ignore Ukraine - The Atlantic - There are lessons for other nations in the events of the past few days. By Anne Applebaum

Ukrainian Surgeons Perform Successful Brain Surgery on 4-year-old Northern Irish Child: The girl suffered from a rare form of epilepsy and UK doctors were reportedly unwilling to perform the complex surgery, eventually leading the family to seek help from a team of specialists in Lviv. : worldnews

As US continues to waver, EU unlocks 50 billion euros in Ukraine aid : worldnews
European Parliament demands Palestinian Authority removes antisemitism from curriculum : worldnews

Over 500 people targeted with Pegasus spyware under former Polish government : worldnews

Greece becomes first European country to ban bottom trawling in marine parks : worldnews

Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics : worldnews
Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter abortion clinics : worldnews

Vladimir Putin not welcome at French ceremony for 80th anniversary of D-day : worldnews

UK lawmakers back landmark bill to gradually phase out smoking for good. Once implemented - officials are aiming for 2027 - the legal age of sale that people in England can buy cigarettes will be raised by one year, every year until it is eventually illegal for the whole population. : worldnews
High court upholds top London school's ban on prayer rituals : worldnews

(4) Colby Badhwar on X: "2 years into Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, & Canada still has no plan to meet it's NATO commitment to spend 2% of GDP on defence. Last week, National Defence (DND) released a defence policy update, projecting spending of only 1.76% by FY29. And what about 155mms? 1/37" / X

Secret Russian foreign policy document urges action to weaken the U.S. : worldnews

Whistleblower urges Boeing to ground all 787 Dreamliners after safety warning : worldnews

Cryptographers Who Solved Zodiac Killer Cipher Publish Paper About How They Did It undefined

The new science of death: 'There's something happening in the brain that makes no sense' | Death and dying | The Guardian New research into the dying brain suggests the line between life and death may be less distinct than previously thought ... Since the 1960s, advances in resuscitation had helped to revive thousands of people who might otherwise have died. About 10% or 20% of those people brought with them stories of near-death experiences in which they felt their souls or selves departing from their bodies. A handful of those patients even claimed to witness, from above, doctors' attempts to resuscitate them.

Why can’t the world’s greatest minds solve the mystery of consciousness? | Consciousness | The Guardian (2015)

The Titanic drug poisoning: is one of the greatest mysteries in film history about to be solved? | Life and style | The Guardian The Titanic drug poisoning: is one of the greatest mysteries in film history about to be solved? While filming the epic movie, 80 people – including James Cameron and Bill Paxton – were hospitalised after their food was spiked with PCP. Who was behind the psychedelic clam chowder?
Phencyclidine Intoxication and Adverse Effects: A Clinical and Pharmacological Review of an Illicit Drug - PMC - Angel Dust

Phencyclidine Intoxication and Adverse Effects: A Clinical and Pharmacological Review of an Illicit Drug - PMC Phencyclidine (PCP, “angel dust”) is an infamous hallucinogenic sought for its ability to induce the illusion of euphoria, omnipotence, superhuman strength, and social and sexual prowess. The acronym PCP stems from its organic name 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl) piperidine, which alludes to its relatively simple production from the arylcyclohexylamine piperidine.1, 2

The Lone Prospectors Keeping the Legacy of the Gold Rush Alive

A Beginner's Guide to Reading Palms


Dubai International Airport Is Closed... : WTF

US to Israel: Don't do something you'll regret : politics
Biden Tells Netanyahu: U.S. Won't Support Retaliatory Strike on Iran. But Some Republicans Want One. : politics

About 50 of the Nova festival survivors committed suicide - I24NEWS : worldnews

Settlers reportedly shoot dead two Palestinians in northern West Bank : worldnews

Abortion bans can doom autocrats. Look at Poland. : politics

Biden Must Again Prevent a Wider Middle East War : politics
White House opposes stand-alone Israel aid bill following Iranian attack : politics ... House MAGAs stalling on Ukraine aid for 7 months and counting.

House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will push for aid to Israel and Ukraine this week : politics
House Speaker Mike Johnson says he will push for aid to Israel, Ukraine | AP News
Congressional leaders at odds over Israel aid next steps as conservatives warn Johnson against including Ukraine funding : politics
Rep. McCaul says decision on Ukraine aid vote is a "speaker determination" : politics

The Dirty Little Gun Secret Behind MAGA World's Migrant Hysteria : politics

Changing Partisan Coalitions in a Politically Divided Nation - Party identification among registered voters, 1994-2023 : politics

'Grownup' leaders are pushing us towards catastrophe, says former US climate chief : politics

Joe Biden gets good news from America's most accurate pollster : politics

Biden awards $830 million to toughen nation's infrastructure against climate change : politics

The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem : politics
The US Government Has a Microsoft Problem | WIRED Microsoft has stumbled through a series of major cybersecurity failures over the past few years. Experts say the US government's reliance on its systems means the company continues to get a free pass.

The Motion Picture Association Doesn't Get to Decide Who the First Amendment Protects | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The Motion Picture Association Doesn't Get to Decide Who the First Amendment Protects : politics

Our law makers sleeping : pics (Brazil)

Inside the secret battle to stop No Labels : politics

Former GOP insider: Trump has "reprogrammed a generation" to fight against democracy : politics

With Trump in court, Biden begins campaign blitz in Pennsylvania : politics

Trump told his lawyers...wake me up when they get to the part about rawdoggin a porn star : PoliticalHumor
Donald Trump was already a mess -- now he's falling asleep during his own trial : politics
Don Snoreleone : PoliticalHumor
Donald Trump Glares at Reporter Who Exposed Him Sleeping During Trial : politics
Imagine sleeping at your own trial : pics
Trump Campaign Insists Mid-Trial Snooze Never Happened : politics

Donald Trump to reveal bond details as Letitia James poised to strike : politics

Trump's Criminal Trial to Begin Today In Manhattan With Jury Selection : politics
Trump ratchets up attacks on judge and prosecutor ahead of hush-money trial : politics
How a hush money scandal turned into a criminal case: The whirlwind history of People v. Trump : politics
Trump trial set to kick off today in a historic first for a former president : politics
Donald Trump's Trial of the Century : politics
Juror dismissed from hush money trial said seeing Trump in person was 'jarring' : politics
Here's Everything You Need to Know About Trump's New York Criminal Trial : politics
Who are the key players in Donald Trump's hush-money trial? : politics
I Was a Skeptic of the Stormy Daniels Prosecution. I Was Wrong. The prosecution of Donald Trump starting in New York this week is on firm legal ground. : politics

Michael Cohen calls Trump a "petulant man child" in response to Truth Social attack : politics ... "The Grandtoddler" ... Cohen's fav name for him (that maga has quoted in letters to prosecutors etc, hilarious that they listen to his podcast) is "Von Schitzenpants" lol.

Donald Trump Seems Well Aware He's in Legal Peril : politics ... The prosecutor then dropped a bomb that they will be seeking an Order to Show Cause to hold Trump in contempt of court for violating the gag order.

Trump is pissed he can't attend graduation of the kid Melania was pregnant with when he had an affair with Stormy Daniels that resulted in the trial he’s in court for : PoliticalHumor

If convicted this year, Trump could lose the right to vote for himself : politics

@mollyjongfast * Looking good * Threads - He put makeup on his ears for this specisl occasion

These Mormon women are rejecting Trump, fraying GOP support in a key state : politics

The Family Fortune Behind Elise Stefanik's Humble Origins Myth : politics

Anti-Trans Missouri A.G. Can Now Access Trans People's Medical Records : politics

RFK Jr says he turned down an offer to join the Republican ticket as Trump's running mate : PoliticalHumor

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on House Republicans' 'bickering': 'Enough is enough' : politics

Where recreational marijuana stands in Florida before voters place their ballots : politics

Wyoming's elections will look different this year. Here's what voters need to know. : politics

Lawmakers weigh whether to reduce or acknowledge rights of growing Alaska homeless population | As the state's major cities scramble to house people, Gov. Dunleavy's protest bill would further criminalize the homeless, advocates say : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene Attempts Trump Legal Defense, Fails Very Badly Do not hire the space laser congresswoman as your criminal attorney : politics

A controversial Texas law has become a blueprint for other states. Immigrant communities are worried : politics

I'm a conservative who was born and raised in California. I moved to Arizona for political reasons but only lasted 3 months. : politics

'Rust' Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed Sentenced to 18 Month Prison Term For Involuntary Manslaughter : movies

Texas Surgeon Is Accused Of Secretly Denying Liver Transplants (gift link) : news

Hospitals that make profits should pay taxes : politics

Elon Musk plans to charge new X users to enable posting : technology

Chaka Khan slams 'horrendous' music business and it needs to change : Music

Missouri saw motorcycle deaths rise dramatically after legislature repealed universal helmet law : politics

Eli5: How is it that there are so few passenger plane crashes? : explainlikeimfive

Hotel Maids, what's the weirdest thing you've found in a room? : AskReddit

What moment made you realize that getting married was a mistake? : AskReddit

what age did you have your first relationship? : AskReddit

Astronomers discover Milky Way's biggest stellar black hole -- 33 times size of sun : worldnews

Harvard Scientists Have Developed an "Intelligent" Liquid : science - The pursuit of materials with enhanced functionality has led to the emergence of metamaterials -- artificially engineered materials whose properties are determined by their structure rather than composition.

Researchers discover a genetic variant that reduces odds of developing Alzheimer's disease by up to 70% and may be protecting thousands of people in the US. It appears to allow toxic forms of amyloid out of the brain through the blood-brain barrier, and heralds a new direction in drug development. : science

ADHD symptoms persist into adulthood, with some surprising impacts on life success: The study found that ADHD symptoms not only persisted over a 15-year period but also were related to various aspects of life success, including relationships and career satisfaction. : science

Metal Detectorists Find "Incredible" Artifact Depicting Alexander the Great

What's the tightest written sci fi show you've ever watched? : television

Guys, what's a misconception about men that you wish women would stop believing? : AskReddit

Can any male who received circumcision later in life -- who was *competently* sexually active both before and after the circumcision -- weigh in on which feels better and why? : AskReddit

Amazon is filled with garbage ebooks. Here’s how they get made. : books

Bad news for Apple and Meta: Kids are bored with VR goggles : technology


India sets up International Big Cat Alliance for the conservation of 7 cat species including tigers and cheetahs. 16 countries to join. : worldnews

China continues to unlawfully persecute family of dissidents, finds report : worldnews

Georgian MP punches opponent in face in brawl over 'foreign agents' bill : worldnews

UN experts slam Pakistan on its lack of protection of Hindu, Christian women : worldnews

Nigeria's power grid collapses for the 5th time this year : worldnews

Saudi official says Iran engineered war in Gaza to ruin normalization with Israel : worldnews

'Al-Quds will be in the hands of the Muslims' - Ayatollah Khamenei tweets in Hebrew : worldnews
Iran says it gave warning before attacking Israel. US says that's not true : worldnews
(4) The Jerusalem Post on X: "UK dismisses Iran assertion it gave warning before attacking Israel." / X

Slain Iranian general planned, executed Hamas massacre : worldnews
Iran summons the British, French and German ambassadors over 'double standards' : worldnews

As Israel Conflict Spreads to 16 Nations, Biden Admin Says There's No War
Israel Escalation With Iran Trying to Drag U.S. Into War -- Netanyahu's recklessness was fostered by blind U.S. support, but Israel is the one pushing its war with Iran out of the shadows.
The Aftermath - Lawyers, Guns & Money
At least half of Iranian ballistic missiles failed or crashed prematurely - report - I24NEWS : worldnews
U.S. pushes Israel not to escalate confrontation with Iran: Live updates - The Washington Post

What will the future bring between Hezbollah and Israel? | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera Analysts believe an escalation is imminent, but views vary on how things will go.

Blinken says Hamas should accept "serious" Gaza hostage and ceasefire deal : politics

US works to prevent an escalation across the Mideast as Biden pushes Israel to show restraint : worldnews

Iron Dome missile defence system (L) intercepts rockets (R) : pics
What is the approximate cost of the whole Iran Israel "Iron Dome" missile incident? : AskReddit

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 4) : worldnews

Drones saturate the skies over Ukraine, largely paralyzing battlefield - The Washington Post

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 782, Part 1 (Thread #928) : worldnews

Belgium declares war on MEPs who took Russian cash : worldnews

Macron calls for Israel to 'avoid escalation' but says Iran's attack was 'disproportionate' : worldnews

Even Europe's far-right firebrands seem to sense Brexit is a disaster | William Keegan : worldnews

Biden in the situation room : pics

FBI investigating Baltimore’s Key Bridge crash; boarded Dali on Monday - The Washington Post ... a probe that will look at least in part at whether the crew left the port knowing the vessel had serious systems problems, according to two U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

The Shady Right-Wing Threats to Keep Biden Off Some State Ballots : politics
Donald Trump is falling behind Joe Biden in battleground state campaigning : politics

Justice Thomas misses Supreme Court session Monday with no explanation : politics

NBC, CNN and Fox News Join 9 Other Outlets Urging Trump and Biden to Commit to Election Debates : television

We May Finally Get To Write: "Convicted Felon Donald Trump" : politics

History in the making with debut of Donald Trump: criminal defendant : politics
The People v Donald Trump: Inside the first-ever criminal trial of an American president : politics

Trump Says He Has Enough Votes to "Cancel" 2024 Presidential Election : politics

Brooklyn Bolshevik Creates New Words : PoliticalHumor

How we got here: Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels hush money case timeline : politics
Donald Trump claims he'll testify in hush money trial. We've heard that before. : politics

Trump rages at judge hours before hush money case begins : politics

A Test of Strength: Biden stands with America’s allies. Trump doesn't. : politics

Majority of voters think Trump committed 'serious federal crimes,' according to NYT poll : politics

What Happens if Donald Trump Is Convicted? : politics

Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump's Immunity Claim : politics
Questions About Assassinations Test the Limits of Trump’s Immunity Claim - The New York Times Three Supreme Court briefs from former military leaders and intelligence officials explore whether presidents may be prosecuted for ordering unlawful killings.

New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu admitted on Sunday his support for former President Donald Trump "doesn't make sense" after criticizing him in the past.

Oklahoma State Lawmakers Working On Bill That Would Create Criminal Penalties On Illegal Immigrants. House Speaker Charles McCall said the goal of the proposed law is to make Oklahoma the least attractive state in the nation for illegal immigrants. : politics ...'s one of the least attractive states for it shouldn't be that far of a stretch.

It's a working class party now - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Arizona anti-abortion activists aren't letting up after Supreme Court victory | The activists said they will continue protesting at clinics for the next two weeks and work to penalize self-managed abortions. : politics ... Just to illustrate who these people are: Video of Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern and an invited anti-abortion prayer group speaking in tongues on the Senate floor before the Arizona Supreme Court upheld a 19th-century abortion ban.

Migration's human toll overwhelms a border county in Texas

'Assault weapons' ban passes Colorado House : politics

Kansas governor vetoes bill banning trans youth healthcare: 'Not a Kansas value' : politics

A Hidden Sexual-Assault Scandal at the New York Philharmonic Two musicians were fired for sexual misconduct. Why are they back with the orchestra?

Prosecutions and lawsuits spread blame for school shootings - The Washington Post
There have been 404 school shootings since Columbine - Washington Post More than370,000students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine - There have been 404 school shootings since 1999, according to Post data

Search continues in Maine as officer is charged with lying about taking missing person to hospital : news

Authorities discover body after Florida woman is carjacked at gunpoint; had called husband to say she was being followed : news

Mass shooting in Chicago leaves 1 child dead, 10 other people injured in Back of the Yards : news

Jury convicts former DEA agent of obstruction but fails to reach verdict on Buffalo bribery charges : news

Teen Girls Confront an Epidemic of Deepfake Nudes in Schools : technology

J. Allen Hynek & Project Blue Book: UFO Secrets Revealed

Green Space and Internalizing or Externalizing Symptoms Among Children. increasing levels of green space were associated with fewer internalizing symptoms in early childhood, before and after adjusting for prematurity, child sex, parental education and age at delivery : science

Just Like Homo sapiens, Neanderthals Organized Their Living Space in Structured Way. Both Neanderthals & Homo sapiens exhibited a structured use of space, organizing their living areas into distinct high & low-intensity activity zones, suggesting a shared cognitive capacity for spatial organization. : science

Babies whose mothers engage more sensitively with them during play tend to have heightened brain activity when they encounter happy faces. The findings shed new light on the link between early caregiving experiences and later emotional and social competencies. : science undefined

TIL WW2 caused some 70-85 million deaths, from Germany’s invasion of Poland to Japan’s surrender (Sept 1, 1939-Sept 2, 1945). On average, that’s about: 12,000,000 lives yearly, 972,000 per month, 32,000 every day, 1,330 per hour & 22 each minute. So, a life every 3 seconds, constantly, for 6 years… : todayilearned

Infections with Toxoplasma gondii and Borrelia are directly related to personality traits without being mediated by overall health deterioration. This research challenges previously held belief that the behavioral changes in infected individuals were merely side effects of compromised health. : science

A new study found that individuals with stronger psychopathy, Machiavellianism, sadism, and self-concealment tended to have more pronounced social appearance anxiety | Individuals with more pronounced narcissism, on the other hand, tended to have lower social appearance anxiety. : science

TIL, Until the evolution of the printing press in the 15th century, use of modern numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9), also called Arabic numerals, in Europe was mainly confined to Northern Italy. : todayilearned
The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution [Excerpt] | Scientific American

How do you move on from a spouse passing? : AskReddit

What was the one random experience you had that you'll never forget ? : AskReddit

What's the most disgusting/disturbing thing you had to do in your life? : AskReddit
What is something stupid that you may accidentally made but actually saved your life? : AskReddit

eli5 how a lazer works. : explainlikeimfive

What decision has affected your life the most? : AskReddit

ELI5: What do file extensions (exe, pdf, etc) actually do? : explainlikeimfive

This Huge 747 DreamLifter. I didn't even know these existed. : pics

Close Call Luck : WTF

What political scandal was so absurd it seemed like fiction? : AskReddit

What was your simple common mistake that entirely ruined your relationship? : AskReddit

What do you think is the worst disease/illness of all time? : AskReddit

What's the cutest thing you've seen an older person do with technology? : AskReddit

What made you realize they were not your friends? : AskReddit

What subreddit has the most unhelpful or snobby people when it comes to seeking help or answers? : AskReddit

What book should be read by everyone? : AskReddit

Who are your favorite Youtubers to watch? : AskReddit

What are some instances in modern science or history where experts initially rejected the correct solution, similar to the Monty Hall Problem? : AskReddit

Parasitic Worms Plagued These Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs A study of ancient Egyptian mummies has shown that schistosomiasis and malaria hounded the pharaohs.

Why do Christian nationalists support Israel, when Israel is not even christian : NoStupidQuestions

Apocalypticism Explained | Apocalypse! Frontline | PBS PRophetic Belief In The United States: William Miller And The Second Great Awakening

Who is Karen Read, on trial for murdering boyfriend in Canton?

Boston Moved Their Highway Underground In 2003. This Is The Result. : pics

Amazon Grows To Over 750,000 Robots As World's Second-Largest Private Employer Replaces Over 100,000 Humans : technology

Internet History: Employee #1 of YouTube then versus now. : pics


Heat wave causes havoc in Mali, kills 100 people : worldnews ... Temperatures reached 48.5 degrees celsius ... Which is ~120°F. Not good.

Westfield Bondi mall attack: Sydney knife suspect identified by police : worldnews

Singapore wants to protect local Jewish community from impacts of Gaza war: Shanmugam, Minister for Law : worldnews

S.Korean media: North in final stage of spy satellite launch preparations : worldnews

Fitch Cuts China Outlook to Negative on Steady Rise in Debt : worldnews
(4) MAKS 23 on X: US has accused China of providing Russia with cruise missile and drone engines and machine tools for ballistic missiles, as it urges Europe to step up diplomatic and economic pressure on Beijing to stop the sales, - Financial Times - In disclosing previously… / X

Bloomberg: India set to receive Russian warships despite sanctions : worldnews
17 Indians among 25 crew on ship seized by Iran; India in touch with Iran to secure release of Indians : worldnews

174 people stranded in the air are rescued, almost a day after a fatal cable car accident in Turkey : worldnews
One person killed, seven injured, 184 stranded midair after cable car pylon collapses in Turkey : worldnews

Hundreds rally in Niger's capital to push for U.S. military departure : worldnews

Moroccan protesting Israel ties, war in Gaza given five-year prison sentence : worldnews

Controversy Erupts As Female Fan Hugs Goalkeeper In Iran : worldnews

Jordan to temporarily close airspace, state media says - The Jerusalem post : worldnews
Jordan's air defence ready to shoot down any Iranian aircraft that violate its airspace : worldnews

(4) Fared Al Mahlool | on X: BREAKING NEWS: Explosions in the Syrian capital, Damascus / X
(4) NewsWire on X: Explosions Heard In Erbil, Northern Iraq, Near U.S. Base - WAPO Reporter / X

Statement from NSC Spokesperson Adrienne Watson: "Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel" : worldnews
Iran launched dozens of drones toward Israel - report : worldnews
(4) NewsWire on X: U.S. And British Jets Now Intercepting Iranian Drones / X
British jets shoot down Iranian drones over Syrian border : worldnews
US shoots down Iranian drone aircraft bound for Israel-US officials : worldnews

(4) BNO News on X: "Israeli government spokesman says Israeli response to Iranian attack will be "clear and decisive" / X

(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "The most massive drone attack in world history is underway right now - CNN" / X

/r/worldnews Live Thread: Iran begins attack on Israel : worldnews - Iranian UN representative full statement: Conducted on the strength of Article 51 of the UN Charter pertaining to legitimate defense, Iran’s military action was in response to the Zionist regime's aggression against our diplomatic premises in Damascus. The matter can be deemed concluded. However, should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran's response will be considerably more severe. It is a conflict between Iran and the rogue Israeli regime, from which the U.S. MUST STAY AWAY!

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Iran attacks Israel (Thread 3) : worldnews

Iran's UN envoy says attack on Israel 'can be deemed concluded' : worldnews

Russia calls for restraint after Iranian strikes on Israel : worldnews
Iran's Unprecedented But Choreographed Attack On Israel Underlines Tehran's Limits : worldnews
Iran vows 'next punishment' if Israel retaliates after unprecedented attack : worldnews

Israeli officials say 99% of Iran's fire intercepted : worldnews
'You got a win. Take the win': Joe Biden tells Netanyahu : worldnews
Biden told Netanyahu U.S. won't support an Israeli counterattack on Iran : worldnews
The New York Times: Netanyahu dropped retaliation against Iran after Biden call : worldnews

(4) BNO News on X: "BREAKING: Explosions heard in Jerusalem, IDF intercepting targets" / X
(4) Israel Defense Forces on X: "Sirens sounding across Israel" / X
(4) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "Air defenses active over Israel" / X
(4) Joe Truzman on X: Cheers in Nablus, northern West Bank following red alerts in Israel. / X

Israel Says Hamas Rejected Cease-fire Proposal After Iran Attack : worldnews

Israel says it is closing its airspace as it braces for an Iranian drone attack : worldnews
Netanyahu says Israel ready for direct attack from Iran, will respond in kind : worldnews
(4) Israel Radar on X: ️Senior Israeli official: Very significant retaliation to come against Iran. via @N12News / X

Schools across Israel closed from Sunday, April 14 due to Iran threats : worldnews

Hezbollah launches explosive-laden drones, dozens of rockets at northern Israel : worldnews

Dozens of Palestinians killed in Gaza as Hamas official vows to 'break' Israel : worldnews

Ynet photographer attacked by settlers in the West Bank : worldnews

IDF eliminates Hamas terrorist who took control of aid trucks in Gaza : worldnews

Ukraine digs deep to prevent a collapse without U.S. aid : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 781, Part 1 (Thread #927) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 780, Part 1 (Thread #926) : worldnews

(4) Alex Kokcharov on X: "Estimates by #Ukraine's MoD DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 13 April 2024. While it's not possible to verify these figures, independent observers point to very substantial Russian losses in both personnel and equipment." / X
(4) Alex Kokcharov on X: "Estimates by #Ukraine’s MoD @DefenceU on losses by the invading #Russia|n forces as of 12 April 2024. While it's not possible to verify these figures, independent observers point to very substantial Russian losses in both personnel and equipment." / X

Ukraine Already Uncovers 11 Spy Cells This Year: Ukrainian Intelligence ecurity Service of Ukraine (SBU) Chief Vasyl Maliuk said Ukraine has exposed 11 intelligence networks spying for Russia so far this year, where some agents were working for state enterprises.

(4) Institute for the Study of War on X: "Significant delays in Western aid, due in part to successful Russian information operations and Western hesitancy, have created an opportunity for Russian offensive operations and Russia's strike campaign." / X
Kiev Mayor Klitschko: This is not war. This is terrorism : worldnews
br /> (4) Ministry of Defence on X: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 13 April 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine" / X

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: Ukrainian Railways initiates construction of major European routes. In an effort to facilitate integration with the European Union, Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) has initiated the construction of a European-gauge railway, stretching from the Ukrainian border town of Chop / X

Final reactor at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant put in cold shutdown amid safety fears : worldnews
Ukraine Begins Construction of First US-Design Nuclear Reactors The new reactors, located in the western part of the country, would be a significant step for Kyiv to shift away from Russian nuclear technology and ensure future energy autonomy and stability.

(4) The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "Researchers from the University of Southampton have released a study detailing the profound mental health challenges faced by Ukrainians amid the ongoing war." / X

(4) Saint Javelin on X: "This is a lesson in the importance of quick and decisive military support. If Ukraine had been given everything it needed to defeat the russians early on, then Iran would have calculated that supporting russia with drones and missiles was pointless. Instead, western inaction empowered the iranians, the chinese, the russians and others. Now this is spiraling out of control because of these stupid redlines. Easy solution. Peace Through Superior Firepower. / X

Not if but when, Nato's deputy chief says about Ukraine's accession : worldnews
(4) NEXTA on X: "Ukraine may receive 1.9 billion eu ros in macro-finance from the EU in May Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis said that the next tranche of macro-financial assistance for Ukraine after April could amount to euro 1.9 billion." / X

German Defense Chief compares Putin's actions to Nazi annexation of Czechoslovak territory : worldnews
Germany To Send Additional Patriot System To Ukraine : worldnews
German police shut down pro-Palestinian conference: Police in the German capital, Berlin, have stopped an event expressing solidarity with Palestinians amid the Gaza war. Authorities said they were concerned over potential antisemitic remarks and glorified violence : worldnews
Germany to give financial compensation to Holocaust survivors : worldnews ... 236 USD?? Like what?
Germany to give Holocaust survivors $236 payout to help them cope with October 7 attacks | CNN Each of the 113,000 Jewish survivors in Israel will receive the $236 as a one-off payment, according to the nonprofit Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) -- a Jewish umbrella organization that seeks damages for Holocaust survivors and which worked with the German government on the scheme.
A 605 MW PV plant in Germany is now Europe's largest solar farm - it will produce enough clean electricity to power around 200,000 households and avoid around 250,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually : worldnews

Auschwitz Museum accuses Meta of 'Algorithmic Erasure of History' : worldnews ... Zuckerberg is Jewish, why is he content to let antisemites run rampant on his own website? "Never again" unless it interferes with our algorithm making ad dollars through clicks?

Two youths arrested in Switzerland on suspicion of IS links : worldnews

Netherlands allocates additional $1.5 billion in aid for Ukraine : worldnews

(4) French Aid to Ukraine on X: Russia is a regime that understands only the balance of power. Maintaining the balance of power is not escalation.” - @SebLecornu" / X

Temperatures in parts of Spain up to 16C higher than normal : worldnews

New Brexit checks will cause food shortages in UK, importers warn : worldnews
Sunak urged to stop Braverman speaking alongside far right at Brussels convention : worldnews ... Most far right politicians in Europe are tame compared to Cruella ...
(4) NEXTA on X: "The U.S. and Britain have banned imports of aluminum, copper, and nickel from Russia The aim is to reduce Russia's revenues and make it harder for it to wage war." / X
Fake UK stamps blamed on Chinese-made counterfeits : worldnews
Royal Navy seizes 33m worth of illegal drugs : worldnews

Protests grow in Argentina against its right-wing leader's economic 'shock therapy' : worldnews

Toronto protesters cheer as Iran fires drones at Israel : worldnews

Biden returns to White House at short notice amid heightened tension between Israel and Iran : politics

Russia Is Buying Politicians in Europe. Is It Happening Here Too? : politics

(4) Jason Jay Smart on X: As president, Donald Trump made it very clear that he thought Ukraine must be part of Russia, his former adviser Fiona Hill says in a new book about US national security under threat from Russia & China. Trump is a threat to national security." / X

Speaker Johnson's perilous moment on Ukraine has finally arrived : politics
(4) Ford News on X: #BREAKINGNEWS There is no political cover for @SpeakerJohnson anymore and the Democratic Party is demanding he brings funding for Ukraine and Israel to the House floor immediately. The Democratic Party is calling out the lies already being spoken in the Republican Party / X

Trump's Classified Docs Co-Defendants Desperately Scramble for Exit - Walt Nauta and Carlos De Oliveira want out of the case against the former president. : politics

What to expect when Trump's 1st criminal trial begins Monday : politics
The first criminal trial of a former president begins on Monday : politics

Evan Corcoran quits Trump's legal team, could be prosecution witness in classified documents case : politics

How Trump's 'woman problem' has become an election nightmare for the Republicans : politics

Opinion | Would Trump be a dictator? And can he be stopped? - The Washington Post - A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.

Republicans in swing state Wisconsin unenthused by Trump: 'A bad candidate' : politics

It's a working class party now - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Beloved Florida governor Ron DeSantis knows what the workers who are this country's salt of the Earth really want -- the inalienable right to die of heat stroke while working for a very low wage:
DeSantis signs controversial bill banning civilian boards from investigating police misconduct : politics

TN Senate Passes Bill Criminalizing People Who Help Trans Youth Access Care. "This is an absolutely horrifying development in Tennessee," LGBTQ legislative researcher Allison Chapman told Truthout. : politics So, if it wasn't clear before, Republicans are trying their hardest to make trans kids kill themselves. They're trying to cut off vital, life-saving programs and healthcare that has been shown to keep trans people alive and thriving

GOP lawmaker says first-cousins should be allowed to marry because gays are - LGBTQ Nation

Kentucky GOP lawmakers remove Democratic governor's role in filling US Senate vacancies : politics

Just saying - Lawyers, Guns & Money Having much of the United States government either under the direct control of, or considerably influenced by, religious lunatics in the grip of apocalyptic fantasies, is a bad thing. Especially given the similar dynamics in the Middle East.

Why We Need Press Objectivity, Not Balance - by Brian Klaas When the news is "balanced" in an unbalanced world, it becomes an instrument of deception. This has made producing the news extremely difficult in an era of mass delusions and hyper-polarization.

Faculty salaries in American higher ed have declined drastically since 1970 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Inside the cheating scandal rocking D.C.'s trivia scene - The Washington Post - Q: Why would someone cheat at pub trivia? A: Oh boy ...

Opinion | It's not 'terribly strange to be 70' - The Washington Post

9 spectacular night sky events to see in 2024

The U.S. Developed a Nearly Unstoppable Microwave Weapon undefined


The effectiveness of nonviolent civil disobedience in rallying support for climate action may significantly depend on how appropriate these tactics are perceived by the general public. Physical assault, soup throwing at artworks, and breaking into buildings were deemed highly inappropriate. : science

Man shot after reports of multiple stabbings at shopping centre in Bondi Junction : worldnews
Man in white shirt stands between Sydney mall mass stabber and a group of young kids : pics
What we know about how the Bondi Junction shopping centre stabbing spree unfolded - ABC News

China supporting Russia in massive military expansion, US says : worldnews ... If you don't send Ukraine weapons and money you will be sending them your kids.

Putin mocks planned Ukraine conference and says Russia won't accept any enforced peace plans : worldnews

(4) Special Kherson Cat on X: "A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, owned by former SBU officer of Ukraine Vasily Prozorov, was blown up in Moscow. He moved to Russia several years ago, and before that, since 2014 he had been collaborating with Russian intelligence services. Reportedly he was hospitalised." / X

Tajikistan Condemns Alleged Torture of Crocus Attack Suspects : worldnews

Court allows case over forced gynecological exams at Qatar airport to go ahead against operator : worldnews

Iranian forces take over Israel-linked Portuguese ship MCS ARIES : worldnews
(4) Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian on X: "Iran's Tasnim news agency says the seizing of the Israeli-linked MSC ARIES container ship was carried out by the IRGC Navy." / X

US officials say Iran to launch 100 drones, dozens of missiles, report : worldnews
Iran warns U.S. to stay out of fight with Israel or face attack on troops : worldnews

Israeli settlers rampage through a West Bank village, killing 1 Palestinian and wounding 25 - The Boston Globe ... Dozens of angry Israeli settlers stormed into a Palestinian village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Friday, shooting and setting houses and cars on fire. The rampage killed a Palestinian man and wounded 25 others, Palestinian health officials said. ("settlers") ... Israel says it has killed over 12,000 militants during the war, but it has not provided evidence to back up the claim.

Opinion | Why did Guernica retract an essay about the Israel-Hamas war? - The Washington Post - Guernica doubles down on retraction of essay on Israel-Gaza war
From the Edges of a Broken World | Washington Monthly | The article Guernica retracted, and the translator who tried to tread the line of empathy.
The End Of Naivete - Yonatan Berg - Israel - Poetry International - Translation: 2017, Joanna Chen ... The tree lost its mythical powers, / horses huddled at the edge of the earth. / The sniping light turned cold, winter came, / we continued, faces sealed. Only at night / did we sit down with our own names.
On Guernica – Guernica

Body of missing teenage shepherd found in the West Bank : worldnews

Ukraine says eastern front has 'deteriorated significantly' : worldnews

Fact Sheet: US Assistance to Ukraine | Institute for the Study of War

European countries rebuff Kyiv's calls for more air defences : worldnews

Russia deploying new Kh-69 cruise missile in escalating attacks on Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine Begins Construction of First US-Design Nuclear Reactors : worldnews

Ukraine's Security Service prevents attempted murder of Head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration : worldnews

Putin may launch all-out bid to seize second city - as Western officials fear major Russian advance : worldnews

Russian Network's Alleged Targeting of European Elections Sparks Belgian Police Probe : worldnews

French Foreign Ministry refuses to talk to Russians since they lie, Russia is outraged : worldnews

Intelligence Report Says Bots and Fake Accounts Linked to India's Governing Party are Harassing Canadians : worldnews
Quadriplegic Quebec man chooses assisted dying after 4-day ER stay leaves horrific bedsore : news

In the Arctic, America's clandestine forces game out a great-power war - The Washington Post - The Post was granted a rare embed with Navy SEALs and Green Berets as the Pentagon, wary of a conflict with Russia or China, stress-tested its preparedness

Biden Shrinks Trump's Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll : politics
About That New York Times Poll - The American Prospect Lazy journalism allows flawed polls to become the narrative—but that doesn't mean Biden is doing fine.

Opinion | Biden embraced Trump's tariffs -- and it could be his undoing. - The Washington Post

Tax Day Toolkit 2024 - Biden v. Trump and other tax fairness issues ... if you paid a penny in federal income taxes this year, you paid more taxes than: Elon Musk in 2018 Tesla from 2018-2022 Jeff Bezos in 2007 and 2011 ...

Biden cancels another $7.4bn in student loans for more than 277,000 : news

The 401(k) industry owns Congress : How lawmakers quietly passed a $300 billion windfall to the wealthy : politics

Support for Ukraine aid increases: Gallup : worldnews
America's political leaders are shrugging at Putin's evil : politics

Nearing 50 Supreme Court arguments in, lawyer Lisa Blatt keeps winning : politics

Trump's Weird Moment With Mike Johnson Reveals a Deeper GOP Sickness : politics
Donald Trump and Mike Johnson just mixed two big lies together. The continued effort by Trump and his allies to convince rank-and-file Republicans that any election they don't win must be fraudulent is a profound threat to American democracy. : politics
Speaker Johnson Gets Lifeline From Trump Amid Threat to His Job | Mr. Johnson met with former President Donald J. Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where they found common cause in stoking unfounded fears of election fraud. : politics
Johnson kisses the ring ... : PoliticalHumor

Opinion | Republicans are in denial about Trump and tyranny - The Washington Post - They think tyrants won't come after them

New York appeals court rejects Donald Trump's third request to delay April 15 hush money trial : politics ... they argued the former president and presumptive Republican nominee should be on the campaign trail rather than "in a courtroom defending himself" starting next Monday ... The best part is this is literally a criminal trial for violating campaign laws, and he's trying to say he's too busy campaigning to attend.

Opinion | Is Trump: (a) Lincoln, (b) Mandela, (c) Jesus or (d) all of the above? - The Washington Post - This is why Trump supporters will believe absolutely anything

Billionaire Leonard Leo rejects Senate subpoena over supreme court gifts : politics

For all his bombast, Trump is plummeting – financially, legally and politically : politics

Why America's plutocrats are lining up to pay Trump's legal bills: It’ simple: Keeping Trump out of jail is cheaper than paying their fair share : politics

Republicans' abortion laws: Restricting women whose votes they want - Our dream for you is a forced-birth hellscape. Please vote for us anyway!

RFK Jr. Campaign Fires Staffer Who Said the Quiet Part Out Loud : politics

New Report Reveals Matt Gaetz Is an Even Bigger Creep Than You Thought - The Florida Republican has some nasty habits, including showing his colleagues nude pictures of his dates. : politics

` Marjorie Taylor Greene Can'`t Stop Pushing Russian Propaganda : politics

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Banned From Setting Foot in 7,578.9 Square Miles of South Dakota : politics

DeSantis signs bill banning heat protection laws for outdoor workers : politics

Trans folks are peeing in bottles & avoiding water to dodge harassment under Florida’s bathroom law. Residents have taken it upon themselves to police restrooms, traumatizing trans folks and often incorrectly enforcing the law. : politics

Abortion initiative meets signature quota to get on Colorado ballot : politics

Opinion | For children, social media has become a grim fairy tale - The Washington Post ... Today, phone addiction and social media have led to a global crisis in youth mental health, according to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt in a new book, "The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness." Haidt cites as evidence the startling rise in childhood depression, self-harm and suicide, especially among girls, who spend a great deal more time on their phones than their male counterparts ... Haidt is issuing a cri de coeur to parents, legislators, social media czars and schools to take courage and collective action: Raise the age of internet access to 16 and facilitate age verification; require social-media companies (Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, X) to keep youngsters away from dangerous sites; make all schools phone-free by fall; make in-person play a priority.

Mom accused of murder-suicide, leaving kids on 405 Freeway, was astrology influencer, fearful of eclipse : news
Mom accused of leaving 2 young children home alone for days to go on cruise : news
6-Year-Old Boy Left Behind in the Middle of a River : videos
California man who killed 6-year-old on his way to kindergarten in road-rage shooting sentenced : news

Matthews PD sergeant choked handcuffed man. Town kept the video secret. : news
Sex assault charge against U.S. Marine in case of teen found on base is dropped : news
Dallas doctor convicted of tampering with IV bags linked to coworker's death and other emergencies : news

Guilty plea by leader of polygamous sect near the Arizona-Utah border is at risk of being thrown out : news

Eli5: How did we go from zero ai, to one company with an ai that holds a conversation, and then seemingly immediately on to multiple companies with ai that makes music, photos, and movies in such a short period of time? : explainlikeimfive
Speed of AI development is outpacing risk assessment | Traditional methods of evaluating accuracy and safety are flawed : technology

The First Major AI Consumer Hardware Launch is a Dumpster Fire : technology

Elon Musk's X botched an attempt to replace “” links with “” : technology

Conan O’Brien Breaks Down 'Hot Ones' Episode: "I Had A Complete Breakdown — Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually" : television

Rate of sterilizations in US jumped after overturning of Roe v Wade.Research reveals number of people seeking permanent contraception increased after 2022 decision, in particular among women. : science

Former NIH director Collins on his prostate cancer, medical research - The Washington Post

They're young and athletic. They're also ill with a condition called POTS. - The Washington Post Since covid-19, diagnoses have increased, researchers and doctors report ... Short for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, POTS is diagnosed when a patient's heart rate goes berserk, jumping way above normal when changing position from lying down to standing.

Scientists uncover missing link between poor diet and higher cancer risk: A chemical linked to poor diet, obesity or uncontrolled diabetes could increase cancer risk over time. Methylglyoxal, produced when our cells break down glucose to create energy, can cause faults in our DNA. : science

Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet | Instill Health

Do all energy sources derive from gravity? : askscience

A New Study About Prime Numbers Is Stirring Up a Mess of Controversy Unconventional findings fuel a fiery debate among number theorists.

Eli5 how is indigo a color in the rainbow? : explainlikeimfive
eli5: What is the survival advantage of humans being able to see a wide range of colors, while most animals only see a few colors or completely different rays? : explainlikeimfive

The funniest review I've read in ages: Jamie's Air Fryer Meals - if it's got a tiny convection oven in it, Channel 4 will commission it : television

Balboa, Panama - Wikipedia
Panama Canal - Wikipedia

Middle-income families in Massachusetts struggle to pay for college

Karen Read lawyers make case for 3rd party culprit defense

Who has challenged you to push your creative boundaries? : AskReddit

When did a random act of kindness from someone else significantly brighten your day? : AskReddit

What is the "girls don't fart" equivalent for guys? : AskReddit

What's the worst case of alcoholism you've personally witnessed? : AskReddit

What a clear, non explicit sign that your partner is horny? : AskReddit

What can completely destroy your life in a matter of seconds? : AskReddit

What is, in your opinion the biggest butterfly effect ever? : AskReddit

What's the biggest scam in tech that has become widely accepted? : AskReddit

What is something that won't exist in 10 years? : AskReddit

Whats the worst pain you ever experienced? : AskReddit

What's your worst experience in life? : AskReddit

Billion dollar developer lawsuit will proceed, after Apple' s objection was rejected : technology

Former Microsoft developer says Windows 11's performance is "comically bad," even with monster PC | If only Windows were "as good as it once was" : technology
Microsoft starts testing ads in the Windows 11 Start menu : technology

Google removing links to California news websites as part of test in response to pending legislation : technology
California’s Journalism Protection Act Is An Unconstitutional Clusterfuck Of Terrible Lawmaking | Techdirt

Amazon Grows To Over 750,000 Robots As World's Second-Largest Private Employer Replaces Over 100,000 Humans : technology

TIL Craigslist generates over $600 million in revenue annually with only 50 employees. : todayilearned


Climate Catastrophe
There have been record ocean temperatures every day for more than a year: Scientists are investigating what's behind the extraordinary measurements : worldnews

Corporate climate pledge weakened by carbon offsets move: The world's main benchmark for vetting corporate climate action has been accused by its own staff of "greenwashing" : worldnews

Hawaii "on the verge of catastrophe" as water crisis continues

New England states allocated $69 million for transportation climate projections


Cook Islands needs referendum to decide UN membership - minister : worldnews

Lego shoplifters nabbed in New Zealand for US$12,000 brick block heists : worldnews

Fears of another forest collapse event in Western Australia after record dry spell : worldnews
Australia could reach an ambitious emissions cut of up to 75% by 2035, advisers tell Labor : worldnews

Indonesia agrees to normalize ties with Israel as part of bid to join OECD -- official | The Times of Israel : worldnews

Vietnam sentences real estate tycoon to death in its largest ever fraud case : worldnews

With eyes on China, US and Japan vow new security collaboration : worldnews
US Department of Justice opens probe into Nippon Steel's US Steel deal, Politico reports : worldnews

Reports of workplace abuse in South Korea double over past 5 years : worldnews
Exit polls suggest a big win by South Korea's liberal opposition parties in parliamentary election : worldnews ... Basically, SK has 2 right wing parties with one party more focused on being economically conservative while the other is more focused on being socially conservative.
South Korean opposition wins landslide victory in parliamentary vote : worldnews ... South Korea's opposition won by a landslide in parliamentary elections on Wednesday, a result that risks making Yoon Suk Yeol, the president, a lame duck for his remaining three years in office.
South Korea's prime minister and top presidential officials offer to resign after election defeat : worldnews

Singapore tightens rules for expat workers with an eye on local discontent | Business and Economy | Al Jazeera The city-state is raising the salary threshold for foreigners to get a work permit amid stiff local competition for jobs.
Singapore tightens rules for expat workers with an eye on local discontent | Business and Economy : worldnews

Hong Kong Detains and Expels Journalism Advocate, Group Says : worldnews
Hong Kong customs makes largest-ever gold smuggling bust : worldnews ... Melted and moulded into parts like motor cores, screws, and gears, the smuggled gold was intercepted last month in two air compressors that were sent by air from Hong Kong to Japan and estimated to be worth HK$84 million (S$14.4 million),

Beijing 'does not accept criticism or pressure' over ties with Russia, Chinese foreign ministry says : worldnews
Beijing accuses US and Japan of 'smears' over Taiwan and South China Sea after Biden-Kishida summit : worldnews

Russian court extends sentence of Navalny ally Lilia Chanysheva to 9.5 years : worldnews ... She won't make it, they will off her

Russia Deploys Starlink on Ukrainian Front Lines for Year – WSJ Investigation : worldnews

Russian Orthodox Church declares holy war against Ukraine and the West : worldnews (run by KGB/FSB)

Russian Oil Is Once Again Trading Far Above the G-7’s Price Cap Everywhere : worldnews

Armenian PM suggests Russia used Nagorno-Karabakh as 'a leash' on Armenia : worldnews

The Supreme Court of India recognises the right to be free from the adverse effects of climate change. : worldnews
Apple warns of 'mercenary spyware attack' on users in India, 91 other countries : worldnews
Apple's India iPhone Output Hits $14 Billion in China Shift : worldnews

Taliban's plans to curtail access to Facebook in Afghanistan alarm critics : worldnews

Turkey reportedly proposes new draft peace treaty to Zelensky and Putin : worldnews ... freezing the war along the current front line. Turkey is pandering to Russia once again.

Ghana ruling party candidate takes strong anti-LGBTQ stance : worldnews

Togo bans protests over a canceled presidential election as tensions rise : worldnews

Zimbabwe is grappling with its sixth currency change in 16 years : worldnews

Mali's junta suspends all political activities until further notice, saying it needs to preserve public order, a move that follows last year's decision to call off elections indefinitely : worldnews ... So, full military kleptocray guided by Russians who are expert at guiding military kleptocracies, then?
Mali's junta suspends all political activities until further notice - Mali previously relied on French troops to help push back the insurgents. Amid growing frustration over the lack of progress, the ruling junta ordered French troops out and turned to Russian contractors instead for security support. The last French forces departed in August 2022 after almost a decade of operations in Mali.

Kenya proposes maritime treaty to defuse Ethiopia-Somalia tensions : worldnews

Yemen suffers $2 billion revenue loss from halted oil exports amid Houthi assaults : worldnews

Saudis Scale Back Ambition for $1.5 Trillion Desert Project Neom : worldnews


Iraq tightens grip on autonomous Kurdish region : worldnews

IAEA warns Iran very close to nuclear weapon capabilities, report : worldnews

Iran's persecution of Baha'is branded 'crime against humanity' : worldnews
Iran Court Summons 15 Baha'i Women Amid Rise in Harassment : worldnews
Iran Releases Environmentalists Accused Of Spying After Six Years : worldnews
Students in Iran threatened with prosecution for graduation dance video : worldnews
Iranian University Threatens Students Over Graduation Dance Video : worldnews ... The tyranny of Theocracies on display.
Khamenei Puts Public Pressure On Muslim Governments To Isolate Israel : worldnews
Ali Khamenei - Wikipedia

US seeking to deter Iran from strike on Israel, officials say : worldnews
Iran news agency scrubs posts alluding to strikes against Israel : worldnews

Speculation Mounts On Iran Leader's Health : worldnews

Bernie Sanders: No more US complicity with Netanyahu's war machine ... Israel has the right to respond to Hamas. It does not have the right to go to war against the Palestinian people.
Netanyahu hints at retaliation if Iran attacks, as CENTCOM chief lands in Israel : worldnews
Israel threatens to strike Iran directly if Iran launches attack from its territory : worldnews

US has seen no evidence that Israel has committed genocide, Defense Secretary Austin says : worldnews ... "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." -Upton Sinclair

Gantz: 'We will enter Rafah and go back to Khan Yunis' : worldnews

A mission of mercy, then a fatal strike: How an aid convoy in Gaza became Israel's target - The Boston Globe

Israel would let 150,000 Gazans return north in potential truce, officials say : worldnews

Zelensky ups pressure on Trump to visit war-torn Ukraine : worldnews
Ukrainian official ups urgency for more weapons: 'Nice and quiet diplomacy didn't work' : worldnews ... US cost was 2% of US defence budget. Attrition rates show it'll take about 2 more years to exhaust Russia. And with Russia gone US can cut the defence budget a lot.   It's a deal of the century financially for US. Current defence budget is so high overwhelmingly because of Russia. Not supporting means Putin goes country after country. Same as Hitler did. And China goes after Taiwan because it can see US will not do anything. Taiwan will cost a lot more, including many US lives.

Ukraine parliament passes controversial law to boost army recruitment : worldnews

US gives Ukraine weapons it seized from Iran en route to Houthis : worldnews ... Putin's hag MTG in shambles ...
U.S. announces $138 million in emergency military sales of Hawk missile systems support for Ukraine : worldnews

The head of the cybersecurity department at Ukraine's Security Service (SBU), Illia Vitiuk, has been suspended from his official duties following a media investigation : worldnews ... "Vitiuk has been reassigned to serve in combat and already has left for the front on Tuesday“ ... Damn, he got uno-reversed hard and deserved it.
Ukrainian security service's cyber chief suspended following media investigation ... Vitiuk's wife is listed as "private entrepreneur in the judicial industry,"

NATO: Ukrainian drones responsible for more than 65% of destroyed Russian tanks : worldnews
Terrified Of Ukraine's Drones, Russians Built A Roof Over Their Tank - blyatmobiles
Urban Dictionary: Blyatmobile : A Russian made coffin with wheels typically found in Ukraine in a state of uncontrolled conflagration or similarly destroyed state.
Ukraine Invasion Day 776: new cope-caged 'blyatmobile' T-72 tank
(4) Clash Report on X: "Russian wunderwaffe in action." / X
Blyat-mobile: Russian tank covered in armour plating takes part in attack on Krasnohorivka - YouTube
what does blyat mean - Google Search

Security situation at Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant continues to deteriorate, Ukrainian officials say : worldnews

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 8, 2024 | Institute for the Study of War

US needs Europe to face down Russia and China, says Nato deputy chief : worldnews ... Mr Trump has warned he would let Russia do "whatever they hell they want" to any Nato member who does not meet its alliance defence spending target of 2 per cent of its economic output. He was widely criticised for undermining the principle that an attack on one member is one on all the members of the Alliance.

EU passes asylum and migration pact after eight years of deadlock : worldnews
EU approves major overhaul of migration rules : worldnews
Over four million Ukrainian refugees under temporary protection status in EU: Eurostat : worldnews

Arctic region of Norway asks EU Commission for 26-hour day : worldnews

Two Russian oligarchs win court ruling over EU sanctions : worldnews
EU court takes Russian billionaires Fridman, Avan off sanctions list : worldnews
Kiboune comments on EU court takes Russian billionaires Fridman, Avan off sanctions list (Russian pov)

Russia's GPS meddling in the Baltic Sea demands NATO action, Sweden’s naval chief says : worldnews

Far-right MP charged over attack on Jewish ceremony in Polish parliament : worldnews ... "there can be no place for the acts of this racist, tribal, wild Talmudic cult on these premises ... I am putting an end to acts of satanic, racist triumphalism"

IKEA furniture destroys some of Europe's last remaining ancient forests - Greenpeace International : worldnews

Netherlands residents see value in EU and don't want a Nexit, but few feel "European" : worldnews

Neutral Switzerland joins European Sky Shield defence project : worldnews

Almost 3 quarters of Germany's arms exports in 2024 intended for Ukraine : worldnews
Germany delivers artillery shells, drones, armored vehicles to Ukraine : worldnews
Germany arrests two 'IS' suspects for enslaving Yazidi children : worldnews

The Trojan War Dining Room: A New Discovery at Pompeii : worldnews

France talks tough on Ukraine while gobbling up more Russian gas : worldnews
With less and less people sending each other letters, France's post office is looking to evolve into a premium meals-on-wheels service, its boss said Wednesday : worldnews

Britain announces Indo-Pacific military exercises with US, Japan : worldnews
A third of businesses short-staffed due to sickness : worldnews
HR Magazine - A third of businesses short-staffed due to sickness A third (34%) of UK businesses reported being short-staffed at least once a week, a survey commissioned by temporary work platform Indeed Flex has revealed ... An additional fifth (23%) of businesses reported being under-staffed at least once a month ... Of those who were short-staffed, half (49%) said it was due to employees being off sick.

Javier Milei's government scrambles to defuse child labor comments by president's ally : worldnews
Javier Milei's government scrambles to defuse child labor comments by president’s ally | International | EL PAÍS English (+pic)
Argentina to increase 'strategic alliance' with United States, Milei vows in after-hours speech : worldnews

Brazil and Colombia are curbing destruction of Amazon rainforest : worldnews
Roads of destruction: we found vast numbers of illegal 'ghost roads' used to crack open pristine rainforest : worldnews

Trudeau to Testify After Opposing Election Interference Inquiry - Intelligence reports released during hearings on Canada's elections in 2019 and 2021 describe China's meddling as "sophisticated, pervasive, persistent." : worldnews
Trudeau Rejects Claim China Meddled to Try to Help His Election : worldnews
Why Xi Jinping publicly rebuked Justin Trudeau, and what it means for Canada's relations with China - Chinese president expressed displeasure with prime minister leaking their G20 conversation to media ... She said Xi knew his rebuke would be captured by the media, which means he wanted this "dressing down" to be seen by domestic and international audiences.

Liberal Party of Canada member warned MP Dong of CSIS surveillance, national security source says : worldnews

"We're Responsible for This": American Surgeons Return from Gaza, Call for End of U.S. Culpability in Genocide | Democracy Now!

Biden considering Australian request to drop Assange charges : worldnews

Ex-Obama Adviser Spots Jared Kushner's Corruption 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

A near-total ban on abortion has supercharged the political dynamics of Arizona, a key swing state - The Boston Globe

An Honest Assessment of Rural White Resentment Is Long Overdue : politics ... Hollywood liberals didn't destroy the family farm, college professors didn't move manufacturing jobs overseas, immigrants didn't pour opioids into rural communities, and critical race theory didn't close hundreds of rural hospitals.

Lauren Boebert's son tells judge he can't afford a lawyer in thefts case

NPR in Turmoil After It Is Accused of Liberal Bias - The New York Times An essay from an editor at the broadcaster has generated a firestorm of criticism about the network on social media, especially among conservatives.
NPR editor's bombshell essay causing turmoil at liberal outlet: Report

Tesla Owner Calls Police on Rivian Driver Using Supercharger A Rivian driver got into a confrontation with a Tesla owner who appeared unaware that Superchargers are now open to other brands

Photo of desolate Dodger Stadium raises questions about city design: It's mind-boggling

Weed Recall Sparks Urgent Warning for California .. The Department of Cannabis Control is issuing this mandatory recall due to the presence of Aspergillus sp. in multiple Tyson 3.5 Gram Flower products

Women teamed up to protect themselves from men on the internet. Now, the men are suing them ... This post was on the more dramatic side of Are We Dating The Same Guy's usual content

Conan O'Brien recalls NBC network chief who was 'tight with OJ' that fired SNL's Norm MacDonald | Watch

Kate Coleman, Who Documented the Bay Area Counterculture, Dies at 81 - The New York Times She wrote about politics and the patriarchy as a left-wing writer, then alienated her compatriots with exposes critical of the Black Panthers and the environmental movement.

O.J. Simpson Dead at 76 : television

New hypothesis emerges on Parkinson's disease's origins and spread ... A new hypothesis paper appearing in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease on World Parkinson's Day unites the brain- and body-first models with some of the likely causes of the disease–environmental toxicants that are either inhaled or ingested.

The nervous system disorder that is now being linked to long COVID Among the range of conditions linked to Long COVID, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) stands out due to its debilitating impact on the autonomic nervous system, which controls a wide range of involuntary bodily functions.

Common over-the-counter medicine linked to increased dementia risk A study, published in the journal Neurology, found people who took drugs known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for more than 4.4 years had a 33% higher risk of the cognitive disorder.

Common prescription drugs may cause depression as side effect, experts say

All about ITP, the autoimmune disease affecting children and adults alike ITP (immune thrombocytopenia) is an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own blood platelets. This leads to a decrease in the number of platelets and consequently can cause a number of symptoms, including bruising and bleeding. ITP affects both children and adults alike. In the US alone, it is estimated that one in every 10,000 children is at risk of developing the autoimmune disease.

IOC accused of new low by funding study that claims trans women have physical disadvantage

College degree: New Englanders asked if college cost is worth it

Flurry of last-minute motions filed in Karen Read case before trial next week
Karen Read update: Unsealed documents show harrowing hours after victim's body found
Read Karen Read case documents

Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter being charged with federal bank fraud

RIPTA CEO Scott Avedisian to resign following hit-and-run charge -- Avedisian submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday. His severance package is still being finalized.


U.N. climate chief says two years to save the planet : worldnews

Great Barrier Reef suffering ‘most severe’ coral bleaching on record as footage shows damage 18 metres down : worldnews

Donor heart travels 12 hours across Atlantic before use in successful transplant in world first : worldnews
Donor heart travels 12 hours across Atlantic before use in successful transplant in world first | Euronews Surgeons in Paris successfully carried out a heart transplant earlier this year after a donor organ travelled across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The heart came from a 48-year-old man in the French West Indies who was declared brain dead three days after a stroke. It was then transported to Paris in the cabin of a commercial Air France flight and was preserved for twelve hours. The recipient was a 70-year-old man who was discharged from the hospital 30 days after surgery.

Vietnam: Property tycoon Truong My Lan sentenced to death in $27bn fraud case : worldnews

Japan's Kishida to Congress: U.S. doesn't have to do it alone : worldnews

China sanctions 2 U.S. defense companies and says they support arms sales to Taiwan : worldnews

Before He Died in Prison, Aleksei Navalny Wrote a Memoir. It's Coming This Fall. : worldnews

Russia's army is now 15% bigger than when it invaded Ukraine, says US general : worldnews

(4) Ministry of Defence - on X: "The Kremlin's war continues to have a profound effect on Russia domestically, including in the provision of healthcare - #StandWithUkraine" / X

Russian schoolgirl placed in pretrial detention for 'death to regime' graffiti : worldnews

Dozens of Nigeria’s Chibok girls remain in captivity 10 years after abduction by Boko Haram : worldnews

Biden warns Iran: our commitment to Israel's security is ironclad : worldnews
US Sees Missile Strike on Israel By Iran, Proxies as Imminent : worldnews ... The potential assault, possibly using high-precision missiles, may happen in the coming days, the people said, requesting anonymity to discuss confidential matters. It is seen as more a matter of when, not if, one of the people said, based on assessments from US and Israeli intelligence.

Hamas says it does not have 40 Israeli hostages to trade in cease-fire deal : worldnews
Hamas tells negotiators it doesn't have 40 Israeli hostages needed for first round of ceasefire : worldnews
U.S. officials fear most of Israeli hostages in Gaza could be dead - report - I24NEWS : worldnews

Sons and grandchildren of Hamas leader Haniyeh killed in Gaza airstrike : worldnews ... "Thank God for the honor of my children and grandchildren being martyrs. The enemy is delusional if he thinks that by killing my sons we will change our positions. The blood of my sons is not more precious than the blood of our martyred people in Gaza, as they are all my sons.
Hamas leader says no change in truce position after sons killed : worldnews ... they literally cannot agree to any truce because they no longer have anything to give (the hostages are long gone)

Russian missile strike targets cities across Ukraine : worldnews
Major Russian missile attack totally destroys power plant near Kyiv, the largest plant in the region : worldnews
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The Ukrainians energy company Centerenergo reports that the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant has been completely destroyed. (Source: Uniannet) While Western leaders are gridlocked into useless debates, Russia is doing what Russia does: destroying. As I said numerous times, you ..." / X
(4) (((Tendar))) on X: "The Ukrainians energy company Centerenergo reports that the Trypilska Thermal Power Plant has been completely destroyed. (Source: Uniannet) While Western leaders are gridlocked into useless debates, Russia is doing what Russia does: destroying. As I said numerous times, you will never ever be able to make peace with Putin." / X
Over 200,000 without power following Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 778, Part 1 (Thread #924) : worldnews

(4) Rob Lee on X: "The updated mobilization bill was passed on its second reading by Ukraine's parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, today. The demobilization component was removed from the final bill." / X
Ukraine’s parliament passes a controversial law to boost much-needed conscripts and fill army ranks : worldnews

Russia's FSB says British special forces operating in Ukraine : worldnews

(4) MAKS 23 on X: "Soft and quiet diplomacy did not work, I hope the new style of tough diplomacy will help to make a breakthrough", — Kuleba explained the change in tone of Ukraine on the issue of receiving air defense. Kyiv has identified four countries in Europe and Asia that have…" / X
Ukraine says there are more than 100 Patriot air-defense systems its allies could spare if they wanted : worldnews
(4) NOELREPORTS on X: Amazing, it actually happened. A decision to refuse the approval on the EU Council budget until Ukraine is given 7 Patriot system was supported by a large majority of 515 MEP's. / X
European Parliament refuses to agree on funding for Council of the EU until Ukraine is given Patriot systems : worldnews

EU votes to enshrine abortion access as a fundamental right : worldnews ... its just a resolution passed by the european parliament, not the council unfortunately.

(4) NOELREPORTS on X: Useless. Switzerland pledges $5.4 billion to rebuild Ukraine over the next 12 years. Stop this reconstruction nonsense, HELP Ukraine win the war, now! There will soon be nothing to rebuild if that dirty red USSR flag is flying everywhere in Ukraine. / X
Switzerland approves long-term financing for Ukraine worth $5.5 billion : worldnews

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: Politico: France imports growing levels of Russian LNG. France has paid Russia $644 million for liquified natural gas in the first three months of 2024, making it the fastest-growing consumer of Russian LNG in the EU, Politico reported on April 11. / X
(4) KyivPost on X: The European Parliament has voted in favour of rules allowing member states to ban imports of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG), Reuters reports : AFP" / X

Farmers warn crisis is building as record rainfall drastically reduces UK food production : worldnews ... The same farmers that protest against rules to attempt to slow climate change? Those farmers are now complaining about the effects of climate change? ... Sorry, can’t feel bad for those hypocrites.Same farmers that voted for brexit also pissed because of the tax on trade. I don't blame them to be honest I blame the government that lied to everybody and continues to lie to everyone. I see more hate towards Greta Thunberg than towards Boris Johnson. I've reached the point where I sometimes think f it just let it burn.

Canadian DNA lab knew its paternity tests identified the wrong dads, but it kept selling them : worldnews

McConnell: Failure to pass Ukraine aid 'strategic and moral malpractice' : politics ... Throwing the Biden administration under the bus, when they've always pushed for Ukraine aid independent of deals for the border or, more recently, Israel... just proves that Moscow Mitch doesn't mean a word of it. It's all purely performative.

Joe Biden campaign responds to Wes Allen; says president will be on ballot in all 50 states : politics

The Media Did Not Make Up Trump's Russia Scandal -- Liberal bias mostly exists outside politics coverage.

Trump hush money charges seen as serious by most voters, Reuters/Ipsos finds : politics

Pastors Warned of Donald Trump's 'Takeover' of Church : politics - Warned?? They PROMOTED it!

Trump Finally Reveals It: Billionaires Get Tax Cuts, We Get Autocracy : politics

Trump is booted off Bloomberg's Billionaire list after Truth Social stock price dives : politics
Truth Social Losses Deal Humiliating Blow to Trump's Biggest Brag. Donald Trump has been kicked off an index of global billionaires. : politics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Far-Right Ties Keep Getting Worse : politics - We knew from the beginning that he was running at the urging of Steve Bannon ... and Putin ...

Trump-Endorsed Senate Candidate Questions if Nursing Home Residents Are Alive Enough to Vote "If you're in a nursing home, you only have five, six-month life expectancy," Eric Hovde said in an interview earlier this month : politics

Kari Lake faces "disaster" in Arizona : politics
Could Biden vs Trump All Come Down to Arizona’s Senate Race? - Arizona's Split Reality -- Ground zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.

Kristi Noem Is Now Banned From 10 Percent of Her Own State : politics

Right-wingers pledge to boycott The North Face because it supports LGBTQ+ youth. The outdoor apparel company sponsors an LGBTQ+ summer camp. Conservatives are outraged kids have fun there. : politics

O.J. Simpson, football great whose trial for murder became a phenomenon, dies at 76 - The Washington Post The amiable actor and pitchman saw his legacy spiral after the murder of his ex-wife and her friend

Lauren Oyler's meditations on Goodreads, anxiety, and gossip - Ann Manov - Bookforum Magazine

My dismal years in psychoanalysis with Melanie Klein’s disciple | Aeon Essays The therapist who hated me - Going to a child psychoanalyst four times a week for three years was bad enough. Reading what she wrote about me was worse ... Edna O’Shaughnessy was her name


Joe Biden Turns Trump's Biggest Conspiracy Theory Against Him In Scathing New Video : politics
(4) Joe Biden on X: "Donald Trump is trying to steal history the same way he tried to steal the election. But we saw the truth with our own eyes. Trump's mob on January 6 wasn't a peaceful protest -- it was a violent assault on our democracy." / X

This will be the abortion election, and Republicans are bracing for voter retribution : politics
Megathread: Arizona Supreme Court Rules that Pre-Statehood Abortion Ban Will Go Into Effect Within Weeks : politics
Arizona Supreme Court rules state must adhere to century-old law banning nearly all abortions | CNN

US Billionaires Have Doubled Their Wealth Since 2017 Trump Tax Overhaul : politics

Kevin McCarthy says he was forced out of House speakership over ethics inquiry - Former speaker says Matt Gaetz led charge to remove him to quash charges that Florida representative 'slept with a 17-year-old' politics

Paul Ryan Keeps It All in the Family | The New Yorker | By David Remnick May 17, 2017 | I thought of this exquisite sampling of the DeCavalcante tapes after reading the riveting serio-comic report in the Washington Post by Adam Entous describing a meeting in June, 2016, on Capitol Hill, at which Republican Party leaders, including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, gathered to talk business

Siding with special counsel, Cannon agrees to keep witness identities secret : politics

Letitia James nears green light to start taking Donald Trump's assets : politics

Donald Trump's first criminal trial is nearly here -- and he's already starting to melt down : politics

How Donald Trump's mug shot became a defiant and divisive 2024 symbol - Washington Post undefined

'Deadbeat MAGA tears'? Trump may lose 2024 over bleeding cash and fraud fines. Warning signs are emerging for Donald Trump as he faces cash and voter shortfalls. : politics

Trump attorneys subpoena wrong 'Jeremy Rosenberg' for hush money trial : politics

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Far-Right Ties Keep Getting Worse : politics

Audit on Arkansas governor's $19,000 lectern to be released within next 10 days, lawmaker says : politics

Alabama secretary of state says Democratic convention too late to get Biden on ballot this fall : politics

Conservative co-sponsors abandon their own bill after gay politician’s powerful speech. Nebraska's anti-trans bill failed after the two state senators refused to vote for it. : politics

Missouri executes Brian Dorsey for 2006 double murder after mercy bid backed by 72 correctional officers | CNN

A Train Carrying Deadly Materials Was on Fire for Nearly an Hour as It Barreled Toward a Small Town. Why Didn't Anyone Stop It?

The Casimir Effect: Unlocking a Mind-Boggling Part of Reality By Harnessing the Unlimited Vacuum Energy In Space, We Could Finally Reach Light Speed - Invisible vacuum energy is all around us. We could use it to power propulsion, enhance nanostructures, and build levitating devices.

What Exactly Are Flamingos Anyway? | Audubon
A Genetic Discovery Has Dramatically Changed Our Understanding of Bird Evolution

A Deep Dive May Have Solved the Mysterious Origin of America's Earliest Language

A New Study About Prime Numbers Is Stirring Up a Mess of Controversy

Facing 'financial insolvency,' Goddard College to close after 86 years - VTDigger The Plainfield progressive higher education institution was founded in 1938. It will shutter at the end of this semester, its board announced Tuesday.

Why are young people like Kate Middleton getting cancer? The search for answers - Vox Cancer used to be a disease of the old. Not anymore.

The Revenge of the World's Most Famous Female Pirates

Jim and Pam Knew How to Survive a Soul-Crushing Office

How to Clean a Washing Machine in 30 Minutes or Less

The Incel Terrorist - Oguzhan Sert was 17 when he walked into a Toronto massage parlour and killed an employee with a sword. The Crown argued the attack wasn’t just murder, but an act of terror against women. The hard part would be proving it.

This Large Dual Basket Air Fryer Is 29% Off On Amazon | HuffPost Life Instant VersaZone 9QT Air Fryer, 8-in-1 Functions with EvenCrisp Technology, Crisps, Broils, Bakes, Roasts, Dehydrates, Reheats at Same or Different Temperature, from the Makers of Instant Pot, Black : Home & Kitchen

Microsoft Needs to Get Serious About Its Windows 10 Upgrade Problem | by PCMag | PC Magazine | Medium


Solar eclipse sweeps across North America. The moment of totality, in photos | AP News

COVID vaccine mandates at US colleges substantially reduced COVID deaths, cases and ICU admissions in the surrounding communities. : science

New Zealand tightens visa rules after migration hits 'unsustainable' levels : worldnews

Taiwan earthquake: Hundreds still awaiting rescue, 12 more people remain missing | CNN

China 'gravely concerned' about reports Japan could join Aukus security pact : worldnews

China sending Russia 'rifle scopes, tank parts and rocket fuel' : worldnews
Three killed after high winds pull them out of their apartments in China | CNN

Worker shortage is restraining production, says Russia's central bank : worldnews

Russia's ice-class ship Katerina Velikaya reportedly caught fire, leaving 1 dead, 3 injured : worldnews

Chechnya bans music that is too fast or too slow : The Russian republic has ruled that all music should "correspond to a tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute" meaning all western rave and techno music would be banned : worldnews

Lebanese Christian official kidnapped, sectarian tensions flare : worldnews

Top Iranian general killed in Damascus strike sat on Hezbollah’s decision-making body : worldnews
Iranian soccer fans boo through minute's silence for slain IRGC commander : worldnews

Hamas rejects ceasefire offer in Cairo : worldnews

Israel threatens to bomb nuke sites as Iran backs down from direct attack - report : worldnews
Israel 'can handle' any threat from Iran, says military chief : worldnews

Ben Gvir warns Netanyahu won't continue as premier 'if we do not enter Rafah' : worldnews
IDF entry into Rafah: 'It will happen, we already have a date' - Netanyahu : worldnews

Opinion | I'm Jewish, and I've covered wars. I know war crimes when I see them. - The Washington Post

Israeli military says it has withdrawn its forces from Khan Younis after months of fighting : worldnews

Islamic Jihad spokesman admits taking over all Gaza hospitals : worldnews

Zelenskyy straight-up said Ukraine is going to lose if Congress doesn't send more aid : worldnews

Sea Drone Found In Black Sea Is American Boat With Massive Soviet Warhead : worldnews

Russian Troops Execute 3 Ukrainian POWs in Kherson Region : worldnews

Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactor damaged following drone attack | CNN : worldnews

Ukraine Sets Fire to Serpukhov Missile Ship in Russia's Kaliningrad, Intel Source Says : worldnews

Kremlin Troops Advance Behind Heavy Air Strikes, Up to 2 Kilometers Taken Near Avdiivka : worldnews

Food inflation in world's rich nations falls to pre-Ukraine war levels : worldnews

Vatican blasts sex change surgery, surrogacy and gender theory as grave threats to human dignity : worldnews

70 kg of cannabis discovered at French mayor's home : worldnews

Brazil Supreme Court judge opens inquiry into Musk : worldnews
Musk threatens to reveal information on Brazilian judge that would paint him as a traitor : worldnews

Mexican police find 7 bodies, 5 of them decapitated, inside a car with messages "detailing the reason they were killed" : worldnews

China paid approximately $250,000 to 'threat actors' working in Canada, inquiry told : worldnews
Paid to stay home: Suspended police officers cost Ontario taxpayers $134M over past decade : news
Canada spies found China interfered in last two elections, probe hears : worldnews

JPMorgan's Dimon warns inflation, political polarization and wars are creating risks not seen since WWII : worldnews

Russian trolls target U.S. support for Ukraine, Kremlin documents show : worldnews

'Profoundly ahistorical': 4-star generals side with Jack Smith, tell Supreme Court Trump's immunity claims are 'assault' on democracy : politics ... Simply put, he's the most visible candidate that is openly okay siding with white suprematists.
Trump immunity bid opposed by 19 top former defense officials in brief filed with Supreme Court : politics
Trump loses last-ditch bid to delay hush money trial : politics

How Donald Trump's mug shot became a defiant and divisive 2024 symbol - Washington Post undefined

Trump posts bizarre solar eclipse ad - with his head blocking out the sun, plunging US into darkness : politics
Trump posts bizarre solar eclipse ad -- with his head blocking out the sun, plunging US into darkness | The Independent
Total eclipse of the shart! : PoliticalHumor
Did President Trump Experience Diarrhea on a Golf Course? |

No Squaring The Circle On Abortion - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump punts on abortion - Lawyers, Guns & Money
'Donald Trump did this': New Biden abortion ad features a woman who says she almost died because of the Texas ban : politics

Ken Buck knocks 'Moscow Marjorie' Taylor Greene : politics

Evers vetoes bill that would have allowed 14- and 15-year-olds to work without permits : politics

Man convicted in decadeslong identity theft that led to his victim being jailed : news

Eli5: On social media.. Why do people offer "$1500" in exchange for taking control of or closing a bank account? : explainlikeimfive

Woman claims "God" directed her to shoot cars on I-10 in Florida during eclipse : news

Morgan Wallen Arrested For Throwing Chair Off Nashville Rooftop Bar : Music

TIL That John Quincy Adams partially blinded himself looking directly at an eclipse in 1791 : todayilearned

The chair selection on JFK's yacht : pics

Alec Baldwin made 'Rust' movie set unsafe, New Mexico prosecutors say - The Washington Post

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,599 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of L. Frank Baum.

Intrigued that Salman Rushdie's new memoir is so under-wraps... : books

Elon Musk says his posts did more to 'financially impair' X than help it : technology
Tesla's Cybertrucks were 'rushed out,' are malfunctioning at astounding rate : technology

Richneck asst. principal charged in case of teacher shot by 6-year-old - The Washington Post
The race to save the Richneck teacher shot by a 6-year-old student - The Washington Post A year after the gunfire in Newport News, Va., parents and witnesses describe for the first time how the shooting unfolded and its lingering impact on young witnesses

Many cancer drugs remain unproven 5 years after accelerated approval, study finds : science

TIL the sirens from Homers Odyssey were never said to be actually beautiful, or even mermaids. Instead, they were strange human-faced bird creatures who lured men to their deaths by promising them wisdom and knowledge of the future : todayilearned

Tank that killed 16000+ people : pics

Pregnancy may speed up biological ageing, study finds. Each pregnancy is linked with an additional two to three months of biological ageing, researchers say. : science

New research suggests that individuals with elevated psychopathic traits might not experience a lack of fear but instead find enjoyment in frightening situations. : science

The sudden rise of AuDHD: what is behind the rocketing rates of this life-changing diagnosis? | Health & wellbeing | The Guardian Online, the idea that autism and ADHD can coexist is so widely accepted that it has spawned its own label - "AuDHD" - and a groundswell of people who say they recognise its oxymoronic nature, perpetual internal war and rollercoaster of needs. There are tens of thousands of people in AuDHD self-help forums, and millions more watching AuDHD videos ... Both are lifelong neurodevelopmental conditions that affect how people think, perceive the world and interact with others, according to Embracing Complexity, an umbrella group of organisations that research neurodiversity.

Viking Ancestry: If Your Name Is on This List, You're Probably a Descendant of Vikings
Massive UFOs Near the Sun: NASA Attributes to Malfunction, Physicist Suggests Extraterrestrial… | Medium

What's the most unexplainable thing that has happened to you? : AskReddit

What made you stop and leave mid sex? : AskReddit

What's the best example you have witnessed, of someone destroying their own happiness/Life? : AskReddit

What is the longest you have gone without showering? : AskReddit

Meal Preparation and Planning

Majority of Mass. voters believe 2024 election could lead to violence : boston

What's the story behind this building? Why is it here still etc, and do people actually live here still. : boston The Last Tenement, it's one of the only things left from the old west end

Microsoft is confident Windows on Arm could finally beat Apple : Surface


Today's solar eclipse will be partially visible in Massachusetts. Here's what time and where to watch. - CBS Boston
Here's what the 93% partial solar eclipse will look (and feel) like in Boston | WBUR News

Solar Eclipse Over the South Pacific Ocean. : pics

It's official: We don't live in the Anthropocene - the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) has ruled. : worldnews

Long Covid blood clues could prompt future trials

NSW police paid redundancies to three top media advisers in two years totalling $687,000 : worldnews

Myanmar's army massacred Rohingyas. Now it wants their help : worldnews

Over 193 million Indonesians set to travel home for Eid, with new option of high-speed train : worldnews

AUKUS deal: Japan's pivot away from peace reflects new world order Japan's tensions with China, North Korea and Russia have accelerated its move away from pacifism and into the fold of AUKUS and other regional alliances.
WSJ Exclusive | 'Social Order Could Collapse' in AI Era, Two Top Japan Companies Say : worldnews

Reports of workplace abuse in South Korea double over past 5 years : worldnews
SpaceX launches South Korea's second spy satellite amid race with North : worldnews

Another big Chinese property developer faces a liquidation suit : worldnews
China's ghost cities are finally stirring to life - Vast new urban districts that stood vacant are gradually gaining residents and businesses, but debts are piling up.

Bridge Collapses in Russia's Smolensk Region, 1 Reported Dead : worldnews

Russia says Ukraine struck Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; Kyiv denies it was behind the attack ussia said Ukraine struck the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station controlled by Russian forces three times on Sunday and demanded the West respond, though Kyiv said it had nothing to do with the attacks.
Russia says Ukraine struck nuclear plant, Kyiv denies it was behind the attack : worldnews

More than 6,000 evacuated in Orenburg region after dam collapse - Novaya Gazeta Europe ... Evacuation efforts intensified in Russia's Orenburg region on Monday

Right against Climate Change is a distinct fundamental and human right: Indian Supreme Court : worldnews

Sierra Leone declares national emergency on substance abuse to crackdown on drug kush | CNN : worldnews

Disinformation on cholera led to Mozambique ferry disaster, officials say | Mozambique | The Guardian At least 96 people died as they tried to reach an island off Nampula province to escape mainland after false narratives caused panic

Yemen's Houthis say they targeted Western ships : worldnews

"Where's Daddy" ? - Lawyers, Guns & Money This terrifying story about the use of AI by the IDF certainly settles the (admittedly not actually open) question of whether they are actually trying to minimize civilian casulaties: (maximize)

Netanyahu says Israel 'one step from victory' in Gaza : worldnews
Hostage father to 'Post': Bibi's lack of communication with us is a national embarrassment : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 774, Part 1 (Thread #920) : worldnews

UN nuclear watchdog head condemns drone strike on Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant | Ukraine : worldnews

An Islamic State fugitive arrested in Fiumicino: he was blocked while taking the train to Rome

Macron says France 'lacked will' to stop 1994 Rwanda genocide - I24NEWS : worldnews
France's Macron dismisses Russian remarks suggesting Kyiv and Paris had a role in Moscow attack : worldnews
The Church of Scientology will inaugurate a large center in France : worldnews

IMF hails Argentina's 'impressive' progress under Milei : worldnews ... Milei estimated that the inflation provoked by the previous administration would last for at least 2 years, but in 4 months his administration managed to reduce it by 60% from 25% to 10% monthly, which is extremely high, but getting substantially better

Trudeau Unveils $1.8 Billion Plan to Boost AI Sector in Canada : worldnews
Arctic sovereignty anchors federal plans to upgrade Canada's military : worldnews

Say it bluntly: The president just moved heaven and earth : politics - Joe Biden just had a come to Jesus meeting on a phone call with Benjamin Netanyahu

Zelensky warns Ukraine could lose war if US Congress withholds aid : politics

Editorial: Speaker Johnson must ignore GOP hardliners and pass Ukraine aid now : politics ... The Putin submissives have brought the war effort in Ukraine to a grinding stop. They're still hanging on but Russia has benefited greatly since we stopped funding Ukraine.

Trump's RNC Chair Includes Ukraine in List of US Adversaries : politics

Power Of The Pest: How Jared Moskowitz Helped Wreck The Impeachment Inquiry : politics
GOP Rep. Turner: Republicans Have 'Uttered' Russian Propaganda 'on the House Floor' : politics ... The republican party is the party of Putin. Never forget that the House spent months on a bogus Biden impeachment only for it to be revealed that their "star witness" was a Russian agent. The entire Biden impeachment investigation was Russian propaganda and the US taxpayers paid for it
Intel Chair Turner: 'Absolutely true' that Russia propaganda has infected US Congress : politics
Russian trolls target U.S. support for Ukraine, Kremlin documents show : politics
House intelligence chair says Republicans are absolutely repeating Russian propaganda | Republicans : politics

Why Republicans Will Regret Their Crusade Against Electric Cars : politics

Is Corporate America in Denial About Trump? : politics

Boomers deliver surprise strength for Biden : politics

The Government Isn't Ready for the Violence Trump Might Unleash : politics

Elizabeth Warren says millions of borrowers deserve answers after the CEO of a major student-loan company turned down her invitation to appear before Congress : politics

Bernie Sanders, Biden share plan to cut 'outrageous' health care costs : politics

CIA says whistleblower allegation touted by GOP in Joe Biden impeachment probe is 'false' : politics

Antitax Nation: How clever marketing duped America into shoveling more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations. : politics

Man arrested for setting fire outside Sen. Bernie Sanders's office - The Washington Post

Former Capitol Police officer warns that 'nothing is preventing' another Jan. 6 : politics .. "Nothing is preventing" another Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol since there has not been accountability "at the highest level." None. Thanks to mister Garland.

'The pursuit of justice remains paramount': Trump asks judge in Mar-a-Lago classified documents case to continue delaying trial despite looming statutory deadline : politics

Why the judge in Trumps classified documents case faces mounting scrutiny : politics ... Trump to Clinton: 'No, You're the Puppet' - YouTube

Trump's $175 Million Bond Is Even Shadier Than It Looks : politics

The Method Behind Trump's Mistruths : politics

Trump: Would be a "great honor" to be jailed for gag order violation : politics

Trump Says He'll Become 'Modern Day Nelson Mandela' Over Right to Attack Judge's Daughter : politics

Trump promises a 'deal' on abortion that will please everyone. It likely doesn't exist. : politics
Donald Trump says he is 'proudly the person responsible' for ending Roe v Wade in abortion statement : politics

Trump tells billionaires he'll keep their taxes low at $50 million fundraising gala : politics

Trump's RNC takeover triggers strife and staff exits as purge partly backfires : politics

The Trump Two-Step: Once you recognize the pattern, you'll see it everywhere. : politics

Melania's appearance with Donald Trump sparks mockery: "Checking the clock" : politics

Jenifer Lewis Blasts 'F*cking Idiots' Who Don't See Trump Is ‘Hitler' : politics

Video of Donald Trump Supporter Saying They'd Vote for Putin Goes Viral : politics
(4) Republicans against Trump on X: This Trump supporter says she would vote for Putin over Biden: "Hell yeah - Putin wants to go back to good morality."" / X

Trumpism Is Emptying Churches : politics

Former GOP rep says Trump 'appeals to the worst of us,' calls on Biden 'to recognize the moment' : politics

'Increasingly chaotic': Why House Republicans are heading for the exits : politics

Charges reportedly 'imminent' in Arizona fake elector case; GOP congressmen subpoenaed : politics ... Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar receiving subpoenas
Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego starts year with best fundraising quarter of his Senate run : politics

Eclipses aren't usually political. Enter: Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Georgia congresswoman sees Monday's eclipse and Friday's earthquake in New York as a sign to "repent." How quaint. : politics

Wisconsin Senate candidate shifts abortion position amid GOP struggles on issue : politics

Trump advocate calls surrogacy 'evil' and says anyone involved 'should be imprisoned for life'. : politics

Biden could be left off general election ballot in Ohio, Republican official warns | Letter by secretary of state warns party that Democratic National Convention is scheduled past the deadline to certify candidates : politics ... So this isn't the first time here that the conventions were held after Ohio' 'deadline' but for some reason this year it's an issue. This looks to be a bad faith action that is looking to set the stage for some shenanigans in the coming months.

Journalist removed from Colorado Republican event for 'unfair' reporting : politics

The Breakdown: Sex offenders could face vasectomy procedures under new bill : politics

Gov. Hobbs signs 'Grandpa in the Garden' bill, paving way for human composting in Arizona : politics

A Neutron Bomb Is Not A Death Ray - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The demographic cliff is coming. Colleges must be prepared. - The Boston Globe

How do we know when Ramadan starts and ends? It's up to the moon. For centuries the appearance of the new crescent moon has signified the commencement of Ramadan -- but not everyone in the world spots it at the same time ... This makes the Islamic year about 11 days shorter than the solar-Gregorian calendar year. As a result, Islamic months shift through the seasons over time.

GBH, WBUR struggles ignite debate over future of public radio ... Both WBUR and GBH are facing financial challenges and have warned that staff layoffs may be coming

Airman who self-immolated in Gaza protest grew up in secretive religious community on Cape

I Am Awareness Daily
I Am Awareness - daily reader: Walker, Michael V: 9798877785373: Books


'Simply mind-boggling': world record temperature jump in Antarctic raises fears of catastrophe : worldnews

Tracking the world's biggest iceberg as it drifts towards oblivion : worldnews - A23a is now following a path that exports so much of Antarctica's floating ice - what scientists refer to as "iceberg alley".

Europe's top rights court will on Tuesday issue unprecedented verdicts in three separate cases on the responsibility of states in the face of global warming, rulings that could force governments to adopt more ambitious climate policies : worldnews

Global rainforest loss continues at rate of 10 football pitches a minute : worldnews

Shrinking Arctic ice redraws the map for internet cable connections : worldnews

Myanmar military loses border town in another big defeat : worldnews

(4) Ukraine Front Line on X: North Korea uses Ukraine as a testing ground for its ballistic missiles - Bloomberg. / X

Taiwan earthquake: over 600 people remain stranded days after disaster : worldnews

Yellen says global concerns growing over China's excess industrial capacity : worldnews - They started out with basic, simple, and cheap trinkets and gradually climbed the value-added ladder. They are now doing a final push into the top of the industrial value chain: cars, ships, planes, and chips. But last year the had to accept the end of the real estate boom. That means all the people directly and indirectly involved in building and selling but also steel, cement and furniture industries basically collapsing. Some estimate this to be 20% of China's economy. They hope the advanced industry will replace the 20% but that is unlikely. Other countries producing these complex but profitable goods aren't going to allow it. However, they will probably dominate the market in the rest of the world ... Essentially, China is much more focused on the interests of consumers and strategic advantage, and less interested in whether investors make a profit. Therefore it can build things at scale and without having to worry about the greed and desires of corporates and investors.

'Significant consequences' if Chinese firms help Russia’s war in Ukraine, US’s Yellen warns : worldnews
AUKUS considers expanding security pact to deter China, FT says : worldnews
US, Britain, Australia weigh expanding AUKUS security pact to deter China, FT says | Reuters
China Is Providing Geospatial Intelligence to Russia, US Warns - Blinken briefed European allies on scope of Chinese support. China said to have stepped up help for Russian war on Ukraine : worldnews

Russia summons S. Korean ambassador to protest against Seoul's sanctions: Sputnik : worldnews

Russian opposition figure Ilya Yashin sent to solitary confinement over jacket removal : worldnews ... Prominent Kremlin critic and ally of the late Alexei Navalny faces brutal isolation in Russian prison after a minor infraction: They described the rule about keeping your prison jacket on while eating as "fabricated".

More than 4,000 people evacuated in Russia after dam bursts : worldnews

Pipe transporting petroleum products to tankers blown up in Russia - Ukraine's defense intel : worldnews

(4) The New Voice of Ukraine on X: "Russia lost $67 billion in oil and gas revenues in 2023 due to Western sanctions, which is 62% of their spendings on the war, however, there was no complete collapse of Russian economy, according to Kyiv Security Forum study published on April 4." / X

Bloomberg: India set to receive Russian warships despite sanctions : worldnews
India law pushes couples to marry -- or live apart : worldnews

Egyptian authorities arrest 10 after a pro-Gaza rally calling for severing ties with Israel : worldnews

Fears of violence grow as Somalia scraps power-sharing system : worldnews

Rwandans commemorate 30 years since the genocide whose legacy still scars the small country : worldnews

US preparing for significant Iran attack on US or Israeli assets in the region as soon as next week | CNN Politics : worldnews
Iranian official warns Israel that its embassies are not safe after Damascus strike : worldnews

Netanyahu: Israel isn't preventing a hostage deal, Hamas is : worldnews

Family of hostage receives mysterious funeral wreath -- initial Shin Bet investigation suggests Iranian agents : worldnews
Shin Bet: Iran likely behind delivery of funeral wreath to Hamas hostage's family : worldnews

IDF withdraws advancing troops from the Gaza Strip : worldnews

Vehicle Plows Into Anti-government Protesters In Tel Aviv, Injuring Five : worldnews

Lavender: Israel offers glimpse into terrifying world of military AI - The Washington Post ... At present count, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, more than 33,000 Palestinians, the majority being women and children, have been killed in the territory ... The AI tool's name? "Lavender." ... During the early stages of the war, the army gave sweeping approval for officers to adopt Lavender’s kill lists, with no requirement to thoroughly check why the machine made those choices or to examine the raw intelligence data on which they were based ... This was despite knowing that the system makes what are regarded as ‘errors’ in approximately 10 percent of cases, and is known to occasionally mark individuals who have merely a loose connection to militant groups, or no connection at all ... Widespread concerns about Israel's targeting strategies and methods have been voiced throughout the course of the war ... Lavender, observed Adil Haque, an expert on international law at Rutgers University, is "the nightmare of every international humanitarian lawyer come to life."

IDF says it blew up Hamas tunnel that stretched hundreds of meters into Israel : worldnews

What Israeli Jews Really Think — and why | by Pluralus | Medium

Ukrainians may be tiring but won't compromise with Putin, Zelenskyy's chief of staff says : worldnews
With no way out of a worsening war, Zelensky’s options look bad or worse - The Washington Post
Ukraine's air defence missiles are running out, Zelenskiy warns : worldnews
Aid delays hinder Ukraine’s ability to respond to increasing pace of Russian attacks : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 773, Part 1 (Thread #919) : worldnews

(4) Ministry of Defence on X: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 07 April 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine" / X

Six dead, 10 injured in Russian strike on Kharkiv, officials say : worldnews

The USA has authorized Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands to transfer 65 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets to Ukraine : worldnews

Ukraine Says Situation 'Difficult' Around Chasiv Yar : worldnews

Ukraine restarts container transportation via Black Sea route : worldnews

(4) The Kyiv Independent on X: "⚡️Foreign partners allocate over $700 million for demining in Ukraine. Foreign partners have allocated over $700 million for demining in Ukraine, the Reintegration Ministry reported on April 7. The U.S., Switzerland, Norway, EU countries, and Japan are among the key donors. The…" / X

(4) NEXTA on X: "Ursula von der Leyen has promised to fight back against Putin's far-right "friends" in the EU She said this as she launched the election campaign in Athens, on the eve of the European elections. Von der Leyen emphasized that in the upcoming European Parliament elections in -" / X ... Von der Leyen emphasized that in the upcoming European Parliament elections in June, "our united and peaceful Europe is facing challenges from both inside and outside."

(4) Kvist.P : on X: "The USA has authorized Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands to transfer 65 F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets to Ukraine. About damn time" / X

Poland to introduce compulsory education for Ukrainian children : worldnews ... This decision, made in consultation with Ukrainian officials, emphasizes the commitment to providing stable education for 50,000-60,000 Ukrainian children.
Polish bishop to face trial for allegedly failing to inform authorities of child sex abuse by priests : worldnews

Tens of thousands protest in Hungary against Viktor Orban's government : worldnews
Hungarians rise: Tens of thousands protest against Orban in Budapest : worldnews

Pro-Russia Candidate Wins Slovakia's Presidential Election -- The victory for Peter Pellegrini, an ally of Slovakia's populist prime minister, strengthens Central Europe's ties to Moscow : worldnews
Pro-Russia candidate Peter Pellegrini elected Slovakia president : worldnews

Boris Johnson: Arms embargo on Israel 'death wish of Western civilization' : worldnews
Office for National Statistics staff vote to strike over return to office : worldnews
'Extreme' US anti-abortion group ramps up lobbying in Westminster : worldnews

International leaders condemn Ecuador after police break into the Mexican Embassy in Quito : worldnews

Haiti: Gangs have 'more firepower than the police' says UN panel : worldnews

U.S. unable to step up' on Ukraine aid, leaving Canada to fill the gap, says Freeland : worldnews
Ottawa is being sued for restoring UNRWA funding by survivors of terror victims - By funding UNRWA, the litigants argue, the government is funding terror while violating its own policies on ensuring foreign aid aligns with Canadian values : worldnews

2024 Total Eclipse: Where & When
Eclipse Map - April 8, 2024 - NSO - National Solar Observatory
National Eclipse | Eclipse Maps | April 8, 2024 - Total Solar Eclipse
The Far Right Is Crawling With Eclipse Conspiracy Theories : politics

Pelosi joins call to halt U.S. weapons transfers to Israel : politics

Eschaton: It Would Be Very Rude To Call This Ethnic Cleansing So don't. ... According to Arab mediators involved in the talks, Israel is open to permitting returns to the north at a rate of 2,000 people a day, mainly women and children. A maximum of 60,000 Palestinians could return under a proposal deemed acceptable by Israel, but they would mostly exclude men between the ages of 18 and 50.

Eschaton: Things We Knew Almost From The Beginning : Netanyahu wasn't concerned with the hostages; if anything, he thought they were an obstacle. This was no war against Hamas, it was a deliberate destruction of as much of Gaza and its inhabitants as possible with the intention of expelling them all, if possible. This was always going to end, at some point, with much the same resolution other than the scale of destruction and body count ... I would like one good faith powerful person (maybe one whose names rhymes with Leposi) to explain what changed between January and April and if that was really anything other than a reflection of their extremely poor judgment

AIPAC of Lies | Arvin Alaigh The pro-Israel lobby brooks no dissent on Capitol Hill ... Late last year, it was reported that pro-Israel donors are preparing to spend in upwards of $100 million in 2024, largely in Democratic primary races. Once and for all, they hope to kill off any dissent among American politicians on the question of Israel ... It's no secret that the Israel lobby has enjoyed incredible success in guiding America's Middle East policy. For nearly half a century, both Democratic and Republican aspirants for office at the federal, state, and local levels have been eagerly wooed by pro-Israel interests

Aiding Ukraine is a strategic investment, not charity : politics
Inside Donald Trump's secret plan to end the Ukraine-Russia war - The Washington Post - Foreign policy experts and some Republicans warned that pressuring Ukraine to cede land would reward Putin ... (in the well duh dept) ... Trump's proposal consists of pushing Ukraine to cede Crimea and the Donbas border region to Russia

Trump's Second-Term Blueprint Would Take A Wrecking Ball To Public Lands : politics

Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information : politics

Biden may have trouble getting on Ohio's general election ballot, state's top elections official warns : politics

The logical contortions required to encourage Sotomayor to risk being replaced with a Republican - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump Asset Seizure Bracket: The Forfeiture Four : politics

Donald Trump's Insatiable Bloodlust : politics
Opinion | Donald Trump's Insatiable Bloodlust - The New York Times By Maureen Dowd

Donald Trump is so mad about Trans Day of Visibility that he wants a "Christian Visibility Day" : politics

House Republicans are heading for the exits. Here’s why. - The Washington Post The decision by 21 Republican lawmakers to step back is indicative of the broader morale problem within the GOP conference

Calls grow for RFK Jr. to drop out after remarks sympathetic to Jan. 6 rioters : politics ... I think a lot of the edgelord podcasters (Rogan, Shane Gillis, Tim Dillon etc) who are afraid of full-throat gwakking Trump's gnarled cheesy balls are going all-in on RFK Jr as an enlightenedcentrist hedge. Those 3 have huge reach, just as an example.
Kinzinger says RFK Jr.'s campaign 'hijacked by MAGA' : politics

Montana GOP Senate candidate says he lied to ranger about gunshot wound in 2015 : politics

What Liberals Get Wrong About 'White Rural Rage' — Almost Everything - POLITICO

New bill would allow open carry of assault rifles in Tennessee : politics

Good Enough | Sam Adler-Bell | Psychoanalysis learns to love letting go ... There's a game my girlfriend and I sometimes play. Well, really, it's more of an argument: "Fuck, Marry, Kill" with the past, present, and future ... Giving Up the Ghost - Phillips's new book, On Giving Up, out in the United States in March ... Between the wars, and in the aftermath of his own daughter's death by Spanish Flu, Freud hypothesized an instinctual drive: an inherent, even biological, impulse to die in one's "own fashion." In so doing, Freud established, in an act of anti-Darwinian blasphemy, a primal conflict in every organism (and society) between the life instinct, Eros, the drive toward pleasure, unity, mastery, and self-preservation; and the death instinct, Thanatos, the drive toward destruction, disunity, death, and the numbing of passion.

Sociopath: A Memoir: Gagne, Ph.D. Patric: 9781668003183: Books

The Contested World of Classifying Life on Earth

How medieval chroniclers interpreted solar eclipses and other celestial events

Human Brains Have Gotten Astonishingly Bigger Over the Last 75 Years The size of the human brain ebbs and flows over the course of millennia, but a new study has shown an uptick in size between the brains of people born from the 1930s and those born in the 1970s. Increased brain size could also help explain why the incidence of dementia is decreasing, as bigger brains offer a buffer against “late-life effects” of brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's ... And while 7 million Americans live with brain diseases like Alzheimer's, the incidences of those diseases overall have decreased by 20 percent since the 1970s ...

The Polar Vortex Is Suddenly Swirling Backwards - That doesn't usually happen. -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

UFOs Move by Snell's Law Physics. Not by Hammer-to-Nail Momentum Transfer… | by Alexandre Kassiantchouk Ph.D. | Time Matters | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Over 30 of Our Favorite Cool, Useful and Best-Selling Inventions

The Moms Who Smoke in Secret

Are Workplaces Inherently Toxic? | The Walrus

A disgraced Holyoke city councilor fled the country before his trial. A new video reportedly shows him joining the Russian army.

Smoking vs Vaping Dry Herbs - Why You should Switch to Vaping - Planet Of The Vapes

My husband isn’t brushing his teeth - The Boston Globe

Google Slides is Actually Hilarious | by Laura Javier | Medium


Opinion | The eclipse and earthquake are omens! Portents are all around! - The Washington Post

Latest cloud cover forecasts for skies during the solar eclipse - The Washington Post
Opinion | What Monday's eclipse means for science - The Washington Post - An eclipse is wondrous — don't underestimate it.

Heat-trapping carbon dioxide and methane levels in the air last year spiked to record highs again : worldnews

Truck crash releases salmon into wrong Oregon waterway - The Washington Post - Truck crash hurls 77,000 'threatened' salmon into wrong creek

South Korea handed over 70 ambulances to Ukraine : worldnews

Taiwan lashes out after Bolivia expresses solidarity with China over quake that killed 10 on self-ruled island : worldnews

China's maternity services put on notice as the country faces an obstetrics winter : worldnews
China's maternity services put on notice as the country faces an 'obstetrics winter' | South China Morning Post -- A falling birth rate in China has seen at least 11 public hospitals suspend or cancel their delivery services since June 2023. The National Health Commission has now demanded every county has at least one public institute offering childbirth services

Dam bursts amid flooding in Russia's Urals, evacuation underway, emergency services say : worldnews

Wagner Group offers mercenaries lucrative salaries to aid military regimes in Africa instead of joining Russia's war in Ukraine : worldnews

Russia declares state of emergency after mystery radiation leak in Khabarovsk : worldnews

Another military facility is on fire in russia, as a result of the explosion of a pipeline that was pumping oil products from a local oil depot to tankers in the port area of the Azov seaport, loading of tankers with oil products was suspended for an indefinite period : worldnews

Putin approves legal change that decriminalises some domestic violence | Russia | The Guardian Critics say amendment sends wrong message in country where it is estimated domestic abuse kills a woman every 40 minutes
Former Economy Minister of Kazakhstan is being charged for brutally beating his wife to death at a restaurant : worldnews

India will enter Pakistan to kill terrorists who run away there, defence minister says | Reuters : worldnews

"India Out" movement in Bangladesh is threatning $15 billion trade relation : worldnews

Turkish Ombudsman to visit Ukrainian POWs in Russian captivity : worldnews

First UN food supplies arrive in Sudan's Darfur after months, millions still face acute hunger : worldnews

Russia says Israeli attack on Iranian consulate is 'act of aggression' and a "violation of all the foundations of international law." : worldnews ... a "violation of all the foundations of international law." something russia knows all about, true.
Israel, U.S. believe Iran is about to retaliate for Israeli bombing of Syria consulate, officials say : worldnews
US actively preparing for significant attack by Iran that could come within the next week | : worldnews
Iran tells US to 'step aside' as it readies response to Israel : worldnews

Hostage Elad Katzir murdered, body returned to Israel : worldnews
Israel's military says it has recovered body of a hostage from Gaza : worldnews ... Like Brazilian President Lula saying IDF killed 12.3 million kids when the total population of Gaza is 2 milllion.

'Proof is in the results': US cautiously welcomes Israeli moves on Gaza aid : worldnews

IDF investigation shows mistakes and violation of protocol, officers disciplined - The Washington Post - IDF says aid convoy attack was serious violation of procedures
"Mistakes" were made - Lawyers, Guns & Money You know misconduct by the IDF is particularly egregious when even the official story is incredibly daming: ... My Lai 2.0 does seem to have compelled Biden to have issued more serious threats of conditions that Netanyahu is at least pretending to take seriously: ... One of the most notable features of Netanyahu's strategy in recent months has been his unwillingness to pay even symbolic lip service to US needs given the political price that Biden is paying in return for his staunch support for Israel ... Reinforcing the synergy between Netanyahu and the GOP, House Speaker Mike Johnson warned in a post on X, "The President's ultimatums should be going to Hamas, not Israel." ... Netanyahu is many things, most of them appalling, but he's not stupid, and it makes perfect sense for him to want Republicans to win -- which is going to make constraining him even more difficult.

A very popular plan that cant be achieved ... This analysis seems depressingly accurate: Several experts told CNN that Israel was facing an impossible situation because the goal it has set for itself -- eliminating Hamas -- is both unachievable and very popular domestically.
The Left, the Ethic of Responsibility, and Gaza - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Biden and Netanyahu speak by phone after Israel kills aid workers in Gaza - Israel says it will reopen border crossing with hard-hit northern Gaza
Israel Agrees to Open Erez Crossing for Gaza Aid After Biden Pressure : worldnews
"We won't support you": Inside Biden's ultimatum to Bibi : politics
Israeli journalist explains why Netanyahu was 'scared' into acting fast after Biden talk : politics
Israel's rules of engagement seem looser than ever -- if they are followed at all | Israel-Gaza war | The Guardian -- the deaths of seven aid workers add credence to allegations by observers that commanders on the ground in Gaza may 'do as they please'

Opinion | The U.S. and Israel after the killing of World Central Kitchen workers - The Washington Post - What the U.S. must do after the killing of World Central Kitchen workers

Toward an Intellectual History of Genocide in Gaza | Esmat Elhalaby - Destruction begins with ideas

Hamas rejects Israel's latest hostage deal proposal, Israel threatens to withdraw from Cairo summit : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 772, Part 1 (Thread #918) : worldnews

Russia inflicting illegal chemical attacks against Ukrainian soldiers, investigation finds : worldnews

Russian attacks leave over a million Kharkiv residents without electricity or water : worldnews

Opinion | How a hidden tech army is helping Ukraine hold the line against Russia - The Washington Post

Ukrainian Renaissance - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The war has prompted what amounts to a cultural divorce between Russia and Ukraine; artists can no longer appeal to audiences in both countries, and as consequence Ukrainian art has become more organically and authentically Ukrainian than it’s ever been ... I quite suspect that February 2022 will be viewed as the moment at which a new understanding of Ukrainian culture and identity was hatched. I don't doubt that Russian nationalists will find this deeply frustrating.

Azerbaijani armed forces initiated firing towards a number of Armenian combat positions : worldnews

NATO expelled several Russians suspected of espionage in recent years: Stoltenberg : worldnews

Norway plans to massively increase military spending : worldnews
Norway's Foreign Minister: "We should all be honest and say: Nobody does enough for Ukraine" : worldnews

(4) Gabrielius Landsbergis on X: Comforting stories can help win elections. But if they are false they immobilise us, prevent us from taking real action, while Ukrainians continue to die for us. / X

Giorgio Armani bags were produced by exploited Chinese workers near Milan, Italian police say : worldnews

U.K. lawmaker William Wragg apologizes for role in sexting scandal - The Washington Post - Sexting scam catches U.K. lawmaker, compounds problems for Sunak

Top UN expert warns of deteriorating situation in Haiti: 'It's apocalyptic' : worldnews

Mexico's president says country will break diplomatic ties with Ecuador, after police raid embassy : worldnews
Ecuadorian police break into Mexican embassy in Quito as diplomatic rift between countries deepens : worldnews

CSIS intel suggests China attempted to funnel $250K, possibly for Canadian election interference : worldnews
Mother of Canadian aid worker rejects Israel's explanation for his death : worldnews

4.8-magnitude earthquake shakes New Jersey, New York City - The Washington Post
(4)X: @DougJBalloon : "Political parties offer differing explanations for the earthquake, both with impressive support. Democrats cite the US Geological Survey, who point to recent seismic activity. Republicans cite Revelations, which points to a scarlet beast with 7 heads & 10 horns. / X
The earthquake in New Jersey had Massachusetts residents reacting

Biden hails 'America's comeback' as 303,000 new jobs in March beat forecast : politics

House conservatives demand steep concessions in exchange for Baltimore bridge funding : politics

Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism : politics
(4) New York Times Pitchbot on X: "Did DEI cause today’s NYC earthquake? No, but it didn’t prevent it, either." / X

Major mail delivery delays raise concerns about voting in the 2024 elections : politics

Joe Biden Is Not "a Genocidal Maniac" And it's not just wrong but reckless and irresponsible to say he is. : politics

Biden administration will soon roll out a sweeping new student loan forgiveness plan : politics

Biden campaign raises $90M in March, enters second quarter with $192M on hand : politics
March fundraising numbers show Biden significantly outpacing Trump : politics ... "The money we are raising is historic," said Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager. "It's a stark contrast to Trump's cash-strapped operation that is funneling the limited and billionaire-reliant funds it has to pay off his various legal fees."

When a top Republican says Russian propaganda has infected the GOP | House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul is the latest to point out such a problem in his party : politics

Sen. Bernie Sanders's Office In Vermont Caught Fire. Arson Is Suspected, But The Motive Is Unclear. : politics

No Labels national director says he will vote for Joe Biden : politics

With razor-thin GOP margin, could House control flip to Democrats? : politics

The deep ironies in the GOP's war on 'voter fraud' How many Republicans will get caught committing voter fraud before the GOP stops pointing fingers? : politics

Biden campaign hits Trump over guests at upcoming Palm Beach high-dollar fundraiser : politics ... "If you want to know who Donald Trump will fight for in a second term, just look at who he is having over for dinner Saturday night - tax cheats, scammers, racists, and extremists," Biden campaign senior spokesperson Sarafina Chitika said.

A dangerous return to denial: Trump's threats against Biden met by familiar media shrug : politics ... Trump views America's police and other law enforcement as his personal enforcers who will do the bidding of his regime when/if he becomes the country's first dictator. That loyalty appears to be reciprocated, as Donald Trump seems to enjoy a large amount of support from many of the country's police, immigration and border agents, members of the military and other violence workers.

NY AG Letitia James gives company that guaranteed Trump's bond 10 days to "justify the surety" : politics

Eschaton: I'm Sure They'll Give Him Another Few Weeks Always more chances. On Wednesday, the New York Supreme Court clerk's office returned to Trump's attorneys the bond filing "for correction." There was no reason publicly specified in the request for correction. Adam Pollock, a former assistant attorney general in New York, said, "This bond is deficient for a number of reasons." development: ... Another 10 days for our special sweaty boy, if granted.

Stormy Daniels could take down Trump -- not stolen documents or Jan. 6 : politics

'Hurry up, and rule': Jack Smith rips Judge Cannon for enabling Donald Trump's delay tactics : politics
'The nuclear button': Special counsel could seek removal of judge in Trump classified docs case, attorneys warn - Special counsel Jack Smith and Judge Aileen Cannon traded terse words in filings this week.
'The nuclear button': Special counsel could seek removal of judge in Trump classified docs case, attorneys warn : politics

Trump's bizarre, vindictive incoherence has to be heard in full to be believed : politics

Democratic congressmen unveil bill to rename a federal prison after Trump : politics
Democrats introduce bill to rename Miami prison after Donald Trump : politics

Trump falsely claims that appeals court said 'you won' the civil fraud case he lost : politics

Donald Trump loses presidential immunity delay effort for upcoming New York criminal trial : politics

Why Trump's Sordid New Dealings With Saudis Have Jamie Raskin Alarmed : politics

Trump Is Accidentally Exposing Aileen Cannon's Shady Pro-MAGA Game - Even as the judge's latest moves show she's carefully disguising her advocacy for Trump, he is making it clear that he expects her to save him. : politics

'Fishing': Judge denies Trump team bid to seize NBC Stormy Daniels material : politics

Trump Media stock sinks to post-merger low : politics
Trump Media stock sinks to post-merger low | CNN Business - Shares of Truth Social owner Trump Media & Technology Group tumbled 12% on Friday, sinking to their lowest level since the company went public last week. The selloff has erased nearly $2 billion from the value of former President Donald Trump's stake in the company this week.

Opinion | In Wisconsin and Michigan, Trump plays his supporters for suckers - The Washington Post ... Well, if you bought in during last week's initial public offering at the peak of $79.38 a share, your $100,000 nest egg was worth only $57,000 this week when the stock hit a low of $45.26 after an April Fool's Day crash - a 43 percent loss in just three trading days.

Opinion | As religion fades in America, Trumpism rises - The Washington Post - Authoritarian Populism Fascism ... Even more striking, of those White voters who attend religious services once a month or more, 71 percent voted for Trump in the 2020 election. (Even similarly religious Black Americans, by contrast, voted for Joe Biden by a 9 to 1 ratio.) The key to understanding Trump's coalition is the intensity of his support among White people who are and who claim to be devout Christians. (who worship Satan) ... he United States was long an outlier among advanced industrial countries in that it remained religious. But around the 1990s that began to change, and the numbers plunged after 2007. As the scholar Ronald Inglehart has shown, since that year, religious decline in America has been the greatest of any country of the 49 surveyed. By one measure, the United States today is the 12th-least-religious country on Earth. In 1990, according to the General Social Survey, less than 10 percent of Americans had no religious affiliation. Today it's around 30 percent.

Michigan passes landmark law decriminalizing surrogacy & protecting LGBTQ+ parentage rights. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) described the legislation as long overdue, declaring, "Your family's decisions should be up to you." : politics

Trump-Allied Governor Banned From Second Native American Reservation : politics

What's Happening in Tennessee Isn't Funny : politics ... The state legislature passed a ban on distributing vaccines via lettuce? I didn't believe it, so I checked, and damn, they really did it: Wow. That's impressive, even for the state that banned chemtrails last month.
TN 'vaccine lettuce' bill heads to governor's desk

Can Abortion Rights Voters Turn Florida Blue? : politics

Birth control "screws up female brains": MAGA's war on contraception : politics ... Can't think of a less qualified group to be diagnosing brain disorders

Ted Cruz Is Getting Nervous He's Going to Lose His Senate Seat : politics

Maine Legislature throws support behind national movement to elect president via popular vote : politics

'Severely decreased their sexual intimacy with their husbands': Indiana appeals court uses Mike Pence's religious liberty law to block abortion ban : politics

Two MAGA congressmen subpoenaed in Trump fake electors scheme in Arizona : politics ... We're just now getting to Andy Biggs and Paul Gossar, despite most of us seeing their complicity by Jan. 7th.

RFK Jr. Fundraisers Tied to J6ers, QAnoners, Christian Nationalists, and Far-Right Extremists : politics
Meet the Ghislaine Maxwell Pals Running a Pro-RFK Jr. PAC : politics
RFK Jr. clarifies that his view of Jan. 6 is the conspiratorial one : politics

The bipartisan fetish - Lawyers, Guns & Money This article lays out the story of how a lawyer who is on the verge of becoming the first-ever Muslim American federal appellate court judge is having his nomination blocked by Democratic senators, who have decided to go along with a transparently absurd Republican smear campaign.
Opinion | Why Is Adeel Mangi's Confirmation Still in Jeopardy? - The New York Times The ostensible reason? The nominee, Adeel Abdullah Mangi, served on an advisory board of an organization that supports the families of people in prison and helps formerly incarcerated people as they try to rebuild their lives.

Lawmakers Reject Trump-Backed Move to Change Electoral Vote System : politics (Nebraska)

MTG, Sitting Congresswoman, Says Earthquake and Eclipse Are Warnings From God | The Georgia congresswoman described the natural phenomena as "strong signs to tell us to repent" : politics
MTG, Sitting Congresswoman, Says Earthquake and Eclipse Are Warnings From God - Marjorie Taylor Greene Says NYC Earthquake a Sign of God's Displeasure. Or when she said flooding at the 2023 Burning Man festival was God's "way of making sure everyone knows who God is."

The $100,000 a year college - Lawyers, Guns & Money t was only a matter of time before a college would have the nerve to quote its cost of attendance at nearly $100,000 a year. This spring, we're catching our first glimpse of it. One letter to a newly admitted Vanderbilt University engineering student showed an all-in price -- room, board, personal expenses, a high-octane laptop — of $98,426. A student making three trips home to Los Angeles or London from the Nashville campus during the year could hit six figures ... Whether this can survive the Court, who knows — they did, after all, hold that the authority explicitly granted by Congress to "waive or modify" student loans did not entail the power to modify student loans. But there's no point in capitulating preemptively.

Alaska House rejects universal health care proposal from Anchorage Democrat : politics

Opinion | Calm down. Roe v. Wade isn’t going anywhere. - The Washington Post By Kathleen Parker (2018) (conservabrain)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Already Managed to Screw Up the Eclipse. | The town of Eagle Pass planned a money-making festival—instead they got razor wire and armed soldiers. : politics

New York prison allows inmates to watch eclipse outdoors after lawsuit - The Washington Post

Exposing the Fraudulence of Elon Musk and Tesla - Current Affairs - Investigative journalist and automotive industry expert Edward Niedermeyer, author of Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors, explains how Musk and Tesla have gotten away with so much lying and fraudulence.
Opinion | Elon Musk's Tesla Management Is a Bad Sign for Twitter - The New York Times By Edward Niedermeyer
Tesla Fans May Hate The Book 'Ludicrous' But Both They And Critics Should Read It
Elon Musk's Big Lie About Tesla Is Finally Exposed More than 2 million of the cars are being recalled — because Tesla's "self-driving" systems have always been anything but
Ludicrous: The Unvarnished Story of Tesla Motors by Edward Niedermeyer | Goodreads

Eschaton: LOOK OUT BELOW, ELMO Will take awhile before everyone understands, but this is Tesla quitting, basically, whether Elon knows it or not ... The automaker will continue developing self-driving robotaxis on the same small-vehicle platform, the sources said.
Eschaton: Earning The Big Bucks It didn't take being an Elon-hater like me to know why this was the dumbest fucking idea on the planet.

The Miseducation of Kara Swisher | Edward Ongweso Jr. -- The long and short of it is that Swisher is not a good journalist - - or, framed more generously, that she thrived in an industry with remarkably low standards for which we are still paying the price. For decades, tech journalism and criticism has primarily consisted of glowing gadget reviews, laudatory profiles, and reprinted press releases, all of it colored by Silicon Valley's self-aggrandizing vision of itself as a laboratory of a brighter future ... Swisher's intended audience is not you or me, but instead those with power: she writes about and for them. Over the course of a long and storied career closely reporting on the tech industry and its titans, she has aped their motions, sat at their dinner tables, drunk their wine, gone to their weird parties, played with their baubles, repeated their lies, and offered them counsel. Swisher may style herself as Silicon Valley's critic laureate, but she's much closer to the court fool.

Driving into the Wreck | Patrick McGinty -- Tech writers have their own brand of auto fiction

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,597 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of James Longstreet.

The universe's unsolved mysteries, according to Space Oddities author Harry Cliff I think of all of them, the Hubble tension is the one that I personally find the most compelling, just because it's the one where theory is very clear about what should happen, and the experimental evidence seems very strong
NASA's Webb, Hubble Telescopes Affirm Universe's Expansion Rate, Puzzle Persists
A new possible explanation for the Hubble tension | ScienceDaily ... However, there has recently been an observation that could explain this. According to this, the Earth is located in a region of space where there is relatively little matter -- comparable to an air bubble in a cake. The density of matter is higher around the bubble. Gravitational forces emanate from this surrounding matter, which pull the galaxies in the bubble towards the edges of the cavity
The Hubble Tension Is Extremely Real -- and Extremely Frustrating


A mere 57 oil, gas, coal and cement producers are directly linked to 80% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions since the 2016 Paris climate agreement, a study has shown. : worldnews

4.8-magnitude earthquake shakes New Jersey, New York City - The Washington Post ... The earthquake -- of a stronger magnitude than is usually seen on the East Coast -- hit at 10:23 a.m. Eastern time. It struck just under three miles below the surface near Whitehouse Station, N.J., about 50 miles from Manhattan, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

The true Covid death toll - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The bottom line here is that the global death toll from Covid is almost certainly (95% confidence interval) somewhere between two and a half and five times greater than the official number of Covid deaths. There are about seven million of the latter, while excess death statistics indicate somewhere between 18.5 million and 35.2 million people have actually died as a result of the pandemic to this point. Note that in this respect the United States does very well, with an excess death rate that’s only 20% higher than the official Covid death toll (Official toll: 1.17 million; excess deaths around 1.4 million). This isn’t surprising, in the sense that rich countries with advanced public health systems are likely to see much less of a gap between official Covid deaths and actual deaths. On the other hand, relative poverty plus authoritarianism produces very much the opposite effect:

Japan hit by magnitude 6.1 earthquake, tremors felt near Fukushima : worldnews

Seoul seizes cargo ship sailing from North Korea to Russia : worldnews

Taiwan condemns 'shameless' China for accepting world's concern on quake : worldnews

Putin claims Islamists wouldn't have organised terrorist attack in Russia : worldnews ... Russia cannot be the target of terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists. We have a country that demonstrates a unique example of inter-confessional harmony and unity, interreligious and interethnic unity.

Kremlin says Russia and NATO are now in "direct confrontation" : worldnews

US sanctions hamper Russian efforts to repair refineries : worldnews

Virgin's Richard Branson urges businesses to ditch Russia : worldnews

Kyiv Confirms Ukrainian Drones Destroyed 6 Russian Planes at Air Base, as Many as 3 Sites Blasted : worldnews
Mass explosions hit three Russian cities with airfields: Morozovsk, Yeysk, and Engels : worldnews
(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "Sources report that at least 6 Russian aircraft were destroyed and 8 severely damaged in the attack on the Morozovsk air base. In addition to equipment, about 20 military Russian personnel were killed or injured. According to sources, the attack was carried out by the Security ..." / X

'Extremely dangerous' : India lambasted for deporting Rohingya to Myanmar : worldnews

Indian government ordered killings in Pakistan, intelligence officials claim : worldnews

Tens of millions facing hunger and water shortages as extreme drought and floods sweep southern Africa. : worldnews

Uganda's Constitutional Court upholds anti-gay law that allows the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality" despite widespread condemnation from rights groups and others abroad : worldnews

Navy destroyer Gravely takes out Houthi drones, missile in the Red Sea : worldnews

Prominent jihadist leader in northwest Syria killed in suicide bombing : worldnews

At least 27 dead as militants attack Iran security forces, state media reports : worldnews

Israel evacuates multiple embassies around the world over Iran fears : worldnews

'Grave mistake': IDF releases findings of what went wrong in strike that killed aid workers : worldnews
Israel dismisses 2 officers over deadly drone strikes on aid workers in Gaza : worldnews

Diplomatic crisis erupts between Poland and Israel following killing of Polish aid worker in Gaza : worldnews

Israel Minister Says Qatar Is Deceitful as Broker For Hamas : worldnews

The Biden administration's Gaza policy is indefensible - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Biden administration recently authorized the transfer of over 1,000 500-pound bombs and over 1,000 small-diameter bombs to Israel, according to three people familiar with the matter, adding to its arsenal despite US concerns over the country's conduct in the war in Gaza ... Because it's a truly horrible situation, and there are no good answers, just slightly less horrible ones.

(4) Visegrad 24 on X: BREAKING: U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken repeats: “Ukraine will become a member of NATO” / X

(4) Ukrainian Front on X: "Ukraine will soon start using longer-range UAVs that can fly up to 2,000 km and are capable of attacking the Urals and the Arctic. And by the end of the year, 10 manufacturers will deliver drones with a range of up to 2,500 km. This will make it possible to cover the shortage of medium- and long-range missiles / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 771, Part 1 (Thread #917) : worldnews

Ukrainian man jailed for life over role in Russian strike on pizzeria : worldnews

Europe starts war machine to wean itself off US weapons : worldnews

(4) Ministry of Foreign Affairs on X: We have made the decision to establish a NATO mission. This doesn't mean that we're entering the war, but rather that we'll now be able to utilize NATO's coordinating, training, and planning capabilities to support in a better manner. | FM @sikorskiradek for media" / X

(4) NEXTA on X: "#Latvia will soon send #Ukraine the first batch of drones produced in the country for euro 1 million, the prime minister of the Baltic republic, Silina, has said According to her, Latvia has planned to allocate a total of euro 9 million for the delivery of drones to Ukraine in 2024." / X

Lamborghini and Rolexes seized in massive EU police raid over eu600M Covid fraud : worldnews
Lamborghini and Rolexes seized in massive EU police raid over eu600M Covid fraud – POLITICO Police on Thursday arrested more than 20 suspects in Italy, Austria, Romania and Slovakia as part of a major investigation into massive fraud linked to the EU's post-pandemic recovery fund.

Finland's eastern border to remain shut indefinitely, including boat harbours : worldnews

Denmark fires defense chief after warship malfunctions in Red Sea Houthi battle : worldnews
Danish Frigate Suffered Radar, Combat System, Gun Problems During Red Sea Ops: Reports

Greece and India to sign defense cooperation agreement : worldnews

Bulgarian police find stash of weapons linked to four suspected Hamas members : worldnews

Germany considers bringing back compulsory military service : worldnews
Germany probes over 400 police due to far-right views : worldnews

Swiss population grows at fastest since 1960s, spurred by Ukrainians : worldnews

Russia trying to undermine Paris Olympics, says Macron : worldnews ... Yeah. Russia does shit like that. Rather than trying to work their way up to the level of other advanced nations, they try to either cheat, or bring nations down to their level. Russia is a cancerous polyp on the anus or humanity ... Should of we say that Putin is the polyp (cancerous by now) and Russia the anus ?
Macron dismisses Russia's 'ridiculous' remarks suggesting Paris had a role in Moscow attack : worldnews
Macron to say France and allies could have stopped Rwanda genocide in 1994 : worldnews

Trump may intervene in UK election, warns ex-security aide John Bolton : worldnews
British farmers want basic income to cope with post-Brexit struggles : worldnews

Argentina's Milei vows roadmap towards Argentine sovereignty over British-ruled Falkland Islands : worldnews

Ecuador's youngest mayor shot dead, police say : worldnews

WCK urges Canada, others to back call for independent probe of deadly airstrike : worldnews

Biden calls for "immediate ceasefire" in tense call with Netanyahu : politics
Biden tells Israel's Netanyahu future US support for war depends on new steps to protect civilians : worldnews

China will use AI to disrupt elections in the US, South Korea and India, Microsoft warns : worldnews

Joe Biden crushes Donald Trump in new swing state poll : politics
Biden leads Trump by 10 points in key swing state, poll shows : politics

Top Republican says party base "infected" by Russian propaganda : politics
Have the House Republicans Ever Considered...Governing? | They've sent nearly 50 oversight requests to various agencies in a desperate attempt to ruin Biden's year. : politics

Cannon rejects Trump bid to toss documents case on claim records were personal property : politics

Donald Trump's Election Proposal Resoundingly Rejected by Republicans : politics

Fani Willis gets a win against Donald Trump : politics

If cover-up is the real crime, Trump's hush-money charges have a Nixonian ring : politics

Donald Trump forced to reveal his finances to save his properties : politics

Donald Trump Rages as Truth Social Value Plummets : politics ... It's a company of nothing. It doesn't make money and has no future prospects to do so. It doesn't build technology. It's not novel. Instead, it's an avenue for the worst people to yell into the void. And ignoring it is free.

Trump's Civil Fraud Bond Backer Is Even Shadier Than We Thought : politics

Traders Are Betting Millions That Trump Media Will Tumble : politics
Traders Are Betting Millions That Trump Media Will Tumble - The New York Times - The parent company of Truth Social is a popular target for short-sellers, even after they lost $100 million last month betting on a decline in the stock that didn't come ... The demand to short Trump Media, the parent company of the social media platform Truth Social, is so great that stock lenders can charge enormous fees, making it hard for short-sellers to turn a profit unless the shares fall significantly. Still, there is a lot of interest in taking the bet.

Market lacks confidence in the meme stock of company with virtually no revenue or plan to produce revenue - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You'll never guess what is the most shorted stock in the country right now: ... As always, the real money goes to the people selling the picks and helmets to the prospectors.

Trump melts down on Truth Social over Jack Smith "attacking" Judge Aileen Cannon : politics ... Trump will 'Ivana' whichever scotus fails their purity test in the upcoming presidential immunity case April 25th.

The Trump and fascism question - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... So what's really embarrassing here? The fact is Corey Robin has been wrong since the beginning. A good theorist, he has terrible judgment of events. He thought Trump would lose in a landslide. Then he thought Trump would be a right-wing Carter presidency. That he would be toothless and ineffectual in every way. Shortly before January 6th, he said that "Trumpist/GOP politics" was the "almost the complete opposite of fascism." Since Robin once accused me of twisting his words in this regard, I will reproduce the whole quote: ... The irony of Trumpist/GOP politics is that it is completely dependent upon the constitutional order. In that regard, it's almost the complete opposite of fascism.
What Happened Here - by John Ganz - Unpopular Front The Never Ending Fascism Debate
Why We Can't Stop Arguing About Whether Trump Is a Fascist | The New Yorker In a new book, "Did It Happen Here?," scholars debate what the F-word conceals and what it reveals.
I've Hesitated to Call Donald Trump a Fascist. Until Now | Opinion
No way out - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Memory, turn your face to the moonlight - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Scum - Lawyers, Guns & Money Donald Trump is the scum of the Earth: Donald Trump claimed at a campaign rally on Tuesday that he had been in touch with the family of a young woman murdered last month by an undocumented Mexican immigrant, much to the surprise of the victim's actual relatives

No Labels Abandons Effort to Field a Presidential Candidate : politics
No Labels Too Obvious of a Grift Even for America 2024 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Anti-vaxx crackpot also a 1/6 apologist - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Alyssa Farah Griffin: RFK Jr. Isn't Just an Anti-Vaxxer, He's a Gaslighting Fraud : politics

Reps. Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar subpoenaed in Arizona probe of Trump fake electors : politics

The Washington press corps doesn't have a freaking clue | Press Watch

Inside the latest plot to turn a generation against birth control

Beyonce's 'Blackbird' 'awakens so much' for Little Rock Nine members - The Washington Post

The number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide is projected to double to 2.9 million a year by 2040, with annual deaths predicted to rise by 85%, according to the largest study of its kind. : worldnews

Is the Collapse of Wave Function at the Heart of Reality? | by Nahidul Hasan Sabit | Mar, 2024 | Medium

German state ditches Microsoft for Linux and LibreOffice : worldnews


Key hurricane forecast predicts 'extremely active' Atlantic storm season - The Washington Post - The predictions are so aggressive, they would mean the Atlantic basin could exhaust a list of 21 storm names for a second time in four years, and the third time since 2005.

New Caledonia - Wikipedia

USTR takes issue again with S. Korean bills on network usage fees

Mystery illness in North Korea: Children hit hardest, schools close : worldnews

Joe Biden, Fumio Kishida to announce 'historic' agreement upgrading US-Japan relationship: top envoy : worldnews

Taiwan: Rescue efforts continue after 800 injured in earthquake : worldnews
Dozens trapped in tunnels after Taiwan's strongest quake in 25 years kills at least seven : worldnews
Taiwan earthquake update: The island was well prepared for the earthquake - The Washington Post
How a steel ball 'damper' protected Taipei 101 from Taiwan earthquake - The Washington Post

Russia says NATO, at 75, has returned to Cold War mindset : worldnews

Record number of additions to Russia's list of terrorists and extremists so far this year : worldnews

Suspicious deaths of Russian businesspeople (2022-2024) - Wikipedia

Indian men claim they've been forced to fight for Russia's military in Ukraine : worldnews
India's Russian oil imports flow heavy despite tighter sanctions : worldnews

Turkey's high election board reverses mayor decision in eastern Turkey -- sources : worldnews ... Today, many parties got together to give a statement, and by the end of day the win was reinstated. This is a huge win against Erdogan. He hasn't had to backtrack like this for a very long time.
Turkish authorities remove Kurdish governor-elect as ruling party reels from polls setback : worldnews

Namibia Heightens Poaching Alert After 28 Rhinos Killed : worldnews

Hunger grips southern Africa as Zimbabwe declares drought a disaster : worldnews

Ugandan court upholds anti-LGBTQ law but says some rights infringed : worldnews

RSF Accused of Rape in Conquered Territory : worldnews ... According to Sudanese advocacy groups and the United Nations, hundreds of women have reported being raped or sexually assaulted in Sudan by the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) since they launched their battle for military supremacy against the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in April 2023.

Russia deploys more forces in Syria's Golan Heights : worldnews

'Deadly attacks against Israel will be carried out soon', Iran warns : worldnews

(4) Israel War Room on X: "#BREAKING: Israeli authorities in the Gush Dan region (greater Tel Aviv metro area) to open public bomb shelters amid Iranian threats" / X

IDF chief apologizes as details emerge of strike that picked off Gaza aid cars one by one : worldnews

Opinion | With fatal strikes on Gaza aid workers, Israel tests world tolerance - The Washington Post - Israel is at a crisis point: The world has had enough

U.S. approved more bombs to Israel day of World Central Kitchen strikes - The Washington Post - The Biden administration signed off on thousands more bombs to Israel despite global condemnation of the IDF's killing of seven World Central Kitchen employees

(4) The Jerusalem Post on X: "The United States said on Wednesday that establishing an independent Palestinian state should happen through direct negotiations between the parties and not at the United Nations." / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread 47) : worldnews

How the Gaza Ministry of Health Fakes Casualty Numbers - Tablet Magazine - The evidence is in their own poorly fabricated figures
Doctors say Gaza death toll could be higher than reported

Opinion | Jose Andres: Let People Eat - The New York Times
Gaza's hunger and famine could hurt children for a lifetime - Washington Post

Come to Kharkiv first and condemn us then, Zelenskyy tells critics of attacks on Russian oil refineries : worldnews

Kyiv will never fall into Russian hands, Blinken says : worldnews

Russia targets Ukraine with missiles, drones : worldnews
'No choice': Ukraine eyes Kerch bridge in Crimea for drone attack : worldnews
'Having No Choice' Kyiv Willing to Accept $60B US Aid in Any Form, Even as a Loan : worldnews

Haiti's surge in gang violence has led more than 53,000 to flee the capital in less than three weeks : worldnews

First Nations leaders in British Columbia dismayed at historical revisionism on residential schools : worldnews
Pakistan among countries that may be involved in foreign interference in Canada : worldnews

Greece to Become Big Source of Replacement Shells in $1.9 Billion Czech Ammo Plan for Ukraine : worldnews

French and Russian defense ministers hold telephone talks, their first such contact since October 2022 -- Paris : worldnews

UK's Cameron calls for increased NATO spending amid Ukraine conflict : worldnews

World's Oldest Man, Juan Vicente Perez Mora From Venezuela Dies At 114 - News18

Nighttime Insecurity Grows and Affects 2 out of 3 Brazilians, Says Datafolha : worldnews ... The feeling of insecurity when walking at night in Brazilian cities has increased in the last six months.

Medellín declares war on sex tourism after US citizen found with two little girls at a hotel : worldnews

Inside the final minutes before the Baltimore bridge collapsed - The Baltimore Banner

Federal agency asks White applicants to certify 'disadvantage' through form - The Washington Post The Minority Business Development Agency now extends services to entrepreneurs of any race who identify as disadvantaged on a federal form

Biden says U.S. economy is world's best. Trump calls it a 'cesspool.' Data is clear. : politics

Republicans Worry They Could Lose the House -- Before the Election : politics

Marjorie Taylor Greene suggests Mike Johnson is being blackmailed : politics

Ex-Trump Attorney Reveals Why 'Incompetent' Judge Will Get Boot From Docs Case : politics ... Cobb, who noted that the 11th Circuit has previously rebuked Cannon over how she's dealt with the case, called her delays "extraordinary" and that it's "remarkable" Cannon hasn't set a trial date. He told Burnett that he doesn't buy that it's just "incompetence and inexperience" at this

How Steve Bannon guided the MAGA movement's rebound from Jan. 6 - The Washington Post

Trump fraud bond documents rejected as he is forced to come clean about finances. Republican candidate has paperwork 'returned for correction' by court after latest attempt to have hush money trial pushed back ends in failure : politics

Jan. 6 committee members preparing for retribution by Trump - Los Angeles Times - Trump says he'll jail his opponents. Members of the House Jan. 6 committee are preparing
Trump says he'll jail his opponents. Members of the House Jan. 6 committee are preparing : politics

Trump would "level" Gaza without a thought, ex-aide warns : politics

Fact check: Trump falsely claims US crime stats are only going up. Most went down last year, including massive drop in murder : politics ... the roughly 13% decline in murder would be the single biggest one-year drop on record in US data dating back to 1960, while the roughly 6% decline in reported violent crime would be one of the biggest on record ... During 2020, the last year of the Trump presidency, violent crime rose dramatically. The murder rate, for example, increased by almost 30%, the largest one-year increase on record. But violent crime has been falling during the Biden presidency. (elect a criminal, get crime)

Evicted, arrested and being sued by the boss: When will MAGA learn loyalty to Trump ends in sorrow? : politics

The truth behind the surge of squatter stories - The Washington Post ... Is squatting really a problem? The short answer, experts say: No.

Republican candidate's wife sentenced to prison for voter fraud -- Kim Taylor sentenced to prison for voter fraud scheme in Iowa - The Washington Post

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s running mate and the vaccine wars - The Washington Post

What is May-Thurner syndrome? Lauren Boebert's diagnosis, explained. - The Washington Post
"They had to cut her off": Report says server denied booze to "overserved" gg1 Boebert at Trump event : politics

America has reshaped education into red and blue versions - The Washington Post
New Law Allowing Religion into Science Classrooms Is Dangerous for Everyone | It is imperative that we protect science education from "intelligent design" and other alternative "theories" : politics

Attempt to consolidate Electoral College votes fails in Nebraska Legislature : politics
Nebraska GOP plan to deny Biden an electoral vote picks up momentum : politics ... Charlie Kirk ... I mean, the origin of the modern republican party is literally white flight from the Civil rights act. Seems like a homecoming to me.

Republican wins in North Carolina may scare away big businesses again - The Washington Post

Savannah Graziano 2022 death was by San Bernardino deputy gunfire, video shows - The Washington Post ... New video shows deputies fatally shoot teen who was kidnapped by father

Ringleader of global monkey torture network, 'The Torture King', is charged
Ringleader of global monkey torture network, 'The Torture King', is charged : worldnews
Ringleader of global monkey torture network, 'The Torture King', is charged ... Michael Macartney, 50, who went by the alias "Torture King", was charged in Virginia with conspiracy to create and distribute animal-crushing videos. (+Trump / CSA flags)

Markey and Warren rip Steward’s bosses for 'rot of their greed' at State House hearing - The Boston Globe Senate hearing in Boston spotlights abuses in for-profit health care

Moon Standard Time? Nasa to create lunar-centric time reference system : worldnews

67 million-year-old amber found in southern Sask. proves significant : worldnews ... The amber comes from a million years before a major extinction event. So, it's a unique window into the past that gives us insight to a time that we don’t know much about.

Is There Really Hope for Judas? - Crisis Magazine My fear is that just as the Devil used Judas to thwart the Savior, Judas is now being similarly used to revise the traditional doctrine of salvation, particularly in its teaching about divine mercy ... These last few Maundy Thursdays, my feed has been populated by various musings presenting Judas as a pitiable figure who may not be in hell after all. I thought it rather diabolical that a day of sympathy for our Lord is now turning into a day of sympathy for His betrayer. But as I considered this transformation or, rather, deformation, I saw that sympathy for Judas is about far more. It is about the redefinition of divine mercy.

Amylyx will remove ALS drug from the market after failed trial - The Washington Post The decision by Amylyx Pharmaceuticals comes less than a month after a trial showed that the once-promising treatment for Lou Gehrig’s disease doesn't work

Are walking pads worth it? Why I’m never leaving my desk treadmill. - The Washington Post

God Only Knows (Remastered 1999) - YouTube


Record heat in Europe, Asia closes another extremely warm month for planet : worldnews ... March will probably mark Earth's 10th straight record-setting month

Humbling, and a bit worrying : Researcher claims that models fail to fully explain record global heat : worldnews ... There are good news on the climate front here and there, lets not forget that.. but anyone who thinks that climate change will not be the main clusterfuck of the CENTURIES to come is truly blind.

New Tiny Deer Species Is First Discovered In South America For Over 60 Years : worldnews

'We are losing the Amazon rainforest': Record number of wildfires in parts of Brazil : worldnews

Bird Flu 2024 update: What you need to know about the virus : The virus has resurged in Mass. since January, and scientists are tracking it closely.

Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden: Murder suspect loses council re-election bid in Australia : worldnews

Ex-property agent gets death for trafficking cannabis; judge rejects defence that drug was for research : worldnews (Singapore)

Japan enacted a law to prevent loneliness and isolation, problems that affect an estimated 39% of the population : worldnews
The government of an eastern Japan prefecture near Tokyo refused to meet with the South Korean embassy before going ahead with the removal of a memorial commemorating Korean wartime laborers : worldnews

A strong earthquake rocks Taiwan, collapsing buildings and causing a tsunami : worldnews

Biden and Xi speak for first time since November summit amid global tensions | CNN Politics : worldnews
Scientist who gene-edited babies is back in lab and 'proud' of past work despite jailing : worldnews

U.S. told Russia Crocus City Hall was possible target of attack - The Washington Post In an unusual move, U.S. officials shared highly specific information about a terrorist plot with an adversary country ... More than two weeks before terrorists staged a bloody attack in the suburbs of Moscow, the U.S. government told Russian officials that Crocus City Hall, a popular concert venue, was a potential target, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter. (Putin let it happen)
Chechen Man Dies in Police Custody After Being Detained in Connection With Crocus Attack : worldnews ... "A fractured skull, a broken ribcage, and a broken spine" from hanging himself...

Putin says Russia will find out who ordered deadly concert shooting : worldnews (by not stopping it, you ordered it) ... and it directly contradicts Moscow's claims that the U.S. warnings were too general to help preempt the assault.

(4) Ministry of Defence on X: "Two years on, the consequences of Putin's invasion are showing. Since 2023, there's been a record 30% increase in Russian men aged 31-59 with disabilities. Russian demographers claim the increase is most likely due to the growth in military casualties following the invasion." / X

Russia's economy is now so isolated that it has few options other than the Chinese yuan for its reserves : worldnews

Unidentified UAVs attacked the Shahed drone factory in Russia : worldnews ... Drone on drone violence ... I blame the schools
Ukraine has claimed responsibility for a drone attack in Russia's Tatarstan region -- more than 1,300km (807 miles) from the Ukraine-Russia border. : worldnews ... I must say, I find it funny how Russia went from being perceived as the "second biggest and strongest army" on our planet to being unable to halt drones flying 1300 kilometers deep into their nation.
Ukraine said its new attack drones can hit targets 600 miles inside Russia -- and appeared to use them right away : worldnews
Major Russian refinery hit by Ukrainian drone 1,300 km from the front lines : worldnews
(4) Alex Kokcharov on X: "This map shows part of #Russia which is now likely within range of attack UAVs launched from #Ukraine. Their current, expanded range is likely within 1,200-1,300 km, based on today's attacks in Yelabuga and Nizhnekamsk:" / X undefined
All 13 Casualties from Tatarstan Drone Attack were Students Employed at Kamikaze Drone Factory : worldnews

(4) Institute for the Study of War on X: "2/ The April 2 strikes are the first Ukrainian strikes on Tatarstan, and the distance of the targets from Ukraine's borders represents a significant inflection in Ukraine's demonstrated capability to conduct long-range strikes far into the Russian rear." / X

Russia's friends beg EU to leave frozen assets alone -- From China to Saudi Arabia, countries want the EU to reject pressure to confiscate over Euro 200 billion of Russian assets to help Ukraine's reconstruction efforts : worldnews

Harvard Princes, Russian Reformers: When Harvard Ran Moscow | Magazine | The Harvard Crimson ... The Moscow-based project was run under the Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID), a Harvard organization for economic and political advising abroad. The mismanagement in Russia ended with the dissolution of the project and, soon after, the demise of HIID itself.

Over 100 Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore on Russia's Black Sea Coast : worldnews ... Many of the animals showed signs of having been caught in fishing nets, including deep scratches, missing fins or tails, as well as torn stomachs. Some were entangled in ropes tied around rocks, which Delfa suggested may have been caused by fishermen trying to get rid of their bycatch ... "Of course, fishermen don't kill dolphins intentionally,"

Belarus dictator Lukashenko warns: "We are preparing for a war even if we don't want it" : worldnews

India rejects China's renaming of 30 places in Himalayan border state, calling the move "senseless" and reaffirming that the border province is an "integral" part of India. : worldnews
India wants to become the top manufacturing alternative to China. But first it needs to beat Vietnam : worldnews ... Despite these challenges, Vietnam's warm relationship with China could be an advantage to India.
Apple won't unlock Indian Prime Minister's election opponent's Iphone. : worldnews ... It's just a matter of policy. If they start to allow exceptions, they'll get an endless flood of requests.

Fire in Istanbul kills 27 people, state media says | CNN : worldnews
Dozens dead in Istanbul nightclub fire : worldnews ... Article says the club was a basement of a highrise and was closed for renovations. The 29 dead were workers. Very strange and tragic.

Africa's youngest-ever democratically elected leader sworn in today in Senegal : worldnews ... At 44, Faye is Africa's youngest elected leader. He presents a youthful face to democracy and the presidency in Senegal where the median age is 19. Both his main rival in last month's elections, and immediate past president Macky Sall were 62 years old, and have long been part of the Senegalese political establishment. The presidency is Faye's first role in public office.

Botswana threatens to send 20,000 elephants to Germany in trophy hunting row : worldnews

Iran and Hezbollah vow 'punishment and revenge' for strike that killed IRGC generals : worldnews
(4) The Jerusalem Post on X: "Iran vows to take revenge on Israel for Damascus airstrike as the US tells Iran it 'had no involvement' in airstrike." / X ... Terroran has no limits.
(4) Evan Kohlmann on X: "Sources affiliated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are claiming that there is allegedly new ongoing "activity" at IRGC missile launch sites located inside Iran: "The Zero Hour for an attack on Israel is near." / X
Iran and Hezbollah vow 'punishment and revenge' for strike that killed IRGC generals | The Times of Israel | Iranians burn Israeli and US flags during a protest in Tehran, April 1, 2024. (Mostafa Dadkhah/AFPTV/AFP)

Iran alerted Russia to security threat before Moscow attack : worldnews ... It's starting to look like everyone knew about this attack except Russia ... No, they also knew. They just saw it as an opportunity ... Would help explain how they caught the perpetrators so quickly if they were tracking them beforehand
U.S. tells Iran it "had no involvement" in Israel strike : worldnews
Palestinian Fatah group says Iran trying to spread chaos in West Bank : worldnews

Report: US tells Israel its Rafah evacuation plan not viable in 'harsh' video call : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread 46) : worldnews

(4) ToI ALERTS on X: "Live update: Protesters march toward Netanyahu's home, spread through Jerusalem neighborhoods" / X
Jerusalem protests show rage against Netanyahu is no longer waiting for the end of the war : worldnews
Israelis stage largest protest against Netanyahu government since war began : worldnews ... Such a shame that a politician who gets ~20% of the vote and partners with fascist parties holds such an iron fist of this country. If moderates had control on both sides, we'd be at a two state solution decades ago. Extremism is ruining the world.
Benny Gantz to Netanyahu: Hold Israeli elections in September : worldnews

Israel-Hamas war: Poland says aid strike 'testing' ties, putting the country's solidarity with Israel "to a really hard test." : worldnews ... he Israeli response to Poland's concern is absolutely wild:

Anthony Albanese demands accountability from Israel over death of aid worker in Gaza : worldnews

IDF bombs food aid convoy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The strike is believed to be the first to kill foreigners working for an international aid organization in Gaza since the start of the war on Oct. 7, though a record number of Palestinians employed by the United Nations have been killed in the conflict. It sent shock waves through the humanitarian aid community, causing at least two other groups providing aid to pause their operations at a time when Gaza is on the brink of famine.
(4) Dimi Reider | on X: "because team survived one hit and tried taking cover in another vehicle, and then survivors moved to a third - and were finished off there. Deliberate, repeated targeting of convoy, making sure no one was left alive. And this actually doesn't stack up -- the alleged pretext:" ... This is actually far worse than I imagined. / X
(4) Marc Owen Jones on X: "It is misleading to describe the @WCKitchen killing as an airstrike (singular). In actual fact 3 vehicles were targeted, with the first & last being over 2.4km apart. The IDF decided to make 3 targeted strikes, not one. Geolocation from @m_osint and @ChrisOsieck #Gaza" / X

Eschaton: They Were All Hamas Will be "hilarious" watching State pretend a US citizen isn't one. They have done it before ... The seven killed are from Australia, Poland, United Kingdom, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, and Palestine.
Eschaton: Nothing New ... Israel just did to WCK what they've been doing to UNRWA for months. There's just a 10% greater chance someone important might not pretend not to believe it and instead get annoyed by it
Eschaton: No Red Lines, Bibi -- Haaretz reports “The convoy of the "Central World Kitchen" organization was attacked due to the suspicion that an armed Hamas operative had joined the foreign volunteers, but he remained in the warehouse from where the journey began.” (Google Translated from Hebrew) -- If the bar is "maybe there is a guy there" then there is no bar. No international aid operation can function.
Eschaton: Already Did Bibi said it was a big whoopsie. They didn't mean to kill the people they targeted with repeated strikes, just a guy that wasn't there.
Gaza aid convoy strike: What we know

Zelenskyy signs law on conscription of people aged over 25 : worldnews

Ukraine invites citizens to register wartime damage : worldnews ... Moscow says it will do everything possible to stop the West "plundering" state assets to pay for reparations to Ukraine, and Russia's U.N. ambassador said the provisions of the U.N. resolution were "legally null and void".

NATO Proposes $100 Billion, Five-Year Fund to Support Ukraine : worldnews
NATO ministers contemplate $107B multi-year assistance pledge to keep arming Ukraine : worldnews
NATO Stoltenberg: Long-term NATO support for Ukraine can show Russia it cannot win the war : worldnews

Ukraine is at great risk of its front lines collapsing : worldnews

Ukraine considers banning Telegram if app is confirmed as threat to national security : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 769, Part 1 (Thread #915) : worldnews

Russia Grooms Abducted Ukrainian Kids for War : worldnews

(4) Anton Gerashchenko on X: "Ukrainian Warriors shot down one of the most expensive Russian drones over the Black Sea - Forpost, South Operational Command reports. It's worth about $7 million. It is quite large, can conduct reconnaissance and carry an additional combat load in the form of 2 missiles or other weapons to hit ground targets." / X

Russia loses 20 armoured vehicles as huge tank assault fails : anime_titties

(4) Jakub Janda on X: "Nr. 2 of @AfD European Parliament election list audio-taped receiving Russian intelligence bribe. Czech counter-intelligence agendy @biscz have audio recording of German Member of Bundestag @PetrBystronAfD receiving money from Russian espionage. Bystron is also foreign policy spokesperson of the Bundestag fraction of Russian Alternative for Germany." / X
Kremlin-Financed Political Influence Network in Europe Scandal Widens, 24 Officials Named : worldnews
NATO Is Unprepared for Russia's Arctic Threats : worldnews ... NATO is not unprepared. This argument expert is wrong.

Allies consider moving Ukraine arms group into NATO to shield it from Trump : worldnews

Spies, agents of influence and disinformation: Russia redoubles its operations ahead of the European elections. A coordinated investigation between several countries into a Russian network that allegedly paid far-right MEPs has raised the alarm in the EU : worldnews

EU pumps four times more money into farming animals than growing plants - a new study : worldnews ... This article is missing the point that the subsidies are a stop gap to stop farms going under while using less harmful methods to stay competitive. If they want farms to go totally green they have to legislate away large amounts of international competition and then order the production that is required. Neither of which can be done with just subsidies. And both of which are more expensive than subsidies alone.

Children injured in Finland school shooting, minor apprehended : worldnews
12 year old suspect shoots and injures 3 children in Finnish school : worldnews
Several people injured in Finnish primary school shooting : worldnews
Sixth-grader killed in Finnish school shooting, police say, child suspect held : worldnews
Vantaa school shooting: Tearful minister mourns "terrible event" | Yle News : worldnews ... Education Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson broke into tears while speaking to reporters hours after the attack in a country where gun violence among youths is rare. "One 12-year-old child will never return home from school again," she said.

Italy races to stop leaning tower from collapsing | CNN : worldnews
A fight to protect the dignity of Michelangelo's David raises questions about freedom of expression | AP News

Spain to recognize Palestinian statehood by July, leader says -- reports : worldnews

(4) La France a l'ONU on X: "#Gaza | France requested closed consultations on Gaza today. "This Council needs to do more. It cannot wait any longer. This is why France will introduce a comprehensive draft resolution today." Remarks to the press by @NDeRiviere" / X
France mulls New Caledonia electoral reform of the voters' rolls ahead of key vote : worldnews
French citizens feel security has recently declined : worldnews
Fortified 14th-century castle and moat discovered under hotel in France : worldnews

Peru: Six ministers resign amid president's corruption probe : worldnews ... This is going to be juicy, in the democracy-making or breaking sense. All voiced support for the president, who's under investigation for taking 10s of thousands in luxury gifts, right before their completely unrelated resignations.

President Javier Milei fires 24,000 government workers in Argentina: No one knows who will be next : worldnews ... Read a statistic the other day that over 70% of people living in La Formosa province (roughly half a million) were working for the state. It's insane.

Massacres return in Ecuador with 80 murders in three days : worldnews

Panic in Haiti's capital as wild shooting fills streets : worldnews

Gisela Gaytan, candidate for mayor of violence-plagued town in Mexico, is shot dead : worldnews

Residential property: How do you fix a massive lack of housing? Canada knows a few things : worldnews

(4) Razom for Ukraine on X: "One excuse we often hear for delayed U.S. aid to Ukraine is that "the Europeans need to pull their weight" and contribute more. In reality, the EU and its member states have committed more than *double* what the U.S. has committed. Congress must pass #UkraineAidNow." / X
Nato may send weapons directly to Ukraine to 'shield' support if Trump wins presidency : politics
Trump-proofing weapons for Ukraine: Allies consider moving arms group into NATO -- Officials are expected to discuss gradually moving the organization — called the Ukraine Defense Contact Group -- into the alliance's control. : politics

China's Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms : worldnews ... Covert Chinese accounts are masquerading online as American supporters of former President Donald J. Trump, promoting conspiracy theories, stoking domestic divisions and attacking President Biden ahead of the election in November, according to researchers and government officials ... China wants Trump back, Russia wants Trump back, Israel wants Trump back... and I have to say, it's not because they think Trump would be great for the American people ...
China' s Advancing Efforts to Influence the U.S. Election Raise Alarms - The New York Times -- China has adopted some of the same misinformation tactics that Russia used ahead of the 2016 election, researchers and government officials say ... The accounts signal a potential tactical shift in how Beijing aims to influence American politics, with more of a willingness to target specific candidates and parties, including Mr. Biden ... Ms. Thomas and other researchers have linked the new activity to a long-running network of accounts connected with the Chinese government known as Spamouflage ...

Israel faces outrage from Democrats over strike that killed aid workers : politics

Bernie Sanders says Israel is 'becoming a religious fundamentalist country' : politics

Buttigieg announces new federal rule that freight railroads must have 2-person crews : politics

It Must Be Nice - Lawyers, Guns & Money to live in a world where comity is the rule, where you spin law out of cotton candy and everyone is friends. Stephen Breyer remembers that world.

It's Schumer v. Texas in the fight over judge shopping : politics

Raphael Warnock slams Mike Johnson as 'opposite of Christian' after Trans Visibility Day uproar : politics

Virginia Democrat slams proposal to name airport after Trump: ‘I'd suggest they find a federal prison' : politics

Trump's Promise to Free Jan. 6 Inmates in DC Jail -- Almost All of Them Assaulted Law Enforcement Officers : politics

Trump Built His Brand Bashing Obamacare. Now It's More Popular Than Him. : politics

Ahead of first rally in Wisconsin, Trump repeats false claims that he won the state in 2020 : politics

'Start the Steal': Trump Once Again Planning to Overturn an Election : politics
How Trumpworld is planning to weaponize DOJ for white nationalism : politics

Why is Donald Trump still so popular with evangelicals? Because Donald Trump's campaign is sometimes too surreal for anything but satire.

Trump supporters now floating presidency for life proposals - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Repeal the Comstock Act - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I was wondering if there would be a serious movement to put this on the radar, and I'm not surprised that it's Tina Smith that's stepping up: A long discredited, arcane 150-year-old law is back in the news in 2024, and that should terrify anyone who supports reproductive freedom. Last week at the Supreme Court, the Comstock Act of 1873 was referenced on three separate occasions during oral arguments in a case dealing with access to mifepristone, one of two drugs typically used in medication abortions.

RFK Jr. Called Nader a Spoiler in 2000. Now That's His Role. : politics

RI GOP party goes 'all volunteer' after executive director steps down. What that means. : politics

Arizona abortion rights amendment backers says they've gathered signatures needed for 2024 ballot : politics ... Getting abortion rights on the November ballot in both FL and AZ would be game changing.
Democrats dream of turning Florida blue with abortion rights boost : politics
DeSantis's DePraved abortion ban - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Now that the Florida Supreme Court has read the explicit right to privacy out of the state constitution to allow the ban on abortion signed by Ron DeSantis to go into effect, the situation is extremely dire. As Rachel Cohen observes, even calling it a "6 week" ban is highly misleading: The fact that opponents of legal abortion in America uniformly believe that it should be harder for teenagers who get pregnant to obtain abortions is a good illustration of the moral universe they inhabit, and it's not an attractive one.
What Florida's six-week abortion ban means - Vox A six-week ban will take effect in May, though voters could overturn it in November.

Tenn. bill passes, allows non-accepting parents adopt LGBTQ+ kids : politics ... Imagine adopting a kid just to abuse them, horrifying.

Empire State Adultery - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I can see why New York politicians would want to repeal this law ... An antiquated but seldom-enforced state law categorizes adultery as a crime, and past efforts to repeal it have gone nowhere. But that seems poised to change ... But also, this still being a crime given the histories of leading New York politicians is hilarious.

A $15 toll to drive into part of Manhattan has been approved. That's a first for US cities : politics

Tribal Sovereignty and Wind Energy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

24-year-old died suffering; her parents want New Yorkers to have the choice of life-ending medication : politics

Eschaton: Crazy Like A Fox The scale of Bankman-Fried's delusion was breathtaking
Sam Bankman-Fried's Hallucinations of Grandeur | The Nation | The former crypto mogul faces a 25-year sentence for his financial con game

How Caroline Ellison, SBF ex-girlfriend, helped put FTX founder in prison

Things are pretty awesome, says economist with million dollar household income - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I kind of hate to be so snarky about this, because University of Michigan semi-celebrity economist Justin Wolfers makes some good points in this NYT op-ed, the central one of which is this: People think of higher prices as something that is being (unjustly) imposed on them, and higher wages as something that they've earned ... I'm but a simple country lawyer, but a quick glance at the government's historical income tables shows me that the 20th percentile of household income is currently $30,000, while it was $24,000 39 years ago (constant dollars obvi) which is, as Marcellus Wallace might put it, pretty [expletive deleted] far from doubling.

The Broken Wolf Brain - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Naomi Klein on Naomi Wolf, Covid vaccines, and the lure of conspiracies - Vox - Are we living through a uniquely brain-breaking era? Ask someone who went deep into the "mirror world."

REI Union Busting - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... But like Trader Joe's and Starbucks, two other progressive brands facing organizing campaigns, REI has chosen to resist collective bargaining among its workforce.

Caitlin Clark and women's basketball - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I was one of approximately 12.3 million people who watched the NCAA tournament game between Iowa and LSU on Monday night. This is a massive viewing audience for a sports event. It's larger than:

Louisiana Legislature Attacks Erik Visits an American Grave - Lawyers, Guns & Money
(4) Robert Mann on X: "This criminal defamation bill is wacko and unconstitutional. You could go to jail if you "expose the memory of a deceased person to hatred, contempt or ridicule"?" / X

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,594 - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This is the grave of Lucy Pickens.

Photos from the operating room during women's surgeries Photographs from inside the operating room offer glimpses of procedures performed every day that are anything but routine for the patients.

Mass General Brigham shifting policies on DCF reporting

11 Secrets of LEGO Designers We spoke with three LEGO designers about the ins and outs of the job, including the rigorous quality control process, their all-time favorite sets, and their unique workspace.

Dystopias are so 2020. Meet the new protopias that show a hopeful future : A new PBS show promotes a more promising vision of the future : NPR

LED light therapy for skin is trendy—but does it work? Dermatologists explain the science behind the wildly popular treatment, which is now available at home -- for a steep price.

How Did Crucifixion Really Work? A British Discovery Offers Clues. Jesus’ crucifixion is at the center of Good Friday and the Easter resurrection. But the ancient form of capital punishment left little archaeological evidence behind ... The point of crucifixion was to draw out the death struggle and the victim's agony, and it thus became the most feared and shameful of all execution methods, meted out only to criminals, enslaved people and those accused of treason.

Who was the Egyptian pharaoh challenged Moses? Historians theorize the identity behind one of the Bible's most vengeful villains.

Cabaret’s Endurance Run: The Untold History | Vanity Fair

'Wi-Fi' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

We Need to Talk About Trader Joe's | TASTE


Nuclear fusion experiment sets record for time at 100 million degrees Celsius : worldnews

Baby bust - Lawyers, Guns & Money A big new study published in the Lancet tracks global fertility patterns over the past 80 years, and projects them out over the next 80. Total Fertility Rate (TFR) has fallen from an average of nearly five children per woman in 1950 to two and a quarter, with the global TFR projected to fall below the canonical population replacement level (2.1) by the end of this decade ... Another huge political problem is that there’s massive resistance to immigration in most of the countries that are in desperate need of immigration to redistribute global population in an economically efficient and socially just way ... This, along with climate change -- to which it's intimately related in all sorts of ways -- is likely to be the political and economic problem of the 21st century and beyond.

Satellite images verified by FRANCE 24 reveal that China has built a replica of Taipei's presidential district in remote Inner Mongolia, fuelling speculation that Beijing intends to use the site as a training ground to prepare for a future invasion of Taiwan. : worldnews

Biden, Xi Spoke By Phone to Manage World Tensions, Opportunities : politics
Chinese Ships Stay in Japanese Waters near Senkaku Islands for 2 Days : worldnews ... Chinese are going to keep pushing and pushing as long as the rest of the world lets them.

'I want them to see that I'm not afraid'. An 18-year-old war critic is facing up to five years in prison for 'repeatedly discrediting' the military : worldnews -- For the lazy: this is in St Petersburg, Russia.

Government involvement in killing citizen of another country is a red line: US ambassador to India : worldnews

Protests in Jordan: authorities fear Hamas takeover - I24NEWS : worldnews

Two ministers in new Palestinian cabinet have made statements supporting terrorism : worldnews

Israeli airstrike in Damascus kills top Iranian general : worldnews

Demonstrators vow to 'save Israel' from Netanyahu in new protests: Thousands of angry Israelis took to the streets on Monday for the third consecutive night to demand Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quit -- and the demonstrators say they are not going away : worldnews

Israel has evidence that Gazans killed in February aid disaster died from overcrowding - report : worldnews ... The "Evidence" is that they are saying that they didn't do it, literally thats what the article is saying.

Israeli Knesset passes 'Al Jazeera Law' to allow closing of foreign news channels deemed to act against the state : worldnews

World Central Kitchen Says U.S. Citizen Among 7 Staff Killed in ‘Targeted’ Triple Israeli Attack : politics ... Here is the analysis of the attack 3 vehicles clearly marked by the WCK were struck at different points of a 2.4 km stretch of land. This was 100% intentional by the IDF.
Israeli strike kills 7 aid workers in Gaza, World Central Kitchen halts operations : politics
World Central Kitchen aid workers killed in Israeli strike on Gaza ... Jose Andres speaks out on reported death of aid workers in Gaza
Strike That Killed World Central Kitchen Workers Bears Hallmarks of Israeli Precision Strike - bellingcat
Four foreign aid workers and Palestinian translator killed in convoy strike, Gaza health officials say : worldnews

Biden administration set to greenlight $18 billion sale of F-15 fighter jets to Israel | CNN Politics : worldnews

Russians suffer significant losses, retreat after two assaults on east bank of Dnipro River : worldnews

Ukraine has drones that can fly distances over thousand kilometres – Minister of Digital Transformation : worldnews

'Britain's Schindler': The man who saved 669 children from the Nazis : worldnews
Sir Nicholas Winton - BBC Programme : "That's Life" aired in 1988 - YouTube

Mayor shot dead while at restaurant with his 14-year-old son in Mexico : worldnews

Statement from President Joe Biden on Easter : politics ... As we gather with loved ones, we remember Jesus' sacrifice. We pray for one another and cherish the blessing of the dawn of new possibilities. And with wars and conflict taking a toll on innocent lives around the world, we renew our commitment to work for peace, security, and dignity for all people.
Claim that Joe Biden banned religious Easter egg designs isn't all it's cracked up to be : politics

White House bashes 'dishonest' Republican criticism of Biden's transgender proclamation on Easter : politics
Fake right-wing panic about "trans" Easter is part of Trump's push for Christian nationalism : politics ... There was also some phony anger over the fact that none of the White House Easter eggs had religious symbols on them, ignoring the fact that this has been White House policy for 45 years -- including during the Trump administration ... But this fraudulent moral panic is especially alarming because it's not just about getting MAGA granny to believe she can stop her grandkids from being queer with a Trump donation. Increasingly, these phony outrages are being used by Republicans to justify their party's rejection of religious liberty and embrace of Christian nationalism.

I'm a trans man. We don't have a secret agenda -- we're just asking you to let us live. I don't know why I was born transgender, but I have no secret agenda. I want my child to live in a world where they are safe and free to be exactly who they are. : politics ... Fewer than 1 in 3 people report personally knowing someone who is transgender. Yet the American public is saturated with viral social media videos and political news stories, largely generated by a well-funded coalition of organizations long dedicated to making it as difficult as possible for LGBTQ+ people to go about their daily lives.

Russian assassination unit linked to U.S. officials' "Havana syndrome" : politics

If Ukraine Falls, It Will Be the GOP's Afghanistan : politics
Republican Speaker Johnson makes fresh push for Ukraine aid : politics ... No he isn't, what are these headlines? He can go fuck himself, and so can the people writing these headlines. ("push" = obstruct for Putin)

"That's a risk": Mike Johnson warns Jeffries could become speaker : politics

House Republicans Use a Big Lie to Stand Up for Big Pharma -- Republicans rely on the wrong data to try to justify repealing Biden's Medicare drug negotiation plan : politics

A federal judge says migrants can sue the company that flew them to Martha's Vineyard : politics

Biden Is Building a 'Superstructure' to Stop Trump From Stealing the Election : politics

On Global Authoritarianism - Lawyers, Guns & Money My own view is that the idea that the current authoritarian moment on the right bears no resemblance to "fascism" is a pleasant fantasy that enables the self-identified Left to reject any notion of a crisis that requires solidarity with mainstream liberalism; if it walks like a Nazi and talks like a Nazi then it might as well be treated like a Nazi.
(4) Rick Perlstein on X: "I said no more, but I think it might be a useful contribution to expand upon a criticism I've had on @coreyrobin's classic everyone has to read, The Reactionary Mind, since it became such a powerful influence on me upon first reading. It ends making the argument that..." / X

Biden's latest campaign strategy: Get under Trump's skin : politics

Republican blame game heats up as their majority thins : politics

The Unhinged Arguments the Supreme Court Is Fielding on Trump Immunity : politics

Trump Launches Another Attack on Judge's Daughter, This Time with Photos : politics
Trump prosecutor asks court to tighten gag order, citing dangerous social media posts : politics
'Changed circumstances and newly discovered evidence': Trump plots to remove judge in hush money case over his daughter's political activities after failing the 1st time : politics
Trump posts bond in civil fraud case; has gag order expanded in hush-money trial : politics
Trump Doesn't Think He'll Be Punished for Attacking Judge's Daughter : politics
Donald Trump's repeated attacks could land him in jail: ex-judge : politics

Donald Trump's Easter Truth Social meltdown raises alarm : politics
Trump's Truth Social Play Is Already Failing. In one week the former president is down a billion dollars -- courtesy of the SEC. : politics

Trump spends Easter posting 77 times on social media : politics
Trump Rages Against His Legal Foes in Unhinged Easter Screed : politics
The Chosen One - Lawyers, Guns & Money Former President Donald Trump used his Easter morning to share an article claiming he is "the chosen one" and was sent by God.
Trump Rages Against His Legal Foes in Unhinged Easter Screed "HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, INCLUDING CROOKED AND CORRUPT PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES," he declared.

'Threatening the president is a crime': Weissmann on why Trump may have violated his bail conditions : politics ... Trump is the stress test of society ... and society is failing the test ... collectively we're just dumb motherfuckers.

GOP rep on Trump targeting judge's daughter: 'Families should always be off-limits' : politics ... "You have to take out their families" Donald Trump, 2015, suggesting US troops should kill women and children ... And Trump delivered on this promise, by escalating drone strikes by 400% and getting a massive amounts of civilians killed, which he had stopped officially counting. And then they gaslight us and tell us he was an anti-war President. Far from it.
Israeli expert: Donald Trump's call to kill terrorists' families immoral, ineffective | CNN Politics (2015)

US judge receptive to Trump documents claims in warning sign for prosecutors : politics (the loose Trump Cannon)

Late Capitol police officer's family slams Trump attending NYPD wake : politics

Trump Cognitive Test: 'Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV' "[The doctors] said, 'That's amazing. How did you do that?'" the president claimed - July 23, 2020

The "martyrdom" of Donald J. Trump: "It's all slapstick comedy: Posing as a Christ-like figure is so outlandish and absurd" : politics ... Mark Twain -- 'It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.'

Trump attacks resigning GOP Reps as 'cowards and weaklings' as majority thins : politics ... His whole life has been about fucking around and never finding out.

Don't Normalize Trump's Threats of Violence : politics
Supporting Trump Means Supporting a Culture of Violence : politics

Trump allies plot anti-racism protections -- for white people : politics ... "When you're accustomed to privilege equality feels like oppression"

Ex-Trump aide Hope Hicks expected to testify in former president's New York criminal trial : politics

The recommendation of Eastman's disbarment is a big deal -- for Trump : politics And this information (Eastman's correspondence with chesebro and pences lawyers) was publicly available more than 2 years ago. This isn't something that we needed to raid Trump's house to get. This has been on the back burner for years, it's insane how slow this is taking.

Trump Is Financially Ruining the Republican Party : politics
Republicans Panic About Their Money Problems : politics
How Republicans texted and emailed their way into a money problem : politics ... Low income Republicans of America are going broke sending money to a billionaire to help him with legal battles from defrauding banks, and paying off pornstars. Unbelievable. (trickle-down stupidity)

"Perfectly predictable": Dr. John Gartner on why "a malignant narcissist like Trump" sells Bibles - "It fits perfectly into both his personality disorder's hypomanic grandiosity and its paranoid sense of grievance" : politics
Don Winslow's Crusade Against Trump: 'Do You Want a Narcissistic Sociopath in the White House?' : politics

The Trump Double Standard: He's the Least Persecuted Pol in America | Can you imagine the media's reaction if Biden had tweeted an image of Trump hog-tied in the back of a pickup truck? : politics

Grifty MacGriftFace - Lawyers, Guns & Money That long-delayed deal was completed last week, paving the way for Trump Media to receive an influx of approximately $300 million in cash. The company can now use those funds to pay down debt and, importantly, build out its infrastructure.
We are now entering the dump phase - Lawyers, Guns & Money Truth Social posted its financials today, and woof:
Idiot bets $175 million that Donald Trump is good for it - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Billionaire known for high-interest loans to car buyers with poor credit chairs the insurance group that underwrote Trump's $175 million bond : politics

Clinical social worker: "With the Trump Bible, one must consider dementia" : politics

Trump's Call for Israel to 'Finish Up' War Alarms Some on the Right : politics

Trump aims to scare witnesses in hush-money trial, prosecutors say : politics

Don't Overlook the Power of the Civil Cases Against Donald Trump : politics

It should be a much bigger story: Trump cabinet officials continue to come out against him : politics

Trump Supporters Aren't Even Hiding They Hate the Constitution | Donald Trump's backers are saying the quiet part out loud now. : politics

Why Trump's Lunacy Is Suddenly Raising GOP Fears of Down-Ballot Losses : politics

Republican admits impeachment probe hasn't found any crime by Joe Biden : politics

Rep. Mike Turner says there is a "chaos caucus" who want to block any Congressional action : politics

Republican Congressman Rebukes 'Idiotic' Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics

RNC plan for 2020 denialist to head 'election integrity' unit raises alarms : politics

The former Trump aides who would rather not see him on the ballot : politics

Judges, witnesses, prosecutors increasingly warn of threats to democracy in 2024 elections as Jan. 6 prosecutions continue : politics

Texas woman charged with murder after having abortion sues county, DA : politics

Republicans’ abortion woes worsen : politics
New ad campaign from Democrats targets vulnerable Republicans over IVF : politics
The Republican party has become a full-fledged anti-sex movement : politics

Biden campaign announces it will target flipping Trump's Florida : politics

Florida Supreme Court puts abortion on the ballot – and hands Trump a serious problem : politics
Florida Supreme Court rules that abortion and marijuana initiatives will appear on November 2024 ballot : politics
Florida Supreme Court backs abortion ban; seismic decision reverses 34-year privacy ruling : politics
Florida six-week abortion ban will soon become law | CNN Politics : politics
Florida's six-week abortion ban will have far-reaching effects, advocates say : politics
Abortion will be part of Florida’s 2024 ballot. Read reactions from both sides. : politics
'No help here': Florida abortion ruling leaves women with few options : politics

Recreational weed will be on Florida's 2024 ballot, Supreme Court rules : politics
They came for Florida's sun and sand. They got soaring costs and a culture war. : politics
Sometimes the haters are right - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Some people moving to Florida are shocked to find a state with poorly maintained infrastructure and massively overrated weather governed by right-wing goons:

"Stand where he tells you to stand" : Why the GOP is doubling down on misogyny in 2024 : politics ... If you go with the assumption that there is no bottom to the Republican agenda, the logical conclusion to all of this is the end of abortion, divorce, women voting, owning property, or having their own credit cards; and the return of slavery and child labor. What used to seem outlandish and insane to even consider is now fairly mainstream in the party of Trump. They're not really trying to hide it anymore.

Lauren Boebert trails Democrat Ike McCorkle by 7 points, potential challenger's internal poll shows : politics

The Mystery Money Behind This Matt Gaetz-Marjorie Taylor Greene Lawsuit : politics

Anti-vaccine activists and the far right team up on parallel economy : NPR

Kansas newspaper that was raided by Marion police sues officials for attack on free press | Marion County Record lawsuit says mayor, police chief and sheriff sought revenge for critical news coverage : politics

Ohio landowners say solar opposition groups threaten their property rights : politics

Republicans Want to Rename D.C.'s Most Annoying Airport After Trump : politics The right just keeps burrowing further and further into their crazy fucking fantasy world. It's bad enough they renamed National Airport after Ronald Reagan - the lunatic that fired most of the air traffic controllers who dared to strike for sane working conditions. Now they want a new golden calf for their Cheeto God. Fuck these asshats.

New York inmates sue to watch the solar eclipse after prisons ordered locked down : politics

Combat training for election workers? Arizona braces for Trump-addled election deniers : politics

Nancy Mace Has a Wild New Defense for Endorsing a Rapist for President - The Republican representative says she's being "rape-shamed" for supporting Donald Trump. : politics ... She is being shamed for supporting a rapist. The fact that she was once raped and still supports him shows her total lack of empathy.

Georgia's Latest Attack on the Right to Vote: The Republican legislature has a clumsy new effort to disqualify registered voters. : politics ... "I need you to find 11,000+ votes" "No problem, I'll just throw out these 500,000 absentee votes"

Republican official sues Media Matters for reporting on X's neo-Nazi content. It's the second time a Republican attorney general has sued the group. : politics

Why isn't dental health considered primary medical care? | Knowable Magazine

How to Decompress Your Spine to Reduce Back Ache and Pain Is it good to decompress your spine? We asked an expert about the buzzy workout concept thought to ease back pain.

So You Think You've Been Gaslit | The New Yorker What happens when a niche clinical concept becomes a ubiquitous cultural diagnosis.

How do you get lead poisoning? Why lead keeps showing up where it's not supposed to. - Vox What contaminated applesauce reveals about how lead exposure happens ... One global estimate of lead's impact concluded that exposure had contributed to 5.5 million adult cardiovascular deaths and $6 trillion in lost economic potential in 2019. "But we don't see lead. We don't think about it," Luby said. "When Dad dies of a heart attack, we don't blame it on lead." ... one in three children worldwide have dangerously high amounts of lead in their blood, the share is closer to one in every two children in the developing world ... lead exposure linked to turmeric among rural mothers in Bangladesh, noted that the use of lead chromate is "economically motivated." It adds the yellow color desirable in traditional turmeric

Here Are the Signs You Might Be Sleeping Too Much But the study's results also indicated that too much sleep -- more than eight hours -- was equally detrimental.

Cats Aren't Jerks. They're Just Misunderstood. Feline researchers say many cats are quite social. Yours might even want to learn a few tricks.

He Used Plastic Surgery to Raise Rock Stars From the Dead Decades before hologram tours, one rogue '70s promoter found another way to put Elvis, Janis, Jim Morrison, and other late icons back onstage.

The HeyGen/Arcads AI Woman Spokesmodel Is Real, Sort Of The Deodorant AI Spokesmodel Is a Real Person, Sort Of An AI-generated ad for cleaning wipes has driven the internet insane.


History's Greatest April Fools Jokes

Wait, does America suddenly have a record number of bees? - The Washington Post ... Much of the explosion of small producers came in just one state: Texas. The Lone Star State has gone from having the sixth-most bee operations in the country to being so far ahead of anyone else that it out-bees the bottom 21 states combined.

India rescuing citizens forced into cyber fraud schemes in Cambodia : worldnews

Chinese state media stoked allegation Taiwan's president would flee war : worldnews

Iran alerted Russia to security threat before Moscow attack : worldnews
(4) MAKS 23 : Iran tipped off Russia about the possibility of a major terrorist operation on its soil ahead of the concert hall massacre near Moscow last month, - Reuters Iran arrested 35 people in January, including a commander of ISIS-Khorasan (ISIS-K) / X

(4) Jay in Kyiv on X: "Update: Now, 11 months until Russia's sovereign wealth fund is gone." / X

Putin signs decree on spring military conscription : worldnews

(4) Euromaidan Press on X: A massive fire has broken out at one of Russia's largest "defense" factories, Uralmash, in Yekaterinburg. The causes are currently unknown. / X

Blast rips through cafe in Russia's Voronezh, windows shatter : worldnews
(4) MAKS 23 on X: After the "arrival" of the Ukrainian UAV on 07.03.24 at the Russian Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, the enterprise was closed for repairs! / X

A Russian Defector's Killing Raises Specter of Hit Squads : worldnews

After Good Friday in Rawalpindi Pakistan, the church was set on fire. : worldnews
Pakistan: Dozens of anti-Israel protesters set a KFC store on fire and were arrested : worldnews

Erdogan's party suffers biggest election upset in Turkey for more than 20 years : worldnews
Turkey's Erdogan concedes defeat in local elections nationwide : worldnews

Exclusive photos of Darfur, Sudan, show hunger and destruction - The Washington Post

US military says it destroyed Houthi drones over the Red Sea and in Yemen : worldnews

Families of Israeli hostages join protests calling for Netanyahu to go - The Washington Post
Tens of thousands of Israeli protesters call for Netanyahu’s removal : worldnews
Netanyahu vows to shut Al Jazeera down when bill passes in Knesset : worldnews

Hamas chief Haniyeh's sister, Israeli citizen, arrested for security reasons - I24NEWS : worldnews

Israeli military reports killing Hezbollah missile commander : worldnews

Hamas slashes food prices as Gaza flooded with humanitarian aid : worldnews

Hamas document reveals it hides casualties, blames failed rocket launches on Israel : worldnews

Weapons concealed at Al Shifa Hospital maternity ward, IDF reveals : worldnews
Israeli troops leave Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital after two-week sweep : worldnews
Inside the ruins of Gaza's al-Shifa Hospital - The Washington Post

Russia raises stakes with moves along Israel's borders : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 768, Part 1 (Thread #914) : worldnews

Russia asked Ukraine on Sunday to extradite a number of people, including its security chief, over claims they were behind "terrorist" acts on Russian territory, but Kyiv called the demand "worthless" : worldnews

(4) Special Kherson Cat 🐈🇺🇦 on X: "FPV issues a fine to Russian ATV drivers for speeding" / X

Belarus threatens to attack Lithuania and Poland : worldnews
Poland launches inquiry into previous government’s spyware use : worldnews

Unprecedented GPS jamming attack affects 1600 aircraft over Europe : worldnews

Germans celebrate new cannabis laws as drug is semi-legalised, while jails race to free offenders : worldnews

Scotland's new hate crime law comes into force : worldnews
Scotland's new hate crime law comes into force Scotland's new hate crime law has come into force, with JK Rowling and Elon Musk among its critics.

Sharp rise in sexual images generated by primary school pupils, Foley warns – The Irish Times State regulator is aware of more predators using social media to extort children once they provide compromising images, Minister for Education says
Irish people have been doing the Gaelic gasp since the Vikings first landed on our shores -- The Irish Times Irish people love talking, and we’re not going to let pesky breathing get in the way (talking in the inbreath)
Pulmonic ingressive phonation: Diachronic and synchronic characteristics, distribution and function in animal and human sound production and in human speech on JSTOR

Row Breaks Out After UK Theatre Cancels Palestinian Writers Event, Citing Safety Concerns : worldnews
Ministers face Tory revolt over plans to criminalise rough sleeping : worldnews

Opinion | Maduro blocks opposition in Venezuela - The Washington Post Venezuelas Maduro is breaking through all red lines. Time to respond.

5-year Havana Syndrome investigation finds new evidence linked to Russian intelligence and acoustic weapons : worldnews
Havana Syndrome linked to Russian military intelligence sabotage squad by The Insider : worldnews

China's advancing efforts to influence the US election raise alarms : worldnews China doing a favor to Russia by promoting Trump.

Biden plan for Gaza floating pier endangers U.S. troops, experts say - The Washington Post Biden's plan for Gaza pier endangers U.S. troops, experts warn - Skeptics fear the humanitarian operation will be an enticing target for Hamas or other militants
Biden administration approves more weapons for Israel - The Washington Post Despite a widening rift with the Israeli government, the Biden administration continues to authorize the transfer of 2,000-pound bombs and other weapons

Highway 1 collapse near Big Sur in landslide shuts road - The Washington Post

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott endures racist attacks amid bridge collapse - The Washington Post ... One user on X, called him "Baltimore's DEI mayor," a reference to diversity, equity and inclusion programs that have come under attack by conservatives who say they lead to minorities getting jobs over more qualified White candidates.
Alternate ship route planned in Baltimore Harbor - The Washington Post Route seen as important step in reopening port.

How the FBIs visit to a Muslim woman became a right-wing rallying cry -- A viral video of FBI agents looking into pro-Palestinian Facebook posts reflects the muddled politics and social media swirl of 2024
PEN America in Damage-Control Mode Amid Revolt From Staff, Palestinian Writers

Opinion | The Supreme Court justices show their real stripes - The Washington Post ... Justices Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s and Clarence Thomas's extreme judicial activism, partisan screeds and ethics controversies put them in a category unto themselves. Meanwhile, Justice Amy Coney Barrett has demonstrated surprising independence.

Why Trump's alarmist message on immigration may be resonating beyond his base - The Boston Globe

The Trump Trials: The Calm Before the Stormy: Trump expected to try once more to delay New York hush money trial - The Washington Post

RFK Jr. rebuked for calling Biden bigger threat to democracy than Trump : politics ... Two current candidates have direct ties with Jeffrey Epstein. Joe Biden is not one of them.
For RFK Jr., measles outbreak was key moment for career as vaccine skeptic. Now he’s downplaying his activism. In 2019, he and his allies publicly undermined vaccine safety and lobbied lawmakers
Robert F. Kennedy, allies led protests undermining vaccine safety In 2019, he and his allies publicly undermined vaccine safety and lobbied lawmakers
Contrasting Kennedys: Scions of powerful political family project very different images – The Irish Times Robert F Kennedy makes bid for the White House and family members do not appear enthused, while Joseph Kennedy III addresses public conference in Belfast
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can't count on family support to take on Biden | CNN Politics
Irish people have been doing the Gaelic gasp since the Vikings first landed on our shores – The Irish Times - Irish people love talking, and we’re not going to let pesky breathing get in the way

Republicans upset as Trans Day of Visibility, Easter fall on same day - The Washington Post

Murdaugh sentenced to 40 years for federal financial crimes - The Washington Post

YouTube ordered to reveal the identities of video viewers | Malwarebytes Federal US authorities have asked Google for the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and user activity of accounts that watched certain YouTube videos, according to unsealed court documents Forbes has seen ... The starting point of one of the investigations is an entity that uses the handle "elonmuskwhm" and is suspected of money laundering by selling Bitcoin for cash. As part of the investigation, agents sent the suspect links to tutorials on YouTube about mapping via drones and augmented reality software.Then they asked YouTube to send them data about the people that watched that video ... No one should fear a knock at the door from police simply because of what the YouTube algorithm serves up. I'm horrified that the courts are allowing this

On East Coast, activists use whales to fight offshore wind ... The researchers found a vast web of anti-offshore wind organizations are connected by groups with innocuous names — the American Coalition for Ocean Protection, Save Right Whales, and the Save the Whales Coalition -- that were either founded by a libertarian think tank or have members that routinely oppose climate policy. ("activists" = rightwingnutjobs)

Harvard removes human skin from the binding of 19th-century book - The Washington Post ... Rosenbloom is also part of the Anthropodermic Book Project, which tests alleged anthropodermic books to see if they’re of human origin. So far, the project has confirmed 18 books to be bound in human skin.
Harvard scientists confirm that this book is really covered in the skin of a dead woman - The Washington Post

Should I take a multivitamin? Here's what the science says. - The Washington Post There's some encouraging data on the benefits of multivitamins for healthy adults. But the supplement isn’t a cure-all.

When to get a complete blood count, a thyroid check, other tests - The Washington Post -- What to know about 6 important blood tests for your health ... who should take the tests, and how often? Experts offer advice.

A low-fat vegan diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, and beans reduces insulin needs and improves insulin sensitivity and glycemic control in people with type 1 diabetes. The study also found that a vegan diet led to improvements in cholesterol levels, kidney function, and weight. : science

Who was Mary Magdalene? Historians are still trying to figure that out. (use readerview)

Who is Hanuman, the Hindu god that inspired 'Monkey Man'? ... The Ramayana, attributed to Sage Valmiki, is the oldest text referring to the monkey god. Scholars estimate that it was written around the 3rd century B.C. The epic follows the exiled Prince Rama as he travels across the ocean to rescue his wife Sita from the evil king Ravana.

Wu's plan to save Boston: Make it more expensive You know how Harvard is so difficult to get into and so expensive to attend, yet everyone wants to go there? The same with Boston. The more expensive we make it and the harder it is to visit, the more people will want to be here!


A million mice are eating seabirds alive on a remote island. Conservationists have a plan : worldnews

Malaysia mini-mart outlet attacked after 'Allah socks' outcry : worldnews ... Religion is a sensitive issue in Malaysia, where mostly Muslim ethnic Malays account for two-thirds of its 34 million people, with large ethnic-Chinese and Indian minorities.

China issues travel advisory to citizens visiting the US, warning of 'unwarranted interrogations and harassment' : worldnews

Prepare for Putin pivot to invade us, say Baltic states : worldnews
Russia is rounding up more journalists a year after the arrest of Evan Gershkovich : worldnews
Woman fined for writing 'Burn in hell' alongside Putin's name on ballot sheet : worldnews
Russian regime using AI on a mass scale to spy on its citizens, media report : worldnews

US ballerina detained in Russia 'reading law books' : Boyfriend : worldnews

Russian journalist who covered Navalny's trial jailed in Moscow on extremism : worldnews

Nearly 20 million facing hunger due to drought in southern Africa : worldnews

Houthis sentence 9 men to death on dubious 'sodomy' charges in Yemen : worldnews ... The nine death sentences included crucifixion and stoning.

Syria: Fatal car bombing strikes crowded market : worldnews

Lebanon's precarious sectarian balance tipping amid Hezbollah-Israel war : worldnews

Palestinians reject proposal to introduce Arab multi-national force in Gaza - report : worldnews

Pro-Hamas riots erupt in Jordan causing inner divisions to resurface : worldnews

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to undergo surgery for hernia under full sedation : worldnews

US quietly transfers hundreds of 2,000lb bombs to Israel despite Rafah invasion concerns : worldnews

Israel crisis deepens over ultra-Orthodox draft : worldnews

Thousands of Israelis block highways, call for hostage release and new elections : worldnews

IDF admits to killing two Gazans, burying them with a bulldozer : worldnews

For third straight week, Ramadan prayers at Temple Mount pass without incident : worldnews

Zelenskiy Vows More Drone Strikes on Russia Despite US Dissent : worldnews
WP: Zelensky defends Ukraine's strategy of targeting Russian oil refineries, emphasizes self-defense : worldnews
Ukraine faces retreat without US aid, Zelensky says | CNN : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 767, Part 1 (Thread #913) : worldnews

With Ammo Coming, Ukraine Is Getting Its Howitzers Ready To Fire Away : worldnews

Ukrainian Police Identify Over 100 Russian Soldiers Who Committed War Crimes in Bucha : worldnews
Kremlin Reportedly Offering Money to Ukrainians to Testify About Ukrainian 'War Crimes' : worldnews

Russia says it hits Ukraine's energy infrastructure and gas production facilities : worldnews
Ukraine says Russia in less than a week hit it with 700 glide bombs, weapons that can really only be beaten by killing the planes : worldnews

Russian network that 'paid European politicians' busted, authorities claim : worldnews

Philanthropist group buys up large tracts of land in Romania to create European Yellowstone : Local residents who at first suspected gold or uranium deposits had been found are being won over by the initiative to protect nature and economically develop the areas involved : worldnews

Saharan dust blankets Switzerland, skies turn cloudy and yellow : worldnews

Several people taken hostage in cafe in Dutch town as police evacuate homes in Ede : worldnews

Spanish game abandoned after alleged racist slurs from crowd : worldnews
'A family used to live her' : The Spanish sticker rebellion battling tourist lets : worldnews

Paris mayor says Russian and Belarusian athletes will not be welcome in Paris during Olympics : worldnews
Ukraine war: 'vranyo' -- Russian for when you lie and everyone knows it, but you don't care
France to provide armoured vehicles, missiles to Ukraine : France's defence minister said Paris would deliver "hundreds" of armoured personnel carriers and anti-aircraft missiles as part of a new aid package to Ukraine in its war against Russian invaders : worldnews

Brazil: Judge rejects Bolsonaro's request for Israel travel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has invited the former far-right president of Brazil to visit Israel in May. Bolsonaro's rival and successor, Lula, has been barred from entering Israel : worldnews

Peru President Dina Boluarte's home raided in search for Rolex watches : worldnews

2021 Conservative Party of Canada platform pledge to help Uyghurs made party target of China, inquiry hears : worldnews
On April 1, Canadian MPs will earn world's second-highest salary for elected officials : worldnews

The paranoid fantasy world of the American right wing, Francis Scott Key Bridge edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Funding resistance to Russian imperialism - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- The purpose of this thread is to discuss the stalled military aid package to Ukraine, which is being held up by the Putinist traitors in the GOP House caucus, who in turn are following Donald Trump’s orders to do what they can to help Trump’s master in his war of imperialist aggression: ... As for the increasingly authoritarian and ethno-nationalist GOP's reluctance to oppose Putin, that's about as mysterious as Donald Trump's difficulties in getting conventional lenders to loan him more money. As for unconventional lenders, the financial ties between Trump and the Putin regime remain criminally under-explored, with the emphasis on "criminally."

Biden issues proclamation for Transgender Day of Visibility amid Republican attacks on trans rights : politics
Joe Biden calls trans people "fabric of our nation" in Trans Day of Visibility proclamation : politics

When you've lost The Atlantic -- Lawyers, Guns & Money
U.S. Support for Israel's War Has Become Indefensible - The Atlantic -- A good pretext for war is not enough to make a war just.

Evan Gershkovich - Lawyers, Guns & Money

James Comer Finally Admits Defeat in His Biden Impeachment Crusade: The House Oversight chair admitted in writing that impeachment isn't going to happen. : politics ... But Comer stated in his fundraising email that he is playing a longer game. "When President Trump returns to the White House, it's critical the new leadership at the DOJ have everything they need to prosecute the Biden Crime Family and deliver swift justice,” he wrote.

Republican Billionaires No Longer Upset About Insurrection : politics

Conservative Judges Sound Alarm: Trump Will Shred Our Justice System : politics

The Trump Docket: A forgotten legal battle is about to rear its ugly head : politics

Trump Shares Video Featuring Image of a Hog-Tied Biden : politics
Donald Trump faces backlash after sharing video featuring a hogtied Joe Biden : politics
Trump Shares Image of Biden Hog-Tied In Back of Pickup Truck - The Republican presumptive nominee is accused of inciting violence against his Democratic 2024 rival. : politics
Former RNC chair calls Trump 'visceral animal' after he shared a video of Biden tied up : politics

Our Trump reporting upsets some readers, but there aren't two sides to facts: Letter from the Editor : politics

The 2000 election revisited - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... You can’t (yet) find a better example of the randomness, arbitrariness, and contingency-riddled nature of American presidential elections than what happened in 2000. Consider everything that had to happen for George W. Bush to end up being declared the winner. This is a very incomplete list of course:
Revisiting Florida 2000 and the Butterfly Effect - The New York Times The evidence is strong that, all else being equal, Al Gore would have won if not for an infamous ballot design in Palm Beach County.

Georgia Republicans Pass Bill Making It Easier to Purge Votes in 2024 : politics

Gov. JB Pritzker declares Illinois a sanctuary state for IVF services. Illinois has long been considered one of the best states in which to undergo IVF, and the governor is making sure that stays true. : politics

Texas woman sues prosecutors who charged her with murder after she self-managed an abortion : politics

Calif. statehouse candidate says she didn't join Capitol riot. Video shows otherwise : politics

The dreamlife of a misogynist reactionary -- Lawyers, Guns & Money Matt Taibbi's explanation for his MAGA turn (which started after some people began to ask questions about his “satirical” misogyny — presents a truly deranged alternative universe: ... )How degranged and privileged do you have to be to think that transhumanist whatever is a more potent and dangerous ideology than what is being offered by the contemporary Republican Party and its actually powerful public officials? If this is Taibbi giving a 'great' answer I'd hate to see the bad ones.
Yuval Noah Harari - Wikipedia

The true story of a reporter who went undercover in high school -- A Chronicle reporter went undercover in high school. Everyone is still weighing the fallout

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,591 - Lawyers, Guns & Money This is the grave of Dean Martin.

These 12 men shaped Christianity -- but did they really exist? Historical evidence of the Apostles is scarce, and some of it contradicts core Christian beliefs.

Which animals were on Noah's ark? These are history's theories. Only two animals are mentioned by name in the biblical tale -- so for centuries artists have filled in the gaps with both fantastic tales and emerging science ... Just two animals are mentioned by name in the tale -- a dove and a raven, which Noah sent to find out if the flood had died down enough to make Earth habitable yet.

A Rig Vedic Account Of How The Universe Was Created | by Freedom Preetham | The Simulacrum | Medium

After witnessing Lincoln's assassination, their horror began. For Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris, that April night at Ford's Theatre was just the beginning of a tragedy that would unspool for the rest of their lives. (use readerview)

Humans really can have superpowers -- scientists are studying them

You Call That Science?. Prove it | by L. J. Kopf | Mar, 2024 | MuddyUm

Don't trash the peels! The skins of fruits and veggies pack a nutritional punch ... Studies suggest that certain fruit and vegetable peels are packed with antimicrobial compounds and chemicals that fight diabetes, inflammation, and cancer. Here are several of the most nutritious and tips on how to consume them.


Heat Waves Are Moving Slower and Staying Longer, Study Finds | Climate change is making heat waves linger for longer stretches of time, exacerbating the effects of extreme temperatures. : worldnews

United States open landfills are emitting significant amounts of methane, one of the most important greenhouse gases causing global climate change. On average, aerial emission rates were a factor 2.7 higher than those reported to the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program : science

COVID-19 antibody discovery could explain long COVID: Researchers discover that the COVID-19 virus can trigger the production of 'abzymes' - antibodies that act like enzymes - which may explain why long COVID symptoms persist even after the infection is cleared. : science

Thailand sounds alarm after anthrax outbreak in Laos : worldnews
The U.S. Government Defended the Overseas Business Interests of Baby Formula Makers. Kids Paid the Price. — ProPublica

Malaysia: Police arrest Israeli man, seize six guns in Ampang hotel : worldnews

Japan Finally Screens Oppenheimer - Unease in Japan : worldnews

Major hospitals in emergency mode amid huge losses over doctors' walkout | South Korea : worldnews

Tajikistan detains nine people over Crocus City Hall shooting : worldnews
Ninth suspect in Crocus City Hall terrorist attack named : worldnews
Russian investigators receive more than 100 missing person reports after Moscow concert hall attack | CNN : worldnews

Russia to begin spring military draft amid mobilisation fears : worldnews

Kremlin delivers warning to Telegram boss after Moscow terror attack : worldnews

Euromaidan Press on X: Russia doubled its imports of an explosives ingredient, nitrocellulose, with Western help, WSJ reports. Despite sanctions, US, German, and Taiwanese firms supplied it, often through a Turkish company. Nitrocellulose is crucial for ammunition and in high demand.

Russia admits to passing death sentence against imprisoned Crimean Tatar civic journalist Amet Suleimanov | Russian doctors have acknowledged that the Crimean Solidarity civic journalist and political prisoner is gravely ill, but say he will be released only "twenty minutes before dying" : worldnews

Russia accused a longtime ally of 'distorting history' in an effort to break off relations with Moscow : worldnews (Armenia)

Russian church declares 'holy war' against Ukraine : worldnews

Vladimir Putin orders creation of Russian game consoles, Steam-like cloud delivery, and OS : worldnews

Managers of Russian gay club added to list of 'terrorists and extremists' : worldnews

As daytime temperatures breaches 40C, IMD issues heatwave warning for Rajasthan, Saurashtra-Kutch, North Karnataka : worldnews

TIL that more international tourists visited Turkey than Italy in 2022 : todayilearned

Former South African president Jacob Zuma barred from May election : worldnews

Sudan needs 'immediate action' on hunger to avert widespread death, UN-backed report says : worldnews

Islamic State calls on followers to attack Christians and Jews in US, Europe, Israel : worldnews

Israel strikes Syria hard as its pilots resume regular drills for northern war : worldnews

How ultra-Orthodox conscription could destroy Benjamin Netanyahu - Vox -- At midnight Israel time on April 1, the government will hit a deadline for changing its policy on the military draft. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will then be required to send conscription notices to roughly 66,000 ultra-Orthodox men, who had been previously exempted by a law carving out special privileges for students at religious academies, or yeshivot -- Netanyahu depends on ultra-Orthodox parties for his parliamentary majority; if he permits mass conscription of yeshiva students, they'll abandon him. But if he gives the ultra-Orthodox what they want, he'll run afoul of key members of his own right-wing Likud party, potentially prompting their defections.

World court orders Israel to take action to address Gaza famine : worldnews

DOD in early talks to fund a peacekeeping force in Gaza | U.S. officials have been clear the plan would not include American boots on the ground. : worldnews

U.S. signs off on more bombs, warplanes for Israel : news

US says Palestinians are close to changing 'pay for slay' program : worldnews

Terror victims can claim more compensation from the PA: 'This is the way to defeat terrorism' : worldnews ... would increase the compensation payments to families affected by terrorism and which are directly offset from the tax funds intended for the Palestinian Authority.

In Jerusalem, Palestinian Christians observe scaled-down Good Friday rituals : worldnews

'If Russians Push to Kharkiv again, it will be fatal for them' -- Ukraine's Army Chief : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 765, Part 1 (Thread #911) : worldnews

NOELREPORTS "Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Charles Brown, stated that the risks of escalation of the war associated with the supply of ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine have decreased today compared to what they were before.

The Kyiv Independent on X: Ukraine received $1.5 billion in loans from the World Bank, the Finance Ministry said on March 29. / X

Finnish diplomats turn to 'sauna diplomacy' to evade Russian spies : worldnews

Swedish defense minister: Deliberations ongoing for transfer of Gripen fighters to Ukraine : worldnews

Why do people in Nordic countries consistently rank as the happiest and what can we learn from them? | Euronews

Visegrad 24 on X: "BREAKING: Poland suspends its adherence to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) There will no longer be any limits on the number of soldiers and where they can be stationed. Time for NATO to do the same with the NATO-Russia Funding Act from 1997

Tompos Marton on X: In response, Polish authorities have raided various buildings suspected of hosting espionage activities. The "Voice of Europe" page, which frequently shares & parrots Orban's propaganda talking points, acted as the front for the operation. (2/4) / X
President vetoes prescription-free access to morning-after pill in Poland : worldnews

Romania to become Schengen member alongside Bulgaria on Sunday : worldnews

Cruise ship hits concrete passageway on Danube in Austria, 17 injured : worldnews

Births fall in Italy for 15th year running to record low : worldnews

Amsterdam to mark role of tram system in transportation of Jews to death camps | Netherlands : worldnews

France asks for foreign police and military help with massive Paris Olympics security challenge : worldnews
France's Macron embraces Brazil's Lula -- and the memes poking fun at their 'wedding' : worldnews
Macron and Lula launch submarine built in Brazil with French tech : worldnews
NOELREPORTS on X: France will hand over decommissioned military equipment to Ukraine instead of simply throwing it away. "Since we are reinvesting massively in our armies with this Eu 413 billion plan for 2024-2030, we have a lot of equipment that is still working and that is going to be taken out

ELI5. How are large companies in the UK making record profits year on year, when inflation is high and cost of raw materials is high? : explainlikeimfive
ELI5: UK World War 2 and rationing, how did high class restaurants stay open : explainlikeimfive

Sexual violence largely unpunished in Haiti, UN says | CNN : worldnews

NEXTA on X: "Canada has no artillery shells and anti-aircraft missiles left for transfer to Ukraine, - Defense Minister Bill Blair says According to him, the country has "emptied the pantry" because of military supplies to Kyiv
Anti-authority narratives could tear 'fabric of society,' intelligence report warns : worldnews
No Canadian Volcanoes Meet Monitoring Standards - A new analysis reveals serious monitoring gaps at even the highest-threat volcanoes : science

Will Baltimore bridge collapse force U.S. to pay more attention to its infrastructure?
Baltimore's Key Bridge collapse is global shipping's smallest problem -- Vox From drought in the Panama Canal to the Houthis in the Suez to pirates off Somalia, we’re all paying the price.
Here's what worries engineers the most about U.S. infrastructure

Biden to host Turkey's Erdogan at White House on May 9 : worldnews ... In 2017, his trip to Washington was marred by scuffles between protesters against the Turkish leader's government and members of Erdogan's security detail. That attack occurred shortly after Erdogan's first official meeting with Trump at the White House.

Bill McCarren on X: Journalists from across DC gathered on Freedom Plaza to support @wsj reporter Evan Gershkovich on the eve of 1 year of unjust detention in Moscow. This is the 9th event organized by @pressclubdc for Evan in 12 months. His sister Danielle in front row. #IstandwithEvan / X

Judge questions Border Patrol stand that it's not required to care for children at migrant camps : politics

Biden and Obama Absolutely Torch Trump With Record-Breaking Fundraiser : politics

Biden–Harris Administration Announces $62 Million to Lower Battery Recycling Costs Across the Nation : technology

White House demands all government agencies must appoint an AI officer to help mitigate risks : technology
OpenAI reveals Voice Engine, but won't yet publicly release the risky AI voice-cloning technology : news
Why you shouldn't trust AI search engines | MIT Technology Review Plus: The original startup behind Stable Diffusion has launched a generative AI for video.

Donald Trump shares image of Joe Biden bound and gagged : politics
Donald Trump shares image of Joe Biden bound - The Washington Post

'Coup dominos falling' : Trump's prison odds increase as lawyers face consequences : politics

DJT stock hits turbulence: More volatility ahead for Trump's high-flying Truth Social : politics

The complex early history of abortion in the United States -- Most scholars say that at the nation's founding ending a pregnancy wasn't illegal—or even controversial. Here’s a look at the complex early history of abortion in the United States.

NYC's government chatbot is lying about city laws and regulations : technology

Tennessee Gov. Lee signs bill to undo Memphis traffic stop reforms after Tyre Nichols death : news

Woman praises son and dog for fighting off suspect in Illinois stabbing attack : news
Woman praises son and dog for fighting off suspect in Illinois stabbing attack | Illinois | The Guardian Darlene Weber says 'I don't think I'd be standing here' after son and pit bull defended family from man charged with killing four ... Soto, who later purportedly claimed that smoking marijuana given to him by his friend had made him paranoid, then stabbed and ran over Jay Larson with a truck, murdering the 49-year-old mail carrier on the job, officials allege. He allegedly also broke into a home where a group of girls on spring break were having a sleepover and watching a movie in the basement,
Rockford stabbing rampage terrorized homes, teen girls' sleepover – NBC Chicago -- four people were killed and seven others injured at multiple crime scenes

Texas appeals court rules against probes of parents with kids under gender-affirming care : politics

Outrage after Oklahoma education superintendent reframes Nex Benedict’s death without naming the teen : politics

Democrats criticize Youngkin over recently vetoed marijuana and minimum wage bills : politics

Several metro Atlanta counties declared natural disaster zones after severe drought : news

Robot disguised as a coyote or fox will scare wildlife away from runways at Alaska airport | AP News ... An AWACS jet crashed in 1995 when it hit a flock of geese, killing 24 people at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage.

Pastor Plea Deal : Pastor who sexually abused child for nearly 7 years receives probation : news

Full Interview: Preacher Kenneth Copeland Defends Lavish Lifestyle : videos

The rape and sex trafficking allegations against Diddy, explained -- Vox The accusations are part of a larger reckoning in music -- one that some say is long overdue.

Baltimore bridge collapse: The decline of Twitter as measured by disasters - Vox -- Twitter, now X, was once a useful site for breaking news. The Baltimore bridge collapse shows those days are long gone.
X (Twitter) confirms plans for NSFW Communities : technology

Ocasio-Cortez calls out Musk for unfounded immigration claim : politics ... Republicans monkey-fucked their own legislation that would've accomplished a lot of what they incessantly claim is vitally important to the security of our nation. Fuck Musk. He's just another bad actor spreading propaganda ... Elon Musk is a Nazi. It's undeniable at this point
Tesla's stock wraps up one of its worst quarters on record as global dominance wanes - Tesla shares plunged 29% in the first quarter, the worst period for the stock since the end of 2022 and the third-steepest quarterly drop on record. : technology

Sam Altman is trying to convince Hollywood that Sora won't destroy the movie business : technology

How is life after deleting instagram/ Social media? : AskReddit

TIL Until 2019, male members of the U.S. Marine Corps were not allowed to use umbrellas while in uniform. : todayilearned

What archaeology is telling us about the real Jesus Believers call him the Son of God. Skeptics dismiss him as legend. Now, researchers digging in the Holy Land are sifting fact from fiction.

Cross-cultural research reveals universal bias towards simple rhythmic ratios in music: people tend to show a predisposition towards rhythms formed by simple integer ratios regardless of cultural background. : science

Scientists uncover specific factors that contribute to men’s misinterpretation of women’s sexual interest toward them | The study reveals that cue incongruity, where a woman’s verbal or nonverbal signals do not match her appearance, and the man’s state of arousal influence these misunderstandings. : science

ELI5 Why is English not considered a Romance language if ~60-80% of words come from latin? : explainlikeimfive

Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and collaborators across the country have conducted the largest and most diverse study of men with extra X or Y chromosomes in the US using a large dataset of military veterans. : science

ELI5. If you eat a butt-load of sugar at once (think 10 cadbury creme eggs worth), is a single instance enough to trigger type 2 diabetes? If it's not, why can the body handle that much sugar sometimes, but eventually it causes type 2 diabetes? : explainlikeimfive

Memories of mitosis: Molecular mechanism that detects defects during cell division could aid cancer treatment | A protein complex formed during abnormal cell division eliminates potentially harmful cells over time : science

Alzheimer's may be able to spread to organ transplant patients. When researchers transplanted bone marrow stem cells from mice carrying a hereditary version of Alzheimer's disease into normal lab mice, the recipients developed Alzheimer's disease -- and at an accelerated rate. : science

New Meta-Analysis Finds Higher Narcissism but Lower Psychopathy Is Associated With Happiness : science

Parental avoidance of toxic exposures could help prevent autism, ADHD in children, new study shows. Exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, paints, disinfectants and fragrances that release volatile organic compounds indoors could be linked to autism and ADHD, researchers believe. : science

Archaeologists Discovered New Dinosaur Footprints -- and Mysterious Symbols Next to Them -- What could the strange markings mean?

These fish are 'living fossils' -- among the most primitive animals on Earth For 150 million years, gars—a group commonly derided as "trash fish" -- have mostly stayed the same, a rare consistency not even seen in sharks, a new study says ... They discovered that placental mammals, such as humans, had mutation rates of about 0.02 mutations per million years, whereas amphibians evolved much more slowly at a rate of 0.007 mutations per million years.

The Most Expensive Plane Crash in History: B-2 Bomber’s Downfall This was the first -- but probably not the last -- multi-billion dollar crash ... Unknown to the pilots and the B-2's computer brain, Guam's high humidity had caused the plane's Air Data System to receive faulty information.

Club Med | Broadcast -- America runs on Adderall. From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, through prep school and grad school, in ad agencies and magazines, many of our most powerful minds are flying on prescription-grade speed. And all these uppers do a lot more than increase productivity. They induce a particular set of behaviors—a passive-aggressive management style, a manic discourse, a sarcastic affect—that can fuse into a culture when the number of users reaches critical mass.

Fergie Chambers Wants To Use His Cox Fortune To Destroy The U.S. Now, after some uncomfortable brushes with the law, he’s moved overseas but is still making plans to use his vast fortune to overthrow the United States

This Story Does Not Lead to An Elaborate Network of Tunnels

10 Unusual Things You Need in a Survival Kit

What Happens to Stay-at-Home Girlfriends After a Breakup? I have no car, I have no job, I have no money ... . I dream of living a soft, feminine life and being a hot housewife. It’s as simple as that ... If you give a man the power to feed you, he also has the power to starve you ... Money becomes used as a tool to dominate you.

NYC Man Spent $200 for a Five-Year Stay at the New Yorker Hotel -- The New York Times -- Mickey Barreto’s five-year stay cost him only $200.57. Now it might cost him his freedom.

Beyonce: BLACKBIIRD (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube
I think Leonard Cohan's Hallelujah is better than Jeff Buckley's : Music
Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over - YouTube

Tom Petty's Biographer on the Story He Didn't Tell

How to Bully-Proof Your Kids for Life

What's a skill everyone should learn? : AskReddit

I just literally finished watching Brokeback Mountain and I've never been this empty and sad in my life after watching a movie : movies

ELI5 From a theological standpoint, why isn't the Church against widows remarrying : explainlikeimfive

Which country has the most dangerous wild animal that you might actually encounter if you lived there? And which animal is it? : AskReddit

What fucked you up for the rest of your life? : AskReddit

What is NOT a bullet you dodged, but a huge tactical nuke you dodged? : AskReddit

When have you witnessed an act of kindness that restored your faith in humanity? : AskReddit


Iceland: Northern Lights captured glowing over erupting volcano : worldnews

Melting polar ice is slowing the Earth's rotation, with possible consequences for timekeeping : worldnews

EU nature restoration laws face collapse as member states withdraw support : worldnews

Russian veto brings end to UN panel monitoring enforcement of North Korea nuclear sanctions : anime_titties

Taiwan's Top Diplomat Says U.S. Aid to Ukraine Is Critical for Deterring China : worldnews

Russia's security services knew of ISIS threat before concert attack, new evidence from investigative body suggests : worldnews

Russia links concert shooting to "Ukrainian nationalists"; US says 'nonsense' : worldnews
Putin adds Islamist terror to the list of absurd excuses for Ukraine invasion : worldnews
US calls Russia 'manure salesmen' over Moscow attack claims : worldnews

Putin Leaves it Up to Steven Seagal to Visit Crocus City Victims : worldnews

Russia's Kuibyshev oil refinery at a standstill after drone attack last week : worldnews

'Not a legacy that'll be kept for centuries, is evaporating' : Ukraine urges India to rethink close ties with Russia : worldnews
Indian Navy deploys warships to thwart piracy in Arabian Sea : worldnews

Taliban edict to resume stoning women to death met with horror : worldnews

Bus carrying Easter worshippers falls off cliff killing 45 people in South Africa : worldnews

Russian warships enter the Red Sea, navy says : worldnews
Russian Navy enters warship-crowded Red Sea amid Houthi attacks : anime_titties

Houthi rebels launched multiple ballistic missiles at a tanker owned by a Hong Kong-based holding company : anime_titties ... According to the US military, the Houthis had previously said they would not attack Chinese vessels.

Outrage as Saudi Arabia picked to head women's rights forum : worldnews

Syria accuses Israel after strikes kill more than 40 near Aleppo : worldnews
At least 36 Syrian soldiers and six Hezbollah fighters killed in Israeli airstrike in Syria : worldnews

Senior Hezbollah official in charge of S. Lebanon rockets and missiles, killed in drone attack : worldnews

'Devil took over me': IDF reveals Islamic Jihad terrorist's October 7 rape confession : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread for Israel-Hamas War (Thread 46) : worldnews

Emergency room encounter: Hamas terrorists open fire from with Al-Shifa Hospital : worldnews

Troops raiding Gaza's Shifa hospital kill senior Hamas commander, IDF says : worldnews ... Still hiding in hospitals. Scandalous.

Disturbing video shows Jewish convert fatally shot by IDF in West Bank posed no threat | The Times of Israel Footage features David Ben Avraham obeying orders, standing with his hands up before reservist opened fire; interior minister posthumously grants him Israeli residency he long sought
Disturbing video shows Jewish convert fatally shot by IDF in West Bank posed no threat : worldnews
Iman Darweesh Al Hams - Wikipedia

In 'historic' step, High Court orders halt to yeshiva funds for students eligible for draft : worldnews

Israeli court halts subsidies for ultra-Orthodox who don't serve in army : worldnews ... And, they are the fastest-growing portion of Israel society, leaving a smaller percentage of Israel needing to financially support the expanding ultra-orthodox population. More than 45% of the ultra-orthodox men don't work, choosing to live off of government assistance. Many segments of the Israeli society are tired of the ultra-orthodox and want them to contribute their fair share. ... (20 babies per baby-machine) ... I mean Quiverfull is actively working towards igniting global sectarian war in order to bring forth the apocalypse, and all belief systems will have assholes using them as an excuse. Just look at eco-fascists and the Khemir Rouge ... Same in Rockland County, NY. Our school district just eliminated an elementary school and restructured the other four due to the exploding ultra orthodox population. We're estimating we've got 5-10 years left before we have to move as the Hasidic community seeks to take over the school board so they can divert all the taxpayer money to busing their kids to the private yeshivas that are popping up everywhere in private homes. They already did this in East Ramapo.

Religion and Welfare Shape Economics for the Hasidim - The New York Times ... At least one-third of the estimated 7,000 Hasidic families in Williamsburg receive public assistance, according to neighborhood leaders ... And they have large families: the average household has eight children, neighborhood leaders say. Hasidic parents commonly say that large families are the most satisfying realization of their religion, which tells them to be fruitful and multiply ... The focus on religious studies results in children ending secular education at age 13, curtailing job skills. ... They have 6, 10 children, no computer skills ... But the Hasidim in Williamsburg have a unique, sophisticated and highly efficient capacity to generate documents that support eligibility for public assistance that do not always reflect reality.

In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Yeshivas Flush With Public Money - The New York Times ... The Hasidic Jewish community has long operated one of New York's largest private schools on its own terms, resisting any outside scrutiny of how its students are faring. But in 2019, the school, the Central United Talmudical Academy, agreed to give state standardized tests in reading and math to more than 1,000 students. Every one of them failed. ... The result, a New York Times investigation has found, is that generations of children have been systematically denied a basic education, trapping many of them in a cycle of joblessness and dependency ... Segregated by gender, the Hasidic system fails most starkly in its more than 100 schools for boys ... The schools appear to be operating in violation of state laws that guarantee children an adequate education. Even so, The Times found, the Hasidic boys' schools have found ways of tapping into enormous sums of government money, collecting more than $1 billion in the past four years alone. The review provided a rare look inside a group of schools that is keeping some 50,000 boys from learning a broad array of secular subjects ... Now a nursing school graduate, Mr. Pape said he believes his Hasidic education was designed to keep him from leaving the community ... There are about 200,000 Hasidic Jews in New York, making up roughly 10 percent of the state's Jewish population

NYC school officials say yeshivas run by Hasidic community fail to teach students in core subjects | AP News Published 3:32 PM EDT, July 1, 2023 : Eighteen private Jewish schools run by New York City's politically powerful Hasidic community deprived thousands of students the required secular education in English, math, science and social studies that they need to function successfully outside their religious enclaves, according to findings from an eight-year investigation by New York City school officials

Ukraine's Zelenskyy warns Putin will push Russia's war "very quickly" onto NATO soil if he's not stopped : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 764, Part 1 (Thread #910) : worldnews

Russians massively attack Ukrainian power plants overnight: Consequences revealed : worldnews

Russia continues to suffer from friendly fire: report : worldnews
Ukrainian Navy confirms Russia downed its own Su-27 aircraft over Crimea : worldnews

Ukraine is in a race to stop Russia's mounting glide-bomb attacks : worldnews

Russia Destroys Three Thermal Power Plants In Ukraine : worldnews

War looms for Europe, warns Poland's Donald Tusk : worldnews ... Just for context, the same guy actually wanted us, in details, 10 years ago :

Syrian passports: How German money funds war crimes in Syria : anime_titties

Paris school head resigns after death threats over Muslim veil row : anime_titties

"Scotland was 'hoodwinked' by Donald Trump, says former aide" Euro 13.3m in losses since it opened. : worldnews

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson quits after sex offence charges : worldnews (N Ireland)

Venezuelans are increasingly stuck in Mexico, explaining drop in illegal crossings to US : worldnews
Mexican Peso Reaches 9-Year High against US dollar outperforming most currencies : worldnews

Puerto Rico has declared an epidemic following a spike in dengue cases : anime_titties

Mob beats to death suspected kidnapper in Mexico hours before Holy Week procession : worldnews

Mysterious writer behind ISIS-K propaganda calls himself 'the Canadian' : anime_titties

The paranoid fantasy world of the American right wing, NCAA tournament edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- These six workers who perished were not "poisoning the blood of our country," they were replenishing it. This is a moment of clarity when we need to reject the national disease of xenophobia and restore our faith in the United States as a beacon for the best people like Suazo. They may have been born all over the continent, but when these men plunged into our waters on Tuesday, they died as Americans.
GOP Lawmaker Has Unbelievable Reaction to Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Representative Dan Meuser isn't all that bothered by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. : politics ... As usual, a republican, searching, scraping, digging whatever shit he can out of his own ignorant ass to find some way to complain about Biden in the aftermath of a tragic and costly accident.

Netanyahu doesn't deserve to address Congress again : politics

Biden administration restores threatened species protections dropped by Trump : politics

White House releases first government-wide policy to mitigate AI risks : politics

Next U.S. census will have new boxes for 'Middle Eastern or North African,' 'Latino' : politics

Inside the WSJ's 'Very Intense' Effort to Free Evan Gershkovich : politics

Politicians may rail against the 'deep state,' but research shows federal workers are effective and committed, not subversive : politics

How an obscure 19th Century law is being weaponized against bodily autonomy and abortion rights : politics
Legal experts worry about presidential abuse of the Insurrection Act. Here's why : politics

Fears grow over Comstock Act, Justices Thomas, Alito : politics ... Comstock Law banned condoms too. Its not just home abortion pills, plan b or even the pill. GOP loves to claim its about life at conception but Comstock being revived would ban pre conception birth control.
How Justice Thomas's 'Nearly Adopted Daughter' Became His Law Clerk : politics

Trump's megalomania is a trap for the GOP : politics
Fleecing the flock: Fine print shows how Trump takes his cut of followers' money : politics
A blueprint for a Trump autocracy: Authoritarianism expert on which global dictators Trump models : politics

One Blistering Line Takes Down Trump's Disbarred 2020 Election Lawyer – John Eastman was crucial to Donald Trump's efforts to overthrow the 2020 election. And a judge just recommended his disbarment. : politics

'There is nothing to be gained here -- other than delay': Trump ca't dodge Jan. 6 lawsuits as he pursues SCOTUS immunity fight, plaintiffs argue : politics

Trump AGAIN Goes After Judge's Daughter—This Time by Name : politics
Trump aims his ire at spouses, children of judges at heart of legal troubles : politics
"He's worried": Expert says Trump attacks on judge's daughter show he's "running a bit scared" : politics
Judge Speaks Out Against Donald Trump's Family Attacks : politics

Trump's Bible grift is going to backfire : politics
Trump can't remember much. He hopes you won't be able to, either. : politics

Trump lawyers to argue for dismissal of Georgia election case based on 1st Amendment : politics

Susan Collins won't vote for Trump: 'I don't think it should surprise anyone' : politics

New Jersey Democrat targets Sen. Menendez's access to classified information -- and Trump's : politics

RFK Jr.'s vice presidential pick calls IVF 'one of the biggest lies being told about women's health' : politics

Joe Lieberman and the Venality of Elite Bipartisanship : politics

Buck: Boebert makes Santos look like a saint : politics

Matt Gaetz attacks Rep. John Curtis at Utah campaign stop for U.S. Senate candidate Trent Staggs : politics

Texas appeals court overturns Crystal Mason's conviction, 5-year sentence for illegal voting : politics ... This was the woman who asked her parole officer if she could vote, was told she could, and was arrested for it.
Crystal Mason: Texas woman sentenced to five years over voting error acquitted : politics

The election deniers relentlessly hounding Georgia officials - A small but aggressive group of election deniers have been pressuring state officials on a weekly - sometimes daily - basis to investigate unfounded claims : politics

Pro-Trump fake electors in Arizona have pleaded the Fifth before grand jury | Requiring the targets of the probe to invoke their rights in front of grand jurors is an unusual tactic that raises a risk of bias, legal experts say. : politics

Florida Map Shows Where State Will Become Underwater From Sea Level Rise
Neil deGrasse Tyson on X: In Florida, at 345-feet, Britton Hill is the highest elevation -- the lowest highest elevation in United States. This makes Florida supremely susceptible to sea-level rise during Climate Change. An objective truth even if you don't believe in Climate Change. Just Sayin

GOP candidate for governor called teachers "demons" for teaching about "filthy" LGBTQ+ people : politics ... The really crazy thing is that this guy is already the lieutenant governor.

This US city has declared itself a 'sanctuary' for trans people. The city council in California’s capital, Sacramento, have unanimously voted to declare the city a "sanctuary city for transgender people". : politics

Tennessee rolls back police reform passed after the death of Tyre Nichols : politics

Pennsylvania can discard undated mail-in ballots, US appeals court rules : politics

Legislation cracking down on squatters unveiled in Albany : politics

Colorado lawmakers push for funeral industry regulations after string of scandals : politics

Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Visitors Exposed by Data Broker - A WIRED investigation uncovered coordinates collected by a controversial data broker that reveal sensitive information about visitors to an island once owned by Epstein, the notorious sex offender. : technology

Quality Publications of Quality - Lawyers, Guns & Money The problem with Jacobin is basically a problem of editorship.

Everything in Our Universe -- Even the Chair You're Sitting On -- May Be Conscious, Scientists Say ... According to panpsychism, everything in the world is inherently soulful with an internal mind. Is this a clue to understanding our universe or just metaphysical mumbo-jumbo? ... today's panpsychism is in a "metaphysical limbo," a direct result of what he calls "depsychologization of consciousness."

Judas and the economics of betrayal ... But on a more positive note, plenty of research suggests that acts of betrayal are rare. Most humans can be trusted it seems, not because they are genuinely good, but because it is in their interests to be trustworthy ... The apocryphal Gospel of Judas for example, casts Judas as an Easter hero, without whom there would be no Christianity. And in his short story Three Versions of Judas, the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges suggests that the disciple's act was a vital part of a divine plan, which he carried out despite realising that in doing so he would become history's ultimate villain. From that perspective, perhaps the kiss of Judas could come to be seen not as an act of betrayal but as the ultimate act of selfless cooperation.


Calls for international criminal court to end 'impunity' for environmental crimes : worldnews

Molly the magpie: Australia debates seizure of Insta-famous bird

17 killed after their van collides with a cargo truck then burst into flames in the Philippines : worldnews

Lawmakers in Thailand overwhelmingly approve a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in a 400-10 vote. Thailand will become the first southeast Asian country to legalize equal rights for marriage partners of any gender. : worldnews ... As China has become increasingly bigoted towards LGBT people, approving of gay marriage has become a way of resisting Chinese hegemony. Thus, anti-Han and Muslim sentiments, not to mention strengthening an authoritarian state, are also aspects that could be part of the decision.

Burnings and beheadings: Myanmar junta escalates terror tactics against its own people | CNN : worldnews
India to spend $3.7 billion to fence Myanmar border, source says : worldnews

Indonesian military apologises after West Papuan man filmed being tortured in water-filled barrel : worldnews ... This is probably one of the least covered international conflicts out there ... .for one reason or another it seems literally nobody gives a shit what is happening in indonesia and the surrounding areas. Keep in mind indonesia is the 4th biggest country in the world by population ... Climate Change is becoming impossible to deny and its effects on input costs across the whole economy are making life incrementally shittier. And wealth inequality is pushing us closer and closer to some weird neofeudal nightmare. So we may be approaching a tipping point that could precipitate dramatic changes across society.

Weapon export rules eased to allow Japan to sell fighter jets : worldnews
Japan eyes upgrade of 16 airports, ports for possible defense use, with concerns lingering over China's maritime assertiveness and a potential conflict over Taiwan. : worldnews ... One Mile in Five: Debunking The Myth
2 died, 100 hospitalized after consuming Japan drugmaker's supplements : worldnews

N. Korea may scrap inter-Korean basic agreement at next parliamentary meeting: Seoul : worldnews

US sanctions on North Korea target individuals and China, Russia-based firms : worldnews
North Korea TV censors Alan Titchmarsh's trousers : worldnews ... Kim Jong-il declared denim trousers to be a symbol of Western -- and specifically American -- imperialism

China asks India to respect its claim over South China Sea after Jaishankar backs Philippines' sovereignty : worldnews
China hits out at US and UK over cyber hack claims : worldnews
Millions of Americans caught up in Chinese hacking plot - US : worldnews ... megalol ...
US, UK accuse China of cyberespionage that hit millions of people : worldnews
China claim of manipulated resupply videos 'a barefaced lie' : FOCAP : worldnews
China claim of manipulated resupply videos 'a barefaced lie' : FOCAP | GMA News Online Manila-based foreign correspondents on Wednesday strongly denounced Chinas allegation that local and international media outlets manipulated videos depicting Chinese harassment and assault of Philippine vessels in the South China Sea
Comics Arrested: China's Comedy Crackdown : worldnews

Mongolia ex-PM accused of buying luxury Manhattan flats with corrupt funds : worldnews

Putin says Russia will not attack NATO, but F-16s will be shot down in Ukraine : worldnews

Much of Putin's inner circle thinks Ukraine had nothing to do with the Moscow terror attack, badly undermining him, report says : worldnews
39 Nobel Laureates Rally Against Putin's Regime in Open Letter : worldnews

Court remands eighth suspect in Crocus City Hall attack in custody : worldnews
Moscow concert attack: fear death toll higher after reports of up to 100 missing : worldnews

Moscow attack: Russia blames West and Kyiv for jihadist massacre : worldnews

Terrorists Have No Nationality Tajik President Tells Putin : worldnews (unless, of course, they are Russian) ... Spoiler: The terrorists were Tajik. The president's disavowing them, probably after changing his pants.
Russia's FSB says western intelligence services aided Moscow attackers : worldnews

British intelligence predicts Russia to establish two new armies in 2024, foresees supply challenges : worldnews

Antidepressant Sales in Russia Hit 5-Year High : worldnews

94 tankers violated the embargo and brought Russian oil to the EU during the last three months : worldnews
Russia struggles to collect oil payments as China, UAE, Turkey raise bank scrutiny : worldnews

Russia Rejects U.S. Legal Claim To Arctic Seabed : worldnews
Under Sea, Under Stone: How The U.S. Claimed Vast New Arctic Territory -- In An Unusual Way How The U.S. Claimed Vast New Arctic Territory -- In An Unusual Way

Russia increases gasoline imports from Belarus as domestic supplies shrink : worldnews ... Gas station nation has no gas ...

India seeks cooperation with Philippines including in defence and security, foreign minister says : worldnews ... China's claim on whole of the South China Sea is a concern for the whole region. China has border disputes with countries it doesn't have borders with.
India summons Germ an envoy to protest against his government's remarks about the arrest of an Indian opposition leader : worldnews
Mumbai becomes Asian capital with most billionaires, bumping Shanghai: report : worldnews ... India has 83 out of 100 most polluted cities in the plane

More than 100 kidnapped Nigerian students arrive back in Kaduna : worldnews

Saad al-Awlaki replaces Batarfi at helm of al-Qaeda's faction in crisis-hit Yemen : worldnews

Togo adopts new constitution, parliament set to elect president : worldnews

Joe Biden Cozies Up to Equatorial Guinea's Brutal Dictator Obiang -- Famous for its repression and torture, Teodoro Obiangs Equatorial Guinea got an aid delivery from U.S. Special Operations forces ... U.S. commandos have shown a special interest in strengthening ties with one of the most corrupt, abusive, and repressive regimes on the planet ... A Pentagon report last year mentioned Equatorial Guinea as the potential site of a future Chinese military base

UN picks Saudi Arabia to lead women's rights forum despite 'abysmal' record : worldnews ... An oil company executive in charge of COP28. Saudi Arabia in charge of women's rights "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength." - George Orwell '1984'

Russian Warships Enter Crowded Red Sea Amid Houthi Attacks : worldnews

Islamic State Khorasan Criticizes Taliban in Statement Praising Russia Attackers : worldnews

Suspicious Prisoner Deaths And Suicides Multiply In Iran : worldnews ... The mullahs of the Islamic Republic have choked the life out of Iranians. People no longer have a reason to live. Life is meaningless ... (Torture Central)
Iranian Police Chief Sentenced To Death For Killing a Protester In 2022 : worldnews

In reversal, Netanyahu sending delegation to White House for Rafah talks : worldnews
Netanyahu: US failure to veto Security Council resolution encouraged Hamas : worldnews

The U.N. has determined that one in six children under the age of two in northern Gaza are suffering acute malnutrition and emaciation. - The World Health Organization : worldnews

Israel says will stop working with UNRWA in Gaza : worldnews

AP photographer who took pictures of Oct. 7 massacre wins prestigious photography awa Ali Mahmud who accompanied Hamas terrorists on October 7 and photographed abduction and body of Israeli hostage Shani Louk, wins Reynolds Journalism Institute prestigious photography award
Outrage as picture showing body of Shani Louk wins photography competition : worldnews
AP photographer co-wins for photo of terrorists taking Shani Louk's corpse into Gaza : worldnews ... The photographer is friends with Hamas and knew this attack would happen. Rather than prevent it, he waited for an opportune moment to take a photograph that won him an award. This is the most clear cut ethical violation I've ever seen, and should not be rewarded. It promotes similar behaviors for future preventable tragedies.
AP photographer co-wins for photo of terrorists taking Shani Louk s corpse into Gaza - The announcement of Associated Press's win came under a lot of criticism from social media users disgusted with the contents of the photo.
AP photographer who took pictures of Oct. 7 massacre wins prestigious photography award : worldnews
HonestReporting - Wikipedia

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 764, Part 1 (Thread #910) : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on X: These are the indicative estimates of Russia's combat losses as of March 28, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russia is gearing up for a big new push along a long front line : worldnews

In Overnight Drone Strikes, Moscow Keeps Up Assault On Ukraine's Energy Grid : worldnews
Ukraine destroys 26 Russian drones in latest overnight strike : worldnews
Ukraine war latest: Russia hits Kyiv, Odesa with ballistic missiles, injuring civilians : worldnews

Over 500 Ukrainian children killed by Russians since outbreak of war: official : worldnews

Air Force: Ukraine can down Zircon hypersonic missile with Patriot, SAMP/T : worldnews

In One Massive Attack, Ukrainian Missiles Hit Four Russian Ships—Including Three Landing Vessels : worldnews
Navy: Russian warship Ivan Khurs might be damaged in Ukraine's March 23 missile attack on Crimea : worldnews

Ukraine says a missile barrage against Russia's Black Sea Fleet was even more successful than it thought : worldnews

Russian envoy ignores summons over missile that Poland says entered its air space : worldnews

A President's Alarming Social Media Post Stirs Mystery in Europe : worldnews Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic issued a grim statement about an unspecified threat to his country in a social media post on Tuesday, raising alarm bells about a possible geopolitical conflict ... Intelligence says Russia is going launch an armed attack inside Serbia in order to stoke them into attacking Kosovo. Vucic also made these statements on the 25th anniversary of the NATO bombing of Serbia and as well as after issuing threats to the Council of Europe that Serbia would leave if Kosovo is admitted.l, which is seen as something that would hurt Serbia more than it would hurt Europe.
Russia planning for armed conflict between Serbia and Kosovo - Robert Lansing Institute
Serbia 'Disappointed' as UN Security Council Rejects NATO Bombing Debate : worldnews ... Been to Bosnia and I have Bosnian friends. Most countries around Serbia hate Serbs. Albanians, Bosnians, Montenegrians, Kosovars, etc.

Czech officials say Dutch politicians were offered cash to back Russian propaganda : worldnews

Greek police clash with demonstrators protesting concert by U.S. military cadets : worldnews ... olice in Greece clashed late Wednesday with Communist-backed demonstrators who tried to prevent a concert by U.S. military cadets. The violent protest occurred in the central Greek city of Larissa ahead of a concert by members of the West Point Glee Club, a musical group of the U.S. Military Academy which is currently on tour in Greece.

Germany rushes 10.000 artillery rounds to Ukraine in days : worldnews

Swiss banks have started closing clients’ accounts with Russian citizenship, even if they simultaneously hold a passport of another country : worldnews

Italy expands controversial program to take mafia children from their families before they become criminals : worldnews

Four people have died in three separate incidents on Spain's Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines after falling into the sea along coast amid high winds : worldnews

Louvre Receives Bomb Threat Against 'Mona Lisa' and Other Masterpieces : worldnews

UK farmers in tractors head to Parliament to protest rules they say threaten livelihoods : worldnews
Water companies in England face outrage over record sewage discharges : worldnews
Channel Crossings: Children among those brought ashore at Dover : worldnews
Channel Crossings: Children among those brought ashore at Dover Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has insisted his plan to "stop the boats" is working despite the higher number of recorded migrant arrivals.
A London court will rule on Tuesday whether WikiLeaks' Assange can challenge extradition to the US : worldnews
Julian Assange can appeal against extradition to the U.S. on spy charges, U.K. High Court rules : worldnews
Nottingham: Driver jailed for killing student in police chase

Brazilian police launch investigation into Bolsonaro's 2-night sleepover at Hungarian embassy : worldnews ... Just a casual sleep over ... Brazilian Police Investigate Bolsonaro's Actions and Intent During 2-Day Stay at Hungarian Embassy

Argentines send message with march in memory of dictatorship : worldnews

Ancient giant dolphin discovered in the Amazon : worldnews

Canada begins evacuating vulnerable citizens from Haiti : worldnews
First attempt to airlift Canadians out of Haiti grounded by weather : worldnews

U.K. says rules of origin deal with Canada probably won't be extended : worldnews
Canada is still backing the fossil fuel industry with billions, report finds : worldnews
Winnipeg man was member of Chinese military branch behind cyber attacks on Canada, officials allege | : worldnews
Canada's population hits 41M months after breaking 40M threshold : worldnews
Canada clocks fastest population growth in 66 years in 2023 : worldnews
Ontario school boards sue Snapchat, TikTok and Meta for $4.5 billion, alleging they're deliberately hurting students : worldnews
Canada's maple syrup reserve almost empty as sap season at risk of becoming another casualty of the winter that wasn't : worldnews

Republicans slammed for blaming bridge collapse on Biden's infrastructure bill : politics
Baltimore Mayor Turns the Tables On Racist Bridge Collapse Conspiracy Theorists : politics
The MAGA world's bridge conspiracies highlight an incredibly dark reality : politics
Right-wingers blame the Baltimore bridge collapse on everything short of the Mothman : politics ... they trust a blatant and mediocre conman.
A day after bridge collapse, Republicans are blaming Dems, floating unfounded and sometimes racist theories : politics
Fox News host slammed for linking Baltimore Key bridge disaster to immigration: 'Reprehensible stupidity' : politics

Most Americans oppose Israel's war in Gaza, poll finds : politics

McCaul expects Johnson to bring Ukraine aid bill to the floor after Easter : worldnews

Joe Lieberman is dead - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Ballad of Buckley's Blowhard - Lawyers, Guns & Money (lot of darkness in Holy Joe)

US Census changes how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity ... Under the revisions, questions about race and ethnicity that previously were asked separately on forms will be combined into a single question. That will give respondents the option to pick multiple categories at the same time, such as "Black," "American Indian" and "Hispanic." A Middle Eastern and North African category will be added to the choices available for questions about race and ethnicity. People descended from places such as Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and Syria had been encouraged to identify as white, but now will have the option of identifying themselves in the new group. Results from the 2020 census, which asked respondents to elaborate on their backgrounds, suggest that 3.5 million residents identify as Middle Eastern and North African.

Corporate profits hit record high as economy boomed in fourth quarter of 2023 : politics

Republicans would rather boycott Tyson Foods than acknowledge how essential immigrant workers are : politics

Biden Administration Restores Wildlife Protections Weakened Under Trump : politics

Obama jumps in to help Biden defeat Trump again : politics

Hunter Biden asks Los Angeles judge to toss out $1.4m tax evasion case : politics

The Biden Campaign Is Quietly Preparing a Trump Ambush : politics

House Democrat Calls GOP Budget a 'Blueprint for a Dystopian Hellscape' : politics ... The entire Republican Party is a dystopian hellscape.

Comer Tries a Deep-State Excuse for His Dead Biden Impeachment Crusade : politics ... The House Oversight Committee chair insisted that Attorney General Merrick Garland was conspiring with the Deep State to sabotage the impeachment investigation. "Garland's working with the Deep State, who’s working with the liberal mainstream media to try to indoctrinate into people's minds that there's no evidence," Comer said. (tnx, KY)
Top Republican hints at an off-ramp from impeaching Biden : politics

Never again is what you swore the time before - Lawyers, Guns & Money (RGB 2.0)

Support for legal abortion hits new high among US voters: Fox News poll : politics
The Plaintiff's Argument In the Mifepristone Supreme Court Case Is Frankly, Batsh*t | And what, you may ask, is the Alliance For Hippocratic Medicine? Glad you asked. : politics ... Worth a read, the snippet below greatly sums up America's modern problem. Extremely small groups of lunatics inflicting pain on ~350 million others. America needs to send these lunatics to a small island where they can no longer do harm -- Both Justices Neil Gorsuch and Ketanji Brown Jackson were firm in their convictions that allowing one judge in Amarillo to deny every person who can get pregnant in America the option available through mifepristone was no way to run a country. This case seems doomed, and it deserves to be.
Supreme Court Heard Mifepristone, Abortion Pill Case (unpaywalled)
Supreme Court Scoffs at Flimsy Abortion Pill Argument : politics ... Well considering the District Court Ruling was pure fiction. Handed out by a judge who was legal counsel for an anti-abortion organization who was hand picked for the bench to do just what he did.
Supreme Court appears likely to allow abortion drug to remain available : politics ... My theory is the Conservative side of the Supreme Court accepted this case now ONLY to appear to side with reproductive rights before the election because they know they are fucked it they don't. It's posturing, pure and simple. They will likely have another lawsuit magically appear after the election.
Neil Gorsuch Confidently Declares That He Did The Research (He Did Not Do The Research) : politics
Supreme Court's taking an influx of cases from one circuit : politics

The future Republicans want is Anthony Comstock's boots on the heads of American women, forever - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Sam Alito and Erin Hawley made it very clear where the American anti-abortion outfit is heading, and as Irin Carmon explains it is a surpassingly horrible destination:
The Supreme Court Conservatives' Victorian Fantasy on Abortion

Senate Republicans object to moves to take control of the executive branch away from Matthew Kacsmaryk - Lawyers, Guns & Money

John Eastman, architect of Trump's 2020 election plot, should be disbarred, judge rules : politics
Eastman and Down: the permanent disbarment episode - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lawyers for Trump after 2020 election face professional reckonings : politics

Trump evokes more anger and fear from Democrats than Biden does from Republicans, AP-NORC poll shows : politics

Jeffrey Clark Screws Over Donald Trump Big-Time in 2020 Election Case : politics

Ex-Giuliani Associate Shares Video Republicans Don't Want You to See : politics

Liz Cheney warns U.S. can't 'survive' another Donald Trump presidency : politics

Donald Trump's mental acuity test questioned on Fox News : politics

Trump Is Turning the January 6 Coup Leaders Into Fascist Martyrs : politics

How Trump's trial delay strategy may backfire : politics

Team Trump Plots to Send DOJ After New York AG for ... Election Interference : politics ... Former acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue said Acting AG Jeffrey Rosen told Trump that the DOJ could not and would not "snap its fingers" and change the outcome of the presidential election.He responded very quickly, and said, essentially, "That's not what I'm asking you to do, what I'm asking you to do is just say it was corrupt and leave the rest up to me and the Republican congressmen," Donoghue said Trump told them.

Donald Trump Attacks Judge's Daughter Less Than 24 Hours After Gag Order : politics ... Imagine reading a headline about any other presidential candidate attacking the judge's daugther in his porn star hush money trial. And then right below that you read that this same presidential candidate is selling Bibles for $60 ... Imagine reading a headline about any other presidential candidate attacking the judge's daughter in a trial where he used campaign money to keep a porn star quiet for having sex with her while cheating on his wife and mother of his son. And then right below that you read that this same presidential candidate is selling Bibles for $60.
Trump Launches Fresh Attack on Judge's Daughter After Gag Order : politics
Trump Responds to Gag Order by Attacking Judge's Daughter Again : politics

Trump hush money judge appearing more irritated : politics

Donald Trump has a Social Security problem : politics

Donald Trump's Bible Knowledge Mocked in Viral Video : politics
Donald Trump's Bible Knowledge Mocked in Viral Video

Donald Trump is "electoral poison" -- former GOP strategist : politics ... Hoarding all the GOP cash, Pervert Hoover will wreck down ballot republicans ...

Trump Tower's possible seizure hits Donald Trump hard

Qatari royal invested about $50 million in pro-Trump network Newsmax : politics
Trump says 'Joe Buden disinformates and misinformates' in social post : politics

"This is insane": RNC reportedly makes Trump's false election claims a "litmus test" for new hires : politics ... Applicant must demonstrate a strong skill set in rejecting objective reality.

How can Donald Trump's loss-making Truth Social be worth $9bn? : politics
Never give a sucker an even break - Lawyers, Guns & Money Truth Social has a revenue stream comparable to that of a moderately successful local restaurant, and expenditures comparable to those of 25 moderately successful local restaurants. It has a current market capitalization of $9 billion, which is about 25% more than Mattel, and 50% more than Western Union.
Trump's Social Media Company Opens New Avenue for Conflicts of Interest : politics
Trump Media Is the New Bed Bath & Beyond : politics

Trump mocks ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel for being fired by NBC : politics ... He got her double-fired, first from the RNC, and second for her association with him

How Trump Moved Money to Pay $100 Million in Legal Bills : politics

Trump Campaign Wants Justice for January 6 Insurrectionists -- Trump has made justice for insurrectionists the center of his campaign.

The Ronna McDaniel saga - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Ronna McDaniel has been fired from her NBC News gig, after pretty much all of the network's top on-air "talent" rose up and rebelled against the executives who hired her.

The Martyrology of the American Right - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This is a truly fascinating NYT investigation of how Clarence Thomas came to hire a virulent racist as one of his judicial clerks ... The Thomases and Ms. Clanton, a 29-year-old conservative organizer turned lawyer, have built such a close relationship that the couple informally refer to her as their "nearly adopted daughter." Ms. Clanton, who was previously accused of sending racist text messages, including one that read "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE," has lived in the Thomas home, assisted Ms. Thomas in her political consulting business and joined her in a 'girls trip' to New York ... The Times, in the style we've all come to know and love so well, turns this into a he said/she said story, when the facts on the ground couldn't be clearer. In its demure way, the paper doesn't actually quote the particular text that got the talented Ms. Clanton fired from Charlie Kirk's crypto-fascist front organization Turning Point USA back in 2017.
How Justice Thomass Nearly Adopted Daughter Became His Law Clerk - Justice Clarence Thomas gave Crystal Clanton a home and a job after she left a conservative youth organization in controversy. Then the justice picked her for one of the most coveted positions in the legal world.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tops the list of the year's worst failures of government transparency : politics

Greene says she won't take blame if Jeffries becomes speaker : politics

GOP official who claimed 2020 election was stolen voted illegally 9 times, judge rules : politics

Lands, a Democrat who ran on reproductive rights, flips seat in Alabama House : politics
'I didn't expect to win this big': Marilyn Lands reflects on election win, previews days ahead : politics ... She won by a landslide. The GOP's metrics were way off. A 25 point margin of victory is insane. This is the GOP's canary in the coalmine.
Another Abortion Rights Win - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Marilyn Lands shares abortion story in Alabama special election

How bashing California became a requirement for conservative politicians : politics

Alaska Governor Dunleavy accepted more than $55,000 in hunting-related gifts last year : politics

Oregon governor signs nation's first right-to-repair bill that bans parts pairing : politics

An Arizona Lawmaker announced she was getting an abortion. Here's what happened next. : politics

GOP Lawmaker Thinks He Exposed Busload of 'Illegals' -- It Was the Gonzaga Basketball Team : politics

Biden administration will lend $1.5B to restart Michigan nuclear power plant, a first in the US : politics

"Everyone Will Die in Prison" : How Louisiana's Plan to Lock People Up Longer Imperils Its Sickest Inmates : politics

Republican lawmakers vacate full Tennessee State University board over Democratic objections : politics ... Keep in mind TSU is a historically-Black university. Tennessee republicans are removing the board so they can put in a bunch of right-wing bigots. It's disgusting. ... Last year it was discovered the state has underfunded TSU by $2.1B over the past 30 years. And then the state does this.

Colorado Elections Chief Sees 600 Percent Spike in Threats Since Trump Challenge : politics

Republican-passed bill removes role of Democratic governor if Senate vacancy occurs in Kentucky : politics

Conservative bigwig Matt Schlapp agreed to hefty settlement to end sexual assault lawsuit : politics ... Conservative bigwig Matt Schlapp agreed to let CPAC pay the entire hefty settlement to end sexual assault lawsuit ...

Hate influencer Chaya Raichik thinks Pete Buttigieg can't do his job because he loves his husband. He apparently can't lead the federal response to the Baltimore bridge collapse because he and his husband are happy together. : politics

Mike Lindell's MyPillow Evicted From Warehouse as Legal Woes Pile Up: Mike Lindell insists he's totally not broke, but his pillow empire is quickly crumbling. : politics

Who Is Podcast Guest Turned Star Andrew Huberman, Really? Andrew Hubermans Mechanisms of Control The private and public seductions of the worlds biggest pop neuroscientist.
New York Magazine: March 25, 2024 Issue Andrew Huberman is one of the most popular podcasters in the world. But can he be trusted?

Elon Musk Fought Government Surveillance While Profiting Off Government Surveillance - Musk made hay of his legal battle against secret surveillance but continued selling X user data to a company that facilitates government monitoring.

Whos Behind All the Pussy in Bio on X? I clicked all the way through so you dont have to.

Meta Dodged Warren, Sanders Questions on Gaza Censorship In the days after October 7, Meta said it removed more than 2 million pieces of Hebrew and Arabic content, but didnt break down the data ... Meta insists that there's been no discrimination against Palestinian-related content on their platforms, but at the same time, is refusing to provide us with any evidence or data to support that claim, Warren told The Intercept.

Ammon Bundy, wanted for arrest in Idaho, reportedly in Utah. "I pray that Utah has a stronger sense to protect free speech than Idaho does," Bundy told independent investigative unit Bellingcat. Investigators used videos of Bundy to track him to Washington County. : politics

Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison ... Kaplan said the sentence reflected "that there is a risk that this man will be in position to do something very bad in the future. And it's not a trivial risk at all.” He added that it was "for the purpose of disabling him to the extent that can appropriately be done for a significant period of time." ... Kaplan further ordered Bankman-Fried to forfeit over $11 billion.
Bank man fried - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The difference between “altruism” and "effective altruism" is apparently that the latter gets its effectiveness from looting your company for Caribbean estates for yourself, your cronies, your parents, your polycule, etc.
Molly Jong-Fast on X: "Nailed it" / X

NJ Comptroller Police Training Report | NJOIT Open Data Center ... Glorifying Violence, Dehumanizing Civilians

What do they not want me to see? Advocates push to allow cameras inside nursing homes : politics ... extortion in the most capitalistic way

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 1,588 - Lawyers, Guns & Money Born in 1812 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Hill went to the common schools, then studied for the law, and then passed the bar. He ended up moving to Monticello, Georgia in 1833, where he started his own practice. He had a nice career, eventually building a big house in the town of Madison, Georgia and basing himself out of there. He bought a bunch of land in the area and of course a lot of slaves. In fact, he owned up to 59 slaves at one time, which is a lot of human property.

Announcing Track Changes: Selected Reviews by Abigail Nussbaum - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Recent Reading: All These Worlds: Reviews and Essays by Niall Harrison

This brilliant philosopher was murdered by a mob. But there's much more to her story. - In A.D. 415 Christian fanatics attacked and murdered Hypatia of Alexandria, claiming she was a heretic using black magic. Here's the truth

These 5 'living fossils' still roam the Earth

Exclusive: Age of Jesus Christ's purported tomb revealed Construction materials date to Roman times, suggesting the original holy site's legacy has survived despite its destruction 1,000 years ago.

The Greek island of Santorini is hiding an explosive secret Over three thousand years ago, a volcanic eruption ended an ancient civilization. A new study offers clues about what the next major eruption could look like ... The clock is ticking. "Almost no submerged volcanoes are monitored," says Yeo, "and this needs to change."

The universe's unsolved mysteries, according to Space Oddities author Harry Cliff In Space Oddities, Harry Cliff explores the anomalous universe ... In the book, you say we live in a universe of fields more than a universe of particles, but we focus on particles because they have mass ... The high-luminosity Large Hadron Collider is on the horizon. Are you particularly excited for this next generation LHC? What do you think might come of this? ... from Feynman, which is that "the first rule is you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool."
DOE Explains...the Higgs Boson | Department of Energy

Twisted magnetic field observed around Milky Way's central black hole : worldnews
Twisted magnetic field observed around Milky Way's central black hole revealing previously unknown qualities of the immensely powerful object lurking at the center of our galaxy.

Everyday Carry - What are your EDC essentials?
EDC: Everyday Carry. What essentials do you carry on a daily basis?

Dr. Derrick Todd update: 206 plaintiffs sue for sexual abuse New complaint in Suffolk Superior Court consolidates all the cases against Todd.

Federal and state lawmakers stepping up efforts to rein in for-profit health care -- Intense scrutiny building on Steward plan to sell doctors network to Optum

Office market: 101 Arch Street in downtown Boston sells for $78 million

Climate change may transform Nantucket's real estate market

Cambridge school teacher accused of raping two girls a decade ago


Antarctic sea ice near historic lows: Arctic ice continues decline : worldnews

Thailand Passes Bill to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage : worldnews

Japan's land prices rise at fastest pace since 1991 : worldnews

South Korea has 'grave concerns' over China using water cannons against Philippine ships : worldnews
Childbirths in Korea hit another low in January : worldnews ... Read a crazy stat: For every 100 people in Korea, there will be only 4 grandchildren born from those people.

Kremlin calls Zelensky 'peculiar kind of Jew' over IS attack claim : worldnews
Moscow attack: Debunking the false claims : worldnews ... How reliable is IS's claim of responsibility? The existence of a highly graphic video filmed by the attackers while carrying out the killings, their use of slogans common among IS attackers in the video, and its distribution via official IS media channels are consistent with the group's modus operandi.

NOELREPORTS on X: "Putin intends to continue the war, but with different goals. Meduza reports that Putin might be focussing on capturing Kharkiv and gradual end the 'special operation' after that. Previously Putin said that a 'sanitary zone' is needed to protect Bilhorod.

Russian Duma considers re-introduction of the death penalty following Moscow terror attack : worldnews

Putin's No. 1 Ally Appears to Expose Kremlin Terror Story as Total BS : worldnews

Russia Is Losing a War Against Hackers Dozens of Russian companies and government agencies have been hacked in apparent retribution for the invasion of Ukraine ... Distributed Denial of Secrets, the transparency collective that's best known for its 2020 release of 270 gigabytes of U.S. law enforcement data (in the midst of racial justice protests following the murder of George Floyd), has become the de facto home of the hacked datasets from Russia.

raging545 - on X: "VIDEO from Belgorod last night showing Russian airdefense intercepting poss RM-70 MLRS rockets. From the economic perspective, this is expensive for Russia. Each air defense S-300 missile costs over 2 Million apiece while the rocket costs a fraction of that. #Ukraine #Ukrainewar

Russia extends journalist Evan Gershkovich's detention after nearly a year : worldnews

Georgia wants to ban changing gender in sweeping new anti-LGBTQ+ law : worldnews

Everest climbers will have to take their poop away with them, as Nepal tries to address growing waste problem : worldnews

Taps running dry have become part of daily life in South Africa's biggest city | CNN : worldnews

Malawi follows Zambia in declaring drought disaster as El Nino brings hunger to southern Africa : worldnews

Russia's lies helped persuade Niger to eject US troops, AFRICOM says | The U.S. needs to beef up its own counter-disinformation efforts, Gen. Langley tells lawmakers. : politics

Kenya begins handing over 429 bodies of doomsday cult victims to families: "They are only skeletons" : worldnews

Chinese-owned oil tanker hit by Houthi missiles in Red Sea : worldnews
Houthis claim strikes on ships, Maersk denies it was attacked : worldnews

Iran Confirms Death Of IRGC Quds Force Officer In Strikes On Syria : worldnews

IAEA Unaware Of Secret Iranian Nuclear Site Targeted By Israel | Iran International : worldnews

Celebrating UNSC resolution: Hamas and Islamic Jihad chiefs in Tehran : worldnews

Israel truce team leaves Doha, official blames Hamas for 'dead end' : worldnews
Israeli hostages' relatives arrested at protest as Gaza talks break down : worldnews

Former hostage reveals experience of sexual assault and torture while held in Gaza : worldnews

IDF confirms senior Hamas member Marwan Issa was killed in strike : worldnews

US says Israel using weapons in line with international law, not blocking Gaza aid : worldnews

UN report claims Israel is committing genocide in Gaza, call for arms embargo : worldnews

UNRWA textbooks were pivotal in radicalizing generations of Gazans — watchdog : worldnews

Jurgen Nauditt on X: "The difference between the actions of the terrorists in Crocus and the Russians in Ukraine is only in scale. The evil is the same," Klitschko : Tens of thousands of Ukrainians have been dying at the hands of Russian terrorists for more than two years. Citizens of a neighboring…

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 763, Part 1 (Thread #909) : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on X: "These are the indicative estimates of Russia's combat losses as of March 27, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine." / X
Ministry of Defence on X: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 27 March 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine

Ukrainian navy says a third of Russian warships in the Black Sea have been destroyed or disabled : worldnews ... "Our ultimate goal is complete absence of military ships of the so-called Russian Federation in the Azov and Black Sea regions," Pletenchuk told the AP.
Institute for the Study of War on X: "Ukrainian officials stated that the Ukrainian strike on occupied Sevastopol, Crimea on the night of March 23 targeted more Black Sea Fleet (BSF) ships and caused more damage than initially reported.

Russia executed Ukrainian POWs, UN report says : worldnews

Ukraine's president replaces a top security official : worldnews

Home of Poland's former justice minister raided and four people detained : worldnews
Polish ruling coalition moves to put central bank governor on trial : worldnews

Thousands of protesters rally in Budapest against PM Orban after audio recording release : worldnews

Macron angered US officials with statements about sending troops to Ukraine - Bloomberg : worldnews

The British Museum is suing a former curator over the alleged theft of almost 2,000 items : worldnews

Julian Assange can appeal against extradition to the U.S. on spy charges, U.K. High Court rules : worldnews

Bolsonaro running mate probed over plan to deploy special forces in Brazil coup plot : worldnews

Largest cocaine shipment of the year seized in Colombian Caribbean after high-speed boat chase - CBS News
Armada de Colombia on X:

Senegal's president-elect pledges to fight corruption after a stunning victory for the 44-year-old : worldnews

Investigation into Baltimore Key Bridge collapse picks up speed as divers search for missing workers
Videos show how Baltimore Key Bridge collapsed after cargo ship crash - The Washington Post -- in under 40 seconds
ER doctors reveal Baltimore bridge victims' tragic fight for survival: Shock, hypothermia and exhaustion - plus a 185ft drop would've felt like 'hitting concrete'
Right-Wing Media Blames Bridge Collapse on 'Open Border' and COVID Lockdowns : politics

Will Speaker Johnson stand on the right side of history? With time running short, the House recesses without approving aid for Ukraine ... As we saw yet again, the House has a speaker in name only. Mike Johnson, the spectral figure who holds that title, is little more than a zombie, fated to flit fecklessly about in pursuit of fantasies that eternally fade to frustrating failure rather than take shape as legislative accomplishments ... He imagines himself the Lord's chosen legislative leader, but perhaps the House's Lowly Ghost is a more apt appellation ... Instead, the House left for a two-week Easter recess with that matter unaddressed, effectively lending aid and comfort to Russian czar Vladimir Putin as he continues to assault Ukraine ... Somewhere, Ronald Reagan must be wondering: What in God's name has happened to my once resolute, tyrant-opposing party?

Majority in U.S. Say Israel Has Valid Reasons for Fighting; Fewer Say the Same About Hamas : worldnews

Sanders Says State Department's Position on Israel "Makes a Mockery of US Law" | The claim that Israel is not violating international law with its war on Gaza is "absurd on its face," the senator said. : politics

BlueLeaks Hack Exposes Personal Data of 700,000 Cops The BlueLeaks archive contains over 16 million rows of data, including emails, descriptions of alleged crimes, and detailed personal information.

Republicans Say It Aloud: They Want to Raise the Retirement Age : politics
RandomGuy1838 comments on Republicans Say It Aloud: They Want to Raise the Retirement Age

Obamacare Is in Grave Danger, Again : politics
One-Third Don't Know Obamacare and Affordable Care Act Are the Same - The New York Times (2017)
Texas enrollment in the Affordable Care Act hits record 3.3 million : politics

Biden, at risk with young voters, is racing to shift marijuana policy : politics

It's the Biden vs. Trump Economy -- and Hell No, It's Not Even Close | The facts are clear: Biden has overseen a stronger economy than Trump did. That reality should dominate his reelection campaign. : politics

'Biden bump is real': president gains on Trump in six battleground states : politics

Donald Trump is 'frightened' right now, ex-aide says : politics
Alina Habba mocks New York AG after appeals court reduces Trump bond : politics

Republicans have an internal polling problem : politics

Donald Trump Is Now Hawking 'God Bless the USA' Bibles : politics
Trump Is Pushing $60 Bibles in Pre-Easter Cash Grab The presidential candidate promotes an America-themed version of the holy book in a new QVC-esque video : politics ... Beware false profits ...
Trump takes on unlikely new role for Easter -- Bible salesman : politics
Mary Trump Mocks Donald Trump Over Bible Push: 'Never Prayed in His Life' : politics
Cheney trolls Trump over Bible sale, suggests he read verse on adultery : politics
Donald Trump Selling Bibles Sparks Fury From Christians -- 'Blasphemous Grift' : politics

Biden plays up his money edge in taking feistier shots at Trump : politics
Biden plays up his money edge in taking feistier shots at Trump - The Washington Post

House GOP Resignations Send a Very Clear Message : politics

US election officials face 'new era' of violent threats, taskforce chief warns : politics

James Comer Finally Admits Defeat in His Biden Impeachment Crusade: The House Oversight chair admitted in writing that impeachment isn't going to happen. : politics

Scoop: GOP candidate wants to ax Homeland Security agency : politics

Mifepristone challengers' case gives SCOTUS a great opportunity It wasn't only the more liberal members of the court who spent part of Tuesday's argument lamenting the burgeoning phenomenon of nationwide injunctions being imposed by single judges.
The 19th Explains: How the Supreme Court could further limit abortion | The court will consider reversing a federal decision that allowed the abortion pill mifepristone to be prescribed online. The consequences could be significant. : politics

The Supreme Court Is Shaming Itself : politics
Discussion Thread: Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine : politics
Supreme Court Suggests It Will Back Access to Abortion Pill : politics

Retired Justice Stephen Breyer warns "law will turn into chaos" if Supreme Court overturns too many cases : politics

NBC News ousts Ronna McDaniel after network's anchors launch unprecedented on-air rebellion : politics
Former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel axed by NBC after intense backlash : politics

Lev Parnas predicts what's on the horizon for ex-allies Trump and Giuliani: 'Prison and jumpsuits' : politics
Donald Trump's "worst nightmare" just came true: Mary Trump : politics

Trump Goes After Judge's Daughter in Hush Money Trial Rant : politics
Trump Wins Himself a Gag Order After Unhinged Attack on Judge's Family : politics
Judge Imposes Gag Order on Trump in Manhattan Criminal Trial : politics

As Biden tours the country and visits swing states, Trump is fundraising and playing golf : politics
Donald Trump's lack of rallies draws scrutiny : politics

Trump seethes after New York trial set for April 15 : politics
Trump's Prosecutorial Misconduct Claims Fall Flat in N.Y. Criminal Case, as Judge Sets April Trial : politics

"Hastening his deterioration": Dr. John Gartner on the impact of court trials on "Trump's fragile brain" : politics

2015 securities fraud charges against Texas AG Ken Paxton to be dropped in deal with prosecutors : politics

Texas Republican under investigation by House Ethics Committee : politics

Former Ohio House Speaker Hit With 10 Additional Felony Charges : politics
Former Ohio House Speaker Hit With 10 Additional Felony Charges - The New York Times Larry Householder, already serving a 20-year federal prison sentence, was indicted on additional state felony charges on Monday in connection with a sprawling bribery scheme.

Rep. Jamie Raskin Calls For Hearing On 'Influence Peddling' By Jared Kushner : politics

GOP candidate whines that her calls for Biden's & Obama's executions were "taken out of context" . She called for Barack Obama to be executed on television. Now she says bringing it up is a "gotcha moment." : politics

Swing-State Polls: Biden Leads Trump in Wisconsin : politics

New book details how 'barons' took over American agriculture : politics

Alabama Democrat Marilyn Lands, running on IVF ruling, flips Republican House seat : politics

Trump threatened Pence in phone call before Jan 6 riot, new transcript shows : politics
On The New Abnormal, Matt Gertz explains why the Pence story got swept under the rug: Fox News is a "Trumpian propaganda outlet" | Media Matters for America

Amid book bans, DEI cuts and 'Don't Say Gay' laws, 7 states will mandate LGBTQ-inclusive curricula : politics

Seen but not heard: The New York Times failed to quote trans people in over 60% of 2023 stories on anti-trans legislation | Media Matters for America

The Epoch Times - Wikipedia The Epoch Times is a far-right[1] international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement.

Meta and Google accused of restricting reproductive health information : worldnews

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' lawyer says raids of the rapper's homes were 'excessive' use of military force

Prince Harry named in $30m Sean 'Diddy' Combs sexual assault lawsuit

List of Opioids From Strongest to Weakest | Top 10 Opioids

Amid budget woes, Brockton schools paid $1.1 million for police The district hired the officers through Brockton police's detail office and paid them up to $575 for each brief shift (1/2 hour) ... No. 1. "PRIOR TO 2021, Brockton Schools spent an AVERAGE OF $3,000 PER MONTH on police details, BUT AFTER SCHOOLS REOPENED in the spring of 2021, spending on police details ROSE TO AN AVERAGE OF $63,000 PER MONTH, the Globe found"


Cocoa Is More Expensive Than Copper as It Tops $9,000 : worldnews

China blocks use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers, FT rg1 eports : technology

China calls for probe after five Chinese engineers killed in suicide attack in Pakistan : worldnews

Some in Putin's Own Circle See No Ukraine Link to Moscow Attack : worldnews
Russian intel chief says U.S., UK and Ukraine were behind Moscow shooting - I24NEWS : worldnews
Putin's No. 1 Ally Lukashenko Seems to Reveal Crocus Terror Story Is BS : worldnews
Lukashenko Says Moscow Attackers Tried Fleeing To Belarus First : worldnews
Putin dismissed US warnings of extremist attacks in Moscow : worldnews ...
'Radical Islamists' committed Moscow attack - Putin : worldnews ... However, he said the shooting fits in a wider campaign of intimidation by Ukraine.
Putin acknowledges 'radical Islamists' carried out Moscow terror attack : worldnews ... "The question that arises is who benefits from this? This atrocity may be just a link in a whole series of attempts by those who have been at war with our country since 2014 by the hands of the neo-Nazi Kyiv regime," Putin claimed.

Kyrgyzstan Calls On Citizens Not To Travel To Russia : worldnews

Court ruling effectively outlaws Islamic schools in India's most populous state : worldnews ... A court in India's most populous state has effectively banned Islamic schools by striking down a law governing madrasas, weeks before a nationwide election that could further polarize the world's largest democracy along religious lines.
Uttar Pradesh: Court ruling effectively outlaws Islamic schools in India's most populous state | CNN : The Allahabad High Court in Uttar Pradesh on Friday declared the Madrasa Act of 2004 to be unconstitutional, according to a court order seen by CNN, while ordering the state government to move students enrolled in the Islamic system into mainstream schools.

Saudi Arabia to be appointed chair of UN's gender equality forum amid ongoing assault on women's rights : worldnews

Israel recalls negotiators from Qatar, says Hamas 'not interested' in talks : worldnews

UN Security Council passes resolution demanding Gaza ceasefire : worldnews

Netanyahu says if US fails to veto UN call for cease-fire, Israeli officials will not travel to D.C. : worldnews

Hamas rejects US hostage deal compromise, 'doesn't meet demands' : worldnews

Israeli Hostage Says She Was Sexually Assaulted and Tortured in Gaza : worldnews ... "Then he, with the gun pointed at me, forced me to commit a sexual act on him," Ms. Soussana said.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 762, Part 1 (Thread #908) : worldnews

Russian landing ship Konstantin Olshansky hit with Neptune missile, says Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraine says it hit warship that Russia took from it in 2014 with a missile : worldnews

A decadelong secret partnership between the CIA and Ukraine has been critical for lethal operations against Russia : worldnews ... According to the article, Ukrainian Intelligence agencies have been working with Western Intelligence agencies since 2014, after Ukraine tossed out Putin's catamite, Yanukovych.

Ministry of Defence on X: "Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine – 26 March 2024. Find out more about Defence Intelligence's use of language: #StandWithUkraine" / X
The Kyiv Independent on X: "Borrell confirms EU delivery of 500,000 shells to Ukraine by end of March." / X

Chris Anderson on X: "Ukrainians put 8,000 cellphones connected to microphones on 6-foot poles around the country to detect incoming Russian drones. They detected 84/84 and shot down 80 of them with AA guns. Cost: $500ea --- Gen James B Hecker, Commander US Air Forces, Europe" / X
Ukraine ramps up spending on homemade weapons to help repel Russia : worldnews

Polish official says NATO considering shooting down Russian missiles that approach its borders : worldnews

Estonians in favor of taking away voting rights in local elections from Russian citizens : worldnews

Germany arrests suspected ISIS supporters accused of planning terror attack on Swedish parliament | CNN : worldnews

The Kyiv Independent on X: "French minister: Paris to soon deliver 78 Caesar howitzers, increase shell supplies to Ukraine. / X

Gove faces legal action threats after suggesting Muslim groups are extremist : worldnews
Manchester Airport's treatment of Hamas attack victims probed : worldnews The officers allegedly said that they had to detain and interrogate the survivors for two hours because "they had to make sure that you are not going to do what you are doing in Gaza over there."
Supernova Oct 7 massacre survivors detained, berated by UK border police : worldnews
October 7 massacre survivors discriminated against by UK police - The Jerusalem Post The officers allegedly said that they had to detain and interrogate the survivors for two hours because "they had to make sure that you are not going to do what you are doing in Gaza over there."

Mexico warns US court of substantial tension if controversial Texas immigration law takes effect : politics

Doctors say unfair salaries driving them away from family medicine in Canada : worldnews

Baltimore Key Bridge collapse live updates: Rescuers search for people in water - The Washington Post
The history of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, built in 1977 - The Washington Post
Baltimore Key Bridge collapse live updates: Search ongoing for 6 missing - The Washington Post
What to know about the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse - The Washington Post

US 'very disappointed' after Netanyahu cancels Israeli visit to Washington : politics
UN demand for Gaza cease-fire provokes strongest clash between US and Israel since war began : politics
The frustrating Israel-Gaza war: Don't expect Biden to solve the insoluble : politics

Vowing the U.S. Will 'Do Our Job,' Johnson Searches for a Path on Ukraine : politics
House eyes April breakthrough on Ukraine and Israel aid : politics

The U.S. Senate repealed Iraq war authorizations a year ago. In the House, they're frozen. : politics

White House looking for opportunity to repeal funding bill provision preventing US embassies from flying Pride flags : politics

It's Not the Economy. It's the Pandemic. : politics
Tax the Rich is Actually a Popular Bipartisan Stance, Poll Shows : politics

Biden Gets Some Good News in Poll as He Gains Ground on Trump : politics

Trump asked if U.S. was better off in his last year. In many ways, the answer is no. - The Washington Post A look at the third week of March 2020 reveals a nation that was plunging into a pandemic, and a leader exhibiting the erratic characteristics that his supporters love and his detractors revile
Trump asked if U.S. was better off in his last year. In many ways, the answer is no. : politics

Team Biden Roasts 'Feeble, Confused, Tired' Trump After Unhinged Presser : politics
Trump's latest gaffe saw him forgetting New York Governor in rambling speech : politics
Trump loves to play the victim -- NY appeals court bailout shows he's the most coddled person alive : politics

Supreme Court Rekindles Abortion Debate as Election Fight Looms : politics ... Translation: Superstitious religious fanatics on the Judiciary torch women's reproductive rights anew.
5 key moments from Supreme Court arguments on the abortion pill case - The Washington Post
Supreme Court arguments on abortion pill case: Live updates - The Washington Post
A Supreme Court abortion pill case with potential consequences for every other drug : politics
Why the Supreme Court abortion pill case is so fraught for the right - The Washington Post ... A KFF poll showed an even wider gap, with Americans saying 72-27 that the pill should be legal at least in "most cases."

There's a straight line from US racial segregation to the anti-abortion movement | Randall Balmer | The Guardian
The Religious Right and the Abortion Myth - politico - White evangelicals in the 1970s didnt initially care about abortion. They organized to defend racial segregation in evangelical institutions -- and only seized on banning abortion because it was more palatable than their real goal.
The Religious Right: Abortion, Segregation, and the Origins of a Movement | Teen Vogue
The "Original Sin" of the Religious Right It was school segregation, not abortion, that brought Christians together in prayer and a quest for political power.
The Real Origins of the Religious Right - POLITICO Magazine They'll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record's clear: It was segregation.
'Throughline' Traces Evangelicals' History On The Abortion Issue : NPR

How Hobby Lobby Could Be Trump's Reproductive Rights Wrecking Ball : politics
Wife of Judge on Mifepristone Case Was Paid by Anti-Abortion Group : politics

Supreme Court grapples with online First Amendment rights as social media teems with misinformation : politics ... They're not grappling with misinformation, misinformation is coaching them while they chokehold the truth

2024 elections: 12 media bubbles could determine fate of Biden vs. Trump rematch : politics

Trump reels from competing court decisions as trials disrupt campaign -- The Washington Post -- The surreal string of turnabouts capped another chaotic day of Trump's 2024 run, with almost no resemblance to the conventional activities of campaigning

Trump Might Be Too Broke for a $175 Million Bond, Too : politics ... America deserves better than a feeble, confused, and tired Donald Trump.
Trump Can Post Smaller Bond in Civil Fraud Case, Court Rules : politics

Letitia James fires back after Donald Trump's bond reduction : politics
The rule of law as myth and reality - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump shares Jesus comparison while in court : politics

You've given me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Whoever is handling Biden's social media stuff is earning their money. ETA: Jersey Girl.

Press: Ronna McDaniel hire shows the proud peacock has lost its colors : politics
NBC News boss Cesar Conde faces backlash from his network's anchors over 'inexplicable' decision to hire ex-RNC chair Ronna McDaniel : politics

Hunter Biden laptop update - Lawyers, Guns & Money Trump's greatest Yass comes through again:

Headache for campaign team as Trump gets the band back together : politics ... Manafort, Tulsi and the Band of Traitors ...

From Laddie Mag Model to RNC Co-Chair: Lara Trump, Nepo-Spouse : politics

RFK Jr.'s ballot signatures could be invalid in Nevada without VP : politics

Goodbye to the machine - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- It's particularly good news that New Jersey Democrats used the self-defenestration of Robert Menendez to clear out the recently Republican nepo baby machine candidate and the mechanism they rely on to maintain power as well: ... Then, in the midst of the high-stakes primary contest, Mr. Kim filed a lawsuit that directly challenged an essential component of the state's electoral system — a ballot structure designed to benefit the favored candidates of local political leaders. The practice allows county leaders to bracket their preferred candidates for every office together in a single row or column, a preferential ballot position known in New Jersey as "the line." (or "rigging the system")

DeSantis eyes Texas law, says he wants more power to arrest migrants in Florida : politics

GOP Rep Sued For Falsely Claiming Man Was Chiefs' Parade Shooter, 'Illegal Alien' : politics

California's Prop 1 homelessness measure passed by a hair. Here's what both sides are saying : politics

How Wealthy Investors Got Rich Looting America's Needy Hospitals : When hospitals sold off their land, investors got rich. Patients paid the price.
Ed Aldag: Bankrupter of American Hospitals : politics

Bill aimed at increasing Colorado condo construction advances to full Senate : politics

Strippers' bill of rights bill signed into law in Washington state : politics

The son of Stewart Rhodes, founder of the extremist Oath Keepers, has decided to enter politics as a Democrat : politics : ELMER Stewart Rhodes.

Facebook Is Filled With AI Generated Garbage—and Older Adults Are Being Tricked : technology

Oath Keepers' son emerges from traumatic childhood to tell his own story in a long shot election bid : politics

Attacker's hand gesture led police to suspect in 2 sexual assaults - The Washington Post - The woman's description of the man who tried to sexually assault her sounded familiar to a Northern Virginia Community College detective, who helped investigators identify a suspect in that and another case, police say.

Cahokia Jazz by Francis Spufford - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Temptation of Christ - Wikipedia

What is the meaning of Easter? - Carlos Sandoval The feast day of Easter was first a pagan holiday of renewal and rebirth. Honored in the early spring, it praised the pagan goddess of fertility and spring known as 'Ostara', 'Eastre' or 'Eostre'. The word "Easter" finds its etymology from the goddess's name. The Germanic folk, known as the Teutons, worshiped pagan gods and goddesses and it's believed that the origin of the Easter Bunny, hares and eggs can be dated back to the 13th century in Germany. Due to its prolific breeding tendencies, the rabbit became a symbol for Eostra. Eggs on the other hand were used as fertility symbols since antiquity. Originating among German Lutherans, the "Easter Hare" originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behavior at the start of the season of Eastertide. As a result, the Easter Bunny would come, just as Santa Claus would, bearing baskets filled with candy, chocolate, colored eggs, and such for the children.

What is a sure way of fucking up your life? : AskReddit


Philippines says China attacked supply vessel with water cannon : worldnews
US, Japan plan biggest upgrade to security pact in over 60 years, FT reports : worldnews ... the plan would restructure the U.S. military command in Japan to strengthen operational planning and exercises between the two countries.

S. Korea summons Japanese envoy to protest historical distortion in textbooks : worldnews

Strong possibility Russia will veto resolution on North Korea sanctions, UN diplomat says : worldnews

Chinese state TV reports passage of Hong Kong security law before vote : worldnews

Kremlin spokesperson refuses to answer questions about whether concert hall attack was an intelligence failure : worldnews

Three Moscow terror attack suspects plead guilty after being tortured : worldnews
Russian forces torture Moscow terror suspect by hooking his genitals up to 80v battery leaving him foaming at the mouth - and feed another his own EAR: Battered men appear in court as new footage emerges of the slaughter that killed at least 140 | Daily Mail Online
3 of 4 suspects charged in Moscow concert hall attack admit guilt during court hearing - The Boston Globe
Ten still missing as Russia mourns 133 dead in concert hall shooting : worldnews

Russian Opposition Blasts Putin's Broken Security Promises After Moscow Attack : worldnews ... Declaring LGBTQ as terrorists a few days prior to this attack while ignoring the warnings by the West is just so insanely pathetic. This puffy faced bitch was too scared of Navalny mourners laying flowers instead of keeping his country safe. How much more embarrassment and humiliation will Russians take before they drag this fool through the streets?

Vladimir Putin begins Operation Blame Ukraine : worldnews ... Do note that the russians kill as many civilians in Ukraine every two weeks as they died in Crocus.

Russia is preparing 100,000 soldiers for a possible summer offensive, Ukraine says : worldnews

India and Russia have taken extra care to look after each other's interests: EAM Jaishankar : worldnews

Islamic State Claims Attack on Niger Army That Killed Dozens : worldnews

Al Shabaab launches deadly attack on military base in Somalia: At least 17 people were killed in Somalia on Saturday after Islamist group al Shabaab attacked a military base : worldnews

US forces engage six Houthi unmanned aerial vehicles over southern Red Sea : worldnews

Israel behind alleged sabotage at Iran's covert nuclear arms site, report says : worldnews ... The alleged sabotage took place in 2020 for anyone who only read the headline. Iran has only just released the official report saying Israel was behind it. There was probably some ambiguity at the time. Edit: Iran tried to cover up the attack.

Israel to release over 700 terrorists, including murderers, in Gaza deal - report : worldnews ... A 20:1 ratio of Palestinian prisoners released for hostages. No wonder Hamas enjoys abducting Israeli civilians.

Hamas, Al Jazeera admit: Story of IDF rapes in Gaza hospital fabricated : worldnews
Shin Bet seizes Iranian weapons intended for West Bank terrorists : worldnews
Palestinians describe bodies and ambulances crushed in Israel's ongoing raid at Gaza’s main hospital - The Boston Globe

Hunger in Gaza? Israel provides humanitarian aid -- but Hamas terrorists taking it over : worldnews ... Hamas or not, the aid is being taken and sold. Absolutely insane.
U.N. chief says it's time to 'truly flood' Gaza with aid and calls starvation there an outrage : worldnews

Hamas condemns terror attack in Russia, sparking online criticism : worldnews ... Terrifying terrorists condemn terrified terrorists for terrorising a terrorist state.

Zelensky: Russia launched nearly 190 missiles, 140 drones at Ukraine in last week : worldnews

Ukraine war briefing: Zelenskiy says Putin trying to falsely blame Kyiv for Moscow concert attack : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 761, Part 1 (Thread #907) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 760, Part 1 (Thread #906) : worldnews
These are the indicative estimates of Russia's combat losses as of March 24, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine Energy Deputy Minister: Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy grid have led to $11.5 billion in losses : worldnews

(((Tendar))) on X: "The Novokuybyshevsk refinery, Samara Region, Russia, has been so severely damaged that it has stopped all operations. This footage also illustrates the precision of the UAVs. The refinery is more than 900km from the Ukrainian border. Source of video: Telegram / Uniannet" / X

Poland demands explanation after accusing Russia of violating its airspace : worldnews

Steep rise in deportation flights from Switzerland : worldnews

Macron says terrorists who hit Russia had tried to attack France : worldnews
Tiger mosquitoes now everywhere in mainland France after spreading to Normandy : worldnews ... The biting insects, native to Asia, can carry viruses including dengue, Zika and chikungunya.
Tiger mosquitoes now everywhere in France after spreading to Normandy -- Originally from tropical rainforests in south-east Asia, tiger mosquitoes have been able to survive in France and northern Europe as temperatures have warmed, with winters no longer cold enough to kill them off.

Simon Harris to become Ireland's youngest prime minister : worldnews

China targets group of MPs and peers with string of cyber-attacks : worldnews

Ecuador's Youngest Mayor Found Shot to Death Alongside Advisor : worldnews

TIL: Cartels are Mexico's fifth largest employer, making up 175,000 members : todayilearned

Haiti crisis: Mass. aid workers race to help, but many stranded

AOC Defends Calling Israel's Actions in Gaza an 'Unfolding Genocide' : politics

Ukraine aid back on US agenda -- ut still at mercy of unruly Republicans : politics ("Putin-bought")

How Biden Plans to Stop Trump From Stealing the Election : politics ... tl;dr: By being prepared, having a legal team that anticipates every underhanded tactic Trump's team might try to use.
Biden’s cash advantage over Trump cannot be overlooked : politics
Biden trolls Trump for boasting about golf trophies: 'Quite the accomplishment' : politics
A look at Trump's long history of cheating at golf

Biden, Promising Corporate Tax Increases, Has Cut Taxes Overall : politics

It's Not the Economy. It's the Pandemic. : politics

Criminal referrals create new headaches for GOP impeachment investigators : politics (having given up on imperchment, another clown act)

Breyer critiques conservatives' textualism ideology: 'It doesn't work very well' : politics
Breyer indicates support for age limits for Supreme Court Justices : politics

What's at stake in the Supreme Court abortion pill case : politics
The Endgame in the Battle Over Abortion The arc of the fetal personhood movement signals where Republicans may be headed. : politics
Pharmaceutical companies worry the Supreme Court's abortion pill ruling could have a wider effect on drugs and research : politics
Abortions outside medical system increased sharply after Roe fell, study finds : politics
The next Clarence Thomas? Abortion pill case spotlights rightwing judge and his wife’s shadowy connections : politics

Kevin McCarthy Accuses Matt Gaetz of Pursuing 'Something Illegal' : politics
Joel Greenberg Letter Written for Roger Stone Says Matt Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor : Bombshell Letter: Gaetz Paid for Sex With Minor, Wingman Says (see pic, he has a Trump mouth)

Here's Why Trump's Defamation Suit Against George Stephanopoulos Is Doomed | Trump thinks people shouldn't be allowed to call him a "rapist." One major problem: the judge presiding over the E. Jean Carroll trial has already called him that : politics

Fulton County DA Fani Willis claims she's only DA with 'courage' to prosecute Trump : politics ... Now that the R's have completed their attempt at maligning and embarrassing Fani Willis, shouldn't they look into Clarence Thomas and his extravagant vacations that were paid for, free tuition for a relative, a free house for his mother and a forgiven loan for a $400,000 RV?

The Supreme Court will weigh in on the January 6 insurrection. What could possibly go wrong? : politics

Judge sets Trump's hush money trial for April 15, rejecting further delay : politics
It's a date: Trump's first felony trial will be April 15 : politics

Appellate court rules Trump can post a lower bond of $175M to cover his civil fraud judgment : politics
Appeals Court Bails Trump Out of Having to Post Massive Fraud Bond | The court blocked collection of the former president's fraud judgment, and ruled he has 10 days to post a drastically reduced $175 million bond : politics
Appeals Court puts 10-day pause on Trump's payment, lowers bond to $175M. : politics
Trump Bond Reduced to $175 Million as He Appeals NY Fine : politics

Donald Trump runs out of time : politics
Donald Trump needs to find $712m by tonight as part of a civil fraud case. Here's what happens if he fails : politics
Trump's Options Dwindle as $454 Million Judgment Bears Down on Him : politics
Donald Trump hits $454 million bond deadline. Will Letitia James move in on his cash, buildings? : politics
Donald Trump rages at property seizures as deadline looms : politics
Trump Facing Moment of Truth for Finances in Manhattan Court : politics
Donald Trump lashes out as clock runs down on his $464m bond payment : politics
Could Trump's Properties Really Be Seized? : politics
Ocasio-Cortez says there is a 'risk' to not seizing Trump's assets : politics

Trump memes explode as deadline approaches for $464m bond repayment: 'Don Poorleone' : politics

Trump Would Break the Budget : politics

Stormy Daniels' Description of Sex With Trump Is All Too Familiar for Sex Workers : politics

Forensic psychiatrist on physical signs of Trump's mental decline: "Changes in movement and gait" : politics

Newly released transcripts reveal a MAGA betrayal: Donald Trump never cared about Ashli Babbitt. Trump now hypes her as a January 6 martyr, but when he was told of Babbitt's death, there was "no, like, reaction" : politics

Why this is a wild week for Trump even by his standards : politics

Christian TV evangelicals fire up Trump support with messianic message : politics

Ronna McDaniel Admits Joe Biden Won 'Fair and Square' : politics ... This "NOW I believe something entirely different from what I was passionately spewing for 3 years" is so hilariously pathetic

Former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel faces sharp criticism after NBC hiring : politics
Chuck Todd Sounds Alarm on Ronna McDaniel Working at NBC News : politics ... "Look, there's a reason why there's a lot of journalists at NBC News uncomfortable with this because many of our professional dealings with the RNC over the six years have been met with gaslighting, have been met with character assass00 ation," Todd added. ... Somebody so principled and with so much self-respect that she changed her name so it would not offend the guy that effectively fired her from the RNC, anyways.
NBC News Keeps Chasing Conservatives With Controversial Talent Moves : politics
When even Chuck Todd won't bothsides it - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Can NBC Be Shamed Into Reversing Its Ronna McDaniel Hire? : politics

Lauren Boebert defends taking credit for money in spending bill despite voting against it : politics

Sen. Lisa Murkowski signals openness to leaving the GOP -- The Alaska Republican, a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump, said she regrets that the GOP "is seemingly becoming a party of" Trump. : politics

Tammy Murphy drops out of U.S. Senate race in shocking announcement : politics ... She is a former Republican and it is not completely clear when she became a Democrat ... My understanding is she was a Republican as recently as 2014 and really only stopped identifying as one when her husband became prominent as a Democratic politician.

DeSantis signs bill that allows Florida teens to work longer hours : politics
DeSantis signs bill banning social media accounts for kids under 14 : politics ... Can't have a social media account but can be forced to carry a child to term
Florida is about to erase climate change from most of its laws : politics

US Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas says Texas immigration law is unconstitutional : politics

Republicans want to ask voters to ban early voting, put 1,000-person cap on precincts : politics (AZ)

Arizona expects to be back at the center of election attacks. Its top officials are going on offense : politics ... Isn't this the same state where the psycho group known as the CyberNinjas tried about 100 recounts to push the election to Trump? But the more they recounted, the more votes Biden picked up! The attacks are ONLY coming from the dopes on the right; smart people know the 2020 election was the fairest on record.

Deepfake Kari Lake video shows coming chaos of AI in elections : politics
Kari Lake does us a solid - by Hank Stephenson -- Arizona Agenda
New bipartisan bill would require labeling of AI-generated videos and audio : politics

Moreno won't say if Trump lost the 2020 election or if it was stolen. : politics

The hypocrisy of Republicans' anti-crime rhetoric. The Republican playbook rolls back existing firearm regulations and blocks new gun control laws. This will only worsen gun violence. : politics ... A study conducted by Everytown for Gun Safety found that in 2022, the gun homicide rate in states with weak gun laws was almost twice as high as in states with strong laws. Their total gun death rate, including gun suicide, was 2.5 times higher ... Former President Donald Trump and Republicans want to blame Biden for crime throughout the country. But under Biden, the murder rate in U.S. cities in 2023 fell by more than 12 percent -- the largest decline on record -- and violent crime is now near its lowest level in fifty years."

US stats show violent crime dramatically falling, so why is there a rising clash with perception? : politics

Teenager, 18, kills beloved mom, 38, and three kids she was mentoring in horrific 112 MPH crash that ripped the roof off their minivan and destroyed his luxury Audi: Suspect totaled two cars while speeding in the past year | Daily Mail Online

Bill filed to prevent squatters from having rights in New York : politics

Hundreds of diverse "not approved" books found trashed at elementary school : politics

Q&A: 'The Anxious Generation' author Jonathan Haidt Jonathan Haidt talks about the origins of the teen mental health crisis — and why he's hopeful that 2025 will mark a turning point for American children.

Millions of Low-Income Families Set to Lose Internet Subsidies : technology

What is "the biggest lie" successfully sold by the media? : AskReddit

We are Wikipedia editors ranking within the top 0.1% of users in terms of edit count. AMA. : IAmA

Alzheimer's May be Caused by Fat Buildup: APOE4/4 is linked to damaging lipid droplets in Alzheimer's disease microglia : science

Religious leaders in Boston demand 'white churches' give millions in reparations to black residents for owning slaves - and want the city to pay $15 billion | Daily Mail Online
Massachusetts man detained by ICE for four years, beaten, and deported

Reddit may need to ramp up spending on content moderation, analysts say : technology


Severe geomagnetic storm conditions impacting Earth, NOAA says: What to know : worldnews

Geologists reject declaration of Anthropocene epoch : worldnews ... "The guardians of the world's official geological timescale have firmly rejected a proposal to declare an Anthropocene epoch, after an epic academic row ... It would have ended the Holocene epoch, the 11,700 years of stable climate since the last ice age and during which human civilisation arose.

World Meteorological Day Brings Attention To Climate Action Needs : worldnews

World's largest oil companies 'way off track' on emissions goals, report finds | Climate crisis : worldnews

The Chocolate Meltdown Is Underway | by Ricky Lanusse | The Environment | Mar, 2024 | Medium How record-breaking prices expose the unsustainable truth of an exploitation system enhanced by climate change.

Ocean Circulatory System Shutdown: Oceans' Engine Could Die by 2100 The collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation would drop temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere by a staggering 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

President Tharman approves government's spending plan, says Singapore avoids 'magical thinking' : worldnews

Record 3.4 million foreign residents in Japan as work visas rise : worldnews ... It sounds like it's easy to find work in Japan… however the truth is far from that.

South Korea mailman dumps thousands of pieces of mail, says he was 'overworked' : worldnews

Grisly teen murder case shocks China and shines a light on 'left behind' children : worldnews ... The tragedy also put the spotlight on China's generation of "left behind" children, living in rural areas often in the care of relatives, as their parents seek work in cities. Wang and the three suspects were all children of rural migrant workers, state media reported.

Moscow attack: Putin says all four suspects arrested after 133 killed at concert hall : worldnews
Glasnost Gone on X: ISIS: We did it. Putin: I must keep the war going, so I'll say #Ukraine did it. Putin's desperate attempts to blame Ukraine for the #MoscowTerroristAttack got harder to sustain. Last night Islamic State released grim bodycam footage of its gunmen in the Moscow concert arena.…" / X
Putin says gunmen who killed at least 133 people tried to escape to Ukraine. Kyiv denies involvement. - The Boston Globe
Moscow attack: At least 60 killed in shooting, fire at concert hall
Moscow Attack Updates - Lawyers, Guns & Money

ISIS Releases Bodycam Footage Of The Attack On Moscow Concert Hall : worldnews
Russian State Media Release Interrogation Videos of Concert Attack Suspects : worldnews ... An unverified graphic video shared online showed what was said to be Alizadeh lying face down on the ground as Russian law enforcement agents cut off his ear, which, if confirmed, could explain why the man's head was wrapped in bandages in the interrogation video ... Found them in less than 24 hours, yet zero security/police/army response at the scene - Doesnt add up to me.

Russia Will Destroy Kyiv Officials If Linked To Moscow Attack: Medvedev : worldnews
MAKS 23 on X: "Interesting" / X

Russia's Battle With Extremists Has Simmered for Years - The New York Times The Islamic State has long threatened to strike Russia for helping the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, stay in control.
Russia's Battle With Extremists Has Simmered for Years : worldnews

Russian disinformation campaign promoting Putin's legitimacy reported on X : worldnews ... X/Twitter and Musk needs a solution. It's poisoning and eroding our society.

Over 2 years in, Kremlin acknowledges Russia's at war, but then takes it back - I24NEWS : worldnews

'Mobilisation 2.0' plan to recruit extra 300,000 soldiers according to Kremlin sources : worldnews

Russia's Oil Is Finally Getting Snarled by Sanctions : worldnews

Imgur: Russia Decides Full Transparency (for the inner Putin)

Is It Over For Russia?. Russia has lost over 420,000 soldiers… | by Clarus | Mar, 2024 | Medium ... In the last 30 days of war, Russia has lost over 1,000 soldiers per day

India Stops Accepting Russian Oil Delivered By US-Sanctioned Tankers, Reports Say : worldnews
India court effectively bans madrasas in big state before election : worldnews
India deploys 11 submarines, a first in nearly three decades : worldnews

Nearly 300 abducted schoolchildren in northwest Nigeria freed after over two weeks in captivity : worldnews

Mass grave with bodies of at least 65 migrants found in the deserts of western Libya : worldnews

35 Somalis Arrive in India to Face Trial Over Ship Hijacking : worldnews

More than 120 protesters blinded by Iranian agents, probe confirms | Berkeley University : worldnews ... They have blinded like 500 protestors in few month

Thousands of Israelis protest against government in Tel Aviv : worldnews

Israel approves new parcel of West Bank land for settlement : worldnews

Israeli settlers step up attacks on Palestinian farms, expanding West Bank outposts : worldnews ... Why are they called settlers when they're just land pirates? ... Because there are two kind of settlers. The ones that altough living in somewhat of an illegal zone are relative chill (These include arab and druze israelis too, but in minors numbers tho) and then the hilltop youth that are the extremists fuckheads that mostly organize this kind of atrocities. Think of them as somewhat of a MAGA crowd that sadly is allowed to run wild because if they were prosecuted Bibi would lose a lot of his vote base ... The U.N. humanitarian affairs office has recorded 650 attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since Oct. 7, harming residents and property. It says settlers have killed at least nine Palestinians in the territory and Israeli security forces have killed more than 400 Palestinians in that time ... There are really bad problems with these statistics. ("settlers" = terrorist invaders)

At least 6 wounded, 2 seriously in West Bank shooting attack : worldnews ... Troops confirm terrorist killed in fire from military chopper after hours-long chase including gunfights; in terror strike, assailant opens fire on a minibus

IDF probes leaked footage showing strikes on apparently unarmed men near Khan Younis : worldnews

Grenades, RPGs, mortar shells found in UNRWA bags in Khan Yunis per IDF : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 760, Part 1 (Thread #906) : worldnews
The Kyiv Independent on X: "These are the indicative estimates of Russia's combat losses as of March 24, according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine." / X

Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by multiple explosions in Russian bombardment : worldnews
Ukraine's PM says Ukraine needs 24 hours to completely restore power supply to population : worldnews

Russians Among Major Donors for Ukraine's Drone Fundraiser During Presidential Election : worldnews

Ukraine says it hit two Russian warships in strikes on Crimea : worldnews
Ukraine Battle Map on X: "Overnight, Ukraine reports striking the "Yamal" and "Azov" Ropucha-class Landing Ships, Several Infrastructure Facilities, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet's Main Communication Center in Sevastopol, Crimea using Storm Shadow, SCALP-EG Cruise Missiles" / X
NEXTA on X: "More than 30 Russian occupiers killed in a strike on Sevastopol - Russian media The Russians report that a "well-disguised command post" with more than 20 officers was allegedly hit in Sevastopol. The strike also hit the location of Russian marines. Russian Telegram channels…" / X

Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP on X: Putin's continued illegal occupation of Ukraine is exacting a massive cost on Russia's Black Sea Fleet which is now functionally inactive. Russia has sailed the Black Sea since 1783 but is now forced to constrain its fleet to port. And even there Putin's ships are sinking! / X

Russian Cruise Missile Breaches Polish Airspace: Army - The Moscow Times : worldnews

'Justification of dictatorship': outcry as Milei rewrites Argentina's history | Argentina : worldnews

Marielle Franco: Two powerful politicians arrested over Brazil murder : worldnews

Dominican Republic is urged to stop deporting people to Haiti as people flee surge in gang violence : worldnews ... DR literally decolonized itself from Haiti. TikTok won't know whom to root for.

Trudeau government survives no confidence vote over Canada carbon tax rise : worldnews
Canada's maple syrup reserve almost empty as sap season becomes another casualty of the winter that wasn't : worldnews

Ocasio-Cortez, in House Speech, Accuses Israel of 'Genocide' : politics ... No one talks about the other mass tragedy being wrought on the Palestinians by the IDF, domicide. The IDF is leveling entire city blocks in the strip so that even when this war ends the Palestinians have nothing to return to.
AOC warns of imminent famine and 'unfolding genocide' in Gaza in House speech : politics

Saturday Morning Political Cartoon Thread : politics

Biden signs $1.2 trillion spending package to keep government open : politics

Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Eight Polls : politics

President Biden is lapping Donald Trump in fundraising -- and trolling him about his debts : politics
Joe Biden's Fundraising is Blowing Donald Trump Out of the Water ... the Democrat has amassed $155 million in cash on hand so far, ready to use against his Republican rival ... Indeed, the president raised $53 million alone last month. While Trump's February figures have not yet been released, by the end of January his two fundraising committees had $36.6 million in cash in hand and they spent more than they raised ... 500k people who didn't donate to Biden in 2020 are now donating this cycle
Reasons to Be Cheerful, Pt. 1 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

House Republicans want to raise the Social Security age. It could hurt those who 'work their whole lives and die sooner,' the agency's head says. : politics

Biden lauds them. Trump wants to restrict them. How driving an electric car got political : politics

Republicans livid as chaos threatens to cannibalize House majority : politics ... What is that saying about reaping and sowing? ... Sow you're supporting a reapist?
House Democrats want Speaker Johnson to outline path on Ukraine aid before agreeing to save his job. : politics

Republicans quietly admit to dropping Biden impeachment vote : politics

Fox News host hits House GOP for ousting McCarthy: 'What have they gotten?' : politics
Fox News Buried Its Own Mike Pence Story to Benefit Trump : politics

The 5th Circuit Is Rehearing Voting Decisions at an Alarming Rate : politics ... A troubling trend is emerging in the nation's most conservative federal appeals court. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is rehearing pro-democracy decisions at an alarming rate and is doing so at the request of Republicans who are strident in their anti-voting philosophies.

Biden administration urges US Supreme Court to reject Musk appeal in SEC dispute : politics

Former RNC chair McDaniel calls January 6 Capitol attack 'unacceptable' after years of deflection : politics ... It's amazing that NBC actually hired somebody that tried to overthrow democracy. SMH ... So she was willing to lie to the nation after the event and support the big lie and now she would tell you to trust her?
NBC execs buckle under pressure after seething backlash on corrupt hiring of Trump lackey

Here's Why Judge Aileen Cannon's Law Clerks Seem to Have Suddenly Quit: Things began to take a turn around the time Cannon was assigned the Trump classified documents case, a new report says. : politics

'He knew': Witness who may land Trump in jail talks Jack Smith probe : politics

Why New York State May Be Days Away From Seizing Trump's Prized Assets : politics
Trump spirals as bond deadline in fraud case nears : politics

'The train is coming': Fani Willis has warning for Trump in wake of hearing to try to oust her : politics

Letitia James Can Target Any Donald Trump Assets 'Across the World': Lawyer : politics

Inside Merrick Garland's Effort to Prosecute Trump Over Jan. 6 - The New York Times In trying to avoid even the smallest mistakes, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland might have made one big one: ending up in a race against the clock.
The Institutionalist - Lawyers, Guns & Money This deep dive into the long and winding road which has resulted in the very strong possibility that no federal criminal trial of Donald Trump will take place before the election that will decide whether Trump gets to order the DOJ to dismiss all the charges against him (JFC just read that sentence) is simply infuriating.

No logical explanation: Expert accuses SDNY of acting in "bad faith" after Trump trial delayed : politics

I got my own Trump document dump — and it makes clear why his election interference case is delayed : politics

Donald Trump biographer predicts he'll be "exposed" by bond deadline : politics ... The most truthful part of the article is that Trump "lacks the maturity and insight of an adult."

Donald Trump would rip up documents after reading them—White House aide : politics

For Sale: Donald Trump, lightly used Republican presidential candidate. $454 million, firm. : politics
Trump claims he has $500 million in cash, undercutting his lawyers | Former president Donald Trump said he has 'almost $500 million' in cash, days after his lawyers stated that it would be nearly impossible to post the judgment of nearly half a billion dollars in his New York civil fraud case : politics

Who brought the crime, the drugs and the rape? It was him: Trump's infamous 2015 speech claimed immigrants were "bringing crime" and were "rapists." Talk about projection : politics

How Trump normalized swearing in public for Republicans and Democrats : politics

Trump's RNC arrangement could suck the life out of state GOP chapters : politics

Dems in disarray - Lawyers, Guns & Money What happens when the adults are back in charge: ... The fact that the most-insane faction of House Republicans have created a context in which Ken Buck looks like a squishy moderate is probably a good clue as to why so many House members are leaving early.

Murkowski, done with Trump, won't rule out leaving GOP : politics

No labels, no candidate, no logic - Lawyers, Guns & Money

We have the power to end Christian nationalism's hold on the United States. Just ask France. : politics

American Idiots Kill the American Century After decades of foreign-policy bungling and strategic defeats, the U.S. has never seemed weaker -- and dictators around the world know it

Tennessee is trying to ban 'chemtrails' from planes based on a wild conspiracy theory : politics

West Virginia passes bill allowing home distillation of liquor up to 5 gallons : politics

Utah Legislature refuses to release lawmakers' public calendars, claim they don't exist : politics ... To share some insight; this gaslighting and infantilizing behavior is widely accepted culturally between Latter-day Saint leaders and the member-population. Blind subordination to the revelation of leaders is socially proven and hard to remove, not that the hypocritically second-anointed leaders want to remove themselves from power anyhow.

New Indiana law requires professors to promote 'intellectual diversity' to keep tenure : politics ... The law's author is Republican state Senator Spencer Deery, a former chief of staff for the president of Purdue University. He says the new law would help conservative students feel more comfortable expressing their opinions on campus.
New Indiana law allows tenured professors to be fired if students don't think they're promoting "intellectual diversity" - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Obviously "intellectual diversity" is being used here as a code phrase for "right wing political ideology,"

California parents oust school board members who enacted anti-LGBTQ+ policy. Two members of the Orange Unified School District board have been removed by parents who opposed a policy requiring school staff to out transgender kids. : politics ... "We did this recall knowing everyone was watching," he said. "These school board takeovers are part of a national trend. ... But for us it wasn't about politics. It was about taking politics and personal agendas out of the school board and making students the first priority"

North Texas man changes name to 'Literally Anybody Else,' is now running for president : politics

Maryland US Rep. David Trone apologizes for using racial slur at hearing. He says it was inadvertent. : politics

Why Oregon's Drug Decriminalization Failed - The Atlantic The sponsors of the law fundamentally misunderstood the nature of addiction.

Elon Musk and the SpaceX Gang Are Working on a Shadowy Project for the U.S. Government

Remember That Time the EPA Killed the Sedan? | The New Republic How one quick trick in 2012 changed the way America drives -- and undermined its climate rules

The Trapped Economy: Americans Can't Buy a Home, Car, or Find a New Job The economy is actually doing great — unless you want to make a change in your life.

The Diddy Allegations Aren't Entertainment. They're Disturbing -- We Need to Be More Empathetic In Response to the Diddy Allegations

Real-Estate Agents Use 'Steering' to Hide Cheap Houses From Homebuyers

Weather forecasts have become much more accurate; we now need to make them available to everyone - Our World in Data A four-day forecast today is as accurate as a one-day forecast 30 years ago.

“She’s Bouncing the Ball!” On the Uncanny Way Octopuses Play ‹ Literary Hub on the Intelligent and Curious Nature of Our Favorite Cephalopods

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How to spot a manipulated image

Dan Sherman and Project Preserve Destiny Confirmed | by Noah Hradek | Medium Sometimes, what they say, is what it really is.

Inside the Dark Web: A harrowing experience on being on the Dark Web | ILLUMINATION

No Life After Death?. Is this the beginning of proof? | by Robert W Ahrens | Deconstructing Christianity | Feb, 2024 | Medium Is this the beginning of proof?

Did the Infant Universe Resemble a Needle or a Sphere? | by Avi Loeb | Medium

The humiliating truth behind Harvard astronomer's alien spherules | by Ethan Siegel | Starts With A Bang! | Mar, 2024 | Medium ... Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb claimed to track down and find alien spherules on the ocean bottom. The sober truth is an utter embarrassment.
Life on Titan May Signal Early Life in the Universe | by Avi Loeb | Medium

Planet-eating stars more common than previously thought, astrophysicists find : worldnews

The 8 Best Flashlights of 2024 - LED Flashlight Reviews

Neil Armstrong's Missing Moondust | NASA Space Mystery Neil Armstrong made history when he stepped onto the moon. Then some of the dust he carried back vanished.

The F-35’s Torturous Development Road Is Mercifully Over, 10 Years Late ... The Pentagon has finally declared the F-35 fighter mature enough to go into full rate production.

A Math Genius Created the Decimal Point and Became a Legend. Turns Out He Stole It.

Diamond Is About to Be Dethroned As the Hardest Material Ever

Borderline personality disorder - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Scientists Spotted 'Massless' Electrons Moving in 4 Dimensions A polymer’s hidden properties illuminate a world where particles move with unparalleled freedom.

Visiting Scarfolk, the Most Spectacular Dystopia of the 1970s

Whatever Happened to Teen Babysitters? - The Atlantic For decades, sitting was both a job and a rite of passage. Now it feels more like a symbol of a bygone American era.

The unanswered questions around the Shohei Ohtani, Ippei Mizuhara betting scandal - The Athletic

Inside the Craziest College-Admissions Season Ever More applicants, new rules, and even less clarity from schools.

Quantum Mechanics Is Probably Wrong. | by Sam Cottle | Intuition | Feb, 2024 | Medium

Fire at homeless encampment shuts a Charlesgate ramp off Storrow Drive : boston
Taxi driver crashes on Soldiers Field Road; he dies, passenger lives : boston
Massachusetts spending $75 million a month on shelters, cash could run out in April without infusion. : boston
Does anyone know or have a guess about these design elements on the Charlestown bridge? Maybe something like a deck prism. : boston


Russian spacecraft aborts launch to the International Space Station : worldnews

Cosmic explosion will be visible to the naked eye in once-in-a-lifetime stargazing event
Cosmic explosion will be visible to the naked eye in once-in-a-lifetime stargazing event : worldnews

Security and climate change drive a return to nuclear energy as over 30 nations sign summit pledge : worldnews

Chinese coast guard hits Philippine boat with water cannons in disputed sea, causing injuries : worldnews

Three landmark agreements between Singapore and Indonesia take effect, including on airspace management : worldnews

Seoul proposes cadaver sharing among schools to relieve shortage after med school student increase : worldnews

Taiwan's vice president-elect makes Czech visit, angering China : worldnews
Taiwan warns of 'enormous' Chinese bases near its S.China Sea holding : worldnews

Severe weather kills 4.7 million Mongolian livestock : worldnews

Terror in Russia: Over 143 killed, hundreds wounded in ISIS shooting - The Jerusalem Post
At least 133 are dead and more injured after an attack on a Moscow concert hall : worldnews
Russia arrests suspected attackers after mass shooting kills 93 at concert : worldnews
Photo of terrorists responsible for Moscow attack released by ISIS - The Jerusalem Post Putin vowed to punish those behind concert massacre.
U.S. Says ISIS Was Responsible for Deadly Moscow Concert Hall Attack : worldnews ... US: It was ISIS. Rest of the world: It was ISIS. ISIS: It was ISIS. Russia: so it was Ukraine ... Putin: Clearly, if the USA says it was ISIS then it was NATO ...
US has evidence that ISIS is behind terrorist attack near Moscow and warned Russia in advance : worldnews
Putin dismissed US warnings about a potential terror incident as 'blackmail' just 3 days before concert hall attack : worldnews
Russia says United States must share any information it has on attack near Moscow : worldnews ... "As per my last email ... "
Putin seeking to blame Ukraine for Moscow shooting, despite ISIS taking responsibility : worldnews
Vladimir Putin calls Moscow concert hall attack 'barbaric', announces March 24 as national mourning day : worldnews
Moscow attack: At least 40 killed in shooting, fire at concert hall (Putin op, like the others, claimed they were attacking Christians)
Islamic State group claims responsibility for Moscow attack in statement posted on affiliated channels on social media - ABC News Islamic State group claims responsibility for Moscow attack in statement posted on affiliated channels on social media
Ukrainian Front on X: The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: the shooting in "Crocus City Hall" was organized by Russian special services. The purpose of the terrorist attack is to justify even tougher strikes on Ukraine and total mobilization in Russia. / X
Special Kherson Cat on X: "Russian media report that in the Moscow Crocus city mall, unidentified persons are shooting people. At least 12 people were reported killed. There are now reports of a spreading fire in the mall." / X

The Kremlin says Russia is in a 'state of war' in Ukraine - an apparent departure from Russian authorities' insistence on calling the full-scale invasion of Ukraine a "special military operation." : worldnews

Abnormally high levels of electoral fraud recorded in 46 Russian regions : worldnews

Russians assemble new military formation of over 100,000 soldiers for potential summer offensive : worldnews

Special Kherson Cat on X: "On March 19, a number of Russian media reported that the Russian Trawler "Captain Lobanov" sank in the Baltic Sea. Preliminarily, due to an explosion on board. Now information has appeared in the Russian media that the ship was sunk as a result of a Russian Navy missile…" / X

Supporters of arrested Indian opposition politician protest in New Delhi : worldnews

Afghanistan's school year starts with more than 1 million girls barred from education : worldnews

Biden administration gauges Israeli compliance with laws of war | The State Department must soon assess whether Israeli assurances are credible and reliable, as critics say violations are plain to see : politics

Dermer: Israel will enter Rafah 'even if entire world turns on us, including the US' : worldnews
UN chief in Rafah crossing says world 'seen enough' of Gaza war : worldnews

Israel foils major terror attack by suspects who crossed Jordanian border : worldnews

US has urged Ukraine to halt strikes on Russian energy infrastructure. : worldnews
Ukraine denies FT's report that US requested to halt strikes on Russia's oil refineries - Euromaidan Press ... dismissing it as "fake information" and asserting Ukraine's right to target aggressors' war capabilities under international law.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 758, Part 1 (Thread #904) : worldnews

US ambassador to NATO: Russian attack on Baltics is not imminent : worldnews

Split over Ukraine war, Slovakia votes for president: Slovakia will on Saturday hold the first round of a presidential election that is a battle between the Central European country's Russia-leaning ruling camp and a pro-Ukraine opposition-backed candidate : worldnews

'Golden Vision' vs. IRGC? Dramatic court ruling in Germany finds IRGC behind synagogue attack : worldnews ... The Dusseldorf Higher Regional Court ruled on Thursday that the attack on the Bochum synagogue in November 2022 was initiated by an Iranian state agency, and following the ruling, the German Foreign Office summoned the Iranian ambassador.

Princess Kate has cancer, is currently undergoing chemotherapy

Mexico's president says he won't fight drug cartels on US orders, calls it a 'Mexico First' policy : worldnews
Drug Cartels Do Not Exist - Wikipedia ... He calls for a critical examination of the use of the word cartel and reflection on how using the word helps perpetuate the perception that the drug trade in Mexico is a war and a crisis that warrants a military response.
Drug Cartels Do Not Exist: Narcotrafficking in US and Mexican Culture on JSTOR

Canada to set first-ever cap on temporary residents : worldnews
Canadian Trans Mountain oil pipeline begins filling ahead of final construction challenges : worldnews

Israel Is a Strategic Liability for the United States : politics
Opinion | The Great Rupture in American Jewish Life - The New York Times
Liberalism and Zionism in Contemporary American Jewish Politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

House Republicans: the War on Woke requires the sacrifice of your pension - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... For many decades, American Jews have built our political identity on a contradiction: Pursue equal citizenship here; defend group supremacy there. Now here and there are converging. In the years to come, we will have to choose.
Republicans Say It Aloud: They Want to Raise the Retirement Age : politics
House Republicans Call for $2.7 Trillion in Cuts to Social Security and Medicare : politics

House Republicans Want to Ban Universal Free School Lunches : politics ... So let’s review. Fuck women: national 15 week abortion ban. Fuck children: ban on feeding hungry children Fuck the elderly: cuts to social security. Fuck the sick: plans to fully privatize Medicare and Medicaid. Fuck the poor: cuts to food stamps. But tax cuts for the wealthy and state money to churches. That.s the modern GOP... Missing a few others - Fuck trans community: ban on any gender affirming care. Fuck teachers: ban on any books or curriculum that is “woke” (still not sure what that means). Fuck voting: ban all forms of voting that is not done in-person. Fuck immigrants: self explanatory

No country for law men: The GOP votes to defund the FBI : politics

House Passes Spending Bill to Avert Shutdown, Prompting G.O.P. Mutiny : politics
How every senator voted on the budget bill to avert a government shutdown : politics

Democrats who attack the rich do better in elections. The party should take notice : politics

An Anti-Biden Conspirator Now Acknowledges That Ron Johnson Was "Doing the Bidding" of Russia : politics ... Senator Ron Johnson was our guy in the Senate, replied Parnas. It was told to me that, when we pushed the information, he was going to push it in the halls of Congress. ... All the countries whose leaders would like the US to lose power on the world stage (Russia and China most of all) are paying Republicans. Kinda makes ya wonder whose side Republicans are on.

Farah Griffin: There's 'no question' Trump would accept money from Russian oligarchs : politics

'It's embarrassing' : Ex-Trump White House lawyer in Mueller probe says Mar-a-Lago judge's 'fundamentally unhinged' order is 'basis' for recusal : politics

And then there was one - Lawyers, Guns & Money Yet another House Republican has decided that the juice of working for voters who are led like a Labrador Retriever by Fox News and Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't worth the aqueeze:
Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher will resign early, leaving House majority hanging by a thread : politics
Another House Republican Quits, Timing His Departure for Maximum Chaos : politics
The 'Great Resignation' continues as yet another GOP rep exits. "This is the most chaotic, inefficient and ineffective majority we've seen in decades covering Congress." : politics

The House GOP just gave Biden's campaign a huge gift : politics ... Republicans just said they want to cut social security. Biden is now the champion of the old people vote, the most powerful voter base in the universe.
House Republicans had a bad day : politics house Republicans are still getting paid to do nothing
"Quit Sending Them": House GOPer Trashes His Republican Colleagues - Representative Eli Crane asked voters why they keep voting for his Republican colleagues, in an unhinged rant. : politics ... For those of you who haven't read the article, this jackass (Eli Crane) isn't asking voters to stop sending the crazy Republicans to the House of Representatives, he wants them to stop sending the sane ones, who compromise on spending bills. He's upset there aren't more MTG like MAGA crazies in the House.

MTG Officially Launches Revolt Against Speaker Mike Johnson: politics ... Its amazing to see the GOP go from McCarthy-ism/Red scare to letting the Russians conquer Europe. The metamorphosis that transpired is something not even Kafka could find plausible.
Marjorie Taylor Greene's stunt shows Republicans are in a death spiral : politics
What's next now that Speaker Mike Johnson is facing a motion to vacate from Marjorie Taylor Greene : politics

A Complete Guide to the Criminal and Civil Cases Against Donald Trump : politics

Trump refers to AG Letitia James as having an "ugly mouth" and "low IQ" in Truth Social rant : politics ... Says the man with a mouth like a prolapsed anus

Already $91 Million in the Hole, Trump Decides to Defame E. Jean Carroll Some More : politics ... Let's remember what a jury found, that this man forcibly penetrated her vagina against her will with at least his fingers. She isn't sure whether he used his penis because she couldn't see what was going on down there. That's who republicans are supporting.

Biden campaign tests Trump's name-calling strategy with 'Broke Don' : politics
Republican group mocks "broke" Donald Trump : politics
Joe Biden Jokes About Donald Trump's Debt Problems: 'I Can't Help You' : politics
Joe Biden jokes that Donald Trump must have injected bleach : politics
Trump's Latest Rage-Rant Reveals a Major Political Weakness: His eruption over President Biden's attacks exposes one of the biggest vulnerabilities in his 2024 campaign. : politics
Donald Trump's latest antisemitic remarks fit his strategy of sowing division : politics

Trump's Threat to Europe: His First Term Tested the Transatlantic Relationship—but His Second Would Break It : politics

"Empathy and kindness are for weak people" : Why Trump wants his MAGA supporters to be cruel : politics

Trump's social media company approved to go public, potentially netting former president billions - The Boston Globe
Trump's Truth Social is losing money and has scant sales. Yet it could trade at a $5 billion value. : politics
Trump becomes multi-billionaire (again) via ownership of worthless stock - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Looking out for the Donald - Lawyers, Guns & Money Donald Trump's new joint fundraising agreement with the Republican National Committee directs donations to his campaign and a political action committee that pays the former president's legal bills before the RNC gets a cut, according to a fundraising invitation obtained by The Associated Press ... the unorthodox diversion of funds to the Save America PAC makes it more likely that Republican donors could see their money go to Trump's lawyers, who have received at least $76 million over the last two years to defend him against four felony indictments and multiple civil cases.
Trump signals Truth Social windfall won't be used to post bond in fraud case : politics
Trump claims he has $500 million in cash as asset seizure looms : politics

Republican Donations Now Likely Paying Trump's Legal Bills : politics

Idiot Trump Confesses He Actually Has the Money to Post Bond : politics
Ex-Prosecutor Says Trump's New Cash Brag Is The 'Dumbest Thing' He Could've Done : politics
Trump says he has nearly $500 million in cash but doesn't want to use it to pay New York judgment : politics
First, search. Then, seizure. How Tish James will go after Trump's bank accounts and other assets. : politics
Letitia James Could Be Eyeing Trump's 200-Acre New York Estate : politics

Ken Buck Leaves House Republicans With an Unforgettable Parting Gift | The New Republic Buck signed House Democrats foreign aid discharge petition Thursday night, the first Republican to do so. If the petition, which was launched earlier this month, reaches 218 signatures, it would force a vote on a $95 billion foreign aid package. The package, which has already passed the Senate, includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine, an increasingly unpopular issue among far-right Republicans.
Ken Buck Leaves House Republicans With an Unforgettable Parting Gift : politics

'It'll be bedlam': how Trump is creating conditions for a post-election eruption : politics

Could anti-Trump Republicans form a brand new party? : politics

Fox News demands to impeach Biden blew up in the GOP's face : politics
Republicans Who Do Not Regularly Watch Fox Are Less Likely to Back Trump : politics

It's a Good Time to Start Worrying About Christian Nationalism : politics
Secret boys club promoting Christian governance is a threat to freedom in Idaho | Opinion : politics ... No Mormons allowed : Idahoans on the right who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by far Idaho's largest Christian denomination, should take special note that they are not included in this vision of some Christian civilization. SACR does not affirm Christianity in general but "a particular Christianity." Membership criteria include "submission to the authority of a particular Trinitarian Christian body,"

Politician too corrupt for New Jersey - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Threatening an independent run LOL, also known as the "Kyrsten Sinema." Good riddance!

Deal in works to resolve AG Ken Paxton's securities fraud cases : politics ... That agreement could end a nine-year legal saga that would have gone to trial on April 15 and for which Paxton faced up to 99 years behind bars ... Instead ... Under conditions of the proposed agreement, Paxton likely will have to perform community service, take legal education classes and pay a six-figure restitution. He will not have to enter a plea, and the cases would be dismissed if he meets the terms of the deal with prosecutor Brian Wice, the sources said.

Missouri GOP sues to remove candidate with ties to KKK from Republican ballot : politics

We're Washington Post reporters who found that school hate crimes quadrupled in states with laws targeting LGBgt issues. Ask us anything. : politics

Homicide Is a Leading Cause of Death for Pregnant People. Abortion Bans Are Making Things Worse : politics

Dismay as Louisiana lookback law for child sexual abuse victims struck down | Court rules 4-3 to overturn law that had allowed victims to file civil suits over sexual abuse that took place decades ago : politics

Mastriano proposes bill to combat 'chemtrails' rooted in conspiracy theory and climate science : politics

Wyoming Governor shoots down bill to eliminate gun-free zones : politics ... Gov. Mark Gordon rejected legislation Friday night that would have done away with most gun-free zones in Wyoming and would have allowed people with concealed carry permits to bring firearms into most public spaces overseen by the state.
Gov. Gordon vetoes Wyoming abortion regulations, ultrasound requirement : politics
Wyoming’s new gender-affirming care ban will force trans youth to de-transition. Critics of gender-affirming care bans say the laws carry "a body count" by harming trans youth. : politics

Kentucky bill could force LGBTQ+ businesses to move farther from schools & churches. One Republican said that child abuse turns people transgender while defending the bill. : politics ... This guy is VERY confused about what the Republican Party is or has been since the 70s. They talked about that for a long time, but their actions were the exact opposite. Red states have low ranking in individual freedom, but high ranking in "economic freedom" meaning rich people can do whatever they want and screw everyone else. Source. This is EXACTLY who they are and always have been.

Alabama colleges, students weigh options after Gov. Kay Ivey signs DEI bill into law : politics ... *anti-DEI bill. Nothing like proudly pronouncing your state a homogenous, unequal and exclusive to really show everyone what Alabama is all about ... Yet another tangible reason AL is considered one of the worst states in the union… I believe it has been ranked in the bottom three states for the last decade(s) at least.

Most AAPI adults want abortion to be legal, AP-NORC poll finds | AP News new poll shows that Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the United States are highly supportive of legal abortion, even in situations where the pregnant person wants an abortion for any reason.

Tennessee becomes first US state with law protecting musicians from AI : politics

The #MeToo Movement : Investigating the Lasting International Impacts . On October 5, 2017, actress Alyssa Milano exposed film producer Harvey Weinstein in a New York Times article. A week later, Milano tweeted the phrase "Me too," encouraging survivors to speak up. With the Weinstein sexual abuse scandal continuing to unfold, the phrase attached quickly to posts that flooded social media platforms. American Olympian McKayla Maroney joined in, tweeting to expose Team USA's gymnastics doctor Lawrence G. Nassar: a convicted rapist and sexual assaulter. One after another, hundreds more allegations surfaced, challenging power dynamics with demands for legal action against perpetrators.

'Very few have balls': How American news lost its nerve | Semafor

Book review: Gospel Thrillers: Conspiracy, fiction and the vulnerable Bible by Andrew S. Jacobs


Higher temperatures mean higher food and other prices. A new study links climate shocks to inflation : worldnews

Australia set to ban non-medical vapes in world's toughest crackdown : worldnews
Australias Illegal Tobacco Trade Is Booming -- Police seizures of tobacco, cigarettes and vapes are surging, indicating a strong underground trade.

Japan schools move to protect cheerleaders from upskirting at sporting events : worldnews

S. Korea voices strong regrets over Japan's school textbooks distorting wartime history : worldnews

China on track to be ready to invade Taiwan by 2027, U.S. commander says : worldnews

China building military on 'scale not seen since WWII:' US admiral : worldnews ... Unironically: Russia. They've been pumping propaganda and conspiracy into our homes that made people see education as bad and told everybody that having bigoted opinions was good and actually better than those who don't, and that anybody else who doesn't agree wants to destroy America.

Putin lost the election | The Hill Vladimir Putin officially won 88 percent of the vote in Russias presidential elections on March 17, but his victory is both a symptom of weakness and a harbinger of defeat.
Pyrrhic victory - Wikipedia

Kremlin says Russia is at war due to Western intervention on Ukrainian side : worldnews ... Russia is on war because they are a mafia controlled terror state with a lot of blood on their hands ... The fact that Russia decriminalized domestic violence says a lot about their views on this excuse.

Putin's Other War: Domestic Violence, Traditional Values, and Masculinity in Modern Russia ... The Battle For Traditional Values ... To many in the Church and politics alike, re-criminalizing domestic violence would run against these values. In the Russian Orthodox tradition, the family is a 'small church,' meaning that state interference in family matters like domestic violence would be tantamount to restricting religious rights. Some religious leaders, like Dimitry Smirnov, a Russian Orthodox archbishop, also worry that laws criminalizing domestic violence would break up the family unit, leaving Russian children to be adopted by "homosexuals." ... Putin's strategy to divert Russian attention away from corruption and towards morality has been incredibly successful ... Putin's use of masculinity, a subset of these traditional values, models a dangerous and violent type of masculinity to a receptive Russian male audience ... As Russia staggers into its 22nd year of the Putin regime, understanding why Putin has power is vital to understanding how he could be unseated, or, more immediately, how to avoid further destruction of women's rights within Russia.

Russians assemble new military formation of over 100,000 soldiers for potential summer offensive : worldnews

Russia preparing for wider conflict with NATO sooner than expected, says report : worldnews ... However, ISW's assessment is that Russia currently lacks the manpower, military infrastructure, and training capacity to properly staff the divisions and formations it will need in the short to medium term ... But, other than that ...

Russian Navy accidentally hits fishing boat, authorities try to cover it up : worldnews
The Dumbest Russian Voyage Nobody Talks About - YouTube

Apple Reportedly Removes Navalny's Voting App At Russia's Request : worldnews ... Apple helped crack down on protests in China by CCPs request. There is no mussolini they will not bow down to.

India's main opposition party accuses Modi's government of freezing bank accounts : worldnews ... India has plummeted in global rankings of democracies. To correct this Modi's India is looking at developing their own index - so they can rank higher...
Rich Indians Own 40% of Wealth in Extreme Inequality Under Modi : worldnews ... Top 10% of Americans own 66% of the US's wealth ... Yeah, but because that 66% is distributed over 10% of Americans as opposed to 40% being distributed over 1% of Indians, we know that everything is fine. ore fun facts. 51% of total US wealth is owned by the baby boomer generation. The millennial generation has about as many people as the baby boomer one, but only owns about 9% of total US wealth. But wait, there's more! in 1989, the bottom 50% of US population by wealth owned 3.4% of total wealth. It went all the way down to 0.4% by 2010 and has since bounced back to 2.6% by 2023. Therefore if you cut off statistics just right, you can predict an incredibly bright future for the minimum wage workers of the US!

Woman sentenced to life in prison by Pakistan court for burning pages from Islam’s holy book : worldnews

Houthis agree to let Chinese, Russian ships pass through Red Sea - I24NEWS : worldnews

'Be quiet:' Israel summons Turkish envoy after Erdogan threatens Netanyahu : worldnews ... someone says something a nation or national leader doesn't like, envoys get summoned for a stern finger wagging. It's standard procedure.
'Be quiet:' Israel summons Turkish envoy after Erdogan threatens Netanyahu | The Times of Israel Deputy ambassador called in for a 'serious reprimand' as Turkish president vows to send Netanyahu 'to Allah' ... You who support the burning of babies, murderers, rapists and the mutilation of corpses by Hamas criminals, [are] the last one who can speak about God. There is no God who will listen to those who support the atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by your barbaric Hamas friends,” Katz said. "Be quiet and shame on you!"

IDF: 'Very significant' Hamas officers among 650 nabbed at Gaza's Shifa hospital : worldnews

Palestinian accused of collaborating with Israel executed in Jenin : worldnews

Russia, China veto UN resolution for cease-fire in Gaza : worldnews

Sullivan vows US will deliver $60 billion aid package during visit to Kyiv : worldnews

PM Modi speaks to Ukraine Prez Zelensky, supports early end to conflict : worldnews ... Well, Modi, most of the world wants an early end to this terrorist invasion. But sadly, Putin refuses to send his terrorists back to Russia. So sadly, here we are, Putin kidnapping children and killing innocent civilians . Yet you still support him, so you like Russia can go fk yourself.

Over 1m Ukrainians without power after major Russian assault on energy system | Ukraine : worldnews
Dnipro Dam hit amid Russian mass attack against Ukraine's energy infrastructure : worldnews ... Attacking tons of civilian infrastructure over night, that's Russian terrorist tactics for you. The West needs to get its shit together as fast as possible.
Russia targets Ukrainian electrical power plants, causing widespread outages -- The attacks caused a fire at the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station, which supplies electricity to the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, Europe's largest nuclear power installation : worldnews
Kyiv hit by Russian cruise missiles in series of 'massive strikes' : worldnews
Two dead in 'largest ever' Russian attack on Ukraine's energy infrastructure : worldnews

Russia continues to redeploy Black Sea Fleet from Crimea, Ukraine promises 'new steps' to target it : worldnews

Ukraine says occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on verge of blackout : worldnews

Ukrainian women tell of beatings and threats under Russian occupation : worldnews ... There is a saying in russia "if he beats you he loves you".

Estonian Prime Minister: Russia's defeat is crucial to avoid Third World War - Nelli Teataja : worldnews

Orban congratulates Putin on his rigged election win : worldnews

German woman loses appeal of 14-year sentence for letting enslaved Yazidi girl die in Iraq : worldnews ... She didn't "let her die". She enslaved her and kept her in the sun without water until she was dead. "Let" implies a level of passivity that simply did not exist in this case. They very actively murdered this child.
Lawmakers in Germany call for TikTok ban to be considered following US vote : worldnews
Germany approves partial legalization of cannabis from April : worldnews

Prince Harry's landline calls were bugged by Murdoch papers, lawyers say : worldnews
Four injured in London house fire as police probe 'anti-Semitic' hate crime : worldnews
Hackney house fire: Police investigate alleged anti-Semitic hate crime - LBC Police have launched an investigation into a large fire started deliberately at a house in east London and whether it was an anti-Semitic hate crime.
'Condescending' UK anti-hunting bill is revival of 'colonial conquest', says Botswana president : worldnews

Argentina dollar bonds hit record highs as Milei rally powers on : worldnews

U.S. to review Israeli assurances it is not violating international law : politics ... "If Ambassador Lew buys these Israeli assurances, I have a bridge he'll also be interested in purchasing"
Schumer signals approval of Netanyahu address to Congress : politics

Congress wants US Air Force to better explain reorganization plans : politics

World War Two 'Ghost Army' troops receive Congressional Gold Medal : worldnews ... Nearly 80 years after World War Two, members of secretive US units have been honoured for the clever ruses they used to save tens of thousands of lives.Known as the "Ghost Army", the group used inflatable vehicles and Hollywood-level special effects to fool the Germans about Allied war plans.

The U.S. Economy's Rebound Since COVID Is Kind of Incredible. Why Doesn't Anyone Seem to Realize This? | There is a distinctly political tenor to Biden's trouble on the issue that defies material conditions. : politics

The Low Information Trap: Why Don't Voters "Get It" Because They Don't Know About It : politics

These are not serious people - Lawyers, Guns & Money
House Republicans: the War on Woke requires the sacrifice of your pension - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The New Populist Republican Party still wants to cut Social Security:

Biden's tailpipe rule will put voters in driver's seat on future of EVs: The future of electric vehicles has emerged as one of the fiercest political fights between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump : politics

Millions of seniors behind on student loans risk losing Social Security, lawmakers warn Biden : politics ... "Millions of seniors behind on student loans" -- The six words that spell out how fucked our college system is ... Especially since that's seven words

Swalwell pronounces 'time of death' for GOP's Biden impeachment push : politics
Watch Jamie Raskin Torch Biden Impeachment Effort in Just Two Minutes: The Maryland representative exposed the push for the "spectacular failure" that it is. : politics ... the Biden impeachment efforts are solely politically motivated in response to the legitimate trump impeachments... And it's a waste of lawmakers time funded by American citizen taxes ... One of the GOP's primary witnesses, Gal Luft, has been charged with acting as a foreign agent for China and as an arms dealer. And Alexander Smirnov, the former FBI informant who accused the Biden's of accepting bribes, jumpstarting the entire investigation, is currently imprisoned in California for fabricating the entire allegation. Smirnov has even admitted that he was fed the story by a Russian intelligence officer.
Aaron Rupar on X: "Raskin absolutely demolishes the entire Republican impeachment push in just over 2 minutes" / X

Texts Reveal More Russia Ties for Key Anti-Biden Witness : politics
@davidschwartzny : Whoa!!! @repdangoldman to Tony Bobulinski (former Hunter Biden Business Associate and only witnes ... Threads

Lev Parnas Destroys Republican Lies - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "When I was arrested, my original indictment linked me to an individual referred to as unindicted co-conspirator 1. We now know this individual to be Congressman Pete Sessions [R-TX], who sits on this very committee today." Parnas also called out Trump's attorney general Bill Barr, who he says knew about the attempt to smear the Bidens from the day he took office, and said that Trump personally encouraged Giuliani to interfere in Ukrainian politics.

New York judge's ruling on evidence couldn't have gone worse for Trump : politics ... The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free.

Prosecutor: new Trump hush money records shouldn't further delay trial : politics

Trump trials' comedy of errors -- is legal inexperience to blame? | US news : politics

Andrew Weissmann: Trump simply doesn't have the money to pay the $464M bond : politics
Panic mode sets in for Trump as he faces deadline for massive bond : politics ... Please remember that he promised to divest his holdings before taking office in 2016/17. This is just his way of doing that. The Trump Way!

Donald Trump suffers brutal Florida primary vote against him : politics

Trump: 'Any Jewish person that votes for Democrats hates their religion' : politics

Trump lags behind Biden in campaign cash reserves while legal bills mount : politics ... Democrats mocked the fundraising disparity between the two parties on Wednesday. "If Donald Trump put up these kinds of numbers on The Apprentice, he'd fire himself," the Biden campaign's communications director, Michael Tyler, said in a statement ... he raised $11 million last month compared to Biden's $53 million

Trump Is Now Fundraising Off His Inability to Pay Fraud Bond : politics

Trump supporters love the lies he spews during rallies. The rest of the voters won't. | Trump's campaign wants him to move on. But he can't. And Biden potentially benefits with every rewrite. : politics

Donald Trump may be on the verge of suffering actual consequences for a lifetime of crime, fraud, and criminal fraud - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Rupert Murdoch's new Russian fiancee ties him to a sprawling web of money -- with some surprising connections : politics ... This marriage is set to be Murdoch's fifth and Zhukova's third. The pair met through Murdoch's third wife, Wendi Deng, The Daily Mail previously reported ... Right-wing media mogul marries into Russian oligarchy ... A more accurate headline would include context. "Right-wing media mogul marries into Russian oligarchy" is more accurate.

Kennedy family set to step up its efforts to help Biden's campaign : politics

Gay Trumper almost got hired by the GOP, but it got called off. What happened? : politics

Republican hedge fund owner and TikTok investor Yass emerges as top donor in US election : politics

US judge cites Dr. Seuss in dismissing Blagojevich suit: Just Go. Go. GO! : politics ... A federal judge shut down former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's (D) latest attempt to regain ballot eligibility by quoting Dr. Seuss, underlining the former governor's fall from political star to laughingstock.

Jury finds former Milwaukee election official guilty of obtaining fake absentee ballots : politics

Enforcing Texas' new immigration law may be challenging, even for authorities that support it : politics

Embattled Sen. Bob Menendez announces he won't run in Democratic primary, doesn't rule out independent bid : politics

Wrong! AOC schools Ted Cruz on RICO laws -

How It All Went Wrong for Eric Adams : politics ... Is anyone really surprised a cop tried to mayor like a cop and is now super unpopular? ... Michael Powell: Eric Adams has insisted that 'I am mayor because God gave me the authority to be mayor' and says he designs policy with a 'godlike' approach. ... Federal agents waved aside his security team, handed him a subpoena, and seized his cellphones and iPad as part of an investigation into his campaign fundraising. And FBI agents late last month searched two homes of an influential aide to Adams who has also raised money for him.

The war on contraception is on - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Fight Against Birth Control Is Already Here | What the Deanda case shows us about the fight against birth control. Conservatives are using old methods to start the battle against contraceptives.

Rep. Carolina Amesty notarized document that teacher says he never signed : politics ... In the 28 years that the Dems held the office, people in the presidential administrations faced 7 indictments, 3 criminal convictions, and 1 went to prison. In the 28 years that the GOP held the office, people in the presidential administrations faced 126 indictments, 113 criminal convictions, and 39 went to prison.

Drug cartels get in on the timeshare scam - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Supreme Court refuses appeal from allegedly abusive parents who lost custody of trans child. Mary Cox reportedly called her trans daughter "the b***h that killed my son." : politics

Neuralink reveals first human-trial patient, a 29-year-old quadriplegic who says brain chip is 'not perfect' but has changed his life : worldnews

Scientists find skull of enormous ancient dolphin in Amazon : worldnews

See the story of Jonah and the whale like never before A 1600-year-old mosaic discovered in Israel tells the biblical story of the big fish in dazzling detail.

'I nearly took my own life.' Mass. Legislature appears poised to finally outlaw 'revenge porn'

Karen Read case: Lawyers cite evidence pointing to police coverup
How 'Turtleboy' blogger turned Read case into true crime spectacle

Social justice: Ted Landsmark on the Boston flag attack photo Platforms for speaking thoughtfully about how to overcome racism do not always come predictably; when such opportunities arise, one must be ready.

2011 Waltham triple murder: Author still looks for answers. This is the biggest crime story out of Boston in several decades,


World's top fossil-fuel bosses deride efforts to move away from oil and gas | Fossil fuels : worldnews

More than 3500 eels found dead in stream in New Zealand: Second mass death this year : worldnews ... Stewart said an eels lifespan was between 11 and 52 years.

Gigantic new aircraft design aims to create the largest plane ever to fly : worldnews the WindRunner airplane, whose mission will be to deliver gigantic 300-foot-long blades directly to wind farms.

Scientists say they can cut HIV out of cells ... Other scientists are also trying to use Crispr against HIV. And Excision BioTherapeutics says after 48 weeks, three volunteers with HIV have no serious side effects.
Scientists say they can cut HIV out of cells : worldnews
PHD Comics: Science News Cycle

Vietnam president resigns after one year on the job, government says : worldnews

22 artifacts looted after the Battle of Okinawa returned to Japan : worldnews
22 artifacts looted after the Battle of Okinawa returned to Japan | AP News Twenty-two historic artifacts that were looted following the Battle of Okinawa in World War II have been returned to Japan after a family from Massachusetts discovered them in their late fathers personal items, the FBI said Friday.

Beijing criticises South Korea for inviting Taiwan to democracy summit : worldnews
Student persuaded by friend to amputate legs for $1.3M insurance scam : worldnews ... A student in Taiwan had his legs amputated to claim $1.3 million in insurance payouts, prosecutors said. The Criminal Investigation Bureau said the man soaked his feet for 10 hours in dry ice to get frostbite. But the plan backfired when medical staff thought his injuries seemed suspicious, the bureau said ... Liao, also 23, suffered losses from trading cryptocurrency, and he tricked Zhang into signing a legal note obligating him to pay about $800,000, investigators said.
Vernon, Florida - Wikipedia - Vernon gained infamy in the late 1950s and early 1960s due to the improbably high percentage of residents who put out insurance claims on lost limbs, to the point that many speculated that residents of the city were intentionally dismembering themselves for the insurance money.

Iran and China may target US water systems in cyber attacks, warns white house : worldnews

Russia warns United States: use of SpaceX for spying makes its satellites a target : worldnews ... Thousand small satelites as a target ? Good luck pootie.

As many as half of all the votes reported for Vladimir Putin in Russia's presidential election last week were fraudulent, according to Russian independent media reports using a statistical method devised by analyst Sergey Shpilkin to estimate the extent of voter manipulation. : worldnews ... Just look in the US. Regardless of how incredibly inept and dangerous of a candidate the Mandarin Mussolini has PROVEN himself to be, on top of his MULTIPLE felony charges and crimes against the nation, still a very large numbers of Americans will vote for him. If you take a large enough sample size, you will always find fucking morons susceptible to propaganda and cult-thought. So, 50% is probably, depressingly, close to the truth ... Historically they enjoy control and being controlled. When handed a system of freedom it quickly gets morphed into draconian control system. Then when that's not enough, they move to control other countries around them. That's about it

Kremlin says the only way to protect Russia is to create a buffer zone with Ukraine : worldnews ... Largest country in the world wants even more land
Amnesty Decries Russian Attempts To 'Alter' Crimea Identity : worldnews ... Since annexing Crimea a decade ago, Russia has sought to suppress the Ukrainian identity of the Black Sea peninsula, Amnesty International said on Monday, adding that the same rulebook was being used with other annexed territories in Ukraine ... You know what’s happening is fucking horrifying if Amnesty is criticizing Russia.

The banking loopholes Russia has used to stay afloat are closing : worldnews ... New sanctions pressure from the US Treasury is reportedly pulling foreign banks away from Russia.

St. Petersburg voter imprisoned for 8 days for writing 'no to war' on ballot : worldnews

NEXTA on X: "Russian schoolchildren forced to study Putin's interview with Carlson Putin's interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson has begun to be shown to Russian schoolchildren. After watching the interview, pupils had to pass a test "From Rus to Russia" -- In particular ..." / X
Institute for the Study of War on X: "Kremlin officials continue to implicate themselves directly in the illegal removal of Ukrainian children to other Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine and the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia." / X

Meduza in English on X: "Apropos of nothing, Russia's State Duma has just approved the final reading of a bill that will allow contract soldiers and draftees to have their criminal charges dropped or their sentence suspended in exchange for military service." / X
Glasnost Gone on X: "This is part of Putin's propaganda machine. Naive foreign nationals from #Africa, #India, #Napal, #Cuba etc. are encouraged to post these videos during training in Russian army. Life seems good & easy, but once sent to #Ukraine they're "treated like dogs" and seen as subhuman…" / X

Euan MacDonald on X: "Third attack so far, I believe. Along with oil refineries, the Russian strategic bomber bases that are within range of Ukraine's attack drones are logical targets. Expect to see more such attacks in coming months." / X - Russia's Engels air base of strategic bombers has been attacked by drones
Drone strikes reportedly hit Russia's Engels airbase, other locations in Belgorod, Saratov oblasts : worldnews

Bloomberg reports that Ukraine's long-range drone attacks have managed to cut Russia's daily oil refining capacity by up to 900,000 barrels : worldnews
Gunvor: Russia has lost 600,000 barrels of daily oil-refining capacity due to drone attacks : worldnews

Managers of Russian gay club arrested in first prosecution of LGBT people for 'extremism' : worldnews

Russia's 'exit tax' nets Kremlin $385 million from foreign firms in 2024 alone : worldnews ... Good lesson for not operating in dictatorships

Putin, Zelenskyy invite PM Modi; both see India's role in resolving conflict : worldnews ... India has officially gone into a General Election cycle. No decisions are going to be taken until June. This is just window dressing. This is literally the worst time for a foreign leader to visit India because all the Government is now interested in is appearing like a global statesman and impress voters ... Maybe that makes it the best time to visit
India's Probe Finds Rogue Officials Involved in US Murder Plot : worldnews ... Cross border assassinations of rival political leaders cant simply be done by "rogue officials." This stuff is ordered from the very top, so unless India is managed like absolute clowns then this is a terrible and frankly useless excuse.
Indian Govt bans 25 ferocious dog breeds: Conditions apply for existing owners to keep the pet |Times of India. : worldnews ... and every dog of the type commonly known as a Ban Dog (or Bandog)
ISIS India head Haris Farooqi, aide arrested in Assam's Dhubri : worldnews

Famine looms in Sudan as civil war survivors tell of killings and rapes : worldnews ... On top you have fucking Ruzzians doing their magic in Sudan too ... Have been since the USSR days

US military kicked out of uranium-rich Niger : worldnews ... Last July a military coup ousted the democratically elected president. This triggered automatic military aid restrictions from the US. It is alleged that the military junta that sized control, has signed an agreement to supply Iran with vast amounts of uranium. The military junta is bringing in Russian mercenaries to help train and provide security.
U.S.-Trained Niger Junta Kicks Out U.S. Troops, Drone Base - The junta denounced the condescending attitude of an American delegation that tried to save a quarter-billion-dollar U.S. base in Niger.

Workers Protest Iran's 35% Wage Hike Amid 50% Inflation : worldnews

Israel-Hamas negotiations in Qatar drag on with Blinken in region - The Washington Post
Demanding early elections, protesters chain themselves outside Knesset : worldnews

IDF admits to Houthis penetrating Eilat missile defense for first time : worldnews

Canada to halt arms sales to Israel after non-binding vote in house of commons : worldnews
Israel fears 'domino effect' after Canada arms embargo : worldnews ... Most Israelis are pro Israel and Anti Netanyahu. There are so many polls showing that.

Netanyahu says 'no way' to eliminate Hamas without Rafah operation : worldnews ... You have a MASSIVE group of individuals, who have just witnessed destruction and displacement of their people, followed by a full on occupation. For Israel to even attempt keep gaza "terror free", it'll need to be a full on dystopia AF surveillance state.

IDF: 90 Hamas gunmen killed, 160 suspects nabbed in raid at Gaza's Shifa Hospital : worldnews
At Gaza hospital, troops nab senior Hamas operative involved in 2014 murder of Israeli teens : worldnews

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh was an UNRWA teacher - former agency official : worldnews ... Some examples of incendiary and antisemitic educational material include a reading comprehension exercise celebrating a Palestinian firebombing attack on a Jewish bus as a "barbecue party" and material glorifying Dalal Mughrabi, a terrorist who murdered 38 Israeli civilians in the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre, as a role model for children.

Israeli Supreme Court halts removal of Palestinians from East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hospitals after doctors appeal : worldnews

Palestinians demolish Jewish archaeological site in West Bank : worldnews

Let's Name It: Not Just Islamophobia, but Anti-Palestinianism - From Joe Biden on down, liberals denounce anti-Muslim bias to avoid mentioning the scourge of hate against Palestinians.

Ukraine's Survival 'In Danger' if West Fails to Help, Austin Says : worldnews
Austin says U.S. and coalition will not let Ukraine fail : worldnews

Volodymyr Zelenskyy on X: "I spoke with Prime Minister @NarendraModi to express gratitude for India's support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, humanitarian aid, and active participation in Peace Formula meetings. It will be important for us to see India attend the inaugural Peace…" / X

Rustem Umerov on X: "In the last two days, I spent several hours in discussions with our U.S. partners, and engaged extensively with @SecDef Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in a bilateral format. We had a detailed conversation on the planning of Ukraine's defense needs. Thank you for your strong -" / X

MAKS 23 on X: A few more statements from Sullivan: USA believes in Ukraine, and Ukraine should believe in the USA; -- Biden fights for money for Ukraine every day; Russia has already been defeated; -- US Presidential Administration is not yet ready to announce the supply of ATACMS. / X

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 756, Part 1 (Thread #902) : worldnews

Euromaidan Press on X: "EU aims to send 3bn annually for Ukraine from frozen Russian assets profit The first payment could be made as early as July 2024." / X

Russia warns Romania over building "largest NATO military base" in Europe : worldnews

Russia must be countered with military strength: Polish FM : worldnews ... "Ukraine and Poland were one state for 400 years. This would provide fodder for Russian propaganda. Therefore, we should be the last ones to do so" the minister concluded
Polish government approves extra pay for social care workers : worldnews

'Very Painful for Russia,' Ukrainian diplomat on Berlin's refusal to call Putin president : worldnews

Giorgia Meloni: Italian PM seeks damages over deepfake porn videos : worldnews ... Like I am not a fan of this fascist PM but she's a victim here and I think we can recognize that this is wrong.

NOELREPORTS -- on X: "Spain has already sent 190 million Euros worth of various types of (heavy) equipment to Ukraine and is preparing 20 more Leopard 2A4 tanks." / X

Chief of Staff of the French Army says French land forces are ready for even "the toughest engagements" : worldnews

Ireland's Varadkar unexpectedly quits as PM : worldnews
taoiseach pronunciation - Google Search

'The First Homegrown UK Terrorist' jailed for 13 years : worldnews
England is limiting gender transitions for youths. US legislators are watching : worldnews ... The number of minors receiving puberty blockers in the UK : 38. Out of those, some receive it because of early puberty. Not all of them are trans. That's 38 persons out of a population of 66.3 million people.... Meanwhile, 23,527 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on people aged 19 and under in 2022

Mexico City is running out of water, forcing many to ration : worldnews

Cargo ship flees port in Haiti after being hit by volley of bullets : worldnews ... It is very significant as without merchant navy vessels calling in Haiti starvation is pretty much a matter of days.

Canada signs hydrogen deal with Germany, cites need to shun Russia energy : worldnews ... We have big land, big resources and a small population... literally sitting geese waiting to be plundered by backdoor corporate interests. It's pretty much woven into the fabric of our country's functioning at this point, unfortunately.

Congress releases $1.2 trillion bill to avert government shutdown : politics

Letter: A majority of Americans support a ban on congressional stock trading. The ETHICS Act is the solution. : politics

Wrap Up the Weed Debate Before November : politics

United Steelworkers Union Throws Support Behind Biden: 'He Stands With Working Families' : politics United Steelworkers Union Throws Support Behind Biden:

Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump in presidential polling average : politics ... The State of the Union felt like it could have been a turning point for normies - Biden did fairly well and looked much more vigorous than the Republicans were advertising, and then the speech was followed by that insane robot woman along with clip after clip of MTG looking like a complete fascist maniac.

President Joe Biden awarded Intel nearly $20 billion in grants and loans on Wednesday, marking the U.S. government's largest outlay to subsidize leading-edge chip production and supercharging the company's domestic semiconductor chip output. : politics
Intel CEO says Biden wants chip factories bigger and sooner - The Washington Post - after a whopping $8.5 billion grant.

Biden's cash edge widens, Trump's lawyer fees pile up : politics ... double whammy for Mango Unchained
Biden vastly outspending Trump on digital ads : politics
Nikki Haley Donors Switch to Joe Biden Over Donald Trump : politics
Nearly half of Haley voters in Ohio say they'd back Biden: Preliminary exit polls : politics

Biden cancels $6 billion in student loan debt for 78,000 public service workers : politics

Sanders, House Dems Proposed Legislation Would Guarantee 'Paid Time Off for All' : politics

Biden's stutter surges into the presidential campaign - Trump mocks and exaggerates the speech impediment. Biden embraces it as reflecting compassion.

Euan MacDonald on X: "House pro-genocide grouping: Andy Biggs of AZ Eric Burlison of MO Warren Davidson of OH Marjorie Taylor Greene of GA Clay Higgins of LA Thomas Massie of KY Matt Rosendale of MT Chip Roy of TX Tom Tiffany of WI" / X ... 9 Republicans vote against "condemning illegal abduction of Ukraine children"
9 Republicans Can't Bring Themselves To Condemn Russian Abductions Of Ukrainian Kids : politics

House Republican budget calls for raising the retirement age for Social Security : politics (to 100) ... Biden warned the Republicans were going to do this the past 2 state of the union addresses and both times the Republicans insisted lied that they weren't
Republicans Push to Raise Retirement Age Despite Trump Pledge. A Congressional budget proposal outlining cuts to Social Security is the latest way Republicans aim to reduce spending : politics

Republicans reject motion to impeach Joe Biden : politics
Ocasio-Cortez demands GOP specify actual crimes in Biden impeachment inquiry : politics
@aaron.rupar : AOC absolutely torches Tony Bobulinski • Threads AOC absolutely torches Tony Bobulinski
AOC spars with Bobulinski over Biden crime claims, says RICO is 'category' not 'crime' : politics
Biden impeachment hearing descends into chaos as lawmaker caught on hot mic branding it 'Jurassic Park' : politics
'That hearing was embarrassing': White House bashes GOP for not dropping impeachment inquiry : politics ... One of their star witnesses straight up said this is all a Russian op. Only Republicons could keep going after that ... After he said this, Fox cut away from his testimony and has pretty much avoided talking about it the rest of the day
Even Fox News Is Tired of Republicans' Bogus Biden Impeachment : politics
Ex-Giuliani Crony Says GOP's Impeachment Push Is Based on Russian Lies : politics ... The GOP sees Russia as aspirational peers ...
GOP lawmaker: I'm not sure we ever had votes for impeachment : politics
Florida Democrat wears Putin mask to impeachment hearing : politics

Donald Trump Has a Big Problem With Republicans - Millions of GOP voters really do not want to vote for him. : politics

Stormy Daniels says she took Trump hush money because she feared for her life : politics

Very, very troubling : Judges, lawyers flummoxed by Judge Cannon - The jurist overseeing Donald Trump's classified documents case in Florida has raised eyebrows and alarms with her latest order ... ordered the defense lawyers and the prosecutors in the case to file submissions outlining proposed jury instructions based on two scenarios, each of which badly misstates the law and facts of the case, according to legal experts.

New York judges ruling on evidence couldn’t have gone worse for Trump ... Four-time indicted former president Donald Trump suffered arguably his worst loss(es) in any criminal matter this week when, in his New York trial for alleged falsification of business records, Judge Juan M. Merchan ruled against him in virtually all of his motions to exclude evidence

Donald Trump dementia evidence "overwhelming," says top psychiatrist : politics

Trump's experience with father's dementia colors his political attacks on Biden - The Washington Post ... condition also drove a wedge into his family, which fell into years of lawsuits that alleged in part that Donald Trump sought to take advantage of his father's dementia to wrest control of the family estate -- litigation that introduced reams of medical records detailing Fred Trump Sr.'s condition ... He eventually filed six corporate bankruptcies, and he faced the prospect of personal bankruptcy as his first wife, Ivana, sought $1 billion in a divorce settlement. His high-profile casinos in Atlantic City were badly faltering. That's when Trump sought to change his father's will.

Letitia James' office throws new wrinkle in Trump's plan : politics ... As far as the Court can infer, sureties may have refused to accept defendants' specific holdings as collateral because using Mr. Trump's real estate will generally need 'a property appraisal' and his holdings are not nearly as valuable as defendants claim
NY AG Says Trump Is Lying to Avoid Paying $464 Million Judgment : politics
NY Poised to Seize Trump Westchester Assets If Fraud Fine Is Unpaid : politics
Full List of Donald Trump's Properties Letitia James Is About to Take : politics

Donald Trump's properties have at least $200M in outstanding loans : politics

'Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower!': Trump begs fans to pay his $464m bond : politics
Trump's PAC Burned $230,000 a Day on Legal Bills in February : politics

Trump Media merger faces legal challenges as deal nears crucial vote - The Washington Post Four lawsuits involving the founding boosters of Truth Social threaten to erode former president Donald Trump's grasp on a massive financial haul

Longtime Trump employee: Mar-a-Lago culture would have led many to commit crimes : politics

Conservative social media influencer charged for her role in Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol : politics

Jared Kushner's dad was on trial for crimes, and his uncle was going to testify against him. So Jared's dad hired a prostitute to seduce the uncle, and taped it, then sent the video to the uncle's wife (his sister) in a failed attempt at witness tampering. An old story, but still hilarious. : politics

Takeaways from the March 19 primaries, including Illinois and Ohio - The Washington Post

Poll: Hogan (R) holds double-digit lead over Democrats in deep blue Md. - The Washington Post

Supreme Court grants Gov. Greg Abbott's wish to turn Texas into a far-right dictatorship : politics ... Just this past week, for instance, the Supreme Court refused to block two actions by the Texas government that should, by any measure, be serious violations of basic constitutional protections.

Baltimore plans to sell boarded-up houses for $1 each in an attempt to revive neighborhoods that have been plagued by crime and disrepair : politics

Women are getting off birth control amid misinformation explosion - The Washington Post

Gannett, McClatchy drop Associated Press. What will it mean for readers? - The Washington Post Both Gannett and McClatchy say they will have no trouble filling their pages with news, but some observers warn that the cost-saving move will rob readers of a reliable source of reporting
'Very few have balls': How American news lost its nerve | Semafor

Rear Wheels Breaking Off. "Floppy Wet Noodle" Windshield Wipers. Easily Humiliated by a Subaru. This Is the Cybertruck. A list of the most hilarious, disturbing, and catastrophic Cybertruck disasters. A list of the most disturbing, hilarious, and catastrophic Cybertruck disasters ... the shipping executive Angela Chao died in a tragic accident after she backed her Tesla Model X into a pond and firefighters, police, and paramedics were unable to break the Tesla's windows and rescue her.)
Tesla Cybertruck Auction Prices Are Already Falling

DOJ sues Apple, alleging antitrust violations over iPhones - The Washington Post The sweeping lawsuit, filed with 16 state and district attorneys general, comes amid deepening legal and regulatory scrutiny of the tech giant's practices
Here's why the United States says Apple is an illegal monopoly - The Washington Post These things you can't do with your iPhone are the heart of new allegations that Apple is an illegal monopoly

Red Army Faction - Wikipedia also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group or Baader–Meinhof Gang

How World War II Led to Washington's First Outing A wild tale of Nazi spies, a Brooklyn brothel and the private life of a senator ... David Ignatius Walsh of Massachusetts ... Walsh, who was the first Democratic senator from Massachusetts since the Civil War, enjoyed women as "nonromantic companions," and his unmarried status had long made him the subject of rumor ... After he became the first Catholic governor of Massachusetts in 1914, one of Walsh's constituents informed him that a bachelor was "unthinkable" in the states highest office because 'the influence of a good woman' was a prerequisite ... Though Walsh, like most noninterventionists, abandoned his opposition to war after the attack on Pearl Harbor, he was, in the words of Attorney General Francis Biddle, "not sympathetic with" the president, "to put it mildly."

Chemical Composition of Unfamiliar Origin from the Pacific Ocean Site of the IM1 Meteor | by Avi Loeb | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Can AI Have Consciousness?. Key to resolve: Is Consciousness the… | by Suresh Natarajan | Original Philosophy | Mar, 2024 | Medium Key to resolve: Is Consciousness the first person experiencer or the first person awareness of the very experiencer? ... On the other hand, the aware Self is 'impersonal' by definition, free of any content or attributes, and therefore not within the realm of being programmed or learned by AI systems.

A 280-mile-long volcano may have been discovered on Mars—hiding in plain sight ... The colossal volcano is taller than Mount Everest, would reach from New York City to Washington, D.C., and may be a promising site to look for ancient remnants of microbial life.

How Seasonal Allergies Change As You Age | TIME

Do you really need 10,000 steps a day? Here's what the science says. The average American gets about 4,000 steps a day—but how much is enough? A recent study offers some insights.

Rogue orcas are thriving on the high seas -- and they're eating big whales -- A fourth type of Pacific killer whale may live miles offshore from California and Oregon, preying on whales, other dolphins, and sea turtles.

How the French Revolution created the metric system -- As revolution raged in the 1790s, French scientists replaced a chaotic system of weights and measures with an unified way to calibrate and calculate.

How did Jesus' final days unfold? Scholars are still debating The people and places of the Passion are well documented in the Bible, but pinning down the exact locations and timing of the trials of Jesus in Jerusalem is an ongoing challenge.

11 Lesser-Known Fairy Tales Almost everyone knows the classic fairy tales like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ But you probably haven’t heard of ‘Hans-My-Hedgehog.’

Acting out dreams may signal health conditions, including Parkinson's - The Washington Post ... This chronic sleep condition, known as REM sleep behavior disorder, or RBD, appears most often in late-middle-aged men, researchers have found.

30 Everyday Objects You’re Using All Wrong

What Happened When I Forced Myself To Wake Up At 5 A.M. Every Day For A Month

Battenfeld: Healey travel flap a non-issue – Boston Herald (Herald make fun of the Globe)
Bikers and motorcyclists take over two lanes of I-93
Massachusetts Officials Eye Regulation Of THC-Infused Hemp Products Sold In Liquor Stores And Smoke Shops : massachusetts

Six Subscriptions Actually Worth Paying for, According to Reddit | Lifehacker

Reddit goes public today. Users are wary of what comes after the IPO. - The Washington Post There's nothing online quite like Reddit, a social platform nearly 20 years old. Will an IPO change that? ... Reddit, which has about 73 million unique daily visitors


Planet 'on the brink', with new heat records likely in 2024: UN | 2023 was by far the hottest year ever recorded, the United Nations said Tuesday -- warning 2024 was likely to be even hotter : worldnews
Ocean heat, sea level rise and glacier loss: WMO report reveals how 2023 smashed climate records : worldnews
Global ocean heat has hit a new record every single day for the last year : worldnews
"Red Alert to the world": Record warmth in global oceans hits one-year mark : worldnews

The plastic industry knowingly pushed recycling myth for decades, new report finds : worldnews

India, Bangladesh and Pakistan had world's worst air pollution in 2023 : worldnews

WHO study shows $39 return for each dollar invested in fight against TB : worldnews

White House to host first-ever US-Philippines-Japan summit to counter China : worldnews

‘Someone will die’: more warnings issued about drug-fuelled Enhanced Games : worldnews ... Australian Sports Commission chief executive Kieren Perkins has warned the push to allow athletes to take performance enhancing drugs and compete in an organised event dubbed the Enhanced Games could lead to deaths.

Bank of Japan hikes rates for the first time in 17 years, abolishes yield curve control : worldnews
Mystery in Japan as dangerous streptococcal infections soar to record levels with 30% fatality rate : worldnews

South Korea criticizes senior doctors for threatening to resign to support their juniors' walkouts : worldnews

Hong Kong passes security law which critics say further threatens freedoms : worldnews
Hong Kong passes second national security law, widening crackdown powers and aligning city more closely with mainland China | CNN : worldnews
Hong Kong lawmakers unanimously approve law that gives government more power to curb dissent : worldnews

Many hospitals in China stop newborn delivery services as birth rate drops : worldnews
Killing of teenager in China sparks debate about ‘left behind’ children : worldnews

Austin in Ramstein: Russia has paid a staggering cost for Putin's imperial dreams : worldnews
Putin to visit China in May : worldnews

As Putin claims victory in sham Russian election, Yulia Navalnaya steps in as his chief opponent : worldnews
At least 22 million fake votes cast for Putin in presidential election : worldnews

Russia District Calls Recount After Putin Rival Gets More Votes : worldnews

Russian mayor announces plan to sack municipal employees who did not vote in election : worldnews

Russia evacuates children from border after attacks by rogue troops : worldnews

NATO chief visits Armenia amid growing tensions with Russia : worldnews
Armenian PM: We’ll hand Azerbaijan some territory to avoid a new war : worldnews

PM Modi congratulates Putin on re-election | Look forward to working together to further strengthen the time-tested Special & Privileged Strategic Partnership between India and Russia in the years to come, PM Narendra Modi said : worldnews
India is buying the most US oil in almost a year as sanctions on Russian energy bite : worldnews
'India committed to protecting freedom of navigation', says PM Modi as India rescues hijacked Bulgarian ship : worldnews
Islamic Radicals attack Hindu shop owner for playing Hanuman Chalisa : worldnews
Shree Hanuman Chalisa Original Video GULSHAN KUMAR | HARIHARAN |Full HD - YouTube
Karnataka - Wikipedia

Pakistan repulses attack on China-invested Gwadar port, kills eight militants, officials say : worldnews

Bank of Ethiopia glitch lets customers withdraw millions : worldnews

UN Investigation Finds Mahsa Amini Death Unlawful | Iran International

UNSC demands Houthis to 'immediately stop' attacking ships in Red Sea - I24NEWS : worldnews

Alleged Israeli airstrikes said to hit Hezbollah arms depots in Syria : worldnews

Chinese envoy meets Hamas chief Haniyeh after first visit to Israel since Gaza war began : worldnews

Palestinian clans and factions step in to protect Gaza aid, sources say : worldnews

IDF finds weapons, cash at Al-Shifa, military says : worldnews
Around 300 terrorists apprehended in Al Shifa hospital, IDF reports : worldnews
The Times of Israel on X: "IDF troops kill over 50 Hamas gunmen during ongoing raid in Gaza's Shifa Hospital" / X

Red Cross directly involved in PA 'Pay for Slay' policy, Palestinian official admits; ICRC rejects : worldnews

Local Gaza gangs are 'robbing displaced Palestinians' : worldnews

EU reaches 'political agreement' to sanction extremist Israeli settlers, says Josep Borrell : worldnews

UN Investigation Finds Mahsa Amini Death Unlawful : worldnews

Drone footage raises questions about Israeli justification for deadly strike on Gaza journalists - The Washington Post ... On Jan. 7, the Israeli military conducted a targeted missile strike on a car carrying four Palestinian journalists outside Khan Younis, in southern Gaza. : Two members of an Al Jazeera crew — Hamza Dahdouh, 27, and drone operator Mustafa Thuraya, 30 — were killed, along with their driver. Two freelance journalists were seriously wounded. They were returning from the scene of an earlier Israeli strike on a building, where they had used a drone to capture the aftermath. The drone -- a consumer model available at Best Buy -- would be central to the Israeli justification for the strike.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 756, Part 1 (Thread #902) : worldnews

Canadian commander of volunteer fighter group dies in Ukraine : worldnews

EU drafts law to send Russian Central Bank profits to Ukraine : worldnews

Sputnik editor admits his mission was to destabilise Lithuania : worldnews ... Marat Kasem, former editor of the Russian propaganda channel Sputnik Lithuania, was recently released on bail from prison in Latvia and admits that his aim at Sputnik was to destabilise the situation in Lithuania. He has now decided not to return to Russia,

Russia will threaten Europe even after Putin's rule, says Latvian Foreign Minister : worldnews

'Alarm bells are ringing': Poland's president says NATO must urgently ramp up defense spending : worldnews

Germany charges military officer with spying for Russia : worldnews
Far-right Austrian nationalist banned from Germany after neo-Nazi meeting : worldnews
Germany's Birth Rate Plunges as War, Climate and Covid Deter Parents : worldnews

Court rejects Italian government's attempt to remove lesbian moms from birth certificates : worldnews ... Because meloni is a fascist piece of shit

Putin suffers election disaster – in Switzerland : worldnews
Switzerland’s largest cannabis study starts in canton Zurich : worldnews

Russian, Belarusian athletes barred from opening ceremonies of Paris Olympics : worldnews

Court jails first person convicted of cyberflashing in England : worldnews
Nicholas Hawkes, 39, becomes first in England to be jailed for cyber flashing | Cyber flashing became a criminal offence in England with the passage of the Online Safety Act on 31 January. It has been a crime in Scotland since 2010 : worldnews

Several probes target Brazil's Bolsonaro, but his COVID decisions are catching up to him first : worldnews

'The stigma has returned': abortion access in turmoil in Javier Milei's Argentina : worldnews

Cubans stage rare protests demanding electricity, food : worldnews
Cuba summons top US diplomat, accuses US of stoking protests : worldnews

Parts of Haiti left in darkness after armed groups attack power stations : worldnews

Canada to stop arms sale to Israel, FM Joly says : worldnews
Canada's federal budget set to allocate billions to tackle housing crisis, says minister : worldnews
Canada, Germany ink hydrogen deal in bid to shun Russian energy - National | : r/worldnews

The U.S. crime rate is still dropping, FBI data shows : politics

Biden to target rent gouging landlords, as high housing costs factor into 2024 race : politics

Trump Asks Supreme Court for Absolute Immunity on Election Charges : politics

Supreme Court allows Texas to enforce immigration law : politics ... he Supreme Court actually overwrote the Constitution. ... And years of legal precedence and case law too ...

Trump to hire Russia-linked ex-campaign chief labeled grave counterintelligence threat: report ... Manafort was convicted and then pardoned by his boss

Navarro becomes first Trump White House official to report to prison over Jan. 6 : politics

Trump sues ABC and Stephanopoulos, alleging defamation over Mace interview : politics
Experts warn Trump's "completely wacko" ABC News lawsuit over rape remark is "ill-advised" : politics
Donald Trump Goes to Court to Prove He's a Sexual Abuser - Tired of losing so many other legal cases, Donald Trump has filed his most idiotic lawsuit yet. : politics

Trump Asks Supreme Court for Absolute Immunity on Election Charges : politics

Aileen Cannon "took the bait" in Donald Trump case: Former prosecutor : politics
Judge Aileen Cannon Could Get Herself Booted From Trump's Classified Documents Case : politics
Judge in Trump classified documents case proposes 'insane' jury instructions, experts say : politics
‘Most bizarre order I’ve ever seen’: Lawyers were absolutely astonished by Mar-a-Lago judge's latest move, and some are urging Jack Smith to seek 'extraordinary remedy' : politics
Aileen Cannon's "insane" Donald Trump filing trashed by legal experts : politics

Jack Smith is convincing Americans Donald Trump is guilty : politics

Trump says he'd have to hold 'fire sale' of properties to meet $464M bond : politics
"I would be forced to mortgage": Trump melts down on Truth Social as lawyers admit he can’t get bond : politics
"Desperate" Trump's inability to get fraud bond makes him “massive national security risk," Dem says "Any foreign adversary seeking to buy a President knows the price," warns Rep. Sean Casten : politics
Still Unable to Post Bond, Trump Has Most Crazed Meltdown Yet : politics
Trump Throws Tantrum After Failing to Post Bond in NY Fraud Case : politics

    PAY UP 45

Fox News Host Blasts Billionaires Not Paying Donald Trump's Bills : politics

Trump comments on Jews who vote for Democrats draw outrage : politics

Trump Golf Club Settlement Hangs Alina Habba Out to Dry : politics

r/Politics' 2024 US Elections Live Thread, Part 5 : politics

Discussion Thread: Assorted Primary and Special Elections on March 19th, 2024 in Illinois, Ohio, California, Kansas, Arizona, and Florida : politics

An educator wore a rainbow facemask. Then the bomb threats started. Butler Middle School in Waukesha, Wisconsin, has received four bomb threats in the past two weeks. : politics

Birth control now available in New York without prescription : politics

Pro-Trump attorney arrested after hearing on leaked Dominion documents : politics

Republicans' Election Riddled With Errors After Hand Counting Ballots : politics

What Is 'Fundie Baby Voice'? | HuffPost Life

'Mortified' : Some call for Nebraska senator to resign following Monday debate : politics

They panic-bought bidets during the pandemic. It changed their lives. - The Washington Post Four years after the toilet paper shortage of 2020, bidet converts say they’re never going back

Bogus or Biblical: The Gospel of Judas (The Faith Explained) - Relevant Radio

Paul M. Levy - Artworks for Sale & More | Artsy


Record Heat Index Of 62.3C Scorches Rio De Janeiro : worldnews (144F)

Biden opposes plan to sell US Steel to a Japanese firm, citing the need for American steel workers : worldnews

Evergrande: China property giant and its founder accused of $78bn fraud : worldnews

Why Does the Kremlin Bother Holding Sham Elections? | Journal of Democracy ... On Sunday, March 17, Russia concluded its three-day pantomime to hand Vladimir Putin the presidency for a fifth time. The voting, the first since the invasion of Ukraine, took place on the heels of martyred opposition leader Alexei Navalny's funeral.

Ukraine says Putin's buffer zone comment is clear sign of looming escalation : worldnews

Bad News for Russia: Drone Strikes Cripple Nearly 10% of Fuel Production : worldnews

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday claimed that Taiwan is part of China : worldnews

Romanian Treasure in Moscow: Medvedev says Romanians are not a nation : anime_titties

Russians still enjoying American burgers and sandwiches as companies refuse to leave : worldnews

Car industry insists 2000% increase in sales to Azerbaijan has nothing to do with Russia : worldnews

Treated like dogs: Russia recruiting thousands of Nepali men to fight in war on Ukraine

You need a Rafah strategy that works, Biden tells Netanyahu in stern call

Senior Hamas commander killed in Al Shifa raid : worldnews

Not a single Ukrainian soldier saw Red Cross representatives while in Russian captivity : worldnews

European Council President Charles Michel: 'Europe must prepare for war' : worldnews

Only God can change this place: Haitians see no end to spiralling violence

The real Russiagate scandal was Russian ratfuckers collaborating with the Trump campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Look who's back:
How Josh Dawsey Downplays Paul Manafort's Ties to Alleged Russian Spies - emptywheel ... Paul Manafort lied to cover up what really happened between him and Konstantin Kilimnik, and Donald Trump pardoned Manafort to reward those lies ... In 2021, after Kilimnik allegedly interfered in a second US election, Treasury stated as fact that Kilimnik was Russian intelligence.

Asbestos Ban - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I am sure that President Economic Populist Trump will overturn this immediately if he returns to the White House, but I am glad to see action on it for now at least -- The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday finalized a ban on chrysotile asbestos, part of a family of toxic minerals linked to lung cancer and other illnesses that the agency estimates is responsible for about 40,000 U.S. deaths each year.

Supreme Court Upholds Insurrection Ban on Official Who's Not Trump : politics
Supreme Court says Trump White House official Peter Navarro must begin prison sentence : politics
Supreme Court unlikely to rule that public officials communicating with the social media companies violates the First Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This will be another classic case of an outcome that will be coded "liberal" by political science models, but it's a sign of how out-of-control 5CA is that an argument this dumb needed the Supreme Court to intervene in the first place.

Mar-a-Lago Judge's Stark Ruling: Jury Sees Secret Files or Trump Wins. | Trump-appointed Judge Aileen Cannon handed the jury in his Mar-a-Lago case a shocking ultimatum on Monday. : politics

Peter Navarro: Ex-Trump aide heads to prison after historic contempt prosecution : politics

Trump Rejected by Dozens of Bond Underwriters The former president was unable to secure the nearly half-a-billion dollar bond he needed to appeal his New York civil fraud ruling : politics
Major Asset Seizure Likely as Trump Can't Afford Bond for NY Fraud Case : politics
Trump admits he can't get fraud bond in filing suggesting "he is much less wealthy than he portrays" : politics
Trump Spurned by over 30 Companies as He Seeks Bond in $454 Million Judgment, May Be Unable To Appeal 454 Million Verdict : politics
Full List of Companies that Denied Trump Bond : politics

Trump's call for a "bloodbath" was literal — let's not waste time pretending it was ambiguous : politics

Which station of the MAGA cross is this? - Lawyers, Guns & Money The Scourging of the Bondsman: Donald J. Trump's lawyers disclosed on Monday that he had failed to secure a roughly half-billion dollar bond in his civil fraud case in New York, arguing that doing so was "a practical impossibility."

Is Donald Trump About to Go Bankrupt? : politics
Follow the money, and you'll find Donald Trump in deep trouble : politics

Donald Trump officially "out of his mind" after unhinged speech praising Capitol rioters : politics ... I'm Genghis Khan. You'll go where I go. Defile what I defile. Eat who I eat.

Pence calls Trump's move at rally 'unacceptable' : politics

That thing you said that sounded just like Hitler? You didn't mean that, right? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Abortion and a second Trump presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money

GOP lawmakers call for Alabama space camp employee to be fired, simply for being transgender. A Facebook post about a transgender employee at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center's educational program has led to far-right attacks from Libs of TikTok, Sen. Tommy Tuberville and others. : politics

OpenAI Has Released Damning Elon Musk Emails | by Will Lockett | Predict | Mar, 2024 | Medium Musk has backed himself into a doozy.
OpenAI ridicules Elon Musk's 'incoherent' lawsuit | CNN Business ... OpenAI last week pushed back on Musk’s claims in a blog post suggesting, essentially, that Musk is jealous that he is no longer involved with the company as it has become a leader in the AI arms race. The blog post included emails that Musk had previously sent to other OpenAI cofounders, including one from 2018 in which Musk told company executives that OpenAI should sell itself to Tesla to remain competitive. The company refused, and Musk left OpenAI later that year.

Musk is a MAGA megaphone and a federal contractor. That's a problem. : politics

RBG Award gala to honor likes of Musk, Murdoch canceled after late justice’s family objects : politics (well, she did fuck the country)
In retrospect, counting on Republicans to honor your legacy might be a mistake - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Shortform - The World's Best Book Summaries Shortform has the world's best guides to 1000+ nonfiction books. Learn key points and gain insights you won't find anywhere else. Understand the world's best ideas.

What Deathbed Visions Teach Us About Living - The New York Times Researchers are documenting a phenomenon that seems to help the dying, as well as those they leave behind ... Dead family members figure most prominently, and by contrast, visions involving religious themes are exceedingly rare ... Most significant, as people near the end of their lives, the frequency of visions increases, further centering on deceased people or pets. It is these final visions that provide patients, and their loved ones, with profound meaning and solace ... “Do you think it will happen to you?” she asked me at one point about her dreaming life. "Maybe it's genetic," I replied, not knowing, as I do now, that these experiences are part of what may await us all.
Beyond Innocence by Phoebe Zerwick | Grove Atlantic

A funeral home worker tracked down a family -- and uncovered a decades-old secret : NPR

Why are there four heads of John the Baptist? These four religious sites claim to possess the remains of the biblical preacher's skull. But is there any evidence? ... the death of John the Baptist -- and the rise of the relics trade

Society of the Snow is based on a true story. Here's what really happened. -- The Uruguayan rugby team's 1972 plane crash inspired the new Netflix film. It tells a story of disaster, endurance, death -- and cannibalism.

What to do when you see mold on your food Can one fuzzy berry ruin the bunch? Can you cut away a spotty piece of bread from the loaf? This is what the experts recommend ... In fact, the average person inhales between 1,000 and 10 billion spores per day ... One easy way to minimize that pesky fruit- and vegetable-borne mold is to wash your produce only prior to consuming it ... in moister foodssoft cheese, yogurt, jams, picklthe extent of the mold growth is less obvious and hard to safely remove ... As tempting as it might be to try to freeze or cook the growth away, that will only kill the fungus, leaving any toxins it produced unscathed ... In other words, where there's mold, there's likely to also be bacteria or a looming expiration date.

chaospet » Archive » #128 More Dialetheism

About those kill-switched Ukrainian tractors | by Cory Doctorow | Medium | Why are John Deere tractors kill-switched in the first place? ... But kill-switches impose risks that vastly outstrip the risks they offset.

Worst-paying college majors, five years after graduation

Exclusive: Age of Jesus Christ's purported tomb revealed

Buying a home is about to get even more complicated -- and maybe more expensive : A change by the National Association of Realtors is expected to lead to lower selling commissions. Homebuyers and their agents are likely to get squeezed.

What happened to our winter this year? A number of meteorological pieces have given rise to a spring weeks ahead of schedule, providing us with fresh sights and sounds of a season bursting free

Can Reddit Survive Its Own IPO? | WIRED An army of more than 60,000 unpaid moderators has unprecedented power over Reddit. The companys future hinges on whether they can coexist with Wall Streets expectations.

Birthday front page - September 30 1943 - The Washington Post


Icelandic volcano erupts again, sending lava toward Grindavik - The Washington Post - turning sky orange and forcing evacuations

The Depopulation Bomb. There is a silent aspect of civilizational decline: a marked fall in population numbers | Mar, 2024 | Medium

According to Scientists, We Are Not In the Anthropocene... Yet It's hard to tell when one epoch ends and another begins.

Uber agrees $178m payout to Australia taxi drivers : worldnews

Filipino police free hundreds of slaves toiling in romance scam operation : worldnews
Pig Butchering Scams: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube
Inside a Pig Butchering Scam - YouTube

Only half of South Koreans willing to marry; even less want kids : worldnews

North Korea fires ballistic missiles as Blinken visits Seoul : worldnews

Russia-China relations will become stronger, Vladimir Putin says in post-election victory speech : worldnews

Putins Friends Celebrate Re-Election With Photos of Mass Hanging

Casus Belli on X: "Less than 90%? Disappointing" / X ... First exit polls: Putin wins with 87.84% of the vote
Russia election: Putin wins with 88% support, exit poll says : worldnews
Putin 'wins' rigged Russian election with 88% of the vote, early results show : worldnews
Putin extends one man-rule in Russia after stage-managed election devoid of credible opposition : worldnews ... Joseph Stalin was the one quoted saying "The People who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

Russian election: Putin claims landslide and scorns US democracy : worldnews
Putin bromance has US intelligence officials fearing second Trump term : worldnews
After "elections", Putin resorts to scaring world with World War III in the event of conflict between Russia and NATO : worldnews

Putin says he agreed to swap Alexei Navalny with prisoners held in the West : worldnews

Moscow flights grounded by mass Ukrainian drone strikes : worldnews

Mediazona confirms identities of over 47,700 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine : worldnews ... That's some special operation. 3 x the amount of Russians killed in Afganistan.

Russian volunteers announce capture of Gorkovsky administration in Belgorod Oblast : worldnews

Pakistan accused of killing eight women and children in Afghanistan air strikes : worldnews
Pakistan Airforce conducts multiple airstrikes in Afghanistan, targeting TTP commanders : worldnews

Taliban fighters attack Pakistani army in several points after Pakistani air strike inside Afghanistan : worldnews

In a global first, Gambia could reverse its ban on female genital cutting : worldnews

South Sudan shutters all schools as it prepares for an extreme heat wave : worldnews

Shock and confusion as Turkey seizes earthquake survivors' homes : worldnews

Indian Navy seizes the ship from Somali pirates in a 40-hour operation, and rescues 17 crew, including 7 Bulgarian citizens. : worldnews
'That's what friends are for': Jaishankar as Bulgaria thanks India for rescuing its nationals from hijacked vessel : worldnews ... It was not Houthis this time that attacked the vessel, it was Somali pirates.

US not yet briefed on Israel's Rafah invasion plans, White House says : politics

Most Israelis support Netanyahu's plan for post-war Gaza, poll finds : worldnews

IDF eliminates head of Hamas’s internal security during Shifa hospital operation : worldnews
IDF: Troops raid Gaza City's Shifa Hospital, battle Hamas members holed up inside : worldnews

Eschaton: Ah, Well, Nevertheless -- It doesn't even matter if it was true, really, but Israel's desire to destroy UNRWA was obvious. -- BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union's top humanitarian aid official said on Thursday he had seen no evidence from Israel to back its accusations against staff from the U.N. Palestinian refugee agency (UNRWA), which should continue playing a "critical" role in Gaza.

Thousands of Gazans have gone missing. No one is accounting for them. - The Washington Post

Israeli cabinet approves national remembrance day for October 7 massacre : worldnews

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 754, Part 1 (Thread #900) : worldnews

Russia is Committing Air-Suicide. Ukraine's path to victory opens up | by Shankar Narayan | Feb, 2024 | Medium n ten days, the Ukrainian Air Force destroyed twelve Russian aircrafts. Nine Su-34s, two Su-35s and an A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft. Total monetary loss: Approaching $1,000,000,000 ... Russian airforce to lose a quarter of its capacity by the summer of 2024 ... Between December 1 and February 29th, Ukraine has destroyed 26 aircrafts in air and 3 aircrafts in Belbek airfield, Crimea ... The Russians are committing air suicide in order to provide President Putin with a propaganda air-lift to face the elections.

Caught on Camera: A Ballistic Missile's Wrath Wreaks Havoc - In broad daylight on a Ukrainian road, a sudden explosion may have just altered war strategies.

Ukraine to honor fallen soldiers with greatest commemoration project in history : worldnews

Rule of law declining across EU, report warns : worldnews

"This is a secular state": Polish government ends subsidies for religious publications : worldnews

Russias imperial pretensions will continue to menace Europe after Putin gone, Latvian FM says

With Russian opposition exiled, Berlin becomes center of anti-Putin protest - The Washington Post

Swiss police halt Martin Sellner's far-right rally - 03/17/2024 Martin Sellner, a prominent European far-right figure, was prevented from speaking at an event in Switzerland and kicked out of the Aargau region where the event was held.

Ukrainian spy arrested by french police while filming Russian cargo ship in Normandy : worldnews

Scientists Discovered the World's Oldest Forest Hiding in England - Britain's hidden trove of botanical fossils offers a glimpse into life before the dinosaurs.

Haiti: Machete-wielding militias battle gangs in Port-au-Prince as elites vie for power : worldnews

The Great Pretenders: How two faux-Inuit sisters cashed in on a life of deception -- Karima Manji wanted it all for her twin daughters, Amira and Nadya. And she found a way to help them get it: financial aid earmarked for Indigenous kids. The fact that they weren't remotely Indigenous wasn't going to stop her

America's Secret Hypersonic Weapon Is About to Stun the Pacific - A momentous test on the horizon could redefine aerial warfare.
Joe Biden's Military Shopping List Just Dropped With a Bang - From more F-35s to fewer F/A-18s, the Pentagon's 2025 budget paints a detailed picture of America's future military capabilities

Biden and Netanyahu hold first call in more than a month as tension grows over food crisis, war : politics

Pro-Israel Right Outraged by Chuck Schumer's Netanyahu Speech Neoconservatives only hate "interference" in Israel when it means anything other than blank-check support for apartheid and slaughtering Palestinians.
Pelosi praises Schumers speech on Israel, says Israel's reputation is at risk
'You wouldn't even allow him in your house, much less in the White House', says Pelosi : politics
Pelosi: Democrats have to win this election following Trumps bloodbath remarks

Jewish Communal Fund Bars Donations to Jewish Voice for Peace The Jewish Communal Fund, which lets contributors direct their donations, blocks gifts to Jewish Voice for Peace because of its stance on Israel.

A Suspicious Pattern Alarming the Ukrainian Military : politics
A Ukrainian military source believes that Russia's long-range strikes are aimed using satellite imagery provided by U.S. companies : politics

Johnson's Plan B for Ukraine leaves questions unanswered : politics ... Millions of Ukrainians are lying awake scared at night not knowing what the future may hold because Mike Johnson is scared for his job title. Fucker.

Report: US border patrol nabbed Hezbollah man headed to New York 'hoping to make a bomb' : worldnews
The Terrifying Global Reach of the American Anti-Abortion Movement : politics

TikTok Threat Is Purely Hypothetical, U.S. Intelligence Admits "We have nothing to add," the FBI said, when asked for evidence of TikTok's actual threat.
What to know about TikToks fate in the US
Casey, Fetterman ready to vote for TikTok ban over shared concerns about Chinese ownership : politics

Joe Biden proposes new college cost plan : politics ... ending the automatic billing of students for textbooks—a practice that often prevents students from seeking more affordable alternatives
Biden to sign executive order to boost womens health research

Pressure on Boeing grows as Buttigieg says the company needs to cooperate with investigations : politics

Border security deadlock heightens risk of government shutdown : politics

Biden holds narrow lead over Trump in national survey : politics

Pennsylvania Swings to Joe Biden's Jobs as Scranton Booms - Bloomberg Nowhere can the fruits of the White House's major policy achievements be seen so clearly than in the president's hometown of Scranton.

A new archive of modern American political history : politics

US Supreme Court says thousands of drug offenders can't seek shorter sentences : politics
The Supreme Court seems bitterly divided. Two justices say otherwise. : politics
Justice Breyer, Off the Bench, Sounds an Alarm Over the Supreme Court's Direction : politics
Supreme Court turns away 'Cowboys for Trump' co-founder ousted from office over Jan. 6: Couy Griffin, was criminally convicted over his role in Jan. 6 and lost his job as a county commissioner as a result. : politics
Supreme Court rejects appeal by former New Mexico county commissioner banned for Jan. 6 insurrection : politics

'AI won': Judges caution lawyers to educate themselves about artificial intelligence in the law : politics

Aileen Cannons move on Trumps motion very concerning : Attorney

This DA could still send Trump to prison: See Fani Willis’ big RICO win : politics

Senate GOP won't 'walk the plank' for Trump on ACA repeal : politics

The magnitude of Pence refusing to endorse Trump - The Washington Post

What these moms and women think Katie Britt missed : politics

Trump: 'I don't know' if Putin was responsible for Navalny's death : politics
Trump couldn't bring himself to condemn Putin for Alexey Navalnys death

Despite McAfee's jabs, Willis stays on Trump's case. For now. : politics

Michael Cohen predicts what will happen in Donald Trump's New York trial : politics ... Trump sent Trump's lawyer to jail for paying a woman that Trump slept with with a check that Trump signed, with money from Trump's campaign.

Trump has been unable to get bond for $464 million judgment, his lawyers say : politics
A national security nightmare: How Trumps debts could influence his actions as president
Trump's Mental Illness Needs to Be Part of the Conversation in 2024 : politics
Fact check: Trump, telling a completely fictional story, falsely claims he released 'the tape' of his Zelensky call : politics
70 percent in new poll reject Trump presidential immunity claim : politics ... 70% reject immunity claim, yet he's "leading Biden" in other polls.

Trump says he's ready to debate Biden. Don't believe him. : politics

After Mar-a-Lago Search, FBI Agent Wondered, "Am I Dreaming?" : politics ... he FBI has a contingent of die hard MAGA whackos within it. Disturbing, but not exactly surprising.

Potential 2024 'Chaos': Election Deniers Refusing to Certify Results : politics
Trump's love for Viktor Orban hints at what another Trump term will look like | Jan-Werner Müller : politics

Donald Trump struggles to say the "Rolling Stones" in new video : politics

Trump predicts 'bloodbath' if he loses election and claims 'Biden beat Obama' - Republican candidate insists at Ohio rally that Biden had beaten 'Barack Hussein Obama' in elections that never took place : politics
Did Trump Say It Will Be a 'Bloodbath for the Country' If He Doesn't Get Elected? : politics
Biden campaign says Trump 'wants another January 6' after Ohio 'bloodbath' prediction : politics ... The rioters from the first January 6 have since been released from prison and are running for public office. The second generation of rioters will gladly repeat history. What a fucking world we live in.
As Trump visits Ohio, attacks in GOP Senate race get increasingly personal - The Washington Post The former president held a rally Saturday in support of candidate Bernie Moreno ahead of Tuesday's primary
Ohio primary will set up fall election that could flip control of state supreme court : politics ... It's nearly four decades since liberal-leaning justices held a majority on Ohio's supreme court.
Donald Trump Salutes Jan. 6 'Hostages' at Ohio Rally : politics

Trump suffers teleprompter trauma at a rally in Ohio : politics
Donald Trump goes off script in dehumanising rant at half-baked Ohio rally : politics ... Perhaps the most notable aspect of the event was how small it was. The event was not held directly in a major population centre, instead taking place roughly an hour from Columbus. Overall, Mr Trump's crowd size on Saturday appeared to be much smaller than his typical rally size…To add insult to injury, The Independent watched as at least a few hundred Trump fans exited the event while the former president was still speaking.
Hes not worthy of the office he seeks: Sen. Warnock reacts to latest Trump comments
In on the Joke: The Comedic Trick Trump Uses to Normalize His Behavior : politics

Trump is eyeing Paul Manafort for 2024 campaign role : politics

Trump doubles down on call for Liz Cheney to be prosecuted : politics

MAGA Reps Suddenly Face an Existential Threat: Themselves : politics

Trumpism as Evangelical Vulgarity Fest - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Future Assholes of America - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Li, a business student who chairs the Rutgers Republicans and has served in the University Senate, has appeared on Fox News to criticize Rutger's faculty and administrators as anti-Israel and for campus COVID restrictions.

Stormy Daniels doc is a portrait of a woman destroyed by Donald Trump : politics

Is Ted Cruz in danger of being unseated in November? He thinks so : politics

Murthy v. Missouri Supreme Court Oral Argument | The Supreme Court hears oral argument in Murthy v. Missouri, a case on federal government officials communicating with social media companies about content moderation policies and whether it amounts to government suppression or speech censorship. : politics
Missouri says the Biden administration censored speech. The Supreme Court will judge : politics ... So, the government was aware of misinformation, and even more concerningly, "disinformation" operations being run by Russian intelligence agencies, and periodically told social media companies about this. Republicans want to stop the government from being able to tip off social media companies about things like this ... The degree to which the American right transparently acts as agents of Russia is scary

Alabama IVF Ruling Is About Controlling Who Can Reproduce the Citizenry. The GOP is on an earnest quest to create a theocracy in which white patriarchy remains dominant in the US. : politics

Katie Porter Should Drop 'Rigged Election' From Her Vocabulary : politics

Eric Adams Accuser Lorna Beach-Mathura Details Alleged Sexual Assault in New Lawsuit A former police administrative aide has filed a lawsuit under the New York Adult Survivors Act, alleging the New York City mayor assaulted her in a car in 1993.

Steve Doocy has become the unexpected Fox News voice of dissent - The Washington Post The affable longtime 'Fox & Friends' host is shaking things up in the morning, sparring with colleagues and challenging GOP orthodoxy, to the dismay of Donald Trump and other Republican leaders

Adult MAGA rage is making schools more dangerous for students : politics

Marry Rich. That's the Republican Plan for Moms. : politics

Bill would help police departments buy newly trained dogs after voters legalize marijuana : politics

Sex, Lies, and Murder: GOP Candidate's Former In-Law Goes Scorched Earth on Her : politics
Sex, Lies, and Murder: GOP Candidate Elizabeth Helgelien's Former In-Law Goes Scorched Earth on Her A wild feud between a rising GOP star and the mom of her late ex-husband erupted into public view on Wednesday when candidate Elizabeth Helgelien's infuriated former mother-in-law accused the MAGA-centric Nevada politician of being a liar and an adulterer.

A Bullshit Genius - The Drift On Walter Isaacsons Biographical Project

'We've all been wounded': Patti Davis on secrets, abuse and life as Ronald Reagan's daughter | Autobiography and memoir | The Guardian

She wanted to take America back to 'biblical truth.' Then she won a school board seat. - The Washington Post Linda Wenhold absorbed Patriot Academy's message that America is falling apart as it drifts from its biblical roots. Then she won a seat on her local Pennsylvania school board.

Children unintentionally shot and killed at least 157 people last year, Everytown says : politics
Children unintentionally shot and killed at least 157 people last year, Everytown says In many cases, the children shot themselves, while others killed siblings or friends, according to the gun control advocacy group.

Man shot with his own gun, critically wounded in fight aboard New York City subway, police say : news

After a Century of Searching, Scientists Finally Found A Virtual Magnetic Monopole - Half a magnet is a lot harder to make than you might think ... While this doesn't prove whether or not magnetic poles can be truly separated, it could open the door to new data storage and computing technologies ... "emergence" ... "diamond quantum magnetometry" ...

Why Stoicism Was So Popular in Antiquity | by Frank Breslin | Medium ... At the heart of Stoicism was intellectual study among the philosophical brotherhoods, which may also have influenced monastic Christianity in the Greek-speaking world ... However, the primary emphasis was always upon leading a virtuous life without ostentation, emotion, or religious motivation like pleasing God or going to heaven. They did it because it was the rational thing to do as one's duty. Emotional displays would have struck them as unseemly or vulgar. Stoicism was a cerebral affair that appealed to a certain temperament ... Life is a gift of the immortal gods; right living, of philosophy

NIH probe of Havana syndrome finds no sign of brain injuries - The four-year study comes amid ongoing conjectures about targeted attacks with pulsed-energy weapons

Scientists are finally studying womens bodies. This is what were learning.

Do ice facials actually work? We asked experts. The popular treatment purports to reduce wrinkles and eye bags. We asked dermatologists whether there’s science to back that up.

Billions of cicadas are about to emerge, creating a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle Two large broods of cicadas in the Midwest and southeastern U.S. are set to surface simultaneously—something that hasn't happened in over 200 years.

These are the real dunes that inspired Dune—and you can visit them These are the real dunes that inspired Dune and you can visit them - The inspiration for the desert planet of Arrakis and many of Dune’s environmental themes lies along a remote stretch of Pacific Northwest coastline.

An archaeologist suspected something special was buried here. She was right. Digging began over a decade ago at the site of a fifth century synagogue overlooking the Sea of Galilee. What they found is upending long-held beliefs about Jewish life in that era.

Archaeologists Stumbled Upon an Ancient Tomb With Gold Inside -- and a Deadly Secret : Hidden chambers reveal the luxury of forgotten chiefs, and the chilling rituals that sealed their fate ... The El Cano Archeological Park, located 100 miles southwest of Panama City, was first discovered in 1927

I'm a Neurologist. Here's the One Thing I Do Every Day for My Long-Term Brain Health | SELF -- Pick up a difficult new skill, even if you suck at it.

Yes, Gas Goes Bad: Why Gasoline Isn't Shelf Stable This is why your fuel goes bad, according to the experts. (Plus: how you can maximize its shelf life.) ... gas does have a shelf life. Left dormant in your vehicle’s tank, it can expire in as little as four weeks

How to Read 80ish Books a Year (And Actually Remember Them) Plus: how to take better notes, and why you should quit bad books.

The Battle Over California Squatters Rights in Beverly Hills The Squatters of Beverly Hills After a fugitive doctor abandoned his mansion, an enterprising group of party throwers slid in the front door.

Gender Refugees: Escaping Hostile States for the Transgender Community When the Andersons fled Iowa City in 2022, they joined a growing group of American families escaping states that have become hostile for transgender communities. Where do they go from here?

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Why Is Row 13 Missing on So Many Airplanes? United is one of several airlines that avoids including a row 13 on their flights, but not just for the reason you probably think ... Blame Loki. As Norse mythology dictates, the god of mischief once stormed a dinner party in Valhalla, bringing mayhem in his wake -- and bringing the number of deities there to 13. It may also stem from the arrival of Last Supper attendee Judas Iscariot, who was the 13th reveler to appear.

Kids Media Is In Its Villain Era Storytelling for children is finally moving beyond the good guy vs. bad guy tropes, and we all stand to benefit.

The drug pilots take to stay awake A related drug, dextroamphetamine, again became popular during the Gulf War in 1990-91, when it was taken by the majority of fighter pilots involved in the initial bombardments on Iraqi forces in Kuwait.

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Karen Read update: A list of who's who in the high-profile case The Karen Read murder case has become a media sensation. Here are the people involved.
Karen Read hearing causes divisions in Canton, split over prosecution ... Now it's coming out that the Norfolk DA is likely under investigation by the FBI. That's very concerning. That means if they find corruption in his office it will impact many of the ongoing investigations. That also means that if you are the victim of a crime in that area it is that office that gets involved. How much could you even trust this office .
Karen Read case: New questions have emerged. Here's all the latest


Iceland volcano erupts again, no flight disruptions : worldnews

12 months of record ocean heat has scientists puzzled and concerned : worldnews ... I'm in the Florida Keys. They've given up on reef restoration because the water is too hot for coral to survive, some beaches are unsafe due to toxic blooms and the fish that haven't died off have gone insane to the point of a hotline being set up to report strange activity. Once the fisheries collapse, it'll mean global famine and a collapse of coastal ecosystems. We're within a decade of that and it feels like nobody knows it.

More people getting kidney failure in Singapore : worldnews ... n 2020, Singapore had the world's highest percentage of kidney failure patients starting treatment whose disease was due to diabetes -- at 67 per cent ... Looks like her biggest culprit…sodium. Singaporea's eat more sodium than WHO allocates. Gravy, sauces, processed foods. We need to minimise our sodium intake ... It's also important to put things in perspective as Singapore has one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

A Hong Kong court on Saturday sentenced 12 people to jail terms from more than four years to nearly seven years in a high-profile rioting case linked to the storming of the city legislature during a pro-democracy protest in 2019 : worldnews

China is falling behind US in AI race, Chinese premier warned : worldnews ... It cannot fall behind as it has never been ahead in the first place.
Chinese Baby Born With A Tail Due To Rare Birth Defect : worldnews ... Researchers believe that the tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is a relic from our evolutionary history, and that it is no longer performing the function for which it was originally designed. As a result, it acts as a reminder of our ancestral tails, which were previously an essential component in the process of maintaining balance during activities such as climbing trees.

Voting continues on day two of Russia's stage-managed presidential election : worldnews

Russians protest Putin rule on final day of presidential election : worldnews
Pouring dye into ballot boxes, laying flowers at the Kremlin, staging ‘noon against Putin’: How Russians are protesting the election : worldnews
Man detained in Moscow for writing 'Putin is a murderer' on his ballot : worldnews

Putin says setting up a nuclear power unit in space is a priority for Russia | CNN : worldnews
Russia Exhausts Soviet-era Arms Storage Bases : worldnews

Ukraine drones attack refinery, target Moscow, disrupt power, Russia says : worldnews
Media: 12 Russian oil refineries successfully hit in recent attacks by Ukraine : worldnews
Ukraine Strikes Russian City & Refinery Amid Presidential Vote : worldnews
PS01 on X: The Syzran oil refinery higher resolution The most advanced processing unit is completely destroyed as the new satellite images show (about 70-80% of the production capacity) / X
Russian border region closes malls and schools as Ukrainian attacks escalate : worldnews
Russia: Schools and shops shut in Belgorod amid air strikes : worldnews

Russian Police Investigate At Least 28 Cases Of 'Vandalism In Polling Stations' : worldnews

European arms imports nearly double while Russian exports plunge : worldnews

The Russian scam luring Nepalese men with the promise of a better life, only to drop them on the battlefield in Ukraine : worldnews

Moscow Fears Armenia Now Following Same Path as Georgia and Ukraine : worldnews

India vote to start on April 19, Modi says confident of win : worldnews ... I am tired of seeing uninformed Westerners say Modi is sucking upto Putin. Dude he is the most west friendly PM we have had since the birth of our Republic. The other PMs were besties with Soviets which is why our weapons come from Russia. Modi got a lot of flak for buying US and French weapons.
India's 'Silicon Valley' is running dry as residents urged to take fewer showers and use disposable cutlery | CNN : worldnews

Suicide Bombers Raid Pakistan Army Base Near Afghan Border, Kill 7 : worldnews

Taliban Expand Madrasas, May Never Reopen Girls Secondary Schools : worldnews

Niger's ruling military junta has revoked with immediate effect a military accord that allows military personnel and civilian staff from the U.S. Department of Defense on its soil : worldnews

Yemen's Houthis obtain hypersonic missile, upgrade weapons arsenal - report : worldnews

Indian navy recaptures Somali pirate ship and frees crew : worldnews
Indian Navy corners pirates, succesfully rescues 17 crew members onboard cargo ship : worldnews
Indian navy in high seas standoff with Somali pirates : worldnews
Indian Navy launches operation to rescue crew of Maltese-flagged merchant vessel hijacked by pirates : worldnews

Palestinian terror leaders, Houthi officials met to coordinate against Israel - report : worldnews

G7 allies warn Iran not to provide Russia with ballistic missiles : worldnews
Iran reportedly pushed US to broker Gaza ceasefire during secret talks in Oman : worldnews

Former Lebanese President Says Hezbollah Joining Gaza War "Neither Resistance Nor Self-Defense" : worldnews

Cease-fire talks with Israel and Hamas expected to restart : worldnews
Netanyahu won't commit to elections, calls Schumer's speech "inappropriate" ... Pelosi said it was strange to hear Netanyahu complain about interference in Israeli politics when he meddled in U.S. politics during the Obama administration, an allegation that the prime minister has denied. : worldnews
Netanyahu rails against US criticism and says Israel won't stop until 'total victory' is achieved : worldnews
Netanyahu snaps back against growing US criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza - The Boston Globe
Netanyahu calls for international pressure to be redirected to Hamas, Iran : worldnews

Israel approves plan to attack Rafah but keeps truce hopes alive : worldnews

Israel-Gaza: Aid reaches Gaza shore in first sea delivery : worldnews
First ship carrying food aid arrives in Gaza, 'preparations underway' to dispatch second : worldnews

Hamas confirms Marwan Issa killed - report : worldnews ... I always find it so odd that they don't know where the hostages are but instantly know how many Palestinians were killed in the middle of a war zone.
Reports: Ministers told signs point to successful hit on Hamas number 3 Marwan Issa : worldnews
Hamas Documents Reveal Secrecy Around Plans For October 7 Attacks - I24NEWS The documents, signed by Issa, outline a coordinated assault involving Hamas's elite Nukhba force targeting numerous Israeli communities and military bases ... The IDF recently confirmed targeting Marwan Issa in a strike on central Gaza's Nuseirat, prompting speculation about his fate. While Israeli officials believe Issa may have been killed, neither Israel nor Hamas has officially confirmed his death.

Hamas documents reveal secrecy around plans for October 7 attacks - I24NEWS : worldnews
Hamas Documents Reveal Secrecy Around Plans For October 7 Attacks - I24NEWS Newly revealed documents obtained by Channel 12 shed light on the meticulous planning behind Hamas's devastating October 7 attack, implicating the group's third-ranking leader, Marwan Issa.

Fatah slams Hamas: Responsible for the current 'Nakba' : worldnews

Israel said to complain of slowdown in US arms deliveries amid growing rift : worldnews

Russian missiles kill 20 in Odesa, Zelenskiy vows retaliation : worldnews ... What you also need to know: this was a double tap. Russia shot a multistory residential building and shot the same spot again after some time, killing the helpers and rescue service.

/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 752, Part 1 (Thread #898) : worldnews
/r/WorldNews Live Thread: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Day 753, Part 1 (Thread #899) : worldnews

Ukraine appeals to citizens under Russian occupation to ignore Putin’s ‘pseudo elections’ | CNN : worldnews

NEXTA on X: " Ukraine is facing such a severe shortage of ammunition that the country may exhaust its air defense missiles by the end of March -- The Telegraph" / X

Special Kherson Cat on X: "/1. What looks like the first appearance of the American M1117 in Ukraine, in the hands of 425th separate battalion "Skala"" / X

SBU has repelled almost 10,000 cyberattacks since 2022

Ukrainian authorities launch mass evacuation in northern region : worldnews

Secret classes to counter Russian brainwashing in occupied Ukraine : worldnews

Breakaway Georgian region is discussing becoming part of Russia, says local official : worldnews ... As of 2024, only five members of the United Nations (UN) recognise South Ossetia as a sovereign state -- Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Nauru, and Syria

'Russian warship, go f–k yourself' ignites Ukraine-EU spat : worldnews
Russian warship, go f–k yourself -- ignites Ukraine-EU spat -- Europe's intellectual property office has knocked back the Ukrainian application. But Snake Island soldiers lawyers wont give up.

Politico: Finnish FM does not rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine : worldnews ... Everyone's gangsta until the snow starts speaking Finnish ... Nice to see all Europe awakening. Time for talks, apeasment and kindness is over. WE decide on the red lines in Europe and Putler already crossed too many since too long.

UA POV | EU doles out 500M for artillery ammunition and missiles as it seeks to match Russia - Politico : UkraineRussiaReport
Europe To Use Frozen Russian Profits To Buy Arms For Ukraine : worldnews
Nato members should use conscription to deter Russia, says Latvian foreign minister : worldnews
Latvia starts criminal proceedings against an EU Parliament lawmaker suspected of spying for Russia : worldnews

Climate activists across Europe block access to North Sea oil infrastructure : worldnews
Climate protesters under fire in Europe: Environmental activists are increasingly facing hostility across Europe, a UN expert said, warning that the very right to protest was "at risk" in countries usually considered beacons of democracy : worldnews
EU countries back new human rights supply chain law : worldnews

NOELREPORTS on X: "The State Security Service of Latvia has started criminal proceedings against a member of the European Parliament, Tetiana Zhdanok, in connection with possible cooperation with the special services of the Russian Federation." / X

Hungary's Orban rails against the EU and 'the Western world' in a speech on a national holiday : worldnews

Der Spiegel: German FM is trying to persuade Scholz to hand over Taurus missiles to Ukraine : worldnews
Germany's SPD leader slammed for his 'freezing' Ukraine war remark : worldnews
Germany: SPD leader criticized for 'freeze war' remark on Ukraine The news is particularly alarming when considered in light of the recent report from the German portal Business Insider, which suggests that the country's intelligence services do not rule out the possibility of Putin's attack on NATO post-2026.

Schools should prep students for war, German minister says : worldnews ... Germany's education minister said students should be taught what to do in the case of wars, natural catastrophes or pandemics ...

Swiss police arrests three minors with alleged links to jihadist extremism : worldnews

Macron warns against 'limits' on backing Ukraine : worldnews
France's CNews channel grilled by lawmakers over biaised content : worldnews

Wales is getting the first Black leader in Europe : anime_titties

UK: Clergy warn of 'doom spiral' as church attendance drops off at record rate. Church attendance has more than halved since 1987. : atheism

Bolsonaro laid out plan for Brazil coup after defeat by Lula, ex-commanders say : worldnews ... He laid out multiple plans and attemps. He tried with the military and the parts of the justice system that supported him, but got the noppest of nopes ... He also made a visit to Putin in February 2022 (a few days before the invasion), and brought 32 armed forces members with him:

Cuba Uncovers Russian Military Recruiters Trafficking Citizens To Ukraine : worldnews

Hidden cameras capture Canadian bank employees misleading customers, pushing products that help sales targets : worldnews
Canada heading toward major measles outbreak without vaccine boost, new modelling suggests : worldnews
Majority of Canadians are hoping for a Biden win in upcoming U.S. election, poll finds : politics

The Brink | Opinion | Nuclear War: The Rising Risk, and How We Stop It - The New York Times -- Today's generation of weapons -- many of which are fractions of the size of the bombs America dropped in 1945 -- but magnitudes more deadly than conventional ones -- poses an unpredictable threat.

Pro-Ukraine PAC launched with eye on congressional races : politics

Biden's populist budget marks the overdue end of trickle-down economics : politics

VP Kamala Harris broke politics at an abortion clinic visit. She even said the 'u' word : politics

Right-Wingers Push Absurd Lie About Haitian Cannibal Invasion -- Elon Musk and fellow fear mongerers have cooked up the most ridiculous immigration panic yet : politics
Replies on X are fact, everybody knows that : facepalm

Young People Get Their News from TikTok. That's a Huge Problem for Democrats. : politics

Fact Sheet: The President's Budget Cuts Taxes for Working Families and Makes Big Corporations and the Wealthy Pay Their Fair Share : politics

Biden Campaign Raises Over $53 Million In February - As Donald Trump struggles to raise cash, the sitting president has now amassed $155 million to spend. : politics

Don't Think of It as a Contest Between Biden and Trump : politics ... Think of it as a a choice between misogynistic Christo-fascism vs your inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

How the Far Right-Wing Plans to Obliterate More of Our Constitutional Rights -- As the country reckons with a post-Roe landscape, further attacks on fundamental rights may be on the horizon by way of a constitutional convention. : politics

Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election. Here are the results. : politics

Supreme Court rules public officials can sometimes be sued for blocking critics on social media : politics

A crackdown on 'judge shopping' provoked a rather telling Republican reaction : politics

John Roberts Just Dropped the Hammer on Rogue, Lawless Trump Judges : politics

White House lawyer tells House speaker to end Biden impeachment 'Charade' : politics

Hunter Biden Laptop Update - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mike Johnson Suddenly Seems Ready to Stick a Shiv in MAGA - The House speaker is open to a stand-alone vote on Ukraine aid. Marjorie Taylor Greene isn't going to like that one bit. : politics ... "There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man." John Dryden "Demons run when a good man goes to war."
'Knock it off': Speaker Mike Johnson tries to stop Republicans from campaigning against each other in bitter primary battles : politics

See 'ever-expanding' list of former Trump officials who refuse to endorse him : politics
Maddow expands wall of departures under Trump after Tillerson ouster | The Hill - 03/13/18

Trump says there will be a 'bloodbath' if he loses the election : politics
Trump Declares It Will Be a 'bloodbath' for Auto Industry if He's Not Elected : politics
Cassidy says Trump's 'bloodbath' rhetoric concerning to some voters : politics (only "some")
Trump says some undocumented immigrants are 'not people,' warns US will see 'bloodbath' if not re-elected : politics
Trump Says Some Migrants Are 'Not People' and Predicts a 'Blood Bath' if He Loses : politics
Bloodbath - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Laugh Riot | Fintan O’Toole | The New York Review of Books -- Why do they find him so funny?
Trump Escalates His Dehumanization of Migrants: Some Are 'Not People … These Are Animals' : politics
Trump Says There Will Be a 'Bloodbath' and Elections Will End if He Isn't Reelected | Former president appeared at Ohio rally for Bernie Moreno, who is competing in a split GOP Senate race : politics

Donald Trump's New York Trial Delayed Until April -- or Beyond : politics

'Incomprehensible': Experts warn Judge Cannon's ruling against Trump opens up 'nightmare scenario' : politics

Trump adviser Peter Navarro asks Supreme Court to keep him out of prison : politics

The Stormy Daniels Story Is Darker This Time A new documentary shows just how much she -- and the country -- have changed since 2018. : politics

Trump granted clemency to Medicare fraudsters before vowing to cut entitlement program abuse : politics

Donald Trump Wants His Top Republican Critic Jailed -- Newsweek : politics
'A campaign for vengeance': critics warn of a radical second Trump term : politics

'Dictator Diaper Don': Phoenix billboard known for anti-Trump imagery debuts new artwork : politics
New Trump billboard going up on Grand Avenue |
Grand Avenue billboard known for anti-Trump art features new piece
New RNC chair accidentally says America is better off now than under Trump : politics

How Trumps Allies Are Winning the War Over Disinformation
How Trump's Allies Are Winning the War Over Disinformation - Their claims of censorship have successfully stymied the effort to filter election lies online

Emails show how a right-wing group steers GOP leaders on major policy issues : politics

Kari Lake Asks US Supreme Court to Outlaw All Electronic Voting : politics

A House Divided: Republicans Retreat From Their Annual GOP Retreat : politics ... In his speech today, hilarious, he claimed he had a deal with China to stop fentanyl but the election was stolen before it was to start. Sure

Examining Trump’s Alternate Reality Pitch : politics
Trump's neoconfederacy - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... One dev