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'This is very alarming!' : Flying insects vanish from nature preserves

Darkness: life in Puerto Rico without electricity - Vox (Grumpster says they can use candles)

America's Forever Wars - since the attacks of 9/11 and now has just over 240,000 active-duty and reserve troops in at least 172 countries and territories. (Hillary voted for them)

North Korea threat is 'critical, imminent,' Japan tells U.S., South Korea : news

Struggle Over Kirkuk Puts the U.S. and Iran on the Same Side - The New York Times
Isis kills 128 civilians in 'revenge' surprise counter attack on Syrian town : news

Russian radio journalist stabbed in neck at her Moscow office : news

Russian Pop Star Zelimkhan Bakaev, Tortured and Killed In Chechnya Anti-Gay Roundup : news - Chechnya is like the Russia of Russia

D.E.A. Says Hondurans Opened Fire During a Drug Raid. A Video Suggests Otherwise. : news

Pablo Neruda: experts say official cause of death 'does not reflect reality' | Books | The Guardian - Panel of 16 experts says that when the Nobel prize-winning poet died in 1973, there was no indication of the cancer that was supposed to have killed him - 12 days after Augusto Pinochet's military coup toppled the democratically elected government of President Salvador Allende (oh, yopu forgot to say "U.S.-backed military coup")

Turning Tables in Magnitsky Case, Russia Accuses a Nemesis of Murder - The New York Times

President Trump, Guo Wengui and an Odd Series of Events - Lawfare

WATCH People Freak Out At Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Roaming NYC Streets | Mediaite

Five myths about Nazis - The Washington Post

Senators Stunned to Discover We Have 1,000 Troops in Niger - How can our presence there be justified by a law passed in 2001?
This Is Not Trump's Benghazi (only if Benghazi wasn't Hillary's Benghazi either ... )
Today in Bad Headlines - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You know, it's OK to say that what drives Trump crazy is that she is a black woman. I mean, that might be a violation of Both Sides Do It. But it would also be the truth. So we will never hear that from the Times.
Trump's Boogeymen? Women! (esp black ones)
Bakari Sellers shames White House response to death of Sgt. La David Johnson
Fake Facebook post shows military widow criticize congresswoman, defend Trump | TheHill
ThomasMertonMegaMonk comments on Donald Trump Is Rush-Shipping Condolences to Military Families
Let's not staff a White House with generals ever again (how about let's not ever elect a clueless racist nazi con-artist fucker again?)

In sparring with a grieving widow, Trump follows his no-apology playbook - The Washington Post

Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "This is a nice speech, but the reality is W was in Virginia fundraising for Ed Gillespie last week. Tory men and Trumpy measures."
"Tory Men and Trumpy Measures"

Mueller Now Investigating Democratic Lobbyist Tony Podesta - NBC News

EPA Abruptly Blocks 3 Agency Scientists From Giving Talks On Climate Change | HuffPost
Security costs skyrocket at 'lightning rod' EPA ... beefing up security measures surrounding Administrator Scott Pruitt to an unprecedented level ... will grow the team that works in shifts to provide him around-the-clock protection, something unheard of for Pruitt's predecessors (protecting him from environmentalists)

Attacking People With Disabilities - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Are Jared and Ivanka erasing history? - The Washington Post - The cost of sidestepping the Presidential Records Act

Democrats' early money haul stuns GOP -- A historic number of well-funded candidates have flooded Republican House districts ahead of 2018. (yesterday, it was dems are failing at fund-raising)

Illinois' pro-union stance kills bid for Toyota-Mazda plant -- What a sneaky way to phrase an argument. Now it's not Toyota-Mazda's not Toyota-Mazda's anti-union stance, the fault shifted to the state of Illinois.

Sanders to run as an independent in 2018 | TheHill - despite recent pressure from some Democrats to join the party. (but will run for Pres as a Dem)

Chris Christie's Last Fight -- Christie is hobbling out of office as the most unpopular governor in the history of New Jersey -- a casualty of scandal and hubris

Chicago moms push back after anonymous racist calls their black nanny a rebellion against Trump -- "trying to rebel against the greatest leader this country has ever seen"
Racist Tirade About Black Nanny Sparks Outrage In West Town

Blues brothers Don Jr. and Eric Trump gamble on Mississippi tourism - The Washington Post - It announced it would debut two new hotel brands here, beginning with a four-star, 100-room Scion hotel originally designed to replicate an antebellum plantation. (of course)

What Happens When A Troubled Police Department Refuses To Reform? | HuffPost - In Albuquerque, they're getting away with it

Tyrant Laura Ingraham Already Terrifying Fox News Staffers (no wonder she'd the last woman standing at Fox)
Fox News Fires John Huddy, Brother of O'Reilly Accuser Juliet Huddy
Megyn Kelly's Husband Names Names on Reporters 'Doing the bidding' of Fox News PR (behind those hit-pieces on Megyn)
Megyn Kelly drops the hammer on Bill O
Latest O'Reilly Case Is 'Jam-Dropping,' Megyn Kelly Says ... O. J. Simpson was ordered to pay the Goldman and Brown families $33.5 million for the murders of Ron and Nicole. What on earth would justify that amount? What awfulness went on?

Weinstein Company Faces Civil Rights Inquiry by New York Attorney General - The New York Times
Harvey Weinstein and the Impunity of Powerful Men | The New Yorker - For women speaking up about their experiences with harassment and assault, being heard is one kind of power, and being free is another.
Brit Marling on Harvey Weinstein and the Economics of Consent - The Atlantic - The blunt power of the gatekeeper is the ability to enforce not just artistic, but also financial, exile.
Harvey Weinstein's Former Employees Reckon With What They Knew and What They Didn't
Screenwriter close to Weinstein calls out Hollywood:" 'Everybody f**king knew'
A Long-Delayed Reckoning of the Cost of Silence on Abuse - The New York Times
Harvey Weinstein Accused of Using His Fashion Businesses to Harass Models - One says she ended up fighting him off with a broken glass.
Kathy Griffin Dishes on Her Feud With 'Fame Whote' Lawyer Lisa Bloom -- and Bloom Returns Fire ... Self-styled civil rights lawyer, feminist crusader, and television personality Lisa Bloom ... astronomical legal fees

Megyn Kelly Calls Out Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Executives on Harassment

Poll: 9 in 10 Boston women say workplace sexual harassment is a problem - The Boston Globe - 24 percent of respondents reported a co-worker making unwanted sexual advances toward them.

Cliffside Park High gives 37 students detention after protest over teacher who told class troops are "fighting for your right to speak American"

The Cookie Crumbles: A Retracted Study Points to a Larger Truth - The New York Times - It reported that you could induce more 8-11-year-olds to choose an apple over cookies if you just put a sticker of a popular character on it. That and similar work helped burnish the career of the lead author, Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.
When the Revolution Came for Amy Cuddy - The New York Times - As a young social psychologist, she played by the rules and won big: an influential study, a viral TED talk, a prestigious job at Harvard. Then, suddenly, the rules changed. (you had to use real math)
Amy Cuddy Takes a Stand - The New York Times (Power Poses Fake Science)

Newly-identified third type of diabetes is being wrongly diagnosed as type 2 : science

The Secret to a Better Night's Sleep: A Sense of Purpose? - Scientific American - racial background can influence their likelihood of developing a sleep disorder, with a greater number of African Americans reporting sleep disturbances compared to White Americans.

The Physics of Nothing

5 teens charged with murder after rock thrown from I-75 overpass in Michigan kills man : news

Glasses wearers of Reddit: why did you choose glasses instead of contacts? : AskReddit
Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes | Quanta Magazine : science

Why the Fact-Checking at Facebook Needs to Be Checked : technology
TIL During the American Revolution, "Columbia" was used to describe all of America; that is why the capital of the USA is called Washington, District of Columbia : todayilearned


ICE official, sheriff clash over Wine Country arson suspect - Jesus Gonzalez was arrested Sunday on suspicion of setting a fire at Maxwell Farms Park in Sonoma Valley (ICE worst government agency)

Still Waiting for FEMA in Texas and Florida After Hurricanes - The New York Times (Trump drowned FEMA in his bathtub) )

Dutch prosecutors office video showing the transport route and launch site of the BUK that shot down flight MH17. : videos

'Time to declare independence': 450,000 protest in Barcelona : news

Nyunggai W Mundine on Twitter: "This has to be a sick joke. A murdering dictator a UN Goodwill Ambassador. How are the UN going to defend this?"
WHO rescinds 'goodwill ambassador' appointment of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe (Hitler was unavailable, wtf WHO? you thought this was fine?) many found it odd that a man accused of destroying Zimbabwe's health-care system is now speaking out on global health issues.

The Islamic State: From Insurgency to Rogue State and Back - The New York Times
ISIS Fighters Are Not Flooding Back Home to Wreak Havoc as Feared - The New York Times

Iran Saps Strength of Revolutionary Guards With Arrests and Cutbacks - The New York Times - Revolutionary Guards, whose monopoly on large sectors of the economy and penchant for corrupt dealing he sees as a major drag on the growth he promised after completing the nuclear pact.

Woman 'saved from gang rape' in Florence by heroic Bangladeshi flower seller : news

The March on the Pentagon: An Oral History - The New York Times

Bush cracks joke to Obama while Clinton makes a speech : gifs
Bill Clinton hiding in the Bushes : pics

Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "It is finally sinking through. 46% OF PEOPLE BELIEVE MAJOR NATIONAL NEWS ORGS FABRICATE STORIES ABOUT ME. FAKE NEWS, even worse! Lost cred."

John Kelly and the Dangerous Moral Calculus of Working for Trump | The New Yorker (sold your soul to Satan's store)
'Pick up the phone and say I apologize' : Medal of Honor recipient rips Kelly and Trump over fallen soldier response
Report: White House Rushed Condolences To Gold Star Families | HuffPost - At least three families said they received express-shipped packages from the White House after Trump claimed he called 'virtually everybody"
From the "you cannot make this stuff up" files (pot meet kettle)

The Allure of the Far Right Demands Immediate Action - To dismiss the attraction of Bannon's dystopian nationalism is folly.
The age of Trump -- Pay attention people. This isn't normal. It is something different and pretending that it's all an act or that it's no big deal is very foolish. This is a dangerous moment and I'm not sure the opposition is even trying to meet it.

Ideological Extremism, Tempered by Incomptence

Senator slams "white supremacists" in Trump admin, defends congresswoman and Gold Star family - Shareblue Media
Eschaton: Predictable - Predictable. It was the point. -- MIAMI (CBSMiami) A spokesperson for Rep. Frederica Wilson says the threats against the congresswoman have intensified. (Trump sicced his flying monkeys on her)

The Trump Budget Legacy: A Permanent $1 Trillion Federal Deficit (making America bankrupt again, is his bussiness model)
How every investor lost money on Trump Tower Toronto (but Donald Trump made millions anyway) | Toronto Star - Behind the scenes, he had no money on the line. The inside story of an unlikely bankruptcy, and the investors who lost everything when they bet on the Trump brand.

A Presidential Bellwether Is Still Waiting to Start Winning Under Trump - The New York Times (old white Trumpsters still believe in him)

Florida private schools get nearly $1 billion in state scholarships with little oversight, Sentinel finds : news (felon Rick Scott and Charter thug DeVos)

The Newseum Is Increasingly Relevant, but Can It Survive? - The New York Times - But Mr. Neuharth had a bolder plan to build a palace to journalism on a piece of prime real estate in downtown Washington. The gleaming building overlooking the National Mall covers 643,000 square feet and has seven floors of gallery space and two floors of conference space. (maybe, you know, NEWSPAPERS could step up)

Opioid Lobbyist Left a Digital Fingerprint on a Campaign by "Patient Advocates" (well, TBF, they were "advoocating" that you kill yourself, and also Sheldon Whitehouse, D,R.I. sold you down the river for $5,000)

Watch ICE agents arrest man after entering Portland home without warrant |

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit by Minn. wedding videographers who sued to refuse same-sex customers : news -- "They both need to come out."

The Twitter thought experiment that exposes "pro-life" hypocrisy -- Would you save one 5-year-old child from a burning building, or save 1,000 embryos.

Don Lemon on Twitter: "Brought to you from the network that constantly criticizes other networks on morals & integrity. Hypocrisy much? @FoxNews @BillOReilly"
Don Lemon calls Fox News hypocritical after reports of O'Reilly settlement (they knew and did it anyway)

More than 30 women come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment - LA Times - He prowled the streets of Manhattan looking for attractive young women, usually in their early 20s, sometimes college students, on occasion a high schooler. He approached them in Central Park, standing in line at a bank or drug store or at a copy center while they worked on their resumes ... 38 women ... Like Harvey Weinstein, Toback, now 72, was a big, hulking man with a reputation ... the scope of Toback's behavior was far more serious. ("mountainous" right up there with Weinfuck +another ugly perv falls) < Hollywood Reacts To James Toback Allegations: "Damn You" "A Disgrace"
More than 30 women come forward to accuse director James Toback of sexual harassment : news
James Toback Strikes Again: I Have to Cum at Least Seven Times a Day ... "Look, I know this is weird, would you come with me to the Harvard Club?"
Hugh Hefner will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe, and her fans are not happy
The 14 Worst Things About Hugh Hefner, as Revealed in Holly Madison's new book
Roman Polanski Accused of Molesting a 10-Year-Old Girl : news (Meryl Streep will be forever bound to evil, and also Whoopi)
Sexual Predators Are Everywhere Too Much Power Resides - Lawyers, Guns & Money (for instance, hospitals)

Jim Carrey Alleges His Late Girlfriend Forged STD Results to Extort Him in Bombshell Filing : news
'I Was Willing to Do Everything' : Mothers Defend Sons Accused of Sexual Assault ... "In my generation, what these girls are going through was never considered assault" ... "How many times have I told you, you need to keep it zippered" (jfc, so they brought up their sociopathic man-boys like that)

Wall Street may have its own Harvey Weinstein problem - The Washington Post - Fidelity Investments, one of the world's argest investment firms, has pushed out two high-level executives over the past few weeks amid sexual harassment complaints

Rolling Stone founder falls out with biographer over candid life story | Media | The Guardian - Jann Wenner, whose magazine charted pop music and culture since the 60s, gave Joe Hagan full access but is unhappy with the result, especially 'the sexual stuff' ... Wenner's bisexuality, for example, comes in a moment of new willingness to review how deeply the aesthetics of gay rock managers helped to shape the genre.

This babysitter gave a toddler Xanax -- and left her alone to go see a movie

7-Year-Old Killed By Pit Bulls : news (Lowell)
Massachusetts police officer charged with drunken driving was already on leave for forgetting handgun in restaurant bathroom : news - Welcome to the departed.

Family: 86-year-old in intensive care after Kingstree police used Taser against unarmed black motorist : news

3 Million Americans Carry A Handgun Daily: Most of these Americans are young men, live in the south and say personal protection is a top reason for walking around with a deadly weapon, said the report in the American Journal of Public Health. : science (socialpathis man-boys)

Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, according to new research. Researchers have found that a specific combination of techniques will increase people's chances of having lucid dreams, in which the dreamer is aware they're dreaming while it's still happening and can control the experience
Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists : science -- We conclude that illusory pattern perception is a central cognitive mechanism accounting for conspiracy theories and supernatural beliefs. (so, they see stuff that isn't there, right?)

Hundreds of Mysterious Stone Gates Found in Saudi Arabia's Desert (definitely not extra-terrestrial)
Volcanoes Helped Violent Revolts Erupt in Ancient Egypt - The New York Times - The Ptolemaic Kingdom was a prosperous time in Egypt

What is something that happened on Reddit that non Reddit users will never understand? : AskReddit

Tesla strikes another deal that shows it's about to turn the car insurance world upside down - InsureMyTesla shows how the insurance industry is bound for disruption as cars get safer with self-driving tech. : technology


Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren't sure Puerto Ricans should (they should take care of themselves, unlike us cowboy moochers)

10 Minutes. 12 Gunfire Bursts. 30 Videos. Mapping the Las Vegas Massacre. - Video -

Spain Will Remove Catalan Leader, Prime Minister Announces - The New York Times

Prosecutors say man, 28, did not rape girl, 11, because she didn't resist enough - According to French law, sex that occurs without threats or violence is considered consensual -- even in cases of children below the age of 15, the legal age of consent.
Could this be the Harvey Weinstein of Islam? -- WITW - An activist in France leveled rape allegations against the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood on Friday
Prominent Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan accused of rape, sexual assault in France : news

Eschaton: Oopsie - What is a pundit? What are they for? Okay, what am I for? -- Back in the early blogging days a bunch of cranky stupid pundits were mad that bloggers were "advocates" or "activists" while they were... I guess I never figured out what they thought they were. They certainly didn't express opinions about things in hopes of influencing politics and policy! Or something. At some point you gotta bring out the scales of justice and realize you were on the wrong side of everything and just shut the hell up. Feel free to tell me if this applies to me!

Hillary Clinton is pretty funny describing being forced by protocol to attend Trump's "weird [UNCHRISTIAN WORD}" inauguration

Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on Toxic Chemicals? An Industry Insider Helps Call the Shots - The New York Times - A scientist who worked for the chemical industry now shapes policy on hazardous chemicals. Within the E.P.A., there is fear that public health is at risk. (poisons good for you now)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Retweeted Alleged Russian Trolls - messages from an account identified by an independent Russian news agency as Kremlin-created. (another Russian agent, lock him up!)
Dossier Firm's Lawyers Ask Judge To Block Nunes' Subpoena To Firm's Bank (persistent little ratfucker, needs to go to jail for obstruction)

Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies - The Washington Post
Trump Likely to Block Release of Some JFK Files - POLITICO Magazine - If the decision holds, it could contribute to the belief that the government has something to hide.
JFK assassination: Trump to allow release of classified documents : news
You can thank Oliver Stone's sensationalized 1991 movie for the JFK document release (HW signed the act in '91, hoping for reelection)
U.S. Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba - ABC News - In the early 1960s, America's top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.

Women in the World in Association with The New York Times Eschaton: Angry Racist Gramps - Dubya was really really bad and I am dedicated to the idea that people should not forget this, but at least we didn't wake up every day wondering if he might nuke North Korea because he was in a shitty mood.
Eschaton: Cranky Old Man - It's me. Specifically I am cranky about how The Kids Today don't remember the Bush era. I get it. It was a long time ago. I got annoyed when Dems of a certain age were fixated on 1972. It is 2017. The Iraq war started 14 years ago. It is my origin story. It is not theirs. I get it.
Steve Bannon delivers blistering attack on former President George W. Bush - CNNPolitics

Trump's Renoir painting is not real, Chicago museum says : news

Tenn. Rep. Wants To Send People Away From Emergency Rooms Without Treatment : news ("they don't need health insurance, they can just go the the ER." ""We'll fix that."

Donald Trump Tries A New Tactic To Attack Congresswoman Who Exposed His Lies | HuffPost (a dumpster full of lies and can't let to)
Exclusive: Pentagon Document Contradicts Trump's Gold Star Claims -- Not only had the president not contacted virtually all the families of military personnel killed this year, the White House did not even have an up-to-date list of those who had been killed. (lying is what they do)
John Kelly owes the congresswoman an apology - The Washington Post (lying fucker)
John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully ... proudly ignorant, ... liar ... shameless bully and demagogue.

What Americans are afraid of in the age of Trump - The Washington Post (Trumpcare (oxymoron) replaces terrorism)

Niger Ambush Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure' (Trumpghazi) "they just were not postured properly [to get him] (they really talk like this)
Pentagon investigating troubling questions after deadly Niger ambush - LA Times
What The Hell Was This Rachel Maddow Segment? | HuffPost - There was just one problem. Maddow's theory was so flimsy that it could be debunked by a quick glance at a map, let alone a phone call with an expert.

Donald Trump's history of bashing four-star generals - The Washington Post

Clinton zings Trump with hilarious response to his Twitter criticism of her new book

Young subscribers flock to old media - POLITICO - Shunning Trump, the millennial generation does what it once resisted: pay for news.

Republican official 'would have shot' Guardian reporter attacked by Gianforte | US news | The Guardian -- Montana Republican official Karen Marshall told radio program she would have shot reporter Ben Jacobs if 'that kid had done to me what he did to Greg' (which was ask him a question. gangsta girl Karen Marsall.)

Harvard Students Told Us What They're Learning From Sean Spicer | HuffPost ... "He'sincredibly inarticulate, so it was really difficult to take any sort of notes" (sounds like you know who and K-School of Failures said he would be the best)

Indiana resident describes the drama and pain of trying to defend a needle exchange program from a bigoted county commissioner : bestof

Police used a Taser on a grandfather, who's now in intensive care. They say it was for his safety. (they usually kill you for your safety)

O'Reilly Settled New Harassment Claims, Then Fox Renewed His Contract In January, the Fox News host was said to have agreed to a $32 million settlement with a former network analyst, the largest of his known payouts.repeated harassment -- a nonconsensual sexual relationship and the sending of gay pornography and other sexually explicit material to her (fake news "mogul") xsy

After Weinsteins's fall, Trump accusers wonder: Why not him?
Asia Argento flees Italy after public condemns her for speaking out about Harvey Weinstein (country of male gropers)
Scotland Yard investigating more allegations against Harvey Weinstein
Actress Sean Young Alleges Harvey Weinstein Exposed Himself to Her ... Young also claimed she was harassed by Warren Beatty and was criticized at the time by Barbra Streisand for speaking out ... Streisand told her it was "disgusting" she talked to the press. (true characters revealed)
Directors Guild Begins Expulsion Process Against Harvey Weinstein Variety
APA Agent Tyler Grasham Fired Amid Sexual Abuse Claims | Hollywood Reporter
Amber Tamblyn on Charlyne Yi's Accusations Against Her Husband David Cross: 'I Believe Her'
Netflix Settles With Executive Claiming Sexual Harassment | Hollywood Reporter
Nickelodeon fires 'Lound House' Creator After Sexual Harassment Allegations -- Multiple women have come forward and accused animator Chris Savino of inappropriate behavior ... Up to a dozen women have accused Savino, 46, of sexual harassment, unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior as well as threats of blacklisting female colleagues who were no longer in consensual relationships with him
Documents Show How Hard Ex-DA Bruce Castor Worked To Help Bill Cosby Avoid Charges
Harvey Weinstein and the problem of collaborators - The Washington Post - What the #metoo campaign reminds us about sexual assault.
Harvey Weinstein, accused by dozens, specifically disputes Lupita Nyong'o's harassment claims
What Harvey Weinstein tells us about the liberal world | Thomas Frank | Opinion | The Guardian - Harvey Weinstein seemed to fit right in. This is a form of liberalism that routinely blends self-righteousness with upper-class entitlement (what's wrong with Thomas Frank?)

Zain Jaffer is the founder and CEO of Vungle.

Police Reportedly Claim a Brooklyn Teen Consented to Sex in Custody. That's impossible -- The officers had been identified by police in the press as Brooklyn South narcotics detectives Richard Hall and Edward Martins.

Kokomo man's warning after having 16 guns stolen: 'Don't let strippers in your house'

A woman who falsely claimed she was raped by a soldier after he "rejected her" has been jailed for five years. : news

Men of Reddit, what is a time you've felt creeped out by a woman? : AskReddit

Study finds that easier access to concealed firearms is associated with significantly higher rates of handgun-related homicide. This suggests that current trends towards more permissive concealed-carry laws are inconsistent with the promotion of public safety. : science

TPUSA at Kent State on Twitter: "Safe spaces are for children."

How the 1967 mayoral race changed Boston - The Boston Globe - The Globe had not endorsed a candidate for public office in 71 years. Not since William Jennings Bryan's presidential campaign of 1896.That Monday, the newspaper broke with its tradition. It argued Hicks was a threat to basic civil rights. (Louse Day "I am not a racist" Hicks almost won)

25 Years Later, Madonna's 'Sex' Book Is Still Pop's Most Radical Moment | HuffPost (1992)

Google's quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball -- "IBM has come up with a way to simulate quantum computers that have 56 quantum bits, or qubits, on a non-quantum supercomputer a task previously thought to be impossible <.br />
MDMA Advances Another Step As Tool to Treat PTSD : science

How do audio books, printed books, and videos differ in terms of how our brains retain and process the information?

'The Walking Dead': The Most Memorable Kills Across 100 Episodes | Hollywood Reporter

TotalBiscuit talks about living with stage-4 cancer : videos
The Impossible Japanese Puzzle : videos
My brother recently bought a van and found this inside it. : funny
What's a joke so stupid that's it's funny? : AskReddit
5 Reasons Why You Need To Go See 'Blade Runner 2049' On The Big Screen Before It's Gone : movies

Korean banks sue Southern California computer parts retailer Newegg, alleging 'Ponzi scheme' : technology

Vikings Razed the Forests. Can Iceland Regrow Them? - The New York Times

Texas City Tells People No Hurricane Harvey Aid Unless They Promise Not to Boycott Israel : news
U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel (Israel/AIPAC is your boss)

Sheriff Refutes Breitbart Report Linking Wine Country Fires To Illegal Immigrant : news

Though ISIS continues to lose urban territory, airstrikes and fierce urban fighting have left cities of rubble.

Oligarch's daughter Alyona Zaitseva detained after 4x4 ploughs into pedestrians and kills six : news (Ukraine)

Eschaton: Nobody Cares - You don't matter. -- Theresa May pleaded with EU leaders over dinner in Brussels to help her strike a Brexit deal that she can defend to voters back home, admitting talks had got off to a bad start over the summer. The prime minister made the appeal over dinner with 27 other EU leaders but did not offer any fresh financial concession s to help break the deadlock in talks, which have been stuck on the issue of Britain's divorse bill for months. -- And you don't even have a clue what the deal would look like.
May pleads with EU27 for Brexit deal she can defend | Politics | The Guardian - Prime minister attempts to charm at dinner with admission talks got off to a bad start -- but offers no fresh financial concessions

Trump blames 'Radical Islamic terror' for rise in crime | Daily Mail Online

10/19: President Trump Legacy May Be as One of the Worst U.S. Presidents | Home of the Marist Poll - Americans have low expectations for the administration of President Donald Trump.

George W. Bush Bashing Trump's 'Cruelty' Is Hypocritical Bullshit ... we shouldn't ignore his own bloodstained record.

The Self-Dealing Presidency of Donald Trump - The New York Times

Why Trump Can't Handle the Cost of War -- The president relishes bellicose language and performative violence, but seldom acknowledges its human toll. (draft-dodging fakester)
A timeline of the White House after the Niger raid - CNNPolitics
John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup | The New Yorker ("the best" Americans are dead soldiers killed by stupid and evil American policy)

John Kelly's defense of Trump was absurd. And he surely knows it.
Trump makes himself, John Kelly and everyone around them look rotten yet again - The Washington Post
After Video Refutes Kelly's Charges, Congresswoman Raises Issue of Race ... "The White House itself is full of white supremacists"
In attack on Frederica Wilson over Trump's call to widow, John Kelly gets facts wrong
What John Kelly got wrong about Rep. Frederica Wilson and the Johnson family - The Washington Post
Frederica Wilson 2015 video shows John Kelly got it wrong - Sun Sentinel
Rep. Frederica Wilson didn't flinch at Trump's attacks. Her record explains why.
Kelly lends Trump powerful and personal credibility - politico (ally of Satan, will be deployed to hell)
Listen: Soldier's widow shares her call with Trump
Retired 'Navy seal' praising Trump on Fox News was a fake
White House to media: It's 'highly inappropriate' to question John Kelly because he's a 4-star general (Huckabee scowled)

How People Inside Facebook Are Reacting To The Company's Election Crisis (America got zuckerfucked)
Mark Zuckerberg sweating when questioned on privacy. : videos

The Trump Administration's Power Over a Pregnant Girl

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses bid to have his criminal record wiped clean : news (President can't erase facts)

Bernie Sanders bows out of Women's Convention

Wisconsin's Electoral Votes Were Stolen

From The Gym To The Gun Range, Here's Where Antifa Learn To Fight -- How anti-fascists across the country are training to take on the far right.
Thousands Of Protesters Show Up In Florida To Drown Out Richard Spencer's Hate | HuffPost

charity's promised back pay to Roy Moore was not reported to IRS as income (lock him up)

Lawmaker, wife of Tom Price, asks about 'quarantine' of people with HIV ... a former anesthesiologist ... gay black men in metro Atlanta have by far the highest rates of HIV diagnoses in Georgia
An Indiana county just halted a lifesaving needle exchange program, citing the Bible - Vox - The program has overwhelming evidence behind it. But that wasn't enough. (OT said let them die for their sins)

A Big Test of Police Body Cameras Defies Expectations - The New York Times (cops will be cops)

Harvey Fuckstein doesn't seem to be taking sex rehab seriously
Why I'm not surprised when I hear that powerful men are fucking creeps
Harvey Weinstein is also a jerk. That alone should have gotten him fired. - The Washington Post
Lockhart Steele Fired From Vox Media - The Awl - n what appears to be the first and probably not the last repercussion of last week'S Shitty Media Men list, and the larger floodgates of assault and harassment survivors speaking out against their attackers, Lockhart Steele, Vox Media'S Editorial Director and former Curbed CEO and founder, has been fired, effective immediately ... Steele was also the editorial director of Gawker Media, which had its own notorious problem with women.
On Gawker's Problem With Women -- A former staff writer describes how a media company founded on whistleblowing and radical transparency failed its female employees. (2015)
A Top Labor Executive Has Been Suspended After Complaints About His Relationships With Female Staffers - Scott Courtney is the chief strategist for the Fight for $15 minimum wage campaign for the SEIU ... Seven people who have worked with Courtney, including current and former SEIU staffers, told BuzzFeed News the top official had a history of sexual relationships with young women staffers -- who were subsequently promoted.
Michelle Greer, who worked with Scoble at Rackspace, says he groped her at a tech conference in 2010.
The Conversation We Should Be Having -- Rebecca Traister ... When word got out that Anita Hill, a former colleague of Thomas, was willing to speak about how he'd sexually harassed her, Biden made no effort to seek her out or speak to her. He also initially resisted the calls of his female colleagues in the House to delay the vote to hear Anita Hill's testimony
Shakesville: Men's "Cluelessness" and the Rape Culture
TX Congresswoman: It's The 'Responsibility Of The Female' To Prevent Sexual Abuse | HuffPost - Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson thinks women bear some of the responsibility in preventing sexual harassment and abuse.
The woman behind 'Me Too' knew the power of the phrase when she created it -- 10 years ago
How the legal world built a wall of silence around workplace sexual harassment - The Washington Post - Confidentiality agreements serve to protect abusers
Powerful Hollywood agent accused of sexual assault by multiple young men : news
An Open Secret (2014) - 720p Uncut. - YouTube
'Stranger Things' Star Finn Wolfhard Exits APA as Agent Faces Sexual Assault Investigation (Exclusive) : television
In WWD Article, Male Ad Execs Claim Sexual Harassment Isn't A Problem In Fashion | HuffPost
yFormer Actress Heather Kerr Says Harvey Weinstein Forced Her To Touch His Penis | HuffPost - I offered to provide him with a reel of my acting work. He had this sly, sleazy smile on his face

Jann Wenner doesn't like the new book about him. But you just might ... called the book "deeply flawed and tawdry" ... a pretty good description of Wenner's life

Several teens in custody for throwing rocks on I-75 that killed man : news

Megyn Kelly tries dancing for ratings as her 'Today' show continues to falter ... "22 nearly unbearable seconds"
Megyn Kelly tries dancing for ratings as her Today show continues to falkter

ACLU makes case for legal marijuana in Pennsylvania; cites high numbers of arrests of minorities : news
Suicide rates are higher in rural areas than urban areas, according to a recent report from the CDC. The same is true for opioid related overdoses and deaths, suggesting rural areas are lacking the support services and treatment needed to curb epidemics. : science (white rural America is dying off)

TIL that Henry Rogers and Ron Smyth of the University of Toronto investigated gay lisp, a stereotypical manner of speech associated with English-speaking gay men. In 62% of their cases, listeners correctly identified gay speakers. : todayilearned

Police: Man caught on camera stealing dying man's belongings after crash : news

People who were born into deeply religious families, what was your "Nope. I'm out" moment? : AskReddit

Local news claims 4Chan is a "website for selling / buying Revenge Porn in exchange for money or illegal drugs" - Claims that "bumping a thread," is referring to buying said Revenge Porn for a "bump of cocaine" : videos
What's the worst thing you've accidently shared with your friends and family? : AskReddit
What is the most NSFW moment you had with a complete stranger? : AskReddit
What newer age baby names can you absolutely not stand? : AskReddit
Air Force One vet turned ref walks out after athlete kneels, is suspended for 18 months : news
First time seeing in color with Enchroma glasses : gifs
A picture is worth a thousand fatwas : pics
Looking back at your life today, which seemingly minor life event probably steered you towards a path that shaped who you are today? : AskReddit
What is the most NSFW thing you've seen happen in a school environment? : AskReddit
15 Years Later, The Ring Still Holds Up As One of the Best Modern Horror Movies


California Fires Raise Dire Questions About The Limits Of Emergency Alerts | HuffPost - Sens. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein want answers from the FCC.

Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Islamic State - Bloomberg - Without territory, the terror group's influence will wane

Spain threatens to take over Catalonia's government as constitutional crisis looms (nationalists escalate)

Panama Papers: Africa's Elite are Plundering Their Countries : news (big surprise)

Eschaton: Not The Status Quo - I'm pretty sure that a lot of people in the UK think that "no deal" in the context of Brexit means "nothing changes." So when the Tories talk about "a good deal or no deal" they think it' it is now, or better! "No deal" would (Tories walk off the cliff)

NHS provokes fury with indefinite surgery ban for smokers and obese

In the military, trusted officers have become alleged assailants in sex crimes - The Washington Post - troops responsible for preventing sexual assault have been accused of rape and related crimes (meanwhile, in your corrupt military)

Trump just publicly accused the FBI of having conspired against him - Vox - The tweet is not only false, but creepily authoritarian.
CIA director distorts intelligence community's findings on Russian interference (Pompeo is a Russian agent)

George W. Bush's unmistakable takedown of Trumpism -- and Trump

Donald Trump, Jr., Kellyanne Conway Duped by Russian Trolls - Would you expect anything less?

Rigged: How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump -- And possibly handed him the whole election.

Trump Campaign Staffers Pushed Russian Propaganda Days Before the Election - Kellyanne Conway and Donald Trump Jr. pushed messages from an account operated from Russia's troll farm
Michael Flynn, Nicki Minaj shared content from this Tennessee GOP account. But it wasn't real. It was Russian (+Ann Coulter, lock them all up)
Senators Demand Online Ad Disclosures as Tech Lobby Mobilizes - The New York Times (wants to break up Russian cartel of facecrook, tweeter and googles)

Trump Isn't Hitler. But the Lying ... I have neither time nor patience for such tiptoeing. I prefer the boot of truth to slam down to earth like thunder, no matter the shock of hearing its clap.
All False statements involving Donald Trump | PolitiFact
Trump's Lies -- The Definitive List (of Satan's lies)
The Trump White House's utterly unmoored week

The 25th Amendment Proves Why Trump's Mental Health Matters -- Is America today in need of an unprecedented constitutional intervention?

Bush Ethics Chief: Trump Has 'No Empathy' For Fallen Soldiers' Families | HuffPost - "He stayed home during Vietnam with his sore foot or whatever it was" (empathy of a cockroach)
Kelly didn't know Trump would publicize that Obama didn't call when his son died
The Darkness Reaching Out for the Darkness in Everyone - This was a tragic day for John Kelly.
Trump trivializes the deaths of four soldiers - The Washington Post (Trumpgazi) )
Trump Tried To Look Compassionate. Instead, He Looked Like A Jerk. | HuffPost - He reportedly told the wife of a fallen U.S. service member that her husband knew what he was signing up for.
Dem rep threatened after sharing account of Trump's call to soldier's widow: report | TheHill
Brooklyn dad of soldier killed in Iraq says he hasn't heard from the White House, calls Trump 'a liar'

A Judge Just Ordered The Trump Administration To Allow An Undocumented Teen To Get An Abortion

Why rumors of a Gorsuch-Kagan clash at the Supreme Court are such a bombshell. (Gorfuck)

Justice Department Has Communicated With Controversial Election Commission, Sessions Confirms -- The revelation fuels concerns over voter suppression efforts and could raise legal questions.
Sessions declines 'blanket' assurance to not jail journalists ("everything is on the table")

What we know and don't know about the deadly Niger attack
The Story of the Four Men Killed in Niger Is Just Beginning
Florida Democrat calls Niger ambush 'trump's Benghazi'
Donald Trump's Niger scandal just turned into a (real) Benghazi scandal - Palmer Report
Is Niger Trump's Benghazi? Four U.S. Soldiers Died and It Took Him 12 Days to Respond
McCain: Niger attack information 'may require a subpoena' (he's going out with a bang)

Oklahoma school adopts policy requiring students to stand during national anthem : news

Gillespie campaign seen as snubbing Trump operative, causing uproar - The Washington Post
Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams jumps into U.S. House race against Rep. Mia Love - The Salt Lake Tribune - Ben McAdams, the Democratic mayor of Salt Lake County, announced he is running for Utah's 4th Congressional District, teeing up a 2018 challenge against two-term Republican Rep. Mia Love.

Shake-up at Democratic National Committee, Longtime Officials Ousted - NBC News - The moves exposed a rift in the partnership between Perez and his deputy chair, Ellison,

Signaling Frustration, Senior House Republican Plans to Quit Early - The New York Times - Representative Pat Tiberi of Ohio

In North Carolina, Republicans Stung by Court Rulings Aim to Change the Judges - The New York Times -- Judges in state courts as of this year must identify their party affiliation on ballots, making North Carolina the first state in nearly a century to adopt partisan court elecKagan Supreme Court clash are such a bombshell. - Why rumors of a Gorsuchtions.

Towering cross-shaped monument on public land is unconstitutional, court rules - The Washington Post - In a 2-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit said the 40-foot-tall memorial maintained with thousands of dollars in public funds "has the primary effect of endorsing religion and excessively entangles the government in religion"

Roy Moore on kneeling during the anthem: 'It's against the law' (you're against the law, asshole)

LAPD investigating Harvey Weinstein after an actress in L.A. accuses him of rape - LA Times (lock him up) Her attorney, Ring, one of L.A.'s top sex-abuse attorneys, said she is fully cooperating with the LAPD. ... more than 40 women
Harvey Weinstein is done. But what about Lisa Bloom? - LA Times (toast)
Lupita Nyong'o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein
'The Daily Show's' Michelle Wolf Solves The Harvey Weinstein Problem | HuffPost - "Pull Out Your Dick, Get Replaced By A Chick."
'Baywatch' Actress Donna D'Errico Says She Was Raped At Age 22 | HuffPost - I never told anybody because I was just so ashamed

Jake Tapper Hits Back At Bill O'Reilly With An Absolutely Brutal Reality Check Former Fox News host gets shut down by CNN anchor.
Dear Men: It's You, too
McKayla Maroney Says, 'Me Too.' What Happens Next?
London Police Investigate Rape Accusation Against David Blaine: Report | HuffPost - Model Natasha Prince said the famous magician raped her at a U.K. residence in 2004.

Richard Spencer: Protesters heckle alt-right leader at Univ. of Florida talk - CNN (Rick Scott doesn't have to call out National Guard)
Flier At Cleveland State University Encourages LGBTQ Students To Kill Themselves | HuffPost - The school is under fire for its lukewarm response to the inflammatory poster.

Eminem gets cheered, Kid Rock gets booed at Detroit Pistons game | TheHill

New Mexico will restore evolution to science standards : news

How America's Big Cities Channel Their Wealth - The Atlantic - An increasing number of American mayors are trying to channel recent economic growth to neglected neighborhoods.

Police Spied on New York Black Lives Matter Group, Internal Police Documents Show

Mayim Bialik Apologizes for Controversial Weinstein Op-Ed

Jann Wenner and His Biographer Have a Falling Out - The New York Times - Jann Wenner and his biographer are no longer on speaking terms ... personal life, including his complicated homosexuality, drug use, sexual escapades, familial friction and frequent feuds." (+abusing employees +"Sticky Fingers") Mr. Wenner also indicated that he would like to have some veto power over coverage of his sexual history ... "You spent 27 years traveling in elite celebrity circles as a gay man married to a woman." ... He asked that Mr. Hagan leave out the name of the woman with whom he had lost his virginity. (+VF/Graydon Carter covered for him)
Jann Wenner Biographer on Rise and Fall of Rolling Stone -- WWD ... "I would see his husband Matt Nye around town. He was against the book.' ... Paul McCartney ... "He was very angry, he felt like Jann betrayed him over the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame." ... "it was basically about how we got from John Lennon to [Donald] Trump. Jann was the perfect vehicle to tell that story. He is the cultural history of what happened. Because he was at the wave of the entire post-Sixties culture as it dominated the world. And then we arrive at Trump, who was born the same year as Jann."
Jann Wenner Is Reportedly Unhappy With How Much His New Biography Focuses on His Sex Life -- "You spent 27 years traveling in elite celebrity circles as a gay man married to a woman." I have to be able to determine for myself what's relevant and what isn't. (can't trust a charade)

A Cub Scout questioned a Colorado state senator at a meeting. Now he's been kicked out of his den. -=- Sen. Vicki Marble spoke to Broomfield scouts last week

Dirty John Podcast Review - The podcast is a crude construction, and its choices often come to the detriment of the actual narrative it's trying to unfurl and ideas it's itching to explore (good points, but the family voices and who reads anymore?)

Don't eat your placenta, researchers warn

What would happen if Amazon brought 50,000 workers to your city? Ask Seattle. - The Washington Post - Jeff said the type of employees we want to hire and retain will want to live in an urban environment. They are going to want to work, live and play in the urban core
Blue Apron is laying off hundreds of employees | TechCrunch


A 5,000-mile-long 'river in the sky' is slamming Pacific Northwest with heavy rain and snow
People love to live in places that are at risk for disasters 'and this is what happens'

Real death toll in Puerto Rico is probably 450 -- much higher than official count

Chris Murphy's profile rises with gun tragedies (D-Conn)
Gun proposal picks up GOP support | TheHill - to ban a special accessory known as a bump stock, which allows semi-automatic guns to fire several hundred rounds a minute (because assault-rifle owners can do it themselves)

This Is What A 21st-Century Police State Really Looks Like - Far from the booming metropolis of Beijing, China is building a sprawling system that combines dystopian technology and human policing.

Eschaton: Everybody Has A Veto - While the idiots running the UK pretend that what matters is buying Prosecco from Italy, this is the stuff that really matters... (they've known this for a long time)

ISIS defeated in Raqqa as 'major military operations' declared over

Russia Prepares to Blacklist Five 'Undesirable' U.S. Media Outlets

Trump Campaign Staffers Pushed Russian Propaganda Days Before the Election
Benjamin Wittes on Twitter: "Boom!" -- This is the clearest evidence I have yet seen that the Trump campaign was actively peddling Russian propaganda. (Kellyanne is a Russian agent)

by the Obama Justice Department from telling Congress about conversations and transactions he witnessed related to the Russian nuclear industry's efforts to win favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton and influence Obama administration decisions

Jared Kushner Adds Charles Harder to Legal Team As West Wing Pressure Mounts | Vanity Fair

Jeff Sessions just refused to tell Congress what Trump said to him about Comey - Vox - The attorney general confirms he met with Trump before writing a letter recommending the FBI director be fired, but won't tell the Senate what Trump said. (he's Trump's lawyer, which is, you know, illegal)

Dems, GOP invest in cybersecurity ahead of new elections | TheHill

Twitter Was Warned Repeatedly About This Fake Account Run By A Russian Troll Farm And Refused To Take It Down - Internet Research Agency and drew 136,000 followers by tweeting divisive messages in the name of the Tennessee Republican Party.
Facebook and Google Helped Anti-Refugee Campaign in Swing States - Bloomberg - The big tech companies worked closely with Secure America Now to target an audience the group felt could be swayed by the message.

Second judge rules against latest travel ban, saying Trump's own words show it was aimed at Muslims

Trump Will Never Get Better - Republicans need to ask themselves: Is it really worth it?

"A deranged animal": Trump's newest lie about Obama is causing fury inside and outside the military -- Trump says he loves the military. His latest assault on Obama shows that he doesn't
Twelve days of silence, then a swipe at Obama: How Trump handled four dead soldiers - The Washington Post
Trump Told Army Widow Her Husband Knew 'What He Signed Up For,' Congresswoman Says | HuffPost -- "I said this man has no feelings for anyone. This is a young woman with child who is grieved to her soul"
'Repulsive Oaf' Trump Ripped For What He Said To Slain Soldier's Widow | HuffPost
Mother of fallen soldier: 'Trump did disrespect' my family
Trump just said his comment to a war widow was 'barbricated.' In an interview, the witness pushes back ... She said there were other witnesses in the car ("the empathy of a cockroach)
Twelve days of silence, then a swipe at Obama: How Trump handled four dead soldiers - The Washington Post
The Latest: Rep. stands by account of Trump's call to widow
Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but didn't follow through
White House staff drafted Niger sympathy statement for Trump that was never released - POLITICO - The president has been criticized for his prolonged silence and for then making an allegedly callous statement to one of the widows.
Things Going Well in White House - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Laura Ingraham: Congresswoman present for Trump call to military widow should be ignored because of her hat

Eschaton: Cover - It isn't actually normal for outlets like Politico to write stuff like this. Covering for the, um, imperfections of elderly senators is pretty standard -- The 79-year-old Cochran appeared frail and at times disoriented during a brief hallway interview on Wednesday. He was unable to answer whether he would remain chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and at one point, needed a staffer to remind him where the Senate chamber is located. -- Reasonable to ask why they are breaking from this tradition.

Spitting Image - Lawyers, Guns & Money ('Nam vets got spat on myth invented by conservatard warmongerloser propagandists)
The Myth of the Spitting Antiwar Protester -

A Humble, Impartial Umpire Just Calling Balls and Strikes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ryan Gabrielson has an extremely important piece about the "facts" Supreme Court that turn out to be part of a garbage in-garbage out process with amicus briefs. For example: (+four are seriouisly stupid)
It's Easier for the Supreme Court to Screw Up Than You Think -- If the data is wrong, what does that mean for the justice?

TIDOS Down! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Last night, Lexington city workers removed the statues of John C. Breckinridge and John Hunt Morgan from the Old Courthouse square:

Republican lawmakers's posh hideaway bankrolled by secret corporate cash -- Bank records: Comcast, Microsoft, Koch

A Trump Golf Course Said It Gave Millions To Charity. Here's What The Numbers Say
Eschaton: Monstering - In the age of Trump we could say this about almost every daily revelation, but the press does have the power to turn a scandal into a SCANDAL. Her emails. It's hard to imagine the decibel level of the shrieking that we would have heard for years of some Obama connected charity had lied like this.

Poll: 46 percent think media make up stories about Trump - POLITICO - But voters diverge from the president on whether the federal government should be able to punish news organizations that he believes make up stories about him. (so, they really believe him)

Jefferson Davis school renamed after Barack Obama in Jackson MS - A predominately black public school in Mississippi named after Jefferson Davis will have its Confederate tied namesake stripped next year and replaced

Las Vegas judge who told felons if they meet probation requirements they can vote for Trump in 2020 says she wanted to 'invoke some humor' (hahaha)

A third of Americans in national survey say focus on diversity has overlooked white men - The Washington Post (who control everything)

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason: I Knew About Harvey Weinstein. You Probably Did, Too (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter -- "hot and fuckable" ... In 89 years of Academy Awards, 25 women have been nominated for playing a prostitute. The only silver lining in all this is that no actress will ever have to worry about playing an old prostitute.
Clinton pal: I warned 'top-level Democratic operatives' about Weinstein -- Weinstein gave thousands and bundled $1.42 million in donations to Hillary Clinton's presidential run, but the former secretary of state has said she had no idea about the producer's predatory ways
All the Other Harvey Weinsteins: Molly Ringwald on Acting in Hollywood | The New Yorker
Lana Del Rey sang about Harvey Weinstein in 2012 | Page Six
I went public with my sexual assault. And then the trolls came for me. - The Washington Post
Redditor uses an analogy to explain why many women don't like being hit on in public - "You know how awkward and annoying it is when someone on the street asks you for money? Imagine if people bigger and stronger than you asked you for money on a semi-regular basis, regardless of where you are." : bestof
Where all the subservient racist pure white women who want to have and rear lots of pure white babies without help from the pure white sire at? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Marisa Coughlan Comes Forward With Harvey Weinstein Story: "He Wanted to Barter Sex for Movie Roles"
Channing Tatum Halts Development on Sexual Abuse Movie With Weinstein Co. | Hollywood Reporter
Roy Price: Inside the Fall of a Top Executive (and What's Next)
Harvey Weinstein Sexual Misconduct Accusations & Awards: A Timeline | Hollywood Reporter
A+E Chief Nancy Dubuc: Abuse of Power Begins With Unconscious Male Bias (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter
How Harvey Weinstein And Kenneth Cole Covered Up A Shady Deal | HuffPost - A case study in how Weinstein wielded power to get what he wants. (tentacles in the fashion industry)

McKayla Maroney Says Larry Nassar Began Sexually Abusing Her When She Was 13 | HuffPost - She joins the list of 100+ gymnasts accusing the former USA team doctor of sexual abuse.

Inside a Secretive Group Where Women Are Branded - The New York Times - Since the late 1990s, an estimated 16,000 people have enrolled in courses offered by Nxivm (pronounced Nex-e-um), which it says are designed to bring about greater self-fulfillment by eliminating psychological and emotional barriers.

Sneak peek: D.C.'s huge new Museum of the Bible includes lots of tech -- but not a lot of Jesus

UBC researchers pull paper linking vaccine component to autism after data alleged to be manipulated : news

TIL about the Gnostic Gospels. Early Christian texts that claim the creator god from the old testament is actually the devil and salvation can only be reached through a personal relationship with an abstract higher power. : todayilearned

What's way more addictive than people think? : AskReddit

Just a reminder that John Mulaney and Nick Kroll killed it at the open monologue at the Film Independent Spirit Awards : movies
What is the weirdest fetish you know of? : AskReddit
This MMA kick is just nuts : videos

Tesla employees detail how they were fired, claim dismissals were not performance related : news


EPA Says Higher Radiation Levels Pose 'No Harmful Health Effect'

Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished - LA Times

North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'

Inside Bulgaria's traditional 'bridal market' where teen girls are 'sold' for hundreds of dollars)

Somalia bombing may have been revenge for botched US-led operation | World news | The Guardian - Officials investigating attack that killed more than 300 people believe the bomber may have been motivated by desire for revenge for a raid in August

Federal judge blocks Trump's third travel ban

Outbrain Is Investigating Whether Russian Trolls Used Its Platform For Election Propaganda

How Hillary Clinton Still Can, and Should, Become President After the Trump-Russia Investigation

FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial nuclear deal with Moscow | TheHill - Before the Obama administration approved a controversial deal in 2010 giving Moscow control of a large swath of American uranium ... Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton's charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow

Rex Tillerson and the Unraveling of the State Department - The New York Times - With an isolated leader, a demoralized diplomatic corps and a president dismantling international relations one tweet at a time, American foreign policy is adrift in the world.

Top Trump Official John Kelly Ordered ICE to Portray Immigrants as Criminals to Justify Raids

CNN poll: Trump approval steady, but more say he's leading in the wrong direction -- 37% of Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the presidency, 57% disapprove -- But the percentage who say things in the country are going well has fallen from 53% in August to 46% now
New poll predicts unprecedented defeat for House Republicans in 2018 - Shareblue Media

rump Falsely Claims Obama Didn't Contact Families of Fallen Troops
Trump forced to walk back ridiculous falsehood about Obama | MSNBC -- he has no idea what his predecessors did or didn't do
Alyssa Mastromonaco on Twitter: "that's a fucking lie. to say president obama (or past presidents) didn't call the family members of soldiers KIA - he's a deranged animal."
'The empathy of a cockroach' : Phil Mudd shames Trump
Trump's claim that Obama 'didn't make calls' to families of the fallen
White House now blaming Pentagon "paperwork" for Trump's failure to honor fallen US troops
Every man has got a breaking point - Lawyers, Guns & Money

For each scene of his presidency, Trump casts a villain (or two, or three ) - The Washington Post

Clinton lawyer pounds CNN's Chris Cillizza on email analysis piece

How the Russians pretended to be Texans (they were traitors to begin with, so it wasn't that hard) Heart of Texas soon grew into the most popular Texas secession page on Facebook -- one that, at one point in 2016, boasted more followers than the official Texas Democrat and Republican Facebook pages combined. By the time Facebook took the page down recently, it had a quarter of a million followers. (lock them all up +facecrook) Facebook has effectively prevented the public from examining these posts and these pages.

How Anti-Trump Psychiatrists Are Mobilizing Behind the Twenty-Fifth Amendment | The New Yorker

Tom Marino Withdraws His Name From Consideration For Drug Czar | HuffPost
The fall of Tom Marino, Trump's pick for drug czar, explained -- The Congress member was the main sponsor of a law that made the federal fight against opioids harder.

Another outbreak related to the nation's opioid crisis: hepatitis C -- Because a treatment that cures the disease costs tens of thousands of dollars, is limited by insurance and Medicaid, and is mostly unavailable to people who are still using illicit drugs, there probably will be financial and public health ramifications for decades to come. (WVa is the pit)

McCaskill's false claim that she 'wastn't here' when the DEA bill was passed

Morning Joe rips evangelical hypocrites: 'Donald Trump is the antithesis of everything Jesus Christ said' (why, that's almost like saying Trump is the Antiyouknowwhat)

The Scaramucci Post Just Tweeted The Most Outrageous Poll About The Holocaust | HuffPost - Scaramucci Post question appears to suggest with its multiple-choice options that the total number of Jews killed may have been fewer then 1 million. (a handful, if that)

Exclusive: Neo-Nazi and National Front organiser quits movement, opens up about Jewish heritage, comes out as gay Channel 4 News

Doctors and cops among 277 arrested in human trafficking, online prostitution sting in Polk County : news

Fun in the Archives - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Harvey Weinstein I'm Gonna Keep Making Movies With Or Without You, Bro
Bob Weinstein Accused of Sexual Harassment by TV Showrunner
Amazon Studios head Roy Price resigns amid harassment allegations, company says - Oct. 17, 2017
Women are angry because of men. Again. - The Washington Post -- Villains like Harvey Weinstein aren't new. Villains getting caught is.
Harvey Weinstein's Fall Opens the Floodgates in Hollywood
What Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by Men Looks Like - The social ill that we can't quite put our finger on is men. (lock up their dicks)
Carrie Fisher Sent A Cow Tongue To Producer Who Sexually Assaulted A Friend | HuffPost - Just another reminder that the world did not deserve Carrie Fisher -- "If you ever touch my darling Heather or any other woman again, the next delivery will be something of yours in a much smaller box"

Female lawmakers, staffers and lobbyists speak out on 'pervasive' harassment in California's Capitol -- More than 140 women
Women are angry because of men. Again. - The Washington Post - Hollywood is a minor offender when it comes to sexual harassment. Things are really bad in New York and Silicon Valley. Hello, Fox News! Hailing Uber! And a special shout out to D.C., intern central, where politics makes strange bedfellows.
Jennifer Lawrence forced into a nude lineup early in career
Reese Witherspoon alleges sexual assault by director when she was 16 : news
Lena Headey Details Encounter With Harvey Weinstein: "I Got Into My Car and I Cried" : television

Report finds state lab withheld breathalyzer test results - The Boston Globe - The head of a state crime lab office was fired Monday after investigators found that staff withheld exculpatory evidence from defense lawyers in thousands of drunken-driving cases since 2011, a disclosure that could threaten many convictions. (can't trust their testing on anything)
Kevin Cullen: Somebody throw this poor guy a bone - The Boston Globe

Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody's Counting -- Amid a historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities, federal data on the danger of distracted driving are getting worse.

I thought I knew how my family escaped the Holocaust. The truth was hidden in a Dominican town. - The Washington Post

Two Officers Are Fired for Dragging Doctor Off a United Flight : news

What sexual thing about yourself are you most ashamed of? : AskReddit

The IRS seized $59,000 from a gas station owner. They still refuse to give it back. : news
The Supreme Court Will Decide If the US Can Access Anyone's Data on Earth - The highest court has agreed to hear 'US v. Microsoft,' a landmark internet privacy case. : technology


Five Climate Truths Donald Trump Doesn't Understand
Ireland lashed by remnants of Ophelia, the strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record - The Washington Post
Storm Ophelia: second person killed in Ireland, police confirm -- 360,000 homes without power
The_Hated_One comments on Ophelia Megathread? Post updates, situations and ghastly shreaks of agony here maybe.

A tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years, and knock out our electrical grids, satellite communications and the internet. A new study in The Astrophysical Journal finds that such an event is likely within the next century. : science

The mission to Mars is one stupid leap for mankind - The Washington Post -- there are very good reasons Americans, and other humans, abruptly stopped going deep into space. It's deadly. It's unnecessary. And to borrow from Gertrude Stein, there's no there. (+Bezos and Musk are space-idiots)

Tired and frustrated firefighter on his knees. In the last 24 hours Portugal has suffered over 400 wildfires, 31 deaths confirmed. : pics (meanwhile, not in California)

Malta car bomb kills Panama Papers journalist | World news | The Guardian - Daphne Caruana Galizia, a blogger whose investigations focused on corruption, was described as a 'one-woman WikiLeaks'
Prominent Maltese Journalist Killed In Car Bomb

Interior looks at behind-the-scenes land swap to allow road through wildlife refuge - The Washington Post

the world's most popular banana is under threat from a fungus - The Washington Post

Mogadishu truck bomb: 500 casualties in Somalia's worst terrorist attack -- At least 300 people killed and hundreds seriously injured in attack blamed on militant group al-Shabaab
A Contunuing Horror - Lawyers, Guns & Money - An appalling act of terror in Somalia:

TIL that before the coup d'itat in 1953 Mohammad Mosaddegh was regarded as the leading champion of secular democracy and resistance to foreign domination in Iran's modern history, and that the coup partly took place because Iran nationalized its oil industry. : todayilearned

Austria turns sharply to the right in an election shaped by immigration - The Washington Post (they always were Nazis)

The World Once Laughed at North Korean Cyberpower. No More. - The New York Times

Trump to meet Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, accused of extrajudicial killings, during Asian visit - The Washington Post (looking for advice on shooting journalists)

This image is still illegal in Russia. : pics
The founders of the firm behind the Trump-Russia dossier say the'll refuse to testify before the House Intelligence Committee (Nunes is a Russian agent)

Where's the E.U. in the Catalonia Crisis?

9 States Will Require Passports for Domestic Flights Within the U.S. : news - Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Washington don't have state IDs that are up to federal ID minimum security requirements. If they don't meet them by 1-22-18 you'll need a passport to board flights in those states.

The JFK Document Dump Could Be a Fiasco - POLITICO Magazine

At the White House, protecting America from its president is a full-time job - The Boston Globe (angry toddler-in-chief)

Trump allies worry that losing the House means impeachment - CNNPolitics (in a heart-beat +Dumpster too dumb to understand)
The Danger of President Pence | The New Yorker - But Mike Pence, the corporate right's inside man, poses his own risks (corporotheocracy)

How Republicans Could Hike Taxes On The Poor | HuffPost ("could?")

You Need To Read Thi -- rush transcript of President Trum's comments on destroying health care for millions of Americans ... "a subsidy to the insurance companies and a gift that was what they gave the insurance companies." (incoherent)
Trump gives his own performance a Trump-sized endorsement - POLITICO

'A Soulless Coward': Coach Gregg Popovich Responds to Trump -- We have a pathological liar in the White House: unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically to hold this office and the whole world knows it, especially those around him every day. The people who work with this President should be ashamed because they know it better than anyone just how unfit he is, and yet they choose to do nothing about it. This is their shame most of all.

Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and the Mercers - without Steve Bannon, it is unlikely that we would have a President* Trump to be embarrassed by in front of the entire 21st Century. And what is also clear is that, without Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the reactionary New York gozillionnaires, Bannon would be back on Giedi Prime with the rest of the Harkonnens.
The religious right carries its golden calf into Steve Bannon's battles (servants of Satan becoming clearer)

Inside the 'adult day-care center' : How aides try to control and coerce Trump

Eschaton: 666 - What a stupid novel. -- An ambitious plan by Jared Kushner's amily to recast its indebted Fifth Avenue office building as a luxury architectural trophy is collapsing, setting off a chain of events that may imperil the Kushner's ownership of a property central to their real estate empire.

Trump's Campaign Paid His Son's Russia-Probe Law Firm $238,000

Scoop: Trump privately predicts he will appoint four justices - Axios (might have to kill a few)
Trump's dumbfounding, expansive press conference with Mitch McConnell, annotated

Trump's attacks on Senate Republicans are paying political dividends
No One Knows What Steve Bannon's "War" Wll Actually Look Like -- The former top Trump strategist is working to take down establishment Republicans

Cochran still out of commission because of health woes - POLITICO - Cochran, who has been recovering in Mississippi from urological issues, has developed another urinary tract infection that will keep him in his home state.

The Mystery Of Wilbur Ross' Missing Billions - What he left unsaid, however, was that between the November election and January inauguration, he had quietly moved a chunk of assets into trusts for his family members, leaving more than $2 billion off of his financial disclosure report

How Fallon fell: why is the late-night not significantly more, as some have proposed. host floundering in Trump's America? | Culture | The Guardian - s fluff interview with Donald Trump ... it all started in September of last year, when Fallon's schmaltzy interview with the then-candidate Trump found the host in hot water. Thirteen months on, the encounter seems even stranger
Jimmy Kimmel on Health Care, National Tragedies and Twitter Feuds - The New York Times

Menendez Trial May Hinge on a New Definition of Bribery - The New York Times
Judge's ruling deals blow to Menendez

Eschaton: There's Always Money In The Banana Stand -- Christie's backing may come with $5 billion in tax breaks state lawmakers have agreed to lavish on Amazon should it choose New Jersey to host its massive headquarters and 50,000 potential new jobs.

Florida's Senate race shaping up as a clash of titans -- Three-term Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson is bracing for the reelection fight of his career against GOP Gov. Rick Scott and his untold millions.
Miami politician says aliens took her on a spaceship. Now she's running for Congress ... hree blond, big-bodied beings ...visited her when she was 7 years old and have communicated telepathically with her several times in her life ... Rodriguez Aguilera, 59, a Republican

All the recent Weinstein drama makes you realize just how accurate Dave Chapelle was in this interview : television

Hillary Clinton Compares Donald Trump With Harvey Weinstein | HuffPost - After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office. (did she put her hands on Trump's boobs?)
The Weinstein Company gets investment from Trump confidant Tom Barrack
#MeToo: Alyssa Milano's Call For Sexual Abuse Victims To Come Forward Goes Viral | HuffPost - More than 25,000 people have responded.
Kate Winslet didn't thank Harvey Weinstein when she won the Oscar.
News about #MeToo on Twitter
Hannity: I know people who have paid to avoid legal fees from "false" reports of sexual harassment -- comments come after inviting Bill O'Turdly back to Fox News, his first appearance on the network after being fired amid multiple reports of sexual harassment
Woody Allen warns of 'witch hunt atmosphere' following Harvey Weinstein scandal (keep diggin' Woody)
Woody Allen forced to clarify comments about 'sad' Harvey Weinstein -- Director says his remarks about the sexual abuse allegations against Weinstein were misconstrued
An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow - The New York Times
For Weinstein, a Brush With the Police, Then No Charges - The New York Times - In the end, the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., announced he would not press charges (money talks and ...) Linda Fairstein, a former Manhattan sex crimes prosecutor who had once written an article in Vanity Fair about her dream of doing a movie deal with Mr. Weinstein, agreed to consult. (den of corruption)
Cyrus Vance and the Myth of the Progressive Prosecutor - The New York Times (corrupt servant of the rich +cop mentality)
Five myths about Hollywood - The Washington Post

Ex-DEA agent: Opioid crisis fueled by drug industry and Congress : news
Legalization of cannabis in Colorado associated with 6.5% reduction in opioid-related deaths, a longitudinal study by the American Public Health Association : science
Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds - The Washington Post
The drug psilocybin from psychedelic mushrooms caused lasting positive personality and behavior changes. These changes were pro-social, i.e. can "benefit other people or society as a whole." New research from Johns Hopkins, October 2017. : science

How Nixon Turned Football into a Political Weapon - politico Magazine - Little Dick Nixon, always the smallest punk on the football team, has finally been sworn in as captain,

The Company Serving the Needs of the Permanent Rural Underclass - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This profile of how Dollar General fills the shopping niche of the nation's permanent rural underclass should be sobering ... So the future of small-town America is not even Walmart. It's the dollar store chains ... "Where WalMart workers can afford to shop"

Is the NFL Colluding Against Colin Kaepernick? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Staff undermined, disrespected Arroyo from the outset, report finds - The Boston Globe - Employees in the Suffolk probate office, resentful of change and possibly motivated by racism, sought to undermine new Register Felix D. Arroyo when he assumed control of the office in 2015,
Business owners in Western Massachusetts apparently associate themselves with the 45th president at their peril.

Forget the handmade wreaths. Now Martha Stewart hangs with Snoop Dogg and makes weed jokes. - The Washington Post
Watch Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Get Drunk in Their Bathrobes - Eater - With cameos from Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen, and more
7 GIFs That Prove Martha Stewart and Rick Ross' Sexual Chemistry Is Seriously Real - VH1

'Today' editor fired over Lawrence O'Dionnell meltdown leak
Megyn Kelly's ratings hit 'possible all-time low'

How to dump someone the humane way - The Washington Post (don't beat around the bush)

You want to make good cocktails at home.

Gravitational waves from kilonova collision of neutron stars discovered - The Washington Post

Today's college students are slightly less narcissistic than their counterparts were in the 1990s, researchers report in a new study in Psychological Science -- not significantly more, as some have proposed. (boomers lied)

What current world event isn't getting enough media attention? : AskReddit

What's a secret you won't share with anyone in person, but you are willing to share anonymously? : AskReddit

People of reddit who work the day shift at non-haunted businesses and don't spend all your time in the woods, what's the creepiest thing you've experienced? : AskReddit

People of reddit who work the day shift at non-haunted businesses and don't spend all your time in the woods, what's the creepiest thing you've experienced? : AskReddit
Losing your kid's trust 101 : gifs
The Rock vs Hart : videos

When this post is 8 hours old, a WPA2 vulnerability will be disclosed on this website, basically making it useless. : technology
Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping - The vulnerabilities make it possible for attackers to eavesdrop Wi-Fi traffic passing between computers and access points. : technology


Leading climate scientists have warned that geoengineering research could be hijacked by climate change deniers as an excuse not to reduce CO2 emissions, citing the US administration under Trump as a major threat to their work. : technology

California 'Horror' Fires Kill At Least 40 People In One Week | HuffPost
Wine Country fires destroy six more wineries
Editorial: California burns: Where's the president (CA is his least favorite state, no tweets for them)

Iranian foreign minister: 'Nobody else will trust' U.S. if it pulls out of Iran deal (treaties are for suckers and losers)
Trump 'went rogue' on Iran deal, health care: Pelosi

Somalia Truck Bombings Kill Over 200, Officials Say - The New York Times
Officials now say 189 killed in blast in Somalia - The Boston Globe

[UK] Drivers who kill will now face life sentence | Law : news (in Bloomberg's NYC, a $100 fine)

Austrian election yields a hard right turn as conservative and nationalist parties gain - The Washington Post - would put 31-year-old foreign minister and People's Party leader Sebastian Kurz in line to become Austria's next chancellor after a campaign in which he emphasized the need for the country to get tough on immigration by sealing borders and slashing benefits. (build a wall!)

Tillerson: Diplomacy With North Korea Will Continue 'Until The First Bomb Drops' | HuffPost (they are seriously thinking of killing up to 50 million people, including Americans)

Family pulled from their cars -- and their lives -- Border patrol agents were stopping cars on I-93, asking for IDs. They were operating under a federal law from 1946 that allows border officials to stop and conduct warrantless searches on vehicles within 100 miles of the border that would be unconstitutional elsewhere. New Hampshire is entirely within the border zone. (thanks, Barry)
Almost half of Republicans want war with North Korea, a new poll says. Is it the Trump Effect? - The Washington Post - Fully 46 percent of Republicans (the Party of Death wants to kill the world) difficult to believe that Republican support for a preemptive strike suddenly rose by 16 points over the past two weeks
The Destruction and Reconstruction of North Korea, 1950 - 1960 -- The US Air Force estimated that North Korea's destruction was proportionately greater than that of Japan in the Second World War, where the US had turned 64 major cities to rubble and used the atomic bomb to destroy two others

What were Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle really doing in Afghanistan? - The Washington Post ... He was raised as a Mennonite who became a big gamer

Wary of Hackers, States Move to Upgrade Voting Systems - The New York Times (Trump says nothing to worry about)

Trump Goes After NYT Reporter By Name In Latest Round Of Morning Tweets ... "failled New York Times" by Peter Baker (for insufficient praise for his destruction)

Trump's Obamacare Sabotage Is Doing Real Damage To American Health Care | HuffPost - A series of blows is taking its toll. (the goal was always to kill you)

Donald Trump and the Dawn of the Evangelical-Nationalist Alliance - politico (the venn diagram of nazis and fundies is total)

Trump campaign data company left voter targeting tools online for a year - Business Insider

Full page ad in the Washington Post today. Strange times. : pics

A truce of necessity - Axios (Trump and Yertle)

Trump voter fraud commission researcher arrested on child pornography charges - The Washington Post

25 Things You Don't Know About Melania Trump

The drug industry's triumph over the DEA (Republicans want you to die) the chief advocate of the law that hobbled the DEA was Rep. Tom Marino, a Pennsylvania Republican who is now President Trump's nominee to become the nation's next drug czar (+thanks, Barry's DEA)

Hundreds of Students Walk Out of New Jersey High School in Protest of Cop's Rough Handling of Twin Classmates : news
Man arrested after cops mistook doughnut glaze for meth awarded $37,500 : news

Kellyanne Conway is a terrifyingly quotable Pennywise the clown in SN's biting sketch L

Trump Given A Subpoena For All Documents Relating To Assault Allegations - A woman who said Donald Trump groped her has subpoenaed his campaign for documents

Not good riddance, but riddance -- Jimmey Kimmel on Trumpsters not watching him)

Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood's Oldest Horror Story -- Min recalled attending the $400,000 speech Barack Obama made as an ex-president to an A&E Networks advertising upfront at the Pierre hotel in New York in April. "Afterwards, amid rapturous applause, he walks right over to Harvey Weinstein and gives Harvey a hug" Min said. "You can see the optics of it all. It makes your head explode if you think of the inability to explode the male network" (thanks, Barry)
Harvey Weinstein has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences : movies
A Running List of the Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein of Sexual Harassment and Assault
Bob Weinstein says brother Harvey has no remorse for alleged sexual misconduct: 'I'm ashamed that he is my brother' :
Woody Allen Warns of 'Wiotch Hunt' After Weinstein Allegations (no comments for you, says NYT)
Italian Harvey Weinstein coverage focuses on Fabrizio Lombardo and Asia Argento.
Harvey Weinstein: Woody Allen 'sad' for producer over sexual assault allegations -- Weinstein has been credited with reviving Allen's career after Allen was accused of abusing Dylan Farrow, his daughter with actress Mia Farrow.
Woody Allen's response to Harvey Weinstein's behavior is as gross as you'd expect
Matt Oswalt on Twitter: "looking forward to hearing what Roman Polanski has to say about what Woody Allen had to say about what Harvey Weinstein did"
Jenny Johnson on Twitter: "Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski walk into a bar, they're all given Oscars and leave to a standing ovation."
'She just broke her brand': Donna Karan's defense of Weinstein is taking its toll (not the only one, either, hello Lisa Bloom +Megyn Kelly joins boycott)
Barbara Walters to abuse survivor Corey Feldman: "You're damaging an entire industry" : videos (The View is a pit)
Alec Baldwin Calls Out Hypocrisy Of Fox News Attacking Harvey Weinstein | HuffPost (Ailes is dead but O'Reilly's alive. So ...?)
Rose McGowan Alleges That Lisa Bloom Tried To Get Her On The "Harvey's Changed Bandwagon" -- Bloom denies the allegation. (low credibility) Prior to the Weinstein allegations, Bloom had been working with the Weinstein Company to turn her book Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It into a documentary series.
S.N.L. Rips Harvey Weinstein Over Sex-Abuse Allegations
How to Break a Sexual Harassment Story - The New York Times (men love to attack and threaten, especially Fuckstein)
Women Didn't Want It Then and Women Don't Want It Now
Chelsea Clinton runs from Harvey Weinstein's questions -- Clinton, a board member of the Foundation, ran while she was attending a Clinton Global Initiative University event in Northeastern University in Boston ... press access was tightly restricted
Courtney Love warning about Harvery Weinstein in 2005 : gifs -- After she said this, she was blacklisted by agents at Creative Artists Agency.
Courtney Love warned people about Harvey Weinstein at Pam Anderson's Roast in 2005...and was blacklisted for it. : television
Half Century of Fear of an Unspanked Woman

Google 'Top stories' featured false news about rumored Antifa civil war : news

Brutal murder at Randolph nursing home highlights growing risk from younger residents - The Boston Globe - The case marks the second time in two years that CareOne has faced sharp criticism after a younger resident killed an older one at one of its Massachusetts nursing homes.

Don't punish towns needlessly on pot laws (rich towns who subscribe to the Globe should have their cake and eat it too -- editorial bosrd)
Lucy in the sky with doctors - The Boston Globe (someone call Jason Lewis)
Welfare Recipient: Stop Judging The Poor For Blowing Money On Junk - Business Insider - Ask Livia Gershon why welfare recipients crave booze and cigarettes

Michigan marijuana proposals head to the ballot : news

Christian printer refuses to make business cards for transgender woman : news

'Allah' Is Found on Viking Funeral Clothes

Researchers find link between hair dye and breast cancer : science

TIL about this parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that changes the behavior in its hosts in weird ways. In humans, it is said to infect 50% of the population, and could be responsible for having neurotic diseases like bipolar and depression, and psychotic diseases like schizophrenia. : todayilearned
The Relation of Toxoplasma Infection and Sexual Attraction to Fear, Danger, Pain, and SubmissivenessEvolutionary Psychology - Jaroslav Flegr, Radim Kuba, 2016
Toxoplasmosis in Cats - Loss of vision, mental retardation, loss of hearing, and death in severe cases, are the symptoms of toxoplasmosis in congenitally infected children.
Rabies is a viral disease that is famous for its ability to alter the behavior of infected hosts by rendering them aggressive. Its underlying biological mechanisms are uncertain, but scientists are now beginning to explain how the virus works at a molecular level. : science

Studying human tumors in mice may end up being misleading. Tumors evolve to adapt to their new environment: a mouse. In other words, a drug that seems ineffective when tested in mice might actually work in the human patient in which the cells originated, finds new study in Nature Genetics. : science

A Redditor gives an explanation of why trickle-down economics has failed : bestof

Uber and Lyft have reduced mass transit use and added traffic in major cities : technology

The Poetry of Blade Runner 2049 [SPOILERS] : movies
Women of reddit, what's an unspoken rule similar to how men don't use the urinal right next to another dude? : AskReddit
What's the most you've seen someone change from high school to your class reunion? : AskReddit
Woman robs man while he's having a seizure : news
"What's wrong with The Red Pill?" An eloquent response. : bestof
Girls vs guys streaming in a nut shell : gaming
Dealership workers of Reddit, what vehicle in your brand has the most problems? : AskReddit
VanDwelling - For those living life in alternative locations, or wishing to.
I_Fuck_Giraffes comments on /u/broadwayfilms stole someone's animation to promote his own YouTube channel. This is another one by the original animator so that he can get some credit.
People that have followed down rabbit holes on dark net, what is the creepiest thing that you've found? : AskReddit

The Daily Mail Snopes Story And Fact Checking The Fact Checkers


NASA Satellite Sees Overheated Tropical Forests Oozing with Carbon Dioxide
Environmentalism and Population Growth - Lawyers, Guns & Money (the 10% riches shit all over everything and do most of the damage)

Toll Rises To 34 Dead As Catastrophic Fires Spread In Northern California | HuffPost - One teen died when his family tried to outrun the fire. An older woman stopped breathing in her husband's arms as as they fought to survive in a pool.
California wildfire escape : videos

Puerto Ricans drink water from a hazardous-waste site - CNN ("Let them drink toxic waste" Donald Trumptoinette said)

Yemen's cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms : news

Watch Amy Goodman grill evasive Julian Assange over his connections to Trump pal Roger Stone (slimey little weasel +Goodman thought Hillary was worse than Trump)

Caitlan Coleman and Joshua Boyle are free. Their mysterious story is raising new questions. - The Washington Post -- Boyle told journalists their captors had killed their infant daughter and raped Coleman during the years they were held.
Joshua Boyle says Taliban-linked captors raped Caitlan Coleman, killed infant daughter - The Washington Post

Psychologists are facing consequences for helping with torture. It's not enough. -- None of us should be aiding in the infliction of harm. But many still will. (APA defended torture for years)

Trump's Iran announcement backfires

White House desperately tries to fix Trump's widely-mocked claim he met with 'president of the Virgin Islands' (Trump talks to himself all the time)
Trump says he spoke to US Virgin Island's 'president' -- which is him

Trump silent as questions remain over deadly Niger ambush - CNNPolitics (where are the endless congressional hearings?)

Keith Olbermann on Twitter: "Mueller is trying to stop Trump from mass pardons when indictments are handed up. SOMETHING's going on with russia

Manafort Had $60 Million Relationship With a Russian Oligarch - NBC News

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies - The New York Times (and the lying liars who tell them for their own profit)

Mnuchin Says Estate Tax Repeal Will Help 'Rich People' Most (which is what Trump was elected to do)

Corker Blasts Trump For Trying To 'Pub licly Castrate' Tillerson | HuffPost - You cannot publicly castrate your own secretary of state
The Method To The Moron's Madness --The powers that be are underestimating Trump
Thrashing around in a rage, Trump unleashes a new volley of threats - The Washington Post - spraying new threats in all directions at an escalating rate.
Trump is coming unraveled -- and Republicans know it: Robert Reich

Trump rips the NFL for disrespecting the flag. Then he jokes about a military flag ceremony. - The Washington Post

18 states sue over Trump-halted ObamaCare payments | TheHill
Mueller's team interviewed Priebus on Friday

Donald Trump's Fake Renoir: The Untold Story (pathological liar forever)

NFL not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem - The NFL said on Friday it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week

The Holy Bible, according to Trump - The Washington Post - The Bible is, after all, foreign law; none of it was written in America. It would, therefore, be in order for President Trump to revise biblical law by executive order ("In the beginning, Trump created everything beautifully."

Roy Moore Led Charge Against Removing Segregation From Alabama Constitution (just a little "southern tradition")

Anthony Scaramucci is romancing Kimberly Guilfoyle | Page Six - glamorous Fox News anchor

Hecklers shout down California attorney general at Whittier - The event ended early after pro-Trump hecklers

Oklahoma cop busted for racist Facebook threat against NFL players ... "Precisely why I don't watch NFL bunch of f*ckin overpaid greasy headed moon crickets expecting everything for nothing!! It would make my day to b*tch slap the Jerry juice outta everyone of them's hair! F*ck em!! #sorrynotf*ckinsoryr" ... Brandon Jarvis will not be suspeneded but will receive "social media counseling" by his boss (tough asshole cop Brandon Jarvis famous on the internets for all eternity)
Suspended New Jersey cop caught on video attacking black teen girls has controversial history

Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico. - The New York Times

The controversy over Bernie Sanders's speech at the Women's convention, explained (yeah, wtf?)

Stop Filtering Local Democratic Politics Through the 2016 Primary - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Bernie Sanders Isn't Winning Local Elections for the Left As social democrats break through in "red" places like Birmingham, the national media is getting the story all wrong

School district pulls 'To Kill A Mockingbird' from reading list; 'makes people uncomfortable' : news

Birth of a White Supremacist | The New Yorker - Mike Enoch's transformation from leftist contrarian to nationalist shock jock.

Eschaton: What's It All About Then - I'm stealing this basic point from someone on twitter (but I forget who, sorry), which is that for Democrats, sexual harassment and assault are...bad. Republicans don't care. So for them the Weinstein issue is just a lol libturds are big hypocrites. You say you don't like rape, but here's a liberal who is an accused rapist! hypocrites!!@@!!!!!@!!@ -- Reporters don't understand this, so they think the right is genuinely outraged about sexual assault. They aren't. They just think lol hypocrites!!!

Why are so many men confused about what sexual consent means? - The Washington Post (apparently, they think they can stick their dick anywhere)

These Are The Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein | HuffPost - The film executive repeatedly lured women into private spaces and tried to force himself on them, according to their accounts. (creep af bathrobe boy needs to be in prison for the rest of his life)
Harvey Weinstein's 30-year pattern of abuse in Hollywood - The Washington Post
Fashion Breaks Its Silence on Harvey Weinstein Scandal - The New York Times (the creep was everywhere)
Weinstein told Eva Green she would never work again | Daily Mail Online (raging narcissistic entitled motherfucker maniac +another long list)
Bob Weinstein Gets Emotional on "Depraved" Harvey, Saving the Company and His "Waking Nightmare" ... insists he had no idea
Weinstein Co. Bankruptcy Threat or Sale Looms as Leadership Divided Over Fate of Company (Harvey "Mountain of Shit" Weinstein)
let Harvey Weinstein buy his way out of trouble with pricey rehab (lock him up)
Lisa Bloom Knows She Made "A colossal Mistake" In Harvey Weinstein The celebrity attorney and champion of women's rights (the coverup was worse, Lisa)
Angie Everhart Says Harvey Weinstein Masturbated In Front of Her and Everyone Knew |
Courtney Love Warned Actresses in 2005 to Stay Clear of Harvey Weinstein (UPDATE) |

Steven Seagal: Drug warrior, honorary cop, alleged serial sex abuser - The Washington Post (and Russian citizen and another "bathrobe boy")

'ER' Actress Says George Clooney Helped 'Blacklist' Her : television
Sarah Polley: The Men You Meet Making Movies - The New York Times

Americans are pack rats. Swedes have the solution: 'Death cleaning.' -- dostadning

A Paris Boudoir Where Everything's Meant to Be Touched
Paradise Found | Betony Vernon

foot of pride Bob DYLAN [rare] - video - Dailymotion
Previously unreleased Bob Dylan song 'Making a Liar Out of Me' is a revelation

How does a species evolve to have a different number of chromosomes? Wouldn't the first individual with that mutation be unable to mate with any other individuals, and so the mutation would instantly die off? : askscience

Study Finds Intelligent Men Are "Less Likely to Want to Be Unfaithful" : science
Getting to Know Einstein's Wives

People convicted of felonies are more likely to return to prison if they are sentenced to prison rather than probation, according to a University of Michigan study. : science
A 9 years study clarifies the relationship between sugar and cancer : science

Homeowners of Reddit: when you purchased your first home, what item did you not think about that ended being very useful to you? : AskReddit

Woman who accused rapper Nelly of rape tells police to drop investigation. : Music
5 arrested in 1983 'racially motivated' murder of 23-year-old black man in Georgia : news

Private school loses state voucher money over anti-LGBT policy - Baltimore Sun - Harford County Lutheran school that said it reserved the right to deny admission to gay and transgender students.
County appealing atheist victory over cross on county seal : news

Unremovable Backdoor Accounts found in FLIR Thermal Security Cameras : technology

Eschaton: What Could Go Wrong - Basic congestion is a problem, of course, but so are accidents. Take away the shoulder, and... PennDot officials have been discussing opening shoulders to traffic on the region's highways, including the Schuylkill Expressway, as a way to ease congestion.
Eschaton: Courage - They're coming for the public space. -- The coming onslaught of driverless cars will require dramatic changes to our streetscape, including new traffic management strategies and a reevaluation of curb and other parking spaces (and you thought bike lanes were bad)


California Fires Now Deadliest In State's Recorded History | HuffPost - he death toll ticked up to 31 people Thursday (fireicane)
They survived six hours in a pool as a wildfire burned their neighborhood to the ground - LA Times
'Just ash and bone': Death toll in California wildfires reaches historically grim heights
The only California county that sent a warning to residents' cellphones has no reported fatalities

Let Them Eat Paper Towels - The New York Times
69 Republicans vote against aid for Puerto Rico, other disaster sites | TheHill - Freedom Caucus leaders like Chairman Mark Meadows (N.C.), Justin Amash (Mich.) and Jim Jordan (Ohio), voted against the aid package.
This CNN clip shows why we need an accurate death count from Puerto Rico - Vox - A GOP lawmaker claimed people weren't dying on the island -- Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.)

Trump's pick for NOAA chief causes a storm -- As a top executive at AccuWeather, Barry Myers has pushed for limits on the kinds of products that the National Weather Service offers to the public, saying they offered unfair competition to his industry. (no weather without ads for you, suckers)

Another Shift in Las Vegas Timeline Caps Days of Confusion - The New York Times
Father's History Could Offer Insight Into Mind of Las Vegas Gunman
Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews | Fox News (mystery continues)
Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews : news
Gun laws that cost millions had little effect because they weren't enforced | US news | The Guardian -- Researchers says law to expand background checks in Colorado and Washington failed most likely due to noncompliance and a lack of enforcement

Slow and Steady: US Intellectual Property and the China Challenge | The Diplomat
New Balance Wins Landmark Trademark Case (oh, the slanting 'N' logo was totally piratable until this year in the pirate state of fuck your trademark China)

Eschaton: Brexit Madness - A weird fantasy of the Brexiteers is that other countries think the UK's interests are important, or that those interests, in most cases, matter it all for their own interests. Italy doesn't need to sell you Prosecco. Germany doesn't need to sell you cars (you're going to buy them, anyway, by the way), and Donald Trump isn't going to be benevolent (someone should have told May that it isn't one of his defining characteristics). (collision of total idiots)

Inside American Caitlan Coleman's five-year ordeal as a Taliban prisoner (let's go backpacking in Taliban territory while pregnant)
Parents of freed Afghanistan hostage angry at son-in-law - The Washington Post - for taking their daughter to Afghanistan. -- He was once married to Zaynab Khadr, the older sister of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr and the daughter of a senior al-Qaida financier. Her father, the late Ahmed Said Khadr, and the family stayed with Osama bin Laden briefly when Omar Khadr was a boy. (a lot of unanswered questions, including why didn't Obama exchange for him when he did AQ/ISIS)
Parents of freed US hostage furious with son-in-law for Afghanistan trip | World news | The Guardian ... Speaking to a Canadian reporter on Thursday, Boyle reflected on the toll the past five years had taken. "My family is obviously psychologically and physically shattered by the betrayals and the criminality of what has happened over the past five years ... I have discovered there is little that cannot be overcome by enough Sufi patience, Irish irreverence and Canadian sanctimony." ... captors, however, eluded them, managing to escape on foot. (sure)

Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes | Earthly Mission

A Rising Constitutional Crisis No One Is Talking About - the proposed constitutional convention that would be called under Article V of the Constitution, a longtime conservative dreamshot that at the moment is as close to fulfillment as it ever has been. (only needs 7 more states to destroy America)

20 of America's top political scientists gathered to discuss our democracy. They're scared -- If current trends continue for another 20 or 30 years, democracy will be toast

McMaster Wants to Save the Iran Deal by Hiding It From Trump (America, you really fucked up)

Twitter deleted data potentially crucial to Russia probes - POLITICO - strict privacy policy led to deletions of Russian information of interest to investigators. (Tweetster and Facecrook covered up for Putin)

As Trump slams media, Indiana lawmaker proposes licensing journalists (reporters are like guns and only Fox and Breitbart will get licenses)

Eschaton: Dustbowl - I think it will be the forgotten depression. The triumphalism of neoliberal capitalism and Fed independence made this unpossible, and the unquestionable stewardship of Obama/Geithner rendered it moot. I'm not sure that even historians - decades later, as is their privilege - will grapple with this fact. (tnx Obambi)

Eschaton: Because I Am Not Serious - Trump is a senile old man with some sort of degenerative brain condition and he will brag to anybody about anything. This isn't about Russia, really, it's about a president of the United States who brags to people that important people visit him in the Oval Office ... He was always a horrible narcissistic braggart, but not like this. He has a problem, we have a problem, and despite the fact that his handlers keep telling the press that they have to treat him like a 5 year old, no one will come right out and say the obvious: Trump is in serious mental decline and also he runs the world.

Eschaton: Sundown - On Earth-4, Stynli Kabreek made a movie about a senile president, whose senility was clear to everybody, who destroyed human civilization because someone brought him a sesame bagel instead of a poppy seed bagel. Stynli Kabreek is so funny.

Eschaton: I See Myself On The Idiot Box - Not a new point here, of course, but Trump literally has the panopticon at his disposal but prefers to have his "information" presented to him by a shitty cable news morning show on a network which barely has a news operation at all.

Trump To Cut Off Billions In Key Obamacare Payments To Insurers | HuffPost - The sabotage continues.
Trump will scrap critical Obamacare subsidies - POLITICO - Cutting off the payments to insurers, which could happen almost immediately, is likely to provide another jolt to Obamacare markets.
Trump Unveils Full-bore Obamacare Sabotage
Every Republican Supports This Madman Initiative - In other words, under this president*, the federal government has adopted the fundamental Trump Organization guiding principle of reneging on your debts. Good to know. You, there, with your dialysis treatments? You're no better than a glazier who did a little work at the Trump Taj Mahal.
Trump's Obamacare Order Will Deepen Health Inequality
The Daily 202: Throwing a bomb into the insurance markets, Trump now owns the broken health-care system - The Washington Post -- The administration announced late last night that he will immediately halt cost-sharing reductions. (the "administration" is a "he")
Sandoval: Trump decision to end health-care subsidies for low-income Americans is 'devastating'
Trump's acting like Obamacare is just politics. It's people's lives

Collins declines run for Maine governor - POLITICO - decision preserves her role as a key moderate and swing vote in the Senate. (too bad)

Background check chief has 'never seen' mistakes and omissions at level of Jared Kushner forms ("as if it was filled out by a third-grader with a dull Russian crayon")

Eschaton: These Are Strange People - Birds of a feather flock together, blahblahblah, but I don't get how people like this manage to find each other -- Zinke rode to work on horseback on his first day in office and displays animal heads on his wood-paneled office walls. For a while, he kept a glass-case display of hunting knives but was asked to remove them because of security risks, according to people familiar with the decision. He has commissioned commemorative coins with his name on them to give to staff and visitors, but the cost to taxpayers is unclear. Zinke's predecessors and some other Cabinet secretaries have coins bearing agency seals, but not personalized ones.

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Over Rand Paul's Uneasy Reaction To Donald Trump | HuffPost

Trump's Tweets Are Damaging the Republican Character -- National Review by David French (hahaha as if that were possible)

Kellyanne Conway's Tweet About Trump 'Empowering Women' Didn't Go Down Well | HuffPost - Do you actually have no clue how ridiculous this assertion is? (Kellyanne Fuckway)
Kellyanne Conway accidentally admits she's complicit in Trump's "sexual predatory culture" - Her lack of self-awareness has become legendary as she continues to project Trumps sins of assault onto Democrats.

The Reddest State In The Nation Isn't That Interested In The GOP's Moral Agenda | HuffPost (all 585,501 in WYo: imagine if Columbus OH had a rep and two senators)

Hillary Clinton in talks with Columbia to take on professor role - NY Daily News - and potentially house her archives there

Who is Seth Moulton for? - The Massachusetts congressman is a white, centrist, Harvard-educated war hero who wants to remake the Democratic Party. Too bad no one wants that. (wants dems to be more Republican)

Who Broke Congress? Dennis Hastert, Former Speaker, Breaks Two-Year Silence to Deny Role in Gridlock ("Hastert Rule" meant only Reublicans can rule)

Capitol Hell: Inside Rep. Tim Murphy's Toxic Congressional Office | HuffPost

New boycott of Ford over its NFL sponsorship - Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington has told a local Ford dealership his department will stop buying Ford police vehicles as long as the automaker advertises with the NFL. (that's gotta hurt)
Jaguars owner Khan on Trump politics, NFL owners, $20 minimum wage - Government News - Crain's Chicago Business ... "You've got a bunch of 85-ear-old guys who don't think they racist, but they are racist."

Celebrity Publicists Are Bailing on 'Megyn Kelly Today' (her brand is tanking) Two days later, Kelly offended Jane Fonda with an off-putting question about her refusal to talk about plastic surgery. ("We We really want to talk about that right now?" Fonda huffed, seated next to her co-star Robert Redford

Weinstein Board Says It Didn't Know Of Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Experts Don't Buy It. | HuffPost - Four Weinstein Co. board members say they had no idea former CEO Harvey Weinstein had settled sexual harassment suits. (no idea) "In the last 20 years, every corporation has known about liability for sexual harassment"
Harvey Weinstein's Contract Allowed for Sexual Harassment | (they built it in)

Oliver Stone on Harvey Weinstein: "It's Not Easy What He's Going Through" (fuck you Oliver)
Former Playboy Playmate accuses Oliver Stone of sexual assault - NY Daily News

Harvey Weinstein Will Challenge Firing
Chaos inside scandal-wracked Weinstein Co. - Oct. 13, 2017
The Weinstein Co. Nears The Brink As Agencies Cut Off Talent Supply | Deadline

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has inspired a Ben Affleck scandal - Vox
Quentin Tarantino 'heartbroken' over Harvey Weinstein allegations | Film | The Guardian
The fallout: How the Harvey Weinstein scandal exposed sexual harassment as Hollywood's dirty secret ("secret")
Sophie Dix says encounter at the Savoy hotel when she was 22 was "the single most damaging thing that's happened in my life"
The fallout: How the Harvey Weinstein scandal exposed sexual harassment as Hollywood's dirty secret (and the LA Times is definitely not part of "Hollywood")
Will Harvey Weinstein Finally Kill the Old Boys' Network? - How many more days are left for the 'dinosaurs' of media and entertainment to roam the Earth?
Rose McGowan Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her

Amazon Suspends Top Exec Roy Price After Explosive Report Alleging Sexual Harassment | Mediaite (Bezos: "I had no idea")
Blake Lively Says She Was Sexually Harassed by Makeup Artist
Evan Rachel Wood Explains Why She Has Not Named Her Abusers - They were very powerful, very rich, very entitled, very narcissistic white men.
Lisa Bloom Reveals Why She Took On Harvey Weinstein as a Client | Hollywood Reporter - I saw this as a unique opportunity to change the way these stories go (which is why she impugned the credibility of the victims)

Pink: 'Monogamy is work. You have times when you haven't had sex in a year

With cannabis legalization around the corner, Los Angeles contemplates another dumb move - LA Times (sounds like Mazzachusetts)
DPH freezes medical marijuana fixes, infuriating patients - The Boston Globe ... DPH's stewardship of medical marijuana has been checkered. Its rollout of the program in 2014 was hobbled by missteps, including conflicts of interest and the department's hiring of highly paid contractors who failed to detect unqualified applicants for dispensary licenses. (that's how you do it, lots of high-paid "consultants")

Judge declines to dismiss retaliation lawsuit against Kathryn Knott, father | PhillyVoice - Karl Knott allegedly conspired with D.A.'s s office to threaten online commenter with criminal charges. (they got her fired)

Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend - The New York Times
I Love My Girlfriend. So Why Do I Keep Cheating on Her? (cheating on his therapist)

Read this and you may never eat chicken again | Life and style | The Guardian - Most meat animals are raised with the assistance of daily doses of antibiotics. By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause a staggering 10 million deaths a year

Dietary Carbohydrates Impair Healthspan and Promote Mortality: Cell Metabolism
Over the last 15 years, the prevalence of adult obesity in the U.S. population has bloated from 30.5 percent to 39.6 percent

Magic mushrooms 'reboot' brain in depressed people -- study

Genes for Skin Color Rebut Dated Notions of Race, Researchers Say - The New York Times

Carolina Panthers fan sucker punches an old man in video | Daily Mail Online
Fan who left 62-year-old bloodied after 'sucker punch' incident at Carolina Panthers game arrested - The Washington Post

Girl, 17, 'suffers three separate sex attacks' on way home from night out : news

Guys of reddit, what did your girlfriends Dad do to establish dominance? : AskReddit

h3h3 Is Wrong About Ads on YouTube : videos


The catastrophic toll of California's wildfires: 29 dead, hundreds missing, thousands displaced

Trump warns battered Puerto Rico: Federal aid workers cannot stay 'forever' - The Washington Post (moochers)
Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria: The Public's Knowledge and Views of Its Impact and the Response
Everything that's been reported about deaths in Puerto Rico is at odds with the official count - Vox - We took a look at the numbers, and they didn't add up;

Worker warned hotel before Las Vegas shooter opened fire on crowd - CBS News

Rohingya Recount Atrocities: 'They Threw My Baby Into a Fire' (those lovely non-violent Buddhists) "Some influential Buddhist monks said the Rohingya were the reincarnation of snakes and insects and should be exterminated, like vermin"

British jihadist Sally Jones aka White Widow 'killed by drone' : news -- Sally-Anne Jones -- Previously a punk musician, she had been used to recruit western girls to the group and posted threatening messages to Christians in the UK.

We're About to Fall Behind the Great Depression -- Instead, many policy makers and economists continue to operate as if the Great Recession never happened and their prior beliefs still hold. They grew up believing that the big economic risk was an overheated economy, because that was the great problem of the 1970s. As a result, many are obsessed with the dangers of high inflation and large budget deficits.

Facebook takes down data and thousands of posts, obscuring reach of Russian disinformation - The Washington Post (Facecrook looking russky)

Judge says US govt has 'no right to rummage' through anti-Trump protest website logs : technology (fascist fuckers)

Trump's DOJ tries to rebrand weakened encryption as 'responsibile encryption'

Lawmakers Say They Plan to Release Facebook Ads Linked to Russia - The New York Times (dribble dribble)

Trump: 'Disgusting' that press able to write whatever it wants
Can Trump challenge NBC's FCC 'license'? No. - The Washington Post -- President Trump may be too incompetent to destroy the First Amendment

The Atlantic Confirms It: We Are Living In A Kakistocracy
American Kakistocracy - The Atlantic - There's a case to be made that the United States is governed by the least scrupulous of its citizens.

The Trumps, the Poodle, the Sex Scandal - The New York Times (this should have been a soap opera before the election, Hillary/dems can't think creatively)

Pro sports teams were once reliable patrons of Trump's hotels. Not anymore.

Trump's executive order to undermine Obamacare, explained --- How association health plans and short-term insurance could damage the health care law.

Whistleblower Speaks Out: Morale At Interior Department Is 'In The Toilet' | HuffPost

Menendez trial: Judge raises serious doubts about government's case

The Airport Bomber From Last Week You Never Heard About (white nationalist terrorist that didn't quite actually kill a whole bunch of people, so ...)

Yes, build the wall - The Washington Post

Kevin de Lesn to challenge Feinstein in primary, sources say - CNNPolitics

How the VA Fueled the National Opioid Crisis and Is Killing Thousands of Veterans

White South Carolina restaurant manager enslaved black man for years, prosecutors say - The Washington Post
A black man charged in his own beating, and Charlottesville's lasting hatred

Jeff Bezos Screws Over Workers At Amazon. Now He Wants To Do The Same At The Washington Post. | HuffPost - Can Silicon Valley's anti-labor attitude survive actual contact with a labor union?
Jeff Bezos Rest Until Working at The Washington Post Is as Hellish as Working at Amazon

College Websites Must Accommodate Disabled Students, Lawsuits Say - The New York Times

23 Women Accuse Former Queens Priest of Abusing Them as Children - The New York Times

Cy Vance Defends Decision Not to Pursue Case Against Harvey Weinstein - The New York Times (if he hadn't been corrupt, we would have stopped Weinstein two years ago and Trump wouldn't be president ... another player in the doomsday game)

How Top NBC Executives Quashed The Bombshell Harvey Weinstein Story | HuffPost - Reporter Ronan Farrow ultimately took the piece to The New Yorker after facing months of opposition at his home network.
APNewsBreak: Steve Bannon had ties to Harvey Weinstein< (similar look) /a>
Rose McGowan Suspended From Twitter After Ben Affleck Tweet - The New York Times
Weinstein Company Was Aware of Payoffs in 2015 - The New York Times
FBI Harvey Weinstein probe ordered by Trump Justice Dept | Daily Mail Online
Clinton: 'I certainly didn't' know about Weinstein's alleged assaults
Shell-shocked Harvey Weinstein breaks silence after wife leaves him | Page Six
Harvey Weinstein's wife is leaning on Huma Abedin -- Plus, the Clintons rented a Hamptons house next door to Weinstein and Chapman's Amagansett estate for three summers.
ane Fonda: I knew about Weinstein, and I'm 'ashamed' I didn't say anything ... "found out about Harvey about a year ago"

Jimmy Kimmel explains his Twitter feud with Donald Trump Jr. over Harvey Weinstein jokes - The Washington Post
Seth MacFarlane says His Harvey Weinstein Oscars joke came from a place of "loathing and anger" : television
Rose McGowan: Amazon Studios knew I was raped : news
Amazon TV Producer Goes Public With Harassment Claim Against Top Exec Roy Price (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter ... "You will love my dick," Roy Price said to Isa Hackett (Phillip K Dick's daughter), a producer on 'The Man in the High Castle'
Don't talk about Pedophilia : videos (Barbara Walters defends pedophile: "You're damaging an entire industry!") "Old Baba Wabbas knows you've got to diddle a few kids to make Hollywood magic work.

Sexual Harassment Began in 1963 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
What To Do With "Shitty Media Men"? A document circulating late Wednesday named and shamed dozens of men in media for bad behavior toward women.
As 'the fathers of daughters,' they were offended by harassment. But what did that really mean?

The Horizon of Desire - Laurie Penny wants a new conversation about women, men, consent, desire, and autonomy ... fundamental rights to bodily autonomy are under attack across the planet, and the Hog-Emperor of Rape Culture is squatting in the White House making your neighborhood pervert look placid ... otherwise well-meaning male friends who are frantically reassessing their sexual history in the light of the awkward fact that shame is no longer enough to stop women from naming abusers ... Rape culture is not about demonizing men. It is about controlling female sexuality. It is anti-sex and anti-pleasure. It teaches us to deny our own desire as an adaptive strategy for surviving a sexist world.

Clara Bow - She's Got It - YouTube
Clara Bow - Mysteries and Scandals - YouTube

Fidelity said to fire star fund manager after sexual harassment allegation - The Boston Globe
After scandalous Antarctic allegations, BU grad students push school to do more about sexual harassment - The Boston Globe

Fox paid $400m for the World Cup and now the USA aren't in it : news

Megyn Kelly is destroying NBC's morning ratings

Psychologists of Reddit; what are some do's and dont's of helping someone who's depressed? : AskReddit

Colorado's 2017 marijuana sales reach $1 billion in just eight months (MA fucked a lot of its citizens because "it wouldn't make any difference" -- Jason Lewis)
Colorado's 2017 marijuana sales reach $1 billion in just eight months

Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? - The New York Times - Parents, therapists and schools are struggling to figure out whether helping anxious teenagers means protecting them or pushing them to face their fears.

Giant pythons keep attacking people in Indonesia -- and humans might be to blame

Mother who refused to vaccinate her son loses primary custody : news

Silent Mass of Reddit, why do you vote but never comment? : AskReddit
I make voxel art in Minecraft, this is my latest piece! I call it the 'Perfect Marionette' : gaming (oh look, artists!)

What's your most NSFW family moment? : AskReddit
rata2ille comments on Gendurr
(NSFW) What is your weirdest sexual experience? : AskReddit
What's the sexiest non-lingerie item of clothing a woman can wear? : AskReddit
Made for WtSSTaDaMiT
No pomegranates! : videos

An obscure copyright law is letting the Internet Archive distribute books published 1923-1941 : books


Mr. Trump Nails Shut the Coffin on Climate Relief - The New York Times (world-killer)
We have a pretty good idea of when humans will go extinct - The Washington Post -- if our location within the history of human space travel is not special, there is a 50 percent chance that we are in the last half now and that its future duration is less than 48 years

Toll from Northern California firestorms sharply rise: 2,000 structures destroyed, at least 17 dead -- LA Times
Couple, 98 and 100, Who Died in Fire
Eschaton: Looting - There is something wrong with the American mind when in the middle of natural disasters, a top concern is "looting," especially by first responders. Especially during something like a hurricane, when "looting" might simply mean "taking water from the 7/11 in order to survive." But even generally. Fine, thieves, go steal my shit. It should be lowest in the list of concerns at these moments.

New disclosure shows a casino guard alerted hotel to gunman before Vegas massacre began. So why did it take so long to stop him? - LA Times (somebody is lying)
MGM Resorts Casts Doubt On New Police Timeline Of Vegas Massacre | HuffPost - We believe what is currently being expressed may not be accurate,

Israel hacked Kaspersky, then tipped the NSA that its tools had been breached - The Washington Post

Trump's Benghazi? Ambush of U.S. soldiers in Niger goes unnoticed -- Four dead Americans in Africa: Why hasn't this act of terror drawn the same feverish scrutiny? (that's obvious, IAOKIYAR fuckwit)
How Israel Caught Russian Hackers Scouring the World for U.S. Secrets - The New York Times (fake news?)

"I Hate Everyone in the White House!" : Trump Seethes as Advisers Fear the President Is "Unraveling" -- a White House in crisis as advisers struggle to contain a president that seems to be increasingly unfocused and consumed by dark moods.
Trump unleashes himself from would-be handlers, lashing out mornings, nights and weekends - LA Times

Trump Wanted Tenfold Increase in Nuclear Arsenal, Surprising Military - NBC News (origin of 'moron' comment)
GOP official imagines Kelly and Mattis discussed tackling Trump if he 'lunges for the nuclear football'
Why does the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee see the specter of World War III?
Anthony De Rosa ?? on Twitter: "Tillerson called Trump a moron because he requested a tenfold increase in nukes."
Trump suggests challenging NBC's broadcase license
Worst Timeline - Lawyers, Guns & Money - My only question is this: How were Trump's advisers surprised?
The DSM and the DOPUS -- Blame it on the drugs update (and dementia)
Donald Trump's improbable 73: Sen. Graham details his round with the president | - Graham and Trump drove to the course together in a 30-car presidential motorcade, and on the course they played out of one cart, with Trump at the wheel.

Trump Unfiltered: The Full Transcript Of The President's Interview With Forbes
Kansas Tried a Tax Plan Similar to Trump's. It Failed. (well, it did give money to the rich, bankdrupted the state and destroyed the educational system, so depends on your definition of "failure")

Eminem Calls Out Donald Trump In Brutal New Freestyle Rap | HuffPost - Detroit hip-hop artist slams the president in an emotional takedown.
Eminem - Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher [Rap] : Music
Eminem unleashes on Trump at the BET awards - CNNPolitics -- The 11 fiercest lines
Eminem Calls Out Donald Trump In Brutal New Freestyle Rap | HuffPost

Russia Probe Now Investigating Cambridge Analytica, Trump's 'Psychographic' Data Gurus

Eschaton: The Bush Administration Was Bad - Remember how we used to seriously debate torture, like this was something to be debated? Lots of eventheliberals liked the torture, but, you know, only if it was done right for the right reasons. Those sensible centrists, always sensible. (and then Barry said don't look back, and everyone forgot)

Eschaton: The Political Internet Is Made Of White Collar Professionals - It is because shit is fucked up and bullshit and most elite Democrats still think, basically, if people just play by the rules and work hard enough, life will work out pretty well for them. I don't know how much it ever was that way - it was, I think, true for a time for a larger segment of society than it is now - but it certainly is not true now.

The real fix for gerrymandering is proportional representation - Vox - time to consider radical solutions.

Zinke: If We Take Down Confederate Statues, 'Indians' Will Complain About Union Ones

Neo-Confederate Leader Behind Arrest Warrant For Black Man Beaten In C'Ville

Undisclosed deal guaranteed Roy Moore $180,000 a year for part-time work at charity - The Washington Post

The share of women in newsrooms has increased barely 1 percentage point since 2001, ASNE data shows ; Nieman Journalism Lab (worse than tech?)

The Lesson of Every Powerful Sexual Assaulter is That Hillary Clinton Is Bad - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- An admitted sexual predator was the Republican nominee for president of the United States. Cillizza's reaction to this at the time was to write dozens of stories about his opponent's email server management and remarkably non-corrupt charity, helping to pave his way to the White House. Heckuva job!
Do treatment options exist for MCP syndrome?* - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Weinstein's Reign of Terror -- Either you care both about Trump being sexual predator & Clinton emails, or u care about neither. But don't talk about one without the other." Matthew Dowd, November 1st, 2016 (chief strategist for the Bush-Cheney 2004 presidential campaign and is the current ABC News political analyst.)
No justice for bad men | The Outline - Why the Harvey Weinstein story took so long to come out.
This two year old post about Weinstein (and others in the thread) foreshadowed what we are hearing about the abuses now. : bestof

Harvey Weinstein Suicide Threat Prompts Police Response (VIDEO) |
From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein'sAccusers Tell Their Stories - Multiple women share harrowing accounts of sexual assault and harassment by the film executive. By Ronan Farrow
A recording and 3 allegations of rape: The Harvey Weinstein story just got so much worse - The Washington Post (NY cops covered up for him -- the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr ) Vance, by the way, was in the news last week for deciding not to bring criminal charges against two other high-profile individuals: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.
Passes Selectively Given - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. tends to give rich and powerful people a break from prosecution -- particularly if they or people close to them have donated to his election campaign.
NYPD Was Ready to Arrest Harvey Weinstein in 2015 After Model Said She Was Groped - How detectives laid a trap to catch the movie mogul after an Italian model accused him of groping her
Ronan Farrow Says He Was Threatened Personally With a Lawsuit by Harvey Weinstein
Ronan Farrow Relates Results Of His 10-Month Weinstein Probe On 'NBC Nightly News'
How NBC 'Killed' Ronan Farrow's Weinstein Expose -- 'NBC did everything they could to delay it, complicate it, and ultimately [kill] it' ... Ken Auletta, who has been covering Weinstein for decades ... turned to the camera and declared: "This evidence is so overwhelming that if NBC News sits on it, that will be a scandal"
How NBC Killed Ronal Farrow's Weinstein Expose
Ronan Farrow on Harvey Weinstein Story: 'I Was Threatened With a Lawsuit'
Sources: NBC Let Ronan Farrow's Weinstein Scoop Slip Away | HuffPost -- NBC had concerns related to the story's sourcing ... not clear what those concerns were. In The New Yorker story, several women spoke on the record about their encounters with Weinstein. Among them were Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino and filmmaker Asia Argento, the latter of whom said Weinstein raped her. (they didn't believe the women, of course)
Ronan Farrow Had Been Working on Harvey Weinstein Story While Still at NBC News | TVNewser
Harvey Weinstein Flying to Europe Tonight for Sex Addiction Rehab | (right after a short stop in Italy)
New Yorker report alleges that Harvey Weinstein assaulted multiple women - LA Times (hey, Tronc, this was your backyard, where were you?)
Barack Obama condemns previous political donor Harvey Weinstein - LA Times
Hillary Clinton 'shocked and appalled' by Harvey Weinstein allegations (disgusting pic)
Harvey Weinstein's Wife Georgina Chapman Is Leaving Him: 'My Heart Breaks for All the Women Who Have Suffered'
The Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment, Assault Accusations
Heather Graham: Harvey Weinstein Implied I Had to Have Sex With Him for Movie Role
Rose McGowan Tells Ben Affleck To 'F**k Off' After He Condemns Weinstein | HuffPost - The actress insinuated Affleck knew about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual assaults
Ben Affleck Apologizes for Groping Hilarie Burton, As More Inappropriate Vid Surfaces |
One Tree Hill Star Hilarie Burton Claims Ben Affleck Groped Her on TRL: 'I Was a Kid'
Arianne Zucker Breaks Her Silence About Donald Trump and Billy Bush's Lewd Remarks
Why the Casey Affleck Sex Harassment Allegations Won't stick
'Email prankster' reaches Harvey Weinstein, Lisa Bloom -- The prankster has managed to trick many high-profile Trump administration figures in the middle of major stories concerning them, and now having set sights on Hollywood, the prankster netted another series of notable exchanges.

Conservatives are the real campus thought police squashing academic freedom - The Washington Post

What Dirty John reveals about domestic abuse - LA Times

TEDx - Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story | Jessica McCabe [x-post from /r/adhd] : videos

As deadly fires ravage California wine country, officials are 'preparing for further fatalities'

Here's a timeline of the Las Vegas shooting -- with the crucial detail police left out last time
Las Vegas police update shooting timeline, now say gunman shot guard minutes before massacre - The Washington Post (took them a long time to figure that out)
Assault guns are not just about mass shootings -- they're also a big factor in attacks on police and other crimes

Hundreds of suspected Islamic State militants surrender in Iraq: source - Hundreds of suspected Islamic State militants surrendered last week to Kurdish authorities after the jihadist group was driven out of its last stronghold in northern Iraq, a Kurdish security official said on Tuesday.

Mark Zuckerberg 'tours' flooded Puerto Rico in bizarre virtual reality promo : technology

Killing your child gets you a life sentence in Italy. But not if the child is adopted. - The Washington Post -- "Italy is stuck with the mythology of blood."

Deloitte hack hit server containing emails from across US government | Business | The Guardian

Laying out a comprehensive case that Trump obstructed justice - The Washington Post
What to do with an unfit president - The Washington Post
As Trump implodes, he threatens to hurt millions -- out of pure rage and spite (which was why his supporters voted for him)

Trump On Rex Tillerson Reportedly Calling Him 'A Moron': I'd Beat Him In An IQ Test | HuffPost
Eschaton: From Rocket Man To Liddle Corker - The least important thing in the world (though perhaps yet another indicator of certain things), but Trump's devastating nickname game is a bit off.

Brought to you by white supremacy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump proposes 'IQ tests' faceoff with Tillerson after secretary of state calls him a 'moron'
Corker Told the Truth About Trump. Now He Should Act on It. - The New York Times
Amid a Widening Rift, John Kelly Has a Mar-a-Lago Strategy to Contain Trump | Vanity Fair
The Problem With 'Containing' Donald Trump

We may see Trump's base drifting away. Perhaps it already is ... among men, whites and people who never went to college

Hillary Clinton Was the More Dangerous Evil - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Both Sides Do It, but the Democrat Party is more neoliberal:

Trump Approval Dips in Every State, Though Deep Pockets of Support Remain (WY most stupid/evil followoed closely by W.Va)

White House aides lean on delays and distraction to manage Trump - politico (alz)

Harvey Weinstein Pens 'Desperate Email' To 'CEOs, Moguls' Before Firing | HuffPost ("mogul" seem to be a HWood thing)
Leaked Email: Here's Lisa Bloom Teasing Stories That Undermine Harvey Weinstein's accusers
Donna Karan defends Harvey Weinstein and blames victims | Daily Mail Online
Hillary Clinton breaks silence on Harvey Weinstein: 'I was shocked and appalled' ... Weinstein contributed $46,350 to Clinton during her presidential candidacy ... Weinstein also has made massive donations to the Clinton Foundation
Donna Karan Suggests Harvey Weinstein's Alleged Victims Were 'Asking For' It | HuffPost -- The designer was lambasted on Twitter for her comments, with Rose McGowan calling her "scrum in a fancy dress' (Mia de-friended her)
George Clooney Speaks Out on Harvey Weinstein: 'It's Disturbing on a Whole Lot of Levels'
Harvey Weinstein, Philip Roth, and Jewish Perverts -- Tablet Magazine - The disgraced film producer is a character straight out of Philip Roth, playing out his revenge fantasies on the Goyim -- Harvey is cut from the same cloth. Growing up in Queens ... It goes without saying that nearly every one of these women ... was a Gentile, all the better to feed Weinstein's revenge-tinged fantasy of having risen above his outer-borough, bridge-and-tunnel Semitic origins
Jessica Chastain on Harvey Weinstein Claims: "I Was Warned From the Beginning"
Kate Winslet Calls Harvey Weinstein Allegations 'Disgraceful and Appalling'
Ryan Murphy on "Ick Factor" Around Harvey Weinstein
Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Others Say Weinstein Harassed Them - The New York Times ... 2013, "Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein."
Why we're condemning the wrong people in the Harvey Weinstein scandal -- If letting Weinstein buy his way out of sexist pig status with political donations is setting the bar for feminism too low, asking Streep to be a time-traveling sexism avenger is a way to set the bar so high that no one can reach it.
17 Notorious, on-the-Record Harvey Weinstein Stories : movies
overview for harveyweinsteinthrow
17 Notorious, on-the-Record Harvey Weinstein Stories, Starting With That Time He Ate M&M's Off the Floor
Terry Crews Shares His Own Story of Sexual Assault by a Hollywood Executive : news

Texas Tech Student in Custody After Campus Police Officer Is Fatally Shot - The New York Times

John Oliver on forensic science, false convictions.
A Harvard study finds that official death certificates in the U.S. failed to count more than half of the people killed by police in 2015 -- and the problem of undercounting is especially pronounced in lower-income counties and for deaths that are due to Tasers
Patriotic And Proud Of Their Identities, Kansas City's Transgender Veterans Look To The Future | HuffPost

'Pregnant' Kylie Jenner alludes to sex of 'baby' | Daily Mail Online (holy shit the botox)

Beneath picturesque surface, a Marshfield neighborhood at war - The Boston Globe

The most famous 'undecided voter' has big problems with Trump (Ken Bone)

2nd victim: No way rapist should have custody - A second victim of a man who was given joint custody of a child he conceived after raping a 12-year-old says he should not be around children. : news

Why Rotten Tomatoes scores don't mean what they seem - Vox : movies

What are some "facts" that are actually false? : AskReddit
Formerly religious redditors, what event happend to make you abandon your faith? : AskReddit

West Virginia Exemplifies Everything Wrong With US Broadband | DSLReports, ISP Information (scammed by Frontier inc)


Just before Columbus Day, journal pulls controversial article defending colonialism - The Washington Post
TIL that Christopher Columbus was thrown in jail upon his return to Spain for mistreating the native population of Hispaniola : todayilearned

E.P.A. Announces Repeal of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule - The New York Times
China Hastens the World Toward an Electric-Car Future - The New York Times

One death and 1,500 structures lost in Northern California firestorm, among worst in state's history

Trump makes 69th trip to a golf course while San Juan's mayor pleads for clean drinking water - Shareblue - Donald Trump has spent more than 25 percent of his presidency on a golf course. (but Obama!)
Without Power Until Next Year, Puerto Ricans Are Leavin -- Maybe Forever (hello blue Florida)

After Las Vegas Shooting, a Tight-Lipped Sheriff Faces a Maddening Case - The New York Times

French schoolgirl, 10, 'beaten up for being Jewish after classmates taunt her for days' : news

A 'Sonic Attack' on Diplomats in Cuba? These Scientists Doubt It

Google uncovers Russian-bought ads on YouTube, Gmail and other platforms - The Washington Post ("uncovers" shit they covered up)

Bob Corker just confirmed it: Republicans know Trump is unfit - The Washington Post -- "on the path to World War III"
Corker's Blast at Trump Has Other Republicans Nodding in Agreement
The Daily 202: Bob Corker tirade encapsulates five reasons why Trump has failed at governing - The Washington Post
Republican's Guide to Presidential Etiquette

Our economic cannibalism - The Washington Post - The spoils society advances.

Newly disclosed email sheds light on Trump Jr. meeting with Russian lawyer - The Washington Post

It's not the cost of Pence's trip that was galling. It was the preparation for it.

Jerry Jones gives Cowboys players ultimatum: Stand for anthem or sit for game : news
ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Pandering to Conservatives - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Model Outs Dolphins Coach Snorting Coke as Revenge Over Anthem Protests : news - That guy destroyed his life in 55-seconds. I guess coke does make you better at everything.

Trump's popularity is slipping in rural America: poll (suckers, but they still support him)

Feinstein says she is running for reelection | TheHill - Feinstein, who is 84, has been tight-lipped for months over whether she would seek a fifth term.

The mainstreaming of right-wing extremism - The Washington Post - but they said the John Birch Society was extreme, too

Anti-Semitism' Rise Gives The Forward New Resolve

Born That Way - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The showrunners are giving us the backstory of Trump henchman and white nationalist douche Stephen Miller

Making White Nationalism Respectable - Lawyers, Guns & Money (remember Dan Lyons?)
It's bad and it matters: the problem with "Mill All Normies" (nazi's were tumplr's fault)
Normietivity: A Review of Angela Nagle's Kill all Normies

Twitter shuts down Blackburn campaign announcement video - over a statement the abortion rights opponent makes about the sale of fetal tissue for medical research.

EXCLUSIVE: Meryl Streep Speaks Out Against Harvey Weinstein | HuffPost (she had no idea, she said) ) /a>
Lena Dunham: Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of the Men - The New York Times
Meryl Streep says she's 'appalled' by allegations against Harvey Weinstein: 'The behavior is inexcusable' (no one believes her)
Report: Matt Damon helped kill earlier New York Times story about Harvey Weinstein - The Boston Globe
Ex-New York Times editor dismisses claim the paper spiked Harvey Weinstein allegations - POLITICO - Former Times reporter Sharon Waxman suggested the Hollywood mogul pressured the paper in 2004.
Exclusive: Judi Dench, Who Had Harvey Weinstein 'Tattoo' on her butt, says sexual harassment reports are 'horrifying' -- Whilst there is no doubt that Harvey Weinstein has helped and championed my film career for the past 20 years, I was completely unaware of these offenses which are, of course, horrifying, and I offer my sympathy to those who have suffered, and wholehearted support to those who have spoken out
'SNL' Prepped Jokes About Harvey Weinstein, Then Shelved Them
'Harvey Weinstein's Media Enablers'? The New York Times Is One of Them The paper had a story on mogul's sexual misconduct back in 2004 -- but gutted it under pressure tracked down the man who held the plum position of running Miramax Italy. According to multiple accounts, he had no film experience and his real job was to take care of Weinstein's women needs, among other things. (like cocaine)
I'd like to thank John Oliver for being the only late night host with morals and balls for going after Harvey Weinstein. : television

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) : television

I Miss the Old Megyn Kelly - The New York Times

Dirty John Podcast : BPDlovedones
He Was the Man of Her Dreams. Then the Red Flags Piled Up: Longform
Dirty John - fascinating multi-part story about a textbook narc : narcsinthewild
Dirty John : podcasts
This part of 'Dirty John' completely affirmed that he was BPD for me... : BPDlovedones
Dirty John Podcast. Spoilers Inside. : TrueCrime
When the borderline mother's motto is "Life is too hard"

'Alzheimer's Tsunamai' Alongside Medicaid Cuts Leaves Dementia Patients With Vanishing Options -- Many caregivers worry about affording nursing home care for patients if Medicaid funding continues to tighten in Iowa. (keep voting Reublican, you idiots)

Sandra Kreis, Stephen Lacey - The New York Times

Harvard in a stealthy courtship to find its next leader - The Boston Globe - it is safe to say that Harvard probably defines the far end of that spectrum

Free MIT Course Teaches You to Watch Movies Like a Critic : movies

How Kurt Vonnegut Found His Voice and His Themes - The New York Times

Fecal transplant from lean donors helps obese with insulin sensitivity (eg diabetes) : science

Are Sociopaths aware of their lack of empathy and other human emotions due to environmental observation of other people? : askscience
Confused About Successful Jerks? Get to Know the Dark Triad | Psychology Today - narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy.
Hare Psychopathy Checklist - Dictionary definition of Hare Psychopathy Checklist | FREE online dictionary
Office Hours: Psychopathy - YouTube
How to Identify a SOCIOPATH - YouTube

What is the worst thing you've ever seen happen at a wedding? : AskReddit
Besides r/NSFW and r/GoneWild, what are the best NSFW subs? : AskReddit

No law could have prevented Vegas shooting, Feinstein says - The Washington Post
The Rules of the Gun Control Debate - The Atlantic - The rules for discussing firearms in the United States obscure the obvious solutions.

Putin's Russia, guided by its totalitarian past, has no future (those are some weird genes)

Trump: I want to focus on North Korea not 'fixing somebody's back' (his gigantic brain can only handle one thought at a time)

Corker calls White House 'an adult day care center' in response to Trump's latest Twitter tirade
Trump's tweetstorm against Corker may cost him a key policy ally

In a switch, GOP deserts its budget-cutting mantra - The Washington Post (oh, youi believed us when we said we cared so much about the deficit? hahahahah suckers)

Trump's golf clubs in Scotland lost more than $24 million in 2016

Trump Is Filling Court Seats With Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Judges | HuffPost - speed in nominating judges has been perhaps the most successful aspect of his presidency.

Erik Prince, Blackwater Founder, Weighs Primary Challenge to Wyoming Republican - The New York Times< (evil in plain sight) /a>

Trump says he directed Pence to walk out of game if 49ers protested during national anthem - The Washington Post (PR stunt)
Eric Reid: Vice President's visit was a P.R. Stunt -- 49ers safety Eric Reid, who began kneeling alongside Colin Kaepernick more than a year ago, subscribes to that theory. (and is very smart)

Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports - The New York Times
Harvey Weinstein Is the (Whispered) Talk of Hollywood - The New York Times
Attorney Lisa Bloom Planned To Discredit Harvey Weinstein's Accusers: Report | HuffPost (reputation forever tainted)
Eschaton: Gonna Be Hard To Recover From That One
SNL mocks everyone -- but remains silent on Harvey Weinstein
SNL's Lorne Michaels reveals why he didn't roast Weinstein | Daily Mail Online

Swing-District House Democrat Announces Retirement in New Hampshire -- Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) announced her surprise retirement on Friday

The intersex rights movement is ready for its moment | The Washington Post - THEIR TIME -- After generations in the shadows, the intersex rights movement has a message for the world -- We aren't disorded and we aren't ashamed

Video shows Charlotte man had arms raised when police shot him - Story : news

Fired/Rehired: Philadelphia had to rehire an officer who shot three people in three years - Washington Post
Lawsuit: Teen expelled for sitting for Pledge of Allegiance : news - It seems strange that it took almost a week for someone at the school to figure out that the supreme court ruled on this in 1943. (+"Those who begin coercive elimination of dissent soon find themselves exterminating dissenters. Compulsory unification of opinion achieves only the unanimity of the graveyard."

Los Angeles Times Newsroom, Challenging Tronc, Goes Public With Union Push - The New York Times (they fired good people who cared about the paper because that's why)

Federal judge says Brevard not allowing atheists to give invocations is unconstitutional - actions violate both the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution.
Pa. rehab CEO accused of selling heroin and fentanyl |

Court: Movie theaters must accommodate deaf-blind patrons : news

Baby girl loses fight for life nine days after after drinking herbal oil : news

The glorious rise and fall of a safe space : bestof
kokomalo comments on Restaurant thinks this is a good idea
Cup it Up owners apologize for politically charged Facebook post | Local news | -- "Those who 'take a knee' and lash out in our community at our freedom must witness our strength and our voice in our community. Do not surrender to enslavement."

The Doors defined California cool in the '60's

Don't Get Too Comfortable at That Desk -- And at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, scientists found that well-ventilated offices can significantly improve a person's ability to perform challenging tasks like developing strategy or responding to a crisis.

Weekend Box Office: Blade Runner 2049 Crashes with Disappointing $31.5 Million xsy
Men of Reddit, what's the weirdest thing that turns you on? : AskReddit
New Serotonin Study Suggests Psychedelics May Effectively Treat Mental Illness : science
Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics

ELI5: Usage of muscles and broken bones recover stronger, why does muscle, ligament and tissue damage recover weaker? : explainlikeimfive

TIL the gender-neutral "they" was used as the 3rd person singular in English until about 1800, when "he" and "she" became widespread to make English more like Latin : todayilearned

Women of Reddit, what's weirdest thing that tuirns you on?
Wore this hat in Wallmart : insanepeoplefacebook
This kid got caught drinking at a party and was interviewed by a local news station, he brought his own microphone... : funny
gotthelowdown comments on Men, If a woman was to ask you on a date, how would you prefer she do so?

CNN's Ana Cabrera smacks down Republican congressman pushing fake news about Vegas shooting

Car hits pedestrians outside London museum; some injured - The Washington Post - He was laughing.

ISIS Sympathizers Planned to 'Create the Next 9/11' With Attacks on Concerts, Subways & Times Square: Feds "MY needs to fall"

Police find head and legs of journalist believed slain on submarine - The Washington Post - In plastic bags weighted with metal, they found her severed legs, according to the Associated Press. They also brought up her head, which showed no signs of fracture by a hatch or otherwise. (comment: " Hannibal Lecter meets Captain Nemo.")

Equifax Collects Your Data, and Then Sells It

Collusion and the Trump Dossier ... f the Trump dossier is a tissue of lies, why are the Justice Department and FBI, now controlled by Trump appointees, concealing information about it? (+congressfucks like Grassley)

Fake Texas Facebook group created by Russians stir up hatred in Houston : news

Worried About Trump's Mental Stability? The Worst Is Yet to Come.
Watergate legend Carl Bernstein reveals GOP Congress has 'lost confidence' in Trump's fitness for office
'He's been compromised' : Rob Reiner explains to 'AM Joy' why Trump is a 'national security issue'

Eschaton: Scandals Snowball - Obviously I don't have any real sympathy for any of these people, but once the press chomps on a scandal they keep finding new angles. -- NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry took a chartered jet to Ohio last week, according to an airport management company, the day before fellow Cabinet member Tom Price resigned over his use of private charter flights for government business. -- if not for the Price story there would be no Perry story.

Ivana Trump speculates Ivanka could run for president | TheHill (Ivanka, 2024!)

Shifting attitudes among Democrats have big implications for 2020 - The Washington Post - In 2008, not one of the major candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination advocated legalizing same-sex marriage. By 2016, not one of those who sought the nomination opposed such unions

64 Hours In October: How One Weekend Blew Up The Rules Of American Politics | HuffPost (Barry and Hillary fucked the country)

Here's How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled White Nationalism Into The Mainstream (your liberal media at work)
It shouldn't surprise anyone that Breitbart had help from mainstream media -- also Mitchell Sunderland, a senior staff writer at Broadly, (so some woman-hating dude at the "women's channel" of Vice is "mainstream media)
'Vice' fires 'Broadly' senior writer Mitchell Sunderland -- Vice has cut ties with a senior writer from its feminist vertical Broadly ("vertical)

Eschaton: The Bigger Issue - s over the past several decades, our discourse progressed something like this: ... Nazis: hey, uh we're Nazis.Sensible center: No, I really don't think you are. Nazis: No, really, we're fucking Nazis. Heil Hitler! Check out my Nazi tattoos! We're Nazis! Sensible center: This is disturbing, but Stalin was bad, too, so, really, both sides.

Eschaton: Obummer - As I said, Obama fucked up and a lot of people suffered and we are still suffering from this (also, politically). JPMorgan, it appears, was running an elaborate shell game. In the depths of the financial collapse, the bank had unloaded tens of thousands of toxic loans when they were worth next to nothing ... homeowners were exploited, investors were defrauded, and communities were left to battle the blight caused by abandoned properties. JPMorgan, however, came out hundreds of millions of dollars ahead, thanks to using other people's money

The 'Resistance' Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics

Eschaton: Lovable Uncle Joe Is So Stupid -- "Guys, the wealthy are as patriotic as the poor. I know Bernie doesn't like me saying that, but they are." (fuck off Biden, you are Hillary squared)
Eschaton: The Political System Worked - Not quite sure it did? (Joe-Bi has lots of experience reaching across the aisle to work with white supremecist segregationists! when politics worked!)
No to Joe - Lawyers, Guns & Money - . And lest we forget why Biden is completely unacceptable in 2020, one reason is that he openly longs for the day of segregationist Democratic senators.
Eschaton: The Liberal Media - One weird assumption that is so ingrained is that even fairly liberal people believe that journalists who aren't explicitly conservative (conservative pundits working in "the liberal media" or journalists working for explicitly conservative outlets) are liberalish.

A Steve Bannon Ally at the Broadcasting Board of Governors Believes There's a Massive Pro-Cuba Conspiracy Afoot

The Party of Moore, Revisited - Lawyers, Guns & Money - pretty clear that Roy Moore has no place in the Republican Party.

Leaked FBI report sees rising violent threat from 'black identity extremists' : news

Latinos and Whiteness - Lawyers, Guns & Money - : how whiteness might include Latinos in the future. We know now, thanks to scholars going back to Theodore Allen and greatly expanded up by David Roediger and many others, that whiteness is an invented idea that is also a shapeshifter, constantly changing forms in response to growing power by some ethnic groups defined against other groups, especially African-Americans.

Both Sides Do It, But the Democrat Party is Not Only More Neoliberal But Also More Kinky - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Chris Cillizza has had a problem of late. Donald Trump is so extreme that his Both Sides Do It mantra has suffered. Thank God Harvey Weinstein has stepped into the breach! It's obvious that a rich Democratic Party donor being a sexist creep and the Republican president of the United States being a serial sexual harasser and assaulter shows that the Democratic Party is uniquely corrupt and this deserves our attention. (Cillizard)

Third Of The Weinstein Company Board Resigns Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations: Reports | HuffPost - The resignations from the board, which consists of all men, comes a day after an explosive New York Times article.
Harvey Weinstein Will Reportedly Be Suspended From His Company | HuffPost
TV Journalist Says Harvey Weinstein Masturbated In Front Of Her | HuffPost (men and their dicks)
Hollywood mostly silent on Weinstein allegations - CNN
How Harvey Weinstein Has Tried to Discredit His Alleged Victims - The movie mogul, who stands accused of decades of sexual harassment allegations, has only made things worse with his statements.
Lisa Bloom quits Harvey Weinstein's team : news (once the shit hit the fan)
Lisa Bloom, Lawyer Advising Harvey Weinstein, Resigns Amid Criticism From Board Members - The New York Times -- He pointed to a business deal she had previously reached to have Mr. Weinstein turn a book she had written into a television series. (of course)

Disturbing allegations of sexual harassment in Antarctica leveled at noted scientist | Science | AAAS - A COLD CASE : Years ago, two women allege, their team leader sexually harassed them in Antarctica. Now they are taking action -- Boston University (BU) is investigating sexual harassment complaints made against a prominent Antarctic geologist by two of his former graduate students. The women allege that David Marchant, then an assistant professor, harassed them during different research expeditions starting 2 decades ago, while they were isolated in small groups in the Antarctic ... Marchant, 55, now a department chair at BU (of course +sciencemag has no comments)

We all need a minute to talk about how creepy Nelly's live performance was last night : videos
Rapper Nelly arrested for alleged rape on tour bus after White River concert | Q13 FOX News
Nelly Arrested for Rape : Music

Oregon pays out $85 million in pot taxes to school fund, cops, other services : news (someone call Jason Lewis and the MA legislature)
Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Mortality | Law and Medicine | JAMA Internal Medicine | The JAMA Network - Conclusions and Relevance Medical cannabis laws are associated with significantly lower state-level opioid overdose mortality rates. Further investigation is required to determine how medical cannabis laws may interact with policies aimed at preventing opioid analgesic overdose.

Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California : news
Man with HIV tried to infect partners he met on Grindr, court told | UK news : news

Michigan rapist gets joint custody : news
Teacher Alice McBrearty jailed for sex with pupil : news
Police: Day care worker in wheelchair allegedly caught raping baby in Florida Chick-fil-A bathroom : news
Parents of Malnourished Iowa 16-Year-Old Who Weighed 56 Pounds When She Died Are Charged with Murder : news

Phoenix man posts photos of giving up his guns, gets death threats : news

Newspaper exposed the dark web's largest child sexual abuse forum. It was run by the police. : technology

Blade Runner 2049 should send us back to Tarkovsky's Stalker

?Perpetrators of genocide say they're 'good people' Rather than acknowledging the bad things they had done, the defendants often tried to talk about their traits and actions that proved what good people they are.

TIL researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison nfected volunteers with a cold virus and instructed them to kiss sixteen healthy test subjects on the mouth for at least one minute using whichever technique was "most natural." The result: just one confirmed infection.

TIL on the Faroe Islands, The male Y chromosomes of the population are of 87% Scandinavian descent, while the female X chromosomes are of 84% Scottish/Irish descent. : todayilearned
Humans Today Have Even More Neanderthal DNA Than We Realized : science

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder in the US, with about one in 68 children born on the spectrum. Taking multivitamins during early pregnancy may be associated with a reduced risk of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children compared with mothers who do not take multivitamins. : science

New NASA study shows Moon once had an atmosphere : science

Anthony Fantano (theneedledrop) defends himself against a recent hitjob in The Fader : Music

TIL that the swastika was and remains an important religious symbol throughout India, and even the word "swastika" means "conducive to well being or auspicious" in Sanskrit : todayilearned
Student 'forced to leave' university after saying extremist Islamic groups kill LGBTI people : news - LGBTQQIP2SAA.


Trump, during photo shoot, talks of 'calm before the storm'
That's Disturbing ... "what storm Mr. President?" "You'll find out," POTUS replied

The Cancer in the Constitution - The New York Times - One of the great disconnects of our history is how a nation birthed on the premise that all men are created equal could enshrine an entire race of people as three-fifths of a human being. We tried to fix that, through our bloodiest war and a series of amendments that followed. Not so with guns. The Second Amendment, as applied in the last 30 years or so, has become so perverted, twisted and misused that you have to see it now as the second original sin in the founding of this country, after slavery.

How Long Until We Debate Real Gun Laws? - The New York Times

Was anyone else in Stephen Paddock's hotel suite? Investigators probing : news
Armed with a new approach, police and medics stormed through the Las Vegas gunfire, saving lives - The Washington Post
Highland Park deli co-owner to leave family business after Vegas shooting tweet sparks outrage - Highland Park News
NYT conservative Bret Stephens: 'Repeal the Second Amendment'
Grassley concerned about FBI use of Trump 'dosssier' in Russia investigation ("concerned" because getting out of his control)

Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Group Opposing Nuclear Weapons - The New York Times - The group, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, a Geneva-based coalition of disarmament activists, was honored for its efforts to advance the negotiations that led to the treaty, which was reached in July at the United Nations.

Trump's decision on Iran nuclear deal could cause major breach with allies in Europe (Netanyahu/Adelson)

Inside the Saudi King's 1,500-Person Entourage in Moscow -- Saudi officials booked two entire luxury hotels and brought their own carpets and hotel staff with King Salman bin Abdulaziz on his historic visit.

Hamas flattens a 4,500-year-old archaeological site in Gaza | Toronto Star

What's a a Science Reporter to Do When Sound Evidence Isn't Sound?

Tillerson Summoned to White House Amid Presidential Fury - NBC News
Scoop: CIA director Pompeo considered to replace Tillerson - Axios (how they elevate themselves from crach-pot teaparty RWNJs)
Rex Tillerson at the Breaking Point | The New Yorker - Will Donald Trump let the Secretary of State do his job?

The FBI's New U.S. Terrorist Threat: 'Black Identity Extremists' -- Law enforcement calls it a violent movement. Critics call it racist.

Trump Administration Set to Roll Back Birth Control Mandate - The New York Times (so there will be more abortions to forbid)
Watch: Sarah Huckabee Sanders callously laughs at women who will lose their birth control - Shareblue

US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans' Financial Records

Democrats Should Not Intervene in the Brewing GOP Civil War - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Rep. Paul Gosar, who believes that Charlottesville was orchestrated by George Soros as a false-flag operation
Democrats look to wreak havoc in GOP primaries - POLITICO - With firebrand Republicans launching campaigns for Senate, Democrats see a chance to capitalize. (great pic of the Bannon demon)

Trump said 'despicable' Racist Comments About Blacks, Jews in Taped 'Apprentice' meetings, Claims Former Producer

Former Equifax CEO Richard Smith's realization that there is someone dressed as the Monopoly Man behind him during a Senate hearing : gifs
I'm the Monopoly Man that trolled Equifax -- AMA! : IAmA

How Ta-Nehisi Coates Gives Whiteness Power - The New York Times
Responding to Ta-Nehisi Coates - The New York Times - David Leonhardt -- . It does not seem to celebrate American values and demand that the country live up to them. It is less focused, without an obvious connection to police violence. It is more despairing. (said the white NYT guy)

"A staggering 98 percent of the current $39-million contract Adidas has with the University of Louisville has been paid to men's basketball coach Rick Pitino" : news

How Power Insulates Itself From Accountability - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Really good piece by Rebecca Traister about how Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment lay hidden to the public despite being in plain sight to insiders:
The Biggest Bombshells in the Harvey Weinstein Report
Will Liberals Give Weinstein the O'Reilly GTreatment?
A great moment in Sleazeland: Harvey Weinstein: Clinton Friend, Fundraiser, Sexist Pig
Why the Harvey Weinstein Sexual-Harassment Allegations Didn't Come Out Until Now -- By Rebecca Traister
Gloria Allred: Unlike My Daughter, I Wouldn't Have Chosen to Represent Harvey Weinstein

Don't Call It 'Toxic Maculinity.' They're Sociopathic Baby-Men

'Honest Trailers' Creator Andy Signore Suspended From ScreenJunkies after multiple women come forward with allegations of harassment : movies
Andy has officially been suspended from Screen Junkies effective immediately. : ScreenJunkies
ScreenJunkies on Twitter: ""

Inside Tim Murphy's reign of terror -- The anti-abortion lawmaker's abortion scandal was just the tipping point. Former aides say abuse inside his office was rampant. (psychotic Republican assholes will be assholes)
The Flagrant Sexual Hypocrisy of Conservative Men - The New York Times

The judge called it rehab, but it ended up being a 'slave camp' in Oklahoma : news

TIL during the 51 day siege by the FBI on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, the FBI used sleep deprivation to try to force the suspects out. This included around the clock broadcasts of jet planes, screams from rabbits being slaughtered and "These boots were made for walking" : todayilearned

Video shows Utah police fatally shooting man from behind as he fled | US news | The Guardian - in case of Patrick Harmon, 50, who was pulled over for cycling without a light

Winner sues Colorado lottery for millions over fixed jackpot : news

Georgia sheriff, deputies indicted after body searches of 900 high school students - The Washington Post -- Jeff Hobby of Worth County, Ga (is a creepy little pervert should be on sex-offender list)

Cops Keep Parking in Bike Lanes, For They Are the Law | Village Voice

Vice Reporter Slammed for Sexist Breitbart Emails -- Sunderland is a senior staff writer for Broadly, Vice's women's channel ..."Please mock this fat feminist" ... Update 10/6 at 3 p.m.: Mitchell Sunderland has been fired from Vice, Splinter reports (hahaha)

Sam Has the Worst Date Ever on Better Things

How It Felt to Live Through My First Manic Episode

The Secret to Marriage Is Never Getting Married - The New York Times

Steven Pinker tells great anecdote on profanity : videos

Scientists have found the first evidence that the human brain uses a lymphatic system to drain waste and fluid from itself. : science

TIL Jews are often associated as scheming merchants who love money because in the Middle Ages Christians were forbidden to lend out money with interest, Jews were not. : todayilearned

TIL that the word "girl" was originally a gender neutral term for a child, and that boys were called "knave girls" and girls were called "gay girls". : todayilearned

Scientists built a strontium clock that is so precise, out of every 10 quintillion ticks only 3.5 would be out of sync -- the first atomic clock ever to reach that level of precision, that could help test general relativity and hunt for gravitational waves, as reported in Science.

11-year old destroys chess hustler in local park. : videos
Reddit, what's your favourite Greek myth? : AskReddit
What was the greatest act of mass stupidity? : AskReddit
Redditor tells sweet story of smoking weed with an unknown Italian lady, talking her out of suicide and years later getting invited to her wedding. All because he answered a random public telephone that was ringing as he happened to be walking past late one night. : bestof
The Obsolete Man - A Twilight Zone story about a world superpower where logic is an enemy and truth is a menace. : videos

Russian government hackers used antivirus software to steal U.S. cyber capabilities - The Washington Post
AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years. : technology

Eschaton: I Knew It Wouldn't Last A Day - On Wednesday, the Trump administration indicated it has no current plans to take the unprecedented, politically dangerous and probably illegal step of wiping out the owners of Puerto Rico's bonds in the wake of Hurricane Maria's devastation ... The framing is wrong. The idea that this is "unprecedented, politically dangerous and probably illegal" is wrong on all 3 but of course this was never going to happen.

Samantha Bee Breaks Down America's 100-Year-History Of Screwing Puerto Rico | HuffPost

The Las Vegas Massacre Was A Ritual Sacrifice To The Second Amendment | HuffPost - mask comes off after the latest horrific mass shooting : O'Reilly: "This is the price of freedom," (it couild be 5000 virgins, or whatever)
Blood Pact With the N.R.A. - The New York Times
Las Vegas survivors furious as YouTube promotes clips calling shooting a hoax | US news | The Guardian (fake fake news for morons and Republicans)
Evidence Suggests Las Vegas Shooter Had Help, Sheriff Says | HuffPost
Las Vegas Strip shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, source says -- "Jet fuel itself sitting there in a big wet pile is very hard to ignite. You have to be a very amateur terrorist to think anything like that'
Las Vegas gunman planned to escape after massacre, sheriff says - CNN
Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock booked rooms facing Lollapalooza in Chicago
Stephen Paddock booked hotel overlooking Lollapalooza 2 months before Vegas massacre : news
NRA bans bump stocks at its own firing range - POLITICO
Las Vegas: Man who protected woman is a US Army soldier | Daily Mail Online
The ATF-approved 'goofy little doodad' used by Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock
The research is clear: gun control saves lives - Vox - Washington Post's viral antigun control piece gets a lot wrong.

French police arrest couple with rocket launcher and Kalashnikov near Marseille : news

Bright Line Watch Survey Report: Wave 3 | Bright Line Watch - The Health of American Democracy: Comparing Perceptions of Experts and the American Public
4 political scientists are tracking whether Trump is damaging American democracy - Vox - dysfunction, not authoritarianism. -- Bright Line Watch.

Partisan divides over political values widen | Pew Research Center
Partisan animosity, personal politics, and views of Trump | Pew Research Center
Views on race, immigration and discrimination | Pew Research Center

AP-NORC Poll: Just 24 percent say US heading right direction -- Overall, 67 percent of Americans disapprove of the job Trump is doing in office, including about one-third of Republicans.

Eschaton: The Daddy Parties - One of the deeply embedded myths is that conservatives are more responsible than liberals. I am not familiar with the coverage of politics of every country in the world, but I see this in the coverage of the politics of every country that I pay attention to. Liberals are irresponsible Utopians promising unicorns, and conservative are hard-headed realists ... Trump, Theresa May, Macron, Rajoy, and the decade of Austerity should change this narrative (and Obama, the other way, a little bit at least). But it never changes. (hey, Bush!)

Mueller's team met with Russia dossier author (maybe why Steele refused to meet with compromised Senate intel comm)
Trump Dossier Author Is in Talks With Senate Intel Committee - NBC News (and there we are)

Trump plans to declare that Iran nuclear deal is not in the national interest - The Washington Post

Eschaton: GibbertyFibberty - Pride in ignorance is a weird conservative disease. I don't think there was a golden age of conservatism, but this Limbaughesque "egghead!" stuff has been creeping in over the years ... "It may be simply my educational background" , the chief justice said of the studies before the court, "but I can only describe it as sociological gobbledygook' (it has math in it)
Justice Roberts said political science is 'sociological gobbledygook.' Here's why he said it, and why he's mistaken (Republicians make people distrust science, then claim sclence can't be used because people don't trust it)

John Kelly's personal cell phone was compromised, White House believes

Today Among Our Conservative Betters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As if to prove the wisdom of their colleague Justice Thomas, three conservative justices embarassed themselves at the gerrymandering oral arguments on Tuesday. The most egregious, of course, was Gorsuch:

Jeff Sessions Just Reversed A Policy That Protects Transgender Workers From Discrimination - The Justice Department under Obama decreed that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned transgender discrimination in the workplace. But in a new memo, the attorney general rescinded the policy.

Grassley: 'No way of avoiding' public hearing for Trump Jr
N.Y. assemblyman: Probe Cy Vance dropping case against Trump kids - NY Daily News

Trump pushes for Senate intel panel probe of 'Fake News Networks'in U.S. = "so much of our news is just made up-FAKE"
Burr on Trump tweet: Panel will hold media 'accountable' on Russia
Republicans want to make Russia probe go away -- but they can't
Russian propaganda may have been shared hundreds of millions of times, new research says - The Washington Post

Nearly six dozen flights on charter, military or government-owned planes by Cabinet members, mapped - The Washington Post

Bob Corker just told the world what he really thinks of Donald Trump - CNNPolitics - "chaos"
The Republican Party Isn't Cracking Up. It's Getting Even Stronger.

A Nrcissist's Guide to Helping Others Understand It Is All About You

Democrat Ralph Northam has claer lead against Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia governor's race - The Washington Post

Four years later, the IRS tea party scandal looks very different. It may not even be a scandal. - The Washington Post (Republican fake scandal of course)

Congressman suggests Charlottesville was George Soros-backed conspiracy -- Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar (extreme rightwing nutball)

Bernie Sanders and Larry David Finding Out That They're Cousins Is Kind of the Best
Democratic Debate Cold Open - SNL - YouTube

Man Whose Life Was Saved By Married Lesbian Cop To Speak At National Convention Of Anti-LGBT Groups - Joe.My.God. - Steve Scalise (R-La.)

I used to support legalizing all drugs. Then the opioid epidemic happened. - Vox (Obama's FDA screwed America)
The benefits and harms of marijuana, explained by the most thorough research review yet - Vox - A new report looks at more than 10,000 studies on marijuana. It has good and bad news for pot users.
How Obama quietly reshaped America's war on drugs ... Bill Clinton signed laws that pushed for tougher prison sentences and stripped prison inmates of much of their legal defense rights.

Hate for Megyn Kelly is Everything That's Wrong With America Today

Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein - The New York Times (check the Hillary pic)
Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Battling N.Y. Times, New Yorker Over Potentially Explosive Stories (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter
What Is Harvey Weinstein Really Apologizing For? - The Atlantic
Harvey Weinstein to Sue N.Y. Times, Says His Attorney | Hollywood Reporter
Former Obama Adviser Anita Dunn Helped Harvey Weinstein Strategize Before New York Times Story
Harvey Weinstein is accused of sexual harassment in explosive story, takes leave of absence - The Washington Post
Harvey Weinstein and Democrat's deals with Hollywood's devils (Malia interned with him and he bought Chuckie Schumer 20 years ago)
Harvey Weinstein Harassment Claims Put Obamas, Clintons in Tough Spot | Hollywood Reporter (bff's and fuck you Hillary, he's a creep, oh, that's why)

'Glee' Actor Mark Salling Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges | HuffPost - He could face up to seven years in prison.

Georgia sheriff accused of sexual battery over schoolwide search -- Deputies allegedly touched girls vaginas and breasts and groped boys in their groin area during the search at the Worth County High School April 14.
Ga. sheriff indicted for sexual battery in high school drug search : news

Death at a Penn State Fraternity - The Atlantic - Tim Piazza fought for his life for 12 hours before his Beta Theta Pi brothers called 911. By then, it was too late.

Man's Jack Daniel's flag mistaken for ISIS flag by 'worried' neighbors

Eschaton: How I Know My Dentist Is Good - At my first appointment he said "looks good."

Vampire breast lifts are the new beauty fad | Fox News
US lawmakers want 'stealthing' classified as rape

How exactly do DNA testing kits determine ancestry/ethnicities? : askscience

In modern mating, sex isn't the only thing that's cheap (women have to "raise" their men and author doesn't like gays)


Trump hails 'incredible' resp;onse in 'lovely' trip to storm-torn Puerto Rico
Trump says Puerto Rico's debt will have to be wiped out
It is Trump's s nature (can't fake decency)

Fox's Ed Rollins: 54-year old mayor of San Juan is "a very young woman" who is "overcome" by hurricane devastation

Las Vegas Shooting - Synchronized - First 10 Minutes : videos
Frantic switchboard calls, geometry of fire, led police to killer on Mandalay Bay's 32nd floor
Las Vegas Strip shooter prescribed anti-anxiety drug in June Las Vegas Review-Journal ... 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets
What kind of guns were used in the Las Vegas shooting? - The Washington Post
Who is Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend Marilou Danley? - The Washington Post
Las Vegas Shooting: Gunman's Girlfriend Meets F.B.I. in L.A. for Questioning, Official Says
Inside the Las Vegas Gunman's Hotel Suite
Meticulous Planning by Las Vegas Gunman Before He Opened Fire - The New York Times
The Las Vegas Shooter Didn't Just "Snap." They Never Do. -- Here's what helps explain the meticulously planned massacre.
Retract ed: Paddock's Girlfriend Used Two Social Security Numbers and Was Married to Two Men at the Same Time
A woman's iPhone stopped a bullet and possibly saved her life in the Las Vegas shooting : pics
The GOP's message on guns: It's not our problem, it's God's
Understanding the minds of mass killers like Stephen Paddock can't be blocked by politics
Survivors from California recount their terrifying escape from danger in Las Vegas - LA Times
clueless coverage of the Las Vegas shooting was perfect fodder for Trevor Noah
Vegas shooter had 200+ reports of suspicious activities, large financial transactions in casinos
Gun and self-defense statistics that might surprise you -- and the NRA -- So what conclusions can we draw from this? The notion that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun is a romanticized vision of the nature of violent crime.
Gun-packing Instagram star Dan Bilzerian mocked for fleeing Las Vegas shooting - The Washington Post (gunz and girlz)

Catalonia's Leader Seeks Talks to Resolve Standoff With Spain

Why people care about Valerie Plame and her anti-Semitic tweet - The Washington Post ("anti-semitic" = questioning Jewish neocon/AIPAC influence)

Kim Wall case: Decapitation videos reportedly found on computer of suspect in journalist's death - The Washington Post
Journalist Kim Wall's head is found.

tillerson's Fury at Trump Required an Intervention From Pence

Yahoo says every account -- all 3 billion of them -- was affected by 2013 breach (Marissa Mayer sat on this until she got her platinum parachute)

6 Fresh Horrors From the Equifax CEO's Congressional Hearing
Monopoly Man in background during Equifax Senate Hearing : funny
Someone dressed like the Monopoly guy is photobombing the Senate's Equifax hearing

Skilled and patriotic diplomats are leaving like never before in an exodus that is damaging the United States.

Facebook and Twitter haven't stopped Russia-backed RT from advertising on their websites -- Last week, Twitter turned over RT ads to congressional investigators
Facebook Fought for Years to Avoid Political Ad Disclosure Rules - Bloomberg (Facecrook colluded with foreign powers to undermine American democracy)

'Trump dossier' on Russia links now part of special counsel's probe: sources (maybe why Steele won't talk to compromised Senate intel)
Furious Republicans are working hard to make Trump's Russia scandal disappear
Senate Intelligence Heads Warn That Russian Election Meddling Continues - The New York Times ("hoax") xsy

Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud -- New York prosecutors were preparing a case. Then the D.A. overruled his staff after a visit from a top donor: Trump attorney Marc Kasowitz.

Kelly won't let Rohrabacher talk to Trump: report

Trump's coverup now makes sense -- In short, Trump through multiple avenues had ongoing contacts with Russians during the campaign, contacts which he, his aides and his relatives went to great pains to deny.

The Future of American Democracy Is at Stake at the Supreme Court - This Wisconsin gerrymandering case is fundamental.
Has Anthony Kennedy Been Pushed Too Far? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Does God Believe in Trump? White Evangelicals are Sticking with their "Prince of Lies" ... And many of them believe their mortal messiah is Donald J. Trump, long a sybaritic scion but now the man who has solemnly vowed to take America to the promised land of deregulation, tax breaks and resegregation.

The Trump Doctrine - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, we have the Trump Doctrine, fully laid out in this profile of Rex Tillerson utterly disastrous tenure in the State Department -- Everything else is details. Trump wants to blow up the world because MAGA, Tillerson is incompetent and evil, but not insane. That makes him insufficiently loyal, the only quality Trump cares about among his people, especially when Tillerson wants to talk to North Korea instead of tweeting at them or realizing that the Iran nuclear deal is actually a good thing, or at least something that should continue for now.

The Politics of Hope and the Politics of Realism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Too poor to vote: how Alabama's 'new poll tax' bars thousands of people from voting (/a>

More GOP senators willing to tell Trump to take a hike - POLITICO - An increasing number of Republicans have nothing to lose in crossing the president and Mitch McConnell

Eschaton: Oh Really - Democrats will still fall for this game next time they're in power ... Reporters should never listen to "deficit hawks" again now that they've all gone silent. But they will. The Bipartisan Committee To Starve Granny will be back.

The path to Trump 2020 is paved with Democrats' racist accusations -- White Middle Americans are sick of accusatory identity politics (and will vote for racists in retaliation)

Eschaton: Like Sands Through The Hourglass - They are all so full of shit. -- A text message sent in January to U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy by a woman with whom he had an extra-marital relationship took him to task for an anti-abortion statement posted on Facebook from his office's public account.
Rep. Tim Murphy, popular with pro-life movement, urged abortion in affair, texts suggest | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pro-Life Rep. Murphy Will Not Seek Re-Election Amid Controversy + CBS Pittsburgh (that was fast)
Murphy will go spend time on the bed he made - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Flip-Flopping on Free Speech | The New Yorker

Roy Moore's Facebook page shared inflammatory memes, article praising Russia's anti-gay laws

Republican Exemplifies De Facto Republican Position on Abortion - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up for Bombshell New York Times, New Yorker Stories ... detailing sexual allegations and improper workplace behavior against him. Some women making the charges are believed to be on the record ... Ronan Farrow, the former MSNBC host, is doing the story for the New Yorker (pic is revealing)

Woman gets $400K package of oxycodone; wanted yoga mat - WAFF-TV: News, Weather and Sports for Huntsville, AL

Despite fears that the legalization of marijuana might encourage use among adolescents, the rate of marijuana use among teenagers has dropped to its lowest point since 1994, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. : science

: Kentucky basketball fans harassed and threatened referee, lawsuit says

Pastor and wife face 25 sex abuse charges : news

At Milton Academy, more allegations of sexual misconduct surface - The Boston Globe - Six more former students at Milton Academy have come forward to say they were the victims of sexual abuse or misconduct by the then-head of the private school's theater program decades ago, the school said in a letter sent Tuesday.

How Building a Black Hole for Interstellar Led to an Amazing Scientific Discovery : movies

One of my favorite pieces of footage of all time: an 11-minute uninterrupted shot from a camera affixed to a trolley going down Market Street, San Francisco in April, 1906. 4 days later, an earthquake will destroy most of what you see here and kill 1/5th of the people. : videos

Drunk Wyoming man arrested, claims he's time traveled here from year 2048 to warn the town of aliens

In memoriam: Microsoft's previous strategic mobile partners | Asymco


US violated spy laws 'hundreds' of times in the past decade : technology

Puerto Rico hasn't updated the Hurricane Maria death toll in 6 days -- The outdated death count is a sign the government is broken.
Trump to Puerto Rico: your hurricane isn't a "real catastrophe" like Kastrina (and it's bad for his tax cuts)
Statement by Oxfam America President Abby Maxman regarding Puerto Rico Hurricane Response | Oxfam America
Trump says Puerto Rico officials should be 'proud' more hav en't died like in Katrina
Trump tossing paper towels into the crowd at a Puerto Rican church : gifs - If this is what he says out loud can you imagine what his inner dialogue is thinking?

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, says region's leader Carles Puigdemont : news

477 Days. 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action From Congress. - The New York Times

Las Vegas shooting: Gunman used cameras to monitor police as he carried out rampage - The Washington Post
Las Vegas shooting: Investigators find arsenal of guns but no motive - The Washington Post - Among the questions investigators still have: How a former accountant with a penchant for high-stakes gambling obtained a weapon that sounded to those on the ground like it could fire as an automatic, and how he was able to bring it and many other weapons into a Vegas hotel suite undetected.
Mass shooting in Las Vegas: How it happened - Washington Post
Aftermath of Las Vegas shooting : pics
Over 50 Dead, Hundreds Wounded In Shooting At Las Vegas Country Music Festival | HuffPost - It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.
Bannon warns: "end of everything" if Trump supports gun controls
Automatic Rifles Are Banned. Here's How the Las Vegas Shooter Could Have Gotten One
Nothing Will Change After the Las Vegas Shooting - The New York Times - By Steve Israel
: CNN scrambles to glorify Trump's Las Vegas speech
Mass shootings are an American problem. There's an American solution.
What Nevada's NRA's chief said when he found out about the massacre (the old can't legislate against evil line)
At his local Starbucks, Las Vegas shooter remembered for berating his girlfriend - LA Times
Las Vegas Shooter Wired $100,000 to Philippines Last Week - NBC News
Las Vegas shooting: Who is Marilou Danley? Reno friend says 'she is in the Philippines' ... Danley had worked as a high-limit hostess at the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa,
The White Privilege of the "Lone Wolf" Shooter
White Men Have Committed More Mass Shootings than Any Other Group< -- In the U.S., 98 percent of mass shootings and 90 percent of all murders are committed by men. /a>
'Lone wolf' : Our stunning double standard when it comes to race and religion

I used to think gun control was the answer. My research told me otherwise. - The Washington Post

Sen. John Thune (R.SD) blames shooting victims for failing to 'take precautions' and 'get small' to avoid gunfire
Republican senator blames the culture of "sanctuary cities" for mass shootings -- Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) ("sanctuary cities" are urban nightmare carnage wastelands)

Iraq War Veteran Helped Direct Cops To Vegas Shooter's Room
The Next Steps in Republicans Facilitating Your Death by Gun - Lawyers, Guns & Money
II cannot express how wrong I was' : Country guitarist changes mind on gun control after Vegas
Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas : television
'I just couldn't leave him' says Vegas bartender who held Canadian's hand as he died
Number's Don't Lie: White Far-Right Terrorists Pose a Clear Danger to Us All -- Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far-right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent). ... three to one
Here's What We Know About Stephen Paddock, The Las Vegas Shooting Suspect | HuffPost ... Authorities found 23 weapons in the room, including assault-style rifles and some arms that may have been modified in an attempt to convert them into machine guns ... Another 19 firearms, some explosives and thousands of rounds of ammunition were found at Paddock's home
Incensed Sean Hannity Says Talking Gun Control After Las Vegas Is 'Shameful' | HuffPost ... "despicable to politicize" -- the mass shooting with talks of gun control. (and because there is a "mass-shooting" every day, we'll never talk about, hahaha suckers +Hannity looking old)
Pat Robertson Blames Las Vegas Massacre On 'Disrespect' For Donald Trump | HuffPost - The TV preacher also blamed protests during the national anthem. (wierd-looking little demon)
A Letter to Law-Abiding Gun Owners - You have the power. Use it.
Las Vegas concert shooting prompts ESPN to change its mind about airing national anthem - The Washington Post

UN resolution condemns death penalty for same-sex relations - Out of the six, in four the penalty applies country-wide (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen), and in two (Nigeria and Somalia) it applies in certain provinces
The U.S. Voted Against a U.N. Resolution Condemning Death Penalty for LGBTQ People (Nikki Haley says killing some doessn't violate their "human rights" )
This Is Why The US Voted Against A UN Resolution Condemning The Death Penalty For LGBT People - The US just really likes the death penalty.

Canada father prepares lawsuit after province bars kids from riding bus alone | World news | The Guardian

Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case | The New Yorker

Mueller Tasks an Adviser With Getting Ahead of Pre-Emptive Pardons - Bloomberg -- Criminal law expert could bulletproof Mueller team's work

Senators expected to largely endorse intel report on Russian meddling, sound alarm about next election - The Washington Post
Exclusive: Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin - CNNPolitics (Zuckerberg colluded with Putin)

The Banality of Information Warfare - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Elizabeth Dwoskin, Craig Timberg and Adam Entous report on new revelations about Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election.

Supreme Court takes up Wisconsin as test in partisan gerrymandering claims - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Oh Really - Democrats will still fall for this game next time they're in power. -- The deficit hawks will return as soon as anyone suggests spending 5 extra cents on a school lunch. It's always been about the tax cuts. Reporters should never listen to "deficit hawks" again now that they've all gone silent. But they will. The Bipartisan Committee To Starve Granny will be back.

House to vote on abortion ban after 20 weeks of pregnancy - CNNPolitics
The House just passed a 20-week abortion ban. Opponents say it's "basically relying on junk science."
Sending Abortion Back to the States - Lawyers, Guns & Money

It's always the "dumb" scandals that trip people up, not the things that are completely scandalous. You know, it's worse to steal one toner cartridge than steal the whole factory. How could they not know this? (crooked Zinke)
EPA Chief's Calendar: A Stream of Industry Meetings and Trips Home (Pruitt)

DOJ releases overruled memos finding it illegal for presidents to appoint relatives - POLITICO - The legal opinion that cleared the way for Kushner and Ivanka Trump appointments reversed earlier advice (the old IOKIYAR)

Hundreds of White House emails sent to third Kushner family account - politico - White House officials are reviewing a third email account associated with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's private email domain (lock them both up)
Jared Kushner's personal email re-routed to Trump Organization computers amid public scrutiny
GOP Congressman Met in Moscow With Kremlin-Linked Lawyer at Center of Russia Investigation | Foreign Policy - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher met in Moscow with Natalia Veselnitskaya two months before she met with Donald Trump Jr. (that's what you call "plugged in")

Pundits: They Love Political Norms that "Both Sides Do It," Hate Accurate Descriptions of Republican Policies

Steve Kornacki on Twitter: "Promising to "make America great again," Bill Clinton declared his presidential candidacy 26 years ago today in Little Rock:"

This Is What It Looks Like When the President Asks People to Snitch on Their Neighbors

Republicans rage at Rauner - POLITICO - By signing a controversial abortion bill, the embattled Illinois governor has gone to war with his own party.

Seagal, a Michigan-born actor who became a Russian citizen in 2016 ... last week called the pregame protests "outrageous," "a joke" and "disgusting" (irony impervious)

NYPD Officer Suing James Blake, the Tennis Star He Tackled and Wrongfully Arrested : news

Over the past two decades, hundreds of Minnesota law enforcement officers have been convicted of criminal offenses. Most were never disciplined by the state. : news

Atlanta decriminalizes marijuana : news

Failure to vaccinate is likely driver of U.S. measles outbreaks, report says - The Washington Post
I was vaccinated against smallpox 40 years ago. Am I still protected? - Scientific American

ELI5: Why can't people who have had cancer in the past donate blood? : explainlikeimfive

New study finds strategy of replacing cigarette smoking with vaping would yield substantial life year gains, over a 10-year period yielding up to 6.6 million fewer premature deaths with 86.7 million fewer life years lost. : science

Zombie Drug in Brazil called 'Cloud Nine' : WTF

Kim Wall 'stabbed 15 times' onboard Danish inventor's submarine : news

Ikea has debuted an indoor farm that grows greens three times faster than a garden: "Called Lokal"

Lost Wormhole : funny
Women of reddit; what is something men do in bed that you wish they DIDN'T do? : AskReddit
Virgins of Reddit, what are your most inappropriate questions? [NSFW] : AskReddit

Uber Searches For Harmony After Board Limits The Power Of Its Former CEO


If Newtown Wasn't Enough, Why Would Las Vegas Be Enough?
Sandy Hook Senator: 'It's Time for Congress To Get Off Its Ass And Do Something' On Mass Shootings | HuffPost
Eyewitnesses Recount Gunfire At Las Vegas Shooting: 'The Shots Just Kept Coming' | HuffPost
At Least 50 Dead, Hundreds Wounded In Shooting At Las Vegas Country Music Festival | HuffPost
Marilou Danley: Las Vegas police locate female roommate of gunman Stephen Paddock : news
Active shooter at Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas : news
"Terrorism" in America
The Associated Press on Twitter: "BREAKING: Brother says Las Vegas shooter was multi-millionaire real estate investor."
Jamelle Bouie on Twitter: "That Las Vegas authorities have ruled out terrorism at this early stage is another example of how the idea has all but been racialized."
Stephen Paddock: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Las Vegas shooting: Woman told crowd 'you're all going to f***ing die' before attack started | The Independent - The mystery woman
Seth Moulton, continuing protest over gun control, will not participate in moment of silence | Boston Herald
Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts -- In the developed world, these levels of gun violence are a uniquely American problem.
Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting
Vegas Shooter's Father Was Armed Robber on FBI's Most Wanted List
Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock identified as gunman : news
Las Vegas Shooting -- Very, Very Strange | National Review
Far-right trolls are falsely naming Geary Danley as the Las Vegas shooter - The Washington Post
CBS fires lawyer for comments on Las Vegas shooting - The Boston Globe - CBS has fired a corporate lawyer who said on social media about the Las Vegas mass shooting that she wasn't sympathetic because "country music fans often are Republican gun-toters" (truth is not allowed)
When white men turn into lone wolves - The Washington Post
Tennessee man died saving wife during Vegas mass shooting : news

This Is How We Once Changed Gun Laws
America's First Mass Shooting Since Vegas - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ramon Casiano - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On this horrible day, it's worth remembering that Harlon Carter, the man who turned the National Rifle Association into a right-wing terrorist organization under his leadership in the 1970s, personally murdered a 15 year old Mexican-American kid named Ramon Casiano in 1931 by shooting him in the chest.
The Racist Roots of Armed Self-Defense - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Idiotic Right-Wing Defenses of Gun Ownership - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- No one ever said Kentucky governor Matt Bevin was the brightest bulb in the Republican factory, and that's a pretty low bar at this point. But this is just idiotic.

Angry That People Think He Doesn't Care About Puerto Rico, Trump Spends Weekend Golfing and Hate-Tweeting

I'm Jonathan Cheng, WSJ's Korea bureau chief. I recently returned from a reporting trip to North Korea. AMA! : IAmA

Special Report: HP Enterprise let Russia scrutinize cyberdefense system used by Pentagon

Republicans Angry Economists Find Their Tax Cuts Go to Rich -- On the other hand, it might just be the case that the Gambino organization commits a lot of crimes and TPC calculations keep showing that Republican tax-cut plans benefit the rich because Republican tax cut plans always benefit the rich.

'Nobody's in Control' ... no one ... has absolute influence over the unruly populist movement that swept him into office
Divert, Divide, Destroy - The New York Times

Does Even Mark Zuckerberg Know What Facebook Is? (Facecroook)
John Lanchester reviews The Attention Merchants: You Are the Product
Facebook Blocks Chinese Billionaire Who Tells Tales of Corruption - The New York Times
Russian Facebook ads showed a black woman firing a rifle, amid efforts to stoke racial strife - The Washington Post

Tom Petty Found Unconscious in Full Cardiac Arrest : Music

Brandeis professors, once 'mocked' for research, win Nobel Prize for Medicine

Men of reddit; what is the one thing you wish girls did in bed that they never do? : AskReddit
What's the coldest you've been?
ELI5:Why is Semen easier to clean with Cold water instead of Hot water? : explainlikeimfive


User falls into reddit rabbit hole and returns with OC gif of glacial recession near Banff over 93 years : bestof

Trump says Tillerson is 'wasting his time' trying to pursue negotiations with North Korea (Trump's time, that is)
Trump's Undermining of Rex Tillerson
The Risk of Nuclear War with North Korea | The New Yorker - On the ground in Pyongyang: Could Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump goad each other into a devastating confrontation? (yes, definitely, especially Trump becuase he can't be the non-psychotic world-leader in the room)

Afghanistan: What Troops Can't Fix -- At least three nearby states -- Pakistan, Iran, and Russia -- are now helping the Taliban (our troops can never fail, only be failed)

The Latest: Catalonia: 90 percent vote for independence
Catalans defy Spain, turn out for banned independence vote : news
Michael Stothard on Twitter: "Images that Madrid has been fearing as police uses force to remove young and old from voting stations. @FT"
[live] Catalonia Independence Referendum -- 761 citizens have required medical assistance due to Spanish police raids in #Catalonia today.
Photos from Spain during the Catalonia independence referendum vote - The Washington Post
Clashes during Catalan independence vote in Spain leave at least 300 people, 12 police hurt - The Washington Post
Live updates: Polls close in Catalan independence referendum | Euronews
Eschaton: Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit
Further Perversions in Social Media: The Catalonian Independence Referendum -- the top influencers, the key nodes, in the social media campaign for Catalonian independence are Assange and Snowden. Quickly followed by Wikileaks and RT. u

Eschaton: Delegation - There is something wrong with our system if it takes the president to give a shit for anything to happen in Puerto Rico. Trump is bad, we know that, but it shouldn't take Trump being good for this to happen. It should just happen automatically. Why didn't it?
Trump calls San Juan mayor 'ingrate' in propaganda war over Puerto Rico relief -- The White House narrative just does not match reports from the ground.
Trump heads off to golf trophy ceremony after a weekend spent attacking Puerto Rico - Shareblue - Donald Trump will have to tear himself away from one luxury golf resort to attend a trophy ceremony at another luxury golf resort.
Pentagon: More than half of Puerto Ricans without access to drinking water | TheHill

Puerto Rico is all our worst fears about Trump coming real - Vox - A real crisis comes and Trump can't handle it
Retired Lieutenant General: While Trump Golfs, San Juan's Mayor Is 'Living On A Cot' -- "And the president has shown again, you don't give a damn about poor people"
One Photo Stands Out After Trump Says Puerto Rico Wants 'Everything Done For Them' | HuffPost
Donald Trump Is Using Puerto Rico's Crisis To Push His War Against The Media | HuffPost
TIL Puerto Rico is 75.8% White, higher than the mainland USA : todayilearned

Myanmar refugee exodus tops 500,000 as more Rohingya flee (those nice non-violent Buddhists)

Terrorist attack in Edmonton. 4 pedestrians hit by U-Haul, one police officer stabbed. : news

How the military handles sexual assault cases behind closed doors - The Washington Post

At Trial, a Focus on the Facts, Not the Politics, of Benghazi - The New York Times

The Media Needs To Stop Rationalizing President Trump's Behavior -- His outburst on Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico shows that not everything is a clever ploy to rally his base.
Dem senator compares Trump to Marie Antoinette | TheHill

Billboard calling for Pres. Trump's impeachment goes up in California : pics

"Pretty safe bet": Former national security adviser warns Kushner compromised by foreign intel - Shareblue (lock up the little commie)

Steve Mnuchin: We're not cutting taxes for rich people. Bernie Sanders: Yes, you are.

On-duty NYPD officers 'handcuffed 17-year-old girl, took her to deserted spot and raped her' : news

Statue's Stolen Foot Reflects Divisions Over Symbols of Conquest

S.I. Newhouse Jr., Publishing Icon Who Ran Condi Nast, Dies at 89 - The New York Times

Who Killed the ERA? | by Linda Greenhouse | The New York Review of Books - Divided We Stand: The Battle Over Women's Rights and Family Values That Polarized American Politics (Reagan)

Kate Millett: 'Sexual Politics' & Family Values | by Judith Shulevitz | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books -- Let me state it plainly: Millett invented feminist literary criticism. Before her, it did not exist. Her urgent, elegant 1970 masterwork, Sexual Politics, with its wry takedowns of the casual misogyny and rape scenes that had made the reputations of the sexual revolutionaries du jour -- Norman Mailer, Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence -- introduced a new and remarkably durable idea: you could interpret literature in light of its gender dynamics ... What did her in was the revelation, also in Time, that she was bisexual. Her non-heterosexuality irked Friedan, who feared more than just about anything that Women's Lib might be tainted by the "lavender menace."

Megan Amram on Twitter: "here's an abridged version of the full list of food puns i turned in with my first draft of tonight's #TheGoodPlace episode"

THIS IS WHAT PROHIBITION LOOKS LIKE IN A LEGAL STATE - Inside the war against cannabis in Milford, which could have major Commonwealth-wide implications

I Want My 2.3 Bonus Years - The New York Times - The average age of a new father in the United States is 31 years, compared with 26 years for a new mother ... Where do 50-year-old men get this strange impression that they could date a 23-year-old?

TIL that extinction was only accepted as a fact in late 18th century after Georges Cuvier, the father of paleontology, disproved the old theory that it was impossible for species to go extinct because God wouldn't wipe out a species he spent time creating for his Divine Plan. : todayilearned

A_Dose_Of_Fucitol comments on Anti-vaxxer logic

What are we NOT in the golden age of? : AskReddit


San Juan mayor's harrowing plea: 'Mr Trump, I am begging. We are dying here' | World news | The Guardian
Trump called San Juan's mayor a weak leader. Here's what her leadership looks like
From Donald Trump, a New Low - The Atlantic - Trump Nation
Trump attacks 'nasty' San Juan mayor and accuses Puerto Rico workers of being lazy in vicious tweet frenzy ... "Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help. They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort"
'Get out of your golf course cocoon': NYC lawmaker shreds Trump for 'despicable' attack on San Juan mayor
Donald Trump Hits Back At San Juan's 'Nasty' Mayor Over Maria Response Criticism | HuffPost - "The Mayor of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump" (he loves talking about himself in the third person)
Lin-Manuel Miranda To Trump: 'You're Going Straight To Hell' For Blasting San Juan Mayor | HuffPost - "No long lines for you, they'll clear a path ... She has been working 24/7. You have been GOLFING. You're going straight to hell. Fastest golf cart you ever took" (prescient)
Lost weekend: How Trump's time at his golf club hurt the response to Maria
'Not enough' troops, equipment in Puerto Rico, says general in charge of relief
Trump Lashes Out at Puerto Rico Mayor Who Criticized Storm Response - The New York Times
Trump doesn't get it on Puerto Rico. He just proved it by lashing out at San Juan's mayor
Did President Trump add $33 million to Puerto Rico's debt by bankrupting a golf course there?
Mary Dooley on Twitter: "@MichaelSkolnik @Lin_Manuel @TIDALHiFi @rosieperezbklyn @angiemartinez @fatjoe @JLo @CarmenYulinCruz @djkhaled @NYGovCuomo @RocNation @Beyonce Sitting on your gilded throne, A constipated oligarch, Tweeting about players' knees, Squeezing out caustic remarks Send the jets you use for golf ..."

Red Cross Aid To Victims Of Halifax - British Pathi

U.S. in Direct Communication With North Korea, Says Tillerson - The New York Times
In private dinner, George W. Bush criticizes Trump's s decision to add North Korea to travel ban

With kids in tow, Catalonia's pro-independence parents occupy polling stations in mass act of civil disobedience
A Fight for Catalonia, Whatever That Means - The New York Times

Canadian police seek recalled Vatican envoy for child porn - issued an arrest warrant for the Vatican diplomat who was recalled from the United States in a child pornography investigation, accusing him of accessing porn over Christmas last year from a church ... Capella was a high-ranking priest in the Vatican's diplomatic corps

Russian hacker wanted by U.S. tells court he worked for Putin's party

Robert Mueller Is Facing His Biggest Question Yet: Should He Prosecute the Cover-Up Before He's Certain There's a Crime? Reince Priebus could clinch the obstruction case -- but that's only part of the picture
Special counsel investigators start questioning White House staffers | Fox News
Robert Mueller Subpoenas an Associate of the Man Who Hired Michael Flynn as a Lobbyist -- The special counsel wanted to question a Turkish businessman with interests in Turkey, Russia and the U.S.-- and ties to people with criminal records

NSA warned White House against using personal email - POLITICO - In briefings to incoming Trump aides, security officials highlighted the dangers of unsecured email and phones ... If Kushner did not adhere to the security precautions, it could lead to a significant security breach, the officials said, given his access to President Donald Trump and unique portfolio of responsibilities (Kushki is above your so-called "security procedures")
Kelly struggling to make sense of Kushner's West Wing role -- Trump has also questioned whether having his family members in the West Wing is creating too much noise.
Kushner may drive out White House counsel Don McGahn -- who is ready to resign ... Kushner is a top link in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe of possible Trump campaign Russian collusion and/or Trump administration obstruction of justice ... the fact his private email server has likely been compromised by foreign spies.
Bill Maher Goes Full 'CSI' To Connect The Dots Between Donald Trump And Russia

Trump Said His Administration Runs Like A 'Fine-Tuned Machine.' The Track Record Suggests Otherwise. | HuffPost - The shocking number of high profile departures call into question Trump's boasts of hiring only the "best people" (the worst of the worst)

The swamp rises around an administration that promised to drain it - The Washington Post

Bye-Bye! - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Every time one of these corrupt assholes is forced out, it's a victory for saving the nation from kleptocracy. I still think though the real reason Trump pushed him out is the failure to repeal the ACA. Which, good. (Price gone +more honest pic)

Trump kid's ski vacation incurs over $300,000 in security costs

Kap, Cops and Confederate Statues: a Better World Without Double Standards - by Frank Serpico
Local high school football players kicked off team after protest during anthem - Houston Chronicle
Local high school football players kicked off team after protest during anthem : news

U.S. Senate candidate charged with nine Montana hunting violations | Crime and Courts | - A Big Sky businessman seeking the Republican nomination to run against U.S. Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in 2018 is facing seven misdemeanor charges accusing him of trying to buy Montana resident hunting or fishing licenses as an out-of-state resident.

'The greatest drug fiends in the world': An American opioid crisis -- in 1908 ... Genteel "society ladies" dosed up with Laudanum -- a tincture of alcohol and opium

warning after babysitter allegedly gives infant a lethal dose of Benadryl
Mother who refuses to follow court order to vaccinate son: 'Most likely, I'll be going to jail' (religious freedom to be stupid +anti-vax Dumpster and RFKjr)
'I wish I could say I'm surprised': Ex blasts mom charged with abandoning kids to tour Europe
DC woman says she was beaten by group of girls in unprovoked attack : news

Current Affairs | Culture & Politics - Hugh Hefner was a tyrant who expounded a cruel and exploitative philosophy
Hugh Hefner Was My Enemy - The New York Times
(1) Refuse to Date Men Who Use Porn
The plutocratic logic of Hefner apologists - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Up Against the Centerfold: What It Was Like to Report on Feminism for Playboy in 1969
Hugh Hefner Wasn't Just a Creep -- He Was Also a Shitty Boss

Science girl Super Awesome Sylvia becomes a boy named Zeph who doesn't love science - The Washington Post

Marijuana arrests plunge in 2016, but racial disparity remains - The Boston Globe -- The arrest rate of black people for marijuana sale or cultivation was 39.3 per 100,000, seven times higher than the rate at which whites were arrested for the same offenses (why Jason Lewis want to spend all the tax revenue on cops)

Red Sox clinch AL East title

&pizza and Milk Bar to open joint restaurant in Harvard Square - The Boston Globe

Los Angeles' legendary palm trees are dying -- and few will be replaced | US news | The Guardian - A beetle and a fungus are killing off the trees that have become synonymous with the city, making way for trees that give more shade and use less water

Harvard panel steps back from ban of social clubs - The Boston Globe

The curious case of the alien in the photo -- and a mystery that took years to solve | Science | The Guardian

Gamers have an advantage in learning: Neuropsychologists let video gamers compete against non-gamers in a learning competition. During the test, the video gamers performed significantly better and showed an increased brain activity in the brain areas that are relevant for learning. : science

Hawaii approves telescope on volcano sacred to indigenous people : news

A computer model suggests that life may have originated inside collapsing bubbles. When bubbles collapse, extreme pressures and temperatures occur at the microscopic level. These conditions could trigger chemical reactions that produce the molecules necessary for life. : science

Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string - We used mathematical knot theory to analyze the knots

io9 founder explains how to write a novel set 125 years+ in the future : books

I asked my girlfriend how badly her screen was cracked after she dropped her phone... she sent this : funny


U.S. response in Puerto Rico pales next to actions after Haiti quake - The Washington Post
The Note: Has Trump had his 'heckova job' moment with Puerto Rico?

Heterosexuals Deserve Our Support - The New York Times - in the United States National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study, teenagers of lesbian mothers were reported to do better socially and academically than other teenagers, and had fewer problems with rule-breaking and aggression. (Australian survey)

Has Washington forgotten about us? One year passes with no US ambassador to Australia : news

ACLU challenges DOJ request for info on 6,000 anti-Trump Facebook users : technology
DOJ demands Facebook info from 'anti-administration activists' : news

How an Austin Ad Agency Helped the Alt-Right Rise Again in Germany

Trump's Deadly Narcissism -- In short, Trump truly is unfit for this or any high office. And the damage caused by his unfitness will just keep growing.
The Trump Fog Machine - The New York Times ... While Americans in Puerto Rico clung to life on an island without power or adequate water and food, Trump tweeted 24 times about football.

GOP tax plan would provide major gains for richest 1%, uneven benefits for the middle class, report says - The Washington Post Trump Could Save More Than $1 Billion Under His New Tax Plan - The New York Times

Beyond the daily drama and Twitter battles, Trump begins to alter American life

Private Emails, Private Jets and Mr. Trump's Idea of Public Service (you service them)
US health secretary Tom Price quits : news
Republicans suspend committee rules, advance Mnuchin, Price nominations - CNNPolitics (how crooked Price and Mnuchin got there in the first place)
Today In Republican Swamp-Draining - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Surprisingly for someone with his extensive history of corruption, Tom Price has turned out to be highly corrupt!
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Stuck Taxpayers For $12,000 Charter Flight | HuffPost
Zinke took $12,000 charter flight home in oil executive's plane, documents show
VA chief took in Wimbledon, river cruise on European work trip; wife's s expenses covered by taxpayers - Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin (they all do it)
Here's All The Expensive Nonsense Trump's EPA Chief Is Wasting Your Taxes On | HuffPost (Pruitt) u
Eschaton: Morning Thread - Derp de derp perfectly explains Price's offer to reimburse the government for his seat on the plane, but not the cost of the charter. I mean, what else can you say?
Chastened, Tom Price Tries to Deflect Anger Over Chartered Flights - The New York Times
Tom Price Wanted To Reopen His Department's Executive Dining Room, Sources Say -- The executive dining room was used as an event and meeting space during the Obama years.
Price took military jets to Europe, Asia for over $500K - politico - Accompanied by his wife, the HHS secretary journeyed to Geneva, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo and other cities for events.

Eschaton: Broder's Boy - Bush II was not very popular then he was. He kept us safe during the 9/11 attacks and was then very popular. Then "we" went to war and he was still popular. Eventually people realized that no matter how many Friedman Units we had, the Iraq war was bad. If you did not live through 9/11-2007 or so it is impossible to explain it to you. The Trump era - which is fucking horrible - is actually (so far!) much more sane and reasonable than that time. Only a few crazy bloggers understand this, but it's actually not debatable. This is just fact. People don't know how bad the Bush era was because most people tuned out. It was bad! Really really really bad! ... The black president was always unpopular, even when he wasn't.

The Berniecrats Have an Obama Problem
Bernie Sanders backers give Democratic incumbents a pass in 2018 - POLITICO - Republicans still facing intra-party heat.

Racial slurs written on doors of five black cadet candidates at Air Force Academy Preparatory School - The Washington Post
USAFA superintendent: "Grad your phones"

The Lawlessness of Roy Moore - The Atlantic - The would-be Alabama Senator has made it clear that neither facts nor the law matter to him. (son of Satan)
Jihad on our faith - Judge Roy Moore

A lot of people online pointed out that the photo with the burning flag was obviously fake because a fire would have set off the sprinklers in the locker room. (no thinking allowed)
The White House Said Trump's NFL Feud Is "Pretty Black And White" And People Took Notice (Sarah Fuckabee)
Snyder backs MSP director amid backlash over 'degenerates' FB post
A kid walked into a GameStop wearing a Kaepernick jersey. Two NFL players bought him an Xbox. - The Washington Post

Right-to-Lifers Look for a New Hostage for Their Demands

What Bullets Do to Bodies - Highline - The gun debate would change in an instant if Americans witnessed the horrors that trauma surgeons confront every day.

July marijuana sales in Nevada generate $3.68 million in tax revenue : news
Nevada sells $27M in pot in the first month : news

A Legal Industry Built on Private School Sex Abuse - The New York Times

Mom arrested after leaving four kids home alone as she goes to Germany for ten days : news

Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten's murder and Hugh Hefner's reaction - The Washington Post
Hugh Hefner was the ultimate enemy of women -- no feminist anywhere will shed a tear at his death | The Independent

The Kate McKinnon Report

Does fission occur inside of a star? If so, how far down the periodic table does fission occur inside of a star? : askscience

Casually Explained: Evolution IV - Hello Universe : videos

This Icelandic company has come up with an ingenious way to make motorists slow down : pics
John Mulaney's legendary skit where he talks about the time he and some friends trolled a diner with some Tom Jones tunes. {non-music video} : Music

Democrats are pushing a $40 billion plan to bring the best Internet access to rural America : technology


Trump Waives Jones Act to Speed Up Aid Shipments to Puerto Rico - Bloomberg
Trump's Katrina? Influx of Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria could tip Florida toward Democrats.
Mountains of Aid Are Languishing on the Docks in Puerto Rico - Bloomberg
Sealift, Airlift, and Distribution Infrastructure - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Puerto Rico's stray dog packs all killed by hurricane
Texas' War on Liberals Has No Limits - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Nice that the Texas state government is making sure very little money goes to Houston to rebuild. (red states attack their own blue cities that pay for their stupidty and evil)

CATALONIA REFERENDUM LATEST: Madrid pulls out the stops to block vote | World | News | - SPAIN has launched an all-out assault on the Catalan government with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, the prosecutor's office and the judiciary all making moves to block a binding referendum on independence on October 1.

Aether7 comments on How exactly did Equifax gather so much information about 140 million people without their consent?

FBI contractor jailed for leaking classified NSA report on Russian hackers attack on U.S. voting software supplier before presidential election. : news

DOJ Seeking Info on 6,000 People Who 'Liked' Anti-Trump Facebook Page (dissent is not permitted)

Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram
Zuckerberg Blew Off Russian Troll Warnings Before the Attack on America - Facebook has an ugly history of making Kremlin-friendly moves. (FB zuckerfucked America)
Twitter, With Accounts Linked to Russia, to Face Congress Over Role in Election - The New York Times
Russian-linked Twitter accounts stoked NFL anthem debate : news - The truth is the internet is teaching the biggest lesson ever in critical thinking and getting your information from many sources across spectrums, countries, divides and more.

Is the Steele Dossier About to Have Its Moment of Truth? | Vanity Fair - In a defamation suit, BuzzFeed is trying to compel testimony from James Comey or James Clapper to establish the document's centrality to the Russia investigation.
Enough is enough: How to stop Russia's cyber-interference

Russia warns U.S. over treatment of its media outlets - Sep. 28, 2017

FBI ceremony notable for its no-shows amid Russia probe - The Washington Post

Kushner didn't disclose personal email account to Senate intel committee

'Soon,' 'Very Soon,' 'Eventually': A Detailed List of Things Trump Said Would Happen

With Tax Cuts on the Table, Once-Mighty Deficit Hawks Hardly Chirp - The New York Times
A Boondoggle Masquerading as Tax Reform - The New York Times

Eschaton: Nobody Ever Cared About The Deficit - The simplest proof of the fact that almost every political reporter was either dumb as rocks, happy to be lied to, or, most likely, was on board with the ideology that government spending money on anything except war is bad, was that they took deficit concerns seriously. Nobody cares about the deficit (and, mostly, they shouldn't!) ... They don't care. They never cared. Republican presidents run up the deficit and Democratic ones bring it down, and after decades of this the Republicans are still the party of fiscal responsibility according to political journalists. Republicans hate spending any money for nice things and love tax cuts for rich people. That's it. I am a dumb blogger and I know this. You all get paid big salaries by our leading media outlets and you are stupid or liars.

Trump Misleads on Who Benefits From Tax Plan - The New York Times
Trump tax plan: His complete speech in Indy
You're Not Supposed to Say This Out Loud -- Deficits are just a talking point when Democrats are in power. -- If you want to spot the moment in time in which the Republican Party first rejected the empirical and embraced unreason as a political identity, don't look to the Religious Right, look to the day Reagan and his people took supply-side economics seriously. That's the first bowlful of monkeybrains that the GOP ate. That's where the prion disease first took hold

Trump's Explanation For Removing Sudan From His Travel Ban Is Cringeworthy | HuffPost (word salad)

Donald Trump Jr.'s Great Escape

Here's All The Expensive Nonsense Trump's EPA Chief Is Wasting Your Taxes On | HuffPost - That swamp is looking mighty cushy.

There Is No GOP Establishment or Base. Just Massive Resistance.

Court Strikes Down Kentucky Law That Forces Women To Undergo Ultrasounds For Abortions | HuffPost

Why the War Over Health Care Isn't Over -- John Cassidy
Lindsey Graham on Obamacare Repeal: I Had No Idea What I Was Doing (did he ever?)

Pro-Confederate activists held 'Secession Day' event at Roy Moore's foundation two years in a row (a consummation devoutly to be wished)
Roy Moore Failed to Disclose Massive Amount of Income on His Senate Ethics Form

How college hoops corruption became a federal investigation, and why it might get bigger - The Washington Post

50 immigrants arrested in Mass. as part of ICE operation - The Boston Globe

Why didn't TV networks show angry, booing NFL fans Sunday or Monday? | NFL | Sporting News
Louisiana high school will kick students off team if they don't stand for national anthem
Ozark Bar Spells Out 'Lynch Kaepernick' in Side-by-Side Jersey Doormats : news
FWdem comments on Daily Roundtable for September 28, 2017 - Kneeling during the National Anthem and Respect for our Country; in three parts.

Toddler Shoots 2 Children in Michigan : news
Northern California police officer arrested, accused of beating DUI suspect with baton : news
Husband charged in teacher's death had prior domestic violence arrest ... Investigators said she threatened on Aug. 31 to possibly divorce MacCormack, who was spending $400 t0 $500 weekly on cocaine. (still no mention of employment)

Hugh Hefner, Who Built Playboy Empire and Embodied It, Dies at 91 - The New York Times
Hugh Hefner once had a Playboy of Boston club - The Boston Globe
RIP Hef: The Man Who Had It All - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Judge Oks Playboy At Firehouse - tribunedigital-chicagotribune - 'Quiet' Reading Doesn't Violate Harassment Rules
Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine Founder and Star of Girls Next Door, Dies at 91 : television
TIL Hugh Hefner worked as a copywriter for Esquire magazine, from where he resigned in Jan 1952 after being denied a $5 raise. 11 months later, he published the first issue of Playboy, featuring Marilyn Monroe. : todayilearned
In light of Hugh Hefner's passing we should take a minute to appreciate the incredible authors that were published by Playboy: Kurt Vonnegut Jr, Jack Kerouac, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Garcma Marquez, Haruki Murakami... : books

Julia Louis-Dreyfus diagnosed with breast cancer | Page Six

Facing poverty, academics turn to sex work and sleeping in cars | US news | The Guardian

In Greater Boston, $1 million now buys you a fixer-upper - The Boston Globe

Scientists Say They've Found 'Oldest Evidence' Of Life On Earth | HuffPost - Traces of life were found in rocks dating back 3.95 billion years

Humans may have emerged as a distinct species as early as 350,000 years ago, according to a new study. DNA from the skeleton of a boy who lived in what's now South Africa may be the best benchmark so far for gauging when Homo sapiens originated in Africa. : science
Southern African ancient genomes estimate modern human divergence to 350,000 to 260,000 years ago | Science

TIL half of British women cannot identify the vagina on a medical diagram. : todayilearned
Bad Women's Anatomy: Sure I know!
Escher Girls

The Repressive, Authoritarian Soul of ' Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends' ... The Thomas the Tank Engine universe was the brainchild of an Anglican minister, the Reverend Wilbert Awdry

Belle Gibson, fake wellness blogger, fined $410,000 over false cancer claims - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Ikea has bought TaskRabbit - Recode - The Swedish home goods giant is looking for some digital help from the contract labor marketplace.

God Is a Bot, and Anthony Levandowski Is His Messenger ... founded a religious organization called Way of the Future. Its purpose, according to previously unreported state filings, is nothing less than to develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence. (of course your robot god's "messenger" would be a lying crook)


Twitter Appalled Over Trump's Latest Gaffe, "This Think Called The Atlantic" (his base loves stupid)
The Distance Between Donald Trump and Puerto Rico | The New Yorker - "We have been really treated very, very nicely by the governor and by everybody else," Trump said (that's their job)

Equifax CEO walks away with $18 million pension benefit

FBI has 1,000 open investigations into violent white supremacy, domestic terror: Agency chief : news

Bills to Protect Mueller Are Bipartisan, but the Path Forward Is Uncertain - The New York Times

Russian-funded Facebook ads backed Stein, Sanders and Trump - politico
Special counsel probing flow of Russian-American money to Trump political funds

Eschaton: Your Moment of Zen -- Trump on anthem protests: "To me, the NFL situation is a very important situation... I have plenty of time on my hands. All I do is work."
NFL is winning in fight against President Trump
A majority of adults disagree with Trump on firing athletes who kneel during anthem: Reuters/Ipsos poll -- 57 percent of adults do not think the National Football League should fire players who kneel. This included 61 percent of NFL fans who watch at least a few games per season. ... 29 percent of Republicans disagreed
The NFL couldn't keep Colin Kaepernick off the field
Nielsen: Football ratings off 11 percent this year

Eschaton: Well Then - It's insane all around but naturalized citizens are... citizens.

Did Someone Say...EMAILS? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The fact that the media spent 2016 obsessed with a trivial nanoscandal and ended up with an administration that was considerably worse even on that trivial issue as well as a huge array of character and substantive issues of actual importance is one heckuva job, Brownie
Maggie Haberman and Nate Silver Exchange Barbs Over 2016 Coverage | Mediaite

Eschaton: Guess I'm Moving To Alaska - Canada might be the *one place in the rich world* where the super super rich might be less than thrilled with the health care system, otherwise every other American would be thrilled to have Canadian health care, whether they know it or not ... Pence warns Alaska that if Graham-Cassidy fails, they could end up with the health-care of "a place called Canada":

Mike Pence comes up with dumbest argument against NFL players yet, and that is saying something - the use of "national" in the name of the National Football League means players must stand during the national anthem

Joke's over: Sean Spicer hires a defense lawyer with a particularly interesting set of skills ... specializes in white collar criminal defense and Congressional investigations, as well as issues related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act -- a law that bars Americans from bribing foreign government officials.

The Republican Establishment And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day | FiveThirtyEight
Alabama Senate Memo: Return of the Civil War and the Fall of Mitch McConnell
How Roy Moore's Win Roils Republicans
After Alabama, GOP anti-establishment wing declares all-out war in 2018 - The Washington Post
Trump, at war with everyone, mocks McCain, McConnell - Axios
Trump just endorsed a lawless bigot in Alabama.
Trump infuriated after backing Alabama loser - CNNPolitics
I'm Out of Empathy. I'm Out of Pity. I'm Out of Patience. -- Roy Moore is a lawless theocratic lunatic, and those who support him are destroying our democracy ... If you'd rather be represented in the Senate by a lawless theocratic lunatic, rather than a guy that finally got justice for four murdered little girls, well, you deserve anything that goddamn happens to you.

How Jared Kushner Is Dismantling a Family Empire | Vanity Fair - The somewhat allegorical tragedy about what happens when a small-town New Jersey scion tries to redeem his father's repurtation in a decade -- and may set his family back generations as a result ... In 1998, when Jared was attending the Frisch School and starting to look at colleges, his father had pledged $2.5 million to Harvard, to be paid in annual installments of $250,000
Schooley on Twitter: "Jared always looks like he's expecting a poison tipped umbrella to bump into him."
Today in the American Meritocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - According to the records held by the New York State Board of Elections, Jared Corey Kushner is a woman. ... "Kushner can't even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it's a mystery why anyone thinks he's somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East"

The most interesting part of Corker's retirement isn't what you thin it is -- In sum, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, which plays a critical role in everything from confirmation of foreign policy nominees to Russia oversight to treaty ratification, may wind up less effective and less willing to check Trump under Risch

A short history of Roy Moore's controversial interpretations of the Bible -- 86 percent of Alabama residents identify as Christian, and 49 percent as evangelical Protestants.
Moore Revisionism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Moore, a former state Supreme Court justice, had 55 percent of the vote to Strange's 45 percent
Roy Moore's victory makes Democrats think they have a chance in Alabama | McClatchy Washington Bureau

N.C.A.A. Coaches and Adidas Executive Face Bribery Charges - The New York Times (college sports are racketeering, people going to jail)
FBI brings Armageddon to college basketball, and it's just the tip of the iceberg
Eschaton: The Noble Pursuit Of Amateurism - So shocked (that there was an investigation).
rick Pitino 'effectivly fired' on unpaid leave amid Louisville FBI basketball investigation

This is what Jeff Sessions just said about free speech | PBS NewsHour

Georgia execution: US Supreme Court grants stay for Keith Tharpe - hree and a half hours after he was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection

Fire chief who called Mike Tomlin a 'n**ger' resigns -- and blames the media for making him look racist -- Washington County fire chief Paul Smith (
Director of the Michigan State Police : NFL players who kneel for anthem are 'degenerates' : news
Brockton official resigns after calling New England Patriots players 'monkeys' for taking a knee during National Anthem : news

Rolling Stone's Sales Pitch to Investors: Go Monthly, Slash Editorial Budget, Pivot to Video -- Jann Wenner and his millennial son capitulate to magazine reality.
Millennial publisher says comScore data showing a shrinking audience is wrong
The secret cost of pivoting to video - Columbia Journalism Review (fire you writers, destroy your content, have short bouncy videos that cost more money to make instead)

From breweries to GOP meetings, PolitiFact is on a quest to win over conservative America | Poynter (the problem is the "fact" part)

The Morning Politics of Megyn Kelly's "Today" -- As the first episode revealed, NBC has misread not only Kelly's alents but also the changing nature of our cultural wars.

Gloomy Don McLean reveals meaning of 'American Pie' -- and sells lyrics for $1.2 million

Off-Duty LAPD Officer Arrested in Possible DUI Crash That Killed Teen Boy, His Parents on 605 Freeway : news
Florida mom has affair with daughter's husband, attempts to run him over : news
Florida mom has affair with daughter's husband, attempts to...
Hospital workers accused of raping suicidal teenage patient : news
Former Tulsa Police Officer Acquitted in Killing of Unarmed Black Man Hired as Reserve Sheriff's Deputy

Upset: Democrat flips NH House seat in 2-1 GOP district - Kari Lerner of Chester defeats former Rep. James Headd of Auburn

Kids Make the Darndest Viral Videos - The New York Times

New STD cases hit record high in US, CDC says : news

Why We Should Think About the Threat of Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker -- How can you reason, how can you bargain, how can you understand how that machine is thinking when it's thinking in dimentions you can't conceive of?

What Happened Before History? Human Origins - YouTube

TIL a plane was grounded after a professor was mistook doing math and differential equations for designing a bomb. : todayilearned


Sunday political talk shows barely cover Hurricane Maria's ... devastation of Puerto Rico ... The entire island is without power, a dam is in danger of bursting, and Sunday political talk shows talked about it for less than a minute
Tweeters Tear Into Donald Trump For 'Blaming' Puerto Rico Over Maria Devastation | HuffPost
Nearly Half of Americans Don't Know Puerto Ricans Are Fellow Citizens (Hispanics don't know either)
Trump defaulted on payments for his Puerto Rico golf course, leaving the territory with a $33 million tax debt

Russian cannibal couple

The Madman Theory of North Korea | The New Yorker - Never before have two leaders in command of nuclear arsenals more closely evoked a professional wrestling match.
shAwn on Twitter: "@PaPeekaboo @brianklaas The old man is clearly in need of psychiatric help & a danger to society. Homeland Security needs to shut down his cable, internet & phone!"

Equifax CEO Richard Smith steps down amid hacking scandal - The Washington Post
Equifax CEO Richard Smith Resigns After Uproar Over Massive Hack - Bloomberg
Equifax C.E.O. Richard Smith Is Out After Huge Data Breach - The New York Times
Equifax CEO suddenly retires following an epic data breach affecting 143 million people : technology

Senate Judiciary tells CIA to hand over information related to Russian meddling - politico

Russian operatives used Facebook ads to exploit America' racial and religious divisions

Blumenthal: '99 percent sure' of Russia indictments -- Manafort and Flynn are among the Trump aides likely to face criminal charges, says the Connecticut senator and former state attorney general.

At Least 6 White House Advisers Used Private Email Accounts - The New York Times (ha-ha, libtards)
Use of personal devices widespread in Trump's West Wing

Jared Kushner's lawyer, fooled by 'email prankster,' offers window into private email controversy

Hillary Clinton Calls Kushner Email Revelations 'The Height Of Hypocrisy' | HuffPost (the word in not the Republican's vocabulary(

Today in America's Healthy Political Culture - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Senator Roy Moore appears more likely than not to happen:

You Are Jonathan Chait's Enemy -- Alex Pareene

Athletes Are Not Going to 'Stick to Sports' and That's an Admirably American Thing -- Charles P. Pierce
Bitter Right-Wingers Don't Like Black Stars Making Millions
Pennsylvania fire chief calls Steelers coach Mike Tomlin a 'no-good n*gger' over NFL protests

Corker - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the main significance of Bob Corker's retirement is that any Republican who is not completely cynical or completely mouthbreathing may find it not really worth it to stick around anymore. On the other hand, the idea that someone like Corker, who is a real wingnut, became an Officially Respected Senator is a sign of just how far right the Republican caucus has come

Trump Evangelical Adviser: NFL Kneelers Are Lucky They Aren't 'Shot In The Head' | HuffPost - says Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress.

Zinke: One-third of Interior employees not loyal to Trump (they will be fired)

Alabama Senate GOP frontrunner: Constitution was written to "foster Christianity" (here comes your satanic theocracy)

Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. Tried to 'Bump' Tiffany Out of Her Inheritance, According to Newly Released Recordings (as in 'bump' her off)

The Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in General Elections: Evidence from 49 Field Experiments by Joshua Kalla, David E. Broockman :: SSRN

How Fake News Turned a Small Town Upside Down - The New York Times

Eschaton: When The Tunnels Go - The states have agreed to contribute a total of 50 percent of the construction costs, but the U.S. government has made no commitment for the other half ... Eventually, no plan means no tunnels. And then...

America's Absurd Criminal Injustice Policy -- In 2016 more people were arrested for marijuana possession than for all crimes the FBI classifies as violent, according to 2016 crime data released by the agency on Monday.

How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege? - The New York Times

Why Education is a Limited Determinant of Mobility - The Atlantic - Education isn't the Key to a Good Income -- A growing body of research debunks the idea that school quality is the main determinant of economic mobility ... casting the United States not as a meritocracy but as a country where castes are reinforced by factors like the race of one's childhood neighbors and how unequally income is distributed throughout society ... higher minimum wages, the presence and strength of labor unions, and clear career pathways within local industries are likely to play more important roles in facilitating a poor child's ability to rise up the economic ladder when they reach adulthood.

RSC chief calls women in group 'eye candy'

So, Was the Old Megyn Kelly a Fraud, or is this New Version the Phony? | Mediaite

Twitter unleashes its wrath on Lena Dunham after she says Trump is basically Dylann Roof

Crash victim at center of Utah hospital arrest controversy dies : news

Hasidic Jews attempt to censor an in-flight movie : videos

Monsanto Caught Ghostwriting Stanford University Hoover Institution Fellow[s Published Word

Teen battles adoption agency after giving birth in Michigan without knowing she was pregnant : news

$1 million worth of magic mushrooms found in Berkeley home
Psychedelic brew called ayahuasca shows promise in the treatment of eating disorders : science
People of Reddit, what's the most Millennial thing you've seen somebody do? : AskReddit

B.o.B has started a GoFundMe to prove the Earth is flat - CNN - rapper B.o.B. (vanity stupid)

Elon Musk's Plan to Girdle Earth With Satellites Hits Turbulence -- the casualty risk was actually 1-in-5 for the whole constellation of 4,425 satellites. SpaceX in a filing said buildings will provide some protection, reducing the casualty risk ... working to make its satellites more likely to burn up when they re-enter the atmosphere (that's a plan)
Ex-NSA hacker drops macOS High Sierra zero-day hours before launch | ZDNet
Giving you more characters to express yourself


Puerto Rico governor 'We still need some more help' from Washington :
Puerto Rico's Agriculture and Farmers Decimated by Maria (no food)
An American Horror - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's almost impossible to overstate how dire the situation is on Puerto Rico ... Officials estimate it will take three weeks for hospitals to regain power, and about six months for the rest of the island to have electricity
What does an effective response to the disaster in Puerto Rico look like? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: The Tweetening - He won't shut up about sports and Puerto Rico is in crisis. Not enough people will care.

Is Trump All Talk on North Korea? The Uncertainty Sends a Shiver - The New York Times
Todo 'sta bien chivere - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In light of this, Ri said North Korea would take counter measures, including the right to shoot down US bombers flying over the Korean Peninsula, even if they did not enter North Korean airspace ... Thank goodness that war pig Clinton isn't in office

video footage of one of the most famous photos of the Vietnam War. And it changes everything.

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe calls snap election - BBC News - support has surged as rising tensions with North Korea have overshadowed criticism of alleged cronyism.

AfD disarray as Frauke Petry quits after German election - CNN - its chairwoman Frauke Petry walked out. She declared that she would not sit with the party in the Bundestag and said it had to address dissent within its own ranks.

Deloitte hit by cyber-attack revealing clients' secret emails -- hackers may have accessed usernames, passwords and personal details (more stupid)
Equifax acquired an identity protection company before making the hack public to profit from the theft. : technology

New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries - The New York Times

Facebook's Belated Awakening

The Only Way to Defend Against Russia's Information War (#1: kill Facebook and Fox #2: teach "thinking")

Just when you think Republicans can't get more irresponsible

Trapped by Their Own Lies - The New York Times - Republicans have spent years routinely lying for the sake of political advantage. (the Party of Satan always lies)

Poll on Graham-Cassidy Republican health care bill to repeal and replace Obamacare ACA shows most disapprove - CBS News

Americans back DACA by a huge margin (POLL) - ABC News - A vast 86 percent of Americans support a right to residency for undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children, with support crossing the political spectrum

Chiefs QB: Why is Trump condemning football players more harshly than white supremacists? | TheHill
Donald Trump Jr.'s Tweet Burns Roger Goodell, But Twitter Claps Back Harder | HuffPost

Kris Kobach's claim that there is now 'proof' of voter fraud in New Hampshire

Jared Kushner used private email for White House business : news

Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison : news

Violent Crime in U.S. Risse the woman is. for Second Consecutive Year - The New York Times - driven by increases in a few urban centers including Baltimore, Chicago and Las Vegas

This Day in Labor History: September 25, 1891 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On September 25, 1891, a battle broke out in Lee County, Arkansas, in the Mississippi Delta, between members of the Colored Farmers Alliance and others, both black and white, who opposed their organizing for better wages in cotton picking.

Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With Teenager - The New York Times

Sen. John McCain calls brain cancer prognosis 'very poor : news

Billionaires, Bruised Egos and the Death of a Grand Project - The New York Times

UC is handing out generous pensions, and students are paying the price with higher tuition - LA Times - Last year, more than 5,400 UC retirees received pensions over $100,000. Someone without a pension would need savings between $2 million and $3 million to guarantee a similar income in retirement.

Push for Gender Equality in Tech? Some Men Say It's Gone Too Far -- James Altizer, an engineer at the chip maker Nvidia. Mr. Altizer, 52, said he had realized a few years ago that feminists in Silicon Valley had formed a cabal whose goal was to subjugate men ... a radical subculture calling for total male separatism wsa the woman is emerging.

If marijuana is legally available, a lot of people with cancer are likely to use it, and even more are interested in learning about how it could help them during their illness, finds a new study in Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society. : science
New study shows areas with medical cannabis dispensaries see 20% drop in painkiller treatment admissions and reduced drug-induced mortality rates : science

University 'turned down politically incorrect transgender research' : news

Study links suicidal thoughts to brain inflammation : science

TIL that 96.5% of 19-year-old males in South Korea have myopia (near-sightedness). : todayilearned -- Myopia is caused by lack of exposure to sunlight, not screen use or close work,

TIL While viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman's eyes and lips over breasts or genitals. Researchers speculate that men look at women's faces to determind how "hubrm on" the woman is

Japanese scientists have invented a new loop-based quantum computing technique that renders a far larger number of calculations more efficiently than existing quantum computers, allowing a single circuit to process more than 1 million qubits theoretically, as reported in Physical Review Letters. : science
maccyjj comments on ELI5:How a Quantum Computer works, and why it is superior to our current computers.

Neuralink and the Brain's Magical Future - Wait But Why

littleboss37 comments on In 2009, an understudy for a trained opera singer only had 4 hours to replace her and to sing one of the most difficult to perform opera songs (The Doll Song). She ended up hitting the highest note to have ever been hit in the opera's history.
A lurker for two years, the first comment by /u/littleboss37 is to contextualize the video an Opera performance where the singer hits a high A-flat, the highest note to have ever been sung at the Met, because the video is of her : bestof
AVA Opera - The Doll's Song from "Tales of Hoffmann" - YouTube
Rachele Gilmore
What hobby screams rich people? : AskReddit
firewings86 comments on Stuck in the purgatory between being a charity/paid photographer. Looking for suggestions.

Sears's History Predicts Almost Everything Amazon's Doing - The Atlantic - One hundred years ago, a retail giant that shipped millions of products by mail moved swiftly into the brick-and-mortar business, changing it forever. Is that happening again?
Nothing Is Too Strange for Cities Wooing Amazon to Build There - The New York Times
Budget Bus Lines Flout the Rules With Little Consequence - The New York Times


Eschaton: And In More Pressing News - "There is horror in the streets," San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulmn Cruz said in a raw, emotional interview with The Washington Post. "People are actually becoming prisoners in their own homes." ... One little girl was standing barefoot with her family on a roof, which was littered with nails, he said. When he asked her to put on some sandals, she told him: "The hurricane took them."
If anyone can hear us help. -- Puerto Rico's mayors describe widespread devastation from Hurricane Maria (no infrastructure or disaster plan)

What the stunning success of AfD means for Germany and Europe | Cas Mudde | Opinion | The Guardian - The populist radical-right Alternative for Democracy (AfD) party not only enters the Bundestag, the German parliament, but does so almost certainly as the third biggest party, with a stunning 13.3%, an increase of 8.8 percentage points

Trump on NK nuclear threats: 'They won't be around much longer' (humans who live in South Korea and Toyko)
Poll: Far more trust generals than Trump on N. Korea, while two-thirds oppose preemptive strike - The Washington Post
China watches in frustration as North Korea crisis enters dangerous spiral - The Washington Post

Airport police demanded activist's passwords. He refused. Now faces prison in UK

Stratford acid 'attack': Police arrest 15-year-old boy after six injured near Westfield centre | The Independent

Trump administration changes travel ban countries - The Washington Post

Valerie Plame resigns from Ploughshares Fund after tweeting anti-Semitic article | TheHill ("anti-semitic" = critical of Jewish Neo-con and rich donors influence on foreign policy/wars" )

Obama tried to give Zuckerberg a wake-up call over fake news on Facebook - The Washington Post (who us? so America got Zuckerfucked along with all the other fucks)

Robert Mueller Special Counsel Investigation: Manafort Under Pressure | National Review - His pre-dawn raid was meant to intimidate Manafort, not just to collect evidence.

Did Someone Say...EMAILS? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponded with other administration officials about White House matters through a private email account set up during the transition last December, part of a larger pattern of Trump administration aides using personal email accounts for government business.
Report: Kushner Used Private Email for Government Business

Trump seen by most Americans as doing more to divide than unite country (POLL) - ABC News -- 66-28 percent (13 pts more than Bush/Obama; time for a war)
CNN Poll: Opinion of the Republican Party falls to all-time low - CNNPolitics - 29%

As Trump escalates criticisms, NFL seeks to unite amid more anthem protests - The Washington Post
Colin Kaepernick has won: he wanted a conversation and Trump started it | Sport | The Guardian
How Trump Bungled the Politics of Football ... who single-handedly destroyed a viable professional football league.

LeBron James Tweets Brutal Response To Trump's Steph Curry Tweet | HuffPost - The Cleveland Cavaliers forward had some strong words for the president.
LeBron James Explains Why Trump's Attack On The NFL Is Personal | HuffPost - "It's hitting home for me even more because he's using sports as the platform to try and divide us"
Jaguars Owner Locks Arms With Players After Trump Protests | HuffPost - Shahid Khan had donated $1 million to Trump
Stevie Wonder Interrupts Concert To 'Take A Knee' For America | HuffPost - The blind music legend took a knee in wake of Trump's 'sons of bitches' comment
MLB's First Player Just Took A Knee During The National Anthem | HuffPost - Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to take on the silent protest.
Donald Trump Can't Stop Attacking Black Sports Figures | HuffPost
Mnuchin: NFL players 'can do free speech on their own time' (while he jets around on your dime)
The Racial Demagoguery of Trump's Assaults on Colin Kaepernick and Steph Curry
Dozens of players kneel, coaches link arms in solidarity as Trump asks NFL teams to 'fire or suspend' protesting players
The dark racial sentiment in Trump's NBA and NFL criticism (making racism even greater again)
Robert Kraft, Patriots join the ranks of the disinvited - Lawyers, Guns & Money - and I do know Kraft donated to old beast lunatic
NASCAR owners say they wouldn't tolerate national anthem protests at races (not a lot of black race-car drivers +"toothless morons watching cars going around in circles" )

GOP health bill in major peril as resistance hardens among key senators - The Washington Post

Strange in trouble in Alabama, White House and GOP fear - POLITICO - A victory by insurgent front-runner Roy Moore could trigger a wave of primary challenges against incumbent Republicans. (Rethugs imploding into hate)

Hillary Clinton blames many things for her loss. George Clooney blames her 'frustrating' speeches (so many triangles in her brain)

In Sad, Sad Press Conference, Milo Says 'Free Speech Week' Is Now Just One Measly Rally | HuffPost
UC Berkeley's 'Free Speech Week' officially canceled, appeared to be set-up from the start -- Email suggests organizers didn't intend for the event to happen

Judge rejects couple's argument for refusing gay customers : news

The Family Hour: An Oral History of The Sopranos | Vanity Fair

TIL Jerry Seinfeld dated a 17-year-old girl when he was 39 years old. : todayilearned (comments as usual +Howard Stern)

TIL cats decided to live with humans on their own and domesticated themselves : todayilearned -- Dogs are pets, cats are roommates.

Spread of a single multidrug resistant malaria parasite lineage (PfPailin) to Vietnam - The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Researchers demonstrate quantum teleportation of patterns of light. Technique paves the way for high-bit-rate secure long distance quantum communication, as published this week in Nature Communications. : science ("speed of causality")

What is the most bad ass thing said in history? : AskReddit
TIL Dorothy Kilgallen, a panelist on the hit TV show What's My Line?, died under what some consider mysterious circumstances while investigating the assassination of JFK. Shortly before she died, she told a friend, "I'm going to break the real story and have the biggest scoop of the century." : todayilearned
What just needs to fuck off and die already? : AskReddit

Decent Security -- Windows Security From The Ground Up


Mexico City, Before and After the Earthquake - The New York Times - A 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday killed more than 155 people in Mexico City and toppled dozens of buildings. In addition, hundreds of structures sustained significant damage and now pose a risk to rescue workers and residents.
The Strange Tectonic Coincidence of Mexico's September Earthquakes
Architects and Engineers Assess Building Damage From Mexico City's Earthquake - CityLab
New earthquake, magnitude 6.1, shakes jittery Mexico - The Washington Post

Facing Months in the Dark, Ordinary Life in Puerto Rico is 'Beyond Reach' (power company has been corrupt for decades)
Nursing Home Voicemail to Governor Deleted + CBS Miami

That Queasy Feeling Down Under - The New York Times (that half of the world is "boring" to Trumpster)

U.S. flies bombers off North Korea as its foreign minister declares 'none other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission' (lives for ratings)
'Inevitable' that North Korean missiles will hit US mainland after Donald Trump's insults, says Pyongyang foreign minister at UN | The Independent

Holocaust Denier's Sentence: Visit 5 Ex-Nazi Camps, and Write About It ... "Don't see this as one crazy guy who happens to be a Holocaust denier," said Ms. Lipstadt, who opposes the criminalization of Holocaust denial.

42 Minutes, #2,600 Lost: The U.K.'s Growing Gambling Problem

Julian Assange Has Thoughts About Lincoln - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- If we accept my complete bullshit about American politics after I did more than any other person (along with my good buddies Vladimir Putin and Glenn Greenwald) to elect Donald Trump, then I am sure you will want to hear more about my discussions of American presidential history

Trump Doubles Down On Criticism of Kim Jong Un During Alabama Rally | HuffPost - The newest attack was just the latest in a back and forth feud between the president and the North Korean leader.

What the FISA Warrants Against Paul Manafort Tell Us About Mueller's Investigation
How the Latest Paul Manafort Revelations Fit with Trump's Business Model
Byron York: Showdown looms over Trump dossier; FBI misses third deadline to turn over subpoenaed documents (the pee-pee tapes)
The Mounting Pressure on Michael Flynn | The New Yorker

On Russian Meddling, Mark Zuckerberg Follows a Familiar Playbook - The New York Times - I knew the big Mark Zuckerberg speech was coming. It always does. ("what Russsian meddling? Don't be silly.")

Clinton: Trump has 'been even worse than I thought he would be' (cluelessness is her specialty)

How to Win a War on Drugs - The New York Times (Portugal decriminalized and addiction dropped. The War on Drugz was always about the punishment and racism industry) ... it's clear which approach worked better. The United States drug policy failed spectacularly, with about as many Americans dying last year of overdoses -- around 64,000 -- as were killed in the Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars combined. (every year; keeping America safe)

Trump turns sports into a political battleground with comments on NFL and Stephen Curry - The Washington Post

It seems worth noting that the now widely-shared statement of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in response to President Trump does not in fact even mention Trump's name

A True Maverick and an American Hero - Lawyers, Guns & Money
If the U.S. Adopts the G.O.P's Health-Care Bill, It Would Be an Act of Mass Suicide Murder (FTFY)
Medicaid Directors From Red And Blue States Reject Graham-Cassidy Repeal -- "Politically, my state is going in one direction, but I'm extraordinarily concerned about what it would do to my state and its people in the long term" (it will kill them, obviously. Republicansism is like opioid addiction)
Here's The Simplest Reason Lisa Murkowski Likely Won't Support This ACA Repeal Bill | HuffPost - Alaska's health department unveiled a new report projecting that Graham-Cassidy would mean a 65 percent cut in federal funding for the state by 2026. (ha-ha suckers, what did you think they meant by kill your healhcare?)

NFL Stars Erupt In Anger Over Donald Trump's 'Son Of A B***h' Speech | HuffPost

Kim Jong-un, the NFL and 'screaming at senators': Trump's Strange night in Alabama | US news | The Guardian (McConnell is now "the swamp" as Rethugs drain themselves)
45 After Dark: It's a Strange Night edition
As Trump campaigns for Strange in Alabama, he expresses some doubts: I might have made a mistake ... Trump told the crowd at one point during his nearly 90 minutes of remarks.(ranter-in-chief)
Steve Bannon to headline Roy Moore rally in Alabama - Axios ... with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty
: At rally for Sen. Luther Strange, Trump vents frustrations in rambling speech
Everything is on the line for McConnell in Tuesday's Alabama Senate election (primary)

Eschaton: The Price Is Right - I actually don't care much if Important People take charter flights. It's dumb and they shouldn't but it really isn't the biggest deal in the world. The big deal is that they pose as defenders of taxpayers as they're robbing us every way they can.

'Junk science': experts cast doubt on widely cited college free speech survey Survey saying 20% of US college students believe it's appropriate to use violence against offensive speech was administered to an opt-in online panel ... He secured funding from the conservative Charles Koch Foundation to survey students this August about their views on free speech (no media told us that)

Arizona charter school operators are funneling tax dollars into their own pockets - Arizona requires its public schools, but not its charter schools, to take bids for valuable contracts. So guess what happens in the charter schools, according to a recent report by the Grand Canyon Institute:

Sexual Assault Law Will Hurt Black Kids

New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Accused Of Masturbating In the Back Seat Of An Uber ... Democratic candidate Frank Scurlock, whose campaign slogan is "Make New Orleans Fun Again" (looks like a plump WF Buckley)

Leading the Legal War Against Fox - The New York Times - So far this year, the lawyer Douglas Wigdor, a conservative Republican, has filed 11 suits against Fox News for defamation, sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

These jury systems are vestiges of white supremacy - The Washington Post - In Oregon, the 1934 change from a unanimous to a non-unanimous jury system targeted primarily ethnic and religious minorities. By the 1930s, the Ku Klux Klan found widespread acceptance in the state.

Congressman Seth Moulton gets married - The Boston Globe - She is a senior client partner at the executive search firm Korn Ferry, where she does talent consulting, executive searches, and organizational assessments for national and global sports leagues and brands

77-year-old sentenced to 10 years for growing marijuana : news
No jail for former Champlin Park High coach who sexually assaulted boy, 13 | Star Tribune - Rebecca L. Noonan, 33, of Minneapolis, was sentenced this week in Anoka County District Court after pleading guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct for having intercourse with the boy in his Ramsey home in August or September 2014 while his mother was away.

How Parks Lose Their Playfulness - The New York Times - A few years ago, the Hudson River Park Trust floated an idea for a new island. Called Pier 55, it was to be a two-and-a-half-acre wavy rectangle 200 feet off Manhattan reached by two narrow bridges (to keep those people out, you were almost Dillered)

A wave of fringe Christian prophecies declare that the world is ending Saturday.
How to Survive the Apocalypse - The New York Times
How I built my ultimate 25 pound bug out bag

How Millennials Like Their Makeup | The New Yorker

19 Totally Insane Collections Of Things Around The World

Graphic: Why consider changing the Mass. time zone?

Far-right 'Free Speech Week' at Berkeley collapses in recrimination and discord | World news | The Guardian - Organizers call off far-right festival less than 24 hours before it was due to start

TIL people born after 1993 are considered "Gen Z" and not Millennials according to randstad : todayilearned

A study on campus Greek life found that joining a fraternity lowered GPA by 0.25 points but boosted future income by 36% : science

British principal killed, dumped in Amazon River wrote cryptic tweet before death : news

What is your favorite non-fiction book? : AskReddit
Dude waits for 20 years to f**k his high school bully's mom as revenge. [NSFW - Some offensive language] : funny
Girl smashes a beer on her face, then drains it : videos
st00pidm0nkey comments on Man cling-filmed car because he's sick of people parking outside his house and going on holiday

Students can now learn how to code directly in Minecraft - Polygon - Code Builder extension hits Minecraft: Education Edition
Learn to Play Minecraft | Stage One | Minecraft: Education Edition
The (Latecomer) Beginner's Guide To Minecraft
Minecraft Guide: Getting Started with Minecraft
Welcome to Minecraft - Episode 001 - The Basics - YouTube


Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU Sue Over Warrantless Phone, Laptop Searches at US Border | naked capitalism

Mexico earthquake: Girl who captivated the nation never existed : news
Mexico City Was Built on an Ancient Lake Bed. That Makes Earthquakes Much Worse. - The New York Times

Hurricanes may compel even more Puerto Rico residents to flee to the mainland, officials warn - The Washington Post
New photos show Puerto Rico devastation from Hurricane Maria -- six dead, major dam reportedly failing - The Washington Post
Category 5 hurricanes have hit 6 land areas dead-on in 2017, more than ever before - The Washington Post
Why Hurricane Maria is such a nightmare for Puerto Rico - Vox - It was as if a 50- to 60-mile-wide tornado raged across Puerto Rico
Technically America - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico's famous telescope, is battered by Hurricane Maria
More Havoc as Category 3 Maria Plows Northward by Bob Henson | Category 6 | Weather Underground - bringing torrential rains and high winds to the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos Islands

A suit over Abu Ghraib getting to 'what actually happened' (whatever happened, Bush and Cheney had nothing to do with it)

We're on the verge of learning who assassinated JFK

Kim Jong Un Insulted Donald Trump And Taught America A New Word At The Same Time | HuffPost - the original statement in Korean used a term better translated as "old beast lunatic"

Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea's leader personally before his fiery U.N. address ... Senior aides to President Trump repeatedly warned him not to deliver a personal attack on North Korea's leader at the United Nations this week, saying insulting the young despot in such a prominent venue could irreparably escalate tensions and shut off any chance for negotiations to defuse the nuclear crisis. ("whatever you do, don't call him "rocketman" because millions of people could get killed!") But Trump, who relishes belittling his rivals and enemies with crude nicknames, felt compelled to make a dramatic splash in the global forum.

So I Called Trump a Dotard First. I Won't Be Suing Kim Jong-un (as usual, Charlie was there first)
Rep. Hunter calls for preemptive strike against North Korea - The San Diego Union-Tribune - Hunter, a member of a House Armed Services Committee and the subcommittee with jurisdiction over the United States' nuclear arsenal, did not say if the military should strike North Korea with conventional or nuclear weapons. (elect more Republicans)
U.S. families got fake orders to leave South Korea. Now counterintelligence is involved. - The Washington Post

Valerie Plame Wilson offers epic apology after tweeting anti-Semitic story - Business Insider - ormer CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson offers epic apology after tweeting anti-Semitic story: 'One should not tweet while moving' ... "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars" (the truth is anti-semitic)
The other problem with Valerie Plame's horrible anti-Semitic tweet -- There's a powerful lobby for Israeli interests in the United States. It backed the Iraq War in 2003, and it backs an unforgiving stance toward Iran today (Netanyahu and AIPAC are your bosses)
Center for Security Policy | 45 National Security Experts Urge President Trump to Withdraw From Nuclear Deal with Iran (the same bunch that said invading Iraq was a great idea)

Spain and Catalonia Wrestle Over .Cat Internet Domain - The New York Times

Erdogan protesters beaten and ejected from New York speech - BBC News (Erdofuck has his own laws)

Girl, 12, could face charges after sending topless photo to paedophile who groomed her online : news (UK protects groomers)

The Note: Fake news gets real after Facebook CEO reveals Russian ads - ABC News (America got zuckerfucked)
CNN poll: 54% say Russia-backed content on social media moved 2016 election - CNNPolitics

Wisconsin elections system targeted by Russian hackers -
Minnesota, 20 states targeted by hackers - - The Department of Homeland Security informed 21 states of the situation Friday.

CCleaner Hack May Have Been A State-Sponsored Attack On 18 Major Tech Companies | Techdirt
CCleaner hack may have been a state-sponsored attack on 18 major tech companies. : technology

As Russia probe closes in, Trump wakes up early to obsess about Hillary Clinton - Shareblue - Trump grabbed his phone early this morning to lash out at his enemies in both parties and find solace that lots of people are tweeting about him.

President Trump actually is making us crazy - The Washington Post
` A Dizzying Week of Trump-Russia Revelations | The New Yorker ... why, after years of working closely with a Russian oligarch and pro-Russia parties in Ukraine, Paul Manafort suddenly rekmerged in American politics as the head of the Presidential campaign that Vladimir Putin wanted to win (like, out of no-where)
Trump says this is all a hoax. Mueller, Congress and Facebook disagree. - Sep. 22, 2017
Trump is 'prepping his base' for a constitutional crisis to stop the Russia probe: Dem lawmaker

Bernie Sanders Just Gave the Progressive Foreign-Policy Speech We've Been Waiting For -- The senator powerfully linked domestic and foreign policy in the context of massive global inequality.

Eschaton: We're Broke - The most hilarious thing (not ha ha funny, but you know) about American politics is the conceit that we can't afford the things that every other somewhat rich country in the world manages to afford.

McCain Announces Opposition to Republican Health Bill, Likely Dooming It - The New York Times
Sen. Collins says she's leaning 'no' on Graham-Cassidy health care bill
How will the Graham-Cassidy proposal affect the number of people with health insurance coverage? - Graham-Cassidy legislation would reduce insurance coverage by around 15 million in 2018 and 2019. The reduction would be larger if uncertainty about the effects of the more radical changes implemented by the legislation in 2020 caused some insurers to pre-emptively withdraw from the individual market. (everyone dies in 2020 except for the rich)
Poll: only 24% of Americans approve of Graham-Cassidy - Vox
Republicans to Murkowski: Nice State You Have There. Shame If Something Should Happen to It.

Federal estimate shows states' big win-loss gap by 2026 under Cassidy-Graham bill
This Republican health-care bill is the most monstrous yet - The Washington Post (LO Graham looks really weird)
Cruelty, Incompetence and Lies - The New York Times (congregation of evil)
Sandoval doubles down on criticism of Heller-sponsored measure; state analysis highlights up to $2 billion loss - The Nevada Independent ("flexibility" to lose your health-care)
Seth Meyers Trashes 'Shameless' Republicans For 'Monstrous' Hypocrisy | HuffPost - Meyers contrasted the position with reports on how members of President Donald Trump's administration have been using military or private planes rather than taking commercial flights. (suckers & idiots)

A Hospital Crisis Is Killing Rural Communities. This State Is 'Ground Zero.' | HuffPost - 39 percent of the central Georgia county's s population living in poverty, there aren't enough patients with good insurance to keep a hospital from losing money. (vote Republican and die, suckers)

Ben Carson breaks with Trump, endorses Roy Moore in Alabama Senate nomination race - The Washington Post

picking Breitbart apart, one tweet at a time
Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) | Twitter

Anderson Cooper Has A Very Blunt Message For Sean Spicer | HuffPost - "That answer is so Washington, D.C., it should have its own reflecting pool" ... "Sean Spicer doesn't have to lie for a living anymore. Now he just seems to be doing it recreationally."

Trump aides begin looking for the exits - politico - After a wave of high-profile White House departures this summer, staffers who remained are reaching out to headhunters to discuss their next moves. (rats and ships)

How Tom Price decided chartered, private jets were a good use of taxpayer money - The Washington Post (his time is so valuable you can pay for it)

Roy Moore leads Luther Strange in FOX10 News poll - FOX10 News | WALA

D.C. court rules tracking phones without a warrant is unconstitutional : news

Melania, the First lady before plastic surgery : pics (she used to look human)
Eschaton: Your Moment Of Zen
And here, we have video of Trump saying that Melania "really wanted to be here" ..while she's standing next to him

James Comey spoke at Howard U. It did not go well. - CNNPolitics

No jail for former Champlin Park High coach who sexually assaulted boy, 13 : news (women can't be rapists)

Man seen on OU campus wearing white hood, carrying sign with racist comments

De Leon apologizes; Leaked audio clips of foul language, slurs go viral - Brownsville Herald: Local News - In the clips, De Leon used the F-word and N-word to describe two black district attorneys working for the Cameron County District Attorney's Office (little creep)

Cliven Bundy firing lawyer with trial approaching in Vegas - SFGate

Controversy over a paper in favor of colonialism sparks calls for retraction ... "Confused Marxist scholars blamed the legacies of colonialism or the weather or Israel"

How does Boston stack up in the Amazon sweepstakes? We dug into the numbers - The Boston Globe

Bicyclist says she didn't pull over for Arlington police as a bit of a protest -- A 59-year-old Belmont woman was arrested by police in Arlington this week after she failed to stop her bike at a stop sign along the Minuteman Bikeway and refused to pull over for a bike-mounted officer. She said she ignored the officer as a kind of protest. Karen Cady-Pereira"She stated she did hear and see this officer but ut she doesn't think that it's right that the police stop bicyclists and the police should stop cars not bicyclists
TES: Karen Cady-Pereira

Woman from Video Yelling About Service Dog in Restaurant Defends Herself |

Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl in White - Bed Bath & Beyond

Nestli Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For : news

Father has a conversation with 16 year old autistic son. : videos

A field guide to jerks at work - The Washington Post

New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains : news

Poliovirus kills off cancer cells, stops tumor regrowth : science

TIL that the Earth has underwent 5 mass extinction events, one of which wiped out 90% to 96% of all species. Another may have been caused by a gamma ray burst. : todayilearned

TIL MRI scans have found that the pain of rejection and physical pain are associated with similar regions of the brain. One study found that the painkiller acetaminophen reduced the reported levels of emotional pain in a rejection experiment. : todayilearned

TIL the Rare Earth Hypothesis argues that the evolution of organisms on Earth required an improbable combination of astrophysical and geological events and circumstances unlikely to happen again in the Universe. : todayilearned

End-of-world prediction interrupts TV broadcasts in Orange County
All-star lawyer gives an update on his free Church of Mormon resignation service, announces he has represented over 22k people fleeing from the faith. : bestof
Redditor explains what we're all missing about Dune. : bestof
I recreated Lake Moraine in Minecraft after seeing it on /r/EarthPorn one too many times. Zoom in to see the blocks : gaming

Harvard study proves Apple slows down older devices to sell new ones : technology
Eschaton: Tech Bros - My response to most of the stories about Uber behaving badly was... why? As in, I do not think this is helping you make money, I just think you did this because you are sociopathic assholes who liked the idea of being sociopathic assholes. Too clever by half, basically. They spent a lot of money trying to be clever without much concern for what was legal or ethical. (asshole-bros)


Hurricane Maria churns through Caribbean as ravaged Puerto Rico takes stock of an 'island destroyed'
Maps: Hurricane Maria's Path Across Puerto Rico

Earthquake in Mexico: More than 200 dead as rescue efforts in Mexico City continue - The Washington Post Mexico earthquake: military criticized over search and rescue missions

'We might not recover': Neil deGrasse Tyson gets emotional and sounds the alarm. All the alarms.
Empire of Madness - The Unz Review

"Hearts and Minds" (and your always-lying military)

Distrustful U.S. allies force NSA to drop weak encryption from ISO proposal : technology

Trump imposes new sanctions on North Korea, administration seeks to rally support for confronting Pyongyang - The Washington Post ... NK will "tame the dotard with fire")

With sharp words and stealth strikes, Israel sends a message to Hezbollah and U.S. - The Washington Post

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars (the dual-citizenship/loyalty/traitor problem)
The USS Liberty Wins One! - The Unz Review - The American Legion finally calls for a congressional inquiry ... Mediterranean were called back by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara acting under orders from President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who declared that he would rather see the ship go to the bottom of the sea than embarrass his good friend

Equifax Confirms Another 'Security Incident'
Why didn't Equifax protect your data? Because corporations have all the power. The hack revealed how little control consumers have these days.

SEC reveals it was hacked, information may have been used for illegal stock trades : news
Essays: The Psychology of Security (Part 1) - Schneier on Security

George W. Bush's Ethics Chief: This 'May Be What Puts An End To This White House' | HuffPost

Mueller requested phone records about Air Force One statement - politico
Understanding What Was Happening in Late Spring 2016
Manafort planning to leave US -- as Mueller's team prepares to indict him in Russia probe
Ex-CIA chief stuns Nicole Wallace: It's 'absolutely' possible russia 'dispatched Manafort to the Trump campaign'
Corey Lewandowski: If Paul Manafort, Roger Stone colluded to influence 2016 election, 'I hope they go to jail for the rest of their lives'
Another potential Mueller honey pot: Spicer's notebooks

Manafort offered to give Russian billionaire 'private briefings' on 2016 campaign
Skadden, Big New York Law Firm, Faces Questions on Work With Manafort - The New York Times
Trusted Trump bodyguard Gary Uher is linked to ex-con Felix Sater -- who is key in Russia probes

There is No Trump Doctrine, Only Contradictions and Bluster | The New Yorker
The Trump doctrine: Only I can fix the world - - Democracy and human rights? Fake news! National sovereignty is meaningless. Let's blow stuff up

Facebook agrees to release Russian-purchased ads, pledges deeper look at 2016 election - politico

State-by-State Estimates of Changes in Federal Spending on Health Care Under the Graham-Cassidy Bill | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
America gives $700bn to the military == but says healthcare is a luxury
Insurers Come Out Swinging Against New Republican Health Care Bill - The New York Times
The G.O.P. Bill Forces States to Build Health Systems From Scratch. That's hard
Alexander Hamilton on Twitter: "@Impeach_D_Trump @EdKrassen @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump Corruption is rampant. Did you know Koch Bros are holding the GOP hostage for $400M unless they take our healthcare ??"
ThinkProgress on Twitter: "The AARP has released another devastating analysis of the GOP's latest repeal and replace plan
Andy Slavitt on Twitter: "BREAKING: Graham Cassidy repeal coverage loss, economic loss & premium increases by state. See your state...??"

Behind the Senate GOP's high-stakes health-care gamble: Unrelenting criticism back home (Trump supporters demand Republicans take aways their health-care so they can die)

NPR on Twitter: "Sen @BillCassidy called our reading of his health care bill on pre-existing conditions false. Here's how we read it:
U.S. senators and a Fox News anchor tried to take down Jimmy Kimmel. Big mistake.
Livid Kimmel Turns Up The Heat On Sen. Cassidy For A 2nd Night | HuffPost - Could it be, Sen. Cassidy, that the problem is that I do understand and you got caught with your G-O-Penis out?
Bill Cassidy Responds To Jimmy Kimmel By Doubling Down On The Dishonesty | HuffPost
Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade: 'Phony Little Creep' | HuffPost - kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman.

Price traveled by private plane at least 24 times - POLITICO - HHS secretary chartered flights even to cities with frequent, inexpensive commercial options.

ACLU moves from defense to offense, starting in Kris Kobach's home state

The Most Pro-Vampire Administration in American History - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Sure Donald Trump is a racist misogynist homophobe with the goal of repealing a half-century of civil rights legislation. But would Obama have brought actual vampires such as Peter Thiel into his administration? (and his little vamplette, JD Vancepire)

Three Women Called Police on Imran Awan | The Daily Caller (Debbie Wasser-Doodle looking more baD)

Roy Moore disrupts Alabama Senate race -- and prepares for new level of defiance in Washington ... "How much longer will it be before his judgment comes?" (sooner than you think, Satan)
And the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature Goes To....Roy Moore! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jeff Mateer's Awful LGBTQ Statements Need to Be Heard - Another Trump judicial nominee who appears completely un-vetted ... transgender children Satan's plan ... people marrying their pet fish ... lamented that states were banning gay conversion therapy

Judge rejects couple's argument for refusing gay customers

Most people with opioid addictions don't get the right treatment: medication-assisted therapy

The Mysterious Madame Giselle -- She told them she was Hugo Chavez's ex-wife and worked in the White House. And she'd make them rich. | The Washington Post

/u/ikma Provides a terrific off the cuff refutation of a racist fake statistics study linked by another user. : bestof

Parents divided in opinion after gender neutral teacher sends home note

Tampa girl, 4, dies of gunshot reaching for candy | Tampa Bay Times (grandma's loaded gun)

Aaron Hernandez Found to Have Severe C.T.E. - The New York Times

A 35 year old woman jailed for 5 years for sexual activity with boys aged 12 and 13. : news

Hurricane Irma may speed the end of orange juice, America's biggest source of 'fruit'

Could ADHD be a type of sleep disorder? That would fundamentally change how we treat it. - The Washington Post

Happy Equinox! Here's how quickly the days are getting shorter where you live.

Roadside Drunk Driving Tests Not Valid For Pot, Mass. High Court Rules | WBUR News
[Serious] What is the most shocking thing someone confessed while on their deathbed? : AskReddit
I 3D printed a wax comb : surfing
/u/doctorbean is accused of patent fraud on 3D printed surf wax comb, turns out to be a patent lawyer and goes to town on accuser : bestof
What is something you avoided because you thought it was overrated but ended up really liking once you tried it? : AskReddit
Which movie was really just a giant advertisement? : AskReddit
Porn Stars Unite Against Men Leaving Disgusting Comments on Their Videos With No Contact Info : videos


Mexico Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Trapping Many Under Rubble - The New York Times
Earthquake in Mexico: More than 200 killed as rescue efforts in Mexico City continue - The Washington Post

Hurricane Maria hammers Puerto Rico with force not seen in 'modern history'
Whole of Puerto Rico without power : news
u Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico - CNN
Hurricane Maria Live Updates: Puerto Rico Loses Power and Sets a Curfew - The New York Times

Why conservatives loved Trump's U.N. speech so much (they hate diplomacy, panting to see 20 million dead N/S Koreans)
01928373748 comments on White House chief of staff John Kelly reacts as Trump goes off script at the UN
Redditor zooms in on the wristwatch that a facepalming John Kelly is wearing and cross-references the time with the timeline of the speech Trump was giving at the UN, confirming the photo as a genuine reaction to the POtuS' remarks. : bestof

U.K. Police Arrest 3 More Over Parsons Green Attack - The New York Times

TIL that in 1997, a former head of Russian National Security alleged that 100 suitcase-sized Nuclear Bombs had gone missing : todayilearned

As number of injured diplomats soared, State Dept. kept Cuba attacks secret - CBS News

The FBI wiretap on Paul Manafort is a big deal.
Mueller team's focus on Manafort spans 11 years

Mueller Seeks White House Documents Related to Trump's Actions as President

Deputy AG interviewed by Mueller

Donald Trump Reportedly Uses His Personal Cell Phone Behind 'Church Lady' John Kelly's Back

Another execrable health-care bill proves bad ideas never die - The Washington Post
I've covered the GOP repeal plans since day one. Graham-Cassidy is the most radical. Other Republican plans create a poorly funded version of Obamacare. This one blows up the law entirely. (the real death panel)

Trump rebounds after polling slide - politico - Trump is back at 43 percent i

Price's private-jet travel breaks precedent -- HHS secretary took chartered aircraft on five flights last week, while his predecessors would fly commercial. (they are all very special moochers)

Voter Fraud? A Trump Nominee Looks as if He Cast an Illegal Ballot - The New York Times

Before Wisconsin, Foxconn Vowed Big Spending in Brazil. Few Jobs Have Come. - The New York Times (Kochistan suckers)

Lawrence O'Donnell's Unhinged Outtakes ... for Eight Crazy Minutes

What's it like inside the white supremacist movements of the 21st century? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Deaf Man Shot Dead by Oklahoma City Police as Neighbors Scream in Horror. : news

5-year old suspended for "terroristic threats" at California elementary school : news

Uncovering Philly law enforcement's secret bank accounts | City & State PA

Judge gives abusive parents a verbal smackdown : videos

Cornell Fraternity Closes Indefinitely After Racially Charged Attack - The New York Times - The Cornell community has been shaken by at least two racially charged incidents since the start of the school year.

If Hollywood wants a scapegoat for poor ticket sales, blame movie theaters - The Washington Post

Story Sydne Newberry Brownie Recipe Comment Stolen Husband

TIL: The Dead Sea Scrolls, prized by Jews, also talks about Gilgamesh, the Babylonian hero, as a real person who died in the Flood. He receives dreams of his impending doom, making it a possible prequel for his journey in his Babylonian Epoch. : todayilearned

A study has found that recent growth in polarization is greatest for demographic groups in which individuals are least likely to use the internet and social media. This means that data does not support the claim that the internet is the most significant driver of partisanship. : science (Fox News and Radio)

Alcohol use affects cholesterol regulator levels through epigenetics : science

Human semen can host up to 27 different viruses : science

What's a reddit inside joke that every newbie should know? : AskReddit
Amazing duet from a funky dude and a lady playing the spoons : videos

The Google memo guy just showed everyone why he got fired - The Washington Post


Powerful Earthquake Strikes Mexico, Killing Over 100 - The New York Times
More than 60 dead after powerful earthquake hits southern Mexico | World news | The Guardian - The 7.1 magnitude earthquake has reportedly killed more than 60 people and caused serious damage to buildings in Mexico City, spreading panic
Hurricane Maria Does 'Mind Boggling' Damage to Dominica, Leader Says
Map: Tracking Hurricane Maria
Irma Won't "Wake Up" Climate Change-Denying Republicans. Their Whole Ideology Is on the Line -- Naomi Klein

"Totally Destroy"
President* Trump Is Doing North Korea's Propaganda Work for Them -- His speech before the U.N. was long, dumb, and insulting.
In U.N. speech, Trump threatens to 'totally destroy North Korea' and calls Kim Jong Un 'Rocket Man'
Trump Uses Putin's Arguments to Undermine the World -- If you liked the #MAGA speech that the American president just delivered to the UN, you'll love the original the one spoken by the Russian president delivered in 2015.

Eschaton: Crazy Times - Get your expert view elsewhere, but the Catalan government is trying to hold another independence referendum, and the national government, in Madrid, is not amused.

Trump Administration Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees - The New York Times

The Holocaust Museum Sought Lessons on Syria. What It Got Was a Political Backlash. - The New York Times ... Elliott Abrams, a leading conservative foreign policy expert and former museum board member

Senate's Military Spending Increase Alone Is Enough to Make Public College Free (that's just the increase. Imagine ... the conservative-christo-military-death complex sucking at the soul of America)

Trial and Terror - The U.S. government has prosecuted 810 people for terrorism since the 9/11 attacks. Most of them never even got close to committing an act of violence. (fake terror industry to keep us scared and give them money)

The Clinton Book Tour Is Largely Ignoring the Vital Role of Endless War in the 2016 Election Result (this is a good point)

Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay Russia probe legal bills: Reuters, citing sources
Eschaton: MANAFORT - His name almost, but not quite, movie villain scary.

How to Fight 'Fake News' (Warning: It Isn't Easy)

Trump supporters are more li And Could Mean For Elisabeth Moss | Decider | Where To Stream Movies & Shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, HBO Go - At the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last weekend, Remini took home the award for best informational series or special, a victory she dedicated to the people brave enough to share their stories with her
kely to think their taxes will be cut next year - Vox - Almost everyone else is dubious.

Kris Kobach Defends Using A Private Email For Government Business | HuffPost

S.D. GOP whip shares meme endorsing vehicular assault on protesters - Rep. Lynne DiSanto shared the image September 7, less than one month after a driver plowed through counter protesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., killing a 32-year-old woman and injuring 19 others. (hello, Lynne DiSanto, racist bitch)

Billy Bush and wife splitting after 20 years | Page Six

"I Am Not A Scientologist": Jada Pinkett Smith Shoots Down Leah Remini's Claims That She's Involved In The Church
What Leah Remini's Emmy Win Means For Scientology -- And Could Mean For Elisabeth Moss

Criminology student, 22, who falsely cried rape at taxi driver is jailed for 16 months : news

Charge dropped against Max Kennedy after loud party on Cape Cod - The Boston Globe

Congress is holding hearings today on SESTA, a bill that poses a major threat to sites like reddit that host user-generated content : technology (in the name of kiddie-porn and "trafficking")


Category 5 Hurricane Maria is a severe threat to the Caribbean and Puerto Rico; Jose to scrape Northeast coast - The Washington Post
Evacuation orders issued for 4 areas of Puerto Rico as Hurricane Maria nears - ABC News

Trump's dark view of North Korea options - Axios - f pressure on China fails and North Korea gets close to having a nuclear missile that can hit any U.S. state, top officials insist they will take action.

Saudi Arabia wasn't always this repressive. Now it's unbearable

How Jane Fonda's 1972 trip to North Vietnam earned her the nickname 'Hanoi Jane'

Navy fires 2 more top officers after fatal ship collisions - ABC News

Trump in Moscow: what happened at Miss Universe in 2013 | US news | The Guardian - attempts to get close to Putin have become a focus of the investigation into Trump's links to Russian interference in the US election (pee-pee tapes)

With a Picked Lock and a Threatened Indictment, Mueller's Inquiry Sets a Tone
US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman - CNNPolitics
WH officials fear colleagues wearing wires for Mueller: report | TheHill
How to Read Bob Mueller's Hand

Trump lawyers spill beans, thanks to terrible choice of restaurant -- next door to the New York Tinmes (testosterone-fueled "loud" conversation)

Legal defense fund set up for Michael Flynn - politico

Is Trump a White Supremacist? - The New York Times -- The White House perpetual lie-generator and press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said that it was a fireable offense for ESPN.
Stop acting surprised, America: Donald Trump is a white supremacist -
Exclusive: New Report Offers Proof Of US Hate Crime Rise In The Trump Era | HuffPost - hate crimes rose nationally in 2016. The numbers for 2017 aren't look great either

For those in the Party of Trump, the Republicans -- not the prsident -- are to blame -- "I am proud to say I am proud of Trump,"

FYI: Graham-Cassidy is worse than anything we've seen (evil little fuckers)
John McCain might have just received permission to vote for Obamacare repeal - Vox - It gained more momentum Monday after receiving a big endorsement: Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. (it would be a fitting end to his evil career)

One annoying thing about DC is that good people (supposedly) are friends with bad people (certainly). I don't mean in the sense that, well, yes, sometimes we have to be polite to people at cocktail parties. I mean actual friendships with people who advocate for wars everywhere, for destroying the poor, and for gutting public education. People who deny the existence of racism and say things like "All Lives Matter" as if it is profound. People who work for the very worst politicians or worst publications or worst "think tanks" and who have spent their careers doing evil any way they can.

Hillary Clinton just floated the possibility of contesting the 2016 election - CNNPolitics
Clinton Won't Rule Out Questioning 2016 Election, But Says No Clear Means To Do So

Jerry Brown compares Trump supporters to cave dwellers - politico ... "people who dwell in deep, dark caves" (which happens to be the Kochbros solution to climate disaster) ... "He is accelerating the reversal through his own absurdity"

Sean Spicer's Emmy Awards Cameo Was a Sickening, Cynical Laugh Grab (no consequences, ever)
Angry Viewers Are In No Mood To Laugh At Sean Spicer's Emmy Jokes | HuffPost
Sean Spicer Says He Regrets Berating Reporters Over Inauguration Crowds - The New York Times (re-brand)

Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year - Bloomberg - Ex-president speaks to Carlyle, Cantor, Northern Trust (meanwhile)

Moving from a blue state to a red state changed my life for the better

Governments turn tables by suing public records requesters - turning the tables on citizens who seek public records that might be embarrassing or legally sensitive. Instead of granting or denying their requests, a growing number of school districts, municipalities and state agencies have filed lawsuits against people making the requests

Right-Wing Media: The New Frontier - Lawyers, Guns & Money - we should probably be paying more attention to the vileness of Sinclair Media, which is forcing local broadcast television stations to become outlets of right-wing propaganda.
How Americans get their news | Pew Research Center - TV continues to be the most widely used news platform; 57% of U.S. adults often get TV-based news, either from local TV (46%), cable (31%), network (30%) or some combination of the three

A chilling study shows how hostile college students are toward free speech - The Washington Post

Safest Bet in Sports: Men Complaining About a Female Announcer's Voice

Rolling Stone, Once a Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale - The New York Times -- From a loft in San Francisco in 1967, a 21-year-old named Jann S. Wenner started a magazine that would become the counterculture bible for baby boomers (comments full of Russians)

Has Megyn Kelly's Star Already Been Eclipsed?
Did Jedediah Bila exit The View because of Hillary Clinton?
Meghan McCain in talks to join 'The View'

he Lipscomb University president issued an apology to the college community on Friday after centerpieces in his home were deemed offensive by students. (so in-grained they're aren't event aware)

Anti-Fascists Used Twitter To Find A Neo-Nazi Walking Around Seattle And Beat Him Up

This Is What Prohibition Looks Like In A Legal State - Inside the war against cannabis in Milford, which could have major Commonwealth-wide implications

Cannibal killer shot by police after refusing to stop eating woman he beheaded | The Independent - Aphiwe Mapekula dies in hospital three days after attacking Thembisa Masumpa

Agent no longer with BLM following Burning Man probe : news

More than 80 arrested in St. Louis protests : news
St. Louis officers chant whose streets, our streets while arresting protesters

Georgia Tech campus cops shoot, kill student holding 'tiny' knife : news

Video shows woman before hotel freezer death : news

Downtown L.A., which has the largest homeless population in the USA, hits highest vacancy rate in 17 years. : news

AI spots Alzheimer's brain changes years before symptoms emerge

TIL that ultra pure water is so pure that it will take minerals out of your body and can possible kill you if you drink enough. : todayilearned

Researchers found certain bacteria hiding out among cancer cells, gobbling up chemotherapy drugs intended to demolish tumors. This new finding, published in Science, suggests that certain types of drug-resistant cancers could be defeated with antibiotics alongside a chemotherapy regimen. : science

This is your brain on art - Washington Post -- neuroaesthetics

The Secret History of Dune - Los Angeles Review of Books

mother! for dummies : movies (hilarious)

Darkest thing you have ever read? : books
What name can we give to the act of performing oral sex on a woman that would be as catchy as blow job? : AskReddit
What's the most NSFW thing you've experienced in a professional situation? : AskReddit
What is the most heartbreaking thing your child has told you? : AskReddit

CCleaner Compromised to Distribute Malware for Almost a Month : technology (+Hillary: "Like with a cloth or something?"
GoodBot_BadBot Rankings


Hurricane Irma's Vast Destruction in the Caribbean, Building by Building
FEMA auctioned disaster trailers before Harvey made landfall (cutting their budgets)

McMaster says no redo on Paris climate deal decision, suggests Bannon tried to 'manipulate' Trump

What the Wrold's Emptiest International Airport Says About China's Influence -- Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport, the second-largest in Sri Lanka, is designed to handle a million passengers per year. It currently receives about a dozen passengers per day ... The Mattala airport has annual revenues of roughly $300,000, but now it must repay China $23.6 million a year for the next eight years

France: Acid attack on 4 US students not seen as terror act

Normalizing Trump: An incredibly brief explainer - PressThink - A conflict in tyhe journalist's code was created by a president wholly unfit for the job.

A double standard at Harvard? Harvard must have known that selecting Chelsea Manning for a fellowship would incite controversy, because there's virtually no other reason to choose her.
The Highly Principled Principles of Mike Pompeo, Man of Principle (TM) - Lawyers, Guns & Money
CIA director Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during campaign

America's slow-motion military coup (Dumbster's generals)

Trump's divisive presidency reshapes a key part of his private business

Trump Kicks Off Sunday Early With Ersatz Tweetstorm Of Memes, Mockery
Meet the racist birther Donald Trump just retweeted
Trump Retweeted A Video From An Anti-Semitic Account Showing Him Hitting Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball
McMaster: Trump's 'Rocket Man' Tweet 'Apprears to Be' About North Korea

Feinstein: Trump Jr. To Publicly Appear Before Senate Judiciary Panel 'This Fall'

Former Trump aide liquidated children's college fund to pay for Russia defense: report

Schiff: Trump 'Has No Ideology' Except 'His Own Personal Interests'

Perfect pairings - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The last two paragraphs of Ta-Nehisi Coates' recent essay
George Packer Responds to Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic ... Sarah Palin -- Trump's John the Baptist ...
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Twitter: "Here is a great antidote to the racial poison spread by Coates:"

Going to a Methodist Church? You Might As Well Shout "Hail Satan" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Farley convincingly demonstrates why having an independent Air Force is a bad idea. An additional reason that in the American case that the independent Air Force is a disaster is that the Air Force is chock full of total right-wing extremists. Like this Air Force chaplain.

Eschaton: I Guess White Working Class Voters Get To Veto Everything Now - The only voters who matter ... 54 percent of white working class Americans said getting a college education is "a risky gamble" ... 57 percent of white working class voters said that "a college degree would result in more debt and little likelihood of landing a good paying job" ... Funny to see the Washington Monthly revert to form.

The gender wage gap just shrank for the first time in a decade - The Washington Post - not just because women are landing more raises. Men, it seems, are hitting a wall. (time to short the market on guys)

The U.S. has a lottery problem. But it's not the people buying tickets. States enact lotteries to avoid hard choices between program cuts and tax increases. (and legalizing MJ)

Abuse claims, arrests mount at Connecticut state mental hospital - The Boston Globe - "It's like something out of a Stephen King novel."

A journalist on the crime beat becomes the subject of some skeptical journalism - The Washington Post

Chips Off the Old Block: Computers Are Taking Design Cues From Human Brains - The New York Times - New technologies are testing the limits of computer semiconductors. To deal with that, researchers have gone looking for ideas from nature


FEMA's Hurricane Response Is Making Trump Look Good. Thanks, Obama.
the story behind that Delta Flight 431 and its race with Irma

The great nutrient collapse - The atmosphere is literally changing the food we eat, for the worse. And almost nobody is paying attention ... Every leaf and every grass blade on earth makes more and more sugars as CO2 levels keep rising (and Lamar "Yes, I'm an Idiot" Smith loves CO2)

Boris Johnson: we will still claw back #350m a week after Brexit | Politics | The Guardian - Foreign secretary revives Vote Leave's controversial campaign message, insisting cash should go to NHS (still going with the original lie; what's their end-game?) \ Eschaton: Breixteers - One can't know everything perfectly from the outside, but it's hard not to conclude that Brexit is going to be a bigger clusterfuck than even hardcore pessimists thought. The continued ridiculous incompetence of the Tories is making it increasingly likely that there won't be a deal with the EU, and contrary to what some people seem to think, "no deal" doesn't mean the status quo, no deal means everything becomes chaos.

Entire Philippine city police force fired over killings : news

Edward Snowden Interview: 'There Is Still Hope - Even for Me' - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Our entire credit bureau system is broken - The Verge - The massive Equifax breach is a symptom of a much larger problem
Equifax hired a music major as chief security officer and she has just retired : technology

Chelsea Manning hung up phone on Harvard dean who delivered fellowship snub | US news | The Guardian - Manning ended call early in expression of dismay, source tells Guardian - Kennedy school canceled invitation after protests from CIA officials (torture is fine with Harvard)
Hang Up And Don't Listen
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Rich, well-endowed highly selective private universities are *fundamentally* bad. There is nothing you can do to make them not-bad."

Mueller obtains warrant for Russia linked Facebook ads and accounts - Business Insider
Trump Tower meeting stakes raised in Russia money-laundering probe - Business Insider
Feds claim 'thousands of intercepts' in the case of Ukrainian billionaire, Trump ex-campaign boss

Another prosecutor joins Trump-Russia probe - politico - Kyle Freeny jumps to Mueller staff from money laundering unit.

Trump Lickspittle Tries To Arrange Pardon of Trump Lickspittle, Act As Pulling Guard For Vladimir Putin - Lawyers, Guns & Money

America's vitriol towards Clinton reveals a nation mired in misogyny ... "Only white voters matter."

Trump Declines to Release List of His Visitors at Mar-a-Lago - The New York Times - escalated a battle with government ethics groups by declining, even in the face of a federal court order, to release the identities of individuals visiting with President Trump at his family's Mar-a-Lago resort during the days he has spent at the private club in Palm Beach, Fla., this year.

Still no charity money from leftover Trump inaugural funds

The Awan breach on Capitol Hill gets murkier and leads to more questions (Debbie Wasser-doodle fucks everything up)

There is no such thing as a good Trump voter
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Someone leaked 'very important' call with John Kelly concerning WikiLeaks

Police in St. Louis pushing down an elderly woman during a protest. : gifs

Unable to pay its bills, Pennsylvania is broke : news

Amber Tamblyn: I'm Done With Not Being Believed

Why the coming-of-age narrative is a conformist lie | Aeon Essays - if the whole idea of the one true self is a big fabrication?

Darren Aronofsky, on deconstructing "mother!": "I think it's K to be confused. The movie has a dream-logic and that dream-logic makes sense. But if you try to unscrew it, it kind of falls apart"
'Mother!' Is the Worst Movie of the Year, Maybe Century
Big 'ol List of 'Mind-Fuck' Movies : movies

Small town in Alabama taking heat for racial poster at high school pep rally. : news

Trump Nominee Cited Dred Scott Slavery Decision as Sound Precedent -- Mother Jones - He was trying to defend an anti-abortion law in Kansas ... Stephen McAllister (doessn't look human)

Brooke Baldwin: Speaking like this to women in 2017? No way (opinion) - CNN (Fox Sports Clay Travis)

New York Times publishes eye-popping correction on campus-sexual-assault book review - The Washington Post - Michelle Goldberg wrote a review and lied in it, but NYT is open to "opionions")
Shining a Light on Campus Rape - The New York Times

A study has found evidence that religious people tend to be less reflective while social conservatives tend to have lower cognitive ability : science
Analytic cognitive style and cognitive ability differentially predict religiosity and social conservatism - Analytic-cognitive-style-and-cognitive-ability-differentially-predict-religiosity-and-social-conservatism.pdf
pone.0082131 1..11 - file

Eleven new studies suggest 'Power Poses' Don't Work -- fueling the second most-watched TED talk ever but also casting doubts about the science behind the assertion (TED zombies watching bullshit)

SLCPD detective who arrested nurse had been disciplined for alleged sexual harassment and other violations, records show : news (well, well)

Responders ram driveway gate to save UPS driver from dogs : news

Brain halves increase communication to compensate for aging, study finds : science
Researchers reverse the negative effects of adolescent marijuana use : news

Normative Values for Colonic Transit Time and Patient Assessment of Constipation in Adults With Functional Constipation: Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis : science

Giant, dinosaur-eating crocodile discovered in Texas : news

xiipaoc comments on ELI5:What is calculus? how does it work?

TIL that American and French Revolutionary Marquis de Lafayette was posthumously made an honorary citizen of the United States despite the fact that he was already an American Citizen. : todayilearned

User gives a step by step guide on what to do after you've been dumped : bestof
Man who raped toddler walks free because judge says there is 'no real purpose' in imprisoning him : news
As the 4th most visited website in the world, why doesn't Reddit have the same notoriety as Facebook, Twitter, or even Pornhub? : AskReddit
How would you react if you walked in on your SO and their friends as they were critiquing a Polaroid photograph of your genitals that was taken while you were sleeping without pants on during a holiday in Thailand? : AskReddit


For first time in 300 years, there's not a single living person on the island of Barbuda
About 1.5 million, mostly in Florida, without power in Irma's wake

North Korea fires second ballistic missile over Japan - BBC News

Parsons Green: Underground blast a terror incident, say police - BBC News
Theresa May slaps down Trump over London terror suspect tweet | The Independent "not helpful"

Toronto man 'angry' after learning his $8,100 master's degree that required no exams or academic work is fake - Toronto - CBC News -- Marketplace investigation reveals Kings Lake University and others are phoney schools selling fake degrees

2 arrested after torching of car belonging to head of Quebec City mosque - Montreal - CBC News - Incident occurred about 36 hours after city announced land sale for Muslim cemetery

Revised UK child sexual 'consent' rules provoke backlash --

U.S. finds evidence of child pornography involving Vatican diplomat in D.C., Vatican says - The Washington Post - Vatican diplomat to Washington D.C. recalled due to child-porn investigation

Cuba mystery grows: New details on what befell US diplomats : news

Elizabeth Warren launches an investigation into the Equifax hack : technology
Equifax CEO Hired a Music Major as the Company's Chief Security Officer : technology (la-di-la)
Equifax's chief information officer and chief security officer are retiring, the company announced Friday : technology

Manafort spokesman testifies to Russia grand jury for more than two hours - The Washington Post (dum-de-dum-dum)

Trump Adviser Secretly Met With Jordan King While One Was Pushing A Huge Nuclear Power Deal - Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon met with King Abdullah II while Flynn was reportedly pressing for a controversial, for-profit deal to build nuclear power plants in the Middle East.

Russia Laundering Probe Puts Trump Tower Meeting in New Light - Bloomberg - U.S. prosecutors follow funds from alleged $230 million fraud -- Criminal probe came as Russian lawyer in matter met Trump Jr.

Trump Resurrects His Claim That Both Sides Share Blame in Charlottesville Violence - The New York Times
On CNN, Trump supporter downplays Nazi violence in Charlottesville because no one got shot by white supremacists

Tru mp's DACA 'deal' is another humiliation for Jeff Sessions -- Photographers caught a giddy Jeff Sessions cracking a satisfied smile last week as he prepared to announce that 690,000 undocumented immigrants who had been brought into the United States as minors would no longer be shielded from deportation.

Google Allowed Advertisers To Target People Searching Racist Phrases

Judge rules in Chicago's favor on sanctuary cities, grants nationwide injunction (lil Jeffy having a bad week)

ESPN tried to kick Jemele Hill off the air and replace her with another black host -- Her colleagues, including co-host Michael Smith, weren't having it
What ESPN Employees Are Saying About The Jemele Hill Situation On Their Private Message Board

Chelsea Manning's Fellowship Withdrawn by Harvard After Criticism
Harvard Rescinds Invitation To Chelsea Manning To Be Visiting Fellow | HuffPost - I now think that designating Chelsea Manning as a Visiting Fellow was a mistake
Chelsea Manning Has a Lot to Teach. Harvard Doesn't Agree (K-School bows to fundamentalists and torture supporters)
Chelsea Manning's Fellowship Withdrawn by Harvard After Criticism : news - Nothing to see here: just Harvard doing some elite-level faculty management to dupe Michael Morell into resigning before pulling Manning's fellowship.
Harvard's Week Gets Even Worse -- Yesterday, we discussed Harvard overriding a decision to admit Michelle Jones to the History Ph.D program, based at lest in part of the well-known sacred moral principle What Would Tucker Carlson Say? Well, capitulating to criticism from vocal reactionaries (pre-emptive or otherwise) is now becoming a hot trend: (but tortore -- Morell -- is totally ok with Loser U)
Why I'm having nothing to do with Harvard's Kennedy School for the foreseeable future
Buildings Will Retain Taubman Name | News | The Harvard Crimson - The Monday sentencing of philanthropist A. Alfred Taubman for his role in orchestrating a price-fixing scheme between the nation's top two auction houses will not affect the Kennedy School of Government's Taubman Center for State and Local Government, said officials at the school yesterday.
Secret Report Contradicts US Position On Chelsea Manning Leaks - But it turns out the classified document they cited said almost the exact opposite. (liars always lying 0

Steven Mnuchin responds to criticism that he requested government jet for his European honeymoon - The Washington Post - "People in Kentucky took this stuff very seriously. Being a New Yorker, I don't have any interest in watching the eclipse"

It's not prejudice, it's perception - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Researchers at a Respected School of Business discover employers aren't prejudiced against women. They just prefer to hire men. Because they think men are better than women. As one does when one is not the least bit sexist.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin Ends Segment After Clay Travis Says He Believes in 'Boobs'

Here'ss Why Steve Bannon Wears So Many Shirts

Madigan stuns Illinois by announcing she won't seek reelection

St. Louis Police Shooting Ends with Injustice - Another police shooting in the St. Louis area has ended in predictable fashion. ... carried out the premeditated murder of Smith by shooting him five times at close range and then planting a .38-caliber revolver in Smith's Buick after police pulled Smith's body from the car. The asserted a "kill shot' was fired at close range after the first four shots were fired in close succession and struck Smith in the shoulder.
Former St. Louis officer Jason Stockley found not guilty in murder case : news

Farmington Hills teacher accused of assaulting 6th-grader who... - Student at East Middle School in Farmington Hills doesn't stand for Pledge
Michigan teacher accused of assaulting 6th-grader who sat during Pledge of Allegiance : news

'Busty' teen kicked out of class for wearing this outfit (Joplin, MO, female teacher, men's t-shirt saying "Our erections are harder, stronger and last longer' just fine)

Kenneka Jenkins' mother says activist who viewed freezer video misrepresented family -- Jenkins then takes the elevator to a lower level and wanders around, opening doors in an apparently disoriented manner, he said. Finally, he said, Jenkins opens two doors in a kitchen area and enters the walk-in freezer. The doors close behind her and Jenkins is seen no more, he said.

A white security officer told police he was shot by a black man. Turns out, he'd shot himself

Boyfriend of Md. teacher Laura Wallen held without bond after her body found in shallow grave - The Washington Post - both believed he was dating them exclusively

In Amish Country, the Future Is Calling - The New York Times

Cleveland woman repeatedly stabs boyfriend after finding him naked on top of 12-year-old daughter, reports say : news

Teen sends dick pic to 22-year-old woman, now he's a child pornographer ... The main detective in that case, that was pushing for it, committed suicide after being caught molesting a boy from the ages of 11 to 13 and another boy of unpublished age.

Tennessee town tries to ban drag shows, rally planned in response : news

TIL that NASA had released an 18-minute Ultra HD 4K video tour of the ISS last year, showing the space station in its full high-definition glory. : todayilearned
Space Station Fisheye Fly-Through 4K (Ultra HD) - YouTube

Study shows rise in cannabis use in US not caused by legalization : science

Antidepressants associated with significantly elevated risk of death, researchers find : science

Autistic boys and girls found to have "hypermasculinised" faces -- supporting the Extreme Male Brain theory

Bojack Horseman truly understands the political process : television
What's the best story you can make using eleven words? : AskReddit
What's classy if you're physically attractive but trashy if you're not? : AskReddit
Older people of reddit, what truth bomb would you like to tell the youth? : AskReddit

Lurid Lawsuit's Quiet End Leaves Silicon Valley Start-Up Barely Dented -- For all the outcry over how women are treated in the tech industry, the resolution of a sexual harassment case against Upload, a virtual reality start-up, shows that little has changed (they had a "kink room")


Yes, America, PBS's 'The Vietnam War' is required viewing -- all 18 hours of it ... the decades of deception and delusion that fed the war. "History didn't apply to us. We could never fight a bad war, we could never represent the wrong cause -- we were Americans. [Vietnam] proved that we were not an exception to history

Ringo Starr Is Pro-Brexit:

The Equifax Breach Was Entirely Preventable | WIRED
An excellent explanation of what the full scale and impact of the Equifax leak of American's data will mean: the entire American system of consumer credit is at risk. : bestof
savanik comments on Failure to patch two-month-old bug led to massive Equifax breach

Edward Snowden, NSA leaker, says U.S. should show evidence of Russia election hacking : technology

Mexican Opinions on U.S. Turn Negative | Pew Research Center - Widespread dissatisfaction with economy and political leaders

Mystery of Russian Fake on Facebook Solved, by a Brazilian - The New York Times (all this makes American "Intelligence" and Barry look really stupid see below)
RT, Sputnik and Russia's New New Theory of War -- How the Kremlin built one of the most powerful information weapons of the 21st century -- and why it may be impossible to stop.
Facebook still doesn't know the extent of Russian ad buys in election

Redoing the Electoral Math | New Republic - I argued that demographics favored the Democrats. I was wrong. -- By John B. Judis
Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ; New Poll: Some Americans Express Troubling Racial Attitudes Even as Majority Oppose White Supremacists - 14% of all respondents both 1) agreed that white people are under attack and 2) disagreed with the statement that nonwhites are under attack -- 8% expressed support for white nationalism. 4% expressed support for neo-Nazism.

Trump's die-hard supporters are fuming after an apparent about-face on 'dreamers'
Fox & Friends: Maybe Trump Wall Was "Symbolic' (of their complete stupidity)
All in All It's Just a ... Metaphorical Wall
House GOP Worries About 'Mass Exodus' Of Frustrated Members (super majority was not enough)
As Trump talks DACA deal with Democrats, GOP leaders try to reassert control - The Washington Post

The Trump administration's big new anti-leak memo leaked last night -- Of course it did. because in the Trump administration everything leaks.
Sessions wants a leak investigation rule-change. That could cripple the free press. - The Washington Post (what a coincidence)

Kushner's White House role 'crushed' efforts to woo investors for NYC tower (666 5th ave)

Trump ethics watchdog moves to allow anonymous gifts to legal defense funds - POLITICO - In a reversal of internal policy, the Office of Government Ethics says funds benefiting aides caught up in Russia probes may accept anonymous gifts from lobbyists. (bribes now ethical, great way to drain the swamp)

Trump: "The wall will come later"

Trump Humiliated Jeff Sessions After Mueller Appointment - The New York Times - . Mr. Sessions would later tell associates that the demeaning way the president addressed him was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life.

An ESPN commentator criticized Trump. The White House wants her fired. - Vox -- tweets calling President Donald Trump a white supremacist /a>
Breitbart's Curt Schilling: ESPN's "Jemele Hill has always been a racist" ... Disnety and ESPN "suipport liberal racism"

Eschaton: You Made The Rules - Still Facebook has long been in the content editing business, so that's the path they chose. It's a bit weird to delete posts of people breastfeeding (which they used to) and then take money for ads to target "Jew haters."
Facebook Enabled Advertisers to Reach 'Jew Haters' -- After being contacted by ProPublica, Facebook removed several anti-Semitic ad categories and promised to improve monitoring.

Anthony Weiner Says His Actions 'Crushed the Aspirations of My Wife' (great pic)

Anthony Scaramucci wants paternity test for newborn son | Page Six (also interesting pic)

Steven Mnuchin requested military jet for his European honeymoon - The Washington Post - raising questions again about the wealthy couple's use of government aircraft. (your money is at their disposal)
The moochin Mnuchins': Treasury secretary again is fodder for rich humor

The Lessons of Colorado - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Dylan Matthews has a good piece about why single-payer failed badly in Colorado, and what lessons are and aren't relevant at the federal level:

America's highest-earning state probably isn't the one you would expect (NH, CT, AK, MD, MA)

Read Amber Tamblyn's powerful open letter to "predatory man" James Woods

Daily Caller reporter renounces racist, misogynistic writings - The Washington Post

Fans ejected from Fenway Park after hanging 'Racism is as American as baseball' banner

GOP Congressman Claims Charlottesville's Deadly White Nationalist Rally Was a Left-Wing Set-Up -- And that's why Heather Heyer was killed? (Dana "Putin is my boss" Rohrabacher)

Kentucky's last abortion clinic to face off against governor

Internal investigation reveals Salt Lake officers violated six policies in arrest of nurse Alex Wubbels', who refused to allow warrantless blood draw of unconscious patient. : news
Biskupski: Officers violated 6 policies in Alex Wubbels' arrest |

Harvard Institute of Politics 2017 Recruits Are Interesting - Way to Go, Harvard. Let'scheck in on the new recruits. (Loser U and see Michael Morell, evil stain)

NASA's Cassini spacecraft will crash into Saturn -- its final screaming success
Cassini's Mission to Saturn in 100 Images

The fanged, faceless sea creature that washed ashore during Harvey has been identified - The Washington Post - the creature was most likely a fangtooth snake-eel, or Aplatophis chauliodus.

Surrounded by redrocks, Utah couple's Zen Buddhist meditation center in Torrey aims to relax and open the mind

Suicide attempts among young adults between the ages of 21 and 34 have risen alarmingly, a new study warns. Building community, and consistent engagement with those at risk may be best ways to help prevent suicide : science

Redditor proves that the Republican party consistently and almost unanimously votes for policies harmful to the vast majority of Americans : bestof
DisqualifiedHuman comments on CMV: Over the next 10-20 years, the biggest threat to most Americans will be the Republican party

Turn Bluetooth Off When You're Not Using It | WIRED


Hurricane Irma: Death toll rises as 6 dead at South Florida nursing home - The Washington Post -- The facility had a history of poor inspections and citations.
After Irma, a once-lush gem in the U.S. Virgin Islands reduced to battered wasteland - The Washington Post - On the island of St. John ... Kenneth Mapp (I), governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands, insisted in a telephone interview that there had been no pillaging at all on St. John, despite evidence to the contrary.

Why did one of the U.S. Navy's most advanced subs return to port with a pirate flag?

NK's Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site: Satellite Imagery Shows Post-Test Effects and New Activity in Alternate Tunnel Portal Areas By: 38 North

Sewer in London's East End Menaced by Giant Fatberg

First Victims Were the Disabled --- Kenny Fries
Trump Mocks Reporter"s Disability (Tuesday) - Youtube

McCain and Kerry outline lessons from Vietnam after watching new Ken Burns documentary

Theft of Equifax data could lead to years of grief for home buyers and mortgage applicants - The Washington Post

Dems to Mueller: Flynn broke law on security forms - CNNPolitics -- failed to disclose trip to broker Saudi-Russian business deal
The Flynn Family Appears to Be a Major Piece of Robert Mueller's Puzzle -- Some interesting news out of the Russia investigation.
Lobbying activities of Michael Flynn's son being examined by special counsel on Russia (corruption all the way down)
Mueller Probe Has 'Red-Hot' Focus on Social Media, Officials Say -- Facebook officials likely to face Congress, key lawmaker says -- Russia still ramping up cyber espionage: intelligence chief
Justice declines Senate request to interview FBI officials - CNNPolitics - the latest sign that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be investigating the circumstances around the firing, officials tell CNN. -- The previously undisclosed turf
Rice told investigators why she unmasked Trump aides - CNNPolitics - to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year ... The New York meeting preceded a separate effort by the UAE to facilitate a back-channel communication between Russia and the incoming Trump White House.

Sanders introduces universal health care, backed by 15 Democrats - The Washington Post
Sander's Bill Gets America Zero Percent Closer to Single Payer

Sessions forced Trump into his dumbest political move yet - The Washington Post - Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently convinced President Trump he had no choice but to pull the plug on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, using a phony deadline as the pretext
Trump is slowly rupturing the Republican Party, suggests yet another new poll - The Washington Post

Supreme Court Puts Redrawing Of Texas Electoral Maps On Hold | HuffPost - In August, a federal court struck down two GOP-drawn congressional districts saying they were discriminatory ... On a 5-4 vote (you've been Gorsuched)

The case for Trump-Russia collusion: We're getting very, very close
Trump is privately raging about Robert Mueller. But all of this is his own fault. - The Washington Post ... If Trump is not able to grasp that he is to blame for Mueller's probe, it becomes more likely that Trump could take steps such as these in the grip of delirium over imagined persecution. What happens then is anybody's guess

With their party's future on the line in the states, Democrats can't agree on a playbook (Barry said didn't need your grass-roots and he would handle everything -- and nuked the state-level party, hello Debbie Wasserdoodle)

Heritage lamented Dems, moderates on Trump voter fraud commission | TheHill (only RWNJs allowed)
Ex-Sec of State blasts Trump's voter fraud panel: It's based on the 'biggest lie a p;resident has ever told'

'Report this illegal.' Student seeks help after classmate targets her for deportation.

Trump ambassadors' curious qualifications
Trump FEMA Nominee Withdraws After NBC Questions on Falsified Records - NBC News - after NBC News raised questions about a federal investigation that found he had falsified government travel and timekeeping records when he served in the Bush administration in 2005.

Twitter account sells Ted Cruz merch following 'liked' porn tweet ("masturbaTED")

Robert Redford on Trump: 'He's Our Fault' ... look in the mirror
Partisans Differ Widely in Views of Police Officers, College Professors | Pew Research Center - Republicans, Democrats view each other more negatively

Protest after biracial boy, eight, nearly hanged by teenagers : news
'Shut up, slave!': A spilled Starbucks drink leads to sidewalk fight -- and hate-crime charges
Ferguson Drops Charges Against Man Cited in Justice Dept. Report - The New York Times - Mr. Watson, who had been approached by a police officer while sitting in his parked car, was charged with failure to wear a seatbelt and six more offenses

Multiple victims in shooting at Freeman High School; one student dead; suspect detained | The Spokesman-Review
Deputies responding to shots fired call at Freeman High School (Spokane, WA) : news
Another American Massacre Just Went Almost Totally Ignored - just the price of freedom in this country we've built for ourselves (assault weapsons everywhere)

Homeless man asked woman to move Porsche so he could sleep. Then she shot him, police say. - The Washington Post -- the driver, a 26-year-old woman named Katie Quackenbush, allegedly stepped out of the Porsche and fired two gunshots at Melton, hitting him in the stomach, police said. She then got back in her SUV and fled the area. ("went to dinner")

'Southland Tales' plunged us straight into a post-apocalyptic mental breakdown

Sex Scandal Simmered for Years Before Silicon Valley C.E.O.'s Swift Fall -- At late-night, wine-soaked gatherings with colleagues, he bragged about his sexual conquests and the size of his genitalia, said employees who heard the comments.
Blood In The Water In Silicon Valley -- The bad new politics of big tech.

'Bodega,' the very bad start-up that wants to kill mom-and-pop shops

What to know about a study of flu vaccine and miscarriage - The Washington Post - Researchers studying the flu vaccine in pregnancy have found a hint of a possible link between miscarriage early in pregnancy and the flu vaccine in women who received a certain version of the vaccine two years in a row.

A new study pins damages from sea level rise and climate change on select large oil, gas and coal companies : science

TIL That the research behind "Type A and Type B personality traits" was secretly funded by cigarette companies in the 1960's to suggest that smoking cigarettes didn't cause cancer and heart disease, being Type A did. : todayilearned

Parasite Linked to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases, Epilepsy, and Cancer : science

Shopping for Kitchen Faucets - The New York Times

ScamHaters ~ SCAM CHAT
BlueBorne Information from the Research Team - Armis Labs
BlueBorne: Bluetooth Vulnerability affecting 5 Billion devices : technology
The IoT Attack Vector "BlueBorne" Exposes Almost Every Connected Device


AccuWeather predicts economic cost of Harvey, Irma to be $290 billion
Before and after Hurricane Irma - Washington Post
Hurricane Irma's impact, from the air: Florida Keys battered but spared the worst in near miss
Houston's Floodwaters Are Tainted With Toxins, Testing Shows (shit everywhere)
I'm Alan Sealls, your friendly neighborhood meteorologist who woke up one day to Reddit calling me the "Best weatherman ever" AMA. : IAmA

Textbook example of ethnic cleansing: 370,000 Rohingyas flood Bangladesh as crisis worsens

Authorities: Gold miners at a bar bragged about slaughtering members of a reclusive Brazilian tribe - The Washington Post - If these reports are confirmed, [Brazilian President Michel Temer] and his government bear a heavy responsibility for this genocidal attack ... the government has slashed funds for an agency that protects the tribes,

Will Donald Trump Destroy the Presidency? - The Atlantic -- How Trump Is Destroying America (everything he touches turns to shit)

Trump's legal team debated whether Kushner should leave White House
Russia Sought A Broad Reset With Trump, Secret Document Shows
Russia probes pose loyalty test for Team Trump -- Lawyers representing Donald Trump's current and former aides are giving their clients one simple piece of advice: don't lie to protect the president.
Republican attempt to deflect Trump-Russia probes could backfire: sources

Exclusive: Russia Used Facebook Events to Organize Anti-Immigrant Rallies on U.S. Soil

Why Equifax Happened - Lawyers, Guns & & Money (their losing your data is your fault)
Equifax's Maddening Unaccountability
The Equifax Breach Exposes America's Identity Crisis | WIRED - Social Security number has been compromised and their identity data has been stolen,

Hillary Clinton's new book blasts Republicans and Russia. She's 100 perscent right.
Women Aren't t Responsible for Hillary Clinton's Defeat -- The media has created a misleading narrative in a rush to assign blame for the outcome of the election ... It is true that Clinton did not win a majority of white women voters; Trump did, with 53 percent support.

Republican's tax-cut myth is about to crumble

Trump's voter fraud commission is hearing a proposal to make every voter pass a gun background check< (oh shit, John Lott is running the voting) /a>
FOIA Response Reveals True Partisan Intent of Pence-Kobach Commission | Campaign Legal Center - A few months later, President Donald Trump appointed Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation to the Pence-Kobach Commission. Mr. von Spakovsky is widely considered the architect of the voter fraud myth. These emails add to the mounting evidence that the commission has no interest in true bipartisanship or an open discussion of how to solve the real problems in our elections.

Howard Dean on young voters: 'These people are not Democrats' (because they aren't old farts like Dean)
Howard Dean Threatens New Hampshire Primary Over Proposed Voter ID Restrictions

One photographer's extraordinary images from the Charlottesville clashes

Maggie Haberman and Glenn Thrush Take the Next Step with Trump | Vanity Fair - masters of West Wing insider detail just made a book deal with Random House. But they want it to be more than the book version of the reality show.

After 15 die in hepatitis outbreak, San Diego begins sanitary street washing - LA Times - fecally contaminated environment

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigns after fifth child sex-abuse allegation | The Seattle Times
Mayor Ed Murray's cousin: He sexually abused me, too -- The report noted Murray worked with children in a Catholic-sponsored program in Ireland for a year, before returning home after his mother died in 1974.

NH Officials To Assist Probe Into Alleged Attempted Hanging Of Biracial Boy

What The 2 Deadliest Mass Shootings This Year Have In Common | HuffPost - American gun violence is inextricably linked to domestic violence: More than half of American women killed with guns are killed by their current or former partner,

Police: Woman shot homeless man who asked her to move Porsche : news - Katie Quackenbush

Seven Days of Heroin -

[MA] Pro-charter school group pays state's largest campaign finance penalty (so, a bunch of lying cheaters, big surprise +Bain +Walmart +Baker)

At Helmut Lang, Shayne Oliver's bras aren't practical. But they might be brilliant. - The Washington Post

Magnetic pulses into the brain? They're actually an established treatment for depression, now getting easier to find

Weight Loss Success Determined by Ratio of Two Gut Microbiota Species : science

TIL Arkansas is the only state where rentals don't have a warranty of habitability. So, landlords can knowingly rent dangerous or otherwise uninhabitable properties with no recourse for the renter. : todayilearned

UFO enthusiasts of Reddit, what do you think is the single best and most convincing photograph of alien life? : AskReddit
What piece of history is too crazy to believe, yet is still true? : AskReddit
glassFractals comments on A chilling phone message from one of the victims of 9/11
With the adage "nothing is ever deleted from the Internet" in mind, what is something you HAVE seen vanish from the net? : AskReddit
What does the opposite sex tend to not understand about your own sex that frustrates you? : AskReddit

Amazon Weighs Boston in Search for Second Headquarters - Bloomberg
Amazon's Whole Foods Price Cuts Brought 25% Jump in Shoppers : news
Google Suffers Major Outage With Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Drive, and Other Services Affected : technology


9/11 Jumper Photos and Taboo Memorial - Lawyers, Guns & Money
9/11/2001 Megathread : AskReddit
Sixteen Years After 9/11, How Does Terrorism End? | The New Yorker
How 9/11 triggered democracy's decline -- The war on terrorism has made the U.S. presidency itself a threat to, not a defender of, democracy. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama drastically expanded executive powers by combining secrecy with new technologies to incarcerate and kill hundreds of people, including numerous Americans, with little public oversight

Hurricane Irma Linked to Climate Change? For Some, a Very 'Insensitive' Question -- Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, says it is insensitive to discuss climate change in the midst of deadly storms.
Trump Hasn't Faced a Single Climate Change Question Since Hurricanes Hit ... And he's not alone: The topic was barely discussed on the Sunday Shows even as Irma neared Florida.
Conspiracies, Corruption and Climate - The New York Times -- impugning the motives of thousands of scientists around the world. All of these scientists, they insist, motivated by peer pressure and financial rewards, are falsifying data and suppressing contrary views.

Irma's impact: Storm knocks out power to millions in Florida - The Washington Post
In Florida, a Strom's Fright Gives Way to a Blackout's Hassles
Irma Roars In, and All of Florida Shakes and Shudders - The New York Times
The Daily 202: Hurricane Irma would have killed vastly more people in the past - The Washington Post - Hurricane Irma would have killed vastly more people in the past
Hurricane Irma: After thrashing South Florida, storm churns north past Tampa toward Georgia - The Washington Post - flattening homes, flooding the Keys and cutting power to more than 6 million customers across the state
Mosquitoes, carbon monoxide and chemicals are big post-Irma health concerns

400 children from Scottish orphanage of 'horrors' believed buried in mass grave, media report says -- About 11,600 children passed through the institution from its opening in 1864 through its closure in 1981, left in the care of an order of Catholic nuns. Former residents have detailed allegations of being brutally beaten, kicked in the head, neglected and publicly humiliated by the orphanage's staff ... hideous treatment at the hands of nuns ... "The true scale of the horrors of Smyllum long hidden by the Roman Catholic church are only being now revealed," (and they are still covering up)

A woman interviewed 100 convicted rapists in India. This is what she learned. - The Washington Post (men are rapists, women are property)

Russian pol: US intel missed 'Russian intelligence' stealing 'the president of the United States'

Imagine How Bad Things Would Be If We Had a Republican President! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump. the fiercely independent executive who is the first president since the Civil War to be completely bereft of ties to any political party continues to pursue a completely unpredictable agenda that bears no resemblance to that of any major American political party:
Where Trump's Hands-Off Approach to Governing Does Not Apply

Steve Bannon's damning admission about Trump firing James Comey

Clinton criticizes Trump for using race to win election - The Washington Post

Trump Inc: Inside the president's not-so-blind trust -- Trump has formed at least 49 business entities since he announced his bid for the presidency. He continued to form businesses not only after winning in November, but also after assuming the presidency in January.
Trump organization hires Chinese company for Dubai project | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Soul Survival in Trump's Hell

Jeff Session's lie detector idea

Rex Tillerson has lost his primary reason for being the secretary of state - The Washington Post - For Rex Tillerson, it is the worst of times.

I'm not buying the new conventional wisdom about Trump -- By Jennifer Rubin< -- comments: "confused Ms. Rubin. In 2013, on Steve Malzberg's radio show, you described President Obama as "the absolute worst"; you said "I dont' think he is a good person," because he attempted to discuss racism. ... We haven't forgotten about Jenghazi "Benghazi!! Rubinhaz, but I'm slowly coming around to giving her credit for recognizing the obvious once it was blown up 1000x and set on fire. /a>
Why the Washington Post won't fire Jennifer Rubin : ombudsman admits Jennifer Rubin would be fired if she promoted anti-Israeli rather than anti-Arab bile ... Israel-obsessed blogger Jennifer Rubin, who re-tweeted Abramss' promotion of her post with obvious (and admitted) agreement. (drive them into the sea to float there, food for sharks, stargazers, and whatever other oceanic carnivores God has put there for the purpose)
Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin Promotes Call for Palestinian Genocide -- Abrams is the half-sister of Commentary editor John Podhoretz, the wife of Iran-Contra felon and former Assistant Secretary of State Elliot Abrams, and the daughter of Midge Decter and step daughter of neocon founding father Norman Podhoretz. She is also a board member of the right-wing Emergency Committee for Israel, which recently produced baseless ads claiming the Occupy Wall Street movement iHow America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History By Kurt Andersen
s anti-Semitic. (quite a pedigree)

Bob Corker weighs whether to retire in 2018 - CNNPolitics -- "He has not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great and what it is today"
Alex Jones: Sources tell me Trump is being "covertly drugged" and is now slurring his words by 6 or 7 p.m. each night
Roger Stone: It's possible White House chief of staff John Kelly is having Trump drugged

The South Doesn't Own Slavery -- comment: Here we go with the moral equivalency argument. According to the 1800 census report.there were 36k slaves in the North and 851k slaves in the South. IE. 95% of the slave population lived in the South. Cotton was King in the South and so was slavery.-- comment: total revenues from the cotton industry just prior to the Civil war were greater than the revenues of the industrial North. And the cotton industry was inconceivable without slavery and the plantation infrastructure.
Episode 6 of the Constitutional podcast: Senate and states

FANTASYLAND -- How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History By Kurt Andersen -- What we Americans need, it would seem, is something more powerful. A story to end all stories, preached by someone with the fire of Anne Hutchinson. A collective delusion so seductive that it will have us all, in Locke-step, bowing down to reason and reality. Anyone have any ideas?

The Upper Crust That Crumbled - - Mr. Stern's accounts of the "self-surrender of the intellectual elite' and of the acquiescence of official Protestantism to the new regime make fascinating reading.

TIL The Soviet Union declared war on Japan between atomic weapons being dropped. : todayilearned

User describes why the Republican Party has become the primary problem with American politics : bestof

Police in Vancouver Arrest Man for Nearly Running Down Antifa Protesters With His Truck - Willamette Week - Nobody was hurt in the incident, but the echoes of Charlottsville are hard to miss.

Taxi Medallions, Once a Safe Investment, Now Drag Owners Into Debt - The New York Times

Here's one marijuana trend you should actually be worried about -- More concerning, though, is the number of people who are getting high all the time ... 9 percent of people who used marijuana that year used it at least 300 days out of the year. That figure's up by roughly 50 percent from 2002, when 12 percent of marijuana users consumed the drug daily or near-daily.
Looking for Productivity Pot? Try Shango's PDX -- an energizing, lucid sativa that's great for staying productive
Crop King Seeds - Willamette Week - Offering over 25 seed varieties.

Reddit's bans of r/coontown and r/fatpeoplehate worked--many accounts of frequent posters on those subs were abandoned, and those who stayed reduced their use of hate speech : science

What social custom needs to be retired? : AskReddit
McCarthy wins Emmy for Spicer impression : television
ELI5: Why do we have different electrical outlets on different continents? It seems electricity was discovered and then everyone went different ways with it. Is one setup better than another? : explainlikeimfive

Comcast Sues Vermont, Insists Having To Expand Broadband Violates Its First Amendment Rights : technology (they have all the free speech money can buy)


Maps: Where Is Hurricane Irma Over Florida? - The New York Times
Hurricane Irma makes landfall in Florida Keys and will roar up the state's Gulf Coast
Hurricane Irma photos | The Washington Post - The most dramatic images each day from the hurricane
Hurricane Irma strikes Florida Keys and bears down on Florida's west coast - The Washington Post
Hurricane Irma: Live updates - CNN
City of Marathon: 'Everything is under water, I mean everything'
Irma: Florida residents call on Trump to open Mar-a-Lago as a shelter for hurricane victims | The Independent - Many shelters in South Florida are already full (Trump: "Let them eat mud")
Cuba sends hundreds of doctors to Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane : news
Best Weatherman Alan Sealls with a new Hurricane Irma & Jose update : television
Hurricane Jose may meander not far from the East Coast through Friday - The Washington Post

Leveled Mexican Town Digs for Survivors. 'Can You Tell Me if My Dad's O.K.?"

In the United States, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy combined : news (bring back coal!)

They Have Come for the Rohingya - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Latest estimates number the people fleeing Myanmar's Rakhine state over the past two weeks at 290,000. These refugees represent over a quarter of the 1.1 million Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority.

Netanyahu's son removes anti-Semitic meme from Facebook following outcry -- "It's a particularly sad day for Israel when a caricature endorsed by the head of the KKK emerges from the home of the prime minister of the Jewish state"

Saudi government allegedly funded a 'dry run' for 9/11, report says : news (and Obama kept everything a big secret)

2,100 bodies of civilians discovered in aftermath of Mosul : news

TechCrunch: Equifax Hack-Checking Web Site Is Returning Random Results : technology
Equifax Lobbied To Kill Rule Protecting Victims Of Data Breaches (of course they did)
TechCrunch: Equifax Hack-Checking Web Site Is Returning Random Results : technology
Equifax Breach Response Turns Dumpster Fire

McCain says he is facing 'very vicious' form of cancer

SLC detective's attorney says officer wanted blood drawn to help the unconscious patient keep his commercial driver license (let's lie some more

By increasing treatment for substance abuse, Medicaid expansion led to a major reduction in the rates of robbery, aggravated assault and larceny theft. The study estimates that increasing the treatment rate by 10% (costing $1.6 billion) yields a benefit of $2.9-5.1 billion from reduced crime rates : science
The alcohol industry appears to mislead the public and be engaged in extensive misrepresentation of evidence about alcohol-related risk of cancer, through 3 main strategies: (i) denial/omission (ii) distortion and (iii) distraction. These activities have parallels with the tobacco industry. : science

Legal Marijuana Is Almost Here. If Only Pot Farmers Were on Board. - The New York Times

How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality - The Washington Post - The perils of monopoly.
Hackers Can Remotely Access Syringe Infusion Pumps to Deliver Fatal Overdoses


Livestream: What Hurricane Irma looks like right now - Washington Post
Hurricane Irma to regain Category 5 strength, forecasters say - CNN
Extreme Hurricane Irma closing in on Florida, posing dire threat; west coast most at risk - The Washington Post
Governor issues new warning as Florida sees first signs of Hurricane Irma
Hurricane Irma churns toward Florida where cities brace for storm surges up to 15 feet - ABC News (end of Tampa)
Trump's War on Science (and reality in general +destroying the EPA)
A Requiem for Florida, the Paradise That Should Never Have Been - POLITICO Magazine - As Hurricane Irma prepares to strike, it's worth remembering that Mother Nature never intended us to live here. (money has a very short memory) Then in 1928, another Category 4 storm blasted Lake Okeechobee through its flimsy dike, killing 2,500 and abruptly ending the Everglades boom. It was the second-deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history
As Irma churned toward their state, two Florida Republicans voted against hurricane relief bill - The Washington Post
Jose, 'still a dangerous Category 4 hurricane,' threatens second blow to Irma-ravaged islands (bad hombre)
Hurricane Irma: Some in FL have few job protections if they evacuate
Trump: Texas churches should get FEMA aid after Harvey - The Washington Post -- "Taxpayers should not be forced to protect religious institutions that they don't subscribe to." (they don't pay any fucking taxes but want your monies)
'Once the storm starts, law enforcement cannot save you' : Fla. governor issues stern warning ahead of Irma
St. John resident says there were 'houses flying away' when Irma hit (with people in them)
Florida governor has ignored climate change risks, critics say - The Washington Post (teahdist Lex Luthor doesn't believe in fake science)
Mar-A-Lago Has A Flood Insurance Policy Through The Federal Government | HuffPost - Florida estate is among the flood-prone properties covered by the controversial program.

Wildfires have burned an area the size of Maryland - The Washington Post -- A combination of climate change and land management have fueled an increase in wildfire activity dating to the 1980s
Did lesbians cause Hurricanes Irma and Harvey? God knows. - The Washington Post (couldn't have been red states voting for the Antichrist, for sure)

'A disaster in the making' Pakistan's population surges to 207.7 million -- fifth most populous country, surpassing Brazil and ranking behind China, India, the United States and Indonesia. The annual birthrate, while gradually declining, is still alarmingly high. At 22 births per 1,000 people, it is on a par with Bolivia and Haiti, and among the highest outside Africa ... Only a third of married Pakistani women use any form of birth control, and the only family-planning method sanctioned by most Islamic clerics is spacing births by breast feeding newborns for two years (it's always the fundies/men)

All the worst lies about Brexit are about to be revealed - The Washington Post ... With breathtaking insouciance and eye-watering obliviousness (Tories fucking things up since forever)

More White, More Male, More Jesus: CIA Employees Fear Pompeo Is Quietly Killing the Agency's Diversity Mandate -- CIA insiders worry reforms pushed by Brennan are languishing in his absence. (more fake Jesus is just what we need)

Equifax's Instructions Are Confusing. Here's What to Do Now
Seriously, Equifax? This Is a Breach No One Should Get Away With - The New York Times (too big to die)

The Cold Warrior Who Never Apologized - The New York Times - and no one thought more wishfully about the war than Walt Whitman Rostow. A Yale Ph.D. and a Rhodes scholar, Rostow left his academic perch at M.I.T. to join the State Department under John F. Kennedy; he was later Lyndon Johnson's national security adviser during the center-cut of American involvement in Vietnam, from April 1966 to January 1969. (the worst and the dimmest of the dominos)

Mueller gives White House names of 6 aides he expects to question in Russia probe - The Washington Post
Trump tortured Spicer and Priebus. Now they get to tell investigators about Trump. - The Washington Post
White House communications director Hope Hicks retains lawyer in Russia probe - politico (lock them all up)

'Trump betrays everyone' : The president has a long record as an unpredictable ally

Facebook Wins, Democracy Loses - The New York Times (so Zuckerberg wants to zuckerfuck the whole country again)

The top 15 possible 2020 Democratic nominees, ranked - The Washington Post - 15. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ... 11. Oprah Winfrey/Mark Cuban/Howard Schultz/Bob Iger/Sheryl Sandberg ... 1. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) (who isn't even a Dem, we're so screwed, but Oprah for pres, rly)

'I Smell Cash': How the A.T.F. Spent Millions Unchecked -- A pair of informants got $6 million and agents spent freely. The Justice Department fought to keep records of the operation secret .. Two informants made $6 million each. One agent steered hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate, electronics and money to his church and his children's sport teams

What's Going to Happen When the Trumpists Realize the America They Yearn for Is Gone? -- hard-core backers want an America that isn't coming back (2/3 of GDP voted for Hillary, the "low output" old white Christian 1/3 voted for the Antichrist)
Study: Trump fans are much angrier about housing assistance when they see an image of a black man - Vox - In contrast, Clinton supporters seemed relatively unmoved by racial cues. (racist fucks Making America hate Again)

In a parallel universe, this week's big political news would be Rep. Tim Murphy's sex scandal -- Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Pa.) that he carried on an extramarital affair last year ... Murphy, 64, acknowledged a sexual relationship with Shannon Edwards, 32 ... Edwards is just two years older than Murphy's adult daughter

California proposal would make abortion a murder charge | The Sacramento Bee

California opioid use shows regional differences | The Sacramento Bee (highest in Trump counties)

ASUC fails to pass resolution on Berkeley subsidization of Shapiro event

Meet the Man Turning Anti-Muslim Hate Into Law - A new report on Islamophobia from UC Berkeley highlights the role of David Yerushalmi ... "veteran of the right-wing Israeli settlers movement"

Joe Paterno may have known of earlier Jerry Sandusky abuse claim, police report reveals - CNN -- legendary football coach Joe Paterno knew years before Jerry Sandusky's arrest that his longtime assistant might be sexually abusing children ... contradicts ... testimony before a grand jury that he "had 'no inkling' that Sandusky might be a sexual deviant'

Eric Bolling Out At Fox News | HuffPost - after an exclusive HuffPost report revealed Bolling sent inappropriate text messages to current and former female colleagues. ("inappropriate messages" = "dick pics" but he said it wasn't his penis)Less than a week after the two stories were published, Bolling filed notice that he was suing this reporter for defamation, claiming damages of $50 million. (hahahaha)
Tragedy: Eric Bolling Son Dies | Mediaite -- A different source said the cause of death was suicide. (connection?)
Fired FNC Anchor Eric Bolling, Son Dies from Drug Overdose (UPDATE) | -- We're told he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network. Our sources say he was extremely embarrassed by the stories and was "emotionally upsset"

Judge arrested and charged with assault after scuffle with clerk at Walmart - The Washington Post

'I just murdered four people' -- A stranger at the door, a terrible crime (Groton, MA)
Groton quadruple-homicide was a 'situation of tragic family violence'

Convictions against Teamsters from 2014 reversed - The Boston Globe - A federal appeals court has reversed a slew of convictions of extortion and racketeering against two Teamsters who were found guilty in 2014 of using the threat of pickets to pressure businesses into hiring union workers.

Maria Sharapova's Vile, Racially Tinged Treatment of Serena Williams

Woman who chose to keep her baby instead of chemotherapy has died 3 days after delivery : news

gusgetz comments on Those 3% of scientific papers that deny climate change? A review found them all flawed

ELI5: Why didn't the industrial revolution take place a 1000 years ago,Why was our progress so exponential in the last 400 years? : explainlikeimfive

Does writing by hand have positive cognitive effects that cannot be replicated by typing? : askscience
What was something you noticed between the groom and bride on their wedding day that made you think "they shouldn't be getting married"? : AskReddit
[Serious] Mods of Reddit, what is the most unexpected/disturbing post you've ever had to remove from your subreddit? : AskReddit
User posts in r/conspiracyundone and r/Judaism about how the Jews are vampiric, gets linked to r/TopMindsofReddit and sallies forth to defend his beliefs. : SubredditDrama
The conspiracy that ties together all conspiracies... You probably haven't heard about this one: The confluence of Jewish Talmudism and the mythos of vampirism, and how it relates to both pedogate and the world we live in. (OC) : conspiracyundone
I have no words for this : TopMindsOfReddit

The Google Memo: The Economist On Nothing - Quillette
A couple of people have recommended that I read this piece (Zunger) in order to put the Google memo
The e-mail Larry Page should have written to James Damore
Contra Sadedin & Varinsky: the Google memo is still right, again | Nintil
The Google Memo: What Does the Research Say About Gender Differences? |
Steven Pinker on Twitter: "The always-amazing "Slate Star Codex" (Scott Alexander) on sex differences."
Contra Grant On Exaggerated Differences | Slate Star Codex
I'm a woman in computer science. Let me ladysplain the Google memo to you.


Mexico struck by earthquake of magnitude 8, tsunami possible: USGS - after a massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake late Thursday.-- The quake, one of the biggest recorded in Mexico, struck off the country's southern coast.
Earthquake/Tsunami Megathread : askscience
Fuerte sismo sacude a la CDMX - YouTube
What are "Earthquake Lights" and what causes them? : askscience
8.1 earthquake captured at a bowling alley in Chiapas, Mexico : videos

Donald Trump has tweeted climate change skepticism 115 times. Here's all of it. - Vox

Hurricane Irma path 2017: Live updates for Puerto Rico, Florida and Southeast U.S. - Washington Post
Extreme Hurricane Irma closing in on Florida, posing dire threat - The Washington Post
Hurricane Irma will batter Florida and 'devastate the United States,' official warn
Florida Is Due for a Reckoning. Will Irma Be It? - The New York Times (tie Lex Luthor and l'l Marco to the bearch)
Hurricane Irma Live Updates: 'Way Bigger Than Andrew,' Florida Governor Warns
Hurricane Irma churns toward Florida and is 'a threat that is going to devastate the United States' - The Washington Post
Florida nuclear plants could take a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Plant owners say they are ready. - The Washington Post
Irma's destructive path: When you look at the carnage, you ask how anybody at all survived
Trump's beachfront Mar-a-Lago Club ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approaches
Photos: what Hurricane Irma's destruction looks like on the ground
Planning, Florida, and Irma - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Miami is Flooding | The New Yorker - As temperatures climb, so, too, will sea levels.
Miami: How Rising Sea Levels Continue to Endanger South Florida - Rolling Stone - But long before the city is completely underwater, chaos will begin
Man shot by police at Miami airport amid frenzied Irma evacuation - The Washington Post
Hurricane karma? Homes of climate-change deniers Trump, Limbaugh and Coulter lie in Irma's path (you forgot Mar-a-Lago, duh)
Rush Limbaugh will evacuate South Florida -- after calling Irma a hoax
Best weatherman just released an update on the triple hurricanes : videos

A Noxious Environmental Disaster Is Buried in Houston - Along with a few Pulitzer Prizes.
More Than 40 Sites Released Hazardous Pollutants Because of Hurricane Harvey - The New York Times

Leaked report highlights facts about climate change that all the more critical in the Trump era
As Scott Pruitt Denies Climate Change, People Die - When is the "appropriate" time to talk about climate change?
What prompted the EPA to attack an AP reporter over an accurate Harvey story? - The Washington Post ... Biesecker forwarded to the EPA press office a news release from Investigative Reporters and Editors announcing that Pruitt had won the organization's "Golden Padlock" recognizing the most secretive U.S. agency or individual (Pruitt's revenge) u

Apocalyptic Thoughts Amid Nature's Chaos? You Could Be Forgiven.
David Simon on Twitter: "In the pantheon of visual metaphors for America today, this is the money shot."

Israel's 'meal' scandal moves closer toward indictment of Netanyahu's wife
Netanyahu's No-State Solution (outlaw BDS!)

'The lies, the deception' : Australian politician found her husband's child porn and turned him in (fishy)

The Last Days of ISIS' Capital: Airstrikes if You Stay, Land Mines if You Flee

11 Thai men, one by one, married the same woman who then allegedly vanished -- with their money

With over half of the entire U.S. adult population potentially exposed, what's left to do but shrug and sigh? (sue the fuckers, duh)
MoiNameisMax comments on Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Was Revealed - By the way, they're directing users to sign up for TrustedID, which they own. Signing up for it requires you to forfeit your right to sue Equifax. Just. Saying. (well played, Equifax)
Equifax finally responds to swirling concerns over consumers' legal rights

Homeland Security Cancels Massive Roundups of Undocumented Immigrants - NBC News - President Donald Trump's Department of Homeland Security had planned nationwide raids to target 8,400 undocumented immigrants later this month ... the largest operation of its kind in the history of ICE

WATCH: Jake Tapper walks through the many lies Donald Trump Jr. told about the Russian meeting
First US senator says Congress could force Trump to testify on Russia - Shareblue - California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris
Document details scrapped deal for Trump Tower Moscow - CNNPolitics

Russia's Facebook Fake News Could Have Reached 70 Million Americans -- Facebook acknowledged that Russian propagandists spent $100,000 on election ads. It neglected to mention how many millions of people those ads reached. (not important, they said) < Facebook's role in Trump's win is clear. No matter what Mark Zuckerberg says.
Emails show Trump appointees undermined Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's Glacier visit

The White House tried to calm furious House Republicans. It didn't go well
House passes Trump deal on majority Democratic vote | TheHill - Lawmakers voted 316-90 for the package that includes more than $15 billion in disaster recovery aid for communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. The majority of House Republicans voted for the bill, something that had been uncertain, but more of the votes in favor came from Democrats. All of the 90 votes in opposition were from Republicans.

'Bring your daughter to jerk day' Seth Meyers blasts 'cringe-worthy' Trump-Ivanka 'daddy' moment

What Happened?! -- Video Emerges of Hillary Clinton Saying Illegal Immigrant Children Have to Go (her mind is a tangle of triangulated talking-points)
'It helps not to lie in politics': Sen. Al Franken

Bernie backers' attacks on Democrats infuriate the party - politico - attacks on Democrats infuriate the party -- Demands for ideological purity are stoking divisions heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. (fuck off, Berniebros)

Holy Crap. Max Baucus Now Supports Single Payer? -- But it is difficult to overstate the degree to which Baucus was a critical force among Senate Democrats preventing a more progressive version of Obamacare from becoming law. Really, really critical. (he was a big, big fucker)
This is the most brazen act of Obamacare sabotage yet - Vox - Trump has quietly stopped funding Obamacare's outreach budget

Democratic Senators Test Amy Barrett on Catholic Beliefs - The Atlantic - In the paper, the two authors explore whether a Catholic judge should recuse herself from death-penalty cases if she would be unable to impartially uphold the law because of her religious convictions.

Election Integrity Commission members accuse New Hampshire voters of fraud - The Washington Post - accusing thousands of voters of criminal activity simply for living in New Hampshire but holding out-of-state driver's licenses (Trump is the fraud)
Kris Kobach's leap of logic on voter fraud in New Hampshire should be disqualifying

In major Supreme Court case, Justice Dept. sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple - The Washington Post

How the Far Right Came to Love Hippie Food - The New York Times - One of the first acts of President Trump's administration was to reverse an Obama era proposed ban of chlorpyrifos, a pesticide shown to cause brain damage in children. Trump has also rolled back new food rules designed to reduce sodium levels in schools and give consumers more nutritional information.

A stunning new study shows that Fox News is more powerful than we ever imagined -- if Fox news hadn't existed, the Republican presidential candidates's share of the two-party vote would have been 3.59 points lower in 2004 and 6.34 points lower in 2008.
The Fox News Effect - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Today in Campus P.C. - Lawyers, Guns & Money - After months of controversy and widespread opposition, the UNC Board of Governors on Friday approved a ban on litigation that will prevent the UNC Center for Civil Rights from doing legal work for low-income and minority groups.

Congressman Charlie Dent will not seek re-election in 2018 - The Morning Call - An outspoken figure within the dwindling center-right of the Republican Party (he got Freedom Caucus'd)

Fox News Will Part Ways With Eric Bolling After Investigation | Variety

Broward GOP discovers executive board secretary once was arrested in an attempted murder | Miami Herald - is a man who once was charged with attempted murder in the savage claw-hammer beating of a then-classmate at a Los Angeles prep school for multi-millionaires' children ... after hitting Harvard-Westlake School classmate Elizabeth Barcay over the head at least 40 times, splitting her skull open. (sounds like a good Republican)

After Utah nurse's violent arrest, local prosecutors ask FBI to help investigate police ... Officers from the University of Utah did not intervene. (fire their asses too)

Fishing captain, inventor once were lovebirds; now they're suing each other, and it's not pretty ... Allenius packed her bags and her young daughter from a previous relationship and moved to Boynton Beach from St. Petersburg to be closer to Smith ... Allenius was nude when she went on a rampage in his house. She allegedly threw hundreds of items into the canal and caused more than $130,000 in damage inside the house ... She claims Smith occasionally became physical and caused her to break her ankle and burst her breast implants during fights.

Raped, held captive for 29 days, Minnesota teen swims across lake to escape, police say - The Washington Post
Texas Cop Who Said Town Was 'Infested' with Cartels Allegedly Worked with Them : news

XXXTentacion's Reported Victim Details Grim Pattern of Abuse in Testimony

Why was Howard playing at UNLV anyway? It wasn't just college football business as usual.

What's cuffing season? 14 Tinder-era dating terms you should know.
12-year-old boy who transitioned to female changes his mind two years later | The Independent

FDA slams EpiPen maker for doing nothing while hundreds failed, people died | In damning letter, agency says maker didn't ix violations or recall bad batches.

Is everything that we know about black holes theoretical? : askscience
Journey into a Schwarzschild black hole
Gravitational lensing by spinning black holes in astrophysics, and in the movie Interstellar - IOPscience

The largest randomised controlled trial of a psychological intervention for a mental health problem found that treating insomnia led to a reduction in paranoia and hallucinations, providing strong evidence that insomnia may be a causal factor in the occurrence of psychotic experiences. : science

Ok, Reddit, if we all suspended judgment for a sec, what do you want to brag about? : AskReddit
What is one thing your SO hid from you until later in the relationship? : AskReddit
What is the strangest real name you have ever heard? : AskReddit
TIL Costco purposefully designed their store without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy. : todayilearned


Maps: Tracking the Path of Hurricane Irma - The New York Times
Hurricane Irma, Churning Over Dominican Republic, Heads Toward Turks and Caicos - The New York Times
Hurricane Irma Skirts Puerto Rico, Leaves 1 Million Without Power - NBC News
Tropical triple threat: Hurricanes Jose and Katia could join Irma striking land this weekend - The Washington Post
Red States. Climate Change. What Next? - time for Republicans to get with the damn program.
Why Hurricane Irma Could Hurt, a Lot: Much Lies in Harm's Way ... In Florida, which has no state income tax, property taxes make up 36 percent of state and local revenues, and few cities have opted to take drastic measures to limit development along the hugely desirable coasts
One recent estimate showed that Irma packs more than five times Andrew's destructive potential -- Its hurricane-force winds cover an area roughly the size of Massachusetts.
Sir Richard Branson rode out Hurricane Irma on his private island
Redditors of Florida, how has your employer handled the impending wrath of Hurricane Irma regarding your personal preparatiosn and evacuation? : AskReddit
Best weatherman ever, very articulate and educational : videos
Reddit's #1 Post: Chief Meteorologist Alan Sealls Declared "Best Weatherman Ever"

Hackers Gain Direct Access to US Power Grid Controls | WIRED

Israeli airstrike targets Syrian military site as tensions rise - The Washington Post - Syria accused Israel on Thursday of bombing a military site that has been linked to the production of chemical weapons, as well as missiles bound for the Hezbollah militant group, marking an escalation of cross-border incursions by Israeli jets.

A Venezuelan woman had grown used to shortages. Then her HIV drugs ran out. - The Washington Post

Equifax compromised 143 million people's Social Security numbers and other data : technology
Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Was Revealed : technology

Roger Waters: Congress Shouldn't Silence Human Rights Advocates -- This draconian bill, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, threatens individuals and businesses who actively participate in boycott campaigns in support of Palestinian rights conducted by international governmental organizations with up to 20 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine. (Netanyahu is your boss)

The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election - The New York Times - So it was last year when Melvin Redick of Harrisburg, Pa., a friendly-looking American with a backward baseball cap and a young daughter, posted on Facebook a link to a brand-new website (fake people told you it was fake news)
Russia political meddling alleged in 27 countries since 2004
Yes, We've Done It Too: A History of U.S. Meddling in Other Countries' Election

Exclusive: Mueller seeks interviews with WH staff over Trump Tower meeting statement - CNNPolitics - Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team has approached the White House about interviewing staffers who were aboard Air Force One when the initial misleading statement about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower was crafted, three sources familiar with the conversations said. (the infamous "missing hour" with Jaredgetting on and off the plane 3 times)

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton's 'Fitness' for Office (she was "low stamina")
A Key Question from Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Testimony -- What sort of "gaps" is Richard Blumenthal referring to?

Trump, Schumer agree to pursue plan to repeal the debt ceiling - The Washington Post - agreed to pursue a deal that would permanently remove the requirement that Congress repeatedly raise the debt ceiling
Trump's triangulation shows what might have been
Trump Gets His Payback Against McConnell and Ryan - NBC News
How Democrats Rolled Trump on the Debt Ceiling | The New Yorker
Trump's Debt Deal With the Democrats (Chuck is 5'7" how tall is Trumpster?)

How Will History Judge the Trump Presidency? | Vanity Fair - Donald Trump may be a radical break from the past, but history will have its say.
Donald Trump Is the First White President - The Atlantic - The fondation of Donald Trump's presidency is the negation of Barack Obama's legacy

CNN's Powers: Trump thinks daughter Ivanka is 'his prized possession' | TheHill - Powers: Trump thinks daughter Ivanka is 'his prized possession'

Democrats dread Hillary's book tour -- Reliving the 2016 nightmare is the last thing the party needs right now, many say. (look forward, not backward! don't learn anything from experience!)
Clinton's score-settling frustrates Democrats
This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop - POLITICO Magazine - Peter Daou, the prickly pro-Clinton operative, has launched a propaganda rag so shameless it would make Kim Jong Un blush. (she never did understand either scammers or tech)
The Struggle Between Clinton and Sanders Is Not Over - The New York Times
Verrit, a Media Company for Almost Nobody - The Ringer - The last thing the internet needs is another hyperpartisan news source

Steve Bannon says Catholic Church has "economic interest" in "unlimited illegal immigration" ... Charlie Rose: Can I remind you, a good Catholic, that Cardinal [Timothy] Dolan is opposed to what's happened with DACA? Cardinal Dolan. Bannon: The Catholic Church has been terrible about this.

alicublog: THE PROUD CONSERVATIVE INTELLECTUAL TRADITION. - All told, if this doesn't convince you Kamala Harris is more like the Nazis than the xenophbic lunatic Nazi-defender who runs the country, I don't know what will.

'RepDWS' Laptop Placed For Cops To | The Daily Caller ... The laptop had the username "RepDWS" even though the Florida Democrat and former Democratic National Committee chairman previously said it was Awan'd computer and that she had never even seen it ... The former phone booth room where police found the items is small, and there was no obvious reason to enter it. (Wasserdoodle lied?)

Where have all the workers gone? An inquiry into the decline of the U.S. labor force participation rate - he increase in opioid prescriptions from 1999 to 2015 could account for about 20 percent of the observed decline in men's labor force participation (LFP) during that same period ... Regional variation in opioid prescription rates across the U.S. is due in large part to differences in medical practices, rather than varying health conditions.
The stunning prevalence of painkiller use among unemployed men - The Washington Post ... swaths of Nevada, Michigan, Maine, the southeast and the southwest appear to have suffered the hardest hits ... 44% out of work men, 35% out of work women, 21% working men, 26% working women (periods, duh) Employment trends among prime age men are particularly troubling: 69 percent are employed today, a sharp descent from 75 percent in 2000. Women have less dramatically spiraled downward, with 57.2 percent working now, a drop from the early aughts' 60%

The Resegregation of Jefferson County - The New York Times

Denver Health nurses suspended after opening body bag to see man' genitals Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center were suspended for three weeks after they inappropriately viewed a deceased patient's body and talked about it (one can only imagine and it's not like they haven't seen dicks before)

Watch a kid call an Infowars host "a fucking idiot"

The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy - The Atlantic - At many schools, the rules intended to protect victims of sexual assault mean students have lost their right to due process -- nd an accusation of wrongdoing can derail a person's entire college edcation (/life)(Dear Prudence)
What Emily Yoffe Left Out of Her Polemic on The Hunting Ground

Bad Teachers,New York's Back on the Job Maryor Bill de Glasio's administration quitly annouced a policy reversal: In the coming year, schools will once again be forced to hire teachers that no other school has wanted to hire

Graydon Carter to End 25-Year Run as Vanity Fair's Editor

He posed as a heroic war photographer -- and the news industry believed him
'Catch Me If You Can': Brazilian fake war photographer may be hiding in Australia< /a>
(1) Natasha Ribeiro

Nature's Disastrous Whitewashing Editorial -- Science's ethos of self-correction should apply to how it thinks about its own history, too.
Science journal Nature ventures into racist medical atrocities -- and regrets it -- "But some historians argue that his experiments could have been considered unethical even for his time" (just a little torture)
The medical ethics of Dr J Marion Sims: a fresh look at the historical record

Study: Atheists behave more fairly toward Christians than Christians behave toward atheists : science

Boy who suffered up to 100 seizures a day has none in 300 days after being prescribed cannabis oil : news

What's your favourite NSFW fact?
Cadfan17 comments on White Christians are now a minority of the U.S. population, survey says (Book of Job, read this)
Redditor hasn't heard of Book of Job. Cadfan17 gives a brief, hilarious summary in modern language. : bestof

ELI5:How do FBI track down anonymous posters on 4chan? : explainlikeimfive
Amazon Is Planning a Second Headquarters With 50,000 Jobs - The New York Times
The Guy Who Claims He Invented Email Just Lost His Bogus Lawsuit : technology


Atlantic 2-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook
Irma: Category 5 hurricane flattens 'most solid buildings' on Saint Martin island | The Independent
Power utility company in Puerto Rico estimates island will be without electricity for '4 to 6 months' : news
Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes ever: what we know - Vox - Irma is on track to hit the Eastern Caribbean and Puerto Rico.
Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 Hurricane, Makes Landfall in Caribbean - The New York Times
Deaths reported as Hurricane Irma batters northern Caribbean islands - CNN -- "Barbuda is literally rubble"
Maps: Tracking the Path of Hurricane Irma - The New York Times
Irma - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It looks like this will be an unimaginable catastrophe, even worse than Harvey: hurricane experts pondered whether or not it should be considered a Category 6 (Marco voted to confirm Scott Pruitt)
Hurricane Irma just slammed into Trump's Carribbean estate -- and is headed toward his Florida properties ... signature Mar-A-Lago club and three golf courses he owns in Doral, West Palm Beach and Jupiter. (revenge of the Chinese hoax)
Sir Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma in the wine cellar on his private island - The Washington Post
Hurricane Irma batters Caribbean islands, poses increasing threat to Florida - The Washington Post
Puerto Rico and tiny islands in Irma's path fear for the worst
Rush Limbaugh Claims Hurricane Irma Is Part Of A Vast Conspiracy | HuffPost - Conservative radio host says storms are used to sell bottled water and batteries. (fake storms on fake news with fake water and fake dead people)
No More Mister Nice Blog: Limbaugh: Hurricane Warnings Are A Liberal Conspiracy ... Millions of people listen to this garbage every day -- and they vote. You want to know what's wrong with this country? That's what's wrong
Rush Limbaught's dangerous suggestion that Hurricane Irma is fake news (maybe his listeners will go down to the beach to see the fake news) Alex Jones ... two of the president's biggest promoters in the media telling people that news about a storm -- or perhaps even the storm itself -- is fake.
Florida Sheriff Warns Fugitives They'll Be Jailed if They Seek Shelter
The cleanup in Texas will be long, and they're not sure what they'll find

The Way to Make North Korea Back Down - The New York Times (threaten China, hahahhaha)
Bad News, World: China Can't Solve the North Korea Problem
The moral answer to North Korea threats: Take them out! | New York Post - Better a million dead North Koreans than a thousand dead Americans (oh, and the 10 million South Koreans? not our problem -- do they really "think" like this?)

Corruption and Chinese Civil-Military Relations - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Thomas Piketty on the Russian kleptocracy - Axios -- income inequality is as great in Russia as the United States, with the top 1% of earners garnering upwards of 25% of national income, well above China and other former communist countries like the Czech Republic (which is why we're ruled by oligarchs) the uber wealthy in Russia have as much or more assets stashed overseas than the rest of the population combined holds in the country itself.

A major United States Holocaust Memorial Museum study of the Obama Administration's Syria policy was put on hold last night after portions of the study given to Tablet were greeted with shock and harsh criticism by prominent Jewish communal leaders and thinkers.

Brit pedophile may have abused 34 kids

Danish inventor charged with killing journalist Kim Wall says she hit head on submarine hatch - The Washington Post (and then cut hersw3f into little pieces and threw herself into the water) If convicted, Madsen could face five years to life in prison (oh, harsh)

A Florida man had his parents travel from India to help him beat his wife, police say - The Washington Post

Study points to potential vulnerability in online voter registration systems | Harvard Gazette - Study points to potential security weakness in many online registration systems -- For as little as a few thousand dollars, online attackers can purchase enough personal information to perhaps alter voter registration information in as many as 35 states and the District of Columbia (Barry was very confident in US voting system)

The First Six Months of Trump | Democracy Fund Voter Study Group - How Americans are Reacting to the Trump Administration -- Trump voters still support the President, but support is weaker among Obama-Trump voters ... Trump's approval rating remains high among those who voted for him in November, based on their stated preference in the December 2016 survey. Eighty-eight percent still approve of the President while just 9 percent disapprove (couldn't bring themselves to vote for crooked Hillary, fucked the whole country)

(2) Barack Obama - Posts - mmigration can be a controversial topic (fucking Facebook, Barry, really? and no fucking title?)
DACA deportations could cost US economy more than $400 billion< (Satan killing the economy and a lot of people) /a>
Poll: Majority opposes deporting Dreamers - POLIICO
4 lies Jeff Sessions told to justify ending DACA - Vox - And one misleading claim.

Trump's Early Christmas Gift to Democrats In a surprise blow to GOP leaders, the president strikes a short-term fiscal deal with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, handing them leverage ahead of the next round of negotiations in December.
Trump sides with Democrats on debt ceiling, throwing Republican plans into chaos - The Washington Post
Trump sides with Democrats in debt limit, funding, Harvey deal - The agreement sets up a brutal year-end fiscal cliff.
Chuck and Nancy Just Played Don Like a Fiddle - Nicely done.

A Second Look at the Steele Dossier -- Knowing What We Know Now -- he dossier, in Sipher's view, is not without fault, including factual inaccuracies. Those errors, however, do not detract from an overarching framework that has proven to be ever more reliable as new revelations about potential Trump campaign collusion with the Kremlin and its affiliates has come to light in the nine months since Steele submitted his final report. (including the Kompromat pee-pee tapes no doubt)

Nunes vents anger at Sessions over subpoena, threatens to hold AG, FBI chief in contempt - CNNPolitics (little Putin dupe is having a tantrum)
Donald Trump Jr. meeting with Senate committee investigating Russian election meddling on Thursday - ABC News
Facebook says it sold political ads to Russian company during 2016 election - The Washington Post

In its majestic equality, the law allows rich and poor alike to pay $100K for access to the DOPUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money - USA Today did not say the Dummkopf-in-Chief is a crooked crook who is crookedly parlaying potential access into cash because he's a crook

DeVos ends agreement to work on student loan fraud | TheHill

GOP leaders 'visibly annoyed' over Ivanka visit to Oval Office: reports

PRRI - 1. America's Changing Religious Identity - White Christians now account for fewer than half of the public 2. White evangelical Protestants are in decline along with white mainline Protestants and white Catholics (immoral minority)
White evangelicals have made a desperate end-of-life bargain with Trump (their faith is dead as is their souls)
White Christians are now a minority of the U.S. population, survey says : news

What even is Verrit, the news source endorsed by Hillary Clinton? - The Washington Post (Peter Daou scam and another H8llliary tone-deaf blunder)
Defiant Clinton looks to explain loss in new memoir - CNNPolitics (she was stupid)

At CNN, Retracted Story Leaves an Elite Reporting Team Bruised - The New York Times (they got zucker-fucked)

Sheriff Clarke Was in Talks for a Trump White House Job -- Then John Kelly Killed It -- Turns out that allowing people to die in your jail and comparing Black Lives Matter to ISIS is a bridge too far for some in this administration. (but not Satan-in-Chief)

The Ivanka Trump Guarantee - The New York Times - she was going to close the gender wage gap even if it killed her. Well, not if it killed her, not literally, but even if it mildly inconvenienced her, she was on it 110 percent, for the women. Well, not if it mildly inconvenienced her, she's very busy ... but definitely if there was a wage transparency policy already in place, she would not openly and glowingly support overturning it. ("fake human")

Charlottesville city council votes unanimously to remove another Confederate statue : news
Washington National Cathedral removing windows honoring Confederates Lee, Jackson - The Washington Post - On Wednesday morning, stone masons were at work putting up scaffolding to begin taking out the art that was installed 64 years ago ... a very real conversation in the wider culture about how the Confederate flag and the Old South narrative have been lively symbols today for white supremacists.

Abortion Does Not Harm Mental Health, Study Finds : science

The Latest Jaw-Dropping Numbers From the Opioid Crisis -- Overdose deaths rose by more than a fifth from 2015 to 2016.

Teens caught lighting fireworks that started Columbia Gorge fire in Oregon : news

Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Says Vote For Her Because She's White | HuffPost - Kimberley Paige Barnette, 52, suggested voters should pick her Sept. 12 to be the Republican candidate for mayor because she is "REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL" (sorry, Kimberly, "smart" doesn't belong in there)
Chairman responds to mayoral candidate who reminds voters she's 'white'

Teen girl files claim against police who mistook her for a black male suspect and punched her : news

Ohio deputy shoots photographer (body cam) : videos

Former 14-Year-Old Bride Wins $16 Million Lawsuit |
Polygamist Warren Jeffs ordered to pay $16 million to former child bride who testified against him : news ... every one percent increase in the sex ratio results in a six percent increase in the rates of violent and property crime. In addition, the parts of China with the most male-biased sex ratios are experiencing a variety of other maladies, all tied to the presence of too many young men. Gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, kidnapping and trafficking of women are rising steeply in China.
untitled - 657.full.pdf - The puzzle of monogamous marriage
Polygamist Sex Freak Masturbates 15 Times a Day in Jail

Salvador Dali's 'daughter' unrelated to him, DNA tests show --Fortune teller Pilar Abel loses 10-year campaign

Sally Quinn on her husband Ben Bradlee's struggles with dementia in his final years - The Washington Post - Ben Bradlee, the legendary executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991, died on Oct. 14, 2014, at the age of 93. Though it was little known outside his closest circles, he had spent his final years grappling with dementia. (can't use the A-word)
PC wars rule young-adult publishing as fewer kids learn to love to read | New York Post - Just last month, the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis canceled its conference on writing for children and young adults because 21 of its 22 speakers were white. (well?)

Police break up MIT frat party with waterfall pouring down stairs - The Boston Globe - An MIT fraternity house party was broken up by Boston police on Sunday night after detectives found underage drinking, unsafe conditions including overcrowding, and water pouring down a flight of stairs, officials said.

Mass. marijuana czar aims for speedy rollout of pot sales - The Boston Globe
Police break up MIT frat party with waterfall pouring down stairs - The Boston Globe - An MIT fraternity house party was broken up by Boston police on Sunday night after detectives found underage drinking, unsafe conditions including overcrowding, and water pouring down a flight of stairs, officials said.

After California got rid of the personal belief exemption for vaccinations, medical exemptions for vaccinations went up, suggesting that the Senate bill isn't as strong as hoped, since anti-vaxxers were still able to find doctors willing to provide a medical exemption instead, as reported in JAMA.

'Hurricane Rachel on Perijove 8 flyby of Jupiter' | JunoCam : Processing | Mission Juno
Check Out These Stunning New Images Of Jupiter | IFLScience

Cutting in line : funny

Hackers gain entry into U.S., European energy sector, Symantec warns : news
Judge dismisses Shive "I Invented EMAIL" Ayyadurai's libel lawsuit against Techdirt -- Judge: Techdirt articles were opinionated and hyperbolic, but not libel.
Republican entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai waging 2018 bid against US Sen. Elizabeth Warren |


Catastrophic Hurricane Irma -- now a Cat 5 -- is on a collision course with Florida
Eye of a monster: Terrifying images of Hurricane Irma, 2017's s strongest storm on Earth
Soggy Dollar Bar LIVE HD webcam - YouTube (BVI)
Hurricane Irma is so strong it's registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes : news
Irma intensifies to an 'extemely dangerous' Category 5 hurricane on its track toward the U.S. (bye-bye Mar-a-Lago)
FEMA Is Almost Out of Money and Hurricane Irma Is Approaching : news (whoops, all gone)

Story about Houston mosque refusing to help non-Muslims is fake news - Right-wing fake news websites run wild with bogus story using the image of a Canadian scholar and imam
Crisis Is Over at Texas Plant, but Chemical Safety Flaws Remain - The New York Times

Serving Members Of British Military Among Men Arrested Over Alleged National Action Terror Plot | HuffPost UK - The group were banned as a terrorist organisation in December.

Sara Netanyahu expected to be indicted for fraud in pocketing $110,000 in goods - Israel News - - Attorney general likely to inform Sara Netanyahu of charges in a few weeks - Source tells Haaretz testimony by state's witness Ari Harow could change nature of the suspicions against Benjamin Netanyahu from fraud and breach of trust to acceptance of a bribe

Australia's strange vote on same-sex marriage (anti-gay conservatives squander $100,000,000 on fake poll)

Eschaton We Are Ruled By Bad People - And it isn't just Trump. It is the entire Republican party.

The Trump Administration Now Has Tons Of DACA Data And Is Poised To Weaponize It - DREAMers trusted the government with their information. Immigration agents could now use it to expedite their deportations.
Trump and Republicans face ' defining moment on immigration (party of hate)

EPA now requires political aide'S sign-off for agency awards, grant applications - the unusual step of putting a political operative in charge of vetting the hundreds of millions of dollars in grants the EPA distributes annually, assigning final funding decisions to a former Trump campaign aide with little environmental policy experience.

Putin says Trump 'not my bride, and I'm not his groom (but he's definitely a girl)
Putin Says Trump Is Not His Wife

Intensifying Russia probes could pit Hill against Mueller - CNNPolitics - Lawyers working with a team led by special counsel Robert Mueller approached the Senate intelligence committee this summer with a request: They wanted the transcript of an interview Senate staff had conducted with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Russian politician says ;et's hit Trump with our Kompromat' on state TV. Claims made in explosive Trump Russia dossier, though unproven, have led many to speculate Kremlin could be holding sensitive information on former real estate mogul

McCarthy: Republicans will punt wall fight to December - politico

New Clinton book blasts Sanders for 'lasting damage' in 2016 race ... Hillary Clinton casts Bernie Sanders as an unrealistic over-promiser in her new book ... paved the way to ... "Crooked Hillary" (and Barry told her to shut up about Bernie) ... ""I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too."
Clinton book: Abedin broke into tears after learning Weiner sexting restarted email probe | TheHill -- "This man is going to be the death of me!"

15 things everyone would know if there were a liberal media

Press group to NRA: 'It is un-American to threaten journalists' -- Dozens of big publishers are members of the association. The list includes 21st Century Fox, ABC, the BBC, the FT, Hearst, NBC, NPR, Time Inc., Tronc, Turner, USA Today, Viacom, and The Washington Post. (CNNMoney is part of Turner, which is a division of Time Warner.)

The Daily News, a Distinctive Voice in New York, Is Sold - The New York Times (TRONC!)

Officer shoots Ohio newspaper photographer after confusing his tripod and camera for a gun : news
Man Captured Vandalizing Los Feliz Sikh Temple, Threatens Witness With Razor : news

Utah hospital to cops: Stay away from our nurses - The Washington Post
Detective in nurse arrest video fired from job at Gold Cross : news

Newlywed Becomes One Of Youngest To Be Diagnosed With Dementia At 31 Years Old | HuffPost UK

Self-Reinforcing Misogyny - Lawyers, Guns & Money - a similar effect when people show male faculty evidence of systematic sexism in their fields: (male scientists don't believe in science when it comes to their sexism)

Traces of Crime: How New York's DNA Techniques Became Tainted (profit!)

New Study Offers Support for Prostate Testing - The New York Times - a new study strengthens the evidence that testing can reduce deaths from this cancer, something two earlier large landmark clinical trials appeared to reach different conclusions about.

Cutting 'Em Down to Size -- A new dismantling of Freud shows the value of a critic's well-honed hatchet -- Laura Miller is a books and culture columnist for Slate and the author of The Magician's Book: A Skeptic's Adventures in Narnia (another Crews fan)
Hatchet Jobs I Can Use - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research

Use of LSD, magic mushrooms, and other classic psychedelics predicts more environmentally-friendly behavior in people through an increasing your perception of being part of the natural world, rather than being separate from it. : science

An enormous black hole one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun has been found hiding in a toxic gas cloud wafting around near the heart of the Milky Way, which will rank as the second largest black hole ever seen in the galaxy, as reported in Nature Astronomy. : science

Boston Red Sox Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees - The New York Times


Meet Your American Sweatshops - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This expose of Los Angeles sweatshops routinely stealing workers' wages and refusing to pay the minimum wage should outrage you and it should also make you understand that much, much more is needed to protect workers in the apparel industry, no matter where they labor

Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 4, 'increasing chance' could affect Florida: NHC
Undocumented Workers Will Help Rebuild Texas After Harvey - Reckoning with the realities of Trump's DACA decision
EPA Denies Houston Superfund Sites Being Neglected, Attacks Reporter -- Pruitt has basically been running the EPA as an oil-and-gas-industry welfare office, and doing most of it in secret. (he's on site, they are in "the comfort of Washington")
Trump's EPA attacks AP reporter in personal terms -- An EPA statement, written in the jarringly caustic and grammatically sloppy style that characterizes so many Trump administration communiquis, begins (only took him 8 months to destroy the EPA)
The Cost of Hurricane Harvey: Only One Recent Storm Comes Close - The New York Times - On Friday, estimates for Harvey from these groups ranged from $70 billion to $108 billion. (Katrine: $160 billion)
In Texas, Distrust of Washington Collides With Need for Federal Aid - The New York Times ("im from the federal government, and I'm here to help"_
Is Houston Still a Model City? Its Supporters Aren't Backing Down ... It's the model of precisely what not to do, unless you believe that it gets all the big questions right ... Houston's middle-class affordability, he argues, has been underwritten by the construction labor of undocumented workers and by insurance programs that subsidize building on cheap flood-prone land. ("The Texas Way:" free-market model for extreme de-regulation, anyway, but no worries, they will bill blue states for their stupidty) )
Over 21 Miles of Highway, Snapshots of a Resilient Houston - The New York Times
Why Can't We Get Cities Right?

Undercover in North Korea: "All Paths Lead to Catastrophe" ... it's just too late. If you wipe out humanity to this level, and have three generations of it, when you see the humanity of North Koreans is when the horror becomes that much greater. You see how humanity can be so distorted, and manipulated, and violated.
North Korean Nuclear Test Draws U.S. Warning of 'Massive Military Response'
North Korea Nuclear Test Puts Pressure on China and Undercuts Xi - The New York Times
Chinese Ambassador: China 'will never allow chaos and war' on the Korean Peninsula
Seoul tries to ignore Trump's criticism: 'They worry he's kind of nuts,' one observer says (kind of, or totally) )

Hong Kong Broadcaster's Decision To Drop BBC Prompts Anger

Why Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize Won't Be Revoked ... came under increased pressure on Monday to denounce a military operation that has caused thousands of Muslim refugees to flee across the border to Bangladesh ... Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani Muslim and the youngest recipient of the award, said in a Twitter post on Monday, "I am still waiting for my fellow Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to do the same. The world is waiting and the Rohingya Muslims are waiting"

TIL MI5 estimates there are as many Russian agents in London now as there were at the height of the Cold War. : todayilearned

The Insane Gifts Saudi Arabia Gave President Trump

Russia probes kick into high gear - POLITICO - hree congressional committees are pursuing investigations, and high-ranking Trump associates are expected to testify soon.
Cash-strapped states brace for Russian hacking fight - politico - With big aid from Congress unlikely, state election managers search for money to replace voting equipment, protect databases and train workers in cybersecurity (Republicans see no problem: Paul LePage loves Russians)
In Election Interference, It's What Reporters Didn't Find That Matters ... intelligence agencies had intentionally worded their conclusions to specifically address "vote tallying" not the back-end election systems (and did no research) The White House is focused on erasing fraud by individual voters, which experts say is a miniscule problem at its worst. A vast throng of voting machines that Congress financed after the disputed 2000 presidential election are now outdated, and no one wants to pony up the cash to modernize them (thanks, Barry)

Something is seriously off about this president - The Washington Post 00 Increasingly, his presidency is defined by blatant lies, an empathy deficit and a frightful lack of ability to navigate through dire international crises ... lies upon lies (more than 1,000 in seven months) have piled up, rendering his utterances automatically suspect, at least for the more than 60 percent of voters who keep telling pollsters he is not honest

Trump is expected to phase out DACA program, although decision is not finalized - The Washington Post
Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA - politico
Ending DACA would be Trump's most evil act
Republican Party Autopsy Author Goes Off On GOP As Trump's DACA Decision Nears -- "Those in Republican leadership who have enabled his behavior by standing silent or making excuses for him deserve the reckoning that will eventually come for the GOP"
When You Elect a Racist President Running on a Racist Platform, Racism is What You Get - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Deporting a Guatemalan-born American who may or may not speak Spanish to Guatemala City where they may soon be kidnapped and murdered by gangs is a feature, not a bug, to Trump, Sessions, and their voters.

In Defense of the Truth - The New York Times - Once again: Donald Trump is a liar. (about pretty much everything) Of the statements by Trump that the fact-checking site PolitiFact has checked, just 5 percent were deemed absolutely true ... whopping 69% "mostly false," "false" or "pants on fire" ... Trump made 492 false or misleading statements in his first 100 days ... "Trump seems to lie for the pure joy ot it" (Satan always lies)

No One Asked for Verrit, but Here We Are - On Sunday evening, former secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton endorsed Verrit, a "media platform for the 65.8 million" who supported her candidacy, immediately creating a minor Twitter firestorm ... it's more or less a link dump (Hillary top=down and tone=deaf)

Breaking from tech giants, Democrats consider becoming an antimonopoly party - The Washington Post - At issue is a decades-long relationship between Democrats and tech companies, with Democratic presidents signing off on deregulation and candidates embracing money and innovations from companies like Google and Facebook (thinkfluencer Anne-Marie started a "conversation" +70% of rust-belt voters hate corporate monopolies but only 21% favor "antitrust laws" and there's your stupid problem, again)

How Redlining's Racist Effects Lasted for Decades
When the (Empty) Apartment Next Door Is Owned by an Oligarch - The New York Times - New data this week from the National Association of Realtors estimates that foreigners, led by the Chinese, invested $153 billion in housing in the United States in the year that ended in March, up a remarkable 49 percent from the previous year.

University Hospital boss talks changes after nurse arrest, says 'this will not happen again'

Property manager, under fire for imagery in Queens condo, is arrested ... Nazi imagery and Confederate flags on display in the lobby of Milano's building

Who are the clowns marching on Washington? Inside the surreal world of Insane Clown Posse's 'Juggalos' | The Washington Post - Nudity. Debauchery. Eating a live scorpion. Insane Clown Posse fans are definitely outrageous. But are they a criminal gang? ... in 2011, the FBI took the extraordinary and unprecedented step of labeling the entire fan base of ICP a gang, placing them alongside the Bloods, Crips and MS-13 ... a man stormed a Massachusetts radio station demanding that the DJ play ICP's "My Axe (if by "stormed" you mean sat outside in his car)

Why We Should Put Women on Pedestals - The New York Times (history written by men, about men, for men)

Most Boston charter schools reject performance-based pay for teachers - The Boston Globe -- "A lot of the original enthusiasm for performance-based pay as a way to change teaching, in and of itself, has diminished," (Betsy DeVos disagrees)

The Purge Of Transgender People From American Life Has Begun | HuffPost

Young Freud, cruel, incurious, deceptive, and in search of fame - The Washington Post (another review of Crews, by a "science writer" +commenter mostly have a very negative image of Sigmund
Analyzing Freud - The New York Times
Freud's Family Tree By George Prochnik jan. 20, 2008 - Makari argues that we've been blinded to the cultural reach of psychoanalysis by the magnitude of Freud's stature and the magnetic pull or repulsion of his personality and theories ... pwychoanalysis created "the richest systematic description of inner experience that the Western world had produced." It addressed "sex, love and death; childhood, parenting and family; cruelty, fear, jealousy, envy and hate; identity, conscience and character; desire and mourning." -- F. gave us the language of inner experience and the "science writers" don't know they are thinking with Freud's thoughts)
How we feel about Freud: Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews debate his legacy | Books | The Guardian - Crews, an academic, thinks psychoanalysis is an unscientific jumble of ideas, while psychoanalyst Orbach would prefer not to throw the baby out with the patriarchal bias (Crews is a "literary critic" with no apparent inner life)
Psychoanalyst Loses Libel Suit Against a New Yorker Reporter - - the long-running saga of Janet Malcolm and Jeffrey M. Masson.

Neanderthals were distilling tar 200 thousand years ago in Europe. These early humans were using tar to make tools long before Homo sapiens did. : science

Mysterious radio bursts have been repeatedly detected coming from the same location in deep space. Amateur sound engineer /u/maxcresswellturner converts them into a listenable audio track : bestof

Supermassive black hole discovered in centre of the Milky Way : news

If English surnames were created using today's professions (e.g. Smith, Taylor, Fisher) what would be some popular/interesting names? : AskReddit
Bar closes after employees find out owner donated to ex-KKK leader David Duke : news

Site sells Instagram users' phone and e-mail details, $10 a search - Assuming the 6-million figure is true, and the 10,000-record sample is representative, millions of e-mail addresses and phone numbers are now available for sale, and still more account data may be in the hands of other hackers.


Hurricane Irma could strike U.S. East Coast by next weekend, or it could curve out to sea - The Washington Post - Some models curve Irma back out to sea before reaching the continental United States, but a significant percentage of models have Irma striking the U.S. East Coast as early as Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, anyone with interests from Florida to New England should monitor forecasts closely.

Trump wants to tie Hurricane Harvey recovery aid for Texas to debt-ceiling bill - The Washington Post
U.S. Coast Guard has saved 4,322 lives in Houston flooding : news
Houston becomes a city in recovery after Harvey - The Washington Post
Harvey's impact: Texas faces broad environmental concerns as wastewater, drinking water systems compromised - The Washington Post - The Environmental Protection Agency reported Sunday that more than 800 wastewater treatment facilities are not fully operational as a result of Hurricane Harvey
Talia Lavin on Twitter: "I've been subscribed to EPA news alerts for over a year now. Since the election, the shift is absolutely nuts. 1/" (dismantling the administrative state and staffing it with political idiots)
Texan's do-it-ourselves rescue effort defines Hurricane Harvey
This Woman's Flooded Store Looks Brand New After She Refused To Give Up Hope
Joel Osteen sure asks for a lot but check out his house in Houston : pics (Jesus loves him)
Harvey destroyed hundreds of thousands of cars in the Houston area, a city that heavily relies on them - The Washington Post - Sandy destroyed about 250,000 vehicles and Katrina claimed about 200,000, according to estimates. Harvey ruined 300,000 to 500,000 cars and perhaps far more,

Yellowstone Supervolcano Earthquake Swarm Now One of Biggest on Record, With Over 2,300 Tremors : news (meanwhile, in end-of-the-world land)

Vaccines save 20 million lives, $350 billion in poor countries since 2001 - UNC News (Jenny McCarthy is sad)

North Korea Says It Tested a Hydrogen Bomb Meant for Missiles - The New York Times
After North Korea Nuclear Test, Trump Saves Harshest Words for South Korea - The New York Times
'We'll see,' Trump says on potentially attacking North Korea over its nuclear test
North Korea Carries Out Its Most Powerful Nuclear Test To Date | HuffPost (Trump criticizes S. Korea for being insufficiently suicidal to support his nuclear war)
Eschaton: Seoul - There were a bunch of pieces not that long ago about how, you know, bombing North Korea probably wouldn't mean THAT many dead people in Seoul. Haven't seen them recently, but keep your eyes out for them...

Parents travel from India to help son beat wife, say deputies : news

Reality Winner Was Not Told She Had the Right to Remain Silent

Read the Inauguration Day letter Obama left for Trump - CNNPolitics (he didn't "read" it)

The deal Trump wanted with Russia - The Washington Post - Trump Tower Moscow was not another instance of Trump as unabashed cross-promoter-in-chief, like using the campaign press corps to help tout the reopening of his Scottish golf course. It represented something much more disturbing, even unpatriotic -- "I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA -- NO DEALS, NO LOANS, NO NOTHING!"
I ran Congress 9/11 investigation. The intelligence committees today can'T handle Russia -- If they want a real autopsy, they need more resources. (which won't happen )

In action after action, Trump appeals primarily to his dwindling base - The Washington Post (of hard core stupid racists)

He Is What He's Always Been -- The campaign to "portray" Julian Assange as a supporter of Donald Trump continues to be conducted in large measure by Assange himself: "Capitalism+atheism+feminism = sterility = migration. EU birthrate = 1.6. Replacement = 2.1. Merkel, May, Macron, Gentiloni all childless." (wants religious communist patriarchy)

Jim Bridenstine to Be Nominated by Trump to Lead NASA - The New York Times - Mr. Bridenstine, a strong advocate for drawing private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin more deeply into NASA (privatize space!)

GOP senator blasts Trump's '18th-century view of trade'

The history, theory and contradictions of antifa - The Washington Post (+Dartmouth pres looking pretty stupid now)

Albert Mohler: The Nashville Statement is an expression of love for LGBT people - The Washington Post - .we in fact are acting out of love and concern for people who are increasingly confused about what God has clarified in Holy Scripture (Jeuss hates gays, so suck it up, homos)

The next Kennedy weighs his next move - POLitico - Rep. Joe Kennedy

Time to give up on identity politics: It's dragging the progressive agenda down -- Identity politics has only served to disempower the left and fuel the rise of white nationalism. Can we move on? (it's always the left's fault and racism is so 20th century) comment: Now let me get this straight. Now that we have an out racist, homophobic, transphobic and sexist in the White House, privileged white people are still writing about the left focusing too much on race?

Goodbye, Yosemite. Hello, What? - The New York Times - These are all classic steps in the march toward mass murder, with clear echoes in later genocides ... BY the time the Mariposa Battalion was disbanded later in 1851, it had cost the California government $259,372.31 and killed at least 73 Native Californians (just a little western heritage)

To Understand Rising Inequality, Consider the Janitors at Two Top Companies, Then and Now - The New York Times - But in the 21st-century economy, many millions of workers find themselves excluded from that select group. Rather than being treated as assets that companies seek to invest in, they have become costs to be minimized. (everybody is a "contractor," no loyalty to workers)

This Twitter Thread Satirizing How Men Talk About Women Is Too Good | HuffPost - I half wonder whether men should be allowed in labs. Could be a distraction to hard working women

If Your Friends Cite Hillbilly Elegy Favorably, You Should Mock Them - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A Utah nurse's violent arrest puts patient-consent law -- and police conduct -- in the spotlight
Lieutenant James Tracy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (have a little internet spotlight, asshole)

Eighth Baltimore Police officer arrested, indicted on federal racketeering charges : news< (almost like an organized crune ring) /a>
Woman told she's at fault after parked car sideswiped by St. Louis police vehicle (har parked car reaches for its waistband)

Man Who Refused to Decrypt Hard Drives Still in Prison After Two Years : news
Man receives more than 300-year prison sentence for child pornography : news

TIL that a surgeon studying cryogenics claims that in only 3 years from now he will be able to successfully transfer a cryogenically frozen brain into a donor body, thus bringing the original person back to life in a new body. : todayilearned

An infant gets lead poisoning from a homeopathic healing bracelet : news

Duke University scientists have created a "lethal injection" for tumors. When injected into them, their ethanol-based gel cured 100% of the oral tumors in a small sample of hamsters. This treatment might work for some kinds of breast, liver, and other cancers, and it only costs about $5. : science

Ohio State revokes Arizona professor's Ph.D., questioning her findings on video games : news
Killing a Doctorate -- Ph.D. is revoked after her findings on violent video games are questioned. Some wonder if her mentor and co-author is also to blame. ... In a joint statement to Retraction Watch, Markey and Elson seemed to suggest that Whitaker had been thrown under the bus. ... "That the female, junior researcher is found culpable for those problems while the male, senior researcher is not, seems questionable"

Parents of Reddit, what is the most expensive thing your child has accidentally ruined? : AskReddit
What *shouldn't* you and your significant other have in common? : AskReddit

port53 comments on I got a response from Barbara Comstock on her position on Net Neutrality. It's complete nonsense. (history is hard for politiciaNS) They basically used the billions they got from the tax payers to buy the government. Let that sink in.

Millions of Time Warner Cable Customer Records Exposed in Third-Party Data Leak - Roughly four million records containing the personal details of Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers were discovered stored on an Amazon server without a password late last month.

Eschaton: The Inevitable - I do not know why people always think things which look neato in scifi movies would actually be neato in practice. A lot of them are really stupid, even they do, actually, look neato. Cool aesthetics do not equal functionality. Transparent screens for example. A head mounted display for another. (their goal is science fiction)


White House walks back promise about Trump donating his 'personal money' to Harvey victims (Huckafuck says hahahahaha suckers, got you again)
Harvey's financial toll: $80 billion so far in damage, second only to Katrina
We already knew how to reduce damage from floods. We just didn't do it -- Will Harvey finally force policy changes? Or will we keep making the same mistakes? (red states will continue to bill the rest of the country for their evil stupidty)
AP EXCLUSIVE: Toxic waste sites flooded in Houston area - EPA not on scene
Arkema backtracks, refuses to provide chemical inventory to the public - Houston Chronicle (won't say what chemicals are killing you, deregulation of death) Then-Attorney General Greg Abbott, quoting the 2003 law, issued a ruling that allows state and local agencies to withhold inventories.
Houston refineries and plants leak thousands of tons of pollutants | US news | The Guardian (you not allowed to know what we're killing you with)
How Hurricane Harvey Could Affect Public Health - The Atlantic - Physicians and other professionals are scrambling to contain a multitude of epidemics that might arise after the flood.
After Harvey, the Trump administration reconsiders flood rules it just rolled back - The Washington Post - Trump derided these restrictions, which were written in response to growing concerns over the impact of climate change, and other federal rules as useless red tape holding back the economy ... he said in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York during an event to tout his infrastructure policies
Small Towns Outside Houston Still Struggling With Dire Problems | HuffPost
In a flooded Texas subdivision, the hard slog of rebuilding begins - The Washington Post
Harvey: In these two Houston neighborhoods, flooding went beyond the worst projections - Washington Post
Timelapse of Hurricane Harvey flood from front yard of a neighborhood in Houston. : videos
Watch as Trump Calls On A Bunch of Religious Leaders to Thank Him For His Harvey Efforts | Mediaite
Texas Man Returns To Flood-Hit Home, Finds Terrifying Intruder Inside | HuffPost - Brian Foster discovered his surprise guest under his dining table.
(2) I Love Texas - Posts - Please pray for Rain Across Texas (God heard their prayers)
Photos: Alley Theatre destroyed by Harvey - Houston Chronicle

Eschaton: Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie - Obligatory disclaimer: of course I don't in any way condone the slaughter at the Charlie Hebdo offices which was a horrible event, but like Glenn I found the universal praise - and pressure to praise - Charlie Hebdo, as opposed to just recognizing the evil of the attack. was disturbing.
Charlie Hebdo May Now Be Criticized Because It Mocked White Texans Rather Than Muslims

San Francisco sets all-time heat record downtown at 106 degrees during state's hottest recorded summer - LA Times
Fast-moving wildfire destroys 3,000 acres; homes evacuated in L.A., Burbank - LA Times
wildfire near Los Angeles burns 5,000 acres and forces hundreds to evacuate

Rohingya Muslims Flee As More Than 2,600 Houses Burned In Myanmar's Rakhine | HuffPost - About 58,600 Rohingya have crossed into neighboring Bangladesh.

Pope reveals he had weekly psychoanalysis sessions at age 42 | World news | The Guardian - and that now nothing frightens him

Trump preparing withdrawal from South Korea trade deal, a move opposed by top aides - The Washington Post (Putin ordered him to fuck South Korea)

Eschaton: They Have All The Power - I guess the Tory strategy to save themselves politically from the inevitable Brexit disaster is to just whine about the big bad mean old EU and how mean they are and it's just not FFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIR.

Far-right German candidate promises to get rid of Arabic numerals (Nazi says do your multplication in Roman numerals)

He Can't Even Fake It -- People with certain autism spectrum disorders have difficulty reading social cues which most people understand intuitively ... can't help thinking of this when I see President Trump touring Texas with his litany of jarring, tone-deaf or just plain weird comments ... a word for people who have an extreme inability to feel empathy: sociopath. ... "Have a Good Time!" (he literally has no forehead)

How an obstruction of justice case may be shaping up against Trump | US news | The Guardian - Trump claimed during the campaign that he "knows nothing about Russia" and had "no loans" and "no deals" there ... "I think he got everybody's tax returns" (lock up the whole crime family)
Ryan Goodman on Twitter: "Big implication from NYT scoop: Stephen Miller perhaps implicated in conspiracy to obstruct justice (DJT then an unindicted co-conspirator)"
Justice Dept: No evidence of Trump Tower wiretapping | TheHill (Obama "taped" him)
Stephen Miller, James Comey and the Mystery of the Secret Hour -- we need to return to the great mystery of that lost hour on the tarmac on Air Force One ... Kushner's role in all of the entire Trump/Russia story is bigger and more central than most of us have understood
An Update from The Kushner Swamp (crooked little fuck)
Reports: New Revelations About The Real Reasons For Comey Firing

Rex Tillerson's State Department Floats Getting Rid of Northern Ireland, Afghanistan-Pakistan, Guantanamo Special Envoys - The Trump administration has vowed to slash the funding of the state department, which manages the US's relations with foreign countries and governments. Mr Tillerson has suggested that the special envoys for climate change and the Iran deal, Afghanistan-Pakistan, disability rights, international labour affairs and for closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center, as well as the Northern Ireland role, will be eliminated under the plan. In all, over half the 66 special envoy position are due to be cut (we don't need no steenking "management")

Eschaton - As I keep saying, I don't think he remains in office for 4 years, but nor do I think 25th amendment (kinda crazy) or impeachment (hello Paul Ryan!) are going to happen anytime soon for obvious reasons.As for what does happen if Mueller has the goods, well...

Annotated Dossier - The following contains the text of the Christopher Steele dossier, a document that alleges collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and was recently revealed to have been used by the FBI in its application for a FISA surveillance warrant against Carter Page, an early Trump adviser. The text of the dossier itself was reproduced as faithfully as possible from the initial publication by Buzzfeed.

Are Crackpot Pro-Putin/Trump Conspiracy Theories Credible? Views Differ - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Nation VIPS story)

John Kelly Pushing Out Omarosa for 'Triggering' Trump -- Omarosa is 'Patient Zero or unfettered access to the Boss ... The former Apprentice co-star

Donald Trump, Super Dealmaking Genius - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Our president simply cannot be played like a fiddle by anyone sitting next to him.

Trump's True Base: Law Enforcement -- One of the scariest parts about this horrible administration is how law enforcement at all levels, from local cops to the fascists who work for ICE to the Border Patrol union, are chomping at the bit to do whatever Trump wants.
Trump Already Has a Wall. It's the Thin Blue Line (sadistic fuckers love sadistic fuckers)

Rubio, Nelson blast Trump's NASA pick -- Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine (don't need no steenking scientists in the space program)

osner, 78, is stepping down effective Saturday, according to a news release Friday afternoon from the 7th Circuit. He was appointed to the court by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 and served as its chief judge from 1993 to 2000.

The 10 late-night TV moments that defined the summer of 2017 - The Washington Post

I was born in poverty in Appalachia. 'Hillbilly Elegy' doesn't speak for me -- Here is the simple fact: Most poor people work. Seventy-eight percent of families on Medicaid include a household member who is working. People work hard in necessary and important jobs that often don't pay enought to live on ... comment: "As a Republican conservative, Vance can't help coming off as a repulsive, over-generalizing jerk, because he is one. It almost seems like no coincidence, comrades, that's he's also got the pasty bovine face, double chin, and self-satisfied expression of Erick Erickson from Redstate.
Why most evangelicals don't condemn Trump - Gary Abernathy (Abernathy is a hand of Satan)

Charleston Gazette-Mail | Trump nominates former coal exec to run MSHA - Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Antifa Broke My Camera | New Republic - What it's like to cover the black-clad activists at the frontlines of the battle against white supremacy.
Antifa Stole My Bike -- It says a lot that the GOP and many in the modern media are more worked up about antifascists than they are the Klan and Nazis.
Waiting for a Perfect Protest? - The New York Times - Media outlets and commentators representing a range of political persuasions have called attention to recent outbreaks of violence in Berkeley, Calif., Boston and other locations where anti-racist and anti-fascist demonstrators have gathered. Intentionally or not, they have often promoted a false equivalency between groups that advocate white supremacy and those that seek to eliminate it. (and BLM is a "hate group")

Eschaton - This point is not entirely wrong. If the New York City megalopolis can't afford a couple of tunnels, then who can (it's much more complicated than that in practice - no one taxing authority, for one)? Still, in practice, NYC and surrounding aren't going to do it themselves, and if those tunnels go... (no federal funding to keep east coast functioning because fuck you libruls)

Labor Historians, the White Working Class, and Trump Voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Rarely did anyone want to probe the strange and heady brew of anti-statism, anti-elitism, fragile pride, and, often, individualism (a word all but banned from labor history) that are part of class consciousness in America ... The crazy train of American history happened. The lineage that winds from Andrew Jackson to Tom Watson to Joe McCarthy to George Wallace to Pat Buchanan to Trump ... Looking for a populist savior, however, is bedrock Americana.

Twitter Users School Infowars Editor Over Claim That 'Orwell Rolls In His Grave' At Antifa | HuffPost - Read a f****n book

Federal government has long ignored white supremacist threats, critics say - The Boston Globe
Minneapolis bar closes over owner's donation to David Duke campaign | TheHill

Why the Black Lives Matter protest outside a Philly police officer's home was not 'illegal occurpation' -- Pa. Rep. Martina White's claim (yes, that is really her name)

Female deputy DA found bloody, beaten after gang attack in California : news
[Idaho] Rigby police chief thanks Utah nurse for 'standing firm' in protecting his officer's rights : news
Salt Lake City police, other departments endure growing wave of public criticism after nurse's arrest -- SLCPD receives thousands of angry calls and emails, even tying up emergency dispatch lines Friday.
After confrontation with nurse at Utah hospital, detective -- who also worked as paramedic -- said on camera he'd 'bring them all the transients'

Kid Rock has been running for Senate all summer long, violating federal law -- Nonpartisan watchdog group Common Cause files complaint with the FEC and Department of Justice
Kid Rock lashes out over alleged campaign finance violation | TheHill - telling the "misinformed press" to "go fuck themselves" (Kid Schlock)

Eschaton: Our Meritocracy -- 41.2% of the freshman class at Harvard is legacy -- Who your parents are matters in an obvious and clear way that is undeniable, and mostly doesn't even require that they buy a library for the college. (hard-working rich white kids with rich Harvard parents)
Eschaton: Correction -- The Harvard Crimson @thecrimson -- We made a mistake: 30.3% of surveyed Harvard freshmen are legacies, not 41.8%. (oh, that changes everything)

New Mass. pot commission gets final three members - The Boston Globe - The new state commission that will oversee the creation of the marijuana industry in Massachusetts is dominated by members who voted against the referendum that approved recreational use of the drug. (MA gov/legislature will always fuck you)

Your Kids Will Look at Internet Porn. Deal With It. A Conversation with Peggy Orenstein. | WIRED - a converstion with Peggy Ornstein -- I have two young sons; I don't want them to end up incapable of being aroused by an in-the-flesh human because their first encounter with sex was a clip of a porpoise-pudenda's MILF getting jackhammered
Professional vs Amateur Porn explained. : bestof

TMZ Gets Schooled By Trans Activist Who Confronted Caitlyn Jenner | HuffPost (no "bridging the gap" with Republican dimbulb Jenner)

Meme Documentation -- On the origins of the man checking out another woman meme; or, please stop saying it originates from that Instagram post

Fentanyl Overtakes Heroin as Leading Cause of U.S. Drug Deaths - The New York Times - Drug deaths involving fentanyl more than doubled from 2015 to 2016, accompanied by an upturn in deaths involving cocaine and methamphetamines. Together they add up to an epidemic of drug overdoses that is killing people at a faster rate than the H.I.V. epidemic at its peak.

Losing weight for the couch potato and others - The Washington Post - Kushner said patients often have trouble shedding pounds unless problems like stress are managed.
Even more evidence that we're eating all wrong -- Forget fat, it's carbs that might sticki Het to your ticker.

Is there a limit to how many elements there can be? : askscience

TIL People with Cystic Fibrosis are extremely dangerous to eachother : todayilearned

[Serious] What was the worst mental breakdown you've ever witnessed? : AskReddit - Anne-Marie Slaughter (slaughters the truth)
New American Horseshit (lil Anne-Marie is making $500K/yr to be a lying corporate asshole)
New America, a Google-Funded Think Tank, Faces Backlash for Firing a Google Critic - The New York Times
A Serf on Google's Farm
Google is losing allies across the political spectrum | Ars Technica
The Hard Consequence of Google's Soft Power
The anti-monopoly ideas Google tried to suppress are growing influential

Cyclist Shows Off For Google's Street View Camera, Becomes Online Hero | HuffPost


Harvey in Photos: What Houston Looks Like Now | The Weather Channel
Trump requesting initial $6B in aid for Harvey | TheHill
Even Republicans are upset at Ted Cruz for doing a 180 on hurricane relief - The Boston Globe (read comments for conservative lies: $17 billion of Sandy aid went to "Social Services and liberal think tanks unrelated to the damage caused by Sandy." but also: "Voting Republican says you'd ather drown in your attic than have a federal agency there to help you in a disaster. Don't do it")
FY2013 Supplemental Funding for Disaster Relief - R42869.pdf
Another Fire Rages At Texas Chemical Factory | HuffPost
The Chemical Plant Explosion in Texas Is Not an Accident. It's the Result of Specific Choices. -- The perils of deregulation. (deregulation = "Republicanism" which the rest of the country will pay for) n fact, and this is the delectable part of the entire farce, there apparently is a law in Texas that specifically forbids many cities and towns from designing their own fire codes. Hell, the state even passed a law forbidding cities and towns from requiring fire sprinklers in new construction. Freedom!
Harvey-damaged Arkema chemical plant explosion expected | MSNBC - Matt Dempsey, data reporter on the investigative team at the Houston Chronicle, talks with Rachel Maddow about the immediate peril from the damaged Arkema chemical plant northeast of Houston and the lack of regulations in Texas complicating the problem.
Plant erupts with new fire, explosion - Houston Chronicle - As smoke climbs into sky in Crosby, company still mum about inventory
Matt Dempsey (@mizzousundevil) | Twitter
Chemical Breakdown Part 6 - Houston Chronicle - The firefighters didn't even know there was a chemical facility in the neighborhood, one surrounded by houses and apartments, a nursing home and a gun shop full of ammunition. The fire department in the nation's fourth-largest city has no idea where most hazardous chemicals are, forgetting lessons learned in a near-disaster 21 years ago, Less than a quarter of hazardous materials facilities with permits have been inspected. (no lessons were/will be learned)
'Art of the Deal' co-author: No way Trump donates $1 million to Harvey victims (media believed him, of course)

Smoke seen pouring from Russian consulate in San Francisco - An Associated Press reporter heard people who came from inside the building tell firefighters that there was no problem and that consulate staff were burning unidentified items in a fireplace.
Balloon Juice - Translation: if we don
Army General's racy texts with subordinate's wife prompt official probe

Talk of Assange pardon worries intelligence community | TheHill - Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who has come under scrutiny for his own ties to Russia, is behind the Assange pardon push.

Mueller Has Early Draft of Trump Letter Giving Reasons for Firing Comey - The New York Times
Mueller examining Trump's draft letter firing FBI Director Comey
NYT: Mueller Has Copy Of Original Letter Trump Drafted To Justify Comey Firing

Longtime Trump aide Keith Schiller tells people he intends to leave - CNNPolitics - The former New York Police Department detective was entrusted with one of the most sensitive and controversial decisions of Trump's presidency, delivering a letter to FBI headquarters notifying then-FBI Director James Comey that Trump had decided to fire him.

Trump pulls back threat to shut down government over border wall -- for now

A Leak or a Hack? A Forum on the VIPS Memo - A letter from dissenting members of VIPS, a reply from VIPS, and the results of our independent review -- by Thomas Drake, Scott Ritter, Lisa Ling, Cian Westmoreland, Philip M. Giraldi, and Jesselyn Radack (interesting, and they still don't know the DNC's internet speed in July 2016 or network configuration, who is keeping it secret?)
The Nation issues editor's note on story questioning whether the DNC was hacked

Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny - The New York Times

Jeff Sessions' DOJ To Put Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions On Trial Yet Again | HuffPost - brief chuckle during the attorney general's confirmation hearing in January has turned into a nine-month ordeal, and it's not over yet.

The Urban Revival Is Over - The New York Times

SLC mayor, police chief apologize for officer who arrested nurse; criminal investigation to follow<br> - The Salt Lake Tribune -- The video caused an uproar around social media, and multiple national news outlets picked it up Thursday. Thousands of people angrily commented on the department's acebook page, many demanding Payne's firing or suspension (commenters are amazingly unified: "Kentucky is laughing at us")
Nurse shares police video of 'crazy' arrest by S.L. officer I Deseret News - YouTube (20 min vid, 727,455 views in a day)
Prosecutor wants criminal probe of nurse arrest. : news

Lesbian couple win $10,000 damages from county clerk who called them an abomination

"Hung from a tall tree" : Second Republican calls for lynching critics of white supremacy - Missouri state Rep. Warren Love said on Facebook that he hoped Confederate statue vandals are lynched. (good 'ol boy)

GOP Senate candidates divided over proposal to label Black Lives Matter a hate group - The Boston Globe ... Of three major candidates hoping to face US Senator Elizabeth Warren in the 2018 election, only one of the two moderates -- businessman John Kington -- is joining Governor Charlie Baker and several state GOP committee members in rejecting the notion that BLM is a hate group. She is referring to his role as director of Colorado-based website (o rly +factionalizing in the party of hate)
Why Did Over A Dozen Bloggers Leave Patheos? | HuffPost - A few months ago Patheos was purchased by Beliefnet, which is owned by an evangelical organization. There were concerns among many of the Pagan writers over what this would mean for them ... Also on the board of Affinity4 is Jay Sekulow, who is is Chief Counsel for the ACLJ. (o rly o rly)
[repost] Read This Before Patheos Deletes it.
What the Fuck Just Happened at Patheos? By Pat Mosley ... Affinity4 is a company that essentially raises money for non-profits. On their website, they identify several groups that have received their help. Among them are the ACLJ, the NRA, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, the American Family Association, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Patheos - Wikipedia - Patheos is a non-denominational, non-partisan online media company providing information and commentary from various religious and nonreligious perspectives. (doesn't mention Kingston, ignores highly-partisan management)

Police searching for Somerville teen in connection with fatal shooting of 16-year-old - The Boston Globe
Tattooed fugitive captured in Pennsylvania - The Boston Globe
N.H. man arrested on I-95 in Lexington after flashing gun in road rage incident - The Boston Globe
Board rejects parole for woman who stabbed Gloucester mom and suffocated her to death - The Boston Globe

L'Oreal transgender model says all white people are racist | Daily Mail Online

There's an all-girl remake of 'Lord of the Flies' in the works, and it's already being mocked online: "uhm lord of the flies is about the replication of systemic masculine toxicity - every 9th grader knows this u can read about it on sparknotes" - "An all women remake of Lord of the Flies makes no sense because... the plot of that book wouldn't happen with all women"- Roxanne Gay

I am a 21 year old girl taking medical marijuana for my Tourette Syndrome, AMA! : IAmA

Girls of Reddit, what kind of compliments do you like and dislike receiving from guys? : AskReddit
People who got fired on the first day of the job, what happened? : AskReddit
Was searching for Chinese videos to practice my Mandarin and discovered this gem... : videos

Comcast sues Vermont to avoid building 550 miles of new cable lines - Vermont is trying to make Comcast bring TV and Internet to unserved areas. : technology


Harvey Live Updates: Death Toll Rises in Texas - The New York Times - Local officials now say that at least 46 deaths were related to or suspected to be related to the storm, and cautioned that the number could still rise.
Hurricane Harvey Shifts Political Winds in Washington - The New York Times - The truth of the matter is, they don't need money to build a wall in Texas, but to rebuild the shoreline in Texas ... Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, two Texas Republicans who opposed a spending package after Hurricane Sandy pummeled the Northeast in 2012, now find that the boot is on the other foot, leaving them responsible for delivering dollars to their state. (Rethugs flipflop, love federal aid)
Searching for Survivors in a Flooded Apartment Building - The New York Times
As Waters Rise in Beaumont, Houston Starts to Head Home - The New York Times
We are in trouble.' Harvey flooding pushes Texas chemical plant to the brink, turns a city into an island - The Washington Post
We are in trouble.' Harvey flooding pushes Texas chemical plant to the brink, turns a city into an island - The Washington Post
11 Staggering Numbers That Help To Put The Harvey Catastrophe Into Perspective | HuffPost
Eric Trump Fails Miserably Trying To Call Out CNN | HuffPost (they are acting like Trumpster will actually give the money)
Kevin Swanson: Hurricane Harvey Is God's Judgment On Houston For Having A 'Very Aggressively Pro-Homosexual Mayor' (but that's ok to say)
Joel Osteen Is Now A Hilarious Meme After He Was Criticized For His Response To Harvey Victims - I support the innkeeper's decision to turn away Mary and Joseph. It's an inn, not Labor and Delivery!

The US cities at risk of flooding; and how they're dealing with the threat | Environment | The Guardian - Marty Walsh, Boston's mayor, warned a major storm could "wipe out" the heart of the city following the unveiling of a report last year that stated billions of dollars' worth of real estate was at risk from rising seas and the threat of a Hurricane Sandy-like event. At 5ft of sea level rise, which is feasible within the coming century, Logan airport starts to disappear and water will lap at the edges of Harvard's campus

Venezuela Offers $5 Million to Aid Harvey Victims Via Citgo - Bloomberg - Aid offer comes after Venezuela was hit with U.S. sanctions

This Is Why Tens Of Thousands Of People Are Fleeing Myanmar - Almost 30,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar in the past week, marking a spike in those fleeing alleged persecution by the Burmese military. (Buddhists are genocidal assholes)

North Korea Keeps Saying it Might Give Up its Nuclear Weapons -- But Most News Outlets Won't Tell You That (war sells clicks)

More Than 60,000 People Are Evacuating A German City After A Massive World War II Bomb Was Found - believed to be the largest bomb evacuation in Germany's post-war history

Kenya Supreme Court Rules Presidential Election Invalid Due To Irregularities | HuffPost - A new election must be held within 60 days.

The U.S. Is in Denial About the Civilians It's Killing in Syria -- The commanding general in the war against the Islamic State is ignoring mounting evidence that the coalition campaign has killed hundreds of innocents.

This Teen Troll Fled To The US For Political Asylum. Now He's Stuck In A Detention Center -- 18-year-old Amos Yee went up against the repressive Singaporean government with ideas and tactics he learned on YouTube. Then he fled to the US to seek asylum in the country that all but invented trolling. Now, he's stuck in an immigration detention center, in limbo. At a time when internet politics are global, which countries will defend the right to free speech?

The mysterious drop in the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean - The Washington Post

606 pairs of empty shoes: the growing toll of suicide in New Zealand | World news | The Guardian - silent epidemic. The country has the highest youth suicide rates in the developed world and some people want to talk about it -- five times that of Britain and twice as high as Australia.

Dr Con Man: the rise and fall of a celebrity scientist who fooled almost everyone | Science | The Guardian - Surgeon Paolo Macchiarini was hailed for turning the dream of regenerative medicine into a reality -- until he was exposed as a con artist and false prophet (stem cell hype)

A judge ruled this veteran is a US citizen. Now he faces deportation to Mexico | US news | The Guardian - The case of George Ybarra, currently in an Arizona detention center, has been criticized as a cruel and extraordinary application of immigration laws

Eschaton: News of the Night - What an administration -- Special counsel Bob Mueller has teamed up with the IRS. According to sources familiar with his investigation into alleged Russian election interference, his probe has enlisted the help of agents from the IRS's Criminal Investigations unit -- So he has the tax returns...
Exclusive: Mueller Enlists the IRS for His Trump-Russia Investigation - Will the accountants take down key members of Team Trump? Or force the president's tax returns into the open?

Fox News Poll: Americans Think Donald Trump Is An Unstable, Dishonest, Immoral Bully | HuffPost
WHOOPS! Tomi Lahren Accidentally Reveals The Truth About Fox News | HuffPost (admits Fox is fake news)

How the Trump-Tillerson Clash Could Ignite a West Wing Shake-Up | Vanity Fair - A surprisingly logical musical-chairs scenario could see Tillerson replaced by Nikki Haley

Kris Kobach's new job: Columnist for Breitbart

Republicans Want to Sideline This Regulator. But It May Be Too Popular. - The New York Times -- Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Trump, DeVos, and the Creation of an American Oligarchy (Trump kisses her nose)

This Republican Pollster Is Losing Faith in the GOP - The Atlantic - Trump is stamping the GOP as a party of white racial backlash

Eschaton: Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit - And Slaughter gets paid a lot of money to make sure her organization does not have major PR disasters...
I criticized Google. It got me fired. That's how corporate power works
We Said Google Was Dangerously Powerful, Then Google Proved Us Right - My team of researchers spoke up about the dangerous power of Silicon Valley. In response, Silicon Valley proved just how right we were ... Monopoly, it turns out, is the power of which we dare not speak.
Yes, Google Uses Its Power to Quash Ideas It Doesn't Like -- I Know Because It Happened to Me
Want to understand how dominant tech companies have become? Look at the number of issues they lobby on. - The Washington Post

In Praise of Equipoise - The New York Times

The 'slave block' in a town in Virginia: should it stay or should it go? | US news | The Guardian - A onetime site of slave sales in Fredericksburg has provoked a fierce debate. This is not a monument, it's a piece of history -- but should it be removed from view (just a little reminder, that's all) Several days after the article and the petition to city council, the Confederate veteran John Tackett Goolrick (wut?)

'Stop! I've done nothing wrong': Nurse shares police video of 'crazy' arrest by S.L. officer
'This is crazy,' sobs Utah hospital nurse as cop roughs her up, arrests her for doing her job -- Salt Lake Detective Jeff Payne (lock the criminal asshole up!)

Sexual activity at our age can seem like a pilates class

If You Do 21/32 Of These Things You're a Totally Normal Girl (not "woman")

China exports its bike-sharing revolution to the U.S. and the world - The Washington Post - Correction: This article has been corrected to say that Bluegogo only put hundreds of bikes on the streets of San Francisco rather than 20,000 as initially reported.
Hit App Sarahah Quietly Uploads Your Address Book


Mumbai paralyzed as Flood in India kills more than 1,000 : news

Eschaton: Big Charity - It's a problem. -- As Americans are opening their wallets and donating to relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most prominent charities is the American Red Cross. But donors might be surprised to learn the Red Cross won't, or can't say, what percentage of their dollars will go directly to helping the victims of the storm.
Eschaton: Aftermath - Maybe it's due to the sprawling nature of Houston, but I have a hard time getting a handle on just how bad it is, and how important these types of concerns are. Officials in Houston are just beginning to grapple with the health and environmental risks that lurk in the waters dumped by Hurricane Harvey, a stew of toxic chemicals, sewage, debris and waste that still floods much of the city. Flooded sewers are stoking fears of cholera, typhoid and other infectious diseases. Runoff from the city's prawling petroleum and chemicals complex contains any number of hazardous compounds. Lead, arsenic and other toxic and carcinogenic elements may be leaching from some two dozen Superfund sites in the Houston area.

Texas Republicans Helped Chemical Plant That Exploded Lobby Against Safety Rules
Texas Chemical Plant Facts About Harvey Storm Damage
Harvey Is Becoming an Utter Ecological Disaster - On Galveston Island, there is the Galveston National Laboratory, which is part of the University of Texas Medical Branch. This laboratory contains some of the most deadly biological agents found in the known world, many of them of the airborne variety. It contain several Bio-Safety Level 4 labs, which are basically the places where plagues are studied ... nobody knows what's going on there at the moment
Gulf Coast Texas and American Infrastructure - Lawyers, Guns & Money
How Trump's Texas disaster relief visit turned into an impromptu rally
15 deputies hospitalized after incident at Crosby chemical plant
Explosions reported at flooded Crosby chemical plant - Houston Chronicle - A fire broke out at the Arkema plant in Crosby early Thursday, following chemical explosions overnight that sent plumes of black smoke into the air.
As Hurricane Harvey Approaches, Trump Appoints Deputy Chief of Staff Who Failed to Prepare for Katrina - Nielsen as among the key administration figures who failed to act on early warnings about the storm.
This is the best photo Trump could find for "witnessing" hurricane devastration "first hand"
The remarkable story behind this Harvey jet ski rescue - CNN
The Cheap Prosperity Gospel of Trump and Osteen - The New York Times
Matt Walsh on Twitter: "Woman cradles and protects child. Man carries and protects both. This is how it ought to be, despite what your gender studies professor says" -- The absolute best part about these alpha male chuds is that they all look like they were last picked for team sports from k-12.
Jesse Kelly on Twitter: "What sitcoms, media, and professors tell you she wants vs. what she actually wants." (Matt Walsh is very Republican hipster)
Caring For Children During A Disaster: An Open Thread - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Conservative Texans Love To Fight The Feds Until They Need Them | HuffPost
JustOneMinute: Who Will Fact-Check The Fact-Checkers? - [UPDATE: Snopes has inserted a semi-stealth revision to address (or discredit?) the critics. More at STEALTH below.]
Snopes Botches Fact-Check by Misrepresenting a Trump-Supporter's Claim
FACT CHECK: Was Barack Obama President During Hurricane Katrina?

Diplomatic Underground -- The Sordid Double Life of Washington's Most Powerful Ambassador

Trump Dumped U.S. Ambassador to Amman at Request of King | Foreign Policy

Eschaton: America Should Give Afghanistan To Erik Prince, Argues Erik Prince - This is actually an opinion piece in the New York Times.

BLS: Americans Spend More on Taxes Than Food and Clothing Combined

CONFIRMED: Comey Decided He Wasn't Going to Refer Hillary For Prosecution Long Before FBI Investigation Was Over - Katie Pavlich (but dragged it out to please Republicans, thanks, Barry) )

What Are the Fascists at ICE Up To Today? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Oh, just trying to destroy the records of all their killings and rapes.

Trump and Manafort get big reminder that pardon power does not extend to state crimes - The Washington Post (Trump will fire New York State)
Mueller teams up with New York attorney general in Manafort probe - POLitico
A very intriguing new subplot in the saga of Donald Trump Jr.'s Ru ssia meeting
The bad news about 'this ru ssia thing' keeps pouring in for Trump
Trump Lawyer 'Vehemently' Denies Russian Collusion
Michael Cohen Speaks: Trump Exec Admits Russia Dealings Were Gross, But Not Illegal | HuffPost - Plus: The three times he spoke with Trump about a potential Moscow deal.
Manafort Notes From Russian Meet Contain Cryptic Reference to 'Donations'

GOP lawmaker: Trump can't bully senators, 'this isn't the Apprentice'
Trump Raises an Army - The New York Times

RNC chief of staff resigns amid rash of departures - POLitico - Sara Armstrong is the sixth staffer to exit in the past month.

White House Quietly Removes Sexual Assault Report From Website | HuffPost - The report was published in 2014 under the Obama administration. (groper-in-chief doesn't need your fake news "reports")

Trump voting panel apologizes after judge calls failure to disclose information 'incredible' -- The exchange was the latest controversy surrounding the commission, which has roiled states with a sweeping request for the voting information of more than 150 million registered voters. Trump created the commission in May after repeatedly suggesting that millions of illegal voters cost him the popular vote against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Studies and state officials of both parties have found no evidence of widespread voting fraud.

Kushner's China Deal Flop Was Part of Much Bigger Hunt for Cash

Breitbart melts down, worries Trump is "under house arrest"

US Deputy Attorney General Warns About the Right-Wing Terror Threat Trump Ignores

White Homicide Worldwide | Southern Poverty Law Center - Stormfront, the leading white supremacist Web forum, has another distinction -- murder capital of the Internet.
White Supremacist Arrested at Hollywood Florida Confederate Street Sign Protest | Miami New Times - Christopher Rey Monzon
Missouri Republican calls for vandals of Confederate monument to be lynched (he was a little politically-incorrect, that's all)

superkarate?? on Twitter: "It's wrongly. The correct answer is "wrongly." #DavidBrooks"

Fox's Guilfoyle says Black Lives Matter would be powerful if they "behved in the right way" (more whitely)

The NY Times's Newest Op-Ed Hire, Bari Weiss, Embodies its Worst Failings -- and its Lack of Viewpoint Diversity -- "pro-Israel activist"

Google-Funded Think Tank Fired Google Critics After They Dared Criticize Google (lil Anne-Marie is good with threats and lies) But for Matt Stoller, up until very recently the most vocal member of the Open Markets team, there's a significant upshot to getting the boot
Matt Stoller - Matt Stoller is fellow at the Open Markets program, where he is researching the history of the relationship between concentrated financial power and the Democratic party in the 20th century. (but not for long)
The Return of Monopoly | New Republic - With Amazon on the rise and a business tycoon in the White House, can a new generation of Democrats return the party to its trust-busting roots? (Eric Schmidt loves gold-age monopoles)
In the 1970s, a new wave of post-Watergate liberals stopped fighting monopoly power. The result is an increasingly dangerous political system.
Citizens Against Monopoly | HuffPost - Google got me and my colleagues kicked out of a prominent Washington think tank. Here's why that matters
Matt Stoller on Twitter: "Conyers is the ranking House Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, with jurisdiction over antitrust." --
John Conyers: Americans are fed up with monopolies rigging our economy & politics. I'm excited to see what Open Markets does next. (how's that working out for you, Anne-Marie?)
Statement on Emails Released by New America Concerning the Open Markets Program -- The only unusual aspect of this particular situation is that Google got caught.
(3) Matt Stoller (@matthewstoller) | Twitter
Matt Stoller on Twitter: "Ooof."
New America Foundation Head Anne-Marie Slaughter Botches Laundering Google's Money, Fires Anti-Trust Team at Eric Schmidt's Behest
Zeynep Tufekci on Twitter: "WSF has further reporting: Fired New America scholar claims he was told Google chairman threatened to pull funding."
Matt Stoller on Twitter: "I get asked a lot for books and articles on monopoly power. Here's a list we at Open Markets put together."
Elizabeth Warren on Twitter: "Think tanks play a critical role in shaping policy, but their credibility is jeopardized when decisions are based on funder preferences." (this is so not working out for them)
The Aptly Named Anne-Marie Slaughter (yes, she has a history)
Eschaton: The Left Flank - The other thing is that we should expect our corrupt leaders to be competent, at least. Slaughter is paid a bunch of money and can't even handle this kind of thing well. Her organization is now known as a corrupt tool, and that she failed to stop that means she is...well, bad at everything. Maybe hippie critics like me are just sniping, but "known tool of Google" will be a right wing thing when useful. She has to resign and I have no idea why this isn't 100% obvious.
Eschaton: Oh Dear - Time for another blogger ethics panel.
Don't Be Evil
Google Just Proved That Monopolies Imperil Democracy, Not Just The Economy | HuffPost - Barry Lynn and his team of anti-monopoly researchers were fired by a think tank after criticizing the search giant. (Anne-Marie Slaughter is corrupt) Eric Schmidt (is an asshole monopolist)
Google critic fired from Google-funded research body : news

Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis - The Washington Post -- Marc "Torture" Thiessen (a name you can trust)

You Are Not Forgotten - New Trump Painting - Jon McNaughton - YouTube

Evangelicals' 'Nashville Statement' denouncing same-sex marriage is rebuked by city's mayor -- marriage should be between a man and a woman, and condemning the acceptance of 'homosexual immorality or transgenderism'
Bakery Says No To Same-Sex Weddings Because 'Our Business Is God'S Business' -- Tastries Bakery turned them away ... Cathy Miller (talks to God all the time)

Rents - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The CEO of Laura Ingraham's LifeZette Won't Stop Talking About His Employees' 'Boobs and Butts' -- Is it just me or are [her] tits getting bigger?' the conservative site's top exec said about a female colleague, according to one of seven sources who spoke with The Daily Beast -- Peter Anthony (Fox/conservative culture)

The Militarization of the Hamptons - Bloomberg - Why is a heavily armed counterterrorism force patrolling the parties of the rich and famous?

Wells Fargo uncovers up to 1.4 million more fake accounts : news

Officer to woman during traffic stop: 'We only kill black people, right?"
Comments: Video shows Utah nurse screaming, being dragged into police car after refusing to let officer take blood from unconscious victim - The Salt Lake Tribune

Owners must surgically 'debark' loud dogs, court rules

Baraar's September Issue Starring Kim Kardashian West

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic - More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they're on the brink of a mental-health crisis. -- teens today differ from the Millennials not just in their views but in how they spend their time. The experiences they have every day are radically different from those of the generation that came of age just a few years before them ... iGen: Born between 1995 and 2012 ... 12th-graders in 2015 were going out less often than eighth-graders did as recently as 2009 ... only about 56 percent of high-school seniors in 2015 went out on dates; for Boomers and Gen Xers, the number was about 85 percent ... 18-year-olds now act more like 15-year-olds used to, and 15-year-olds more like 13-year-olds. Childhood now stretches well into high school ... All screen activities are linked to less happiness, and all nonscreen activities are linked to more happiness.

How SB Nation Profits Off An Army Of Exploited Workers

User gives a detailed and super interesting list of negatives about living in Japan from the perspective of an American. : bestof

Hubble discovers signs of water on newly discovered Earth-sized planets near Trappist-1 : news
Repeating Radio signals from distant galaxy detected at West Virginia observatory : news
New elephant fossils found in Saudi Arabia suggest individuals twice the weight of the biggest modern elephants : science

Power company kills nuclear plant, plans $6 billion in solar, battery investment : news

Women of Reddit, what's the creepiest thing a man has said to you? : AskReddit
Men of reddit, what's the creepiest thing a woman has ever said to you? : AskReddit

MacEwan University loses $11.8 million to scammers in phishing attack | Edmonton Journal

Driverless Cars and Sprawl - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I have a lot of issues with driverless cars, primarily that they are being developed to throw millions of people out of work. With driving pretty much the last decently paid working class job that employs huge numbers of Americans, these cars may have a social benefit, but they also come with a huge economic problem that the proponents of supporters of them simply handwave away. The U.S. trucking industry alone employs 8 million people and that doesn't count the many other driving jobs that will be erased, from forklifts to taxis


Arkema CEO: No way to potentially stop an explosion - All residents within 1.5 miles of a chemical plant in southeast Texas were evacuated on Tuesday because of the rising risk of an explosion.
EPA says climate scientists trying to 'politicize' Texas storm
Maps: Tracking Harvey's Destructive Path Through Texas and Louisiana
Trump Makes Devastating Hurricane All About Trump | HuffPost - What a crowd, what a turnout -- Trump has used his Harvey meetings as product placement for hats he sells for $40 two days in a row now...
Even in visiting hurricane-ravaged Texas, Trump keeps the focus on himself - The Washington Post
Houston is paying the price for public officials's ignorance (climate science is "anti-development" so should be ignored)
Eschaton: The Greatest American Hero - Thank god for Journalists. -- @TomLlamasABC #Breaking We're witnessing looting right now at a large supermarket in the NE part of Houston & police have just discovered a body nearby
Inside The Megachurch Accused Of Closing Its Doors During Harvey | HuffPost - Lakewood Church waited days before offering shelter to Houston-area flood victims. (Joel Osteen, hand of Satan)
Here's why people hate Joel Osteen
Melania's stiletto sideshow
If You're ever in Houston
What a contrast. This is Obama after Sandy. This is Trump after Harvey "rally" : "What a crowd, what a turnout"
How will the waters actually recede from Harvey, and how do storms like these change the landscape? Will permanent rivers or lakes be made? : askscience

Erik Prince: Contractors, Not Troops, Will Save Afghanistan - The New York Times
11 Better Times Op-eds Than Erik Prince's Pitch to Take Over Afghanistan
The New York Times' Blackwater Op-Ed Is a Disgrace (NYT incapable of connecting its own dots)

TIL that concerns are increasing that Campi Flegrei - a "supervolcano" very close to the Italian city of Naples - could erupt again for the first time since 1538. Previous eruptions have triggered volcanic winters globally, causing widespread crop failures and resulting in famines. : todayilearned

The incredible shrinking president - Axios
Pittsburgh focus group tanks Trump - politico

Presidential Pardons Might Not End Russia Prosecutions - NBC News - According to a new MSNBC legal analysis, federal pardons could open the door to local criminal investigations in several states.

Judge wohn't vacate former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's contempt conviction without oral arguments
Why Trump's Arpaio Pardon Is So Terrifying -- This isn't how things are supposed to work in a country that adheres to the rule of law

KKK Hoods & Russian Flags Appear In Trump Tower Gift Shop: Gothamist

White House Won't Require Firms to Report Pay by Gender, Race -- Obama-era proposal was aimed to address pay disparities (anti-factual)

Trump Pal Bought IAmAF**got.Com and VaginaBoy.Com, Then the Sites Attacked His Enemy

In the Trenches of Trump's Leak War -- How the administration has changed the game between investigative reporters and their government sources.

Time For Some Regime Theory
What Should a Left Foreign Policy Look Like? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Plot Twist - I don't even know how anything works anymore. -- Defense Secretary Jim Mattis late Tuesday announced that transgender troops will be allowed to continue serving in the military pending the results of a study by experts.
Transgender troops: Mattis freezes policy pending review.

A Boom in Confederate Monuments, on Private Land - The New York Times
KTVU anchor: 'I experienced hate firsthand' at Berkeley rally
What the Media Got Wrong About Last Weekend's Protests in Berkeley -- The violence I saw was only part of the story. -- Assaults and other violence are newsworthy. Journalists' hurt feelings are not. But most importantly, reporters shouldn't lose sight of the big picture: Fascists and other far-right extremist groups in America are visible and organized in a way that they haven't been in decades. And at least for the moment, their movement is on the defensive.
The case against antifa - Vox

NBC Insider: 'Total Panic' Over Megyn Kelly's Morning Show

Eschaton: Newseum - My amateur take is that the Newseum was built at the tail end of the WE MATTER IT IS ALL ABOUT US REALLY POINT THE CAMERAS AT US era of journalism, which stretched from Gulf War I through OJ through impeachment through the political magazine boomlet of the 90s through Bush v. Gore through 9/11 through Gulf War II. Let's called it the Maureen Dowd era.

It is truly shocking that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I noted a couple of weeks ago that the Charlotte School of Law, part of the Infilaw trinity of ABA-approved for-profit law schools, had joined the choir invisible of ex-law schools. -- Now a former faculty member has filed a $285 million qui tam suit against her erstwhile employer, from which comes this delightful nugget of (alleged) scammery:
18 students dismissed from American University for code of conduct violations - The Washington Post

Grown Men Are Exploiting Loopholes In State Laws To Marry Children | HuffPost - A new report finds the practice of adults marrying girls as young as 12 is rampant across the U.S., despite evidence it threatens lifelong harm - More than 200,000 children under 18 were married from 2000 to 2015 in the U.S.,

King County deputy on leave after pulling gun during traffic stop | (hello, asshole, you're on candid camera!)

How Caitlyn Jenner's Politics Complicate Her Relationship With The Broader Trans Community | HuffPost - Caitlyn Jenner was confronted by transgender activist Ashlee Marie Preston for her support of the Trump administration. (too much stupid and botox, will always be a Repubican)

Family of Boy Who Wears Dresses Sues Education Department - The New York Times - Police officers arrived at the family's home around midnight (of course they did)

ESPN Football Analyst Walks Away, Disturbed by Brain Trauma on Field - The New York Times

Nevada Tax Commission again says no to liquor distributors in marijuana fight. : news

Does the Aug 21 eclipse fulful a biblical prophecy? Here's when the end time will be - Green - News - Catholic Online - For those still concerned, according to Meade, the end time will come on September 23, 2017 around, or shortly after midnight, GMT.

Men Are Now More Likely to Marry Up

ELI5: Why do a girl's breasts first develop during puberty, and not during a woman's pregnancy? Would it be too much stress on the body to develop breasts while pregnant? : explainlikeimfive

ELI5: How were ancient astronomers able to accurately predict cosmological events using a geocentric model of solar system? : explainlikeimfive

What subreddit doesn't sound real but actually exists? : AskReddit
Simpsons' Composer Alf Clausen Fired
What was acceptable 20 years ago but isn't acceptable now? : AskReddit
TIL Cyril of Alexandria claimed that "camel" is a Greek misspelling in the phrase "it's easier for a camel to thread the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven." He claimed camel was actually "kamilos," meaning rope. : todayilearned

Eschaton: Oh Dear - Time for another blogger ethics panel. -- Those worries seemed to be substantiated a couple of days later, when Ms. Slaughter summoned the scholar who wrote the critical statement, Barry Lynn, to her office.
Google Critic Ousted From Think Tank Funded by the Tech Giant - The New York Times
Google critic fired from New America Think Tank that has received millions in funding from Google : technology
TIL Kim Dotcom discovered the feds were illegally spying on him after his Xbox ping went from 30 milliseconds to 180 milliseconds, indicating a third party connection. : todayilearned


Climate change did not "cause" Harvey, but it's a a huge part of the story -- 9 things we can say about Harvey and climate. (#10: Republicans are stupid and evil)
Harvey marks the most extreme rain event in U.S. history - The Washington Post
Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like - politico Magazine - time to open our eyes and prepare for the world that's coming
What you can and can't say about climate change and Hurricane Harvey
How Climate Change Is Shaping the Floods of Harvey - The Atlantic - The human contribution can be up to 30 percent or so of the total rainfall coming out of the storm
Al Gore Explains Connection Between Climate Change and Floods - To close out the business day, here's a reminder from Al Gore about what happens when the atmosphere heats up. (Republicans will outlaw the word "rain")
We've Failed Houston Because We've Failed Our Democracy -- We have given up on citizenship, and on our political commonwealth ... We didn't care enough to keep the government out of the hands of a towering top-down assemblage of fools and charlatans.
Houston is experiencing its third '500-year' flood in 3 years. How is that possible?
Harvey takes aim at Louisiana as Trump plans to survey stricken Texas - The Washington Post
The health dangers from Hurricane Harvey
Ted Cruz's claim that two-thirds of the Hurricane Sandy bill 'had nothing to do with Sandy (3 noses)
Cajun Navy coming up with new plan after looters shoot at boats, try to steal them
Misleading reports of lawlessness after Katrina worsened crisis, officials say | US news | The Guardian
How Does Hurricane Harvey Compare With Katrina? Here's What We Know
How one photo became a symbol of Harvey's wrath
Hurricane Harvey And The Potential Hypocrisy Of Texas Republicans | HuffPost -- But when it was New York and New Jersey hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, all but one Texas Republican in Congress voted against a $50.5 billion package to help people in those states. (they know they can out asshole everyone else)
UT fires teacher whose tweet blamed Harvey on Texas GOP vote | Tampa Bay Times (but saying gays caused Katrina is ok)
Journalist goes to Joel Olsteen's church to prove it is not flooded and could be opened to help flood victims : videos
Joel Osteen's Houston Megachurch Blasted For Closing As Thousands Are Displaced | HuffPost (didn't want those people tracking in mud in his Jesus temple) )

Sky stops broadcasting rightwing US channel Fox News in UK | Media | The Guardian - Sources say decision to stop broadcasting controversial channel is not connected to Fox's #11.7bn takeover bid for Sky (of course not)

Netanyahu Vows to Never Remove Israeli Settlements From West Bank: 'We're Here to Stay, Forever' - Netanyahu tells settlers at event marking 50 years to Israel's occupation of the West Bank (in case you believed our previous bullshit)

Hurricane Harvey Greatly Complicates The Government Shutdown Calculation

ICE Plans to Start Destroying Records of Immigrant Abuse, Including Sexual Assault and Deaths in Custody | American Civil Liberties Union (Trump erasing his crimes)

A new polling low for Trump: Just 16 percent 'like' his conduct as president

Here's what we know so far about Team Trump's ties to Russian interests (updated 8/28/17)
There Are Still So Many Russian Secrets Waiting to Leak -- Felix Sater's Role in Trump's White House Victory Comes into Question - More emails, more evidence...
Special counsel subpoenas Manafort
Rep. Rohrabacher says 'rendezvous' being set up with Trump to relay info from WikiLeaks' Assange on DNC hack
Trump Jr. agrees to transcribed interview with Senate panel - CNNPolitics

Trump unusually silent after aides challenge him - politico - Some close to the president, who has seen his approval ratings plummet, say he needs Tillerson and Cohn more than they need him.

Transgender Military Members At Risk Of Harassment Under Trump, Says Former Army Secretary | HuffPost
Jeff Wieler quits as Piedmont mayor, stays on council after Facebook uproar - SFGate - Piedmont Mayor Jeff Wieler stepped down Sunday, one day before the City Council was scheduled to vote on whether to remove him over controversial social media posts about Democrats and transgender people that prompted outrage in the community ... "Democrats are the plantation slave masters of today ... Black Lives Matter encourages cop killing ... Transgenders are mentally ill"

How the Swamp Sold Its Soul to Donald Trump | Vanity Fair

Ivanka's Moderating Influence (TM) -- Ivanka's surrogates reached out to the organization with an idea: stop offering abortions and the White House would advocate increased funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. (what a deal!)

Bolton writes in op-ed he can't get in to see Trump anymore - politico (oh boo-hoo)

Too Much Of A Good Thing? Candidate Glut Means Primary-palooza For House Dems

He's Our Asshole
This Trump appointee says it was hackers, not him, who called Obama's mom a 'w@!re'

The New Front in the Gerrymandering Wars: Democracy vs. Math - The New York Times - Sophisticated computer modeling has taken district manipulation to new extremes. To fix this, courts might have to learn how to run the numbers themselves.

#BotSpot: Twelve Ways to Spot a Bot -- Some tricks to identify fake Twitter accounts

Federal judge tosses Sarah Palin's suit against the New York Times

After melees, Berkeley mayor asks Cal to cancel right-wing Free Speech Week - San Francisco Chronicle - The mayor wants UC Berkeley to halt plans by a conservative campus group, the Berkeley Patriot, to host right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos during its scheduled Free Speech Week from Sept. 24-27.

It is time to examine the words and the origins of our national anthem, another neo-Confederate symbol - (comment section is a swamp: holocaust-survivor Soros is really an ex-Nazi!)
Trump's Generation and Civil War Education (those traitors were "noble men" and blacks were "childlike" and "beastial" -- four basic 'R's -- reading, 'riting, 'rithmetic, and racism)
St. Louis Trainer Bobby Ritter Fired After Appearing in Charlottesville Hate March Photos | News Blog (ha-ha tattoos and 'heavymetal crossfit)
St. Louis Trainer Bobby Ritter Fired After Appearing in Charlottesville Hate March Photos : news

A Dartmouth antifa expert was disavowed by his college president for 'supporting violent protest,' angering many faculty (you're not allowed to fight back)

Boing Boing on Twitter: "The guy who said a black man stabbed him because he has a neo-Nazi haircut stabbed himself"
Behold, the Master Race
Straphangers Alarmed By Man Riding Subway With Prominent Swastika Necklace: Gothamist

Young McCardle had a dumb - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Megan McCardle tried to use her brain for something other than a way to keep her ears from touching. The results were predictable. (McAddled)

Oklahoma isn't working. Can anyone fix this failing American state? | US news | The Guardian - Poverty, police abuse, record prison rates and education cuts that mean a four-day school week. Why are public services failing Oklahomans? (Republicans at work; see Kansas and a bunch of other red states)

To Play Transgender, Sandra Caldwell Had to Open Up About Who She Is - The New York Times

Terry Iandiorio, 46, Ropes & Gray lawyer noted for pro bono work - The Boston Globe - Mr. Iandiorio was 46 when he was caught in a riptide off a Nantucket beach Aug. 16 and drowned.

He's a convicted bank robber, his face is covered in tattoos, and he's on the lam

Chomsky joins University of Arizona faculty - The Boston Globe -- Chomsky, 88, will serve as a laureate professor in the Department of Linguistics in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and will begin teaching next year.

US box office suffers worst summer in a decade : movies

Marijuana Could Prevent Alzheimer's - the psychoactive THC compound in pot removed toxic beta-amyloid from brain cells and reduced inflammation, the first test to do both.
No Definitive Link Between Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer

Low-fat diets could raise the risk of early death by almost one quarter, a major study has found. The Lancet study of 135,000 adults found those who cut back on fats had far shorter lives than those enjoying plenty of butter, cheese and meats. : science -- Fatty foods have no association with heart disease.

The Feline Five : An exploration of personality in pet cats (Felis catus) -- Neuroticism, Extraversion, Dominance, Impulsiveness and Agreeableness.
With a Simple DNA Test, Family Histories Are Rewritten - The New York Times - Widespread DNA testing has shed light on the ancestry of millions of Americans. But these services have limitations, and the results can be uncertain.

Our gut instinct about whether a stranger poses a threat is as good when we're 80 as when we're 18, according to new research : science

What's the most NSFW thing you've ever seen in public? : AskReddit
Which conspiracy theory makes you cringe the most? : AskReddit


Harvey may force 30,000 people into shelters while flooding will linger, officials warn - The Washington Post
In Houston, Anxiety and Frantic Rescues as Floodwaters Rise - The New York Times
How Hurricane Harvey Became So Destructive - The New York Times -- the driving rains would continue for another two or three days, pouring an additional 15 to 25 inches over parts of Southeast Texas. Some areas, he said, could see as much as 50 inches of rain.
Before-and-after photos of Harvey flooding in Texas - Washington Post
Houston flooding map: The affect of Harvey on Texas - Washington Post
Amid Harvey havoc, northeastern politicos sourly recall Texas "no" votes on Sandy aid -- Several members of Congress from New York and New Jersey remain resentful over Texas Republicans that voted against a Hurricane Sandy aid package in 2013.
Eschaton: At Least They Aren't Treating It Like A War Zone - Houston is a disaster, but unlike Katrina, the media and powers that be aren't treating the local population as the enemy.
Cost of cleaning up Harvey will bring new test of governance for Trump and GOP - The Washington Post -- That is because a government shutdown could sideline agencies involved in a rescue and relief effort that officials are predicting will last years. (dent in Trump's riches taxcuts and wallbuilding)
Houston and Natural Disasters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - See, Houston is a disaster of urban sprawl and that's how Texas likes it. None of your big government here! None of your damned communist zoning! By god, we build everywhere and anywhere! The problem with that, in terms of dealing with something like Harvey is not only a lack of verticality that could allow people to move up in buildings for awhile, but also that the massive paving of the Texas prairie and forests means less land to suck up the water.
Why Houston Isn't Ready for Harvey (and won't be next time either)
Hell and High Water: Why Isn Texas Readyu for the Next Big Huricane? It is not if, but when Houston's perfect storm will hit (3/2016)
Boomtown, Flood Town (no zoning and its consequences)
(1) Michael E. Mann - Posts - What can we say about the role of climate change in the unprecedented disaster that is unfolding in Houston with Hurricane #Harvey? (dude, fucking facebook?)

Can We Not Give the Forced Marriage Lobby Any Ideas? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Chechnya Republic are claiming success in an unconventional, sweeping campaign to compel people who have divorced to reunite, for the sake of the children -- and, they say, to help in the fight against terrorism.

North Korea fires missile over Japan for first time - Axios

Seven cybersecurity members resign from Trump's advisory panel citing "insufficient attention to the growing threats" : technology

Putin saw the Panama Papers as a personal attack and may have wanted revenge, Russian authors say - The Washington Post

It's Time: Congress Needs to Open a Formal Impeachment Inquiry
Trump May Be More Dangerous Than His Handlers Realized
Russia probe may result in 2 separate, partisan reports, top Dem says

Trump's business sought deal on a Trump Tower in Moscow while he ran for president (so crooked)
Trump Associate Boasted That Moscow Business Deal 'Will Get Donald Elected'

Trump is dragging us toward a full-blown crisis. Here's what has to happen now
rump vents in Oval Office, "I want tariffs. Bring me some tariffs!" (toddler-in-chief)

Ameerica's Getting More Tolerant and Haters Hate It -- The country's social fabric and social attitudes are getting healthier. Ignore the Charlottesville fringe.

Fascism, American Style - The New York Times - As sheriff of Maricopa County, Ariz., Joe Arpaio engaged in blatant racial discrimination.
Joe Arpaio's pardon defended by a 'whataboutism' that doesn't hold up

Who'sAfraid of Antifa? (all 100 of them in SF) Over the decade ending in 2016, estimates of the percentage of politically motivated killings committed by right-wing extremists range from 73 to 92 percent, according to the conservative Daily Caller. Despite the spurious rhetoric of equivalency, supporters of antifa have, to date, killed no one.
Black-clad antifa attack peaceful right wing demonstrators in Berkeley - The Washington Post - about a 100 anarchists and antifa

Exiles on Pennsylvania Avenue: How Jared and Ivanka Were Repelled by Washington's Elite -- "What is off-putting about them is they do not grasp their essential irrelevance. They think they are special."

School Teacher Charged with Terroristic Threats Against Philadelphia Police Officer at Rizzo Statue Protest - NBC 10 Philadelphia - He has been taken out of his classroom at a school by the district pending an investigation, a district spokesman said.

Fashion with a bang: NRA showcases 'stylish' gun | Daily Mail Online

The Chickens and the Bulls: The rise and incredible fall of a vicious extortion ring that preyed on prominent gay men in the 1960s. - The rise and incredible fall of a vicious extortion ring that preyed on prominent gay men in the 1960s. (2012)
Growth of Overt Homosexuality In City Provokes Wide Concern - Growth of Overt Homosexuality Provoking Rising Concern KEY TO PROBLEM CALLED MEDICAL Police Commissioner Finds Crime Aspect Secondary --2 Bars Lose Licenses Closed Since Oct. 29 Out of the Shadows Experts' Views Differ The 'Gay' Life Open to Entrapment Blackmail Feared The Borderline Cases Silent Partner Heterosexual Masquerade Impossible Dream Found Everywhere Not Immune to Women Religions Condemn It Family Ties Studied Hostility a Key Factor 'Homosexual Is Ill' - View Article -
Nationwide Ring Preying on Prominent Deviates - Bogus Policemen Victimize Theatrical Figures Even Reach Into Pentagon DEVIATES VICTIMS OF NATIONAL RING - Front Page -

Former New England Catholic priest David Joseph Perrett charged with 43 new child sex offences by Armidale detectives : news

How to Deal With Trolls, A Comprehensive Guide - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Under 50? You still haven't hit rock bottom, happiness-wise.

This is what an eye contact practicing video looks like : videos
What was a fact taught to you in school that has been disproven in your lifetime? : AskReddit

Uber Chooses Expedia's Chief as C.E.O., Ending Contentious Search


jenka on Twitter: "@drvox Mmmmm are we sure its not this?" (KochBros recommend turning into stunted dwarves to "adapt" to climate change)

The Latest: NHC: Harvey slight re-strengthening possible - The storm is expected to rain an additional 15 to 25 inches through Friday over the upper Texas Gulf coast and into southwestern Louisiana. Isolated storm totals may reach 50 inches over that area, including the Houston-Galveston area
Rainfall from Harvey Could Reach 50 Inches in Some Spots, Highest Ever Recorded in Texas; Catastrophic Flooding to Continue for Days | The Weather Channel
Harvey's rain 'beyond anything experienced,' weather service says
Christopher Ingraham on Twitter: "View of downtown Houston right now, from Instagram"
The trouble with living in a swamp: Houston floods explained - Houston Chronicle
Aman Batheja on Twitter: "The debate of whether Houston should have issued a mandatory evacuation is more complicated than many probably realize 1/x"
Harvey drops nearly two feet of water on Houston area, causing deadly floods - The Washington Post
'All night of slam, bang, boom,' then a scramble to assess the hurricane's damage
Hurricane Harvey: Houston residents urged to climb to their roofs - POLitico
Houston officials say people are climbing into attics to escape flooding -- and it's a death trap
Houston finds a city under siege by floodwater |
People climbing into attics to escape rising water in Houston : news

China Is Trying to Give the Internet a Death Blow | Foreign Policy (bans VPNs)

The Rio Olympics were only a year ago, but the venues look like they've been deserted for decades : videos

Police: Polish tourist raped, partner beaten on Italy beach. : news

Emmanuel Macron's $30,000 makeup scandal hides a much bigger blemish

Yearning for the end of the world | News | The Guardian - As a child in Iran, Dina Nayeri belonged to a secret Christian church where the Rapture was welcomed as a rescue. Later, as a refugee in the US, she saw how apocalyptic prophecies masked a reactionary nihilism -- which is why they are so tempting

Top State Department Officials Step Down in 'Black Friday' Exodus --Top U.N. Expert Steps Down On Eve of Trump's Turtle Bay Debut (getting rid of everyone who knows anything)

Donald Was a Creep. Too Bad Hillary Couldn't Say It -- "Or do you turn, look him in the eye, and say loudly and clearly: 'Back up, you creep, get away from me! I know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me, so back up.'" (she had three chances to get this right)

We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of This Nation - Joe Biden
Behold Our 'child King'
Trump is shedding supporters like no other president in modern history - LA Times
First Cohn, now Tillerson, turn on Trump - Axios

Schiff: Trump pardon sends message to Russia investigation witnesses | TheHill - Arpaio action was appalling & political. It also sends [a] message to witnesses in Russia investigation to keep quiet, stay loyal [and] get pardon,
What authoritarianism experts think of Trump's decision to pardon Joe Arpaio -- "if the president can employ the pardon power to circumvent constitutional protections of liberty, there is very little left of the constitutional checks on presidential power"
Eschaton: Life Goals - It is worth asking, from many perspectives, why Sheriff Joe didn't retire earlier? He's 85.
The Arpaio Pardon: Banging On The Door Of A Constitutional Crisis | HuffPost
Obama adviser: Trump asking to drop case against Arpaio could get him impeached | TheHill (if he were a democrat, anyway)

Boomers are news-illiterate couch vegetables stuck in front of their yelling, ad-saturated TVs / Boing Boing -- Those ages 50 and older are far more likely to prefer watching news over any other method: About half (52%) of 50- to 64-year-olds and 58% of those 65 and older would rather watch the new

Zinke's veteran daughter excoriates Trump in response to transgender military ban

Trump attacks Republicans on Twitter, but Democrats? Not so much - The Washington Post
The Media Is the Villain -- for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump

Josh Marshall on Twitter: "I think it is worth saying that while people sometimes use "identity politics" as a non-derogatory shorthand, usually with air quotes ..." (and Mark Lilla is an unuseful idiot)
David Roberts on Twitter: "1. Late Friday afternoon, east coast headed out to the bar, good time for a short tweetstorm about "identity politics.""

The Trouble With Ivanka's Business Partner -- Moshe Lax (is a crook)

How IDENTITY POLITICS, Which Were Invented in 1980, Destroyed the Democratic Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Mark Lilla: "people" = "white people")

Trump reversing Obama policy blocking military sales to cops (because "carnage in the inner cities")

Thousands of workers in St. Louis will likely see smaller paychecks starting Monday, when a new Missouri law takes effect barring local government from enacting minimum wages different than the state minimum. : news (Republicans at work)

BUSTED: Oklahoma police chief outed as owner of racist website and white supremacist record label
New Colbert police chief linked to neo-Nazi websites claims identity theft : news - That was considerate of the identity thief to take the website down as soon as news came out that the police chief was linked to it.
Interim Colbert police chief to resign amid report of connection to neo-Nazi websites | Homepagelatest |

Father who pleaded guilty to killing his 3 year old son to keep his girlfriend "who didn't like kids" happy, will get 10 years in jail : news

The Worst (and Best) Places to Be Gay in America - The New York Times

Mindfulness would be good for you. If it weren't so selfish -- How a self-help trend warped a good idea. (there will always be a periphery)

Kayleigh Donaldson on Twitter: "We're sticking with this story/scam as it develops."
The YA Bestseller Brought Down by the YA Community

A new study finds that students who are known as "high achievers" and take highly competitive courses are the most likely to cheat on their exams. : science
Major drug study opens up vast new opportunities in combating heart disease - The Washington Post - But a subset of patients appeared to get greater benefit from the drug, called canakinumab.

A new study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found little evidence that marijuana use affects kidney function in healthy young adults. : science
ELI5: What is a chronon and what evidence is there that it actually exists? : explainlikeimfive

Column: Why the STEM gender gap is overblown | PBS NewsHour (2015)
Why the STEM gender gap is overblown : technology

ELI5: Why do most men go bald, in spite of all the testosterone? : explainlikeimfive

TIL in 1561 there was allegedly a mass sighting of glowing shapes and a large triangular object engaged in an aerial battle over Nuremburg, Germany. The objects eventually fell from the sky, crashing into the ground while burning and smoking. : todayilearned

What's the "girls don't fart" of everything else? : AskReddit


First tanker crosses northern sea route without ice breaker - BBC News

Harvey swirls over Texas coast as 'extremely serious' flooding event unfolds
Hurricane Harvey lands first blow to Texas, but more is expected to come - The Washington Post
Hurricane Harvey updates: Texas hit by powerful storm, heavy rain - The Washington Post
Harvey Downgraded, But 'Catastrophic And Life-Threatening Flooding' Risk Remains | HuffPost - could dump as much as 40 inches of rain on some parts of Texas.
How to Pack an Emergency Kit for Any Disaster - The New York Times

Buckingham Palace suspect with 4ft sword shouted 'Allahu Akbar'

Entire Kim Dotcom Spying Operation Was Illegal, High Court Rules : news

How the deadliest aviation incident in history was narrowly avoided last month : videos
Incident: Canada A320 at San Francisco on Jul 7th 2017, lined up with taxiway for landing
Pilots/Flight Crews of Reddit, what went wrong on your flight that the passengers never knew about? : AskReddit

The day a rapist held India for ransom - The Washington Post

Trump directs Pentagon to implement ban on transgender service members, bans sex-reassignment surgery - The Washington Post
Trump gives new meaning to the Friday night news dump, enraging his critics - The Washington Post - President Trump, in the space of four hours, made official a ban on transgender people serving in the military, pardoned a controversial sheriff accused of racial profiling and parted ways with polarizing aide and conservative media darling Sebastian Gorka ... as the nation focused on Hurricane Harvey

Sebastian Gorka Is Forced Out as White House Adviser, Officials Say - The New York Times

An Intimate History of Antifa | The New Yorker

UrbanGrid comments on Trump has pardoned former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose hardline views on immigration have allied him with the president
Trump Pardons His Governance Model - Lawyers, Guns & Money
PhoenixNewTimes on Twitter: "We've been covering Joe Arpaio for more than 20 years. Here's a couple of things you should know about him... 1/many"
John McCain Rips Donald Trump For Pardoning Joe Arpaio | HuffPost - undermined president's claim for the respect of rule of la.w
Former Trump Ethics Director Calls Arpaio Pardon 'A Harbinger Of Worse to Come' | HuffPost
Racist Trump pardons racist criminal Joe Arpaio in biggest gift to white supremacists yet - Shareblue
If he'll pardon Arpaio, why wouldn't Trump pardon those who ignore Robert Mueller?
Donald Trump resurrects former Sheriff Joe Arpaio from irrelevance

'I don't like bullies' : Reporter explains why he confronted Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Did enough Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Trump to cost Clinton the election? - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Good Terrorism/Bad Terrorism - interesting (horrifying, etc...) that conservatives are going all in on embracing "running over protesters is good and right and legal" at at time when cars are increasingly being used as weapons for terrorism (for the slow, they're acts of terrorism even when pissed off old white guys run over libturds).

propaganda machine amplifies alt-right
As White Nationalist in Charlottesville Fired, Police 'Never Moved'
Right-wing rallies in limbo in San Francisco and Berkeley - SFGate
VIDEO: San Francisco Police shut down Alamo Square hours before nationalist press conference |
Protesters Got Christopher Cantwell Arrested, Cops Didn't Even Try
PD: Former Mason High School student charged in Charlottesville attack - WCPO Cincinnati, OH
Why Did UVa Allow Banned Torches During White-Supremacist Rally? - The Chronicle of Higher Education - Teresa A. Sullivan (is a big liar and terrible human ... while the cops watched and did nothing)

Eschaton: Nazis - I keep coming back to this because of all things I couldn't have imagined being bothsidesed it was... Nazis. I mean, sure, that there are white supremacists in this country is not news. But actual Nazis. Our entire 20th century mythology is about how "we" fought Nazis. And yet...

Eschaton: Chris Christie Is Never Wrong About Anything - Certainly, I could be wrong, but this is going to be a disaster ... New Jersey's long-awaited American Dream Meadowlands development will deliver billions in tax revenue for the Garden State over the next two decades, according to Gov. Chris Christie.

Florida police fatally shoot woman threatening suicide : news

Ecstasy could be 'breakthrough' therapy for soldiers, others suffering from PTSD

Can we talk about how terrible Katy Perry's new song/music video "Swish Swish" is? : Music

Why Buddhism is true - Vox - Robert Wright on the wisdom of mindfulness meditation.
A Science Writer Embraces Buddhism as a Path to Enlightenment - The New York Times

Why that "distracted boyfriend" stock photo meme is suddenly everywhere

It rains solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune - The Washington Post

The end-Cretaceous mass extinction was rather unpleasant - The simulations showed that most of the soot falls out of the atmosphere within a year, but that still leaves enough up in the air to block out 99% of the Sun's light for close to two years of perpetual twilight without plant growth.

Although high school students may think popularity is of the utmost importance, a new study found that it may not lead to long-term happiness. What mattered more, according to the study, is whether the teens had close friendships they maintained over time. : science

What makes absolutely 0% sense to you? : AskReddit
Aphantasia: A life without mental images - BBC News
What do most people find sexy but is a turn off for you? : AskReddit
Just read Lolita. Feels like I will never be the same guy I was before. : books
Mark Twain famously said "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." What was that day for you? : AskReddit

jsct comments on Bill Nye Says Disney Shorted Him Millions in New Fraud Lawsuit - The Hollywood Reporter -- "Hollywood accounting"


Mayor tells those not evacuating for hurricane to put Social Security numbers on arms : news
Hurricane Harvey: Storm Gathers Strength, Now a Category 4 - The New York Times
Maps: Tracking the Path of Hurricane Harvey - The New York Times
Category 3 Hurricane Harvey a Catastrophic Rainfall Flood Threat; Strongest Texas Coastal Bend Landfall in at Least 47 Years Tonight | The Weather Channel
Live: Hurricane Lurking in the Gulf Takes Aim at Texas - The New York Times - After making landfall, Harvey is expected to stall over Texas, and could dump more than 35 inches of rain onto some areas, overwhelming bayous and flooding streets.
Hurricane Harvey looks like it's about to swallow all of TexaThe only thing more unpredictable than this storm is the president.
Here's Why Hurricane Harvey Is So Scary and Unprecedented -- The only thing more unpredictable than this storm is the president.
Trump may face presidency's first major natural disaster test - CNNPolitics

Man, 30, shot dead in Brussels after knife attack on two soldiers | World news | The Guardian -- "Allahu Fuckbar"
Buckingham Palace: two police officers hurt arresting knifeman | UK news | The Guardian - Metropolitan police say officers suffered minor injuries

Deadly 'rampage' breaks out after India's 'guru of bling' is convicted of raping two followers

Acapulco is now Mexico's Murder Capital -- The faded resort city is a symbol of the skyrocketing violence in Mexico.

Soldiers Reassigned After Bringing Women To Hotel During Pence Detail | HuffPost - The men have been taken off official White House duties, NBC reports.
In rare spectacle, Army court-martials a retired general - The Washington Post

With the debt ceiling, President Trump is playing with fire - The Washington Post

Some In Congress Don't Get The "Gravity" Of Russian Election Meddling, Former CIA Director Said (Republican traitors and Russian stooges)
How Could Donald Trump Have Not Known About Felix Sater's Dark Past? (they knew each other's dark past)
Russian ambassador Mirgayas Shirinskiy is seventh Russian diplomat to die since November - The Washington Post
Mueller Seeks Grand Jury Testimony from PR Execs Who Worked With Manafort - NBC News

Trump's top economic adviser just delivered an unprecedented rebuke of his boss over Charlottesville -- Gary Cohn
Gary Cohn, Trump's Adviser, Said to Have Drafted Resignation Letter After Charlottesville

Trump Staffer Responsible For Finding Positive News Stories Resigns | HuffPost - As director of rapid response, Andy Hemming was tasked with recirculating positive news to journalists.

White House moves goalposts on tax reform - politico

Controversial Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Reportedly Resigns | HuffPost - He has long faced questions about his ties to Nazi sympathizers and far-right Hungarian political groups.

Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio - The New York Times

Mnuchin viewed eclipse from roof of Fort Knox - The Washington Post - Did the millionaire couple fly to Louisville on Monday, on a taxpayer-funded plane, just to see the solar eclipse? (of course) atop nearly $200 billion in American gold.

Tax Reform, Facing Numerous Challenges, Could End Up Meaning Only Marginal Cuts | HuffPost

The sad truth about Teleprompter Trump | Francine Prose | Opinion | The Guardian - s not new for presidents to use teleprompters. What is new is a president who sounds nothing like the person who reads out the words on the screen

Turd Reich: San Francisco dog owners lay minefield of poo for rightwing rally | World news | The Guardian
Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman Jailed, Barred from Possessing Sticks and Other Weapons -- after a judge set his bail at $135,000 ... He derided attendees of Charlottesville as 'racist alt-right fuckin' Nazis/

Is Sean Hannity's endorsement a kiss of death?

Facebook has hired former NYT public editor Liz Spayd as a consultant in a 'transparency' effort
Facebook Hires Former Times Public Editor to Increase Transparency and Look Good to People Who Hate It - Spayd was widely criticized during her brief tenure as the Times' public editor over her choice of topics:

State Supreme Court Says Digital Cameras Can't Be Searched Without A Warrant -- from the more-privacy-protections-(MA-residents-only) dept

Sandy Hook victim's sister slams Scott Baio for Heather Heyer hoax tweet

A male director calls 'Wonder Woman' a step backward for women. Big mistake ... When James Cameron called "Wonder Woman" hereoine "an objectified icon ...
James Cameron: 'The downside of being attracted to independent women is that they don't need you'

I toke thee to be my wife: inside a cannabis wedding in California | US news | The Guardian

The miserable reason behind millennials' slow march to the suburbs | Jamie Peck | Opinion | The Guardian - More and more young people are leaving expensive cities to settle in areas suffering from suburban blight

The Bride, the Groom and the Elephant in the Room - The New York Times

Perfect Photo of Meeting Over 'Bullet Hole' Restaurant Goes Poorly Enough to Become a Local Meme

Flame-retardant chemicals used in furniture and gym mats could be making women infertile, suggests Harvard study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. More than 80% of women having IVF had traces of these chemicals in the urine. Those with high levels were 38% less likely to have a child. : science

Mathematical secrets of ancient tablet unlocked after nearly a century of study | Science | The Guardian
The colour of numbers: visions of our mathematical universe | Science | The Guardian

TIL a study found that about one in five corporate executives are psychopaths -- same rate found among prisoners (on death row)
People who know or met sociopaths/psychopaths, what were they like? : AskReddit

Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe

What can men get away with that women can't? : AskReddit
What can women get away with that guys can't? : AskReddit

Amazon will lower Whole Foods prices right away and Prime members will get special discounts - Recode - The price reductions will roll out on Monday, Aug. 28.
Facebook Figured Out My Family Secrets, And It Won't Tell Me How
Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist's patients friend each other -- When Lisa looked at her Facebook profile, she was surprised to see that she had, at some point, given Facebook her cell phone number


Emmanuel Macron has spent 26,000 on makeup in his first three months as French president (pretty boy is tankking)

The New York Times shows how to fail miserably while covering Africa - The Washington Post (but very hipster)

Judge orders tech company to release Web user data from anti-Trump website - The Washington Post - must provide email addresses and other computer information from people who visited an anti-Trump website in the months leading to Inauguration Day. (the end of internet freedom, right there)

CNN: Probe Investigators Find Another Email From A Trump Top Aide About A Russia Meeting | HuffPost - Rick Dearborn sent an email to campaign officials with information about a person trying to connect them with Putin, CNN said.
7 times Trump tried to call off the dogs on Russia - The Washington Post

Panettas: 'Not Quite Sure' Which Version Of Trump Will Turn Up From Day To Day
Again breaking ground, Trump takes the permanent campaign to new heights - LA Times
Trump Takes Aim at the Press, With a Flamethrower - The New York Times (considering bombing CNN)
Kelly moves to control the information Trump sees - POLITICO - A new process, laid out in two memos circulating in the West Wing this week, is supposed to ensure Kelly vets everything that hits the Resolute Desk

Report: Trump Called GOP Sen. About His Bill To Shield Special Counsel ("you will not disobey!)

Is it still possible to serve honorably in the Trump administration, part II - The Washington Post
Trump retweets meme of his blocking Obama, labeled the 'best eclipse ever'

It's no surprise were refighting the Civil War -- it never really ended (treason was normalized and celebrated by the traitors)

John Kelly cuts down on Infowars, Charles Johnson stories - Axios
Kellyanne Conway says journalists should be "forced" to report favorably on Trump

Escalating feud, Trump blames McConnell and Ryan for upcoming 'mess' on debt ceiling

White House Gearing Up To Push Transgender Military Ban Forward | HuffPost - Reports indicate the Pentagon will have six months to institute it. (making America hating again more)

Interior secretary recommends Trump alter at least three national monuments, including Bears Ears - The Washington Post - established by his immediate predecessors, including two in Utah, a move expected to reshape federal land and water protections and certain to trigger major legal fights.

President Trump is deteriorating before our very eyes - The Washington Post
California Democrats lead attack over Trump's mental health

Hillary Clinton's Side of the Story Matters, Too -- She was stalked by Trump at the debate, and stalked by The New York Times long before that. (does Maggie Haberman have any self-awareness at all?)
She's Not Even Wearing a Hairshirt!
Has Hillary Clinton abased herself sufficiently to satisfy her critics? - The Washington Post
Oxygen Supply and Campaign Counterfactuals -- Clinton couldn't consume enough oxygen to stop Trump from getting lots of coverage during the Democratic National Convention, for Chirssakes. (b/c NYT and CNN)
Sanders-Trump Voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Did enough Bernie Sanders supporters vote for Trump to cost Clinton the election? - The Washington Post -- Two surveys estimate that 12 percent of Sanders voters voted for Trump. A third survey suggests it was 6 percent. (yes, but they weren't really Dems anyway)
After 8 years, here are the promises Obama kept -- and the ones he didn't (17 broken, 12 compromise 11 kept)

Nate Silver on Twitter: "So far, predictions that Trump has an approval rating floor have been wrong."
Nate Silver on Twitter: "Trump's approval rating decline has actually been pretty steady -- about 1 point per month." (and: W's ratings were almost as bad as Trumps before 9/11 when they jumped 30pts because America!)
Nate Silver on Twitter: "The worse you think Clinton was as a candidate, the more trouble you should think Trump is in right now."
Kung Fu Monkey: Lunch Discussions #145: The Crazification Factor

alicublog: LIBERTARIANS FIND THEIR LIMITS. - For years conservatives and libertarians agreed that employers could do pretty much anything they wanted to their employees, that worker protections were just an impediment to profit-making (though they were more than happy to protect workers from unions), and that the right to fire them for any old thing should not be abridged. But their hackles were raised in recent years when men like Brendan Eich and Donald Sterling started getting defenestrated on the grounds that their bigoted speech or actions had damaged the business entities with which they were associated ... Making everything worse, as usual, is Megan McArdle.

Eschaton: We - One bit of the whole white supremacist stuff I don't get is the 'we'. I suppose Vonnegut would have called it a Granfalloon. Why do people feel this weird connection to "history" and "culture" (stuff they rarely know anything about anyway) based on, well, nothing. I think some of my ancestors were from Romania. I don't feel any connection.

How Alan Dershowitz Went From Hillary Donor to Trump's Attack Dog on Russsia -- Months after backing Clinton, the liberal law professor has become a fixture on Fox News, ripping the Russia probe. But those close to him say he has a history with Bob Mueller (he's been a conservative asshole for like, ever)

Fashion brands turn their backs on Steve Mnuchin's wife -- , after she posted a picture of herself stepping off a government plane in designer clothes and then went on a condescending rant at a critic who called her out.

He wore Confederate dress to Charlottesville. He got two middle fingers and possible expulsion from college. - The Washington Post -- Allen Armentrout (pillsbury dough-boy)
Michael Stahlke on Twitter: "Folks, our hero's name is Lara Rogers. She's a Charlottesville resident and true badass." (two middle finger girl)
Does the Virginia GOP Officially Endorse Treason in Defense of Slavery? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (why yes, it does)

Abstinence Programs Don't Stop Teen Pregnancies Or STDs : Shots - Health News : NPR

Police Killed At Least 223 Black Americans In The Year After Colin Kaepernick's First Protest | HuffPost

Man Drives Through Mourners At St. Louis Vigil For Trans Woman Killed By Police | HuffPost - Motorist reportedly had his middle finger out.
Driver pushes into protesters in St. Louis street; 3 people sustain minor injuries | Metro | -- But St. Louis police said the driver stopped, honked and attempted to drive around the protesters before some of them surrounded his car and began hitting it with their hands and a flag pole.

Federal judge blocks further implementation of Texas' voter ID law

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ; Senate 2018: Republican edge runs up against Trump, history - beyond poor numbers lies difficulty of beating out-of-power party incumbents

A teen reunited with her birth mother -- who then killed her and burned her body, police say

Woman jailed for 10 years for making series of false rape claims. : news< Lesbian fantasist invented 15 rapes and sexual assaults which saw man jailed to get sympathy from girlfriends, court hears
br />

Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis - The New York Times - Outbreaks of a deadly, sexually transmitted disease confound health officials, whose obstacles include drug shortages, uneducated doctors and gangs.

Cognitive biases and politics: why we believe political spin - Washington Post

Gut bacteria influence the brain indirectly, study shows : science

Antares: Astronomers Snap Most Detailed Image of Star That's Not the Sun -- Antares, also designated Alpha Scorpii, is a well-studied, close red supergiant star at a distance of 554 light years. It is the fifteenth-brightest star in the night sky and the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius.
People with tinnitus are more likely to suffer from depression, but a new study shows treatment with SSRI antidepressants likely makes ringing in the ears worse : science

Be your own therapist? A meta-analysis of 15 studies, contrasting cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) delivered by a therapist with CBT delivered through self-help activities, found no difference in treatment completion rate and broad equivalence of treatment outcomes between both groups. : science

Ancient 3700-year-old Babylonian clay tablet contains the first evidence of trigonometry dating much earlier than Ancient Greeks' efforts : science

Lithium in tap water may cut dementia - People with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water appear to have a lower risk of developing dementia, say researchers in Denmark, based on a study of 800,000 people published in JAMA Psychiatry. : science

Bisexuals who have dated both men and women, what are some differences you've noticed? : AskReddit

Eschaton: Self-Driving Car Engineers Discover Driving Is Hard - These became the first structured tests in the self-driving program. It turns out that the hard part is not really the what-if-a-zombie-is-eating-a-person-in-the-road scenarios people dream up, but proceeding confidently and reliably like a human driver within the endless variation of normal traffic. -- Duh.


ExxonMobil knowingly misled the public for decades about the danger climate change poses to a warming world and the company's long-term viability, according to a peer-reviewed study, released on Wednesday, of research and statements by the US oil giant. : science
Alaska's Permafrost Is Thawing

'It's a Slow Death': The World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis (meanwhile, in more collateral Bush/Cheney hell)

Kim Wall Is Confirmed Dead as Danish Inventor Is Investigated - The New York Times
German magazine cover shows Trump doing Nazi salute | TheHill (whoah)

What if President Trump Orders Secretary of Defense Mattis to Do Something Deeply Unwise? - Lawfare

H.R. McMaster Showed Trump Photo Of Afghan Women In Miniskirts To Escalate War | HuffPost (you know, before we wrecked it the first time)

At Rally, Trump Blames Media for Country's Deepening Divisions
Trump's Arizona Speech Shows the Danger of Supporting the President - Last night in Arizona, Trump came right up to the edge of inciting you to riot and you rode along with him. (yes, they are all very bad possbily human beings)
Police Fire Pepper Spray In Intense Standoff With Protesters At Trump Rally | HuffPost - We were literally just standing there, just hanging out. Literally out of nowhere people started running. (cops start riot)
Police disperse Trump protest crowd with pepper spray
Trump Goes Off-Script in Hour-Long Public Meltdown | Vanity Fair - Trump explained that the biggest victim in the Charlottesville violence last weekend was, in fact, himself.

Analysis: As Trump ranted and rambled in Phoenix, his crowd slowly thinned (75 minutes of bluster, threats and self-congratulation ... "very presidential")
Trump's 57 most outrageous quotes from his Arizona speech -- "So that was my words."
Here Are The Wildest Moments From Trump's Wild Arizona Rally | HuffPost - There were a lot.
Trump snubbed missing US sailors during Arizona speech, referenced himself nearly 250 times - Shareblue
Twitter Loses It Over Donald Trump's 'Off The Rails' Arizona Rally | HuffPost - a s**tshow of the highest order
Fake news? Trump supporters circulate photo of Phoenix rally crowds ... but it's not -- And frankly, anyone who is at all familiar with Phoenix should have known better. It's a desert, people.
Arizona GOP uses Margaret Cho sitcom pic to represent Asian Americans

Former Intelligence Chief James Clapper's Dark Warning About Donald Trump | HuffPost -- "I worry frankly about the access to nuclear codes" xsy

Trump clashed with multiple GOP senators over Russia - POLitico - The conversations are evidence of rising tensions between the president and congressional Republicans heading into a critical legislative span.
Why Did a Russia-Friendly Icelandic Fund Want To Invest In Trump Projects?
Exclusive: Top Trump aide's email draws new scrutiny in Russia inquiry - CNNPolitics - Congressional investigators have unearthed an email from a top Trump aide that referenced a previously unreported effort to arrange a meeting last year between Trump campaign officials and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

Don't Look at Us, We Didn't Do It -- Maggie Haberman is back for another round: (NYT has zero self-awareness and less honesty)
12 Days That Stunned a Nation: How Hillary Clinton Lost - NBC News

Wall Street Journal Editor Admonishes Reporters Over Trump Coverage : "Sorry. This is commentary dressed up as news reporting" (Gerard Baker)
The President of Blank Sucking Nullity | The Baffler
That'll Leave a Mark

The Insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right Pipeline

Upside down: Trump's kid gets grief from the Daily Caller and defense from Chelsea Clinton (Republican acts like Republican and Republicans are schocked)
Whataboutism: The Cold War tactic, thawed by Putin, is brandished by Donald Trump - The Washington Post (whaddabout stupid?)

Keith Olbermann Predicts How It Will All End For Trump | HuffPost (suddenly, Mueller will fire him)
Don Lemon On Unhinged Trump Speech: 'There Was No Sanity There' -- What we have witnessed was a total eclipse of the facts.
Ana Navarro Says Trump May Have Early-Onset Dementia | HuffPost - disgusting, unpresidential, narcissistic behavior

The strange story of that 'Blacks for Trump' guy standing behind POTUS at his Phoenix rally
Why ben Carson's appearance in Phoenix was likely a violation of federal law (Hatch Act)

I was detained for protesting Trump. Here's what the Secret Service asked me.

Oregon Pushes Back Against Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Enforcement Letter | HuffPost

Howard Dean: If You Vote Republican in 2018, You're aA Racist (Clownhall thinks that's bad)

Dallas court voids six-figure payment to Ken Paxton prosecutors | Texas Politics | Dallas News

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Civil War was initially fought over land, not slavery - CNNPolitics -- Slaves were considered property up to and during the Civil War.

No guilty verdicts in Bundy Ranch standoff trial

'This Is Not Hazing. This Is Rape' Inside a Texas Town's Football Nightmare

Joss Whedon's Wandering Pants Can't Slay Feminism
Joss Whedon was never a feminist
What Joss Whedon Gets Wrong About the Word 'Feminist'
Joss Whedon fan site shuts down after ex-wife's critical essay -- After 15 years, Whedonesque says the site will cease updating

Max Kennedy's arrest reveals worst of family<'s traits /a>
Martha's Vineyard is roiled by ouster of CEO of island's hopital

3 Aged Brothers Had Child Porn, 'Rape And Homicide' Manifestos, Cops Say | HuffPost

NYC Restaurant Fires Server Who Put 'Ching Chong' On Asian Woman's Receipt | HuffPost

Not one drop of Poland Spring bottled water is from a spring, lawsuit claims

Study finds teaching teens only the "wait-until-marriage" kind of sex ed doesn't work. It not only fails to delay the age when teens first have sex, but also fails to reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. : science

Individuals who have a high level of moral reasoning show increased activity in the brain's reward system, suggesting the importance of positive motivations towards others in moral decisions, rather than selfish motives : science

Michael Dirda reviews "The Seventh Theory of Language" - The Washington Post

'Preacher' upsets with graphic sex scene featuring Jesus : television

Woman: My Uber driver went wrong way, I said something, he pushed me out : news

Eschaton: Blog Format Is Good


Why Vietnam Was Unwinnable - The New York Times - Those who made this argument contended that the United States had been on the verge of winning in Vietnam, but threw its chance for victory away because of negative press and a resulting failure of political will at home. ("lost victory")

Syria air strike: At least 42 civilians killed by US-led bomb attack in Raqqa - report : news

Barcelona attack: four suspects face court after van driver is shot dead | World news | The Guardian - Police now believe all 12 members of terror cell are in custody or dead, after Las Ramblas attacker Younes Abouyaaqoub was killed in Subirats
Spain terror cell was planning Sagrada Fammlia attack, suspect tells court | World news | The Guardian - Mohamed Houli Chemlal tells Madrid court larger scale attacks were being planned by terror cell

Triple talaq: India supreme court moves to block 'instant' divorce for Muslims - The Washington Post -- India is one of a handful of countries where triple talaq still happens. The practice is only considered part of Islamic law by some scholars and has been outlawed in many Muslim countries. India is home to 172 million Muslims, 14 percent of the population, making it one of the largest Muslim countries in the world ... By contrast, women almost always must obtain the man'sconsent for a divorce

Police find headless torso in search for journalist believed killed on submarine - The Washington Post

Eschaton: There Was Never Any Doubt - As Pareene warned us, the way to be a Good President is to be a president who promises to kill a lot of brown people in other countries. (Trump just became president for the 37th time)
Trump's Vague New Afghanistan Strategy Continues An Endless War -- The president says he will no longer disclose how many troops will be deployed.
'It's a hard problem': Inside Trump's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan
Angry Trump Grilled His Generals About Troop Increase, Then Gave In - The New York Times

McConnell, in Private, Doubts if Trump Can Save Presidency - The New York Times (it's always someone else's fault)

Glenn Simpson, key figure behind million-dollar 'dossier,' to facee questions

Trump's list of false and misleading claims tops 1,000

How the Boys Run Trump Inc.: With Other People's Money and Some Dubious Partners -- Inside the empire, under new management.

Tucker Carlson: Trump Staring At The Sun 'Most Impressive Thing Any President Has Done'

Phoenix prepares for Trump's rally and the chaos it may bring

Steve Mnuchin's Wife Has A 'Let Them Eat Cake' Moment On Instagram -- "Have you given more to the economy than me and my husband?"
Mnuchin's Wife Mocks Oregon Woman Over Lifestyle and Wealth
I got a good reason -- At some level who gives a fuck what Steve Mnuchin's trophy wife says on Instagram? On another, you can be sure as shit that if an Obama appointee's wife had done this, that appointee would resign within 24 hours.

Is Anybody Home at HUD? A long-harbored conservative dream -- the "dismantling of the administrative state" -- is taking place under Secretary Ben Carson.

Since the Beginning of Time, Man Has Yearned to Preemptively Defend the Reputation of Robby Mook - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Russia's Attacks on Democracy Aren't Only a Problem for America
Russia may sabotage the next election, too. What will Trump and Republicans do about it? - The Washington Post

Gawker has been gone for a year. We've never needed it more than now.

Catholic priest steps down after revealing he was a Ku Klux Klan member decades ago

Man with pipe bomb arrested hours before Akron vigil for Charlottesville victims : news

Fake Polls Are A Real Problem | FiveThirtyEight - The story of Delphi Analytica, its mysterious origins and its Kid Rock poll show that the line between legitimate and illegitimate pollsters is blurring ... Think about that for a second. A poll that may not even have been conducted could wind up being at least partially responsible for the election of a musician to the U.S. Senate. It's pretty amazing.

Week 40: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you'll remember

Abortion Clinic Closings Linked To Higher Healthcare Costs - saludmsvilTiger Beatdown WHY TIGER BEATDOWN HAS JOKES ON IT: Turns Out Some Motherfucker Had To Ask Me

Village Voice to End Print Publication - The New York Times

A free-speech rally, minus the free speech - The Boston Globe (Jeff Jerkoby)

City employee files sexual harassment complaint against Felix G. Arroyo - The Boston Globe

Kennedys 'incited this crowd into an angry mob' police say (white trash)

US teen in 'Slender Man' case who stabbed classmate 19 times pleads guilty : news

Can someone explain all the leftist twitter drama last night? : ChapoTrapHouse
Fuck The New Inquiry, And Other Tales - tHE r H i z z o n E
The long-awaited Kill All Normies came out last week.
Angela Nagle's "Kill all Normies"
(1) Rachel Rosenfelt (@rachelrosenfelt) | Twitter
personal news the ANOVA - Fredrik deBoer ("mental illness" vs "being an asshole")
Sarah Jones on Twitter: "a lot of you have enabled his behavior because he goes after people you don't like, and a lot of you should be drafting apologies right now"
On Freddie - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Tiger Beatdown WHY TIGER BEATDOWN HAS JOKES ON IT: Turns Out Some Motherfucker Had To Ask Me

Third body cam video of 'questionable' police conduct surfaces in Baltimore : news
Couple Wins $3.25M After Adopted Son Is Reclaimed by Birth Parents and Then Murdered by Birth Father : news

A Woman Who Says She Had Underage Sex With R. Kelly Is Finally Telling Her Story - Jerhonda Pace was just 15 when she met her musical idol, R. Kelly, outside his child pornography trial. The alleged underage sexual relationship with him that followed and subsequent payouts mirror decades of allegations against the star

A wonderfully thorough Retrospective & Review of the 1988 cult classic "THEY LIVE" : movies

Why Aren't Young Men Into Breasts? | Playboy -- more than 38,000 individual breast implant removals on patients regretting their decision to increase their cup size. According to Today, that figure increased by 22 percent the following year .... "I'm a Baywatch bibmette

The Case for a Breakfast Feast - The New York Times - the latest evidence suggesting that we should front-load our calories early in the day to jump-start our metabolisms and prevent obesity, starting with a robust breakfast and tapering off to a smaller lunch and light supper, or no supper at all ... skipping breakfast -- which 20 to 30 percent of American adults do regularly --- is linked to a higher risk of obesity and impaired glucose metabolism or diabetes

TIL Sabrina Pasterski built a single engine airplane by the time she was 14 y/o, at 16 became the youngest person ever to fly their own plane; graduated MIT in 3 years with a 5.0 GPA and is now 24 at Harvard getting a PhD in high energy physics. : todayilearned
ELI5: What is it about Johnson & Johnson's baby powder that could cause ovarian cancer? : explainlikeimfive

What's a deeply unsettling fact? : AskReddit
How to tell if you damaged your eyes during the eclipse | Science | The Guardian
Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED - YouTube
Hello Reddit. I am the accidental photographer of this once in a lifetime shot. Thanks to whoever posted it earlier! : pics


Here's what to know about the total solar eclipse if you live in the Boston area
The 1999 total solar eclipse in Europe looks like something straight out of a film. : videos
Christian Radio Host Bryan Fischer: Eclipse Is A Sign Of The Work Of Satan | HuffPost - "This is a metaphor, or a sign, of the work of the Prince of Darkness in obscuring the light of God's truth"

Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban on killer robots - Open letter signed by Tesla chief and Google's Mustafa Suleyman urges UN to block use of lethal autonomous weapons to prevent third age of war

Talk of 'Preventive war' Rises in White House Over North Korea (and fuck the South, ya know?)
Finnish court names knife attack suspect as Abderrahman Mechkah | World news | The Guardian - Moroccan man, 18, suspected of killing two women and wounding eight other people, had been flagged by police as extremist risk

Van Driver in Barcelona Attack Is Killed by Police - The New York Times
Barcelona attack: Imam at centre of investigation among dead in house explosion : news

Stricken U.S. destroyer arrives in Singapore after collision, 10 sailors missing - The Washington Post (they last round of firing really helped) USS John S. McCain (!)

Trump Afghanistan speech: President to ask US for trust - CNNPolitics

The Latest: Police: Marseille suspect has health issues - The Washington Post

A woman in India just won a divorce because her husband failed to provide her a toilet. That's huge

Cambridge University Press faces backlash after bowing to China censorship pressure - The Washington Post -- . And Chinese, probably more than anyone else, revere universities, especially name-brand ones.
Open Letter to Cambridge University Press about its censorship of the China Quarterly

White House Bracing for an Angry Reception in Phoenix - The New York Times - Officials in the White House and in Arizona are bracing for a furious reception to President Trump's campaign rally in Phoenix this week, amid the fallout from his comments faulting "both sides" for racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Va. (campaign rally??? will he pardon Arpaio on statge??)

Lobbyist at Trump Campaign Meeting Has a Web of Russian Connections - The New York Times - Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian immigrant who met last summer with senior Trump campaign officials ... has much deeper ties to the Russian government and Kremlin-backed oligarchs than previously known.
Russian Who Attended Trump Meeting Almost Definitely a Spy
Poll shows clear disapproval of how Trump responded to Charlottesville violence - The Washington Post (28% approve)
Only 28% approve of Trump's response to Charlottesville (POLL) - ABC News

Trump and His Family Are Draining the Secret Service's Budget - Constant travel is pushing the agency to its limit.

White House ides can't stop talking about President Trump like he's a toddler (a very angry one)
White House officials are terrified of what Trump would do on his own - Vox - You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill.

Eschaton: Everyone Else Should Be A Hero - We can question the efficacy of speaking out, but I'm pretty sure the largely silly norms of journalism (conventions that make it work, not exactly commandments on a holy tablet) are less important than the fate of the nation -- "Republicans in Congress, the highest of intelligence officials, the highest of military officers in our country, leaders of the business community -- all of whom have dealt with the White House, and many of them dealt personally with Donald Trump -- have come to believe that he is unfit for the presidency." He said those people are "raising the very question of his stability and his mental fitness" -- That's a big story! Probably bigger than "oh boo hoo nobody will ever talk off the record with Carl Bernstein again."

Trump's New Chief Of Staff Still Unable to Manage Trump Himself - Three weeks into his tenure, John Kelly is ridding the White House of the likes of Steve Bannon. That might not change much. (millenials can't read anything w/o bouncy background music)
Bannon vs. Murdochs - Axios

Trump impeachment more likely than removal, California Rep. Brad Sherman says at town hall meeting - LA Times

The elites strike back -- getting under Trump's skin

East Idaho rep. says it's 'plausible' Obama staged Charlottesville riots -- Rep. Bryan Zollinger, R-Idaho Falls,

Republicans and conservatives defending Trump on Charlottesville are morally bankrupt - The Washington Post

Secret Service depletes funds to pay agents because of Trump's frequent travel, large family

Steve Bannon Readies His Revenge | Vanity Fair - The war on Jared Kushner is about to go nuclear. (war on "globalists")

The Many Paths to Universal Coverage - Virtually every other wealthy democracy provides universal coverage, achieves good population health, and spends much less on health care than the United States does.

Trump nominee Sam Clovis: 'As far as we know' homosexuality's a choice, 'logical' LGBT protections could lead to legalization of pedophilia -- Trump's pick to be chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture (stupid RWNJ talk-show host is now "chief scientist")

How Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump have restarted the war on drugs | US news | The Guardian - Under Obama, America's addiction to mass incarceration seemed to fade. But then came Trump and a hardline attorney general

The US government destroyed the Ku Klux Klan once. They could do it again | Allyson Hobbs | Opinion | The Guardian - n 1870 and 1871, Congress passed three Enforcement Acts which safeguarded the rights of African-Americans to vote, hold office, serve on juries, and receive equal protection under the law. These acts, also known as the "Ku Klux Klan Acts," argeted the Klan for acting murderously to prevent African-Americans from exercising their rights as citizens.

A 121-year-old Confederate monument was coming down. This Kentucky town put it back up. - The Washington Post - Brandenburg, Ky. (new capital of Nazi white supremecists but they aren't racists)
UT-Austin removes Confederate statues in the middle of t