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Only 38% of Israelis see global warming as major threat, study finds - Israel News - - Nearly half of Israelis view climate change as a minor threat or not a threat at all ... Ranked at the bottom of the list was Russia at 43 percent and Nigeria at 41 percent, both just above Israel. (so, rightwingnut Jews are biggest deniers)

Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A. | The New Yorker - The organization's leadership is focussed on external threats, but the real crisis may be internal.
The Age of Political Grift - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Billionaires raced to pledge money to rebuild Notre Dame. Then came the backlash. - The Washington Post (nice boobs, Salma)
The Notre Dame fire ignites the West's far right ("ignites")

Far-Right Germans Are Using WhatsApp To Share Nazi Propaganda Stickers - BuzzFeed News documented hundreds of uses of anti-Semitic or otherwise pro-Nazi stickers used in WhatsApp groups, despite those images being illegal in Germany.

North Korea Says Mike Pompeo Should Be Replaced In Talks By Someone More 'mature' - North Korea also announced its first weapons test since nuclear talks broke down.
George Conway Taunts Donald Trump With Stream Of Consciousness Tweet About Kim Jong Un | HuffPost

HUD Moves to Limit Public Housing Aid for Undocumented Immigrants - The New York Times

Australia Says It's "Ready to Confirm" A Key Meeting That Led To The Investigation Into Trump's Russia Links - Australia's former high commissioner wrote a three-page cable to the United States about his London meeting with a Trump campaign adviser.

Report: U.S. declines again in press-freedom index, falls to 'problematic' status - World Press Freedom Index, ranked the United States 48th among 180 nations and territories it surveyed. The U.S. ranking fell three spots from 2018, continuing a downward trend that began in 2016. (Fox news)

Mueller report live updates: What the special counsel found - The Washington Post
Mueller Spells Out Trump's 'Multiple Acts' to Undermine Russia Probe
What We Know So Far From the Mueller Report - The New York Times - The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, investigated Russian election interference, ties to the Trump campaign and possible presidential obstruction of justice. His report has been released. (OMG, NYT prints "I'm fucked."
Special counsel's report says investigators struggled with whether Trump committed crime of obstruction - The Washington Post
What's in the Mueller report: Every time the Mueller report mentioned ... Son-in-law Jared Kushner appears 232 times. Donald Trump Jr. appears often in the discussion of the June 9, 2016, meeting at Trump Tower and emails surrounding it, as well as with his sister, Ivanka Trump, in conjunction with the never-built Trump Moscow project. Son Eric Trump appears four times. First lady Melania Trump is mentioned only in a footnote about Trump lawyer Michael Cohen calling her cellphone. (looks like Kushfuck is the biggest traitor after Trumpster)
Read the Mueller report: The full redacted version, annotated - Washington Post ("full" "redacted")
The Mueller Report: Excerpts and Analysis - The New York Times (Russian trolls flood comments)
Highlights of Trump's written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller's questions ("I don't remember")
The Mueller Report Is Much Worse For Trump Than Barr Let On | WIRED
Trump 'tried to fire Mueller' : worldnews
There Are Immediate Calls for the Impeachment of Both Attorney General William Barr and Trump After the Mueller Report Exposed a Cover-Up to Protect the President. : worldnews
The Mueller Report Is an Impeachment Referral - The Atlantic - The special counsel has concluded he can neither charge nor clear the president. Only Congress can now resolve the allegations against him.
Mueller's Damning Report - It lays out everything Congress needs to investigate the president for obstruction of justice.
The Mueller report leaves little doubt: Trump obstructed justice - The Washington Post
Mueller Left Open the Door to Charging Trump After He Left Office - The New York Times
Mueller report ropes in Senate GOP - POLITICO - Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr apparently supplied the White House counsel's office with information about the Russia probe ... the senator "does not recall" ... (hahaha, the can't remember defense -- so commie ratfucker Nunes wasn't the only ratfucking traitor)
'Game over' : Republicans rejoice after Mueller concludes (Mitch the bitch says "shut up")

Megathread: Attorney General Releases Redacted Version of Special Counsel Report : politics
Megathread (Part 2): Attorney General Releases Redacted Version of Special Counsel Report : politics
Pelosi, Schumer Call For Special Counsel Mueller to Provide Public Testimony In House And Senate : politics
Pelosi, Schumer Call For Special Counsel Mueller to Provide Public Testimony In House And Senate - Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Mueller Said He Would Have Exonerated Trump On Obstruction If The Evidence Supported It, But They Couldn't ... Mueller Report Page 290: "When Sessions told the president that a Special Counsel had been appointed, the president slumped back in his chair and said "Oh my god. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I'm f*cked""
Mueller identified 'dozens' of U.S. rallies organized by Russian troll farm
FBI suspects Russians hacked 'at least one' Florida country (Republicans colluded)
Sarah Sanders Admitted to the Special Counsel that She Lied About Comey : politics
Michael Cohen says he will 'tell it all' to help fill in Mueller report redactions for the American people
Barr Embarrasses Himself and the Justice Department : politics
William Barr Has Failed America : politics
Chuck Todd: Trump, Barr 'successfully neutered' impact of Mueller report

A massive and unbelievable crime on a scale before unseen - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jared Yates Sexton on Twitter: "All right. I just finished the Mueller Report. I'm going to combine the most shocking and important revelations in one thread. Long and short: there was collusion, there was obstruction, Donald Trump needs to be removed from office. Immediately. 1/"

Mueller Report Rollout Won't Have Mueller
It's the Barr Report, Not the Mueller Report
Don't Trust Barr. Verify His Redactions.
White House and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release - The New York Times - Attorney General William P. Barr plans a news conference on Thursday to discuss the release of the Mueller report
House Democrats Call For Barr To Cancel Mueller Report News Conference | HuffPost - This press conference, which apparently will not include Special Counsel Mueller, is unnecessary and inappropriate, and appears designed to shape public perceptions of the report before anyone can read it
'Keep your mouth shut : Dems erupt over Barr' Mueller report rollout - Lawmakers are accusing the attorney general of trying to spin Mueller's findings
Mueller report will be lightly redacted, revealing detailed look at obstruction of justice investigation - The Washington Post
Barr's redactions on the Mueller report don't deserve the benefit of the doubt
Swalwell calls for Barr to resign : politics
There was a crooked man - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bill Barr is a sleazy liar, who as Attorney General of the United States of America is doing things OUT IN THE OPEN that are sleazy and dishonest enough to get an ordinary lawyer in serious hot water with the regulatory bodies that decide questions such as whether you're too sleazy and dishonest to hold a law license
Professional Fixer Bill Barr Lied His Ass Off In His Preemptive Memo - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Observers of the Justice Department will spend the rest of our lives talking about Attorney General William Barr's jaw-dropping and horrifically inappropriate address on Thursday morning ...

The Many Lies and Prevarications of Bill Barr | emptywheel
Jason Rittereiser on Twitter: "When you do this in legal briefing... you get sanctioned. " (oh look what he left out)

William Barr Was a Complete Tool in Press Conference Defending Donald Trump - Robert Mueller Must Testify - The parallels with Watergate abound.

QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton's Arrest - QAnon fans thought Mueller would take down the Democrats. Instead, Sebastian Gorka made fun of them (now that says something)

Rick Perry Planning His Exit as Trump's Energy Secretary (last of the original doofus crooks)

Health Stocks Crumble as Fears of 'Medicare for All' Snowball

Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program | Technology | The Guardian - Site co-founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson has promoted misinformation and is known for pro-Trump content (zuckerfucked again)
Facebook says it 'unintentionally uploaded ' email contacts without their consent (and again)

Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Laura Ingraham's Criticism Of Time 100 List Inclusion -- "When time comes out with their 100 most influential white supremacists list, I promise I won't question your worthiness" ("too many women" the Fox Fucker said)

Endorsements - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Chomsky likes Loomis' book)

Mayor Violated Ethics Rules in Seeking Donations, DOI Finds

Woman, 60, dies after being struck by MBTA bus while walking near on-ramp to Tobin Bridge in Chelsea - The Boston Globe
Missing Harvard Law Professor from Cambridge Found Safe - NBC10 Boston - 66-year-old Charles Ogletree with Alzheimer's disease ... He represented the late rapper Tupac Shakur and law professor Anita Hill after she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings ... found in Boston

Is Dentistry a Science? - The Atlantic - The Truth About Dentistry - It's much less scientific --and more prone to gratuitous procedures -- than you may think

Eschaton: Monorail - It promises speeds of UP TO ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILES PER HOUR. Sure, Elon, but fine, let's call it 120 MPH average speed. Even lowly Amtrak can average 80+ mph between DC and NYC and each train can carry 300 people. They run more than once per day - One of Elon's great tunneling ideas what that he could make bricks with the dirt and solve homelessness or something. No more bricks. - Of course this is a private project which will take no public money. hahahaahahaahahahahaha (downgraded "hyperloop" to "loop")


Massive meteor explodes over East Coast, lighting up night sky
Harvard Professor Discovers Possible Second Ever Interstellar Object Using New Detection Method : worldnews (mmre not aliens)
Massive asteroid will pass closer to Earth than the Moon, Nasa warns: Nasa astronomers warn there is a risk Asteroid 2019 GC6 will collide with Earth in the next 100 years : worldnews (Republicans: "So?"
Planting one trillion trees could be one of the most effective tools we have to fight climate change. : worldnews
As the Arctic enters an "unprecedented" state of warming, a new study shows that emissions of a potent greenhouse gas from thawing permafrost may be 12 times higher than previously thought. : worldnews

Sol Pais Dead: Massive Colorado Manhunt Over - CBS Denver 'Just Come Home' : Last Words for Daughter Who Died in Columbine-Related Manhunt -- Authorities found her dead by a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Wednesday after a two-day manhunt.

Going To Defeat You With Science And Logic -- But the weirdest one is that Republicans are the Smart Science Party and Democrats are, I dunno, the dumb English major party or something. I think it's just part of the general Daddy Party/Mommy Party frame, where Daddy Knows Things and Mommy just makes you a sandwich and hugs your booboos (in reality we know mom takes care of everything while Dad has a gambling problem). There is zero justification for this one, but somehow it persists... Most Republicans are rejecting Democrat-led state bills to tighten childhood immunization laws in the midst of the worst measles outbreak in two decades, alarming public health experts who fear the nation could become as divided over vaccines as it is over global warming ...
GOP Pushes Back on Democratic Attempts to Tighten Vaccine Laws (your sciencey daddies know best)
Anti-vaxxers sue city over mandatory measles vaccination - Brooklyn Eagle (hasids say G-D told them he hates vaccines) Robert Krakow, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Patricia Finn of Children's Health Defense (RFKjr wants to kill you kids wich his stupidity)

Trump's Notre-Dame advice 'risible' says fire chief ("risible" French for total moronic laughable joke)
Ubisoft donates 500,000 for reconstruction of Notre-Dame, gives away Assassin's Creed Unity for free for one week : worldnews

Rare Hitler photos by Nazi photographer Heinrich Hoffmann unveiled at National Archives - The Washington Post

Ex-Peru president kills himself as police try to arrest him

Sex-selective abortions may have stopped the birth of 23 million girls, finds a new study. The majority of these "missing girls" girls are in China and India (what could go wrong with not having women in your society?)

Japanese women protest judicial system after rapist walks free : worldnews (if he doesn't beat the shit out of you, he walks)

Google to block TikTok in India, hurting Chinese startup - The Financial Express (the usual excuse of authoritarians: child porn)

Canada's legal weed struggles to light up as smokers stick to black market : worldnews (hello charlie Faker and Fuckachusetts)

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population : worldnews
The British work the longest hours in the EU, but are less productive than those in some other countries. : worldnews ... Meanwhile the UK has no idea how to find the exit door and instead of trying it's earting crayons.
UK's porn ban will go into effect in July, the government has announced. After 15 July, all internet users will have be forced to prove themselves to be over 18 or be entirely blocked from seeing adult content.
xsy Mental health of pupils is 'at crisis point', teachers warn: More than eight out of 10 teachers say mental health among pupils in England has deteriorated in the past two years

Bitcoin Couple Nadia Thepdet and Chad Elwartowski Face Death Penalty for Seasteading Off Thailand

Trump crackdown on '3 stooges of socialism' has 2020 thrust ... With at least a half-million voters who were born in Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia or Nicaragua

AP Exclusive: Private spy targeted critics of Kaspersky Lab

Ukraine says it captured Russian military intelligence hit squad : worldnews

Julian Assange: omissions in case and ongoing investigations signal broader charges to come - CNNPolitics

Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme | Business | The Guardian - : in confidential internal report seen by the Guardian, bank says scandal has hurt global brand

Trump vetoes resolution to end U.S. participation in Yemen's civil war (Bonesaw pulled his strings)
Trump vetoes measure to end US involvement in Yemen war : worldnews

It's Been Over 300 Days Since a Pentagon Press Briefing. That Should Concern All Americans -- Including the Military (why? they are all Republicans)

In New Effort to Deter Migrants, Barr Withholds Bail to Asylum Seekers - The New York Times
Barr makes major reversal in ruling some asylum seekers could be held indefinitely - CNNPolitics

Eschaton: The Worst Day For American Journalism - Gonna be tomorrow.
The Mueller Report Will Be Released on Thursday. Here's guide (NYT's "report" is Barr's version of a "report)
Mueller Report 'Is Pure Mischief,' Trump's Former Lawyer Says ... 'Four hundred pages is a lot of ink to say no collusion and no obstruction,'
If You Can Fake Integrity, You Have It Made - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Some things can only be introduced by a parody of a parody: (Ken Starr tell you that Barr the Doors is a principled man of great integritude)
Ken Starr Suggests Mueller Report Could Be Biased in Shameless Fox News Appearance - Ken Starr Should Not Appear on Television Unless There's Rotten Produce Coming at His Head. This guy.
with rising reports of anxiety, self-harm and even cases of suicide
Trump's Tax Time Troubles -- Most say Congress should get full Mueller report
Who's Afraid of the Mueller Report? - Trump aides are serenely confident
Trump moves to resist House inquiries, setting up fight over congressional subpoena powers - The Washington Post
Media must 'fight their own DNA' to properly cover the redacted Mueller report (both sides! we tell you! Trump is innocent! Barr told us so!)
Impeachment should be a no-brainer, no matter what the Mueller report says - The Washington Post - Trump has none of the traits the founders thought essential for presidents.
A President of the People or a President of His People? - The New York Times (oh look, stupid white people)

Trump & Co. Are Crossing Big, Bright Red Lines -- and They're Getting Away With It -- been bad since Day 1, of course. But in recent weeks, the lawlessness has gotten far more egregious and dangerous. What force can stop it?

The Bart O'Kavanaugh Effect - Lawyers, Guns & Money - entire conservative establishment remains outraged about the attempt to block Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. Irin Carmon discusses a fascinating new study that shows this is also the consensus position among Republican men, even though the typical voter believes Ford: ... data suggests that the Kavanaugh hearing made Republican men more sexist and less likely to believe women who say they were assaulted. In a 2017 survey the group conducted focusing on #MeToo, 80 percent of Republican men said they were now more likely to believe women making accusations. After Kavanaugh, that number has sunk by 21 points ... The problem is that this minority of sexist dudes is substantially overrepresented in our political institutions ... In 2017, 47 percent of Republican men agreed that "most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist" (Repubican men need to die off)
Christine Blasey Ford Is on the 2019 TIME 100 List | - By Kamala Harris

New York Times Contacts Article Subject's Mother. Twitter Erupts In Fury ... NYT accused of eing 'disgusting .. pathtetic" as well as sexistafter it contacted and quoted the mother of former Hillary Clinton aide Neera Tanden. ... 78-year-old mother, Maya ... The dispute over the Times story became so toxic that after former U.S. ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul took to Twitter to criticize the Times' use of Maya Tanden's quotes about her daughter, Vogel blocked him -- which opened a whole new line of attack. (you shall not criticize NYT reporters!)

Tennessee Advances Bill That Could Make It Harder to Register New Voters - The New York Times (Rethugs at work killing democracy)

Gillibrand backs challenger to antiabortion House Democrat - The Washington Post - Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York is endorsing a Democratic challenger to Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.), making her the first presidential contender to wade into a down-ballot Democratic primary ... Lipinski, one of just three House Democrats who regularly co-sponsors antiabortion legislation

Haake Take - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Obviously nobody in the Democratic Party should go on Fox News because it functions as propaganda arm for the Trump administration, but, beyond that, nobody should go on the network lest it lend credence to galaxy-brained takes like this one: ... The giddy, breathless reactions to Bernie's appearance on Fox were incredibly amusing. To the extent that he was well-recieved by his audience, it was only because he is seen as outsider, a Hillary-hater, and a non-thre against a backdrop of inadequate support in schools : worldnews
atening white man. (and old ... old)
Bernie Sanders can't beat Donald Trump in 2020: Obama campaign manager Jim Messina -- Jim Messina added that Sanders is a likely finalist in the Democratic primaries. (bc Trump has been amazing for the economy!)

The Bipartisan Dream - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Republican Party is clearly full of people Democrats can work with and thus we need a candidate like Mayor Pete who will bring us all together ...shot .. chaser .. This should go well.
Buttigieg to Democrats: Don't get bogged down zinging Trump (reach across the aisle!)
Buttigieg attracting praise from an unexpected audience -- conservatives ... "There is a big sense that he, unlike a lot of the Democrats, is actually not ensconced in the belief system that says everyone who disagrees with him is a bad person," Shapiro said ...
Marcus DiPaola on Twitter: "Oh my god. The protester has a fake @PeteButtigieg whipping Jesus on a cross. I have no words. "

Kentucky Republicans Worried Inviting AOC to Meet with Coal Miners Might Backfire - GQ - Ocasio-Cortez actually said yes to their invite, and now they're waffling.
Who said it: Sen. John Kennedy or Foghorn Leghorn? -

Stop and Shop Strike Update - Lawyers, Guns & Money - When we talk about strikes, it's very easy to romanticize the. That's an error. Strikes are scary and they cause a lot of stress upon workers, as they are for the Stop and Shop workers, now a week into their strike. But also do not fret, this strike has been incredibly effective and Stop and Shop is really feeling the pressure:

Eschaton: Lifestyles of The Rich and Not Quite So Famous - They are better than we are. Maria Farmer, then 26, claims that she was employed by Epstein, a multimillionaire financier who lived in a vast mansion on New York's Upper East Side, and that she frequently saw "school-age girls" wearing uniforms come into the mansion and go upstairs. She was told that the girls were auditioning for modeling work, according to her affidavit.
Judge Blocks Prosecutors' Plan to Release Robert Kraft Spa Video

D.C. housed the homeless in upscale apartments. It hasn't gone as planned ... The SWAT team, the overdose, the complaints of pot smoke in the air and feces in the stairwell ...

Driver arrested after allegedly brandishing weapon at another driver on I-93 in Milton - Daniel Bates, 33, of Avon
Large brush fire consumes park near Needham, Newton, Dedham and West Roxbury (after months of rain)

The US Government Received a $4.7 Billion Payout From Weed Taxes : bostontrees
Don't forget about us, Massachusetts medical marijuana patients say

Cheating men's face shapes can give it away, study suggests -- Experts find men with more 'masculine' faces more likely to seem, and be, unfaithful ... She said the results may only be seen in men as women may be less likely to self-report they have cheated on a partner or poached someone else's. (and women use makeup to hide their cheating faces)

: Scientists Revive Cells in Brains From Dead Pigs -- In research that upends assumptions about brain death, researchers brought some cells back to life -- or something lie it

Pagels traverses grief, healing and the nature of belief in 'Why Religion?' - interweaves her own account of unimaginable loss (kid and then husband, who could imagine that?) ... Mark is 17 pages, Matthew and Luke are extensions of Mark, it's the same story just repeated with other stuff included, and John is kind of an outlier ... doesn't tell us much about Jesus of Nazareth ...

/u/we_will_disagree lays out how extremism breeds extremism : bestof

TED 2019: Jack Dorsey Is Captain of the Twittanic | WIRED (techbro babel)


Climate change could wipe out $20 trillion of assets, Bank of England warns (so capitalism creates climate change, destroys the plantet, and wipes itself out)

Measles outbreak Patient Zero infected 39 people in Detroit-area Orthodox Jewish community - The Washington Post - Last month, a traveler raising money for charity in Brooklyn's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community drove through the night to Detroit ...
Republicans reject Democratic attempts to tighten vaccine laws - politico (Jesus was anti-vax, pro freedumb to kill your neighbors' kids bc "weighing both sides" - science and stupidty and equal)

FBI, police seek woman "infatuated with Columbine" who traveled to Colorado and is considered "armed and extremely dangerous"

How Your Notre Dame Fire Sausage Was Made - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Maggie Koerth-Baker on Twitter: "Husband (architect and engineer) pointed out that whoever the contractor on this Notre Dame renovation was, they're legally and financially fucked now. That got me curious about the firm ... which led to some old articles and, oh man, the aftermath of this is gonna be messy ..."
/u/Nurpus gives a detailed breakdown of "what burned at Notre-Dame de Paris" on a post of a cross-section illustration for reference : bestof
Exploiting grief to engage in moral preening - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Trump suggested water bombing ND)
Fire Mauls Beloved Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris - The New York Times
Why cathedrals are vulnerable to burning quickly and take a long time to rebuild - The Washington Post
Notre Dame fire: Crews assess the damage and an investigation begins - The Washington Post
The stained glass that seems to have survived the fire of Notre Dame - The Washington Post
Fire was the scourge of medieval cathedrals. But they rebuilt from the ashes. - The Washington Post
Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris
Structure of Notre Dame saved " We can now say that the structure of Notre-Dame has been saved from total destruction". : worldnews

French arms including tanks and laser-guided missile systems sold to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are being used in the Yemeni war against civilians, leaked intelligence published by investigative website Disclose showed. : worldnews
Leaked Docs Show Saudis 'Overwhelmingly Dependent' on Western Weapons to Wage War on Yemen : worldnews

Trump's Trade War With China Doesn't Look Like a Win (suck on it, Trumpster Iowa farmers)

Russian Support for Soviet Tyrant Stalin Hits Record, Poll Shows - survey finds 70 percent view Stalin as good for country : worldnews (which is why they love Putin )
Russia's Rusal was sanctioned by the US. Now it's investing $200 million in a Kentucky mill (in exchange for a Trump hotel somewhere)
Sanctioned Russian Oligarch's Company to Invest Millions in New Aluminum Plant in Mitch McConnell's State : politics

Sex, alcohol and violence collided in murder case ensnaring SEALs and Marines

Will we survive the next financial crisis? - Three officials who rescued the economy in 2008 warn it might be harder to stop the next panic.

ICE deported the husband of a soldier killed in combat even though he had been cleared to stay in US : worldnews
Alien Sentenced to Active Prison Time for Unlawful Voting in the 2016 General Election | USAO-EDNC | Department of Justice

House Republicans Are Upset Democrats Are Investigating Voter Suppression Allegations | HuffPost - The Republicans accused the Democratic lawmakers of meddling in state election issues.

Is Trump a Russian Agent?: Explaining Terms of Art and Examining the Facts - Just Security
Whatever Mueller reports, Trump has done nothing to stop Russian attacks in 2020 : politics (answer that question

Legal Experts Say There's No Justification for Refusing to Release the Mueller Report in Full
Judge in FOIA case says he may want to review DOJ redactions of Mueller report after release - CNNPolitics
Judge: Barr sowing public mistrust with Mueller report handling - POLITICO

Eschaton: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN - If the most we get out of the Mueller report (obviously pre-report some things happened too!) is Trump raging against his Trumpkins... not so bad, really! -- "They got asked questions and told the truth and now they're worried the wrath will follow"
White House officials concerned about being exposed by Mueller report
The Fixer - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Some good on history on professional Republican cover-up artist Bill Barr:
Centrism Fan Acct ?? on Twitter: "Who could forget all the Dems & libs on twitter yelling, 'We don't want to see the Mueller Report. Don't release it. We've already seen the Barr "summary" so the actual report is moot & we've already made up our minds." More Trump-level projection from Glenn." (also, Greenwald-level bullshit from GG)

Eschaton: The Plan Is Easy, Really - Just have the good, if imperfect team, win every election from now until the end of time and we shouldn't have any troubles ... "unitary executive" ... "Dick Cheney is the fourth branch of government and thus not subject to any oversight whatsoever by mere mortals" ... Once again we'll look forward, not backward, and assume reversion to The Norms and the time when the Republican Party was Good (Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, oh so good and no extreme abuses of power whatsoever). Back to the status quo when we had no problems! All will be well.

House Democrats subpoena Deutsche Bank, other financial institutions tied to Trump - The Washington Post

The high cost of William Barr's spying allegations
Should William Barr Recuse Himself From Mueller Report? Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling

Trump goes after Ilhan Omar in cruel and dangerous new ways - The Washington Post (well, not the freedom to be Satangelical)
Twitter Left Up Ilhan Omar Death Threats So Law Enforcement Could Investigate - Questions have emerged on Capitol Hill about how Twitter handles death threats on its platform.
Why Trump Won't Stop Talking About Ilhan Omar -- The president is following a Republican playbook that is now nearly two decades old. - Jamelle Bouie
Have you left no sense of decency?

Money doesn't matter in modern presidential races

The President Is Now Making Policy By Meme - The Bulwark - Releasing detained illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities ... sure will own the libs

Michele Bachmann Exalts 'Biblical' Trump: We Will Never See A 'More Godly;' POTUS (said the satanic whore of Babylon)

A 'Medicare For All' Question Backfired At Bernie Sanders' Fox News Town Hall -- The audience was not afraid of the 2020 contender's plan to switch all Americans to a government-run insurance plan. (Fox was shocked)
Sanders takes on Fox -- and emerges triumphant -- The Democratic front-runner ventured where his rivals haven't dared, and notched an hour of positive publicity.
Bernie Sanders Is the Howard Schultz of the Left (he's a centrist)
Bernie Sanders proves his critics right - The Washington Post

Pete Buttigieg Was An Effective Mayor -- With A Gaping Blind Spot -- South Bend residents describe a technocratic leader who struggled to see beyond spreadsheets.

Immigration and Unions - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ruth Milkman has a great column rejecting the idea that immigration is what hurt the labor movement and especially rejecting the advice of Trump-lite writers such as John Judis with their claims that Democrats' only hope is to appeal to white industrial workers in the Midwest.

Majority of Republicans think evangelical Christians are more discriminated against than minorities - Hate crimes against minorities have in fact risen under the Trump presidency. : politics (very special Jesus snowflakes)

New Jeffrey Epstein accuser emerges; defamation suit filed targets Dershowitz | Miami Herald (more truth and reckoning despite Satan's best efforts: they're coming for you finally, Dershofuck)

White Man Gets 10 Years in Prison for Trying to Hire Hit Man to Lynch Black Neighbor - The New York Times
White supremacist gets life for running down black man : news

Florida GOP lawmaker calls Jewish man a 'Judenrat' over his criticism of Israeli government (while wearing a MAGAhat)

Collins receives more donations from Texas fossil fuel industry than from Maine residents : politics

Drivers of state cars really shouldn't give people the finger. But that's exactly what happened. At least 3 times. (tbf, its NJ where everyone is an asshole)

What's New About Conspiracy Theories? - Outsiders have always had a weakness for paranoid fantasies. Now our leaders are conspiracists, too.

Poll: Roy Moore leading Alabama GOP field | TheHill (yes, pls)
Roy Moore Is Proof the Republican Party's Problem Ain't Trump, It's the Republican Party

Why this South Carolina teacher quit mid-year: 'The unrealistic demands and all-consuming nature of the profession are not sustainable' (America hates teachers, the new slaves in the South)

Opinion | When Slaveowners Got Reparations - The New York Times - Lincoln signed a bill in 1862 that paid up to $300 for every enslaved person freed.

A 71-year-old man has been arrested on 100 counts of child rape : news
Cruise-ship rape suspect set free due to international waters loophole - The Washington Post

50% Of Americans Say Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legalized : politics

The sugar in fruit doesn't make it bad for you, despite some trendy diet claims

People who use marijuana need more anesthesia during medical procedures like endoscopies or colonoscopies. A new study found that they needed 14 percent more fentanyl, 19.6 percent more midazolam, and 220.5 percent more propofol. : science

Meteors slamming into the Moon blast roughly 200 tons of water into space each year, suggesting a global layer of water exists just inches below the lunar surface. : worldnews

The world's oldest border? : videos

What's the best closing passage/sentence you ever read in a book? : books

What are some things that people dont realise would happen if there was actually a zombie outbreak? : AskReddit

15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook | WIRED - Scandals. Backstabbing. Resignations. Record profits. Time Bombs. In early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg set out to fix Facebook. Here's how that turned out (Fuckercrook and Sandcrook fixed Fuckbook to make it even more crooked)
Mark Zuckerberg leveraged Facebook user data to fight rivals and help friends, leaked documents show - leaders seriously discussed selling access to user data -- and privacy was an afterthought (it's what he always did, duh)


The moment Notre Dame's spire fell : gifs
Notre-Dame Cathidral in flames in Paris today : pics
Dominique Albertini on Twitter: "La Une de Libi mardi. "
700 years of human history collapsing before our eyes : pics
A burning Notre Dam in front of the Eiffel Tower. : pics
Notre Dame's spire falling. : gifs
TIL the Notre Dame Cathedral was left to ruin until it was restored in the 19th century, and the restoration was Eughne Viollet-le-Duc's reimagining of what a Middle-Age Cathedral may have looked like. : todayilearned

Murders by Intimate Partners Are on the Rise, Study Finds - The New York Times - Homicides by intimate partners are increasing, driven primarily by gun violence after almost four decades of decline, according to a recent study looking at gender and homicide ... He attributed the decline in recent years to fewer and later marriages, an increase in divorce, and women escaping bad relationships by going to shelters or seeking help (more women, fewer men getting shot)

The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice : videos (tldw; capitalism)

Eschaton: The World's Dumbest Humans - Niall Ferguson.

Eschaton: Do I Even Have To Make This Point - A thing about the Trump administration is that they are so dumb that it hardly feels worth bothering pointing out how dumb they are half the time. Of course it's a bit necessary because Both Sides journalism just throws it out there to let the reader decide because everything is always so confusing when it involves Republicans. But, you know, why is it necessary to provide any kind of rebuttal to the Mueller report which even the liberal New York Times informed me that the release of the report which wasn't released and no one at the New York Times had read meant "The darkest, most ominous cloud hanging over his presidency was all but lifted." So weird.

'Such a puff piece' : Nancy Pelosi unleashed on Trump in a '60 Minutes' interview, and the president isn't happy (sure watches a lot of TV, doesn't he?)

Eschaton: Feel the Weldmentum - Bill Weld going to run against Trump, give neverTrumpers something to talk about.

Where the war on weed still rages - The Washington Post - In some U.S. counties, more than 40 percent of all arrests are for marijuana possession (the usual racist suspects + Cuomostan and CopHampshire)

Why Did Judas Really Betray Jesus? - As one of Jesus' closest followers and friends you have to wonder what he was thinking when he betrayed Jesus. What did Judas know that we don't (still clueless, but fermenting)

Obesity becoming No. 1 preventable cancer cause - The Washington Post

A review of the DSM-5 portrays it as a masterpiece of surrealist literature influenced by writers such as Orwell, Atwood, and Borges : books
Book of Lamentations - Psychiatric Association DSM-5 - A new dystopian novel in the classic mode takes the form of a dictionary of madness

What spoiler do you think will be most upsetting to people who click on this question? : AskReddit
Lawyers of Reddit, what was the least defendable case ever brought to you? : AskReddit

What are some good internet rabbit-holes to check out? : AskReddit
Wikipedia:Unusual articles - Wikipedia
Google Maps: Here's How to See All the Newly Added Planets and Moons | Inverse


Why is an MIT alum in Congress pretending he doesn't know climate change is real?

Madagascar measles epidemic kills more than 1,200 people, over 115,000 cases reported : news

The Russians are screwing with the GPS system to send bogus navigation data t The New Inquiry
o thousands of ships : technology (Putin unleased by his butt-boddy Trumpster)

Jewish settlers filmed attacking Palestinian family; no arrests were made - Israel News - - Some ten settlers were documented throwing stones on a family in a West Bank village
Jewish Settlers Filmed Attacking Palestinian Family; No Arrests Were Made : worldnews (your racist apartheid "state")

Swiss court orders historic referendum re-run - BBC News - whether married couples and co-habiting partners should pay the same tax. - Voters rejected the proposal, with 50.8% against and 49.2% in favour.
Swiss court orders historic referendum re-run on the grounds that voters were not given full information : worldnews (hello, BoJo)

South Korea legalize abortion after 66 year ban : worldnews

Assassination fears as 2 top Putin officials die in suspicious circumstances : worldnews

Brexit will cause untold harm to Britain's minority communities (wasn't that the whole point?) The reality is that Britain has an inequality and poverty problem. It is world's fifth largest economy, but a fifth of its population live in poverty. This is heavily drawn across ethnic lines
Three 'boozed-up women' caught on camera 'performing graphic sex acts on each other in the street' will face no charges - The randy trio performed a steamy daylight romp in the middle of the street in an upmarket shopping district in Brisbane after a boozy Sunday lunch

Declassified documents show CIA knew of secret Latin assassin unit - With the blessing of a CIA bent on thwarting Soviet expansion, South American military juntas together formed a special unit charged with going to France and elsewhere abroad to exterminate leftist opposition leaders : worldnews

Behind the scenes: The White House prepares for Mueller week - Axios
Emboldened by His Attorney General, Trump Confronts Mueller Report Head-On - The New York Times

Secret Service Report Raises Further Questions About Chinese Woman Captured at Mar-a-Lago - The Secret Service did some things that can safely be called "not smart."

Eschaton: Not Everybody Agrees With You, Actually - I am still reeling a bit at the apparent belief by Trumpkins that white liberals hate brown immigrants as much as they do and Owning The Libs By Sending Immigrants To Their Cities is a thing they thought up. Of course white liberals can be incredibly racist in their own ways, but general disgust and fear of immigrants is not one of them.

n How Key Aides Have Survived in the Trump White House - The Atlantic - the survivors have mastered the art of praising the boss.

Barr's spy talk emboldens Trump's allies ahead of Mueller report's release

Does It Matter That the President Knows Nothing About History? We Asked 3 Historians: Turns out...yeah. : politics

Biden to campaign as extension of Obama's political movement (you know, the "movement" he destroyed in 2008 and repeated the whirlwind of his "legacy" in 2016)

Sen. Kamala D. Harris releases tax returns showing nearly $1.9 million in household income in 2018 - The Washington Post
Wonder Boy Pete Buttigieg is a gay Harvard alum, fluent in Gramsci, Joyce, and Norwegian. And he's the Democrats' folksiest heartland hope. Really!

The Incitement Against Ilhan Omar - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- It was inevitable that Trump and Rupert Murdoch were going to run with the demagogic campaign started by Dan Crenshaw's willful misleading, with predictably terrible results: ... Most (though not all) of the major candidates for the Democratic nomination have responded appropriately. Pelosi ... not so much.
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "Nothing in this letter addresses any of her actual criticisms of Crenshaw. Once again, "civility" means "shut up." "
: Democratic candidates react to Trump's attack on Rep. Omar
Presidential candidate Cory Booker calls Trump's 9/11 tweet's "vicious, crass, disgusting" (that's who he is)
Latest Attacks On Ilhan Omar Show That Anti-Muslim Hate Isn't A Partisan Issue -- As members of the GOP perpetuate anti-Muslim harassment toward the congresswoman, Democratic leadership has been eerily silent.
Eschaton: People Who Won't Take Their Own Side In An Argument - The Democrats! ... Heads you win, tails I lose.

Sarah Sanders Says Lawmakers Not Smart Enough to Understand Trump's Taxes (said the lying queen of stupid)
Civilite, vacuite, malhonnjtete - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Man everyone hates Howard Schultz is running on a platform of "civility" (for you, not him and christwhatastupidasshole)

Eschaton: I'm Running - A bit cliche at this point, but as Kurt Vonnegut wrote: There is a tragic flaw in our precious constitution, and I don't know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president.

Bernie Sanders Accuses Liberal Think Tank of Smearing Progressive Candidates - The New York Times - Center for American Progress (you shall not criticize the great Bernie)
Bernie Sanders Tells Center for American Progress to Back Off
Rebecca Nagle on Twitter: "Hi @BernieSanders. I'm Rebecca Nagle. I am a citizen of Cherokee Nation. I am also the subject of the third (and longest) paragraph of your angry letter to @amprog. And... I voted for you in 2016." (policing the Cherokee boundaries)

Atrios on Twitter: "Drop out "

Eschaton: Ask Him Anything - The point is not to prove he is a big dummy, though he is a big dummy, the point is that if he has no idea what he is talking about then nothing related that he says should be treated as being anything but gibberish. If the man thinks up is down there isn't much point trying to parse his views of gravity. ... Journalists most of all should be interested in this. If you're wasting hours of your day trying to make sense of this man, you should have a better understanding of when it just isn't worth bothering. If Trump thinks Medicaid is actually a tree - possible! - then there's no point spending more time on it.

'I Felt Americans Needed to Know' : Insurance Industry Whistleblower Gives Glimpse of Effort to Crush Medicare for All -- "The business model of for-profit health insurance depends on denying care to people who need it. These corporations can't be reasoned with, only defeated"

Eschaton: Daily - I'm not entirely sure how this system fell apart, but back in the dark days in the early aughts, the manufactured outrage of the day was just normal politics. Cook up some bullshit, send it to Drudge (America's Assignment Editor), he hypes at 2, it's on CNN by 2:30, and Dems are falling all over themselves to condemn and/or apologize by 4. That was politics for Democrats for several years -- Whatever stupid shit is happening on Fox still dominates The Discourse, but it doesn't quite have the well-oiled machine quality it once did. (war is good! tax cuts are good! libtards suck!)

In a shocking turn of events, Andrew Sullivan sides with the MAGAts. - Lawyers, Guns & Money (trapped in his lying racist asshole personality)

Boy, 5, thrown over railing at Mall of America remains hospitalized : news

27 possible graves discovered on grounds of former boys reform school - The Washington Post - The Florida School for Boys, opened at the turn of the 20th century, was supposed to provide a new start for troubled young men who had committed crimes ranging from theft to rape. Instead, it was the beginning of a horrifying, 111-year-long chapter of Florida history that has yielded troubling revelations to this day.

The Cosmic History Chronicles: The Ten Doors Opening To The Mysteries of Nature | Beobachtung des Unsichtbaren

Long-term meditation practitioners have a faster cortisol recovery from stress, finds a new study, which suggests the practicing meditation can improve the psychophysiological response to stress by reducing self-conscious emotions. : science

Our brains may solidify the memories of new skills we just practiced a few seconds earlier by taking a short rest, finds a new study

TIL that Cleopatra was not Egyptian. While Cleopatra was born in Egypt, she traced her family origins to Macedonian Greece and Ptolemy I Soter. Ptolemy took the reigns of Egypt after Alexander's death in 323 B.C. and he launched a dynasty of Greek-speaking rulers that lasted for three centuries

The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained : videos

Have you ever recognized yourself in a friend or family's post on reddit? What were the things you found out and how did you react? : AskReddit

TrekkieGod explains why it's important to fight against anti-science beliefs and flat earth-like theories : bestof

Eschaton: Sure, Elon - Can't stop won't stop. (your daily Elongated Musk)


As the seas rise, Republicans will deserve all the blame their grandchildren assign them - The Washington Post (they don't care, they won't be here and they already fucked their kids economically)
Extinction Rebellion calls on protesters to block London streets | About 2,300 climate activists have already signed up to help obstruct busy roads next week, in their latest attempt to raise public awareness and provoke action over the destruction of the biosphere : worldnews
Attenborough effect leads to 53% drop in single use plastic in 12 months
This Sci-Fi Plan To Beat Rising Seas Could Change The Way We Live -- If It Works (floating cities with their own cows!)

Did Slovakia just slow European populism's momentum? -- 'People tend to vote for these extremist parties out of frustration' says the incoming president

North Korea Stages Public Executions to Strengthen 'Social Order' - North Korean authorities staged a public trial and shot two female fortune tellers to death last month, forcing tens of thousands of people to watch, in what appeared to be a resumption of public executions ... "superstitious behavior"

As Ecuador Harbored Assange, It Was Subjected to Threats and Leaks - The New York Times
How The Rats Were Fucked And Where It Got Us - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Russia and their alt-right collaborator Julian Assange worked to suppress the Clinton vote, and there's some evidence that it was effective: Russian trolls significantly increased their efforts to persuade Sanders supporters to oppose Clinton in the general election. One of their methods was to try to convince African Americans that they couldn't trust her
The only Simpsons fan on this site on Twitter: "Wait how did Assange expose it. "
Rachel Maddow draws a straight line from Wikileaks to Don Trump Jr after Assange arrest : worldnews

Chomsky: Trump Radically Interfered with Israel's Election to Help Re-elect Netanyahu

Trump Said He Would Pardon Border Official If He Broke Law By Denying Migrants: CNN | HuffPost
Trump Urged Homeland Security Official to Close Border Despite an Earlier Promise of a Delay - The New York Times
Trump thinks sending migrants to immigrant-heavy, immigrant-friendly cities is a punishment - The Washington Post
Plan to release migrants in sanctuary cities is new low for Trump - The Washington Post - The Trump White House sets a new standard for cynicism and callousness
Eleven-year-old ordered deported without her family - Houston Chronicle (they really did it)

Eschaton: OK By Me - I know the idea behind the policy is horrific but like Libby I was a bit confused by the implicit assumption that unleashing immigrants on sanctuary cities was actually some kind of punishment. I get that Stephen Miller thinks this because he is a big racist who doesn't want your melanin getting anywhere near him because it might be contagious but the articles should have actually asked what the point was ... Did Stephen think that releasing busloads of migrants in San Francisco or New York would instantly cause the city to collapse into a dystopian, crime-ridden hellscape? Did he think that they would eat all the famous New York pizza? (carnage in the pizza parlors!)

The mob-boss presidency - The Washington Post

Mueller Report Will Outline Russian Cybercrimes, Rosenstein Says - Bloomberg

For Trump, the name of the season is treason - The Washington Post - Speaking about the Mueller investigation and its origins, Trump said: "This is actually treason" (everything is treason to the treasonous orange dictator) )
House Oversight chair plans to subpoena for 10 years of Trump financial records: report | TheHill - Elijah Cummings ...
Frank Rich: In Bill Barr, Trump Finally Finds a New Fixer

Dems rip Nunes' plan for private huddle with Barr to discuss criminal allegations (little commie asshole traitor and the other traitors)

Trump promises top government official that he'll pardon him if he defies the law to implement illegal policy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This would of course have been a massive scandal in any previous administration, but now it' just another Friday afternoon (the normalization of Republican evil)

s Fed pick Stephen Moore is a self-described 'radical who said he's not a 'big believer in democracy' (well, obviously) ... He has called for eliminating the Departments of Labor, Energy and Commerce, along with the IRS and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau ...

Hackers publish personal data on thousands of US police officers and federal agents | TechCrunch - The hackers breached three sites associated with the FBI National Academy Association (they should have hired Hillary for better security practices)

AccuWeather, under Trump nominee Barry Myers, was rife with harassment, report says - The Washington Post - A federal workplace investigation found rampant sexual harassment and retaliation at AccuWeather, a federal contractor, including groping, touching and kissing of subordinates without consent (weather-bro culture)

They were just as macho as the men they worked with, especially as they kept quiet - The Washington Post

Now Outraged, Trump Boasted On 9/11 That His Building Was Tallest After Attack | HuffPost - after the president tries to bash Rep. Ilhan Omar using images of the terrorist strike.
Yemeni bodegas boycott New York Post over attacks on Ilhan Omar | US news | The Guardian - Murdoch-owned paper published front page that Yemeni American Merchants Association says "provoked hatred"
Ilhan Omar's 9/11 Comments Are Being Distorted - The Atlantic - In attacking the representative over a small, unintentional slight, Donald Trump and the populist right are displaying bad faith (the party of bad faith)
Six weeks of Fox's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez obsession:" "Totalitarian ... Ignorant ... scary ... waging a war on cows" ... In these 42 days, Fox News and Fox Business talked about AOC every single day, mentioning her at least 3,181 times

IG Report: Some members of Congress sexually harassed night-shift custodians ..."culture of permissibility"

Sexism and the 2020 Democratic Primary - Lawyers, Guns & Money - women seem to do similarly well as men as candidates for lower-level offices, but the masculine-coded presidency is another matter
It's the Sexism, Stupid -- Why men are dominating the Democratic 2020 primary.

What I've Learned From Collecting Stories of People Whose Loved Ones Were Transformed by Fox News (angry white racist geezers ... "something switched in 2008")

Female representation matters. Colorado's legislature proves that -- 34 out of 65 are women (hopefully they will license mens' dicks)

Foxconn says empty buildings in Wisconsin are not empty - The Verge - While announcing another empty building (we got your taxpayer money, now fuck-off, they said)

This is what passes for 'political analysis' on CNN - mindless political analysis, courtesy of host S.E. Cupp.

The Waco Biker-Gunfight Story Ends Predictably - The Atlantic - The official narrative laid responsibility for the massacre wholly on the bikers, but the Associated Press later found that police at the scene shot at least four of the nine who died ... More than 100 bikers have since sued Waco for wrongful arrest. Their cases could cost the city more than a billion dollars. (but the cops got bonuses)

Tracking Phones, Google Is a Dragnet for the Police - The New York Times

2 men accused of viciously beating sick pregnant woman outside Quincy post office : news

NJ groom charged with sexually assaulting teen waitress at his own wedding appears in court with his bride : news

Early American Women - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Colonial America was a violent, complicated place, with ethnic and racial issues as people and nations met, fought, were enslaved, accommodated each other, and brought imperial ambitions to isolated parts of the world. Yet, little of this is recognized by the general public and that's especially true for the lives of women. The historian Sarah Pearsall is here to help:

Marijuana Testing of Job Applicants Is Barred by City in Groundbreaking Measure - The New York Times - The bill passed by the New York City Council was the latest in a series of steps to ease cannabis restrictions as efforts to legalize marijuana have stalled (once again, Charlie Baker's Fuckachusetts is behind the curve)
NYC: Marijuana Testing of Job Applicants Is Barred by City in Groundbreaking Measure : bostontrees

Historians to the Rescue! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - For historians of the American South and the Civil War, these words are alarming. The Lost Cause was a story that white southerners told themselves after the Civil War to justify their embrace of slavery (it was a benign institution!), secession (a legitimate course of action!) and their defeat in the Civil War (a noble cause in defense of a "way of life" !) ... time to eliminate History from higher education entirely and turn our colleges and universities into vo-tech schools that never, ever challenge our corporations. (Nike supports white supremacy!)
UW-Stevens Point announces new majors, not cuts, are in its future (we don't need your steenking "history" esp. in Wississippi)

A White Restaurateur Advertised 'clean' Chinese Food. Chinese-Americans Had Something to Say About It. The uproar over a Chinese-American restaurant that was opened in Manhattan by two white restaurateurs has become the latest front in the debate over cultural appropriation.

Stop and Shop Strike - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Stop and Shop is the largest grocery store chain in the Northeast and where I usually shop unless I want to signify my class status by paying 50% more at Whole Foods which I never want to do. Yesterday, its workers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, organized in the United Food and Commercial Workers, walked off the job

Beliefs in aliens, Atlantis are on the rise | Science - pseudoarchaeology's racist roots
Atmospheric scientists join pheromone quest | Science
The trespasser | Science

Denisovans were actually three distinct groups of ancient humans spread from Siberia to Indonesia, a sweeping new genetic analysis reveals. The last of their kind may have vanished just tens of thousands of years ago. : science

Ketamine in the mainstream - The Washington Post - Once a party drug, ketamine has found its way into modern medicine.

Who was the smartest person you ever met? How did you know? : AskReddit


Arctic is warmest it's been in 10,000 years, study suggests.Permafrost samples suggest Arctic is 2 C warmer than previous record highs thousands of years ago : worldnews

Law enforcement and security officials reveal that US leaders and executives allowed companies to be hacked by China without consequences because they were worried about confrontation causing trade and stock prices to drop. : worldnews

Richest 3% Russians Hold 90% of Country's Financial Assets (gangsterocracy)

Opinion | Brexit Heads for That Riveting Black Hole - The New York Times - Brexit could still happen. But for the first time the odds on it happening are no better than even.
Telegraph forced to correct false Brexit claim by Boris Johnson | Politics | The Guardian - Newspaper removes claim but defends MP saying his piece 'could not be reasonably read as a serious, in-depth analysis' (said the propaganda outlet who said he was "entitled" to lie)
Corbyn and the Anti-Semitism Files - The Atlantic - The leader of the Labour Party not only has failed to confront anti-Semitism, but seems unable to acknowledge it as a problem ... 85 percent of British Jews now think that Corbyn is anti-Semitic ... Labour failed to investigate hundreds of anti-Semitism complaints, and let hundreds more slide ... Corbyn's office directly intervened in more than one in 10 investigations, despite having claimed that they were impartial. (Corbynated)

Sudan's head of military council that deposed the country's long-time leader steps down just a day after takeover

French officials call Project Gutenberg archive, 15 million ebooks, Grateful Dead recordings and Prelinger Archive "terrorism" demands removal from Internet Archive

Switzerland wants to declare coffee nonessential for human survival. But the real story is even more dire. - The Washington Post ... With current stockpiles, the Swiss could continue sipping the revered beverage for three to six months, regardless of the dire state of the world around them.

Steve Bannon and U.S. ultra-conservatives take aim at Pope Francis - The pontiff has expressed support for migrants and the poor, while warning against nationalism and unfettered capitalism.

The Rise and Probable Fall of Putin's Enforcer - The man in charge of destroying the Russian opposition has as many enemies within the Kremlin as without.

The mystery of Julian Assange's cat: Where will it go? What does it know?
Julian Assange Got What He Deserved - The Atlantic - Don't continue to fall for his phony pleas for sympathy, his megalomania, and his promiscuity with the facts ... one might inquire how it came to pass that the spin-off of a Kremlin propaganda organ and now registered foreign agent in the United States first arrived on the scene ... A "dark moment for press freedom," tweeted the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden from his security in press-friendly Moscow ... "criminalization of journalism" ... intoned Gleen Greenwald ... notorious Holocaust denier named Israel Shamir (wut?)
Julian Assange, expelled from his embassy perch, will fight extradition from jail - The Washington Post
Julian Assange is not a free-press hero. And he is long overdue for personal accountability. - The Washington Post
History of Assange | Ag_conservative on Patreon
'I'm fighting for her rights to be remembered' : Lawyer for Swedish woman who accused Assange wants case reopened

Boycotting Israel is anti-Semitic, new Trump administration envoy says : worldnews

An 11-year-old girl could be deported because of a court error triggered by the government shutdown, attorney says

White House Sought To Drop Off Detained Immigrants In Sanctuary Cities: Report | HuffPost - Trump administration officials reportedly suggested releasing detainees in a way that would retaliate against San Francisco and other immigrant-friendly cities. (bomb them with Mexican rapists!)
White House proposed releasing immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities, targeting political foes - The Washington Post
Trump pressured Nielsen to release detained immigrants into so-called sanctuary cities - CNNPolitics (even the Antichrist's handmaiden had her reservations)
An ICE Official Who Said Detention Was "More Like Summer Camp" Will Now Lead The Agency (only the best evil assholes)
Trump advisers discussed whether military could build and run migrant detention camps - Top Trump advisers met at the White House Tuesday to talk about increasing military involvement at the border, including building tent cities for migrants (Trump floated the idea of "gas chambers")

The latest Stephen Miller revelations require a tougher Democratic response - The Washington Post - Miller should face deeper and tougher scrutiny from House Democrats about his involvement in all of it.

The Bigs Can't Handle Bill Barr's Cons

Here's the Law That Requires Mnuchin to Turn Over Trump's Taxes, or Lose His Office and Go to Prison -- The law is clear, and it leaves no wiggle room. The consequences for breaking it include removal from public office and up to five years in prison (your laws don't apply to the Supreme Trumpster and his army of roaches)
Illinois Senate To Trump: Show Tax Returns Or Be Barred From 2020 Ballot | WBEZ (good job IL, where's Retardochusetts?)

Why can't Betsy DeVos give a direct answer to a direct question? - Lawmakers wanted to hear yes or no from the education secretary. They usually didn't (they just spout bullshit all the time)

Inside Ivanka Trump's Dreamworld --Ivanka Trump: What Does She Want? - The Atlantic - "first daughter" spent years rigorously cultivating her image. But she wasn't prepared for scrutiny

Formal and casual White House photos show distance between Trump and increasingly diverse nation - Washington Post - In picture after picture, emanating from the most exclusive corridors of American political power, Trump is seen with a team of aides and advisers that is almost exclusively white. (Naziworld)

McConnell Won't Say If Senate Would Confirm Herman Cain For Federal Reserve Board ... Romney, Murkowsky, Cramer -- told AP they'd likely vote against Cain

New York Post Publishes 9/11 Photo to Attack Ilhan Omar - On Wednesday morning, Fox News used its biggest megaphone to amplify an attention-starved congressman's bad faith charge against Rep. Ilhan Omar:

Antiabortion 'heartbeat' bills are illegal. Why do Republicans keep passing them? (the new Supreme Court)

Eschaton: If I Had To Vote Today - Since everything one says is suspect until you declare your allegiance because being very online is horrible these days... I would vote for Warren. By the time I vote (late primary) it probably won't matter and I might change my mind tomorrow. But there it is, purity people!

Eschaton: The Last of the Loser Liberals - Wendell Primus ... The mindset views younger progressives as people to protect leadership from, and anti-government conservatives as people to bargain with. They strive not to make the world a better place, but to make it less bad than Republicans want. (Pelosi's conservative enforcer and oh, the name and the face)

A column suggested waiters could 'tamper' with Trump officials' food. Amid backlash, the Boston Globe pulled it.

Segregated By Design on Vimeo - Examine the forgotten history of how our federal, state and local governments unconstitutionally segregated every major metropolitan area in America through law and policy (reparations are long overdue, but Satan blocks the path)

'Liz Was a Diehard Conservative' -- doesn't like to talk about it, but for years she was a registered Republican ... (converted in '96)

Manhattan prosecutor knew Jeffrey Epstein was a pedophile -- but argued for leniency anyway ... then-deputy Sex Crimes chief Jennifer Gaffney. (it was rigged all the way through)

Trolls hijacked a scientist's image to attack Katie Bouman. They picked the wrong astrophysicist ... (so WaPo links the a reddit post debunking the "meme" to prove reddit was trollish anti-fem)

NASA Kelly twin astronauts study shows health risks of space travel - The Washington Post - Astronaut Scott Kelly didn't feel normal until eight months after he returned from the International Space Station.

The Hidden Horror of Hudson Yards Is How It Was Financed - Manhattan's new luxury mega-project was partially bankrolled by an investor visa program called EB-5, which was meant to help poverty-stricken areas ... "New York politics and real estate are notoriously akin to Rashomon" (if Rashomon was Seven Crookurai) ... Hudson Yards ate Harlem's lunch (remember, Bloomfuck hated black people)

"They Just Had an Unbelievable String of Assholes Running the Place" The L.A. Times, Once a Print-Media Tragedy, Is Rising from the Near-Dead -- Having survived a foul-mouthed owner, "frat boys" and new-media loopiness, L.A.'s paper of record is now journalism happy-news, with a passel of prestige hires and a billionaire running it "like a family project." But not everything is rosy in El Segundo.

These women say they were raped by fake Uber drivers. Now they're suing the company ... Nicolas Morales, who was later accused in 2018 of raping or assaulting eight women in Los Angeles by posing as their Uber drivers ... (they knew, and hid it)

Physical contact remains vital to health, even as we do less of it. The rules of engagement aren't necessarily changing -- they're just starting to be heard

'What does it mean?' : Mysterious mashed potatoes perplex a historic neighborhood

'Don't they know Columbus never landed in America?' : Third-graders found error in their workbook. Here's what they did about it

How much can we afford to forget, if we train machines to remember? | Aeon Ideas

'Extraordinary' 500-year-old library catalogue reveals books lost to time - The Libro de los Epmtomes was a catalogue for Hernando Colon's 16th-century collection, which he intended to be the biggest in the world ... the illegitimate son of Christopher Columbus ...

Cats React To Their Names, Study Finds : NPR

An Ancient Human Species Is Discovered in a Philippine Cave - The New York Times - Archaeologists in Luzon Island have turned up the bones of a distantly related species, Homo luzonensis, further expanding the human family tree. (one of many of Mother Nature's attemps to develop humans)

10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life - Darius Foroux - Pocket

Eschaton: One Highway Lane Carries 1800 Cars Per Hour - And one subway tube can carry 20,000 people. Lord save me from people who can't look up into the sky and do basic math ... Imagine 20,000 flying cars overhead. OK we're done. (fantasies of the rich and wannabee rich reporters)
Eschaton: Should've Paid My Consulting Fee - Or at least read this dumb blog for free. -- Ford CEO Jim Hackett scaled back hopes about the company's plans for self-driving cars this week, admitting that the first vehicles will have limits. "We overestimated the arrival of autonomous vehicles," said Hackett, who once headed the company's autonomous vehicle division ...


New York City vaccination order shines spotlight on insular Jewish community - The Washington Post -- the Satmars ... (whose messiah arrived and is dead) ... There are 1,800 unvaccinated yeshiva, or Orthodox Jewish, students with religious exemptions in the four Zip codes targeted by the city, spokeswoman Marcy Miranda said.

Omar Hassan al-Bashir is ousted by military after 30 years in power
Sudan's new ruler is not democrat -- and he has Darfur to answer for -- The leader of the military coup was sanctioned by the United States for atrocities in Darfur (so he's a Republican)

UPDATE: Arrest of Julian Assange - Metropolitan Police
Julian Assange 'further arrested' on behalf of the US after extradition request, police say ("further")
Assange arrested in London, accused by U.S. of conspiring in 2010 computer hacking attempt
Assange accused of conspiring with Chelsea Manning in 2010 WikiLeaks release, say unsealed U.S. federal court documents - The Washington Post
In Ecuador, Assange's expulsion reflects desire for better relations with the U.S.
What we know -- and don't know -- about WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and the 2016 campaign
Julian Assange Arrested in London After Ecuador Withdraws Asylum; U.S. Requests Extradition
Digging into the details of the indictment against Julian Assange - The Washington Post
How Ecuador soured on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - The Washington Post
Metropolitan Police remove smelly garbage from embassy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Assange Arrested - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Assange: Why Ecuador Finally Got Sick of WikiLeaks Founder and Ended His Refuge at the Embassy in London
Julian Assange Charged by U.S. With Conspiracy to Hack a Government Computer - The New York Times
Assange accused of conspiring with Chelsea Manning in 2010 WikiLeaks release, say unsealed U.S. federal court documents - The Washington Post (so they knew Ecudor was about to dump him)
Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested after seven years in Ecuador's embassy in London, UK police say : worldnews

Ex-Pope Benedict contradicts Pope Francis in unusual intervention on sexual abuse - The Washington Post - laments the secularization of the West, decries the 1960s sexual revolution and describes seminaries that became filled during that period with "homosexual cliques" (sez sexual revolution -- you know, women wanting to be free of the partriarchy -- made pedophilia ok and ... Benedick is gay)
Catholic blogger Andrew Sullivan speculates the Pope could be gay - PinkNews 7 PinkNews

Eschaton: There Is Always Something Better - Halloween. -- Britain will remain as a member state of the EU until 31 October, with the option to leave earlier if Theresa May can secure Common
s support for the Brexit deal, after a Franco-German carve-up of the UK's future Eschaton: The Next Six Months Are Critical - Until the next six months. -- Just hours after Wednesday's meeting, EU officials had already started preparing for the possibility of yet another extension of Article 50 past October
EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31 October : worldnews

Hitler's girlfriend filmed Nazis relaxing and the fuhrer dancing. Now the footage is going digital. (Eva Braun)
Haunting photographs from a mysterious community in a rural Swedish valley - The Washington Post (they speak "Elfdalian")

Pompeo flounders on why annexation is good for the Golan but not for Crimea | US news : worldnews (don't bother me with your stupid "logic" and "Sucks having a dumb christfucker lunatic running diplomacy but what can you do" and "One is a pseudo-fascist ethnostate, the other is Russia.")

Adam Schiff just issued a stark warning about William Barr - The Washington Post

The 6 most potentially damaging congressional investigations for Trump, ranked - The Washington Post

Mnuchin's act of abject lawlessness

Retiring as a Judge, Trump's Sister Ends Court Inquiry Into Her Role in Tax Dodges (he has a sister? she's a crook?)
A Family Where Corruption is Unknown - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump's older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, has retired as a federal appellate judge, ending an investigation into whether she violated judicial conduct rules by participating in fraudulent tax schemes with her siblings.

Trump tweets incorrect approval rating from Fox Business segment - Axios (haha Fox "accidentally" added 12 points to his approval)

Gregory Craig, ex-Obama White House counsel, expects to be charged in relation to Ukrainian work with Manafort, his lawyers say - The Washington Post

National Enquirer expected to be sold imminently as parent company faces pressure - The Washington Post
Exclusive: Jeff Bezos to meet with federal prosecutors on extortion and hacking claims - CNNPolitics

The Policy Details The Left Should Embrace - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I really struggle to see the validity of arguments for Bernie Sanders over Elizabeth Warren. She simply provides the real policy arguments that he often handwaves away, making her a lot more ready to take on the opposition she knows she will face if she wins, as opposed to Bernie thinking that he can scowl and people will acquiesce.
You paid taxes. These corporations Didn't -- About twice as many of the largest U.S. companies reported they didn't owe taxes in 2018 compared with previous years, a partial result of the 2017 Trump tax law

Joe Biden: Letters reveal how he sought support of segregationists in fight against busing - CNNPolitics

Internal memo contradicts DeVos on using federal money to buy guns for teachers - The Washington Post (the Amway lady lied?)

Michael Avenatti charged with stealing millions from clients, using 'ill-gotten gains' for a private jet

Chelsea Manning misgendered by NBC reporter - PinkNews 7 PinkNews - NBC reporter Ken Dilanian has come under fire for misgendering US intelligence leaker Chelsea Manning during a news report.

Joe Manchin endorses Susan Collins for reelection - politico (see, she's popular with both sides)

Four Senate Republicans signal opposition to Trump's plan to put Herman Cain on Federal Reserve Board, all but sinking nomination

Yes, Fox News matters. A lot. - The Washington Post
What Tucker Carlson didn't tell Fox viewers (Fucker Carlson unleashed his flying monkeys on the Bootser

Millennials being squeezed out of middle class, says OECD : worldnews

'Retail apocalypse' now: Analysts say 75,000 more U.S. stores could be doomed. (Amazon ate their lunches)

Stop blaming my late husband, Arthur Sackler, for the opioid crisis - The Washington Post (the oxycontin PR machine fights back)

Amy Schumer was honest about her husband's autism, and I'm crying

"I am not that political" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Brett Easton Ellis, as you may recall, wrote a book about how everyone is too sensitive these days and Moonlight shouldn't have won the Oscar ... And that, I thought, was really all that needed to be said on the topic. But I was so delightfully wrong. Because, good people of LGM, Brett Easton Ellis agreed to an interview with Isaac Chotiner:
He's Doing It! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Because Victor Davis Hanson is stoned on racism and Isaac Chotiner is a polar bear (missed this in Feb. and ...) "There are somethings so stupid, only intellectuals believe them" George Orwell said

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 454 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - But it is at least worth noting how exclusive the suffrage movement could be.

Orlando Moore, Portia Ravenelle deaths: New York couple dead in Dominican Republic - The Washington Post
Nearly 46 years after two teens were killed, a man has been charged with their murder - The Washington Post
He couldn't afford a $250 mental health evaluation. Could it have prevented a triple murder?

The first picture of a black hole opens a new era of astrophysics | Science News
Big Black Hole News! Here is my "astronomer here!" post to explain the gravity of today's situation and why it's important! : Andromeda321

Straight people of Reddit, when and how did you realize that you like the opposite sex? : AskReddit
What is this one sexual fact everyone would benefit knowing? : AskReddit
What's an item everyone should have? : AskReddit

Car Cam Central - We Review Dash Cams
The Best Dash Cameras of 2019


Black hole Messier 87: Event Horizon telescope captures first-ever black hole image - The Washington Post

How A Picturesque Fishing Town Became Smothered In Trash | HuffPost

New Zealand's parliament has voted to ban all types of semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles following the Christchurch attacks : worldnews ... Our MMP is amazing. It's so weird to think about other countries like the UK and the US without PR and how screwed up voter incentives can be without it. It amounts to systemic political suppression in my mind given how effectively it discourages diverse representation.

America has conducted 108 air strikes in Somalia since 2017, killing 800 people. The Pentagon says they were all jihadists. Amnesty International disagrees. Trump came to office pledging to wind down America's wars -- instead he ramped some of them up (it's a virtual forest of wars)

Israel election: Netanyahu wins fifth term as rival Gantz concedes. Despite three impending corruption indictments, the prime minister emerged as the winner from a tight election race and has already begun to broker deals with religious and far-right parties to form Israel's next government ... Literally only one party in that entire country that is actually left wing only got like 4 seats. (Meretz) So yes, the vast majority of Israelis as you can see are quite bigoted and extremely right wing based on who they elect. And there are also enough polls that clearly show that.
DHS, FBI say election systems in 50 states were targeted in 2016 : politics
There is no left left in Israel (just flavors rightwing genocidal racist authoritarian crooked war guys)

Media are reluctant to label far-right attackers as terrorists, study says : worldnews
German police raid 30 premises linked to far-right extremists : worldnews

Government sacks Roger Scruton after remarks about Soros and Islamophobia | Politics | The Guardian - Philosopher loses role as housing adviser ... Scruton, who has been a friend of Orban for more than 30 years, denied that he was antisemitic or Islamophobic. (deep thinker, this guy)
New data shows London's property boom is a money laundering horror : worldnews

Italy's top court rules physical appearance 'irrelevant' in rape cases : worldnews

Eschaton: Reduced Status - What's funny is that some in the UK will be horrified by this, the Brexiteers most of all. Um, guys, you want your status reduced so much you don't even get to see the table -- France is expected to demand the removal of the post of British European commissioner as a price for a long Brexit delay, leaving Britain without a seat at the top table of Brussels decision-making for the first time since 1973.

Morton Klein and the Future of American Zionism ... claims of financial impropriety, verbal abuse and prank telephone calls, to allegations of sexual harassment and domestic violence ... The ZOA receives a reliable $1 million a year from Republican kingmaker Sheldon Adelson ... (but what will American Jews do now, that the Zionist Project has rearched end-stage, and Israel has gone full evil?)

DHS, FBI say election systems in all 50 states were targeted in 2016 | Ars Technica - Joint Intelligence Bulletin issued in March says Russian hacking efforts were wide-ranging. (so, it went from "none" to "one or two" to "all of them" but there's nothing to investigate here so let's get rid of cybersecurity in the WH)

AP Interview: Pelosi: 'I don't trust Barr; I trust Mueller'
Barr walks back claim that law enforcement spied on Trump campaign - Axios -- after a day of every wingnut outlet having a meltdown over locking up Hillary and Barry)
Adam Schiff just issued a stark warning about William Barr - The Washington Post - "I'm shocked to hear the attorney general of the United States casually make the suggestion that the FBI or intelligence community was spying on the president's campaign" (which was, you know, knee-deep in Russians)
Memo to the Press: How Not to Screw Up on the Mueller Report - Lawfare
What the President May Now Fear Most in Mueller Report - Just Security - "Mueller's Road Map" for the Southern District of New York prosecutors
Bill Barr Is Trying Hard to Be President Trump's Roy Cohn
William Barr, Trump toady - The Washington Post

Trump Hush Money Probe 'Gathered Evidence From Hope Hicks' and Others Close to President (will Hopey Dopey go to jail?)
Treasury denies Democrats's request to hand over tRum's tax returns by the end of Wednesday, says it will confer with Justice

Eschaton: At Least He's Friendly And Charming And Generous - But imagine being someone like Kirstjen Nielsen. Wow he's a horrible boss, but at least I get to begin living my lifelong dream of starting an ethnic cleansing project! What motivates these people to actually work for Trump in these capacities? (she's now on her rehab tour, which will surely work)
Kirstjen Hielsen's Job Prospects Are Probably Pretty Slim -- Apart from the president, she was the official most associated with family separations -- and that won't exactly endear her to the private sector (except for Fox and every Republican thoughtless-tank)

Steve Mnuchin Tried To Mansplain To Maxine Waters. It Didn't Go Well

Senators From Least Populated States Say The U.S. Isn't 'Full' (his head is 'full' of shit)

Trump Goes Beyond Cronyism -- To Something Far Worse -- By naming people such as Herman Cain and Stephen Moore to top jobs, Trump converts the machinery of government to his personal use ... Trump's administration, however, has transcended cronyism and declared a war on expertise, in which unbiased knowledge is itself somehow politically suspect if it does not accord with President Trumps beliefs and assertions -- and especially if it conflicts with his personal interests (the United States of Trump!)

Warner Bros. Shut Down Trump's 2020 Video For Using The "Dark Knight Rises" Score (bc Trump is Batman!)

Why House Democrats budget drama could portend a larger problem for the party ("centrist" dems like Seth Moulton want "fiscal conservatism")

Texas House hears debate on bill that could impose the death penalty for abortions - The Washington Post ... The legislation is the brainchild of state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a Republican from Arlington, Tex. ... The Air Force veteran, who has been married five times ... his measure is necessary to make women "more personally responsible" (yeah, Tony Tinder)
Texas lawmakers consider the death penalty for abortion - Story | WTTG

Elizabeth Warren's campaign announces $6 million first-quarter haul as it makes huge hires in early states

Look at the Forest, Not the Trees: What We Do and Don't Know About 2020

Views on Race in America 2019 | Pew Research Center - Public has negative views of the country's racial progress; more than half say Trump has made race relations worse - About six-in-ten Americans (58%) say race relations in the U.S. are bad, and of those, few see them improving. Some 56% think the president has made race relations worse; just 15% say he has improved race relations and another 13% say he has tried but failed to make progress on this issue. In addition, roughly two-thirds say it's become more common for people to express racist views since Trump became president.
Fox & Friends guest: Black families were better off as slaves

Is This the Dumbest Moment in Congressional History? - A Kentucky congressman's impossibly daft line of questioning left John Kerry flabbergasted -- Thomas Massie Asks John Kerry Dumb Question About Climate Change

Matthew Lusk: Meet the First QAnon Believer Running for Congress - a Florida bookseller who launched his House campaign for Florida's 5th district last month, appears to be the first QAnon follower to run for federal office (he's looking for Hillary's pedo-ring and whether Trump is Q)

Broken Friendships, Family Fights and Prison Sentence Anguish: How Lori Loughlin Is Coping With Her New Normal | E! News ("beauty influencer" is a job)
See All of Lori Loughlin's Rare Appearances Since the College Admissions Scandal
Lori Loughlin Hit With Money Laundering Charge in College Scam - Rolling Stone - The Fuller House actress was hit with additional indictments for money laundering in connection to the college admissions scam.

No, experts don't consider marijuana a gateway drug. That, and five more fact checks from the Texas Legislature on weed. ... unlikely Texas will become the next Colorado or California anytime soon. But when it comes to loosening criminal penalties or expanding medicinal use, how much of what each side says is true? (who you gonna believe, the Texas Sheriff's Assocation or the science guys?)

An unusual species of humans apparently lived on the island of Luzon in the Philippines as recently as 50,000 years ago. Based on teeth and bones found there, scientists suspect these early humans probably stood less than four feet tall and had several ape-like features. : worldnews ... So you're saying they were hobbits? ... Anthropologists actually do refer to them as hobbits. So yes

Watchdog Journalism

Eschaton: I'm Definitely Working On My Six Pack Abs - I used to not worry much about the safety of these things, but I didn't anticipate a lunatic like Musk.


Good-bye glaciers: 390 billion tons of snow and ice melts each year as globe warms | "Over 30 years, suddenly almost all regions started losing mass at the same time," said study lead author. "That's clearly climate change if you look at the global picture." : worldnews

EU rejects Theresa May's bid for short delay to Brexit - membership could be extended to March 2020 after PM fails to sell her plan in dash to Paris and Berlin (so, long, maybe infinite, delay)
This is a pivotal week for Brexit. Here are four ways it could end. - The Washington Post (stuck in the distant past, pic says it all)

Brazil replaces far-right education minister with conspiracy theorist : worldnews

Prince William's Lawyer Tries to Suppress Rumors of Affair ... Marchioness of Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley), while his wife was pregnant with their third child ... (so, the "rumors" were true)

Israel Election 2019: Contradictory Exit Polls Show Gantz, Netanyahu Tied, but Numbers Favor Right-wing Coalition - Gantz and Netanyahu both claim victory
Netanyahu says Trump named Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group at his request (is Trump a quadruple citizen?)
Netanyahu has descended into new depths of demagoguery - The Washington Post ... If the result is a new Netanyahu government that destroys the last hopes of an Israeli-Palestinian settlement, Mr. Trump will bear much of the responsibility.
Likud admits deploying cameras at polling stations to monitor 'problem Arabs' (oh yes, the old 'voter-fraud' excuse while they fraud thje vote)
On the Israeli Election - Lawyers, Guns & Money (story from the inside: Israeli "left" is totally dysfunctional and basically right-wing, so Israel is a lost cause and yes, Netanfuckyu is a total authoritarian crook) ... Netanyahu will form the next government with even more fanatical partners, and that this country will continue to sleepwalk towards disaster. (seems to be a pattern lately)

Sanctions Deal With Russian Oligarch Included Transfer of Shares to Benefit His Children - The New York Times

Trump Had No Problem With Iran's Revolutionary Guard When He Was Doing Business With Its Associates: According to an exhaustive report, the group the president just labeled a terrorist organization reportedly had financial ties to the Trump family business.

State Department Identifies And Bans 16 People With 'Roles' in Khashoggi Killing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who reportedly ordered the journalist's assassination, was not among those named. (Pompfuck leaves out Bonesaw, ya know?)

Chelsea Manning's FBI Files Are Central to Ongoing Criminal Proceedings, Bureau Claims -- even though the former U.S. Army intelligence analyst waived her rights under the Privacy Act and requested in a letter that her more-than-8,000 page file be released ... it suggests that Manning's files may be central to the U.S. government investigation of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange,

Trump Says the U.S. Is 'Full' -- Much of the Nation Has the Opposite Problem. - An aging population and a declining birthrate among the native-born population mean a shrinking work force in many areas.
FACT CHECK: Trump Wrongly Blames Obama For Child Separation Policy : NPR ("he put them in cages, I'm working on reversing his p0licy")
Trump denies plan to separate migrant families, blames Obama for 'cages'

Eschaton: We Do Love Our Children - That people are callous and cruel is, if somewhat baffling (my moral failures usually involve inappropriate degrees of indifference), something I have come to accept as normal. Maybe we do love our children, but we sure do hate everybody else's. Still as a notparent I do not get the surprise when children are traumatized when they experience obviously traumatizing experiences. You know, the children did not recover quickly after being kidnapped from their parents and locked in cages in an environment where child rape was common and they remained somewhat sad. This was unexpected! Further research necessary ("zero-tolerance" = "maximum cruelty")

Trump Has Reportedly Been Pushing To Reinstate Migrant Family Separation | HuffPost - According to reports, outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had been arguing against reinstating the hardline immigration policy. (Trump and Stephen Miller push for "summary executions")
Trump pushed to close El Paso border, told admin officials to resume family separations and agents not to admit migrants - CNNPolitics
Trump Purge Set to Force Out More Top Homeland Security Officials - The New York Times
Legality of Trump move to replace Nielsen questioned - POLITICO
Trump's DHS purge floors Republicans -- Even GOP allies of the president are distressed by the chaos unleashed on federal immigration policy.
For Trump, the cruelty is the point. But it's actually worse than that - The cruelty is the point, but so is retreating on our international humanitarian commitments in as many ways as possible.
Opinion | Cancel Kirstjen Nielsen - The New York Times - Her role in terrorizing children should make her a permanent pariah.

Barack Obama Says Not 'Everyone Who Is Disturbed by Migration' Can Be Branded 'Racist' (shut up, Barry)

Bill Barr: I'm Not Giving Congress Unredacted Mueller Report. The AG said a redacted version could come within a week. But he's not giving in to congressional demands for the full copy.

Eschaton: Not Tough Enough For Trump - We all know Kristjen Nielsen was more than a willing accomplice in, and extreme liar about, Trump's baby cage program. That she made Trump mad by not willing to just start bombing the baby cage camps or whatever the point of contention was is a narrative which serves them both.
Kirstjen Hielsen's attempt to suck up to Trump ended badly. It always does ... This was vintage Nielsen: boldly asserting the dubious in the face of the obvious. During her rocky tenure, she secured the homeland against facts and decency alike as she struggled in vain to suck up to President Trump and thereby keep her job. (not bad, Dana)

The IRS chief must release Trump's tax returns -- and Mnuchin must not stop him - by Larry Summers
Mnuchin reveals White House lawyers consulted Treasury on Trump tax returns, despite law meant to limit political involvement - The Washington Post (fuck your laws, Trump said)
Push to Obtain Trump's N.Y. Tax Returns Wins Cuomo's Support
Subpoena Isn'tthe Only Way to Get the Mueller Report - By law, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees should already have certain investigative materials relating to Russian election meddling.

Eschaton: Not Very Bright - Um don't do that. -- Secret Service agent Samuel Ivanovich, who interviewed Zhang on the day of her arrest, testified at the hearing. He stated that when another agent put Zhang's thumb-drive into his computer, it immediately began to install files, a "very out-of-the-ordinary" event that he had never seen happen before during this kind of analysis ... The analysis is ongoing but still inconclusive, he testified ... (only the very best clueless idiots in your elite security services)
'She lies to everyone' : Feds say Mar-a-Lago intruder had hidden-camera detector in hotel (well, it is Lie-a-Lago)

Pelosi may have to pull the bill from the floor if she can't win over frustrated liberals and moderates.

Lawlessness and chaos go hand in hand - The Washington Post - Contempt for the rule of law has been a mainstay of this administration, but consider what has happened of late ... ("I AM THE LAW" Trump ranted furiously)

Opinion | Why Does Trump Want to Debase the Fed? - The New York Times - The tax cut fizzled; send in the clowns! - Krugman

The End of the Incumbency Advantage - Lawyers, Guns & Money - partisan polarization has essentially ended the incumbency advantage:
The absurdity of an 80something president - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Fact: Over the 230 years that the USA has had a president, 220 of those years have featured a POTUS who was less than 70 years old. The ten other years consist of almost all of Reagan's two terms, all of our current nightmare, and the last three months of Eisenhower's second term ... Only the last half of Reagan's second term featured a 75+ year old president (geezers 2020! and this is some kind of counter-revolution by the dumbasses who got us here in the first place?)

Report: Devin Nunes Sues McClatchy Journalist for Defamation - Devin Nunes Is a Lawsuit-Filing Machine
Devin Nunes Sues McClatchy Newspaper Chain, Alleging 'Character Assassination' (as if he had one in the first place, or for that matter, a "reputation")
Devin Nunes files defamation lawsuit against McClatchy | The Sacramento Bee (dirty little commie traitor #YachtCocaineProstitutes)
Twitter Gets #YachtCocaineProstitutes Trending to Mock Republican Devin Nunes After He Files Lawsuit

Rep. Ilhan Omar called Stephen Miller a 'white nationalist.' GOP critics accused her of anti-Semitism. (don't call the Jewish Nazi a Nazi!)
Ilhan Omar Is Right: Stephen Miller Is a White Nationalist - Stephen Miller is personally responsible for the most xenophobic policies of the most xenophobic presidency in modern American history. (Hitler in his Jewish heart)
How Ilhan Omar Is Changing the Conversation About Israel -- and Upending the 2020 Campaign

Only 13 Mainers gave $200 or more to Susan Collins in latest quarter - Four-term GOP senator is likely facing her most competitive re-election next year (Suzie Doozy is a foreign agent, will Mainrers vote her in, again?)

The Democratic Electorate on Twitter Is Not the Democratic Electorate in Real Life - The New York Times - A detailed look at the voters with the numbers to decide the 2020 Democratic nominee. (NYT tells you that the real dems are Republicans)

Republicans Jim Jordan And Mark Meadows Warn Drug Companies Not To Cooperate With Congressional Investigation - The House Oversight Committee is attempting to study how drug companies set prescription drug prices, but Republicans have warned the industry that it may be better for them not to cooperate. (laws are for chumps, they said)

Congress Is About To Ban the Government From Offering Free Online Tax Filing. Thank TurboTax. | HuffPost - A bill supported by Democrats and Republicans would make permanent a program that bars the IRS from ever developing its own online tax filing service. (capitalism for the fuck-you win)

AIPAC Targets Bernie Sanders in Facebook Ads Focused on Key Democratic Primary States

Poll: Biden tops Democratic field after rough week - politico (they love the old groper)

It Wasn't 'Verbal Blackface.' AOC Was Code-Switching. - Her critics are misreading the linguistic reality of America's big cities

Tim Ryan's Long, Weird History of Palling Around With Fluoride and Vaccine Skeptics -- quest to win "yoga vote" might come back to haunt him ... (who is this assh9ole, you ask) ... Ryan, a Democratic congressman from Northeast Ohio (flouride casues acne, not all the whataburgers she was eating)

Read the Best Parts of Alex Jones' 159-Page Deposition About Pepe the Frog -- Jones is getting sued for allegedly violating the copyright of Pepe the Frog's creator by selling Pepe posters on Infowars (hate scammers at war)

Lori Loughlin slapped with new charges, now faces up to 40 years in prison for college cheating scandal : television

Waffle House good Samaritan shot to death paying for meals, handing out $20 bills : news
Witness pulls out gun, stops suspect from kidnappeng 11-year-old girl, police say - Story | KSAZ (black man with green eyes)

Uber driver burglarized home after dropping couple off at San Francisco airport, police say : news

Teen 'lone wolf' gets 20 years in prison for terrorism plot to shoot up Frisco Mall

John F. Kennedy Jr. and George Magazine: Stars Share Stories About the Project | Hollywood Reporter -- enthusiasm for bipartisan media and the day it all ended (so, an entitled idiot on several levels)

Three words to help avoid the tragedy of mistaking a killer's car for your Uber

Massachusetts becomes 16th state to ban 'gay conversion therapy' : news

Law requiring bike lane installation passes, celebrated by advocates as first in the nation -- voted in 7-1-1, with councillor E. Denise Simmons out of the room and Tim Toomey opposed because he found it "ironic" that a law bearing that name wouldn't require bicyclists to take steps for their own personal safety, such as wearing helmets or lights ... safety initiatives in Porter Square and on Mount Auburn Street in Harvard Square, from JFK Street to Putnam Avenue. (give away a lane to Harvard tour buses, and then a lane for bikesters dressed in black with no lights or helmets ... and look, no cars! on your roads)

Computers confirm 'Beowulf' was written by one person, and not two as previously thought : books

TIL that 71 percent of Americans age 17 to 24 are ineligible to join the military, primarily because they are too overweight or too poorly educated, or they have a record of serious crime or drug abuse. : todayilearned

Autism symptoms reduced nearly 50% two years after fecal transplant : science

In a TIL about TOKiMONSTA contracting a rare brain disease, TOKiMONSTA shows up to clear up a misconception : bestof

/u/ilikesteel gives a quick history of anti-semitism, including explaining the origin of the stereotypes surrounding Jews and money : bestof

What was the stupidest thing that you have ever seen someone do or heard them say? : AskReddit
The vigilante shaming influencers for bad behavior in national parks : news

Singles of Reddit, what do you like most about being single? : AskReddit
What is something you did as a child that turned out to be an indicator of your future personal sexual preferences? : AskReddit

Reddit For Sale: How We Bought The Top Spot For $200 (2016) Investigation about Reddit's bot and shilling problem and how a reporter managed to get 2 made up stories onto the front page of reddit for less than $200. [8min] : videos

Eschaton: Sure, Elon - the idea that a bunch of Tesla owners, the type of people who detail their cars weekly, are going to want to let numerous strangers track mud and dirt in and out of their cars all the time, is hilarious. To be clear, many Tesla owners believe this because they are just nerds who think everyone should enjoy their hobby, but like all nerds who enjoy their hobby they get pretty mad if someone disturbs their record collection, or whatever it is.


Researchers Warn Arctic Has Entered 'Unprecedented State' That Threatens Global Climate Stability: "Never have so many Arctic indicators been brought together in a single paper." And the findings spell trouble for the entire planet. : worldnews (Sandra Day O'Connor will rot in hell for all eternity)
UN supports new design for floating cities moored to seabed, 1 mi. from coast, for 10k people, withstanding tsunamis, hurricanes. Cities would protect from rising sea, address lack of affordable housing in major cities. Ocean farms would grow food below surface. Aquifers pull clean water from air. : worldnews

U.S. foils alleged plot to drive stolen truck into pedestrians in Maryland : news

Australian nurse was ordered to keep war crimes secret - New research confirms Australian nurses were violated by Japanese soldiers before being put to death - the only survivor was told by the Australian government to cover up the violation before the war crimes tribunal : worldnews

Iran designates United States military forces as terrorist group. : worldnews ("nu u")

U.K. unveils sweeping plan to penalize Facebook and Google for harmful online content - The Washington Post

Wave of police suicides in France sparks alarm : news

Beto O'Rourke on Benjamin Netanyahu: 'Racist' (now, if Omar has said that, AIPAc would have lynched her)
"Your Prime Minister" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump tells Jewish Republicans: "I stood with your Prime Minister at the White House" ... (saying the dual-loyalty traitor shit out loud) ... Hear me out, but I can see an argument that having a hate-fomenting authoritarian in the White House is a question of graver importance than compliance with information security best practices.
A female Muslim Democrat makes a remark about Israeli lobbyists and the internet loses its mind. This schmuck literally interchanges the state of israel and THE state that all jews swear allegiance to -- and no one bats a fucking eye

About 1 in 4 Japanese adults in their 20s and 30s are virgins, says study : worldnews

British military called on to strip the Sultan of Brunei of honorary appointments awarded to him by the Queen, as backlash against new anti-LGBT laws grows : worldnews
France will not take back ISIS jihadis and their families following furious backlash : worldnews

Right-wing, euroskeptic populist parties in Europe announced a new, expanded alliance Monday that aims to become the strongest faction in the European Parliament : worldnews

New Record: Obama Mentions Himself 392 Times During Berlin Townhall [Montage] :: Grabien News - Obama talking about himself in an almost obsessive manner is no new phenomenon, but today he shattered his own records. Over the course of a 90 minute townhall with "emerging leaders" Obama mentioned himself an eye-popping 392 times. (it was always all about him)

georgejohnston on Twitter: ".@SecNielsen , Congratulations! You've gone from someone who hardly anyone ever heard of to one of the most reviled and despised people in the world. #UncageKidsNow"
Kirstjen Nielsen Is Out As Homeland Security Secretary | HuffPost -- Cagin' Kirstjen
Behind the scenes: Kirstjen Nielsen sacked by tweet - Axios ("I've had it with the weak bitch" Trump furiously tweeted)
Eschaton: Impossible Requests - According to Take Japper/CNN, Trump was "making unreasonable and even impossible requests" about the border issues. -- Defying physics impossible?
Stephen Miller pressuring Trump officials amid immigration shakeups - POLITICO - The White House hardliner is driving a more aggressive immigration approach. (death penalty for brownish babies)
Trump's DHS to Get Even More Authoritarian and Racist - Lawyers, Guns & Money (if Netanyahu is a genocidal racist, why wouldn't Stephen Miller be one?)
More Top Homeland Security Officials Set to Leave in Trump Purge : politics

Trump's 10 most absurd claims - He added a couple Tuesday, claiming his father was born in Germany (for the third time) and that wind farms cause cancer

House Judiciary Committee calls on Robert Mueller to testify : politics
William Barr's Mueller cover-up reveals America's delusional dreamland about democracy -- Will Bunch
Lawless Party Defends Lawless President - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Republicans Are Trashing the Law to Keep Trump's Taxes Secret
To Get Trump's Tax Returns, N.Y. Democrats Try a New Strategy (a special law bc Trump is above your regular laws)
White House starts to sound desperate on secrecy of Trump's tax returns
Trump campaign spokeswoman complains Congress is not asking for other president's tax returns -- Every other modern president has voluntarily released their tax returns (yeah, she really said that)

Trump is removing US Secret Service director : politics
Schumer Wants Ousted Secret Service Chief To Testify On Mar-A-Lago 'Vulnerabilities' (the whole Russia/SA collusion/traitor thing is getting even more clear)
Donald Trump's Authoritarian State Is Blossoming Thanks to Stephen Miller's Homeland Security 'Purge' - President* Donald Trump has been busy. (he has less than two years left to destroy the rest of responsible goverment)

Trump seeks to campaign on problems he promised to fix - The Washington Post
Opinion | Trumpism Extols Its Folk Hero - The New York Times - devoted supporters have turned him into a legend of sorts ... My mother is a devout Democrat, but also one of the most socially conservative people I know. This is typical of our home state of Louisiana among black citizens (note Blow's mother: "extremely socially conservative" means one thing in 2019: she fucking hates gays)

The anti-anti-Trump vote - Lawyers, Guns & Money (it's all payback for Watergate, even though Nixon was guilty as hell and Republicans kicked him out and ... they hate, with a passion, women) ... was struck by the extent to which the anti-anti-Trump vote on the right is motivated by what appears to be an identical psychology to that manifested by people like Greenwald on the faux-left. These people claim to hate Trump, but they actually hate the Democratic party establishment far more, to the point where they are objectively pro-Trump, whatever their protestations to the contrary.

Bernie Sanders Says Fox News Is A Propaganda Arm Of Trump Administration | HuffPost - The 2020 presidential candidate also defended his decision to do a town hall with the network. ("I'm reaching across the aisle to Satan" he said)
Bernie Sanders finds himself in a new role as front-runner
Our Green Lantern - Lawyers, Guns & Money - getting hard to avoid the conclusion that Bernie is actually high on his own our revolution will force Republican senators to vote for my agenda" supply:
Greg Greene on Twitter: "We should note -- for centrists with short memories -- how GOP groups and voters repaid Donnelly, Heitkamp, McCaskill, and Nelson for their gracious civility. (bluedog idiots)
Igor Bobic on Twitter: "Nielsen was confirmed with a 62-37 vote. Dems who supported her nomination: Carper Coons Donnelly Heitkamp King Manchin McCaskill Nelson Reed Tester Warner" (they sold their souls to the baby-killing store)

Biden still leads but Abrams, Buttigieg join front-runners in new SC 2020 primary poll | Palmetto Politics |
Reality bites Beto after high-flying kickoff - POLITICO

City Hall communications director moves to de Blasio's PAC as 2020 decision nears (all the narcissistic assholes are runnning, of course ... "if all those girls and that gay guy and that really old dude can do it, so can I" Blas fummbled again)

Obama is wrong. Democrats don't need to fear circular firing squads. (Barry still trapped in bi-partisan centrality -- worked out really well -- and being nice to Rethugs)

Michigan Conservatives Don't Want to Teach Students That America Is a Democracy (did you know that only white people are allowed to vote?)

Alabama 5th most federally dependent state : politics -- New Mexico (D) Mississippi (R) Kentucky (R) West Virginia (R) Alabama (R)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams Tucker Carlson for Claiming 'Feminiist' Scientists Blame Global Warming on Men (esp the ones who fart methane from their mouths and don't give a shit about your fucking planet)
Tucker Carlson's White Power Hour Is Losing TONS Of Money
Fox Host Is Angry That Schoolgirls Get To Wear Pants - The Ring of Fire Network - Starnes believes that now we're on a slippery slope of boys wearing skirts because that's how his demented brain works (ugly fuck, isn't he?)

Stanford expels student admitted with falsified sailing credentials : news

It's time to 'unsex' pregnancy - When roles and rights are assigned on the basis of sex, they often reinforce the association of men with work and the marketplace and women with the home. These expectations become self-perpetuating,

Batavia High School on lockdown after report of person armed with rifle entering school : news
Mother accused of selling son to settle drug debt gets 6 years in prison : news

An overdose and a mother search for truth

Allison Mack of 'Smallville' Pleads Guilty in Case of 'Sex Cult' Where Women Were Branded

Confirmed: New phase of matter is solid and liquid at the same time : news


CO2 levels at highest for 3 million years: The last time CO2 levels were this high, Greenland was mostly green, sea levels were up to 20 meters higher and trees grew on Antarctica : worldnews
Worrying figures released this week on the rising seas in Atlantic Canada should prompt governments and citizens to move more swiftly to protect coastal buildings and vital transport links, say flooding experts
Opinion | Nuclear Power Can Save the World - The New York Times - Expanding the technology is the fastest way to slash greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonize the economy. (and Stephen Pinker, super nuclear scientist and dark-web intellectual)

Survivors of Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle fear they have been forgotten - The Washington Post (suck it up, suckers)

Aviation world faces moment of reckoning after 737 MAX crashes - CNNPolitics (they did it fucking twice, capitalism could give a shit about your expendable lives esp when unregulated by Trump's FAA)

Judge rules New York county can't ban unvaccinated children from schools, parks ("they have the right to kill your kids" the judge ruled)

Advocate's actions kill bill allowing no-permit gun carry ("advocate" = "insane gun-nut" threatening TX congressfucks so it must be pretty bad)

Countries that help working class students get into university have happier citizens, finds a new study, which showed that policies such as lowering cost of private education, and increasing intake of universities so that more students can attend act to reduce happiness gap between rich and poor (why Republicans hate education)

How Far-Right Extremists Abroad Have Adopted Trump's Symbols As Their Own | HuffPost - Around the world, President Trump's slogans and MAGA hats have become a symbol for the far right (spreading the disease of hate)

Game rangers kill three poachers in Save Valley gun fight: police : worldnews

In Dramatic Shift, Netanyahu Vows To Annex West Bank Settlements If Re-Elected | HuffPost - The policy shift is apparently aimed at rallying Netanyahu' nationalist base in the final stretch of the tight Israeli Prime Minister race. ("nationalist base" same as everywhere)
In Israel Election, the Future of the West Bank Is Now on the Ballot - The New York Times (will Israel vote Nazi?)

Boy, 8, found after leaving home to 'travel the world'

Poland's Populists Pick a New Top Enemy: Gay People
Estonia: Far right set to enter government for first time : worldnews

Eschaton: Little England - These things are complicated, but Brexit was basically driven by old people with a desire to return to their imagined past. How, precisely, Brexit even in some ideal form would do that is never quite specified, but the Brexiteers channeled that longing into that referendum and here we are ... Also, Trump. (psycho-babies voting for their infancies)
The price of Brexit has been #66 billion so far, plus an impending recession -- and it hasn't even started yet
40 knife offences a day in London over two years, shock figures show : worldnews

Secrecy behind Saudi nuclear talks infuriates Congress | TheHill

3 Florida congresswomen denied access to largest child detention center in U.S. : politics
Eschaton: And She's Gone - And the brief moment of satisfaction is quickly gone with the realization that someone worse is inevitably next. -- Kirstjen Nielsen meeting with President Trump at 5pm, expected to resign -- Gonna have her own CNN show within a week.
Kirstjen Nielsen: Homeland Security secretary resigns as Trump rage continues - Vox - Nielsen was the most aggressive DHS secretary in history. It wasn't enugh for Trump
Kirstjen Nielsen resigning: DHS secretary stepping down after meeting with Trump at the White House today

The Carr Correction and the Barr Pseudo Exoneration | emptywheel

Trump lashes out at Mueller probe as release of report approaches - politico (you mean the redacted summary of the blacked-out summary summary)

Trump says Rep. Omar 'doesn't like Israel' one day after arrest in threat case ("if you're listening, Jewish Nazis ..."

Trump to Jewish Republicans: Democrats pushing 'extreme, anti-Semitic agenda'
Pro-Trump Republicans plan 8-figure play for the Jewish vote in 2020 - POLITICO - The Republican Jewish Coalition outlined the plans at its spring meeting at one of Sheldon Adelson's casinos

Marco Rubio was asked about Trump's false wind turbine cancer claim. Here's what he said ... Sen. Marco Rubio stopped in Ybor City on Friday for a hearing on the premium cigar industry. (they really do talk like this)

Devin Nunes sending eight criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr - CNNPolitics (seven are Hillary)
Private email use by government officials continues to raise suspicions : politics

Rep. Adam Schiff on Trump Claim of Democrats' Anti-Semitism: Only GOP 'Believes There are Good People on Both Sides of a Nazi Rally'
Ocasio-Cortez on Omar Death Threat: When Fox's Pirro Rallies People to Think Hijabs Are Threatening, It Leads to This

Whatever Trump Is Playing, It Isn't Golf (Cheating is a game itself)

Obama: I worry progressives may undercut Democratic allies | TheHill (said the great moderate Republican triangulaing historical failure)
Obama: Democrats are having a 'circular firing squad' over 'purity' (yeah, well, Barry fell over dead before they even got to him)

Joe Biden Gets Smacked Down On 'SNL' Over Grabby Hands

House Democratic Campaign Arm Nears War With Liberals Over Primary Fights - The New York Times (centrists (who have a great record) against the socialists)

Opinion | How Old Is 37? Depends on Your Gender - The New York Times - Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg and the fresh-face fallacy.

Eschaton: The Pigfucker Whisperers - The problem with the concept of "coastal elites" is that they are basically a certain segment of elites who happen to work in media/politics on the coasts, and by coasts we mean NYC and DC, who narrate this concept of "coastal elites" as if they were talking about people other than themselves ... If you're thinking about how "we" need to talk to "them" then you've already lost this particular struggle, and coastal elites who imagine we can send an ambassador from Harvard because he picked up some pigfucker at some point in his life and he can use his language to talk to the natives of that strange land known as Real America are as dumb as, well, Will Saletan. Who is always dumb ...
Challenge accepted. I told him eight things I absolutely love about Trump.

Is the U.S. a Democracy? A Social Studies Battle Turns on the Nation Values (dems say yes, refucks say no, elections are optional and only for white people)

Man filming Patriot Prayer rally acquitted of disobeying federal officer's order -- Law enforcement acting as the personal thugs for a group of fellow far right thugs

Paedophile who filmed himself raping a two-year-old girl and shared it online has been jailed for life. : news

Walnut Creek cop falsified 31 police reports, kept job : news

Years of turmoil and complaints led the Southern Poverty Law Center to fire its founder Morris Dees - The Washington Post (another impervious asshole dick)

Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins again speaks out about Baker administration Sunday - The Boston Globe (the patriarchy is showing signs of wear ... and Baker thought everyone had forgotten is druggie kid)

The decline of local newspapers reduces competition in mayoral elections and is linked to lower voter turnout. : science

Family of disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' fiance say he's been 'brainwashed' by her | Daily Mail Online

Dog vs. cat: New data show which pet brings you more joy - The Washington Post

Incredible images capture the beauty of the world's most stunning castles | Daily Mail Online

Poverty leaves a mark on our genes, suggests a new study, which found that lower socioeconomic status is associated with levels of DNA methylation (DNAm) at more than 2,500 sites, across more than 1,500 genes. In other words, poverty leaves a mark on nearly 10 percent of the genes in the genome. : science

People who overclaim their level of knowledge and are impressed by pseudo-profound bullshit are also more likely to believe fake news, according to new research (n=1,606) published in the Journal of Personality. : science
TIL researches at Harvard and Columbia concluded that Sarcasm promotes Creative Thinking because both the expressers and recipients of sarcasm need to overcome the contradiction between the literal and actual meanings of the sarcastic expressions. : todayilearned

Researchers use the so-called "dark triad" to measure the most sinister traits of human personality: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. Now psychologists have created a "light triad" to test for what the team calls Everyday Saints.
The Light Triad: Psychologists Outline the Personality Traits of Everyday Saints - The Crux - Kantianism, Humanism and Faith in Humanity.

Maybe You Really Can Use Black Holes to Travel the Universe - The Crux

Two patients with longstanding schizophrenia experienced complete remission of symptoms with the ketogenic diet, an evidence-based treatment for epilepsy. Both patients were able to stop antipsychotic medications and remained in remission for years now, as reported in journal Schizophrenia Research. : science

Old people of Reddit, what are some challenges kids today who romanticize the past would face if they grew up in your era? : AskReddit

What is the dumbest post you've see hit the front page?
Jaguar catching some dinner : WTF

Marriage/engagement photographers/videographers of Reddit, have you developed a sixth sense for which marriages will flourish and which will not? What are the green and red flags? : AskReddit

Cats recognize their own names

Princess Sophia - Jesus will have to come back in meat and bones
Basics of interpretation text by Princess Sophia Version 1.1, 22/12/2016 -
Genesis text by Princess Sophia Version 1.0, 28/11/2017 -

Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click Tracking : technology

Facebook are 'morally bankrupt, pathological liars' - NZ Privacy Commissioner : worldnews (it's official, you've been Fuckersandberged)


Satellite image from the Bering Sea seen ice-free at a time when it's usually at its maximum | Daily Mail Online
Rhino Poacher Trampled By An Elephant And Then Eaten By Lions : worldnews

Columbine shooting anniversary: A school security chief investigates threats to keep students safe - The Washington Post

A Mysterious Infection, Spanning the Globe in a Climate of Secrecy - The New York Times - The rise of Candida auris embodies a serious and growing public health threat: drug-resistant germs.
Mysterious Fungal Superbug Spreading Worldwide - Hospitals Keeping Silent For Years : science

Countries that help working class students get into university have happier citizens, finds a new study, which showed that policies such as lowering cost of private education, and increasing intake of universities so that more students can attend act to reduce happiness gap between rich and poor

How regulators, Republicans and big banks fought for a big increase in lucrative but risky corporate loans - The Washington Post ((Rethugs set two time bombs to destroy the econommy after they leave -- one you know about, the $1tn giveaway to the superrich and one you don't, the $1tn in deregulated loans which will fail just like the last time)

The US has admitted that a woman and child were killed by an American drone strike in Somalia last April : worldnews

Pakistani fisherman beaten to death in Indian jail "missing both his eyes, his skull is open with the brain gone, his kidneys, too" laid to rest

China 'Destroying' Mosques As U.S. Senators Urge Americans To Stop Funding Xinjiang : worldnews
In China, they're closing churches, jailing pastors -- and even rewriting scripture (Jesus was a Maoist and ran people over with his tank)
A local Sydney council bowed to pressure from the Chinese Government and banned an Australian-owned media company from sponsoring an event because it was critical of the Communist Party. : worldnews
Microsoft found a Huawei driver that opens systems to attack : technology

Netanyahu says will begin annexing West Bank if he wins Israel election - Israel Election 2019 - - 'A Palestinian state will endanger our existence' (pre-cleared w/Kushfucker)

Attacks by White Extremists Are Growing. So Are Their Connections. : worldnews
Texas Teacher Suspended Over Alleged Ties To White Nationalist Group : news
The Alt-Right's Asian Fetish
Canadians See Alt-Right As Greatest Threat to National Security

B.C. schools must provide free menstrual products by year's end | The provincial government of British Columbia, Canada has mandated all schools to provide free menstrual products in washrooms for students by the end of 2019. : worldnews

Critics say sticker shock at cannabis prices will push customers back to the black market: Statistics Canada says legal buyers paid $9.70 for cannabis compared to $6.51 on the black market : worldnews
Mother of girl with epilepsy has supply of medical cannabis confiscated : worldnews

Ireland's Varadkar: EU veto on Brexit extension 'extremeluy unlikely'
Uber removes London driver who would not take Jews : worldnews

The Israeli Elections: Can the Left Be Saved? - Whatever Happened to the Israeli Left? (genocidal racist authoritarian state was always Israel's destiny)
6,000 Palestinian children jailed by Israel since 2015: NGO : worldnews

Saudis Escalate Crackdown on Dissent, Arresting Nine and Risking U.S. Ire - The New York Times (yeah, Trump will be very angry says NYTaccess)

Eschaton: Always The French - Not that I blame them. -- France has reiterated its opposition to Britain being granted any further Brexit extension if it does not have a concrete plan with clear support in the Commons, saying that without that Britain must be deemed to have chosen to leave the EU without a deal.

Justin Trudeau Used To Make People Go - Now It's More Like -- / According to one recent poll, Trudeau is performing worse than US President Donald Trump: Only 40% of Canadians approve of his performance ... And boy did she, spending hours giving testimony that made Trudeau look like a real jerk ... she had secretly recorded a conversation with the chief clerk, the country's top civil servant job ...

Opinion | "Someone Is Always Trying to Kill You" -- The United States cannot erect a wall and expect women to resign themselves to being slaughtered. (#1: destroy their countries #2 fuck their refugees #3 go on Fox)

US wants 2 years to ID migrant kids separated from families - ABC News - US wants up to 2 years to identify potentially thousands of children who were separated from their parents at the border early in the Trump administration (and then they'll extend it to 10 years)
Family Separation Has Scarred These Kids For Life | HuffPost

Trump Homeland Security Official Suggested Antifascists Were 'The Actual Threats' (said the White Supremacy Agency led by) what Katie Gorka has been up to at work (yes, the same Gorkas)

Barr's Mueller Report Summary Is Like Witnessing A Murder And Being Told It Never Happened : politics

Congress' new Mueller fight: Do Dems need to begin impeachment to see secret files?
Under Rug Swept - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Taibbi/Greenwald thesis that if there is not a provable criminal conspiracy with the Russian state that therefore thereno scandal and indeed that there was never even anything worth investigating is an epic feat of goalpost-shifting.

Attorneys for Michael Cohen, President Trump's Former Fixer, Submitted Documents to Lawmakers Thursday Night Accusing Trump and His Team of Lawyers of Instructing Cohen to Lie to Congress About When Negotiations Ended to Build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Trump's mental condition seems to be getting worse: He should subject himself to a rigorous assessment now
U.S. President Trump tweets he has not read Special Counsel Mueller's report : politics

Mitch McConnell is destroying the Senate -- and American government
Republicans Freak Out As Data Shows That Their Party Is Dying Off : politics

'No Celebrities' : Embarrassing Turnout at Trump's Beverly Hills Fundraiser -- Tickets for the event allegedly started at $15,000 and went as high as $150,000.
Trump visits his for-profit golf course during California trip for dinner with son, local officials - The Washington Post (it's always all about the Benjamins)

Republican Senator John Kennedy Suggests Someone Could Be 'Killed' if Unredacted Mueller Report Is Released

America's Leaders Need Sex Ed -- For those who want to regulate women's bodies, ignorance has been no obstacle. (not just men, either)

Eschaton: Joe the Biden - It's early and I'm honestly trying to keep an open mind but I can't with this guy. VP was your great 2nd (or 3rd) act, Joe. Just revel in it and move on ... This isn't self-deprecation, it's fake self-deprecation aimed at minimizing the actual accusations (and videos). You can think that's all bullshit if you want, but it's a dick thing for Joe to pretend he doesn't think it's all bullshit then mock the whole thing while pretending to mock himself.
Alec MacGillis on Twitter: "Just 19 more months of this, folks: "
Every Joe Biden Accuser, From Lucy Flores to Amy Lappos
Meet the Man Behind Trump's Biden Tweet

Eschaton: Truly Never Worked A Day In Their Lives - Conservatives love deriding AOC as a former bartender. I didn't grow up poor or in a poor area, but "everybody" did some relatively "menial" jobs in high school or college or soon after. It was normal ... Everybody was eventually a former service worker. -- These people are really telling on themselves.

Howard Schultz Gets Owned on MSNBC - Dumb Starbucks Man Has Precisely Two Thoughts

The Latest: Jury rejects Harry Reid therapy band injury case ... Jurors never saw the actual exercise band because Reid's son disposed of it soon after Reid was injured ... Reid testified the stretchy device slipped from his grasp, and he fell and was seriously injured. (maybe old guys shouldn't use rubber bands)

Reuters U.S. News on Twitter: "JUST IN: Gordon Caplan, former co-chairman of New York law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher, becomes second parent to agree to plead guilty in U.S. college admissions scandal"
Eschaton: Life Shouldn't Be So Hard - One way to look at this stuff is he didn't mind writing the check because he's got plenty of $. But he still had to worry about this. It still had to occupy his brainspace. I assume it was a more complicated transaction than buying a BMW. -- Not feeling sympathy. Just... "who cares, Caplan Jr., just go to CUNY and have a blast" should be ok. -- The super-rich...they're just like us! Only richer.
Eschaton: Cheating Rich People - At some level I just think it's funny rich people cheat their way into exclusive schools because the whole process has nothing to do with "meritocracy" and all you have to say is "legacy students, QED." Let some other people in the university rake in some of the cash. ... But of course the popular myth of American elite universities is that they are filled with "undeserving" black students filling up the 60-80% of spots reserved for affirmative action. Which is hilarious if you've ever walked around on one of these elite campuses, or noticed that the same 3 black students miraculously appear on every page of their websites. The campuses are filled with failsons.

New York Man Arrested Following Death Threat Against Rep. Ilhan Omar | HuffPost - He told FBI agents that he loves Trump and hates radical Muslims in government, according to the criminal complaint ... The caller spelled his name and left a phone number ... (more Trumpian stochastic moron terrorism)
Feds Arrest New York Man for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Rep. Ilhan Omar

3 Black Churches Have Burned in 10 Days in a Single Louisiana Parish - The New York Times (in statement, KKK said "just a coincidence" and "may have been set by black people" FD see's "no connections")

The Cracking of a Cold, Cold Case - The New York Times

The Fox Effect - Lawyers, Guns & Money (vide infra, Murdoch is Satan)

Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski might have been a woman or intersex - Researchers noticed the Polish officer's delicate bone structure after the skeleton was extracted from the Pulaski monument in Savannah, Georgia.

Whole Foods Cut Prices. It Saved Us 5 Cents. - The New York Times
Does the Air Fryer Deliver on Its Golden Promise? - The New York Times

Cambridge woman carried away on stretcher minutes into launch of dockless scooter program. : msaeachubaets

Amazon has filed plans to offer broadband access from orbit with 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit, including 784 satellites at 367 miles altitude; 1,296 at 379 miles; and 1,156 at 391 miles. Amazon said satellites would provide data coverage in regions containing about 95% of world population. : worldnews


Netflix's 'Our Planet' Is Beautiful but Uncomfortable - The Atlantic - In a groundbreaking move, the beautiful but uncomfortable documentary forces viewers to acknowledge their own complicity in the decline of nature.

Measles outbreak: Legislators move to end religious exemptions from vaccines amid outbreak : news

157 Republicans Just Opposed Renewing The Violence Against Women Act | HuffPost - They sided with the National Rifle Association over women's safety ("we love violence against women" they said)

U.S. Adds 196,000 Jobs in March, a Return to Solid Growth - The New York Times - After a lackluster performance in February, the job market bounced back in March. February's number of new jobs was also revised upward, to 33,000 from 20,000. (Trump economy is winning!)

Donald Tusk floats 1-year Brexit 'flextension' - European Council president raises the idea of long, flexible delay. (more rope for the morons)

How China Turned a City Into a Prison - The New York Times - A surveillance state reaches new heights.

Saudi Arabia arrests more activists, including 2 US citizens

Ex-Congressman's Russian Bank Loses License for Money Laundering - Bloomberg - Republican Charles Taylor owns 80% stake in Bank Ivanovo
Accused of money laundering in Russia, former NC congressman's bank loses license (so now, Republican congressfucks laundering Russian money in their own banks -- yes, they have banks -- is a thing)

APNewsBreak: White House withdraws nomination to lead ICE
Homeland Security Staffers Were Warned Not To Leak Information Or Face Legal Consequences - warned in a department-wide email that employees could potentially face criminal, civil, or administrative consequences for leaking information (or get deported to some Mexican country)

We already knew Barr's summary was too easy on Trump. Public records prove it. (emptywheel for WaPo)
Barrage of setbacks spoils Trump's post-Mueller reset
Potentially damaging information in Mueller report ushers in new political fight - The Washington Post (Barr the door to democracy!)
The plot just thickened on William Barr and the Mueller report - The Washington Post
William Barr's stunt has backfired
One of America's top Republican Senators just demanded the public release of the Mueller Report (Grassfuck, and he ain't serious)
The "Witch Hunt" Lives: Trump and the Investigation That Just Won't End

Trump Asked That Confirmation of I.R.S. Counsel Be a Priority - The New York Times (whoah, another fake-human face of evil to defend Trump's evil)
White House maneuvers to block release of Trump's tax returns

Bernie Sanders declines to say when he will release tax returns - CNNPolitics (Bernie pulls a Trump!)
The Reluctance of Bernie Sanders to Release His Damn Tax Returns Is Part of a Bigger Issue
The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn't Go Well (the rich win bc they control everything inc laws and congress)

Where Rudy Giuliani's Money Comes From (the Trump brand and Russians)

next possible Fed nominee can't understand basic policy issues (Herman Cain, professional moron)

Trump is floundering disastrously on multiple fronts. Stop pretending he's in control

Trump, on Barbara Bush: 'She was nasty to me, but she should be. Look what I did to her sons' (I kicked their lazy asses, he said)
In which our knight-errant slays the carcinogenic windmill - The Washington Post

A photo of me and Joe Biden went viral. I want him to take ownership for his actions.
Biden: 'I'm not sorry for anything that I have ever done' (he's never, ever made a mistake, so there)
Hey Joe - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Man Who Is Now Mindful About Respecting Personal Space - Lawyers, Guns & Money (JoeBi has always been an asshole)
How Can We Forget You Ever Existed If You Won't Go Away? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mark Halperin swears he's changed ... (nvr n e conseqs)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Backs Ending Senate Filibuster | HuffPost - The 2020 presidential candidate will announce her stance Friday at a conference with a civil rights group.

How Trump Conspired with the Freedom Caucus to Shut Down the Government - politico

Manchin weighs bid for West Virginia governor in 2020 - POLITICO

Why do white evangelicals still staunchly support Donald Trump? - The Washington Post (the rise of Satangelicals and the rockhard white supremicist nazi core of support for Trump the Antichrist)

Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: "Howard Schultz's plan for immigration is to put an empty chair in a room and tell politicians the chair represents the American people" (coffee man is really dumb but very confident in his skillzzz)
Eschaton: Or What If - The people can't be represented by one chair, but many, and in fact that's what the politicians are supposed to be, if imperfectly... just contemplating democracy, coffee man.

Free speech means I don't have to be nice to Devin Nunes on Twitter. So why's he suing me?

u/neilcmf gives a perfect rundown of the GOP "platform" : bestof (#1: turn off your brain)

Eschaton: Socialism - We all take life as given to some degree. What we're used to is "normal" and different things are, well, different. What the state does and does not do as a matter of course our whole lives seems obvious, and what the state does in other countries seems strange or even the dreaded socialism. ... In America, we're socialized driving -- and housing for our cars. "We don't let people put their self-storage containers in public parks, but it's just fine to store their cars on other public land for free" (socialist moocher cars)

Adventures in the American meritocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - See if you can guess where this is going: ... If you guessed "using real estate to launder money for fun and profit," akathe Donald Trump Special, you're right ... (Harvard, the best of crooks, the inception of financial deals)

Report: David Stringer on child sex trafficking, 'I don't like to demonize it' (Republican sex offender offended by motion to demonize demons like him)

I hate what they've done to almost everyone in my family -- Progress is made one funeral at a time (Murdoch ate everyone's brains and turned them into Trump Zombies/Killer clowns but they were walking braindead evil since Reagan, and need to die now)

Jussie Smollett refuses to reimburse city of Chicago $130,000 in investigation costs. : news
Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner ordered to register as sex offender : news

That Noise? The Rich Neighbors Digging a Basement Pool in Their $100 Million Brownstone - The New York Times (the Londonization of NYC)

The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs | The New Yorker - Millions of Americans have taken antidepressants for many years. What happens when it's time to stop ... Laura Delano (call Purdue Pharm and wtf, Doctor Roth took a fucking year to talk to her and then couldn't shut up among other issues and why can't we know their names?)

Scientists find genetic mutation that makes woman feel no pain | Science | The Guardian

This Harvard astronomer's theory on aliens earned him ridicule. Here's why he's standing by it (it's NOT ALIENS WE TELL YOU!)

This Is Your Brain on Silence - Nautilus - Pocket - Contrary to popular belief, peace and quiet is all about the noise in your head ... (42 paragraphs later) ... two hours of silence per day prompted cell development in the hippocampus, the brain region related to the formation of memory, involving the senses. (and that's literally the only content in the thinkpiece)

Data from more than 17,000 teenagers show little evidence of a relationship between screen time and well-being in adolescents. The study casts doubt on the widely accepted notion that spending time online, gaming, or watching TV, especially before bedtime, can damage young people's mental health. : science

The best apps to block robocalls on cellphones - The Washington Post

tsla - Google Search (let see where this goes, but Elongated Musk crashed yesterday)


House Expands Domestic Violence Gun Controls in Rebuke to N.R.A. - The New York Times

Bad diets killing more people globally than tobacco, study finds : worldnews

The routine vaccination of girls with the HPV vaccine in Scotland has led to a "dramatic" drop in cervical disease in later life, new research suggests. : worldnews (and the girls didn't turn into slut-machines like the fundies said would happen, they just didn't die)

Saudi Arabia's first nuclear reactor nearly finished, sparking fears over safeguards ... but it has yet to show any readiness to abide by safeguards that would prevent it making a bomb. (and why is Israel ok with this, but not Iran?)

Russian troll posts obvious propaganda piece claiming that "Russia didn't attack America". /u/simplymercurial posts every single instance in the last 2 years when America was attacked by Russia or someone acting on Russia's behalf. : bestof - undefined

Eschaton: May's Way Or The Motorway (off the cliff with the lemming morons)
Anna Mikhailova on Twitter: "New: Senior Labour source telling me today's talks did not go as well as initially thought: 'May offered nothing today. Unless tomorrow's talks change the narrative it seems to be a waste of time.'"
Eschaton: "Very Likely" - Not that I can know, but there's almost no chance the Tories adequately prepared for a "no deal Brexit," based on the difficulties of doing that, the sidelining of the Civil Service throughout, and their general magical thinking. Gotta bring in a lot of food regularly to feed a country of 66 million people that imports 50% of its food, especially given perishability and just in time (no) inventory systems -- And while food is a somewhat pressing issue, it is just one of numerous...

Trump backs off threat to close southern border immediately, says he'll give Mexico 'one-year warning' on drugs, migrants

Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport -- and I'm an American citizen - Techie says he was grilled for three hours after refusing to let agents search his devices : technology (fuck your so-called "rights")

The U.S. Is Tracking Migrant Girls' Periods to Stop Them From Getting Abortions -- This is some really weird Handmaid's Tale stuff (not really, you missed the whole after they get raped by ICE part)
ICE Arrests 280 Workers In Allen In Largest Workplace Immigration Raid In A Decade | KERA News (fuckers love to fuck peoples lives)

Some on Mueller'S Team Team Say Report Was More Damaging Than Barr Revealed - Special Counsel investigators have expressed displeasure at the way the attorney general has portrayed their findings, reports say (wtf the pic?)
Eschaton: Agenda Setting - Without getting into the particulars - because to some degree they aren't even what's important - the power of the New York Times is on display here. When they publish something which basically says "Mueller Barr exonerates Trump!!!" "everyone" agrees this is true even though it was transparently false because even Barr, a known corrupt man with a history of covering up for presidents, couldn't even manage to say that. It was total bullshit and you didn't need the follow up "whoa, hold on, maybe not" to know that. The first article is a big deal and sets the narrative. The second article is a big deal and also sets the narrative. Because people are dumb or choose to be and authoritative news sources still determine "truth" based on obvious spin. (Baquet and Haberputz pardoned Trump, the narrative is set in stone)
The Significance of that Word, "Summary" -- In a big story that nevertheless treats Bill Barr's excuses credulously, the NYT reveals that associates of people on the Mueller team say team members are pissed off by Bill Barr's obvious misrepresentation of their findings. (once again, NYT facilitates the destruction of your democracy)
When Mueller submitted his report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and the possibility of Trump obstructing justice, it was prepared so every section had its own summary, with the belief each would be made available to the public. : worldnews
Trump has reacted angrily to reports members of Mueller's investigative team are frustrated that damaging evidence about the president that they uncovered has not been revealed : worldnews

Limited information Barr has shared about Russia investigation frustrated some on Mueller's team
Prepare yourself -- the Mueller redaction wars are coming
Robert Mueller's Team Says Report Had More Troubling Details About Trump Than William Barr Revealed - Some Special Counsel investigators have expressed displeasure at the way the attorney general ... (has fucked with their report)

Barr is "playing with fire" by not releasing Mueller's report: Ex-Watergate prosecutor
William Barr Seems to be Covering Up Something Bad For Trump
Rudy Giuliani called Mueller's staff 'rabid Democrats' and 'snearky, unethical learkers' fter a new report said the special counsel's findings are worse than Trump claims

Rand Paul blocks resolution calling for release of Mueller report | TheHill (good libertarian fucker)

Jared Kushner identified as senior White House official whose security clearance was denied by career officials - The Washington Post ("news")
Trump's security clearance meddling is much bigger scandal than Benghazi or 'her emails'

Growing Partisan Divide Over Fairness of the Nation's Tax System -- Only about a third of Americans approve of 2017 tax law (that would be the 1% rich and the 32% incredibly stupid)

Eschaton: How Long Before - We get the "oh, well, of course everyone in the press knew that Trump's mental capacity was declining... we just didn't think it was our place to say so" comments from the press after Trump is out of office.
Another Trump birther conspiracy debunked with a birth certificate. This time: His father. - The Washington Post

Mar-a-Lago Arrest Spotlights Security Risks At Trump Estate | HuffPost (don't worry, Barron is handling it)
Democrats demand Mar-a-Lago security review after Secret Service arrests Chinese woman - The Washington Post (he's selling "access' to foreign spies)

'Dozens' Trump Whistle-Blowers Are Working With House Democrats - The Atlantic - of Whistle-Blowers Are Secretly Cooperating With House Democrats - The number of anonymous tipsters reporting wrongdoing from inside the federal government has spiked during the Trump presidency, the House Oversight Committee says.

Trump hit with 'accidental' 1-day investigative assault -- Lawmakers and aides say the three-prong attack was an accident, not some secret plan.

Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "It's mind-blowing to look at the wreckage of UK politics, realize that it's basically all Rupert Murdoch's fault, and then look back to the US and realize that's *also* all Rupert Murdoch's fault
The Man Who Sold the World - Lawyers, Guns & Money

GOP Nukes Judicial Filibuster. Democrat Apologizes. - Trump has already put more than 90 judges on the federal courts. Now, he's poised to handpick another 128 (or so) before his first term is through. -- And if Democratic senator Michael Bennet had his way, that number would be even higher. (another bipartisan asshole dem)

The Wisconsin Disaster - Lawyers, Guns & Money (another hope for representative democracy dashed as Wississippi votes for a radical Trumpster)

Buttigieg draws huge crowd at Northeastern U. - POLITICO

Bernie Sanders and taxes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bernie Sanders is acting very weird about his taxes (what is he hiding, and did he really think he could hide it?)

Alabama's Gruesome Prisons: Report Finds Rape and Murder at All Hours (InJustice System in Fuckabama)

Eschaton: Turnstile Jumping - There is no logical reason "stealing" $2.50 in subway fare should be treated differently than "stealing" $2.50 in parking by not feeding the meter, but it has been and fortunately now that is mostly changing. (Kamala would lock them up for life)

Opinion | The Electoral College Was Not a Pro-Slavery Ploy - The New York Times - There is a lot wrong with how we choose the president. But the framers did not put it into the Constitution to protect the South.

Feds Say White Supremacist Cousins Used Facebook To Discuss Attack On Muslims | HuffPost - Thomas Alonzo Bolin, a 22-year-old who managed a white supremacist Facebook group, was charged with lying to the FBI about his weapons.
Roughly half of Americans think Christian nationalism is a rising threat to freedom : politics (the other half are Refucklican nazis)
White Nationalists Adopt Clowns as Their Next Racist Symbol (Yes, Seriously) | Right Wing Watch
Palo Alto woman loses job after confronting MAGA-hat-wearing Starbucks customer - SFGate

Locked out of care that eases his dying days - The Boston Globe (Fuckyouachusetts)
Time to halt Big Weed

stubbzies comments on Oh, it's the Police. (never marry a cop)

What the College-Admissions Scandal Reveals - The Atlantic (Flanadoodle)
He bought the fencing coach's house. Then his son got into Harvard - Soon enough, Jie Zhao's And Zhao, who never lived a day in the Needham house, would sell it 17 months after he bought it for a $324,500 loss.

Jeff Bezos, in divorce settlement, retains 75 percent of the Amazon stock he held with his now ex-wife MacKenzie - The Washington Post

Family discovers hidden camera livestreaming in Airbnb : news

People who microdose psychedelic drugs for a month say it increases positive emotions and productivity, finds a study of more than a thousand volunteers from 59 countries. Increased energy, improved work effectiveness, and improved health habits were observed in clinical/ non-clinical populations.

Hospital Withdraws Job Offer To Doctor Who Tweeted About Giving Jews Wrong Meds : news

Watch this dad belt out Ave Maria for his daughter in a lobby at Disney World (and gets noticed by Iger


Twitter Erupts Over Donald Trump's s Latest Wild Conspiracy Theory About Wind Farm Noise - The president drew backlash after he linked the sound to cancer.
Patagonia refusing to sell vests to some corporate clients that don't 'prioritize the planet' : worldnews

Three babies infected with measles in The Netherlands, two were too young to be vaccinated, another should have been vaccinated but wasn't. : worldnews

Top Israeli Security Delegation Loses Classified Arms Documents in a Restaurant, en Route to India : worldnews

Panama Papers helps recover more than $1.6B around the world : worldnews

Theresa May was warned about Brexit. She didn't listen (and it wasn't the first time)
Juncker rejects May appeal for further Brexit delay | World news | The Guardian
'Grassroots' Facebook Brexit ads secretly run by staff of Lynton Crosby firm | Politics | The Guardian

All 28 EU States Reject US Recognizing Golan Heights as Israel's

Neo-Nazi who said homosexuality was 'unnatural' revealed as paedophile who groomed young boys : worldnews (click-through to the Chud)

She fled a 'Jewish Taliban' sect with her children. Then kidnappers tracked them down. (burkas and child-rape)

Armed men kidnap an American tourist in Uganda and demand a $500K ransom for her freedom : worldnews

Attacks by White Extremists Are Growing. So Are Their Connections. - The New York Times
Donald Trump's Racism Has Material Consequences - Lawyers, Guns & Money (so let's stop tracking white terrorism!)

Federal probe focuses on Mar-a-Lago intruder, Cindy Yang | Miami Herald

Trump is unraveling before our eyes. He isn't fit for reelection
President Trump is Mentally Unwell - The Bulwark - Here are three examples from just one day.
Certified Moron Donald Trump Thinks Wind Turbines 'Cause Cancer'
Trump's Windmill Cancer Speech Was Another Horrifying Look Into His Broken Brain
Donald Trump, moral zombies and the uncanny valley - Lawyers, Guns & Money - PCL-R score is in a range that has sometimes been associated with qualitative differences in brain structure and function, e.g., evident in MRIs or PET scans during particular cognitive tasks. Among other curiosities, these individuals tend not to process risk like most people.

House Democrats force Mueller report subpoena after Trump's attorney general ignores deadline
House Democrat Demands Six Years of Trump Tax Returns From I.R.S. - The New York Times

Republicans trigger 'nuclear option' to speed Trump nominees - Democrats blasted the move as a blow to the Senate and a sign the filibuster might soon be on its way out. (it's like they're sure they will never not be in power)

Donors to the Trump inaugural committee got ambassador nominations. But are they qualified?
House Intelligence Committee Seeks Documents From Trump's Inaugural

Then Again, Too Few to Mention - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Next step: Comey joins a unity ticket with Howard Schultz. (speaking of moral zombies)

Trump needles Biden over claims: 'Are you having a good time, Joe?' also suggested that "the socialists" were behind recent allegations against his potential 2020 rival

Enough with the excuses. It's time for Sanders to release his tax returns. (what's he hiding?)

Elizabeth Warren will unveil bill to make it easier to jail executives

Today in the High and Mighty Principles of Rheeism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the actual point of charter schools: A trio of intertwined charter school networks operating within Houston ISD have paid or lent at least $17 million during the last five years to a company owned by their highest-ranking employee, an unusual arrangement drawing criticism from some HISD school board members ahead of a vote to renew their contracts.

Senator Cotton Urges IRS Investigation of the Southern Poverty Law Center | Tom Cotton | U.S. Senator for Arkansas
Georgia House Republicans file bill to create state Journalism Ethics
Opinion | The Government Had to Approve This Op-Ed - The New York Times - Prepublication review of the writings of current and former federal employees violates their First Amendment rights.

American Meritocracy Is a Myth - Recent scandals in politics and higher education show how the rich perpetuate inequality in the US.

Of Course, Trump's New Health Care Guy Was Involved in Massive Medicare Fraud

Just Not That Woman - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This a good piece by Sady Doyle about the coverage of Elizabeth Warren - She has the folksy demeanor of Joe Biden, the ferocious conviction of Bernie Sanders, the deep intelligence of fellow law professor Barack Obama. But Warren is not a man, and so those traits are framed as liabilities, rather than strengths ... (and, of course, GG gets his lady-hating in)

What Could Go Wrong? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The least surprising thing ever is when you allow industries to regulate themselves and that leads to people dying. That this has just been in the news with the airline industry and the Boeing planes crashing means this is really perfect timing from the Trump administration.

The U.S. Supreme Court halted the execution of Patrick Murphy last week because he wasn't given access to a Buddhist chaplain. Now, no chaplains will be allowed in the death chamber. (haha, fixed that problem)

How Rupert Murdoch's Empire of Influence Remade the World (fuck your stupid banner, NYT)
6 Takeaways From The Times's nvestigation Into Rupert Murdoch and His Family: Using 150 Interviews on Three Continents, The Times Describes the Murdoch Family's Role in Destabilizing Democracy in North America, Europe and Australia.
The insecurity of Donald Trump, in 1 remarkable story - CNNPolitics - Buried in the middle of a richly reported and incredibly detailed New York Times profile of Rupert Murdoch, his family and the vast media empire he oversees is a remarkable anecdote about Donald Trump from the 2016 campaign that illuminates just how desperate the then-candidate was to prove that he was worthy of running for president.

Chasing Bonnie and Clyde (NR, so no background on the Texas Racist Rangers)

Man charged with murder in county park was deported twice before: ICE -

How Trump appointees helped the makers of BOB jogging strollers fight off a safety recall - The Washington Post

/u/VeganHatsr06 destroys the idea of vegan diets being healthy with an extensive literature review. [xpost from r/Futurology] : BestOfNoPolitics (you might want to save the linked link)

JBlitzen comments on ELI5: Why India is the only place commonly called a subcontinent?

dusk7 comments on I realized the specific way Harmontown has fundamentally changed

u/giraffe_truther and u/swim4alife Talk about the effects of cochlear implants- and it's not just about Deaf culture
Giraffe_Truther comments on Gatekeeping fucking sign language

Beyondintodarkness comments on Big ass Komodo Dragon eats an Entire Goddamn Monkey

Spookyredd comments on My wife is pregnant with our first child!!

What An Aging Population Means For The Future Of The Internet -- Older people play an outsized role in civic life. They also are more likely to be online targets for misinformation and hyperpartisan rhetoric. (50 year-olds get coached by AARP to use iPads! danger ahead!)

Big Tech's Original Sin -- Greed. It's always about greed (or, as they say, "engagement")

Facebook Says White Nationalist Video Doesn't Break New Policy Against White Nationalism -- prominent Canadian white nationalist Faith Goldy (wants Jews and blacks to pay reparations to white people for the countries they've "invaded"


Heaven or High Water - Selling Miami's last 50 years

The emerging Boeing 737 Max scandal, explained - Vox - more than bad software -- A major employer faced a major financial threat, and short-term politics and greed won out over the integrity of the regulatory system. It's a scandal (Repubicans killed a bunch of people, again)

Eschaton: Stock Up On Food - Translation: one of the main Tories who was willing to defy May to try to make something better happen has almost entirely given up and says the apocalypse is probably coming. (they will go off the cliff no matter what bc May is a Tory idiot)
Brexit of champions - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Cameron's Folly -- Parliament has spoken, and its message is clear -- it does not want to take responsibility for making any viable Brexit choice:

Jamal Khashoggi: How the assassination of the Saudi journalist unfolded - Washington Post
Jamal Khashoggi's children have received monthly payments as compensation for father's killing

Impasse Over Aid for Puerto Rico Stalls Billions in Federal Disaster Relief - The New York Times
U.S. gave El Salvador millions in aid. Migration slowed. Now Trump is cutting it off - The Washington Post (for obvious reasons)

Comey concedes he may have been responsible for Trump's election - Axios

Protest at University of Arizona over Border Patrol will result in charges ... "murder patrol" (no speech for you, snowflakes)
The Real Issue with Free Speech on Campus - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Six months in prison for protesting fascism and ethnic cleansing. Yeah, pretty clear that Oberlin students complaining that their cafeteria banh mi is not sufficiently Vietnamese is a major existential crisis for American institutions of higher education.

The ongoing cognitive decline of Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money .... Trump has said his father was born in Germany at least twice before just in the last year. Did anybody correct him at the time? Did they do so and he just forgot again? Yeah, let's elect an 80-year-old next year. What could possibly go wrong?
Trump wrongly claims his dad was born in Germany -- oor the third time
President Trump Just Repeatedly Demanded to Know 'the Oranges of the Investigation' - He also suggested, not for the first time, that his own father was born in Germany when he wasn't.
Aidan McLaughlin on Twitter: "SNL made a montage of Trump's CPAC speech and it's nuts " (quick montage of the crazy)

Trolls pumped out malware along with pro-Trump tweets | Miami Herald - Venezuelans helped
Chinese woman carrying 'malware' arrested at Mar-a-Lago heading to a Cindy Yang event
Chinese woman carrying thumb drive with malware arrested at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort
How Does This Story Feature Chinese Malware and Mar-a-Lago and Massage Parlors and Bob Kraft? - The Trump administration is like the 890,000-pound fungus in Michigan.

Farmers won't be compensated for millions of dollars of soybeans lost after floods and trade war -- Farmers will have to destroy all grain contaminated by floodwater, and many are worried about making good on previously signed contracts to deliver crops. (karma's a bitch, suckers)

Sorry, Trump fans, but here on Planet Earth, Devin Nunes is no hero - The Washington Post (the little commie is tried to destroy you country; "pencil-neck" Schill is the real hero)

DHS Disbands Domestic Terror Intelligence Unit (bc Trump is the ultimate domestic terrorist)

US auto plants would shut down within a week if border closes, economist says - CNN ("shut down the economy, I mean the border" Trump raged furiously)
Congress fears Trump could stumble over next fiscal cliff - POLITICO - Lawmakers will try to ink a deal, but Trump could blow up their plans.

The Supreme Court's Conservatives Just Legalized Torture -- In an appalling death penalty opinion, Justice Neil Gorsuch just overturned 60 years of precedent.
Torturing the Eighth Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: I Do Not Think That's What Bipartisan Is - Say "we gambled, and lost, and then we were stuck." Or "actually, this is what we had to do to please Max Baucus anyway." But not "this was good because the imaginary Republicans from the West Wing that we were negotiating with were very pleased." Valerie Jarrett: ..."If I'd known that there was nothing we could do, I still think we would have thought, Well, let's just make absolutely sure, because it's a lot better if it's bipartisan" ... It .. was .. not .. bipartisan ... there are some arguments for why making something actually bipartisan has value, even if, again, I'm one who thinks those arguments are weak. But "we made it shittier to please Alan Alda on the West Wing and we're happy about that" is worse than stupid. (Barry's culture of centrist Republican morons fucked us all)

Trump Lives by Ratings. He Wont Like This One -- the E-Score calculates awareness and appeal of individuals in the public eye. But it also tracks how individuals score on more than 40 personality and physical attributes ... Trump was most often described as "aggressive" and "mean" ... and "insincere" ... "creepy" ... 0 to 4 percent "sexy" "impartial" "handsome" and "physically fit" (exept for old insincere aggressive creepy old white men)

Trump Retreats on Health Care, Saying Republican Plan Will Appear Only After the 2020 Election - The New York Times ("I will destrory your socialist healthcare after I destroy the Democrats"

Trump, airing grievances with immigration system, says U.S. needs to 'get rid of judges' ("Ill judge everything myself" he said)
President Trump Ranted About 'Getting Rid of Judges' in Another Presidential* Episode -- Another vintage Oval Office moment. By Charles P. Pierce -- Apr 2, 2019
'Why is he picking this fight now?' : Trump's attacks on Puerto Rico could backfire in 2020 Florida campaign
White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley Refers to Puerto Rico as 'That Country' on MSNBC

It doesn't matter what Joe Biden meant to do ("I didn't mean to totally creep them out" he said)
Connecticut woman says then-Vice President Joe Biden touched her inappropriately at a Greenwich fundraiser in 2009 - Hartford Courant
Enjoy this photo of Joe Biden getting a good whiff of Eva Longoria's hair at event with Lucy Flores
Everyone Already Knows How They Feel About Joe Biden Touching Women
Joe Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived -- the time as vice president that he strong-armed Ukraine into firing its top prosecutor. (Biden/Manafort 2020!)
2020 presidential election: Joe Biden advisers smell a conspiracy - Axios
Point, Counterpoint - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- David Brooks defend Joe Biden, "one of the finest people I've every covered" ... David Brooks left his wife and children to marry the research assistant he was fucking while they worked on a book about personal morality, so maybe don't listen to his takes on appropriate physical behavior at work.

Interest in Pete Buttigieg is exploding - Axios

Too Many Democrats Are Running in 2020, According to Science - POLITICO Magazine - our brains aren't wired to handle this many choices -- Lilly Kofler is U.S. Director of Behavioral Science at Hill+Knowlton Strategies in New York. (let that sink in)

Sarah Pain: 'I was kind of surprised to be publicly disinvited' to McCain's funeral

Critical Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election Tuesday 4/2 - - Despite the traditionally nonpartisan role of the courts in our political system, the Wisconsin Supreme Court race has already spiraled into a partisan battle.

Where in the U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS? | ProPublica (if you live in a crooked red state)

It Just Went Poof' : The Strange Aftermath of Virginia's Cascade of Political Scandals (they cancelled each other out)

GOP Rep. Mark Walker entangled in federal corruption probe in North Carolina - POLITICO - that has rocked the North Carolina Republican Party and led to the indictment of former congressman Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) ... ... Walker, a former pastor ...
NCGOP Chairman, others indicted in federal corruption probe (NC GOP: nothin' but crooks)

Inside the spectacular fall of WorldNetDaily, the granddaddy of right-wing conspiracy sites - The Washington Post - conspiracy-hungry readers swarmed to a website called WorldNetDaily for the latest on the specious yet viral theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

The Corporations Devouring American Colleges - The Huffington Post - The price of college is breaking America.

Texas and Racial Violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the celebration of white Texan law enforcement violence is a real problem because the Texas Rangers have always been a racist task force supporting white supremacy. (racist fuckers forever)

Tucker Carlson: 'Chris Hayes Is What Every Man Would Be' if Feminists Had Absolute Power ... calls AOC 'a moron'
Now we know why Tucker Carlson won't apologize (Love Sponge fallout)

The Federalist drops Denise McAllister following Twitter attack on a gay journalist - The Washington Post - Denise McAllister's name richheted around the Internet ... (when the Federalist drops you ..."you were at my wedding Denise")
Two anti-LGBTQ websites dropped a writer for being too homophobic. She's right to be surprised. - What she tweeted would have looked perfectly at home on their sites

Plain Dealer lays off a third of unionized newsroom staff - (more hedgies destroying your democracy bc who needs news)

The Baraboo Nazi Prom Photo Shocked The World. The City's Response Shocked Its Residents. - The intentions behind the Nazi salute photograph seen around the world were hardly as sinister as they first appeared

Waco DA Drops All Remaining Charges in Twin Peaks Biker Gang Shootout (most shot by cops)

Excerpt: All That You Leave Behind -- Watching the Internet React to the Worst Night of My Life Erin Lee Carr on her father's death

'I cut people' a megachurch pastor threatened as she preached. Her target? The local newspaper (who reported on her $200,000 god-given Lambo)

Man chokes cashier for putting chips and canned goods in same grocery bag - National | (face says it all)

Why This Feminist Loves Her Breast Implants | HuffPost

Does Netflix have a killer problem? - The Washington Post
Tim Burton's 'Dumbo' remake is decidedly -- and deliciously -- dark

Clearing the air about e-cigarettes, vaping, nicotine and health - The Washington Post (yes, let's have Consumer Reports tell us about the dangers of vaping)

How charcoal escaped the grill and ended up in your toothpaste and your face cream - The Washington Post

On Flooding: Drowning the Culture in Sameness - Flooding (v.): Unleashing a mass torrent of the same stories by the same storytellers at the same time, making it almost impossible for anyone but the same select few to rise to the surface.

Why the sexes don't feel pain the same way -- After decades of assuming that pain processing is equivalent in all sexes, scientists are finding that different biological pathways can produce an 'ouch!'

Scientists for the first time have found strong evidence that RNA and DNA could have arisen from the same set of precursor molecules even before life evolved on Earth about four billion years ago : science

u/haveanicedayreddit explains why justice and vengeance cannot coexist : bestof

What historical myth do you wish people would stop spreading as fact? : AskReddit

YouTube Executives Ignored Warnings, Let Toxic Videos Run Rampant - Bloomberg - Proposals to change recommendations and curb conspiracies were sacrificed for engagement, staff say. (no, Bloomfuck, they said "money")


Butterflies have declined by at least 84% in the Netherlands over the last 130 years, according to a study confirming the crisis affecting insect populations in western Europe. : worldnews
Canada warming at twice the global rate, leaked report finds : worldnews
Sweden's temperature is rising more than TWICE as fast as the global average

Tuberculosis cases drop to 9,029 in the U.S., but the pace has slowed - The Washington Post

Student wounded in 'premeditated' Arkansas middle school shooting : news

Giant Boobs Appear Around London To Destigmatise Breastfeeding In Public : worldnews

Erdogan loses control of Ankara in Turkish elections - POLITICO - Election authorities show opposition in the lead in Istanbul, but president's party has not conceded (still working on rigging the vote)
Erdogan Appears to Suffer Major Defeats in Turkey's Two Biggest Cities
Erdogan's party lost local elections in Istanbul : worldnews
Stunnig setbacks in Turkey's elections dent Erdogan's aura of invincibility

The unlikely similarities between the far right and IS - BBC News ("unlikely?" really, BBC?)

Eschaton: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - European parliament's lead Brexit spokesman says no-deal Brexit 'nearly inevitable
Eschaton: Details - People forget but this part of Brexit is really just the first step...whatever it is.
Brexit deadlock: MPs reject all remaining alternatives to Theresa May's deal : worldnews (stupid intensifies -- Mount Snafu)
Eschaton: That Thing You Want Does Not Exist - but the Brexiteers preferred being assholes who didn't have a clue what they were doing instead of trying to figure out how whatever is they wanted could actually be achieved. They could have started managing a no deal months and months and months ago. And now the EU is done with them.

Trump's Golan Move Means His 'Deal of the Centruy' May Be Dead - Saudi Arabia says Golan decision undermines Kushner peace plan - Hezbollah leader warns Palestinians that West Bank may be next
Twitter Network Uses Fake Accounts to Promote Netanyahu, Israel Watchdog Finds - The New York Times

Trump administration approves secret nuclear power work for Saudi Arabia : politics ... "Weren't fox, hannity, and conservatives apoplectic about Uranium One? And for this? Crickets."

/u/wutwut1414 goes into detail about the different histories and political situations of the three nations recently cut from US foreign assistance (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) : bestof ... So basically the US got involved in these countries's internal affairs and destabilized things? And now the US is blaming those countries for problems that it created in those countries? ... Not just destabilized... Straight up overthrew democratically elected governments and replaced them with right wing dictatorships

President Trump has made 9,451 false or misleading claims over 801 days - The Washington Post (Satan's fountain of lies)

Opinion | The House Must See the Whole Mueller Report - The New York Times - Someday, Trump will not be in office. Congress needs a full accounting of his misdeeds to ensure they don't happen again (when the next Republican is elected by the Russians)
Oleg Deripaska's Co-Columnist Admits Oleg Deripaska May Have Fed Christopher Steele Disinformation --
Pressure Works: After Four Days, William Barr Capitulates and Gives an Estimated Page Count!! (non-summary of a summary of the non-summary)
House Judiciary plans vote this week to subpoena Mueller's report
House Judiciary Plans To Subpoena The Full Mueller Report This Week | HuffPost
NY's attorney general is one of the most powerful in the nation. That should worry Trump.

President Trump is an Adolescent Bully
Donald Trump's Grand Rapids, Michigan Rally Was, Of Course, Insane - I'll Never 'Understand' the People Who Cheer for This Maniac -- Even though it's really not that difficult.
The Grand Rapids Gerald Ford Tribute Reporters Should Visit | emptywheel

White House whistleblower says 25 security clearance denials were reversed during Trump administration - The Washington Post (Russian agents and spies)
Whistle-Blower Tells Congress of Irregularities in White House Security Clearances - The New York Times (and Jared the traitor)

Mitch McConnell Plans To Change The Rules Again To Confirm Trump Judges | HuffPost

Could We Get Less Hacky Showrunners Please - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Since they already of the auteur of a horrible, less popular-than-pancreatic-cancer plan on board, why shouldn't the Republican health care team be joined by a literal Medicare fraudster: (Rick Scott, convicted liar)
Rick Scott's Company Committed Historic Medicare Fraud. He Will Now Lead Trump's Health Care Push (only the best crooks)
President Trump Taps Rick Scott to Lead Republican Healthcare Plan Push - Foxes Running the Henhouse - Choice of Rick Scott to Build a Republican Healthcare Plan Shows the Henhouse Is Full of Foxes -- President Trump hires a crack team to cook up a Republican plan for healthcare.
More Than 750,000 Could Lose Food Stamps Under Trump Administration Proposal : NPR (icing on the cake)

Death row inmates not guaranteed a 'painless death,' Supreme Court rules | Reuters : news (5-4: all Republicans vote for torture)
Roberts Court Five: Death by Torture Does Not Violate the Eighth Amendment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

It's so easy to Google 'Creepy Biden' - In an interview, Lucy Flores says she came forward now because she fears Joe Biden would make it harder for Democrats to contrast with Trump on the treatment of women. (but they don't actually do it)
creepy biden - Google Search (so try this)

Harris eyes reform as candidate, was cautious as prosecutor ("cautious" = "lock everyone up")

SHORTEST WAY HOME by Pete Buttigieg | Politics and Prose Bookstore

Florida Republicans Try To Disenfranchise 1.4 Million Voters Before 2020 Election : politics

The Artistocrats! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - TRIVIA TIME: how many Barack Obama appellate court nominees were confirmed after January 7, 2015?
DCCC Shoots Down Proposed Compromise Over Blacklisting Vendors - Talking Points Memo

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh takes leave of absence amid scandal - The Washington Post - indefinite leave of absence amid growing condemnation of profits she made from selling a children's book to businesses intertwined with the government she oversees.

Lachlan Murdoch: From Philosophy Student to Fox News Chief (and white supremecist supporter)

Average Americans can't afford a home in 70 percent of the country ... "Yes but private jets are now 100% tax deductible so it's all about freedom and draining the swamp and protecting ourselves from tyranny isn't it

A Rural County Owes $28 Million for Wrongful Convictions. It Doesn't want to pay (confiscate their homes and deport them to a Mexican country)

David Blaine Under NYPD Investigation Over Sexual-Assault Allegations : television

AP: Girl's parents hope jaw-dropping hit-and-run video can help ID driver

Why I Choose To Work As A Stripper Despite Being A Magna Cum Laude College Graduate | HuffPost

Say hello to summer. : funny

Eschaton: OK A Decent April Fools' - From the LA Times -- The bright lights of New York City beckon to the restless and the hungry. In the city that never sleeps, as they say, the marquees of Times Square nearly make one forget the concrete dystopia of what is seemingly an unlivable urban wasteland. Surrounded by rats, black trash bags and graffiti-tagged storefronts ... Broadway Street ... I wondered aloud if I would be able to find a decent meal in what was surely a culinary heart of darkness.

Neurotic people (characterised by emotional instability and lack of resilience) have noisier, more chaotic minds, suggests new research (n=541), with inverse correlation between it and mindfulness - neurotic folk are so distracted about the past and future that it is difficult to be in the present. : science

u/cleopatra_philopater explains just how wild and foolish early April weddings could get in Ancient Rome : bestof

m0rgray comments on My mom gave me a microscope a year ago and I finally used it. I gave it a drop of my blood and now I need to see ALL the things!!!

What's the worst thing a therapist/counselor has ever told you?

Mods shut down /r/Games for a day to protest and condemn hate speech on their platform. : AgainstHateSubreddits
r/Games shutting down the sub for April Fool's day in the name of social justice is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever seen a sub do on this site. : unpopularopinion
Once in a blue moon...
"TiMs don't have to fight for HRT" : GenderCynical
The Gray Jumpsuit Dystopia Cometh
Do cross dressers still exist now or do they all get looped into the trans umbrella? : GCdebatesQT
Gender Critical | ContraPoints : GCdebatesQT
Radical Feminism and Trans Experience
I'm too old for this shit : GenderCritical
Transpassing: A place to see how well you pass.


Tasmania set to drift outside of Australian waters within 40 years: report : worldnews
'Breaches Everywhere' : Flooding Bursts Midwest Levees, and Tough Questions Follow - Hundreds of miles of levees in the Midwest have been overwhelmed by the floods, leaving "Swiss chees" infrastructure and reigniting a flood control debate (they want blue states to "bail them out" because nature is "seizing their property" and coastal elite "radical environmentalist lobbyists that are forcing the agency to prioritize wildlife over farmers." the farmers who voted for Trumpster)

More children were fatally shot in 2017 than police and military personnel. : politics (most dangerous job in the world, kids should get combat pay and medels)

The Secret Death Toll of America's Drones -- President Trump is making it harder to know how many civilians the government kills by remote control. ("and make sure you blow up their families" he said)

Campaigners have called for male circumcision to be taken as seriously as female genital mutilation following the death of a five-month-year-old boy in Italy as a result of the procedure. : worldnews

Syria Says U.S. Should Give Israel 'South Carloine' Instead of Golan Heights, 'It's the land of Senator Lindey Graham'

France's 'Yellow Vest' Protestors March for 20th Consecutive Weekend Despite Bans and Injuries : news

Turkey arrests over 60 Kurdish politicians on eve of elections : worldnews (Erdofuck)

We must fight election on second Brexit vote pledge, says Labour deputy- politico

Labour's plan for a people's vote on the final Brexit deal can heal the country - The party is uniting behind a new referendum (after already having driven off the cliff)
Article 50 petition to cancel Brexit passes 6 Million signatures : worldnews
Brexit in meltdown: Theresa May under pressure to forge softer divorce deal : worldnews
CER: The UK economy is 2.5 per cent smaller than it would be if Britain had voted to remain in the European Union. : worldnews (dumb as America)

L80m of British taxpayers' money 'funnelled to al-Qaeda' in decades-long scam ... t a network of British Asians stole billions of pounds of public money through VAT and benefit fraud, topping up their gains with mortgage and credit card fraud ... One per cent on the group's gains, a full #80m, was allegedly funnelled into al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, with funds reaching the Pakistani compound stormed by US special forces in the 2011 operation to kill Bin Laden.

Russia Ordered a Killing That Made No Sense. Then the Assassin Started Talking. - The New York Times
One of Russia's richest women dies in plane crash in Germany : worldnews

Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis Obtained His Private Data = The National Enquire's lawyer tried to get me to say there was no hacking. - Gavin De Becker (yeah, that'll work)
Leaked reports reveal severe abuse of Saudi political prisoners | World news | The Guardian - Exclusive: cuts, burns and bruising documented, despite government denials of torture (Bonesaw loves to watch all this)
Khashoggi killers received training in the United States : worldnews

The Day the Dinosaurs Died | The New Yorker - A young paleontologist may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth. (KT extinction caused by 6 mile wide asteroid hitting the Yucatan - Chicxulub crater - wiped out 99.9999 of all life)
Fossil Site Reveals Day That Meteor Hit Earth and, Maybe, Wiped Out Dinosaurs - The New York Times - A jumble of entombed plants and creatures offers a vivid glimpse of the apocalypse that all but ended life 66 million years ago.

Trump Turns U.S. Policy in Central America on Its Head - The New York Times
US halting aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras | TheHill
Brian Stelter on Twitter: "This is an actual banner from "Fox & Friends Weekend." 6:03am today. I double checked because I didn't believe it at first. Hat tip @BadFoxGraphics"

US economy slows down sharply as impact of Trump's tax cuts fades -- Government slashes its growth numbers as consumer spending, business investment, government spending and housebuilding all came in worse than had previously been predicted ("suckers" Trumps cackled as he watched Hannity while sitting on the toilet)

The Criminal Investigations That Sprouted From Mueller - The New York Times
Trump-Russia collusion evidence detailed by Adam Schiff in damning address in Congress : worldnews

Trump is the world's worst cheat at golf, players and celebs say (what a lyin' cheatin' baby)

The Media and the Mueller Report's March Surprise -- summary reported no conspiracy, but serious newsrooms and journalists did the job they are supposed to do.
When is a summary not a summary? - The Washington Post (good pic of Barr, no wonder Trump loves him)

Media owe no apology to Trump or anyone else for covering Mueller investigation : politics
We asked more than 1,800 young people what they think is the biggest issue facing America, and the most popular answer was Trump : politics

Most Americans don't think Trump is in the clear yet on Russia, new poll finds -- approval remains stable and a third of voters say they don't know whether the summaryu of Mueller's findings clears him of wrongdoing (just watch a little more Fox)

First of its kind study shows CEO political donations favor GOP - Axios (Repubicans give only to Republicans, shocking new research)

For Trump's 'Party of Healthcare' there is no health-care plan (the Party of No Healthcare)
Obamacare didn't implode, so now Trump is trying to blow it up

Barbara Bush failed to grasp how the Bushes helped pave the way for Trump - The Washington Post

All About Pete | Current Affairs - Only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves
Power Ranking 9: Buttigieg is leaving Beto in the dust - The Washington Post ... "What makes it particularly exploitative is that Biden couldn't be bothered to endorse Stacey in the gubernatorial primary. Now he wants her to save his ass -- That's some serious entitlement." (Biden did endorse Abrams, but he bowed out of a visit to campaign for her because of a "scheduling conflict."
Evangelicals helped get Trump into the White House. Pete Buttigieg believes the religious left will get him out. (yeah, that will surely work)

Joe Biden Defends Accusation of Unwanted Kiss: 'Never Did I Believe I Acted Inappropriately' But 'I Will Listen' ("to the oversensitive and ungrateful bitches" he said under his breath)
I Would Like To Report A Homicide - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The #MeToo Story That Wasn't -- Medium

Elizabeth Warren Loses Finance Director as She Struggles in 2020 Race - The New York Times

New York State Budget Deal Brings Congestion Pricing, Plastic Bag Ban and Mansion Tax - The New York Times

Methodists veer toward schism over LGBTQ divide - The Boston Globe

Son of Stormfront Founder Reveals His Family Watches Tucker Carlson for Tips on 'White Nationalist Talking Points' (White Power Hour)

Key questions remain unanswered in Kraft's case

The keeper of the secret - The Washington Post ... The lynching was one of more than 4,000 documented in Southern states between 1877 and 1950, killings intended to terrorize black populations and reinforce white supremacy and whose perpetrators -- while known to locals -- were almost never convicted or even named, a tradition of secrecy that carried on in Wytheville ... It amounted to an embarrassment to the governor at the time, a staunch segregationist coincidentally named Harry F. Byrd Sr., who had been trying to attract business to Virginia. He finally sent investigators to Wytheville, who summoned more than 70 witnesses, yielding mostly silence.

Forget Your Middle-Class Dreams

'Us' shows how the new golden age of horror finds monsters in plain sight - The Washington Post

He shot 4 men, killing 1, but turned down a plea deal. This month a Philly jury found him not guilty. : news

'Fortnite' may be a virtual game, but it's having real-life, dangerous effects

Bourne Bridge lane restrictions begin, and delays are likely to occur (two lanes to one)

Excess Leptin, is that a thing? : askscience

What's something that instantly marks a person as uninteresting to you? Not that they're a bad person, just you have no interest in befriending them?

u/thomascgalvin Illustrates why Eldritch Abominations will break your mind : bestof (list of human senses)

People who know a compulsive liar, what was the most unnecessary or ridiculous lie that you heard from them? : AskReddit

If reddit was going to war, what would each subreddit contribute to help reddit win? : AskReddit


Amphibian apocalypse is twice as bad as scientists thought - The Washington Post

Trump's Order to Open Arctic Waters to Drilling Was Unlawful, Federal Judge Finds (everything the crook-in-chief does is "unlawful"

Mom refuses to take unvaccinated toddler with fever to hospital, causing a late-night police raid at their home - The Washington Post

Churchill's policies caused millions of Indian famine deaths, study says : worldnews (so, churchill = Hitler)

Netanyahu: Hitler Didn't Want to Exterminate the Jews (said the Jewish Nazi)

Golan policy may invite Israel's right to annex West Bank territory. That would spell disaster (Golan just a run-up)

Russian police raid Scientology offices, accusing church of siphoning millions of dollars back to the U.S. : worldnews

French healthcare system 'should not fund homeopathy' - French medical and drug experts say homeopathic medicines should no longer be paid for by the country's health system because there is no evidence they work.

Ex-spy shot dead in Alps, months after being accused of role in Congo assassination plot : news

Slovakia elects first female president | World news | The Guardian

Ecuador legalized gangs like the Latin Kings. Murder rates plummeted. - Vox - A stunningly successful experiment has the potential to upend the mainstream US approach to deviance.

Russia tells Trump its troops will stay in Venezuela for 'as long as needed' in a blunt rejection of his demand they leave immediately : worldnews

Bezos Investigation Finds the Saudis Obtained His Private Data : worldnews (well, so Bonesaw hates Bezos and Trump is a foreign pawn/traitor)

Trump cuts all direct assistance to Northern Triangle countries Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala : worldnews (fuck the countries over with your stupid corporate and war on drugzzz/terror shit, make them try to escape, cut their aid and block the borders!)

AP FACT CHECK: Trump twists facts of a migrant girl's death
Migrant Girl's Autopsy Shows She Would Have Been Visibly Sick for Hours, Doctors Say (notice what your NYT leaves out in its headline)
Heartbeat Abortion Legislation Championed by Janet Porter Was Once a Fringe Idea. Now Could It Overturn Roe v. Wade? - A third state is poised to enact a heartbeat bill. Ten more are considering them.

Trump says he isn't going to shoot immigrants but 'shooting immigrants would be very effective' ("if you're listening, my nazi confederate traitor friends" he signaled)

fyberoptyk comments on The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says

Sharp Twitter Critics Jab 'Childish' Trump Campaign T-Shirt Featuring 'Pencil-Neck' Schiff | HuffPost
Trump's barometer for success following Russia investigation's end -- TV ratings (Trump now wildly popular after "collusion delusion" is shown to be a big hoax)

Questions mount over Mueller, Barr and obstruction | TheHill
Rep. Schiff: You Might Say That's All OK. But I Don't Think It's OK. - YouTube - On Thursday, March 28, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), during a House Intelligence Committee open hearing, responded to Trump and Congressional Republican's calls for his resignation.

Trump Fed pick was held in contempt for failing to pay ex-wife over $300,000 | US news | The Guardian - Records obtained by Guardian show Stephen Moore reprimanded by judge for not paying alimony, child support and other debts (typical lying Trump crook)

With social program fights, some Republicans fear being seen as the party of the 1 percent - The Washington Post (shocking, right?)

7 Reasons Progressives May Want To Avoid A Joe Biden Candidacy | HuffPost - "I would like to be running and have someone 'use the crime bill' against me," he bragged in 1994 (careful what you wish for, Joe Fuck)
Biden blindsided by dose of 2020 reality - POLITICO - The former vice president slogs through a rough stretch as he considers a third bid for the White House (fuck off, creep)
The Idea Of Joe Biden Being the 2020 Democratic Nominee Is Absurd - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Joe Biden Isn't the Answer

use some recent comments from South Bend, Ind., Mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg to illustrate how problematic the discussion among Democrats is when it comes to thinking about different areas of the country and what kind of people live where (another dumbfuck understand and reach out to the Trumpsters candidate, ever see the reverse?)

Heartbeat Abortion Legislation Championed by Janet Porter Was Once a Fringe Idea. Now Could It Overturn Roe v. Wade? - A third state is poised to enact a heartbeat bill. Ten more are considering them. (fuck off, red state assholes)

Growing student debt crisis: Candidates say cancel it, free college, refinance

Football hazing and sexual assault case at high school in Maryland investigated - The Washington Post

Girls Just Want To Wear Pants, Sometimes Leggings | HuffPost - the girls at Charter Day School in North Carolina were delighted to learn that they can finally wear pants or shorts to school ... A federal district judge ruled that their publicly funded K-8 charter school's dress code, which prohibits girls from wearing pants or shorts as part of its standard uniform, was unconstitutional, in violation of the 14th Amendment's equal protection clause ... In related pants news earlier this week, the Notre Dame University student paper published a letter to the editor in which a self-identified Catholic mother of four sons begged female Notre Dame students to stop exposing themselves to their male counterparts by wearing leggings.
Notre Dame mom begs female students to stop wearing leggings, sparking protests: 'Think of the mothers of sons' ... "couldn't help but see those blackly naked rear ends" said Maryann White (moms who have raised asshole boy)

Arizona Republican Allegedly Paid Two Boys $10 for Sex on Numerous Occasions : politics ... Not enough white kids to go around.

News outlet that covered 'lizard people' and called Obama a demon just interviewed Trump Jr.

Nurse suspected of inducing labour without consent - 120 emergency c-sections investigated : news

How a 119-Word Local Crime Brief Became Faceboo's Most-Shared Story of 2019 - A tale of accidental virality in the age of algorithms.

The share of Americans not having sex has reached a record high : news (let's see what the youth on Reddit think about this:) "When I wished to be more normal... this wasnt what I had in mind"

Judas Iscariot: The Mysterious Disciple Who Betrayed Jesus with a Kiss

BBC - Future - Are we close to solving the puzzle of consciousness? - integrated information theory

New York suit alleges Sackler family funneled money from opioid company into personal accounts offshore.

Years of Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts have vanished. The company says it mistakenly deleted' them (lyinng Zuckerfuckbergs)
Years of Mark Zuckerberg's old Facebook posts have vanished. The company says it 'mistakenly deleted' them. : worldnews


A billion people may be newly exposed to diseases like dengue fever as world temperature rises by the end of the century because of global warming, says a new study that examines temperature changes on a monthly basis across the world. : science

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Ban on Bump Stocks - The New York Times
NRA Fundraising Letter: We Could Shutter 'very soon' -- Executive vice president Wayne LaPierre blames New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the state of the gun rights group. ("murder rights group")

Supreme Court stops execution because of religious concerns, a contrast to last month - The Washington Post - because the state refused his request to have a Buddhist spiritual adviser with him in the death chamber (see, Buddhists ok, Muslims not)

Eschaton: You Have Tea And No Tea - I am mad no one ever gets this reference. Theresa May's Brexit deal (withdraws agreement) has just been defeated ... again ... loses 286-344
UK can't escape Irish backstop with no-deal Brexit
The European Union Thinks The UK Faces Two Choices: No Deal Or A Long Delay To Brexit
Opinion | Is Theresa May the Worst Politician Ever? - The New York Times - The British prime minister's deal has failed. Again (no, that would be David Cameron, duh)
Dan Kaminsky on Twitter: "I apologize, but this is the best guide to Brexit I have ever seen. "
Julian Slade's "Salad Days" - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How the mysteries of Khashoggi's murder have rocked the U.S.-Saudi partnership

DHS to ask Congress for sweeping authority to deport unaccompanied migrant children - Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen's proposal will also include more money for detention beds and the ability to hold families in detention longer than currently permitted.
Former Trump Family Driver Has Been in ICE Custody for 8 Months - The New York Times

Unchained Trump Rages In First Rally After Mueller Report Drops: 'These People Are Sick' -- "The collusion delusion is over," the president declares in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Trump Tells Grand Rapids Rally: 'The Russian Hoax Is Finally Dead'
'Lock them up'? Trump's attention turns to his enemies list
Trump's Inaccurate Claims on Mueller, Health Care and the Great Lakes
Our President of the Perpetual Grievance -- President Trump Maintains a Politics of Grievance in the Aftermath of the Mueller Report | The New Yorker

What Has to Happen for Mueller's Report to Become Public - The Atlantic - And the public could be left with a shell of Mueller's original findings
Justice Dept. expects to release Mueller report to Congress by 'mid-April, if not sooner'
A Mueller mystery: How Trump dodged a special counsel interview -- and a subpoena fight
The Missing Piece of the Mueller Investigation -- Gaming out the counterintelligence part of Mueller's probe
The Iran Contra Precedent - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As Jamelle Bouie says, Reagan et al. showed that stonewalling and brazening it out works:
Barr promises to release all of the Mueller report except for the naughty bits - Lawyers, Guns & Money
emptywheel on Twitter: "Bill Barr says his summary wasn't a summary after all. "
Taibbi: On Russiagate and Our Refusal to Face Why Trump Won -- Faulty coverage of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign later made foreign espionage a more plausible explanation for his ascent to power

Poll: Three-Quarters Want Full Mueller Report Made Public : NPR - Only about a third of Americans believe, from what they've seen or heard about the Mueller investigation so far, that President Trump is clear of any wrongdoing. But they are split on how far Democrats should go in investigating him going forward.
It's the Cover-Up - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Barr to release 4-paragraph exoneration of 300 pages of crimes)

Eschaton: Trump Is My President - This is the worst timeline. -- But, really, it wasn't dumb poors that voted for him, it waThe media gave Biden a pass for years. It wasn't poor whites who elected Trump, it wass guys who own car dealerships. We gotta reckon with the fact that our meritocracy promotes con artists. (see the Mercers, among others)

'Clearly an end-run' : Federal judge rejects Trump's health-care plan to go around Obamacare

Trump's latest comments about the border indicate he doesn't understand how trade works (close the border! said the very stable genius who knows more about trade than anybody!)

Eschaton: Think You Missed The Point Of Your Own Argument, My Dude (Larry Summers says the rich will always own you no matter how much you tax them)

An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden -- Lucy Flores
Lucy Flores isn't alone. Joe Biden's got a long history of touching women inappropriately. -- The media gave Biden a pass for years. It won't in 2020 (just a little Frankening)
Joe Biden Isn't the Answer
Sometimes, It's Who You Most Expect
Multiply this by X - Lawyers, Guns & Money (pictures are worth many words) When will Gillabrand smite him with her mighty, Franken killing disapproval?

Poll: Americans more likely to say Ocasio-Cortez is 'bad' than 'good' dor Democrats ... Among Democratic voters with an opinion about Ocasio-Cortez, 83 percent said she was good for their party. Eighty-seven percent of Republicans said she was bad for Democrats (rewrite your stupid headline, hilldudes)

Barbara Bush was so devastated and humiliated over George's affair with aide she considered suicide | Daily Mail Online

Ian Buruma: An Apology Would Be the Wrong Response - Can someone parse this for me? (special white guys can't learn anything or keep their mouths shut)

Kim Foxx will and should lose her job over the Jussie Smollett case - Chicago Tribune

F E A R I N G F O R HIS L I F E Ramsey Orta filmed the killing of Eric Garner. The video traveled far, but it wouldn't get justice for his dead friend. Instead, the NYPD would exact their revenge through targeted harassment and eventually imprisonment -- Orta's punishment for daring to show the world police brutality. (fucking evil copsters, legacy of Koch, Guiliani and Bloomfuck)

Austin Shuffield: Dallas Police Up Charges Against White Bartender Who Brutally Beat Black Woman

Laura Ingraham Guest Says Trans People Will 'Destroy' Gender Norms to Create 'New Species' -- 'Human and Part Machine' (said the sub-human hate machine

Man wrongly jailed for 32 days after wife's false rape accusation sues government for $500,000 : news

I Broke Up With Her Because She's White

We Got Alex Jones' Deposition Video. It Was A Predictable Disaster For Him -- For all his dangerous talk about the Sandy Hook school shooting, Alex Jones couldn't even recall the date it happened (pleads early Alz)

AP says the percentage sign now OK when used with a numeral (that - Poynter

Americans are not having sex, according to national survey - The Washington Post (men in their 20s are not getting laid: no jobs, no girls)

PsyArXiv Preprints | Meta Psychology Submission - This commentary highlights that the vast majority of the studies included in the p-curve analyses were not designed in a way that could speak to the efficacy of power poses relative to a normal

Let's say someone found $16,357, what step by step way can someone add it into the person's bank account without drawing suspicion? : AskReddit


Donald Trump is glad the U.S. is not being powered by wind "because it only blows sometimes" ... "Unlike Donald, who blows 100% of the time.

Exclusive: NRA Official Sought Sandy Hook Hoaxer To Question Parkland Shooting, Emails Show | HuffPost - NRA official Mark Richardson emailed a day after the Parkland shooting to say the shooter 'was not alone'

Icelandic Budget Airline Wow Air Collapses, Leaving Passengers Stranded | HuffPost - All flights have been cancelled.

Huawei Security 'Defects' Are Found by British Authorities ... creates grave risks to national security. (so it was a Chinese spy op)

Alex Wickham on Twitter: "Every motion loses No deal loses 160-400 Common Market 2.0 loses 188-283 Efta/EEA loses 65-377 Customs union loses 264-272 Labour alt plan loses 237-307 Revoke A50 loses 184-293 2nd referendum loses 268-295 Managed no deal loses 139-422" (UK shoots itself in the head, 500-0)

'This Is America' : Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shares Horror At Hundreds Of Migrant Families Trapped In Parking Lot At Border

Trump: Mueller Probe 'Would Not Have Happened' If Barr Had Been Attorney General - President Donald Trump told Fox New's Sean Hannity that the FBI's conduct during the 2016 election amounted to treason. (said the god-emperor treasonous crook)
CNN Poll: Majority says Trump not exonerated of collusion after Barr's summary
Mueller report: Majorities across party lines want full report released, CBS News poll says - CBS News
Mueller's evidence is likely a massive amount of material
Nadler: Barr Won't Commit To Releasing Unredacted Mueller Report And Evidence
Don't Trust Barr on the Mueller Report
Pelosi: 'Arrogant' Of Barr To Expect That Dems Would Blindly Accept His Summary
Trump told Hannity he won't rule out pardoning Michael Flynn and others in first interview since Mueller probe ended
Adviser and allies warning Trump against issuing pardons (yeah, that'll work)
Dem accuses McCopnnell of 'collusion' for blocking Mueller report release
Comey: Mueller findings show Trump lied about FBI, his attempt to destroy the agency failed

Prominent Democratic lawyer Greg Craig close to being charged in case stemming from Mueller probe - CNNPolitics ... and former White House counsel in the Obama administration ... connected to false statements Craig allegedly gave to investigators who were looking at the work he performed for Ukraine (thanks, Barry)

What's behind all those executive orders Trump loves to sign? Not much

Samantha Bee Stands Up For TV Producers With Scathing Message For Trump Campaign | HuffPost - host is furious about an attempt to blacklist people critical of the president from television. ("You will not criticize me" Trump furiously raged)

Trump's pick for Federal Reserve had hand in creation of Brownback tax 'experiment' (experimentally destroying Kansas! and now the whole country)

Mitt Romney Joins Republican Push For Terrible Family Leave Bill | HuffPost - He and Marco Rubio laid out the latest GOP effort to attract women with a plan that undercuts Social Security (remember? pay for your child-care by gutting your retirement and then dying)

Republican Lawmaker Mansplains Equal Pay Legislation To Female Colleague | HuffPost - Rep. Bradley Byrne suggested that Rep. Susan Wild did not understand a bill she co-sponsored that aims to close the gender pay gap. ("I will totally fuck your stupid bill, you stupid bitch," he ranted)

Stacey Abrams nixes Biden-Abrams ticket trial balloon: 'You don't run for second place' (fuck off, JoeBi)
Pete Buttigieg just got his best national poll so far - CNNPolitics
The Human Costs Of Kamala Harris' War On Truancy (lock up the parents when kids skip school, fuck off copster bitch)

Report: 18 Members of White Supremacist Prison Gang Charged - In a rare example of the government doing its job ... of an Alaskan white supremacist gang, known as the 1488s ... including "Filthy Fuhrer"

Jerry Falwell's Liberty U Landed Pentagon Contract Months After Trump's Election ... selling jet fuel to the Pentagon (!)

Ranting, Raving Alex Jones Laughed Out Of A Texas Chicken Restaurant | HuffPost ... "Go listen to your NPR and all your other bullshit," he yelled. "America and the world is awake to anti-free speech scum like you and bullies like you." ... "Awww, snowflake" some replied.

Jussie Smollett update: FBI reviewing circumstances of Jussie Smollett's charges being dropped

Why Losing Our Newspapers Is Breaking Our Politics - Scientific American - Study finds newspaper closures are linked to partisanship (yeah, SciAm, so many newspapers being closed by liberals, maybe you could be "scientific" and stick "Republican" in there)

David Zipper on Twitter: "At a mobility event today I met an auto industry rep who told me "to enable AV's we need a period of increased urban law enforcement so pedestrians know what they can't do. Then they'll change behavior." I was so stunned I could barely respond "I think that's a horrific idea.""
Eschaton: Walkies ... I don't really understand how you can think urban taxis are your business model and also think walking is the enemy. Cities are made of pedestrians. Well, cities other than Phoenix, anyway. I pay a dumb mortgage so I can walk to a concert, like I did last night.


Study on 2,063 UK teens shows that exposure to high levels of air pollution is linked to having psychotic experiences. Exposure to the pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2) was linked to 71% greater odds of having experienced a psychotic episode. : science - undefined
Florida cane toads invade Palm Beach Gardens, raising fears about pets and children - The Washington Post (meanwhile, in a plague of poisonous toads land)
Tanker truck carrying ammonium nitrate exploded this morning in Southern Arkansas. It was heard 100 miles away. : pics

Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing at Orlando International Airport - Orlando Sentinel (big corp commits suicide in slow-motion)

Trump says hurricane-hit Puerto Rico has received too much aid : politics

How dare health officials protect children from preventable disease, this means civil war. So be it. : TopMindsOfReddit
Charisse Burchett on Twitter: "Rockland County New York has banned all unvaccinated under 18 from public places for 30 days or until they get their MMR! Awful #Vaxmania #VaxFree"
The Worst People in the World - Lawyers, Guns & Money
New York's Orthodox Jewish community is battling measles outbreaks. Vaccine deniers are to blame -- Rockland County was forced to declare an emergency because of the outbreak ... Brooklyn Orthodox Rabbi William Handler ... "placate the gods of vaccination" are engaging in "child sacrifice" he told Vox ... (Read ID = Mark of the Beast)
Man Fights Biometric Drivers License With Racist Costume

The White House And Federal Scientists Are Pushing The Myth That Marijuana Is Laced With Fentanyl : politics (Michael Bloomberg agrees: "tens of thousands die of Marijuana overdoses every year")

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz says we can now confirm that there was financial support and a connection between the New Zealand attacker and identitarian movement in Austria. : worldnews

A national Australian study has found more than half of car drivers think cyclists are not completely human. The study (n=442) found a link between dehumanization and deliberate acts of aggression, with more than one in ten people having deliberately driven their car close to a cyclist. : science

Theresa May is under intense pressure to announce her resignation plans today : worldnews
frankster comments on Revoke A50 petition receives government response

Venezuela hit by fourth massive blackout in less than three weeks | World news : news

Let's not lose sight of the real scandal: Trump was elected with Russia's help

The White House will get the Mueller report before the public does in case it wants to make redactions, Barr says : worldnews (yeah, always give it to the crook first)
Orin Kerr on Twitter: "Imagine if the Starr Report had been provided only to President Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno, who then read it privately and published a 4-page letter based on her private reading stating her conclusion that President Clinton committed no crimes."
Censoring the Mueller report - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Monica Lewinsky uses some choice words to remind us about that other controversial White House report - The Washington Post
James Comey says he is confused by Mueller's decision on obstruction (the "politicals" made the decisions)
'Undoubtedly there is collusion' : Trump antagonist Adam Schiff doubles down after Mueller finds no conspiracy

Waters: Deutsche Bank providing Trump financial records for House probe | TheHill
Swedbank Laundering Case Explodes With Alleged Manafort Link - Bloomberg
Ex-Trump aide details president's alleged effort to cover up the Trump Tower meeting ... But Corallo offered one of the most damning pieces of testimony suggesting that Trump and his team, including then-communications staffer Hope Hicks, had worked directly to mislead the public about the genesis of the Trump Tower meeting ... "So, so I just I listened to her yell, and then I said, well, you know you've probably made yourself a witness in a federal criminal investigation. Way to go, young lady" ... (omg read the rest +Mueller gave Trump a get out of jail free card for being an idiot)

Mueller grand jury 'continueing robustly,' prosecutor says - the ongoing cases Mueller handed off could still feature significant developments, legal experts said.

White House Obamacare reversal made over Cabinet objections - POLITICO - The heads of the Justice Department and Health and Human Services Department opposed the unexpected switch in legal tactics. (Rethugs tell Amercia: "give us your money and die, suckers")
: Republicans Horrified as Trump Goes After Obamacare Again
Scoop: Kevin McCarthy tells Trump new health care push makes no sense - Axios
Donald Trump is very committed to taking away your health insurance - Vox - Candidate Trump wanted to expand coverage. President Trump wants to slash it. (Trump says Republicans will become "Party of Healthcare" after burning it to the ground)
The Cruelty is the Point - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Republican efforts to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients are another example of what Republican values on healthcare actually are: ( 1) destroy local economies with Republican policies so there aren't any jobs 2) make people get jobs instead of life-saving food and medical care 3) congratulate themselves for killing people)
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "The general point is that a lot of liberals seem convinced that bad political behavior must be explained by venality rather than an attachment to bad principles. It's not. GOP opposition to healthcare reform is no more about corruption than the Iraq War was about pipelines." (it's about killing people)

A job-scarce town struggles with Arkansas's first-in-nation Medicaid work rules (haha, "self-reliance" : if you're too sick to work, just die)

The Christian Caliphate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - pretty clear that Republicans are aiming for a white Christian nationalist state that demonizing and attacks everyone who is not them, especially Muslims ... Though honestly, this isn't that much more dishonest and awful than Chuck Schumer's talk before AIPAC where he attacked Ilhan Omar. (dual citizen slanders non-jew at dual-citizens for Israel meeting)
Schumer takes apparent swipe at Omar in AIPAC speech | TheHill (questioning the loyalty of dual-citizen Jews is same as supporting killer Nazi white supremecists who attack black people in US)

'Dual Loyalty' Is A Slur -- One Muslims Face All The Time -- Muslim politicians are regularly accused of being "un-American" on issues like Israel (America's first loyalty is to the Jews)
GOP legislator prays to Jesus for forgiveness before state's first Muslim woman swears in --- State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz was on the ninth "Jesus" of her opening prayer in the Pennsylvania statehouse when other lawmakers started to look uncomfortable ... Borowicz had invoked Jesus 13 times, deploying the name between prayerful clauses as though it were a comma.

How a couple worked charter school regulations to make millions - Los Angeles Times
Millions of your tax dollars have disappeared into NJ's flawed charter school experiment

Gilead profits from Tuvada HIV treatment funded by taxpayers and patented by the U.S. government - The Washington Post (Big Pharma doesn't "recognize" your stupid government)

Centrism Fan Acct ?? on Twitter: "Me, the day profile came out: Please read this largely fair, good faith examination of my views Also me, after very calmly stewing over it for the past 8 months: THIS SMEAR ARTIST TRIED TO PAINT ME AS PSYCHOLOGY DAMAGED, FULL OF RAGE & RESENTMENT. LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING NOW HAHAHA!" (more Greenwald shit)

A Foreign Policy Without War or Corporate Power | The New Republic ...Eventually, though, social democrats will have to develop a coherent agenda that reflects the new reality, a reality where progress at home can no longer ride on the back of national power abroad. They will have to dismantle the engines of expansion themselves. Cut the military budget; euthanize the fossil-fuel industry; fetter finance; close the bases, and bring the troops home. (everytime libs try to fix broken society, they get involved in stupid wars for balance)

Exclusive: Chicago Police Department's complete investigative file of Jussie Smollett case : news (much deeper than you thought: did Kamala and Booker (who both knew Smollett!) set this up to kick-start their anti-lynching bill remember the noose)

Vice Media Agrees to $1.87 Million Settlement for Paying Female Staffers Less Than Men | Hollywood Reporter

These Maryland teens rated their female classmates based on looks. The girls fought back. - The Washington Post

Conspiracy Theories Can't Be Stopped And some scientists think we wouldn't want to even if we could

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 445 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the grave of Ed Koch. (very bad subhuman Ed Koch was a gay closeted Jew who ignored the AIDS crisis see quote from Larry Kramer:) ... "What is this evil man up to as he approaches his death? ...
Survival of the Streets - VICE

Somerville Licensing Commission Waives Application Fees For Cannabis Dispensaries - . At a meeting Monday evening, the body voted unanimously to waive its $900 application fee.

Huge explosion on Jupiter captured by amateur astrophotographer : gifs

Life-long blind people of Reddit, what do you masturbate to? : AskReddit

Steamed Hams but it's Jordan Peterson backpedaling about enforced monogamy : enoughpetersonspam

You call that a blunt? : WTF
Dog teaches baby how to crawl (xpost r/mirroring) : gifs

How spam phone calls turned our favorite devices against us - The Washington Post


A widespread loss of pollinating insects in recent decades has been revealed by the first national survey in Britain, which scientists say "highlights a fundamental deterioration" in nature

Trump complains to senators that Puerto Rico is getting too much hurricane relief funding - The Washington Post (good pic)

New York Suburb Declares Measles Emergency, Barring Unvaccinated Children From Public - The New York Times - So far, the measles outbreak in Rockland County has mostly affected ultra-Orthodox communities, public health officials have said (quarantine them in the 17th century)

EU votes to scrap daylight savings in 2021 : worldnews

Revoke Article 50 petition with 5.7 million signatures to be debated in parliament on April 1st : worldnews

Vatiican women editors resign from women's magazine citing a campaign to discredit them and put them "under the direct control of men"

Ontario lawyer fired after claiming 14- and 15-year-old girls are 'sexually mature yoing women', not 'children' : worldnews

BLOOD MONEY: How Qatar Bought Off the Entire DC Establishment - Security Studies Group

Pentagon Transfers $1 Billion In Funding For Trump's Border Wall | HuffPost - Democratic lawmakers have slammed the move as undermining military readiness and a violation of congressional appropriations (Trump says "I don't need your fucking so-called "Constitution) .
House Armed Services chair rejects Pentagon bid to shift $1B toward border wall - POLITICO - House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith on Tuesday rejected a Pentagon move to shift $1 billion in funding for more Southern border barriers, and warned Pentagon leaders of stiff budget consequences if it unilaterally shifts the money.

Poll: 84 percent want Mueller report made public : politics

Top Republicans Call On Adam Schiff To Resign As Chair Of House Intelligence Committee | HuffPost (two words: Devin Numes and two more names: Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise)
The Critical Part of Mueller's Report That Barr Didn't Mention most interesting findings about Trump and Russia might be in the counterintelligence portion of his report.
Mueller Did His Investigation for a World We Don't Inhabit -- His report was predicated on caring about facts. Our world is about who can claim victory the quickest.
Mueller's Investigation Erases a Line Drawn After Watergate -- After Watergate, it was unthinkable that a president would fire an F.B.I. director who was investigating him or his associates. Or force out an attorney general for failing to protect him from an investigation. Or dangle pardons before potential witnesses against him. (anabling the god-presidency)
Barr is wrong: Obstruction of justice doesn't require another underlying crime

Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution to release the full Mueller report, 3 days after saying he wanted 'openness and transparency' about it : worldnews
Hiding the Full Mueller Report Is Another Gift to Vladimir Putin : politics

Will Wilkinson ?? on Twitter: "Our idiot media still isn't capable of understanding how to not be co-opted by Trump's reality-bending propaganda machine, and continues to get played like a burgled Stradivarius."
Will Wilkinson ?? on Twitter: "The media's atrocious gullibility, which is letting this happen without serious resistance, is even more scandalous than the credulity that herded public opinion behind the invasion of Iraq. Because we already *know* this administration does nothing but lie."

Trump administration now says entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down - CNNPolitics
The Trump administration just handed Democrats their best 2020 issue - The Washington Post

GOP congressman quotes Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' to slam Trump's adversaries as liars ( Mo Brooks, R, Nazi)
Omar requests 'accountability' for GOP lawmaker who quoted Hitler on House floor

The gerrymandered maps headed to the Supreme Court - POLITICO - Maryland and North Carolina may have unconstitutional congressional maps (no dems allowed to vote, "may" be a problem)

Segregation Has Been the Story of New York CitySchools for 50 Years -- Low black and Hispanic enrollment at Stuyvesant High School has reignited a debate (hello, every NYC mayor, ever)

Eschaton: America's Worst Newspaper - The New York Times. -- The linked issue is more important, but while we love to joke about little "mistakes" like sending a stringer NINETY MILES AWAY to darkest Peru Philadelphia where said stringer discovers a hitherto unknown "Little Italy" section of the city because a chain restaurant has "Little Italy" in its name, these errors show a newspaper that considers using the fucking google to be beneath
Astroturf'd - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The NYT has a credulous story about how ACTUALLY restaurant servers don't want to be paid for. (once, again, they fuck you over with their clickbait lying shit and they don't know how to use the egoogle but they are always telling you about tech!)

Jukt Microdicks on Twitter: (Aventatti) (speaking of dumbshit clickbait crap by your scamming gullible media)

Second judge blocks parts of Wisconsin GOP lame-duck laws limiting Democrats' power

Federal judge ends North Carolina ban on abortions after 20 weeks : news

Psycho Analysis - Lawyers, Guns & Money (triple-nom Bret Easton Ellis is not worth even thinking about)

Commentator Andrew Sullivan Jeered at Hollywood Inclusion Event | Hollywood Reporter (blames "Hollywood" for Republicans being idiots)

Conor McGregor Under Investigation Over Sexual Assault Accusation in Ireland - The New York Times

Dropping charges against Jussie Smollett a 'whitewash of justice,' Rahm Says
Charges against Jussie Smollett dropped, attorneys say : news

TIL After being largely cut out of his father's will John Lennon's son from his first marriage, Julian Lennon, was forced to bid on sentimental postcards addressed to him by his late father. Yoko Ono auctioned them off for tens of thousands of dollars instead of giving them to Julian. : todayilearned

Why Apple AirPods Came to Be Everywhere - GQ

The Adult Brain Does Grow New Neurons After All, Study Says - Scientific American - Study points toward lifelong neuron formation in the human brain's hippocampus, with implications for memory and disease

This Male Birth Control Pill Has Just Been Shown Safe in Humans For The First Time : worldnews

The ketogenic diet is more likely to cause males to lose weight than females, which could explain the discrepancies in the diet's success rate. Estrogen plays a role in the differing response.

Timeline of Jerusalem - Wikipedia
TIL that Jerusalem had been fought over 16 times in its history, attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, besieged 23 times, and destroyed twice. : todayilearned
This Land is Mine - YouTube


'A State of Emergency' : Native Americans Stranded for Days by Flooding - On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, extreme weather and bad roads have left some residents stranded for nearly two weeks with limited food and water.
'Coal is on the way out' : study finds fossil fuel now pricier than solar or wind Around 75% of coal production is more expensive than renewables, with industry out-competed on cost by 2025

itsajaguar comments on Sandy Hook Father Dies in Apparent Suicide
/u/itsajaguar explains the abuse Sandy Hook parents have been put through since the shooting : bestof
Beware the Jabberwock - This American Life - Stories from the upside-down world where conspiracy theorists dwell.

Ten children killed by U.S. air strike in Afghanistan: U.N. : news (Trump loves killing children)
US airstrike kills 14 members of one family in Afghanistan : worldnews ("and their families" Trump said)

Canada grants asylum to family who helped Edward Snowden | CBC News

Trump flouts chummy relations with Netanyahu ahead of Israeli election - ABC News - The visit comes after Trump also announced full recognition of Golan Heights (racist best buddies: "he did it again!")

China censors all gay references in Bohemian Rhapsody leaving audiences confused

Democrats Skeptical After Trump's Attorney General Exonerates Him -- Robert Mueller didn't reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice. But the attorney general went ahead and absolved him anyway. (without reading the report, of course)
A Cloud Over Trump's Presidency Is Lifted (it's all sunshine now)
If Trump Obstructed Justice, He Can't Be Exonerated
'No Collusion!' goes from a defiant mantra to a rallying cry for Trump's reelection (Trump 2020: Not a Crook!)
bill Barr's Weasel Words -- All the ways the attorney general is spinning the Mueller report to protect Trump.
Trump'ss Shamelessness Was Outside Mueller's Jurisdiction -- A demagogic president can walk right up to the edge of committing a crime, so long as he operates brazenly in public view.
For Democrats, the Mueller report turns their politics upside down - The Washington Post - Democrats must now reckon with a far different set of political realities
"Trump Wins!" : The President, the Mueller Report, and Our New Political Normal -- Whatever is next, it's not impeachment -- at least not on Russia charges
Trumpworld Gloats About Mueller: The 'Fat Lady Has Sung (the Fat Orange Fuck has farted)
Yes, Trump Obstructed Justice. And William Barr Is Helping Him Cover It Up. | The New Republic - The attorney general's take on the Mueller report goes through contortions to avoid charging the president with a crime. By Marcy Wheeler
Trump Not Vindicated By His Hand-Picked Partisan Hack's Partisan Hackery - Lawyers, Guns & Money

It's Bigger Than Mueller and Trump - Trumpism follows a historical pattern: Whenever black people make progress, white people respond forcefully.
Trump didn't coordinate with Russia in 2016, report declares : news
Why Was Barr The Decider? Legal Experts Puzzled By Attorney General's Obstruction Decision
Trump's attorney doesn't want Trump's 'confidential' written responses to Mueller released
Um, no, the Mueller investigation wasnt a waster -- and it definitely wasn't a hoax
Why the Mueller Report Should Be Released in Full - Rolling Stone - The American people can handle the truth, whatever it is
Trump Bullies Media to Exonerate Him of Russia Corruption
A former prosecutor explains why Barr's hasty obstruction conclusion should raise red flags
President Trump Says Opponents Did 'Treasonous Things' and Vows Investigation of His Own
McConnell blocks resolution calling for Mueller report to be released publicly : worldnews

Supreme Court rejects foreign company's bid to review Mueller subpoena
Trolls are spamming copypasta about Mueller : trollfare

Maria Butina's Legal Bills Are Being Paid by a Russian Who Has Supported Texas Independence

Beto O'Rourke is getting all the attention but Elizabeth Warren's economic policy proposals are leading the 2020 pack

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Reaches Out to Trump Voters and Walks a Delicate Line in the Process - Buttigieg wants to reach out to everyone. But some people do not need to be wooed.

Michael Avenatti arrested for alleged $20 million extortion attempt on Nike : news

Yale rescinds admission of student connected to college cheating scheme : news
Dr. Dre Boasts About Daughter Getting Into USC All on Her Own, Then Remembers $70 Million Donation and Deletes Twitter Post

New study covering 49 college campuses finds that 87% of alcohol-involved campus rapes are committed by serial perpetrators : science

Rape convict exonerated 36 years later : news (after Louisiana refused to allow DNA test for 10 years)
Man is arrested in kicking of an elderly woman on a subway as bystanders shot video : news

In a study of 2,913 men, those with higher levels of the sex hormone estradiol also had telomere lengths of men 3.6 years younger than their actual age. Scientists hope to one day figure out how to manipulate telomere length using hormones, and potentially extend human biological aging. : science

What movie is so ridiculously stupid, but you secretly love it? : AskReddit

Woman Dies After Attack by Her Own Dogs Outside Animal Hospital : news

Attractive businesswomen are considered less trustworthy, less truthful and more worthy of being fired than less attractive women, finds a new study (total n=1,202). This "femme fatale effect" taps into more primal feelings of sexual insecurity, jealousy and fear among both men and women.

restricteddata comments on Fuck Neoniconoids

/u/drinka40tonight presents a summary of arguments against utilitarianism : bestof

SunOnTheInside comments on Who comes up with this stuff! Really?

A grandpa got a cochlea implant tattoo to become like his grandson : aww

Uber drivers prepare to strike Monday over 25 percent cut in wages : technology

Neo-Nazi groups allowed to stay on Facebook because they do not violate community standards
Eschaton: eSports - Creeping oldmanism means there are more and more things you just find it hard to understand. I try to stop short of complaining. I don't really care that the kids are doing freaky weird shit on my lawn. I'm just not sure why they are. -- Architecture firm Populous designed the 60,000-square-foot venue, which will be home to the Philadelphia Fusion, an esports team owned by Comcast Spectacor that competes in the Overwatch League (Zuckerfuckberg are nazis)


David Attenborough warns of 'catastrophic future' in climate change documentary - The Facts, which airs in spring on BBC One, includes footage showing the devastating impact global warming has already had, as well as interviews with climatologists and meteorologists

Second Parkland shooting survivor dies in suicide, cops confirm | Miami Herald
Second Parkland shooting survivor kills himself, police confirm : news

Italy outraged as court finds victim too ugly to be raped | 13 WTHR Indianapolis

Egyptian singer has been banned from performing in her home country after suggesting that it does not respect free speech : worldnews

To the Streets - Lawyers, Guns & Money - There was a huge pro-vote-on-the-actual-Brexit-deal-not-the-unicorn-bullshit protest in London today ... A second vote with a public much better informed about what the Brexiteers are actually offering is by far the best option. (which is why it's off the cliff with the Tories)

Khashoggi was just one victim of many in Saudi prince'S campaign to silence dissenters - Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman kidnapped, detained and tortured Saudi citizens for over a year before Jamal Khashoggi was killed (toxic muslim masculinity)

Russian Air Force Planes Land in Venezuela Carrying Troops : worldnews

Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy but Stops Short of Exonerating President on Obstruction of Justice - The New York Times
Mueller report did not find Trump or his campaign conspired with Russia, also did not exonerate him on obstruction - CNNPolitics
4 takeaways from the Mueller report summary - The Washington Post
Mueller Report Summary Shows William Barr Did What Trump Hired Him to Do - He summarized the Mueller Report in the most favorable light possible to the Trump administration*.
William Barr Did What He Was Hired to Do : politics
Mueller report summary delivered to Congress : worldnews
Opinion | The Many Problems With the Barr Letter - The New York Times - By unilaterally concluding that Mr. Trump did not obstruct justice, the attorney general has made it imperative that the public see the Mueller report. By Neal K. Katyal
Barr's Startling and Unseemly Haste = The attorney general's letter will do little to bridge the partisan divide. Ken White
How William Barr Did Old Man Back-Flips to Avoid Arresting Donald Trump
Mueller's punt on obstruction question throws issue into the political arena
What we still don't know about the Mueller probe
Amid calls to release Mueller report, Rep. Adam Schiff says it's too early to rule out impeachment
"I Am Totally Vindicated By This Report Whose Contents I Have Not Seen" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, this was predictable:
Trump Aided and Abetted Russia's Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop. The scandal may not be a crime. It a betrayal
Trump Aided and Abetted Russia's Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop.
Trump 'Pathologically Incapable Of Telling The Truth' Schiff Says Mueller Shouldn't Have Accepted Written Response From President
TheBirminghamBear comments on Trump isn't enough to understand how the Supreme Court is about to disempower the presidency - And behold, ladies and gentlemen, The Plan.

Here Are the Investigations Donald Trump Still Faces | Time
March Mueller Madness shows the system that worked in Watergate is broken today | Will Bunch

Men With Nothing to Hide - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Today in Russian Ratfucking Troofer Hot Takes - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Taibbi has a damabed brain)
Centrism Fan Acct ?? on Twitter: "Let's start with Glenn: First we have, NO PROOF THAT RUSSIA HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH WIKILEAKS/DNC HACK."
Charles ?. Davis on Twitter: "Has gaslighting gone too far? "

Rep. Omar: Gay Conversion Therapy Is 'Torture'

We Already Spend More Than Medicare for All Would Cost Us : politics

The Fox News Bubble -- There is a growing body of evidence suggesting Fox News viewers are uniquely conservative compared to the general American electorate. Recent research has indicated that Fox News played a causal role in the rightward lurch of the Republican Party.

Oh No, Diana Ross Is Defending Michael Jackson Now | HuffPost - "STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE" she wrote on Twitter about the abuse claims

Twitter Critics Mercilessly Mock Kid Rock And His Flag Pants Posing With Trump | HuffPost - One wag wanted to know if Trump hugged the pants.
Kid Rock on Twitter: "Another great day on the links! Thank you to POTUS for having me and to EVERYONE at Trump International for being so wonderful. What a great man, so down to earth and so fun to be with!! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!! -Kid Rock"
Kid Rock and "down to earth" Donald Trump enjoy Florida golf resort trip that probably cost taxpayers millions
Trump Golf Count - Cost to Taxpayer: About $92,000,000** (and 163 trips as of 3/24)

Trump's Potty Obsession, and the Streets of San Francisco ... The advent of plumbing is what led to the putrefaction of the canals of Venice, as the waste that accumulated in septic systems had nowhere else to go. "Modernity is far messier than what came before" (also, more assholes)

Does dark energy actually exert a force? Is it actually energy? : askscience

Straight male Christian explains how Christians lack empathy in how they treat gays : bestof

MarshmallowMage comments on [MF] I fucked a bride on her wedding day
[Serious]What are some of the Strangest/Scariest mysteries of Reddit? : AskReddit

I am finally Google (and Facebook) free! : privacy


Top oil firms spending millions lobbying to block climate change policies, says report | Ad campaigns hide investment in a huge expansion of oil and gas extraction : worldnews

Death toll in Mali attack rises to at least 110 : worldnews
NBC News team reportedly injured in IED explosion in eastern Syria - Breaking News - Jerusalem Post

Jacinda Ardern Has Rewritten the Script for How a Nation Grieves After a Terrorist Attack | The New Yorker
Anti-Muslim hate crimes soar in UK after Christchurch shootings (593% in 1 week) : unitedkingdom ... 50% of Conservatives and 20% of Labour voters agree with the statement: "Muslims are a threat to Britain" ... If you switch it up to: "Islam is not compatible with British values," a majority of voters agree
New Zealand massacre celebration on 8chan recalls ISIS, al Qaida sites. Should FBI, police treat it the same way? - The Washington Post

Last ISIS Village in Syria Falls, and a Caliphate Crumbles - The New York Times - American-backed forces took the last remnant of territory under Islamic State rule in Syria, but signs of the group's resurgence are already visible

Trump Overrules Own Experts on Sanctions, in Favor to North Korea - The New York Times ("dicktators have to stand together" he said)

Austrian Muslims twice as likely as non-Muslims to hold anti-Semitic view : europe

How the media let malicious idiots take over | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian - Be it Jacob Rees-Mogg or Nigel Farage, blusterers and braggarts are rewarded with platforms that distort our political debate (BBC is evil)
Brexit march: Million joined Brexit protest, organisers say - BBC News
Over 1 million march in London for a second referendum : worldnews
Revoke Article 50 petition calling for Brexit to be cancelled hits four million signatures : worldnews
Cabinet Ministers Are Plotting To Oust Theresa May As Her Warring Aides Threaten No-Deal Or A General Election - "It was like the Murder on the Orient Express"
Eschaton: Theresa May's Not Going To Remove Herself - Certainly no sympathy for the World's Worst Prime Minister, but imagining the sight of a bunch of idiot manboys (I mean just look at the picture) asking her to resign gets me close. The idiot manboys have power too, and none of them have demonstrated that they're any more competent than May. If they want her out they can have a vote ((yeah, look at the pics)
Theresa May isn't the adult in the room. She's part of the problem (a rather big part bc she's a moron)
Woman who launched Brexit petition to revoke Article 50 receives death threats. Online petition attracts more than 4m signatures as Margaret Georgiadou is forced to close Facebook account. : worldnews

Cruise ship to 'evacuate its 1,300 passengers after sending mayday signal off the coast of Norway'. : worldnews

CBP Detains 9-Year-Old US Citizen For 36 Hours, Accuses Her 14-Year-Old Brother Of Sex Trafficking : politics
Selene Saavedra Roman: Flight attendant with DACA status released after 6 weeks in ICE detention - The Washington Post (ICE-fuckers)

Eschaton: Republican Daddies And The Impartial Referees Won't Save Us - "The Mueller report is coming!!!" has been their excuse and for awhile "but we need to see what's in the Mueller report!!!" will be their excuse and then they will be out of excuses because they are the only ones who might possibly do the right thing. (read comments for how Dems screwed the world in 2000)

Robert Mueller's Report Is 'Just the Beginning' of Donald Trump's Legal Troubles, Experts Say
As Mueller Report Lands, Prosecutorial Focus Moves to New York - The New York Times
Very Quick Thoughts on the End of the Mueller Investigation - Lawfare
At the center of Mueller's inquiry, a campaign that appeared to welcome Russia's help
Democrats Demand Immediate Release Of Mueller Report | HuffPost - before Trump could interfere (hahah that game is over)
Trump's legal troubles are far from over even as Mueller probe ends
'No collusion,' after all?
DOJ Disclosures In Hillary Clinton Probe Will Make It Tough To Hide The Mueller Report | HuffPost - emails sets a precedent that may complicate arguments for secrecy (Rethugs don't need your steenking precedents)
Atty. Gen. William Barr not ready to share Mueller's 'principal conclusions' in Russia probe with Congress
'If you took it all in in one day, it would kill you' : What Mueller's investigation has already revealed
After lashing out for months against the Russia investigation, a combative Trump awaits Mueller's findings
CNN Forced To Admit Mueller Report Vindicates Trump | The Daily Caller (totally vindicates! says the Daily Fucker)
"I Am Totally Vindicated By This Report Whose Contents I Have Not Seen" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, this was predictable: (libtards totally owned!)
After Mueller: An Off-Ramp on Russia for the Venal Fucks | emptywheel - undefined

Donald Trump hasn't tweeted in 19 hours ...

Trump Has Slapped His Brand On Images Of The White House To Sell At His Trump Store : politics

Donald Trump Just Picked A Laughingstock For A Huge Federal Reserve Job | HuffPost - Stephen Moore is a joke in the economics profession (the big joke hired a moron)

"Credit" Where Credit Is Due - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Speaking of new information in Supreme Court autobiographies, we know now who wrote the worst line in the second -worst Supreme Court decision of the century: (SD O'Fuckyourdemocracy)

Hate crimes increased 226% in places Trump held a campaign rally in 2016, study claims : politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Right-Wing Media For Daily Death Threats : politics

The Disrespect Of Floating Stacey Abrams As Joe Biden's Runing Mate -- One's a star. The other's Joe Biden

GOP group cancels event with Devin Nunes amid Twitter lawsuit | The Fresno Bee - after social media calls for people to crash the event.

Wisconsin Dem governor removes 82 Scott Walker appointees added during lame-duck session : politics

Steve King Has Water Thrown At Him While Dining In Iowa, Day After Criticising Katrina Survivors : politics

Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen to step down
Southern Poverty Law Center chief Richard Cohen announces resignation amid internal upheaval - Los Angeles Times

Barbra Streisand Blasted After Saying Michael Jackson Accusers Weren't 'Killed' | HuffPost - Barbra Streisand Blasted After Saying Michael Jackson Accusers Weren't 'Killed' -- The pop singer's "sexual needs were his sexual needs" and the boys were "thrilled" to be at Neverland Ranch, she insisted in an interview (they were "thrilled" to be raped, she insisted and is she demented or just evil?)
Barbra Streisand Believes Michael Jackson Accusers, But Says 'hey Were Thrilled to Be There' (Babra never grew up)
Barbra Streisand says she is 'profoundly sorry' for comments about Michael Jackson accusers ... says "it didn't kill them" ... (Streisands herself into an even deep hole )

Amy Schumer, Amy Poehler and Other Stars Stand Up for Waitresses. The Response: No, Thanks. - The New York Times

Why isn't lynching illegal? (racists need extra-judicial options)

Transgender senior Dex Frier was a prom king candidate. His Georgia high school wants him to run for queen. - The Washington Post - In an unprecedented move, Hall County Schools Superintendent Will Schofield directed Johnson High to remove Dex's name from the prom king ballot ... (Will Schofield, remember this asshole until hell freezes over)

Vegan YouTube star Rawvana went to Bali. A video by Pauvlogs helped bring her platform crashing down. - The Washington Post

Tyrannosaurus rex found in Canada is world's biggest : worldnews

17 Pieces Of Indisputable Evidence That The Earth Is Flat - Checkmate, round earthers.

Scientists studied a "super-smeller" who claimed to smell Parkinson's disease

Doctors of Reddit, what is a 1 in a million chance thing about your patient you have witnessed? : AskReddit

Your AirPods Probably Have Terrible Battery Life - The Atlantic (haha Apple suckers)


The New York Times and Steven Rattner Go Trumpian on Climate | Beat the Press | CEPR (NYT is schizo and fairly evil)
Saltwater intrusion: Rising seas are poisoning North Carolina's farmland - The Washington Post - Ruined crops, salty soil: How rising seas are poisoning North Carolina
Flooding in Midwest could be historic, National Weather Service says | PBS NewsHour (200 million threatened with drowning)

An online threat of violence shuts down all Charlottesville schools - The Washington Post - for a second straight day

Boeing's 'Optional' Safety Equipment on the 737 Max Is Testament to Corporate Greed - You pay extra for legroom, not systems that will keep your plane from falling out of the sky.

4 children of anti-vaxxers Americans found with measles in Costa Rica. Second time a measles case is reported in Costa Rica this year from foreigners. Last time a measles case was reported in Costa Rica was over 15 years ago. : worldnews

In Golan Heights, Trump Bolsters Israel's Netanyahu but Risks Roiling Middle East
How Trump's Golan decision will further frustrate Mideast peace process
Russia Will Use Donald Trump's Golan Heights Comments to Justify Crimea Annexation, Experts Say : worldnews (dictators in lock-step)

'Utterly Shocking': Trump North Korea Tweet Sparks Confusion - Bloomberg - : Trump Sparks New Confusion Over North Korea Policy

Eschaton: Fortunately They Don't Need Unanimity - Oh wait they do.
Bad Deal or Worse No Deal - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The scary thing is, my guess is that she's not bluffing ... As always, the key takeaway is that David Cameron's fecklessness and incompetence are of world-historical magnitude.
Revoke Article 50 Brexit petition hits 3million signatures : worldnews
$1.3 trillion and 7,000 finance jobs are leaving Britain because of Brexit : worldnews

Responding to Trump, France says Israeli sovereignty over Golan breaks international law : politics ("I don't give a shit about your laws," he furiously raged)

The Iraq War should be a 2020 issue ... The Iraq invasion, by contrast, was sheerest madness -- the geopolitical equivalent of someone waking up in the hospital with a crowbar through his foot after a three-week PCP bender.
Burning a witch - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One of the great mysteries to me is how thorough and complete the press has been in erasing every single aspect of the Bush years from public memory, including the part where his primary campaign was spreading lies about McCain being a traitor and accusing him of fathering illegitimate non-white kids.
He Lied, They Died - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ari Fleischer crawled up from under whatever sinecure he's cquired to assert that the Iraq War was the result of an honest reaction to bad intelligence
Ari Fleischer Rewrites Iraq War History in Disgusting Twitter Thread - Republican Party Needs a Reset Beyond Donald Trump - Ari Fleischer and the Iraq War Ghouls Are Proof the Republican Party Needs a Total Reset - The assault on history continues. The assault on decency is more than complete.
Ari Fleischer on Twitter: "The Iraq war began sixteen years ago tomorrow. There is a myth about the war that I have been meaning to set straight for years. After no WMDs were found, the left claimed "Bush lied. People died." This accusation itself is a lie. It's time to put it to rest."

ICE: Record arrests of undocumented immigrants with no criminal record
Complaint: ICE Gave Muslim Detainee Only Pork Sandwiches : politics (the Republican Sadistic Fucker Agency said "you don't have the right to pray")
FEMA data breach hits 2.5 million disaster survivors - The Washington Post

Sanctions Staff Defects as U.S. Expands Economic War ... mismanagement

Mueller report handed off to Department of Justice; won't recommend any further indictments, a senior official says
The Mueller Report Has Been Delivered | emptywheel - The Senate and House Judiciary Committees have officially been notified that the William Barr received the Mueller report. He notified them that neither the Acting Attorney General nor he vetoed any prosecutorial decision.
Mueller report: Special Counsel submits report to AG William Barr - The Washington Post
Mueller Delivers Report on Trump-Russia Investigation to Attorney General - The New York Times
Robert Mueller submits special counsel's Russia probe report to Attorney General William Barr : news
Eschaton: The End Of The Trump Presidency - I guess the Dems can stop saying they're waiting for the Mueller report.

Fox News has normalized a lie about the origins of the Russia investigation: They want you to believe it began with the Steele dossier. It didn't
victorvictor1 comments on Megathread: Mueller files final report with Attorney General

'But His WhatsApp' : AOC, Hillary Clinton Taunt Jared Kushner Over Private Messaging
Jared Kushner Using WhatsApp for White House Business Is 'Far More Egregious' Than Hillary Clinton's Emails
Trump: I hope Barr will 'do what's fair' with regards to investigating Hillary Clinton (lock her up, he screamed, furiously)
By Donald Trump's Standards, Jared And Ivanka Should Be In Jail
So will we 'lock up' vanka and Jared for violating government email policy?
The Information Security Administration - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump warns 'people will not stand' for Mueller report if it portrays him badly ("my Russian biker gangs will take care of it" he said, furiously)

Profiles in Chickenshit From the Grand Old Party as Trump Spits on John McCain

Trump Nominates Famous Idiot Stephen Moore to Fed Board
The national deficit so far in fiscal 2019 is $544 billion - The Washington Post (the deficit all Republican are so worried about)

Trump administration losing 94 percent of lawsuits over illegal policy changes : politics

David Watkins on Twitter: "2004: Kerry lost by 2.4%, but only needs a 1.4% swing (Ohio) to win EC 2008: Obama wins by 7.3% but McCain would have needed a 9% swing to capture EC 2012: Obama by 3.7%, but Romney would need over 5% swing to win EC."

Counties that hosted a 2016 Trump rally saw a 226 percent increase in hate crimes - The Washington Post

The warped history that fuels right-wing terrorism - The Washington Post -- And while these white supremacists cling to their idea of the past, medievalists and historians are at pains to stress that no such past ever existed.

From a Swimsuit Model to the Trump Megaphone: The Genesis of 'Jexodus' - a fledging, and some would say crass, effort by Republicans to woo Jews away from the Democratic Party (hahaha)

Trump's free speech executive order isn't about free speech -- It's about power -- the conservative attempt to seize it on college campuses. (free speech for Nazis! Trump demands)

Some Democrats want more than just Trump's personal tax returns ... business returns could reveal much, much more (well shit, that's not in th deal?)

Finland's health-care system is ranked among the best in the world. Someone tell Nikki Haley.

Look, Just Nominate A Woman - Lawyers, Guns & Money (#NeverBidenBernieBeto)
Joe Biden-Stacey Abrams 2020 - Abrams Running With Biden Is a Bad Idea - A Joe Biden-Stacey Abrams 2020 Ticket Is a Terrible Idea for Stacey Abrams - A report says Biden is floating the idea of promising to run with Abrams as his VP. That would guarantee Abrams makes one friend and 18 enemies on every debate stage.

The Romance Of Mayor Pete In The Season Of Scam - isn't the appeal of Pete Buttigieg that he seems like the antidote to the season of scam?
The Media Gaslighting of 2020's Most Likable Candidate - Elizabeth Warren has proven over and over that she's a charismatic figure. Why do we keep casting her as a nagging schoolmarm? (hello, Joannie Vennochi)

GOP gerrymandering helped Republicans hold 18 House seats in 2018 midterms - Democrats would have picked up 16 additional seats in 2018 if not for Republican gerrymandering, according to study : politics

Judge blocks Wisconsin's Republican-written lame-duck laws (haha we suspended your democracy, suckers but judge says fuck you)

Dan Rather Sounds Off on Fox News: 'The Closest We've Come to State-Run Media
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Reminds Us the Halls of Congress Are Crawling With Fox News Grandpas : politics

GOP governor signs law that bans abortion before some women even know they're pregnant (Fuckassippi) Mississippi has among the highest rates of infant and child mortality, he noted, along with some of the worst clinical care for its youngest residents.

The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center | The New Yorker (another illusion shattered)

Two JetBlue pilots accused of drugging and raping female flight attendants - The Lily - It all began with a drug-laced beer, alleges a lawsuit filed by two of the women

Reporter Loses Job After Right-Wing Activist Laura Loomer's Legal Threats Over CPAC Coverage (she's like, a total bitch)

Jordan Peterson's popular 12 Rules book banned by New Zealand booksellers because of Christchurch mosque massacre : worldnews
Joseph Campbell : Lecture I.1.1 The Celebration of Life
Book Review: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Elizabeth Holmes's voice and Theranos: Solving the mystery - The Washington Post

Car crash ER visits fell in states that ban texting while driving, study says : science

TIL humans dont actually have five senses, we have other senses like balance, heat, pain and the passage of time. Humans actually have at least 14 senses. : todayilearned
TIL humans use 100% of their brains and it's only a myth that we're using a smaller percent. : todayilearned
A New Thermodynamics Theory of the Origin of Life | Quanta Magazine

The Neanderthal renaissance : To know ourselves, we must first know the Neanderthals | Aeon Essays Yet the genetics shows that they were not extinguished, but rather engulfed in a human flood. H sapiens weren't their executioners so much as their assimilators ... Far from some primitive offshoot, Neanderthals should be more accurately understood as another of nature's experiments in humanity.

Children's risk of autism spectrum disorder increases following exposure in the womb to pesticides within 2000 m of their mother's residence during pregnancy

Half of new keyless cars launched this year receive poor security rating over vulnerability to thefts : technology

Well it looks like that 6000 year Creationist Theory just blew up in their face. : atheism

What is this one sexual fact everyone would benefit knowing? : AskReddit

Reddit is allowing a major Trump-supporting community to flourish despite members defending the New Zealand mosque shooter : worldnews

The Shocking Truth of Amanda Bynes : videos

John Wick Chapter 3 Official Trailer : movies

Eschaton: DOT People Who Know What They're Talking About - "It's a car in a very small tunnel' -- Musk's super exciting Boring company, thus far, has done nothing but dig a tunnel with an off the shelf used tunneling machine from China. So many press reports made it sound as if it was some sort of exciting new invention. No. It's a machine they bought.


mangoman51 comments on What is the best charity for reducing man's impact on climate? - a small enough amount that we could put all of the world's high-level nuclear waste on one site, it would take up the area of one soccer pitch to a height of 3 storeys. Considering that waste represents all nuclear power ever generated, that's a very small amount (myth of "nuclear waste" poisoning the planet for millions of years while ignoring all the deadly shit coal produces)

Prime Minister: New Zealand To Ban Military-Style Semiautomatic Weapons After Massacre | HuffPost - The ban will include military-style assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and tools to modify firearms.
New Zealanders turning over firearms after mass shooting | TheHill (contrast with murderous coming for your gunzz Americans)
A Further Update on New Zealand Terrorist Attack | Facebook Newsroom

Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras - The New York Times (capitalism ftw)

Eschaton: Deal Or No Deal Or No Brexit - 9 days to go and we're at the same place we've been all along -- And I still haven't figured out how Parliament actually can vote again on the deal given that the Speaker said they can't (which they can override... but it's another step...)
Theresa May: don't blame me for Brexit crisis, blame MPs | Politics | The Guardian - blame me for Brexit crisis, blame MPs -- PM faces calls for resignation after blaming Commons for delay to UK's exit from Eu
This indecision's bugging me - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Looks like we're in for another thrilling installment of Brexit, the referendum on something! Good luck Britain.
Why Donald Trump is desperate for Britain to declare independence | Financial Times

A New Age of Warfare: How Internet Mercenaries Do Battle for Authoritarian Governments - The New York Times - Sophisticated surveillance, once the domain of world powers, is increasingly available on the private market. Smaller countries are seizing on the tools -- sometimes for darker purposes

ICE Has Been Wrongly Detaining U.S. Citizens In Florida Jails, Says ACLU | HuffPost - The agency is unlawfully detaining Americans and threatening them with deportation -- not just in Florida, but nationwide, according to a report (Trump will revoke your citizenship and deport you to ... Antartica! )
Marine Corps commandant says deploying troops to the border poses 'unacceptable risk'
This photo in El Paso shows why a U.S. border wall won't stop immigrate surge from Mexico (if 1) they hadn't totally fucked the countries in the first place, or 2) spent some money making their home less a hell, this might not be happening so much)

Trump's Moscow Tower Problem (yet another "problem" ignored by Reublicans everywhere)

Cummings demands docs on Kushner's alleged use of encrypted app for official business (he takes "screen shots" of his encrypted messsages with Bonesaw and Netanfuckyu)
The Kingdom and the Kushners: Jared Went to Riyadh. So Did His Brother. - The New York Times (and, of course, Ivanka)
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Use Private Accounts for Official Business, Their Lawyer Says - The New York Times
Cummings concerned about Jared, Ivanka private emails, texts
White House official caught using AOL email to discuss sensitive sale of nuclear technology to the Saudis

Opinion | James Comey: What I Want From the Mueller Report - The New York Times - I am rooting for a demonstration to the world that the United States justice system works.

Twitter Users Bury Thankless Trump Over Ugly John McCain Funeral Slam | HuffPost - Critics call out the president over his continued on the late senator.
Dead hand control - Lawyers, Guns & Money - John McCain was the most overrated politician in recent American history ...

Nihilist in Chief | The New Republic - The banal, evil, al-destructrive reign of Mitch McConnell

Eschaton: America's Worst Humans - This one won't be very controversial -- Ari Fleischer (see also, David French)
Eschaton: And That's Why Ari Fleischer Is My New Bipartisan Secretary of Defense -- Fuck off, Joe ... Joe wrote the Patriot Act. He knows how to scare us into giving rights away voluntarily. That is his single biggest qualification.
Joe Biden should be a complete non-starter for the Democratic nomination - Lawyers, Guns & Money - , the reasons he would be a truly terrible candidate are coming into sharper focus (see Samuel Johnson on the gallows pole).

Poll: 78% of GOP Fox News Viewers Say Trump Is Best President Ever - A new survey of the network's watchers reveal the hard core of the Republican Party and how hopeless it is for Democrats to try and court them. (triangulate with evil!)
Lachlan Murdoch takes control of Fox Corp. But how will he deal with President Trump? - The Washington Post

Where For Art Thou The "Resistance"? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the seeming decline in protest and an increased belief that things are going to be OK now that Democrats control the House is alarming
We Should Probably Talk About Lauren Duca

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Scores Time Magazine Cover: 'The Phenom' ... "Wonder Woman of the left" and "Wicked Witch of the right" (nah, that's Trump)
'Change Is Closer Than We Think.' Inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Unlikely Rise

It's A Put On - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donna Brazile decided to do a sit-down with Chotiner, and as you would expect ethe results are 100% pure comedy gold: ... (mountains of bullship Brazille) ... While we're here, I note that three of Bernie's top campaign positions are now being occupied by highly toxic Trump=Clinton hacks, the most egregious of whom spent the previous months lying his ass off about not being a paid operative while accusing other people of having conflicts of interest ...
Sanders Promised Civility but Hired Twitter Attack Dog - The Atlantic - David Sirota had been working unofficially for Sanders while savaging the other Democratic candidates on Twitter.
David Sirota, journalist newly hired by Sanders, had secretly advised his campaign - The Washington Post - Journalist David Sirota has spent the past few months trashing Democratic candidates not named Bernie Sanders

Hickenloopermentum - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the opposite of what "getting it" is (Hickenflooper)

Trump wants Patriots owner Robert Kraft at White House despite prostitution bust - POLITICO - The prospect has White House aides worried the visit could turn a feel-good photo op into an embarrassing media spectacle. (oh yes, please)
Patriots owner Robert Kraft files a motion to stop public release of spa videos : news

Jeffrey Epstein case: Parties try to restrict records release | Miami Herald (one of the victims, and ... let's take a guess, Dershowitz?)

Michael Steinhardt, a Leader in Jewish Philanthropy, Is Accused of a Pattern of Sexual Harassment - The New York Times - Several women said Mr. Steinhardt made sexual requests of them while they were relying on or seeking his support. He denies many of the actions attributed to him. (yet another rich Jewish dick)

Eschaton: Deeply Held Religious Beliefs - It's a bit - but not entirely - a relic of the past, but bigotry aside, it's quite amazing how much any con artist with a cross was treated as some sort of reverential figure in our political press for decades. And while it is somewhat a relic of the past, it'll return just as strongly as soon as President Pence puts on the blessed tiara of power, because there's nothing the Sabbath Gasbags love talking about more than Jesus and politics.

Frontier and Flight Attendant Activism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In my humble opinion as an increasingly frequent traveler, Frontier is an airline best compared to diarrhea. The worst of the worst, this was once a way to get to the West fairly cheap. Now it is a way to be stuck at the airport for 20 hours without answers.

Erik Loomis on Twitter: "And like any good review, he points out what are the legitimate flaws in the book. Given that even the best book has flaws, any author has to accept a discussion of them if they are legitimate. And I can't really disagree with any of his criticisms here."

Bringing Empirical Evidence to Economics - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Paul Krugman has a great tribute to Alan Krueger, the brilliant Princeton economist who died, apparently by suicide, last weekend: "his research arguably did more to change how we view the economy than that of any other modern economist" ... "labor markets are a lot more complicated than we thought, that market power matters a lot and that there may be much more room for public policy to raise wages in general than Econ 101 would have it." (why, it's almost like Econ 101 was written by ... rapacious capitalists!)

Rob Porter's ex-wife: Is there life after disgrace? - The Washington Post

Cambridge University rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation | Education | The Guardian - Offer of visiting fellowship to controversial professor resulted in backlash from faculty and students (JorPet is "silenced" for his intellectual dark web freespeech)
Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life removed from Whitcoulls following Christchurch terror attack

Roseanne Barr just can't shut up (so many reckonings)

Elizabeth Holmes's weird, possibly fake baritone is actually her least baffling quality
Kristi Coulter on Twitter: "I just heard #theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes's fake baritone for the first time and oh my god. I had assumed that description was a little exaggerated, but no. She talks like a *tuba.*"

Her Time - Debra Koosed was diagnosed with dementia at 65. That's when she decided she no longer wanted to live

I Went Back To My Abuser After A Week. This Is Why It's So Hard For Women To Get Out For Good ... 1 in 4 women are victims of intimate partner violence ... on average, a woman tries to leave her partner seven times before she succeeds.

'It hur so bad' : Indiana teachers shot with plastic pellets during active shooter training (of course the cops shot the teachers, routinely, all across the state)

ACLU: Black man detained while moving into his own home : news (cops said he committing a reverse burglary and they were just doing their job)

Physics explains why time flies as we age - This apparent temporal discrepancy can be blamed on the ever-slowing speed at which images are obtained and processed by the human brain as the body ages. As webs of neurons mature, they degrade, giving more resistance to the flow of electrical signals. : science

ELI5: Why do almost all FM radio frequencies have an odd decimal value? For example: 100.3, 91.5, 101.1 : explainlikeimfive

Eschaton: "Streamlined" - Someone needs to talk to the California Department of Labor. -- While declining to elaborate on how many people were working underneath the tent or who from the Tesla accompanied the tour, Ives said his group viewed a "robust" and "streamlined" production process. "In terms of the tent, this is not a situation where you have workers taking lunch breaks and relaxing" -- In California, an employer may not employ an employee for a work period of more than five hours per day without providing the employee with a meal period of not less than thirty minutes (eLoN is above the law!)

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years (Zuckerfuckberg has never given a shit about your privacy)


Federal judge demands Trump administration reveal how its drilling plans will fuel climate change - The Washington Post
AMA on Twitter: "New research suggests that air pollution is killing more people every year than smoking."
Massive Flooding Engulfs Great Plains States of Nebraska, Iowa - Air Force Base, United States Strategic Command - The United States Strategic Command is underwater. (well, not all of it)
Christopher Heady on Twitter: "Pretty surreal flying into Omaha. Highways fully submerged. "
In flood-damaged Nebraska, VP Mike Pence offers government relief: 'We're going to stand with you' | Nebraska | (and then muttered "suckers" under his breath)

Bevin exposed 9 kids to chickenpox, says vaccine not for all (Kenfucky anti-vax asshole gov with yes, NINE kids)

Boeing 737 Max: Pilot Saved Lion Air Jet Day Before Crash - Bloomberg - The next day, under command of a different crew facing what investigators said was an identical malfunction, the jetliner crashed into the Java Sea killing all 189 aboard (so, they knew the Boeing death-plane almost crashed the day before, and did nothing)
IG investigating Shanahan over Boeing comments - POLITICO - Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's reported Boeing bias,
FBI joining criminal investigation into certification of Boeing 737 MAX | The Seattle Times (how about the airplane expert certifier-in-chief?)

Pete Mitchell on Twitter: "Can you even imagine writing one of them "it is very worrying that the white supremacist massacre is being used to score cheap political points against me and my friends" thinkpieces, though. Can you imagine being that person and not stopping to think for even a second"

Around 1,600 people have been secretly filmed in hotel rooms in South Korea, with the footage live-streamed online for paying customers to watch, police said Wednesday. : news
South Korea's spy cam porn epidemic

EU Regulators Hit Google With $1.7B Fine For Blocking Rival Ads | HuffPost - the third time the commission has slapped Google with an antitrust penalty.

Ari Fleischer is wrong: Bush did lie, and people did die - Vox - latest excuses are pathetic ... nearly 300,000 civilians and combatants killed due to an unnecessary invasion, but Fleischer would rather focus on his and his colleague's hurt feelings (cites report by commission that wasn't allowed to investigate his lies, how Republican)

Donald Trump Again Rejects Conclusions on North Korea | Time - President Donald Trump has taken increased control of negotiations over North Korea's nuclear weapons program, sidelining his own top negotiator and dismissing the warnings of top intelligence and foreign policy advisors in the wake of last month's failed summit in Vietnam (fuck your expert advice, said the Moron-in-Chief)

Trump misunderstands NATO so badly, he thinks Brazil could be part of it : politics (has no idea where the "North" or the "Atlantic" is, next up, Duterte and North Korea, which at least is in the northern "hemisphere")

Alarm over leaked US database targeting journalists and immigration activists | US news | The Guardian
The Supreme Court's 5-4 Ruling on Indefinite Detention of Noncitizens Is Appalling - The 5-4 majority ruled that the government can detain non-citizens indefinitely, even years after they went to jail.

Hope Hicks, former Trump confidante, to cooperate with House Democratic probe into Trump - CNNPolitics ... Kelly is allowing the White House counsel's office to respond to the Democrat's demands for information, but Hicks appears to be interacting directly with the House Judiciary Committee ... Felix Sater, who promoted the Trump Tower Moscow project, is scheduled to testify behind closed doors before the House Judiciary Committee next Thursday (Dopey Hopey will spill the beans)
Lawyer: Prosecutors advise Gates not to cooperate with House probe yet - POLITICO

What explains Trump's mental strain? His facade is showing fresh cracks.

The Women Who Accused Trump Of Sexual Misconduct Want Alva Johnson To Be Heard | HuffPost - "We've seen this type of behavior from [Trump] over decades,"

Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump Is 'Punching At A Person Who Is Dead' (and a dead Republifucker, at that)
EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Johnny Isakson Stands Up for McCain; Unloads on Trump - The Bulwark
'It's deplorable what he said' : Johnny Isakson delivers the indictment of Trump's McCain-bashing other Republicans won't
Trump attacks McCain again, saying he didn't get a 'thank you' for approving late Senator's funeral (he didn't veto it)

Trump Has Now Shifted $1.3 Million Of Campaign - Donor Money Into His Business (didn't that used to be illegal?)

Donald Trump Freaks Out Again Over George Conway, 'Husband From Hell' | HuffPost - Conway immediately fired back on Twitter, calling the president 'nuts' (so you have a 3rd grade bully running the country)
President Trump retweets QAnon conspiracy theorist, via Larry the Cable Guy, to slam TSA - The Washington Post (not just "nuts," fucking nuts)

Eschaton: The Pee Tape Is Real - But nobody knew about it until after the election... (Inshannity)
Rep. Clyburn calls Trump family 'greatest threats to democracy in my lifetime' (notice the "family")
Elijah Cummings: The White House hasn't turned over a single piece of paper to my committee (fuck your laws, we're totally breaking government)

NYC official: Kushner firm flouted rules, endangered tenants (Kushfucker and Ivanka, a match made in hell)

Nancy Pelosi on impeachment A gift to Donald Trump without GOP support
Trump Hotels Lawsuit - Trump Is Being Sued Over the Emoluments Clause - Trump's Lawyers Are Panicking Over a Lawsuit Involving His Hotels -- Does anybody seriously believe Trump isn't profiting as president* through his hotel? (a Republican judge doesn't see a problem)

The Time Has Come for Democrats to Impeach Brett Kavanaugh | The Nation

Devin Nunes is having a cow - The Washington Post ... Devin Nunes's cow, which had only 1,204 followers when the lawsuit was filed, had bred a herd of 119,000 followers by Tuesday afternoon. Spoof accounts proliferated: (stupid little commie Streisanded himself and thinks he's dismantling the justice system and hahah he sponsored the Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act ... which was supposed to defend Trumpster, that's a rock and a hard place not a cake and eat it too)
Nunes Sued @DevinCow Twitter Account, Now It Has More Followers - Republican congressman wants $250 million from @DevinsCow and several others he accuses of defamation. Now it has more followers than he does.

Readers had questions about my essay on the rise of strongmen. Here are the answers. - The Washington Post

Elizabeth Warren: 'Markets Without Rules Are Theft' - Not Socialist, Wants Regulated Capitalism - Elizabeth Warren Should Include Her 'Markets Without Rules Are Theft' Line in Every Speech -- And it ain't the one about the Electoral College.
The electoral college is an abomination, and Democrats should keep talking about it - The Washington Post
How the baby boomers -- not millenials -- screwed America The boomers -- inherited a rich, dynamic country and have gradually bankrupted it ... the result of a spoiled generation assuming things would be easy and that no sacrifices would have to be made in order to preserve prosperity for future generations ... ("boomer" = undereducated old Republican white people)

Mayor Peter Buttigieg Talks Socialism, Green New Deal, Big Tech, Trump, James Joyce, and More - The Esquire Interview: Mayor Peter Buttigieg - The South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential candidate talks socialism, the Green New Deal, "I'm With Her," what Democrats can learn from James Joyce(!), and more. (Warren/Buttigieg 2020!)

Eschaton: America's Worst Humans - The Partnership for America's Health Care Future (Partners for No Health Care in the Future)

Trump can't afford to lose his state TV
"Everyone Thinks They're Going To Sell" : Hellfire at Fox as Hannity Mulls Leaving and Lachlan Goes Full Donna Brazile on Trump -- Inside Fox, staffers believe that C.E.O. Lachlan Murdoch is likely to nudge the network in a less pro-Trump direction. Is this the first step in a larger strategy to sell the newly spun-off company?

MoveOn asks 2020 Dems to boycott AIPAC conference - POLITICO - The mostly symbolic move deepens a progressive rift on Israel (backlash to the Benjamins is brewing)

Eschaton: Stand Down - I've been on the fringes long enough to know that Democrats hate activists they don't think they can control, and would generally have them not exist (as an organized force) ... There isn't one single reason for this. There are understandable reasons, misguided reasons, and corrupt ones. But they tend not to want "your" help except fundraising and between Labor Day and Election Day every 2 years. (remember when Barry told his energized voters to go home and let the adults handle things?)
Obama's Lost Army - He built a grassroots machine of two million supporters eager to fight for change. Then he let it die. This is the untold story of Obama's biggest mistake -- and how it paved the way for Trump (it wasn't a mistake, it was the plan all along)

The Intercept, a billionaire-funded public charity, cuts back - Columbia Journalism Review - The Intercept and was founded by a tech billionaire turned Twitter critic of Donald Trump, said it could no longer afford its research team, and was eliminating those jobs as part of a 4 percent cut in its workforce (well, at least one of them got jobs as BernieBros)

Supreme Court examination of jury discrimination prompts rare question from Clarence Thomas - The Washington Post (dumbfuck opens his mouth for the first time in years and asks racist question)

Beto, Biden and Bernie: The B-Boys and the media's dangerous, self-fulfilling prophecy - Margaret Sullivan
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "stacy abrams responding to her loss by spearheading a lawsuit against georgia's crooked election system and gillum launching a voter registration campaign is an extremely revealing contrast with beto"
Beto Just Won the Logo Wars - The Bulwark - Beto and Inslee: A tale of two designs.

Laura Ingraham And Guest Mock 'Anastasio' Ocasio-Cortez For Doing 'The Latina Thing' (racist fox Fuckers on Fuckraham)

Florida Republicans move to limit felon voting rights despite constitutional amendment - Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the measure, which would place conditions on the re-enfranchisement of millions, a "poll tax" (fuck you Constitution, say Republifuckers)
The New New Jim Crow - Lawyers, Guns & Money

No soccer experience, but she still got a spot on elite UCLA team in college admissions scandal - Los Angeles Times

Alice Evans on Twitter: "Why's there been a rise in racist hate? Have people become more racist? [internalised ideologies], OR Do racists feel emboldened to publicly express their hate? [norm perceptions] New data suggests the latter."

Cindy Yang, former owner of spa embroiled in Robert Kraft arrest and influence peddling allegations, says Trump will 'Make America Great Again (said the Chinese sex trafficking grifter lady)
Robert Kraft asks judge to keep video from public view and is said to reject plea offer - The Boston Globe - rejected a proposed deal that would have required him to admit Florida prosecutors could prove he had solicited prostitution, and his attorneys on Wednesday asked a judge to keep video footage of the alleged sexual encounters out of public view. (would that ever go viral)

Maine GOP rep. says access to menstrual products would make jails like 'country clubs' - Republican state Rep. Richard Pickett of Dixfield ("let the bitches bleed all over the place" he said)

I Am an Abortion Rights Activist. I Hope the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade. - POLITICO Magazine - If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the decision will finally force the ideological zeal typical of a political opposition (be careful what you wish for)

She was the victim in Jeffrey Epstein's secret plea deal. She didn't even know it

The Lori Loughlin scandal highlights a closely kept secret: (Some of) basic cable is alive and well - The Washington Post (another fake human, see pic)

Oklahoma Sheriff Terry Barnett resigns along with most of her staff over jail conditions - The Washington Post ... she had been ordered to move prisoners back into the aging county jail, which had been closed ever since high levels of carbon monoxide sent four employees to the emergency room in February ... and the fact that a snake had once fallen on an inmate's head when they opened ad door ... Nowata County Associate District Judge Carl Gibson had threatened to hold her in contempt of court if she did not reopen the jail ... (evil sadistic Republican judges and "good old boys" which is some kind of southern code for "racist asshole")

'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube channel creator Machelle Hackney charged with abusing children ... seven adopted children - The Washington Post ... Hackney was arrested Friday at her home in Maricopa, Ariz (toxic psycho-femininity +YouTube)
The Shocking Story of 'The Act': Mom Made Her Daughter Sick. So She Killed Her -- Hulu tells the story of Dee Dee Blanchard, who inflicted her daughter with fake illnesses until, fed up, her daughter killed her. True crime doesn't get more riveting ... We can call 2019 the Year of the Scam, and rightfully so, with the Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman college cheating scandal, Jussie Smollett controversy, Fyre Festival documentaries, and the Elizabeth Holmes saga ensuring that grifts relentlessly capture the zeitgeist.

Harvard sued by descendant of slaves over profitting of photos -- Professor Louis Agassiz, a biologist, had the photos taken to support an erroneous theory called polygenism that he and others used to argue African-Americans were inferior to white people. (Annals of Evil)

Chilling new details emerge in Boston kidnapping, rape case - The Boston Globe

Police raid store in North Texas and remove all CBD related products : news (and steal all the money from everyone there)
So far, legalizing pot isn't paying off in Massachusetts ... Industry analysts say Massachusetts has a much slower local approval process and a more complex system to navigate than other states, where medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed a simpler process to begin nonmedical sales ... A simple measure of the CCC's failure is that 2.5 years after the voters passed the law there is not one store open in Suffolk, Norfolk or Middlesex counties, where 50% of the state's population live ... (thanks to Charlie for packing the commission with cops, Marty for being dumb Marty, Jason Lewis for being stupid and evil, and a bunch of not-in-my-towners, but New York is even more retarded, not to mention NH)

A 'Disgusting' Yale Professor Moves On

The FBI Had Already Accessed Family Tree DNA's Database Before Cooperation

How the Cosmetics Industry Got to Regulate Itself and Downplayed Cancer Risks - The Cosmetic Ingredients Review has become the de facto watchdog of the cosmetic industry. It's operating out of the same office location as the industry's main trade group (deregulate and die)

Medical marijuana laws could be improving older Americans's health and labor supply, according to a new study that examined older American's well-being before and after medical marijuana laws were passed in their state, which found reductions in reported pain and increased hours worked. (fuck you Jason Lewis and Charlie Faker)

When Ancient Societies Hit a Million People, Vengeful Gods Appeared: A new study suggests that the formation of complex societies came first and that the beliefs in such gods helped unite people under a common higher power. : science
The Evolution of God - Wikipedia

People care more about dogs than cats (they receive more vet care and premium foods) because of a sense of psychological ownership (the idea of control) as dogs are more controllable than cat, suggests a new study titled "Dogs have masters, cats have staff" but not if the dog acts like a cat

Chilean physicists found a direct relation between earthquakes and the earth magnetic field. The study used more than 50 years of hard data and could be used in a near future to predict earthquakes with up to 48 hours in advance. : science

His dick tears his short while running.... Commentators have a blast. : funny
Randomly issued license plate . : funny

I took a massive 8k picture of the moon last week. Try zooming in on the craters. : pics

John Denver & Cass Elliot - Leaving On A Jet Plane - YouTube

What is something you did that increased your quality of life so much that you wished you would have done it much sooner because it changed your life forever? : AskReddit
Find a Therapist, Psychologist, Counselor - Psychology Today

Eeech comments on Business opening across the street? Neighborhood not happy about it, is there anything we can do collectively to keep the business from opening? (More context in post)

What scares you about Reddit? : AskReddit

ERROR: COPYRIGHT NOT DETECTED. What EU Redditors Can Expect to See Today and Why It Matters : blog


Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand, the head of the Environment Agency is warning. He wants to see wasting water become "as socially unacceptable as blowing smoke in the face of a baby". : worldnews (designed to fail and kill people bc capitalism!)

Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her - CNN
Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox | The Independent - Senior member of ruling League party branded previous government 'Stalinish' over mandatory chickenpox immunisation programme - but insists he is in favour of vaccines did have his children vaccinated
Politician who opposes mandatory chickenpox vaccinations contracts chickenpox : worldnews

How Did the F.A.A. Allow the Boeing 737 Max to Fly? | The New Yorker

Christchurch Has Had A White Supremacist Problem For Decades | HuffPost - Experts say the mosque massacre spotlights New Zealand's failure to take white supremacist threats seriously.

Opinion | The March of White Supremacy, From Oklahoma City to Christchurch - The New York Times - As we struggle against the forces behind decades of violence, we must remember that we aren't fighting with strangers (tell that to the Republifuckers afraid to hear Spanish)
Opinion | The Anatomy of White Terror - The New York Times - Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist, was diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder. Brenton Tarrant, who is accused of killing 50 worshipers in New Zealand, displays similar traits (and you know who else?)
The Death of Fascist Irony | The New Republic - What the Christchurch mass shooter's manifesto reveals about the way jokes and memes are used on the racist right

Robert Mercer is Fueling A Multimillion Dollar Anti-Muslim Propaganda Industry (evil shits)
Cambridge Analytica Secrets Covered Up by Emerdata, Rebekah Mercer, Jennifer Mercer, Alexander Nix, Julian Wheatland - The High Court in London heard that former insiders, including Rebekah Mercer, were pulling the strings of "biased" officials responsible for the fate of the company. (the Mercers are truly evil lizard people)

Eschaton: Extend and Pretend - Theresa May will request an extension to A50, her spokesman confirms - But for how long...

Germany: US ambassador Richard Grenell should be expelled, says FDP deputy leader | News | DW | 19.03.2019 ... "Any US diplomat who acts like a high commissioner of an occupying power must learn that our tolerance also knows its limits" (bow down to the Trump godster)

Video Released of Israeli Soldiers Laughing while Beating Palestinians in Custody : worldnews

Canada's oldest rape crisis centre stripped of city funding for refusing to accept trans women. : worldnews ... There's a huge changing of the guard going on in feminism at the moment in the US and Europe, and a lot of the older upper middle class white women are losing their institutional control, hence why the crisis centre got stripped of its 30k government funding.

China's goths protest after woman told to remove 'distressing' make-up on subway - Weibo users post selfies of themselves in full make-up after woman stopped by security from boarding a train (meanwhile, in what you are allowed to do or say in China)

Opinion | Shedding Any Last Illusions About the Saudis - The New York Times - Like a despot, the crown prince has a team of killers and kidnappers. (Kushfuck knee-deep in murder)

US government uses several black-site shelters to detain immigrant childrenReveal (and now, indefinitely)

Lobbying Case Against Democrat With Ties to Manafort Reaches Key Stage - The New York Times - Gregory B. Craig, the White House counsel under President Barack Obama, is under investigation for work he did on behalf of the president of Ukraine. (you mean the Putin-puppet ex-president)

In court filing, Robert Mueller's team says it's very busy this week
White House expects to see Mueller findings before they go to Congress - CNNPolitics (always let the crooks see what you're doing)
Preet Bharara Expects a 'Lengthy, Deatiled' Mueller Report - But the former U.S. attorney warns those hoping for deliverance from Trump to brace for a letdown, too.
Experts push back on Trump-touted poll that shows 50% of Americans calling Mueller probe a 'witch hunt' (Suffolk U knew they were fucking with you)
Mueller makes history exposing crime spree by former Trump aides : politics
Report: Trump Repeatedly Inflated Assets in Deutsche Deals
Schiff: Real question is if Trump is under the influence of a foreign power - Whether Mueller will answer that question is unclear. But House Intel Chair Adam Schiff said he is steering his probe in a new direction to focus on it ... It's more important to know whether he has been compromised as president than whether his conduct during the campaign constituted a crime

A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump's History With Deutsche Bank (their headquarters radiates evil)

George Conway, husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, has an urgent warning about the president's mental health

Trump Tweets Attack on John McCain - The Atlantic - A Damaged Soul and a Disordered Personality - Trump's ontinuing attacks on John McCain reveal a worrisome state of mind.

Opinion | Who Do Jared and Ivanka Think They Are? - The New York Times - A new book probes the Kushner family's secrets

'A total loser!' : Trump lashes out at George Conway, who has been questioning his mental health

Another Trump Facebook election - Axios - Trump's re-election campaign has quietly spent nearly twice as much as the entire Democratic field combined on Facebook and Google ads,

Saying Impeaching Trump Isn't Worth It Is Like Saying He is Above the Law

The real reason the Trump administration is constantly losing in court - The Washington Post ... not doing their homework (and bullying their way to defeat)

Trump rules out expanding Supreme Court in a dig at 2020 Dems - POLITICO ("I am president for life," he said)

Elizabeth Warren Calls For Getting Rid Of The Electoral College | HuffPost - The Massachusetts Democrat endorsed abolishing the Electoral College, the first time she's publically taken the stance
Elizabeth Warren town hall: how the US could end the Electoral College - Vox - Sen. Elizabeth Warren floated the idea during a town hall this week.

Biden Planning to Run for President in 2020, Source Says - Bloomberg

Beto O'Rourke in 2012 said the US had an 'extravagant government' that needed 'significan' spending cuts ... along with seriously considering changes to Social Security and tax laws (kill SS, give the money to the rich, nice platform, Beto)

Devin Nunes Files Bonkers $250 Million Suit Over Mean Tweets - I have spent innumerable hours excavating the loopy theories emanating from Nunes. And yet none of that prepared me for the full barking-mad preposterousness of his lawsuit. It might be the most staggeringly juvenile and inadvertently hilarious document I have ever read. (the traitorous treasonous shitbag "herp-face" "human centipede is very dumb and owns self)
Devin Nunes Sues Twitter for Allowing Accounts to Insult Him - The New York Times
The ridiculousness of Devin Nunes suing 'Devin Nunes' cow' -- and what it really signals
Devin Nunes Sues Twitter for Allowing Accounts to Insult Him : politics
Dan Nguyen on Twitter: "the greatest exhibit ever in a federal complaint? "
Rep. Devin Nunes Files $250M Defamation Lawsuit Against Twitter, Two Anonymous Twitter Accounts

The immigrant song - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Another day, another bit of authoritarianism from The Five Horsemen of the Fascist Apocalypse: -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have the power to arrest people who aren't US citizens and detain them for months or years, based on past convictions, with no chance of release on bond. They can do this even to green card holders, and even if the convictions were fairly minor and the immigrant completed the sentences (or paid the fines) years ago ... That's what the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in the case Preap v. Nielsen. In a 5-4 ruling along ideological lines, the Court's conservative majority overruled a Ninth Circuit ruling that tried to limit which immigrants would be subject to mandatory detention without bond (Gorsuch and Kavafuck and Republicans being Republicans)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Donald Trump is signaling to white supremacists that he'll ignore their violence
Warren: 'White supremacists pose a threat to the United States like any other terrorist group'
Trump Has Retweeted at Least Four White Nationalist Accounts That Were Later Suspended : politics
Fox Host: 'No Question' That White Supremacists See Trump 'On Their Side'

Medicare for All Attacks by Industry Group Seem Awfully Fishy - Look at These Absolutely Ordinary Americans Who Hate Medicare for All

Eschaton: Walls of Weird - Back in the old days The Left was filled with crazy conspiracies like "maybe the Iraq war is about oil?" and wow The Left was crazy. The Republican party is now basically run by people who believe that Trump is a messiah figure sent here to shut down a global pedophile ring run by Hillary Clinton and that gun control advocates stage mass shooting events.

Blunt disinvited to GOP event in backlash over vote to block Trumps emergency powers (MO Republicans: bow down to the Trumpster!)

Andrew Yang, Upstart Democratic Presidential Candidate, Comes Out Against Circumcision - A candidate known for putting out position statements on virtually every policy adds a rather intimate one to the list (AIPAC will attack him)

Paul Ryan joins board of Fox Corporation - CNN

Won't you come and join the party dress to kill redux - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donna Brazile is taking her professional argument-losing talents to Fox News: (+GG and some other assholes)
Charles ?. Davis on Twitter: "Assuming Greenwald earned the same rate in 2018 as he did from 2014-17 (he won't say), then Pierre Omidyar has paid $2 million for this, and counting. While The Intercept lays off researchers."
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "I'm beginning to think that Sirota's attacks on Bernie opponents on single-issue climate change grounds are not rooted in good faith"

Florida Prosecutors Want Patriots Horndog Bob Kraft to Take an "Education Course About Prostitution" -- The plea deal would require Kraft, as well as others charged, to admit they would have been proven guilty at trial, complete 100 hours of community service, and get screened for S.T.D.s. u

Asked Whether White Societies Are Superior, Steve King Demurs - The New York Times

Eschaton: How To Do An Interview
Bernard-Henri Livy on the Rights of Women and of the Accused | The New Yorker
"Look, he fled before sentencing and never came back, he's paid his debt to society in full." - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bernard-Henri Levy sat down with Isaac Chotiner, and ... somehow it's even worse than I expected, which is really saying something ... (a lot of bullshit apology Polanski for raping a 13 yr old) ... Remember the Bush years, when America's elite editors decided that this pompous dipshit was an Important Thinker? Those were ... alas not really different times ...

College Admissions Scandal: What Every Kid Knew (that their moms and dads were crooks, or in some cases, didn't, and jfc, what a list)

Elizabeth Holme's Fake Voice Is Actually Just 'Stupid Man' voice
Meet the $9 Billion Woman: Career Advice From Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes - Glamour (haha)

Only 7 Black Students Got Into N.Y.'s Most Selective High School, Out of 895 Spots

Virginia Cop Daniel Morley Revealed as Identity Evropa Member - Identity Evropa helped plan the Charlottesville hate march. One of its members has been secretly working as a police officer alongside kids.

Alleged mob boss killer Anthony Comello scrawls 'MAGA Forever' on his hand

Alex Cole on Twitter: "#BREAKING: Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Ellis has resigned from his state House seat immediately. The Republican representative was accused of having sex with an incapacitated woman against her will."

Resignation letter of Nowata County, Oklahoma sheriff Terry Barnett, after a judge ordered her to reopen an unsafe jail with near-lethal carbon monoxide and exposed wiring. : pics

Shifting neighborhoods: Gentrification and cultural displacement in American cities ; NCRC
D.C. has the highest 'intensity' of gentrification of any U.S. city - More than 20,000 African American residents were displaced from low-income neighborhoods from 2000 to 2013

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 440 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - James Cagney

Astronomers Have Detected 83 Black Holes in The Early Universe, Challenging Cosmology - Astronomers have just found 83 quasars, powered by supermassive black holes and dating back to the infancy of the Universe, when it was less than 10 percent of its current age ... the team calculated that there's roughly one quasar for every cubic giga-light-year; that is, cube of space with a billion light-years per side.
MIT Haystack Observatory: Epoch of Reionization

TIL that of the 5000 or so species of mammals on the planet only female humans have permanent breasts. : todayilearned
The secret to ovulation is in women's faces (but men can't see it)
Women instinctively guard their sexual partners from other women who are ovulating
Fertile Gals Look & Sound More Attractive: Study

Reddit Legal sends a DMCA shutdown warning to a subreddit for reasons such as "Asking about the release title of a movie" and "Asking about JetBrains licensing" : bestof

What's an 'oh shit' moment where you realized you've been doing something the wrong way for years?

Facebook won't Let Employers, Landlords or Lenders Discriminate in Ads Anymore - The sweeping changes come two years after ProPublica's reporting, which sparked lawsuits and widespread outrage. (Crookbook)


US detects huge meteor explosion - BBC News - The space rock exploded with 10 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Report: The Regulatory Failures of the Boeing 737 MAX - the FAA has made a habit of delegating parts of the regulation process to Boeing due to cuts in funding. For the 737 MAX, FAA managers reportedly pressured the agency's safety engineers to hand over safety assessments to Boeing itself, and to green-light the company's findings (elect Republicans, people die)
Boeing 737 Max: FAA Granted Boeing Increasing Authority to Safety-Check Its Own Planes - The FAA has handed an increasing amount of authority over to Boeing to certify the safety of its own planes.
Trump was the face of the 737 probe - The Washington Post (when you let a corrupt moron run your airplanes)

As Details Emerge on Gunman, New Zealand Asks What It Could Have Done Differently - The New York Times
Inside YouTube's struggles to shut down video of the New Zealand shooting -- and the humans who outsmarted its systems
Dutch shooting suspect has been arrested : worldnews
Ex-Superman Actor Dean Cain's Hot Take On Egg Boy: 'I would've Knocked That Kid Cold' (gets torched on the twitter for being a stupid violent asshole)

Islamophobia Is A Global Crisis The attack in New Zealand shows the problem is only getting worse, as anti-Muslim rhetoric has emboldened extremists across the globe. (how about Saudi-Turko-Egypto-phobia?)

Utrecht shootings: Hunt for gunman after attack on tram - BBC News ... appears to be a terrorist attack
Dutch shooting: Utrecht police arrest suspect after three killed - BBC News - Police have arrested Gokmen Tanis, a 37-year-old Turkish man, in connection with the shooting.

Theresa May banned from another commons vote on same Brexit deal : worldnews

Russian trolls can be surprisingly subtle, and often fun to read
Manic News: Meet the Brownflets: A group of 100% totally real people

The Pentagon's Bottomless Money Pit - When the Defense Department flunked its first-ever fiscal review, one of our government's greatest mysteries was exposed: Where does the DoD's $700 billion annual budget go? (predictable that a toxic-male mostly-Republican org would be a corrupt crime ring forever, with no "oversight")
Trump is getting worse. And Republicans's rationalizations are getting weaker.

Exclusive: 7 U.S. Military Members Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group | HuffPost - Leaked chat logs revealed military servicemen with ties to the extremist group Identity Evropa.
Neo-Nazi Hipsters Identity Evropa Exposed In Discord Chat Leak - UNICORN RIOT

It Isn't Complicated: Trump Encourages Violence - He does deserve blame for the increase in white-nationalist violence.

Trump Twitter Attacks: All the Tweets From His Wild Weekend (pres swhirly-hair)

Poll: Trust in Mueller falls, half say Trump is victim of 'witch hunt'

Why there may be much less -- and much more -- to the Mueller report than people expect (no collusion but lots of crime except for all the collusion and Mitch the Bitch will bury it anyway)

Federal Authorities Raided Trump Fundraiser's Office in Money Laundering Probe -- A sealed search warrant obtained by ProPublica shows federal agents scoured Elliott Broidy's office for documents related to China, Saudi Arabia and a Miami Beach club promoter.

Eschaton: Getting Worse - Nothing pains me more than Trump making me have to agree with Bill Kristol occasionally (this is not serious, of course things like baby cages pain me more), but Trump was indeed having quite the normal one yesterday and as Bill said on the twitter box, he's obviously getting worse. Brain worms are slow little creatures and not all that hungry. It takes them a long time to complete their meal. But they keep on keeping on. (George Conway agrees)

Inside Rudy's vanishing act

President Donald Trump's promises didn't end business entanglements - Donald Trump promised to keep his business and his presidency separate. Two years and many entanglements later, they face expanding investigations (and you believed him?)

Carl Hiaasen Imagines The Right-Wing Freakout If Obama Acted Like Trump | HuffPost - The columnist and bestselling author calls out Republicans and Fox News in an alternate history column.

Have our methods become unsound? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Let us consider how various prominent conservative figures are viewing the president' current mental state ...

Eschaton: Progress - Chasten Buttigieg is 29 years old. It would be a bit hard to explain in 2004 or 2008 or even 2012 that "there's this guy running for president who has a youngish husband and nobody treats it as weird or controversial." ... And, yes, objectitudinal journalists decide what is controversial or not with every story they file.

2020 Dems warm to expanding Supreme Court - POLITICO - payback for Republican aggression during the Obama presidency.

Trump Again Threatens Violence If Democrats Don't Support Him
Stonekettle on Twitter: "I want to show you something. I took this picture yesterday. This sign is displayed prominently in front of a local business not far from my home here in this little Southern town filled with with white conservative Southerners who HATE the rest of us with righteous fury. 1/" (the Confederacy never really died, the traitors have risen again)

Michael Flynn's Family Is at War With Each Other Over QAnon - Retired general's brother and sister are fanning the flames. His son is a public skeptic

House Judiciary Committee Planning Hearing on the Rise of White Nationalism - Days after the massacre in New Zealand, lawmakers are looking for more information from federal agencies on what's being done to confront the threat. (well, nothing, since you asked)

Evangelical approval of Trump remains high, but other religious groups less so | Pew Research Center (Satangelicals remain loyal to Satan)
GOP's s declaration of moral bankruptcy

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is an Optimist Now - A conversation about race and 2020.
tough talk on 1970s school desegregation plan could get new scrutiny in today's Democratic Party (racist dandy)
Joe Biden's Proplematic Record on Racial Justice Explained -- Will Black Voters Still Love Biden When They Remember Who He Was? (racist asshole worse than Republicans at the time, thanks, Barry)
Two Directions - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The battle between Biden and Warren over the bankruptcy bill really is a good lens through which to see the 2020 race if Biden gets in: (Joebi has been terrible for his whole life)
Age and the presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Of the 45 U.S presidents to date, only three were older than 65 when taking office. (William Henry Harrison, 68, dropped dead within a month; Ronnie Reagan, 69, demented for half is presidency ... and ... Trumpster, 70, deranged)
Kamala Harris' stance on truancy resurfaces as she launches presidential campaign -- "I believe a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime. So, I decided I was going to start prosecuting parents for truancy" (lock up brown and black mothers! the asshole said)

Texas Still Uses Paperless Voting Machines - Election Security Requires a Paper Trail - It is unreal that this is even up for discussion after 2016.

Kansas hopes to resurrect proof-of-citizenship voting law - Kansas faces an uphill battle to resurrect the law once championed by former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach , who led President Donald Trump's now-defunct voter fraud commission (and there you are)

Wisconsin swing voters tire of Trump - Axios (cheese-heads for Trump!)

Ilhan Omar Doesn't Represent American Muslims, She Represents Islamists ... (bc The Federalist knows all about Muslims)
Republicans Are Denying Trump's Completely Open Bigotry Against Muslims

Opinion | What Democrats Need to Know to Win in Rural America - The New York Times - The G.O.P. under President Trump has given liberals an opening in places like Iowa. But they need to know how to speak to voters here (they want even more free money from blue states and they definitely aren't racists or anything)
Of Course Obama-to-Trump Voters Can Be Motivated By Racial Resentments - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is a trip to Trump Country that is actually useful ... Obama "was prejudiced against white people," Mr. Bolus said. "Trump has put the reins on the horse." (yeah, definitely racists +(Pennsyltucky) :
David Roberts on Twitter: "Honestly, adult human beings should be embarrassed to use the term "small states" in an argument. America's small states have almost nothing in common! Nor do its big states! It's not a meaningful category. Using land mass as a proxy for democratic procedure is just dumb."
Trump Crackdown Unnerves Immigrants, and the Farmers Who Rely on Them - The New York Times - It has long been an open secret that some farms survive by relying on an undocumented labor force. Now, tough immigration enforcement has caused a crisis (so they voted for Trumpster)

Opinion | Americans Are Divided by Their Views on Race, Not Race Itself - The New York Times -- a crucial diference ... (without a distinction)

SC sheriffs fly first class, bully employees and line their pockets with taxpayer money | News | ("sheriffs")

Georgia bill would require men to report every release of sperm to officers : politics

Rebecca Ballhaus on Twitter: "NEW from @mrothfeld @joe_palazzolo: How did the National Enquirer get Bezos' texts? Michael Sanchez, the brother of Bezos' lover, sold them for $200,000 to the National Enquirer's publisher

Age of victim in prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein, long a source of confusion, eased his obligations to register as a sex offender - The Washington Post
The Trump Family's Worst Capo? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The lengths the Trump administration's Secretary of Labor went to in order to shield a serial child rapist from serious punishment were extraordinary: ... Pretty much every winger argument is projection, up to and including Pizzagate. ... (his head isn't real, right?)

Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile Joins Fox News as Contributor - Variety ("both sides")

Herodotus - Lawyers, Guns & Money

maker is accused of fueling the opioid epidemic. Its new overdose antidote was just fast-tracked by the FDA

Birth order may not shape personality after all - The Washington Post ... doesn't influence the Big Five -- openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism ... Harvard's class of 2021 is 40 percent firstborns, 32 percent youngest children, 14 percent middle siblings and 12 percent only children
Scientists identify four personality types - The Washington Post - Sophisticated psychological algorithm confirms that some people are jerks ... reserved, role models, average and self-centered.
What's behind the confidence of the incompetent? This suddenly popular psychological phenomenon. - The Dunning-Kruger effect explains why unskilled people think they know it all and tend to be overconfident. (stupid will stupid)

Experimental blood test accurately spots fibromyalgia. In a study that appears in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers from The Ohio State University report success in identifying biomarkers of fibromyalgia and differentiating it from a handful of related diseases. : science

In the first study of its kind, researchers asked people to describe living with Avoidant Personality Disorder

Endocanna DNA Test Kit - Cape Cod Cannabis Consulting

Meet the YouTube star who's de-radicalizing young, right-wing men : trollfare (Contrapoints)

Myspace loses 'over 50 million songs' from website after server migration project goes wrong | The Independent - Once-popular social network was used by millions of bands and singers to share their music ... "I'm deeply sceptical this was an accident,' (another Murdoch failure, and no backups, of course, it's now owned by Time Inc)


State declares measles in Lakewood an outbreak after 3rd case of the highly contagious disease : news (Hasidim stuck in the 17th century)
Medicaid fraud: Lakewood Orthodox raise funds to help amnesty seekers (and want your tax money also)

Flawed analysis, failed oversight: How Boeing and FAA certified the suspect 737 MAX flight control system | The Seattle Times

Christchurch mosque shootings: Police Commissioner Mike Bush says the death toll is now at 50. Victims range from 2 to older than 60. : worldnews (the nazi asshole shot 2 year olds)
Christchurch mosque shooting: The faces of the victims - NZ Herald
In Brenton Harrison Tarrant's Australian hometown, his relatives remember violent video games, trouble with women (your archetypal toxic male 4/8chan incel terrorist)
The New Zealand Shooter's s Rhetoric Sounds Like Something You Might Hear In Congress -- We should talk about why that is. (bc Republican nazi white supremecists like Steve King and Mitch McConnell)
Mass Shooters Have Exploited The Internet For Years. New Zealand Took It To A New Level. | HuffPost - The Christchurch massacre was built on existing far-right memes that fueled a live-streaming gunman's viral aspirations
Three Cheers For Parliamentary Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I'm sure most New Zealanders will be devastated to be deprived of the most precious liberty of all, the right to own firearms with no purpose for civilian use other than to kill huge numbers of people in a short period of time.
Biker gang performs haka in tribute to Christchurch shooting victims - video | World news | The Guardian

New Zealand Shooting Realizes White Supremacy's True Aim -- The Endgame of White Supremacy Is Always Death
It's Time to Attack White Nationalism for the Terror Group It Is (they projected their own terrorism, see Bush/Cheney)
Two hateful ideologies mirror each other's paranoia and scorn (clash of anti-civilizations)
It's Time to Confront the Threat of Right-Wing Terrorism ... now-removed Twitter profile bears striking similarity to those used by an extreme-right, anti-immigration group called The Dingoes
It's Time to Attack White Nationalism for the Terror Group It Is
Jim Acosta: The Whitehouse can't whitewash the white nationalism
Mulvaney: 'Absurd' to say that Trump's rhetoric influenced New Zealand attack
Trump Has Touted Debunked Story About U.S. General Killing 49 Muslims To End Terrorism: Bullets were "dipped in pig's blood," he claimed, one of his many past comments under new scrutiny following the New Zealand attack (speaking of pigs)

Facebook says it removed 1.5 million videos of the New Zealand mosque attack : news
Oldham man arrested for Facebook post supporting New Zealand mosque terror attack
Man in UK arrested for Facebook post supporting New Zealand mosque attack : news

A petition calling for the removal of Senator Fraser Anning from parliament over his response to the NZ mosque terrorist attacks, has received over 800K signatures, the most in Australian history. : worldnews
Fraser Anning lashes out after he was egged by teenager - Far-right activist Neil Erikson, who was involved in the gang-tackle, shouted at the organisers to remove reporters.
John Lubbock on Twitter: "'Police allege the 17-year-old, who calls himself "Egg Boy" online, assaulted the senator with the egg.' This sentence is good and wholesome, and deserves to be repeated in a British context and with Creme Eggs."

New Zealand pulls Murdoch's Sky News Australia off the air over mosque massacre coverage
Fox News Bumps Jeanine Pirro's Show After Anti-Muslim Remarks
Students at center of viral Chelsea Clinton video at New Zealand vigil speak out - The Washington Post - In an interview with The Washington Post, the New York University seniors explain why they confronted Clinton and their surprise at how people responded (more fallout)
Christa Blackmon on Twitter: "A link to Reddit. Ugh. But this is the kind of mistake I expect someone that young to make. It's super-fixable. " (fix your own brain, Christa)

Missouri lawmaker files bills requiring some residents to own AR-15s, handguns | TheHill (R. NRA)
Cherokee County votes to become 'gun sanctuary' | WLOS - The Cherokee Scout reports the Cherokee County Commissioners voted 3-2 to pass a three-page resolution that in part says the county will defy efforts by state or federal government to enforce strict gun-control laws ("God gave us guns!)
6-year-old fatally shoots self with unsecured firearm in Miami Gardens. : news

Philippines Officially Leaves the International Criminal Court - The New York Times - Protesting extrajudicial killings in Manila in August. The International Criminal Court has been investigating whether President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines committed crimes against humanity in his drug crackdown.

Palestinian Terrorist Kills Israeli, Wounds 2 More : news

Suicide bombers kill ISIS followers leaving Baghouz as final holdouts battle on - The National - At least six were killed when the three bombers hidden among those surrendering detonated their explosives

May asks MPs for 'honourable compromises' to back Brexit deal - The prospect of Britain being forced to vote in the European Parliament election 'hardly bears thinking about' (speaking of dishonorable compromised Tories)
Brexit: 'Physically impossible' to leave on 29 March, says chancellor

Newly released documents show that a former adviser to Vladimir Putin sustained a complete fracture of his neck "at or near the time of his death" in a Washington hotel room in 2015. (Trump's bff Putin had nothing to do with it) e

Trump spy agency nominee marooned in Senate standoff - POLITICO - Sen. Chuck Grassley is accusing the Trump administration of stonewalling him over a request for documents related to the Russia investigation, and he's taking it out on the president's nominee for a critical U.S. intelligence post.

Trump is 'dangerous' and 'may fabricate' another national emergency to remain in power after 2020, Harvard law professor warns (not "Trump," it's "Mitch "The Traitor" McConnell)

Washington Senate passes bill that would keep Trump off 2020 ballot unless he releases tax returns | TheHill (what's up with you, Fuckachusetts?)

Trump's impeachment doesn't have to wait. The Founding Fathers never wanted it to be an insurmountable hurdle.

Founder of busted Florida massage parlor chain reportedly orchestrated donations to Trump campaign from spa employees : politics
Trump's tax cuts are punishing states that voted for Clinton, data suggest (you know, the states that were already supporting rightwing asshole Southern moocher states)

NY AG: President Trump Must Personally Pay $8.4 Million to Settle Lawsuit Against Trump Foundation : politics (but Hillary's emailzzz)

Trump criticizes 'Saturday Night Live' after show airs rerun (almost like he watches TV all the time)
Trump tells Fox to 'bring back' Jeanine Pirro; source says she was suspended for Islamophobic remarks

Trump Renews Attacks on John McCain, Months After Senator's Death
Meghan McCain tells Trump "No one will ever love you like they loved my father" in response to tweet bashing John McCain's role in dossier and Obamacare vote (clash of the assholes)
'Weak' Lindsey Graham destroyed for staying silent about Trump's ugly attacks on his friend John McCain

Gardner burned by hometown paper for upholding Trump's emergency declaration

U.S. Jews' support for Trump at serious low despite anti-Democratic campaign, poll finds - The poll also surveyed Protestant, Catholic, Mormon and atheist or agnostic Americans, but Jewish respondents had the most negative view of Trump and were the least likely to identify as Republicans. In Congress, out of some 40 Jewish representatives, only two are Republicans. ... Republicans shocked to find out that Jews aren't idiots ... Half of the alt-right is itching for a pogrom ... Only half? Is the other half too busy hating on muslims to think about the Jews? (and get this: "Jexodus" movement encourages Jewish people to leave the Democrat Party)

Americans are dying because they can't afford their insulin. That' now 2020 campaign issue

NC GOP falsely says Democrats 'forced' a special election (dems 'forced' Rethugs to be estremely corrupt crooks)

Bernie Sanders isn't a radical: Noam Chomsky is exactly right regarding how mainstream Bernie's policies really are

RNC links 'noted Irishman' Beto O'Rourke's heritage to 1998 DWI arrest (haha deport all the Irish)

Senator Gillibrand formally launches presidential campaign | Reuters
As the Democratic field grows, Stacey Abrams weighs a presidential race - The Washington Post

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Mocks Fox News' Obsession: It's 'AOC TMZ' The congresswoman said the network had heightened her visibility among the GOP. (your daily AOC)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claps back at conspiracy theory promoted by Sean Hannity's website that she's an actress (crisis-actor!)

Worthwhile Massachusetts Initiatives - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Iowa Republicans push bill to restrict public student voting rights : politics (considers deporting them)

'Three spots' : Alleged bribery of tennis coach stings Georgetown admissions

Wall Street Has Been Unscathed by MeToo. Until Now. - The New York Times (toxic masculinity)
Catholic priest charged with drugging, raping woman - ABC News - A Roman Catholic priest in Florida is facing charges that he drugged a female parishioner and raped her
Catholic priest charged with drugging, raping woman : news

Undocumented man charged with 1st degree murder in San Jose woman's stabbing death : news
Man could get death in teen's rape, murder, dismemberment | WLOS - A Pennsylvania jury will decide on life or death for a Pennsylvania man who pleaded guilty in the 2016 rape, murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend's teenage daughter ... Sara Packer, a former foster parent and county adoptions supervisor, has agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence

Racist tirade caught on video costs Hamden school employee her job - The Register Citizen - A New Haven resident and Hamden Public Schools employee resigned after she used racial epithets in an encounter with two people of color at a grocery store, an incident shared in a video Friday night that thousands of Facebook users have re-posted ... Corinne Terrone (they still don't get the whole you're now on FB and you're gonna lose your fucking job thing)
Racist tirade caught on video costs Hamden, Connecticut school employee her job : news

New Hampshire man allegedly shot by 11-year-old dies - The Boston Globe - A New Hampshire man was pronounced dead late Friday, hours after he had been found in critical condition near his murdered wife, authorities said late Saturday afternoon, in a shocking pair of shootings allegedly committed by an 11-year-old child.

How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood - The New York Times -- 'snowplow parents' keep their children's futures obstacle-free -- even when it means crossing ethical and legal boundaries (sociopaths raising sociopaths and "parents" = rich white assholes)

An Upstate 4th-grader was barred from writing about her gay grandfather. Now she's suing. : politics ... Anderson Mill Principal Elizabeth Foster (now infamous on the internets for all eternity for being an anti-gay asshole, hello Elizabeth Foster!)

San Diego Porn Scheme Heads to Court - NBC Southern California - More than 20 women are suing the owners of an adult website

Secrets of a Lost Girl - The Boston Globe

Houston woman gives birth to sextuplets in 9 minutes : news - Was she going for a speed record? Who's the father Usaid Bolt? ... Now that's a baby shower
Houston woman gives birth to sextuplets in 9 minutes | - According to the Guinness book of world records the greatest number of children born to one mother is 69 and it belongs to a Russian woman. I doubt she did it in nine minutes though.

People in open-concept homes are realizing the walls were there for a reason - The Boston Globe
McMansion Hell
Abandoned castle village in Turkey: photos - Business Insider
Eerie abandoned places across the US - INSIDER

Drug which makes human blood 'lethal' to mosquitoes can reduce malaria spread, finds a new cluster-randomised trial, the 'first of its kind' to show ivermectin drug can help control malaria across whole communities without causing harmful side effects (n=2,712, including 590 aged<5). : science

What's a uniquely European problem?

/u/textualhealing123, who is an engineer, goes through a rough breakup. Asks whether anyone is interested in an online version of Alcoholics Anonymous for Breakups. 1500 Redditors say yes. OP delivers. : bestof
Why Men May Take Longer to Get Over Their Exes - Experts say guys just don't ever fully get over it (don't know how in love they are and no one to talk to)

The WhatsApp Cofounder Who Sold To Facebook For $19 Billion Tells Students To Delete Facebook : technology
Facebook faces fresh questions over when it knew of data harvesting | Technology | The Guardian (is it possible that Fuckerberg lied?)


U.S. Blocks U.N. Resolution on Geoengineering - The United States joined Saudi Arabia to derail a U.N. resolution that sought to improve the world's understanding of potential efforts to lace the sky with sunlight-reflecting aerosols or use carbon-catching fans ... In September 2018, the Dutch government announced it would withhold $8 million in funding to UNEP until nepotism issues with regard to the head of the U.N. Environment Programme[24]. Sweden and Denmark stopped funding as well. A spokesman for the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs said the freezing of funds was probably unprecedented.

This is what happens when corporations run the governmentAs the world was grounding 737 Max airliners this week, following the second crash involving the new jet in five months, the Trump administration, serving as a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing, declared "no basis to order grounding."
How the FAA allows jetmakers to 'self-certify' that planes meet U.S. safety requirements (draining the swamp of lefty death-preventing regulations)

The costs of failing to immunize children are staggering. Just ask one young boy in Oregon. - The Washington Post

A new study found states with weaker gun laws have more mass shootings : politics
New Zealand shows willingness to curb guns after one, not 1,981 mass shootings : politics
23 reasons why the NRA is racist

Eschaton: Acceptable Bigotries - I gave George W. Bush credit for one thing. After 9/11 he legitimately dampened the fast igniting kitchen fire that could have led to an explosion of Islamophobic violence across the country. Of course we know what happened after that, but at that moment... he did ok ... But it's still been festering in this country and internationally, and certainly no one suffers reputational or professional repercussions from promoting it. The UK media is a cesspool. Even, or frankly especially, the BBC -- I'm not sure when we started pretending Nazis didn't hate Jews, or how that's even possible, but "we" do somehow and our new Nazis are ok as long as they emphasize the rest of it."
Tom Kibasi on Twitter: "Something has plainly gone very wrong at @BBCNewsnight. This evening -- on the day of the racist murder of Muslims in #Christchurch -- they gave a platform to racist hate organisation Generation Identity. Would you explain your decision @esmewren? I'll be making a formal complaint ... The far-right has become mainstream because of the media, BBC in particular lends extreme views a semblance of legitimacy due to its reputation, the notion you can be neutral by providing a platform for racists is absurd #bbcnews

'Let's get this party started' : New Zealand shooting suspect narrated his chilling rampage (face to brain ratio: 4:1)
Boundless racism, zero remorse: A manifesto of hate and 49 dead in New Zealand - The Washington Post
New Zealand attack exposes how little the U.S. and its allies share intelligence on domestic terrorism threats - The Washington Post The United States and its closest allies have spent nearly two decades building an elaborate system to share intelligence about international terrorist groups, and it has become a key pillar of a global effort to thwart attacks. But there's no comparable arrangement for sharing intelligence about domestic terrorist organizations, including right-wing extremists like the one suspected in the killing of 49 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand (Trump's people not tracked, of course)
The Christchurch mosque shooter knew how to make his massacre go viral - The Washington Post

Muslims Share Photos Of Packed Mosques In Solidarity After New Zealand Attack | HuffPost - Despite increased anxiety about mosque security after the Christchurch massacre, many Muslim worshippers refused to be deterred from attending prayer services.
Despite Crackdowns, White Supremacist And Neo-Nazi Videos Take Stubborn Root On YouTube | HuffPost - The ideas in a treatise by Brenton Tarrant, the alleged gunman responsible for the massacres at two New Zealand mosques, are also circulating on many of the world's most popular social media platforms.
New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect Used Swedish Girl's Death as License to Kill
The Longer History of the Christchurch Attacks -- For over a century, the United States has played a role in inspiring and enabling white supremacy in Australia and New Zealand.
Opinion | The Roots of the Christchurch Massacre - The New York Times - All those who have helped to spread the worldwide myth that Muslims are a threat have blood on their hands.
Morrison government bans Milo Yiannopoulos in wake of Christchurch massacre (Fuckannopoulis)
After yesterday's comments, Queensland senator Fraser Anning has an egg smashed on his head while speaking to the media
Hipstorian ?? on Twitter: "Anning caught in the airport without his fash backup. This is even better than egg boy. "
Fraser Anning punches teen after being egged while speaking to media in Melbourne - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The New Zealand shooter called immigrants "invaders." - Hours later, so did Trump. The alleged shooter rambled about immigrants in his manifesto. Trump mentioned it during a veto ceremony.
A short history of President Trump's anti-Muslim bigotry
Washington Post Editorial Board Condemns Donald Trump's Response To Mosque Shootings
Trump again punts on white supremacy after New Zealand attacks - CNNPolitics
Erin Burnett: Trump's 'Invasion' Talk in Aftermath of New Zealand Massacre is 'Just White Supremacy'
Trump is cornered, with violence on his mind. We must be on red alert : politics
Trump Encourages Violence From His Supporters. They're listening

Chris Cuomo Surrenders After Kellyanne Conway - White House counselor claimed the president's veiled threat of violence was really about how peaceful his supporters are. (Kellyanne Lieway)
Jim Carrey Grieves Over New Zealand Mosque Shooting With Tear-Filled Self-Portrait | HuffPost
Five myths about hijab - The Washington Post - It's not just a headscarf - and it's not just for women

Congressman Accuses Justice Department, FBI Of Stonewalling On Domestic Terrorism Threat | HuffPost - More right-wing extremists than militant Islamist sympathizers were arrested in the U.S. by FBI terrorism investigators since Trump became president, statistics show.
U.S. sees steady rise in violence by white supremacists : politics
The Right Has Mainstreamed the Rhetoric of Mass Killers : politics

Dictators have reemerged as the greatest threat to the liberal democratic world - The Washington Post - Authoritarianism has reemerged as the greatest threat to the liberal democratic world

StevesEvilTwin2 gives a thorough explanation about why China can be considered a fascist country : bestof

One year in, Facebook's big algorithm change has spurred an angry, Fox News-dominated -- and very engaged! -- newsfeed ... "Fox News driving the most angry reactions of anyone, with nearly double that of anyone else (very angry old white men are furioius and Fuckbook is fucking you)

At least 13 civilians, including 9 children and a village's lone doctor, were killed in an American airstrike in Naser Khil in eastern Afghanistan (Trump's promise to kill families) All to kill the village's lone terrorist, after which the entire village was converted to terrorism

Argentinian doctors accused of subjecting 11-year-old girl to horrific ordeal in forcing her to have elderly rapist's baby

Model To Be Key Witness In Upcoming Silvio Berlusconi Sex Trial Has Been Poisoned : worldnews
Model To Be Key Witness In Upcoming Silvio Berlusconi Sex Trial Has Been Poisoned - According to local Italian media reports, her autopsy turned up "a mixture of radioactive substances which are not normally available for purchase"

War crime investigators will be barred from entering US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says - War crimes investigators working for the International Criminal Court will be barred from entering America if they probe the actions of the country's soldiers in Afghanistan and other locations : worldnews (Trump getting ahead of the game)

One Year Ago, America Stole My 7-Year-Old. I Want Him Back. : politics
Trump admin tracked individual migrant girl's pregnancies - Weekly reports, 28 pages of children, some under the age of 13, tracking their menstrual cycles. Tracking how long they are pregnant so they can delay until they are forced to give birth. Tracking if the pregnancy was from rape or not. Why does the government need a spreadsheet of this info?

Michael Flynn done cooperating with Mueller probe, but info he provided is still part of ongoing investigations, government says - CNNPolitics

Russian Oligarch Sues the U.S. Over Sanctions - The New York Times - Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch, claimed in a lawsuit that the Trump administration is biased against him (yeah, very biased)
Academic Behind Cambridge Analytica Data Mining Sues Facebook for Defamation - The New York Times

Trump's Phone Friends May Be More Important Than His Staff. So Who's he calling? ... The list includes Eric Trump, Don Jr., Sean Hannity, Stephen Schwarzman, Rupert Murdoch, Tom Barrack, and Robert Kraft (his pedo pal)

She Extols Trump, Guns and the Chinese Communist Party Line - The New York Times

A clear majority of Americans oppose Trump's emergency declaration (61-66% Rasmussen not included)

Supreme Court expands scope of census citizenship question case - The move comes after a federal judge in California ruled that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, whose agency oversees the census, violated the Constitution's Enumeration Clause. (you can see where this is going)

Beto O'Rourke Rourke Is 46. Bernie Sanders is 77. Does Age Matter Anymore for Democrats? (and Pete Buttigieg is 37, why'd you leave that out?)

Republicans really hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. There's a lesson there for 2020 (but Scott Lehigh/BoGlo thinks she's very divisive)

At New Zealand vigil, Chelsea Clinton confronted over her criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar - The Washington Post - Last month, the former first daughter joined throngs of Democrats and Republicans in condemning language used by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), one of the two first Muslim women elected to Congress, that they saw as perpetuating anti-Semitic stereotypes. (like clueless mom like daughter and is her husband a dual-citizen?)

Pete Buttigieg, the young and openly gay Midwest mayor, finds a voice in crowded Democratic presidential field - The Washington Post

Judge blocks Kentucky's 'fetal heartbeast' abortion law (Kenfucky/Mitchville)

No voter ID approval for 12 UNC campuses, including Chapel Hill :: - Student IDs from a dozen University of North Carolina schools, including UNC-Chapel Hill, didn't get the signoff they needed Friday for students to use them at the polls during the 2020 elections. (worst state for voting rights, thanks hillbilly fuckers)

/u/harpsm lists the GOP's history of pedophilia, /u/gravitas-deficiency sources each incident. : bestof
Balthusdire comments on Lindsey Graham Blocks House Vote to Make Mueller Report Public (five whole dems)

Lori Loughlin's Husband Is Apparently A Vocal Trump Supporter Who Frequently Complains About People Not "carrying their own weight" ... Mossimo Giannulli (so, rich white racist failed shitty clothes designer fucker)
I helped get rich kids into elite colleges. Obsessive parents drove me away. - The Washington Post
As College Bribery Scandal Plays Out, Here Is Some Context : NPR
Opinion | Status Anxiety and the Scam Economy - The New York Times - In a stratified society, people will do desperate things to seem successful.

Maryland lawmakers seek UMMS board reform, citing 'serious concerns' over deals for Mayor Pugh, others
Blankenship suit claims media, others conspired to ruin Senate candidacy | News | (yeah, convicted felon Blankenfuck)

SPLC fires founder Morris Dees; internal emails highlight issues with harassment, discrimination Alabama Political Reporter

The Cult Of The Family : ABC iview - A three-part investigation that chronicles the rise and fall of Australia's most notorious cult, The Family and its strange but charismatic female leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

The Believer - After a mysterious freestyle ski run in last year's Winter Olympics, people called Elizabeth Swaney a scam artist and the worst athlete in the history of the games. They're wrong

Death of the calorie - For more than a century we've counted on calories to tell us what will make us fat. Peter Wilson says it's time to bury the world's most misleading measure

When the Dominatrix Moved in Next Door - The New York Times (Brooklyn)

Springfield officer in video of controversial High School of Commerce arrest said he did not mean to file false report : bostontrees ("I felt threatened by his elbow")
Federal court dispute over Cambridge marijuana store settles; case dismissed in exchange for significant payment
Pot bills rolling in on Beacon Hill : bostontrees (oh, and look, it's ... Jason Lewis!)

THE FALL OF THE GE BOSTON DEAL, PART II - patently obvious that the state legislature, and most especially the offices of Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh, are incapable of investigating a bad scheme that they all helped ram through with no public oversight. And the kleptocratic federal government is not currently a place to turn for assistance either. (BoGlo a PR outfit for GE)

Dshban11 comments on Out of the loop: What's with the constant hate on LaGuardia airport, and how does it compare to typical US airports? - LaGuardia is the Gary, Indiana of airports. It is the Washington Generals, it is the Scrubs Season 9, it is Dragonball Evolution of Airports.
626c6f775f6d65 comments on Anyone else forced into express lane last Thursday/Friday and now you're getting a bill? (toll roads are a Republican scam)

10 mistakes to avoid when you spring-clean your house - The Washington Post

coolgirlhere comments on Tell me your treadmill horror stories so I don't feel so alone in the embarrassment

Mindfulness - Secret Energy 2019 Mindfulness Keynote - YouTube

100 unique exploits and counting for WinRar bug

Facebook, Axios And NBC Paid This Guy To Whitewash Wikipedia Pages | HuffPost - And it almost always works.

Apple responds to Spotify with words, but no real answers (well, they did say give us your money)
import_FixEverything comments on Anon hates apple


The craziness going on the Midwest right now : WTF
California officially free of drought after more than seven years : news

[Serious] Medical professionals of Reddit, have you ever successfully changed an anti-vaxxer's mind? How? : AskReddit

Christchurch mosque massacre: 49 confirmed dead in shootings; four arrested - three men, one woman - NZ Herald
New Zealand Shooting Live Updates: Attack on Christchurch Mosques Leaves 49 Dead - The New York Times
Gunman opens fire at mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand : worldnews
New Zealand shooting live updates: 49 killed in terrorist attack at mosques in Christchurch - The Washington Post - "Our gun laws will change" said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

The Daily Mail Let Readers Download The New Zealand Mosque Attacker's Manifesto Directly From Its Website - Other British news outlets, the Sun and the Mirror, featured the attacker's first-person video, including in GIF form on their homepages. (Murdoch)
A Suspect In New Zealand Mass Shootings Appears To Be A White Supremacist | HuffPost - In a manifesto, the alleged gunman said he was motivated by American extremism.
Trump says white nationalism is not a rising threat after New Zealand attacks: 'It's a smalol group of people' ("but they're MY people")
Trump claims white nationalists are "a small group of people" (only 62 million nazi Trump voters)
"renewed white identity and common purpose" - Lawyers, Guns & Money
New Zealand Mosque Shooter's Motve is "understandable" Trump 2016 Foreign Policy Adviser Tells Fox News
Donald Trump is an aspiring fascist, and institutional and cultural forces can't contain him indefinitely - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Breitbart Biker Threat Came From the Putin Playbook -- Then Tweet Deleted After Mosque Massacre -- Trump told Breitbart there could be biker violence against leftists. Sounded even worse after New Zealand mosque massacre manifesto called him "a symbol of renewed white identity"
Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Shooting: What We Know
The Shooter's Manifesto Isn't in Code
In solidarity with Muslims, New Zealand Jewish community shut synagogues on Shabbat for first time in history : worldnews
Christchurch mosque shootings: Senator Fraser Anning lashes out at Muslims after Christchurch shootings: 'They are the perpetrators'
Reddit Bans Gory Subreddits After New Zealand Shooting : news
Reddit bans r/watchpeopledie in the wake of the New Zealand mosque massacres

Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Shooting Proves White Supremacy Is an International Terrorist Threat - The New Zealand Attack Is Proof That White Supremacy Is an International Terrorist Threat - It stretches from Christchurch to Pittsburgh and extends out in every direction.

u/SelfFundedFelon Details how the NZ Terrorist and other White Supremacist Mass Killers repeat Fox News Talking Points about Fear and Islamaphobia : bestof
/u/poppinKREAM comments on the spreading openness of hatred aimed at Muslims and immigrants in the wake of the Christchurch, NZ shooting; sources and up to date coverage from NZ provided. : bestof
A Mass Shooting of, and for, the Internet - The New York Times
Opinion | The New Zealand Massacre Was Made to Go Viral - The New York Times
bellingcat - Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre - bellingcat
Rush Limbaugh Baselessly Suggests NZ Mosque Attacks Could Be False Flag Carried Out by a 'Leftist'

A shadowy group trying to overthrow Kim Jong Un allegedly raided a North Korean embassy in broad daylight - The Washington Post - a report in El Pais alleging that two of the masked assailants have ties to the CIA.
North Korean diplomats in Spain: CIA implicated in attack on North Korean embassy in Madrid | In English | EL PAMS

The gay Irish prime minister called out Mike Pence's homophobia right in front of him

The House voted 420 to 0 to release the Mueller report. So why is Lindsey Graham blocking the bill? - The Washington Post (Trump has some serious dirt on Ms Graham)
Mueller, in U.S. court filing, says multiple probes continue | Reuters
Trump says 'there should be no Mueller report' a day after House unanimously votes to make it public : politics
Cy Vance has a double jeopardy problem in his case against Paul Manafort. - It will delegitimize his case against Paul Manafort.

President Trump Takes Loss on National Emergency Declaration, Mueller Report Release, Yemen Funding - He's not handling it well.
Trump issues first veto of his presidency - POLITICO - The resolution against his emergency declaration was a stunning bipartisan rebuke to Trump, but lawmakers currently do not have the votes to overturn his veto.

Few Americans see savings from Trumps tax refore - Only one in five U.S. taxpayers expects to pay less income tax this year as a result of the tax reform law passed in 2017 by Republicans who promised big savings for everyday Americans (suckers got taken)

'Not one woman got that kind of coverage' : Beto backlash begins - Many Democrats see a double standard in the fanfare
Beto O'Rourke's secret membership in America's oldest hacking group - The hugely influential Cult of the Dead Cow, jokingly named after an abandoned Texas slaughterhouse, is notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft's Windows
Exclusive: Beto O'Rourke belonged to major hacker group as a teenager : news
It's A Man's World - Lawyers, Guns & Money - So Beto is going to make this a standard stump line apparently: ... his wife is raising their kids "sometimes with my help"

Trickle-down representation: Will the most diverse Congress make Capitol Hill more diverse? - The Washington Post (Beto: third-highest least-diverse)

The Case Against Joe Biden: How the Former VP Fueled Mass Incarceration & Protected Big Banks | Democracy Now! (pro-segragaiion also)

How Trump's Brand of Grievance Politics Roiled a Pennsylvania Campaign ... "Democrats are rats!" yelled Mr. Scavo's wife, Caren, a local hair stylist who had started crying. (hello, Caren! not that's you're a racist bitch, or anything)

Sanders cuts head on shower door, receives 7 stitches - politico (lookin' pretty old)
Institute founded by Sanders' wife, son is shutting down -- The Sanders Institute, a think tank ... is shutting down, at least for now, amid criticism that the nonprofit has blurred the lines between family, fundraising and campaigning.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Better Known, but Image Skews Negative - 31% view the congresswoman favorably, 41% unfavorably - Ocasio-Cortez is most liked by fellow Democrats, nonwhites, Republicans unfavorable opinions of her get worse

Ted Cruz campaign failed to disclose Goldman Sachs, Citibank loans, FEC says - The Washington Post

Howard Schultz and His Team Think the Backlash Means They're 'Onto Something' (his unpopularity is a reflection of his popularity)

Amy Klobuchar defends her staff treatment, but says toughness needed when dealing with Putin - CNNPolitics ("yes, I'm a raving angry bitch to my workers, but it's for a good reason")
Eschaton: Tough - Believe them or not, think they're important or not, but the stories about Klobuchar's staff treatment are not about someone who is "tough," they're about someone who has anger issues and who bullies the people she can bully, the ones who need her paychecks to eat.

The "intellectual dark web" is just a way of monetizing fascist fellow traveling - Lawyers, Guns & Money (hello, Bari Weiss!)
Pigs (A Million Different Ones) - A Summer Memory...Enter Fascists...Big Tech...A Debate on Terror...My Encounter with Nazis...How to Cure Far-Right Extremism
Dan O'Sullivan on Twitter: "Just the CEO of Twitter hanging out with Tim Pool, a Nazi propagandist"
Eschaton: Dangerous Dum Dums - Bari Weiss brought "the intellectual dark web" to the New York Times and is reasonably assumed to be responsible for every alt-right friendly thing on their opinion pages. Also she occasionally writes really really stupid not very precocious 8th grader level stuff, like her My Trip To Australia piece, which should be embarrassing to all who work there and yell at readers for not buying subscriptions -- remembering how bari weiss said australian politics was all chill and mates etc -- It's a problem when the most important newspaper in the country hires dangerous dumdums, and they hire many of them

> Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman sued for $500bn in college cheating scam : news
Lori Loughlin fired from Fuller House in wake of college admission scandal : television ... This life-follows-fiction stuff is so funny. Felicity Huffman's character on Desperate Housewives bribed a soccer coach to keep her son on the team. ... (storylines intersect with the reality show but in reality she will go to a real jail)
Napa Valley Vintner Caught in Varsity Blues College Scandal Is Hefty-Political Donor - California Globe - Agustin Huneeus paid $50K to ensure daughter entry into USC; gave hundreds of thousands to CA Democrats
College cheating scandal: Lawsuits filed by students at elite schools - A Stanford undergrad claims the value of her degree will now be diminished in light of the damaging allegations.
College cheating scandal: First lawsuits filed by students at elite schools : news

Disney Reinstates Director James Gunn For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3' - he was fired last July by Disney after alt-right journalists made public a fusillade of decade old social media missives that made light of pedophilia and rape

Federal court says a Michigan woman's constitutional rights were violated when she was handed a speeding ticket after giving the finger to an officer in 2017. : news (bully copster costs taxpayers a lot of money)

Landlines, love interests and budding sexuality: How 'Pen15' gets middle school girls right - The series has received widespread acclaim for showing teen girldom in its full range

Birmingham primary school suspends LGBT lessons indefinitely : news (Muzzies hate gays)

Neil deGrasse Tyson Cleared to Return to TV by Fox, Nat Geo : television

TIL that, according to the scientific definition of the term, bananas, pumpkins, and watermelons are all considered berries, whereas blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are not. : todayilearned

The rise of farming changed how people talk. Soft, processed foods altered our bite, which added "f" and "v" sounds to speech and changed languages worldwide, a study finds.

South African University performs world's first ear transplant using 3D printed bones : news

MIT neuroscientists have shown that they can improve cognitive and memory impairments in mice similar to those seen in Alzheimer's patients using a noninvasive treatment which works by inducing brain waves, which also greatly reduced the number of amyloid plaques found in their brains.

You have to fight an exact copy of yourself to the death, how do you outsmart yourself? : AskReddit

7 years ago I decided to walk every block in NYC. I've now covered more than 9,000 miles on foot, with a few hundred left to go. AMA! : IAmA

A drug dealer saved my life : offmychest

What's the most fucked up thing that your country has done?

How to teach a brat, the art of parking?? : funny

u/Dovahkiin419 expounds on 7 types of love the Ancient Greeks had separate words for. : bestof
Dovahkiin419 comments on 15 Year old girl cries while reading Harry Potter because Dumbledore said love is important, dad calls out JK Rowling for not considering why that might be offensive (comment is good)
Color wheel theory of love - Wikipedia

/u/BijouPyramidette explains how destructive behaviours in toxic masculinity and femininity are not the same. : bestof


Sharp rise in Arctic temperatures now inevitable - UN | Environment | The Guardian - Temperatures likely to rise by 3-5C above pre-industrial levels even if Paris goals met

Samuel L. Jackson Keeps It Real: Trump Is 'Ruining the Planet' and If You're Silent About it, 'You're Complicit' : politics
TIL after "the world's larege beach clean-up" at Mumbai's Versova beach, Olive Ridley turtles returned to lay eggs for the first time in 20 years

Sandy Hook Massacre: Remington and Other Gun Companies Lose Major Ruling Over Liability - The New York Times

Trump disparages Boeing 737s in private before grounding the plane after deadly crash - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Planes Fall Down - While I am not expert in such matters, or most others, I'm glad someone with Trump's ear convinced him* to ground the 737s that might be a bit to into killing their passengers -- *I have no idea if such things are always run by the president but however these things are actually decided, we'd be better off with headlines suggesting the agency in charge (FAA) did it, and not the brain worm addled bribe taker.

UK parliament votes to delay Brexit - The vote leaves open whether the delay will allow time to implement the existing deal or to find a new course of action.
Erin Go Bragh! On Brexit, Irish PM Disses Trump To His Face | Crooks and Liars - Trump made believe he never supported Brexit, but the first gay prime minister elected in Ireland told Trump directly that he disagreed with his opinion and regretted the vote entirely ... Trump lied, of course.

Senate breaks with Trump on Saudi-led war in Yemen | TheHill

Tech Firm in Steele Dossier May Have Been Used by Russian Spies - The New York Times

House votes 420-0 to make Mueller's report public : politics
Andrew Weissmann Stepping Down From Special Counsel Robert Mueller Team : NPR
Giuliani Ally Bob Costello: We Weren't Dangling a Pardon to Michael Cohen. We Were Referencing Garth Brooks Lyrics.

Trump again nods toward violence by his supporters -- and maybe something bigger (dictator-for-life)
Trump issues warning to opponents: 'It would be very bad' if his military, police and biker supporters got 'tough'
Trump issues warning to opponents:'It would be very bad' if his military, police and biker supporters got 'tough'
GOPniks2 details with Evidence Putins connection to Bikers for Trump amid his Recent Threats to American Citizens carried out by the Bikers and other Trump Supporters : bestof (Commie Bikers for Trump!)

Senate votes to reject Trump's emergency declaration, setting up president's first veto
These 12 Republicans defied Trump and voted to overturn his declaration of an emergency at the border - The Washington Post

New York appellate court allows Summer Zervos' defamation suit against president to proceed

Beto 2020 Has No Reason to Exist - Of all the major candidates, he brings the least to the Democratic primary.
Former Texas Congressman Beto O'Rourke - Announces 2020 Democratic Run for Presidency
Trump calls O'Rourke 'crazy' for his hand gestures

Howard Schultz says he grew up in a poor, rough place. Those who lived there called it the 'country club of projects'
Howard Schultz's schmattas to riches story doesn't check out at all - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Republicans Think This 'Paid' Family Leave Plan Is a Part of a Social Safety Net - What if you looted your retirement fund so you could afford to have children? (paid unpaid screw your retirement leave -- paid family leave that you pay for!)

Political Independents: Who They Are, What They Think | Pew Research Center - Most 'lean' toward a party; 'true' independents tend to avoid politics ... 38% describe themselves as independents, while 31% are Democrats and 26% call themselves Republicans ... 17% are Democratic-leaning independents, while 13% lean toward the Republican Party. Just 7% of Americans decline to lean toward a party, a share that has changed little in recent years.

You Fucked Up, You Trusted Us - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Das Bootster)

Is the Times Learning? (No.) - Lawyers, Guns & Money (no, and Gail Collins is a waste of space)
Fall from Grace | by Paul Starr | The New York Review of Books - Merchants of Truth: The Business of News and the Fight for Facts by Jill Abramson - Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics - by Yochai Benkler, Robert Faris, and Hal Roberts

Tucker Carlson says he's the victim of a powerful bully. Meet the 24-year-old who found the tapes.

Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Loses Advertisers Amid Backlash | Hollywood Reporter

Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder, civil rights lawyer Morris Dees
Southern Poverty Law Center fires co-founder, declines to say what he'd alleged to have done

Lori Loughlin's Daughter Vacationed On USC Trustee's Yacht As Scandal Broke - Rick Caruso, the USC trustees chairman, said Olivia Jade Giannulli returned home after the feds announced charges in their college admissions fraud probe.
Lori Loughlin Daughter Olivia Leaves Yacht Owned by Top USC Official
In the fifth episode of Season 1 of 'Desperate Housewives,' Felicity Huffman's character Lynette Scavo and her husband Tom (Doug Savant) 'donate' $15,000 to get their twin sons into an elite private school : television (reality tv reality)
Son defends parents caught in college admissions scandal while smoking blunt

TIL a Wal-Mart heiress gave back her USC degree when she was exposed to have used another student to complete her school work for years. : todayilearned

Reputed Gambino Mob Boss Is Shot and Killed on Staten Island - The New York Times
Francesco Cali, Reputed Boss Of Gambino Crime Family, Gunned Down In New York | HuffPost

Not a rerun: A second Port Richey mayor is under arrest - Vice Mayor Terrence Rowe stepped in to become acting mayor after Dale Massad's arrest. But now the acting mayor is also under arrest ... use of a two-way communication device to facilitate the commission of a crime. (communication is usually, you know, at least two-way)

Hudson Yards is Manhattan' Biggest, Newest, Slickest Gated Community. Is This the Neighborhood New York Deserves?

Women Say Cannabis Makes for Better Orgasms - The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women : science

The "internal wiring" of breast cancer can predict which women are more likely to survive or relapse, say researchers. The study shows that breast cancer is 11 separate diseases that each has a different risk of coming back. : science

A rare virus outbreak at sea has left a US Navy warship quarantined for over 2 months : news

When Elon Musk Tried to Destroy Tesla Whistleblower Martin Tripp - Bloomberg - It started with a Twitter meltdown and ended with a fake mass shooter. A former security manager says the company also spied and spread misinformation. (evil Elon)

Facebook's Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation (lock up Zuckberg)


Boeing 737 Max Flights Banned by U.S. After Other Countries Ground Planes - The New York Times
Trump Racisted, People Died - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump's government shutdown had may well have deadly consequences:
Trump's government shutdown delayed fixes to airplane involved in multiple deadly crashes
Surprise: Trump Kept 737 Max Jets Flying After Personal Call from Boeing C.E.O. : politics
Lion Air Plans to drop a $22 billion order for Boeing 737 Max and switch to rival Airbus : worldnews

Judge won't let unvaccinated children back in school : news

Theresa May's Brexit Deal Has Suffered A Crushing Defeat For The Second Time - MPs voted 391-242 against the prime minister's new deal, a margin of 149 (they just can't stop doing it to themselves)
BBC News - MPs vote to reject no-deal Brexit : worldnews
Eschaton: And She Lost - Not really surprised, but I thought there was a pretty good chance they would "come around" in the end.
Brexit and Trumpism Have Failed Because Conservative Populism Is a Lie : politics

UK:Man with epilepsy who couldn't cook for himself, wash or travel alone denied disability benefits after appearing 'well dressed' (Tories at work)

A sham trial exposes Saudi Arabia's continued disrespect for its citizens
Saudi Arabia is prosecuting 10 women's rights activists, but it won't let people watch the trial, or even say what they did wrong : worldnews

Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in U.S. history? - The Washington Post - George Will ... (that would probably be W/Cheney but 2nd is ok) ... In a homily last September, the pope discerned something satanic in the sexual abuse scandal. He meant, however, that "the Great Accuser," a.k.a. Satan was attacking the pope's bishops

Paul Manafort is sentenced to a total of 7 1/2 years in prison for conspiracy and fraud - The Washington Post - President Trump would not be able to pardon Manafort, 69, on the separate state case. Under the Constitution, presidents have wide authority to pardon, but that power applies only to federal convictions.
New York Charges Manafort With 16 Crimes. If He's Convicted, Trump Can't Pardon Him
Mueller says Flynn's cooperation 'complete'
Looking at 47 months in jail in Virginia case, Paul Manafort faces 2nd sentencing in DC case - ABC News
US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson Sentences Paul Manafort to 73 months : politics
Paul Manafort Sentenced to Additional 43 Months in Federal Prison - Former Trump Campaign Manager in Washington, DC Court - Paul Manafort Took the Trump 2016 Job and It Destroyed Him. So Why Did He Take It? - His defense attorney got one thing right at his sentencing hearing.

The Wacky Tale of Paul Manafort, Anne Hathaway's Fraudster Ex-Boyfriend, and a Vatican Land Scam

Email: Lawyer said Michael Cohen could 'sleep well tonight' after speaking to Rudy Giuliani - CNNPolitics
Cohen Has Email Showing Trump Criminally Dangled Pardon
Prosecutors Seek Records on Cohen's 'Back Channel' With Giuliani

Trump appreciates Pelosi's 'statement against impeachment'
Eschaton: And If They Do - What Pelosi really did was affirm that Democrats long ago gave the Republican Party a silent veto over whether Trump should be held accountable for anything ... If, for whatever unlikely reason, Republicans ever do turn on Trump and decide to take his presidency down, they'll overnight position themselves as the principled crusaders for justice, who had to act when the impotent flailing democrats refused. And as full as shit as they would be with this, they'd have a point. (and comments: Not impeaching Ronald Reagan made him an icon. Not impeaching George HW Bush made him respectable. Not impeaching George W Bush made him an even bigger asshole.

Rudy Giuliani and wife Judith Nathan ripped by judge for making divorce trial 'unpleasant' - New York Daily News

Trump's Monument Review Was A Big Old Sham (and then they gave it all to his pals)

Power Up: Trump budget guts White House drug control office -- again - The Washington Post

Opinion | Trump May Have an Unlikely Re-election Ally - The New York Times - crowded field and messy rules could lead to months of infighting and an ugly convention.
Howard Schultz Pledges to Only Sign Bipartisan Legislation, Name Supreme Court Justices With 2/3 Support - Howard Schultz's Latest Bipartisan Pipe Dream Shows He's a Political Idiot - It's a recipe for years of absolute governmental paralysis. (Mr Coffee is the smartest right-leaning centrist)

Sanders aide apologizes for questioning American Jews' 'dual allegiance' to Israel - deputy press secretary later deleted her Facebook post after POLITICO began asking about it. (no, I tell you, I plainly don't have a nose on my face!)

Opinion | No Hate Left Behind - The New York Times - Lethal partisanship is taking us into dangerous territory - Just over 42 percent of the people in each party view the opposition as "downright evil" - In real numbers, this suggests that 48.8 million voters out of the 136.7 million who cast ballots in 2016 believe that members of opposition party are in league with the devil.

Fox News Contributor Salaries Revealed In Financial Disclosures | Hollywood Reporter - At least 10 members of the Trump administration have served as on-air contributors for the network. (Trump run by Putin and Murdoch)
Don't let its success fool you: Fox News is a mess | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian
Laura Ingraham Demonizes Immigrants Again And Again In 7-Minute Montage (media matters on a roll)

Tucker Carlson completely melts down and lashes out at Media Matters following publication of his bigoted and perverted comments (how dare you report my exact words!)
Tucker Carlson makes sexually explicit jokes about Miss Teen USA contestant in latest audio - The Washington Post
Eschaton: How Dare They Publish My Words - But there's an additional thing which makes no sense at all, where conservatives (especially) act as if things they said on one prominent public radio or TV outlet are somehow off limits because it isn't their main branded one. What is said to Bubba the Love Sponge and his listeners is supposed to stay there. And, no, there's no expectation of privacy there. It's not email. It's not even an overheard conversation on a train. It's a publicly available broadcast!

Kellyanne Conway's Hot Take On College Admission Scandal Backfires Spectacularly | HuffPost - "They worried their daughters are as stupid as their mothers"
Donald Trump Spectacularly Self-Owns With 'One-Sided Hatred' Rant About Late-Night TV - The president ironically cited a 'Fox & Friends' segment as he attacked late-night TV comedians.

Alleged perils of crossing White House power couple detailed in new book - ABC News (Javanka are entitled assholes, really?)

Jared Kushner Shows There's a Shady-Yet-Legal Way to Get Rich Kids Into College
The Fine Line Between Legal and Illegal Bribery - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Don Trump Jr. mocks Hollywood cheating scam, invites renewed scrutiny of his own college admission : politics

College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged - The New York Times
Felicity Huffman awoke to FBI agents with guns drawn at her L.A. home in college cheating raid - Los Angeles Times
All the Parents Named in the College Admissions Scandal
The Real College Admissions Bribery Scandal Is What's Legal -- All College Admissions Are a Pay-to-Play Scandal
Georgetown Rich Kid 'Gloated' After Allegedly Cheating SATs - Isabelle Henriquez is one of the only students accused of willingly participating in the fraud - and now her degree may be in jeopardy. (not the brightest bulbs)
College admissions scandal: Colbert goes after Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, wealthy and famous - The Washington Post
College admission scam: James Van Der Beek mocks 'Varsity Blues' case
More than 750 families benefited from college cheating scheme, ringleader says : news (through ONE guy)

Fox News Hasn't Asked Dershowitz About His Pedophile Client Jeffrey Epstein ("Alan, you were on the pedo-plane. Are you a pedophile?")

Nursing Homes Are Closing Across Rural America, Scattering Residents - The New York Times (old white farmer people who voted for Trump so they could lose their ss/medicare and die)

Gov. Gavin Newsom to Halt Carrying Out Death Penalty in California - The New York Times

Inside 100 million police traffic stops: New evidence of racial bias

Fever, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of a failed nation - Lawyers, Guns & Money

THE FENTANYL FAILURE - Obama officials failed to focus a Despite mounting deaths and warnings, the Obama administration did not take extraordinary measures to confront an extraordinary crisis, experts say. - fentanyl burned its way across America - Washington Post (was getting money from the Sacklers, right?)

A belief in meritocracy is not only false: it's bad for you (yeah, Barry bought this Trumpian bullshit)

Opinion | The Industrial Revolution of Shame - The New York Times - Outrage is strange bait: It can feel wrong not to take it.

Angry dad brings loaded AK-47 to school because son called crying, police say : news

The Heavily Armed Millennials of Instagram - The Washington Post (girls and their big dicks)

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger recipe today [update] - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This truly is an amazing job offer from Epicurious:

The Sugar Conspiracy - The Guardian - Pocket - In 1972, a British scientist sounded the alarm that sugar -- and not fat -- was the greatest danger to our health. But his findings were ridiculed and his reputation ruined. How did the world's top nutrition scientists get it so wrong for so long? (maybe bc they were bought by Big Food and the "field of nutrition" duh? - hello, Tufts - and suger makes you fat, not fat and Ancel Keys killed millions and boy what a bunch of corrupt scientific in their heads assholes)

What Scientists and City Planners Can Learn from Sci-Fi - Scientists might need to take a cue from artists to adapt our cities for climate change. (without any non-dead humans in them)

Amazon Almost Killed Best Buy. Then, Best Buy Did Something Completely Brilliant |

Russia's passive-aggressive reaction to SpaceX may mask a deeper truth - "Elon Musk has built the ship of the future" (after Bush and Barry gave the Russians control)

Eschaton: Or Said They Did - I can't tell what these people actually believe or if they're just conning investors. -- Uber thought it would have 75,000 autonomous vehicles on the roads this year and be operating driverless taxi services in 13 cities by 2022, (or are just fucking insane)


Trump's FAA increasingly isolated as other countries ban Boeing jet - Boeing's CEO spoke with Trump by phone on Tuesday morning. (don't take down our death-jets) e
Pilots have reported issues in US with new Boeing jet
A second 737 Max crash raises questions about airplane automation - MIT Technology Review

US pulling last diplomats from Venezuela amid power crisis

50+ Retired Generals and Diplomats Urge the United States to Reenter Iran Deal | The National Interest - Re-entry into the nuclear deal will contribute to establishing a broader U.S. national strategy for the Middle East. (strategy? you think Trumpster needs your stupid "strategy?")

Schiff Says Trump Should Be Indicted, But Backs Pelosi's Impeachment Stance : NPR
Adam Schiff: Evidence Available Already Shows That Trump Should Be Indicted : politics
Mueller May Drop Second Report That Can't Be Buried - He continues the counterintelligence investigation that started with suspicious Trump-Russia contacts in 2016.
New York Attorney General Opens Investigation of Trump Projects - The New York Times

Impeaching Trump Would Be Purely Symbolic, And There's No Reason To Think It Would be Effective Symbolism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

President Trump Tweets About 'Airplanes' and Their 'Complexity' in Bizarre Rant - The President* Thinks He's an Expert on Everything, But Has Bottomless Disdain for Actual Expertise - Airplanes!
The President* Thinks He's an Expert on Everything, But Has Bottomless Disdain for Actual Expertise

Eschaton: THIS IS JUST WHAT HE PROMISED!!! - I'm sure sophisticated political observers, like you, dear readers, were capable of predicting that any "nice things" that Trump promised during the campaign were, at best, bullshit, but it just isn't true that he spent 18 months promising only the bad things. So when you see this: For example, Trump for the first time calls for cutting $845 billion from Medicare, the popular health care program for the elderly that in the past he had largely said he would protect -- Remember what he actually said was: -- I was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. Huckabee copied me. (dumbfuck suckers believed the lying Satanic asshole traitor to America)
Trump said he wouldn't cut Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare. His 2020 budget cuts all 3

'My Dad's Not a Racist' : Book Describes Ivanka Trump's Defense After Charlottesville (and I'm not one either, she bleeted)

Trump insanity watch, AM edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Physically, the man looks like some sort of hideous British dessert -- some sort of meringue that's been boiled for a day inside a pair of men's underpants and somehow tastes exactly like baloney ... The Pilgrim's Progress, if John Bunyan had been obsessed with underage Russian prostitutes rather than theological doctrine.

Speaker Pelosi Revokes Vice President Pence's House Office Space

GOP, White House seek to avoid showdown on emergency declaration | TheHill
Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices - The Washington Post

Exclusive: Biden to run for White House, says Dem lawmaker | TheHill
Opinion | The Trouble With Biden - The New York Times (his deeply racist past? his corporate corruptions? his asshole behavior? his stupid policies?)

Gillibrand defends office investigation into sexual harassment claims - POLITICO (claims she was thoroughly thorough in her thoroughness)

Roy Moore supporter takes 5th dozens of times under questioning about alleged bribery attempt - The Washington Post

Tucker Carlson needs to go. Now. : politics
Unearthed audio shows Tucker Carlson using white nationalist rhetoric and making racist remarks
That Time Tucker Carlson Called Me the C-Word | The Nation - By Joan Walsh
Tucker Carlson Was Open To A Racist President 10 Years Before Trump | HuffPost (ah yes, and MSNBC loved him)
Tucker Carlson: Iraqis Are 'Semiliterate Primitive Monkeys'
Tucker Carlson Must Not Be Silenced ... leftwing mobs attacking ... nobody cares ... radio ... ten years ago ... Except to the extent that his words can be wrapped around his neck like a noose. (said the MAGAs ... nobody! we tell you! nobody!)
I Am Beginning To Question Whether Tucker Carlson Is Arguing in Good Faith - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman among 50 charged in college admissions scheme
Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman among wealthy parents accused by FBI in college-entrance bribery scheme - The Washington Post
Lori Loughlin's Daughter Is Caught Up in College Admissions Scandal - Ms. Giannulli, an influencer with big audiences on YouTube and Instagram, posted sponsored content about being a student.
Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin indicted in case alleging bribery to get kids into colleges : movies
Robbing a bank is nothing compared to owning one - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... a "side door" to college admissions at hyper and semi elite colleges. The front door is getting on your credentials. The back door is having Mommy and Daddy buy your admission, via giving a pile of cash to the institution. (Hi Jared).
Yashar Ali ?? on Twitter: "US Attorney re the Huffman/Loughlin (among others) college scam: "We're not talking about donating a building...we're talking about fraud.""
Isn't bribing somebody to get your kid into USC like bribing the maitre d' at Olive Garden? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Speaking of student athletes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - a shot of the 3,370 square foot hotel suite that Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott will stay in this week ... All for a very reasonable $7,500 per night.

Daniel Immerwahr on Twitter: "After extensive historical research, I can conclusively state this: Of all U.S. presidents, Dwight Eisenhower is uniquely horrifying with the colors inverted."

Cash from NY, feds tests 100K rape kits, leads to 1K arrests : news

Governor signs KY bill into law allowing concealed carry without permit : news

Disgraced priest from N.J. who was 'credibly accused' of sexual misconduct found shot to death in Nevada

Woman attempts to deliver baby watching YouTube, both die : WTF

If carbon dioxide is only 0.0391 percent of the atmosphere, how does it have such a big impact on climate change? : askscience

TIL a woman in 1984 was found to be able to switch on/off the two hemispheres of her brain at will. This resulted in being able to focus her efforts at relaxing/socializing/sexual or performing logical tasks such as work/math/writing. : todayilearned

Christians' attitudes toward the environment and climate change are shaped by whether they hold a view of humans as having stewardship of the Earth or dominion over the planet, and a stewardship interpretation can increase their concern for environmental issues, a new study found.

A Hilarious Attempt at a Robbery : videos
Can You Trust Kurzgesagt? - In A Nutshell : videos
Heroes, along with a note saying learn to park. : funny
Jennifer Connelly in 1991 : gifs

Unethical Sting Operation On Uber Drivers Gets Disrupted : videos

Mozilla launches its free, encrypted file-sharing service, Firefox Send. Share files up to 2.5 GB : videos

Eschaton: Grifters Gonna Griftt - Two million here, two million there... Elon Musk's futuristic vision for hyperloop transit could be in the works for a Pennsylvania route between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. - The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has awarded a $2 million contract for a feasibility study on a cross-state hyperloop tunnel, with additional stops in Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (yeah, that'll work)


Airlines suspend use of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes after Ethiopian air crash - CNN

"Daylight Savings Time" Should be Standard Time - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the issue here isn't DST: It's America's outrageous school schedule. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that most schools start too early, contributing to poor health in adolescents.

US-North Korea tensions approach boiling point | TheHill - is now grappling with reports that Pyongyang is preparing to launch a missile soon. (WWTD?)

The French Genocide That Has Been Air-Brushed From History - Quillette - Michelet blames the women of the Vendie for being "sincerely, violently fanatical" in relentlessly harassing their husbands until they drove them to take up arms against the Revolution ... "champions of the counter-revolution" ... they forced rebellion on their menfolk ... Hillbillies with Pitchforks ... Conveniently, the Revolutionary authorities still had enough money left over from the sale of Church lands to pay for surveillance committees and other security officials ... It became customary to drown brigands naked, not merely so that the Revolutionaries could help themselves to the Vendien's clothes, but also so that the younger women among them could be raped before death ... at least 3,000 non-combatant Vendien women had been drowned at Pont-au-Baux ... populicide ...

No End in Sight to Venezuela's Blackout, Experts Warn

UK prime minister fights to save Brexit deal
Brexit vote to go ahead but uncertainty remains over its status (off the cliff with the Tories)

U.S. Woman Mired in Saudi Arabia Is Granted Legal Saudi Residency - The New York Times - after The New York Times wrote about her ordeal last week (think it through next time)

Netanyahu-Trump Partnership Is Stronger Than Ever. Are These Its Final Days? - The New York Times (authoritarian boys' club)
Trump tells RNC donors: "The Democrats hate Jewish people" ... Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he'd be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there ... Secret Service ... wearing "blackface" ...
Meet the Group Trying to Change Evangelical Minds About Israel - POLITICO Magazine - Deatherage, a Republican Christian reared in the Bible Belt with an apocalyptic understanding of the conflict ... Among evangelicals over 65, 76 percent have positive views of Israel (they support Israel so Jesus can kill all the Jews) ... Hagee was an invited guest along with Joel C. Rosenberg, the dual-U.S.-Israeli citizen and evangelical (the NYT used that phrase?)

FBI Director Wray says foreign influence campaigns targeting US have continued 'virtually unabated' ("Russia is our friend")

The week that could reveal Mueller's end-game -- 'A number of the threads are finally starting to merge together'
Trump linked to 17 known investigations : politics

Trump 2020 budget to include big domestic cuts, $8.6 billion for border wall - The Washington Post
Pentagon Eyes Windfall as Trump Seeks $750 Billion Defense Budgetannual budget request would give the Defense Department even more than it hoped for.
Trump budget calls for $845 billion cut in Medicare, massive Pentagon spending increases - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Party of Limited Government's budget also locks in trillion dollar annual deficits for the foreseeable future. Trump is a disaster for two independent reasons: (1) He is grotesquely unfit for the office, because he's an ignorant, lazy, incompetent, and profoundly corrupt idiot; and ...
Trump budget proposes huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare - The Washington Post (fuck those people, he said)

Trump's China scandal: An entire new wave of sleaze and corruption surfaces in Florida : politics

If Trump blows up NAFTA, he'll blow up his reelection

Mueller Nudges D.C. Judge to Throw the Book at Manafort | Law & Crime (and sends a fuck you asshole to Ellis)

Reminder: The president regularly spends the weekend hobnobbing privately with rich clients - The Washington Post (taxpayer funded corruption)
Trump lied to RNC donors about 'Tim Apple" video (your eyes and ears are lyin')
President Trump won a 2018 club championship -- without actually playing in it! (that's how good he is)

ideas get attention from Democrats

Democrats Push to Make Washington, D.C., the Fifty-first State | The New Yorker (and two more dem senators)
51 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Good piece on the movement to enfranchise residents of Washington, D.C.: (new state of "The Swamp")

Nancy Pelosi on Impeaching Trump: 'He's Just Not Worth It'

Dems pick Milwaukee for 2020 convention over Miami, Houston - ABC News - It will be the first time in over a century that Democrats will nominate their presidential candidate in a Midwestern city other than Chicago.
Why the DNC snubbed Miami for the 2020 Democratic convention | Miami Herald - That Perez married his wife in Milwaukee was a fact referenced often in Miami as the chairman waited, and waited, and waited to make a decision. (Florida men are a lost cause)

The State of the Race - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Nate has some good analysis of recent Iowa polling, concluding (accurately I think) that Biden and Sanders are vulnerable frontrunners, but nobody else has been particularly impressive so far either:

Former Gillibrand aide resigned in protest over handling of sex harassment claims - POLITICO - What happened when #MeToo hit the office of one of its leaders, 2020 candidate Kirsten Gillibrand. (will she stab herself in the back?)

The Six Wings Of The Democratic Party | FiveThirtyEight

NBC News THINK on Twitter: "Democratic wins in 2020 won't change much if Mitch McConnell saves the filibuster, says @LemieuxLGM"

America's Defining Divide Isn't Left vs Right - It's Old vs Young - Voters over retirement age will continue to dominate U.S. politics until at least 2060 (when the boomers are 120 yrs old)

Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup - politico (YOU SHALL NOT BREAK ME UP, Zuckerberg thundered)
Facebook takes down Elizabeth Warren ads calling for breakup of Facebook : politics - That was a trap, facebook. and you fell for it.

Eschaton: McGovern - I suppose it's finally faded now, but for most of my adult life, liberal pundits of a certain generation seemed to see everything through the lens of an election that happened when I was 9 months old. And I'm not all that young anymore. - Now, gather around, children, and let me tell you about the Iraq war...

2020 hopeful Buttigieg calls Pence a porn star presidency cheerleader - Axios (dingdingding)

Election Watchdog Hits Jeb Bush's Super-PAC With Massive Fine for Taking Money From Foreign Nationals - Neil Bush, Jeb's brother, was caught asking a Chinese businessman for money (another corrupt Republican crime family)

Wow, Marco Rubio Is Dumb - In between Bible quotes, Florida's Republican Sen. Marco Rubio has been outspoken on social media in support of efforts to topple Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ... German Dam ...

Geraldo Rivera Goes Off Script: Defends Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Shreds 'Bogus' Fox News Coverage Of Her

Federal court moves to unseal Jeffrey Epstein documents | Miami Herald
Federal appeals court moves to unseal documents in Jeffrey Epstein international sex trafficking case - Lawyers, Guns & Money (holy shit the pic)

Eschaton: The Spin Room - One of my bad calls in life was thinking that Tucker, while an asshole, wasn't really worse than that. I did not expect he'd evolve into the host of the White Power Hour or, well, this.
In unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments - n unearthed audio, Tucker Carlson makes numerous misogynistic and perverted comments ... said he "loves" the idea of young girls sexually experimenting, used sexist terms to refer to a number of women, and defended statutory rape (sounds like ... Trump!)
Tucker Carlson Said Terrible Things About Women For Years In Unearthed Radio Clips | HuffPost - during years of appearances on Bubba the Love Sponge
Tucker Carlson Calls Women 'extemely primitive' in Unearthed Audio
Sometimes It's Who You Most Suspect - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Remember when MSNBC spent year after low-rated year trying to pass this guy off as a Serious, Moderate Intellectual?
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Makes you think. " (Fucker Dickhead)
Tucker Carlson's Remaining Advertisers Targeted In New Call For Boycott - The hashtag #FireTuckerCarlson was trending on Twitter after radio clips featuring the Fox News host making misogynistic remarks surfaced.
Tucker Carlson Defended Statutory Rape in 2015 With Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes - But more video shows he's done it more recently

Splinter - Devin Nunes on the front lines, ya'll

Laura Ingraham guest says 600,000 slaves were brought to America but 620,000 people died in the Civil War so reparations are unnecessary (Pat Fucking Buchanan, WBUR's favorite guest, back in the day when it looked like Obama might get elected)

Fox News Strongly Condemns Jeanine Pirro's Attack On Rep. Ilhan Omar - The Council on American-Islamic Relations is demanding Pirro be fired after she said Omar's hijab may be "antithetical to the Constitution" ... (said only Sharia law terrorists criticize Israel/AIPAC)
Jeanine Pirro Suggested That Ilhan Omar's Hijab Means She's Not Loyal to the Constitution

Will the Masses Finally See Fox News for What It Is? - The unholy union between the president and Rupert Murdoch's propaganda network

Red Book - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Do you love our big, sweaty turd of a president but enjoy pretending to feel unsafe at normal eating establishments? Congratulations -- there's an app for that ... MAGAphobia ... Finally the world is made safe for white, Christian, nouveau riche hat models. !

'fucking insane' : De Blasio allies warn against 2020 run - The New York mayor has been flirting with a presidential bid, but has few backers

LePage suggests Democrats' money comes mostly from Jews (how's your PR campaign going, AIPAC?)
Eli Valley is Not Sorry - Popula - She claimed it was her friendship with Joe and Hadassah Lieberman that made her personally traumatized by what Ilhan Omar said. So I just took it to the absurdist step of her claiming to be Jewish herself. And then her reaction was that I am antisemitic towards her, which makes the hyperbole reality. (Megan McCain gets roasted, calls a piece of Jewish art anti-semitic even though she's not a Jew but she is a dumb Republifuck drama-queen)
Nazis and the layers of shame - Popula - Jan Karski was the very first eyewitness account of Nazi atrocities given to the West.

In Leaked Chats, Nebraska GOP Gov's Field Director Pushed White Nationalist (Republicans are now basically nazis)

Delaney: 'I don't believe religious doctrine should inform public policy'

Violence and sarcasm - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This is real. Or "real" as Zizek would say: (+"Yale")

Padma Lakshmi Was Tired of Staying Silent. So She's speaking out

'Tell Your Husband to Leave Me Alone' - A woman discovers that understanding infidelity from within can be the key to forgiveness. ... To this day, he understandably wants nothing to do with me and he remains the only important person from my past with whom I have no contact (what else is wrong with this picture of modern love?
What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me About Infidelity - The New York Times

A People's History of the Marvel Universe, Week 14 (The Hellfire Club) - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How to Suck at Business Without Really Trying - Popula


MIT researchers warn killer heat waves soaring above temps humans can survive will be regular occurrences within our lifetimes in areas affecting over 500 million people. Areas of China, South Asia and the Persian Gulf will become uninhabitable by 2070 if climate change remains unchecked. : worldnews (SA turns into hell-on-earth, justice served)

Ethiopian Airlines Crash Kills at Least 150; 2nd Boeing 737 to Go Down in Months - The New York Times
Ethiopian Airlines Crash Kills All 157 People On Board | HuffPost - The Nairobi-bound flight crashed six minutes after departing Addis Ababa -- It was not immediately clear what caused the crash of the Boeing 737-8 MAX plane, which was new and had been delivered to the airline in November
Are There Problems With the Boeing 737 Max? A Second Deadly Crash Raises New Questions - The New York Times

Opinion | The Real Horror of the Anti-Vaxxers - The New York Times - This isn't just a public health crisis. It's a public sanity one (Bruni wakes up and realizes Americans are nuts)
Donald Trump is an anti-vaxxer - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... A garbage person for garbage people. (did he bang Jenny McCarthy?)
New Zealand measles outbreak worst 'in years' with 22 cases confired - "Unimmunised people who come within two metres of an infectious person, however briefly, have a 90% chance of contracting measles"

U.S. Airstrikes Kill Hundreds in Somalia as Shadowy Conflict Ramps Up - The New York Times - The American military has escalated a battle against the Shabab, an extremist group affiliated with Al Qaeda, in Somalia even as President Trump seeks to scale back operations against similar Islamist insurgencies elsewhere in the world, from Syria and Afghanistan to West Africa.

'Israel is the nation-state of Jews alone': Netanyahu responds to TV star who said Arabs are equal citizens - Israel News - (don't call them racist and genocidal, that would be anti-semitic!)
Netanyahu to Rotem Sela: Israel is not a country of all its citizens - Israel News - Jerusalem Post - The prime minister responded to an Instagram post from Israeli actress Rotem Sela, who said the government must stop delegitimizing its Arab citizens.
'Israel Is the Nation-state of Jews Alone': Netanyahu Responds to TV Star Who Said Arabs Are Equal Citizens : worldnews
The Disappeared Children of Israel - The New York Times - In the state of Israel's early years, a number of parents in immigrant transit camps were told that their babies had died. Their families believe the babies were abducted by the Israeli authorities in the 1950s, and were illegally put up for adoption to childless Ashkenazi families, Jews of European descent. A younger generation is demanding answers. (three years after the Holocaust, Jews went Nazi and then lied for decades)
Wonder Woman takes on Netanyahu with anti-racism post on Instagram - The Washington Post (better get on the case, dual-citizens)

An Irish woman is believed to have joined ISIS. Ireland's justice minister says he'll make 'every effort' to bring her home -- The announcement is a departure from the stance held by many of his European and American colleagues

Venezuela is truly on the verge of collapse - The Washington Post (Maduro-fuck took all the money and everything collapsed)
Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy - The New York Times - The opposition itself, not Mr. Maduro's men appears to have set the cargo alight accidentally. (Pence lied? really?)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro 'fears' order to arrest interim President Juan Guaido 'would not be obeyed': White House national security adviser John Bolton - ABC News

World's biggest mass child sacrifice discovered in Peru, with 140 killed in "heart removal" ritual ... in 1450 ... also saw over 200 llamas killed ... scientists working at the site are now trying to determine what could have led to such an extreme and violent ritual. (religion?) ... "I'm glad we live in an age where priests no longer violate children in huge numbers, and then try to bury the evidence."

China's 21% plunge in exports shows weakening global economy : worldnews

Donald Trump contemplating new demand to have allies pay full cost for US troops on their soil, plus 50 percent more : worldnews

U.S. Continues to Separate Migrant Families Despite Rollback of Policy - The New York Times (fuck your laws! Trump is Sadist-in-Chief!)

Trump to demand $8.6 billion in new wall funding, setting up fresh battle with Congress - The Washington Post
Arizona ranchers who supported Trump wall now have doubts about border plans : politics (good men of the earth got suckered, haha)

Paul Manafort lawyer mysterious payment hidden chapter of Trump 2016 campaign - The firm is called Multi Media Services Corporation, and its silent owner is Tony Fabrizio, a longtime Manafort associate and the chief pollster on Trump's 2016 campaign

Opinion | Will There Be Smoking Guns in the Mueller Report? - The New York Times (journalism: "witch hunts" vs. "smoking guns")

Trump's latest admission: He had an explicit discussion with Cohen about a pardon
Opinion | Will Trump Trade the Future for a Hill of Beans? - The New York Times - The outlines of a potential trade deal with China suggest President Trump once again is prioritizing superficial gains over Americ's long-term economic interests (NYT realizes Trump is a Republican!)

Adam Schiff: Erik Prince did not disclose 2016 Trump Tower meeting during testimony - Axios ("they didn't ask that question" "I answered it but the transcript was wrong" "I didn't lie!"
Adam Schiff: Erik Prince did not disclose 2016 Trump Tower meeting during testimony : politics
Erik Prince - Blackwater founder admits Trump Tower meeting with Donald Jr in disastrous interview: 'Sure looks like Erik Prince committed perjury,' congressman says : worldnews (oh well, he's a Republican traitor, so what?)

Mueller Would Err by Not Putting Trump Under Oath, Schiff Says : politics

Founder Of Robert Kraft 'Spa' Reportedly Selling Chinese Access To Trump | HuffPost - consulting company offers foreign investors chance to hobnob with president and "ministers of Congress" at Trump's golf resorts (FTFY)
Trump "likes" tweet connecting massage parlor owner to Mar-a-lago

A look back at Clinton's impeachment reveals the GOP's searing hypocrisy (opinion) - CNN (Trump runs a pedo ring but Clinton got a bj!)

The Republican Party Has Nothing To Offer American Voters : politics

Robinson: Perfect Trump re-election slogan: 'I Don't Keep Any Promises But My Voters Are Too Stupid to Notice'

House Republican explains decision to vote against anti-hate resolution | TheHill - Zeldin, who was among nearly two dozen Republicans who voted against the measure Thursday ...

Trump's legacy: conservative judges who will dominate US law for decades - Republicans have confirmed 89 Trump-nominated judges, far in excess of appointments under Obama and Bush (packing the courts with frat boys and other assholes)

Melania Trump mistook former female Australia foreign minister for partner (not the brightest sex-slave)

How Democrats Can Beat Trump in 2020 - The Atlantic - A winning 2020 candidate needs three things: authenticity, credibility, and viability (Rahmbo says triangulate more!)

Exclusive poll: Young Americans are embracing socialism - Axios (axios: socialism we tell you!)

Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Capitalism as an "Irredeemable' System (your daily AOC)

ICE officials under review for social media posts suggesting Rep. Ilhan Omar took "terrorism classes" ... Isn't it interesting how they try to smear Obama as well, trying to blame him for someone that came to the United States in 1995. (and who "vetted" her to run for Congress??)

Billionaires v teachers: the Koch brother's plan to starve public education (and create a nation of dumb-ass Fox watchers who know no history and can't add and:) "The anti christ is draped in the dark liquid of long dead souls, and cheered on by christians"

The Wabtec Strike - Lawyers, Guns & Money - a classic case of an industrial employer seeking to bust their union through implementing a two-tier contract and engaging in total warfare on the future of the workforce ... The fact that it's the first manufacturing strike in three years is telling in so many sad ways.

Marijuana Legalization Gets Boost From 2020 Democratic Presidential Contenders | HuffPost - Most Americans now live in states where marijuana is legal in some form. (another/the same big sort)

26 women rescued at Seattle massage parlors in human trafficking bust : news
Mass. authorities face steep hurdles in shutting down sex trafficking - The Boston Globe - Stoneham, Arlington, Needham, and other Massachusetts communities: that there are women being held as sex slaves in the suburbs in 2019.

Trump's support among Hispanics and Latinos is real. Don't assume it will fade (Hispanics love their dictators, see religion)

LGM Review of Books: Naomi Klein, No is Not Enough: Resisting Trump's Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... That said, Klein's analysis does want to downplay the role of flat out racism and misogyny in Trump's rise. It's not as if she refuses to talk about race at all, but she moves beyond it very quickly to return to economics (class > race)

Cutbacks in local news leave some communities in the dark (hedgies and rich assholes killing democracy on purpose)

As residents flee New York's high taxes, state uses intrusive audits to get cash from defectors | Fox News (Fox: "taxes" = "intrusive audits")

Police searched a cancer patient's room for marijuana after someone called 911 (story still has traction, copsters say they'd do it again and Bolivar Police Chief Mark Webb gets a big karma sticker)
Missouri Police Search for Marijuana in a Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room : news ... They just want to make him Missouriable ... Missouri loves company...

Body camera video shows Denver cop knock handcuffed man unconscious : news

Kenan Thompson's R. Kelly Does 'SNL' Sitdown With Leslie Jones As Gayle King

Jaguar attacks woman taking selfie at Arizona zoo : news (great comment on animal rescue)

A python makes friends with police - The Boston Globe - an Uber driver who thought it was a good idea to park in an intersection to wait for his pick up.

Boston-set SMILF canceled by Showtime after two seasons ... The Hollywood Reporter detailed complaints about the way Shaw managed actress Samara Weaving's nude and sex scenes for the show ... also ... writers of color were put in different rooms from Caucasian writers and felt that their ideas were exploited without pay or credit (she's Jewish and didn't understand "management")

Road to Recovery: Drugs took their children, but not their hope that others might be saved - The Boston Globe

TIL Mathematician Leonard Euler was so prolific and original that some of his discoveries have been named after the first person to have proved it after Euler : todayilearned ... "It's Pronounced Oiler, btw."

Victims of workplace mistreatment may also be seen as bullies themselves, even if they've never engaged in such behavior, and despite exemplary performance. Bullies, on the other hand, may be given a pass if they are liked by their supervisor, finds a new study about bias toward victim blaming. : science (bosses love bullies)

TIL it's been 125,000 generations since the emergence of human species, 7,500 generations since human physiology reached what is essentially its modern state, 500 generations since the agricultural revolution, and ONLY 20 generations since the scientific revolution! : todayilearned

u/Ice_Burn translates the song "Yankee Doodle" into modern parlance : bestof

Army Ants Build Bridge to Invade Wasp Nest : WTF

We are Daniel J. Clark, Caroline Clark, and Nick Andert. We made the documentary "Behind the Curve" about Flat Earthers. AUA! : IAmA

Zuckerberg's new privacy essay shows why Facebook needs to be broken up: Mark Zuckerberg doesn't understand what privacy means -- he can't be trusted to define it for the rest of us. (Zuckerfucked)

Eschaton: Still Dreaming - The latest on one of my more boring obsessions. -- The American Dream will not be opening next month ... "First of all, it's American Dream is happening, Murphy said. "To the best of my knowledge, the last time I asked, it had slipped, I had thought, closer to June" ... ("the Godot of malls")


Springing forward to daylight saving time is obsolete, confusing and unhealthy, critics say - The Washington Post
Daylight Saving Time and Congress: During WWI, it was passed, then repealed - The Washington Post

The Impact of Jenny McCarthyism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Our Water History - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Venezuela blackout continues for a second day - The Washington Post
In Venezuela, Maduro still holds military even as street protests continue - The Washington Post

The more we learn about Brexit, the more crooked it looks - The Washington Post ... Brexit story looks familiar: One of its protagonists turns out to have much deeper Russian business connections than previously suspected. He also tried to conceal them. (are Tories involved?)

Where Is Robert Levinson? Inside the Secret Campaign to Find Ex-FBI Agent Who Disappeared on Mission to Iran

Arrests in domestic terror probes outpace those inspired by Islamic extremists - The Washington Post

In another blow to Trump, judge rules in favor of ACLU in family separations case - The Washington Post
Judge: Trump administration may have to reunite more migrant families
ICE Is Detaining 50,000 People, an All-Time High - Never before has America held so many allegedly undocumented immigrants in detention at one time. (Kingdom of Trumpland)
Trump is using HIV funds to cage kids & invites Brazil's anti-LGBTQ president to the white house

She Got 5 Years For Voting Illegally Once. Paul Manafort Got Less Time For Years Of Cons. | HuffPost
How could anyone think Paul Manafort lived a 'otherwise blameless' life?

Ex-Mercenary CEO Erik Prince Admits To Trump Tower Meet With Don Jr., Saudi Emissary | HuffPost - and suggested a congressional hearing transcript when he failed to mention it was inaccurate. ("I didn't lie! Your tape recorder lied!)
Did Blackwater's Erik Prince Lie to Congress? I Asked Him ... "I don't believe I was asked that question" (he lied through his teeth, again)

Jared Kushner goes rogue in Saudi Arabia, prompting national security concerns | The Independent - Who speaks for the government, the institutions or the family of the president?

On the 226th try, Trump hopes you'll simply accept that there was no collusion (it worked for 50 million walking dead)
Trump tells The Economist he invented the phrase 'priming the pump'

Robert Mueller Has Raised Big Trump-Russia Questions. Will His Report Answer Them? Mother Jones - Here are some of the key mysteries the special counsel has surfaced.

She Got 5 Years For Voting Illegally Once. Paul Manafort Got Less Time For Years Of Cons. | HuffPost - "What I would like is for Trump to review my situation and Pardon me," wrote Texas prisoner Crystal Mason
The Manafort Sentence Reveals a Broken Justice System - The Atlantic - The criminal-justice system works at every stage and every level to give chances to people like Manafort. (rich white guys criminal pass)

CPAC is 'Woodstock for the Mentally Impaired,' Evangelicals Made Trump Believe He's God's Gift : politics (Satangelicals marking themselves)

Stormy Daniels is now free to talk about Trump as much as she wants : politics

Social Media Russian Trolls: New Tactics for 2020 Elections - Bloomberg
Jessikka Aro's award for exposing Russian trolling was rescinded after she criticized Trump - The Washington Post ... the award was rescinded because Ms. Aro had criticized President Trump on social media ... "the epitome of irony to have an award rescinded by the government elected with the assistance of the troll factory you uncovered which is the basis for the honoring? With this administration, reality imitates farce." (is Trump a Russian agent? you decide)

DOJ Finds Letter It Said Didn't Exist Ordering Scrutiny of Uranium One, Hillary Clinton - Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrote the letter on Nov. 22, 2017 for Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber. Read it here ... After it claimed no such document existed, the Justice Department just unearthed a letter Matt Whitaker delivered to the Utah U.S. attorney directing a review of how the department handled the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One issues.

A Florida Massage Parlor Owner Has Been Selling Chinese Execs Access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago - The strange, swampy saga of Trump donor Li Yang.
Cindy Yang Affair: From Hand Jobs to Grip-and-Grins With Donald Trump, Should Not Obscure the Huge National Security Risks - From hand jobs to grip and grins with Donald Trump, the scandal is fraught with potential for blackmail.
Eschaton: Emoluments - We have a horribly corrupt government but in a way which lets us pretend that NO OTHER COUNTRIES ARE CORRUPT because at the federal level the "leave an envelope of money on the table" version hasn't really been a thing. Until now.

Sessions Letter Shows DOJ Acted On Trump's Authoritarian Demand To Investigate Clinton

Presidential Profiteering: Trump's Conflicts Got Worse in Year Two (President Crookster)

Quick question for the group - Lawyers, Guns & Money - a prize for calling attention to something by writing around it, Ms. Pitts has earned it. (Melania's stunt-double +confederate flag in the background)
Sally Pitts on Twitter: "President Trump viewing the 23 crosses representing the 23 tornado victims. "
David Roth on Twitter: "Sometime in the next 18 months, one of the Fake Melanias will come forward because they tried to pay her fee in gift certificates to the Trump Doral pro shop. It'll be some story about Trump eating ketchup packets without opening them on Air Force One."
Donald Trump, Religious Guru - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Nate Silver on Twitter: "Not clear that Kavanaugh mattered either, or at least not in the way Stephens expected. Probably increased turnout a bit and, at the margin, nudged the House a bit toward Ds and the Senate a bit toward Rs. But Dems approximately got the outcome they expected to get pre-Kavanaugh."

Opinion | Only One Roadblock on the Road to Reform: Mitch McConnell - The New York Times - Why no vote on the House-passed ethics and election reform bill, Mr. Senate Leader? "Because I get to decide what we vote on"

Not Even One Republican Voted for Sweeping House Bill to Improve Democracy, Make Voting Easier : politics (every. single. traitor. to. America.)

What you do and don't do when one party loses its mind and the other might, too (Rubin recomends ... centrism!)

A 'Beat Trump' Fervor Is Producing Big Turnouts for 2020 Democrats

Elizabeth Warren Is Going to Keep Dumping Big and Interesting Ideas on You Friggin' Dolt Until You Pay Attention
Elizabeth Warren: Fox News 'Looks Like A Propaganda Mahine' ... "operating as an arm of the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration." (down a little for the r/FoxFiction explanation)
January 2019 Ratings: Fox News Marks 17 Straight Years as Most-Watched Cable News Network | TVNewser - Fox News posted by far the most significant year-over-year ratings losses of cable news' big three ... The declines were worse among younger viewers, -21 percent in the total day demo, and -20 percent in the prime time demo ... (their demo is dying off and the young aren't idiots)
Will the Masses Finally See Fox News for What It Is? : politics

"rump Has Been Calling Him Bill 'No Shine'" : Thy Roger Ailes's Former Right Hand Is Leaving the West Wing - Sean Hannity lobbied for Shine to get the job, but things quickly soured. "rump needs someone to blame for his bad press,"
CNN'ss Jeff Zucker Unloads on Fox News 'Journalists' at SXSW: 'They Chose to Work at Fox' - 'The fact is they work at a place that has done tremendous damage to this country' (said another reality-show guy)

Rep. Ilhan Omar Wanted To Discuss Palestine. Here's What's Happened Since -- Israeli soldiers have killed two Palestinians just this week. (racist nazi state of Israel)
The dishonest smearing of Ilhan Omar She didn't accuse Jews of 'dual loyalty,' she called Congress on it

Arkansas Sen. Stephanie Flowers Explodes Over 'Stand Your Ground' Threat To Her Son ... Three Republican Arkansas senators have sponsored a measure that would remove a clause from the current state law that mandates a "duty to retreat" in self-defense cases. The removal of that clause would effectively allow gun owners to stand their ground in the face of a perceived threat. ("perceived" threat of non-white skin) ... Arkansas, Virginia and Maryland are the only three states in the South where the law still requires some duty to retreat before using deadly force in self-defense (oh white-supremacy states_

Man Out Of Time - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- When Joe Biden was a freshman senator in the mid-1970s, his home state of Delaware, like other hotspots across the country, was engulfed in a bitter battle over school busing, debating whether children should be sent to schools in different neighborhoods to promote racial diversity. Biden took a lead role in the fight, speaking out repeatedly and forcefully against sending white children to majority-black schools and black children to majority-white schools. He played down the persistence of overt racism and suggested that the government should have a limited role in integration. (racist fucker)

Howard Schultz Bombs at SXSW: 'You Don't Like that?' (coffee-boy in his money-bubble is mad you don't like him more but here's the quote:) "You can't try to solve one extreme with another" (you must turn into conservative assholes like me)
Pity the Poor Plutocratic Sports Owner - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Howard Schultz's brief ownership of the Sonics: plutocrat buys team, manages it horribly, demands taxpayer bailout, and then sells the team to be moved out of town after promising he wouldn't ...

What You Need To Know About Meghan McCain's Jewish Heritage ... She isn't Jewish ... her father was friends with Joe Jiberputz ... she enjoys pastrami sandwiches

CNN to be sued for more than $250M over 'vicious' and 'direct attachs" (so when you add up all their lawsuits, they are suing for 2-5 billion because the asshole kid's reputation is worth at least that)

Military Doctors Told Them It Was Just "Female Problems." Weeks Later, They Were In The Hospital. From body armor to health care, the US military has been slow to adapt to women in its ranks. Female service members are paying the price, often with lifelong consequences. (dude doctors)

A Trump official said seismic air gun tests don't hurt whales. So a congressman blasted him with an air horn.

Damn Those Historians and Their Facts - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Do you think the humanities should become even more irrelevant in the twenty-first century world? If so, you will no doubt love Sam Fallon, English Professor, who decided that what the world needed was a Chronicle of Higher Education column complaining about historians using "facts" on Twitter to influence politics!

Words that scream for your submission and no-one's jamming their transmission

Opinion | Teen Fiction and the Perils of Cancel Culture - The New York Times - Readers, not a Twitter mob, should decide the fate of a book.

Why Billionaire Ehud Arye Laniado Died During a Penis Enlargement - Ehud Arye Laniado had a heart attack in the midst of the procedure ("off-label" dicktox)

America's Light Bulb Revolution

/u/ToukoFukawa answering a teenager question about female ejaculation : bestof

when the architect walked in on his wife having sex with a pizza delivery man, he sought revenge on all delivery people : funny
Hong Kong's housing situation is dire compared with Singapore's. Here's what must be done ... HK's public rental housing was 140 sq ft, while in Singapore, each public flat resident could enjoy on average a living space of 258 sq ft.

Amazon's Tax Breaks and Incentives Were Big. Hudson Yards' Are Bigger (the "developer" tax)


The Incineration of Tokyo - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the difference between the Tokyo Fire Raid (seventy years ago this Sunday) and the major bombing raids against Germany.
Tokyo, March 10, 1945: The Day of the Deadliest Attack in the History of Human Warfare | The Diplomat (bigger than the A-bombs)

Denmark prosecutes 14 people who shared murder video : news

Chelsea Manning sent to jail for refusing to testify in WikiLeaks case - The Washington Post
Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on Wikileaks : news

Trump Said to Seek Huge Premium From Allies Hosting U.S. Troops - Bloomberg - the administration is drawing up demands that Germany, Japan and eventually any other country hosting U.S. troops pay the full price of American soldiers deployed on their soil -- plus 50 percent or more for the privilege of hosting them, (and extra for the Trump brand)

She Got 5 Years For Voting Illegally Once. Paul Manafort Got Less Time For Years Of Cons. : politics

Paul Manafort Sentenced To Less Than 4 Years In Prison In Mueller Probe | HuffPost - still faces a separate sentencing in Washington, D.C.
Americans have every right to be furious over Manafort sentence
Judge Who Let Manafort Off Easy With 47 Months Was A Reagan Appointee
The 'Otherwise Blameless Life' of Paul Manafort - former campaign chair has always acted with impunity, as if the laws never applied to him. (Republican judge agrees)
An otherwise blameless life - Lawyers, Guns & Money
'Blameless' Manafort? Twitter Users Torch Judge For Bizarre Claim, Light Sentence. - Judge T. S. Ellis III was slammed for giving the former Trump campaign manager such a light sentence.
She Got 5 Years For Voting Illegally Once. Paul Manafort Got Less Time For Years Of Cons. : politics
Blameless - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And Foer doesn't even mention Manafort completely destroying his wife's life by forcing her to engage in a bunch of quasi-consensual group sex while she was recovering from brain damage!
Laura Coates on Twitter: "FYI in 2018, #JudgeEllis sentenced Frederick Turner, 37, to a mandatory minimum of 40 years in prison for dealing methamphetamine: "I chafe a bit at that, but I follow the law. If I thought it was blatantly immoral, I'd have to resign. It's wrong, but not immoral." #PaulManafort" / Twitter
The Paul Manafort Judge Is a Real Piece of Work - Who Is Judge Ellis? - Paul Manafort's Sentencing Produced One Last Awful Thing -- Some crook yet unborn is going to skate because his politics immunize him from any crime.
Two Trajectories: Sleazy Influence Peddler Paul Manafort and Foreign Agent Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack | emptywheel

Mueller Has More Discovery on Roger Stone Alone than the Entire Trump Campaign Turned Over | emptywheel

Trump Administration Still Gaming Intelligence on Election Interference | emptywheel
The Ineffable Boiling Frog of Trump Scandal | emptywheel

Erik Prince acknowledges 2016 Trump Tower meeting for first time : politics ("don't mind my past misstatements"

Trump inauguration took money from shell companies tied to foreigners | World news | The Guardian - Indian financier, lobbyist with links to Taiwan and Israeli real estate developer

Scoop: White House leak to House Dems on Jared and Ivanka's clearances - Axios - From a White House source, the House Oversight Committee has obtained documents related to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's security clearances that the Trump administration refused to provide

The Asian spa founder who joined Trump's MAGA Movement -- Trump cheered Patriots to Super Bowl victory with founder of spa where Kraft was busted
Kraft's Florida Massage-Parlor Founder Sure Hung Out With Lots of Republicans Besides Trump
Plutocrat whose fortune is built on sex slavery watched Super Bowl with Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And by another of the very many totally crazy coincidences that continue to bedevil the Trump administration, she is also the founder of the sex slave operation where Trump's good buddy Robert Kraft, owner of the Super Bowl winning team, was busted at all of nineteen days later:
Super Bowl selfie emerges of Trump with founder of spa where New England Patriots owner was arrested : politics (with screenshots of probably now-deleted FB posts) ... FWIW, the mods have recently unremoved the original Miami Herald post submission. (reddit mod shit)
/u/mysteryteam finds photos of Florida Asian Spa founder, implicated in sex trafficking case, with multiple high ranking GOP members after she deletes her facebook. : bestof
Report: Florida Rubdown Tycoon Gave Thousands to Trump, Is Frequent Guest at Mar-a-lago, and Hangs with POTUS -- The Woman Who Founded the Massage Parlor Where Robert Kraft Was Busted Is a Major Supporter of the President.

Trump Is Autographing Bibles Now So That's a Wrap on Humanity, Right? : politics (Antichrist meme gains traction)

You didn't think we would have only one Chinese sex trafficking and Donald Trump story today did you? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "The 38 trademarks include [...] massage parlors" ... "When Trump is profiting from these valuable Chinese benefits ... how can we be sure he will advance US interests in his engagements with that country, for example by staunching the flow of American jobs out from the US to China?" -- There is no bottom

Neoliberalism Has Finally Been Defeated - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump continues to pay off for the American working class, this time gutting Obama's overtime expansion plan ... If there's one thing this nation needs, it's more employer-friendly policies! Job creators after all. Have this job and work 70 hours a week without overtime! What a world. (so much fucking themselves to own the libs!)

Police: Stormy Daniel's arrest at strip club was improper but not political (sure, because the cops didn't use the world "Trump")

House Passes the Most Significant Democracy Reform Bill in a Generation - Mother Jones - The Democratic measure would expand voting rights and crack down on gerrymandering and dark money. (tRump will veto, Mitch the Bitch will cackle)
Ocasio-Cortez calls out 23 Republicans who voted against anti-hate resolution : politics (your daily AOC and oh, hello, Liz Cheney)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Conservative Groups Are Filing 'Bogus' Ethics Claims So Fox News Can Report On Them

Everyone is underestimating Trump. It could hurt Democrats and Republicans alike. - The Washington Post

Elizabeth Warren's new plan: Break up Amazon, Google and Facebook
Elizabeth Warren's new plan: Break up Amazon, Google and Facebook : technology

Vic Berger Presents The Best Of CPAC 2019 - YouTube
The Great Hungarian Snowflake - The Bulwark - Don't get too close to Dr. Seb Gorka. He might melt. (yeah, fake "Dr" degree)

alicublog: Roddy Dreher Is Too Sensitive To Work At The Post Office.*

Despite Common Concerns, American Women Remain Deeply Divided | HuffPost - Race, economic status and especially partisanship help define what women think and what women want.

Bill Shine Resigns as White House Message Chief - The New York Times
Shine out, shine on - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Yes, the DNC's refusal to let Fox "News" host one of its presidential debates sure is puzzling.
Noah Berlatsky on Twitter: "professional supposedly sober journalists rallying to fox is a big part of the problem here. Fox is not a normal network, and treating it as such legitimizes it and empowers right wing conspiratorial racist assholes. You can stop doing that any time." (Haberputz is preparing for herjob at Fox)
Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "Interesting points you're making. Do you think those weren't visible prior to the New Yorker article, which the DNC cited as its rationale for abandoning a debate it had agreed to with said network?"
phil h on Twitter: "Maggie 'But Her Emails' Haberman Backs Trump On Stormy Payoffs | @crooksandliars" (doin' PR for Dumpster)
Eschaton: There Are Some Excellent Journalists At Fox - But even if there are decent reporters at Fox (this is basically bullshit, but ok), they're just there to give the rest of the operation the sheen of respectability that amazingly convinces all of those other hard-hitting reporters so concerned with the reputation of their sister network.

Eli Lake's Serial Defense of Bibi Netanyahu's Clandestine Tampering Makes Him the Poster Child Proving Ilhan Omar Right -- From anyone else, this would just be a stupid racist attack. But coming from Lake it is parody that nevertheless proves Omar's point better than almost anything else could. (is Eli Lake a dual citizen? or just a traitor?)
emptywheel on Twitter: "Remember when Eli Lake was the chief scribe for Members of Congress claiming Bibi Netanyahu's efforts to undermine the policy of the President of the United States was not a legit target for foreign intelligence surveillance?" (their "outrage" is just calling attention to their corrupt genocidal policies)

The House easily passed Democrats' anti-hate resolution, with some Republicans dissenting
Ilhan Omar's Microaggression - Her words were bad. The reaction was worse (you shall not criticisze Israel or Jews even if you don't use the words Israel or Jews)
Republicans manage to get Democrats out of a jam -- by showing the GOP's true colors

Maine GOP mayor resigns after calling elderly black people 'antique farm equipment ("telling the racisim like it is" and he looks the part)

Jussie Smollett update: 'Empire' actor indicted on 16 felony counts by grand jury : television

Bus driver flips-off students, tells kids to go f**k yourselves before abandoning school bus at gas station

Police officers of Reddit, who's the smartest criminal you've ever encountered?

Police department searches stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient's hospital room for marijuana : videos (17 golds at least ... another example of the "cellphone effect")

Unvaccinated child of anti-vaxx parents contracted tetanus in Oregon, CDC report says - The Washington Post ($800,000 they didn't pay and then they refused the needed second shot after watching their kid almost die and suffer for months)

Long overlooked by science, pregnancy is finally getting attention it deserves - The Washington Post

If We Blow Up an Asteroid, It Might Put Itself Back Together - The New York Times - Despite what Hollywood tells us, stopping an asteroid from creating an extinction-level event by blowing it up may not work.

A Stanford psychologist on the art of avoiding assholes - Vox - Not giving a shit takes the wind out of an asshole's sails

TIL that we don't see pure black when we close our eyes, we see a color named Eigengrau and although there are a few theories as to what causes it nobody's quite sure

A single dose of psilocybin enhances creative thinking and empathy up to seven days after use, study finds (n=55), providing more evidence that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, can improve creative thinking, empathy, and subjective well-being. : science

TIL research shows that cats recognize their owner's voice but choose to ignore tham

TIL Roman persecutions didn't kill as many Christians as many people assume -- "no more than a few thousand" over three centuries. Contrast that with the up to 10,000 Christians killed by their Christian brothers in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in the 1572

Men who are humorous at work often benefit from it because their humor is seen as more functional and less disruptive. The opposite is true for women. : science

What's the most obviously fake fact someone has told you with complete conviction?

Man wins $273M jackpot, gets call from ex-wife : news

What is the Anthem of your teenage years? : AskReddit

Bill de Blasio Try Riding the Subway EVERY Day You Tall Chauffeured Clown! (another in a long string of clueless NYC mayors)

Eschaton: Like Spock - Holmes didn't just fudge the numbers or cook the books or have a wee accounting scandal. She made the whole thing up and conned a bunch of old gross thirsty rich and prestigious white men into investing in her nonsense and promoting her. (and they'd do it again!)

Is Jesus going to return to earth in 2021 and will the world end? - Quora
What is the interpretation of Genesis 6:4 according to the Esoteric doctrine? - Quora
Biblical Truth: What or can we identify waters that is above the firmament of heaven according in Genesis 1:6-8? - Quora


Israel's electoral committee bans Arab candidates, allows extreme right Kahanists - The Washington Post (but no dual-citizens!)

Trump quietly rewrote the rules of drone warfare, which means the US can now kill civilians in secret : politics

House Bill Introduced to Remove Marijuana from List of Controlled Substances : politics

Campus P.C. Doesn't Get Much More Out of Control Than This - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I am beginning to wonder if Donald Trump's vocal support for "free speech" on campus is entirely sincere: Customs and Border Protection has compiled a list of 59 mostly American reporters, attorneys and activists for border agents to stop for questioning when crossing the U.S-Mexican border at San Diego-area checkpoints, and agents have questioned or arrested at least 21 of them, ... ("arrested" for being an America reporter) ... Not as bad as a sophomore at Reed College calling Taco Tuesday "cultural appropriation," I grant you, but pretty bad. (sounds kinda like Turkey or Egypt but not SA bc they don't have "reporters")

Ahead of court ruling, Census Bureau seeks citizenship data (while waiting for the Trump-packed court to let them do it anyway)

The biggest political scandal in American history - Axios - But historians say that both Watergate and Teapot Dome were more limited because a foreign power wasn't a central player, and a much narrower band of potential offenses was under investigation. (the bigliest scandal!)
Opinion | What if the Mueller Report Demands Bold Action? - The New York Times - the attorney general should reconsider the policy against indictment of a sitting president. (which Republicans made up anyway)

Glenn Beck: Donald Trump Is the Last Male Role Model - The right-wing host compared the U.S. president to James Bond in a world where 'we've taken alpha dogs and shot them all.' (uh ... what?) ... Sen. Mike Rounds (R-SD) who presented Trump paying hush money to a porn star to cover up their affair as a man s duty to protect his family (from his whoring, totally good Christian!)

Nadler and Others Look at Trump's Business Dealings - Bloomberg - Scrutiny of his business dealings is just the start of a long and possibly harrowing experience for the president and his entourage.
Trump's defenders are telling a very big lie. Don't let them get away with it -- That big lie is this: Democrats in Congress who have launched a new round of hearings and other oversight efforts on Trump are abusing their power, because they lack evidence or reasonable suspicion of crimes before conducting investigations. (you can't investigate if you don't have the evidence investigation would produce before investigating!)

Cohen Told Lawyer to Seek Trump Pardon - WSJ
Giuliani Says Lawyers Have Sought Trump Pardons for Their Clients - The New York Times
Michael Cohen told a representative to ask Trump's team about pardon, lawyer says

Pelosi OK with investigating Trump children: 'They are advisers to the president'

Many people involved in the Russia scandal thought Trump might pardon them. Why? - The Washington Post

Trump supporters should be tired of all this losing - The Washington Post - a loser, temperamentally and intellectually unfit from the start and incapable of learning on the job.
Most Republicans Wouldn't Support Donald Trump's Impeachment Even If Mueller Proves He Accepted Russian Assistance or Obstructed Justice, Poll Shows ... 62% of Republicans would not support impeachment even if they knew he was guilty. Which is another way of saying that 62% of Republicans do not support democracy, the Constitution, or the rule of law. The majority of Republicans represent an immediate, mortal threat to the country, and we had better not forget it. (there's your problem)
52% of Republicans would support postponing 2020 election: poll (if it looks like Trump would lose)

Tim WHO?!?! Trump's Weird Moment With Apple CEO Tim Cook Takes Twitter By Storm - "Tim Apple" (the wheels in his brain)

It's time -- high time -- to take Fox News's destructive role in America seriously - Margaret Sullivan ... Despite the skills of a few journalists who should have long ago left the network in protest, Fox News has become an American plague. (burn if all down and lock them all up)
It's time -- high time -- to take Fox News' destructive role in America seriously
Fox News Won't Host a Democratic Primary Debate - Real First Amendment Issue Is at at the Border - Democrats Refusing to Give Fox News a Debate Is Not a First Amendment Issue. This is a First Amendment Issue. - It's time to get a handle on this.

Schumer's push on voting rights: 'Wake up and smell the coffee, Chief Justice' ... want's to "undo the damage" of the Supreme Court's 2013 decision in Shelby v. Holder, institute automatic registration and grant statehood to the District of Columbia (our "post-racial" white society)

Wilbur Ross broke law, violated Constitution in census decision, judge rules - The Washington Post

New cracks emerge in Dem unity | TheHill (the Hill, a Republican rag, can't believe a party would allow differenct opinions! cracks! we tell you!)

Man Puts Party, Country Above Vanity - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Two days after saying he could win the presidency, Sen. Sherrod Brown said Thursday he will not seek the White House next year.

The good news about the Democrats' resolution on anti-Semitism ... Although much coverage has been of the "Dems in disarray!" this appears to have displayed a party able to resolve its internal conflicts without allowing Republicans to set the terms of debate.
Jim Clyburn's defense: Ilhan Omar's experience is 'more personal' than Jews who had parents in the Holocaust (Wash Haxaminer thinks they owned the libs with that rational thought and it's mostly grandparents, btw) (and no, WaPo doesn't tell you how many Jews in congress have dual-loyalty to Israel)
Dual loyalty and the fetishizing of the state - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ilhan Omar's Victory for Political Sanity -- The freshman congresswoman was right: The pro-Israel lobby uses financial muscle to influence Congress. That shouldn't be a controversial statement (all the dual-loyalty Jews and dual-loyalty Christians had a meltdown)
Ilhan Omar in a Context of a Changing Washington - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How Little Known Andrew Yang May End Up on the 2020 Debate Stage by Gaming the System

Ocasio-Cortez mocks conservative columnist calling for boycott of Girl Scout cookies because she was a scout : politics (your daily AOC)

Video showing Boulder officers confronting black man picking up trash sparks investigation - "You're on my property with a gun in your hand, threatening to shoot me because I'm picking up trash" (it's all being recorded, asshole cops)

White Policing/Black Bodies - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Vanessa Holden and Ed Baptist have a typically excellent article placing the recent spate of news stories about random white people calling the police on black people for doing basically nothing in the historical context of policing and slavery. (bc "cellphones")
Marking the unmarked category - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This story about somebody calling the cops on a black man because he was picking up trash on the patio of the apartment building where he lives is all too common ... An unmarked category is present when the category is considered so normal or ordinary in a particular context that it goes unnoticed ... What "identity politics" so-called, has done is to slowly and painfully and partially transform being a white man in America into a marked category ... and then they vote for Donald Trump

Corrosion of Conformity - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "the guy who'd threatened to sue us for misusing his image wasn't the one in the photo. He'd misidentified himself. All of which just proves the story we ran: Hipsters look so much alike that they can't even tell themselves apart from each other." (bonk. litigious entitled drama-queen hipster guy owns self, sue me!)
The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same - MIT Technology Review ... in a vast range of scenarios, the hipster population always undergoes a kind of phase transition in which members become synchronized with each other in opposing the mainstream. In other words, the hipster effect is the inevitable outcome of the behavior of large numbers of people.
[1410.8001] The hipster effect: When anticonformists all look the same

Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, and Pals Accused of Sex-Trafficking Ring - A lawyer for one of Epstein's victims claims he was part of sex-trafficking ring with Dershowitz and others -- but the Harvard attorney says sealed documents will prove his innocence. (you know, the documents he wanted sealed in the first place so protect "unindicted co-conspirators")

Barstool Sports Stole From Her. Then the 'Insidious' Harassment Began ... Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports (archetype of toxic masuclinity)

Pancreatic cancer: How the disease is diagnosed and survival rates - The Washington Post ... Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all major cancers ... Pancreatic cancer almost always afflicts patients after age 45, with 71 being the average age of diagnosis (Trebek is 78.). One of the earliest symptoms is pain in the back or stomach. Other symptoms are jaundice and sudden, unexplained weight loss ... stage IV pancreatic cancer survival rate is 1-3%

u/TheBirminghamBear describes how we will be in the fight of our lives to save American democracy in the aftermath of Trump : bestof

How the internet may be changing young Americans' perception on their standard of living. : bestof

u/CommercialResource posts a great response to the common "you can't complain about climate change if you have a car" argument : bestof

siccoblue comments on My father after he took his assisted suicide medication, drifting off into a coma. It took him only 15 minutes to pass. He was ready to go.

Shenaniganz08 comments on My brother knows The Simpsons so well he created a YouTube channel called 'Dark Simpsons' where he takes different scenes and mashes them together to create a new much darker Simpsons tale! Here's one of his best.


INSTEX: A Blow to U.S. Sanctions? - Lawfare

Belgian carnival float condemned for featuring anti-Semitic puppets of Jews | The Times of Israel - Jewish groups protest open displays of anti-Semitism at parade in town of Aalst, west of Brussels

Eschaton: Endgame - It's clear what May wants is to kick out all of the foreigners (as many as possible) and the rest doesn't much matter to her, but I still don't get what she/they want within the framework of sort of realistic possibilities ... The EU isn't going to "back down" because they just don't give a shit and why should they? (a nation of entitled drama-queens)

Gays? No such thing in our country, says Malaysian Tourism Minister : worldnews (No Homo Here" said the gay Muslim country)

Russian TV mocks Trump as 'this clown' describes his foreign policy as 'failures at every turn' (burn)

Trump Cancels U.S. Report on Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes : politics

Trump promised to shrink the trade deficit. Instead it exploded. -- U.S. posted record-breaking $891 billion goods trade deficit in 2018, despite Trump's 'America First' policies
Tariff-Man Trump to Preside Over $100 Billion Jump in Trade Gap - US Trade Gap Surges by $100 Billion Under Trump Trade Policies - Bloomberg

Border at 'Breaking Point' as More than 76,000 Migrants Cross in a Month (what does that even mean, NYT jerk-offs?)
Kirstjen Nielsen Says 'We Don't Use Cages for Children' -- After U.S. Put Migrant Kids in Cages
Democrats Plan to Grill Kirstjen Nielsen on Perjury Allegations - According to staffers, Nielsen should expect harsh questioning on child deaths in detention, Trump's emergency declaration, and the veracity of her own past statements to Congress.

ICE has kept tabs on 'anti-Trump' protestors in New York City (your Gestapo)

60 false claims in 2 hours: Trump's CPAC speech was by far his most-dishonest single event as president - shattering his old record for false claims in a single speech. (tnx, TStar)
60 false claims in 2 hours: Trump's CPAC speech was by far his most-dishonest single event as president
Donald Trump Is an Utter Failure as President : politics
Bob Cesca on Twitter: "This crackpot has the nuclear codes in his pocket. Sleep tight, world. "
Trump Might Regret Becoming President - YouTube

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Prominent House Democrat plans to introduce Trump impeachment resolution - ABC News

Cohen gives documents to House panel on Trump attorney alleged changes to 2017 testimony - CNNPolitics

President launches late-night Twitter storm as poll shows most Americans think he is a criminal
Donald Trump Is A Criminal, Say Nearly Two-Thirds Of Voters In New Poll : politics

New revelations implicate Donald Trump Jr. in his father's negarious schemes (and it's only March, 2019)
Lawyers claiming ties to Rudy Giuliani approached Michael Cohen after FBI raids; investigators looking at contacts - ABC News

White House launches fire-breathing campaign to attack House Dem probes - POLITICO - The Trump administration has refused or delayed turning over documents in 30 investigations by 12 House committees (above your stupid laws)

Despite Denials, Trump Actively Involved in Planning Inauguration - Bloomberg - Despite White House denials that he played a role, the president was actively involved in planning an event that's now under scrutiny from federal prosecutors. (you can see where his mind is)

Yes, Let's Defeat or Impeach Donald Trump. But What If He Refuses to Leave the White House? (great pic choice)
Will Trump accept the legitimacy of the election if he loses next November? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Something is seriously wrong with Donald Trump: Let's stop kidding ourselves about that : politics (the psychotic cocaine-fueled elephant in the room)
Crazy in Gov: Why Won't the Media Discuss Trump's Mental Instability?
The Best Theory of 1992: Donald Trump Took Amphetamine-Like Diet Pills ... Tenuate Dospan, a diet drug similar to dexedrine with known side effects that include "confusions" and "hallucinations"
Why Do Trump's Supporters Stand by Him, No Matter What? ... authoritarian followers

Republicans launch propaganda sites designed to look like local news outlets : politics

The president's sons entrusted their private hunting retreat to a caretaker. He was working in the country illegally. (what a surprise)

A brief, 90-year history of Republicans calling Democrats 'socialists'

Eschaton: Bending The Cost Curve - One of the Obamacare-wonk-era obsessions was "bending the cost curve" in part by making sure we all had "skin in the game." Discussing ACA is hard because anything that you suggest is "bad" people blame on Lieberman, Baucus, and Republicans, and exonerate Obama and everyone else involved. "Best we could do." I don't know what "the best we could do" was, but I do know that much of Obamacare wasn't simply some sort of pragmatic attempt to court the 60th vote. It was baked into the design philosophy. (Barry had a super-majority until he blew it, and this was the best he could reach-across-the-aisle and do)

Bernie Sanders news: a Clinton-era Democrat makes the case for the left - Vox

Democratic National Committee rejects Fox News for debates, citing New Yorker article - The Washington Post
Fox News faces consequences for Trump propaganda - The Washington Post

Democrats Put Off Anti-Semitism Resolution After Fierce Backlash - The New York Times (Eliot Engel, (Rep Israel) seems to lose his hate campaign but Bernie is on he right side and Note: NYT doesn't tell you Engel and others are dual-citizens, of course, let alone that ISRAEL doesn't let dual-citzens in their Knesset)
House Democrats erupt in protests over indirect sanction of Rep. Omar for alleged anti-Semitism - The Washington Post
Stop the hazing of Ilhan Omar and start listening - The Washington Post
Democrats Pass Resolution Condemning Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia After Ilhan Omar Controversy - Condemn anti-Semitism? Sure. Let's condemn Islamophobia while we're at it.
The Dishonest Hacks Who Attack Ilhan Omar - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Honestly, no one is doing more to cleave off large sections of the American electorate from support for Israeli policies than AIPAC and people such as Eli Lake, Liz Cheney, Donald Trump, and all the other craven hacks for Israel ... this is a basic question of human rights for people. Simply put, no people's history gives them the moral right to treat people like Israel treats the people of Palestine. Palestinian human rights are going to be central to any left-leaning foreign policy platform. And they should be.
Ilhan Omar won't Be Pushed Off Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairman Says - A top House Republican baselessly questioned Omar's loyalty, asking whether she should receive intelligence briefings. (does dual-allegiance Eliot Engel favor Israel over America? is Steve Scalise a lizard?)
Americans, but Not Liberal Democrats, Mostly Pro-Israel (educated people who can think vs Armageddonist Chistrians waiting for Jesus to kill all the Jews)

Brit Hume Belittles 'Adorable' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: She's Lie 'A 5-Year-Old Child' ... then slammed her "callowness and arguable shallowness" (Fox asshole)
I am sick of hearing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from myself, talking about her - The Washington Post

Trump in trouble in Florida poll - POLITICO - Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner in the Democratic 2020 field.

From $22 an hour to $11: GM job cuts in Ohio show a hot economy is still leaving parts of America behind - The Washington Post (meanwhile, in the economic anxiety dept)

Art is anything you can get away with - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jon McNaughton has added to his ever-growing oeuvre (the pictures in their minds)

The Moral Importance Of Luck - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the pervasive influence on our lives of factors we did not choose and for which we deserve no credit or blame

Texas judge disciplined after claiming God told him defendant was innocent : politics

I 'lost' a North Carolina election. Voters wouldn't stand for Fraud

Hawley insider had seat at table in Ashcroft investigation | The Kansas City Star

Get Your Latest Civil War News Right Here! - Lawyers, Guns & Money
War Happens in Dark Places, Too | CONTINGENT

Alex Jones Replaces Lawyers As Depositions Loom In Sandy Hook Cases | HuffPost - The Infowars conspiracy theorist has replaced his lawyers with two controversial figures: Robert Barnes and Norman Pattis.

CNN commentator Ben Ferguson's Facebook page is a cesspool of bigotry, false info, and fabricated quotes (the "liberal" CNN and the asshole does look the part)

Maine Legislature Debates Changing Chickadee State Bird - New Hampshire Republicans Wear Pearl Necklaces to Gun Violence Hearing - It all traces back to the state's longstanding beef with Massachusetts. (don't miss)

R. Kelly breaks his silence on sexual abuse claims: "I have been assassinated"
Gayle King Praised On Twitter For How She Handled R. Kelly's CBS Interview -- Images of the R&B singer having a meltdown next to a calm and collected King have gone viral.

'I need to be careful' : Texts Reveal Warner Bros. CEO Promoted Actress Amid Apparent Sexual Relationship -- Kevin Tsujihara

"Jeopardy" Host Alex Trebek Revealed He Has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Mario Batali Exits His Restaurants - The New York Times - A year after reports that the celebrity chef sexually assaulted and harassed women, the Bastianich family and Mr. Batali's other partners have bought out his stake and regrouped. (another ugly fuck down)

Stop Enabling Barstool's Shit ... a site for common boys and by common boys, boys who are too hostile and too fucking stupid to ever become real men.

Swan_Bloom comments on Wow, thanks for breaking down every woman's period to a specific dollar value, random man!

What's the most bullshit "fact"you can make up that sounds true?
What's some juicy gossip you just found out in your personal lives? : AskReddit
What's the most inppropriate thing you've witnessed at a funeral?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says he'll reorient the company toward encryption and privacy (and if you believe that, you deserve to be fuckbooked)

Uber Not Criminally Liable After Self-Driving Car Killed Woman: Local Prosecutor | HuffPost - The death of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg was the first known fatality linked to an autonomous vehicle in the United States. (the robots have immunity)


White House's s plans to counter climate science reports 'will erode our national security,' 58 former officials warn
Sunday show coverage of climate change was up in February, thanks to the Green New Deal - Unfortunately, much of the discussion was superficial, and some of it included climate deniers
Trump vowed 'A Plus' relief for Alabama. That's not what California and Puerto Rico heard.

This teen who self-vaccinated just ripped his mom's anti-vaxxer beliefs in front of Congress
Wisconsin man charged with breaking measles quarantine to go to gym : news
Antivaxxers attack U.S. science panel

Fury on Brazil's social media after police choke young black man to death - #VidasNegrasImportam

An explosive exposi on a $9 billion Russian money laundering operation entangles Citigroup, Raiffeisen, and Deutsche Bank : worldnews

American Woman, Divorced From Saudi Husband, Is Trapped in Saudi Arabia - The New York Times

Disputed N.S.A. Phone Program Is Shut Down, Aide Says - The New York Times

Record number of families, cold reality at border

Federal deficit grew 77 percent in the first four months of fiscal year 2019, compared to the same time last year - The Washington Post

James Comey: Republicans are wrong. Transparency is possible in the Mueller investigation. - The Washington Post
Ivanka Trump could be on next target list from House Democrats: panel chairman | Reuters
Former Trump White House lawyer calls Mueller 'American hero' says probe is no witch hunt ... "It's never gonna be over"

The silly ways Republicans will defend keeping Trump's tax returns secret

Judge Amy Berman Jackson to Roger Stone: Don't Play With Me -- Judge Amy Berman Jackson accused Stone of using a court filing to drum up publicity for a book update that may violate a gag order.

Trump's unhinged CPAC speech should concern us all

FULL CIRCLE : The Guy Trump Called 'Fat Jerry' s Chairman Nadler Now - The congressman who stood his ground against the developer in New York is up against the president in Washington now.

'Grab that record' : How Trump's high school transcript was hidden

N.Y. regulators subpoena Trump's insurance broker as probes of his campaign, White House and businesses multiply

Reps Lieu and Beyer call for criminal investigation into Jared Kushner's security clearance
White House refuses to hand over Kushner security clearance docs : worldnews
Kyle Griffin on Twitter: "Reps. Ted Lieu and Don Beyer are calling on Attorney General William Barr to open a criminal investigation into reports that Jared Kushner intentionally omitted contacts on his security clearance forms."
President pressured staff to grant security clearance to Ivanka Trump - CNNPolitics

Trump lashes out after House committee launches vast probe into president's tax and financial affair

Rep Says No Need to Have Hannity Testify Because Congress Has Better Info: 'We Have a Tape Recording of the President'

Opinion | America the Cowardly Bully - The New York Times - What the world has learned from Trump's trade war
'Trump people' re the ultimate victims of the president's hoax ... West Virginia's gross domestic product grew exactly 0.0 percent. As in, zilch. As in, the worst in the nation.dumbfuck suckers got fucked, still love Trumpster)

Fox News spins desperately to shield lawless president from accountability - The Washington Post
Fox News spins desperately to shield lawless president from accountability : politics
Fox News Is Essentially Donald Trump's Own 'Propaganda Organizagtion,' Says Writer Of New Yorker Expose

T-Mobile acknowledges its patronage of Trump's Washington hotel increased sharply after announcement of merger with Sprint
Thank You For Your Emolument - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump Is A Criminal, Say Nearly Two-Thirds Of Voters In New Poll : worldnews

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Is Getting Results After the Cohen Hearing - Subpoenas are flying as a result of AOC's questioning of Michael Cohen last week.

Eschaton: Why Do We Have To Suffer - wonk voice: what people *really* want to do is shop for health insurance every year within a narrow time window on a nonfunctioning website powered by hamsters and Windows ME.

Eschaton: Outgrowing Ideology - Reagan was lines of cocaine, but this Clinton-era stuff was injecting speedballs into your eyeballs. From 1999 ... Greenspan ... long nights at Ayn Rand's aparentment ... But they all agree that trying to defy global market forces is in the end futile. That imposes a limit on how much they will permit ideology to intrude on their actions. Ideology is other people. (they all thought they were so smart)
s embrace of modern monetary theory is a recipe for disaster

Trump makes low-energy push to halt GOP border revolt - POLITICO

Ilhan Omar's Criticism Raises the Question: Is Aipac Too Powerful?
Ilhan Omar has a point
What Ilhan Omar actually said | The Katie Halper Show on Patreon
The Democratic Party Attacks on Ilhan Omar Are a Travesty | The Nation (hello, Eliot Engler, usal-allegience asshole)
The dishonest smearing of Ilhan Omar - The Washington Post

Republicans and Democrats Say Their Criticism of Ilhan Omar Is About Anti-Semitism. They're Gaslighting You
Islamophobia in Action - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ilhan Omar is the Steve King of the left - The Washington Post (Henry Olson is an idiot)
(((Rep. Nadler))) on Twitter: "To be clear, this tweet counts both as inane AND anti-Semitic. "
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein ??????? ?????? on Twitter: "What happens to Ilhan Omar of course matters deeply but no matter what comes next in her political career, she has done a magnificent job of putting the establishment's stance on compulsory allegiance to Israel on full display. The more they deny it, the more it shows.

How the 2020 Democrats Learned to Love Ethanol - POLITICO Magazine - favorite corn subsidy mig ht be in jeopardy. But even the newly green Democrats are lining up in favor.

Checking In On State TV - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In fairness, people who are fans of Sean Hannity eminently deserve to have their intelligence insulted:

So You're Saying There's Still A Chance - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Jacbobin mag sucks)

Joe Biden's Biggest 2020 Problem Is Joe Biden -- Despite cultivating a populist image, the former vice president has spent his career championing policies favored by Republicans and the corporate elite.

Andrew Cuomo's College Credits Don't Add Up
Sen. Jeff Merkley opts out of Democratic presidential contest and will run for reelection to Oregon seat - The Washington Post
Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg bows out of 2020 Democratic presidential contest - The Washington Post

More Than 80 People Arrested During Stephon Clark Protest In Sacramento | HuffPost - A reporter and several clergy members were among those detained.

Defiant U.S. sheriffs push gun sanctuaries, imitating liberals on immigration | Reuters - refusing to enforce gun-control laws that they consider to be infringements on the U.S. constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

The Movement To Skip The Electoral College Just Passed A Major Milestone : politics

On Amazon, a Qanon conspiracy book climbs the charts - with an algorithmic push

On Evangelical Support for Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The line between the Rebel and Union element in Georgetown was so marked that it led to divisions even in the churches. There were churches in that part of Ohio where treason was preached regularly, and where, to secure membership, hostility to the government, to the war and to the liberation of the slaves, was far more essential than a belief in the authenticity or credibility of the Bible. (same shit, 150 yrs later)

CNN Is Silent on Why It Gave Airtime to a Conspiracy Theorist : politics (zuckerfuckered)

Oprah Winfrey aired a powerful interview after 'Leaving Neverland' and is ready for the backlash

"We're F--ked. Gavin Is Going to Get Jeff Back Together with MacKenzie" : Inside the Bezos Affair, a Tale of Love, Lust, Uncertainty, and Way More Complexifiers Than Previously Imagined "At the end of this we're all going to look really, really bad," says Michael Sanchez

Father who beat a man to death for raping his 5 year old daughter faces no charges in Texas. : pics

How Scientology and the CIA waged war 40 years ago - The Washington Post

How far are we from more options for male birth control? - The Lily - The challenge has been both biological and sociological

TIL Fernald State school exposed mentally ill children to radioactive isotopes to document the effects. They had no permission from the kids or their parents & told the kids they were part of a "science club." The experiments were conducted by Harvard University & sponsored by Quaker Oats.

ADHD is linked to more "outside the box" thinking, leading to increased creativity seen in otherwise gifted individuals.


At least 23 dead in Alabama after tornadoes ravage the Deep South, causing 'catastrophic' damage -- Beauregard, Ala. (of course)
Inside the I-70 Avalanche : WTF
Climate change debate attended by just handful of Tory MPs two days after UK's hottest winter day | It comes after Theresa May accused children protesting global warming of wasting teachers' time : worldnews (what an evil dipshit moron)
World leaders accused of 'blindness' to climate change | The president of the Seychelles has accused world leaders of being "blind" to the threat of climate change. : worldnews
Endangered orangutans 'doomed to extinction' as Chinese-built hydro dam set to rip through habitat - The Tapanuli orangutan was discovered in 2017 and fewer than 800 are believed to exist : worldnews

MMR vaccine does not cause autism, another study confirms : science

Rastafarianism fastest growing religion among British Army : worldnews

Transgender 14-year-old can proceed with hormone treatment despite father's objectgions, Canadian court rules

Breast-ironing: victims urge stronger action to root out dangerous custom. Medical experts and victims say practice, deemed by perpetrators to protect girls from sexual harassment and rape, is child abuse : worldnews ... "It would also work if they just castrated all the males."

Germany to strip 'Islamic State' fighters' citizenship : worldnews

Following a number of tragic cases, Japan set to ban physical punishment of children by parents : worldnews (tiger moms!)

Banking leak exposes Russian network with link to Prince Charles : worldnews ... In all, it is estimated that $4.6bn (#3.5bn) was sent to Europe and the US from a Russian-operated network of 70 offshore companies with accounts in Lithuania (whoah, the lizards)

'Unusual activity' at Russian embassy before novichok attack : worldnews
Kolga: How the Kremlin distorts the past to divide us | Ottawa Citizen - weaponization of the history of fascism and Nazism for propaganda purposes must be rejected.

The body of slain Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was likely burned in a large oven at the Saudi consulate general's residence in Istanbul, an Al Jazeera investigation revealed : worldnews ("large" human-sized oven just happened to be there)

US officials could face prosecution after Scottish airport 'torture flights' probe (oh hello, Gina)

Evidence Grows That Trump's Trade Wars Are Hitting U.S. Economy - Bloomberg - almost all of the cost of the tariffs was being paid by U.S. consumers and companies. (when Trump said China will pay he meant you, suckers)

Trump Links Michael Cohen Testimony To His North Korea Summit Failure | HuffPost "Shame" the president howled (" hahaha you scheduled your fake hearing on my glorious dictator meeting, not the other way around!") rump had arranged a dinner with Kim last Wednesday night, but only after House Democrats announced that Cohen would testify on Capitol Hill at about the same time.

President Trump has made 9,014 false or misleading claims over 773 days - The Washington Post

The pre-impeachment, public Trump trial - Axios
Democrats are set to take a big step toward impeaching Trump - The Washington Post
House Democrats open sweeping corruption probe into Trump -- requesting documents from more than 80 people or entities (up from 60 yesterday)
More than 80 names receiving House Judiciary Committee letters - CNNPolitics (Eric, Don Jr, Bannon but missing: Ivanka)
Impending Mueller report may just be the beginning of Trump's investigation woes : worldnews (oh, we're back to "impending")
House Democrats Launch Trump Investigation, Demanding Documents from 81 Associates - A new probe from House Democrats has ratcheted up the stakes.
Donald Trump knows the walls are closing in as Mueller report looms, ex-presidential advisor says : politics
Mueller report to be printed 'instantly,' say publishers

Trump friend Roger Stone suggests Robert Mueller "framed" him in Instagram post that could violate gag order
Special counsel Robert Mueller notifies judge that Trump friend Roger Stone posted Instagram image that could violate gag order : politics

Conway's husband: 'grounds for impeachment' if Trump directed Cohn to block AT&T-Time Warner merger

Jared Kushner Talks to Fox News Chairman Rupert Murdoch 'Every Day,' Ask Him for Advice (Fox's twitter has gone silent since November: "To get a sense of how much they previously used that account, the day prior to this radio silence they posted approximately 300 times between 8am and 8pm.")

Trump ordered to pay legal fees after losing court battle over his Scottish golf course : politics (what a loser)

Opinion | How Giuliani Might Take Down Trump - The New York Times - The parallels between the Mafia and the Trump Organization are striking, and Giuliani perfected the template for prosecuting organized crime.
Reports: Matt Whitaker Has Left The Justice Department : politics - "Yo dawg, I herd you liked lawyers investigating AG's protecting criminals! So I put an AG protecting a criminal in charge of investigating an AG protecting a criminal so you could protect criminals while you protect criminals!"
Whitaker whitakes off - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Second Woman Says Jeffrey Epstein 'Directed' Her to Have Sex With Alan Dershowitz (proud of your tenured pedo, Harvard?)

Fox News Got Stormy Daniels Story Before Trump's Election, Spiked It ... "Good reporting, kiddo. But Rupert [Murdoch] wants Donald Trump to win. So just let it go" (actual quote)
Fox News killed Stormy Daniels hush money report before election: New Yorker : politics

Does Best Mashup Ever Of Donald Trump's Wild CPAC Speech
Jim Carrey Slams Trump And Offers Vocabulary Lesson In 1 Tweet | HuffPost - two-and-a-half hour CPAC speech.

At CPAC, Extremists On Stage And Off | HuffPost - The annual conference served as yet another reminder of how the conservative movement in America is joined at the hip with the white nationalist movement.
Analysis | New study of 381,000 political speeches finds that liberals use more complex language than conservatives : politics (Republicans "think" in one-syllables)

6 in 10 Americans say Trump hasn't been honest about Russia -- unless they watch Fox or CNN ... 84 percent of Fox News viewers, 21 percent of MSNBC viewers, and 1 percent of CNN viewers said they believe Trump has been honest and truthful on the Russia investigation ... 472 people were landline only. This basically gives you extra conservative, white, and old people in a study.

Trey Gowdy, Who Led 11-Hour Benghazi Hearing, Declares Public Congressional Hearings Utterly Useless

Jerry Nadler blasts Jim Jordan for anti-semitic tweet at Tom Steyer
Rep Omar's comments prompt House vote on anti-Semitism measure (YOU WILL NOT CRITICIZE ISRAELI LOBBYISTS FOR GENOICDE!) "If trashing the First Amendment to benefit a foreign power is not evidence of dual loyalty, I don't know what is." (ELIOT ENGEL -- dual-loyalty Jew -- WANTS TO LOCK YOU UP FOR CRITICIZING CORRUPT RACIST ISRALI POLITICS AND DUAL-LOYALTY CONGRESSPEOPLE)

Seb Gorka No Longer a Contributor at Fox News - Gorka, a self-proclaimed national security expert, worked as a contributor for Fox News before he joined the Trump administration (to apparently wreak havoc on the National Security Council) he warned that Democrats are trying to confiscate hamburgers from Americans (your typical raging Fox Fucker)
Fox News's propaganda isn't just unethical -- researh shows it's enormously influential -- without the "Fox effect," neither Bush nor Trump could have won (Australian fascist meddling in America's elections)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Coming for Your Hamburgers! | The New Yorker

Real Talk From America's Shittiest Presidential Candidate - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I apologize for insulting John Hickenlooper in my previous post! Compared to Howard Schultz, Hickenlooper looks like FDR. (he thinks he's educated and smart)

Trump's alleged meddling with CNN could be an impeachable offense

The Making of the Fox News White House | The New Yorker - Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda? By Jane Mayer
Eschaton: Our Sister Network - In addition, a former Trump campaign aide says that a Fox contact gave him advance notice of a different debate question ... "Everybody" knows Fox is a joke now, but it isn't really any different than it was during the Bush years (the Obama years were when people whould should have known better finally started to realize). Glorification of Dear Leader was its thing then, too, it was just not as obvious because all the other networks weren't doing anything much different post 9/11.
Jane Mayer's New Yorker Report Shows Fox News Influence on President Trump's White House - A reminder that we're talking about the government of the United States of America here.
Fox News hosts influenced Trump on government shutdown: report - Business Insider
Fox News may have given the Trump campaign 2016 debate questions in advance : politics

Republican congressman tweets anti-Semitic attack on leading Democrat investigating Trump : politics - "I look forward to every single republican denouncing jim jordans actual antisemitism like they do every time they falsely accuse Rep. Omar of it."

Cynthia Nixon: Boys' Club Prevents Biden From Grasping Pence's Hate -- "It's easy to say nice things about Pence when you're not personally threatened by his agenda" (JoeBi is an old white jerk)
Pinkos Have More Fun Socialism is AOC's calling card, Trump's latest rhetorical bludgeon ...

Publisher embroiled in legal battle with Arkansas over law banning Israel boycotts - One of more than 25 states to put anti-BDS legislation on the books, Arkansas is a battleground in a conflict that's gone national (no free speech for you if you aren't praising the great racist state of Israel!)

Republicans Committed Massive Voter Fraud In North Carolina And Mitch McConnell Is Blaming Democrats : politics ("those fuckers tried to vote" he cackled)

Charlottesville mystery: Who are the last two attackers of DeAndre Harris, the black man beaten in parking garage? - The Washington Post

Exclusive: OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma exploring bankruptcy - sources | Reuters (lock them all up)

Evangelicals are starting to abandon their churches because of Trump : politics

Whitaker whitakes off - Lawyers, Guns & Money What people fail to realize is that for most of the history of this country black people were set completely "outside" of the class structure. As non-people, as property, as a tradable commodity, they were classless. Their race meant they had NO class.

'Leaving Neverland' Doc Stuns Viewers Over Michael Jackson Child Sex Abuse Allegations
How The Media Overlooked Michael Jackson's Alleged Sexual Abuse -- thanks to an army of defenders and a celebrity mythmaking machine. (hello, Oprah)

Jacquelyn Smith murder: Husband and stepdaughter arrested in fatal stabbing blamed on panhandler, Baltimore police say - The Washington Post (another one, but with more Oprah)
Did President Reagan close mental health hospitals and cause a dramatic rise in homelessness and crime in America? - Quora

Prodigal Fathers | by Clair Wills | The New York Review of Books - Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The Fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce

Starfish Prime was the largest nuclear test conducted in outer space, by the US in 1962. What was its purpose and what did we learn from it? : askscience


RedditorInCh1ef comments on I'm not reading one more thread about being in love with a straight guy

Let's Call This What It Is, A Shakedown - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Good story about how Amazon leverages taxpayer money with threats to move if it's not granted special privileges ... The glories of the free market at work! (lota evil corportate shit coming out)

Google Moves to Address Wage Equity, and Finds It's Underpaying Many Men - more men than women were receiving less money for doing similar work. (Google promises to pay women less)

Facebook admits the actual figure for how many teenagers it targeted with it's illicit market research program was almost 4 times what it previously stated. : worldnews (lying is what the Zuckfuckerbergs do)
Now Facebook is allowing anyone to look you up using your security phone number : technology


Meet The Ostriches Under Consideration For Trump's Anti-Science Climate Panel The list includes people who have called climate science a "cult" and claimed Earth benefits from burning fossil fuels. (hey, whadda 'bout the "photosynthesis?")
A climate change denier tries arguing science disproves climate changes; Redditor replies with an entire LIBRARY of sources : bestof
Future Timeline | Technology | Singularity | 2020 | 2050 | 2100 | 2150 | 2200 | 21st century | 22nd century | 23rd century | Humanity | Predictions | Events
The library of the future: Every year for the next 100 years, 100 famous authors have pledged to each write a novel that will remain unpublished until the 22nd Century, when they will be published as part of a 'Library of the future' art project. : books

State lawmakers pushing for laxer vaccine rules despite measles outbreaks - POLITICO - "We still get messages that say these diseases are good for you" ... (how about some polio then?) ... One bill in Texas would prohibit the state from even tracking exemptions. (hidden ticking disease bombs)
11 kids dead at N.J. nursing facility. 36 infected. Feds fine Wanaque Center $600K. : news

Lt Christopher Hasson is the product of traditions in white supremacist circles, and experts say there are "thousands like him' (racist killer nazi Trumpies)

Foreign aid doctors want Canada to stop sending homeopaths to Honduras : worldnews

Thousands in Montenegro rally against President Djukanovic : worldnews

Huge crowds have gathered in the northern Italian city of Milan to protest against racism. : worldnews

Meet the digital El Chapo - The Washington Post - He is a lesser-known former drug kingpin, but his methods may tell us more than Guzman's about where the modern drug-cartel model is headed. (Fentanyl Prime!)

The caliphate is a hellscape of smoke and fire -- Isis has nowhere left to go
Defiant women and dying children: Isis' desert legacy | World news | The Guardian
ISIS jihadist wants to return to the Netherlands with wife and son : worldnews

Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser laughing at hijab requirement in 1958 (subtitled) : videos (and then the Muslim retrograde implosion)

Sudan's Bashir faces toughest test in 30-year rule in bid to quell protests - The Washington Post

The 'Failed' Summit Isn't So Funny in Seoul - The foreign policy establishment was relieved at the sudden end to the North Korean summit. But Koreans hoping for peace were crushed.
Iran mocks Donald Trump after North Korea summit, says he will "never get a better deal' with Tehran eiher"
Body Language & Emotional Intelligence: Body Language Analysis No. 4327: Part I - Trump and Putin just prior to Helsinki Press Conference - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence
In Hanoi and at home, the Trump show flops - CNN
As Trump and Kim Met, North Korean Hackers Hit Over 100 Targets in U.S. and Ally Nations - The New York Times

29 parents separated from their children and deported last year cross U.S. border to request asylum - The Washington Post

Rand Paul's vote likely gives Senate enough to oppose national emergency declaration
GOP rep says Trump 'violating our constitutional system' with wall order

House Judiciary chair: "It's very clear" Trump obstructed justice
Chairman Jerrold Nadler says over 60 entities and individuals close to White House are getting document requests from House Judiciary Committee Monday - ABC News
Warner: "Enormous evidence" of contacts between Trump campaign and Russia

A BuzzFeed Reporter Explains His Controversial Reporting on Michael Cohen and Donald Trump | The New Yorker - BuzzFeed News senior investigative reporter Jason Leopold and his colleague Anthony Cormier, said that the President had personally instructed Cohen to lie to Congress ...

Democrats target Trump Jr, Weisselberg and more as investigations grow | US news | The Guardian

Sitting Presidents Must Be Indictable To Avert A Constitutional Crisis : politics

The son-in-law also rises: How Trump rigged Jared Kushner's clearance, then lied about it
Indict Jared Kushner! Indict Ivanka Trump!' MSNBC Guest Rips Trump's Son-In-Law As 'Massive Security Risk'

Opinion | The State of Russiagate - The New York Times - implicitly exonerates him of conspiring with the Russians, and makes a lot of Mueller watchers extremely unhappy in the process. On the eve of Muellerdamerung, that what this agnostic very cautiously expects. (rightwing non-agnostic conservtive Catholic Douthat says "witch hunt")
Gym Jordan: 'Who knews why' Russians influenced 2016 election

Mueller report and Trump-Russia investigation must push Congress to protect future special counsels : politics

Where does America find such sad excuses for elected leaders? - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Civility - It just means "be nice to rich and powerful people." -- Fuck'em.
Donald Trump's Talk of 'Preserving Our Heritage is Sick' And Reminiscent Of Hitler, Says Former Obama Official
CNN anchor hammers panelist over Trump hypocrisy : politics
Political Humor gets the GOP to delete part of their web page : bestof
Minnesota House Republican upset about painting in which Trump gropes a woman's crotch

Ivanka Trump versus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The war over work - The Washington Post - Ivanka Trump doesn't know what work is, bu that's only half of her problem. The other half is that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does ... she claims she learned the value of labor from running a lemonade stand that her father's employees ended up subsidizing out of their own pockets. It reads almost as a perfect parody of Republican tax policy.

U.S. personal income falls, following drop in consumer spending : politics
Top Trump officials meddled with IRS to make sure you wouldn't get a full property tax break, inspector general says ... The top executive administration in American government intervened to make sure individual taxpayers couldn't reduce their tax burden in order to offset the reduced tax burden on corporations. The sale of America to the wealthy is complete.

National debt grows by $2 billion a day. Why can't we talk about it? - The graph is brutally bipartisan. Debt increased under Republican presidents and Democratic presidents. (both sides! I tell you! don't remind me of the dems always bailing out the Rethug crooks)

Gas-guzzling car rides expose AOC's hypocrisy amid Green New Deal pledge ... She listed 1,049 transactions for Uber, Lyft, Juno and other car services, federal filings show. The campaign had 505 Uber expenses alone (oh yes, Republicans always take the subway)

Democrat Andrew Yang calls for universal basic income in Cleveland : politics

NBC News/WSJ poll: 2020 race will be uphill for Trump, but he has strong party loyalty - President Trump facing headwinds on Russia investigation and border wall but bolstered by strong GOP support and a good economy.
'We're not going to turn on our own' : Republicans rally around Trump as threats mount ... Acquiescence to Trump is now the defining trait of the Republican Party more than two years into his presidency -- overwhelming and at times erasing principles that conservatives viewed as the foundation of the party for more than a half century.
The Republican Party is dead: GOP strategist stunned by reception to Trump's 'unhinged' CPAC speech ... "Trump-pac and should be TPAC"
Angry white nationalist loner engages in incoherent two-hour rant - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "TRUMP: "Mothers who love their daughters give them massive amounts of birth control pills, because they know their daughters are going to be raped on the way up to our southern border. Think of that. True story told to me by the Border Patrol. Think of how evil that is.""
Daniel Dale on Twitter: "Oh man. I was just watching dozens of people walk out of the room as they sensed Trump was a minute or two from concluding...then Trump said that he's been watching the doors and not one person has left."
Daniel Dale on Twitter: "Trump: "I'm in the White House and I was looonely. I said, 'let's go to Iraq.'""

Nevada 2020 caucus 'free-for-all' heats up
Texas GOP races to shore up the suburbs for 2020 - POLITICO - The state party is placing organizers in big metro areas early to bolster newly competitive districts.

Commission picks new map for Maryland's gerrymandered 6th district - The Washington Post - which a court ruled was unconstitutional

During Unhinged Rant, Fox News Guest Jokes Green New Deal Could Lead to Cannibalism : politics ... "Well duh, eat the rich"

Rep. Eliot Engel demands apology from Rep. Ilhan Omar, accusing her of a vile anti-Semitic slur -- "I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country" (yeah, that was the "vile smear" .. all the dual-loyalty Jews are flipping out)

Koch Brothers Pushing Garbage Libertarian "Textbook" on Poor Schools (keep America Stupid)

Working parents are an endangered species. That's why Democrats are talking child care ... Parents make up a smaller share of the U.S. labor force now than at any other time in at least a century ... But it's not because prents aren't working It's because workers aren't becoming parents ... About 41 percent of workers between the ages of 20 and 54 have a child at home, down from 62 percent in 1968. (hahaha the boomers stole all the monies)

Lynch Mobs Killed Latinos Across the West. Descendants Want It Known. - The New York Times

Michael Jackson denied sexually abusing a boy in a 1993 statement carried live on CNN - The Washington Post - It was 1993, and the King of Pop had been accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy.

Certain jobs are over-represented among serial killers and psychopaths - Top 3 Professional/Government Serial Killer Occupations: 1. Police/security official; 2. Military personnel; 3. Religious official

Two girls 5 and 8 missing in northern California's Humboldt county
Missing 5-year-old and 8-year-old sisters found alive : news
Two killed, six injured after car hits crowd in New Orleans : news

U.S. Pedestrian deaths worst in 28 years : news ... an increase due in part to driver and walker distraction, alcohol and drug impairment and more SUV's on the road (Karens in their Suburbitanks)
Arrest made in Florida hit-and-run crash that hospitalized teen : news

Sacramento Police Officers Who Shot Unarmed Stephon Clark Won't Face Charges -- The officers had said they thought Clark had a gun, but investigators found only a cellphone (they always "think" they had a gun)
Stephon Clark's ife mattered. His death must change rules for police deadly force

Beyond Broken Windows: What Really Drives Urban Crime - CityLab - No Such Thing as a Dangerous Neighborhood -- Most serious urban violence is concentrated among less than 1 percent of a city's population. So why are we still criminalizing whole areas? (the criminals are inside the police stations but Guiliana/Bloomberg love their broken windows)

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 425 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One of the things that led to war is that Southern leaders told everyone that there would be no real suffering and that the Union would cave quickly. After all, those Yankees weren't manly enough to fight. Look what Preston Brooks had done to Charles Sumner after all! But in fact, the war was brutal and the draft only made it worse. Given this was largely a rural population, drafting farmers meant that women and children moved awfully close to starvation, especially for young families, the exact type of men that would be drafted. Jefferson Davis basically didn't care. After all, he was the ultimate in the medieval feudal lord reborn in the plantation South, a commonly held notion among Confederate leadersMere yeomen whites needed to sacrifice while Davis and others continued to grow cotton for the market.

"'Mom, When They Look at Me, They See Dollar Signs" - How rehab recruiters are luring recovering opioid addicts into a deadly cycle. (a subsidiary of Sackler Inc)

University of Denmark study finds mental disorders more common in environments which lack green areas. The paper analysed children< -- specifically from birth to the age of 10 -- and then correlated the findings against mental disorders which developed as they grew older.

Ancient planet-wide water system discovered on Mars hints at past alien life : news

How listening to music 'significantly impairs' creativity. The popular view that music enhances creativity has been challenged by researchers who say it has the opposite effect. : science - To conclude, the findings here challenge the popular view that music enhances creativity, and instead demonstrate that music, regardless of the presence of semantic content (no lyrics, familiar lyrics or unfamiliar lyrics), consistently disrupts creative performance in insight problem solving (who could have predicted that distractions would be distracting?)
The Impact of background music on adult listeners: meta-analysis

Individuals high in authenticity have good long-term relationship outcomes, and those that engage in "be yourself" dating behavior are more attractive than those that play hard to get, suggesting that being yourself may be an effective mating strategy for those seeking long-term relationships

In snowy mountain areas, avalanches occur, we all know this, but does the same happen in the desert on high dunes? : askscience

Scientists find that babies younger than 6 months of age are not able to recognize their mothers from profile view, even though frontal view is well recognized - the authors caution that mothers should not look at their mobile phones while talking to their young babies : science
Smartphone dependency linked to reduced relationship satisfaction in college students

500-million-year-old worm 'superhighway' discovered in Canada - Prehistoric worms populated the sea bed 500 million years ago - evidence that life was active in an environment thought uninhabitable until now

TIL: Most Coal formed before Fungus could break down trees. After Fungus evolved to do so, Coal became far less likely to form naturally making it a true non-renewable resource. : todayilearned
Coal-fired trigger of mass extinction : Nature News (so, fungus hadn't evolved so there were a lot of dead trees turned into coal and then the volcanos set it all on fire and most of the planet died, temporairily)

TIL according to a 2011 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, eating 100 grams of pistachios at lunch every day for three weeks led to increased blood flow to -- the problem area" leading to a significant decrease in erectile dysfunction. ("problem area" = mens' dick" +Big Pistashio)

Aretha Franklin Think!!! The Blues Brothers 1980 - YouTube
The Blues Brothers (1980) - Shake a Tail Feather Scene (4/9) | Movieclips - YouTube
The Blues Brothers (1980) - Everybody Needs Somebody to Love Scene (6/9) | Movieclips - YouTube

You've just finished having sex, what do you say to make it awkward? : AskReddit
What is the most painful thing someone has ever told you? : AskReddit

Facebook's Sandberg threatened to pull investment from Europe and Canada if her demands were not met, documents say : technology (Fuckberg is very threatening)


'He gets to decide' : Trump escalates his fight against climate science ahead of 2020 (reality will win, but he'll be dead and gone so hahaha)

"Alarming" surge in measles cases in 98 countries, UNICEF says : worldnews

Eschaton: March - Wow it's Brexit month. I'm so old I remember when all of the details were going to be easily settled by October latest.

Another Coup From America's Master Negotiator - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The details of the failed North Korea Summit are pretty much what you'd expect: ... Or, to put it another way, Trump is the nuttiest and least competent person in a room with John Bolton. But a lot of Americans were familiar with a fictional version of "Donald Trump" was a brilliant, self-made businessman, and here we are

Saudi Arabia Is Said to Have Tortured an American Citizen : politics (Bonesaw owns Dumpster)

Trump and WikiLeaks: Did Trump receive heads-up about Clinton emails during 2016 RNC? - The Washington Post
WikiLeaks Veteran: I 'Cooperated' With Feds 'in Exchange for Immunity - A grand jury probe that began nine years ago is ongoing. And one of Julian Assange's old crew is now talking.

Paul Manafort Didn't Just Ask For Less Prison Time In His Latest Court Filings -- He's Attacking Mueller Too ... using the criminal justice system to place the maximum pressure on him to flip on President Donald Trump (so?)

Judge orders Roger Stone to explain imminent release of book that may violate gag order - The Washington Post (he "forgot" to tell ABJ about his book being published)

Trump is a national security risk -- and still Republicans back him (the Party of Treason)
Trump Aides Keep Writing Memos to Protect Themselves : politics

House Panel Demands White House Turn Over Jared Kushner Clearance Records | HuffPost - looking into alleged security clearance abuses i
Fox News' Chris Wallace: You Gotta Wonder Why The CIA Was So Worried About Kushner
s latest corrupt move for Jared Kushner may blow up in his face ... "There is no nepotism exception for background investigations" ... an act of astonishing corruption and recklessness ... Just to be very clear, the Times report notes that intelligence officials didn't want to grant Kushner top-secret security clearance. ... Trump still inhabits a mental universe where the House functions as his 24/7 bodyguard against accountability. But now that Democrats control the House, some of the things Trump did during his first two blissful oversight-free years may be transforming into ticking time bombs. (traitor Kushfuck is fucked)
A brilliant summary of why Jared Kushner should not be anywhere near a security clearance : bestof

Swalwell confirms Cohen 'game changing' closed-door testimony (Republicans were bored, and left the hearing)
Lawmakers exploring possible pardon talks involving Michael Cohen - The Washington Post

Meet the man who could bring down Trump - The Washington Post - Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has been granted immunity in the federal investigation into Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen ... There is virtually no one who seriously believes that Trump conducts his business in an aboveboard manner, and Weisselberg is almost certainly party to it all (so, "everyone" knows he's a crook and a traitor to America)
Fifteen Questions for Allen Weisselberg, the C.F.O. of the Trump Organization : politics

Senate Intel Committee Now Investigating Trumps Various Trips to Russia

Poll finds 37 percent found Cohen testimony credible | TheHill (63% believe lying Republicans!)
David Cicilline: Sean Hannity should testify under oath about hush-money scheme - CNNPolitics
Sean Hannity Can Try to Fight a Subpoena, But He Likely Gave Up His Best Defense Already : politics
The GOP performance at the Cohen hearing was a study in moral corruption - The Washington Post (Meadowzzz and Gym Jordan esp)

Judge orders Roger Stone to explain imminent release of book that may violate gag order - The Washington Post - a federal judge ordered his attorneys to explain why they failed to tell her before now about the imminent publication of a book that could violate his gag order by potentially criticizing the judge or prosecutors with special counsel Robert S. Mueller III.

Today In Neoconfederate Jurisprudence - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Earlier this week, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch filed a dissent arguing that Gideon v. Wainwright was wrongly decided: ... At least Gorsuch will only be on the Court for another 4 decades or so ... While Justice Thomas would apparently not rule out a death sentence for a $50 theft by a 7-year-old (Republicans: no defense for you!)

Mitch McConnell can't protect Trump from vetoes anymore

Mike Pence isn't 'decent.' He's insidious (and a christo-fascist snake and shutthefuckup JoeBi)
Joe Biden's Drug War Record Is So Much Worse Than You Think (Biden is a "gateway drug" to stupidity)

Trump's 10 wildest CPAC quotes
Trump whipped up public emotion over Otto Warmbier's death. Now it's boomeranging back on him.
Trump lets loose at CPAC in longest speech of his presidency - Trump frequently went off-script in a wide-ranging speech that ran more than two hours. (Satan rants)
CPAC is now a Trump love-fest where "socialism" is evil and deficits don't matter anymore
Trump calls Russia probe 'bullshit,' hugs American flag and predicts wind will 'stop blowing' in off-script CPAC speech "When the wind stops blowing, that's the end of your electric' (humps flag)
appearance on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference was wild
Trump Attacks Mueller, Democrats, Socialism in Rambling CPAC Speech - Rolling Stone - appearance on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference was wild
Anti-Muslim Activist Laura Loomer Banned From CPAC After Harassing Reporters - Loomer, who has already been banned from Twitter and Uber, was banned from conservative gathering on Saturday shortly before President Trump was supposed to take the stage.

11 Million Taxpayers Losing $323 Billion In Deductions In Trump Tax Hit : politics

Why doesn't the 'voter fraud' crowd care about what happened in North Carolina?

Centrist Democrats push back against party's liberal surge ... Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.), a co-chairman of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus ... , Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) ... former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg ... moderates like Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) (yeah, that's the list)

Hickenloopermentum - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If you thought the Democratic primary field was lacking in mediocre white guys, you're in luck! ... Of course, the fact that many people will defend the insane idea of Sherrod Brown being the Dem nominee suggests denial about the current state of play in the Senate and/or its importance is all too widespread

Kamala Harris Hasn't Denounced Her Support For A Policy That Ruined Young Immigrant Lives
Harassment and retaliation claims during Kamala Harris' time as California's top cop led to $1.1 million in settlements

America Could Get Its First Woman President. Meet The Men Who'd Be First Gentleman. | HuffPost - With Sens. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand running in 2020, their husbands may chart new territory in the role of first spouse.

Nancy Pelosi Gets All The Facts Wrong on Medicare for All - Yesterday, Rolling Stone published an interview with Nancy Pelosi in which she was asked about Medicare for All. Her answers were bad. A Hill article highlighted one of her worst lines, in which she wondered "how do you pay for" single-payer. This makes no sense. The United States already spends almost twice what other countries do as a proportion of their GDP on healthcare; we are already paying for it, dearly. Single-payer wouldn't make healthcare more expensive, it would just change how it's paid for (rich people babble bubble is pretty disturbing, Nancy)

Centrist Dems Diss Medicare for All Before Bill's Introduction - The Biggest Obstacle to Medicare for All Is Other Democrats (and lying/stupid/evil Pelosi and a whole bunch of "unnamed democrats" like Seth Moulton and his three buddies)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams 'Splinter' Democrats Who Voted To Expand ICE's Powers
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Slams 'Splinter' Democrats ... "Mind you, the same small splinter group of Dems that tried to deny Pelosi the speakership, fund the wall during the shutdown when the public didn't want it, & are now voting in surprise ICE amendments to gun safety legislation are being called the "moderate wing" of the party" (so, Newsweeks won't tell us either who they are, is Revoltin' Moulton on the list?)
Greg Giroux on Twitter: "Of the 26 Democrats who voted for that Republican "motion to recommit" (ICE amendment) gun bill, 22 represent districts Trump won in 2016; 18 of the 26 were first elected in November 2018." (ok, google say no bc he's not that stupid)

In America, talk turns to something unspoken for 150 years: Civil war - The Washington Post

Age of Anxiety | The New Republic - America seems to be in the midst of a full-blown panic attack. Is there anything we can do about it?

Forever in debt to your priceless advice - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Pat Caddell recently passed away, and nature abhors a vacuum: Mark J. Penn ... met briefly with President Trump in the Oval Office last week ...

Bret Stephens Tried to Teach Me Because I Called Him Dumb (he's dumb)

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 424 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Graham was a very difficult man and a pretty awful husband. He suffered from mental illness as well and was pretty mean to Katharine. In late 1962, Katharine discovered that Philip was having an affair with someone who worked for Newsweek. He responded by announcing he would divorce her. But at a newspaper conference shortly after, he had a nervous breakdown. He was hospitalized, but committed suicide later in 1963, at the age of 48. When Philip died, Katharine took over the Post. This made her the second female publisher of a major American newspaper ... "We live in a dirty and dangerous world. There are some things the general public does not need to know, and shouldn't I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows." (WaPo history)

Ilhan Omar poster sparks outrage, physical altercation in W. Va. capitol on 'GOP Day' - The Washington Post
GOP's anti-Muslim display likening Rep. Omar to a terrorist rocks W. Virginia capitol

laanat del rey on Twitter: "fuck off dude " ... Trevor Noah is just Bill Maher for people with "nevertheless, she persisted" tote bags ...

Trump campaign pushes government intervention on 5G - POLITICO - Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale and adviser Newt Gingrich ... The idea is also being pushed by a politically connected wireless company backed by venture capitalist Peter Thiel that could stand to benefit (only pro-Trump info allowed on your internets)

Why Social Justice Is Killing Synagogues and Churches - Tablet Magazine - Data suggests that the more a religious movement is concerned with progressive causes, the more likely it is to rapidly lose members ... the more fundamentalist family-centered faiths seem most likely to survive. Already, for example, Orthodox Jews, historically a small subgroup, are projected to become the majority of the Hebraic community in Britain by 2100, and already constitute some three-fifths of Jewish children in New York. (Hasidic baby-machines) Orthodox Jews and evangelicals may be finding common ground ...

Kraft's Sabbath - Judging a rich man's sins, in a world that thrives on outrage, humiliation, and fake virtue ... Kraft American Sleaze ... ("rich Jew's sins" are pardonable +obligatory Clinton reference)

A devastating and credible 'Leaving Neverland' will turn you off Michael Jackson for good
'Leaving Neverland' and the Twisted Cult of Michael Jackson Truthers
Maureen Dowd on Twitter: "MJ truthers are blowing up my mentions for pointing out the obvious: Michael Jackson sexually abused kids for years. Dan Reed, who directed the docu, is also awash in fan outrage. He told me MJ's victims became numb to this sort of thing long ago." (and then the flying monkeys landed on her head)

Larry Baer: S.F. Giants CEO apologizes after video released showing physical altercation with wife - The Washington Post - A physical altercation between San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer and his wife was caught on video Friday morning, and Major League Baseball says it plans to investigate the incident.

Jordyn Woods Says Tristan Thompson Kissed Her - Tristan Thompson kissed Jordyn Woods, she says, on her on the way out of the party where she reportedly gave him a lap dance and got too cozy with him. (meanwhile, in Kardashian-land)
Tristan Thompson spotted dining with a woman at NYC hotspot

White Woman Calls Police On Black Man After His Dog 'Humps' Her Dog - Critics on the internet dubbed the Massachusetts woman Dog Park Diane after she called the cops at a dog park ... Attleboro Dog Park

Colorado wrestler Brendan Johnston forfeits in state championship instead of competing against a girl - The Washington Post - The 18-year-old senior wrestler from The Classical Academy in Colorado (was afraid he'd get beaten by a girl)

As dollar stores move into cities, residents see a steep downside - The Washington Post - The stores were a reminder of the blight, she said, and they blocked grocers and others from opening.

Weekend 'catch-up sleep' is a lie

Millennial depression on the rise: Today, young people are more likely to suffer from depression and self-harm than they were 10 years ago, even as substance abuse and anti-social behavior continue to fall, a new study says (n = 5,627 + 11,318). : science

This grandma posed for a photo on an iceberg -- then had to be rescued when she floated out to sea

This video of a dog saving a drowning baby deer is the sweetest thing you'll see all day
He was being followed by a pig and didn't know what to do. So he called 911

Man Arrested In Attack On Conservative Activist At UC Berkeley CBS San Francisco

Spielberg Expected to Propose an Oscars Rule Change That Would Disqualify Netflix Films | Complex - Less than a week after Netflix's Roma walked away with three Oscar awards, IndieWire reports Spielberg intends to propose an Academy rule change that would disqualify Netflix original films from Oscar contention.

Do Jews Believe in Satan? | My Jewish Learning - In Jewish texts, the devil is sometimes an adversary and sometimes an embodiment of evil.
Yetzer hara - Wikipedia

NASA's Curiosity rover is back to work after bizarre glitch (not Opportunity)

Do galaxies form around supermassive black holes, or do supermassive black holes form in the center of galaxies? : askscience

Ritualistic ayahuasca users tend to have positive health and psychosocial well-being, suggests a new study in Spain (n=380). : science

Cranktique comments on Yesterday in South Dakota, a man was sentenced to 10 years in prison for marijuana distribution, meanwhile a fire chief caught with 10 counts of child pornography won't have to register as a sex offender and won't serve any jail time.

DrewRGarabo comments on Mia Khalifa curses out radio show host after being introduced as former porn star

Sometimes the smallest thing can make someone's whole day

Ken_the_Andal comments on [WP] Humans are the most feared and reviled race the Galaxy. Every 10000 years when humans reach a certain level of Technology a galactic Council sends a force to knock them back to the Stone Age. This time however that force arrives several decades late.

Amazon Goes Back on Pledge to Bring Workers to Seattle Building - Bootlickers Never Learn

Revealed: Facebook's global lobbying against data privacy laws (Fuckyoubook)

Eschaton: Run With The Press Release - Anyway, for the hundredth time, I don't care about Musk. Mostly this is between him and his customers and shareholders. But every time he dangles some shiny new bullshit in front of an idiot flunky of a mayor like Rahm Emanuel, the cause of building any news sensible transportation is harmed.


Top White House adviser acknowledges threat posed by climate change - CNNPolitics

'Something is in those vaccines' : Lawmaker says mandatory measles shots are 'Communist' Arizona state Rep. Kelly Townsend (R) ... She says no scientific evidence will convince her otherwise (and just engraved her stupidity on the internets for all eternity +"red state values")
Halifax chiropractor gives up licence, admits to professional incompetence after making extensive, unfounded claims about vaccines online. : worldnews

Forget Hanoi. Trump has already done irreparable damage to America's reputation (Fascists States of Trumpistan)
Trump's Nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize Was Apparently Forged. Twice.
Americans' Views of Russia Hit Record Lows: A record high 73% of Americans view Russia unfavorably and 32% say it is the United States' greatest enemy

Trump learns the limits of personal power, at home and beyond - Analysis: It may have been one of the worst weeks of Trump's presidency, concentrated in just a few harrowing days ... "High-level diplomacy can carry high-level risks" Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said in a nod to the breakdown in negotiations, "but the president is to be commended for walking away when it became clear insufficient progress had been made on de-nuclearization" (and not killing America! super-commended!)
Hanoi Fallout - Lawyers, Guns & Money - So, something happened yesterday in Hanoi
U.S. to end large-scale military drills with South Korea
Trump mocks glasses worn by Chinese officials in rambling speech riddled with false claims | The Independent : worldnews

Saudis Join With US to Kill EU Effort to Create Dirty Money Blacklist: "he Americans fell on us like a tonne of bricks" (American corruptocracy)

1 in 5 corporations say China has stolen their IP within the last year: CNBC CFO survey : technology

Erdogan threatens to reverse local election results as his AK Party is facing major defeats : worldnews

How a Private Israeli Intelligence Firm Spied on Pro-Palestinian Activists in the U.S. | The New Yorker (Israel-sponsered terrorism)

Argentina rape: 11-year-old forced to birth rapist's child after being denied an abortion - The Washington Post ... (raped by grandmother's boyfriend, fetus was non-viable, kid could have died, cry for me Argenitina)
This is the future Republicans want - Lawyers, Guns & Money - what "pro-life" means in practice:

eBay dog: German family couldn't pay bills, so city sold their pug on eBay - The Washington Post - Duesseldorf, Germany,

Trump's National Security Council Was Chaos in Early Days Under Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Sebastian Gorka - A report on the chaos in the early days of Trump's National Security Council is absolutely terrifying.

Disclosing Subpoena for Testimony, Chelsea Manning Vows to Fight - The New York Times - The subpoena does not say what prosecutors intend to ask her about. But it was issued in the Eastern District of Virginia and comes after prosecutors inadvertently disclosed in November that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has been charged under seal in that district.

Border Patrol Fed Pork To Muslim Detainee For 6 Days | HuffPost - A permit allowing him to stay with his American wife and work legally wasn't enough to keep Adnan Asif Parveen from landing in detention. (deport ICE to hell)

HHS demands apology from House Ethics chair for comments on abuse of migrant children - POLITICO - Deutch said he stands by his remarks, arguing that he sufficiently clarified that he was referencing contractors as well as staff. ("I'm not a pedophile" Jonathan Hayes, the HHS refugee director, screamed furiously!)

Lanny Davis, lawyer for Michael Cohen, told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that his client's closed-door testimony was "game changing" and included so much new information that the House Intelligence Committee decided to bring him back next week.

Democrats' post-Mueller plan
House Democrats prepare case to request Trump tax returns - take all necessary steps

Trump Lied About Not Ordering Jared Kushner's Top Security Clearance: Report -- The president previously said he had no role in securing the top-secret clearance for his son-in-law. (and then Ivanka lied about it too)
The Information Security Presidency - Lawyers, Guns & Money - good that coverage of the 2016 elections was dominated by the theoretical possibility that classified information could have ended up in the wrong hands: ... beginning to think that Republicans were not sincerely concerned with compliance with information security best practices, and reporters should not have pretended that this was a hugely important issue.
Kellyanne Conway says Trump has 'absolute right' to order security clearances - POLITICO - Kellyanne Conway says Trump has 'abolulute right' to order security clearances ("In fact, he just gave his good friend Vlad super-top-secret clearance" she said)

Fordham confirms that Trump team threatened the school if his grades became public - MarketWatch - Trump attended the Roman Catholic university in New York City for two years. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

Lynne Patton's never ending audition -- How a HUD official turned the Michael Cohen hearing into a reality TV audition

Sean Hannity May Have Blabbed Himself Into A Subpoena With Trump Interview Confession | HuffPost - The Fox News host said Michael Cohen gave him info on the Stormy Daniels payments.

NYT Columnist On Trump: 'I've Changed My Mind On Impeachment' Charles Blow says the time has come to impeach the president. (wtf do they put in the water-cooler?)

Opinion | The Electoral College Is the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy - The New York Times - It has not stood the test of time. (you mean the white supremacy law?)
The Obvious Indefensibility of the Electoral College - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Joe Biden responds to criticism after calling Pence a 'decent guy' (who decently wants to control all womens' bodies! says the Antia Hill hatchet and lifelong asshole)

'I was happy to do it for you': Matt Gaetz overheard making stunning admission to Trump about Cohen threat (nice fucker face)
Rick Scott calls actions by Matt Gaetz 'disgusting' - Gaetz denies reports he spoke with Trump or anyone at the White House this week about Cohen. (and definitely not the Dumpster)
State Rep. Accidentally Posts Photo of Middle School Girl Giving Him the Finger : pics (so young, so smart)
Devin Nunes wants public to see full extent of Mueller's arsenal: Emails, wiretaps, and warrants

Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Masterful Interrogation Of Michael Cohen -- The questions that won the New York congresswoman praise were the combined product of committee staff expertise, collaboration and oratory skills.

Labor Dept. Official Represented Steel Co. in Court While on Job - 'Bad judgment' not willful crooked behavior or anything

Ilhan Omar Accuses Israel Hawks of 'Allegiance to a Foreign Country' (imagine if 87 congressfucks were dual Russians but potential dual Israeli Chaitster sees no problem bc "Jews")

Jay Inslee Officially Launches Historic 2020 Bid Centered On Climate Change | HuffPost

What's So Funny About Amy Klobuchar's Bad Temper? (hahahaha)

Mark Penn, Ex-Clinton Loyalist, Visits Trump, and Democrats Are Not Pleased - The New York Times (Clintons' Rethug Triangulator is on them)

Josh Hawley served with subpoena at CPAC conference | The Kansas City Star - After more than two weeks of evading service, Senator Josh Hawley was personally served with the subpoena at CPAC.

Eschaton: Run Against That - The biggest political malpractice of Democrats since Clinton was not making it clear that they were the party of Social Security. Embracing deficit fetishism, flirting with privatization, fearmongering about the Trustees report, Simpson-Bowles wankery, obsession with Grand Bargains. "We must cut benefits so that they don't cut benefits" was the basic mantra even when I was in grad school, the kindest interpretation of which meant that the cuts would be slightly less and fall less on the poorest of seniors.
Sahil Kapur on Twitter: "On a CPAC panel about US debt, Senator Perdue calls it "the greatest threat to national security," after he voted for bills to cut taxes by $1.5 trillion and raise spending by $300 billion. He says Social Security and Medicare spending must be curtailed." (suckers with a 10 second memory)

Editor's note related to Lincoln Memorial incident (woah, no comments allowed)

The latest right-wing attack on Democrats: 'They want to take away your hamburgers ... "They want to take your pickup truck. They want to rebuild your home. They want to take away your hamburgers" (ranted Sebastion Gorka)
Josh Hawley Served With a Subpoena at CPAC - Republican Senator from Missouri Had Just Gotten Off Stage - If you're going to serve a sitting Republican senator with a subpoena, that's where it should be. CPAC Is Now Just a Minor-League Scrap to Get on Fox News

Maddow Wins Wednesday Night Ratings As MSNBC Has Its Highest-Rated Day Ever

Eschaton: Sources - Over 2 years in and occasionally (but not always) reporters react to lying by Trumpkins with a bit of outrage, or at least a bit of "THE LYING IS THE STORY." That's when you know those reporters were lied to personally (even if they don't say so explicitly). Yes, Maggie, this is about you, of course ... The difference with this administration is that the individual lies aren't the issue. The incessant lying is. Most reporters don't know how to cope with that, or don't care to try. (Haberputz thinks it's all PR anyway)

Eschaton: Fart - Ideological and opinion journalism are real things that can be "journalism" but Jonah Goldberg writing and speaking uninformed nonsense is not but he is regularly called a "journalist" and his new venture will be referred to as "journalism" even though the only journalism it will ever have, and little of that, will be running selective oppo research, James O'Keefe style, verbatim.

Press access may be curbed at hearing on Epstein sex abuse | Miami Herald -- Alan Dershowitz suggests curbing press access to hearing on Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse (oh, would that be "unindicted co-conspirator Dersh?)

Columbus Diocese releases priest sex abuse list - News - ThisWeek Community News - Lewis Center, OH

Kentucky lawmakers approve NRA-backed concealed carry bill | Lexington Herald Leader (Russian Rifle Association of Traitors)

21 Savage in the Clear After D.A. Rejects Felony Case from Promoter |

The feds spent a decade trying to seize the Mongol club's notorious patch. A judge ruled they can't have it

BUSTED: North Carolina real estate firm fires staffer over ugly N-word-filled Facebook rant - Neo-Confederate activist Janet Spainhour Pate was fired from her job after a video circulated online of her making racist comments.

LEX 18 News on Twitter: "When police arrived at the hospital, they discovered a 46-year-old male who had accidentally shot himself in the genitals." (shot his own balls off)

She beat her husband'ss head in with a hammer. Now, her murder conviction has been tossed.

How much to intervene when life gives your grown son a lemon - The Washington Post

The Fake Sex Doctor Who Conned the Media Into Publicizing His Bizarre Research on Suicide, Butt-Fisting, and Bestiality ... Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler ... "Trump lies 9,000 times and people still support him" ... "Reality is inflatable and everything is part of the game"

Michael J. Fox Reveals New Health Scares Amid Parkinson's Battle : television

Naples' Secret Museum of Erotic Art

TIL The reason why we view neanderthals as hunched over and degenerate is that the first skeleton to be found was arthritic. : todayilearned

TIL the G-Spot was going to be called the "Whipple Tickle" after its discoverer, Dr Beverley Whipple, but Whipple wanted it named after Dr Ernst Grafenberg, who was the first to suggest the presence of some kind of sensitive area, instead

What's the scariest thing that's ever woken you up during the middle of the night? : AskReddit

5G will be crazy fast, but it'll be worthless without unlimited data : technology


The Ocean Is Running Out of Breath -- Oxygen levels in some tropical regions have dropped by a startling 40 percent in the last 50 years, some recent studies reveal. Levels have dropped more subtly elsewhere, with an average loss of 2 percent globally.
Rep. Paul Gosar says climate change isn't real because of photosynthesis R-Ariz.) (haha, owned the libtards bc plants, which they never thought of)
Green Lanternism Is Denialism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Of course, Matt Stoller thought the problem of climate change was so urgent in 2012 he favored ... turning the White House over to the former co-founder of Bain Capital, a climate denier leading a climate denying party with an anti-regulatory agenda.

Anti-vaxx 'mobs' : doctors face harassment campaigns on Facebook - Medical experts who counter misinformation are weathering coordinated attacks. Now some are fighting back

Martha Stewart, Canadian pot business in joint effort aimed at pets | Reuters

Girl, 11, gives birth to rapist's child after Argentina refuses abortion : worldnews

Indian Air Force officially declares that Mig 21 Bison shot down a PAF F-16 : worldnews

UN Council: Israel Intentionally Shot Children and Journalists in Gaza : worldnews (but don't call them racist fuckers or anything)

Netanyahu to stand trial for bribery, fraud and breach of trust, pending hearing | The Times of Israel - legal bombshell ahead of April 9 elections, marks first time in Israel's history that serving PM is told he faces criminal charges (could it happen here?)
Israel's Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit announced on Thursday his decision to indict Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three separate cases, pending a hearing. : worldnews

Megathread: Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un end summit early and fail to reach a deal : politics
Trump's Talks With Kim Jong-un Collapse, and Both Sides Point Fingers
North Korea's foreign minister says country seeks only partial sanctions relief, contradicting Trump
U.S. drops demand for full accounting of N. Korea nuclear program ahead of talks - refusal to disclose all of its nuclear materials is the issue over which talks fell apart a decade ago.
In Hanoi, Kim Jong Un, a thumbs up and a question asked and answered - The Washington Post
No, the North Korea summit was not a loss for Trump - The Washington Post - We already have Thiessen, Rogers, Hewitt and Abernathy. Now we have Olsen. Does the WaPo really need more right wing fantasists? ...

Pete Souza's best photograph: Obama lays into Putin "Trump acts as if Russia is our best friend. But it's our adversary. And this is how you should talk to an adversary"

Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance : worldnews (oh, and then Ivanka lied, of course)
Jared Kushner quietly meets with Saudi Crown prince amid day of chaos on Capitol Hill: President's son-in-law takes quiet international trip as his former lawyer details his crimes on Capitol Hill : worldnews

Trump and GOP promised economic growth much better than Obama's. That's not what happened ... For the rest of the president's term, economic forecasters agree, that number will decline.

A federal judge in D.C. unsealed redacted court documents which confirm that a secret legal battle over a grand jury subpoena does involve the work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the investigation of possible Russian interference in the 2016 election : worldnews

The Republican Senate majority is imperiled - The Washington Post - A measly three Republican senators (Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Thom Tillis of North Carolina) have announced that they will support the resolution, leaving the other 50 Republicans, including 18 of the 22 who will be on the ballot in 2020, in defense of an out-of-control, widely unpopular president ... Why didn't you stand up to Trump and defend the Constitution?

Opinion | Did Cohen Give a Peek at the Mueller Report? - The New York Times - The special counsel is still hiding events that lie at the core of his investigation -- events that involve the president directly. - Marcy Wheeler
After public grilling, ex-Trump lawyer Cohen to testify on Russia in private : worldnews
House Intel Will Call Trump Org Moneyman Allen Weisselberg To Testify
House Oversight seeks interviews with Ivanka Trump, Don Jr. - POLITICO
After Cohen's hearing, the BuzzFeed bombshell that Mueller disputed looks better -- and worse

The New Lines Of Investigation Michael Cohen's Testimony Opens Up For Congress
Trump Org's Weisselberg not cooperating with feds, sources say - NBC News
The Cohen of Silence Breaks: What to Make of Wednesday's Testimony
Michael Cohen testimony on Donald Trump was credible despite GOP attacks
The Case Against Trump Has Never Been Stronger After Cohen Testimony - credibly accuses him of felonies that, pending more evidence, should result in impeachment and indictment.

The Trump Organization's coming "proctology exam"
Rudy Giuliani and Trumpworld Raged as 'Career Criominal Liar' Michael Cohen Spilled Secrets
Michael Cohen's GOP Cross-Examiners Failed Miserably - The Atlantic
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says There's 'No Question' She'd Vote To Impeach Trump: 'I Don't Even Know Why It's Controversial'
Why the answers Michael Cohen gave to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's questions mattered
Opinion | How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won the Cohen Hearing - The New York Times

Matt Gaetz overheard telling Trump about threatening Michael Cohen tweet: 'I was happy to do it for you'

Cohen Hearing Explodes After Rashida Tlaib Calls Out Mark Meadows' 'Black Friend' Stunt
What Mark Meadow's anger at Rashida Tlaib says about our racial politics (you will bow down to the angry white man)
Clip of Meadows saying send Obama back to 'Kenya or whereever' resurfaces after clash with Tlaib
Tlaib: Lawmakers 'gasped' when Meadows brought up black Trump employee
Videos of Mark Meadows saying 'send Obama home to Kenya' resurface hours after he's accused of racist stunt ("I'm so offended you'd imply I'm a fucking racist," he said)
In an emotional moment, Rep. Mark Meadows and Rep. Rashida Tlaib argue over race
George Conway Torches 'Sociopath' Donald Trump In Fiery Cohen Hearing Tweetstorm
Michael Cohen's 'How Many Times' Response Is Now An Incredible Meme
Rick Santorum Cooks Up The Most Bizarre Defense Of Trump Yet | HuffPost ("he lies all the time, so it's not unusual he's lying about being Putin's cocksucker")
Washington Post Editorial Board Rips 'Defective' Trump With Cohen Hearing Takeaway ... "explosive"
Watergate 'Master Manipulator' Spots What Republicans Didn't Do During Michael Cohen Hearing - "they didn't defend the president"
Republicans Sink Further Into Trump's Cesspool - What they left out of their questioning of Michael Cohen says more about the degradation of my former party than anything they said. (yet another NYT conservative Republican)
'The View's' Joy Behar and Meghan McCain Throw Down Over 'Treasonous' Trump: How Can GOP 'Stick With Him - Meghan McCain sat silently throughout the show's entire opening segment (the liar thinks she's an "analyst" and believes Jong-Un that he knew nothing, nothing I tell you, about Otto Warmbier)
I am the guy caught on TV eating pizza during the Michael Cohen hearing, AMA! : IAmA (with Cummings closing remarks)
How far down the barrel do you have to scrape to find a pundit on the nominal left who will continue to describe the Trump/Russia story as a whole lot of nothing after Michael Cohen's testimony? Well ... Michael Tracey on TC's White Power Hour
Josh Marshall on Twitter: "Good Lord, does this dude have brain damage. He's coming back for round two of this self-own? Does he have staff that can help him?"
The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing

Rep. Maxine Waters wants to investigate Trump Foundation - politico (haha, she's coming' for you, Dumpster)

'This is not a day at the beach' : Pelosi tells moderate Dems to stop voting with GOP - House Democrats are divided over how to respond to Republican procedural attacks ... Freshman Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (D-N.M.) but this time Reps. Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey -- voted with Republicans (politico hides the real culprits)

LePage: Eliminating Electoral College Would Make Whites 'A Forgotten People'
The Electoral College Exists to Uphold White Supremacy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is something many of you already know, but Paul LePage just comes right out and says it, in case anyone was still hemming or hawing about it, talking about institutions and traditions and the Founders and whatnot.

Biden's Nostalgia for the Good Old Days of the Senate Boys Club ... the old boys club that might, oh I don't know, attack Anita Hill

Defending Amy Klobuchar's treatment of her staff misses the point of feminism -- There are more female candidates now, and no more need to weigh out greater and lesser evils (bye, bitch)

Virginia first lady under fire for handing cotton to African American students on mansion tour - The Washington Post

The politicisation of white evangelical Christianity is hurting it - Flocks away - A group of disenchanted evangelicals, the "exvies", is among the denomination's biggest threats ... just 8% of young Americans aged 18-29 say they are white evangelicals, while 26% of those aged 65 or older are white evangelical Protestants (the marketing of hate and stupidity)

Eschaton: Fart - Jonah Goldberg is setting up an exciting new conservative magazine which everyone will pretend is "journalism" and anything else Jonah Goldberg ever did was "journalism" and then wonder why angry people on twitter (otherwise known as "the readers") sometimes get confused when journalists swing the other way and decide "real journalism" is only like war zone coverage or investigative journalism instead of just farting nonsense into the NPR microphone.

Why the Left Can't Stand The New York Times

Dems want Acosta out over Epstein. GOP wants to know more ... Then there's Matt Gaetz .

'It dropped like a bomb' : Emma Thompson's letter could change the face of #MeToo ... The letter, to Skydance chief executive and Oracle scion David Ellison (oh)

Meet Valencia Love: The Mystery Woman Who Bailed Out R. Kelly - $1 million bail has allegedly only known the R&B singer for a matter of months, and is known to lash out at Yelp reviewers of her restaurant.

A Houston socialite berated a mixed-race couple celebrating their baby's birthday. Then the video got out ... identified as Franci Neely, a "socialite" and ex-wife of Houston Astros owner Jim Crane (hello, Franci, get a fucking life)

An 'emotional support' pit bull mauled a 5-year-old girl in an airport terminal, lawsuit says

TIL that in a study of people who believed they were sensitive to gluten, over 86% weren't : todayilearned

People who had loving parents in childhood have better lives later on, suggests a new Harvard study (n=3,929), which links affectionate parents with a happy and flourishing adulthood. This was true even when the study controlled for socioeconomic and other factors. : science

I am BU Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez! I study how to manipulate, incept, and erase memories in the brain. Ask me anything about how memory works and the benefits of memory manipulation for treating anxiety, depression & PTSD! : IAmA

Virgins of Reddit, what is your NSFW question? : AskReddit

What's an AskReddit post you're sick and tired of seeing? : AskReddit

YouTube bans comments on all videos of children - BBC News : worldnews


Schumer says he'll act to 'defund' Trump's 'fake' climate panel : politics
Supercut Shows Fox News Hosts Distorting Ocasio-Cortez's Climate Change Comments

House passes universal background checks bill - Vox - The research, however, suggests that Congress should go even bigger.

Canadian school board issues 6000 suspension notices over lack of vaccination records, forcing students to vaccinate : worldnews
Arizona Legislature Creates Vaccine Exemptions for Parents in Defiance of Doctors, Health Experts - Anti-vax has infected the Arizona legislature with some unfortunate results ... Rep. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, (freedumb! to kill your kids and their friends)

India Pakistan crisis: Pakistan says it shot down two Indian jets - CNN
Escalation - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Things getting even hotter. Pakistan claims to have shot down two Indian aircraft, India acknowledges the loss of one but claims that it shot down a Pakistani plane in response

Ongoing Protests in Algeria - Lawyers, Guns & Money

"When they get horny, the sons of b******, they go after nuns. If they're gay, they go after young boys. Who needs a religion like that?", Catholic Church Will Be Gone In 25 Years Due To Clerical Sex Abuse, says Phillipines President Duterte

EU27 citizens see no big Brexit hit for them, but think Brits will be 'worse off' (Tories' "we're the boss of you" not working out)

Kushner Met With Saudi Crown Prince to Push Mideast Peace Plan - The New York Times

White House bans four journalists from covering Trump-Kim dinner because of shouted questions - The Washington Post
As Trump meets Kim in Vietnam, he's undermined and distracted by Michael Cohen
Dinner With The Dictator Scheduled Opposite Fixer's Public Testimony - Critics warn that this meal with Kim Jong Un looks like an effort to distract from Michael Cohen's likely damaging remarks. (yes, that'll work)
Security found some odd looking objects at USA-North Korea summit : WTF

Eschaton: It Was The Plan - "Let's create a child rape center then adopt the kids out to good white Christian families" is pretty much the Occam's Razor explanation for all of this.

43 Republicans who voted for the tax bill now say national debt is a 'threat' to security

Washington Official Subpoenas Trump Inaugural Committee - The New York Times - the third governmental body to delve into how the fund raised $107 million and spent it to celebrate Mr. Trump's sweafring-in.

Testimony From Cohen Could Create New Legal Issues for Trump - The New York Times
Michael Cohen testimony: all the documents Cohen brought as evidence - Vox - Stormy Daniels reimbursement checks.
Cohen, Round 2 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Michael Cohen's Testimony Is the First Hearing in President Trump's Impeachment -- So Trump was secretly beholden to Russia while he was running for president, and none of this was disclosed to the public during the campaign.
Centrism Fan Acct ?? on Twitter: "lol this guy's feed is just unbelievable. "Yes, Trump looked Cohen in the eye and told him to say something that they both knew was obviously a lie, but he did not use the word 'lie' so..........the libs in the media are owned""
The three remarkable allegations against Trump in Michael Cohen's testimony
Michael Cohen'ss testimony: Trump's former personal lawyer alleges the president knew in advance of WikiLeaks plan
Once Trump's loyalist in chief, Michael Cohen lifts the curtain on the president's actions

Dem Lawmaker: Republicans Aren't Upset Cohen Lied to Congress for Trump, They're Upset He Stopped
Cohen to Jim Jordan: 'Shame on you'
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Expertly Laid a Trap to Get Donald Trump's Tax Returns; her line of questioning during Michael Cohen's hearing was praised for its clarity and deftness.
The Republican Party Completely and Utterly Disgraced Itself at Michael Cohen's Hearing - The questioning from these products of the conservative bubble world was so bad it made a career hoodlum look good.
Elijah Cummings Closing Statement at Michael Cohen Hearing Shows It's About Restoring Democratic Norms and Institutions - Elijah Cummings made it plain in his closing statement: this was about reasserting democratic norms and institutions.

Republicans can't defend Trump against the substance of Cohen's attacks
Trump Jr. signed 'hush money' check, according to Cohen
Michael Cohen Warns Republicans: "I did the same thing you're doing now"
Cohen threatened Fordham with legal action if they released Trumps college records. Trump once offered $5 million for the release of Obama's
Former federal prosecutor tells CNN there are '6 or 7' possible crimes committed by Trump in Cohen's opening statement alone

Feb 27, 2019 Live Updates of Michael Cohen's House Testimony
Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee | Part V : politics
Michael Cohen Testifies Before House Oversight Committee | Part IV : politics
Ratfucked: A Michael Cohen Open Thread - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Michael Cohen' s explosive opening statement about Trump, annotated
The 10 Most Jaw-Dropping Lines From Michael Cohen's Leaked Testimony
Michael Cophen's testimony: Trump's former personal lawyer expected to allege the president knew in advance of WikiLeaks plan
Alexi McCammond on Twitter: "The documents Cohen's apparently going to provide "

Rep. Matt Gaetz's very witness-tamper-y Michael Cohen tweet (the new Devin Nunes)
Former Bush Ethics Chief: Rep. Matt Gaetz 'Should Be Arrested Tonight' For Tampering
Trump Ally Matt Gaetz Tweets Apparent Threat at Michael Cohen Before Congress Testimony - Witness Intimidation? - The Trump-stanning dolt from Florida had a message for Michael Cohen on Twitter.
Every Law Professor With a Twitter Account Says Congressman Matt Gaetz Just Committed Witness Tampering : politics
Matt Gaetz Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Michael Cohen Threat

Roger Stone Couldn't Resist Responding to Cohen's Testimony and May Be Jailed as a Result

Roger Stone is "playing with fire," likely violated gag order by commenting on Cohen testimony: Ex-federal prosecutor
Roger Stone Says Michael Cohen Is Lying About His Conversations With Trump And WikiLeaks

Pew: Phone polling in crisis again - politico - The percentage of Americans willing to participate in telephone polls has hit a new low

The Overdue Death of Democratic "Pragmatism" Centrism in disguise is the wrong strategy for stopping Trump. -- It's an unwritten rule in political journalism today that Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota senator and Democratic candidate for president, must be described as "pragmatic" (let's go with "pragmatic raging abusive bitch")

The GOP is the party of Trump 00 but not for the reasons anti-Trump conservatives think -- Polls consistently show 80 percent or more of Republicans approve of the job he is doing. That figure rises to 93 percent among people who voted for him ... new faction ... nationalist conservatives, who want to lower immigration and redo foreign trade deals. (so, the nazis love him)
The Humiliation of the Freedom Caucus - The Bulwark (182 House Rethugs fine with Trump's godship)

More than half of Mass. delegation holds off on backing Warrens White House bid

Kamala Harris mischaracterizes San Francisco policy she backed that reported arrested undocumented juveniles to ICE - CNNPolitics

Mark Harris Declines to Run in New North Carolina 9th District Election, Endorses Stony Rushing - North Carolina's 9th District Is Absolutely Nuts -- The preacherman with the election-fraud controversy bows out in favor of...this guy?
(46) Stony Rushing for Union County Commissioner - Posts

What's Next For New Yorker Reporter Jane Mayer?

Fox Rocked by $179M 'Bones' Ruling: Lying, Cheating and "Reprehensible" Studio Fraud : television

United Methodists Fracture: LGBTQ Plan Rejected - The Atlantic - The mainline denomination voted on Tuesday to toughen its teachings against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ clergy. It must now decide whether it will stay together. (fundamentalist global south just took over)

Where Graduates Move After College ... Boston is the 10th biggest metro but ranks sixth in drawing 2% or more of alumni from institutions in our database, some 120 schools.

'Climax': Gaspar Noe's Freaky, Sexy Dance Party Will Blow Your Fucking Mind - The latest from the controversial French auteur tells the tale of a sexy, drugged-out dance party that goes completely off the rails

Can a Night Owl Become a Morning Person? - WSJ

How large does building has to be so the curvature of the earth has to be considered in its design? : askscience

TIL in the 1920s, a strange disease known as encephalitis lethargica spread throughout the world, effecting 5 million people. It killed 1 million, and many of the survivors were left unable to move or speak, but were conscious and aware. No cure was ever found, and it disappeared by 1926. : todayilearned

Synthetic biologists at UC Berkeley have engineered brewer's yeast to produce marijuana's main ingredients -- mind-altering THC and non-psychoactive CBD -- as well as novel cannabinoids not found in the plant itself.


Eschaton: Pragmatic Centrism - It isn't actually pragmatic to devise costly solutions that won't work, and don't even have a better chance of getting through our shitty political sausage maker than ones that will.
Osita Nwanevu on Twitter: "By the way, I happen to be at Niskanen's conference on reviving moderation, at which New Democrats co-founder Elaine Kamarck has suggested that we should give up on cap & trade & carbon taxation - not politically "helpful" she said - and focus on CO2 capture & adaptation." (moderately killing everyone on the planet)
John Kasich to fellow GOPers: Stop denying climate change : politics
Eschaton: Think Locally, Act Globally - Environmentalism-as-personal-virtue was a bad route. It isn't a substitute for collective action. People don't like being told how to live their lives, especially as you don't have to understand this stuff all that well to get that we're almost all big hypocrites. We make some easy choices and ignore the rest. We can make slightly better choices, but there's no solar powered plane to fly me to Europe.
Bernie Sanders's Private Plane Rides Ddon't Matter -- Last week, Mother Jones columnist Kevin Drum informed his readers that they do not really believe in climate change. His argument was simple (and specious) ... This is the sort of reasoning one expects from libertarian undergrads, not progressive pundits. (KDrum is not a deep thinker)

Anti-vaxxers face backlash as measles cases surge - The Washington Post ... Opponents of the Arizona bill, which died quickly, have described the toll of stricter vaccine requirements as a Holocaust and likened the bill's sponsor, who is Jewish, to a Nazi. (they aren't noted for their thinking)

Remains of hundreds of Jews unearthed in Nazi-era mass grave in Belarus : worldnews

Univision's Jorge Ramos Temporarily Detained In Venezuela During Nicolas Maduro Interview (dimbulb bus-driver didn't like being asked questions)

India Launches Airstrikes In Pakistan Following Kashmir Suicide Attack | HuffPost - Islamabad said there were no casualties in the strike near the town of Balakot, close to the border with Pakistan's section of Kashmir
Indian fighter jets strike target in Pakistan in severe escalation of tensions between nuclear rivals - The Washington Post

Netanyahu's new rival is surging in Israel's polls ... centrist political party, Blue and White,

Italian Investigators Just Uncovered a Major Russian Election Meddling Plot : worldnews

U.S. Cyber Command operation disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms - The Washington Post

Lancet study: Under every Brexit scenario, the impact on UK health will be adverse. In all scenarios, depletion of the National Health Service (NHS) workforce is inevitable, care for UK nationals living in the EU is uncertain, and access to medicines, vaccines, and devices hangs in the balance. : science (off the cliff of stupid)

In Hanoi, Kim Jong Un and a culture clash with the White House press corps - The Washington Post
Kim Jong Un seen smoking cigarette at China train station hours before arriving in Vietnam : videos
Dutch customs intercept 90,000 bottles of vodka destined for Kim Jong-un: report : worldnews
North Koreans reportedly use crystal meth as casually as cigarettes, and are shipping the drug to China : worldnews

Trump is treating our allies like his old contractors: Not well - The Washington Post

State Department says it won't intervene after manslaughter suspect returns to Saudi Arabia (stop letting the killers in ... oh wait)

Thousands of migrant youth allegedly suffered sexual abuse in U.S. custody - Axios - Thousands of allegatiosn to think they are off the hook in the ongoing criminal probes surrounding the president, a former defense lawyer for Trump of sexual abuse against unaccompanied minors (UAC) in the custody of the U.S. government have been reported over the past 4 years (almost like a giant pedo-ring, huh? )

House passes resolution to nullify Trump's national emergency declaration

Mueller scores big win as court rejects challenge to his appointment - POLITICO

Did Trump Win His War on the Russia Investigation? | The New Republic - By implicitly promising to pardon his allies, Trump may have prevented Robert Mueller from uncovering irrefutable evidence of collusion.
Trump's inner circle might escape Mueller charges -- but still won't be safe

On Eve of Michael Cohen's Testimony, Republican Threatens to Reveal Compromising Information
Trump Ally Rep. Matt Gaetz Insists He'ss Not Threatening Michael Cohen, Just 'Wintness Testing'
This Is For Three Thousand Pounds - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Report: Michael Cohen plans to publicly accuse Trump of criminal conduct in office during dramatic testimony in front of Congress : politics
Cohen to Testify That Trump Engaged in Criminal Conduct While in Office - WSJ - "lies, racism and cheating"
Planned in Michael Cohen'S Testimony: A Litany of Accusations Against Trump
Cohen plans scathing testimony about Trump, Russia and Stormy Daniels - The Washington Post

WSJ: House Judiciary Believes It Has Evidence Trump Asked Whitaker About SDNY Probe : politics

Trump falsely denies 2016 phone calls between his team and Russia : politics - So many connections between Trump and Russia. Why? And so many criminals closely associated to Trump, why? And why so much effort to deny it?

Jake Tapper Shreds Don Jr.'s Brazen Lie That Mueller Found 'No Actual Crimes' ... "Just a bunch of regular guys"

Senate Republicans will commit institutional treason if they support Trump's 'emergency'

Ivanka Trump, who receives millions for existing, says Americans do<'t want guaranteed living wage. "I don't think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something' /a>
Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka or anyone in Trump's orbit would be "very foolish" to think they are off the hook in the ongoing criminal probes surrounding the president, a former defense lawyer for Trump's ex-campaign deputy chairman Rick Gates has said.

Trump Takes Spike Lee's Call for a Moral Choice of Love vs. Hate As Racist Attack (well, only if you're a racist hater asshole and attacks on your racism are ... racist!)
Lawrence O'Donnell Makes Ominous Prediction For Donald Trump In 2020 -- Trump has "run out of moves" ... why Donald Trump is trying to pull something that looks like a rabbit out of something that looks like a North Korea hat

The popular vote could decide the 2020 presidential election, if these 12 states get their way - The Washington Post

Jill Stein is finally paying her numerous federal fines - Center for Public Integrity (You mean, Putin is paying her fines)

North Carolina Republican in congressional race tainted by ballot fraud says he will not run in new election -- Mark Harris (the crook)
Mitch McConnell finds a novel villain after North Carolina's fraud-riddled election: Democrats ("I'm not the crook, you're the crook!" he croaked)

A louche administration takes aim at reproductive rights - This move to turn a lifesaving women's health program into pork for the religious right should be major news.

AOC slams GOP senator for quoting "Hitler ally Benito Mussolini like it's a Hallmark card" (Cornyn and many other facist Rethugs)

Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti accused of using n-word to refer to Prince George's district - The Washington Post

Are Democrats going to let Sanders get away with this? - The Washington Post - Sanders's own tax returns, which he never put out in 2016. He still hasn't made them available and refused to give a finite deadline for releasing them ... (comment:) Putin must already be upset now that Tad Devine has quite working for Bernie. Tad Devine, the man who took millions to work with Paul Manafort to elect Putin's crooked stooge, Victor Yanukovych, President of the Ukraine then turned right around and was hired by Bernie. For more millions.

Jacob Wohl spread lies about Mueller, RBG. The 2020 election is next - Jacob Wohl, the 21-year-old Californian who ignited the Harris birther claim with a tweet, some people actually seemed to accept it as fact.
False Sex Assault Allegation Against Robert Mueller Was Even Dumber Than We Knew : politics

Poll: How does the public think journalism happens? - Columbia Journalism Review (if they could think at all, which they can't)

CNN Assures Dems: Sarah Isgur Won't Have Editorial Control in Any 2020 Coverage - The cable channel continues damage control over hiring a long-time Republican operative for a high-ranking editorial gig.

United Methodist Church votes to maintain its opposition to same-sex marriage, gay clergy - The Washington Post

One of the largest-ever studies of work-related risks in young adult cancer survivors finds that of 872 survivors, 14.4 percent borrowed more than $10,000 and 1.5 percent said they or their family had filed for bankruptcy as a direct result of illness or treatment. : science

'White Women Yoga' : How one woman's Meetup experiment exploded on the Internet

Two Miami-Dade cops charged after video catches sergaent slapping a handcuffed teen. : news
Two Miami-Dade cops charged after slap caught on video | Miami Herald

THC found more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than originally thought : science

Psilocybin (truffles) sub-acutely increase creativity, empathy, and well-being up until 7 days after use : science

Escape Room employees of Reddit, what was the weirdest escape tactic you have seen? : AskReddit

bagaudin comments on Your backups can't fail if you never receive failure notifications

What's a secret your SO still doesn't know about you, and why have you kept it secret?

Eschaton: Oh, Elon - Never tweet (something deeply wrong with his billionaire head)


Evidence for man-made global warming hits 'gold standard': scientists : worldnews
Stratocumulus clouds become unstable and break up when CO2 rises above 1,200 ppm. The collapse of cloud cover increases surface warming by 8 C globally. This change persists until CO2 levels drop below 500 ppm. : science
In Los Angeles, Climate-Change Gentrification Is Already Happening
Cloud Loss Could Add 8 Degrees to Global Warming | Quanta Magazine - A state-of-the-art supercomputer simulation indicates that a feedback loop between global warming and cloud loss can push Earth's climate past a disastrous tipping point in as little as a century. (and then the Republicans burnt the whole planet down)
The new divide in the climate change fight: Immediately vs. eventually - The Washington Post (Feinstein: "I'm an idiot, but I'll be dead, so fuck you")

Vaccine scepticism grows in line with rise of populism (anti-thinking stupidty epidemic with no vaccine)
Think Facebook has an anti-vaxxer problem? You should see Amazon - The problem of distrust runs deeper than social media, with Amazon's recommendation algorithms also pushing people towards anti-vaxx content : technology

US warships just sailed through the Taiwan Strait again, ignoring China's repeated warnings : worldnews

Labour Party Leader, Under Pressure, Backs a New Brexit Referendum - The New York Times - After the resignations of nine Labour Party members last week, and amid the prospect of more, the party's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, dropped his longstanding resistance to a second vote on leaving the bloc. (Corbyn fuck is a cross between Bernie and Mitch McConnell - what is wrong with this idiot?)
Labour announce backing for a second Brexit referendum : worldnews

Cardinal George Pell, once the third most powerful man in the Vatican and Australia's most senior Catholic, has been found guilty of child sexual abuse after a trial in Melbourne ... Pell then maneuvered his robe and pull out his dick. He stepped forward, grabbed the other boy by the back of his head and forced the boy's head onto his dick, the complaint said. Pell then orally raped the complaint, and afterwards he order the complaint to remove his pants before "fondling the complaint's penis and masturbating himself" ... hinged on his evidence, as the other victim died in 2014 after a heroin overdose ...

The Washington Post announces the launch of the Jamal Khashoggi Fellowship - The Washington Post

'We fell in love' : Trump and Kim shower praise, stroke egos on path to nuclear negotiations

China's Chief Negotiator Literally Laughs In Donald Trump's Face during Trade Talk
U.S. asked Russia for advice before Trump-Kim summit : politics

Exclusive: Full Text of Bipartisan Declaration of Former Senior U.S. Officials Refuting President's Claim of a National Emergency at Southern Border

$1 Million Inauguration Donor Says Trump Pushed His Business Project To Qatari Official : politics

Trump Organization asks House committee to cease investigations, citing an alleged conflict of interest - The Washington Post ... by its hiring of an outside lawyer whose firm has represented Trump' The White House and Justice Department had previously declined to turn over the memo, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
s company (yeah, that make no sense, but hey)

It's Mueller's Investigation. But Right Behind Him Is Andrew Goldstein.

Trump's Memo Appointing Matthew Whitaker Raises Questions About When He Actually Took Over DOJ - The White House and Justice Department had previously declined to turn over the memo, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

New Report: Trump Appears To Have Committed Multiple Crimes : politics
Don Jr. On Russia Probe: 'No Actual Crimes' Just 'Things People Did In Past Lives' (said the criminal)
Trump Jr. claims his father's associates aren't being indicted for 'actual crimes' : The president's sone insists that the Mueller investigation is "Stalinist" because it reaches all the way back to 2006. ... Can you imagine a country stupid enough to still be at 42% approval rating after 2 years in office, bazillion crimes unearthed and committed, tax cuts that left most with a higher 2019 tax bill, artificial and unsustainable and unstained economic rise that hides the imminent collapse or the already collapsed sectors of the economy (farmers) and so on and so forth. I mean shit. I feel pity for whoever comes next and has to clean this shit.
Trump Tells His Lawyers: Stay for the Coming Legal Hellscape - The president has made private admissions that federal investigations bedeviling his first term in office will be haunting him for possibly years to come.

A Lawsuit by a Campaign Worker Is the Latest Challenge to Trump's Nondisclosure Agreements
Former campaign staffer alleges in lawsuit that Trump kissed her without her consent. The White House denies the charge. - The Washington Post
Former campaign staffer alleges in lawsuit that Trump kissed her without her consent. The White House denies the charge : politics
Trump Accuser Alva Johnson Feels 'Responsibile' for Putting 'Sexual Predator' in Whate House ...

As fresh signs of Trump's weakness emerge, some Democrats are already screwing up

Concerns rise over Neomi Rao, Trump's D.C. Circuit Nominee ... (not anti-women enough! ... doesn't "have a stong record on life" hello, Republican Senator asshole Josh Hawley)

Opinion | How the Upper Middle Class Is Really Doing - The New York Times - Is it more similar to the top 1 percent or the working class? (haha take a guess, suckers)

Eschaton: Bored Now - In 2018 our crack team of expert political newscasters seemed to not understand the concept of "mail in votes" and that they needed to be counted and that you couldn't declare the election night a big bummer for democrats just because they lost one race in Georgia or wherever. Our glorious wars of humanitarian intervention are the same way. They're so exciting until the bombs start falling.

Warren creates purity test unseen in modern presidential politics - POLITICO - swearing off of big fundraisers and donor calls puts the rest of the Democratic field in an uncomfortable spot.
Warren shuts down donor dinners, insider access - POLITICO - announced Monday her campaign will shun fundraising through some of the old-fashioned means: dinners, donor calls and cocktail parties. In an email to supporters Monday, Warren also said she won't sell access to big-name donors as candidates often do to raise money for a presidential bid. (oh, hello, Bernie)

Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights - The Vermont senator's 2016 travel as a Clinton surrogate became 'a running joke in the office'

Fox News Host Slams Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez For Raising Her Office -- Pete Hegseth called it "socialism and communism" on display (and millions of dumbass sucker Foxsters nodded their heads)

Warren Buffett: 'It would be a real mistake' if former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz ran for president as an independent ... "I think third-party candidates can thwart, actually, the will of the people"

My bone-chilling adventure trying to cover Kamala Harris in Iowa - POLITICO - A native Californian learns that Iowa is as nice as it's cracked up to be (yeah, except for the whole dumbfuck farmer suckers thing)

How Trump can win again in Rust Belt states that swung to Democrats in the midterms. And the president's lack of discipline (= "completely bananas behavior")

New poll finds "dramatic shift" on abortion attitudes ... Americans are now as likely to identify as pro-life (47%) as they are pro-choice (47%). Last month, a similar Marist survey found that Americans were more likely to identify as pro-choice than pro-life 55% to 38%, a 17-point gap. (17% changed their mind in the last month! women embrace the patriarchy!)

Where control of the next Texas Legislature will be decided | The Texas Tribune - One-fifth of the incumbents in the Texas House serve in districts where less than 10 percentage points separated average Democrats from average Republicans in statewide races

Jackson gay rights leader accused of burning down own home, killing pets

After Spike Lee urges people to vote in 2020, Trump accuses him of delivering a 'racist hit' (you're the racist! he said)
Trump accuses Spike Lee of being 'racist to your President' in early morning Twitter tirade ... "The 2020 presidential election is around the corner. Let's all mobilise, let's all be on the right side of history, let's choose love over hate, let's do the right thing" - Funny how Trump interprets that as an attack on him.
Scarborough hits Trump over Spike Lee criticism: 'The most racist president in modern American history' ... Dear History, Please never forget that Joe Scarborough was the first one to give Trump a major platform to speak on and that Scarborough supported him right up to the inauguration. Sincerely, Everyone
Oscars 2019 'Green Book' is the worst best picture winner since 'Crash' - Its Oscar triumph was a genuine shocker; it clearly had its fans, but for many its inferiority was self-evident.
'Green Book' Wins Best Picture Oscar Despite Controversy - The film was plagued with controversy for sanitizing racism in the Jim Crow era.
The Oscars Were an Embarrassment: 'Green Book' for Best Picture? Really?
Return of the Magary - Lawyers, Guns & Money - if you're still sad about the lack of a Williams-Sonoma guide because of his unfortunate illness last year, Magary on the Oscars will make you happy: ... Green Book, aka Dis Time, Miss Daisy Is Gonna Drive YOU! I think Spike's death stare here speaks for us all ... This is a glorified cable TV movie, co-written by a lying racist and directed by a goofy shithead who hasnn't made a good movie in two decades ...
Green Book was the 32nd most popular film in critics' 2018 lists - the lowest-ranked for any Best Picture winner since at least 1989 : movies (even with Weinstein fucking the rankings)
Seth Meyers shows exactly what's wrong with "Green Book" with "White Savior" trailer : movies - Green Book winning unironically caused more drama than if Black Panther or Bohemian Rhapsody won.

A People's History of the Marvel Universe, Week 13: Cap/Nixon - Lawyers, Guns & Money - An ad man at J. Walter Thompson for 20 years, Haldeman had managed Nixo<'s failed gubernatorial campaign in 1962 and became Nixon's Chief of Staff in 1969. Known to history more as the man who Nixon turned to threaten the CIA into pressuring the FBI to drop the Watergate break-in and the other man in the missing 18 = minutes of Nixon's Oval Office tapes, Haldeman had previously been known for bringing Madison Avenue techniques to the White House, organizing tightly scripted public events, establishing the Office of Communications to coordinate messaging, and installing his fellow J. Walter Thompson alumni Ronald Ziegler ... (it was all in the comic books) /a>

New York Review Names 2 Top Editors 5 Months After Ian Buruma's Departure

The Trauma Floor - The secret lives of Facebook moderators in America - The Verge
Report: Facebook Moderators Are Routinely High and Joke About Suicide to Cope With Job : technology

News crew robbed, security guard shot while covering teachers' strike : news

Terry Miller, Andraya Yearwood, transgender sprinters, finish 1st, 2nd at Connecticut championships - Washington Times

What The Hell Is Down There? Centuries-Old 'Witch Marks' Found in Acient Cave ... were created to trap "evil forces" (and then Trump escaped)

Review: Consumption and the Transformation of Everyday Life: A View from South India, by Harold Wilhite. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008. 205pp. $90.00 cloth. ISBN: 9780230542549 - Sanjoy Mazumdar, 2010 ... five different "figures" of the subject: the floating subject, the hyper-subject, the non-subject, the anti-subject, and the survivor-subject ...
Hyper Subject | garfieldbenjamin - presenting the subject as an assemblage of the functions of consciousness, and as the constitutive gap between the physical and the digital. As a hyper textual assemblage, the work utilises mixed media in both gallery based and online settings to approach the subject as the void within our manifold perspectives.
The Untimely in Globalization's Time: Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis
Mapping the Subject: Geographies of Cultural Transformation - Google Books .... Is the hyper-subject really a trans-subject? ...
OhioLINK ETD: Haden, Heather Jean - The Aesthetics of Unease: Telepresence Art and Hyper-Subjectivity

DNA Gets a New -- and Bigger -- Genetic Alphabet -- DNA is spelled out with four letters, or bases. Researchers have now built a system with eight. It may hold clues to the potential for life elsewhere in the universe and could also expand our capacity to store digital data on Earth ... They named their new system Hachimoji DNA (hachi is Japanese for eight, moji for letter).

Have Dark Forces Been Messing With the Cosmos? - The New York Times - Axions? Phantom energy? Astrophysicists scramble to patch a hole in the universe, rewriting cosmic history in the process ... "If we're going to be serious about cosmology, this is the kind of thing we have to be able to take seriously," said Lisa Randall ...

Hi, are there non-lattice solids? My physics textbook mentions most solids are in a crystal lattice. : askscience

Help name 5 new moons of Jupiter | Space | EarthSky ... brings Jupiter's total number of known moons to a whopping 79 (+progrde/retrograde)

existence of a triple point? : askscience

My kids and I binge watched The Martian, Interstellar, and Arrival and here are their comments : movies
Fetishizing Autism: Representation in Hollywood : movies

People who believe in conspiracy theories are more likely to accept or engage in everyday criminal activity, such as trying to claim for replacement items, refunds or compensation from a shop when they were not entitled to do so, suggests a new study (n total = 373). : science

Which conspiracy theory is so believable that it might be true? : AskReddit

What are some crazy facts people don't seem to know? : AskReddit (shuffling cards = 52! comment +lactose-tolerance and cheese)
Earth's atmosphere extends beyond moon | Earth | EarthSky

TIL that cigarette butts are environmentally toxic and the most littered item in the world : todayilearned (ban filters, they just give you cancer faster)

Flat Earthers experimentally disproving themselves : videos
Philip Stallings: The Biblical Flat Earth: The Teaching From Scripture
Flat Earth Proves The Bible (NASA is fake and a bunch of other made-up shit)

What was the dumbest thing you ever believed as a child? : AskReddit


Carbon Emissions Are Now 10x Higher Than When The Arctic Had Crocodiles And Palm Trees | New research has found that humans are pumping nearly 10x more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than what was emitted during Earth's last major warming event, called the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum : worldnews
White House to set up panel to counter climate change consensus, officials say - The Washington Post (Trump has the best brains and the best scientists, better than yours)

NRA Slammed For 'Target Practice' Headline Next To Photo Of Nancy Pelosi, Gabby Giffords -- The gun group pulled out its big ammo as Congress dares to vote on bill requiring universal background checks for gun buyers. (the Death Industry wants you to kill all the libtards)

Hanoi summit nightmare scenario: Bad deals and little change
'Chilling the atmosphere' : North Korea media condemns U.S. Democrats ahead of summit (sure looks like Trumpster is a traitor)

The measles outbreak in Madagascar has grown to a total of 68,912 cases since October, including 926 deaths, the WHO reports : worldnews
Philippines measles outbreak tops 11,000, Cavite declares state of calamity - Outbreak News Today : worldnews

China has turned Xinjiang into a zone of repression -- and a frightening window into the future - AT A minimum, the minority Muslim Uighur population of Xinjiang province in China is about 11 million people, and probably significantly higher. So consider the scope of surveillance over Uighurs in light of a recent database leak that indicated about 2.5 million people in Xinjiang are being tracked by cameras and other devices, generating more than 6.6 million GPS coordinates in one 24-hour period, much of it tagged with locations such as "hotel" and "mosque" ... 1 million Uighurs and other Turkic Muslims have been incarcerated in concentration camps where, witnesses say, they are being brainwashed to wipe out their traditional culture and language.
China suddenly takes BBC news off air after Muslim detention camps mentioned : worldnews
China blocks 17.5 million plane tickets for people without enough 'social credit' (="blind loyalty to fearless leader Xi-Jerkoff)

SAS troops find severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves as they close in on last of barbaric ISIS : worldnews

Thousands march in memory of slain Russian opposition leader Nemtsov : worldnews

Netanyahu Ordered to Pay Back $300,000 to His Cousin in Unauthorized Legal Funds : worldnews

Ireland cannot be asked to "compromise on something as fundamental as the peace process" Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney has said.
How an Author Accidentally Solved an Infamous Murder Case While Writing a Book About It : books - Brendan Hughes and Dolours Price said Gerry Adams gave the order to have her killed.
Ireland: Outdated sex education blamed for record HIV diagnoses : worldnews

How Police Violence Paves The Way To Authoritarianism | HuffPost - Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro, believes the only good criminal is a dead one (Duterte on a bgger scale)

Man, 33, Arrested On Suspicion Of Preparing 'Right-Wing' Terror Acts, Police Say (Leeds, England)

Defender of World Order or Trump Mouthpiece? Pompeo Is Tested by North Korea, Iran and U.S. Allies - The New York Times (let's go with the fat evil mouthpiece of Satan theory)
: Jake Tapper perfectly silences Mike Pompeo for lying about Trump's North Korea tweets
Donald Trump Spent His Sunday Morning Praising a Brutal Dictator : politics - "He speaks and his people sit up at attention," Trump said of Kim last year. "I want my people to do the same" ("my people")

UN: American airstrikes contribute to record number of children, civilians killed in Afghanistan : politics ... Our military killed more children than the "bad guys" did. I think that make us the bad guys.)

Why is Saudi Arabia Giving U.S. weapons to Al-Qaeda? Elizabeth Warren asks Trump administration. : politics

With women in combat roles, a federal court rules the male-only draft unconstitutional : politics

The Mueller report is coming! Oh, wait. - The Washington Post (any day now)
The Loud Silence of Mueller's Manafort Memo - A court filing by the special counsel is filled with elegant omissions -- but that doesn't mean there's nothing there.
Mueller Files Sentencing Memo Against Paul Manafort : politics (800 page "memo")

Mueller filing could be held up pending indictments of Don Jr. and Jared Kushner for lying: ex-US Attorney ... former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said there is no telling when special counsel Robert Mueller will be releasing his final report on President Donald Trump, but that there are indications his investigators are looking at targets who may have lied to Congress.

Trump blasted by House intel Dem for working on Moscow tower deal during election: 'What we have learned is chilling"
Schiff: 'We will bring Bob Mueller in to testify' if report not made public

Drawing to a close -- An illustrated guide to the many, many people in the Russia investigation' orbit ("I don't know any Russians")

The Steele Papers: Dossier at Heart of Trump Scandal Still DogsP , but not if the dog acts like a cat. : science
nresident : politics
"If this is a witch hunt Mueller's found a coven at this point"

The 6 essential cons that define Trump's success -- A playbook of deceit starts with the "origin lie" that made him richer than he was. And it's still being written

Dem chairman: Trump the 'greatest threat' to US democracy 'since the Civil War' (which they want a do-over on)

President Donald Trump Silent On Plot To Kill Critics | Morning Joe | MSNBC : politics

Former senior national security officials to issue declaration on national emergency - The Washington Post - A bipartisan group of 58 former senior national security officials will issue a statement Monday saying that "there is no factual basis" for President Trump's proclamation of a national emergency to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Eschaton: Well Then (Cornyn/Rethugs go full fascist)
Replying to @JohnCornyn - We defeated Mussolini once, hopefully @BetoORourke will beat you in 2020.

The Senate Is A Serious Problem - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: What Does Mitch McConnell Want - He's old and wealthy enough and at some point aren't there better things to do than create misery in the world? ... I sorta get Jeff Sessions. Doing racism was his lifelong project. Without that, what is he, really? But Mitch? What's he in it for? I don't get it. He doesn't even seem to be a camera hog like some politicians. You know, the ones who don't exist if they aren't on teevee. Retire. Sip some wine or whatever.

After Stinging Presidential Loss, Popular Vote Movement Gains Momentum In States : politics

Trump Mercilessly Mocked Over 'Salute To America' Announcement -- "Deluded DC area man believes he invented 4th of July celebration,"
Trump Mercilessly Mocked Over 'Salute To America' Announcement

Time for Democrats to stare down Trump's red scare (Putin's puppet says "I'm not the commie, you're the commie!")

Republicans Have Been Smearing Democrats As Socialists Since Way Before You Were Born : politics

The GOP Keeps Changing The Rules After It Loses Elections | HuffPost - Republicans in Utah, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere didn't like what voters chose last year, so they're simple undoing it (the only vote that counts is for Republicans b/c they own your so-called "democracy")

Legal Weed Did More to Stop Drug Smuggling Than Any Wall : politics (which is why ...)

Lies, bulls**t and gaslighting: A field guide to Trump's reality-warping mendacity -- We all know Trump lies a lot. But unless the media understands his methods and techniques, he'll keep winning
Bill Maher Mocks Red State Voters, Says Rich and Educated Live in Blue States ... " desperate for jobs that don't involve guarding prisons or murdering chickens"

They tried to call FDR and the New Deal 'socialist' too. Here's how he responded

The Hard Lessons of Dianne Feinstein's Encounter with the Young Green New Deal Activists (tells the kids who will deal with the climate change she's ignored her whole life that she owns "the highway" and they should shut the fuck up b/c "I know more than you do")

Klobuchar ate a salad with a comb and threw a binder - Vox - Klobuchar tops "the worst boss in Congress" list. Right in front of six other female senators ... in 2016, seven were women and just three were men. At the time, then, about a third of female senators were worse bosses than nearly 96 percent of all male senators (Vox - female writer - has convieniently forgotten how to do statistics, but men are 77% and have a 30% shitiness score, so if Senate m/f = 50-50, men go down to 1-2 and women go up to 12 - Women are 6+ times more likely to be a bad boss, what does that tell you? and no, it's not just everyone hates assertive women with a ratio like that)
Is Amy Klobuchar Being Treated to a Double Standard? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Virginia's Fairfax compares himself to lynching victims

Former Republican Candidate Arraigned on Fraud, Election Law Charges : politics (Rhode Island crook)

Uncovering the deal Trump's Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta gave to a Florida sex abuser ... "How did you get into that position of power in the first place if you're this disgusting, evil, decrepit person on the inside?" (a question for our times)
'The Monsters Are the Men' : Inside a Thriving Sex Trafficking Trade in Florida
Two billionaires with close ties to Trump are embroiled in salacious scandals this week : politics (more billionaire shoes to drop?)
'Potentially hundreds' of victims seek federal prison for Epstein ... "It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side" Trump said
Jeffrey Epstein's deal with federal prosectors wasn't normal. The men who arranged it need to face the music -- U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta violated the victim's rights, Justice Department jpolicy and every prosecutor's instinct in this case ... We have a child sex ring that implicated two US PRESIDENTS, foreign heads of state, celebrities, the current Labor Secretary, the Justice Department not to mention the abduction, trafficking and raping of children and theres barely anything about this ... (will Dershofuck flip for Trump? ... and, get this, Clinton was on the pedo-plane 26 times)
Jeffrey Epstein's associates: Where are they now? | Miami Herald
Acosta broke law keeping lenient Epstein deal from victims: judge : politics ... " I personally witnessed four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff was forced to have with Mr. Trump during this period, including the fourth of these encounters where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop." "I personally witnessed Mr. Trump physically threaten the life and well-being of the Plaintiff if she ever revealed any details of the physical and sexual abuse suffered by her at the hands of Mr. Trump."
Lawsuit Charges Donald Trump with Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl
'He's proclaimed his innocence' - Trump Uses Familiar Line on Patriots Owner Robert Kraft
Robert Kraft got busted. What should happen now? - The Boston Globe
Why the allegations against Robert Kraft are a big deal - The Boston Globe

U.S. Student-Loan Delinquencies Hit Record : politics (Republicans: "fuck the children")
Republican Student Loan Debt Proposal Would Automatically Deduct Payments from Paychecks : politics ("screw the kids and then screw them again")

MAGA hat: Student criticizes dress code after being told she can't wear "Make America Great Again" hat to California high school - CBS News - "To my knowledge, Trump is not a logo," she told the station ... (flunked 4th grade thinking and now she's a senior Trump zombie)

Ole Miss Players Kneel in Response to Pro-Confederate Rally : politics (read that again: "Pro-confederate")

Woman arrested for assaulting man wearing MAGA hat on Cape Cod | Boston 25 News - The incident occurred last Friday at the "Casa Vallarta" Mexican restaurant in Falmouth.

After his first overdose, my husband promised it wouldn't happen again. I believed him - Los Angeles Times

Marijuana Companies Urged New York Governor Cuomo To Ban Cannabis Home Cultivation, Document Shows : bostontrees
New Hampshire passes bill to legalize recreational cannabis : bostontrees (Ssssunnnnuuuuunnnnnuuuu will veto and Maggie Hassan said: "Heard, just that morning that there were two new strains of marijuana that killed you instantly upon inhalation")
Marijuana Support: NH State Senate (Updated with Party Affiliations, also see comments for more info) : newhampshire
Marijuana Legalization is NOT a Settled Question According to Lawmaker Mark A. Thomas, He wants to nullify legalization through Bill SD 1558 : bostontrees
Transformer Tubes-Customizable Bongs and Accesories

Material kills 99.9% of bacteria in drinking water using sunlight - Researchers developed a new way to remove bacteria from water, by shining UV light onto a 2D sheet of graphitic carbon nitride, purifying 10 litres of water in just one hour, killing virtually all the harmful bacteria present. : science

christophertin comments on I am Steven Pruitt, the Wikipedian with over 3 million edits. Ask me anything!
Christopher Tin - Baba Yetu (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Goodreads lists for Reddit's top books threads : books


'Highly unuvual event' leaves Arizona digging out from a 36-inch snowfall that shattered records
The Republicans' Dumbest Idea Yet | Trump and His Know-Nothing Party Declare a $12 Billion War on Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs and the Earth
Trump's UN ambassador pick said she supports "both sides" of climate science ... Craft and her husband -- the billionaire CEO of the third largest coal-producing company in the eastern U.S. are longstanding Republican donors and frequent premium guests at Trump's D.C. hotel, according a 2018 VIP guest list obtained by the Washington Post. The Crafts were named gold-level members of the Trump Card rewards program for a 3-day stay.
Republican Congressman Says God Will "Take Care Of' Climate Change
Drug pollution in rivers reaching damaging levels for animals and ecosystems. Between 1995 and 2015 it found that rising concentrations of the drugs and the increasing number of water tables affected meant the risks to aquatic ecosystems are 10 to 20 times higher than two decades earlier. : science

French boy suspected of reintroducing measles to Costa Rica : worldnews

Netanyahu's Faustian pact with the racist right is about saving his own skin

Cardinal admits to Vatican summit that Catholic Church destroyed abuse files : worldnews

Venezuela crisis: Four dead, 24 injured after pro-government militias open fire on Venezuela-Brazil border - The Washington Post

India orders 'staggering' eviction of 1 million indigenous people. Some environmentalists are cheering. - Supreme Court decision would render vulnerable population homeless

U.S. Ambassador Picks Are Increasingly Unqualified for their Role : politics (that's kinda the whole point)

FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump Encourage Violence at His Rallies?
Trump won't condemn self-proclaimed white nationalist Christopher Hasson because "those are his people," Ex-RNC chair says
/u/PoppinKREAM Gives an Excellent & Well Sourced Summary of Donald Trump's Incitement of Violence Against His Political Opponents & the Media While Praising Dictators ... Gaslight Obstruct Project
PoppinKREAM comments on Trump stays silent on media-hating Coast Guard officer

Suspected British ISIS fighter dubbed 'Jih