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Pentagon Document Confirms Existence of Russian Doomsday Torpedo : news (sore losers)

Why has Britain given such a warm welcome to this shadowy professor? | Nick Cohen | Opinion | The Guardian - He seems to be a spy, but Joseph Mifsud meets ministers and lands university posts

Afghan forces end deadly Taliban siege at Kabul hotel - Intercontinental Hotel that left at least 18 people dead, including 14 foreigners. (drop more bombzz)

Republican's Guide to Presidential Etiquette (none, hahaha suckers) Remember the hand-wringing when Barack Obama wore a tan suit or tossed a football in the Oval Office? (and your media, including NYT, faithfully reported the "scandals")

One Year Down, Three (Oh Dear God Please Only Three) Years To Go - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The most important thing, in my view, to understand about Donald Trump's worldview is the racist resentment. That runs through his advisors and through the nearly the whole Republican Party as they fall into line ... I still maintain that Obama made a huge mistake by not attempting to mobilize his supporters who loved him in 2009 into doing something active (instead, he told his grass-roots to go home and let the adults handle everything which worked out really well, fuck you Barry)
Trump campaign ad on murder raises heat in shutdown fight -- "Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants"

Now on Stage, Stormy Daniels: A Strip Club and a Presidency Meet After Dark - The New York Times ... "Making America Horney Again" ... "This is just a news story. I don't know if it's accurate," the Rev. Franklin Graham, a Trump supporter, told MSNBC (and noted Satangelical)
NYT Reporter Files Amazing Story from Stormy Daniels' Strip Club Appearance
Conservatives Shake Their Heads at the Stormy Daniels S---storm | Vanity Fair - How is it that the president's alleged affair with a porn star isn't even the biggest story of the week? (all good Christian men have their failings) Trump lost 16 of 20 states with the highest percentage of immigrants, while he won 26 of 30 with the lowest (of course the anti-immigrants would be assholes with no expericne of immigrants)

More texts turned over from FBI agent taken off Mueller team - The Justice Department has turned over to Congress additional text messages involving an FBI agent who was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigative team following the discovery of derogatory comments about President Donald Trump. (no criticism of the god-emperor allowed)

They Were Bad. He May Be Worse. - The New York Times - George Washington observed at the outset of his presidency in 1789, the president cannot in any way "demean himself in his public character" and must act "in such a manner as to maintain the dignity of office" ... historian's ratings of presidents have consistently consigned a dozen or so presidents to the bottom of the heap, including James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce and, in recent evaluations, George W. Bush.

Amid record low one-year approval rating, half of Americans question Trump's mental stability (very stable shithead but not a genius)

Tammy Duckworth Scorches Donald Trump As 'Five-Deferment Draft Dodger' | HuffPost - "Cadet Bone Spurs"

The Political Mythbuster in Chief - The New York Times - The jig is up. Mr. Trump has made false or misleading claims more than 2,000 times in the past year ... Gone, even, is the idea that videotaped evidence of misbehavior is dispositive ... He whispers that it wasn't even him on t he "Access Hollywood" tape. Suddenly, what was beyond debate is debatable. (fuck yer lying eyes)

Sad Trump spent day watching videos of himself attacking Obama for last shutdown
Schumer offered Trump something Democrats hate for something Republicans broadly like - The Washington Post ... A deal on those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that would also potentially fund the wall. (usual fucky Chucky bs)

Eschaton: Saturday Evening - The scary thing is some senators really... believe it? They think they've been elected to form gangs and go the gym together or whatever. Strange people. I'm looking at you Claire McCaskill. Stop it.

Who Gets The Most Traffic Among Conservative Websites? -- Breitbart recorded more audience visits in December than Politico, Newsweek and Slate.

Glenn Greenwald Slams Liberal Russia Hype and 'Partisan Hack' Rachel Maddow in New Profile

In Pennsylvania, women who voted for Trump voice support after first year - In a sign of its importance, his campaign dispatched his daughter Ivanka to the region late in the race to woo women there.

Watching the Blue Detectives - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Led by British gadfly Louise Mensch (269,000 followers on Twitter currently)

My Kid's First Lesson in Realpolitik -- Swiss parents believe that if children learn to resolve their own conflicts early on, they will be more autonomous and confident later in life ... If you examine him through the lens of playground politics, you will recognize Mr. Trump as a thin-skinned bully who seems incapable of stomaching criticism or opposition. At the same time, he postures as a victim, vacillating between venomous outcries at his foes and the desperate need for validation from his fans.

Trump's 24-year-old drug policy appointee was let go at law firm after he 'just didn't show' ... He said that he hired Weyeneth in part because both men were involved in the same fraternity (the best of the well-connected worst)

Women's March Dials Up Major Crowd Size Numbers Across the U.S. A picture of the movement, one year later.

House Ethics Committee Drops Republican Over Taxpayer-Funded Harassment Settlement | HuffPost - A lawmaker tasked with addressing sexual harassment in Congress secretly settled his own harassment claim. Rep. Patrick Meehan (R-Pa.), a member of the House Ethics Committee and married father of three, expressed interest in the personal life of a female aide who was decades younger than him. Meehan eventually attempted to pursue a romantic relationship with the aide and became hostile when she rejected his advances,

Ethics probe barely alive, as those who spoke up fear Senate reprisals - The Boston Globe - Independent investigators looking into Senator Stan Rosenberg's conduct ... "There's no way I would come forward" said one of the alleged victims. "This is an investigation to clear Stan Rosenberg's name. It's not an investigation to find out the truth."

"Vice Has Flown Its Freak Flag High" : Vice May Have Survived Its #MeToo Scandal, but Now Comes the Hard Part

NPR's Ross Levinsohn scoop delivers a double blow to Tronc - The Tronc rollercoaster continues: Just as it tries to unveil a familiar strategy ("gravitas with scale"!) its top digital leader's past catches up with him.
L.A. Times Publisher Ross Levinsohn to take unpaid leave of absence - LA Times (the world of alpha bros)

The Los Angeles Times Votes To Unionize | HuffPost - A day before the vote, senior editors had made a last-ditch effort to quash the unionizing campaign - 248 in favor, 44 against. A landslide victory ... The announcement comes a day after an NPR report uncovered allegations of sexual misconduct against the Times' publisher and CEO, Ross Levinsohn, increasing tensions between staffers and the executives who have long been hostile to the union campaign.

Playboy is suing Boing Boing - but linking is not copyright infringement / Boing Boing

Newsweek Raided by Manhattan DA in Long-Running Probe - removing 18 computer servers

1 Son, 4 Overdoses, 6 Hours - The New York Times - Drug deaths draw the most notice, but more addicted people live than die. For them and their families, life can be a relentless cycle of worry, hope and chaos ... In the 20 years that Patrick has been using drugs, he has lost track of how many times he has overdosed. He guesses 30, a number experts say would not be surprising for someone taking drugs off and on for that long ... New Hampshire, which leads the country in deaths per capita from fentanyl, almost 500 people died of overdoses in 2016. (carnage in the outer towns)

The 13 siblings held captive under horrifying conditions kept hundreds of journals : news
Canadian Billionaire and Wife Believed to Have Been Murdered by Multiple Killers. : news

How DNA Testing Botched My Family's Heritage, and Probably Yours, Too

Post-work: the radical idea of a world without jobs | News | The Guardian - Work has ruled our lives for centuries, and it does so today more than ever. But a new generation of thinkers insists there is an alternative

Science in flux: is a revolution brewing in evolutionary theory? | Aeon Essays -- Yet as novel ideas flood in from genomics, epigenetics and developmental biology, most evolutionists agree that their field is in flux. Much of the data implies that evolution is more complex than we once assumed. ... The orthodox view has been that developmental processes are largely irrelevant to evolution, but the EES views them as pivotal.

The top 10 places people are moving, and how their choices differ by race - The Washington Post

Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24 (maybe even later)

US flu season gets worse, has 'lot more steam' than expected : news
Flu outbreak: 100 people a week dying in US as virus continues to spread | The Independent - At least 759 people died in the US between 7 October and 23 December

Former cheaters of Reddit how were you caught by your significant other? : AskReddit

The Fall of Travis Kalanick Was a Lot Weirder and Darker Than You Thought - Bloomberg - Silicon Valley CEOs are supposed to be sacrosanct. So how did it all go wrong at Uber? - Kalanick operated by gut feeling and with a stubborn sense of how people should feel, not how they did ... "Some people don't take responsibility for their own shit!" Kalanick can be heard yelling at Kamel. "They blame everything in their life on somebody else!" (entitled autistic (see 2048 ref) Trumpster tech-bro) Arianna Huffington, the media entrepreneur and Kalanick's staunchest ally on the board ... board members suspected that Huffington was serving as his proxy. The founder of the Huffington Post was a constant presence at Uber's offices, making suggestions that seemed to promote her new wellness company ... she wanted to put "nap pods" at driver hubs and give drivers meditation wristbands. Huffingtron's company received $50,000 in consulting fees from Uber. (more true colors)

Snapchat Goes Full Scaramucci, Threatens Leakers with Jail Time | Vanity Fair - suggests employees who speak to the press will lose their jobs, and then some. (they always were assholes)


Pope Francis, company man - The Boston Globe - Let the record show that the promise of Pope Francis died in Santiago, Chile, on Jan. 18, in the year of our Lord 2018.

Dead ` Porter: The Alleged Chinese Boss of Bosses Using Slaves to Produce Luxury - An Italian sting operation led to the arrest of 33 Chinese mafiosi who ran one of the deadliest and most lucrative trades in cheap trinkets and high fashion in Europe.

Politics Is More Partisan Now, But It's Not More Divisive - And anyway, agreement between the two parties has often masked serious problems.

In the crowd at Trump's inauguration, members of Russia's elite anticipated a thaw between Moscow and Washington (haha they wore Maga hats)

Trump plans gala at Mar-a-Lago tonight, again renting a ballroom from himself - The Washington Post

Trump's first year: A damage assessment - People who once insisted on religious beliefs and a sterling character as paramount in their evaluation of a president now wave away alleged payoffs to porn stars; fiscal conservatives now blithely applaud the addition of $1 trillion in debt; foreign policy hawks now mumble quietly as the president draws moral equivalences between the United States and Russia.

Eschaton: Shutdown - John Kelly is as big a racist xenophobe as Stephen Miller, if perhaps for different reasons, and you can't make a deal with bestest boy Donald about immigration (or anything) because they'll run interference and get him to "reconsider." The New York Times reporters spent all last night (in their shitty newspaper and on the twitters) blaming Democrats for the shutdown, because it's always their fault, so cancel your subscriptions. Please. I am so sick of this shitty newspaper destroying our politics. From Whitewater to Iraq to Clinton Cash to Emails to Maggie when will people learn. It is a bad newspaper. Local media is often horrible but at least they cover things that nobody else does so give your guilt money to them instead.
Your Liberal Media - Lawyers, Guns & Money - NYT once again operating as a Trump propaganda outlet, with its lies used by the GOP to shape policy that causes citizens to suffer

How Every Senator Voted on the Government Shutdown - The New York Times (NYT says it's all the Dems fault +Donnelly, Heitkamp, Jones! Manchin and McCaskill)

#TrumpShutdown beats #SchumerShutdown in hashtag battle to assign blame - ABC News
#TrumpShutdown becomes top trending hashtag worldwide | TheHill

Shutdown? It Could Be Forgotten in a Trumpian Flash - The New York Times - n the fall of 2013, Republican hard-liners engineered a 16-day shutdown of the federal government, implausibly insisting that President Barack Obama acquiesce to their demand that the Affordable Care Act be stripped of all funding. The gambit failed miserably (Republicans can't remember last week and they think you can't either)
Republicans are fooling themselves if they think they have a shutdown leg up [Updated] - The Washington Post
Government shutdown threats aren't new -- but this standoff is far different -- Twice under President Obama, Republican lawmakers precipitated acute crises of governance. Now, as Donald Trump's Washington nears a government shutdown, Republicans accuse Democrats of doing the same thing.
Federal Government Shuts Down at Midnight : news

Government Shuts Down After Senate Blocks Short-Term Spending Bill | HuffPost -- Forty-four Democrats and four Republicans voted against the short-term spending bill that passed the House on Thursday evening, many of them saying they could not vote for a measure that does nothing for the 700,000 undocumented young people President Donald Trump has put at risk of losing protection from deportation
On The Anniversary Of Trump's Inauguration, The Government Is Shut Down | HuffPost - "We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action" he proclaimed at his inauguration. (they have always hated government except for the tax-cuts)
Trump Blames Democrats For Shutdown Despite GOP Control Of Congress | HuffPost - "This is the One Year Anniversary of my Presidency and the Democrats wanted to give me a nice present" (lying asshole of the year award)
Trump Whines: Shutdown Fight Could Make Me Miss 'My Party' -- he political impasse would possibly keep him from attending a glitzy inauguration anniversary bash and fundraiser set for Saturday at his Florida getaway Mar-a-Lago.
Eschaton: One Thing I Know For Sure - There is nothing that upsets the Majority Leader more than knowing that some kids might lose their health insurance. If only he had any power to do something about it.
How Trump and Schumer Came Close to a Deal Over Cheeseburgers - The New York Times ... Mr. Schumer left the White House believing he had persuaded the president (Trumpster always fucks everything)
What's so extremely, uniquely wrong about Trump's presidency ... "At the right time, I will be so presidential, you will be so bored."
Trump Campaign Uses Shutdown To Accuse Democrats Of Being Complicit In Murder | HuffPost - pinned murders committed by undocumented immigrants directly on Democrats who are pushing for relief for so-called Dreamers, young people who came to the U.S. as children.
Unhinged Fox host tries to distract from Trump's shutdown by stalking Hillary Clinton ... Fox New's Judge Jeanine Pirro is poking around the woods in Chappaqua, NY, where she says she is "on the search for Hillary"

NSA deleted surveillance data it pledged to preserve - POLITICO - "sincerely regrets its failure" (and if you believe that ...) in connection with pending lawsuits and apparently never took some of the steps it told a federal court it had taken to make sure the information wasn't destroyed (erased illegal spying by Bush ... the original fuck-you agency)

Devin Nune's Mystery Memo: Repeating the Cycle of Distraction
Right-wing demand to #ReleaseTheMemo endorsed by Russian bots, trolls - NBC News
House GOPers Say A Secret Memo Could End The Trump-Russia Probe. Their Staff Wrote It. | HuffPost - #ReleaseTheMemo is the latest way Republicans on Capitol Hill are trying to undermine the Mueller probe.
Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose Gets Woke Over Devin Nunes; Twitter Roars | HuffPost - all there in a secret four-page memo viewed by members of Congress. The problem? It's written by Republicans, orchestrated by Nunes and, Democrats complain, designed to try to cut Mueller's probe off at the knees

Report: Deutsche Bank Flags 'Suspicious' Kushner Company Transactions | HuffPost - The bank is prepared to turn over documents to special counsel Robert Mueller, says a German business magazine.
Jared Kushner Is China's Trump Card (slimy little sleazeball)

Don't Let Dishonest Don Erase Honest Abe | HuffPost - Like most of Trump's pronouncements, this was boilerplate projection. If anything is full of lies, it is the president himself.

Tabloid helf porn star's 2011 interview after Trump threat (so many missed opportunities)
President Trump Is Having an Affair "right now" Michael Wolff Tells Bill Maher (why Melania always looks so unhappy)
Former Trump spokesman named in Wolff book lawyers up - POLITICO - Mark Corallo has hired the husband-wife attorney duo of Victoria Toensing and Joseph diGenova in anticipation of requests for interviews by special counsel Robert Mueller

The bizarre rise and dramatic fall of Louise Mensch and her 'Bluie Detectives -- A year later, why does anyone still listen to Seth Abramson? ... "the InfoWars of the left"

Elizabeth Warren's Native American problem goes beyond politics (refuses to release her 23andMe)

FBI opened inquiry into Missouri governor - CNNPolitics (a good moral pro-life Republican)

Justine Sacco, the PR exec who was fired from IAC for her tweets, has landed back at IAC's Match Group - Sacco, who tweeted before she got on a plane, is back with Barry Diller's company ... "Going to Africa. Hipe I don't get AIDS, just kidding. I'm white!) (now OKCuipid Girl)

Women's March Draws Massive Crowds In Cities Across The Nation | HuffPost - a lot more rage and a lot more anger in this march
Organizers say 300K descend on downtown Chicago for Women's March - Chicago Tribune
One year later, thousands gather for second Boston women's march
At women's marches, the signs tell the story ... "We Are Not Ovary-Acting"

The Fake Feminism Of The #MeToo Backlash | HuffPost - a fleet of male reactionaries, many of them veterans of previous culture wars; an auxiliary of middle-to-upper-class female pundits, delighted with their own wicked apostasies from the sisterhood and crowing over the professional boost it was giving them -- joined forces to protect the beleaguered patriarchy from incremental change. ... we got Katie Roiphe as a '90's eminist symbol, even as she vigorously mocked the work feminists were doing and did nothing of note to shift cultural norms or structures to empower women. Roiphe rocketed to fame in 1993 as the 25-year-old ... The book was heavily promoted, especially by The New York Times (they've always been evil) ... Andrew Sullivan had the jaw-dropping gall ... a bizarre screed by Caitlin Flanagan ... 2016 to explain why she couldn't Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump ... as a feminist, Weiss holds exactly the same views on male-female sexual dynamics as we held in the '50's and for eons before: If women don'gt want to be sexually violated, they need to fight men off. (the usual cast of retrograde Republican assholes and Jill Stein idiots)

Bill Maher: 'I'm Down With #MeToo, I'm Not Down With #MeCarthyism' | HuffPost (Bill is just "concerned")

Congressman Combating Harassment Settled His Own Misconduct Case - The New York Times - Representative Patrick Meehan, a Pennsylvania Republican who has taken a leading role in fighting sexual harassment in Congress, used thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to settle his own misconduct complaint after a former aide accused him last year of making unwanted romantic overtures to her ... A married father of three, Mr. Meehan, 62, had long expressed interest in the personal life of the aide, who was decades younger and had regarded the congressman as a father figure ... and he grew hostile when she did not reciprocate

A look at the lives of 13 siblings held captive in a house full of chains -- and what comes next (Pentacostalism)
Valor Christian College | Rod Parsley, Founder - "The School of the Spirit"

Nicholas Cage once blew $150 million on a private island and a dinosaur skull -- here'S everything he bought (his soul is empty)

He ate raw fish almost every day -- until a 5-foot-long tapeworm slithered out of his body ... "It's not like every single piece of raw fish is infected," said Janine Caira, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Connecticut.

What is something you witnessed as a child and didn't realize was really fucked up until you remembered it many years later? : AskReddit


Pope Accuses Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander | HuffPost - The victims claim Bishop Juan Barros protected a pedophile priest.

In Venezuela, money has stopped working - The Washington Post - strewn about in the trash are at least a dozen 20-bolivar bills, small-denomination currency now so worthless even looters didn't think it was worth their time to stop and pick them up ... Each bill is worth about $0.0001 at the current exchange rate, meaning you need to have 100 of them to equal one penny ... How can Venezuelans go on? One thing is clear: No one in power much cares. (third-grade educated bus driver wrecks the country but corrupt elites have his back, vive la revolution

Orgasmic Communism??? Critical Reflections on Kristen R. Ghodsee's New York Times Op-Ed -- "Eastern women had twice as many orgasms as Western women"

Shovels: Lawful Weapons or War Crime? - Lawfare - ISIS needs to understand that the Joint Force is on orders to annihilate them ...if they choose not to surrender, then we will kill them with extreme prejudice, whether that be through security force assistance, by dropping bombs on them, shooting them in the face, or beating them to death with our entrenching tools.

Russians under every rock - The Washington Post ... "If you were running an influence operation with the goal of subverting 70 years of Republican hawkishness on Russia, infiltrating the right's most powerful lobbying group wouldn't be a bad way to do it," (surprising how easy it was to flip one of their core ideologies +Barry completely missed the whole thing)
Devin Nunes Doesn't Think Donald Trump Should be Subject To the Kind of "Witch Hunt" He Conducted with Edward Snowden

The man-child in the White House reels wildly out of control - The Washington Post

Stormy Daniels' Explosive Full Interview on Donald Trump Affair: "I Can Describe His Junk Perfectly" (very, very, small)
Stormy Daniels Once Claimed She Spanked Donald Trump With a Forbes Magazine - Mother Jones - At his request. (makes the pee-pee tapes a lot more likely)

'I'll give her a week' to lose the baby weight, Trump said of Melania, months before alleged tryst with porn star
What should scare us about Trump's porn star scandal ... the secrecy ... Bannon as asking, "What did we have, a hundred women?" before saying that a lawyer "took care of all of them" < Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, Our Contemporary America - Out on the weekend with the president* and a porn star.
` br />
Eschaton: Sure, Believe That's The Straw. Whatever. Lol You Garbage People - Fates are already sealed. -- But some episodes can't be ignored. Trump's comments during a closed-door immigration meeting last week in which he referred to "shithole" countries are still reverberating, with several administration officials privately worrying that their future job prospects could be damaged by association, according to a person familiar with their thinking.

Watergate prosecutor says Bannon's testimony "looks like a cover-up" -- testimony only raised more questions about what the White House is trying to hide -- and why.
Trump personally made decision to limit Bannon testimony: report | TheHill (but it's not a coverup or anything)

'Release the memo' campaign aided by Russia-linked Twitter accounts - Business Insider - are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks (meanwhile, at the bottom of the traitorous slime-barrel)

Omarosa may have taped confidential White House discussions - NY Daily News

Turnover In Trump's White House Is 'Record-Setting,' And It Isn't Even Close -- Turnover in Trump's first year was more than triple that in former President Barack Obama's first year, and double the rate in President Ronald Reagan's White House. A full 34 percent of high-level White House aides either resigned, were fired or moved into different positions in this first year of the Trump presidency.

Trump is historically unpopular. But the intensity gap should really terrify Republicans. - The Washington Post

Blame game ramps up as shutdown nears | TheHill - McConnell accused Democrats of holding hostage various federal priorities (The Hill says it's all the Dems fault even though Republicans have all the power)
You're Only A Wartime Consigliere, Mitch ... Your Twitter handle would seem to indicate that you are the Senate majority leader. You are, as best as I can determine, a Republican. So, yes, this failure to pass legislation to avert a government shutdown would seem to fall entirely on the Democratic Party, particularly when members of your own party a refusing to vote for the bill.
More Americans blame Republicans than Democrats for potential government shutdown, Post-ABC poll finds - The Washington Post - A 48 percent plurality says Trump and congressional Republicans are mainly responsible for the situation resulting from disagreements over immigration laws and border security, while 28 percent fault Democrats. (not bad, considering the 27% of America who can't think at all)
Here's Another Fine Mess They've Gotten Us Into
Inside the Oval Office Immigration Meeting That Left a Senator Stunned - The New York Times - Senators Lindsey Graham and Richard J. Durbin found themselves in a condition unfamiliar to such veteran politicians: speechless.

On Trump's mental fitness, the experts are silenced and the public's in the dark

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks North Carolina Gerrymandering Ruling - The New York Times - making it likely that the midterm elections this year will be conducted using districts favorable to Republican candidates.
John Robert's Long War On Voting Rights Continues (looks like theSC will make Republican gerrymandering legal)

Trump appointee Carl Higbie made racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-LGBT comments on the radio - CNNPolitics (only the best of the worst racist Republican assholes)
Trump Appointee Resigns After Perfectly Reflecting the Trump Administration's Views on Everything - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "Go back to your Muslim shithole and go crap in your hands and bang little boys on Thursday nights" ... Higbie said people who receive government assistance shouldn't be allowed to vote in the subsequent election. (tax cuts for the rich aren't "government assitance")

New HHS civil rights division charged with protecting health-care workers with moral objections - The Washington Post ("civil rights division")

Check Out The Hilarious Device That Lets Racists Sleep At Night | HuffPost - the Aryan 2 white-noise sleep machine. Now, racists can welcome the sandman with the "soothing sounds of intolerance" from Richard Spencer, Alex Jones and President Donald Trump. "Don't let equality keep you up at night"

California's top cop warns employers to follow state law on immigration | The Sacramento Bee

GOP Lawmaker Falsely Claims ISIS Behind Las Vegas Shooting - The Daily Beast ... "I smell a rat, like a lot of Americans. Nothing's adding up," Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) told Fox News' Tucker Carlson ...

Mortal Again: Christie Blocked at VIP Entrance to Newark Airport - Bloomberg - Police officer sends him to Terminal B with rest of nobodies -- Three days out of office and Port Authority ends prized perk (hahaha)

Conservative Ed Martin Out as CNN Contributor | Hollywood Reporter - The pundit was brought on by CNN to help replace Jeffrey Lord, whom the network fired in August ... Martin hasn't appeared on air since mid-December, when he said on his radio show that some of his fellow panelists on a particular segment were "black racists" ... Martin is the former chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, and the co-author of a book called The Conservative Case for Trump.

Texas judge interrupts jury, says God told him defendant is not guilty : news

Dylan Farrow denies being brainwashed in first TV interview about Woody Allen allegations | Film | The Guardian - Farrow repeats claim that her father sexually assaulted her as a child in interview with CBS This Morning
Colin Firth says he will never work with Woody Allen again | Film | The Guardian - Actor provides statement to Guardian on same day Dylan Farrow gives first televised interview accusing her adoptive father of sexual assault

Shut Up, Alec Baldwin: The Self-Confessed 'Sexist' Defending Hollywood's Alleged Abusers ... Remember when we thought that putting Alec Baldwin in a toupee to make fun of our idiot president could actually save us?

Michigan State is apparently not going to fire anybody for enabling 20 years of sexual abuse by Larry Nassar - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The good folks on the MSU Board of Trustees are more than willing to let Lou Anna K Simon continue to call herself (the nation's sixth-highest paid public university) president:

State legislature spent $269K on sexual harassment complaints - WNEM TV 5 - That is raising questions over whether the State Senate has kept a slush fund of sorts to handle these kinds of situations.

Accusations of 'Frat House' Behavior Trail 'LA Times' Publisher's Career ... CEO and publisher, Ross Levinsohn, has been a defendant in two sexual harassment lawsuits and that his conduct in work settings over the past two decades has been called into question repeatedly by female colleagues ... Back in A ugust, top; officials at the Los Angeles Times' parent company -- called Tronc -- wanted new leadership to run its crown jewel. They fired a slew of top executives at the newspaper and hired Levinsohn. (a knewn harrasser, but he's a Repubican)

The Truth About Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan's Relationship Did the designer and his murderer actually know each other, as American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace indicates?
American Crime Story: How Ryan Murphy Transformed Ricky Martin's Real-Life Pain into Stunning TV ... his devastating turn in the show's premiere

Prospect assistant police chief told LMPD recruit to 'shoot' black people -- told a Louisville Metro Police recruit that, if he catches juveniles smoking marijuana, he should "shoot them" if they are black (instant execuation)

2 Boys Arrested After Vandalism That Killed 500,000 Bees On Iowa Honey Farm | HuffPost - he boys, ages 12 and 13, wrecked equipment and knocked over 50 hives at the Wild Hill Honey farm in Sioux City last month

Eschaton: No Foods - I've experienced shortage problems at my local Whole Foods a couple of times recently, though I have no idea if it's related. It's one thing if they're out of kelp or something, but another if you can't be sure you'll find onions and potatoes and other basic staples. Twice I've had to go the Other Supermarket across the street for really basic stuff ... But Whole Foods employees say the problems began before the acquisition. They blame the shortages on a buying system called order-to-shelf that Whole Foods implemented across its stores early last year ... Supermarkets need to be overstocked. Yes that'll lead to waste, but...

According to a recent study, spanked children were five times more likely to experience delays in language development than children who weren't Scolded and spanked children were more likely to suffer delays in developing language and socio-adaptive skills.

Scientists edge closer to creating a blood test that can detect multiple types of cancers, seeing success rates of around 70% in cancerous individuals : science - Interestingly, the tests detected Ovarian cancer 98% of the time

A hotel has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars - after a 22-year-old YouTuber asked for a five-night free stay and broke down in tears when she was bluntly refused : news

How Amazon's HQ2 finalist cities compare -- We look at tech talent, office space and time to the airport.

Amazon is raising the price of Prime monthly memberships by nearly 20 percent - Recode - From $10.99 to $12.99. (99$ yearly membership not increasing)

The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018 - The anger factory has changed a bit since 2013.


A new U.S. air blitz in Afghanistan isn't stopping for winter. But will it stop the Taliban? -- U.S. and Afghan forces conducted 455 airstrikes in December, an average of 15 a day, compared with just 65 the year before. Even in December 2012, when there were nearly 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, barely 200 strikes took place. (your corrupt, lose every war, military unbound)

FBI investigating whether Russia funneled cash to NRA to aid Trump's campaign | McClatchy Washington Bureau
You Can't Spell "Trump-russia Investigation" without an N, R, & A -- Raise you hand if you're surprised by the possibility that the NRA was a conduit for pro-Trump Russian money.

Majority Of Americans See Trump's First Year As A Failure ... by a 53-to-40-percent margin ... And by an almost 2-to-1 margin (61 to 32 percent), Americans said they believe Trump has divided the country since his election.
World's Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low (except in Israel and Russia, probably)

A burst of acrimony on Capitol Hill threatens immigration deal - The Washington Post

'Truth Decay' infected politics before Trump and feeds the paralysis that makes a shutdown possible (you mean decades of Republican pathological lying)
WikiLeaks: Trump administration a 'frequent source of false information'
Trump averages a 'fake' insult every day. Really. We counted.

Norms: We've all lived through nightly flood the zone coverage of certain issues. We know they can do this. Who knew Congressional witnesses could "choose" how and whether to cooperate without invoking any relevant valid legal doctrine to do so. Things change fast! ... When Trump is gone we will be back to tan suits being month long scandals for President Democrat. I'm not sure that's good or bad, but... (double standard: Trump can protect witnesses with his vastly expanded "executive priviledge" which only Republicans can do)

Jared Kushner Still Doesn't Have Security Clearance After a Year At the White House

American Democracy Is an Easy Target - Foreign Policy - Americans have become paranoid about foreign cyberattacks on their political system, but they have nobody but themselves to blame.
Twitter may tell users if they were exposed to Russian propaganda (but will turn it off for Trump because all he reads is Russian propaganda)

Freedom's just another word for being denied medical care by religious bigots

Staffers at The Hill press management about the work of John Solomon - The Washington Post - Over the past three months, Solomon has turned in a dozen or so appearances on "Hannity" (+being a mouthpiece for Putin +The Hill's rightward lurch)

Is Trump's doctor okay? ("shared psychois"

Fact-checking President Trump's Fake New Awards (Fake)

'Girthers' on Twitter Are Just Asking Questions About Trump's Size

Eschaton: But Atrios, The NYT Is Good - Stop telling me to cancel my subscription! -- On Thursday, the NYT is not running any editorials in print. The ed board is devoting the page to letters from Trump supporters. Check it out ... Ah, remember back to 2009, when Obama won the presidency, Dems controlled Congress, and our liberal media did nothing but profile...the same fucking people they're profiling now. They just called them the Tea Party then.
Anthropological journalism as denial - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Anthropological journalism consists of sending a reporter out to some "exotic" ocale in flyover country, to interview Racist Fuckhead (not his real name) and his friends about their decision to vote for Trump. (NYT)
Your Liberal Media - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Congratulations to the New York Times for finding the last Trump supporters to not be discussed in one of their articles about Trump supporters and deciding to turn over the entire op-ed page tomorrow to them. What a rag!

A Piece of Intriguing News - Lawyers, Guns & Money - David Simon is doing a mini-series of The Plot Against America? During the Trump years?

The Onion on Twitter: "Pelosi: We Must Fight Even Harder Against Trump's Authoritarian Impulses Now That We've Voted To Enable Them"

Ivanka Trump on Instagram: #FirstFemalePresident of The United States. -- What do you think?

Philadelphia Media Slam Newly Elected DA Krasner for Firings but House Cleaning Advances His - Last year, Krasner, a career civil rights and defense attorney, rode a surge of grassroots organizing to a shocking win, promising to turn the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office upside down and take concrete steps to end mass incarceration. (so naturally the Philly Republican establishment is unhaoppy: "he's doing what he said he would do!")

The controversy around's Aziz Ansari story, explained -- The story deepened a crucial divide in the M# Instagram
eToo reckoning. (not really, men have many ways of being creepy)

Inside Harvey Weinstein's Frantic Final Days -- Before the story of his alleged abuses broke in October, Harvey Weinstein hunkered down in his Tribeca bunker -- even as the producer refused to believe the end was near.

French film icon Brigitte Bardot slams #MeToo as 'hypocritical' - actresses who complain of sexual harassment were just looking for publicity ... "Lots of actresses try to play the tease with producers to get a role. And then, so we will talk about them, they say they were harassed" said 83 year old Bardot

#MeToo Backlash | January 17, 2018 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS - Women speaking out has finally led to men speaking about how unfair it was that the women got to speak in the first place.
Babe's Aziz Ansari piece was a gift to anyone who wants to derail #MeToo

Megyn Kelly staffer fired after reporting 'toxic and demeaning' work culture

Sandusky in Lansing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - . It is almost certain that Michigan State University, who employed Nassar for decades, should have been able to stop him sooner. At least 8 women informed someone at MSU about Nassar's abuse, and the first was in 1997: but this seems as bad or worse as the complicity of officials at Penn State in the Sandusky scandal. (if they get the Penn State treatment, they will be sued in non-existence)

b-boy bouiebaisse on Twitter: "mcclellan is one of the great failsons of american history "

Why we still allow bullying to flourish in kids sports - The Washington Post - Coaches continue to perpetuate behavior that would be unacceptable in any other setting. ("coaches" are "men of God" who "win at all costs")

Sorority sister speaks out on racist videos that got her booted from college | New York Post - A spokeswoman for the Alpha Phi International Fraternity confirmed to that Barber has been kicked out of the sorority because of the "offensive and hteful" videos

The classic explanation for the Black Death plague is wrong, scientists say - The Washington Post - it points primarily to lice and fleas, not rodent culprits.

He tried to hold in a sneeze and ended up in the hospital on a feeding tube - The Washington Post


Nearly all members of National Park Service advisory panel resign in frustration - The Washington Post - that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had refused to meet with them or convene a single meeting last year. (don't need your steenking advice)

Eschaton: Civilization, How Does It Work? - I do think one element of conservatism is imagining that they'd win the post-apocalyptic feudal games ... Enjoy your last couple of weeks on Earth, I guess. I suppose you can forage for fruit, for a bit, and as a good conservative you own guns so you can shoot all the "looters" who are trying to take "your" fruit, but...

Pentagon Reportedly Weighing Using Nukes In Response To 'Large Cyberattacks (your corrupt, insane military loves to kill people)

Swiss town denies passport to Dutch vegan because she is 'too annoying' ... Ms Holten, a vegan and animal rights activist, has campaigned against the use of cowbells in the village and her actions have annoyed the locals.

Exclusive: Trump says Russia helping North Korea skirt sanctions; Pyongyang getting close on missile (Mar-a-Lago already programmed in)

A German hacker offers a rare look inside the secretive world of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks - The Washington Post

US border patrol routinely sabotages water left for migrants, report says | US news | The Guardian - Humanitarian groups report agents routinely destroy supplies left in Arizona desert, condemning people to die of thirst

Ankit Panda on Twitter: "This is... extremely bad and explains why CIA assets in China began dropping like flies in recent years." - Too little, too late, but this is a counter-counterintelligence coup. (And another naturalized US citizen of Chinese origin implicated.) (let's put them in the CIA, what could go wrong?)
Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations - The New York Times - MAY 20, 2017 -- The Chinese government systematically dismantled C.I.A. spying operations in the country starting in 2010, killing or imprisoning more than a dozen sources over two years and crippling intelligence gathering there for years afterward ... the Chinese killed at least a dozen of the C.I.A.'s sources. According to three of the officials, one was shot in front of his colleagues in the courtyard of a government building -- a message to others who might have been working for the C.I.A.

Donald Trump's terrifying plan to win the 2018 midterms -- A Washington Post report shows again he doesn't understand governing beyond self-interest ... he doesn't think the 2018 election has to be as bad as others are predicting. He has referenced the 2002 midterms, when George W. Bush and Republicans fared better after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, (and Putin has his back)

The truth about the FBI's Russia probe -- A question for Republicans in Congress who have been so quick to trash FBI officials and defend Trump: Does this concern you at all? (no, they are all traitors)
Investigators Are Scrutinizing Newly Uncovered Payments By The Russian Embassy - US authorities are poring over hundreds of newly uncovered payments from Russian diplomatic accounts. Among them are transactions by former ambassador Sergey Kislyak 10 days after the 2016 presidential election and a blocked $150,000 cash withdrawal five days after the inauguration.

FBI agents visited Steve Bannon's home last week to discuss subpoena in Russia probe
Inside the room: What Steve Bannon told Congress yesterday - Axios - Steve Bannon made one conspicuous slip up in his closed-door hearing on Tuesday with the House Intelligence Committee, according to four sources with direct knowledge of the confidential proceedings. Bannon admitted that he'd had conversations with Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer and legal spokesman Mark Corallo about Don Junior's infamous meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower in June 2016.

With A Possible Shutdown Hours Away, Republicans Are Negotiating With Themselves | HuffPost - House conservatives could throw the government into chaos.
An archconservative revolt is taking the government closer to shutdown - Vox - With less than three days to fund the government, tensions are only escalating in Congress.

Explosive Interview With Stormy Daniels: Donald Trump Cheated on Melania With Me -- Stormy also took and passed a polygraph test at the time of the interview.
Stormy's Story -- Did Donald Trump pay a porn star to keep quiet about an affair? (story actually came out in Oct 2016 on Smoking Gun but the NYT was too busy with Hillary's emailzz +Jacob Weisberg revealed as another election decider)
Tom Scocca on Twitter: "It's hard to overstate what a disgrace and catastrophe this is." -- There are so many counterfactuals around 2016 that would have kept Trump out of office it's hard to keep track.
No More Mister Nice Blog: Trumpers Love The Testosterone, So The Stormy Daniels Story Won'T Bother Them -- The New York Times has asked Trump voters to tell us why the president is so goshdarn wonderful. The paper has now published fifteen letters to the editor from Trump fans.

The Media's Performance in 2016 Was Worse Than the Cleveland Browns's - Lawyers, Guns & Money - At least two news outlets sat on a story of Donald Trump having had an affair with a porn star, started while his wife was either pregnant or had just given birth, and then paid her a six-figure settlement to keep silent: How is this happening? How can the president of the United States get away with what looks like hush money paid to a mistress in the middle of an election? How is it that this isn't front-page news until Trump tells us what it was all about and shows us the agreement? ... It really is staggering. Imagine the press having an on the record story about, say, Barack Obama or Bill Clinton paying off a porn star he had an affair with. This would be a twenty-alarm scandal defining the news for months.

This is why the Stormy Daniels story is so dangerous -- A sex scandal that is actually important. -- There are credible allegations that the President of the United States engaged in an affair with an adult film actress, paid her over $100,000 to keep quiet about it weeks before the election, and is now actively engaged in an elaborate cover-up ... Evans says Daniels later told her she had sex with Trump ... This scandal had not garnered the intense media coverage one might expect of a story about a porn actor's affair with a president. (how low we have sunk)
Stormy Daniels' Friend Alana Evans Recalls Being Invited to Donald Trump Sex Romp
Fox News shelved story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election

Trump Fans Threatened Psychiatrists Who Warned Trump Was Inciting Violence (with violence)

Donald Trump height, weight: Athletes who are same size |
Sanjay Gupta: By all standards, Trump has heart disease | TheHill -- Gupta then talked about his interaction Tuesday with Trump's doctor, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson. (uh-huh. passed all his tests with flying colors except for the fake weight and the heart disease)
Trump's Physical Revealed Serious Heart Concerns, Outside Experts Say ... LDL levels remain above 140 even though he is taking 10 milligrams of Crestor, a powerful drug that is used to lower cholesterol levels to well below 100.
Chris Hayes on Twitter: "Has anyone coined "girther" for those who belive the president weighs more than his doctor reports?"
The girther controversy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's completely characteristic of both Donald Trump personally and the clown show that is his White House that the White House physician has released a medical report that features an egregious lie about Trump's weight.

Feds planning massive Northern California immigration sweep to strike against sanctuary laws - San Francisco Chronicle - federal officers would look to arrest more than 1,500 undocumented people while sending a message that immigration policy will be enforced in the sanctuary state, according to a source familiar with the operation. ("Operation Boxcar")

Trump Administration Revives the "Conscience Clause' -- The Trump administration, by which I mean Mike Pence, loves the old culture wars so much that he's pulled up one of its Greatest Hits on the 'ol jukebox of horrors: The Conscience Clause. (anything they find "morally reprehensible" except themselve)

Behold Sen. Orrin Hatch's Magical Harry Potter-Esque Glasses | HuffPost

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy met with birther movement activists in his office in 2013 - CNNPolitics - where he was shown a video alleging then-President Barack Obama had forged documents related to his citizenship (they are all racist fucks)

Women would lose $4.6 billion in earned tips if the administration's 'tip stealing' rule is finalizedOverall, workers would lose $5.8 billion ... would make it legal for employers to pocket their workers' tips as long as they pay those workers at least the minimum wage. (lie, cheat, steal, loot and pillage)

He Leaked a Photo of Rick Perry Hugging a Coal Executive. Then He Lost His Job. - The New York Times

Unexpected defeat in rural Wisconsin special election sets off alarm bells for Republicans ... Trump won there by 17 points in 2016 ... Last night, Democratic candidate Patty Schachtner won by nine points. (26 point swing in conservative rural WI)
Charlie Sykes on Twitter: "Genuinely stunning setback for GOP in Wisconsin. Hard to overstate the anxiety this will cause..."

Two Dem House members back challenger to anti-abortion rights Dem | TheHill - fellow Rep. Daniel Lipinski (D-Ill.), one of the only House Democrats opposed to abortion rights ... voting against the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and voting to freeze funding for Planned Parenthood. He was also one of only six House Democrats who voted in 2013 for a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. (and hates gays, looks like a Republican)

New California Declares Independence From Rest Of State + CBS13 | CBS Sacramento - don't want to leave the United States, just California. -- "Well, it's been ungovernable for a long time. High taxes, education, you name it, and we're rated around 48th or 50th from a business climate and standpoint in California" said said founder Robert Paul Preston ... The state of New California would incorporate most of the state's rural counties (guess where they get their money +the rubes always lie)
The Case for New California -- Today's Senate map is more biased in the GOP's favor than at any point in American history. And as the populations of small states in Middle America grow even smaller, older, and more racially unrepresentative of the broader country in the coming years, this bias could become a (more profound) threat to our government's democratic legitimacy. (built-in time bomb)

Meet Antifa's Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists | WIRED

Ann Curry Was 'Not Surprised' By Matt Lauer's Sexual Misconduct Allegations | HuffPost - "I can say that I would be surprised if many women did not understand that there was a climate of verbal harassment that existed."
Ann Curry Claims NBC Had Pervasive Culture of Verbal Sexual Harassment

The Ansari matter and Cat Person - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I thought it would take a little longer for the hit squad of privileged young white women to open fire on brown-skinned men. I had assumed that on the basis of intersectionality and all that, they'd stay laser focused on college-educated white men for another few months. But we're at warp speed now ... Apparently there is a whole country full of young women who don't know how to call a cab, and who have spent a lot of time picking out pretty outfits for dates they hoped would be nights to remember. They're angry and temporarily powerful, and last night they destroyed a man who didn't deserve it. (second-wave/clueless "feminists" who think the creep needed to be a "mind-reader" to figure out they are being creepy)"
Aziz, We Tried to Warn You - The New York Times -- Lindy West -- The notion of affirmative consent did not fall from space in October 2017 to confound well-meaning but bumbling men; it was built, loudly and painstakingly and in public, at great personal cost to its proponents, over decades. If you're fretting about the perceived overreach of #MeToo, maybe start by examining the ways you've upheld the stigmatization of feminism (Aziz billed himself as an expert in "Modern Romance" but actually is a clueless creep)
Ashleigh Banfield Fires Back After Getting Insulting Email from Writer of Aziz Ansari Piece | Mediaite ... "insight into the caliber of person who held that nuclear weapon that was wielded on Ansari's career" (everything has gone "nuclear") "Ashleigh, someone I am certain nobody under the age of 45 has heard of" the email began, "I hope the 500 retweets on the single news write up made that burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second wave feminist has-been really relevant for a little while" (girls can be mean, can't they?)

Before We Burn Aziz Ansari, Perhaps Some Self-Reflection Is in Order - Slog - The Stranger (Katie Herzog is a lesbian)
Before We Defend Aziz Ansari, Perhaps Some Critical Thinking Is In Order | The C Is for crank (defining moment for (anti)feminists of various waves) Katie Herzog says she doesn't have sex with men, but she seems pretty confident that straight and bi women aren't "really" traumatized by nonconsensual encounters with dudes like the one Grace describes having with Ansari (many defining moments)
Some mid-week links - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Erica C. Barnett says what needs to be said about Katie Herzog's pathetic apologia for Aziz Anzari at The Stranger. There's a lot of awfulness there, but one particular passage from Herzog deserves contempt:

Jessica Valenti on Twitter: "This is part of the problem with focusing so much on punitive action - it means anything that isn't prosecutable or fireable gets dismissed as unimportant (communication is hard for men)
Yes Means Yes (inactive but relavant)

Helen Mirren's Been Slaying Sexist Creeps for Years:

Climate Denial Group Protected Former Executive Charged With Stalking Colleague, Ex-Staffers Say | HuffPost - A former Heartland Institute director faced charges for violating a female subordinate's restraining order. An official at the think tank came to his defense ... Eugene Koprowski'S temper earned him a reputation around the office pretty quickly ... Koprowski started work as the marketing director at the Heartland Institute, a right-wing think tank ... Heartland, they said, fostered a culture that allowed Koprowski, 52, to relentlessly harass a female subordinate half his age (another angry entitled baby Republican) Heartland has enjoyed unprecedented influence at the Environmental Protection Agency, and works closely with hard-line science skeptics in Congress such as Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) and Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.). EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt joined the members of Congress in November to speak at Heartland's America First Energy Conference in Houston.

Goldman's No. 2 Allegedly Swindled Out of $1.2 Million of Wine by Assistant

Indiana teen 'ashamed' after video of him chanting racial slurs and wearing Nazi flag goes viral

Gay couple sues over 'satan' themed wedding pamphlets -- Two men who ordered programs for their September wedding from a popular printing company but instead received a boxful of anti-gay pamphlets warning, "Satan entices your flesh with evil desires" ... The claim was filed on Tuesday in U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, the state where the company in question, Vistaprint, is based.

Groundbreaking Portland police officer put on leave after arrest in Massachusetts - Portland Press Herald - A 24-year-old Portland police officer has been charged with five misdemeanors, including assault and battery, after being arrested Saturday night at a concert venue in Worcester, Massachusetts. Worcester police said Zahra Munye Abu, of Portland, is also facing charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace ... the first member of Maine's Somali immigrant community to become a police officer in Maine.

The Awl to Stop Publishing
The Awl and Hairpin's Best Stories, Remembered by Their Writers -- Yesterday, the Awl and the Hairpin, two of the most influential blogs on the internet over their near-decade runs (the Awl was founded in 2009; the Hairpin in 2010), announced that they would cease publication at the end of this month.

Watch a thought race across the surface of the brain | TechCrunch (shit lights up)

Bitconnect, which has been accused of running a Ponzi scheme, shuts down | TechCrunch
Apple rerouting employee shuttles after highway attacks shatter windows on buses during commutes | TechCrunch


South Africa Is Running Out of Water - South Africa is the latest victim of the elaborate ... This would make Cape Town the first major city in the world to run out of water ... Two million tourists a year visit the place. (Soros and the Chinese stole all of SA's water so they'd think there was a climate problem but Trump knows better)

Venezuela's solution to a collapsing economy and rampant violence: Woo tourists (new distination: Murderville +bus-driver with a third-grade education continues to drive his country over the cliff)

A missing tourist scattered Bible pages in Israel's desert. Is 'Jerusalem Syndrome' to blame? ... a rare but unsettling psychotic episode in which tourists in Israel suffer delusions of grand religious missions and sometimes even believe they are biblical figures ... 1870: "It is an odd fact that many Americans who arrive at Jerusalem are either lunatics or lose their mind thereafter."

Justice Department report blames immigrants for terrorism, but doesn't have the date to prove it (foreign terrorists are foreign! to distract from all the white nationalist terrorism in America)
Liars, all the way down -- Sessions get shouty: DOJ, DHS REPORT: THREE OUT OF FOUR INDIVIDUALS CONVICTED OF INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM AND TERRORISM-RELATED OFFENSES WERE FOREIGN-BORN -- The Trump administration is a Russian nesting doll of lies
Trump's DOJ pushes bigoted propaganda while ignoring threats from domestic terrorism -- Instead of engaging in appropriate law enforcement and defending Americans, the Department of Justice is being used to justify Donald Trump's prejudices and appeal to his wounded ego.

Raging, isolated Trump retreats deeper into his bubble - The Washington Post -- We must have Security at our VERY DANGEROUS SOUTHERN BORDER, and we must have a great WALL to help protect us, and to help stop the massive inflow of drugs pouring into our country!

Trump Attacks Senator Who Confirmed 'Shithole Countries' Comment | HuffPost - The president went after Sen. Dick Durbin (lying is what they do)
Tweeters Ridicule Donald Trump Over 'Uninspired' New Nickname For Political Rival | HuffPost - "I bet he can't wait for 6th grade to start" -- Yes, Trump used Twitter to call Dick Durbin "Dicky"
Trump Says He's The 'Least Racist Person.' Anderson Cooper Has A Reality Check.
'I did not hear that word used' : DHS Secretary Nielsen responds when asked about Trump's vulgar comments (lies, lies, lies)
Secretary Nielsen, look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions - The Washington Post ... This is as preposterous as her response to a question that she was unaware Norway is a predominantly white country.
Booker Slams Homeland Security Secretary for Saying She Didn't Hear Trump's "Shithole" Remark -- "Your silence and your amnesia is complicity" (all the Repugs in the room fell asleep with their fingers in their ears as soon as Trump started talking) < Sanders Says Trump Isn't Racist, Citing 'The Apprentice' (because Omoaroso stuck around)
br /> No, Trump's approval among black Americans hasn't doubled ... approval among black Americans fell nine points from January to December. Rather than doubling, his approval rating among those Americans was actually more than cut in half, dropping from 15 percent to 6 percent. (statistics is too hard for Fox & Fuckers)
br /> Redditors Rework Old Photo Of Donald Trump To Hilarious Effect | HuffPost - Trump as a sea monster? Check.

The recidivism presidency - Axios - a dangerous pattern forming for this year: a backslide into bad habits of the chaotic early days of the Trump presidency.

Bannon Is Subpoenaed in Mueller's Ru ssia Investigation
Steve Bannon To Meet Behind Closed Doors With House Panel On Russia | HuffPost (little Russian ratfucker David Nunes will protect Trump at all cost)
House Democrats, Fusion GPS want Nunes to release interview transcript - Business Insider (they lie, lie and lie)
GOP Access to FBI Files Rattles Agents Caught in Political Fight - Bloomberg - Sensitive sources or material may be exposed, agents say -- Republicans question FBI amid probe into Russian collusion (what could go wrong with giving Putin access to all the FBI files?)

Officials Warned Jared Kushner About Friendship With Wendi Deng Murdoch: Report | HuffPost - "routine senior staff security briefing" (Chinese security)

Blackrock's Message: Contribute to Society, or Risk Losing Our Support -- It may be a watershed moment on Wall Street, one that raises all sorts of questions about the very nature of capitalism.

The Democrat Trumpworld fears most - politico - Former Vice President Joe Biden, however, is seen as someone who could cut into Trump's base (another out-of-it old guy with a questionable past)

DNC overhaul struggles as Sanders-Clinton rivalries persist - politico - I undeniably underestimated the depth of the turnaround job (just go home, both of you) officials are beginning to dig out of the hole left by Debbie Wasserman Schultz's mismanagement, Barack Obama's indifference, Russian hacking and the bitter rivalry between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (esp. float-above-it Barry)

Ku Klux Klan fliers -- and the hatred they represent -- can't be ignored -- Why else would someone come to a suburban neighborhood in Northern Virginia and drop racist and anonymous Ku Klux Klan fliers on driveways in the dark of night on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend? -- "Smash Communism -- Martin Luther King was a Communist Alcoholic Pervert" (said the pawns of Putin)

U.S. Uninsured Rate Steady at 12.2% in Fourth Quarter of 2017 - but it is up 1.3 percentage points from the record low of 10.9% found in the last quarter of 2016. (don't worry, the party of death is just getting started)

Great Moments In Murc's Law - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You might think that Republicans having control of both branches of government and the White House would make it impossible for political reporters and pundits to deflect responsibility from them when they can't execute basic tasks of government. As you know if you read this blog, would be very wrong!

Seal Under Investigation for Sexual Battery | - Seal -- Cops Investigate Sexual Battery Allegedly Groped & Forcefully Kissed Actress -- just one week after he publicly encouraged sexual abuse victims to come forward ... but the singer denies any wrongdoing.

The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposi was a missed opportunity | Jill Filipovic | Opinion | The Guardian -- In the midst of women sharing stories of harassment and assault via the #MeToo movement, and a brewing backlash of hand-wringers wondering if women have perhaps gone too far, it was only a matter of time before a publication did us the disservice of publishing a sensational story of a badly behaved man who was nonetheless not a sexual assailant .. we're arguing about whether Aziz Ansari is a sexual assailant, and missing the more relevant conversation about sex, male entitlement and misogyny in the bedroom.

Jack Latvala's latest accuser: 'He unbuttoned my jacket and he felt me up' Lobbyist Laura McLeod's #MeToo moment was 20 years in the making. What started as a consensual affair with Sen. Jack Latvala turned into years of fear, anxiety and harassment ... Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Latvala

No Longer Writing, Philip Roth Still Has Plenty to Say - The New York Times - he (former) novelist shares -- his thoughts on Trump, #MeToo and retirement ... I am, as you indicate, no stranger as a novelist to the erotic furies. Men enveloped by sexual temptation is one of the aspects of men's lives that I've written about ... Men responsive to the insistent call of sexual pleasure, beset by shameful desires and the undauntedness of obsessive lusts, beguiled even by the lure of the taboo

Creating The Next Bechdel Test | FiveThirtyEight - Does it have at least two named female characters?1 And do those characters have at least one conversation that is not about a man?

13 siblings, some shackled and malnourished, rescued from California house, police say - The Washington Post -- The grandparents said that the children are home-schooled, made to memorize long scriptures in the Bible. Some of the children, the grandparents told ABC News, have tried to memorize the entire book. (+private school scam +neighbors noticed skinny wraith-like ghost children but didn't think anything was wrong)
13 Children Hospitalized, Parents Jailed on Torture Charges - NBC Southern California

Eschaton: Overnight - DASH CAM VIDEO: Bus barely misses getting hit by a car that went airborne and crashes into 2nd floor of a Santa Ana dental office. We showed you surveillance of 2 near misses, including this bus. Now, a look from the bus driver's view.

In the Flu Battle, Hydration and Elevation May Be Your Best Weapons - The New York Times

A family of doctors helps reinvent medical marijuana - The Washington Post

TIL one of the side-effects of quitting marijuana is an overwhelming amount of dreams. A little known fact about marijuana is it can stop you from dreaming. When a user quits, they usually report extremely vivid dreams as they can now experience them again. : todayilearned

How death got cool | News | The Guardian - The latest death trend is a cross between hygge and Marie Kondo: a sign that dying well has become a defining obsession of our time. By Marisa Meltzer (and death cleaning)


Hawaii missile alert: How one employee pushed the wrong button and caused a wave of panic -- Around 8:05 a.m., the Hawaii emergency employee initiated the internal test, according to a timeline released by the state. From a drop-down menu on a computer program, he saw two options: "Test missile alert" and "Missile alert" (and no are you sure? ... what could go wrong?)
Major Earthquake Strikes Southern Peru | HuffPost - At least one death and dozens of injuries have been confirmed.

Military Quietly Prepares for a Last Resort: War With North Korea - The New York Times (your corrupt, always wrong military salivating at the thought of nuclear destruction)

University rejects Chinese Communist Party-linked influence efforts on campus - The Washington Post - A major battle in this nascent campus war played out over the past six months at the University of Texas in Austin.

Brit Party Leader Splits With Girlfriend After Her Shocking Remarks About Meghan Markle | HuffPost - Jo Marney said Markle would "taint" the royal familiy and pave the way for a "black king." ... Henry Bolton, 54 ... Jo Marney, a 25-year-old model (so he's more than twice her age)

A Creepy Sex Cult Scandal and Firebombed Churches Greet Pope Francis in Latin America

'Very high level of confience' Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks

Net neutrality advocates look to states after FCC repeal: 'As of Friday, California, Washington, New York, Rhode Island, Nebraska and Massachusetts have all introduced net neutrality. North Carolina and Illinois are mulling similar legislation.' : technology
With Net Neutrality Killed, Some Cities Plan to Build Their Own Access -- "Nationwide, there are 95 municipal broadband networks similar to the Fort Collins plan."
(Harvard Study) City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing. : technology (someone tell Cambridge)

On MLK Day, ICE deports Jorge Garcia, a married father of 2 kids in metro Detroit who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years. He was brought to the U.S. when he was 10 years-old by undocumented family members, making him too old to qualify for DACA : pics (fucking asshole Republicans at work)

It's all explosive: Michael Wolff on Donald Trump -- Donald Trump is deeply unpredictable, irrational, at times bordering on incoherent, self-obsessed in a disconcerting way, and displays all those kinds of traits that anyone would reasonably say, 'What'S going on here, is something wrong?'

Here's What The FBI Lovers' Secret Texts Actually Say About Trump, Clinton And Leaks | HuffPost - texted each other burns about politicians, but their main ideological commitment seems to be to the power and independence of the FBI. (you will bow down before the god-emperor)

Trump kicks off Martin Luther King Jr. Day by visiting his own golf course - The Boston Globe

'I'm Not a Racist,' Trump Says in Denying Vulgar Comment ... "I'm the least racist person you will ever interview, that I can tell you." (and I always tell the truth)
Donald Trump'S Racism: The Definitive List
Trump Is a Racist. Period. - The New York Times (38% of Americans say Trump's election made "race relations" better or no difference, 36% say "he shares their views")
Graham: 'My memory hasn't evolved' on meeting where others say Trump referred to 'shithole countries' ("memory" = biggest lie I can get away with)
The Heartbeat of Racism Is Denial - The New York Times (Repubicanss: what racism?)
Ivana Trump Says Donald's Not Racist, Just Confused | HuffPost
Justice Scalia Spoke Favorably of Trump's Presidential Run (in case you were unsure he was an evil racist pig)
Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Calls Donald Trump 'An Embarrassment' | HuffPost (another responsible Republican appointed by reach-across-the-aisle Barry)

Eschaton: But Stalin Only Appointed the Best Judges, So I Will Vote To Approve Them All - Flake is such a poser.

Highest GOP Satisfaction With U.S. Direction Since 2007 - About six in 10 Republicans (61%) say they are satisfied with the way things are going in the U.S. (they loved the Bush catastophe and hated the black guy because they are evil racist pigs)
Nation Tracker: Americans weigh in on Trump immigration remarks, first year in office - CBS News - Americans feel more positive about the economy but not as good about the state of the country overall -- and the latter is closely tied to views of the president ... Overall, the movement we have seen over the year is a slow shift away from Mr. Trump, and we have that movement across the four groups: the believers, the conditionals, the curious and the resisters ... Two-thirds of his strongest supporters now feel like they have more of a voice in what happens in America

The Vile Zinke - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Elizabeth Kolbert has a good run-down of what the mendacious Ryan Zinke has done to the Department of Interior and our public lands -- This is someone who wants to repeal a century of progress in 4 years and then run for senator or even president. He is a very dangerous and very bad man. (and another "swear loyalty to me" kind of guy)

Incoming N.J. governor plans a swing to the left -- and a model for the country -- New Jersey's 56th governor, Phil Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs financier and ambassador to Germany ... who spent $20 million of his own money to win the June primary (there's a model for you)

In Maine, is GOP linked to flurry of anonymous attacks? - The Boston Globe (or Putin)

Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair -- or Just Because They Were There? (like Fox News is just 'there' - uneducated white Americans have a very special kind of "despair") Ruhm's paper suggests that economic and social conditions have received undue emphasis in the media's accounts of the opioid crisis, in particular. (Americans consume far more opiods than any other country; i.e., America is an opium den) In the United States, we have structured the health-care sector of our economy in a manner that leaves roughly 40 million Americans without health insurance

Policing Sexual Desire | City Journal - Heather Mac Donald -- Feminists cannot acknowledge the divide between men and women when it comes to sex and sensibility. Doing so would violate what Steven Pinker calls the blank slate doctrine, a foundation stone of modern liberalism ... The sex bureaucracy is exploding on college campuses (the conservative reaction)

Forget the backlash -- we need #MeToo now more than ever -- There's a discussion to be had, but this isn't it ... The Atlantic subsequently published an op-ed best described as a 1,500-word feat of victim-blaming, one that characterized women in the #MeToo movement as "angry, temporarily powerful -- and very, very dangerous." ... written by a woman. A wide array of second-wave feminists have come out against what they view as the excesses of the #MeToo movement ... Margaret Atwood leapt into the fray, defensively asking if she is a "bad feminist" for comparing the #MeToo movement to the Salem witch trials, or to Joseph Stalin's purges, which killed millions.
Margaret Atwood denies being a "Bad Feminist" for defending due process : books
The Backlash to #MeToo Is Second-Wave Feminism (women, not men, except for Andrew Sullivan)
On Suspiciously Selective Calls For Unspecified "Due Process"

Catherine Deneuve Apologizes to Victims after Denouncing #MeToo - The New York Times (in the war on "clumsy flirting" and "men ejaculating on you in the subway")

140 Women Have Accused Larry Nassar Of Abuse. His Victims Think We Don't Care. | HuffPost - Days before the former USA Gymnastics doctor is sentenced, these survivors are still trying to get the public to listen ... nearly as many victims as the Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein scandals combined.

Aziz Ansari Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations: 'I Took Her Words To Heart' | HuffPost - An unnamed woman accused the comedian of impropriety in an essay published on Saturday. (promises to moderate his use of "the claw" +and what's with his eyes?)
Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader. : television
Comedian Aziz Ansari responds to sexual misconduct allegations - The Boston Globe

Ohio teacher put on leave after telling black student his friends would 'lynch him' (only black kid in the class)

Using marijuana to fight the opioid crisis - The Boston Globe

13 victims, ages 2 to 29, kept shackled in foul CA home by parents, officials say : news

Kenny Holmes on Twitter: Unbelievable new surveillance video shows a car hitting a median and launching into the second story of a Santa Ana dentist office.

How To Keep Fake News Off Twitter -- Allowing a false tweet to stand facilitates its ability to spread. For users who send out false information on Twitter, there is only one way to truly correct the record.
Pivot to JOURNALISM YOU IGNORANT NUGGETS | First Draft - This move has been long-rumored, and has been looked at by many in the industry as an incoming algorithmic apocalypse that will have far-reaching impacts on the bottom lines and ultimate survival of outlets whose readers find them through Facebook (the world's largest "news organization" has 7,000 "content" moderators and zero "journalists")
Eschaton: Significant Municipal Investment - Huzzah -- "Bringing this smart city to reality will require significant municipal cooperation and investment, and it remains to be seen if local governments share Ford's ambitions ... however, this future is a long way off." (their "business plan" is for you to give them all your infrastructure for free)


Water-saving measures in California have translated into 1,830 GWh total electricity savings, and a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction of 521,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (MT CO2e), which is equivalent to taking about 111,000 cars off the road for a year. : science
Death toll in Montecito mudslide rises to 19, while 101 Freeway will remain closed indefinitely - LA Times
Eschaton: When The Tunnels Go - One thing that doesn't get mentioned enough in the context of Christie cancelling the tunnels so he could run for president - New Jersey needs them more than NYC does. (fat fuck Christie fucked the whole north east, but especially NJ, suckers)

Terror in Paradise: I Got the Hawaii Missile Message and Prepared to Die - Something must be done. Not just about the flawed warning system in Hawaii, but about a world in which nations are poised to destroy each other with barely a moment
I'm In Hawaii And Just Got The Scariest Alert Of My Life. Here's What I Did Next. -- What would you do if you thought you had 15 minutes to live?
People who made an impulse decision when they found out Hawaii was going to be nuked, what did you do and do you regret it? : AskReddit
Pearl Harbor visitors were watching video on Dec. 7 attack when false alarm dinged on their phones: : news

Iranian oil tanker sinks off China as official says no hope of survivors | World news | The Guardian - Officials play down fears of environmental disaster after vessel carrying 136,000 tonnes of crude oil goes down off China

Google is pulling addiction treatment center ads worldwide - The Verge - The move comes after reports that Google profited enormously from ads in the UK -- An entire industry has emerged online to advertise addiction treatment centers through the search engine, sometimes using deceptive tactics.
Facebook Couldn't Handle News. Maybe It Never Wanted To. - The world's largest social network wants to go back to an idealized safe space, free of hyperpartisan pages, misinformation, and fake news. Can it? -- planned changes to News Feed are a retreat from the online public square the company helped create.

A close reading of Glenn Simpson's Trump-Russia testimony

The President is Wrong to Accuse the FBI of Treason - Lawfare (Lawfare weighs in on whether everyone in government had to swear a loyalty oath to the god-emperor before he as electe
White House Disputes Trump Quote in Journal Interview - WSJ - The Wall Street Journal stands by what it reported and releases audio of disputed portion of interview -- "I probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea" (like he knows what he said even while he said it)

Trump's apologists invite grave danger to our nation

Trump does more damage to himself than his opponents ever manage to do - The Washington Post

GOP senator: Trump did not make 'shithole' comment -- Republican Sen. David Perdue (Ga.) (and if he did, I had my fingers in my ears +in the great tradition of lying Georgia Republicans)
The Latest: Durbin spokesman: GOP senator has no credibility - ABC News - Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue -- "Credibility is something that's built by being consistently honest over time. Senator Durbin has it. Senator Perdue does not. Ask anyone who's dealt with both."
Flake to denounce Trump media attacks as Stalinist in Senate speech - NBC News (reality-oriented media are "the enemy of the people" and need to be gulaged)

Porn star Alana Evans says she was invited to Trump's hotel room in 2006 | US news | The Guardian - Alana Evans says Stormy Daniels requested Evans join her and Trump -- Third adult star Jessica Drake reportedly signed non-disclosure agreement

Eschaton: Free Money For Black People - Just a senile old man who watches Fox news. -- President Donald Trump was apparently unaware that not all -- in fact, the vast majority -- of welfare beneficiaries are not black as recently as last March, according to a new report. -- It isn't just Fox News, of course. In various ways big and small our "mainstream" media regularly portrays poverty (except that of unemployed coal miners as they are the cool fashion trend) and welfare especially as black issues. And, of course, aside from Medicaid, pennies for food stamps, and a patchwork of social programs, there isn't anything that, even in the broadest sense, can be called "welfare" anyway.

Obama: Fox viewers 'living on a different planet' than NPR viewers (they are both Republican planets, Barry)
/u/Deggit 's linguistic analysis of Donald Trump's speech patterns. : bestof (waterbug speaking)
Deggit comments on Obama: Fox viewers living on a different planet than NPFR listeners (the planet of lies)

Sell the New York Times. Now. - POLITICO Magazine - And other unsolicited advice for A.G. Sulzberger ... His family's business came close to ruin during the recession and had to call on a loan from Mexican oligarch, telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim, to save it. Newspapering hasn't been a 30 percent margin business for more than a decade, and the New York Times Company is no longer the diversified entity it once was. If the paper is to survive as a business, it must grow. How? (hire more op-ed hacks! + inextricable NYT/Trump collusion) The Bezos fortune of $105 billion is so large that it can fluctuate more in an afternoon, depending on the performance of Amazon stock, than the New York Times Company is worth `

Trey Gowdy steps down from House Ethics Committee, citing 'workload' (sounds plausible, he never was very good at either work or ethics))

Sarah Huckabee Sanders kills irony dead, once and for all - The Washington Post -- "The president believes in making sure that information is accurate before pushing it out as fact, when it certainly and clearly is not." "I'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right."

Trump's nightmare (they are slowly waking up)
The next GOP panic: Gubernatorial races - POLITICO
New alarm among Republicans that Democrats could win big this year - The Washington Post -- At least 29 House seats held by Republicans will be open in November following announced retirements, a greater number for the majority party than in each of the past three midterm elections when control of Congress flipped. (but he's going to do a lot of rallies!)
Lewandowski: 'We've got a real problem' if Dems retake the House ... said that if Democrats retake the House, one of their first priorities will be to introduce articles of impeachment against the president. (the brightest bulbs)

Meet the 24-year-old Trump campaign worker appointed to help lead the government's drug policy office -- Recent college grad and campaign volunteer Taylor Weyenth is now an administrative leader (frat boy whose family has a history of selling illegal opiods +remember when Bush sent the young Republicans to dismantle Iraq?)

Minn. Poll split over Trump's job, but majority sees his temperament as being unfit - - Minnesota Poll: Majority says he lacks presidential temperament, but stark divide remains on performance ... For the most part, the poll shows, Minnesotans who voted for Trump still like him. (hard-core stupid and evil) Among Democrats, just 4 percent approve of Trump while 92 percent disapprove; among Republicans, he's at 89 percent approval and 2 percent disapproval.

Another dispatch from Trumplandia, RSA - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Anyone who has read any of the countless articles about Dump Supporters in Dump Country might have predicted that it was a non-stop MAGA-fest. Which would be one more reason not to read those articles, because they cause one to be wrong.

California Is Doing Fine, Thank You Very Much -- There's a whole cottage industry on the right dedicated to the proposition that California is a hellhole. Why? Because California is the most liberal state in the nation, and the existence of a high-tax, high-service state that nonetheless has a great economy is an affront to their principles. And yet, California's economy is doing fine.

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is back. So too are Latino voters who helped oust him - LA Times -- the 85-year-old former sheriff ... "If he thinks he can come back and terrorize the entire state like he did Maricopa County, it's not going to happen."

Republicans Embrace Democratic Lawmaker Accused Of Sexual Harassment | HuffPost - Colorado state Rep. Steve Lebsock quit his caucus this week after a colleague accused him of harassment.

Condoleezza Rice on #MeToo: 'Let's not turn women into snowflakes'
Catherine Deneuve, Signatory of the 'Manifesto of the 343 Sluts' Turns on #MeToo "Will you please ask Catherine Deneuve and those older French women what in the world they're thinking?" Tatum O'Neal asked. ... Deneuve's "squad" ... trendy millennial sexual mores ... "I can only think that she might be suffering from dementia" ... supported Polanski ... Millet, 69, whose bestselling 2002 memoir The Sexual Life of Catherine M detailed how she "loves to suck men's cocks" and enjoyed taking it in every orifice during orgies involving up to 150 people ... provoked the nation last month when she said she "really regretted not having been raped because I could have shown that you get over it."
Ladies, let's be reasonable about #MeToo or nothing will ever be sexy again

More than 10 writers remove their names from controversial letter in Steven Galloway case - The Globe and Mail - Mr. Galloway, a bestselling novelist, was fired from his job as the chair of UBC's creative writing program in 2016 after a high-profile suspension the previous year.
Am I a bad feminist? - The Globe and Mail - an Open Letter called UBC Accountable, which calls for holding the University of British Columbia accountable for its failed process in its treatment of one of its former employees, Steven Galloway, the former chair of the department of creative writing, as well as its treatment of those who became ancillary complainants in the case. (she does go on and on)
The Galloway affair: Salem comes to UBC - The Globe and Mail -- But on campus, fainting-couch feminism is the order of the day ... An earlier version of this article said some of UBC professor Steven Galloway's accusers said his behaviour had ruined their lives. In fact, it was the investigation into his behaviour ("gross overreaction" said the judge)
UBC's botched job on Galloway case puts new president to the test

I went on a date with Aziz Ansari. It turned into the worst night of my life ... "The move he kept doing was taking his two fingers in a V-shape and putting them in my mouth, in my throat to wet his fingers, because the moment he'd stick his fingers in my throat he'd go straight for my vagina and try to finger me." Grace called the move "the claw" (why didn't she leave after the first "claw?" +what's wrong with his eyes? +author of best-selling "MOdern Romance" about the nuances of dating and sex in the digital age)

Woman at center of Greitens story asks for privacy; Greitens asks lawmakers for forgiveness | Political Fix | - The phone calls underscore the lengths to which Greitens, a Republican, is going to preserve his political career. In the past, Greitens has derided members of the Legislature, at one point comparing them to third-graders and calling them into Jefferson City for two special sessions last summer, which he called "summer school." ... It was unclear why he was at an office that has used money from unnamed donors to attack senators and finance pro-business proposals. Greitens did not stop to answer questions from the Post-Dispatch as he left the office by an alley exit.

Women taking their right to go topless to state's high court (New Hampshifre didn't get the memo)

Legal marijuana cuts violence says US study, as medical-use laws see crime fall | World news | The Guardian - Murder and violent crime found to have decreased most in states bordering Mexico as drug cartels lose business to regulation (so Jason Lewis is a big fat liar with his "vice industry" and we have to give all the tax money to cops crap)
Illinois Judge Allows 11-Year-Old Girl To Use Medical Marijuana At School : news

Mother's Exercise May Boost Baby's Brain -- If a woman is physically active during pregnancy, she may boost the development of her unborn child's brain.

Baking soda could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance. Researchers have discovered that the ion bicarbonate (baking soda) disrupts a bacterium's energy system, increases the efficacy of some antibiotics, and could help in the discovery of new antimicrobials.
A Spoonful of Baking Soda Helps the Antibiotics Go Down? | American Council on Science and Health

A study has found that children are significantly more attentive and engaged with their schoolwork following an outdoor lesson in nature. Teachers could teach uninterrupted for almost twice as long during a subsequent indoor lesson. : science

Ages 1 to 4 are very important for brain development but yet most people can't recall anything from that time period. Why don't we remember our earliest memories? : askscience

LA swatting suspect opens up in jail interview : news

Officer Accused Of DUI Hit-Run Passes Out Behind Wheel With Daughter Inside Vehicle : news

District finds teacher regularly harassed 14-year-old girl. He's still teaching high schoolers : news
Woodcreek High School teacher retains job after harassing female student | The Sacramento Bee - A longtime Woodcreek High School teacher with a history of inappropriate behavior was transferred but still employed in the classroom after a 14-year-old student complained that he often touched her inappropriately and flirted with her (Sacramento)

"Come and See" (1981), widely considered one of the greatest war films ever, is available for viewing with ENG subtitles on YouTube : movies

What do you believe happens after you die? : AskReddit

Eschaton: The Slow Lane - Try to hand off a lane to buses and everybody freaks, but sure sure just do this ... The clutter of those damn pedestrians and legacy vehicles. Gotta get rid of them. (techbro innovators and car companies demand you hand over a trillion dollars in infrastructue to them to they can charge you for driverless cars)


This year'S awful flu season, mapped -- more severe than usual is because it involves the dreaded H3N2, a strain of the influenza A virus that causes more health complications and is more difficult to prevent.
Energy Department is seriously underestimating solar power abroad : technology (2017 update)
Photovoltaic growth: reality versus projections of the International Energy Agency

Alert About Missile Bound for Hawaii Was Sent in Error, Officials Say - The New York Times
Hawaii ballistic missile alert is a false alarm - Vox - While it was a false alarm, the episode raises some interesting questions. (Ruissian hacking?)
Emergency alert about ballistic missile sent to Hawaii residents; EMA says no threat
Hey, Hawaii: The Telecom Industry Lobbied Against Testing for Emergency Alert System - Motherboard - Everyone in Hawaii received a ballistic missile threat today under a system that currently has no good testing protocols.
Reddit members in Hawaii what initially went through your mind when you first heard the false ballistic missle warning? : AskReddit
The horrors of war with North Korea, explained by a South Korean general -- "This would be more like trying to get rid of Allah" (three generations of brain-washing)

Las Vegas Gunman Took Elaborate Steps to Hide His Tracks, New Documents Show - The New York Times
Resisting the Label of Victim, but Forever Scarred by a Mass Shooting - The New York Times

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands finally admits 'no-go zone' claims were false : news -- Hoekstra was a founding member of the Congressional House Tea Party Caucus in 2010 .. Hoekstra is of Dutch heritage himself and is from Holland, MI; a town in West Michigan that also spawned Betsy DeVos and Erik Prince
After drubbing by media, Trump's ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for anti-Muslim remarks ... "Looking back, I am shocked I said that" (time ot sit down and have a talk with your racist asshole nazi self, Dorkstra)

Pro-Trump supporters disrupt speech and attempt to arrest London mayor Khan ... the White Pendragons group ... Khan (said) "It is a pleasure to be here even though we were distracted by the actions of what some would call very stable geniuses" ("sovereign citizens" hit the UK)

Drones keep entering no-fly zones over Washington, raising security concerns - The Washington Post

Former President of Maryland-Based Transportation Company Indicted on 11 Counts Related to Foreign Bribery, Fraud and Money Laundering Scheme | OPA | Department of Justice - for his alleged role in a scheme that involved the bribery of an official at a subsidiary of Russia's State Atomic Energy Corporation. (but Hillary was behind it all)

Haitian government claims ousted dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier laundered stolen money through Trump Tower

New Yorker cover responds to Trump's profane remarks by putting him in a literal hole

The United States has always been a country of immigrants. The English-speaking Protestant Christians who founded the country, however, have not always welcomed other types of arrivals. The disdained have changed over time. (1970 the low-point for immigration)
Why Trump's wall contradicts today's immigration trends (Trump is living in the 1930's)

The 'genius' of Trump: What the president means when he touts his smarts (he's a 'genius' at getting all the attention)
How Much More of Trump's Insanity Are We Willing to Take?
We've Faced Questions About a President's Mind Before -- And it's always messy

Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits
WV DHHR: 4 of nearly 900 TANF applicants test positive for drugs | Health | - Once again, the Legislature wants to punish people for having a medical condition, he way to punish them is to take away those benefits. You're further destabilizing a family that's already at risk ... Republicans said they had expected 100 times that number to be caught and punished +they had already destroyed the program)

Donald Trump Flushes Away America's Reput ation (when you elect a shit-hole ... and Brooks fell the scam, hook, line and shithole)
No, not everything is racist. But Donald Trump is. - But Donald Trump is. By William Saletan -- It has been thrown at House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. John McCain, former Gov. Mitt Romney, and other decent conservatives (doing the Saletan dance)
CNN panel devolves into screaming match when televangelist offers biblical defense for Trump's 'shithole' comment ... Burns admitted that as a church official, his job is to help the poor and homeless. "But don't let them into your home, God forbid," Burnett retorted. (black guy loves Trumpster)
Watch disgusted Joy Reid cut mic on ranting pastor excusing Trump's racism ... Mark Burns (stupid black guy making the rounds)
Inside Trump's paranoid mind (using "mind" very loosely +Tony Blair tipped off Trump trying to get a job +the Deep State is after him) "clown prince among the rich and famous"

Porn Star: Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Invited Me to Their Hotel Room - I ended up with Donald in his hotel room. Picture him chasing me around his hotel room in his tighty-whities < Trump Accuser Jessica Drake Has an NDA Preventing Her from Talking About Donald Trump -- in late October 2016, Drake became the 14th woman to accuse then-candidate Trump of sexual misconduct

Sex puts coverage of Her Emails in context - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Consider: The press was presented with a thrice-married man involved in the beauty pageant and modeling industries. Reporters stuck to reporting on Clinton's emails ... Is it reasonable to assume these outlets can accurately gauge, much less report on, reality? No. That's s why we're constantly bombarded by articles about Ardent tRump Supporters Who Live Far Away articles ... Anyone want to think about what the press would do if, say, Barack Hussein Obama had an affair with an adult film star 10 years ago? (and what do those old white people at the diner think now??)
Jeff Gannon - Wikipedia
Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner - Wikipedia ("D.C. is a Republican society" and they hated it)
If We Are to Have a Future Together, This Must Stop -- Balloon Juice (2016)

James O'Keefe says Trump asked him to go on birther-linked mission ... if he would "get inside" Columbia University and obtain President Obama's sealed college records ... Trump "suspected Obama had presented himself as a foreign student on application materials to ease his way into New York's Columbia University, maybe even Harvard too, and perhaps picked up a few scholarships along the way (how many "scholarships" did Trump get?)

Chelsea Manning files to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland - The Washington Post -- Manning, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, would be challenging Democrat Ben Cardin, who has served two terms in the Senate and is up for re-election in November (go home, Chelsea, and get a little experience before you make a fool out of yourself)

'The wave versus the map' : Democratic control of Senate moves from preposterous to possible

Kentucky Just Made It Harder For Poor People To Get Health Care | HuffPost - and more states will likely follow ... would reduce benefits, require some beneficiaries to work, and generally make it more difficult for people to stay on the program ... 95,000 would lose coverage ... (they voted to kill their poor neighbors, but not themselves)
Kentucky to now require LITERACY TESTS for "certain populations" to receive medical care (next: IQ tests to make sure you are stupid enough to vote)
Smoking penalties, ER fees, premiums on the poor: How states want to shrink Medicaid - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Miscarriage - Wonder what this is about. -- Teresa Manning, the controversial official in charge of the Title X federal family planning program, was escorted from HHS premises on Friday. -- How horrible do you have to be to get booted from this administration?
Anti-birth control official who led Title X departs HHS - POLITICO - she was responsible for helping set national policy around family planning, contraception and teen pregnancy ... stated in 2003 ... "contraception doesn't work" and "birth-control causes breast cancer" (only the best of the stupid assholes) ... staff were told to leave the floor of the HHS building and to take their computers, in order to ensure that no one witnessed her being escorted out. (nothing to see here)

Eschaton: Shut Up, Joe Biden - Just shut the hell up and go away forever. Try knitting. Thanks for the bankruptcy bill, by the way. (he was always an asshole, but he was Obama's asshole, because ...)

Moore forces seek retribution against Shelby - POLITICO - special election is still tearing at the Republican Party.

How Charlie Baker ditched Trump to become the most popular governor in America - POLITICO - Republican governor is defying the laws of political gravity ... "Charlie Baker is the Flying Wallendas of Massachusetts politics," (not one word about MA legislature)

Sexual Harassment Inc: How the #MeToo movement is sparking a wave of start-ups - The Washington Post

Male Models Say Mario Testino and Bruce Weber Sexually Exploited Them - The New York Times -- For a fashion model, success is the ability to incite desire. The job requirements often include nudity and feigning seduction; provocation is a lever for sales. In the industry, boundaries between the acceptable and the unacceptable treatment of models have been etched in shades of gray. (photographer creeps)
The Illustrated Interview: Bruce Weber - The New York Times - Sept. 14, 2017 (they knew, or should have known before doing this incredibly shallow "interview")

LAPD opens investigation of Steven Seagal after sexual harassment claims : news

Mark Wahlberg Donates $1.5M In Michelle Williams' Name To #TimesUp Legal Fund (Marky-Mark flips because very bad PR)

(10) Eliza Dushku - Posts - When I was 12 years old, while filming 'True Lies' I was sexually molested by Joel Kramer, one of Hollywoo's leading stunt coordinators.
Eliza Dushku says she was molested during the production of "True Lies" by the stunt coordinator, a guy who still works in Hollywood and most recently did the stunts for "Blade Runner 2049" and "Furious 7" : movies

How Katie Roiphe Became Feminism's Nemesis-In-Chief -- The row over whether author Katie Roiphe planned to out the creator of the "Shitty Media Men List' crystallized competing ideologies and activism within modern feminism. (JFC, another "bvth-sides" take +why use a 20 year-old pic of her??)

Before #MeToo, there was Mad Men

Liam Neeson: Sexual harassment scandal has sparked 'a bit of a witch hunt' (no fact-checking on the Keillor re-rendition)

'Don't do this to me' : Woman testifies she was raped at knifepoint on moving Metro train

Tonya Harding dumped by agent for plan to fine journalists - The Boston Globe - Former Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding may not have changed her stripes after all ... onya 2.0 turns out to be a lot like the woman we used to know ... Harding was dumped by her publicist/agent Michael A. Rosenberg for ordering that journalists who ask about the infamous incident with Kerrigan be fined $25,000 ... Harding demanded that reporters sign an affidavit stating that they wouldn't ask her anthing "about the past" or they'd be fined. (so, did you vote for Trump?)

Helen Mirren Finds Out She's Younger Than She Thought, Has Best Reaction | HuffPost (she "forgot" what year she was born)

The Griefbot That Could Change How We Mourn - mitating the deceased's cadence, tone, and idiosyncrasies. Ahmad thinks these griefbots could make grieving for loved ones an interactive experience.

Dining in is the new dining out. And it's costing restaurants

Harvard at odds with Roslindale neighbors over solar panel proposal - The Boston Globe - Harvard had planned to put solar panels on an auxiliary of the Arnold Arboretum that borders Jamaica Plain. ... "The land was intended to be for public enjoyment, which is not exactly what solar panels do" (JP got "Fausted")

The state's s 100 highest paid employees ... How about a Director of Diversity & Inclusion at $293,327.84 per year? ... our disgraced former State Police Super at number 26 ... A $385,000 per year basketball coach? (93% UMass, including 4 "coaches" +a few state cops)

Colorado Cities Keep Voting To Build Their Own Broadband Networks : technology (coulda been you, Cambridge, but "we're not competing with Comcast" won't get you far)

How many bytes of information can a single neuron store? : askscience -- Neurons are analog, not digital
Neurons use a viral-like gene to transmit genetic information between each other in an oddly virus-like way that, until now, we had no idea about. While the reason for the transfer is unclear, the gene has been implicated in multiple neurological diseases. : science

If Brains are Computers, Who Designs the Software? With Daniel Dennett - YouTube

If gravity causes time dilation, wouldn't deep gravity wells create their own red-shift? How do astronomers distinguish close massive objects from distant objects? : askscience


Diurnal cloud cycle biases in climate models | Nature Communications

Donald Trump Signals Openness to North Korea Diplomacy in Interview - WSJ - also accuses Steve Bannon of betrayal

UK rejects Ecuadors's attempt to remove old garbage from its London embassy.

Russia's Oligarchs Brace for U.S. Report Listing Putin Friends

ARA San Juan - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The energy released by the collapse was equal to the explosion of 12,500 Pounds of TNT at a depth of 1275-feet.

How Tom Clancy Novels Shaped American Foreign Policy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "synthetic experiences" by creating a comprehensible mental construction based on fictional inputs. Such synthetic experiences affect how readers understand the world and, therefore, their behavior in political environments ... For instance, Senator Dan Quayle quoted Red Storm Rising as proving the utility of anti-satellite weaponry ... Red Storm Rising ... makes the argument for a strong merchant marine ... Reagan read Red Storm Rising, (all the cites are Republicans who can't deal with 'charts, graphs" and "words")

Update on Pawn Storm: New Targets and Politically Motivated Campaigns - TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog -- Pawn Storm has been attacking political organizations in France, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States since 2015.

Supreme Court to hear sales tax collection case - ABC News (big)
U.S. Supreme Court to Review Bid to Collect Internet Sales Tax - Bloomberg

US ambassador to Panama resigns, saying he can no longer serve under Trump administration - John Feeley, 56, a career diplomat and former Marine Corps helicopter pilot, announced his resignation in a letter to the state department.

Trump's Statement On Canceled London Visit Is Full Of Falsehoods | HuffPost - He blames Obama for the move, even though it was first planned under Bush ... President Donald Trump offered a classically Trumpian explanation for why he canceled his upcoming trip to the U.K.: the construction of a new U.S. embassy in the British capital represents a bad deal, and he wants nothing to do with it. (don't bother me with your fake "historical context")
Donald Trump cancels London visit amid protest fears | US news | The Guardian - President will not open new US embassy next month, with secretary of state Rex Tillerson likely to take his place
The U.S. ambassador in London contradicted just about everything Trump said about the new embassy - The Washington Post

There's s No Way Out -- Trump's presidency may be a dysfunctional disaster, but there's no apparent way to end it.

Top intel Republican can't name a single falsehood in the Trump-Russia dossier -- The refusal to offer a single supposed falsehood runs counter to what Nunes and his fellow Republicans have loudly been alleging for months: that the dossier contains false information. (little Russian ratfucker Nunes)

Eschaton: It Occurs To Me That The President Might Be A Racist - Not even really sure why this might have tipped the scales and not the last 40 years of his life, but whatever...
Time to Say It: Trump Is a Racist - The New York Times
Trump's history of breaking decorum with remarks on race, ethnicity ("he tells it like it is" to all the racist assholes)
What did the men with Donald Trump do when he spoke of 'shithole countries? ... His defenders seemed to say that if the president says things that we would be ashamed even to think, he is somehow speaking a kind of truth (no one said a word, and Republiicans covered up and dedged
Few Republicans Acknowledged Trump's 'Shithole' Slur | HuffPost
Lindsey Graham: 'I said my piece' to Trump. But senator doesn't address 'shithole countries' comment (slimy Lindsey)
This is CNN Tonight. I'm Don Lemon. The president of the United States is racist
Dick Durbin Was In The Room And Confirms Trump Made 'Shithole' Comments | HuffPost - "He said these hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly" ... "I cannot believe that in the history of the White House, in that Oval Office, any president has ever spoken the words that I personally heard our president speak yesterday"
From Norway to Haiti, Trump's Comments Stir Fresh Outrage

Anderson Cooper Fights Tears As He Defends Haiti From Trump's Insults | HuffPost - CNN anchor says Trump could learn from the dignity of Haitians.
Don Lemon's Had It With Trump Supporters: 'You Know What You Can Go Do?' | HuffPost - CNN anchor calls out those who defend Trump "no matter what" (traitors)

Secret Money: How Trump Made Millions Selling Condos To Unknown Buyers - unidentified buyers who paid cash, an indication of possible money laundering.
New Filing Shows Eric Trump Raised Millions, Lied About His Foundation's Expenses (what a trio)

Trump Lawyer Arranged $130,000 Payment for Adult-Film Star's Silence -- Agreement just before election required woman to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, people familiar with the matter say ... Ms. Clifford, whose stage name is Stormy Daniels ... (but pizzagate! and Dumpster loves porn stars)
Porn Star Who Claimed Sexual Encounter With Trump Received Hush Money, Wall Street Journal Reports - The New York Times

David Brooks Picked a Bad Week to Say Trump 'Runs a Normal, Good Meeting' (very bad time to normalize Dumpster, BoBo)

Trump asked why the US needs more Haitians. Mar-a-Lago may hold the answer - Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, reportedly employs Haitian guest workers to do a variety of jobs -- Mar-a-Lago received 70 H-2B visas for foreign workers in 2017

Will President Trump's Physical Show That He's Obese? (even his head is fat)

Hoyer calls Pelosi's 'five white guys' remark offensive (said blue-dog Whoreyer)

Which Demographic Has Trump Best Held His Support? - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- But those Jewish voters who care only about an aggressive, expansionist Israel love Donald Trump. If you were Jewish and a Trump supporter in 2016, you are still a Trump supporter. Which says a remarkable amount about a particular type of politics that makes you a stickier Trump supporter than literally every other demographic group in the nation. (they also have a lot of money)
Trump's approval ratings in Georgia erode

Watch Don Lemon kick Trump's VA co-chair off his show after he calls Lemon "lazy" -- Well Don, it's not about race as you like to make it, because that's easy and lazy. It's about economics (and we control your economics, lazy black boy)

The Pathological Cruelty of Trump's Medicaid Work Requirement (from the guy who never worked a day in his life)
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Trumpism - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Trumpism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A fascinating new paper suggests that if anything Piketty's book underestimates this trend: that the return on wealth grows faster than the economy as a whole. The moral here is pretty obvious: being born into wealth is a far better choice than working hard at some stupid series of jobs. ... + "I think the Devil shits Dutchmen" -- Samuel Pepys

Biden Trashes Millennials in His Quest to Become Even Less Likable - VICE (self-promoting old guy thinks he had it hard)

Washington Post reporter who spoke at liberal event put on leave - Jan. 11, 2018 - Janell Ross ... was sidelined after she participated in a private gathering in November attended by Democratic lawmakers and liberal activists, including the billionaire benefactor George Soros. (she got Rreitbarted)

Behind the Duck: Former Aflac Employees Allege Fraud and Abuse in Nearly Every Aspect of Company

Mason teacher admits to making lynching comment to student - mother wants the district to take more action (Trump voters in Ohio)

God sees the truth but waits - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Megachurch pastor Andy Savage made a confession this past Sunday at Highpoint Church in Memphis, Tennessee. (he "had" a "sexual incident" called rape)

Exclusive: Watch Chris Matthews Joke About His 'Bill Cosby Pill' Before Interviewing Hillary Clinton ... Matthews has a long history of talking disparagingly about Hillary Clinton (these were the serious assholes who told us about serious things)
Having Political Coverage Dominated By Well-Documented Misogynists Seems Suboptimal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Exclusive: Wahlberg refused to approve Plummer without payday ... over a million dollars for the reshoot (Marky-Mark took all the monies because he's very special)

Social Media Is Making Us Dumber. Here's Exhibit A -- This week, a video surfaced of a Harvard professor, Steven Pinker, which appeared to show him lauding members of a racist movement ... biologist PZ Myers, who also wrote a blog post denouncing Mr. Pinker for this supposed alliance "; "political correctness has done an enormous amount of harm" in the sliver of the population"
If you ever doubted that Steven Pinker's sympathies lie with the alt-right (NYT article doesn't touch his politics)
Steven Pinker and the New York Times are making us dumber - Because I exposed Steven Pinker's atrociously bad arguments, I have now been accused of "smearing" and "distorting" Pinker's words and gotten all kinds of fun hate mail ... Pinker is an advocate for evolutionary psychology, he criticized the March for Science as "anti-science PC/identity politics/hard-left rhetoric" (gosh, how many dog-whistles can you pack in a phrase?), (the alt-right flying monkeys came for PZ +NYT always seems to have a normalization of evil agenda)
Repudiating scientism, rather than surrendering to it (Pinker is arrogantly, condescendingly, shallow and stupid)
FUCK THEORY - In Which Steven Pinker Is A Total Ignoramus Who Who Should Go Read A Fucking Book And Get Himself Some Fucking Education ... Let's be absolutely clear - not a single one of the thinkers this asshole claims for "science" were scientists. Not a single one of them thought of themselves as scientist ... (Pinker is blinded by his own brilliance)
What Does PZ Myers Despise? | Evolutionary Psychology Blog Archive - evolutionary psychology
A defense of evolutionary psychology (mostly by Steve Pinker) + Why Evolution Is True


Reporter to Trump ambassador: 'This is the Netherlands, you have to answer questions' (unlike America, Russia or Turkey) "There are cars being burned, there are politicians that are being burned" he told a conservative group. When pressed by the Dutch reporters, Hoekstra declined to retract the comments or give specific examples to back them up. (they never admit their lies) 270 million people were radical Islamist militants and appeared to imply that Huma Abedin had "egregious" ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (his dad was deported for being a Nazi, became a Reublican Ametican)

Ecuador grants WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange citizenship - The Washington Post - in a bid to end his more than five-year stay at its embassy in London and resolve a protracted dispute with Britain.

Trump attacks protections for immigrants from 'shithole' countries
Josh Marshall on Twitter: Remarkable worlds from CNN's Jim Acosta. Not surprising. But these are not ways reporters talk on network or cable network TV. Watch this!" -- "the president seems to harbor racist feelings about people of color ... this cuts to the very core of who he is. (worlds indeed)
Trump Alarms Lawmakers With Disparaging Words for Haiti and Africa - The New York Times
washingtonpost comments on Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ' shithole' countries in Oval Office meeting

Republicans Have Dramatically Ramped Up Their Attacks On Russia Probes In 2018 | HuffPost (they are all traitors)
Trump Accuses FBI Agent of 'Treason' U.S. is taking steps to ensure Russia doesn't interfere with future elections, president says
I Am The State -- According to the President, federal law enforcement officers criticizing him on government phone and text devices amounts to 'treason.'
Shepard Smith Hits Trump With A Brutal Fact Check On Russia Investigation | HuffPost - "a Democratic hoax" -- Fox News has been reporting and will continue to report that two people have pleaded guilty.

Eschaton: How The President Is Covered Now - This isn't even true, but even if we accept that it is... He was clearly able to follow the debate, and mount a defense of his own controversial positions -- on a border wall, for example -- without causing obvious offense, and appeared magnanimously open to other viewpoints.

Confused Trump Tricked Into Opposing Own Surveillance Bill ... he has taken seriously the Republican talking points about the Deep State, failing to realize that it's disingenuous propaganda designed to cover up misdeeds by his campaign. (that's a dot too far)
Trump stuns Republican leaders with tweeted policy backflips - Axios

Democrats to invite sex misconduct victims to Trump's State of the Union

Top U.S. Government Computers Linked to Revenge-Porn Site - Users connecting from Senate, Navy, and Executive Branch computers bragged about 'wins,' or nonconsensual nude photos, posted on Anon-IB, a revenge-porn epicenter ... Anon-IB was also intertwined with a 2014 breach of celebrity nudes referred to as The Fappening ... at least one post is linked to the Executive Office of the President ... Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the spokesperson for the White House, did not respond to a request for comment. (the Senate is porn-central)

Eschaton: Trump's Perfectly Normal - No journalist who has spent time with him could possibly agree with Wolff's characterization of him. -- On topic of yesterday's White House meeting w/members of Congress about immigration, Trump says he received "letters" from news anchors claiming "it was one of the greatest meetings they've ever witnesses. (sic)
Democratic leaders face internal mutiny over Dreamers deal - POLITICO - Liberals are worried that a DACA deal will give conservatives too much.
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "On topic of yesterday's White House meeting w/members of Congress about immigration, Trump says he received "letters" from news anchors claiming he's the best pres ever"
Conway: Trump 'discovered' there doesn't need to be 'physical wall' along entire border ... "There are rivers, I'm told ... There are mountains involved ..."
Kellyanne Conway's Interview With Chris Cuomo Quickly Flies Off The Rails
Conway said "nobody" at White House talks about Clinton. These 75 Trump tweets say otherwise.

Schiff: It would be 'valuable' if Ivanka Trump testified in Russia probe (how long can she avoid jail?)

Bill Browder, Fusion GPS battle escalates with Glenn Simpson testimony - Business Insider - A fierce but muted battle erupted last year between Bill Browder, a banker turned human-rights activist, and Fusion GPS, an opposition-research firm.

Can Requiring People to Work Make Them Healthier? - The New York Times - The Trump administration wants to make a major change to Medicaid, but there's not a lot of evidence for one of its key assertions. (workfare is back)

Bannon'S brutal ouster from Trump and Breitbart circles should frighten Americans -- political slaughter not for his past sins but because he criticized the president. That's chilling (just woke up?)

Trump administration ends registry for substance abuse, mental health programs | TheHill

PRRI - One in four (25%) young people report having been targeted or treated unfairly themselves in the last 12 months because of their race or ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, immigration status, or religious beliefs ... Young people as a whole feel more positively about Obama than Trump, but the politics of young people are deeply divided along racial lines ... White young people (35%) hold more favorable views of Trump than Hispanic (17%), API (6%), and black young people (5%). However, young white people are less favorably inclined towards Trump than white Americans overall; 46% of white Americans view Trump favorably ... More than 1 in 3 white young people believe "reverse" discrimination is a serious problem.

We Don't Need No -- Private schools are the best. -- MILWAUKEE (AP) -- A Wisconsin private school that asked fourth graders to list three good reasons for slavery and three bad ones apologized to parents after the mother of a black student shared the assignment on Facebook, calling it offensive.

Coal miners turn on Trump after they gain fewer jobs than a local Sam's Club (suckers, but will they learn?)

Republicans Have 4 Convicted Criminals Running For Congress In 2018 | HuffPost - Three of them are bragging about it. (Arpaio, Blankenship, Grimm, Gianforte)

Eschaton: Well Then - ST. LOUIS ( -- Governor Eric Greitens on Wednesday night confirmed to News 4 he had an extramarital affair, an admission a months-long News 4 investigation prompted. -- That's the lead paragraph, but the real lede is that he blindfolded her, tied her up naked, took a picture of her, and used it to blackmail her. (also, the Republican-owned TV station didn't mention that the creep is a Republican)
Gov. Greitens admits to extramarital affair, denies threatening to blackmail the woman | The Kansas City Star
Greitens admits affair but denies related blackmail allegation | Political Fix | (a true family values Republican)
Timeline of events in allegations of Greitens' sexual conduct
Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: "Eric Greitens should resign. This is revolting."
Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: "Eric Greitens is a pal and seeming protigi of Mike Pence. Curious what Pence thinks of Greitens' extramarital affair and blackmail and threats"
Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: "Any updates, Mr. Vice President? ??"
Sarah Kendzior on Twitter: Geitens thread

Pink pussyhats: The reason feminists are ditching them -- The sentiment that the pink pussyhat excludes and is offensive to transgender women and gender nonbinary people who don't have typical female genitalia and to women of color because their genitals are more likely to be brown than pink.

Moira Donegan: I Started the Media Men List ... This escalated when I learned Katie Roiphe would be publishing my name in a forthcoming piece in Harper's magazine.
Moira Donegan Outs Herself As Creator Of 'S**tty Media Men' List | HuffPost

Five women accuse actor James Franco of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior - LA Times
5 Women Accuse James Franco Of Sexual Misconduct | HuffPost

Women in finance have been grabbed, humiliated, and propositioned but have kept quiet because of the industry's culture, 20 interview show (the hedgies are the alphas and too much at stake for the women)

MLB Sports Agent Accused Of Filming His Clients In The Shower | HuffPost - Jason Wood allegedly recorded these baseball players without their knowledge.

EXCLUSIVE: New York State Sen. Jeff Klein Accused Of Sexual Misconduct | HuffPost - A former staffer has come forward to accuse Democratic New York state Sen. Jeff Klein of forcibly kissing her in 2015.

Inmates at Three New York Prisons Can't Receive Donated Books Anymore, They Have to Buy Them : books (fuckers to the core)

Vermont Senate legalizes recreational pot : news

Peter Thiel submits bid for Gawker, faces challenges (J.D. Vance's boss)

Slave labor found at Fayetteville fish market | News & Observer - an alternative religious group -- on charges that they used the slave labor of children as young as 9 to run a series of fish markets in the Fayetteville area.
Walmart is abruptly closing 63 Sam's Club stores and laying off thousands of workers ... 1 Tobias Boland Way, Worcester, MA 01607

Steven Pinker: Here's how political correctness winds up creating its own antagonists ... as curious students discover certain unspeakable truths have been hidden from them ... it's clear what he means, i.e. left-wing efforts to silence opponents and censor discussion of certain uncomfortable topics

How the robocall industry outwitted the government and wrecked the Do Not Call list - The Washington Post (and millions of people's phones) Since the robo-call ban went into effect in 2009, the FTC has brought just 33 cases against robo-callers ... So the FTC has only collected on a fraction of those sums: $18 million in relief and less than $1 million in penalties.

The controversy over Essure, the only permanent female contraceptive device | The Washington Post - Some people see a breakthrough in female contraception. Others see a dangerous medical device.

Thnking Beyond the 'Chemical Imbalance' Theory of Depression ("internal and external factors" that's very helpful)
Is everything you think you know about depression wrong? | Society | The Guardian - In this extract from his new book, Johann Hari, who took antidepressants for 13 years, calls for a new approach ... between 65 and 80% of people on antidepressants are depressed again within a year (so they up the dose) "low serotonin ... here was never any basis for it, ever. It was just marketing copy. (and then, omg 87% don't like their work) It turns out if you have no control over your work, you are far more likely to become stressed -- and, cruccially, depressed. (science is slowly, very slowly, coming to think that experiences might have an effect on how you feel)
Is everything Johann Hari knows about depression wrong? | Science | The Guardian ... plagerism scandal ... Logically, someone with a reputation for making false claims should be the last person making high-profile, controversial, sweeping statements about something as sensitive as mental health. And yet, here we are. It's 2018
How do antidepressants actually work? | Dean Burnett | Science | The Guardian - not as simple or as understood as many might think

What's your best truth or dare gone wrong moment? : AskReddit


NYT Politics on Twitter: How Much Has 'Climate Change' Been Scrubbed From Federal Websites? A Lot. (the anti-factual Death Party)
Flu season is off to a bad start, bringing fears of what's next
He was 21 and fit. He tried to push through the flu -- and it killed him (but was he vaccinatedd?)
AP sources: Trump to extend sanctions relief for Iran

Who is attacking Russia's bases in Syria? A new mystery emerges in the war ... including one conducted by a swarm of armed miniature drones

President Trump has made more than 2,000 false or misleading claims over 355 days - The Washington Post

Why didn't Republicans want you to see in the Fusion GPS transcript? (Grassley should go to prison)
The great Republican abdication - The Washington Post (every single Republican has been co-opted by Putin)

Trump vs. Trump, again: Judge cites presidential tweets as he blocks DACA phaseout - The Washington Post -- Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really! -- Donald J. Trump
. DACA negotiation stunt showed how dangerously we've lowered the bar for Trump. He remembers names (that are written on placards) -- congratulations, America!

Eschaton: So Much For Those Jobs And Overtime - I'm guessing this isn't what border patrol agents were expecting. -- The Trump administration would cut or delay funding for border surveillance, radar technology, patrol boats and customs agents in its upcoming spending plan to curb illegal immigration -- all proven security measures that officials and experts have said are more effective than building a wall along the Mexican border. (haha suckers)
Trump's Scattershot Immigration Remarks Leave Congress Reeling ... took a range of positions on negotiations over the fate of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program (very stable)
Immigration agents target 7-Eleven stores in nationwide sweep - The Washington Post
Tucker Carlson Turns On Trump: 'What Was The Point Of Running For President?' | HuffPost - Fox News host slams the president over immigration. (Fucker Carlson mad he's a sucker and immigransts have a big effect on him and his family)

The Crime Is Worse Than The Coverup | Crooked Media (the entire Republican party is a coverup)

Mueller adds veteran cyber prosecutor to special-counsel team - The Washington Post
Trump declines to say whether he would sit for interview with Mueller's team
Trump attacks Feinstein over release of testimony on Russia probe, calls for GOP to 'take control ... "Sneaky"
Trump is mad that "Sneaky Dianne Feinstein" debunked a key Republican theory on Trump and Russia -- The big news Republicans didn't want you to see

'It's not a fabrication' : Six times the firm behind the infamous dossier contradicted Trump's claims

Alice Ollstein on Twitter: Feinstein smiles while stepping into an elevator as reporters ask about her unilaterally publishing Fusion GPS transcript. "I just decided to do it," she says
PoppinKREAM comments on Trump-Russia: Senator Dianne Feinstein releases testimony of dossier firm boss (Rex Tillerson is a Russian plant comment by PoppinKREAM)

Senate Democrats: Future Elections May Be Threatened By Russian Attacks | HuffPost - It is imperative that the American people better understand the true scope and scale of Putin's pattern of undermining democracy. (he seems to have bought/compromised the entire Republican party, who should all go to jail)

I'm Proud We Published the Trump-Russia Dossier -- By Ben Smith (Buzzfeed, not NYT, who supported Trump)
New dossier testimony reveals how badly NYT screwed up -- in Trump's favor -- The paper that obsessed over Hillary's emails also scared off a key source of information on Trump and Russia.

White House Official Floated Withdrawing U.S. Forces to Please Putin - Trump's National Security Council staff had a radical notion: to pare back American troops in Europe as a way to curry favor with the Kremlin. (the Pee-Pee tapes)

Trump Administration Waives Punishment For Convicted Banks, Including Deutsche -- Which Trump Owes Millions

Eschaton: Jew Counters -- Asked if Trump is antisemitic, Wolff says: "He's aware of who is Jewish in a way that feels creepy."

Trump's inner circle escapes televised grillings on Russia

Trump's real estate: Secretive sales continue unabated -- $35M in real estate in 2017, mostly to secretive buyers (who could that be?)

Why Conservatives Love Dumb Presidents .... Since Reagan's s time, conservatives have not only reflexively dismissed questions about the intelligence of any leader who seemed wanting, but presented these traits as encouraging evidence of Reaganesque qualities ... Bush eventually grew to take his job more seriously, but his trust in his gut instinct over analysis never left him. ("my instincts are the best")

Are Democrat's Senate Chances In 2018 Overrated? ... it may be the worst Senate map that any party has faced ever, or at least since direct election of senators began in 1913
Republican Retirements Raise Talk of Democratic Wave in November - The New York Times

North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered : news
The future of American democracy is being decided right now - The Washington Post - Are our elections going to be fair and open, or are we going to allow whichever party is in power at a particular moment to rig the system in their favor? (SC: "yes as long as they are Republicans")
What gerrymandering? Every North Carolina district just happens to look like a monster. - The Washington Post

Decision to back off Florida drilling plan makes waves - Axios - This announcement, which followed a meeting with GOP Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Wait. What? Pa. House to really shrink? - Cost savings and maybe efficiency in the nation's largest, most expensive, usually useless "full-time" legislature? ... cuts the 203-member House to 151 members, a 25 percent reduction. (Republicans)

With Issa, Royce, Corker, Flake retirements, Republicans are doing their best to lose their majorities - The Washington Post
Rep. Darrell Issa, who was GOP's attack dog against top Democrats, will retire (the asshole was responsbile, among other things, for Swarzenegger)

Grand jury subpoena issued in Rep. Duncan Hunter criminal investigation - The San Diego Union-Tribune - regarding certain transactions in Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign treasury, which has been under scrutiny since the spring of 2016 as a result of frequent personal expenditures ... In January 2017, Hunter supported a Republican-led proposal that would have made a procedural change stripping the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent government watchdog agency, of much of its power. The congressmen dropped the effort after Trump and others questioned the timing of the proposed change.

GOP senator says she'll vote to restore net neutralit y rules (little Susie trying to repair the damage from her budget/kill healthcare in Maine vote)

POLL: Joe Arpaio in dead heat with Martha McSally in GOP race for U.S. Senate seat in Arizona - ABC15 Arizona

WBUR Poll: Baker's Popularity Continues To Soar, While Trump's Continues To Slump -- 74 percent of Massachusetts voters approve of the job Baker is doing and only 29 percent approve of Trump

Governor Baker urges US attorney to focus on opioids, not marijuana - The Boston Globe - Marijuana shops in Mass. go cash-only with fear of federal crackdown ... after threats of a federal crackdown prompted a key payment processing company to pull out of the Massachusetts cannabis market.
Crackdown on marijuana unlikely, but don't rule out some prosecutions (if you're black, especially)
Vermont poised to enact legal pot through Legislature -- putting the state on course to become the first in the country to legalize pot by an act of the Legislature rather than through a referendum by voters.

New York Police Union Sues to Stop Release of Body Camera Videos : news (what are they hiding? )

The Most Awful Transit Center in America Could Get Unimaginably Worse - Bloomberg - Think Penn Station is bad? Let's go into the crumbling, disaster-prone tunnels that lie beneath. (Christie's legacy of disaster)
Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner to settle divorce out of court - The Washington Post

How Oprah Helped Spread Anti-Vaccine Pseudoscience: That's one thing she has in common with Donald Trump ... Larry King and People magazine also gave attention to McCarthy and her views. She became a semi-regular guest on Winfrey's show and signed a deal with Winfrey's Harpo Studios to create her own show, though that show ultimately fell through.

Democratic women plan all-black fashion statement for State of the Union - NBC News

Catherine Deneuve and Others Denounce the #MeToo Movement - The New York Times - Catherine Deneuve joined more than 100 other Frenchwomen in entertainment, publishing and academic fields Tuesday in the pages of the newspaper Le Monde and on its website in arguing that the two movements, in which women and men have used social media as a forum to describe sexual misconduct, have gone too far by publicly prosecuting private experiences and have created a totalitarian climate. ((French women love being sexually objectified and harassed as long as you don't actually rape them)) In March, Ms. Deneuve defended Roman Polanski, the director who pleaded guilty in 1977 to having sex with a 13-year-old girl and who was accused by two other women of forcing himself on them when they were under age.
Catherine Deneuve says #MeToo is driven by 'hatred of men' ... "This urge to send men to the slaughterhouse, instead of helping women be more autonomous, helps the enemies of sexual freedom"

Greta Gerwig, Aaron Sorkin: Hollywood Must Change - The New York Times

Ronan Farrow, the Hollywood Prince Who Torched the Castle | Hollywood Reporter
My Father, Woody Allen, and the Danger of Questions Unasked (Guest Column) | Hollywood Reporter

Corey Feldman Named in Sexual Battery Police Report | - a woman walked into a police station Monday and filed a report claiming Corey grabbed her ass in early 2017

A Feminist Twitter Campaign Targets Harper's Magazine and Katie Roiphe ... 1993 ... In it, she argued that campus feminists had inflated the number of women who had been raped and questioned how the definition of rape was changing.
The Selling of Katie Roiphe - Jennifer Gonnerman - No. 6 December 1994
Katie Roiphe - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Greta Gerwig Says She Regrets Working With Woody Allen | HuffPost (on Sunday, she had yet to make a determination on where she stood on the matter)

Top Fox News D.C. Reporter James Rosen Left Network After Harassment Claims : NPR

Post reporter Joel Achenbach suspended for 90 days for 'inappropriate workplace conduct'

What Did James Franco Do to Ally Sheedy?
The brewing James Franco controversy over sexual misconduct allegations, explained - The Washington Post

Outrage Erupts Over Report That Mark Wahlberg Made Over 1000 Times More Than Michelle Williams | HuffPost
Jennifer Bendery on Twitter: what the shit (Marky-Mark is a guy, so)

Michael Douglas Gets Out Front Of Potential Harassment Story To Deny A Sordid Accusation | Deadline - After a storied 50 year career as actor and producer that includes two Oscars, Michael Douglas finds himself accused of something tawdry he said that he didn't do -- masturbate in front of a former employee

Stephen Colbert Presses James Franco on Sexual Harassment Claims : television

Harvey Weinstein Attacked at Scottsdale Restaurant |

Threats prompt lockdown after video of handcuffed teacher spreads - The Boston Globe - A Louisiana school board's office went on temporary lockdown after getting death threats from around the world in response to widely viewed video of a teacher screaming while being handcuffed at a school board meeting ... Women have several times been told to leave meetings, while men who speak out have not been removed ... Superintendent Jerome Puyau gave himself a $38,000 raise, while the board hasn't raised teacher salaries in more than a decade. (do not question our authority)
School board gets death threats after teacher handcuffed after questioning pay raise : news
Teacher's union will be holding a rally in response to Deyshia Hargrave's removal for questioning Superintendent's raise : videos

Tonya Harding Would Like Her Apology Now - The New York Times

What is an imminent danger that nobody seems to be talking about? : AskReddit

What screams "I'm emotionally unstable"? : AskReddit -- the need to control the actions of others. (oh, hello, Adam)
Marijuana extraction accident in New Mexico : WTF (see BloodyFreeze)

'These are bad facts for him': Intel CEO's $24 million stock sale before disclosing the chip flaw could trigger lawsuits, SEC inquiry : technology
NSA discovered Intel security issue in 1995 : technology


In Deepest Cold, a Subway Car Becomes the Shelter of Last Resort - The New York Times
At least 8 dead as heavy rains trigger flooding, mudflows and freeway closures across Southern California - LA Times
Success: EPA set to reduce staff 50% in Trump's first term (success! and fuck your liberul environment)

The App Powering the Uprising in Iran -- Telegram

Why I'm Skeptical of This North Korea Leak ... a word doing a lot of work on Tuesday morning. In fact, there was a word that was moving mountains with a trailer hitch and digging the Suez Canal with a soup ladle. "... quietly debating whether it's possible to mount a limited military strike against North Korean sites without igniting an all-out war on the Korean Peninsula ... "Presumably, such a strike would be a one-off attack that is immediately followed-up by a presidential announcement that this is a warning shot and nothing more" ... I think this was not a strategic leak, but a desperately panicky one. (your military has always been insane with a long history of tragically calamitous blunders)

New US ambassador to Netherlands regularly made unsubstantiated 'no-gone'zones' claims, speculated 15% of Muslims could be jihadists - Pete Hoekstra (R.HI, Dimbulb) (only the best stupid and predudiced)

Classified Military Satellite Goes Missing After SpaceX Launch - Bloomberg

Trump systematically alienates the Latino diaspora -- from El Salvador to Puerto Rico and Mexico (one of Obama's policies he likes)
Trump wants immigration 'bill of love' to protect DREAMers

Wolff: WH officials think if Mueller targets Trump's finances, 'he's sunk' (Trump, not Mueller and that horse left the barn a long time ago)
Michael Wolff: People close to Trump 'afraid' for the country
The White House struggles to silence talk of Trump's mental fitness (unfitness)

WikiLeaks shared the full text of Michael Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' book online. Here's why it may be a problem. - The Washington Post - Whether WikiLeaks could be accused of copyright infringement depends on a few factors, experts say.
WikiLeaks is promoting a pirated copy of Trump book Fire and Fury - The Verge
WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Full text of controversial book on Trump, "Fire and Fury", by Michael Wolff, leaks onto internet:"
WikiLeaks/Assange response to strange FPF "ultimatum"

No Sane Lawyer Would Let Trump Be Interviewed by Mueller

It's Probably Bad That the FBI Had a Mole in Your Campaign - The ballad of Trump 2016.
Fusion GPS founder claimed FBI had Trump source during campaign - The Washington Post -- It was released by the ranking Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California. That decision marks the most serious break yet in the cooperative relationship she has had with the Republican chairman of the committee, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) (Grassfuck is a traitor) "Her action undermines the integrity of the committe's oversight work" (very high integrity from the guy who wanted to arrest the truth)
Democrats Release Fusion GPS Testimony on Trump and Russia - The Daily Beast
'Somebody's already been killed' because of Trump dossier, Fusion GPS rep revealed (by Trump's Russian hitmen)
verostarry comments on Sen. Dianne Feinstein unilaterally releases Fusion GPS testimony (Russians may have compromised McCain in 2008 and Grassley is looking very kompromated, and yes, the Pee-tape is real and there are videos of Trump with underage females)
NYT Report On No Trump-Russia Link Led Steele To Cut Off Contact With FBI -- The Times story reported at a critical moment in the 2016 election campign that the FBI had found no "conclusive or direct link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government ... Simpson testified that the article contradicted Steele and Fusion's own research into Trump's connections with Russia. (who's doing this, they wondered, and decided to "stand down" +NYT fucked the election)

It's easier to wave away 'Trumpism' if you ignore the xenophobia that got him elected ... As is often the case, Brooks is evaluating the right evidence and drawing the wrong conclusion
The Rectification of Names: A Tale of Two White Houses - Longer David Brooks ... While we in the anti-Trump movement, to which I am proud to belong, seem to be getting dumber, sad to say. I'm just about the fiercest anti-Trumper you want to meet, but I'm afraid our movement is getting lowbrow and vulgar, attached to a smug, fairy tale version of reality in which Trump is a semiliterate madman surrounded by morally inferior sycophants (instead of the nuanced and highbrow picture you could get from people who go to the dinner parties where you can find me).

David Nunes Messed With NSA's Most Cherished Surveillance Power -- Usually, Republicans on the intelligence committee are more than happy to OK the Deep State's spying powers. But these are not usual times. (little Russian ratfucker)

Steve Bannon Steps Down From Breitbart Post - The New York Times

Inside a Confederate Rally in Memphis, From Morning Cigarettes to Evening Beers

How "Fox & Friends" Rewrites Trump's Reality -- The thin fourth wall between the President and his TV. (from Murdoch's mouth to your ears)

Secret Pro-Life Meeting With Mike Pence Killed Obamacare Fix -- for Now - Pro-life groups held a behind-closed-doors meeting with VP Mike Pence shortly before the bipartisan compromise deal to patch up Obamacare went down in flames ... met with Pence to lobby the Trump administration against supporting a health-insurance market-stabilization bill on the grounds that it does not contain sufficient language on abortion restrictions (Satancrats in charge)

Sessions' DOJ Charged A White Supremacist With Terrorism. They Just Didn't Tell Anyone. | HuffPost -- "I'm the conductor, bitch" (KKK Sessions says white people can't be terrorists)

Man says Eliot Spitzer threatened to stab him in the penis during dinner | New York Post

Scott Pruitt Is Now a Christian Warrior for the Environment - onathan Chait flagged this paean to Scott Pruitt, Transformative Genius of High Principle, in National Review, America's longest-running journal of mainstream white supremacy.
Interior puts science grants through political review - The Washington Post ... "promote the priorities" of Trump (no "fake science" for you)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hires clerks through 2020 - CNNPolitics

The impending GOP catastrophe in Trump's backyard -- In New York, the Republican Party is coming up empty in its hunt for top statewide candidates. (this is not news)

Court Ends Consent Decree Against RNC "Ballot Security" Activities, Raising New Risks of Voter Suppression ("security" to make sure non-white people don't vote)
Court Strikes Down GOP's North Carolina Congressional Gerrymander ... Republican control of the House, which is built partly on a series of gerrymanders in large swing states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio, as well as Wisconsin, whose maps are currently in front of the Supreme Court.

Oprah Winfrey for President: Have We All Gone Bonkers? (Hollywood, anyway, because "stars")
People are completely missing the point of Oprah'speech -- It wasn't about her. It was about us (it's always about her, and the short "speech" wasn't that great but her audience clapped a lot so it was great)
Oprah Winfrey for President: Have We All Gone Bonkers? (the normalization of incompetent celebrities)

'Hillbilly Elegy' author Vance urged to run for Senate ... about running for Senate in Ohio after the abrupt withdrawal of GOP candidate Josh Mandel last week (hahaha, almost as good as Oprah)

Scoop: WaPo hits 2nd year of profitability, plans expansion - Axios -- The team of nearly 800 journalists will be acquiring additional space in its headquarters building in downtown Washington in 2018. (the new "paper of record" after the Sulzfuckers fucked Hilllary and thumped for Trump)

John Dickerson Of CBS's 'Face the Nation' Is Set To Replace Charlie Rose -- Rose was fired by CBS following allegations of sexual misconduct. (America's new "dad")

A Brief Survey of Our 'Post-Racial' America -- How are things looking out there? - From out in the country, we have another pair of specimens for our traveling museum exhibit, It's not About Race because it's never about race First, out in Kansas, a state with which I no longer care what's wrong ((ooohhh)) a state representative named Steve Alford had some thoughts he thought he'd share hare about African-Americans and marijuana ... "And that." Oh, yeah, thaaaat.

Under Fire From ACLU, New Jersey Reverses Ban On Book About Mass Incarceration : books
The New Jim Crow - the_new_jim_crow_-_intro._-_chapter_2_0.pdf

California Republican Rep. Ed Royce won't seek reelection, creating bigger opening for Democrats ... Still, Royce won reelection in 2016 by 15 percentage points and he had $3.5 million in cash on hand as of the end of September, which put him financially far ahead of his challengers ... Royce was the 35th House Republican nationwide to announce plans to leave Congress this year, but his decision was still unexpected. (lie, cheat, steal, pillage, run away)

Ivanka Trump tries to hop on Oprah's #MeToo message. #MeToo says no thank ... president's daughter is trying to piggyback on Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech.

Memphis Pastor Admits 'Sexual Incident' With High School Student 20 Years Ago ... Andy Savage, a pastor at a Memphis megachurch, received a standing ovation after apologizing to a woman who said he assaulted her when she was a teenager. "It's disgusting." the woman said

Marvel creator Stan Lee is accused of groping nurses | Daily Mail Online
Russell Simmons halts #NotMe campaign | Page Six

Why Cliven Bundy Is Free - Not that it will matter in the end ... So, if you're going to defy lawful authority and gather some folks to draw down on federal officials, apparently, it helps to be old and white. It also helps when the prosecution botches the rules of evidence beyond all recall ... The prosecution apparently let its loyalty to the FBI override its obligations to due process, and it got caught ... king irony to this whole thing: Cliven Bundy and his family and his spavined cattle are all free now because the system he was so hell-bent on defying actually works. I think the cattle will understand this before he does.

HIV positive school assistant accused of sexually assaulting 42 kids gets 190 years : news

Teacher removed from Vermilion school board meeting in handcuff - | Continuous News Coverage | Acadiana-Lafayette - After Hargrave posed several questions, board president Anthony Fontana ruled Hargrave out of order, warning her that the public comment section was not for a question-and-answer session.

An Alt-Right Personality Lost His Job As A Substitute Teacher After Officials Discovered His Identity - Greg Conte, under the alias Greg Ritter, is a director at a prominent white supremacist think tank and had been working at a private all-girls high school since 2014. (Richard Spencer's "tank" +of course he cigars)

Owner of French Press apologizes for "stable genious" Facebook post The post also went on to claim the drinks would "wash the lie out of your mouth." (the trumpies got mad +yet another local TV station refuses to tell yuo what state they are in)

The Worst Part of Dating an Older Guy Is His Texting Habits - My boyfriend is five years older than me. As people in our early 30s and late 20s (generations are now 5 years long)
Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go Away (and why paragraphs are unnecessary, apparently)

Most images of black holes are illustrations. Here's what our telescopes actually capture.

ELI5: What are quaternions and octonions? What are they used for and how? : explainlikeimfive

In Alzheimer's disease, tau, an abnormal protein, spreads in a prion-like manner from neuron to neuron within the brain, similar to the spread of an infection, to cause nerve cell death, finds a new study using advance brain imaging. Blocking its spread may prevent the disease from taking hold.

My college's anti-cheating pens are perfect for cheating. : funny

This Is the Data Snapchat Doesn't Want You to See -- The data shows that despite its perception as a nascent social platform, Snapchat is much more of a chat app ... Snapchat already lost $443 million in the third quarter of 2017 and desperately needs to prove to investors that it can successfully monetize ... In the meantime, the company is preparing to move into a brand new 300,000-square-foot office in Santa Monica. The building is a pitch black cube-like structure with giant black reflective windows. (paranoid asshole Evan Spiegel says it's all very secret +techbro culture +monitize this, suckers)

Inside the Semiconductor Industry's Meltdown ("meltdown," haha)


Netanyahu son bragged about gas deal outside strip club, tape reveals | World news | The Guardian - My dad made an awesome deal for your dad

BBC China editor Carrie Gracie quits post in equal pay row - BBC News - citing pay inequality with male colleagues ... who has been at the BBC for more than 30 years -- accused the corporation of having a "secretive and illegal pay culture" ... two-thirds of its stars earning more than #150,000 were male. The BBC said there was "no systemic discrimination against women" (Beeb says don't believe your lyin' eyes)

Trump's Twitter Threats Put American Credibility on the Line

When Deportation Is a Death Sentence | The New Yorker - Hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the U.S. may face violence and murder in their home countries. What happens when they are forced to return? (Repubicans love killing innocent people)
Trump Administration Says That Nearly 200,000 Salvadorans Must Leave - The New York Times (Repubicans are real fuckers)

Trump Administration Set for Broad Engagement with Russia in Early 2018 - Ending an Obama policy of isolating Moscow, the top military leaders of NATO and Russia are planning to meet in Azerbaijan later this month.

Initial talks underway about Trump interview in Mueller Russia probe - NBC News - Anticipating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will ask to interview President Donald Trump, the president's legal team is discussing a range of potential options for the format, including written responses to questions in lieu of a formal sit-down (so he wouldn't have to "think")
Has Trump Obstructed Justice? It Looks Like It - President* Trump has attempted to obstruct justice, among other things.

It's time for Democrats to take this drastic step on Trump and Russia -- Democrats need to ensure that the transcripts of testimony delivered to Congress by the co-founders of the firm that commissioned the so-called Steele Dossier are made public. Hardball procedural tactics toward this end do exist: A Democratic senator can try to make the transcripts public by reading them into the congressional record on the floor.

Scoop: Trump's secret, shrinking schedule - Axios - which almost always means TV and Twitter time alone in the residence (all downhill)
Why 'exectutive time' is a particularly bleak scoop about President Trump ... part-time president ("executive" = "toddler")

You're Not NeverTrump Unless You're NeverRyan and NeverMcConnell - The Republican Party's brain disease has seized full control.

Jared Kushner's company under renewed scrutiny over Chinese and Israeli deals | US news | The Guardian - Family s real estate company received a subpoena from the SEC, and separately questions have been raised about his business dealings in Israel
Russian lawyer believes she met Ivanka after 2016 Trump Tower meeting | TheHill (lock her up!)

'Fire and Fury' proves an often-forgotten rule: Don't assume 'we're off the record' -- Margaret Sullivan

Fire breaks out on Trump Tower roof - NY Daily News (symbolic)

Stephen Miller escorted off set after heated CNN interview | TheHill (asshole refused to leave hahaha)

Democratic plan for 2018: Play hardball just like Republicans - Oppose, oppose, oppose, just like the GOP. Unless they can notch big, clear wins, Democrats should shelve compromise until 2019 or 2021.

Cliven Bundy walks free as judge dismisses Bundy Ranch standoff case
Charges Against Bundys in Ranch Standoff Case Are Dismissed - The New York Times
Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out in another stunning blow to government | - By Maxine Bernstein (the sheer incompetence and mendacity of the Federal prosecution team is breathtaking, they bungled an important case. Look for the State of Bundy in the near future +male bullying, of course)
Bundy Trial dismissed due to 'flagrant prosecutorial misconduct,' cannot be refiled : news - the same guy who tried to extort Burning Man by demanding over a million dollars worth of lavish over the top accommodations for BLM staff as a condition of getting their permit for the event. This was one of the main reasons he lost his job.
15 confidential sources fed FBI info from Malheur National Wildlife Refuge |

UPDATED: Grand jury takes sworn testimony in Burlington College case - VTDigger - he federal probe into a 2010 land deal orchestrated by former Burlington College president Jane Sanders, wife of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., has deepened. (Jane's going to jail, will Bernie be found to be an accomplice?)

Acclaimed book The New Jim Crow banned in some New Jersey prisons | US news | The Guardian - ACLU writes to state after finding influential 2010 work on 'mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness' by Michelle Alexander is banned at two jails (authoritarian racist assholes don't wan't you to know how racist they are)
ACLU Says New Jersey Prisons' Banning of "the New Jim Crow" Is Unconstitutional

On Florida's 'Forgotten Coast,' a Supreme Court fight over fresh water (Georgia wants to steal all the water and the Army! says fine)

Rep. Steve Alford cites belief blacks more susceptible to marijuana - State Rep. Steve Alford, R-Ulysses, made an ostensibly racist comment when citing domestic Jim Crow-era drug policies. "the African Americans, they were basically users and they basically responded the worst off to those drugs just because of their character makeup, their genetics and that." (old white asshole)

Man who vandalized Colorado mosque kills himself - CBS News - two days after he was sentenced to three years in wellness court and six months of work release for throwing rocks and a Bible through the windows of the Islamic Center of Fort Collins.
Texas couple ordered to pay enslaved nanny $121,000 : news (7 months for slavery in Texas and they compensated her at $8/hr)

Golden Globes: A watchable revolution, with Oprah leading the way - The Washington Post
Golden Globe fashion was a blur of black accessorized with activism - The Washington Post
'A new day is on the horizon' : Read Oprah Winfrey's stirring Golden Globes speech
Oprah for president in 2020? Here's everything you need to know. (she knows crap about government but she's a tv star and that worked so well last time)
NBC Takes Down Tweet Calling Oprah Winfrey 'OUR future President'
Oprah Winfrey'S presidential candidate-esque Golden Globes speech, annotated (not that impressive, but the bar has been lowered into minus numbers)
The Case Against President Oprah - Nope-rah? (celibriculture)
Get a grip, people. Oprah should not run for president. - The Washington Post

Bella Thorne Said She Was Sexually And Physically Abused Until She Was 14

Dylan Farrow Is Calling Out People Who Support Both Anti-Harassment Efforts and Woody Allen - "The people who join this movement without taking any kind of personal accountability for the ways in which [they've] helped to perpetuate the culture they are fighting against"

Coachella Is Banning All Marijuana Use -- Despite California Legalization

What Unspeakable Hell Is This, Part II - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Ari Fleischer and Ollie North return on Fox!l ... buncha old white guys telling old white guys what to think)

Does your boss 'phub' you to focus on a smartphone? Science explains why that's a stupid move (must be a millennial boss)

The Future of Work, a History - POLITICO Magazine - America has a long, complicated track record of dreading that robots would take our jobs.

Lana Del Rey says Radiohead is suing her for plagiarizing 'Creep' (from the creeps who stole it in the first place and patented the "minor fourth" chord)

Caffinated colons - Lawyers, Guns & Money Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - he company that takes money from wealthy women in return for dangerous things to stick in their orifices - is catching some well-deserved flack for hawking coffee enemas and a $135 kit to jet java up the far end of your digestive system.
Who said it: Ivanka Trump or Gwyneth Paltrow? - Home | Because News | CBC Radio

Bam Margera Arrested for DUI : television

Why Some Shopping Malls May Be in Deeper Trouble Than You Think - Bloomberg - Smaller stores quietly not renewing leases, Green Street says

We are licensed mental health professionals here to answer your questions about Domestic Violence (and other topics) AMA! : IAmA

CDC Reports that US women are entering pregnancy at increasingly unhealthy and potentially dangerous weights : science

TIL that Genghis Khan slaughtered the inhabitants of an entire city because they killed his son-in-law. Khans grieving daughter requested that all citizens be decapitated to ensure they were dead and that pyramids be built from their skulls : todayilearned

Two Experiments Show Fourth Spatial Dimension Effect : science

Boston Dynamics releases a new robot : videos

/u/iGotYouThisCake continues to update Reddit on her dark secret life on 1$ cake making on her throwaway account 5 years later : bestof
I think my teenage son may have sodomized our dog. I'm not sure what to do. Help me Reddit. : AskReddit
What's been explained to you repeatedly, but you still don't understand
What's the one Reddit Post that you will never forget? : AskReddit
Netflix's 'The End of the F***ing World' Is Pitch-Black Perfection: Review : television
What is a LPT you've adopted that has really changed your life? : AskReddit

Google Memo Author James Damore Sues Company For Discrimination Against White Males - Damore, Gudeman, and other class members were ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males
The FCC thinks american broadband standards are too fast and defined too aggressively: 10Mbps download, 1Mbps upload speed will be the new minimum standard, wireless service will qualify as broadband availability. : technology (make American slow again, go Trumpies)


Whole ocean is frozen, INSANE! - YouTube - Old Silver Beach - North Falmouth, MA | January 2018

How U.S. Intelligence Agencies Underestimated North Korea - The New York Times (one of the untold stories of Barry's admin, the complete failure of U.S. intelligence in the two most critical areas: Russian interference and NK rockets/h-bombs, while Barry was droning children in in the basement and locking up whistleblowers/journos)

Ex-Iranian president Ahmadinejad arrested for inciting unrest -- comments against Rouhani government amid rallies have led authorities to seek to place him under house arrest (I'm a dinner-jacket)
Iran's Protesters Want One Thing: Accountability

TIL In 2008 a British man traveling to Dubai was sentenced to 4 years in prison after being caught with 0.003g of Cannabis, Which was stuck to his shoe. : todayilearned

Stockholm metro explosion: Injuries reported after blast in Sweden capital : news

Sunday Book Review: The Red Army and the Second World War - Lawyers, Guns & Money

20 groups that advocate boycotting Israel will now be denied entry - The Washington Post (no, you are not free to not buy our struff and you can't talk about it either)

Latvia, a disappearing nation -- the exodus triggered by Latvia's accession to the EU. Since joining the bloc, nearly a fifth of the nation has left to work in more affluent EU nations: The U.K., Ireland, Germany.

We are being defeated in a digital war -- but there is still time to fight back ... 1 per cent of social-media users as content creators; 9 per cent as curators sharing content; while 90 per cent POLITICO - he exodus triggered by Latvia are simply consumers. We need to mobilize that 90 per cent, to get them off the sidelines to produce authentic content (good luck with that)
Pro-Russia Twitter Trolls Take Aim at Special Counsel Robert Mueller | WIRED -- 16 percent of the articles shared by those accounts between December 9 and December 31 were related in some way to the so-called deep state, the bulk of which aimed to discredit Mueller. That's a lot of tweets ... a volume of conversation that, in late November, was reserved for the right's favorite punching bag, Hillary Clinton

Eschaton: The Best People - Heckuva job. White House officials believe that chief of staff John Kelly's personal cellphone was compromised, potentially as long ago as December, according to three U.S. government officials. (he was downloading Russian porn but he's a Republican and a guy so it's all ok, no need for endless hearings and cries of "lock him up")

Here are the people closest to Trump who might doubt his mental fitness - The Washington Post
Trump is now dangerous -- that makes his mental health a matter of public interest
Schiff: We have a seriously flawed human being in the Oval Office'

WikiLeaks shares full text of Wolff's Trump book (shares? or "steals?) "
Billionaire Democrat Tom Steyer: We're Hand-Delivering New Anti-Trump Book to All of Congress

Donald Trump and the Rule of Law | The New Yorker -- contempt for the rule of law. The week began with a tweet from the President that, in a quasi-normal political environment, would have led to an impeachment investigation ... Richard Nixon earned eternal disgrace for keeping a list of his political enemies, but he, at least, was ashamed enough of the practice to know that he had to keep it secret. Trump, in contrast, is openly calling for the Department of Justice, which he controls, to put his political opponents in jail. This kind of behavior is a trademark of the authoritarians he admires, like Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Republicans, the party of patriotism, are all traitors)

Mueller's Russia investigation turns its attention to Ivanka Trump -- contacts with Russian officials who attended the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, marking the first known time that she has come under scrutiny in the federal probe. (lock the brown-eyed blond up, really)
House GOP intensifies assault on Mueller probe | TheHill (little Russian ratfucker Nunes needs life in prison)
Ties to Israel Deepen Even With Mideast Diplomatic Role (they are all so slimy +great pic of Javanka)

Eschaton: Sunday, Sunday - Even the New York Post...

Eschaton: The NYT Is Bad - Also, too, NPR. Stop defending them.
A Hypothesis About The NY Times Political Reporters | Mike the Mad Biologist - One example is Maggie Haberman's attempt to convince followers that Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, supports rightwing racist and disgraced Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio (they've always been Republican hacks because you can't be a "seriouis journalist" without being a Republican hack)
Heidi N Moore on Twitter: "If you get off on proximity to power, consider that journalism is not for you. Be a political aide or a PR. Journalists question power." This is how we got Judy Miller. Judy Miller is how we got the Iraq War. This batch of NYT journos on Trump will give us a *nuclear* war ... Because journalists in Mexico or Turkey have to worry about being assassinated for asking questions. They do it anyway. (talkin' about you, Maggie)

A Real 'Very Stable Genius' Doesn't Call Himself One - The Atlantic - Hint: not by discussing IQ ... they know what they don't know

Purchasing Pundits: The Ezra Klein Edition? | Mike the Mad Biologist -- How much is the insurance industry paying Ezra Klein? ... Probably $15,000-$25,000
Krugman Discovers the Congressional Retirement Plan -- the "K-Street end game." (nine years later)

Eschaton: Everybody Is Corrupt But Me - Everybody in economics was pure. I think this kind of bias is prevalent in a lot of professions, but it's especially funny in economics, which is entirely (supposedly) about how people behave in response to incentives. But, yes, I think journalists do it too, which might be even more ridiculous.
Eschaton: Not Me - Ross Douthat is probably the worst pundit I can think of based on this. Even when he's playing "reasonable conservative" it's all about how the world should work, and not about how people might be starving and dying. Liberal pundits are guilty, too.

Breitbart editor fires back at Trump over Bannon attack: "Outrageous"
Exclusive: Bannon apologizes - Axios (very sorry for calling Don Jr a traitor)

Jake Tapper Cuts Off WH Adviser Stephen Miller in Tense Interview - The Daily Beast
KING: Stephen Miller is the latest liar and bigot on Team Trump - NY Daily News

Official who improperly helped Redskins owner cut down trees picked as National Park Service deputy director - The Washington Post ... who improperly helped Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder cut down more than 130 trees to improve a river view at his Potomac, Md., estate has been chosen by the Trump administration to be one of the agency's highest-ranking leaders.

Did Jeff Sessions Just Increase the Odds Congress Will Make Marijuana Legal? - POLITICO Magazine - The attorney general has created intolerable uncertainty for a growing industry that is now demanding legal protections from Congress. And lawmakers are listening ... an industry that was worth $7.9 billion in 2017, called Sessions' action revoking "outrageous" and "economically stupid" (the KKKeebler elf at work fucking things up, making prohibition great again)

Eric Garland Has Blown Our Cover - Terrible news. Project Gizmodnik, our brilliant plan to secretly infiltrate the U.S. tech media for the glorification of Matushka Rossiya's Great Leader Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump and/or the destruction of global capitalism*, has been compromised by American "super spy" Eric Garland

The Alt-Right's Asian Fetish -- "yellow fever" ... dating Asian women is practically a "white-nationalist rite of passage' ... myth one: hardworking "model minority" ... myth two: subservient hypersexuality

That Term "Due Process," I Do Not Think ...
Are men accused of harassment denied due process? Or are the victims? - Vox - When we worry that due process is dead, whose due process are we talking about? -- On Friday, the New York Times published an op-ed by the writer Daphne Merkin mourning the death of due process as a result of the post-Weinstein reckoning. (the "re-normalization of sex through corporate consensus" lady, see below)

Stars Will Take Activists to the Golden Globes Red Carpet - The New York Times
Amber Tamblyn: Redefining the Red Carpet - The New York Times
Golden Globes: Actress Evan Rachel Wood urges stars to 'circle predators' : movies

Maria Contreras-Sweet leads Weinstein Co bid Bob Weinstein out staff in | Deadline

Female coach of boys team faces felony sex charges : news

Ex-Giants quarterback Joe Pisarcik faces sexual harassment lawsuit | Giants Wire -- found himself in hot water after allegedly sexually harassing female staff members of the National Football League Alumni Association, where he worked as chief executive ... Slickmeyer accuses Pisarcik of twice smacking her on the buttocks, while the other women claim he massaged their shoulders and backs, braided their hair and openly discussed his interest in them sexually. (let's put a football man-boy jerk in charge of women, what would go wrong?)

Chiefs blow a 21-3 lead and lose another home playoff game - Marcus Mariota threw a pass that was batted in the air, and he caught it and dove into the end zone for a touchdown. It's only the second time in NFL history a quarterback has thrown a touchdown to himself, and the first time in playoff history

More than $100K raised for Moore accuser whose home was destroyed in suspicious fire | TheHill
Sarah Silverman's response to a Twitter troll is a master class in compassion - Blog | q | CBC Radio

Sleeping less than the recommended eight hours a night is associated with intrusive, repetitive thoughts like those seen in anxiety or depression, according to new research from Binghamton University, State University of New York. : science

Tap water in neti pots behind two brain-eating amoeba deaths, investigation finds : news

What Chappelle was saying by telling us the story of Iceberg Slim. : television
[Serious] Girls of Reddit who had a sugar daddy in your teens (17-21), what made you do it, or was it by choice? Do you have any regrets? : AskReddit
People who preface questions here with "people of Reddit" or something similar: who else do you think is reading this? (multiple recursions)
What is your most useful NSFW lifehack? : AskReddit - If it looks infected, it probably is.
Marcus Mariota just threw a touchdown to himself. : videos
Me and the 250 pound alligator named Casper that I work with at a Florida wildlife rescue. I call this "crocfit"
Women of Reddit, how aware are you that your boob is touching our elbow? : AskReddit


CDC To Teach The Public How To Prepare For A Nuclear Explosion | HuffPost - Brace yourselves, and educate yourselves ... The agency said most people "don't realize that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation."
As the weather wreaks havoc on pipes, plumbers are hard to come by - The Boston Globe
The 99 best things that happened in 2017

The U.S. Wanted to Discuss Iran. Russia Brought Up Black Lives Matter. - The New York Times ... The Russian ambassador, Vasily A. Nebenzya, was more blunt. He asked rhetorically why the Security Council had not taken up the issue of Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Mo., which were at times also met with a violent police response. (Icky Nikki using crisis to boost Trumpster)

'Romantic encounter' set off Australia's role in triggering Donald Trump investigation - a woman in London with whom Papadopoulos became involved happened to know Alexander Downer and told the Australian High Commissioner about Papadopoulos, a newly signed staffer for Donald Trump. Downer, being a canny diplomat, followed it up and arranged a meeting with the young American,

Trump book author says his revelations will bring down U.S. president
It's happening here - Lawyers, Guns & Money - We are now is such a degraded political culture that the fact that the president of the United States threatened to seek a prior restraint on the publication of a book critical of him hardly registers with the public. ... It is a quintessentially authoritarian gesture. That this kind of thing is now so normalized that it generates little outcry
It's Happening Here II - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The more evidence that emerges for Trump's unfitness for office, the more tightly the Republican Party circles the wagons in his defense:
Brian Stelter on Twitter: Here are the RNC's weekend talking points about Michael Wolff's book. (A source shared these with me)
Nick Confessore on Twitter: "Wolff's book is an elaboration of what the best WH reporters have been chronicling in real time his year, not a contradiction of it. ... #MaggieHabermanIsJudithMillerWithAPenis

Trump boasts that he's 'like, really smart' and a 'very stable genious' amid questions over his mental fitness (and completely delusional)
Donald Trump Just Called Himself 'A Very Stable Genius' | HuffPost - "My two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart."
Trump Defends His Mental Capacity, Calling Himself a 'Very Stable Genious'
A rich text - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their lapdogs, the Fake News Mainstream Media, are taking out the old Ronald Reagan playbook and screaming mental stability and intelligence..
Sarah Sanders: Americans who aren't "celebrating" Trump are "mentally unfit" (said a mouth of Satan)
The Increasing Unfitness of Donald Trump | The New Yorker - The West Wing has come to resemble the dankest realms of Twitter, in which everyone is racked with paranoia and everyone despises everyone else.

And the Trumpie goes to .?.?. - The Washington Post -- the apricot swirl atop the president's head (there were so many signs)

Senate Republicans become Trump accomplices in manipulating the system - The Washington Post (Grassyfuck and Tinkerbell)

SEC Looks Into Kushner Cos. Over Use of EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors - WSJ - Probe is being conducted in collaboration with Brooklyn U.S. attorney's office, which issued similar subpoena

Eschaton: "More Skilled" - Which ones? -- More than half a dozen of the more skilled White House staff are contemplating imminent departures. Many leaving are quite fearful about the next chapter of the Trump presidency.

>Eschaton: And He Just Published It - It's petty, but watching Maggie Haberman and her NYT fellow travelers turn their brand to shit has been fun.
Eschaton: I Pitched This Dystopian Novel To My Editor - He said no one would believe this "Trump" character.

Eschaton: EvenTheLiberal - Back in the day, conservatives and the mainstream press would cite The Old New Republic ("even the liberal New Republic...") to bless conservative policies. This was a con because The Old New Republic was extremely conservative on most issues. You could do a "National Review or The New Republic" quiz and have a hard time figuring out which was which ... Why do liberals constantly look for validation from Republicans and conservatives. Who cares of some former W. flunky doesn't like Trump? I don't get it.

Eschaton: It Was A Dumb Slogan, Brent - Much can be written about how conservatives get to claim to be the real stewards of "True America" and liberals don't. It's stupid and unfair, fine. But "America is Already Great" is probably the stupidest thing ever said by a Democratic presidential candidate ever. I don't get why people keep justifying it. Bill was mocked for "I feel your pain" but...that was good. Trump is a senile bullshitter, and all of us savvy people knew that, but the Clinton campaign fucked up and I am tired of people defending it. "America is already great." Whatever.
"America Is Already Great" ... the saying rang unbelievably tone-deaf in a nation that was experiencing near-record levels of inequality, the shattering of families via state-sanctioned violence and staggering rates of incarceration, the frontal assault on democracy by way of dark money and voter suppression, and so on. (thanks, Barry)

In Calling For politicians' Arrest, an ICE Official Embraces His New Extremist Image
The Fascist Who Leads a Fascist Agency - Lawyers, Guns & Money - disturbing but not surprising that the head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal agency dedicated to ethnic cleansing and filled with fascist agents is led by a fascist.

McConnell dances on Bannon<'s grave -- But with nasty Republican primaries on the horizon, the Senate majority leader is hardly in the clear. (Yertle the fuck-turtle) /a>

Legal Marijuana is Far from Inevitable - Lawyers, Guns & Money

If the poor must work to earn every dollar, shouldn't the rich? (oh, they work very, very hard screwing you)
New Frontiers in the Post-Employment Economy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - walked into a beer bar and was struck that this bar employed no bartenders. Instead, patrons pour their own beer. I was unaware that bartenders were a problem that needed a solution, but then I am not one of our Tech Betters Disrupting for Innovation and New Paradigms. (next: robot bartenders will screw up your drinks)
The Real Future of Work - POLITICO Magazine - Forget automation. The workplace is already cracking up in profound ways, and Washington is sorely behind on dealing with it ... Over the past two decades, the U.S. labor market has undergone a quiet transformation, as companies increasingly forgo full-time employees and fill positions with independent contractors, on-call workers or temps ... "contingent workforce" (full-time jobs w/benefits are over, just work more, see above)

Hawaii has record-low unemployment and it's not a frozen hellscape. Why are people leaving? ... low unemployment ... great weather ... Hawaii has the most expensive housing in the nation and the worst homelessness except for D.C. ... (+tourism is their industry: lots of dead-end low-pay jobs)

LISTEN: Spitzer chides blackmailer in alleged recording (GRAPHIC) - NY Daily News -- Svetlana Zakharova Travis (Elliot the stupid)

The Crimes of Millard Fillmore - Lawyers, Guns & Money - his role in the passage of the notorious Fugitive Slave Act ... By pushing this compromise, Fillmore capitulated to the demands of the slave-holding South, fractured his party and helped set the stage for secession a decade later. (1850)

Pressuring harassers to quit can end up protecting them - The Washington Post - Kozinski ... With his immediate retirement, it appears that he has essentially shut down the federal judiciary's investigation of his conduct and deflected further revelations in the press. That allows him to disappear, quietly receiving his pension, until the outrage dies down.

A history of the final dying days of the power suit - The Washington Post (symbol of male power)

Trouble In Team Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Kraft - Belichick - Brady war)

Fewer teens are having sex as declines in risky behaviors continue - The Washington Post - about ongoing progress in reducing risky behavior by teenagers, who are becoming pregnant, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using marijuana at rates lower than younger people before them

Five myths about exercise - The Washington Post

Why are college tuitions rising so fast? A common idea is that cuts in state funding cause schools to raise prices. Two studies question this claim, though, finding that for every $100 cut in student subsidies, tuitions rise only $5-25. This suggests other factors are fueling rapidly rising costs. : science

Mecxs comments on For every 50 upvotes when Garlicoin goes live I will eat 1 clove of garlic on live stream. [No Bamboozle]

(NSFW) What have you found out about someone that you would never tell them you know? : AskReddit

Memphis mega-church pastor accused of sexual assault : news

Michigan dairy farmer gets prison time for hiring undocumented immigrants : news

Pulse gunman's wife: I knew he was going to Orlando to attack : news
Police chief arrested for soliciting agent posing as 14-year-old in online sting : news

AdDuplex Windows Device Statistics Report for November 2017
A Japanese youtuber's reaction to Logal Paul : videos
My husband's uncle didn't like one of the gifts we got him for Christmas so he sent it back to us with this letter. I don't think we'll get him anything at all next year. : pics
Maryland substitute teacher fired after 'alt-right' views discovered by students : news


Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation | Public Health Grand Rounds | CDC (and here we are)
The One Spot That Could Feel Like Minus 100

American Detained by U.S. Military Says He Wants to Sue - The New York Times (black-bagged, no Constitutional rights for you)

The GOP is sabotaging this sacred mandate - The Washington Post (2020 census will not count democrats, black people and immigrants, burning government down and stealing everything)

The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump's mental state: this is "an emergency" - The case for evaluating the president's mental capacity -- by force if necessary (send him to the quiet room)

Republican Senators Raise Possible Charges Against Author of Trump Dossier - The New York Times (they are getting very desparate - Grassley and tinkerbell Graham)
Why Hasn't Rod Rosenstein Recused Himself from the Mueller Investigation?
Republican Senators Target Christopher Steele< -- nd the Reason Is Obvious -- Anything to distract from the big picture: Putin's attack on the US and Trump-Russia contacts. ... The Republican Party, which for decades claimed it was the party that championed patriotism and national security, has jettisoned these priorities for Trump protectionism. (Republicans are at war with the truth, we'll see how that goes) /a>

Schiff on New York Times report: The case that Trump obstructed justice just got stronger - The Washington Post
Paul Ryan backed Nunes in spat with Justice Department over Russia documents, sources say - CNNPolitics (the little Russian ratfucker)
Obstruction Inquiry Shows Trump's Struggle to Keep Grip on Russia Investigation
Amid Already Chaotic Week, Trump Faces New Questions On Potential Obstruction Of Justice | HuffPost - A news report details how Trump sought to keep Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia probe.
The New York Times report contains a heap of legal trouble for Trump and Sessions - The Washington Post
Follow the money - The Washington Post - The Trump family has had longstanding real estate and licensing dealings with questionable business associates, some of them Russian and some of them not ...

Rod Rosenstein Recused Himself from the Mueller Investigation?

FBI launches new Clinton Foundation investigation | TheHill (Republicans are immune to hypocracy)
The FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation - The Washington Post
Republicans Weaponizing the Law Against Trump's Enemies

'Fire and Fury' author Wolff calls Trump least credible person who has ever walked on earth ... "They all say he is like a child. And what they mean by that is, he has a need for immediate gratification. It is all about him (great, toddler-in-chief with his litthe thumb on the button)
'Fire And Fury' Author Defends Book After Trump Slams It As 'Phony' And 'Full Of Lies' | HuffPost - "extraordinary" that the president tried to stop the publication.
"Jerk" "Egomaniac" "expendable" "Wart" : Trump Excommunicates Bannon and the Base Follows Suit - The angry tide against the Breitbart chairman reached a fever pitch in the midst of Michael Wolff-gate. But it was actually a long time coming.
It's Been an Open Secret All Along -- The scandal of Michael Wolff's new book isn't its salacioius details -- it's that everyone in Washington has known its key themes, and refused to act
Eschaton: Who To Root For In The War Between Anal Cyst And Pancreatic Cancer - Pancreatic cancer will always win ... All this is fun but I repeat my regular point that The Left never gets the kind of obsessive coverage. (remember "No Drama Obama?")
Eschaton: Crass Commercialism - Wolff spent the year disparaging other journalists and playing a long con on the Trumpkins. I give him that much! Watching the NYT gang trying to knock Wolff has been funny (I've expressed my opinions about Wolff, but I don't have my own competing book that hasn't yet come out. Poor Maggie).
Eschaton: The Best People - All that gossip doesn't matter much, but the fact that there was so much gossip does tell us that these are deeply incompetent people. Obvious, I know, but still.

The Wolff lines on Trump that ring unambiguously true - Axios (Trump is a sick fuck moron and America is screwed)
The Worst Thing Donald Trump Says in Michael Wolff's Book -- Once again, the commander in chief rhetorically reduces a woman to a body part. (Sally Yates is a "cunt")

Everyone in Trumpworld Knows He's an Idiot (but get this: the plan is for Trump to appoint President Ivanka)

I asked Trump a blunt question: Do you read? - The Washington Post (no)
Led by the Mercers, Bannon's Allies Abandon Him
Bannon Banished for Telling Truths About Trump as MAGA Monsters Turn on Each Other - Watching Bannon fall victim to the claws of the monster he helped create
Steve Bannon was warned - Axios -- to lay off Jared Kushner
rump campaign digital director: 'Not one person made a decision' withought Kushner and Eric Trump's 'approval' ... it could raise new questions about Kushner and Eric Trump for the Russia investigation

The Trouble With Kirsten Gillibrand - Now, some Democratic senators have expressed remorse that they jumped on the push-Al-Franken-off-the-cliff-without-a-hearing train. But its conductor is full steam ahead

The Daily 202: Trump administration angers vulnerable Republicans with offshore-drilling expansion and marijuana crackdown - The Washington Post
61% of Americans favor legalizing marijuana | Pew Research Center

I've Studied the Trump-Fox Feedback Loop for Months. It's Crazier Than You Think. (Murdoch behind the throne controlling Trump's brain or what's left of it)

Trump's new war on marijuana, explained -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions is unleashing federal law enforcement

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel quits - The shocking move leaves Republicans with barely a month to find a formidable candidate in a key state. The filing deadline is Feb. 7.

Cummings hospitalized as wife suspends campaign for governor - POLITICO

Roy Moore's Gadsden home burns; arson investigation underway - Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson lost her home Tuesday in a fire that is now under investigation by the Etowah County Arson Task Force.

Wisconsin Is Quietly Becoming The Top Senate Race Of 2018 | HuffPost (Tammy Baldwin targeted by billionaires)

Paul Haggis Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Three More Women | Deadline - Paul Haggis today postulated that the new charges were a tactic to force a mutimillion dollar settlement or the result of his long estrangement from Scientology.
Oscar-winning filmmaker Haggis accused of rape, sex assault

Publicly, We Say #MeToo. Privately, We Have Misgivings. - The New York Times - Daphne Merkin -- "what happened to flirting?" ... We are witnessing the re-moralization of sex, not via the Judeo-Christian ethos but via a legalistic, corporate consensus. (oh please)

FX internal investigation: 'No findings' of Louis CK sexual misconduct. : television

Sleeping woman sexually assaulted on Spirit Airlines flight by man sitting between her and his wife, officials say - The Washington Post

Man in Georgia shot and killed in his home by deputies after 911 call claiming woman was trying to kill family members : news - Shot him through a window huh? Sounds like they rolled up with the outcome of this call already in their minds.

Black unemployment rate falls to record low : news

Beginning of the end for New England Patriots? Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick internal power struggle

Brooklyn boy, 6, comes home from school with both arms broken, education officials pointing fingers : news
PS 106 in Queens shamed by parents as the world's worst primary school

'Casablanca' director Michael Curtiz is finally getting the recognition he deserves - LA Times

The science is in: exercise won't help you lose much weight -- Exercise accounts for a small portion of daily calorie burn
What to know about the "raw water" trend - A new Silicon Valley craze could make people sick. (they don't believe in vaccines and flouridation, either)
Purity Through Food: How Religious Ideas Sell Diets - The Atlantic - offers little but sanctimony.
Is Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop pseudoscience winning? -- Goop has been called out for bullshit over and over. But the brand seems to be stronger than ever.

Is the feminine voice that many gay men seem to have something that they do intentionally, or is it their natural speaking voice? If it's intentional, why? If it's their natural speaking voice, why don't more heterosexual men speak this way? : AskReddit ... men who have the accent do not have it when they are waking up from anesthesia. It usually only takes them a few minutes to get it back, but categorically if they are unconscious, they don't have it automatically when waking up.
Do I sound gay? - YouTube | Do I Sound Gay? - Official Trailer I HD I Sundance Selects - YouTube

TIL Neanderthals'tracheal anatomy suggests they had high-pitched, raspy voices, like Julia Child.

Alcohol raises the risk of developing cancer. : science

TIL that staring into a mirror in a dim room for a long time can make you hallucinate : todayilearned
John Dee's spirit mirror - The British Library

Promising anti-obesity drug that shrinks fat without suppressing appetite - Researchers discover a drug that has been shown to selectively shrink excess fat by increasing fat cell metabolism, to significantly reduce body weight and blood cholesterol levels without lowering food intake in obese mice. : science

Redditor blisteringly explains Steve Bannon's mindset and relationship with Trump : bestof
random-dent comments on Scoop: Wolff taped interviews with Bannon, top officials

Nearly 200,000 people have signed a petition to have Logan Paul kicked off YouTube after controversy over his filming of a dead body in Japan's 'Suicide Forest' : news
Football with storm Eleanor : gifs
My Dad had surgery today to become a woman. My Mum still has a good sense of humour about it all. Here's what she got her. : funny


Here's what a Massachusetts snowstorm looks like acrso : pics
s the street from the ocean. : videos

14 Dead, Hundreds Injured In Fiery South Africa Train Crash | HuffPost - The train struck a lorry, derailed and burst into flames. (no crossing gates, because Zuma, what could go wrong)

Iran protests: General declares 'sedition' defeated - BBC News

How cartoons are skewering Trump's taunts of a bigger nuclear button

Top FBI, DOJ officials huddle with Ryan to talk dossier - The Washington Post (sorry Republifucks, it's all real)
Trump Org. gave Russia-related docs to Mueller and Hill - CNNPolitics - The Trump Organization has provided documents on a range of events, conversations and meetings (the beans)

Eschaton: Wolff - There was more: Everybody was painfully aware of the increasing pace of his repetitions. It used to be inside of 30 minutes he'd repeat, word-for-word and expression-for-expression, the same three stories -- now it was within 10 minutes. Indeed, many of his tweets were the product of his repetitions -- he just couldn't stop saying something -- they all -- 100 percent -- ame to belivee he was incapable of functioning in his job. At Mar-a-Lago, just before the new year, a heavily made-up Trump failed to recognize a succession of old friends.
"He's going to unravel" Psychiatrist warns members of Congress about Trump in secret briefing (not much ravel left to un)
It's Been an Open Secret All Along - The Atlantic - everyone in Washington has known its key themes, and refused to act.

Bannon's Treason Charge Is Milder Than Money Laundering - Bloomberg

Trump Demands That Publisher Halt Release of Critical Book - The New York Times (no freedom of the press for you)

Trump portrayed as uninformed, unprepared and lacking focus in unflattering new book - The Washington Post (so 62 million Americans elected their demented dumb uncle for pres)
"You Can't Make This Shit Up" : My Year Inside Trump's Insane White House
Michael Wolff tells a juicy tale in his new Trump book. But should we believe it? - The Washington Post (dumb question)

Top 20 Revelations from Trump 'Fire and Fury' Book About Golden Showers, Ivanka, Bannon and More ... Hope Hicks was ... Trump's real daughter and Ivanka was ... his real wife ... for all practical purposes he was no more than semiliterate

Mercer issues rare public rebuke of former ally Bannon - The Washington Post (Breitbart considering dumping him)

Trump attorney sends Bannon cease and desist letter over 'disparaging' comments
Scoop: Wolff taped interviews with Bannon, top officials - Axios (whoops)
White House Bans Staff From Using Personal Mobile Phones at Work - Bloomberg - Trump administration cites security concerns for new policy

Scoop: White House officials discuss removing Katie Walsh from outside group - Axios - , after comments she reportedly made to the author Michael Wolff ... "Figuring out what Trump wants is "like trying to figure out what a child wants" (that's really harsh)
How Donald Trump's White House team handles his giant ego

Ellen DeGeneres Ridicules Eric Trump Over His Weird Conspiracy Theory About Her | HuffPost -- just the craziest thing I've seen all week, because I saw that movie with the lady having sex with the fish and still this beats that ... "no one has undermined Donald Trump more than Donald Trump" (they are all nuts)

How the Republican fake scandal machine works - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Remember the IRS targeting scandal? The one in which President Obama ordered the IRS to target Tea Party and other conservative non-profits for extra scrutiny, to determine if they were violating restrictions on partisan political activity by such groups? (they invent scandals to discredit dems and wreck government and the media loves it)

Justice Department 'Looking Into' Hillary Clinton's Emails -- Again -- the most scrutinized email server of all time. But the president is demanding it get scrutinized again. And DOJ is taking a fresh look. (very fresh)
Trump's media uses Clinton house fire to invent totally bonkers conspiracy -- "Trump supporters are using a small fire that broke out in a Secret Service facility to distract from the dumpster fire engulfing the White House" (she's burning her emails!)
The Clinton Rules Are A Hell of a Drug - Lawyers, Guns & Money - More than a year later, big-time political reporters assert that it was self-evidently justified to treat this minor breach of IT best practices as being more important than any of Trump's actual scandals and every substantive issue combined. (your elite (maie, usually) press don't know how dumb they are)

Sessions ending federal policy that let legal pot flourish
Cory Gardner just showed how Senate Republicans could check Trump if they wanted to -- But they don't want to
Cory Gardner torches Sessions over pot crackdown (Gardner is toast if Sessions wrecks their revenue model)
Trump administration targets recreational pot, placing thousands of marijuana businesses in California at risk

Eschaton: Now's The Time - We can debate precisely what "legalization" should mean (taxation, regulation, etc.) but basically making it a crime has been an excuse to put black people in jail. -- (CNN)In a seismic shift, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce Thursday that he is rescinding a trio of memos from the Obama administration that adopted a policy of non-interference with marijuana-friendly state laws, according to a source with knowledge of the decision. -- Dems need to start saying it out loud. Sure the Obama administration did the right thing, but they did it quietly. Want voters to know? Tell them (Barry looks so stupid in retrospect)

Orrin Hatch is Horrible - Lawyers, Guns & Money (early prion carrier into the Republican brain, def Frank Moss, evil triumps)

It's Good For Presidential Nominees to be Good at Politics - Lawyers, Guns & Money - profile of Kirsten Gillibrand is excellent:

Virginia just determined control of its state house by picking a name out of a bowl - Vox - The random drawing to settle a tied race delivered the house majority to Republicans. ("random")

Los Angeles Times Newsroom Voting on Whether to Unionize - The New York Times

Peter Thiel Is Exploring The Creation Of A Conservative Cable News Network - the billionaire has engaged the wealthy Mercer family about the endeavor. (the vampire news network)

We Found The Neo-Nazi Twitter Account Tied To A Virginia Double Homicide | HuffPost - On Twitter, Nicholas Giampa wrote about race war, convincing transgender people to kill themselves, and using Jews as target practice.

Meryl Streep rips Melania and Ivanka Trump over 'silence' on sexual harassment ... in her interview with The New York Times, Streep dismissed criticism over her own silence on the allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. "I don't want to hear about the silence of me' Streep said. (shut the fuck up, Meryl, you're compromised)

CBS News fires political director amid allegations of 'inappropriate behavior' Steve Chaggaris (another asshole falls)

Gaming Site IGN Fires Editor-in-Chief Steve Butts Over Misconduct Allegations - Variety ... after ... meetings ... that described former IGN editor Vince Ingenito sexually harassing her and another woman over a period of several months ... HR department and senior managers told her she engaged in "innapropriate flirtation" ... and forced her to sign a document stating that she had "behaved inappropriately"

I read decades of Woody Allen's private notes. He's obsessed with teenage girls. His 56-box archive is filled with misogynist and lecherous musings ... Allen's archive is a garden of earthly deletes ... "I pulled a contract out of my pocket and we both signed, but not until I told her about the sexual obligation that was a part of the job of any actress who worked with me" ... Allen used Keaton and the others the way Harvey Weinstein used Meryl Streep ... But this is a man who, at 43, awarded himself 16-year-old Hemingway's first kiss --the actresses herself, not her character's -- on the set of "Manhattan." Afterward, she recalled in a talk show interview, she ran over to cinematographer Gordon Willis and cried, "I don't have to do that again, do I?" ... Allen is worse than an augury of those trolls of tomorrow; he is a model for them, a validation (good read. +pervy little creepster +#sheknew)
1971: Woody Allen Jokes About Ex-Wife Being Molested - YouTube
Woody Allen - The Moose - YouTube - Stand Up On English Television From 1965

'Community' Creator Dan Harmon Apologizes To Writer Megan Ganz For Treating Her Like Garbage -- In a frank Twitter exchange that suggested a history of possible misconduct, Harmon expressed regret for abusing his position. (many men are conceited abusive asshole)

Man wrongly taken into custody, forced to take antipsychotic drugs. Given $50 gift card as apology. : news

Jacqueline Kent Cooke accused of smacking lawyer, calling him Jew - NY Daily News - Cooke caused two gashes on the right side of his head after winging her $300 Lulu Guinness Chloe Mirrored Perspex Box Clutch at him during the sidewalk skirmish ... daughter of late Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke ... She allegedly snapped at Boston cops during a 2008 DUI arrest, asking them "whether they knew who her father was" and demanding their badges because "$1 billion goes a long way," (another super entitled special asshole Republican)

"When Breath Becomes Air" widow and "The Bright Hour" widower find love --- together - The Washington Post

'I don't even know how' : Some Oregonians panic about new self-service gas law ... "It's official. Oregon is full of mentally defective, full grown children, incapable of the most mundane adult tasks,"
Gas Station Attendants and the Working Class Economy - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Which fundamental force does dark energy use? : askscience

Study of sapiosexuality suggests some people really are sexually attracted to intelligence. The study in the journal Intelligence found that most people desire a partner who is smart. Furthermore, a small percentage of them reported that they were specifically sexually aroused by intelligence. : science

The FCC Disqualified a Bunch of Rural Communities from Receiving Internet Funding After Big Telecom Said They Already Have Internet : technology
The FCC is preparing to weaken the definition of broadband - "Under this new proposal, any area able to obtain wireless speeds of at least 10 Mbps down, 1 Mbps would be deemed good enough for American consumers." : technology
Comcast fired 500 despite claiming tax cut would create thousands of jobs : news

Non-scientifically conducted Benchmark Results before and after KB4056892 Windows Update [Surface Pro i7 2017] : Surface
Intel slowdown | Microsoft Surface Forums


The scary reality behind Trump's ong Tuesday of weird tweets -- He's relying on Fox News for all his information. (that is scary)
Daniel Dale on Twitter: A day in the life of the president who doesn't watch much TV primarily because of documents. (there you go)
Trump Says His 'Nuclear Button' Is 'Much Bigger' Than North Korea's
Some White House officials fear accidental war - Axios - "You just don't know what's going to send him over the edge (what edge?)
Tweeters Ridicule Donald Trump For Bragging About Size Of His 'Nuclear Button' | HuffPost -- JESUS CHRIST ON A CROISSANT THIS IS NOT PRO WRESTLING YOU DISEASED FUCKING TESTICLE
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated ... (lots of Russians in the thread)
/u/ohnodopey jokes how Trump will tweet that he has a bigger nuclear button than Kim Jong Un. The next day, Trump tweets just that. : bestof
My buttons bigger! : pics
Eschaton: Big Button Joke Thread - Laughing all the way to the apocalypse...

Eschaton: Eye of the Tiger - Some people just want to watch the world burn. I don't really know why that is, but I'm pretty convinced its true. Some of those people think they'll survive the apocalypse and, in fact, look forward to it. Gun nuts and preppers think they'll be little feudal lords in the new civilization, shooting the libs who are trying to clamber into their castle bunker for a can of baked beans, or whatever ... Sadly you can get in trouble for shooting the libs and enslaving people these days, but soon that arsenal can be put to good use. At least for the 2 days your generator keeps powering your Xbox and the 3 before you die of radiation poisoning.

Trump's Foreign Policy Methods ... Trump struck them as uninformed about their issues and dangerously unpredictable ... "The word they all used was: "This guy is insane" ... "catastrophic ... terrifying, incompetent, and dangerous" ... 63 million people are cheering for tweets like this. This is what they signed up for -- pure, uncut freebasing of chest-thumping rage and racism.
Donald Trump's Year of Living Dangerously -- It's worse than you think
America Is Not in Retreat. It's a Rogue Superpower -- As Trump upends international relations, will other nations restore stability?

rump accuses DOJ of being part of 'deep state'
Trump accuses DOJ of being part of 'deep state' : news
The person anonymously leaking racist attacks on the Mueller grand jury sounds a lot like Trump - ThinkProgress

NSA's top talent is leaving because of low pay, slumping morale and unpopular reorganization (Putin wins again)
My Life as a New York Times Reporter in the Shadow of the War on Terror -- James Risen (remember when Obama wanted to lock up reporters?)

Sen. Feinstein Says Trump's Social-Media Guru "May Have Corresponded With Russian Nationals (a lot of shoes dropping)
Rosenstein meets with Ryan about Russia investigation | TheHill (heads up)

Fusion GPS founders say they were 'shocked' by contents of 'Steele dossier' ... dismissing accusations that it was tainted by partisan politics. (yes, red-state Republifucks elected a Russian spy)

The Repubicans' Fake Investigations (lock up all the traitors)

Donald Trump Didn't Want to Be President -- One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration's shocked first days
Trump asked who John Boehner was the day after the election: report | TheHill
Hope Hicks fled the room after Trump called her 'the best piece of tail' Lewandowski will ever have
New book: Rupert Murdoch called Trump a 'fucking idiot'
Trump called ex-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates 'such a cunt,' book alleges

Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book | US news | The Guardian -- "They're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV"
What Bannon Has Over the Trumps - smarter, and he wants to burn it all down even more than they do ... "They're sitting on a beach trying to stop a Category Five"
Steve Bannon touches the third rail of Trumpworld - Axios

Enraged Trump Personally Dictated Scathing Denouncement of Strategist Steve Bannon

Some Trump Supporters Think Mueller's Grand Jury Has Too Many Black People | HuffPost - The racist attack on the federal grand jury in D.C. adds to the ways the president's backers are trying to discredit the Russia probe ... "The grand jury room looks like a Bernie Sanders rally, Maybe they found these jurors in central casting, or at a Black Lives Matter rally in Berkeley."

Trump ICE pick: Politicians who run sanctuary cities should be charged with crimes | TheHill (he's going to arrest California +he looks the part)
Trump's Immigration Chief Just Floated Throwing (Democratic) Politicians in Jail -- Look out, Jerry Brown. (and de Blasio and Maaaty) Homan has found within himself an authoritarian knob that turns way past 11.

As Flow of Foreign Students Wanes, U.S. Universities Feel the Sting - The New York Times (part of the war on knowledge)

CNN attacks Trump's mental stability, fitness for office

Powerful yet addicted to power: Why the New York Times is in the hot seat so often - The Washington Post -- Margaret Sullivan

They Said This Day Would Never Come (why did Iowas vote for Obama and then Trump? one word: Bush +Hillary was more qualified, we could have avoided Rahm, she wouldn't have floated above it all, and America's deep racism wouldn't have come to the surface with Trump)
Eschaton: The Good Old Days Of The Bush Administration - It wasn't just that we went to war, it was all of the horrors and incompetence that surrounded that. Also, the lies, the manipulation, the impugning of patriotism (anti-war protesters are on the other side, you see?), Ari Fucking Fleischer. There are a lot of things people forget about that era. Well, they don't forget, so much as they never really knew. Whatever the flaws of the press right now, Trump administration outrages actually get some coverage. Back then, the equivalent tended to land on page 8 and then disappear.

10 Senate seats most likely to flip in 2018 - CNNPolitics

Eschaton: In Cooperation With Brookings - Good to see our fine centrist foreign policy organizations are on board with supporting terrorism for terrorism's sake.
Florida's 1.5 Million Missing Voters -- It didn't matter whether their crime was murder or driving with a suspended license, nor whether they had fully served their sentence. In Florida, the voting ban is entrenched in the Constitution, and it's for life -- Today, Florida disenfranchises almost 1.5 million of its citizens, more than 11 state's populations and roughly a quarter of the more than six million Americans who are unable to vote because of a criminal record. (they don't want those kind of people to vote, unless rich Republicans with big lawyers, the system is rigged in favor of evil)

The sexual harassment vote the GOP would like to forget - POLITICO - Not long before a deluge of sexual harassment claims engulfed Capitol Hill, congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump quietly repealed safeguards to protect hundreds of thousands of American workers from such harassment.

Star's former publisher acknowledges assault on reporter -- H. Brandt Ayers, former publisher of The Anniston Star and current chairman of the board of the company that owns the newspaper, acknowledged Tuesday that he assaulted a reporter in her Anniston home in the 1970s ... spanked her on the advice of a doctor ... no intention of resigning from his position as chairman of the board of Consolidated Publishing, which operates The Star ... Two other women told The Star of similar incidents in which Ayers spanked women against their will, with sexual overtones (creepy Republican)

Two Harvey Weinstein Police Investigations Sent to L.A. District Attorney : television
Paul Sorvino Weinstein Blacklisted My Girl 'I Will Kill That Motherf*****'

'Swatting' victim's mother to police: Please let me see my son (cops in full coverup mode)
Attorney: Family of 'swatting' victim wants officer charged

Dear Mona, What Percentage Of Women Have Breast Implants? | FiveThirtyEight - 4 percent of women in America, or one in every 26

ELI5: The key characteristics and differences between Euclidean and Non-Euclidean geometry : explainlikeimfive

TIL : IN 2006, a man in Portland, Oregon hired a hitman to kill his 51-year-old wife. His wife ended up killing the hitman with her bare hands. When Susan Kuhnhausen had her hands on his neck she asked him, "TELL ME WHO SENT YOU HERE AND I WILL CALL YOU A FUCKING AMBULANCE!" : todayilearned

People who have used the Dark Web/The Deep Web, what's the most surprising thing you've seen? : AskReddit
Family photos by the sea... : WTF

'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign The Register - Crucially, these updates to both Linux and Windows will incur a performance hit on Intel products.
Intel Chips Have 'Kernel Memory Leaking' Design Flaw and Fix Could Lead to Performance Drop : technology
Intel's CEO Just Sold a Lot of Stock -- Pay attention to these transactions. (12/19/17 right before the shit hit the fan)
Big shock: $700 Internet-of-Things door lock not a success The Register - We had the rug pulled from under our front door, says CEO


'Bomb cyclone' to blast East Coast before polar vortex uncorks tremendous cold late this week

Iran protests and death toll grow as tension rises - The Washington Post
Iran's Supreme Leader blames 'enemies' for protests, death toll hits 21

Joshua Boyle, Canadian hostage in Afghanistan, arrested and faces list of charges in Ottawa | Toronto Star - Boyle appears in court Wednesday to face 15 charges, including sexual assault and forcible confinement. (the story continues)

The haunting allure of Aokigahara, the Japanese 'suicide forest' Logan Paul captured on film

The Criminal Underworld Is Dropping Bitcoin for Another Currency - Bloomberg

Foreign governments are finding ways to do favors for Trump's business

Republican's Steele dossier conspiracy theory was dealt a big blow this weekend

How bad is the Republican coverup on Trump and Russia? We may soon find out - The Washington Post ... Democrats are seriously exploring the possibility of issuing a minority report that details (among other things) the degree to which Republicans tried to impede a full investigation, should that end up happening. In this scenario, the public would at least have a clear sense of just how far Republicans went to protect President Trump and his top officials from accountability. (the Party of Treason, lock them all up, expecially Russian ratfucker Nunes)

Trump urges Justice Department to 'act' on Comey, suggests Huma Abedin should face jail time (getting desparate)
Trump suggests Huma Abedin be jailed after State Department email release - POLITICO

President Trump has made 1,950 false or misleading claims over 347 days - The Washington Post (Repulifucks have always lied but Trump is the mouth of Satan)

'Fake News': Wide Reach but Little Impact, Study Suggests ... the most conservative 10 percent of the sample accounted for about 65 percent of visits to fake news sites ... Pro-Trump users were about three times more likely to visit fake news sites supporting their candidate than Clinton partisans were to visit bogus sites promoting her. (there were so many of those) The study found that Facebook was by far the platform through which people most often navigated to a fake news site (zuckerfucked your democracy)

Warren positions herself for potential 2020 run - POLITICO - The Massachusetts senator has made a series of under-the-radar moves in the past year that would help her if she challenges Donald Trump.
Warren raised more campaign money than nearly any senator ever at this point in election cycle: report | TheHill

Orrin Hatch, Utah Senator, to Retire, Opening Path for Mitt Romney - The New York Times
Utah could be Steve Bannon's next battleground, especially if Mitt Romney runs (failureground)

Al Franken officially resigns Senate seat | Minnesota Public Radio News
Michele Bachmann Is Asking God Whether She Should Run For Al Franken's Senate Seat

Doug Jones hires African-American chief of staff - POLITICO

Coal mining deaths more than double in 2017 | TheHill - The Senate last month approved David Zatezalo, a former coal mining executive, to lead MSHA, the main agency responsible for coal mine safety. Zatezalo faced numerous questions about his own safety record throughout the confirmation process. (they voted to die)

Eschaton: The Trump Infrastructure Plan - It isn't as if infrastructure expenditure is generally pure. There's always some grifter money to go around. The Trump infrastructure plan is basically add 50% more grift for the banksters. Huzzah.

Hoda Kotb joins Savannah Guthrie as co-anchor of TODAY Show -

"Oh My God, This Is So F---ed Up": Inside Silicon Valley's Secretive, Orgiastic Dark Side -- Some of the most powerful men in Silicon Valley are regulars at exclusive, drug-fueled, sex-laced parties ... brotopia lifestyle choice

Peter Martins Retires From New York City Ballet After Misconduct Allegations - The New York Times ... the powerful leader of New York City Ballet who shaped the company for more than three decades, has decided to retire ... "I deny everything" ... when they also learned that he had been arrested on Thursday and charged with driving while intoxicated in Westchester County ... verbal and physical abuse dating as far back as 1993.

Dave Chappelle Says Louis C.K. Accuser Has a 'Brittle Ass Spirt' in Netflix Specal ... for alleging that his conduct helped dissuade her from pursuing comedy as a career. (he masturbated on the phone with her and she gave up her career)

TIL that Wisconsin has the same number of bars as California despite a population that's 85% smaller. 1 bar for every 1,862 residents compared to California's 1 for every 11,962 residents

Philadelphia Police Officer Identified in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man Shot Another Suspect 10 Months Earlier : news
Police arrested 63 people at a house party after finding less than 1 ounce of marijuana- ThinkProgress - Cartersville, Georgia

Raymond Sackler: The Philanthropist Who Helped Spawn the Opioid Crisis - POLITICO Magazine

TIL the FBI ran a 2-year investigation on a fictional anti-goth cult, Church of the Hammer, before realizing it was a parody : todayilearned

Amazon's Best of Prime 2017 Reveals the Year's Biggest Trends


Winners and losers from 2017, the year in politics - The Washington Post -- The rich won. The truth lost. Russia won. America lost.
Another year in death - The Washington Post - The death penalty, which Americans once favored at near-consensus rates, was a historically rare punishment.
2017 Golden Dukes Winners Announced! (best U.S. scandalss of the year)

Big money is backing out of fossil fuel industry, moving into greener alternatives

TIL a group of US soldiers used to kill teenagers in the Afghanistan for fun. Pictures can be seen of them smiling with their "trophy" just like people used to do with wild animal killings : todayilearned

Kim Jong-un Offers North Korea's Hand to South, While Chiding U.S. (now they're better at diplomacy too)

A Battle for the Future of Iran - The Atlantic - Change will not come easily, peacefully, or soon ... The Iranian government has the highest per capita execution rate in the world, treats women as second class citizens, persecutes gays and religious minorities, and stifles free speech. (Islamofucks, good job, CIA)
Iran protests: 12 killed in violence as demonstrators attempt to storm police stations and military bases | The Independent - Reported death toll rises as tens of thousands of Iranians join protests
Iranians Protest Across Country, Defying a Crackdown - The New York Times

Germany starts enforcing hate speech law : news

Kuwaiti report: US gives Israel go-ahead to kill powerful Iranian general | The Times of Israel - Newspaper says Washington and Jerusalem have overcome the differences that saw Americans tipping off Tehran about Israeli attempt to kill Qassem Soleimani 3 years ago (Trump outsourced M.E. policy to Netanyahu)

Eschaton: If Only Somebody Had Thought Of That - Brexit is going to be such a disaster.-- Brexit threatens to clog this crucial artery. Port officials warn that increasing the average time it takes trucks to clear customs by as little as two minutes could lead to 17-mile (27-kilometer) traffic jams. (it's very complicated, we didn't have time to think about all the details la-di-la}

The trade deal that triggered a health crisis in Mexico - in pictures | Global development | The Guardian -- became a tariff-free dumping ground for soft drinks and junk food imported from the US ... world's second highest obesity rate and a growing child malnutrition crisis.

Lorde called a bigot in Washington Post ad over cancelled Israel concert | Music | The Guardian - Advert placed by 'America's rabbi' Shmuley Boteach also accuses singer's native New Zealand of prejudice against Israel ... n 2016, Boteach defended Bannon (the assholes are loose, everywhere)

Ezra Klein on Twitter: "It is difficult to believe that Papadopoulos told an Australian diplomat that Russia had dirt on Clinton but didn't mention anything to the campaign he was part of. Very difficult. Virtually impossible.

Today in American Ethnic Cleansing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Happy New Year, especially to those victimized by the policies of American ethnic cleansing being pursued by the Trump administration and fascists who work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Joe Hockey discussed Alexander Downer's Russia revelation with FBI
New New York Times scoop on Russia raises questions about old New York Times story on Russia - The Washington Post

Making China Great Again | The New Yorker - As Donald Trump surrenders America's global commitments, Xi Jinping is learning to pick up the pieces. (Make America Weak Again)

Erik Loomis on Twitter: Pretty clear that what West Virginia needs to keep young people is destroying more mountains to fund Don Blankenship's Senate campaign.

Democrats in High-Tax States Plot to Blunt Impact of New Tax Law - The New York Times (the republifucks let's stick it to the libturds plan)

The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter: "Trump is back to tweeting like a deranged chimp on speed. Oh, yeah. (Eyeroll emoji, eyeroll emoji, middle finger emoji)
Trump has a golf problem -- "I'm going to be working for you. I'm not going to have time to go play golf." (haha suckers)

The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter: "Louise Linton models the latest from the Swiffer Duster Collection while Steve Mnuchin dazzles in a vintage Country Club Waiter ensemble.

How Do You Vote? 50 Million Google Images Give a Clue - The New York Times -- What vehicle is most strongly associated with Republican voting districts? Extended-cab pickup trucks. For Democratic districts? Sedans. (you forgot the helicopters) the greenest city in America is Burlington, Vt., while Casper, Wyo., has the largest per-capita carbon footprint.

Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan - The New York Times

The Hoarse Whisperer on Twitter: "2017: The year of #MeToo and the emergence of powerful women's voices. MSNBC: Soooo, hire Hugh Hewitt and fire Joan Walsh? You're not getting it, @MSNBC Like, at all. At. All. (Comcast at work, fucking your media)

Sources: Chris Matthews Runs A Toxic And Abus | The Daily Caller -- Two former NBC producers independently alleged Matthews would rate the looks of his female guests on a scale and said Matthews was so abusive that staff joked about being battered women. The interviews in total paint Matthews as a tyrant liable to fly off the handle at the slightest mistake, who was eager to objectify women and made inappropriate sexual comments appear to be a matter of course for someone in his position ... multiple female employees were often left in tears after Matthews's angrey tirades ... No other workplace like this exists where you can get away with that (oh what a surprise, another very special sociopathic bully-boy)

Already dismissed from Fenway health center, doctor leaves more medical posts amid misconduct allegations - The Boston Globe - Dr. Harvey Makadon

Fort Smith Mosque Forgives Its Vandal, Paying His Debts

Gunman in deadly Colorado deputy shooting identified as Iraq War vet with grudge against sheriff : news
Con Artists Eyed in Tinder Murder - Sydney Loofe vanished after a Tinder date -- and may have been dismembered. The main suspects: a pair of alleged scammers accused of fleecing folks from Pennsylvania to Utah.

Legal marijuana arriving in California after decades of underground dealing : news

Trans Activist Who Called Caitlyn Jenner A 'F**king Fraud' Is Running For Office | HuffPost (good boob shot of Jenner)

Dylan and the Cross

TIL although iodine was added to table salt in the U.S. beginning in 1924 as an antidote to goiters caused by iodine deficiency, it had the unanticipated side effect of raising the national IQ by an average of 3.5 points. : todayilearned

Most people believe others' social lives are richer and more active than their own : science

A drug developed for diabetes could be used to treat Alzheimer's after scientists found it "significantly reversed memory loss" in mice through a triple method of action. The drug improves memory formation, reduces amyloid plaque load, and increased neurogenesis and synapse numbers in the brain. : science (ALZ = type 3 diabletes)

What is the most uncomfortable/unpleasant way you've ever realized someone had a crush on you? : AskReddit
People of reddit who have had sex with an in-law or step sibling or parent, what happened? How did you get into that situation? and did anyone find out?
What makes you secretly go, "yeah, good luck with that?"
theonlydidymus comments on What is the scariest book, nosleep, creepypasta, or otherwise, that you've ever read?