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Scientists just published an entire study refuting Scott Pruitt on climate change - The Washington Post (and his backdrop of coal miners)
Tropospheric Warming Over The Past Two Decades | Scientific Reports - Satellite temperature measurements do not support the recent claim of a "leveling off of wrming" over the past two decades.
Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park - The New York Times
The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say - LA Times

Manchester bombing probe expands with arrests on two continents - The Washington Post
When Terrorists Target Children - The New York Times
Manchester bombing manhunt sees heavily armed soldiers with gas masks and machine guns storm flat in city just hours after three men were seized in early-morning raid on home close to bomber's house
Outrage as Milo Yiannopoulos criticises Ariana Grande for being 'pro-Islam' after Manchester attack (anything to get attention ... when will FB ban him?)

US leak of Manchester attacker's name strikes new blow to intelligence sharing ... "US officials" ... The Trump administration's apparent indiscretion seems likely to cause consternation in London and could raise questions about future cooperation in the long term.
UK Officials Irritated That U.S. Leaked Info About Manchester Arena Attack | HuffPost
The Pentagon Can't Believe Trump Told Another President About Nuclear Subs Near North Korea
Israel Alters Intelligence Sharing with US

Trump Called Rodrigo Duterte to Congratulate Him on His Murderous Drug War: "You are doing an amaziing job." (assassinator in chief)
Read the Full Transcript of Trump's Call With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Spicer's absence in papal visit reveals Trump's family-first rule (edging out the Pope because he is the Antichrist)
Eschaton: Poor Spicey - Your regular reminder to everyone in the White House: lawyer up and quit. Trump's entourage at the Vatican on Wednesday included his wife, his daughter, and an array of staffers -- but not White House press secretary Sean Spicer, a devout Catholic who told reporters earlier this year that he gave up alcohol for Lent ... Hinted at but not quite stated: people would have let Spicey go in their place, but Trump decided not to let him. (that's really cold)
Wash. Post didn't disclose that writer who penned positive piece about Trump's Saudi trip is paid by Saudi government - Why does the Post embarrass itself by publishing lobbyist Ed Rogers?

James White on Twitter: "I photoshopped in the kid from THE OMEN and it's so perfect it's unnerving

How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI's handling of the Clinton probe -- So let me get this straight, while the FBI was conducting an investigation into Russia interfering in the US elections, the Russians used the FBI to interfere in the US elections?
This is Huge, Astonishing -- But the new report from the Post that James Comey's decision to announce the Clinton "no charnges" decision on his own in July 2016 may itself have been the product of a successful Russian disinformation campaign is simply remarkable ... Regardless, the idea that the FBI and James Comey himself could have been punked by such an operation and taken such consequential actions on the basis of it is simply astonishing.
Top Russian Officials Discussed How to Influence Trump Aides Last Summer - The New York Times

DOJ: AG Sessions did not disclose meetings with Russian officials - (Beauregard lied? lock him up)

Trump's rhetoric hurt US tourism and retail - Business Insider -- Tourism in the US has drastically declined since Trump was elected ... share of international tourism has dropped 16% in March ... Meanwhile, tourism in the rest of the world has increased 6% year-over-year ... Hotels, with 15% of booking from foreign visitors, are expected to be hit even harder.
Americans -- too embarrassed to go abroad. Everyone else -- too afraid to come to America -- Of course, correlation /= causation, and this is data from one company. It would be irresponsible to say that the Orange Horror is definitely frightening tourists way. It could be that people are staying away out of fear they'll be harassed or harmed by red-faced thug in a MAGA hat.

New GOP fear: nine months of failure - Axios - Republican leaders are coming to the bleak conclusion they will end summer and begin the fall with ZERO significant legislative accomplishments.

Republicans Will Reject Trump's Budget, but Still Try to Impose Austerity (and richosity) It would most likely hurt some of the very voters in rural and economically distressed corners of the nation who catapulted Mr. Trump to the White House and Republicans to control of the House and Senate
Trump's Budget Doesn't Make Sense (because neither does Trump)
Cuts to AIDS Treatment Programs Could Cost a Million Lives - The New York Times (a million here, a million there)
Uninsured ranks still to grow by tens of millions under latest House health-care bill, CBO says - The Washington Post - Health-care legislation adopted by House Republicans earlier this month would leave 23 million more Americans uninsured within a decade
The CBO report for the AHCA reflects the wit & wisdom of Speaker Paul Ryan - Lawyers, Guns & Money (More money for us. Fuck you)
The Path to Universal Healthcare II: The Political and Policy Obstacles - Lawyers, Guns & Money
A Zero B.S. Guide To American Healthcare
Pro-Trumpcare Republicans Owned Millions in Health-Care Stock - Forty lawmakers who voted for AHCA had more than $23 million in investments and made more than $2 million in profit. And some of the most heavily invested cast key votes.

A Smarter Way to Interpret 2017's Special Elections
Donald Trump's Base Is Shrinking ... Trump received about 14 million votes out of a total of 62 million cast between the two parties, which works out to 23 percent of the total. So perhaps it's not a coincidence that 20 to 25 percent of the country still strongly supports Trump; they were with him from the start. (the insane and evil core)
Poll: Majority says mainstream media publishes fake news | TheHill - Nearly two-thirds of Americans say the mainstream press is full of fake news, a sentiment that is held by a majority of voters across the ideological spectrum ... Trump's job approval rating is at 45 percent approval and 55 percent
Fox News Poll: Trump approval down, voters support special counsel on Russia | Fox News - The poll finds 40 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing, down from 45 percent last month. Disapproval is up 5 points to 53 percent.
Analysis: ESPN Lost Republican Viewers Across the Country in 2016 - Outkick the Coverage

Denver fights back against Trump's deportation crackdown with surprisingly simple change in law

Stories of New Orleans: As Monuments Go Down, Family Histories Emerge - The New York Times

In upset, Democrat Pellegrino wins 9th District Assembly seat | Newsday - "This is a thunderbolt of resistance," said Pellegrino, who becomes the first Democrat to hold the Assembly seat
A promising sign - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In a race for a New York State Assembly seat, Christine Pellegrino, who was a Bernie Sanders delegate last summer, racked up a 16-point win in a very heavily Republican Long Island district that had never before elected a Democrat: (and this comment: Mark Twain: "I prefer the climate of heaven and the company of hell")

These are Sean Hannity's Advertisers

The Man Behind The Seth Rich Private Investigation Has A White House Connection - Ed Butowsky is linked to Steve Bannon and the Mercer family (and therefore, Putin)
The life and death of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory - The Washington Post - When Seth Rich's Gmail account received an alert this week from, attempting to start a new account on a website created by the New Zealand-based Internet businessman and convicted hacker Kim Dotcom, his family knew that something was off ... the emailed invitation from appeared to be an attempt to gain access to Rich's email. (so 'lil Kimmy is a real sleazeball too)

Eschaton: The Charter Grift - the well-funded charter school movement has been a giant grift, diverting education dollars away from teachers and students and helping to destroy a base of Democratic support. And Democrats played a big role in that.
Don't Like Betsy DeVos? Blame the Democrats. The Democratic Party paved the way for the education secretary's efforts to privatize our public schools ... the first education secretary in history to be hostile to the very idea of public education.

Ben Carson calls poverty 'a state of mind' during interview

Reporter: GOP Congressional Candidate In Montana 'Body Slammed Me ... Wednesday, a day before a special election in the state.
Republican candidate 'body-slams' Guardian reporter in Montana | US news | The Guardian ... On 28 April, Jacobs reported on Gianforte's financial ties to Russian companies that have been sanctioned by the US. (haha another Russian mole about to get elected)
Montana special election candidate Greg Gianforte 'body slams' reporter : news
Photo published for | The definitive fact-checking site and reference source for urban legends, folklore,... | The definitive fact-checking site and reference source for urban legends, folklore,... The definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.
2017 Montana Special Election - "A look into Montana's special election between a multi-millionaire creationist and banjo player happening this week. (2017) : Documentaries

Conservatives Turning on Confederate Statues? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (interesting, the treason meme is catching on)

Budweiser stirs up America bottle controversy - Business Insider - patriotic packaging ... "America Beer"

Arrest made in discovery of opium poppy plants in Catawba County - | WBTV Charlotte - A man was arrested after deputies found nearly an acre of opium poppy in a Catawba County field Tuesday morning ... The sheriff estimates the plants could be valued at $500 million or more. (NC)

Christian school: Teen banned from graduation 'not because she is pregnant but because she was immoral' (it's their job)
A giant ark is just the start. These creationists have a bigger plan for recruiting new believers. - The Washington Post

iN 'Enormous Success,' xsyScientists Tie 52 Genes to Human Intelligence ... These genes do not determine intelligence, however. Their combined influence is minuscule ... Just as important, intelligence is profoundly shaped by the environment.
How Whales Became the Biggest Animals on the Planet - The New York Times -- Runoff from the glaciers would have washed nutrients like iron into coastal waters and intense seasonal upwelling cycles would have caused cold water from deep below to rise, bringing organic material toward the surface.
Why Are Some Mice (and People) Monogamous? A Study Points to Genes - The New York Times -- Oldfield mice belong to the about 5 percent of species in which a male forms a long-term bond with a single female and offers paternal care.
Why Chocolate May Be Good for the Heart - The New York Times - an association between chocolate consumption and a lowered risk for atrial fibrillation,

Uber to Repay Millions to Drivers, Who Could Be Owed Far More - The New York Times


British prime minister raises nation's threat level, saying another attack 'may be imminent'
Girl aged EIGHT died in ISIS attack on Manchester concert | Daily Mail Online - Suicide bomber kills 22 and injures 119 by detonating ball bearing bomb at packed Ariana Grande concert
Manchester Arena: 22 killed in concert terror attack -
Here Is All The Fake News About The Manchester Terror Attack
Manchester Arena attack: Islamic State claims it carried out bombing that killed 22 at Ariana Grande concert. : news
Manchester suicide attack lays bare limits of security measures | Reuters - experts say reinforced measures will do little to prevent determined individuals.
Eschaton: The Cycle - Someone does something horrible. A lot of bigotry is unleashed against innocent people. The usual suspects clamor to add more security theater and privacy intrusions. Repeat.
Potential terrorists in UK swells to 3,500 - but powers to monitor used LESS than in 2015 | UK | News |
Trump promises solidarity with U.K. against 'evil loser' terrorists
British and American Media Digital Frontpages on Manchester Attack - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Manchester Attack Shows How Terrorists Learn - The Atlantic - They are growing increasingly adept at killing us. Are we as inventive about saving lives? Or do bureaucracy, inertia, and failures of our own imagination stand in the way?

Matthew Levitt on Twitter: "Press statement @WhiteHouse says 1 goals of @POTUS Israel trip is "promote the possibility of lasting peach""
Trump wasn't always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change? -- "there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign, but I can always speak for myself and the Russians, zero." -- Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. (can't mention the Alz word)

Brennan: Russia may have successfully recruited Trump campaign aides
CIA director alerted FBI to pattern of contacts between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates - The Washington Post
Senate Intelligence Committee issues new subpoenas to Flynn's businesses
5 moments that show Trump isn't about to get any help from the intelligence community

President Trump's 'balanced' budget relies on $2,062,000,000,000 in mystery money

Fox News retracts controversial story on Seth Rich's death and alleged WikiLeaks contact (InHannity retracts nothing)

Jared Kushner's Other Real Estate Empire - Baltimore-area renters complain about a property owner they say is neglectful and litigious

Great Moments In Responsibility Evasion - Lawyers, Guns & Money : new study demonstrating the media's coverage of the campaign was abominably bad unless you think Clinton's email server was more important than every substantive issue put together and made her as or more unfit than Trump: (hello, NYT)

Fox News falls into 3rd place in primetime ratings for the first time in nearly 17 years : news

Father turns in his son after finding stolen weapons, homemade explosives : news

Pot convictions go up in smoke with California legalization : news (Lil' Jeffy Sessions' and Jason Lewis's worst nightmare)

Study finds mushrooms are the safest recreational drug : news

Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans. The new study claims the oldest Hominins could have lived in Europe, not Africa, : science - More fossils are needed but at this point it seems likely that the Eastern Mediterranean needs to be considered as just as likely a place of hominine diversification and hominin origins as tropical Africa. (7M yr is a long time)

Racist lady berates 2 women in Walmart. Upstanding employee actually steps in and helps out. : videos

Tajik President didn't let Trump win at the "aggressive handshake" game : gifs

TIL John Lennon was a wife beater. : todayilearned (and a general asshole)

What was something you saw you were definitely not supposed to see? : AskReddit
Old man plays the theme for "The Good The Bad and the Ugly" : videos

Comcast is trying to censor our pro-net neutrality website that calls for an investigation into fake FCC comments potentially funded by the cable lobby : technology
User launches site to search forged comments in your name to the FCC in an effort to collect evidence of astroturfing. Comcast sends Cease and Desist. : bestof


Manchester Arena: police confirm 19 dead after explosion at Ariana Grande concert -- Police treating incident as terrorist incident - About 50 more people have been injured
Police warning after reports of Manchester Arena explosion : news
Trump Comes to Israel Citing a Palestinian Deal as Crucial - The New York Times (wants ME to unite against Iran, the only democratic state there)

Eschaton: The Dementia Tax - That the Tories would propose and even implement that kind of bizarrely cruel policy that is pretty much standard in the US (details and mechanisms different, but effectively) does not surprise me, that they would put it in their pre-election Manifesto (platform) was... WTF?

Turkey condemns U.S. over 'aggressive' acts against its bodyguards during Erdogan's visit to D.C. (D.C. cops wouldn't let them murder everyone, like in Turkey)

Sources: Mueller visits FBI headquarters, briefed on Comey memos -
Chaffetz postpones Wednesday hearing after speaking with Comey - POLITICO - Spoke with Comey. He wants to speak with Special Counsel prior to public testimony. Hearing Wed postponed.

Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence - The Washington Post -- Coats and Rogers refused to comply with the requests, which they both deemed to be inappropriate
Michael Flynn Misled Pentagon About His Russia Ties, Letter Says - The New York Times - Pentagon investigators about his income from companies in Russia and contacts with officials there when he applied for a renewal of his top-secret security clearance last year ... ntentionally lying to federal investigators is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Separately, he also faces legal questions over failing to properly register as a foreign agent for lobbying he did last year on behalf of Turkey while advising the Trump campaign, which is also a felony ("misled" = "lied" : "they'll never look at that photo of me and Putin")

The Latest: AP Source says Flynn will invoke Fifth Amendment - ABC News
Caught in White House Chaos, Justice Dept. Official Seeks Neutral Ground - The New York Times
Did Trump obstruct justice? Rod Rosenstein may have just provided another clue. - The Washington Post - further questions that, if answered, would lend a great deal to our understanding of what really drove Trump's hatcheting of the man overseeing the probe into his campaign's possible collusion with Russian meddling in the election. (will Rod "survive" his treasonous perfidy?)

Trump's bizarre and un-American visit to Saudi Arabia ... Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and others in the delegation did exactly that, by participating in this sinister all-male dance ... Tillerson holding a news conference for foreign press only. The U.S. press corps was not invited. Presumably this was because the White House doesn't want Americans to find out what the president was doing in Saudi Arabia? (+oh look, Ja-Red in gthe background)

Trump 'exhausted' three days into first trip abroad as president: Reports (very low stamina. sad. pathetic.)
'He's bveen neutered' : Trump supporters melt down after president calls Islam< 'one of world's great faiths' (idiots)
Vic Berger IV on Twitter: "Today is the day Donald Trump became President Cuck. Too scared to say #RadicalIslamicTerror. Pathetic! #maga @realDonaldTrump"
Trump's Direct Saudi-to-Israel Flight Breaks Symbolic Barrier
Ross Gushes About Lack of Protesters, 'Bad Placards' in Saudi ... Ross noted the absence of any protestors during the visit, in contrast to the situation in the US. (so they will implement a religious-based authoritrarian dictatorship)

Escalating probes rattle Trump and his aides - POLITICO - intensifying investigations
Donald Trump to America: Please impeach me
The Trump White House is collapsing - At the time the president divulged to the Russians his motivation for firing his FBI director, the administration was still sticking to its ridiculous story that Comey lost his job because he botched the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails

Why Sally Yates Stood Up to Trump - The New Yorker - The former acting Attorney General reflects on the F.B.I., Michael Flynn, and how the President ended her career at the Justice Department.

Trump Russia: The U.S. President's Disturbingly Deep Ties To Russia | - A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Disturbingly Deep Ties To Russia

Trump to propose big cuts to safety net in new budget, slashing Medicaid and opening door to other limits - The Washington Post
Trump's Budget Cuts Deeply Into Medicaid and Anti-Poverty Efforts
In Conclusion, Both Sides Do It, But the Democrats Are Worse - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Strange -- it's almost as if Donald Trump is a Republican or something. (Seriously, remember all the discussion about whether Democrats should be cutting deals with Trump? That was surreal.)

Trump wanted to veto bill to keep government open - Axios (he wanted a vacation)
While You Weren't Looking, Trump Basically Killed Dodd-Frank | HuffPost - It was fun while it lasted. (took Obama a year of negotiation with Blue-dogs and Refucks, Trump a stroke of the pen)

John Podesta Unloads on Trump - POLITICO Magazine - The former chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign says the president is 'absolutely crazy' and Republicans are stuck to him like 'Velcro.'
White House Moves to Block Ethics Inquiry Into Ex-Lobbyists on Payroll - The New York Times
trump's casino was a money laundering concern shortly after it opened

Poll: Democrats have edge over Republican front-runner in Va. governor's race

california's single-payer plan costs $400 billion -- wice the state's entire budget

Breaking and Analysis: Supreme Court on 5-3 Vote Affirms NC Racial Gerrymandering Case, with Thomas in Majority and Roberts in Dissent | Election Law Blog
Supreme Court strikes down North Carolina maps for Congress - ruled Monday that racial considerations pervaded the way North Carolina lawmakers drew congressional maps after the 2010 Census in order to maximize Republican's advantage (o rly)

Senators ask FCC why reporter was "manhandled" after net neutrality vote -- Don't roughhouse journalists who are trying to ask questions.

GOP Lawmaker: Lynch Anyone Who Takes Down Confederate Monuments | HuffPost - None of the state's Republican leaders have condemned Karl Oliver's comments ... A Republican member of the Mississippi House of Representatives has called for lynching anyone who removes a Confederate monument, including lawmakers in a neighboring state. ... "likes" from two of Oliver's ellow Republican lawmakers, state Rep. John Read and state Rep. Doug McLeod

The Online Radicalization We're Not Talking About -- a recent study shows that white-supremacist Twitter accounts have increased more than 600 percent since 2012, and outperform ISIS accounts by every possible metric.
How Your Fake News Sausage Gets Made - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Briefly, before Wheeler recanted his story, the Young Turks network's "Jimmy Dore Show" chewed over the revelation that Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks ... some of the dimmer elements of the nominal left talking about how Hillary getting informed that a debate in Flint would have a question abotu poisoned water was worth 4 millions votes ... A quasi-Heidelbergian evil knockoff of Glenn Greenwald with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and 1/4 the IQ points? OK, yeah.
Rod Wheeler Claims on The O'Reilly Factor Lesbian Gangs are Raping Young Girls (Fox: 2007) pink pistol-packing lesbian gangs are terrorizing the nation (flames! carngage! rape!)

St. Paul's School admits 13 staffers engaged in sexual misconduct' ... Another 10 former faculty and staff were accused of engaging in sexual misconduct ... A further cluster of 11 current and former faculty and staff members were accused (St. Pedo's)

'Neo-Nazi' in Florida National Guard arrested after explosives found at Tampa Palms murder scene -- A man accused of shooting his two roommates Friday in a Tampa Palms apartment told police he shared neo-Nazi beliefs with the men until he converted to Islam then killed them because they showed disrespect for his faith ... Jail records show Arthurs was born in Florida.

Police, FBI investigating University of Maryland killing as possible hate crime - Baltimore Sun - The group, called 'Alt-Reich Nation" on Facebook
Hate speech, hate crimes and the illusion of plausible deniability - Lawyers, Guns & Money : On Saturday Richard Collins, III, came to the University of Maryland to visit friends and celebrate being commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army. He was going to graduate from Bowie State on Tuesday ... stabbed to death by Sean Urbanski, a UMD student and member of a Facebook group called Alt Reich Nation
'Beyond the realm of belief': Noose found in U-Md. fraternity house (3 wks ago, guess not "beyond the realm")

How the Swastika Became a Confederate Flag - The New York Times -- chanting "blood and soil" ... "master race" ... "lesser peoples" ... the intimate connection between Nazi-era rule in Germany and Jim Crow-era rule in the United States.... how German propagandists sought to normalize the Nazi agenda domestically by putting forth the United States as a model.

What Elites Do Instead of Providing Services, Redux | Pedestrian Observations - ne is from a panel headlined by J. D. Vance, which Pete Saunders and Aaron Renn both sat on (right-wing solutions to social problems)

Domestic extremists tend to be much older, better educated, more affluent, more religious, and are more likely to be white than street gang members, according to a new study that systematically compares the groups for the first time. : science

Supreme Court Ruling Could Hinder 'Patent Trolls' ... More than 40 percent of patent lawsuits, for instance, are filed in a federal court in East Texas. In recent years, a single judge based in Marshall, Tex., oversaw about a quarter of all patent cases nationwide, more than the number handled by all federal judges in California, Florida and New York combined.

MSNBC Reaches Number One For First Time in Primetime Ratings | Variety (as they dump top-rated O'Donnell

In Wreckage of the Fyre Festival, Fury, Lawsuits and an Inquiry - The New York Times takes DNA ownership rights from customers and their relatives : technology

Use of 'light' cigarettes linked to rise in lung adenocarcinoma - Light or low tar cigarettes have holes in the cigarette filter, which allow smokers to inhale more smoke with higher levels of carcinogens, mutagens and other toxins. : science

What dark secrets do popular subreddits have in their past? : AskReddit
What makes someone a bad Redditor? : AskReddit - TOUCH MY NO-NO WITH YOUR YEAH-YEAH
[NSFW] What are some dirty secrets you have seen at a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party that could ruin the marriage? : AskReddit

IamA the "accidental hero" who helped stop the WannaCry attack AMA! : IAmA

America's dangerous Internet delusion -- The unmistakable lesson of recent years is that the Internet is a double-edged sword. (Robert Samuelson discovers hacking, years after Snowden)


Netanyahu Orders Cabinet Ministers To Attend Trump's Welcoming Ceremony | HuffPost

Erdogan Says He Will Extend His Sweeping Rule Over Turkey - The New York Times -- So far, the decrees have allowed Mr. Erdogan to jail more than 40,000 people accused of plotting a failed coup, fire or suspend more than 140,000 additional people, shut down about 1,500 civil groups, arrest at least 120 journalists and close more than 150 news media outlets.

Venezuelans are still in the streets, after 50 days of constant protesting.

Mexican mob attacks Russian man in Cancun over insults : news

Trump to summon Muslim nations to confront 'trhe crisis of Islamist extremism' (with his own extreme crisis)
Trump Urges Muslim Leaders to Purge Their Societies of 'Foot Soldiers of Evil' (takes one to know one +you know, those 9/11 Saudis)
'I think Islam hates us': A timeline of Trump's comments about Islam and Muslims
Donald of Arabia - POLITICO Magazine - He didn't do anything embarrassing. But he did commit the United States to a deeper alliance with the very leaders who are part of the problem.
When I Became President For the Seventh Time - Lawyers, Guns & Money (media decides all of a sudden again Trump is "presidential")
Steve Bannon experiencing his worst nightmare : gifs

The Fact Checker: In 119 days, President Trump has made 586 false and misleading claims (five lies a day from the mouth of the Antichrist)

Rosenstein Still Won't Come Clean ... Comey was in fact being fired to stymie the investigation into Trump's Trump's associates ties to Russia, and that Rosenstein chose to make himself a party to that bad act
The Look of Collusion -- The kinds of discussions, signals, hints that would likely count as collusion would not look much different from what we now know happened in the Oval Office with President Trump and the Russian Foreign Minister.
McMaster won't say if President Trump confronted Russian officials about election interference
Top Oversight Dem: I Want Every Note White House Has On Trump's Meeting With Russians

President Mike Pence Would Be in for a World of Pain - POLITICO Magazine
Don't Shed A Tear For Mike Pence, Folks. He knew what he was signing up for.

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up ... Statements such as "well, it can't get any worse" and even the concept of a "bad week" seem ever so quaint.

From 'Nutjob' to "Wacko,' Trump's history of using insulting words mocks mental health (and severe projection disorder)
McCain 'almost speechless' over Trump's 'nutjob' jab ... "do we handle it like Ronald Reagan handled Iran-Contra?" (yeah, Ronnie really "handled" that one)

A Slow-Motion Coup d'dtat? (Jews for Trumpster)
Byron York: Harvard study: CNN, NBC Trump coverage 93 percent negative (because they reported what he was doing)

California Democrats shout down Tom Perez | The Sacramento Bee - booed and heckled Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez after marching from the state Capitol to promote a universal heath care program.

Republicans fearing for their safety as anger, threats mount | TheHill - A growing number of House Republicans are facing physical threats from angry constituents in their districts, leading many to fear for their safety. (what comes around ...)

Chaffetz: Jail individuals leaking information | TheHill (leaking much more important than Trump being a Russian pawn)

The Seth Rich conspiracy shows how fake news still works - The Washington Post (Murdoch at the bottom)
Gingrich spreads conspiracy theory about slain DNC staffer - The Washington Post (evil fuckers will evil)

Alabama lawmakers approve Confederate monument protections - as some Southern cities rethink the appropriateness of keeping such emblems on public property. (traitors to Amercia at work)
Racial slurs thrown at Al Green after calling for impeachment of President Trump - Houston Chronicle - During a town hall meeting Saturday, Congressman Al Green played recordings of threatening voicemail messages left for him after he demanded the impeachment of President Donald Trump on the House floor earlier this week.

The Privatization Prophets - For years, millionaires and religious zealots have teamed up to preach "school choice" in an effort to dismantle public education. (and loot all the money making children stupid so they will vote for stupid)

The New Gilded Age in One Story - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Important journalism coming from the Times: Many wealthy parents find it hard to talk to their kids about the millions of dollars they'll inherit

Military healthcare paying more than $400 for a $46 can of baby formula : news

Ohio supreme court judge calls for legalisation of marijuana : news - Freaking Ohio can get legal marijuana before New York...
Ohio boy, 5, saves overdosed parents after walking two blocks, alone and barefoot, for help : news

Those Rubes Won't Run Themselves! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : the idea that one bad journal article that was approved by an editor and one or two peer reviewers or group of law students or whatever could discredit an entire field is transparently idiotic ... Of course the likes of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris would fall for this embarrassingly obvious con: And look who got duped: @RichardDawkins. @sapinker. @michaelshermer. @SamHarrisOrg. That's quite a list. (Sam "Charles Murray does great science" Harris +Tuval +penises do cause climate change, sorry)
Crooked Timber: Thoughts on the Hypatia affair (comments meltdown and Holbo)
The Dolezal affair: race, gender, and the micropolitics of identity - brubaker2015.pdf

When scientists saw the mouse heads glowing, they knew the discovery was big - The Washington Post - the lymphatic vessels extended to the brain after all ... many people with Alzheimer's disease also have glaucoma ... glymphatic flow is significantly decreased in the period just before a migraine ... sleeping on your back is somewhat better, while lying on your side appears to produce the best results.
The immune system and the brain: Professor Michal Schwartz talk at ANU - YouTube

Turkeyburgerfries comments on MIL took out a student loan in my wife's name 6 years ago without telling her. Fails to pay them back.
What is the TLDR of your country's history? : AskReddit
Journalist asks the coach why he let one of his players attend his child getting born, while they're in the middle of the playoffs : videos

FCC says it was hit by a DDoS attack, but refuses to show any evidence : technology
Man who saved the NHS from hackers says 'super invasive' British tabloids are forcing him to move house : news
This story follows two people whose computers were infected with the WannaCry ransomware last week. One of them paid the ransom, and the other didn't : technology


Climate stabilization: Planting trees cannot replace cutting CO2 emissions
Antarctica turning green as climate change takes hold, says scientific study
The World's Largest Wind Turbines Have Started Generating Power in England - A single revolution of a turbine's blades can power a home for 29 hours.

Russia's 'Killer Satellites' Re-Awaken

Was Vietnam Winnable? - The New York Times - We killed three million Vietnamese, lost 58,000 of our own people, dropped a greater tonnage of bombs on Vietnam than were dropped in all of World War II, dropped colossal amounts of Agent Orange, which killed thousands and is still making people sick, dropped an immense tonnage of bombs on Laos and Cambodia, killing hundreds of thousands of people and leading in the latter case directly to the genocide of Pol Pot, and the murder of 1.7 million people, and this author is sorry we didn't go further. This is a pretty good definition of moral idiocy.

Whitewash As Public Service: How 9/11 Commission Report Defrauds America - Democratic Underground (how Bush and Cheney got away with mass murder, and Trump will too)

Israeli intel officials shouted at US counterparts after Trump disclosure: report | TheHill

Rouhani Wins Re-election in Iran by a Wide Margin - The New York Times

Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations - The New York Times

First Erdogan's goons attack protesters. Then, the embassy blames the victims. (sound familiar?)
Trump's shameful silence on Turkish protest (birds of a feather)
Enes Kanter says he's being held at a Romanian airport because of his political views (Erdofuck is the boss of Romania

Gunmen rob bus full of federal police in Mexico : news

The Italian government has approved a law ordering parents to vaccinate children or face fines. The authorities have noted a rise in measles cases, which the cabinet blames on "the spread of anti-scientific theories." : news

As Trump prepared for Riyadh visit, Saudis blocked U.S. on terrorist sanctions - The Washington Post - proposal to impose sanctions against a Saudi branch of the terrorist group, documents show. (sound familiar?)

Saudi leaders hail Trump visit as 'reset of regional order' -- visit, which was accompanied by military deals worth $110bn, eases tensions between two nations
People Here Think Trump Is a Laughingstock -- On the president's ill-timed world tour (Berlin)
Conservative media coverage gap on Trump, Obama bows - Axios
Eschaton: The World's Easiest Mark -- We're going to wake up one day and discover he's given Florida to Italy or something.
Trump Twitter Archive

Source: Comey now believes Trump was trying to influence him -
Between Trump and his national security adviser lie 'ferocious' internal politics

Russian officials bragged they could use Michael Flynn to influence Donald Trump, sources say -
Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner 'person of interest in Russia investigation' | The Independent (no US paper will say this yet)

Trump Discovers the Dangers of Governing at Daredevil Speed - The New York Times - What unnerves Mr. Trump and his staff the most is the eerily familiar tempo of these disclosures. It is as if some unseen adversary has copied Mr. Trump's own velocity and ferocity in an attempt to destroy him, several people close to the president said. Sources are shuttling all kinds of information about Mr. Trump to reporters at a pace the White House cannot match. (read that again. the WH can't keep pace with itself!)

How long can this keep going on? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: The Leaks - but nobody near to Obama ever (I really can't think of a single example) leaked to make Obama look bad. There are like 15 per day with Trump.
Donald Trump Knows Just How Bad the Russia Investigation Can Get
West Wing aides brace for big attorney bills - POLITICO

Five myths about Watergate - The Washington Post

TIL: Mississippi had its own official Stasi-like spy agency dedicated to opposing civil rights. You can search its archives online. : todayilearned

Why Buy American Campaigns Are Bad - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The interview explores the deep problem with Buy American campaigns because they are anti-worker and xenophobic. (but dumb white voters love them)

'They were not patriots': New Orleans removes monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee -- "They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, ignoring the terror that it actually stood for" ("patriots" in defense of slavery" (monuments to whiteness)

2 Texas men get 3 years in prison for beating Sikh man and cutting off his hair : news

Sheriff David Clarke plagiarized portions of his master's thesis on homeland security (of course he did)

Black man will spend six years in Georgia prison despite jury finding him 'not guilty' : news
VIDEO: Elgin Police Officer Arrested For Drunk Driving, Walks Free : news
A new study from the University of Indianapolis published in the American Journal of Public Health finds that citizens living in states with the weakest gun laws are more than twice as likely to be fatally shot by law enforcement. : science

New York enclave with Nazi roots forced to end discriminating policies | US news | The Guardian - German American Settlement League settled anti-discrimination case that ended a policy limiting house ownership to people of German descent (hello, Charles Lingburgh)

The court called the registration process 'quite extensive, as one would imagine for airplanes (next up, FAA rules for paper airplanes)

Walk: A Message To The Class Of 2017

Salem State hack leaves racist language on Twitter account - The Boston Globe

Skeptic ; Reading Room ; The Conceptual Penis as a Social Construct: A Sokal-Style Hoax on Gender Studies ("social sciences")
A new academic hoax: a bogus paper on "the conceptual penis"

Autistic people are three times more likely to have hallucinations than the general population, a new study has found. : science
Instagram ranked worst social network for young people's mental health : news
resplendence4 comments on Melania Trump arrives in Saudi Arabia without headscarf - two years after Donald criticised Michelle Obama for showing her hair (Trump effect in therapy)

What sub-reddit did you immediately NOPE the fuck out of? : AskReddit
People of Reddit. What's your proudest fap? : AskReddit
/u/whywilson goes into the history of the_donald and what it has become today. : bestof

SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, TPP, ITU, CISPA again, TAFTA. We won them all. In 2015 Net Neutrality, for free access to our Internets. The FCC just signalled the death knell for that hard-won fight. We need to have a serious conversation and fight this, and time is short. Let's have that conversation. : technology
Ten years of Jezebel: the website that changed women's media forever | Life and style | The Guardian
Amazon made a small change to the way it sells books. Publishers are terrified. : books


TIL of the Bodo League Massacre, where 100,000 + suspected communists were killed by the South Korean government in 1950. US, Australian, and British officials witnessed and photographed the political genocide. : todayilearned

Chinese fighter flies inverted over US Air Force jet -

Julian Assange Rape Inquiry Is Dropped but His Legal Problems Remain Enormous - The New York Times
Sweden drops Assange rape investigation - BBC News : news

[UK] Theresa May to create new internet that would be controlled and regulated by government : technology (Torynet!)

Was Erdogan personally involved in his bodyguards' attacks on protesters in D.C.?

The Airport Lawyers Who Stood Up to Trump Are Under Attack | The Nation - ? The Department of Justice is perverting a rule to shut down immigrant-rights lawyers.

Ex-FBI Chief Comey To Testify To Senate Panel In Public Session | HuffPost - Comey was fired by President Trump last week amid an agency probe into alleged Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say - The Washington Post - Current administration officials who have acknowledged contacts with Russian officials include President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
Why the special counsel should make Trump's aides very nervous (and whose picture do they use?)
Trump-Russia investiigation: Coverup is now part of it | McClatchy Washington Bureau
Vladimir Putin Outsmarts Trump Again with Offer to Provide Transcript of Oval Office Meeting - His offer to provide a transcript of That Meeting is Grade-A trolling.

Trump told Russians firing 'nut job' Comey eased pressure (in his tiny brain for an hour or two until reality tried to sink in again)
rump Told Russians That Firing 'Nut Job' Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation

VP Mike Pence Was Never Informed About Flynn: Source - NBC News

What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump - Lawfare -- President Trump called the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, weeks after he took office and asked him when federal authorities were going to put out word that Mr. Trump was not personally under investigation ... Trump requested that Comey commit to personal loyalty to the President, and that Comey declined ... he expressed wariness about the then-still-unconfirmed deputy attorney general nominee, Rod Rosenstein ... What loyalty oath had Rosenstein been asked to swear, and what happened at whatever dinner that request took place?

What Comes After Farce? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump Officals: 'He Looks More and More Like a Complete Moron<' (well, somebody finally said it)
The violent rally Trump can't get past

Senate Inquiries Narrow as Rosenstein Suggests Plan to Fire Comey Predated Memo - The New York Times
White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation: sources | Reuters

Approval of President Trump drops to lowest since inauguration: Reuters/Ipsos poll | Reuters - 38 percent of adults approved of Trump while 56 percent disapproved. The remaining 6 percent had "mixed feelings")
Trump's Approval Sinks Further Amid Avalanche of Bad Headlines - Morning Consult - 41 percent saying they still approve of his job performance and 53 percent disapproving
'It's all bullshit': Trump voters have no regrets because they don't trust reports on Comey and Russia (and they go on their "instincts"

Recapping a stunningly bad two weeks for the Trump White House - The Washington Post
Will Republicans ever rein in Trump? Only when this happens. - The Washington Post - 1) Trump's conduct further devolves into truly unhinged autocratic madness 2) Republicans lose both upcoming special elections
Scandals and the American Party System - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- I argue that while the facts uncovered by the Mueller investigation will probably be as bad as Watergate and could well be much worse, given current partisan polarization the political effects are likely to be more like Iran-Contra:

Sources: White House lawyers research impeachment -
Why Do All of These Authoritarians Keep Ending Up in the Trump Administration? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump told aides firing Flynn was a mistake - POLITICO - The president has grown obsessed with defending the tough-talking 58-year-old general,

Roll Call Reporter Says F.C.C. Security Pinned Him to a Wall - The New York Times - after he tried to ask a question of a commissioner. (new rules for reporters in the Trumpocracy)
FCC security guards manhandle reporter, eject him from meeting for asking questions - The Washington Post
FCC under fire after Agency guards 'manhandle' reporter: '...long-time defense reporter John Donnelly was "manhandled" during yesterday's FCC meeting simply for trying to ask a question.' : technology

Ryan: More audio leaks 'cause for concern' | TheHill - after a leak emerged from a 2016 House GOP leadership meeting. (hahahaha)

Q: Does Obamacare have a curse on it that turns all who try to overturn it into bumbling dimwits who can't tell their ass from their elbow? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - A: Of course not. They were already Republicans to begin with.

The Ballad of Holy Joe - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - As Duncan also observed, in addition to the litany of other negative things that can be said about him Joe Lieberman is almost comically unqualified and unfit to be head of the FBI: (rise of the undead Lieberputz)

Since the Beginning of Time, Democrats Have Yearned to Destroy the Legitimacy of Democratic Elections : Lawyers, Guns & Money - I know, the writers have let their material get out of hand, it's not even remotely convincing anymore. I'd stop wtching but I'm urious to see how they manage to tie it all together without just resorting to a nuclear conflagration to wrap everything up.

Biden disses Clinton: 'I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate'
Hey Joe. Where you going with that foot in your mouth? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Speaking at the SALT hedge fun conference in Las Vegas, Biden told attendees that he believed he could have done a better job taking on President Trump on the campaign trail, CNN reported ... Perhaps the man who twice failed to clinch a nomination for Democratic president is not the best judge of these things?

F.B.I. Once Warned G.O.P. Congressman That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him - The New York Times - Dana Rohrabacher of California, has been known for years as one of Moscow's biggest defenders

Ben Sasse on Twitter: "holy moly - it looks like @SenSchumer and I are smoking reefer outside a wedding..."

Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia - Vox - Last Thursday, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) was forced to apologize for spreading a false claim that a New York grand jury was investigating Trump and Russia.

Ivanka and Jared get a rabbinical pass to fly Air Force One - POLITICO - a rabbinical dispensation to travel on the Jewish Sabbath

Taibbi: Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever - Rolling Stone - Fox News founder made this the hate-filled, moronic country it is today
Roger and Me
Roger Ailes' true legacy: His misbegotten swamp child is in the White House ... Ailes built a "news" channel bent on creating an alternate reality. President Trump is his masterwork
Some Loving Tributes To Roger Ailes - Lawyers, Guns & Money
We Live in the World Roger Ailes Broke -- Roger Ailes is survived by Trump, Hannity, this awful time.

Fox News Fires 'The five' Co-Host Bob Beckel Over Racist Comment (Fox full of misogynous racist asshole)
Fox News Fires Bob Beckel For Making Racist Comment : news

Anthony Weiner Pleads Guilty to Federal Obscenity Charge - The New York Times
Huma Abedin finally files for divorce from Anthony Weiner | New York Post
A necessary moment for Anthony Weiner - The Washington Post
Weiner lowered the bar. The bar is now subterranean. We are digging holes in order to accommodate the low altitude of the bar.

The Billionaires' Tea Party - YouTube
The_Errorest comments on Right wing shock jock Alex Jones vowed a win or die fight in Idaho exposing Islam.... ends up apologizing for his behavior.

Steve Harvey Accused of Torturing His Ex-Wife in $60 Million Lawsuit : news

I found a Kent State Class of 1971 yearbook at a yard sale. Hidden inside were 11 one-of-a-kind photos showing military activity before the massacre. [x-post /r/interestingasfuck] : pics

What was the biggest "surprise motherfucker" in history? : AskReddit

14-year-old could face life as sex offender for sex with 12-year-old girlfriend - Houston Chronicle - The idea that a 14-year-old who has sex with a person just a little bit younger then him or her would be treated as the worst of the worst in our society and placed on the sex offender registry is really sick, (they love destroying lives)

Americans Are Paying $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt : news

Charles Murray is a Hateful Crackpot Whose Views Should Not Be Legitimized - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - To present him as a serious intellectual and victim of political correctness, as Harris apparently did, is simply beyond the pale.
Shilling for Hitler - - Eminent historians defended Holocaust denier David Irving in the name of free speech and scholarship. Deborah Lipstadt's account of her libel trial with Irving proves how colossally wrong they were ... This is the tack Christopher Hitchens has long taken when writing about David Irving,

If each day is only 23h56m4s, over the course of 4 years, we accumulate 95.7 hours of unaccounted time when approximating each day to 24 hours. We give ourselves one extra day in February, which accounts for only 24 hours of that extra time, but where does that extra 71.7 hours go? : askscience

Woman Sued For Texting During Movie Confronts Date, Returns Money : movies

WikiLeaks Reveals 'Athena' CIA Spying Program Targeting All Versions of Windows : technology
ELI5: How were ISP's able to "pocket" the $200 billion grant that was supposed to be dedicated toward fiber cable infrastructure? : explainlikeimfive


Eschaton: Oopsie - It's ancient history now, like the Vietnam war was when I was a kid, but a million+ people died because the Very Serious People in our country got a big boner for war. (and everyone walked away)

Can't Trump Land His Helicopter on This UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peace? Sheesh. (he wanted to land his fucking helicopter on top of Masada)

Special counsel vs. special prosecutor: What's the difference? (good scandal history)

Chelsea Manning was just released from prison. The fight over her legacy is still raging. - Vox - Her impact on the United States will be felt for years to come.

Senate Dems: Deputy AG knew Comey was being removed before writing memo | TheHill - Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein knew FBI Director James Comey was going to be fired before he wrote a memo recommending Come (why, that looks a little ...)

Trump's Worst Nightmare Comes True -- President Trump fired James Comey. He got his old pal, Robert Mueller, instead -- and years of trouble
Donald Trump Lashes Out At 'Witch Hunt' After Special Prosecutor Named | HuffPost - "This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!" (on which he's an expert)
Trump denies telling Comey to back off Flynn investigation - The Washington Post (says Putin has the tapes to prove it)
How Trump Learned About the Special Counsel on Russia - The New York Times - Mr. Trump, who was looking through papers, reacted calmly but defiantly at first, according to two people familiar with the events, saying he wanted to "fight back" (and immediately got on the phone to Putin)
Vladimir Putin took time at a press conference to gloat about Trump - Vox - If the US administration finds it necessary, we are ready to provide the record of the conversation between Trump and Lavrov to the Senate and Congress

Flynn, Manafort Are Key Figures in Russia Probe Mueller Will Lead - NBC News
The Ghost of Mike Flynn Haunts the White House - The Atlantic - short tenure as national-security adviser continues to haunt the White House.
Trump Team Knew Flynn Was Under Investigation Before He Came to White House - The New York Times
Exclusive: Trump campaign had at least 18 undisclosed contacts with Russians: sources | Reuter (not counting Trump getting pee'd on) s
Flynn stopped military plan Turkey opposed -- after being paid as its agent (totally corrupt and treasonous Republicans)
You Need To Connect The Dots Between The Bombshell Michael Flynn Stories | HuffPost - The former national security adviser sided with the Turkish president in delaying an attack on ISIS. But before Turkey paid him, Flynn had wanted Erdogan out.

The Special Counsel Mistake - WSJ - Rosenstein bends to political pressure, and here we go again. (WSJ, publisher of the 42-volume "Clintongagte Papers" has a major sad)

It Isn't Just Narcissism -- National Security Council officials have strategically included Trump's name in "as many paragraphs as we can because he keeps reading if he's mentioned"
New Revelation On Flynn Adds Puzzling Wrinkle To Scandal Timeline
Donald Trump Talked Michael Flynn Into White House Job - The retired general was under investigation. The incoming president was determined to have him as national security adviser anyway.

If you work for Trump, it's time to quit -- After the Comey firing and the Russia intel leak, the I'm -taking-one-for-the-team ship has sailed.
Kellyanne Conway cancels Fox appearance after special prosecutor announcement | TheHill
Trump turns to ex-campaign aides as scandals pile up - POLITICO - He has brought Corey Lewandowski, Jason Miller and David Bossie back into his orbit.

We tracked the Trump scandals on right-wing news sites. Here's how they covered it ... We're experiencing these historical events very differently.
Even historians think the Trump intelligence scandal is unprecedented - Vox

Trump: The End Game - Robert Kuttner -- May 18, 2017 -- If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly -- Shakespeare, Macbeth -- This will happen, and it will happen faster than most people thought. Let's hope Trump doesn't blow us all up first

Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence - POLITICO - With Trump swamped by self-inflicted scandals, Republicans find solace in the man waiting in the wings.
Trump's Justice -- Neil Gorsuch will be the enduring symbol of a disastrous presidency.

Trump isn't a toddler -- he's s a product of America's culture of impunity for the rich (he's a rick toddler: "I'm the same person I was in first grade")

American Democracy Betrayed | by Elizabeth Drew | The New York Review of Books - Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's democracy (the party of lie, cheat and steal)

Trying Not to Drown in a Flood of Major Breaking News - The New York Times

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Congress should abandon Russia investigation, go back to Clinton's emails. "There's a new front opening here." (the "responsible" Republicans are all just as evil)

Immigration Arrests Rise Sharply as a Trump Mandate Is Carried Out - The New York Times (they love hurting people)
Eschaton: FBI Joe - Leaving aside all of my rather strong opinions about Joe Lieberman, only in DC could he be seriously considered for the job of running the FBI. His relevant experience? None. (pure coincidence)

Wikileaks Jumps In (Julian looks like a Trump-supporting idiot because he is)

Chaffetz to announce early departure from Congress - POLITICO - Several sources in the Capitol say Chaffetz has told his colleagues he will appear on Fox News.

Someone Is Rearranging Ivanka Trump's Barnes & Noble Book Display
Fox New's Kimberly Guilfoyle Won't Take Over for Sean Spicer
Former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes, An Influential And Destructive Force In Media, Has Died | HuffPost
Roger Ailes - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Roger Ailes, penis-shaped rapist, dies at 77. The strain of being outed as a pervert was too much for his tiny, withered heart, doctors say. Headline from the Karma Daily Post ... for the first time in his life he did something to make the world a better place
A Very Brief Obituary for Roger Ailes, Fox News Chief - A Few Words About Roger Ailes. Very few.
The Revenge of Roger's Angels --How Fox News women took down the most powerful, and predatory, man in media.
Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye Original - YouTube

Louisiana House Tries to Prevent Confederate Memorial Removals in New Orleans - "The War Between the States" Really.

Controversial N.H. legislator resigns - The Boston Globe - Three weeks ago The Daily Beast website reported that Fisher had created a forum called "The Red Pill" on gthe social network Reddit

Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ - Vox - Podcaster and author Sam Harris is the latest to fall for it ... In an episode that runs nearly two and a half hours, Harris, who is best known as the author of The End of Faith, presents Murray as a victim of "a politically correct moral panic" -- and goes so far as to say that Murray has no intellectually honest academic critics

Satans Little Helper on Twitter: "You know your generation's had it rough when its image of decadence is a vegetable on a slice of bread."

I travel the U.S. reporting on the way weed laws affect people's lives for my show WEEDIQUETTE on VICELAND - AMA : IAmA

Multiverse: Astronomers may have found evidence of parallel universes : science

Watch this bizarre, hilarious history of the whole world - Vox

Teenagers of Reddit, what is something you'd like to ask adults of Reddit? : AskReddit

Erdogan Security Forces Charge Protesters in 'Brutal Attack,' Police say (sounds like Turkey, doesn't it?)
Erdogan bodyguard strangling a yazidi woman protester. : pics
With Friends Like These - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - but it may also be that the security forces of foreign autocrat just directly attacked US residents and citizens on US soil with impunity. Trump's own history suggests he might even applaud such a move. (he's making the autocrat rounds)
There's a Reason Authoritarians Beat Up Protesters in Our Nation's Capital -- Something's changed
All the times Trump has called for violence at his rallies

Trump to unveil plans for an 'Arab NATO' in Saudi Arabia
Eschaton: Our Dumb Country -- Obviously Trump doesn't know anything about anything, so any speech subject would be pretty funny, but he of course knows absolutely nothing about Islam and yet "we" think it's perfectly fine and normal to visit another country and talk to them about their state religion. I'm sure they will value his insights and also all the weapons he sells them. (America is having a hard time thinking)

Deputy attorney general appoints special counsel to oversee probe of Russian interference in election - The Washington Post
Justice Department appoints special prosecutor for Russia investigation : news (evangelicals now forgive immorality in elected Republicans +a net swing of 82 percentage points between late October 2016 and mid-March 2017 on whether the economy is good or gad among Rebublicans))
Justice Department appoints special prosecutor for Russia investigation : news ... McCarthy: "two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump"
Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor for Russia Case Is Bad News for Trump (+Charlyism: "like being a volunteer fireman in hell")
Senate Panel Asks Comey to Testify on Flynn and Trump - The New York Times

The guy who predicted Comey's memos thinks Comey may be trying to take down Trump
cover Story: "Broken Windows" by Barry Blitt (speaking of precient)

Trump's disclosure endangered spy placed inside ISIS by Israel, officials say
Israeli Official: Trump Sharing Intelligence With Russia Is "Worst Fears Confirmed"

Putin offers transcript of Trump meeting with Lavrov - (Putin "tapped" him too) Putin dismissed allegations that Trump had shared top-secret security intelligence with Russian diplomats as "political schizophrenia'
Putin offers to provide Congress with details of Trump disclosures to Russian envoys - The Washington Post
House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: 'I think Putin pays' Trump

"Coney's revenge" may be far from over ... There could be more memos, and there will be lots more leaks.
Gregg Jarrett: Comey's revenge is a gun without powder (said Satan's mouthpiece)

Trump Should Worry: Comey Memo Describes a High Crime - Bloomberg - isn't a legal crime, but it is an impeachable offense.
Did Donald Trump Jr. Just CONFIRM the Details in Comey Memo? ("Truth")

Health Care Puts House in Play - Public Policy Polling - Only 40% of voters approve of the job Trump is doing to 54% who disapprove. For the first time we find more voters (48%) in support of impeaching Trump than there are (41%) opposed to the idea. Only 43% of voters think Trump is actually going to end up serving his full term as President, while 45% think he won't, and 12% aren't sure one way or the other.

Sally Yates Knocks Down WH Talking Points On Flynn Firing In CNN Interview -- "When you call the White House counsel and say you have to meet with them that day about something you can't talk about on the phone and you tell them that their national security adviser may be able to be blackmailed by the Russians, I'm not sure how much more of a siren do you need to sound" (it was just a little "heads up")

Eschaton: The President Of The United States - Only like 25 more years of this.
Eschaton: Obstruction - I remember during Monica Madness when people would suggest "saying truthful things to reporters" was somehow obstruction of justice (because Starr's office had a monopoly on Truth no matter how often they lied).

Eschaton: I Guess Jared Has Something To Hide - ... the stupidest man alive. Or both! (Ja-Red is Russian-compromised)
Wake Up: Kushner's a Baddie Too <

Discussion: watch live: Trump Speaks At US Coast Guard Academy At 11:30 AM ET - TPM Article Topics - The Hive (comments: "Five draft deferments. Five")

Greg Palast on Twitter: "4. If Black votes were counted & Blacks not blocked at polls, Trump would still be grabbing crotches in Trump Tower"
Greg Palast on Twitter: "5. States with highest Black vote drop (MI, WI, OH, NC) had biggest vote list purges and new ID laws. It's not "turn-out" it's Jim Crow (Republican state legislatures rigging the vote for Trump)
For a Vision of What Republicans Want to Do to the Nation, Look at North Carolina - Lawyers, Guns & Money y

White House on edge: "We are kind of helpless"
No One in the White House Likes Or Respects Trump
I wrote 'The Art of the Deal' with Trump. His self-sabotage is rooted in his past -- "When I look at myself today and I look at myself in the first grade, I'm basically the same." (drops mic +he's a rageaholic like his dad)

Republican Darrell Issa gives reporter the silent treatment -- and the finger -- for asking about Comey memos ... Increasingly doubt that he runs again in 2018 (when he'd get killed)

Pretend Clinton did what Trump has done (the "Republican exemption" for stupidity and evil) What is it? How about a breathtaking degree of ignorance, incompetence, immaturity and impulsiveness?
Loose Lips Sink Presidencies - WSJ (dudes, "ship of state")

In encryption push, Senate staff can now use Signal for secure messaging | ZDNet (the encryption Trump want to outlaw)

JOEMENTUM! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Spicer says Trump will meet with FOUR FBI director candidates: Andrew McCabe, Frank Keating, Richard McFeely & Joe Lieberman (from the crypt)

This is How Your Government Responds to Unfavorable News Coverage ... RC Hammond, the State Department's communications advisor (a whole crew of stupid, entitled abusive psychos)

MSNBC Ending Lawrence O'Donnell "The Last Word" Show Despite Top Ratings ... MSNBC is taking a turn to the right (going full Trumpeteer)

GOP Lawmaker Told To 'Duck Off' After Griping About Duckling Ramp | HuffPost - Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) griped that the ramps were examples of government waste: (evil idiot gets buried on Twitter: "We could fly them down to Mar-a-lago every weekend if yo'd like")

Colbert gives CBS its longest late-night winning streak in 7 years : television

TIL that states such as Alabama and South Carolina still had laws preventing interracial marriage until 2000, where they were changed with 40% of each state opposing the change : todayilearned (just a little "Southern tradtion")

Recreational pot challenges medical shops : bostontrees -

'This is crazy' : Austin man sues date for texting during movie -- Brandon Vezmar, 37, of Austin filed the claim Thursday against his date (instantly infamous, good move Brandon)

what the Dunning-Kruger effect is and isn't -- So the bias is definitively not that incompetent people think they're better than competent people. Rather, it's that incompetent people think they're much better than they actually are. ... incompetent people lack the skills they'd need in order to know they're incompetent (too stupid to know how stupid they are) <

University of Houston physicists have discovered a catalyst that can split water into hydrogen and oxygen, composed of easily available, low-cost materials and operating far more efficiently than previous catalysts, reported in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences. : science

Google Lens sure looks like witchcraft : videos


India cancelling 4 gigawatt coal power plant as it moves away from coal : news

Gulf states offer unprecedented steps to normalize Israel ties in exchange for partial settlement freeze - Middle East News - Haaretz
Israel appoints first female judge to Sharia Court : news

Denmark teen girl convicted of bomb attack plot on schools - CBS News

The King of Thailand is suing Facebook to keep photos like this of him in a crop top offline. : pics

Impact of International Monetary Fund programs on child health - the presence of IMF conditionality decreases the protective effect of parents's education on child malnourishment by no less than 17%. We observe similar adverse effects in sanitation, shelter, and health care access (including immunization), but a beneficial effect in countering water deprivation. (austerity can never fail)

Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation - The New York Times (irony alert: Comeey 'taped' him)
Today's 5:30 Impeachable Offense Report - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey's associates (..."Tasmanian Devil trying to do ballet")
Trump Asking Comey to Drop FBI's Flynn Investigation Would Be Impeachable Offense - President Trump is outmatched by James Comey ... You just know there are more memos. There are probably dozens of them. And you know that Comey and his minions know precisely the order in which to dole them out.
Trump Officials on Comey Memo: 'don't See How Trump Isn't Completedly Fucked' ... "I feel like running down the hallway with a fire extinguisher," one senior Trump administration official told

Conservatives Politicize Deaths of Seth Rich, Vince Foster to Distract from Trump Issues
JJ Grey & Mofro - The Hottest Spot in Hell - YouTube

Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Disclosed to Russians - The New York Times
Trump can't be trusted with sensitive information -- and now the world knows
News from The Associated Press - A senior European intelligence official tells The Associated Press that his country might stop sharing information with the United States if it confirms President Donald Trump shared classified details with Russian officials.

The Law Can't Stop Trump. Only Impeachment Can.
When the World Is Led by a Child - The New York Times
Eschaton: Because I Am Not Serious - Trump is a senile old man with some sort of degenerative brain condition and he will brag to anybody about anything ... despite the fact that his handlers keep telling the press that they have to treat him like a 5 year old, no one will come right out and say the obvious: Trump is in serious mental decline and also he runs the world.

The dangerous distrust between Trump and the national security agencies - The Washington Post
McMaster and Tillerson are complicit in Trump's dishonesty, so must they resign?
The Terrible Cost of Trump's Disclosures -- reported divulgence of top-secret codeword information to the Russians are only beginning.
This is why Trump's loose tongue has compromised U.S. security (loose lips sink the ship of state)
Donald Trump Says He Has The Right To Share Info With The Russians | HuffPost - Who cares if the information is classified?
Trump can do whatever he wants. God help us. - The Washington Post

At a Besieged White House, Tempers Flare and Confusion Swirls - The New York Times -- reporters could hear senior aides shouting from behind closed doors as they discussed a defense after Washington Post reporters informed them of an article they were writing ... There is a fear among some of Mr. Trump's senior advisers about leaving him alone in meetings with foreign leaders ... Mr. Trump, a hasty and indifferent reader of printed briefing materials, simply did not possess the interest or knowledge of the granular details of intelligence gathering to leak specific sources and methods of intelligence gathering that would do harm to United States allies. (the stupid defense)

Sally Yates: Russians had 'real leverage' over Michael Flynn
what we know so far about Team Trump's ties to Russian interests (they are all Russian spies)
Feds Subpoena Records for $3.5M Mystery Mortgage on Manafort's Home - NBC News
The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump - Parts 1 & 2 [Zembla and] - YouTube

Right and Left React to Trump's Sharing Classified Information With Russia, and More

Roger Stone and Alex Jones warn of attempt to remove Trump claiming he has Alzheimer's
Outraged Sean Hannity Wants White House To Seize More Control Over Media | HuffPost - Reporters would have to submit questions in writing on pre-selected topics.

Family of slain Seth Rich says reports he fed WikiLeaks DNC info are untrue - The Washington Post - rejected Fox News reports that he had leaked work e-mails to WikiLeaks before he was fatally shot last year in the District

GOP Class Warfare - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Once again, the primary threat to this nation is not Donald Trump, it'S the Republican Party (slash spending so they can give it to the rich)
The most important part of the Republican health bill is mostly getting ignored - Vox - sweeping cuts to Medicaid, which have the potential take health care from tens of millions of Americans. (Republicans tell old people to just die already, supporters clap)

Undue Burden: Trying to Get an Abortion in Louisiana - The New York Times (white women-hating patriarchy at work in the Christian-values state of Louisiana)

My Family's Slave: one of the best articles I have read in a long time : books
A Story of Slavery in Modern America - The Atlantic - She lived with us for 56 years. She raised me and my siblings without pay. I was 11, a typical American kid, before I realized who she was.
The Sacrifices of an Immigrant Caregiver - The New Yorker - The lives of the immigrant women who tend to the needs of others.

Playboy model Dani Mathers faces jail after secretly Snapchatting photo of naked woman at gym : news

In a PR blitz before his trial, Bill Cosby blames racism for sexual assault claims - The Washington Post - The comedian invoked feminist author Gloria Steinem during his interview. (and feminisism)

Gang member who killed transgender woman he was dating is first to be sentenced under federal hate crime law - The Washington Post - Vallum admitted that he killed Williamson because she was transgender and because he feared reprisal from other members of the gang, which forbids homosexual relationships.

A teen chugged a latte, a Mountain Dew and an energy drink. The caffeine binge led to his death. - The Washington Post
He drank a cafe latte, a Diet Mountain Dew and an energy drink. Caffeine killed him. : WTF

Woman arrested for OUI was carrying lizard, police say - The Boston Globe - She has been arraigned 109 times in her adult life, police said.

"It Gets Better" Is Bad Advice For Gay Kids, Study Claims. Researchers say that simply imaging a better future, however well-intentioned the idea, is not the best coping strategy for teens dealing with stress related to their sexual orientation, and in some cases may even do more harm than good.

New research shows that exposure to psychological abuse between parents is more damaging to children's wellbeing in the long term than physical domestic violence. Psychological abuse can include, name-calling, intimidation, isolation, manipulation and control. : science
What surprisingly IS scientifically proven? : AskReddit - People with blue eyes are more susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.
Are quantum entangled particles subject to time dilation? : askscience
Steroid Injections No Better than Saline in Knee Osteoarthritis Trial (N=140) | JAMA : science

Ex-child bride seeks to collect millions from Utah polygamist leader : news
[Serious]What's the creepiest thing you've seen while driving at night? : AskReddit
Without saying your age, what is something from your childhood you remember, but a younger person wouldn't? : AskReddit

TIL that anyone who removes Hawaiian rocks from the islands is said to be cursed. Every year people mail back thousands of pounds of rock, sand, and shells to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, many with reports of how their lives were ruined by the curse. : todayilearned
Student who stabbed boyfriend may avoid jail as it would damage her career : news

Facebook promised to tackle fake news. But the evidence shows it's not working | Technology | The Guardian


Cyberattack Spreads in Asia; Thousands of Groups Affected - The New York Times -- Vladimir V. Putin, blamed the United States, noting that the malicious software used in the attack had originally been developed by the National Security Agency
China, Addicted to Bootleg Software, Reels From Ransomware Attack - The New York Times ("bootleg" = "stolen") If those behind the ransomware attack profited from the hacking, they may have figured out how to do something that has been beyond Microsoft: making money from Windows in China.
Ransomware's Aftershocks Feared as U.S. Warns of Complexity
WannaCry hackers had no intention of giving users their files back even if they pay : technology
Doxing the hero who stopped WannaCry was irresponsible and dumb : technology -- Man, fuck the British Press.
Wannacry and Lazarus Group - the missing link? - Securelist
The need for urgent collective action to keep people safe online: Lessons from last week's cyberattack
Global Wana Ransomware Outbreak Earned Perpetrators $26,000 So Far
Hackers Holding Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean' For Ransom

Senior member of Trump team said to tell Israelis: Western Wall is not your territory | The Times of Israel
Top US officials warn Trump against moving US embassy to Jerusalem -
Scoop: Sheldon Adelson "furious" about Tillerson's comments - Axios (he looks the part)

Chelsea Manning to be an active duty soldier with health care after release - Her lawyer, Chase Strangio, added in the ACLU statement that Manning had been abused at Leavenworth but did not specify the type of abuse.

North Korea Says New Missile Can Carry Large' Nuclear Warhead
If Americans Can Find North Korea on a Map, They're More Likely to Prefer Diplomacy ((bomb the fuck out of Cylon, Mongolia and Australia)

How Venezuela Stumbled to the Brink of Collapse - The New York Times (the third-grader drove the bus over a cliff after Chavez wrecked the country)

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador - The Washington Post -- Moscow would be keenly interested in identifying that source and perhaps disrupting it.
Bombshell: Initial Thoughts on the Washington Post's Game-Changing Story (Kislyak again)
Ynetnews News - US intel sources warn Israel against sharing secrets with Trump administrati...
Russia Redux: Republican Senators Confront Another Trump Disaster Talking Points Memo
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador : news
Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador - The Washington Post
Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say - The New York Times (Trump has no "allies," only "subjects")

NSA Boss: Section 702 Should Be Renewed Because It Helped Prove Russia Hacked Election | Techdirt

Political chaos in Washington is a return on investment for Moscow - The Washington Post

Dead man lying - - Unyielding dishonesty and belligerence have landed Trump one investigation away from impeachment - We've reached a magical time in the great story unfolding before us, the time when everybody knows that Trump is guilty, but the verdict is not yet in
Can American democracy survive Donald Trump? - It might not end with a bang, but the president is doing deep, lasting damage.
Preet Bharara: Are there still public servants who will say no to the president? - The Washington Post

Under Trump, inconvenient data is being sidelined - The Washington Post - The Trump administration has removed or tucked away a wide variety of information that until recently was provided to the public, limiting access, for instance, to disclosures about workplace violations, energy efficiency, and animal welfare abuses.

G.O.P. Senators Pull Away From Trump, Alarmed at His Volatility - The New York Times
Trump's Madness Invites Mutiny
How Trump gets his fake news - POLITICO - The president rarely surfs the web on his own, but his staff have made a habit of slipping news stories on to his desk -- including the occasional internet hoax.
Our Presidential Manchild - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says 'You Can't Be Cute About Tapes,' But Doubts They Exist | HuffPost
Yes, Trump Thinks He Can Defeat The Russia Probe | HuffPost - betting that his foes are too weak to stop him

The Priming of Mr. Donald Trump - The New York Times (his brain pump needs priming so he can trickle-down on you some more)

Republicans Try to Turn Healthcare into Welfare - So they can demonize another group of "moochers" ... First, we had John Shimkus, a congressgaloot from Illinois, who was tired of having his pocket picked by pregnant women (but dickpills are fine)
Trump's Budget Director Says Fat, Lazy Americans Don't Deserve Health Care

Supreme Court Declines to Hear North Carolina Appeal in Voting Rights Case - The Court refused to grant certiorari on an appeal by North Carolina to review a lower court's decision to shitcan the voting regulations passed by the Republican majorities in the state legislature

Frelinghuysen Targets Activist in Letter to Her Employer - WNYC News - WNYC - The most powerful congressman in New Jersey, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, wrote a fundraising letter in March to a board member of a local bank, warning him that a member of an activist group opposing the Republican worked at his bank. (mark of the Beast or get lost)

US Support for Gay Marriage Edges to New High | Gallup - 64% of Americans say same-sex marriage should be legal -- For the first time, majority of Protestants support gay marriage - Support for same-sex relations has also climbed, now at 72% (and Trump at 39%: gay is almost twice as popular)

Women Can Wear Pants on Fox, But Not Much Else Has Changed

Campus Life: Locked, Loaded and Loopy - The New York Times - Two more states -- Arkansas and Georgia -- have passed "campus carry" laws permitting licensed gun owners to pack concealed firearms at public universities, on the bizarre premise that students will be more secure from the nation

As Nationwide Gangs Fracture, Bullets Fly in New York - The New York Times

Marvell Cancelling Black Panther & The Crew, One of Its Most Important Comics Right Now -- Ta-Nehisi Coates and Yona Harvey (Trumpism)

When the Immune System Thwarts Lifesaving Drugs - The New York Times

Girls of Reddit, what's the male equivalent of eating a banana or licking ice cream seductively? : AskReddit

Fyre Festival Was Buried Under Millions in Debt Before It Even Began - Bloomberg - First ticket holders sued. Now investors who backed the doomed millennial extravaganza want their money back.
Amazon is now worth two Walmarts - Recode - On the 20th anniversary of its IPO, Amazon's market caps stands at $459 billion. Walmart's? $228 billion
The FCC Spent Last Week Trying To Make Net Neutrality Supporters Seem Unreasonable, Racist & Unhinged | Techdirt (and their Russian hackers)
An Analysis of the FCC Comment Bots : technology ... (subtract the bots, then) Pro Title II: 395,353 -Anti Title II: 743
Fake uses "?h??????.com" to draw users to install adware : technology
Startup Targets The TI Calculators Your Kid Lugs to Class : technology


Cyber-attack has hit more than 200,000 victims in 150 countries, says Europol chief, warning of "escalating threat" : news
After Ransomware Attack, Businesses Brace For Monday Morning | HuffPost - Cybersecurity experts fear the ransomware worm could cause new chaos as employees log back on.
With New Digital Tools, Even Nonexperts Can Wage Cyberattacks - The New York Times

Macron's Victory Explodes France's Political Landscape -- A generation of political leaders has been swept aside. New ones are emerging. Parties are collapsing or struggling to remake themselves as politicians scramble to form alliances to maintain their power.

Follow the data: does a legal document link Brexit campaigns to US billionaire? | Technology | The Guardian - how a confidential legal agreement is at the heart of a web connecting Robert Mercer to Britain's EU referendum (the Blackwater is deep)

NBC/WSJ Poll: Just 29 Percent Approve of Trump's Firing of James Comey - NBC News (58% of Republifucks) job-approval rating stands at 39 percent (and sinking)
2016 election turnout: White less-educated voters held steady while minorities fell. - Washington Post
Poll: 78 Percent think Russian investigation should be independent | TheHill
adamant2009 comments on Poll: 78 Percent think Russian investigation should be independent ... I can say that, when I criticized the actions of a President Bush as a child, I was encouraged to leave the country if I didn't like it

FiveThirtyEight's Pollster Ratings | FiveThirtyEight

In 1974, Republicans put country before Party and told Nixon it was time to go. Today's G.O.P. seems unlikely to live up to its predecessor's example (they are all treasonous traitors)
'Nixon speed-dating' with Donald Trump -- Nixonian? It took Richard Nixon five years and six months to compile such a record

Warner: I will 'absolutely' subpoena tapes between Comey and Trump if they exist
Former Employees of Donald Trump Say They Saw Him Tape Conversations - WSJ - Three former employees say they saw Mr. Trump tape phone calls in Trump Tower before he was president

Chuck Schumer Says Next FBI Director Should 'Not Be A Partisan Politician' | HuffPost - You need a really good prosecutor here, somebody who knows how to do it
James Clapper On Donald Trump: 'Our Institutions Are Under Assault' | HuffPost

Russian interference in 2016 election has been 'well documented,' Tillerson says
ZEMBLA - The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the Russians - YouTube
Trump Boasts That His Im peachment Will Get Higher TV Ratings Than All Other Impeachments - The New Yorker

The Election Is Over, but Trump Can't Seem to Get Past It
Nikki Haley: Trump is 'CEO of the country,' can 'fire anyone he wants' (in America, Inc with Republicans as his 'board of directors'- they never were very good at the democracy thing)

Trump is said to be frustrated after Comey firing - The Boston Globe - After four months in office, President Trump has become distrustful of some of his White House staff, heavily reliant on a handful of family members and longtime aides, and furious that the White House's attempts to quell the firestorm over the FBI and congressional Russia investigations only seem to add more fuel, according to White House officials.
Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up - Axios - that could take out everyone from Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and chief strategist Steve Bannon, to counsel Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer, White House sources tell me.

Prevezon: Russian money-laundering details remain dark as US settles fraud case - - The abrupt conclusion has some involved in the trial wondering why this Russian investigation had been cut short.

The Widening Blast Radius of the Fox News Scandal - politico Magazine - The metastasizing Ailes affair is spilling over into the politics of New York, Virginia and the White House. (Fox will move into the WH)
President Trump eyeing Fox News producers and hosts to take over his communications team - - Trump is unhappy with the message coming out of the White House, but that might have to do with the message itself

The Health Care Bill's Insults to Women
Some Americans spend billions to get teeth whiter. Some wait in line to get them pulled. | The Washington Post - You can work full time but not have the money to fix your teeth -- visible reminders of the divide between rich and poor (dentists were always for rich people)

The Autocrat's Language -- Trump's word-piles fill public space with static. This is like having the air we breathe replaced with carbon monoxide. It is deadly.

The most frustrating thing about Ivanka Trump: Washington Post opinion | - The most frustrating thing about Trump is that she doesn't seem to do much of anything at all. (learned from her daddy)

The New York Times Insults Your Intelligence Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - So Erickson was still defending the farcically transparent pretext Trump used to justify firing Comey after Trump himself had admitted that it was a pretext. It's not news that Erickson is a clown, but shouldn't he be doing it at the Daily Caller or something? (NYT fucks you again)

Trump talk is everywhere, even at the strip club - The Washington Post

Torch-wielding protesters gather at Lee Park | Local | -- everal dozen torch-wielding protesters gathered in Charlottesville's Lee Park just after 9 p.m. Saturday, chanting "You will not replace us," "Russia is our friend" and "Blood and soil" (defending Robert E Lee statue, Nazis or Russkys, you decide)
Protestors chant Nazi phrases, wield torches near Confederate statue in Charlottesville, Va. : news

These Missouri Republicans just voted to cut St Louis minimum wage by 23%. The minimum wage was already less than living wage required for family of two adults and 1 minor. : pics (a different species of humanity)
Eschaton: Generation Lead - We are a cruel country. -- A long-running battle to establish a database to monitor for prescription drug abuse in Missouri -- the only state without one -- is about to hit a boiling point. On one side is Republican state Senator Rob Schaaf, who once said that when people die of overdoses that "just removes them from the gene pool."
NC Senate Republican cut education funding from Democrats's districts (only Republican voters funded, no discrimination there)
Rules would limit number of feedings in Little Rock parks | | - capitol city is being asked to adopt rules limiting the number of times groups of homeless people can be fed in city parks. (once every three months, max)

Appeal in boy's burp arrest case relies on Gorsuch dissent
In Arizona, teachers can now be hired with absolutely no training in how to teach - The Washington Post -- "will entice great teachers into the classroom" (all the teachers left the state after Republicans fucked education)

Children find parents dead of apparent heroin/fentanyl overdose in Ohio home : news

How Google Took Over the Classroom - The New York Times (chromebooks and t he cloud)

American Parents Are Ditching The Name 'Caitlyn' In All Its Forms | HuffPost (Jenner destroyed the Caitlyn brand)

Colorado: Hunter claims he was sexually assaulted by a sasquatch (footprints to prove it)

The Universe in a Nutshell | by Tamsin Shaw | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books (boxwood prayer beads)

ADHD treatment tied to lower car crash risk - The Washington Post -- men with the condition had a 49 percent increased risk of being in a crash and women had a 44 percent increased risk.

TIL the deadliest earthquake of all time occurred in China in 1556. Roughly 830,000 people died. : todayilearned

First genetic locus for anorexia nervosa identified in genome-wide analysis of ~3500 patients and ~11000 controls : science

This is democracy manifest. : pics
The only existing recording of Hitler's normal voice. Secretly recorded while he was in Finland in 1942. : videos

What would you say to make a 33 year old feel really old? : AskReddit
OliverFitzPatrick comments on Gay guys that constantly make a point about disliking "gay culture" and how they don't want to be associated with it.

FCC Filings Overwhelmingly Support Net Neutrality Once Spam is Removed [Data Analysis] : technology (Putin hates your internets)
TIL: the US had slow average internet speed compared to the rest of the world due to (2) main things: (1) the expense of replacing old wire technologies and (2) their is no law yet stating that ISPs have to update their wiring : todayilearned
How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet | (Aug 18 2016)
Bokai comments on Not exactly what this sub is about, but still fits ( X-post r/tumblr)


NASA Denies Trump's Request to Send Astronauts Past the Moon on New Rocket (Dumpster wanted a billion-dollar photo-op and fuck it if they get killed)
Trump's Expected Pick for Top USDA Scientist Is Not a Scientist -- Sam Clovis likely to be named undersecretary of the USDA department that manages research on everything from climate change to nutrition. (he will rein-in those librul "scientists")
You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks chopper tell Calif. beachgoers

Hacking Attack has Security Experts Scrambling to Contain Fallout - The New York Times
What We Know and Don't Know About the International Cyberattack ... The Russian Interior Ministry confirmed in a statement that 1,000 of its computers had also been hit.
U.K. Health Service Ignored Warnings for Months - The New York Times - numerous warnings over the last year that many of its computer systems were outdated and unprotected from the type of devastating cyberattack it suffered on Friday. (Tories cheaped out, of course)
Global ransomware attack shows why Apple refused to hack terrorist's iPhone

Behind China's $1 Trillion Plan to Shake Up the Economic Order (while Republicans let America's infrastructure rot)

Trump at Liberty University commencement: 'In America, we don't worship government; we worship God' (and yer lookin' at Him)
Isolated and agitated, Trump rattles White House from within - (roving the halls, bellowing "I won!") going a full week without hearing the applause and adulation that often brightens his mood.

Trump's Tape Threat Against Comey Was Inevitable - ou just had to know it somehow would come around to tapes ... When the president* decided to play two-bit loan shark with James Comey on Friday morning, it was the final plot twist that sent the saga sailing off into Nixonland. And you knew that, once people started talking about tapes, there was going to be a press secretary twisting slowly in the wind. From NBC News: (+OMFG Trump hired Russian law firm to defend him against colluding with Russians)

Trump must be impeached. Here's why -- The time has come for Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Trump for obstruction of justice.
Believe it or not, Senate's Russia investigation is moving faster than its Watergate counterpart 44 years ago
Trump's warning to Comey deepens doubts about his respect for the rule of law (it was always can they control him, don't act surprised now)
Trump's own words add fuel to questions about the legality of firing Comey -- With his own words over the past two days, President Trump has vastly escalated the stakes and potential consequences of his decision to fire James B. Comey as FBI director, provoking questions about whether his motivations and tactics may have run afoul of the law.
White House 'system failed' with Comey firing, but Trump pushed the buttons

Richard Burr Leads Russia Inquiry, Whether He Likes It or Not - The New York Times (he doesn't)
As Trump Erupts In Crazy, Most Republicans Hold Fast -- For Now | HuffPost - Party operatives say officeholders may start to bail when their own elections are on the line next year
Rod Rosenstein Still Sees No Need For A Special Prosecutor On Russia | HuffPost - Apparently, the outcry over Trump's firing of the FBI director changes nothing
Inside Trump's Coming War with the F.B.I. - "Agents are pissed off at the way he was fired, the total disrespect with which it was handled. It was a slap in the face to the F.B.I., to everybody in the F.B.I"

Eschaton - It isn't really about election meddling, though that might be the hook, it's about the money... (why he fired Preet Bharara)
The Senate Starts to Look at Trump's Businesses ("I don't know Rusia, I've never been to Russia")
Donald Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs and Mobsters Detailed In Explosive New Documentary from the Netherlands -- Dutch TV did what no American TV network dares, suggesting Trump's past includes illegal racketeering.

'It Took My Brath Away': Chris Wallace Offers Stunning, Must-Watch Critique of Trump White House
'No one can talk sense into him' : CNN guest says even Ivanka seems to have lost control of President Trump

Trump stokes fears of how he'd handle real crisis - After chaotic, self-inflicted week many fear chaos Trump can't congtrol (no wedding ring either)
Election Is Over, but Trump Still Can't Seem to Get Past It (he won a lot of the land with no people in it)
Donald Trump thinks exercise will kill you - Vox - Which doctors believed in the Victorian era. Redirects to Official White House Website | Hollywood Reporter

What Arouses Cillizza - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Even for Cillizza, this is incredibly embarrassing. (mark of the Beast of the Land)
Chris Cillizza on Twitter: "Well: 1. I didn't write it 2. I didn't "post" it 3. Open-mindedness is a virtue"
Jason Chaffetz Has Been Telling Republicans He Will Join Fox News

A Top Trump Official Just Flunked The Jimmy Kimmel Test | HuffPost - It's fine to pay for sick kids, Mulvaney says, but diabetics are another story. ("life-style choices" and "undeserving poor" so fuck off and die)
Tea party bias case: IRS execs say lives at risk - Lois Lerner and Holly Paz both have argued in recent court filings that the threat to their lives outweighs the public's right to hear their testimony about how IRS employees in Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., handled applications for tax-exempt status from tea party groups. (teahadists)

SuburbanDinosaur comments on Racist has a Bad Day (Bonus Mugshot)

Sinclair Requires TV Stations to Air Segments That Tilt to the Right - The New York Times

Where Anti-Tax Fervor Means 'All Services Will Cease' (no libraries because idiots believed Republican lies about "government waste," good luck with yourxsy stupid kids)

Anti-Gay Attacks Not Covered by West Virginia Hate Crime Law, Court Rules - The New York Times

Louisiana Can't Afford to Pay for Public Defenders, So Inmates Are Pleading Guilty (their plan all along)

Former Sheriff Lee Baca defiant to the end, even after prison sentence - LA Times - Baca was convicted in March of obstruction of justice and conspiracy charges for the steps he and his subordinates took after they learned of an FBI investigation into corruption and abuses in the sheriffs' department-run jails

11-year-old escapes after kidnapping, rape; search for attacker underway in Orange Co. : news
Brearley, Manhattan Girls' School, Pursuing Allegations of Past Abuse

UPDATE: The janitor who got fired : videos ... Wooooooow fuck Susan Offerman, I hope that cunt gets fired for this. I've had managers like her, and those kind of people have no right to be in any sort of position of power (Fulton County Schools, GA)

New York Vast Flop (WTC how to do things completely wrong)

New hepatitis C infections triple due to opioid epidemic - -- An estimated 3.5 million people, mainly baby boomers, in the United States currently have an infection with hepatitis C

New Orleans mayor: Why I'm m taking down my city's Confederate monuments ... New Orleans was also America's largest slave market: a port where hundreds of thousands of souls were brought, sold and shipped up the Mississippi River to lives of misery and torture (just a little Southern tradition of treason in defense of slavery)

What is the best documentary you've ever watched? : AskReddit
What's the scariest short story you've ever read? : books

Is an Open Marriage a Happier Marriage? - The New York Times - What the experiences of nonmonogamous couples can tell us about jealousy, love, desire and trust.

The Rise and (Maybe) Fall of Influencers - The New York Times (instabranding instamodels and twitter princesses)
Gigi Hadid's Vogue Arabia Cover Sparks Backlash --Some view it as an example of cultural appropriation.

The Body and Us | by Riccardo Manzotti | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
Dreaming Outside Our Heads | by Riccardo Manzotti | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books - giving dream experiences the same status as ordinary waking experiences. They are both the result of the same processes of causation.
Is Consciousness an Illusion? | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books
The Body Is Not a Computer -- stop thinking of it as one (techbro dream: head transplants on "donor" bodies)
In a clinical first, researchers demonstrate that transplantation of pancreatic islet cells within a tissue-engineered platform can successfully engraft and achieve insulin independence in type 1 diabetes. : science

New Gene Tests Pose a Threat to Insurers - The New York Times - An estimated 5.5 million people in the United States have Alzheimer's disease, and these patients constitute half of all nursing home residents. Yet very few people in the United States have been tested for the ApoE4 gene ... tests could be a disaster, sending risky patients in search of policies even as those with fewer risks shy away, damaging an already fragile business.
ELI5: why are higher levels of intelligence in humans associated with lack of emotion? : explainlikeimfive

A Gene Mystery: How Are Rats With No Y Chromosome Born Male? - The New York Times
Stem cells in plants and animals behave surprisingly similarly: study | Lund University

Chronic childhood illness linked with later life mental health problems | EurekAlert! Science News - Research by University of Sussex finds evidence to suggest that the effect of chronic physical illness in childhood persists long after childhood and adolescence

Science objectives / Gaia / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA
Gaia 3D Star Map : InternetIsBeautiful

Lighthouse : pics
Russia Photo Gallery

Get started | Learning Music (Beta)
Repost from about a year ago. The Autocanonizer - This site turns any song into a canon by playing it against a copy of itself in areas with similar beats. : InternetIsBeautiful
Over The Rainbow (autocanonized) by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Can confirm... : funny - The man bun initially struck me as this hipsterly, self-aware male mocking expectations of masculinity by having an even more noticeable hair bun than other long haired fellows. Often paired with the man beard they make a great pairing of perceived indifference to judgment by appearing not just wily, but effeminate and thereby bold. Boldness in action is manliness in its most distilled form

Florida Man Arrested for Driving Backwards but in the Right Direction. : funny -- he was driving in reverse because he just bought the Buick and that's the only gear that worked.
This is why women live longer than men : videos
This is the evolution of US girl names, since 1880 to 2013. : videos (Mary dominates until WWII when Linda takes over and then things change a lot)
What is the most absent-minded thing you've ever done? : AskReddit
Man admits to tricking dozens of women into sex, told them they were 'rehearsing' for porn roles : news
What really cool thing was killed by modern technology? : AskReddit
5 is like an honorary even number. : Showerthoughyts
Pregnancy test commercials always advertise people happy the result says pregnant. I bet a lot more people are happy when it says not pregnant. : Showerthoughts
If the Earth was really flat cats would have pushed everything off it by now. : Showerthoughts
TIL that the father that shot down that expensive drone for spying on his teenage daughter while she was sun bathing, was released of all charges and the courts dismissed the cases : todayilearned

What are the funniest WiFi names you've encountered? : AskReddit
HP issues fix for 'keylogger' found on several laptop models : news - "accidentally left in...." uhh huh, sure.


Resistance - The free market is a harsh mistress edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Sulzberger addresses subscribers who specifically mentioned the hiring of Stephens as a reason that they ended their subscriptions.
Germany Just Smashed an Energy Record, Generating 85% Electricity From Renewables : technology

Hackers Hit Dozens of Countries Exploiting Stolen N.S.A. Tool - The New York Times - extensive cyberattacks on Friday that hit dozens of countries, severely disrupting Britain's public health system and wreaking havoc on tens of thousands of computers elsewhere, including Russia's ministry for internal security ... The malware was circulated by email. Targets were sent an encrypted, compressed file that, once loaded, allowed the ransomware to infiltrate its targets. (+FedEx)
at least 16 hospitals or doctor's offices
Ransomeware Cyberattack Mega-Thread : technology
Wcrypt Tracker
Global WannaCry ransomware outbreak uses known NSA exploits | Emsisoft Blog
An NSA-derived ransomware worm is shutting down computers worldwide | Ars Technica - Wcry uses weapons-grade exploit published by the NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers.

This Is the Secret Court Order That Forced the NSA to Delete the Data It Collected About You : technology - This Is the Secret Court Order That Forced the NSA to Say It Deleted the Data It Collected About You, (it really still has it)

Trump's desperate efforts to protect himself Richard North Patterson May 10, 2017

The epic and bizarre first 110 days of the Trump presidency - The Washington Post (YOU WILL WATCH THE TRUMP SHOW)

Poll: Majority of Americans Think Comey's Dismissal Was Not Appropriate (79% Republicans are very happy)
Trump Warning to Comey Prompts Questions on 'Tapes' ... "For a president who baselessly accused his predecessor of illegally wiretapping him, that Mr. Trump would suggest that he, himself, may have engaged in such conduct is staggering"
Five Reasons Why the Comey Affair Is Worse Than Watergate - The Atlantic
Why James Comey's Firing Is a Turning Point for Trump - Nobody is in control of the narrative right now ... But there is, at the moment, a sense of a great turning in events. Nobody is in control of the story right now, and ordinarily, that would be a cause for concern. But chaos turns upon itself eventually, and that may be the best shot we have.

A new report says Trump demanded Comey's loyalty. That could be devastating.
Trump's warning to Comey deepesn she said doubts about his respect for the rule of law
Rosenstein role in Comey firing raises more questions than answers - The Washington Post
'I wish he'd quit tweeting' -- Many Trump backers say it's time for him to put down his phone -- "The occasional typo or poor choice of words shows he's down-to-earth and not trying to be some bigwig that thinks he's above all of us" she said a 57-year-old white grandmother (tragically stupid and ironic) "I wish Trump would be a different person than who we saw during the campaign" (idiots) Lenora Ellison, 77, at her home in Niceville, Fla., voted for Trump. She's skeptical of inforamtion ... (and her eyes and ears)
Trump's Comey fight spooks Capitol Hill
Comey furious at lack of respect White House showed, sources say - ABC News ... "a showboat and a grandstander" (yeah, he really said that)
Mitch McConnell may be making the most important mistake of his career - The Washington Post (says he's loyal to Putin)
Et Tu Rod? Why The Deputy Attorney General Must Resign - Lawfare
The Feds have 'Trump tapes' akin to Nixon's 'Watergate tapes'
Donald Trump Threatens James Comey, Implies He Taped Conversations | HuffPost - The fallout from firing the FBI director continues.
Let's take a look at the political fallout
We've Crossed the Rubicon - Lawyers, Guns & Money : interview with Lester Holt leaves no doubt that the Trump Administration, its surrogates, and GOP officials spent two days misleading the American people
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"
Our Idiot King Part IV - Lawyers, Guns & Money : the President of the United States is publicly threatening the former Director of the FBI against testifying about their conversations, on the logic that the former may have secretly taped the latter.
Diva on Twitter: "@realDonaldTrump This meme is always a crowd favourite for some reason, hmmm ??"
Kvetch__22 comments on FBI confirms activity in Annapolis (Manafort/Stone connection and deep Russian corruption of Trump)
Barry Blitt's "Ejected" (perfect)

Trump Warns Comey and Says He May Cancel Press Briefings - The New York Times
Eschaton: But About Those Written Statements - Trump's babbling about how difficult it is for his lickspittles to be perfectly correct on the podium.
Trump's Comey firing sets off new round of leaks | TheHill - President Trump is besieged by internal leaks as he tries to weather the fallout from his firing of FBI Director James Comey.
Building walls -- around Trump

darkseadrake comments on Melissa McCarthy is casually cruising through Midtown on Sean Spicer's podium today

Donald Trump Has Compromised Every Major Investigation Into Alleged Russian Interference | HuffPost - Comey, fired. Nunes, recused. Burr, compromised
The Trump-Russia Nexus - The New York Times -- defining deviancy downward
My Dinner With Comey: Current and Former FBI Officials Dispute Trump Account of Meeting With FBI Director - NBC News
Eschaton: Former Acting Director -- Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe tells Senate panel he will not update the White House on the Russia investigation.

Eschaton: Norms - And if the Republicans in Congress just roll over, and the press isn't putting up a "resignation watch, day X" banner, and people don't camp permanently outside the White House, the Cabinet doesn't have a 25th amendment moment, and noble civil servants in and out of the White House don't resign and speak loudly, etc..., etc..., we're unlikely to get that back.

Here's how the Russians might have snuck a recording device into the Oval Office
Redditor outlines large scale campaign fundraising fraud by the Trump Administration; citing concerns from posts made 7 months ago that the FBI is possibly uncovering now. : bestof
Redditor outlines large scale campaign fundraising fraud by the Trump Administration; citing concerns from posts made 7 months ago that the FBI is possibly uncovering now. : bestof

In interview, Trump contradicts Pence on Comey - politico
McCabe contradicts White House on Comey - politico

The not-so-viral Comey firing - Axios - cared less about James Comey being fired than other big moments so far in the Trump administration
Former Sen. Kelly Ayotte among Trump's candidates for FBI job (bottom of the barrel, knows nothing about anything, like Trump)
Eschaton: Positive Reviews - Reporters is so weird ... Other than the lying, she was great!

Poll: Voters divided on Comey firing - politico - About one-third of voters said Trump was wrong to fire the FBI director and another third said he was right. Congress is not the board of directors of the White House.""

Republican Congressmen Announce the Constitution Is Different Under President Trump - n case you're wondering why no Republican has stood up to be counted, you should know that installing a vulgar talking yam in the White House has changed the job description of Being A Congressman. Isn't that right, Barry Loudermilk? (central casting at work again)
Igor Bobic on Twitter: "MacArthur: "We don't oversee the executive. Congress is not the board of directors of the White House."

Eschaton: 2 Cheers For Incompetence - Trump's hired very few people to run things, and those he has appear to be cartoonishly incompetent, people whose only real experience is organizing a College Republican affirmative action bake sale. This will be great until the shit hits the fan.
Eschaton: Could Be Worse - That is, unless the shit hits the fan under President Trump. It'll be 3 months of reading The Pet Goat.

Sessions issues sweeping new criminal charging policy - The Washington Post (war on poor/black people ramps up again)
Jeff Sessions Puts an End to Talk of Criminal Justice Reform - Remember bipartisan criminal justice reform?

Trump says he invented an 84-year-old phrase. But, why? - The Washington Post - This is the eternal undercurrent of the Trump era: Does he actually mean what he says? Is he riffing? Is he joking? Is he serious? Is he exaggerating? Is he lying?

Republicans misstate, again and again on TV and at town halls, what's in their health-care bill (pathological liars)

Trump Says Aircraft Carriers Should Go Back to Steam Power - "It sounded bad to me. Digital. They have digital. What is digital? And it's very complicated, you have to be Albert Einstein to figure it out."

Eschaton: $732 A Head - A new Republican caucus in the Oklahoma House is suggesting that more than 80,000 non-English speaking students in public schools be turned over to federal immigration officials ... We're a very cruel country. Let's remember that next time we embark on a "humanitarian war."

What's the Matter with Minnesota? -- One of the most distressing things about modern politics is the Upper Midwest going hard right (Minnisssippi: too many stupid white people)

The Commies Are Taking Over! Lawyers, Guns & Money - The California Assembly finally repealed its law that barred communists from state employment. Of course Republicans, cosplaying as Cold Warriors whose Dear Leader isn't n the pocket of Vladimir Putin, are outraged.

Furor over Texas A&M philosopher's comments on violence against white people - In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die. (wouldn't be the first time)

9 victims alleged in sex charges against Tim Nolan - A human trafficking and rape case against a former Northern Kentucky judge grew more bizarre at a tense arraignment and bond hearing Wednesday in Kenton County ... "one of Campbell County's most vehementy racists'
GOP Facts -- The Truth about Tim Nolan (they are all very evil)

Former Sons of Guns star Will Hayden sentenced to life, plus 40 years in prison for raping preteen girls

Former Exeter official pleads guilty to abusing prospective student - The Boston Globe

Trade group slams Malden school that punished students over hairstyle - The Boston Globe - Charter school administrators have punished students for wearing braids with extensions, which are prohibited, but have not disciplined white students who color their hair, a practice also not allowed

Robocalls flooding your cellphone? Here's how to stop them -- consumers received an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls per month last year, driven in part by internet-powered phone systems that have made it cheap and easy to make them from anywhere in the world -- #0 don't have a phone; #1 don't answer it

Long-Time Middle School Janitor FIRED For Leaving School 8 Minutes Early, Even After Coming In 15 Minutes Early To Let In Fire Department For Routine School Inspection : videos

ELI5: Why do uneducated people tend to have more children? : explainlikeimfive

What used to be a science fiction but now a real thing? : AskReddit

TIL: Jesus' name translated from Hebrew to English would be 'Joshua'. We get the name 'Jesus' by translating the Hebrew name to Greek to Latin to English. : todayilearned
Happy Little You Can Now Surf Random Bob Ross Videos Online, Forever | HuffPost

What is a basic skill that most people lack? : AskReddit
What is the strangest thing you ever had stolen from you? : AskReddit
Hollywood fearing worst box office summer in a decade; Thanks to too many sequels, franchises, and streaming services : movies
What comment could you post that will guarantee a single long chain of responses? : AskReddit
CheckAirportGuy comments on What's the deal with Eric Kim's weird blog post about earning $200,000+ a year?


Eschaton: Except For First And Business Class - Bannings laptops in the cabin is stupid in part because putting them in the hold might actually be dangerous absent terrorism concerns, but there's no way rich people will put up with this so they will quickly figure out a rich people workaround.

Latest Developments on Comey: Acting F.B.I. Chief Contradicts White House - The New York Times
Trump himself just confirmed his White House's story about Comey firing was a lie. It took less than 48 hours.
Our Rendezvous With Authoritarianism Has Arrived | New Republic - Comey's firing should be a frightful awakening from complacency. If Trump gets away with it, he will read it as permission to run amok.
Trump Told He Would Not Be Greeted Warmly at FBI: Officials - NBC News

FBI Russia investigation: "There's a whole lot of interfering going on" - CBS News (Trump lied about "not being underinvestigation" x3)
Acting FBI director set to testify before congressional committee in potentially explosive hearing - The Washington Post
The White House's laughable spin about Comey now lies in smoking ruins ... deep in the recesses of Trump's entangled megalomania and sneaking dread of the illegitimacy of his presidency.

After President Trump accused his predecessor in March of wiretapping him, James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, was flabbergasted. The president, Mr. Comey told associates, was "outside the realm of normal," even "crazy".
Trump Once Again Invites Questions And Doubts About His Stability | HuffPost - None of this is anywhere close to normal.
Deputy Attorney General Reportedly Threatened To Quit Over Comey Backlash | HuffPost - Rod Rosenstein may have chafed at the White House narrative that he was the driving force behind the firing.
How It Was Done: The Problem Is Not Only That Trump Fired Comey, But How He Did It - Lawfare

What is it like to be a goldfish? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Dave Roberts, which puts forth the theory that Donald Trump isn't really a person in a robust sense of that word, but rather a biological entity that reacts stereotypically and impulsively to stimuli, more or less like a goldfish. (the Goldenbeast)
David Roberts on Twitter: "2. "Theory of mind" (ToM) is a concept in psychology. To have a ToM is to interpret the behavior of others as reflecting inner states." ... 9. Here's the thing: Trump, by all indications, does not have beliefs, intentions, etc. that are stable, persistent across contexts ... (13) only a set of animal impulses (and only the belief that he is the greatest)
How to Spot a Sociopath (with Pictures) - wikiHow

White House Lawyers Warned Trump: Stay Away From Michael Flynn - But Trump still wants to talk with Michael Flynn.
Presence of Russian photographer in Oval Office raises alarms - The Washington Post (Russian spies everywhere)
An Open Letter to the Deputy Attorney General - The New York Times
Experts on authoritarianism are absolutely terrified by the Comey firing - Vox

White House furious after being trolled with Russia Oval Office photos -

In a Private Dinner, Trump Demanded Loyalty. Comey Demurred. - The New York Times (Trump: "Kiss my (Ring)." Comey: "That's not in the Constitution." Trump: "Yer fired!"
Trump Interview With Lester Holt: President Asked Comey If He Was Under Investigation - NBC News

For Trump Supporters, the Real Outrage Is the Left's Uproar Over Comey (they have a long history of treason)
American Politics and Constitutionalism Are Surely More Healthy Than Ever - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... I would be shocked if Comey goes public. His strategy for protecting the FBI from political interference has been caving to GOP complaints.
Donald Trump's Constantly Changing Lies Are Making Life Impossible for His Defenders
"BUT HER EMALS!!" (President Moron)

Eschaton: Also, I Just Invented Pizza - This is actually the most coherent, if stupid, thing in this interview: Priming the pump? Yeah, have you heard it? Yes. Have you heard that expression used before? Because I haven't heard it. I mean, I just came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good. It's what you have to do. (Trump invents "priming the pump" Republicans love delusionality)
Our idiot king - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States (he's a Keynesian economist because he has an undergrad degree from "Wharton")
Q&A: Transcript: Interview with Donald Trump | The Economist - The Economist talks to the President of the United States about economic policy (incoherent)

Our Idiot King Part II - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Working on that strong, credible reputation for strength and resolve -- WH furious over Russian government photos of Trump meeting with Lavrov/Kislyak. "They tricked us," an official said of Russians "They lie."
FBI searches Annapolis GOP fundraising firm - Website: Firm was formerly associated with firm operated by Paul Manafort
Our Idiot King, Part III - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Eschaton: Easy Peasy - If the black guy can do it, he can too. No problem.

Anderson Cooper Reacting to Kellyanne Conway Says It All
Food Network Star Sandra Lee Reportedly Shut Down Paul Ryan

Kushners Quit Property Bid as Pressures Mount Over Conflicts - Bloomberg - Pitches to investors in China brought unwelcome spotlight -- The company had submitted plans to build as many as 8,100 housing units to be marketed to Orthodox Jewish residents of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn who are being priced out of that neighborhood. (Chabad/Russian connection)

The Greatest Threat the Nation Faces - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Finally, we can stop paying attention to Trump destroying the American political system and instead turn to a truly profound threat to our democracy: college students being mean to right-wing extremists. (De Vos killing eduation in America because stupid)

Trump's Commission on Election Integrity Will Lead to Massive Voter Suppression -- It will be led by Mike Pence and Kris Kobach, who have a very long history of making it harder to vote. (the pretending is over) The Greatest Neoliberal in Neoliberaland Strikes Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Perez on "Election Integrity")

North Carolina denied 99 percent of federal recovery funds for Hurricane Matthew : news (Republicans who voted against Katrina aid)

Trump Supporter Harassing Muslim Family In Viral Video Cries In

Alaska House rebukes lawmaker who said women get abortions for 'free trip to the city' -- Rep. David Eastman, a Republican (strange looking guy)

Fox News Has Now Paid $45 Million For Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Settlements | HuffPost - parent company spent $10 million in the first three months of 2017 alone.

A radio PSA in Tucson taught listeners how to hide child porn. Then the sheriff heard it. - The Washington Post

'The Drug Whisperer': some drivers are getting arrested for driving stoned, even when their drug tests came back clean : news (using their superior cop skills of recognizing stoned states)

United Airlines had to apologize today after canceling a passenger's ticket because he filmed this argument over a $300 excess baggage fee. : videos

News anchor quits live on air to advocate marijuana legalization, starts AMA for attention, gets called out by top comment : bestof
BigBudMicro comments on I'm Charlo Greene, the Alaskan news anchor who said "fuck it, I quit" on live television to advocate for marijuana legalization - Ask me anything!

Blocking noradrenaline improves metacognition - a new study published in eLife finds that the accuracy of introspection can be selectively boosted by the common beta-blocker propranolol. : science

Accurate and reproducible invasive breast cancer detection in whole-slide images: A Deep Learning approach for quantifying tumor extent (positive predictive value of 71.62% and a negative predictive value of 96.77%) : science

The Lense-Thirring effect - does it affect the orbital inclinations of planets or moons? : askscience

ELI5: Why do christians follow the King James bible when it was written 1600 years after Jesus? : explainlikeimfive

history of the entire world, i guess : videos (Bill Wurtz, the guy who did hisotry of Japan)
What is the most "your parents didn't love you" given name you have heard in real life? : AskReddit
Troll level: heart attack : gifs
(nsfw) Which is the funniest nsfw 'roses are red' joke you know? : AskReddit
TIL Stone castles were very, very effective against the Mongols. They sustained heavy casualties trying, but were never able to take a single one in two invasions of Hungary. : todayilearned
Theists of reddit, what are some of the questions you have for atheists? : AskReddit

HP is shipping audio drivers with a built-in keylogger : technology


Tesla releases details of its solar roof tiles: cheaper than regular roof with infinity warrantyand 30 yrs of solar power

U.S. to Ban Laptops in All Cabins of Flights From Europe, Officials Say (no movies, games, email, spreadsheets)
U.S. likely to expand airline laptop ban to Europe: government officials : technology

Commentator who amplified Macron hacks given White House press access | Reuters - A U.S. far-right online activist credited with initially sharing on Twitter hacked emails from the French presidential campaign of centrist Emmanuel Macron is the latest conservative media figure to receive White House access from the Trump administration.

Into the Abyss: Trump Fires Comey
The Nightmare Scenario: Trump Fires Comey, the One Man Who Would Stand Up to Him - Lawfare
Trump's Firing of Comey Is All About the Russia Inquiry
Key to Keeping Trump-Russia Inquiry Alive: 3 Republicans - Bloomberg
Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry - The New York Times
Source close to Comey says there were 2 reasons the FBI director was fired - - 1. Comey never provided the President with any assurance of personal loyalty. 2. The fact that the FBI's investigation into possible Trump team collusion with Russia in the 2016 election was accelerating.
Intelligence committee said the subpoena, which came a day after FBI director James Comey was fired, was for documents relevant to US election interference
Donald Trump's Firing of James Comey
By firing James Comey, Trump has put impeachment on the table - Vox - A whiff of obstruction of justice is in the air. (you mean "stench")
Firing FBI director Comey is already backfiring on Trump. It's only going to get worse.
John McCain on Comey firing: 'There will be more shoes to drop'
Donald Trump's Story About Why He Fired FBI Director James Comey Is Already Falling Apart -- Trump never complained that Comey was too hard on Hillary Clinton until he needed a reason to fire him.
A Former Top Official Cited In The DOJ's Comey Memo Calls Firing A "Sham"
Democrats Say Comey Firing Proves Need For Special Prosecutor On Russia | HuffPost (not one Republican agrees)
Donald Trump'sSacking Of James Comey Is A Test For Republicans (which they will fail as they always do)
Putin reacts to Comey firing: "We have nothing to do with that" - CBS News

Behind comey's firing: An enraged Trump, fuming about Russia -- The president deliberated for more than a week before ousting the FBI chief who was investigating Trump associates.
Sessions was told to find reasons to fire Comey: reports | TheHill
After Trump fired Comey, White House staff scrambled to explain why - The Washington Post
Donald Trump Is Lying Again, Now About James Comey - The New York Times
Inside the F.B.I., Stunned Agents Wonder About Future of Russia Inquiry - The New York Times
GOP baffled by timing; WH braces for independent probe - Axios

How Abnormal Was Comey's Firing? Experts Weigh In

Eschaton: SPICEY - What was he doing in those bushes.
Trump Hires Law Firm to Fight Suggestions of Russia Business Ties - NBC News
Who is Keith Schiller, the man Trump sent to fire Comey? - - longtime bodyguard who has risen from part-time hired muscle to director of Oval Office operations.

More bad news for Trump: His poll numbers just hit a bunch of new lows - The Washington Post (36% yes, 68% no)

U.S. Census director resigns amid turmoil over funding of 2020 count - The Washington Post - follows an April congressional budget allocation for the census that critics say is woefully inadequate. (dismantling the administrative state)

West Virginia journalist arrested after asking HHS Secretary Tom Price a question - no police officer told him he was in the wrong place, Heyman said. He was wearing a press pass as well as a shirt with a Public News Service logo on the front, and identified himself to police as a reporter, he said. -- The Washington Post (the US of Turkey)
Tom Price commends police who arrested journalist asking questions
Reporter arrested after repeatedly questioning Health secretary | TheHill
Reporter Arrested for Asking Question of Tom Price Is a First Amendment Attack - It's getting easier and easier to arrest a reporter these days.

Cop Fired After Not Shooting Suicidal Man Sues City : news

/u/sleazus_christ, finds a bug on Donald Trump's official website where you can go back and see what was deleted and also create hilarious URLs that actually work and link to his health care plan : bestof
Week 14: Historic 100 days | Donald J Trump (url is week-14-historic-100-days/of-crushing-the-poor/with-my-tiny-hands
Fake anti-net neutrality comments were sent to the FCC using names and addresses of people without their consent : technology
tacoforpresident2020 comments on The Fight for Net Neutrality is Turning Bi-PartisanEverywhere Other Than Capitol Hill.
Redditor Posts Perfect Screenshot to Illustrate the Astro-turfing Taking Place Within the FCC Comments Section. : bestof


Tunnel collapses at Hanford; no radiation released, officials say |

Ian Johnson on Religion in China, Past and Future | The Diplomat - Religion and the search for values are moving back to the center of a national discussion in China

Chelsea Manning confirms her release from prison next week. : news

Grand jury subpoenas issued in FBI's Russia investigation

Live Updates and Reactions to F.B.I. Director Comey's Firing
F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump - The New York Times -- abruptly terminating the leader of a wide-ranging criminal investigation into whether Mr. Trump's advisers colluded with the Russian government to steer the outcome of the 2016 presidential election (Tuesday Night Massacre) The abrupt firing raised questions over whether Mr. Trump was trying to influence the Russia investigation
In Trump's Firing of James Comey, Echoes of Watergate
James Comey terminated as Director of FBI : news
Quick Note on the Comey Firing - Lawyers, Guns & Money
James Comey Fired by Donald Trump in Move that Compromises Entire Justice Department - With James Comey's firing, the entire Justice Department is now hopelessly compromised.
Toobin on Comey firing: This is a grotesque abuse of power by the president
Donald Trump pulls a Richard Nixon - The Boston Globe

Schumer to Trump: Comey firing a 'big mistake'

Yates & Clapper testimony [WaPo: Typo or Trolling? update] - Lawyers, Guns & Money
White House Says It Ignored Yates' Warnings Because She Was a Partisan (the law against treason is very partisan)
Sally Yates Hearing Reveals Limits Of Congress' Ability To Investigate Russia -- Republican lawmakers used their time to ask the former Justice Department official unrelated questions.

Comey's Testimony on Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate -- false claim that she forwarded thousands of Clinton emails to the laptop computer of her husband, former Congressman Anthony Weiner.
F.B.I. Clarifies Comey's Testimony on Clinton Emails

Senate Intel panel asks Treasury for Trump financial info: report | TheHill
A Day (And A Cheeseburger) With President Trump | Only A Game - "Well, we don't rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia"

#RealNews on Trump et L'Affaire Russe: A Resource Page - Lawfare

Yes, It Is Definitely Possible For The House And Senate To Agree On Health Care | HuffPost - Senate Republicans are already working with the leader of the House Freedom Caucus.
Jimmy Kimmel Slams GOP With The Least Sincere Apology Ever | HuffPost - I'd like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive. It was offensive, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me

The Continued Legal Stylings of the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III DOJ - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In a brief defending its ban on citizens from six Muslim-majority countries, President Donald Trump's Justice Department approvingly cited a segregation-era Supreme Court decision that allowed Jackson, Mississippi, to close public pools rather than integrate them. (traitors since 1861)

A Pro-Trump Libertarian Ratfucker Says What? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Assange)
Dear Corvinus University of Budapest, I would lik e some Ph.Ds. Here is a note signed by 3 friends. Sebastian Gorka's dissertation
Here's How Easy It Is to Get Trump Officials to Click on a Fake Link in Email

Cultural Anxiety, Not Economic Anxiety, Drove White Working Class Voters to Trump - The Atlantic - fear of societal change, not economic pressure, motivated votes for the president among non-salaried workers without college degrees. ("cultural anxiety" = "racism")

It's Like Ron Fournier, From the Ostensible Left - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's not easy to turn a Republican bill that would strip 24 million people of their health insurance and use the money for a massive upper-class tax cut into a "Both Sides Do It, But Democrats Are Worse" story. But inexplicably, or perhaps too explicably -- Jacobin Jacobin commissioned someone to do it. And ... it's even worse than this sounds!

One thing the GOP got right -- Disenfranchisement -- New Data: voter suppression was enough to cost Clinton Wisconsin ... also find that these laws disproportionately harmed black voters,
Wisconsin's ? Voter-ID Law Suppressed 200,000 Votes in 2016 (Trump Won by 22,748) -- A new study shows how voter-ID laws decreased turnout among African-American and Democratic voters.

Sessions weighs return to harsher punishments for low-level drug crimes - The Washington Post

Growing gap between longest and shortest lifespans in the US emphasizes the need for policy action | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (8 of 10 worst counties in KY: Kentucky is dying)

West Virginia: Past, Present, and Future : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Moreover, there was never some glory period of the Appalachian white working class being anti-racist. Not at all. More significant than some possibly exaggerated tales of miners fighting racism in 1921 is how the Appalachian migrants, who largely came from West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and southeast Ohio fueled the hate strike at Packard in 1943 and then contributed to the race riots in that city later that year. (coal-dark state of hatred from which the Beast arose)

Surf's Up For a Wave Election

Iowa congressman walks out of a TV interview and into an angry town hall meeting - The Washington Post

Woman seen in Trader Joe's video incident with Muslim shopper: It was taken out of context - Story | WTTG -- "Obama's not in office anymore. We don't have a muslim in there anymore," adding that the former President might be in jail in the future.

Spirit Airlines cancels flight, passenger brawl breaks out -

Surprise! Southern Comfort Has No Whiskey. But Soon It Will. - The New York Times

Eschaton: Transportainment - not necessarily even anti-gondola-as-transportation, but this is just an amusement park ride.
The author of Rise of the Creative Class is grappling with its dark side - Vox

Richard Simmons sues National Enquirer over stories claiming he is changing gender - ABC News

What was our blush response to the Blade Runner 2049 trailer? 7 Crosstalk 7 The A.V. Club

Virtual Witnessing Through Video Games - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Video Games Are Better Without Stories - The Atlantic - Film, television, and literature all tell them better. So why are games still obsessed with narrative?

Chronic pain sufferers taking opioids exhibit significantly higher and more frequent rates of depression and anxiety than those taking medical cannabis, according to new research. The study's findings suggest that medical cannabis may weaken symptoms of depression and anxiety. (someone call Jason Lewis) < br /> Recreational marijuana to go on sale in Nevada this summer. : news (MA will take 3x as long)

Babies benefit mentally from dad's involvement early on. Study finds babies whose fathers were more engaged and active when playing with them in their first few months performed better on cognitive tests at age 2. : science

Girls of Reddit, what have you always wanted to know about guys? : AskReddit
What is more dangerous than people usually think? : AskReddit


EPA dismisses half of key board's scientific advisers; Interior suspends more than 200 advisory panels (prion disease in the national brain)

More Than One Million Children Have Now Fled South Sudan | HuffPost - An additional 1.14 million children have been internally displaced as violence in the young nation continues

We Could Have Been Canada - The New Yorker - Was the American Revolution such a good idea?

Researchers have answered a big question about the decline of the middle class - The Washington Post - America is getting richer every year. The American worker is not. (more tax cut for the rich will fix that)

DEAD WRONG - A botched police investigation and a probable wrongful conviction shed light on the murders of dozens of women in Nova Scotia.

Trump screamed at his national security adviser for contradicting him on Korea defense payments: report -- Trump in private describes McMaster as "the general undermining my policy" (undermining my lies)

Obama Warned Trump Against Hiring Mike Flynn, Say Officials - NBC News
Sally Yates: 'We believed that Gen. Flynn was compromised' - former national security adviser could have been blackmailed by the Russians, Yates told the Senate. (and Trump too)
A Hidden Hand in the Trump-Russia Drama Owns a Ramen Shop. No, Seriously.

The president is threatening a witness: CNN analyst slams Trjmp's 'disturbning' Sally Yates tweets -- "The idea that the president -- the guy who's in charge of the Justice Department -- is threatening a witness is really kind of disturbing"
Former CIA agent mocks Trump's Sally Yates tweets: 'The president is a little confused this morning'

Less Than A Third Of The Public Supports The GOP's New Health Care Bill | HuffPost - But Trump voters are considerably more supportive of this bill than the last version.

A Few Thoughts on the Trump/Kushner Families' Presidency Cash Bust Out -- the Kushner family was caught over the weekend literally selling visas to immigrate to the United States in exchange for funding a $150 million dollar New Jersey real estate project.

35 of 37 economists said Trump was wrong. The other two misread the question. - The Washington Post (his tax cuts will pay for themselves like they always do)

Why did Trump win? More whites -- and fewer blacks -- actually voted

McCain hammers Tillerson in NYT op-ed - politico -- accusing the nation's chief diplomat of adopting a foreign policy that abandons both U.S. values and victims of oppression around the world. (Trumpocracy)

Eschaton: Perfect - Probably should pair him with the liberal Pat Buchanan, Crossfire style -- George Will joins MSNBC

Georgia Republican enraged at court order making it easier for people to vote - Karen Handel said it should "boil your blood" that registration is temporarily reopened in Georgia's sixth district (Satanic bitch)
Mississippi's richest county uses police checkpoints to enforce segregation, lawsuit claims -- The rights abridgments of Madison County. (just a little southern tradition: show your papers if walking while black on the white plantation)

Eschaton: Tribal - I don't think most Democrats really think that way, and had Obama come into office bragging about his Anything But Bush policy, the press would have pilloried him, even though in 2009 everything had gone to shit and it would have been perfectly reasonable.

A Hidden Hand in the Trump-Russia Drama Owns a Ramen Shop. No, Seriously. - The Daily Beast - After a recent Daily Beast investigation unmasked New Hampshire State Representative Robert Fisher as the secret creator of the Reddit community known as The Red Pill

Eschaton: If Only There Was Some Way To Attract People To A Career - School district and bus company officials responsible for the bus problem say the mess that plagues Emma and a number of other children is not isolated, that other children across the city -- and the country -- are struggling because of a national shortage of qualified school bus drivers.
Activist Ron Kovic says disabled parking cheats 'just aren't thinking.' Or do they just not care?

Drug lobbyist arrested after drunken fracas - Politico

Is the Gig Economy Working? - The New Yorker - Many liberals have embraced the sharing economy. But can they survive it?

Suspect accused of killing two Boston doctors pleads not guilty from hospital bed - The Washington Post

Out of the FOG - Helping family members & loved-ones of people who suffer from personality disorders. (Fear Obligation Guilt)

Scientists found that damage in a certain part of the brain is linked to an increase in religious fundamentalism. In particular, lesions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex reduced cognitive flexibility - the ability to challenge our beliefs based on new evidence. : science

Georgy_K_Zhukov comments on Why was there a Civil War? Why could that one not have been worked out?

el_spicy comments on What are the most important battles of history?
SamCropper comments on For how much stop drop and roll was ingrained into me as a child, I really thought I would catch on fire more times than I have.


How France Voted - The New York Times
Pas aujourd'hui Satan -- Emmanuel #Macron elected president of France (with 65.1% of the vote)-- Or read more about the last minute leak and how Macron may have caught "Fancy Bear" in a carnary trap ... It's likely that French campaign law made a difference, but it could be that the U.S. will go down in history as the only country where last minute leaks worked. (because the FBI was being run by the Russians)

French Election Open Thread - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Even if Le Pen gets crushed, it's still a huge advance for French fascism that she is one of the final two. According to commenter Cheerfull, estimates are that 25.3% of French ballots were returned blank. That anyone on the left would leave a ballot blank with Le Pen on the ballot basically demonstrates why the political self-righteousness and ignorance of large sections of the left explains much about why Donald Trump and Theresa May have won.

Macron to become next French president after beating back Le Pen and her populist tide - The Washington Post
In Le Pen defeat, Europe's far-right wave crashes to a halt

Macron wins French presidency by decisive margin over Le Pen : news

The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked | Technology | The Guardian - A shadowy global operation involving big data, billionaire friends of Trump and the disparate forces of the Leave campaign influenced the result of the EU referendum. As Britain heads to the polls again, is our electoral process still fit for purpose?

Leaked documents reveal plans for increased internet surveillance : technology (UK)
New Banksy on Brexit, appeared in Dover, England : pics

Air Force's X-37B space plane lands in Florida after an unprecedented 718 day secret mission : technology (it was a drone)

TIL that 69% of Americans Have Less Than $1,000 USD in Savings, as of September 2016 : todayilearned

GOP Governor Laughs At GOP Plan For People With Pre-Existing Conditions | HuffPost
Eschaton: Pearl Clutchers -- Josh Kraushaar

Penn State frat brother says pleas to call 911 for unconscious pledge were dismissed : news

'Scared for my life': Why are crime victims being jailed? (cops at work)

Police let 45 men who admitted rape walk away with a caution : news
Deputy Gets Probation After Being Found Guilty of Raping, Urinating On Domestic Abuse Victim : news

Middle school student suspended for 'liking' photo of gun on Instagram : news

Study finds that alcohol is as effective as opioids at reducing pain: a new meta-analysis found that people with a blood alcohol content of .08% had moderate-to-large reductions in pain intensity, comparable to pain relief from opioids : science

Redditor explains the problem with science advocates like Bill Nye: they push what they think are science claims, without explaining the method. It's more important to think rationally than blindly accept claims handed to you by others, even from scientists. : bestof
'Bill Nye Saves the World' - Who the heck is the audience for this? : television

The time it takes for the movie to start is starting to feel ridiculous. : movies

7,000 bodies could be buried on Mississippi campus. They are former patients of the state's first mental institution, and underground radar shows their coffins stretch across 20 acres of the campus, where officials have wanted to build.

New Orleans Mayor: Death Threats Won't Stop Us From Taking Down Confederate Monuments | HuffPost

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 82 - Lawyers, Guns & Money : This is the grave of Louis Agassiz ... For similar reasons of racist thought backed by religious dogma, Agassiz also rejected Darwin's evolutionary theory. In 1860, he launched a public attack on Darwin, denying any connection between fossilized species and living species. ("scientific racism")

Advocates say preventing prison suicides has not been a priority for the state - The Boston Globe - They left him everything to hang himself
Victims identified in South Boston double slaying - The Boston Globe
Boston doctors found dead in luxury apartment with throats slashed : news
Cash For Your Warhol project takes over Cambridge storefront

TIL That Texas has outlawed the purchase of common laboratory glassware without a permit in an anti-drug production effort : todayilearned - In addition, all high school chemistry teachers will be fitted with GPS tracking ankle bracelets.

TIL: in march 1989 an asteroid passed through the exact position where Earth was only six hours earlier. : todayilearned

Replacement for IMDB : television
[Serious] Redditors who like to walk at night, what's the creepiest thing you've ever experienced? : AskReddit
What NSFW questions do women have about men, but are too embarrassed to ask? : AskReddit
[NSFW] What is a really inappropriate question you've always wanted to ask? : AskReddit
Redditors that have been "hypnotized", what actually happened? Were you playing along or was it really a trick? : AskReddit
What was worst case of computer illiteracy you have ever witnessed? : AskReddit

Candid, Comedic and Macabre YouTube Stars Feel an Advertising Pinch - The New York Times
Penn & Teller: B*llshit! - Mother Teresa : television

USA Today asks FBI to investigate millions of fake Facebook accounts : news


Appalachia comes up small in era of giant coal mines - Washington Post - The average miner underground in West Virginia produces three tons of coal per hour. The average miner at a strip mine in Wyoming produces nearly 28. (and that's after removing the mountains) More than 4 in 10 U.S. mines are underground, nearly all in Appalachia and the Illinois Basin, and they account for 61 percent of U.S. coal mining employees.

Hundreds rescued as police smash international pedophile ring : news

French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked | Reuters
U.S. Far-Right Activists Promote Hacking Attack Against Macron - The New York Times - which some experts say may be connected to hackers linked to Russia
Dear France: You Just Got Hacked. Don't Make The Same Mistakes We Did. A brief guide to the information wars.
Preventing Hacking Is Not an Easy Problem - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Baise-Rat - Lawyers, Guns & Money

ampersamp comments on France's electoral commission has ordered media not to publish contents of Emmanuel Macron's leaked campaign emails; It warned news outlets in France that journalists could face criminal charges for publishing or republishing the material.

"Shattered" co-author Amie Parnes on the many mistakes that doomed Hillary Clinton's campaign -- Clinton was a 'mismatched candidate' for a year of change, says author, and never knew why she was running (to break the glass ceiling and because she desevered it!)

A Photoshopped Picture Of Donald Trump Is Freaking Everyone Out | HuffPost (clones of evil)

Obamacare repeal vote upends 2018 House landscape - politico - Republicans worry their incumbents will pay for the vote, and signs abound of an energized Democratic base.
Idaho town hall erupts after GOP lawmaker says 'no one dies' from lack of health care -- Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) (he really said that" health care isn't a "basic human right" but dying is)
Labrador: 'Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care' ... A frequently cited study published in 2009 in the American Journal of Public Health found a 25 percent higher risk of death among uninsured compared with privately insured adults. The researchers calculated 44,789 deaths among Americans age 18 to 64 in a single year that they said were tied to lack of health insurance. (maybe those were those people)
Kurt Eichenwald Wants Republicans' Family Members to Lose their Insurance and Die | The Daily Caller (apparently a terrible thing to say)
How one U.S. state is leading the charge to dismantle Obamacare | Reuters - Now Kentucky is poised for a new distinction: to be the first state to save money by reducing the number of people on Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor and disabled and a central tenet of Obamacare.
Rep. Who Voted To Repeal Obamacare Tries To 'Jimmy Kimmel's Baby' HerSon. NOPE -- Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers
This N.J. Republican just lost any claim of being a moderate | Moran | The Star-Ledger -- One of the two from New Jersey is Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, product of a line of American aristocrats extending to days of British rule, and a man whose arrogance knows no match.

6th district runoff: Judge orders Georgia to reopen voter registration

Delta boots family off red-eye flight, threatens kids with "foster care" (and parents with "jail')

Roger Penrose Discusses Consciousness

Thanks to a decline in homophobia, straight men are now better able to embrace "bromances" with other men -- which the study describes as being "more emotionally intimate, physically demonstrative, and based upon unrivaled trust and cohesion compared to their other friendships". : science
The Bromance: Undergraduate Male Friendships and the Expansion of Contemporary Homosocial Boundaries | SpringerLink

Can you explain the logical leap from gravity to holographic principle? : askscience
Do rainbows also have sections in the infrared and/or ultraviolet spectrum? : askscience

People who have schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are more likely to commit violent crimes than the general population, but the vast majority never do so. Now, researchers have developed a model that predicts with 99.5% accuracy which severely mentally ill patients are most likely to be harmless. : science

Men of Reddit, what makes your interest level in a woman go from 100 to 0 the fastest? : AskReddit
If you woke up tomorrow and you were just 15 years old again, but you know what you know now, what would you do differently? : AskReddit
What are the best NSFW subreddits? : AskReddit


BBC - Earth - There are diseases hidden in ice, and they are waking up - Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth's climate warms

Wyoming Becomes 45th U.S. State to Recognize the Armenian Genocide : news

Younger Men, Older Women: A Pairing Becomes More Common - The New York Times

The Evidence That the Comey Letter Threw the Election Is Overwhelming - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... the real kill shot is the data about the extraordinary amount of negative media coverage -- without recent precedent in an election campaign -- about Clinton that the letter demonstrably generated. (Trump said it was "rigged" ... in this case by your media, hello NYT)

Senate Asks Trump Associates for Records of Communication With Russians - The New York Times
Trump-Russia investigation reignites as Senate asks aides to hand over notes | US news | The Guardian

We're Getting Awfully Close to Full Employment

alicublog: Populism Without The Popular Vote -- Though Douthat, Millman, Dreher, Sullivan et alia talk about Le Pen and the reactionaries as if they've already won, they aren't really that popular ... I cannot believe they are holding a kegger, with Trump, at the White House to celebrate kicking 10s of millions of people off of health insurance. (+"usually envy righties, I mean who wants to be an ignorant fucking asshole, but I gotta say, I would take great solace right about now in believing magic Sky God was going to be along any minute to smite the fuck out of some evil people. We got karma, and that's ok, but I could do with something a little more immediate. Action packed. OK- violent and gruesome.")
Alexandra Jaffe on Twitter: "Cases upon cases of beer just rolled into the Capitol on a cart covered in a sheet. Spotted Bud Light peeking out from the sheet"
Jessica Valenti on Twitter: "When the first kid dies because they couldn't get their care covered, remember the GOP pounding beers to celebrate."

A Few Grafs That Explain Why America Hates Vacuous Political Reporting - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- But if only House Democrats could emulate the Civilitude and Seriousity of Paul Ryan, who was positively giddy as he went to send 30,000 lucky duckies a year to their own personal death panels, before kissing the ring of an inept authoritarian and hitting a nice kegger to celebrate. Now that will totally facilitate the bipartisanship that the American public craves! (+cillizard +"colleagues")
Eschaton: Status Quo - more coverage of how reducing the number of people with affordable decent enough insurance is Bad than there was about how increasing the number of people with affordable decent enough insurance would be Good during the passage of ACA. It's hard to give people Nice Things, and it's also hard to take them away. A bit weird.
Eschaton: Party Line - Longtime readers of this free website know that one of my running themes is "Actually, Democrats kinda suck." And they do! But 10-15 years ago some of them (a few, but some) would have voted with Republicans to make sure more people would die. None of them did today. Progress!

House 2018: Rating Changes in 20 Districts

About that Rose Garden health care photo with all the white guys.... -

Kill 'em all When the revolution comes, the first up against the wall won't be the right-wingers in government, it will be the centrist establishment media who enable them ... Yeah. They voted to murder me and then had a kegger about it.

Hey Hey Goodbye -- This is both an homage and a literal repetition of what Republicans did when the Clinton tax bill passed in the House in 1993. Same singing, same song. The bill paved the way for budget balancing over the course of the decade and (more arguably) played a role in creating the prosperity of that decade -- It also came little more than a year before Democratic majorities in both Houses were annihilated in the 1994 midterm.

Trump budget would effectively kill drug control office - politico - would cut about 95 percent of funding for the Office of National Drug Control Policy, effectively ending its mission as the lead agency in charge of combating the opioid crisis and other drug epidemics (let them die)

Trump and Bannon 'Personally Intervened to Save Seb Gorka (with the Kushner/Ivanka faction)

Judicial Watch: Two Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago cost more than $1 million | TheHill

Being a woman is now a pre-existing condition
There's nobody with more respect for women than the Republicans
Army secretary nominee Mark Green: Public healthcare stops people from being saved by Christianity

White House fires its chief usher -- the first woman in that job -- "I think it's best if the White House explains"

FCC to investigate, 'take appropriate action' on Colbert's Trump rant (you can't make fun of the God-Emperor)

Rep. Eastman: Some women 'glad' to be pregnant for Medicaid-funded travel for abortions (need to go to Anchorage or Seattle? Get pregnant ... they really "think" like this)

Bo Dietl admits to digging up dirt for Fox News - NY Daily News
Fox News trying to pull Jesse Watters from Bill O'Reilly comedy tour (yeah, they're hilarious)

Jordan Edwards killing: officer who shot teen in moving car charged with murder | US news | The Guardian - The 15-year-old died after officer Roy Oliver shot a rifle into a car that was leaving a party in Balch Springs, Texas

Rape charges to be dropped against immigrant teens in Md. case - The Washington Post ... "I do feel what they are doing now is egregious," she said, noting some of the images now being used as the base of a pornography charges are images discovered during the investigation that helped exonerate her client. (cops never give up when they're wrong)

'It's fucking racist': Watch a black teen confront his white teacher who insists on using the N-word ("Commoditized words" for "commoditized people")

'Heart-wrenching and incomprehensible': 18 fraternity members charged in Penn State hazing death
Eighteen fraternity brothers are facing charges in the death of Beta Theta Pi fraternity pledge Timothy Piazza, eight of them manslaughter charges. : news
West Point cadet sentenced to 21 years for sexually assaulting classmate : news

California students suspended for liking racist posts launch lawsuit

Transgender Woman Found Badly Hurt on Manhattan Sidewalk Dies 10 Days After Apparent Attack: Sources | NBC New York
Man yells anti-gay comment, points gun at people in Seattle : news

Anti-vaccine activists spark a state's worst measles outbreak in decades -- MMR vaccination rates among U.S.-born children of Somali descent used to be higher than among other children in Minnesota. But the rates plummeted from 92 percent in 2004 to 42 percent in 2014, state health department data shows, well below the threshold of 92 to 94 percent needed to protect a community against measles.

Lost and Found Cinema - From the Current - The Criterion Collection - Almost every film made before 1952 was shot on nitrate
Flashback Friday: Chris Isaak's Wicked Game -- Think about the implications of that: the male in the duo was expected to seduce for the benefit of the audience. They couldn't rely on just "the girl" to bring the heat.

'Alarming' rise in children hospitalized with suicidal thoughts or actions : news

50 Essential Cult Novels : books

Keezer's, a Cambridge staple for 122 years, to close

Guy found a fully stocked underground safe house. : videos
What's the story you've been wanting to tell, but haven't found the right AskReddit thread for yet? : AskReddit
The hypocrisy of women not wanting to date short men : videos
What is the best first-text-message to send after you get someone's number? : AskReddit

Uber is under criminal investigation for building software to avoid regulators : technology


Bret Stephens Continues Shoveling BS into NY Times Opinion Section | DeSmogBlog - Here we go again. Bret Stephens, apparently riding high on a wave of hate-clicks, has another column that yet again deceives readers with a bait and switch.
Each day, @BretStephensNYT & @NYTimes lowering 'bar for intellectual honesty'
HotWhopper: Bret Stephens lowers the bar for intellectual honesty and more @NYTimes
Joss Fong on Twitter: "If it seems like some climate scientists and advocates overreact, it's useful consider the context
How a Professional Climate Change Denier Discovered the Lies and Decided to Fight for Science

French election: Macron hailed as winner of bruising Le Pen TV debate | World news | The Guardian - Majority of French people polled feel that centrist candidate outperformed far right leader in ill-tempered clash

Prince Philip to step down from carrying out royal engagements - BBC News - The duke, who turns 96 next month, will attend previously scheduled engagements between now and August but will not accept new invitations.

How Every Member Voted on the House Health Care Bill - The New York Times
Senate won't vote on House-passed healthcare bill -- but will write their own legislation instead.
AHCA Vote Count: How the House Republicans split - Washington Post - The House voted 217 - 213 to pass its latest health-care reform bill. Here's how the most conservative and most moderate Republicans swung.
Ye Guilty - Lawyers, Guns & Money (it's tattooed on their foreheads: the Mark of the Beast)
Health care hot potato - Vox - Republicans don't want the AHCA to pass. But none of them want to be the cause of its failure.
The Health Care Bill Could Be A Job-Killer For GOP Incumbents | FiveThirtyEight - But it could also endanger the job prospects of the Republican members of Congress who voted for it and make a Democratic takeover of the House substantially more likely in 2018.

Republicans Had a Party to Celebrate Obamacare Repeal Vote in House - Tens of millions of Americans were not.
In Trump's America, Rape Is a Preexisting Condition (because women are a rape waiting to happen)
The New Study That Shows Trumpcare's Damage
Trumpcare: An Abdication of Responsibility, a Moral Disgrace (by morally disgraceful deplorables)
GOP rushing to vote on healthcare without analysis of changes | TheHill
Obamacare Repeal Is Really Just A Giant $1 Trillion Cut To Health Care Programs | HuffPost - If the policy details are too confusing, just focus on the money.
Thoughts on Republican Healthcare Reform and Obamacare from a Hospital Bed - Morning Zoo Crew made me wish that there was a procedure by which they could put my gallbladder back, just so they could take it out again

Eschaton: Ivankasplaining - It of course doesn't occur to her that people who have worked on specific issues forever have probably thought about and considered every passing random thought that floats through her melon.

Pence: Trump 'Has Literally Filled This White House' With Anti-Abortion Leaders | HuffPost

The Sad And Hilarious Story Of America's Most Incompetent Deficit Hacks | HuffPost - the sad state of The Can Kicks Back, a deficit-hack outfit spun off of Fix The Debt,

Degradation of the Language -- Charles M. Blow MAY 1, 2017
Like, Degrading the Language? No Way - The New York Times - By John McWhorter April 5, 2014

Obama's sex and drugs past laid bare in new biography | Daily Mail Online
David Axelrod Needs to Move On - Lawyers, Guns & Money : David Axelrod is always good for some self-congratulatory second-guessing:
Eschaton: Cletus From Fritters Doesn't Care About Your Fancy Internets (media is stupid and evil)

Bill allowing adoption agencies to turn away gay couples signed into law | (Alaqaeda)

Eschaton: Whiner In Chief - I sorta get self-pitying fake macho bro culture. You know, the MRA-types who think the world (women) is trying to sap their bodies of precious fluids. They are all a bunch of whiners. But their leaders are not! I mean, they whine to each other, but the dudes they worship are not whiners. They kick ass! Trump is a fucking whiny ass titty baby.
Eschaton: Never Tweet - Atrios never refers to himself in the third person.
Eschaton: The Southerner - I was out and about running some errands in the urban hellhole, dodging the bullets and whatnot, and I was thinking about the decline of the Southern Politician Archetype

Eschaton: David Brooks Gets Married Again - I don't care that divorced father of 3 David Brooks is marrying a woman who is 23 years younger than he is, but it is the kind of thing David Brooks the Columnist would care about if he was writing about black David Brooks.

New Yorker Accused Of Hate Crime In Attack On Asian Man While Yelling 'White Power' | HuffPost

NYPD Refuses to Disclose Information About Its Face Recognition Program, So Privacy Researchers Are Suing : technology

SoCal family thrown off overbooked Delta flight over child's seating | - A Southern California family says they were kicked off an overbooked Delta airplane because they refused to yield a seat held by their young son.

Why the Retail Crisis Could Be Coming to American Groceries - Bloomberg - These five forces are going to shake up the American supermarket.

Netflix Edits 'Bill Nye' Episode to Remove Segment Saying Chromosomes Determine Gender : television -- no, it said chromosomes determine sex. the fact that they still edited it out is completely idiotic and confuses sex and gender even further.

Scientists discovered that the genetic makeup of any given brain cell differs from all others. That realization may provide clues to a range of psychiatric diseases : science (including sex)
Intersection of diverse neuronal genomes and neuropsychiatric disease: The Brain Somatic Mosaicism Network | Science

Any topology experts care to explain why this doesn't produce a knot? : askscience

TIL in 2010 an MI6 spy was found dead, his naked body inside a padlocked bag in his flat in London. The Metropolitan Police concluded that he had accidentally locked himself in the bag and died as a result. : todayilearned
Whats wrong with Casey Neistat? : OutOfTheLoop
Someone honked at a slow driver and the passenger wasn't having any of it. : WTF
What do you hear about all the time on the internet but have yet to encounter IRL? : AskReddit
Throw your go pro : videos


Bret Stephens Takes On Climate Change. Readers Unleash Their Fury. - The New York Times (if by "fury" you mean "ridicule" of NYT's both-sideism +science is just one "view")
U.S. wind industry has biggest first-quarter installs in eight years - "installed 2,000 megawatts of capacity in the first quarter, nearly four times the amount installed in the same period last year" : technology

Venezuela Is Heading for a Soviet-Style Collapse | Foreign Policy - A few lessons from the last time an oil economy crashed catastrophically.
Venezuela's president dances on tv while people riot on streets : gifs

Puerto Rico Declares a Form of Bankruptcy - The New York Times

The Comey Letter Probably Cost Clinton The Election | FiveThirtyEight - why won't the media admit as much?
FBI director says he feels 'mildly nauseous' about possibility he affected election, but has no regrets
Now we know: Bill Clinton cost his wife the presidency - The Washington Post - but her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane was the capper for me

Rice declines Senate request to testify on Russian hacking -

Colbert had a lot to say about Trump and Putin. Now he's silent amid #FireColbert backlash. -- "In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cockholster" (truth hurts)
Stephen Colbert responds to backlash over Trump jokes : television

Hey Trump, This Is Why the Civil War Happened - Slavery -- VICE
Trump has a dangerous disability - The Washington Post (thinking and speaking clearly)

Trump "directly involved" in post-inauguration hunt for rogue tweeter - CBS News

Woman found guilty and faces year in jail for laughing at Jeff Sessions : news
A Jury Just Convicted a Woman for Laughing at Jeff Sessions | Vanity Fair
Laughing At Jeff Sessions's Lies A Criminal Offense, Says Jeff Sessions's DOJ
Jury Convicts Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions During Senate Hearing | HuffPost - not about her laugh, it's about her post-laughter conduct (she asked "why am I being arrested?")

Just Win Baby - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Ossoff attracting surprising levels of GOP support in Georgia special - politico

The Eisenhower First 100 Days - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Basically Ike dedicated it to Making America Love Jesus Again. ("under God" and "In God We Trust" legitimized radical religious right)

The simple reason Republicans are stuck with Obamacare - The Washington Post - Republicans, you see, are philosophically opposed to the very idea of Obamacare giving health insurance to the poor and sick, while others are only politically opposed to the idea of a president named Obama doing so.

But Do You Know Who Really Tells It Like It Is? Judith Butler - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Axelrod on Clinton: 'It takes a lot of work to lose to Donald Trump'

Another Fox News Employee Accuses the Network of Gender Discrimination : news

Texas officer who shot unarmed kid and whose innocent brother was arrested, is fired : news

/u/itsnotmythrowaway1 describes in detail the awful state of public school education in Arizona. : bestof (Republicans destroying schools since Reagan)

Am reading James Clavell's historical epic Shogun, and Holy Madonna it is unbelievable : books

TIL of Bridget Loves Bernie, the highest rated TV show to ever be canceled after only one season. CBS and show creators were forced to cancel the show after receiving death threats from Jews, who were angered that the show featured a Catholic marrying a Jew. : todayilearned

Low gluten diets in people without a medical reason to avoid gluten associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease : science

Language shapes how the brain perceives time - people who speak two languages fluently think about time differently depending on the language context in which they are estimating the duration of events. The finding is reported in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
How are we able to estimate the Planck's constant at a much higher accuracy (44 per billion) than the gravitational constant G (120,000 per billion)? What is affecting the measurement of G? : askscience

Population scale data revealed that patients who received ketamine had significantly lower frequency of reports of depression than patients who took any other combination of drugs for pain, and had significantly lower frequency of reports of pain and opioid induced side effects. : science

What are you sad to see become normal practice? : AskReddit
OP in relationship_advice asks how she can move forward after her boyfriend gave a full body massage to one of her friends. Someone in the comments shows up and links to Confession where the boyfriend made a post admitting he gave a full body massage to his girlfriend's friend, and he liked it. : bestof
What is the most uplifting nsfw compliment you've ever received? : AskReddit
What really mindfucks you? : AskReddit
What long shot have you taken that really paid off? : AskReddit
What do you refuse to buy or use purely out of principle? : AskReddit
Redditor explains why the Vietnam War was essentially impossible to win and exactly why it was wrong to even go to war with them. : bestof
[Serious] Redditors who have experienced something supernatural, what is your story? : AskReddit

Netflix Has Almost 4x as Many Streaming Subscribers as Comcast has Cable Subscribers : technology
Google Docs users hit with sophisticated phishing attack : technology
New Google Docs phishing scam, almost undetectable : google


Eschaton: Stop Complaining, LIBTURDS!!! AND BUY OUR PAPER YOU UNGRATEFUL SHITS ... NY Times issues a correction to Stephens's 1st column. His sole climate "fact" was wrong; conclusions are unchanged. (Sulzbergers shitting on you)
The problem with NY Times and climate change isn't what you think ... editors who hired Stephens were following a tired playbook that's over a century old -- even as the nature of both journalism and how readers relate to the news has changed radically in the last decade. Simply put, mainstream news orgs have an almost mystical, quasi-religious faith in the notion that to be moral and ethical they must have some approximate balance between liberal and conservative opinion writers
Bret Stephens Isn't the Only Problem at the New York Times Op-Ed Page -- From Friedman to Bruni, the paper of record's columnists are abysmal. By Sarah Jones

Australian Mandatory Data Retention Abused Just Weeks After Rules Are Put In Place : technology

Eschaton: I'm Sure Dad Will Let Us Go To The Beach For The Weekend With This Old Guy With A Porsche - May reminds me of a teenager stamping her feet, convinced that mom and dad are going to allowed her to do some sort of completely absurd things, just because she wills it into being. But DAAAAAAAAAD!!! ... the European commission president ended discussions about a potential Brexit deal by telling the British prime minister: "I'm leaving Downing Street 10 times more sceptical than I was before." (May is an idiot)

Sources: Former Acting AG Yates to contradict administration about Flynn at hearing -

The Collapse of American Identity - The New York Times

Pro-Trump farmers now worry he was serious about NAFTA repeal - ("plain folks of the land" who voted for The Beast are very stupid

GOP Congressman: People who 'lead good lives' should pay less than those with pre-existing conditions
Republican Says Obamacare Repeal Will Help People Who Have 'Done Things The Right Way' | The Huffington Post - Rep. Mo Brooks is saying openly what many Republicans probably think.
Republican Blurts Out That Sick People Don't Deserve Affordable Care
Eschaton: Everybody Dies - Brooks then recognized that some people have medical problems "through no fault of their own" and that society should take care of them, although he didn't explain how to do that and suggested the matter was "complicated"

Eschaton: My First Amendment Right To A New York Times Column (At Very High Pay) - Finally liberals are a bit tired of the "give us money so we can pay Jonah Goldberg" pitch NPR has been giving them for years, and the liberal media never actually being liberal.
With Trump In The White House, MSNBC Is Resisting The Resistance | The Huffington Post - the news about Wallace and Hewitt was seen as just two more steps toward the full execution of the vision of Andy Lack, the NBC News executive who oversees MSNBC. He has made quite clear his plan to move the cable news network away from its bedrock liberalism and toward a more centrist approach personified by Brian Williams (Zucker and Lack taking America down)

Congress Allocates $120 Million for Trump Family's Security Costs (at least 1/2 billion $ for his first and only term)

A Woman Is On Trial For Laughing During A Congressional Hearing | The Huffington Post - Activist was arrested by a rookie cop after laughing at a claim that Jeff Sessions treated "all Americans equally" ... Nevertheless, prosecutors persisted this week in pursuing charges against the 61-year-old woman the rookie had taken into custody (and rendited to Poland: no laughs for you)

Stephen Colbert Demolishes Trump for Insulting 'Face the Nation' Host John dickerson (Deface the Nation of Trumpamerica)

Police Account Changes in Killing of Texas 15-Year-Old - The New York Times - new evidence showed the killing did not unfold the way the authorities had originally claimed. (killer cops lied, as usual)
While AR-15 rifles are popular with law enforcement agencies, the medical examiner's office on Monday declined to identify the type of rifle used in the shooting. (terroristic cops)

Northwestern journalism school lets accreditation lapse - Chicago Tribune -- because the process if "flawed" and not useful (i.e., corrupt)

This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like (transracialism and deadnameing Caitlyn Jenner)

The U.S. Gymnastics System Wanted More Medals, And Created A Culture Of Abuse To Get Them

TIL that in 1974 fundamentalist Christians in Kanawha County were so upset over "immoral" books like "Autobiography of Malcolm X" being introduced to local schools they dynamited a school, attacked school buses with shotguns, and planted a bomb at a school board member's home. : todayilearned

What non-physical traits have you inherited from your parents? : AskReddit
5 years ago today was the infamous "What secret could ruin your life?" thread. For those who posted in it, where are you now? For those who read it, how did it change you? : AskReddit
trashitagain comments on Throwaway time! What's your secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?
What's your favorite way to ask your SO for sex? : AskReddit
What is your nerdiest joke? : AskReddit
The Olsen twins attended the Met Gala last night, cosplaying as the last 2 gelfling from The Dark Crystal. : funny
YouTube star Daddyofive loses custody of two children featured in 'prank' video. : news
Let's move on from DADDY O FIVE and have a look at TASHA MAMA. WTF : videos


What If Climate Scientists Are Guessing Wrong? - Newest New York Times columnist Bret Stephens, a conservative refugee from the increasingly Trumpist Wall Street Journal editorial page, uses his first column to imply, without quite stating outright, that somebody (the world? America? liberals?) overrates the certainty of climate science. (very Sulzbergerish hire)
The evil of banality - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Throw in the biggest collective action problem of all time, and nothing is going to change until it's far too late to do anything about whatever does end up happening. So we had better pray for a technological miracle or three, or the opening of the Seventh Seal, with the latter being the preferred solution to the problem among what Mencken called the plain folks of the land.

H.L. Mencken: "As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." (plain folks of the land and the Beast from the Earth)

Wilbur Ross Says Syria Missile Strike Was 'After-Dinner Entertainment' at Mar-a-Lago

Chaos in Paris as annual May Day march turns into mass riot in protest against Marine Le Pen - Mirror Online

TIL of the 'Banana massacre' in 1928, where up to 3000 striking workers where killed by colombian forces, after the US threatened to invade if they would not protect american interests. : todayilearned

U.S. appeals court won't rehear 'net neutrality' challenge : technology

The Cost of Barack Obama's Speech (vry Barry)

Hullabaloo - Sunday Funnies - Not The White House Correspondents Dinner

Donald Trump Won't Give Up Unsupported Claim That Barack Obama Wiretapped Him | The Huffington Post - After bringing up the claim unprompted, CBS asked Trump to elaborate. Instead, the president angrily ended the interview. (Pres Crazy)
Trump on surveillance claims: 'I don't stand by anything' (except himself) said his allegation that he was illegally surveilled by former President Barack Obama has 'been proven very strongly' and that that surveillance has negated the relatively warm relationship that the two presidents developed in the weeks following Trump's victory last year ("relatively warm")

An interview suggests Trump doesn't know what's in his health bill Either the president doesn't understand the proposal -- or ins't telling the truth about it (probably both)
GOP faces make-or-break moment on Obamacare repeal - politico - This week may be the last, best chance to get it done in the House.

Peculiar Understanding of the Civil War - The president's admiration for deal-making and strong leadership lead him to suggest that Andrew Jackson could have stopped the Civil War.
Trump's totally bizarre claim about avoiding the Civil War (simple minds)
Andrew Jackson Was A Comprehensively Terrible President - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and a Southern slave-holder)
Historians see a dark underside to Trump's Civil War riff - politico - comments on Monday struck some historians as darker than a history goof, with the president seeming to minimize the painful history of slavery in the United States and to talk up Jackson's role as a strongman leader who proudly owned many slaves ... "It's the kind of comment that will get applause from neo-Confederate circles in the South"

Trump Just Picked a Contraception Skeptic to Head Federal Family Planning Efforts | Mother Jones (no slut-pills for you, girls)
Donald Trump Taps Anti-Contraceptive Activist To Oversee Family Planning Program | The Huffington Post -- Teresa Manning once said "contraception doesn't work"

Top Ethics Officer Challenges Trump Over Secret Waivers for Ex-Lobbyists - The New York Times

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream | New York Post
Hillary Clinton lost because Obama voters went to Donald Trump | McClatchy Washington Bureau (propaganda worked +Hillary)
Why did Trump win? New research by Democrats offers a worrisome answer. - The Washington Post - A shockingly large percentage of these Obama-Trump voters said Democrat's economic policies will favor the wealthy -- twice the percentage that said the same about Trump (they thought Trump would look after the little guy and haven't been paying attention to Republican policies for 40 years)

Fox News Executive, Bill Shine, Departs Amid Turmoil - The New York Times

Dallas Firefighter Shot, Officers Pinned Down by Gunfire : news
Seven shot, gunman dead at University City apartment complex - The San Diego Union-Tribune - Authorities said the shooter, armed with a semi-automatic pistol, was white and all the victims were people of color -- our black women, two black men and one Latino man
Officer fatally shoots 15-year-old in Balch Springs | Dallas | Dallas News - Jordan Edwards, a freshman at Mesquite High School, was leaving a party when he was shot through the passenger's side window (the car reached for its waistband)
Shooting of black teen in Dallas suburb did not meet 'our core values,' police chief says
UT stabbing in Austin: 1 dead, 3 injured on campus; suspect in custody
Multiple people stabbed on UT Austin campus : news

Ja Rule And Fyre Festival Slapped With $100 Million Lawsuit For Multiple Counts Of Fraud (Followup) : Music

The entire town of Manchester-by-the-Sea is getting Amazon Prime for free - In honor of the Academy Award-winning film Manchester by the Sea debuting on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, the town that served as a backdrop for the dismal Casey Affleck drama is getting a year of Amazon Prime for free. (and the movie was about Glouster)

The majority of women suffering with pain when urinating, or needing to urinate often or urgently probably do have a bacterial infection, even when nothing is detected by standard urine testing. Using a more sensitive test found evidence of bacterial infection in almost all women with symptoms. : science

Redditor goes on amazing in-depth rant about why we have probably never been visited by aliens. : bestof

Daddyofive - Youtube Community Saves Emma and Cody : videos


Trump won't rule out military action against N. Korea

Counties with the highest poverty concentration had >3 times the rate of child abuse fatalities compared with counties with the lowest poverty concentration, based on a retrospective, cross-sectional analysis of child abuse fatalities in US children 0 to 4 years of age from 1999 to 2014. : science

U.S.-led fight on ISIS has killed 352 civilians: Pentagon | Reuters

May expects tough talks; EU alarmed at Brexit 'illusions' | Reuters (she still thinks she's going to make a deal)

Trump's 'Very Friendly' Talk With Duterte Stuns Aides and Critics Alike (peas in a pod)

F.C.C. Invokes Internet Freedom While Trying to Kill It - The New York Times (death is freedom, see health care +semiotics of untruth)

Fox News on Twitter: "Jobless rate after first 3 months: Trump vs. Obama vs. Bush vs. Clinton." (any sign can be used to lie)
Hourly Wages v. GDP - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money

TIL Between 2005 and 2009, Americans' retirement savings had shrunk by about $2.5 trillion. More than 8.8 million jobs were lost, and roughly 3 million homes had gone into foreclosure. (vote Republican, obviously)

Donald Trump's Spell Hasn't Worn Off -- And It Might Never -- His rapturous show kept fans enthralled on Saturday night as the populist hero came to speak to his people.

Safe Self-Abortion Will Force Opponents of Abortion Rights to be Consistent, and Not in a Good Way - Lawyers, Guns & Money (hello, Gorsuch)

TRUE BLUE REPORT: How in the world did DJT get a degree from Wharton? - Let me repeat. DJT does not have an MBA from Wharton, or anywhere else. (and neither does Ivanka)

Voting Rights Roundup: North Carolina GOP rams through yet another power grab to suppress the vote - No state has been at the vanguard in the Republican war on voting rights quite like North Carolina. (meanwhile, in the Republican war on democracy)


Reagan Adviser Slams Trump Rally Speech As 'Most Divisive Ever' From A President | The Huffington Post (Gergen)

Two members of alt-right accused of making white supremacist hand signs in White House after receiving press passes | The Independent

TEDWeekends explores shades of deception | TED Blog

Judge won't hear gay adoptions because it's not in a child's 'best interest'

An 86-year-old Californian woman has died trying to fight a man who was allegedly sexually assaulting her 61-year-old friend. : news

In Vermon't remote Northeast Kingdom, two acres of mystery

A clean, modern, interactive periodic table : InternetIsBeautiful

Testosterone Makes Men Less Likely to Question Their Impulses : science
Chashachka comments on I need help with a difficult patient.

What was the biggest mistake made by a civilisation in history? : AskReddit

Men of Reddit, what's something inappropriate you've always wanted to know about women? : AskReddit
If you asked the US government one question and they had to tell you the truth, what would you ask? : AskReddit
If God himself did an AMA, what would be the highest rated question? : AskReddit
What's the sluttiest thing you have ever done? : AskReddit

PSA: If you opened your PayPal account before you were 18, close it now. : technology
'World's Most Secure' Email Service Is Easily Hackable
Ever wonder how computers work? This guy builds one step by step and explains how every part works in a way that anyone can understand. I no longer just say "it's magic." : videos


Thousands March In Washington, D.C. Heat To Demand Trump Act On Climate Change | The Huffington Post - As more than 100,000 protestors took to the National Mall Saturday to demand the Trump administration quit cozying up to fossil fuel companies and take action against climate change, D.C. experienced its hottest day ever for April 29.
EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades - The Washington Post
The best signs from the People's Climate March
NYT: Climate change impact is happening now. NYT: Eh, maybe not that big a deal. - The Washington Post - The New York Times is very proud of the debut column from Bret Stephens, the op-edder that it recently pulled away from the Wall Street Journal (evil runs deep at the Times)
Finally, I Understand Trump's America - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Sorter Bret Stephens: "Sure, climate science suggests that the Earth is warming with terrible consequences, but what if BIG DATA is failing to anticipate that James Comey might imply that the climate is a crook, causing the temperature to drop two or three degrees and making everything OK? Americans are right to me skeptical of NERDS and their SLIDE RULES who don't consider the intangibles." (+Spayd, Bennet and Baquet

North Korea threatens Israel with "merciless, thousand-fold punishment" : news
Trump: North Korea 'disrespected' China with missile test (carnage in his brain)

French Election Is Facebook's Fake News Litmus Test

ICE data shows half of immigrants arrested in raids had traffic convictions or no record - The Washington Post
Texas House finally passes harsher 'sanctuary cities' bill that's more like Senate version (TX goes full "show your papers")

The 4 Russia investigations in Congress, explained -
UK was given details of alleged contacts between Trump campaign and Moscow | US news | The Guardian - In December the UK government was given reports by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele on possible collusion between Trump camp and the Kremlin
Trump blames Obama for not vetting former national security adviser Michael Flynn - ABC News ("we didn't know he was a Russian spy")
Trump team did background check on Flynn, knew of Turkey ties: report | TheHill (oh, he lied)

100 Days of Noise From Donald Trump - The New York Times (he's a big success)

Trump says rally crowd broke records despite empty seats | TheHill (it's very crowded in his tiny brain)

Trump says trips to New York City cost the US too much | Fox News

Hard times for Whole Foods: 'People say it's for pretentious people. I can see why' | Business | The Guardian

Minnesota man gets 15 years for shooting 5 Black Lives Matter protesters : news
Man confronts undercover officers and TSA agents at LAX when they ask how much money he is carrying : videos

Fox in a box - Axios

Women In The U.S. Don't Live In A Dystopian Hellscape. Yet.
Armed neo-Nazis prepare for potential clash in small Kentucky town. : news

USDA to ease school meal standards | TheHill (let them eat dirt, say pro-life Republicans)

MSNBC In Talks to Be Wingnut Welfare Supplier - Lawyers, Guns & Money
"De-politicizing Art" - Lawyers, Guns & Money (The Federalist)

'You are safe,' Transylvania attacker says to Republican student in coffee shop ... Adkins appears to have a history of publicly protesting what he considered the mistreatment of conservatives on college campuses.

Man vandalizes three Rodeo Drive boutiques by driving Mercedes into them, police say - LA Times

Fyre Festival Was Always Going to Be a Disaster -- The festival was supposed to be a luxury music retreat where elite millennials could mingle with 'influencers' and models ... I cannot explain how or why the bros running this festival ignored every warning sign they were given along the way. The writing was on the wall. I saw it firsthand six weeks ago. They overlooked so many very basic things. And baby, they forgot to make me sign an NDA.
The founder of the disastrous Fyre Festival has a history of overpromising 'elite' access
Life Lessons From the Great Fyre Festival Disaster
FyreFestivalFraud (@FyreFraud) | Twitter
Fyre Festival: discussion about the upcoming festival in The Bahamas

15 Signs You're With A Good Man | The Huffington Post

Two new psychology studies show that liberals are just as prone to confirmation bias as conservatives. : science

PTSD risk may be inherited through DNA. Women in particular were more likely to be diagnosed than men following a traumatic event. The researchers caution that a larger sample size is needed for better genotyping coverage. : science
Creative people physically see and process the world differently : science
[Serious] Schizophrenics: What were the first signs you experienced before you were diagnosed? : AskReddit

Upon using medical cannabis, patients in pain and those suffering from other medical conditions reduced their use of opioids, antidepressants, sleep medications, alcohol, and other dangerous substances, according to a new study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. : science (Jason Lewis doesn't believe your so-called "science")
Want to Quit Smoking? Eat a Magic Mushroom, New Study Says |

Turns out you can be addicted to love, new research demonstrates addiction like behavior disorders to romance. : science
What colour would a neutron star be? : askscience

Uber driver accidentally picks up prostitute instead of passenger. Hilarity ensues : videos


U.S. says time to act on North Korea, China says not up to Beijing alone | Reuters

Eschaton: Really Only Need 1 - That's the most hilarious thing about the stupidity of the people in charge of British Brexit. They don't need 27 to "oppose" them. Basically every country can veto anything. (it's complicated)

Civil Rights Act protects gay and lesbian employees from workplace bias, court rules - LA Times

N.S.A. Halts Collection of Americans' Emails About Foreign Targets

FBI confirms grand jury subpoenas used in Clinton email probe - politico

Exclusive: Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life | Reuters
Considered as political satire, reality is getting a bit over the top - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Look Around the Table. If You Think You Spot Republicans Who Are Deficit Hawks, You Are the Sucker - Lawyers, Guns & Money (NYT plays you for suckers)

This Instagram Account Is Documenting Every Anti-Donald Trump Sticker In NYC | The Huffington Post

DeMint set to be ousted from Heritage Foundation - politico - DeMint has brought in too many Senate allies and made the think tank too bombastic and political

EXCLUSIVE: Advanced Talks Underway For New Conservative Network Amid Fears Fox News Moving Too Far Left | Mediaite
Lawsuit: Fox News group hacked, surveilled, and stalked ex-host Andrea Tantaros | Ars Technica
Hannity: 'High up' person trying to fire Fox News co-president - politico

Alex Jones Suffers Defeat In Custody Hearing
InfoWars' Alex Jones Loses Custody Case, Ex-Wife Wins Right to Decide Where Children Live ... Under cross-examination he spoke not only about George Soros and overly potent marijuana, but also his taste for zebra meat and canned exotic game hunts, and confirmed that a big bowl of hot Texas chili caused him to forget details about his kid's lives

The Disastrous Saga of Ja Rule's Fyre Festival Is the Craziest Thing You'll See today
A-listers told to avoid Ja Rule music fest before disaster hit | Page Six

Roustan Bodypaint | Los Angeles Body Painter and Photographer | Image Gallery

What's reference point for the speed of light? : askscience

What's Your Big Penis Horror Story?

What are subtle red flags at a job interview that say, "Working here would suck"? : AskReddit
Hacker leaks season five of 'Orange is the New Black' after demanding ransom : television

Eschaton: Nice Work - Corporate America prides itself on rewarding success and punishing failure. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer does not fit comfortably into that narrative. During her five-year tenure at the once-proud tech firm, user levels stagnated, ad revenue dropped, acquisitions cratered, layoffs accelerated, product quality floundered, and hackers stole the personal information of more than one billion users. (she earned that $186 million)


The Drumbeats Dn't Add Up to Imminent War With North Korea
North Korea puts out new video showing the White House in crosshairs and carriers exploding - The Washington Post (nice Nazi music)

Isis faces exodus of foreign fighters as its 'caliphate' crumbles | World news | The Guardian

United dragging report: 'Our review shows that many things went wrong that day'

Trump spent all of 14 minutes in briefing with senators on "military preparation" for North Korea - Shareblue (fake news)
Senators Leave White House Briefing On North Korea Unsure About Why It Took Place | The Huffington Post - not quite sure why we went all the way down to the White House (suckers got pwned)

Justices Alarmed by Government's Hard-Line Stance in Citizenship Case

Trump Says He Will Renegotiate Nafta or Terminate It - The New York Times

'The Simpsons' has a grim take on Trump's first 100 days

The education of Donald Trump - politico (not possible)
Trump's lies are working brilliantly. This new poll proves it -- enormous majorities of his voters believe the news media regularly publishes false stories. Even bigger majorities of them believe the news media's falsehoods are a bigger problem than the Trump administration's flasehoods are, while only small fractions think the administration tells falsehoods or that his lies are the greater problem. (Trump voters are very stupid and evil people)

Elizabeth Warren Wades Into Democratic Party's Debate On Candidates' Abortion Views (Lizzie wants to include hateful people)

Eschaton: The Marketplace Of Ideas - This movement currently holds power at nearly every level of American government, and Murray's ideas are as influential now as they've ever been (Make America Racist Again)

Ivanka Trump's laim that for half of U.S. families, 'the single largest expense is child care' (if you leave out housing and food)

How to pop the political bubbles keeping Americans apart - The Washington Post -- Conservatives tend to view all nonconservative sources of information as biased, putting The Post and the Huffington Post, for example, in the same category of untrustworthiness (by any serious standard an absurdity). (NeoCon Gerson's bothsidism suffers in the comments)

A new bill would ban conversion therapy nationwide (Trump will veto)

George Soros Took Control of 183 Groups and 12 People So Far This Year, According to Alex Jones and InfoWars - The Daily Beast (pizzagate!)

And Then There Was Hannity - Bloomberg

A Chilling Threat of Political Violence in Portland - The Atlantic - Activists threatened to drag local Republicans off a parade route
Ann Coulter speech at UC Berkeley canceled, again, amid fears for safety - The Washington Post

Orleans Parish prosecutors are using fake subpoenas to pressure witnesses to talk to them | The Lens (cops should go to jail for shit like this)
School district slams sixth grader with suspension over haircut

Charter Myth Busting - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Purdue Chases the Cash - Lawyers, Guns & Money (buys Kaplan)


A Vermont nature diary documents down-to-earth signs of climate change - The Boston Globe

Comey, Lynch and Clinton - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Bill really fucked the country with that one)

Eschaton: It's A Ban Again - He really isn't very bright ("don't call it a "ban," ok? that's why we lost the first time")

Views on Russian influence reflect partisan finger-pointing (POLL) - ABC News

What's up with the way Trump talks? Here's a closer look (let's see what incoherent thought is bouncing around in the orange potato)

Republicans exempt their own insurance from their latest health care proposal - Vox - Republican legislators want to keep popular Obamacare provisions for themselves and their staff. (eating Obama's dogfood)

Donald Trump Is a Real Republican, and That's a Good Thing (commenters disagree with Republican Institute "scholar")
Fairy tales don't become facts just because you never stop repeating them - Lawyers, Guns & Money

A lot of Democrats see nuance in how abortion should be available -- and a lot of Republicans aren't universally opposed to the idea (see how they framed that?)

Tamir Rice Shooting: Newly Released Interview Reveals Cop's Shifting Story

'Apocryphal' gospels examined by Gathercole at MBTS
Muslims of Reddit who have renounced Islam and are now atheists or anything else, what happened and why did you do so? : AskReddit

MFA among museums hit by Instagram censorship - The Boston Globe (Globe censors pics in story about censored pics)

Medical marijuana sales growing north of Boston - The Boston Globe

The Cassini spacecraft's dive in between Saturn's rings explained

Archaeology shocker: Study claims humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago - The Washington Post
Paleontologists have dug up a 130,000-year-old mastodon skeleton that looks like it was butchered by humans. But they found it in America, where people were not supposed to have arrived for another 100,000 years. Findings could upend our understanding of human history. : science
The Murray Gell-Mann Amnesia effect | SeekerBlog

Largest online supplier of Conflict-free diamonds is a scam : videos

What do people brag about that you don't find impressive at all? : AskReddit
What is your to go question to kill awkward silence? : AskReddit
What's something that sucks about being a man? : AskReddit
What are some things that people claim happen all the time, but you've never seen? : AskReddit

AT&T Launches Fake 5G Network in Desperate Attempt to Seem Innovative : technology

What to do if you know or you think your identity has been stolen. : StolenIdentity
/u/twerkitoutbruh provides step by step guide on how to deal with a stolen identity and creates a new subreddit to compile information on the topic. This is a great resource that everyone should read through at least once. : bestof


A chemistry professor in Florida has just found a way to trigger the process of photosynthesis in a synthetic material, turning greenhouse gases into clean air and producing energy all at the same time. : science

As North Korea Speeds Its Nuclear Program, U.S. Fears Time Will Run Out - The New York Times

Venezuela death toll rises as unrest enters fourth week | Reuters

Brazilian prison gang suspected in Paraguay's 'heist of the century'

Obama's $400,000 Wall Street speaking fee will undermine everything he believes in - Vox - To fight the rising tide of populism, mainstream leaders need to raise their ethical game. (everything that's wrong with Barry and Hillary)

Bye bye, Bernie: He's not fit to captain the Democratic ship if he can't stop chasing the great white male -- The Democratic Party is selling out women and all marginalized groups in favor of Bernie Sander's dangerous myths ... what Rebecca Traister last week called "third-way centrist bullshit" (Bernie is a PINO)

Trump Wants It Known: Grading 100 Days Is 'Ridiculous' (but His Were the Best)
How Much Of Trump's 100 Day Action Plan Has He Completed? - The Late Show with Stephen Colbert : television
Sorry, Trump voters, you got scammed. You're never going to get your wall (except between you and sanity)
Limbaugh: Looks like Trump is 'caving' on border wall

Flynn's Turkish lobbying linked to Russia - The former national security adviser
Flynn May Have Broken Law by Not Disclosing Russia Dealings, Lawmakers Say - The New York Times (Trump covers up)
House oversight: Michael Flynn might have broken law -

Trump's brazxen self-promotion crosses the line (line? what line?)
Ivanka Trump gets booed, hissed at during Berlin event - politico

Obama will earn $400K for one of his first paid speeches: report

Transcript of AP interview with Trump - The Washington Post (completely incoherent and stupid man)
Fact-checking President Trump's Pinocchio-laden Associated Press interview (stupid voters elected stupid)

Only 37 percent say Trump should repeal and replace Obamacare (POLL) - ABC News
How the GOP Made the ACA Popular - Lawyers, Guns &and Money

Wisconsin seeks to mandate drug tests for Medicaid recipients - The Boston Globe (meanwhile in Scott Walker's Kochistan)

Homeland Security's John Kelly is unhinged (aren't they all?)

bill o'reilly Breaks His Silence After His Exit From Fox News
Tantaros Adds to Fox Fight With Claim of Sockpuppet Attack -- Former Fox Host Claims Network Hacked Into Her Computer
Fox News anchor joins lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, harassment at network - Apr. 25, 2017 - The suit is now headlined by Kelly Wright, a black reporter and anchor who has been with Fox News since 2003.

The Biggest Neoliberal in All Neoliberalland Speaks that Neoliberal Language - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Protesters Storm Heritage Foundation

Heritage, Not Hate, AmIRight? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jenna Abrams on Twitter: "To those people, who hate the Confederate flag. Did you know that the flag and the war wasn't about slavery, it was all about money" ("and where did the money come from?")
Corey Stewart doesn't get that you can be a Southerner without being racist -- Sarah Jones

First on CNN: Ex-Christie aide joins Cuomo as new chief of staff - - A lifelong Republican, this is the first time Comella has ever worked for a Democrat. (C&C were partners in crime and Andypants a dem only because he had to be)

Two Xanadu backers reflect 14 years later, with still no completion - Two of the men who voted for Meadowlands Xanadu in 2003 are still in their posts and waiting for its successor to open. (nice scam you have there)

Florida mall brawl video: Teens caught on camera in wild brawl at Orange Park Mall | WJAX-TV

Sen. Mike Enzi: A Guy Who Wears A Tutu To A Bar 'Kind Of Asks For It' | The Huffington Post - The Wyoming senator was speaking to a group of high school and middle school students. (Republiturd, Wyo)

Police video shows officer press gun to unarmed man's head, threaten to kill him : news

Marijuanalujah? Jeff Sessions and the cannabis conundrum - The Washington Post
Should home sellers stash their pot plants before the open house?

The Kardashians aren't with Caitlyn Jeffer's new book (is Kris a total bitch and a liar? is it all scripted?)

The saga of a YouTube family who pulled disturbing pranks on their own kids - The Washington Post - There is little question in my mind that the three videos depict abusive behavior between parents and children as well as between siblings (WaPo reads reddit)

Artificial Womb Works for Lambs, Study Shows - The Atlantic - A lab has successfully gestated premature lambs in artificial wombs. Are humans next? (the future is scary)

Meet the 34-year-old neuroscientist developing a drug to prevent depression and PTSD - The Washington Post -- ketamine, also known as the psychedelic special K

The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit's Women-Hating 'Red Pill' -- A web of secret online identities connects the creator of the misogynistic Red Pill forum to a New Hampshire state representative.

In which mother-in-law is awful to the bride, tries to upstage the bride at the wedding and OP makes sure that doesn't happen : bestof

Verizon, Fiber, Boston, Wireless: History Repeats Itself, Yet Again. | The Huffington Post ( 20-yr big con)
Unroll.Me CEO So Sorry You Found Out His Company Sold Your Data [Update] - a whole new level of terrible, borderline sociopathic non-apology. (techbros)
Unroll.Me - Team (roster of evil)


Climate change offers huge investment opportunity: experts | Reuters
Coal Miners' Futures in Renewable Energy -- coal miners back to work by building the largest solar project in Appalachia on top of a closed mountaintop strip mine near the town of Pikeville.
So atmospheric CO2 levels just reached 410 ppm, first time in 3 million years it's been that high. What happened 3 million years ago? : askscience (Isthmus of Panama and Azolla event)

York police say 104 men arrested after child sex sting : news (canada)

Lafarge Scandal Points to Difficulty of Operating in War Zones - The New York Times - the plant, operated by Lafarge S.A., was curiously able to tough it out for years: From its opening in 2010 through to 2014, cement continued to pour from its mills in Jalabiyeh, a town near the Turkish border.

Marine Le Pen Is In A Much Deeper Hole Than Trump Ever Was | FiveThirtyEight
Parties in France Unite Against Marine Le Pen - The New York Times
After French Vote, Mainstream Europe Breathes a Sigh of Relief - The New York Times

Outspoken Maldives Blogger Who Challenged Radical Islamists Is Killed - The New York Times - The blogger, Yameen Rasheed, 29, had complained repeatedly to the police about receiving death threats, he said in an interview with The New York Times this year, adding that the police often failed to return his calls or dropped his complaints without investigation.

Trump Will Provoke a Crisis or Be Humiliated This Week | New Republic - The president has miscalculated the politics of government funding.
Senate staff perplexed by unusual White House private briefing on North Korea - The Washington Post
Entire U.S. Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing | Reuters

US antisemitic incidents jump 86% at start of 2017 : news

Senate Trump-Russia Probe Has No Full-Time Staff, No Key Witnesses - The Daily Beast (why, it's almost like ...)
Poll: 73% Back Independent Probe of Russian Election Interference - NBC News

Don't Look At Us, We Didn't Do It! -- Chris Cillizza, who recently took his blog Calvalcade of EMAILS! to CNN, asserts that he was merely a passive vessel transmitting things that happened: (Cillizard)
Will The New York Times Ever Fix Its Clinton Problem? - The paper of record has failed us in this regard.

Working the Refs Works - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The big takeaway may be that the reason everything happened the way it did is that everyone involved, from Comey up to President Obama, assumed Hillary Clinton was going to win. Their behavior was guided by that assumption.
Let's Talk About Bubbles and James Comey | Mother Jones -

State Department removes Mar-a-Lago blog post -

The 2017 Award for Worst Self-Awareness Goes To......Glenn Greenwald! - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Obama believes that high status people get to commit crimes, period ... He's a conservative in the traditional sense -- maintaining the social order is more important than gross, systematic injustice. (Barry's disaster)

Sanders: Democratic Party's model is 'failing' -- "Clearly the Democratic Party has got to change. And in my view, what it has got to become is a grassroots party, a party which makes decisions from the bottom on up, a party which is more dependent on small donations than large donations" (lookin' at you, Barry and Hillary)

Elections Have Life And Death Consequences - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Last week, Neil Gorsuch cast the deciding vote to allow an execution based on a conviction obtained from a trial in which the judge was literally sleeping with the prosecutor to proceed. The 2016 elections could have put the death penalty on the road to extinction, but instead might entrench it for a generation or more:

This Is Why We're Screwed -- just perfect. Not only does Fournier not understand utterly basic statistical concepts any political writer should be familiar with, he's willing to embarrass himself by picking fights with people who actually do some work and know what they're talking about

How Hollywood Remembers Steve Bannon - The New Yorker - He says that, before he became a senior adviser to the President, he was a successful player in the film industry. But what did he actually do?

Has Trump Stolen Philosophy's Critical Tools? -- Call it what you want: relativism, constructivism, deconstruction, postmodernism, critique. The idea is the same: Truth is not found, but made, and making truth means exercising power.

Our Delight in Destruction - The New York Times - What if reason is not the driving force of human history and, just as often, we act irrationally, out of resentment, anger, spite, frustration, envy, even out of self-destructive impulse? What if there is even such a thing as the pursuit of unhappiness? -- Dealing with the human abyss used to be the province of religion, but ever since God died we haven't really been able to find a good replacement. (Not that there are any serious candidates.)

Trump Pal Sean Hannity Accused Of Sexual Harassment As Fox News Scandal Grows
Ex-Fox News guest accuses Sean Hannity of sexual harassment - NY Daily News

New Orleans Starts Tearing Down Confederate Monuments, Sparking Protest - NBC News (monument to "white supremacy")
Tear 'Em Down -- These monuments, among them some of the most imposing Confederate monuments erected, were placed there an overt symbol of post-Reconstruction white power. They were intended to intimidate African-Americans into submission.

What 'Snorflakes' Get Right About Free Speech

Bow-tie-Wearing Dog Vigorously Contests Mark Halperin's Version of Events (in the taking yourself way too seriouisly and lying yourself into a very deep hole dept -- so you have to assume we just saw his true self-important asshole character)

In Trump era, Rachel Maddow starts beating Fox News - Apr. 24, 2017

At Tomi Lahren hearing, judge orders The Blaze to search emails | Dallas | Dallas News - A Dallas County judge on Monday ordered Glenn Beck and his conservative media company The Blaze to produce emails between them and a reporter for The Daily Caller related to the controversial pundit Tomi Lahren.

BART takeover robbery: 40 to 60 teens swarm train, hold up riders - San Francisco Chronicle (SF carnage on the BART)

Genital mutilation victims break their silence: 'This is demonic' - Taher, who lives in Cambridge, Mass., grew up in the Bohra community in the U.S. and is closely following the Michigan case along with several other cutting victims who spoke to the Free Press last week

If you really respect Trump voters, tell them the truth - Vox - Struggling communities deserve help, but nostalgia economics won't work (moar coal)

Was Bo Diddley a Buddha? - The New York Times
Robert Pirsig dies at 88; wrote counterculture classic 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' - LA Times

Kansas man arrested after growing cannabis to control seizures : news
TIL that an 11-year-old boy was suspended for a year for possession of a "marijuana leaf" that tested negative for marijuana three times. : todayilearned

TIL that half of all stars aren't in a galaxy : todayilearned

TIL that we don't see pure black when we close our eyes, we see a color named Eigengrau and although there are a few theories as to what causes it nobody's quite sure. : todayilearned

End of Watch - One of the most intense and most realistic police scenes from a movie *NSFW* : movies
'The Handmaid's Tale' Is Among A Resurgence Of Dystopian Literature : books
The Real-World Locations of 14 Sci-Fi Dystopias - Atlas Obscura
Linz_mmb comments on Hand dryer has a point. - Despite the negative stereotypes, foam cups have a lower carbon footprint than paper cups and in some cases they might have a lower carbon footprint than reusable cups.
Morgue workers, pathologists, medical examiners, etc. What is the weirdest cause of death you've diagnosed? : AskReddit
jwords comments on Redditor dated 50 women in the exact same way

Tim Cook reportedly threatened to remove Uber from the App Store in CEO meeting : technology
Why Verizon is losing more cellphone customers than ever : technology


How Republicans Became the Anti-Environmental Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money (around they same time they because the anti-sanity party)

The kingdom of women: the society where a man is never the boss | Life and style | The Guardian

Nearing 100 days, Trump's approval at record lows but his base is holding
President Trump at 100 Days: No honeymoon, but no regrets (POLL) - ABC News
Donald Trump Announces Rally On Same Night As White House Correspondents Dinner | The Huffington Post

Inside the Trump Marriage: Melania's Burden

A Hundred Days of Trump - The New Yorker

Bill O'Reilly Is Gone, But Fox New's Legal Nightmare Continues
Bill O'Reilly Was Just A Symptom, Fox News Is The Disease | The Huffington Post (a major tumor, though)
CNN's Alisyn Camerota: Roger Ailes sexually harassed me
Eschaton: That This Is Plausible - just how deep the culture of discrimination and harassment may have run during Ailes's reign (Roger was running his own plantation)

GOP Rep Tells Mom Her Son On Medicaid Should Just Get A Better Job If He Wants Health Care | The Huffington Post - Rep. Warren Davidson also compared health insurance to a cell phone. (they actually think in lies)

Murphy's Law: The Failed Promise of Miller Park -- The cost of Miller Park, which could ultimately run anywhere from $524 million to more than a billion in taxes

Aaron Hernandez's Sex Life Probed as Murder Motive, Police Source Says
Cruel and Unusual: Why Prison Psychologist Quit Waupun ; Urban Milwaukee (America has a sadism problem)

C.E.O. Plays With Fire -- Travis Kalanick (techbros)


WikiLeaks releases more top-secret CIA docs as U.S. considers charges - CBS News

Counting Bodies (Or How To Effortlessly Minimize Civilian Casualties) - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("no civilian casualities" from MOAB b/c we never looked: military is hopelessly corrupt)

Crimintern: How the Kremlin uses Russia's criminal networks in Europe (gangster state)

Comey Tried to Shield the F.B.I. From Politics. Then He Shaped an Election. - The New York Times (thanks Obama)

This tax cut will pay for itself! - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- Just like the invasion of Iraq would pay for itself and the promised border wall would be paid for by Mexico.

The White House Seems Excited to Shut Down the Government - The New Yorker (dismantling the administrative state)

The Persistence of Trump Derangement Syndrome - The New Yorker - Our problem is not Trump Derangement Syndrome; our problem is Deranged Trump Self-Delusion. This is the habit of willfully substituting, as a motive for Trump's latest action, a conventional political or geostrategic ambition, rather than recognizing the action as the daily spasm of narcissistic gratification and episodic vanity that it truly is.

Schumer jabs White House over offer to fund Obamacare subsidies in exchange for border wall - politico - The White House gambit to hold hostage health care for millions of Americans, in order to force American taxpayers to foot the bill for a wall that the president said would be paid for by Mexico is a complete nonstarter (by "Mexicans" we meant "Americans needing health care")
Dem lawmaker jokes: I'll support Trump's border wall 'if Russia pays for it'

Premium Increases for Pre-Existing Conditions Under Latest ACA Repeal Plan, by State - Center for American Progress (New England +NY/NJ/WA/OR escape the Republican jihad on health care, everyone else pays bigly because market forces if they've ever been sick)

Nurse Replaces Surgeon General After Obama Appointee Resigns - The New York Times (they will pay her less so it's a win)

Eschaton: What's It All About Then -- There are plenty of places with much higher homicide rates than New York city, which actually isn't high crime by any measure. Birmingham, AL is one of those cities. ("carnage, cities in flames" for those who have never been to a "city")

Against Halperinism - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- comparing this review to Kakutani's it's not hard to understand why the Posts political reporting was dramatically better than the Times's in 2016
Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election Because He's What Republican Voters Wanted - For the 2016 ecosystem, he might have been the perfect candidate. (peak insanity/stupidity)

Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing | Vanity Fair - The last thing the left needs is the third iteration of a failed political dynasty.

Federal 'Witch Hunt' Against Trump Twitter Critic Sparks Investigation | The Huffington Post - inspector general is looking into a possible abuse of authority.

Bernie Sanders defends his endorsements of red state Democrats: "Can't exclude people who disagree with us" (so anti-abortion, defunding schools and deporting poor people is fine with Bernster) Omaha MayoralC -
andidate Under Fire For Anti-Choice Past Vows To Protect Reproductive Rights | The Huffington Post (a BernieBro)

America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

'The mission was to bring down Bill O'Reilly' -- The final days of a Fox News superstar (more lawsuits coming)
Ronald Reagan's Son Tweets Stunningly Sexist Defense Of O'Reilly | The Huffington Post (Michael Reagan)

Rachael Leigh Cook Remixes That Famous 'Brain On Drugs' Commercial | The Huffington Post

Caitlyn Jenner reflects on how her life has changed since transitioning into a woman - ABC News (comment section is full of hate and people who don't know how stupid they are)

Our Machines Now Have Knowledge We'll Never Understand -- We are increasingly relying on machines that derive conclusions from models that they themselves have created, models that are often beyond human comprehension, models that "think" about the world differently than we do.

Nationwide medical marijuana program would save more than $1B in taxes : news (Jason Lewis wants to keep funding his big pharma/police-industrial complex)

TIL millennials aren't buying diamonds anymore - millennials would rather spend money on experiences than diamonds : todayilearned
Former Scientologists of Reddit, what/when was the exact moment when you realised you needed to leave? : AskReddit
DaddyOFive: Takes down all videos and releases another apology : videos
I came across a crime scene that shut down one of Toronto's main streets. This is the photo. : pics
What 10 year old/older game that is still a "10/10"? : AskReddit
So our nephew has been playing a lot of guitar with his headphones; last week we finally found out, jaws dropped... : videos
MommyOFive still has a 'prank' video up where DaddyOFive points a gun at one of the children : videos
Wow, Daddy O Five actually is a raging piece of shit : videos
One of the most beautiful and wholesome moments I've seen on Shark Tank. : videos

Plastc swiped $9 million from backers and just completely vanished - The Verge
(1) Plastc Delayed - Home


The U.S. wind industry now employs more than 100,000 people - The Washington Post - nine times greater than the average industry in this country
Watch the European Space Agency's terrifying new film 'Space Debris: A Journey to Earth.' - The Washington Post

Power restored in SF after blackout shuts businesses, cable cars - SFGate

Twenty-five million reasons the U.S. hasn't struck North Korea
Furious South Koreans Blast 'Ignorant' Trump For 'Distortion Of History' | The Huffington Post -- Trump had said "Korea actually used to be a part of China" because that's what Xi told him)

'Appalling': Woman bumped from Air Canada flight misses $10,000 Galapagos cruise : news

Feel The Propaganda, Feel the Hate (Sessions bombs sanctuary cities)
DOJ Threatens Sanctuary Cities With Lurid Letter

Terrorism Defendants With Concrete Ties to Violent Extremists Leverage Their Connections to Avoid Prison - The Cooperators

Government Stopgap Funding Talks Could Hit The (Mexican) Wall | The Huffington Post - White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney rattles negotiations by insisting the wall is a priority.

Sources: Russia tried to use Trump advisers to infiltrate campaign -
Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference | The Independent

Henry Kissinger'xsys lukewarm non-endorsement of Jared Kushner is even more damning than it seems -- Time magazine has named top White House adviser Jared Kushner as one of its 100 most influential people.

Trump lawyer: 'No right' to protest at rallies (where have we heard that before?)

The GOP has a new plan to destroy Obamacare. It's even crueler than the last one.

Bernie Sanders's strange behavior (even though he's not a Democrat, he says, he won't support OSSoff who's not Demmy enough for him, and more true colors dept.)

Eschaton: Well Maybe You Should Stop Encouraging Him Then ... Nicholas Kristof

Campaign books that help shatter our politics

Jason Chaffetz Denies Scandal Speculation After Saying He May Leave Congress Early | The Huffington Post

'The Handmaid's Tale' Is a Warning to Conservative Women - Sarah Jones

'Be brave': Bill O'Reilly's downfall teaches a wonderful lesson to working women -- Margaret Sullivan

Donald Trump To Nominate Scott Brown As Ambassador To New Zealand | The Huffington Post - The former Massachusetts senator was an early Trump supporter.

The DCCC Is Jumping In And The Special Election In Montana Is About To Get A Ton More Attention | The Huffington Post

Can the police retaliate against a citizen for refusing to answer police questions? - The Washington Post (tl;dr: yes)

Jury awards $100,000 to family of girl in school bus assault.

Florida senator resigns amid outcry over racist remarks : news

Minnesota Senate passes bill blocking cities from setting minimum wage, sick leave ordinances : news

Conservative Asks Anarchists About Antifa and Mutual Dialogue Ensues : bestof

Rude Host on Today Show Cannot Stand Her Own Guest, Bill Nye : videos (Kathie Lee Gifford encapsulates America'S problem)
[Serious] What are some of the creepiest declassified documents made available to the public? : AskReddit
thisismyfacesaccount comments on Some Civil Forfeiture.

Why Verizon is losing more cellphone customers than ever - The Washington Post


South Korea Tells Trump It's Actually Never Been a Part of China (Xi told him different)

U.S. Bombed a Mosque in Syria, Killing Dozens of Civilians, Investigators Conclude
Hillary camp scrambling to find out who leaked embarrassing info | Page Six (obsessed with loyalty, she does it again)
Hillary Clinton spied on her own campaign staff | New York Post - She believed her campaign had failed her -- not the other way around

Bill O'Reilly's Departure Is Exposing A Toxic Culture At Fox News | The Huffington Post
Trevor Noah Gives Bill O'Reilly The Send-Off He Deserves -- greatest hits
Maxine Waters: 'There's Something Wrong Psychologically' With Bill O'Reilly | The Huffington Post

Video shows 10-year-old autistic boy getting arrested at school

Kris Jenner Says Everything About Her In Caitlyn's Memoir Is 'All Made Up' | The Huffington Post

At Denver's Newest Church, Marijuana Is The Holy Sacrament < br />

I am Dr. Michio Kaku: a physicist, co-founder of string theory, and now a space traveler
What is the difference between special relativity and general relativity? : askscience

Amazon has patented an automated on-demand clothing factory


This is what a nation rejecting dictatorship looks like. : pics

Exclusive: Putin-linked think tank drew up plan to sway 2016 U.S. election - documents | Reuters

Sean Spicer Insists The White House Didn't Mislead Anyone About Location Of U.S. Ships | The Huffington Post -- "That's a fact, it happened ... it is happening rather."
White House denies misleading public in aircraft carrier mix-up | TheHill

CIA WikiLeaks traitor manhunt underway - CBS News

Trump and The Problem of Militant Ignorance - President Trump is a deeply ignorant man and perhaps a profoundly ignorant President. But it is worth stepping back and considering just what this means, the different kinds of ignorance that exist and how they differ ... So far the Trump Presidency has been a sort of Mr Magoo performance art in which the comically ignorant Trump learns elemental or basic things that virtually everyone in the world of politics or government already knew ... which appears to make it genuinely impossible not to project his own ignorance onto everybody else.

Fox News Has Decided Bill O'Reilly Has to Go -- Gabriel Sherman ... executives are holding emergency meetings to discuss how they can sever the relationship with the country's highest-rated cable-news host without causing collateral damage to the network ... Fox News announced that Tucker Carlson will be taking over the 8 p.m. slot
As He Leaves Fox, Here Are Bill O'Reilly's Worst Moments On The Air (hateful psychopath gets highest ratings in America ... oh wait)
Choking, Harassing, and Loofahs: Women'S s Allegations Against Bill O'Reilly Piled Up for Years Before His Demise -- his troubling alleged behavior towards women has gone on for decades.
Twitter Reacts Appropriately To Bill O'Reilly Getting The Ax At Fox News | The Huffington Post
After Bill O'Reilly's Ouster, Fox Executives Fear "There's More to Come" ... "Until Fox News releases every woman from confidentiality and arbitration agreements and until they get rid of the executives who enabled the harassment, the workplace will not be safe for women" (next up, Fucker Carlson)
Anita Hill Speaks Out In The Wake Of Bill O'Reilly's Sexual Harassment Allegations | The Huffington Post

The response to the retail apocalypse shows which workers count in Trump's America (we didn't mean THOSE workers)

Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, Narrowly Misses Outright Win in Georgia House Race - The New York Times
Democrat In Georgia Falls Just Short Of Knockout Blow | The Huffington Post
Five Takeaways From the Georgia Special Election | RealClearPolitics

Why is Jason Chaffetz suddenly retiring from Congress? One word: Ambition. - The Washington Post (he can get paid better for being a total asshole)

Hillary ran the worst presidential campaign ever | New York Post

Eschaton: Nice Work - That works out to royalty payments to Cuomo of $245 per book ... Nobody outside of New York knows who he is unless they remember his father, and no one inside New York gives a shit. (sleazy Andy)
How did Cuomo make $783,000 on memoir that sold 3,200 copies? - The Buffalo News

Ann Coulter vows to speak at Berkeley despite cancellation - ABC News

Death without parole - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The suicide of former NFL star and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is an occasion for thinking about the policy of sentencing people to sentences of life without parole.
Aaron Hernandez's Death Highlights A Serious Problem | The Huffington Post - latest available federal data showed that prison suicides were on the rise in 2014. (revenge is strong)
Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide : news

Chemist's Misconduct Is Likely to Void 20,000 Massachusetts Drug Cases

Will Moore RIP - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: Funny - The underlying technology will be on par with its competitors, but I'm willing to bet that Apple will excel in the user interface, the iTunes- and App-Store-like infrastructure, and the design. I expect Apple to do things that were never done before. And for that, I expect customers to be willing to pay more. -- I don't think I am alone in saying that iTunes is the biggest piece of shit software there is. (Apple will reinvent the UI for driving a car!)

Hopefully A New Round of Upper-Class Tax Cuts Will Unleash More of This Kind of Innovation - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Juicero sells the machine for $400 (works almost as well as your hands)
This $400 juicing machine does nothing but squeeze bags of juice into a cup : videos
Investors surprised that Juicero's juice packs can be squeezed by hand without the $400 machine : technology

11 charts that show marijuana has truly gone mainstream - The Washington Post
Support for marijuana legalization at all-time high - CBS News - Sixty-one percent of Americans think marijuana use should be legal, a five-point increase from last year and the highest percentage ever recorded in this poll. Eighty-eight percent favor medical marijuana use. (MJ money transforming states, Jason Lewis says it's all "fake news")

For the first time, scientists show that psychedelic substances: psilocybin, ketamine and LSD, leads to an elevated level of consciousness, as measured by higher neural signal diversity exceeding those of normal waking consciousness, using spontaneous magnetoencephalographic (MEG) signals. : science

Rude Host on Today Show Cannot Stand Her Own Guest, Bill Nye : videos


The nation is immersed in its warmest period in recorded history - The Washington Post
Unsubsidized wind and solar now the cheapest source for new electric power : news

Whistleblower uncovers London police hacking of journalists and protestors - World Socialist Web Site

Aircraft Carrier Wasn't Sailing to Deter North Korea, as U.S. Suggested

NYT Fails To Disclose Terrorism Of Op-Ed Contributor | The Daily Caller - But the essay, from Marwan Barghouti, leaves out one crucial fact: he is in prison because he was convicted of killing five Israelis in terrorist attacks more than a decade ago.

FBI used dossier allegations to bolster Trump-Russia investigation -
The Continuing Fallout from Trump and Nunes's Fake Scandal

Trump Raised $107 Million for Inauguration, Doubling Record - The New York Times

Airlines say they're overbooking less. But passengers say gt hey're discriminating more. (flying while Muslim)

KING: Conservatives hated an uppity negro golfing President - NY Daily News

Poll: Trump woes take toll on GOP - politico - Just 40 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, down from 47 percent in January,

Ivanka's biz prospers as politics mixes with business (rise of the rich robots)

Cotton blitzed by constituents at rowdy town hall - politico

A One-Way Ratchet - Lawyers, Guns & Money : This is a good roundup of the greatest hits of the latest addition to the NYT op-ed page, but I think we have to start with this: (Bret Sephens is an awful person, and the Sulzbergers love him)

Miami state senator curses at black lawmaker -- and refers to fellow Republicans as 'niggas'
Andrew Sullivan's column is more proof we need to stop resurrecting old myths about race (he always was a racist)

Police: Cleveland Facebook killer kills self in Erie : news

Leader of Cal-Exit Drops Bid for California to Secede, Instead Moves to Russia (CA the new Crimea)

Silicon Valley CEO Pleads No Contest to Abusing His Wife -- and Is Offered a Deal for Less Than 30 Days in Jail -- her husband, Abhishek Gattani, faced his second felony domestic violence charge in Santa Clara Superior Court in fabled Palo Alto.

Bill O'Reilly On Chopping Block Amid Claim He Called Black Woman 'Hot Chocolate' -- "He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared"

Private New York school releases report into sexual abuse and exploitation by staffers - The Boston Globe

Semiotic Terms

11 charts that show marijuana has truly gone mainstream - The Washington Post

Retailers look past apps to the next frontier of digital shopping: Chatbots - The Washington Post -- "conversational commerce" (reinventing "talking")
Yahoo Says 1 Billion User Accounts Were Hacked - The New York Times (Marissa's goodbye kiss)


Climate change causes glacial river in Yukon to change direction - Technology & Science - CBC News - Glacier retreated so much that its meltwater switched course, in an event not documented in modern times
NASA photos show two troubling cracks in a massive Greenland glacier
Big Sur usually can't keep people away. Right now, it's practically deserted

Reports about torture of gays in Chechnya produce no investigation, just threats against journalists - The Washington Post -- Ramzan Kadyrov (is a bear)

MaximumEffort433 comments on Presidential sources: US President Trump calls Turkish President Erdogan to congratulate him on Turkey referendum result. To be clear, Trump is congratulating him on a measure to effectively eliminate democracy and install a dictatorship. (Erdofuck will return the favor)

A 'Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion' in North Korea
As tensions with North Korea flare, Trump spends quiet weekend at Mar-a-Lago - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Bringing Back The Bush Era Language - When Bush was busy killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and causing the deaths of thousands of US soldiers, everybody would ooh and ahh about his "resolve"
Eschaton: The Love Of War

Public Dissatisfaction With Washington Weighs on the GOP | Pew Research Center - Ryan job rating at 29%; Republicans view their party as divided
Majority in US No Longer Thinks Trump Keeps His Promises | Gallup - 45% say Trump keeps his promises, down from 62% in February
This brutal new poll shows that fewer and fewer people believe Trump's lies

Trump's millennial problem: The snowflakes are becoming a blizzard -- Polls show the majority of millennials view Trump as an illegitimate president, and they don't like Ivanka either
Trump Voters in a Swing District Wonder When the 'Winning' Will Start ... She had voted for Donald J. Trump because she expected him to improve conditions for veterans and overhaul the health care system. Now? (she's still an idiot, but sad)

ICE immigration arrests of noncriminals double under Trump - The Washington Post (and you thought Barry was bad)

Carter Page Went to Moscow With a Tape of Donald Trump Offering Treason For Hacking | patribotics (lock him up)

100 Days of Horror - The New York Times

Donald Trump's big problem is he doesn't know what he's talking about -- At least it's one of his problems (bigly stupid)
Donald Trump is 'very upset' Amanda Knox voted for Hillary Clinton, says advisor | The Independent -- George Lombardi says President, who publicly supported Ms Knox, is hurt by her ingratitude

Racism motivated Trump voters more than authoritarianism - The Washington Post (but we shouldn't hate them or anything)
Explanations of White Despair - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The Despair of Learning That Experience No Longer Matters - The New Yorker
ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: Deaths of Despair. An Analysis of the Case-Deaton Conference Paper on the Mortality Rates of Middle-Aged Whites. - they disguise the fact that the black incomes are lower than the white incomes in both tables.

The Violent Clashes In Berkeley Weren't 'Pro-Trump' Versus 'Anti-Trump' - explicitly racist groups and individuals were present in force, some having traveled from out of state to attend ... Multiple demonstrators, some of whom donned Make America Great Again hats, performed Nazi salutePolls show the majority of millennials view Trump as an illegitimate president, and they do
s in full public view.
The Berkeley rally aftermath: Mass arrests, a stabbing and weaponized Pepsi - The Washington Post ... between demonstrators who support President Trump and those who oppose him. (see above)

Handicapping The Georgia 6 Special Election | FiveThirtyEight

An Easter message for (some) liberals - Lawyers, Guns & Money : (Douthat tells libs to find Jesus)

Alex Jones custody case: In Austin, Trump ally's persona goes to court - But in emotional testimony at the hearing, Kelly Jones, who is seeking to gain sole or joint custody of her three children with Alex Jones, portrayed the volcanic public figure as the real Alex Jones. (he's just playing batshit-man)

New video shows United passenger was anything but 'belligerent' : news
Doctor Was On Phone With United Moments Before Being Dragged Off Plane - Inside Edition : videos (even worse than you thought)
Bride and groom booted off United flight in Houston |

Virginia Tech was not the worst school massacre in U.S. history. This was. - The Washington Post - That distinction belongs to the mostly forgotten, harrowing explosion at Bath Consolidated School 90 years ago. That day, local farmer Andrew Kehoe, angry about taxes used to fund the school, killed his wife and then blew up the building before doing the same to his car as he sat inside it. In total, 45 people were killed, among them 38 children.

Video shows an officer slamming, then pummeling a black man accused of jaywalking - The Washington Post (America's terroristiccop problem)
3 police officers arrested for drunk driving in 1 night : news

'13 Reasons Why' depicts a graphic suicide. Experts say there's a problem with that

West Virginia to become 29th state to legalise marijuana for medical use : news - Drug companies shipped nearly 9 million hydrocodone pills to one pharmacy in Kermit, W.Va., population 392.

Minnesota Department of Health:9th measles case, all in unvaccinated kids : news
Jenny McCarthy's Vaccination Fear-Mongering and the Cult of False Equivalence
One huge thing to know before having a kid - The Washington Post - On average, child-care costs for one infant can range from more than $5,000 a year to more than $20,000
how much the average single American spends on their dating life -- When that $1,600 average is divided by gender, men spent more ($1,855 on average) than women ($1,423). But the male-female gap isn't that large ... Seventy-eight percent of women said they split the check on a date because they didn't want to feel obligated to go out again or to get physical.

TIL Venting your anger online only makes you angrier, a study found : todayilearned
More Americans than ever before suffer from serious psychological distress, and the country's ability to meet the growing demand for mental health services is eroding according to a study. : science

What screams insecurity to you? : AskReddit

ISPs Gave 8X More Cash to Politicians That Axed FCC Privacy Rule : technology ("we don't work for you")
Burger King thought it had a great idea. Instead, it ended up with a Whopper of a problem. - The Washington Post


'Sixty-eight children among dead' of suicide bombing attack in Syria | World news | The Guardian -- Blast targeted convoy transporting evacuees from Fuaa and Kafraya under deal between Assad regime and rebels

The Latest Dump of Alleged NSA Tools Is "The Worst Thing Since Snowden'

Erdogan clinches victory in Turkish constitutional referendum | World news | The Guardian - Electoral board says Turkey has backed constitutional amendments but opposition parties say they will contest some of the results (the perils of a rigged democracy)

US officials warn tensions with North Korea are 'coming to a head' | World news | The Guardian
Trump's North Korea sabre-rattling has a flaw: Kim Jong-un has nothing to lose | World news | The Guardian - Strategy of sending in the US navy and attacking Syria and Afghanistan likely only to boost Pyongyang's nuclear resolves

Eschaton: Boom Booms - Trump blows some things up and David Ignatius praises him. -- There isn't a "deep sgtate," really. There are competing bureaucracies, and they all have their mouthpieces in the press. Whichever one Ignatius works for is happy.
Eschaton: Ron Howard Voice: There Isn't One --
ABC News on Twitter: "Pres. Trump's top security adviser to @ThisWeekABC: Trump "will take action" to end any North Korea threat to U.S."

Eschaton: Incompetence Has Its Virtues - Federal immigration authorities have stopped issuing weekly reports on sanctuary cities, after just three weeks, following complaints that the reports were riddled with errors. Local cases that made the reports were all wrong.

Steve Bannon's Biblical Fall

Trump asks why people are still talking about his taxes a day after protesters asked for his returns - The Washington Post ("I won, suckers, shut up and go home")

A complete guide to every reference in Melissa McCarthy's epic Sean Spicer sketch on SNL

White supremacist caught on video sucker-punching woman Berkeley protester faces calls for arrest - Damigo is an Iraq War veteran and convicted felon who was released from prison in 2014 after serving five years for armed robbery. Damigo drunkenly pulled a gun on a cab driver, erroneously believing the man was Iraqi
Twenty-One People Arrested as Clashes Break Out at Opposing Rallies in Berkeley | NBC Bay Area

The New York Post Has Come Up With Their Greatest Troll Yet

'First protest in space' targets Trump with an astronaut's famous words "@realDonaldTrump: Look at that, you son of a bitch."

WTF Happened To Curt Schilling? | The Huffington Post - How the Red Sox hero went from the top of the world to the bottom of the fever swamps. (never was too good with his brain)
Ted Cooper on Twitter: "Tens of people at Curt Schilling's Trump Rally! Must be the weather!"

NASA 'sting' operation against 74-year-old widow of Apollo engineer draws court rebuke

Days after two officers in suburban Atlanta were fired when videos surfaced showing them kicking and punching a motorist, authorities have reportedly dismissed nearly 90 cases involving the pair. : news (America has a cop problem)

Tenure - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Loomis gets tenure at URI)

Terry Jones: 'I've got dementia. My frontal lobe has absconded'

TIL physical and sexual attraction is seen even in men and women who are long-time platonic friends. A 2012 study found in the majority of opposite-sex friendships, there's at least a low level of attraction. : todayilearned

TIL 20 ft long crocodiles used to have long legs, allowing them to emerge from water gallop at other animals at full speed : todayilearned - I'm really glad I don't live in a world with galloping acrobatic crocodiles and alligators.
10 Prehistoric Bugs That Could Seriously Mess You Up - Listverse

Reddit, what is the worst secret your SO is keeping from you, but that you actually know? : AskReddit

Reddit, what's the scariest theory known to mankind? : AskReddit


Smoking to kill 200 million in China this century: WHO : news

Assad retains hundreds of tons of chemical weapons, says defected general : news

Afghan official: Massive US bomb death toll rises to 94 : news

Eschaton: Make More Boom Booms - It doesn't matter where or why or who, just blow some shit up and our cable newsers are very impressed.
Geraldo Rivera: "one of My Favorite Thnks" At Fox News "Is Watching Bombs Drop On Bad Guys" ... Ainsley Earhardt: MOAB "Is What Freedom Looks Like. That's The Red, White And Blue"

Trump travel ban hurts U.S. tourism, with billions at stake - The Washington Post

CREW Statement On White House Refusal To Release Visitor Logs - CREW

Trump claims he can't be sued for inciting rally violence

The Inside Story of the Kushner-Bannon Civil War | Vanity Fair - West Wing sources come clean about the backstabbing, the bullying, the distrust, and the buzzing flies.
Alt-Right Ringleader Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop 'Motherlode' If Steve Bannon Is Ousted ... of stories that could "destroy marriages" ... " the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies."

White House Adviser Who Opposes Paid Leave, Equal Pay Now Working On Women's Issues | The Huffington Post - Stephen Miller

The Best of Bret Stephens, Your Newest New York Times Opinion Columnist - In fact, the Times, whose opinion section is in desperate need of a new direction, has gone out and found itself the same thing it always has. "he waterboarded himself" (they made their choice, didn't they?)
New York Times Promises Truth and Diversity, Then Hires Climate-Denying Anti-Arab White Guy

Judges block Arkansas from carrying out scheduled executions - The Washington Post

Guns, Extremism, and Escalation | Washington Spectator -- Rich Perstein ... "virile young Alt-Rights clashing with clapped out retrograde commies. The future belongs to us" (they are really confused)

Penn Station: 16 injured in stampede over false reports of gunfire : news
Neo-Nazis Are Tearing the Furry World Apart - The Daily Beast - A putsch, death threats, sex offenders

Eschaton: Stop Clapping For Cuomo - A free college plan that is precisely what happens when crappy Democrats take a good idea and arse it up every way they can.

You Draw It: Just How Bad Is the Drug Overdose Epidemic? - The New York Times (MA is first in death)

Is American Retail at a Historic Tipping Point? - The New York Times (death of the mall and retail jobs ... the War on Nordstroms))

Treating a woman with progesterone during pregnancy appears to be linked to the child's sexuality in later life. A study found that children of these mothers were less likely to describe themselves as heterosexual by their mid-20s, compared to those whose mothers hadnt been treated with the hormone. : science
Does reading fiction increase empathy, or are empathic people more likely to read fiction? : askscience
Stroke rates appear to be rising steadily in young adults : science

What something we should fear that is 100% real? : AskReddit
Reddit, what unexplained event in your life still leaves you scratching your head? : AskReddit
Betrayal at the Gaming Table : boardgames
Redditors who realized their spouse is a completely different person after marriage, were there any red flags that you ignored while dating? If so, what were they? : AskReddit
Teenage fathers, what happened after you found out she was pregnant and what is your life like now? : AskReddit

I think it really unfortunate that this has to happen in our community. : windowsphone


British Woman Stabbed to Death in Israel : news

Shadow Brokers Leak Shows NSA Hacked Middle East Banking System and Had Major Windows Exploits | WIRED

China Warns of 'Storm Clouds Gathering' in U.S.-North Korea Standoff

Eschaton: Boom Booms - He brings us to the brink of war (maybe, who knows) in North Korea, which would likely lead to 10 million+deaths, and they get drunk on the drama. As fucked up as the cold war era was, I remember that people took this stuff seriously. (Brian williams had a MOABgasm)

Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged - Bloomberg (Obama, BClinton and Soros staged "false flag" attack with fake vids)
Assad Says Videos of Dead Children in Syria Chemical Attack Were Faked - The New York Times (and fake dead children)

Mike Pompeo, Once a WikiLeaks Fan, Attacks It as Hostile Agent - The New York Times

White House says it won't make visitor logs public (so you won't know what swamp creature crawled in the door, suckers)
Trump will keep list of White House visitors secret - The Washington Post

How to fix the Supreme Court - Vox - The way we choose Supreme Court nominees is broken. (10 year non-renewable terms)

Trump Threatens Health Subsidies to Force Democrats to Bargain - The New York Times
If the label reads Republican health care market stabilization, the box will not contain market stabilization - Lawyers, Guns & Money : The Trump administration released a final rule on Thursday aimed at stabilizing the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.

For Trump, a Steep Learning Curve Leads to Policy Reversals - The New York Times (he didn't know presidenting was this "complicated")
Trump visits Mar-a-Lago resort for 23rd day as president | TheHill

If Trump Fired Bannon, Would He Seek Revenge? - politico Magazine - Friends and foes imagine his options for brutal payback. (the photo is revealing, will run against Trump in 2020 hahaha)
Trump's base turns on him (they believed him because they are as stupid as he is)
'People's hopes are dashed': Ex-Breitbart writer says Trump's nationalist fanbase is in despair (they fell for the con and are now very sad, black people can still sometimes vote)

In its last year, the Obama administration had its eyes on burnishing the outgoing president's legacy -- and ignored the threat from an old foe. (Barry's "legacy" was mostly in his mind +what about Rich and Barry blocking Comey in July?)

Trump Taps Salesman To Run Military Draft | The Huffington Post - Don Benton has a long record of controversies, but no record of military service.

Sen. Jeff Flake weathers brutal, 2 1/2-hour Mesa town hall (tables have turned)

Eschaton: Trump Voters Still Love Trump - They see politics as a reality show in which their guy is winning and stomping on the face of the losing team, a team which includes blah people

Eschaton: Will Bill O Go? - Bill O is a horrible person, but everybody at Fox who tolerated his actions towards women employees and of course the numerous other ways that Bill O was horrible off and on the air are horrible, also, too. Just a bunch of bad people.
TV News Poll: Bill O'Reilly Viewed Most Negatively Among News Figures : television
Jeffrey Lord is the George Washington of Pathetic Donald Trump Lickspittles - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "but think of President Trump as the Martin Luther King of health care" (live from the heart of the beast of CNN)

DeVos Pick to Head Civil Rights Office Once Said She Faced Discrimination for Being White - ProPublica

Why Media Must Stop Misrepresenting Appalachia | The Huffington Post - "Hillbilly Elegy" and other sources demean my family and the region with their simple, dismissive narratives.
Today in the Fact that J.D. Vance is a Huge Grifter Who Hates His Own Culture - Lawyers, Guns & Money ((still #1 on NYT non-fiction? bestseller list +comment: " Voting for a man with no morals whatsover IS a FUCKING MORAL FAILING. Period. +"He hates the same people I hate")

The Evangelical Roots of Our Post-Truth Society - The New York Times (the alternate reality of the Christian Worldview and evidential presuppositionism)

O'Reilly's Behavior Said to Have Helped Drive Megyn Kelly Out at Fox

Judge praises former LDS bishop, while sentencing him for rape, as victim listens : news

Why one Republican voted to kill privacy rules: "Nobody has to use the Internet" (or their brains)

Nellie has a breakthrough on DMT | Drugslab : videos

The Most Dangerous Volcano in the World: A tale of Nyiragongo | Volcano World | Oregon State University ... Hazards related to these lava lakes, such as at Ambrym, Vanuatu, or Kilauea ... lava lake is found at a maximum elevation of 3250m (pre-disaster), inside a 3465m tall stratovolcano; the lava lake has an estimated depth of 600m and contains one of the most fluid lavas on Earth ... This means that it is super fluid and able to move up to speeds of 97 km/hr.
Global Volcanism Program | Nyiragongo

Generational Breakdown: Info About All of the Generations
Generations X,Y, Z and the Others
Here Is When Each Generation Begins and Ends, According to Facts - The Atlantic

10 Ad Blocking Extensions Tested for Best Performance Raymond.CC


U.S.-led coalition accidentally bombs Syrian allies, killing 18 - The Washington Post (meanwhile, in Hell)

Snowden Documents Reveal Scope of Secrets Exposed to China in 2001 Spy Plane Incident - Burn After Reading

First on CNN: US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan - (Trump drops bigly orange MOAB)

British spies were first to spot Trump team's links with Russia | UK news | The Guardian - Exclusive: GCHQ is said to have alerted US agencies after becoming aware of contacts in 2015 (so Obama sat on the intel for a year and a half)

Trudeau Unveils Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Canada - The New York Times

CIA head: WikiLeaks a 'non-state hostile intelligence service'
Russian Spetsnaz: Learning from Experience | The Cipher Brief
Trump 90 Days Ago: "My People Will Have a Full Report on Hacking Within 90 Days
Are there too many Russia connections to be coincidences? - The Washington Post (yes, Putin's takeover was complete)

Crucified man had prior run-in with authorities - The Washington Post -- Some say that his brutal punishment at the hands of the state was out of proportion to and unrelated to any of these incidents in his record. But after all, he was no angel. No, the media did not identify the wrong David Dao as United's passenger - LA Times
I was on United flight 3411. Here's what I saw. - Chicago Tribune
Eschaton: Great Innovations In Customer Service - Just stare at it for awhile. -- In the future, law enforcement will not be involved in removing a "booked, paid, seated passenger," Mr Monoz said. "We can't do that."

Carter Page: 'Something may have come up in a conversation' with Russians about lifting US sanctions

Prediction prof: Trump will be impeached - politico - The professor who took hell for predicting President Donald Trump has a much longer case for predicting President Mike Pence

Trump Reverses Himself On 6 Major Issues In 2 Days | The Huffington Post - From currency manipulation to NATO to Syria, Trump is flexible.

Undercooled meat. Dangerous fish. Health inspectors zing Trump's Mar-a-Lago kitchen

Even Before Trump, The Republican Party Was Reluctant To Push Out Nazi-Linked Officials | The Huffington Post - Is it really so surprising to see Sebastian Gorka keep his White House job?

NC lawmaker calls Abraham Lincoln 'tyrant' like Hiter -- Republican Rep. Larry Pittman (anti-gay white supremecist) a

CNN's Jeffrey Lord: "Think Of President Trump As The Martin Luther King Of Health Care"

alicublog: SHOVE THAT FOOTBALL UP YOUR ASS, LUCY. - Megan McArdle puts her hands on her hips, sighs forcefully, and wonders why the gosh darn heck Democrats can't cooperate with Trump's accomplices in Congress?
The Gorsuch Filibuster And the Myth of the Apolitical Supreme Court - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Bret Stephens leaves Wall Street Journal for New York Times - politico (Lichtblau to CNN, Stephens to NYt as big sort continues)

Police Call Qurans Found in Toilet at UTD 'Shocking and Unusual' (Making America Hate Again)

Teen accidentally kills himself as friends watch on Instagram Live | (America Needs More Guns)

'Cross dressers in the building': A Capitol staffer warns when LGBT students visit (so all the gay Republicans can hide under their desks)

Economists are arguing over how their profession messed up during the Great Recession. This is what happened. - The Washington Post -- Henry Farrell (the austerians won, and now we have Trump)

Coffman pummeled at town hall over GOP Obamacare repeal - politico - The Colorado Republican, one of the most vulnerable House incumbents in 2018, faced an auditorium of angry residents.
Inside a NJ Republican's furious town hall
GOP rep: 'Bullcrap' to say taxpayers pay my salary -- Mullin is the owner of multiple companies under the umbrella of Mullin Plumbing.

Here's what could change about the new Massachusetts marijuana law | - The special Senate report also recommended setting a maximum personal possession limit of 1 ounce for smokable marijuana, "including home possession." The report was authored in part by a chief opponent of the new law, Sen. Jason Lewis, D-Winchester.
Senate report calls for disturbing changes to the new Massachusetts marijuana law : bostontrees
We'll definitely be able to beat Massachusetts to the punch. R.I. eyes recreational marijuana
Massachusetts collects more than $7 million from marijuana in 2016 | FOX25

Here's Why Caitlyn Jenner Said She Had Gender Confirmation Surgery | The Huffington Post - really none of our business in the first place.
Transgender people of Reddit who have transitioned, what differences have you noticed in the way people treat you as a man vs as a woman? : AskReddit
Transgender people reveal how they're treated differently as a man or woman | The Independent (poaches reddit above)
'Survivor': Zeke Smith Outed as Transgender | Guest Column | Hollywood Reporter

15 things Kurt Vonnegut said better than anyone else ever has or will : books

British Reaction to American Civil War Ironclads ; Brill Online (Monitor was a "cheesebox on a raft" with 2 22-ton guns, battle rendered 90% of British navy obsolete overnight; US Navy at least twice as large as Royal and much more deadly by 1865; at which point US scrapped most of the Navy and went isolationist)
World War II, Race, and the Southeast Asian Origins of the Domino Theory | Wilson Center (Eisenhower coined the term, referring to Japan's takeover of SE Asia)

Single dose testosterone administration impairs cognitive reflection in men, even when controlling for age, mood, math skills, treatment expectancy and 14 other hormones : science
Elephants pass intelligence test with profound implications for our understanding of the species

$2.4 Million Dollars Worth of Gold Found in Tank Bought on eBay. : videos

What question will immediately divide Reddit into two polarized groups? : AskReddit
Friendly rat snek just wants to be friends : funny
What was the best marriage/relationship advice you have ever received? : AskReddit

British man charged after US gamer is shot by Swat police following hoax terrorism call : news


Who Is Carter Page? - FBI Investigation Under FISA Warrant Over Russia Ties - Someone leaked this news with a very specific aim. This is the kind of thing that doesn't leak, even in Washington. Except this one did, and that makes all the difference (the tip of the Russian spies and Commie Trump iceberg)

Eschaton: America's Worst Humans - Joel Christopher (Courier-Journal: "known to people in this area")
BuzzFeed News on Twitter: "Newspaper Editor Defends His Decision To Reveal The United Passenger's "Troubled Past""

Eschaton: Genocide Megamalls - 2017 is going well. "Holocaust Centers"
President Trump's thoroughly confusing Fox Business interview, annotated (annals of Trumpian confusion)

Voter Suppression Under Jeff Sessions - The Murderers' Row of Voter Suppression Is Here -- Batter up.
Jeff Sessions Vows Immigration Crackdown - Phases Out Independent Forensic Science - Justice is none of his concern. -- "It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth" ... the Department of Justice descending into the status of a Breitbart comment thread, and that is never good for anyone ... Meanwhile, while the AG takes his neuroses out for a stroll in the desert, he's making sure that federal law enforcement has less accountability than it had before.
Today From the Neoconfederate Takeover of the Department of Justice - It turns out putting someone who a Republican Senate considered to be too racist to be a District Court judge in the 80s in charge of the DOJ may not work out that well:

There Is One New York Politician Who Could Be the Democratic Nominee in 2020 - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Can Democrats cuss their way back to the White House? | McClatchy Washington Bureau (it would be a start)

The Kansas Special Election Is a Lesson to Democrats - The Democratic Party needs to stop this infighting.
Today in the Laboratories of Democracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Republicans being Republican. First in the shitshow known as North Carolina: And really, you have to love Texas. Government in your uterus and in your union card, but no, have all the guns you want.

Eschaton: Maybe Just Alarmism - The current tunnels under the Hudson River were built in 1908 and are rapidly deteriorating ... fail within the next 10 years. The closing of either tunnel would be devastating because it would essentially shut down the Northeast Corridor, the transit route from Boston to Washington that produces over $3 trillion in economic output -- a full 20 percent of the national gross domestic product. (Christie's Curse on the future)

Alabama Governor Bentley Resigns and the State Gives a Church Its Own Police Force - Where do we begin? ... Ok. But there was something else going on there, too, a dynamic that exists within theocratic conservative politics generally, and is a big symptom of the prion disease that is destroying the higher functions of the Republican party ... "The idea that moral hypocrisy hurts you among evangelical voters is not true, if you're sound on all of the fundamentals," said Wayne Flynt, an ordained Baptist minister. "At this time, what is fundamental is hating liberals, hating Obama, hating abortion and hating same-sex marriage." ... The most important thing in fundamentalist Christian political life is remembering always whom and what to hate.
Contemporary Conservatism in One Paragraph - Lawyers, Guns & Money (one word: "hatred")

The Long Con - Mail-order conservatism -- Rick Perlstein Baffler No. 21 November 2012 (the groundwork for the biggest con of all)

Wall Street bull sculptor says 'Frealess Girl' statue violates his rights (and the bull of captialism is not attacking anyone)

An outrageous hospital charge: I paid $710 for an hour of babysitting -- If the hospital babysitter was to work full time at the rate Kate and I paid, she or he would make more than $1.4 million a year! (the hustle is built-in, often with unpleasant consequences)

Eschaton: Don't Tell The Rest of the State - But of course bigger cities get more attention for their crime problems simply because they're bigger. There are 5 times as many murders in Philadelphia, 5 times as many headlines, because there are 5 times the number of people. (as Pittsburgh)

Can we please stop pretending marijuana is harmless? - The Boston Globe - By Dr. Sushrut Jangi October 08, 2015 (thinks pot is addictive, goes down hill from there, gets eviscerated in comments, where Jason Lewis appears as nepatz11)

From desolate streets to Boston's hottest destination -- Downtown Crossing

Maternal Exposure to Childhood Abuse is Associated with Mate Selection: Implications for Autism in Offspring. - PubMed - NCBI - Maternal and paternal autistic traits accounted for 21% of the association between maternal abuse and offspring autism. These results provide evidence that childhood abuse affects mate selection, with implications for offspring health.
Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett explains how emotions are made - The Verge - "affective computing"

Homeland security misreported number of electronics searches, officials say | US news | The Guardian (redacts # so they won't get sued for "suspicionless searches")


Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Harlan County switches to solar power - The Washington Post - The museum is switching to solar power in hopes of saving money on energy costs (coal museum's war on coal)
Trump EPA cuts: Local programs suffer the most - Washington Post (deep South +NC, PA coal country +CA & Seattle

Marine Le Pen: Making France Revisionist Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money (those French people who sent the Jews off to die weren't living in this France) ... National pride can rest only on the unsullied, imaginary foundation of whitewashed history. And in these newly proud nations, there is, of course, no room for those against whom we have sinned.

Will London Fall? - The New York Times
Eschaton: Not A Competent Partner - Whether by design or incompetence (the evil or stupid question, basically), I predict the UK will never have a decent process in place for dealing with current EU residents ... Conservatives there, as here, lack the empathy gene.

Eschaton: Libya - It was as brief moment in time, really, but a bit like the Iraq war runup on fast forward. Suddenly the crisis in Libya was the most important thing ever. (well, Benghazi was, anyway)
note:@NickKristof wrote a half-dozen columns in 2011 calling for US strikes in Libya & hasnt written abt Libya since 9/7/11 -- or 2041 days ago

With both the U.S. and North Korea saber rattling, is conflict imminent? - The Washington Post (maybe but probably not, say the expert analysts who have never been wrong before)
North Korea State Media Warns Of Nuclear Strike If Provoked As U.S. Warships Approach | The Huffington Post ("we will nuke LA")
Exclusive: North Korean ships head home after China orders coal returned | Reuters
Trump Says China Will Get Better Trade Deal if It Solves 'North Korean Problem" (what a deal)

Syria's War Rages Unabated Days After U.S. Strike | The Huffington Post

White House Accuses Russia of Cover-Up in Syria Chemical Attack - The New York Times (theatre of distraction)
Donald Trump's action in Syria proves he is not in league with Putin, says his son Eric
FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump adviser Carter Page - The Washington Post -- The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor the communications of an adviser to presidential candidate Donald Trump (Obama and Rice knew and stopped Comey from saying anything in June-July)
The main question after strikes on Syria: How does Russia respond? - The Washington Post

Nancy Pelosi Calls For Sean Spicer's Ouster Amid Holocaust Flap | The Huffington Post - Either he is speaking for the president, or the president should have known better than to hire him. (Nazis didn't use "chemical weapsons" when they gassed the Jews)

A man wouldn't leave an overbooked United flight. So he was dragged off, battered and limp. "Fly the facist skies of Unitied)
United passenger traded drugs for gay sex with patient | Daily Mail Online - with patient half his age and took them himself - and he needed anger management, was 'not forthright' and had control issues, psychiatrist found - United lost $800 million of its value as shared plunged on Wall Street in the wake of the PR disaster. (that wasn't cost-effective)
'Re-accommodate'? United ridiculed for corporate speak response to passenger dragging ... How To Pour Gasoline Into Your PR Dumpster Fire 101 ... Hello, fly #unitedAIRLINES where we #reaccommodate your face for free do to our over booking ... their responses have been the absolute dumbest I have heard since 1994, when White House staffer Josh Steiner told Congress he lied to his diary.
United Airlines Tumbles After Social-Media Storm Goes Global - Bloomberg - The stock dropped 3.3 percent to $69.17 at 9:46 a.m. Tuesday in New York, marking the biggest decline on a Bloomberg index of U.S. airlines.
The airline industry is hurtling toward monopoly.
Call The United Incident What It Is: Police Violence | The Huffington Post
Video of United Airlines Passenger Creates Furor in China, Too - The New York Times -- 270 million views and more than 150,000 comments. Many Chinese social media users accused United of racism, while others called for a boycott.
Airlines are Starving Giants That Are Gnawing at Our Economy
Apart from United Airlines, what are the worst PR-disasters of major corporations in history? : AskReddit

President Trump's claim that illegal immigration is down 64 percent because of his administration (1 pinnochio)

The president of visuals - The Washington Post - By Garrison Keillor

Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval | Gallup (approval up to 40%!)

Trump On Fast Track To Outspend Obama's Entire Travel Tab In A Single Year | The Huffington Post -- He has spent 21 days of his 80-day presidency at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, at an estimated cost of $21.6 million.

Is Our Democrats Learning, Part the Infinity - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - al wonder that the Democrats never actually kick the football. -- Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) said Monday that, if Democrats regain control of the Senate and the White House, they will reverse Republicans' change to the filibuster rules for Supreme Court nominees -- Great idea! 60 votes for a Democratic nominee and 51 for a Republican is a sure ticket for success!!

HFC member Amash suggests time for Ryan ouster, blasts Trump -
Joe Wilson Receives Karmic Justice for his 'You Lie!' Comment - How do you possibly screw up the Easter Egg hunt? Well, you screw it up the same way you're screwing up much of the rest of the Executive Branch: by not hiring people.

Insurers May Soon Profit From Obamacare Plans, Analysis Finds (Republicans don't believe in your so-called "analysis") insurers significantly reduced their losses last year, are likely to break even this year and that most could profit -- albeit some in the single-digits -- in 2018 (only single-digit profits for "some" means it's "imploding")

Today in Republican Governance - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico, decided that if she couldn't slash funding to higher education through the budget, she'd just veto funding it all (prioritizing American values, Republican edition)

Remember Mitt Romney's 'binders full of women?" They're real. And we got them.

San Bernardino reels from elementary school shooting that left teacher, 8-year-old student dead - The Washington Post

Texas student commits suicide after Title IX kangaroo court -

The Vance Grift - Lawyers, Guns & Money (hedge-fund bootstraper should have talked to him mom)

J Geils found dead in his Massachusetts home : Music

Failing ... Upward? -- Yup, that Eric Lichtbau. Not only was his byline on the infamous October 31 "nothing to see here on Trump and Russia" story in which the NYT acted as a puke-funnel for the alt-right element of the FBI, his attempt to manufacture a Clinton Foundation scandal was pathetic even by Clinton Rules standards.

Doctors once treated alcoholism with heroin. Now, they want to treat heroin addiction with marijuana. - The Washington Post -- Keith Humphreys is a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University (pot is addictive and any benefits come from being addicted)
Medical Marijuana: How the Evidence Stacks Up - Scientific American - For many conditions, marijuana's effectiveness remains uncertain (even this 2014 Sci-Am)

Why Are So Many People Popping Vitamin D? - The New York Times - concluded in 2010 that very few people were vitamin D deficient and noted that randomized trials had found no particular benefit for healthy people to have blood levels above 20 nanograms per milliliter.

Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever - a New Record! 10^275 (2.1E275 or 2^915) - YouTube
The Mandelbrot Set - The only video you need to see! - YouTube
The dark side of the Mandelbrot set - YouTube

Are We Living in a Black Hole? - Our universe may reside within a vast, black hole.

38% of Teens Watch Netflix Every Day; More Than YouTube and Cable TV : television
[Serious]What is the scariest supernatural/paranormal experience you've ever had? : AskReddit

That Fingerprint Sensor on Your Phone Is Not as Safe as You Think - The New York Times - New findings published Monday by researchers at New York University and Michigan State University suggest that smartphones can easily be fooled by fake fingerprints digitally composed of many common features found in human prints (65%)

Tennessee Could Give Taxpayers America's Fastest Internet For Free, But It Will Give Comcast and AT&T $45 Million Instead : technology


British visitors to US may be asked for passwords and phone contacts at airports (give all your passwords including your bank to Trump, that'll help tourism)
British visitors to US may be asked for passwords and phone contacts at airports : technology (login to America with your Facebook account)

Official: Russia knew Syrian chemical attack was coming
Susan Rice's claim that Obama got Syria to 'verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile' -- "actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria" (Kessler gives her 4 pinnochio's because the averge person doesn't understand the meaning of "known")

Russian computer programmer arrested in Spain: embassy | Reuters - A Russian computer programmer, Pyotr Levashov, has been arrested in the Spanish city of Barcelona, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Madrid said on Sunday.

Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months for 'merely linking to hacked material' | Technology | The Guardian -- The journalist and former Anonymous member says of prison term and fine in statement: "They're sending me to investigate the prison-industrial complex" (thanks, Obama)

Chicago Police Say The Man They Brutally Dragged United Flight 'Just' Fell : news
"Just kill me. Just kill me. Kill me. Just kill me. Kill me. Just kill me. Just kill me." - Doctor who was assaulted by police on an airliner. : videos
Chicago Aviation Officer Placed On Leave After Dragging Man Off Plane : news
(1) Please share this video. We are on this flight.... - Audra D. Bridges
United Passenger Dragged From Overbooked Flight - The New York Times
United Drags Man Off Flight for Refusing to Give Up Seat
Video shows man forcibly removed from United flight from Chicago to Louisville
Doctor violently dragged from overbooked United flight and dragged off the plane : pics
Redditor gives eye witness account of doctor being violently removed from United plane : bestof
wtnevi01 comments on Doctor violently dragged from overbooked CIA flight and dragged off the plane
The Real Scandal of That Brutal United Video - The Atlantic - The footage is shocking. So is the law.
United Airlines Almost Kills Man's Greyhound : videos

Trump sued for not releasing White House visitor logs | TheHill

Sessions orders Justice Dept. to end forensic science commission, suspend review policy - The Washington Post

There's Racist. And Then There's Stunningly Racist. Then There's This GOP Fundraising Email. | Mother Jones

CNN nabs Eric Lichtblau from the New York Times - The Washington Post
People Just Flat-Out Lie -- Andrea Mitchell has never seen anything like Trump

Alabama Governor Resigns After Allegations He Used State Money To Cover Up Love Affair | The Huffington Post
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley expected to resign before sunset | -- The Alabama Ethics Commission last week found reason to believe he committed four crimes, all of them felonies.
How Alabama's 'Luv Guv' Broke New Ground in a Scandal-Plagued State -- Naughty texts and burner phones shamed Republican Governor Robert Bentley. A vindictive coverup might bring him down.
5 Of The Wildest Details In Report On Alabama Guv's Efforts To Hide Affair

How Fascism Becomes Entrenched - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - From Lake County, Florida, this is pretty incredible. (cops or cartel members?)

8-year-old student shot in San Bernardino classroom dies : news
San Bernardino School Shooting: 2 Adults Dead in Classroom, 2 Students in Critical Condition After Suspected Murder-Suicide | KTLA

Laguna Beach High student contracts measles; 6 other unvaccinated students barred from school : news

Quantum Mechanics in 5 Minutes (Now with Added Ducks) : videos
When it comes to mathematics, girls rate their abilities markedly lower than boys, even when there is no observable difference between the two, leading to less majors in physical, engineering, mathematics, and computer sciences (PEMC), based on a longitudinal study of 16,200 students over 10 years. : science (girls are socialized by 4th grade to think smart isn't sexy)
TIL there are over 10 parasites that control their hosts minds, and the flu is considered one on humans as evidence was found that influenza virus makes people more sociable : todayilearned
A new scientific paper published, is shedding light on a strange force impacting particles at the smallest level of the material world. The findings relate to an area of theoretical nanophotonics and quantum theory known as the Casimir Effect : science
What is the Casimir effect? - Scientific American
Are We Living in a Black Hole?
Scientists identify parts of brain involved in dreaming | Science | The Guardian (OMG science says dreams are real dreams bcuz brain lights up!)

What did your teacher do that you didn't realize until you were older was fucked up? : AskReddit
What do you NOT envy from the opposite sex? : AskReddit

Marvel remove X-Men artwork after cartoonist hides anti-Semitic and anti-Christian references in work : books
Marvel pulls comic over hidden Koranic messages : news
The Truth About H3H3, WSJ, & YouTube : videos
Youtube has "restricted" VetRanch and DemolitionRanch, two popular channels run by a veterinarian who loves guns. : videos
Revenge porn website demanding money to take down explicit photos | UK | News |


The Trump administration is ill-prepared for a global pandemic - The Washington Post - The Trump administration has failed to fill crucial public health positions across the government

Tillerson: China agrees on 'action' on North Korea as navy strike group sails | World news | The Guardian -- President Xi understands the situation has intensified (Trump appearing presidential)

Bomb Attacks On Two Coptic Churches In Egypt Kill At Least 36, Injure More Than 100 | The Huffington Post

'He has caused chaos' : How Netanyahu's media war nearly split his government (sounds like Trumpster and Erdogan and Putin and Maduro and Serbia and ...)

Adopted years ago, thousands learn they're not U.S. citizens

59 Missiles Don't Equal a Foreign Policy

Schiff says Russia is absolutely 'complicit' in Syrian chemical attack -- The Assad government has denied responsibility, and Russia has said that the release of toxic agents happened when a Syrian airstrike hit a rebel chemical-weapons arsenal and munitions factory. (yeah, right)

Jeremy Scahill Slams Fareed Zakaria on CNN: If He Could Have Sex With That Missile Strike, He Would | Mediaite (true)

The Happy-Go-Lucky Jewish Group That Connects Trump and Putin - politico Magazine - The Port Washington Chabad, a Jewish community center on Long Island's Manhasset Bay, sits in a squat brick edifice across from a Shell Gas station and a strip mall. The Chabad is an unexceptional building on an unexceptional street, save for one thing: Some of the shortest routes between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin run straight through it. (and through Ja-Red)
Felix Sater - Man Of The Year: Chabad of Port Washington - YouTube

How the alt-right brought #SyriaHoax to America - Tracing the "false flag" claim back to a pro-Assad website (so The_Donalds are commie dupes)

McFarland to Exit White House as McMaster Consolidates Power - Bloomberg - The departure of the 65-year-old former Fox News commentator (yeah, you really want a Fox news commentor on your security counsel)

Dems winning fight over wall | TheHill - pushback from Republicans voicing concerns over the diplomatic fallout, the disruption to local communities and the enormous cost of the project, estimated to be anywhere from $22 billion to $40 billion.

Partying Like It's 1988! -- What kind of fun does Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III have lined up for us? Restarting the highway that leads black and brown people straight into prison for non-violent crimes!

Betsy DeVos' brother, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, sparks headlines (the evil runs deep)

The salacious affair saga of Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is about to get really serious - The Washington Post (a good Southern Baptist Christian phony)

Janet Jackson splits with billionaire husband | Page Six (he Shariaed her) - Jackson is believed to be worth $250 million while Al Mana is a billionaire Qatari businessman.

Le Cinq, Paris: restaurant review | Life and style | The Guardian -- The dining room, deep in the hotel, is a broad space of high ceilings and coving, with thick carpets to muffle the screams. It is decorated in various shades of taupe, biscuit and fuck you.

Diabetes is even deadlier than we thought, study suggests - The Washington Post - The authors also found that diabetics had a 90 percent higher mortality rate over a five-year period than nondiabetics. This held true when controlling for age, smoking, race and other factors.


At Least 15 Percent Of The World's Tree Species Are Under Threat Of Extinction - More than 60,000 species are currently living. Many of them are in trouble,

Five myths about World War I - The Washington Post

Which Countries Support and Which Oppose the U.S. Missile Strikes in Syria - The New York Times
The Emerging Trump Doctrine: Don't Follow Doctrine (follow Trump's fabulous "instincts"

The media loved Trump's show of military might. Are we really doing this again? - by Margaret Sullivan
Eschaton: "We" - The worst instinct of the press is to think they are stand-ins for the Merkin Public. It isn't their job and a bunch of mostly white male millionaires on TV aren't exactly representative.
Dan Rather Slams Journalists Who Hailed Donald Trump's Bombs As 'Presidential' | The Huffington Post -- War must never be considered a public relations operation (or a distraction from treason)
Eschaton: The Oracle Pareene - From March 1 -- "Here's another thing you should understand about these guys: The only thing the elite Washington press corps likes more than a bipartisan commission on debt reduction is a stack of flag-draped coffins" .
Eschaton: The Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy Establishment - But Trump made a boom boom in his pants and everyone is so fucking excited!!

Will Mexico Get Half of Its Territory Back? - The New York Times - The United States invasion of Mexico in 1846 inflicted a painful wound that, in the 170 years that followed, turned into a scar. Donald Trump has torn it open again.
Trump promised a border wall. Now these Texans worry the government will take their land - LA Times (we didn't think he meant OUR land)
"You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know morons."

Taran Killam Says Donald Trump "Struggled to Read" While Hosting SNL (functionally illiterate, as are his voters)

Republicans on Capitol Hill leave town with most of their agenda stuck in limbo - The Washington Post - changing the Senate rules in such a way as to permanently decrease the influence of the minority.

Trump Administration Infighting Comes To A Head | The Huffington Post - like watching the worst reality TV show ever
Goldman Sachs Is About To Swallow Donald Trump | The Huffington Post - Elevating Gary Cohn to chief of staff would be a major win for the Wall Street wing of the White House.

Bannon's Views Can Be Traced to a Book That Warns, 'Winter Is Coming' ... "The Fourth Turning," a 1997 work by two amateur historians, Neil Howe and William Strauss, lays out a theory that American history unfurls in predictable, 80-year cycles of prosperity and catastrophe. And it foresees catastrophe right around the corner ... predicts that America is hurtling toward a crisis on par with the American Revolution, the Civil War and the Great Depression.
The World According to Bannon | Jacobin - vision of civilizational crisis and violent renewal has deep roots in the American political tradition ... As Bannon tells it, the socialism and black power politics of the 1960s laid siege to both the institutional stability of the 1950s and the cultural values that had traditionally sustained American free enterprise, unleashing a torrent of greed that ultimately sparked the financial crisis. (yeah, socialism and Black Power caused predatory capitalism!) ... the American mythology of regeneration through violence: a celebration of violence as an expiating ritual that can renew both the individual and the nation.
Eschaton: I Hate Suits Too - a small price to pay for running the world (or as close to it as you get).

Trump has visited a Trump-branded property every 2.8 days of his presidency - The Washington Post (the Trumpocracy)

Mitch McConnell, the man who broke America - The Washington Post - No majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the Senate

"Let him who aspires to such station, and is not one of the Medici, favour Liberty and the popular Power" (Ja-red)
CNN Tonight on Twitter: ".@dandrezner on Trump's 'secretary of everything': "This is insane... his one qualification is that he married well""

Your Financial Life Could Be Ruined If Your Name Is On This Massive Government List | The Huffington Post - The Treasury Department essentially has a 1,000-page financial no-fly list.

Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling - The Washington Post -- Bentley, a 74-year-old dermatologist and former Baptist deacon, has been engulfed in a sex scandal ... The report also included text messages Dianne Bentley gave the committee. She was able to read text messages that her husband sent to Mason because they also appeared on his state-issued iPad, which she had possession of. (fucking moron +"Remember, common sense goes out the door when love comes innuendo." - Groucho Marx")
Gov. Bentley opened door of DC hotel in underwear expecting Rebekah Mason, report claims |

New Mexico Outlaws School 'Lunch Shaming' - In Alabama, a child short on funds was stamped on the arm with "I Need Lunch Money." In some schools, children are forced to clean cafeteria tables in front of their peers to pay the debt. Other schools require cafeteria workers to take a child's hot food and throw it in the trash if he doesn't have the money to pay for it. (next up: tattoos that say "I am one of THOSE people)

Rebekah Mason suggested closure of DMV offices in majority black counties, report shows | - Governor Robert Bentley's former top advisor and secret paramour Rebekah Mason led a politically-motivated effort in 2015 to close 31 driver's license offices in mostly black counties, a move that embarrassed the state and was later reversed. (Ala-Bama)

Kansas Democrat Proudly Wears Support Of Bernie Sanders Group In Unexpectedly Close Race | The Huffington Post - James Thompson, the Democrat running to fill the seat vacated by Tea Party congressman Mike Pompeo, who was tapped by President Donald Trump to lead the CIA. Republicans have stepped up spending in the race, signaling they could be worried about the result.

As Harassment Claims Hound O'Reilly, His Family Values Book Tops Charts -- The book, "Old School" is billed as a defense of traditional values, and includes advice on how men should treat women respectfully, not as sex objects. The book went on sale the same week The New York Times reported that Mr. O'Reilly, the Fox News host, had settled suits with five women who had accused him of sexual harassment or verbal abuse.

Eschaton: If Only There Was Some Way to Solve This Problem - Anyway, $12.55 for a certified driver is absolutely shit pay. These are people responsible from getting your kids to school and home and preventing them from being killed in the process, daily. (Americans really hate children)

'One word says it all. Asian': Airbnb host reportedly leaves guest stranded because of her race ("why we have Trump")

New York set to become first state to offer free tuition at public four-year colleges - The Washington Post - provided their family earns less than $125,000 a year.

Kings Of The Ballot Box - What Democracies And Monarchies Have In Common - In the end, tyrants come in many forms, and there is no difference between a cruel and wicked king and cruel and wicked voters

The great Aurangzeb is everybody's least favourite Mughal | Aeon Essays

Why people prefer unequal societies - "Despite appearances to the contrary, there is no evidence that people are bothered by economic inequality itself. Rather, they are bothered by something that is often confounded with inequality: economic unfairness." : Foodforthought
Is There a Better Way to Think About Income Inequality? - The Atlantic - too much of a focus on giving out more college degrees, getting more people married, and making elite workplaces more diverse. --

Some people may stay up late and have trouble waking in the morning due to a CRY1 gene mutation which alters the human circadian clock. Carriers of the gene variant (frequency of up to 0.6% in human genetics databases) experienced nighttime sleep delays of 2-2.5 hours compared to non-carriers. : science

In January, Top Animation Companies (Pixar, Disney, Lucasfilm) Found Guilty Of Conspiring To Fix Workers Wages. $100M Settlement. Reposting For Visibility. Will This Settlement Even Make A Difference For The Future? : movies (deleted /r/movies post discusses capitalism)
[#22|+1373|338] ELI5: How did the USA get the "I have the right to be offended and you shouldn't offend me" culture when they have protected free speech? [/r/explainlikeimfive] : undelete
Former mod of a forum frequented by incels breaks down their fundamental issues : bestof
ASU student mistaken as homeless not allowed to meditate in city park : news
What is the most eerie or interesting story that has unfolded on Reddit? : AskReddit


Clean Energy Advances, Despite Our Idiot in the Oval Office - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The world spent less money to build even higher amounts of renewable electricity compared to 2015
California, Drenched by Winter Rain, Is Told 'Drought's Over'

Stockholm 'terror attack': Three dead as truck drives into pedestrians
Sweden has been attacked

Eschaton: Universality - so that what would have been pretty normal proposals for things the government might do are now full commnism. It goes beyond whether something is a good or bad idea, the suggestion itself is suspect. (the purpose of the state is to serve the rich and starve the poor)

Eyewitness says Syrian military anticipated U.S. raid - ABC News
Syria Strike Puts U.S. Relationship With Russia at Risk - The New York Times
Russia Suspends Cooperation With U.S. in Syria After Missile Strikes - The New York Times
Trump doesn't have authority to order strikes against Syria
The Art of the Syrian Deal - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Syria strike adds awkward twist to high-stakes China-U.S. summit - The Washington Post
The Fight Against the Islamic State Just Got Harder - The Atlantic
Warplane Reportedly Bombs Site Of Deadly Gas Attack Following U.S. Incursion In Syria | The Huffington Post - The jet struck at around 11 a.m. local time, causing damage but no known casualties.
Trump's Talk Of Syria Humanitarian Concern Rings Hollow | The Huffington Post - The president has demonized refugees, particularly Syrians, for years.
Majority Of Republicans Said 'No' When Obama Wanted To Launch A Strike On Syria | The Huffington Post - Donald Trump didn't seek Congressional approval (remember way back when when Obama had to ask Mitch McConnell's permission to do anything?)
The Obama Doctrine, R.I.P. - The Atlantic - Trump reached for the same playbook that his predecessor resisted opening.

The Morning After President* Trump's First Attempt at War -- Washington, where the war is made but rarely has any impact at all
Bombing Syria Open Thread - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: McCain's Got A Story To Tell - The Democrats, by obeying the rules, are forcing McCain to change the rules, and this is very bad.

Trump loves a conspiracy theory. Now his allies in the fringe media say he's falling for one in Syria. (Obama and Soros dropped the WMD's as a false flag to get Trump to bomb an airfield)
Trump's Troll Army Isn't Ready for War in Syria -- The alt-right crowd breaks with the president.

Nuking The Filibuster May Hurt Republicans In The Long Run | FiveThirtyEight (there will be no "long run")
Eschaton: Boom - A horribly undemocratic institution has been made slightly less undemocratic and we will get the horrible Supreme Court Justice we were going to get anyway.
The GOP Has Declared War on Democracy | The Nation - Going nuclear to confirm Neil Gorsuch is the latest example of how Republicans are thwarting the will of the people.

Eschaton: How You Become A Real Boy In America -- .@FareedZakaria on Syria strikes: "I think Donald Trump became President of the United States" last night
u Eschaton: Failsons - going to waltz in and be the best president, solve health care, defeat Isis, bring peace to everywhere in the Middle East, either by yourself or with your failsoninlaw

Of Course there's Evidence Trump Colluded with Russian Intelligence (can't see the forest of trees)
C.I.A. Had Evidence of Russian Effort to Help Trump Earlier Than Believed - The New York Times (and Obama told everyone to shut up)
Kushner Omitted Meeting With Russians on Security Clearance Forms - The New York Times

The Coming Incompetence Crisis - The New York Times - the Trump administration has filled only 22 of the 553 key positions that require Senate confirmation. This makes me worry that the administration will not have enough manpower to produce the same volume and standard of incompetence that we've come to expect so far

Clinton: 'Misogyny played a role' in 2016

Congressman Asks Linda McMahon Question Every Wrestling Fan Wants To Know | The Huffington Post - President Donald Trump tapped the former GOP Senate candidate to run the Small Business Administration

How to Host on Airbnb Legally - The New York Times (you can't, at least in NY)
Record Sales in Manhattan, but ... - The New York Times

Low-dose penicillin in early life induces long-term changes in murine gut microbiota, brain cytokines and behavior : science

I work at a Dispensary in Vancouver, Canada. Today was pretty much the best day ever.. : pics
Introverts of Reddit, what sounds like a fun date to you? : AskReddit

Uber bans rider for life over threat to accuse driver of rape | New York Post (she had a meltdown b/c he didn't have a charger for your iphone +dashcams, moron)


We are heading for the warmest climate in half a billion years, says new study | the absolute climate warming is also likely to be unprecedented in at least the past 420m years. : science

'The Great War': PBS documentary finds haunting parallels between World War I and U.S. today (review) | - PBS documentary finds haunting parallels between World War I and U.S. today (review) ... Woodrow Wilson ... "Make the world safe for democracy" ... But this was the same man who, for all his professed progressive ideals, was a staunch segregationist." ... Along the way, the role of the federal government grew, as did official intolerance for dissent.
Should the U.S. Have Entered World War I? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (would Hitler have happened, or something even worse?)
What We Learned from World War I - 100th Anniversary of WWI - What did we accomplish?

Spain accused of causing Gibraltar traffic jams amid Brexit tensions | World news | The Guardian

Putin's ex-wife returns to the spotlight with a dashing young husband and a fancy French villa

British Prime Minister Theresa May has defied Saudi Arabia's strict custom and refused to wear a headscarf for her first meeting with the Arab country's ruling elite

Why the Navy's Tomahawk missiles were the weapon of choice in strikes in Syria
U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack : news
Hillary Clinton: US should 'take out' Assad's air fields
Syria? - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

Chomsky: With U.S. History of Overthrowing Govts, Outrage over Russian Hacking Claims is Laughable | Democracy Now! (American exceptionalism but the outrage is about Trump, Noam)

Nunes steps aside from Russia probe - politico
Devin Nunes Steps Down From Leading Russia Investigation | The Huffington Post - Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee is investigating allegations that Nunes leaked classified information.
Nunes to step aside from Russia probe : news

The Real Political Scandal? Actually, There Are Two - Bloomberg View - a diversion from the real story: how the president and his associates collaborated with a Russian influence operation against the U.S. election. (Eli Lake revisits his story +anti-thought wars for your brain)
President Donals Trump's claim, without evidence, that Susan Rice may have committed a crime -- Glenn Kessler

Senate Republicans Deploy 'Nuclear Option' to Clear Path for Gorsuch
After Senate Filibuster's Death, Somber Lawmakers Seek Path Forward
Congress Just Became A Parliament | The Huffington Post - (Repubicans) junked the Founding Father's vision

Trump Removes Stephen Bannon From National Security Council Post - The New York Times
Bannon reportedly threatened to leave White House after NSC shakeup | Fox News (house of assholes assholing each other) Kushner and his allies reportedly consider Bannon an ideologue whose advice to Trump is hindering the president's chances to win popular support for his agenda.
Megadonor urged Bannon not to resign - politico - Republican megadonor Rebekah Mercer,
Jared Kushner Helped Push Steve Bannon Out Of The NSC | The Huffington Post

Inside the White House, paranoia and unrest among top staff -
Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a 'Cuck' and 'Globalist' Behind His Back
Welcome to Jared Kushner's World

Creeping Toward Crisis - The New York Times (literally) -- Trump has exposed himself to the world as an imbecile and burned through American credibility with his incessant lying. Even many of our allies seem confused and worried about where we stand and how we plan to proceed.
He told us who he was: The L.A. Times discovers Donald Trump's vileness -- why was any of it a surprise? Mainstream media are shocked to discover the president is a mendacious bigot. Were they not paying attention?
Personal irresponsibility: A concise history of Trump's buck-passing
No One to Blame But Trump | by Elizabeth Drew | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books

The Husband Of A Trump Supporter Has Just Been Deported Back To Mexico
The Texas-size scapegoating of an illegal voter is a travesty of justice - The Washington Post

Why Authoritarians Attack the Arts - The New York Times - But as Hitler understood, artists play a distinctive role in challenging authoritarianism. Art creates pathways for subversion, for political understanding and solidarity among coalition builders

Conservative Megadonor Wrote $450,000 Check To Spread Indicted Congressman's Fake News Across Texas, Prosecutors Say | The Huffington Post

The troubles at the American mall are coming to a boil - The Washington Post (Amazon and niche retailers)

Medical marijuana in disarray amid recreational pot uncertainty - The Boston Globe
Medical marijuana fees filling state coffers : bostontrees
The Advocates: Acknowledging A Major Rift In The Mass Marijuana Movement : bostontrees
Stoughton selectman seats go to Sullivan and Sousa - News - The Enterprise, Brockton, MA - Brockton, MA - Voters overwhelmingly agreed to ban pot shops, 1,999 to 933. In the November election, Stoughton voters narrowly favored a ballot question to legalize recreational marijuana, 51 to 49 percent.

Number of cohabiting Americans rises, especially among those 50+ | Pew Research Center

Long shadow cast by psychiatrist on transgender issues finally recedes at Johns Hopkins - The Washington Post - psychiatrist Paul McHugh is seeing his institution come full circle with the resumption of gender-reassignment surgeries. - "guilt-ridden homosexual men" ... "mental illness"

More than 1 in 5 U.S. adults are infected with cancer-causing HPV, CDC report says - The Washington Post
Scientists say they have detected an atmosphere around an Earth-like planet for the first time. : science

Translational Psychiatry - Acute effects of LSD on amygdala activity during processing of fearful stimuli in healthy subjects -- These data suggest that acute administration of LSD modulates the engagement of brain regions that mediate emotional processing.
LSD reduces activity in the amygdala, the region of the brain related to the handling of negative emotions like fear, compared to placebo, in a double-blind, randomised, cross-over study. This may explain it's therapeutic action in addiction, depression and anxiety, especially with psychotherapy. : science
Psychologists from the university of Georgia have found people with personality disorders are more likely to marry or make friends with people who are dysfunctional in a similar way : science
Familial Resemblance of Borderline Personality Disorder Features: Genetic or Cultural Transmission? - Significant resemblance between spouses was observed, which was best explained by phenotypic assortative mating, but it had only a small effect on the genetic variance (1% of the total variance) There was no effect of cultural transmission from parents to offspring.
Genetics of borderline personality disorder: Systematic review and proposal of an integrative model - According to our meta-analysis, no significant associations were found for the serotonin transporter gene, the tryptophan hydroxylase 1 gene, or the serotonin 1B receptor gene. ... Such a framework postulates a balance between positive and negative events, which interact with plasticity genes in the genesis of BPD.

autotldr comments on This Is What Scares Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Robert Shiller About The Economy

What is the closest sexual experience you've had to a ridiculous porn plot? [NSFW] : AskReddit
Besides the nostalgic spacedicks, what is the weirdest subreddit? : AskReddit (picturesofiansleeping)

Charge Time: Electric Car Workers Accuse Tesla of Low Pay and Intimidation


Your vote in the 2016 election explains almost everything about your climate beliefs - Vox - climate change sure looks like a partisan issue. (total correlation +let the coastal elites drown)

The Changing Global Religious Landscape | Pew Research Center - Less than 20 years from now, the number of babies born to Muslims is expected to modestly exceed births to Christians (Xtians going down, Muzzies plateauing)

Rex Tillerson's incredibly odd and confusing statement on North Korea - - "North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment." ... "The clock has now run out, and all options are on the table" said the WH

Eschaton: Onward to Syria (many, many lines)

Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime - The New York Times (check the pic of Kellyanne? floating in the air)
Let Trump Get Away With His Latest Deception -- The White House says Obama adviser Susan Rice spied on Trump aides. We will all regret taking the claim at face value ... Unlike the initial cover stories, this one is working -- and the consequence isn't just distraction, but to establish a dangerous premise: that efforts to determine whether Americans collaborated with foreign intelligence agents to sabotage a U.S. presidential candidate are inherently partisan. (why were they wearing masks and talking on their Putinphones?)

Stephen Bannon removed from National Security Council - The Washington Post - The restructuring reflects the growing influence of national security adviser H.R. McMaster, an Army three-star general, who took over the post after retired general Michael Flynn was ousted in February
Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon stripped of national security council role : news

Gorsuch's writings borrow from other authors -- The White House rejects any suggestion of impropriety.
Sen. Jeff Merkley Stages All-Night Protest On Senate Floor Against Gorsuch Nomination | The Huffington Post - his assault on our democracy demands as robust a resistance as we can possibly mount.
Donald Trump Keeps Hiring People Accused Of Plagiarism | The Huffington Post - doesn't seem to be great at doing background checks.

The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World's Face

There Is No Healthcare Plan Republicans Can Pass - The chronicles of batshit ineptitude.
I'm Getting Used to Life Beyond Parody

Republicans Are Going to Wish Hillary Clinton Won - The Republican Party recovered from its cratering under the Bush administration by having the good fortune to lose control of the White House at precisely the moment that a global financial crisis began to inflict deep, ruinous pain upon the public. (so they said it was Obama's fault and the WWC believed them)

How the U.S. ethics chief took on Trump and became a reluctant Washington hero - The Washington Post

Trump defends Bill O'Reilly: 'I don't think Bill did anything wrong' (he should know and O'Slimey hides behind his kids as reason for settling)

Ben Sasse Thinks Biden Would Have Won - The New York Times - . I campaigned with pretty much anybody not named Trump or Huckabee.
Every story I have read about Trump supporters in the past week - The Washington Post

From Breitbart to Sputnik - The Atlantic - A former Breitbart reporter will host a radio show for the Russian government outlet.

Republicans' view3s of blacks' intelligence, work ethic lag behind Democrats at a record clip
"Scientific racism"is on the rise on the right. But it's been lurking there for years (Charles Murray and Andrew Sullivan)

Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers, Court Rules - The New York Times - a federal appeals court in Chicago

Democrats Are Bad at Midterm Turnout. That Seems Ready to Change. - The New York Times

Why Can't Conservative Men Get Laid? -- The Only Approved Federalist Relationship Between Men and Women ... Evidently, this person is also a Lutheran pastor. Missouri Synod, no doubt. (previously in the Federalist: "Your goal is keeping him focused on your skills and assets, proving to him that you still think about taking his skin bus to Tuna Town too."

Twitter Rejoices After Learning ESPN Analyst Sage Steele Is Out (wow)

Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad - Why Pepsi's Ad Campaign Starring Kendall Jenner Is So Tone-Deaf (and how Coke did it better +Mad Men)

Pittsburg High School journalists question new principal's credentials | The Kansas City Star (because the olds don't know who to use the google)
The Dubai American Scientific School closes down |

(22) News about #ThanksForTyping on Twitter
Katie Fitzpatrick on Twitter: "THIS is how you thank your wife. From Mill's "On Liberty." #ThanksForTyping"

Why would millennial men prefer stay-at-home wives? Race and feminism. - The Washington Post (WaPo continues to plug garbage millenial study based on sample of 66 and wtf with that stock photo??)

What does a black hole look like? Astronomers are on a quest to find out. - The Washington Post - using a technique called very-long-baseline interferometry, or VLBI
Does dark energy really exist? The new research used computer modelling to simulate a cube of space measuring 480 million light-years along and then broke that cube into 1 million mini-universes to run very small-scale mathematical modelling on the evolution of the universe.
Settling the birth-order debate once and for all - The Globe and Mail (doesn't mention previous study that agreed with personality but found first-borns more successful)

What's the most disturbing realisation you've come to? : AskReddit


Peoples Climate Movement Releases March Route | | Common Dreams
The left and right agree: Fox News destroyed EPA chief Scott Pruitt over climate change - The Washington Post (dimbulb OK AG doesn't believe in sciencey stuff)

Activists say gas attack kills 58 in northern Syria, with victims foaming at the mouth - The Washington Post
Dozens Dead In Suspected Gas Attack On Rebel-Held Area Of Syria | The Huffington Post
Almost Every Hospital In Opposition-Held Syria Was Attacked Last Year | The Huffington Post - A new survey shows that the average facility was targeted three times.

Russian Air Traffic Controllers Willingly Contributed to Killing Polish President, New Evidence Suggests : news

Islamic State says U.S. 'being run by an idiot' | Reuters

After Derailment, Tracks at Penn Station to Stay Out of Commission for Days: Sources | NBC New York - Three cars in the middle of an inbound NJ Transit train dislodged from a track as it approached a platform at Penn Station.

Federal appeals court: Civil rights law covers LGBT workplace bias

'Extreme vetting' would require visitors to US to share contacts and passwords | US news | The Guardian - proposed changes may mean travelers from countries including UK, France, Australia and Japan have to share digital information (your credit card and bank info included)

This is how the next World War starts - The Huffington Post (Airforce cheaped out on its spy planes, didn't install any plane-detection radar)

Poll: Trump approval rating plummets | TheHill - hirty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump (27% rock-bottom)

Trump's Authoritarian Vision
Trump's authoritarian instincts ruin US credibility on human rights, activists say | Law | The Guardian
Russian Hackers Are Working To Amplify Donald Trump's Wiretapping Claim, Expert Warns | The Huffington Post

House Intel Dem: 'People Will Probably Go To Jail' As A Result Of Russia Probe

Republican Health Proposal Would Undermine Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions - The New York Times
The House GOP Health Care Bill Is Very Much Alive | The Huffington Post - And it could be disastrous for the sick.

Republicans are threatening to expose Trump as the emperor with no clothes - The Washington Post

I hope Susan Rice was keeping tabs on Trump's Russia ties (but Obama spied on Russia when Trump was talking to Russians)
Susan Rice and the Latest Bogus Attempt to Justify Trump's Wiretapping Tweet (yeah, we were plotting treason with Putin but she shouldn't have been listening)
A birthday video call captures a telling moment in Trump's Russia connections -- deals go way back

Sessions orders Justice Department to review all police reform agreements - The Washington Post
Today in the Neoconfederate Reign at the DOJ - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Justice Department officials to review reform agreements with troubled police forces nationwide

WATCH: Boos erupt after Trump tells room full of construction workers that he won most of their votes

Eschaton: Translation For The Thick - McCain will vote to destroy the Senate if Democrats actually follow the rules ... Republicans think, and many in the media agree, that certain perogatives under the rules that the minority party have are only there to be used if Republicans are the minority party. Obeying the rules, if you're a Democrat, is actually violating the rules
The Unprecedented* Filibuster* Of* Neil* Gorsuch* - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Sharply Fewer Democrats Say They Are Proud to Be Americans | Gallup - New low of 75% of U.S. adults extremely or very proud (Republicans destorying America)

EXCLUSIVE: Sebastian Gorka Backed Anti-Semitic Militia -- The Forward
Wikipedia user 'Sk-Gorka' edited info about WH aide Sebastian Gorka's bun charge (creepy guy)

ProPublica Expertly Claps Back At Sean Spicer For Calling It A 'Left-Wing Blog' | The Huffington Post - "Since we're in the biz of facts ..."

Eschaton: Other People Are Stupid II - Add in a rich failson who thinks he's a supergenius and you triple this problem. Make him the effective Secretary of State despite the fact he probably knows nothing about nothing, and you have a recipe for actual smart people in other countries rolling their eyes and laughing their heads off when the doors are closed. (little Jared running the country for Trumpster)

Affordable Care Act Gains Majority Approval for First Time | Gallup - 55% approve, up from 42% right after 2016 election (the light dawns he meant our insurance)

More Trouble at Fox News: Ailes Faces New Sexual Claims and O'Reilly Loses Two Advertisers
CNN Had a Problem. Donald Trump Solved It. - The New York Times

This Chicago Cop Is Accused Of Framing At Least 51 People For Murder - BuzzFeed News - Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara is accused of framing at least 51 people for murder

Judge makes key ruling on defense witnesses in Nevada standoff trial | - Trials for Cliven Bundy and four adult sons are scheduled in coming months.

Drake University Expels Male Student Despite Female Admitting She Forced Him Into Sex Act : news
Campus due process in the courts

Former students sue principal for $20 million, alleging sexual abuse in his office | - Two former Damascus elementary school students are suing the Gresham-Barlow School District and their former elementary school principal for $20 million, alleging the top official sexually abused them over four years.

Eschaton: "Main Street" - I like the image at the top of this article, depicting an idealized small town "main street" which barely exists outside of resort towns in this country ... What qualifies as a "small business" depends on your industry classification, but quite often it's any business with fewer than 500 employees.
My Vancouver: An Ever-Unfolding Story - The New York Times

Is DNA Compressed? : askscience

Sexual satisfaction remained elevated approximately 48 hr after sex, spouses experiencing a stronger afterglow reported higher levels of marital satisfaction both at baseline and over time. Evidence that sexual afterglow is a proximal cognitive mechanism through which sex promotes pair bonding : science

A man disappeared in Brazil and left behind 14 books full of encrypted hand-written text, a $2500 worth statue and a lot more : WTF

The "Reddit Tinnitus Cure" attempted by people with Tinnitus. This could seriously help millions of people worldwide, especially veterans. : videos
ELI5: Growing up my mother always told me to never start a pot of boiling water from hot tap water only cold. What's the logic behind that if any? : explainlikeimfive
What do you consider a credible news source? : AskReddit

Android overtakes Windows as the internet's most used OS


EPA Chief Still Doesn't Think Humans Are The Primary Cause Of Climate Change | The Huffington Post

North Korean Defector Tells Lester Holt 'World Should be Ready' (when crazy Kim Jong-Un collides with crazy DJT)

Explosion In St. Petersburg Metro System Kills At Least 10 People | The Huffington Post - At least 50 others were injured in the blast.
> The Slaves of St Petersburg | Josimar

Trump campaign advisor Carter Page targeted by Russian spies - ABC News
Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel - The Washington Post - Erik Prince met with a Russian person close to President Vladimir Putin, according to U.S., European and Arab officials
Trump campaign advisor Carter Page targeted by Russian spies - ABC News

Juan Williams: Trump's risk of impeachment rises (jail to the chief)

Donald Trump Trusts 'Fox & Friends' Over His Own Intelligence Community | The Huffington Post - This should come as a surprise to no one.
John McCain: Devin Nunes 'Killed' Bipartisan Russia Investigation In House | The Huffington Post "Working together" is necessary for the security of the nation, the senator warned. (which side are you on, America's or Trump's?)

Trump's son-in-law, Kushner, flies into Iraq with top U.S. general | Reuters

Trump Can Pull Money From His Businesses Whenever He Wants -- Without telling us
Trump allies in short supply as DC finds out trusting him is'like putting your faith in a human IED'

Top Obama Adviser Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel - Bloomberg View - Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence reports on dozens of occasions that connect to the Donald Trump transition and campaign, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter. (they knew and still sat on the info)

Why Trump Lies - Los Angeles Times

Rob Major on Twitter: "@HeerJeet "Nothing prepared us" vs. "he said he was gonna""

We are surprised to discover this box labeled Radioactive Human Feces contains uranium-laced people poo - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

Trump Offered Racism to Voters, And a Lot of Them Liked It - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - People who say that Pavlic is"voting aganst his own interest" fail to grasp that white supremacy is an interest.

Lindsey Graham Booed At Town Hall For Supporting Neil Gorsuch | The Huffington Post

This Day in Labor History: April 2, 1937 - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Milton Hershey founded his chocolate company in 1894. He, like many capitalists of the era, decided to construct a company town, of course named after himself. (where he owned the workers)
Horrible Workplace Deaths of the Past - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Unfortunately, the reason that dye was so striking is that it was made with arsenic. (she killed it with that dress)
The Arsenic Dress: How Poisonous Green Pigments Terrorized Victorian Fashion

Bill O'Reilly: An awful, awful man (and the people who watch him)
Attorney For Bill O'Reilly Accuser Calls Fox News The Bill Cosby Of Corporate America

User explains with detail why West Virginia has become what it is today. : bestof (coal, and commpany towns, and little education and now a workforce smaller than Arby's)

The destruction of Hillary Clinton: sexism, Sanders, and the millennial feminists | Susan Bordo | Opinion | The Guardian - In this extract from her book, Susan Bordo asks how the most qualified candidate ever to run for president lost the seemingly unloseable election -- These young women weren't around when the GOP, appalled that liberals like the Clintons had somehow grabbed political power, began a series of witchhunts that have never ended. (and don't read books)

Inside Alex Jones' Bizarre InfoWars Retail Empire

Federal judge blocks Indiana abortion ultrasound mandate : news

Eschaton: It Costs A Lot To Move - Almost every article about The Kids Today should be doing it differently with their finances assumes that everyone can go to the Bank of Mom and Dad for a couple of thousand bucks if they need to
Business Insider tries to kick off the people's revolution

High school principal R. Wiley Brownlee was tarred and feathered by the KKK after leaving a board meeting where he proposed the school district honor Martin Luther King, Jr. One of Brownlee's students took this photo of him when he returned to the school for help, April 3, 1971, Michigan. : pics (Michigan KKK in 1971)

Unvaccinated children account for majority of pediatric flu deaths: study : science
Less people get hospitalized for opioid abuse in states where medical cannabis is legal, according to a recent study, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. : science
A low dose of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) - the active compound in cannabis - promoted stress resilience and reduced anxiety-like symptoms in mice that were previously vulnerable to stress : science
New male contraceptive is safe, effective, inexpensive
Brain cancer survival improves with novel electrical device, data suggest - The Washington Post

What do you think will look barbaric about us to people in the future, the way we look at barbaric things in the dark ages? : AskReddit

Marvel executive says emphasis on diversity may have alienated readers. : books
r/place in one GIF : gifs
Place - TimeLapse
r/place heatmap made into a show opening : videos
Place has ended : place

The Death of IMDb's Message Boards - The Reactions (Part 1) | CineRanter
Someone literally ARCHIVED the entire imdb forums before they were shutdown and made them available again. : movies


A solar Saudi Arabia -- While Trump promotes coal, Chile and others are turning to cheap sun power

Murakami calls for fight against history revisionism - China says 300,000 people died in a six-week spree of killing, rape and destruction by the Japanese military that began in December 1937.

Rare Video of the Pentagon Hole Unobstructed; Pentagon Collapse at 7:17. Tree Upright in the 'Impact Zone' at 6:07 : conspiracy

U.S. Officials Chastise Judge Who Complained of Agents 'stalking' (lil' Jeffy not happy)

Trump's new Russia expert wrote a psychological profile of Vladimir Putin
'Find the leakers' Trump tweets, turning the spotlight yet again on his wiretapping claims (and don't look behind the red curtain)

A judge rules Trump may have incited violence and Trump again has his own mouth to blame - The Washington Post

Our Dishonest President - Los Angeles Times - Still, nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this train wreck. (and the Russians invade the comment section)

Adam Schiff: Trump's Use Of The Word 'Fake' Should 'Set Off Alarm Bells' | The Huffington Post

Donald Trump's Team Escalates Freedom Caucus Feud | The Huffington Post

How racially resentful working-class whites fled the Democratic Party -- before Donald Trump (no kidding) -- Simply put, racially resentful whites without a college degree were most likely to flee the Democratic Party during Obama's presidency
Electionado: The Role lof Race & Gender Views in Support for Trump in 2016 (racist, sexist, uneducated white voters love Trumpster)
I'm Beginning to Think That Racism May Have Been Important to Donald Trump's Appeal -- Payton suggested that if the government wants to cut budgets, it should target "Obama phones" provided to low-income Americans. (In fact, the program predates President Barack Obama and is financed by telecom companies rather than by taxpayers.) (instread of the federal programs that benefit him, of course +affirmative action originally for white)
Eschaton: The Secret Welfare System - Conservatives have successfully convinced a large number of people that there is a secret welfare system that only blah people have access to. And, of course, the blah guy from Kenya took that up to 11.
Fear and the New Deal (that white supremacy wouldn't survive)

White nationalism is bad but superdelegates are worse (Keep our trolls healthy update) - Lawyers, Guns & Money

GOP's Favorite Health-Care Idea Is to Stick It to Mothers -- But when the advocate of this argument himself has expensive medical needs, the callousness rises to a level of solipsistic barbarism. A paraplegic man resents having to pay for women who need help breastfeeding their babies. Why should those women have to buy insurance that covers wheelchairs? (Krauthammer)

Fox News' Growing Challenge: High Ratings Vie With Troubling Disclosures | The Huffington Post (O'Slimey and the toxic male grabarchy at Fox)
Eschaton: Falafel - He is a horrible human.

CanLII - 2012 ABQB 571 (CanLII) (Sovereign Citizen analysis)

Sexual paranoia on campus -- and the professor at the eye of the storm -- When students objected to Laura Kipnis's essay criticising the politics surrounding relationships between undergraduates and faculty
Can I forgive the man who raped me? | Books | The Guardian

21 Red Flags That Your Boyfriend Sucks - #13 is a sign you should break up right away.
21 Ways You Know He's A Genuinely Good Guy

TIL women, who participated in the experiment conducted by students, became sexually aroused in response to stimulating images of attractive females -- whether they were heterosexual or not.

FDA approves first MS drug for aggressive multiple sclerosis: ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) - CBS News

I am Neil degrasse Tyson, your personal Astrophysicist. : IAmA

Woman charged with child abuse for circumcising her 4-year-old son : news (circumcision comments)
Teachers who've had a student that stubbornly believed easily disprovable things(flat-earth, creationism, sovereign citizen) how did you handle it? : AskReddit

Blue Checkmarks Are The New Snowflakes


U.S.-Led Coalition Counts 229 Civilian Deaths Before Mosul Strike - The New York Times (they always lie)

First on CNN: New terrorist laptop bombs may evade airport security, intel sources say - (they bought a bunch of x-ray machines)

The Political Walls Are Closing In On Donald Trump - The Daily Beast - Already, Republicans are talking about getting their court nominee through and then jettisoning the president.
Trump tells NBC to stop covering Russia story | TheHill
Michael Flynn Failed to Disclose Payments From Russian Propaganda Network - The Daily Beast - financial disclosure forms made no mention of payments from a Russian state-run media network.
National Security Council No. 2 offered post in Singapore - - K.T. McFarland, a former Fox News analyst brought in as the No. 2 at the National Security Council by the fired national security adviser Michael Flynn (well, that was quite a leap)

Trump's White House struggles to get out from under Russia controversy (out from under Trumpov)
The most suspicious part of Trump's presidency (Lil' Trumpov)
Russia investigation has a new front: Inside the White House - The Washington Post (if it smells like treason)
Rep. Adam Schiff Sees Nothing In Nunes' Secret Documents That Can't Be Shared | The Huffington Post - These materials should now be provided to the full membership of both committees (den of liars and traitors)
Devin Nunes Was Supposed To Probe Collusion. Instead He's committing it (lock him up)
Watchdog groups ask ethics group to investigate Nunes | TheHill

Confused by the Trump Surveillance Drama? Here's a Timeline
Byron York: 11 key points to remember about Trump-Russia affair | Washington Examiner (even the WaEx)

Trump Skips Out On Signing Executive Orders After Reporter's Question About Flynn | The Huffington Post - Shadow of Russian investigations darkens the mood in the Oval Office.
Donald Trump's joyless presidency

closest aides hail from ranks of financial elite (the swamp is so drained, suckers)
Who's Worth What at the White House: The Financial Disclosures
Trump Couple, Now White House Employees, Can't Excape Conflict Laws

Conservative Split Over Import Tax Imperils Trump's Overhaul (Kochbros don't like the border tax)

White House Ends Bar Association's Role in Vetting Judges (because stupidity and corruption)

Stephen King on Donald Trump: How do such men rise? First as a joke
Fake News Isn't The Greatest Threat To Democracy. Total Transparency Is. (whut? because Trumpster is totally transparent, or something)

Constituents Heckle GOP Congressman At Town Hall: 'Do Your Job' | The Huffington Post - More than 1,000 people showed up to question Rep. Chris Stewart.

Republican Politician Says Women Should Be Forced to Carry Dead Fetuses to Term -- in Iowa, a Republican state representative, Shannon Lundgren, mounted a troubling defense of her hardline stance that a woman should not be able to terminate her pregnancy after 20 weeks (or until the mother dies)

Student Loan Forgiveness Program Approval Letters May Be Invalid, Education Dept. Says - The New York Times (oh, another scam)
D.C. among first in nation to require child-care workers to get college degrees - The Washington Post

How a Cruel Foreclosure Drove a Couple to the Brink of Death - Vice (thanks, Obama)

'Ghost Photographer' Who Worked for Alleged Killer Mom Speaks Out
'They're the Worst': People Explain Why Threesomes Are Boring and Evil | Broadly

A Real Estate Boom, Powered by Pot - The New York Times -- At the edge of an industrial park in this suburb south of Boston ... Ermont ... Denver: In the city over all, there are five times as many retail pot stores as stand-alone Starbucks shops. (Jason Lewis says MA needs to slow this economic boom way down so he can pay himself to regulate it)

Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year - The Washington Post

My I.C.U. Patient Lived. Is That Enough? - The New York Times -- As many as one in three patients sick enough to require a ventilator might develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety and depression are equally common, if not more so. Others survive critical illness but find themselves forgetful and easily confused, facing cognitive problems

adventures in garbage millennial confirmation bias -- scatterplot (NYT promotes garbage stats: sample of 66)

Trump Is President. Now Encrypt Your Email. - The New York Times - the first term of a president who has said Edward J. Snowden should be executed
Uber Robocar Project at Risk as Engineer May Face Charges - Bloomberg (uber-corrupt)


Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity | Environment | The Guardian -- Mass migration of species to cooler climes has profound implications for society, pushing disease-carrying insects, crop pests and crucial pollinators into new areas
Donald Trump's War on Science Has Left the White House Dangerously Unprepared

FBI releases 25 previously unseen photos from 9/11 attack at Pentagon : news

Venezuela 'coup': Alarm grows as court takes power - BBC News (we don't need your steenking congress said the third-grader)

Donald Trump gets worse marks than Barack Obama at the start of their presidencies | McClatchy DC

Republicans' view of blacks' intelligence, work ethic lag behind Democrats at a record clip (another measure of Republican racism)

1,000 Paid Russian Trolls Spread Fake News On Hillary Clinton, Senate Intelligence Heads Told | The Huffington Post - A former FBI agent testified that President Donald Trump helped spread fake news by embracing the stories against his opponents.

Michael Flynn: new evidence spy chiefs had concerns about Russian ties | US news | The Guardian - US and UK officials were troubled by Moscow contacts and encounter with woman linked to Russian spy agency records
Michael Flynn's Immunity Request Rejected By Senate Intelligence Committee
Michael Flynn: People Granted Immunity 'Probably Have Committed A Crime' | The Huffington Post
Why Michael Flynn may be seeking immunity - The Washington Post -- Oliver North, pardoned by Republican congress

Rachel Maddow pointed out the obvious. None of the excuses that Vice President Mike Pence is giving for his lack of knowledge about the Russia scandal make sense. As the head of Trump's transition, Vice President Pence is not clean and will go down with Trump for the events that happened during the 2016 election.

Obama Officials Made List of Secret Russia Probe Documents To Protect Them - NBC News

what we know so far about Team Trump ("looks like Gambino Crime Family tree" +Putin is worried, sends his bot army in)
The Trump White House is in deep legal trouble, according to Trump's own standards
Three White House officials tied to files shared with House intelligence chairman - The Washington Post (Nunes is a commie liar)
Things just went from bad to worse for Devin Nunes and the White House - The Washington Post
Devin Nunes Is Just the Errand Boy in the Trump-Russia Scandal - The Daily Beast
Things Go From Bad to Worse for Devin Nunes and Team Trump - The Daily Beast (Trump leaked to himself)
Devin Nunes and the Tragedy of the Russia Inquiry - Bloomberg View (every pic shows him grimacing)
Pelosi on Nunes: 'I've never seen behavior this bizarre'

The Trump Administration Has Pushed the Limits of American Absurdity - Friday's installment of Sean Spicer: Live In Washington, the new hit series
Spicer during a press conference : gifs

Is the Trump White House Spying on the FBI? ... using the surveillance assets of the U.S. government to track the FBI investigation from the outside?

1 big thing: Trump, baffled and brooding
Trump's failing presidency has the GOP in a free fall

Mike Pence doesn't dine alone with other women. And we're all schocked
Vice President Pence's "never dine alone with a woman" ins't honorable. It's probably illegal --

Jason Chaffetz: The Prince of Oversight - The Atlantic - Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz chairs the House watchdog committee (chairman of overlook)

Why North Carolina abruptly flip-flopped on its 'bathroom bill'

Yoho-ho is a brass-bound flunky - Lawyers, Guns & Money : "You've got to keep in mind that he works for the president. He answers to the president," said Florida Rep. Ted Yoho on MSNBC on Thursday. In fact, Nunes and Yoho both work for the legislative, not the executive, branch of the federal government.
The Ongoing Adventures of Jason Chaffetz, Principled Critic of Executive Branch Overreach : Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's just great that the media basically let this cartoonish hack drive their 2016 campaign coverage:

Sam Brownback has a lovely parting gift for the citizens of Kansas. Namely, needless death and suffering so he can keep upper-class tax cuts that have massively failed to deliver the promised economic growth:

President Donald Trump is as appropriate a Women's History Month officiant as Caitlyn Jenner is an appropriate driving school instructor (no, it's worse)

Officer demoted after telling man he couldn't record police : news

Can't there be a profit-motive for troll-free spaces?
The Coral Project

The entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's (close to 80,000), Dollar General (105,000) or J.C. Penney (114,000) ... retail shoe sales industry (224,000) ... That 76,572 people is less than the number of engineers in Silicon Valley laid off by just three companies in 2016 ... coal burning emissions kill 13,200 Americans a year (coal miners are special snowflakes, send them all to Trump U)

We're so unprepared for the robot apocalypse -- automation, not trade, is responsible for the bulk of the six million jobs shed by the manufacturing sector over the last 25 years -- 41 percent of Americans were farmers a century ago, but thanks to tractors and mechanical harvesters, only 2 percent work in the agriculture today ... every industrial robot eliminated about three manufacturing positions, plus three more jobs from around town. (Trump will bring back horse-drawn plows)
there's No Such Thing as a Job Americans Won't do (if you pay them enough)

Police: Woman ODs in Chuck E. Cheese's bathroom -- Michelle Wagner, 34, of Batesville, Indiana, faces two counts of child endangerment. Authorities said she overdosed in the bathroom while her children, ages 5 and 7, were playing in the restaurant.

World's leading marijuana expert says he has never smoked a joint : news

skyscraper from asteroid orbiting Earth unveiled (use parachutes to get off)

Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, we're the organizers of the March for Science, and we're here to talk about the importance of fighting for science and how you can get involved. Ask us anything!
How Radiation in Space Poses a Threat to Human Exploration (Infographic) (go to Mars. Get cancer.

Penn State trustee 'running out of sympathy' for 'so-called' Jerry Sandusky victims : news
What is something you were surprised to discover was only regional, although you assumed it to be widespread or even universal? : AskReddit

FBI Arrests Hacker Who Hacked No One : technology -- He built a piece of software. That tool was pirated and abused by hackers. Now the feds want him to pay for the computer crooks' crimes
Uber Executive Invokes Fifth Amendment, Seeking to Avoid Potential Charges - The New York Times


5 Major Extinctions of Planet Earth : gifs (so far)
360 Million Years Ago, The Earth Was On Fire

All 6 lanes of major highway I-85 in Atlanta just went up in flames and collapsed : videos

'It Was A Black Friday:' Mosul Residents Recount Horrific Moment Blast Tore Through Their Neighborhood | The Huffington Post
U.S. Begins Formal Investigation Into Mosul Blast, General Says It's Difficult To Avoid Casualties | The Huffington Post (very difficult when you blow up a city)
Trump Said to Ease Combat Rules in Somalia Intended to Protect Civilians - The New York Times (more bombs, more dead innocents)

Israel set to approve first new settlement in 20 years - The Washington Post

Dubai Woman films and leaves her maid to fall from the 7th floor : WTF

No, Trump Will Not Be Building The Border Wall On Mexico's Side Of The Border | The Huffington Post

FBI Director James Comey Tried To Reveal Russian Tampering Months Before Election - but Obama administration officials blocked him from doing so (Barry made a lot of blunders during his time, but this one takes the cake and epitomizes his problem: he didn't was to tarnish his legacy -- now in flames, btw -- with unseemly partisan discloses of facts about Trump being a Russian agent)

Trump's business network reached alleged Russian mobsters -- Dealings with Russian oligarchs concern law enforcement because many of those super-wealthy people are generally suspected of corrupt practices as a result of interconnected relationships among Russia's business elite, government security services and criminal gangs (Russia is our friend)
Hullabaloo - Follow da money ... Can you believe we're talking about the fucking president of the United States? Wow ...

2 White House Officials Helped Give Nunes Intelligence Reports - The New York Times
Today's Russia hearings actually revealed something new and important ... In a moment that stunned the hearing room, Watts flatly stated that the president himself has become a cog in such Russian measures ... "I think this answer is very simple and is one no one is really saying in this room ... the commander in chief has used Russian active measures at times against his opponents" (yeah, wow +little Marco, attacked by Trump and the Russians, is on the committee)
Flynn offers to testify in Russia probes for immunity: report - NY Daily News (starting to crumble)
Michael Flynn Seeks Immunity In Exchange For Testifying On Trump's Russia Ties | The Huffington Post
These are the right people to get the truth about Russia -- and do it quickly
Who is 'Source D' The man said to be behind the Trump-Russia dossier's most salacious claim. -- Trump had hired prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton and that the Kremlin has kept evidence of the encounter.

'follow the trail of dead Russians' if you want to crack 2016 election interference: Senate intel witness
Meet Eric Garland, Twitter's game-theory personality - Business Insider (on the Russian connection)
The Russian Answers Are Coming
The Senate Might Actually Give Us Some Answers on Russia

Pence breaks tie in Senate vote on Planned Parenthood funding - politico

"I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master"
Eschaton: I Don't Think You Know Your Supporters Are -- More than that, who the hell do you think the loyal Trumpkins are? Maybe not the Freedom Caucus, but it's the 27% who loooove the Freedom Caucus...
Trump threatens hard-liners as part of escalating Republican civil war - The Washington Post
Finally, Democrats Are Getting How Politics Works< Heidi Heitkamp to support Gorsuch nomination | Washington Examiner (and Clair McGaskill)
br />
Disabled, or just desperate? Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up | The Washington Post (so lets vote for a Republican)
Some fruit growing tRumpists aren't liking them apples (wait, we didn't think he meant our illegal immigrants, without which we're fucked)

North Carolina Senate Committee Advances Bill To Repeal HB2, Despite Objections From LGBTQ Groups | The Huffington Post (bars cities from acting)

A panty liner triggers a TSA pat-down just one step removed from a pap smear - The Washington Post

If you publish Georgia's state laws, you'll get sued for copyright and lose (democracy is vulnerable to many attacks)

Opioid mortality drop 23% in states with medical cannabis laws : science (JAMA -- someone tell Jason Lewis)

Distraction Cited as Pedestrian Deaths Spiked in 2016 - The New York Times - Thirty-four percent of pedestrians and 15 percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes were intoxicated (walking while drunk and texting with earbuds in head down)

Penn State trustee says he is 'running out of sympathy' for 'so-called' Jerry Sandusky victims : news (in the unrepentent asshole dept.)

Anarchist Cookbook author William Powell dies aged 66 | Books | The Guardian - The writer suffered a fatal heart attack while on holiday with his family in Nova Scotia on 11 July, at the age of 66.
How Mars lost its atmosphere, and why Earth didn't

What's the strangest thing you've caught someone doing in the workplace? : AskReddit
Men of reddit, what NSFW secret do you want women to be aware of? : AskReddit
[Serious] What are the signs that someone is a manipulative or toxic person? : AskReddit
When was your "you mean I'm not the only one?" moment on Reddit? : AskReddit

This Is Almost Certainly James Comey's twitter account < br /> De-anonymization: How to identify your Senator within anonymous data (Whitepaper) : technology
Cisco learned from Wikileaks that the CIA had hacked its systems : news


President Trump Risks the Planet - The New York Times - Only 10 weeks into his presidency, and at great risk to future generations, Donald Trump has ordered the demolition of most of President Barack Obama's policies to combat climate change by reducing emissions from fossil fuels. (the party of greed, death and destruction

First They Nuked Santa Fe, and I Said Nothing, Because I Don't Like Dream Catchers - Lawyers, Guns & Money : It takes talent to write a column suggesting a North Korean EMP will kill 90% of Americans, and not have that be the most ridiculous point. But I give you Mr. James Woolsey, former DCI: (who has always been a lying propagandist)

Gimme Some Money -- When Donald Trump met Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany earlier this month, he put on one of his most truculent and ignorant performances. (psychopathic and dumb)

Eschaton: Brexit - Whatever the merits (or lack) of Brexit, it was put out there as a cynical re-election promise by the Tories in hopes to head off spoilers from UKIP.

Gallup Daily: Trump Job Approval | Gallup !! 35% !!

Devin Nunes Could Be Facing an Ethics Probe for Spilling Secrets - The Daily Beast - "any unauthorized disclosure of intelligence"
How the White House and Republicans Blew Up the House Russia Investigation - The New Yorker
Devin Nunes Is Dangerous - The New York Times -- "No one is asking him to bring the potato salad to the Mensa picnic"
Nunes tries to blame Democrats for troubled Russia probe - politico - Schiff fires back, questioning why Nunes called off a hearing with former Obama officials.
Senate intelligence leaders: 20 people to be questioned, first hearing Thursday -
Trump demands intel panel probe Clinton Foundation ties to Russian uranium deal | Washington Examiner

Eschaton: Is He Bored Yet? - Trump obviously thought presidenting just meant speechifying to enthralled crowds, riding high on 80% popularity, having the media write mash notes to you all day, etc. ... It's hard work even for the worst president.

Jeff Sessions Could Face a Constitutional Crisis on Deportations and Sanctuary Cities - Meanwhile, Sean Spicer will sleep easy tonight having failed to condemn a hate crime.

DOJ: State Dept. Employee Charged With Lying About Chinese Intel Contacts - Candace Marie Claiborne, had a top secret security clearance and had served overseas in Iraq, Sudan and China since she began working at State in 1999, according to an affidavit the DOJ cited in its announcement of the charges.

Ivanka Trump, Shifting Plans, Will Become a Federal Employee - The New York Times
Sorry Liberals, Jared Kushner is Right | David Rees - The government should be run like a company (manufacturing excellent excellence)

Sean Spicer Tells A Grown Woman To Stop Shaking Her Head | The Huffington Post

Two activists who filmed undercover videos of Planned Parenthood charged with 15 felonies - The Washington Post -- of violating the privacy of health-care providers by recording confidential information without their consent (13 states jumped on the bandwagon +check out the dude's haircut, designed to make him pointy-headed)

Bridgegate: One Former Christie Ally Sentenced To 2 Years, One To 18 Months : The Two-Way : NPR

2 Black Women Sue Fox News, Claiming Racial Discrimination - The New York Times - Fox News, whose chairman, Roger Ailes, was ousted last year after a string of sexual harassment claims, is facing new allegations of discrimination ... Judith Slater, the company long-time comptroller (is a racist piece of shit, see Bill O'Reilly, nice corporate culture at Fox) )

Psychedelic Science 2017 - Psychedelic Science 2017 - At Psychedelic Science 2017, the international scientific community comes together at the Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, Calif., to explore new research into the benefits and risks of MDMA, LSD, psilocybin, ayahuasca, ketamine, ibogaine, medical marijuana, and more.
Psychedelic Science 2017 - Full Schedule

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them - The Verge - They betrayed you for chump change (all Republicans bought for chump change +a problem for democracy)
Here's the Data Republicans Just Allowed ISPs to Sell Without Your Consent


The airstrike in Mosul was potentially one of the worst U.S.-led civilian bombings in 25 years - The Washington Post

Scottish Parliament passes motion in favor of referendum on independence - The Washington Post

Trump's Wall at Nixon's Border | NACLA -- Arpaio, who worked on Intercept with erstwhile Nixon operative G. Gordon Liddy, said the operation "nearly closed the border with Mexico." The no-exceptions customs inspections became permanent after September 11, 2001. (two very bad hombres laying the groundwork for Satan/Trump)
Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Scaring Eligible Families Away From the Safety Net - Social-service organizations are reporting a drop in enrollments in food stamps and other programs.
After an Immigration Raid, a City's Student Vanish

Eschaton: Shit People - Open season on brown people (ICE are gansters)
ICE agents shoot Chicago man, acknowledge it was the wrong person - NY Daily News

The post-fascism of Donald Trump - The Washington Post

Trump administration sought to block Sally Yates from testifying to Congress on Russia - The Washington Post - That same day, Nunes, the panel's chairman, said he would not go forward with the public hearing that was to feature Yates's testimony
Kyle Griffin on Twitter: "Here's what Nunes just said when asked if he'll share his Intel sources w/ other members of his Cmte: "Nope, never.""

The Devin Nunes wiretapping saga, explained - The Washington Post
House Democrats Ask Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry - The New York Times
Now we know why Trump panicked about Russia probe - The Washington Post ... "sort of an Inspector Clouseau investigation here."

The science of "blue lies" : There's a reason Trump supporters embrace his alternative facts -- Blue lies are a very particular form of deception that can build solidarity within groups (otherwise known as collective delusion)
Dishonestin' Donald Trump
Today in the Derp State - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

Interesting Timing

Lawmakers in deep-red Kansas just voted to expand Medicaid - The Washington Post -- Gov. Sam Brownback (R) is widely expected to reject the measure, however, and the legislature was shy of mustering the two-thirds vote necessary to override a veto.

So sorry, Alex Jones. Your 'Pizzagate' apology doesn't change a thing.

Trump calls for domestic cuts to finance border wall - The Boston Globe

Let Us Now Appreciate Paul Ryan's Utter Failure as a Political Leader

The Jobless Future - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Thirty-eight percent of jobs in the U.S. are at high risk of being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence over the next 15 years, according to a new report by PwC. Meanwhile, only 30% of jobs in the U.K. are similarly endangered. The same level of risk applies to only 21% of positions in Japan. -- If you are a working-class person, you are basically screwed. This is going to cause massive social, economic, and political upheaval. And no one is prepared for it. Certainly not the government. This is, along with climate change, the biggest problem of our time. (robots coming for low-skill jobs, Hillbillies will still refuse education)
Carter Under Hoover Pressure As Fight Over Humphrey-Hawkins Begins (yeah, another of Jimmy's fuckups)
The AI Transition, Job Destruction, and Democracy

Officials Ruled Inmate's 'Boiling' Death An Accident. But Documents Show They Omitted Key Details. | The Huffington Post

Sorry, but the Irish were always 'white' (and so were Italians, Jews and so on)
Montgomery County isn't hiding the past by moving a Confederate soldier statue

The N.F.L. and the Business of Ripping Out the Heart of Oakland - The New York Times - They rolled belly up. Politicians raised taxes to provide a historic $750 million public subsidy. This led to unremarked-upon cognitive dissonance in Las Vegas. Even as politicians increased taxes for stadiums, Clark County school officials voted last spring to increase public class sizes and to close a school for at-risk students. There was simply no money (rabidly anti-tax except for the football tax)

Mass. sheriff says officials who support 'sanctuary city' pledges should be arrested (starting with Walsh and Curtatone)

Terrorism Charges for White supremacist accused of killing black man : news
White supremacist is charged with terrorism after coming to New York to stab a 66-year-old black man to death with a sword : news

Ariel Levy's Infuriating Memoir of Privilege and Entitlement
Stories about privileged white women drive us crazy. They can also make a valuable point. - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Anthroplogy - decades of writers and their perceived audiences not being from the city really has affected how things are covered. Man rides choochoo:

PhD students are 2.5 times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than highly educated general population : science
82% of Marathon runners developed Acute Kidney Injury in this Study : science

the1ine comments on ELI5: The 11 dimensions of the universe.

I compiled over 450 hi-resolution (1000x1500) movie posters, with no text except for the movie title on each poster. Here's an imgur album with all of them. : movies
[Serious] What are some of the most horrendous moments ever captured by live newscast? : AskReddit
What once reliable brand has declined in quality? : AskReddit
What's the most brutally honest thing a child has ever said to you? : AskReddit
Missing man found dead in belly of 7m-long python : news

House Rep. Pushing To Set Back Online Privacy Rakes In Industry Funds - Vocativ - Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), sponsor of anti-privacy measure up for vote in Congress, has had a career financed by internet service providers


Trump to Issue Far-Reaching Reversal of Obama Climate Push - Bloomberg - Order also targets Clean Power Plan, methane rule, coal ban (Republicans are party of death and destruction)

Donald Trump 'printed out fake #300bn Nato invoice and handed it to Angela Merkel' | The Independent (Trump says don't need your steenking NATO to defend America from our Russian pals) President estimated Germany's underspend on alliance over the past 12 years, then added interest (such a deal)

IamA 19-year-old conscientious objector. After 173 days in prison, I was released last Saturday. AMA! : IAmA (Finland)

Ex-cyber security chief says Government is 'using' Westminster attack to grab unnecessary spying powers : technology

At Site of Deaths, Our Reporters Find Cost of U.S.-ISIS Battle - The New York Times

US government sued over 'suspicionless' device searches by customs officials | Law | The Guardian - Putting this kind of unfettered power in the hands of border agents invites abuse and discrimination and will inevitably have a chilling effect on the freedoms of speech and association
Hullabaloo - Why would any foreigner want to come here now? (Trumpster killing the economy with his racisim)
The Sessions Press Conference - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - to urge sanctuary cities to change their policies, noting that the Department of Justice plans to deny them funding if they do not begin following federal immigration laws.

Protesters Take On Settlements In Biggest Ever Jewish-Led Protest of AIPAC -- to protest the expansion of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. (which AIPAC and Sheldon Abramson totally support)

Roger Stone: Talking To Guccifer 2.0 Doesn't Mean I Colluded With Russians On Election | The Huffington Post

Top Democrats call for Devin Nunes to recuse himself from Trump-Russia inquiry | US news | The Guardian - Leading Democrats have escalated the controversy over the erratic behavior of Devin Nunes, the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee, calling on him to recuse himself from the investigation i
House Democrats Ask Devin Nunes to Recuse Himself From Russia Inquiry - The New York Times
Nunes says he was on WH grounds day before revealing Trump surveillance info - ("grounds" -- he was in the bushes) "reiterate this has nothing to do with Russia"
Chairman and partisan: The dual roles of Devin Nunes raise questions about House investigation - The Washington Post (smells like treason)
Nunes admits meeting with source of Trump surveillance documents on White House grounds - The Washington Post (lock him up)
Devin Nunes is making it very hard for Republicans to claim they can run an impartial investigation on Russia - The Washington Post

Trump's approval hits a new low of 36 percent -- but that's not the bad news (trending down, how low can he go?)

Democrats Introduce 'Mar-A-Lago Act' To Make Trump Meetings More Transparent | The Huffington Post - Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Open Act and referred to by the acronym MAR-A-LAGO - would require President Donald Trump to provide visitor logs detailing who spends time with him at the golf resort referred to as his "winter White House" (where he talks to Russian spies)

A lie can run around the world before tRump gets his golf cleats on - Lawyers, Guns & Money (our part-time pres)
Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "What actually happened was the campaign was loathe to focus a lot on Russia because it included the word "emails""
Maggie Haberman on Twitter: "The issue with this op-ed is the headline, which is a) wrong and b) mostly unsupported by the text."

Senate Committee to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians - The New York Times
Trump's Son-In-Law Jared Kushner To Face Questions On Russia Ties | The Huffington Post - Kushner, a senior adviser to Trump, met with Russian officials at least twice.
Trump Taps Jared Kushner To Lead Team That Will Run Government 'Like A Company' | The Huffington Post
The Paradox of Contemporary Republican Rule - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The King of Crash and Burn - The New York Times - Last week, the House Freedom Caucus made the fabricated God of Chaos bleed.

The Trump Administration's War on Science (and thinking in general)

Kansas U.S. Attorney's Office Under Investigation After 700 Lawyers Were Spied On in Prison (justice destroyed)

Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news
Reporter and photographers say they were assaulted by Trump supporters at Huntington Beach rally - LA Times

GOP Rep. John Culberson Gets An Earful From Angry Voters | The Huffington Post -- "Do your job!"

'Bathroom Bill' to cost North Carolina $3.76B ... Despite Republican assurances (assurances from Republican are always lies +which they will fund by cutting public programs for the non-rich, win-win)

I misremember the 90s - The Huffington Post - Since we chose a retrograde misogynist to be the most powerful person on Earth, now seems like a good time to talk about sexual harassment, political correctness and how things actually get better in this country. (Clarence Thomas is a lying mofo)

Can Religious Charities Take the Place of the Welfare State? - The Atlantic (and they would the "freedom" to not support the wrong kind of people) The vast majority of religious congregation budget [money] is spent on in-house expenses: clergy, building, materials

To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party - The New York Times - Democratic politicians should publicly acknowledge that abortion is an issue of profound moral and religious concern. (dont' forget the slut pills)

NYPD Cop Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Black Teen Quits After Being Found Guilty and recommended for firing : news

Ariel Levy Has Written a Thoroughly Modern Memoir - The New York Times
Sarah Dunn on the Anatomy of an Open Marriage - The New York Times

Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot - The New York Times - states with medical marijuana laws have lower rates of death from opiate overdose. (Jason Lewis doesn't believe this)

X-Rays Of The Earliest Stage Of Alzheimer's Offer Critical Clue About How It Starts | The Huffington Post -- a synchrotron accelerator, a type of super-bright, high-quality X-ray machine ... the plaque-causing proteins have a different structure than was previously assumed. It is similar to the structure of another abnormal protein known to cause transthyretin amyloidosis

The Tooth Divide: Beauty, Class and the Story of Dentistry - The New York Times

Children who are breast-fed for at least six months as babies have less hyperactive behavior by age 3 compared with kids who weren't breast-fed. But breast-feeding doesn't necessarily lead to a cognitive boost. : science

Elon Musk launches Neuralink, a venture to merge the human brain with AI : news

Is it correct that neither Tor nor a VPN can do anything to protect against your ISP selling your info (i.e. the new law passed by the Senate)? : VPN (Trump commoditized your porno history)
Which VPN Services Keep You Anonymous in 2017? - TorrentFreak


Minister says encryption on messaging services is unacceptable : technology
Andromeda Galaxy and Sunset over the unique rock formations of White Pocket, Arizona. [1562 x 2048] [OC] : EarthPorn

Russia Detains Opposition Leader Navalny Amid Nationwide Protests | The Huffington Post - Dozens were arrested during the biggest anti-Kremlin demonstrations in years.
Russia's Infamous 'Trll Factore' Is Now Posing as a Media Empire

How we imported the war on terror - The Boston Globe -- We are the war on terror, and the war on terror is us ... For more than a decade and a half, America has embraced a vast military campaign that relied on major shifts in US values and policies. A covert assassination program targets terror suspects with no judicial process. Many bedrock civil liberties have been traded away. (imported and exported in a very expensive, self-fulling, death prophesy: be afraid and don't look behind the curtain)

The Cincinnati nightclub shooting shows how more guns lead to more gun violence - Vox - It wasn't a terrorist attack, but as the Cincinnati mayor said, "What difference does that make to the victims? Innocent people were shot" (America has a terroristic gun problem)
At least 14 shot, 1 dead in shooting at Cincinnati nightclub : news
Chicago officer who shot black teen 16 times faces 16 new counts : news (and a terroristic cop problem)

Nearly 1 out of every 3 days he has been president, Trump has visited a Trump property - The Washington Post (Donnie is restless and needs to be inside his brand)

Trump's path forward only gets tougher after health-care fiasco (it was always about looting the healh care system and making people die do they could cut taxes even more)
Trump vs. Congress: Now What? - The New York Times - After the president suffered his first defeat on Capitol Hill, can the White House still make good on its legislative promises?
How Trump BULLY PULPITED the OVERTON WINDOW and CHANGED THE GAME - Lawyers, Guns & Money : He charmed. He threatened. He cajoled. It didn't matter
'The closer'? The inside story of how Trump tried -- and failed -- to make a deal on health care -- Trump fashioned himself as the master dealmaker. His senior aides described him as "an extremely good listener" and said his negotiating skills were the product of "total natural talent"
Donald Trump is extremely bad at making deals - Vox - Why is the health bill failing? Look at Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump eyeglasses, Trump Suits (he's not a deal-maker, he's a salesman for his brand)
How a secret Freedom Caucus pact brought down Obamacare repeal - politico - taredown between a few dozen conservative true believers and a novice president ... No member would commit his vote before consulting with the entire group (28 of 36)

Eschaton: Got A Monkey On My Back - The Art of the Pout.

Judge Jeanine Calls For Paul Ryan To Quit -- Hours After Trump Plugged Her Show!

Eschaton: I've Been Warning About This -- But this year, some institutions of higher learning may see a noticeable dip in attendance from one group purposely choosing to stay home: foreign students. (and tourists, and Canadian nurses and school children, and business travelers and conference attendees and ...)

Eschaton: Saturday Night - When the Republicans go for "tax reform" (cuts) it'll be funny to see how quiet the usual deficit scolds and their media amplifiers are. Nobody cares about the deficit, especially not the people loudly claim they do.

"Don't take my word for it, don't believe me. Do your own work, your own thinking" (that's obviously not going to work)

Report: Tomi Lahren 'Banned Permantly' From The Blaze ... "hypocritical" for conservatives to be in favor of limited government but opposed to abortion. (not those kinds of limits)

Protesters outside White House demand 'Pizzagate' investigation (if you had half a brain) My question: by troofer standards of evidence, what pizza menu doesn't reveal a secret pedophile ring? +Judging from his lengthy apology and retraction, Jones certaonly seems unusually (for him) concerned about getting the shit sued out of him.

Trump Has Turned the GOP Into the Party of Eugenics | New Republic - always been embedded in the Republican platform ... Americans adopted eugenics so enthusiastically that 70,000 people were sterilized under laws that eventually influenced the policies of the Third Reich.

Two girls barred from United flight for wearing leggings - The Washington Post (claims they did nothing wrong, it's their job to tell women what to wear)

J.D. Vance, the False Prophet of Blue America | New Republic ... Trump supporters were wealthier than Clinton supporters overall, but Trump's victories in battleground states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio correlated to high foreclosure rates. In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, Trump outperformed Mitt Romney with the white working class and flipped certain strategic counties red ... Bernie Sanders -- won many of the counties Clinton lost to Trump.

'Hillbilly Elegy' made J.D. Vance the voice of the Rust Belt. But does he want that job?
Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance on Trump, racism, and how the media is failing the white working class.
Hillbilly Elegy author JD Vance on Barack Obama: 'We dislike the things we envy' | Books | The Guardian (it's not because he's black or anything)

A Look at America's Long and Troubled History of White Poverty -- WHITE TRASH By Nancy Isenberg -- The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America
"White Trash" -- a cultural and political history of an American underclass
White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg -- If slavery is America's original sin, class may be its hidden one.

The Rising Tide of Educated Aliteracy 7 (readers - and writers - not reading is the new literacy)

Dozens of industries could see a boost from legalized marijuana - The Boston Globe ... each dollar spent on Marijuana generated $2.40 in economic activity ... Here in Pueblo County, 40 percent of all construction permits countywide have been attributed to the cannabis industry ... Patrick J. Kennedy said legal Marijuana is "a bad deal" (hates vaccines also)
Is flying with pot cleared for takeoff? - The Boston Globe
Lawmakers wrestle with changes to marijuana law - The Boston Globe -- Marijuana taxes could bring in more than $100 million annually (wouldn't make any difference, says noted local marijuana expert Jason Lewis)

No, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is NOT a "vaccine skeptic" He is antivaccine. So is Donald Trump. (you know, like "climate skeptic" or a "brain skeptic")

'Supermassive' black hole rocketing through space at five million miles an hour, Nasa reveals : science
Caesarean sections are more likely to be performed by for-profit hospitals as compared with non-profit hospitals, finds a systematic review and meta-analysis. This holds true regardless of women's risk and contextual factors such as country, year or study design. : science

Private Internet Access, a VPN provider, takes out a full page ad in The New York Time calling out 50 senators. : pics


Why North Korea Is a Bigger Threat Now Than Before - Our preventative measures are looking less preventative -- It now appears that the North Koreans are making serious advances in large solid-fuel rockets. That opens up all sorts of options for them, and may drastically reduce our own.

U.S. military acknowledges strike on Mosul site where more than 100 were allegedly killed - The Washington Post (and not one general will go to prison for life)

FBI Director: U.S. should expect Russian interference in 2018, 2020 elections : technology (Republican interference)

Devin Nunes Vanished the Night Before He Made Trump Surveillance Claims - The Daily Beast - The Republican intelligence chairman got a message and jumped out of an Uber. The next morning he dropped a bombshell based on classified information. (very fishy)

In a Call to The Times, Trump Blames Democrats for the Failure of the Health Bill - The New York Times (those Dem traitors to the Trumpocracy)
Trump Blames Obamacare Defeat On Democrats Whom He Never Asked For Help | The Huffington Post - The president believes the opposition party should have given him votes to dismantle their legacy. -- "the losers are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer because now they own Obamacare"

Why Republicans were in such a hurry on health care - The Washington Post - only by rushing to reshape a full sixth of the American economy without knowing exactly how they would be reshaping it would Republicans be able to use health care to pave the way for the rest of their agenda, including tax reform. In other words, the GOP didn't want to let a detail like tens of millions of people losing their health insurance get in the way of two tax cuts for the rich.

The failure of the Republican health care bill reveals a party unready to govern - Vox - Lessons on the AHCApocalypse.
Republicans Land a Punch on Health Care, to Their Own Face - The New York Times
How Trump BULLY PULPITED the OVERTON WINDOW and CHANGED THE GAME - Lawyers, Guns & Money (just look at this picture)
How Republicans Lost the Healthcare Battle -- How Obamacare Became a Preexisting Condition
Inside the GOP's Health Care Debaclel

Why Obamacare Defeated Trumpcare

Until Trump Decides Otherwise, A Bloc Of House Conservatives Now Controls Government | The Huffington Post - The Freedom Caucus has a de-facto veto on legislation, for now.

alicublog: THE NATIONAL HEALTH. - hell, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is basically a Russian safe house, Trump's exploiting his office like a motherfucker and so are his kids, but with few exceptions the Republican Congressional majorities are like huh what do you mean sorry I can't hear you.

Republicans who vote for Trumpcare 'will have this vote tattoed to their foreheads,' Pelosi says

We Redacted Everything That's Not a Verifiably True Statement From Trump's Time Interview About Truth (which leaves almost nothing: Satan lies and his supporters bow down)

Why Trump's N.I.H. Cuts Should Worry Us (don't need your steenking so-called science)

One Nation, Under Fox: 18 Hours With a Network That Shapes America - The New York Times (Trump's personal TV network of lies)

Basketball Fans Treated To Ads Congratulating Republicans For Repealing Obamacare (thanks, Barbara Comstock, for repealing Obamacare)

Trump supporter thought president would only deport 'bad hombres.' Instead, her husband is being deported. (wanted to keep out the Mexicans. her husband is Mexican)

Napolitano told friends he was on Trump's Supreme Court shortlist (Murdoch's seat)

Brace yourself, taxpayers: Trump's plutocracy doesn't come cheap -- That means the entire tax bill for 15,000 families for the year will go toward these additional protection measures for Trump. And the Secret Service is just a slice of the overall expense ... well over $100 million a year (suckers)
Ivanka Trump's Secret Service detail roiling her D.C. neighbors- "We're just a little story in a cosmic, bigger story, which is the whole Trump phenomenon and how they push their way around."

Why Flint Is Just the Beginning of the Lead Poisoning Water Problem - 3,000 counties have it twice as bad as Flint. (so the first thing to do is abolish the EPA +AR wants guns in football games where everyone is drunk)

Here are 5 of the most dangerous intersections in Massachusetts (Burlington and Woburn in top 5)

CrankyDude16bit comments on Millennials earn 20% less than Boomers did at same stage of life - And the dipshit boomers and Xers think that we're just lazy and stupid.

CancerLocator: non-invasive cancer diagnosis and tissue-of-origin prediction using methylation profiles of cell-free DNA | Genome Biology | Full Text
After 130 Years, the Dinosaur Family Tree Gets Dramatically Redrawn - The Atlantic

If the US were a high school, what kind of kid would each state be? : AskReddit (PA ... heroin ... "I'm 22 and I've been to 13 funerals for just that.")
wrong answers only. where do babies come from? : AskReddit
This school shooting scene from the Canadian series "19-2" is one of the most intense TV moments I have ever watched : television
What social custom can just fuck right off? : AskReddit

Here Are the 50 GOP Senators Who Just Sacrificed Your #BroadbandPrivacy to Corporate Profits: 'Extremely disappointing that the Senate voted today to sacrifice the privacy rights of Americans in the interest of protecting the profits of major internet companies' : technology


U.S., in Reversal, Issues Permit for Keystone Oil Pipeline - The New York Times (continent-spanning death-funnel approved by the party of death and destruction)
North Dakota oil spill 3 times larger than first estimated
Major TV networks spent just 50 minutes on climate change -- combined -- last year. That's a dramatic, 66% drop in coverage from 2015 across evening and Sunday news programs airing on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, according to a new study from Media Matters.

U.S. Investigating Mosul Strikes Said to Have Killed Up to 200 Civilians - The New York Times (miliary goes back to bombing the shit out of innocent people)

Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S. - WSJ - talked of moving Fethullah Gulen back to Turkey without going through U.S. extradition process (Flynn considered black-bag rendition to Turkey)

UPDATED: RussiaGate blows WIDE OPEN in Abramson report ... 32) The White House saying it has "no recollection" of any of the VIPs at Trump's _biggest-ever foreign policy event_ is also a red flag. ... Abramson doesn't eveal much about his sources, but let's just be aware that the intelligence community has long been rumored to have the goods on Trump. So yeah. Somebody's leaking.
Seth Abramson on Twitter: "(MEGA-THREAD) The plot to sell America's foreign policy for foreign oil _and_ steal an election in the bargain began at the Mayflower Hotel."

Paul Manafort to Testify Before House Intelligence Panel - The New York Times - In a decision that Democrats immediately rebuked, Mr. Nunes also said he would replace a scheduled public hearing with former intelligence and law enforcement officials with a closed-door proceeding
Rep. Nunes Is a Lapdog in a Watchdog Role - The New York Times -- His disclosures, which have destroyed the credibility of his committee in investigating Russian interference in the election, make clear that he is unfit for the job and should be replaced. (that will certainly happen)
The committee probing the Russia scandal has erupted into open warfare - The Washington Post - And in a weird way, the evident desire of the chairman of that committee to protect President Trump may only be increasing Trump's problems ... I am still trying to get my head around how a member of the Trump Transition Team could wind up on a committee investigating the, ahem, Trump Transition Team.
Nunes (Kind of) Confesses He Went Off Half-Cocked | Mother Jones - He says he ran to the mics and the White House before thoroughly reviewing all the documents.

The Maskirovka Slips XI*: Updates to Four Ongoing Components Balloon Juice - It is important to note that Congressman Schiff is a former Federal prosecutor who has successfully prosecuted an FBI agent who was working for the Russians. He understands counterintelligence and he has successfully prosecuted a criminal case that arose out of a counterintelligence investigation. Congressman Nunes has a masters degree in agricultural science.

The Clinton campaign warned you about Russia. But nobody listened to us. - The Washington Post

FBI Director Comey visits White House | TheHill

The GOP's Existential Crisis (the anti-existence party) - any movement whose spokesmen once cried "20 years of treason" and who rode to power on the claim that the Democrats were soft on the Soviets may find it difficult, with time, simply to parry or ignore the Democrats' charge that the head of their party may have compromising ties to Russia's leader (the rapid anti-commies are now Trump's commies)

Mr. President, the disgrace is all yours - The Washington Post - President Trump called himself "instinctual" this week, but the word he must have been groping for was "untruthful." He lies incessantly, shamelessly, perhaps even pathologically, and his lying corrodes and dishonors our democracy. (yeah, but he really meant "instinctual" like an animal ... or a ... Beast) (and comment: " this most illegitimate of presidencies brought to you by 75k votes across 4 states in rural white opioid abusing underemployed fox news addicted communities who thought it would be fun to give the world the middle finger with a trump vote.

Taibbi on Trump the Destroyer - Rolling Stone - Trump the Destroyer -- Trump has stuffed his Cabinet with tyrants, zealots and imbeciles

In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails - The New York Times -- in a significant defeat for President Trump on the first legislative showdown of his presidency. (will try again soon, after "Obamacare explodes" Trump said)
GOP health-care bill: House Republican leaders abruptly pull their rewrite of the nation's health-care law
Donald Trump played a game of chicken with House Republicans. Then he blinked. Bigly. - The Washington Post
Trump's colossal failure -- Trump now will rightly be seen as a weakened, if not inept, president. His attention span lasts only a couple of weeks before, starved for adulation, he moves onto the next thing in search of affirmation. Democrats know this, as do Republican opponents. You can wait this guy out.

Obamacare: The Republican Waterloo - The Atlantic - Conservatives once warned that Obamacare would produce the Democratic Waterloo. Their inability to accept the principle of universal coverage has, instead, led to their own defeat
GOP cave on Obamacare repeal is the biggest broken promise in political history | Washington Examiner

Paul Ryan: 'We're not going to give up on destroying the health care system' - YouTube

Room Full Of Men Decides Fate Of Women's Health Care | The Huffington Post
Trump unhappy Jared Kushner went skiing as health care floundered -
Grading Obamacare: Successes, Failures and 'incompletes'
It's over - Nazicare by Obama is here to stay, according to Ryan.

McCain concerned Trump listening to Bannon on foreign policy - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Obama Wasn't That Great (and didn't help Democrats get elected)

The disease killing white Americans goes way deeper than opioids - The Washington Post - the underlying issue may have less to do with opioids and more to do with how society has left behind the working class ... middle-aged whites are dying faster, but also that mortality rates have been dramatically declining in nearly every other rich country. The United States is getting left behind ... drinking, drug use and suicide ... three diseases of dispair ... less educated white Americans still earn 35% more than their black counterparts ... the pain in their bodies might reflect a "spiritual pain" caused by "cumulative distress, and the failure of life to turn out as expected." (as time left them in the past)

She Voted For Trump. Now, Her Husband Is Being Deported | The Huffington Post - she thought "good people" would get to stay.

Former Penn State President Guilty in Sandusky Abuse Case - The New York Times - convicting him of child endangerment for his handling of a sex abuse complaint involving an assistant football coach, but acquitting him of a charge of conspiracy and a second endangerment count.

A study shows that the very religious and atheists are the groups who do not fear death as much as much as those in-between. The team found 100 relevant articles, published between 1961 and 2014, containing information about 26,000 people worldwide : science

A drug that can reverse aspects of ageing has been successfully trialled in animals, say scientists. They have rejuvenated old mice to restore their stamina, coat of fur and even some organ function. : science
More than two-thirds of cancer mutations are due to random DNA copying errors, study says - The Washington Post
which of the four fundamental forces is responsible for degeneracy pressure? : askscience
ELI5: Why are galaxies relatively flat as opposed to being spherical? : explainlikeimfive

[serious] How do you feel about the upcoming reddit update that implements social media profiles? : AskReddit - The thing I like most about Reddit is that the subreddit format brings people to a topic rather than centering discussions around people. It puts focus on the community rather than the individual.

Today, Senators will vote to allow ISPs to sell your internet history and end FCC online privacy rules : technology
There are 2.4 billion robo-calls every month. The FCC wants to help block them. - The Washington Post


Exclusive: U.S. embassies ordered to identify population groups for tougher visa screening | Reuters (the wall goes up)

19-year-old American-Israeli Jew arrested in JCC bomb threats - The Washington Post
Suspect Arrested In Connection With Jewish Community Bomb Threats | The Huffington Post - A teenager has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of making the majority of threats to Jewish community centers across the U.S. since January.

Exiled Former Russian Lawmaker Shot Dead In Kiev | The Huffington Post - Ukraine accused Russia of 'state terrorism' after a former Russian lawmaker and key witness in a treason case against former leader Viktor Yanukovich was shot dead in broad daylight outside a hotel in central Kiev on Thursday. Russia called the allegation 'absurd'

US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians - - "people connected to the campaign were in contact and it appeared they were giving the thumbs up to release information when it was ready" (Trump is a dirty commie)
Eschaton: Morning Thread - Way too much going on. One thing is clear, Nunes pretty much has to recuse himself from the congressional investigation into the transition team since he, himself, was on the the team. Otherwise, the whole thing is a farce.
McCain: Nunes' actions 'very disturbing'

Trump Truth: The President With False Claims Faces Reality | -- "I'm a very instinctual person, but my instinct turns out to be right." (admits to being the Beast of Revelation)
Trump's Defense of His Lies: 'I'm President and You're Not' - Donald Trump gave a long and detailed interview on the subject of his being a pathological liar ... He tells repeated, brazen lies about matters large and small, in the confidence that his supporters have surrendered all independent judgment to him. That is not a democratic relationship between elected official and polity.

Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination - The Washington Post

Quinnipiac Poll: Majority Of Voters Oppose GOP Health Care Bill - 56 percent of respondents opposed the American Health Care Act, compared to only 17 percent who supported the bill. Twenty-six percent did not know or had no answer. Freedom Caucus Closing In On Deal To Rewrite Health Care Bill At 11th Hour | The Huffington Post - Republicans are considering changes that could doom the bill in the Senate and save face in the House.

Mental Health, Maternity Care Guarantees In Jeopardy As GOP Wrangles For Votes | The Huffington Post (health insurance for all will only cover dick pills)
Late G.O.P. Proposal Could Mean Plans That Cover Aromatherapy but Not Chemotherapy - The New York Times (for their own stench)
Eschaton: How About If One Pair Of Children From Each Of The Districts Is Chosen To Battle To The Death - Trumpcare is a piece of shit, of course, and an incompetently crafted piece of shit. The Freedom Caucus, who have been the best allies of liberals since 2010, are not happy with it and will likely nuke it in the House. It isn't enough, you see. (in the cruelty so we can give to the rich dept.)

Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers : news
Today, Senators will vote to allow ISPs to sell your internet history and end FCC online privacy rules : technology

Eschaton: Heckuva Job - Nobody could have predicted that a sociopathic Ayn Rand-worshipping CEO who thought pitting departments against each other within stores was an excellent idea would destroy a company. -- After years of huge losses and store closings, the future is officially in doubt for Sears and Kmart. -- many iconic institutions are looted and destroyed by the people paid lots of money to run them.

Here's how much Massachusetts could make off legal marijuana -- could lead to $64 million in state tax revenue in its first year (Jason Lewis working to delay new revenue as long as possible)
DOR: State could collect $172 million annually in marijuana tax revenue - Sentinel & Enterprise (Jason Lewis says it all has to go to the cops and wouldn't make any difference anyway because social programs must die)
Massachusetts treasurer Deb Goldberg wants $10 million to help her start enforcing new marijuana law | (millions saved by ditching MJ law enforcement but not enough for Debbie Downer)


How Americans Think About Climate Change, in Six Maps - The New York Times - New England states, and not just the liberals of Massachusetts and Vermont, talk more about the climate, as well, along with coastal South Carolina, which lies in a path many hurricanes have taken.
Plans for coal-fired power plants drop by almost half in 2016 - "the shift from fossil fuels to clean sources in the power sector is a positive one for health, climate security, and jobs. And by all indications, the shift is unstoppable." : technology
Forget EPA Climate Regulations. Cheap Wind Is Already Putting 56 Gigawatts of Coal Plants at Risk | Greentech Media
Japanese company develops a solar cell with record-breaking 26%+ efficiency : technology (Trump needs one of these on top of his head)

U.S. Airstrike in Syria Is Said to Kill Dozens of Civilians - The New York Times (continues in the tradition of drone-boy)

Deadly Attack Near U.K. Parliament; Car Plows Victims on Westminster Bridge - The New York Times

Muslims inside FBI describe culture of suspicion and fear: 'It is cancer' : news (mind cancer needs chemo)

She thought she'd saved her daughter from MS-13 by smuggling her to the U.S. She was wrong.

Country/Folk singer songwriter Woody Guthrie once wrote a song about his contempt for his landlord, Fred Trump, father of President Donald Trump. In his song, Guthrie accuses Fred Trump of intentionally stirring up racial tension for his own profit. : Music

Why People Continue to Believe Objectively False Things - The New York Times (liars lie to themselves and each other to justify hatred)

Dem senator: House Intel chairman may have revealed classified info | TheHill - when telling reporters about incidentally collected information on members of President Trump
Schiff: I have 'grave concerns' over Nunes's surveillance claim

Monitoring May Have 'Incidentally' Picked Up Trump Aides, House Member Says -- indicates that the targets of American intelligence gathering were foreign officials, not specific members of the Trump transition or Mr. Trump himself. (who all just happened to be talking to the Russkys)
AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government : news
Trump's campaign manager was paid $10 million per year to be an agent for Putin
A Russian Lawyer Involved In A US Prosecution Mysteriously Plunged From His Apartment Window - BuzzFeed News (Putin covering Trump's tracks)

Crime infested inner city housing - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 725 5th Ave., NYC. For two years ending in 2013, the FBI had a court-approved warrant to eavesdrop on a sophisticated Russian organized crime money-laundering network that operated out of unit 63A in Trump Tower in New York. The network has since regrouped and moved operations to the White House.

Poll: By 2 to 1 margin, registered voters reject Comey | TheHill - only 17 percent have a favorable view of Comey, compared to 35 percent who have a negative view of him.

Trump Team Asked About Military Tactical Vehicles For Inaugural Parade (go full NK)

Grieving father: 'I don't play Trump songs anymore' ... Three years ago, Moss found his son, Rob, dead in his bed from a heroin overdose. He was 24. (he believed the liar and now regrets it)
Why deductibles would rise under the GOP health care plan - Axios
President Trump appears unable to make a substantive case for the AHCA - Vox - When he tries to sell it, he either talks politics or says Obamacare is bad.
We Fact-Checked Lawmakers' Letters to Constituents on Health Care -- full of lies and misinformation. (their constituents are too stupid to know)
Republicans lied about healthcare for years, and they're about to get the punishment they deserve (or, rather, the idiots who voted for them who will still vote for them)
Poll: Approval wanes for GOP health bill -- Approval of the bill declined from 46 percent last week to 41 percent in the new poll (41% of Americans are morons)
The Heritage Foundation's Vision for Health-Care Reform - The Atlantic - the market should rule all and there should be Netflix for doctors.
Behold the Power of the BULLY PULPIT! - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Oddly enought, Trump's attempts to muscle Congress and sell TrumpCare to the public are not going terribly well: ... only 1 in 5 voters thinks it will decrease their health-care costs (20% of American voters are morons)
TrumpCare Is Class Warfare - Lawyers, Guns & Money (on the idiots who voted for him) The fact that the fate of the ACA may well rest on members of Congress who think TrumpCare is still insufficiently cruel to the poor is not terribly reassuring.

Police: White sword killer went to NY to attack black people - A white U.S. Army veteran from Baltimore bent on making a racist attack took a bus to New York (more white terrorism)

[Serious] People who DON'T support Trump, if you had to pick one single thing that he has done or is doing that bothers you the most, what is it? : AskReddit - Filling regulatory agencies with leaders explicitly opposed to the entire purpose of the agency in question

Ex-GOP Official Who Accused Dems Of Voter Fraud Charged With Voter Fraud | The Huffington Post -Steve Curtis: "virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats."

Trump's budget targets rural development programs that provide a quiet lifeline (brain-dead Hillbilly assisted suicide)

The crucial White House position Trump has neglected to fill - The Washington Post - The 45th president appears poised to become the first in well over a century to not have a dog -- or any pet, for that matter -- in the White House (ahem, that's what Ivanka is for)

Pretty crazy how they found out who stole Tom Brady's $500,000 jersey. : videos

The days of owning a car could be fading away, thanks to these alternatives - The Washington Post (1 in 5 Millenials don't know how to drive)

Pearson Posts a $3.3 Billion Loss as It Faces Down a Collapse in Its Biggest Market : books
At the Blackboard | Lapham - Kurt Vonnegut diagrams the shapes of stories.

TIL dry counties (counties where the sale of alcohol is banned) have a drunk driving fatality rate ~3.6 times higher than wet counties. : todayilearned (religious conservative ban alchohol and drive drunk)

Should 15,000 Steps a Day Be Our New Exercise Target? - The New York Times

Children born to older mothers experience fewer behavioural, social and emotional difficulties, a new study has suggested. : science
A new definition would add 102 planets to our solar system including Pluto - The Washington Post

ELI5: How come sharks have survived from the time of dinosaurs, but other large sea creatures such as Mosasaurs and Plesiosaurs did not? : explainlikeimfive
ELI5: Why do you need a Master's Degree to become a librarian, especially when the median salary is barely above $50,000? : explainlikeimfive
My friend got his physics test back.. : funny
TF2Numbers comments on What is something I'm better off not knowing?
[Serious] Wives and Husbands of Reddit who do not engage in sexual activity anymore, what are your reasons? : AskReddit

Twitter CEO is being asked to resign for cheating investors into believing 48 million users were human when in fact were bots : technology


Pa. Republican lawmaker suggests God is a polluter | (God is bad for the environment)

A interactive map of world conflicts : InternetIsBeautiful

/u/JournalistInSweden explains why rape statistics are higher in Sweden (hint: it's not migrants) : bestof (better reporting and stats)

No African citizens granted visas for African trade summit in California | US news | The Guardian - Every single African citizen who requested a visa was rejected, according to the organizer of the African Global Economic and Development Summit (retreat into isolationism, especially those people)

Eschaton: Going Rogue - Whatever the problems (often many!) of police departments nationwide, the police as a concept do fill a necessary public safety role. ICE are just shit people, serving no useful purpose except to destroy lives. (sadistic evil and violent agency unleashed by Trumpster)

One Key Takeaway from Monday's Comey Haring -- Congress is pining for a special prosecutor.

Let's Revisit All Those Times Trump Surrogates Said You Can't Elect Someone Under FBI Investigation | The Huffington Post
Schumer calls for delaying Gorsuch vote because of Trump-Russia probe - politico
80 times Trump talked about Putin -
Bank that lent $300m to Trump linked to Russian money laundering scam | World news | The Guardian
Kentucky TV station says White House 'made clear' rump wouldn't answer Russia or wiretapping questions
Russian mafia boss still at large after FBI wiretap at Trump Tower - ABC News
Nixon counsel during Watergate: Trump White House in 'cover-up mode'

How the White House Got James Comey Wrong - The New Yorker -- the top people around Trump may have no idea how much exposure the President has on the issue of Russian collusion.

Judge Gorsuch and the frozen truck driver (Opinion) - (heartless asshole)
Gorsuch: No, I Didn't Suggest Women 'Manipulate' Maternity Leave (it just sounded like it)
Gorsuch refuses Whitehouse's request to ask shadowy backers to reveal themselves

Trump didn't lie, Jeffrey Lord says on CNN. He just speaks a different language -- 'Americanese' (the language of liars)

Spicer: Trump 'had some fun' with Mark Meadows comment
Trump's penchant for vengeance casts shadow on health care vote
Trump to Republicans: Vote for Obamacare repeal or lose your seat - politico

Will Donald Trump be a GAME-CHANGER Who Can BULLY PULPIT the OVERTON WINDOW? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money
Reality is creeping into the Trump show - The Washington Post
Trump's lies are failing him, and it is making him deeply frustrated

The Independent Journal Review's identity crisis - Business Insider
The Bigotry And Idiocy Of Donald Trump's Favorite News Show Fox and Friends' Lack Of Journalistic Standards A National Security Issue

Eschaton: Asshole - public officials who are brought down by dumb shit like free trips. - In an indictment unsealed Tuesday, prosecutors paint a portrait of a craven politician willing to do favors for friends willing to help him in return.

The Republican War on Workers: Iowa Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money (rural America killing itself for Republican principles, see Kansas)

Feminism and Class at Harvard - Lawyers, Guns & Money : I will also say that Faust is an embarrassment to the reputation of historians. Faust herself works on issues of justice in her writing and yet has sold out all the way. I really struggle to understand how you can know everything she knows and then want to treat pregnant hotel workers or impoverished dining hall workers in this way

Girl, 15, found safe after disturbing video of her seen on Facebook Live | WGN-TV (45 people watched and did nothing)

TIL that the average life expectancy for those with Down syndrome has gone from 12 years in 1912, to 25 years in the 1980's, to upwards of 60 years in the developed world today. : todayilearned

TL;DR: Today we're testing out a new feature that will allow users to post directly to their profile : announcements

Redditors who married the sister/brother of an ex, is it weird having your ex as a SIL/BIL and how does your SO feel about the fact that you once dated their sibling? : AskReddit


Who's happy, who's not: Norway tops list, US falls ... Norway edged past previous champ Denmark, which fell to second. Iceland, Switzerland and Finland round out the top 5 ... Canada #7, US #14, down from last year

Eschaton: Only Fools And Frenchmen - Apparently it was 14 years ago today that we began our glorious war for the liberation of the people of Iraq, or whatever the hell reason we gave that day. (Richard Cohen, respected liberal columnist)

US forbids any device larger than cellphone on airlines from 13 countries | Business | The Guardian - New TSA requirement blocks passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, Kindles and cameras, with a lack of specifics on whether flight crews are included in rule

British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money | World news | The Guardian - Billions of dollars were moved out of Russia in 'global laundromat'

Russia Inquiries Overlap in a Tangle of Secrets and Sniping - The New York Times
Exclusive: Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, visit Russia in April - sources | Reuters

Analysis: Comey Delivers Political Gut Punch to President Trump - NBC News ... "historic"
Comey Confirms F.B.I. Inquiry on Russia; Sees No Evidence of Wiretapping - The New York Times

Rep. Adam Schiff's short speech crisply lays out the evidence connecting Trump and Russia -- Think of it as congressional SparkNotes.

All the President's Lies -- The ninth week of Donald Trump's presidency began with the F.B.I. director calling him a liar ... But the current president of the United States lies. He lies in ways that no American politician ever has before ... Our president is a liar, and we need to find out how serious his latest lies are. (Satan and his minions always lie)
President Trump faces his hardest truth: He was wrong - The Washington Post - "There's a smell of treason in the air," Imagine if J. Edgar Hoover or any other FBI director would have testified against a sitting president? It would have been a mind-boggling event." (he escalated his lies until he found one he couldn't wiggle his way out of)
Mook: Trump aides 'should be prosecuted for treason' if they conspired with Russia
Clinton camp unloads on Comey - politico - the revelation that the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign as of late July, but that Comey didn't disclose it until now (emailzzz!)

Russian-influence probe includes a look at far-right news sites (hello, Steve)

FBI Director Comey: Justice Dept. has no information that supports Trump's weets alleging he was wiretapped by Obama
Comey says FBI is investigating Russian interference, including any 'links' to Trump campaign officials
Comey Comedy Classics - Lawyers, Guns & Money : "We just can't do our work well or fairly if we start talking about it while we're working on it" (said with deadpan face) It's ridiculous how badly the New York Times got played, and it's outrageous that Comey let the false impression created by the story stand while he was going out of his way to smear Clinton based on nothing.

Donald Trump's Approval Rating Is In The Toilet | The Huffington Post - He hits a new low: 37 percent, the worst in 72 years of polling for a young presidency (27# is his rock-bottom)
2 Months In, Trump May Already Own A First: Most Corrupt POTUS. Ever. | The Huffington Post - Ethics experts cannot think of a predecessor more ready to use the prestige of the office for personal gain. (crooked lil-Donnie)

Redditors Gleefully Spoof Donald Trump's Awkward Photo-Op With Angela Merkel
Fact Check: Has Trump declared bankruptcy four or six times? - The Washington Post - Clinton is correct. (he lied about everything)

Everybody's In Prison.. And it's not just Trump. These people live in some alternate universe in which Fox News is actually the sane and trustworthy news source (Europe is a flaming carnage with highest incarceration in the world with their free healthcare)

White House installs political aides at Cabinet agencies to be Trump eyes and ears (="spies")
Here's What Happens in the Hands of an Unstable President* -- This is not normal, no matter how much you pretend it to be.

How Donald Trump Hijacked the Religious Right | New Republic - Amazing Disgrace - a thrice-married, biblically illiterate sexual predator - Russell Moore was worried ... (the racist confederate Baptists are trying to fire him because they are loyal to Satan and worship the Antichrist) He won 81 per- cent of the white evangelical vote ... "Evangelicals are a tool of Donald Trump," (which means they are antichristian)
Frank Rich: No Sympathy for the Hillbilly - Democrats need to stop trying to feel everyone's pain, and hold on to their own anger ... As measured by book sales and his appeal to much the same NPR-ish audience, Vance has become his people's explainer-in-chief, the Ta-Nehisi Coates, if you will, of White Lives Matter ... Hillbilly Chic ... who are Democrats to stand in the way of Trump voters who used their ballots to commit assisted suicide?

Trump's budget would cut funding for Appalachia -- and his allies in coal country are livid (at their own stupidty)
You Are the Sucker, Appalachian Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money : A lot of people are going to suffer because Republicans systematically lied to voters that believed them.
Trump voters in South Georgia come to terms with GOP health plan ("come to terms" = deep in denial because they hate "benefits" for "those people")

Every House Republican who could sink the GOP health care bill - Vox

Ivanka Trump set to get West Wing office as role expands - politico - The first daughter will not, however, become a government employee, raising ethics questions.

Ken Burns, George Will, and Public Arts Funding - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Before we get to Shelby Foote, we need to talk about George Will. Burns has used Will as a talking head in multiple films ... Burns himself is a deeply problematic figure who employs people who would like to destroy the type of work he wants to create.

Today in the Criminal Injustice System - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The grotesque protection of police violence against any limits or consequences continues unabated .. Being a cop is a sicense to kill. It's no wonder that the profession attracts so many thugs and racists.
Appeals court rules officer who killed man in his own home cannot be sued. (America has a terrorist cop problem)

Jeff Sessions Claims Marijuana Only 'Slightly Less Awful' than Heroin (millions of Americans die every year from pot overdoses!)
New skirmish in war over legal pot: Who gets to regulate new Mass. industry? - The Boston Globe - Deborah B. Goldberg, Massachusetts' top marijuana regulator, is scheduled to testify Monday before the Legislature's Joint Committee on Marijuana Policy ... Goldberg is asking for $10 million in the fiscal year (very highly-paid "administrators" and Jason Lewis wants in on the pie)
Mass. panel opens hearings on recreational cannabis law - The Boston Globe - State treasurer Deb Goldberg, whose office will oversee regulation of marijuana sales, also is scheduled to appear before the panel.
Liquor Stores in Massachusetts Want to Sell Marijuana - MERRY JANE - The same association that opposed legalization will now allow liquor stores to sell weed. Borghesani said the Massachusetts Package Store Association contributed around $75,000 to a campaign aimed at crushing Question 4
State warns Leafly on ads for pot-delivery services - The Boston Globe
Terpenes and the "Entourage Effect"
Marijuana lobby poised to spend more to defend Bay State law - Lowell Sun Online

Two Tom Brady Super Bowl jerseys found in Mexico - this time you can really blame the media

Chuck Berry and Jimmy Breslin Reinvented the English Language - Both had a unique way of seeing and hearing the world.


Hyndis comments on North Korea said it will launch a nuclear strike "if a single bullet is fired"
User chimes into a discussion and gives a succinct account of how North Korea would fare against the United States Military in case an attack happens : bestof

The US Army Gets The First 60kW-Class "Beam Combined" Fiber Laser Weapon System : technology

Philly Cinco de Mayo celebration canceled over immigration crackdown fears | TheHill
Hassan Aden - Details of my CBP Detention at JFK Int. Airport:...
A California waiter refused to serve 4 Latina women until he saw 'proof of residence'

Rep. Schiff: 'Circumstantial Evidence of Collusion' Between Trump Campaign, Russia

Former dairy farmer leads Trump-Russia investigation - ABC News (sounds about right)

Why does Donald Trump demonize cities? - The Washington Post - Because they show that the liberal experiment works. Clinton beat Trump in almost every county responsible for more than a paper-thin slice of America's GDP - Trump 36% Clinton 64% GDP ("liberal" = "rational" the real "big sort" is people who can think and those who can't, "rural America is fading away")

In One Rocky Week, Trump's Self-Inflicted Chaos on Vivid Display
Your Fault, Folks ("no evidence" = "he's a fucking liar")
Step Back for the Bigger Picture -- t is still the case that he has been allowed to drive public debate for two weeks over an obvious lie (distracting from Putin in the shadows)

Mulvaney: "The only way to get truly universal care is to throw people in jail if they don't have it" (this is called a "thought")

Trump administration rolls back protections for people in default on student loans - The Washington Post (Betsy is happy)

The Texas AG sued to keep a Bible quote in school. Now he's troubled by Muslim prayers. (we didn't mean THOSE kind of prayers +oh, Ken Paxton, hand of Satan)

Dumbasses of America - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump Voters. Again. - Lawyers, Guns & Money :

People are canceling their Iowa vacations because of Steve King's words

Eschaton: He Was Horrible - Remembering the Bush era fondly because of Trump is like missing the days of eating shit because now you have to eat shit while freezing to death, too. Understandable, but we ate a lot of shit.
George W. Bush Gave Us Donald Trump. Now He Wants To Be Forgiven. | The Huffington Post (Bush + "Don't look back" Obama + Hillary = Trump)

San Diego Debuts Mouth Swabs To Detect Drivers High On Pot | The Huffington Post

Teenager 'murdered by ex-boyfriend' after police fined her for wasting their time over her fears about him, court hears : news
Man charged with hate crime in beating of 2 transgender women in Queens: NYPD : news

Is this the beginning of the end of meat? - The Washington Post

Watch Kedi Online HD Full Movie Free | Watch Online Hollywood and Bollywood Full HD Movies Free

Physiological Markers for Depression, Schizophrenia Confirmed : science

Ship crewman, what was the creepiest experience you had out on the ocean? : AskReddit
How do you cope with deep-set existential dread and the realization that everything in your life is ultimately meaningless and temporary? : AskReddit
What term should not be Googled under any circumstances? : AskReddit

Uber President Jeff Jones Quits Amid Company Controversies | The Huffington Post - It is now clear, however, that the beliefs and approach to leadership that have guided my career are inconsistent with what I saw and experienced at Uber (techbro culture)
Uber president Jeff Jones just went full on #DeleteUber and resigned: Recode : technology


States Are Trying to Stop Public Schools from Teaching Climate Change - eight states in which the legislatures therein are committing themselves to raising at least one generation of stone blockheads. The states are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Dakota and, inevitably, and where the fck else? but, Texas (religion in science classes ok)
Greenpeace USA Registers (Tillerson's alias)

Israel only country to escape proposed State Department budget cuts : news (Trump is gutting the so-called "State" Dept.)

Australia's Anglican church gets 1,115 child abuse complaints : news (married pedo-priests)
4,444 victims: extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed | Australia news | The Guardian

Was Donald Trump's 'Irish proverb' actually a verse from a Nigerian poet?
For this St. Patrick's Day, let's thank our Irish-American political leaders such as Mick Mulvaney, Peter King, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly Michael Flynn, and of course Paul Ryan for bringing the British policies that starved out millions of Irish in the 1840's to the USA
Why Irish Immigrants Illustrate American Redemption
S Debunking a Myth: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too - The New York Times - The Irish slave narrative is based on the misinterpretation of the history of indentured servitude, which is how many poor Europeans migrated to North America and the Caribbean in the early colonial period, historians said.
It's True: We're Probably All a Little Irish--Especially in the Caribbean - Scientific American Blog Network - Update: An earlier version of this article referenced an unqualified source that conflated the difference between bonded laborers and slaves. The information taken from this source has been removed, and a more transparent discussion that highlights the nuances of this period has been instated.
Stupid plastic patties. : ireland

Strike Two - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - As discussed previously, a federal judge sees similar constitutional infirmities in Muslim Ban 2.0 as in 1.0, not least because the administration has made clear that it has the same objective of targeting Muslims: (oh, the picture)
'That's not how it works': Trump's grasp of Nato questioned after Merkel tweets | World news | The Guardian (that's not how any of this works, Dumbf))
No, Germany doesn't owe America 'vast sums of money' for NATO - "The President keeps saying that we need to be paid by the Europeans for the fact that we have troops in Europe or provide defense there. But that's not how it works" (too complicated for the tiny Trump brain)

5 Ways Russia and China Could Sink America's Aircraft Carriers (they are so obsolete, but Trumpster will buy a lot of them)

Secret Service Backpack with Classified Materials Stolen - Out on the weekend, where Judge Napolitano better keep it down.
Who are the wealthy Russians investing in Trump luxury buildings? -- at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida. (his own golden Kremlin)
Mike Flynn Didn't Report 2014 Interaction With Russian-British National - Meeting at a U.K. dinner occurred when he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency

Twitter Piles On Trump After 'Klusterfu**en' Angela Merkel Visit | The Huffington Post (Trumpster won't even look at Angela)
London Ridicules the Ridiculous - The New York Times -- Will President Trump ever learn -- or care?
The 'WTF Dude' Look Angela Merkel Gave Donald Trump Today Will GIVE YOU LIFE
Your Weekly Top Ten Wishes Angela Merkel Was Our REAL President | Wonkette

Trump administration ramps up efforts to block media - Mar. 17, 2017 (fuck your so-called "free" press)

Jason Furman on Twitter: "This reinforces my view that people way overrate the ability of policy to change politics." (policy ("here's good health care") requires functional thinking which is why McComic thinks Trump is an act of God)
This West Virginia newspaper front page should scare Republicans - The Washington Post - Trump won West Virginia with 69 percent of the vote, a margin of more than 42 percentage points over Hillary Clinton. It was one of his best state performances. (the dumb will get screwed and never learn because dumb)

Suicides in Rural America Increased More than 40% in 16 Years | American Council on Science and Health - economic productivity shifted by 10 percentage points, away from small town America and toward the big cities ... The trend is clear: Rural America is literally fading away. It shouldn't come as a surprise, therefore, that the opioid overdose epidemic has hit rural states, like Kentucky and West Virginia, especially hard. And the latest research from the CDC also shouldn't come as a surprise: Suicides in rural America (labeled as non-core) have increased over 40% in 16 years.

Trends in Suicide by Level of Urbanization

Trump Budget Cuts Put Struggling Americans on Edge - The New York Times (who voted for him) "I understand what he's trying to do But I "think" he's just not stopping to think that there are people caught in the middle he is really going to hurt" said Ms Feltner, 57 who was a nurse for 25 years and voted for Mr. Trump (she "thinks" she's in the "middle" and fucking everyone lower than her is fine but she didn't think he would fuck her too and there you have it)
Trump Voter Shocked To Find That Her Meals On Wheels Could Be Cut | The Huffington Post - "I was under the influence that he was going to help us" (stoned on oxytrumpcodone)
Nashville lies at the heart of a divided country: Trump got bubbas to the polls ... Boyle has just returned to Nashville after 30 years, partly to be close to family and partly in response to Hillbilly Elegy ... a sort of "Rosetta Stone" to understand the conditions that enabled the rise of Trump. (many-generational violent, racist stupidity was Hillary's fault for not helping them be not stupid)

Eschaton: Morning Thread - With all the talk of cutting Meals on Wheels, let's not forget that we are paying $500,000/day so that The Schmuck's wife can live away from him. While I sympathize with her not wanting to be under the same roof as El Schmucko, the WH is big. They could probably both live there and never have to see each other at all.

Eschaton: Pretty Standard Stuff - If you were a Young Conservative back in the day (or today), of course you talked about cutting federal Medicaid support and sending it all to the states over beers. It's what the Republican party, the National Review, and 50% of the PBS Newshour told you was important ... Of course Republican frat boys, thinking they were smart, would get drunk and talk about it.
ve Been Dreaming About Kicking Poors Off Medicaid Since I Was a Drunk Frat Boy
White House cites satire column to tout budget | TheHill (can't read past headline)

Whose votes count the least in the Electoral College? It's not California or Texas (well, if you go weight by vote anyway, the fewer voters get more weight, so what?)
Donald Trump, SUPERGENIUS - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Kellyanne Conway Is the Real First Lady of Trump's America

NY Times Public Editor Helps Out An "Alt-Right" Harassment Campaign -- What is wrong with Liz Spayd? (worst PE ever)

I am So So Very Done with Sebastian v. Gorka's Dissertation -- And the more these fake experts influence actual policy, the more damage that they can do. (Trumpism)

Left-Leaning Documentary World Seeks Right-Wing Perspective - The New York Times - Three of the 10 top-grossing political documentaries ever are the work of the right-wing polemicist Dinesh D'Souza ((convicted felon)). The most powerful documentarian in the country is the White House adviser Stephen K. Bannon

John McCain And Rand Paul Are Fighting Like MEOW HISS GRRRR ARGH! | Wonkette -- It started Wednesday in the Senate when McCain (R-Not Russia) put on his angry pants and accused Paul of being a person who works for Vladimir Putin,

Eschaton: Debate - Over my lifetime the Jefferson/Hemmings thing (in popular telling) went from hushed denial to a tale of star-crossed romantic love. I am not sure which is worse. (serial rapist "debated" with 14 yr old victim)

Rundle Won't Charge Prison Guards Who Allegedly Boiled Schizophrenic Black Man to Death -- But in an unconscionable decision, Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle's office announced Friday that the four guards who oversaw what amounted to a medieval-era boiling will not be charged with a crime. (and if they can do this ...)
Police acquitted in beating of mail worker who unknowingly gave cop killer directions : news

Kids on winning robotics team told, 'Go gack to Mexico' (unleashing the hatred)
Everywhere You Look, Americans Are Spreading Hate | The Huffington Post

'Trump Sheriff' Threatens Mayor, Scorns Him For Getting His A** Kicked Aiding Woman | The Huffington Post (good job, Wississippi)

'Niggers Don't Belong in My Neighborhood': NYC Chiropractor Charged With Making Racist Threats Against Child, Cop -- Danielle Serini (is a racist fucking cunt)

With battering rams and flash-bang grenades, SWAT teams fuel the risk of violence as they forcibly enter suspects's homes (with guns blazing)

Literature by the numbers: Clichis and Exclamations per 100,000 words and other statistics for popular works : books

The first solar eclipse to cross America in 99 years is coming. To some, it's an act of God -- clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head (the Rapture is coming)

Scientists detects Lurking HIV in a Major Biomarker Discovery : science - HIV can be in dormant state inside the cell. There is a protein that they found only on those HIV dormant infected cell. That protein is easier to find
TIL the lowest sound ever recorded is 57 octaves below middle-C and is from a black hole in the Perseus Cluster. : todayilearned

What was a time when you used a sex move you saw in a porno in real life and it ended horribly? : AskReddit
What obscure reference do you hope some one will get? : AskReddit
What are your thoughts on school required reading? : books
If all 50 states were to suddenly split into their own separate countries and go to war, who would ally with who and who would come out on top? : AskReddit
What is the most condescending corporate motto? : AskReddit
halfascientist comments on I hope she really loves Scott lmao
What's the craziest shit you've seen go down in a night club? : AskReddit

Former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler says that new FCC Chair Ajit Pai canceled every single meeting with him for the past two years. : technology


Global Analysis - February 2017 | State of the Climate | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
Former climate change deniers, what changed your mind? : AskReddit

Rex Tillerson Rejects Talks With North Korea on Nuclear Program - The New York Times - Trump administration might be forced to take pre-emptive action

Venezuela seizes bakeries amid bread shortage | Miami Herald

Billboard in Phoenix, AZ : pics

Man Charged With Kicking, Yelling Racist Comments at Muslim Delta Employee at JFK : news - Weird that the places with the most racism went almost fully Trump in the election.
The GOP has become the party of white nationalism - The Boston Globe

Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service - NY Daily News (FEEBs at work ... "highly sensitive information")

Trump Offers No Apology for Claim on British Spying - The New York Times ("you should be talking to Fox") Mr. Trump, who has stuck by his unsubstantiated assertion that Mr. Obama ordered his telephone tapped last year despite across-the-board denials, wryly used Ms. Merkel's visit to repeat his contention ... "At least we have something in common, perhaps"
In awkward exchange, Trump seems to ignore Merkel's handshake request - politico -- Trump, who seemed to be grimacing as he sat alongside Merkel, did not respond. He continued looking forward as the cameras rolled.
Sean Spicer's absurd accusation against British intelligence is the scariest news this week
US makes formal apology to Britain after White House accuses GCHQ of wiretapping Trump Tower
White House Reportedly Apologizes Over Claims The UK Spied On Trump | The Huffington Post - assurances that these allegations will not be repeated.
House Intelligence panel does not reveal whether documents substantiate Trump's wiretap claim (it's a secret)

Fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Said to Have Been Investigating HHS Secretary Tom Price - ProPublica - head of the Department of Health and Human Services traded stocks of health-related companies while working on legislation affecting the firm

Sean Hannity Suggests Travel Ban Judge Did 'Weed' And 'Blow' With Barack Obama | The Huffington Post

The blow-it-all-up billionaires - The Huffington Post - Rebekah Mercer arrived at Stephen Bannon's ffice in Trump Tower, wearing a cape over a fur-trimmed dress and her distinctive diamond-studded glasses. (lizards)
The Reclusive Hedge-Fund Tycoon Behind the Trump Presidency - The New Yorker - Robert Mercer

Trump's cuts would do nothing to balance the budget (because it's all going to the riches)
President Trump won big in these places. Now he wants to eliminate 3 agencies dedicated to helping them. - The Washington Post ("it was worth it" Trump supporters say)

Kellyanne Conway's husband set for Justice Department job - Axios

Faith-Based Clinics Want To Replace Planned Parenthood And That's Dangerous as Hell ("clinics" with no "medical" people)

Eschaton: Popular Communist Elizabeth Warren - Landrieu, Begich and Hagan were among the moderate Democratic senators to lose re-election bids in 2014, leading to Republicans taking control in the Senate. (move to the center! lose big!)

Eschaton: Maybe If It Had Kicked In Faster - Soon after Charla McComic's son lost his job, his health-insurance premium dropped from $567 per month to just $88, a "blessing from God" that she believes was made possible by President Trump. (thats pretty McComical)

Trump's budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why (WH praised article)

Trump Booted 1D From Hotel for Refusing to Meet His Daughter

Former Rep. Stockman Arrested on Election Law Charges - Former Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman was jailed Thursday on charges of violating federal election law during his last term in office.

The link between weed and schizophrenia is way more complicated than we thought - The Verge - Study finds genetic overlap between cannabis use and schizophrenia - at least a small part of the association might be caused by genetic overlap, where the same genes that predispose certain people to enjoying weed might also predispose others to developing schizophrenia or both.
Leading Psychosis Expert To His Students: To Avoid Risk, Hold Off On Pot Til 30 | CommonHealth (and maybe 40 or 50) - Schizophrenia and Marijuana and Psychosis or Psychotic - If cannabis is safe, why am I psychotic?
Pot Can Trigger Psychotic Symptoms For Some, But Do The Effects Last? : Shots - Health News : NPR
Gone to Pot - A Review of the Association between Cannabis and Psychosis. - PubMed - NCBI
Harvard: Marijuana Doesn't Cause Schizophrenia -- having an increased familial morbid risk for schizophrenia may be the underlying basis for schizophrenia in cannabis users and not cannabis use by itself

health experts concludes that regulatory, behavioral and scientific evidence supports switching oral contraceptives from prescription-only status to OTC availability.

FBI arrests man accused of trolling Dallas journalist Kurt Eichenwald with seizure-inducing tweet : news
You can now watch these declassified nuclear test movies on YouTube - The Verge
TIL a solar storm like the Carrington Event in 1859 would cause devastation to world electronics if it happened today. : todayilearned
An innovative new drug, Evolocumab, can prevent heart attacks and strokes by cutting bad cholesterol to unprecedented levels on a background of statin therapy, in a large randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 27,564 patients published in the NEJM. : science

TIL 'God' started as the god of weather & war in Canaan myth and was later promoted to the sole supreme being by an Israelite cult : todayilearned
TIL The reason the Bible says "You shall not have any other gods before me" is because Judaim was originally polytheistic : todayilearned

TIL Over 40M people of Irish descent are in the United States, 8x more than the population of Ireland. : todayilearned

[Serious] Doctors of Reddit, what is your "how the hell are you alive right now?" story? : AskReddit
If Jesus died for our sin, then who died for our cos and tan? : shittyaskscience
My favorite joke: Everyone Knows Dave : Jokes

Judge OKs warrant to reveal who searched a crime victim's name
Suspicious cellular activity in D.C. suggests monitoring of individuals' smartphones : news


Dutch elections: Turkish minister claims 'holy wars will soon begin in Europe' after Geert Wilders beaten | The Independent - Minister claims there is no difference between liberal politicians and 'fascist' far-right leader (Muslim takeover coming soon)

A US ally shot down a $200 drone with a $3 million Patriot missile : technology

Preventing a Free-for-All With Drone Strikes - The New York Times - Mr. Obama was persuaded to impose sensible constraints on the use of drone strikes between 2013 and 2016. (drone-boy was "persuaded")

Trump says Obama wiretapping accusations are based on some news reports - The Washington Post (he was watching Fox one night ...)

Disciples of a False Prophet - The New York Times ((you're getting closer, Charles)) The people who stand to lose the most in tax credits under the House Republican health plan tended to support Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Is the Potential Russian Influence on the 2016 Election a DISTRACTION From the REAL ISSUES? - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Jeff Hauser on Twitter: "3/3 Note raised bar--only matters if "Trump campaign actively colluded with the Kremlin to manipulate the outcome of the U.S. election."" (Greenwald dismantled)
Trump adviser Flynn paid by multiple Russia-related entities, new records show - The Washington Post

Trump Protects Americans / Boing Boing
Trumpism is losing, again and again - The Washington Post (Jennifer must have taken Ayahuasca)

Why is the Trump presidency such a rolling disaster? - The Washington Post (questions that answer themselves)
CNN's Chalian: Trump 'looked like a third-grader' in Fox interview (well, so their viewers +"They're happy to have a party with black people drowning" )

Trump Budget Plan Declares War on 'War on Poverty' Programs (Trump will make poverty great again)
Trump's budget calls for seismic disruption in medical and science research (we don't need your so-called "science")
Trump federal budget 2018: Massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor - The Washington Post (we don't need no steenking culture and non-riches can fuck off and die)
How did the GOP come up with this awful health-care bill? - The Washington Post - penalizes sicker, older people, because reducing cost-sharing hurts them while it helps younger, healthier people who no longer have to take on some of that risk. (they've been working on awefulness for a long time)
Mulvaney justifies budget: We can't ask a coal miner to pay for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting - politico (like they do anyway in a moocher state)

Eschaton: Why Should The States Decide? - Pretty sure parents should decide. Or maybe the CEOs of the firms they have been indentured to.
CNN on Twitter: "HHS Secretary Tom Price says it should be up to states to regulate whether immunizations are required" (states can put up "measles walls" +"JennyMcarthyism")

Trump immigration policies kill work visas for specialized Canadian nurses - Windsor - CBC News - Advanced practice nurses and nurse anesthetists told they no longer qualify for professional visas (ICEing on the hate cake, screw you, sick Americans)

How Donald Trump's Enemies Fell for a Billion-Dollar Hoax
Fox News handle Rachel Maddow's tax scoop

Top Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Denied A Report That He Belongs To A Nazi-Allied Group - BuzzFeed News (Nazi group says different)
EXCLUSIVE: Nazi-Allied Group Claims Top Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka As Sworn Member -- Forward (whoa, plus he's an immigrant who lied on his citizenship app)
Why Do These Fascists Keep Ending Up In My Administration? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Increasing Significance of the Decline of Men - The New York Times -- While women were hit much harder than men by the disappearance of middle-skill jobs, the majority of women managed to upgrade their skills and find better-paying jobs. By comparison, more than half of men who lost middle-skill jobs had to settle for lower-paying occupations ... "infidelity, domestic violence, and substance abuse were the most often endorsed 'final straw' reasons for the dissolution of marriages." (like their non-existent fathers and their love for Trump)

Why I'm Moving Home -- By J. D. Vance March 16, 2017 -- And I've suspected that this optimism blinds many in Silicon Valley to the real struggles in other parts of the country. So I decided to move home, to Ohio (Columbus, conservative value intact)

Statement on Retracted IJR Article (rightwing propaganda arm of Trump retracts fake article)

State Attorney: Death penalty has no public safety benefit

Dallas city leaders, T-Mobile vow to find solutions as 2nd death is publicly connected to 911 'ghost calls'

MBTA, take note: No other major commuter rail closes for whole weekend - The Boston Globe (someone call Deb Goldberg or Jason Lewis who says the MJ tax money wouldn't help anyone but cops)

So You Think You Can't Meditate?

Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years | Michael Finkel | News | The Guardian - At the age of 20, Christopher Knight parked his car on a remote trail in Maine and walked away with only the most basic supplies. He had no plan. His chief motivation was to avoid contact with people. This is his story -- "if you like solitude, you are never alone." and "Get enought sleep."

ELI5: The calculation which dictates the universe is 73% dark energy 23% dark matter 4% ordinary matter. : explainlikeimfive
Is dark matter made of black holes? | Science | AAAS
rwoj comments on ELI5: The calculation which dictates the universe is 73% dark energy 23% dark matter 4% ordinary matter.

What is the one conspiracy theory you can't believe people think is real? : AskReddit
Women of reddit, what is your "nice girls finish last" story? : AskReddit


Large Sections of Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find (remember when the conservative defunded climate research?)
This website depicts how areas would look on a map after water levels have risen due to global warming : InternetIsBeautiful (nice knowing you, Lousiana and Boston +Chinese war on sparrows led to starving themselves to death)
As Scott Pruitt Denies Climate Science, Atmospheric CO2 Rises At A Record Rate | The Huffington Post (tell Jeff Jacoby)

Dutch Liberals Defeat Wilders in Blow to Populist Surge - Bloomberg
Dutch PM leads ahead of Wilders in Dutch election polls | Daily Mail Online - accuses victorious PM of treating his populist supporters like 'semi-Nazis' as Merkel and co celebrate ("semi")

Outrage as Brazilian football club signs goalkeeper whose girlfriend's body was fed to dogs after he ordered her torture and murder : news

Eschaton: There Was Never Going To Be A Deal - The government has not carried out a full assessment of the potential economic impact of Britain leaving the EU without a trade deal, the Brexit secretary has told a committee of MPs. -- The UK has been playing "hardball" in their rhetoric but the EU response has rightly been 'who are these little shits?"

Admiral, seven others charged with corruption in new 'Fat Leonard' indictment -- "historical memorabilia related to General Douglas MacArthur were used by the participants in sexual acts" (now, what would those be?)

Federal judge in Hawaii freezes President Trump's travel ban

House intelligence leaders see no evidence on Trump wiretap - The Boston Globe
Devin Nunes confirms it: The evidence of Trump Tower being wiretapped just doesn't seem to exist
Trump defends claim that Obama wiretapped his phones - politico ("wiretap covers a lot of different things")

John McCain: Rand Paul Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin (further into bizarroland)

3 ways Rachel Maddow helped, yes helped, Donald Trump last night - The Boston Globe
Rachel Maddow Turned a Scoop on Donald Trump's Taxes Into a Cynical, Self-Defeating Spectacle
What We Can All Learn from Maddow's Trump Taxes Broadcast - If it was indeed a White House distraction
Journalist Who Received Trump Tax Return Questions If Trump Leaked It Himself | The Huffington Post - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston says he received two pages from the 2005 document in the mail from an unknown source. (looking like Don Jr.)

The Executive Branch Is About to Be 'reorganized' into oblivion -- Steve Bannon -- Quite simply, this empowers the president* and his advisers simply to eviscerate the federal agencies that might inconvenience them by actually acting like they're part of the government or something (+don't need no steenking coast Guard, just a big wall around the whole country)
Donald Trump and Our Dangerous Detachment from Reality - Witnessing a Dangerous Detachment from Reality - American conservatism is empty (not just empty, a spiritual and moral vacuum and coal miners bought it)

Only 24% of Voters Support GOP Health Care Plan - Public Policy Polling (the walking dead Republican zombies)
Blame the Media for Trumpcare | New Republic (policy was too hard for them to talk about)
Eschaton: Policies Have Consequences - People will die for tax cuts, many more will be impoverished and have their lives basically ruined.

Scandal Fatigue and the Trump Ethical Swamp - Bloomberg View - we now know that a major Chinese financial services firm may invest $4 billion in a Manhattan skyscraper owned by the family of President Donald Trump

America's empty church problem -- Breaking Faith -- The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse. (rightwing "Christian" assholes who don't go to church so blame the "secularists")

Paranoia seizes Trump's White House -- Staffers are leaving their phones at home, using secret apps and monitoring each other

The Only Reporter Joining Secretary Of State On Asia Trip Comes From Website Founded By GOP Operatives | The Huffington Post - The State Department had previously told reporters covering Rex Tillerson's trip that he would not be taking reporters on his plane. -- the Independent Journal Review (IJR), a digital news outlet founded in 2012 by former Republican political operatives.
Eschaton: Bipartisanship - Maybe all 'bipartisanship' ever meant was that Democrats had to do all the compromising, and not the reverse. I suppose it's not surprising.

Oklahoma state senator investigated after teenage boy found in his hotel room, DA says : news - In January 2012, Shortey introduced legislation to ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food

Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years | Michael Finkel | News | The Guardian

Crazy at the wheel: psychopathic CEOs are rife in Silicon Valley, experts say | Technology | The Guardian

The biggest threat facing middle-age men isn't smoking or obesity. It's loneliness -- Dr. Richard S. Schwartz, a Cambridge psychiatrist, and I had reached out to him because he and his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Olds, literally wrote the book on this topic, The Lonely American: Drifting Apart in the Twenty-First Century.

TIL That the phaseout of leaded gasoline (along with the large scale removal of many other leaded products) has been correlated with a 34% drop in violent crime in the United States. : todayilearned

February 2017 Big, Bad, Wide & International Report: covering Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo ebook sales in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand -- 47% of US sales are ebooks -- self-published indie authors are proving to be far more capable of taking advantage of their global digital reach to achieving commensurate international sales than traditionally published authors are.

Dr_Schmoctor comments on Can you help me allow my router to accept ?? as the SSID?
In honor of the Ides of March, what was a time you were stabbed in the back by your closest friends? : AskReddit | Documenting the Engrish phenomenon from East Asia and around the world!

Twitter hack hits accounts local and worldwide - The Boston Globe ("third party application" but they don't say which one)
Two Russian spies indicted by US Department of Justice over hacking of 500m Yahoo user accounts : news



This website depicts how areas would look on a map after water levels have risen due to global warming : InternetIsBeautiful
Why are climate-change models so flawed? Because climate science is so incomplete - The Boston Globe (Jeff Jacoby is a CO2 denier trapped in his rightwing delusions, but we knew that already)

Trump's 2005 Taxes Revealed
Report: Trump paid $38 million in income taxes in 2005 - The Washington Post

Library named for Charleston church shooting victim targeted with racist and anti-gay graffiti : news

The Trump-Russia Story Is Not a Diversion | New Republic
WikiLOLs - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Julian in full)
My Julian Pamela Anderson ("there was no rape")
Federal Inquiry of Fox News Moves to a Grand Jury, but Without Preet Bharara - The New York Times (Rupert wins)
Preet Bharara, Who Was Investigating Fox News, Might Be Replaced by Roger Ailes's Lawyer

Kellyanne's Alternative Universe -- Will the truth ever catch up with Trump's most skilled spin artist?

The CBO report demolishes the GOP's edifice of deception (tower of lies)

Watch: Texas congressman tells rowdy town hall attendee to 'shut up'

Sexism in Tech Is a Feature, Not a Bug - Uber is not an outlier in its industry. Sexism has been a problem in Silicon Valley for decades. It is not improving.

Eschaton: Our Official Written Policy Is That We Break The Law - You know enforcement of this stuff must be so horrible (and likely getting worse) if businesses just put this stuff in their employee handbooks.

Eschaton: That New Deal Feeling - Charlie Peters spent much of his career supporting (the) view and people who were rolling back the New Deal, and he seems to think the New Deal was all about bright young idealistic Harvard grads going into government. (compromised WaMo history)
A Lefty Legend Pleads for a Return to a New Deal Ethos - The New York Times

Mississippi Cops Now Need Warrants to Seize Property - Institute for Justice

NYPD sergeant Vladimir Krull gets 3 years for raping girl | Daily Mail Online
Forced to have sex with 1,000 men, a girl is now suing the motel that she says let it happen - The Washington Post

Glenn Close and Patrick Kennedy on the Weight of Mental Illness - The New York Times - When you were 7, your parents took you away from your life in Greenwich and joined a conservative religious cult, Moral Re-Armament.
Moral Rearmament: Its Appeal and Threat | News | The Harvard Crimson (1967, behold corporate evil in Schick corp)

Woman loses bid for child support from ex-husband who was not father of her son : news

Four-star Globe movies you can stream - The Boston Globe

Cancer -- Beyond tumor genetics to protein landscapes
New Portuguese skull may be an early relative of Neandertals | Science | AAAS

Heavy marijuana smokers of Reddit, what symptoms of withdrawal have you experienced when you just went cold turkey and stopped smoking for an extended period of time? : AskReddit

In honor of Pi Day, what is the most irrational thing you have ever seen someone do? : AskReddit
Teachers of Reddit, what's the funniest answer you've gotten from a student that technically wasn't wrong? : AskReddit
Someone in my office got crafty for Pi Day. : funny
TIL that 8 of the 10 most dangerous US cities for pedestrians are in Florida. : todayilearned
Being a male, playing a female protagonist : gaming
House gets sucked into tornado : WTF


Renewable energy is now Australia's cheapest energy option, even when the cost of storage to make the intermittent power sources reliable is added.
Court Dismisses Monsanto Challenge to California Cancer Chemicals List : news - Basically, Monsanto tried to stop Roundup being added to the list of chemicals known to cause cancer in the state of California.

American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone : news (trump owns your cellphone)
US military leak exposes 'holy grail' of security clearance files : news

Monaoeda comments on Turkey's Erdogan calls on international organizations to impose sanctions on the Netherlands -- Erdogan basically destroying his countries international reputation, the relations with one of, if not the, oldest ally the country has...all for some desperate internal power bid.
thisshortenough comments on Nicola Sturgeon confirms plans for second Scottish independence referendum

Poland confirms Minnesota man as Nazi commander : news

White men are an 'endangered species' in British boardrooms, says Tesco boss | The Independent - Mr Allan is one of nine white men on Tesco's board of directors (very endangered)

Yes, the media do underreport some terrorist attacks. Just not the ones most people think of. - The Washington Post - In total, there were 89 attacks committed by different perpetrators in the United States during the five-year period we examined. Between 2011 and 2015 in the United States, Muslims perpetrated 12.4 percent of those attacks.

House investigators on a Trump-Russia 'collision course' -- The top Republican on the intelligence committee was on Trump's transition team (no conflict there)

HHS Secretary Tom Price Says 'Nobody Will Be Worse Off Financially' Under Obamacare Repeal | The Huffington Post - Another Trump adviser said people should stop focusing so much on coverage numbers. (numbers, what are numbers?)
Trading Health Care for the Poor for Tax Cuts for the Rich - The New York Times (give us all the money and die party)
Affordable Care Act revision would reduce insured numbers by 24 million, CBO projects - The Washington Post - nearly doubling the share of Americans who are uninsured from 10 percent to 19 percent (oh, those nobodies)
What the CBO says about the Republican plan, by the numbers - The Washington Post
The CBO just delivered a huge blow to Republicans' Obamacare replacement (they did a death panel on your health insurance)
The Republican Obamacare Replacement Is Not About Healthcare - it's a tax cut.
The risks Republicans are taking with Trumpcare - Axios
The Lying Liars Hired By Lying Liars - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - Tom Price can lie* almost like the boos himself: (only the biggest, most beautiful, lies)
The Heritage Plan was Paul Ryan's Wet Dream And Was Nothing Like the Affordable Care Act

Eschaton: No Class - But much like lying about donating money to Veterans and pocketing the money, this is the kind of venality which shows a man who isn't just an asshole but is unaware of how to even pretend to not be an asshole. (so he's not donating his salary, after all. hahaha suckers)

Kellyanne Conway suggests even wider surveillance of Trump campaign (it's almost like they were all crooks)
Chris Cuomo refuses to let Kellyanne Conway wriggle away from Trump's bizarre wiretapping claims

Trump budget expected to seek historic contraction of federal workforce - The Washington Post (destroying government)

The White House Takes Its Attacks On Jobs Data To A New (And Dangerous) Level | FiveThirtyEight - "They may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now" (post reality)

The Big Winner in Donald Trump's Decision to Fire Preet Bharara Might Be Rupert Murdoch (and dick-head Cuomo, of course)
Controversy Rises Over Preet Bharara's Dismissal
Eschaton: Cuomo 2020 - wait to vote for this guy. (sounds like Trumpster)

2 of a Farmer's 3 Children Overdosed. What of the Third -- and the Land? -- Overdoses are churning through agricultural pockets of America like a plow through soil, tearing at rural communities and posing a new threat to the generational ties of families like the Winemillers. (voted for Trumpster?)

Could Southern Baptist Russell Moore lose his job? Churches threaten to pull funds after months of Trump controversy - The Washington Post - backlash over his critiques of President Trump and religious leaders who publicly supported the Republican candidate (he warned them Trump was evil but they are good Christians)

Is Trump Trolling the White House Press Corps? - The New Yorker - At daily briefings, Sean Spicer calls on young journalists from far-right sites. The mainstream media sees them as an existential threat.
'How Does it Feel to Work For a Fascist?' : Sean Spicer Got Harassed at an Apple Store
Trump stops following Scarborough, Brzezinski on Twitter | TheHill - reducing the number of accounts the president is following from 43 to 41.

Steve King, Hurling Insults at Immigrants, Is Rebuked by His Own Party - The New York Times (That would be Steve "cantaloupe calves" King)
Rep. Steve King blasted for 'our civilization' tweet (Idiots Out Walking Around)
Why are we hearing crickets from the GOP on Steve King's ugly tweet? (well, that question answers itself)
Lebenswomb - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Republicans are becoming more and more comfortable with admitting the GOP is the party of white supremacy ... another quiet part out loud: The ability to wring as many babies as possible out of the bodies of white women and girls is an essential part of their plan to maintain and increase racial inequality.
The Stock Photography of White Supremacists - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Yesterday I ended up on the timeline of the mayo-based baby-chute, Wife With a Purpose

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez arrested in ICE office : news

Could Southern Baptist Russell Moore lose his job? Churches threaten to pull funds after months of Trump controversy - The Washington Post ("Christians" can't recognize Satan)

Texas state rep proposes fines for masturbation | TheHill - and require them to undergo counseling before obtaining a prescription for Viagra

He'll Fit Right In With Jeffrey Lord - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - CNN continues to help people fail upward: Chris Cillizza is joining CNN Politics as a reporter and editor at large, with a digital presence and an on-air role. (Cillizard digital "presence")

New surveillance footage of Michael Brown sparks protests - - the video shows that Brown did not rob the store before being stopped by police and that surveillance footage purporting to show Brown engaged in a robbery at the Ferguson Market and Liquor stores was actually video of Brown returning to the store to retrieve the cigarillos the clerks gave him.
New Ferguson video casting doubt on 'robbery' sparks protests : news (or maybe not)

Leaders of religious Alabama boot camp get 20 years in prison for child abuse : news - Christian ministries or camps, where gay teens are sent by parents who want their children to change their sexuality,
The Harrowing Story of Life Inside Alabama's Most Sadistic Christian Bootcamp

Arkansas Senate rejects medical marijuana smoking ban - The Arkansas Senate has again rejected an effort to ban smoking medical marijuana after opponents said the move undermines a voter-approved initiative that legalized the drug for people with certain ailments. (yeah, fuck your so-called "voter initiative")

Amy Krouse Rosenthal has died, aged 51 : books

Stunning gap: Canadians with cystic fibrosis outlive Americans by a decade : science - tl;dr: Studies indicate that socialized medicine is better than a private market at preventing poor sick people from dying.

The Disaster That Changed Engineering: The Hyatt Regency Collapse: Tom Scott : videos

Men of Reddit, what is something other guys do that make you instantly hate them? : AskReddit
How would the world be different if a vagina whistled like a teapot when aroused? : AskReddit
These MIDI arts are getting pretty crazy : videos
Hotel staff of Reddit, what is the creepiest, weirdest, most unexplained event that you've experienced on the job? : AskReddit
What's the scariest way to die? : AskReddit
What's your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less? : AskReddit
What is the strangest habit you have? : AskReddit

Google kills off the Captcha, ensuring humans don't need to see the most annoying thing on the internet : technology - There are FAR MORE annoying things on the internet.
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to Get $23 Million Severance Package With Verizon Deal Closing : technology
Community group: AT&T 'digitally redlines' poor neighborhoods: The less wealthy the area, the slower the internet speeds. : technology


A new analysis of the US wind energy sector by Navigant Consulting could see the sector drive up to 248,000 jobs and $85 billion in economic activity over the next four years : technology (could have been you, WVa, if you hadn't destroyed all your mountains)

The U.S. receives a D for infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers : news (Trump's Wall will have beautiful infrastructure)

Dutch PM Bars Turkish Minister As Rally Dispute Escalates | The Huffington Post - Turkish authorities sealed off the Dutch embassy in Ankara and consulate in Istanbul in retaliation. (Erdogan is the boss of Netherlands)

'Shock and sadness': Holocaust denial graffiti found on Seattle synagogue : news (making hate great again)
Ike and the Disappearing Atrocities (1991)

McCain to Trump: Retract wiretapping claim or prove it - The Washington Post

Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians - The New York Times - Roger J. Stone Jr

Tillerson Leads From State Dept. Shadows as White House Steps In - The New York Times (the shadow in the shadows)

This is actually what America would look like without gerrymandering - The Washington Post (a rational country)

GOP's High-Risk Strategy for Health Law Repeal
HHS Sec. Tom Price: 'Nobody Will Be Worse Off Financially' Under GOP Health Plan ('nobody' making over 250K/yr, anyway)
Paul Ryan's edict: CBO estimate showing millions losing insurance just a 'beauty contest' (and it's very very beautiful for rich people)
7 details in the Republican health care bill that harm the poor - Vox - Obamacare gave more low-income Americans health coverage. The American Health Care Act would take it away. (suckers)

Next Phase of Obamacare Repeal Will Target Mandate Requiring Prenatal Coverage, GOP Leader Tells Allies (yes, dumb white women who voted for Trumpster)
Why critics say a Texas bill lets anti-abortion doctors lie to pregnant women - The Washington Post (Repugs outlaw the truth in TX)
They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare? - Washington Post - They are poor, sick and voted for Trump. What will happen to them without Obamacare? (WVa: they will die, which is fine with them as long as he tells it like it is and makes coal great again)
Employees who decline genetic testing could face penalties under proposed bill - The Washington Post (all your DNA are belong to corps)

Russian Trolls Fooled Sanders Voters With Anti-Clinton Fake News | The Huffington Post - The trolls set out to distract and divide the invigorated left - 40 percent of the domain registrations for the fake news sites he saw popping up on pro-Sanders pages back to Eastern Europe. Others appeared to be based in Panama and the U.S., or were untraceable. (Berniebors bought the con)

We Compared Obama's Words To Trump's And The Result Will Make You Sad | The Huffington Post - "the best words" (asshole from Queens talks like an asshole)
DownWithTyranny!: How Rahm Emanuel Lost The House For The Democrats-- And How Actblue, Moveon, Markos, Jane, Duncan, Howard Dean And A Host Of Others Saved The Day (for the history, Rahmbo fucking things up as far back as 2006, his legacy continues)

Rep. Steve King warns that 'our civilization' can't restored with 'somebody else' babies' ("western civiliation" minus the Jews)

Analysis: Texas Redistricting Decision Major Victory for Voting Rights Bar and May Pave Way for Texas to Be Back under Federal Supervision | Election Law Blog
Texas Congressional Maps Are Struck Down for Discrimination - The New York Times
In Georgia, reaction to KKK banner is a sign of the times - The Washington Post

The new hysteria over campus speech - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You should expel kids for yelling at a man who says black people are inherently inferior? (kids are the real authoritatians, according to dumb rightwing law professor)
Carleton University faces backlash after scale removed from gym... 'Those who are offended by the scale can simply choose not to use the scale.' : news (next up: mirrors)

An uphill climb in the Rust Belt for Democrats - The Boston Globe - "For the first time in a lot of years, people have hope that things are going to turn around and things are going to get better" (because Obama wrecked the economy and wasn't the right color)

Feds probing Fox News in undisclosed criminal investigation - NY Daily News - hid from investors the payments it made to employees who alleged they were sexually harassed (Trump will pardon them)

"None Of It Made Sense": Martin O'Malley's Long Year After Running For President - BuzzFeed News - He has a new distaste for the party establishment

New Ferguson Video Adds Wrinkle to Michael Brown Case - The New York Times (2 1/2 yrs later, cops release video showing they lied and knew they lied)
3 charged with hate crimes in fatal shooting of D.C. transgender woman : news

A brief and mundane history of being a woman

Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed Steubenville Rape Case Gets Two Years in Prison : news - Sentenced to longer in prison than a rapist he exposed.

Steve Bannon's landlord wanted to know why his hot tub had apparently been destroyed with acid - Clohesy, on the other hand, had apparently been living there with another man who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for cocaine distribution ... "Breaking Bad" They dissolve a dead body with acid in a bathtub (.connect.the.dots.)
What kinds of acids could damage a jacuzzi? : askscience

Scientists Now Know Exactly How Lead Got Into Flint's water - New report points blames corrosion and warns that fixing lead poisoning nationwide will require more work than we hoped (Rick Snyder and Republicans say lead is good for you)

Gene therapy treats muscle-wasting disease in dogs: diseased dogs treated with a single infusion of the corrective therapy were indistinguishable from normal animals one year later. : science

Things I Won't Work With -- dioxygen difluoride, often referred to in the literature by its evocative formula of FOOF ... "so if you feel like whipping up a batch of Satan's kimchi ..."
Reactions of dioxygen difluoride with neptunium oxides and fluorides

Indians are certain they invented the zero. But can they prove it? - The Washington Post - The origin of zero has been an enduring subject of debate because other cultures, including the Mayans, also claim to have used the zero.
The Origin of Zero - Scientific American - Much ado about nothing: First a placeholder and then a full-fledged number, zero had many inventors
Discovery of Zero as a Placeholder; Abhorrence - How Zero Works | HowStuffWorks
The Origin of the Number Zero | History | Smithsonian - Deep in the jungle, an intrepid scholar locates a symbol of power and mystery

Guy spends two years re-editing Breaking Bad into a feature length movie, and posts it online for free. A brilliant re-imagining of the greatest TV show on earth. : videos

What items do you think everyone, regardless of gender, should carry with them at all times? : AskReddit
What is the scariest experience you have ever had online? : AskReddit
What is the most unbelievable instance of "computer illiteracy" you've ever witnessed? : AskReddit
Clean up after your dog. : pettyrevenge

Switch launch causes big porn site traffic drops : gaming
Zelda and Link porn search up over 100% during Nintendo Switch launch | VG247


Earth's oceans are warming 13% faster than thought, and accelerating : science (the end of coral and other living sea-creatures)
Conservatives cheer EPA cuts that activists fear 'will be borne by lungs' | Environment | The Guardian (and ha-ha, and take away their health insurance first, suckers)

Trump Appointee Who Tweeted About "Some Muslim Piece Of Shit" Is Out From Energy Department - BuzzFeed News - A Trump campaign worker appointed to the Energy Department is a former massage therapist with a history of tweeting anti-Muslim remarks. (the best of the bestest)

TIL that the daughter of Korean Air chairman ordered the aircraft to taxi back to the airport's gate before takeoff because she was served Macadamia nuts in their original packaging instead of on a plate. : todayilearned

Ukraine lawyer seeks probe of alleged hacked texts of Manafort's daughter

Italian Band Soviet Soviet Denied Entry To The U.S., Jailed And Then Deported : Music (npr does shallow journalism)

Military photo scandal widens as more nude photos of female service members emerge -

Trump makes ninth golf course visit in seven weeks in office | TheHill
How President Trump has already hurt American democracy in just 50 days

Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey's Interests During Trump Campaign - more than $500,000 to put Turkey first
The dangerous and irresistible GOP conspiracy theory that explains away Trump's Russia problem (CIA spoofed Russians hacking the DNC)
Trump Adviser Had Twitter Contact With Figure Tied to Russians - The New York Times
If Russia Inquiry Is Not 'legitimate' Democrats May Abandon It
Three Trump Associates Who Changed Their Story on Russia - The New York Times
TIL that Jon Huntsman Jr., our new Russian Ambassador, has extensive business ties to Russia through his father (John Huntsman Sr., Founder & Chairman of Huntsman Corp) : todayilearned (Commie take-over of America)
US authorities refuse to reveal how Russian ambassador to the United Nations died : news - a bacon double cesium-137 burger or a a KGBLT

Trump's Mar-a-Lago is heaven -- for spies

Sue While the Conflicts Are Hot - The New York Times (but Trump just dismantled the justice dept)

US attorney Preet Bharara fired after refusing Jeff Sessions' order to resign | US news | The Guardian
US attorney Preet Bharara fired after refusing Jeff Sessions' order to resign : news (good history of Republican-driven deregulation)
Hundreds of Wall Street Execs Went to Prison During the Last Fraud-Fueled Bank Crisis | - So at the peak of the savings and loans crisis -- again, one-seventieth the size of this crisis -- of those 2,300 total FBI agents, 1,000 of them were working on just one industry, the savings and loan industry, to produce that incredible wave of success that we had. As recently as fiscal year 2007, there were only 120 FBI agents assigned to mortgage fraud, (defund enforcement=license to steal)

Trump's Campaign Innovation: Lying Your Ass Off
What's a legitimate news outlet? A new face in the White House press pool raises questions. (not the Heritage Foundation, for sure)

Wealthy Would Get Billions in Tax Cuts Under Obamacare Repeal Plan - The New York Times - $157 billion over the coming decade to those with incomes of $1 million or more (it was worth it to screw themselves)
Conservatives Craft Their Wish List On The GOP Health Care Bill | The Huffington Post
The Republican health plan is a huge betrayal of Trump's campaign promises -- and Trump's voters will pay the highest price. (conned again, but it's worth it to them)

Fox News Radio correspondent confronts Gateway Pundit reporter in White House briefing room - politico - Wintrich often posts memes and symbols related to the 'alt-right' and some white supremacist groups ... "Women's suffrage was one of the country's greatest disasters" (Lil Trumpy packing the room with shit)

Anger At Donald Trump Could Break The Democrats' Midterm Curse | The Huffington Post - 36 states have governors races in 2018.
U.S. court voids 3 Texas congressional districts - Ruling that Republicans redrew the Texas congressional map to intentionally discriminate against Latino and black voters, a federal court panel invalidated three districts, including one in Travis County,

Abraham Lincoln was a champion of U.S. science | MNN - Mother Nature Network - Lincoln created the National Academy of Sciences and crafted the college land-grant system.

Sean Spicer's appalling answer about economic data shows how far we've lowered the bar for Trump (those phony Obama jobs reports are not real)
SXSW: CNN's Jake Tapper Says His Son Has Adapted "Fake News" Line From Trump | Hollywood Reporter - "I've been doing this for a long time. ... I've never encountered anything like this. I think it has a lot to do with this fact-free world where things can mean whatever you want them to mean." (post-reality)

Stop Beating Black Children - The New York Times - My adoptive mother, and generations of black parents like her, honestly believed that whupping children was a pillar of responsible black parenting. (psychic legacy of whips)

Breaking Up With 'The Bachelor' -- It showed us how men treat, and talk about, women, and one another. It demonstrated that you don't have to be the best, the kindest, the smartest or the most virtuous to stay in the competition. You just have to be the most interesting, and the producers will keep you around. (life as a ratings competition)

Man tries to burn store he thought was Muslim-owned ...Mr. Lloyd made the assumption that the store owners were Muslim when, in fact, they are of Indian descent ... "doing his part for America"

Probe reveals flood of 780M painkillers in 6 deadly years in West Virginia - CBS News - Drug wholesalers shipped 780 million hydrocodone and oxycodone pills to West Virginia in just six years, a period when 1,728 people fatally overdosed on these two painkillers

These are the 24 Senators that introduced a bill to let telecoms sell your private internet history | Privacy Online News (yes, all Rethugs)

Polygamy is 're-criminalized' in Utah in last-minute vote (Utah almost goes full Mormon)
Polygamy is re-criminalized in Utah in last-minute vote
Historic ruling grants tri-custody to trio who had threesome

Major buzz kill for Alzheimer's research: Government view of marijuana - Promising new research conducted last year at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has shown that marijuana extracts may hold a key to treating Alzheimer's disease. (so, no pot for your insurance-free dementia)

TIL an NCAA football coach was fired after a co worker found porngraphic videos of children on his cell phone. He fought the charges vigorously after being charged with 2 felonies. He was finally reinstated after 18 months after it was revealed it was his kids taking a bath. : todayilearned

What issue do you believe people REALLY ought to be talking about, yet no one is? : AskReddit ... At my job you are suppose to call in 4 hours before to call out. But I had the issue where I wasn't planning on not going to work and had a family emergency (mom OD) happen just a little more than an hour before my shift began
"Is my dead wife in hell?" A redditor shares their moving experience about losing faith. : bestof
What will you NEVER share with your SO? : AskReddit
(NSFW) Men of Reddit, what have you learned in all your years of dating that you think other (less experienced men) should know? : AskReddit
What's your deepest secret you never told someone? : AskReddit
TIL that Tibetan monks must get permission from the Chinese government to reincarnate : todayilearned - ...and people joke about $cientology's contracts...

Study reveals whopping 48M Twitter accounts are actually bots : technology (corporate + Russian)
What bot accounts on reddit should people know about? : AskReddit (as long as we're on the subject)


'A Tragedy': Hundreds of Thousands of California Residents Exposed to Contaminated Water : news

US spies still won't tell Congress the number of Americans caught in dragnet : news

Eschaton: Looting - Nobody knows in America, but Puerto Rico is in America. And Obama and the gang turned it over to the looters. (that metaphor works in "real" America too)

63% Of Americans Don't Have Enough Savings To Cover A $500 Emergency

The Truth About the WikiLeaks C.I.A. Cache - The New York Times (media are Putin's puppets and Assange is his hand)
How Wikileaks Works, and How Journalism Fails - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Shepard Smith Is Fed Up: 'It's Too Much Lying, Too Much Russia, Too Much Smoke' | The Huffington Post - The Fox News host rails against latest Michael Flynn bombshell. Russian bank looked up the address to Trump corporate server 2,820 times, representing 80% of the lookups, according to records. 19% or the remaining 20 were from medical facility chain led by Dick DeVos, the husband of Betsy DeVos. : technology (DeVos seems to her own Russian connections, quite a commie gang Trump has +pyramid schemes)

There Really Was A Liberal Media Bubble | FiveThirtyEight - groupthink produced "wisdom of the crowds" (which wasn't that wise)

Growing signs of trouble for Trump's border wall (no one wants to come here anymore)

Bill Clinton: Resurgent nationalism 'taking us to the edge of our destruction'

Trumpism is now getting exposed as a monumental fraud - The Washington Post (but the President Show is a huge success)
A populist agenda based on Fox News hooey fizzles - The Washington Post - Stephen K. Bannon and President Trump hoped to transform the GOP into an ethno-nationalist, pro-Russia party

White House opens to earlier rollback of Medicaid expansion -
Trump stands with House GOP on proposal to revise Obamacare, spokesman says - The Washington Post (revise and destroy)
A Bill So Bad It's Awesome
If Rural Voters Were Angry Before, Wait Until The GOP Repeals Obamacare | The Huffington Post (they'll blame Obama)
Insurance 101 For Paul Ryan: The Healthy Are Supposed To Help Pay For The Sick | The Huffington Post (he's spent 8 years studying healthcare and doesn't know nothing)
Eschaton: Otherwise Known As Insurance

Trump supporters call for 'liberal genocide' and deportation of Jews at Arizona Rally

The mystery of Donald Trump and the New Jersey cemetery - The Washington Post (family plot overlooking first hole of his "favorite property")

House GOP would let employers demand workers' genetic test results

Eschaton: Nobody I Know - They never have any problem finding Bill Donohue to (wrongly) represent all Catholicism, but the whereabouts of Muslims remain a mystery
Eschaton: Noblesse Oblige (the "return" of the elites to top government jobs)
Laziness isn't why people are poor. And iPhones aren't why they are poor (simple bad ideas for simple bad minds)

The political lexicon of a billionaire populist - The Washington Post (Gingrich "pretty happy" with being anti-intellectual)

Sociopathic Baby Boomers Have Hurt America - Bruce Cannon Gibney writes that for decades the United States has been run by people who are deceitful, selfish, imprudent, remorseless and hostile -- the baby boomers, a generation that Gibney defines as being born between 1940 and 1964. (erases the war generation)

Florida judge denies 'stand your ground' defense in movie theater shooting of texting man : news
Mom pulls gun on another mom in school drop-off line : news

This just happened on BBC News : videos

More than 60% of people surveyed in a new study supported marijuana legalization because they agreed with arguments saying it would increase tax revenues, create a profitable new industry, reduce prison crowding and lower the cost of law enforcement, finds Cornell University researchers. : science (Jason Lewis is behind the curve)

Effects of Medical Marijuana on Migraine Headache Frequency in an Adult Population. - PubMed - NCBI - The frequency of migraine headache was decreased with medical marijuana use.
New Study Confirms That Cannabis Can Help Migraine Sufferers | Leafly - About 85% of subjects reported having fewer migraines per month with cannabis
Migraines Marijuana Strains and Edibles - Leafly (nice sortable chart)
The Best CBD Marijuana Strains for Migraines | Marijuana News
Marijuana for migraines

The first fully synthetic yeast genome has been designed and partially constructed, a major step towards creating life in a lab. : science
What is the smallest nuclear explosion possible? : askscience

My favourite video on the internet - a hilarious conspiracy video claiming that Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick was trying to tell us who actually did 9/11 : videos
What Youtuber is worth days of binge-watching? : AskReddit
wokeupabug comments on Why is Ayn Rand looked down upon by the philosophical community?
My girlfriend works as a cake decorator at a Baskin Robins. This is today's order she has to make. : funny (+navy seal emoji'd)

Has Ubers day of reckoning arrived? - Uber's turnabout is the stuff of Greek tragedy, a form of divine justice directed toward a company whose credo has been growth at all costs, even if it meant breaking all the rules.


On climate change, Scott Pruitt causes an uproar
EPA chief Scott Pruitt says CO2 not a primary contributor to warming
This climate lawsuit could change everything. No wonder the Trump administration doesn't want it going to trial
MIT professors denounce their colleague in letter to Trump for denying evidence of climate change - The Boston Globe - In 2015, Lindzen received about $10,000 from a fossil fuel company to testify on their behalf against environmental regulations in Minnesota, on top of previous payments he has accepted from the industry. That should not disqualify his views, he said.
Surfing a vortex: energy and climate | Brookline Beacon
tired_of_nonsense comments on Two of the world's most prestigious science academies say there's clear evidence that humans are causing the climate to change. The time for talk is over, says the US National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society, the national science academy of the UK. (armchair scientists)

South Korea Removes President Park Geun-hye - The New York Times

Dusseldorf station attack: 'Several injured' after man goes on axe rampage : news

Nigel Farage Just Visited The Ecuadorian Embassy In London - BuzzFeed News ... "said he couldn't remember what he did in the building"

Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization
Inside The Investigation To Get To The Bottom Of Russia's Role In The Election - The Senate Intelligence Committee has been given sweeping powers, unseen since the Watergate era, to investigate Russian meddling in the US election
Area Man, Come Undone by Trump's Election, Accuses Democrats of Coming Undone by Trump's Election, And by 'Area Man,' I mean "Glenn Greenwald"

State Secrets Privilege Invoked to Block Testimony in C.I.A. Torture Case - The New York Times - The Trump administration has invoked executive powers in a bid to block the testimony of several top C.I.A. officials in a federal lawsuit against two psychologists who helped run the agency's harsh interrogation program (very harsh, maybe even torture-like)

C.I.A. Scrambles to Contain Damage From WikiLeaks Documents - The New York Times
How Trump Undermines Intelligence Gathering - The New York Times (Trump is anti-intelligence)

Jeff Sessions Likely Met Russian Ambassador A Third Time | The Huffington Post - The attorney general initially denied any contact with the Russians, then later admitted to just two meetings.

A Ticket to Hell - The New York Times
Donald Trump's War on Washington | (the Beast from the Earth is eating government and civilization)
Alternative history: the dangerous byproduct of fake facts | Jill Abramson | Opinion | The Guardian
Congress Warns Donald Trump: Stop Deleting Your Tweets | The Huffington Post - By doing so, Trump and his staff may be violating federal record keeping laws.

Purple America Has All But Disappeared | FiveThirtyEight - Counties are increasingly super red or super blue, with less and less in between. (undereducated have a lot of Senators)

Taibbi: Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media - Rolling Stone - Russia scandals have bloodied the Trump administration. But it carries dangers for those reporting it (Taibbi)

How Many People Are Affected by Obamacare Premium Increases? (Hint, It isn't much)
GOP Congressman Asks Why Men Should Have To Pay For Prenatal Care | The Huffington Post - Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) (check boxes for what conditions you want covered)

Brownback in talks with Trump administration for ambassadorship | The Kansas City Star (leaving Kansas a smoking ruin and Republicans no wiser)
Kansas governor Sam Brownback leaving KS for ambassador post in Italy : news

Mycarisorange explains how the statistics showing that "women are paid 30% less than men " is inaccurate and misleading : bestof

Fox Is Said to Settle With Former Contributor Over Sexual Assault Claims - The New York Times

Man impersonating Bieber online charged with over 900 child sex offences - Queensland Police News - As part of the investigation, a 42-year-old man had earlier been charged with a number of child sex offences including possessing child exploitation material and using a carriage service to groom persons under 16.
'Knees together' judge resigns after judicial council suggests removal

Kissin' cousins - Another day, another conservative Christian who is a parody of a conservative Christian

Decision to ban gay marchers from parade takes Boston backward - The Boston Globe (Southie rose again)

Redditors, what was the most outrageous post to ever reach the front page ? : AskReddit
What is 1 useful thing you've learned in all your years of Redditing? : AskReddit
What did a SO do that made you stop and realize "They're NOT the one"? : AskReddit
What is 1 useful thing you've learned in all your years of Redditing? : AskReddit


Climate change impacts are already hitting us, say Europeans | Environment | The Guardian - New polling study also shows support for financial penalties for nations that refuse to be part of Paris climate deal, as Donald Trump has threatened
nanotech12 comments on A friend of mine received this reply from her Iowa House Representative when she objected to H.F. 480, which would allow teachers to present opposing points of view relating to evolution and climate change. (stupidy is a plus for Republicans to get elected)

Federal criminal probe being opened into WikiLeaks's publication of CIA documents
Russia Turns Wikileaks CIA Dump Into Disinformation - The Daily Beast
FBI Director Implying One Candidate is a Liar and Crook has Material Negative Effect on Candidate, Shocking Research Finding Says - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: All About Us - So we're worrying about North Korean attack on the US but Seoul probably has nothing to worry about! (Trump will use nukes to look strong)

As more Jewish facilities get threats, all 100 senators ask Trump administration for 'strong action' - A new wave of threats were made late Monday and Tuesday to Jewish schools and institutions, including the New York and Washington offices of the Anti-Defamation League, according to that group and other officials ... Before Tuesday, the ADL had reported 121 bomb threats made across the United States and Canada, including Jewish Community Centers and day schools. (Trump's base)
The Secret Jewish History Of The Civil War (more ignored than secret, but read to the end:) "I say it: you have proved that this country owes its existence to foreign immigrants"

The Statue of Liberty went dark overnight and the timing was just 'too perfect'

Donald Trump Met Russian Ambassador During The Campaign, Despite Repeated Denials | The Huffington Post - On April 27, Trump met Sergey Kislyak in Washington, D.C., before a big foreign policy speech. ("I don't know Russia!")

Comey Letter Swung Election For Trump, Consumer Survey Suggests | The Huffington Post - Emotion and peer influence play much bigger roles in influencing behavior than previously understood.

Poll: Majority of voters favor special prosecutor - politico - to investigate alleged ties between President Donald Trump's campaign staff and the Russian government - Fifty-six percent of registered voters support appointing a special prosecutor, a far greater share than the 30 percent who oppose an independent counsel investigating the matter.

The President Of The United States Is A Weak Man | The Huffington Post

Obama irked and exasperated in response to Trump's wiretapping claims ... "livid"
Sean Spicer wrongly claims Fox reporter's phones were 'tapped' (a remnant of Obama's war on whistleblowers)

Trumpism is now getting exposed as a monumental fraud - The Washington Post (the big con)
As seen on the streets of New York (6th Avenue) : pics

Republicans introduce healthcare replacement bill called 'World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017' ("brought to you by the world's greatest President ever")
Who Wins and Who Loses Under Republicans's Health Care Plan (sorry, old non-rich people)

The GOP health bill is a $600 billion tax cut -- almost entirely for the wealthy
Paul Ryan won't Admit His Plan Is Obamacare, Only Less of It
AARP, AHA, AMA tl;dr on TrumpCare - Lawyers, Guns & Money : No

Why Republicans Can't Do Health Care
How Republicans Plan to Ration Health Care - The New York Times (oh look, death panels)
Millions Risk Losing Health Insurance in Republican Plan, Analysts Say - The New York Times
Millions Risk Losing Health Insurance in Republican Plan, Analysts Say - The New York Times - Martha Brawley of Monroe, N.C., said she voted for President Trump in the hope he could make insurance more affordable (and she would turn into a Disney princess)

Paul Ryan Calls Obamacare Repeal Plan An 'Act Of Mercy' | The Huffington Post (putting you out of your misery)
The Health Care Industry Really Doesn't Like GOP's Obamacare Replacement | The Huffington Post - hard to find someone willing to say something nice.

Rand stands up to Trump on Obamacare - politico - The libertarian-leaning lawmaker insisted that Republicans should vote on stand-alone legislation to repeal the Democratic health care law and figure out later what would replace it. (later. much later.)
You Are What Your Record Says You Are - Lawyers, Guns & Money (you shall know them by their deeds)

Sanders on civil discourse and calling a liar a liar - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In his response to the WaPo article discussed here yesterday, Sen. Sanders deftly disassembles the idea that civil discourse means saying nothing at all if one can't say something nice. (Amber Phillips)

Meet the Hundreds of Officials Trump Has Quietly Installed Across the Government - ProPublica - We have obtained a list of more than 400 Trump administration hires, including dozens of lobbyists and some from far-right media. ("Beachfront" assault on government agencies by unidentified Breitbart clowns)

State Street Global Advisors' girl statue in front of Wall Street bull - Business Insider

Housekeepers Versus Harvard: Feminism for the Age of Trump | The Nation - ? A feminism for the 99% has been forged by working class immigrant women who confronted Harvard's first female president and Sheryl Sandberg. (lean in to your low-paid job with no benefits)

Holy Viagra : pics
TIL Iran has the highest female to male ratio in universities among all sovereign nations. More than 70% of students in engineering and pure sciences are women. : todayilearned

The Michigan Supreme Court is considering a 30-day suspension for a suburban Detroit judge who ordered three siblings to juvenile detention for failing to visit their father. : news (assholes with arbitra y power)

It's Not Just You: Americans Are Having Less Sex - While the decline has been nearly across the board, one group seems to be pulling everyone else down: married couples ... Despite all the declines, one age group showed no interest in slowing down: people over 70. They had sex nearly 11 times during 2014, up from an average of 9.6 times in 1989.

Brain Architecture Alters to Compensate for Depression - A study led by the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has found structural differences in the cerebral cortex of patients with depression and that these differences normalize with appropriate medication.
Conservatives Are More Reluctant to Give and Receive Apologies Than Liberals. : science

I'm Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid's and executive producer of the Hulu original series based on the novel premiering April 26.

Surgeons were told to stop prescribing so many painkillers. The results were remarkable. - The Washington Post - diversion of the pills to illegal users, who, Barth and his colleagues said, consume as much as 71 percent of legitimately prescribed opioids.

A small-town judge who says her religious beliefs prevent her from presiding over same-sex marriages was publicly censured by the Wyoming Supreme Court on Tuesday. : news

What is your favorite conspiracy theory? : AskReddit
Digital Hygiene: How We Might've Fucked Our Attention Spans : videos


Abu_al-Ameriki comments on The 75th Ranger Regiment hits the ground in Syria for Raqqa offensive

Poachers break into Paris zoo, shoot rhino dead and steal its horn : news

The 9/11 Report - raphic adaptation by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Co

Inquiry Opens Into How 30,000 Marines Shared Illicit Images of Female Peers - The New York Times

WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents - The New York Times
WikiLeaks publishes huge trove of CIA spying documents in 'Vault 7' release : news
Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed : technology

The GOP's Obamacare repeal plan is out--and it's even worse than anyone expected
House Republicans release long-awaited plan to replace Obamacare - The Washington Post
Millions to Be Liberated From Neoliberal Bailout of the Health Insurance Industry - Lawyers, Guns & Money - RyanCare will take away health insurance from millions of non-affluent people, make the insurance people do have much worse, and open a major front in the War on Women in order to pay for a massive upper-class tax cut. In conclusion, Both Sides Do It but Hillary Clinton is worse.
The GOP health bill doesn't know what problem it's trying to solve (well, they have the give money to the rich and die part down)
Maybe It's Time To Stop Calling The GOP Obamacare Plan A 'Replacement' | The Huffington Post - it sure wouldn't feel like one to the millions who would lose insurance.
Eschaton: Good Deal! - Chaffetz: Americans may have to choose between new phone, health insurance (because iPhones cost $50,000 - stupid+evil)
Jason Chaffetz says people should invest in health care instead of buying iPhones - The Boston Globe
Repeal of Health Law Faces a New Hurdle: Older Americans - The New York Times - AARP and its allies are bombarding congressional offices with objections as two House committees plan to vote on the Republicans's bill this week. (AARP, the people who want to get rid of Medicaidl

Video shows heated Oval Office meeting - YouTube
What We Know About the Investigations Into Trump's Russia Scandal
White House rejects Comey's Assertion That Wiretapping Claim Is False
McCain on Trump's wiretap claim: 'I haven't seen anything like this' ... "The dimensions of this are huge."
Welp, That Was Interesting - roughly eight more years in which Sater worked simultaneously both as an FBI informant and - for most of the time - a key business associate of Donald Trump

Eschaton: Civilitude - Official Washington always discovers the importance of civility when Republicans are in charge. Pointing out that the president is a liar, or that bad policies will kill people (hell even that war will kill people), is evidence that our holy political discourse is in decline. What we need is Honest Civil Debate

Carson doubles-down: Slaves were 'involutary immigrants'
Samuel L. Jackson leads outrage after Ben Carson refers to slaves taken to US as 'immigrants' : news

The sorry state of political discourse right now, in five Bernie Sanders tweets - The Washington Post - By Amber Phillips (part of the WaPo Cillizza faction, dumb and dumber and ridiculed in comments))
A Neo-Liberal's Manifesto -- 1982 -- Bill Bradley of New Jersey, Gary Hart of Colorado and Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts. (the old alt-left)

Republicans to American Workers: "Drop Dead" (white workers to Republicans: "gladly, as long as we can give you more tax cuts and you'll hate non-white people as much as we do")

Alabama's governor was recorded having a sexually explicit conversation. Is impeachment next? - Gov. Robert Bentley (R), 74, has fended off calls from his Republican allies and his opponents to resign after a recording of him having a sexually explicit conversation with his then-chief adviser emerged in March 2016. (another lying Republican "Christian" pussy-grabber)

Losing West Virginia | Jacobin
How 'Class Not Race' Becomes Normalized -- Kunkel literally does not mention race once in this article except a passing reference in the middle of one paragraph. That is amazing too me and it is indicative of an all-too common problem at Jacobin.

Mass. treasurer asks feds for pot clarity - The Boston Globe (Debbie is hoping for a crackdown)

Mars may have harbored even more liquid water on its surface in the ancient past than scientists had thought, a new study suggests. : science
when I shine a flashlight at Mars, does a small amount of the light actually reach it? : askscience
What's something that's technically true but extremely misleading? : AskReddit
Almost half of all deaths from heart disease & diabetes linked to diet: JAMA study

What are the 7 wonders of reddit? : AskReddit
When did you realize you were not average? : AskReddit
My name is Norman Ohler, and I'm here to tell you about all the drugs Hitler and the Nazis took
Does anyone have a copy of Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th edition and can send me a photo of page 263? : books

I cant find Windows phone devices impacted by CIA hacking tools as of yet. : windowsphone
Ecuador frontrunner offers glimmer of hope for WikiLeaks's Assange -- must leave embassy, but we'll try to find him new home (somewhere in Cuba)

A graphic novel adaptation of the Senate Torture Report.

The astounding political divide over what it means to be American (the divide between thinking and watching Fox)

Alex Oronov, dead Trump-Russia conspirator, had just bought real estate from Mar-a-Lago members - Palmer Report
Ukranian businessman with links to Donald Trump and Russia dies in unexplained circumstances | The Independent
Trump Tower's Russia email server was shut down three days before Carter Page quit campaign

American citizen Khizr Khan reportedly cancels trip to Canada after being warned his 'travel privileges are being reviewed' : news

Revised executive order bans travelers from six Muslim-majority countries from getting new visas - The Washington Post
I buried my negatives in the ground in order that there should be some record of our tragedy. (Trump's plan for America)

House Republicans release long-awaited plan to repeal and replace Obamacare - The Washington Post - There is no precedent for Congress to reverse a major program of social benefits once it has taken effect and reached millions of Americans.

It's the truth according to Trump. Believe it. (his truth is so much more beautiful than yours)

Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump's Wiretapping Claim
White House Rejects FBI's Denial Of Trump's Wiretapping Claims (Trump has "secret intelligence" buried somewhere in his dim brain)
Decoding the Wiretapping Claims - The New York Times - Donald Trump's political career is built on a lie about Barack Obama ... Trump appears to be basing his claims on a story in Breitbart that inaccurately summarized reporting from Louise Mensch
The former British lawmaker at the heart of the Trump wiretap allegations - The Washington Post - But who exactly is Louise Mensch? -- best known for her stint as a Conservative lawmaker and for her work as a successful chick-lit novelist under her maiden name, Louise Bagshawe.
The Conspiratorial Game of Telephone in Bannon's Rag that Made Left, Right, and POTUS Go Crazy -- he Louise Mensch story
Why Republicans Can't Separate from Trump - Delegitimizing the presidency of Barack Obama is a proud pastime - Trump was mad -- raging, steaming, mad -- Let us pause here for a moment to recall that the person to whom the president* vented, Christopher Ruddy, first came to national notice by peddling the theory that the Clintons had Vince Foster murdered
Right-Wing Media Scramble To Recast Obama As Trump-Era Villain - For the previous eight years, Obama was portrayed as an almost demonic figure bent on destroying the American way of life ... Hillary Clinton received co-star status as America's Villain on Fox News and in other right-wing media, which denounced her every move, real or imagined, as an outrage.
A top House Republican says he's seen no evidence to back Trump wiretap claim (crooked Chaffetz)
Inside Trump's fury: The president rages at leaks, setbacks and accusations
At the root of Trump's new fury: Total contempt for American democracy - President Trump is now wallowing in fury, we are told, because he can't make the Russia story disappear ... (President Baby-Tantrum)
Eschaton: Tormented Souls - Pretty sure they all deserve it. Trump is upset because he doesn't believe he is getting the credit he thinks he deserves for his time in office so far because of self-inflicted wounds and missteps ... mood is adding to tremendous pressure inside the West Wing and aides have been seen in tears in recent days at multiple meetings. (rage maniac)

Knives are out for Reince - politico - chief of staff is becoming a singular target of criticism as persistent controversies plague the presidency.

Tapping Trump? | Just Security

Wiretapping allegations accomplished what Trump wanted -- but may backfire bigly
Towergate: Trump's great gamble - Axios

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself -- The courtiers of the Valencia of Versailles, N.W., want everyone to know that His Trumpiness knows things that no one else knows about his wiretapping conspiracy theory. So there.
Top Trump advisers defend wiretap claims by saying he 'has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not'

U.S. Warned of Foreign Intel Operations After Russian Met With Team Trump at RNC - The Daily Beast (Pres Dirty Little Commie)

The Eight Power Centers Of The Trump Administration | FiveThirtyEight - From the Bannon Wing to the Bureaucrats

Russian Hackers Said to Seek Hush Money From Liberal Groups - Bloomberg - Russian hackers are targeting U.S. progressive groups in a new wave of attacks -- Cozy Bear, one of the Russian government groups identified as behind last year's attack on the Democratic National Committee during the presidential election and which is under continuing investigation.

CBO: Obamacare Costing The Feds A Third Less Than Expected - spending on the Affordable Care Act's coverage provisions in 2019 are now a third lower than what they were when the law was passed in 2010. (sorry, it's a total failure, fuck off and die)

Welcome, Airbnb Guest! Your Neighbors Are the Trumps - The New York Times - An apartment listed on the rental website until last week offered a prime location, luxurious appointments and a lot of security. It was inside Trump Tower

These Things I Believe - Lawyers, Guns & Money : 'Deep state' has become a term people use to imply conspiracy theories w/o articulating those theories in detail that might be embarrassing

Slavery is an example of America's can-do attitude - Ben Carson just referred to "slaves" as "immigrants" -- "There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships..."
Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter: "OK!! Ben Carson....I can't! Immigrants ? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!! MUTHAFUKKA PLEASE!!!#dickheadedtom"

Sexism on the Left - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Despite what sectors of the on-line left wanted to believe the Bernie Bro thing very real and very toxic. And of course we see this overtly sexist behavior come out continually from said bros.
Toward Solidarity Forever: Confronting patriarchy and sexual violence in activist circles
De-dudeing socialism - Democratic Socialists of America
Kelly Ellis ??????? on Twitter: "Just some progressive leftist men lolling at the idea that women have to think about personal safety"

TIL that 80% of males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 did not survive World War II. : todayilearned

IBM will sell 50-qubit universal quantum computer "in the next few years"

What do you find attractive that most people find unattractive? : AskReddit
What have you witnessed that you just can't explain? : AskReddit
The hacking episode happened to me. It was fucked up. : blackmirror
What do you find attractive that most people find unattractive? : AskReddit

10 Brain-Banging Facts You Didn't Know About Dildos
Shop our fantasy sex toys: dildos, masturbators, and more! - Bad Dragon


Israel officially decriminalizes marijuana use : news - Finally, public stoning returns to the Holy land!

Muslim Ban 2 - Lawyers, Guns & Money : It looks like Trump will issue Muslim Ban 2: Racist Boogaloo tomorrow

Everything you ever wanted to know about the U.S. foreign assistance budget - Washington Post (1% of the budget that should just go to tax breaks for the Kochbros)

Trump's charge that he was wiretapped takes presidency into new territory (lunacy-land)
The Trump Experiment may come to an early tipping point - The Washington Post (around the bend and off the deep end)

White House Spokeswoman Walks Back Trump Wiretapping Claims | The Huffington Post - information "suggesting" ... a "very real potential"
If Trump Tower Was Wiretapped, Trump Can Declassify That Right Now
With tweetstorm, Trump may have exercised exclusive declassification authority - ABC News - President Donald Trump potentially made public the existence of Top Secret wiretaps - a move that would be a federal crime, if performed by anyone other than the commander-in-chief.
The Latest: Official says FBI wants Trump claim rejected - ABC News
FBI Director James Comey Asked DOJ To Refute Trump's Wiretapping Claim | The Huffington Post - allegation was false.
Trump Seeks Inquiry Into Unproved Allegations That Obama Tapped His Phones - The New York Times
Trump Faces Furor Over Unsubstantiated Claim Obama Wiretapped Him - WSJ
If the Feds Did Wiretap Trump Tower, It's Not Obama Who Should Worry
White House Says It Will No Longer Comment On Trump's Wiretapping Claim - White House press secretary Sean Spicer called on Congress to investigate the allegation. (so just shut up)
Eschaton: Investigating You Investigating Me - I'm starting to suspect the preznit is not so bright. I guess this is the real news:
Trump angry and frustrated at staff over Sessions fallout - - Nobody has seen him that upset (finding out he's not yet the emperor)
Obama Refutes Allegation That He Wiretapped Trump Tower During Campaign | The Huffington Post - "simply false"
Lindsey Graham Nails The Problem With Trump's Wiretapping Claims | The Huffington Post - If Obama got a warrant to eavesdrop, then Trump probably did something wrong, the South Carolina senator noted. (democracy is hard for Trumpster, doesn't understand how it all works)

Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Admits Collusion With WikiLeaks, Then Deletes It | The Huffington Post - back-channel communication (microencephalic)
Longtime Trump Adviser Calls Critic "Stupid Ignorant Ugly Bitch" (said the ugly pin-head)
Roger Stone Forgot Other People Can Read His Tweets - He lost his damn mind (again).
Former Trump Advisor Roger Stone Had a Twitter Meltdown
Roger Stone on Twitter: ""Appear" ? Why is @LATimes lying ? Obama issued no denial saying only "he didn't order it" #busted"
Trump Advisor Roger Stone Launches Vulgar Twitter Tirade, Admits Back Channel To Assange During Clinton Leaks | The Huffington Post - What did Donald Trump know, and when did he know it? Roger Stone may have the answer. (does he look human?) The question of whether Donald Trump had knowledge of the Russian cyber attacks in the 2016 presidential election could have potentially unprecedented ramifications on the future of this presidential administration.

Keith Olbermann on Twitter: "Trump's inability to leave Russia alone not only confirms his treachery, it's destroying him. ICYMI, mine from 1/9:"
Russia is the slow burn of the Trump administration, and it's not going away (Comrade Trumpchev)

What's going on underneath @RealDonaldTrump's tweets? A small investigation - Home | Day 6 | CBC Radio - tweets had evolved into a wild media ecosystem

Like a well oiled machine. - However, the reaction to his speech on Tuesday showed there are people who can't be described as tRump supporters, but who will declare the Pivot has arrived when he doesn't behave like a complete and total ass for a whole 60 minutes.
Eschaton: I Wonder Why All The Leaking Is Happening - The world's greatest boss. (asshole-in-chief and his den of assholes)

This Stunningly Racist French Novel Is How Steve Bannon Explains The World | The Huffington Post - The Camp of the Saints - tells a grotesque tale about a migrant invasion to destroy Western civilization ... kill them all! ("Muslim invasion" +he sounds really stupid)
Eschaton: Imagine A Country Without Immigrants - The Trumpkins want to stop all immigration by brown people and make life hell for the brown people currently living here, whatever their legal status. The racism is sick, but it's also a horrible way forward for the country otherwise. Immigration has kept this country alive, and I shudder to think about what some of the trend lines would have looked like without it. (the whites would have had no one to blame for their destruction)

Tens Of People Rally Across The Country In 'March 4 Trump' | The Huffington Post - We hear by hearby herbie declare the rallies a success.

Health care sets tone for Texas congressman's contentious town hall | The Texas Tribune - In a rare congressional town hall in North Texas, U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Lewisville, withstood two hours of booing from hundreds of angry constituents at a local high school. Few of his colleagues have hosted such forums lately. (Teahadists running for their holes)
Obamacare-Repealer Explains Poor Don't Want to be Healthy - Representative Roger Marshall is a Kansas Republican, a former obstetrician, and a first-year member of Congress, and opponent of the Affordable Care Act (from bankrupt Brownbackistan +just look at him)
The Quiet Parts Loud: Medicaid Edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money : A Republican from Brownbackistan says that repealing Medicaid is fine because poor people want to be unhealthy. No, really: This is sort of the ultimate Republican healthcare argument, in that it's both nakedly sociopathic and either willfully clueless or actively dishonest about the policy details (Republicans have been selling lies since Nixon) - "These people believe with religious fervor that the invisible hand of an unfettered market is the Holy Spirit; God is a wealthy GOP landowner with authoritarian tendencies and Jesus was his radical libertarian son who "told it like it is" to the libtards"

I Remember When Appalachia Wasn't Trump Country (US of Trump!) in 2016 a majority of West Virginia's voters supported Donald J. Trump, and many expressed outright hatred of Barack Obama. (the "common men" went full racist retard while screwing themselves with their own stupidty)

Thousands of ICE detainees claim they were forced into labor, a violation of anti-slavery laws - The Washington Post - the case could involve as many as 60,000 immigrants who have been detained. (an Obama program)

Patrons Walk Out As Ala. Official Pushes Voter ID At Selma Anniversary Service - "You cannot come and stand in that pulpit and promote a voter suppression tactic and then we just sit there ... democracy is at stake"

Patience Gone, Koch-Backed Groups Will Pressure G.O.P. on Health Repeal - The New York Times (Kochbros of Satan: "give us all your money, fuck off and die")

Why We Believe Obvious Untruths - The New York Times - irrationality comes from a very rational place. People fail to distinguish what they know from what others know because it is often impossible to draw sharp boundaries between what knowledge resides in our heads and what resides elsewhere. (sciencedudes, try this piece of rationality: mining companies (and Republicans in general) always lie +you don't need to be an "expert" running "cost-beneit analyses" to know mining companies dumping toxic waste into drinking water might be a bad thing: #badscience)

11 types of cancer are highly linked to obesity : science
Google's Deep Learning AI project diagnoses cancer faster than pathologists - "While the human being achieved 73% accuracy, by the end of tweaking, GoogLeNet scored a smooth 89% accuracy." : technology
Why is it matter in the Sun's core can undergo fusion at 15 million degrees but our fusion reactors need to be 100+ million degrees? : askscience
TIL that flossing was dropped from the US government's dietary guidelines because no reliable study exist to prove its health benefits. : todayilearned

Couples therapists, do you ever tell anyone, "alright you two just shouldn't be together," and how long does it take you to reach that conclusion? : AskReddit

TIL Estonia produces the most models per capita. 73.8 per million people : todayilearned
What's the greatest compliment you've ever received? : AskReddit
I have to give a shout-out to H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. Never have I felt such existential dread weeks after reading a book. *spoilers* : books
Lawyers of reddit, whats the most ridiculous argument you've heard in court? : AskReddit
Oh deer...Nobody saw that : gifs - back in nineteen ninety eight when the Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted sixteen feet
shittymorph comments on There's a 1/300,000,000 chance of winning the lottery and everyone thinks they're a winner, but a 1/10,000 chance of getting into a car accident when texting and no one thinks it will be them.

The Border Patrol can take your password. Now what? : technology (all your passwords are belong to Trumpster)


Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles - The New York Times - delayed by several years the day when North Korea will be able to threaten American cities with nuclear weapons launched atop intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Decades-old mass grave of children of unwed mothers confirmed in Ireland - The Washington Post - a glimpse into a particularly dark time for unmarried pregnant women in Ireland, where societal and religious mores stigmatized them (mass murder of children and slavery by Catholic Church and sex-hysterical Irish)

How Our Strategy Against Terrorism Gave Us Trump - The New York Times - a bipartisan approach to national security focused on terrorism that has distorted America (terraterraterra)

Donald Trump was a conspiracy-theory candidate. Now he's on the edge of being a conspiracy-theory president. (Cillizza)

Trump, citing no evidence, accuses Obama of 'Nixon/Watergate' plot to wiretap Trump Tower
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!" (he's getting killed on Twitter)
Trump goes on Twitter rant accusing ex-President Obama of 'tapping phones' at Trump Tower prior to election (he means the Russsian Ambassador's phone, but same thing)
Trump Repeats Talk Radio Rumor That Obama Wiretapped Him During Election - BuzzFeed News ("tapps" on his "wires")
Top Obama adviser to Trump: 'No president can order a wiretap' (Pres Dunning-Kruger Dimwhit)
Donald Trump Claims Barack Obama Ordered Wire Tap On Trump Tower Before Election | The Huffington Post - But he offered no evidence to back up the claims.
Anyone Know What He's On About -- How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!

This One Great Paragraph Tells The Story About Government Leaks | The Huffington Post - President Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin used his first senior staff meeting last month to tell his new aides he would not tolerate leaks to the news media, sources familiar with the matter said.

Donald Trump's Attempt To Shift Russia Focus To Chuck Schumer Is More Than A Little Desperate | The Huffington Post - missing the point of the controversy

Trump administration to publish weekly list of crimes committed by #immigrants -- as Nazi once did with Jews

Why the Alt-Left Is a Problem, Too | Vanity Fair (not the same, James)

The week in patriarchy: Texas doctors fight for right to lie to pregnant women | Jessica Valenti | World news | The Guardian - A new bill would let doctors lie to prevent abortions and - look, over here! - Ivanka Trump is trying to distract us from Trump's misogyny

Before Meeting With Muslim Constituents, GOP Lawmaker Asks If They Beat Their Wives | The Huffington Post - Oklahoma state Rep. John Bennett gave Muslim high school students who wanted to meet with him an Islamophobic questionnaire first.

Just A Reminder That Trump Has Still Provided Zero Evidence Of Voter Fraud | The Huffington Post - Evidence disproving it, however, keeps rolling in.

You're The Most Powerful Man In The Known Universe - Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show
Trump says Schwarzenegger was fired from 'Apprentice.' Then Schwarzenegger fires back.
Donald J. Trump on Twitter: "Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show"

Sikh man in Kent (south of Seattle) says he was told Go 'back to your own country' before he was shot (by a white Trump terrorist)

Creep Busters ambush of man with mental disability called 'vigilantism' : news
Father raped lesbian teenage daughter to 'show her' sex with men is better (which helped a lot)

Harvard confronts its history of slavery in conference - The Boston Globe

An estimated 4.5 billion cases of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, adenovirus, rabies, and hepatitis A were prevented and 10 million lives saved by the 1962 creation of the WI-38 human cell strain used in the production of vaccines : science

the_loneliest_noodle comments on Miley cyrus sucking a fake dick, riding an even bigger fake dick and then letting fans rub her vagina
ELI5: How can so many artists now produce incredible photorealism, when even the greatest Renaissance artists that saw that as a central aim couldn't come as close? : explainlikeimfive
Have you ever (correctly) had a gut-feeling to dislike someone who, on the surface, was a cool person that everybody else liked? What's that story? : AskReddit

Uber's VP of product and growth Ed Baker has resigned (sexual harrassment +fuck you recode and your can't copy anything bullshit)


White House proposes steep budget cut to leading climate science agency - The Washington Post (great crimes against humanity)

Liam Hogan (@Limerick1914) | Twitter (Ireland and Catholic child mass murder and enslavement)

Exclusive: Trump administration considering separating women, children at Mexico border | Reuters
In leaked document, the case for Trump's 'Muslim ban' takes another huge hit
This is What It's Like When A Father Of 4 Is Detained By ICE While Dropping His Daughters Off At School

Federal prosecutors have brought charges in cases far less serious than Sessions'
Sessions could face legal ordeal over testimony - politico - at g Ivanka Trump is trying to distract us from Trumpreater risk if a special counsel takes over Trump-Russia probe
The Trump presidency can't seem to escape Russia's shadow
Carter Page letter to DOJ about Hillary Clinton and Russia - Business Insider

Axios AM - 1 big thing: When the smoke is the fire

The web of relationships between Team Trump and Russia - The Washington Post (Commie takeover of US - "I don't know Russia")
White House accused of blocking information on bank's Trump-Russia links - about whether Donald Trump or any of his campaign affiliates have ever received loans from a bank in Cyprus that is partly owned by a close ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Trump team issued at least 20 denials of contacts with Russia
Exclusive: Two other Trump advisers also spoke with Russian envoy during GOP convention (now it's more like who wasn't talking to the Russkies)
Trump Administration Repeatedly Denied There Was Any Contact With Russia During Campaign | The Huffington Post - a growing list of people who had such communications.
Another Trump adviser has significantly changed his story about the GOP's dramatic shift on Ukraine
Sessions Revelations Leave Donald Trump in Another Fine Russian Mess - The New Yorker

Trump's Already Small Circle Of Trusted Advisers Suffers Another Big Blow | The Huffington Post - Sessions can no longer protect the president from investigations involving Russia.
Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Expenses - WSJ - Records show attorney general used campaign account for travel expenses to Cleveland, where he met Russian envoy
Eschaton: Jim Crow Forever - Jeff Sessions is a horrible racist.

Sergey Kislyak Visited Obama White House At Least 15 Times | The Daily Caller (see? it's the same thing!)

Pence is an incredible hypocrite on official emails. But that's only part of the story
Mike Pence used private email for state business -- and was hacked
Mike Pence Used Private Email Address as Governor of Indiana - till cleaning up his mess in Indiana.

President Trump Tweets About Chuck Schumer and Vladimir Putin - We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!

Goodbye Spin, Hello Raw Dishonesty - The New York Times - At thi point it's easier to list the Trump officials who haven't been caught lying under oath than those who have. This is not an accident

Barack Obama and His Deep State Operatives Are Attempting to Sabotage the Duly Elected President of the United States | The Rush Limbaugh Show

Tea party to Trump's base: Drop dead

Is Our Union Leaders Learning? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : I've defended Richard Trumka on a lot of fronts. But this is unforgivable.

Voice of The Southern: Let the people have their say | Opinion | Voice of The Southern | - Rep. Bost did not schedule an in-person town hall meeting during the time he was back in the district last week. (Teaparty cowards)

NC man accused of committing anti-gay attack: 'You live in Trump country now' (Hateland)

Officials Arrest Suspect In Bomb 8 Threats On Jewish Community | The Huffington Post
Former journalist arrested, charged with threats against Jewish facilities - The Washington Post
Before Bomb Threats, Juan Thompson Unraveled
Reporter Fabricated Quotes, Invented Sources at The Intercept
Come Back Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair, All Is Forgiven - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Transgender Conservatives Speak Out: Trump 'Failed' The Test Of Equality | The Huffington Post (Trannies for Trump)

Beau Biden's widow having affair with his married brother

Fayetteville shooting death livestreamed on Facebook

You May Want to Marry My Husband - The New York Times
Amy Krause Rosenthal's article "You May Want to Marry My Husband" just broke my heart : books

Eschaton: Fuck SXSW - Telling international artists that they will report them for deportation if they dare to play any outside shows. (they put it in the contract, fuckers)

94-year-old Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Solid State Battery : technology

What statistic blew your mind when you heard of it? : AskReddit
Do quantum mechanical effects have any physiological consequences for how our brains work? : askscience

What are some creepy verified pieces of found footage? : AskReddit
What's the big genetic "F*** you" you got from your family? : AskReddit
A Twitter employee making $160,000 a year says he's only scraping by in San Francisco : technology
What is the most unoriginal question on Askreddit? : AskReddit

How Uber Used Secret Greyball Tool to Deceive Authorities Worldwide - The New York Times


Out West, the snow is so deep that scientists don't have any tools to measure it

As for the unverified dossier suggesting that Russia had material on Trump that could be used as blackmail, one intelligence official said that members of the intelligence community are continuing to chase down stuff from the dossier and, at its core, a lot of it is bearing out (golden showers)
US Senate calls on British spy Christopher Steele to give evidence on explosive Trump-Russia dossier | The Independent - Republicans and Democrats in Congress keen to facilitate discreet meetings in the UK or on neutral territory, as pressure grows on President

Rep. Schiff accuses Comey of withholding information on Russia probe - politico - The ranking member on the House intelligence panel warns that lawmakers may have to subpoena the FBI.
Kushner and Flynn Met With Russian Envoy in December, White House Says - The New York Times - the White House said on Thursday. (note sourcing for this and WaPo's White House Sessions statement: they didn't choose to admit scandalous and illegal behavior, they were given a choice of admitting it or more leaks)

The State of Trump's State Department - Anxiety and listless days as a foreign-policy bureaucracy confronts the possibility of radical change (dismantling the "administrative state" = "destroying government" = rise of the neoconderate/nazi/commies")

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will recuse himself from any probe related to 2016 presidential campaign - The Washington Post (refuses to turn himself in)
Jeff Sessions Needs to Go - The New York Times (to Hell)
Jeff Sessions Is a Disgrace to the Justice Department | The Nation

Donald Trump Jr. Was Likely Paid at Least $50,000 for Event Held by Hosts Allied With Russia on Syria - WSJ - October appearance by son of then-candidate is one of string of contacts between members of the president's inner circle and individuals connected to Moscow (the Devils made a deal with each other)

Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose - The Washington Post - Justice Department officials said (21K+ comments as Russian Trumpbots war with the facts)

Sessions' credibility is shot: Column - America needs a top law enforcement officer people can trust - Lying under oath and intentionally making a false and misleading statement to Congress are crimes under federal law. In 1999, Sessions voted to convict Bill Clinton of perjury in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, having earlier said that, "I have no doubt perjury qualifies under the Constitution as a high crime" (little Jeff has been an awful person his whole life, like Trumpster)
Jeff Sessions Called For A Special Counsel After Loretta Lynch Met With Bill Clinton | The Huffington Post

Nancy Pelosi's claim that Bill Clinton was impeached for 'something so far less' than Jeff Sessions (WaPo waffles, thinks because a lie is a lie, whether it's about blow-jobs, or rigging Trump's election with the Commies)

Six times Jeff Sessions talked about perjury, access and recusal -- when it involved the Clintons (what a weird little evil gnome)

An Alternative-Facts Perspective - You might think that Jeff Sessions is a neoconfederate who perjured himself. But perhaps he's a noble resister of THE NEW MCCARTHYISM: (neoconferate neonazi neocommie little Jeffy Beauregard)

What's A Little Perjury Between Comrades? The Attorney General isn't just a neoconfederate, he'a a crook (the crooked Adminisration)

Growing Number Of Republicans Call On Jeff Sessions To Step Aside | The Huffington Post - Sessions reportedly did not disclose conversations he had with Russia (lied under oath)

Trump Team's Ties To Russia Face Sharper Scrutiny Amid New House Probe And Explosive Reports | The Huffington Post - Pressure grows for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from investigations into the scandal. (he's investigating himelf, which was apparently the plan)
Thursday's Morning Email: What The Russia Revelations Mean For Jeff Sessions | The Huffington Post - Nancy Pelosi has called for Sessions to resign.
Bush's Ethics Lawyer: Jeff Sessions May Go To Jail If He Lied To Congress | The Huffington Post - The Attorney General is accused of lying to Congress about conversations with the Russia ambassador.
It's Time To Talk About Impeachment | The Huffington Post - Every decision the president makes will be under a cloud of suspicion.

The proper response to Presidented Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "oh, he read a TelePrompTer!! It's like my kid ate and didn't spill" - Perez: Bottom line: Trump's #JointAddress was Steve Bannon on steroids with a smile.
The Third Term of the Bush Administration, With Even Less Competence - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: They Know Even Less Than What They Say - They Know Even Less Than What They Say - Trump just lies. The real crime is believing or passing on those lies when your job (supposedly) is to communicate truth to your viewers/readers.
CNN Reports That It Got Played On Its Not-So-Anonymous Immigration Scoop From Trump (they had no idea he might do that)
Is Our Media Learning, Revisited : Lawyers, Guns & Money - amazing how happy the media is to be played as patsies by con men.
You Cretins Are Going To Get Thousands Of People Killed - Here's another thing you should understand about these guys: The only thing the elite Washington press corps likes more than a bipartisan commission on debt reduction is a stack of flag-draped coffins.
Eschaton: And Who Are They Again? - Russian jets accidentally bombed US-backed forces in Syria: US general - Yah, I know, The Moderates. That'll be the name of my DC-based wedding band/superhero pundit squad.
Eschaton: The Bubble - The real "DC bubble" is a press corps completely immune (or think they are) from any consequences of actual government policy ... It isn't the presidency, it's the President Show (and Trump is the STAR)
Trump's World Increasingly Shaped by Fox News, and Fox by Trump

Checks and Balances, Right to Protest Seen as Very Important for Strong Democracy | Pew Research Center - Republicans (68%) are less likely than Democrats (88%) to view the right to nonviolent protest as very important (32% of Republicans want to take away your constitutional right to assemble peacefully, 34% don't think you're allowed to criticize dear leader : this is major moral brain cancer)
Across the Country, a Republican Push to Rein In Protesters - The New York Times

McMaster rebuked by Army in 2015 for his handling of sexual assault case - The Washington Post - investigated by the Army and admonished two years ago for mishandling a case involving two junior officers accused of sexual assault, military documents show.

At Least There Probably Weren't Any Democrats There - An Iowa lawmaker who is pushing a controversial bill that caps the number of Democrats that state universities can hire as professors claimed on a government web site that he got a "business degree" from the "Forbco Management school." - "This was a management course he took when he worked for Sizzler, kind of like Hamburger University at McDonald's ... a certificate (sounds like a typical Republican)

History News Network | Does It Matter Who the Secretary of Labor Is? - Frances Perkins, U.S. Secretary of Labor. March 4, 1933 - June 30, 1945 (competence used to be a thing)

Republicans already think Obamacare repeal is a nightmare. It's about to get worse - Paul Waldman

The Trump Resistance Kit | The Trump Resistance Kit

Michigan police can have sex with prostitutes during investigations - New bill proposes to ban this : news

New Yorker Cartoon Speask in peace. To Every Woman Who's Been Mansplained To (embedded patriarchy in comments)

How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real? : funny

Operating system and a film stored on DNA, and recovered with no errors. : science
"Robotics and artificial intelligence will continue to improve


Antarctica hits record high temperature at balmy 63.50F : news
TIL the Netherlands is the world's second-largest exporter of food and agricultural products, after the United States despite having one of the largest population densities of the world. : todayilearned
Oldest fossils unearthed: 3.8-billion-year-old find in Canada offers more evidence that life was around very early after the Earth formed : science

Lone abuse survivor on Vatican panel quits - The Boston Globe - citing "shameful" lack of cooperation from elements of the Vatican bureaucracy.

Obama Administration Rushed to Preserve Intelligence of Russian Election Hacking - The New York Times
Trump, the Russian Ship and Suspicious Minds - The New York Times

Sessions spoke twice with Russian ambassador during Trump's campaign (hopelessly corrupted)

Fact-checking President Trump's address to Congress

President Trump's First Speech to Congress Is an Act of Bar-Lowering - Happy National Bar-Lowering Day!
Media Figures Tout Trump's 'Presidential' Shift, But His Divisive Policies Remain The Same
Allwftopic on Twitter: "@Reverse_123 @samsteinhp It means a Black Man has to be twice as good as a mediocre white man to get half of what he has."

Don't you know that it's different for girls, and Republican presidents? - The mechanism by which standards are redefined to accommodate the most appalling men is an enigma wrapped in a mystery tucked under a conundrum and hidden behind a toilet filled with befuddlement in the disused lavatory of posers which has a sign on the door saying Beware of the Patriarchy White Supremacy Leopard.
Oprah Is Thinking Maybe She *Could* Run For President | The Huffington Post - #Oprah2020? (Trump has celebretized the Presidency because no one has to actually know anything, how about KimK? as long as you're "lowering the bar")

Eschaton: "...where they will not be judged by the color of their skin..." - Chris Cillizza is V. UPSET that Democrats didn't love Trump's great speech. (and his plan of demonizing immigrants)

Trump is performing the role of president, not doing the job - Vox

Eschaton: ACTUALLY, Segregation Was Just What Black People Wanted - part of what DeVos's gibberish is expressing. (the first choice was choosing to be white)

Eschaton: Great Moments In Wingnuttery - Amanda Carpenter @amandacarpenter -- The internet tells me she got a BA in Communications Studies from a state university. Not that there's anything wrong with that

Why Regretful Trump Voters Have to Own the Disaster of Trump's Presidency - Why I'll never Sympathize with Regretful Trump Voters - They brought this disaster on themselves. They must own it.

Democrats squandered an opportunity - The Boston Globe - Staged in a diner and delivered by former Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, the nine-minute 'rebuttal was an unmitigated disaster ... the bizarre pick of a 72-year-old white guy from Kentucky (called himself a "proud Republican" you.can't.make.this.shit.up and who in the DNC did this? Schumer?)

Sean Spicer Launches Witch Hunt Over The 'Secure' App He Just Said Was No Big Deal : technology

Police say they were 'authorized by McDonald's' to arrest protesters, suit claims | Business | The Guardian - Fight for $15 chapter in Memphis alleges that officers engaged in surveillance and intimidation of fast-food worker organization

Almost 250 women and men describe one of the nation's largest jewelry companies, Sterling Jewelers, which operates under the name of Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, as a hotbed of sexual harassment in declarations as part of a long-running arbitration case. : news

A new study has revealed that it's general exchanges of words and signs of affection following sex that directly cause increased long-term happiness and more life satisfaction in couples who have sex at least once a week. : science

That time my sister took me "camping". : raisedbynarcissists
What is your to go question to kill awkward silence? : AskReddit
Not including my mom, what's some of the worst sex you've ever had? : AskReddit
TIL the expression 'what in tarnation?' comes from 'tarnal' meaning eternal and 'nation' meaning damnation. The phrase is effectively 'What the hell?'. : todayilearned
Historically, what went 100 to 0 real quick? : AskReddit

Video Surfaces of Uber CEO Arguing With Driver: (he actually is a total asshole and "not a good role model")
Uber's CEO lectures a driver about "responsibility" in an argument about fare cuts
'I must fundamentally change and grow up' : Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's big apology (he's 40)

022817 sets up world's first low altitude UAV logistics network in northwest China - Being able to travel up to 300 kilometres per flight, the drones can be loaded with several tonnes of goods.

President Trump's surprisingly presidential speech to the nation, annotated

FBI once planned to pay former British spy who authored controversial Trump dossier - The Washington Post

About 1,000 People At Jewish Center In Irvine Evacuated Due To Bomb Threat + CBS Los Angeles (Trumpster unleashed tidal wave of hatred)
Jewish Centers In Several States, Including Pa., Being Evacuated Due To Threats : news (Trumpsters at work)
Trump suggests Jewish community is spreading anti-Semitic threats - NY Daily News (you know, to make our hard-working Nazi anti-semite supporters look bad, and lordy, look at his hair))
Trump is flirting with the idea that anti-Semitic incidents are false flags -- yet again

Racist in Chief - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump is showing the leadership one would expect in the aftermath of the racist murder of Indian engineers in Kansas. (comment: "Donald Trump really is a hate crime against America. He truly is.")

Donald Trump Blames SEAL's Death On Military: 'They Lost Ryan' | The Huffington Post - President Donald Trump on Tuesday dodged responsibility for a botched mission he ordered in Yemen last month, placing the onus on the military and Barack Obama
Trump says Obama behind leaks - (in his own administration)
Trump Blames Obama For His Political Protester Problem | The Huffington Post - I think he is behind it.
Trump says Obama is helping to organize protests against his presidency - The Washington Post
Trump faces a huge problem, and Bannon's con-artistry cannot make it disappear (speaking of con-artists)

White House: 'There Is Nothing Further To Investigate' About Trump's Russia Ties | The Huffington Post

House Republicans Are Helping Donald Trump Keep His Tax Returns Secret | The Huffington Post - House Republicans shot down a Democrat-led effort to release the returns. (coverup)

Bernie Sanders On Trump's Discovery That Health Care Is 'So Complicated': LOL | The Huffington Post
The Fight for Obamacare Has Turned - The New York Times

Ocean Calls Creek Wet - Lawyers, Guns & Money : You may remember Chris Cillizza from such examples of Writing About Real Issues rather than Pretending to be Outraged by Inane Trivia as writing 50 stories about Hillary Clinton's email server before the first Democratic debate.

Kellyanne Conway makes herself comfortable in Oval Office | Daily Mail Online - "Talking to Black People for Dummies")
The Conway picture is only a small error in Trump's swing-and-a-miss black college event

Sean Spicer Wrote This Angry Letter to His College Newspaper After They Called Him 'Sean Sphincter'

HUFFPOLLSTER: The Democratic Party Is Losing Its Ratings Edge Over The GOP | The Huffington Post

Warren Buffett: 'When A Lady Says No, She Means Maybe' | The Huffington Post - Billionaire Warren Buffett has a long history of telling dirty old man style stories to explain boring business stuff

Betsy DeVos press release praises segregated Jim Crow education system as "pioneer of choice"
Eschaton: Pioneers - I guess we're now learning that "school choice" advocates just want everybody to be as fucking stupid as they are.
Jim Crow as School Choice! - Lawyers, Guns & Money

northca comments on This website lets you overlay any U.S. State, or country, with any other U.S. State or country, and calculates the how much bigger and smaller they are from each other. - The wealth difference between Germany and Greece (richest in EU and poorest) is smaller than between California and Mississippi and the South receives subsidies dwarfing Greece's which act as a transfer of wealth from blue states/cities/urban to red states/rural/suburban with blue states' federal dollars for everything from their freeways to hospitals to universities to airports to environmental protection: (slave states have always been moochers)
Observation: Downstate Pays More, Upstate Gets More: Does It Matter? - If indeed it is better to give than receive, New York City and its suburbs can count their blessings by the billions of dollars. City residents and businesses paid about $4.1 billion more to Albany in taxes and fees than the state returned in spending for education, health care, transit and other services in 2009-10

Jeff Sessions Warns Of An America With 'Marijuana Sold At Every Corner Grocery Store' | The Huffington Post (sounds like Jason Lewis)
Exclusive: Feds threatening to shut down marijuana festival, Cannabis Cup, in Las Vegas : news
U.S. marijuana jobs set to outpace manufacturing : news
Chronic pain sufferers and those taking mental health meds would rather turn to cannabis instead of their prescribed opioid medication, according to new research by the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria. : science

Tucson Officer Assaults Elderly Protesters : news (praised for his restraint in not just shooting them)

Hundreds allege sex harassment, discrimination at Kay and Jared jewelry company - The Washington Post - The statements allege that top male managers, some at the company's headquarters near Akron, Ohio, dispatched scouting parties to stores to find female employees they wanted to sleep with, laughed about women's bodies in the workplace, and pushed female subordinates into sex by pledging better jobs, higher pay or protection from punishment.

REMINDER: The University of Alaska Fairbanks is set to release its $300,000 computer model of Building 7. This finite element analysis of the 3rd tower collapse on 9/11 has exposed the official NIST report as fraudulent. UAF's 2 year project is banned from /r/engineering, /r/physics, and /r/science : conspiracy

The True Size Of ...

Introducing Handle (Boston Dynamics) : videos

Honestly, what makes you horny? : AskReddit
What's the most statistically unlikely thing that has ever happened to you? : AskReddit
Users of Reddit, what's the biggest "I'm a pirate" black flag? : AskReddit
[Serious]Historians of Reddit, what are some NSFW rated facts that aren't often taught in history class? : AskReddit

Uber's SVP of engineering is out after he did not disclose he left Google in a dispute over a sexual harassment allegation - Amit Singhal, a highly regarded engineer in Silicon Valley, denied the claims after top execs at the search giant presented them to him.
Female engineer sues Tesla describing a culture of 'pervasive harassment' : news (techbro culture)


Solar Now Provides Twice As Many Jobs As The Coal Industry : technology (the Trump pickup is hauling coal in your face) - Charles and David Koch alone spent more than all unions in the country combined in 2016.

Why secretive North Korea is edging towards a new crisis (will crash during the Trumpocracy, with dangerous variables)

EU lawmakers, in unusual move, pull the plug on racist talk - lawmakers have granted special powers to the president to pull the plug on live broadcasts of parliamentary debate in cases of racist speech or acts and the ability to purge any offending video or audio material from the system.

'Beyond belief': 75-100 headstones toppled at Jewish cemetery - The Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 1,372 bias incidents between Trump's inauguration and Feb. 7 ... 57 incidents in 24 states of anonymous bomb threats being called in to Jewish Community Centers. The organization has also recorded that the number of hate groups in the U.S. grew in 2016 for the second straight year, with a threefold increase in the number of anti-Muslim hate groups. (MAHA)

House Intelligence chairman denies evidence of Trump team's ties to Russia ((Republicans and intelligence in the same sentence doesn't work)

Trump's Alpha Male Foreign Policy - politico (bullying as a policy)
Trump, Archenemy of Truth - The New York Times - The fact is that Trump simply wants the truth not to be true, so he assaults its quality. He wants the purveyors of truth not to pursue it, so he questions their motives.
Trump Embraces 'Enemy of the People' a Phrase With a Fraught History (back in the USSR)

Trump to Ask for Sharp Increases in Military Spending, Officials Say - The New York Times (and cut everything else)
ECHIDNE OF THE SNAKES: Trump: The US Needs More Weapons.

These Iowans voted for Trump. Many of them are already disappointed. - The Washington Post - "I didn't think he would come in blazing like he has" ("think," there's you problem right there)

Did President Trump save 77,000 coal mining jobs? - The Washington Post - Three Pinocchios

He's a Local Pillar in a Trump Town. Now He Could Be Deported. (oh, we didn't think he meant Carlos)
Eschaton: Immigrants I Like And Those Other People - But then they took Carlos.

Sean Spicer is losing his grip - The Washington Post (the bullshit interface +twitter obsessed))
Exclusive: Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back - Axios

Who Knew? - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Lawyers, Guns & Money - The last person to understand a basic fact is of course our president. - "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated."
Inside Trump's Secret Dinner: A Side of the President You Don't Ever See

The Uses of Outrage - The New York Times - This means supporting news organizations that do their job and shunning those that act as agents of the regime

'Plan A Protest, Lose Your House' Bill, SB 1142, Killed by Arizona House : news (meanwhile, in Nazi America)

Democrats predict anti-Trump 'tsunami' in 2018 governor's races (bye-bye Charlie?)

Survival tips for Sebastian Gorka, PhD - The Washington Post (Gorka wrote a "fake thinking" PhD)

As Trump Said in the Campaign, Leave Pot to the States - The New York Times (Beauregard will take away your ghetto weed)

The Assassination of Keith Ellison by the Neoliberal Coward Tom Perez - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Supreme Court To Review Facebook Ban For North Carolina Sex Offenders | The Huffington Post - Defense attorneys argue that the broad prohibition violates the right to free speech.

Betsy DeVos jokes at CPAC that school lunches should not be free because she's a rich monster (no free lunch for undernourished children in Trmpland)

I'm Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Ask Me Anything.
Physicists suggest using black holes and gravitational waves to find dark matter : science
Introducing Handle (Boston Dynamics) : videos
How can a Black Hole have rotation if the singularity is a 0-dimentional point and doesn't have an axis to rotate around? : askscience

Women of reddit, what's the biggest manchild red flag? : AskReddit
Neighbor Sued Me After Harassing My Dog for Months, Lost Horribly : ProRevenge

This website lets you roam around nearby star systems in a 3D view : InternetIsBeautiful
Support Space Engine

Netflix has 2 times more subscribers than Comcast and uses 2 times more traffic than YouTube : television


2 Years Ago, Sen. Jim Inhofe Pulled This Embarrassing Stunt | The Huffington Post (his snowball just melted in hell, where he will soon join it))
Biologists say half of all species could be extinct by end of century | Environment | The Guardian - Scientists at Vatican conference are searching for a solution to the manmade 'major extinction event' (Republicans celebrate the end of science)
Death on Derby Day at Lake Winnipesaukee - The Boston Globe

Asians' Views of Each Other | Pew Research Center (Japan wins, SK last place +Australian women like Asians much less than men do)

Hundreds of headstones damaged at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery |
Dozens Of Gravestones Toppled, Broken At Philadelphia Jewish Cemetery | The Huffington Post (Nazi's are back)

Truck Slams Into Mardi Gras Parade Crowd In New Orleans, Injuring Dozens | The Huffington Post

Why did Keith Ellison lose the DNC race? - The Washington Post - DNC members were not ready to reject the Obama legacy (of electoral failure)

The First 100 Lies: The Trump Team's Flurry Of Falsehoods | The Huffington Post (Satan always lies)

U.S. detains and nearly deports French Holocaust historian - The Washington Post - Vichy authorities are particularly infamous for assisting the Germans in rounding up and deporting tens of thousands of Jews from France during the Holocaust, which Rousso once called "the past that does not pass" (sound familiar?)
Eschaton: Shit People - You have to be pretty fucking evil to enjoy breaking up families like this. (making thugs have "fun" again)

House Intel chair: Trump-Russia investigation calls 'almost like McCarthyism' (as usual, if you stand on your head)
MaximumEffort433 comments on Sources: U.S. considers quitting U.N. Human Rights Council (ongoing list of Traitor Trump's atrocities)

The White House's big 'fake news' cop-out
White House Staffers Leak News of Sean Spicer's 'phone check' Targeting Their Leaks (this is really happening)
Eschaton: Spice Spice Baby - SPICEY is getting FEISTY.

Where did Steve Bannon get his worldview? From my book. - The Washington Post ... "If history does not produce such an urgent threat, Fourth Turning leaders will invariably find one -- and may even fabricate one -- to mobilize collective action. (treason is a feature, not a bug)

Trump's job Approval Stands at Just 44 Percent as Partisan Splits Reign (63% of Republicans think Trump is "off to a great start")
Trump Will Be First U.S. President In 36 Years To Skip WHCA's Dinner : NPR (he's busy draining the swamp)

Donald Trump Says He Will Not Attend Annual White House Correspondents Dinner | The Huffington Post - The president continues to stoke his feud with the media.

A divided White House still offers little guidance on replacing Obamacare (Jared had to remind him GOP has a different plan to destroy healthcare but Trump "likes this one better")
White House Refuses To Guarantee People Won't Lose Health Insurance From Repeal | The Huffington Post - You know, because a lot of people will probably lose their coverage.

Slain SEAL's dad want answers (totally different from Benghazi)

Understanding Transgender Access Laws - The New York Times

Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs identifies as a male. He just won the Texas state girls title. - The Washington Post
Judge Rejects Warrant Seeking To Force Everyone At A Searched Location To Unlock Seized Electronic Devices : technology (they never, ever, give up)

Private prison deprived inmates of heat and hot water for months, lawmaker finds : news - Private profits, socialize losses. It's in the 2nd verse of our national anthem. (The unspoken part)
The Star-Spangled Banner - Wikipedia - In indignation over the start of the American Civil War, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.[27] added a fifth stanza to the song in 1861, which appeared in songbooks of the era )

Gretchen Carlson in talks to join MSNBC, sources say - Business Insider - who settled a multi-million lawsuit late last year against former Fox News chief Roger Ailes

Harvard dean stands firm against single-sex 'final clubs' (rape houses)

Smuggling a nuclear bomb in a bale of marijuana? There's a history to the theory (well, legalize it and avoid the nuclear holocaust, duh)
Denver social marijuana use advisory panel grapples with rollout details - Most businesses, including cafes and even yoga studios, will be able to seek one-year or event-based permits for separate consumption areas indoors or outdoors (for smoking). (Jason Lewis is fightly valiently against this +pot smoke is the new second-hand peril for kids)
The Phylos Galaxy - 3-D representation of genetic data collected from over a thousand cannabis samples.

Our lips are sealed - Lawyers, Guns & Money (chiropracter invents crazy-glue for labia to keep the men-sez inside until she pees through her vagina)

Meet our Wichita Chiropractors!-Dopps Chiropractic Clinic

Self-guided internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy (iCBT) is effective in treating depressive symptoms, and can be an evidence-based first-step treatment approach, based on a meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials totaling 3,876 participants. : science
MoodGYM Training Program
Married People Are Healthier Than Those Who Are Single: The findings support the belief that single people, including those who are divorced or windowed, face more psychological stress than married individuals. : science
Scientists discovered that brain cells prefer one parent's genes over the other's which defies classic genetics and suggests new ways that genetic mutations might cause brain disorders : science
Playing Favorites: Brain Cells Prefer One Parent's Gene Over the Other's -- when we look at the level of cells, genetics is much more complicated than we thought,
Polyphasic Sleep: Facts and Myths |
Biphasic and polyphasic sleep - Wikipedia

This is a CAT Scanner without the guards. : videos
14-Year-Old Aussie wrestles a massive Python out of a truck before heading off to school : videos

Eschaton: Existential - If you're betting your taxi business on self-driving cars, time to fold.


Our journey to the front lines in the fight against ISIS - The Washington Post (meanwhile, in a small town in W.VA, Republicans are cowering)

The use of deadly VX makes Kim Jong-nam's murder even more shocking (because you thought NK was making WMDs?)

Indian film banned for being 'lady-oriented' : movies

German intelligence agency spied on foreign journalists, including BBC and N.Y. Times, report says - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Escape From Paris - not sure why Americans want to believe this stuff about Europe. The murder rate of Paris is about 1/5 the overall US murder rate, equivalent to the murder rate of Arlington, TX. The only real explanation is that nostalgia for a time when Europe was whiter than it is now is a helluva hallucinogenic drug. - Trump cites "Jim," "a friend," "a pretty substantial guy," who says you can't visit Paris anymore cos it's too dangerous.

Eschaton: Shit People - Santa Cruz police: Homeland Security misled city ... Police chief says department will no longer work with Department of Homeland Security (Trump's Gestapo)
Australian children's author Mem Fox detained by US border control: 'I sobbed like a baby' | US news | The Guardian (Trump's goons unleased)
Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump - The New York Times

Democrats Elect Thomas Perez, Establishment Favorite, as Party Chairman - The New York Times (that worked so well last time)
Tom Perez elected the first Latino leader of Democratic Party - The Washington Post
And Now, We Can Move Onto Elections Involving Real Power - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... DWS ... the (hopefully) last in a line of Rahmbot Lieberdems from the era when the DLC-types owned the party

Trump's takeover of conservatism is complete

Majority of Americans Say Congress Should Probe Contact Between Trump, Russia: Poll - NBC News (54% Republicans say it's fine for Putin to rig US election)
Rep. Darrell Issa Suggests Trump-Russia Inquiry Needs Special Prosecutor, Not Jeff Sessions | The Huffington Post - You cannot have somebody who was on the campaign and who is an appointee
Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories : news (treason! lock him up!)
Trump administration sought to enlist intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia stories - The Washington Post

Criticized By Peers, White House Counterterrorism Adviser Returns Fire : NPR - Sebastian Gorka is hitting back.
Daniel Nexon on Twitter: "This is an actual, honest-to-goodness, diagram in Gorka's dissertation. cc: @MichaelSSmithII"

Trump's Support Is Unwavering Among Republicans. But It's Not Why You Think. | The Huffington Post - Trumpism matters more than Trump. And party loyalty may top everything. (even if he shot somebody in the middle 5th ave, they would want "to hear the whole story")
Jake Tapper Nails White House Barring Of Media With 1 Perfect Word | The Huffington Post - The word is un-American
Trump: I won't attend White House correspondents dinner (and he stuck out his tiny tongue)
Trump will not attend the White House correspondents' Dinner

attacks on the media sound eerily familiar to Germany's journalists (Der Trumpenfuhrer - there are 63 million traitors living in America)
Pro-Trump megadonor is part owner of Breitbart News empire, CEO reveals - The Washington Post (the only "press" allowed in the "press" conferences)

Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal - Vox (the "Death Bill")

Meet the 16-year-old Canadian girl who took down Milo Yiannopoulos - Vox - This is the real story of how the video that took down Milo surfaced.

Federal appeals court rules 2-1, you have the right to film the police : news (MA cops still won't get the memo)

AP Sues LifeZette, Claiming Nearly $50,000 In Unpaid Fees And Penalties - BuzzFeed News - the Laura Ingraham-helmed website (Republicans will Republican)

'Anti-vaccine' teacher found guilty of professional misconduct : news (Ontario +Trumpsters) )

Education publisher Pearson reports biggest loss in its history : books (the loot and pillage business model had its limits)

Do pet cats cause schizophrenia? A new study suggests no. - The Washington Post (but the question of bio-engineerd mind-control is still open and ...) E. Fuller Torrey, a psychiatrist and prominent researcher on the links between T. gondii and mental illness, cited that as one weakness of the study.
E. Fuller Torrey - Wikipedia - TAC supports involuntary treatment when deemed appropriate by a judge (at the urging of the person's psychiatrist and family members). Torrey has written several best-selling books on mental illness, including Surviving Schizophrenia. He is also a distant relative of abolitionist Charles Turner Torrey and has written his biography.
Conscious Thoughts

What is the creepiest/cringiest thing someone has done to prove their love to you? : AskReddit
Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart's Cirsumcision Story
'Amazon should stop selling Holocaust denial books' : books

A major security flaw means you have to change your passwords again - The Washington Post - Cloudflare disclosed late Thursday that a long-running bug in its security systems may have leaked information, including potentially personal information, from thousands of sites including Uber, Fitbit and OKCupid. (talk about worst-case scenarios)


A Bunch of Cities Are Having the Hottest Feb Day on Record (fake heat)
NWS Boston on Twitter: "[UPDATE] #Boston has risen to 720 for its high temperature today; still an ALL-TIME record for warmest temp observed in Feb since 1872"

The_Alaskan comments on What is it that has allowed anti-intellectualism to continue in the 20th and 21st century in the United States, when there's been such a strong push for everyone to receive a college education? ... a lot of the American evangelical anti-intellectualism can be traced back to the development of a "literalist" interpretation of the Bible as a response to the anti-slavery movement of the 19th century.

Stop passing along Facebook rumors About ICE checkpoints. - ew Yorkers were sharing a bracing message on Facebook on Thursday: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents had set up checkpoints at subway stations in the Bronx and were demanding that people show their papers (boxcars were ready)
Donald Trump Plans to Bypass the Courts to Deport as Many People as Possible
Yes, Mass Deportations Are Coming. And We Know Why. - Bloomberg View - So we have a new policy that promises to identify millions of undocumented immigrants as criminals. (the prison business will be yuge)

Sebastian Gorka Forged Ties To Anti-Semites In Hungary - - Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump's high-profile deputy assistant, wearing a medal associated with the Nazi collaborationist regime that ruled Hungary during World War II, the controversial security strategist was unapologetic.
Trump and Antisemitism - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War - The New Yorker
PRRI -- 47% of the Country Say Trump Has Violated the Constitution, but Few Support Impeachmen

Trump Decries Leakers for Leaking That He Asked Them to Leak