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Canadian town steams over Nestli bid to control local spring water well | World news | The Guardian

Barack Obama Vetoes Bill Allowing 9/11 Victims To Sue Saudi Arabia | Huffington Post - But in a first, Congress will overrule him.

FBI and DOJ Vow to Continue Using Junk Science Rejected by White House Report - there is scant scientific underpinning to a number of forensic practices that have been used, for years, to convict thousands of individuals in criminal cases,

One of India's most-populous states recently banned alcohol. Mayhem ensued. (drunken men beating their wives - "who are you to question me?") Prohibition, however, has brought unintended consequences - much as the United States found out almost a century ago - and now thousands are in jail, liquor smuggling has exploded, and vigilantism is on the rise.
Map: How the U.S. is a lightweight among the world's booziest nations (Estonia, Austria, France and Ireland are drunk)

Two Army generals have been relieved of their duties - The Washington Post

Obama used a pseudonym in emails with Clinton, FBI documents reveal - POLITICO

They Found Bombs on a Beer Run. What Gratitude Are They Owed? - The New York Times - "Make no mistake, this isn't a cottage industry," Mr White told me. "But if there's a reward out there, I'll take it." 'That's What Triggered It': Orlando Nightclub Shooter Revealed Motive To Police Negotiator | Huffington Post - he complained about U.S. strikes on ISIS.

Hillary Clinton for President - The New York Times - Our endorsement is rooted in respect for her intellect, experience and courage

- The Mystery of Trump's Man in Moscow - Reports of deep Russian ties swirl around Trump advisor Carter Page. Oddly, nobody in Russia seems to have heard of him. (he was a travel/booking guy and Putin's secret agent and a big liar)
U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin
Trump supporters include most of anti-Semitic alt-right, and 19 percent of Jews? - The Washington Post

Old Lefties, Scared of the Kids, News at 11 - Lawyers, Guns & Money: Them damn kids, they don't hold the same set of principles as we true leftists of the 60s! (NYT at work, again)

Eschaton: Shit Is Fucked Up And Bullshit - One of the stupidest (and persistent) ideas out there has been that The Internet has led to people being stuck in their little community bubbles, seeing only the information they want to see, exposed only to things that please them.

The Golden Age of the Democratic Party, Cot'd - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - I long for the days when real liberals represented New York in the United States Senate: Holy shit, this Pat Moynihan story from Peter Edelman - "There's that nigger woman who's married to that rich Jewish asshole." (speaking of assholes +"He was the man who led the ludicrous international campaign to declare that Zionism as practiced by Israel since 1948 had no racist components")

- Bridge Case Culprit Says Christie and Ex-Aides Used Port Authority as 'Goody Bag' - testifying in federal court here that everything he did in his job was at the direction and for the benefit of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. (lying corrupt fat fuck needs to go to prison)

5 Dead in Shooting at Mall in Washington State, Police Say - The New York Times

Yielding to Pressure, Charlotte Releases Videos of Keith Scott Shooting - The New York Times
Rakeyia Scott's Slip Of The Tongue Is A Window Into The Poignancy Of Police Shootings | Huffington Post - The reaction of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers to a man dying at their feet was strikingly familiar (stand around waiting for their victim to die, which is what they intended)
Eschaton: Big Scary Black Man - Always shooting at the white women.
Officer Sherry Hall charged after saying black man shot her | - she described a 6-foot, 230-pound black man who took off after shooting her
Hasidic Man Found Guilty of Gang Assault in Beating of Black Student in Brooklyn - The New York Times - Shomrim ... punched and kicked by men, including one who drove a thumb into his right eye.

Oregon standoff defendant Scott Willingham sentenced for theft of government cameras |

10 things you need to know about vaginas | Life and style | The Guardian
Vagina Dispatches episode one: the vulva - video | Life and style | The Guardian

What is the silliest reason you've seen someone get offended? : AskReddit
Double bottle flip : gifs


Series of Texas quakes likely triggered by oil and gas industry activity : science

'Doomsday Today in Aleppo' : Assad and Russian Forces Bombard City
A ferocious assault on Aleppo suggests the U.S. may be wrong on Syria - The Washington Post
Over 300 Civilians Have Been Killed in Yemen Since August, U.N. Says - The New York Times

EFF to law enforcement: Please remember that an IP address is not enough evidence for a search warrant or subpoena : technology

Chelsea Manning to be sent to solitary confinement for suicide try : news - this should help the feelings of isolation and loneliness.

The Lying Game - The New York Times - what we don't know: Will the moderators step in when Mr. Trump delivers one of his well-known, often reiterated falsehoods? (Trump lies three to eight times more than Hillary; will the media/moderators devote 8 times the time to his lies?)
- Times Editor Dean Baquet on Calling Out Donald Trump's lies
Elizabeth Warren Seems To Be Staking Out Her Place In A Clinton Presidency | Huffington Post - as a bulwark against the influence of Wall Street.
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and "The Choice 2016" | The Choice 2016 | FRONTLINE | PBS
It Was Hillary Clinton's Idea To Take The Plunge And Go On 'Between Two Ferns' | Huffington Post - Brave
Hillary Clinton Offers Specific, Genuinely Progressive Policy on Estate Tax

The new old normal - Lawyers, Guns & Money (NC state rep says blacks hate whites because whites are better, see Glenn Reynolds)
USA Today columnist clarifies exactly when he thinks you should kill protesters with your car
A Tiny Revolution: Only So Many Ways To Be Crazy (he has always been a monster)

U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin (Putin has rigged the election)
Eschaton: I See The Future - If Trump wins, he will be the first legally elected president since George W. Bush, and perhaps our reigning monarch, the greatest Republican, no the greatest person, in American history. If he loses, he won't really have been the real representative of the current Republican party, just a pretender, an aberration. As such, Hillary Clinton's election will be illegitimate ... It isn't even clear, really, if a woman is allowed by the constitution to be president. Certainly not what the founders intended ...

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump, Producing the First Funny Moment in this Campaign in a While - In a year in which the entire Republican Party demonstrated time after time that it has the collective backbone of pond algae and all the intellectual integrity of a flesh-eating virus, on Friday, we may well have reached Peak Sellout. Bring it to us, CNN. - Sure, he slandered my father and he mocked my wife, but I now will support him for president of the United States (because Hillary is more evil)
Nobody Knows What Happens Next in the 2016 Election - I can't remember an election like this in my lifetime. s it just me, or are the various polling operations tracking this presidential election starting to take on the aroma of the various bond-rating agencies immediately before the trillion-dollar dungbomb went off in 2008?

Omarosa Manigault: 'Every Critic, Every Detractor, Will Have To Bow Down To President Trump' | Huffington Post - "It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe' - Trump's director of African-American outreach has an ominous warning for all who dared to criticize the Republican presidential nominee: (the man half of America wants to dictate to them)
Trump received $1.6 million from Secret Service - politico
What Do Trump Advisors Think About the Civil War? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (treason in defense of slavery is still popular)
Trump, Clinton, and Rural America - Lawyers, Guns & Money : I liked this piece on support for Trump in eastern Colorado, an area which relies on an extremely globalized world in farm products to have any economy at all ... Yet of course they hate Hillary and love Trump because nothing is about policy and everything is about racial and cultural identity (one problem with stupidity)
Glenn Reynolds should not be disciplined - Crooked Timber - Glenn Reynolds is a piece of work. Much of his blogging is in the ambiguous borderland between right wing hackery and active depravity. Even so, I was disturbed to see this in Inside Higher Ed:
- Palmer Luckey: The Facebook Near Billionaire Secretly Funding Trump's Meme Machine (24 yr old fascist techbro)

Key NJ Legislators Looking at Christie Impeachment: Sources | NBC New York (50-50 the lying fat fuck will go down but Trump will pardon him)

Release the Charlotte Police Video - The New York Times (cops need more time for coverup)
Wife of Keith Scott, Charlotte Shooting Victim, Filmed Police Encounter - The New York Times
Release the video or not? Cities wrestle with approaches after police shootings. - The Washington Post (Tulsa vs Charlotte)
Rioting May Tip Presidential Scales in Crucial North Carolina - Bloomberg Politics (fear)
Cop Who Shot Terence Crutcher Has History Of Drug Use, Domestic Disturbances | Huffington Post - Aren't these the characteristics that describe a "thug"? - Dave Shelby was in the helicopter that flew overhead and recorded the moments leading up to the shooting ... Shelby also has two excessive force complaints, according to KJRH. Both of those cases were held to be unfounded. (of course they were)

TIL North Carolina does not require mandatory rest breaks or meal breaks for employees 16 years of age or older. Companies can force employees to work 8 hour days with no breaks and it's not against the law. : todayilearned

The Bill of Rights Is Hanging By a Thread in Louisiana - Public Defenders (you don't need no steenkin' public defenders)

In America, gun rights are for whites only - The Washington Post (wasn't that always the idea?)

- Area Judge Fears Polygamy After 2015's 'Pretty Close to Insane' Gay Marriage Ruling (he's probably gay)
Judge Claims Same-Sex Marriage Is An 'Oxymoron,' Like 'Jumbo Shrimp' | Huffington Post

Inviting wrath of judge may be part of a calculated approach by Ammon Bundy's lawyer |
MD Laughter - ??????PATRIOT COMMUNITY?????? Ol' Grifter Gavin Seim is...

Will the Left Survive the Millennials? - The New York Times - Midway through my opening address for the Brisbane Writers Festival earlier this month, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a Sudanese-born Australian engineer and 25-year-old memoirist, walked out. ("cultural appropriation" and very special millennials)

Eschaton: Please Provide Massive Government Subsidies For My Vaporware - Cool plan, techbro. - To speed the transition, governments may give drivers financial incentives to replace their cars with autonomous vehicles, similar to the Cash for Clunkers program offered in 2009 to get gas guzzlers off the road, Google's Medford said (give billions to Google!)

Terry Jones Of 'Monty Python' Diagnosed With Dementia At 74 | Huffington Post - Primary Progressive Aphasia, a variant of Frontotemporal Dementia,

If Reddit decided to immediately, without warning, merge two active subreddits, which combination of subreddits would cause the most chaos? : AskReddit

An Important Message About Yahoo User Security | Yahoo


Liberals Have Failed to Teach Millennials About the Horror of George W. Bush | New Republic (led by "don't look back and learn anything" Obama)

Clinton leads Trump by 6 points in nationwide poll - politico (tune in tomorrow)
This poll of the U.S. military has Gary Johnson tied with Donald Trump in the race for president

President Trump's First Term - His campaign tells us a lot about what kind of Commander-in-Chief he would be. - As for the Trump Organization, by law Trump could retain as much control or ownership as he wants, because Presidents are not bound by the same conflict-of-interest statute that restricts Cabinet officers and White House staff ... his victory would be not a failure of imagination but, rather, a retreat to it-the magical thought that his Presidency would be something other than the campaign that created it.
- Repeat, repeat and repeat and it's all people hear (the words the media use)
Hullabaloo - There is Only One Candidate Part Three (and Clinton's density)
- The Model for Donald Trump's Media Relations Is Joseph McCarthy
Republican's kangaroo court - Not since 1876 has an executive-branch appointee been impeached, and not in the history of the republic has Congress impeached an executive-branch official below the Cabinet level. < Confirmed: Trump campaign is controlling every word of prominent CNN commentator - The Washington Post
Are Donald Trump and his supporters racist? (Spoiler alert: No.) - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - So says Damon Linker, professional serious thinking person and human logical fallacy distribution center.
br /> - Yikes! Now Donald Trump Jr. says he would "love" to run for office as a "patriot"
Evangelical Pastor: Donald Trump Under 'Concentrated Satanic Attack' | Huffington Post - Pastor Darrell Scott said Lucifer himself is taking a shot at the GOP presidential candidate. (you mean "herself")

USA Today Columnist Urges Motorists To 'Run Down' Protesters On North Carolina Highway | Huffington Post - Twitter suspended the account of Glenn Reynolds after the inflammatory comment.
- Glenn Reynolds (a Professor of Law) suggests his Twitter followers "run down" Charlotte protestors

Trump Proposes Reinstating Stop And Frisk At Event Aimed At Black Voters | Huffington Post
Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby charged with manslaughter -
- If you don't understand Black Lives Matter after Terence Crutcher's death, you never will
Prosecutor announces charges against officer in Tulsa shooting - The Boston Globe
New videos, photos and documents provide fresh look at 2011 St. Louis police killing | Law and order |< /a>

Judge to Ammon Bundy's lawyer: If he continues to defy her orders, she'll hold him in contempt |

Family matters: EpiPens had high-level help getting into schools - After Gayle Manchin took over the National Association of State Boards of Education in 2012, she spearheaded an unprecedented effort that encouraged states to require schools to purchase medical devices that fight life-threatening allergic reactions.

This Epic Netflix Ad Celebrates The Power Of Women On TV | Huffington Post

Brits Kick Butt: Smoking In England Hits Record Low | Huffington Post - n fact, over a million people in England used e-cigarettes in order to stop smoking tobacco - even though opinions are split about whether e-cigs are a safe option ... In the United States, however, the Centers for Disease Control has actively advocated against e-cigarettes. (gateway drug nonsense)
How bad science misled chronic fatigue syndrome patients
Life not as we know it possible on Saturn's moon Titan

What perfectly true story of yours sounds like an outrageous lie? : AskReddit
What's a subtle sign that someone is good in bed? : AskReddit
What's a polarizing social issue you're completely on the fence about? : AskReddit

Yahoo confirms major breach - and it could be the largest hack of all time : worldnews
No matter what, don't use Google's new Allo messenger app, says Edward Snowden


375 top scientists warn of 'real, serious, immediate' climate threat | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian (Trump will fire them)
Antibiotics: World leaders sign groundbreaking UN declaration to tackle 'biggest global health threat' | The Independent - If antibiotics lose their effectiveness then key medical procedures - including gut surgery, caesarean sections, joint replacements and chemotherapy - could become too dangerous to perform
Republicans Want To Use Zika Funding Bill To Keep Truckers On The Road Longer | Huffington Post (and defund Planned Parenthood, give guns to kids and put Confederate traitor flags everywhere)

Reddit brings down North Korea's entire internet after links to country's 28 websites are posted online : technology

Muslim schoolboys who refused to shake hands with female teachers lose appeal: Case at school near Basel sparks fierce debate across Switzerland : worldnews

- Teachers at Christian fundamentalist schools in Britain allegedly performed exorcisms on pupils, beat children in religious rituals and "groomed" girls for marriage, according to former students who say they have decided to speak out now after years of suffering in silence.

Chelsea Manning readies for disciplinary hearing over suicide attempt | US news | The Guardian - which could lead to indefinite solitary confinement (so let's make her more suicidal)

I called the Wells Fargo ethics line and was fired : news

I Will Never Stop Hating This Election for Unleashing So Much Stupid on This Country (but Charlie, that's the whole point)
Meet the Horde of Neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and Other Extremist Leaders Endorsing Donald Trump | Mother Jones - The Republican nominee for president has not disavowed any of them - David Neiwert and Sarah Posner (but Hillary sent email to Sid Blumenthal)
'The Daily Show' Uncovered Some Hot New Hillary Conspiracies - Straight from the mouths of Trump supporters.

If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You | GQ - Drew Magary wants a word with anyone who's about to be on the wrong side of history. (read this)

Sam Bee Is at the Top of Her Game, So of Course a Columnist Tries to Take Her Down - Ross Douthat also neglects to understand that bathroom rights are human rights. (Cardinal Moral Fuss-Budget)

375 Top Scientists Warn Us Not To Vote For Trump | Huffington Post - Stephen Hawking is among those who say the GOP nominee could prove disastrous for the planet.
This Is How Many Undocumented Immigrants Donald Trump Wants Out Of The Country | Huffington Post - 11.1 million, according to the most recent estimate.
masamunecyrus comments on Why is Mike Pence disliked in Indiana? (IN elected a Republcan death-zombie)

Justice Kennedy, Author of Citizens United, Shrugs Off Question About His Deeply Flawed Premise - Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the author of the 2010 Citizens United decision that unraveled almost a century of campaign finance law, doesn't seem to care that the central premise of his historic decision has quickly unraveled. (stupid evil white men immune to consequences of their stupid evil)
The Palin Rebound - The New York Times - David Brooks OCT. 2, 2008 (he still has a job)

Texas Got Caught Flouting A Court Order On Voter ID, And Now It's Under Supervision | Huffington Post - The state said it would ask the Supreme Court to review its voter ID law.

Mass. High Court Says Black Men May Have Legitimate Reason To Flee Police | WBUR News - Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans blasted the SJC ruling (from the guys that don't want no steenking cameras)
Mass. High Court Says Black Men May Have Legitimate Reason To Flee Police : news
Las Vegas Police Union Wants Black Lives Matter Pins Banned From Court | Huffington Post - A public defender was asked to leave a courtroom for wearing a Black Lives Matter button. (cops telling you what you can say)
Police In North Carolina Fatally Shoot Black Man, Sparking Protests | Huffington Post - Protests erupted after the sixth killing of a civilian by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police in the past year.
Data show Iowa's growing take of personal property - data from Iowa law enforcement agencies shows they seize cash, vehicles and other private property from at least 1,000 people a year without proof the property was acquired as a result of a crime or was being used to help people commit crimes. (organized crime ring, Republicans)

Mark McConnell, man driving Jeep before Ammon Bundy's arrest, was informant, testimony reveals |
Ammon Bundy had $8,031 in cash when arrested, talked on cell en route to jail |

Who killed JonBenet Ramsey? CBS docuseries blames a suspect close to home | (comments)

School Official To Teen Assault Victim: 'Why Didn't You Bite His Penis?' | Huffington Post - This story of alleged sexual assault at a Georgia HS is a lesson in victim-blaming. Peachtree Ridge high school, in Suwanee, Georgia. (tried to discipline her for having sex at school)
Cafeteria Worker Resigns Over School District's 'Disgusting' Lunch-Shaming Policy | Huffington Post - he Canon McMillan School District, outside of Pittsburgh,

Anthony Weiner sent sexually explicit messages to 15-year-old, report says | US news | The Guardian - The ex-politician asked her to undress and masturbate over video chat, as well as engage in rape fantasies among plethora of erotic exchanges, Daily Mail reports

If Brangelina broke up over marijuana, what could it mean for their divorce? | Film | The Guardian

Entitled People Are More Likely to Be Disappointed by Life - Depression -
The Insomnia Machine - The New York Times
How We Got Here: DNA Points to a Single Migration From Africa - The New York Times

The most visually stunning music video I've ever seen. : videos
What's the most obscene display of private wealth you've ever witnessed? : AskReddit - A guy who moved 300 miles away just so he could buy a plane to fly to work everyday.

The Night Dad Went to Jail: What to Expect When Someone You Love Goes to Jail (Life's Challenges): Melissa Higgins, Wednesday Kirwan: 9781479521425: Books : Future Essentials Organic Dehydrated Water : Camping Freeze Dried Food : Sports & Outdoors

Good bye Apple. : Surface
Warning: Microsoft Signature PC program now requires that you can't run Linux. Lenovo's recent Ultrabooks among affected systems. x-post from /r/linux : technology


Don't just pardon Edward Snowden; give the man a medal (
- Journalists Against Journalism - It's quite impressive that the WaPo editorial board has come out with both barrels against their own journalists. (Fred Hiatt should fire all his traitor journos)

UN Postpones Aid Convoys After Deadly Attack On Relief Trucks Near Aleppo | Huffington Post - Syrian or Russian aircraft struck an aid convoy near Aleppo on Monday, a war monitor reported, as the Syrian military declared a one-week truce over.

Angry Chinese couple protest on Beijing airport runway to stop plane after they arrive too late to board | South China Morning Post - Shanghai-bound Air China flight delayed 20 minutes as husband and wife stand with bag underneath the jet

North Korea accidentally leaks DNS for .kp: only 28 domains : technology
North Korea Has Accidentally Enabled Outside Access to its Propaganda Websites : worldnews

The Border Wall - Los Angeles Review of Books

- Sikh man who found bombing suspect: 'I did what every American would have done'
- Minnesota Restaurant Posts 'Muslims get out' Sign

I Went to D.C. to Watch Elizabeth Warren Stand Up for Our Country Today - And I also got a reminder that the financial industry's business model is fraud.
5 EpiPen execs raked in almost $300 million after huge price hikes
Mylan CEO's mother used position with education group to boost EpiPen sales nationwide - Gayle Manchin (corruption run in the family)

Republicans are now favored to hold the Senate in our inaugural 2016 Senate race ratings - The Washington Post (Hillary dragging down the ticket)
We Gave Four Good Pollsters the Same Raw Data. They Had Four Different Results. - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton Regains Momentum Against Donald Trump: Poll - NBC News
- some perspective on the current spate of confusing presidential polls
Here's the Real Problem with the Clinton Foundation - Americans don't know jack-sh*t about it - I swear, I spent a lot of my life around Jesuits, and damned if I can figure out how thinly Ryan and Spayd have sliced the salami here. (Liz Spayd)

- The House Oversight Committee is reviewing a Reddit post that alleges an IT specialist who worked on Hillary Clinton's private server sought advice on how to alter the contents of "very VIP" emails (bleachbit advice)
Hillary Clinton IT Paul Combetta Asked How To Destroy Evidence On Reddit : technology

White Men Are the New Soccer Moms - Lawyers, Guns & Money : It's odd how the arbitrarily selected Demographic That Matters This Election never involves poor people of color:
Vote preference over time | Pew Research Center

- Trump did not get a pass' defiant Bondi says of fraud case (send crooked Pam to prison)
Where Was Donald Trump Born? He Even Lies About That. | Huffington Post (on third base with a golden baseball in his tiny hands)
- New York Times editor on Trump: "We will call out lies" (as long as we call out Hillary too)
Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems - The Washington Post - for-profit businesses,
Trump Won Tax Breaks While Donating Tens Of Thousands To Corrupt Official | Huffington Post - Alan Hevesi, a New York state comptroller who later went to prison for his role in a pay-to-play bribery scandal,

Eschaton: The Kids Today - The savvy thing for liberal pundits to do is to write think pieces that millennials will never read about how stupid millennials are for considering voting for 3rd parties, even though millennials (according to polls) are voting for Team D in a higher proportion than any other age group. Amazingly they figured that out without the sage wisdom from their elders, who are voting for Trump. Stupid Kids Today!
Eschaton: No Front Page Spread? - Where oh where could conservatives find each other before Codias came along? I have never come across one on the internet before???

McCrory'sHB2 stance begs the question (no it doesn't but it certainly "raises the question" of his being a big fat chronic evil liar)

- After court threat, Mich. removed Flint's power to sue (Republifucks at work)

- Bridgegate Was Child's Play - Chris Christie can see that now, thanks to his new boss.

Clown Facebook post, warnings put more Alabama schools on lockdown |
Feds: Houston man bought explosives to 'blow up a building'

Andrew Sullivan: My Distraction Sickness - and Yours - I Used to Be a Human Being (if Republicans are human +went to a Buddhist retreat)

Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government - The New York Times

Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce from Brad Pitt | - Allegations of Substance Abuse, Anger (jeez, tabs were right, Brad is a weed-head)

Study of Fatal Car Accidents Shows Medical Marijuana May Help Curb Opioid Use | Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health - Since Passing Medical Marijuana Laws, States Have Seen Lower Numbers of Fatal Car Crashes Involving Opioids (corrupt Baker and Walsh bought by opiod death-lobby)

Cut-throat academia leads to 'natural selection of bad science', claims study | Science | The Guardian

Nashville Council Member Admits AT&T & Comcast Wrote The Anti-Google Fiber Bill She Submitted | Techdirt

French schools use 3D printed anatomical clitoris models in sex-ed classes / Boing Boing
Extraordinary Passion: Understanding the Male Orgasm
u Extraordinary Passion: Tantric Sex: Escaping a Dead Bedroom
What is tantric sex? - Quora
Shakti Amarantha

- People who have witnessed a "There's not going to be a wedding" moment following a bachelor/bachelorette party: what went down?
How was your adult revenge on your childhood bully? : AskReddit
- What are some "creepy" things girls do that's an immediate red flag ?
ShaktiAmarantha comments on Mismatched couples.

I analyzed 18,000,000 Amazon reviews and prove the "I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review" ones are totally biased. : videos


The Washington Post is wrong: Edward Snowden should be pardoned | Trevor Timm | Opinion | The Guardian - little truth in the five charges most often levelled at the whistleblower. Here's why he deserves acclaim, not punishment

Ahmad Khan Rahami Is Arrested in Manhattan and New Jersey Bombings - The New York Times
Bomb suspect Rahami a deadbeat, hated America, says his daughter's mother (main beef with America is the gays)
Thieves Helped Crack the Chelsea Bombing Case, Sources Say - Chelsea - DNAinfo New York - they inadvertently disabled the explosive, sources said. That allowed investigators to examine the cellphone attached to the bomb intact and discover that it was connected to the family of Rahami.
Trump Complains That Bombing Suspect Will Get Medical Care, Due Process | Huffington Post - Ahmad Rahami is an American citizen.
- Ahmad Rahami: Fixture in Family's Business and Lately, a 'Completely Different Person'

Eschaton: Another Glorious Victory For Humanitarian Intervention - I try not to hold grudges generally, but there are people who are just off my list permanently over the whole "Libyan intervention" issue ... Heckuva job, assholes, how come none of you talk about Libya now?
libya cameron - Google Search

Here's the Thing About Trump and Internment Camps - You will not be surprised to know that Australia has subcontracted the job of running the facilities on Nauru to private companies, and you also will not be surprised to know that access to the facilities is rigidly controlled (what happens when you elect conservative assholes)

Donald Trump Is Winning September (American love the Trump landslide)
Where the presidential race stands today: The USC Dornsife / Los Angeles Times poll - Los Angeles Times (Trump up by 6%)
The Progressive Case for Hillary Clinton Is Pretty Overwhelming | Mother Jones (and conversely ...)
- The Republican Party is now institutionally defending Donald Trump's racism (true colors dept)
White nationalists won't elect Donald Trump. Young voters will, poll indicates |

- The Death of 'He Said, She Said' Journalism - The New York Times responds to a candidate who breaks all the rules by discarding some of its own. (and the challenge for debate moderators)

Jill Stein Has Got to Be Kidding with This Trump-as-the-Lesser-Evil Stuff - Trump is not the lesser evil. Full stop. (speaking of vanity and stupidity)

Oklahoma Officer Fatally Shoots Unarmed Black Man In Alarming Video | Huffington Post - an unarmed black man by a white female officer.
Graphic video: Tulsa Police footage from fatal shooting of unarmed Terence Crutcher : news

Federal prosecutor says Christie knew about lane closings (no shit)
Chris Christie Knew About Bridge Lane Closings as They Happened, Prosecutors Say - The New York Times (crooked Christie)

'More guns in fewer hands': US study charts rise of hardcore super owners | US news | The Guardian - just 3% of American adults own half of guns in the US,

Pat McCrory's Utterly Absurd Excuse For Not Repealing HB2 | Huffington Post (any bullshit will do for Republcans)

- Don't Believe the Charter School Hype - he people seeking to blow up the cap on the number of charter schools here in the Commonwealth (God save it!) have turned on the afterburners in recent weeks, as we get closer to balloting in which a referendum on lifting the cap will be placed before the voters

Eschaton: Choices - One common assertion over the past several decades is that the suburbs grew because the suburbs are popular and who are you to interfere with THE MARKET stupid hippie ... But not in Indianapolis
Left in the dark: Indianapolis' deadly streets - Here, city officials stopped adding streetlights more than 35 years ago to save money on the city's $2.9 million annual electric bill. Compounding the problem, they also failed to build any new sidewalks for 20 years during that time. (we don't want no government... )

- 'Five Second Rule' for Food on Floor Is Untrue, Study Finds (bacterias are fast)
Where do Americans get cancer? (interactive) | (the midwest)

Opiates Are a National Epidemic. Enter the Opioid Lobby. - Have we hit rock bottom yet?


Deniers club: Meet the people clouding the climate change debate - The Washington Post (Trump building a wall against reality, you will pay for it)

Zika virus: transmission zone expands some South Beach through Middle Beach | Miami Herald

Powerful Blast Injures at Least 29 in Manhattan; Second Device Found - The New York Times
29 Injured In Explosion In Manhattan's Chelsea Neighborhood | Huffington Post
Investigators Sift for Clues in Hunt for New York Bomber - The New York Times
FDNY confirms outdoor explosion in Chelsea : news - The guy on msnbc kept calling it an IUD instead of IED.

WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer) - Three of the four media outlets that received and published large numbers of secret NSA documents provided by Edward Snowden - The Guardian, the New York Times, and The Intercept -- have called for the U.S. government to allow the NSA whistleblower to return to the U.S. with no charges

Russia's Response To Latest Syria Crisis Is Pure Trump | Huffington Post -
Caliphate in Peril, More ISIS Fighters May Take Mayhem to Europe - The New York Times
- Straightforward Answers to Basic Questions About Syria's War
Between Rojava and Washington | Jacobin - The Kurdish struggle has been undermined by world-power clashes over the future of Syria.

Three Algerian teens charged after woman lured to Eiffel Tower via Facebook and gang-raped - Mirror Online

EU states set to veto any Brexit deal threatening free movement | Politics | The Guardian - Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic ready to protect rights of citizens to live and work in the UK

'TTIP threatens our way of life,' say Berlin protesters | Germany | DW.COM | 17.09.2016

Archbishop Hon to Pope Francis: Remove Apuron as head of archdiocese - because of gravely serious allegations of sex abuse of altar boys. (Guam)

Justin Trudeau Is Not Your Friend | Jacobin - Everybody loves Justin Trudeau. But his policies are bad for workers, the environment, and struggling people everywhere.

What San Francisco Says About America - The New York Times - San Francisco has less than one-tenth Bangkok's population but six times as many homeless people (the American way)

See how Trump and Clinton's support has changed since June along lines of race, religion, education (uneducated white women +12 uneducated white men +35 and there's your problem right there; core Trump voter is uneducated, rural while male, evangelical protestant)

Hillary Clinton Struggles to Gain Traction in Florida, Despite Spending - The New York Times
- Among Democrats, deep concern about Clinton's Hispanic strategy (the Queen of Coasting)

A Trump Empire Built on Inside Connections and $885 Million in Tax Breaks - The New York Times
Donald Trump threatens to sue New York Times over 'irresponsible intent' | US news | The Guardian - In a tweet, the US presidential candidate calls the newspaper "really disgusting" (see above, and it's always about disgusting and other cleanliness tropes)
- Trump goes hard after Robert Gates, saying he likely has undisclosed 'problem'
Donald Trump's police: officers backing Republican haDespite multimillion dollar evidence system, NYPD have no idea how much cash they seize.
ve murky legal histories | US news | The Guardian (the crooked cops behind Trump)
Other from Another Planet - Lawyers, Guns & Money : WATCH: Castellanos says there is an "otherness" about Pres. Obama this morning on #MTP (Meet the Liars)
Meet the Press on Twitter: "WATCH: Castellanos says there is an "otherness" about Pres. Obama this morning on #MTP"
VICE News reporter arrested outside a Donald Trump campaign event | VICE News - Alex Thompson, a reporter for VICE News, was arrested by Houston Police today while inquiring about press access to an event held for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Omni Westside Hotel.
Vice News Reporter Arrested While Seeking Credentials For Trump Event | Huffington Post

Trump's Behavior Similar To Male Chimpanzee, Says Jane Goodall | Huffington Post (the orange chimp)

Gary Johnson's Hard-Right Record championing private prisons and austerity. (waste your vote on a rigtwing asshole)

- NYPD Can't count cash they've seized because it would crash computers - Despite multimillion dollar evidence system, NYPD have no idea how much cash they seized (must be a pretty big number, no?)

Sitcom Men, Grappling With a New Reality on TV - The New York Times - " On new fall sitcoms, the male leads are adjusting to new roles or reduced circumstances (a-changin)

The Intellectual Yet Idiot - Medium - Nassim Nicholas Taleb - With psychology papers replicating less than 40%, dietary advice reversing after 30 years of fatphobia, macroeconomic analysis working worse than astrology, the appointment of Bernanke who was less than clueless of the risks, and pharmaceutical trials replicating at best only 1/3 of the time, people are perfectly entitled to rely on their own ancestral instinct and listen to their grandmothers (or Montaigne and such filtered classical knowledge) with a better track record than these policymaking goons. (but tell us how you really feel, Nassim)

Gun nation: a journey to the heart of America's gun culture - video | World news | The Guardian (uneducated white male Trump voters)
In Jim Cooley's open-carry America, even a trip to Walmart can require an AR-15

Oregon standoff trial: Friday highlights, and what's next |
Morgan Spurlock is making a doc about the Oregon "Patriot" movement 7 Newswire 7 The A.V. Club
The Dumb and the Restless - Rolling Stone - Ammon Bundy and his band of weeping, self-pitying, gun-toting, wannabe-terrorist metrosexuals are America's most ridiculous people
Absolutely, God Told Us To Do This - Home of the Brave (invaded by Duck Dynasty)

Marijuana May Alleviate America's Opioid Crisis, New Study Suggests In 2014, more than 14,000 people ? nearly 40 per day ? died from overdoses of prescribed opiates. (someone call Chawlie and Mawty and let them know they are killing people with their ignorance)
Rejecting opioids, pain patients find relief with marijuana - The Boston Globe
Opioid makers, allies gave $1 million to Utah politicians : news

Ask Well: The Health Benefits of Meditation - The New York Times

Barely Legal: 30 Nearly Pornographic Mainstream Films | Rolling Stone

A friend and I developed a simple online EMDR tool to help people combat PTSD, depression, or just relax for a while. : InternetIsBeautiful

"What's the most common mistake people make when choosing their spouse?" Divorced volunteer couples councilor/mentor gives fantastic and insightful advice that can be applied to all serious relationships. : bestof
what is it like being a short man in denmark, one of the tallest countries on earth? : Denmark
Ex-airman beats deployed friend's toddler to death, gets 18 months probation : news
Uber driver's passenger opens fire; Uber won't help with damages : news
Woman Claims Sexual Harassment after Random Man Says "Hello" : videos
What's the worst 'snowflake' name you've ever come across? : AskReddit
Video surfaces in DUI lawsuit showing officers planning fabricated charges : news
Reddit today : pics

My beloved girlfriend and the mother of my child turned out to be my sick secret stalker - Mirror Online
- That time when 'hat time when' took over the internet (nostalgia for the present moment makes us miss out on the experiences we're so excited to share)


Why a Donald Trump Victory Could Make Climate Catastrophe Inevitable | Mother Jones - on the forces moving us toward an uninhabitable planet. (Republicans working to kill the planet +coal miners)

- Bernie Sanders: 'This is not the time for a protest vote'
Washington Monthly | The Cruelty of the Vince Foster Murder Accusation - "The WSJ editors lie without consequence" (and still do)
Eschaton: Is Voting For A Third Party Stupider Than Voting For Trump? - blasting them for not living up to the arbitrary standards you set for them despite the fact that they actually lived up to them as is shown in the thing you just linked to. (Clara Jeffreys make herself famous on the internets)

Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton's Bodyguards Should Stop Protecting Her | Huffington Post (disarm the Secret Service so Trump can rig an assassination)
Trump: Never wrong, never sorry, never responsible - The Washington Post - The one thing that is consistent about him is inconsistency.
- Donald Trump's birther event is the greatest trick he's ever pulled
The Birtherism of a Nation - The Trump campaign believes that the elite political media is as much of a dumb beast as the Trump campaign believes the voters are. There is no longer any reason to cover this campaign as anything but a truthless danger to the American republic

How Roger Ailes used 'key man clauses' for his stars to protect himself - Sep. 16, 2016 - Nonetheless, the Murdochs moved quickly to replace Ailes. Just two weeks after ex-anchor Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes, he stepped down.

Governor's Views Don't Help as Maine's Population Dwindles - Gov. Paul R. LePage makes sweeping statements denigrating asylum seekers, saying they are bringing diseases into the state or draining public money that should be going to people born in Maine. (LePage and Mainers flushing themselves down the drain)
Eschaton - But locally, it can be a bit of a problem, especially given our federal system, if you have an ageing problem not being replaced by younger ones, especially if your crackpot governor isn't lowering the drawbridge. (self-created "demographic time bomb" necessitating cutting Social Securities so everyone will die early, mission accomplished, shut up with your sciencey statistics)

American Politics Will Drown in a Sea of Dark Money - The other day, we took a look at how some recently leaked e-mails exposed how the judicial elections in Wisconsin were opened up to bid. Now, our good friends at the Brennan Center at NYU bring us one of their now-regular studies of how an elected judiciary is The Second-Worst Idea In American Politics (in Kochconsin)

Shut up and sing - Lawyers, Guns & Money (David Brooks, fool and idiot, explains patriotism to young people)

Largest indoor theme park in Americas coming to Meadowlands | - Triple Five hopes to secure $2.7 billion in financing, including $1.15 billion in public bonds, by the end of September to resume construction on the long-delayed project (could have had a tunnel to Manhattan which people would actually use)
The $4B road to a runaway American Dream | - American Dream started out as Xanadu, which started out as a plan to develop land near Continental Airlines Arena. Fourteen years later, Continental Airlines Arena is called the Izod Center and it's closed. Xanadu was supposed to open in 2006, then 2008, then 2009, then 2010, then 2014, then 2016, then 2017 and now 2018. What happened along the way? (Chrisco Christie, for one thing)

Behind the Scenes at LIU - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Read this interview with Long Island University librarian Emily Drabinski for some behind the scenes insight on the horrible attempt by the administration to lockout the faculty and crush the union.

14 Trader Joe's Beauty Products That Are Actually Amazing | Huffington Post

Apple Is Still Ignoring One of the Biggest iPhone Engineering Flaws of All Time | Motherboard - phones that have been Otterboxed from the beginning starting to get them (iSuckers got iScammed)


Eschaton: Nothing to See Here - Move along, folks. - A grim new study led by a UCLA geography professor revealed that the current 5-year drought in California could last indefinitely, with the resulting arid conditions becoming "the new normal" for the state (the Great California Desert and no food for America)

Egyptian state media claims 9/11 was carried out by West to justify war on terror : worldnews

Swedish Court Upholds Arrest Warrant For WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange | Huffington Post - Assange is wanted by Swedish authorities for questioning over allegations that he committed rape in 2010.

US to pay 1m to family of Italian aid worker killed in drone strike | US news | The Guardian - The Obama administration has agreed to pay 1m to the family of an Italian aid worker who was killed in a US drone strike in 2015.

Elizabeth Warren Just Trolled Wells Fargo's CEO So Hard | Huffington Post - The senator had some rather pointed questions for the executive in the wake of his bank's scandal.

Johnson and Stein fail to make cut for first presidential debate - politico
Gary Johnson, Jill Stein Fail to Qualify for First Presidential Debate - Washington Wire - WSJ - Commission rules they lacked sufficient support in the polls

Sometimes life comes at you fast - National polls currently show Clinton ahead by only 1.0 1 0.6 % (median 1 estimated SEM, 7 pollsters with at least some post-Phlegmghazi respondents) ((with Trump gaining fast))
ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: The New Times-CBS Presidential Race Poll. How Are White Men And White Women Planning To Vote? - I believe that a Trump-As-A-Misogynistic-Asshat*** effect is visible in those findings, especially when it comes to the possible voting patterns of white women this year.

Donald Trump fooled cable news into airing a 25-minute infomercial for his campaign - Vox
Hillary Clinton On Donald Trump's Latest Birther Remarks: 'This Is Who He Is' | Huffington Post - "When will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry?"
Harry Reid Goes On Epic Rant Against Trump | Huffington Post - He calls The Donald a "human leech" who will bleed America dry and laugh about it.
Senate Democrats go big in red states - POLITICO - The party is devoting millions to competitive Senate races in North Carolina and Missouri, but scales back in Ohio and Florida.

Trump Admits Obama Was Born In The United States After 5 Years Of Racist Denials | Huffington Post - The admission was wrapped in a veil of falsehoods, but it was still there.
Irony Alert: Donald Trump Made His Birther About-Face On Constitution Day | Huffington Post
CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Donald Trump's Lies | Huffington Post - They really got riled up about his birther-announcement fiasco.
Networks Refuse To Air Donald Trump's Hotel 'Press' Tour After Reporters Barred | Huffington Post - The moment of media solidarity follows a year of the candidate bullying and blacklisting journalists.
Black Lawmakers Rip Donald Trump As A 'Disgusting Fraud' | Huffington Post - His birther comments about President Barack Obama are "a dog whistle to all Americans, especially African-Americans."
Hillary Clinton Reminds Donald Trump She Didn't Start The Birther Movement | Huffington Post - Trump lied and said she did.

Trump's absurd claim that 92 million Americans represent a 'nation of jobless Americans' - Republicans started citing a decline in the labor participation rate, which has occurred largely because the Baby Boom generation has begun to retire. (any excuse to lie will do and dumb Americans will believe Fox)

Eschaton: The Kids Today - About sums it up. (Clara Jeffrey, co-editor Mother Jones)
Don't Hate Millennials. Save It For Bernie Sanders.

How Internet Trolls Won the 2016 Presidential Election - the Chanterculture.

- California High School Student's Grade Lowered For Sitting During Pledge Of Allegiance
Florida Schools Are Forcing Students To Stand During National Anthem | Huffington Post - In several school districts, students need a written excuse from a parent to kneel during the anthem. (the totalitarian state of Florida)

Eschaton: Pretty Simple Formula - They built a ballpark and didn't surround it with acres of parking lot

Chicago Cop Indicted For Shooting At Black Teens In Car | Huffington Post - Officer Marco Proano faces two federal civil rights charges for the 2013 shooting, which was caught on a dash cam.

The Librarian's Bequest: University of New Hampshire to spend $1mil of Librarian's $4mil donated estate on football scoreboard, only $100k on library. : books

Adnan Syed Of 'Serial' Just Got A Big Boost In His Quest For Freedom | Huffington Post

A 3D printer clitoris model - and the start of a sexual revolution

- People who use "incognito Mode" on your web browser for reasons other than porn, what are those reasons?


- The House Science Committee's Anti-Science Rampage (when you live in a delusion to start with)

Latest Estimate Pegs Cost of Wars at Nearly $5 Trillion (thanks, Bush/Cheney/Republicans for ruining the world)

Colin Kaepernick and a Landmark Supreme Court Case - The New Yorker - Robert Jackson: "freedom demands that those in power allow others to think for themselves"

- Elizabeth Warren Asks Newly-Chatty FBI Director to Explain Why DOJ Didn't Prosecute Banksters (because Obama was bought and paid for)

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked in tight race nationally - CBS/NYT poll - CBS News
Donald Trump, scam artist - The Washington Post (all Republicans are scam artists but Donald is the bestest and half the country will vote for him because Americans are idiots)
Time to Face It: Trump Really Could Win This - POLITICO Magazine - If Democrats are starting to panic, they should. What else do they have to throw at him?
- New Records Shed Light on Donald Trump's $25,000 Gift to Florida Official ("gift" = "bribe")
Trump's Path to Victory Is Starting to Look Very Real
Can Trump win? Why polls might be shifting - Business Insider - What if the shift in the polls is more about Donald Trump campaigning better? (it's gonna be a Trumpster landslide, a generational wave victory!)

Here's What Hillary Clinton Said About Obama's Supreme Court Pick | Huffington Post

Five dramatic revelations from Powell's leaked emails ("leaked" = "hacked by Putin")
Colin Powell Called The Cheneys Idiots - BuzzFeed News - They are idiots and spent force peddling a book that ain't going nowhere
- Powell in leaked email slams Bill Clinton on continuing affairs with 'bimbos'- "a husband still dicking bimbos at home" (of course he would risk fucking America over, again, for a bimbo ride)

Ralph Nader and the tragedy of voter-as-consumer politics. - In the 2000 election, the high priest of anti-consumerism turned politics into the very thing he hated most.
An Editorial -- Joseph W. McQuaid, Publisher: A better choice for President (No need to hold your nose) | New Hampshire - New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher (vote for Johnson/Stein and waste your vote is great advice from proven idiots)

-Donald Trump Jr. Says Releasing Father's Tax Returns Would Raise Too Many Questions
Donald Trump Jr. Casually Makes A Holocaust Joke | Huffington Post
The Trump Kids Are (Definitely Not) Alright (Ivanka is quite the little dimbulb princess +wake the fuck up, America)
Donald Trump Wants Peter Thiel On The Supreme Court, Sources Say | Huffington Post - The eccentric billionaire endorsed Trump in a speech at the Republican National Convention this summer. (Gaybro has said he hates democracy)
Donald Trump is breaking the white supremacist internet: Stormfront forced to upgrade servers to deal with Trump traffic surge -

Scott Walker, the John Doe files and how corporate cash influences American politics | US news | The Guardian (Wisconsin, Koch Bros subsidiary run by their puppet gov)

ACC pulls events from North Carolina over bathroom law - politico - Atlantic Coast Conference (good job, Republicans)

Some Farmers Just Beat a Massive Pipeline Company - shut up about health records for a second. This Is a Powerful Political Moment That Most Americans Are Missing

Missouri Lawmakers: You Don't Need A Permit, Or Training Or Even A Background Check To Carry A Concealed Weapon | Huffington Post - The move aims to override Democratic Governor Jay Nixon's vetoes of the bills. (necromonger Repubs guns everywhere)
- New Gun Law Is Basically Straight Out of the Wild West - This week in the laboratories of democracy, where the right to get shot shall not be infringed.

Boston police commissioner says union sent harmful message by fighting body camera program

Kidnapped 6-Year-Old Girl Found Alive, Chained to Tree in North Carolina; Registered Sex Offender Arrested : news

Judge rebukes feds for 'lack of diligence, attention to detail' in failure to secure Facebook material |
Ammon Bundy chooses to wear jail scrubs in trial | (fashion statement)
You Want to Understand the Alt-Right? Read This. - Remember our friends out in Oregon? - American revolutionary rhetoric has dropped a few notches since Tom Paine died, I can tell you that.

Drama at Horace Greeley High School -- The Cut - A beloved theater teacher, sexual-assault allegations, and the scandal that has rattled Chappaqua.

Free Wi-Fi Kiosks Were to Aid New Yorkers. An Unsavory Side Has Spurred a Retreat. - The New York Times - But they have also attracted people who linger for hours, sometimes drinking and doing drugs and, at times, boldly watching pornography on the sidewalks. (who could have predicted that?) homeless people and other idle users who took full advantage of the unlimited access to the internet to turn the kiosks into al fresco living rooms, watching movies and playing music for hours.

UCLA Freshman Sends Future Roommate Insane Dramatic Email

Dolls and Feelings - The New Yorker - Jill Soloway's post-patriarchal television.
Dammit I'm Mad - a poem by Demetri Martin

Astronomers might have just caught a glimpse of a black hole being born - ScienceAlert
Scientists reveal most accurate depiction of a dinosaur ever created | Elsa Panciroli | Science | The Guardian - Reconstruction is based on studies of a spectacular fossil from China, preserved with skin and pigments intact

[Serious] Men, what's something that would surprise women about life as a man? : AskReddit

FCC Republicans refused to give Congress net neutrality documents | Ars Technica


Super Typhoon Meranti Hits Taiwan As Category 5 Storm | Huffington Post - "This typhoon is the world's strongest so far this year"

- Edward Snowden did this country a great service. Let him come home - Bernie Sanders, Daniel Ellsberg, former members of the NSA and more weigh in on whether Obama should grant clemency to the divisive whistleblower (Hillary wants him in prison)
- Bernie Sanders, Daniel Ellsberg, former members of the NSA and more weigh in:

Eschaton: Did I Say The Worst? - Heckuva job. - David Cameron's intervention in Libya was carried out with no proper intelligence analysis, drifted into an unannounced goal of regime change and shirked its moral responsibility to help reconstruct the country following the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, according to a scathing report by the foreign affairs select committee. - Another one who just wanted to bomb and then have a parade.

How the Trump Organization's Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security (he will rebrand America)

Hacker Guccifer 2.0 Gives Rambling Speech at Cybersecurity Conference | Motherboard - But, perhaps unsurprisingly, Guccifer 2.0, whom experts believe is just a front for Russian government hackers, was a no show. Instead, someone else read out loud a rambling statement purportedly sent by the hacker.

- Colin Powell Called Benghazi A "Stupid Witch Hung" -- And Condi Rice Agreed -- "basic fault falls on a courageous ambassador who thoughts Libyans now love me and I am ok in this very vulnerable place" (for this, Republicans went insane for four years and the media thought they were serious people)
- Colin Powell Urged Hillary Clinton's Team Not to Scapegoat Him for Her Private Server, Leaked Emails Reveal
EXCLUSIVE: Colin Powell's Personal Email Hacked | The Daily Caller (hacked by Putin's KGB)
- Colin Powell Calls Trump a 'National Disgrace' in Hacked Emails

Trump Has 5-Point Lead in Bloomberg Poll of Battleground Ohio (OH and GA swap places in confusing times)

- How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people's money - David A. Fahrenthold
- The secrets of David Fahrenthold's reporting on the Trump Foundation (reporting, a lost art)
- Mike Pence Is Rebuffed as He Tries to Rally G.O.P. Leaders Over 'Deplorables' (says David Duke not deplorable at all)
- Meet Donald Trump's 'basket of deplorables' (and their "religious freedoms" and persecution complexes)
Donald Trump's Dr. Oz Gambit Makes Mockery Of Transparency Norms (he will let Hulk Hogan see his tax return
Eschaton: Through The Looking Glass - The olds among us remember when it was controversial that candidate Bill Clinton played sax on the Arsenio Hall show. The political world will be glued to their televisions when candidate Trump gives his fake medical records to quack "miracle cure" purveyor Dr. Oz on the teevee. (how far we've come, thanks, Republicans)
Keith Olbermann Is Back, And He Thinks Donald Trump Is A 'Demonic Messiah' | Huffington Post

Trump's Maternity Leave Plan Is His Biggest Insult To Women Yet - It confirms once again his antiquated, sexist worldview. (Ivanka's plan for keeping women in their place)

Corey Lewandowski Tried To Smear A Reporter. It Did Not Go Well. | Huffington Post

Jeremy Durham expelled from Tennessee House in 70-2 vote - Embattled Rep. Jeremy Durham, accused of sexual misconduct toward at least 22 women and still under investigation by state and federal officials, was expelled Tuesday from the Tennessee House of Representatives (took 22)

Burns man who rode in first caravan to refuge Jan. 2 testifies for government |
Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward testifies: 'I didn't go to pick a fight. I wanted them to go home.' |

Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct - Slog - The Stranger - Ahead of a City Council vote on whether to build a $149 million police station, Seattle police led a group of journalists and activists on a tour of the existing North precinct station (it never occured to them it might look strange and stupid)

Long Island University Lockout of Faculty Is Over | American Federation of Teachers - After 12 days of intransigence, the LIU administration discovered that denying students the education they deserve is never a successful strategy.

Louis Saint Ange Morel, chevalier de la Colombe


Donald Trump Says Much Needs To Be 'Investigated' In Climate Science | Huffington Post ("There's something going on")

UN Rights Chief Condemns Assad Regime For Abuses In Syria | Huffington Post - This is a state led by a medical doctor and yet is believed to have gassed its own people.

Eschaton: The Worst Prime Minister - It is true that David Cameron was horrible. It's also true that this mostly will never make it into the political discourse in the UK

Stunning Photo Shows Boy Standing Up To Thousands Of Anti-Gay Protesters | Huffington Post - A 12-year-old Mexican boy became an overnight icon after a journalist snapped a photograph of him attempting to block an anti-LGBT demonstration

- The George W. Bush White House 'Lost' 22 Million Emails - Clinton's email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration (IOKIYAR)

WikiLeaks Feeds Conspiracy Theories That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Or Head Injury Complications | Huffington Post
andrew kaczynski on Twitter: ".@wikileaks deleted their tweet. Obviously in the nature of openness & transparency I have preserved it right here:" - This is embarrassing Julian

The man who discovered CTE thinks Hillary Clinton may have been poisoned - The Washington Post (Putin with the Polonium in the Teapot)
Yeah, Hillary Has Pneumonia, But Trump Is Still A Deranged Threat To America | Huffington Post - Modern medicine can remedy one of these ailments more thoroughly than the other.

- Democrats Push for Federal Look Into Donald Trump's Donation in Florida
- New York attorney general opens 'inquiry' into Trump Foundation

69-year-old woman punched in face outside rally by Trump supporter | WLOS - She asks if people find a Trump supporter punching her in the face deplorable. (zing)
Yes, half of Trump supporters are racist - The Washington Post
- How Breitbart Conquered the Media

Approval Ratings Drop For Vulnerable GOP Senators In Key States | Huffington Post - Sens. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) are both at risk of losing their Senate seats in November.
New poll shows competitive 2016 race in Maine - The Boston Globe (Maine turns out to be very racist)

Kentucky's governor said something really scary over the weekend
Kentucky Gov. Bevin: It might take bloodshed to save religious, conservative values | Lexington Herald-Leader - America is at a fork in the road and if something isn't done soon to protect religious and conservative values, people might have to physically fight for them.
- Democrats strike back after Bevin's bloodshed remark
Do We Face a Threat of Armed Sedition?

This Is What Happens When Your State Government Blocks The Medicaid Expansion | Huffington Post - The South is missing out and falling behind.

The Crisis at The Times And That Public Editor Piece (Liz Spayd)
- You are here: Home ; General ; Hell Exists On Earth? Yes. I Won't Live in It - Maureen Dowd in Conversation With Frank Bruni

NCAA Pulls All Championship Events From North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Laws | Huffington Post - We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events

Ohio University Rejects Roger Ailes' Name And Money | Huffington Post - gift came in the form of a $500,000 donation to the school in 2007.

Thanks for letting me know MSN news : windowsphone

- Netflix asks FCC to declare data caps "unreasonable"
Idubbbz takes on Leafyishere : videos


- Earth smashes another monthly temperature record as planet's fever goes on
Ice in Northwest Passage Depleted by Climate Change - The Northwest Passage is running out of ice.

war1 | - get your war on 1 - #8 10/9/01

The ACLU Is About to Launch a Campaign Asking Obama to Pardon Edward Snowden - The long-expected campaign will start just two days before Oliver Stone's Snowden hits theaters : technology - "Obama won't do shit"

- No looking back: the CIA torture report's aftermath (Obama's policy from day 1 - no learning from experience allowed)

- Federal Judge: Hacking Someone's Computer is Definitely a 'Search' (we weren't searching his computer we were just "hacking" it)
Long-Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy on Phones

Obama to Veto Bill Allowing 9/11 Lawsuits Against Saudi Arabia - The New York Times

Pentagon confirms it killed senior ISIS leader Abu Muhammad al-Adnani | Fox News
Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away | New York Post - A sharpshooter killed a top ISIS executioner and three other jihadists with a single bullet from nearly a mile away - just seconds before the fiend was set to burn 12 hostages alive with a flamethrower

Chinese student lodges suit over homosexuality terms in textbooks | World news | The Guardian - Gay rights activist Qiu Bai wants ministry of education to remove textbooks that describe homosexuality as mental disorder

Soaring inequality in UK contributed to Brexit - Richest one per cent in UK own 20 times more total wealth than the poorest fifth

This one quote shows what angry white guys mean when they talk about government overreach - Vox - LImbaugh: The Four Corners of Deceit: government, academia, science, and media. Those institutions are now corrupt and exist by virtue of deceit.
Yearning for Trumpocalypse: what's behind a viral conservative essay - Vox - Comparing America to Flight 93, Trumpists argue that maybe we must be broken to be saved. - Last Chance For America!

Bullish Senate Democrats target North Carolina, Missouri - politico

Shape of Earth: Views Still Differ - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Shorter Liz Spayd: If you're catching flak, both sides must be doing it. (we miss Margaret Sullivan)
- Tell me again why Donald Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton.
New York Times Public Editor Shrugs Off Charges of False Equivalence | Mother Jones

Hillary Clinton Is Set Back by Decision to Keep Illness Secret - The New York Times
Why did Hillary Clinton lie about her health? (she didn't have to, as usual)
Watching, and Wincing, as Clinton Stumbles - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton's Health Scare: 9 Unanswered Questions (she specializes in unforced errors)
Does Hillary Clinton Have a Classic Case of Walking Pneumonia? - NBC News
Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia Bug Also Sickened Campaign Staff :
- Cokie Roberts Floats That Dems Are 'Nrevously Whispering' About Clinton 'Stepping Aside'
Cokie Roberts Brings Us Back to the Three Great Premises of Idiot America - People are saying things! - Cokie's Law: Thus did Cokie Roberts rearrange American journalism in such a way that truth no longer mattered, and in such a way that something that didn't happen could be said to have happened because people were talking about it, as if we could all gossip an actual plesiosaur into Loch Ness ...
Conservative media - and NPR - entertain the possibility of a Hillary Clinton replacement - The Washington Post (Cokie said it, so someone must be talking about it)

Donald Trump gave an interview this morning that should be shocking - but we're numb (to the big fat liar with tiny hands' lies because he tells them like it isn't)
Daniel Dale on Twitter: "This is a list of things Trump said in one interview on CNBC this morning."
- There were five phantom donations in the files of Donald Trump's foundation. Here's what we know - Instead, he has retooled his personal charity so that it gives away other people's money - although Trump has kept his name on the foundation, and atop its checks.

Bros Just Wanna Watch the World Burn - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - An unnamed D.C. reporter says lets elect a white nationalist because it will be interesting.

The Most Detailed Map of Gay Marriage in America - The New York Times (San Diego, Windham VT and Cambridge MA are so gay)

National Anthem Protests Spread In NFL Opening Games | Huffington Post - The demonstrations for social justice, sparked by 49er Colin Kaepernick, have spread around professional sports.
Alabama Pastor Allen Joyner Says People Who Don't Stand For The National Anthem Should Be Shot | Huffington Post (by Jesus-loving military firing squads without any trials)

California Charter School Scandals Shows the Movement Is a Vehicle for Fraud & Corruption - As it is presently constituted. (as millions in dark money flows into MA 'lift the cap' Question 2)
- Mass. K-12 Education Board Chair Donated $100K To 'Lift The Cap' On Charter Schools

And everyone saw it - The Washington Post - sexting in the seventh grade in Auburn Mass

Asia Argento and Others Are Angry About Being in JT LeRoy Documentary - The New York Times

- Sugar industry funded research to cast doubt on sugar's health hazards
The sugar industry began funding research that cast doubt on sugar's role in heart disease - in part by pointing the finger at fat - as early as the 1960s, according to an analysis of newly uncovered documents. : science

Time crystals - objects whose structure would repeat periodically, as with an ordinary crystal, but in time rather than in space - may exist after all. : science
Neutronst4r comments on Time crystals - objects whose structure would repeat periodically, as with an ordinary crystal, but in time rather than in space - may exist after all.
Dolphins recorded having a conversation 'just like two people' for first time

How to Lose Weight: 9 Strategies to Try - The New York Times

ELI5: How do Chinese manufacturers take a power tool that used to cost $100-$200 a few years ago and sell it to me for $35 including shipping from friggin China and will it be $5 in a few years? : explainlikeimfive
What's something everyone just accepts as normal that's actually completely fucked up when you think about it? : AskReddit - Commuting over an hour to a 45+ hour per week job.


Inside the fight to reveal the CIA's torture secrets | US news | The Guardian (Obama loves torture and coverups)

Most Of The 9/11 Plotters Haven't Been Convicted Or Executed. Blame Gitmo. | Huffington Post - The military commission system is uniquely bad at bringing alleged terrorists to justice. - The U.S. government is committed to keeping details of the CIA torture program a secret.
Never Forgetting 9/11 In The Worst Possible Way | Huffington Post - The words of lawmakers promise one thing, but the heroes of Sept. 11 see very different deeds. "They want to be patriots when it's convienient for them"

France Arrests 15-Year-Old Boy Over 'Imminent Paris Attack | Huffington Post - The boy allegedly had ties to those who carried out a recent attack in Paris.

- The Secret History of Colombia's Paramilitaries and the U.S. War on Drugs - After decades of atrocities, the warlords were finally being held to account. Then the Americans stepped in (pardoned by Bush)

Netanyahu's 'Ethnic Cleansing' Video Pushes Obama Closer to UN Security Council - Israel News - Haaretz - White House was again reminded that Netanyahu has no qualms about attacking them, even when he needs them. PM's comments were almost word-for-word on hasbara talking-points penned by far-right political strategist. (if you don't let us kill all the Palestinians, you support ethnic cleansing of Jews)

Sick African dictator 'eats his enemies' testicles and brains to boost his sexual prowess' - Mirror Online - The 74-year-old took control of the country in 1979, and is referred to as the "torturer-in-chief" following his reported sadism

The Time U.S. Spies Thought Al Qaeda Was Ready to Nuke D.C. - The Daily Beast - "massive amount of chatter"

Arrest Warrant Issued For Journalist After Covering Dakota Access Pipeline Protests - On September 3rd, Journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! filmed security guards attacking Native American protesters with dogs and pepper spray. The footage was widely covered, garnering significant negative press for the Dakota Access Pipeline company. Now, an arrest warrant has been issued for Goodman

San Bernardino Shooting Report Details Heroism And Horror | Huffington Post

Ex-VP Dick Cheney delivers stinging rebuke to Barack Obama in searing op-ed | Daily Mail Online - Iraq was stable when Obama took office, but then the president allowed ISIS to flourish there, the Cheneys write

Presidential Debate Moderators Are Feeling The Heat Like Never Before | Huffington Post - Voters - and many journalists - are increasingly concerned that TV networks will let candidates's lies slide.(c'mon, that's not their job, they're "entertainers")

The Senator and the Mogul: A 9/11 Diary - POLITICO Magazine - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took different paths on that day. Their experiences shaped them and their campaigns.

Hillary Clinton 'rushed from 9/11 memorial service following medical episode' | Daily Mail Online (would have fallen on her face)
Feeling 'overheated,' Hillary Clinton leaves 9/11 anniversary ceremony early | - and retreated to her daughter's nearby apartment - A senior law enforcement official who was briefed on the matter said that after leaving the memorial plaza, Clinton was observed "fainting" in a departure area.
Clinton Aides Attack, Threaten Reporter for Saying Hillary Looked 'Low Energy' at Friday Press Conference (as opposed to "passed out on the sidewalk")
Hillary Clinton fainting at the 9/11 memorial : gifs

Clinton holds lead over Trump in new poll, but warning signs emerge - The Washington Post - lagging interest among some of her supporters poses a potential turnout challenge for Democrat
Clinton, Trump Deadlocked in Battleground States: Polls - NBC News - Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are essentially deadlocked in four presidential battleground states - ranging from red Arizona and Georgia to blue-ish Nevada and New Hampshire (Nampshire will vote for Trump and Kelly)
Hillary Clinton Is Within Striking Distance Of Donald Trump In Arizona And Georgia | Huffington Post - But Trump is running a close race in Nevada and New Hampshire.
Presidential Race a Near Toss-Up Among Likely Voters - Morning Consult
Potent Critiques of NBC Forum Raise Stakes for Moderators - The New York Times

- Where does the phrase "basket of deplorables" come from?
- The Truth About This Alleged 'Basket of Deplorables' - And the truth about the 2016 election: It's being graded on a curve.
- Trump Adviser, Son Post Image of Trump's 'Deplorables' Featuring White Nationalist Symbol - Prominently featured over Trump's right shoulder: popular white nationalist symbol, Pepe the Frog. (memes are getting very dank)

Former CIA Director: Trump Cannot Credibly Serve As President | Huffington Post - praise for Vladimir Putin, "an adversary of the United States," rules him out.
Eschaton: Give Me All Your Moneys - Trump is a small man with small hands. Sad! He only got a 6 foot painting of himself with $20,000 in charity money. Really sad! With your money I will have an even bigger picture of me! I only need $40,000 for a 12 foot painting! That would not be sad!
- How Donald Trump retooled his charity to spend other people's money

Neighbor Lashes Out At Family For Hanging Rainbow Flag In Honor of Orlando Victims | Huffington Post - I think Trump has given closeted bigots a sense of empowerment and they now feel the freedom to express their hate

We Need Somebody Spectacular - Views From Trump County (KY: Make America Pollute More!)
Maker Of Dangerous Opioid Is Spending Big To Stop Legal Pot In Arizona | Huffington Post - Insys Therapeutics has been accused of illegally marketing its oral spray of fentanyl.

Defendants' intent the central question in Oregon standoff trial |
Gonzo Journalism in Oregon: Behind Enemy Lines at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge - YouTube
Pete Santilli talks about dismissal of Oregon case, doesn't hold 'ounce of bitterness' |

Cast-Out Police Officers Are Often Hired in Other Cities - The New York Times

Salem teen fights-off drugged intruder with case of beer, power tool | KATU

Eschaton: He Actually Deleted His Account - Under fire for controversial online posts, the chair of Ursinus College's board of trustees has resigned (because asshole white business dudes know everything about education)

You Won't Believe What This 1,700-Year-Old Obituary Says | Huffington Post - The epitaph also describes her age at death to be about 60 in a time where women typically lived to be just 25. (math, and concepts like "infant mortality" are hard for journos)

sunagainstgold comments on In the 1519 election the viable candidates for Holy Roman Emperor were the King of England, the King of France, and the King of Spain, none of whom spoke German. Was this a particularly strange election for the empire, and if so, why was it so strange?

What's the trashiest thing you've seen in public? [NSFW] : AskReddit

Eschaton: Maybe Some Other Time - We are spared an iCar which will stop in the middle of the highway so you can verify your iCloud password despite having no network connection. The Genius mechanics would have told you, "That's how it's supposed to work!"


Dozens of birds fall from sky in Boston, dead from unknown cause | US news | The Guardian - 32 songbirds and two cats died
- Geologist Sees Clues, and Further Dangers, in Puzzle of Oklahoma's Earthquakes
In Siberia, a "Blood River' in a Dead Zone Twice the Size of Rhode Island - One hint at the possible cause is the path the river, the Daldykan, takes past the Norilsk Nickel mine and metallurgical plant, by many measures one of the world's most polluting enterprises. (nah, couldn't be that)

Dear Mark. I am writing this to inform you that I shall not comply with your requirement to remove this picture. - Aftenposten (your news has been Zuckerfucked)
- Facebook needs an editor - media experts urge change after photo dispute - "users" primary news source (largest newpaper in the world isn't a newpaper and doesn't have an editor or any reporters)

A constitutional crisis: the CIA turns on the Senate - Tensions flare between the CIA and the Senate in the fight to release the report on torture - leading the agency to spy on its own legislative overseers (and no one was fired/went to jail)

French reports: Booby-trapped car found outside Marseille synagogue | The Times of Israel - Suspicious vehicle said to contain two gas canisters; security cordon set up in area, local media says

Google Program to Deradicalize Jihadis Will Be Used for Right-Wing American Extremists Next - targets potentially violent jihadis and directs them to a YouTube channel with videos that refute ISIS propaganda. (that will really work)

- The FBI Accused Him of Terrorism. He Couldn't Even Tie His Shoes (usual FBI bullshit prosecution)

- Clinton: Half of Trump supporters are in 'basket of deplorables'

The Selling of Donald J. Trump - The New York Times - isn't just the first reality-TV candidate; he is the first candidate to embrace a slice of the country that sees everything, even the fate of the nation, through the logic of cutthroat American capitalism.
A popular conspiracy theory is spreading in the Trump family. It's totally false - For a year now, the alleged billionaire has insisted that the "real" unemployment rate is something like 42 percent instead of the 4.9 percent it actually is (telling it like it isn't)
New York Post published fully nude photo of potential first lady on cover, sparking outrage - but not from Trump - The Washington Post
A Touching Sendoff for a Lovely Person - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump is expected to speak at conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly's funeral

The Curious Case of Susan Estrich - The New York Times - For many years, Ms. Estrich was a lively liberal commentator on Fox News and she has defended another Republican man accused of sexual misconduct, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California. (and so, another true colors revelation)

Strickland cancels ads in Ohio Senate race | TheHill (they won't even get the Senate back)

driftglass: The 2020 Vision of Mr. McBobo - But first, travel with me back, back, back to the Age of Dubya when a shamelessly self-promoting Iraq War pimp and prophet of false equivalence named David Brooks was already such a human punchline that the inimitable Ton Tomorrow cartoonized him for the benefit of future generation who will never believe that such a creature as David Brooks could ever have existed. (perfect fit for the NYT)
David Brook's Realignment Won't Happen - He posits a future in which the Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street professional classes unite under a Democratic Party banner, while the great faction of millennials and regular workers of all races join a changed Republican Party free of bigotry.

How one Washington Post reporter uses pen and paper to make his tracking of Trump get noticed ; Nieman Journalism Lab

- Officer threw black teen 'like a child's doll' during parking lot encounter, lawsuit claims ... a 15-year-old girl pedaling a bike through a mall parking lot in Washington state ... "causing a disturbance" (needing deadly force by psycho copster)

- Many foreign fishermen who man Hawaii's fishing fleet are underpaid and virtual captives on their boats - your modern-day, totally legal slavery system.

Is the Forthcoming Netflix Amanda Knox Doc Troofer-Curious? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Justice Finally Done - Lawyers, Guns & Money : March 27, 2015 (for the TJ dynamic)
Italian scientists convicted over earthquake warning | Reuters - Mon Oct 22, 2012
- Toronto Film Review: 'Amanda Knox' - Amanda the witchy libertine vixen - the crazy American who brought her sexy evil to the Old World. (tabloid "journalism" virus rotting your brains originating in Murdoch)

As Lionel Shriver made light of identity, I had no choice but to walk out on her | Yassmin Abdel-Magied | Opinion | The Guardian - keynote address at the Brisbane writers festival was a poisoned package wrapped up in arrogance and delivered with condescension
The Big Uneasy - The New Yorker - What's roiling the liberal-arts campus?

When Love Isn't as Simple as Standing by Your Man

A Quadruple Take on the Giraffe: There are Four Species, Not One - The New York Times
Archaeologists find ancient tombs in Peru hinting at human sacrifice | Science | The Guardian - remains, including two footless children (there have always been Republicans)

Smoking and Drinking Rates Among U.S. Teenagers Fall to New Lows - The New York Times - Just 9.6 percent of adolescents, ages 12 to 17, reported using alcohol in 2015, down from 17.6 percent in 2002, according to the data. Far fewer adolescents smoke every day: about 20 percent in 2015, down from 32 percent in 2002.
Rethinking the Use of Hormones to Ease Menopause Symptoms - The New York Times - new research suggests that the benefits of short-term hormone treatment to control life-disrupting menopausal symptoms outweigh the risks - as long as the treatment is started at or near menopause.
Vitamin B12 as Protection for the Aging Brain - The New York Times - 500 or 1,000 micrograms a day, but 5,000 is ridiculous."

Gawker's New Owner Deletes Six Posts Involved in Lawsuits


North Korea's 'biggest' nuclear test sparks sanctions push - BBC News

U.S., Russia clinch Syria deal, aim for truce from Monday | Reuters

WikiLeaks bluntly threatens Daily Dot journalists with retaliation for exposing WikiLeaks covering up emails showing a payment of $2.4 billion from Syria to Russia in 2011 : technology (Putin is Julian's boss)

Facebook backs down from 'napalm girl' censorship and reinstates photo | Technology | The Guardian (Mark Zuckerberg, Editor-in-Chief of the world, couldn't tell the difference between tragic history and porn)

Egyptian police 'investigated' Giulio Regeni days before his murder | World news | The Guardian - Egypt had said the programme to retrieve the deleted footage was very expensive, and had asked Italy to help.

Senate investigator breaks silence about CIA's 'failed coverup' of torture report | US news | The Guardian (disgusting, and no consequences except for the truth-tellers and Obama deeply behind the coverup)

US House passes bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue Saudis, despite White House veto threat (Obama has their backs)

Matthew Isbell on Twitter: "Today marks the anniversary of the 19th amendment. It's final vote in the US House had some clear regional splits." (hardcore of the hardcore of women haters)

9/11 tapes reveal raw and emotional Hillary Clinton | US news | The Guardian

- The Black Eyes in Donald Trump's Life (disgusting little creep)
Trump's shot at top brass rankles military circles (but not the grunts)
Trump Threatens Act Of War As Response To Rude Hand Gestures | Huffington Post
Donald Trump Could Get Booted Off The Ballot In Minnesota | Huffington Post - It is likely none of the Republican electors were legally elected
The lies Trump told this week: from military spending to his tax returns | US news | The Guardian - claims over donation to Florida attorney general contradicted by her spokesman while the Republican distances himself from Obama birther theories

Judge: Boston police can order officers to wear body cameras - Suffolk Superior Court Judge Douglas Wilkins ruled Friday morning. (Boston cops in the 3% who refuse cameras ... why?)

alicublog: Grading On The Curve. Fuckin' Dreher, man. He's just too rich a subject (Rod Dreher, primitive moralistic asshole and crunchy-con)

The Idea That Legalizing Pot Will Drive Kids To Get High Just Went Up In Smoke | Huffington Post - young people are using less and less of it.

How Is Scab Teaching At LIU Going? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (meanwhile, in the halls of academe)

Component of ketamine produces rapid improvement in treatment-resistant depression within just 2 hours : science

TIL that astrophysicists have discovered a faraway object that's hotter than any contemporary theory can explain, a discovery that might require scientists rewriting galaxy operation manuals for years to come. : todayilearned


When Will New York City Sink? -- NYMag - Even locals who believe climate change is real have a hard time grasping that their city will almost certainly be flooded beyond recognition (but the billionaire towers will stick out of the water)

- North Korea nuclear test: Japan and South Korea confirm quake caused by explosion -

Muslim women's group demands complete ban on Shariah courts (India) - Next story, "Shariah court demands complete ban on Muslim women's groups")

Exclusive: Maldives president's corruption revealed - News from Al Jazeera - Al Jazeera investigation exposes a $1.5bn money-laundering plot, bribery, theft and fraud in paradise.

- Up to 20 marines could face disciplinary action over Muslim recruit

Did Anyone Notice There Was a School Shooting Today? - I Hate This School Shooting Chart, and LBJ Would Have Too

The Media Coverage of Hillary Clinton Is Out of Whack | New Republic

- Matt Lauer totally blew it on Trump's blatant lying about Iraq and Libya
Matt Lauer's Pathetic Interview of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Is the Scariest Thing I've Seen in This Campaign
Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism Over Clinton-Trump Forum - The New York Times (interrupts Hillary multiple times, lets Trump spout lies forever)
Matt Lauer Lets Donald Trump Get Away With Iraq War Lie | Huffington Post
Matt Lauer Failed The Moderator Test | Huffington Post

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Made Some Inaccurate Claims During The NBC Forum | Huffington Post

We're Just Asking for The New York Times' Political Coverage to Make Sense (they don't even know they aren't)

What Really Happened at Donald Trump's Intelligence Briefing - NBC News (he had no intelligence and some ex-general was an asshole but Trump read their "body language")
Donald Trump Keeps Saying Things That Would Destroy Any Other Presidential Candidate | Huffington Post - There were six such moments during the Commander-in-Chief forum.
Trump's shrinking swing state map - politico - Several battleground states appear unwinnable for the GOP presidential nominee.
Donald Trump Just Cozied Up Even Closer To Vladimir Putin | Huffington Post - So much love in the air.
Donald Trump Defends His Awful Claim About Military Sexual Assault | Huffington Post - He previously argued having women serve alongside men in the military increased the likelihood of assault.
Donald Trump: Generals 'Reduced To Rubble' Under Obama, Clinton | Huffington Post - Vladmir Putin was a better leader than Obama.
Is Ivanka for real? - The Huffington Post
Oregon man who drove swastika-emblazoned truck repaints to support Donald Trump |

Dems sound alarm on Senate majority | TheHill (Kochbros burying them in money)

- Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson: 'What is Aleppo?'
The Internet Is Having A Great Time Ripping Apart Gary Johnson | Huffington Post - It only takes four words to discredit a candidacy. (unless you're Trumpster, then you get infinite stupid)

Woman Reportedly Killed at J'Ouvert After Asking Man to Stop Grinding on Her

Obama Administration To Schools: Stop Using Police To Enforce Rules | Huffington Post - School-based police officers should mentor and support students, not push them into prison.

40 potential jurors identified so far in Oregon standoff trial |
Documentary film will chronicle the Oregon standoff at Malheur wildlife refuge |

TheDukeofReddit comments on Industry insiders estimate EpiPen costs no more than $30

People that quit their job in a hilarious fashion, how did you do it? : AskReddit
What company has forever lost your business and why? : AskReddit
Cheetah leaps into safari jeep in Kenya : pics
Great drone shot... : pics (virtigo discussion)

No, Apple, killing your headphone jack is not "courage" : technology - 9050 comments
Seven years old and never more relevant. : videos
iPhone 7 announced with water resistance, dual cameras, and no headphone jack : technology


Congress Resumes With Another Zika Failure - Mitch McConnell called Democrats' objections to riders about Planned Parenthood and the Confederate flag 'partisan excuses' (kill womens' health care and fly the traitor flag everywhere and we'll spend a few dollars on mosquitos)

Panama Papers: Denmark buys leaked data to use in tax evasion inquiries | World news | The Guardian - Denmark pays up to #1m for documents from anonymous source and plans to investigate up to 600 Danes who may have evaded tax

Russia faces HIV epidemic with 1 million positive cases; Kremlin blames moral lapses : worldnews - The HIV epidemic is a perfect storm for Russia. You have a government that promotes the idea that condoms are to blame for HIV and that traditional family values are the way to fight the epidemic ...

"Big Fucking Deal" - For the first time, the rate of those without medical insurance has dropped below 9%:

- The human toll of America's public defender crisis - Years of drastic budget cuts have created bottomless caseloads for public defenders ... and tipped the scales of justice against the poor (yes, the system is rigged)

Trump's donation to Florida's attorney general: the controversy explained - Pam Bondi's office dropped an investigation into Trump University in 2013 days after the donation - and Trump may have claimed it improperly in tax filings (for the rich and corrupt)
Trump Held Fundraiser For Pam Bondi At Mar-a-Lago After She Dropped Investigation
USA Freedom Girls Sue Trump Campaign for Stiffing Them - The Daily Beast - All they wanted was to hawk some merchandise and money for airfare, but the lawyer for three patriotic girls say all they got was broken promises. (the grift is wide and deep)
Trump Says He Hired Lots of Women Executives. His Casino Records Say Otherwise. | Mother Jones - public filings reveals very few women in senior roles.

We recommend Hillary Clinton for president | Dallas Morning News (first time since WWII)
Donald Trump is no Republican | Dallas Morning News

Eschaton: Press Conferences - It's a complete mystery why Hillary Clinton doesn't always find it important to give press conferences for the national political press corps. (black and hispanic reporters aren't real reporters, said white reporters)

$20 million settlement and a host's abrupt exit add to Fox's summer of discontent (lots of interesting synchronicities) Good news: Greta Van Susteren out at Fox News - The Washington Post ("see no evil" Greta is gone)

Too Much Johnson - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Do you know any lefties who are so disgusted with $hillery that they say they will vote for Gary Johnson. If you do, they are probably kind of morons. In any case, make sure that you send them this profile of Johnson, who is a hard-right politician who just likes to smoke weed. His record as governor of New Mexico was absolutely horrible. - an ideologue, sincerely committed to his project of dismantling government (just the guy for running the government)

- Scathing LePage mural tests Portland's stance on free speech - Some people take matters into their own hands, changing the graffiti that depicted the governor in Ku Klux Klan garb so that his likeness has Mickey Mouse ears.

Industry Insiders Estimate EpiPen Costs No More Than $30 - NBC News (yay, capitalism)
- Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes' s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down - She built a corporation based on secrecy in the hope that she could still pull it off. Then, it all fell apart. ("secrecy" = "lies")

Her marriage was the jewel in her blog universe. Then she found out her husband was cheating. - The Washington Post - Glennon Doyle Melton, Momastery - before Oprah announced ... "Love Warrior: A Memoir" (!)

The Drug of Choice for the Age of Kale - How ayahuasca, an ancient Amazonian hallucinogenic brew, became the latest trend in Brooklyn and Silicon Valley.

A revolutionary drug that melts away cancer in some stage four patients has been given fast-track approval in the United States. : news

- EM Drive is about to be tested in space
List of largest cosmic structures

What are some fake NSFW pro-tips that would only be believed by inexperienced teenagers? : AskReddit

- YouTubers are accusing the site of rampant 'censorship'


Women must undergo female genital mutilation to curb male 'sexual weakness', Egyptian MP says | The Independent - Nine out of 10 Egyptian women between the ages 15 to 49 have undergone FGM

Pentagon: Seven Iranian fast attack boats harass US Navy ship | TheHill

Top UK Islamist Preacher Sentenced For Encouraging Islamic State Support - Anjem Choudary, Britain's best-known Islamist preacher whose followers have been linked to numerous plots around the world

French Prime Minister Faults Times Article Giving Voice to Muslim Women - The New York Times - sharply criticized on Monday a New York Times article in which French Muslim women described being ostracized by non-Muslims, discriminated against when they sought jobs and made to feel persecuted. (how to look stupid)

Norwegian hairdresser who threw woman out of salon for wearing hijab faces six-month jail term | The Independent

Congress returns with one goal: No government shutdown - The Washington Post

Presidential poll: Donald Trump pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton - - with Libertarian Gary Johnson standing at 7% (Trumpster up by two! Will bury Killary in a huge landslide, says CNN)
Five reasons Hillary could be blowing it - politico - (Clinton) is down by two points nationally to one of the worst presidential candidates since the advent of the indoor flush toilet: Donald J. Trump. (Hillary is the "Queen of Coasting")

A new 50-state poll shows exactly why Clinton holds the advantage over Trump - The Washington Post - What once was a Clinton lead nationally of eight to 10 points shortly after the party conventions ended a month ago is now about four points
New poll shows how Trump-Clinton matchup is redrawing the electoral map - Washington Post
Clinton Holds Steady Against Trump as Campaign Enters Final Weeks: Poll - NBC News

- Inside Bill Clinton's nearly $18 million job as 'honorary chancellor' of a for-profit college (nice work +that's pretty quid pro quidy) )

Donald Trump Is Endorsed by Nearly 90 Military Figures - The New York Times
Trump Living Large On Donors' Dime - campaign is spending lavishly on Trump businesses instead of cheaper alternatives. (profit!)

Will Presidential Debate Moderators Really Not Challenge Lies? - Chris Wallace says it isn't his job to "truth squad'though some journalists strongly disagree. (not his job to know anything either)

9 Senate seats most likely to flip | TheHill

Fox Settles With Carlson - Then Van Susteren Quits
Good Times at Fox News - It sounds like the latest defenestration at Fox News was like a scene out of The Godfather, admittedly without bullets. But still.
BREAKING: Fox Settles with Gretchen Carlson for $20 Million-and Is Exp | Vanity Fair - Act II of the Ailes saga may have just begun.
Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Leaving Fox News After 14 Years | Mediaite - On The Record at 7 p.m. EST will be hosted instead by Brit Hume. (Greata is a Scientologist)
Van Susteren leaving Fox News, Hume tapped as replacement through election | Fox News
Fox Is Replacing Greta Van Susteren With Ailes-Defender And Sexual Assault Denier Brit Hume
Fox News to Reportedly Pay $20 Million to Gretchen Carlson, Apologize - The Atlantic - Settlement With Gretchen Carlson - The network will reportedly pay the former anchor $20 million and has apologized. Meanwhile, Greta Van Susteren, the longtime anchor, is leaving immediately.
Fox News offers public apology to Gretchen Carlson, settles Roger Ailes sexual harassment suit for $20 million - - Unprecedented multi-million dollar settlement comes on the same day veteran host Greta Van Susteren quits Fox News
Greta Van Susteren abruptly leaves Fox News- POLITICO Media - Brit Hume to take over 7 p.m. timeslot
Greta Van Susteren Abruptly Leaving Fox News After 14 Years | Mediaite
Fox News Settles With Gretchen Carlson Amid Growing Sexual Harassment Scandal - Fox will pay Carlson $20 million to end her lawsuit against Roger Ailes, Vanity Fair reported. - She alleged her former co-host, Steve Doocey, also mistreated her. (Douchey)
Roger Ailes Hires Lawyer For Possible Lawsuit Against New York Magazine - lawyer has represented figures like Hulk Hogan and Melania Trump.

- Trump Remembers Anti-Feminist Activist Schlafly As 'Champion for Women' (as much as he is a "champion" for black people)

Ann Coulter calls Captain Humayun Khan's father 'snarling Muslim' | Daily Mail Online

All Eyes Are on Chris Christie as Trial in Bridge Scandal Starts - The New York Times - Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was himself once a leading, if not the leading, presidential hopeful in his party. Then came revelations of a scheme so preposterous that it was hard to believe

Four Ways Media Attack Organized Labor (Fox lies, all the time)
The Sandy Hook Hoax (crazy all the way down)

Eschaton: Michael Marcon, Delete Your Account - In case you were wondering why there's so much bullshit at universities these days, part of the reason is boards filled with people like this asserting control...
Ursinus College controversy erupts over board chairman's tweets - Marcon, chief executive president of Equity Risk Partners

Woman Documents Vacation on Instagram Before Cocaine Bust - two Quebecois women were arrested with over $30 million worth of cocaine when they docked in Sydney, Australia, after two months traveling the world on luxury cruise ship the MS Sea Princess. Melina Roberge, 22, and Isabelle Lagaci, 28, face life in prison

Sex in later life: Better for women than men? -- ScienceDaily - Having sex frequently -- and enjoying it -- puts older men at higher risk for heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. For older women, however, good sex may actually lower the risk of hypertension.


Blasts Kill Dozens In Syria As U.S.-Russia Truce Talks Make Little Progress

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin in tense G20 standoff as the famously hostile pair fail to reach a breakthrough on Syria - Grinning Putin shakes hands with stony-faced Obama after US President was snubbed by Chinese hosts

The Isis-US kill ratio is 1-15,000 : worldnews

Theresa May Breaks With Brexiteers Over Immigration Proposals - May also declined to commit to Leave campaign promises to increase healthcare spending.

A new crisis in the Muslim world: Is it too young? - The Washington Post - Muslims are expected to outnumber Christians by about 2070 ... "That Muslims are growing twice as fast as the world's population is really striking and remarkable" (no jobs)

Duterte tells Obama not to question him about killings - "or son of a bitch I will swear at you"
Philippines president to Obama: 'I'm no American puppet' - - White House cancels Obama meeting with Philippines leader

Why Mother Teresa is still no saint to many of her critics - The Washington Post - persistent allegations of misuse of funds, poor medical treatments and religious evangelism in the institutions she founded.

Australian Teen Jailed Over ANZAC Day Kangaroo Bomb Terror Plot - Sevdet Ramadan Besim, 19, was sentenced to ten years in prison ... involved beheading a policeman and attaching explosives to a kangaroo (IEK)

Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States - The Washington Post (Putin rigging the election for Trumpster)

This study shows American federalism is a total joke - Vox - Voting for state legislators is dominated by feelings about the president.
Are baby boomers turning out to be the worst generation? - The Orange County Register - Someday, boomers will lose power, but right now they make up almost a third of the American voting-age population and hold nearly two-thirds of the seats in Congress.

Chris Wallace Won't Call Candidates On Their Lies During Last Presidential Debate - "That's not my job" ("My job is spread lies at Fox")

Clinton understands America's place in the world. Trump does not. (Fred Hiatt weighs in: more bombs!)

Hillary Clinton Looks Strong Heading Into Fall - Democrats stand a decent chance of retaking a Senate majority, too.

Is Rudy Giuliani Losing His Mind? - politico (which begs the question...)

Eschaton: Is Arnold President Yet? - For no particular reason I'm reminded of when Arnold became the Governator and Republicans along with much of the press were falling all over themselves to discuss making sure that he'd be eligible to be president one day.

Glenny Gonna Glenn - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Here is an excerpt from a Democracy Now! interview in which Glenn Greenwald makes the exact same argument conservative outlets have been floating for months now-that Democrats have "cried wolf" too many times in past elections. (see Chait: Did Trump Happen Because Liberals Are Too Mean? : GG says Dems made Repubs like McCain and Romney the "epitome of evil" so it's their fault)

'Rolling Coal' in Diesel Trucks, to Rebel and Provoke

Educational Leadership:Beyond Instructional Leadership:Unequal School Funding in the United States
Education Spending Per Student by State (MA went from 19th to 8th in 16 yrs)
NEA - Rankings of States and Estimates of School Statistics
The states that spend the most (and the least) on education, in one map - The Washington Post - Top spenders among the largest 100 school districts: 1. Boston ($20,502)

A General Theory of Love - The authors maintain that various forms of therapy are effective not so much by virtue of their underlying theory or methodology, but to the degree to which the therapist is able to empathetically modify these set patterns (limbic revision).
A General Theory of Love Quotes by Thomas Lewis - "Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love ... In a relationship, one mind revises another; one heart changes its partner. (144)"
Lynn O'Connor reviews A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, and Richard Lannon
What is love? Five theories on the greatest emotion of all | The panel | Opinion | The Guardian (Philia, Ludus, Pragma, Agape, Philautia, Eros)
Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy - Niklas Luhmann - Google Books

Middle-aged parents are now more likely to smoke weed than their teenaged kids - The Washington Post
New opioid douses pain without being addictive or deadly in primates : science - BU08028 (Analogue of buprenorphine, partial agonist, agonist of 5-opioid receptor, has analgesic properties without physical dependence
Accurate to-scale zoom-out from Earth to the observable universe made by the American Museum of Natural History. Blew my mind. : videos

Revolution against 'rich parasites' at utopian Burning Man Festival as 'hooligans' attack luxury camp - A band of hooligans raided our camp, stole from us, pulled and sliced all of our electrical lines leaving us with no refrigeration and wasting our food, and glued our trailer doors shut

Bi-curious people who are no longer curious, what did you find out? : AskReddit
What is the funniest child logic you've ever heard? : AskReddit
Arrival Review: An Exciting New Sci-Fi Language Is Created - "Arrival makes us care about each discovery and less about what conflict might impede it.
Arrival Review: An Exciting New Sci-Fi Language Is Created | Collider

Warner Bros. Flags Its Own Website as a Piracy Portal : technology


Hermine Strengthens Off North Carolina, Moving To Mid-Atlantic - The storm could linger off New Jersey for days.

Merkel's Party Beaten By Anti-Immigrant AfD In German State Election - a stinging defeat

Bumpy beginning for Obama in China, starting on the tarmac - a quarrel broke out between a presidential aide and a Chinese official who demanded the journalists traveling with Obama be prohibited from getting anywhere near him. It was a breach of the tradition observed whenever the American president arrives in a foreign place. - "This is our country! This is our airport!" the Chinese official yelled ("We're the boss of you!")
- Barack Obama 'deliberately snubbed' by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20 - The US president was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to 'go out the ass' of Air Force One, observers say
Confrontations Flare as Obama's Traveling Party Reaches China

While Mother Teresa has been canonized recently, here is a great post critiquing here work with references : bestof

Hundreds of child refugees have vanished since arriving in the UK, prompting trafficking and abuse fears | The Independent

U.S. Strategy on Syria Is a Non-Issue in Washington and on Campaign Trail - The New York Times (non-strategy)
Isis 'cut off from rest of world' as rebels expel Islamists from Turkish border | The Independent - Everything is finished. There is no more Isis at the border ... After three years in control of portions of the border (Erdogan left them alone for three years)

- Court of Appeals Avoids "Doomsday Effect" in Iran ccTLD Decision - Earlier today the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued its decision in Weinstein vs. Iran, a case in which families of terror victims sought to have ICANN turn over control of Iran's .IR ccTLD to plaintiffs (they tried to confiscate Iran's internet)

At Least 38 Killed In Afghanistan After Fuel Tanker Collides With Bus

Turkish Tanks Roll Into Syria, Opening New Line Of Attack - Turkey is hoping to drive out Islamic State militants and check the advance of U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish fighters

- Egypt MP Says Women Must Accept FGM Due to Country's 'Sexually Weak' Men (Egyptian dudes use a lot of penis pills so women can't have clits)

What Obamacare's Successes Should Tell Us About Its Failures - Nobody ever said health care reform was going to be easy.

- The most memorable comedy moments of the Obama presidency from SNL to 'Luther the Anger Translator'

6 things we know heading into the final months of the presidential race - The Washington Post
- Donald Trump wanted to 'see who the moderators are.' Now that he has, will he debate? (they gave Fox the last debate, entirely)
Megyn Kelly thinks she knows why Donald Trump wants to change the debate dates - The Washington Post (NCIS, football, wants bigger ratings but may say screw it)

Where Has Hillary Clinton Been? Ask the Ultrarich - The New York Times - "I stand between you and the apocalypse"
F.B.I. Papers Offer Closer Look at Hillary Clinton Email Inquiry - The New York Times - She said she was either unaware of or misunderstood some classification procedures.

- Some blacks agree with Trump on Democrats -- but can't stand the rest of his message
Trump Debuts 'A New Civil Rights Agenda For Our Time' - The GOP nominee claimed that "civil rights" include anti-crime programs, school vouchers and industry trade protections. ("civil rights" for rich people!)
Don't Be Fooled: Donald Trump's Immigration Plans Have Not Changed - He still wants to kick millions out of the country ASAP.
EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump made millions from Saudi government - NY Daily News
The Fix - Weeks after campaign pledged answers, big questions about Melania Trump's immigration status (she's a dreamer)
Wayne Barrett: Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, peas in a pod - NY Daily News - top surrogate, Rudy Giuliani, is on the payroll. In January, he joined a law firm, Greenberg Traurig, that represents Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump's kids try Millennial outreach, get turned into memes instead | (they do look like rich zombies)

- Support Wanes for Paul LePage, Maine's Brash Governor ("brash" = "insane Republifuck") Mr. LePage, who has vowed this week to never speak to the press again, did not respond to a detailed request for comment

How Anthony Weiner's risque messages shaped our revenge-porn laws - Right now, we are all participants in someone else's nightmare (his dick is newsworthy because his dick was newsworthy last time, ad recursio)

White women are dying faster all over America - but what about where you live? - Washington Post

- Meet the parents who won't let their children study literature - the drift toward pre-professionalism on college campuses (no need to be human)

In Brooklyn, Stifling Higher Learning Among Hasidic Women - The New York Times - "shouldn't God forbid take a degree which is according to our sages, dangerous and damaging" (to our regressive patriarchy)

His white suit unsullied by research, Tom Wolfe tries to take down Charles Darwin and Noam Chomsky - The Washington Post - Jerry A. Coyne ... Perhaps his social conservatism has bred such a discomfort with the implications of modern science ... (Republicans hate science)

Loneliness can be depressing, but it may have helped humans survive - The Washington Post
Depression Test Finds Many Who Need Help Aren't Getting It -- Science of Us - Less than a third of adult Americans with the mental disorder are receiving treatment for it
How dementia makes it harder to offer end-of-life comfort - The Washington Post

Experience the Wonder of Interactive Nebula in Stunning 3D : InternetIsBeautiful

Yahoo Finance is a mess ... the last good thing about Yahoo ... (explained in one picture)


Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun - The New York Times - warnings that the rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States' oastline are no longer theoretical. (thanks, Republicans)
The Role of Seafloor Methane in Ancient Global Warming - Eos - New research suggests that release of methane from seafloor hydrates was much slower than hypothesized during a period of rapid global warming about 56 million years ago.
The Deadly Collusion of UAVs and Infographics - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Zika: Two billion at risk in Africa and Asia, study says - BBC News

ISDS Courts - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Investor State Dispute Settlement courts that make up a central tenet of the Trans Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements. These extra-national courts effectively give corporations a new legal system to protect their interests that has no accountability to nations or peoples, no access for those peoples to defend themselves, and no system so that citizens can even know what is going on in them. (that's just the way Obama likes it)

ISIS Chainsaw Massacre: Nine Youths Literally Sawed In Half, Accused Of Being Part Of Resistance Faction

Libyan naval attack on charity ship adds new danger to migrant rescue | World news | The Guardian - Crews fear armed violence as a Libyan naval vessel opens fire in Mediterranean and EU sends in protective seapower

British woman raped before being killed for 'honour' in Pakistan - The Express Tribune

Millions of Indian workers strike for better wages - News from Al Jazeera - Thousands of state-run banks, government offices and factories shut as workers rally against Modi

Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Took To Venezuela Streets To Protest Living Conditions - ThinkProgress

Haredim Demand Halt to All Railway Work on Saturdays, Rejecting Netanyahu Compromise - Israel News - Haaretz - Israel Railways says that halting critical infrastructure work on Saturdays could lead to cancellation of late-night train services and those before and after the Sabbath. (Jewish Sharia law shutting down railroad for everyone else, of course)

Woman who mocked burka faces rape and death threats from online trolls | World | News | Daily Express - A JOURNALIST has faced a barrage of chilling rape and death threats after criticising the burka - forcing her to go into hiding ... Lejla Colak said forcing women to wear the Islamic headscarf was like forcing them to strap a sex toy to their heads.

Secrets and Suspicion in Uzbekistan - The New York Times - Uzbekistan was built largely around the cult of Mr. Karimov. Secretive and suspicious, he never named a successor ... Roughly half of the country's population is under 25 years old ... But the true peril lay in his brutal suppression of independent thought (crimes against Uzbekness ... "a future great state")

Edward Snowden's Long, Strange Journey to Hollywood

- Hundreds at New York mosque mourn woman murdered in 'hate crime'

White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Twitter, study finds | The Independent - Twitter users who self-identify as white nationalists and Neo-Nazis have grown 600 per cent since 2012, according to a new study (they are trending!)

Yes, the U.S. presidential election could be manipulated - The Washington Post (by lies about "rigging")
Memo to GOP: Forget your obstructionist policies. They backfired. - The Washington Post (never stopped them before and the stupid is a big problem)

6 Things We Learned in the F.B.I. Clinton Email Investigation - The New York Times
Clinton emails wiped clean after NYT story | TheHill - A number of Hillary Clinton's were erased weeks after The New York Times published a story reporting on her use of a private email server while secretary of State, according to notes from the FBI's investigation released on Friday. ("accidentally deleted" and "accidentally' wiped clean)
FBI Played Trick on Clinton During Email Probe, Newly Released Documents Show - ABC News (no one told her "C" was for "confidential")
Clinton's Mind-Boggling FBI Interview - What Was Cheryl Mills Doing There? "Like with a cloth or something?" But we now know, as the FBI notes recount, she had the server purged with a sophisticated software program, BleachBit,
Someone using Tor breached email account on Clinton server - POLITICO - someone accessed an email account on Jan. 5, 2013
FBI Says a Laptop That Held Clinton's E-Mails Has Gone Missing ("lost in the mail")

Trump just hired the Captain Ahab of Clinton haters - The Washington Post - new deputy campaign manager, conservative activist David Bossie
Hey Does Anyone Find Roger Ailes' Recent Career Trajectory Puzzling, Or Is It Just Me? - he went from being ousted at Fox News under scandal to advising a presidential campaign
Donald Trump surrogate admits falsifying biographical claims - - South Carolina preacher Mark Burns

- Media Matters President Bradley Beychok Responds To Report That Fox Sought Our Reporter's Phone Records
Gretchen Carlson Taped Conversations With Roger Ailes | Variety
Gretchen Carlson Taped Conversations With Roger Ailes : news
The Rise And Fall Of FOX News CEO Roger Ailes : NPR - July 26, 2016 (Gabe Sherman on Terry Gross)

- Inside the Republican creation of the North Carolina voting bill dubbed the 'monster law' (created by monster Republicans) "the most restrictive voting law North Carolina has seen since the era of Jim Crow."

'It's terrifying : Alaskans on edge after unsolved murders on trails and in parks - Anchorage has had 25 homicides this year and nine deaths remain unsolved

This small Indiana county sends more people to prison than San Francisco and Durham, N.C., combined. Why? - The New York Times - Dearborn County represents the new boom in American prisons: mostly white, rural and politically conservative ... "Letting local prosecutors enforce state laws differently throws all notions of equality under the law out the window" ... In smaller counties, prisons are often the only well-funded response to a range of social ills, including drug abuse and mental illness. (12 yrs for 15 oxycodon pills)

Hate Crime Charge Considered Against White Supremacist Who Ran Over Black Teen - Police say Russell Courtier, a member of European Kindred, admitted to intentionally running over Larnell Bruce Jr.

Ammon Bundy's lawyer quotes from Western film, mocks federal prosecutors in last-minute legal motion | ("we don't need no steenking badges")
Sheriff Glenn Palmer makes his own rules in Grant County | ... "You are not kicking us off our public lands" (which actually aren't "public" +"Constitutional sheriffs")

Airbag Propellant Bound for Takata Factory Detonates en Route - The New York Times - The immense blast -- he victim's remains were not found for two days -- highlighted the potency of the explosives used by Takata in its airbags as a propellent to activate its bags in a car crash ... Engine parts were found as far as two miles away from the wreckage

Eschaton: The Worst People in the World - There is some stiff competition, but the clear winner of the Worst University Administration Ever Award has to go to the dangerous cretins who run Long Island University, Brooklyn. Long Island University informed the LIU Faculty Federation (LIUFF) that it plans to lock out faculty at midnight on Friday, September 2, on the eve of a no confidence vote in President Kimberly L Cline

Local TV News Report: Mom Felt Scared in Grocery | Free Range Kids - A Fargo mom is telling local parents to watch out after an incident at a local grocery store (they were "following' her around the store with their grocery cart) "I noticed a couple that seemed rather close to me. Wherever I went they followed in the same pattern"

Study finds that asexuality is not a disorder, but rather a heterogeneous entity that likely meets conditions for a sexual orientation. : science
It's official: one joint of cannabis makes you lazy ... but only in the short term
- New research debunks reports that "regular marijuana use may contribute to the development of more passive, inward turning, amotivational personality characteristics" shows that motivation back to normal a mere 12h after consumption (bad science)
We Are Reading Less Literature - Pacific Standard - one finding of new research from the National Endowment for the Arts. (and more Facebook and Netflix, concentration is hard; books will be obsolete by 2030)

What company is surprisingly behind the times for how successful they are? : AskReddit
Unofficial rules of Reddit
What was the biggest "fuck you" given in history? : AskReddit
ELI5: Why is the diatonic order of a piano CDEFGAB instead of ABCDEFG? Why is it moved two letters forward? : explainlikeimfive
What is surprisingly still impossible in 2016 ? : AskReddit
The price of pot is tumbling in Colorado : news

The "Do Not Call" List Isn't Working, Now the FCC is launching the "Robocall Strike Force"
Police seize two Perfect Privacy VPN servers : technology


Americans Now More Politically Polarized On Climate Change Than Ever Before, Analysis Finds | Campaigns funded by vested fossil fuel interests and pushed by a network of ideological think tanks, many linked to the oil billionaire Koch brothers, have helped to widen the gap : science (hands of Satan making America stupid and doomed)

Hanjin ships, cargo and sailors stranded at sea - BBC News - With South Korea's biggest shipping company filing for bankruptcy protection, the vessels, sailors and cargo of Hanjin Shipping are stuck in limbo, stranded at sea.

Uzbekistan's Authoritarian President Islam Karimov Dead At 78 - He had ruled Uzbekistan since 1989, first as the boss of the local Communist Party and then as president of the newly independent republic from 1991.

- Putin Says DNC Hack Was a Public Service, Russia Didn't Do It
- Hacker Guccifer, who exposed Clinton's use of private e-mail, gets 52 months

Colin Powell Told Hillary Clinton To 'Be Very Careful' If She Used A BlackBerry For Email - He used one with caution when he was secretary of state.
FBI Releases Documents Related To Its Clinton Email Investigation - She told the FBI she couldn't recall some things because of a concussion she suffered in 2012.
The Latest Clinton Scandal Is Another Flop - Hey, look, there goes the plot.

- Good news for the GOP: Most Clinton voters say they'll split the ticket - In contrast, a majority of Donald Trump supporters say they probably or definitely will vote only for Republicans (tight race and dems will vote for Republifuck congress and state offices)
Clinton's advisers tell her to prep for a landslide - Displaying unchecked confidence, the Democrat's paid consultants see plenty of paths to the White House.

Donald Trump Can't Resist Slamming 'Morning Joe' Hosts On Twitter - pretty petty.
Donald Trump Has Not Yet Paid Several Top Staffers ("suckers")

- Melania Trump Is Seeking $150 Million in Damages After Publication of the 'Escort' Articles
Melania Trump: A retraction | Daily Mail Online - Naked photoshoots, and troubling questions about visas that won't go away: The VERY racy past of Donald Trump's Slovenian wife

Did Trump Happen Because Liberals Are Too Mean? - This theory holds that Trump prevailed at least in part because liberals blew their credibility by hyperbolically denouncing previous Republican presidential candidates, thereby conditioning Republicans to ignore the warnings when Trump came along. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni gives this theory credence in a column - "Crying Wolf, Then Confronting Trump" (in case you had any doubts about where he's coming from +Trump is forcing so many reckonings)

- American Workers Can Do Everything Right and Still Lose
Who Works for the Workers? | Issue 26 | n+1

Roger Ailes's Lawyers Escalate His Vicious Vendetta Against Journalist Gabe Sherman - Noted journalist Gabe Sherman is preparing a major exposi about the former Fox News chief and women for New York magazine ... Sherman conducting ... a sick personal vendetta ... no one reads New York Magazine (eventheliberal Susan Estrich joins in the vile slanders)
- The Revenge of Roger's Angels - How Fox News women took down the most powerful, and predatory, man in media. By Gabriel Sherman

Anthony Weiner Confirms Child Welfare Agency Is Investigating Him - The New York Times

Colin Kaepernick National Anthem Protest Continues As Other Players Join - The quarterback ignited controversy with his protest over racial injustice and police violence.
- ESPN Radio Host Paul Finebaum Says Black People Aren't Oppressed

'Birth of a Nation' actress Gabrielle Union: I cannot take Nate Parker rape allegations lightly - In 1726, at the age of 20, Benjamin Franklin created a system to develop his character. In his autobiography, Franklin listed his thirteen virtues as:

We're Not Quite 'Born this Way
Sexual Orientation, Controversy, and Science - Association for Psychological Science

H3H3 Explains the recent Youtube censoring problem : videos (YT "de-monitizes" informative videos about difficult topics)


Hurricane Hermine nears US as Florida braces for first direct hit in a decade | World news | The Guardian - The storm was expected to blow ashore then drop back down to a tropical storm and push into Georgia and up the east coast with potential for deadly flooding

Muslim refugee jailed after he thought 'raping a 10-year-old boy was okay' | Daily Mail Online - The Myanmar refugee said it was culturally acceptable in his home land

Clinton makes it rain campaign cash | The campaign minute | US news | The Guardian

Election Update: As The Race Tightens, Don't Assume The Electoral College Will Save Clinton (Nate says it's a tight race, Hillary up 2-4%)

Donald Trump's Trip to Mexico Was an Embarrassment for Our Nation's Media - Newspapers, television, everything. It made a jackass out of every member of the media who ever has used the word 'presidential' in any connection with El Caudillo del Mar-A-Lago, and particularly those members of the media who got played for suckers on Wednesday afternoon. (again)
The Duplicity of Donald Trump - The New York Times - Donald Trump is the internet troll of presidential politics. (and a bully)
When this is over, you will have nothing that you want - Chicago Tribune - Garrison Keillor
Donald Trump Just Cranked Up The Volume On Immigration - Anyone hoping for a kinder, gentler GOP nominee can forget it. He's getting worse
'Plastered by the gringo' Trump meeting a public relations disaster for Pena Nieto (well, that didn't work)
Welcome To The Mexican-American Election - El Norte is going through one of its periodic fits of fear of the immigrants who define and power it.
Rudy can fail - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The unwilling suspension of disbelief necessary to understand the bad political novel we're living in becomes more burdensome by the day.
- Rudy Giuliani wears new 'Make Mexico Gret Again Also' cap at Trump rally (he really attracted the worst people)

Woman Charged With Child Abuse Uses Indiana Religious Freedom Law As Defense - The law cited by Thaing's attorney was signed by Pence on March 26, 2015. He did so in a quiet, closed-door signing ceremony with conservative and religious leaders. (child abuse a Christian tradition)
Eschaton: A Kindler, Gentler Donald - That was basically the NYT writeup of his speech last night, posted on the site, before it got a few edits. (they're hopeless)

She Was Raped During Study Abroad. Then Her School Said She Couldn't Talk About It. - A female student is accusing her small Minnesota college of failing to support her after she was sexually assaulted overseas.
Jared Fogle plans to sue parents of young girl he was convicted of abusing | US news | The Guardian - Fogle, 39, is claiming that the parents of one of his victims are partly responsible for her abuse, according to a report in TMZ.

Trial shows tantalising signs that new Alzheimer's drug could benefit early-stage patients | Science | The Guardian - The small study of only 165 people with mild symptoms of the disorder found that a dozen monthly injections of the antibody aducanumab removed clumps of protein that build up in the Alzheimer's brain
Study: 'Bad trips' from magic mushrooms often result in an improved sense of personal well-being
More U.S. adults use pot as laws, attitudes shift - CBS News - fewer people perceive pot as harmful, according to a new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry.
An increasing number of U.S. adults are using marijuana, and attitudes about the drug are shifting - fewer people perceive pot as harmful, according to a new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. : science

Redditor predicts a 12 year old MMO will go free-to-play a year ago and got eaten alive in comments. Today, his prediction came true. : bestof
What was your "I was only gone 'X' minutes, what the hell happened?!" story? : AskReddit

Dropbox hack leads to dumping of 68m user passwords on the internet : news (good password info)


Anthropocene: Planet Earth has entered new epoch, experts say | Environment | The Independent - The phenomenon is of sufficient scale to be considered as part of the Geological Time Scale
- Nasa: Earth is warming at a pace 'unprecedented in 1,000 years' (Rethugs: just a little weather)

Europe's net neutrality guidelines seen as a victory for the open web

Thousands to receive basic income in Finland: a trial that could lead to the greatest societal transformation of our time : news

3 men in line for Brazilian presidency accused of corruption
Brazil's Senate Votes To Impeach President Dilma Rousseff - first female president will be removed from office. (that didn't take long +and replaced with more corrupt leaders)

North Korea Executes Vice Premier For Not Sitting Up Straight, South Korea Says - Kim Jong Un has been purging top officials since he came to power in 2011.

How An Egyptian Spy Stopped The Deadliest Terror Plot On Israel In History - Palestinians once almost shot down an Israeli airliner carrying around 400 people (the "Angel")

Gallup: Life got better for pretty much everyone under Obama - The Washington Post

Democracy And Capitalism May Be Headed For Divorce - Inequality is fueling global political unrest.

President Obama Grants 111 Additional Commutations. To date, President Obama has granted 673 commutations: more commutations than the previous ten presidents combined. : news

And Let's Tell The Press About It (Clinton's secret plan to rattle Trumpster, so of course ...)
Hillary Clinton Is Doing Better In States With Highly Educated White Populations
Hillary Clinton Disliked By A Record Number Of Americans, Survey Finds - the worst view Americans have had for the former secretary of state in a quarter-century of public service. (Fox and NYT +she gets no points for experience and dedication)
Why Clinton will always have low favorable ratings, no matter what she does - The Washington Post
In NTY's Hillary Clinton Coverage, An Obsession With "clouds" and "shadows"

Leaked 2015 Memo Told Dems: 'Don't Offer Support' For Black Lives Matter Policy Positions (can you spell out-of-touch?)

Trump Supporters: It's Both Race and Class - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The useful thing in this piece is how it identifies the divide between relatively wealthy Republicans who hate welfare programs and believe in bootstrapism no matter what and poor whites who really need government programs but who associate them with blacks and immigrants and see Trump as a way out of that.

Trump In Unexpected Trip To Mexico After Harsh Criticism - Mexican President Enrique Peqa Nieto once likened his tone to the ascent of dictators like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini (the Trumpetron)
Can Trump Be This Stupid? (Not a Trick Question)
- Michele Bachmann: God 'Raised Up' Donald Trump - "Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know" (if by "God" you mean "Satan")

LePage demands apology from reporter, vows to never speak to press again - politico (meanwhile, in LePage's head ...)

Embattled Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown Loses Primary - re-election bid was dogged by her federal indictment on 22 charges that include conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax violations.

One Of The Most Reviled Prosecutors In Florida Just Got Kicked Out Of Office - Prosecutor Angela Corey made a name locking up juveniles, securing death sentences and failing to get George Zimmerman convicted ... "an encouraging sign that the public will no longer tolerate overzealous and unprincipled criminal prosecutions, including women and children"

Eschaton: Rhee Era - Rhee had everyone in DC convinced that she was saint and savior, the one woman capable of fixing the schools by opening a can of whoop ass (firing them) on the evil teachers and principals who stood in her way. Of course it was all bullshit.
Quote of the Day: Jay Mathews' Biggest Mistake Was Trusting Michelle Rhee (Barry and Arne's and the beltway presses' favorite cheating education scammer)

Voting Rights Are Under Attack from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach - Kris Kobach has quite a track record. (oh, hello, Kansas)
North Carolina Voter ID Law Remains Struck Down After Supreme Court Deadlock ... This is a boot in the eye ... of ... Chief Justice John Roberts, who has spent his entire career trying to undermine the gains made by the Civil Rights Movement and now finds himself one Scalia short when he needs one the most.

Whining Isn't Everything, It's the Only Thing: wingnut Cornell Professor William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection has acquired a new second home -- not bad, the life of a tenured radical! -- and talks about it thus: (Ithaca is a hellhole for rich professors and it's Obama's fault)

Teen Says She'll Fail High School If Trans Students Use Her Locker Room ... undressing in front of someone who is biologically male before marriage is simply a violation of her religious beliefs ... Aryn Coyle told The Morning Call that she was not aware of any actual transgender students in Sigourney's gym class, but "Although, how could you know?" (and her Christian nutball mom)

Framed: She was the PTA mom everyone knew. Who would want to harm her? - Los Angeles Times

Officers tackle pregnant student; say they were fired for being white : news
Feds Declare War On Herb Touted As A Solution To Opioid Addiction

Chris Brown is currently in a stand-off with SWAT : Music
Opioids and anti-anxiety medication are killing white American women | The Washington Post - Overdosing on prescription drug combinations plays a part in the growing rates of premature death among white women

Investigation finds 5 cases of sexual misconduct at Phillips Academy - Alexander Theroux

(5) Annaliese (@tornadoliese) | Twitter

- Turns out the signal astronomers saw was"strong" because it came from Earth
- Turns out the signal astronomers saw was "strong" because it came from Earth
Not a Drill: SETI Is Investigating a Possible Extraterrestrial Signal From Deep Space : news
Famous Wow! signal might have been from comets, not aliens | New Scientist

Dogs can understand human speech, scientists discover | Science | News | The Independent
Dogs can understand human speech, scientists discover: Brain scans discover evidence that dogs process language in a similar way to humans and are only truly happy if a praising tone of voice is matched by the actual words spoken : worldnews
TIL of 1177 BC: The year that civilization collapsed. In a short period of time all empires along the Mediterranean collapsed violently;including the Egyptian, Hittite, and Mycenaean empires.Almost every significant city in the eastern Mediterranean world was destroyed, and historians don't know why : todayilearned
What are the alternative ways to measure advancements of civilisation other than the Kardashev Scale, and what are their pros and cons? : askscience
3.7-billion-year-old fossils may be the oldest signs of life on Earth - The Washington Post

What monthly subscription is worth it? : AskReddit
Vocal fry Valley girl assaults overly polite lyft driver over a doll on his dash : videos
Nurses who has to ask the famous "sexual history" question, what was the best answer you got?

The most absurd Internet privacy class-action settlement ever | Ars Technica - Lawyers get millions. Consumers get nothing. E-mail snooping continues unabated.


Weather, Politics, Climate Change - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - December of 2015 was the warmest ever recorded in New Hampshire, by far. Indeed, in temperature anomaly terms (degrees above or below average) it was the warmest of any month for at least 121 years. (Teapartiers say what warmth? even though they just lived through it)

G20 Summit to deal with rising anti-globalization sentiment - CCTV News - English
The Big Problem With The Trans-Pacific Partnership's Super Court That We're Not Talking About - Financiers will use it to bet on lawsuits, while taxpayers foot the bill.

UN pays tens of millions to Assad regime under Syria aid programme | World news | The Guardian (left hand-right hand)

IS buried thousands in 72 mass graves, AP finds
At Least 10,000 Killed In Yemen Civil War - It's almost twice as many deaths as what was previously thought.

Suspected Suicide Car Bomber Attacks China's Embassy In Kyrgyzstan - The driver of the vehicle was killed and three people were injured.

European Commission State aid: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to 13 billion
Court Ruling on Apple Tax in Ireland Puts It at Center of Fight Against Multinational Corporate Power - The Gaels vs. Tim Cook.
- The massive sum was 40 times bigger than the previous known demand by the European Commission to a company in such a case. (Steve Jobs at work)

- Russia-Backed DNC Hackers Strike Washington Think Tanks
FBI alert sparks fears that state voting systems are under digital assault - politico - a nationwide alert about the possible hacking of state election offices after breaches in Illinois and Arizona is raising concerns that a nationwide attack could be afoot, with the potential for creating havoc on Election Day. (Putin installing his puppet Trump)

WikiLeaks Plans To Pay For Dirt On Clinton And Trump - "Lesser publications" are "not able to maintain accuracy when financial incentives are involved," the organization says.

- a Big Problem With One of Hillary Clinton's Favorite Campaign Stories (she makes shit up all the time)
Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate - The New York Times
Colin Powell's foundation and Hillary Clinton's are treated very differently by the media (good example of the media's decades-long vilification of Clinton)

- Trump Campaign CEO Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment In '90's Legal Dispute - Steve Bannon (MRA douchebag)
Trump Campaign CEO Once Blasted "Bunch Of Dykes" From The "Seven Sisters Schools" - BuzzFeed News
Republican Voters Wish They'd Picked A Different Nominee

- Trump said he could put several blue states in play. (he lied again)
Trump's popularity with African-American voters polling at zero (they love him)
Poll: Donald Trump Chips Away at Hillary Clinton's National Lead - NBC News - The latest NBC News | SurveyMonkey poll was conducted online (yeah, right)

The New York Times Has a Hillary Clinton Problem - Loyal readers deserve better ... The Times obsession with finding something-anything!-it could hang on the Clintons goes all the way back to that moment three editors ago when the paper realized that its big Whitewater scoop was little more than a bag of Arkansas hot air. (it's in their DNA)
Eschaton: Step 1, Delete Your Account - Step 1, Delete Your Account There is something deeply broken about the DC press. (11 ways)
Donald Trump Floats Conspiracy Theory That Huma Abedin Has Terrorist Ties

11 ways to think about the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin split - The Washington Post
"She Has Not Been Chief Of Her Husband's Staff" (ho-ho) Rush Limbaugh Blames Huma Abedin For Her Husband's Sexual Tweets
Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "The problem for Clinton team - after Democrats repeatedly pointed to Bannon personal past, going to be hard to argue Weiner is off limits" (NYT and Maggie specialize in false equivalence)
Eschaton: Both Sides

Democrats delay ad spending on Ohio Senate race - The Washington Post - where former governor Ted Strickland (D) has struggled to gain traction against incumbent Sen. Rob Portman (R).

House Conservatives Plot Coup Against Speaker Paul Ryan - Gulp. Here they go again.

Sarah Palin falls and cracks her head - and makes it all about Hillary Clinton - Sarah Palin falls down, cracks her head, then out of her mouth come some random nouns, a verb salad and an attack on Hillary Clinton. (like it wasn't cracked already)
Pastor apologizes for tweet of Clinton in blackface | TheHill - An African-American pastor who has become a prominent surrogate for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump apologized Monday night for sharing a cartoon of Democrat Hillary Clinton in blackface earlier in the day.

In the morning Gov. LePage says he might resign; by afternoon he discounts the idea - The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram
Maine's Problem-Governor Paul LePage-Is America's Problem - Will he or won't he? Does he even know??

Fox News Calls Ex-Anchor Andrea Tantaros An 'Opportunist' Over Ailes Harassment Claims - comment: " been so snarky and condenseding toward Obama for 8 long years without fail. I mean, it was to the point of hate and despise. So it makes it hard to have sympathy for someone that took great joy in tearing down POTUS." (lie down with snakes ...)

Andrea Tantaros Wants Roger Ailes, Fox News Execs To Take A Lie Detector Test - An innocent person would jump at the chance for this kind of vindication - - comment: " this is an individual who for years claimed there are no sexual harassment issues in the military. She sadisticly belittled those brave women who came forth to complain about it."
Petition Demands Fox News Fire Bill O'Reilly Over Harassment Claims

4 teens charged with murdering Chinese food delivery woman |
A 'Debtors' Prison' Judge Locked Up This Arkansas Mom For 35 Days Because She Bounced A $29 Check

California Lawmakers Pass Mandatory Jail Bill Inspired By Stanford Rape Case - The bill now goes to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown for his approval.

A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate. : worldnews (Republicans would rather women die)

Resident Miffed Over $50 Fine for Swimming With Wife at New Jersey Condominium Complex | NBC New York - Jewish law prohibits men and women from bathing together, and the rules at A Country Place were implemented to accommodate the majority of Orthodox Jewish homeowners at the 376-unit Lakewood adult community (Sharia Law)

Modern Man told men how to talk to women who are wearing headphones | Metro News

Facebook fires trending team, and algorithm without humans goes crazy | Technology | The Guardian
Three days after removing human editors, Facebook is already trending fake news - The Washington Post


The Anthropocene is here: scientists - The human impact on Earth's chemistry and climate has cut short the 11,700-year-old geological epoch known as the Holocene and ushered in a new one, scientists said Monday.
The Anthropocene epoch could inaugurate even more marvellous eras of evolution | Martin Rees | Environment | The Guardian - The darkest prognosis is that bio, cyber or environmental catastrophes could foreclose humanity's potential. But there is an optimistic option (singularityville)
Iceland's largest volcano set to erupt after biggest tremors in 40 years | Environment | The Independent - Two quakes larger than four in magnitude have rocked the crater of Katla, the country's Met Office says
A Climate Change Vacation - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Last week, the cruise ship Crystal Serenity set sail from Anchorage, Alaska, and is expected to cross the fabled Northwest Passage in eight days.
First stop Ulukhaktok: Crystal Serenity cruise ship sails into N.W.T. - North - CBC News - Small hamlet first Canadian stop for massive vessel carrying 1,000 passengers (global warming a boon for local economy if you live in the arctic)

Iraqi Woman Shoots Dead ISIS Commander That Once Made Her A Sex Slave - American Military News

Suicide Car Bomber AttackDaniel L. Hatcher
s Militia Compound, Killing At Least 54 In Yemen - The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Italy Rescues About 1,100 Migrants In Mediterranean - The migrants were picked up from eight rubber dinghies, one large boat and two punts during 11 rescue operations.

Female tourists should not wear skirts in India, says tourism minister | World news | The Guardian - Foreign arrivals issued with welcome kit including safety advice for women, after high-profile assaults

Great Exploitations | Boston Review - The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America's Most Vulnerable Citizens - Daniel L. Hatcher - Indeed, the Right's efforts to starve government of the level of resources necessary for competent functioning have made a self-fulfilling prophecy of the claim that government is moribund. (whole states are corrupt, see KS)

FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems [Video] (Putin is rigging it for Trump)
Clinton Campaign Happily Using Strong End-To-End Encryption To Communicate; Will They Let The Rest Of Us Use It Too? | Techdirt - The other oddity in this story is that Hillary Clinton has called for Snowden to be put in jail, and yet now her campaign is telling everyone to use Snowden-approved encryption?

Trump's slump in Nascar country deepens Republican fears of defeat | US news | The Guardian - Even at the Hall of Fame in North Carolina, pessimism is rising as fast as the billionaire falls in the polls, threatening GOP control of Congress - Nascar dads
Donald Trump Is Down In The Polls, But Not Out Of The Race Yet - The GOP nominee needs to be mindful of courting controversy if he wants to gain much.
Democrats Step Up Pursuit of House Republicans Left Limping by Donald Trump - The New York Times (give Nancy back the hammer)
- Donald Trump's Bigotry - Trump enjoys a roughly 40-point lead among white men without college degrees but only a high single-digit lead among college-educated white men. Among white women without college degrees, he leads by low double-digits but trails by nearly 20 points among college-educated white women (dumb white guys screwing themselves, again)
- Even if some officers thought his orders were illegal or unethical. (he would just fire them, duh)
Grifters Gonna Grift - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The second is a scheme run by Ian Hawes, a 25-year-old Maryland man who has no affiliation with Trump or his campaign and who has preyed on more than 20,000 unsuspecting donors, collecting more than $1 million in the process.

Huma Abedin And Anthony Weiner Are Separating
Anthony Weiner Reportedly Caught In Yet Another Sext Scandal - One of the raunchy selfies included his young son in the background
Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner reportedly separating | - Weiner has once again been sending images of his genitals to a woman, this time to "a self-avowed supporter of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association who's used Twitter to bash both President Obama and Clinton."

Ann Coulter Is Singled Out And Mercilessly Destroyed At Rob Lowe Roast - BRUTAL.

Paul LaPage's Race War

When Two Memes Collide: Dr. Jill Stein Speaks Out About Harambe

New York governor sparks anger after killing threatened shark | US news | The Guardian - The New York state governor, Andrew Cuomo, and his news anchor brother Chris have been criticised by conservationists and constituents after posing beside a threatened shark they killed on a fishing trip.

Is It "Irrational" for People to Get a Ph.D. in the Humanities (Or Even in the Sciences) (devaluing education, and society, in general )

Rebel cowboys: how the Bundy family sparked a new battle for the American west | US news | The Guardian (Cowliphate Pootriots)

What is the worst case of edgy teenager syndrome you have ever witnessed? : AskReddit
What is something the opposite sex generally does that you baffles you? : AskReddit

Dotcom allowed to livestream court hearing | NZNews | Newshub


Russian journalist critical of Vladimir Putin found dead on his birthday with gunshot wound to head | World | News | The Independent - Alexander Shchetinin found dead with a gun near his body after friends tried to visit him at home

Half of Germans against Merkel serving fourth term: poll | Reuters

From Bikinis to Burkinis, Regulating What Women Wear - The New York Times

A Powerful Russian Weapon: The Spread of False Stories - The New York Times

Turkey Ratchets Up Syria Offensive, Says Warplanes Hit Kurdish Militia - A dangerous escalation

How the Clinton Campaign Is Foiling the Kremlin | Vanity Fair - Staffers are now using a 'Snowden-approved' app to hide Trump-related e-mails from hackers, in Russia and elsewhere. (Signal +maybe she'll pardon him, because Barry sure won't)
GOP plots early wake-up call for Clinton - politico - Looking past Election Day, Republicans sketch plan to stymie a President Hillary Clinton agenda.

Swing states: how changes in the political landscape benefit Trump | US news | The Guardian - Despite campaign troubles and low favorability ratings, Trump will almost certainly win at least 20 states, if not 25 - half the US - on election night.
Trump might already be out of time - politico - With negative perceptions hardened, his late adjustments on policy and rhetoric could sway too few people to matter.
Trump was MY warm-up man... but I gave him a bounce - and he'll be new Ronald Reagan | Daily Mail Online (birds of a racist feather)
'No Vacancies' for Blacks: How Donald Trump Got His Start, and Was First Accused of Bias
Trump Goes Back To Original Immigration Position With Second 180 Flip - He now promises immediate action on deportation, with no mention of a path to legal status
Ice Cube Takes Down Donald Trump In 1 Devastating Tweet - will never endorse a mothafucka like Donald Trump! EVER!!!
- Trump Really Is a Racist.
Donald Trump has a massive Catholic problem - The Washington Post (we'll see)
Ann Coulter is currently experiencing every nonfiction author's nightmare - Sympathy for the devil in Prada - So, to sum up: Ann Coulter has had a book come out this week about how Trump is awesome, built on a thesis that Trump managed to eviscerate just as the book was released.
Joanna Rothkopf on Twitter: "this is an actual passage in @AnnCoulter's book!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A Southern city wants to secede from its school district, raising concerns about segregation - The Washington Post

Stephen King: Maine Governor Is A 'Bigot, A Homophobe, And A Racist' - "I think that about covers it." (you voted for him twice, Mainers)

What's on Your Vagenda Today? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Guns of Maine: "Beware the Beast - Hildabeast Clinton and her vagenda of manocide
A literary guide to hating Barack Obama - The Washington Post (swiftboaters!)
"Surrendered Dads" - "Fathers, who enjoyed absolute authority within the household for several millennia, now find themselves at the beck and call of their wives and children." (WSJ publishes MRA garbage)

- Siblings charged with murder in death of Dwyane Wade's cousin - about 1,400 people drive 85% of the city's gun violence
Video Shows Police Pepper Spraying 84-Year-Old Woman, Tasering Son

- A fortress against fear - In the rural Pacific Northwest, prepping for the day it hits the fan - "I'm not paranoid"

Lavoy Finicum's widow announces plans to sue feds, state cops over husband's death |
Ryan Bundy to keep metal fragments in arm to 'preserve evidence' |
Deb Jordan says Oregon Standoff Co-Defendant Jason Blomgren Will Testify for Prosecution About Explosives at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge | Challenging the Rhetoric
Steve Sorenson (Bunkerville)

My girlfriend elaborately made me homeless. : legaladvice
A Story of a Fuck Off Fund - The Billfold
It's nice to hear a story that ends: Reader, she left him' | Life and style | The Guardian - So when she donated her $7 million divorce settlement to a children's hospital and a domestic violence charity, it was a classy move

On the University of Chicago's Letter to Students Prospective Donors
What I See as a Marketing Ploy by the University of Chicago... - Live from DerpLand on the Midway:
University of Chicago dean declares war on student autonomy
Trigger Warning: Elitism, Gatekeeping, and Other Academic Crap - The Tattooed Professor

- Why are sales suffering at so many women's stores? They made bad clothes - Banana Republic has acknowledged that it struggled to sell a blazer last year because women couldn't fit their arms into the armholes. Yes, a venerable clothing brand that raked in $2.65 billion in 2015, manufactured a jacket that was physically unwearable.

Best Hippie Songs Of All Time - YouTube

An international team of researchers has announced the detection of "a strong signal in the direction of HD164595" : news
CPAP machines don't prevent heart attacks, strokes in some sleep apnea sufferers - the CPAP group was able to wear the masks only about 3.3 hours per night, a length of time that is consistent with CPAP users in the real world

A clown appears to be trying to lure kids into woods in South Carolina : news
Have you ever hooked up (sex/dating/marriage) with a former school classmate 10+ years after graduation? How'd it work out? : AskReddit


Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change, this 'carbon accountant' says | Science | AAAS - Just 90 companies are to blame for most climate change (send them the bill)

More female extremists leaving Canada to join Islamic State: report : worldnews
Survey: Germans want a burqa ban : worldnews
France's highest court suspends burkini ban in test case | Suspension concerns single ban in southern town but is likely to set precedent for other places that have prohibited full-body swimwear

Former prime minister Stephen Harper resigns as MP | Toronto Star - Harper stepped down as Conservative party leader in October on the night he lost the election to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and has now resigned from his Calgary seat.

FBI's massive porn sting puts internet privacy in crossfire (meanwhile, in fuck your privacy land)

US judge upholds state law requiring vaccinations - SFGate

Clinton leads Trump by 5 points in Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters - down from a peak this month of 12 points (Trump coming on strong as 47% of voters are insane and possessed by Satan)
Hillary Clinton Is Winning The Ad War (but Trump in the news way more)
Tech firm brags about blocking FBI from recovering Clinton emails | Washington Examiner - BleachBit stifles investigation of Hillary Clinton

The 40 top Republicans (and counting) who won't support Donald Trump
Donald Trump Makes Another Tragedy All About Him - He exploited the shooting of a mother of four to his political advantage.

- The disturbing dawn of the alt-right: Donald Trump's the leader of a dark movement in America - The rising right-wing ethno-nationalist movement in Europe is the progenitor of Trump and the American movement (Digby)
Hillary and the alt-right: The toxic endurance of political extremism - - Hillary Clinton takes on a right-wing racist fringe that will live on long after Donald Trump is done exploiting it - Trump has really, more than any person in memory, pushed the radical right in general, and the alt-right specifically, into the political mainstream
The rise of American authoritarianism - Vox - What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016. (uneducated white guys want a dictator, 20% of Trumpsters say Lincoln shouldn't have freed slaves)
Republicans can't pretend not to know what fuels the Trump campaign (no need to whistle when you can sing it out loud)

- The strange tale of Donald Trump's doctor letter just got stranger

Southern Poverty Law Center to list White Lives Matter movement as a hate group : news

News from The Associated Press - The investigation and possible prosecution of metropolitan Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be handled by the U.S. Justice Department after federal prosecutors in Arizona asked to be removed because of unspecified conflicts of interest, according to a court filing made public. (they love their crooked sheriffs)

Black Brooklyn teen shot by cops in 2013 was surrendering: video - NY Daily News - claim that this young man repeatedly took aim at him with an unloaded toy gun not only defies logic, but it is blatantly contradicted by the video

Revealed: Fox News' 400-page oppo file on Gabriel Sherman

Opiate Addiction Experts Turn to Marijuana As Safer Alternative to Pain Relief | L.A. Weekly (call Mawty Walsh)

Racial bias found in Texas death penalty cases, Harvard Law School study says | US news | The Guardian

Judge quashes Ryan Bundy's subpoena of Gov. Kate Brown |

Pastor who praised Orlando gay killings charged with child molestation in Brunswick : news

Is the earth pulled toward where the sun is now, or where the sun was 8 minutes ago? : askscience
ELI5: What are sine and cosine? : explainlikeimfive
Science AMA Series: I am Tyler VanderWeele, professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of public health and I study the health effects of religious service attendance; Ask My Anything! : science
Genes and the Intergenerational Transmission of BMI and Obesity - Strong BMI correlation in biological parent-child pairs, but none for adoptees. Suggests primary role of genetics in intergenerational body weight transmission. Health transmission may contribute to persistence in economic success in families

Eagle free falls from top of World Tallest Building into the hands of its trainer : videos
What's history's best example of "that escalated quickly"? : AskReddit
What's the 'next big thing' that's going to fail for sure?
Parents of Reddit, what was the best lie that your child has told you, that you knew was a lie, but wanted to see how big of a hole they would put themselves in? : AskReddit
- Woman goes crazy on large guy for making a "sexually harrassing" joke
What would "Lord of the Flies" have been like if it was all girls on the island instead of boys?
What opinion of yours did you do a 180 degree flip on? : AskReddit


Extreme Weather, Climate Change, Science Communication - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Italy Quake Death Toll Hits 267, State Funeral Planned - A day of national mourning was announced, with flags due to fly at half mast around the country for the dead, who include a number of foreigners.

The revolution-inspired graffiti changing the face of Kiev - in pictures | World news | The Guardian

Top French Court Makes Initial Ruling To Suspend Burkini Ban - following a request from the League of Human Rights to overturn the burkini ban on the grounds it contravenes civil liberties.

Clinton leads Trump by 10 in national poll - POLITICO - The Democratic nominee opens up a big lead as Trump muddles through controversy.

- Hillary Clinton Denounces the 'alt-right' and the Alt-Right Is Thrilled - Richard Cohen, the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, dismissed the idea that Mrs. Clinton was doing the public a disservice by drawing attention to the alt-right. "It is a fancy, almost antiseptic term for white supremacy in the digital world" ("alt" = "extreme")
Whose Alt-Right Is It Anyway? | Southern Poverty Law Center - "The goal is often offensiveness for the sake of offensiveness in the way that many young white men embrace." ... "No it isn't. The goal is to ethnically cleanse White nations of non-Whites and establish an authoritarian government. Many people also believe that the Jews should be exterminated."
- Getting Cucky: A Brief Primer On The Radical Right's Newest 'Cuckservative' Meme - aims to depict conservatives who don't kowtow to ultra-right political views as inept traitors to the conservative base that elected them. But the term, at its core, may be racist.
The Grand Old Alt-Right Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The alt-right is more than warmed-over white supremacy. It's that, but way way weirder. ("neoreactionairies" the new paleocons - corps are your royalty)
The Darkness Before the Right - The Awl - Neoreaction -- aka NRx or the Dark Enlightenment (pls, endarkenment) - As Land has it, through the acceleration of global capitalism the human will be dissolved in a technological apotheosis, effectively experiencing a species-wide suicide as the ultimate stimulant head rush. Rust Cohle meets Ray Kurzweil
Clinton draws a sharp contrast between Trump, Republican Party | MSNBC
In Her Alt-Right Speech, Hillary Gave the GOP a Mafia Kiss | New Republic - Clinton seemingly took the high road in courting Republicans, but only to make their existence a living hell.
Saying Donald Trump is totally unlike mainstream Republicans could be the best way to beat them - Vox

Fox News Won't Stop Linking Hillary Clinton To Birther Claims (not good for your rep, Megyn)
After Ailes, Fox News Has a New Crisis: Can It Keep Megyn Kelly? | Vanity Fair - Within its subterranean newsroom, staffers and executives have a new fear: Will they be able to convince Megyn Kelly to re-sign with the network and stave off a potential post-Ailes ratings decline? And does that mean the end of Bill O'Reilly?

Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon is registered voter at vacant Florida home | US news | The Guardian (they always pull shit like this +Guardian does original reporting in US)
Trump campaign CEO once charged in domestic violence case - politico
Donald Trump's Campaign Chief, Stephen Bannon, Faced Domestic Violence Charges in 1996 (real piece of work)
- No, Donald Trump, America Isn't a Hellhole - Krugman - what happens when you nominate a short-attention-span candidate who knows nothing about policy and refuses to sit still for more than three minutes. Today's increasingly multiracial, multicultural society is a nightmare for people who want a white, Christian nation in which lesser breeds know their place. (and Trump is their man)
Donald Trump: I'm Not Racist. Hillary Clinton Is Racist.
Trump: Only Liars Cry Racism. Also Hillary Is Racist.
Donald Trump Once Compared Unauthorized Immigration To Vomit'
Donald Trump's 'Apprentices' Had to Agree to Go Nude - "whether I am clothed, partially clothed or naked, whether I am aware or unaware of such videotaping, filming or recording." 2016 is the first election in American history in which lowbrow entertainment and politics have merged to such a degree that they are nearly indistinguishable

Working-Class Trump Supporters: Motivated by Racism, Economic Dislocation, and Community Decline - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and anger. lots of anger.)

Will I run? | 38 Pitches (Curt Shilling "I don't know how anyone could think I'm a racist homophobe" weighing run against Elizabeth Warren in his head +"lowbrow entertainment")

Obama administration essentially puts ITT Technical Institute out of business - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - ITT, which has about 43,000 students nationwide, is facing accusations from its accreditor of chronic mismanagement of its finances and using questionable recruiting tactics. The company is also under investigation by state and federal authorities.

New Concerns Arise About Mental Health Of College Students + CBS Boston - Dr. Gene Beresin, a psychiatrist and Executive Director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, says 50% to 60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder.

Man Jailed For Oral Activity On Boardwalk | The Smoking Gun - -A man spotted yesterday afternoon performing oral sex on a woman lying down on a Florida beach boardwalk told cops that he was an "emergency responder and had to assist the female as it was his duty"

Lifelike baby dolls designed to deter teenage pregnancies actually have opposite effect, scientists find - found girls who took part were twice as likely to get pregnant and a third more likely to have an abortion than those who did not ... Virtual Infant Parenting (VIP) "Baby Think It Over" (who could have predicted that giving girls cute little animatronic babies ...)


Italy Earthquake Death Toll Climbs To Nearly 250 As Rescue Teams Continue To Search Through Rubble - Rescuers saved a 10-year-old girl, pulling her alive from the rubble where she had lain for some 17 hours. Many other children were not so lucky.

France Has a Strange Concept of Feminism -- and Secularism (wrong and couterproductive) Katha Pollitt

Are the United States and China Condemned to a Military Stalemate? | The Diplomat - A new article posits a technology-heavy analysis of the future of the U.S.-China military balance.

Julian Assange to release material from Hillary Clinton's election campaign | Daily Mail Online

The Anti-Democratic Urge | New Republic - With populism on the rise in both parties, it has become fashionable for elites to bash the masses. But we need more democracy, not less.

The AP's big expose on Hillary meeting with Clinton Foundation donors is a mess
Washington Monthly | How the AP Spun the Story About the Clinton Foundation
The Clinton Rules: Still In Effect - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Clinton Foundation Still Not Criminal, Still Not Great
AP's Bombshell Clinton Foundation Report Comes Under Scrutiny
CNN: Clinton on foundation attacks (smoke, no fire)

Clinton ad ties Trump to KKK, white supremacists - POLITICO

Breitbart, explained: the conservative media giant that wants Trump to burn down the GOP - Vox - The story of Breitbart is the story of the traditional conservative movement being defeated by a force, a kind of white populist nationalism, that it had previously depended on.
Why many veterans are sticking with Trump, even after he insulted a Gold Star family - The Washington Post (thinking is hard)
Coulter Goes to War with Trump And It Is Glorious - Liberals may die tonight because there are limited supplies of those injections they give you for acute schadenfreude toxicity
UNCUCKED AND HELL-BENT - Lawyers, Guns & Money : [TRIGGER WARNING: to paraphrase Pauline Kael, it would take the wisdom of Solomon to determine whether this video is more offensive aesthetically, psychologically, morally, or politically.]
TAKE THE 'R' TRAIN, new campaign song - YouTube
trump negging - Google Search

Trump Normalized Hate Groups. The Media Normalized Trump. - Looking back on the week everyone in America started saying "alt-right"
- The Alt-Right Garbage Fire Was Always Burning Since the World's Been Turning (link broken but find on google)

Rachel Maddow's fascinating duel with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, annotated

Has Fox News Hit Its Ceiling? - politico Magazine - Some unsolicited advice for the Murdoch brothers.

Eschaton: Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape

Federal judge to Ryan Bundy: 'Open defiance' of court authority shows he's unfit to serve as own lawyer |
Blaine Cooper, Jerry DeLemus plead guilty in Nevada standoff near Cliven Bundy's ranch |

- This Badass CEO Innovated Her Way to a Higher Salary by Disrupting the Pricing of a Drug That Saves Kid's Lives - Mylan CEO Heather Bresch (and Joe Manchin's daughter)

PRRI - Laws about the Use of Bathrooms by Transgender People - A majority (53%) of Americans oppose laws that require transgender individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to their sex at birth rather than their current gender identity, compared to 35% who favor such laws. (down to 35% hardcore)

Texting while driving - Lawyers, Guns & Money (watching this should be a requirement for getting a license)

Cocks Not Glocks: Texas students carry dildos on campus to protest gun law | US news | The Guardian (Texas Rethugs made guns legal on campus, so "campus carry")

Straphangers go berserk after woman tosses bugs in subway car | New York Post


Climate change as an economic issue will hurt Clinton and the Democrats in 2016 - The Washington Post

Brain Scans of Brazilian Babies Show Array of Zika Effects - The New York Times (Republican virus)
New Zika Cases Investigated in Florida - The New York Times

Powerful Earthquakes in Italy Kill Dozens and Shatter Towns - The New York Times
Dozens Dead After Strong Earthquake Levels Buildings In Central Italy - The worst affected town were believed to be Accumoli, Amatrice, Posta and Arquata del Tronto.
Italy's History of Severe Earthquakes

Kenya's Gold Medal for Corruption

Turkish Military Begins Major Offensive Into Syria in Fight Against ISIS - The New York Times

French police make woman remove clothing on Nice beach following burkini ban | World news | The Guardian - Authorities in 15 towns have banned burkinis, citing public concern following recent terrorist attacks in the country

- Queensland stabbing: British woman killed by attacker who allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - A British man is in a critical condition and a woman is dead after attack witnessed by up to 30 people in Home Hill, in Queensland

- If law enforcement officials wanted to stage a mock terrorist attack to test security at New York City, they couldn't have planned it better than what actually happened on Aug. 14 ... It exposed serious flaws at all levels of airport security (but Chuckie is on the case)

Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump By 12 Points In New Poll - according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday.
Democrats Have a 60 Percent Chance to Retake the Senate - The New York Times - which includes a 17 percent chance that the Senate ends up evenly split with a Democratic vice president providing the tiebreaking vote.

Bernie Sanders's New Political Group Is Met by Staff Revolt - At the heart of the issue, according to several people who left, was deep distrust of and frustration with Mr. Weaver (former campaign manager and a jerk)

Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State - More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money (she did everything she could to give the "vast rightwing conspiracy" ammunition)
Now Hillary has a big Clinton Foundation problem, too - The Washington Post - Hillary Clinton has never been great at understanding that, in politics, perception almost always equals reality ("never been great" = "sucked") an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.
- Citing InfoWars, Fox News Complains Google Is Covering Up "Clinton Body Count" Stories (well, there's a closed loop +Hillary most successful serial killer)
Chappatte on Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal (so many self-inflicted wounds)
Emails Show Huma Used To Put Hillary Down For Nap Time | The Daily Caller - Huma Abedin served as the Director of Nap Time while working at the State Department.

Donald Trump Campaign Manager Goes Into Full Poll-Truther Mode - The hidden Trump vote in this country is a very significant proposition. (millions of stealth zombies will appear on election day to eat your brains)
Donald Trump Used Campaign Donations to Buy $55,000 of His Own Book - The Daily Beast - FEC rules dictate the Republican nominee must forgo royalties on the book's sales (meanwhile, the ethically-challenged Drumpfster)

From Jill Stein, disturbing echoes of Ralph Nader - The Washington Post - Stein, making an appearance at the National Press Club in Washington, took her campaign on an unexpected detour when she accused the famed leftist Noam Chomsky of being cowardly.

EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern for Allergy Sufferers - The New York Times - Mylan, the pharmaceutical company, acquired the decades-old product in 2007, when pharmacies paid less than $100 for a two-pen set, and has since been steadily raising the wholesale price (and their corrupt executives salaries)
Eschaton: This Blog Contains Multitudes - The CEO of Mylan, the EpiPen Price Gouging Corporation, is Heather Bresch, the daughter of Senator Manchin. There was a bit of a controversy about her academics awhile back, though shockingly she's managed to do quite well in spite of it. Maybe that ethics class was one of the ones she missed. (experts in screwing other people)

More Attacks on Transgender Rights - The New York Times - Texas' attorney general, Ken Paxton, set out to challenge them. (how they rig the system against you)
Entire Neighborhood Flies Rainbow Flags After Bigots Egg Their Gay Neighbors - One person's act of fear and maliciousness created such a powerful statement of love - "It was our first experience in Natick of having any type of prejudice"
GOP Lawmaker, Already Punished For Claiming Parents' Money As His Own, Does It Again - Rep. Frank Guinta (R-N.H.) doesn't seem to have learned his lesson

- Mass Lesbian Farm Infiltration Is Obama's Best Scheme Yet

Eschaton: I Just Thought They Were Too Busy Buying Skinny Jeans - Such a mystery why those kids today behave in this weird incomprehensible fashion - Must be because they just aren't mature like We Were when we were The Kids Today. Built our homes ourselves, we did, after putting our way through college on summer jobs while taking care of 3 children.

Montana man with controversial past to serve as 'volunteer paralegal' for Ryan Bundy | - U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown allowed Montana resident Roger L. Roots, a convicted felon, to serve as a volunteer paralegal for Bundy and his standby counsel.

BBC - Earth - Why do women have periods when most animals don't? - Apart from humans and our close relatives, the only animals that menstruate are elephant shrews and certain bats. Why did it only evolve in these species?
PLOS ONE: Natural Selection of Human Embryos: Decidualizing Endometrial Stromal Cells Serve as Sensors of Embryo Quality upon Implantation - Pregnancy is widely viewed as dependent upon an intimate dialogue, mediated by locally secreted factors between a developmentally competent embryo and a receptive endometrium.
The evolution of menstruation: A new model for genetic assimilation - Emera - 2011 - BioEssays - Wiley Online Library - Explaining molecular origins of maternal responses to fetal invasiveness - We argue that decidualization became genetically stabilized in menstruating lineages, allowing females to prepare for pregnancy without any signal from the fetus

ESO Announcement To Address Reports Of Proxima Centauri Exoplanet - Universe Today
BBC - Earth - Why bullying is such a successful evolutionary strategy
Is Elysium Health's Basis the Fountain of Youth?

Alan Watts: Making Decisions - YouTube


Abu Zubaydah, detainee tortured by CIA, makes case for Guantanamo release | US news | The Guardian - Detainee, who the CIA admitted it had waterboarded and who has never been charged with a crime, appears for first time in 14 years at quasi-parole hearing (your government at its evilest)

Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA : news
Commentary: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA | Reuters

Report: Rio police exaggerated their version of Ryan Lochte events, too

WikiLeaks posts medical files from rape victims and sick kids in new data dump | Media | The Guardian - organization has published sensitive personal data belonging to hundreds of ordinary citizens, an investigation has revealed (wikievil)
Private lives are exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets - Medical records are widely counted among a person's most private information. But the AP found that WikiLeaks also routinely publishes identity records, phone numbers and other information easily exploited by criminals. (asshole Julian can rot in the embassy)

Is Terrorism Getting Worse? In the West, Yes. In the World, No. - The New York Times - Terrorism Killed More Westerners in the 1970s and 1980s

The Lynching Memorial in Alabama Will Be a Truth We Cannot Flee - This country has needed a serious homegrown kind of Truth and Reconciliation Commission literally for centuries now. We need to acknowledge thoroughly the crimes and the murder and the blood that provided so much of the foundation of what we call American Exceptionalism.

Russians Suspected In Hack Of New York Times, Other U.S. Media: CNN - The intrusions were detected in recent months.

- The Fake $400 Million Iran 'Story'

50 Years of Electoral College Maps: How the U.S. Turned Red and Blue - The New York Times

Eschaton: Let Us Know How That Worked Out In About 40 Years - In my dealings with people who were paid lots of money (and not) to think deep thoughts about retirement issues, there were 3 basic things I came across:

Hillary Clinton's 15,000 New Emails to Get Timetable for Release
Drip, drip, Clinton'S emails come out
Emails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept. - The Washington Post - the requests were directed to Clinton's deputy chief of staff and confidante, Huma Abedin
Clinton, Conquering Pickle Jar, Laughs Off Claims Of Ill Health On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - I would prefer to be running against somebody I thought was qualified to be president and temperamentally fit
What Are the Chances That Democrats Retake the House? - The New York Times (probably not)
Sad New Poll Shows Trump And Clinton Basically Tied In Missouri - The Show Me State went to Republican candidates in the last four presidential elections.

Voters Don't Trust Donald Trump On Any Of These Major Issues - most distrusted Republican candidate in recent history when it comes to policy
When Republican Donors Grow Up, They Will Attend Trump University - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Trump campaign, as has long been obvious, the purest distillation of the contemporary Republican Party, a cycle of grift with no other real purpose: the Trump campaign spent $1.8 million in July on campaign memorabilia, an amount that eclipsed even what it was spending on payroll. The focus on merchandise instead of building out a ground game continues to defy the logic of traditional politics.
Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign's Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It - Office rent soared in July after Trump's campaign began accepting donor contributions. (grifters will grift)
Donald Trump Still Supports Mass Deportation For Undocumented Immigrants - So much for that flip-flop. ('heads will spin' is one of his favorite tropes)
- Trump Advisor: Hillary and Obama Want 'ethnic cleansing of white working people'
CNN headline makes blacks and felons synonymous | TheHill - Trump wants GOP to court black voters -- then slams voting rights for felons
- Oh, there may be several reasons for this phenomenon, all of them rooted in the fact that El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago is the lead bozo in an ongoing carnival dunk-tank of a political campaign.

GOP Congressional Hopeful Dan Bongino Launches Profanity-Laced Tirade Against Politico Reporter - Behold the modern irrelephant. Marsupial, yet pouchless, they lumber across the American political landscape blinded by their own rage and hate. (congenital bullies)

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News Claims Retaliation for Harassment Complaints - The New York Times - "Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny" (Cult of the Penis) "Roger wants to see your legs."
Fox News Run As A Playboy Mansion-Like Cult, Ex-Host Claims - high-ranking executives fostered a newsroom culture in which abusive behavior flourished ... Scott Brown made "sexually inappropriate comments" and once grabbing her waist while she was buying lunch ... O'Reilly asking her to stay with him at a "very private place" (dudebros gone wild)
Scott Brown named in FOX sexual harassment lawsuit - The Boston Globe

Federal judge admonishes Oregon standoff defendant Duane Ehmer for threatening social media post | - "It's hunting season against liberal Democrats," shortly after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested at an Aug. 9 rally in North Carolina that "Second Amendment people" could act against Hillary Clinton. (Cowliphate gun-bullies enabled by the Drumpfster)

Residency where marijuana is legal no reason for police search: U.S. court | Reuters - A federal appeals court on Tuesday said police officers cannot stop and search vehicles belonging to out-of-state motorists simply because of where they reside, including states where marijuana use is legal. (profiling by state)

Rules for Wives, 1955 - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 18.) A good wife always knows her place.
In The Suburbs (1957) - YouTube

The Troubled-Teen Industry Has Been A Disaster For Decades. And It's Still Not Fixed (since McClean Hospital in the '60s)

- Alan Watts - Why your life is not a journey

Mylan Execs Gave Themselves Raises As They Hiked EpiPen Prices - NBC News
U.S. lawmakers demand investigation of $100 price hike of lifesaving EpiPens - The Washington Post

The Life-Changing Magic of Choosing the Right Hospital - The New York Times

How melanoma spreads to other organs in the body: Findings may lead to a cure for the deadly disease -- ScienceDaily - Findings may lead to a cure for the deadly disease
Researchers find lab rats on marijuana just can't be bothered | Science | The Guardian - THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, makes rats less willing to exert cognitive effort - lazy - but, you know, that's your opinion, man
Too much activity in certain areas of the brain is bad for memory and attention : science

What's your favorite palindrome? : AskReddit
Seal seeks shelter on motor boat : gifs

Pokimon Go loses its luster, sheds more than 10 million users | Ars Technica - Engagement, downloads, and time spent in the app are fading fast.


Neoliberalism has had its day. So what happens next? | Martin Jacques | Opinion | The Guardian - After almost nine years, we are finally beginning to reap the political whirlwind of the financial crisis. But how did neoliberalism manage to survive virtually unscathed for so long?
The richest 10% hold 76% of wealth - Aug. 18, 2016

Japan's PM emerges from green pipe dressed as Mario, accepts Olympic torch Super Shinzo Abe dresses as iconic Italian plumber as Brazil passes baton to Japan.
USA TODAY Sports investigation raises questions about Rio cops, Lochte incident - not everyone has concluded Ryan Lochte and his teammates are entirely in the wrong or that the account offered by Rio authorities is entirely accurate.
Speedo, Ralph Lauren Cut Ties With Ryan Lochte - Syneron-Candela and Airweave also dropped the Olympian. (lyin' Ryan takes a hit in the pocketbook)
Speedo USA Drops Sponsorship of Ryan Lochte Amid Scandal, donates Lochte's $50k fee to children in Brazil : worldnews

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis ban women from going to university in case they get 'dangerous' secular knowledge - 'We will be very strict about this. No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous. Girls who will not abide will be forced to leave our school'

Drug War Deaths Climb To 1,800 In Philippines - In the last seven weeks alone.

Presidential Plagiarism - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mexican president Enrique Peqa Nieto, a man who makes George W. Bush seem like a complete genius by comparison, plagiarized at least 28 percent of his legal thesis on Alvaro Obregon from at least ten authors

Here's The Story Behind This Summer's Incredible NYT Magazine Middle East Issue

FBI uncovers 14,900 more documents in Clinton email probe - The Washington Post
New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors - Judicial Watch
- The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn't turn over. Uh oh.
Colin Powell sets record straight on involvement in email scandal | Page Six - The truth is she was using it (her personal email) for a year before I sent her a memo telling her what I did [during my term as secretary of state].
- Colin Powell Says Hillary Clinton's 'People Have Been Trying to Pin' Email Scandal on Him

Monmouth University - Hillary Clinton holds a slim 4 point lead over Donald Trump in the perennial battleground state of Ohio
Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia - The New York Times

A Majority Of Republican Voters Fear Something That Virtually Never Happens - In-person voter fraud just isn't a real problem in the U.S. So why do states keep trying to fight it? (they are evil and lie)

A Voters Guide: What Is This Trump Campaign, And Where Is It Pivoting?
No, Syrian Refugees Have Not Caused Four Decades Of Wage Stagnation - "I mean, wages have been stagnant for the last 15 years and it's because you have, you know, Syrian refugees coming in" Eric Trump continued (not far from the stupid tree)
Eschaton: The Real Story - No media figure did more to help Donald out during the primary than Morning Joseph did. He basically handed his show over to Trump. Such gratitude. -- "the real story of @JoeNBC and his very insecure long-time girlfriend, @morningmika. Two clowns!" -- Anyone seen Chris Christie lately?
Sen. Mark Kirk Says President Obama Is 'Acting Like The Drug Dealer In Chief'
Trump Ally Roger Stone Says GOP Nominee Should Release Tax Returns 'Immediately'
Donald Trump Is Abandoning Every Network But Fox
Meet The Press's Chuck Todd Will 'Disqualify' Most Republican Congressional Candidates (except he won't)

White Supremacy Illustrated - Lawyers, Guns & Money (White Lives Matter; media reports both sides except when one side is white supremecist)
Against the Voter-As-Consumer And Politics-As-Soap-Opera - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Insulin price spike leaves diabetes patients in crisis | Montana & Regional | - A massive spike in insulin prices is causing a health crisis for millions of diabetes patients who depend on the lifesaving drug, doctors say.

Student debt can balloon with little notice | The Columbus Dispatch - With compounding interest and fees assessed on top of other fees, some of these borrowers now owe as much as five times the original principal.

What is the most NSFW thing that happened at your work? : AskReddit

Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight - A lie with a billion dollars behind it is stronger than the truth. Peter Thiel has shut down
Gawker, RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money (billionaires can sue you into rubble)


Turkish wedding suicide bomber was 12-14 years old, Erdogan says -

The Case for the Bringing Back the Political Machines | New Republic - Political machines were corrupt to the core-but they were also incredibly effective. If Democrats want to survive in the modern age, they need to take a page from their past.

'Clown Runs for Prez' - New York Daily News Front Pages

Trump's Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties - Among the lenders: the Bank of China, one of the largest banks in a country that Mr. Trump has railed against as an economic foe of the United States, and Goldman Sachs, a financial institution he has said controls Hillary Clinton
Ukraine Releases More Details on Payments for Trump Aide, Paul Manafort - The New York Times - line-item entries, some for millions of dollars.
Donald Trump July FEC report: Trump paid dearly to boost fundraising - POLITICO - he haul came at a steep price and that the campaign was still not dedicating resources to catching up on building the staff and field organization that all previous presidential efforts have required.
Trump campaign doubles spending but staff is a tenth the size of Clinton's | US newTrump aired no television ads and paid fired campaign manager - the Guardian - Republican nominee raised $37m in July to Clinton's $58m
Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Rose Quickly By Playing To His Ego - telling Trump what he wants to hear

The mystery that is Melania Trump - The Washington Post - Billy Joel, Elton John, Paul Anka and Tony Bennett performed, and more than 300 guests, a great many of them the global elites that Trump now frequently campaigns against, dined and danced into the evening.

Casino tycoon launches multimillion-dollar effort to boost Israel's image on campuses - LA Times - art of a multimillion-dollar effort to combat the BDS movement, led by Las Vegas casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson

Republicans Set To Lose Senate Control - Democrats have a 78 percent chance of getting 50-plus seats in November, the HuffPost Senate model shows.

- Roger Ailes biographer: "The impact could be greater than phonee hacking" - Sherman reported that Ailes had offered television producer Randi Harrison an extra $100 a week in the 1980s if she agreed to have sex with him whenever he wanted ... inside Fox News it's kind of a Lord of the Flies situation where everyone

U.S. Marshals Are Arresting People in Texas Who Have Outstanding Student Loans - And, this week in Texas, they began to involve federal agents in combat gear bursting into debtors's houses and arresting them (and shooting their dogs, thanks, Obama)

Roommate drama lands Penn State sorority sisters in federal court - But this spat between sorority sisters, which started during a spring sojourn in Spain, has escalated to involve college authorities, multiple lawyers, and a federal judge.

- Hugo awards: reading the Sad Puppies's pets

The Long, Remarkable History of the GIF - long, doomed quest to replace its most iconic? and flawed filetype. ?
How panics about pictures of naked women shaped the Web as we know it - The Washington Post - Maybe the Internet really is for porn.


As Louisiana floods rage, Republicans are blocking modest climate action | Raul M Grijalva | Opinion | The Guardian (cult of stupidty and death)
Pregnant Women Advised to Avoid Travel to Active Zika Zone in Miami Beach - The New York Times

Ryan Lockte's apology is clear: He doesn't realize what he has done wrong - His so-called apology was a lame, crisis-crafted statement that showed zero sincerity and no awareness of his affront to Brazil
U.S. Swimmer Bentz Says Lochte Played Key Role In Rio Scandal

U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds | Reuters (largest organized crime ring outside Russia) "Where is the money going? Nobody knows" (would America notice if it had free healthcare, healthy infrastructure and good education?)

Gaziantep in Turkey rocked by huge bomb blast | Daily Star - A SUICIDE bomber has reportedly detonated their device at a wedding in Turkey, it is not clear who is reponsible for the bombing though officials in the region suggest ISIS may have been behind the attack

Nice becomes latest French city to ban burkinis : worldnews

More than 30 Christians hacked to death in DRC

Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds | US news | The Guardian - As the Republican-led state legislature has slashed funding to reproductive healthcare clinics, the maternal mortality rate doubled over just a two-year period (Repubican success)

Hillary Clinton's Ethics Problems Are Worse Than She Understands (Chait)
Hullabaloo - Medical Mudslinging: the swiftboats of August 2016

Trump predicts he can win 95 percent of the black vote - politico
Donald Trump's Pitch To Black Voters: 'What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?' - Just 1 percent of black voters currently support the GOP nominee.
They Can't Stay in Character
African-American Shoutreach - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump hands his campaign to the 'alt-right' movement - (homophobic, women-hating, racist and nationalistic dudenazis)
Win or lose, Trumpism may be here to stay in the GOP - The Washington Post (like it never wasn't)
Inside the fall of Paul Manafort - politico - campaign chairman thought he could weather the scrutiny of his lucrative foreign political consulting. He was wrong.
FBI Investigating U.S. Ties To Alleged Corruption By Former Ukraine President - The alleged scandal reportedly involves Paul Manafort, who recently resigned as chairman of the Trump campaign.
- The Best And Worst Of Paul Manafort's Failed Trump Pivot
Ivanka Trump Mocked For Having Unpaid Intern Blog About Getting By Without Pay
Looks Like Ivanka Trump Doesn't Pay Her Interns - This is rich.
Right-Wing Operative Tried To Infiltrate At Least 3 Democratic Campaigns - Allison Maass has been spotted at offices for Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Russ Feingold. (nice internet resume you got there, Allison)

Judge Seeks Criminal Contempt Charges Against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (lock him up)

Do you know what the lesbians are doing to our soil? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : lesbian corn farmers are the latest Right Wing bugbear.

Religious Freedom Law Protects Business Owner Who Fired Trans Woman, Judge Rules - The businessman says allowing one of his employees to express her gender identity "would be violating God's commands" (the judge agreed)

Texas Halts Execution Of Non-Triggerman Over Questions Of 'Dr. Death' Testimony - Wood was convicted as an accomplice to murder, with a controversial psychiatrist testifying that he would commit more violence.
Suspect's Hit-And-Run On Arab Neighbor Was Harbinger Of Alleged Murder To Come - Majors' husband, Stephen Schmauss, posted the bond on May 25 and Majors was freed.
Sheriff Glenn Palmer makes his own rules in Grant County |
Wanted fugitive caught by Massachusetts police despite elaborate 'old man disguise' | Americas | News | The Independent - He was charged alongside 11 others as part of larger complaint into a major Cape Cod drug trafficking ring known as the Nauti-Block gang.
Connecticut shooting wounds 13 people at house party | US news | The Guardian - Police believe two shooters opened fire on partygoers in Bridgeport

Josh Brown, New York Giants Kicker, Suspended One Game For Alleged Domestic Abuse - His ex-wife told police he had been violent for years.

The New Science of Single People -- Science of Us - Understanding the new science of single people requires grasping two main points: the weaknesses of the extant literature on the (ostensible) connection between marriage and happiness and well-being, and the intriguing nuggets that those few researchers who have dipped a toe into the study of singles have already uncovered.
- The most powerful voter this year, who in her rapidly increasing numbers has become an entirely new category of citizen, is The Single American Woman - By Rebecca Traister - the number of adults younger than 34 who had never married was up to 46 percent, rising 12 percentage points in less than a decade. For women under 30, the likelihood of being married has become astonishingly small: Today, only around 20 percent of Americans ages 18-29 are wed, compared to nearly 60 percent in 1960

Starr: Baylor wanted him out as law professor - Higher Education - Ken Starr has decided to leave his last remaining post at Baylor University, saying university officials wanted him out

What is the most common colour in the universe? : askscience

Life lessons from a small-town undertaker as white women die younger in America - The Washington Post
One of the most powerful descriptions of suicide I've ever read. David Foster Wallace - Infinite Jest : books

A Night of Fire: The Mystical Vision that Converted Scientist Blaise Pascal | ChurchPOP

The NSA hack proves Apple was right to fight the FBI : technology


Firefighters Gain Ground On Monster Southern California Wildfire - So far, the Blue Cut fire has blackened 35,969 acres of drought-parched heavy brush and chaparral.

White Male Privilege Is Why We Laugh At Lochte And Vilify Douglas - Pay close attention to the words being used to describe them. #LochteGate

Zika: South Beach confirmed as second site of US-based transmission | World news | The Guardian - CDC adds popular Florida tourist destination to travel warning after five cases confirmed, but governor Rick Scott says state won't dvise people to stay away

The NSA Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm (should have hired Hillary for their security)

Police killings of favela residents continue as Games go on in Rio | World news | The Guardian

Mexico Police Executed 22 On Michoacan Ranch In 'Grave' Rights Abuse, Report Finds - The National Human Rights Commission says officers also moved bodies and tortured two people they arrested after the shootout.

Egypt Suspends 8 Female TV Anchors, Saying They Are Overweight - The New York Times (they like them skinny in their burkas)

American Genocide - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The esteemed historian Richard White reviews Benjamin Hadley's new book on the organized American genocide against California Indians and reiterates the utter brutality behind American expansion, a history Americans are simply not willing to deal with at a time when they are happy to, fairly, condemn actions overseas that, once again, American helped create (see, ISIS today, the Khmer Rouge 40 years ago).

Obamacare Hits a Bump - The New York Times

State Dept. confirms $400 million Iran payment conditioned on hostage release - politico - We deliberately leveraged that moment to finalize these outstanding issues nearly simultaneously

Hillary Clinton Told F.B.I. Colin Powell Advised Her to Use Private Email - The New York Times (lock him up!)

Trump spokeswoman claims Clinton has rare brain disease | TheHill - Katrina Pierson alleged that Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, has a disorder called dysphasia, a condition brought on by brain trauma that erodes a person's ability to speak or comprehend language. (you almost think they did that on purpose)

Paul Manafort resigns from Donald Trump campaign - The Boston Globe - in the wake of campaign shake-up and revelations about his work in Ukraine
Trump advisers waged covert influence campaign - on behalf of Ukraine's ruling political party, attempting to sway American public opinion in favor of the country's pro-Russian government (they knew the shit was about to hit the fan)
Manafort's man in Kiev - The Trump campaign chairman's closeness to a Russian Army-trained linguist turned Ukrainian political operative is raising questions, concerns
Ukrainian Lawmaker Outlines Details On Alleged Payments To Trump Campaign Chief - Serhiy Leshchenko says a pro-Russian political party made payments worth millions of dollars to Paul Manafort. Manafort didn't work for free in Ukraine, he served the Party of Regions for over 10 years and it is clear that his work was paid
Donald Trump Campaign, Republican Groups Targeted By Hackers: Report - The report follows the hack of Democrat groups.
Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Failed To Properly Pay Taxes For Several Years - The former CEO of Breitbart News faced numerous federal and state tax liens in the 1990s. (he defunded big government)

Regretful Trump pivots 107 days late - POLITICO - The Republican nominee delivers one of the most comprehensive, on-message rationales for his candidacy to date.
Donald Trump Steps Out of Character to Voice Unexplained Regrets - The New York Times
A veiled truth revealed about America - The Boston Globe - Donald Trump didn't bring bigotry to America. It has always been there. He has merely brought it into the light.
Republicans Worry a Falling Donald Trump Tide Will Lower All Boats - The New York Times

- How NYers React To A Life-Size Naked Donald Trump Statue In Union Square
NYC Parks Department Confirms What We Already Knew: Donald Trump's Penis Is Disturbing
Naked Donald Trump statues erected in multiple cities | (tiny dick)
Donnie's s little lies are yuuuge: Trump has redefined what it means to be deceitful on the campaign trail
'The Daily Show' Analyzes Third-Party Candidates (So You Don't Have To) - If Hillary and Bernie had sex and someone watched it, it would be Dr. Jill Stein
Cruz's Image Among Republicans Tanks After GOP Convention - Among U.S. adults, 29% see him favorably, 58% unfavorably

Charles Lane and the WaPo Sleaze Bernie Sanders | Beat the Press | Blogs | Publications | The Center for Economic and Policy Research - At best, this claim shows how utterly ignorant Lane is of what Sanders said throughout his campaign. ("socialists" not allowed to buy houses)
Donald Trump foreign policy adviser accused of anti-Semitic remarks | McClatchy DC - Joseph Schmitz, named as one of five advisers by the Trump campaign in March, is accused of bragging when he was Defense Department inspector general a decade ago that he pushed out Jewish employees.

Pregnancy-Related Deaths Nearly Doubled In Texas After Cuts To Women's Health - Texas experienced a sudden and dramatic spike in pregnancy-related deaths in 2011, the same year the state slashed funding for Planned Parenthood and women's health programs - Seventy-two women in Texas died from complications of pregnancy and childbirth in 2010, and that number jumped to 148 in 2012. (Republicans killed several hundred women - go, Christians!)

Today in the Kansas Economic Miracle - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The new July jobs report released Friday is an utter disaster for Kansans and embattled Gov. Sam Brownback. (will Kansas learn anything from this self-destructive disaster?)

Will thinkfluence for food - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The University of California, Berkeley, paid $200,000 to consultants to improve the national and international image of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, who announced Tuesday that he was stepping down - "a key thought leader forming key partnerships"

Nate Parker, 'The Birth of a Nation,' and the Court of Public Opinion - The Atlantic - The up-and-coming filmmaker is under intense scrutiny for rape charges leveled against him 17 years ago
Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy - The New York Times

'It feels like censorship' - Guardian readers on NPR's decision to close comments
How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet | TIME - They're turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse (trolls are "stalkers" who harrass women)
Twitter rolls out quality filter setting to all users | Venture | Social | by Ken Yeung - which automatically screens out tweets from suspicious accounts and hopefully will minimize or eliminate abuse from taking place on the platform.


Time to listen to the ice scientists about the Arctic death spiral | Opinion | The Guardian - We must reduce emissions, fast, or the human castastrophe predicted by ocean scientist Peter Wadhams will become reality - the ice world, or the cryosphere, and in just 30 years has seen unimaginable change.
How is there still no funding act for Zika? | Liz Seegert | Opinion | The Guardian - The need for more testing grows ever more dire. But it's unclear how states will afford it, potentially allowing the virus to spread unnoticed (Republicans don't believe in germs)
- Tony Perkins blamed gays for God's wrath. Then his house was swept away - Perkins also frequently compares homosexuality to pedophilia ... "Our house flooded, a few of our cars flooded" (only a "few" of them)
Divine wrath for thee, nearer my God for me - Lawyers, Guns & Money : When God tries to flush Perkins like an oily turd, it is a sign that it's time to fleece the following some more Jesus loves him.
Tony Perkins | Southern Poverty Law Center (a "good Christian")

Mounting Evidence Indicates Ryan Lochte Fabricated Rio Robbery Story - Brazilian police say Lochte's teammates admitted it was a lie
Ryan Lochte in hot water: Internet goes nuts with memes | (Ryan goes meme-viral)
U.S. Swimmers Pulled From Flights In Rio After Robbery Accusations - Olympic Gold medalist Ryan Lochte, also involved in the incident, had already returned to the U.S.
2 US Olympic Swimmers Pulled From Flight Amid Ryan Lochte's Claims of Robbery in Rio - ABC News
Ryan Lochte leaves Rio as police announce he's under investigation over gunpoint robbery claims | Daily Mail Online
Exclusive: Team GB member held up at gunpoint at Rio Olympics | Sport | The Guardian - A member of the British Olympic team in Rio has been held up at gunpoint while enjoying a night on the town. (cops will arrest him)

U.N. Admits Role in Cholera Epidemic in Haiti - The New York Times - killing thousands of Haitians nearly six years ago, (United liars)

Two Car Bombs Kill At Least 7 And Wound Hundreds In Southeast Turkey - The government blamed Kurdish militants for the attack.

Uncovering the brutal truth about the British empire | Marc Parry | News | The Guardian

Fake human sacrifice filmed at Cern, with pranking scientists suspected | Science | The Guardian

Clinton Foundation hired cyber firm after suspected hacking: sources | Reuters (always way behind the curve)

Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ; Clinton Rises To 348 Electoral Votes, Trump Drops To 190 - Clinton now above 270 Safe or Likely Democratic electoral votes for the first time
- Election Update: Why Clinton Doesn't Have This Race Locked Up
- The Era of 'The Bitch' is Coming - A Hillary Clinton presidential victory promises to usher in a new age of public misogyny. (Hildebeest is coming for your dick)

CNN Anchor Owns Trump Adviser After He Asks For Proof Campaign Is In Trouble - Says who? Everyone.
Fox News Host Eric Bolling Gets Called Out After Epic Meltdown Over Polls - Bolling claims crowd size is more important than poll results.
This Should Solve All Of Your Problems - Lawyers, Guns & Money : If you are a liberal and are not Thomas Frank, you will recognize this as excellent news, because the bigger Trump loses the better. We are already starting to get into territory where Trump could threaten the Republican House majority:

Eschaton: Never Go The Full Trump - Apparently the seat of power of the Republican party has moved from Fox/Limbaugh to Breitbart. - I do miss the Republican party of that nice Jeff Sessions.
- Alt Right Rejoices at Donald Trump's Steve Bannon Hire
Donald Trump's campaign is basically a RSS feed of Russian disinformation and white supremacist sites - Lawyers, Guns & Money
- Jared Kushner's Second Act

Trump's damage has already been done: He has nurtured a generation of racist bullies - Win or lose, Trump has inspired a new wave of racial hostility in America, and capitalized on it

The Justice Department Is Going To Stop Using Private Prisons - The announcement follows a damning report on the safety conditions in contracted facilities. (Pres Mittens would never have done this)

alicublog: BUTCH, PLEASE.

There's A Strange Link Between Height And Political Conservatism - Recent research involving surveys of people in the U.K. suggests that taller people are more likely to hold certain politically conservative views, and to vote for right-wing politicians. the fact that height predicts political preferences is driven by the fact that taller people generally earn more (height and money makes you evil)

North Carolina Tries To Save Its Racist Vote Suppression Law - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Democratic Attorney General of North Carolina is unwilling to defend the state's We Will Stop African-Americans From Voting And We Can't Even Be Bothered To Pretend Otherwise Act, which was recently nuked from orbit by the Fourth Circuit. (taxpayer money)

Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat | Omaha Metro | - crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat a 'bitch'

NPR is killing off comments. That's great news ... realized that there are other, better ways to achieve the same kind of community discussion around the issues we raise in our journalism ... In July, recorded nearly 33 million unique users, and 491,000 comments. But those comments came from just 19,400 commenters, Montgomery said. That's 0.06 percent of users who are commenting, a number that has stayed steady through 2016.
How The Internet* Talks | FiveThirtyEight
Peter Thiel's War On Gawker: A Timeline
Peter Thiel Explains Why He Endorsed Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Microsoft admits to distributing Windows printing bugs in KB 3177725 and KB 3176493 | InfoWorld - Attention Windows users: You can speed up your update scans or you can print multiple documents. In the wacky world of Windows, you can't do both.
More Win 10 Anniversary Update problems -- and what to do about them | InfoWorld


As Louisiana Floodwaters Recede, the Scope of Disaster Comes Into View - The New York Times - Louisiana officials said Tuesday that at least 11 people had died, and that about 30,000 people had been rescued.
See aerial footage of flooding devastation in Baton Rouge area |
Louisiana's quiet crisis: Cable news and the folly of disaster porn coverage - The worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy is happening right now. So why is the media downplaying it? (Trump+Olympics+crooked Hillary is all they can handle) Sadly, this is not surprising. There is no such thing as television news in this country. There are networks that peddle entertainment under the guise of news
Tens of Thousands Evacuated as Fire Rages in Southern California - The New York Times (LA drowning, CA burning down)
Southern California Bluecut Fire Forces Mass Evacuations - Wildfires are raging in the western U.S., in what has been a deadly wildfire season. Authorities in southern California ordered the evacuation of 82,000 people on Tuesday
July 2016 Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded - The hottest month since at least 1880 continues a streak of record-smashing temperatures.

- 5,400 diagnosed with cancers linked to September 11 attacks (Bush: the gift that keeps on giving)

'Shadow Brokers' Leak Raises Alarming Question: Was the N.S.A. Hacked? (were they running their own email server?)

Brazilian Police Arrest Olympics Official For Scalping Tickets - Patrick Hickey is the head of the European Olympics Committee. (corrupt from top to bottom)

After Massive Crackdown, Turkey To Release 38,000 Prisoners To Make Space For Alleged Coup Plotters (Sultan "Tiny Dick" Erdofuck ran out of cells)

Aetna CEO Threatened Obamacare Pullout If Feds Opposed Humana Merger - Give us our merger or we'll quit Obamacare, the insurer told Justice Department officials in a July letter. (time for single-payer, dudes)

Donald Trump, in Shake-Up, Hires Breitbart Executive for Top Campaign Post - The New York Times (race to the bottom)
Donald Trump Attempts To Salvage His Campaign With Leadership Shakeup - A top Breitbart News executive will be his new campaign manager.
- Staff Shakeup Signals a Return to Donald Trump's Rebellious Roots (full rebel yell) The hiring of a hard-right provocateur concerns some Republicans
Donald Trump Is The Candidate From Breitbart News
Trump shakes up campaign, demotes top adviser - The Washington Post - Stephen Bannon, a former banker who runs the influential conservative outlet Breitbart News and is known for his fiercely anti-establishment politics, has been named the Trump campaign's chief executive
Donald Trump Attempts To Salvage His Campaign With Leadership Shakeup - A top Breitbart News executive will be his new campaign manager.
Donald Trump To Bring Adviser With Russia Ties To Classified Briefing - Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will join Trump (Putin is winning this)
Is Donald Trump's Popularity Fueled By Racism Or Economic Anxiety? Yes. - Decades of research backs it up. In 1959, psychologist Seymour Martin Lipset found that the prevalence of labor unions in the United States curbed authoritarian impulses in the electorate. (so, the authoritarian Republicans got rid of unions)

Donald Trump: The New York Times Is Biased Because 'It's Owned By Mexico' - "A rich guy in Mexico actually has power at The New York Times. I wonder why they don't like us" - Trump was referring to Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire who gave The New York Times Co. a $250 million loan in 2009. Last year, he exercised his options to acquire 15.9 million shares in the company, becoming its largest stakeholder. (so, he's right)

Eschaton: Both Sides - As we tried to tell them, The Right will hate you no matter what you do or how many of them get columns and teevee shows and permanent offices at Meet the Press. And here we are ("both sides" = "one side")
When a right-wing radio host reveals the truth - At his rallies, which in recent days have again begun to resemble the outtakes from Triumph of the Will, The Donald has urged his supporters to yell, taunt, and give the one-fingered salute to reporters already penned-in, like sitting ducks in a barrel.

Liz Cheney Claims Victory In Wyoming Primary For U.S. House Seat - "I'm honored by the trust Wyoming Republicans have placed in me to serve as our next Representative in Congress." (good job, WY!) Wyoming is a reliably red state, with the Republican primary winner all but assured of a general election victory in November.

Oregon standoff defendant Jon Ritzheimer pleads guilty in federal conspiracy case |
Prosecutors in Oregon standoff case admit faux pas in Facebook account sharing |
Corey Lequieu becomes first Oregon standoff defendant sent to prison in conspiracy case |
Co-chair of Trump veterans group pleads guilty in 2014 Bundy standoff - Gerald DeLemus - Susan DeLemus, who is a Republican state representative in New Hampshire
The Ballad of the Malheur Patriots (Song of the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Standoff) - YouTube
'It is a hostile workplace': As Sheriff Dan Staton retires, notes from inquiry emerge |

9th Circuit Court bars feds from prosecuting medical marijuana cases | (Obama's war on pot)

City of Omaha bulldozes pothole-filled street after complaints, residents still complaining about new dirt road - The Denver Post - "Smaller government is better, but we still want our roads to function" (="we want someone else to pay for it")

My old school - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Leo Botstein has been, among many other things, president of Bard College for the past four decades. This profile, published in the New Yorker a couple of years ago, describes Botstein as being extremely good at raising money but even better at spending it: (and terrible at math)

Ask Well: Can Naps Make Up for Sleep Deficits? - The New York Times - No. Unfortunately, sleep does not work that way. Substituting periodic naps for one consolidated night of sleep creates severe sleep deprivation

First 'gold-standard' trial of ketamine's anti-depressant effects launched
Osteoporosis, a Disease With Few Treatment Options, May Soon Have One More - The New York Times - If the Radius drug is approved, it would compete with Forteo, whose average retail price is now $3,100 for a four-week supply,

Show Down at Aspen - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Hunter S. Thompson's 1970 campaign for mayor of Aspen
What happened when Hunter Thompson told me Garry Trudeau was spying on him. - What happened when Hunter Thompson told me Garry Trudeau was spying on him.
Doonesbury Strip - March 7 2005

Univision Buying Gawker Media For $135 Million - Spanish-language broadcaster will add to its stable of digital, millennial-geared properties.


Pesticides linked to large-scale population extinctionsof wild bees - Insects play a key role in pollination of crops but many species are believed to be in trouble (Big Poison lied)

Federal Judge Says Real-Time Cell Location Info -- Whether Obtained With A Stingray Or Not -- Requires The Use Of A Warrant | Techdirt
Snowden speculates leak of NSA spying tools is tied to Russian DNC hack | Ars Technica
- Hackers Have Allegedly Stolen NSA-Linked 'Cyber Weapons' and Are Auctioning Them Off
Someone is Spying on the Researchers Behind the Veracrypt Audit : technology

German govt: Turkey supports terror groups in Middle East - politico - central platform for action for Islamist groups (Sultan Erdogan's Caliphate)
Turkey accused of legalising sex with children - Ministers say critics are 'misinformed' and 'spreading lies' that could tarnish the country's reputation

Duterte's Brutal Drug War Skyrockets Killings In The Philippines - Hundreds are being shot dead in the street.

Gunmen in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Kidnap Up to Dozen People - The New York Times - both the kidnappers and their victims were members of criminal organizations.

Sex pigs halt traffic after laser attack on Pokimon teens - The Local

As Canada Moves to Legalize Marijuana, Shop Owners Ask: Why Wait? - The New York Times - entrepreneurs have opened hundreds of illicit dispensaries across Canada, selling products like organic marijuana buds and potent cannabis concentrates, while local governments and the police have tended to look the other way.

How Do Trump's Conspiracy Theories Go Over in the Middle East? Dangerously. - Egypt's ormer culture minister to a former deputy prime minister of Iraq, have publicly ventured conspiracy theories that Washington created the Islamic State. (cause and effect is very hard to follow +NYT publishes this long article that never once says who if not U.S., who did?)

Insurer exit darkens ObamaCare picture | TheHill

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner jet ski off Croatia on Democratic Hollywood's boat | Daily Mail Online

- Fact-checking Donald Trump's 'major' speech on the Islamic State (Republicans lie, constantly)
- The dark history of Donald Trump's rightwing revolt - his message of cultural and racial resentment has deep roots in the American right (and deep stupidity)
Troll So Hard: Harry Reid Demands That Trump Take The Naturalization Test - "He would almost certainly fail, given his general ignorance and weak grasp of basic facts about American history, principles and functioning of our government"
Trump Adviser Clarifies: Clinton Should Be Executed, Not Assassinated
Donald Trump finally found a poll he wants to tweet - The Washington Post - just a 2-point race, Clinton 38%, Trump 36 (when you've lost Zogby)

Right now polls show Donald Trump losing every single swing state - Vox - Clinton currently has very large leads in enough states to give her the presidency
Trump unpopularity fuels wide lead for Clinton in new Virginia poll - The Washington Post
- Poll: Clinton Maintains Big Lead as Voters Doubt Trump's Temperament ("sanity")

- Early Voting Limits Donald Trump's Time to Turn Campaign Around
READ: GOPers Urge RNC To Cut Off Funding To Trump In Open Letter - More than 100 Republicans
Roger Ailes Is Advising Donald Trump Ahead of Presidential Debates - The New York Times (birds of a feather)
GOP's Chances Of Holding The Senate Are Following Trump Downhill (bye-bye Teaparty Kelly)
Kelly Ayotte: I will 'stand up' to Trump but will vote for him
Here's why we're still arguing about trickle-down tax policy ... I wish I could stop wasting time arguing against the junk economics that claims trickle-down works. But this dark fantasy goes deep, and it's blocking needed changes in tax policy, fomenting gridlock, and promoting fact-free policy analysis in a crucial area of political economy. (hello, Kansas)
Trump may cost the GOP a generation of voters - The Washington Post (Bush should have accomplised that)

The Psychiatric Question: Is It Fair to Analyze Donald Trump From Afar? - The New York Times (breaking the Goldwater Rule)

Clinton Super-PAC Going Dark in Colorado and Pennsylvania - Bloomberg Politics

Hillary Clinton's breakout moment at Wellesley College (social justice warrior rebuked Ed Brooke, Wellesley Pres apologized for her)

Jury: A.G. Kane guilty of perjury, obstruction, all other charges

'I'm not a Mormon': fresh 'mass resignation' over anti-LGBT beliefs

New York To Pay $4.5 Million To Settle Police Killing Lawsuit - The New York City Housing Authority and Officer Peter Liang will pay a combined $425,000 to help settle the lawsuit.

Guns Don't Kill People - The ability of people involved in "domestic disputes" to acquire handguns the very next day is the only thing standing between us and tyranny ... Mark Short Sr. was the gunman, killing his wife Megan and their children before shooting himself.
Father Suspected To Be Gunman in Pennsylvania Shooting That Killed Entire Family (family says he was a "good guy" just trying to hold his family together)
Fremont: Man who drugged, assaulted women he met online gets 20 years in prison - Mercury News - When he met a woman in person, Jin would give the victim an alcohol drink spiked with Xanax. When the woman fell unconscious, Jin would sexually assault her.

A Halifax Transit bus driver left his job Friday after being accused of child luring; the same driver was one of two drivers accused of child luring two years ago - Creep Catchers pose on social media as young girls, and wait for men to contact them for sex. Then, the Creep Catchers arrange a meeting with a man and confront him, posting the video online for the purposes of public shaming.

Caitlyn Jenner's 'I am Cait' Cancelled After 2 Seasons at E! - I stopped watching because watching Caitlyn trample all over her families feelings with all the sensitivity of a tank made me feel a little ill. Also, the complete lack of awareness about how difficult other trans people have it. Caitlyn can kind of be an asshole.

Death by Medical Error: Adding Context to Scary Headlines - The New York Times - a study in the BMJ declared that number has now risen to more than 250,000, making preventable medical errors in hospitals the third-largest cause of death in the country in 2013. (either way, more than cars and guns)

What makes marijuana users different from everyone else - The Washington Post - many of those frequent users are poor and lack a high-school diploma. Adults with less than a high school education accounted for 19 percent of all marijuana use in 2012 and 2013 (compared to 13 percent of the total adult population) ... a sharp contrast between what policy is best for the typical user versus what is best for the people who consume most of the marijuana

Today's men are not nearly as strong as their dads were, researchers say - Millennial women fared much less worse in the study (gettin' stronger)

Arlington studying a plan that would pay for your Uber to Metro - The Washington Post - Arlington County is looking to partner with transportation providers such as Uber and Lyft to offer residents rides from more remote residential areas of the county where bus service to Metro stations is limited.

Traces of sun storms locked in tree rings could confirm ancient historical dates | Science | The Guardian - Anew science, astrochronology, could finally fix precise dates for key events in prehistory using traces of violent solar storms preserved by trees
Schizophrenia emerged after humans diverged from Neanderthals according to a new study. : science
Acetaminophen during pregnancy linked to ADHD : news

Couples of Reddit what are fun things you should do with your SO at least once? : AskReddit
The Obesity Epidemic in America : funny

Chatbot lawyer that overturned 170,000 parking tickets now helps fight homelessness | Ars Technica UK - robot lawyer


Burkinis banned in Corsica after beach brawl involving harpoons and hatchets. : worldnews
Austria arrests nine Iraqis over gang rape of German woman | Reuters

UN Secretary-General Condemns Saudi Airstrike On Yemen School That Killed 10 Children - More than two dozen children were also wounded in the attack.

Suspected Queens shooter of Imam and friend nabbed by cops - NY Daily News - Sources pointed to an ongoing feud between Muslims and Hispanics in the neighborhood, saying the shooting may have been payback after a group of Muslims allegedly attacked some Hispanics a few weeks earlier.
2 Killings Near Mosque Plunge a Queens Neighborhood Into Fear - The New York Times - Even so, many in the neighborhood were not waiting for an official declaration, saying unequivocally that the killings were a reflection of a particularly hostile moment for Muslims in the United States (or not)

Milwaukee man shot by police seen with gun in body camera footage, officials say | Fox News - no sound of the critical moments because Milwaukee police body cameras do not begin recording audio for 30 seconds (and the reason for that is?)
Man killed by Milwaukee police had lengthy record - Sylville Smith, 23, was fatally shot after he refused to drop a gun, which was loaded with 23 rounds, police said.

- Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump's Campaign Chief - Paul Manafort ($20mil)
Report: Documents show millions in payments to Trump campaign manager from pro-Russian group | - Manafort's name appeared at least 22 times in a secret, hand-written ledger, discovered by Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau, the paper reported, with payments of $12.7 million allegedly changing hands over the course of five years.

GOP's New Delusion: Hillary Would Be Losing Badly to Any Other Republican
Pollsters: Trump approaching zero hour - politico - Candidates polling ahead after the conventions have won the popular vote in 16 straight elections.
RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton (6.8%)
Even Donald Trump's Supporters Are Telling Him To Release His Tax Returns
Republicans Got Totally Scammed By Donald Trump's Creation Myth Ignoring evidence, the party bought into the image of a savvy, successful businessman.
New Poll Shows Millennial Voters Fleeing Donald Trump Like The Plague | RedState
I Might Lie to You - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Trump is telling the truth for once!
Billy West Reads Donald Trump Quotes In The Voice Of Zapp Brannigan From 'Futurama'

Why I don't think it makes sense to attribute Trump's support to economic anxiety - it's racial resentment that drives who does and doesn't support Trump (no dog whistles for him) < br /> The Trump vote: New data reveals hints as to who is most likely to pull the lever for Trump - - A new Gallup analysis undermines some assumptions about Trump voters, and confirms that race plays a huge role
Donald Trump Is Apparently Ignorant About What Freedom of the Press Means | Mediaite - Crooked Hillary Clinton is being protected by the media. She is not a talented person or politician. The dishonest media refuses to expose!

What's the Matter With Thomas Frank? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Fox News confronts (but just barely) a scandal in its own house - The Washington Post - Fox has devoted a total of about 11 minutes of airtime to the news about Ailes over the past five weeks (30 seconds/day: the harrasserbros remain in charge)

- The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore Canceled by Comedy Central

Aerobic Exercise Improves Cognitive Functioning in People With Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Do women's periods really synchronise when they live together? (no, another '70's myth)

Girl uses Fifty Shades of Grey as basis for false rape claims against her father : news
Girl uses Fifty Shades of Grey as basis for false rape claims against her father - Barrister speed reads novel, then gets girl to confess after seven minutes of cross-examination


Woman And Suspect In Swiss Train Attack Die Of Their Injuries - Two girls are also in serious condition

Women burn burqas, men cut beards as Syrian town celebrates IS ouster - Times of India - According to the Observatory, 437 civilians, including more than 100 children, were killed in the battle for Manbij and surrounding territory.

'We want cash' : Drug agents seize $209mn in random profiling of 5,200 travelers - report (one of the world's largest organized crime rings)

Violence erupts after officer-involved shooting ("officer-involved" = "killed by cop"
Violent Protests Erupt In Milwaukee After Police Kill Suspect At Traffic Stop - A crowd of more than 100 people hurled rocks as police officers attempted to disperse the protesters.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke requests mobilization of National Guard : news
Paul Joseph Watson on Twitter: "#BlackLivesMatter rioters target whites: "They beating up all the white people." #Milwaukee"

Has Donald Trump hit bottom? - The Washington Post - The unraveling of Donald Trump's candidacy continues apace, a long and steady decline since the high point three months ago. If he were deliberately trying to avoid winning the election, he could hardly be doing a better job.
- How Democrats could win the House: With lots of help (and no fuckups)
- How Trump Remixed the Republican 'Southern Strategy' - The presidential candidate has resurrected divisive GOP campaign tactics that target and alienate minorities.
Once in control of their party, conservatives agonize over the election and beyond - The Washington Post
Trump refuses to disclose his bundlers. What is he hiding? - The Washington Post
The Trump we saw: Populist, frustrating, naive, wise, forever on the make - The Washington Post - He rarely refused to answer our questions, but when the subject was uncomfortable or raised doubts about some of his past decisions, he often gave us disjointed answers that steered into completely unrelated matters. (telling it like it is)

13-year old Staten Island Boy Commits Suicide After Bullying; suicide note says school officials did nothing to help : news

Sausage Party review - Seth Rogen's surprisingly tasty supermarket sweep | Film | The Guardian

- What event divided your life into 'before and after'

Pokimon Go's augmented reality is augmenting the reality of this small town


- Officials: 1 in 4 people in Puerto Rico will have Zika by year's end
America's Latest 500-Year Rainstorm Is Underway Right Now in Louisiana - classic signal of climate change
More than 1,000 rescued as Louisiana swamped by 'unprecedented' flooding |
EPA Fracking Report Needs Some Big Revisions, Says Science Advisory Board - This letter is pretty scathing, for scientists at least. (remember when Obama said no problems?)

The Caliphate Of Sultan Erdogan

Kyrgyzstan president - Women in mini skirts don't become suicide bombers (they become bombshells)

- Sexual assaults on children at Greek refugee camps Charities claim youngsters and women are too afraid to leave tents after dark at government-run camps

Hacker Releases More Democratic Party Documents - The New York Times - A hacker believed to be tied to the Russian intelligence services made public another set of internal Democratic Party documents on Friday, including the personal cellphone numbers and email addresses of nearly 200 lawmakers.
Trump allies, WikiLeaks and Russia are pushing a nonsensical conspiracy theory about the DNC hacks - The Washington Post

Inside the Failing Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself - The New York Times - Advisers who once hoped a Pygmalion-like transformation would refashion a crudely effective political showman into a plausible American president now increasingly concede that Mr. Trump may be beyond coaching
Why Trump's Crazy Talk About Obama and ISIS Matters

GOP could be near Trump breaking point; frustration abounds
- Trump Spox Katrina Pierson: We Weren't in Afghanistan Until Obama Decided to Go In (history, how does it work?)
- Sean Hannity is Melting Down Already Because He Knows He'll be to Blame For Hillary Winning (and JoeScar and the Meat Puppet, also)
Donald Trump's Plan of Committing Massive Blunders While Not Advertising Is Going Well
5 Kinds of Republicans Defecting From the Party of Trump
- Avenging Angels - The New York Values that Shaped Donald Trump

Donald Trump: 'Cheating' is only way Hillary Clinton will win Pennsylvania
Donald Trump: Clinton Can Only Win Pennsylvania If 'They Cheat'
A Reminder That Donald Trump Did Not Oppose The Iraq War From The Very Beginning

- New Study Reveals That the Washington Post Is Eager to Dismiss Economic Explanations for Trump's Rise (just concern for their less-well-off neighbors)
Pat Buchanan: If Trump Loses, There Could Be A Revolution | Right Wing Watch ("2nd Amendment remedies")

BREAKING: Illinois Governor Vetoes Law That Would Have Registered 2 Million Voters - ThinkProgress - Republican Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill that would have made the state the sixth in the nation to automatically register millions of voters.

Murdoch Promotes Roger Ailes Loyalists to Run Fox News

Prosecutor: Officers made up shooting story; both on leave - The Washington Post - A Missouri prosecutor has dropped charges against a man who was accused of trying to shoot a police officer to avoid arrest, saying he thinks the two officers who were there lied about what happened and that their supervisor covered it up so that the criminal case could proceed.

Iowa man arrested for flying American flag upside down. : news

I'm scared of what the estrogen shortage might do to trans women like me | Hannah Simpson | Opinion | The Guardian

Anthony Weiner caught in new flirty online chat | New York Post - "deceptively strong .?.?. like a mongoose"
Silicon Valley CEO who allegedly kicked girlfriend 117 times gets one year in jail | Technology | The Guardian - Former tech mogul Gurbaksh Chahal, who had pleaded guilty over the 2013 attack that was caught on camera, was sentenced for violating probation

The 5 Missteps That Toppled Linda Katehi - The Chronicle of Higher Education (they finally dumped her)

List of countries by length of coastline (Canada and Norway)

Students who've had sex with their teachers, at what point did your relationship turn physical? How do you feel about it now? : AskReddit
People revving your engines at 8am on a Saturday...whatcha doin'? : AskReddit - One of my housemates was on Ambien a while back, and I kept odd hours. I miss watching her climb out her (first floor) window and have arguments with squirrels. In squirrel.

Appeals Court Says It's Perfectly Fine For The DOJ To Steal Kim Dotcom's Money Before Any Trial | Techdirt - from the this-is-pretty-fucked-up dept
Facebook Facing Heavy Criticism After Removing Major Atheist Pages : technology


In exile, Edward Snowden rakes in speaking fees while hoping for a pardon (Obama will never, ever, pardon him)

As Zika Threat Looms, Texas Funnels Women's Health Money To Anti-Abortion Group - Critics say a $1.6 million grant should have gone to health facilities prepared to deal with Zika-related concerns. (win-win for Rethugs)

Thailand Resort Shaken By More Blasts Hours After Deadly Bombing - Two people died and at least 24 were injured in four of the bombings at a resort south of Bangkok.

London Schoolgirl Who Left To Join ISIS Killed In Syria, Lawyer Says - Kadiza Sultana reportedly died in a Russian airstrike as she was making plans to return to Britain.

Britain's Paper Tigers - a following largely inspired by its deliberate, offhand meanness, specializing in articles written by women for women who hate women

Bomb! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : A new survey on the use of aerial bombing during the Vietnam War has seemingly confirmed what many suspected: the systematic bombing of South Vietnam detracted from, rather than furthered, U.S. war aims. (and Cambodia?)

McCain Should Stop Meddling in the Bergdahl Case - The New York Times (he's always been an entitled asshole)

The Election Won't Be Rigged. But It Could Be Hacked. (Bush's voting machines have no paper trail)

Clinton releases 2015 tax return, calls on Trump to release his - The Washington Post
New Polls Show Clinton Leading In Four Crucial States

A massive new study debunks a widespread theory for Donald Trump's success -- , those who view Trump favorably have not been disproportionately affected by foreign trade or immigration, compared to people with unfavorable views of the Republican presidential nominee. The results suggest that his supporters, on average, do not have lower incomes than other Americans, nor are they more likely to be unemployed ... Trump supporters might not be experiencing acute economic distress, but they are living in places that lack economic opportunity for the next generation.

Pieces of Silver - The New York Times - obvious to everyone with open eyes that Donald Trump is an ignorant, wildly dishonest, erratic, immature, bullying egomaniac. On the other hand, he's a terrible person
If Donald Trump loses, will the Republican party sink with him? | US news | The Guardian
- GOP insiders: Trump can't win - it would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of 'death to America' said an Iowa Republican.
Experts Reject Trump's Claim That Obama Founded ISIS - time for Trump to beef up his team of foreign policy advisors.
Donald Trump Is Now Calling Obama The 'Most Valuable Player' For ISIS
Trump Calls Comments About Obama Founding ISIS 'Sarcasm' - Just kidding!
The Donald Trump interview that should terrify national Republicans, annotated - The Washington Post
Trump says he'd try U.S. citizens in Gitmo military tribunals (he will send all the reporters to Cuba)
Trump Says He'd Try Americans At Gitmo. Which Is Illegal. - Minor details though, right?
Conservative Legal Scholars Prefer A Liberal Supreme Court To A President Trump
Fred Trump Taught His Son the Essentials of Showboating Self-Promotion - The New York Times

Donald Trump Just Named A Discredited Fabulist To His Econ Team - Betsy McCaughey built a career out of saying bombastic, completely false things about health care reform
Eschaton: Thanks, Andy - And before Betsy McCaughey did her best to torpedo Obamacare, she wrote the infamous bullshit article for TNR which helped to torpedo Hillarycare. Weird life mission. (mouthpiece of evil)
Trump Makes Play For Critical Andrew Sullivan Constituency - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Serial fabricator Betsy McCaughey recently made arguably the most ridiculous argument she's made in a pundit career consisting entirely of ridiculous arguments, describing Donald J. Trump as a serious policy wonk. You can probably see where this is going:

Trump Supporters, Circa 1949 - Lawyers, Guns & Money (marketing racial fear for, like, ever)

This Week in Dumb-as-Rocks Punditry, Featuring the National Review and NPR Both-Siderism - Ron Elving of NPR who, just when most of the political media is realizing that the candidacy of He, Trump pretty much has blown up Both Sides Do It as a template for political analysis, has decided that the rubble of that template is worth picking through to see if somebody left some loose change behind. (NPR)

- : campus rape victim demands to be heard - Colorado student Austin Wilkerson avoided prison time for raping an intoxicated woman. Now she wants to share her court statement with the world

Jerry Sandusky flatly denies molesting boys in bid for retrial |
Chicago mother sues CPS, claims security guard handcuffed 6-year-old daughter at Fernwood Elementary School | - a security guard at Fernwood Elementary School put her daughter in handcuffs in March for allegedly taking a piece of candy. Madisyn Moore was left alone under a stairwell by the boilers for more than an hour, her mother said. (cop-bullies)

Brendan Dassey's Conviction Overturned After 'Making A Murderer' Tells His Story

Marijuana to remain illegal under federal law, DEA says : news

Mystery object in weird orbit beyond Neptune cannot be explained | New Scientist
TIL a small part of the brain that controls sexual behavior is twice as large in men than in women, except for gay men. A human study found that in most gay men, this area is significantly smaller than in straight men. The same phenomenon has been found in homosexual rams. : todayilearned

Have we detected an alien megastructure in space? Keep an open mind | Seth Shostak | Opinion | The Guardian - KIC 8462852, aka Tabby's, shows a pattern of behavior that has perplexed scientists and fascinated amateurs


More Old Than Young: A Demographic Spreads Around the Globe - Bloomberg - By 2030, 56 countries will have more people aged 65 and over than children under 15

Fractured Lands: How the Arab World Came Apart - The New York Times

Hack of Democrats' Accounts Was Wider Than Believed, Officials Say - breached the private email accounts of more than 100 party officials and groups, officials with knowledge of the case said Wednesday

Democrat Xavier Becerra Sees House Control Within Reach - Washington Wire - WSJ
Why Georgia is looking peachy for Hillary Clinton.
North Carolina Races Tight Across The Board - Public Policy Polling
Email: Trump campaign scrambling in SW Ohio - Hamilton County, a key county in a swing state crucial to a Republican victory,

Eschaton: Everybody Loves Henry - what advantages are there to publicly embracing Henry Kissinger and Negroponte? Is there a single voter out there who ponders to her/himself, "Well, I was on the fence a bit, but now that those brutal amoral assholes Kissinger and Negroponte are on board, I trust that Clinton will support enough political violence to make me happy?" Well I'm sure there are a few, but they all write for the Washington Post op-ed pages.

Republicans have themselves to blame for the slow economy, study says | Business | The Guardian - Report blames lackluster pace of recovery on GOP-led budget cuts, unwillingness of local officials to spend money, and their refusal to expand Medicaid (austerity + let the poors die to spite Obama)

- Inside Donald Trump 'Meltdown' - Time - sinking polls, unending attacks and public blunders have the GOP reconsidering its strategy for November (strategize away, guys)
Is it over? Abandonment of Donald Trump spreads across Republican party | US news | The Guardian
A match made in hell: Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the bigots | John Paul Brammer | Opinion | The Guardian
- Reince Priebus reportedly threatened to dump Donald Trump
Dozens of Republicans to urge RNC to cut off funds for Trump - POLITICO - The open letter pushes the RNC to shift resources to Senate and House races.

Donald Trump Says Obama, Clinton The 'Founder' And 'Co-Founder' Of ISIS - Lock her up!
- Trump Cites Iraq Withdrawal He Passionately Supported To Say Obama 'Founded ISIS'
Rudy Giuliani Agrees With Donald Trump That Obama Founded ISIS
Trump predicts winning the presidency will get him into heaven - politico - And once I get in, I will do my thing that I do very well.

- Too good to check: Sean Hannity's tale of a Trump rescue

The Party of Lincoln Becoming the Party of Calhoun In One Chart - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Lee Drutman on Twitter: "In case you weren't convinced Democrats are becoming the cosmopolitan elite party." ("elite" "went to college and got a lot of debt")

Is Trump Wrecking Both Parties? - The New York Times (no)

U.S. affirms its prohibition on medical marijuana - The Washington Post (Obama and his drug warriors)

Harassment Crisis Builds at Fox News, Despite Its Swift Response - The New York Times (fire Rupert)

Policing In Baltimore is a Racist Shitshow - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Justice Department's incredibly damning report on Baltimore police, explained
Florida officer who killed woman during demonstration has checkered record | US news | The Guardian

Set To Stun - Children are being Tasered by school-based police officers. No one knows how often it's happening or what impact it's having on students.

Glenn Beck loses round in Boston Marathon bombing defamation case | Media | The Guardian - Conservative radio presenter ordered to name sources he quoted in labelling injured Saudi Arabian student the 'money man' behind 2013 attack

Housing official in Silicon Valley resigns because she can't afford to live there | Technology | The Guardian

- This Daily Beast Grindr Stunt Is Sleazy, Dangerous, and Wildly Unethical

Newspapers rethink paywalls as digital efforts sputter - Yahoo News - Paywalls were supposed to help rescue newspapers from the crisis of sinking print circulation as readers shifted to getting their news online. - But with a few exceptions, they have failed to deliver much relief, prompting some news organizations to rethink their digital strategies. (how's it working out for you, BoGlo?)
Woman tells police she was RAPED by a Pokemon Go character after she felt an assault and the virtual reality game detected the creature in her bedroom


Seas aren't just rising, scientists say -- it's worse than that. They're speeding up
The lake that left town: why is this California community drying up? | US news | The Guardian - Eagle Lake is one of the largest in the state, but receding waters have caused the town around it, and its industries, to dwindle. Is climate change to blame? (not according to the people who live there)

U.S. Special Operations troops aiding Libyan forces in major battle against Islamic State - The Washington Post (here a war, there a war)

Twitter is not legally responsible for the rise of ISIS, rules California district court - The Verge - Filed by the family of an American contractor named Lloyd Fields

Putin raises stakes over alleged Ukrainian terror plot in Crimea | World news | The Guardian - Russian president says Moscow will not ignore incidents in which two soldiers were killed, but which Kiev denies took place

The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention | Australia news | The Guardian - details assaults, sexual assaults and self-harm

French 'burkini' pool party for Muslim women cancelled after organisers receive death threats

Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte insults US envoy with homophobic slur | World news | The Guardian - As you know, I'm fighting with (US Secretary of State John Kerry's ambassador) His gay ambassador, the son of a whore. He pissed me off,

Ex-CIA Director Who Endorsed Clinton Calls for Killing Iranians and Russians in Syria - Michael Morell (kill more civilians is always the answer to make Putin "pay a price")

House Republicans Set to Release Shortest Investigation Report Ever | Mother Jones - top brass were a little too addicted to happy talk in the war against ISIS: There was nothing that implicated either Obama or Hillary Clinton, so nobody really cared. That makes sense. (Benghazi much more important than Bush's world-destroying wars)

FirstNet Is a $47 Billion Emergency-Response Network That's Already Obsolete - FirstNet was envisioned as a way for police and firefighters to communicate with one another in the wake of 9/11. But four years later, it's still not up and running.
The $47 Billion Network That's Already Obsolete: FirstNet was envisioned as a way for police and firefighters to communicate with one another in the wake of 9/11. But four years later, it's still not running

Who Will Be President? - The New York Times - Hillary Clinton has an 86% chance of winning the presidency.

Emails Renew Questions About Clinton Foundation and State Dept. Overlap - The New York Times (meanwhile, in Hillaryland, also an astounding lack of awareness)

Hillary Clinton Should Not Brag About John Negroponte Endorsement - Iran-Contra, Honduras - A recurring series. (and who is Negroponte?) n the 1980s, he served as the U.S. ambassador to Honduras. In addition to (at best) covering for that country's murderous autocrats, he also served the Reagan Administration by helping to turn Honduras into a staging area for American-trained death squads in places like El Salvador and Guatemala.
WikiLeaks is fanning a conspiracy theory that Hillary murdered a DNC staffer. conspiracy theorists have glommed on to a fantastical story that Rich was an FBI informant meeting with purported agents who were actually a hit team sent by Hillary Clinton. (Julian off the deep end)
Let's Talk About Julian Assange's Latest Conspiracy Theory

Bloomberg Politics National Poll - Bloomberg Politics (47% of American are possessed by Satan)

Man Spotted Scaling Side of Trump Tower in New York : news

One-in-five U.S. Republicans want Trump to drop out: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters
Donald Trump's problem, in a nutshell: More than half the country says they'd never vote for him (sounds like Romney or McCain, then)
Donald Trump Is the GOP's Disease in Its Terminal Stage - What nearly four decades of conservative politics hath wrought. (live by the stupid, die by the stupid)
Donald Trump's Support Among Republican Women Starts to Slide ("starts")

Trump On Second Amendment Backlash: 'I Think It's A Good Thing For Me' - The real villains, he said, are the news media.
Trump Campaign Floats Every Defense In the Book For Second Amendment Fiasco
Here's The Most Indecipherable Defense Yet Of Donald Trump's 'Second Amendment People' Remarks
Donald Trump Has A History Of Linking His Political Opponents To People's Deaths - He once implied that President Barack Obama was connected to the death of the Hawaii official who had verified his birth certificate.
The GOP must dump Trump - The Washington Post - By Joe Scarborough
Dan Rather Warns Donald Trump Supporters: 'History Is Watching' - This cannot be treated as just another outrageous moment in the campaign
Donald Trump's Newest Adviser Once Compared Syrian Refugees to Rattlesnakes - Texas ag commissioner Sid Miller (Sid, meet history)

Text analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half - Variance Explained - the Android and iPhone tweets are clearly from different people, posting during different times of day and using hashtags, links, and retweets in distinct ways. What's more, we can see that the Android tweets are angrier and more negative, while the iPhone tweets tend to be benign announcements and pictures (why is the spoiled rich kid so angry?)

Christie 'Flat Out Lied' in George Washington Bridge Case, Aide Said - when he said he did not believe any senior member of his staff knew about the plot to block traffic to the George Washington Bridge (no, really?)

Stanford trial judge handed down a four-day sentence in child abuse image case | US news | The Guardian - yet another apparent instance of over-light sentencing by Judge Aaron Perksy, who is facing recall campaign related to Brock Turner sexual assault case - found dozens of disturbing videos and images of minors, including one depicting the sexual assault of an infant (one night in the county jail)

Baltimore officials, Justice Department promise sweeping overhaul of city police - The Washington Post - indictment of "zero tolerance" and "broken windows" policing (oh look, Michael Bloomberg)
Findings of Police Bias in Baltimore Validate What Many Have Long Felt - The New York Times
Making Sense of the Damning New Baltimore Police Report - When Self-Government Dies and Nobody Seems to Care

Three-time widow goes on trial for second-degree murder in Mississippi | US news | The Guardian - Emma Raine, 52, is accused over shooting of her second husband and is a suspect in the death of her third - while the first also died mysteriously, say police

Today In Republican Policy Wonderlands - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Welcome back to Kansas, the comprehensive policy trainwreck Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan want to take national: Early in the Reagan administration, Congress decided to turn most amusement park regulation over to our benevolent local overlords. It seems to be working out great! (a few dead kids are worth it)
Verruckt, where child died Sunday, operated with little government oversight | - Open records show no federal or state inspection of deadly slide
Inspection reports reveal lack of government oversight on Verruc - KCTV5
Deadly water slide accident prompts questions on safety inspections | Local News - KMBC Home
Kansas, Where Science De-Evolves into Creation Myths - New Economic PerspectivesNew Economic Perspectives (Kansas, destroying the education of its children for decades)

Baltimore Police Used Force 2,818 Times In Six Years. They Found One Violation.
- Film-makers demand inquiry into 'targeting' of people who record police - "harrassment" of citizen journalists (America has a cop problem)

The Alan Kazdin Method for Making Your Children Behave - The Atlantic - A child psychologist argues punishment is a waste of time when trying to eliminate problem behavior. Try this instead. (talk to them)

Psychologists say single people are more fulfilled. I'm getting to understand why | Sara Benincasa | Opinion | The Guardian
Her Story: the transgender-themed web series up for a 'shock' Emmy | T elevision & radio | The Guardian

What if Addiction Is Not a Disease? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
The Biology Of Desire by Marc Lewis | Kirkus Reviews - Why Addiction Is Not a Disease
Earliest Americans could not have arrived by dry land, study indicates | Science | The Guardian - Research shows that ice age corridor between Siberia and Alaska would have been too inhospitable a migration route, contradicting longstanding theory
Replication of Big Bang reveals flaws in theory of atom formation | Ars Technica - can't account for lithium.

The rarely seen back of the Hoover Dam before it filled with water 1936 [950 W 760] : HistoryPorn

Mossberg: The 9.7-inch iPad Pro might be your lightest laptop, thanks to Logitech - The Verge - The Create keyboard finally helped the iPad Pro replace my laptop - By Walt Mossberg - using its modern, full-screen, touch-centric software. (meanwhile on planet Mossberg)


Kissinger hindered US effort to end mass killings in Argentina, according to files | World news | The Guardian - Newly declassified files show the former secretary of state jeopardized efforts to crackdown on bloodshed by Argentina's 1976-83 military dictatorship
Eschaton: Henry K. - Just the distinguished elder statesman one should have the counsel and support of: "The quicker you succeed the better," Kissinger told Argentina's foreign minister in 1976, shortly after the coup took place
US releases secret docs on Argentina's 'dirty war' (hello darkness)
Obama Administration Releases 1000 Pages on US Involvement in Argentina 'Dirty Wars' - Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton - President Obama Continues to Air America's Dirtiest Laundry. Take note, Hillary Clinton.
- If Hillary Clinton Seeks (or Accepts) an Endorsement from Henry Kissinger, She's Lost My Vote

Corbyn consolidates grip on Labour with high court and NEC successes | Politics | The Guardian - After court allows new party members to vote in leadership contest, Corbyn supporters sweep board in NEC elections

Stiglitz quits Panama Papers commission, cites lack of transparency - - Economist Joseph Stiglitz and anti-corruption expert Mark Pieth quit Panama Papers commission after Panama's government refuses to guarantee that their investigations will be made public

Obamacare Appears to Be Making People Healthier - The New York Times (Republicans very upset more Americans didn't just die )
Obamacare Has Made People Healthier - Obama's Affordable Care Act - Big Government strikes again.

Benghazi Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton Shows Benghazi Will Never Die - Oddly, another piece of prima facie evidence to that effect is mysteriously missing from the Times account. For that, we have to move on to The New York Post. Watch where you step - The parents of the slain Americans are being represented by Larry Klayman, a longtime foe of the Clintons (NYT doing its usual all the news you don't need to know thing)

Donald Trump Suggests Shooting Hillary Clinton, Her Supreme Court Picks, Or Both - Seriously.
Trump implies 'second amendment folks' could stop Clinton judge picks - Trump hints at assassination of Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump's 2nd Amendment Line Will End His Campaign - If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know
Is the Secret Service subtweeting Donald Trump? | - It's hard to quantify or know exactly what it means to live in a world where the Secret Service is subtweeting a candidate for President of the United States. Imagine what yourself 10 years ago would say if someone told you this was the future.
Trump says 'Second Amendment folks' could stop Clinton : politics

The Polls Aren't Skewed: Trump Really Is Losing Badly (that's not what you said two weeks ago)

Donald Trump needs a miracle to win - The Washington Post (but 46% of Americans are evil and insane)
Poll: Clinton Opens Up Double-Digit Lead Over Trump - NBC News - Hillary Clinton now holds a 10-point lead over Donald Trump, 51 percent to 41 percent, (ok, 41%)
Elizabeth Warren Was Not Pleased With Donald Trump's Economic Policy Speech - econ plan was written by rich corporate insider advisors to make the economy even greater for rich corporate insiders. (econ for dummies)
GOP senator Susan Collins: Why I cannot support Trump - The Washington Post (little Susie slowly waking up too late)
GOP Senator Won't Back Donald Trump Because He's 'Unworthy Of Being Our President' (you got what you wished for, Susie)
Here Are All The Congressional Republicans Who Have Come Out Against Donald Trump - The list just keeps on growing.
Ted Cruz May Get The Last Laugh If Donald Trump Implodes - Texas senator's decision to not endorse the GOP nominee is looking pretty good right now.
Donald Trump Responds To Critical Letter Signed By 50 Republican National Security Officials - "Well, I respond by saying that I wasn't using any of them and they would have loved to have been involved with the campaign. But I wasn't using. I had no interest in using (weird syntax of the terminal narcissist)
50 Republican National Security Officials Eviscerate Trump In Open Letter - would be the most reckless President in American history
Donald Trump's Temperament Could Explain His Abysmal Poll Numbers - Research shows that voters are more focused on candidates' personalities and statements than their policy positions.
Donald Trump Says He Will 'Absolutely' Do Three Presidential Debates - I want to debate very badly. But I have to see the conditions
The GOP tried to sink Obama. Instead, the party imploded | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian - If your political priorities are the total defeat of a single politician - not the advancement of your own policies - it fans the flames of extremism

'Sesame Street' parodied Donald Trump in sketch 10 years ago (whoa, Donald Grump!)
Huffington Post - Never underestimate The Donald.
Trump Ally Roger Stone: The Clintons Recently Had Four People Murdered (the total is about 40)
Roger Stone Confirms That He's In Communication With Julian Assange (can't get much more flea-ridden than that)

Quake in Fear, Liberals! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Former Major League Baseball player Curt Schilling is apparently ready to bring his racism and homophobia to the White House in eight years. (the Duck Dynasty of baseball)
Eschaton: Why Not? - Schilling/Baio 2020!

- WSJ Editor Stokes Feud With Op-Ed Eviscerating Fox 'Huckster' Sean Hannity

Exclusive: Inside the Fox News Bunker | Vanity Fair - In the subterranean newsroom, fear is everywhere
Andrea Tantaros Made Harassment Claims Against Roger Ailes
- Report: Multiple Women 'Taped Talks' With Roger Ailes
Fox News staff feared Roger Ailes was monitoring them - Aug. 8, 2016 - many Fox News hosts, on-air personalities and producers have long feared that Ailes had tapped their phones and was monitoring their conversations. (what a slimeball)
CNN Host Accuses Fox News Of 'Spying' On Him Through Staffer He Dated - She was actually reporting back to Fox News about me

Justice Department report: Baltimore Police routinely violated civil rights - Baltimore Sun

We were wrong: Ending stop and frisk did not end stopping crime - NY Daily News - Not only did crime fail to rise, New York hit record lows. Post stop-and-frisk, the facts are clear: New York is safer while friction between the NYPD and the city's minority communities has eased. (Guiliani and Bloomfuck were tragically wrong)

Man Allegedly Yells 'F*** Indians' During Vicious New York City Assault - The victim is calling for hate-crime charges in the attack, captured on NYPD video.

No Child Left Behind has been unsuccessful, says bipartisan report | Education | The Guardian - Report says US has been outperformed by a majority of advanced industrial nations as well as some less-developed nations since bill was passed in 2001 (thanks, Bushbama)

Shortage of estrogen drugs in US worries trans women: 'It's my peace of mind' | Society | The Guardian

What's a good YouTube channel to binge watch? : AskReddit
What things would be taught in Flirting 101? : AskReddit

Researchers crack open unusually advanced malware that hid for 5 years : technology
'Project Sauron' malware hidden for five years - BBC News - The malware may have been designed by a state-sponsored group.


Pakistan: dozens dead as bomb hits mourners at Quetta hospital | World news | The Guardian - Explosion, reportedly killing more than 60, occurred as body of prominent lawyer Bilal Kasi arrived at hospital after he was shot

ELI5: How come Venezuela is in such a poor state if it has nearly 300 Bn barrels of proven oil reserves? : explainlikeimfive

Priest who molested 'maybe 20 boys' says he was ordered to pray as punishment | Americas | News | The Independent - Church members knew about the abuse but did not tell him to stop, according to Mr Brouillard

French girl, 16, charged with allegedly supporting Islamic State | World news | The Guardian - was administrator of Isis propaganda chat group on Telegram app

Obama and the Courts - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - One thing too few people understand is how seriously many Democratic senators -- and not just more conservative ones, but also some liberals like Leahy and Fiengold -- took the Senate's sclerotic procedural norms, including the ones Republicans were no longer adhering to. (dimbulb dems, hope Feingold has learned something)

RealClearPolitics - Election 2016 - General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein (7.4% with dramaqueen Stein in the race)
Bounced - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Trump a yoooooge underdog

- Beat him like a drum: Donald Trump must not just lose in November; to correct the institutions he's broken, he must suffer a humiliating defeat - a man who has no political core, lies practically every time he speaks and is patently unstable
Reagan Republican: Trump is the emperor with no clothes -
Republicans warn Donald Trump: Right the ship or lose Senate -
Washington Monthly | Why Trump Peddles Fear while Hillary Preaches Hope - a skyrocketing violent death rate among older white Americans, even as everyone else gets safer ... a middle-aged White is at greater risk today of violent death (by suicide, accident, or murder, and especially from guns or illicit drugs) than an African American teenager or young adult. (they were always toxic and have a lot of guns)
I can no longer justify calling myself a Trump supporter | New York Post (and then you're losing the Post ...)
After Conservative Media Attacked Khizr Khan, He Started To Receive "Hateful Messages" (Michelle Malkin's/Pam Geller's flying monkeys attack)
Third Portland businessman backs away from Donald Trump |

Donald Trump Tries a Campaign Reboot - WSJ - As the GOP nominee slumps in polls, he plans an economic speech in Detroit (WSJ/Murdoch is worried)
Mark Singer on Trump: 'The wheels are starting to come off dramatically' delves into the Republican's mentality, and explains why he thinks he's destined to drop out ... Singer blames Fox News and the web for what seems to be a growing disregard for the truth (biggest quitter)

SPREAD THIS: Media RIGGING The Polls, Hiding New Evidence Proving Trump Is WINNING ("Truth Division" is going to very unhappy +"Facebook likes" ha-ha-ha)
the dumbest man on the internet - Google Search (Jim Holt, "Gateway Pundit" by far)

Family of boy arrested over homemade clock sues Texas school officials | US news | The Guardian - Federal lawsuit on behalf of Ahmed Mohamed says his civil rights were violated as school's actions prompted death threats and forced family to leave US

Police will be required to report officer-involved deaths under new US system | US news | The Guardian - Federal officials will actively work to confirm fatal cases rather than wait for voluntary reports (which were never "volunteered" by the copsters)

Portland Public Schools didn't label lead-tainted sinks out of fear people would panic | (which would have been way worse than actually having brain damage)

Two more women allege assaults by Bill Cosby; total now 60 - The Washington Post (which means it's in the hundreds +WaPo male commenters pro-rape)

Sorry, cat people. You are more likely to be single (according to Facebook) | Life and style | The Guardian - Meanwhile, dog people lean toward trashier subject matter including Fifty Shades of Grey, Step Up, The Hangover, The Hills, Duck Dynasty, Marley & Me and Eat, Pray Love. (dog people are dumb)

Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain | Science | The Guardian - Research suggests we may be predisposed to speak more than one language and that doing so brings health benefits, such as delaying the onset of dementia

- Whats a big industry secret that isn't supposed to be known by the general public?
what's that shitty thing about your city? : AskReddit

Thermostats can now get infected with ransomware, because 2016 : technology (""if it can kill you, don't connect it to the network" +"that requires pants)
The world's first website went online 25 years ago today


Most Americans Support Allowing Late-Term Abortion In Cases Of Zika-Linked Birth Defects
Rubio: No abortions for Zika-infected women - Sen. Marco Rubio said Saturday that he doesn't believe a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus should have the right to an abortion (hates health care also)

Syrian Rebels Claim To Break Assad's Siege Of Aleppo - Pro-government media outlets denied the claim as intense fighting continues.

They're Taking Everyone - With suspicion running amok in Turkey, fear grips the country as Erdogan cracks down

Europeans Are Quietly Preparing for War with Russia

Two Police Officers Attacked with Machete in Belgium - ABC News - 'Preliminary Indications' Suggest Machete Attack Was Act of Terrorism ("Allah Akhbar" = "death to infidels!" )

From a Dacha Wall, a Clue to Raoul Wallenberg's Cold War Fate - To the Soviets occupying Budapest, the ties that Wallenberg had forged with senior Nazis and Americans smelled like espionage, with rescuing Jews an implausible cover story ... Wallenberg was executed in a Moscow prison.

Julian Assange special: Do Wikileaks have the email that will put Hillary Clinton in prison? (E376) RT - Going Underground (crooked Hillary will be in jail by November!)
Democrats feare 'October surpise' as White House ponders hack response = Security experts from both parties want to see strong action if the U.S. concludes Russia is meddling in the election.
No, WikiLeaks Isn't Trying to Hack Trump's Tax Returns (dramaqueen Julian)

The Rage Against Trade - The New York Times - both candidates have made major trade agreements an important issue in their campaigns ("trade" "hollowed out the middle class" NOT Republicans!)
Researchers or Corporate Allies? Think Tanks Blur the Line - The New York Times - Think tanks are seen as independent, but their scholars often push donors corporate influence in Washington. ("scholars" at "think tanks")

Where Are All the Republican Women? - POLITICO Magazine - There are fewer Republican women in Congress now than in 2006. The trend repeats at every level of government. Since 2006, the proportion of women in the House GOP caucus has dropped from 11 percent to just 9 percent today.

Poll finds Clinton has widened lead ahead of Trump to 8 points - The Washington Post
2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton - Polls - HuffPost Pollster
Pennsylvania holds keys in Clinton-Trump tilt | TheHill - Clinton holds an 11 percent lead over Republican Donald Trump among likely voters, 49 percent to 38 percent. She has a slightly larger edge, 48 percent to 35 percent, among registered voters. (it's a close race! Trump will win!)
The new Post-ABC poll shows just how badly Donald Trump blew his convention - The Washington Post

The Party Of Honest Abe Now Stuck With Dishonest Don - Historians see in Trump the biggest liar in presidential politics. Ever.
- In N.H., Trump calls Clinton 'unstable' (said the pot) "Build that wall!! (said the crowd)
- Trump, in series of scathing personal attacks, questions Clinton's mental health
Expert Analysis of Hillary Clinton's Physical and Mental Breakdown - The agent gave Hillary Gorilla Mindset coaching on the spot, and she was finally able to continue.

- Top Nazi leader: Trump will be a 'real opportunity' for white nationalists (= "racist assholes")
Trump is right: He didn't kick a baby out of a campaign rally (and that's saying a lot, it was just his "sense of humor")
As Donald Trump Incites Feuds, Other G.O.P. Candidates Flee His Shadow - The New York Times (bye-bye, Kelly)

Christ, What an Asshole - Lawyers, Guns & Money : You all enjoy this - Today @gop commemerates the 51st anniversary of the #VotingRights Act Every American has #Right2Vote #VRA - Reince Priebus (@Reince) (irony implodes +"commemerates" spelling is hard for Republicans)

White Room Lyrics - Cream
(Karaoke) White Room by Cream - YouTube
Q&A: Ginger Baker on Why 'the Rolling Stones Are Not Good Musicians' - Rolling Stone

- Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance 'black room' Campaigns Against His Enemies - a crucial question remains unanswered: How was Ailes able to spend millions of dollars to settle sexual harassment claims without it setting off alarm bells? (Rupert knew, of course, he should fire himself)
MyNY - BTWBush's Profile
But he can't be wounded 'cause he's got no heart
Elvis Costello - Watching The Detectives - YouTube

- Jill Stein is laying out some carefully considered foreign policy while visiting Moscow and being a useful idiot for Putin.
And for those of you who don't like sport assholes, there's sport Bill Maher - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Bill Maher's True Story tries to say something profound about stand-up, but fails spectacularly (backstory on Maher: CWAA)

Victims of abuse at private schools sometimes face retaliation instead of sympathy - The Boston Globe - at least 15 instances of apparent retaliation against students who were sexually exploited by staffers or against employees who raised concerns about alleged sexual abuse and harassment.
Spotlight: Sexual abuse at New England boarding schools - The Boston Globe - More than 200 victims. At least 90 legal claims. At least 67 private schools in New England. This is the story of hundreds of students sexually abused by staffers, and emerging from decades of silence today.
Look up details on a specific school - The Boston Globe - More than 100 private schools in New England have faced reports that their staff sexually abused or harassed students. Select a school from the dropdown menu below to explore the claims.

Lab is liquidated, and so is decade of cancer studies - The Boston Globe - Boston is a city of haves and have-nots, and a new study by the Boston Redevelopment Authority quantifies the growing divide, portraying the trend in stark numbers that show few benefits from the economic boom going to those near the bottom of the income scale.

What's ahead for Suffolk University? (BoGlo leaves George Regan under the rug)

My boyfriend was intimidated by my sexual history. So I dumped him. - The Washington Post - How many people have you slept with?

In string theory, if strings are 1-dimensional, how do they vibrate in more than 1 dimension? E.g. If a piece of paper (defined by dimensions ,y) was truly 2 dimensional, could you bend it along the z-axis? : askscience

Man awarded $150000 after Facebook post ruined his life : news
Redditor does acid for months, discovers the truth and chooses to forget. : bestof


The U.S. coast is in an unprecedented hurricane drought - why this is terrifying - The Washington Post - A major hurricane hasn't hit the U.S. Gulf or East Coast in more than a decade.
Embarrassing Photos of Me, Thanks to My Right-Wing Stalkers - The New York Times - Bill Mckibben - America Rising Squared, an arm of the Republican opposition research group America Rising, had decided to go after me and Tom Steyer, another prominent environmentalist (rightwing anti-science bullies)
In Japan, electric car charging sites surpass gas stations - Japan has more car charging sites than gas stations as electric vehicles are becoming a more viable option around the country.

Anger Grows as Taiwan Forced to Compete in Olympics as 'Chinese Taipei'

Rouen fire: at least 13 dead in birthday disaster at bar in French city | World news | The Guardian - Emergency services pull survivors from Cuba Libre where ceiling in basement apparently caught fire when birthday cake with lit candles was brought out

Thomas Salbey who stood up to Munich shooter facing charge for insulting killer | World | News | Daily Express - A MAN who famously stood up to the Munich shooter after he killed nine people is facing being charged by a prosecutor for insulting the killer.

Assailant dies after machete attack on Belgian police officers | World news | The Guardian - The officers, reportedly both women, were assaulted in Charleroi, south of Brussels, on Saturday afternoon by an attacker shouting in Arabic, police said.

Afghan girl, aged just six, sold into marriage with 55-year-old man in exchange for a GOAT | World | News | Daily Express - A HORRIFYING video has emerged which appears to show a six-year-old girl being sold into marriage with a middle aged man in exchange for a goat and a few items of food.

- Biggest story you missed: Saudi Arabia's stranded foreign workers - More than half the country is under 30 years old, and many have grown up with the expectation of easy government jobs and a lifetime of generous handouts

Dallas woman discovers new Secret Service sex scandals through public information requests : news

FBI Worked with 'Draw Muhammad' Shooter Up to Incident (FBI responsibile for most terrorist plots in America)

Julian Assange Says Wikileaks Is Working On Hacking Trump's Tax Returns

We're in a Low-Growth World. How Did We Get Here? - Economic growth in advanced nations has been weaker for longer than it has been in the lifetime of most people on earth. 81 percent of the United States population is in an income bracket with flat or declining income over the last decade.

Strong Job Gains, for Second Month, Reframe Economic Outlook - The New York Times (jobs up, growth flat)

Donald Trump Just Had Another Very Bad Polling Day - Two new surveys show him with less than 40 percent of the vote against Hillary Clinton.
For Donald Trump, this was more than a terrible week. It was a turning point | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian - It would be tempting to say this was just another episode in the bizarre life of the Republican presidential nominee. But it was far worse
How Donald Trump Created The Worst Week Any Candidate's Ever Had - Here are all 16 of Trump's terrible gaffes this week. (dunderhead)

Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan and John McCain in Bid for G.O.P. Unity - The New York Times (and Ayotte who is even more toast)

Clinton winning over Hispanics, new poll shows - Univision - Clinton has dramatically increased her favorable rating among Hispanic voters, while Trump is plummeting - Donald Trump, continues to see his favorability rating sink, dropping four points since May, from 21.8% to 17.8%, while his unfavorable rating increased almost seven points from 60.8% to 67.6% (o rly)

Trump's Economic Team: Bankers and Billionaires (and All Men)
Worthy of Our Contempt - The New York Times - a YouGov survey found that 61 percent of Republicans support his call for Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton. (61% of Republicans are treasonous traitors to America)
How Paul Krugman Made Donald Trump Possible - The Daily Beast - Liberal pundits write viciously about Trump. But they wrote viciously about Romney, McCain, Bush... and they wonder why people outside their circle stopped listening. (yeah, it's all his fault)
People Aren't Really Appreciating Just How Bad Trump's Campaign Has Been - He is a neutron bomb that has gone off in the Republican Party
Questions raised about Melania's marriage history - Univision - A former lawyer for the Trump Organization adds to doubts about Melania Trump's immigration status, and how she earned U.S. residency
Trump website Won't Let Supporters Cancel Recurring Donations (his business plan)

Are You Ready for the End of the Republican Party? - It's been a long, a long time coming... (cancer on the body politic of America) Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker even posited that, as a gesture of good faith, HRC should allow the Republicans to pick a Supreme Court justice, a stratagem that has been proven to work only on The West Wing, which was not a documentary series (we're sure they would do the same)

Hillary Clinton Answer on E-mail, FBI, James Comey at Press Conference Not Good Enough - Trump is imploding. Hillary should be soaring. What's wrong? (her girlybrain short-circuited) Hell, it's barely in the neighborhood of English. It is legalistic gobbledegook. You can turn an ankle trying to get from premise to conclusion in that tangled thicket of weaselspeak (not like she didn't have time to rehearse an answer) That's the way you talk when the mule you sold somebody died on the way home.
Republicans for Hillary? Clinton campaign woos those lost by Trump | US news | The Guardian

'White Trash' - The Original Underclass
Why white trash Americans are flocking to Donald Trump
Drive-By Cuckers - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Why Angry White Men Love Calling People "Cucks" | GQ (weird denial: their "cuckservatives" are getting laid by the 1% because these idiiots voted for them so they'd get thair racisim and anti-abortion/gay/whatever)
The Trumph of the Will - Josh Marshall Published January 28, 2016 - But this driving force of Republican politics has only become more salient and central as the GOP has become increasingly dominated by core constituencies animated by anger and resentment that things to which they believe they are entitled are being taken away from them. (primitive dominance symbolism)

The Latest Anti-Abortion Stupidity - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - he hot new trend in anti-abortion laws is 'fetal burial' requirements, which force patients and healthcare providers to bury or cremate aborted and miscarried fetuses

Organizer of Bernie volunteers talks about some of the horror stories working with the campaign : bestof (good history of Sanders' campaign non-organization)
Obama for America 2012 Campaign Organization - Ohio Field Organization (Obama was organized)

Videos of deadly cop shooting show procedural errors, confusion over shots - Chicago Tribune (and cops who couldn't give a shit about killing people)
Chicago Police Release Video Of Officers Shooting Unarmed Black Teen - "B***h-ass motherf****r," one officer says before kicking Paul O'Neal who was dying (contrast w/ChiTrib story)
Group of Chicago Police officers known as the "Skullcap Crew" has been named in over 20 federal lawsuits and over 60 different misconduct complaints - Largest punishment being only 5 day suspension and have received 180 commendations
SFPD union's dog photo called insult to Black Lives Matter cause
Donald Trump Is Wrong. Police Shootings Are Not At A Record Level. - That record was set in the 1970s. (but Boston cops claim shootings are at all-time high, need machine guns and rockets)

Sheriff Raids House to Find Anonymous Blogger Who Called Him Corrupt : technology (enjoy your lawsuit, corrupt not-very-bright Sheriff Jerry Larpenter)

- I thought I was the only one - survivor of elite prep school sexual abuse speaks out - Anne Scott broke a 25-year silence to go public last year, and this week the St George's School agreed to pay compensation to victims.

'Loving wife' and 'longtime girlfriend' place dueling obituaries after N.J. man's death | PhillyVoice

- TIL research indicates that marijuana use may cause complete remission of Crohn's disease
The Particle That Wasn't (the bumplet)
Can you see time dialation ? : askscience
Oxford team achieves a quantum logic gate with record-breaking 99.9% precision, reaching the benchmark required to build a quantum computer : science

What short story completely mind fucked you? : AskReddit
What's a dark part of American history that gets no attention in schools? : AskReddit
[Serious] Parents who regret having kids: Why? : AskReddit


OSU geologist: Building marine science center in tsunami zone is 'completely inexplicable' |

- FBI Agent Apparently Egged on 'Draw Muhammed' Shooter (FBI largest terror-supporting organization in America)

How Republican Efforts to Suppress the Vote Backfired Big Time | New Republic - A string of judiciary defeats could result in a more devastating one: a Supreme Court hostile to voter ID laws. (Roberts' overreach)

The Republican Party's Future is Bright - The latest Marist poll has Donald Trump pulling a grand 9% of voters age 18-29. - It is also worth noting if you get into the details on the poll that for all the talk of 90 percent of Sanders (BernieBros for Trump/Stein!)
Trump's No Longer Kicking Ass With the White Working Class - Mitt Romney won non-college-educated white voters by an estimated 62-36 in 2012. (stupid is as stupid does)
AJC poll: Hillary Clinton has slim lead over Donald Trump in Georgia | Political Insider blog - Clinton at 44 percent and Trump at 40 percent (Red since '96)
New Poll Has Trump at 9 Percent Among Young Voters

Did Paul Ryan just predict that Clinton will win in a landslide? - The Washington Post - "If we fail to protect our majority in Congress, we could be handing President Hillary Clinton a blank check"
Insiders to Trump: Drop out - POLITICO - rather take our chances with nearly anyone else than continue with this certain loser who will likely cost the Senate and much more said a New Hampshire Republican.
BREAKING! Party that Nominated Racist Buffoon Attracting Few African-American Voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If these polls are to believed, there are ~30k black people who are Trump supporters in USA. There are ~50k people at tonight's Yankee game.

Clinton broadens campaign effort to target wary Republicans - The Washington Post
I Ran the C.I.A. Now I'm Endorsing Hillary Clinton. - Michael J. Morell

Donald Trump: Stop calling him crazy (Opinion) - (psychology has no credibility +'ableism')
How Did We Get Into This Mess?: Medicalizing Presidential Candidates, past and present.

How Howard Stern gave us Donald Trump -

'No Doubt' President Obama is a Muslim, Donald Trump's New York Campaign Chair Says - Carl Paladino "He is not a Christian" (said crazy Carl)

Virginia Mayor Richard Silverthorne Gave Meth to Undercover Cops for Sex: Police - NBC News - was allegedly distributing meth through a website used to arrange casual sex between men
A black woman called 911 because she was afraid of a police officer. A violent arrest followed. - The Washington Post - The Metro Police Department has cleared the officer of any wrongdoing and said his actions were valid. Still others criticized White for getting out of her vehicle in the first place. (cops are gods)

USA Gymnastics routinely ignored warnings of sexual abuse by coaches, report alleges - The Washington Post - because of fears that the allegations would damage the reputations of the coaches in question.

Men may have evolved better 'making up' skills - BBC News - after divorce, men tend to more easily form peaceful relationships with their former wives' new spouses than vice versa.
For Better or For Worse: Divorce Reconsidered | American Journal of Psychiatry
Scientists Confirm Legendary Ancient Flood Was Real - ?Scientists have found evidence that the cataclysmic event did indeed happen. - roughly 1920 BC an enormous flood on the Yellow River barreled down a corridor now known as the Jishi Gorge, into the Guanting Basin in central China

Scientists develop small, reprogrammable quantum computer - Science News : science
Where Americans smoke marijuana the most - The Washington Post - tiny Rhode Island is the marijuana capital of the United States, at least as measured by the percent of state residents who regularly use marijuana. (AK, VT OR)

Map: Real American men don't wear cargo shorts (jorts)

The most compelling reason to never talk politics on Facebook - The Washington Post (unless you are a RWN)


The U.S. coast is in an unprecedented hurricane drought - why this is terrifying - The Washington Post (la-di-la syndrome)

Eschaton: When Bombing Is Not Enough - These Very Serious People have determined that it isn't enough to bomb Syria. Why let a good opportunity go to waste? We have to find a way to bomb Syria that will piss off Russia as much as possible!

Syrian women burned a burka after being freed from the Islamic State | VICE News

Two Muslim women who work for US government escorted off plane as they made staff uncomfortable' | Americas | News | The Independent - ?The two friends were escorted off the plane after one of them questioned why they had not been given water for hours on the tarmac, and were greeted by armed police officers
British woman held after being seen reading book about Syria on plane | Books | The Guardian - Faizah Shaheen was detained after a Thomson Airways crew member reported her for suspicious activity on a flight to Turkey

WikiLeaks' Motivations Aren't What You Think - If someone gave Assange emails showing Putin and intelligence firms orchestrated the DNC hack to get Trump into power, Assange would 'publish that in a second' aid Gabriella Coleman, a professor at McGill University who studies the politics of hackers. (yeah, "emails," that's what we need)

The Political Process Isn't Rigged -- It Has Much Bigger Problems

The newest polls are devastating for Donald Trump - Vox
Hillary Clinton has opened up a huge lead over Donald Trump | McClatchy DC
WBUR Poll: After Conventions, Clinton Up 15 Points Over Trump In New Hampshire | Politicker (bye-bye, Kelly)
Pennsylvania poll: Clinton has double-digit lead over Trump | TheHill
Clinton jumps to big lead over Trump in Michigan poll

The Latest: At least 10 conservative Kansas lawmakers lose | McClatchy DC

- GOP reaches 'new level of panic' over Trump's candidacy
Trump tries to stop the bleeding - POLITICO - frustration with their nominee nears a breaking point.

Donald Trump did not actually watch an Iranian recording of that controversial money transfer - The Washington Post
Imagining The World With A Nuclear-Armed Donald Trump Is Truly Terrifying
Trump Boasts About Watching 'Top Secret' Iran Video Immediately After Becoming Eligible To Receive Classified Briefings
Trump Repeats His Lie That He Watched A Video Of Money Landing In Iran - His own campaign admits no such video exists.

The Eternal Return of Unenlightened Despotism - The New York Times (authoritarian scales, Black Protestant at the top, what's with that?)
Voices From Donald Trump's Rallies, UnCensored(raw hatred focused by Trump)
NYT's horrifying video of hateful Trump rally attendees / Boing Boing - No wonder so many GOP senators and governors are supporting Trump. Just look at how smart and considerate his rally attendees are! (Trump's Satanic Mission to bring out the worst in America)
Rallies Gone Wild - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump Reflects White Male Fragility - The New York Times
GOP Consultant Breaks Down Donald Trump's 'Loud-Mouthed Dick' Strategy On Live TV

Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions - A racy photo shoot is prompting fresh scrutiny of the would-be first lady's early visits to the United States.
Many questions and few answers about how Melania Trump immigrated to the U.S. - The Washington Post

Deceased FBI Agent Found At Trump Tower With Silenced Pistol - Get Off The BSGet Off The BS -

Missouri's head public defender assigns case to Gov. Nixon, cites overburdened staff | Regional |
At any a recent ex-resident of's me

What is feminist hero Susan Estrich doing representing Roger Ailes? - The Washington Post - That includes Estrich herself, a longtime commentator on Fox

Facebook deactivated Korryn Gaines' account during standoff, police say | US news | The Guardian - law enforcement portal

American Psycho - Lawyers, Guns & Money (BEE and Scott Adams)
Bret Easton Ellis, David Foster Wallace, and the ethics of criticism - Kill Your Darlings Journal

Humpback whales around the globe are mysteriously rescuing animals from orcas : science
78% of the children in a study who had ADHD as a child, no longer had the disorder when they were 18. Their ADHD resolved over time. : science
Sleep in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adults: Past, present, and future

TIL that the microcontroller inside a Macbook charger is about as powerful as the original Macintosh computer. : todayilearned Amcrest Connect Energy-Saving WiFi Smart Plug AH357 (USA Warranty) - Plug-and-Play Setup, WiFi Enhancer Mode, Intelligent Charging Protection, and More - Simplified Home and Office Automation with Free APPs Included: Electronics

What's the most intellectual joke you know? : AskReddit
What is socially acceptable in America which is not anywhere else? : AskReddit


Roger Stone Foments Violence, Says 'Bloodbath' Will Ensue If Trump Loses | Crooks and Liars
RNC Chairman Priebus 'Apoplectic' Over Trump's Refusal to Endorse Ryan - NBC News
Trump Allies Plot Candidate Intervention After Disastrous 48 Hours - NBC News
Joe Scarborough: Donald Trump Repeatedly Asked Why We Couldn't Use Nukes
Trump asks why US can't use nukes: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reports (CNBC commenters mostly insane)
Dr. Drew Pinsky: Trump may be mentally ill - so what does that say about his supporters?
Former top Gingrich ally calls Trump nom 'mistake of historic proportions'
Ally of Trump staffer Paul Manafort: The staff is suicidal, he's mailing it in
What happens if a candidate - say Donald Trump - drops out of the presidential race (they have a plan)

Khizr Khan Blasts Trump Over Purple Heart: 'You Dodged The Draft!' - "I always wanted to get the Purple Heart, this was much easier"
Megyn Kelly Has The Perfect One-Word Response To Donald Trump's Latest Sexist Comment - Sigh

Samantha Bee apologizes to Eric Trump then trolls him with barrage of hunting pictures (disgusting little fucker)
Petition 7 #DiagnoseTrump 7 - Narcissistic Personality Disorder DSM IV Criteria:

Getting granular with NPR's culture of timidity - NPR would not call it plagiarism when Melania Trump's speech to the Republican convention took passages from Michelle Obama. But there was a revealing moment when its people defended this policy online. ( "mirrors" ... "near-indentical" ... "echos" ... (NICE Polite Republicans have a "lower threshold" for stealing and lying +Rosen destroys Sarah McCammon) If you have high standards, you take the heat. If you have low standards, you worry about how much heat you will get. Sarah McCammon had flipped this in her mind, and she was unaware of it ... At NPR, the journalist steps in to suspend judgment. It's weird.
- Here, a reporter thinks she is following the standards of her profession, but she doesn't seem to know that NPR has fallen behind the rest of the profession in its ability to call things by their right names. That's a big thing.
With RNC Speech, Melania Trump Joins Long List Of Accused Plagiarists : NPR
Creepy Pilot on Twitter: "@NPRinskeep "I listened to NPR's morning after coverage today and what I heard was a timid newsroom unable to rise to the moment." Jay Rosen" (Steve Innskeep, the half-million dollar man)

How one paper filed a FOIA request in Michigan--and got sued by the county - Columbia Journalism Review ... file revealed that he was once disciplined for losing nearly 11 grams of cocaine, given to the department by the DEA for a training exercise involving a drug-sniffing dog. (lost up his nose)

Tim Huelskamp, Anti-Establishment House Republican, Loses Primary in Kansas - The New York Times (more internal fallout from the teaparty revolution)
Huelskamp loses GOP primary after ideological battle - politico

- Fresh Insights From the Poor Man's Mark Penn - It has been a while since we have discussed Niall Ferguson's descent from respected academic into subpar hack Republican pundit
Fishtown vs. Belmont, 2016 - The Boston Globe (commodities-trader-sports-dude BoGlo specializes in subpar hack Republican pundits)
Niall Ferguson on Twitter: "The 2016 election is quinoa against Chick-fil-A." @nfergus gets laughed at

Now Jill Stein Thinks Wi-Fi Might Be Hurting Kids

Nazi Heinrich Himmler's Lost Diaries Show How He Mixed Family With Mass Murder

Dentists have stopped being strung along by the great flossing yarn. About time | Ollie Jupes | Opinion | The Guardian


Rio 2016: Swimmers need to ingest only three teaspoons of water to be almost certain of contracting a virus | Olympics | Sport : worldnews (meanwhile, in Rio)
Rio 2016: Swimmers need to ingest only three teaspoons of water to be almost certain of contracting a virus | Olympics | Sport | The Independent - A report commisioned by the Associated Press has revealed that water in Rio's Olympic and Paralympic venues holds viral levels 1.7m times what would be considered alarming in the United States and Europe just five days before the Games get underway

Germany Searches for Answers After Recent Wave of Attacks - spiegel online

Toxic Gas Dropped On Syrian Town Where Russian Helicopter Shot Down, Rescuers Say - A spokesman for Syria Civil Defence said 33 people, mostly women and children, were affected by the gas in Saraqeb.
France has 'shut 20 radical Islam-preaching mosques' 7

- Reign of terror : Fear in the Philippines as police embark on state-sanctioned 'killing spree' (summary execution of "suspects")

Pilot In Fatal Hot Air Balloon Crash Had Drunk Driving, Drug Convictions - basket caught fire after hitting power lines and killed 16 people in the crash.

Veteran Homelessness Has Dropped By Nearly 50% Since 2010: Report (thanks, Obama)

Turning the Tide on Voting Rights - The New York Times - a series of victories that seemed unlikely when their cases against these laws were first brought. (when Scalia was still alive)
- The Federal Courts Strike Back at the GOP's War On Voting Rights
Today in Post-Racial America - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Scott is right that Shelby County is far and away the worst decision of the Roberts Court. It tilts far toward the Plessy point. Southern states used it as an excuse to do what they have always wanted to do-stop black people from voting.
Judge strikes down Wisconsin voter ID, early voting laws - Gov. (Scott) Walker and the Legislature wanted to create a bottleneck in the city of Milwaukee to make it more difficult for people to vote (Republicans, a cancer on your democracy)
Federal Judge Blocks North Dakota Voter ID Law - Seven Native American voters filed the law suit, claiming measures passed by the Republican-led legislature were unconstitutional and violate the U.S. Voting Rights Act. (Republifucks destroying your democracy)

Obama Says Republicans Should Withdraw Support for Trump - The New York Times - "unfit to serve as president"
Will GOP officials jump ship on Trump? - The Washington Post - Trump's comments about Russia and Vladimir Putin have further shredded the Republican Party
First Read: A Last Exit Ramp for the GOP? - NBC News - Mr. Ryan and other Go-Along Republicans should treat the Khan episode as their last best hope to preserve political reputations they have worked so hard to build
Donald Trump's Draft Deferments: Four for College, One for Bad Feet
Trump tests his limits - politico - The GOP nominee has broken nearly every conventional boundary, but he has never gone this far before.
Why Donald Trump Is Uniquely Unqualified To Speak About Military Service And Sacrifice (only Fox News allowed on miliary bases, so troops love him)
Vets In Congress Urge Paul Ryan To Un-Endorse Trump - The profound disrespect Mr. Trump has shown toward Gold Star parents is a new low
- Trump blasts New York Times: 'They don't write good'
Trump Exposes Trump - YouTube
- That poll showing Clinton leading in Utah? It doesn't exist
The Post-Convention Polls Are In And Trump Has A Lot Of Ground To Make Up
How And Why Trump Will Try to Ditch the Debates - Remember, it's Trump. The stupidest possible scenario that can be reconciled with the available facts is most likely to be right.
Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries - The Washington Post - Trump also said he was not supporting Sen. John McCain in his primary in Arizona, and he singled out Sen. Kelly Ayotte as a weak and disloyal leader in New Hampshire (bye-bye, Kelly)
There is something very wrong with Donald Trump - The Washington Post - If you are a Republican, the real problem, and the thing that ought to keep you up nights as we head into the final 100 days of this campaign, is that the man cannot control himself. (said Robert "Regime Change" Kagan)
Balloon Juice - President Obama used his Jedi mind tricks and employed his weapons grade troll fu on the tangelo tyrant, and as usual, it worked, provoking an immediate response. Unable to display even the slightest bit of self control, the mandarain manchild rushed to his keyboard (Size EXTRA SMALL) and used his dainty digits to furiously pound out a heap of bullshit:

Eschaton: Both Sides - the DC press brought down a Republican president, so they had to bring down a Democratic one just to even the score, because both sides. It's only objective and fair, after all. Also, too, balanced. (Ken Starr, saint of the DC press)

"I AM NOT A CRANK" - The Ballad of Jill Stein

Texas allows guns in college classrooms under new law : news

Are Final Clubs Too Exclusive for Harvard? - The New York Times - Secretive, selective ... sexist? The college is pushing its elite all-male (and all-female) organizations to change.

All Scott Adams All the Time Links - Lawyers, Guns & Money (like all the others, he's really defined himself in Trump's shadow and what an asshole)

TIL that the term 'Strnger Danger' may leave children more susceptible to abuse because it puts focus on strangers when in reality 93% of children know their abuser.

If Facebook existed during WWII. - Imgur

There isn't really anything magical about it: Why more millennials are avoiding sex (porn) primarily young women who have stopped having sex.

Medically accurate vagina jokes on Conan. : videos (and visual puns)
Kanye West has put his notoriously huge ego aside and admitted that headlining Glastonbury left him feeling "depressed". : Music
reddit user preserves what reddit is talking about the most in 2010, comment posted 6 years ago : bestof
Stranger Things doesn't just reference '80s movies. It captures how it feels to watch them. : television
250 + monday punday

Hackers Accessed Telegram Messaging Accounts In Iran: Researchers - reliance on SMS verification makes it vulnerable in any country where cellphone companies are owned or heavily influenced by the government
- Peter "Nosferatu" Thiel - Last month, Gawker noted that the logical endpoint of Thiel's dystopian world vision could feature an economy in which the wealthy, who wished to live forever, subsist on the blood of the poor, who would die at a normal age.
- Washington state to sue Comcast for $100M. A news release says the lawsuit accuses Comcast of "deceptive practices" (where is carmen Ortiz? oh, nevermind)


Florida's Worsening Zika Outbreak - The number of those infected in the U.S. from mosquitos has risen from four to 14. Scientists have warned the government for a year about the possibility of mosquito-borne Zika inside the U.S., but Congress has done little or nothing to act on this information. ("congress" = "Republicans")
1,500 reindeer dead, 40 humans hospitalized amid anthrax outbreak in Siberia | VICE News

India Rescues 10,000 Starving Workers In Saudi - Many workers in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have been living in inhumane conditions after losing their jobs - Construction projects have ground to a halt after the oil price crash sy

Turkey: Erdogan Takes Charge Of Military : news - Enjoy your democratatorship.

'One ISIS attack every 84 hours' - spurs dread and anger in Europe

- Afghan cleric defends 'marriage' to six-year-old girl by saying she was 'religious offering' to him: 'This girl does no speak, but only repeats one thing - 'I am afraid of this man'' (why child sacrifice was a thing +redditors go on massive diversion)

The Five Worst Roberts Court Rulings (for those who are going "to sit this one out" because they don't like Hillary or something)
A Georgia town is sending police to black residents' homes to challenge their voting rights by dispatching deputies with summonses commanding them to appear in person to prove their residence or lose their voting rights (see above: Roberts: "you don't need no steenking voting right act")

3 a.m. | The SIMPSONS - YouTube

Everybody be Calmer - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The first post-convention polls are out, and Clinton has a significant lead: (wait, what about last week?)
Who Will Be President? - The New York Times - Hillary Clinton has about a 73% chance of winning the presidency.
Gallup Poll Finds Trump's Convention Is A Historic Dud
Americans More Positive About Democratic Than GOP Convention
New polls show Hillary Clinton surge ahead as John McCain hits at Donald Trump |
How the 'Stupid Party' Created Donald Trump (when you've lost Max Boot but a good summary of their appeal to the stupid)
Trump overwhelmingly leads rivals in support from less educated Americans | PBS NewsHour
Republicans Must Make the Only Moral Choice: Renounce Trump and Vote for Anyone Else (that would require morality)
- With 98 Days to Go, Donald Trump Decides This Election Is 'Rigged' In this installment of Whatever Happened to the Rails?,

Families Of Fallen Soldiers Remind Trump He Has No Idea What Sacrifice Means - You are not just attacking us, you are cheapening the sacrifice made by those we lost.
Trump Pushed For GOP To Change Ukraine Position, Now Claims He Didn't -- The pro-Russia change was the only party platform tweak the Trump camp cared about, sources say.
Trump has gone totally off the rails. Will his base finally notice? | Richard Wolffe | Opinion | The Guardian

Melania Trump's girl-on-girl photos from racy shoot revealed

- State toxicologist: Claim that NC well water was safe was 'scientifically untrue' on the close ties between the McCrory administration and Duke Energy. (=Republican Gov McCrory lied, of course)

Eschaton: The Starr Report - Another horrible person who was revered in DC. "A number of victims were told that if they made a report of rape, their parents would be informed of the details of where they were and what they were doing"

Oregon standoff defendant Joseph O'Shaughnessy pleads guilty to conspiracy charge |

Mystery of the female orgasm may be solved | Society | The Guardian - "It doesn't mean it is not important, it just means it doesn't have an evolutionary purpose"

E-cigarettes emit harmful chemicals, research suggests: Researchers found as e-cigarettes get hotter the more toxic emissions they give off : science

Bear uses open door. : videos
Kentucky Couple, Under the Influence, Crashes Car into Bee Hive and Get Attacked. Eye Witness Reporting is Priceless : videos
What are some places no one should EVER visit in their lifetime? : AskReddit
What has someone said to you that you can never forget? : AskReddit

Netflix finishes its massive migration to the Amazon cloud | Ars Technica - After move to Amazon, only the DVD business still uses traditional data center.


Sex ban recommended for British tourists in Florida after Zika outbreak (well that kind of takes the fun out of the fun vacation)
Human chain rescue in Maryland last night : gifs

At the Front in a Scarred Falluja - The New York Times (Mission Accomplished)

Flight MH370 was flown into water, says crash expert | World news | The Guardian - suggesting rogue pilot brought plane down

Clinton Says Russians Hacked DNC, Calls Trump's Putin Remarks 'Troubling'

The Path to Prosperity Is Blue - The New York Times - Yet income differences between red and blue states stopped closing around 1980 (Twilight in America: red states went supply side and stupid and destroyed themselves, as usual)

The smoking gun proving North Carolina Republicans tried to disenfranchise black voters = One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject found only 31 individual cases of voter impersonation out of more than 1 billion votes cast in the United States since the year 2000. Researchers have found that reports of voter fraud are roughly as common as reports of alien abduction. (Art Pope's little racist empire and Pat McGrory his satanic puppet)

How Clinton and Trump's very different Americas - Trump's speech described a dramatic present for the U.S., leaning heavily on fear (Repubicans have always been WATBs)

- Khizr Khan responds to the latest from Trump: 'Typical of a person without a soul' Responding to Trump: "This is faked empathy" all the snake oil he is selling, and my patriotic, decent Americans are falling for that. Republicans are falling for that. And I can only appeal to them. Reconsider. Repudiate. It's a moral obligation
Trump Time Capsule #65: 'I'd Like to Hear the Wife Say Something' - The Atlantic
"You have sacrificed nothing." Khizr Khan as the Joseph Welch of 2016 - Welch wounded McCarthy deeply with hiWhat kind of person is Donald Trump?s famous question: Have you no sense of decency, Sir.
Donald Trump's slander of Captain Humayun Khan's family is horrifying, even for Trump - What kind of person is Donald Trump? - Welch: "Until this moment, I think I never really gauged your cruelty"
Ghazala Khan: Trump criticized my silence. He knows nothing about true sacrifice. - The Washington Post
Donald Trump Goes After Grieving Mother Of Killed American Soldier - Just when you thought he couldn't sink any lower
- Donald Trump proves he hasn't read the Constitution in statement claiming he has

The Republicans waged a 3-decade war on government. They got Trump. - Vox (government AND democracy - the politics of destruction)
Electoral Map Gives Donald Trump Few Places to Go - The New York Times
Donald Trump Gives Questionable Explanation of Events in Ukraine - The New York Times
Here we go again? Donald Trump is back to criticizing Megyn Kelly on Twitter - The Washington Post - Everybody should boycott the @megynkelly show. Never worth watching. Always a hit on Trump! She is sick, & the most overrated person on tv. ("except me, of course")
Where We Are Now II: What Does Donald Want? - Let Me Maximize You - For what? To lose to a woman in front of the world? To be responsible for Madame President?
Melania Trump Like You've never seen her before (America needs a porn-star first lady)

3rd Chicago cop relieved of powers over man shot in back | WSBT (cops killing four a five people a day)

1 Dead And 4 Injured After Gunman Opens Fire Into Crowd In Austin, Texas (moar gunz)
As campus carry becomes Texas law, memories of UT Tower massacre linger | US news | The Guardian - Monday marks 50 years since the first US mass shooting of the modern era. It also brings a controversial gun law to campuses across the Lone Star State (gunz everywhere, what could go wrong, Republicans at work)
AG faces sexist, antigay slurs after imposing gun ban - The Boston Globe (toxic male gun-bullys out in force)

Rural counties across the US becoming a powder keg for HIV outbreak | Society | The Guardian - recipe that includes high rates of fatal overdoses, prescription opioid sales and searing poverty

Joy, clay and nudity: a weekend in the woods with LGBT faeries of color | World news | The Guardian
Into the woods with the Rainbow Family of Living Light - The Boston Globe

Divorce continues to take a psychological toll on kids | Life and style | The Guardian - Divorce rates are down, with marriages becoming more enduring in the last decade. But are we getting any better at managing the effect on children?

Listen to her purr how to train your cat | Science | The Guardian
Immunotherapy Offers Hope to a Cancer Patient, but No Certainty - The New York Times
Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer - The New York Times
What Is Immunotherapy? The Basics on These Cancer Treatments - The New York Times
John Kerr, Chronicler of Freud-Jung Rift, Is Dead at 66 - The New York Times

Witty, Irreverent Photos That Satirize Family Living


Deadly California Wildfire Near Big Sur Set To Explode In Size - The blaze near Big Sur has destroyed nearly 60 homes and prompted mass evacuations.
Anthrax sickens 13 in western Siberia, and a thawed-out reindeer corpse may be to blame - The Washington Post - Across Siberia, some provinces warmed an additional 10 degrees Fahrenheit beyond normal. In the fields, large bubbles of vegetation appeared above the melting permafrost
In Florida Zika Probe, Federal Scientists Kept At Arm's Length - Florida has yet to invite a dedicated team of the federal government's disease hunters to assist with the investigation on the ground. (Rick Scott and Republicans don't believe in your liberal "germs")
4 Zika Cases in Florida Were Likely Spread by Local Mosquitoes, C.D.C. Says - The New York Times (Rick Scott claims they were "Mexican" illegal immigrant mosquitos)
Fifty-three cases of Zika virus confirmed in UK, says health agency | World news | The Guardian - There is extremely low risk of contracting Zika virus in the UK as the mosquito that transmits the infection is not present in the UK, however it can be spread by sexual transmission

Meningitis outbreaks among gay men have experts puzzled - LA Times - New York, Chicago and now Southern California have experienced outbreaks disproportionately affecting that population ... the cases are likely among men who have multiple sexual partners, engage in anonymous sex and use drugs that make them more susceptible. (or not so "puzzled")

America is hacking other countries with stealthy submarines - The Washington Post

ISIS church-attacker worked at a French airport as a baggage handler | Daily Mail Online (ISIS staffing French airports)

Venezuela calls for mandatory labor in farm sector (Maduro revives slavery)

U.S. Military Admits Airstrikes in Syria May Have Killed More Civilians | TIME

Turkey Kills 35 Militants After They Try To Storm Base, Officials Say - Kurdish militants after they attempted to storm a base in the southeastern Hakkari province early on Saturday

Canada Day bomb plot couple freed after judge rules police entrapped them | World news | The Guardian - police-manufactured crime (in America, they would be locked up forever)

Texas hot air balloon crash causes 'significant loss of life' | US news | The Guardian - A hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people crashed in central Texas on Saturday, apparently leaving no survivors
Hot Air Balloon Carrying at Least 16 People Crashes in Texas : news

Wisconsin Voter ID, Early Voting Law Partially Struck Down By Judge - The laws have been decried as tactics to disenfranchise minorities.

2016 Democratic, Republican Convention Recap - Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - A look back at last night, and two weeks in Cleveland and Philadelphia. - "Listen to the ancient chorus in which deep calls unto deep."
The Rev. William Barber dropped the mic - The Washington Post - an articulation of a liberal and patriotic philosophy with what Barber said was the moral force to shock and resuscitate the heart of the nation. "We are being called like our forefathers and foremothers to be the moral defibrillators of our time"
War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness

We Compared Obama's Words To Trump's And The Result Will Make You Sad (compare and contrast American values with gross insanity)
Bernie Sanders Breaks Down Exactly Why Donald Trump Is 'Dangerous' - This guy is running his entire campaign based on bigotry
- For This Republican, Never Trump Means"I'm with her" - Caroline McCain

In final 100 days, Clinton and Trump to chart different paths to White House - The Washington Post - the Trump campaign is going to continue holding big rallies and tweeting
Donald Trump Is 'Starting To Agree' Hillary Clinton Should Be Locked Up - "no more Mr. Nice Guy" (get ready)
- Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton 'Doesn't Know How to Win' "I think I have a great temperament, I have a temperament where I know how to win'
Trump floats opposition to debate schedule | TheHill

Computer Systems Used by Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked, Apparently by Russians - The New York Times (another date-free article)
Clinton campaign denies reports that its computer system was hacked - The Washington Post - "If the email leak was orchestrated by the Russian government, this is an attack not on one party but on the integrity of American democracy" ... The GRU apparently stole not only DNC emails but also opposition research files on GOP candidate Donald Trump ... " a whole new dangerous ballgame, with a level of brazen interference that we haven't seen before" (does sound like Trump)

The Democrats' Putin dilemma
Donald Trump and Russia: a web that grows more tangled all the time | US news | The Guardian - Frank Mermoud, a key figure at the recent Republican convention, has strong business ties with Ukraine, to which others in Trump's orbit have been linked as questions (treason is in their Repubican blood)
The return of the Luddite president - POLITICO - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would each bring a tech-challenged record to the White House. (politico tries hard for bothsiderism)

Seven Minutes That Shook the Convention - POLITICO Magazine
Donald Trump to Father of Fallen Soldier: 'I've Made a Lot of Sacrifices" "I've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. I've had tremendous success (when the world is all about you, everything is a "sacrifice")
Khizr Khan helped Democrats take back religious liberty.
Father Of War Hero Near Tears As He Pleads With Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell To 'Repudiate' Trump

Bill O'Reilly irretrievably loses it over White House slaves (in defense of slavery)

- There Are Too Many Liberals Nowadays. Please Eliminate All of Them. I Am Not A Crackpot - Jill Stein: "The only way to stop the neofascist Donald Trump is to elected Donald Trump."
Jill Stein Explains Her Plan to Stop Trump by Electing Him President

This Lawsuit Has Put Big Ag On The Defensive In A Major Way - A pending Iowa case could set a new national precedent for water pollution stemming from farms.

Flint water crisis: charges against low-level state workers draw scrutiny | US news | The Guardian - Experts raise concerns over whether the right people have been targeted in the lead contamination case as high-level officials remain untouched - "The Michigan attorney general continues to pile on charges against career government officials without addressing the fact that the decisions that caused the Flint water crisis were made far above their pay grades" (Rick Snyder)

Witness to William Chapman shooting contradicts police officer's account | US news | The Guardian - made a gesture (any excuse for killer cops to kill you )
Fatal police shooting of Native American woman prompts racial bias questions | US news | The Guardian - Loreal Tsingine killed by officer Austin Shipley in late March as fatal shootings of Native Americans by police have increased in 2016 (she was "armed" with a tiny pair of medical sissors)
Louisville Jail Humiliates Black Woman by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants : videos
Oakland police sergeant faced no charges for domestic violence arrest despite video evidence : news

Prosecutors: Oregon standoff defendants broke into safes, stole federal documents, called refuge takeover 'another Bunkerville' |

Attachment parenting: the best way to raise a child - or maternal masochism? | Life and style | The Guardian - It's the increasingly fashionable approach, with an emphasis on baby-wearing, co-sleeping and long-term breastfeeding. But does it make for happier, better children? - Attachment parenting was developed in the 1980s by the American paediatrician William Sears and his wife Martha ... "The sound of my daughter whining in the night woke him and we realised that, when he slept on the sofa, everyone slept better.'

The Most Metal Word in the English Language -- Science of Us - The most metal word of all is burn, followed by cries, veins, eternity, and breathe. The least metal word is particularly, followed by indicated, secretary, committee, and university

This Woman Giving Birth In A Stream Has Been Watched Over 54 Million Times (NSFW) | Decider | Where To Stream Movies & Shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant, HBO Go
Pure Nude Yoga
Harry Brant busted for drugs and bailing on taxi fare | Page Six (Kardashian lips)

'Ayahuasca is changing global environmental consciousness' | Environment | The Guardian - Interview with US scientist Dennis McKenna on powerful Amazon hallucinogen, plant intelligence and environmental crises
Cognitive Ability Varies, but Prejudice is Universal. When it comes to prejudice, it does not matter if you are smart or not, or conservative or liberal, each group has their own specific biases. : science
The mystery of how early humans survived the Ice Age while Neanderthals disappeared into evolutionary oblivion may lie in their choice of outerwear. Unlike early modern humans, Neanderthals were not equipped with the cold-weather clothing needed to survive the glacial Ice Age. : science
Ovarian cancer risk nearly doubles in women who douche | Reuters
Human-Like Speech Seen In Orangutans For The First Time - NOVA Next | PBS : news

dpmull comments on Saying No to Kevin a bad look internationally
TIL The ampersand (&) was once the 27th letter of the alphabet. : todayilearned


Israel Proves the Desalination Era is Here - Scientific American - One of the driest countries on earth now makes more freshwater than it needs - the new Sorek desalination plant, the largest reverse-osmosis desal facility in the world

Eschaton: Heckuva Job - Sorry millions of lives were destroyed. Bygones ... The real problem is that no one trusts elites anymore.
IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro and apologises for the immolation of Greece

Former Brazilian president Lula to stand trial on obstruction charges | World news | The Guardian - party conspired with politicians and businessmen to buy silence of former Petrobras official

Erdogan tells US intelligence chief: 'Know your place!' | News | DW.COM | 29.07.2016 (meanwhile, in Furkey Erdogon unleashed)

New Zealand jiu-jitsu champion flees Rio de Janeiro after third run-in with Brazilian military police : worldnews
Brazilian police arrest Lebanese former Hezbollah member before Olympics | World news | The Guardian - Fadi Hassan Nabha, 42, is on Interpol wanted list for drug trafficking

French Prime Minister plans ban on foreign funding for mosques with more Isis terror attacks predicted | Europe | News | The Independent

Ireland jails three top bankers over 2008 banking meltdown | Reuters

Breaking and Analysis: Partially Divided 4th Circuit Strikes NC Strict Voting Law, Finds Discriminatory Intent | Election Law Blog

Full text: Hillary Clinton's DNC speech
Hillary Clinton did very well indeed -- with one small reservation
The Reviews Are In: Conservatives Say The DNC Was 'Disaster' For The GOP (Dems owned the patriotism theme)
DNC insiders detail months of escalating dysfunction - politico (even worse than we thought)

For It After He Was Against It After He Was For It - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Tim Kaine has decided to change his changed position on the Hyde Amendment: (Hillary, having apparently learned nothing, chooses a "safe" bland white anti-abortion guy for veep)
Eschaton: A Bit Too Early For The Shit Eating Phase - Pretend just a bit longer, at least.

TV Ratings: Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech Falls Just Shy of Trump's With 33 Million Viewers - Hollywood Reporter
Hillary Clinton's speech was a powerful, primal first - and it blew me away | Xeni Jardin | Opinion | The Guardian
Trump Supporter Trolls Estonia's President On Twitter, Gets Burned - Toomas Hendrik Ilves is not the one to be messed with.
Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has endorsed Donald Trump - Quartz (authoritarian dictators support each other)

Father Of Muslim American War Hero: We Cannot Defeat Terror By Dividing America (offer to loan Donald a copy of the Constitution)
Guess what? You can be a Muslim American and criticise our foreign policy | Moustafa Bayoumi | Opinion | The Guardian - Khizr Khan made a huge impact with his speech at the Democratic convention. But the choice of a man whose son fought as an American soldier is telling
Donald Trump Threatens To Hit Democratic Convention Speakers 'So Hard Their Heads Would Spin' - The GOP nominee appeared to single out former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for special insults. (raw, primitive bullying narcissism)
Some Donald Trump Supporters Are Now Calling Him 'God Emperor'
Mr. Sullivan wants a candidate as warm & poetical as M. Thatcher - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Sully returns to blogging prematurely, hates Hillary, will vote for her anyway)
Melania no more: why did Donald Trump take down his wife's website? | US news | The Guardian - has disappeared, and a kerfuffle over a college degree may be to blame. But experts say it could amplify what they hope will remain unseen

FBI warned Clinton campaign last spring of cyberattack

- Former Fox News Booker Says She Was Sexually Harassed and 'Psychologically Tortured' by Roger Ailes for More Than 20 Years (a more sophisticated Cosby)
The uncouth Roger Ailes - Jul. 28, 2016 - In addition to being accused of making unwanted advances, Ailes has been accused of making a litany of inappropriate remarks about women's faces and bodies. (the dark satanic heart of Fox was even sleazier and creepier than we thought - the price of success was sexual harrassment)

- Jill Stein on vaccines: People have 'real questions' (in case you didn't realize she's an evil idiot)

6 state employees criminally charged in Flint water crisis (all low level, of course)

Baton Rouge Drug Enforcement Has Plummeted Since Police Killed Alton Sterling | FiveThirtyEight - Murders rose in other cities under similar circumstances - will Baton Rouge be next?
- The forgotten police bombing of a Philadelphia pro-black group

Cool Zombie version of the BioDigital Human Experience : InternetIsBeautiful
Top Ravishing Tattoos For Women and girls - YouTube

Cyberstalking subreddit has existential moment. : bestof
/u/dudebro_fistbump outlines how another redditor uses posts to deceptively market his book and correctly predicts author's next promotional attempt. : bestof
Guys, what inappropriate questions about girls have you always wanted answered? : AskReddit (3K comments)
Girls, what inappropriate questions about guys have you always wanted answered? : AskReddit (18K comments)
ELI5: What is meant by right-wing & left-wing in politics? : explainlikeimfive

Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics : technology


- A stunning prediction of climate science -- and basic physics -- may now be coming true -- the likely gravitational imprint of our changing climate on key features of the Earth (Republicans not a big fan of gravity)
- Scientists have found a perfect illustration of how the climate is spiraling 'out of control' (or temperature)

Chelsea Manning faces charges, solitary confinement after suicide attempt | US news | The Guardian - Serving 35 years for leaking secrets to WikiLeaks, she was being investigated for resisting guards, prohibited property and threatening conduct charges (the dark sadistic heart of American "national security")

How a Currency Intended to Unite Europe Wound Up Dividing It - The New York Times - But the euro, in the 17 years since the common currency came into existence, has instead reinvigorated conflicts, yielding new crises, fresh grievances and a spirit of distrust. So argues the Nobel laureate economist Joseph E. Stiglitz in a timely new book,

Turkish Military Is Divided and in Disarray After Failed Coup - The New York Times

'America is already great' : Obama urges US to back Clinton in DNC speech - in emotional Democratic convention speech that cast Donald Trump as a threat to American values
Championing Optimism, Obama Hails Clinton as His Political Heir - The New York Times
Obama's Powerful Message: Donald Trump Is Un-American
Democratic National Convention Ratings: DNC Beats RNC on Night 2 | Variety
Hillary Clinton just won a presidential nomination. These newspapers ran front-page photos of her husband. - Vox
Smooth, Barack. Very Smooth. - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - I think it easily tops the 2004 convention speech that ended up propelling him to the White House. In addition to the obvious I greatly appreciated the subtweeting of Rahm Emmanuel.
The End of the Democratic Defensive Crouch on Abortion Rights - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Threat to Legacy Gives Obama Powerful Motive to Stump for Hillary Clinton - The New York Times
- Trump Urges Supporters To Boycott Hillary Clinton's DNC Speech Tonight
After Lying Low, Deep-Pocketed Clinton Donors Return to the Fore - The New York Times
Suffolk University Poll Shows Clinton Leading Trump by 9 Points in Pennsylvania - Suffolk University
- North Carolina GOP apologizes after mistakenly attacking Kaine for 'shameful' Marine pin that honored his son

An Eight Point Brief for LEV (Lesser Evil Voting)
Chomsky on the Voter-As-Consumer - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Exclusive: FBI investigates hacking of Democratic congressional group - sources | Reuters
Donald Trump's Appeal to Russia Shocks Foreign Policy Experts By Max Fisher July 28, 2016 (where's Joe McCarthy when you need him? +Brookings tells us that Trump isn't a traitor, he just doesn't have a "norm" of not being treasonous)
- Donald Trump Again Praises Putin's Leadership, Saying It's better Than Obama's
Following the Trail of Stolen Emails From Russia to WikiLeaks - The New York Times (Vlad and Julian and the Donald conspiring)

- A Stony Silence at Fox News After Ailes Departure

Sebastien De La Cruz Blows DNC Away With Stunning National Anthem Performance
Public Shaming - Racist Basketball Fans PISSED a Mexican-American Boy Dared to Sing Their National Anthem (make America un-Hispanic again)

Prosecutors Say Baltimore Police Mishandled Freddie Gray Case - The New York Times (the thick blue wall)

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Sexual Orientation Protections Under Existing Civil Rights Law - BuzzFeed News - Sexual orientation discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, and bisexual people can only come from the Supreme Court or Congress, the federal appeals court in Chicago rules.

The Divorce Surge Is Over, but the Myth Lives On - The New York Times - If current trends continue, nearly two-thirds of marriages will never involve a divorce
TIL the "50% of US marriages end in divorce" statistic is misleading. In reality, divorce rates peaked in the early 1980s and have been steadily decreasing since then. If current trends continue, only a third of today's marriages will end in a divorce.
Marriage and divorce: patterns by gender, race, and educational attainment : Monthly Labor Review: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Don't Blame Divorce on Money. Ask: Did the Husband Have a Job? - their marriages are one-third more likely to break up.
- Harvard Study: Biggest Factor in Divorce is Husband's employment status - 35% more likely to divorce if you lose your job as a guy.

Oregon standoff's singing mom loses custody of younger children | - Odalis Sharp
- Ryan Bundy wants $1M to be 'defendent' or 'judge'

What Is a Man For? - The New York Times - Modern Love - By Karen Rinaldi
New York Film Festival: Five Questions for Rebecca Miller - The New York Times - "Maggie's Plan"
Enemies: A Literary Love Story | Observer
Home - Joel Rose

What's something men do to impress women that actually impresses women? : AskReddit
What's your favourite paradox? : AskReddit


Climate models are accurately predicting ocean and global warming | John Abraham | Environment | The Guardian - A new study from my colleagues and I vindicates climate models, which are accurately predicting the rate of ocean heat accumulation
Russian climate scientist gets choked up reporting on the potential for methane escape in the Arctic : videos (Republicans have so screwed the planet and billions of people)
How worried should we be about the Clathrate Gun? : askscience

Iran Arrests 150 People for Attending a Mixed-Gender Birthday Party. : worldnews

US and Mexico's mass deportations have fueled humanitarian crisis, report says (which America created with its drug war)

Donald Trump's Path: What Map Should Democrats Fear the Most?

#BernieorBust Dead-Enders Are Not Representative of Sanders or his Supporters - Lawyers, Guns & Money (they support Hillary +Jill Stein is stupid and evil)
Clear and present danger - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jill Stein isn't going to let Donald Trump win the battle to utter the most noxious and irresponsible things during this news cycle without a fight: (politics, how does it work?) (+"[Home is] ... Something you somehow haven't to deserve' -R FRost)
Trump & Mortality | Rooted Cosmopolitan
No, the DNC Didn't Rig the Primary in Favor of Hillary The controversy surrounding WikiLeaks' big email dump obscures a much bigger problem. - The latest breach has raised deeply troubling questions about the integrity of American elections and whether foreign agents can destabilize them ... Just last week the Illinois State Board of Elections announced it had been hacked by a "foreign entity" (Republicans have always been traitors to truth, justice and the American way)
Dana Houle (@DanaHoule) | Twitter
- I thought the RNC was very disciplined in its relentless stimulation of old white people's fight-or-flight mechanism.

Bill Clinton Tells Democrats How He Met Their Nominee
Bill Clinton Democratic Convention Speech - Political Love Story - He told a love story and a political story on his own terms.? - the Hilliad (CPP zings another neologism) Clinton: "One is real, the other is made up. You just have to decide. You just have to decide which is which, my fellow Americans."

Major American political party nominates woman for president - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Donald Trump Press Conference on Russia, Vladimir Putin, Clinton DNC Email Hack, Anthony Weiner - Another day, another Trump episode that won't cost him a vote - nice to keep a record, because future historians are not going to believe this happened.
Assange, Avowed Foe of Clinton, Timed Email Release for Democratic Convention - The New York Times
Anarchobro Confused About American Politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Julian Assange is timing leaks in attempt to throw the election to Trump ... And, of course, trying to throw an election to Donald Trump because of freedom of the press concerns is insane, but anyway. (Julian's true colors)
Harry Reid To Intel Community: Give Donald Trump Fake Briefings - "This man is dangerous"
'Treason'? - Critics savage Trump over Russia hack comments
- Carl Bernstein: Trump's Russia talk 'disqualifying'
Donald Trump's Crimean Gambit - he'd recognize Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian territory in 2014.

Someone Finally Said The Word 'Abortion' On The DNC Stage - It's time to stop avoiding the A-word like it's an A-bomb

- 16 Years Ago, William F. Buckley Wrote This About Donald Trump And It's Eerily Accurate

In 1995, Walmart Thought The Phrase 'Someday A Woman Will Be President' Was Offensive

Native American teen faces a year in prison for possessing one gram of weed | US news | The Guardian - Devontre Thomas faces a federal trial that advocates say is a waste of resources and a stark reminder that law enforcement continue to target people of color

ELI5: Why does Saturn have a hexagon storm and why is it a hexagon not a circle? : explainlikeimfive
Bizarre Giant Hexagon on Saturn May Finally Be Explained

Cortana can no longer be disabled after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update : technology
What 'insider' secrets does the company you work for NOT want it's customers to find out? : AskReddit
166 Years after his Mysterious Death: A Brief Insight into the Fascinating Life of Edgar Allan Poe : books
Girls of Reddit, what are the least successful ways a guy has tried to impress you? : AskReddit


Scientists caught off-guard by record temperatures linked to climate change | Reuters - The earth is on track for its hottest year on record with June marking the 14th straight month of record heat, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said last week.

2 Suicide Car Bombs Near UN Offices Kill 13 in Somalia - ABC News

'Hostages taken' in French church by 2 armed men- BBC News : worldnews

Hillary Clinton Shatters Glass Ceiling, Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination - the first woman ever to top a major party's presidential ticket.

Nancy Pelosi Declares Opposition To Obama's TPP Trade Deal - joins Tim Kaine in uniting the Democratic ticket against the Trans Pacific Partnership. (well, that's a change)
Bernie Sanders Holds Back Tears As Brother Memorializes Their Parents During DNC Vote - They would be immensely proud of their son and his accomplishments

- election forecast now has Trump winning
Election Update: Trump Gets Convention Bounce, Drawing Polls To Dead Heat | FiveThirtyEight

DNC Hacker Unmasked: He Really Works for Russia, Researchers Say - But new research shows he worked directly for the Vladimir Putin government in Moscow.
The DNC hack is Watergate, but worse. - The email dump isn't a high-minded act of transparency. It's a foreign power attempting to swing an election for its favored candidate - What's galling about the WikiLeaks dump is the way in which the organization has blurred the distinction between leaks and hack (and it just keeps getting better)
The 4 Most Damaging Emails From the DNC WikiLeaks Dump - ABC News

- The Media Sure Is Playing It Fast and Loose with the Term 'Chaos' (short memory media)
Bernie Sanders Protesters Storm Media Tent to Protest Hillary Clinton Nomination
- Time for Bill Clinton to Take His Talents Far From His Wife's Campaign
Elizabeth Warren Democratic Convention Speech - Arena-Sized Burns for Donald Trump - And who were those bros chanting "Goldman Sachs" at her?
At the Democratic Convention, All Hell Breaks Loose - The Atlantic (Fournier the Republican operative)
- Elizabeth Warren repeatedly heckled, booed during DNC speech
Texas delegation breakfast descends into screaming match - POLITICO
- The (alleged) Russian hack of the DNC should be one of the biggest stories of the year. Why isn't it (Putin owns Trump, not a story)

Inside Debbie Wasserman Schultz's Decision To Scrap Her Convention Gig - It was very painful for all
Booman Tribune ~ A Progressive Community - Debbie Wasserman Schultz Was the Last to Know

S&P drops Kansas credit rating, citing ongoing budget issues - A major rating agency on Tuesday downgraded Kansas' credit rating for the second time in two years because of the state's budget problems (and Republican government)

Judge Jails Lawyer For Wearing 'Black Lives Matter' Pin. Now, Activists Are Pushing Back. - Attorney Andrea Burton was defending her client in court Friday when Judge Robert Milich of the Youngstown Municipal Court noticed her nickel-sized pin (Robert Milich, Youngstown OH immortalizes himself on the internets with his angry whititude)

Grayson's ex-wife claimed domestic abuse over two decades

35 deaths linked to scope infections after Olympus told execs not to warn hospitals - Thirty-five people died in the United States after contracting infections from contaminated medical scopes made by Olympus Corp. in the years after a company official told American executives not to issue widespread warnings to U.S. hospitals (needs corporate death penalty)

- A Message To Carmen Ortiz: "Hands Off the Mayor" Thanks to Huffington Post's Power - "You want any more benefits from the Democratic Party then stop playing footsie with the Boston Globe" - Putting Mayor Martin Walsh in the starting lineup at the Democratic National Convention after the Huffington Post made national news of the ongoing plan to try to force him out of office or to prevent his reelection between the Globe and Ortiz's office ... For years the Ortiz gang operated like Mafia members under the local godfather the Boston Globe

Highest-paid CEOs run worst-performing companies, research finds : worldnews

Officer says he wanted to testify about Sandra Bland, was threatened with retaliation | Dallas Morning News
Documents: Kaylee Sawyer hit by car, body dumped - A college public safety officer was charged with murder Tuesday after he allegedly hit a 23-year-old woman with a car, dumped her body and fled to California where he was arrested for kidnapping and carjacking, among other things.
Virginia officer said 'This is my second one' after killing William Chapman | US news | The Guardian - Rankin, who was responding to a complaint about Denyakin loudly banging on the door to an apartment building, shot him 11 times.

The Oppressive Gospel of Minimalism
General Mills Expands Massive Flour Recall After Even More Illnesses - The recalled flour and cake mixes likely contain a sickening strain of E. coli.

Google's quantum computer just accurately simulated a molecule for the first time
Evolution Is Happening Faster Than We Thought - The New York Times - But recently, we have come to understand that evolution can happen very quickly, as long as natural selection is strong

Widow explains the heartbreaking reality of a high functioning alcoholic and how quick it can end : bestof


Report: At Least 15 Killed, Dozens Injured In Tokyo Knife Attack
Stabbings in Sagamihara, Japan: 19 dead : worldnews

The U.S. Blew $1.4 Billion on Abstinence Education in Africa : news

Israeli woman allegedly gang-raped in Indian tourist town of Manali | World news | The Guardian

Rio Olympics Athletes' Village Declared "Uninhabitable" (another impending disaster)

Iraq: Suicide attack kills at least 15 near Baghdad - News from Al Jazeera - Hospital sources say death toll likely to rise after bomb goes off with cars waiting to enter Khalis, north of capital.

2 Killed In Mass Shooting Outside Nightclub In Fort Myers, Florida - The shooting outside the Club Blu Bar and Grill in Fort Myers, Florida, has left two people dead and at least 16 injured.

Before Benghazi: 20 fatal U.S. embassy attacks during the Bush administration you may not know about |

The Clinton Campaign Wanted A Unity Fest. Some Sanders Supporters Had Other Ideas. - On the opening day of the Democratic National Convention, a lot of intra-party conflict was on display.
xsy Sanders seeks unity at Democratic national convention after chair resigns | US news | The Guardian
The Convention - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Watching a few minutes of Bernie Sanders's speech to his supporters made me very worried about this convention. Not because of Sanders. But because many of his die-hard supporters who are at the convention hate Hillary
Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader -
With Donna Brazile, Democrats Dump One Centrist Loyalist For Another - Everyone knew Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on her way out as DNC chair, but replacing her with Donna Brazile isn't much of a change.
DNC email leaks, explained - Vox
DWS - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Wasserman Schultz booed at DNC as FBI announces inquiry into email hack | US news | The Guardian
Barack Obama's half-brother Malik says he's voting for Donald Trump | US news | The Guardian

How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President - Defense One
This Is Truly Comical - Julian Assange: Well there is no proof of that whatsoever. (that Russians hacked DNC mail)
Trump Credits One Of 'Our Friends' In Russia, China With DNC Hack (video)

The Trump and Putin Thing, A Detailed Response

Donald Trump has gone back to rambling, unscripted speeches at campaign rallies - Vox
Donald Trump's long history of racism, from the 1970s to 2016, explained
Trump Could Easily Win - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - but because there is literally nothing he could do that would convince most Republican voters not to vote for him. All the racism, all the complaining among the Republican elite about him, it all means nothing ... Even an extremist racist unstable candidate like Donald Trump is going to win 45 percent of the vote ... a fight to finish, perhaps not only for this election but for the future of the republic

How Republicans went from the party of Lincoln to the party of Trump, in 13 maps - Vox

Fox News ousts 2 more executives - But the firing of Michael Clemente and his top deputy, Peter Boyer, were not related to the sexual harassment allegations that forced Ailes out at the network that he started two decades ago,

47 people shot in Chicago over weekend as total nears 2,300 for year - Chicago Tribune
The Washitaw sovereign citizens: where the Baton Rouge gunman found a home | US news | The Guardian - Gavin Long killed three Louisiana police officers. He also claimed membership of a strange and increasingly African American extremist movement

Ammon Bundy's lawyer wants to inspect grand jury selection records to challenge indictment |

Alzheimer's symptoms could be prevented with a computer game, researchers say. How skeptical should we be?

BBC - Earth - How did evil evolve, and why did it persist? - evil behaviours can be categorised into four basic groups - Machiavellianism, Psychopathy, Sadism, Narcissism
TIL 'Evil' behaviours can be categorised into four basic groups: machiavellianism, psychopathy, sadism and narcissism - and all have been researched in animals other than humans. : todayilearned - Sounds like a teenage girl.
Dark Triad Personality Test
Stephen King On Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, Lovecraft & More (55:51) - YouTube

What do you need to get off your chest? : AskReddit
What is the most annoying trend going on right now? : AskReddit
What is the best innuendo for masturbation you've ever heard? : AskReddit

Yahoo Sells To Verizon In Saddest $5 Billion Deal In Tech History - Forbes
xsy Marissa Mayer hits out at 'gender bias' as Yahoo is sold for $5bn | Technology | The Guardian


Turkey ruling, opposition parties rally together after coup | Reuters
Suspected coup supporters in Turkey beaten, raped while detained: Amnesty | Middle East Eye (Erdofucked)

ISIS men dressed as women arrested in Syria - Iraqi News

Clinton campaign blames Russia for leaked DNC emails about Sanders | US news | The Guardian
Twitter users erupt: #DNCLeaks disappears from trending news as WikiLeaks emails released : technology (FB blocking WikiLeaks as a dangerous website)

Lawyers, Guns & Money -Lawyers, Guns & Money - Rejected blog post titles - The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee resigned Sunday after a trove of emails were disclosed showing DNC officials working to undermine the underdog presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. (Russian hackers caught Dirty Debbie backstabbing Bernie)
Sanders says he wanted Clinton to pick Warren as running mate - The Boston Globe

Is Donald Trump a Racist? - The New York Times (yes, and so was his dad)

Kisses, propositions, and fears of reprisal for women at Fox News - The Boston Globe - Her break seemed to come in early 2007, she said, when she met for coffee in the lobby of her Washington hotel with a friend and colleague, Brian Wilson (Roger had their backs, fuck them or you're fired)

IamA 23 year old girl with a neuromuscular disease that has confined me to a wheelchair all of my life. AMA! : IAmA

North Miami: Man with autism traumatized after shooting, family says -
- Police officer delivers life-saving projectile to therapist's leg
Exclusive: White House to review ban on military gear for police - police leaders : news (cops under attack, need more tanks and machine guns and robot bombs)

Legislators restore $100 million to state budget - The Boston Globe (undoing Chawlie's austerity)

Victims of abuse at private schools sometimes face retaliation instead of sympathy - The Boston Globe - 67 private schools in New England that had been touched by allegations of sexual misconduct by staffers over the past 25 years
A look at the schools that allegedly retaliated against students - The Boston Globe

What is the physical difference in the brain between an objectively intelligent person and an objectively stupid person? : askscience
Super-hard metal 'four times tougher than titanium' : science
People Who Drink Enough Water Are Less Likely to Be Obese, Study Finds

Male circumcision: the issue that ended my marriage | Society | The Guardian

The difference between TED and TEDx talks. : videos
What was the moment that your game of Truth or Dare got way out of control? : AskReddit

US Navy accused of pirating 558,000 copies of VR software | Ars Technica UK (laws don't apply to them)


Heavy Rain In China Kills At Least 87, Thousands Evacuated - Some 8.6 million people have been affected by the flooding.

ISIS Claims Suicide Attack On Kabul Protest By Hazara Minority, Dozens Killed - It was one of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan since 2001.

Munich Gunman Was German-Iranian Teenager With No Islamic Militant Ties

Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine as Her Running Mate
Tim Kaine greets crowd in Spanish as Clinton introduces VP pick in Miami | US news | The Guardian
Hillary Clinton Introduces Tim Kaine As 'Everything Donald Trump And Mike Pence Are Not'
WikiLeaks releases thousands of documents about Clinton and internal deliberations - The Washington Post

Washington Monthly | The Trump and Clinton Awfulness Relativity Index
The 2016 Endorsement Primary | FiveThirtyEight

Donald Trump is a unique threat to American democracy - The Washington Post
Donald Trump's nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid (more a reflection of EK's youth but nice compilation of the bottom of the Republican barrel)
Donald Trump Promises Not To Lie, Right Before Lying A Bunch Of Times

The Imaginary Progressive Donald Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump talked about then infant daughter Tiffany's future - YouTube (boobs and legs)

Virginia Supreme Court Rules Against Restoring Voting Rights To 200,000 Ex-Offenders

Police Commander Suspended For Alleged Fabrications About Charles Kinsey Shooting

Oregon standoff: 9 guilty pleas up ante for Ammon Bundy, 16 others | (toxic male gun-bully y'all queda poopriots)


Munich attack: city in lockdown after shooting leaves at least nine dead | World news | The Guardian - Police warn citizens to stay in their homes amid hunt for up to three attackers feared to be at large in German city

Nice officials reject request to delete truck attack surveillance footage | World news | The Guardian - Le Figaro newspaper said national police were concerned the images would leak out and be used for jihadi propaganda.

Brexit Wreaks Havoc on U.K. Economy as Recession Risk Increases - Bloomberg (xenophobes marched off the cliff and took the country with them)

Donald Trump: the madman in his castle | US news | The Guardian - Isolated from power, the Republican party has turned inward and driven itself insane on a toxic mix of fear and rage. Trump is its natural figurehead
Book Review: Norman Mailer's Miami and the Siege of Chicago
Donald Trump's Un-American Acceptance Speech - There was no reference to the nation's history, its values, or even its armed forces. There was only Trump. (will rebrand America)
Republicans debate: Kill Hillary, or merely jail her - The Washington Post
Donald Trump's Dark, Dark Convention Speech By John Cassidy , 05:42 A.M.
Republicans Have Made a World-Historical Mistake | New Republic - we're about to learn just how dangerous Donald Trump is.

Ship Of Fools Lyrics - Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead perform "Ship of Fools" 3-28-81 - YouTube

Despair and fear after Trump at the RNC.
That Thing That Happened Tonight, In One Tweet - Lawyers, Guns & Money : If Leni Riefenstahl were alive, Trump would hire her to film this speech. Then not pay her. - Norman Ornstein
Oh dear, what can the matter be? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Only 18 Black delegates at GOP convention - lowest share (0.7%) since at least 1912!
Here's What Bernie Sanders Had To Say About Donald Trump's RNC Speech
Ohio county official apologizes for Hillary Clinton remark - should be hanging from a tree

Gideon Resnick on Twitter: "The reviews are in" (Trump cornering the evil market)
White Supremacist David Duke Gives Trump's Speech Rave Review
I've heard this sort of speech a lot in the last 15 years and trust me, it doesn't sound better in Russian - Garry Kasparov
The world wakes up to Trump - POLITICO - "apocalyptic," "dystopian" and a "horror story."
Eschaton: And Now That It's Over...Or Just Begun - One last (probably) time.

Will Roger Ailes' downfall finally help end sexual harassment in TV news? | Betsy West | Opinion | The Guardian
Ailes' Downfall Is A Testament To The Rising Power Of Women

NBA Pulls All-Star Game Out Of Charlotte Over 'Bathroom Bill' - The league is apparently looking at New Orleans as the replacement city. (Rethugs blame Hillary's zombie minions)
Indiana court tosses woman's feticide conviction (Lil' Mikey Pence at work criminalizing abortion)
Cop 'Accidentally' Shot Mental Health Therapist Charles Kinsey Trying To Protect Him, Police Union Leader Says - The officer misjudged the threat and shot the wrong person, the Miami-Dade union boss said. (his eyes malfunctioned)
There's Something Disturbing About The Way Cops Act Just After They've Shot Somebody - Don't they see a fellow human being lying there?

Alcohol is a direct cause of seven ??forms of cancer, finds study | Society | The Guardian - Analysis implicates alcohol in development of breast, liver and other types of cancer and says even moderate consumption is a risk

'Invasive' Snapchat of teen who later killed himself was illegal, court says | Technology | The Guardian
y Most Wanted: San Francisco flyers name and shame Airbnb hosts | US news | The Guardian


Driver who killed 84 in France had accomplices, plotted for months |

Turkey Suspending Human Rights Convention: Report - The Justice Minister says the state of emergency is aimed at averting a possible second military coup.

The Effect of Emailgate on the Presidential Race Was...Zero | Mother Jones

The big speech - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Trump speech tonight is the *full* Buchanan. Very very dark, dystopic. Straight up nationalism no chaser.
Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack - The New York Times (no treaties for Trumpster)
The emperor of the world - Lawyers, Guns & Money
You give *one* Nazi salute to a national television audience and the PC crowd is all over you - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Not a Dime's Worth of Difference!

- Laura Benanti Impersonates Melania Trump on The Late Show and It's Perfect
Ted Cruz Buries the Hatchet - In Donald Trump's Back
The Cruz Speech - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Ted Cruz believes that, gay or straight, you are protected by the fundamental rights of the constitution, unless you're gay

- New Study Shows Reading Harry Potter Lowers Americans' Opinions of Donald Trump - three core themes from Harry Potter: The value of tolerance and respect for difference; opposition to violence and punitiveness; and opposition to authoritarianism. (and, of course, knowing the difference between fantasy and reality)

Ailes is out as Fox News head, Murdoch named acting chief | The Seattle Times - is expected to get a payment of at least $40 million.
Fox and Fiends: The End of Roger Ailes - The New Yorker

Unarmed Black Man Lying In The Street With Hands Up Gets Shot By Police In North Miami (trained to kill)

Oregon standoff defendant Travis Cox, youngest of refuge occupiers, pleads guilty to conspiracy |

When Did the Media Turn Against Taylor Swift? -- Vulture - hard to imagine now, after a week that saw her go up against Kimye and seemingly confirm every bad feeling you may have had about her, but as recently as two years ago, a lot of smart, progressive people were on her side
When Did You First Realize Taylor Swift Was Lying to You? - The Ringer

Etymologists of reddit, what is your favorite story of how a word came to be? : AskReddit


Greenland lost a staggering 1 trillion tons of ice in just four years - The Washington Post
Earth Just Experienced The Hottest June Ever Recorded - This marks the 14th consecutive month of record-breaking global temperatures.

Historic amnesty ruling in El Salvador met with controversy - Humanosphere (St Ronnie is dead, but there are others ...)

Turkey revokes licenses of 24 radio and television stations | World news | About Croatia
Turkey coup: Purge widens to education sector - BBC News
Turkey's Erdogan Declares 3-Month State Of Emergency After Failed Coup - The Turkish president has launched mass purges of state institutions
monkeyseemonkeydoodo comments on All Turkish academics banned from traveling abroad - report (Erdofuck arrests entire legal system, shuts down country)

Eid 2016: How Muslims around the world are coming to terms with one of the bloodiest Ramadans in recent history | Middle East | News | The Independent - 350 people have been killed during the holy month after Isis made calls for its supporters to attack wherever possible

U.S.-Backed Moderate Rebels Behead a Child Near Aleppo
- Brother of Pakistan's Qandeel Baloch: I'm 'pround' of strangling my sister - "girls are born to stay home"

Syria: 85 civilians feared dead after US air strike 'mistake' - US military confirms it is investigating what could be one of the worst incidents of civilian deaths by coalition forces

US Department of Justice seeks to overturn recent Microsoft ruling; allow search warrants to be served internationally : technology

Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton's VP - Who needs consumer protections when we have all these job creators?

Melania Trump's plagiarism matters because it exposes Donald Trump's profound laziness
- The racism unleashed at the RNC is bigger and uglier than Melania Trump's plagiarism
Meredith McIver: The mystery of the Trump employee behind Melania's plagiarised speech - A ghost writer or a ghost? (no internet presence until 2 days ago)
- Donald Trump staff writer Meredith McIver who apologized for Melania's plagiarism scandal is a registered Democrat

From Links to Lucifer to Calls for Execution, Republicans Seethe at Hillary Clinton - The New York Times
Donald Trump Adviser Says Hillary Clinton Should Be Shot By Firing Squad - Al Baldasaro advises Trump on veterans issues.
Eddie Vale on Twitter: "guy who called for Clinton to be shot on floor of convention last night"

The GOP Will Be the Party of Trump for a Long Time | New Republic - not the outsider anymore, but the most important voice in his party.
Does the party of Trump have a future? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Donald Trump's Convention Is a Low-Energy Show So Far
Ted Turns the Tables on Trump. Hard.
The GOP convention just turned ugly, because the Trump-Cruz feud never really ended - The Washington Post
Chris Christie Suggests Hillary Clinton Was To Blame For Boko Haram's Kidnapping Of Hundreds Of Schoolgirls
RNC Speakers Spent A Lot More Time Bashing Hillary Clinton Than Praising Donald Trump
Lucifer Gets A Shoutout At The Republican National Convention Thanks To Ben Carson
Eschaton: Lock Her Up - I can imagine the fainting couch all of the Very Serious People would require if the 2004 DNC had centered on promises to lock George Bush up.
Donald Trump has 'the best words'; Melania steals them: Letters to the Editor |
Caitlyn Jenner: It was easier to come out as trans than Republican | People | News | The Independent - Ms Jenner made the admission at the Republican National Convention
Jill Harth, woman who sued Trump over alleged sexual assault, breaks silence | US news | The Guardian

A Narcissism Supreme - Lawyers, Guns & Money : And let's be clear: Jill Stein is at this point a reprehensible public figure willing to risk inflicting harm on many of the most vulnerable citizens for what is at best a pointless exercise in ego gratification. (and Cornell West needs a moral compass)

Rogers Ailes Stares Into the Abyss From Atop the TV News World - The New York Times - In 20 years at the helm of his news network, Mr. Ailes helped lead the movement he is so closely associated with to a sociopolitical promised land, in a year in which Fox News had some of its highest ratings ever (odd conjunction of events when evils come home to roost)
Gabriel Sherman on Twitter: "21CF sources say Rupert wants to pay Ailes out, Lachlan/James want him fired for cause. But sons aren't resisting, just want Ailes gone"

Rape victim put in jail after breakdown on witness stand - At the end of the day she received less due process, less protection than the rapist did

Police kill family dog at child's birthday party : news

Ryan Bundy's 15-foot 'escape plan' comes up short |
Birth defect is plaguing children in FLDS towns | Deseret News - Fumarase Deficiency afflicts 20, is linked to marriages of close kin
Mt. Hood Community College board member refuses to resign following Obama meme |
Woman shot in face crawled away from scene of Woodland triple homicide: court records | (and check the tats)

We are U.S. News reporters who spent 6 months investigating how rich school districts get billions of federal money meant for poor kids. Ask Us Anything. : IAmA

JT LeRoy: The strange case of the celebrity who never existed

Scientists unearth two rocky planets in 'habitable zone' of their star | Science | The Guardian - Planets orbit Trappist-1, a cool dwarf star about 40 lightyears from Earth, and may have conditions suitable for life based on observations during double transit
Hitting the Sun is HARD : videos

What made you realize that you are getting old? : AskReddit
What is something that was very outdated within 5 years of it being created? : AskReddit - The Pony Express. Lasted less than two years, thanks to the telegraph.


Regrexits, I've Had a Few

- Turkey government seemed to have list of arrests prepared
WikiLeaks suffers sustained attack after announcing megaleak of Turkey govt docs

Man 'knifes French woman and her three daughters' in Alpine resort - Despite the prosecutor's denial, TF1 reported that he was angry that the girls were wearing shorts.

3 years later, Indian girl raped again by same five accused. No arrests made. : worldnews

DOJ Accused of Deliberately Using Old Tech for FOIA Requests | News & Opinion | - The government has been sued for intentionally obstructing Freedom of Information requests. (the Federal Fuck You Agency)

This mashup of Melania Trump reading text plagiarized from Michelle Obama is incredibly damaging. | New Republic
Did Melania Trump include a Rickroll in the middle of her convention speech? - Vox
Melania Trump Is Plagiarizing Michelle Obama, Chris Christie Is Plagiarizing 73% of the Undergrads Caught Plagiarizing - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Melania Trump couldn't have plagiarized Michelle Obama because Hillary Clinton is the REAL SEXIST - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Melania Trump Plagiarized Her Convention Speech From Michelle Obama - Mrs. Trump appears to have lifted two paragraphs almost verbatim from Mrs. Obama.
Melania Trump's Claims She Graduated From College Are About As Credible As Her Speech Last Night
Prime-Time RNC Speaker Claims Obama Is 'Absolutely' A Muslim - the actor and former underwear model
Republican Convention Roars Approval Of Baltimore Officer's Acquittal In Freddie Gray Death
Black Lives Matter-Bashing Black Sheriff Is Donald Trump's New Best Friend
Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and the Dark, Tangled Forest into Which This Campaign Is Heading
Benghazi Roars To The Fore On Trump's First Convention Night - Speakers spent more than 30 minutes blaming Hillary Clinton, when no investigation has.
Checking Patricia Smith's Claims about Clinton and Benghazi
A GOP Congressman Just Made An Argument For White Supremacy On Live TV - Rep. Steve King (R Iowa)
Utah delegate threatened in RNC bathroom | - Birkeland reportedly went to the women's restroom and when she emerged from a stall, a group of Trump supporters surrounded her and threatened to kill her, urging her to leave the party and the state.
Violence, Blood and Betrayal inside the Trump Potemkin Village
Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Tells All

Roger Ailes Is Said to Be Negotiating His Departure From Fox News - The New York Times
Sources: Kelly Said Ailes Sexually Harassed Her -- NYMag (right before her career took off)
Roger That - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The big shoe finally drops:
Ann Coulter Says 'Every Woman Who Has Ever Been Employed By Fox' Has Stories About Roger Ailes - Megyn Kelly has reportedly joined the group of women accusing the network chief of sexual harassment.

Comics, Political Cartoons - The Nib

Assault Charges Dropped for Alabama Cop Who Partially Paralyzed Indian Grandfather : news

Kim Kardashian's Taylor Swift-Kanye West Snapchat story, explained - is proof that Swift might be a cold-blooded pop star.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Official Trailer (HD) : movies

Karma for text-posts (AKA self-posts) : announcements
What was banned at your school and why? : AskReddit

Yahoo's Latest Earnings Report Confirms That Tumblr Purchase Was a Waste of Money : technology


Obama Should Tell Florida Gov. Rick Scott: This Emergency Is Yours... Own It - It is the zenith of hypocrisy for Gov. Scott to plead for federal assistance on the algae bloom catastrophe when his entire record is hacking, whittling and chopping federal authority into little, little pieces. And not just any federal authority -- specifically federal rules to regulate fertilizers and specifically federal actions to hold Florida accountable. (go fuck yourselves, FL)

Six richest countries host less than 9% of refugees | Oxfam International - China, Japan, Germany, France and the United Kingdom hosted 2.1 million refugees and asylum seekers last year

In South China Sea Dispute, Filipinos Say U.S. Credibility Is On The Line : NPR - An international tribunal in The Hague delivered a stinging rebuke to China last week, ruling that China's claims to nearly the entire South China Sea were invalid. (all your seas are belong to us)

UK Prime Minister May Suggests Brexit Delay With Scotland Eyeing EU
Brexit could cut London house prices by more than 30%, says bank | Money | The Guardian - Sociiti Ginirale warns high-end properties could even halve in value as companies move top staff abroad (whoosh)

Turkey coup could threaten country's Nato membership, suggests John Kerry | Europe | News | The Independent
Turkey coup attempt: who were the plotters and why did it fail? | World news | The Guardian - The Turkish government alleges links to Fethullah G|len, while others say it was a badly organised coup and Hizmet connection is doubtful
Turkey Detains Over 7,500 People As Crackdown Widens After Bloody Coup Attempt
Turkey removes 8,000 police across country: security official | Reuters

Pakistani Feminists Rise Against Latest Honor Killing | News | teleSUR English - Qandeel Baloch, a social media celebrity who was an outspoken feminist, is strangled to death, apparently by her own brother.

Mexican Govt Version of Student Massacre Discredited Again | News | teleSUR English

Mass Axe Attack On German Train Leaves Many Wounded - A 17-year-old Afghan refugee wielding an axe and a knife attacked passengers on a train in southern Germany on Monday evening, severely wounding four, before he was shot dead by police, the interior minister for the state of Bavaria said.
'Many hurt by axeman' on German train : worldnews

Bernie's Foreign Policy Failure - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Last-Ditch Rebellion Against Donald Trump Fails
#NeverTrump Movement Fails on Convention Floor as Rules Pass - Pour one out for the #NeverTrump crowd.
Donald Trump Floats Gross New Conspiracy Theory About Barack Obama - "You just look at the body language and there's something going on ... Look, there's something going on ... There's just bad feeling"
These Prominent Republicans Won't Show Up At The RNC
Trump's Campaign Manager Says He'll Channel 'Law And Order' Richard Nixon (dog whistle because it's just like 1968 again)
So Long, Grand Old Party; Hello, White People's Party - A Donald Trump nomination paints Republicans even further into a demographic corner.
The Republican Convention Is Going To Be A Mess - two dozen corporate sponsors and wealthy donors have backed out of funding the convention
Spencer Tunick | Cleveland
100 Sheroes Just Posed Nude At The Republican National Convention

Fox News Stars At The GOP Convention Really Don't Want To Talk Abut Roger Ailes
Roger Ailes' Days Running Fox News May Be Numbered - The Murdochs have reportedly agreed to remove the network's CEO in response to a sexual harassment investigation. (what will Megyn do now?)

United Suspends Pilot Who Called for Hanging Hillary Clinton - Bloomberg

3 Officers Dead, 3 Injured In Baton Rouge Shooting
- Baton Rouge shooting: details emerge about gunman's radical views

"Destination Related Assets" ... Who could resist the dining facilities? (Christie's Folly goes on and on)

What Really Happened at Politico | Washingtonian

TIL religious belief in America has hit an all time low. Prayer rates have decreased fivefold since the early 1980s and many Americans think the bible is is an "ancient book of fables, legends, history, and moral precepts recorded by men" : todayilearned

Richard Roeper receives online backlash for negative Ghostbusters review : movies

A Comprehensive Outline Of Everything That Just Went Down In The Kimye-Taylor Swift Feud
21 Of The Best Tweets About Taylor Swift vs. Kanye And Kim Kardashian

What are you sick of explaining? : AskReddit


Pentagon loses Turkish airspace access crucial in airstrikes against Isis | World news | The Guardian
Why Turkey's Coup Failed ... craven excesses made it so inevitable.
Fethullah Gulen claims President Erdogan orchestrated Turkish coup | Daily Mail Online
42 Helicopters Missing in Turkey Sparking Concerns of a Second Coup Attempt
Turkey has detained 6,000 people in the wake of a failed coup attempt, : worldnews
At height of Turkish coup bid, rebel jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights | Reuters
Turkey coup arrests hit 6,000 as Erdogan roots out 'virus' - BBC News
Turkey may no longer be a viable partner in fight against Isis following coup, says French Foreign Minister : worldnews

How terrorism in the West compares to terrorism everywhere else - Washington Post

Antidoping Officials Are Expected to Ask That Russia Be Barred From Rio Olympics - The New York Times

An Indian rape survivor was allegedly raped again by the same five men - The Washington Post

Time Is Running Out to Save Net Neutrality in Europe : technology

W., Borne Back Ceaselessly - The New York Times

Clinton holds narrow lead over Trump on eve of conventions - The Washington Post (43% of country are racist fascist evil morons)

Can the G.O.P. Senate Majority Survive Donald Trump? - The New York Times - Mark Kirk in Illinois Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, Ron Johnson in Wisconsin, Marco Rubio in Florida, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania and Rob Portman in Ohio. (Teaparty wave)
Trump Plans To Steal The Spotlight Back With Cabinet Announcements - The presumptive GOP nominee loves to make a huge splash in the news, but his VP announcement failed to deliver.
This Probably Won't Be The Craziest Republican National Convention In History (because they've institutionalized the crazy)
Donald Trump doesn't read much. Being president probably wouldn't change that - desk is piled high with magazines, nearly all of them with himself on their covers

- Months of Servitude With No Payoff Has Left Chris Christie "livid" ("lunchboy" never had any dignity)
Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse. - The New York Times
Chris Christie's worst day ever | Moran |
What political pros are saying about Christie after Trump jilted him | (complete fuckup fucked up NJ for decades to build his career towards this smoldering ruin)

Reeling from Falling Polls, Paul Ryan Floods District with Mailers on Border Security After Funding Every Obama Open Borders Initiative - Breitbart (because MI has lots of Mexicans +Ghost of Breitbart hates him)

Baton Rouge Shooting Leaves 3 Officers Dead and 3 Wounded - The New York Times - The gunman, who was identified as Gavin Long of Kansas City, Mo., was killed by the police. Mr. Long was a Marine who served six months in Iraq, according to his service record. He joined the corps in 2005, served five years and was made a sergeant in 2008.
3 Baton Rouge Police Officers just shot. - Developing. : news
- Three officers, 1 suspect dead in Baton Rouge shooting
Baton Rouge police shooting leaves 3 officers dead -
Philando Castile Was Pulled Over 49 Times in 13 Years, Often for Minor Infractions - The New York Times ("minor" = "madeup")
More police officers die on the job in states with more guns - The Washington Post

Chicopee shooting leaves 15-year-old dead; homeowner charged with murder |
Massachusetts homeowner shoots teen through door, faces murder charges : news

The curse of urban sprawl: how cities grow, and why this has to change | Cities | The Guardian (up, not out)

At Sea, and Seeking a Safe Harbor - The New York Times

Saw Adam Savage at Ritual Coffee in San Fancisco. He flicked out his sunglasses, and straightened his hat, and road away on this one-wheel skateboard. : pics
Tested - YouTube
Excluding my mom, what's the worst sex you've ever had? : AskReddit


Watch The Climate Change Ad Fox News Didn't Want Its Viewers To See - The network declined to air the ad during the GOP convention, a communications agency says.

The Arc of a Coup Attempt in Turkey - The New York Times
Turkey Detains Thousands of Military Personnel in Bid to Regain Control - The New York Times
Turkish forces try to crush last remnants of coup after Erdogan returns | Reuters
After Bloody Coup Attempt, Erdogan Vows Retribution - Dozens are dead, over a thousand are injured, a crackdown is underway and Turkey is in chaos.
Turkey removes more than 2,700 judges following coup attempt (any excuse will do for Erdofuck)
Relief, And Fear, Grip Turkey After Bloody Coup Attempt - Hundreds are dead and thousands arrested the day after a failed coup plunged Turkey into chaos. (should have learned from Egypt)

Jeremy Corbyn's supporters are so dangerous they took over the Labour Party before they were even born | Voices | The Independent - If you were cynical you might wonder if, despite their ability to reach out to people, Corbyn's opponents feel they'd be unlikely to beat him in a straight vote of members
- US Declassifies Secret 9/11 Documents Known as the '28 pages'

A Mosque In Rhode Island Was Vandalized After The Nice Attacks - Muhammad Prophet of butchers
5 Things You Need To Know About Sharia Law - Asking American Muslims to swear off Sharia law is a violation of religious liberty. (well, we didn't mean liberty for those people)

How Donald Trump Finally Settled on Mike Pence - The New York Times (Lil' Mikey)
Donald Trump Makes Mike Pence Introduction All About Donald Trump - It took him nearly half an hour to even bring Pence onstage.
GOP convention organizers apologize to Sheldon Adelson - politico (grift inception)

Chris Christie Lost Out on the Job He Wanted. And His Bad Year Got Worse. - The New York Times (couldn't have happened to a worse person)

People Aren't Too Happy About President Obama's Town Hall On Race - a bunch of fluff - Milwaukee Chief said more in two minutes than POTUS has in 45. Shameful. (respect the cops!)

America's great housing divide: Are you a winner or loser?
Here's How Much Space You Can Rent For $1,500 In Major Cities

How Main Line political insiders made millions placing billions in public funds with outside firms (pic is worth 137 words)

GOP Officially Approves of Bundyism - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Republican Party has basically made Cliven Bundy Donald Trump's Secretary of the Interior: (pawns of the Mormons and KochBros and the Rape, Loot and Pillage Party)
Federal judge: Possible misconduct by FBI in LaVoy Finicum shooting irrelevant to defense in Oregon standoff case |

Everything Is Now Illuminated - Lawyers, Guns & Money


- The most singular of all the things that we have found = Clouds study alarms top scientist
Massive heat dome forecast to bake much of U.S. by late next week - The Washington Post

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel: who was the Bastille Day truck attacker? | World news | The Guardian
Truck Barreled, Zigzagged Into Nice Crowd, Video Shows
In Nice, a Vibrant Celebration Gives Way to a Trail of Death - The New York Times
Witnesses Relive 'Carnage On The Road' In Nice Terror Attack
At Least 84 Dead After Truck Crashes Into Crowd In French City Of Nice - Local officials said dozens more were also injured in the attack.
What counts as a terrorist attack? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (it probably wasn't, except for the muslim part)
Hero stopped killer's rampage by jumping into lorry and wrestling with him : news

- Turkey military coup: tanks open fire near parliament building
Tumult in Turkey: What We Know and What We Don't Know
President of Turkey Urges Resistance as Military Attempts Coup - The New York Times
Turkish president calls on supporters to oppose military coup - The Washington Post (!?! just when you thought)
[live] Turkish military locks down bridges of Bosphorus that connecting European & Asian sides of Istanbul; Possible Coup!
[Breaking News]Military Coup in Turkey : AskReddit
Turkey's Army Says It Has Taken Control of Country
Both of Istanbul's Bosphorus bridges closed: TVs | Reuters

Boris Johnson 'lied a lot' says French foreign minister

"It's really ugly" - anger and anxiety over sexual violence at the Pamplona bull run

Russian Images of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Were Altered, Report Finds - The New York Times

What We Know from the 28 Pages - The families of 3,000 dead Americans are still waiting for justice.

-How a modest contract for 'applied research' morphed into the CIA's brutal interrogation program
Fourth Amendment Caucus defeats Patriot Act expansion in Congress : technology

(704) trump pence logo - Twitter Search
Reactions to the Donald Trump/Mike Pence logo are NSFW |

Donald Trump's Candidacy Is a Threat to American Democracy - Welcome to the 2016 Republican convention: a four-day celebration of the ritual suicide of American democracy. - With balloons.
The GOP Wants to Eliminate National Parks - Happy Friday. (give them to the Mormons and KochBros to sell to china and profit!)

Trump Jumps To Conclusions Minutes After Nice Attack, Says He Would Declare A World War As President | ThinkProgress
Newt Gingrich Says We Should 'Test Every Person' Of Muslim Descent (that worked before)

The Party Left Cornel West, A Perpetual Cycle - Lawyers, Guns & Money (supports Jill Stein) ... in 2000 West made exactly the same seamless transition from Bradley supporter to Nader supporter

Ginsburg Thoughts - Lawyers, Guns & Money (this was a real litmus test of prissy moralitude while ignoring the obvious corruption)

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation | Mother Jones

Starved, tortured, forgotten: Genie, the feral child who left a mark on researchers | Society | The Guardian

She loved her husband. Could she love her transgender wife? |

I noticed Nice, France looks very tropical. It is at 43 degrees N. I'm in Portland, ME...hardly tropical at 43 degrees N. How is this? Is it because of the Mediterranean? : askscience
Electronic cigarette aerosols and copper nanoparticles induce mitochondrial stress and promote DNA fragmentation in lung fibroblasts : science

My 60 lb robot fighting 17 robots : videos

Dennis Cooper fears censorship as Google erases blog without warning - The author and artist's 14-year-old blog, in the same vein as his transgressive novels, was taken down by Google
Dennis Cooper fears censorship as Google erases blog without warning | Books | The Guardian (too special for backups)


- 60 people feared dead after truck hits Bastille Day crowd in Nice
Truck Crashes Into Crowd In French City Of Nice In 'Attack'
Truck crashes into Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France : worldnews

Britain's new foreign secretary Boris Johnson: a career of insults and gaffes (they have their own clown show)
Here's A Short List Of Times Britain's New Foreign Secretary Was The Best Diplomat Ever - BuzzFeed News - 11. That time he said basically anything about women.

US reveals Isis commander was not killed in March airstrike | US news | The Guardian - Senior Islamic state operative Abu Omar al-Shishani is believed to have attended meeting of Isis officials on 10 July, Pentagon says

National Debt Graph by President - zFacts - the National Debt would now be lower by $13.5 trillion! (Republicans fucking up the country for hundreds of years)

From 'Argo' to 'Homeland' to 'Zero Dark Thirty,' How the CIA Used Hollywood to Promote Itself - The Atlantic

2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton - Polls - HuffPost Pollster

- The Republican platform is extremist - This is a party that has abandoned the mainstream
Pence - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Assuming this checks out, it would be a rare case of the Trump campaign doing something right.
Mike Pence Has Led The Fight Against Reproductive Rights For Half A Decade - He once threatened to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood funding.
Here's Why Establishment Democrats Just Repeatedly Broadcast That Party Unity Is 'Falling Apart' - This is how the DCCC operates. For years, the organization has been building a reputation as one of the most consistently obnoxious digital fundraising operations in American politics

GOP Senator: Confirming Obama's Judges Has 'Nothing To Do With Doing Our Jobs' - It is literally the Senate's job to confirm judges. - Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C., Land of Idiots)

Technology and Protest - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - In the last week, the crucial role of technology documenting the shockingly routine murder of black people by the police has again been demonstrated.

Epidurals and Purity - Lawyers, Guns & Money


Theresa May becomes British Prime Minister : worldnews - Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary? SOMEONE GRAB THE POPCORN

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Criticized for Comments Denouncing Donald Trump - we are now at the end of a 30-year process in which a well-financed conservative infrastructure restructured the federal court system from top to bottom, seeding it with reliable judges who supported dubious interpretations of laws to which their ideological sponsors were unfriendly.
Obama's Big Flip-Flop to Save Obamacare - A public option for the Affordable Care Act is back on the table.

Guccifer 2.0 releases new DNC docs | TheHill - The documents include more than 11,000 names matched with some identifying information, files related to two controversial donors and a research file on Sarah Palin.
Can the Murdochs Contain the Ailes Damage? -- NYMag

Religion and the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign | Pew Research Center - Today, 36% of white evangelicals describe themselves as strong Trump supporters, whereas just 26% described themselves as strong Romney supporters in June 2012. (the moral center of our country)

Report indicates Rep. Durham gave college student alcohol, had sex in his office | WKRN News 2 - The documents outline Durham's alleged interactions with 22 women since 2012. Of those alleged incidents, 13 occurred between 2012 and 2014, eight in 2015 and one this year.

Transgender bathroom legal fight reaches Supreme Court | Reuters

Phillips Exeter Academy under fire again for its handling of sexual misconduct allegations - The Boston Globe - After Michaella Henry claimed she was sexually assaulted by a male classmate this year, the school minister asked him to deliver baked goods to her each week.

Science AMA Series: I'm Dr. Greg Smith, author of the recent textbook Medical Cannabis, What Clinicians Need to Know and Why: Basic Science and Clinical Applications. Over 98% of doctors who practice in states with legalized medical cannabis, don't recommend it. AMA!


David Cameron's premiership is a tragedy for which we will all pay - He failed his own fiscal targets and leaves a bitterly divided country in crisis, with the union at risk of splitting, after gambling our future on the EU referendum - All that misery; all that stagnation; all that bloodcurdling rhetoric about the disastrous consequences of Britain not cutting its deficit. All for what?

Tribunal Rules Chinese Have No Legal Claims Over South China Sea - China says its armed forces will defend its sovereignty and maritime interests ... "China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the South China Sea shall under no circumstances be affected by those awards" ("fuck you' and "all your base are belong to us")

2 trains collided head on in Italy today. : pics

Body count rises as new Philippines president calls for drug addicts to be killed : worldnews - If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg risks her legacy to insult Donald Trump. - Why she did it.
Ginsburg Knows, If Trump Wins, the Rule of Law Is at Risk -
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has crossed way, way over the line - The Washington Post - The Supreme Court is becoming more politicized. The Notorious RBG just made things way worse.

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton For President - In these stressful times for our country, this election must be about bringing our people together, not dividing us up
James Stavridis, Retired Admiral, Is Being Vetted as Hillary Clinton veep
Bernie Sanders's Philosophical Victory
Bernie Sanders' Long Goodbye - He left his mark on the party. He won't let you forget that

Emerging Republican Platform Veers Far to the Right - The New York Times (and off the cliff)
- How American Politics Went Insane - It happened gradually - and until the U.S. figures out how to treat the problem, it will only get worse.
Trump's Vegas Hotel Spent Half A Million Dollars To Stop Maids From Unionizing - And yet the candidate claims to be a friend of regular working people.

Baton Rouge Police Trample on the Rights of Protesters, Provide Shoddy Explanation - Baton Rouge cops are operating like they're on the streets of fallujah (you know, the cops that stole the video of their killing)

Obama To Speak At Memorial Service For Slain Dallas Officers - George W. Bush will also speak at the service.

Joe Paterno knew of Jerry Sandusky abuse in 1976 per testimony in newly unsealed records - The Washington Post (family has been lying for years)
Unsealed Court Documents: Sandusky Abuse Allegation Was Reported To Joe Paterno In 1976

War On Weed's End In Sight (Obama is sad and so is Chawlie Baker)


The World's clouds are in different places than they were 30 years ago
Houston's mosquito hunters take on Zika: 'We cannot spray our way out' (Republicans want you to die)
A giant quake may lurk under Bangladesh and beyond

Theresa May: unpredictable, moralistic and heading to No 10 | Politics | The Guardian - She may lack a grand political vision, but in a time of national crisis, her calm consistency and sense of moral duty may be just what is called for ("moral duty" = austerity and bullshit)
Theresa May to be Next UK PM - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Facebook Sued for $1 Billion for Alleged Use of Medium for Terror - Bloomberg - alleging it allowed the Palestinian militant Hamas group to use the platform to plot attacks that killed four Americans and wounded one in Israel, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Anti-Korea Sentiment Growing in China Due to THAAD (you are not allowed to defend against our missles!)
North Korea Makes Threats Over U.S. THAAD Missile System - NBC News

- Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year's eve ... including more than 600 in Cologne and about 400 in Hamburg ... about half of them foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany

An Italian baby raised on a vegan diet is hospitalized for severe malnutrition and removed from parents - The Washington Post

TIL there are only 5 countries were suicide rate for women is higher than men and they are China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq and Indonesia : todayilearned

A Saudi Morals Enforcer Called for a More Liberal Islam. Then the Death Threats Began. - The New York Times (too late, guys)

Bernie Sanders Expected to Join Hillary Clinton at New Hampshire Rally - ABC News

Donald Trump hopes to cure cash woes with $449,400-per-ticket fundraiser | US news | The Guardian - The Republican hopes to persuade wealthy California donors to part with nearly half a million for one event,
The Latest: Wharton Students Sign Ant-Trump Letter - ABC News (ABC lays off copy editors, though it's true Trump is an insect)
Walter Mosley: "Donald Trump is a lazy, spoilt guy"

Why conservative Christians are losing faith in the Republican party | US news | The Guardian - they no longer know whom they should vote for (well, they could always try Satan again +oh look, old white men)

Evan Bayh mounting Senate return - - Bayh stunned Democrats in 2010 when he left the Indiana Senate race after being named the nominee. Indiana Democrats picked then-U.S. Rep. Brad Ellsworth to fill the Senate slot on the ballot, but he lost to Coats in the 2010 tea party wave.

Aren't more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no. (statistics are hard for Republicans)
Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings - The New York Times - Official statistics on police shootings are poor. (Republicans and cops hate research into "facts")

This Black Lives Matter Photo Should Be Seen Around The World
Protesters Flood Streets Around U.S After Week Of Bloodshed - Dozens of arrests were made across cities everywhere.
Peaceful Protest In St. Paul Turns Chaotic With Arrests, Injuries - Protesters shut down a major freeway for nearly five hours.
Baton Rouge Cop Points Assault Weapon At HuffPost Reporter, Protesters - An officer just pointed a machine gun at me
With Prosecutors at Odds, U.S. Inquiry Into Eric Garner's Death Drags On (cop justice grinds very slowly)
Is the Ground Shifting on Police Violence? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
- Is America Falling Apart or Finally Waking Up? Lessons from a week of violence.
After Dallas, conservatives rebel against the Drudge Report - Business Insider - BLACK LIVES KILL

Radio Recording Suggests Disturbing Reason Philando Castile Was Pulled Over: Report - "The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just cause of the wide-set nose"
Alton Sterling Witness: Cops Took My Phone, My Surveillance Video, Locked Me Up - The Daily Beast - Abdullah Muhlafi says the Baton Rouge officer who killed a man selling CDs immediately ordered him to be detained and then stole footage of the slaying.
Alton Sterling Witness: Cops Took My Phone, My Surveillance Video, Locked Me Up : news

GOP Platform Identifies Pornography As A National Public Health Crisis - As opposed to, say, guns.
GOP Platform Committee Wants Feds To Turn Fed Lands Over To States ASAP

Federal judge: Bundy brothers should be housed in same jail, deputies shouldn't share contents of overheard phone calls |
Ex-Gypsy Joker motorcycle member was horrifically tortured before his body was dumped, police say |

- Allergic to life: the Arizona residents 'sensitve to the whole world' - In Snowflake, people tell Kathleen Hale they have found refuge in the desert to escape fragrances, electricity, Wi-Fi and other facets of modern life

Tents, cows and rock'n'roll: a look back at Woodstock - in pictures | Music | The Guardian

Ancient Philistine Cemetery Could Solve Biblical Mystery - where the ancient Philistines came from
Study suggests "vaping" in high school is capturing kids who ordinarily wouldn't smoke : science

Thumb Suckers and Nail Biters May Develop Fewer Allergies - The New York Times (not to mention booger pickers)

[Serious] Women of Reddit: What's the hardest thing about being a women, that you would like men to know? : AskReddit

Pokimon Go Brings Augmented Reality to a Mass Audience - The New York Times
Pokimon Go: armed robbers use mobile game to lure players into trap | Technology | The Guardian - after another incident saw game lead player to dead body (that didn't take long)
Sharing your Netflix password could be a federal crime | - A new ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found that password sharing violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


The Fact of Sisyphus - The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Prison - I've spent a total of five months over the past few years of incarceration being held in 23- to 24-hour-a-day Special Housing Unit confinement cells, collectively and informally known as 'the hole'

Marie Colvin's Family Blames Assad for Her Death - Award-winning Sunday Times journalist was killed in Baba Amr in 2012. Her relatives say she was murdered by the Baath regime.

Washington Monthly | Conservatives Just Lost the War to Privatize the VA - Indeed, representatives from two Koch brothers-allied pro-privatization groups were given seats on the commission, as were several executives from major medical centers that stand to profit from outsourcing VA care. The fix, it seemed, was in. (talk about roots of evil)
20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014, new data show

Dallas Police Chief Defends Decision To Use Robot To Kill Gunman - "I approved it and would do it again if presented with same circumstances
Micah Johnson, Gunman in Dallas, Honed Military Skills to a Deadly Conclusion - The New York Times (dude had a nice house)
Dallas Shootings Deal Black Police Officers A Double Heartbreak - My heart has been totally torn out of my chest by both violence perpetrated on officers and violence perpetrated by officers
Protests Over Police Shootings Block Roads In U.S. Cities - Several arrests were made in Baton Rouge by police dressed in riot gear.
DeRay McKesson Arrested During Baton Rouge Black Lives Matter Protest (ordered to get on the sidewalk that didn't exist so arrested)
America - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Stay on the sidewalk. There is no sidewalk. Oh well, you're going to jail
- For those of you who don't like shouty racists, there's shouty racists
- Joe Walsh decided to delete this tweet. So let's all retweet it.
CNN Invited Joe Walsh To Defend His Tweet Declaring War On Obama and Black Lives Matter | ThinkProgress (racism is Obama's fault and it's only black people who are racist)
- Update: Baton Rouge police arrest at least 3 journalists at Alton Sterling protest outside police station - Slaughter appeared to be bumped from the sidewalk where he'd been standing -- along with a number of other television journalists -- after a line of officers in riot gear charged into the crowd. Slaughter, who was wearing a WAFB shirt and media credentials, was immediately grabbed by officers and led away. (lawsuit coming down the road)
Police Said They Shot A Man Because He Pointed A Gun At Them. Video Shows He Had His Hands Up. | ThinkProgress - Appears to have his hands up right before being shot 10 times by the Houston Police late Friday night. (10 times for the fun of it)
- The Deadly Cost of America's Anti-Cop Ideology (what the racist Republicans say)
What Happens After Cops Start Getting Shot? | Zero Hedge - We are now in the Fourth Stage and the media that you falsely believe represents the views of the American people are calling for a harder crackdown
- Rudy Giuliani says black children have a '99% chance' of killing each other, calls Black Lives Matter 'inherently racist' (his delusions don't add up)

Eschaton: Why Are Police Involved? - Kinda think just about anything short of murder involving the behavior of 8-year-olds in school shouldn't have police involvement... At Zane North Elementary School, police on June 6 questioned a student who had made a gun noise and held his wooden ukulele "like a gun" during music class ... the new protocol required police to respond to many incidents they previously would not have investigated, including anything "as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally" (treating 8 yr olds as terrorists in copified America)
Collingswood police questioned schoolkids about brownies, name-calling, a zombie drawing - 22 complaints Collingswood police investigated during the last month of school, when officials in the district of 1,875 students began reporting nearly every incident of student misbehavior to law enforcement as part of a new policy. (lock up the little criminals)

If You Don't Want to Get Raped, Quit Getting So Drunk, Kansas City Star Columnist Advises Women -- Laura Herrick (just went down in internet history)

What's a statistically proven fact that nobody wants to hear? : AskReddit - 1 in 6 men have experienced abusive sexual experiences before age 18 and this figure is probably on the low end as males who have such experiences are less likely to disclose them than woman are. ... About one man a year accidentally shoots his dick off ... More Americans were killed by toddlers than terrorists in 2015 ... ore things live on your skin than there are humans on planet Earth ... If the number of medical errors we have in hospitals was the same as pilot errors in airlines, we'd have 267 fully loaded (366 passenger) Boeing 747's crash EVERY year.
Toddlers Killed More Americans than Terrorists in 2015 : - Statistics about the numbers of toddlers killed versus terrorism victims (time for a war on the real enemy)

Largest US measles outbreak in Arizona after people refused vaccinations : news
Largest US measles outbreak in Arizona after people refused vaccinations | - He said ICE employees at the large facility have not been as cooperative. Nine of the 22 total cases were facility staff.

Ghostbusters (2016) Review Megathread : movies
Insides of a vagina slowly closing up : WTF


Review: 'Bush' - a Biography as Scathing Indictment - "Whether George W. Bush was the worst president in American history will be long debated, but his decision to invade Iraq is easily the worst foreign policy decision ever made by an American president" (in a just society, Bush and Cheney would be rendited to the Moon)

What rhymes with scum & needs to STFU? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : US-UK intervention offered Iraq a better future. Whatever West's mistakes: sectarian war was a choice Iraqis made for themselves. - David Frum (@davidfrum) July 6, 2016 - Frum has the post-colonial blues because he thinks the people of Iraq squandered the opportunity his ex-boss gave them in the form of good old Western-style imported blood, devastation, death, war and horror. ("It takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen")
Axis of evil - The phrase was attributed to former Bush speechwriter David Frum, originally as the axis of hatred and then evil. (as usual, he was projecting)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Issues Travel Advisory for Bahamians traveling to United States of America - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration - Bahamas - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration has taken a note of the recent tensions in some American cities over shootings of young black males by police officers.

Brexit: Government rejects petition signed by 4.1 million calling for second EU referendum | UK Politics | News | The Independent - We must now prepare for the process to exit the EU, the Government says (here we see the danger of propaganda and lies for a stupid populace)

The Secret Rules of the Drone War - The New York Times

Hillary Clinton strongly backs public option, wins praise from Bernie Sanders - Vox

Does Donald Trump Have Anger Issues? - The Donald says he doesn't have time to deal with his problems.
Trump barred from speaking to NYPD officers - NY Daily News
Caitlyn Jenner is Headed to Cleveland During GOP Convention - The Daily Beast

What we know about the attack on police in Dallas - Washington Post
Dallas sniper Micah Johnson was sent home from Afghanistan over sexual harassment | Daily Mail Online - harassing a female soldier who said he bought her Victoria's Secret underwear - then 'got in touch with bad folks and went all Black Panther'
Use of police robot to kill Dallas shooting suspect believed to be first in US history | Technology | The Guardian - lethal use of bomb-disposal robot in Thursday's ambush worries legal experts who say it creates gray area in use of deadly force by law enforcement (next, autonomous racial-profiling killer drones)
- Megyn Kelly And Mark Fuhrman Agree That African-Americans' Grievances With Police Are Overblown (Megyn: "we used to be able to kill black people without getting caught on cameras, so it's not happening more")
- Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls Dallas protesters 'hypocrites' for running from sniper's bullets (Republican "logic")

Conservative Media Finally Starting To Realize That Racism Is A Problem - "police brutality toward African-Americans is a pervasive problem that has been going on for generations"
- Dallas and American 'contradictions'
Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968 and Ignoring Structural Racism? - The Atlantic - The Kerner Report confronted a tense nation with data about structural racism throughout the country and made recommendations to solve the problem. But America looked away.
It Is Not 1968 -- NYMag - in the feverish late-night heat, race-baiters at the New York Post, Breitbart, and Matt Drudge stoked a race war they clearly craved. It was 1968 again, more than a few observers said
No, We Are Not In The Midst Of A Race War - implies only one side should win. (wasn't that always the point?)
Philando Castile Had Been Stopped 52 Times By Police : news (only a matter of time before they killed him at #53)
- Facebook Live Video of Philando Castile's Death May Have Been Removed By Police, Not a "Glitch" - The Facebook live video feature has introduced an ironclad method for citizens to document what is happening to them, including graphic violence against them and their family members.
Man Shows Up With Gun At Alton Sterling Memorial - A young white man decided to practice his Second Amendment rights at the site where Sterling was killed.

- An off-duty NYPD cop waited just one second before -fatally gunning down another driver in a Brooklyn road-rage incident early Monday. (this one is as bad as the other two)
[Serious] Redditors who lived through the civil rights movement and societal upheaval in the 60s, how does what is going on now compare? : AskReddit

The HuffPost Story That Bizarrely Rocked Boston - An indictment of the Boston media's failure to expose a federal prosecutor results in more lax treatment - Connolly said it took a media outlet not based in Boston to challenge Ortiz, and to point out the close relationship she has with the town's flagship paper, the Globe. (Vennochi defends Ortiz, of course)

Texas Supreme Court halts deep cuts to therapy payments for disabled kids | Dallas Morning News - An all-Republican, three judge panel ruled that providers and patients lacked jurisdiction to sue (Republicans at work killing you)

Fox News' Roger Ailes Demands Arbitration In Gretchen Carlson Harassment Case ('arbitrate my dick" he said)
Six More Women Allege Ailes Sexual Harassment -- NYMag (Cosby II) Marsha Callahan, a former model who says Ailes harassed her in the late 60's shortly before he became Richard Nixon's media advisor (talk about axes of evil +"Ailes is a bug-ugly, offensively sweaty and bald Jabba-The-Hut lardmountain")
Roger Ailes Clearly Underestimated Gretchen Carlson
- Fox Host Greta Van Susteren Defends Fox News CEO Roger Ailes
Six women accuse Roger Ailes, raising speculation of ouster at Fox News | Media | The Guardian - If Lachlan and James are looking for a way to shuffle the 76-year-old network head into retirement, they may have found it.

SNIPERS AND CHOPPERS: How 'deadly force' used to keep prying eyes from mysterious Area 51 | Weird | News | Daily Express

Not Even Scientists Can Easily Explain P-values : EverythingScience
Bayes' Theorem Illustrated (My Way) - Less Wrong

What doesn't actually exist? : AskReddit

Ashley Madison customer service threatened to expose customers who disputed bills : technology


Muslims face fines up to #8,000 for wearing burkas in Switzerland | Europe | News | The Independent - Burka ban received 65 per cent of the vote in 2013 in the region, which has a Catholic majority

Republicans Have a Banner Day of Stupid with Trump, Senators Meeting, Comey Hearing - Trump predicted that Flake would lose his reelection, at which point Flake informed Trump that he was not on the ballot this year, the sources said.
- We Also Need To Stop Having Presidents Who Owned Casinos and Have Bad Haircuts - I present to you the funniest thing that will ever be written about the 2016 elections: "One thing matters. One thing only. That is restoring the rule of law, and only a Trump presidency can do that." (clownhall: suck it up and vote for Trump to preserve white America)

Micah Johnson Identified As Dallas Shooting Suspect - The attack killed five police officers and injured seven others.
The Dallas Shooting and the Advent of Killer Police Robots - The Atlantic
- The Dallas police used a 'bomb robot' to kill a shooting suspect. That's really big deal - n the war in Iraq, a device called a MARCBOT (Multi-Function Agile Remote-Controlled Robot) has been deployed to effectively carry explosives to kill insurgents.
We Have Gotten Too Good at Moving on from Terrorism and Tragedy - We have gotten too good at moving on from terrorism and tragedy.
I Dread What's Coming. Truly, I Do. - None of these people need to be dead right now.

Alton Sterling - The Special Treatment Louisiana Gives to Police Officers Suspected of a Crime Police Bill of Rights that gives law enforcement officers suspected of illegal conduct privileges far beyond those afforded to regular citizens. (a law unto themselves)

There are now more guns than people in the United States - The Washington Post (why stop there?)

America's child marriage crisis: Virginia law tackles continuing issue - There are a handful of states, such as Florida and New Mexico, that set no minimum age for minors to marry if a female is pregnant. All states allow some minors under 18 to marry. (and pardon the male perpatrator)

It's Like, How Much More Modo Could This Be? And the Answer Is None. None More MoDo. : Lawyers, Guns & Money - "I was armed with a bunch of newspapers, so I could pretend to study up on the Brexit vote convulsing Europe." (unconsciousness squared)

Do We Really Want To Be Members of a Tribe? Sebastion Junger's fascinatingly wrong-headed 'Tribe: on Homecoming and Belonging' (don't coddle the troops, make society more militaristic)

Review: Jonah Lehrer's 'A Book About Love' Is Another Unoriginal Sin (a lot of great lines by Jennifer, here are two: "There's a lot of dime-store counsel in this book, often followed by academic citations. It's like reading an advice column by way of JSTOR. and " It was a referendum on a certain genre of canned, cocktail-party social science, one that traffics in bespoke platitudes for the middlebrow and rehearses the same studies without saying something new."
"a nonfiction McMuffin"
- Jonah Lehrer's Deceptions (2012)
Isaac Chotiner: The Curse of Knowledge: A Review of Jonah Lehrer's "Imagine: How Creativity Works" | New Republic - Imagine: How Creativity Works By Jonah Lehrer
New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Rule - Business Insider

This Book of Essays by the Head Writer of 'Inside Amy Schumer' in Hilarious

Reddit now tracks all outbound link clicks by default with existing users being opted-in. No mechanism for deleting tracked data is available. : technology


Amid Zika Crisis, House GOP Proposes Eliminating Birth Control Program - Republicans are trying for the fifth time in seven years to scrap the Title X Family Planning program. (any excuse to fuck you twice)

Chilcot Inquiry: What Blair knew in the rush to war - f how Britain was misled into an illegal, unnecessary, unpopular, foolish and ultimately disastrous war in 2003. (the elites always escape their colossal fuckups)
I read the UK's huge Iraq War report. It's even more damning than you think. The disaster in Iraq was not just foreseeable but, in the case of the UK, actually foreseen. The United States just went ahead with the war anyway. Though Britain screwed up, this is truly America's shame (for not prosecuting Bush/Cheney +George W. Bush gives Tony Blair a medal (specifically, the Medal of Freedom))
Iraq war still casts a long shadow over a dangerous and deeply unstable region | UK news | The Guardian - As the Chilcot report is released, the war's toxic legacy:

Eschaton: Hold, Suckers - I don't like making predictions about the future, but this is starting to seem like deja vu all over again - Over half of the property fund sector is now on ice, and will remain so until managers raise enough cash to meet redemption ... Clearly there has been a knee-jerk reaction to Brexit in the commercial property sector, which may moderate over time. (or not)

- Man admits killing Glasgow shopkeeper 'because he disrespected Prophet Mohamed'

The Not-So-Liberal Roberts Court - The New York Times
The Center Cannot Hold - 1)although there were some big liberal wins and Obama's legislative agenda mostly survived intact, we shouldn't forget how conservative the Roberts Court has been and 2)the Court is about to take a major lurch to the left or right: (the cosmic struggle for the soul of America goes on)

- The Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Was Totally Overblown - We learned nothing new from the investigation or James Comey's statement - and yet, here is New York Times political reporter Patrick Healy, in a front-page news analysis (it's in the NYT DNA +yeah, what's with Obama's far-right appointees?)
Hillary Clinton's Email Was Probably Hacked, Experts Say ... It very likely had been breached, but the intruders were far too skilled to leave evidence of their work (absence of evidence is not evidence of absense but the NYT has a story to tell)
You can vote for Hillary Clinton and not be too thrilled about it - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Poll sees Hillary Clinton trouncing Donald Trump in California | The Sacramento Bee - Clinton leads Trump by 30 percentage points in head-to-head matchup
2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction | Pew Research Center - As convention nears, most Republicans see a party divided - (41%) say it is difficult to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because neither would make a good president ("thinking" was at a low when Bush got selected)

- GOP Flack: 'Hillary Clinton Is the New O.J. Simpson' - Eric Fehrnstrom ("columnist" for the Boston Globe's commodities-trader owner guy, really BoGlo, Sunnunnu was bad enough)
The Most Corrupt Candidate Ever Is Donald Trump -- NYMag (Chait)
Eschaton: I Hates Him, I Loves Him, I Hates Him - The boy blunder, Rubio, can't make up his mind about Trump.
Trump Manages To Give Some House GOPers More Heartburn In Hill Meeting ("say great things about me, say I'm great")
Trump, seeking GOP unity, has tense meeting with Senate Republicans - The Washington Post ("Trump the Great")

GOP blocks Dem attempts to allow federal gun research | TheHill (they hate your so-called "research" and also "reality")

From Ferguson to Baltimore: The Fruits of Government-Sponsored Segregation | Economic Policy Institute

The Counted: people killed by police in the United States - interactive | US news | The Guardian (561 and counting)
Cop Fatally Shoots Black Man, Leaves Victim's Girlfriend To Record Tragic Aftermath - A graphic video shows Philando Castile bleeding in the car while his girlfriend's young daughter watches
The story behind the filming of the fatal Baton Rouge police shooting. It was no coincidence. - The Washington Post - Early Tuesday morning, members of the group, called Stop the Killing, followed a call they overheard on police scanners to the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge. There, they filmed the shooting that has created a nationwide furor.
Video emerges of fatal Fresno police shooting | (he reached for the bullet wound in his stomach, so they shot him again, 2 cops had 37 yrs exp)
Police, Prosecutors and Judges Rely on a Flawed $2 Drug Test That Puts Innocent People Behind Bars - ProPublica - Tens of thousands of people every year are sent to jail based on the results of a $2 roadside drug test. Widespread evidence shows that these tests routinely produce false positives. Why are police departments and prosecutors still using them? (silly question)

Watch Gretchen Carlson's Co-Hosts Objectify Her On Air - looks were a common topic (slimy people)
Outfoxed?- politico Media - Gretchen Carlson's harassment suit against Fox News chairman Roger Ailes seems to catch the network flat-footed (the slimy disgusting heart of Fox revealed)

Outsourcing Journalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money : You may have heard that the International Business Times has laid off a whole bunch of editors and reporters. Is IBT cutting back? Is it in trouble? No, of course not. It just figured it could outsource most of it to India. This is basically the future of the entire American middle class unless keeping Americans employed in dignified jobs becomes a national priority

Can Attachment Theory Explain Our Relationships? -- The Cut - The most important parenting you'll ever do happens before your child turns one nd may affect her for the rest of her life. (ya think?)
We've long blamed carbs for making us fat. What if that's wrong?


- Chilcot report live: Blair expresses "sorrow and ajpology) but mounts lengthy defence of Iraq war strategy (sorry about all those dead people, but they did the right thing)
Chilcot Report Summary: Iraq Inquiry Main Findings Show Tony Blair Knew Iraq Invasion Would Make The UK Less Safe - After more than seven years, the Chilcot report has been published
UK Inquiry Releases Scathing Report On Iraq War - It is now clear that policy on Iraq was made on the basis of flawed intelligence and assessments (by deeply flawed people)
Tony Blair Letters To George Bush Published In Full - Include 2002 Pledge To Back Iraq Invasion - Eight months before invasion: "I will be with you, whatever"
Bush's Poodle - The Chilcot Report is out and, as you would expect, it's devastating

Eschaton: Out-Leaving UKIP - like just about everyone else, Farage didn't even know what he was pushing for. I didn't mean you should kick out my wife

Chelsea Manning rushed to hospital after trying to take own life (list of atrocities revealed)

Aid and Africa: Why Demonising Privilege Is Not The Solution - The Vocal

America's Colombia problem: Widespread ignorance of the mess the U.S. has made in South America - Under the guise of a phony war on drugs, the U.S. continues to bankroll a humanitarian crisis in Colombia (sorry, too far away and drugs are evil)

Republican Response to Comey Recommendation on Hillary Clinton Email Charges Is Too Predictable ...Trump: "Saddam Hussein was a bad guy, right? He was a bad guy. Really bad guy. But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn't read them the rights, they didn't talk. They were a terrorists -- it was over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism"

Corker withdraws as potential Trump running mate - The Washington Post
Ernst all but withdraws from Trump veepstakes - politico
- White Nationalist Leaders Praise Trump's "stunning" anti-semitic tweet
Trump May Become The First Republican In 60 Years To Lose White College Graduates | FiveThirtyEight (too stupid for even them)

Remarried couples should abstain from sex, Philadelphia Catholic church says | World news | The Guardian (also, gay people)

Graphic Video Shows Baton Rouge Police Shooting Alton Sterling - A Louisiana state politician told local news that additional footage of the incident exists.
Congressman Calls For Investigation Into Alton Sterling Shooting - There are a number of unanswered questions surrounding Mr. Sterling's death
Second video emerges of Alton Sterling fatal shooting by Baton Rouge police (Warning: Graphic) : news

This Federal Prosecutor Is Building A Career Indicting The Good Guys - But is U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz the one gone wrong? (in the tradition of Martha Coakley)
The Prosecutors Who Aim to Kill - The New York Times - The prosecutors are Joe Freeman Britt in North Carolina, Robert Macy in Oklahoma, Donnie Myers in South Carolina, Lynne Abraham in Philadelphia and Johnny Holmes in Texas.
MuckRock's Approach Is Working, One FOIA at a Time - Last year, IRE declared the Massachusetts State Police the most secretive government agency in the nation, due to its lengthy rap sheet of public records delays, redactions, and exorbitant request fees. On its way to the award, the MSP edged out the U.S. Department of Defense (maybe Carmen could investigate a little bit?)

Sexual Harassment: Not Just a Women's Issue - Gretchen Carlson
Read The Most Damning Parts Of Gretchen Carlson's Suit Against Roger Ailes - Just gross. (and Stevie Douchebag)
Fox News Sources: Gretchen Carlson Wasn't The First Roger Ailes Victim - He told me that if he was thinking of hiring a woman, he'd ask himself if he would fuck her, and if he would, then he'd hire her to be on-camera
Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual-Harassment Suit Against Fox News Chief Roger Ailes : television

There's a Reason Someone Is Supposed to Keep an Eye on Massive Mergers - Especially when it comes to basic things like healthcare. (many active vectors of evil in our capitalist economy)

Georgia Mom's 'Naked Twister' Party Ends With Guilty Plea, Probation - The mom, who is reportedly a Sunday school teacher (good Christian values)

A death on Usenet: Sharon Lopatka and the strange case of "consensual murder"

Can You Teach a Coal Miner to Code? - Backchannel

Most available antidepressants are ineffective, and some may be unsafe, for children and teenagers with major depression, according to the most comprehensive comparison of commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs so far. : science

How monotheists modelled god on a harem-keeping alpha male | Aeon Essays - Protective, omnipotent, scary and very territorial. The monotheistic God is modelled on a harem-keeping alpha male
Data Mining Novels Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling - The six basic emotional arcs are these:

Learn to Use Slant Rhyme - Flocabulary
What view is only expressed by ignorant people? : AskReddit
I_DID_LSD_ON_A_PLANE comments on [Daily Discussion] Wednesday, July 06, 2016
What CAN'T you find on the internet? : AskReddit
What is a stupidly easy way to die ? : AskReddit


- Protect Minnesota's Boundary Waters (from rape and pillage by corps)
US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia

Is Tony Blair responsible for all Iraq's bloodshed? The truth is more complicated, and less comforting (well yeah, but a trillion in weapons)

Pound sterling falls below $1.31 hitting new 31-year low | Business News | News | The Independent - The pound hit fresh lows after the Bank of England confirmed that the financial stability of the UK had already been affected by Brexit
Britain's Labour Party Readies For Potential Leadership Battle - Lawmaker Angela Eagle says she has the support to trigger a challenge to leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Eschaton: Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste - Tax cuts for rich people to the rescue! - George Osborne has pledged to cut corporation tax to encourage businesses to continue investing in the UK following the EU referendum vote.
Government refuses to guarantee EU citizens living in UK can stay | Politics | The Guardian - Minister says it would be unwise to offer guarantee without assurances about UK nationals living in other EU countries
I Broke It, You Bought It - Lawyers, Guns & Money : - Nigel Farage has decided that someone else can help clean up the mess he helped create his his flagrant lying:
Pound plunges to new 31-year low as Mark Carney warns UK is 'entering period of uncertainty' and urges people to be 'prudent' over borrowing
Ken Clarke caught on camera ridiculing Conservative leadership candidates - but Sky News face backlash after releasing footage

Medina bombing is an assault on Islam itself (Opinion) - - Three separate suicide bomber attacks in Saudi Arabia ... Some Muslims got irresponsibly angry, and a few turned to terrible, unacceptable violence, when the Prophet Mohammed was but mocked by a cartoonist and a satirist. I've got to wonder how Muslims will react now that someone tried to blow up his mosque. ("someone" = Muslims +because Wahabism isn't primitive enough; death vultures come home to roost)
Muslims united in condemning suicide attack on Islam's holy site

US Government Approved 100% Of Wiretap Applications In 2015 - Vocativ - A 10-year study shows the U.S. wiretaps increasingly often and effectively
Silent Circle has killed its warrant canary. : technology

The Security State and History - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Security State's belief that the general public has no right to see any document or information and they resent having to provide anything.

The GOP v. Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Robert's Court gutting of the Voting Rights Act is having its intended effect, part the umpteenth:

F.B.I. Director James Comey Recommends No Charges for Hillary Clinton on Email - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton's email problems might be even worse than we thought - FBI Director James B. Comey dismantled large portions of Clinton's long-told story about her private server and what she sent or received on it
Trump Says AG Lynch Accepted Bribe From Hilary Clinton
In Unprecedented Development, Clinton Scandal Massively Overblown - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Hillary Clinton Isn't Getting Indicted. Here's Why
- FBI Director Shades Everyone Freaking Out About Clinton Emails: "Opinions Are Irrelevant"
- We Have the Final Word; And It Was Friggin' Obvious All this said, this was 99.9% predictable and 100% obvious. It's a mammoth press failure that for various reasons this reality was concealed from the public.
F.B.I. Recommends No Charges Against Hillary Clinton for Use of Personal Email : news

Campaigner-in-chief: Obama hits trail with Clinton | US news | The Guardian
Hillary's First 100 Days

Pro-Donald Trump Super PAC Tries To Tie Hillary Clinton To The KKK - The website is called
- Trump Campaign Blames Anti-Semitic Tweet on "Microsoft shapes"
TomatoHere comments on Trump tweets image depicting Clinton, cash and the Star of David

A home that looks perfect, until bigotry rears its ugly head - The Washington Post - "We don't want Muslims in our clubhouse. Take off that robe over your head!" she boomed ... "like they were wearing masks all these years. And they just took them off" (rich unamerican racist Trumpies hate everybody except rich Christian whites)
Trump supporter - 'Mexican restaurant refused to serve me' (she hates Mexicans so she went to a Mexican restaurant)

The truth of cosmopolitanism - The Washington Post - Ross Douthat suggests that cosmopolitans are their own tribe

The Kansas Economic Miracle - Lawyers, Guns & Money : As most of you know, Kansas was provided an excellent test case for supply-side economics. The answer is that upper-class tax cuts have utterly failed to deliver the promised economic growth and caused state revenues to crater, threatening valuable state services.

Off-duty cop shoots man dead in road rage incident in Brooklyn - NY Daily News< (man died, violent cop lied) /a>

The Lancet: New stem cell transplantation method may halt multiple sclerosis symptoms long-term, but therapy comes with high risk | EurekAlert! Science News
ELI5: Is the 'neutral' of the pH scale based on something scientifically objective, or simply what is ideal for humans? : explainlikeimfive
Biomedical scientist teaches you how to never get a poison ivy rash again. : videos
If there was a planet with the same orbit and orbital period as the Earth but on the opposite side of the Sun would we ever detect it from Earth? : askscience

Reddit, what is the fastest way you've seen a room full of happy people turn real ugly and sour. What happened? : AskReddit
Whats the weirdest unexplained event 50+ years old that we have photographic or video evidence of? : AskReddit
Who is a famous person that frequently browses Reddit? : AskReddit
You are in a room with 100 strangers. What is one food item you are confident you could eat more of than anyone else in the room? : AskReddit


It's Time We Called the Declaration of Independence's Bluff - In his epic speech in Rochester, New York, in 1852, Frederick Douglass was savage in his contempt for the general celebration of the Fourth of July.
Celebrate America's Birthday with Record Income Inequality!
Income inequality today may be higher today than in any other era - The Washington Post (the Diamond-encrusted age)
Income for top 1% rose twice as fast compared to the 99% - NY Daily News
American Charity - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Another way to celebrate how great America has become is to note how charities are now being used as another way to generate profit for the financial industry.

Eight of the most misleading promises of the Leave campaign, ranked - Just to recap: the UK has voted to leave the European Union in a result that came down to just 1.39m votes.
People are really, really hoping this theory about David Cameron and Brexit is true
Bailing After Brexit: UK Independence Party Leader Farage Quits
There ain't no resignation like a Nigel Farage resignation - "Thou shalt have no other gods before me"
Michael Gove has 'an emotional need to gossip, particularly when drink is taken' - why he can't be trusted with Britain's most sensitive secrets (backstabbing continues)
$800 million of bonuses wiped at Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS and Credit Suisse - Business Insider

After Slaughter, Bangladesh Reels at Revelations About Attackers - The New York Times -the privileged backgrounds of the half-dozen attackers believed to have butchered 20 patrons of a restaurant during a bloody siege here late last week - That these kids from very affluent families with no material want can still be turned to this kind of ideology, motivated not just to the point of killing but also want to be killed

Iraq: Baghdad bombing death toll climbs to 157 |
#JeSuisBaghdad: the chart that shows the escalating violence in Iraq

- Suicide bombing reported outside the Prophet's Mosque in Saudi city of Medina, one of Islam's holiest sites
Attack near US consulate in Saudi city of Jeddah - BBC News
hourworkisneverover comments on Saudi Arabia Hajj Disaster Death Toll at Least 2,110
Before Islam: When Saudi Arabia Was a Jewish Kingdom - Archaeology - Haaretz - Israel News - The discovery of the oldest-known pre-Islamic Arabic writing in Saudi Arabia, from ca. 470 CE, evidently caused some consternation, given its Christian and Jewish context.

In the fight against Isis, there's hope in the history of Islam | Voices | The Independent

CIA knew it had the wrong man, but kept him anyway | Duluth News Tribune - Even though the agency realized early on that al-Masri was the wrong man, it couldn't figure out how to release him without having to acknowledge its mistake.

Did a Fear of Slave Revolts Drive American Independence? - The New York Times (Mythamerica)
Slavery, Race and American Independence - Lawyers, Guns & Money : the creation of the United States was utterly catastrophic for African-Americans and was genocidal for Native Americans. (evil buried deep in the soul of America)

The Undermining of American Charity by Lewis B. Cullman | The New York Review of Books

- The Craziest Convention Moments You've Never Heard Of - Convention history is dotted with dramatic, even farcical, events that have changed the course of politics.

Trump Days - The New Yorker - a new understanding of America emerges. The Trump supporter comes out of the conservative tradition but is not a traditional conservative. He is less patient: something is bothering him and he wants it stopped now, by any means necessary. He seems less influenced by Goldwater and Reagan than by Fox News and reality TV ... "I've never before imagined America as fragile, as an experiment that could, within my very lifetime, fail" (in the end, stupid and not thoughtful, like Drumpf)

Coal Baron Promises Huge Layoffs, Then Tells Workers To Vote Trump
Republicans' many tortured excuses for not going to their Donald Trump-led convention
- Donald Trump blames 'dishonest media' in furor over 'antisemitic' Clinton tweet
Trump Praises Elie Wiesel After Using Neo-Nazi Image To Attack Hillary
Surveillance Video Shows Two Youths Viciously Beaten Outside A Brooklyn Mosque - BuzzFeed News

- Sanders: Democratic platform doesn't go far enough

CDC report reveals magnitude of Flint water crisis -

Washington Monthly | Kansas' Experiment in Right-Wing Economics Is Still Failing Miserably - This is what happens when you put Republicans in charge with the freedom to pursue their economic ideology ... Conservative economic orthodoxy is completely dysfunctional for running governments and society because it's built on assumptions that aren't true (they've always had that problem, how's that Laffer Curve working out for you, KA?)
Mormon Bundy Loyalist Against Land Gift To American Citizens | Crooks and Liars - The Quimby family, the makers of Burt's Bees products, have offered to donate nearly 90,000 acres of pristine woodland area in Maine. Not only that, they have also included a generous donation of $40 million for the upkeep of the land. (Mormons and LePage)

Transgender nominee for Congress: 'It's about damn time' politics got inclusive | Society | The Guardian - MIsty Plowright, a 33-year-old Colorado resident, became the first transgender candidate to win a major party primary for the US House of Representatives. At the same time, Misty K Snow, a 30-year-old Utah native, became the first transgender candidate to do the same for the US Senate.

'Embedded' reporter at Oregon standoff seeks release while facing federal gun charges |
Hikin' Is Fun (@tikitorches1) | Twitter

Biden and Obama rewrite the rulebook on college sexual assaults - The Washington Post

13-year-olds can no longer get married in Virginia | - t between 2004 and 2013 over 200 children 15 or under were married in Virginia and there were 13 times more underage brides than grooms. They also show 90 percent of underage marriages were to an adult spouse. Many people see this as a loophole in statutory rape laws
Virginia introduces law to stop 12-year-old girls from getting married : news

Internet Access Is Now A Basic Human Right : technology - a non-binding resolution - so it is not a basic human right


California Wildfire Prompts Evacuations As Blaze Grows - Recent weeks have seen several major fires in California. Some have been deadly.

Half of working Britain has seen no rise in living standards since early 2000s. Squeeze on earnings and rising housing costs have hit family budgets, fuelling disillusionment at economic and political status quo. : worldnews
EU tells Swiss no single market access if no free movement of citizens | World news | The Guardian - Swiss-EU talks reveal determination of EU to make no concessions to UK over Brexit terms - The Swiss only narrowly voted to restrict immigration in the original 2014 referendum, with 50.3% in favour (sounds familiar)
The inside story of the most infamous, treacherous week in Tory history (backstabbing is in their blood)
Jeremy Corbyn held back by aides after furious confrontation with reporter who asked if he was 'running away' from Labour crisis (being idiots is in their blood)
Jeremy Corbyn is neither nice nor decent - he is a nasty bully and an embarrassment to the country
More on the Short-Run Macroeconomics of Brexit - The New York Times

Nearly 95 Killed And 200 Injured In Baghdad Car Bombings - ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.
At least 83 killed, 176 wounded in separate bombings across Baghdad : worldnews

ISIS Dhaka cafe attack victims in Bangladesh pictured | Daily Mail Online
Dhaka terrorists were highly educated: Police - The New Indian Express - The terrorists who massacred 20 foreigners and Bangladeshi at a popular cafe here were highly educated and most came from wealthy families, a minister said on Sunday.

File 17 is glimpse into still-secret 28 pages about 9/11 - the government quietly declassified a little-known report listing more than three dozen people who piqued the interest of investigators probing possible Saudi connections to the hijackers - Former President George W. Bush classified the 28-page chapter to protect intelligence sources and methods, although he also probably did not want to upset U.S. relations with Saudi Arabia ... the hijackers had an extensive Saudi support system while they were in the United States.

28,000 People Missing in Mexico in the last Decade: Report | News | teleSUR English - since the country began its war on drugs (great job, America)

The most interesting tidbits you missed in the Benghazi depositions - The night of the attacks, Clinton emailed her daughter, Chelsea ...
/pol/ - == MY DICK IS ABOUT TO BE DIAMONDS ==Clinton Foundation Hacked, juicy secrets about to come. ** and so am I **"The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was among the organizations breached by suspected Russian hackers in a dragnet of the U.

Donald Trump taps into manufacturing regions to extract Democratic voters | US news | The Guardian - The Republican appeals to fears over disappearing jobs in coal mines and steel factories of Ohio and Pennsylvania, persuading voters to abandon loyalties (and fuck themselves over, once again, in the name of racism)
Donald Trump Slammed Candidates Taking Big Money, Then Became One Of Them
Donald Trump's 'Star of David' Hillary Clinton Meme Was Created by White Supremacists

Muslim Man Shot Outside Mosque In Texas - It is very scary right now given the current political climate - The incident comes the day after another Muslim man was beaten outside of a mosque in Florida. (Keep America Racist)
Muslim doctor 'shot and stabbed' outside mosque in Texas : news - Houston police are calling it a robbery, and that it happened in an apartment complex near the mosque.
UAE warns travelers not to wear traditional dress after Emirati visitor is arrested in Ohio - The Washington Post - The tourist, Ahmed al-Menhali, was detained at gunpoint last week in Avon, Ohio, after a suspicious hotel clerk alerted relatives, who called 911. Menhali, a 41-year-old businessman, was in the United States for medical treatment and tried to book a hotel in the Cleveland suburb

Republican leader resigns, blasts Tennessee GOP - in his resignation letter, Mark Winslow said the party's "soul rotted away some time ago" ... As it's currently constituted, the TNGOP is really nothing more than a small corrupt core group who view our party as their private club and personal piggy bank. Money is passed around, doled out to friends, handed to favored consultants and staffers who ignore bylaws or common sense,
Delta County chairwoman of GOP resigns | - "There's no room for racism, intended or not, in society" (the South rose again, in the rotted soul of the Republican party)

- In latest Kansas revenue fiasco, it's still the tax cuts, stupid - income tax cuts have caused huge revenue shortfalls in Kansas, as a state report clearly showed Friday ... Kansas has actually lost 700 jobs over the last year, for the sixth worst rate of growth in America (and the stupid white voters who screwed the state and themselves because being assholes was more important)

Online bigots beware: 'Hello Racist' is going to expose you on the Internet (commenters have different opinion)
The Most Important White Supremacist Of 2016 | ThinkProgress - Matthew Heimbach

As a psychiatrist, I diagnose mental illness. Also, I help spot demonic possession. - The Washington Post - The official Catholic Catechism holds that demons are sentient and possess their own wills; as they are fallen angels, they are also craftier than humans (commenters go berserk)

Iowa State Team Describes Prion Folding at Molecular Level - "Our study establishes a direct link, at the molecular level, between copper exposure and prion protein neurotoxicity"

What is a phrase most often uttered by assholes? : AskReddit


Zika in Florida: 10 new cases confirmed amid concern over US response | World news | The Guardian - Figure marks largest number of infections found on single day, with nearly 1,000 people infected with virus across country

- Police chiefs hint the current figures may be the tip of the iceberg as hate crime is 'significantly under reported'
Tory party leadership: support for Theresa May surges as Gove struggles | Politics | The Guardian (serial backstabbing not over and it's all Cameroon's fault)
Brexit: The Continuing Fallout - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Amsterdam the new London)
- Paul Krugman on 'Brexit' and Its Impact

- Commandos storm foreigners' restaurant in Dhaka as terrorists kill 20
Bangladesh Attack Suggests Shift by ISIS as It Loses Territory - The New York Times

New 'Highway of Death In Iraq As ISIS Convoy Gets Annihilated From The Air
Heavy blow to ISIS: 225 terrorists killed in Nangarhar raids by Afghan army : worldnews

Australia In Limbo After Election Too Close To Call(economy down, so cut corporate taxes!)

The FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton today. The next two weeks will be huge. - The Washington Post
- time to wind down the Clinton email investigation

How everyone looks bad because Bill Clinton met with Loretta Lynch - The Washington Post
Bill Clinton's Bad Judgment

- Democrats: The White Working Class Isn't Voting for You, So Stop Pandering to Them (stupid and racist for a long time)

A fact checker looked into 158 things Donald Trump said. 78 percent were false. - The Washington Post
Trump's surrogate handlers quit. Departures Suggest That Perhaps This Is a Highly Dysfunctional Enterprise (perhaps?)
The hypocrisy at the heart of Trump's Campaign (more like very deep evil, probably where Trump's torture fetish comes from)

Why Trump's Message Resonates, In 1 Chart - The U.S. fell to 19th place out of 133 countries on a global ranking of "social progress" (-3 from last year, hello Republicans driving America down)

What It's Like to Cover Mass Shootings

Texting and Driving Statistics (increase your chance of dying by 23 times!)

Disabled Cancer Patient Sues Memphis International Airport, TSA After Bloody Checkpoint Scuffle : news
People who have surprisingly woken up admitted into a hospital, what happened? : AskReddit

- growing up intersex
'Doctors still do not acknowledge that I'm intersex' - Channel 4 News
Maya Posch: How not being punished gets one into jail

The hate keeps coming: Pain lingers for lesbian couple denied in Sweet Cakes case |

Modern Love: The Column and the Podcast - The New York Times
Pyrotechnic Party of Legend, Killed Off by Social Media - The New York Times

Scientists found cells within a malignant brain tumor, known as glioma, rely on fats in order to fuel tumor growth. This contradicts previous scientific findings that stated that tumor cells require mostly sugar in order to create energy, opening doors to new improved treatments for patients. : science

What fear/phobia do you have that might be really odd? : AskReddit
[Serious] What is the deepest, darkest secret you found out about a friend, that really messed with your head? : AskReddit
Family outraged after neighbor shot therapy dog : news
What is the craziest thing you've ever witnessed at a party? : AskReddit


Brexit cannot be cancelled or delayed, says Frangois Hollande | World news | The Guardian - French president says UK must face consequences of its vote and a quick exit from EU would avert economic instability
Boris Johnson's Shock Withdrawal From The Tory Leadership Race: How It Happened - The shock in the room was like a bomb went off
How Boris Johnson was brought to his knees by the 'cuckoo nest plot' - It makes House of Cards look like Teletubbies ... gobsmacked!
Boris Johnson's allies accuse Michael Gove of 'systematic and calculated plot' to destroy his leadership hopes

Austrian Court Overturns Presidential Election Results, Calls For Rerun - narrowly defeated candidate another chance to become the first far-right head of state in the European Union. (back to their roots)

Dhaka attack: two police officers killed and seven Italians among hostages | World news | The Guardian - Italian ambassador says his countrymen among those held by gunmen at Holey Artisan Bakery cafe in diplomatic quarter of Bangladeshi capital

Brazil: Huge spike in number of police killings in Rio ahead of Olympics | Amnesty International UK

Memories of Rubber - Lawyers, Guns & Money : This is a really powerful piece about how indigenous peoples in South America have integrated the horrors of the rubber baron era into their oral histories and storytelling style. (there are a lot of atrocities under the rug of capital)

Obama claims US drones strikes have killed up to 116 civilians | US news | The Guardian - Long-awaited assessment of death toll under Obama, criticized as an undercount, acknowledges government does not always know how many civilians it kills
Washington Monthly | A Look at the Use of Drones During the Obama Administration

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists - journalist's calls without going to a judge or informing the news organization being targeted. (metadata is data)

Elizabeth Warren's Consolidation Speech Could Change the Election

- Trump: Bill Clinton opened 'Pandora's Box'
Bill Clinton Airport Meeting with Loretta Lynch Is Latest Example of Bill Clinton Syndrome - My god, is it even necessary to describe how stupid and reckless this is? For the second presidential campaign in a row, Hillary Rodham Clinton is afflicted with a husband who can't make a political move any more without breaking the china across the room.

The president of France says if Brexit won, so can Donald Trump | VICE News
Trump Amps Up His Call For Torture: 'We're Going To Have To Do Things That Are Unthinkable'
Donald Trump Warns That A Plane Flying Over New Hampshire Might Be Mexico Ready To Attack - "I don't really need those notes, becuse I don't need notes. Aren't I luck? Nice to have ability isn't it? It's a good ability to have"
Donald Trump used money donated for charity to buy himself a Tim Tebow-signed football helmet - The Washington Post
Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored
Trump's Vegas Hotel Spent Half A Million Dollars To Stop Maids From Unionizing - And yet the candidate claims to be a friend of regular working people. "I believe [union] members will be voting for me in much larger numbers than for her" (sad but maybe true)
The lies Trump told this week: from US trade policies to his own campaign | US news | The Guardian - latest tweak to proposed Muslim ban, disavowal of Republican leader he once praised and more exaggerations, contradictions and half-truths
Is the Trump Campaign Just a Giant Safe Space for the Right? - The New York Times
Needs MOAR Newt! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Please, please, please let this be true: In addition to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), Donald Trump's campaign is vetting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (repulsive squared)
Trump Endorsement Loses Tulsa Mayor Re-election - Dewey Bartlett Grabs the Wrong Coattails - He, Trump has coattails for sure. It's just that they're lined with poisoned spikes and they all end at the heads of live serpents.

Kaine, Non - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Sen. Tim Kaine legally accepted more than $162,000 in gifts when he served as lieutenant governor and governor of Virginia..
Next for Clinton: A Running Mate - a key question is how her pick might tilt the balance of power in the Senate.

alicublog: PERMANENT REVOLUTION. (Evangelical Christians permanently at war with the Sexual Revolution which is going on right now and undermining the foundations of Christianity)

- California governor signs stringent gun control measures - Jerry Brown passes six new laws as federal government remains deadlocked - New requirements on high-capacity magazines and background checks
Why The Most Common Type Of Gun Death Rarely Gets Mentioned - Most gun deaths in the U.S. are suicides.

Portland auditor: Charlie Hales' 'ignorance gets the better of him' |
Portland Auditor Mary Hull Caballero Returns to City Council With Modified Ethics Reforms - Willamette Week - Mayor Charlie Hales had blasted a previous proposal that sought stronger ethics rules.

Bertha paused for 'high-pressure' maintenance -

Washington Monthly | Betraying His Adopted Tribe? - Sebastian Junger promotes PTSD denial and dismissal. - notion that a return to warrior culture is the solution to the problems of the modern world. The stone age and tribal cultures Junger idealizes have been, to put it mildly, hard on women.

Wild Light Show, Strange Sounds Coming From Jupiter As Juno Spacecraft Approaches Orbit
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) : DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria - What is a personality disorder?

What skill do you think is most attractive for the opposite sex to be proficient in? : AskReddit

Oracle Ordered To Pay HP $3 Billion In Itanium Case (Larry not doing so well lately)