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Psyche's Links: New/Recent additions


There could have been three more mass shootings if these men weren't stopped, authorities say - CNN (asshole incel nazis but see the smirk on little Jimmy's face)
Pacifica High School Students Sang Nazi Song and Gave Hitler Salute - Athletes performed an homage to the Third Reich before an awards ceremony ... The video was uploaded to Instagram by one of the athletes, who also posted lyrics to the song in his Instagram bio.
Fox News host roasts NRA's LaPierre: 'An odious little grifter' who needs to go (well, they got that right)

Proud Boys, Outnumbered By Anti-fascists, Get Police Escort After 30-Minute Rally | HuffPost - Many had feared the rally in Portland would be the most violent fascist rally of the Trump era.
Amid the Kale and Corn, Fears of White Supremacy at the Farmers' Market -- Bloomington, Ind. ... The accusations exploded into public view after activists and online sleuths used federal court records and the leaked archives of a far-right message board to uncover a digital trail they say connects the couple who own Schooner Creek Farm to an organization that promotes white nationalism ... said they wre being harassed, demonized and hounded out of the farmers' market by left-wing activists because "a handful of mildly pro-white comments" ... they are the ones who have become victims of "the cult of the left" ... "Volkmom" ... (fuck off, Nazis)

Beijing warns US of 'consequences' after Donald Trump approves US$8 billion sale of fighter jets to Taiwan - Military experts have said the jets would bolster Taiwan's ability to counter the threat of air strikes from mainland China
Facebook, Twitter say China ran disinformation against Hong Kong protesters
Information operations directed at Hong Kong - We are disclosing a significant state-backed information operation focused on the situation in Hong Kong, specifically the protest movement and their calls for political change.
Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior From China | Facebook Newsroom
Twitter ran paid ads from China's state news media criticising the Hong Kong protests : worldnews

Hong Kong protests spread across the globe : worldnews
China lashes out at Taiwan over Hong Kong asylum offer : news
'Humiliating': Chinese nationalist trolls target critics in Australia : worldnews ... Weird all these Chinese nationalists in western countries. If you like papa Pooh bear so much, stay in China.
Chinese embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs : worldnews (YOU WILL OBEY!)
Fake Chinese police cars spotted in Perth and Adelaide amid pro-Hong Kong rallies : news

Sara Netanyahu demands to enter airplane cockpit, stopped by security : news

Russian Nuclear Monitoring Stations Went Silent After Missile Blast - WSJ - Outages spur concerns by experts that Moscow is trying to restrict evidence of the explosion (o rly u think?)
Two Russian radiation detectors went silent after mystery nuclear-powered missile explosion: "Very odd coincidence" : worldnews

Northern Ireland: Police 'lucky to be alive' after fake bomb lures them to explosion - There are likely to be suspicions the hoax device was part of a booby trap plan to bring security forces into the area prior to the detonation of the viable device.

Eschaton: A Little Bit Of Bread And No Cheese - Everything is wonderful -- The documents predict severe extended delays to medicine supplies and shortages of some fresh foods combined with price rises as a likely scenario if the UK leaves without a withdrawal agreement, which is due to happen on 31 October.

Chinese scientists are at the forefront of the quantum revolution - The Washington Post - drive to dominate a field with big economic and military applications outpaces some U.S. strides

A CBP Officer Shot A 21-Year-Old American In The Head. 6 Months Later, CBP Won't Say Why. | HuffPost - Shooting at a moving vehicle whose occupants are unarmed is usually a bad idea, policing experts say. But Customs and Border Protection allows it anyway in some circumstances.

After ICE - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This story about the aftermath of ICE's mass detentions in Mississippi is excellent: ... In addition, read this piece about how the Trump administration is doing what it can to expose more Guatemalan women to domestic violence.

Stephen Miller's Anti-Immigrant Plan Deemed Too Racist to Be Legal

Group of top CEOs says maximizing shareholder profits no longer can be the primary goal of corporations (bc, you know, if they keep if up there won't be any fucking planet for their corporations to exist on but most CEOs go "shrug")
Trump's scam is failing him, and he's in a panic over it
Trump is convinced there is a conspiracy to distort economic data and exaggerate the prospect of a recession : politics
I did nazi that coming : PoliticalHumor
In Economic Warning Signals, Trump Sees Signs of a Conspiracy - The New York Times (sees everything as a media event centered on him)
'I'm not happy with it' : Trump hits Fox News over poll results (see above)

Trump impeachment push gets important new ally - POLITICO - Ben Ray Lujan is the highest-ranking House Democrat to support an impeachment investigation ... the No. 4 House Democrat announced support for an impeachment investigation into Donald Trump ... a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is the highest-ranking House Democrat to back impeachment thus far ... currently serves as assistant speaker, is running to fill an open Senate seat in his home state next year.

For Trump, appeals to white fears about race may be a tougher sell in 2020: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Reuters

Democrats Want to Turn Trump's Twitter Addiction Into an Election Issue -- The party recently commissioned polling that showed framing the president as ineffective because of his social media habits is one of its most persuasive arguments.

Scaramucci assembling team of former Cabinet members to speak out against Trump : politics

Friendly reminder that Moscow Mitch does smile! ???? : PoliticalHumor (classic McBitch and Confederate Flag pic #McConnel)

Trump cuts off one of his closest friends - POLITICO - Inside the feud with Tom Barrack. ... Trump was "really upset" to read reports about Barrack's role in allegedly making it easy for some foreigners and others to try to spend money to get access to Trump and his inner circle and whether some of the inauguration money was misspent ... (and if you believe that ...)

Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Trump | The New Yorker - How he became a heartland evangelical -- and the most loyal soldier (evil dumb fathead)

There Will Be No Justice for Trump's Enablers -- The moral and professional accounting some Republicans feared will never take place. (let's outsource that job)

Footage appears to show Prince Andrew in Epstein's home : news
Early Epstein Accuser: Police Could Have Stopped Him in 1997 : news
Jeffrey Epstein signed will 2 days before suicide, report says : news
Jeffrey Epstein's Will Leaves $577 Million to Mysterious Trust -- signed two days before his death, gives his vast fortune to the unnamed beneficiaries of The 1953 Trust.

Planned Parenthood exits Title X program, rejects abortion "gag order" : news

Views of Higher Education Divided by Party | Pew Research Center (60% of Republicans say education is destroying America) ... The increase in negative views has come almost entirely from Republicans and independents who lean Republican ... Roughly eight-in-ten Republicans (79%) say professors bringing their political and social views into the classroom is a major reason why the higher education system is headed in the wrong direction (only 17% of Democrats say the same). (funny, the brain-washed are afraid being taught how to think)

80% of Gen Z college students say they're voting in 2020s -- and they've ingled out student debt as their biggest concern

Bill Clinton's Legacy Is Up for Debate Among Democrats - The Atlantic - On his 73rd birthday, the former MVP of the Democratic Party has been sidelined -- perhaps for good. (20 yrs too late)

Bernie Sanders Sent a Bunch of Pizzas to the Coal Miners Blocking a Train in Kentucky : politics
Susan Sarandon Appears to Snipe at Elizabeth Warren While Introducing Bernie Sanders at Iowa Event - The actress, who famously refused to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, is currently campaigning with Sanders in Iowa.
Debra Messing reignites political feud with Susan Sarandon - Sarandon suggested that she would vote for Donald Trump i

Biden to skip DNC meeting in San Francisco where 13 candidates are expected - politico (bc who knows what dumbass delusional thing he'd say)
Six times Biden described major events in his life that never happened (he's been doing this shit for years, demented idiot may have less of a grasp on reality than Trumpster

Warren apologizes for heritage claim, woos Native Americans (Trump-loving Cherokees will fuck themselves again)

Fighter pilot vs. astronaut match-up in Arizona could determine control of Senate | TheHill (Mark Kelly vs dumbbulb Sally McSally Sally)

Ben Shapiro Seriously Claims No 'Single Major Republican Figure' Questioned Obama's Legitiimacy -- The "cool kids" philosopher (hahaha)

Congressman Steve King Demands Media, GOP Apologize For His Own "Rape and Incest" Statement (apologize for my racism! -- the Republican Party)
Interview: The Only Person Who Attended Steve King's Forum (down from 2 yesterday, the other person was an intern, haha)
corinne_perkins on Twitter: "The scene at Steve King's town hall today in Grundy Center, Iowa"

No, Confederate Monuments Don't Preserve History. They Manipulate It : politics

How white women'sinvestmentin slavery has shaped America today ... White women are sometimes seen as bystanders to slavery. A historian explains why thats wrong ... white slave-holding parents trained their daughters how to be slaveowners. They give them lessons in slave discipline and slave management. Some even allow for their daughters to mete out physical punishments
/u/SotaSkoldier concisely debunks oft-repeated claims that slavery was not the cause of the Civil War, slaves were happy, and the Confederate cause was heroic. : bestof
TIL There was a family kept in slavery as late as 1961 in Mississippi. : todayilearned

Sunday Massacre - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Conservatives are FREAKING OUT over the New York Time' 1619 Project
Dave Zirin on Twitter: "@newtgingrich It's history, not a wife in a hospital bed. You can't just walk away." / Twitter (ooooooo)
The Boy in the Bubble - Lawyers, Guns & Money - conservatives and 'libertarians' continue to be upset about the 1619 project, not because they have any empirical or substantive objection but because they object to doing such analysis in principle:
1. the first essay of the package is literally about the ways black americans loved this country despite its profound flaws and injustices. the idea that this is meant to "delegitimize" america is a helluva way to tell on yourself
The failing Constitution - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... (conservatives think the Constitution (which legitimzed slavery, for one thing, is God)
Erick Erickson @EWErickson: If the land in which the United States was founded has been tainted by racism since the 1600s and everything derived therefrom is therefore tainted, then the US is illegitimate, the constitution is illegitimate, and revolution is the answer (Erick, son of Erick, dumb as ever)

Two Members of Proud Boys Convicted in Brawl Near Republican Club - The New York Times - The charges resulted from an altercation with anti-fascists after the group's founder, Gavin McInnes, had spoken in Manhattan.

Mark Halperin: Redemption sounds nice, but he doesn't deserve it - The Washington Post (Margaret Sullivan)

Malheur County officials ask sheriff to assess whether Enterprise reporters broke laws | Malheur Enterprise | The Voice of Malheur County - The calls come after investigative reports about county economic development projects (reporters send emails on the weekends! fake employees who are obviously hidding shit are outraged)

Feds Say Bounty Hunter Matthew Marre Used Suicide Hoax to Con Verizon, T-Mobile Out of Customer Data - Bail bondsman Matthew Marre is accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer -- and Verizon and T-Mobile believed him.

CNN journalist April Ryan's bodyguard charged with assault for forcibly removing reporter from N.J. event (well then)

Officer Who Put Eric Garner In Chokehold Was 'Untruthful' To Investigators, Judge Sayshas recommended that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired from the NYPD (5 fucking years later they are thinking about laying off the killer cop with a big pension)
Daniel Pantaleo, N.Y.P.D. Officer Who Held Eric Garner in Chokehold, Is Fired : news
Cop Who Killed Eric Garner Fired, Will Sue for Job Back

San Bernardino assistant superintendent arrested on child porn charges : news
Ohio Priest Indicted On Nine Counts Of Rape. : news

New York man allegedly impersonating a police officer pulls over van of detectives : news

'The Hunt' Director Breaks Silence on Film's Cancellation (formerly titled "Red State vs Blue State)

The Righteous Gemstones Gleefully Mocks Phony Christian Televangelists -- With Plenty of Penis

MDMA treatment for alcoholism reduces relapse safely with no serious side effects, suggests the first study looking into the use of MDMA to treat alcohol addiction, with preliminary results showing that the treatment is safe, and early results showing encouraging outcomes from the approach. : science

Having a fatty meal with a CBD-infused product may boost the body's absorption of cannabidiol, suggests a new study, which found that, compared with fasting, the amount of CBD in the body was four times higher after a high-fat meal, and the maximum amount in the blood was 14 times higher. : science

TIL of "Complex PTSD". Typical PTSD happens after a single incident like a car crash, but C-PTSD results from prolonged trauma, like childhood abuse or neglect. It's harder to spot & to treat. Victims have issues with trust, boundaries, and sense of self... and they often get revictimized. : todayilearned

LockPickingLawyer decodes Master Lock Personal Safe by sight in seconds : videos

A Playlist with ambient electronic and mostly beat-less synth music for long night drives or coding evenings. Escape the day and relax to spacey and chillout vibes. Hope you enjoy! ?? {Playlist} : Music

"Kerbal Space Program 2" Announcement Trailer : videos

What was a sketchy cheap buy, that ended up being one of your best purchases? : AskReddit


Environmentalists renew bid to overturn EPA policy barring scientists from advisory panels: (that's right, no so-called "scientists" on your science panel)
"This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it. CO2 415 ppm." From a letter to the future on a plaque placed today commemorating the loss of the glacier Okjvkull, which has died at the age of about 700. : worldnews
'Punch in the gut' as scientists find microplastics in Arctic ice | Scientists' dismay is reminiscent of the consternation felt by explorers who found plastic waste in the Marianas Trench, the deepest place on Earth, during submarine dives earlier this year : worldnews
The water is so hot in Alaska it's killing large numbers of salmon - CNN

Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say - ABC News ... a cache of weapons and ammunition, including dozens of round of ammo, multiple semi-automatic weapons, a gas mask and bulletproof armor. (Nazi Incel and check his mugshot)
Ohio white nationalist, anti-Semite arrested for threatening to shoot up Jewish community center, police say : news
Florida man arrested for mass shooting threats | Miami Herald - arrested 25-year-old Tristan Wix, a Daytona Beach man, after they retrieved text messages that showed his plans to shoot at a large crowd, saying, a school is a weak target (another white incel fucker w/nazi tatoos)
Portland protests: 13 arrested as police declare civil disturbance -
Half of Americans Disapprove of Trumps Response to Mass Shootings -- 68% worry U.S. will see another attack by white nationalists (32% watch Fox and don't know what a "white nationalist" is)

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 63 at wedding in Kabul - BBC News - and wounding more than 180.
63 Killed as Explosion Turns Kabul Wedding Into Carnage - The New York Times

Hong Kong protests: 1.7m people at Victoria Park rally, says organiser; crowds at city's Chinese PLA building : news
The Hong Kong protests are the inevitable effect of an impossible system - The Washington Post - Beijing thought the former British colonists would submit. Hong Kongers thought theyd keep their freedom ... 'One country, two systems' ... Never before had an autocratic, communist-run, single-party dictatorship peacefully absorbed a modern, sophisticated, quasi-democratic capitalist territory. Never before had a people who had enjoyed free speech, freedom of assembly, a free flow of information and limited free voting voluntarily relinquished those rights to merge with a country where such freedoms were often ruthlessly suppressed.
Hongkongers ignore protest restrictions & threats from Beijing as tens of thousands rally against gov't
Hong Kong democracy activists are hoping to get out a huge crowd later Sunday in a bid to show the city's leaders that their protest movement remains defiant despite increasingly stark warnings from Beijing : worldnews
Hong Kong breathes sigh of relief as Saturday night passes with no tear gas fired as anti-government protesters cause only minor disruption and avoid clashing with police : worldnews
'Mulan' faces boycott in Korea after Chinese actress Liu Yifei's 'support' for Hong Kong protester crackdown : worldnews (VPN / torrents / qBit / Plex)
The saga of Jackie Chans estranged, lesbian, married daughter ("the Harvey Weinstein of China")
TheDukeDude comments on 'Mulan' faces boycott in Korea after Chinese actress Liu Yifei's 'support' for Hong Kong protester crackdown
Dutch tv crew drone captures Chinese military conducting riot exercise just outside Hong Kong. : worldnews
Government MPs alarmed over Chinese influence at Australian universities after pro-Beijing rallies : worldnews
'China is your daddy': Backlash against Tibetan student's election prompts questions about foreign influence | CBC News ... Chemi Lhamo, 22, got thousands of hateful comments (Chinese students in Toronto own the country)
Toronto march in support of Hong Kong protests blocked by pro-China group : worldnews
Duelling Hong Kong protests in Vancouver shut down major intersection near city hall : news

Palestinian Authority bans LGBTQ activities in West Bank : news

American mom, 32, forced to live in Saudi Arabia loses custody of her four-year-old daughter after a judge in the kingdom ruled she is 'too Western to raise the child' because she went to Burning Man and has social media accounts 'full of nudity' : worldnews

Leaked Documents Show UK Faces Food, Fuel And Drugs Shortages In No-Deal Brexit : worldnews (la-di-la off the cliff)
Boris Johnson urged to release secret official Brexit memo warning ministers about riots, soaring food prices and a deep recession - if the UK leaves with no deal. : worldnews
/Quietabandon comments on Germany's willingness to let the UK leave with a No Deal Brexit, and an interesting and civilised, but sad, discussion ensues : bestof

Mexico: Thousands of women on the streets after accusations of rape against police officers : worldnews

Blackwater mercenary Nicholas Slatten sentenced to life in prison for initiating 2007 Nisour Square Massacre : politics

Amy Klobuchar zings President: Unlike Trump, 'Greenland is not for sale' ... "PUT THE PUSSY ON THE CHAINWAX"

Support for free trade reaches new high in NBC/WSJ poll - Amid the ongoing trade war with China, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they support free trade in the latest NBC News/WSJ poll.
No Wonder the Economy Has Trump Spooked | The New Yorker (check out the sweat)

Trumps economic record is one big con (haha suckers)

70 Catholics, Including Clergy, Arrested in D.C. Protest Over Migrant Treatment : politics ("Catholics aren't real Christians sweetie!")
Mississippi ICE Raids Separate Mom From Her Breastfeeding Baby Girl | HuffPost - The mother had "this lost look" ... (deport the fuckers to the moon)
'Their Racist, Anti-Immigration Crusade Knows No Bounds': Trump White House Tried to Stop Immigrant Kids From Attending Public Schools : politics
The Cruelty Is His Point - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Stephen Miller, the Jewish Goebbels, even loks like him, wouldn't that be a fun reincarnation)

Trump rages over poll numbers and coverage of his racism after approval ratings plummet : politics (rages furiously)
Trump melting down on Twitter this morning - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... This seems to be getting worse, probably as a consequence of pre-dementia and related forms of cognitive decline. Trying to imagine exactly how this is going to work over the next 14 months is . . . challenging.

Amazing. : PoliticalHumor

Trump's Pittsburgh Speech Was a Paying Gig for the Audience
Workers Forced To Choose Between Watching Trump, No Pay Or Using Paid Time Off : NPR

Donald Trump and the Republican Party hate America: It's time to say it -- For all they blather on about patriotism, the unctuous Republicans are the ones who really despise their country
The Persistence of Trump Supporters: The Cruelty is the Point : politics ... the photo of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith in Indiana in 1930, in which a white man can be seen grinning at the camera as he tenderly holds the hand of his wife or girlfriend. photo from Duluth, Minnesota, in which grinning white men stand next to the mutilated, half-naked bodies of two men lashed to a post in the streone of the white men is straining to get into the picture, his smile cutting from ear to ear (killing black people is a sport)

Why Some Christians 'Love the Meanest Parts' of Trump ... a thirst for power and domination. (they swore allegiance to Satan a long time ago)

The longer Epstein stayed in Fla. jail, the cushier things got | Miami Herald - Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women's s panties from the Palm Beach jail? ("women's" = "girl's") So what, or who, were they for, and why wouldn't the purchase raise eyebrows under the circumstances?

Health Insurance Coverage Declined for Nonelderly Americans between 2016 and 2017, Primarily in States That Did Not Expand Medicaid : politics (hello, #MoscowMitch and #Fuckasee, killing their citizens forever to own the libtards)

Does anyone understand the 2020 race? This scholar nailed the blue wave -- here's her forecast -- Rachel Bitecofer predicted last year's midterms with incredible accuracy. Her 2020 forecast is ... not too bad

Eschaton: Gonna Give Mitch All Your Lunch Money - Then brag about it.
Biden at a Cape Cod fundraiser tonight: "There's an awful lot of really good Republicans out there. I get in trouble for saying that with Democrats, but...every time we ever got in trouble with our administration, remember who got sent up to Capitol Hill to fix it? Me" ... "OBAMACARE GOT ZERO REPUBLICAN VOTES YOU WORTHLESS FUCK" (jfc he's a demented Republican idiot)
Biden: 'There's an awful lot of really good Republicans out there'
Joe Biden, Political Supergenius - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bernie Sanders Says 'We Will Go to War Against White Nationalism and Racism' : politics
Sanders Unveils Plan to End Cash Bail, Ban Private Prisons, and 'Fundamentally Transform' US Criminal Justice System - "If we stand together, we can eliminate private prisons and detention centers. No more profiteering from locking people up." : politics

Here's the clearest proof yet that Iowa voters may finally have had enough of Steve King -- Iowa voters are showing that they may finally have reached the last straw with the controversial congressman. King held a town hall on Saturday for voters in his congressional District. News reports said the event was attended by a grand total of two people.
Don't be fooled: Steve King is the GOP : politics (the party of evil racist assholes)

Things in America Connected to Race and Racism: All - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... While Interstates were regularly used to destroy black neighborhoods, they were also used to keep black and white neighborhoods apart. (now find all the Slavery Avenues)
The 1619 Project - The New York Times
The Barbaric History of Sugar in America - The New York Times - The United States sugar industry receives as much as $4 billion in annual subsidies in the form of price supports, guaranteed crop loans, tariffs and regulated imports of foreign sugar, which by some estimates is about half the price per pound of domestic sugar ... New Yorks enslaved population reached 20 percent, prompting the New York General Assembly in 1730 to issue a consolidated slave code, making it "unlawful for above three slaves" to meet on their own, and authorizing "each town" to employ "a common whipper for their slaves." ... The Rhinelander Sugar House, a sugar refinery and warehouse on the site of what is now the headquarters of the New York Police Department, in the late 1800s. When it was built in 1763, the building was one of the largest in the colony. (plus ca change)

Accusations Against Placido Domingo Divide the Opera World - The New York Times -- Reports of sexual harassment against one of opera's most revered stars have brought opposing reactions from singers, and continents ... The allegations against Mr. Domingo, which were reported by The Associated Press, were made by eight singers and a dancer, all but one of whom spoke anonymously, who said that he had used his immense power in the opera world to try to pressure them into sexual relationships. (Europe loves their sexually abusive men)
For the twitterverse out there defending @PlacidoDomingo in the wake of the @AP report, I have a few questions: 1. Do you think the women whose stories were published are lying or being "inaccurate"? 2. If not, do you find the behavior of PD described in the reporting defensible? (and the MRAs come out to defend male fuckery)

Maher rails against anti-Israel boycott movement: 'A bulls--- purity test' for Democrats (said anti-free speech pro-apartheid pro-Netanyahu "shallow-thinking" Jew who wants to take away your right to protest against rightwing Jews)

Motorcycle rider arrested in shooting death of cyclist | Miami Herald - Kadel Piedrahita, a cycling enthusiast who live-streamed a violent rant about a fellow biker before a morning ride earlier this week across the Rickenbacker Causeway, was arrested Friday in the fatal shooting of the man during an altercation that was caught live on video.

Ralph Whittington, erotica collector extraordinaire, dies at 74 - The Washington Post

Having kids makes you happier, but only when they move out, according to a new study, which suggests that parents are happier than non-parents later in life, when their children move out and become sources of social enjoyment rather than stress (n=55,000). : science

Why are re-uptake inhibitors used instead of the neurotransmitters themselves? : askscience

Historians of Reddit, what is the strangest chain of events you have studied? : AskReddit
Die Vffnung der Mauer in Berlin, Bornholmer Strasse, 1989 - YouTube

Hirers of Reddit, what did a candidate wear to an interview that cost them the job? : AskReddit

If you could travel back in time and prevent one thing from being invented, what would it be and why? : AskReddit
What are some mind twisting movies that everyone should watch? : AskReddit

What is similar to finding out that santa isn't real, but for adults? : AskReddit

Women of Reddit, what is your opinion on casual compliments from your straight male friend? : AskReddit
What's the best response to "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" : AskReddit

What's something that's happened to you, but sounds too crazy to believe? : AskReddit

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine (Official Video) - YouTube


West Nile virus found in Cambridge mosquitoes - News - Cambridge Chronicle & Tab - Cambridge, MA

The media gives way too much air time to climate change deniers who don't know what they're talking about, study finds. This imbalance has created an unrealistic picture of climate change, hindering efforts to raise awareness of the problems the planet faces. : worldnews
GOP Senator John Cornyn Torched Over 'Dumbest' Climate Change Explainer -- "utterly, despicably, proudly ignorant" (oh, a Republican then)
And Now, the Really Big Coal Plants Begin to Close: Old, small plants were the early retirees, but several of the biggest U.S. coal burners -- and CO2 emitters -- will be shuttered by year's end
A terrifying preview of The 'Big One' -- a giant quake that may hit Southern California ... If you live in California, you may have to answer that question in your lifetime. Los Angeles has a 31 percent chance within the next 30 years of experiencing a magnitude-7.5 earthquake,
GOP Senator John Cornyn Torched Over "Dumbest" Climate Change Explainer
Extremely Dumb Person Also Massive Liar - Lawyers, Guns & Money
MJ Hegar on Twitter: "Winter is coming." / Twitter
Scientists decry 'ignorance' of rolling back species protections in the midst of a mass extinction (evil is word you're looking for)

It's not Democrats who are making guns a political issue: It's all the dead bodies : politics (all those anti-gun corpses)

The Kashmir crisis isnt about territory. It's about a Hindu victory over Islam. Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the Muslim-majority state as a demonstration of Hindu power.

Daily News: A look at Saturday's front page
Trump wants to buy Greenland. But hey, it's not his $1.7 trillion
u/Portarossa explains in great detail the ins and outs of the trump/Greenland deal. Very long, very well written. : bestof

Boris Johnson edits speech video to remove his first broken promise : worldnews (and then there wasn't any video at all)

Top Secret Chernobyl: The Nuclear Disaster through the Eyes of the Soviet Politburo, KGB, and U.S. Intelligence | National Security Archive

Peace Road Map for Afghanistan Will Let Taliban Negotiate Women's Right ... raises concerns that women may lose rights in future Afghan governments. (fuck you NYT: "negotiate" = destroy)

Colandore comments on I'm a Hong Konger amidst the protests here. AMA!
These illustrations show how different Hong Kong thinks it is from mainland China
/u/Pytheastic gives a comprehensive list of China's crimes against humanity, complete with sources : bestof

Saudi Arabia strips American mother of custody for being too Western : news

Trump and Netanyahu Put Bipartisan Support for Israel at Risk - The New York Times
Israel's Alliance With Trump Creates New Tensions Among American Jews
Did Netanyahu Just Kill Washington's Pro-Israel Consensus? The ban against Representatives Tlaib and Omar has angered even those who can't find their voices when Israel bombs kids in Gaza.

Rashida Tlaibs Grandmother on Trump: 'May God Ruin Him'

The United States government has begun releasing records pertaining to the brutal killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi after a judge ruled they were of "considerable public importance" : worldnews (Bonewaw's dick-sucker tried to block)

FEC's Chair Says GOP Blocked Probe into 'Blockbuster' Claim Involving Russians, NRA (so many traitors)
Wyden Slams Republican FEC Commissioners for Blocking Probe of NRA, Possible Campaign Finance Violations
Republicans block FEC probe of NRA's Russia money and Trump : politics

America's Exclusionary Past and Present and the Judgment of History

White House Mulled Ways to Block Migrant Children From Schools - Bloomberg
Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Border Patrol agents tore the man's 7-year-old son from his arms and sent the father nearly 2,000 miles (3,220 kilometers) away to a detention center in Georgia .. The boy, now 8, went into a U.S.-funded foster home for migrant children in New York ... But instead the boy told a counselor he was repeatedly sexually molested by other boys in the foster home. (how every Trumpian : disgusting)

How Stephen Miller Rode an Anti-Immigration Wave to the White House - The New York Times - Behind Mr Miller's singular grip on the Trump anti-immigrant agenda are forces far bigger than his own hostility toward the foreign-born.
The adviser who scripts Trump's immigration policy - With unswerving loyalty, Stephen Miller has singular control of an issue central to the presidency

Trump has one playbook, and very few plays left in it - The Washington Post
Donald Trump is terrified, and he wants you to be, too - The Washington Post ... "if he can't argue that he has delivered prosperity, all that remains is the single most repugnant human being to ever sit in the Oval Office, befouling everything he touches.

Signs of recession worry Trump ahead of 2020
How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen - The New York Times - The freeze-up in business confidence, caused in part by the trade war, could wind up affecting consumer confidence.
4 decades later, we're rounding the corner on the third lap of this vicious cycle. : PoliticalHumor (the party of fiscal looting)

Eschaton: Saturday Saturday -- I don't like most people who write about Trump's melon, because most of them don't start from the obvious premise that it is made of custard and rusty nails.

Shell Workers Had To Attend Trump Speech To Be Paid, Were Ordered Not To Protest: Report (fossil fuels killing everything)
Shell Workers Had To Attend Trump Speech To Be Paid, Were Ordered Not To Protest: Report | They were instructed: "No yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance," according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. : politics

China tariffs: Aides got Trump to delay tariffs by telling President it could 'ruin Christmas'

Trump May Have Confused Framed Gettysburg Address For A Michigan Man Of The Year Award | HuffPost (that's reassuring)

Dont waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters he's repugnant (bc they are)

Opinion | The Great Western Public Land Robbery - The New York Times - Trump's pick to be the steward of America's public lands doesn't believe in public lands. (Trumpism)
Obama turned me into a racist - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Welcome to what is almost surely going to be the go-to rationalization for Trumpism after Trump himself is gone although needless to say Trumpism will still be very much with us.

The real lesson of Quillette's working class hoax (conservatives are fools) And the working class is increasingly made up of nurses and waiters rather than construction workers like the imaginary Archie. Seventy-six percent of the group are in the service industry, while only 21 percent work in the industrial sector ... "KKKlownshow"

Inmate 76318-054: The Last Days of Jeffrey Epstein - The New York Times - The notorious jail in Manhattan was a sharp departure from his formerly gilded life.
Some jail staffers not cooperating with DOJ investigation into Epstein suicide, source says : news
Like Jeffrey Epsteins accusers, justice has been elusive for women allegedly abused by his modeling agent friend
Did Jeffrey Epstein Introduce Donald and Melania Trump? (maybe)
/u/pinner52 breaks down and highlights 300+ pages of the Epstein files. : bestof ... "Jeffrey Epstein shipped #40k of cement to "Paedophile Island" just weeks before exposi that led to his arrest was published ... Well this is also interesting, the plot literally thickens.
Epstein (of course there's a sub)
If the government actually wanted Epstein to survive his pre-trial detention, they would have put him in Chelsea Manning's old cell. : Epstein
Former CBS executive producer and current journalist for the media outlet Narativ, Zev Shalev, has since claimed that he independently confirmed that Epstein was tied directly to the Mossad. : Epstein ... Mega Group ... a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation's wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen" focused on "philanthropy and Jewishness" with membership dues upwards of $30,000 per year. Yet several of its most prominent members have ties to organized crime ... Lauder, Bronfman, Wexner, Steinhardt, Netanyahu ... Ghislaine and her father were connected to Semion Mogilevich, a Jewish/Russian mob boss.
AMA | This is Bob Fitrakis, here to answer your questions about the Epstein-Wexner connection to the intelligence community and organized crime! : ChapoTrapHouse ... 21 days ago ... I think he's more like to be killed so then he can't talk ...
Ex-Vanity Fair Writer Says Editor Stopped Her From Exposing Epstein in 2003 (Graydon Fucking Carter for the pedo-coverup)
Vicky Ward on Twitter: "In 2002, I was assigned to write a profile of Jeffrey Epstein for Vanity Fair. This was that piece. But what was published was far from the whole story." / Twitter
Why I Don't Believe Graydon Carter About That Scrubbed Jeffrey Epstein Story ... Graydon had cut verified material from my stories when I was a contributing editor in the 1990s, seemingly to placate a friend or a celebrity. I have never discussed this publicly, but now feels like the time to speak up.
Donald J. Trump And Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Raped Katie Johnson (13 Years Old) In 1994. Here Is Her Full 7 Minute Testimony Of The Event : Epstein
THEPRESIDENTIALPENIS comments on Survivor testimony

Trump's new UN ambassador: No relevant experience, but "Gold" status at Trump hotels : politics (guess who else had no "relevant experience")

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Transgender Workers | HuffPost - The Supreme Court is considering three cases that look at whether LGBTQ employees are protected under federal civil rights law.

Warning or threat? Democrats ignite controversy with Supreme Court brief in gun case - The Washington Post

White Supremacists Want a Dirty Bomb -- And the Trump administration is letting them get dangerously close to acquiring one.
White Supremacists Want a Dirty Bomb -- And the Trump administration is letting them get dangerously close to acquiring one.
White supremacy-fuelled killings to be classed as domestic terrorism under new law proposed in New York : politics
Antifa to Proud Boys: Go home, Nazsi : politics
Police seize weapons from Portland protesters : news
Leaked Proud Boys Chats Show Members Plotting Violence At Rallies
u/PM_ME_YOURE_HOOTERS explains how the current push by the right to label Antifa as a terrorist organization, and to label all liberal protesters as Antifa, is necessary to push the "both sides are the same" false narrative, when fascists/racists are the ones committing all domestic terror. : bestof

McConnell realizes with horror that Beto is right: The Senate is not enough - The Washington Post

Warren Chips Away at Bidens Strength as The One Who Beats Trump

Cook Political Report moves Susan Collins Senate race to 'toss up'

Joseph Kennedy III Said to Be Eying Edward Markeys Massachusetts Senate Seat fuck off, entitled asshole)
Joseph P. Kennedy III to decide soon on challenge to Senator Edward Markey - The Boston Globe (for the local comments:) "Wow, some choice. A lifetime, do-nothing politician vs. a privileged Kennedy, who couldn't run a lemonade stand without his family's largesse."

Militant Neo-Nazi Group Actively Recruiting Ahead of Alleged Training Camp -- The Base, a neo-Nazi group aiming to provide military and survivalist training to fellow white supremacists, has been ramping up its activities including a massive recruitment campaign and a planned "hate camp"

No more green tea, vaping or drinks ending in '-ccino,' Mormon Church tells members (no coffee, either ... "Ah, Mormonism... the Steampunk version of Scientology.")

Netflix released a new documentary on the secretive religious group 'TGhe Family.' Despite its flaws, it's a must see ... National Prayer Breakfast -- President Trump prays during the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 7 in Washington. The prayer breakfast is hosted by a group called the Family, which is portrayed in a new Netflix documentary (jfc, Satangelicals) ... John Fea, the author of this opinion on the series, teaches American history at Messiah College ... The Family is an Evangelical political organization composed almost exclusively of conservative Christian Nationalists, many of whom live together in a house on C Street. John Ensign, the former, sexually transgressed, disgraced Senator from Nevada, is a member of The Family. The Family are rabid homophobes, with an international agenda of spreading deadly propaganda against the LGBTQ community, including passing laws in foreign countries that call for the death penalty; e.g. Uganda ... (and, get this!) ... Ryan instructed his Republican lieutenants to keep the conversation private, saying "No leaks ... This is how we know we're a real familly here."

The case of the missing tattoos: Altered photo lineup by Portland police draws objection -

California man convicted of torture of pot dispensary owner | - Authorities said Nayeri and three others plotted to kidnap and rob the man, who was bound and burned with a blow torch while his captors drove through the desert demanding the money. They cut off his penis before leaving him and the woman on the side of a road.

Police Find Mummified Remains, Altar to Unknown Deity in Home of Ch8ild Sex Assault Suspect

Video shows man get struck by lightning while walking in storm : news
Good Samaritan breaks window to rescue baby from hot car in Target parking lot; mother arrested : news

Houston dad charged after 12-year-old daughter drove car into man and dog, killing them : news
Police: Man shoots, kills 7-year-old boy who 'startled' him : news
Teen ran out with a $2 beer. Memphis store clerk followed him and shot him dead : news
7 people shot at Snapchat "instant party" at Houston house, police say : news

Providence bicycle mob blocks traffic, assaults people, steals snacks - News - - Worcester, MA

California will make community college free : politics

Woodstock in Photos: Three Days of Peace and Music That Defined a Generation - Fifty years ago, more than 400,000 people descended on a field near Bethel, New York, to see iconic acts like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead.

Is there really no better way to diagnose mental illness than by the person's description of what they're experiencing? : askscience

Psilocybin-assisted mindfulness meditation linked to brain connectivity changes and persisting positive effects, suggests a new randomized, double-blind brain scan study. Psilocybin-induced changes in brain connectivity predicted positive changes in attitudes about life, social behavior, and mood. : science

TIL that most Buddhists do not believe in God. Although they respect and look up to the Buddha, they do not believe he was a god but they worship him as a form of respect. : todayilearned

What's the most unbelievable thing that you've ever seen? : AskReddit

Why has ghosting become a social norm? : AskReddit


Vintage photos show US cities before the EPA regulated pollution - Business Insider

Memo reveals a House Republican strategy on shootings: downplay white nationalism, blame left | Tampa Bay Times - The GOP memo falsely pinned the El Paso massacre and other notable mass shootings on the left.
The Real Reason Obama Didn't Pass Gun Control -- In his first term, Obama did not push for gun control measures after the fatal mass shootings at Fort Hood, Texas; an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater; and the Tucson, Arizona supermarket that cut short Rep. Gabby Giffords' congressional career. He continued to keep quiet on gun control in the 2012 presidential campaign as well. (thanks for that also, Barry) Once Bush began his second term with a concerted push for Social Security reform ("reform" = destroy)

Exclusive: Russian Doctors Say They Weren't Warned Patients Were Nuclear Accident Victims -- One doctor was reportedly later found to have a radioactive isotope in their muscle tissue.

Chinese police chief sacked after his Porsche-driving wife explodes in road rage incident - The Washington Post
Anna Fifield on Twitter: "Chongqing Porsche driver and wife of local police chief disses a guy who didn't make room for her illegal u-turn on a zebra crossing for "dressing in shabby clothes and driving a beggar's car." This was her get-up. (Spoiler alert: he had the last laugh.)" / Twitter
Jackie Chan faces backlash after speaking out against HK protests. : news

Not for sale: How Greenland and Denmark are reacting to Trumps apparent interest
Donald Trumps interest in buying Greenland stuns DenmarkThe idea that Denmark should sell 50,000 citizens to the US is completely insane
Denmark Offers to Buy U.S. | The New Yorker ... "We have noted, however, that during the Trump regime, pretty much everything in the United States, including its government, has most definitely been for sale."

Corbyn's Plea is NOT About Brexit - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Democrats plan action over Israel ban on Congress visit | Miami Herald
Rashida Tlaib says she will not go to Israel - The Washington Post
Rashida Tlaib Says She Wont Visit West Bank Under Israel's Conditions -- Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, is of Palestinian descent and has spoken often of her grandmother, who lives in the West Bank.
Ilhan Omar Is Already Changing Washington | The New Republic - Banned by Israel and demonized by Trump
Opinion | King Bibi Bows Before a Tweet - The New York Times - After Trump cowed the Israeli leader into reversing course on Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the biggest loser was Israel itself.
Bernie Sanders To Israel: Ban Our Lawmakers? Then Don't Take Our Money ... "We have a president who tragically is a racist, is a xenophobe and who is a religious bigot, But the idea that a member of the United States Congress cannot visit a nation which by the way we support to the tune of billions and billions of dollars, is clearly an outrage
Sanders Says If Israel Wants to Ban Members of Congress, It Should Not Receive Billions in US Military Aid : politics

Are we in a recession? How bad will it be? - The Washington Post

Facing Reality - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- the thrust of the brief is that the Supreme Court is dominated by political hacks selected by the Federalist Society, and promoted by the National Rifle Association

Claims: Migrant children molested in US-funded foster care
MS ICE raids: Breastfeeding mom separated from 4-month-old baby

Zogby: 'Poor performance' sof Democrats boost Trump's approval to 51%, up with blacks and Hispanics (Zogby gets lower grade than even Rasmussen)

Donald Trump is "losing it mentally" says former White House aide: "There's no one to check him anymore" : politics
Trump seems to have lost it. So what do we do? - The Washington Post
Fact-checking Trump's New Hampshire rally - CNNPolitics - No evidence for Trump's claim he was once named Michigan's 'Man of the Year'

Trump mocks appearance of rally protester: 'That guy's got a serious weight problem''
Trump Accidentally Fat Shames One Of His Own Supporters At Rally : politics
Citing Economy, Trump Says That 'You Have No Choice but to Vote for Me' (bc otherwise "the stock market will crash")

Trump and His Allies' Batshit New Rallying Cry: Media Creating Recession to Swing 2020 to Democrats (shifts attention from the Fed)

The Trump Administration Asked The Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Workers Just For Being Transgender - A brief filed by the Justice Department says federal law offers no protection to transgender workers who endure discrimination because of their gender identity.
Why the Log Cabin Republicans support Trump for reelection - The Washington Post (Log Cabin gays think Trumpster is wonderful)

Alarm as Trump Requests Permanent Reauthorization of NSA Mass Spying Program Exposed by Snowden : technology

Elizabeth Warren Overtakes Joe Biden as Favorite to Win Democratic Party's 2020 Primary: U.K. Bookmaker : politics
Elizabeth Warren Was Filmed Literally Running For President -- And Now Its A Meme
It's 2016 all over again -- oe Biden is pitching himself as an electable moderate who can beat Donald Trump. We've seen this movie before -- and we know exactly how it ends.

Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Results Show He Hanged Himself in Suicide - The New York Times - refutes conspiracy theories that he may have been murdered. (he strangled himself with his own hands, so shut up)
Jeffrey Epsteins autopsy concludes his death was a suicide by hanging
Two women sue Jeffrey Epstein's estate for $100 million over alleged sex abuse : news
effrey Epstein Spent Time Alone With Young Woman In Prison's Attorney Room ("young" apparently he had a 14 yr old "lawyer")
Epstein's gal pal Ghislaine Maxwell spotted at In-N-Out Burger
Ghislaine Maxwell lived a low-key life in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., neighbors say - The Washington Post

A federal judge in D.C. hit 'reply all,' and now there's a formal question about his decorum ... from senior appeals court Judge A. Raymond Randolph (climate denying Republican asshole bully sorry for the redundancy but christ what an asshole)

Welcome to the Greenbrier, the Governor-Owned Luxury Resort Filled With Conflicts of Interest -- Gov. Jim Justice is West Virginia's richest man and owns its most storied resort. When lobbyists and state agencies book there, he profits (Big Jim, Little Trump)

Inspector general finds politically motivated harassment at State Department - The Washington Post

NRA Spent Tens of Thousands on Hair and Makeup for CEOs WifeThe gun group used donor funds to fly Susan LaPierre' favorite stylists around the country and put them up in style. (only the best for the Maine hillbilly crooks)

CNN Appears to Have Benched Two Pro-Trump Contributors | Hollywood Reporter

Opinion | How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War - The New York Times (gamergate)

The Plantation Economy and the American Way of Capitalism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The historian Ana Lucia Araujo has a good essay on Confederate monuments and how to respond to the idea that taking them down or renaming things named after these racist traitors is "erasing our history" ... Getting rid of what are physical manifestations of powerful lies that influence the present and tell people false stories about our past should be a top priority for all progressives. We slowly are making progress on this front, even in the face of rising fascism.

Inside the New York Times town hall - The New York Times Unites vs. Twitter

Norah O'Donnell makes remarks on sexual harassment during story about Placido Domingo | Daily Mail Online ... 'sounds like someone else here' while discussing sexual harassment allegations against opera star Placido Domingo ...

EXCLUSIVE: Lindsie Chrisley, 29, blasts her father Todd, 51, as 'repugnant' for allegedly threatening to release a sex tape involving 'Bachelor' contestant Robby Hayes if she talked to Feds about Todd's bank fraud and tax evasion
ski instructor is jailed for 10 years after viciously raping a woman and assaulting a man | Daily Mail Online

White woman pulls gun on four black teens in Arkansas raising money for football team - The Washington Post ... Jerri Kelly (she "feared for her safety")

De'Von Bailey shooting body cam footage released as family demands independent probe - The Washington Post ... The claim was disputed by both witnesses at the scene and Bailey's relatives. (lying cops said he was "reaching for his waist" while running aways so they killed him, you know)

Fonda - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Deadspin Editor Quits, Rails Against Bosses: 'I've Been Repeatedly Lied To and Gaslit' ... The new bosses in charge of what used to be the Gawker network of websites have drastically upended the culture (after vampire Peter Thiel sucked all the blood out)

Ed Smart, father of kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart, announces he is gay - The father of five says he is leaving the Mormon church and has divorced his wife

Bus lane hero - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Vaping-related lung illnesses under investigation in 14 states - The Washington Post

mikedash comments on What do we know about history of "True Cross" after 1st century?

What the history behind the word 'like?' ... That insight dates back to Malcom Gladwell's 1992 Washington Post article on this same subject, ... So what does it signify when young women are ridiculed for using a word already in common currency? Who benefits from designating a woman's speech as a degradation of language? (in this case, Gladfuck)

1958 Lituya Bay Tsunami - Western States Seismic Policy Council

A randomised control study suggests that vitamin D and omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce irritability and hyperactivity among children with autism spectrum disorder. : science

Large meta-analysis adds more evidence that even a single major depressive episode can have long-lasting cognitive effects even after it ends -- including deficits in selective attention, working memory, and long-term memory

Stone tools are evidence of modern humans in Mongolia 45,000 years ago, 10,000 years earlier than previously thought : science

Stone tools are evidence of modern humans in Mongolia 45,000 years ago, 10,000 years earlier than previously thought : science

Without using numbers, how old are you? : AskReddit

What's the most painful thing you've ever experienced? : AskReddit


July 2019 officially Earth's hottest month on record : news
Arctic sea ice loss may not be causing cold winters in the U.S. and Asia after all, study finds -- Research fires new salvo in ongoing scientific debate ... Scientists found that both sources of data show that reduced regional sea ice and cold winters coincide but that one does not necessarily cause the other ... scientists found that unusual atmospheric circulation patterns simultaneously drive cold mid-latitude winters and mild Arctic conditions ... the pattern bringing the snow and cold to places such as D.C., New York and parts of northeast Asia is also eating away at sea ice, rather than the other way around ...
Mom concerned after temperature on school bus reaches 138 degrees : news

In Private Meeting, Trump Calls El Paso Mayor a "RINO" | FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site - The mayor said he was trying to debunk Trump's false claim that El Paso had one of the highest violent crime rates in the U.S. until a barrier fence -- the bulk of which was completed in 2009 -- was built there
Philadelphia Mayor Pleads For Gun Control As Gunman Shoots At Police For Hours | HuffPost - "Our officers need help. They need help with gun control" -- after six officers were shot and injured during a standoff with an armed man ... Mayor Jim Kenney expressed fury at the staggering amount of "weaponry and firepower" the suspect appeared to possess. (just a little carnage in elite coastal shitholes, nothing to see here)
Several officers injured by suspect firing in shooting in Philadelphia, suspect in custody: Police - ABC News
In North Philly standoff, alleged cop shooter Maurice Hill has a long criminal history
Active shooter reported in the New Cumberland area : news

Was a U.N. Secretary-General Assassinated to Cover Up a Sinister Plot to Spread AIDS Across Africa? -- probes the mysterious plane-crash death of U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjvld and an evil plan to push white supremacy in Africa. (so, yes)

Norway detects radioactive iodine by Russian border days after blast - Reuters : news

India has shut down Kashmir's internet: pharmacists can't restock, workers not being paid (you've been Modi-fucked)

Christian women forced to convert to Islam in Pakistan : worldnews

Hong Kong billionaires losing money, calling for end to protests - Business Insider
Chinese social media users directed their fury at online retailer on Aug. 15, after discovering T-shirts on its website sporting slogans that support anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. : worldnews ("We are censoring the world! You will obey!"
I wonder how you say "not even the fee for the gaming license" in Chinese? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib 'barred from entering Israel', report says : politics
Israel's ban of Omar and Tlaib is a grave misstep ... Netanyahu is scrambling to ingratiate himself further with the far right
Trump Has Enabled Israel's Antidemocratic Tendencies at Every Turn
No politician in living memory has been treated as badly as Ilhan Omar : politics
Can Rashida Tlaib get a little respect? : PoliticalHumor
Netanyahu appears poised to block Omar, Tlaib from entering Israel ahead of a planned weekend visit - The Washington Post (Netanfuckyu got his clearance from Fox)

Eschaton: Little England - What a disaster.Hoyle was really responding to the Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, who regularly denounced Hoyle as a secular atheist on radio and had written his own science fiction novel, That Hideous Strength, a decade before. The villain of Lewis' book was a sinister institute called NICE, which Satanic aliens wanted to impose contraception, lesbianism, secularism and surrealist art on an unsuspecting Britain. Lewis wanted to preserve old Britain against the filthy tide of modernity ... Hoyle riposted with a novel where rational and benevolently ruthless aliens used an organization called ICE to pull the priest ridden republic next door into the technological age ... Now it is Britain that has fallen back into the nightmare of history. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson models himself on Winston Churchill, while Jacob Rees-Mogg, that ungodly hybrid of Bertie Wooster and Roderick Spode, pines openly for the Victorian era. Pro-Brexit conservatives want to reverse the last few several decades, and return to a better era for Britain.

Eschaton: Meatloaf Remainers - It's the joke that might actually save the country, pointing out very simply that the group of people who have made their entire political raison d'etre opposition to Brexit were, in fact, just using it as one more thing to use to complain about Corbyn with ... The people undermining the stop Brexit movement have been its leaders, because it's really been a Stop Corbyn movement all along. All of their "stop Brexit" ideas were truly stupid and unworkable and now they admit they never really cared.

Dow drops 800 points as Wall Street suffers worst day of year on recession fears : politics
#TrumpRecession trends as Dow Drops 800 points and Americans blame president for looming recession : politics ... in the past 120 years every unified republican administration has 1 to 2 recessions each time. (and America never learns)
The #TrumpRecession Label Is Going to Stick : politics
Someone Should Probably Step In and Stop the Economy From Tumbling Into a Recession
9 key countries are on the verge of recession, driving fears the U.S. could follow - The Washington Post
GE shares drop after Madoff whistleblower Harry Markopolos calls it a 'bigger fraud than Enron' : news

Truck drives into Jewish Protesters at ICE detention center in Rhode Island : news
Correctional officer accused of driving truck into group of ICE protesters : politics ... Rhode Island ... Local officers did not intervene after the truck hit the crowd in the video. They can later be seen pepper spraying protesters to move them from the area around the car

New Report: Trump Passes 2,300 Conflicts of Interest : politics

We found out how many times the Mueller report has been downloaded - POLITICO (politico doesn't know the difference between a "hit" and a "download" but it looks like at least 150 million times)
Fox News poll: Trump disapproval rises to near record | TheHill -- rating has jumped to 56 percent

Believe it or not, good news: Trump's counterattack against clean energy is collapsing | Trump was elected on promises to boost the coal industry and halt the transition to electric cars. It's not working : politics

Trump Just Shared an Anti-Immigrant Tweet from a QAnon Conspiracy Theorist Named 'MAGA Michelle' : politics

Scaramucci accuses Trump of 'mentally declining' which the White House says is 'ridiculous'

'Don't Deport Melania' Trends As Trevor Noah Lays Out Evidence Of Trump Plot

More than 250,000 people sign a petition to rename Fifth Ave. in front of Trump Tower 'Obama Avenue' (well that trended quickly)

Five Democratic senators just declared all-out war on the Supreme Court -- What goes around, comes around.

House committee subpoenas Corey Lewandowski as impeachment push ramps up - CNNPolitics
White House officials look into possibility of executive privilege for Lewandowski - CNNPolitics (any crook who ever talked to Trump has "executive privilage)

Why Conservatives Hate Democracy : politics
Why Conservatives Hate Democracy - From the 1930s to today, the modern conservative movement has tried to restrict majority rule at every turn because they know a mass democratic movement poses an existential threat to their power.

McConnell at nexus of increased Russian leverage on U.S. : politics (#MoscowsBitchMitchMctraitor)
Risky Russian Deal A Tough Choice For Kentucky In Economic Need | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC - YouTube (no problem, Kenfuckians, just sell out to Russia)

Judge: Georgia must scrap old voting machines after 2019 : politics ... He can just ask Moscow Mitch and his friends who produce those totally safe voting machines. There will absolutely nothing fishy involved.
Jennifer Cohn on Twitter: "Why did @IvankaTrump get a voting machine trademark from China, why did she meet with Brian Kemp on the same day as Georgia's contentious hearing re: controversial new voting equipment, & where is the effing media?! (sorry, still working on Hillary's emailzzz)

Devin Nunes buys farm, fending off 'fake farmer' claim, Devin Nunes reports he owns small farm that earns no income ... For the first time in more than a decade, Rep. Devin Nunes is reporting that he owns a stake in a farm ... "Either he had a tiny stake in this farm all along and hes been improperly filing financial disclosures, or he bought a tiny, tiny farm this year in order to protect his reputation as a farmer in his district,"
After 'fake farmer' claim, Devin Nunes reports he owns small farm that earns no income

Steve King's View of Rape and Incest Is Not Abnormal Among GOP Lawmakers (Republicans are evil racist raping incestuous assholes, maybe?)
MSNBC Can't Find Anyone in King's District to Defend Rape, Incest Remarks

Federal Judge Holds Entire US Attorney's Office in Contempt of Court (Kansas)

Autopsy finds broken bones in Jeffrey Epsteins neck, deepening questions around his death ... Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said. ("I tell you, he strangled himself with his own hands! Nothing to see here! Shut up with your stupid conspiracy theories" Barr ranted furiosly while Maggie Haberman took notes)
Latest Epstein - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Clearly only Hillary Clinton could have done this
Jeffrey Epstein's body Claimed by Unidentified Associate : news
Jeffrey Epstein Death Shines Light On Understaffed, Unaccountable Federal Prison System | HuffPost
Tech CEO denies that Jeffrey Epsteins alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, is hiding out at his house ... Scott Borgerson. Borgerson runs a maritime-analytics company called CargoMetrics and owns a house in Massachusetts. (in the quaint town of Rich-Criminals-By-the-Sea)
Jeffrey Epsteins Bodyguard on His Former Bosss Lifestyle, Cruelty, Suicide (of course, he had a Russian bodyguard)
Epstein had painting of Bill Clinton in dress in townhouse

Greg Craig jury selection: A very D.C. scene - POLITICO - Former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig is on trial for a false-statement charge stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. -- The prestigious newspaper figures in the broader narrative of the case because Craig is accused, in part, of lying about his dealings with another Times reporter given a scoop on the Ukraine report, David Sanger ... Manafort had many dealings with Craig as he prepared the 2012 report at the heart of the case. (Obama's guys were derp-state Republicans)

Eschaton: Why Can't Good People And Bad People Find A Compromise? - Of course there are good and bad people across the political spectrum (well, bad people, at least) but so much of our mainstream political discourse is like this. Should we put poor people in the chipper or not? [Serious Centrist Voice]: How about just some of the poor people? For a long time there was this myth that people on the Left and Right (mainstream Ds and Rs anyway) mostly agreed about the ends we were just fighting about the means of getting there. Or, at most, the Ds were a bit more inclined to smooth of the rough edges, but basically "we" "all" wanted equality of opportunity! And prosperity! And justice! And ponies! ... But, really, the conservative political movement, if not all conservative voters, are quite happy to put all the poors into the chipper. "We" should stop pretending otherwise.

American Capitalism Is Brutal. You Can Trace That to the Plantation. - The New York Times
Now Earning 278 Times More Than Average Worker, New Study Shows CEO Pay Has Grown More Than 1,000% Since 1978: "Corporate greed is eviscerating the working class" - consumer advocacy watchdog Public Citizen : worldnews

Elizabeth Warren Took On Obama Over Student Debt Forgiveness. How She Won Is Central To Her 2020 Campaign (Barry was always deeply conservative)
Democratic Primary Voters Play Pundit on Elizabeth Warren - This Quote Does Not Fill Me With Confidence in My Fellow Citizens -- A New York Times article on Senator Professor Warren shows that when voters begin to think like TV pundits, terrible things ensue. -- "If it were completely up to me, I'd vote for her"
Arguing the World | The New Republic - Can Elizabeth Warren run for president and bring ideas back into our politics, all at the same time?
Warren leads Democratic field by 5 points in Wisconsin: poll : politics
Poll: Elizabeth Warren Jumps Out To Big Lead In The Iowa Caucus - Iowa Starting Line (buries Bernie and random-word JoeBi)
Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes | TheHill

John Hickenlooper to end presidential campaign Thursday, sources say - CNNPolitics (he Hickenflpped)
Dispensable Man Ends Vanity Campaign - Lawyers, Guns & Money - John Hickenlooper, the beer entrepreneur turned politician ...

2020 Democrat Andrew Yang says Trump is 'so fat' and that the only thing Trump could beat him at is an 'eating contest' : politics

Marianne Williamson promoted anti-vaxxer theories on her radio show in 2012 episode - CNNPolitics

Tennessee Abortion Ban Bill Is Unconstitutional - Kansas Stepped Down as the Craziest State There Is. Tennessee Stepped Up. --It's all happening in the Volunteer State.

Cheney on Steve Kings rape, incest comments: 'It's time for him to go' (said the racist bitch)

These are Fox News' leading advertisers

'Corey is a political hack' -- Lewandowski Senate bid hits backlash in N.H. Republicans in the state fear Donald Trump will talk up a potential run by his bombastic former aide during a rally Thursday.
Trump's New Hampshire struggle: Voters feeling 'Trumpgret'

'This will be catastrophic' : Maine families face elder boom, worker shortage in preview of nations future (until climate change makes everybody move to Maine)

The Pa. grand jury report on Catholic abuse inspired new laws nationwide. So why didn't it happen in Pennsylvania? ... In states that are controlled by Republicans, it's very hard to get around the bishops and the insurance industry ... "The church, every step of the way, has refused to reform and has taken the most cynical path each time" (disgusting, burn it all down, jail the pope and take all their money)

Royal Oak police stop Black man for 'looking suspiciously' at white woman : news

5 teens charged with murder after Illinois homeowner shoots 14-year-old during burglary attempt : news

Army veteran pleads not guilty in assault on teen who failed to remove hat during anthem : news

Jail administrator's wife accused of pulling gun on students going door-to-door for school fundraiser (guns are always the solution)
Nurse caught on camera stabbing autistic boy with syringes : news

Eschaton: Because We Agree With Them - A perfect distillation of "we must obey critics on the Right, and get VERY VERY MAD AT CRITICS ON THE LEFT." -- In regard to the debate on how to cover race, some staffers inside The Times agreed wholeheartedly with Baquet's approach ... And there are a lot of people that think The Times is too liberal, and when you start throwing words like that around, people will accuse us of editorializing -- Journalists who say these things aren't scared of conservatives. They agree with them. Left wing criticism makes them mad because they don't agree with left wing critics. It's that simple. They aren't worried that they're "editorializing" the other way.

Overstock C.E.O. Takes Aim at 'Deep State' After Romance With Russian Agent (ah, Maria Butina, so there was more to the story)
Overstock C.E.O. Takes Aim at 'Deep State' After Romance With Russian Age\ nt (says government told him to fuck her)

White supremacist Pat Buchanan will co-star on public television's relaunched McLaughlin Group (jfc, the '80's called and wants their racist assholes back +remember when Tom Ashbrook had Buchanan on every week when he was trying to stop Obama from being elected?)

White professor investigated for quoting James Baldwin's use of N-word : books

Harvard Just Discovered that PowerPoint is Worse Than Useless : technology

Taylor Swift and Kanye West: How two superstars and four words at the VMAs influenced a decade of pop culture - Washington Post ... "It was like someone shot Bambi in front of the world," ... "He's a jackass," Obama said

{playlist} Today is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. This is an almost complete compilation of all songs performed at the '69 Woodstock Music Festival in order from start to finish. : Music

Your marijuana delivery is here -- now smile for the body cam ... Welcome to Massachusetts where we take great ideas and legislate them, fee and permit them, and rule/regulate them into the ground ... Why possible reason would you pay so much more and be recorded when a black market dealer does it cheaper without invading your privacy? ... I played golf with Chief Carmichael at a charity event one time and he was day drinking like a pro. You talk to him and you think you are in 1954. (cops want body cameras but not for cops)
Smoking And Sleeping - 2 part question : bostontrees

sunagainstgold comments on Watching the new Aladdin (which according to the Disney wiki is set during the Islamic Golden Age), there are scenes where the princess says she wants to rule the kingdom. I know we are not talking historical realism here but what would have been the reaction if a woman said such during the era?

America's elderly seem more screen-obsessed than the young: Seniors spend nearly ten hours a day in front of televisions, smartphones and computers (empty boomer brains)

Earth was pummeled by an apocalyptic shower of asteroids about half a billion years earlier than previously thought, when the solar system was just 80 million years old. The new timeline for the period (called "Late Heavy Bombardment") could explain why life began to form nearly 4 billion years ago. : science

What is one fact you learned that you wish you hadn't?
Winning British triathletes disqualified after crossing line hand-in-hand | Sport : news

[Serious] To anybody who likes exploring abandoned/rundown places, what was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you on your adventures? : AskReddit

Parents of Reddit, why are you disappointed in your adult child? : AskReddit
What "black market" existed in your school? : AskReddit
AITA for grounding my daughter because she called my SIL a "slut?"

u/BaeCaughtMePosting made a thread saying he would die alone and unloved. After getting advice and encouragement, he returns with the most heartwarming success story 1 year later. : bestof (escaped the incel trap)

OhGodTechnology comments on "Why are you a feminist?"
Single women of Reddit, aside from the bar scene, where is the most appropriate place you'd prefer to be approached by a single guy? : AskReddit

/u/Myshkinia uses text to speech while answering a question, and her baby drops a surprise poo. What follows is the cutest transcript of a diaper change I've ever seen. : bestof

I'm just gonna leave this here : funny

Google Discloses 20-Year-Old Unpatched Flaw Affecting All Versions of Windows ... Ormandy responsibly reported his findings to Microsoft in mid-May this year and released the details to the public today after Microsoft failed to address the issue within 90 days of being notified. (Nadella cackles)

Eschaton: The Aunt Sally Problem


"Climate change contrarians" are getting 49 per cent more media coverage than scientists who support the consensus view that climate change is man-made, a new study has found. : science
Scientists show that shale-gas production (fracking) in North America is responsible for up to one-third of the global increase in methane emissions over the past decade. : science ... "Correcting earlier analyses for this difference, we conclude that shale-gas production in North America over the past decade may have contributed more than half of all of the increased emissions from fossil fuels globally and approximately one-third of the total increased emissions from all sources globally over the past decade." (they were warned but decided to kill everyone for short-term corporate profits)
More than half of world's forest wildlife lost in 40 years
China's solar power is now cheaper than grid electricity, scientists reveal : worldnews

Terrorist Who Allegedly Killed 51 People in New Zealand Gets Letter Published to 4Chan From Jail : worldnews

Satellite photos appear to show Chinese APCs near Hong Kong : worldnews
China denies Hong Kong port visit for U.S. Navy ships amid tensions : worldnews
Trump resists aides pressure to back Hong Kong protesters --- The president is singularly focused on cutting a trade deal with Xi Jinping, officials say.
ELI5: Why are we seeing massive protests in HK against the Chinese government but otherwise quiet in Macau? Both were colonies (Britain/Portugal) that were occupied, governed, and returned back to China in the late 1990s? : explainlikeimfive ... "Hong Kong is a real city. Macau is an amusement park." (run by the Triads)

Spain has 'issued an arrest warrant' for Benjamin Netanyahu : worldnews

China transferred $1 billion to Turkey during crucial Istanbul election rerun campaign - Bloomberg : worldnews

Asap Rocky convicted of assault by Swedish criminal court : worldnews

Air Canada forced 12-year-old Muslim girl to take off hijab after already passing security : worldnews (for 2 seconds to verify her identity)

Grifting the Poor: A Global Tradition - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Perpetual Debt in the Silicon Savannah | Boston Review - Kenya's poor were among the first to benefit from digital lending apps; now they call it slavery. ("fintech")

Waning of American Power? Trump Struggles With an Asia in Crisis - The New York Times
'Absolute Amateur Hour' : Team Trump Mangles Messages to Iran

Jeffrey Gundlach puts the odds of a U.S. recession before the 2020 election at 75% : politics
Wall Street Slides Following Poor Economic Data From China And Germany | HuffPost - trade war with China is pushing some major economies towards the brink of recession.
Key yield curve inverts as 10-year tops 2-year yield

Eschaton: Is Trump A Racist? - Honestly until he dies and we can extract brain tissue and test it we will never know for sure.
A ladies man... that pays for sex :-) : PoliticalHumor

George Conway Runs Out Of Words To Describe Trumps Latest BonkersRally -- rally-like event in Pennsylvania ... Trump even seemed to think the afternoon event was taking place in the morning. (America elected a demented lazy fat-ass liar)
George Conway on Twitter: "wut" / Twitter
George Conway on Twitter: "wut" / Twitter
George Conway on Twitter: "wut" / Twitter
George Conway on Twitter: "because all they care about is listening to a self-obsessed man talk about himself and his problems" / Twitter
George Conway on Twitter: "It's not you, and you are quite correct" -- Us it just me or has Trump cray cray accelerated significantly in the last few weeks?

"No Blame?" ABC News finds 36 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults ... "Donald Trump is America's #1 Sponsor of Terrorism and Hate Crimes" ... "He brings people together like the Nuremberg rallies did."

Trump's Latest Proposal Would Let Businesses Discriminate Based On LGBTQ Status, Race, Religion, And More ... latest move to let religious people sidestep civil rights policies (good worshippers of Satan)

Why a Banking Heiress Spent Her Fortune on Keeping Immigrants Out - The New York Times - Newly unearthed documents reveal how an environmental-minded socialite became an ardent nativist whose money helped sow the seeds of the Trump anti-immigration agenda ... Cordelia Scaife May believed that the United States was "being invaded on all fronts" by foreigners, who "breed like hamsters" ... An heiress to the Mellon banking and industrial fortune with a half-billion dollars at her disposal, Mrs. May helped create what would become the modern anti-immigration movement (racist fucking bitch is rotting in hell)

Cuccinellis Family Tree Suggests His New Immigration Rule Might Have Blocked His Ancestors

How a McConnell-backed effort to lift Russian sanctions boosted a Kentucky project - The Washington Post (#MoscowMitch #McTraitor)
Pelosi calls McConnell 'Moscow Mitch' as she recounts bills he has blocked
BadTurtleNoLettuce (of course this exists)

Bernie Sanders can beat Trump : politics
Criticizing Israel shouldn't be confused with anti-Semitism, Sanders tells Jewish supporter: "Israel has every right to live in peace and security, but so do the Palestinian people" Democratic presidential hopeful tells town hall meeting : politics

In God's country -- Evangelicals view Trump as their protector. Will they stand by him in 2020? (will Satangelicals support the Antichrist?)

u/ShamanLifer shows evidence of just how widespread pedophilia is among the elite in the US & UK, along with steps to cover it up : bestof
PHOTOS: More than 70 kids who have been reported missing in Virginia this year | Virginia |

Jeffrey Epstein's Guards Reportedly Fell Asleep And Didn't Check On Him For 3 Hours -- The two guards also allegedly falsified log entries to show they had regularly checked on inmates
Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Slept Through Checks and Falsified Records - The New York Times - The guards did not check on him for three hours, officials said. The disclosures came as the guards and the warden at the jail were removed.
Opinion | Jeffrey Epstein Raped Me When I Was 15 - The New York Times
Jeffrey Epstein had a painting of Bill Clinton wearing a blue DRESS and red heels in his home | Daily Mail Online
Ghislaine Maxwell, consort of Jeffrey Epstein, has been living in mansion outside of Boston | Daily Mail Online ... a secluded $3M oceanfront property in Manchester-by-the-Sea ...
Ben Jacobs on Twitter: "As the Epstein controversy swirls, Alan Dershowitz is appearing as the defense lawyer in a mock trial for child trafficking based on the story of Joseph from Genesis." / Twitter (good timing, and what's with the dumbfuck woman judge?)
French officials call for investigation of Jeffrey Epstein's 'links with France'

Dozens of child sex abuse victims sue Catholic Church in New York after change in law : news

Steve King defends not allowing abortion exceptions for rape, incest If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?
Rep. Steve King says humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest - The Washington Post ... "Our civilization" can't be restored with "somebody else's babies" ... "The Republican Party might not exist if not for racists, religious bigots, and narcissistic fraudsters ..." ... "you forgot 'grifters' and 'pedos' ...
Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination is a mystery that will never be solved - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What's wrong with being sexy? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Well you could talk to Ivanka's plastic surgeon for starters.

Miami Vice - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... a little theory of mine that money is one of the things that will destroy the U.S. Right Wing Industrial Complex. More specifically, all of the natural born grifters fighting over it. And not just the grifters who have an official title like President or Reverend or Grand Dragon. Thanks to the wonder that is the Internet it is easy for anyone to reach out and touch some bank accounts without leaving the house. (Recrooks will eat each other)

Respect for Fredo, a Character Who Is So Much More Than a Political Insult | The New Yorker -- (For my money, I get more of a Fredo vibe from Eric Trump. Don, Jr., is more like the hot-headed Sonny, with Ivanka as the stealthy, power-hungry Michael, and Tiffany as Connie, the little sister who mostly sits on the sidelines.)

twitter Users Mock Bill O'Reilly's Hilariously Terrible 'Research' into Trump's non-racism

Anti-New York White Supremacist Hate is Rising, NYPD Says (not nazis, just a little "nordic resistance")

National Reviews ugly attack on me reflects the Trumpification of conservatism
Everyone will eventually turn on Trump. Even Steve Doocy.

Rot of ethics has turned into cancer at The New York Times (Murdoch spins Trump's racism)

My Son's Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda (like what pronoun do you want to use? conservates are such asshole snowflakes)

Carlos Maza reportedly leaving Vox after homophobic attacks

'Keep the Hasidic Out' : A Small-Town Housing Showdown -- Developers say local leaders in the Hudson Valley are blocking a housing project in order to keep out Hasidic Jews ... the development could raise school taxes in the town by between $92 and $524 per household, using an estimate that between 1,720 and 2,580 students would live at the Greens at Chester. Last year, the Chester school district had a total of 993 students, according to state data ... They are worried about the big families , said Chana, 40, a mother of nine children in Kiryas Joel (welfare queen baby-pumper Jews take over towns, do you really want to die of measles?)

Ohio State Has Filed A Trademark Application For The Word "The" : news (dumbfuck red state)

YouTube discriminates against LGBT content by unfairly culling it, suit alleges - The Washington Post

Social medias conspiracy theory problem isn t going away -- Social media depends on engaging content. Conspiracy theories are engaging.

AOC Pwns Barstool Sports Creator For Threatening Employees Over Unionizing | Crooks and Liars - Dave Portnoy really ought to know better than this, but apparently testosterone trumps brains. (we see what you did there)

"Many hand dryers operate at levels far louder than their manufacturers claim and at levels that are clearly dangerous to children's hearing" when measured at their height, according to the work of 13-year old Nora L. Keegan. : science

22 people have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing problems. Doctors don't know why. : news

Philly Officer Shot, Massive Police Presence in Nicetown : news

Married officer sues dating site for using his photo in ads : news

Middle school student has brain damage following bullying incident caught on video, lawsuit says : news

TIL that President Grant in 1875 called for taxing Church property equally and wrote that its tax exempt status was "an evil that, if permitted to continue, will probably lead to great trouble in our land". : todayilearned

Scientists Discover A Cure For The Deadliest Strain Of Tuberculosis : news

What's a statistic that blew your mind? : AskReddit ... "More people have died from Tuberculosis than there are people on earth. Tuberculosis death count is 10.7 billion and it kills about a million people each year"

What is the scariest story you know that is 100% true? : AskReddit
This booby-trapped cable nearly killed my friend : WTF
Russian guy finds grenade zip-tied to his wheel (close-up in comments) : WTF
Justice will be served.
Can you even dodge that? : WTF

You find yourself in a library containing answers to every mystery in the world. The librarian permits you to borrow only a single book, to share with the outside world or use as you wish. What is the title of the book you take, and how do you use this knowledge with which you have been bequeathed? : AskReddit
Flat-Earther accidentally proves the earth is round in his own experiment : funny

Waiters/waitresses, what is the worst first date you've witnessed? : AskReddit
What's something that people without siblings will never understand?

Three Years of Misery Inside Google, the Happiest Company in Tech | WIRED

Apple's Favorite Anti-Right-to-Repair Argument Is Bullshit : technology

Eschaton: The Hard Problems - One reason I pick on Elon Musk specifically is that he obviously has absolutely no idea what the difficult problems of his pet project are.

Google reportedly has a massive culture problem that's destroying it from the inside : technology


: Beyond the limit -- Extreme climate change has arrived in America 'Disgusting and Disturbing' : Trump Guts Endangered Species Act in Gift to Big Business
Trump guts American dream, Endangered Species Act both in one day : politics
Trump just gutted the law that saved American bald eagles from extinction : politics ... the bill's language has also been edited to allow regulators to disregard the impact of climate change. ... "banana Republicans" ...
Those Contradictions Won't Heighten Themselves - Lawyers, Guns & Money>
Republicans Stay With Trump Because He's the President* They've Been Waiting Their Whole Lives For His administration* just took a chainsaw to the Endangered Act Speciesand the salmon.

The World Turns, America Sleeps - Bloomberg - Protest movements no longer fall within the U.S. field of vision (America can't even give a shit about itself)

Eschaton: A Unique Nation Of Violent Sociopaths - This is what the "guns don't kill people" crowd is saying. It's an interesting argument, especially given the tremendous overlap between them and extreme "patriotism."
Ohio man posted about mass shootings, attacking Planned Parenthood and federal agents, authorities say - - Justin Olsen, 18, faces a charge of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.
DHS in a 'Mad Scramble' to Catch Up With Domestic Terror ... senior Department of Homeland Security officials shied away from focusing on domestic terrorism, often fearing political backlash. The White House pushed the sprawling department to focus overwhelmingly on immigration enforcement, at the expense of just about everything else.

Mohammad Rafiq: How a 65-year-old retiree stopped a gunman who attacked a mosque in Norway - The Washington Post ... Following the attempted attack on the mosque, investigators found the body of the terrorist's 17-year-old stepsister at a different location.

China media says Hong Kong protesters are 'asking for self-destruction' as military assembles nearby (Trump doesn't give a shit)
Trump Calls Hong Kong Protests 'Riots,' Adopting China Rhetoric ... More recently, on the Republican debate stage for the 2016 election, he backs up this statement and goes on to call Tiananmen Square a riot. He was also already being called out for his love for Authoritarians. (and there you are: dicktators' club)
Hong Kong Protesters Capture Alleged Infiltrators in Airport Chaos -- Their suspicions were confirmed when they found ID cards on him that matched online records of a man who serves in Chinas Ministry of Public Security in Shenzhen, north of Hong Kong. He was armed with wooden sticks ... angry calls to inflict bodily hard: "an eye for an eye," invoking a call adopted after a woman was blinded when she was shot in the face on Sunday by Hong Kong police ... Carrie Lam says current state is at "the brink of no return"

Spies, Lies, and Radioactivity: Russia's Nuke Missile Mishap, Decoded -- prized sci-fi weapon runs into reality in the form of an accidental explosion and a curtain of radiation (mini-chernobly +good pic of Putin's soulless face)
Russian village near site of missile accident to be evacuated, report says : news ("temporlarily" for 500 years)
Putin the Great -- Russia's s Imperial Impostor -- By Susan B. Glasser (Vlad the Great Romanov)

Eschaton: There Is No Such Thing As "No Deal" - The real "managed Brexit" is actually "no deal Brexit" because while Brexit-with-a-deal, even a dumb one, doesn't require endless management, "no deal" does. And a bunch of Bertie Woosters with mean streaks run the government so those managers are not good at, well, managing.
Eschaton: The Moustache Of Empty Promises - This isn't even close to being Bolton's official job but lol whatever. -- Breaking: US National Security Advisor John Bolton says the US and UK could do some mini trade deals, sector by sector, within a year of Brexit (1)
I am quite amazed that people in British public life have basically given up. Boris is driving us off a cliff and what else is there to say? There are barely even any "what is going to happen on Nov. 1?" pieces to prepare people. We're fucked. That's it. Good luck!
How bad can it get?: How bad can it get? 7 LRB 15 August 2019 (Boris Bonapart)

America Ignored: How nations are starting to behave as if the United States ins't there anymore

Eschaton: Why Aren't You Talking About The Thing I Think Is The Most Important Thing - Fortunately that era mostly faded. Those of us who remember way back to [checks notes] 2017 remember the weird internet thing where every horrible thing Trump did or said was a DELIBERATE DISTRACTION from the other horrible thing he said or did which by some unquestionable metric was WAY MORE IMPORTANT. This was dumb because Trump is just a rage monster who doesn't give any thought to anything ... Still even in the Bush era there seemed to be moments when random distractions like "this is a fun TV show!" didn't seem inappropriate on this sucky blog or elsewhere. Not so much these days, and not because the Trump era is worse. Bush was bad. Don't forget.

Eliot Engel warns foreign officials: Stop spending money at Trump properties - POLITICO

Greg Miller on Twitter: "I'd never seen this footage before - Trump sending clenched-fist solidarity signals to Putin at a G20 dinner." / Twitter (Jesus Fucking Christ)
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly on Twitter: "Giuliani blew a gasket on @CuomoPrimeTime insisting that Trump never said his campaign didn't collude with the Russians. Video: 3 times he said exactly that. (h/t @atrupar, who you should follow because he's great.) #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation" / Twitter
Rudy Giuliani Stops Denying Trump Campaign Colluded with Russia After Paul Manafort News - Rudy Giuliani Just Soft-Opened Trump's New Defense: My Campaign Colluded, But I Didn't Know! The Presidential Super Lawyer returns ... So Giuliani, another proud American patriot, is not just moving the goal posts but using deception to do it. Giuliani himself has denied campaign collusion, but more importantly, his client has publicly denied it time after time. They lied about this and everything else. What will they lie about next? And what will they tell you is acceptable in order to keep Certain People out of power?
Trump Must Be a Russian Agent; the Alternative Is Too Awful -- if this president isn't actually hiding a massive conspiracy, it means the alternative is worse: America elected a chief executive so oblivious to geopolitics, so self-centered and personally insecure, so naturally predisposed to undermine democratic institutions and coddle authoritarians, and so terrible a manager and leader, that he cluelessly surrounded himself with crooks, grifters, and agents of foreign powers, compromising the national security of the US government and undermining 75 years of critical foreign alliances, just to satiate his own ego.
Rudy Giuliani just contradicted nearly all the Trump teams past collusion denialsat least the 10th time the denials have been watered down. It might be the most significant rollback (January, they've been working on this)

In a new poll, only about a quarter of Americans say they believe President Trump personally opposes white nationalism

Investigating Trump Family Self-Dealing, The D.C. Attorney General Has Subpoenaed Documents From Melania's Former Right-Hand Woman ... She was the event planner who was paid $26 million for doing trump's inauguration. This woman's got some secrets.

22 NOTES For Attorney General William Barr - The Appeal
A No-Holds-Barred Assault on Prosecutors - The Appeal - Attorney General William Barr pushed back against reforms by progressive prosecutors -- but perhaps his greatest vitriol was reserved for the Boston DA attempt to rein in police.

Eschaton: Rich People Like Trump - I won't link to reports of his rich people fundraiser, but the dirty little secret of America is that rich people are ridiculously stupid people who support the most ridiculously stupid president. And not in the "oh they just like their tax cuts" sense, which is how the press likes to portray them. In the "god I hope I get to shoot a round a golf with him" kind of way. Rich MAGAs are as absurdly stupid and gross as poor MAGAs, just with bigger credit lines.

Most Americans Say White Nationalism Poses A Threat To The U.S. | HuffPost - In a new poll, only about a quarter of Americans say they believe President Trump personally opposes white nationalism (the white nationalists)
It's Not Just Fox Pumping Out the RAcist "Replacement" Conspiracy. Here Are 15 Republicans Fanning the Flames | Unsurprisingly, the word "invasion" comes up a lot (America invaded by Republican racist idiots)

How a Russian Firm Gave An Economic Lifeline To Appalachia | Time -- A Kremlin-Linked Firm Invested Millions in Kentucky. Were They After More Than Money? (#MoscowMith #McCockhole #McTraitor #McPutin'sBitch)

Opinion | Useful Idiots and Trumpist Billionaires - The New York Times

Trump's State-by-State Approval Ratings Should Scare the MAGA Out of Him
Donald Trump, Political SUPERGENIUS -- Your reminder that Donald Trump is immensely unpopular:
Why are Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum hanging out in Russia? : politics (dumb question)

9 in 10 counties that voted for Trump have received subsidies to fight the trade war : politics (dumbfucks getting paid for being dumb)
Farmers Reel After Sonny Perdue Mocks Them As 'Whiners' Amid Trade War Bankruptcies | HuffPost (dumbfuck racist suckers got conned, oh well)
Trump's Secretary of Agriculture Tells Joke About Whining Farmers to Room Full of Farmers, Gets Boo'd
Farmers back Trump's tariff fight, but don't think it helps them - As 2020 candidates make their pitch to Iowa, polls reveal a complicated political calculus behind trade policy (caught between their dumbfuck tractor-queen racism and getting screwed by Trumpster, sad)
Farmers Hit Back as USDA Chief Sonny Perdue Mocks Those Harmed by Trump Trade War as "Whiners' (they will "hit back" by voting for Trumpster)
Donald Trump has emasculated the American farmer : politics (they swallowed their own dicks for Trump +many tractor queen comments)
U.S. Farmers Stung by Tariffs Now Face a $3.5 Billion Corn Loss : politics (dumbfuck suckers)

The US budget deficit is up 27% and getting closer to $1 trillion (the party of fiscal responsibility!)
Trump, Republicans ridiculed as federal deficits, $3.7 trillion spending hit record highs : politics ... A recent study shows that if none of the Republican tax cuts from 2001 to 2019 happened, the budget would have no deficit (so, the Republifucks stole all your money)
Wall Street sees risk of recession rising - POLITICO - Stocks are slipping and fears of a slowdown are mounting as Trump ramps up his reelection efforts.
Bank of America raises chance of a recession to 1 in 3
Kochs Funded Third Way to Push Free Trade to Democrats (Third Way, No Labels, etc)

All projection all the time -- by now a truism to observe that conservative politics in America consist of almost pure projection, but this tweet from fanatical Trump supporter and right wing screech machine superstar Mark Levin must be approaching some theoretical limit:
The Scaramucci story ends like all the others: With a Trump tweetstorm - The Washington Post
Trump Immigration Chief: 'Give Me Your Tired And Your Poor Who Can Stand On Their Own 2 Feet' - Ken Cuccinelli suggested new wording for the Statue of Liberty to defend a controversial rule restricting legal immigration.
Cuccinelli accidentally implies that politicians like Ted Cruz have no right to US citizenship - Trump's immigration head tried to justify the Trump administration's new immigration policy -- but it backfired. : politics
Another time in history that the US created travel bans -- against Italians

"The prosecution refused to charge Epstein under the Mann Act, which would have given them authority to raid all his properties," observes /u/colormegray. "It was designed for this exact situation. Outrageous. People need to see this," replies /u/CauseISaidSoThatsWhy. : bestof

Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself with prison bedsheet: source (of course they gave a suicidal guy something to hang himself with!)
Jeffrey Epstein's Death Was On 4Chan Before Officials Announced It -- And Authorities Had To Look Into It 00 About 38 minutes before news outlets first reported Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison, a 4chan user published a detailed post about it (move along, nothing to see here)
Warden of jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself reassigned - two guards placed on leave on orders of Attorney General William Barr (coverup continues)

FAMILY TIES -- The Man Who Could Inherit Jeffrey Epstein's s Millions -- The unexplained wealth of artist-turned-real estate magnate Mark Epstein, the deceased sex offender younger brother, is likely to come under further scrutiny by the feds. ("artist" and "failed teacher with no college degree" )
A dozen FBI agents raid Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedophile Island' | Daily Mail Online
FBI seized computers in raid at Jeffrey Epstein's Virgin Island home
"They're Nothing, These Girls" : Unraveling the Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell, Epsteins Enabler (rich people attitude in general)
The Twitter-fed disaster over Epsteins death demands a solution: Slow news

FBI agents are livid that Trump is amplifying 'bullshit theories' about Jeffrey Estein's death 'that have no basis in reality' (hello, Republican have no basis in reality)
Yes, it matters that Trump spread a lie about the Clintons murdering Jeffrey Epstein : politics
Attorney General Bill Barr says there were 'serious irregularities' at jail where Jeffrey Epstein killed himself : politics ("he wasn't supposed to hang himself with the Trump tie we gave him") Irregularities like when William Barr recused himself from the Epstein case for obvious conflicts on July 8th, then on July 9th announced that he was not recused from the Epstein case, and that he was only recused from the Florida case, which makes no fucking sense because it's the same fucking case, and then one month later Epstein is dead on his watch?

Eschaton: Shouting And Shrieking - Initial reports said he hung himself. In this context (not being dropped from a height) this means strangulation, not neck snapping. Dying from strangulation takes a long time. 4 minutes minimum if everything "goes right" which means no intervening wheeze. Needless to say if he was shrieking and shouting (this report does not make clear who was shrieking and shouting)...
Shrieking heard from Jeffrey Epsteins jail cell the morning he died
Everything We Know About Jeffrey Epstein's Death
What the Unsealed Epstein Documents Reveal About Trump
What We Know About Jeffrey Epstein's Autopsy ... "confident the cause of death is suicide by hanging." (well, that's a revelation!)

The thin blue line -- Attorney General William Barr gave a speech to a national meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police yesterday. After referencing the shocking suicide of the guy his own father hired to molest teenage girls at the Dalton School, and promising to get to the bottom of the deep mystery of how someone who had tried to kill himself a few days earlier managed to do it after being left alone and unwatched in a cell for several hours with access to materials for hanging himself, he turned to his prepared remarks ... (killer copster are America's biggest heros in theThe thin blue line -- Attorney General William Barr gave a speech to a national meeting of the Fraternal Order of Police yesterday. After referencing the shocking suicide of the guy his own father hired to molest teenage girls at the Dalton School, and promising to get to the bottom of the deep mystery of how someone who had tried to kill himself a few days earlier managed to do it after being left alone and unwatched in a cell for several hours with access to materials for hanging himself, he turned to his prepared remarks. (copster biggest heros in war again "criminal predators" i.e. black people)

The Day Jeffrey Epstein Told Me He Had Dirt on Powerful People - The New York Times - The overriding impression I took away from our roughly 90-minute conversation was that Mr. Epstein knew an astonishing number of rich, famous and powerful people, and had photos to prove it. He also claimed to know a great deal about these people, some of it potentially damaging or embarrassing, including details about their supposed sexual proclivities and recreational drug use ... I had contacted him because my colleagues and I had heard a rumor that he was advising Tesla's embattled chief executive, Elon Musk (so, what "dirt" on Elongated Musk?) ... After I rang, the door was opened by a young woman, her blond hair pulled back in a chignon, who greeted me with what sounded like an Eastern European accent ... late teens or perhaps 20 (or maybe 13) ... referring to Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. The crown prince had visited him many times, and they spoke often, Mr. Epstein said. (Bonesaw, of course) ... more photographs. I noticed one of Mr. Epstein with former President Bill Clinton, and another of him with the director Woody Allen. Displaying photos of celebrities who had been caught up in sex scandals of their own also struck me as odd ... He said that criminalizing sex with teenage girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history it was perfectly acceptable ... a widely circulated photo shows Mr. Musk with Ghislaine Maxwell ... lunch with Woody Allen ... Michael Wolff ... Steve Bannon ...

Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse case: Feds uphold Acosta plea deal | Miami Herald (history: Trump's DOJ argued that Epstein's plea deal shouod be upheld)
Its Alan Dershowitz vs. David Boies, again and again ... brutally yoked in a subplot of the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case ... (@PedoDershofuck)

'It's like you have this disease' Trump supporters in New York complain they cannot admit they back president (dumbfuckevilracidosis) ... "The article did not cite any specific incidents of Democratic violence or retaliation against Trump supporters in the area."

Harry Reid Demans An End To ' Arcane' Filibuster: The Senate Is A 'Graveyard' -- "The future of our country is sacrificed at the altar of the filibuster" (Republifucks)
Kill Yr Filibuster
Bullock knocks DNC rules after Steyer reaches donor threshold for fall debates | TheHill - "The DNC donor requirement may have been added with the right intentions, but there's no doubt that it's created a situation in which billionaires can buy their way onto the debate stage, and campaigns are forced to spend millions on digital ads chasing one dollar donors" (almost like they did that on purpose)

Joe Biden Gaffes His Way Through Iowa ... "There is starting to be a real fear that he cannot hold his own in the debate against Donald Trump"
Bidens gaffes pile up, worrying some supporters

Sanders overtakes Biden in New Hampshire poll : politics
Washington Post editor responds to Bernie Sanders: Your 'conspiracy theory' is wrong (says Bezos hates him bc of "business interests" poor snowflake should go on Fox more)

Eventually, Bernie Sanders Will Have to Collide With Elizabeth Warren -- And "I got here first" is inherently empty. Nobody votes for that person.

Beto, come home. Texas needs you. [Editorial] - (run for Senate, Chonicle says)
Houston Chronicle Editorial Board Calls On Beto O'Rourke To Drop Out Of 2020 Race | HuffPost
In suburban Texas, 'It feels like there's no place for lifelong Republicans like me' ... Vanessa Steinkamp is the kind of voter that Texas Republicans counted on (poor dumb baby)

Democratic group urges John Hickenlooper to run for Senate in Colorado - Axios (Hickenfloper)

Evangelicals arent turned off by Trump's first term -- they're delighted by it ... Episcopo has not seen any behavior from Trump in the past three years that would prompt him to openly dissuade churchgoers from supporting this president ... (Satangelicals)

NYT Top Editor : Trump Racism Headline Was a F*cking Mess
NYT Top Editor: Trump Racism Headline Was aF*cking Mess ... Throughout the meeting, during which Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger also spoke -- not the normal -- Baquet reiterated much of what he has publicly (Sulzfucked) New York Times demotes editor who sparked fury - CNN - Jonathan Weisman, the deputy Washington editor for The New York Times (NYT), has been demoted after a pair of incidents in which he ignited controversy on Twitter (TWTR), the newspaper said Tuesday. (Baquet and Sulzfucks covering their corrupt asses)
Many people at the Times are even worse than we imagine. -- Last week's drama appears to have underscored a gulf between some veteran Times journalists and an increasingly influential and vocal cohort of typically younger, next-generation employees ...

"We're Not Gonna Be a Part of the Resistance' -- How Trump Aggravates the Times's Long-Running Identity Crisis - A terrible headline spurred a lefty Twitterstorm, a Trump counterstrike, canceled subscriptions, intense Timesian navel-gazing, and a staff-wide meeting with Dean Baquet. None of which means that anything will change.

Eschaton: Stars Of The Politics Show - Too much exposure to the internet occasionally leaves me with the worrying conclusion that too many people really just want the stars of this particular reality show to be pleasing and entertaining, to play their roles with appropriate gravitas.

Facial recognition software mistook 1 in 5 California lawmakers for criminals, says ACLU : politics (ironically, they were actually crooks)

Curt Schilling absolutely considering running for Congress in Arizona (hahha)

Texas almost mandated an HPV vaccine before politics got in the way. Now, the state has one of the country's highest rates of cervical cancer. : politics (Republicans killing people bc Jesus said cancer is good)

Chris Cuomo Enraged After Guy Hurls Italian Slur ... 'I'll fucking throw you down these stairs!!!' ... Chris is from a proud Italian family and it set him off
Chris Cuomo Video Reaction - Being a Fredo Is Actually a Complument - The Joys of Being a Fredo -- Chris Cuomo is wrong. At a time when Italian-American culture is riddled with cartoonish levels of testosterone, being seen as the sensitive, emotionally-vulnerable "Fredo" of the family can be a good thing ("I'm not a weak man" he literally screamed)
Trump Appears to Swipe at Hannity for Defending CNNs Chris Cuomo -- "When a Conservative does even a fraction of what Chris Cuomo did with his lunatic ranting, raving, & cursing, they get destroyed by the Fake News"

Man Sues CNNs Don Lemon for Alleged Assault at Sag Harbor Bar ... "Mr. Lemon, who was wearing a pair of shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt, put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers in Plaintiff's moustache and under Plaintiff's nose ... Hice said Lemon repeatedly shoved his fingers in his face and asked "Do you like pussy or dick?

True Story Behind Meek Mill's Case in 'Free Meek' Amazon Documentary - QRI Founder Tyler Maroney Interview - One of the investigators on Meek Mill's case on what it takes to set a man free. (crooked copsters and a fucked up injustice system, as usual)

This Could Be Wall Street's First #MeToo Case to Go to Trial -- Feeding the Wolves -- Sarah Tirschwell accused her Wall Street boss of misconduct, but that was just the beginning of her troubles.

Several Women Accuse Opera Legend Placido Domingo Of Sexual Harassment | HuffPost - The multiple Grammy winner is immensely respected, but accusers say he has a troubling side.

Man armed with AR-15 rifle killed in shootout with police near Kansas City outlet mall : news

This person is an economics professor at a major research university - Lawyers, Guns & Money - OK George Mason, but work with me here: ... Apparently the most dangerous place in America is a bed. ... No wonder you can't tear the tag off the mattress (thinking is hard for conservatives afraid of "big freedom limits")
Robin Hanson on Twitter: "In US, driving takes 51min/day, & causes 40K of 2.8M deaths. That's 3.5% of time, but only 1.4% of deaths. So relative to its place in our lives, driving is not that dangerous. Yet we see danger as justifying big freedom limits we not accept elsewhere: license, insure, visible ID" / Twitter (for the comments: "You didn't think this one through, did you?")

I Grew Up In A Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses. Here' s What It Was Really Like (religion of fear and molestation hates education)

Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency: A Primer

Barstool Founder Threatens to Fire Employees Engaged in Unionizing : boston

Watch the Video For Weezer's 'Africa' Cover Featuring Weird Al Yankovic


'Ecological grief': Greenland residents traumatised by climate emergency - The climate crisis is causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety to people in Greenland who are struggling to reconcile the traumatic impact of global heating with their traditional way of life. : worldnews ("GLOBAL HEATING")
Food will be scarce, expensive and less nutritious, climate report says : worldnews
A quarter of the world's tropical land could disappear by the end of the century unless meat and dairy consumption falls. If the global demand for animal products continues to grow, large swathes of natural land will vanish potentially leading to widespread loss of species and their habitats.
Navy quietly shut down climate change task force : news
Study: Most YouTube videos on climate change deny its existence : technology

Deadly Legionnaires' outbreak at Atlanta hotel is the largest on record in Georgia : news
U.S. records 10 new cases of measles last week : news
Ebola now curable after trials of drugs in DRC, say scientists : news
Scientists warn that sugar-rich Western diet is contributing to antibiotic-resistant stains of C.diff. : science

A guide to the ugly ideology we're up against, and how politicians like Trump spread it
Devastation on top of devastation: The people of Dayton try to recover, again. - The Washington Post
Armed civilian kills gunman, stops shooting spree at Tumwater, Wash., Walmart - The Washington Post
GOP Waits to See if Trump Will Protect It From the NRA Before Moving on Gun Laws - That could force him to push harder this time, if only to "prove" that the NRA doesn't control him
Texas gun store criticized for 'back-to-school' firearms sale sign : news

U.S. Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians - The New York Times
Russia Says Small Nuclear Reactor Blew Up in Deadly Accident : news
Russia demands Google delete anti-government protest videos from YouTube: Russia's media oversight agency is demanding Google take action to stop the spread of information about illegal mass protests : worldnews
1 in 4 Russian Children Live Below Poverty Line, Official Data Says : worldnews (as usual, the oligarches fucked the whole country but the Russian trolls are out in force)

Hong Kong Airport Cancels All Flights as Protesters Swarm - Bloomberg
China slams Hong Kong protest violence as 'terrorism' : worldnews ("we're not terrorists, you're the terrorists" Xi ranted)
Taipei photo event backs Hong Kong's protesters

Guatemala elects conservative Alejandro Giammattei president - Axios ... turnout was low (another corrupt dumbfuck)

Eschaton: Healthy Country - I really don't see a way forward which isn't "no deal Brexit" though no deal Brexit isn't a real thing. It just means "we didn't bother to solve all the problems we have to start solving piece by piece now." -- Britons have spent #4bn stockpiling goods in preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit, new research suggests. ... If the UK leaves with no deal, businesses predict there will be short-term supply problems, which the government says it is mitigating. -- Not entirely sure how "short-term supply problems" get solved. (la-di-la)
Ireland tells Boris Johnson there will be no backstop renegotiation : worldnews
Poll finds plurality of UK citizens say UK government should allow a second Scottish independence referendum: 41% of citizens are in favour of a second referendum while only 32% are against it : worldnews (Disunited Kingdom)
Park Rangers to Increase Patrols at Ancient Sites Amid Reports of Neo-Nazi Rituals - Authorities in England are on high alert following reports that a neo-Nazi group has been carrying out rituals at historic sites.
Park rangers to increase patrols at ancient sites amid reports of neo-Nazi rituals : worldnews

Angry mob attacks men for killing an endangered bird in Germany : worldnews

THE $WEDISH JUSTICE SYSTEM: Presidential Edition

Trump tore out magazine picture of Justin Trudeau, scrawled odd message and mailed it to Canadian embassy, reports claim : worldnews

Trump has made more than 12,000 false or misleading claims over 928 days - The Washington Post
President Trump has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days : politics
How Trump's conspiracy theory and paranoia becomes US policy - CNNPolitics
Jeffrey Epstein and 22 other Trump-fueled conspiracy theories - The Washington Post

What'd Melania doing in front of Jabba the hut?

The Trump Administration Just Made It Harder To Apply For Green Cards And Visas | HuffPost (more racist Reputlican bullshit)

Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States : politics (Putin ordered it)

The Scaramucci effect: Trumps unconventional hires have come back to bite him ... Trump installed people in power who had little or no government experience but lots of experience in drama.

Trump's (Almost) All-White GOP Emerges ... Nationalist conservatives... ahem Nat-C's ...

"It's like you have this disease." Trump supporters in New York complain they cannot admit they back president (yeah, it's called evilentitledstupidosis, NYT needs to send reporters to a Southhampton diner)

'Coal is over': the miners rooting for the Green New Deal : politics

Farmers Lash Out At Trump After Latest Trade War Blow From China | HuffPost - "Trump is ruining our markets" ... "constant escalation and antagonism" (tractor queen farmer fucks are unhappy the racist idiot they voted for is a dumb racist idiot)

US Senator says wireless carriers helping Trump build 'surveillance state' : technology
u/RekursiveFunktion outlines the Republican document "Language: A Key Mechanism of Control," how it relates to modern day Republicans and Trump's desire to censor speech on the internet. : bestof

Attorney general rips 'failure' of prison officials to keep Epstein alive, vows to investigate any co-conspirators
Final evasion: For 30 years, prosecutors and victims tried to hold Jeffrey Epstein to account. At every turn, he slipped away. - The Washington Post
Former mobster says Bill Barr made a secret visit to jail before Epstein's death : "Somethings not right there"
u/baltimoretransplant explains why Epstein's suicide is a huge and unacceptable deal. : bestof
Baltimoretransplant comments on Jeffrey Epstein Camp Sent Pathologist Michael Baden to Watch Over His Autopsy
Corrections officers did not check on Epstein for 'several' hours before his death, violating protocol, person familiar with case says ("several" = all night)
Final evasion: For 30 years, prosecutors and victims tried to hold Jeffrey Epstein to account. At every turn, he slipped away. - The Washington Post
'We need answers. Lots of them.' -- What's known and what's next after Jeffrey Epsteins death
MCC Is A Massive Systematic Human Rights Catastrophe - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Epstein's accusers call her his protector and procurer. Is Ghislaine Maxwell now prosecutors' target?
Trump tweets Clinton conspiracy theory on Epstein death, ignores his own Epstein connection
There Are 'Thousands And Thousands' Of Other Documents On Jeffrey Epstein Case: Journalist -- Troves of evidence and testimony spell trouble for possible Epstein co-conspirators
julie k. brown on Twitter: "ICYMI: Buried in the trove of documents are the names of influential people including former Sen. Majority Leader George Mitchell, who in 2008 -- the same year Epstein received his sweetheart deal -- was one of Time magazine's most powerful people." / Twitter
Jeffrey Epstein Camp Sent Pathologist Michael Baden to Watch Over His Autopsy
What happens to Jeffrey Epsteins money and homes now? Can feds seize everything?

#TrumpsBodyCount pins blame on Trump for mass shooting and migrant deaths
Charlottesville's white supremacists are being targeted by a law that took down the KKK : politics
Over 100 tires slashed in Orthodox Jewish community, police say : news - All of the vehicles targeted in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, were owned or driven by Jewish people. The incidents are being investigated as bias crimes, local police told ABC New York City station WABC. (NJ calls it a "bias crime" so they don't have to use the word "hate" ... it's just a little "bias")

Eschaton: They're All Just Quite A Bit Racist - Too much of what the objectitudinal press does is excused as a desire to placate rabid conservatives, instead of seeing it as just doing what they think they should be doing. Tolerance of racism by conservatives (it isn't just Trump) isn't simply because they have appear to be Fair to Both Sides, it's because many in the press are just pretty tolerant of racism. Have you been paying attention to much of the coverage of, for example, poverty and crime over the last several decades?

'Using the Lords name in vain' -- Evangelicals chafe at Trump's blasphemy -- A Trump-supporting West Virginia state senator who represents many evangelicals got three phone calls from constituents complaining about Trumps profanity after a recent rally ... "If you don't support me, you['re going to be so goddamn poor" (goddamn Satangelicals fine with babies in cages, have meltdown over a "goddamn")

Warren wows in Iowa as candidates' sprint to caucuses begins

Bernie Sanders 'Acing the Electability Test' as Another Poll Shows Senator Crushing Trump in General : politics

Trump is losing ground in America's suburbs
Texas Republicans brace for 2020 drubbing - POLITICO
Texas Is Bracing for a Blue Wave in 2020. Yes, Texas. : politics

Republican family switches support to Democrats at Iowa State Fair

Some are in the back room and they're taking those night classes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - xcellent article about how conservative pundits in general and Fox News in particular have mainstreamed violence-justifying racism: (Fucker Gnarlson, vide infra)

Drug maker 'will make $21bn from treating cystic fibrosis' charging $125,000 per patient per year. : worldnews (something wrong with this picture?)
'Medicare for all' could save businesses trillions of dollars : politics

As overdoses soared, nearly 35 billion opioids -- half of distributed pills -- handled by 15 percent of pharmacies

Police: Man molested teen he met via Pokimon GO at LDS Church in Utah County : news

Katy Perry accused of sexually harassing Teenage Dreams co-star at party

TIL that at the turn of the last century, a Christian "love (sex) cult" existed in Oregon and ended in a series of assassinations, counter-assassinations, and an assassin suicide in Seattle. : todayilearned

16 years old texan boy mauled and killed by three pit bulls : news

J.D. Vance Becomes Catholic | The American Conservative - "Rene Girard is someone I only know by reading him, and he was Catholic" (vampire Thiel's favorite racist)

The Case of the "Disappearing" Poet -- Why did a white poet see the success of writers of color as a signal of his own demise? ... a "big black girl from Alabama with some outrageous name like Vondella Aphrodite ... wanting / the white girl to come out on top, / because she was one of my kind, my tribe" ... everything was changing / and in fact, everything had already changed / Poof, remember? It was the twentieth century almost gone." (maybe bc he's a racist asshole with nothing to day? a limited market for white supremacist "poetry?" )

TIL that not only is USA the 3rd most populated country in the world, but if it had ONE BILLION MORE people, it would still be the 3rd most populated country in the world. : todayilearned

AskScience AMA Series: I'm Dr. Kaeli Swift, and I research corvid behavior, from funerals to grudges to other feats of intellect. Ask me anything! : askscience

TIL iodized salt raised the average IQ by 3.5 points nationally and as much as 15 points in some areas : todayilearned

[Serious] Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy are well known, but what are some other dark pasts from other countries that people might not know about? : AskReddit

Opinion | Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? Let's Not Find Out ... In 2003, the philosopher Nick Bostrom made an ingenious argument that we might be living in a computer simulation created by a more advanced civilization ... Professor Smoot estimates that the ratio of simulated to real people might be as high as 10 to the 12th to 1. (so, 1/100 of a real person on earth)

According to new research, areas with a higher number of fast food restaurants have more heart attacks. The study also found that for every additional fast food outlet, there were four additional heart attacks per 100,000 people each year. : science

What technology is being worked on now that may be an absolute game-changer within our lives? : AskReddit - Crispr gene editing.

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is the Best Place on the Internet | Literary Hub

TIL Pythagoras had a weird cult that lasted for centuries after his death. They worshiped numbers, invented the first robot (a steam-powered pigeon) and were afraid of beans because they cause excessive flatulence. He was murdered when he was chased to a bean field and refused to cross it. : todayilearned

Redditors who have been here for a while, what are the "Do"s and "Don't"s of Reddit for new users? : AskReddit
Older people of Reddit, out of all the decades you've lived through (70's, 80', 90', etc etc) which would you say was the best time period to live in and why? : AskReddit

Men of Reddit, What is the bro code you should never break? : AskReddit
Driver's License testers- what's the worst thing a kid has done without batting an eye while taking the driving test? : AskReddit
Men of reddit, what is the BIGGEST turn-off? : AskReddit

Girl puts her dog in a dryer live on instagram. u/Taylola tracks her down and hands the information to the police. : bestof
Its not every day you see Kangaroo's in the snow : gifs

If written like a news report, what stories from the bible were done by Florida man? : AskReddit

If you had to accurately describe Reddit in 5words or less, what would you say? : AskReddit


Quotation of the Day: Downpours Prompt Landslide in Myanmar, Killing 51 "They thought they were only cutting down trees, but at the same time they were cutting the throats of a million people". 'Greta effect' leads to boom in children's environmental books
Florida officials confirm case of potentially fatal mosquito-borne virus in Miami : news (dengue fever not in title)

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Alex Wellerstein, a historian of science, argues that the bombing of Nagasaki was a product of bureaucratic inertia rather than grand strategy. According to Wellerstein Truman was pretty much completely out of the loop in regard to the decision, contrary to his later representations of events. He argues that Trumans dismay about how events unfolded led him to remove control of nuclear weapons from the military, and also that the bombing had no discernible effect on the Japanese government's decision-making process in regard to surrendering.
Alex Wellerstein on Twitter: "Today is the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. Often overlooked, compared to Hiroshima, as merely the "second" atomic bomb, the Nagasaki attack is far more tricky, and important, in several ways. THREAD" / Twitter (your millitary a-bombed a bunch of schools and civilians)

Roundup labels: Trump administration says it won't approve glyphosate warning labels - CBS News (pure capitalism: die for the rich)

Misogyny and Mass Killing - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... a history of hating women, assaulting wives, girlfriends and female family members, or sharing misogynistic views online, researchers say.
Jordan Cofer Identified As Trans Man, Dayton Shooter's Sibling ... There's been no indication thus far that Cofer's urder was a transphobic hate crime ... (yeah, right, that's why he was the first person he killed)
A Common Trait Among Mass Killers: Hatred Toward Women - The New York Times
Alleged Dayton gunman Connor Betts showed signs of misogyny, mirroring a grim pattern for shooters - ABC News
How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media Stars - The New York Times ... invading, flooding, replacing ... (i.e. Fox puking hate for profit)
Worshipper, 65, takes down heavily armed mosque gunman before he can kill anyone | The Independent -- The suspect has been named as Philip Manshaus, a 21-year-old local man. A post on the messaging board 4chan suggested he was a far-right extremist inspired by the Christchurch, Poway and El Paso shooters
Olso mosque shooting: Suspect expressed right-wing sympathies, say police - CNN - the suspect, described only as a Norwegian man in his 20s, has praised figures like Vidkun Quisling, the leader of Norway under Nazi occupation during World War II.
Mohamed Rafiq, 65 year old badass who stopped a right-wing terrorist attack in Norway by going grabbing the attacker and holding him down until police arrived. : pics
Spokane police investigating rumors of neo-Nazi hate camp
/u/HeloRising explains why bulletproof backpacks for children are a bad idea : bestof

Surrogate Angels of Death : What to make of the First Lady holding the motherless child and youngest survivor of the El Paso massacre ... Neither the president nor Melania so much as glances at Baby Paul
Florida white supremacist arrested for threatening shooting at Walmart, police say - ABC News

The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism - The New York Times - Sweden was long seen as a progressive utopia. Then came waves of immigrant -- snd the forces of populism at home and abroad.

Inside Kashmir, Cut Off From the World: 'A Living Hellof Anger and Fear' (nazi Modi-fuck fucks Kashmir)
The Observer view on India's aggression over Kashmir -- Modi's high-handed action over the disputed territory is likely to revive conflict with Pakistan
Photos Emerge From Kashmir, a Land on Lockdown. Indian photographers managed to work around a communication blockade to publish their images : worldnews
"When all Kashmiris will be killed, only then the world will realise our sufferings," said Akeel Dar, who had 90 pellets in his body. : worldnews
The attempt is to change demography of Kashmir through ethnic cleansing and question is: Will the world watch and appease as they did Hitler at Munich? asks Pakistan PM Khan : worldnews
Thousands protest in Indian Kashmir over new status despite clampdown [REUTERS] : worldnews
/u/lsddmtthc provides a firsthand account of the terrifying situation Kashmir's citizens have been living in the past few years amidst its current turmoil. : bestof
lsddmtthc comments on "When all Kashmiris will be killed, only then the world will realise our sufferings," said Akeel Dar, who had 90 pellets in his body.

Thousands rally in Hong Kong in fresh protests, marchers defy police ban - Anti-government protests took place in different locations across the Asian financial hub, including one at the city's international airport for a third day
Hong Kong police fire tear gas at protesters as confrontation looms : worldnews
HK Police firing tear gas in subway station : pics
Hong Kong Police fired at least 10 shots of Pepperball gun at protestors in less than 1m distance , which according to regulations it should be used in 30-50m. : pics

The mystery of screaming schoolgirls in Malaysia - BBC News - Robert Bartholomew spent decades researching the phenomenon in Malaysia. He calls the South East Asian country the mass hysteria capital of the world. It is a deeply religious and spiritual country where many people, especially those from rural and conservative states, believe in the powers of traditional folklore and the supernatural ... There's no denying that mass hysteria is an overwhelmingly female phenomenon.

Trump again appears to take North Koreas side against his own military, allies

The Queen is reportedly 'dismayed' by British politicians who she says have an 'inability to govern' : worldnews
UK PM backs 'stop-and-search' power, says will create 10,000 more spaces in prisons - Reuters : worldnews (BoJo locking everybody up)
Royals rally round Prince Andrew as he is joined at church by The Queen, Charles and Beatrice a day after his past came back to haunt him with suicide of billionaire paedophile : worldnews ... Epstein's suicide could put him under renewed scrutiny because of his close friendship with Ghislaine. (Randy Andy)

Husband charged with murdering wife, Australian humanitarian worker Jennifer Downes : news

Federal Judge Orders Release Of Khashoggi Records By U.S. Government : worldnews

Campus PC is truly out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Today in the principled conservative commitment to free speech, Trump has gotten a movie he (apparently erroneously) perceived as anti-gun pulled from release ... Meanwhile, the Sarah Palin First Amendment reaction to Joaquin Castro observing that maxed-out Trump donors were maxed-out Trump donors based on publicly available data continues to get more ridiculous:
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "If the reverse had occured there would not be enough pixels or ink on planet earth to finish producing all the warnings of imminent totalitarianism from aging newspaper columnists and cable news hosts" / Twitter
Universal Scraps 'The Hunt' Release Following Gun Violence Uproar | Hollywood Reporter
Universal Cancels The Hunt - Variety

Heres a Better Reason to Unsubscribe From The New York Times -- It's not the "newspaper of record" it's aa rag for the East Coast rich.

Strange how some anti-abortion activists are happy to separate kids from parents : politics

George Conway Mocks Trump For Saying 'Something's Gone Wrong' With Biden -- The president who talked of 7/11 instead of 9/11, made up the country of Nambiaand referred to Revolutionary War airports is appalled by Biden's gaffes.
Says the man who can't spell, can't think, can't read a teleprompter, ofter babbles incoherently, confuses the Baltics with the Balkans, and thinks that "1000/24ths" ignifies a fraction of less than one.
Peter on Twitter: "" / Twitter

Anthony Scaramucci Warns That Trump Will Turn On Nation As Men Go At It On Twitter | HuffPost - Trump "turns on everyone, and soon it will be you and then the entire country"

Trump is on yet another summer golfing holiday. Here's how much that's costing taxpayers

Our View: Deficit would be zero if not for tax cuts : politics (haha, Refucks stole all the monies)

Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order to 'Censor the Internet' Denounced as Dangerous, Unconstitutional Edict : politics (he will order a Fox takeover of the internets)
Omarosa Confirms the President Has a List of Crazy Policy Ideas He'll Leak to Distract From Bad Press

The brand label that stokes Trump's fury: 'Racist, racist, racist'

O'Rourke says Trump's behavior during El Paso visit shows 'how sick this guy is' : politics

Keep calling him #MoscowMitch: McConnell is finally running scared : politics

The administration said it was moving these agencies for efficiency. Now the truth comes out. - The Washington Post - WHAT A wonderful way to streamline gsaid acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney at a gala last week, referring to the Agriculture Department's plan to move two of its science agencies out of the D.C. area to the Kansas City region. In celebrating this controversial decision, Mr. Mulvaney laid bare the thinly veiled motivations behind uprooting researchers: not efficiency, but to drive talented workers out.

There's no video of Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide: sources ... "Something doesn't smell right -- and it's not his dead body" ...
This was awfully convenient - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Never Gonna Know - I said all along we'll never get the full accounting of Epstein-related criminal activities. Of course I have no idea what happened but "nothing to see here move along" is ridiculous.
Final evasion: For 30 years, prosecutors and victims tried to hold Jeffrey Epstein to account. At every turn, he slipped away. - The Washington Post
MCC officials were, at best, ludicrously negligent in suicide of America's most famous recent indicted person - Lawyers, Guns & Money - After Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide once, MCC officials not only took him of suicide watch quickly but failed to observe the more lax procedures that were suppose to still be in place:
WhatFreshHellIsThisHat on Twitter: "/4 You find it implausible because jailers/law enforcement would surely get into huge trouble for letting something like this happen. Consequences? To law enforcement? For something happening to someone in custody? You gullible dipshit." / Twitter
Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead in Jail Cell of Apparent Suicide - Nobody Will Ever Believe the Official Story on This - Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell Saturday morning.

Trump retweets conspiracy theory tying Clintons to Epstein's death
Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories run riot, with Trump's help (Hillary strangled him with a long red tie) ... I am just so glad the son of the man who hired the unqualified 20-year-old college dropout Jeffrey Epstein to teach at Manhattan's Dalton School will be head of the DOJ that investigates this.... (+the Clinton "body count" - she killed hundreds!)
Party planners surprise: Just Donald Trump, Jeff Epstein and 28 calendar girls
Trump retweets Epstein conspiracy theory, claiming Clinton connection - The president retweeted a conspiracy theory Saturday that suggested a connection between former President Bill Clinton and the death of the wealthy financier and accused sex trafficker.
Opinion | Epstein Suicide Conspiracies Show How Our Information System Is Poisoned - The New York Times - With each news cycle, the system grows more efficient.

Before Jail Suicide, Jeffrey Epstein Was Left Alone and Not Closely Monitored - The New York Times - deepened questions about his death.
Unsealed documents detail alleged Epstein victim's recruitment at Mar-a-Lago (why he was killed)
Jeffrey Epstein is gone, but allegations against powerful associates linger : politics ... Don't forget that the senior Barr wrote a scifi novel about wealthy, decadent aliens who go around the galaxy doing sex slavery.
Prison experts are stunned and angry that Jeffrey Epstein was taken off suicide watch - For them to pull him off suicide watch is shocking ... status was changed sometime in the last two weeks for reasons that remain unknown ...
Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide is unfathomable (release the video!)
Sasse tells AG that 'heads must roll' over Epstein treatment in federal custody -- "Every single person in the Justice Department from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldnbe allowed to die with him,"
Conspiracy Theories Erupt After Jeffrey Epstein's Death : The hashtags were out in force Saturday morning, and President Trump had joined in to retweet the theories by the evening.
'We need answers. Lots of them.' Whats known and what's next after Jeffrey Epstein's death
How was Jeffrey Epstein able to kill himself so soon after earlier reported incident?
Why Wasn't Jeffrey Epstein on Suicide Watch When He Died? Prison officials took the disgraced financier off a suicide watch 12 days before he hanged himself in his cell.

Jeffrey Epstein's Death Underlines A Nationwide Problem - Jail suicides are almost entirely preventable, and they're far more common than you might think.
Enraged, Jeffrey Epsteins Accusers Continue Calls For Justice After His Death
Jeffrey Epstein's death at MCC is a horrifying scandal. Will anyone care? - The scandal of Jeffrey Epstein and the Metropolitan Correctional Center.

YouTube's Conspiracy Theory Crackdown Has One Big Winner: Fox News - Conspiracy channels all over the platform are funneling increased traffic to Fox ... vast community of disinformation influencers is not pleased. (Google Foxing you with slightly less crazy videos)

Accused Sex Trafficker George Nader Helped Steve Bannon Land $100K Payday - Emails show that the indicted operative George Nader and the one-time White House strategist Steve Bannon had a closer connection than previously understood.

Democratic candidate: Attitude of Iowa farmers towards climate change is 'night and day' (dumbfuck farmer tractor queens "opening up" to the idea)
'Trump is ruining our markets' : Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war -- China ... U.S. farmers lost their fourth largest customer this week after China officially cancelled all purchases of U.S. agricultural products, a retaliatory move following President Donald Trump's pledge to slap 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese imports. (racist assholes surprised that Trump was telling it like it was going to be)

Elizabeth Warren Brings Campaign of Hope and Optimism to the Iowa State Fair
A Winning Route - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Ed Kilgore argues that Warren has a very viable path to the nomination:
Elizabeth Warren takes on NRA with sweeping new gun control plans - CNNPolitics
Des Moines Register Political Soapbox: Elizabeth Warren gets largest crowd of Fair so far -- Her plan, which would impose a 2% tax on fortunes over $50 million, would fund universal child care and pre-kindergarten, provide tuition-free college, invest $50 billion into historically black colleges, and cancel student loan debt for an estimated 42 million people (why we can't have nice things)

Biden Misdates 2018 Parkland Shooting in His Latest Blunder - Bloomberg
Another day in paradise - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Asking whether Trump "believes" the Clintons murdered Epstein is a meaningless question, because Donald Trump doesn't have beliefs, at least not in the way that an even minimally psychologically healthy person does. He has desires, impulses, and an instinctual talent for the worst sort of demagoguery. His election as president, and even more so the complete inability of the system to remove him from office, are both compelling evidence that the American political system is in the process of failing in a radical way. That this thought is literally unthinkable for almost all of our elites does not make it less true ... . This happened literally the day after Biden made a couple of similarly disturbing and symptomatic blunders. This is happening several months before the presidential campaign is in full swing, when Biden is relatively rested and unburdened by the demands of a full campaign schedule. And it's happening 17 months before he would take the oath of office. (The sort of cognitive deterioration associated with advancing age tends to be exponential not linear, so when an old person is slipping mentally, 17 months is a long time). ... Both things represent complete and total failures of a system that seems on the verge of entering a historical death spiral, it it isn't in one already.

The Great Circle Jerk of Life - Lawyers, Guns & Money - And now, the quo: "Senator Susan Collins attended a private campaign fundraising event tonight at the $4-million Northeast Harbor summer mansion of Leonard Leo, the executive vice president of the Federalist Society."

Opinion | Why Are Florida Republicans So Afraid of People Voting? - The New York Times - no other logical explanation for the effective poll tax that lawmakers recently passed.

Compare and contrast - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Police in Springfield, Mo., arrested a 20-year-old man wearing body armor and carrying a loaded rifle ... Tamir Rice, 12, who had been holding a pellet gun ... dead in "one-and-a-half to two seconds"

Opinion | Your Baby Boomer Report Card - The New York Times ... Bob Dylan: (lazy ass Brooks thinks someone born in 1941 is a "boomer" so he can dismiss Dylan and why didn't his intern catch this?)

HuffPost Her Stories: A Debate Over What To Call Abuse During Childbirth | HuffPost

Why Are You Still Doing Bikram Yoga? | HuffPost - While disgraced yoga guru Bikram Choudhury hides out in Mexico amid allegations of rape and harassment, women all over the world are still giving him their money ... Acapulco is a convenient place for Choudhury he decamped there following several lawsuits, an arrest warrant and allegations of rape and harassment against him. This raises the question of why so many people worldwide continue to give him their money. For many, it appears to still be the highlight of their yoga careers. For others, those nine weeks with Bikram Choudhury were the most horrific experiences of their lives ... the majority of his students are women, and the bulk of his wealth has come from them, despite his alleged predation ... At the height of the Bikram craze, there were 650 studios in America alone, and as the franchise expanded, so did Choudhury's wallet ... "Why would I have to harass women? People spend 1 million dollars for a drop of my sperm." ... Nevertheless, the yoga community (marketed to and driven predominantly by women) continues to enjoy his practice ... It comes down to the internalized misogyny and rape culture that the American style yoga community has always been about .., (he tried to patent "yoga")
Power - 30 for 30 Podcasts - Bikram claims ownership over his brand of yoga using increasingly hardball tactics.

In stunner, conflicted Denver City Council kills contracts with private prison giants. Councilwoman who led the charge figured shebe the lone dissenting vote, but then seven others joined her. Their vote will force major changes (cruelty for profit)

Police: Man admits to raping 8-year-old girl, hitting her with shovel and fracturing her skull : news

New Jersey Family Terrorized by 'The Watcher' Sells Home at a Loss
The Watcher : A family bought their dream house. But according to the creepy letters they started to get, they werent the only ones interested in it.

Possession charge against Georgia Southern QB Shai Werts dropped after discovery that bird poop wasn't cocaine : news

Simone Biles just became the first gymnast to land a double-double dismount, and it's incredible : news

Plan to catch stoned drivers risks punishing innocent people, critics say : bostontrees (Charlie Baker doing his cop thing)

The bacteria in our gut, the human microbiome, churns out tens of thousands of tiny novel proteins so small (< 50 amino acids) they've gone unnoticed until now. They belong to over 4,000 new biological families, and may explain how the microbiome affects human health, paving the way for new drugs.

TIL you have a greater risk of mental illness if you are highly intelligent. A survey of the top 2% of Mensa members showed that their rates of depression, bipolar disorder, BPD, SAD were all higher than the national average. Scientists suspect that a highly active brain might also be high sensitive : todayilearned

Portarossa comments on ELI5: Why does a single proton change everything about an element and its properties?
itsthehumidity comments on Scientists Create a New Form of Light by Linking Photons. Photons typically don't nteract, but physicists bound three together in the lab. This new form of light could someday be used to build light crystals that could lead to intriguing new ways of communicating and computing

TIL about pOCD, or pedophilia OCD in which a person gets high anxiety from being around or thinking of children for fear of being sexually attracted to them, despite having no actual attraction or urges. : todayilearned

TIL that in 1900 the Chinatown in Honolulu was intentionally burned down to prevent the further spread of plague. Four months later, Honolulu was plague-free. : todayilearned

People of reddit who call their parents by their first names, why? : AskReddit
Whats acceptable to have to explain to a child, but unacceptable to have to explain to a adult? : AskReddit
KamikazeKricket comments on Is Walmart really that crazy place? Like, can you really find guns, bread, slippers, Shrek 2 DVD and tents in one store?

Redditors with parents who were psychologists/psychiatrists/therapists/etc., do you think that their knowledge in psychology made them a better parent, or did you have a bad experience with them growing up? What were they like? : AskReddit

What is your upvote/downvote philosophy? : AskReddit

Doctors of Reddit, what is the most mind blowing recovery you've ever witnessed?

BabstheBeagle comments on I successfully canceled an LA Fitness Membership over the phone

What is your upvote/downvote philosophy? : AskReddit

What is not illegal but just feels wrong? : AskReddit

These Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables Will Hijack Your Computer - It looks like an Apple lightning cable. It works like an Apple lightning cable. But it will give an attacker a way to remotely tap into your computer. : technology

Making it Up on Volume - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Uber lost 5 BILLION dollars in three months: If you want to keep the capital coming to a business model that very obviously has no chance of success, it helps if a lot of that venture capital is going as a very generous subsidy to affluent people using your service. (the scam unwinds)


Luxembourg yesterday : WTF
One million evacuated as deadly typhoon hits China : news
US agricultural landscape is now 48 times more toxic to honeybees, and likely other insects, than it was 25 years ago, almost entirely due to widespread use of so-called neonicotinoid pesticides, according to a new study, which may explain the "insect apolalypse" as well as decline in birds
Four people killed every week defending environment as murder rate doubles in 15 years | Only 10 per cent of people who murder others for defending the environment get convicted - "Sometimes it's the police or the authorities themselves what are responsible for the violence" : worldnews
Insect' as well as decline in birds. : science - apocalypse' in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides : worldnews

I found the real pic : PoliticalHumor (baby in cage)
Far-right extremists encouraged copycat terror attacks after Christchurch mosque shootings
The El Paso shooting has reignited a debate over whether the federal government has a double-standard when it comes to white nationalist terrorism : politics (read down for the "thanks, Barry" part)
America is turning against guns : politics
Elizabeth Warren Wants To Raise Taxes On Guns And Ammunition | HuffPost - The Democratic senator and 2020 presidential candidate released a plan aimed at reducing gun deaths by 80%.
FBI arrests Las Vegas man who allegedly wanted to shoot Jews, LGBTQ bar patrons - Conor Climo, 23, communicated with organized white supremacists through encrypted messages, federal authorities said. (another white nazi incel gun asshole)
Dayton's Republican congressman has change of heart on guns after daughtes brush with mass shooting
Craig T. Nelson on Government Aid - YouTube - "I've been on foodstamps and welfare, did anyone help me out? No." (dumbfucklicans)
Sununu vetoes 3 gun bills, citing NH's 'culture of responsible gun ownership, individual freedom' ('and abject stupidty' +said the guy whose dad destroyed the planet)

"We find no relationship between immigration and terrorism, whether measured by the number of attacks or victims, in destination countries... These results hold for immigrants from both Muslim majority and conflict-torn countries of origin." : science ... The research found that native-born residents were most likely to commit and be convicted of crimes, while unauthorized immigrants saw a conviction rate that was about 50% lower. Legal immigrants appeared to be the most law-abiding, with 86% fewer convictions than native-born Texans ... immigrants as a whole commit less crime than native-born Americans. (looks like the asshole Trumpster Nazis have been lying to us)

Man arrested as one injured in Norway mosque shooting : news

Ex-Foreign Service Officer Slams Trump Administration's 'Naked Unapologetic Cruelty' ... and sheer managerial incompetence

Pope Francis again warns against nationalism, says recent speeches sound like 'Hitler in 1934'

Trump flaunts North Korea's 'very beautiful letter' shortly before it launches 2 more missiles : worldnews

The phone and internet blackout in Kashmir is so total that locals reportedly don't know India rewrote their constitution : worldnews
most controversial links : worldnews (today, Indians are downvoting all the Kashmir news)
Kashmir: Indian CM says Kashmiri women can be brought to other states for marriage in new scandal : worldnews (just one example)

Copenhagen police station hit as Danish capital sees second blast : worldnews

Protests for fair elections in Moscow right now : pics
Nearly 50,000 Protest for Fair Elections in Moscow : news

"Russians" threatening Dutch F-16 pilots' family
Putin's missile exploded during test causing a radiation spike : worldnews
Ambulances covered in protective film transport Russians 'who suffered radiation poisoning' in blast | Daily Mail Online - Zircon hypersonic missile capable of hitting US target cities in five minutes
U.S.-based nuclear experts said on Friday they suspected an accidental blast and radiation release in northern Russia this week occurred during the testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile vaunted by President Vladimir Putin last year. : worldnews
Death toll rises in nuclear rocket engine accident at Russian military site : worldnews
A Russian military ammo depot that blew up earlier this week just exploded again : worldnews

Major power failures reported across large areas of the UK, affecting trains, airports and traffic lights : worldnews (def not terrorism, UK says) ... No need to panic. We are just trying to fix the country by turning it off and on again.

U.S. Missionary With No Medical Training Sued After Malnourished Ugandan Children Died At Her Center : Goats and Soda : NPR ... Except Bach was not a doctor. She was a 20-year-old high school graduate with no medical training. And not only was her center not a hospital ... Yet from 2010 through 2015, Bach says, she took in 940 severely malnourished children. And 105 of them died ... U.S. missionaries had set up a host of charities there. And soon American teens raised in mostly evangelical churches were streaming in to volunteer at them. (example 8 million of why NPR needs to die: the word "evangelical" is used once, "Christian" zero times bc they don't want to offend their "base")

'My Parents Were Disappeared' NYC Foreign Student Fears Going Home to China
China tells UK to back off after minister's call for Hong Kong probe. Beijing on Saturday told the United Kingdom to stay out of China's internal affairs after Britain's foreign minister called for an independent investigation into the recent protests in its former colony Hong Kong.

Goldman Sachs vice-chairman and 16 executives charged by Malaysia over the 1MDB scandal, where $4.5 billion was stolen and used, among other purposes, to buy condos and finance "The Wolf of Wall Street". : worldnews

Trump threatens to retaliate against countries like Japan, Canada, Uruguay that issued travel warnings : worldnews (by warning of the "carnage in those shithole countries")
The world wonders whats happened to America

Mississippi ICE Raids Targeted Workers Who Fought for Better Conditions : politics (truth comes out)

Wyden at DEF CON: Mitch McConnell Wants Foreign Hackers to Help Republicans Win Elections : technology

George Conway Uses Power Of Predictive Text To Torch Donald Trump And His Racism | HuffPost - The Trump-trolling #DoYouHaveASmartPhone hashtag went viral on Twitter

Donald Trump's support in Minnesota is plummeting : politics (rust-belt real American Trump voters)

Trump Is Really Annoyed With Maggie Haberman's Unflattering Coverage ... "No he isn't. He needs you to think that there's tension between the two of them so that her next fluff piece might have more impact. Haberman has been a stooge for Trump for years and hasn't sopped during his presidency. (Haberputz PR dance)

Trump Boycotts Are a Real Threat to Equinox and SoulCycle ... 86 of 91 SoulCycle studios in the U.S. are located in precincts that voted for Hillary Clinton. The median studio is located in a precinct she won with 76 percent of the vote to Trump's 18 percent.
Equinox, SoulCycle hit with protests, nationwide membership cancellations over Trump fundraiser : politics

Raising minimum wage hasn't hurt any states : politics (oh, the Rethug capitalists lied to us? oh hi, Jeff Jacoby)

Texas Republican Calls for 'American Nationalist Party,' Says 'Let's Finish What Trump Started : politics (he forgot the 'socialist' part)
Jewish officials: 9/11-style response needed against white supremacists : politics

Trump says Democrats will call 'anybody' racist - Here's a list of people and things he's label that way

Eschaton: Epstein Suicide - No way it wasn't going to end that way (and they made sure he could hang himself)
Ocasio-Cortez calls for 'answers' after Epstein found dead in jail cell : politics
Political leaders demand answers in Epstein death - POLITICO
Jeffrey Epsteins Opaque Finances Could Become Focal Point for Investigators

Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials : news
Epstein's Death Has a Simpler Explanation -- Baseless speculation abounded after the accused sex trafficker died, but criminal-justice scholars point instead to a broader suicide problem.
Agenthades on Twitter: "So here it is! The first batch of unsealed Epstein documents from the Giuffre case. ???? I'll highlight some of the important sections." / Twitter
Adam Klasfeld on Twitter: "BREAKING: The Second Circuit issues its mandate to unseal a large tranche of Jeffrey Epstein-related docs, as an old docket becomes public for the first time. Developing, and will provide details and documents as they emerge. Background @CourthouseNews" / Twitter (and Dershofuck's fingerprints all over the case)
Court unseals pages of documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

A Trump Official Just Went on Instagram to Say Jeffrey Epstein Was "Hillary'd" ... #VinceFosterPartTwo

Katie Johnson v. Donald J. Trump, 5:16-cv-00797
Donald Trump & Jeffrey Epstein Rape Lawsuit and Affidavits | Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress | Assault
Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations - Wikipedia

Reading the Jeffrey Epstein news... : AdviceAnimals

Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials - ABC News (or so they say ...)
Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide at Manhattan Jail, Officials Say - The New York Times - The body of Mr. Epstein, the financier indicted on sex trafficking charges last month, was found Saturday morning.
Unsealed flight logs show Donald Trump on Epstein jet in 1997 - Business Insider ... That makes Trump the second US president, after Bill Clinton, who have appeared on Epsteins aircraft. (so, Don Jr., in the jail cell, with a rope)
Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead In Apparent Suicide Ahead Of Child Sex Abuse Trial | HuffPost - The multimillionaire financier was awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking underage girls.
Newly Unsealed Court Records Detail Jeffrey Epstein And Prince Andrew Accusations | HuffPost - Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre has previously named other powerful men. Now more than 2,000 pages of testimony and other records are public.
What the Unsealed Epstein Documents Reveal About Trump
Prince Andrew groped young woman at flat belonging to billionaire paedophile, court documents allege | The Independent : worldnews
Prince Andrew exposed: Teen sex slave alleges pair were intimate at Ghislaine Maxwell's London home | Daily Mail Online
Jeffrey Epstein had a 'biological' need to 'have three orgasms a day' | Daily Mail Online (Jewish dickster)

The Sexual Assault Case That Shook Ancient Rome - A prominent politician was accused of raping a 12-year-old actressin 54 B.C. The way his legendary lawyer dismissed it speaks volumes about how we prosecute these crimes now.

Tucker Carlson's Commercial Breaks Tell The Real Story Of His Advertising Problems --- Last year, Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" would feature more than 30 paid ads. In his Thursday show, there were only 13. Friday, there were just 11 ads. (the Cuckster is going down)

Surging in Polls, Warren Has Clear Path to the Nomination
Sen. Elizabeth Warren's popularity grows, closing gap on former Vice President Joe Biden
Can Anyone Catch Joe Biden? - The New York Times - The Democratic candidates descend on Iowa to give it a try and sample the best food on a stick the state fair has to offer.

Mark Steyn Goes Off on Upcoming Movie About Hunting Trump Supporters

White Nationalist State Department Official Surfaces in Photographs | Southern Poverty Law Center -- Hatewatch has obtained images of Matthew Q. Gebert, a State Department official who is involved in the white nationalist movement.

Woman awarded $725k in suit against neo-Nazi website founder - The Washington Post - The first black woman to serve as American University's student government president won a lawsuit Friday against a neo-Nazi website operator who orchestrated an online harassment campaign against her ... after The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin and a follower failed to respond to her lawsuit

New Hampshire governor vetoes bipartisan bill to ward off gerrymandering : politics (Zuzzunu, live gerrymandered or die!)
The 10 Most Popular and Unpopular Governors

TIL Kid Rock didn't grow up in a trailer park, but on a six-acre estate with a 5,628-square-foot house and its own apple orchard. : todayilearned (Kid Schlock went to Cranbrook, loves his Trumpster)
Guy with made up name and persona accuses woman of being fake because she disagrees with him : PoliticalHumor (Kid Rock is an idiot)
TIL That Kid Rock flipped out and divorced Pamela Anderson over her appearance in the movie Borat. : todayilearned

Police Officer on Leave After KKK Application Seen at Home | Time
Police officer filmed yelling at mother for leaving children in hot car : videos

TIL the wounded warrior project only gives 60% of their profits back, compared to their counter parts who donate 90%+ : todayilearned

14 year old filmed and taunted while overdosing and then left alone to die in BC : news
Court docs: Pastor arrested on sex charges used bible scripture to 'cleanse' young victim during assault : news

Woman asks musician for a set of jumper cables. This is what transpired. : BeAmazed

The techlash has come to Stanford. - Even in the famed computer science program, students are no longer sure they'd go to work for Facebook or Google (and definitely not Palantir).

Where to Download the Millions of Free eBooks that Secretly Entered the Public Domain - A quirk of copyright law means that millions of books are now free for anyone to read, thanks to some work from the New York Public Library.
News You Can Bruise : Secretly Public Domain
Secretly Public Domain ( - - Secretly Public Domain

This Transgender Man Was Kicked Out Of His College After Getting Top Surgery. Welch College, a Free Will Baptist school, cited its rules about "sexual perversion"

How Friendships Change in Adulthood - We need to catch up soon! -- "Somebody to talk to, someone to depend on, and someone to enjoy. These expectations remain the same, but the circumstances under which they're (sic) accomplished change ... young adults often spend between 10 and 25 hours a week with friends, and the 2014 American Time Use Survey found that people between 20 and 24 years old spent the most time per day socializing on average of any age group. "

Chill out! The 10 rules for a perfect fridge

Are women better ultra-endurance athletes than men? - BBC News -- women have a greater distribution of slow twitch muscle fibres,hese muscle fibres are more resistant to fatigue and more suited to endurance ... Ultra-marathons are the great equaliser ... (so, women are in it for the long run)

Teen Security Researcher Suspended for Exposing Vulnerabilities in His Schools Software -- Bill Demirkapi, an 11th grader in Lexington, Massachusetts, had found a vulnerability in Aspen, the software his school uses
Teen Security Researcher Suspended for Exposing Vulnerabilities in His School's Software

New research suggests that cannabis users tend to be more likely to forget to remember to perform tasks when facing stressful conditions. In the high-stress version of the Maastricht Acute Stress Test, cannabis users tended to be more forgetful than non-users. : science

Tel Aviv University Scientists Develop Revolutionary Vaccine Treatment for Skin Cancer : worldnews ... a vaccine for melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer (Israel's miraculous cure of the week)

The weird world of comets - BBC Ideas (most of what you know about medieval history is wrong)

Analysis reveals economic cost of Alzheimer's disease and dementia are "tip of the iceberg.' Currently, dementia is estimated to cost the US economy $290bn a year; the UK economy #26bn a year, and $1tn globally.

TIL antidepressants in the US are used by an estimated 16 million people with roughly 70% being female. In the UK, the number of users of antidepressants rose by 25 million between 1998 to 2012 with a 50% rise after the 2008 financial crisis. : todayilearned

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been linked with loss of work productivity and with lower health-related quality of life in an International Journal of Clinical Practice study of more than 52,000 men from eight countries. : science

TIL Oxycontin is more addictive because the withdrawal symptoms are so bad. : todayilearned

ELI5: why do men bald but women do not?

TIL That Genghis Khan wiped out an entire empire after they wrongly executed one of his trade caravans. The governor of a small town executed the Mongol traders under suspicion they were spies, and took their goods. Genghis responded by invading with an army of 200,000. : todayilearned

TIL a neuroscientist determined the most "feel-good" songs of all time... and #1 was "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen : todayilearned

Witnessing a legend : funny

Dentists of Reddit, what is a product you do not recommend? : AskReddit

A chimpanzee doing the Ninja Warrior course in Japan : videos

What is going on with Marina Joyce going missing and why is it provoking so many reactions online? : OutOfTheLoop
Cosmic-Engine comments on What is going on with Marina Joyce going missing and why is it provoking so many reactions online?

Lawyers of Reddit, what was the best 'gotcha moment' you ever experienced?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best "weird flex but ok" moment you've seen from your child?

How would you describe your significant other? : AskReddit - "Extremely carefully"


AccuWeather CEO misleads on global warming and extreme heat - The Washington Post
The heat index in Galveston has remained above 100 for over 30 hours. Its part of another major heat wave.
Climate change isn't an intangible future risk. It's here now, and its killing us.

The use of 'cyanide bombs' to kill wild animals has been authorised by the Trump administration. The spring-loaded traps, known as M-44s, are filled with sodium cyanide.

Police: El Paso shooting suspect said he targeted Mexicans ... Most of the dead had Hispanic last names and eight were Mexican nationals.
Las Vegas Man Charged With Possession of Illegal Firearms And Destructive Devices | USAO-NV | Department of Justice - The government alleges that the man promoted white supremacist ideology and made threatening statements
Las Vegas White Supremacist Conor Climo Arrested After Threatening to Attack Synagogue, LGBTQ Bar: DOJ - Security guard Conor Climo, who was found with bomb-making materials in his home, professed his hatred online for African-Americans, Jews, and gay people, federal prosecutors said.

Trump and First Lady Smiling With Baby Orphaned in El Paso Massacre Draws Criticism: 'Act Like a Human Being' (sorry, not possible)
Grinning Trump gives thumbs-up with baby whose parents were shot dead in El Paso terror attack -- Infant was brought for photo op at hospital where patients refused to meet president
Bryan William Jones on Twitter: "I am genuinely confused and horrified by this image. Am I taking this the wrong way? Why is Trump and Melania posing, GRINNING, and giving a thumbs up with the infant who's parents were murdered by the shooter in El Paso. Seriously, WTH is going on?" / Twitter
Anger as grinning Trump gives thumbs-up while Melania holds El Paso orphan | US news | The Guardian
Trumps Photo-Op With the Orphaned El Paso Baby Was the Smallest Moment of His Presidency
The Trumps are called a 'heartless couple' for grinning photo op with baby orphaned in El Paso shooting : politics
Donald Trump travels to El Paso, Texas in wake of mass shooting - YouTube (video worth 10K words)
Anger as grinning Trump gives thumbs-up while Melania holds El Paso orphan : politics
Trump'ss El Paso Photo Is Obscene -- The president's callousness has reached a new low: smiling, flashing a thumbs-up next to an orphaned infant.
Trump's Trip to Dayton and El Paso: The Back Story ... "The guy is honest," Mr. Tesses said, "he says what he's thinking. I don't always like the way he puts it, but I know his message" (zero moral sense +the Haberputz hot take)
Walmart mass shooting: Stores removing violent video game displays, signs from stores but still selling guns (and MAGAhats)
Dead souls - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... 32% of Latino voters voted for Republicans in the midterms. Armed Trump supporter detained and released at El Paso immigrant center - Witnesses said they called police after Thomas Bartram, 21, made threatening comments to people and brandished a knife while sitting in his truck outside the community center Casa Carmelita. His truck was emblazoned with pro-Trump banners and bumper stickers promoting InfoWars, a far-right conspiracy website and radio show.
Trump Freaks Out Over 'The Hunt' a Satirical Film He Doesn't Understand, as U.S. Reels From Mass Shootings

Introducing masculinity into the gun debate - Washington Post

Who's a terrorist and who's mentally ill? We looked at 10 years of news coverage to find out. -- AWhen a perpetrator is Muslim, there's a 488 percent greater chance an attack will be called terrorism
McConnell Wants To Consider Gun Background Checks In Fall, Wont Reconvene Senate - Trump called him Thursday morning and they discussed several ideas.
Lost in Life, El Paso Suspect Found a Dark World Online - WSJ - Gunman who allegedly killed 22 people with an intent to attack Hispanics told investigators he came to his views on the internet
Curt Brockway, Montana national anthem assaulter: Trump ordered it (well?)
Former firefighter stops man armed with 100 rounds of ammunition at south Springfield Walmart (Youtuber)

Native American Tribal Chairman as he was forced under threat of death to his entire tribe to sign away their land. : pics

Russian pharmacies report rise in sales of iodine near military explosion | World news : news

Chinese trolls get doxxed by HK hackers, personal info used to enlist them in PLA : worldnews

Boris Johnson accused of 'unprecedented, unconstitutional and anti-democratic abuse of power' over plot to force general election after no-deal Brexit : worldnews
First U.K. Contraction Since Wake of Crisis Raises Brexit Stakes - Bloomberg - Firms run down stocks after hoarding before March exit date - Underlying growth has lost momentum amid no-deal Brexit fears

Atheists outnumber practising Catholics in Spain, new figures show : worldnews

Flight Records Show Salvini's Aide Made A Lot Of Mysterious Trips To Moscow Around The Time Of The Secret Oil Deal Meeting - An investigation by BuzzFeed News, Bellingcat, and the Insider has established that Gianluca Savoini traveled to Russia at least 14 times in 2018 ... political operative at the center of the storm over a secret plan to fund the far-right party of Italy's deputy prime minister with Russian oil money, shuttled back and forth to Moscow on multiple mysterious trips last year that raise fresh questions about his links to Russia and the true purpose of his visits.

Japan's Cynical Romantics, Precursors to the Alt-Right -- Long before Pepe the Frog endorsed Trump,

Egypt jails American traveler, saying she criticized the government on Facebook - The Washington Post

Top intel official interrupted meeting to urge his deputy to resign - CNNPolitics - While details of the conversation between Gordon, an intelligence veteran of more than 30 years, and Coats remain unclear, sources say that the situation clearly abruptly changed after the meeting was interrupted (more behind the scenes)
Sue Gordon Is Out as Deputy Intelligence Director - Sue Gordon would have been next in line as acting director following the scheduled departure of Dan Coats on Aug. 15. ("her IQ was too high" Trump said)
For Trump and his cronies, draining the swamp means ousting experts - The Washington Post (only the dumbest need apply)
Trump announces shakeup at top of U.S. intelligence - The Washington Post

Trump immigration rhetoric criticized after El Paso, Dayton shootings -- used words like ''invasion' and 'kiler' at rallies more than 500 times since 2017

This is what happens when you have sadistic moral monsters making policy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - ICE and the Trump administration deliberately conducted these raids on the first day of school, to maximize the terror they would inflict on the children whose parents were arrested for the crime of trying to provide a decent life those children. (Most of these people have been working and living in Mississippi for more than a decade).
White House tells ICE to conduct dozens more operations, source says - CNNPolitics

The impeachment inquiry Trump has feared is here : politics
Nadler Says It Out Loud: This Is Formal Impeachment Proceedings

Fury grows over delayed probe of Trump aides' alleged political retaliation - POLITICO - Fury grows over delayed probe of Trump aides' alleged political retaliation - House Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel said he was "fed up with the State Department playing games with this investigation"

The Unbearable Whiteness of Being Ivanka Trump -- A life of failing upwards, paved by a road of white lies and white privilege, has allowed the favored first daughter to reign supreme.

Time to spread an STD : PoliticalHumor
Basket of Deplorables, revisited : PoliticalHumor
From January 13, 1943, 76 years ago...or, yesterday... you decide : PoliticalHumor

FBI Ranks 'Black Identity Extremists' Bigger Threat Than Al Qaeda, White Supremacists: Leaked Documents (there have been so many white people getting lynched) ... Animal rights/environmental extremists and anti-authority extremists were also deemed top existential threats. (so many mass-shootings by PETA) ... Under a cryptic strategy titled "IRON FIST" the leaked documents suggest the Bureau plans to use infiltration and other undercover techniques to "mitigate" threats posed by black extremist groups, including exploiting the felony status of some members. Other language labels black extremists as racist themselves. (your racist FBI)
Here's the data on white supremacist terrorism the Trump administration has been 'unable or unwilling' to give to Congress ... While the document shows this information clearly had been compiled, some of the senators say the Justice Department would not give them the figures. ("you don't need to know that," Trump raged, furiously)

Long John Silvers Drops Fox News After Tucker Carlson Said White Supremacy's A 'Hoax' -- one of more than 20 that have stopped advertising
Kellyanne Conway Defends Tucker Carlson, Says White Supremacy Gets 'Outsized Coverage' Compared to Antifa ("do you know how many patriotic Americans Antifa has killed?" she screamed)
Shepard Smith Shoves White Supremacy Right in Tucker Carlson's Face : 'Without Question a Serious Problem

Today in Trump's America - Lawyers, Guns & Money (definitely not white supremacists)

Trumps Opponents Want to Name His Big Donors. His Supporters Say It's Harassment.

The Right Wing Is Trying to Make It a Crime to Oppose Fascism : politics (sound familiar?)

Ohio man charged with threatening to shoot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, illegally stockpiling ammunition : politics (another deranged white racist Trump voter)
Toledo man charged in federal court for Ocasio-Cortez threat : news ... "Hmm someone had Toledo on his mind lately" ...
Sarah Silverman shares video of pastor wishing for her 'untimely death': 'He is going to get me killed' : news

'They're afraid' : Suburban voters in red states threaten GOP's grip on power

Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Bill Richardson, Glenn Dubin, Prince Andrew, George Mitchell in Alleged Sex Ring - In newly unsealed documents, Virginia Giuffre claims that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her to politicians, princes, and a high-flying financier, among others.
Jeffrey Epstein documents show how girls were lured into his life | Miami Herald
Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Powerful Men in Alleged Sex Ring : news ... Maxwell directed her to have sex with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, Britain's Prince Andrew (whom she has accused before), wealthy financier Glenn Dubin, former senator George Mitchell, now-deceased MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, and modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, as well as "another prince," a "foreign president" a "well-known prime minister" and the owner of a "large hotel chain" in France ... (and: "So that's Victoria's secret")
Jeffrey Epstein Latest: Woman Testifies to Underage Encounters - Bloomberg - Bill Richardson, George Mitchell, Glenn Dubin deny allegations (so, it was a Dem pedo-ring)
NYC Power Couple's Butler Says Swedish Teen Told Him of Epstein Island Horrors -- Rinaldo Rizzo testified about a girl he met at the home of his employers, Glenn and Eva Dubin.
Case of woman who claims Jeffrey Epstein made her have sex with Prince Andrew to be unsealed - INSIDER
Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Names Powerful Men in Alleged Sex Ring : news
Prince Andrew groped young woman's breast at Epstein house, court files allege : news

They Paid $42 for a SoulCycle Ride, Not for Trump - The New York Times - A look at what happens when politics enters every spandex-clad corner of life, especially in the Hamptons ... SoulCycle, where 45-minute classes held in the Hamptons cost $42,
Viral Tweet Shows List of Fast Food Chains That Are Reportedly 'Supporting Trump's Reelection' : politics

2020 elections: Why Texas could go blue - CNNPolitics
Blue Texas is a Democratic dream. Shifting left is a reality. - The Washington Post

The Iowa Caucus Is a Frontrunners' Nightmare

Surging in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Now Has a Path to the Nomination : politics

Biden says 'poor kids' just as bright as 'white kids' in latest gaffe (stuck in his racist brain)
Joe Biden is too old to be POTUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("gaffe-prone" +dementia race with Trumpster)
Daniel Dale on Twitter: "Here's the Biden quote from tonight. He was talking about international reaction to Trump's comments on the Charlottesville white supremacist rallies. He caught himself before fully saying "Thatcher," saying "excuse me," but didn't replace it with another name." / Twitter

The Metastasizing Crisis: Executive Authority and the Crumbling of the Separation of Powers - Niskanen Center

Collins attends fundraiser at $4m mansion of nation's top anti-choice judicial activist

Behind the Republican War on Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tyler Cowen makes a startlingly candid admission:
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "It's an extremely correct post!
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "The situation is way scarier than most people recognize, though, and has relatively little to do with Trump. I hope people will take Tyler's thoughts on Thiel's vast, deep, and multifaceted influence over the right seriously ...

Kansas' Long Road to Recovery After Years of Severe Budget Cuts (Republicans hate "government" destroyed the state, dems rebuild, repeat cycle)

Alt-Right Teen Fanzine Gets Sokal'd - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the fact that it was instantly obvious to any non-reactionary who looked at it that it was a fraud makes the joke even better in contextalso amazing how easy it is to sucker pseudo-intellectual nitwits when everything they know about leftism comes from Bari Weiss columns and Jordan Peterson YouTube videos about "Cultural Marxism"
Quillette Duped by Left-Wing Hoaxer Posing as Communist Construction Worker - "Archie Carter" who pretended to be a blue-collar member of the Democratic Socialists of America, says he set out to humiliate the conservative site with his error-riddled story.
Exclusive: We Found Archie Carter
DSA Is Doomed - Quillette (bc they deleted it)

The Critic as Political Figure - Lawyers, Guns & Money - NPR's atrocious firing of Kim Kelly, their frequent contributor on heavy metal, for supporting anti-fascist work in her other writing, including online. Basically, she tweeted in support of the anarchist who ICE murdered in Portland a few weeks ago for trashing their cars in a parking lot. Tucker Carlson got hold of that, went on his usual white supremacist rant, and NPR caved because of course it did. (NPR needs to die)
The Politics of Criticism - Columbia Journalism Review - My life with heavy metal, Tucker Carlson, NPR, and strong opinions - By Kim Kelly

Jonathan Weisman again - Lawyers, Guns & Money (demands "enormous apology")
roxane gay on Twitter: "Any time you think you're unqualified for a job remember that this guy, telling a black woman she isn't black because he looked at a picture and cant see, has one of the most prestigious jobs Electric Love Letters to Susan Gilbert A glimpse inside the beautiful, heartbreaking, unclassifiable relationship that fomented some of the greatest, most original and paradigm-shifting poetry.
s in America. Shoot your shot.
roxane gay on Twitter: "He also emailed my assistant. WTF?" / Twitter ... Weisman .. meaning "white man" (irony implosion)

8chan Users Migrating to ZeroNet Are Accidentally Revealing Their Locations - An unofficial new version of the hate-filled forum

Emily Dickinson's Electric Love Letters to Susan Gilbert - A glimpse inside the beautiful, heartbreaking, unclassifiable relationship that fomented some of the greatest, most original and paradigm-shifting poetry.

'We're a totally peaceful racist group,' says 'Straight Pride' organizer to a California city council

A black man was about to buy a cops house. Then, he found a KKK application in a bedroom ... Charles Anderson, a 48-year-old white officer ... Anderson, a longtime Muskegon police officer who was cleared of fatally shooting a black man in 2009, (oh, hello, racist fuck Charles Anderson of Muskegon, MI)

Emoji house: Woman paints Manhattan Beach home in Airbnb-related neighbor dispute - The Washington Post

Mass. ice rink worker charged after cameras found in girls' locker room | - Brian Boll, of Providence, Rhode Island, is not charged with planting the devices found at the Aleixo Skating Arena in Taunton, but with impeding the investigation.

The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News | The New Yorker

Man fights off grizzly bear by stabbing it in neck with pocket knife as it savaged him | The Independent

Ohio couple used IVF to have a baby, but a new DNA test showed another man is the girl's father : news

Heavily redacted texts show Mayor Garcetti's request for home to be checked during Woolsey fire

The first empirical study on dick pics found that 48% of men have sent unsolicited pictures; Unsolicited senders are also bigger narcissists and more sexist than their counterparts (n = 1087) : science
Home | ORGASM Research Lab - The Observations and Research in Gender and Sexuality Matters (O.R.G.A.S.M) Human Sexuality Lab was initially developed by Dr. Cory Pedersen at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2007

Group sex app leaks locations, pics and personal details. Identifies users in White House and Supreme Court : technology

Astronomers have discovered the largest black hole ever observed : science
Astronomers have discovered the largest black hole ever observed - MIT Technology Review - The team say at a conservative estimate, it is 40 billion times more massive than the sun. By comparison, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, Sagittarius A*, is only 4 million times more massive than the sun.
TIL about the Methuselah Star, a star so old that an upper bound for its age places it over 1 billion years older than the universe, with a lower bound placing it at most 13 million years younger than the age of the universe. : todayilearned

TIL that, contrary to common misconception, acne is mostly caused by genetics, rather than lack of hygiene, eating fatty food, or other personal habits. : todayilearned

Genetic analyses indicate that the effect of overweight and obesity on cancer risk is at least double what was previously thought. Bowel, kidney, pancreatic, ovarian, endometrial and oesophageal cancer are all now thought to be more affected by obesity than earlier estimates. : science

The Psychology of False Confessions: Forty Years of Science and Practice | Forensic Psychology | Clinical Psychology | Psychology | Subjects | Wiley

Chomsky's Mysterianism
Conscious Entities ; Blog Archive ; Dismissing materialism
No Materialist Theory of Consciousness Is Plausible | Mind Matters - All such theories either deny the very thing they are trying to explain, result in absurd scenarios, or end up requiring an immaterial intervention
My inbuilt Mysterian stupidity barrier | WIRED - Bruce Sterling

What's a time you saw someone get exactly what was coming to them? : AskReddit

If you were briefly sent 500 years into the future, and you could ask only one question to a random passerby, what would it be? : AskReddit
selfies of the soul

Non-native English speakers of Reddit, what are some expressions from your native language that don't make sense in English?
Whats the weirdest thing you have ever walked in on? : AskReddit
What's the most 'Paranormal' or scariest thing you've ever experienced? : AskReddit

Vlad the impaler : videos

What screams "I really like you"?
You know your prank was too much when the person you prank passes out immediately. : WTF
Dear Reddit, what item is going to be the Fidget Spinner of 2020? : AskReddit
What do you think will die out with the baby boomer generation? : AskReddit

Guys of reddit, what's one reason/ thing that made you want to be a girl?
If you could switch to the opposite sex, would you? Why? : AskReddit


Climate Change Threatens the World's Food Supply, United Nations Warns
Harry Reid to Dems: Kill the Filibuster to Tackle the Climate Crisis - The former majority leader has some thoughts about what his party should do should it return to power.
'Perfect storm' - Climate crisis reducing land's ability to sustain humanity, says UN IPCC
The Oil Giants Might Finally Pay for Pulling the Biggest Hoax of All: NY state sues ExxonMobil on charges that it knew the risks of climate change and defrauded investors by misrepresenting them. : worldnews

Revealed: how Monsanto's 'intelligence center' targeted journalists and activists : worldnews

Was Trump's s El Paso Visit a Turning Point? - A day of racist comments left him looking small and isolated, while the city united against him.
Trump Uses a Day of Healing to Deepen the Nation's Divisions
El Paso suspects mother called police concerned about gun
'We Are Being Eaten From Within.' America's Lost Battle Against White Nationalist Terrorism | Time
To Learn About the Far Right, Start With the 'Manosphere' - The sexist world has become a recruiting ground for potential mass shooters.
Rep. Lucy McBath, whose son was fatally shot, accused by Republicans of politicizing shootings - The Washington Post
Rep. Lucy McBath, whose son was fatally shot, accused by Republicans of politicizing shootings : politics
Trump seen in video touting rally crowd size during El Paso hospital visit : politics
Ivanka Trump's mask slips. What her Chicago canard reveals -- Ivanka Trump's error-filled tweet on Chicago violence is the loudest dog-whistle
El Paso Shooting Victims in Hospital Refused to Meet Trump: Report : politics
Maggie Haberman: White House Staffers Privately Admit Trumps El Paso, Dayton Visits Were a 'Debacle'
NYT: WH Staffers Privately Think Trump's Visits Were A 'Debacle'
Some Victims Of El Paso Mass Shooting Refused Hospital Meeting With Donald Trump : politics
dy During El Paso hospital visit, Trump compared his and O'Rourke's crowd sizes at political rallies, video shows
Florida Republican Party to hold voter registration at gun show one week after mass shootings | Tampa Bay Times
The ugliness of politics is on full display right now - The Washington Post
Weslaco TX Walmart shuts down due to terrorizing threats made by 13 year old over social media. : news

China delivers its most explicit threat to use military force in Hong Kong if protests get bigger and more violent : worldnews

A short-term spike in radiation levels was recorded after a rocket engine exploded during a test in Russia. Moscow's defence ministry said two were killed and four others wounded after the blast at a military shooting range in the northwestern region of Arkhangelsk. ... "What a crappy cover story."

UN slams Israel's 'effective annexation' of West Bank after 2,000 settlement units approved : worldnews

Medical cannabis cannot be approved for use on children with severe epilepsy on the NHS as there is not enough evidence to prove it helps, watchdog rules. The decision by the National Institute for Healthcare Excellence dismayed campaigners and parents who say their children will suffer as a result. : worldnews (can't research illegal drugs, keeps drugs illegal, sound familiar?)

India Arrests Over 500 In Kashmir As Pakistan Suspends Railway Service | HuffPost - government revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir this week and downgraded the region from statehood to a territory

Poland's speaker of parliament resigns over flight scandal -- The ruling Law and Justice party hopes to head off a problem that could hurt it at the polls ... after the opposition accused him of taking more than 100 flights on a government jetmainly to his home town of Rzeszswften accompanied by family members, other politicians, friends and officials. (the Nazis)

Pass the Duchy: Luxembourg POLITICO - While others are dealing with medical cannabis, Luxembourg wants to become the first in the EU to legalize recreational weed. (Europe is really retarded)
Luxembourg to be first European country to legalise cannabis : worldnews

U.S. Intel Officials Eye Disinformation Campaign Targeting John Bolton's Family -- Cybersecurity experts say an effort to implicate Bolton in a global drug trafficking ring bears hallmarks of past Iranian influence operations.

Cruise ships are finally banned from Venice following decades-long battle : worldnews

Philippines: US rights volunteer branded 'enemy of state' shot outside home | World news | The Guardian

Five French teenagers arrested in Spain over alleged gang rape : worldnews

As Scotland's 'Trainspotting' Generation Ages, the Dead Pile Up

A scathing new Pentagon report blames Trump for the return of ISIS in Syria and Iraq : politics

Deutsche Bank and Wall Street banks reportedly just gave Congress thousands of documents related to Russians with possible ties to Trump : politics

Largest US immigration raids in a decade net 680 arrests - U.S. immigration officials raided seven Mississippi chicken processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in the largest workplace sting in at least a decade. (ICE fucksters)
Children of undocumented immigrants arrested in Mississippi rely on strangers for food and shelter | WJTV (as usual, cruelty to children is the whole point)
ICE arrested hundreds of people in raids. Nowd 'evastated' children are without their parents.
Bernie Sanders on raids: "This is evil" : politics
ICE Raids Miss. Plant After $3.75 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement - Payday Report - In December of 2017, Domingo Ramos, a 49-year-old undocumented worker from Guatemala, was killed in the plant when his foot was sucked into a rotating auger, ripping off his lower leg and leading to him bleeding to death.
How Is That "Trump Calls for Unifying the Nation Against Racism" Thing Going? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

'Green Shirt Guy' Laughing At Trump Supporters Is Twitters Hottest New Meme - The internet fell in love after Alex Kack was filmed laughing uncontrollably at a pair of anti-immigrant protesters during a Tucson City Council meeting.
Nick VinZant on Twitter: "Scene inside a Tucson City Council Meeting. Officials voted to put a "Sanctuary City" measure on the November ballot" / Twitter - Green Shirt Guy, Banjo Man and the Singing Sanctuary City Sisters all in one place.

Deported from Detroit to Die Homeless in Iraq: Jimmy Aldaoud's Story Sparks Anger : worldnews ... Jimmy is believed to be deported as part of the US administrationplan to target Chaldean Catholics in the Detroit metro area, of which Aldaoud was one. (diabetic, no insulin, Trump killed him)
A Detroit diabetic was deported to Iraq, where he'd never lived. He died from lack of insulin, family says.

Critical U.S. Election Systems Have Been Left Exposed Online Despite Official Denials : politics

White House rebuffed attempts by DHS to make combating domestic terrorism a higher priority
DHS Was Asked What Theyre Doing About White Nationalist Terror. They Sent a Report About Environmentalists
After HuffPost Investigation, 4 White Nationalists Out Of U.S. Military - But Others Allowed To Remain - And others are still under investigation.

A major impeachment development: Court may order McGahns testimony (Trump and anyone who came within ten feet of him, have "absolute immunity")

Trump has regrets that he scolded his late, alcoholic brother about his career - The Washington Post
Trump Suggests He's Likely to Commute Sentence of Rod Blagojevich (Trumpie loves his corruption)

Don't Assume Trump's Approval Rating Can't Climb Higher. It Already Has. - Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do. (Trump keeps getting even more popular)

Elizabeth Warren Joins Beto ORourke in Calling Trump a White Supremacist

Trump boasted about making Air Force One cheaper. He didn't (hahaha you believed the antichrist)

Farm Discontent Bubbles Over as Perdue Confronted in Minnesota - Bloomberg - Farmers say they fear long-term damage that aid won't repair (dumbfuck racist welfare tractor queens voted for Herr Trumpster)

McConnell campaign locked out by Twitter for profanity-laced video
Republican Group Attacks Trump, Mitch McConnell In New Ad Running On Fox News | HuffPost
Kentucky still doesn't know how to add 2+2 : PoliticalHumor (KenFucky)
/u/Dalisca details the inane hoops Mitch McConnell put in place in Kentucky to get people like his friend with cancer off Medicaid, whereby you HAVE to have a job, but you must also make very little money. "Mitch cut her Medicaid and she lost access to chemo. When she dies, he will be her murderer." : bestof

I won't be voting for the president again, says Ohio farmer who backed Trump in 2016 : politics ... 78% of farmers said in July that they believe the trade war will ultimately benefit U.S. agriculture.

How Donald Trump Has Used A Secretive Justice System To Keep Lawsuits Against Him Quiet

Alan Dershowitz wants his '97 op-ed seen in context

Violent Far-Right Extremists Are Rarely Prosecuted as Terrorists : politics
Trump campaign ad featured QAnon signs despite FBI warning that conspiracy could motivate extremists : politics

How we hold Trump enablers accountable - The Washington Post
The meritocracy in action - Lawyers, Guns & Money - After Stephen Ross got major blowback for organizing and hosting a $250K a plate fundraiser for Donald Trump, he released this statement.

Susan Collins has a predictably pathetic response to El Paso and Dayton shootings - ThinkProgress - "There are times for political debate, but this is not one of them" (Suzie-Doozy cackled and then said "sorry, gotta go, call from my buds the Kochbros about another bag of money")

Eschaton: Insulin - One reason I am very pessimistic about the possibilities for the current dominant democrats is that if they can't even take on insulin... Diabetic groom-to-be dies after taking cheaper insulin to pay for wedding (and that's not all they're fucking up)

Eschaton: Squirrel - The only explanation I could think of for Maggie's stupider than usual freakout over Castro's daring to highlight publicly available information about maxed out Trump donors was that the group text went out from the usual GOP suspects and Maggie and a few other reporters (simultaneously!) went "SQUIRREL!"

Gender Will Be An Issue For Men As Well As Women In 2020 | FiveThirtyEight - Gender will be an issue even if the Democrats nominate a man
- The Washington Post - Trump cant condemn racism without condemning himself ... Trumpism, the proposition that every problem is the result of some pernicious influence that isn't you:

Tucker Carlsons claim that white supremacy is a hoax is easy to prove wrong. Just watch his show.
Prominent White Supremacist Broadcaster Claims White Supremacy is Imaginary - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Tucker the frozen-food in-law heir has enough money to live in luxury most people can't imagine for the rest of his life.
'Fire Tucker Carlson' Trends As Fox News Host Announces Sudden Vacation
Tucker Carlson goes on vacation as criticism mounts over false claim about white supremacy 'hoax' - CNN

'What Oligarchy Looks Like': Sanders Leads 140 Lawmakers in Condemning Trump Plan to Rip Food Stamps From 3 Million Americans : politics
Senatitis - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The current Democratic frontrunner -- I can't believe this is true -- remains utterly deluded about what he's dealing with
Biden: If Elected President, I'll Let Mitch McConnell Block Everything

Bill de Blasio Attacks Fox News in Wild Clash With Hannity: This is 'Such a Charade!'

I Know People Want a Richer, More Thoughtful Explanation - The New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet discusses a controversial headline decision and why the paper's editorial process needs to change. (start with firing your own lame WSJ-loving ass)

Judge greenlights libel suit against NPR over Seth Rich reports - POLITICO - $57 million suit brought by Ed Butowsky makes plausible claims that the network may be liable for defamation for a series of online stories about Butowsky's role in publicizing assertions that the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, may have been involved in leaking Democratic emails.

Breitbart's Audience Has Dropped 72% Since Trump Took Office - As Other Right-Wing Sites Have Gained

The Harvard Law Professor Scam Story: A Follow-up - The Harvard Professor Scam Gets Even Weirder Six other men describe their encounters with the same mysterious Frenchwoman.

Superior man believed he was acting on Trumps orders in attacking boy for wearing hat during national anthem (the Trump in his head)

Jeffrey Epstein 'misappropriated vast sums of money from me,' Les Wexner says : news
Lead U.S. prosecutor in '08 Epstein case who sources say wanted to charge him -- resigns

Cost of healthcare cited for apparent Whatcom County murder-suicide : news

Illinois Cop Shot Unarmed Black 12-Year-old in Bed During Botched Raid: Lawsuit : news
Man arrested after entering Springfield, Mo Walmart with body armor, assault rifle, and 100 rounds of ammo : news

Woman who lied about Good Samaritan sex assault apologises : news
14-year-old girl fires gun to save sisters from intruder : news

Racial bias training: Police slam "The absolute worst training I've ever had" - CBS News (racist cops shocked to hear they are racist)

A groom saves a boy from drowning during his wedding photoshoot : pics

Shrewsbury man who sold sick, dying bulldog puppies fined | - Some of the dogs reportedly died within hours of being purchased ... Heath Morse

When those dad reflexes kick in. : funny

Oral Sex Comes of Age in Hollywood:

Maps: Here are the five worst spots and times for traffic in Massachusetts, according to a new MassDOT report - The Boston Globe

After aidestrial ends in guilty verdict, whats next for Marty Walsh?

Connecticut Man Contracts Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Swimming at Hammonasset - NBC Connecticut - A doctor at the Hospital of Central Connecticut says while rare, cases of people contracting the bacteria are rising

TIL Consuming alchohol nearly doubles the amount of THC your brain absorbs after smoking marijuana : todayilearned
Legalized recreational marijuana may be a substitute for alcohol, but not tobacco, suggests a new study comparing number of online searches, which also found that after recreational cannabis is legalized, teenagers appear to lose interest in it, rather than gain interest. : science

Pseudoscience is taking over social media and putting us all at risk - Conspiracy theories are drowning out legitimate facts which could negatively impact human behaviour in the future : technology

The cosmological constant is sometimes regarded as the worst prediction is physics... what could possibly account for the difference of 120 orders of magnitude between the predicted value and the actually observed value? : askscience

What's the best prank you've ever heard of/seen/experienced? : AskReddit

(NSFW) People who work in the Adult Film Industry, what is the weirdest/creepiest/nastiest thing you've seen or experienced while working
People who downloaded their Google data and went through it, what were the most unsettling things you found out they had stored about you? : AskReddit
Google took money from Monsanto to change search results and promote websites that attacked researchers who linked their products to increased cancer rates. : technology


christophalese comments on Record heatwave 'made much more likely' by human impact on climate - Scientists say July has rewritten climate history
/u/christophalese Explains the Science behind Climate Collapse and why it's the No 1 Problem for Humanity : bestof

How the El Paso Shooting Exposes the Rifts in Texas Politics - The New York Times
'Good Guys With Guns' Can Rarely Stop Mass Shootings, and Texas and Ohio Show Why : politics

Hong Kong police tear skirt, underwear off fe... | Taiwan News

India' s Looming Ethno-Nationalist Catastrophe -- The decision to revoke Kashmir' s special status is part of and popularagenda for Delhi's hard-right Hindu government.

Oil prices could crash by $30 if China buys Iranian crude: BofA : worldnews

Suicide is no longer the biggest killer of middle-aged UK men, new data has revealed, as deaths caused by drug overdoses have eclipsed them for the first time. : worldnews

'Differences in culture exist': Berlin refugees given sexual consent classes : worldnews
YSK common misconceptions about sexual consent : YouShouldKnow
Sex and HIV Education | Guttmacher Institute
Exclusive: U.S. among 10 most dangerous countries for women amid #MeToo campaign - poll - Reuters

Britain faces food shortages in no-deal Brexit scenario, industry body says : news

Judge Orders Government To Release Khashoggi Records : NPR

Trump Campaign Refuses to Stop Using 'Invasion' to Describe Migrants, Claims it's 'Accurate' : politics
680 people detained in largest single-state worksite enforcement operation in nation's history ... ICE raids took place Wednesday morning at seven locations across Mississippi (Republicans ruining hard-working people's lives)

What if Donald Trump is just blind? - It would honestly explain a lot (he can't see/read, explains a lot)

New Pentagon Report Pegs Air Force One Cost at $5.2 Billion : news

Judge Not Impressed With DOJ's Attempt To Claim Presidential Tweets And Orders Dont Mean Anything

The GOP has caught autocratic fever - The Washington Post

The Case Against the Electoral College Is Stronger Than Ever - As has been true for over 200 years, the next president will be chosen by an eighteenth-century anachronism. American voters deserve better. : politics

Trump Campaign Ad Features QAnon Signs

Tucker Carlson Claims There's No White Supremacy Problem: 'This Is A Hoax' -- not a real problem in America (said the white power hour guy)
Fox News commentator suggests Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist for claiming supremacy is a "hoax" : politics
Far-Right Accounts Retweeted by Trump Keep Getting Suspended By Twitter

Mitch McConnell deserves blame : politics

It Might Be Time To Cut My Right-Wing, Trump-Loving In-Laws Out Of My Kids' Lives Vote Removes Stubborn Orange Stains T-Shirt: Clothing

Black Homeownership Drops to Lowest Level in 50 Years : news

Members of the Press, WTF Indeed! | Crooked Media (somebody fire Fuckquet)
Times public editor: The readers versus the masthead - Columbia Journalism Review

Eschaton: Priorities - Our Maggie of the New York Times got upset last night because a presidential candidate brother of a presidential candidate pointed out who some of Trump's maxed out donors were, using easily searchable publicly available data. This was very bad, according to Maggie, she of the newspaper which teamed up with Bannon's "Clinton Cash" to write story after story, including a database of donors, about how the Clintons were probably just accepting bribes, and the main person who covers the president who loves to point out whenever any of his critics or their family members gave money to his political opponents. - Autopsy is scheduled in Winnipeg to confirm identities, say police

St. Louis sergeant: There are white supremacists on the police force : news

Nurse charged with scamming holocaust survivor out of life savings : news
Charge dropped against Central NY homeowner who shot, killed 2 intruders : news
Body-cam video shows fired officer punching cuffed suspect. : news

Physicists Overturn a 100-Year-Old Assumption on How Brain Cells Work : technology

What do you think is the most interesting psychology phenomenon? : AskReddit

Marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths, according to a new study, which found that legalization and access to recreational marijuana reduced annual opioid mortality in the range of 20% to 35%, with particularly pronounced effects for synthetic opioids. : science ... marijuana access induces sharp reductions in opioid mortality rates ...
Study: legalizing medical cannabis does not reduce opioid overdose deaths
Opioid Summaries by State | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Dyslexter comments on Because Malians, Berbers, Ethiopians etc. don't exist

I_kickflipped_my_dog comments on If your school lends textbooks, teachers seem perfectly content in using ones published in 1999. If your school sells textbooks, then last year's editions are suddenly outdated, worthless pieces of trash.

AwesomeBrainPowers shows why "boys will be boys" is not an excuse - & is an insult to men in general. : bestof


Greenland's ice wasn't supposed to melt like last week until 2070: 'Across lower elevations around the margins of the ice sheet, bare glacial ice melted at an unprecedented rate, losing 12.5 billion tons of water on Thursday alone' : worldnews
Top Climate Scientist Quits USDA, Accuses Trump Administration of Trying to Bury Research : worldnews
As the world grows hotter, the military grapples with a deadly enemy it can't kill : inthenews
Alaska's sea ice has completely melted away - after an Arctic summer with well above-average temperatures, warmer seas, and a historic July heat wave : worldnews
Bizarre Forest Superorganism s Keeping Dead Trees Alive, Study Finds
NASA worked out how to make food out of thin air - and it could feed billions : worldnews

More and deadlier: Mass shooting trends in America - The Washington Post
As El Paso Mourns Mass Shooting, Texas Gun Laws Are About To Get Even Looser | HuffPost - From Sept. 1, it will be even easier to carry guns in Texas churches, schools, apartment buildings and disaster zones. (and armed kindergartners)
14 shootings in Toronto over the August long weekend : news
Ex-girlfriend says Dayton shooter heard voices, talked about 'dark, evil things'
8chan owner says El Paso shooter didn't post manifesto - CNET - Jim Watkins says it was first posted on Instagram and then re-posted by someone else on 8chan. (FB says he's lying)

Rise of far-right violence leads some to call for realignment of post-9/11 national security priorities - The Washington Post - The United States continues to employ a staggering arsenal of armed forces, unmanned drones, intelligence agencies and sweeping domestic authorities to contain a threat -- Islamist terrorism -- that has claimed about 100 lives on American soil since the nation mobilized after the Sept.?11, 2001, attacks. (time to carpet-bomb the far right)

Could This Be the Moment Trump Loses America? | Public reaction to El Paso shows a realization that Trump has been stoking racist hatred. : politics
George Conway correctly predicted Trump couldn't keep up the post-shooting unity shtick for 24 hours : politics
Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism | Don't pretend his teleprompter speech changes anything.
Trump's Condemnation of White Supremacy Will Only Last Until His Next Rally : politics
Trump Spokesperson Attacks Obama for Condemning Racism : inthenews
How the Trump Campaign Used Facebook Ads to Amplify His 'Invasion' Claim
Teleprompter Trump meets Twitter Trump as the president responds to mass slayings - The Washington Post
El Paso shooting, Trump campaign: Facebook ads talk immigrant invasion
DHS Official: Trump Can't Admit 'This Is Terrorism'
Opinion | Trump Is a White Nationalist Who Inspires Terrorism - The New York Times - Don't pretend his teleprompter speech changes anything.
Trump attacks Obama for statement on shootings - POLITICO - tweeting edited quotes from Fox News hosts to make his point and again claiming he is 'the least racist person' in the world.
9/11 leaders call for new focus on mass shootings; problem 'desperate'

'The headline was bad': New York Times amends front page on Trumps response to mass shootings after backlash ... "TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM" (you can see their heads almost exploding between the truth and their spin)
Nate Silver on Twitter: "Tomorrow's NYT print edition. Not sure "TRUMP URGES UNITY VS. RACISM" is how I would have framed the story." / Twitter (did Haberputz write the head?)
Today is the Day Donald Trump Most Assuredly Became President - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Time for another trip to Ohio to find some 75-year-old who has voted for every Republican presidential candidate since 1980 to declare they're voting for Trump to stick it to NASCAR-hating liberal elites again!
NYT's Trump Headline Is So Outrageous That People Are Canceling Subscriptions -- Twitter users are shredding The New York Times for its newspaper headline
Generation Lockdown - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What Conservative Pastors Didnt Say After El Paso ("kill all non-whites")
El Paso always has lived and loved in two countries. Now it grieves that way, too. - The Washington Post
'I just don't have words' : Beto ORourke shows raw anger as his hometown mourns
Democrats' frustration with the news media boils over
Republicans' thoughts and prayers' have become a cruel joke ... Eventually, disgusted Americans will force Republicans to act. Until then, here's a thought: We don't have a prayer
This Politician Blamed Mass Shootings On Trans People, Drag Queens

What are Republicans afraid of? - The Washington Post - almost funny, in a twisted sort of way. Election after election, Republicans have based their core political appeal on fear.
Trump, Conservative Media, and White Nationalism - The Atlantic - As long as the Republican Party and the conservative media are committed to defending him, their attempts to join their fellow Americans in eradicating the scourge of white supremacy cannot be realized.
The era of white nationalism is a growing threat to America - Axios
White Terrorism Shows Stunning Parallels to Islamic State's Rise

Brendan Karet ?? on Twitter: "Presidential adviser Sean Hannity: "I'd like to see the perimeter of every school in America surrounded, secured by retired police ... have one armed guard on every floor of every school, all over every mall, the perimeter and inside every hall of every mall."" / Twitter
Hannity Wants Every School And Mall In America Surrounded With A Paramilitary Force | Crooks and Liars - How long will it take Trump to propose the same faux solutions?
I don't understand these people. I really don't ... Gotta have a police state to we can all own guns to protect us from a police state. True freedom is when a bunch of minimum wage Paul Blarts with twitchy trigger fingers are everywhere.

Can Congress Pass Gun Laws? - The Atlantic - A plan to help states implement so-called red-flag laws has bipartisan support in the Republican-controlled Senate. (yeah, that'll help a lot)
An Action Plan to Combat the National Threat Posed by Hate and the Gun Lobby (Buttigieg)
Republicans Fear 'Extinction in the Suburbs' Over Gun Control

Uruguay issues travel warning for the U.S. after mass shootings, citing "indiscriminate violence" and a rise in hate crimes : worldnews
20 killed, 47 injured in militant attack in front of Cairo's National Cancer Institute

China warns Hong Kong protesters: 'Those who play with fire will perish by it' - CNA : worldnews
/u/glassisnotglass explains the culture of denigration in some societies like Chineese and American conservatives : bestof
glassisnotglass comments on You have run out of Amulfax Shuffle Time
Flighterist comments on I hope CA know what they're doing, because Netease is basically the company version of Lu Bu

Israeli police plant gun in Palestinian's home for reality TV show; Now he fears for his life : worldnews ... "Terrorist apartheid state."

EU leaders 'have accepted UK is leaving without a deal' : worldnews
'Britain has no leverage. Britain is desperate. Britain has nothing else': Trump will exploit the UK in trade talks, former US treasury secretary says : worldnews
BBC's Michael Buerk: Let obese people die early to save NHS money : worldnews

Man who threw fridge off Spanish cliff ordered to drag it back up : news

Court revives Sarah Palin defamation case vs NY Times over editorial on shootings - Reuters - over an editorial that she said maliciously linked her to the 2011 mass shooting that seriously wounded Representative Gabrielle Giffords.

100 Immigrants Pepper-Sprayed At Louisiana ICE Facility

China confirms it is suspending agricultural product purchases in response to Trump's new tariffs
China Trump Deals 'Body Blow' to Struggling U.S. Farm Belt Farmers, agricultural groups decry retaliatory move to stop buying U.S. crops and livestock (ftfy, WSJ)
Trump is increasingly relying on himself -- not his aides -- in trade war with China (Pres Dimbulb relying on his fat gut)
Trade War Becomes Currency War - WSJ - Exchange-rate shifts introduce a new risk to global growth.
U.S. farmers are exasperated by latest trade war moves: 'Another nail in the coffin' (dumbfuck Trump voting tractor queens)

Private Border Wall Effort Now Under Criminal Investigation | - Already Conducting a Civil Inquiry, Florida Officials Have Confirmed an Active Criminal Probe into a Controversial GoFundMe Group *

USDA Office Relocations Are Illegal, IG Says - Government Executive - Agriculture Department counters that the spending law it allegedly violated is unconstitutional and therefore not binding. (the Trumpstitution)

Moscow Mitch, The Musical (Theme Song) - YouTube
Mitch McConnell campaign posts photos of tombstones with Democrat names on hours after El Paso shooting - One of the gravestones read "RIP Amy McGrath", a reference to the candidate running to unseat him in the Kentucky senate race : politics
Gabby Giffords calls on Mitch McConnell to apologize for joking about deaths of political opponents : politics
Mitch McConnell faces new wave of criticism for tone deaf campaign tweet after El Paso shooting. : politics

Eschaton: Give Us All Your Money - I don't entirely know why the New York Times is the way it is. Twitter provides a window into the souls of some of their reporters and they are not pretty things. Shitting on your core customers and then yelling at them for not wanting to buy more shit is a strange business model. Twitter's New York Times defense force, both Times people and other reporters kissing up, is always hilarious.

Seven years ago today Donald Trump tweeted this - Lawyers, Guns & Money - @BarackObama applied to Occidental as a foreign student -- think about it! -- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 6, 2012

Judge Him By His Works - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ex-GOP Lawmaker To Voters: Beat Republicans. Beat Every Single One Of Them

The Williamson Surge Continues - Lawyers, Guns & Money - almost as if theater critic punditry is just projection and tautology all the way down, and pundits and actual voters have very different priorities!

Ocasio-Cortez confronts McConnell over photo of men in 'Team Mitch' shirts 'groping & choking' her cutout ... But as many raced to post the men's real names and social media accounts, the campaign also suggested it was wrong to cast them into the maw of viral outrage culture and cried hypocrisy (looks like more Covingtoon Catholics racist assholes) "future federal judges of America." (hahaha)
Mitch McConnell Campaign Manager Says Boys Will Be Boys Over Photo of Teens Groping, Choking AOC Cutout ... Lexington Christian Academy
team_mitch -- Fancy Farm, Kentucky -- Bunch of fucking pussys good thing i know all of your fucking names so look out for the bad mexicans (they love their Kavanaughs)
Mitch McConnell's campaign keeps creating controversies. Why?
McGrath criticizes McConnell over photo depicting her name on a gravestone - The Washington Post

GOPers Who Heard TX Speaker Recording Don't Want it Released, Say It's 'Damaging'
GOPers Who Heard TX Speaker Recording Don't Want It Released, Say It's 'Damaging'

The Coming of the American Behemoth: The Origins of Fascism in the United States, 1920 -1940: Michael Joseph Roberto: 9781583677322: Books

If Roe v Wade is reversed and if the 21 states classified as highly likely to outlaw abortion do so, the increase in travel distance to abortion clinics is estimated to prevent between 94,000 to 144,000 women from accessing abortion care per year. : science

Trump Is Not a Cosmic 404 Error - GEN - In his debut GEN column, Drew Magary implores Biden and other moderate Democrats to wake up and smell the permanent damage ... Leading the latter pack is, naturally, Joe Biden, who hasn't had a new idea since he decided black kids shouldn't get bused to better schools:
Exceptional statement : PoliticalHumor
Tit for tat right? : PoliticalHumor

How Bill de Blasio Went From Progressive Hope to Punching Bag - The New York Times - The New York mayor turned quixotic presidential candidate seems sick of his city -- and the feeling is mutual.

New Mexicans Saw Young Girls With Epstein as He Shopped for His 'Baby Ranch' -- "Oh, these must be his daughters and friends he took along on the trip"

Montana man accused of assaulting child for not removing hat during national anthem : news (patriotism!)

How a criminal investigation in Georgia set an ominous tone for African-American voters - operating under the authority of a newly appointed secretary of state named Brian Kemp, arrested Dennard and 11 of her political allies and charged them with 120 separate felonies. To Dennard and her allies, who became known as the Quitman 10+2, the reasons for their arrests were simple. They were black candidates who won an election in the Deep South, upsetting a white-dominated power structure. (Kemp's path to success)

Galveston police apologize after photo surfaces of horse-mounted officers leading handcuffed suspect - Houston Chronicle (with a rope) arrested on a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge.
Corona Costco shooting: Judge blocks release of video evidence : news (killer copster killed disabled man and shot both his parents, also, judge blocks damning video)

USA TODAY owner Gannett acquired by GateHouse Media owner - enabling the combined company to pursue a digital transformation as the media industry grapples with the disruptive forces of online news, social media and smartphones ... in a cash-and-stock deal worth about $1.38 billion and financed in part with new private-equity debt. ... Together, the two companies would operate more than 260 daily news operations -- far more than any other U.S. news publisher -- and boast potentially the largest online audience of any American news provider. (more Republifuck hedgies killing your local newspapers)

Toni Morrison - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Toni Morrison Dead at 88

Boy Scouts sex abuse: Lawsuit claims there are hundreds of previously unreported predators - The Washington Post

Poll shows widespread frustration among teachers over pay and respect - The Washington Post (America's most hated occupation)

Why we're giving our baby my wife's last name
I Lost My Husband To Suicide. Here's What I Want You To Know

lightdork comments on The FTC Should Fine Itself for False Advertising for Promising You $125 From Equifax - Consumer groups say the FTC engaged in the same false and deceptive behavior it's supposed to police (talk about organized crime)

New iPads make a strong back-to-school appeal. Im still not sold. (dumbification of America)

The essential guide to buying and consuming pot in Massachusetts - The Boston Globe

Small group of nursing moms demonstrates outside Somerville restaurant - The Boston Globe - On Saturday morning, about a half-dozen mothers with young children took their displeasure to the steps of Ball Square Cafe, where they demonstrated by nursing their babies on the sidewalk as restaurant patrons ate breakfast at outdoor tables ... Mike Moccia, co-owner and manager of the restaurant, declined to comment Saturday ... A couple impotant points in facebook thread missing from article 1) not first time owner has done this, other mother experienced same thing in 2013 2) owner was real jerk about it

Men on Tinder do not appear to be intimidated by highly educated women, suggests new study (n=3,600), which found no evidence that men have an aversion to a highly educated romantic partner. Both men and women on Tinder tended to prefer better educated partners, though women were far more selective. : science

u/YaztromoX gives a detailed explanation of the P = NP millenium problem, and the possible impacts it's solution can have : DepthHub

What "forgotten" historic event should we teach in schools and why? : AskReddit

What's the scariest thing that actually exists?

What's the most paranormal thing that has ever happened to you?

Men of Reddit, what instantly turned you off a woman? : AskReddit

Redditors who were dating someone that went from "I think I want to marry this person" to "I think I need a restraining order", what happened? : AskReddit

Duggy1138 comments on If women wrote men the same way men write women... (read)


Hepatitis A Declared A Public Health Emergency In Florida : news

El Paso shooting: Death toll rises to 22 in anti-immigrant massacre - CNN
Connor Betts: Twitter Posts on Being a Leftist, Guns |
Dayton, Ohio, shooting: The shooter wore a mask, bulletproof vest and hearing protection ad he fired, police chief said - CNN
Suspect's sister among those killed in Oregon Districmean most of what he did say.
t shooting
Classmates: Ohio shooter kept a 'hit list' and a 'rape list'
Gone In 30 Seconds - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Allowing woman-haters with violent fantasies about killing classmates easy access to military-grade weaponry -- what could possibly go wrong, really? (good guys with guns were there and he still shot 14 people)
Police "neutralized" the Dayton shooter in 30 seconds. He still shot 14 people.
Dayton suspect compiled 'hit list' and 'rape list' in high school : news EXCLUSIVE: Dayton Shooter Was In a "Pornogrind" Band That Released Songs About Raping and Killing Women

In tragic self-owns, Trump denounces racism, and calls for immigration reform - Rather than risk alienating his allies in the wake of another round of mass shootings, Trump chose to expose himself to claims of responsibility.
Trump Doesn't Give a Damn About Gun Massacres - The president didn't say much that mattered, and he plainly didn't mean most of what he did say.
Opinion | Conservatism Has a Violence Problem - The New York Times - The numbers don't lie
Trump Blames Everything But Guns And Himself For El Paso And Dayton Mass Shootings | HuffPost - The president commented on the two shootings over the weekend in Texas and Ohio ... "We vow to act with urgent resolve," (to do absolutely nothing!)
How Fox News pushed the white supremacist 'great replacement' theory -- Fox News figures have repeatedly warned of an immigrant 'invasion'
You dont need to read the El Paso killer's manifesto. Just turn on Fox News.
Trump's speech would be laughable if it weren't so infuriating
The Media Is Missing the Real Story of Trump's Racism : It's easy to see why he's attacking politicians of color. Why are Beltway pundits so blind to it? ...As the intensity of anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric has increased on the right, the nonpartisan press has mainly concerned itself with how that rhetoric affects white turnout, not how it affects communities like Omar's. And when the next worst thing happens, they'll all ask How We Got Here in the manner of a tipsy student awakening on the last stop of an unfamiliar subway line.
Donald Trump Has Run Roughly 2,200 Facebook Ads Using The Word 'Invasion' Since May 2018 : politics
#WhiteSupremacistinChief trends at number one on Twitter : politics
El Paso Shooting Suspect's Manifesto Echoes Trump's Language
John Oliver Rolls Footage Of Trump Laughing At A Call To Shoot Immigrants | HuffPost
Rick Santorum Suggests Unarmed 'Soft Target' Shoppers Tempted El Paso Shooter ("It was their fault" he said, "Moar gunz" is the solution.")
Politicians blame video games for the El Paso shooting. Its an old claim that's not backed by research ... Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R), McCarthy, on Fox ... "We've watched from studies, shown before, what it does to individuals, and you look at these photos of how it took place, you can see the actions within video games and others" (brilliant Repubican mind is completely incoherent)
Another mass shooting, another wave of politicians pointing at video games : technology
Ocasio-Cortez Tells Off Kevin McCarthy: Blame White Supremacy, Not Video Games : politics
u 8chan Is a Megaphone for Shooters. Shut the Site Down, Says Its Creator
Terminating Service for 8Chan
Ohio state representative blames shootings on gay marriage, video games, open borders | TheHill - A Republican state representative in Ohio wrote a lengthy Facebook post in the aftermath of the Dayton, Ohio, mass shooting where she blamed the incident and other and other shootings on "the breakdown of the traditional American family" through gay marriage, transgender people and "drag queen advocates." State Rep. Candice Keller, who later deleted the post, also blamed violent video games, fatherlessness, recreational marijuana use and "open borders" (as usual, everything except Republicans and guns)
America's Mass Shooting Epidemic Is the Result of Republican Minority Rule : politics

Eschaton: Shut The Fuck You Stupid Assholes - Yesterday we got Better Beto ... The political press (Not All Journalists) are mostly just players in this particular bit of theater known as politics, and the great truthtelling moment requires an indictment of them as much as anything. So, yes, fuck you and your stupid ass questions you stupid fucking fucks. The president has been the leader of a racist terrorist movement since the campaign and you've all ignored it and invented increasingly ridiculous euphemisms for it so, like members of the press, what the fuck?
Beto O'Rourke Rips Media for Failing to Connect Trump Rhetoric to El Paso: 'You Know the Sh*t He's Been Saying...Members of the Press, What the F*ck?' : politics

FBI agents are reluctant to pursue white nationalist extremists because they don't want to target Trump's base, former counter-terror officer says : politics
White Extremist Ideology Drives Many Deadly Shootings - The New York Times
Opinion | The Right Way to Understand White Nationalist Terrorism - The New York Times - Attacks like that in El Paso are not an end in themselves. They are a call to arms, toward something much more frightening.
Ivanka Trump Slams White Supremacy On Twitter. Imagine How That Went Over. | HuffPost
Republican state lawmaker in Nebraska says his party is 'enabling white supremacy' ... "I of course am not suggesting that all Republicans are white supremacists nor am I saying that the average Republican is even racist," (hahahaha sure)
FBI faces skepticism over its anti-domestic terror efforts - The Washington Post
The El Paso mass shooting and defenses of white people with racist opinions - Where Taking the Concerns of Racists Seriously Has Gotten Us
Trump campaign still hasnt paid El Paso police bills ("unfailing support")

Opinion | We Have a White Nationalist Terrorist Problem - The New York Times
Eschaton: Calling All Good Nazis - Something is deeply wrong with the New York Times. -- Those who sympathize with the white nationalist ideology but who deplore the violence should work closely with law enforcement to see that fellow travelers who may be prone to violence do not have access to firearms like semiautomatic assault-style weapons that are massively destructive. -- This is like an echo of all the "good Muslims need to turn in all the bad Muslims" pieces but there are no good Nazis!!!
Shorter NYT: Moderate white supremacists must rein in the radicals in their midst - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... And if the Times wants to find some white nationalists who also deplore violence as a means of advancing white nationalism, its budget for yet more Cletus safaris had better be even bigger than that for further explorations of whether Alan Dershowitz is getting invited to enough dinner parties on Martha's Vineyard this summer. ("Cletus safaris" hahaha)
Concepts of Note: What is Herrenvolk democracy? | Justin C. Mueller ... democratic for the master race but tyrannical for subordinate groups
New York Times Editorial Cites 'Moderate' White Nationalists - Hey, New York Times: There Are No 'Moderate' White Nationalists -- If you sympathize with white nationalism, you back racism and violence. Full stop. (really says a lot about them, doesn't it)

Reagan, Nixon, Trump, and White Nationalism - The Atlantic - No belief in the history of the United States has been more threatening to democracy than the certainty that only white people are fit for self-government.
He's Getting Worse -- Trump is turning the American presidency into a platform for the wholesale demonization of minorities.
Scarborough says Trump donors are financing white supremacy | TheHill
We must call the El Paso shooting what it is: Trump-inspired terrorism : politics
#MassacreMitch Trends As People Blame Mitch McConnell Blocking Gun Control Legislation For Mass Shootings: 'You Are Owned By The NRA' : politics
'Do Something!" Ohio governor drowned out by angry chants at Dayton shooting vigil (fucking Ohio)
10390 outlines the NRA's 'playbook' of talking points for use after mass shootings, with links to references

53 shot, 7 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings : news

Kashmir goes dark as phone and internet services suspended and state leaders placed under house arrest : worldnews

Second car rams into crowd as chief executive Carrie Lam warns city is being pushed to the verge of a very dangerous situation

Abortion will be treated as a health issue rather than a crime, New Zealand Government has announced. : worldnews

Whats going on between Lindsay Lohan and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia?

Dow plunges 500 points after China retaliates, escalating trade war : news

Judge questions Barr's handling of Mueller findings

Kenny Marchant Will Be Fourth Texas Republican Congressman to Retire in 2020 - The New York Times ... With Mr. Marchant, a total of 11 House Republicans plan to retire or seek another office in 2020; just three House Democrats have announced they won't run again. (he looks the part)

Mayor de Blasio ordered NYPD Executive Protection Unit to move his daughter out of a Brooklyn apartment, sources say - New York Daily News - First Lady Chirlane McCray personally oversaw the move,

Texas man charged for midair meltdown challenges law, saying it was just rudeness | Crime : news

Cop Pulls Over Judge : videos

Police use-of-force is the 6th leading cause of death among men age 25-29 in the US. Researchers used data compiled by the National Vital Statistic System's mortality files and Fatal Encounters to create one of the few comprehensive baseline estimates for how often Americans are killed by police. (need a vaccination against killer copsters)

Woman conceived after rape of 13-year-old wants birth father prosecuted | Law | The Guardian - 'I'm a walking crime scene' says woman who aims to use her DNA to bring case against man who raped her mother

Millionaire Fugitive Charged in Death of His Wife is Captured in Mexico - NBC 7 San Diego - Peter Chadwick failed to show up for a 2015 court hearing after he was charged in the death of his wife at their Newport Beach home in October 2012

Libraries are fighting to preserve your right to borrow e-books : technology
Guide: The idiot proof guide to downloading ebooks off IRC. With Pictures and everything! : Piracy Download Ebook For Free
Library Genesis
Where is Sci-Hub now?

What is the weirdest conspiracy theory you ever heard of? : AskReddit

What is a true fact so baffling, it should be false? : AskReddit
TIL Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 straight days and lost a total of 276 lbs : todayilearned

u/Adminbeast creates a comprehensive list of films and videos that were the cultural influnce of Drag/Gay culture. The time and effort involved in making and formatting this post puts other threads to shame. : bestof

deepweb surfers of Reddit, what is the most fucked up thing you have seen of the deepweb? : AskReddit


No river in the UK is safe to swim in, results of pollution investigation reveals : worldnews

Water in Hawaii volcano could trigger explosive eruptions : news
Water in Hawaii volcano could trigger explosive eruptions - ABC News - For the first time in recorded history, a pond of water has been discovered inside the summit crater of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, a development that could signal a shift to a more explosive phase of future eruptions.

Trump tweets, stays out of sight for hours after shootings
After El Paso, We Can No Longer Ignore Trumps Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings
How do you stop these people?: Trumps anti-immigrant rhetoric looms over El Paso massacre
Trump's America unravels in one bloody nightmare weekend. Now it's time to clean house
Where do lone wolf mentally ill mass murders get their ideas about a Hispanic invasion? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Republican party is a domestic terrorist organization, that is getting Hispanic people in this country murdered. It should be treated as such.
Natalie Martinez on Twitter: "According to Facebook's ad archive, Trump has run around 2,200 FB ads since May 2018 mentioning the word "invasion." Scrolling through, all of them seem to be about immigration." / Twitter

Dayton, Ohio shooting: Connor Betts killed sister, eight other in shooting, police say - The Washington Post

After Sandy Hook, we said never again. And then we let 2,189 mass shootings happen. : politics
Dayton Shooting: Suspect and 9 dead, 26 wounded in Oregon District - Connor Betts, 24, of Bellbrook has been identified as the suspected shooter in the Oregon District, CBS News sources confirm.
After El Paso, We Can No Longer Ignore Trump's Role in Inspiring Mass Shootings
Months prior to El Paso Mass shooting, Trump laughs off "Shoot Them" rally heckle when referring to immigrants
#GunControlNow trends after El Paso Walmart shooting: "This is an insanity we are permitting," "We want action" : politics
Dayton Shooting: At Least 9 Dead, 26 Injured In Mass Shooting (America needs moar gunz)
Mass Shooting In Dayton, Ohio, Leaves At Least 9 Dead, 26 Injured | HuffPost - Officials said the shooter was killed at the scene. The attack happened mere hours after a deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.
Mass Shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Kills at Least 9 - The New York Times - Twenty-six others were wounded, the police said. It was the second American mass shooting in 24 hours, and the third in a week.
The Latest: Dozens treated for injuries in Ohio shooting -- at least 27 people have been treated for injuries after a shooter opened fire overnight in a popular nightlife area of Dayton, Ohio, and was quickly killed by police. ("quickly" after shooting 36 people)
Active shooter in Oregon District : news
7 Wounded In Shooting Near Playground : news (chicago, so normal)
Pete Buttigieg: America 'Under Attack From Homegrown White Nationalist Terrorists' -- called for stricter gun laws and condemned white nationalist ideology.
'This Is Madness' -- Nation Reacts To El Paso Carnage
Day at a Shopping Center in Texas Turns Deadly - The New York Times
'Gun violence epidemic' and 'hate epidemic' in this country: Rep. Veronica Escobar - ABC News
Doubling Down on the Terror - Lawyers, Guns & Money - El Paso Shooting Victims Might Avoid Hospitals Due to Immigration Status ... And this is where we see US state terror actively aiding and abetting the terrorist gunman and what appears to be his white supremicist agenda.
Opinion | When Hate Came to El Paso - The New York Times - The worst massacre aimed at Latinos in American history happened in my hometown, to my people.
Fox News Had to Interrupt Its Border Scare-Mongering to Report the El Paso Shooting : politics
The Second Amendment has failed America : politics (no, the psychotic interpretation by Republican judges has failed America)
Three white-nationalist shooters appear to have posted manifestos on the same troll forum. Heres how 8chan became a meme-filled refuge for hate (it always was, duh)
Mass Shootings in the US Since 1950 Resulting in Eight or More Murders - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... We've gone from one such shooting every thirty years to one every three months. THERE HAVE BEEN MORE IN THE LAST 20 HOURS THAN THERE WERE COLLECTIVELY IN THE THIRTY YEARS BEFORE 1980.
8chan Is a Megaphone for Gunmen. Shut the Site Down,Says Its Creator.
El Paso and the Death Rattle of White Supremacy - The Atlantic
Lyin' Ted Cruz says Antifa are the real terrorists. : PoliticalHumor

Hong Kong braces for largest citywide strike in decades as 14,000 people from 20 sectors vow to join protest against government : worldnews
Hong Kong protesters blocks roads with metal barriers, snips traffic light wires, and chants for people to attend a nation-wide strike around Causeway Bay : worldnews

Iran seizes another tanker in the gulf : news

Missing Romanian teenager 'begged' police to 'stay on the line':"Please stay with me on the line, I'm really scared," Alexandra Macesanu told a police officer while crying during her third and last call, according to a transcript released on Facebook by her uncle : worldnews (cops waited 19 hrs)
u/alohalii explains why Romainian cops took 19 hours to respond to a teenage girl's call for help, including waiting in front of the house as the killer burned her body; it's not incompetence, but corruption, as the cops had to make sure he wasn't part of a human trafficking group that owns the cops : bestof

Yorkshire paedophile who blindfolded and raped four-year-old girl attacked in prison : news

Government to spend five times more on 'propaganda' than helping councils prepare for no-deal Brexit : worldnews (Tories doing their Tory thing)

Eschaton: Kim - Trump's fixation with the North Korean leader is not... normal... and is not even in the same basic framework as his love of dictators generally or his fondess for Putin. It is...weird.
North Korea features Donald Trump on its stamps : worldnews

Mexico: 3 journalists killed in one week : worldnews

Trump Still Refuses to Condemn Violent White Supremacy : politics
Over one-third of Republican primary voters supported the racist chants at Trump's North Carolina rally : politics ... One third support saying it OUT LOUD, much much more support it generally

Barr says the US needs encryption backdoors to preven "going dark." Um what?

McConnell couldn't escape 'Moscow Mitch' at Kentucky's biggest political picnic : politics
Protestors interrupt McConnell event in Kentucky with 'Moscow Mitch' chants : politics
#MoscowMitch and the Republican Plan to Steal 2020 : politics
MoscowMitch and the Republican Plan to Steal 2020 | Vanity Fair - Is Mitch McConnell a secret Russian agent, or just an unpatriotic hack?
McConnell fractures shoulder in fall at Kentucky home - The Washington Post

Trump says cities are 'a mess.' They're actually enjoying a golden age. (the mess inside his head)

Eschaton - CAP's VP of Health Policy saying it's absurd to focus on... health policy (resign then, bitch!)... is just part of the "whatever The Left happens to think is important that day must be shouted down" and the more general "anything which sounds like it's criticizing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, even obliquely, must not be tolerated, at least if the wrong people are saying it" and also, too, "Biden 2020!" ... The argument against Democrats and the left criticizing and distancing themselves from Obama is an argument against evolution and progress. Practically speaking, it's also an argument against the left, which is the real crux of the argument that Obama's defenders are making. The underlying reason why the Obama criticism stings so much is that it equally serves as an indictment of these defenders, and of their politics over the past decade." (Barry wasn't "left" he was bipartisan center-right, just the guy America needed to deport and bomb children and pass Mitt Romney's health care plan)

The Congresswoman Who Wrote the Medicare for All Bill Is Sick of Democrats' Lies

Anderson Cooper Grills Marianne Williamson on Mental Health (says AC "just like Trump")
bellingcat - Tulsi Gabbard's Reports on Chemical Attacks in Syria - A Self-Contradictory Error Filled Mess - bellingcat

Eschaton: Why Are You Focused On This When You Should Be Focused On That? - Always focusing on the wrong thing that like [checks notes] everything else has no chance of passing the senate.

These 8 candidates have spots in the next debate. Can the rest catch up?

11 year old AOC didn't have the guts to join the military. Unbelievable. : PoliticalHumor (Tom Rotten Cotten)

Florida man writes anti-gay remark on restaurant bill, assaults woman, police say : news ... An evangelical minister, oh praise be. No surprise there. May god help him with his bitterness.

Margarita Brooks: Body-cam shows Arlington, Tx. officer shooting woman after aiming at dog - The Washington Post (cops: first kill their little dog, then kill them)

Texas superintendent suspended after allegedly head-butting another superintendent while drunk at fast-food chain - ABC News - A superintendent of a Texas school district was suspended after police and witnesses say he head-butted another superintendent while drunk at a Whataburger.

What America Got Wrong About the Opioid Crisis - The Atlantic (addiction rate from opioid prescriptions 1-4%, most were already addiction-prone)

Why you should get the shingles vaccine - The Washington Post

Scott Gottlieb: The CBD craze is getting out of hand. The FDA needs to act. - The Washington Post ... Scott Gottlieb, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, was the 23rd commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration from May 2017 to April 2019. He consults for and invests in biopharmaceutical companies. (one of the very rare cases when a Republican wants "more regulation" bc "pot kills" )

This German professor just repainted his observatory into R2-D2

If it is impossible to overdose on marijuana then how high could one possibly get? : AskReddit

Not sure what to do, wife (34f) with metastatic sarcoma : CancerCaregivers

What don't you realize about sex until you actually have sex? : AskReddit
In your opinion... What is Love? : AskReddit

What do you hate the most about r/AskReddit ? : AskReddit
Which is your favorite subreddit? : AskReddit
What fashion trend do you hate the most? : AskReddit
Helping little sister : funny

Data-mining reveals that 80% of books published 1924-63 never had their copyrights renewed and are now in the public domain : books

Google'S fILE ON yOU Is 10 Tiomes Bigger than Facebook's

Autonomous Car Industry's Frightening Vision for Cities Streetsblog USA - The future of cities will be programmed by sociopaths. (talk about delusional bubbles, they need "art students" to make their vision prettier)

Study: Drivers Behave More Dangerously Around Women Cyclists Streetsblog USA (brings out the femicidal impulses in make drivers)

'July Has Re-Written Climate History': Month Could Go Down as Planet's Hottest Ever : worldnews
Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg fires back at Australian columnist who called her 'deeply disturbed' : worldnews
The Problem With Greta Thunberg's Climate Activism - Her radical approach is at odds with democracy (and old bald white guys who got us into this disaster and are afraid of "activisim")
Climate Could Be an Electoral Time Bomb, Republican Strategists Fear - The New York Times ... Will Galloway, 19, a student and Republican youth leader at Clemson University ...
The Amazon is approaching an irreversible tipping point - On the brink - The results would be disastrous, for Brazil and for the world (they found someone evern dumber than Maduro)

Trump supporter murders at least 19 people in El Paso - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("don't blame Trump for my anti-immigrant murders")
Mass shooting in El Paso is deadliest in 2019, among worst in modern U.S. history - The number of people killed makes it one of the 10 worst in recent American history.
The Latest: Mexico president: 3 Mexicans killed in shooting
bellingcat - The El Paso Shooting and the Gamification of Terror - bellingcat
Investigators 'reasonably confident' Texas suspect left anti-immigrant screed, tipped off before attack
Police source: 18 killed, multiple injured in El Paso Walmart shooting | KTSM 9 News (another white nazi incel terrorist)
Mass Shooting at El Paso Walmart; Gunman 'Started Shooting Everyone, Aisle by Aisle'
Between 15 and 20 people shot at El Paso Walmart, one person in custody, officials say | Fox News (Trump says he's "very sorry" for inciting white violence)
Police in El Paso are responding to an active shooter at a Walmart : news
Texas Lt. Gov. tells Antifa to 'stay out' of El Paso after Walmart shooting | Fox News (the ways their so-called brains work)

A million miles away - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Woodstock 50 festival, which in its planning stages has been plagued by a series of misfortunes and obstacles, will not go on as planned.

Brazil space research chief to leave job after Bolsonaro rejects data showing huge jump in Amazon deforestation: Preliminary data showed an 88 per cent jump in deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in June compared to the same month a year ago. : worldnews

Thousands of Hong Kong civil servants defy government to join protests : worldnews
Defying crackdown, Russian opposition take to the streets : worldnews (lots of "defying")

Ukip beaten by Monster Raving Loony party at by-election : worldnews
Brexiteer jailed for threatening to kill MPs: 'We will cut your f***ing throat' : worldnews (rightwing white nationalist nazi terrorism as usual)

Opinion | Is Putin Burning Out? - The New York Times - The demonstrations of recent weeks may push him to mistakes that test his grip on power.

Polish archbishop compares LGBT community to 'red plague'

Three Women Sentenced To 55 Years For Defying Compulsory Hijab In Iran : worldnews
The Cultural Onion - Global Leadership 101
Why We Kill for Symbols - Metaphors Are Us - War, murder, music, art. We would have none without metaphor.

U.S. warned Sweden of 'negative consequences' if ASAP Rocky wasn't released : worldnews ... Harsher threats than Saudi Arabia got over Khashoggi. (bully-boy Trumpster doing his foreign relations)

Artist Cages 'Make Way for Ducklings' Statue To Protest Child Detention Centers

Trump administration cuts legal funding for victims of human trafficking : politics ... But I thought one of the reasons for the border wall was to prevent human trafficking. It's almost as if that was not the true goal. I wonder what it really is. Hmmmm......

DankMemeProfessor comments on Ahead of ICE raids, Illinois governor bans private immigrant detention centers from state: "We will not allow private entities to profit off of the intolerance of this president."

Opinion | Look at the Mueller Report as a Detective Story. It Will Blow Your Mind. - The New York Times - It may turn out to be a film noir. The investigators uncovered the plot, but the society is too rotten to do anything about it.
The Mueller Report As Film Noir - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The detective successfully uncovers the plot, only to discover that the society around him is too rotten to do anything about it. For all the missing pieces in this story, the issue is less whether it can be told and more whether anyone cares to listen.
Fox's Shepard Smith Tears Into Trump After New Comments on Russian Interference: 'A Baffling Presidency' ... "He doesn't want to put out the fires in California anymore, but were gonna help the Russians put out their fires? It's just a big old boatload of weird to me" OP

Trumps scattershot Cincinnati speech, visualized
Slava Malamud on Twitter: "Oh, I remember it pretty well. About the time the people in my town decided to stop calling themselves "Soviet citizens" and started using the term "dead people."" / Twitter
Hours after an FBI warning about QAnon is published, a QAnon slogan turns up at Trump's rally ... "Where we go onewe go all." (your media can't figure out what that means)
Ohios Hamilton County may test whether Trumps divisiveness will help or hurt him in 2020 (67% Nazis)
Why a Race-Baiting Trump Is Courting Black Voters - The New York Times

Cory Booker was right: Voter suppression helped Trump win Michigan : politics
17 Million Voters Have Had Registration Canceled Since 2016 Election: Report : politics

John Ratcliffe (R-Loser) Gets the Full Trump Treatment - The resume-padding backbencher raved at Mueller on camera and found himself at the peak of Trumps regard. But like a gram of pure coke, there are consequences when the fun stops. (R-RatFucker)

Baltimore Sun Torches Donald Trump: 'Dancing On Graves' of City's Dead - "This is the behavior of a jerk, a clod, a dolt, a schmuck"
It's not just Baltimore; Trump is running against America's cigties
CNNs Don Lemon ambushes black pastor over his meeting with President Trump ("ambush!" )
The Reverend Bill Owens Stands Behind Trump | The New Yorker (a true racist Trumpster)

The Deter Act is a smart way to keep Putin out of our elections - The Washington Post - Mr. McConnell can marshal arguments against other essential bills he has blocked, besides the worry that they might offend the president. Rules requiring robust disclosure on online ads, some Republicans say, are campaign finance reform in disguise (#MoscowMitch loves Putin's dick)
McConnell's new posture toward Moscow ... two former McConnell staffers had signed on as lobbyists for the Braidy Industries mill, which is 40 percent owned by Russian aluminum giant Rusal. That company has long been controlled by Oleg Deripaska, an oligarchBraidy also hired a PR firm founded by yet another former McConnell aide, the outlet reported Friday. (Republicans ARE traitors)
Moscow Mitch merchandise sales top $200,000 in 48 hours, Kentucky Dems say
Halfway_Farm comments on Why is McConnell so upset about being called Moscow Mitch? Maybe it hits too close to home
?????????? ???? (Moscow Bitch) - Moscow Mitch (illustration by permission Woody Compton of "Is This Tomorrow?") : PoliticalHumor

Fox News Host: I Don't Know Where To Begin Debunking Trump's Latest Lie
The party of Reagan and Trump : PoliticalHumor
New tariffs : PoliticalHumor

Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Release of Trump's Tax Returns
McConnell reshaping U.S. with right-wing judge approvals : politics

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.)has touted his preferred construction firm, North Dakota-based Fisher Industries, and campaign finance records show the senator has received thousands of dollars in contributions from company chief executive Tommy Fisher and his family members. (same bunch of crooks as last time)

Deprived of Power, House Republicans Head for the Exits - The New York Times (bc it was never about "serving the people")

Left behind : Farmers fight to save their land in rural Minnesota as Trump's trade war intensifies (racist dumbfuck Trump-voting "men of the soil" farmers screwed themselves, so sad and WaPo writes the whole article w/o mentioning the antichrist they love)

Colorado approved a national popular vote law. Now it might be repealed. - The Washington Post - But the state's Republicans fear they would lose their voice if the popular vote took hold. (yeah, what else is new)
Kellyanne Conway "did it again" violating the Hatch Act with her Nikki Haley tweet, watchdog says : politics

Today is the day Donald Trump became president - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trumps latest tariffs come at the worst possible time for shoppers: the holiday seasonConsumers have so far been largely shielded from the impact of President Trumps growing trade war with China. But that is about to change.
Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt: Trump's a 'Rust Belt' Guy, a 'Blue-Collar Worker

Don't Abet Republican Bad Faith On Deficits - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One hopes that Republican bad faith on deficits has become so egregious that even Democratic elites are starting to figure it out: Democrats gain absolutely nothing from focusing on deficit reduction, since any gains will simply be used by the next Republican government for more upper-class tax cuts (thanks yet again, centrist Barry, you got scammed)

Elizabeth Warren is running a brilliant campaign (opinion) - CNN

We Should No Longer Doubt What the Democratic Party Is Today ... the valorization of bipartisan compromise has been similarly flipped on its head: Mitch McConnell has made the idea of governing by reaching across the aisle not just unworkable but fantastic; no serious person can entertain the possibility that Democratic priorities can be achieved with Republican cooperation. (hello, Barry)

Who should be in the next Democratic debate? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Marianne Williamson -- This is an insult to everybody's intelligence, taste, and good judgment. In terms of qualifications, makes Andrew Yang look look Abraham Lincoln. Has already gotten the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars of free advertising for her new age gobbledygook publishing racket. Enough already.

#KamalaHarrisDestroyed debate signals how much we still don't understand about social media manipulation - 2020 is going to be a doozy online.

Bill Maher Goes Full Marianne Williamson on Antidepressants - "I agree with everything" ("PTSD is just a part of life, suck it up! don't take pills! watch more Oprah!)
Today is the Day Marianne Williamson Became President - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- OK, so she's nobody's first choice, but maybe Dem voters like her? Hahahahaha no: The only other candidate with net-negative approval ratings is deBlasio. Even Seth Moutlon, for Chrissakes, is above water. The Williamson hype is based on nothing at all. (the lazy pundits like Brooks choice)

Rep. Devin Nunes Sues Group Calling Him a 'Fake Farmer'

Jeffrey Epstein is a perversely tragic figure - The Washington Post
The "Girls" Were Always Around -- What it was like to be a scientist in Jeffrey Epstein's circle. ... John Brockman ... Epstein convened 21 physicists on his private island for a 2006 meeting ... Lawrence Krauss ... Marvin Minsky ... Roger Schank ... Gregory Benford, George Church, Murray Gell-Mann, Stephen Jay Gould, David Gross, Stephen Hawking, Danny Hillis, Gerard't Hooft, Stephen Kosslyn, Jaron Lanier, Seth Lloyd, Martin Nowak, Oliver Sacks, Lee Smolin, Robert Trivers, Frank Wilczek, and more ... men ... Epstein referred five women to Charlie Rose as possible assistants. One, he said,used to work for Harvey Weinstein ... Everybody goes through John Brockman ... Edge received at least $455,000 between 1998 and 2005. That total doesn't include grants from Epstein's other, more mysterious charities. (corrupt "scientists" have no moral center or vision ... "He was a good guy")
Laurence H. Tribe: Should the age of sexual consent be lowered? - Consent laws exist for a reason. But that hasn't stopped lawyers and pundits from making demonstrably flawed arguments as "devil's advocates" (oh, look, Dershofuck even if Tribe doesn't mention his name so he won't get trashed on Fox)

How Lyft lost the trust of #DeleteUber women who thought it was 'woke' - Lyft markets itself as a safe, progressive alternative.

'It was terrifying' : Black Chadds Ford couple left shaken by white Pa. trooper's alleged misconduct ... Yelling loudly and with a hand on his gun, Trooper Christoper S. Johnson, 23 ... Tarkowski on Tuesday declined to provide the police dashcam footage of the Chadds Ford incident to The Inquirer. ...the 4,579-member State Police force is 86.8% white male ... (racist "trooper" fucker infamous for all eternity for being a racist asshole copster)

An elite D.C. girls' school thought its founding nuns taught slaves to read. Instead, they sold them off for as much as they could.

No room for secret settlements with public dollars - The Boston Globe - That there exists no public accounting of how many so-called nondisclosure agreements have been signed by state officials and legislators in the past five years and how many of them dealt with sexual harassment cases is absurd. That State Auditor Suzanne Bump is not inclined to take on the job of finding out is unfortunate ... settlements involving taxpayer funds and an audit of how many of these agreements have actually been executed in the past five years ... "Your state elected officials have been using your public tax dollars time to get rid of the lottery States should not rely on a scam to fund much-needed services.
s to pay for their hush agreements, which cover up all sorts of harassment, discrimination, and other abuse" ... (the Bumpster is in their pockets)

Beaches on the Cape and Nantucket closed after shark sightings - The Boston Globe ... High Head and Ballston beaches in Truro, Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, and Nauset Beach in Orleans

The Invention of Money | The New Yorker - In three centuries, the heresies of two bankers became the basis of our modern economy.
Captial One's breach was inevitable, because we did nothing after Equifax

Scam: It's time to get rid of the lottery -- States should not rely on a scam to fund much-needed services. (the Republican way, make poor people pay for shitty services, hello Chawlie Baker)

22 percent of millennials say they have no friendsLoneliness can be helpful, unless it becomes chronic.

The Diet That Might Cure Depression - Several studies show that healthy eating is connected with better mood.
DASH Diet Sample Menus (anti-keto)

Amazon Wants to Rule the Grocery Aisles, and Not Just at Whole Foods - The New York Times ... The mixed results are reflected in prices at Whole Foods today. A standard basket of goods has fallen about 2.5 percent since the acquisition, according to Gordon Haskett Research Advisors. Amazon has said its Prime members, who get charged $119 for an annual subscription, have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in discounts at Whole Foods. But over all, Whole Foods is still more expensive than other major grocers, particularly for items like meat. (and Amazon executives never heard of the concept of "seasons")

How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained - About 80 percent of Italian-Americans are of southern Italian descent

This is our sad reality: Bulletproof backpacks are a big back-to-school item

What People Actually Say Before They Die - Insights into the little-studied realm of last words.
The summer fling isnt fun anymore

Career advice: The personality traits employers seek in job interviews (and don't)

Why we shouldn's Why we shouldn't take peer review as the 'gold standard' (bc scientists are also corrupt and lazy)

Everything you thought you knew about gravity is wrong - The Washington Post

We Need a New Science of Progress - The Atlantic (old guys get all the money)

What the Three Women Author Learned About Women's Sex Lives | Time - With many men, after sex, you find an utterly different person. Like mere milliseconds after an orgasm. Even if they are in love. Whereas for a woman, especially in the earlier stages of a relationship, that moment after the orgasm is when something often switches on.

The Science Behind Music's Impact on Creativity | Time - Does Listening to Music Stimulate Creative Thinking, or Stifle It -- scores on average fell on the creativity test compared to their scores in the quiet condition. The findings challenge the view that background music enhances creativity

Why You Need to Make a 'When I Die' File --before Its Too Late

ELI5: Why is Buddha sometimes portrayed as fat and sometimes not? : explainlikeimfive

Netflix's "Otherhood" is the "13 Reasons Why" of toxic motherhood. : movies
forever_drunk99 comments on Why do you think men get angry at feminists?
Actresses with facial hair. : pics (read down to "not my proudest fap")

Reddit, what parts of your family history is interesting? : AskReddit

What's the creepiest experience in your life?

TIL When the Six Flags Over Texas theme park opened in 1961, it had a section dedicated to the Confederacy where actors would hunt through the crowd for Union "spies" and "execute" them by firing squad, and where boys and girls could sign up to defend the South as soldiers and nurses. : todayilearned

TIL that millennials in the ages of 18-34 are more likely to live with their parents instead of a spouse/partner - the first time this has occurred since record-keeping began in the 1880s : todayilearned

/u/Uptons_BJs discusses the fetishization of middle-class living by upper-class Americans : bestof

What's an incorrect thing you were taught in sex ed?
Whats something you thought was common knowledge but actually isn't?


Earth just had its warmest month on record, as the planet heads for one of its top-3 warmest years - The Washington Post
Greenland ice sheet melt event in photos - The Washington Post

Pro-EU party wins, cuts Johnson's UK Parliament margin to 1

White House Asks for List of Top Spies During Intelligence Shakeup - It's unclear what the White House will do with the list. (give it to Putin, duh)
US-Russia arms control treaty dies; US to test new weapon

Donald Trump questions whether Russia will interfere in 2020 election

Trump Drops Plans to Nominate John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence - The New York Times
Trump Wont Let No. 2 Spy Chief Take Over When Coats Leaves

Trump's pick to lead U.S. intelligence claims he arrested 300 illegal immigrants in a single day. He didn't

Why Impeachment Is Back From the Dead - it was supposed to be a dead letter after Mueller Time. Instead, it's getting closer. ("dead" after your media declared Trump innocent 2 minutes later)

Trump's rally in Cincinnati: The president and his followers imagine a world without Democratic rule - The Washington Post - "He is sacrificing his life to save America from a new world order," Tina Callahan, real estate agent from Springfield, said. "God is real and Hs told many people that Trump is going to serve eight years, And Pence is going to serve eight years. And Pence vice president is going to serve eight years."
'Lock Her Up!' but no 'Send her Back!' chant at Trump rally in Ohio - Reuters
At Ohio rally, Trump seethes with elite contempt for Real Americans - The Washington Post
'We're All Tired of Being Called Racists' At Donald Trump's rally in Cincinnati, droves of attendees made it clear that they stood with the president despite his recent comments. ("Trump and Republicans Are Not Racist")
Trump Supporters Cheer As Immigration Rights Sign Gets Torn At Rally | HuffPost - "Immigrants Built America" (America has always been populated by white people for at least 3 million years)
Conservatives Are Hiding Their 'Loathing' Behind Our Flag -- The molten core of right-wing nationalism is the furious denial of America's unalterably multiracial, multicultural national character.
Trump Makes 9/11 and Dad's Funeral All About Him -- From his claims to first responders and his self-regarding Fred Trump eulogy to his bombastic Cincinnati rally, the narcissistic shtick is wearing thin.

Manhattan D.A. Subpoenas Trump Organization Over Stormy Daniels Hush Money - The New York Times - Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, is reviving an investigation into payments made to two women during the 2016 campaign. (after he realized how crooked he looked)

Nancy Pelosi Slams Jared Kushner As A Baltimore 'Slumlord'

Majority of House Democrats now support Trump impeachment inquiry

A gutting few weeks for the GOP (facing doom, Rethug reps retire while #MitchMcTraitor cackles in the background)
'Moscow Mitch' McConnell is Now a Ben Folds Song

Kentucky coal protest: Laid-off Harlan County miners blocking train - 'I think Trump needs to show his face' (they overwhelmingly voted for him)

With Will Hurd leaving, the GOP is shrinking. Next it should get crushed. - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Better Things Are Not Possible - Think what you want about Obama generally, but it is hard to defend his "if I come to Republicans with a reasonable compromise they will be so impressed by how reasonable it is that they will have to support it." This worked precisely zero times and I am not sure why anyone would think this group of Republicans (not your father's Republican party! Joe Biden keeps saying) is more receptive to this than the early groups. -- And the voters who matter - swing and irregular ones - don't reward "reasonableness" no matter how often they tell pollsters it's something they value.

More Presidential Candidates Are Visiting Mosques Than Ever Before | HuffPost
Why go to the trouble of running for president to promote ideas that cant work? ... This got us thinking about some big ideas in U.S history. Like, say, amending the Constitution to outlaw liquor. Or sending half a million troops into Vietnam. Or passing a $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy in a time of massive deficits. (Fred Hiatt tells dems to be good republicans and don't do anything wild)

Opinion | Why Was Trumponomics a Flop? - The New York Times - Neither tax cuts nor tariffs are working.

HAIL CTHULHU! Twitter Users Mock GOP Convention Logo's Weird Design
Erick Erickson on Twitter: "That logo suggests it will be Elephant v. Cthulhu 2020. Why does the Elephant have those stars? How long till someone suggests this is all the mark of the beast?" / Twitter
MojoBeast on Twitter: "Make America Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn." / Twitter
Milquetoast on Twitter: "@GOP @GOPChairwoman What the fuck is in the background behind the fat elephant? Is that the monster in Stranger Things 3?" / Twitter

Top State Department adviser fired overabusive management style - Kiron Skinner, the director of the Policy Planning Staff, was told on Thursday that she was being dismissed ... One of the few prominent African American members of the Trump administration before leaving this week, Skinner is close to a number of conservative luminaries, such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. (#notjustmen)

Erick Erickson, It's Time to Get Out of Pete Buttigieg's Bedroom -- Erick Erickson seems creepily focused on Pete Buttigieg (is he gay? also: what's wrong with his face?)

Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns - The New York Times

Texas Rep. Hurd, lone black Republican in House, wont seek reelection

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs Chief of Staff and Communications Director Will Depart Her Office

Granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy Dies After Overdose at Family's Compound
RFK's granddaughter wrote about depression before overdose

What Alan Dershowitz taught me about morality - The Washington Post

8 Covington Catholic Teens Sue 'Most Egregious High-Profile Individuals' for Defamation (they're suing Lizzie, among others inc Haberputz but don't want their names mentioned so you can't make fun of them ... and this is after little Nicky's case got tossed)

Three NRA board members resign in latest sign of upheaval at gun rights group - The Washington Post (Wayne LaFuckhead spent all their money on himself, haha)

TSA seizes rocket launcher in Baltimore for second time this week

She Was Arrested at 14. Then Her Photo Went to a Facial Recognition Database. - The New York Times

A Christian Satire Site Says Snopes Is Helping Facebook De-Platform Conservatives -- Babylon Bee a self-proclaimed Christian satire site with half a million followers on Facebook (fake news and lies are "satire")

Eschaton: They Aren't Going To Work - One solution, suggested by an automotive industry official, is gates at each corner, which would periodically open to allow pedestrians to cross. ... "With autonomous vehicles, the technical stuff will get worked out. It's the societal part that's most challenging" ... "Societal part" = anything outside but cars.


Prince Harry delivers a speech at Google's Climate Change Conference - attended by A-listers arriving in over 110 private jets and yachts : worldnews
Greenland's ice sheet melting so fast it has caused global sea levels to rise 0.5mm in just a month : worldnews (and amazing comment thread starting with "Fuck")
Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition' - Redirecting small portion of subsidies would unleash clean energy revolution, says report : worldnews
Just 10% of fossil fuel subsidy cash 'could pay for green transition' - Redirecting small portion of subsidies would unleash clean energy revolution, says report : worldnews (yeah, the moochers get massive subsidies to destroy the planet bc death capitalism)
Russia's army called in as Siberia wildfires engulf area nearly as big as Belgium
Windy: CO concentration - Siberia burning down
MODIS Web - June 14, 2019 - Fires in Democratic Republic of Congo
Windy: CO concentration - NYC

FAA knew another Boeing 737 Max malfunction was likely after Lion Air crash : worldnews

Millions of Holocaust records available to all online for first time ever : news

Ebola crisis: Rwanda shuts border with DR Congo to stop spread of virus : worldnews - Good luck drawing up an Ebola outbreak coloring book for our President* to understand this.

Indian Supreme Court orders to provide army protection and $36200 as compensation for the victim who was raped by a politician who also had her family killed : worldnews (pretty cheap)

Girl, 16, among 44 charged with rioting in Hong Kong : worldnews
Video of China's military practicing riot drills with tanks in Hong Kong bears similarities to army response to the infamous Tiananmen Square protests : worldnews (they will definitely do this)

Ekaterina Karaglanova: Man 'confessed' to Moscow Instagram influencer murder - BBC News

Iran Clams Saudi Arabia Killed Over '3000 Americans' and still gets to 'have Nuclear Weapons' : worldnews
Saudi women no longer need permission of male guardian to travel : worldnews

Hindu man refuses Zomato takeaway over 'Muslim driver' - BBC News
A Yazidi mother's heart-breaking choice

UN: US, allies killed more civilians than Taliban in Afghanistan in first half of 2019 : worldnews
Bin Laden Family 'Henchman' Is Arrested in Philippines - Mahmoud Afif Abdeljalil
Hamza bin Laden, Son of Qaeda Founder, Is Dead - The New York Times - The United States had a role in the operation that killed the younger Mr. bin Laden, officials said. But other details, including where he died, remained unknown.

Law to protect men from being 'seduced' into raping women proposed in Malaysia's parliament - 'The actions, clothing of women can seduce us into breaking the law and causing us to be charged,' says MP Mohamad Imran Abd Hamid : worldnews

Dutch 'burqa ban' rendered largely unworkable on first day : worldnews

Eschaton: Boris - John Oliver covers it pretty well.
Tories could lose majority overnight as MP warns he could defect to Lib Dems : worldnews
Video of Boris Johnson saying "no government" would bring UK out of single market goes viral : worldnews

Washington National Cathedral Issues Scathing Rebuke of Trump: 'The Time for Silence Is Over' "What will it take for us all to say, with one voice, that we have had enough? The question is less about the president's sense of decency, but of ours."

Hacked Emails Show GOP Demands on Border Security Were Crafted by Industry Lobbyists : politics ... Republican private prisons are now filled with 52,000 hispanics, 10,000 are children, and 1,500 of those have no paper trail and will be orphaned wards of the state forever. Anybody who helped write the policy, helped implement it, lied about it, or profited from this human atrocity should be held accountable in American Nuremberg trials.

After Trump cites Amazon concerns, Pentagon reexamines $10 billion JEDI cloud contract process

DOJ will not prosecute Comey for leaking memos after IG referral: sources | Fox News
Justice Dept. Declined to Prosecute Comey Over Memos About Trump - The New York Times

Cincinnati Enquirer Begs Donald Trump And Supporters To Behave At Rally | HuffPost ("deemed offensive" yeah right)
Charlotte Is Starting To Regret Hosting Trumps Renomination Conventiona city that is now predominantly black and Latino (his racism rally)

Senate Intelligence report finds 'extensive' Russian election interference. The bipartisan report found that the U.S. election infrastructure was unprepared for attacks and offers proposals to shore up the system ahead of 2020. : politics
Schumer suggests McConnell is blocking election security measures because he wants the Russians to interfere
Evan McMurry on Twitter: "Asked by @KarenTravers about Mueller's warning that Russia is continuing to interfere with U.S. elections, Pres. Trump says, "You don't really believe this. Do you believe this?" Trump says he did not raise the issue during call with Vladimir Putin." / Twitter
'Should Send Shockwaves Across the Nation': Grave Warnings as McConnell Accelerates Right-Wing Takeover of US Courts - "Senate Republicans will stop at nothing to stack the courts with partisan judges who will push their radical agenda through at any cost." : politics (guess what debate question the media didn't ask?)
Jay Inslee points to Democrats's read problem: Mitch McConnell
Jay Inslee Calls Trump A White Nationalist At Democratic Debate : politics
Moscow Mitch McConnell 'fuming' with trolling
Protesting coal miners: Mitch McConnell has done nothing for Kentucky : politics
When it comes to Russia, Moscow Mitch is no patriot : politics

Judge rejects Stone's request to dismiss charges : politics

Judge overturns IRS rule that shielded political donorsidentities
Voter Purge Rates Remain High, Analysis Finds | Brennan Center for Justice - New data reveal that counties with a history of voter discrimination have continued purging people from the rolls at elevated rates.

Empty parks, pews, and Mexican restaurants: Trump-fed fear has already changed America | Will Bunch

No more debate. Impeachment inquiry is underway
Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry - POLITICO - Pelosi will now face increased pressure to back impeachment proceedings.
Majority of House Democrats Now Back Trump Impeachment Inquiry - Rep. Ted Deutch is the 118th Democrat to support the effort, bringing support for it to a symbolic milestone in the House.

Trumps former top adviser: tariffs backfiring on US
Trump spoke to Putin this week and hardly anyone noticed : politics

Donald Trump Lied About Almost Dying In Helicopter Crash, Ex-Employee Says | HuffPost - "Total, total lie"
Watchdog tells Democrats he can't probe White House security clearances until Trump asks (win-win)

FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat
FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat : politics

Rep. Elijah Cummings' Baltimore Home Burglarized, Police Say

RNC chair defends GOP donor platform in tense meeting - POLITICO - Ronna Romney McDaniel choked up as she addressed rumors surrounding the rollout of WinRed, the Trump-endorsed online donor platform ... , as she insisted that she isnpersonally profiting off a new, President Donald Trump-endorsed small-donor platform. (grifters to the core)

massive debate fail: Why won't they ask about saving democracy? ("pundits" won't allow it)

The Real Winners of the Second Debate Were Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders - They weren't on stage Wednesday. But the ideas and the dynamism of the progressive senators framed both debates in Detroit.
The Trailer: After two nights, were left with four big questions
Democratic debate July 2019: 4 winners and 3 losers - Vox - One big loser: the DNC.
Biden's Foes Back Themselves Into a Corner
The mistakes Biden's opponents made will haunt them
Kirsten Gillibrand totally mischaracterized Joe Bidens op-ed ondeterioration of family
What the Webs Smartest Liberals and Conservatives Are Saying About Wednesday's Democratic Debate
u/onlyartist6 suggests that Andrew Yang call out the political theatre in the Democratic debate and he actually does it : bestof
Transcript of second Democratic debate night 2 - The Washington Post
Biden bites back: Key moments from the second Dem debate - POLITICO - Candidates found a foil in Biden and the former vice president came more prepared for the punches this go-around.
It Was Everybody vs. Joe Biden At The Democratic Debate | HuffPost
Late-Night TV Ranks Second Democratic Debate: 'Almost Made Me Miss Trump'

Twitter Users Roast John Delaney For Day-Late Comeback To Elizabeth Warren | HuffPost - The 2020 candidate brewed up a feeble comeback almost 24 hours after his "murder" by Elizabeth Warren on the debate stage.

Only 7 Candidates Have Qualified for the Next Democratic Debate - The New York Times - While 20 presidential candidates debated this past week, far fewer are assured the chance of doing so again in September.

Fox News Stars Go After Their Colleague Tomi Lahren for Sexist Jab at Kamala Harris - Do you have any ideave actually been sexually harassed, assaulted or demeaned in the workplace?

'How the hell is this not inciting violence?' Gun store erects billboard with minority lawmakersfaces (just a little "free speech)
A North Carolina gun shop billboard comparing 'The Squad' to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse has been denounced as an incitement to violence : politics
Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds | Psychology Today Canada - Are people born conservative? ... conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of fear and anxiety. Liberals had more gray matter at least in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that helps people cope with complexity.

'The selling of an election': dangerous level of private control revealed in 2018 Georgia midterms : politics

Change in New York State law to usher in 'tidal wave' of child sex abuse lawsuits - Reuters ... exposing decades-old misconduct at schools, hospitals, churches and youth clubs ... New York has gone from one of the toughest states to bring a case because of its strict statute of limitations to one of the easiest, potentially unleashing decades of unresolved claims.

Oklahoma court upholds sentence for ex-cop convicted of rape : news
Former Florida deputy accused of falsifying drug arrests is being held on a $1 million bond : news
Stockport woman Laura Hood jailed for fake taxi rape claim : news
Woman allegedly stole beloved dog from dying man who was having seizure in parking lot - Story | KSAZ

FBI: Amazon drivers part of major theft ring : news

Three high school football players nearly drown during training, players say coach wouldn't let lifeguard respond : news

'No One Saw a Thing' : When a Small Midwest Town Banded Together to Kill the 'Town Bully'

Chinese vlogger who used filter to look younger caught in live-stream glitch - BBC News - after a technical glitch during one of her live-streams revealed her to be a middle-aged woman and not the young glamorous girl they thought her to be.
Are you in your 30s and facing 'the swerve'? - BBC News - a mini-adolescenc - 33-38

Dying Gasp of One Local Newspaper - The New York Times - The Warroad Pioneer, a pillar of its small Minnesota town, ended its 121-year run with bloody marys, bold type and gloom about the void it would leave behind.

Woman loses hair 'in clumps' after Nair was allegedly mixed into conditioner bought at Walmart : news

Zuckerberg's Facebook is reportedly working on a back-door content-scanner for WhatsApp, tantamount to a wiretapping algorithm it will scan your messages before you send them and report anything suspicious.


Greenland Is Melting Away Before Our Eyes - "I have my fingers crossed for it not being washed away"

Search of Gilroy gunmans home finds items suggesting massive attack, white supremacy materials

U.S. has intel that Osama bin Laden's son and heir, Hamza, is dead, officials say

Singapore abolishes school exam rankings, says learning is not competition : news

The White House is monitoring a buildup of Chinese forces on Hong Kong's border

Much-Heralded Terrorism Conviction From 2006 is Overturned - The New York Times - Hamid Hayats case had put a spotlight on the farming town of Lodi, Calif., where the authorities said men were financing terrorist groups abroad and recruiting members.
Trump Orders Navy to Strip Medals From Prosecutors in War Crimes Trial - The New York Times - President Trump intervened Tuesday once again on behalf of a Navy SEAL who was charged but acquitted of war crimes in the death of a captured Islamic State fighter in Iraq, ordering the military to punish the prosecutors who tried the case in the first place.

Trumps Pick for Top Intelligence Post Overstated Parts of His Biography (completely unqualified Republican commie fuck-doodle)
Ratcliffe questioned intelligence communitys role in Russia investigation
John Ratcliffe Is a Dangerous Pick for Director of National Intelligence | WIRED (bc he has no "intelligence")

ACLU Says Trump Admin Has Separated 900 Migrant Children Despite Court Order | HuffPost - The government was asked to curtail the practice happening at the U.S.-Mexico border last year.

Fed Cuts Interest Rates for First Time Since 2008 Crisis - The New York Times
Fox's Cavuto Calls Out Lou Dobbs in Fiery Clash: What Has Trump Done to Contain Deficits and the Debt?!

Trump rattled by effectiveness of Cummings oversight leadership : politics

trump Sweats Fox News Loyalty, Grills Network Pals: 'What the Hell Is Going On?' ... treating him "unfairly" and whether the Murdoch sons can be trusted

There's no difference between supporting a racist and being one

Column: Incredibly, GOP senators are demanding billions more in tax cuts for the rich - Los Angeles Times
GOP proposing $102b tax cut, 86% of which goes to the top 1% : PoliticalHumor

Why Trump's boasts about African Americans' calls are unbelievable ... "What I've done for African Americans, no president, I would say, has done." Unfortunately, Abraham Lincoln was unavailable for comment ... "[T]he African-American people have been calling the White House. They have never been so happy"

The debate format is an embarrassment. Heres how to make it better. (Margaret)

Democratic debate on CNN sees steep ratings drop - politico
8.7 million TV viewers watched Night 1 of second Democratic debate - Axios - It was a significantly smaller audience than that of the first round of debates that aired in June which drew 15.3 million viewers on Night 1, while the second totaled 18.1 million viewers.

Warren and Delaney had a good night. CNN had a terrible one. - The Washington Post
CNN Debate Moderators Used Conservative Framing To Grill Democrats | HuffPost -- Tapper, Don Lemon and Dana Bash repeatedly used conservative concerns about liberal positions on health care, immigration, climate change and more to inform their questions
Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Unite Against Moderate Assault In Detroit Debate | HuffPost - Low-polling candidates lashed out at the progressive front-runners, but they failed to land any significant blows. -- Maryland Rep. John Delaney, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan (are "moderate" centrist Republicans)
6 Takeaways From Tuesday's Progressives vs. Moderates Debate -- When moderates attack, moderators engage in conservative talking points
Fact check of second Democratic debate - The Washington Post (skeptic Kessler goes all OCD on climate change, it's 10 years before it's too late to save ourselves, you idiot)
Democratic Debate 2019: Progressives take center stage in heated exchanges - ABC News
It's a center-left party after all -- Sanders and Warren kept their voices but a parade of centrists finally found theirs. (so, Bernie and Liz are "progressives" and everyone else is a "moderate" Republican)
The Centrists Did Not Hold - Both the moderators and centrist Democratic candidates failed in their attempts to gang up on Sanders and Warren during Tuesday's debate
The Middle Ground Did Not Fare Well in the Democratic Debate - Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren didn't just dominate last night's Democratic debate in Detroit. They also revealed that the party's self-proclaimed moderates are incredibly weak. (bc, you know, they are Republicans)
Divisions on health care separate liberals and moderates in contentious Democratic debate - The Washington Post (so, these "moderates" aren't "liberals" so that makes them ...)
'I Wrote the Damn Bill': Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Tim Ryan on Debate Stage : politics
Who Won (and Lost) the Second Democratic Debate, Night One ... CNN's moderators -- hell-bent as they were on making their network's presidential debates as indistinguishable from professional wrestling as possible ... Marianne Williamson: The patron saint of paranoid New Age wine moms turned in another alarmingly strong performance in Detroit

7 takeaways from the Democratic debates first night ... MW: "This is part of the dark underbelly of American society, the racism, the bigotry, and the entire conversation that we're having here tonight -- if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this President is bringing up in this country, then I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days
5 key takeaways from the Democratic debate: The major battle lines of night 1 - ABC News

Elizabeth Warren's Big Night
Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Teamed Up Instead Of Taking CNN's Bait
Warren: We need to call white supremacy domestic terrorism : politics

Marianne Williamson isn't funny. She's scary.views on depression and illness are dangerous. The media is complicit in spreading them.
Courtney Enlow on Twitter: "These are some of the things Marianne Williamson has tweeted about mental health and antidepressants. She is hideously dangerous." / Twitter
Marianne Williamson makes the case for reparations in her breakout debate moment - The Washington Post
Marianne Williamson's Democratic debate performance raised eyebrows. But she' s no friend of the left -- a mean-spirited individualism that would lead to harmful policies if she were somehow elected.
Opinion | Winners and Losers of the Democratic Debate - The New York Times
Why People Like Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson Has Her Moment. And Republicans Are Gleefully Trumpeting It. - The New York Times (Rethugs love her, says a lot)

John Delaney's Wikipedia vandalized to say he died at the Democratic debate : politics
Trump attacks CNNs Don Lemon over debate question (says he isn't racist)

Eschaton: Garbage Newspaper - Deputy Washington Editor, New York Times. -- Cancel your fucking subscriptions. (you can see why they are so stupid and small-town diner-centric)
Eschaton: If You Pretend I Said Something Different Than I Said - What geographic subunit of Georgia is synonymous with Georgia? -- How did all the garbage people at the Times get their jobs? Meritocracy!
Jonathan Weisman, Deputy Washington Editor for the New York Times, Reveals His Own Toxic Political Geography -- Dan Froomkin's White House Watch ... Claire McCaskiassertion in a post-debate panel on MSNBC (where she is a paid analyst) that "Free stuff from the government does not play well in the Midwest." That was an encapsulation of the centrist view (some would say a racist dog-whistle) that white voters perceive government spending as going to minorities and it makes them angry. (when it's really going to the tractor-queen moocher farmers, you know ... and haha he deleted his stupid tweet bc NYT is above your journalistic standards)
Eschaton: The Guardians of Our Discourse - Real America is what white nationalists say it is, and that drives the political coverage in the NYT and elsewhere.

Eschaton: The Debate Winners - The important judges of this are the people who are not registered to vote in Democratic primaries, have never voted for a Democrat, and while they do not like Mr. Trump, will, at most, vote for Evan Whatshisname in November 2020 like they did in 2016, because while they could have voted for a Democrat if they had nominated some random person they just deemed to be more "moderate" than that communist Joe Biden], sadly the Democrats are just doing this to themselves.

Stephen Colbert Hits Long-Shot Dems for Spewing Republican Talking Points at CNN Debate ... "like watching the seven dwarves offering Snow White a poison apple."
Dems Blow It Again: Make No Case for Beating Trump - Nobody Tuesday night had the imagination to realize that the moment was perfect for an imperishable line about his unfitness for office.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Mitch McConnell A Semantics Lesson After His McCarthyism Gripe | HuffPost -- #MoscowMitch #McCockhole
Mitch McConnell Really Doesn't like His New Nickname -- #MoscowMitch #McCockhole
If Trump is impeached, will Moscow Mitch even hold a trial? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ex-McConnell staffers lobbied on Russian-backed Kentucky project - POLITICO

Ocasio-Cortez on Israel: Criticizing the occupation doesn't make you anti-Semitic or anti-Israel : politics

Chuck Schumer Accuses Ted Cruz And Senate Republicans Of Using 'Back Door' To Seek More Tax Cuts For Mega-Rich: 'It's Unbelievable' : politics (and Rand "can't afford to support first responders" Paul votes for secret tax cut for riches)

Opinion | The Heartland Is Moving in Different Directions - The New York Times - The Midwest remains undecided, but conflicting trends point alternately toward victory for Trump or his eventual opponent. (geezerville will reelect Trumpster)

Reagan called President Nixon to slur African s as 'monkeys.' Of course there are tapes.
Ronald Reagan's Long-Hidden Racist Conversation With Richard Nixon -- In newly unearthed audio, the then California governor disparaged African delegates to the United Nations.
Ronald Reagan called Africans at UN 'monkeys', tapes reveal : worldnews
When the Republican Party Was Respectable (TM) - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Trump is working well within the Reaganite tradition.
/u/AmericanScream Highlights Ronald Reagan's Low Points in Life and Politics : bestof (political conversion stories in comments)
AmericanScream comments on Ronald Reagan called Africans at UN 'monkeys', tapes reveal (Supply-Side Saint Ronnie in a literal nutshell and read down for the horrific consequences)

George Wallace's daughter: 'I've never seen anything like it' < br />
Opinion | Why Are Democrats Defending Al Sharpton? - The New York Times - They handed Trump an easy win and yoked themselves to a genuine bigot. (Lizzie climbed on his evil bandwagon)

North Carolina gun shop puts up '4 Horsemen' billboard to slam progressive congresswomen

Turns Out A Lot of Christians Are Against Trump's Pro-Christian Agenda. A new group called Christians Against Christian Nationalism has formed to fight for the rights of other religions in the U.S. : politics

72 Percent of All Rural Hospital Closures Are in States That Rejected the Medicaid Expansion States that refused Obamacare's Medicaid expansion are hemorrhaging hospitals in rural areas. : politics ... Meanwhile at 666 5th Avenue ...

Election Fraud in North Carolina Leads to New Charges for Republican Operative : politics (Dowless) endlessly funny to me that the only serious US election fraud case in the last few decades was a GOP thing.

The Ultimate Fringe Trumpworld Conference - Plus, a QAnon rally in Washington, and a good podcast on the Seth Rich conspiracy theories. (pathetic grifters)
Cardi B's Indianapolis concert canceled last minute due to security threat after she supports Bernie Sanders.

Golden Parachutes - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Disgraced former Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon will retire from the university at the end of August ... Simon will receive three payments from Michigan State, for a total of $2.45 million dollars. Also she will apparently get something called a "presidential portrait," with one important caveat: if she is found guilty in Eaton County, the university reserves the right to jam that portrait in a linen closet ... Who are we to quibble with the invisible hand of perfectly competitive free markets, anyway? ... A new congressional report says multiple institutions knew that Larry Nassar was abusing gymnasts and failed to stop it ... allowing for the additional sexual abuse of dozens of other girls ...

Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partied together. Then an oceanfront Palm Beach mansion came between them. - The Washington Post
Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA - The New York Times
Matt Bors on Twitter: "I love that Dershowitz' entire defense relies on believing a guy like this employed an old woman named Olga among his army of teenage slave masseuses and Bond Villain rape schemes.

'You're gonna kill me!': Dallas police body cam footage reveals the final minutes of Tony Timpa's life | Investigations | Dallas News (killer cops thought he was "asleep" after choking him to death)
'You're Gonna Kill Me' : Body-Cam Footage Shows Cops Mocking Dallas Man as He Dies

Florida man gets 10 years for knowingly spreading HIV : news

Mario Lopez gets backlash over comments on trans kids -- "It's dangerous" for parents to support transgender kids ... on The Candace Owens Show, a PragerU video series hosted by the 30-year-old conservative figure ...

He took my childhood.Small-town R.I. leader faces sex abuse claims .. BRISTOL, R.I ... David E Barboza ... (town protected child abuser)

As airlines vie for lead at Logan, nearby communities brace for turbulence - The Boston Globe

Case dismissed against 10-year-old charged with aggravated assault for playing dodgeball (while blaCK)

ELI5: Why does a 40 Celsius weather kill scores in Europe and Japan, but the people of the Middle East have no problem living in weather even hotter than that? : explainlikeimfive

Hi Reddit! I'm Laurence Bugeon, Senior Research Scientist at Imperial College London. I study how inflammation is mediated by bad lifestyle habits such as smoking or a bad diet. Ask Me Anything. (Curcumin and inflammation)

Older couples that decided to not have children... how do you feel about your decision now that years have passed ? : AskReddit

What did a friend of yours do that turned you on without them knowing it? : AskReddit

RealAbstractSquidII comments on My boyfriend told me he is a Sex Offender


UK Heat Wave Breaks Temperature Record | HuffPost - Weather agency the Met Office says the temperature reached 38.7 C (101.7 F) at Cambridge University Botanic Garden in eastern England.
Hundreds of reindeer starve to death on Arctic islands 'due to climate change': Researchers have never found so many carcasses in Svalbard in 40 years of monitoring animal's population : worldnews
Disturbing Report Shows Environmental Activists Killed Each Week: 'A devastating tally released Monday counts 164 environmentalists killed for their efforts in 2018. And that number is probably an underestimation.' : worldnews ... According to the article 6 nations are responsible for 127 out of the 164 deaths. The rest of the world counts for 37. Those 6 nations are Brazil Philippines Columbia India Guatemala Mexico.
11 dead and 5,600 people sent to hospitals in Japan due to heat-related issues : worldnews
Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map
Resources | The Invading Sea - Can South Florida be saved? (no)

Instagram account connected to Gilroy shooter pushed staple of white supremacist internet forums - The material is part of a years-long recruiting technique by white nationalists to target those vulnerable to their message on forums frequently populated by teenagers.

Mysterious Radioactive Cloud That Blanketed Europe Traced to Russian Nuclear Facility : worldnews
Two years after a mysterious cloud of radiation swept through Europe, a team of scientists has pinpointed the source of the leak to a nuclear reprocessing plant in Russia, which was preparing materials for an Italian physics experiment at the time. : worldnews

AUT cancelled a Tiananmen Square anniversary event after Chinese Government officials contacted the university to tell them not to go ahead with the commemorations. : worldnews

Woman who accused Indian politician of rape hit by truck after father dies in police station : worldnews (just coincidences)

UN: More Civilians Killed By Afghan, NATO Forces Than Militants This Year | HuffPost - Afghan and international forces killed more than 700 civilians in the first six months of the year.

Women taking photos of themselves without headscarves face 10-year prison sentence in Iran: Scores of women have been arrested for removing hijabs as part of White Wednesdays campaign

India outlaws archaic law that let Muslim men divorce their wives by uttering "Talaq"(Divorce) three times. : worldnews

A Canadian court on Monday ruled that it was "false, misleading and deceptive" to label wines made in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank as a "Product of Israel" : worldnews

Russia Instagram influencer found dead in suitcase : news

Cambridge Analytica did work for Leave. EU, emails confirm : worldnews
Pound plummets to two-year low as Boris Johnson's government prepares for a no-deal Brexit : worldnews (off da stupid cliff)
Boris Johnson's new Brexit chief wants to scrap Theresa May's Commitment to protect British worker's rights, and has suggested Brexit is an opportunity to escape the EU's "heavy labour market regulation" : worldnews (keep voting Tory, you dumbfuck assholes)

Bayer faces skyrocketing US lawsuits over glyphosate - The number of plaintiffs in the US claiming they are contracting cancer after using the weedkiller Roundup has leapt to over 18,000. German company Bayer admits it's facing a "challenging environment." : worldnews ... Bet they're starting to regret buying Monsanto...

France hits back at Trump's 'stupid' wine tariff

National (US) Poll - July 30, 2019 - Trump Is Racist, Half Of U.S. | Quinnipiac University Connecticut - Trump Is Racist, Half Of U.S. Voters Say, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; But Voters Say Almost 2-1 Don't Impeach President

Senate fails to override Trump veto on Saudi arms sale | TheHill

US issues hacking security alert for small planes

Climate Change and Russia Are Partisan Flashpoints in Public -- s Views of Global Threats -- More Americans have positive views of free trade agreements

Tom Barrack, Longtime Trump Adviser, Faces Scrutiny Over Close Ties To Middle East | HuffPost - Democrats on the House Oversight Committee say Barrack worked to modify a Trump speech in 2016 to make it more pro-Middle East (UAE vetted his speech)

Trump's 9/11 Boast Sparks Hilarious 'Lost Trump History' Meme

TSA officers placed on leave after discovery of racist display
Being Governed By Racist Authoritarians Is Bad - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the Trump administration has taken nearly 1,000 migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border since the judge ordered the United States government to curtail the practice more than a year ago.

Eschaton - Stolen Valor -- That they all lie about so many easily checkable things... they must have been doing this stuff for year\ s and got used to the fact that no one ever checks. -- Although Ratcliffe's website says he "put terrorists in prison," there is no evidence he ever prosecuted a terrorism \ case. -- Let the Eagle Soar -- When Obama took office, Ratcliffe went into private practice, forming the firm Ashcroft, Sutton, Ratcliffe a Texas outpost of the Washingto\ n, D.C., law firm founded by former Attorney General John Ashcroft. (the evil is deep)
Sen. Ron Wyden Tears Into Trump Intelligence Chief Pick as 'Least Qualified Individual Ever Nominated' : politics
Trump Intel Pick John Ratcliffe Started Theory of FBI Anti-Trump 'Secret Society' -- The congressman debuted the mysterious text messages on Fox News. It became a mini-scandal before the full context became known.

Crucial Supporter of Russian Ratfucking Dislikes Being Accurately Described As Russian Asset - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Former Vice President Joe Biden says he and President Barack Obama decided not to speak out publicly on Russian interference during the 2016 campaign after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to sign a bipartisan statement condemning the Kremlins' In Killing Merrick Garland role. #MoscowMitch #McFuckhole (and fuck you, bipartisan Barry)
Mitch McConnell's Democratic Challenger Says He "Ripped Up The Constitution, Essentially" in Killing Merrick Garland's Nomination
McConnell defends blocking election security bill, rejects criticism he is aiding Russia - The Washington Post
Moscow-Mitch&Bitch : PoliticalHumor
Another Toady For Moscow Mitch to Ram Through the Senate - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Director of National Stupidty)
#MoscowMitchMcTreason trends after McConnell defends blocking election security bills | TheHill
Trump's pick for intelligence director misrepresented role in anti-terror case (Republicans lie?)
Top GOP Senator Warned the White House About Trumps Choice for National Intelligence Director (only the best commie traitors)
Intel officials worry Trump's pick for top spy will politicize the job
Trump's ntelligence shake-up could be his most dangerous move yet
Trumps Message to U.S. Intelligence Officials: Be Loyal or Leave (swear loyalty to Putin or gtfo)

The first Mueller TV ad

Democrats must impeach Trump or move on, or they'll hand him 2020 win - Democrats look indecisive. They are trapped in a cell of their own making and if they don't get out of it soon, they will hand Trump a second term.
Opinion | An Impeachment Inquiry Is Coming. It Might Have Already Begun. - The New York Times
A new pro-impeachment TV ad boils Mueller's 6 hours of testimony down to 32 seconds : politics
A new pro-impeachment TV ad boils Mueller's 6 hours of testimony down to 32 seconds

Debate could mark moderates' last stand (who the fuck are these "moderates?")
Conservative Democratic Ringleader Josh Gottheimer Gets A Progressive Challenger | HuffPost - Amid reports of widespread abuse in detention centers, Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) led a revolt of 18 conservative Democrats.

Libertarians and Greens may try to convince you that higher turnout reflects growing support for their parties. It doesn't

Democrats introduce constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United : politics

Looking for a reason to attack: How Trump seized on a Fox News broadcast to go after Cummings
Even on Saturday morning, Fox News cannot hide - The Washington Post
Meadows' lackluster defense of Cummings speaks volumes
Republicans dont think Trumps tweets are racist. That fits a long American history of denying racism.
It's Always 1989
Still believe Trump's racism won't get him re-elected? That's what you thought the last time too | There's zero downside for Trump in his hateful rhetoric. Don't underestimate the depth of racism in America : politics
All racism all the time - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Libertarian hero Rand Paul folks: (racist little commie fucker)
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "It's basically: ... Trump says something racist, and his toadies in the conservative press rush to find rational-sounding justifications for it so they and their audiences can lie to themselves about what's happening

Rush Limbaugh assures Fox & Friends that Trump is not a racist

Trump's tax returns required under new California election law ... Although it would keep a candidate off the March primary ballot, the new law does not appear to keep a candidate who refuses to disclose the information from appearing on the statewide ballot in the November 2020 election.

The boy who cried wolf and then got eaten by a wolf - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You knew this had to be coming. Right after Trump told four uppity colored Congressbitches to go back to Africa or wherever, Jay Nordlinger had this to say ... Yet like almost all American conservatives, he remains in profound denial about the Trump phenomenon, which people like Nordlinger continue to treat as if it were a bolt out of the blue, a swan in fashionable fascist black, a freak detour on the march back to Limited Government etc. etc. ... That these horrible baseless slanders have turned out to be completely correct is not something that people like Nordlinger can allow themselves to contemplate now, even as Donald Trumps authoritarian racism achieves something close to 100% approval among self-identified

It is time to deport Baltimore - The Washington Post

Where all presidential candidates have lived
The House Is Already Losing At Least 11 Republicans -- And That Number Could Continue To Rise

Eschaton - The sad truth is a decent chunk of the population is pretty damn cruel. I don't mean indifferent or selfish or merely "I got mine, fuck you," but actively cruel, taking enjoyment in the suffering of others. Every time someone says or writes "this is not who we are" as if America is a special angelic country filled with nothing but good and nice people and any deviation from that is just a momentary aberration, I get angry. This is who "we" are. Not all of us, but enough. Trump's continued significant support is enough proof of that.

Biden's plan - Lawyers, Guns & Money - 1) Is Trump a deeply aberrational figure in American political life, or is the fact that he's a terrible person actually inseparable from the fact that the Republican base loves him? The latter would be the case if to a significant extent GOP voters love Trump because he's a terrible person, not despite that fact. (let's go with "because" and ... 2) Biden is a regressive stupid)

The poignant but complicated friendship of Joe Biden and Barack Obama - The Washington Post - Biden is running for president partly based on their relationship. What was it really like? (Barry's search for his rejecting asshole father and its consequences for America)

The Republican War on Rural Voters - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... What these states also have in common is that legislators voted against expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which would have provided coverage for hundreds of thousands of uninsured residents and bolstered rural hospital bottom lines. (racist dumbfucks)
Financial Troubles - Rural hospitals - 'Leaving billions of dollars on the table' -- Rural hospitals foundering in states that declined Obamacare (killing their own to stick it to the libs)

DCCC faces mass staff shakeup: the Monday Night Massacre -- amid outcry over the lack of diversity within the committee's top ranks under Chairwoman Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.). (white girl hires white people +wtf is Illinois doing in there after Rahmuel)

The New Yorker profile of Dershowitz is out and not sure it's going to get him the high quality dinner party invites on the Vineyard that he demands as his constitutional right. (jfc, Dershofuck is an even bigger evil asshole than we thought and he really wants pedophilia to be legal)
'Creepy Dershowitz' Trends And You Really Don't Want To Know Why -- 80 year old Alan Dershowitz wants us to know that having sex with 15 year olds should be very legal and cool. -- #CreepyDershowitz

Jeffrey Epstein got court documents claiming he raped 15-year-old girl day before he was injured in jail cell : news

Capital One : A hacker accessed sensitive information from credit card applications as well as the bans existing customers.
Capital One Data Breach Hits 100 Million; Ex-Amazon Worker Is Charged as Hacker - The New York Times

Parents Are Giving Up Custody of Their Kids to Get Need-Based College Financial AidFirst, parents turn over guardianship of their teenagers to a friend or relative. Then the student declares financial independence to qualify for tuition aid and scholarships.

Little-known makers of generic drugs played central role in opioid crisis, records show - The Washington Post - It attributes the vast majority of the 76 billion opioid pills produced and shipped from 2006 through 2012 to three companies that are now controlled by large multinational drugmakers: SpecGx, a subsidiary of Ireland-based Mallinckrodt; Par Pharmaceutical, owned by Endo Pharmaceuticals, also in Ireland; and Actavis, part of Israel-based Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Humans Interbred with Four Extinct Hominin Species, Research Finds: "As anatomically modern H. sapiens migrated out of Africa and around the rest of the world, they met and interbred with at least four different hominin species. Of these species, only Neanderthals & Denisovans are currently known." : worldnews

There really is no natural or right way to be a parent | Aeon Essays

Earth just got blasted with the highest-energy photons ever recorded. The gamma rays, which clocked in at well over 100 tera-electronvolts (10 times what LHC can produce) seem to originate from a pulsar lurking in the heart of the Crab Nebula. : science

What's the sluttiest thing you've done?

/u/CubeBag goes down a rabbit hole, finding out that there are bots scraping fanart from threads; and making counterfeit shirts designs out of them, only to falsely advertise them as the official ones in threads on their alt when people ask about there being a shirt variation. : bestof

What folklore creature do you think really exists? : AskReddit

What's the worst way to break up with someone? : AskReddit

Content moderators at YouTube, Facebook and Twitter see the worst of the weband suffer silently

Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted - If only someone would have given me just a tiny bit of all the money that people have been lighting on fire for this stuff -- (Reuters) - General Motors Co's self-driving unit, Cruise, said on Wednesday it was delaying the commercial deployment of cars past its target of 2019 as more testing of the vehicles was required. -- They no longer have a specified timeline.


Human body 'close to thermal limits' due to extreme heatwaves caused by climate change, scientist says | Recordbreaking heat has swept through Europe this week with temperatures topping 40C -- in places such as South Asia & the Persian Gulf, people are already enduring temperatures reaching up to 54C (Suadi Fuckrabia will be uninhabitable)

At Least 3 Killed, 15 Wounded By Gunman At California's Gilroy Garlic Festival -- One suspect was fatally shot by law enforcement, authorities sai.d, the Royal College of Public Health said. : worldnews

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: 3 killed, 12 wounded, gunman dead -
Police Respond to Reports of Shooting at Garlic Festival. At least 11 casualties. : news
Police hunt for second suspect in shooting at California food festival : news
Santino William Legan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting Suspect Santiago Legan Posted About Far-Right Book Moments Before Shooting
Gilroy Garlic Festival gunman referred to 'Might is Right' manifesto before shooting
Santino William Legan legally purchased his rifle in Nevada 3 weeks ago, authorities said - CNN
Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Tries to Sell Interviews With Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting SurvivorsAfter the mass shooting, he advertised his new app that would somehow let people set a price for their stories -- and give him a 20 percent cut.

Gigantic, mysterious radiation leak traced to facility in Russia : worldnews (lot of mysterious radioactive shit in Russia lately)

Vladimir Putin critic Alexey Navalny hospitalized with suspected poisoning, doctor says - ABC News (polonium allergy, apparently)
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny hospitalized with "acute allergic reaction" after being detained : worldnews

Boris Johnson to unveil biggest advertising campaign since Second World War to prepare for 'no deal' on Oct 31 : worldnews
The UK government has announced that it is planning for direct rule in Northern Ireland in event of a no-deal Brexit. The region has been without a government since January 2017 and the move will result in the suspension of the Good Friday Agreement : worldnews

Muslims parents in England refused to permit their children to get flu vaccines after the Muslim Council of Britain ruled the treatment is non-halal. The situation will add to the "risk of major flu outbreaks"
A severely epileptic five-year-old girl risks an "unnecessary dath" according to her mother after border guards seized her consignment of medical cannabis oils at Stansted airport. Indie-Rose Clarry suffered severe seizures and panic attacks before using the medication over the past 14 months.

Atheist parents are taking their children's primary school to the UK High Court, claiming that biblical re-enactments and praying in assembly are a breach of their human rights. : worldnews

Trump's threat to label Antifa terrorist group triggers row in Germany : worldnews

Calgary Cut $60M In Social Services One Day After Endorsing $275M For A New Flames Arena : worldnews (sportsball social priorities)

Donald Trump, Saudi Arabia's most loyal henchman, again sides with the Royal Family over Congress
The assassination of Jamal Khashoggi was no aberration. A Vanity Fair investigation reveals how Saudi Arabia attempts to abduct, repatriateand sometimes murdercitizens it regards as enemies of the state.
Inside the Secret Campaign to Export U.S. Nuclear Tech to Saudi Arabia

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is leaving office, Trump says -- after clashing with Trump on national security (no "security" for you)
Trump's national security chief resigned after the White House repeatedly suppressed his warnings about Russian interference, New York Times reports : politics
Trump's intelligence chief resigned after the White House repeatedly suppressed his warnings about Russian interference, New York Times reports : politics
The Man Reportedly Taking Over as Head of National Intelligence Is a Trump Cheerleader : politics
Trump's Choice to Lead U.S. Intelligence is Not Qualified : politics
Who is John Ratcliffe? New DNI pick made his name as a Trump loyalist - The Washington Post

Adam Schiff said the most "chilling" portion of Mueller's testimony was his confirmation that Russia never stopped interfering in U.S. politics. : worldnews
John Ratcliffe: AG William Barr will deliver justice to any Obama officials who committed crimes (lock them all up!)

Opinion | The Trump Strain in American History - The New York Times - White supremacy has its own peculiar logic, to which the president is peculiarly attuned.
Trump Accuses Black Congressman and Allies of Being Racist, Deepening Feud - The New York Times (yeah, those black guys are so racist!)
Trump thinks racist rhetoric will help him in 2020. The data suggest otherwise -- backlash to rhetoric could offset any gains (only possible if half the counntry are racist assholes)
Trump's assault on Cummings signals a new pivot to full-on racism: It's ugly, but it won't work : politics
The Rot You Smell Is a Racist Potus : politics
Trump's Racism Infests the Republican Party -- As his latest foray into bigotry shows, the president is feeling empowered by the lack of opposition from within the GOP.
House Republicans plan yearly retreat in Baltimore despite Trumps attacks
Trumps new racist tweetstorm is actually a sign of weakness
Trump's Twitter Attacks Are Backfiring -- President Trump seems eager to divert attention from impeachment and investigations, but distractions work only if they distract.
The Real Problem With Trump's Rallies -- There are a lot of similarities between the president and George Wallace of Alabama. But there's also one big difference. (Wallace wasn't openly racist like the orange racist)
The print reader-in-chief: Inside Trump's retro media diet

Forget the Theater Criticism -- Mueller's Conclusions Are the Real News

Trump attacks Al Sharpton hours before a news conference in Baltimore - The Washington Post
Trump launches unprovoked attack on beloved black civil rights leader Al Sharpton after days of racist Baltimore insults : politics
Trump and the rats in the White House - The Washington Post
Trump tells 9/11 first responders: 'I was down there also' : politics
/u/Maggie_A gives a cited list of Trump's record on 9/11. : bestof
You'll never believe what Donald Trump just said about 9/11
Lawyers Press Case That 9/11 Confessions Given to F.B.I. Are Tainted - The New York Times

Sen. Smith on Mitch McConnell, 'I'm increasingly thinking his leadership is a big, fat threat'
McConnell blasts 'modern-day McCarthyism,' defends blocking election bills -- #MoscowMitch
McConnell lashes out at media, Democrats over "Moscow Mitch" label -- #MoscowMitch (completely "patriotic" to let Putin run our elections, he cackled)

'This Is a Crooked CEO in the White House': Pressure on Pelosi Grows as More Than 100 House Democrats Back Trump Impeachment Inquiry - "By refusing to open an impeachment inquiry, House Democratic leadership is ignoring the facts laid out by Robert Mueller at his testimony." : politics
Pretty accurate : PoliticalHumor
Seth Abramson is on the money here : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton: Lynching Postcards - Lynching Postcards -- The sad truth is a decent chunk of the population is pretty damn cruel. I don't mean indifferent or selfish or merely "I got mine, fuck you," but actively cruel, taking enjoyment in the suffering of others. Every time someone says or writes "this is not who we are" as if America is a special angelic country filled with nothing but good and nice people and any deviation from that is just a momentary aberration, I get angry. This is who "we" are. Not all of us, but enough. Trump's continued significant support is enough proof of that. ("Reagan was about greed, which was bad enough. That was his appeal--it's ok to be greedy. Trump is about cruelty. It's ok to be cruel.")

Texas Made An Example Out Of Crystal Mason -- For Trying To Vote -- She's appealing a five-year prison sentence and fighting to save her home, all so the state can prop up the myth of voter fraud.There are serious questions about the case against her. (speaking of cruelty to prove your cruelty to those people)

A Tale of Two Prisoners: Comparing the treatment of Jeffrey Epstein to Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner's murder, reveals the grotesque inequality at the heart of American society. There's one set of rules for the rich, and an entirely different set for the poor.

Democrats sound alarm on "massive" GOP Senate advantage in 2020 - Axios - In 2016, every single Senate race went to the candidate of the same party that those states voted for in the presidential election ... Because of their stronghold in rural areas, and based on previous presidential election results, the GOP has a 40-seat "built-in base" in the Senate

DCCC in complete chaos as uproar over diversity intensifies (they always have been)
Top DCCC staffer out amid diversity uproar - POLITICO - Executive Director Allison Jaslow, a close confidante of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Cheri Bustos, announced her resignation at an all-staff meeting Monday, according to multiple sources. Jaslow said her resignation is effective immediately.
Blue-collar white women are turning on Trump - The Washington Post

"You Know Where She Stands" : Is Elizabeth Warren the One?
'He realizes now that he screwed up' -- Biden scrambles to recover from debate flop -- supporters wonder whether he can exercise the discipline necessary to execute a debate plan Wednesday ("discripline" ... "execute" ...he's never learned anything in his whole life)

Trump plan failed to note that it could jeopardize free school lunches for 500,000 children, Democrats say

Rand Paul offers to buy Ilhan Omar a ticket back to Somalia

Proud Boys attempt to menace critic with late night threat : news

The 24/7 Fight Against Fox News -- On the front lines with Media Matters -- the conservative network's worst nightmare

Peter Listerman: The Russian Sleazeball Peddling Girls to Billionaires - Peter Listerman makes it his business to harvest Russian and Ukrainian beauties for the rich and powerful. We tracked him down.

Alan Dershowitz, Devil's Advocate (or just plain "devil")
Alan Dershowitz Was Obsessed With Men 'Wrongfully Accused' of Rape -- "He had convoluted ways of thinking about how men could misinterpret lack of consent" ... Dershowitz had also written op-eds arguing against statutory-rape laws, suggesting that 15 was a reasonable age of consent regardless of the age of the partner, nd that men shouldnt face charges for hiring 'prostitutes' but that the sex workers should. (Dershofuck)

True Life: I Got Conned by Anna Delvey - The New York Times

'Share' : The Twisted Tale of a Teen Girls Sexual Assault, Captured on Video for Her High School to See

Man can sue over arrest for parody Facebook page mocking police: U.S. court : news

Facebook Connected Her to a Tattooed Soldier in Iraq. Or So She Thought. - The New York Times ... She had spent much of her family's savings on the phantom soldier. "There's no way I can go home and tell my husband" ... (that did not work out well)

Broomfield pastor faces trial on charges she sexually assaulted teen parishioner over 3-year period - Boulder Daily Camera

New York state decriminalizes marijuana, short of Cuomo's legalization goal : news

3-year-old boy dies after shooting himself in face : news

A Murder on the Rappahannock River | Washingtonian (DC)
Journalist Misses His Deadline on Manson Article. By 20 Years. - The New York Times

Unmarked buildings, quiet legal help for accused priests

oh well, mines real

Scientist have identified a link between exposure to high levels of oestrogen sex hormones in the womb and the likelihood of developing autism : news

Liver transplants could be redundant with discovery of new liver cell, suggests a new study by researchers at King's College London, who used single cell RNA sequencing to identify a type of cell that may be able to regenerate liver tissue, treating liver failure without the need for transplants.

Are micro black holes even dangerous? : askscience

The Internet Is a Cesspool of Racist Pseudoscience : technology

Actress Marilu Henner is one of only a dozen people in the world diagnosed with hyperthymesia, also known as Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, a rare condition in which people can remember nearly every day of their lives with precise detail. : videos

Call of Cthulhu's opening paragraph is a constant reminder of unseen horrors in plain sight and why i should fear the unknown : books

Strange Car Pileup in NJ : WTF

Let s cut the tree and call a lot of people to watch it : WTF
Lets grow old together : aww
Old couple making pranks,bottle of water trick - YouTube (avec l'audio)

What knowledge might save your life one day? : AskReddit

No More Ransom project has prevented ransomware profits of at least $108 million : technology


Losing remaining Arctic sea ice would be equivalent to adding one trillion tons of CO2 to the atmosphere, on top of the 2.4 trillion tons emitted since the Industrial Age : worldnews
Europe's heat wave is about to bake the Arctic
Leading architects and engineers are calling for all-glass skyscrapers to be banned because they are too difficult and expensive to cool.
Ohio just passed the worst energy bill of the 21st century - A corrupt bailout for dinosaur power plants that screws renewable energy in the process. : technology

Thousands back on streets of Hong Kong 24 hours after violent clashes : news

Australian Muslims are joining international calls to boycott the Hajj : worldnews

North Korea may have built 12 nuclear bombs since the first Trump-Kim summit last year, according to recent reports from intelligence analysts : worldnews

Russian Police Detain Nearly 1,400 Protesters In Moscow | HuffPost - Russian police violently arrested protesters who want opposition candidates to be allowed to run for city council.
Protests in Moscow: Russian police arrest hundreds at election demonstration today -- live updates - CBS News
Russia protests: Riot police violently break up Moscow demonstration as thousands take to streets in defiance of Kremlin | The Independent
Russian opposition leader Navalny hospitalized with allergic reaction: spokeswoman : worldnews

Thousands protest in Romania after police take 19 hours to tackle child kidnapping - The teen had made three emergency calls to report her own kidnapping and given clues to her whereabouts. : worldnews
Romania police chief sacked after teen 'killed by kidnapper' : news
Meet Bruce Lee, king of Romania's tunnel underworld - YouTube
Meet Bruce Lee, king of Romania's tunnel underworld - YouTube

India: Parents refuse to donate kidney to dying daughter, say 'she is a girl' : worldnews

In a dramatic breakthrough, all Israeli teenagers accused of raping a British woman in Cyprus nearly two weeks ago will be released from police custody and return home to Israel on Sunday. : news
British woman arrested over 'false rape claim' : news

Dan Coats Expected to Step Down as Intelligence Chief - The New York Times (and he wasn't even that smart, so now we have the Stupidty Chief)
This seems ominous - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Putin fires Coats, appoints next acting DNI, Trump has "puzzling relationship with the US intelligence community" hahaha)

US soldiers now stationed inside migrant detention camp as prison guards
Senator intervenes at border to help Mexican family apply for asylum - The Washington Post -- "We're full" a CBP officer told them

Better to have a few rats than to be one - Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Sun Pens Fiery Response To Trump: Better To Have Rats Than Be One | HuffPost
CNN Anchor Tears Up Defending His Hometown Of Baltimore After Trump Attack | HuffPost ("infested" w/black people, the language of genocide)
Why Trump Spent His Summer Vacation Sending Racist Tweets
People who refuse to see or hear Trump's racism in attack on Baltimore are beyond reach, but here goes
Chris Wallace Confronts WH Chief of Staff on Trumps Racist Baltimore Tweets: Theres a Clear Pattern Here -- "I'm not reading between the lines," Wallace told Mulvaney. "I'm reading the lines."
Statisticians estimate New York Times news desk to accurately identify Donald Trump statement as racist on April 1 3451 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Another Brick in the Wall - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Trump's SC says House of Reps irrelevant)

Trump impeachment inquiry has begun, Founders would say 'finally' - Laurence H. Tribe -- Nancy Pelosi spared moderate Democrats a floor vote on impeachment, but she has unleashed her committee chairs to do exactly what needs to be done.
With Sunday surge, nearly half of House Democrats back impeachment inquiry - POLITICO
President rages over Mueller in Fox News-inspired Twitter storm, amid impeachment push and bid to force tax returns release : politics
'Important' that Mueller investigation info get to Americans: Rep. Jerry Nadler - ABC News
Partisan differences on impeachment remain after Mueller testimony, as nearly half of Americans show little movement: POLL - ABC News (half the fucking country are dumbass commie traitors)
The GOPs questions to Mueller seemed bizarre unless you watch Fox News
The Mueller report: An educational tool for teachers -- and a surprising hit with book clubs
Eschaton: Obummer - I don't follow Trump's polls. They don't change much. But at best he's no more popular than Obama was, and the press always treated Obama like an unpopular president, not a POLITICAL GENIUS who CONTROLLED THE NARRATIVE.

Conservative Nationalists, Not Immigrants, Are Having Trouble Assimilating in America : politics ... National Conservatives = Nat-C's

Trump Warns Gutless 'Antifa' May Be Branded A Terror Group As Far-Right Killings Climb --- The loose collection of groups of antifascist protesters haven't been linked to a single death, while right-wing extremisttally mounts.

Insufficient admiration for Georgetown cocktail parties is why Trump won - Lawyers, Guns & Money (MoDo being her usual idiot)

Federal Inquiry of Trump Friend Focused on Foreign Lobbying - The New York Times

Dan Quayle: If Democrats 'put up some total left winger' Trump will be re-elected

A red state is plastering 'In God We Trust' on the walls of public schools. (SD, or North Alabama will spend their taxpayers money on God, latest Refuck "family values" bullshit)

A tiny Texas town finds itself on the front lines of the abortion wars - The Washington Post - There are no abortion clinics in Waskom, located near the Louisiana border, but last month an all-male city council passed an ordinance largely written by an antiabortion group declaring it a 'sanctuary city for the unborn'

When Epstein Was Cosmo's Bachelor of the Month -- In July 1980, the predatory financier was featured as "seeking a cute Texas girl"

Today in NPR -- NPR is The Worst. Idiscussed this before, including recently. Here is another reason why. Kim Kelly is one of our most outstanding labor journalists. She's also a long-time writer on metal. So of course NPR has to NPR ... But no, NPR has to impose ideological boundaries on their music writing because it might make their corporate masters scared. (jfc, never give them any money) - Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Alaska defunds scholarships for thousands of university students ahead of fall semester : news

/u/Dmoney83 summarizes major political happenings in the United States which have drastically impacted everyone all the way from before the Declaration of Independence to the current day. : bestof
dmoney83 comments on The Ultra-Rich Are Ultra-Conservative | Billionaires typically stay quiet about their politics. But don't mistake their silence for moderation -- the uber-rich tend to be extremely politically active and extremely conservative.
I_hate_bigotry comments on The Right only has one joke

Inside Liberty University's 'culture of fear' - How Jerry Falwell Jr. silences students and professors who reject his pro-Trump politics. (Satangelicals worshipping Satan and, oh look: Deborah Huff and Liberty University Police Department Chief Richard Hinkley infamous on the internets for all eternity for being evil assholes)
Campus PC is out of control - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Billion-Dollar Blessings -- How Jerry Falwell Jr. transformed Liberty University, one of the religious right's most powerful institutions, into a wildly lucrative online empire.

Student Group Says Harvard 'Woefully Failed' To Address Racist, Sexist Messages -- The Harvard Black Law Students Association criticized school officials for not doing enough to find the person or persons behind the offensive messages.

How Nextdoor Became The Platform For Scammers To Rip Off Your Parents

Houston police raid: Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were killed. The family is planning a lawsuit. - The Washington Post

Trooper charged with having sex with underage girl : news
Andrew Golden, who changed his name to Drew Grant, was killed last night in a car crash. He, along with Mitchell Johnson, was one of the Westside school shooters in Jonesboro Arkansas. : news

Massachusetts Senate passes bill to ban child marriage : boston

Five myths about consciousness - The Washington Post (whales have bigger brains! hard problem is easy! Freud sucks! ads don't work! near-death visions are stupid!)

Supervisors with bottom-line mentality driven by profits to the exclusion of caring about other outcomes, like employee well-being, environment or ethics, could be hurting their bottom lines by losing the respect of their employees, who counter by withholding performance, according to a new study.

poob1x comments on Are there any modern recreational drugs that could have been synthesized in Europe between 1000-1500CE, with the knowledge we have today?

50 States of True Crime - The New York Times

David Ortiz released from hospital nearly 7 weeks after shooting in Dominican Republic : news

What is a psychological fact you know that blows your mind? : AskReddit
Whenever my wife asks me anything color related : funny

What is the longest 5 minutes you have ever experienced? : AskReddit
Smartphones were the big thing in the 2010s. What will be in the 2020s?

What is the creepiest family secret you have discovered? [serious] : AskReddit
's your best childhood memory? Why?
Have you ever had a sad dream that seemed so real that you woke up still in tears? What did you dream about? : AskReddit
What's your best childhood memory?
What would you consider examples of toxic femininity? : AskReddit

Translating inspiration styleboards into a wearable wardrobe (with examples!) : femalefashionadvice

TheNotoriousAMP comments on Why wasn't Italy as competent as Germany during World War II?


Burn On - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Ohio Republicans have passed the ultimate expression of corrupt climate change denialism:

'It snuck up on us' : Scientists stunned by 'city-killer' asteroid that just missed Earth

The Roots of Boeing's 737 Max Crisis: A Regulator Relaxes Its Oversight

Syrian girl dies after saving sister's life in heart-stopping airstrike photo : worldnews

Police fire tear gas at Hong Kong protesters surrounding Yuen Long village : worldnews

The fatal stabbing of Russian LGBT activist Yelena Grigoriyeva in St. Petersburg has drawn strong reactions worldwide, with fellow activists lamenting a system that failed to protect her and anti-LGBT figures saying her killing was justified. : worldnews
Russian police arrest more than 1,000 in Moscow protest

Anti-Gay Brutality in a Polish Town Blamed on Poisonous Propaganda - The New York Times

Australian border officials find $1 million in liquid meth inside snow globes : news

Irish PM says hard Brexit would raise issue of Irish unification : worldnews
ITV News exclusive: Jacob Rees-Mogg issues style guide to staff - ITV News - Honourable Member for the 18th Century
Vegan restaurants are closing across the UK because not enough people follow the diet to sustain them, analysis finds : worldnews

Canadian manhunt goes door-to-door amid sightings of teen murder suspects - ABC News - Canadian authorities have zeroed in on a remote, swampy area in their nationwide manhunt for two teenage boys suspected of killing three people.

American tourist, 19, confesses to killing Italian police officer, reports say : worldnews
2 Americans confess to stabbing police officer to death after drug deal gone wrong in Rome, authorities say - ABC News (riches)

Video of man taunting mom, daughter with slurs prompts more worries about racial tensions in Quebec | CBC News ... Montreal police said they have identified the man and are investigating. (haha asshole, you got internetted)
Video of man taunting mom, 2 year old daughter with slurs prompts more worries about racial tensions in Quebec : worldnews

I noticed that Spain and California are very similar so I decided to compare them : europe

Shadow force: The secret history of the U.S. intelligence community's battle with Iran's Revolutionary Guard

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills -- #MoscowMitch
Mitch McConnell is a Russian asset - The Washington Post - #MoscowMitch #McCockhole
'Mitch McConnell is a Russian' trends after GOP senator blocks election security bills : politics
McConnell under fire for burying election bills in 'legislative graveyard' : politics

Summer Vacation in an Age of Concentration Camps, Part 5. - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Supreme Court Says Trump Can Use Defense Funds For Border Wall | HuffPost - The ruling allows President Donald Trump to use $2.5 billion in Pentagon funds for wall construction along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Immigration Officials Snatch 9-Year-Old U.S. Citizen Heading To School, Hold Her For 2 Days : politics

House Judiciary Committee To Pursue An Impeachment Inquiry - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Mueller's team is said to have told Congress his acuity was not an issue. Some lawmakers privately worry it was.
House Democrats Remain Divided On Impeachment After Mueller Hearing | HuffPost - The division underscores the tensions among a House majority that's trying to have it both ways.
Democrats Just Delivered a Perfectly Confusing Message On Impeachment - VICE News
What Moderate House Democrats Are Getting Wrong About 2020 and Impeachment | GQ - the folly of tepid kitchen-table strategizing, and the right lessons Democrats can draw from recent electoral history

Trump Deflects Mueller Testimony By Suggesting A Probe Into Obama's Book Deal (and Uranium 1! and her emailzz! and Obama's birth certificate from Kenya! the fat little piece of shit is getting worried)
Trump threatens to investigate Obama: 'Let's subpoena all of his records'
Trump impeachment chances grow after bid to unseal grand jury evidence as president threatens Obama probe : politics

California' s Newsom wrestles with Trump tax return bill (after Jerry Brown pardoned the Dumptster)

/u/JustSomeGhost explains exactly why we need to be concerned about Trump's threat of an executive order after Supreme Court refused to add his question on the census. : bestof

Trump calls Baltimore disgusting ... rodent infested mess, rips Rep. Elijah Cummings over border criticism
In Rant Against Cummings, Trump Slams African-American Majority District as "Rodent-infested Mess"
r The White House Has Rat Traps Set Up & Twitter Can't Contain Itself
Trump attacks Rep. Cummingss district, calling it disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess
Heart of darkness - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Rat-Infested Shitholes - If a Democrat ever talked about rural (I mean REAL) America the way that Republicans talk about urban America pretty much daily, it would be a 24/7 cable news story. (carnage in the cornfields! welfare kings and their tractors!)

Study: the US could have averted about 15,600 deaths if every state expanded Medicaid | The real impact of Republican's rejection of Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. ... Reminder: 9/11 killed 3000. Republicans are 5x worse on this issue alone.
Once a liar always a crook : PoliticalHumor

Trump campaign sees political advantage in a divisive appeal to working-class white voters - The Washington Post -- The outburst also undercut efforts by many Republicans over the past two weeks to defend Trump and insist that his earlier attacks were based in ideology rather than race. (his base of racist white nazis)

Congress Should Not Go on Vacation for Six Goddamn Weeks | In that time, the president* will be the whole entire government. : politics

Donald Trump and the G.O.P. Confirm Their Fiscal Conservatism Was a Sham : politics (only took 50 years for that to sink in)

Why the GOP retirements are a gut punch for the party

South Dakota will require "In God We Trust" signs in all public schools : news ... Alternative headline: "South Dakota would rather spend millions in lawyer fees rather than on education."

$250 Million Nick Sandmann lawsuit against Washington Post dismissed by federal judge : news

Trump Supporting-Senator Upset At Losing Support For Being a Trump Lickspittle - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Also, sure, keep telling yourself your decisive vote to put a credibly accused sexual assaulter in the Court to overrule Roe v. Wade and then telling intelligence-insulting lies about it has nothing to do with it. (dark Susie Doozy loves her dark money)
Adam Smith on Twitter: "You know, if Susan Collins was concerned about "dark money groups," she could've been the 60th vote for the DISCLOSE Act in 2010, which would have ensured its passage. But guess what!" / Twitter

How conservative operatives steered millions in PAC donations to themselves - POLITICO - The Conservative Majority Fund has raised nearly $10 million since mid-2012, but has made just $48,400 in political contributions. (the scammers scammed the delustional grifters)

The Latest: Judge could force Georgia to use paper ballots : news

Virginia's November Elections May Finally Cement Its Status As A Blue State -- And Democrats controlling the Virginia state legislature in 2020 would have long-lasting effects for the party nationwide.

Dialysis Firm Cancels $524,600.17 Medical Bill After Journalists Investigate : news

FBI probe into facility that stored bodies for science turned into 'Frankenstein-style' horror show : news

Neil deGrasse Tyson Cleared by Misconduct Investigation, Will Keep Museum Job : news

An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued for More Than $1 Million in Child Sexual Abuse Case : news (pedogelicals)

Feds: Ex-NSA Employee Cyberstalked and Harassed His Ex-Girlfriend and Her Family for Nearly Two Years : news

raspberry_man comments on [Goldblatt] Former NBA star Matt Barnes wants to pay a lot less in child support to his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, in part because he believes her fianci, Derek Fisher, is paying the lion's share of her expenses.

Florida man accused of killing niece he was having an affair with. : news

Before Quentin Blake, there was Nancy Ekholm Burkert Dahls forgotten illustrator

You can now submit a claim for the $700 million Equifax data breach settlement
Equifax settlement guide: How to get the money, and what you need to know - The Washington Post

For Years, Alcohol Was My Only Comfort. Then It Nearly Killed Me. - The New York Times

Dementia-like symptoms can be the result of some medications used by older people. - The Washington Post - Since 2012, anticholinergics have been featured prominently on the American Geriatrics Society Beers Criteria list of medications that are potentially inappropriate for seniors ... Benadryl for seasonal allergies, another antihistamine for itching, Seroquel (an antipsychotic medication) ...
List of Anticholinergic Drugs (warning, some may be dangerous for seniors

Where I Find Romance in Marriage - The New York Times - my mother's short-term amnesia to make me realize what long-term love is all about.

Skip the T-shirt shops, already: Thrift(y) shopping on the Cape - The Boston Globe

Portarossa comments on ELI5: The Sensitivity Conjecture has been solved. What is it about?

ADHD youth receive antipsychotic medications without clear medical indications and instead of safer more effective medications. : science

[Serious] What's the scariest thing you've heard while home alone? : AskReddit
What is the scariest thing you've ever seen driving at night?

People of Reddit with SO's, How?
Woman Dies Trying to Visit 'Into the Wild' Bus, Made Famous by the 1996 Book and 2007 Film by Sean Penn : movies

Police Chase Fail : funny

[Serious] Christians turned atheists, what made you lose your faith? : AskReddit

Why does Reddit want to act like every single person who is doing something with their lives is "priviledged?"

What are some good text based subreddits to browse when you don't have Wi-Fi? : AskReddit


Alaskan glaciers melting 100 times faster than previously thought : worldnews
Climate more pressing than Brexit, say 71% of Britons : worldnews
'This Is Not Normal': Record-Smashing European Heat Wave Sparks Demands to Combat Climate Emergency : worldnews
Huge swathes of Siberia engulfed in wildfires, online users issue a plea to authorities : worldnews
Windy: Show / add more layers (click to see how bad)
Brazil's Bolsonaro blamed as illegal deforestation pushes Amazon Rainforest to 'tipping Point,' Expert warns. : worldnews

'So surreal': Hong Kongers take up self-defence classes in wake of thug attacks : worldnews

Bishop from Cyprus says homosexuality passed on to the unborn when pregnant women have anal sex. : worldnews (you can tell he has anal on the mind)

Boris Johnson tells Angela Merkel to scrap Brexit backstop amid warnings he is on 'collision course' with EU. But German government warns that 'provocations' will not work : worldnews

Four teenage boys have been charged after a lesbian couple were attacked on a night bus in London : worldnews

A Princes $500 Billion Desert Dream: Flying Cars, Robot Dinosaurs and a Giant Artificial Moon

Attackers break into home of Mexican investigative journalist, kill her dogs and steal her reporting records : worldnews

Man who lied about UK VIP child abuse ring jailed for 18 years : news

Senate Intel finds 'extensive' Russian election interference going back to 2014 : worldnews
Russian Intelligence Hacked Election Systems in All 50 States in 2016 - We're Supposed to Believe the Russians Hacked Into Voting Systems But Did Nothing Once They Got There? - In which we learn a hostile foreign intelligence agency got into election systems in all 50 states.
Russia Targeted Election Systems in All 50 States, Report Finds - The New York Times
Russians probably targeted election systems in all 50 states, Senate panel's report says
Scarborough calls McConnell 'Moscow Mitch,' says lack of action on Russian meddling is 'un-American'
Ratfucking, Da - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As if Republicans needed more thumbs on the scale: (#MoscowMitch)
What happened to the Republican outrage on Russia?
#MoscowMitch Trends on Twitter as Mitch McConnell Blocks Election Security Bills Despite 'Unprecedented Level' of Russian Interference

The IRS turned over Nixon's tax returns the same day a congressional panel asked for them

Raising Prospect of Impeaching Trump, House Seeks Mueller's Grand Jury Secrets -- In a court filing, House Democrats said they need access to secret grand jury evidence because they are weighing whether to recommend impeaching President Trump.
Jerry Nadler Announces House Democrats Will Seek Robert Mueller's Grand Jury Evidence - This Is an Impeach By Any Other Name -- Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi demonstrate that the House Democrats have changed their calculus.
Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment - The Atlantic - Our Constitution requires it. Our democracy depends on it.
The House has already opened an impeachment investigation against Trump - The Washington Post - Judiciary Committees actions are clear.
It's time for impeachment hearings on Trump. Here's how Democrats may proceed.
Mueller Testimony Deepens Democratic Divide on Impeachment - The New York Times
'There Is Constant Battling' : Nadler and Pelosi Are on a Collision Course
Nadler says he's going to court today, next week to enforce Mueller-related subpoenas

Did Trump Achieve 3% Growth in 2018? Target Not Met, Per New Data - Bloomberg ... revised to 2.5% ...

Troops at Border May Be in Breach of Posse Comitatus - Navy SEALs Under Investigation
Mass Arrest of U.S. Marines currently underway on Camp Pendleton, CA : news

U.S. Rolls Out More Farm Aid as Soy Growers Urge Trade Cease-Fire - The New York Times
U.S. to pay farmers up to $16 billion for trade war losses, South to benefit - Reuters
U.S. to pay farmers up to $16 billion for trade war losses, South to benefit : news

The gerontocracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This interview with RBG is a depressing read. (RGB is way too old and (the very genteel SC)

Eschaton: But I Have A Party To Go To - Elizabeth Spiers: This has not, of course, stopped her from fundraising off of it. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee donor inboxes are littered with appeals signed by the speaker to, all caps, stop Trump, as if the critical brake mechanisms are being controlled by donors and not by the officials whose elections they support. It's like watching a person drown while the lifeguard sits in her tower, performatively noting with alarm that someone is sinking into the sea and surely someone -- someone! must save the swimmer.
N.J. School Board Member: 'My Life Would Be Complete' If Rep. Rashida Tlaib Died | HuffPost - N.J. School Board Member: 'My Life Would Be Complete' If Rep. Rashida Tlaib Died -- Daniel Leonard is refusing to resign despite backlash from community members and the Council on American-Islamic Relations ... Leonard, an enthusiastic supporter of President Donald Trump and a decorated combat veteran, was elected to the school board in 2016.

Al Franken Really Wants You to Know How Clumsy He Is - By Lili Loofbourow
Comics and Politicians - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Lili Loofbourow is typically excellent on the topic of Jane Mayers attempted exculpation of Al Franken. The opening alone is a work of art.
The New Yorker Seriously Mischaracterized the Story of One of Al Franken's Accusers

How Jeffrey Epstein Used the Billionaire Behind Victoria's Secret for Wealth and Women
Victoria's Secret billionaire Leslie Wexner gave near-total control of his finances to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a stunning new account of their controversial friendship
Victoria's Secret billionaire Leslie Wexner gave near-total control of his finances to Jeffrey Epstein, according to a stunning new account of their controversial friendship : news

In a small Arkansas town, echoes of a century-old massacre - J. Chester Johnson never heard about the mass killing of black people in Elaine, a couple hours away from where he grew up in Arkansas. Nobody talked about it, teachers didn't mention it in history classes, and only the elderly remembered the bloodshed of 1919.
Mississippi students who posed with guns in front of Emmet Till memorial suspended from frat : news
Emmett Till and the Ongoing Reality of White Racist Violence - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Susan Collins might back out of 2020 election as her approval rating plummets

Hickenloopermentum! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Nick Sandmann lawsuit against Washington Post dismissed by judge
Judge dismisses libel suit against Washington Post brought by Covington Catholic High School student - The Washington Post
Nick Sandmann lawsuit against Washington Post dismissed by judge : worldnews

'Bad Luck, Not the Right Choce' for Flasher Who Targeted Ex-Israeli Army Jogger

You Have a Moral Obligation to Claim Your $125 From Equifax -- Help make sure that companies pay the consequences for data breaches.


Earth had a near-miss with 'city-killer' asteroid this morning : worldnews
Video 3 What Does is Take to create a 1.2km hole in the ground? from Barringer Crater Company on Vimeo
Climate change: Current warming 'unparalleled' in 2,000 years : worldnews
xkcd: Earth Temperature Timeline
It is quite warm in Europe. : europe
A temperature of over 400 Celsius was measured in the Netherlands today for the first time in history. : europe ... A real dutch oven.
UK braces itself for the hottest day on record, temperatures could reach up to 39C : worldnews

Most YouTube climate change videos 'oppose the consensus view' - Scientist behind study urges platform to tweak algorithms to prioritise factual information

Historian unearths solid evidence for the Armenian Genocide : europe

'Cabinet from hell' : Boris Johnson hires ministers who backed hanging, called feminists 'obnoxious bigots' and opposed same-sex marriage
"Your new Prime Minister is a liar" is projected onto Buckingham Palace
Scotland's leader tells UK PM Johnson: we want an independence referendum : worldnews

Trump vetoes Congress' attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia, thwarting effort to punish kingdom over Yemen, Khashoggi

After more than a week of protests the Governor of Puerto Rico resigns : worldnews

Russian Hack of Elections System Was Far-Reaching, Report Finds - The New York Times
McConnell blocks two election security bills | TheHill (Bitch McCockhole is a commie)
Mitch McConnell Blocks Election-Security Bills, Brushes Off Kentucky Black Lung Miners - Mitch McConnell Does Not Give a Damn About the Future of This Country -- He does not care about coal miners in his own state. He does not care about holding secure elections. He does not care.
Mitch McConnell Does Not Give a Damn About the Future of This Country : politics

Neal Katyal Has One More Question for Robert Mueller After His Testimony | The New Yorker
At Mueller Hearings, Republicans Assert Trump Is Above The Law | HuffPost
Why the Mueller Hearings Were So Alarming | The New Yorker
The Most Revealing Exchange of the Mueller Hearing -- A Democrat asked the former special counsel whether the president had met each of the three elements necessary to prove obstruction of justice
Opinion: Mueller acted like a man terrified to state the obvious. The question remains: Why? - The Globe and Mail - "We made a decision not to decide whether to prosecute or not" -- His two-year probe was marked by witness interviews that were never held, probable criminals who were never prosecuted, and troubling questions that were never answerered -- and may never be ...
Finally, Washington (Sort of) Agrees on Something: Mueller Bombed | The New Yorker - After so much waiting -- a hundred and twenty-four days, to be precise, since Robert Mueller's report was delivered -- perhaps it was bound to be a disappointment.
The Blockbuster That Wasn't: Mueller Disappoints the Democrats
After Mueller's Devastating Testimony, the Truth Is Beyond Denying: Congress Is Failing Us | Opinion (Tribe) -- It's not the Constitution that is failing us. It's the people we have elected --including the Democrats in positions of leadership, as well as a now totally corrupt Republican Party -- who are failing us, and failing the test of history

Actually, Robert Mueller Was Awesome - POLITICO Magazine - History will show that he had one big goal, and nailed it.
Mueller Testifies Russia Had Blackmail on Trump
Neal Katyal Has One More Question for Robert Mueller After His Testimony | The New Yorker

Mueller wins on the facts -- but loses on TV
Mueller didnt fail. The country did.
Mueller Testimony: Republicans Were Detached From Reality - Bloomberg - nothing wrong with defending the president during a scandal. But denying reality helps no one.

Mueller tells House panel Trump asked staff to falsify records : worldnews
Donald Trump wrote own health letter, says physician Harold Bornstein - BBC News

Vice Chair of the House Democratic Caucus Congresswoman Katherine Clark Calls for Impeachment Inquiry - Press Releases - Congresswoman Katherine Clark
Speaker Pelosi just laid out the roadmap to impeachment
Eschaton: All You Gotta Do - Is give us the House, a supermajority in the Senate, and the presidency. Okay, sorry, we admit that supermajority in the Senate will include Manchin and Sinema and a few others as needed to obstruct our agenda, so maybe a supermajority plus? plus plus plus? Mystery why people keep chucking out the party in power, whichever it is.
Pelosi rebuffs Nadler on impeachment after Mueller flop - POLITICO
Eschaton: "We" Voted "You" Into Office - And I saw what happened last time Pelosi was Speaker and the last Republican president had 26% approval ratings and...
Charles P. Pierce on Twitter: "Elijah Cummings called y'all out. "I'm begging the American people to pay attention to what is going on...if you want to have a democracy intact for your children and your children's children ... we have to guard this moment. This is on our watch."" / Twitter

Democrats are now left with one option to end Trumps presidency: The 2020 election (bc Nancy Dancy and stupid dems)
Imagine Mueller Just Said All That About A Black President | Above the Law

Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse | OPA | Department of Justice - Federal Government to Resume Capital Punishment After Nearly Two Decade Lapse (Trump loves murdering black and poor and often innocent people)

Trump presidential seal: Doctored presidential seal appears behind Trump at Turning Point USA summit - The Washington Post (Russian seal with golf clubs)
Trump appears in front of seal with Russian, golf imagery, TPUSA aide fired - CNNPolitics
Trump appears with altered presidential seal at Turning Point USA event saying '45 is a puppet' ... "45 es un titere" (actually pretty hilarious)
Meet the man who created the fake presidential seal -- a former Republican fed up with Trump

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley grossly mischaracterized the views of 4 academics in his 'cosmopolitan elites' speech

Rubio cries 'racist' after being duped by a misleading tweet and video

Treasury pick Monica Crowley spread Obama smears: 'Can he be both loyal to Islam and loyal to the United States?' ... pick for the top spokeswoman job at the Treasury Department repeatedly spread conspiracy theories that suggested then-President Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim ... Crowley, formerly a syndicated radio host, columnist and Fox News contributor ... (debasing government)

Will Trump's Racist Attacks Help Him? Ask Blue-Collar White Women. -- His strategy rests on a bet: that these voters will respond just as enthusiastically to his belligerence as working-class white men.

Biden Holds Large Edge | Monmouth University Polling Institute

Can Elizabeth Warren Beat Trump in 2020? Inside Her Radical Plan - Bloomberg - After a slow start, she's gaining momentum by pushing her party to embrace bold, left-wing ideas that could win back the Oval Office -- or cost Democrats everything. (everything! we tell you, capitalists getting nervous)
Kamala Harris's Debate Bounce Is Fading
Jet-setter: Buttigieg leads 2020 Dems in private flights

Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Sues Google for $50 Million - The New York Times - said in a federal lawsuit that Google infringed on her free speech when it briefly suspended her campaignadvertising account after the first Democratic debate in June.

Pro-Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft | US news | The Guardian - Exclusive: Danielle Stella, reported to support baseless QAnon conspiracy theory, held twice this year over alleged shoplifting -- Stella is accused of stealing 279 items valued at $2,327.97 from a Target store in Edina, to the south-west of Minneapolis, on 8 January this year.
Pro-Trump Republican aiming to unseat Ilhan Omar charged with felony theft : politics

Jeffrey Epstein Found Injured in NYC Jail Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt: Sources - NBC New York
Lawmaker says shes been told to back off call for probe of Jeffrey Epstein's work release (the pedo/sheriff protection squad)

We Found Photos of Ole Miss Students Posing With Guns in Front of a Shot-Up Emmett Till Memorial. Now They Face a Possible Civil Rights Investigation ... Kappa Alpha ... The fraternity, which honors Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as its "spiritual founder" ... (that pretty much says it, +dumbass racist fratboys)

Why Some People Have A Higher Alcohol Tolerance Than Others | HuffPost Life - And why being a lightweight drinker is actually a good thing.

Ancient Egypt: underwater archaeologists uncovered destroyed temple in the sunken city of Heracleiona : worldnews


Jon Stewart's Outrage Forced Washington to Actually Do Something Good | The 9/11 first responders bill passed the Senate Tuesday, 97-2. : politics
Jon Stewart calls Rand Paul a 'scalawag and a ragamuffin' over vote against 9/11 bill : politics ... after Rand Paul called him a "guttersnipe" he had insults of his own for the senator. "He called me a guttersnipe. I have a mind to call him a scallawag and a ragamuffin. I'll escalate this."

China Hints Its Troops Could Be Used to Quell Hong Kong Protests - The New York Times

North Korea launches two projectiles - CNNPolitics - toward the East Sea, also known as the Sea of Japan, according to South Korean officials.

The United States won't feed 30,000 starving Syrians living under its protection

I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (BoJo)

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello expected to resign, source says - CNN

Trump vetoes Congresss attempt to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Judge won't block US asylum restrictions at southern border
Autopsy Offers New Details On the Death of A Guatemalan Migrant Child

Analysis of Mueller's Congressional Hearing
How Republicans Used Mueller's Conservatism to Discredit Him
'Euphoria' : White House, GOP exult after a flat Mueller performance - West Wing aides were spiking the proverbial football even before the former special counsel had finished testifying.
A Bit Of A Dud --Some Democrats Said The Mueller Hearings Didn't Live Up To Expectations
Report doesn't exonerate Trump, Mueller testifies, and he could be charged after leaving office - ABC News
Byron York: Confused performance by Mueller raises questions about handling of investigation - t took just minutes for Robert Mueller's testimony before the House Judiciary Committee to turn into a painful exercise when it became clear the 74 year-old special counsel had difficulty handling the questions posed to him about his long, complex investigation into the Trump-Russia affair.
Mueller deflected questions 198 times. We tracked when he did it. - The former special counsel testified in front of two House committees.
Bob Mueller is struggling
Mueller offers terse answers, uncertainty in testimony
Mueller's finally done. Here's how his probe lives on.
Here's what surprised us during the Mueller testimony -- and 4 other takeaways
10 highlights from Robert Mueller's testimony - CNNPolitics
Mueller Testimony: Former Special Counsel Testifies Before Congress - The former special counsel also said that his Russia investigation did not exonerate the president.
The special counsel is likely to wind up as just another person with good intentions who got body-slammed by a savvier political operative wearing a sheriffs badge.
u/Mr_Football gives a succinct synopsis of the House Intel Hearing with Robert Mueller : bestof

Mueller Has Provided Congress with Everything It Needs to Impeach Trump : politics
Mueller raises alarm on continued Russian election interference, tells Congress: 'They're doing it as we sit here' : politics
Mueller says 'outright liars' made it harder to complete his report
Scarborough during Mueller hearing 'esus, forgive me for ever being a Republican'
Mueller on Trump's praise of WikiLeaks during 2016 campaign: 'Problematic is an understatement' : politics
Mueller testimony: Trump ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to lie, special counsel confirms : politics
Mueller: 'We believe' some Trump campaign officials deleted communications : politics
Mueller all but confirmed that Trump committed obstruction of justice : politics
Opinion: An Impeachment Trial Would Take Away Trump's Control Of The News Cycle : politics

The President* Is a Crook and Everyone in Congress Knows It : politics (Charlie)
Robert Mueller Testimony Confirms That President Trump Is a Crook - The President* Is a Crook and Everyone in Congress Knows It -- Robert Mueller wasn't Richard Pryor at the mic, but he confirmed it in his own way ... (An aside: if Chuck Todd uses the word "optics" ever again in connection with American politics, I am going to raise William Allen White from the dead and make him put Todd on the night rewrite desk until Jesus comes home.) (see above)
The Theater Critics - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Maria Bustillos on Chuck Todd's already infamous "this was bad optics" tweet:

Discussion Thread | Robert Mueller testifies before House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees | 8:30am and 12:45pm EDT | Part III : politics (for the 20K comments)

MSNBC public editor: The Chuck Todd show - Columbia Journalism Review - this morning, Chuck Todd managed to demonstrate, with uncharacteristic brevity, his basic misunderstanding of the requirements of his job: for example, in his own recent performance as moderator in the Democratic presidential debate. He managed to talk more than all but three of the candidates, even as he demanded that they keep their own answers brief.

Mueller to Congress: Trump's Wrong, I Didn't Exonerate Him
Mueller: I did not clear Trump of obstruction of justice : politics
Mueller: Trump could be charged with obstruction of justice after leaving office : politics
Bernstein: There are devastating facts in Mueller report : politics
Eschaton: They Didn't Get Their Sorkin Moment - All the reporters are bored now -- By "people" Maggie means "her and her friends" because the New York Times does not have brain implants in the population signalling back to them what you care about.
Brian Beutler on Twitter: "On the one hand, Mueller stated incredibly damning things under oath, on the other he didn't sing them in a rich, deep vibrato." / Twitter

GOP blocks election security bills after Mueller testimony | TheHill (logical)

'Very Innocent President' Greets Mueller Testimony With Unhinged Tweetstorm While bemoaning Mueller probe, Trump falsely says the Constitution gives himt 'the right to do whatever I want'

Trump Must Face Suit Over Alleged Multilevel Marketing Fraud - Bloomberg - President Donald Trump, his company and three of his children must face a class-action lawsuit

DOJ says it won't prosecute Barr, Ross after criminal contempt vote | TheHill (Barr says he won't prosecute himself)

Bernie Madoff asks Trump to reduce prison sentence for Ponzi scheme

By Cutting Food Stamps, Trump Will Starve Kids : politics (what Republicans do)

What If They're Not Coming for the Jews This Time? - Trump poses a new test for the American Jewish community.

Why Nancy Pelosi Won't Impeach | The New Republic - Why impeachment cant penetrate the cult of D.C. savvy.
Pelosi seems to be shifting on impeachment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Republican Ken Buck Scores Massive Own Goal in Mueller Questioning -- Thanks to Buck, Mueller is now on the record saying that a sitting president can be indicted post-presidency for obstruction crimes

Poll: Biden has 7-point lead over 2020 field, Warren follows in second place | TheHill
Tensions Between Bernie Sanders and MSNBC Boil Over - campaign sees the cable news network as part of a brewing problem that allows vague and unverified claims to go unchecked on air.

Leave New York Out Of It - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If you've spent time in New York City, you have almost certainly encountered the phenomenon of someone acting like an asshole and attributing it to being a "New York thing" when it just them being an asshole. Danielle Tcholakian has a good column about Jane Mayer's dismayingly tendentious defense brief for Al Franken, which contains a particularly egregious example of this:
An Indefensible Al Franken Defense - An article intended to make the belated case for the former senator instead exposes him as whiny and self-pitying ... Much of her New Yorker piece is devoted to taking down Frankens first accuser, Leeann Tweeden, even though calls for his resignation only occurred after eight more women had come forward. Mayer shoehorns in quotes from friends of Franken, senators with regrets about backing his ouster, and an array of feminists, like an attorney calling a list of expert witnesses (v good)
Open-government advocate Bob Freeman fired in sex harass complaint
Women claim sexual harassment by Robert Freeman, open-government expert

Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early 90s .. president's earliest days in the White House.
Democratic groups will not commit to returning, donating Epstein funds
Author James Patterson on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Unbelievable' Crimes

Judge temporarily blocks new Arkansas anti-abortion laws

New York Magazine on Twitter: "How a chance encounter left a Harvard professor homeless, out of work, and buried in litigation. @KeraBolonik reports" / Twitter

Visit China: The Ultimate Travel Guide | Bookmundi

10 Alternatives to Google Finance Portfolio | Data Driven Investor

Rutger Hauer - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How a Flexi Leash Healed my Relationship with My Dog | Your Dog Advisor

nummakayne comments on Our activism actually is working. Keep going !!!!!

Video of cop busting teen smoking weed, cop shows up in comment section : bestof


Under Trump, 26% of Climate Change references have vanished from .Gov sites. A new report documents two years of science being scrubbed from government websites. : technology
Fourth National Climate Assessment

John Stewart smiles as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell walks by in the Capitol before voting later today on the Permanent Authorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Act : pics
The face says it all : PoliticalHumor

South Korea, Russia, Japan and China warplanes face off in Asian confrontation - CNN

'No girls born' for past three months in area of India covering 132 villages -- uthorities in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand state, said the official birth rate was "alarming" and pointed towards widespread female foeticide. : worldnews

Russian LGBT activist who was featured on a website that encourages people to "hunt down" sexual minorities killed in St. Petersburg.

Trump: I could win Afghanistan warin a week ... "I have plans on Afghanistan that if I wanted to win that war, Afghanistan would be wiped off the face of the Earth ... I just don't want to kill 10 million people"
Donald Trump Says He 'Could Win' Afghanistan War 'In A Week' But Doesn't Want To Kill '10 Million People' : worldnews

Boris Johnson To Become U.K. Prime Minister After Winning Party Leadership Race | HuffPost - Johnson has promised to take the U.K. out of the EU by Oct. 31, even if it means a no-deal Brexit. (clowns, everywhere)
BOJO BLOWS IN New Prime Minister Boris Johnson anoints himself 'The Dude' ...
UK's next prime minister revealed : news
EU shoots down Boris Johnson's Brexit plan within moments of him becoming Tory leader - In an intervention timed to coincide with Mr Johnson's election announcement, Frans Timmermans, the European Commission's first vice president, told reporters in Brussels that the EU would not renegotiate. : worldnews
Boris Johnson becomes new UK Prime Minister : worldnews ... "If you thought the UK was a circus while brexit was going on. Its about to get turned up to 11."
Ivanka Trump congratulates Boris Johnson as next PM of United 'Kingston' : worldnews

Doctors find differences in brains of U.S. diplomats who alleged mystery attacks in Cuba - less white matter in their brains and less connectivity in the areas that control vision and hearing than similar healthy people

FBI Director Wray: Russia intent on interfering with U.S. vote : politics (you mean Trump)

A Dallas-born citizen picked up by the Border Patrol has been detained for three weeks | Immigration | Dallas News (fuck your citizenship)
He has a birth certificate and a Social Security number. But ICE has detained this U.S. citizen for three weeks. : politics ... McDowell county west Virginia has a literacy rate of just 63% (40% of Trump's base can't read)
Francisco Galicia, U.S. citizen held by CBP, ICE for three weeks, has been released | Immigration | Dallas News
More Than 2,000 Migrants Were Targeted in Raids. 35 Were Arrested. - The New York Times
Trump 'superfan' sent bombs to CNN, Obama and Clintons

Report: Rudy Giuliani is running a backchannel with Ukraine to take down Mueller, Trump's critics | - Rudy Giuliani is running a backchannel with Ukraine to take down Mueller, Trump's critics Two operatives who report to Rudy Giuliani are meeting with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Democrats in 2020

Eschaton: Waiting for Mueller - We already did that (correctly, both in terms of letting it play out and waiting until the House Dems actually had some power). more thing! The explosive outrage is coming! The Celestial Hall Monitor will step in and take care of things, or maybe the Marshall of the Supreme Court -- "But we are one explosive testimony, one new consequential outrage, from that dam being breached." Dems hope Mueller will turn the tide on impeachment (yeah, sure)
Eschaton: What If We Use The Oversight Powers We Have? No let's pass legislation that will never become law instead. ... And by "do somehting" we mean "do nothing" (Nancy Dancy and the do-nothing bc we're smarter than you Dems)
The Case for A More Fighting Democratic Party | Crooked Media (Nancy-Dancy is a "centrist")

Mueller investigation: What polling says Americans think about it - The Washington Post (59% against impeachment, thanks, Nancy, 46% don't give a shit if Trump is a commie crook)
Here's how Mueller's testimony could damage Trump
Justice Department tells Mueller to not answer a wide swath of questions - The Washington Post
Nadler: Mueller doesn't have to comply with DOJ letter - CNN Video
Key Aide Will Appear Alongside Mueller During Hearings - The New York Times
Mueller makes last-minute ask to swear in deputy Aaron Zebley for hearing - CNNPolitics
'Bizarrely Adversarial' Legal Experts React to DOJ Letter That Told Mueller What He can't Say
Nadler says Justice Dept. 'incredibly arrogant' for telling Mueller to stay within bounds of report : politics
How William Barr Beat Robert Mueller - The Atlantic - attorney general had the first word on the Mueller investigation. It may end up being the final word.
Most Republicans plan to tune out Mueller probe: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Reuters
While bemoaning Mueller probe, Trump falsely says the Constitution gives him 'the right to do whatever I want'

Can Mueller Cut Through Barr's 'Fog of Propaganda' (probably not)
US attorney general William Barr says Americans should accept security risks of encryption backdoors | TechCrunch

He's a Chinese billionaire and a member of Trump's Mar-a-Lago. Is he also a communist spy?

Deficit Don? Red ink gushes in Trump era - POLITICO - The president endorsed a bipartisan budget deal without any of the spending restraints previously demanded by Republicans.
Trump administration pursues rule that would remove 3.1 million people from food stamps - Reuters

Trump sues House Ways and Means panel to block disclosure of his tax returns
Trump Still Faces 9 Investigations Into His Finances

I'm Beginning to Think Donald Trump Might Govern as a Republican - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Haberputz)

'We're like Thelma and Louise' : Republicans shrug at deficits under Trump

Eschaton: Bending The Cost Curve - Too often lost in all the discussion of ACA is that its prime architects were just fundamentally wrong. This is not an argument that ACA should not have been passed, it's an argument that the wonks who had all those wonky wonk wonk profiles written about them as they were getting rich on grifting in various ways were wrong about what they saw as the fundamental problems - and solutions to - our private insurance system ... "skin in the game" ... Imagine being in the hospital waiting for your chemo treatment and hearing the president telling you that the problem with our health care system is that people don't have enough "skin in the game." The thing about health care is that you do, by definition, have skin in the game. Your fucking skin. (thanks, Barry, your "legacy" is looking kind of shitty, isn't it?)

Another indispensable man - Lawyers, Guns & Money - couple of follow-up thoughts on the Franken affair:
Al Franken Has Regrets. Kirsten Gillibrand Does Not. - The New York Times

Jeffrey Epstein Moved Money Overseas in Transactions His Bank Flagged to U.S. - The New York Times
Astroturf for Epstein - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jeffrey Epstein was able to take advantage of the fact that too many online publications have become unscrupulous content mills:
Eschaton: The Discourse Rulers - Elite media is so awesome. Only the best people. -- Rose, Charlie: Television journalist ... And it helped her understand a grim version of networking among powerful men. (sick shit, institutionalized)
Eschaton: Bad Men And The Bad Men Who Protect Them - I'm not going to argue that everyone who was aware of, for example, Charlie Rose's behavior had an obligation to come forward with it. I think we understand that not everyone who tried would even be heard, and attempting would be a career-destroying move. Some people have the luxury of taking such risks. Other people gotta eat and put food on their families ... But Charlie Rose? Matt Fucking Lauer? Lauer was a thing maybe in 1995 but we know there's no way he was actually pulling in his salary in added ratings and advertising bucks. Old, bald, and creepy is no way to bring in the ratings, I say as someone increasingly old, bald, and hopefully not as creepy.
Why Didn't Anyone Stop Jeffrey Epstein? - How a Predator Operated in Plain Sight ... Anna Wintour worked for Penthouse founder Bob Guccione's porn empire -- and then was as surreptitious as she could be about her former employer ... Bill Clinton ... cigar ... The least surprising thing about Epstein has in my opinion been the friendship with Woody Allen ... Babi Christina Engelhardt, who in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter said she had sex with with him hundreds of times, often together with Farrow ... Engelhardt went on to become Epstein's assistant ... movie Manhattan ... The fictional 17-year-old, Tracy, it must be said, goes to Dalton ... And when, in 2001, Walter Isaacson interviewed Allen for Time magazine about his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn ...
The Socialite on Epsteins Arm ... Ghislaine Maxwell was a constant on the New York social scene in its most Upper East iteration.

Newt Gingrich just gave away the game - The Washington Post - His primary focus is to so thoroughly define Democrats as the party of the radical left. I think that matters much more to him than any particular bill.
I'm surrounded by idiots : PoliticalHumor
Curious discrepancy : PoliticalHumor

The Overlooked Difference Between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren | The Nation - their approach to party politics ... Sanders sees himself as a progressive operating within the Democratic Party, while Warren sees herself as a Democrat who supports progressive ideals (says "The Nation")

This GOP Challenger to Ilhan Omar '100%' Stands with QAnon | Right Wing Watch - Danielle Stella, a Republican candidate seeking to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar from the U.S. House of Representatives in 2020, firmly supports the QAnon conspiracy theory,

Man whose daughter, grandkids were killed by Chris Watts says 'heartless' bullies are harassing family online : news

What if the left was right on race? - Vox - On the right, race and racism, and the possibility that it's been a big problem all along (liberals calling racists racist led to Trump, wut?)

FBI's Wray says most domestic terrorism arrests this year involve white supremacy ... 100 domestic terrorism-related arrests since October, and the majority were tied to white supremacy
Far-right extremism to be included in official terror warnings alongside Islamist threats for first time : worldnews (UK)

Amanda Knox Is Crowdfunding For Her Sci-Fi Wedding

The Fall Of Mic Was A Warning | HuffPost ... All told, at least 2,900 people have lost their jobs in media so far this year, making the sector an anomaly. The U.S. unemployment rate is currently at its lowest level since 1969.

Is Bruce Hay the Most Gullible Man in Cambridge? - A Harvard Law professor who teaches a class on judgment wouldnseem like an obvious mark, would he?

Congregation walks out of service amid church sign controversy : news ... "love it or leave it" put up by white racist "pastor" E.W. Lucas

Neil Armstrong's Death, and a Stormy, Secret $6 Million Settlement

Videos show NYPD officers being doused with water, pelted with buckets while responding to calls : news
Georgia woman fires gun in McDonald's after receiving cold fries < Petition calls for fines for people who complain to 911 about Amber Alerts - "If people can be really that selfish to call to complain about a service that saves children's lives, and also to occupy the 911 line for this kind of thing, then they do deserve to be fined" : worldnews

Angry Orchard accused of racially profiling Cathy-Marie Hamlet and fiance, interrupting proposal three times - The Washington Post (racist mall cops)

Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev, 28, dies from fight injuries sustained after last Friday's televised ESPN fight : news
Heroic neighbor saves 6-year-old boy from pit bull attack in Texas. : news

US state set to outlaw calling a veggie burger a veggie burger : news ... Arkansas law would prohibit the use of terms 'meat, sausage' beef' on products not made from animals

At What Age Do You Meet Your Best Friend? - WSJ - The 20s, typically a time of important first experiences, are prime years for meeting your closest lifelong confidantes, researchers say

Are You a 'Testosterone' or a 'Dopamine?' -- four systems, each with its own host of traits: the dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen systems ... while men typically register higher on the testosterone scale and women on the estrogen scale, as expected, there are no differences between them on the dopamine and serotonin scales ... (opposite sexes attract! says research) ... dopamine-rich and linked to curiosity, creativity and energy. People who scored high on the serotonin scale showed more activity in a tiny region of the brain linked with social-norm compliance ...

An Oak Ridge scientist is trying to send neutrons through a portal to a "mirror universe." : news

Researchers first to uncover how the cannabis plant creates important pain-relieving molecules that are 30 times more powerful at reducing inflammation than Aspirin. The discovery unlocsk? : the potential to create a naturally derived pain treatment for relief of acute and chronic pain beyond opioids. : science

/u/deathsythe displays how statistical manipulation can be used by certain groups to push a specific agenda : bestof

The loss of a single gene 2 to 3 million years ago in our ancestry may help explain why humans are the only animals in which heart attacks are common. : science

Fragmented REM sleep can harm the amygdala's ability to process emotional memories from embarrassing, cringe-worthy experiences overnight, which can lead to more embarrassment and insomnia the next day, a cycle of poor sleep and feeling bad that can last weeks, suggests a new fMRI brain scan study.

States with more gun owners have more murders in the home, with women being disproportionately affected, making up 72% of all intimate partner homicides, finds a new study looking at U.S. census bureau and several sources of state-level panel data from all 50 states over 26 years. : science

Do female to male sex reassignment patients choose their penis's size? If not what defines it? : askscience

LivePD Cop: Im sure you've seen the memes online about high people? I'd be on the front page of Reddit with a picture of you.
"Front page of Reddit for sure." : funny

[SERIOUS] People who have happened upon dead corpses randomly, what happened? : AskReddit
When did "fake it until you make it" backfire? : AskReddit
What's a question so stupid it gets more complex the more you think about it? : AskReddit
What are some predominantly "girly" things that should be normalized for guys? : AskReddit
What's the worse way to respond to an "I love you"?
Australian man caught "sea monster" with no eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth : WTF

Eschaton: Oh Well - This didn't happen. -- The last generation of kids who will need to learn to drive has already been born, as far as Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is concerned. (delusional or evil liars or both?)

Life-Altering Copyright Lawsuits Could Come to Regular Internet Users Under a New Law Moving in the Senate : technology (big content doesn't need a so-called "trial" to ruin your life)


Russia cracks down on environmental activists - The environmental group Ecodefense is being targeted by the Russian authorities for refusing to comply with a law that was heavily criticized internationally. Now its director, Alexandra Korolyova, has fled to Germany. : worldnews
Australia detains French TV crew filming anti-coal protest : worldnews

Animal rights activists designated 'domestic terrorists' in Australia -- 'Our farmers have had a gutful. They don't deserve, nor have time, to be dealing with illegal trespass and vile harassment from a bunch of virtue-signalling thugs

Xinjiang's Uyghurs were enslaved and forced to convert to Islam, Chinese white paper claims : worldnews

'Absolutely intolerable' Protesters at Beijing's Hong Kong office hurt the feelings of all Chinese people, top official says (snowflake dicktators)
Chaos and bloodshed in Hong Kong district as hundreds of masked men assault protesters, journalists, residents. : worldnews
Hong Kong police made no arrests after mob assaulted commuters, protesters, journalists in Yuen Long : worldnews
Hong Kong police fire rubber bullets, tear gas as protests descend into chaos : worldnews

Jean-Claude Juncker says his biggest regret was listening to David Cameron : worldnews ... Its a bit rich Cameron asking the EU not "interfere" in the referendum campaign when the Vote Leave and Leave.EU did nothing but lie and cheat all the way through it. (haha, got Toried/Camerooned)

Israeli crews demolish Palestinian homes in east Jerusalem : worldnews ... "Ethnic cleansing. You'd think Jewish people would have a dimmer view of this sort of behaviour. What with their history and all."
B'Tselem: IDF troops shot Palestinian child in the head with live fire : worldnews (how very Nazi)

French medics outraged as nurse denied citizenship for working too much -- The news angered fellow medical professionals who have to work overtime due to severe staff shortages in hospitals.

Horrific hairy creature washes up on Philippine beach The 20-foot-long (sic-meter-long) globster - an unidentifiable organic mass - washed ashore in Barangay, San Antonio, in the Oriental Mindoro province of the Philippines on Friday night.

cherryhoneydrink comments on Chaos and bloodshed in Hong Kong district as hundreds of masked men assault protesters, journalists, residents.

A Peculiarly Dutch Summer Rite: Children Let Loose in the Night Woods - The New York Times

Thousands of bones discovered in Vatican crypt in search for missing teenager : worldnews

Yes, dictators are ascendant. But people all over the world are fighting back. - The Washington Post

Chinese investment into the US has plunged 90% since Trump took office -- and poorer states may get hit the hardest ... Conservatives in rural communities are the ones who benefit most from govt socialized programs, immigration, and foriegn investment. They are the most needy while also being the most oblivious. (dumbfucks voted for Trumpster)

Army Lets Slip That Its Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C.

ICE tries to bring man in Hermitage in custody, neighbors form human chain to let them get home

19 Questions We Have for Mueller About His Investigation - The New York Times
The Justice Department argues that anything outside the report is covered by 'presidential privilege' that hasn't been waived
Robert Mueller's testimony offers press a chance to finally get the story right - The Washington Post
Opinion | With Three Simple Answers, Mueller Can Speak Volumes - The New York Times
Adam Schiff Talks Mueller Report Ahead of Testimony - The Atlantic - The House Intelligence Committee chairman opens up about the Mueller investigation.
Trump says Mueller should not be allowed to tell congress about his obstruction: 'It will be bad for him' : politics
House Should Prepare Criminal Referral of A.G. Barr for Lying to Congress : politics

Two Unofficial US Operatives Reporting To Trumps Lawyer Privately Lobbied A Foreign Government In A Bid To Help The President Win In 2020 (Ghoulinai in the Ukraine, of course)
Trump's New Favorite Channel Employs Kremlin-Paid Journalist -- Kristian Rouz appears on segments for One America News Network -- ironic given he is working for a Russian outlet fingered in the 2016 election attack.

This Dem Slow-Walked Getting Trump's Taxes -- Now He's Getting Primaried ... Alex Morse, the 30-year-old mayor of Holyoke, announced Monday that he is challenging Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA), a 30-year-incumbent representing Massachusetts' 1st Congressional District ... Hes my congressman and he sucks ass. He takes huge amounts of pharma and medical money and is against changing healthcare in any meaningful way. (Fuckachusetts)

'It's a disaster over there' : Commerce reaches new heights of dysfunction -- Under Secretary Wilbur Ross, the department is chaotic and adrift.
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross "Can't Stop Falling Asleep in Meetings" says report

Emerging budget deal likely to include few or no actual spending cuts while lifting debt limit for two years - The Washington Post

Stephen Miller lets the mask slip - The Washington Post - And if the interviewer still continues to press, you quickly answer the question to move the interview along. What you definitely don't do is snarl like the killer at the end of a detective show and lay bare your hate ... unless you're Stephen Miller (Jewish Nazi)

Donald Trump's s Idea of Selective Citizenship -- Last week, the President wasn't just attacking four congresswomen of color; he was reanimating ideas whose prevalence wreaked havoc in the nation's past

Politicians Tackle Surprise Bills, but Not the Biggest Source of Them: Ambulances - The New York Times - A legislative push in Congress and states to end unexpected medical bills has omitted the ambulance industry (and the cop industry) ... Ambulances: The Largest Source of Unexpected Medical Bills

Illinois Republicans pull Facebook post calling 4 Democratic congresswomen 'The Jihad Squad'
Illinois GOP group shares, then deletes meme labeling minority congresswomen 'Jihad Squad'

Americans' Trust in Government, Each Other, Leaders | Pew Research Center - Many Americans think declining trust in the government and in each other makes it harder to solve key problems ... About half of Americans (49%) link the decline in interpersonal trust to a belief that people are not as reliable as they used to be

Democrats weigh vengeance on Republicans over judges - POLITICO - or restore the historic bipartisan traditions of the Senate (and reach across the aisle to racist Republifucks, like Barry did)

The Coming Economic Crash -- And How to Stop It -- Team Warren
Warren warns of coming economic crash

That'll show 'em! : PoliticalHumor

The Cop Who Said AOC 'Needs A Round' just Got Fired
Two Gretna officers fired: One posted Ocasio-Cortez 'needs a round,' 2nd hit like button
Officer suggests Ocasio-Cortez should be shot, after he read fake news on Facebook : politics (cop is racist and stupid)

The Case of Al Franken | The New Yorker - A close look at the accusations against the former senator.
The Case of Al Franken - A close look at the accusations against the former Senator : politics (completely rigged, but at least Gillibrand -- who is worse than you thought -- set herself on fire and maybe Cranken shouldn't have been so gropey and Chuckie Fuckie and ...) The same Cumulus Media who blocks country radio stations from airing the Pete Buttigieg interview. Imagine that.
The Assassination of Al Franken by the Coward Kirsten Gillibrand, The Myth That Never Dies - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Nate Silver on Twitter: "Those "due process" arguments look WORSE in light of this story. Despite it presenting the evidence in a fairly sympathetic light for Franken, it doesn't really offer any reason to disbelieve his several accusers, and his own defenses are pretty half-hearted." / Twitter
Nate Silver on Twitter: "The whole thing is manipulative as hell. All the material on senators recanting their views primes readers to think Franken is the subject of a grave injustice. But the actual reporting gives us little reason to doubt Tweeden and barely mentions the many other accusers." / Twitter
What drove the New Yorker's Jane Mayer into Al Franken denialism? -- In a startling turn, the ordinarily terrific reporter Jane Mayer veers deep into Al Franken truther territory ... The accusers were, in order: A fan of Franken's who said he grabbed her butt during a photo, two women who say Franken groped them at fundraising events, a soldier who says Franken groped her during a USO event, another progressive politician who says he forcibly kissed her, a Democratic aide who says he tried to kiss her, and an Atlantic writer who objected to the way Franken grabbed her waist. ... That almost certainly would have meant Franken sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee during Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearings, giving Republicans a neat and, frankly, irrefutable piece of evidence that Democrats only take credible allegations from multiple women seriously if it benefits them politically.
Amanda Terkel on Twitter: "But it was those other allegations that made more of an impression on many of the senators who called on him to resign. They didn't call on him to do so right after Tweeden. They waited, when there were far more.
Al Franken did the right thing by resigning - If he could remember that, everyone would be better off.
Al Franken Accusers: All the Women Who Have Come Forward | Time

Hindu Priest Brutally Attacked Outside Temple, Faith Groups Blame Trump's Attack on Immigrants: 'This Results in Real Harm Inflicted on Our Communities' : politics (more Trumpian stochastic terrorism)

Matters of Life and Death - Lawyers, Guns & Money - 15,000 people died in three years because Republican states refused to accept the Medicaid expansion:
15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It to Obama : politics

Man suspected of gunning down reputed mob boss mistook him as 'deep state' figure : news
3 White Supremacists Sentenced After 2017s Charlottesville Rally ... had trained to provoke violence

The biggest civil trial in U.S. history will start with these Ohio counties (life in prison for the Sacklers)

Insider or outsider? Ayanna Pressley might be trying to have the best of both worlds - The Boston Globe

NY Cops Gave Jeffrey Epstein A Pass While Making More Than 7,000 Arrests For Similar Offenses | HuffPost - arrests included registered sex offenders who didn't report their change of address on time after becoming homeless.
Who Was Jeffrey Epstein Calling? A close study of his circle -- social, professional, transactional -- reveals a damning portrait of elite New York ... and Alan Dershowitz, who tried to pressure the Pulitzer Prizes to shut out the Miami Herald for its epic investigative reporting that cracked open the case anew ... Allen, Woody (they really stick together, don't they)
Jeffrey Epstein Case Gives Rise to Conspiracy Theories - The Atlantic - Nightmarish allegations against the well-connected financier show why so many Americans let their imagination run wild when it comes to elite corruption. (bc Republicans always project: pizzagate is confirmed!)

A GOP senator just laid out his blueprint for theocratic segregationism -- May the Lord open ... No, Hawley's speech is less a menu of solutions for struggling workers than it is an attack on the very idea that policy is the right place to look for solution (not racist Christian enough)

These Michigan Voters Show How Trump's 'Go Back' Attack May Help Him (NYT visits another clique of old white racist assholes)
NBC News poll of the South: Voters' support for Trump grows, residents see race relations improving (54$ of Southern assholes approve of racisim)
Trump approval rating at new high in NPR/PBS poll after racist tweets

Two extraordinary exonerations show the failure of our justice system - The Washington Post - SEVENTY CONVICTED murderers had their guilty verdicts thrown out last year, the highest number since researchers at the University of Michigan Law School began tracking exonerations in 1989. African Americans were disproportionately represented among them, which is unsurprising given that over the past 30 years blacks have been seven times more likely to be wrongfully convicted of homicide than whites. Still ... In both cases, those wrongs appear to have involved police investigators who coerced witnesses into giving false testimony ... (lying racist copster America)

'Outrageous': Convicted criminals serve as Alaskan police amid public safety crisis, investigation finds : news
Man Kills 17-Year-Old For "Getting His Daughter on Drugs" : news

FBI raids Los Angeles Department of Water and Power with sealed warrant : news

How Minneapolis Freed Itself From the Stranglehold of Single-Family Homes - POLITICO Magazine - Desperate to build more housing, the city just rewrote its decades-old zoning rules. (racist white fuckers, as usual)
Montgomery ADUS: Here's why some people strongly oppose auxilary dwelling units - The Washington Post - PROTECT SINGLE FAMILY HOMES

How trashy TV made children dumber and enabled a wave of populist leaders - The Washington Post ... Berlusconi was "well positioned to benefit from the decline in cognitive skills and civic engagement," (the Foxification of your brain)

Macro Aggressions: Trump Flags, Right-Wing Memes Line Walls At Boston Company, Workers Be Damned - the environment inside of home security firm SimpliSafe's shipping warehouse in Charlestown
Guest Opinion: How To Handle The Red Pill People In Your Neighborhood
Give MA Journalism Commission Seats To Working Journalists

What Happens To Your Stuff When You Die? I Take Care Of That. - Narratively - Pocket

How Giving Up TV For A Month Changed My Brain And My Life - Fast Company - Pocket - Watching a couple hours of TV a day can have major effects on your brain. So what would happen if you quit cold turkey? (she was watching 4-5 hours of TV a day)

We've just lived through the greatest period of restaurant growth in U.S. history. Here's why it's ending.

22 Books That Expand Your Mind and Change The Way You Live From books on history and philosophy to novels and biographies.

Listen up: why we can't get enough of audiobooks | Books | The Guardian ... Since the 1980s, cognitive psychology has consistently established that recall is indeed better after reading (printed) text instead of listening to it, a conclusion bolstered by a 2010 study (David B Daniel and William Douglas Woody), which found that students did worse on a test if they had listened to a podcast of a scientific article on child cognition rather than reading it.

Great White Shark Jumps Up At Fishing Boat And Swats Tail At Boy | HuffPost - Reeling in a striped bass turned scary and spectacular in Cape Cod Bay over the weekend.
Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on Twitter: "Incredible footage today from Doug Nelson of Franklin, MA fishing aboard the Columbia out of Rock Harbor in Orleans. @MA_Sharks" / Twitter ("I got it on video")

Mysterious Sunflower syndrome is spotlighted at MGH - The Boston Globe

Just how much does functional specialization within the brain vary across humans? : askscience

A study of dictators over the past 150 years shows they are rarely associated with strong economies, and quite often with weaker ones. Autocratic leaders are often credited with purposefully delivering good economic outcomes, but new research challenges that long-held assumption. : science

White police officers are not more likely to shoot minorities citizens than non-white officers, finds a new study, which shows no support for the idea that white officers are biased in shooting black citizens. Nearly 50% of all fatal shootings involving white civilians were because of mental health. : science

How does one become more self-aware? : AskReddit

The woman stripped of her Miss Michigan 2019 tiara for tweets that the pageant's organizers found offensive says she stands by everything she says on social media : news

u/Juxtapoe refutes an ignorant user's disbelief & sarcasm by proving how often decomposing corpses are actually found in water tanks : bestof

Twins of reddit, what's your embarrassing story involving your twins partner? : AskReddit
Men of Reddit, what's a myth about men that's 100% untrue and it infuriates you whenever you hear it?
Whats the one thing that you thought was easy but turned out to be extremely difficult when you actually attempted it? : AskReddit

Ladies, What is one kinky thing you've always wanted but you're afraid to ask guys to do? : AskReddit

Eschaton - Turns Out Tunneling Is Hard -- They say, sure, Elon, and go out and buy a used Chinese sewer boring machine, bore one tunnel, for years keep promising that they were going to make their own tunneling machines which would be the very best tunneling machines ever, almost con Chicago (Rahm, of course) into letting them build a dumb project which would be dumb even if it worked, and then... wow tunneling is hard and it turns out some rich weirdo who had never thought about the problem before doesn't actually have the solution ... Nobody could have predicted.


Astronauts hailed as heroes 50 years after historic moon landing : news
Massachusetts police ask residents to refrain from crime until after the heat wave passes : news
Kenya has launched Africa's largest wind power farm in a bid to boost electricity generating capacity and to meet the country's ambitious goal of 100% green energy by 2020. : worldnews

'Free Hong Kong; democracy now' - Thousands protest extradition bill, amid security lockdown : worldnews

The first-ever Gay Pride parade was held in the eastern Polish city of Bialystok, but the march was marred by violence from soccer hooligans and conservative campaigners staged counter protests. Some 800 supporters of LGBT+ rights marched through the city : worldnews

France denies nationality to nurse for 'working too much' : worldnews

Chaos and bloodshed in Hong Kong district as hundreds of masked men assault protesters, journalists, residents. : worldnews

They were convicted of minor crimes as teens and now face beheading and 'crucifixion' in Saudi Arabia: following the brutally familiar pattern of arrest, torture and then, once they could be tried as adults, they're sentenced to death for crimes against the state committed before they turned 18 : worldnews

Israel is the only country in the world killing Iranians for two years now, senior Israeli minister boasts : worldnews

U.K. Voters' Frustration High as 99% Are Sidelined in Prime Minister Election (literally, the 1%) ... Only 160,000 members of the Conservative Party will vote for Britain's next leader because under the parliamentary system, the prime minister is elected directly by the governing party ... Only 160,000 members of the Conservative Party will vote for Britainnext leader because under the parliamentary system, the prime minister is elected directly by the governing party. And that is not going down well among the 99 percent of the population who feel shut out of the process. The reality that less than 1 percent of registered voters will make the consequential decision at such a critical time has left many questioning the very foundation of their democracy.
Two UK ministers to quit if Boris Johnson wins - POLITICO - Justice secretary says no-deal Brexit would lead to national
Donald Trump has retweeted the British far-right commentator Katie Hopkins and launched another attack on Sadiq Khan. : worldnews ... first gained fame from season 3 of The Apprentice ..

Hundreds of Islamic State militants are slipping back into Iraq. Their fight isn't over

Panama deregisters oil tanker that strayed into Iranian waters -- Country says MT Riah, which stopped transmitting location on 14 July, deliberately violated international regulations ... MT Riah (cos no one pays attention) was the light tanker that no one owns. The ex owner says they sold it to a scrap dealer 3 years ago. The scrap dealer says they never heard of it and they don't deal in ships. MT Riah is the probable real smuggler

Puerto Rico gov will not seek reelection, leaves his party
Tainted alcohol kills 19 in Costa Rica, ministry says, urging caution : news

U.S. Lawmakers Join Demand For Puerto Rico Governor's Resignation -- Puerto Ricans staged week-long protests calling on Ricardo Rossello to quit over leaked misogynistic and homophobic messages.

Border Patrol has stored enough fentanyl to kill 794M, own agents at risk: Watchdog : news

Waco resident gets census test with citizenship question, despite Supreme Court blocking question on 2020 Census : politics

Why are we permitting federal child abuse at our border? : politics

Ocasio-Cortez wants '9/11-style' commissionon family separations -- Tells crowd Trump 'sent me back to Queens'
Police officer suggests Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be shot, calling her a "vile idiot" : politics
Donald Trump demands congresswomen he subjected to racist tweets apologise to US and Israel : politics
Katie Porter isn't part of 'The Squad.' But the freshman House Democrat is stirring up trouble for Trump : politics

In 88 Trips to Capitol Hill, Mueller Grew Weary of Partisanship - The New York Times
Nadler: Trump has broken the law "6 ways from Sunday" : politics
'Very substantial evidence' Trump is 'guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors,' House Judiciary Chair says : politics
A big list of Trump promised made, promises broken : bestof

Trump melts down over Washington Post story about his racist tweets : politics
Study: 42 percent of Republicans believe accurate but negatives tories qualify as 'fake news'

The demagogue and the Democrats: Trump spits in the face of American values; the opposition party has no clue how to respond - New York Daily News
Racism Is an Impeachable Offense : politics
There Is Nothing Strategic About Trump's Racism
Trump Is a Petty Racist, Not a Master Strategist : politics
History Will Honor the Courageous 95 Who Proposed to Impeach a Racist President. It is absolutely appropriate for members of the US House to check and balance a president who employs xenophobic hatred to divide a nation. : politics
Trump's Racism Is Pushing Away the Voters He Needs in 2020
I can't stop thinking about the little girl behind Trump and the hate she's being taught
The G.O.P. Is Now a Personality Cult -- The party no longer stands for much of anything. : politics (haha, the cult of no personality ... "like forming a cult around a large misshapen lump of fat you find in the sewer.")
Cummings: 'No Doubt About It' Trump Is A Racist : politics
Stephen Miller defends Trump's attacks on Rep. Omar
Chris Wallace burns down Stephen Miller over Trump's racist lies: He let 'send her bac' kchant 'go for 13 seconds'

Conservative Nationalism Is Trumpism for Intellectuals | The New Yorker
2020 : PoliticalHumor

Most Americans disagree with Trump's "go back" tweets - A majority of Americans (59%) disagree with what the president said in his tweets last week about four Democratic congresswomen of color, including 44% who disagree strongly with what he said. But 40% of the country agrees with what Mr. Trump said. (40% of Americans are stupid evil racists)
The long, ugly history of insisting minority groups can't criticize America

As Far-Right Violence Surges, Ted Cruz Seeks To Brand Antifa A Terrorist Organization - Last year was the fourth deadliest in the nation for right-wing extremist violence, according to data from the Anti-Defamation League's Center on Extremism
He Wasn't Seeking to Kill a Mob Boss. He Was Trying to Help Trump, His Lawyer Says. In new court documents, the lawyer for Anthony Comello says he became obsessed by far-right QAnon conspiracy theories.

"We Didn't Start the Fire" Is Not A Critique of Corporate Power - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Josh Hawley gave a disgusting speech attacking "cosmopolitan elites" at a Trumpist conference recently. This lead to perhaps the most ridiculous of Matt Stoller's many ridiculous arguments ever
that's not mass politics stan account on Twitter: "The worst Online Matt is on a roll today" / Twitter
When Republicans take on "cosmopolitan elites" they mean being cruel to refugees and asylum-seekers while showering foreign shareholders with tax breaks.

As Trump's reliable sycophant, Rubio drags us further into the president's s swamp

u/ethertrace surprises with a very plausible exploration of the basic difference between Liberal and Conservative views. Good citations, fun quizzes as bonus : bestof (-Haidt)

Meet the woman who ties Jeffrey Epstein to Trump and the Clintons - POLITICO - Heiress Ghislaine Maxwell paved the way to presidents.Maxwell first grew close with the Clintons after Bill Clinton left office, vacationing on a yacht with Chelsea Clinton in 2009, attending her wedding in 2010, and participating in the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2013, years after her name first emerged in accounts of Epstein's alleged sexual abuse. ("alleged" really?)
"The Girls Were Just So Young" : The Horrors of Jeffrey Epsteins Private Island - Locals say Epstein was flying in underage girls long after his conviction for sex crimesand authorities did nothing to stop him ... But it was said that he always tipped really well, so everyone overlooked it ... "I compared it to seeing a serial killer in broad daylight. I called it the face of evil"
Jeffrey Epstein Pitched a New Narrative. These Sites Published It. - The New York Times ... Forbes, National Review and HuffPost ... Between 2005 and 2018, more than 100,000 contributors took advantage of HuffPost's open-door model.

Leader Of Cult Involving Hollywood Actresses Found Guilty Of Sex Trafficking, Racketeering 00 CBS Los Angeles - Keith Raniere will be sentenced in September on the multiple sex trafficking and racketeering verdicts. It took jurors just a couple of hours to decided on a guilty verdict.

Biden, Warren, Harris and Sanders top 2020 field

Cumulus Media Blocks Country Radio Stations From Airing Pete Buttigieg Interview | HuffPost
Waiting For Erskine Bowles - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is like a proposed Mark Halperin political novel come to life:In one month, Sanford says he will decide whether he has enough support to mount a primary challenge against Trump for president ... Trump's racism is all distraction, Sanford says, from what he sees as the true problem facing America: bloated Social Security and Medicare programs raising the national debt. (and if you're that stupid ...)

TIL of Republican Congress member Thaddeus Steven who wanted to exile former slave owners and redistribute their land among slaves and farmers : todayilearned (and then Andrew Johnson pardoned the traitors)

Bob Dylan and the Myth of Boomer Idealism - The New York Times

New Campaign Highlights Major Companies Backing Antigay Politicians Credo Active singles out tech firms who fly rainbow flags while donating to homophobic lawmakers.
These rainbow flag-waving corporations donated millions to anti-gay members of Congress

An onslaught of pills, hundreds of thousands of deaths: Who is accountable? - The Washington Post (life in prison for the Sacklers?) They continued to move their product, and the medical community and government agencies failed to take effective action, even when it became apparent that these pills were fueling addiction and overdoses and were getting diverted to the streets ... it was all about greed, and all about money . (thanks, Barry)
Why The Opioid Situation Sucks In '19 - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Catholic Teacher in Panorama Arrested for Child Pornography : news

Police, Army investigate soldier shown in video twisting woman's Police, Army investigate soldier shown in video twisting woman's arm, yelling expletives in anti-America rant

My Frantic Life as a Cab-Dodging, Tip-Chasing Food App Deliveryman - The New York Times

Eschaton: Fix The Insulin Problem - Laverty has Type 1 diabetes, and as of that day in 2017, he was no longer eligible for coverage under his parents's health insurance. He found himself needing medication to live that he could not afford.

How Legal Marijuana Is Helping the Black Market - POLITICO Magazine - Expensive regulation and high demand across the country have made the illicit trade more profitable than going legit. (hello, Fuckachusetts)

Mindfulness meditation has shown promise for treating anxiety, and a new MRI brain scan study in Biological Psychiatry suggests this may be because mindfulness meditation helps people unlearn fearful responses and extinguish fearful associations, by providing a context similar to exposure therapy. : science
Mindfulness based cognitive therapy for psychiatric disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis - Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE): Quality-assessed Reviews - NCBI Bookshelf

TIL Parents who constantly argue can stunt their children's growth. There's link between a reduced growth rate and a stressful upbringing. A study showed traumatic childhood experiences have a serious effect on later health, causing disease and, in some cases, permanent stunting. : todayilearned

Study estimates for every $1 spent on HIV antiretroviral therapy (ART), there are $3.50 in benefits globally. The treatment averted 9.5 million deaths worldwide in 1995-2015, and created global economic benefits of $1.05 trillion. : science

What's something that seems fun, but is actually terrible?

[Serious] People of Reddit, what is the creepiest thing that happened to you while home alone? : AskReddit

Men of reddit, What is your story with a Insane/crazy GF? : AskReddit
Dating women made me understand men : videos
[Serious]What is a small act your SO regularly does for you that makes you feel deeply loved? : AskReddit

Divorce Lawyers of Reddit, Whats the most screwed you've seen someone? : AskReddit
Divorce Risk Higher When Wife Gets Sick - The New York Times - Women in the study who were told they had a serious illness were seven times as likely to become separated or divorced as men with similar health problems,

Teachers of Reddit, what are some positive trends you have noticed in today's youth? : AskReddit


Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic On Fire : worldnews (literally)
Dying birds fall from the sky screaming and bleeding from their eyes in horrific incident in Australia: 'What were seeing was Glacial Ice Persistent pools of lava are quite rare on Earth, and it took years of satellite images to find this one.
s something out of a horror movie'
A Burning Lava Lake Concealed by a Volcano's Glacial Ice - an eighth volcano to that list: Mount Michael, a 3,250-foot high stratovolcano on Saunders Island, a frigid outpost a thousand miles from Antarctica, the nearest major land mass.

Armed men abduct a prominent female activist in Libya : worldnews

'The Antithesis of Bolsonaro' : A Gay Couple Roils Brazil's Far Right ... Mr. Greenwald (a "spitfire American journalist" ... "popped a xanax") and Mr. Miranda

Two men suspected of releasing CS gas on London tube train | UK news | The Guardian - Passengers treated for coughing and shortness of breath at Oxford Circus station

BBC News: Moscow protest: Thousands demand fair elections : worldnews
Three nuclear power plants in Russia disconnected due to short circuit - Emergencies : worldnews

Polish towns advocate 'LGBT-free zones' while the ruling party cheers them on (Catholic pedophiles are fine, though)

Boris Johnson, Britains probable next prime minister, is a hack a journalist who has reached the pinnacle of power

Iran seizes British tanker in Strait of Hormuz; denies Trump's claim that drone was brought down

TIL That the Guatemalan government carried out a genocide in the 1980's known as the Silent Holocaust against the Mayan people. Throughout it, the US government under Ronald Reagan gave Guatemala military aid, helping the genocidaires commit their atrocities. : todayilearned

The Great Hack: the film that goes behind the scenes of the Facebook data scandal | UK news | The Guardian

Russia's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: 'Largest Data Breach In Its History'

Scrutiny of Chinese American scientists raises fears of ethnic profiling - The Washington Post

Trump has not built a single mile of new border fence after 30 months in office : politics

U.S. Customs Border Control Bait Immigrant Mother in Chicago With Children - Border Control Used Three American Children to Bait Their Immigrant Mother in Chicago out of Hiding -- This is not even in the continent of normal ... Take the badges out of play, and this is as open-and-shut a case of kidnapping and extortion as the Lindbergh case was.

He always doubles down: Inside the political crisis caused by Trumps racist tweets
In Another About-Face, Trump Refuses to Condemn 'Send Her Back' Chant
Trump Hangs Melania and Ivanka Out to Dry, Sasy I knew I heard it before. : pics
After hearing Trump's new slogan "love it or leave it" I knew I heard it before
Donald Trump is gambling racism will win for him in 2020 | His "send her back" rally in North Carolina rivaled Hitler's rallies in Nuremberg

It's 2019. Time to Stop Making Excuses for Trump Supporters.
Can Trump's Hard-Core Fans Be Deradicalized? - When the president spews racism or violence, true believers respond with more. Experts say it resembles something like a cult or totalitarianism.
New GOP panic about Trump's racism reveals an ugly truth (they are all evil racist assholes but they were caught on TV)
Trump criticized the U.S. for years. Now he wants people who do that to leave. - The Washington Post

Trump Gives Awkward Response To Yazidi Woman Whose Family Was Killed By ISIS | HuffPost - Nobel Prize winner Nadia Murad told Trump how terrorists kidnapped her and killed her mother and brothers. He replied: "Where are they now?"

Eschaton: Saturday, Saturday - Yesterday is the day Donald Trump became President .... he could not have been nicer or more respectful to your favorite President, me ... He called me a Racist, which I am not ...
Eschaton: He Just Lies - And so-called journalists still have no interest in dealing with it responsibly. -- Moments after this, he falsely accused the squad of referring to "evil Jews." This is an obscene, dangerous, and, yes, evil lie, and it went uncorrected by either the reporters at the White House or the studio anchor and panelists after they carried it unedited.

Mueller Hearings on Wednesday Present Make-or-Break Moment for Democrats - The New York Times
PotaToss comments on Comey pens blog revealing what he would ask Mueller in upcoming testimony

Judge halts Democrats' subpoenas of Trump Org docs in emoluments case

How Trump could lose by 5 million votes and still win in 2020 - two most populous states, California and Texas, are at the heart of Democrat's geography problem

Trump campaign and RNC spend more than $600,000 on law firm representing Hope Hicks - CNNPolitics

Democrats' 'Medicare For All' Debate Is Starting To Get Ugly -- Joe Biden made some disingenuous charges this week, but Bernie Sanders left out a few things too.

The Numbers Are In, and Trump's Tax Cuts Are a Bust : politics (total suckers)

Trump tells aides to look for big spending cuts in second term, sowing confusion about budget priorities - The Washington Post

Graydon Carter on Vanity Fair, Jeffrey Epstein - and an editors power (fuck you, Graydon)
For 'client' Jeffrey Epstein, an unlocked cell in a Florida jail
Attorney Alan Dershowitz and the Jeffrey Epstein Case - Accused of a slew of terrible things, the defense has no intention of resting.

Ex-Reagan Adviser: Evangelical Leaders Who Back Trump Do More Harm To Christian Values Than Atheists : politics

Donald Trump's accusers: 'The forgotten' women of the #MeToo movement - CNNPolitics
After Chappaquiddick Crash, Ted Kennedy Called Mistress | - In the early morning hours after Sen. Ted Kennedy crashed his car off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, killing his passenger, 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne, he turned first not to his wife -- but to his mistress for help
What Happened to Chappaquiddick After the Ted Kennedy Incident - Such a tide as moving seems asleep, too full for sound and foam

The Democratic Party Is Getting Crushed in Fundraising: They Need to Get Their Shit Together ... The Democratic National Committee is getting smoked by its GOP counterpart in fundraising

AOC is driving more social media traffic than any Democratic presidential candidate : politics
Gretna Police officer suggests U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "needs a round" in social media post
stochastic terrorism - Wiktionary

ESPNs Dan Le Batard rips President Trump, derides network's no-politics policy
Dan Le Batard puts ESPN's political policies back in spotlight - The Washington Post

Waxing Racist - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Professor Amy Wax ha s with the US than white Europeans." / Twitter
recently made more racisms.
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "The problem with this weird defense of Wax's remarks as disparate impact discrimination against nonwhite immigration rather than direct discrimination is that Mexican immigrants have far more "cultural affinity" with the US than white Europeans.
Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "Actually, Dylan is correct and this guy is dumb." / Twitter
Parker Molloy on Twitter: "I was waiting to see who'd be the first verified account to go full "Okay, well technically it's hebephilia." Congrats, @pegobry." / Twitter

Trumps presidency may be making Latinos sick ... worsening cardiovascular health, sleep problems, anxiety and stress, especially among Latinos in the United States.

u/PoppinKREAM juxtaposes, in excruciating detail, Rand Paul's misplaced loyalties and disordered priorities, vis a vis Russia and the 9/11 first responders. : bestof ... Senator Rand Paul is fine with accepting money from a foreign adversary engaged in cyberwarfare but is unwilling to extend a fund for American heroes that were victims of 9/11 (dirty little Republican commie traitor)

Two senators want antifa activists to be labeled 'domestic terrorists.' Here's what that means ... Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.)

Racial Resentment Is Down Since 2016 - Mother Jones - With Obama gone, LOW plummeted 11 points. It's now precisely where it would be if it had followed the pre-Obama trendline for another ten years ... Trump has far less racial material to work with

The Myth of the Kindly General Lee - The Atlantic - Pocket - The legend of the Confederate leader's heroism and decency is based in the fiction of a person who never existed ... elevation is a key part of a 150-year-old propaganda campaign designed to erase slavery as the cause of the war and whitewash the Confederate cause as a noble one ... white supremacy ... (the best murderous slave-holding traitor)

CNN's 'The Draw' for the Democratic debates: What on earth was the network thinking? - The Washington Post - For each showdown, there will be 10 candidates on the stage. - On Thursday night, CNN assembled 12 people to decide on which of the two nights the candidates would be appearing.

A former Marine describes exactly what is wrong with the VA, the toxic leadership culture and insane dysfunctional bureaucratic nightmare that pushes injured solders into addiction, homelessness and early death. : bestof

Seven Artists Withdraw From Whitney Biennial Over Board Member's Ties to Tear Gas -- calls to remove Warren B. Kanders.

Tennessee Says Internet-Ordained Ministers and Marriage Don't Mix - Weddings in the state were thrown into uncertainty under the new law, which has been temporarily suspended after it was challenged in court. (only anti-gay "ministers" allowed to marry people)

BuzzFeed Agrees to Recognize Union After Monthslong Standoff - Bloomberg

Convicted murderer, 77, deemed too old to be a threat, fatally stabbed woman in front of her children : news

Chynna Noelle Deese, Lucas Robertson Fowler found dead on Canada's Alaska Highway 97 - The Washington Post

Internal drug company emails show indifference to opioid epidemic - The Washington Post

Refineries Across America Could Create Catastrophic Acid Clouds. It Almost Happened In Philly. | HuffPost - explosion at a 150-year-old oil refinery in Philadelphia could have forced 1.1 million people to evacuate (which wouldn't have worked)

Florida's 'pill mills' were a gateway to the opioid crisis : news

Governor Mike Dunleavy, Law Enforcement Scandals, and Climate Change Are Hurting Alaska - The State of Alaska Is in Desperate Trouble -- Its law enforcement, environment, and political leadership are simultaneously deteriorating.

TPUSA accidentally argues against the Electoral College : PoliticalHumor

Here's what's missing in music education: Cultural and social relevance
Summer learning loss is a long-standing belief in education. But is it real? ... Early-childhood scholars believe that nearly all of the gaps between children's skills form before the age of five, or even before the age of three.
2 Indiana virtual schools received lots of public money. Now, the state wants $40 million of it back. - The Washington Post ("virtual" students going to "virtual" schools)

Cannabis commission defends pace of pot shop openings and lower-than-expected tax revenue : bostontrees (Charlie Faker's Fuckachutsetts)
"Municipal law mega-firm KP Law is apparently actively/openly encouraging towns to charge marijuana operators an extra 2%-of-revenue fee on top of the 3% fee and 3% sales tax seemingly allowed by state law." - Dan Adams : bostontrees

Opinion | FaceApp and the Savage Shock of Aging - The New York Times - In the mirror is someone we never thought we'd become.

Til about the Tuskegee syphilis experiment conducted on 600 African American men by the U. S. public health service from 1932 to 1972 with the aim of observing the natural history of untreated syphilis : todayilearned

The real midlife crisis confronting many Americans (taking care of their demnted parents and kids in the basement)

TIL the largest empire ever to exist based on percentage of world population was the Achaemenid Empire originating from Iran, which contained 44% of the global population in 480BC : todayilearned

Many of the deadliest cancers receive the least amount of research funding, finds a new study. "Embarrassing" or stigmatized cancers like lung and liver are underfunded. In contrast, breast cancer and pediatric cancers were all well-funded, respective to their impact on society.

TIL about Hemimastix kukwesjijk which is not a plant, animal, fungus, or protozoa. It constitutes an entirely new Kingdom, a new branch on the tree of life. : todayilearned

TIL about "the backfire effect" which occurs when someone is presented with facts that contradict their preconceived worldview. Rather than admit they're wrong, they believe the incorrect information even more.
The "backfire effect" is mostly a myth, a broad look at the research suggests - Plus: Instagram is fertile ground for conspiracy theories, Apple gives to media literacy, and a terror attack comes with its own media strategy.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett agree: Now is the best time to be alive (philanthrocapitalism)
Charismatic violence and the sanctification of the super-rich: Economy and Society: Vol 47, No 1

/u/PipsSnareDrum00 explains the hypocrisy of the NRA in not responding to the Arizona police shooting despite it being the exact scenario they promised to protect Americans from : bestof

Harvard Police Investigating Racist, Anti-Semitic Email Sent to Students, Bacow | News | The Harvard Crimson - It called on the College to reverse its decision to rescind its admission of Parkland shooting survivor and gun rights activist Kyle Kashuv over racist comments he made in high school.

FBI shines light on now shut down "human chop shop" in Phoenix - buckets of head, arms and legs inside the building off 24th street and University Drive.

Trying to cut cigarette use by banning vaping might backfire - The Washington Post - In 2016, cigarette companies spent $8.7 billion advertising and otherwise promoting their products, 34 percent more than the total spending by all presidential and congressional campaigns ($6.5 billion) in the 2016 cycle.

A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial found that fecal microbiota transplantation did not provide symptom relief for diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D). : science

TIL Every person with blue eyes has NOT got a single common blue eyed ancestor, but in fact there are FOUR global ancestors each passing on their own blue eye genetics. Europe & East Asia have a single respective ancestor each, but also share two separate ancestors with the rest of the world. : todayilearned

If I focused on my heart hard enough, could I control my heartbeat? : askscience

its_astraea comments on Teach your kids what an inappropriate touch is.

What are some NOT fun facts? : AskReddit
What's a commonly known "fact" that's completely false? : AskReddit
What's the most WTF thing you saw at someone else's house that they thought was totally normal?
What Is Some Good General Advice? : AskReddit
[NSFW] What looks awesome in movies but is terrible in real life? : AskReddit
What's something completely false that your parents told you as a child?
What aspects of a man's life are most women unaware of?
What are the best NSFW lifehacks? : AskReddit
HELPPP!!!!??????? : funny

Have We Hit Peak Podcast? - The New York Times - If past experience (cough, blogs) is any indication, a shakeout is nigh ... There are now upward of 700,000 podcasts ... with between 2,000 and 3,000 new shows launching each month ... podfade ... between March and May of this year, only 19.3 percent of existing podcasts introduced a new episode ...


50th Anniversary of the first Moon Landing - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Why do so many Americans believe the moon landing was fake? - Understanding them has helped me feel optimistic about space and the future.

Trump's NASA Administrator Says There's No Denying The Ice Caps Are Melting : worldnews
'The Numbers Are Just Horrendous.' Almost 30,000 Species Face Extinction Because of Human Activity: : worldnews
'Dark satanic mills': Tony Abbott continues his crusade against wind turbines - Former Australian PM doesn't wan't wind farms 'spoiling our landscape" and praises Angus Taylor for supporting coal-fired power (conservative morons destroying the planet)
India floods: Tired tiger takes nap in resident's bed - BBC News
4th alligator sighting in two months in Pittsburgh : news
Poison Our Children: The Trump Doctrine - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On Wednesday, the United States Environmental Protection Agency doubled down on one of the most controversial environmental deregulation moves of the Trump presidency ... an insecticide called chlorpyrifos

A powerful earthquake has just struck Athens, knocking out telecoms and power in parts of the Greek capital. : worldnews

9/11 responders: 200th firefighter just died from illness - CNN

Japan mourns after the worst mass killing in two decades claims 33 lives in arson attack : worldnews

China's debt tops 300% of GDP, now 15% of global total: IIF : news

Taiwan open to granting Hong Kong protesters asylum - Taiwan's government has said it would provide assistance to Hong Kong protesters on humanitarian grounds. The pledge risks straining the already tense relationship between Taipei and Beijing. : worldnews

Two-thirds of Canadians reject closer ties to China and want Huawei banned from 5G networks, poll says - People's perceptions of China have 'deteriurated markedly,' poll says

Iran makes 'substantial' nuclear offer in return for US lifting sanctions - Plan would allow enhanced, permanent nuclear inspections
Trump says US Navy shot down Iranian drone, escalating tensions in Gulf region : worldnews
Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi: "We have not lost any drone in the Strait of Hormuz nor anywhere else. I am worried that USS Boxer has shot down their own UAS [Unmanned Aerial System] by mistake!"
Iran says it captured British oil tanker; oil prices jump : worldnews
Iran has seized a second tanker, US official says : worldnews
British flagged tanker appears to have been seized by Iran : worldnews
Iran 'seizes British-flagged oil tanker' : worldnews

Philippines police target Duterte's opponents with mass sedition charges over anonymous videos accusing leader of narcotic ties. : worldnews

Burka ban comes into effect in the Netherlands next month : worldnews
The Dutch supreme court has upheld a ruling that the Netherlands was partially responsible for 350 deaths in Bosnia's Srebrenica massacre. : worldnews

No, we should not feel sympathy for Theresa May. Her policies have ruined lives - May wasn't some passive victim of historical forces. She's the one who created this mess (Tories are going all "poor Theresa")

Director of National Intelligence Daniel R. Coats Establishes Intelligence Community Election Threats Executive : news (knowing Dumpster is about to fire him for being too "intelligent")

The Real Meaning of 'Send Her Bac!k rally in North Carolina rivaled Hitler' -- the message of Donald Trump's presidency.
What's New and What Isn't New About the Fascist Attacks on Ilhan Omar - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump explicitly disavows previous semi-disavowal of fascist frenzy he himself incited - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Editorial: Congressional Republicans shame themselves with their silence on Trump's racism.
How a racist tweet became a Trump rally chant in three short days - The Washington Post
Trumps supposed Secret Political Genius is overblown
Fox News's star names excuse the inexcusable after Trump's latest racist attack - the latest example of the strangely needy Trump-Fox relationship
Trump Can't Just Walk Away From Send Her Back
Trump Needs More Than His Base to Win in 2020 - The Atlantic - The president needs the voters who approve of his record on the economy but disapprove of him overall. His racist attacks this week only hurt that cause.

The curious journey of the unproven rumor that Omar married her brother to get him citizenshipfrom an obscure Somali diaspora forum to the president.

Democrats plot new plan to press Mueller on Trump's alleged crimes

Epstein Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Insists He Has a 'Perfect, Perfect' Sex Life
LGM Quick Quiz: What are the odds that Alan Dershowitz has a perfect, perfect sex life? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jennifer Taub on Twitter: "Truth will out. And it will be very, very messy. This might be a good time to remind folks that he was my criminal law professor. The first question on our exam was a rape hypothetical. Found it in the online archives. Will share it in a moment. 1/" / Twitter (jfc and read the replies, the karma gets even deeper and Dershofuck is really evil)
George Nader Hit With New Charges of Sex Trafficking : news

House Dem impeachment support gains new momentum - POLITICO - The spike in public backing for impeaching Trump could cause headaches for Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (Nancy Dancy's got Trump's back)

It's Biden v. Harris Part 2 at next Democratic presidential debate
Biden Mimics GOP Fear-Mongering In His Attacks On 'Medicare For All' (dumbfuck+liar)
Labor fight roils Bernie Sanders campaign, as workers demand the $15 hourly pay the candidate has proposed for employees nationwide - The Washington Post
John Delaney's staffers have asked him to drop out of the 2020 race - Axios - Every other day he would have a different position,

Eschaton: What Do We Want? $15 Per Hour! - What Do We Want? $15 Per Hour! When do we want it? 2025! (Dems are so bad)

Jake Tapper takes a break from truth-telling on Twitter (Take Fapper lies a lot)

Actually the Civil War was about rational business decisions - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The new shortest unit of time is the time it takes a discussion about slavery between two Republicans to jump the rails and a tank full of sharks that do indeed have lasers on their heads and crash into a sewage treatment plant ... don't have much to say about this except the fact that New Hampshire state Rep. Werner Horn (R-Merrimack County) was born in Nuremberg should be too ridiculous to be true. But it isn't.

Safe Deposit Boxes Aren't Safe

Wrong-way crash killing Mason family of three was 'intentional' and 'deliberate' (Ohio) : news
Ex-Alabama officer gets prison for assaulting detained man : news
Man arrested after being accused of raping 4-year-old in McDonald's washroom : news
Laquan McDonald: four fired for alleged cover up of white officer's role in killing : news
No prison time for IUPUI coach found with 146 images of child pornography : news
Odessa teen arrested for spitting in Arizona Tea bottle and putting it back on shelf : news
A Teen Girl Found Refuge Online Then Her Murder Went Viral
A Florida man tried to steal car from elderly man -- but couldn't drive a stick shift

Scientists are calling for radical reform of dental care, tighter regulation of the sugar industry and greater transparency around conflict of interests in dental research to tackle the high and rising toll of oral disease such as mouth cancers. : worldnews


Trump's USDA buried sweeping climate change response plan

Opioid lawsuits: As lawyers zero in on drug companies, a reckoning may be coming - The Washington Post

Ebola Outbreak in Congo Is Declared a Global Health Emergency - The New York Times - The World Health Organization issued the order; the virus has infected more than 2,500 people and killed nearly 1,700.

US preparing to send hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia amid Iran tensions - CNNPolitics

Kyoto Animation Studio Arson Attack Kills At Least 33, Injures Dozens In Japan | HuffPost - Japan's worst mass killing since a suspected arson attack on a Tokyo building in 2001.

Thousands take to the streets in Puerto Rico after Corruption exposed and Homophobic and sexist were made by multiple government officials and PR governor in a group text. : worldnews
Poll: Two-thirds of country favors statehood for Puerto Rico : politics

'An Insanely Bad Move': Experts Sound Alarm as Trump's Nuclear Safety Agency Weighs Rollback of Plant Inspections : politics

Border agent in Clint accused of harassing mother of 12-year-old migrant who was in custody - The Washington Post (evil fuckers)

The Longer We Delay Impeachment, the Worse This All Gets : politics (Keep dancin' Nancy)

A Fascist Trump Rally In Greenville | HuffPost
Trump falsely claims he tried to stop 'Send her back!' chants about Rep. Ilhan Omar
Bear Witness Faithfully | Crooked Media
House Dems warn Omar in 'imminent danger' after Trump rally chants
I'm Paid to Watch Tucker Carlson Each Night. Don't Tell Me This Rant About Ilhan Omar Isn't Shocking | Opinion (fucker carlson inciting unhindged hatred)
'Send her back' - a worst-case scenario for Trump

Trump leans on issue of race in bid for a 2nd term in 2020 ("leans" hahaha)
Trump Renews Attacks On Congresswomen Of Color: 'Let Them Leave' America (Dems are "hate-filled extremists")
These Comments Seem Quite Racially Infused - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Don't be fooled, the chilling 'send her back' chants at Trump's rally were no isolated incident : politics
Trump's 'Go Home' Invective Echoes Nazi Incitement Against Jews
Trump claims he shut down the Ilhan Omar chants 'very quickly.' He actually soaked them in for 13 seconds. : politics
Trump Attempts to Disavow 'Send Her Back Chant He Visibly Enjoyed During Rally
'Face Of Evil': Fascism Scholar Calls Out Trump Rally Crowd Chanting 'Send Her Back, Send Her Back' : politics

sicclee comments on Trump rally crowd chants 'Send her back' about Omar (interesting analysis as Trumpsters realize they've gone full nazi as they go from lock her up to send her back)
sicclee perfectly analyses the audience participating in the "Send Her Back" Trump rally chant

Why doesn't Elaine Chao 'go back' to China? She can fix the huge problems there : politics
Send Her Bac!k Chant He Visibly Enjoyed During Rally : politics
Trump Rally Erupts With New Racist Chant About Rep. Ilhan Omar (the new "lock her up!")
Lindsey Graham says send her back isn't racist because it only applies to those who dislike Trump
Kayleigh McEnany Gets A Brutal Fact-Check On Live TV: 'How Dare You!'

What Trump might not get about impeachment

Mega Thread: Unsealed Michael Cohen documents reportedly implicate Trump, Hicks, others in 'hush-money' payments : politics
FBI believed Trump was closely involved in hush-money scheme, unsealed documents show
Michael Cohen Files Implicate Trump, Hope Hicks and David Pecker
William Barr's donations to Senate Republicans spiked just before they confirmed him as attorney general

Opinion | Trump Voters Are Not the Only Voters - The New York Times - They are, in fact, in the minority -- so why do the media and Democratic leaders seem so obsessed with them?

Stevens Didn't Go Far Left. The Court Went Far Right.
Pentagon Contractor Threatened to Kill Congresswoman Over Vaccine Bill : politics

CNN hosted panel of Trump's "female supporters" to discuss his racist tweets without revealing their history of Republican activism (bad, CNN)
Just a random group of 'Republicans'? CNN doesn't tell the whole story about a Trump-loving panel ... the Trumpettes of America 2019 Palm Beach Team

A major Russian financing scandal connects to America's Christian fundamentalists (fundamentally evil and crooked)

Behind the scenes the night Trump partied at Mar-a-Lago with Jeffrey Epstein and NFL cheerleaders - The Washington Post
Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women - ABC News
Jeffrey Epstein used foreign passport with fake name to enter Saudi Arabia: prosecutors : news
Jeffrey Epstein denied bail, will remain jailed pending trial on sex trafficking charges : news

Kris Kobach Fails Racism Question on CNN - J. Christian Adams Loses Lawsuit - The Unholy Trinity of Voter Suppression Is Having a No Good, Very Bad Week

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: 'It's an Abomination' -- trying to "balance the budget on the bacsk which occurs when someone is presented with facts that contradict their preconceived worldview. Rather than admit they of the 9/11 first responder community." (but the deficit! he just voted for)
Rand Paul wrote the book on how to "Suck It" : PoliticalHumor
Strange. Mitch and Rand never seem to object to blue-state-subsidized Kentucky pork. : PoliticalHumor
Get outta here socialist commies! : PoliticalHumor -- Hey, Social Security is only supporting 20% of the population of Kentucky.

Never Trump Conservatives Try to Scare Democrats With Ghost of George McGovern - Attention Never Trumpers: Democrats Aren't Scared Anymore -- Not of a real progressive platform, and not of the ghost of George McGovern.

Susan Collins'disapproval rating spikes in new poll ahead of targeted 2020 re-election bid

The Alaska village where every cop has been convicted of domestic violence - Anchorage Daily News

Iowa Official, 66, Says His Love of Tupac Wasn't What Got Him Fired

Goodwill head who makes $164,000 fired disabled workers after minimum wage hike : news

Gizmodo Media Staff Enraged at New CEO's 'Insane' Direction - High-level staffers at the company that now owns ex-Gawker sites like Jezebel and Deadspin complain their new leader is destroying a famously freewheeling culture.

Video: Stu Bykofsky and Inga Saffron Savage Each Other at His Party

Biggest Textbook Publisher Pushing Students To Ebooks Undermining Resale Market : books

TIL that the US has refused to continue funding the nuclear claims tribunal set up to compensate islanders that suffered radiation-related diseases from testing. So far it's paid less than $4 million of a $2.2 billion damage judgement. More than half of the affected islanders have died since. : todayilearned

The most statistically-powerful study on autism to date has confirmed that the disorder is strongly heritable. The analysis found that over 80% of autism risk is associated with inherited genetic factors. : science

Update regarding user profile transparency : announcements (following)

Eschaton: Excuses, Excuses - They're right that Elon isn't helping, but it's also an excuse because Elon or no Elon, they don't have working products either and they've all been overpromising ... I don't think shutting down Elon's slaughterpilot is a "knee-jerk reaction."


Widespread, oppressive and dangerous heat to roast much of the U.S. through the weekend - The Washington Post

Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990 - The New York Times - The decline was due almost entirely to a dip in deaths from prescription opioid painkillers (Purdue and the death-for-profit machine)
Drug Overdose Deaths Drop in U.S. for First Time Since 1990 : science
Drug makers flooded US with billions of opioid pills as epidemic surged, data shows : news

Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew. This is how it was saved. - The New York Times

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe moved to mental health ward in Iran | News | The Guardian - Revolutionary Guards will not allow family to contact her, according to Richard Ratcliffe (and BoJo fucked things up, natch)
U.S.Shot Itself in the Foot by Quitting Iran Deal, Zarif Says

Ex-Ecuadorian president confirms Assange meddled in US election from London embassy - CNNPolitics

Mexico’s El Chapo sentenced to life in prison : news

12 Israelis arrested on charges of gang-raping 19-year-old tourist in Cyprus : news

TIL The US shipped about $40 billion in cash to Iraq on planes between 2003 and 2008 and most of it went missing and is still unaccounted for today. : todayilearned

Unauthorized immigrants face public backlash in Mexico, survey finds - The Washington Post
Growing share of Republicans say U.S. risks losing identity if it is too open to foreigners | Pew Research Center (as a white-people country)

Microsoft reports hundreds of election-related cyber probes
DNC warns 2020 campaigns not to use FaceApp developed by Russians

Six officials at nonprofit Southwest Key, which runs migrant child shelters, earned more than $1 million in 2017 - The Washington Post

9/11 victims bill stalls as Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee seek conditions for funding - The Washington Post - Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), left, and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.)
Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund | TheHill (fiscal responsibility returns!)

House Condemns Trump's Attack on Four Congresswomen as Racist
Nancy Pelosi was rebuked for calling Trump's tweets racist. She can thank Thomas Jefferson and the Brits.
Trump racist tweets: Americans split on whether they were offensive ... More than two-thirds of those aware of the controversy, 68%, called Trump's tweets offensive. Among Republicans alone, however, 57% said they agreed with tweets ... and a third "strongly" agreed (if you call 68% "split")

Moderate Democrats are getting skittish about confronting Trump's racism. Seriously? (not one name, Greg?)
Trump Sets the 2020 Tone: Like 2016, Only This Time 'the Squad' Is Here
Trump says he's 'not unhappy' with racism fight's results: 'Race card' is 'the only thing they have' | Daily Mail Online
Republicans Won't Call Trump RacistBut One Said White People Are 'People of Color' (you know, the color of no color)
Eric Trump: 95 percentof Americans agree with my father (and are flaming racist assholes)

'Win where we won' : As Trump's campaign boasts of going on offense, its efforts appear squarely aimed at defending his 2016 map

Eschaton: Don't Look Under That Rock - Sometimes things are so obvious and I say them thinking they're so obvious and then people disagree and I feel like I'm Nathan Eckert all over again because the "you're wrong" folks all sound like Bob Sheffer.
This War Will Destabilize The Entire Mideast Region And Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism vs. No It Won't (2003)

Why Democrats' oversight machine is moving so slowly against Trump -- Lawmakers say they are building a record of White House resistance to testimony from Mueller witnesses ("we're letting him obstruct so we have a 'record' of his obstructing" said Nancy-Dancy)

'Sir' alert: This one word is a telltale sign Trump is being dishonest

Feds end investigation into Trump Org and hush money payments - CNNPolitics (Barr shut it all down)

House Holds Barr and Ross in Contempt Over Census Dispute - The New York Times

"With this circus you'll need nothing more" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - All conservative roads lead to a KKK rally (also, Amy Wax ref)

u/nightschwing complies a list of disturbingly pervy things trump has said about his daughter : bestof
nightschwing comments on Watch: Trump claims 'there's a lot of talk' about Ilhan Omar being 'married to her brother'

American Greatness - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If you delve at all into the psychosexual world of the American right wing (don't try this at home kids) you will soon discover that a significant amount of both America’s history and its current condition can be understood as the product of an endless moral panic over the idea of white women having sex with black men.

u/Frying_Dutchman explains why prosecution of child sex traffickers plummeted under Trump : bestof

"It's Going to Be Staggering, the Amount of Names" : As the Jeffrey Epstein Case Grows More Grotesque, Manhattan and DC Brace for Impact -- The disgraced financier "collected people"
Tape shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at 1992 party - The November 1992 tape in the NBC archives shows Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida.
Jeffrey Epstein Abused Victims While Serving Time in Florida, Lawyer Brad Edwards Says
Trump and Epstein Partied and Commented on Women in 1992 Video - The New York Times
u/sinepadnaronoh emphasizes that child porn was found in Epstein's mansion : bestof

Pinker, Epstein, Soldier, Spy - Stephen Pinker's aid in Jeffrey Epstein's legal defense renews criticism of an increasingly divisive public intellectual. (alt-right darkweb public dimbulb who says men don't rape that much ... and look, Jerry Coyne sticks up for him and also ... the Jordan Petersen of evo-"psyche")
Tarring Steve Pinker and others with Jeffrey Epstein + Why Evolution Is True (the evo-boys stick together)
Steven Pinker and the New York Times are making us dumber (Jesse Singal can't read/listen) But then this kind of disingenuous denial of reality, of focusing superficially on he said/she said note-taking, is exactly what the New York Times specializes in. (also, Sam Harris)
If you ever doubted that Steven Pinker's sympathies lie with the alt-right -- Just watch this clip.
Social Media Is Making Us Dumber. Here's Exhibit A -- Jesse Singal
Jeffrey Epstein liked palling around with scientists what do they think now?
Jeffrey Epstein's First Criminal Case Was Helped By A Famous Harvard Language Expert -- Steven Pinker, a Harvard expert on language and human nature, said he was unaware of the details of the case and now regrets his involvement. (just a "favor" to Dershofuck to help defend a pedo, had no idea)
Kate Manne on Twitter: "Leaving Epstein entirely to one side, Pinker is now trying to rewrite his history of highly dubious remarks about rape and feminism. Here's a lengthy footnote from my book on misogyny in which I canvass those remarks." (catalog of misogynous assholeness)
Philosophys Possibly Most Incompetent Grad Student on Twitter: "Yikes "
Steven Pinker on Twitter: "Over the past few days I've had the disagreeable experience of seeing my name in some web articles about Jeffrey Epstein. Jerry Coyne asked me about the connection and offered to publish my answer on his blog @evolutionistrue. Here it is:"
In Patriarchy No One Can Hear You Scream: Rebecca Solnit on Jeffrey Epstein and the Silencing Machine | Literary Hub
Nathan J. Robinson DESTROYS "Obama Boys" and Beto O'Rourke - YouTube
The Obama Boys | Current Affairs - The memoirs of White House staffers can show us how not to do politics ... Who on Earth picks Rahm Emanuel, out of every person in the world, to be their chief of staff? (thanks, Barry, you were/are full of shit)
Child Sex Trafficking in Higher Education - Lori Handrahan - Medium -- 162 professors and staff investigated, arrested and/or prosecuted on child sexual abuse related charges. This small sample does not represent the total number of professors and staff exposed for participating in these crimes. (fucking wow)

Omar to introduce pro-BDS resolution in House | - Since entering Congress in January, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) has made multiple anti-Semitic and anti-Israel remarks (said the racist apartheid PR)
When Non-Jews Wield Anti-Semitism as Political Shield | GQ (you are being anti-semitic to Meghan McCain!)

Joe Biden Is 'Dangerously Close to Using Republican Talking Points' Says Ex-Clinton Adviser

I Grew Up In A City Where Busing Worked | HuffPost - Forty-five years after the federal government forced Louisville, Kentucky, to integrate its schools, the city and its residents still see desegregation as a worthy goal.

How the Democratic Netroots Died - POLITICO Magazine - Only 15 years ago, liberal bloggers like Markos Moulitsas were a powerful force in presidential politics. What happened?

People of Color - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One of the interesting transformations in recent decades is that of Irish-Americans becoming an increasingly hard-core right-wing group

Our Worthless Media - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I really, really hate NPR. I think it is almost uniformly terrible, at least the political coverage. If they held their political coverage up to the high standards of their cultural stories, I'd feel differently. But it is completely unlistenable.

LAPD officer arrested on multiple rape charges after 'cold hit' DNA match : news

Daniel Pantaleo, Officer Involved in Eric Garner Chokehold Death, Won't Face Charges - Attorney General William Barr involves himself in another case with predictable results.
I'm Katie Benner, Justice Department reporter for The New York Times. I covered the department's decision not to charge NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner. Ask me anything about that decision, the public reaction, the Garner case or the Justice Department's civil rights work. : IAmA

Another top NRA staffer departs amid upheaval - POLITICO

Majority of autism risk resides in genes, multinational study suggests : science (breeding causes autism, mommey bloggers rethink having babies)

Research shows trans and non-binary people significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population. Findings suggest that gender identity clinics should screen patients for autism spectrum disorders and adapt their consultation process and therapy accordingly. : science

AskScience AMA Series: We're the New Horizons team that flew past Pluto and are studying some of the oldest, farthest objects in the Solar System. Ask us anything! : askscience

ELI5: why do mammograms require the breasts to be squished flat when we are able to take X-rays and ultrasounds through fat and muscle masses? : explainlikeimfive

Menstrual cups are safe and result in similar, or lower, leakage than disposable pads or tampons, according to the first systematic review and meta-analysis on international use of menstrual cups, which included 43 studies and data from n=3,300 women and girls (The Lancet Public Health). : science

What is your favorite paradox? : AskReddit

Divorce Lawyers of Reddit, what's the most outrageous reason someone filed for divorce? : AskReddit (unexpected darkness)

Good boy : WTF (and the comment chain)

Firefox to Warn When Saved Logins are Found in Data Breaches : technology

Interview with Writer of ClickHole’s ‘Garbage Sons’ Quiz (internet history)


In the coming decades, climate change will lead to a significant increase in the frequency and severity of dangerous extreme heat across the contiguous United States. The number of days where the heat index exceeds 105 degrees is estimated to increase more than four-fold to 24 by mid-century : science

Malta sends three suspects for trial on charges of killing anti-corruption journalist : news

Norway arrests Iraqi preacher convicted in Italy for 'terrorism' : news

UAE oil tanker disappears in Iranian waters in the Strait of Hormuz - The Washington Post

Tibetan Nuns Beaten by Chinese Guards For 'Weeping' in Detention (how Chinese)

Gay people being subjected to forced marriages in UK, police warn amid nationwide crackdown ... Det Sgt Gittins said some families also believe in "corrective rape" - the practice of forcing a gay victim to have sex with someone of the opposite sex in an attempt to change their sexuality.

Boris Johnson claimed Islam put Muslim world 'centuries behind'. : worldnews (history is hard for morons)

Suzanne Eaton case: Man confesses to killing U.S. scientist found in cave in Greece, Crete police say - The Washington Post

Federal judge permanently blocks Trump admin from adding citizenship question to 2020 census : politics

Feinstein Bill Prevents Use of Social Media Bots in Elections : politics

The War Whisperers, Their Successful Iraq War, and the Targeting of Iran

Man confesses to rape and murder of U.S. scientist Suzanne Eaton in Crete, police say : news
Survey of Peers in Fieldwork Highlights an Unspoken Risk | Science
Twitter responses show sexual harassment is rife at academic conferences | Times Higher Education (THE) - Female academics on Twitter have exposed the shocking abuse they endured at academic meet-ups (men are terrible)

Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Reuters

Sounds about right : PoliticalHumor
America 2019 : PoliticalHumor

As backlash against Trump's 'go back' comments builds, here's Rondal Reagan's 'love letter to immigrants' :
Rep. Swalwell recites a long list of Trump comments he calls racist while Repuublicans protest

Trump Renews Attacks Against Democratic Congresswomen: 'Pro-Terrorist,' 'Vile'
Opinion | Racism Comes Out of the Closet - The New York Times - The dog whistle days are apparently over.
British Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn calls Trump's 'go back to your own countries' tweet racist : worldnews
The White Nationalist President - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trumps America Is a White Man's Country
Trumps racist comments can be used against him in court as judges cite them to block policies

Matthew Yglesias on Twitter: "It was good research, still very much worth reading today. " (Tea Party/Freedom Caucus is/was all about racism, not "economic anxiety")
Whom they call Sofi - Lawyers, Guns & Money - , some Nazi shit right here: At a Border Patrol holding facility in El Paso, Texas, an agent told a Honduran family that one parent would be sent to Mexico while the other parent and their three children could stay in the United States, according to the family. The agent turned to the couple's youngest daughter -- 3-year-old Sofia, whom they call Sofi -- and asked her to make a choice. (sado-fuckers)

Slow learner - Lawyers, Guns & Money - George Conway, husband of the Mouth of Sauron, has just figured out that Donald Trump is like, really racist: ... What's your next column, One Day I Found Out My Wife Was Really a Fascist? Or maybe that's a book. Next on Oprah.
KellyAnne Conway demands to know Jewish reporter's ethnicity - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kellyanne Conway just said something that should stun you - CNNPolitics

Calling white supremacy something (anything) else - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Behind Trump's 'go back' demand: A long history of rejecting 'different' Americans

b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "The widespread belief that it helps Trump to do his Bull Connor impression is related to the widespread belief that the most important voters in the country are blue collar whites."
Profiting Off Ethnic Cleansing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Of course the vultures are ready to profit big-time off our national program of ethnic cleansing.
Eschaton: Real America Loves When He Does Raicsm - Whenever Trump cranks up the racism political journalists cover it like they used to cover a new James O'Keefe video dropping. He's got you now, libs! But they never make the next logical point, which is that if the racism appeals, and appeals specifically to Trump's base, that is because Trump's base and by implication Real America is filled with... um... help me out? Fill in the blank?
Eschaton: Racism..How The Fuck Does That Work? - Not sure whether too many journalists are genuinely confused if Trump is a racist or if they are just pretending to be confused, or which is better.
Donald Trump Continues To Show He's Racist - The president's tweet targeting congresswomen of color is just the latest in a long list of examples.
Moderate GOP voices on immigration were wiped out in the 2018 Democratic wave - CNNPolitics
Republicans embrace Trumps racism. Blame them as much as him.
Rep. Ilhan Omar Has Been A U.S. Citizen Longer Than Melania Trump | HuffPost
Donald Trump, the Racist in the White House | The New Yorker
CNN Panel on Trumps Demagoguery Goes Off the Rails: 'The White Nationalists Will Never Love You'
Trumps racism cements his party's place among the West's far right
Republicans represent almost none of the places most immigrants live - CNNPolitics
White identity politics drives Trump, and the Republican Party under him - The Washington Post

Trump's new impeachment problem

It's taking longer and longer to become a legal immigrant (Barry laid the groundwork)

'Really Good Speller' Trump's Handwritten Note Shows Embarrassing Mistakes ... "peopel"

After 2016 Bible Slip, Trump Lashed Out at 'So-Called Christians,' Book Says (Pence made a bargain with Satan)

Pelosi knocks White House fallback plan on debt limit, putting pressure on late-stage budget talks - The Washington Post

House votes to condemn Trump's racist comments with only four Republicans backing the measure - The vote was delayed for hours following GOP complaints that Speaker Nancy Pelosremarks had violated House rules.
A divided House votes for resolution condemning Trump's racist remarks

A Judge Has Banned Roger Stone From Posting Anything On Instagram, Facebook, Or Twitter

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner And Every Trump Administration Official Accused Of Using Personal Email For Work : politics

AOC welcomes 82-year-old congressman Bill Pascrell to 'the squad' - Business Insider

Eschaton: Fractal Griftery - Nobody could have predicted. -- Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris has left the country amid more than two dozen lawsuits from investors who say he defrauded them in real estate deals involving properties in Indianapolis. Morris, who previously resided in a $1.4 million home in New Jersey, has moved with his family to a coastal resort town Portugal, according to his wife's Facebook post. -- America, love it or leave it.
Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris leaves country amid fraud allegations : news

Mitch McConnell sidesteps question about his wife, who's an immigrant : politics
Reporter presses McConnell on if it's racist to tell his immigrant wife to 'go back to her country' : politics

When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes? : politics

Eschaton: Perfectly Normal - The number of people who actively covered for and socialized with this guy -- "Just this morning the government became aware of a safe that contained a pile of cash, diamonds, a passport from a foreign country with a picture of the defendant under another name," ... adding the passport showed Epstein's residence as Saudi Arabia. (ta-duh)

Planned Parenthood Ousts President, Seeking a More Political Approach - The New York Times
Planned Parenthood ousts leader after less than a year - The Washington Post

Largest U.S. drug companies flooded country with 76 billion opioid pills, DEA data shows - The Washington Post - drug companies saturated the country with 76 billion oxycodone and hydrocodone pain pills from 2006 through 2012 as the nation's deadliest drug epidemic spun out of control

Trump Admin Says Abortion 'Gag Rule' Effective Immediately | HuffPost - Trump Admin Says Abortion 'Gag Rule' Effective Immediately -- The Health and Human Services Department notified clinics it will begin enforcing a ban on abortion referrals and on federal funding for reproductive care.

R. Kelly to be held without bond on sex crimes charges, judge rules : news

Texas high school bans graphic novel on Pulse shooting over its "extreme homosexuality"

Eric Garner's Death Will Not Lead to Federal Charges for N.Y.P.D. Officer

Daycare operator accused of sexually abusing children sentenced to 30 days in jail : news

The Banditos And Other LA Sheriff's Deputy Groups Are Now Being Investigated By The FBI : news

White IRS security guard Seth Eklund pulls gun on a uniformed black police officer Alan Gaston, tries to arrest him - The Washington Post - Seth Eklund (will never get another security job)

Jason Miller, Former Trump Aide, Says He Hired Prostitutes

After 71 years of marriage, a husband and wife die on the same day : news

Goodwill pulls paychecks from disabled workers |
Goodwill's Exploitation of the Disabled - Lawyers, Guns & Money

'Good,' Says Elizabeth Warren, After Billionaire Right-Winger Peter Thiel Says She's 2020 Democrat He Is 'Most Scared By' : politics

BBC - Future - Has humanity reached peak intelligence?

U.S. Suicide Rates Are the Highest They've Been Since World War II : science

[Serious] Schizophrenics, what is it like to have schizophrenia? : AskReddit

Could you have a binary set of moons that orbit a planet together? Not 2 moons in separate orbits, but a pair or moons rotating around each other and orbiting a planet as well. : askscience

According to a study published today in the journal PNAS, many girls who do every bit as well as their male peers in mathematics may still decide on more humanities-centric careers -- because their verbal skills outshine their already high marks in math.

What's the closest thing to magic that actually exists? : AskReddit

Initiating stroke treatment just 15 minutes faster can save lives and prevent disability, according to a new UCLA-led study : science

[Serious] If you said what Trump said to your co-workers, would you be fired? : AskReddit

u/Seesyounaked explains what's behind incest porn and why there's so much of it nowadays : bestof


Italy seizes 'combat-ready' missile in raids on far right

Suspect in Murder of US Scientist Suzanne Eaton Arrested on Crete : news

How Julian Assange turned an embassy into a command post for election meddling - CNNPolitics

House orders Pentagon to say if it weaponized ticks and released them

Trump Issues New Rule To End Asylum Protections For Central Americans | HuffPost - Beginning Tuesday, asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. southern border (yes, they really did that)
Trump moves to end asylum protections for Central Americans
While Trump was racising on Twitter this happened - Lawyers, Guns & Money
3-Year-Old Asked To Pick Parent In Attempted Family Separation, Her Parents Say : NPR
The Border Patrol Hits a Breaking Point - POLITICO Magazine - an agency plagued by years of dysfunction -- and Trump is only its latest problem.

Trump weighs ousting Commerce chief Wilbur Ross after census defeat - Some White House officials expect the Cabinet secretary, who has known the president for years, to depart as soon as this summer.

/u/bryfy77 digs into just how it can cost $775 USD to house a child each day in the "detention camps" : bestof

Trump Doubles Down On Racist Tweetstorm With New Attack On Democrats | HuffPost - after his racist attack on progressive female lawmakers.
Trump Fans the Flames of a Racial Fire - The New York Times
Trump's racist "go back" tweets highlight his us-versus-them politics - Axios - Trump is all-in on us-versus-them politics and does not care if he occasionally crosses the line into racism. Trump allies expect this to get worse, not better
Trump's Tweets Prove That He Is a Raging Racist
ow news outlets are dealing with the 'moral dimension' of covering Trump and his racist tweets
Just say 'racist' (evil crooked pig would be nice also)
Trump Is a Racist. If You Still Support Him, So Are You.
Let's check in on fiercely independent maverick Mitt Romney - Lawyers, Guns & Money (racist fucker, like them all)
b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "ah america's greatest profile in courage, mitt romney
Republicans Silent On Trump's Racist Remarks To Congresswomen
Tiptoeing around Trumps racism is a betrayal of journalistic truth-telling
Trump Said His Racist Tweets Are Fine Because "Many People" Agree With Him -- He also claimed the tweets weren't racist.
Trump denies racist tweets were racist - CNNPolitics
Trump's White-Nationalist Attack on Four Congresswomen - The Atlantic - In a series of tweets attacking four Democratic congresswomen, the president reiterated his belief that only white people can truly be American.
Trump denied his tweets on 'the squad' are racist. He only confirmed the worst. - The Washington Post
Pelosi announces resolution condemning Trump for racist tweets - politico (you know, the racist tweets she inspired)
Opinion | Please, Pelosi, Fight Trump, Not the Squad - The New York Times (yeah, true colors dept)
Graham declines to condemn racist Trump tweets and calls Democratic congresswomen a bunch of communists
After years of decrying McCarthyism, Lindsey Graham accuses members of Congress of being Communists - ThinkProgress
A Blunder of Epic Proportions | Power Line (even the Assrocket)
Geraldo Rivera Launches Tone-Deaf Defense Of 'My Friend' Trump After Racist Rant (Jerkaldo loves racists)
The banality of fact-checking - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Lightly Racially Dusted, With a Racial Gastrique - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Nate Silver on Twitter: "LOL, everyone made fun of @nytimes for using "racially charged" too much in their copy so they switched to "racially infused" instead."
I don't like this timeline. How can I go back?
teslacoil1 comments on Trump's 'Go Back' Tweets

Eschaton: This Is Our Emergency - The concentration camps are making clear who in the Democratic party actually sees this as a moral crisis, and who spends their Friday nights making dumb ass tweets against those who do -- In a move reminiscent of the segregated South, someone in House leadership leaked a poll of only white non-college voters to "prove" that squad members, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), represent a problem in swing districts. -- That poll did not include just how popular Nancy Pelosi was with those same voters. (Nancy Dancy does the Dem Stupid dance)

House Democrat to move forward on articles of impeachment against Trump - The Washington Post

Huge Turnout Is Expected in 2020. So Which Party Would Benefit? - The New York Times - Democrats typically gain from a broader electorate in presidential races, but that pattern is not assured in the Trump era.

Dems in (Legitimate) Disarray - Lawyers, Guns & Money - There's no way around it - Nancy Pelosi has done a dreadful job as Speaker this term. ... She totally set herself to be used by Donald Trump! What the hell is going on here? ... This is almost unquestionably the worst performance by a party controlling the House responding to a historically awful president in American history. That is already part of Pelolegacy. Much of the rest of her legacy depends on what she does from here. (and then we have "I've never learned anything in my life")
The Border Crisis Is Fracturing the Democratic Party - The Netroots Nation conference in Philadelphia emphasized immigration cruelties, as the party leadership struggles to respond, opting for backbiting instead of action. (Pelosi a huge fuckup)
Erik Loomis on Twitter: "Interviewing someone as fresh as Rahm to attack AOC? Was Lanny Davis too busy defending an African dictator to answer your call?"

It's Like, How Much More MoDo Could This Be? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The first thing you'll note as that this doesn't make any sense. The second is that this incredibly strained reference is to a movie that was released in 2005. And yet, for the columnist in question, this reference is unusually fresh: (remember when Modo told Barry and Nancy to kill the ACA?)

Prosecutors Say Evidence Against Jeffrey Epstein Growing 'Stronger By The Day' More women have come forward to detail allegations of how Epstein abused them when they were minors, prosecutors told a federal judge.
Epstein's Coney Island Days: From Math Nerd to Arrogant Prick

Kellyanne Conway defies subpoena, skips Oversight hearing - POLITICO - Elijah Cummings threatened to hold Conway in contempt if she doesn't testify before July 25.

The Jolt: Son of Joe Lieberman contemplates a run for U.S. Senate in Georgia - Matt Lieberman is an entrepreneur, author and former educator ... A graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School (another Lieberputz)

Why Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson fear Ilhan Omar.

Long-Term Voter Suppression Strategies - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is ... wow --- black Southerners who live in counties where more lynchings occurred in the past are less likely to register to vote today ... Who knows how long it will take to recover from this current level of racist voter suppression launched by the Republican Party.

Define 'Homophobic' (Buttabeep came out at 33)

How Matt Gaetz Used Daddy'S Money to Become Trump's Favorite Congressman - Like the president, the Florida Republican rode family connections, unorthodox real estate deals, and trolling to political fame.

Judge: Neo-Nazi blogger owes Whitefish woman $14M : news

Their Family Bought Land One Generation After Slavery. The Reels Brothers Spent Eight Years in Jail for Refusing to Leave It.

An Epidemic of Disbelief -- What new research reveals about sexual predators, and why police fail to catch them ... serial rapists are far more common than many experts had previously believed (cops are kind of "serial rapists" and could give a shit about women also and never test the the rape kits)

Missouri woman hunts down thief who stole her car, steals it back : news

Over 1,000 Bob Ross Paintings Tracked Down by NYT : news

Is it okay to laugh at the Florida man meme? - The Washington Post

Sexual images are just as arousing for women as they are for men, suggests new brain scan research (n=1,850), which found that women's brains react to pornography just as much as men's challenging the widespread belief that men get more turned on by visual stimuli.

TIL That women are better at discerning shades of colours, while men are better at tracking fast-moving objects and discerning detail from a distance. These are evolutionary details linked to a hunter-gatherer past. : todayilearned

TIL that removing lead from gasoline is thought to be one of the big factors that lead to the drop in the violent crime rate in America in the 1990s : todayilearned

Redditors, how did you come up with your username? : AskReddit

Girls of reddit, what's something guys see done in porn that you wish they would stop trying to do in real life? : AskReddit
Girls of reddit, what's something you see done in porn that you wish guys would do in real life? [Serious] : AskReddit


Barry updates: Tropical storm slowly grinds north, pummels Louisiana with rain - The Washington Post

Power Restored to Manhattan's West Side After Major Blackout
Power Restored After Blackout Hits 73K Manhattan Customers: Con Ed - NBC New York
A Massive Blackout Hit Manhattan And New York Did Its Thing | HuffPost - A power shortage forced thousands of people into the streets of Manhattan. Then the singing began.
Briallen Hopper on Twitter: "I guess this is what they call a New York moment. After being trapped on the F for an hour because of the power outage I emerged to see dark restaurants & traffic lights, civilians directing traffic, & an evacuated Carnegie Hall concert happening in the street. #nyc #Blackout"

U.S. Air Force Warns Those Planning to Storm Area 51: The Military Stands Ready : news

Bones found in Vatican could be those of teenager missing since 1983 : worldnews

Macron booed at Bastille Day celebrations : worldnews

London police official warns journalists not to publish leaks on pain of imprisonment : worldnews

Epstein ties to ex-prime minister stir up Israeli politics | Miami Herald - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud party are calling for a criminal probe into former prime minister Ehud Barak's personal and business ties with the accused sex trafficker, Israeli media is reporting.
Epstein scandal explodes in Israel as ties to former prime minister under scrutiny : news

New leak claims Trump scrapped Iran nuclear deal 'to spite Obama'

Referencing the Holocaust - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Please read this great essay by Holocaust historian Timothy Snyder ... Analogizing is not some mysterious operation: It is how we think. Every time someone asks you for advice about a situation beyond your personal experience, or every time you are faced with an unfamiliar choice, your mind makes analogies with what you do know. (Jews say they own all the analogies)

Nearly 400 Migrant Men Crammed Into Cages Amid 'Horrendous' Stench On Mike Pence TourSome of the men shouted to reporters that they were hungry or wanted to brush their teeth. The Texas facility had no shower until Thursday, a federal agent said.
'Fake Christian' Trends On Twitter As Critics Skewer Chilly Mike Pence At Migrant Center -- "Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does"
Our Fascist Government Agency - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Dara Lind with a very disturbing story about ICE, our fascist agency putting people in concentration camps: ... if you ever wanted to know how you would have responded to the rise of the Nazis in Germany if you lived at time, the answer is whatever you are doing now. These are outright concentration camps and we have a security agency ready to brutalize these people while laughing about it.
Tim Lacy ?? on Twitter: "These are analogous to blackface and confederate memorabilia and keepsakes. They, and other tidbits, will fill a future museum of our present-day nativism and white supremacy."
Eschaton: Followers of Jesus - My long pet peeve is people trying to impose Christianity on Christians. I don't really know or care if, for example, Mike Pence is 100% full of shit or if he truly believes he is A Good Christian (he can also, too, be both!) But obviously his Christianity does not bear any resemblance to any kind of "caring Jesus" brand of Christianity and it isn't productive to even suggest it should.
Cartoonist says he wouldn't change anything about controversial Trump cartoon : worldnews

As immigrant families wait in dread, no sign of large-scale enforcement raids - The Washington Post
ICE Started Its Immigration Raids -- But It Forgot to Get Warrants
The VP's visit wasn't fun for him, he was probably expecting a Mariachi band and a piqata

Trump Tells Freshman Congresswomen to Go Back 'to the Countries' They Came From (said the grandson of the Nazi immigrant)
Donald Trump tells AOC and Ilhan Omar to 'go back' to their 'original' countries : politics
Trump tells Dem congresswomen: Go back where you came from - POLITICO
PoppinKREAM comments on Megathread: Trump Tells Freshman Congresswomen to 'Go Back' to the Countries They Came From
Fox & Friends Laugh it up Over Trump Telling AOC Squad to Leave U.S.
Poll: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defining Democrats among crucial 2020 swing voters - Axios (socialism!)

We hired the author of 'Black Hawk Down' and an illustrator from 'Archer' to adapt the Mueller report so youll actually read it

GOP senators hope the courts strike down the health law -- even if they have no plan to deal with the ensuing chaos. (that IS their plan)

Nancy Pelosi Emerges As Unexpected Villain At Netroots Nation | HuffPost - Activists are furious that she has publicly criticized progressive members of the House Democratic Caucus ... "She doesn't act this way when Blue Dogs say stupid shit about other Democrats and about the party and constantly criticize the party," said Markos Moulitas ..."For some reason, she's singling out these four for a special brand of conflict. It doesn't make any sense"
Eschaton: Trump and Pelosi And The House Democrats Agree - The Squad" should just shut up and go away. -- This is unfair, of course, but Pelosi has been foaming the runway for this stuff by singling out these 4 women while letting a bunch of "centrist" white guys get away with much "worse" if "shit talking the party" is how we define "bad." So-called moderates have been running against the party forever. It's why they are called "moderates." When they tried to unseat Pelosi, the lefties stood up for her.
Voters Don't Want Democrats to Be Moderates. Pelosi Should Take the Hint ... Pelosi appears to believe the voters elected a Democratic majority to the House in order to be moderate and safe. She is entirely protective of the conservative Democrats within the caucus who tried to thwart her speakership before it even began, and who vote with the Republicans much of the time ... When a chance came to fight for legislation to address the execrable concentration camps at the border, Pelosi instead supported the far crueler Senate Republican version of the bill, again in deference to those conservative House Democrats.

Claire McCaskill closing campaign ad (10/18) - "Yep," the second man chimes in, "and Claire's not one of those crazy Democrats. She works right in the middle and finds compromise." -- This has been not just the acceptable "moderate" playbook but the expected one for decades. If it works, well ok... but when it doesn't. (Pelosi's kind of not-really-a-dem lost, of course)

Trump trails Biden, Warren and Sanders in new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll - Joe Biden holds largest lead against Trump due to better performance among Independents and suburban voters.
Whites Have Always Opposed Real School Integration - Lawyers, Guns & Money - She notes that busing did in fact work, despite how it is talked about today, including LGM comment threads. But white people didn't like it. So it failed and we lie about its effectiveness (busing failed in Biden's tiny racist mind)
Rod Dreher on Twitter: "Wow, wow, wow. The Progressive-Industrial Complex is really going to do this thing. Trump could dump Pence and pick Jeffrey Epstein as his running mate, and still win because half of America + 1 is going to be terrified of the social engineers of the Loony Left." - Rod Dreher endorses Pedophilia (gets toasted on the twitter)

Netroots Nation was the day Elizabeth Warren became president of the American left - Will Bunch

Fallout over offensive Buttigieg article: Magazine's owner apologizes but a sponsor cuts ties ... "My Mayor Pete Problem" ...

Wisconsin GOP wants to rewrite constitution to strip Democratic governor's veto powers : politics

u/haribobosses explains in detail the reason trump supporters are compared to nazis : bestof

Acosta pointed fingers at others. Here are some of them | Miami Herald -- Why they may have some explaining to do (corrupt as shit)
Trump Biographer Warns That the Epstein Investigation Could Ensnare the President : politics
Jeffrey Epstein' s ranch in New Mexico linked to sex trafficking, abuse investigation
Which side does the Epstein case benefit more? Who cares. The only people who view sexual predation as a partisan problem are those who treat victims as nothing more than rhetorical cudgels. : politics
Jeffrey Epstein is Exhibit A for capitalism's moral bankruptcy

Good piece by Jim DeRogatis on another serial sexual predator who was shielded and enabled by an array of powerful people because there was money in it:

Xaverian Brothers release names of members credibly accused of abuse - The Boston Globe ... The Xaverian Brothers, a Roman Catholic religious order that operates five high schools in Massachusetts, has identified 34 men found to be credibly accused of sexually abusing minors dating back to the early 20th century.

Passengers 'united' against allegedly 'crazy racist woman' who delayed flight, complained about Muslim passengers : news

Judge refuses to dismiss charges against Iowa man who burned LGBT library books : books

Coffee addict stops armed robbery in a 7/11 : videos
Tow Truck Driver Arrested For Trying To Repossess Cop's Car : videos
Police Chief accidentally loses gun in El Pollo Loco bathroom during lunch break : news
Judge: Police acted 'reasonably' in man's shooting death
Michigan man shoots wife after mistaking her for an intruder, sheriff says : news

Cambridge woman pulled from Wellfleet pond, transported to area hospital - The Boston Globe - A 77-year-old Cambridge woman was pulled from a pond on Cape Cod Saturday afternoon and taken to a local hospital, officials said.

Could clues to Harvard Squares future be found in a stunning new English hotel? ... Boston billionaire Gerald Chan (no)

The Real Victims - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jacqueline Sackler was fed up. HBO's John Oliver would soon use his TV show to pillory her family, the clan that owns Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin.
Johnson & Johnson Under Criminal Investigation For Concealing Cancer Risks Of Baby Powder : worldnews

25 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Coffee That You May Not Know

Cleopatra used it as a beauty aid. Now castor oil is staging a cosmetics comeback. - The Washington Post

The loss of white matter connectivity in the brain after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) may result in impairments in understanding social situations, according to new research, which demonstrates that connections in the brain are as important as the brain centres they connect

What has a partner done during sex that totally ruined it for you? : AskReddit


Barry makes landfall along central Louisiana coast and threatens state withexcessive rainfall
Barry strengthens to hurricane as storm bears down on Louisiana coast
Giant batteries and cheap solar power are shoving fossil fuels off the grid : worldnews

Judge denies anti-vaxxers attempt to temporarily stop New York law mandating all schoolchildren be vaccinated (contagious Hasids are angry)

Gunmen storm Somali hotel killing 26 people : news

Saudi Arabia and Russia among 37 states backing China's Xinjiang policy; Praise human rights record : news

Glenn Greenwald becomes focus of Brazil press freedom debate

TV presenter Emily Hartridge dies in scooter crash | UK news | The Guardian - the first fatal collision involving an e-scooter in Britain.

Trump Is Poised to Sign a Radical Agreement to Send Future Asylum Seekers to Guatemala | The New Yorker (a whole prison-camp country we already destroyed)

Eschaton: This Is Our Emergency - We are operating concentration camps and treating humans (including children) who aren't even accused of any crimes (not that this would make it OK but I am not naive about our current prisons) in conditions which would cause a dog kennel to be shut down and the House leadership is currently mad at people who are pointing out that the Dems gave Trump $4 billion to open more concentration camps without any conditions. Vote them all out. (and then Nancy-Dancy had a snit fit)
This is tough stuff: At Texas detention facility, Pence sees hundreds of migrants crammed with no beds (yesterday it was all expensive summer-camp)
'No shower, no shower!' -- : Migrants shout as Pence visits Texas detention centers -- The vice president saw detainees packed into their holding areas surrounded by chain-link fence.
Photos and video capture Vice President Mike Pence's visit to an overcrowded border facility where some detainees hadn't showered for over a week : politics
Mike Pence Complains Media 'Only' Focusing on Troubled Border Facilities, As Video Shows Men Crowded into Cages : politics
"The Stench Was Horrendous": Pence Visited A Border Patrol Station Packed With Hundreds Of Immigrants In Cages : politics
Inside the Trump Concentration Camps - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is quite simply an ongoing human rights catastrophe: When Vice President Pence visited a migrant detention center here Friday, he saw nearly 400 men crammed behind caged fences with not enough room for them all to lie down on the concrete ground. There were no mats or pillows for those who found the space to rest. A stench from body odor hung stale in the air ... the men screamed ... A human rights catastrophe Donald Trump campaigned on implementing. (the best concentration camps! we tell you)
Border Patrol Official Circulates Article That Deems Our Reporting on Secret Facebook Group a Threat -- An official who directs a Border Patrol intelligence gathering center sent the article to all top intelligence officials and field offices. The article directly attacks a ProPublica reporter who revealed that agents were posting anti-migrant and misogynistic memes in group for current and former agents.
Family separations arent over. As many as five kids per day are separated from their parents at the border.
How the Stress of Separation and Detention Changes the Lives of Children | The New Yorker
US border cops' secret racist Facebook group a total disgrace, says patrol chief. She should know, she was a member : politics

9th Circuit rules in favor of Trump admin in 'sanctuary city' case
Protesters rail against Biden on deportations - POLITICO - Biden has come under fire for the 3 million deportations that occurred under the Obama administration (Barry started this shit)

'It works out actually better' : When Trump loses, hes quick to tout Plan B as the real victory

Robert Mueller Must Finish the Job : politics

How Trump Doubled Down On The Crazy Claim He's Immune From Oversight
Trump Says Only Trump Supporters Deserve Free Speech
Trump Org executives unlikely to be charged, sources say - CNNPolitics
American Carnage: a masterful must-read on Trump'Republican takeover Tim Alberta of Politico has written a compelling, alarming and scoop-heavy history of the fall of the party of Lincoln ... Trump turns to Steve Wynn ...

A White House Correspondent Departs the Jaw-Dropping Trump Beat - The New York Times House Republicans dismissive of Paul Ryans take on Trump

House votes to permanently reauthorize 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund after outcry : news

Leaders of teachers unions: America's democracy is at risk

So far, nearly 60% have taken action, with $14.15 million of mostly federal funds helping counties buy brand-new electoral systems. a problem: Many of these new systems still run on old software that will soon be outdated and more vulnerable to hackers (spend money on new hardward; run old software; Putin wins!)

Democrats Continue Search For The Smoking Gun They Already Have | HuffPost - Nancy Pelosi insists on more investigations, even though she thinks Trump has committed crimes. (Nancy Dancy doin' the Twist)

President Trump in Milwaukee says farmers areover the humpas dairy farms continue to close in Wisconsin
AOC is a woman of color. Dem leadership is mad at her and her (also person of color) chief of staff for standing up for minority toddlers who have been placed in cages. She beat a white guy in a primary and represents a majority nonwhite district. -- DEMOCRATIC UNITY has been postponed until next week -- Scott Wong (from yesterday)
Eschaton: Not One Sorry Asshole In DC - Indeed. -- Lillard felt emboldened to do something as plainly ridiculous as sending out a mass "on background" email, an act inherently disdainful of real journalistic practices, because she knew no one would break the terms of engagement. Not one sorry asshole in DC would do that. Wong's source felt comfortable throwing out a racist accusation against AOC because they knew Wong wouldn't publish their name -- That, I'm afraid, is this town
The Dems' Pelosi AOC Fight Is Fueled by Anonymous Sources - BREAKING news in the EPIC civil WAR in the Democratic Party! The DEMS are in DISARRAY! The Hill got the JUICY DEETS: One ANONYMOUS ASSHOLE says AOC is a FAKE WOMAN OF COLOR and PUPPET for WHITE LIBS:
Top House Progressive Says Pelosi Comments On Ocasio-Cortez And Allies Were Not 'Helpful'
Rep. Greg Meeks lobs veiled primary threat against Ocasio-Cortez amid 'intolerable' feud with Democratic leadership

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Honors KKK Grand Wizard With Proclamation | HuffPost - The day of observation calls on Tennesseans to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave-owning war criminal and Klan grand wizard.
The Party of Calhoun - Lawyers, Guns & Money - War criminal, founder of a white supremacist terrorist organization critical to the maintenance of decades of apartheid, and to Republicans circa 2019, hero:

ormer students of The Dalton School are reconsidering their memories of the disgraced billionaire, who taught in the '70's ... Donald Barr, Dalton's headmaster throughout the late '60s until the mid '70s , is the father of Attorney General William Barr. As the nation's highest law enforcement officer, William Barr oversees the office that is prosecuting Epstein ... "The joke has been this is the Epstein-Barr problem at Dalton" ... herpes
Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed. - The New York Times - Some students at the esteemed Manhattan prep school recall that Mr. Epstein, now charged with sex trafficking, was willing to violate norms in his encounters with girls.
Jeffrey Epstein is Donald Trump's idea of the perfect man | The grab 'em twins, Trump and Epstein are deviant criminals separated at birth
This aspect of Jeffrey Epsteins plea bargain has been largely overlooked< /a>
Thread by @quantian1: "So, apologies in advance, but I want to do a quick little THREAD to explain my theory of what the Epstein story really is. I promise this is []" (Epstein's blackmail racket)
There's nothing funny about the fact that Donald Trump is a child rapist.
All the assault allegations against Donald Trump, recapped | PBS NewsHour
Our Perverted Oligarchy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kate Manne on Twitter: "Leaving Epstein entirely to one side, Pinker is now trying to rewrite his history of highly dubious remarks about rape and feminism. Here's a lengthy footnote from my book on misogyny in which I canvass those remarks." ... Pinker was directly involved with the original Epstein case. He was called upon as an expert witness and was downplaying all of Epsteins crap the first time. (Stinker has always been a creepy woman-hating asshole)
Nathan Oseroff-Spicer on Twitter: "Lawrence Krauss, Steven Pinker and Jeffrey Epstein have an odd relationship that provides insight into the relationship between the institutions of science, the movement of capital, the profit motive and science funding. Long thread incoming."
Nathan Oseroff-Spicer on Twitter: "Seventeen days later, on 22 Jan 2016, Gawker reveals that Pinker was on the flight logs of Epstein's private plane. "
Steven Pinker on Twitter: "I have no relationship with Epstein & have taken no funding from him. Our circles have occasionally overlapped: In 02, my lit agent invited me to join a group of east-coast TED speakers Epstein flew to CA. In 14, Krauss seated me next to him at a lunch, & someone snapped a photo." (+pathological liar)
Jeffrey Epstein - s First Criminal Case Was Helped By A Famous Harvard Language Expert -- Steven Pinker, a Harvard expert on language and human nature, said he was unaware of the details of the case and now regrets his involvement.
Read Jeffrey Epsteins Galaxy-Brain Philosophical Advice ... Krauss and Epstein's relationship goes back to at least 2002, when he flew with Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker on Epstein's private jet
From Bill Clinton to Naomi Campbell: Here are some of the famous people who have flown on Jeffrey Epsteins private plane, which has been dubbed theLolita Express
Jeffrey Epstein Was a Sex Offender. The Powerful Welcomed Him Anyway. - The New York Times

Stephen King says Trump's presidency is 'scarier' than his novels : politics
u/Pizza_antifa lists numerous documented pedophilia cases among prominent members of the GOP amid claims of "fake news" and "projecting" by several users
Here is a list of all US politicians Charged/Convicted of Sex Crimes against minors : conspiracy

Federal R. Kelly investigation uncovered 20 underage sex tapes. : Music

Teen hate crime: Swastikas, racist graffiti divide a Maryland high school - Washington Post

Alabama Newspaper Editor Who Endorsed KKK Replaced As Owner - referring to the now-retired former editor and owner Goodloe Sutton (traitor dog-whistle name)
GOP uses doctored Kaepernick photo taken by Herald to sell mugs | Miami Herald

Body-cam bill is bad for public transparency - The Boston Globe - State Representative Denise Provost, a Somerville Democrat, introduced the police camera measure to maintain (the right of cops to kill anyone they want)

Federal Prosecutors Seek Prison Sentence for Man who Threatened to Bomb Harvard's Black commencement ... The judge presiding over the case, Indira Talwani '82 is scheduled to decide sentencing on July 17

Judge gives green light to man who wants to sue former LAPD chief over police confrontation : news
Fullerton Police release body-cam footage in fatal shooting of 17-year-old girl on Anaheim freeway : news
Daniel Shaver's murderer is now collecting disability for PTSD that he supposedly got from...murdering Daniel Shaver! : WTF

Minnesota trucking company abruptly closes, hundreds of employees left without work : news

Thomas Kuhn Threw an Ashtray at Me - Nautilus - Pocket (Errol Morris)

34 cannabis plants found growing in flower beds at the Vermont Capitol : news

Signs of dementia for family members to notice - The Washington Post - one thing to find your glasses on your head it is something else to find them in the freezer

Alarm as childhood Type 2 diabetes rockets 50 per cent in five years : worldnews

Partial sight has been restored to six blind people via an implant that transmits video images directly to the brain - Medical experts hail paradigm shift of implant that transmits video images directly to the visual cortex, bypassing the eye and optic nerve

Children who were prenatally exposed to opioids went on to have lower IQ scores than those who weren't exposed to the medications, according to a new study (n= 1,455). They also have more physical development problems. At least 1 in 5 women in high-income countries used an opioid during pregnancy. : science

Analysis finds that legalization of medical marijuana does not encourage youth marijuana useand that use among youth may have actually declined after legalization for recreational purposes.

Urinary Tract Infections Affect Millions. The Cures Are Faltering. - The New York Times - As the infections become increasingly resistant to antibiotics, some standard treatments no longer work for an ailment that was once easily cured.

GhostProph comments on I went to Dachau Concentration Camp and felt almost like it didn't do anyone justice ... Until I saw this.

u/KYWildMan discusses the use of languages in Judea in the 1st Century CE, and the lingua franca of conversations then : DepthHub
u/cthulhushrugged explains what would happen to a village that peacefully surrenders to the Mongols under Genghis Khan : DepthHub

u/kyladee brilliantly explains the deeper reason why Millennials/Gen Zers make so many "OK Karen" jokes. [xpost from r/breakingmom] : BestOfNoPolitics
u/kyladee brilliantly explains the deeper reason why Millennials/Gen Zers make so many "OK Karen" jokes. : bestof

What are the perks of being a girl? : AskReddit

Do you think that women should be free to walk around topless in public places, just as men can? Why?/why not? : AskReddit
What screams "I'm terrible at sex"? : AskReddit

[Serious] Under 30s of r/AskReddit, what is the biggest divide between your generation and your parents, and how has it impacted on you? : AskReddit

TIL For all you Area 51 people, Tresspassing on a military base: Persons are subject to 6 months imprisonment, a $500 fine, or both. : todayilearned
What's not normal about you?

What is a sexual question you have always wanted to ask but never had the right opportunity? : AskReddit

butwhatsmyname comments on Im 24,and I am ashamed that this is how my life turned out.

What do you think "destroys" a marriage? : AskReddit

AT&T "free" robocall blocking service comes with a $4 monthly catch : news

Eschaton: FOR ONE MILLION DOLLARS - I would've provided dumb investors with consulting services to tell them this was all dumb. -- Starting around May 2016, Uber projected in public and private presentations that it would manufacture 13,000 autonomous vehicles by 2019, only to change that forecast four months later to over 75,000 units ... As it turns out, even Uber didn't have any faith in those claims (modern capitalism: lie all the time)


Tropical Storm Barry Gains Strength As Officials Urge Residents To Prepare For The Worst | HuffPost - The slow-moving storm could bring up to 25 inches of rain to some parts of the South, and it may become a hurricane as early as Friday.
Canal Road in Northwest Washington will be closed for a week - The Washington Post - Crews are working to repair the road after heavy rains and flooding from Monday.
City by city forecasts for Tropical Storm Barry - The Washington Post
A fifth of the world's major cities will face "unprecedented" climate conditions by 2050, researchers warned on Wednesday, as rising temperatures heighten the risks of drought and flooding. : worldnews

Israeli Court Overrules Anti-Vaxx Parents : worldnews

'A sort of eco-dictatorship' : Shanghai grapples with strict new recycling laws

U.A.E. Pulls Most Forces From Yemen in Blow to Saudi War Effort - The New York Times
The Emiratis are withdrawing their forces at a scale and speed that all but rules out further ground advances, a belated recognition that a grinding war that has killed thousands of civilians and turned Yemen into a humanitarian disaster is no longer winnable (next time don't listen to Bonesaw)

A Soviet-era submarine is emitting radiation at levels 800,000 times normal, Norway says - The Washington Post - Two nuclear warheads and a nuclear reactor remain on board the defunct 400-foot-long submarine

India lifts 271 million people out of poverty in 10 years between 2005-06 and 2015-16 : worldnews

China 'hopping mad' as 22 countries sign UN letter on Uighur Muslims : worldnews
A Koch Executive's Harassment in China Adds to Fears Among Visitors -- Amid worsening trade tensions, an American businessman was barred from leaving for days, in an apparent message to President Trump. Others worry they may be next.

$1.3 Billion In Cocaine Found On JPMorgan Vessel : worldnews
$1.3 Billion In Cocaine Found On JPMorgan Vessel | - The cryptocurrency community is having a bit of a laugh right now recalling a statement from Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, from a couple of years ago to the effect that if you're dealing drugs in places like Venezuela, Ecuador or North Korea "you are better off doing it in bitcoin than US dollars"

Boris Johnson called gay men 'tank-topped bumboys' and black people 'piccaninnies' with 'watermelon smiles' : worldnews

House Votes to Check Trump's Authority to Strike Iran - "When this passes, it will be a clear statement from members of Congress on both sides of the aisle that this country is tired of endless wars, that we do not want another war in the Middle East,"

Mueller testimony delayed by one week - POLITICO

Trump tells confidants hes eager to remove Dan Coats (kicking out the head of intelligence of course)

Zombie Reagan and the extreme piety of our prominent and influential faith leaders will do the job. -- In a statement Saturday, Pelosi said that while many Americans will attend religious services Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will carry out "heartless raids" authorized by Trump. It is my hope that before Sunday, leaders of the faith-based community and other organizations that respect the dignity and worth of people will call upon the President to stop this brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities," Pelosi mumbled and then went back to sleep)
Eschaton: Giving The GameAre Dangerous -- The president launches a new attack on the First Amendment.
Away - It's one thing to not conduct aggressive oversight with the possibility of actual consequences. It's quite another to essentially announce that it's your plan. Trump: gonna do all the crimes Pelosi: keep on self-impeaching Trump: thinking of even more crimes now

Border Patrol Chief Was Member of Secret Facebook Group (oh, she's totally a nazi)
Border Patrol Agents Are Passing Around A Commemorative Coin Mocking Care for Migrant Kids : KEEP THE CARAVANS COMING
This framed photo of Tomi Lahren hangs in US Border Patrol headquarters
Immigration: At least 18 migrant children under the age of 2 were separated from parents, House report says - CNNPolitics (every Republican should spend two years in a cage with no toothpaste)
Opinion | ICE Is Dangerously Inaccurate - The New York Times - Even American citizens are not immune from immigration raids.

'You are asking my client to lie' : Flynn lawyers fought with prosecutor

If A Republican President Does It, It's Not Illegal - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Kevin M. Kruse on Twitter: "The executive branch's powers are detailed in Article 2 because the Founders believed Congress deserved top billing in Article 1. Trump should read up on the powers listed there. Congress should, too."

Who knows how the Supremos would have ultimately ruled (again) but the lower court action was already an embarrassing shitshow for them. -- President Donald Trump is expected to announce later Thursday he is backing down from his effort to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and will instead take executive action that instructs the Commerce Department to obtain an estimate of U.S. citizenship through other means, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.
Trump's cave on Census stuns allies
The big, ugly lie at the core of Trumps latest surrender
How incompetence torpedoed Trump's rigging of the census
Warren responds to Trump retreat on census citizenship question: 'Wow, he's going to follow the law?'
A Father, a Daughter, and the Attempt to Change the Census | The New Yorker (the story is deep)

Trump: Mainstream Media Is Not Free Speech, People Who 'Write Bad' Are Dangerous -- The president launches a new attack on the First Amendment.
From his spelling skills to his 'real' hair: Trump goes on a riff at social media summit

Congratulations Again, Mr. President : Trump and the Co-opting of the G.O.P.

Sebastian Gorka at the center of Rose Garden fracas following Trump event
Trump Praises Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists at White House: 'The Crap You Think of Is Unbelievable' (literally)

Women see a familiar, ghastly pattern in the Trump White House - The Washington Post

Abortion support is the highest it's been in two decades as challenges mount - More Democrats than Republicans say the issue is important in determining their 2020 vote ... a majority say that abortion should be either legal in most cases (33 percent) or illegal in most cases (22 percent). About 4 in 10 say it should always be legal or illegal, with roughly twice as many who say abortion should be legal in all cases (27 percent) as say it should be illegal (14 percent) ... Among Republicans, 52 percent say it should be at least mostly illegal, but fewer than a quarter, 22 percent, want it to be illegal in all cases ... White evangelical Protestants remain the most united against legal abortion, with 62 percent saying it should be illegal in all or most cases, virtually unchanged from 66 percent in 2013.

This wasn't just a briefing: Pompeo grilled CIA analysts on Russia findings -- Attorney General Bill Barr has ordered an investigation into whether the CIA was correct to determine that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to boost Donald Trump during the 2016 election. ("investigation")

Eschaton: That's Just Trump - The big myth of the Trump era will be that it was something unique, something special. The press will treat him as a special phenomenon and things will be "back to normal" when he's gone. But the truth is Bush was covered much in the same way Trump was. Republicans define the rules, and Democrats have to obey them. Are tan suits forbidden? They are if Republicans say so. Can the president be a rapist and invite Nazis to the White House? He can be if Republicans say so.

CA lawmakers pass bill requiring Trump, presidential candidates to release tax returns |

Democrats Continue Search For The Smoking Gun They Already Have | HuffPost - Nancy Pelosi insists on more investigations, even though she thinks Trump has committed crimes.

NBC/WSJ poll: Biden, Warren top 2020 Democratic field - Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders round out the top four candidates in the first NBC/WSJ post-debate poll.
Sanders and Warren voters have astonishingly little in common - POLITICO - His backers are younger, make less money, have fewer degrees and are less engaged in politics. (in short, dumber)

The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2020 - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Hashtag Resistance - AOC is a woman of color. Dem leadership is mad at her and her (also person of color) chief of staff for standing up for minority toddlers who have been placed in cages. She beat a white guy in a primary and represents a majority nonwhite district.
Scott Wong on Twitter: "DEMOCRATIC UNITY has been postponed until next week ... " (get rid of the old farts, they are dooming the country)
Nancy Pelosi Is Derelict in Duty to Hold Trump Administration Accountable - Nancy Pelosi's Leadership Now Constitutes a Constant Dereliction of Duty -- The Speaker is beefing with her own caucus while failing, repeatedly, to hold a lawless administration to account ... I tried to warn everyone that nothing good comes of spilling your guts to Maureen Dowd, but nobody listened ... Kids are in cages. The raids may begin Sunday. The Speaker still has Maureen Dowd's phone number, so the kids in cages have that, anyway, and I'm sure it will come as a great comfort to the people who find their doors kicked in. (old centrist dumb Dems need to die off)
ITMFA? - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Pelosi, more surprisingly, is also ignoring the chief political lesson of the Nixon impeachment.
CBC lawmakers rip Justice Democrats for targeting black lawmakers for primaries | TheHill
About that AOC problem . . . - The Washington Post

The absurdity of an eightysomething president - Lawyers, Guns & Money - one of the downstream effects of putting a totally unqualified and mentally unhinged grifter into the White House is that lots of far more modest prudential rules than "don't make a thieving madman at the head of a cult of personality president of the United States" get much easier to ignore. (revenge of the geezers!)

Kidding on the Square is How Cruelty Gets Normalized - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Anna Merlan had the unfortunate task of listening to a lot of Glenn Greenwald's favorite podcast
Scott Lemieux on Twitter: "The only podcast in America willing to heap scorn the most powerful members of the American establishment, those three Oberlin sophomores" (haha, Russians)
Red Scare Pod and the Crypto Nexus (and Nazis!)
simone norman on Twitter: "When hot mean girls become public leftists "
Dale Peck is the Worst Critic of His Generation - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Acosta replacement Pizzella faces scrutiny for work with Jack Abramoff (crooks all the way down)

A major Russian financing scandal connects to America's Anti-LGBT Christian fundamentalists (Satangelicals)
The Gospel Coalition Offers a Sample Covenant and Posts 9 Marks Answers to Objections to Church Discipline: Looking at the Reality, Not the Hype. | The Wartburg Watch 2019

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid scrutiny over Jeffrey Epstein case - The Washington Post
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Is Resigning, Trump Says - NBC New York

More and more Epstein victims are coming forward:
Epstein wants to leave the Big House for his big house [Update] - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Epstein Paid $350,000 to Tamper With Witnesses, Prosecutors Say - The New York Times - The accusations were made by federal prosecutors who want to deny bail for Mr. Epstein, the financier facing sex-trafficking charges.
Epstein Had His Own Lodge at Interlochen's Prestigious Arts Camp for Kids -- Epstein was a big donor at Interlochen, where his cabin was located near the junior girls camp. The mother of a former student once accused him of trying to groom her 13-year-old.
More than 12 new Jeffrey Epstein accusers come forward | Miami Herald
Jeffrey Epstein Registered as a Sex Offender in 2 States. In New Mexico, He Didn't Have To.
Hedge-Funders Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Doing
/u/Cadet-Bone-Spurs puts it all together on Acosta, Dershowitz, Epstein, and Trump. A group of sexual predators that hunted children for sport. : bestof

Alabama senator says Trump opposed to Sessions Senate bid | TheHill

Tennessee Governor Mixes Up Legislators With Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against Them - Wow! Tennessee Is Still Completely Out of Its Mind! The governor was asked about removing an accused sex pest from office -- and thought the question was about a different lawmaker ... The groundbreaking documentary, My Penis Terrifies Me: The Robert Foster Story, will be debuting at Cannes next year.

R. Kelly Arrested in Chicago on Federal Child Pornography Charges, Faces NYC Indictment Also - NBC New York - A 13-count indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois and includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice

Weinstein's Legal Team Falls Apart Again : 'He's Impossible to Work With' ... "He thinks he's making a movie'

Former JonBenit Ramsey photographer indicted in Lane County on child porn charges : news - What a stunning surprise that someone who likes to take pics of little girls made up like adults turns out to be a pedo.

Among those Claremont is honoring in its new incarnation as a Trump-justifying toady is Jack Posobiec, the internet phenom most famous for promoting the Pizzagate conspiracy.

Duncan Hunter sends more Islamophobic campaign mailers in California - POLITICO - The incumbent Republican is set to stand trial for misusing campaign funds this fall.

Professor fired after demanding moose meat, lobster, and sex for better grades | Regional | News | The Chronicle Herald : news

A jazz legend said he was in desperate need of money. His friends had questions. - The Washington Post

D.C. attorney general issues subpoenas to NRA, its charitable foundation - The Washington Post

Revealed: This Is Palantir's Top-Secret User Manual for Cops - Palantir software is instrumental to the operations of ICE, which is planning one of the largest-ever targeted immigration enforcement raids this weekend on thousands of undocumented families.

Incriminating Video Shows Cop Run Stop Sign, Cause Crash, and Arrest Innocent Driver : videos

Watch Man's Angry Outburst Over Women Rejecting Him and His Height at Long Island Bagel Shop - NBC New York
Man Beaten to Death After Stealing Car With Kids Inside, Police Say - NBC New York - Philadelphia police's homicide unit and the District Attorney's Office will work to determine if the father will be charged

D.B. Cooper case: Robert Rackstraw died; many believe he was infamous hijacker - The Washington Post

Florida mom Cori E. Ward arrested for viral video of daughter licking doctor's office supplies - The Washington Post

/u/brickses and others explain how Sears didn't just go under. It was dismantled in an illegal money making scheme. : bestof

American Airlines attire incident highlights the ambiguity in airline dress codes - The Washington Post

How that scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' ... changed the way we talk about sex

Being able to see green spaces from your home is associated with reduced cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and harmful foods. It's the first study to demonstrate that passive exposure to nearby greenspace is linked to both lower frequencies and strengths of craving. : science

NASA telescope detects supermassive black hole that shouldn't exist : news

Mysterious policy cited to limit entertainment is accepted by Zoning Board, 5-1, against pub - Cambridge Day (Cambridge bureaucracy fucking shit up)

u/RajaRajaC demolishes the myth about Adolf Hitler being a socialist : bestof


Louisiana declares state of emergency as storm develops into hurricane : news
In first year in power in Ontario, conservatives cut 227 clean energy funding projects, 758 renewable energy contracts, and cap-and-trade program that would have made the province $3 billion, skipping public consultation process : worldnews (conservatives are planet-killers)
Tourists die as freak storm hits northern Greece | 100km/h gale-force winds, heavy rain and hailstorms lashed Halkidiki, near the city of Thessaloniki. Head of civil protection in northern Greece described the storm as an "unprecedented phenomenon". : worldnews

The French government has announced it will stop reimbursing patients for homeopathic treatment from 2021 after a major national study concluded the alternative medicine had no proven benefit : worldnews

Endangered rhino numbers soar by 1,000% in Tanzania after crackdown on poaching gangs

LGM Podcast: How Bloodthirsty Are We? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Charli and I talk through some of the implications of her research into the tolerance of Americans for inflicting enemy civilian casualties

Some of Putin's Top Cops Are Mobsters. Even KGB Vets Are Ashamed: A recent spate of arrests shows elite FSB units and senior officers shaking down businesses for huge bribes and even robbing banks.

Iranian boats 'tried to intercept British tanker' - BBC News

Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't : worldnews

Chile removes statute of limitations on child sex abuse amid Church crisis : news

Deutsche Bank's week from hell just got worse after reported links with Epstein and a US probe into its role in the Malaysia 1MDB scandal : worldnews

'Bigger crime than murder': Pakistani supreme court throws out acquittal plea of acid attacker despite victim's forgiveness : worldnews

US scientist was suffocated in Greece, body found covered with burlap in Nazi-era bunker : worldnews
Suzanne Eaton murdered in Crete: Greek police say American scientist suffocated on work trip : news

Toronto hospital fired 150 employees after multimillion-dollar insurance fraud : worldnews

Chinese real estate billionaire Wang Zhenhua arrested for alleged child molestation : worldnews

Foreign ambassadors working in Washington have revealed they share similar views to British envoy Sir Kim Darroch, who described Trump's administration as "inept" and "dysfunctional" in leaked diplomatic cables
British Politicians and Former Diplomats Are Furious That Trump 'Bullied' their Ambassador Out of Office : worldnews

Dow hits record high; reaches 27,000 for first time ever : news

ICE Plans To Launch Nationwide Raids And Arrest Thousands This Weekend, NYT Reports | HuffPost - Immigration officials reportedly expect to detain around 2,000 people in at least 10 cities. (last week it was millions!)
U.S. Prepares to Arrest Thousands of Immigrant Family Members - The New York Times

Trump's s Social Media Summit Mortifies White House, Enrages Far-Right Allies - No one who is invited to the summit has actually been banned from social platforms.
Trump invites right-wing extremists to White House social media summit

Trump Didn't ppoint Chris Christie As AG Because 'He'd Prosecute My Own Kids'

When Does America Reckon with the Gravity of Donald Trump's Alleged Rapes? In light of the new legal scrutiny of Jeffrey Epstein, it's ime to re-examine all the sexual misconduct allegations against the president ... Also, Trump made his 13 yr old rape victim wear a blonde wig multiple times & said she looked a lot like his daughter who was also 13 at the time.
Inside Jeffrey Epsteins Creepy Parties With Prince Andrew -- Randy Andy
Jeffrey Epstein's 'Infinite Means' May Be a Mirage
Justice Integrity Report - Welcome To Waterbury: The City That Holds Secrets That Could Bring Down Trump
Trump reportedly held a VIP party that was just him, Jeffrey Epstein, and 28 women providing 'entertainment' : politics

Clarence Thomas, Amateur Historian - Lawyers, Guns & Money

We're getting numb to Trump's lawlessness. That's very dangerous : politics

Pelosi Stands By Her Dismissal Of Freshman Democrats: 'Regrets Is Not What I Do' ("and I've never learned a thing in my entire life" she cackled happily)
Ocasio-Cortez didn't say she speaks with herself because she has 'a very good brain." That was Trump

Holding Mussolini's Straightjacket - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Tim Alberta's 'American Carnage' details how Trump has changed the Republican party - The Washington Post

The State of the Race - Lawyers, Guns & Money

What Could the Money Tom Steyer Is Blowing On A Pointless Vanity Campaign Do If He Wanted to Accomplish Something? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Checking in on the White Power Hour - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Day With State TV - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Tuesday was an especially ugly day for Fox News.

Pedagogy and fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

AP Exclusive: Officer alleges sexual misconduct by general - A senior military officer has accused the Air Force general tapped to be the next vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of sexual misconduct, potentially jeopardizing his nomination. The officer told The Associated Press that Gen. John Hyten subjected her to a series of unwanted sexual advances by kissing, hugging and rubbing up against her in 2017 while she was oneof his aides. She said that he tried to derail her military career after she rebuffed him.

Penceism Goes Republican Mainstream - Lawyers, Guns & Money - vision of a Christian theocracy, men can't meet with women who aren't their wives. So why not spread it from the top across the Republican Party, starting in Mississippi?

Amy McGrath on Kavanaugh: Senate candidate flips on what she'd vote (Kenfucky is fucked no matter what)

In New Book, Paul Ryan Admits He Was a Fraud All Along : politics

Cyrus Vance's Office Sought Reduced Sex-Offender Status for Epstein - The arrest of Jeffrey Epstein has renewed scrutiny of how he was treated by the office of Mr. Vance, the Manhattan district attorney.
NYPD let convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein skip judge-ordered check-ins
Massage at Epstein's - Lawyers, Guns & Money - No, it's not a draft of an early Philip Roth story: It's our reality
Dershowitz: 'I Kept My Underwear On' During Massage At Epstein's Mansion (story shifts from "old, old Russian woman" to teen-aged girls)
Report: Deutsche Bank Cut Ties With Jeffrey Epstein Just a Few Months Ago
Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexually abusing teenage girls, surrounded himself with influential network of defenders - The Washington Post

A mom whose 3-year-old son peed in a parking lot was facing 60 days in jail. Her charges were just dropped : news
After murder acquittal, Mesa ex-cop Philip Brailsford made a pension deal (city makes deal with murder cop)

Parents arrested for not taking 1-year-old son to medical appointments after liver transplant : news

Behold, The Millennial Nuns | HuffPost Highline - More and more young women are being called to the religious life, after 50 straight years of decline. What on earth is going on? (basically nothing bc statistics are hard)


Intelligence aide, blocked from submitting written testimony on climate change, resigns from State Dept. - The Washington Post - Rod Schoonover's decision to leave was voluntary, according to individuals familiar with the matter

Touring the Israeli Occupation: Young U.S. Jews Get an Unflinching View - The New York Times

The exclusive story of how Trump survived the Access Hollywood tape.
: The Explosive Secret Recording That Shows How Russia Tried To Funnel Millions To The "European Trump" - A close aide to Italy's deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini held covert talks to pump Russian oil money to his far-right party

In the aftermath of Khashoggi's killing, Saudi influence machine whirs on in Washington

UK Ambassador Who Called Trump 'Inept' And 'Dysfunctional' Resigns

'Never Again Means Close the Camps!' : Hundreds of Jewish Activists Surround ICE Office to Protest Trump Detention Centers
Eschaton: We Don't Need No Stinking Oversight - The president, known above all for being an honorable man, gave me his word that things would improve.The poor treatment of migrant children at the hands of U.S. border agents in recent months extends beyond Texas to include allegations of sexual assault and retaliation for protests, according to dozens of accounts by children held in Arizona
The Fox effect? GOP voters agree with harsh messaging on migrant kids - The Washington Post (selling hate for profit is profitable with haters)
The Acids of Trump's Border Policy - We are deliberately harming children in order to dissuade more from coming. This is where we are now.

Trump's attempts to smear Christopher Steele just hit a roadblock -- Christopher Steele, who put together the infamous Steele Dossier, apparently left investigators impressed.
Trump dossier author Steele gets 16-hour DOJ grilling - POLITICO

Mueller Missed the Crime: Trump's Campaign Coordinated With Russia - The special counsel will testify before Congress next week. He needs to answer for historic legal and factual errors.
Justice Dept. Tells Mueller Deputies Not to Testify, Scrambling an Agreement - The New York Times

Eschaton: Vote For The Democrats, And They Will... - Apparently the answer in 2018 was "nothing."
Eschaton: With Great Power Comes Blah Blah Blah - House Democrats are the only ones with any actual power in this country, and they prefer to punt to random judges and Morning Joseph.

Appeals court skeptical Obamacare can survive - politico - Two Republican appointees on the three-judge panel frequently interrupted attorneys to question whether the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate is unconstitutional and if not whether the entire law could stand without it.

'Mother Is Not Going to Like This' : The 48 Hours That Almost Brought Down Trump -- The exclusive story of how Trump survived the Access Hollywood tape.

Jeffrey Epstein's Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight
The Jeffrey Epstein Case Was Cold, Until a Miami Herald Reporter Got Accusers to Talk - The New York Times
Jeffrey Epstein Moved Freely in Hollywood Circles Even After 2008 Conviction | Hollywood Reporter
Peter Wehner Has Chilling Theory For GOP Silence On Alex Acostas Deal With Jeffrey Epstein -- "We have a president who is a sexual predator"
New Jeffrey Epstein accuser: He raped me when I was 15 - Jennifer Araoz says she was recruited outside her New York City high school to provide sexual massages to the wealthy financier.
Jeffrey Epstein Was a 'Terrific Guy' Donald Trump Once Said. Now He's 'Not a Fan'
Jeffrey Epstein Shipped Himself a 53-Pound Shredder and a Carpet and Tile Extractor, Maritime Records Show
Trump labor secretary who cut Epstein deal plans to slash funds for sex trafficking victims | US news | The Guardian
The Jeffrey Epstein Case Is Like Nothing I've seen Before -- Great wealth insulates people from consequences, but not always, absolutely, or forever.
"I Was Told Epstein 'Belonged to Intelligence' And to Leave It Alone."
Whispers, suspicion about Epstein on Caribbean island
Records show Clinton dined with Epstein in 1995, predating public timeline | Fox News

Ocasio-Cortez accuses speaker of trying to sideline her with loaded-up work schedule | Daily Mail Online (Nancy Dancy is too old and out of it)

Joe Biden Isn't The Overwhelming 2020 Democratic Front-Runner Anymore -- increasingly challenged by a trio of other top-tier candidates.

Tucker Carlson's Latest Attack on Ilhan Omar Is a Pack of Racist Lies
Tucker Carlson embraces hateful nativism in attack on Ilhan Omar - The Washington Post

Fifteen minutes on cable television that illustrated one of America's deepest political divides

News Analysis: Does Amy McGrath have a chance against McConnell? - Insider Louisville

Harvard Suspends Roland Fryer, Star Economist, After Sexual Harassment Claims - The New York Times - The move sidelines the researcher without pay for two years, and closes his lab, in a case that has roiled the profession.
BREAKING: Harvard Places Fryer on Administrative Leave, Levies Sanctions | News | The Harvard Crimson

Top state mover: Kansas rebounds from tax-cutting disaster - Two years after repealing steep tax cuts, Kansas' budget is back in the black -- biggest declines belong to Michigan, California, Idaho, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

CNN Tells Digital Staff: Take Some Cues From Fox News

Robert Foster, GOP governor candidate, denies woman reporter access because of her gender | Mississippi Today - because they believed the optics of the candidate with a woman, even a working reporter, could be used in a smear campaign to insinuate an extramarital affair.

Here's what legal experts are saying about the Kevin Spacey sexual assault case (kid "lost" cellphone at center of case)

Man who fell over Niagara Falls survived dangerous plunge, police say - The Washington Post

YouTube employee who called 911 on black man in his building explains his actions, apologizes - The Washington Post
Quinn Kasbar pleads guilty to stealing Isaac the Lemur from Santa Ana Zoo - The Washington Post

As Mass. debates marijuana cafes, Colorados burgeoning scene offers insights

Cambridge City Council Debates Affordable Housing Policy in Five Hour Meeting | News | The Harvard Crimson

New Taproom Will Bring Its Brews to Harvard Square | News | The Harvard Crimson - Wachusett Brewing Company will open a tab in Harvard Square this fall as it takes up residence at 33 Dunster St.

Enigmatic skull suggests our human species reached Europe 210,000 years ago - The Washington Post - Homo sapiens may have left Africa in waves, some much earlier than previously thought


David Attenborough: polluting planet may become as reviled as slavery : worldnews - undefined
The U.S. Doesn't Have the 'Cleanest Air' -- Pollution is up nearly 14 percent since the Obama administration. : politics

'Let's Bomb Everything': Philippines President Duterte Urges U.S. To Declare War on China : worldnews

One-Fifth Of All Dutch Churches Are Now Secular Buildings: Churches in the Netherlands have been converted into community centers, museums, apartment buildings and even gyms. : worldnews

HPV vaccine for boys 'will prevent thousands of cancers' | Health officials say the HPV vaccine for 12 to 13-year-old boys, starting after the summer, will prevent 29,000 cancers in UK men in the next 40 years : worldnews

New Scandals Rock Government's Foreign Broadcasting Service - Voice of America and TV Martm,

Barr Says House Subpoenaed Mueller to Create 'Public Spectacle' (of Trump's treasons!)
Attorney General Barr would rather not have Mueller explaining what his report actually says : politics

Trump can't block people on twitter, Court rules : politics (but Toddler can stick his fingers in his ears)

House Dems set to subpoena Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions and 10 other Mueller witnesses : politics

John Roberts Risks His Legacy If He Revives Census Citizenship Question - John Roberts's Legacy Is Finished If He Revives the Census Citizenship Question - There is no debate: the question is a Republican plot to win elections. A Republican operative said so.
Why Trump will likely lose the census citizenship fight - POLITICO - The new DOJ team must find a rationale that the high court will rule consistent with regulatory law and also believable.

Eschaton: In The Old Times - I'm not one to defend the Bush administration, but they did at least attempt to color inside the lines, if in garish bloody colors. I'm sure Yoo's torture memo was quite a marvel of legal reasoning that only someone who went to the best law school could come up with (our best laws schools are churning out sociopaths, but still). -- At this point, the Trump administration is just saying "we are going to continue doing crimes and you can't stop us and hahaha you aren't even trying." -- Self-impeaching, twirling twirling twirling. (Nancy Dancy says there's nothing we can do)

Obamacare returns to court, creating new uncertainty about health coverage for millions - Los Angeles Times (Republicans say your not dying is illegal)

Barr Won't Recuse Himself From New Case Against Jeffrey Epstein : politics (bc Trump is a pedo)

Jeffrey Epstein Arrested on Child Sex Trafficking Charges - Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Shows There's an Even Darker Side to the Masters-of-the-Universe Mentality -- Who else at the top of politics and big business represents the same? ... Epstein typically would also masturbate during these sexualized encounters, ask victims to touch him while he masturbated, and touch victims' genitals with his hands or with sex toys.
Lawmakers, Abuse Survivors Demand Alex Acosta Resign Over Jeffrey Epstein Sex Case | HuffPost
Opinion | Jeffrey Epstein Is the Ultimate Symbol of Plutocratic Rot - The New York Times - Powerful elites enabled the financier accused of trafficking underage girls ... But shortly before the story went to press, Ward wrote, the Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter cut that section, saying, of Epstein, "He's sensitive about the young women." (and Carter could give a shit about the "young women" the pedo gave a lot of money to Harvard, this is your rep, Graydon)
You don't worry about the things that you used to be - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Michelle Goldberg gathers a lot of related threads on the Epstein case. She starts with Graydon Carter running interference for him (oh, and crooked Cyrus Vance fucking everything up)
Jeffrey Epstein's Sick Story Played Out for Years in Plain Sight
Former US attorney approved sweetheart deal for Jeffrey Epstein | Miami Herald
Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta under microscope in wake of Jeffrey Epstein indictment - The Washington Post
Why Alex Acosta is in Trouble - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... actually probably the least terrible person in the Trump Cabinet in terms of policy (but the head)
'Weird Alex' Pareene on Twitter: "The thing about this kind of politics is that "I must strike a delicate balance to get reelected as a Democrat in a red state" does not actually explain "I mustn't criticize the largely unknown labor secretary who gave the notorious sex criminal a bizarrely lenient plea deal""
Jeffrey Epstein Is Indicted on Sex Charges as Discovery of Nude Photos Is Disclosed - The New York Times - Lurid pictures discovered in the financier's home could prompt a reckoning for the Justice Department, which has been accused of mishandling the case a decade ago.
Congresswoman to keep contribution from accused child molester Epstein - Stacey Plaskett, D-V.I. ... Jeffrey Epstein, who owns an entire private island in the Virgin Islands called Little Saint James, contributed funds to Rep. Stacey Plaskett, according to a Federal Election Commission record.
BREAKING: Bill Clinton Denies Knowing Anything About His Pedophile Friend Jeffery Epstein But Flight Logs Show Otherwise

Obamacare Is Going Back On Trial, With Insurance For 20 Million At Stake | HuffPost

Amy McGrath says she will take on Mitch McConnell in 2020 US Senate race : politics (the heroine America needs)

Conspiracyland: The Russian connection to Seth Rich conspiracies ... In the summer of 2016, Russian intelligence agents secretly planted a fake report claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for Hillary Clinton, giving rise to a notorious conspiracy theory that captivated conservative activists and was later promoted from inside President Trump's White House
Russian intel planted fake report that Seth Rich was killed by assassins working for Clinton : politics

Republican Compared Anti-LGBTQ Proposal To Saving Jews From Holocaust | HuffPost - State Sen. Dan Bishop, who faces Democrat Dan McCready in a special election, used an Oskar Schindler analogy to characterize his advocacy against gay rights. (selling cakes to gays is the same as being gassed in a concentration camp)

Perot - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I always push back on the myth that Perot cost George Bush his reelection in 1992, when in reality Perot was entering into a very weird time in our politics, where the massive reshuffling of parties led to the extreme partisanship of today, but which was a process still very much in progress ... Trump is of course the apotheosis of this, though it really isn't that different that Cory Booker inviting Mark Zuckerberg in to help run the Newark schools based on the singular qualification of the Facebook founder's wealth
Ross Perot - Lawyers, Guns & Money - bizarre 1992 presidential campaign, which despite its flagrant amateurishness (he sort of stumbled into running for president in the spring, withdrew from the race in July, and then re-entered it in October) garnered nearly 20 million votes, was in some ways an obvious precursor to Donald Trump's far more nefarious and successful run 24 years later. My eulogy in full: As demagogues go, I've seen worse

Seeing soccer fans chant 'F--- Trump!' on Fox News reportedly prompted the president to launch his angriest attack yet on the network : politics ... "How dare Fox News show a video of something that actualy happened??????"

Boomers, once critical of millennials, are more sympathetic to their housing plight, says Canadian professor - Parents 'recognize that their kids have it really different getting on the property ladder,' says Nancy Worth : worldnews

Eschaton: Ramping Up, 3 Months, 6 Months Tops - Team B's working on the teleporter. -- Several key Tesla engineering managers working on its Autopilot semi-automated driving feature left the company after CEO Elon Musk told some employees he was unhappy with the progress in developing fully automated driving capabilities (Elongated Mush having a meltdown inside his delusional bubble)


Instability in Antarctic ice projected to make sea level rise rapidly : worldnews
The Class Struggle in the Globally Warmed French Countryside - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Canada's spy service routinely welcomed reports from the energy industry about perceived threats, newly disclosed documents reveal | It is alleged the spy service overstepped its legal authority by monitoring environmentalists opposed to Enbridge's now-abandoned Northern Gateway pipeline : worldnews

The man responsible for conducting Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's brutal war on drugs has defended the killing of a three-year-old girl during a drugs raid by saying "shit happens"
Rodrigo Duterte's drug war is 'large-scale murdering enterprise' says Amnesty - New report details systematic killing of poor and calls for UN investigation into crimes against humanity : worldnews

Trump keen to cover for Mohammed Bin Salman no matter what he does as executions double in Saudi Arabia, activists say: The first half of 2019 has been a bloody one in Saudi Arabia, with more than one prisoner executed each day on average. : worldnews

Ex-minister quits Turkey ruling party in blow to Erdogan : worldnews

Media raids: Police forced Qantas to hand over private travel records of ABC journalist

More than two thirds of UK millennials believe their generation will be 'worse off' than their parents'
Almost 3,000 suspected UK child sex offenders released without any conditions to stop them approaching victims - "This has had serious ramifications for the safety of survivors and their confidence in police to keep them and their families safe if they report abuse"

Nearly 40% of Toronto condos not owner-occupied, new figures reveal | World news | The Guardian - Statistics Canada data suggests investors drive housing market - Fears of spreading Vancouver-style affordability crisis

Mystery of NSA leak lingers as stolen document case winds up : news

The Trump administration has changed its story on the census citizenship question at least 10 times in four months - The Washington Post (fountain of lies)
Quajek comments on Trump Begins Long Golf Weekend, Bringing Taxpayers's Tab to $100 million (Trump's war on hispanics)

The Purell presidency: Trump aides learn the president's real red line -- A self-described germaphobe, the 45th president is strictly enforcing proper hygiene inside the White House -- and whereever he goes

Opinion | Why Isn't Trump Trying to Win the Center?
Carrying on the great NYT subtweet tradition - Lawyers, Guns & Money

/u/thebigPhilbowski puts together a long list of how Trump disrespected the military over the years : bestof (and they loved him)

Trump has referred to his Wharton degree as 'super genius stuff' - An admissions officer recalls it differently.

AP: Federal grand jury probing GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy

Admiral picked to lead Navy is retiring; bad judgment cited - poor judgment regarding a professional relationship ... Servello was accused of making unwanted sexual passes while dressed as Santa at the party.

Miriam Adelson: A time of miracles | Las Vegas Review-Journal - "Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a Book of Trump" ... (Adelsons worship Satan)

Sen. Mitch McConnell's great-great-grandfathers owned 14 slaves, bringing reparations issue close to home - McConnell has opposed paying reparations to descendants of slaves, though census records show his family, like many others, benefited from their labor.

West Wing Boys - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump re-tweeted a fake quote from a a parody account in which Reagan is quoted as supposedly saying that when he shook Trump's hand he felt like he was shaking the hand of a future POTUS.

Nervous times for Jeffrey Epstein's friends, enablers
Dershowitz v. Boies: Epstein case brings war of legal titans | Miami Herald
Nude Photos of Underage Girls Seized From Jeffrey Epstein Mansion - The New York Times - The prosecutors are seeking to detain the financier while he awaits trial on sexual trafficking charges, saying he is a flight risk.
Jeffrey Epstein had vast trove of lewd photos of young-looking girls, prosecutors say - CNN
Sing Jeffrey Sing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Let's hope that Epstein doesn't suddenly decide to shuffle off this mortal coil by stabbing himself in the back 23 times or falling out of an unopened 43rd-story window. (Graydon Carter buried the story, ya know)
Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Crimes: Everything We Know (including rapist pedophile Trump)
Jeffrey Epstein Arrest Is a Worry for Donald Trump - Bloomberg - The man facing accusations of sex-trafficking and pedophilia has been associated with many high-profile figures, including the U.S. president.
Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused of Luring Girls to His Manhattan Mansion and Abusing Them - The New York Times - The billionaire financier is charged with running a sex-trafficking operation that brought dozens of girls as young as 14 to his opulent Upper East Side home.
Why the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal - The New York Times
Miami Herald Investigative Reporter: 'Quite A Few Powerful, Important People' May Be Named in Jeffrey Epstein Case
REVEALED: We Found Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's Secret Charity - Through a shadowy private foundation, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has continued to shell out cash to celebrities, elite universities -- an an all-girls school
Inside Epstein's $56 Million Mansion: Photos of Bill Clinton, Woody Allen and Saudi Crown Prince - The townhouse where the financier Jeffrey Epstein is accused of abusing girls is one of the largest private homes in Manhattan.
Mystery Around Jeffrey Epstein's Fortune and How He Made It
Christine Pelosi warns it's 'quite likely that some of our faves are implicated' in 'horrific' Epstein case ... Court documents obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed that Clinton took at least 26 trips flying aboard Epstein's private jet, known as the "Lolita Express" and apparently ditched his Secret Service detail on some of the excursions. Records showed that President Trump may have flown on the jet at least once.
Eschaton: Rich Men Behaving Criminally - There are things "everybody" "knows" which is not quite the same thing as saying they actually know things, but if you are a billionaire with a plane nicknamed the Lolita Express and you hobnob with lots of other powerful people, they all "know" even if they don't know and they hobnob anyway.
Fox News Hasn't Asked Dershowitz About His Pedophile Client Jeffrey Epstein - The attorney has appeared on Fox News 27 times since major news broke about the illegal plea deal Epstein's lawyers negotiated. Fox has not asked Dershowitz about it even once.
Jeffrey Epstein, explained - Vox
Bill Clinton 'knows nothing' about financier Jeffrey Epstein's 'terrible crimes' former president's spokesman says
Billionaire and Convicted Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Boasts Deep, Longstanding Ties to Harvard | News | The Harvard Crimson
Dershowitz Files Motion to Dismiss Defamation Case from Epstein Accuser | News | The Harvard Crimson - brought against him by Virginia Giuffre, who implicated Dershowitz in a sex ring run by billionaire Harvard donor Jeffrey E. Epstein.

Elizabeth Warren's Fund-Raising: $19.1 Million in 3 Months, Outpacing Sanders
Warren rakes in $19 million despite no fundraisers - POLITICO - Warren surpassed both Bernie Sanders ($18 million) and Kamala Harris ($12 million) and came close to Joe Biden ($21.5 milllion). Her outpacing of Sanders is particularly notable, given the army of small-dollar donors he amassed in 2016 and their similarly progressive stances.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Know Who The Democratic Party Is Anymore | HuffPost - Nancy Pelosi Doesn't Know Who The Democratic Party Is Anymore -- She's underminding her own party

Your Liberal Media - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A useful reminder that MSNBC, the ostensibly liberal cable news network, is still overrun with mediocre, culturally reactionary white guys:

Why America is ignoring Kirsten Gillibrand - The Washington Post - In 2019, it's unforgivable for a presidential candidate to be boring. Maybe that's our loss.

James Monroe Enslaved Hundreds. Their Descendants Still Live Next Door. - The New York Times - A small African-American community has existed less than 10 miles from the president's former plantation for generations. Only recently has the full extent of their relationship been revealed.

Blindsided by a Devastating Veto, Alaska's University System Pleads for a Lifeline (largest moocher state kills education bc they are stupid)

Kris Kobach Enters U.S. Senate Race, Misspells Own First Name - The Kansas Republican kicked off his Senate run with a blunder.

Let's not forget about the teacher who was arrested for asking why the Superintendent got a raise, while teachers haven't had a raise in years : videos
Judge finds Vermilion school board violated Open Meetings Law
'It sickens me': Gillian Flynn slams Gone Girl theory in missing woman case : books

A high school principal is reassigned after writing that he couldn't say the Holocaust was 'a factual, historical event' : news

New Jersey Police Lieutenant Arrested for Drunk Driving; .36% BAC. "we can't turn our cameras off or anything." Double Standards. if cameras were not on. : videos

The 'Texas Miracle' Missed Most of Texas -- Nearly all of the net growth in jobs and new businesses in Texas over the last decade, Labor Department data show, has been concentrated in four large metropolitan areas -- Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

The Battle of Grace Church - What happened when Brooklyn's oldest nursery school decided to become less old-fashioned? A riot among the one percent.

The Greatest World War II Movies - Lawyers, Guns & Money

'I don't care if I was burning': Heroic uncle rescues his 8-year-old niece from a house fire : news

Florida county cannot ban invocations by atheists -U.S. appeals court : news
Video: Family caught on camera fighting at Disneyland as children watch : news

Quitting alcohol may improve mental well-being, health-related quality of life, suggests a new study, which found men and women who were lifetime abstainers had the highest level of mental well-being, and women who were moderate drinkers and quit, linked to a favourable change in mental well-being. : science

In states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, marijuana use among youth may actually be falling, suggests a new study of 1.4 million high school students. Thism : worldnews
ay be because drug dealers are replaced by licensed dispensaries that require proof of age. : science

This woman is 33 weeks pregnant with triplets : videos

How do you differentiate between someone being nice and someone flirting with you? : AskReddit

LinearDisaster breaks down what 'being alpha' actually means : bestof

What makes a girl attractive to you? : AskReddit

People sentenced in the 80s-2000s what modern world change shocked you the most? : AskReddit

Killing Net Neutrality Rules Did Far More Harm Than You Probably Realize : technology


Five myths about Chernobyl - The Washington Post - No, wildlife isn't thriving in the zone around the nuclear plant. (#1: never believe anything Forbes says)

Russian servicemen 'averted planetary catastrophe' during nuclear submarine accident, military official claims at funeral - Kremlin refuses to reveal mission of vessel, citing state secrets : worldnews

Japan's gender problem is a 'human disaster,' says award-winning scholar Chizuko Ueno: '... less than 20% of students entering the University of Tokyo are female. This is despite there being plentiful evidence that female applicants have higher standard scores than their male competitors.' : worldnews

The extreme rightwing ideology that inspired the Christchurch mosque killer has been promoted so effectively by the far right that it has entered mainstream political discourse, new analysis reveals. : worldnews ("white replacement theory")

Public would prefer to cancel Brexit or hold second referendum than Halloween no-deal, poll shows : worldnews

Spain: prosecutors claim attack not rape as victim did not fight back -- Six men accused of sexual abuse of 14-year-old girl in abandoned factory in Manresa

You Will Not Decide What One Wants To Watch, You Are A Certification Board Not Censor Board: Bombay HC to CBFC ... "Are you ostriches? You put your head in the sand and pretend something does not exist ...You are forming an opinion that the whole population is infantile and imbecile and you are the only one with an iota of intelligence to decide for everyone"

Obligation To Wear Helmet While Riding Motorcycle Cannot Be Exempted For Religious Reasons, Rules Germany's Top Court

Iran Announces New Breach of Nuclear Deal Limits, and Threatens Further Violations - The New York Times

Top immigration official says ICE is ready to deport 1 million undocumented immigrants - CBS News

Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, and it's With Her Own Party's Future -- the "Squad" ... progressive House Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley ... Nancy Pelosi dismissed the Squad as "four people" who have their "public whatever and their Twitter world" but don't "have any following." Ouch. (Nancy Dancy, clueless, out of touch, too old)

Tensions flare over Pelosi's comments about four House Democratic women and border bill
It's Nancy Pelosi's Parade -- "If the left doesn't think I'm left enough so be it (she told the Dowdster)
Eschaton: This Is Our Emergency - When there are babies in cages, going to complain to Maureen Dowd is not the best look.

Trump reaches career-high approval, yet faces a range of reelection risks: Poll - ABC News - Forty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump
We're getting numb to Trump's lawlessness. That's very dangerous : politics

$2.5 Million Taken From National Parks for Trump's Bombastic 4th of July Display : politics

Justin Amash on what his GOP colleagues say behind closed doors - CNNPolitics

Bravado or belligerent, it's Joe Biden's response to nearly everything: 'C'mon, man!'

Eschaton: Rich Guy Pedophile Ring - Welcome development but I suspect we'll never really know... Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York and Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, according to three law enforcement sources. The arrest, by the FBI-NYPD Crimes Against Children Task Force, comes about 12 years after the 66-year-old financier essentially got a slap on the wrist for allegedly molesting dozens of underage girls in Florida.
Jeffrey Epstein, Billionaire Long Accused of Molesting Minors, Is Charged - The New York Times - Mr. Epstein, who was charged with sex trafficking, had avoided federal charges a decade ago in a widely criticized plea deal.
Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges | Miami Herald
Jeffrey Epstein arrested in NY on federal sex trafficking charges : politics
Biographer Tweets Embarrassing Trump Quote About Epstein Liking Women 'On Younger Side' : politics
Jeffrey Epstein Arrested - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "4. One thing worth contemplating is that Alan Dershowitz lobbied hard against the Miami Herald getting a pulitzer prize for this piece." ... Dershowitz's ability to be on the wrong side of history for everything he has ever touched is incredible (lock up Dershofuck!)
Jennifer Taub on Twitter: "I should've cited the original reporting from @jkbjournalist of the @MiamiHerald
Court to unseal Jeffrey Epstein-related documents | Miami Herald
Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking charges involve dozens of underage victims as young as 14 | Daily Mail Online - who was hiding out in Paris before his arrest
TIL Harvard received tens of millions in donations from Jeffrey Epstein : boston ... stated in a 2015 affidavit that Epstein and his associate Ghislaine Maxwell directed her to have sex with Dershowitz and others. Roberts wrote in the affidavit that she had sexual intercourse with Dershowitz six times starting at age 16.

Man who drew a cartoon the @ADL calls "blatantly anti-Semitic" says he was invited to the White House for a social media summit

Democracy ... is about to die in Youngstown with closing of the local newspaper ... "too negative" about Trump, who has many fervent local fans ...

Unlicensed Nebraska midwife arrested after baby dies following botched home birth : news

Kentucky tells church giving away used glasses to homeless it is breaking law : news (Kenfucky)

Mothers are drinking more than ever. But the sober-curious movement challenges wine-mom culture.

Cannabis Tourism Is on the Rise : news
Per Dan Adams at the Globe; "A beloved cafeteria worker at MIT Lincoln Laboratory nicked his finger so Sodexo drug-tested him and fired him for consuming marijuana legally at home. Leon Hagins's case is leading to new calls for a change to state employment law." : boston

Doctors of Reddit, what is something that you wish everyone knew about their body? : AskReddit

What is dissociative identity disorder (DID)? | PODS

Steve Wozniak Warns People to Get Off Facebook Over Privacy Concerns : technology


7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Up Southern California | HuffPost - Fires, building collapses and injuries were all reported in the latest of what officials believe could be a continuing string of dangerous temblors.
California had its largest earthquake in years -- then an even bigger one hit
California governor declares state of emergency for San Bernardino County : news

A trillion new trees could be the best solution to climate change, study says : worldnews

Oregon state senator faces hearing on 'heavily armed' comment : politics

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Facebook Group for Years and Didn't Do Anything About It ,br />
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Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking of Minors: Sources - Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly arrested on Saturday and will appear in New York court on Monday to be charged with sex trafficking, according to multiple law enforcement sources (so, Clinton, Bush and Dershofuck?)

Trump rages over his latest failure to corrupt our democracy - The Washington Post ... "after Trump talked by phone with conservative allies who urged him not to give up the fight" (so, Hannity)
Trump just admitted something he probably shouldn't have about the census citizenship question

Trump's fake patriotism was sophomoric and insulting. So of course his voters loved it -- Fourth of July celebratio