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7 Dimensions of Moral Experience

Virtues and Vices in the Psychological Cube of Space
7 Deadly Sins: Contrary, Heavenly, and Cardinal Virtues
The Seven Deadly Sins
7 Deadly Sins and 7 Lively Virtues (& Dante's punishments) *
Mountain of Puragory: 7 Sins and Punishments
Frequently Asked Questions: Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Lively Virtues
Wiki: Seven Deadly Sins
File:Hieronymus Bosch- The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Seven Deadly Sins
Virtues and Vices
Countering the Deadly Vices with Godly Virtues
The Quadrivium: I: The Seven Liberal Arts
The Spiritual Vision of the Seven Liberal Arts
The Seven Liberal Arts
'Sapientia' and the Seven Virtues, i.e. the Three Theological and the Four Cardinal Virtues; Vice, and the Seven Deadly Sins
Deadly Sins: Your source for information on the deadly sins and heavenly virtues
Abandon All Hope
Sin, Satisfaction, and Redemption
Evil and Sin in Dante's Inferno and Goethe's Faust: A Symbolic Comparison
Dante's Paradiso - Saturn (Seven Heavens)
Dante Alighieri's Heaven
The Se7en Deadly Sins ....and other lists people think are in the Bible
The Inferno: The Seven Deadly Sins
Danteworlds: Mountain of Purgatory
Know Thyself
Treatise on Sin and Vice
Seven Deadly Sins: Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate!
The Seven Deadly Sins in Iconography
The 7 Deadly Sins: Still deadly after all these years
Why are the "seven deadly sins" so deadly?
The Seven Deadly Sins in Literature
The Seven deadly sins: hypostatized passions that reside in the psyche follow in seperate glory
Seven Iced Vices: Church anger over ice-cream sins
Raghavan Iyer: The Seven Deadly Sins: The Historical Context
Iyer: The Seven Deadly Sins: Sin and Violence
Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Virtues
Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Corporal Works of Mercy: Frequently Asked Questions: Seven Deadly Sins
Thomas D. Worrel: The Seven Liberal Arts
Hieronymus Bosch: Seven Deadly Sins
Dante's Inferno Test
The Virtues and Vices in Medieval Society
The 7DS Theory of Transsexuality
The Seven Deadly Sins at Work
Deadly Sins: Gilligan's Island
Seven Deadly Perfumes with commentary by Dante
Seven Deadly Sentiments
NYPL: The Seven Deadly Sins | Review
The Septenary in the Exoteric Works
Design your own hell
The Seven Deadly Harveys
Correspondences: Virtues and Vices: Humours, Elements, Planets, Zodiac, Rays
Four humours - Wikipedia | Four humours - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Islam Online Hikmat (Unani Medicine)
Virtues and Planets (gets Venus right, anyway) rpg/story community
reviews in Metapsychology: Lust: The Seven Deadly Sins by Simon Blackburn
Petrarch's Triumphs
A River of Fire, Part 1 - Philosophy
Marta Dahlig - The Seven Sins |
Seven Deadly Sins / Works of Mercy Home
American Vice: Mapping the 7 Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins of Fundamentalism: assessing memetic weapons capability of neoconservatism
The Seven Deadly Sins of Network-Centric Warfare
Not Proud - online confessions by Vice
The Seven Gummie Sins: Sloth on Flickr
kimberly yau :: Seven Deadly Potato-Heads
sins.jpg (sin sub-categories - 21 vertex connections) *
NPR: Vatican Includes Drugs and Wealth in New Sin List (Pope criminalizes 7 new sins)
The Tree of Virtues and the Tree of Vices
The Wheel of Sevens
7 Deadly Sins Glasses
scaryideas | 13th Street: 7 Deadly Sins
2008-03-17-seven-deadly-sins-of-religion.png (Seven Deadly Sins of Religion)
One nation, seven sins - Las Vegas Sun
The Seven Deadly Sins
The science behind sin - Health & wellness - The Boston Globe

The Nine Muses
9 Muses
The Law of Twelve

Blake & Swedenborg

William Blake List
William Blake Archive | Glossary
William Blake - The complete works
William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The works of William Blake, poetic, symbolic and critical/2/The First Book of Urizen - Wikisource (Time is the Mercy of Eternity)
The works of William Blake - William Blake, Edwin John Ellis, William Butler Yeats - Google Books
WILLIAM BLAKE: Golden String: June 2012 - "Time is the mercy of Eternity
Tate Britain | William Blake
William Blake's Urizen Books hypertexted | Blake Glossary
Blake and the Emblem Tradition
The True Christian Religion: Containing the Universal Theology of the New Heaven and the New Church Emanuel Swedenborg, 1771
(25) Grey Monk. Mystics of Avalon. Glastonbury William Blake Festival - YouTube
Blake: The Four Zoas
David Whitmarsh-Knight: William Blake's 'The Four Zoas' & 'Jerusalem' Explained: Blake's meaning, myth and symbol.
The Four Zoas explained: Blake's meaning, myth and symbol
William Blake's Jerusalem Explained
JSTOR: Texas Studies in English, Vol. 37 (1958), pp. 102-113 (The Failure of the Four Zoas)
Blake's Book of Job text
Review of Sheila Spector, *Wonders Divine* by Don Karr (Blake & Kabbalah)
Komisaruk, "The Blake Model"
Literature: Understanding Blake's Zoas
O'Gorman - "The Fourfold Visions of William Blake and Martin Heidegger" - Digital Designs on Blake - Praxis Series - Romantic Circles
BornToGroove: Chapter 40 - Blake's Four Fold Vision Explained
12/8 Path Times Article Page Blake's Four Fold Vision Explained
Mind on Fire - Theodore Roszak: Blake: The Fourfold Vision
Marx and the Fourfold Vision of William Blake |
The 4Fold Vision
A Fountain Sealed: The connection between the imagination and the spiritual life is made explicit in English literature in the work of William Blake.
The Antinomians and the History of Blake Criticism
Re-Visioning William Blake's The Four Zoas
WikiAnswers - What did William Blake say about imagination The imagination is not a State: it is the Human existence itself.
A Blake dictionary: the ideas and symbols of William Blake
Literature: Understanding Blake's Zoas
Blake Primer
William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Larry's Blake: Ram Horn'd with Gold: The Spiritual Autobiography of William Blake (*)
Reflections of a Happy Old Man: chap9 (Blake summary)
William Blake's Milton: Meaning And Madness
12/8 Path - Blake's Four Fold Vision Explained by Charles Keil
William Blake: Religion and Psychology
William Blake: Religion and Psychology: Four Zoas | William Blake: Fourfold Vision
Ram Horn'd with Gold - A Blake Hypertext Commentary
William Blake: Golden String
Mind on Fire - Blake: The Fourfold Vision
O'Gorman - "The Fourfold Visions of William Blake and Martin Heidegger" - Digital Designs on Blake - Praxis Series - Romantic Circles
Frank Kermode · At Tate Britain: William Blake · LRB 14 December 2000
T.J. Clark · A Snake, a Flame: Blake at the Ashmolean · LRB 5 February 2015 - ‘laboured to a superabundant blackness’

Marsha Schuchard: Why Mrs. Blake Cried: Swedenborg, Blake, & the Sexual Basis of Spiritual Vision
Talbot: Schuchard's Swedenborg
Ian J. Thompson: Swedenborg and Modern Science
The third Source (Swedenborg: A Physical & Metaphysical Revelation)
Theistic Science: Rational Scientific Theories from Theism
Ian Thompson: What are Discrete Degrees (Swedenborg)
Key Concepts in Swedenborg's Theology
Swedenborg - 6.0 A Re-examination of Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams and his Theory of Localizations and of the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex.
Swedenborg and the Holographic Paradigm
The Swedenborg Digital Library
Seizures of a Spirit-Seer?
William Blake's Mythology the Albion Blake Emanation
William Blake's mythology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
imagination "william blake" urthona - Google Search

Blake: Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Poetical Works of Blake
Blake's Four Functions in the Cube of Space
Representative Poetry Online
CCEL: William Blake (1757-1827)
Songs of Innocence
Marriage of Heaven and Hell
The luring songs of Luvah: Blake Links *
William Blake: Study Guide
Blake/An Illustrated Quarterly
Literature: Understanding Blake's Zoas
Blaketashi Darwishes: Sufism of University Literature Professors
Romanticism On the Net 8 (November 1997): Blake
William Blake: Dreamer of Dreams
His Theory of Imagination. IX. Blake. Vol. 11. The Period of the French Revolution.
FILENAME:"The Theosophy of William Blake" by Madeline Clark
The Four Zoas explained: Blake's meaning, myth and symbol *
Selections from the Four Zoas
The Dark Age Blog :: The Four Mighty Ones in Every Man
Island of Freedom - William Blake
Blake and Union
WebMuseum: Blake, William
William Blake
William Blake
Erdman: The Digital Blake Text Project
Qabbalistic Patterns in Blake's The Four Zoas by Justin Scott Van Kleeck
Blake Digital TextProject
William Blake Resources | Updates
Tate: search for William Blake
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: William Blake
An Introduction to William Blake by Alfred Kazin
"William Blake in Cyberspace"
Some William Blake on the Web
The Anti-Teleological Dialogism of the Imagination in William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and He
The Blake Multimedia Project
Keynes, Geoffrey. William Blake: Songs of Innocence and of Experience. New York: Oxford University Pres, 1967
William Blake
William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
William Blake resources
Etext: The Four Zoas
Quotations from William Blake
Edward Friedlander M.D.: William Blake's Milton: Meaning and Madness (visons a product of a sick mind)
Articles by Cyril Smith: Marx and the Fourfold Vision of William Blake
Beard Bates William Blake: The Creative Mystical Genius
Blake Timeline: Literary and Artistic Works
Chan Buddhism and the Prophetic Poems of William Blake (ref to Jung's Four Functions
Marriage of Heaven and Hell Analysis
21st: The Journal of Contemporary Photography - Witkin Platinum Series: Song of Innocence
William Blake Notes
William Blake and Allen Ginsberg: Poets of a Fallen World, Prophets of the New World
An Introduction to William Blake

W. B. Yeats and "A Vision": William Blake
Yeatsvision: W. B. Yeats and "A Vision": William Blake: Fourfold Symmetries
Mystical Yeats
About the W.B. Yeats Society of NYC
Yeats Resources on the Net
Poet: William Butler Yeats - All poems
Crazy Jane The Crazy Jane Series by William Butler Yeats I. Crazy Jane And The Bishop
William Blake: Religion and Psychology: Origin of the Four Functions

Category:Google Art Project works by William Blake - Wikimedia Commons
Happy 260th Birthday, William Blake! What are your favourites from his work? : books
William Blake - The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea, (ca. 1805) : museum
"The Great Red Dragon and the Beast from the Sea" by William Blake : ImaginaryMonsters
Satan in His Original Glory, William Blake, ink and watercolor on paper, 1805 : Art
The Tyger - William Blake. First attempt at a real piece - Italic. : Calligraphy
William Blake 1460 | Men's New Arrivals | Official Dr Martens Store
Allen Ginsberg singing the poems of William Blake (1970) : ObscureMedia
A. B. Schmidt : An Exercise in Deconstruction -- William Blake's "The Little Black Boy"
America: A Prophecy. William Blake. 1908. The Poetical Works
America: A Prophecy | America: A Prophecy 2 | The Morgan Library & Museum
Summary of Blake's America a Prophecy Section One
Doc Yoder's Notes: America a Prophecy
Blake and the Zodiac, by Rod Tweedy | thehumandivinedotorg
Blake and Science : Zoamorphosis | The Blake 2.0 Blog
The Cosmic Cosmology of William Blake - Aeolian Heart Astrology
Blakes Insistence of Understanding the Hidden Urizenic Archetype
William Blake: The Road Taken | The Astrology Institute
Astrology and natal chart of William Blake, born on 1757/11/28

Digital Occult Library
Red Wheel/Weiser - Wikipedia
Weiser Books Imprint | Red Wheel/Weiser Online Bookstore

America. A Prophecy | Yale Center For British Art
America: a Prophecy - NYPL Digital Collections
America, a prophecy. - Page view | Library of Congress
Category:America a Prophecy - copy M - Wikimedia Commons


Hesselink: archives: different theosophies
Theos-Talk — Message Archive
Theosophy - an introduction | Blavatsky's Cosmology - Planes and Cycles | The Seven Terrestrial Planes
The Secret Doctrine: Synthesis of ... - Google Book Search (pairs of opposities)(page 139)
A New Integral Paradigm - Cosmology, Involution, and Evolution | Cosmology - Evolution
An Exercise in Deconstruction -- William Blake's "The Little Black Boy" | Genius

Theosophical Society in England
Theosophical Society in America
H.P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine
The Esoteric Tradition by G. de Purucker
Sunrise: Theosophic Perspectives -- bimonthly magazine
Theosophy Library: Hermes Magazine: 1975-1989
The Campbell Theosophical Research Library
The New Cagliostro: An Open Letter to Madame Blavatsky by G. W. Foote
(99+) Recycled Lives: Acknowledgments and Introduction | Julie Chajes -
(99+) Theosophical Appropriations: Esotericism, Kabbalah, and the Transformation of Traditions, edited by Julie Chajes and Boaz Huss | Boaz Huss and Julie Chajes -
David Pratt: Exploring Theosophy: The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy | Key Concepts of Theosophy
David Pratt: Poleshifts: Theosophy and Science Contrasted
Blavatsky writings - Theosophy Wiki
(99+) The Sufis From America: Kabbalah and Theosophy in Puna in the Late 19th century | Boaz Huss -
About Alpheus - Site for Critical History |
Alpheus--What Really Happened to J. Krishnamurti?
Alpheus--Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project
Alpheus--Message of Maitreya on Krishnamurti
Alpheus - Comparison between Theosophy and Krishnamurti
Alpheus--Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings
Alpheus--Krishnamurti: A Problem
Two Theosophical Views on Krishnamurti: One Sympathetic, One Critical
Alpheus--Bibliography: Esoteric History
Jaynesian Paradigm and Beyond | Alpheus
Centennial Efforts and Counter-Efforts of the Millennium by Govert Schuller
Conspiracy Theory and Skepticism | Alpheus
Alpheus--Index: Scott & Anrias
Alpheus--Narayan Article - Jean Overton Fuller, Master Narayan and the Krishnamurti-Scott-Anrias Issue

Lucifer (IAPSOP)
International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals: The Standard Spiritualist and Occult Corpus (SSOC)
Handbook of the Theosophical Current - Google Books (history)
The Blavatsky Online Reading Room | The Absolute and the Multiverse
The Five and Six pointed Stars H.P.Blavatsky
Bill Lambert & House of Theosophy Seminar Notes
100 Year Old News: Theosophy and the Human Dino
Journey into Spirituality: Canadian Theosophical Association
Online Theosophy Resources and other things of interest
United Lodge of Theosophists
The Logos and Man
Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled: Vol2, Chap.6
Wisdom World: Theosophical Archives
Ancient Landmarks: Ancient Wisdom series
The Seven Principles of Man: An Ancient Basis for a New Psychology
Grace F. Knoche: To Light a Thousand Lamps: A Theosophic Vision
The Three Hypostases
H.P. Blavatsky: The Final Evolution of Man
Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy by G. de Purucker: From Primordial Point to Universe and Man. How does Manifestation Arise? Manvantara and Pralaya
Alan Morrison: The Ascended Masters: Rulers of the Darkness of this Age
JulianK: Theosophy

Occult Investigations - The Work of Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater
Theosophy : Thought Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater :
Annie Besant Biography, Life, Interesting Facts
Besant Hill School of Happy Valley
Annie Besant, horoscope for birth date 1 October 1847, born in London, with Astrodatabank biography - Astro-Databank Krishnamurti experienced a kundalini awakening in August 1922 Krishna finally broke with the Theosophical society in 1929
Astrology and natal chart of Annie Besant, born on 1847/10/01

Constance Wachtmeister Recounts the day H.P.B. read the Hodgson Report - the Academician Theosophical
Helena Blavatsky on Pseudo-Theosophy and Pseudo-Messiahs II - the Academician Theosophical
Incidents in the Life of Madame Blavatsky - Wikipedia
The Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett - Letter 48
Esoteric Buddhism (book) - Wikipedia

The History of Reincarnation by C. satr and Reincarnation Jinarajadasa 1921
Reincarnation - Wikipedia
The Reincarnation FAQ
European Cases of the Reincarnation Type -- CADORET 162 (4): 823 -- Am J Psychiatry

Rudolf Steiner Archive
Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man
The Bible and Anthroposophy: I-48 Root races and their terminal causes
Anthroposophy Archives - Rosicrucian Tradition Website
Steiner's Racism - Waldorf Watch
Some of Rudolf Steiners statements concerning race
Rudolf Steiner - Wikipedia
philosophy of freedom
Emma Kunz Zentrum
Steiner Lecture: The Alphabet
Rudolf Steiner Archive | (On) Apocalyptic Writings [ Anthroposophy - Rudolf Steiner - waldorf education & school - antroposofie - anthroposophie
? Challenge of Rudolf Steiner Part 1 - YouTube
? Rudolf Steiner - Initiation - YouTube

The Life and Teachings of Max Theon (Aia Aziz)
(PDF) Cosmic Philosophy and the Arts: The Cosmic Movement and the Ideal et Realite Circle
Max Theon

W.H.Calvin: The Great Climate Flip-Flop
The Nagas from HPB's Secret Doctrine
Temple of the Presence: Glossary of Ascended Masters Terminology

Soul Groups Vs. Root Races | Bill Savage: Root-Races and Geological Periods
The Rabbi: Lecture on Root Races
Root-Race Chronology | Origin of Mind
Kheper: The Theosophical Root Races | The Meme/Theme of Root Races

Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul | Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul
Alice Bailey: The Labors of Hercules
Seven Mighty Elohim (7 Rays)
Goddess Religion - the One Mother God and Her many Forms
Lucis Trust; Lucis Publishing Companies: 24 Books by Alice Bailey
Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Healing - Table of Contents
The Seven Rays Today | The Seven Rays: A Theosophical Handbook by Ernest Wood
Seven Rays -- What Are They? | LINKS
Seven Ray Tabulations
Teachings of Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul
Theosophy's Shadow by Nicholas Weeks *
Alice Bailey: A Balanced Look
The Rainbow Swastika
Antisemitic Stereotypes in Alice Bailey's Writings
Teresa de Atade Malafaia: The Canon Reconsidered and Annie Besant's Marginality
Jone Johnson Lewis: Annie Besant, Heretic
Namebase search on Annie Besant

The Emily Sellon Memorial Library
The Pilgrim and the Pilgrimage By Emily B. Sellon Excerpts

Kheper: Thought-forms
The Mystica: Thought-forms


Aryel Sanat: The Secret Doctrine, Krishnamurti, and Transformation
Alpheus--Site for Esoteric | Govert Schuller: Krishnamurti: An Esoteric View of his Teachings
Krishnamurti and the World Teacher Project: Some Theosophical Perceptions
Only Revolution, The - J. Krishnamurti Online
Alpheus--THOPV: Main Text (scroll down for Sloss)
Book of Life, The: Daily Meditations with Krishnamurti by Jiddu Krishnamurti - PDF Drive (list of K PDFs available online)
What Really Happened to J. Krishnamurti? By Bill Keidan
A mind free of the meJ. Krishnamurti

Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 1 of 2 - YouTube
nutritional plastic, inc. [[ home:blog ]]: Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution

Krishnamurti Books

J.Krishnamurti Teachings International | J. Krishnamurti: A Profile
Krishnamurti Foundation of America
Bernie's Krishnamurti Page
Clinton Green: Krishnamurti
F. David Peat on David Bohm, Krishnamurti and Himself by Simeon Alev
Krishnamurti and David Bohm on thought, conflict, and dialogue
Discussion of Bohm's "Physics and Perception" (w/Peter Mutnick)
Krishnamurti : the years of awakening : Lutyens, Mary, 1908-1999 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Mary Lutyens - 1. Krishnamurti. The Years of Awakening
Choiceless awareness - Wikipedia
The only Revolution by Jiddu Krishnamurti free ebook
The Only Revolution
Krishnamurti and the Unity of Man by Carlos Suares
Full text of "Krishnamurti and The Unity Of The Man" ... This work is intended to replace the one which appeared in 1932 , under the title of * Krishnamurti*, Since then, both men and the times have matured.
The Philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti
The Budda - Vispassana - J. Krishnamurti: Observation 'What Is' Observer Is Observed
Observing Without the "Me" First Public Talk given by J. Krishnamurti
J Krishnamurti: Excerpts from Krishnamurti's Notebook
YouTube - Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 1 of 2
YouTube - Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 2 of 2
(99+) A Pathless Land: Krishnamurti and the Tradition of No Tradition | Tomer Persico -
Madam Mayo: Mary Lutyens: To Be Young
The First and Last Freedom - Wikipedia
First and Last Freedom, The - J. Krishnamurti Online ... My consciousness is the sum total of human experience, plus my particular contact with the present;
Jiddu Krishnamurti on The First and Last Freedom
Truth is a pathless land - J. Krishnamurti Online The Order of the Star in the East was founded in 1911 to proclaim the coming of the World Teacher. Krishnamurti was made Head of the Order. On August 3, 1929, the opening day of the annual Star Camp at Ommen, Holland, Krishnamurti dissolved the Order before 3000 members. Below is the full text of the talk he gave on that occasion.
Full text of "Jiddu Krishnamurti A Biography Pupul Jayakar"

An Introduction to the Teachings by David Bohm
David Bohm | Lifework of David Bohm - River of Truth Will Keepin, Ph.D.
Bohm's Gnosis: The Implicate Order
Skepical Inquirer: David Bohm and Jiddo Krishnamurti July, 2000, by Martin Gardner

K: enquiry into the nature of thought and the source of conflict in the world
Sentient: The story of Krishnamurt
Theos-World Jiddu Krishnamurti Book (Rajagopal) Lives in the Shadow : with J. Krishnamurti by: Radha R Sloss
Lives in the Shadow with J. Krishnamurti - Wikipedia
Rosalind Rajagopal - Wikipedia
Beatrice Wood - Wikipedia
Theosophical History: Radha Rajagopal Sloss
Encounter: Krishnamurti
Katinka's Esoteric Studies Guide
Katinka Hesselink: Theosophy & Krishnamurti | Jiddu Krishnamurti: Quotes and Stories
Clairvoyant Investigations by C.W. Leadbeater
Pistis Sophia: Commentary and Notes - H.P. Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 13
The Shadow Side of Krishnamurti - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Atmanet: Esoteric Spirituality
Alpheus: Site for Esoteric History
The Esoteric Blog: Ursi's Eso Garden
Secret Doctrine: Bat-Kol = Kwan-Yin = Female Logos
Theosophical History
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions
Theosophical Glossary: H-Hh: Hay-yah (thinks Mahhshabah is the fourth)
Robert K. Davidson: Challenges of the Soul
Aryel Sanat: The Secret Doctrine, Krishnamurti, and Transformation
Theosophy: Transformation: Book IV: The Mystery Language (disciple to come)
contrasting the Gupta Vidya Model

Esoteric and Rare Books

Serious Seekers: Esoteric Bookstore
Krown & Spellman: early printed books and manuscripts; scholarly books; classical antiquity; Bibles and theology; science, medicine, and occultism
Cherub Press: Academic Publisher of Jewish Mystical Literature
Jewish Roots of Eastern Christian Mysticism | ScienceGate (Eastern = Western)
Chthonios Books: A comprehensive resource for Scholarly Esotericism
Devi Press: publishers of books on spiritual and metaphysical topics | Rare Hard to Find Books Search Results by Subject | | Kessinger Publishing
Pratum Books: Rare Esoteric Books & Mss.
Sacred Science Institute: Rare Antiquarian Books & Sacred Art
The Secrets Of Ancient Geometry & Its Use by Tons Brunes
Home - Weiser Antiquarian Books - Catalog of Used and Rare Books, on the Occult and Mysticism
Triad Publishing: Alchemy & Kabbalah Videos
Ballantrae Reprints
Esoteric Publishing: Links
Hall of Spirituality: Books
Weiser Antiquarian Books on-line
Caduceus Books
New Paradigm Books Online
Violet Books' On-line Catalogs: Antiquarian Supernatural Literature for Sale
JG Bennett Books Hidden Mysteries: Hard to find books
ZVAB: the professional European catalogue of antiquarian books on the Internet
Esoteric Software: Astrology, Tarot, Runes, I-Ching
:: Munseys: Esoteric
Between the Covers Rare Books
amok books: catalog
Crucible Catalog - Spiritual Products in the Hermetic Sciences and Esoteric Arts
Ka Gold Jewelry - Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Talismans, Spiritual Jewelry
Welcome to TGS - - Books
Religion books from Coronet

Visionaries and Spiritual Information

The Varieties of Religious Experinece - varieties-rel-exp.pdf

Select Smart: Belief System Selector: an exploration of world religions
Do-It-Yourself Deity: What is God?
Offical God FAQ
Calendar of Holidays & Festivals - 2005 --
Newsweek/Beliefnet poll results --
Belief-O-Matic -
All In The Mind - 19 August 2006  - The Nature of Belief : Australian Science Festival Debate
The Association of Religion Data Archives | Religious Groups | Family Trees

Wiki: Religion
Main Page - Paranormal and Metaphysical Wiki Adherent Statistics and Religious Geography Citations
Major Religions of the World Ranked by Number of Adherents (Sikhs 1.5x Jews)
Religious Congregations & Membership Study
UVa: Religious Movements Homepage Project
Mapping religion in America
History of Religion in 90 seconds
Spiegel image: Atlas of Faiths: Countries by religious majorities: Believers as percentage of glabal population
Map Gallery of Religion in the United States
Southern Catholicism
Similar Diversity - visualizing the Holy Books of five world religions
Religious Tolerance: Descriptions of Faiths
Religious identification in the U.S.
Religions of the world: numbers of adherents; growth rates
Google Your Religion ,,, profiling religions with google
God U Like: An Irreverent Look at the Faith Industry | Links
Journal of Religion and Society: Cross-National Correlations of Quantifiable Societal Health with Popular Religiosity and Secularism in the Prosperous Democracies
File:Eurobarometer poll.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (religious/spiritual/non-believer percentages)
Religion in the United States - Wikipedia - ARIS findings (percent gain/loss)
George Monbiot » Better off without Him (Journal of Religion and Society study))
KtB: Kill the Buddha: A religion magazine for people made anxious by churches
KtB - The Temptation of Belief
AlterNet: Why Religion Must End By Laura Sheahen, Beliefnet
(Page 1 of 17) - America's God: An Examination of Civic Religion in Theory and Practice authored by Kozma, Troy.
January 5, 2007 ~ Harvey Cox | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly ("Atheism comes and goes in human history" - if you don't count science)
September 25, 2009 ~ Harvey Cox Extended Interview | Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly - The Future of Faith.
The Secular City 25 Years Later
Beyond Belief 2006: Science, Relgion, Reason and Survival
Beyond Belief 2: Enlightenment 2.0
The Reality Club: Beyond Belief
A Virtual Library of Useful URLs - 200 Religion (Includes Mythology)
Similarities Throughout Religions (Same Message different Words)
Glossary of Spiritual Terms
Religions as Worldviews
Religions Resources
Starlighter Alternative Directory - Spiritual Resources
A Visual Glossary of Religious Symbols
Academic Info: Religion Gateway Search Engine
Enpsychelopedia: Religion and Spirituality | Google | DMOZ | Yahoo
Esoteric Directory: Religion and Spirituality
metalogix link directory
Links for the Seeker
Wisdomportal: A-Z Portals
Free Spiritual & Occult Reference
ImagoMundi: links
The Esoteric Order 'The Holy Order of the Suncross & the Starry Sky' (great list of links +diagrams)
Psychology's Primitive Tongues, Links
Meditatie En Mystiek: Links Mystiek
Divine Divination - New Age And Occult Icon Directory
Mindscapes :: View Topic - Library (huge collection, many videos)
Kairon: Links
Wanderers, Walk-Ins and Starpeople
Comparative Religion: religions of the world
World Religions
Max Weber: Sociology of the World Religions: Introduction
Religion World: World Religions
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Linklight: Spiritual - Religious Studies And Ancient Texts
BUBL Link: Religion
Albert Einstein "Religion and Science," 1956
Some of Einstein's Writings on Science and Religion
Kharis: Links: Hellenic Polytheism Explored
Tom Huston: A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality

Mystical and Psychotic Perceptions of Reality - some replies to correspondents
Spiritual Competency Resource Center Courses
Harpers: Is God an Accident? -
bibliotecapleyades: Temas: Indice
Historical clues, secrets and traumas - Sunnelys Restart of Terra Firma -

Gene R. Thursby
Gene Thursby: Religious Worlds
Virtual Libraries at VL-Site.Org in cooperation with the World Wide Web Virtual Library
The Big Religion Comparison Chart: Compare World Religions - ReligionFacts
Bruce Janz: Who's Who in the History of Mysticism
B Janz: Roots of Western Mysticism Resources *

Western - Eastern: Using Western Philosophy to Approach Eastern Religions: An Initial List
Comparing Eastern and Western Religions Eastern and Western Spirituality: Non-Duality, Duality, and Beyond Duality: Perspectives on the Evolution of Consciousness

The New Invisible College A Gateway to the Mystical Tradition of the West

Eastern Religion in the West: The First 100 Years

All About Heaven - Spiritual concepts
All About Heaven - Mystic groups and systems
All About Heaven - Genius - William James Sidis (April 1, 1898 - July 17, 1944) was an American child prodigy with exceptional mathematical and linguistic skills.
William James on Consciousness and the Four Features of Transcendent Experiences : philosophy

Rosicrucian: Eastern and Western Spiritual Alternatives - Because the ethers are closely interwoven in the Westerner's brain, the Eastern methods of development tend to derange the Westerner's faculties instead of spiritualizing them.
Cultural Emotion Expressions - Wikipedia (collective vs individual)
Emotions and culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Separation of East and West « The Crisis of our Age the opening paragraph to Joseph Campbell's chapter, "The Separation of East and West."
Mythic Reflections Thoughts on myth, spirit, and our times An Interview With Joseph Campbell, by Tom Collins
Joseph Campbell - Wikipedia
Monomyth - Campbell describes 17 stages or steps along this journey. (Hero)
Mythic Hero (Joseph Campbell)
Another take on an old theme : ShambhalaBuddhism
Bashing Joseph Campbell: Is He Now the Hero of a Thousand Spaces? Spaces?
A Skeleton Key to Finnegans Wake - Wikipedia
The Skin of Whose Teeth?, by Joseph Campbe..., THE SATURDAY REVIEW - The Unz Review
After Death, a Writer Is Accused of Anti-Semitism - The New York Times (perennialism)
Joseph Campbell and Race (*)
MYTHOLOGY: The Myth of Joseph Campbell on JSTOR
MYTHOLOGY: The Myth of Joseph Campbell on JSTOR
CAMPBELL PRO AND CON - The Washington Post
(14) Why was Joseph Campbell accused of anti-Semitism? - Quora
Joseph Campbell: An Exchange | by Joan Konner | The New York Review of Books Joan Konner, Huston Smith, Roy Finch, Carol Wallace Orr, Roberta H. Markman, et al.
Opinion | Joseph Campbell Mixed Bigotry and Inspiration; His Anti-Semetism - The New York Times
It's Time to Throw Out The Hero With a Thousand Faces
Joseph Campbell on Jews and Judaism: Religion: Vol 22, No 2

Eastern and Western Spiritual Alternatives
Eastern vs. Western Spiritual Practices - by Maurice Turmel, PhD
Duality and Nonduality -- homeostasis and the play of consciousness
Spiritual . . . But Not Religious: Non-Duality and the Evolutionary Process (Andrew Cohen)
Wayne Teasdale: The Meeting of East and West: Elements of a Relationship
Osho – Western Psychology vs. Eastern Spirituality | END OF THE GAME - Osho correctly states that Western psychology’s aim is to fortify the individual’s ego so that he may become less neurotic, slightly happier and ultimately function ‘better’ in society. He says that in the East, the goal is instead to dissolve the ego rather than strengthen it.
Psyche - Glossary - A.H. Almaas - It is our observation that ego structures, and for that matter psychodynamic issues, are not affected directly by enlightenment experiences
Review - Thoughts Without A Thinker - Psychoanalysis - Rather than building up a new self through therapy, a person simply comes to reduce suffering by giving up many struggles. Epstein explains, "In the Buddhist view, a realized being has realized her own lack of true self. She is present by virtue of her absence and can function effectively and spontaneously in the world precisely because of her ability to see the self as already broken." (keyword: "simply")
The Duality/Nonduality Duality
Is Non Duality The End of The Spiritual Journey? | Non-Duality America
About | Non-Duality America
Differences Between Eastern and Western Philosophy | Difference Between | Differences Between Eastern vs Western Philosophy - The main differences between the school of thought or the philosophies of the East and West are the West’s Individualism and the East’s Collectivism
Vedanta and Kabbalah: Nonduality East and West | Reality Sandwich - My claim here is not the naïve perennialist one, that all traditions are saying the same thing. Rather, the claim is that both differences and similarities are deeply informative to contemporary postmodern spiritual seekers.

The Fondarosa
near-death experience beyond the veil

Kheper - metamorphosis and evolution
A New Integral Paradigm
Global Projects: 5 Types of Mystical Experience
How many kinds of 'mystical' experience are there
Enlightenment: can you do it?

Esoterica: Journal of Esoteric Studies < | Esoterica: Image Library | Full List of Teaching Links
Links: Study of Esotericism in Antiquity
Esoterica: A peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the transdisciplinary study of Western esotericism
Recent Ph.D. Dissertations Concerning Mysticism
Arthur Versluis: Methods in the Study of Western Esotericism
Esoterica, Vol. VII, Contents
Esoterica: Image Library
Prevarication and the Art of Ruling: Religion and Secrecy in the Bush Administration: The Gentleman, the Prince, and the Simulacrum

Etudes de textes sacres
Jesus et la Kabbale
Le secret du Cantique des Cantiques

TAT Foundation | Friendship and the Spiritual Search
Richard Rose and the Albigen System
Essence of the Albigen System | Practical Methods for the Sincere Seeker
Description of Albigen System
Richard Rose (mystic) - Wikipedia
The Albigen System
Albigen System
The Albigen System

All the Names of God Project
Overview of World Religions
F.A.Q. Philosophical Content: Offical God FAQ
Encyclopedia Mythica
God Checker
Ye Largishe List ov Gods & Spirits: currently serving 4862 gods, godesses, deities, avatars, incarnations, angels, demons and various spirits, and 520 aliases
God of the Month Club
Quotes & Definitions about God, Relgion, Philosphy, Morality ...
Hans Taeger: Witty Wisdom Quotes Collection
Metaphysical Reference: An On-Line Listing of Metaphysical Terms - Just the facts on world religions
U.S. Public opinion polls on religion

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Richard Shand: Streams
the Mystica: An on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more
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Defining Mysticism: various academic definitions of mysticism
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Spirit Online: Mystical Dictionary
Book of Deities
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Steven T. Katz: Mysticism and the Interpretation of Sacred Scripture
Temenos 32 (1996): Review: Veikko Anttonen: Theory of the Sacred
The Temenos Academy: Kathleen Raine
The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

Religious Forums spirituality Discussion Forum
Yahoo! Groups : Spirituality Forums
Yahoo! Groups : Religion Forums
Center for Enlightenment: A Forum for Holistic Spiritual Exploration

Robert Funk's 21 These for a New Reformation
Metahistory, Gaia and Gnosis, Deeper Ecology, Critique of Beliefs
Metahistory Quest: Beyond the tyranny of beliefs: Lexicon
Welcome To Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning
Francis Bacon Research Trust - Quotes
Francis Bacon Research
Francis Bacon: The New Atlantis
reference site for meditation techniques from across the world

Sat Sangha Salon : An Inquiry in Being

Philosophy : Reflections on the Cognitive Continuum from Myth to Nondual Thought
Sophiatopia: types of mystical experiences

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Mysticism
Laurence Nixon: Mystical States and Personality Development
L Nixon (1994): Multilevel Disintegration in Mystical Lives
Hayden White's Metahistory

BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Margery Kempe and English Mysticism - the English mystic Margery Kempe (1373-1438) whose extraordinary life is recorded in a book she dictated

Jakob Böhme - Jakob Böhme (probably April 24, 1575[1] – November 17, 1624) was a German Christian mystic and theologian.
Jacob Boehme Resources | Bruce Janz
§8. Jacob Boehme and the Essence of his Mysticism. XII. William Law and the Mystics
Bo¨hme, Jakob 1575-1624 [WorldCat Identities]
Gnostic Apocalypse: Jacob Boehme's Haunted Narrative - Cyril O'Regan - Google Books - Boehme’s visionary discourse does represent a return of Gnosticism in the modern period
Jacob Boehme Archives
Pass the Word: Manscripts: Shaker, Jacob Boehme, Jane Lead, William Law, Fenelon/Guyon
Jacob Boehme: Online Manuscripts
Jacob Boehme's  The Way to Christ:  Authentic Version.  Jacob Boehme - 1622 
Jacob Boehme Online - Home
Jacob Boehme page: free, downloadable and searchable text-editions
Androgyny in Christianity (Jacob Boehme)
Jakob Böhme (1575-1624)
9th Edition of the Britannica: Jakob Boehme
Jacob Boehme: The Signature of All Things Index
Great Theosophists--Jacob Boehme (24 of 29)
Great Theosophists--Paracelsus: Physician (21 of 29)
Jacob Beohme: The Supersundual Life (William Law)
Mysticism 9: Heretical Mystics
Jacob Boehme And The Secret Doctrine- A Theosophical Article by William Q. Judge (seven principles)
Hegel - History of Philosophy - Boehme
Don Godfroy: Jacob Boehme: The Cross in the Heart of God (seven principles)
Of Regeneration, or the New Birth; Jacob Boehme; 1622
Theosophy Library Online - Great Teacher Series - JACOB BOEHME
JAKOB BOEHME -visionary
History of the Devil: The Dawn of a New Era. - A Modern Gnostic.
Boehme: Sophia and the Androgyne and the Russian Sophiological Current
Boehme: The Ungrund and Freedom
Lament, Death, and Destiny - Richard Hughes - Google Books ("Meonic freedom")

Meister Eckhart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eckhart Society: Useful Texts | Eckhart
Meister Eckhart and Religious Comparison
Selections from the Works of Meister Eckhart
Meister Eckhart: a medieval Christian mystic
The Meister Eckhart Site - Works by Meister Eckhart, study material, on-line resources
Meister Eckhart [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Eckhart, Meister. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
Meister Eckhart (c.1260-1328)
Meister Eckhart
Meister Eckhart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meister Eckhart's Sermons / first time translated into English by Claud Field - TOC
Mystieke Overpeinzingen: The Spiritual Vision Meister Eckhart, Jacob Boehme and Angelus Silesius ~Roland Pietsch
The Writings of Jane Lead, Christian Mystic

The Metaphysics of Mysticism: a Philosophical Commentary on St. John of the Cross

George Gurdjieff - Wikipedia
Fourth Way - Wikipedia
P. D. Ouspensky - Wikipedia
P. D. Ouspensky - Wikipedia ... in order to bring about a result or manifestation, three things are necessary. With self-remembering and self-observation two things are present. The third one is explained by Ouspensky in his tract on Conscience: it is the non-expression of negative emotions.
On the Fourth Way
Fakir - Wikipedia
Meetings with Remarkable Men - Wikipedia
Meetings with Remarkable Men (film) - Wikipedia
Meetings with Remarkable Men
ALL AND EVERYTHING : Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson : An Objectively Impartial Criticism of the Life of Man
A Commentary on "Meetings with Remarkable Men"
Sarmoung Brotherhood - Wikipedia
(6) What is the book 'Merkhavat' that Gurdjieff mentioned in his book and is there any other person who read or even saw it? - An Inkling of Writers
Gurdjieff International Review
On the Fourth Way
Bennett Books: Almost Everything Gurdjieff and Fourth Way
Gurdjieff Links
PD Ouspensky: "In Search of the Miraculous" Summary of Chapters 1-6 (Bonnie Hill)
Fourth Way: Fellowship of Friends
Fourth Way School
Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff Home Page
Gurdjieff International Review
Gurdjeef at Taliesin ... By Frank Lloyd Wright
Gurdjieff Legacy
Olgivanna Hinzenberg Lloyd Wright (1898-1985)
Jacob Needleman: G. I. Gurdjieff and His School
Jacob Needleman
Quartavia: Gurdjieff Methods and Teachings
Beinecke Photo: Gurdjieff and pets
The Work: Gurdjieffian Thought in the New Age By James Westly
Gurdjieff Legacy
CESNUR 2001 (Wellbeloved) - Changes in G. I. Gurdjieff’s Teaching ‘The Work’

Subtle Energetics: The Macrocosm Within
Cosmic Light: A Quest for Truth and Cosmic Consciousness * Celebrating our Growing Consciousness
Contact | About
Jean Houston | Jean Houston: Reality and How it Works
Noetic Sciences: ION Magazine | Jean Houston: Calling Our Spirits Home
Wild Divine Project
The Zeitgeist According to Jean Houston - The Zeit Is Getting Geistier ... We are the faithful servants of the process of an evolving humanity.
Dr. Jean Houston Women Changing the World | Awaken
(31) In Search of the Possible Human with Jean Houston | Theosophical Classic 1994 - YouTube
Goddess, Archetypes and New Possibilities
Jean Houston Page (Official) | Facebook
Cultivating a Wisdom Society for our World in Transformation -
Jean Houston | sophiawakens - Walking with Teilhard de Chardin

Carlos Castaneda: Compilation from 10 Books
Carlos Castaneda - Wikipedia
BBC: Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. Tales From The Jungle
The Writings of Carlos Castaneda: Interesting Thing of the Day
Reality Sandwich | Shamans and Charlatans: Assessing Castaneda's Legacy
Carlos Castaneda: Best Of The Castaneda Internet Sites
Notes on Carlos Castaneda
Lucid Zahor: Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan's Teachings (MP3s)
Wiki: Yaqui
Four Yogas
Corey Donovan: Sustained Action
Prophetic Charisma: A Psychological Explanation for the Castaneda Phenomenon
Charisma, Detachment and Metanormal Activities
sustainedaction : An inquiry into the legacy of Carlos Castaneda's books
Sustained Reaction - Message Board - Yuku
Carlos Castaneda's, Author of Don Juan books, Authenticity is Under Judgment | Salon Books
The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda | he godfather of the New Age led a secretive group of devoted followers in the last decade of his life. His closest "witches" remain missing, and former insiders, offering new details, believe the women took their own lives. By Robert Marshall
I Was Carlos Castaneda
Vladimir Antonov: The Teaching of Juan Matus
Ally's Secret: The Body
Nagual - The Toltec Nagual | Nagual Series, The Toltec Nagual
Carlos Castanada By Matthew Sharpe
Sustained Action
Blue Scout Chronology
Death in the Desert | MetaFilter
Carlos Castaneda And The Shaman. | MetaFilter
Outlaw John and Camel Lady | Castaneda Connection
Carlos Castanada
Blue Scout Chronology (Patty Partin)
Pahrump Valley Times - Remains of guru's disciple identified (Patrician Partin/Nury Alexander)
Key Profiles, Bios and Links Blog: Bio, Blink and Links About Carlos Castaneda (Amy Wallace)
Introducing Amy Wallace
Amy Wallace - Frequently Asked Questions

Wanderling: The Informant and Carlos Castaneda

William Lawrence Campbell: Larry Campbell, Cactus Jack. Roswell UFO Archaeologist
Broken Koans and other Zen debris
Katazen: un mondo ineffabile
Zen, The Buddha , And Shamanism
Zen : The Wisdom of the East - A New Way of Life - Robert Linssen .. In his interesting study of the Bible, Carlo Suares writes :
Was the Buddha a Shaman?
Shamanism and Rock Art in Minnesota
The Land - Sachavacay is much more than a 500-acre preserve of virgin Peruvian rainforest. It is a spiritual sanctuary where the Divine presence burns brightly.

Stan Tenen

The dark side of faith - Los Angeles Times - IT'S OFFICIAL: Too much religion may be a dangerous thing
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Robert Winston: Why do we believe in God?
Albert Einstein: Science & Spirit (1941)
Jean-Francois Colonna: Virtual Space-Time Travel Machine
Division Theory: Division of the Soul from the Spirit
Division Theory
Thought Experiments on the Soul
SIPP: Structure of Interactive Psycho Philosophy
13etznab SIPP 9.0: 6yax Tzolkin Haab Moon DNA IChing
I Ching - DNA codons - Tzolkin - aminoacids - Kabala - Tarot
Hemet: Quantology and Torus Knot Topology *

Eckhardt Tolle: Official Website
Eckhardt Tolle: Powerful Quotes
Ripples on the Surface of Being: An Interview with Eckhart Tolle by Andrew Cohen
Sounds True: Interview: Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now and the End of Suffering
The Wrong Way Wizard: A Cross: The Universe (Eckhart Tolle: only the present is real)

Council on Spiritual Practices Ultimate Online Destination for Spirituality, Spiritual Resources and Inspiration, and Faith Community on the Internet Religious Studies Resource Links

Bernadette Roberts: spiritual teacher
Bernadette Roberts: The Experience of No-Self

The Esoteric Connection - the revelation of the mystery of mankind
Joseph Bennette: PowerStates: Subtle Energy Primer from Holographic Cookbook
The Cosmic Pyramid Scheme: Philosophical problems with a popular omni-benevolence paradigm
Thomas Daniel Nehrer: Essence of Reality: Clear Awareness: How Life Works

RosicrucianU Library
The Western Wisdom Teachings Encyclopedia
Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America - Home to the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America.
History of Science: Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer -[drittes] Heft: Gallery
Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians
The astral magic of the renaissance
Thomas D. Worrel: The Influence of the Florentine Academy of Marcilio Ficino upon the Rosicrucian Tradition
ESSWE - European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism
The Western Esoteric Tradition: Ficino, Pico della M., Bruno, Dee, Fludd
John Dee painting originally had circle of human skulls, x-ray imaging reveals | Art and design | The Guardian
[EMLS 12.2 (September, 2006) 9.1-4 Review of Giordano Bruno and the Geometry of Language
John J. Kessler: Giordano Bruno: The Forgotten Philosopher
Great Theosophists: Giordano Bruno
The Heroic Enthusiasts: text - IntraText CT - Bruno

The D.O.M.A. Plates 17th Century Rosicrucian mysticism
Differences Between Beissel and Kelpius Rosicrucianism in Colonial America - Mind Expanding Mission | (1000's of videos)
Alan Watts | Bio
Who Are You? Really? Or The Fallacy In Causality | Antemedius | Alan Watts - Time and The More It Changes
Born Digital
The Wizard of New Zealand: Post-modern Cosmology
Drew Hempel: Epicenters of Justice
Synchonicity: Home of the Interconnected Universe (The Secret of Nine
E Macer-Story: The Cause of Synchronicity
Convergence: Mathematical Physics of the Spiral in the Consciousness Units
Bruce Sterling: Viridian Principles 1.0
The Hope: Human Reconstruction Cyber Library
Eco-Antisemitism, Eco-Paganism and Hebrew-Biblical Eco-Logics
Gospel of Judith Iscariot
A Hope for all Humankind through the New Jerusalem - "Re-GENESIS NOW" Project - Preface & Introduction
The Omega Point and the Final Fate of Life
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The Phenomenon of Man: review by Peter Medawar
Deoxy: OmegA: Just the end of the world
The Singularity
Andrew Lloyd's Dark Star Theory
Embryogenesis of Breath
Cosmic Spiral: Feng Shui and the secrets of the Cosmic Heart
Blood, Gender & Power in Religious Traditions
Cosmosogy: Internet Universal Religion

Maybe Logic Academy: Courses with Robert Anton Wilson, R.U.Sirius, Alan Clements
R.U. Sirius: neofiles life enhancement nutritional supplements
Magical Connections: Richard Metzger in Conversation with R.U. Sirius
NeoFiles - No Gene Is An Island: Howard Bloom In Conversation with R.U. Sirius
disinformation | howard bloom
Islamic Censorship - How Allah Has Nipped Your Right to Know, by Howard Bloom
abuddhas memes * Ego Death and Self-Control Cybernetics *
Death Related Web Sites
Body, Soul & Spirit Awareness: Inner Experience Explored: Mystical Experience Registry: Jungian Active Imagination
Lightworkers Temple

U. G. Krishnamurti
Hahesh Bhatt: A Taste of Death: Thirty Days with U.G. in Gstaad, Switzerland
The Essential UG -- Quotes And Photos
UG Krishnamurti
Remembering U
U.G. Krishnamurti

Janus Head: Links

REVELATION: A Journal of the Ageless Wisdom and The New Age Teachings
The Person Paradigm: Paradigm Theory, Genesis, Australian Dreaming
Senoi, Kilton Stewart and The Mystique of Dreams: Further Thoughts on an Allegory About an Allegory G. William Domhoff
Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork Movement G. William Domhoff
Myths, Dreams, Symbols
Clandestina: Lucid Dreams
Lucidity Institute: Lucid Dreaming
Dreams and Dreaming FAQ
Lucid Dreaming FAQ Lucid Dreaming and Lucid dreams how to trigger a lucid dream
ELFIS FORUM - DreamTime Oneironauts - NYT Mag: Stephen LaBerge Lucid Dream Retreat
Out of Body Experience Research Foundation (OBERF)
Lucid dreaming - An overview of lucid dreaming & dream consciousness
Lucid Dreaming: Dream & know it! Control conscious dreams? Learn it on
Lucid Dreaming -- Dream Views
Lucid Dreams
the Dream Library
Lucid Dreaming - Wikibooks
Dream Articles from IASD DreamTime Magazine
Lucid Dreaming Techniques: A Guide To Lucid Dream Induction

What is the creepiest "glitch in the matrix" you've experienced? : AskReddit
/r/ No Sleep - Because you weren't planning on sleeping anyway
To Sleep, Perchance to Lucid Dream | DreamsCloud

Wingmakers: Ancient Arrow Project
Wingmakers: How are you reconciling this?

Telestrion: esoteric psychology, philosophy, self-development, enlightenment, magick, brain, and mind
Wonder in Aliceland: The Prenatal Development of Psyche Written and Drawn by Caroling *
Michael Joyce: Arcane and Esoteric, Cosmic or Universal Knowledge
Starspring: Troy Bishop: Multivelelate Reality | The Mystic Scientist
Labyrinth of Human Development (ellenHelga Weiland, Jean Houston, Robert Masters)
Labyrinth: interactive installation for spiritual journeys
Vortexijah: An Introduction To Light Body Star Ship Field Propulsion
Fifth Way Mystery School
Hermes Trismegistus at Wisdom Door: Reality Creating, OOB, Energy, Magick
From Evolution Theory to a New Creation Theory -- Errors in Darwinism and a Proposal from Unification Thought
David Jay Jordan: Heavenly Mysteries
The Light of Reason
Seekers Way: Spiritual Evolution Community: Masters and Movements, Metaphysics, Paths and Religions
Holy Land Think Tank: Upcoming scientific World discovery - ancient knowhow of left and right brain hemisphere phenomena, nature and control
TRINSP: Truth, Relevance, Inclusiveness, Neutrality, Personhood | Book of Fundamentals
Baron Julius Evola: On the Secret of Degeneration
Ullman(s): Mystics, Masters, Saints and Sages: Personal Accounts of the Moment of Awakening
Articles | Articles | Publications Accounts of Awakening
The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation
The Rise and Fall of the Halo | SuperConsciousness Magazine
Federico González: The Wheel: Symbolic Image of the Cosmos
THEOdynamics Institute
The Ghost Danse Articles
Mystic Fire Online: Videos
Spirit Mythos | Hyperborian
Alan Pert: Lifting the Painted Veil of Illusion
Death and Hell
The Great Illusion 33 page website of metaphysical concepts & visionary art
World ITC: The New Technology of Spiritual Contact
The Sadducee Printouts: The Unwritten Blessing Of Shimon **
Ontosophy: An Incanabulum for Full Spectrum Consciousness
Time Enough for Love: The purpose of this website is to do nothing less then liberate the human mind, explain the actual cause of numerous natural phenomenon, predict the end of this world and help explain our life on the next planet
the rev. dr. mobiustrip, 10/18/02: Current Working Theology
Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom of The Arcanum
Peter Collins: New Perspective
IAMAI: A Journey into the Unseen: Course in Meta-Physics for Non-Mystics
Ingo Swann: Superpowers of the Human Biomind
Evan Fales: Do Mystics See God?
Mystical Experience Registry
Tree-of-Life Mystery School
Revelations of Awareness: Cosmic Awareness Communications
Cosmic Awareness on Religious Symbolism
Literary Works of Sanderson Beck: Peace, Spiritual Philosophy, History of Ethics, Education, Wisdom Bible, Astrology
Wisdom's Door: Reality Creator Books and On Line Library

Geo Grant: Kundalini Awakening: Facing a Spiritual Emergency
Typical Kundalini Symptoms
What is Kundalini?
Singing Mountain: Derek Bishop's Spiritual Autobiography: Kundalini Awakening | Cathy Woods: Kundalini: A Personal Story of Awakening
Kundalini -- origins, definitions meaning and symptoms : a Transpersonal perspective
Origins of Kundalini -- Kunti in the Mahabharata
kundalini definition -- meaning from the ancient Sanskrit roots
dead heroines and the rape of humanity - Vaticorp®.
(8) Which story of the Mahabharata is never shown in any TV show? - Quora
Kalki - Wikipedia
Satya Yuga - Wikipedia

Exploring Practical Truth | Explorations In The Dynamics Of Consciousness (read this)
Society for Ascension: You Can Transform Your Life Simply, Easily and Naturally
Old-Mage: Old Secrets and New Discoveries
Out of Darkness: A concise essay on the origins of modern day religious belief systems
The Whole Truth
Official site of Edgar Cayce - Association for Research and Enlightenment
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) on Atlantis
Novus Mundi: Stories, Forums
Mavericks of the Mind - Internet Edition: Conversations for the New Milennium (sic)
The Cosmic Slinky or Anima Mundi Revisited: Treatise on First Causes: Truth and the Liberation of Mind and Spirit (or not) by Philbin Macro
Cody Allison/Michael Rendler: The Master Key of Reality
Steven Kaufman: Unified Reality Theory: The Evolution of Existence into Experience
Kaufman: Unified Reality Theory
The Nature of Reality
Spirituality Research: The Conceptualization of a Model of Spirituality
Reference site for meditation techniques from across the world
Meaning of life: Core Teachings; Tips & Truths

ISSSEEM: International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine
Foundation for Mind-Being Research
Johannes Trithemius: Mystical Chronology
Kent D. Palmer: The Fragmentation of Being and the Path beyond the Void
John J. Reilly's Homepage: Eschaton, Religion, Cosmology, History, Reviews
Hyperdiscordia: Confusion for a New Generation
Mystical Quotes To think or to follow | Honest Intellectual Inquiry: Philosophy, Science, Religion, other thought-provoking topics: Reviews for Freethinkers | The Dark Bible ver 2.01
Quest of an Unquiet Mind
Vitvan: School of the Natural Order's Sites
Paul Hague: Returning Home to Wholeness
John J Reilly: Alternative History, Eschatology, Religion
David Atwell's alternative history page
Inner Explorations
Findhorn Foundation
At Home in the Cosmos with David Spangler by Sophia Frowert
Robert Boyd: Dimension Doors - Natural Portals to Other Physical Universes and Dimensions
Deno Kazanis, Ph.D.: 'Dark Matter' : The Physical Basis for Mysticism
Sumeria: exploring alternative ideas in health, science, and spirituality

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. (Captain Quantum)
Fred Alan Wolf discusses his book Matter Into Feeling: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit | Bodhi Tree Bookstore
Microvita: Smallest Elementary Lifeform (Suares/Wolf reference)
What the Bleep !? |
Fred Alan Wolf: Thinking Allowed, DVD, Video Interview
Fred A. Wolf (Eldon New)

Query: Irish Soma?
Hakim Bey: The Marco Polo of the Subunderground | "Gone to Croatan"
The Writings of Hakim Bey
The Journal of the Moorish Paradigm (Hakim Bey)
ITEST: Institute for Theological Encounter with Science & Technology
Uncle Taz: Anarchosophy
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101
Wiki: Situationist | Anarchist And Radical Texts
Eleusis Resources
Introduction to the Baha'i Faith for the Followers of Krishna

Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
IANDS - the most reliable source of information on NDEs
Diane Corcoran | The near-death experience - The MOON magazine
The Science of Near-Death Experiences - The Atlantic
Inside a Dying Mind: Can Science Explain Near-Death Experiences? - The Atlantic

Near-Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations: Some Conceptual and Evolutionary Implications - Movie Mythology - Predator, Mythology At Movies, Hollywood Movies, The Movie, Myth, India, Indian, Exposition,Complication,Crisis,Denouement,Conclusion,Epilogue,Darkness,Descent,Death,Dismemberment,Rejuvenation,Return,Andros
The Shaman’s Vision (The Anthropik Network) | Neoshamanism is Masturbation | Sacred Addicts | Tag: Shamanism
White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men video guide
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Genealogies of Shamanism : Struggles for Power, Charisma and Authority

The Huge Entity: Ant Bait as a Metaphor for the Effect of Drugs on Human Consciousness
The Huge Entity: The Holographic, Evolving and Self-Realising Universe
The Huge Entity: Opening the Doors of Perception: Hallucination, Schizophrenia and Reality
The Christ Mind
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Is There a Hell? - Surprising Observations About the Near-Death Experience
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LESSON 3.8 Shamanic Crisis
So You Wannabe A Shaman, Huh?.

The Glass Bead Game: Neural Network of the Cosmic Mind
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Labyrinth of Human Development cultural center for peaceful resolution of societal conflicts (& 7 Virtues)
Making Love Rightly; Great Masters of What?
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Livergood: The Western Re-Discovery of the Perennial Tradition ("essence and semblance, of all that is.")
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Judas: Mind versus Soul, and current models of the mind
New Heaven New Earth
The Meaning of Life FAQ
Desert Wisdom and the New Cosmology : An interview with Neil Douglas-Klotz
Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz
An interview with Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz about his bew book, The Genesis Meditations
Clear White Light: enlightenment experiences
First Things: Journal of Religion and Public Life
The New Age IQ Test
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Promenade the Puzzle: The Poetic Vision of Peter Sinfield
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Heaven-Words: quantum relativity is embedded within the architecture of a freshly created poetic language
Power in the Name - Maureen McKittrick Stewart (LOTR, Tolkein)
The Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness: The Sorcerer's Handbook to the Void (curved unifold)
Cosmic Light: of Quasars & Quanta of light & life Menas Kafatos and Robert Nadeau
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Gerald Heard - Wikipedia Heard was also responsible for introducing the then unknown Huston Smith to Aldous Huxley. Smith became one of the pre-eminent religious studies scholars in the United States. His book The World's Religions is a classic in the field, has sold over two million copies and is considered a particularly useful introduction to comparative religion. The meeting with Huxley led eventually to Smith's connection to Timothy Leary.
The Synchronized Universe: new science of the paranormal
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SYNERGETIC QABALA: A Re-Visioning of the Geometric Matrix of Reality
Synergetic Qabalah - Iona Miller Home, 2017

History of Science: Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert: aus einem alten Mscpt. Zum erstenmal ans Licht gestellt: erstes -[drittes] Heft: Gallery

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Human Truth | The Wrong Reality | The Holographic Dimension
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Programming and Metaprogamming in the Human Biocomputer: John Lilly, 1967
Steven Mizrach: Mindwarp
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The New Atlantis: Journal of Technology and Society
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The Seeker and the Search *
Adam Ford: Science Without Bounds: A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Mysticism
Giuliana Conforto: Physics, consciousness, philosophy and spirituality
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A Blissful Interview with Dan Winter
Advisory Regarding Dan Winter: All That Glitters Is Not Gold Dr. Sonja S. Klug
Spirituality & Intellectual Property Rights by Christine Hall
Stan Tenen v Dan Winter Legal Memorandum - what REALLY happened
The Alphabet That Changed The World | PDF | Geometry | Torah
Dan Winter
updating hebrew 'chronicle'project- more physics of alphabet origins - General Discussion - Theoratorium
The Ring - Alphabet of Angles into the Ring...of DNA.. Implosion
Esoteric Vedica: The Psychic Sciences Information Encyclopaedia: The Z Files
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Sight Unseen; Concepts of Evolution in the Metaphysics of Quality By Dan Glover (Don Juan's Table)
New World Disorder
Dave's World
Meja -- The ET Story
Robert Masters
Guideposts Notes: Norman Vincent Peale (little known facts)
A Notable Theosophist: L. Frank Baum
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RE-BIRTH : The 13th Sign - Jas Lee Pierce
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John Hawkins: E=MC2 Index Page
Physics and Consciousness
The Gravity Society: The Theory of Everything: the Red, White and Black: Golden Legal Philosophy
Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
The Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe: A New Kind of Reality Theory : Christopher Michael Langan
Q & A - CTMU - Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe - Christopher Michael Langan
Teleologic Evolution - Hologic Identity - CTMU - Intelligent Design
Transcription of an 8-chapter book by the hippie guru Stephen Gaskell (Gaskin?) >
The apparent metamorphic merging of science/technology/materiality and spirituality/mysticism/religion
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11 Somerset: Play: Society of Enigmas: paranormal phenomena
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Folklore of Mount Shasta by Michael Roesch | Lemuria | Legends: Ascended Masters

Word of The Master Beinsa Douno | Christ and Master Beinsa Douno. Bulgarian White Brotherhood Official Page.

The Universe Your Soul Atom is privy to. | Alpha and Omega, Father, Mother, Only Begotten Daughter/Son.
Friends Of Creation Spirituality: Matthew Fox
Universal White Brotherhood:Addresses,links
The Great White Brotherhood in Peru and the Serpent Masters from Venus

The Summit Lighthouse - Ascended Masters
The Great White Brotherhood (GWB) - Ascended Masters - Ascended Masters Research Center
User:Vuara - Wikibooks
Navaching | Hawkeen Training: NightWalking
Tuath na Ciarraide: Stíl Beatha (Lifestyle)
trans:|:fromati:ve HY:peR[being]
The God Box
Byzantine Christianity: A Wisdom Path
The Magic of Quantum
Michael Sterling / TOP SECRET Dakini Oracle: Tree Of Life (TOL)
! Gerardus' Grist ! The Cosmic Awareness Levels - The Grand Cycle !
! Gerardus' Grist ! Cosmic Cookies Display - Quoter 33 !
Dionysus Risen
Soul Ways Inc.: Gallery of Matrixes
Mudras & Hand Symbolism--the Power of Mudras Part 1 : What Are Mudras?
Mudras & Hand Symbolism--the Power of Mudras Part 7 : Mudras of the Esoteric Christian Tradition
Healing Hands, Healing Hand Signs: The History of Hand Signs
Books « The Website of Unknowing - list of books on Christian and world mysticism
Tal-Mud comes from Tal-Mudra....
Path of Sound
The Repository: The Millennium Group
Ann K Elliott: The Murray Creek Labyrinth Contents | The Ubiquitous Labyrinth - Part IV | The New Mary Agreda Page
Ann K Elliott: Inner Healing: Becoming Real
Great Thinkers and Visionaries on the Net
Quantum Theology
Quantum Theology
One Behind the Many: Evolution/Involution of Consciousness
Creator 's Page: Universal Consciousness & The Power to Change Our World
awareness: Cosmic, Mental or Universal Consciousness
Words of Vantala
Explanation -- Messiah's comments
Tony Crisp: DreamHawk | The Secret Bible
Wombat Curriculum
Alexander Technique: The Insiders' Guide
Mystical Traditions
the Elias forum: Digests – Table of Contents
Church of Reality: We Believe in what is Really Real (doubt-based anti-faith)
The Sabbatarian Network
The Four Precepts Web Portal & Spiritual Search Page
Spirituality without Faith
Church of Reality
reasoned spirituality a logical exploration of life
What is Freethought?
Birmingham Weekly: Gimme that new-time religion 7/22-7/29 2004
Faith of an Atheist
Credo of Spiritual Humanism a forum for nontheist Friends (Quakers) - Flowers of Quaker Nontheism - Essays
Towards the Spiritual Liberation of Women (cast in Eastern terms, w/out defining)
Confessions of a former psychic - What they didn't tell you about New Age
Simpleology: The Simple Science of Getting What You Want
Discover The 8 Steps To A Mountain Moving Faith by Fernando Soave
Integrative Spirituality
The Metaphysical Works Of Bruce Fisher
love - The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion
Iona Miller: Technoshaman | Part II
Metanexus Institute
Metanexus: The Evolution of Spirituality By George Vaillant
Metanexus: Paul Carus: the Religion of Science, the Science of Religion -- think: Asatrú - Western esotericism - Kabbalah - history/orders - religion and other mythology
The Cambridge Handbook of Western Mysticism and Esotericism
Psychotronics The Physics of Alice's Looking Glass
Hermitary: the hermit, hermits, anchorites, recluses, eremitism, solitude, silence, simplicity
Maya-Gaia | links: cosmic consciousness | Falsifiability for Dummies
Esoteric Healing - and The Revelation Of Planetary And Cosmic Purpose
The Dreaming, Aboriginal Stories of creation
Australian Aborigine dream beliefs
Transdisciplinary Comparative Studies & Interdisciplinary Comparative Research in Metaphysics & Theologies
Douglas E Harding : The Headless Way
Mysticism and the Body
Proof that the Earth Is The Mathematical Center of the Universe
Impossible Correspondence - *The Fourth Wave*
malcolm.mcewen - The Lesson of The Lights: (realizing the Super-Mind) | The Coalescence of The Faiths
Hermetica Contents | Tongues - Study Links for the Western Mystery Tradition
Yoism: The World's First Open Source Religion
Reality Sandwich
Welcome to Heart Of The Rose
Book of DALETH
Kofutu Personal Development: Meditation,Spiritual Healing
Interfaith Websites The Mystic's Wheel of the Year... a Multifaith Calendar Reflecting Eco-Egalitarian Spirituality
Eugene Bell-Gam: Why We Exist - Inferences from Science for an Explanation of Human Purpose - Your Favorite Source of Random Information
Transcendent philosophy: An International Journal for Comparative Philosophy and Mysticism
Evolving Beings
Spiral Light Centre: Adam Kadmon Class and Activation
Intuition - Awakening your Intuitive Abilities
Peter Russell: From Science to God - Introduction | Chap 5. From Science to Consciousness 5. The Mystery of Light
Closer to Truth: Cosmos, Consciousness and God (Paul Davies)
Second/2nd Enlightenment
Spirituality for the 21st Century. John Nash. Sylvia Lagergren. Christianity: the One, the Many. Quest for the Soul. The Soul and Its Destiny. Reiki Healing. The Great Invocation. Archangel Uriel.
Wisdom's Intimations
Eastern Versus Western Philosophy: Differences and Similarities

Eso News
La ou les tigres sont chez eux, Jean-Marie Blas de Robl Sizes
Sommaire Complet: D'Orient & D'Occident
Imago Mundi - Encyclopidie gratuite en ligne
Eternel Present
Shakti, revue encyclopdique de spiritualit
Hemisphre de Yang
NeD blog (links)
Ram Dass - Fierce Grace (2001)
Spiritual Awakening HealthyLife.Net Radio Show Archive
Western Esotericism, Eastern Spirituality, and the Global Future : Lee Irwin
Tad Boniecki: Who am I?
Mishkan Ministries: Tabernacle
Meditatie En Mystiek: Diversen Teksten (links)
Martinus Martinus Thomsen (1890-1981)
Concluding thoughts for all three Articles. The Technology of Heaven: Introduction & Conclusion
Croyez-vous en Dieu ?
Roy Sablosky: No One Believes In God (2009 PDF) (bad memes/bad people)
Duality And Non Duality In Vedic And Biblical Tradition (pdf)
Noel Huntley: The Ultimate Swindle: Duality and Beyond to The Theory of One
Noel Huntley: The Fractal Matrix: Paradigm for a Multidimensional Reality
Symbolism.Org: Symbolism of Popular Culture: Duality

Nondual Perspectives: Non-dualism and Western Philosophers, by Greg Goode, Ph.D.
Individuality, God, Non-Duality and Ultimate Reality
IngentaConnect Two faces of consciousness: a look at eastern and western perspec...
SpringerLink - Journal Article - Unity and diversity of views on intelligence and consciousness: Where the East meets the West
SpringerLink - Journal Article - Consciousness, self-consciousness, and meditation
western spirituality - Eastern vs Western Spiritual Practices
Dr. Jean Klein and Advaita Vedanta Elsewhere, Dr. Klein is unequivocal in his rejection of evolution (spiritual, not physical) - Given that Advaita, as Dr. Klein teaches it, is the direct approach to reality, it cannot make use of any method or technique.
Absolute Opposition Between Dualism and Nondualism
Free by Nature: Dualism and Non-dualism (Advaita)and the Arising of Suffering (from a non-dual perspective)
The Course's Use of Language - I, part 3 - Non-duality, the problem for students of ACIM
Dualism and Non-Duality | Facebook (Wilber)
Derrida and Nonduality, On the Possible Shortcomings of Nondual Spirituality, Gregory Desilet - "Strictly speaking, Derrida's view should not be understood as nondual."
research Scope: neural network nature, complex networks, social networks, technological networks, information networks, cosmic evolution,fractal hierarchy, memory, learning, intelligence, Power laws, pareto distributions and Zipf's law,longtailed distributions, parabolic fractal distributions, scalefree networks, Zipf-Mandelbrot law, law of Gutenberg-Richter, Lotka's law, maximum power principle, Bredford's law, rank-size rule, 80/20 rule ... self-organization, complexity, birth and death processes, neural networks, social network analysis, bordalier institute, Peter Winiwarter
Natural Genesis
northanger's Journal
Esoteric Philosopher: Study of the Endless Path of Wisdom
Urthona Buddhism and Art magazine
Welcome @ The Tim Maroney Web Collection
Physics of Consciousness The Quantum Mind Interconnectness
Embracing the Contradiction - Links (good links ;)
-The Initiation of Eliahu-An offering, through the medium of poetry, the unfolding and revelations of a mystical spiritual initiation.
King James Bible Code
Kabbalah Metaphysics Home - School of Spiritual Integrity
Constable Research B.V.
S p i n b i t Z (unlocking the basement +vortex image)
The Vortex and the Path of Liberation: Serpent Wisdom
The Vortex and the Path of Liberation, by Duane Carpenter The Torus, the Vortex, and the Vacuum (+great animations)
Transcending the Matrix Control System
-The Prophet's Candle- spiritual and mystical poetry transcending religion
The Truth Contest | What is the Truth?
Everything Forever: Learning to See the Timeless Multiverse
Twin Shaman
Éveil de la Conscience
Eternel Présent
Spirituality and Religion: Religious Unity, Spiritual Awakening, Kabbalah, Esoteric Christianity, Islam, Science & Religion, Peace, & the Meaning of Life
Higher Consciousness Society
TreeIncarnation The Science of Meaning
EzoOccult le webzine de l’Esoterisme et de l’Occultisme
3e millénaire » Le Nirvana par Robert Linssen
3e millénaire » Rapports entre le rêve extérieur et le monde intérieure par Robert Linssen
Anne Baring's Website The Dream of the Cosmos A Quest for Soul
HEARTCOM Home Page | COSMIC CUBE - A 3-D Thoughtform for Awakening Conscience
Institute of Mentalphysics - Edwin J. Dingle (Ding Le Mei)
The Great School of natural Science
Church of Light
Abrahman McGuyenski - Philosophy and Spirituality
WELCOME | Reflections of the One Life | Scott Kiloby
Dr. Noel Huntley-- Beyond Duality
Germs.Sporoi: From Parsifal to Don Quixote IN THE LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY ANCIENT creatures began to stir in the depths of the earth, to slouch towards the appointed place. Imprisoned since the first War in Heaven, the consciousness-eaters were on the move again. (+Rilke)

El Morya on Prophecy, the New Era and the Age of Maitreya
The Maitreya Code, Planetary Treasure of Tibet — World Mysteries Blog
Starbase 1 Homepage (Maitreya)

What exactly is an Awakening? The Fourth Awakening
Biomystical Christianity
Beyond Belief
The Sync Book
Resources | Living Unbound
Conspiracy Knowledge Base - Blog: The Thirteen Intentions of Creation - Part 1: Introduction
The Thirteen Intentions of Creation - Introduction

Maurice Cotterell
Alejandro Jodorowsky: Psychomagic part 1/6 (English subtitles) - YouTube
Sun Gods Zodiac Biblical Allegory Meditation Emerald Tablets: The real meaning of SIN - The writings in the bible are symbolic
Genealogy of Religion | Explorations in Evolution, Anthropology and History
Unification Theory: SE <=> STi - the Generatrix Equation of Space-Time , nE<=>mT, or fundamental equation of General System sciences (GST equation).
Unification Theory: SE <=> STi - "You do not exist in space and time, but you are made of cells of space and time, of quanta of space, called energy, and quanta of time, called cycles of information".
Welcome to
Looking In, Seeing Out: Consciousness and Cosmos - Minas C. Kafatos - Google Books - Looking In, Seeing Out: Consciousness and Cosmos By Minas C. Kafatos

Hidden Meanings of the Bible
Why Jesus Tells the Disciples to Cast Their Net on the Right Side

only the gods are real
The Emergence and Nature of Human History, Volume One - Therefore, I see history as the story of how the genus Homo has grappled with the nature of consciousness. We have tended (in general) to assume that we know what we're doing and where we're going. We don’t.
The Messiah's Blog (Dhushara)
The Cosmology of Conscious Mental States

Daniel Bloxsom, my Rabbi and Friend
[Abes_Kids] about Dan Bloxsom
WoC :: The Work of the Chariot Trust

Why Jesus Tells the Disciples to Cast Their Net on the Right Side (Pedro)

The Great Deception: Before & After | Mystery of the Iniquity - The Great Deception: Before & After
Illuminati Zeitgeist!
Metaphysics Anonymous

Aferrismoon: ZIONOIZ
TransAlchemy: The Evolution of Conciousness
Eastern and Western Spiritual Alternatives
Multi-Dimensional Science - P2P Foundation
Thoughts, and Visions: Esoteric Secrecy.
Sallust, On the Gods and the World
The DuVersity

East, Tao, Buddha, Non-Dual, Zen etc.

Chakras *
Chakras - The Energy Centres
Auras and Chakras
Notes on the Planes and Subtle Bodies
Jacob's Ladder & the Higher Chakras
Vedic Chakras
Six Words: the Six Words for Man in Hebrew and Six Chakras
Chakraweb: Martha S. Heney: About the Chakras
Imagians: Tree of Life, Chakras, Root Races
Chakras and Your Body
Greatdreams: Rainbow of Creation Chakra Links
The Cabala and the Chakras Chakras | Muladhara Chakra (Ganesh)
Sahasrara Chakra: "Lastly, the seventh centre, the most important centre is the Sahasrara which has got, according to Sahaja Yoga, a thousand petals."
Kundalini Yogo: introduction to chakras
Seven Major Chakras
The Human Energy Field
Sacred Centers: Chakras
Sahaja Yoga: Chakras and the Channels of Energy
Transpersonal Psychology and the Methods of Instruction in the A\A\ (really just Chakras)
The Chakras: The Seven Gateways of the Life Force
Merudanda Saktayah: Powers of the Spine
Kalacakra seed syllable or monogram

How To Balance All 7 Chakras In Minutes - 100% Beginner Friendly

Sivasakti: Chakras | Yoga | Tantra | Sexercises
SivaSakti.COM - On The Tantric Practice - Introduction to Yantra
Onlymats: Yoga Mats
Yoga for Beginners: Everything You Need to Get Started | Hobby Help
YouTube - Tantric Sex For Beginners: The YabYum Position
Sushumna, Ida and Pingala: Nadis of the subtle body
The Nadis
Chakra system chart - by astrology (reverse of below)
Planets and Elements in the Chakras caduceus
Planets and Chakras by Dane Rudhyar | Rudhyar Archival Project (doesn't like Saturn)
Kundalini Chakras Dark Star symbolism
Chakras and the Planets of the Ancients | Nine Miles To Freedom (reverses Mercury/Moon)
Kundalini Awakening - Prana flows in Ida AND Pingala - Four Aspects of Breath
The Shamballa School, international residential spiritual school: diagrams and charts
sriyantramaster | the true god is geometry

Wiki: Aura | Skepdic: Auras | Crystalinks: Aura
Kirlian "photography"
Aura / Information & Links | Edgar Cayce: Auras
Robert Bruce: Easy New Way to See Auras | Training To See Auras
Chakras and Auras | Auras & Chakras | Chakra Test
Tom Chalko: How to see and read the Aura

Buddhist Reading Room
Fundamental Buddhism Explained
Introduction to Buddhism
Om Mani Padme Hum: The Meaning of the Mantra in Tibetan Buddhism
Essentials of Buddhism - core concepts
Mindfulness In Plain Englishg
Buddhism: A Look Into the Beliefs, Practices & History
Is Buddhism a Philosophy or Religion? 10 Misconceptions About Buddhism

faq - Meditation
Mindfulness In Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana Vipassana Meditation
Samatha - Wikipedia
Chanmyay Yeiktha Buddhist Meditation Centre - Myanmar (Burma) - Difference between Samatha and Vipassana
Vipassana Meditation Website
Anapanasati - Wikipedia
The Arcane Archive - Shamata/Vipassana vs. Dzogchen.
Teaching Notes: Beginner Q & A and Shamata Meditation
Mindfulness in Plain English by Ven. Henepola Gunaratana
Mindfulness In Plain English
How To Meditate: A Complete Guide To Meditation

Why Evan Thompson Isn't a Buddhist - Lion's Roar (William Irwin Thompson and Gail Thompson's son ... LIndisfarne ... )
Essentials of Buddhism - core concepts
Indra's net - Wikipedia - emptiness, dependent origination, and interpenetrationin Buddhist philosophy
Pratityasamutpada - Wikipedia - dependent arising
FilmTalks :: The Life of Buddha
BuddhaNet | Basic Buddhism Guide
BuddhaNet's File Library: Buddhist Archived Audio Files
Fundamentals of Buddhism: Rebirth
A Basic Buddhism Guide: 5 Minute Introduction
General Index - BuddhaSasana - Viet page
Buddhist Symbols and Mudras (Gestures of the Buddha)
Buddhism Portal E-Sangha | Directories
Discussions - alt.religion.buddhism | Google Groups
E-Sangha Watch - Objecting To Bias & Sectarian Intolerance On E-Sangha
Dhamma Wheel | Index page | A Buddhist forum
Dhyana in Buddhism - Wikipedia
The Heart of Wisdom (Heart Sutra) Tibetan-English w/audio
The Heart Sutra Home Page
The Diamond and the Heart Sutras
DragonSearch: Directory for the Mystic East
Buddhist Stories
What do you think, my friend? (Writings on Buddhism) | A lighter side of Buddhism (Buddhist humor)
Bob Thurman Podcast
Bob Thurman says we can be Buddhas | Video on

Songs of the Shaktis of the Dhyani Buddhas, and their Bodhisattvas
The Dakini Principle: "khadro" (sky goer)
Dakini Land: realm of the Dakini: celebration of the female spirit as manifest in the Dakini
Dakini Tantra
Sky Dancer: The Life and Songs of the Lady Yeshe Tsogyel
Dakini Dakini and Yogini
Dance of the Yogini: Images of Aggression in Tantric Buddhism
The Navadurgas by Kalkinath
Review: The Lord Who is Half Woman Ardhanarishvara in Indian and Feminist Perspective by Ellen Goldberg
Shiva Shakti Mandalam: Tantrik Home Page
Reflections on Tantra, part 1 by Phil Hine
Karmapa website - Buddhism - The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism
Comic Bardo Thodol
The Jade Calendar: Introduction A Visitor's Guide to Hell
84000 Reading Room (Kangyur)
Source of famous guru rinpoche quote - Dharma Wheel
Tantra Teachings (Advanced Meditation)
Anuttarayoga Tantra - Wikipedia
Vajrayana - Wikipedia
Vajradhara - Wikipedia
Five Dhyani Buddhas - Wikipedia - Amoghasiddhi (north) Amitabha (west) Vairocana (principal deity/meditator) Akshobhya (east) Ratnasambhava (south)
Vajradhara - Karmapa - The Official Website of the 17th Karmapa
Kagyu - Wikipedia
Nyingma - Wikipedia
Chogyam Trungpa - Wikipedia
Karmj Choling - Wikipedia
Tara (Buddhism) - Wikipedia
Avalokitesvara - Wikipedia

Om mani padme hum - Wikipedia
Naraka (Buddhism) - Wikipedia

The Mahamudra of Sakya Pandita | Julia Stenzel - (Tantra <-> Mahamudra)
Mahamudra (Advanced Meditation)
What Is Mahamudra? - Study Buddhism - Dr. Alexander Berzin
Mahamudra (Advanced Meditation) : mahamudra
Mahamudra Meditation Center
- A Meditation Guide - For Mahamudra - Peter Barth
Meeting the Great Bliss Queen: Buddhists, Feminists, and the Art of the Self - Anne C. Klein - Google Books - "possessing excellence in all aspects"

Chvje Lama Phuntsok - Entering Tantrayana
Tantrismuskritik: Lamas Break Precepts = Ejaculate during Tantric Sexual Practice
Deities, Ganesh and Wealth on Pinterest
Anuttarayoga Tantra - Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia
Nityananda P. - Google+
The Glories of Vajrayogini : Vajra Kali
The Glories of Vajrayogini : Bhagavani Krodha Kali
The Glories of Vajrayogini : Gurudeva
Bliss Queen - Vajra Yogini,
Karma Kagyu lineage led by the Gyalwang Karmapa
40 ASPECTS OF HUMAN MIND : AdvaitaVedanta
'Hinduism VS. Buddhism' - Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia
Advaita Vedanta - Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia
Encyclopaedia of Hindu Gods and Goddesses - Suresh Chandra - Google Books
How Many God and Goddess are There in Hindu Religion? HindUtsav (33 supreme gods)

Nondualism FAQ
Nonduality Salon
Nondual Quotations from Allspirit - index
3rd Millennium Gateway Spirituality - Nonduality, Enlightenment
DIN Library: Non-Dual Texts
Guru Ratings – Advaita Types
Guru Ratings: The Instant Masters: The Advaita Disease
Guru Ratings – The Mini-Advaitas
Guru Ratings – Essays on Various Facets of the Biz
Recommended Reading - Modern Advaita
YouTube - Search Results for .advaita.
TPN :: The Advaita Show
Discernment Between Sleeping and Awake Teachers and Paths
Advaita and Neo-Advaita and other Links - Back to the Truth - 5000 years of Advaita
Spiritual Humanism vs Neo-Advaita
Adi Shankara - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Advaita Vedbnta Home Page - Sankara's Life
Advaita Vedanta Anusandhana Kendra | philosophy of advaita vedAnta, as taught by SankarAcArya
The Advaita Vedânta FAQ Vishnu is worshiped as the Lord
Crystal Clarity: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda
The Nondual Bible Verses Project (kind of misses the point)
End of Seeking - End of Searching - Home Page
Bruce Morgan
HERE-NOW4U :Chandekar :Evolution of Human Consciousness: Divya-caksu is the climax of the evolution of human consciousness: Sarvanga-Yoga

American Sanskrit Institute
Directory of Sanskrit Resources
Sanskrit Mantras: Brahma: Yugas and Kalpa
Yuga - Wikipedia
Columbia Univ: Area Studies
Readings in Theravada Buddhism
The Great Year on Flickr
Transcendental Dependent Arising: A Translation and Exposition of the Upanisa Sutta
Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination
The Wheel of Life
Wheel of Life
Buddha's Village
Diamond Way: Glossary of Buddhist Terms
A Basic Buddhism Guide: On Reincarnation
The Four Noble Truths
Buddhist Images (32 major signs)
The meaning of "mind-only" (wei-hsin)
Classic Buddhist Texts on the Middle Way
General Buddhist Symbols
Mind-Only Cafe
The Religions of Asia
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library
Rahula Leads the Way
The Blazing Lights of the Sun and Moon
Samadhi: In Sanskrit It's Samadhi; But What Does It Mean?
Dangers of Pseudo Advaita
The Berzin Archives: Buddhism | Overview
Kalachakra | Mistaken Foreign Myths about Shambhala (Blavatsky)
Berzin Archives: Buddhist teachings: hours of Audio MP3
Bee Zone (non-dual gurus, etc)
Buddhism in Ottawa | Introduction to Buddhism | > An Overview of Buddhism
Enlightenment Therapy -

Tao Te Ching - Wikipedia
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu [Dao De Jing by Lao Zi]
ttcs - taoism - Tao Te Ching Study [TTCS] Quick Links
zs - taoism - Zhuangzi Study [ZS] Quick Links
The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu translated by Burton Watson, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)
reading_material - taoism
terminology - taoism
The Tao
Tao de Ching: GNL's Not Lao
Lao Tze
The Tao Te Ching: A Translation by Stan Rosenthal
Tao Te Ching
Taoism - Stan Rosenthal's Tao Te Ching - Translation
Taoism, Minus the Nonsense - Superb Owl A beautiful ontology, brilliant semiotics, and practical ethics. Also sex magic.
About the Tao - Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching
Tao Te King von Lao Tse: Index: multi-lingual w/commentary
The Way and Its Power - Dao De Jing (hypertext Chinese, multi-edition Eng/Fr trans)
Dao House... Metaphysics
The Dao Debate
On The Word "Taoist"
Yin and Yang: Christian Resource Centre (occult symbol)
Accueil du site - Chroniques taostes
TheAbysmal I-Ching & Tao theAbysmal
Yi Jing Algebra
Tao Teh Ching - 27 translations compared line-by-line
Wayist.Org the online library of Wayist Scripture and Reference Material
Dao De Jing with Chinese Dictionary
“Whoever finds it relevant” - translating and retranslating Tao Te Ching in a relevance-theoretic perspective
Taoist Symbols - Eight Important Taoist Visual Symbols
The Tao of Dark Sages + The Rambling Taoists

I Ching, Oracle of the Sun
LiSe YiJing
Mapping Songlines of the Noosphere: Use of hypergraphs in presentation of the I Ching and the Tao te Ching
Zhouyi: I Ching Master Site
I Ching Internet Resources
T. Wignesan: The Yi Jing: the Canon of Changes or Mutations
I Ching & Oracle
I Ching Oracle
Aleister Crowley's I Ching
Networking Alternation: an alternation network of 384 pathways of organizational transformation

Daniel Reid: The Five Elemental Energies (wu sing)
Wu Hsing: The Five Material Agents

What A Bodhisattva Does
The Bodhisattva Ideal: Buddhism and the Aesthetics of Selflessness
The Bodhisattva Concept by A. G. S. Kariyawasam | Shambhala Sun Buddhist Magazine
Lam Rim Radio: Tibetan Buddhist Internet Radio
Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God
Art of Tibet
The Tibetan Book of the Dead (exhibit, no text)
YouTube - the tibetan book of the dead (part one) | YouTube - the tibetan book of the dead (part two)

Zenki: Zen in Daily life (Soto)
D.T. Suzuki - Instruction of the Soto Masters (from 'The Middle Way', vol. 33 no. 4; 1959; out-of-print and rare) - Album on Imgur
thezensite | thezensite: Zen Books Reading List
Why Zen is Satanic
Dark Zen
101 Zen Stories
K5: Zazen: The Fundamental Meditation of Zen
How to Meditate
K5: A Quick Overview of Buddhism
Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun Right Meditation
Not One, Not Two: Zen Master Shinzan Miyamae: Bringing Zen to the West Tibetan Buddhism within a wider context
Zen Metalab
The Zen Garden
Cambridge Zen Center
Zen: The Gateless Gate by Ekai, called Mumon
The Gateless Gate
The Gateless Checkpoint
getstarted - zensangha - reading list

Daily Zen

Zen Buddhist Texts
The Gateless Checkpoint
Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library: Zen (Ch'an, Son, Thien) Online Resources
Zen 10 Bulls | Ten Ox-Herding Pictures
How to Do Zazen
Mark Light - The Zen Garden
Zen Unbound - Tasty Links
Zen Buddhist Order of Hsu Yun: Home Page
Zensufi Park
Koan Riddles of Zen Masters, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)
Zen Koans: Transcending Duality
Zen Koans -

Dogen - Wikipedia
Impermanence is Buddha Nature - Lion's Roar
Dogen Sangha is a Buddhist group based in Tokyo (videos: how to practice Zazen)
thezensite: Dogen studies

Bodhidharma Lineage
Coming Down From The Zen Clouds: A Critique of the Current State of American Zen
101 Zen Stories
Biographies | Sweeping Zen - the definitive online who's who in Zen

Zen Koans: Transcending Duality
Audio Dharma - Gil Fronsdal's Dharma Talks
Mysticism Christian and Buddhist Index by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
Zen Forum International • Index page
News > Culture > Brad Warner's Hardcore Zen: Is Meditation Dangerous? (PTSD/trauma survivors)
Zen Forum International • View topic - Brad Warner? Yah, Nah, or Hey?

The Zen-Man Flies (the Wanderling) - THE RAZOR'S EDGE Who Was Larry Darrell In Real Life And What Happened To Him?
The Wanderling: Awakening 101 | - Wanderling
The Wanderling: Zazen | Shikantaza (*)
Credibility of Siddhis

YouTube - The Zen Mind | YouTube - The Zen Mind - An Introduction
YouTube - Interview with a Zen Buddhist Priest
YouTube - Zazen - A Guide to Sitting.
YouTube - A Day in the Life of a Zen Monk - EmptyMind Films
Zen Habits and Self-Growth
/r/zen: footprints of the bull
The Gateless Gate ??? - Wu-wen kuan (Mumonkan)

Meher Baba - Wikipedia
Meher Baba
Avatar Meher Baba
Baba Words: The Master's Glossary
Meher Baba: The Planes Of Consciousness
YouTube - Meher Baba and the Evolution of Consciousness

The Who - Baba O'riley - YouTube
Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Meher Mount
A Walk in the Woods By Margaret Magnus
Who Is Meher Baba?

The Sri Yukteswar Book
Swami Sri Yukteswar: Incarnation of wisdom

Happiness of Being - The Teachings of Sri Ramana
Satyam (Truth) Sri Swami Sivananda

Sri Aurobindo Talks
Kheper: Sri Aurobindo | The Life Divine | Mirra - the Mother
A Summary of Sri Aurobindo's Teachings
The Supermind: Dynamic Eternal Truth Consciousness: Sachchidananda in manifestation
The Divinisation Of Matter - Lurianic Kabbalah, Sri Aurobindo, and the New Physics
Links to Consciousness Metaparadigm Links to Vedanta & New Physics Metaparadigm
Sri Aurobindo | Penny's poetry pages Wiki | Fandom
Internet Archive Search: sri aurobindo
Full text of "Sri Aurobindo Circle Sixth Number"

The Subtle Body
Seven Levels of Consciousness
The Future Evolutionary Individual and Collective Life on Earth -  Growth Online Interview
Sri Aurobindo Information
The Future Evolution of Man - Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo Ghose - Instrument of the Supramental
Patrizia Norelli Bachelet - Books on Integral & Supramental Cosmology
The Gnostic Circle | Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet Controversies
TheThird Principle
Aeon Centre of Cosmology
Towards a Larger Definition of the Integral, Part Two, Alan Kazlev: An Aurobindonian vision and a critique of the Wilberian paradigm
Changing Dimensions of Consciousness
Aeon Group: Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (the Third Way)
The Gnostic Circle
The 12 Manifestations: Map of the Evolutionary Ages
Precession of the Equinoxes - the Ages of the Earth -
TheThirdWay: Collapse of the Old : 9/11/2001
Evolution and the Zodiac
The Supramental Cosmology
Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet Controversies
Astrological age - Wikipedia
Astrological World Cycles - Astrological-World-Cycles1.pdf - By Tara Mata (Laurie Pratt) Published in Serial Format in 1932-33
Cycles of Precession - by Norman Scherer
An Age Old Mistake That Still Haunts Astrologers | Demystifying the Aquarian Age
Age of Aquarius: Considerations About the Start of the Age of Aquarius by Sepp Rothwangl
History of Astrology - Some Reflections about Babylonian Astrology by Rumen Kolev

Manifesto: Distorted Temple
Javanese Mystical Movements
John Dobson: The Equations of Maya

Astika and nastika - Wikipedia
Samkhya - Wikipedia
A History of Indian Philosophy, Volume 1 by Surendranath Dasgupta - Project Gutenberg
Book Details: Philosophy And Psychology In The Abhidharma Guenther, Herbert
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Network: Bhagavad-gita lectures, Ekadashi &other spiritual content
SivapprakAsam - Bhagavad-Gita:Chapters in Sanskrit abd English
Gaudiya Vedanta Portal: Sri Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti
Celextel's Online Spiritual Library: Texts of Vedanta Literature and other Indian Spiritual Books
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies
Principal Upanishads
Recent Archeological Finds Confirming Vedic History
Indian History - Discussion Forum
Is There A Connection Between Ancient Indian And Hebrew Language?
Did the Hindus Help Write the Bible: ViewZone
Axess: The invention of the Hindu
Nina Paley - America's Best-Loved Unknown Cartoonist - Hanuman Finds Sita
Celextel's Online Spiritual Library
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Wikipedia
Yoga Vasistha Mind
Online Asana Index (Sanskrit - English)
Agni Yoga Society
Avatara: Source for inforamtion about the Avatars
Vamacara Tantra: The Left-Hand Path of Tantra Yoga
Tantrik Texts to download (PDFs)
Tantra Internet Links
Kundalini Bibliography
Sacred-Texts: Tantra | Shakti and Shakta by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) (1918)
Chapter Fifteen: Maya-Shakti (The Psycho-Physical Aspect of the Universe) "the world is Shiva's Experience and Shiva's Experience can never be unreal"
The Serpent Power by Woodroffe
John Woodroffe - Wikipedia
The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon - Wikipedia
Sir John Woodroffe's representations of Hindu Tantra (Serpent Power)
Maya (illusion) - Wikipedia
The Book of Shiva
By the Powers of Lord Shiva! (Part 1)
Maya -Shakti - Prakriti
Vedams Books: Books on Tantra
Phil Hines: Aspects of Tantra: Five essays exploring modern Tantra
Mandala of Indic Traditions
Free Desktop Wallpaper Hindu Gods Ganesha, Hanuman, Shiva
Free Desktop Wallpaper Chakras, Yantras, Mandalas
Hindu Gods Iconography | Triangulations
The Optimal Sri Yantra
Sri Yantra Research Store
File:SahajaSubtleSystem.svg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Yoga all chakras and chakraserpent.png - Wikimedia Commons
File:Siete chakras.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Measurement and proportion in Hindu temple architecture | Michael W. Meister -
Ganesha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ganesha Home Page (Lord of Categories)

The OM-GURU Page - Gurus, Saints, and Seekers in the Indian Tradition

Kuan Yin, The Compassionate Rebel
Khandro: Cult of Tara
Khandro: Garuda | Ucar: Garuda | Indian Mythology: Garuda | Tibetan Art: Garuda
Vedic Cosmic Trinity: Agni, Vayu, Surya
Himilayan Academy: Vishayasuchi: Merging with Shiva
Religions of India
The Bon Religion
Ganesh: symbol and presence
Symbolism of Lard Ghanapathy
Sayings of Ganesh Baba: "I am a Naga hipster, we don't bother with petty formalities"
Dolf Hartsuiker: "Sadhus, Holy Men of India"
Hakim Bey and Ira Cohen in Dublin A Third Mind Dialogue: Baba Ganesh
Peter Meyer: Ganesh Baba - A Memoir
Great Personalities of India
Rabindranath Tagore
Ñánavíra Thera Dhamma Page: An Alternative Approach to the Buddha's Teaching
The Prana Breath
Important Online References for Kriya Yoga Students
Yoga Niketan: Online Kriya Yoga Library and Shrine
The Magic of Vedic Maths
Vedanta Society of Southern California
Buddhist Meditation and Personal Construct Psychology
Buddhism: a diagram | Triangulations

Oxherding: by Chogyam Trungpa
The Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche | James George: Searching for Shambhala
Karmê Chöling - Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Center
50 Best Quotes, Photos: Chögyam Trungpa, Buddhist meditation teacher. | elephant journal
Shamatha, Vipasyana & Study
Natural Selection CHÖGYAM TRUNGPA His Life and Vision by Fabrice Midal
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Wikipedia - The eight limbs of Raja Yoga
The Nature of Matter: Quantum Theory & Indian/Vedic Cosmology
Dark Force: Asat, Sat & Tan

Buddhism: Ten Worlds
Hinduwebste: Information on Hinduism and other Religions (Good Etext List)
All Around Hinduism
A Hindu Dream: see God
Hasta Mudra: Indian Classical Dance
Karol Henderson Harding: The World's Oldest Dance: The Origins of Oriental Dance
Stories of Krishna: The Adventures of a Hindu God
Hindu Mythology
Hindu Gods
Hindu Gods
Lakshmi- The Glorious Goddess
The Call of Yama
Swami Krishnanada: Divine Life Society
Buddha Dharma Archives
Rev. Ryuei Michael McCormick: Who's Who on the Gohonzon? | Chakravartin
Drew W Hempel: Epicenters of Justice: music theory, sound-current nondualism and radical ecology
Vedic Heritage | All This Is Purusha
Mantra Wars
Vedic Past of Pre-Islamic Arabia
Vaishnava News: Appearance/Disappearance Days Of Shrila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami
Vedanta Society of New York
Tattva Viveka: An analysis of Western Philosophies
The Burning Cross

Wisdom Library; The portal for Hinduism, Sanskrit, Buddhism, Jainism, Mesopotamia etc...

Fundamentals Of Jainism - Twelve Bhavnas (Reflections or Thoughts)
Jainism - Wikipedia
Jainism Portal
Indus Valley Civilisation - Wikipedia - ogether with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, it was one of three early civilisations of the Near East and South Asia, and of the three, the most widespread ... The discovery of Harappa and soon afterwards Mohenjo-daro

Shaivism - Wikipedia
Kashmiri Shaiva Philosophy | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Shaivism: Dualist and Non-Dualist Beliefs
Kashmir Shaivism: a comparative overview
Kashmir Shaivism Fellowship
Kashmir Shaivism
Kashmir Shaivism: Salient Features of Kashmir Monistic Shaivism
Cosmogenesis - Kashmir Shaivism - The Silent Loom
Shaiva traditions that are dualistic or similar to Ramanujas Vishishtadvaita?
Shaiva Siddhanta - Wikipedia
Sri Vaishnavism - Wikipedia
Narayana - Wikipedia
Ramanuja - Wikipedia
Ramanuja | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Vedanta, Advaita | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Vedanta - Wikipedia
Principal Upanishads - Wikipedia
Brahma Sutras - Wikipedia
Bhagavad Gita - Wikipedia
Upanishads - Wikipedia
Upanisads | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dvaita Vedanta - Wikipedia
Shuddhadvaita - Wikipedia
Ishvara - Wikipedia
Ishvara,: 44 definitions

Evaluating the Theory of Karma
Transcending Karma
the Ramayana
Amar Chitra Katha: Valmiki's Ramayana (comic book edition)
Digital Prayer Wheels
Virtual Thangka Gallery
Free Eastern Texts Online
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
The Wei Wu Wei Archives
Orientalia: Orientalist community
Ojoyoshu - or - Another Day in Paradise: Buddhist Dante
land of the Four sacred Animals (Dragon-Unicorn-Tortoise-Phoenix), Suoi Tien
The Three Essentials of Qigon - Paul Abdella: breath represents the movement of spirit in matter
Kali's Child (Ramakrishna)
Petros = eWAKENING (Gateway to Enlightenment) | Truth Archive (quotes)
THE ANOMALIST: World News on UFOs, Bigfoot, the Paranormal, and Other Mysteries at the Edge of Science

Miscellaneous Esoterica

Vibrations and Color

Goethe's Theory of Colours
Physics Today July 2002: Exploratory Experimentation: Goethe, Land, and Color Theory
Mark D. Fairchild
Color Test - Online Color Challenge | X-Rite
Color Theory Overview
Web Exhibits: Causes of Color | Pigments in Paintings
Explore Color
istockpro: Color Browser
Colour order systems in art and science
Color Key of Creation
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Physics of Light and Color | Polarization of Light
Polarized Light in Nature and Technology
LCD Monitor as a Polarimetric Stress Viewer
instructables : Capture the Ethereal Beauty of Everyday Objects Using Polarized Light. : intro
Color in Motion
CIE Division 8: Image Technology
Color Wheel Pro - See Color Theory in Action
handprint : the secret of glowing color
handprint : the material attributes of paints
owen plotkin's colorbot© selections
Color constancy - Wikipedia
The Importance of Context in Color Perception
IdeeFarbe: Deutschsprachige Ausgabe: Colorsystem: virtual color museum: color order systems in art and science
Robert Fludd's Color System
Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society » Blog Archive » A Short History of Color Systems
Color Rules of Thumb
Colorization Using Optimization
Clarkvision Photography - Resolutionof the Human Eye
Penn researchers calculate how much the eye tells the brain (10 Mbitsec: Ethernet bandwidth)
Cone Action Spectra
Charles Poynton - Color technology | Gamma FAQ | Color FAQ
"Brightness" and "Contrast" controls by Charles Poynton
Color FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Color

Why are blue and red primary colors in both light (additive) and paint (subtractive) color mixing, yet yellow and green change status from one system to the other? : askscience
Microsoft PowerPoint - 19 RGB CMYK.ppt - 19 RGB CMYK.pdf
Null Hypothesis | Magenta Ain't A Colour
Magenta Ain't A Colour
Yes, Virginia, there is a magenta - Ars Technica
theory of colour: Orange is Tertiary
The Color-Sensitive Cones
Color + Design Blog / The Mller Formula (or: Predictable Color Preferences) by COLOURlovers
True-Color GIF Example
International Imaging Industry Association » ISO Tools
Why Should Engineers and Scientists Be Worried About Color?
Colours in Antiquity - Towards an Archaeology of Seeing
handprint : color vision
Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers | The Wondrous Color Wheel
Color — Method of Action
Color Meaning, Symbolism, And Psychology: What Do Different Colors Mean | Jen Reviews
How Web Colors Work In 2017 |

Original Online Ear Trainer
d The Manual of Harmonics of Nichomachus the Pythagorean
Atlas Sound: A Typology of Sound Maps | This Is Weird Vibrations // the politics of sound
Dave's JS Bach Page
48 Jewels - Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier"
Shostakovich - Op. 87 - Subjects
Canons & Fugues of J. S. Bach
Well-Tempered Clavier: analysis, scores, and digital sound
James Kibbie - Bach Organ Works

The Coinherence Symbol: eleven separate symbols related to at least thirteen major religious traditions
Internet Ray-Tracing Competition *
Rocky Ridge: Sounds Waves, Periodic Table, Octaves
Hightower: The Musical Octave
The Natural Forces Bringing the "Do, Re, Mi," Scale into Existence
Scale of vowels - Wikipedia
The Bohlen-Pierce Site: alternative harmonic scale (and microtonal links)

A Guide To The History of Music Through The Ages | Evergreen Workshop
Evolution Of Music:A Brief History of Music Through The Ages
Beginners Guide To Music Theory - Musicaroo
A Beginners Guide To Music Production
How To Use Music Without Copyright Infringement - Any Music Downloads

Syndex: Auric Key & Synchrographics
Kyle Gann: Just Intonation Explained
What is JUST INTONATION? (short version)
Norm Vincent: Lydian-Dominant Theory for Improvisation
George Russell: Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization
SciAm: Music and the Brain
Metamath Music Page
World of Music Interactive Demo
Audio as Visual | MetaFilter
The Echo Nest
whitney music box var. 12 - chromatic - prime numbers only
Music Derived from the Molecules of Life
Frequency Intervals: Music
Baumring: analysis of Gann Theory of Vibration
Indian Music: Online Lessons, Raags, Resources *
Ragas online from ITC SRA’s Indian Music Archives
Chandrakantha Courtney's Music Page - Streaming Audio of Indian Music
Amara's Wavelet Page
Greek Esoteric Music Theory: The Seven Harmoniai
Song Soup On Sea
Center for Neuroacoustic Research
Hemisync Technology
IEEE Xplore - The Lambdoma matrix and harmonic intervals
Lambdoma Questions & Answers
Lambdoma Research Center: Sound, Color, Geometry, Resonance, Chakras
Mouse & PC Keyboard music - Tune Smithy - Windows Software
Color Lambdoma - Wolfram Demonstrations Project
Lambdoma Harmonic Keyboard
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - It's a Musical Universe!
Sounds True
Healing Music
Ethnic Musical Instruments
Unusual Instruments' Music Videos
Virtual Instrument Museum
Lumonics Light Museum: art that seems to be imported from a distant galaxy
John Opsopaus: Greek Esoteric Music Theory Charts
Dee Finney: PHI -- Sound and Healing
Fractal Music
nanosounds: computes music using nanoscale audio-engineering and nanobiotechnology methods for applied signal processing.
The Sound of Mathematics: algorithmic music determined by mathematics
math sonification songs
The Virtual Flute - Flute fingerings, alternate fingerings and multiphonic fingerings
ATLAS of Plucked Instruments
Prime Music
- Genius of Photography - Gallery
a The Metaphysics of Music and Harmony
The Mozart Center: Tomatis Method (Musical Therapy)
Jim Cole & Spectral Voices: h a r m o n i c s i n g i n g
Classical Midi Connection
John Dowland Mp3 Songs
Distorted Tunes Test
Delosis - Musical Listening Test » Test your musical skills in 6 minutes!
Skilled at visual learning? Measure your musical-visual intelligence online!
Music Energy for the Regeneration of Earth: The Matrix
Phi-Music: Auditory Integration Training Center
Drew William Hempel: Epicenters of Justice
Sourcing the Taos Hum
400 Hindu Bhajans (Real Player)
Joyce L. Shafer: The Life Principle and the Octave
Hightower: Music of the Heart | The One Voice Chord
"Khöömiy" is the art of Mongolian or Tuvan overtone singing
Origins: Nature Atmospheres
James Paul Furia: An original new connection of geometry, astronomy and sacred sites to music theory (A=432)
Ananda: Universal Dances: A Musical Congruence Towards the Global Song of the Omega Revolution
Infrasonic Sound: exteme bass
Caspar Schwabe: Polytopia Performance
HMT: House of Musical Traditions
Audio FAQ
The AudioFile: basics of uncompressed digital audio
redsugar's Ella Fitzgerald Page
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music
Electronic Music Studios: University of Iowa | MIS: Musical Instrument Samples
streams: electronic music
Converting Tapes and Records to CD
Frequently Asked Questions about "LOUIE LOUIE"
The lyrics and music of 'Louie Louie'
April Winchell: Multimedia
IMSLP / Petrucci Music Library : the public domain music score library
K5: Snubbing the RIAA: Free Music Sites
Berklee Shares: online Music Course
Cuba and Its Music
Karadar Classical Music World
Sound Generator
WolframTones: An Experiment in a New Kind of Music
Purves Lab - Hearing Pitch and Music An Empirical Explanation: An Explanation of Pitch and Music Based on the Statistical Structure of Natural Tonal Sounds
500 Songs That Shaped Rock

The True Adventures of Stanley Booth
My Collection Of Recorded 78 Rpm Records - Free Mp3 Downloads
DivX 5.1 Manual
The Seven Percent Solutions: "Morrissey is Debbie Harry"
Drum Machine
Sound Dogs: world's first online sound effects library
A Jazz Anthology MP3 Choose listen download 17162 tunes jazz artists

Wiki: Edie Sedgwick
Edie Sedgwick (1943-1971)
Edie Sedgwick
Chronology: Andy Warhol and the Sixties
Dylan's Blond on Blond: the Missing Pictures (Edie Sedgwick connection)
aquarium drunkard: Blonde On Blonde Outtakes :: Part One
Daily Kos article and comments (includes rare Edie Sedgwick pics)
YouTube - Screen Test: Edie Sedgwick - It Dont Rain in Beverly Hills

Dick Waterman: Joan Baez & Bob Dylan, Cambridge, 1964 (Club 47)
Dirty Water: Boston Rock & Roll Museum
Musical Composition
The Craft of Musical Communication - Part One
Yamaha: Vocaloid Audio Demos
Undiscovered '60s music
Truck Driver's Gear Change Hall Of Shame
musicplasma: identify artists fitting your musical tastes
Music Fun: Roadmap to Online Music
Drum Solos
Sutra Funk: Sounds of the Asian Underworld
MC Hawking
SoundClick: MP3s
A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
The Canonical List of Weird Band Names (Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of Death)
Oddio Overplay Free Sounds/Music
kexp streaming radio
The Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum
whitney music box var. 6 - microtones A musical realization of the motion graphics of John Whitney as described in his book "digital harmony
~| Charles Richard Lester's Ethéreal Esotérica 137 (theremin)
Microsoft Research Songsmith
The Sound of Mathematics
Songwriters Hall of Fame Virtual Museum
History of Microphones
Gallery of Forbidden Tune\s
Song Fight | Remix Fight old
AudioPaint: Sound from Pictures
Dust-To-Digital: Goodbye Babylon
Hootenanny Songbook
Johnny Cash and His Burning Rings of Fire
It's a Girl Thang: Women in the Blues
The Printable Staff Paper Page
Tunes create context like language
Strange Sounds: Music, Technology, and Culture by Timothy D. Taylor
Annotated Billy Joel: We Didn't Start the Fire
The Shape of Sound
ergo phizmiz: White Light / White Heat
Radel India: Electronic Indian Musical Instruments
he IBM glass engine enables deep navigation of the music of Philip Glass Remixes
Shane Brinkman-Davis Archos AV300 site
Rockbox: Open Source Replacement for Archos Jukebox series
Joan Baez MP3s
Exploratorium: The Science of Music
EnterTheFreudianSlip: Music Therapy, and Using Music in Therapy The Power of Music as a Coping Skill
DeWolfe Music
The Stairway Suite: (Orchestral variations upon an air by Plant & Page)
Space Audio: "sounds of space" collected by U Iowa instruments on various spacecraft
Pitaru: Sonic Wire Sculpter
Show and Tell Music Album Cover Galleries & mp3 samples | I Am Lucifer A. A. Allen
samlchillian: relative pitch keyboard MIDI controller
Boot Camp: Mashup for Beginners

Basic Blues Pt1 - 12-Bar Blues Form | Part 2 | Part 3

Guitarweek: Guitar Lessons
How To Play Chords | Beginner Guitar HQ
A Beginner's Guide to Learning Guitar
Guitar Junky | Music Gear Reviews, Buying Guides, & More

The Internet Beatles Album
Alan W. Pollack's 'Notes On' Series (Beatles songs)
Sci-Fi Hi-Fi: Beatles Christmas Records
"The Beatles: What's In A Name?" By Dave Persails
Clay's Oddities Wav Page
About Mark Deutsch and the Bazantar
Sitar Grooves
Electronic Music Foundation
Faces in the Crowd: The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Cover
Good Ear - Online Ear Training Site
Folkstreams » The Best of American Folklore Films
Yale Film Studies: Film Analysis Web Site 2.0 - Introduction
The Lost Films of Orson Welles | MetaFilter
The AKA Blues Connection: Exploring and Decoding the Legend of the Black Badman Known as Stagger Lee
Chris Lydon Web Studio
Chart Archive -
Visual Composer
? Piero Scaruffi's Music Database
1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks
Audio - The Glenn Gould Archive
The kleptones invite you to take a journey "From Detroit To J.A."
Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures: Dvorak: Symphony #9
d Ska for the Skeptical
Piano Room: Chord Player
International Federation of Musicians (FIM) International Health Database - Dystonia and Ulnaropathy
LilyPond, music notation for everyone
Independent Lens . A LION'S TRAIL . The Song | PBS (Solomon Linda)
3rd Ear Music Forum - Where does the lion sleep tonight?
Coded Slave Songs
GPod Radio
The Scotsman - S2 Monday - Beethoven's symphonies to fly free in BBC webcasting trial
BBC - Radio 3 - Home: The Beethoven Experience
Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog - music: Andras Schiff on Beethoven
DME:: Mozart Archive/a>
A General History of Music From the Earliest Ages to the Present Period, Volume IV, pub. 1789. Dr. Charles Burney (1726-1814) Live Music Archive > Grateful Dead
Music Theory
Mystery Circuits by Mike Walters : Kid from Brooklyn
Ricci Adams'
Easy Music Theory
Arabic Maqam World
philharmonia orchestra: Sound Exchange: Groove search
Metamath Music Page
brainFlakes » Iannis Xenakis Lives On
Page of Protocols (music licensing)
BBC - Radio 4 The making of music - One thousand years of classical music. Series One
Virtual Wilbye Consort - Star Trek Iconic Sounds


ArtLex Art Dictionary - Introduction
Essential Vermeer by Jonathan Janson
Walking with Vermeer: g with Vermeer' depicts a walk through 17th and 18th century Delft
Complete Vermeer
Vermeer's Camera
Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch the Cacophony of Interpretations
BoschUniverse - home
Image Forensics : Error Level Analysis

Neatorama: The Wonderful World of Early Photography.
"What Is Art?" (excerpts)by Leo Tolstoy
Alex Grey: Esoteric Paintings
Alex Grey: Visionary Art Links Page
Raw Vision: Body of Light: The Visionary Paintings of Alex Grey
Paul Laffoley | Archive: Paintings with Linked Text
Paul Laffoley Archive: Zeitgeist Chart of History
PARANOIA - Mephitic Models: Paul Laffoley Satan, God, H.P. Lovecraft and Other Mephitic Models: An Interview With Paul Laffoley by Robert Guffey (*) - Paul Laffoley
Bid in Online Auctions - Live Auctioneers
American Visionary Art Museum
Judy Racz: The Cosmic Dance (Paintings)
Visionary Kabbalah Art
Galerie Sublimatio: The Transfigurative and Esoteric Art of A. Andrew Gonzalez
Visionary Art Links
American Visonary Art Museum
Witness: Photography by James Machtwey: I Have Been a Witness
Ten Dreams: Directory -symbolist, Magical Realist, and Metarealism
The Surreal, Fantastic Realism & Visionary Art Forum :: Index
The Surrealist - Surreal Web Toys and Games
Surrealism Links-Home
George Tooker Gallery
TVM Entry Floor: Restoration and the Tigertail Virtual Museum
Art Without Artifice: The Truth About Famous Paintings.
Sistine Chapel (flash panorama)
Bradley W. Schenck: Celtic Art & Retro Futuristic Design - Posters, Cards, T-Shirts, Mugs & More
Autochromes - Dawn of Colour - National Media Museum
Parastone Mouseion collection: 3D Sculptures of Famous Art *
Erowid: LSD Blotter Art Gallery
Museum of Web Art
Deviant Art
Shelley Jackson: My Body
Asya Schween | Photographs: Self-Portraits
Inez Lenders: Spaces, Shapes, Portraits, Assemblies - A Visionary Art Community
Frank Lloyd Wright: Tree of Life Glass Ornament
Society for Art of Imagination
Dakota Feinstein: Psychology, Photography, Feminine Spirituality
David Ho Gallery
Larry Carlson
Katinka Matson: Scanner Photography
Architecture of Intelligence: by Derrick de Kerckhove
computerfinearts collection --- netart collection software art
Beckett's Bounce
Wet Canvas: largest online community for visual artists
GelastiCity, Kramer, Cuneo, postcards, surreal art, constructions, R.J.Cuneo, Ron Kramer,ornaments,holistic emporium, wonderwinkle
Frank Virgil: Musings At The CrossRoads
Synthetic Reality (Simulations)
ArtMagick: art movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries (for example, Symbolist, Pre-Raphaelite and Art Nouveau)
BBC - Photography
An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research - Golan Levin and Collaborators
Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood

Paul Debevec: Executive Producer, Graphics Research, USC ICT Graphics Lab (Photogrammetry)
George Eastman House
Cameron Tiede: Plug me in and watch me play
Max Lyons Digital Image Gallery
25 All-Time Greatest Comic Book Covers
They Made Me Do It: artists in the UK graffiti scene
artphoto: comtemporary art magazine
Rob Dobi: New England Ruins
Venice West Picture Essay
The Art Millennium Encylopedia
Industrial Art Gallery
communimage is a collaborative art project since 1999
Larry Carlson: Digital Images
Boutilier-Brown: Evolving Beauty: Black and White Nude Photographs
Center - formerly the Santa Fe Center for Photography
Frank Frazetta
Quest for the Rest
Simple Theory of Beauty & Low-Complexity Art
Typo Generator
pixelperfect: free high resolution stock photos
MorgueFile: Public Image Photo Reference | Free Online Photography Courses

What Camera? - Only the best for the job or play
277 Photography Tips For All Kinds Of Photography - What Camera?

National Geographic: Photography
Photo Tips, Photos, Videos, Articles, Wallpapers, Photography - National Geographic
Magnum Blog / Wear Good Shoes: Advice to young photographers - the photo blog of Magnum Photos
Most Popular Photography Hacks of 2009 - Photography - Lifehacker
21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know
The Top 100 Photography Blogs - Photography Colleges
too much chocolate / photo portal gallery collective collaboration
Bill Emory: Recent Photos
Goldenwolf Furry Portfolio
Machinima: Use game engines to make movies
Desktop Dreamscapes - 3D Animated Screen Saver and Desktop Wallpaper in Outer Space
Drempels Screensaver Home
Digital Photographic Art "Spectral Samples"
Falbo Art
The CENTURY Project: Women from birth through 100 years of age.
Net Art - Dr. Hugo Heyrman (((Museums of the Mind)))
KODAK e-Magazine: The Kodak Colorama
The Mexican Suitcase: Gallery

Elfwood science fiction and fantasy art

Edward Tufte: The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint
Edward R. Tufte’s “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” Presented in the Form of a PowerPoint Presentation
Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte's Principles
Ask E.T.: Sparklines: theory and practice
Archives | FlowingData
Flickr Photo Download: How to Choose Chart Types
Mapping with Isotype « Making Maps: DIY Cartography

HistoryShots - Information Graphics - History Related - Panama Canal
HistoryShots Genealogy of Pop & Rock Music
Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization
Gallery of Data Visualization - Historical Milestones
David Byrne's Alternate PowerPoint Universe
hybrid medical animation
wood s lot
get the picture: Seven [Great] Photographers
fotolog: Camgirls vs. Photobloggers | lauratitian
26things: international photographic scavenger hunt
Sonoran Sunsets: Desert Photography

Photography Over Time: From Camera Obscura To Digital Mastery | Photos With Phones

Joey Lawrence Fine Art
Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Landscape Photography
11 Surefire Tips for Improving Your Landscape Photography
Introduction to Composition E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer
Juza Nature Photography
Photography by Marc Adamus
Leping Zha Landscape Photography
BBC Wildlife Magazine - masterclass in photography
The Photo Ambition | Landscape Photography - 12 Tips To Capture Stunning Photos

The Woodblock Prints of Ando Hiroshige
Ando Hiroshige
Bayly Art Museum: Ando Hiroshige: Universe in Collision: Men and Women in 19th Century Japanese Prints
Ando Hiroshige: A Shoal of Fishes
Matsuo Basho's travel diary "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" (Oku no Hosomichi)
Japanese Kite Collection
Night view of Seto (western Japan)
Night Windows on Tokyo (photography)
Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
Japan: Night Lights & City Scenes
Running panoramas of Japanese Trains
Antony Gormley
Photo Friday: The Weekly Photography Challenge
time tales: a collection of found photographs | The Art of the Photogravure
Visionary/Outsider Art
found_objects: found... in Goldfield, NV LMAOs: Land-Mail-Art-Objects
High Definition (HD) Time Lapse of Los Angeles, California

The Mirror Project: Adventures in Refective Surfaces
LogoTypes (5000+ logos)
Printing definitions and glossary of terms
Coast to Coast AM Image Gallery: Unexplained, but not Inexplicable
Burning Man Festival: Panoramas
Burning Man 2003
Burning Man 2003 Photo Special
Burning Man 2005 - A Photoessay by Scott London (1998-2005)
Burning Man 2006 - Page 1
Burning Man Spreads Its Flame - New York Times
Clay Enos - PlayaStudio - Burning Man

Zeitgeist Gallry Inman Square, Cambridge
The "Mondrian Machine" at
Headacher: Graphic displays
Has the world gone intervention crazy, asks Mark Blacklock
Without Sanctuary: Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America
silverorange graphic resizer
Scott McCloud: The Right Number Part One
Expressibility: Experimental Typography as a Modern Art Practice
Chapelle Cocteau decorated by the French artist Jean Cocteau -also called Chapel Notre-Dame-de-Jérusalem
Illegal Art: Freedom of Expression in the Corporate Age free visual database of magazine cover art, 19th and early 20th centuries
Dos and Don'ts of Photography
aeternus: urban anthropology (pinhole camera photographs)
Emory Douglas Revolutionary Art Work

360 Degree Panoramas: Featured
American Memory: Taking the Long View: Panoramic Photographs, 1851-1991
Arounder - Travel and Lifestyle in 360-degree Quicktime VR - Virtual Reality Full Screen panoramas: lugano, milan, milano, barcelona, monte carlo, roma, rome, zermatt, parma, koeln, cologne, zyprus, firenze, florence, pisa
Hanoi Panos
Clickwalk Norway: Photographic Panoramas
Paris by Night Panorama | Paris by night : panoramic vue on 360° (labeled)
Got-One: Hawaii Panos
Home page : Panoramic world
Digital Panoramic Images - Photography by Fred Kamphues
7 Wonders Panoramas - The New 7 Wonders-Travel Great Wall, Taj Mahal, Machu Picchu - 360 degree Panoramas
ScienceDaily: Any Digital Camera Can Take Multibillion-pixel Shots With New Device
gigapan: GigaPan allows users to upload, share, and explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe.
360 degree Panorama Software: -DPR-

OpenPhotoVR - photo albums with 3D transitions
The Page of Omnidirectional Vision
Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative
Tim Prentice: Kinetic Sculpture
Exotic India: Indian Art
Le Mont St-Michel
Granny Cat.jpg (Calico)
3D Artists
Online Picasso Project
The Open Video Project
vvvv : a multipurpose toolkit for real time video synthesis
MrandMrsWheatley br> The Mystery of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'
War Photo Limited
Recursive Polaroid Photography
The Land List An Ongoing Project in Cataloging Polaroid Cameras
Shoptalk: Polaroid’s Quirky Films - Lens Blog -
Pleix Films
Jacek Yerka Paintings
Pixel Labs
SpeedTree Demo: Million Tree Forest
Terragen is a work-in-progress scenery generator for Windows and the Mac OS
Goddess Channel
Stained Glass Photography
High-Speed: Photographs by Andrew Davidhazy
Phantom High Speed Movie Gallery
Lucid Movement - High speed / slow motion videos and information.
Interesting High-speed Video Clips
The Picture of Everything by Howard Hallis | Last Breakfast Synchonicity
Lenticulars by Howard Hallis
Dartmouth: Pattern Syllabus: Art & Math
Death Valley By Philip Bloom On ExposureRoom
Thought & Theory - Formula for Change » Blog Archive » Video Guide for Letus Extreme 35mm Video Adapter
Photographs of New York by Subway Map
the signs in New York City from 14th Street to 42nd Street
Small Stories Online
Fark: Fun with Photoshop | Forums
Creative COW - Creative Communities of the World
Art Investigations hi-res stock photots
Morphases: Morph Faces
Boltcity | Clive and Cabbage | Copper Bubbles
Frozen Buble
The Scribbler: online scribble machine
Sonata for the Unaware
Postage Stamps of Donald Evans
PV Comics: Free Comics
Marvel Directory
Adventures of Asterix
time tales: found photographs
The Decline of Fashion Photograhy
Mac Editor
Naoto Hattori Gallery
Re-Birth: The 13th Sign by Jas Lee Pierce
Iceland Worldwide: Sigurdur H Stefnisson: Northern Lights
Perceptions of the Shadowy World -- Yami
BromArt: futuristic fantasy
Petite Mort
Fantasy Art
Ernst Haeckel Images (alpha-channel PNGs)
Yamaha: Paper Craft
gfxartist: Digital Art Community
Artist Trading Cards: Art in your Pocket
The Great Mirror: Bret Wallach: 5000 photographs over 30 years: cultural landscapes
Sergei Maximishin Photography

Tibetan Visions: Contemporary Painting from Tibet
Steve McCurry: The Path to Buddha: A Tibetan Pilgrimage: Photography
Museum of Non-Primate Art
Asian Historical Architecture
Albino Blacksheep: Flash / Wireframe Human form
Twexus: picture pairs and symmetry
Jonathan Clark: Streatham Cemetery (nice flash) Sculpture, Architecture, Applied Art, Italian Cites breathtaking ray-tracing
Art Index for Heaven & Hell
The Automatons and Animated Sculpture Site
Automates, androïdes et animaux artificiels anciens
Winsor McCay
Imedia CGI Film Archive (Legomatrix)
Jerry's Artarama: Discount Art Supplies
Kevin Kelly -- Cool Tools: True Films (1.1 - PDF version) 100 Great Documentaries & Factuals
SmoothTeddy: Quick 3D Modeling and Painting
Kite Aerial Photography: Home Page
Welcome to Kite Aerial Photography!
MAKE: Blog: MAKE Podcast Archives: Make A Kite Aerial Photography Rig
Underground City: photography of underground or unknown sites in New York
Channel 101: Videos of Prime Time and Cancelled Pilots
Baghdad Journal by Steve Mumford
Gridcosm: collaborative art project: compounding series of graphical squares
28 disposable cameras in Rocinha Brazil
Four Stories by Andy Farkas
Life: 100 Photographs that Changed the World
World of Klauss Vlaudenhoove: Small Group Videos (the Jesus remix)
The Complete Guide to Isometric Pixel Art PDF Mag
Jacob Holdt: American Pictures
It's About Girls
Variations The Assassin and His Cats
Cheval Noir
Hans Bellmer
The Original Letterheads Web Site--Hand Lettering Basics Part 1
BBC - h2g2 - The Mystery of Michelangelo's 'Creation of Adam'
The Pyramid Gallery: The Lament Configuration: Philip Le Marrchand
Robert's Hard to find Videos
Concrete TV
Setpixel // Index
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
The Great Eastern: Newfoundland's Cultural Magazine
100s of pages of expert articles, guides and handbooks for video professionals and advanced hobbyists. Video University's Free Library has been rated one of the top ten sites for video production.
Understanding Video
DSLR News Shooter (video on DSLRs)
How the GH2 is still top dog for video quality |
Re: Using Atomos Ninja-2 Video Hard Disk Recorder with Nikon FF: Nikon FX SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
Levitated | the Exploration of Computation Anti-Gravity: Open source *
Hannah Höch Photomontages
Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks Home Page
Virtual Reality Tours: Seven Churches
Bathsheba Grossman Sculpting Geometry *
STAR WARS: REVELATIONS files - Zap's mirror - BitTorrents of the DVD's are here
Peter Milton - Artist/Printmaker - Home Page
3D CAFE'S VIP Lounge: 3D modeling software resources
ashes and snow
Image Savant - S P O R E
Les Cites Obscures/The Obscure Cities
Pictures, Photos of Lost Cities
ze's page: videos, toys, stuff
Van Gogh - Starry Night - Gigapixel Image - Photomosaic
Eric J. Heller Gallery (Quantum simulations) Resonance Fine Art
Pleix films: Netlag, eBaby, others
Terragen - Realistic Landscape Generator
KODAK: The Endurance (Frank Hurley)
Frank Hurley, “the mad war photographer” Products and brand
All of Dali's Paintings
American Masters . Robert Capa | PBS
So-net blog:the bitter*girls (tilt-shift photos)
How to Take Great Photos of an Electronics Product with a Digital Camera
Artistically photographing a headstone ?? : Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
TLC Discovery Channel Headshot Photography - photographer education
Infrared Goggles for $10, inexpensive IR filters, Science Hobbyist
Weta Originals - Rayguns
Shorpy | The 100-Year-Old Photo Blog

I Hardly Know Her (Flickr reformatter)
Cooliris | Discover More
Flickriver - A new way to view Flickr photos and more...


M.C. Escher: Official Website
Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO
Escher Art Collection
Worth 1000: Escher Blowout 2
Hop's Page: Delta Blocks: inspired by M.C. Escher's print "Flatworms"
Escher's Liminocentric Eye: by John Fudjack and Pat Dinkelaker
Escher for Real
Masters of Deception: Escher, Dalí & the Artists of Optical Illusion
Escher Web Sketch
animation: tesselations
The impossible world of MC Escher | Art and design | The Guardian
Origami Tessellations
Tessellations - Escher and how to make your own | Escher Gallery Thumbnails 1
Masters of Deception: Escher, Dal\355 & the Artists of Optical Illusion
Home (David Bailey's World of Escher-like Tessellations)
Gallery : The Droste effect
Escher and the Droste effect - Universiteit Leiden
Artwork of MC Escher - a photoset on Flickr
Escher's "Relativity" in LEGO
Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher -- Platonic Realms MiniText
Escher for Real
ASL's LEGO Page (w/Escher re-creations)
Impossible world: Art: Oscar Reutersvärd
Impossible Figures in Perceptual Psychology - Prof. Palmer December 1991

Pareidolic Imagery Collection
pareidolia | Apophenia
the Folklorist: Pareidolia Data
Mars Face Breaks Under Questioning
Bill Curtsinger - Voyage to the X Isles Archipelago
Flickr: The Pareidolia Pool
Bad Language - The Pope Tart and other pareidolia

Amos Storkey - Visual Illusions
This Optical Illusion Will Make Your Eyes Bulge And Your Brain Burst
SandlotScience: Optical Illusions and Visual Oddities
Checkershadow Illusion
Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions
Snake Illusion | Checkershadow Illusion
Hidden Pictures
Akiyoshi's illusion pages
The blue and the green | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine
Edward Adelson: Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions
The Nature of Perception: An Illustration in Machine Vision
Corridor Illusion Prepared by John Melville Harris
Grand Illusions
Eluzions' Optical Illusions
Optical Illusions
Mighty Optical Illusions
Mighty Optical Illusions
Moire Effect
Moire Phenomena
Sandlot Science Optical Illusions | Moiré Patterns
Amazing eyetricks and optical illusions
Holographic Links
INTEGRAF--How to Make Holograms
Fun with Reflections
The McCollough Effect - An On-line Science Exhibit
Visual associative memory simulates the McCollough effect
A functional theory of the McCollough effect
A Unified Neural Model of Colour Constancy and the McCollough Effect
Pictures of green flashes
NPR: Tricks the Brain Plays: Binding Illusion
Impossible Objects
The Uncanny Valley: Why are monster-movie zombies so horrifying and talking animals so fascinating? by Dave Bryant
Michael Bach: 67 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena HDMI, the HDMI logo and High- Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. (Visual Illusions | Optische Täuschungen | Rapid afterimage | Motion Binding
Optical Illusions
Archimedes Lab | Hypnoptical Illusions
DoYouSee.gif: 9 Dolphins Illusion/purity test
Laboratory of Dale Purves, DUMC: Geometrical Illusions, Aural Perception *
Purves Lab / See For Yourself
Exploratorium: Science Snacks About Perception
National Gallery of Art - Deceptions and Illusions: Five Centuries of Trompe l'Oeil Painting
Ian Rowland: The Mindreader, The Mind Motivator. Mr Angry and Mrs Calm
Perception puzzles, Visual Perception, Optical illusions and Paradoxes
The Grand Illusions Toy Shop
Giornale Nuovo: Psychobox
Big Spanish Castle illusion | Big Spanish Castle
V.S. Ramachandran's Illusions
Deutsch's Musical Illusions
Cool Optical Illusion -
Amazing Illusions
Illusion Art Museum
Hybrid Images @ MIT
Perceptual Rivalry and Reversible Figures
eChalk: optical illusions
House of Deception - History of Magic, Pro Wrestling, Carnivals and Sideshows
Militantplatypus: Spinning Silhouette Illusion
OLE Coordinate System
20 Amazing Optical Illusions - The List Universe
Web Urbanist 3D Architectural Illusions: Amazing Paintings, Murals and Mosaics
Entoptic Phenomena - a photoset on Flickr
Optical Eye Illusion Flash Movies | A "Psychological" Optical Illusion
15 cool word illusions
Step Behind the Scenes
Lost in the Static, by Silver Spaceship Software
Motion Induced Blindness
Music special: Five great auditory illusions - being-human - 20 February 2008 - New Scientist That lamp (semi NSFW)
VOUS PENSEZ – Charlie Chaplin Optical Illusion
Our Visual System Has 'Future Seeing' Powers - Study | Scientific Blogging
YouTube - 10 optical illusions in 2 minutes
Key to All Optical Illusions Discovered | LiveScience
Illusion Sciences: why are we surprised by only some of the things that we see?
How the brain works: Illusions video and other Weird Science videos at 5min
Skytopia : Greatest Optical Illusions Pictures.
Skytopia : Greatest Optical Illusions Pictures. Ever.
David OReilly - Rotating Grid Illusion
Mind Hacks: Ganzfeld hallucinations
Multimodal Ganzfeld Gives Mild Hallucinations » Mind Modifications » Archives
Art as Visual Research: 12 Examples of Kinetic Illusions in Op Art: Scientific American Slideshow
GIF file: space-warp illusion
Introduction to Fill-in seminar: Adaptation, Perceptual Fill-In, and Cortical Plasticity (blind spots)
20 Amazing Optical Illusions - The List Universe
Visual Cognition Lab: video (basketball passing)
YouTube - Test Your Awareness: Do The Test
YouTube - Derren Brown - Person Swap
YouTube - Change Blindness; you cannot be aware of everything.
YouTube - Mind's Eye; the Brain relies constantly on Visual Memories
YouTube - colour changing card trick
YouTube - Ames' Window
YouTube - Optical Illusions
The break of the curveball « Best Visual Illusion of the Year Contest
Awesome optical illusion. Twins (gender perception)
BBC Senses Challenge
Year's Best Optical Illusion: Scientific American Gallery
Beau Lotto: Optical illusions show how we see | Video on
Al Seckel says our brains are mis-wired | Video on
I72qO.gif (GIF Image, 900x400 pixels) - Imgur - rotating figure reversal image
Gravity-defying ramps take illusion prize : Nature News Vision scientists award 'Oscar of perception' to Japanese mathematician.
2010 Finalists « Best Illusion of the Year Contest
MSF Motion Induced Blindness
Optical Illusion Illusion - Kanizsa triangle on Flickr - Photo Sharing! (Illusions of Optical Illusions)
The strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion « Mind Hacks
CurveBallShapiroIC2009.swf (SciAm optical illusion)
YouTube - The Rubber Hand Illusion - Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? - BBC Two
This Is (Officially) the Best Illusion of the Year - Gizmodo (motion silences color changes)
Fool your eyes: Best illusions of 2011 - New Scientist
3D Optical Illusions By Kokichi Sugihara Will Make You Believe The Impossible (video)
Optical Illusions - HALLUCINOGENIC effects - Eye Vision - YouTube


Review: Michael Kubovy, The Psychology of Perspective and Renissance Art
Linear perspective
Kim H. Veltman: Piero della Francesca and the Two Methods of Renaissance Perspective
Leonardo's Method
Nexus: Speculations on the Origins of Liner Perspctive
Art of Giotto: The Arena Chapel in Padua
Getty Institute | The Geometry of Seeing: Perspective and the Dawn of Virtual Space
The Sources and Literature of Perspective
ThinkQuest: A New Perspective on Science and Art
Quotes from the book The Psychology of Perspective and Renaissance Art by Michael Kubovy.
Brunelleschi and the Origin of Linear Perspective
Geometry and Abjection by Victor Burgin
zestyping: How to really confuse your party guests.
Renaissance: Science and Individualism
Glass: A World History: The Glass Mirror and the Renaissance Art and Individuality
PerspTut: Spherical Perspective - a brief tutorial
The Renaissance Rediscovery of Visual Perspective
Renaissance perspective 1 - An explanation of perspective drawing
Bernini's Square at St. Peter's: an Animated Space
Computers and Renaissance Perspective
Perspective as a Geometric Tool that Launched the Renaissance
New Perspective Systems: 1-6 point perspective
Descarte sand Linear Perspective
The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio
Raphael: The School of Athens
The Philosopher as Hero: Raphael's The School of Athens
Athena: Raphael, The School of Athens; Pierre Perroud
Image:Perugino Keys.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
About a New Perspective on an Old Perspective « CONSTABLE RESEARCH B.V.
About Perspective - Constable BV

Entoptic Patterns
Entoptic Diagram | Altered States: The Origin of Art in Entoptic Phenomena
Trippy Trick - Google Video
Gallery - Anamorphic art - Image 1 - New Scientist


Fractal Recursions
Ultra Fractals Windows Software Apophysis
Apophysis (software) - Wikipedia
Janet Parke: Fractal Art
Apophysis is a Windows program for designing Fractal Flames and IFS fractals
ChaosPro - Freeware fractal generator (Windows)
The Ultimate Fractal Video Project!
YouTube - FractAlkemist's Channel
40 Amazing 3D Fractals Using Apophysis
Arthur Clarke – Fractals – The Colors Of Infinity- Energy Mandala
Deepest Mandelbrot Set Zoom Animation ever - a New Record! 10^275 (2.1E275 or 2^915) - YouTube
Fractals The Hidden Dimension - YouTube
Mandelbulb: The Unravelling of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal
Holy Web!: Deepest fractal zoom ever made
Fractal Explorer
Infinite Fractal Loop | Fractalus | fractal dimentia: downloads
Fractal Art by Paul DeCelle
NOVA | Hunting the Hidden Dimension | Watch the Program | PBS
17 Captivating Examples of Fractals in Nature | WebEcoist
Rico Wack, Galerie de fractales, Fractal Gallery
Wacker Art online Fractal Generator
YouTube - Baroque Mandelbrot Zoom
Iñigo Quilez - fractals.colour algorithms
Skytopia - Mystery of the Real 3D Mandelbrot Fractal Fractals, Quaternions, Lightflow, software
3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects
Paul N Lee: Fractal Pages | Fractal Software Links
Fractal expressionism: The physics behind the paintings of Jackson Pollock complex systems | interactive quaternion fractal viewer
3-D Fractals
Fractals, Chaos
10th POVRay Fractal Raytracing Contest
POVCOMP 2004: Welcome!
MandelLouvre: Autoquad Galaxy
Mu-Ency - The Encyclopedia of the Mandelbrot Set | BuddhaBrot | Images
The 4D Mandel/Juli/Buddhabrot Hologram
Fractal World Gallery
Fractal Bargain Bin
Fractal Buddha
"...of a Fractal Nature" Photography by Gayla Chandler | Build Your Own Sierpinski Tetrahedra
Fractal Software: Windows Fractal Programs
fractalus - Fractal Art '99 Contest
3D Fractals by Jos Leys-Gallery
Fractal Art - Egg 17
Ultra Fractal Easter Egg Decorating Contest
Fractal Egg Tutorial by Paul DeCelle
MIT World » : Fractals in Science, Engineering and Finance (Roughness and Beauty) (video: Benoit B. Mandelbrot)
YouTube - A Mandelbrot the size of the known universe
Soler Flares: Philosophy, psychology, fractals, photos
Gestalt_HD_2008 on Vimeo
YouTube - fractal zoom (HD) to 6.066 e228 (2^760) mandelbrot - last lights on
Mandelbrot Set Tutorial
last lights on « hd fractals
YouTube - fractalzooms's Channel
YouTube - Mandelbox trip

Digital Photography

Digital Photography FAQ | DPI (dots per inch) in digital photography and printing
Image Size and Resolution
dpi for printing resolution of 72 dpi (Say NO to 72dpi!)
Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images
Say No to 72 dpi

New York City Police Statement About Photography: News Discussion Forum: -DPR-
The Photographer's Right - A Downloadable Flyer: Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography
FormSwift: Photographer Guide - The Ultimate Legal Guide for Photographers

Learn Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

On Camera Policies in Privately Owned Public Spaces - New digital camera? Know how, where you can use it (photographer's rights - "if you can see it, you can shoot it")
Street/Candid Photography
Mama Don't Take My Kodachrome | MetaFilter
Flickr: photo_history's Photostream Dictionary - Camera symbols
Open-source camera could revolutionize photography
Small Sensor Cameras - The GetDPI Workshop Forums
Serious Compacts - Photography, News, Discussion, and Reviews of Advanced Compact Cameras
1001 Noisy Cameras | 1001 Noisy Cameras: Who Reviews Digital Cameras?

Gigapixel Project: Angel's Window

Imaging Resource "Comparometer" ™ Digital Camera Image Comparison Page
Steve's Digicams | Microdrives | Muvo2 4gb Hard Drive Extraction
Sensorgen - digital camera sensor data
DX0 Mark: Camera rankings
Phil Askey: DPReview Digital Photography Glossary
dcviews: digital camera reviews The resource for Sports Photography
Camera Settings - Basketball (D300) (and fast-moving sports)
John's Photo Ramblings: Nikon D300 Auto-focus for Sports
Professional Photographer Magazine - Great Photography Articles & Photographer Product Reviews
40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
16-9: Lens Reviews and Image Library
Flickr: Nikon Digital
Nikonians :: The Nikon User Community - Search & Find Photography Friends and Reviews, Articles and Discussions on Nikon SLR and DSLR Cameras
Is it tom(ay)toes or tom(ah)toes. Broken Record See Threads !: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 (how to pronounce Knee-Cone)
DSLR News Shooter | Making the real world look as good as cinema
Nikongear: Nikon Camera Gear and Photographer Community
Nikon Rumors
Test photos D2X, D200, 5D, S5, M8, SLR/n: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR- | Camera Test Photos
PopPhoto - Digital camera reviews
DP Challenge digital photography contest
Larry Berman Graphics Digital Photo Resources
Luminous Landscape: Tutorials | Expose Right | Capture One | DXO Optics Pro
An Open Letter to Leica: " ... let's leave the film exposure paradigm behind. Digital exposure is different than film exposure, and basing 21st Century cameras on 19th Century exposure rules has to end."
ImageAlign: Perspective Distortion and Rotation Fixed
Nature Photographers Accessories
Thelightsright: Digital Darkroom Tutorials
Rags Int., Inc. Digital Photography
Professional Photography 101 - Advanced phootography lessons
PhotoNotes - Dictionary of Photography.
Digital Cameras - Independent Digital Camera Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons Product Gallery - Main Index
Home - What Digital Camera - digital camera reviews, latest camera news, camera buying advice, photography techniques, photographic gallery, photography forums (RYC) An online registry for photographic equipment.
Canon Digital Photography Forums
ExposurePlot (former Focalplot)
Welcome to the Wega2 image viewer and digital camera related site (ExposurePlot)
• Digital Cameras and Exposure - A Beginners Guide to Photography
Digital's Exposure Challenge: Preventing Blown-Out Highlights
Exposure : Understanding Color and Grey Luminosity [Page 1]: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Re: correctly exposing with RGB histogram / how to read rgb histogram: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Interpretive: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: DPR: exposure and color luminosity
34 Essential Tutorials To Get Started With Digital Photography | Blog - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2008120122)
Metering the white detail brothers ~ Images by Eduardo Suastegui »
Spot-metering the usual suspects ~ Images by Eduardo Suastegui »
Various Metering System in the Nikon F5 - Part I

Re: when will these myths stop about high resolution and high ISO?: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: Digital Photography Review I don't know who started it, but it was pushed very actively by DPReview for a number of years. It appeared time and time again in their reviews, the editor got an article in the NY Times pushing it, people got banned for arguing against it too vociferously.
Bob Newmans Low Light Article Brilliant!
DxOMark - Viewing conditions - Defining viewing conditions for normalizing measurements and scores
Noise, Dynamic Range and Bit Depth in Digital SLRs -- page 3 The Consequences of Noise
Photos and Information | Photographic_Dynamic_Range.jpg (JPEG Image, 1008 × 783 pixels)

Exposure trick |
does D300 also do Multiple Exposures: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Using multiple exposure to combat noise [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Krishnan D2X- In Camera Multiple Exposure
diglloyd: Diffraction—A Technical Challenge: Noise and Multiple Exposures
Diffraction in Photography
Startrails application
Cambridge in Colour - Digital Photography Tutorials
About the HYRes 3.1 resolution measurement program
Canon Picture Style Special Site Canon - Picture Style Viewers
CHDK - CHDK Wiki Unleash the POWER in your "PowerShot!"
Foto Actualidad

New York Institute of Photography - Is Film Obsolete?
Film is not dead it just smells funny - Photographers
Clarkvision: Film versus Digital
FiveFWD - Challenge - Blow Up - Part 3 video from The Gadget Show
Measuring Megabytes (big MP backs vs film)
Film versus DSLR dynamic range: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Congratulations Cephalotus, the source of EVIL! (Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens)
Unblinking Eye - photography, darkroom, alt process
Clarkvision: Signal-to-noise of Digital Cameras Canon 1D Mark II Noise and Full Well Analysis
D30 Vs Film
Shootout: State-of-the-Art 35mm Digital Vs. Medium Format Film
Digital cameras vs. film, part 1
Analog versus Digital Shootout Effects of the physical size of digican sensors on performance by Bob Atkins
Equivalence (comparing sensors)
BBC NEWS | Magazine | Why digital cameras = better photographers
The Digital Journalist
Why digital cameras = better photographers | MetaFilter
Digital Camera Resource Page: Frequently Asked Questions
Rob Galbraith DPI: Shooting the D1X for National Geographic
Rob Galbraith DPI: A look back at the NC2000
Oranges & Apples - Digital Replacing Film (not)
Film vs. Digital
Really Useful Software for Nikon DSLRs
Tools For Photographers - ShutterClicks

"High Contrast" Weekly Photography Assignment for 15 - 21 June 2009 - histograms
Understanding Histograms Understanding Histogram in Photography (in Plain Language)
Understanding Your Digital Camera's Histogram -- A Nikonians Guide
Outback: Know your histogram
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials: Photo Color Correction + Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: Histogram
Histogram in the GIMP
Histogram Applet | Histogram Explorer
Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras
Re: correctly exposing with RGB histogram / how to read rgb histogram: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
A Practical Guide To Interpreting RGB Histograms
View The Histogram Of Any Image In Your Browser With A Simple User-Friendly Plugin | Fstoppers

bythom Photography, Reviews | How Digital Cameras Work | Nikon | What Nikon Should Change by Thom Hogan | 2006 Predictions by Thom Hogan | 2008 Predictions by Thom Hogan
Nikon DSLR (Digital Camera) Comparison by Thom Hogan (side-by-side specs)
Thom Hogan's Compact Camera Challenge
Collecting versus Photographing by Thom Hogan
Nikkor Lens Assessment by Thom Hogan
Blame the Equipment It's not you, it's your equipment (NOT).
Re: Did Thom Hogan delete his account?: News Discussion Forum: Digital Photography Review
Re: Thom article and the 200-400mm: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Ken Rockwell Photography | Film vs. Digital Cameras | P&S vs DSLR
DSLR Resolution and Noise Comparison
Should you buy a DSLR or Point and Shoot Digital Camera?
Ron Reznick: Digital Images | & E-Book
George Lepp: Learning Resources
Vivid Light Photography
Is Slide Really Better?
Shadow/Highlight -- Part II
Articles (Interpolation)
Levels -- Part III
Luminous Landscape Forum -> interesting article "digital tones and exposure zones"
Rags Int., Inc. Digital Photography | Photography and Studio Lighting - Do It Yourself
Lastolite Scott Kelby Location Kit
News | Profoto USA Behind the Scenes: Annie Leibovitz & Profoto Pro-8a Air
Digital Dog :: Main
PhotoshopNews: Print with Preview - Photoshop CS2
Stock Photography Alamy - Ensure images meet Alamy's technical criteria
Pacificstock: Perfect Stock Images in 5 Steps - your source for free photos
Community of Royalty Free Images and Stock Photos
unlimited possibilities: overview of stock agencies
Sell your news images and creative photography with Citizen Image
Sell photo, sell pictures, sell mobile phone image with cash4yourpix
Sell your photos or pictures and video to the press and media with citizen journalist site Scoopt
Shutterstock :: Make money with your photos!

illustrated articles on the chief causes of image degradation in photography | Distortion | Misconceptions in photographic optics

OpenRAW - The RAW Problem
Adobe Photoshop - Digital camera raw file support
Joachim Gerstl: HowTo Digital Digital Workflow and shooting NEF
Color Correction & RAW Conversion
\ Building a Batch Action in Photoshop | Batch Camera Raw
Raw Photo Decoder | dcraw:
Manpage of dcraw
Converting from RAW Photo Gallery by Miljenko Devcic at
Raw Therapee THe Experimental RAw Photo Editor
Is the Nikon D70 NEF (RAW) format truly lossless?
Out of Gamut: Calibrating Camera Raw in Photoshop CS
Optimize performance | Photoshop CS4, CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS Review By Vincent Bockaert (RAW/WB issues)
RAW PhotoDesk for Windows
EasyRaw - your easy way to RAW files
dpMagic RAW
Raw Magick Curve Surgery/Therapy | Support Forum
Raw PhotoDesk
Adobe Camera Raw by Tim Grey
RawView: cross-platform Java Raw Viewer
Adobe Photoshop ACR Calibration with Nikon D1X
Raw File Standards
Chromoholics: ACR Calibrator
viewRAW: fast and easy viewing digital camera RAW files
OpenRAW - Digital Image Preservation Through Open Documentation
LWN: Nikon's photo encryption reported broken
RAW storm in a teacup? Dave Coffin interviewed: -DPR-
PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information » Archive » The Power of the Curve–Camera Raw 3
Booklets @Digital Outback Photo: The Art of RAW Conversion
pixmantec: RawShooter
Raw Photo Processor (RPP)
Raw or JPEG? Should You Capture Digital Photos In Raw or JPEG Format?
Exposing for RAW | Digital Photo Pro Magazine
File Locking Issue with Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer version 1.0
CryptoBola | PhotoBola, Rawnalyze
Rawshack - Raw Image Analyzer
RawDigger: Raw Image Analyzer | RawDigger RawDigger is a computer program intended for viewing, studying, and analyzing raw files from digital photo cameras and some digital video cameras
12bit vs 14bit RAW and compressed vs uncompressed… Does it matter? | francoisMalan
HowStuffWorks "How File Compression Works"
Art of RAW Conversion #026 @Digital Outback Photo: Light Crafts LightZone™ Diary
What is your favorite RAW converter with the D2x [Page 1]: Nikon D100/D1/D2 Forum: -DPR-
Review: Raw Converters Mega Test part I | | Addicted2light Addicted2light
Raw Converter Showdown: Capture One Pro 7, DxO Optics Pro 8 and Lightroom 4: Digital Photography Review
Petteri: Sermon From A Raw Convert - Serving the Digital Photographer

ToneUp - DSLR Camera Software - A Nikon Capture Alternative (w/custom curve uploading)
DCamCapture: tethered shooting (Nikon)

Download details: Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer for Windows XP
Bibble Labs - Professional Photo-Manipulation Software
DNG will encourage, not stifle, innovation: Nikon D100/D1/D2 Forum: -DPR-
Nef -> Dng: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
.... and some comments ....: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Some DNG articles and links
DNG Recover Edges
lightcrafts | lightzone | lightzone blog

Nikon: Image Processing Algorithms
Nikon Digital Knowledge Base
D70 Firmware Update 1.0.1 / 1.0.2 - Windows
D70 Firmware Update 2.0 - Windows
Current Versions of Nikon Software
Nikon Imaging | Global Site | NEF Codec Download NEF Codec is a module that makes Nikon RAW (.NEF) image files as easy to work with as JPEG and TIFF images.

Nikon USA Photography: Lenses
Lens Caps from Nikon
Nikon Pro
NIKKOR | Photographers' Proven Partner
APS: Authorized Photo Service: Independent Nikon Authorized Repair Station

CCD / CMOS Cleaning | Cleaning your CCD | Cleaning sensors by Thom Hogan | Green Clean: Wet & Dry
Photosol: Sensor Swabs | grounded brush
Cleaning Digital Cameras - Demystifying D-SLR Sensor Cleaning
Micro-Tools: DLSR cleaning tools Nikon Lens Pen Cleaning System: Camera & Photo
OIL, Copperhill Products , PecPads or QuickStrips ? What is Best?: Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
MiniBrite Maginifier - Sensor Inspection Devices
Re: Bummed: Nikon FX SLR Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review (cleaning)
Cleaning Digital Cameras - D-SLR Sensor Cleaning. - Introduction
Cleaning Supplies
Caig: Deoxit: Contact Cleaner
DeOxIT update information [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR- (D300 contact cleaning) DeoxIT
Micro-Tools | Digital Camera Cleaning Supplies: Pec-pad, Eclipse, Sensor Swab
Visible Dust: Camera Sensor Cleaning
Rob Galbraith: Sensor Brush
Sensor Brush
Lens Cleaning
YouTube - Nikon D3 sensor cleaning using Vswab from visibledust
YouTube - Dust-Aid: DSLR Camera Sensor Cleaning Video
Cleaning The Sensor On Your DSLR Camera - Video

Nærfoto Bjørn Rørslett | Nikon D2X Reviewed. Introduction
Hardwarezone: Nikon D2X Digital SLR
Ron Resnick Nikon D2x tests
Nikon D2x Pro SLR Discussion
Nikon D2X Digital Camera Review: In-depth Image Analysis
GOLD, #K-G1W-25
Nikon D2X Review: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
Steves Digicams - Nikon D2X Professional SLR User Review
Mamiya 7 compared to Nikon D2X DSLR
Dante Stella: The myth of D2x shake

Shutterbug: Nikon’s D200; A 10.2-Megapixel Digital SLR Built For Comfort, And Speed
Steves Digicams - Nikon D200 Professional SLR User Review
Complete Digital Photography » Should you buy a Canon EOS 30D or Nikon D200? (biased?)
Nikon D200 Review by Thom Hogan
Complete Nikon D200 Guide by Thom Hogan
Popular Photography Magazine: Nikon D200 DSLR
Nikon D200 Review: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
DCRP Review: Nikon D200
NWPPhotoForum: Nikon D200 Field Review by Jeremy Parker member of the Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum - The Place to Read About Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography, and Pet Photography
Nikon D200 Review, Sample Photos, Information
Resultados de búsquedas: Reflex Profesional: Nikon D200 vs Canon EOS 5D
Joachim Gerst: D200 Review
Nikon D200 / DIWA Awards test
Nikon D200 digital SLR review
Digital Cameras - Nikon D200 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications
Nikon D200 Reviewed. Introduction
Test- und Erfahrungsbericht zur Nikon D200
Nikon D200 full review Cameralabs introduction
Nikon D200 Detailed Preview
Nikon D200 Review
Chasseur d'Images: Nikon D200 | Review Nikon D200
Nikon D200 Digital SLR First Look Preview
Digital SLR Camera - D200
Nikon D200 | Prueba cámara digital
Nikon D200 Sales Brochure
Katz Eye D200 Focusing Screen Installation Instructions
Split image/ Micro Prism Focusing Screens for Nikon D700: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: -DPR-
Discussions @ Nikonians - Excel Spreadsheet for D200 Custom Functions
D300 CSS - Google Docs (view only, required Google account, can export to PDF)
Google Docs - D300 CSS (no Google account, can't export)
Discussions @ Nikonians - D200 Custom Settings Spreadsheet version 1.5
Around the time of the launch of the Nikon D200 (started: 26-Oct-2005) Photo Gallery by David Chin at
World of Nikon Links Photo Gallery by David Chin at
Nikon D200 vs. Canon EOS 5D Head-to-Head Review - Digital Camera Reviews
DPR's best threads ever...: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-

Nikon D80 Review by Thom Hogan
Nikon D80 Reviews, Sample Photos, Information
Nikon D40X Review: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
Camera Test: Nikon D40x - - PopPhotoMarch 2007
Professional Photographer magazine: Bonus Content 2006: Nikon D200
Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Digitutor: D200
The Joseph Nicholas Spina Exposé site

Nikon D-200 Speedlights
Nikon D200 Accessories
The Nikon D200 Infoblog
Speedlight Tutorial: Day to Night Technique from Nikon
Nikon Imaging | Speedlight
Nikon Imaging | Behind the scene : Vibration Reduction (VR) Technology(1)
Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Products
Ken Rockwell: Hands-on Test Review: Nikon D200 - Prueba Nikon D200:
Nikon D200 Digital Camera Review - Nikon Digital Cameras - Reviews, Ratings & Comparisons
Dré de Man's D200 review part 1

Nikon D3/D300 Reviews and Info

Nikon USA
Nikon USA: D3 (body only)
Nikon USA: D300 (body only)
Nikon Imaging | Nikon D300
Nikon Imaging | D300 Special Site
Nikon Imaging | D3 Sample Images
Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Digitutor | D300
Nikon D300 Manual
Nikon Mall - D300 Manual
Nikon D3 Manual
D300 Printable Manual
D300 user manuals (reputed to be printable)
Nikon Online Registration: Edit My Profile
Nikon Imaging | Products | Brochure Download
Nikon Press Center: D300
Nikon - Customer services - Brochure request (D300)
D300 Brochure (PDF)
D3 Brochure (PDF) Nikon Inc: D300 Extended Service Converage
Nikon Imaging | Global Site | Camera Control Pro 2 Free Trial | Answer: Camera Control Pro 2 upgrades
Nikon SoftwareMall: Camera Control Pro 2 upgrade and other software
Downloading Optional Picture Controls for the D300
Answer D2X Mode Optional Picture Controls for D300 cameras - Windows
Answer: "D2X Mode" Picture Control option for D300 - Windows

FastPictureViewer | A Fast Picture Viewer for Windows Vista & XP, with Adobe XMP & Vista Rating (direct transfer)

Nikon D300 Hands-On Preview: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
Nikon D300, previewed: -DPR-
Nikon D300 Review: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
Nikon D3, Full-Frame, previewed: -DPR-
Nikon D3 Hands-On Preview: 1. Introduction: -DPR-
Nikon D3 Review: 1. Introduction: -DPR-

Nikon D300 Reviews (large list)

Nikon D3 Review by Thom Hogan
Hands On D3 and D300 Impressions: Beefy and Beautiful - Gizmodo
d3 handson - Gizmodo
Ken Rockwell: Nikon D3 | Nikon D3 | Nikon D300
Nikon D300 Picture Control (Image Settings)
Nikon D300, D200, D40 and Canon 5D High ISO Comparison
Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon D300 weighs in at 12.21MP, shoots at up to 8 fps
Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon unveils full-frame D3 digital SLR
Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon D300 Write Speed (memory cards)

Nikon D300 Review by Thom Hogan
Commentary by Thom Hogan: D3/D300 First Impressions
Commentary on the Nikon D3 intro by Thom Hogan
D3 or D300? by Thom Hogan
Answers to Nikon D3 Questions by Thom Hogan
Rush to Judgement by Thom Hogan
Complete Guide to the Nikon D300

diglloyd - Blog

Nikon D3 y D300: primer acercamiento
Nikon planta cara con la D3, armada con un CMOS full-frame de 12 MP, 9 fps y Live View
Nikon D3 y D300: de Tokio a Berl
Nikon D300: vdeos
Nikon D3: vdeos
Shutterbug Magazine Radio Dave Etchells, Founder of
Nikonistas: D3 video
NEWS! - Nikon rocks the DSLR world - Again
Nikon D200 Digital Camera - Full Review - The Imaging Resource!
Nikon D300 Digital Camera - Initial Test - The Imaging Resource!
Nikon D300 Digital Camera Imatest - Full Review - The Imaging Resource! (Imatest results)
Webb-tv: Vi har fingrat p Nikons nya heta utmanare
Nikon D300 Digital SLR First Look Preview
Comment is free: Dan Chung: Did you miss me? (D3)
Moose Peterson Nikon D3 Reviews | Moose Peterson D3 Instructional Videos
newnikonaug07 store at Calumet
Grays of Westminster - Nikon launches the D3 | Nikon launches the Nikon D300
Grays of Westminster - Nikon D3 & D300
Grays of Westminster - The Nikon D300 - an introduction | Introducing The Nikon D3
Nikon D3 Digital Camera Exposure - Preview - The Imaging Resource! Nikon D3 Matrix Metering Improvements
Inside Digital Photo Radio - Versace on Nikon D3
David Chin: The Nikon D3 Journal
YouTube - Nikon D300 and Nikon D3 at IFA 2007
Nikon D3 Digital Camera Optics - Preview - The Imaging Resource!
Official Nikon D3 High ISO Samples Look Stunning - Nikon's first full frame produces smooth results - Softpedia
Preview - Nikon D3 and Nikon D300 :: Articles ::
Photoshop Insider Sunrise shoot at Glacier Nat'l Park (D3)
Photoshop Insider: updates: Q&A on my Nikon D3 Experience
Photoshop Insider Nikon D300 Review (by Scott Kelby)
Nikon Watch: D3/D300 (+samples)
Full-sized, High ISO Nikon D3 Samples The Nikon D300 Journal
Nikon D3 News
D3 vs 1D3 high ISO noise test.: Canon EOS-1D/1Ds/5D Forum: -DPR-
D300 Samples: ISO 100 - 6400
Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon USA releases photos taken with the D3
Nikon Press Center: D3 images (RG's link better)
Nikon D3 Preview | ISO 6400 und mehr im Test . Testbericht der Nikon D3
Nikon D3 Test - high ISO - Dave Einsel - Nikon D3 and Nikon D300 first impressions
D3 multi-ISO w/NIKKOR 14-24mm F2.8G ED - D300 samples - (video/quicktime)
YouTube - Nikon D300 and Nikon D3 at IFA 2007
Nikon D300 -LiveInternet (Russian)
NIKON D3 / D300 ET ASTRONOMIE (30 sec exp) - Nikon D300 samples
D3 vs D300 ISO 6400 100% side by side comparison: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
YouTube - Nikon D3 Full Frame DSLR - Live Interview with Nikon
Craig's Photoshop Actions - Nikon D3 First Test Images -
Nikon D3 test : test iso, test vs Nikon D2x, test AFS 14-24 et 17-35 (en francais)
Nikon D300: primeras muestras y prueba comparativa con la D200
LL: Nikon D3 First Impressions By James Russell
Nikon to expand full-frame SLR line | Underexposed - CNET
Makofoto D300 samples | Nikon D3 - preview
Viking Photography - Nikon D3/D300 samples
Nikon D3 & D300. Hands on and test shots - Wetpixel :: Underwater Photography Forums
pats0n 2.0 - Underwater Photography
D3-Testfotos - a photoset on Flickr
Rob Galbraith DPI: A look inside Nikon's Sendai digital SLR factory
d3 d300 Photo Gallery by ibbo at
Moose Peterson & D3 VIDEO: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
Dave Black Photography - Sports Photography Worldwide - "New Nikon D3"
Dave Black Photography - "The Nikon D300"
D300 Photo Gallery by Chris at
D300, A700, A100 and 7D Studio Comparison Test Photo Gallery by David Kilpatrick at
Hands On: Nikon D3 - - PopPhotoNovember 2007
La batalla de los 12 Mp - Hugo Rodriguez
Flickr: Search: D300 + basketball (hi-iso) A few shots with a production Nikon D300
D3/D300/D2Xs/D200 comparisons: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR- Nikon D3 - test (in Polish)
Rob Galbraith DPI: The Nikon D3 from ISO 200 to 25600
YouTube - Live Interview with Joe McNally on Nikon D3
Nikonians: eZine35.pdf (D3)
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AF microadjustment for the 1Ds mark III, 1D Mk3, 5D Mk2, 7D, 1D X Checking for front / back focus and fine-tuning camera autofocus.
Article 51633
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D800_TechnicalGuide_En.pdf (application/pdf Object)
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Adobe Premiere CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 Video Cards with CUDA Acceleration Mercury Playback Unlock Enable MPE Hack Mod Tip David Knarr

DxOMark - Nikon D600 sets high bar for sensor image quality the D600 is an affordable camera that places a high premium on image quality, as it ranks just behind the top performing Nikon D800 and Nikon D800E. It is also a significant improvement over the high-end professional flagship DSLRs, the Nikon D3X and the Nikon D4.
D600 Hands-On Field Test - YouTube
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Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize - - “little goodies.”
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Nikon D750 flare problems? Here’s why and what to do about them. (It’s not your lens.)
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The Problem With The Focus-Recompose Method
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Understanding Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus
Nikon D200 Multi Cam 1000 AF Module Review
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Should Nikon make a 35mm Full-Frame Digital Sensor Chip? -
FullFrame WARS!
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DL1486 Adorama Digital Remote Release with 36" Cable for Nikon D200 & D2x Digital Cameras
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digital camera wireless shutter release for PRO digital SLR
Pocket-Wizard Plus II Transceiver Radio Slave RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Nikon DSLR with MC30 Type connection (Nikon D200, D300, D300s, D700, D800, D800E, D1, D2, D3, D3x, D3s, D4) - Transmitter and Receiver Set: Camera & Photo Hahnel Giga T Pro II 2.4GHz Wireless Timer Remote for Nikon: Electronics
Aputure 2 4G Remote Flash Trigger and Shutter Release for Nikon D800E D800 D3X | eBay Pixel Pro Digital & Film Camera 100M Wireless Shutter Remote Control Release for Nikon D700, D300, D200, D1 series, D2 series, D3 series, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90X, Fujifilm S3, S5 Pro, Kodak DCS-14n: Camera & Photo - You better control Your camera!
Phottix Cleon Wired / Wireless Remote Control Review: Digital Photography Notes
(D300) Review of the Phottix N1 remote contol: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Phottix Wireless Remote - New Version - D300: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Phottix Cleon Remote Release: Thumbs Up - Associated Content
YouTube - Phottix Wireless Remote Control Plus Nikon D300 In Action
YouTube - The Phottix Cleon Wired / Wireless Remote Control in Action Blog Archive Phottix Wireless Remote Control Review
MicroSync Digital - the Smallest, Smartest Wireless Strobe Sync System.
Seculine TWIN1 R3 TRN Remote Shutter Control for Nikon 10PIN SLRs: Compare Prices, View Price History and Read Reviews at NexTag
EN-EL4a clone for MB-D10: Phottix Kosmo RFN-4s Wireless Remote Shutter Release for Nikon DSLR with MC30 Type connection (Nikon D200, D300, D300s, D700, D800, D800E, D1, D2, D3, D3x, D3s, D4) - Transmitter and Receiver Set: Camera & Photo
Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote RCW-N1 B&H Photo Video
CamRanger | Wireless DLSR Remote Control Tether for iPad
CamRanger wireless control for Ios devices and Android does just about everything but talk to you...: Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
DSLR Camera Remote 1.4 - onOne Software
How to: Wireless or wired transfer and remote control with a tablet: Nikon FX SLR (D1-D4, D600-D800) Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

RadioPopper - Radio Slave TTL Flash Triggering System
Paul C. Buff FORUM HOME :: Index | Paul C. Buff Forum Home :: View topic - Lighting Setup with the Radio Flash Trigger One
A look inside Paul C. Buff, Inc (notably banned by Phil Askey, DPReview)
Zigview R2-SRN Twin1 Transmitter/Receiver Remote Release Set
eBay: Wireless Remote for Nikon D200 D2X D100 F5 as MC-30 R7C
Gadget Infinity :: Digital Camera :: Flash Trigger :: 4-Channel Wireless Flash Trigger V2
Pc-Mobile data cables audio adapters for PDA, GSM and GPS Bluetooth, Nikon
Solmeta - Digital Photo GPS
Products - Solmeta - GPS - 10 pin 'Y' splitter
MLKimages: Review: Solmeta GPS tagging unit DP-GPS N1 Promote GPS Receiver for Nikon D200, D300, D700, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3 and Fuji S5 Pro / IS Pro: Electronics
Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
GPS for D200 - NEW: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
GPS receiver with D300 [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
MC 35 GPS Cable now wireless bluetooth GPS connected: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
F-Tech Solar MT GPS
Custom Idea: Geopic Geotagging Unit Suitable For Nikon DSLRS
digital images GPS - di-GPS
digital images GPS - N2 di-GPS mini
GPS Devices for Nikon DSLRs (di-GPS)
Moose News Blog: di-GPS: Coolest Tool Ever! - 06.23.07 Coolest Tool Ever! - 06.23.07
Nikon MC-35 GPS integration
foolography : wireless gps receiver (requires gps)
Geotag: Nikon D200 Dawn Tech N2 di-GPS mini. - ClubSNAP Photography Forums
Red Hen Systems - Blue2CAN
foolography: GPS products
Armed and Dangerous » Blog Archive » Why GPSes suck, and what to do about it

Pc-Mobile data cables audio adapters for PDA, GSM and GPS Bluetooth, Nikon
DIY Nikon cables by Avi - Concept
My Nikon F90 F100 communication 10-pin wiring diagram
Nick Didlick Photography - flash technique and Nikon cables - Nikon Accessories and Parts
77mm Nikon Center Pinch Snap-On Front Lens Cap LC-77 mm - eBay (item 350023013645 end time Feb-13-08 02:35:17 PST)
Nikon D200 Striping, Vertical Stripe, Banding and Corduroy Effect
Discussions @ Nikonians - Let's hear it for Nikon! NO MORE BANDING!
Leon Goodman: Focus, DOF, 100% crop, AE/AF uses
Barnack - Oscar Barnack (1879-1936) Barnack is a program that provides an interactive platform for learning about the intrinsic camera parameters and their effect on the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, field of view, et cetera.
Keeping focus at 5 fps.: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Reikan FoCal - Automatic AF Microadjustment Software
Focus Pyramid | Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool
AF microadjustment for the 1Ds mark III, 1D Mk3, 5D Mk2, 7D
D800 & LensAlign [Page 3]: Nikon D4 - D1 / D800 Forum: Digital Photography Review
Anyone tried Reikan Focal? [Page 1]: Nikon D4 - D1 / D800 Forum: Digital Photography Review
Rob Galbraith DPI: Nikon D200 CF/SD Performance Database
Katz Eye Focusing Screen for the Nikon D200 @
20D - improved Katz Eye focsuing screen - Part 1/1: Canon EOS 20D/10D/D60/D30 Forum: -DPR-
PART I: Initial impression of Katz Eye focusing screen
screen4DSLR : Changing Focusing screen for Canon DSLR
D200 Predefined "Optimize Image" Settings: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Why multiple sRGBs: Nikon D70/D50 Forum: -DPR-

StarZen Technologies: Dead Pixel Test Free Utility
PixelFixer: Remove hot pixels from NEF files (extract JPGs, etc)
Mathias Pohl - Kathrin Koch - Justin ./. Nikon D100 - Hot pixel removal utility and instructions

How to Use the New Nikon Strobes as Wireless Slaves

End of Megapixel wars and EF-S buying decisions: Canon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Technology Hall - Virtual Lens Plant

Nikon D70 MiniFAQ
Phil Askey: D70 | Yatish Kumar: Nikon D70 | bythom: Nikon D70 | Ken Rockwell D70
Imaging Resource: Nikon D70 | Flash | Steve's Digicams: D70 | Clint Thayer: D70
D70 vs 300D Digital Rebel
Rob Galbraith: CompactFlash Performance Database | Nikon D70 CF Memory speed tests
CARDSPEED - CardReaders and MemoryCards
D70 Camera Bags
D70 Postprocessing Photo Gallery by David Chin at
Nikon Knowledge Base: Moire

Nikon School: The Speed of Light
multipart/mixed: External Flash Techniques
Bounced Flash Photography - The Ins and Outs
Nikon Imaging | Behind the scene : Nikon Speedlight SB-80DX(1)
Nikon TTL Flash System components (2-page PDF)
See what Nikon Speedlights can do ....: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
D2h + SB800 portrait setup (photos): Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Good reason to get the SU-800 wireless commander: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Re: CLS Exposure Question: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Confused? flash sync---shutter speed: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Sych Speeds faster than 1/500 of a second with D70: Nikon D80/D70/D50/D40 Forum: -DPR-
High Speed Shutter vs. Ordinary Flash Sync
High Speed Sync for Flash at Any Shutter Speed
D300 built-in flash, Part 1: Blinding speed: Nikon D300 - D100 Forum: -DPR-
Part 2: Flash with High Shutter Speeds: Nikon D300 - D100 Forum: -DPR-
Part 3: TTL range, and Shutter Cycle Timings: Nikon D300 - D100 Forum: -DPR-
Part 4: Commander Mode Timings: Nikon D300 - D100 Forum: -DPR-
Nikon D200 and CLS (*)
How To Use Your Nikon Sb-800 Flash With Softboxes, - ILP
The Zeltsman Approach to Traditional Classic Portraiture
Nikon SB-400
SB-400.pdf (manual)
Nikon Flash Comparison Chart
Dave Black Photography - Sports Photography Worldwide (Flash Techniques)
SB-800 Resources
SB-800/SB600 Speedlight Techniques Guide
Nikon SB-600 vs SB-800 comparison
Re: Two SB-800 wireless with D200: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
SB-800 functions: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Flash in Manual Mode: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Nikon SB-700 Flash Specs vs SB-600 and SB-900 |
Strobist | Strobist: Lighting 101
Strobist: Nikon CLS Tutorial Video
Strobist: Unlock The Superslave in Your Nikon SB-800
Flickr: Search for a group: strobist
Flickr: Discussing Newbie SB-600 - SB-800- e-bay radio questions in
instructables : Increase effective distance on 'ebay' flash remote trigger transmitter with antenna : step 2
Nikon Speedlight SB-800 Instruction Manual Owner's Manual
Gary Fong Lightsphere-I.D
Harbor Digital Design LLC The Ultimate Flash Diffuser Design
Al Jacobs Photography (black box flash p/s, flash brackets, tips)
Newton Camera Brackets
Custom Brackets: Camera Brackets, Flash Brackets, Camera Accessories
Need help finding a flip flash bracket for the D2X: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Flash Bracket for D200: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Flip-it! adjustable flash reflector system - Joe Demb Photo Products
Demb Flash Products - Demb Flash Bracket
Demb Flash Products - Flip-it! the variable-angle flash reflector
Alzo Digital: flash brackets, etc)
Black Box Model One Standard High Capacity SLA Battery Pack
PlanetNeil photography - techniques for better flash photography
Harbor Digital Design LLC The Ultimate Flash Diffuser Design
Nikon SC-29 TTL Off-Camera Shoe Cord (with AF IR assist)
Paramount Cords: flash cords
Nikon Forum: Straitening The Nikon SC-17 TTL Cord (FYI). -

Gallerama Blog - Digital Photography News, Reviews and Technique » Product Review: LIGHTSPHERE II Inverted Dome Flash Diffuser

PBase: Nikon Cameras with Sample Photos
Nikon D70 Links
Suggestions for D70 AE / AF settings
DPReview: D70 Forum
Nikon D70 Knowledge Base
Nikon Captureuser
Nikon Registration Page
Nikon D70 User Manual PDF
digital review: Nikon Capture 4
Nikon: Digitutor

Nikon Imaging | CaptureNX
Nikon Imaging: NX video tuturials
Nikon Capture NX "How To..." Series
The Ultimate Nikon Capture NX and NX2 Resource Guide
Flickr: Nikon Capture NX Users Group (turn off cache)
Nikon NX Manual (PDF)
Capture NX 1.3 Manual (PDF)
Nikon USA: Nikon ViewNX

Output profile for Nikon Capture NX

The Photographer's Guide to Capture NX™
Supplements to The Photographer's Guide to Capture NX
Capture NX 2.0 Hands-on Review
Nikon Capture NX Tips and Tricks - Digital Camera Reviews & Photography Tips
Best NX Tutorial? [Page 1]: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Discussion Forums @ Nikonians: Digital postprocessing & workflow (good NX info)
Remove Nikon Capture NX
Cool CaptureNX Selection Brush Tip: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Capture Nx | Digital Photography Tips and Techniques
Diglloyd's Quote About NX 2.2: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: -DPR- ("steaming pile of shit")

Nikon Imaging | Nikon D80 | Nikon Imaging | D80 Sample Images

Fotogenic Custom Curves for D100/D70
Nikon D100 - custom tone curves
D70 Custom Curve: mid-tone enhancer
sReala Version 2 |
JT Graphics: jt_all-in-1-Curve.ntc
Oldskook: D70 Custom Curve Comparisons | Oldskool Custom Curve Database
Joao M. Horta: D70 Test Curves
Nikon D70 Custom Tone Curve Downloading

NBSChart-600DPI.TIF photo

Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » Jeffrey’s Autofocus Test Chart
Jeffrey Friedls Blog - Digital-Image Color Spaces, Table of Contents
Jeffrey Friedls Blog A Qualitative Analysis of NEF Compression
Jeffrey Friedl’s Blog » Blog Archive » NEF, Color Space Settings, and Embedded JPGs

Tim Jackson: Nikon D70 Focus Chart | PDF
Focus Test Chart (PDF)
Tim Jackson's Nikon D70 Page: (back) focus test charts

A Workaround for Nikon D70 Focusing Problems | Mirror site
Leon Goodman: D70 Backfocus Problem
My Photography Does your camera have a focus problem?
My Photography
LL: Thom Hogan: Focus Sensor Locations on the Nikon DSLRs
Kev Vincent Photography | Focus Stacking 101
Christian Bull: Astrosurf: CCD detectors in the field of astronomy and spectroscopy
Comparative Test of Canon 10D / Nikon D70: Deep Sky Astronomy
Yahoo! Groups : Directory : Astrophotography
Lucky Imaging Web Site Home
Iris: An astronomical images processing software
Advice for New Astronomers
Telescopes for Astrophotography
Digital SLR Astrophotography
xs Welcome to TWAN project official website (The World at Night)
Dalsa: CCD vs. CMOS
Camera Mirror Lockup Benefits | Mirror Lock Up
Found the Elusive MLU Timer!: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
Astrophotography: DSLR Focus
Focus Testing | Tracking Down Autofocus Issues | bythom: Sharpening 101
Digital Image Sharpening
The Unsharp Mask - Adobe Photoshop Tutorial
Ron Bigelow: Articles: Sharpening and other topics - Out of Gamut: Thoughts on a Sharpening Workflow
Steve's Digicams - Tech Corner - January 2008 - A New Year's "Resolution": Sharpness EQ by Mark Chaney (qimage) - Out of Gamut: The High-Bit Advantage
Understanding Bit-Depth

Shocking insight: AF is not a closed feedback loop!: Canon EOS 20D/10D/D60/D30 Forum: -DPR-
Why do lenses need AF calibration?: Canon EOS 20D/10D/D60/D30 Forum: -DPR-
Back Focus Revised - New Info...: Nikon D70/D50 Forum: -DPR-
D70 Trap Focus
D200 Trap Focus
Trap focus works - wowza!: Nikon D80/D70/D50/D40 Forum: -DPR-
sRGB vs. Adobe RGB

Fujifilm Finepix F11 Review - PhotographyBLOG
Help Me find F10 Instruction Threads: Fujifilm Talk Forum: -DPR-
F11 Optimal Settings: Fujifilm Talk Forum: -DPR-
F10/11 Tips and Tricks for users: Fujifilm Talk Forum: -DPR-
Fuji Finepix F11 review
Fuji F30 test / review Photo Gallery by arn at
YouTube - The Gadget Show - comparison/reviews: Canon Ixus, Sony, F31fd
Does the F31d address previous concerns with F30?: Fujifilm Talk Forum: -DPR-
Updated!: Fujifilm Talk Forum: -DPR- (scene modes and camera settings)
Fujifilm FinePix F30 Digital Camera - Full Review
Hin's Tech Corner: Using SUPER on Fuji f30 video

Cuerpo a cuerpo: Olympus SP-560 versus Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18
DMC-TZ5/DMC-TZ4/DMC-TZ15/DMC-TZ11 | Products | Lumix | Digital Camera | Panasonic
DMC-TZ4/TZ5 Firmware update service | Digital Camera | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic Global
DMC-ZS3/DMC-TZ7 | Products | LUMIX | Digital Camera | Panasonic Global
Go read the AVCHD specs: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
TZ7 video/img samples: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
Relative Sensor sizes.: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
GH1 is going to be Affordable!: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
ZS3 Low Light video tests: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
ZS3/TZ7 Concert Videos / Pictures: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
Index of /videos/PINK_Cologne_HD - ZS3/TZ7
Digital Camera Resource Page: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 / TZ7 Review
ZS3/TZ7 Best Practices List?: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-
Codec packs which work with Panasonic ZS3 AVCHD-Lite: Panasonic Talk Forum: -DPR-

PENTAX Products : Digital Cameras
Mountain Light: Galen Rowell’s Camera Bag
Vividlight: When You Can't Take it with You by Galen Rowell - Camera Bags Review Resource for Nikon and Canon D-Slr cameras
Kinesis Photo Gear [C-Series] Camera & Lens Holster Cases
Digital Photography in the Wilderness by Jean-François Maïon
Digital Photo Information for Serious Photographers: specializing in Nikon and Canon D-SLRs--
10 Tips for Dianosing your Digital Images
Livick, Artist, Gum Printer, Photographer | InkJet Print Longevity

Make your own ISO camera test target? | ISO 12233 Test Chart
IIIA: ISO Resources
Imatest FotoMag test target photo - Miljenko Devcic photos at
ISO 12232:1998: Photography -- Electronic still-picture cameras -- Determination of ISO speed
Re: ISO and exposure: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-

Nikon Links
Nikon Lenses
Nikon Net: Legends Behind the Lens
How a Lens Works
Lens Survey And Subjective Evaluations By Bjørn Rørslett
Zoom Lenses For Nikon 'F' Mount
Field of View (FOV) for lenses on 1.5 crop factor 5-30 Feet
Field of View (FOV) for lenses on 1.5 crop factor 35-60 Feet
Bjørn Rørslett: Lens Evaluations
Pixel-Peeper -- More than 100,000 full-size sample photos from lenses, SLR cameras and digicams.
Ultra Micro Nikkor Technology - Aperture and Resolution of Lens
Moving Toward Manual Settings: Understanding Aperture (a beginner’s guide)
Ken Rockwell: Nikkor 35mm SLR lens History, Terminology and Technology
photography review Lenses
Making Sense of Lens Acronyms
Nikon Zoom Lenses by Thom Hogan
ML : Browse Taxonomic Tree
E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer
Advanced Long Lens Technique: Defeating the "Camera Shake" Enemy
the Internet Bird Collection - A free library of videos of the world's birds
Your online guide to birds and bird watching, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
the Internet Bird Collection
Great source for lens reviews - dSLR Geeks - A lot of info but a lot of good reviews for those interested in long reach lenses...
WSSA Membership and Members: Worldwide Squirrel Shooters Association (banned from in a clumsy move by Phil Askey)
Re: Thread closed or what ?? Maybe to me only ?: Open Talk Forum: -DPR-
Bird Photography Tips
BirdPhotographers.Net - It Ain't Just Birds
All Time Favourite Raptor Images Photo Gallery by Raymond J Barlow at
Best Birding lens if money weren't a problem [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
A Review of the Sigma 300-800mm f5.6 zoom lens
Sigma 150-500mm Review
Sigma Sigma 24–70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM AF - Lens Review from Experts at Popular Photography- Photo Tips
lens review - SIGMA 35MM F1.4 DG HSM - nikon mount — jay cassario
The 12-24mm f/4G IF ED AF-S Nikkor lens - Nikonians user review article
Review Nikon AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm 1:2.8 G N ED
Digital Wide Zooms
Thom Hogan: Nikon Lens Refresh
Nikon Lens Nomenclature - a study in frustration
Nikon F AI'd, AI, AIS Lenses
Nikon Lens Links, by Studio JW, Reviews of Nikon lenses, Sorted by Lens
Nikonlinks: Prime | Zoom Lenses
Nikon Nikkor Lens info © 2005
Here's a list: Manual Focus/AIS Lenses for Digital Photography: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Top five budget/alternative lenses (under $600): Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Nikon 17-35 AFS vs Nikon 17-55 AF-S DX lens
Nikon 17-35 AFS vs Nikon 17-55 AF-S DX lens
Nikon D200 and Non-CPU lenses (2) Method Two – Setting the Non-CPU Lens Specs by Using Camera Controls
Per’s Page » Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8

Nikon Lens: Zooms - Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S Nikkor -!
Zoom Lenses For Nikon 'F' Mount: Normal Range (24-70 f/2.8)
Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED - Photozone Review / Quick Test Report
Nikon 24-70 versus 17-55: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Nikon Lens: Zooms - Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8G IF-ED AF-S Nikkor (Tested) -!
Nikon lens reviews: Nikon AF-S 28-70 mm f/2.8D vs. Nikon AF-S 24-70 mm f/2.8G • View topic - Nikkor 24-70 F2.8 vs 28-70 F2.8, my findings...
7 lenses - The Great Bokeh Comparison: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Bokeh in Pictures
Bokeh Junky Thread... [Page 1]: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Nikon lens reviews

PhotoZone | Photozone: Lens Test Guide
Lens Performance Survey
Sigma AF 10-20mm f/4-5.6 HSM EX DC - Photozone Test Report / Review
Sigma AF 100-300mm f/4 EX HSM APO - Photozone Quick Test Report / Review
Sigma AF 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 EX APO OS - Photozone Test Report / Review
Sigma AF 50-500mm f/4-6.3 APO EX DG HSM - Photozone Test Report / Review
Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED - Photozone Review / Quick Test Report
Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED VR - Photozone Review / Test Report
Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.4 D - Review / Lab Test Report
Nikkor AF 50mm f/1.8 D - Review / Test Report
Nikon nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.4 vs AF-D 50mm f/1.8
Sports Photo Guy -- Gear -- Sigma 30/f1.4 vs Nikon 50/f1.4
Nikon nikkor AF-D 50mm f/1.4 vs AF-D 50mm f/1.8
Tamron AF 17-50mm f/2.8 SP XR Di II LD Aspherical [IF] (Nikon) - Test Report / Review
Pers Page Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8
Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 SP XR Review by Thom Hogan

Nikon 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6g IF-ED AF-S DX VR Lens Sample Photos and Specifications
The DigitalDingus Forum :: View topic - Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18 200 mm VR Review

Lens creep 'fix'?: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Here's the fix for the 18-200 Lens creep: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Nikon 18-200 Zoom Creep fix Photo Gallery by Reg R Coulter at
Lens Creep Solution: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
oringsUSA - 2.61 X 0.1 BN70 (-146)
Nikon Lens: Zooms - Nikon 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR DX AF-S Nikkor (Tested) -!
1. Introduction - Le monde de la Photo - TEST : AF-S Nikkor 16-85 mm f/3,5-5,6 DX VR
16-85mm AF-S DX Lens Review by Thom Hogan
18-105mm AF-S DX Lens Review by Thom Hogan
Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up : Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Nikon 16-85mm VR vs. 18-200mm VR

Re: 18-200 vr vs 70-300 vr: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR- (close-ups)
70-300mm AF-S VR Lens Review by Thom Hogan
Kramer's Yard: A spotlight over the Nikon 70-300mm AFS VR G
Re: Quality of 70-300 ED D?: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
105VR or Sigma 150, which would you get?: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-

D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph | Re: Problems resolved
When will number of pixels match lens resolution?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Re: I thought I had a rough idea, but that 2nd sentence - Rendering intent (Iliah Borg)
Portrait lens for Nikon D200: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Auditioning with the 85/1.4: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR- (Uncle Frank's last thread)
Posters Profile: Uncle Frank: -DPR-
Zoom Lenses For Nikon 'F' Mount: Normal Range AFS-Nikkor 18-200 mm f/3.5-5.6 VR G ED DX
18-200mm AF-S DX VR Lens Review by Thom Hogan
70-200mm AF-S VR Lens Review by Thom Hogan
Natural Art Images: Brad Hill: Camera Gear: Lenses I Use AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II.
70-200 VR-II early findings: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: -DPR-
70-200VRII field of view [Page 1]: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
roland.vink: Nikon Lenses: specs | Nikon Lens Serial Nos
Fred Miranda: Lens Reviews
FM Reviews - 24-60mm f2.8 EX DG Lens
Landscape Photographer - FM Forums
Camera Review: Lens Comparisons
Curing Lens Envy Home Page
Nikkor 1200-1700mm f/5.6-8 P IF ED
Nikon Lens Compatibility Chart Nikon Lens Experiences on the D70
DX Nikkor lens overview
Bob Atkins: Mirror Lock Up
John White: AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses: Effective, Fast and Affordable!
How Shift Lenses Change your Life
PhotographyJam - the photographer's resource: The Tilt-Shift Miniature Fake Technique in Photoshop CS: A Simple How-To
Fake model photography
Pentax K10D blog Lens Baby Review-Part One
DIY Tilt&Shift lens, aka Lensbaby clone on Flickr
Three new lenses from Lensbaby: -DPR-
50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Wide angle overview -
Lens reviews and tests Photo Gallery by Miljenko Devcic at
Curing Lens Envy Home Page
Lens Tutorial
Dante Stella 70-210 f/4 AF Nikkor: Nikon's best midrange zoom
Nikon glass Product Gallery - 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR (Tested)
Understanding resolution and MTF curves: introduction
Carl Zeiss lenses: Reviews by Photozone [Page 1]: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Kenko 1.4x Teleplus Pro 300 DG Teleconverter for Nikon AF
Nikon compatible lenses on Dell

Schneider Optics - Color Correction Filters
2Filter: Camera Filters | The Filter Connection |
Lee Filters
Using Split Neutral Density Filters
Singh-Ray Filters: Galen Rowell Graduated Neutral Density Filters
Singh-Ray Filters: Vari-ND Variable Neutral Density Filter
Focus on Singh-Ray Filters
Focus on Singh-Ray Filters: From the Archive: Graduated Neutral Density Filters by Galen Rowell
MultiCoated UV Test Photo Gallery by lightrules at
All About and How to Use Filters | Filtration 101
About Polarizing Filters
Using a polarizer effectively without TTL control *
Methods for Achieving Polarization
Following the Light: The Polarized Light That Is
Ching-Kuang Shene: Polarizer
Light and Optics: Polarized Light
How Do We Know Light Behaves as a Wave? Polarization

Solar Filters
Photography of the Sun, Moon and Stars
How to shoot the moon. : Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Moon shots: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Moon Photography - A How To Guide
Telescope Reviews: Cloudy Nights
How-to Make a Hartmann Mask - How To
Astromart Classifieds - Telescope - Catadioptric
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars - SkyView Pro™ 80ED Apochromatic Refractors
Orion Telescopes and Binoculars - Accessories - Mounts & Tripods T-Rings for 35mm Cameras T-Rings for 35mm Cameras

Home | Expert Night Vision

Scopestuff | Scopetronix
3-D Glasses | Eclipse Shades: Safe Solar Glasses, Viewers & Filters
INAKA'S 3D-SPACE WORLD, Copyright 1996-2005 Akira Inaka
How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse
MrEclipse Index Welcome to the ultimate resource for eclipse photography!
SE-Exposure1w.GIF (Solar Eclipse Exposure Guide)
Calcultion formula for moon shoots

The Nocturnes: Night photography
Digital Photography Composition Tips
Take better pictures of the great outdoors: 6 tips
Roberto Fabbri Wildlife Photography - manta ray, wildlife, birds, folklore, people, underwater, landscapes
Macro Photography - Getting Closer and Bigger: Macro Adapters BR-2A/BR-5
Wildlife Photography - Macro Photography - macro images of insects, pictures of wild birds and animals, landscape and nature photo image galleries. Boris Krylov.
Many Macro options: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR- - Closeup Photography (though corner-softness not an issue w/2-element filters)
Re: Canon 500D Examples: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Close-Up Lenses
A guide to insect macro photography
Mark Dijstelberge-Home
Macro lens calculations
Introduction to close-up photography Riccardo Polini
Igor Siwanowicz -
Laser Guided Macro Photography Rig (seriously...): Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum

Julian's Lens Calculator *

Photography Composition Articles
Beyond Megapixels - Part I | Part II On Being a Photographer - Excerpt
John A Lind: Photographing a Friend's or Relative's Wedding
Fotografai Aleksandras Babicius ir Irina Belcikova (wedding photography)
This should help - Sam J Stern - manual settings for weddings
C-K's Digital Camera Page -
Photo Assistant: Infra-Red remote controller for Coolpix digial cameras
Infrared basics for digital photographers
Guide: How to do InfraRed with D70
Infrared conversion: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
LifePixel Digital Infrared Photography IR Conversion And Modification Services.
Nikon D200HR | Nikon D300 | IR Filters
Nikon D200 Reviewed. IR Bjørn Rørslett: 7. Infrared (IR) photography with D200
Everything you wanted to know about Infrared Photography but were afraid to ask
Nikon Coolpix 5700 vs. Minolta A1 III: Macro
Macro/Close-up Photography with Nikon F2 Series bodies: Extension Rings and Tubes
Beautiful Bugs: How to Do Macro Insect Photography
Close-Up Diopters
Snowflake Macro Photography
Snowflake and Snow Crystal Photos
Guide to Snowflakes
SimPho web - digital photography

Airy Patterns and the Rayleigh Criterion
The Rayleigh Criterion
DIFFCALC: simulation of diffraction limited star and CCD images
Diffraction Limited Photography: Pixel Size, Aperture and Airy Disks
Optimum Aperture - Format size and diffraction
diglloyd: Diffraction—A Technical Challenge

Digital Photography Compression: JPEG compresson
Image Compression: Seeing what's not there
ImpulseAdventure - JPEG snoop - JPEG Dump Decoding Utility | JPEG snoop - Interesting Uses
cPicture (can test jpgs)
ImageIngester - ImageVerifier (test/verify jpegs)
Kaya NIR See-through Filter
Kinnicam: remote shutter software for Nikon coolpix cameras

Depth of Field Calculator for G1
Depth-of-Field Calculator
DOFMaster: Depth of Field
DPR: Depth of field By Phil Askey
DOF & Hyperfocal Distance Calculator
field-of-view calculator
Understanding Depth Of Field
D70DOFCalc: What It Does - The Photographer's Screwdriver - Java Depth of Field Calculator (for your cellphone!)
Photo Technique #007 @Digital Outback Photo: Depth of field--the shorter focal length advantage
diglloyd: Background Blur The Depth of Field Myth and Digital Cameras
Harold M. Merklinger: DOF Revisited
Photography Calculators: Depth of Field, Parallax, Field of View, Mosaic, Lens Equivilence
Workflow Technique #051 @Digital Outback Photo
Depth Of Field Generator PRO
Serious Compacts - Photography, News, Discussion, and Reviews of Advanced Compact Cameras: Small Format Deep DOF Advantage - Fact or Myth?

Nikon D70 kit lens hyperfocal chart
D70 kit lens Hyperfocal Chart (PDF)

Digital Camera Pixel Density vs. Print Size, Depth of Field, and the Available Number of Diffraction-Free Stops
Design215 megapixels comparison and maximum print size charts
How Big Can I Print by Thom Hogan
Great 14MP shootout - Sigma SD14 vs Kodak 14nx
Down sampling methods | Down-sampling example 1.
NEWS! - Image Quality: What's Really Going on in the Sensor? (A solution is at hand) (DxO)
Welcome to (beta), a free resource dedicated to RAW-based camera image quality
More pixels offsets noise!
Re: Don't you believe it for a second (DPR) (more pixels=more noise)

Exposure Overview
Depth of field and your digital camera
Extended Sunny-16 Exposure Rule
Guidelines for Better Photographic Composition
Discussion Forums @ Nikonians - Understanding Macro Lens Apertures (Micro-Nikkors)...
KR: The Full-Frame Advantage

5 Inch: Custom Designed Blank CDR's and Cases

Java Panorama Viewer (PTViewer 2.5)
PanoTools: old (partial) mirror of Helmut Dersch's site
hugin: Panorama Tools GUI
Sourceforge: Panorama Tools
SourceForge: Panorama Tools Open GUI: Summary
Stitched-Mosaic Photography
AndreaMosaic: Photomosaic PC software
How-To: Make your own photo mosaics
Panorama Tutorials by Dr. Karl Harrison
DPReview: Panorama programs
PTGui: Front End for Panorama Tools
PTgui Tutorial
Panorama's... any need to buy special pano equipment?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
PTLens: add-on for Panorama Tools that automatically corrects for lens pincushion and barrel distortion
Tawbaware: Panorama Tools Download
Max Lyons: PTAssembler
Tawbaware: Image Stacker
Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth - What is Photosynth?
Wee planets - a photoset on Flickr (w/pano instructions)
Create a Panorama -
Manfrotto - Panoramic Photography
Panoramic Photography Lens Database
Your thoughts on Pano stitching software [Page 1]: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
What is the best way to stitch images together?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR- Panos, QTVRs, Directory of Worldwide Panorama Sites Mt. Everest
Zörk Panorama Shift Adapter
Panoramic Tripod Heads for QTVR Quick Time .mov
Main Page - Wiki
Dirk’s Photo Blog » Blog Archive » Tutorial: Create Your Own Planets

Enblend: Image Blending with Multiresolution Splines
DP& Blended Exposures Revisted
Understanding Digital Blending (Increase Dynamic Range)
Clarkvision: Dynamic Range of an Image
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography in Photoshop CS2
Re: D200 'one press' bracketing for HDR: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
D200 Burst Bracketing: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
YouTube - PhotoTechEDU Day 32 - Art, Science and Reality of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Im...
HDR Tutorial | High Dynamic Range Tutorial
Videos from Trey Ratcliff
Outback Print "High Speed HDR" and Tonemapping
YouTube - Using in-camera HDR feature
In-camera HDR? Really?: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum: HDR Blend Tutorial by Roman Johnston at the The Nature, Wildlife and Pet Photography Forum, Edited by James Morrissey
Photomatrix: HDR photo software & plugin - Tone Mapping, Exposure Blending & HDR Imaging for photography
HDR images in photography - About Dynamic Range, Tone Mapping and HDR Imaging for Photography
Vanilla Days : HDR Tutorial: How to create ‘High Dynamic Range’ images using Photomatix
Edit Away on Flickr - The quest for the perfect HDR - A Photomatix Tutorial
Photomatix Tutorial 2 a.k.a. Tonemapping on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Photomatix Tutorial 2 a.k.a. Tonemapping
» HDR Tutorials Roundup
Clarkvision: Dynamic Range of an Image Dynamic Range and Transfer Functions of Digital Images and Comparison to Film (digital better than film)
Dynamic Range And Latitude (film better than digital)
Dynamic Range
LucisArt Image Processing Software
Lucis Arts Technique (PS actions instead of expen$ive software)
Before the Coffee: HDR Photography
Dynamic Photo HDR, high dynamic range imaging software with Anti-Ghosting
PhotoControl tone curves

The Panorama Factory
Roundshot Hi-Res Panorama Camara
Image Plus | Keith's Image Stacker | Optipix

Pegasus Imaging: The JPEG Wizard™ v2
Astrophotography Basics: Tech Pub P-150: Lunar Eclipse
How to Photograph the Lunar Eclipse
Fred Espenak: Lunar Eclipse Photography
Ed Overstreet: Tips and Tricks for Nikon Coolpix Owners
Fred Kamphues: The Crop Factor of Digital SLR's
is 1.5x crop or cropping FF better?: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Explain how 1.5 crop brings things closer please.: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
The 1.5x crop discussion continued [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Crop Factor Explained
Explain how 1.5 crop brings things closer please.: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Re: Can you put APS-H on there too?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR- (crop factor of different sensors)
Focal length comparison tool, Tamron USA
Focal Length Multiplier By Vincent Bockaert
focal length ? perspective (optics 101): Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Crop factor and "normal" lens: Nikon SLR Lens Talk Forum: -DPR-
Misconception: Using an FX lens on a DX camera "extends the reach" of the lens: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: -DPR-
Lens Multiplication Factor Explained Once and for All: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: -DPR-
Helicon Focus solves DOF problem for macro photography and optical microscopes - Some Basic Tips for Concert Photography.

Show Exif: click on any image
:: kiwi's digital experiment :: Quick Exif Editor Exchangeable Image File Format
Description of Exif file format
Exif Reader | ExifRead | Jeffrey's Exif viewer (online)
Ryuuji Yoshimoto's EXIF Reader | Exifer | Exifer EXIF Image Viewer
Picmeta: Picture Information Extractor
Phil Harvey: Exif Tool (perl)(Mac/Win too)
ExifTool GUI
EXIF-O-Matic - Professional Photography Software (DigitalFilm, PowerExif, IExif, PhotoFilter)
D70Reader: What It Does (Full Exif Dump: Nikon D70, D50, D100, D2H, D2X, and D200 Cameras
Ted's Mozilla page - FxIF
Exif viewer : Opanda IExif - Professional EXIF / GPS / IPTC Viewer & Editor in Windows, IE & Firefox
Exiv2 - Exif and IPTC metadata library and tools
Joe Colson Photography - PrintEXIF Script (add EXIF to photo)
PhotoME - Exif, IPTC & ICC Metadata Editor
AmoK Exif Sorter 2.52

FastPictureViewer Professional | A Fast 64 bit Raw Image Viewer for Windows 7, Vista & XP.
FastStone Image Viewer, Screen Capture, Photo Resizer ...
XnView - Free graphic viewer
Image resizing, do it with PIXresizer
onOne Software - Liquid Resize
YouTube - Image Resizing by Seam Carving
Picmove: transfer images from camera
JPEGCrops: Lossless cropping
Turbo Photo
Vallen jpegger
DXO: SLR Lens Correction Program
About: Graphics Software | Batch Resizing & Cropping: Tools & Tips
Qimage Image Viewing/Printing Software
Re: Qimage Printing : Printers and Printing Forum: -DPR-
MediaChance: Digital Camera Tools | pgQ - JPEG Quality Estimator
Photographer Solutions: DW:Print, Rotate, Pick, Feeder, Download
JPEGCrops: ossless cropping with fixed aspects
Opanda PhotoFilter 1.0 (Freeware) | Digital Film
Pixvue: Free viewing, organizing, searching, annotating software - Image Editing Freeware Download Source
PMView Pro - Image Viewer and Converter | Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing
Accurate Image Manipulation for Desktop Publishing (color calibration, management) image and design resources
Picture Shark "stamp" visible logos or text on their image files
Welcome to optikVerve Lab s - Home of virtualPhotographer
Freeware downloads System Utilities - File Renaming Tools at

Digidaan: Black & White Conversion: Channel Mixer
DPReview: Black & White Conversion
Jakerlund: Borders, Color Tones, B&W package, Sharpen
Absolute Sharpening Pro
RetouchPro: Converting a Color Image to Black and White
SilverOxide: Black and White Photoshop filters
Photoshop Action :: Yosemite Sky (B&W filter)
byThom: Digital Black and White
Cybia: BW-Plus: PS B&W Plugin w/option for filters
Carl Volk: Digitally Hand-Coloring Black & White Photos
DustyLens: Color to B&W
Colorize Black and White Photos - Recolored : the alt. photo. processes
Mastering Digital Black and White | Welcome

Photoshop Noise Reduction Action
Comparison of Image Enlargement Methods
Neatimage Noise Reduction | User Guide
How to reduce Nikon D100's Noise
Using Image Calibration Techniques to Reduce Noise in Digital Images
GREYCstoration: Fast Anisotropic Smoothing of Multi-Valued Images by Curvature-Preserving PDE's
Ronald R. Martinsen's Photography Blog: Noise Reduction Roundup (5 of 5) – And the winner is…

Frank Paris: The Photographer's Screen Saver Gallery Constructor2
Web Photo Galleries - Windows Freeware
Compare online photo sharing services - share photos online - CNET reviews

PXN8.COM - Online Photo Editor
Pixoh: Edit pictures online
.: Sumo Paint :.

Paint.NET is image and photo manipulation software designed to be used on computers that run Windows XP
Desktop Publishing

10 Websites to Help You Master GIMP
GIMP Tutorials
the GIMP for Windows
Gimp Tutorials
Free Color Management - Gimp Stuff
GIMPguru: Creating Virtual Mats and Frames with The GIMP
Grokking the GIMP by Carey Bunks
Digital Photography and the GIMP
Jane Dallaway: Gimp for Photographers
Math Games:Vector vs. Raster drawing programs (SVG support)
Suite freedom: a review of GIMP 2.6.4
Photivo - photivo wiki

Tutorial Blog: Free Photoshop Plugins
Correcting Distortion and Color Fringing
PFree purple fringe plugin
Divine proportion the easy way - golden section Photoshop plugin
Photoshop Plug-ins by Redfield
Graphisto Search Engine Directory 2D 3D Video Web design Ressources Tutorials Links Portal
"The Blue Screen / Green Screen / Chroma Key Page"
Pixlabs: PhotoFramer
dksoftware: PhoA / Photo Album
DIM: Digital Image Mover
Picture Windows: Free Software and Samples (and Photographing a calibration target) `
Digital Light & Color: Profile Mechanic / Picture Window Pro

Robert Akerman: Digital Photo Resources

Masking by the Numbers: Using Tone-Based Masks in Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Roadmap: informational resource
John and Julia: Master Photo Retouching Tips Document
Professional Photographic Retouching Tutorial (40Mins, Start-To-Finish) | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
Retouching Photograhs
the Art of DeTouch
Free Photoshop Brushes
Norman Koren: Tonal quality and dynamic range in digital cameras

Telegraphics - Free Plugins for Photoshop & Illustrator...and other software
Jessops: Greycard
Valhalla: Digital Photography Workflow | Digital Velvia Effect
Shudder's Digital Darkroom Actions
DPRevrew Retouching Forum Photoshop Actions
Actions for Photoshop
Adobe Studio Exchange
Optimize performance in Photoshop CS3 on Mac OS
Optimize performance of Photoshop CS3 on Windows XP and Vista
Free Downloads for Adobe Photoshop
Editing and Highlight Recovery Actions

Signature on Photographic Images | Copyright on Photographic Images
Copyright Office Basics
Model Release Primer
5 Things You Should Know About Photo Copyrights - Digital Photo Tips and More on
Combining Two Images
Power of Gamma
Quick Gamma : Monitor calibration and gamma
A simplified zone system for making good exposures
Zone System : Ansel Adams
The Digital Zone System photo - Ole Thorsen

Meters Don't See 18% Gray by Thom Hogan
Richard L. Hess Web Pages - Why 18% is not the right reflectance
Welcome to Bruce Lindbloom's Web Site: Useful Color Information, Studies and Files | RGB Working Space Information
The Story of Nikon Color Modes - Photo Tips @ Earthbound Light
Nikon Color Modes on Your Computer
color space help [Page 1]: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Nikon D200 Color Space
diglloyd: Web Browser Color Display
DisplayMate Monitor Projector and HDTV Set Up Calibration and Testing

Adobe RGB if editing in 16bit, sRGB if in 8-bit: Pro Digital Talk Forum: -DPR-
A Standard Default Color Space for the Internet - sRGB Photoshop LAB Color: The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace: Books: Dan Margulis
RGB Working Space Information
Reference Input/Output Medium Metric RGB Color Encodings (RIMM/ROMM RGB)
choice of color space?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
ECI - Colour standards |::| Working colour spaces
sRGB vs Adobe RGB: The Truth
sRGB profiles
Is your system ICC Version 4 ready?
Image Science
10 Bit Output Support
sRGB vs Adobe RGB: The Truth
sRGB profiles
Is your system ICC Version 4 ready?
Image Science
10 Bit Output Support
Finally here: 10-bit LCD Graphic Monitors
AnandTech - NEC PA301w: The Baddest 30-inch Display Around
HP ZR30W vs. NEC PA301W: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
How To Calibrate An NEC Monitor With SpectraView II
Stop Losing Display Calibration with Windows 7
need gamut info for wide gamut monitors.: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
ICC Profiles and Monitor Settings Database
ICCView - Colormanagement, Helpdesk, OpenSource
Tutorial for Argyll and dispcalGUI [Page 1]: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review
Monitor Calibration Tests: Luminance Sensitivity
Photo Friday: Monitor Calibration Tool
Why Are My Prints Too Dark
Re: What monitor to buy: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
**** UPDATE #2 ****: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review
**** UPDATE #2 ****: Retouching Forum: Digital Photography Review - Argyll+dispcalGUI tutorial...

Flickr: Discussing Tutorial: Make Your Colors Pop!!! in Technique (Lab Color)

Photoshop for Photographers by Thomas Niemann
Adobe Photoshop Tricks (common problems)
The Photoshop Guru's Handbook -- for the intuitive photoshop user

The Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials for Beginners | CreativeFan
The Ultimate Illustrator Toolbox - Noupe Design Blog
40 New And Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials - Noupe Design Blog
Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
lemontea: Illustrator: The Definitive Vector Guide
Illustrator Tutorials
Technical Illustrator Student Lessons & Tutorials - Kevin Hulsey Technical Illustration (amazing cutaway illustration + howto)
Illustrator Tutorials, Illustrator CS Tutorials, Illustrator CS2 Tutorials, Illustrator CS3 Tutorials, Illustrator Tutorial
Inkscape. Draw Freely.
Free Vectors by Vecteezy!
Free Vector Graphics

Drawing For Beginners: A Complete Guide
Save Loomis!

The Structure of Man: Learn to Draw The Human Figure From Your Mind
YouTube - RivenPhoenix's Videos - Drawing and Illustration
Rendering the female figure | MetaFilter
Joumana Medlej - Artist's Guide to Human Types pt 2 | Guide to Human Types Addendum
Agence eureka: Les Animaux: Tels Qu'ils Sont

Inkscape. Draw Freely (vector graphics)
CADTutor - The best free AutoCAD tutorials on the web
Photoshop converts a Photo to a Pencil Sketch
Vector Art with Photoshop - Online Tutorial
Photoshop Cafe Tutorials
Adobe Photoshop Killer Tips
O'Reilly -- dekipod: how to scan money in photoshop/a>
Photoshop Tutorials
6 Totally Essential Photoshop Skills Even Your Mom Should Know | Maximum PC
Best Photoshop Tutorials | Free Photoshop Tutorials, Custom Shapes and More!
The Ultimate Guide To Cloning In Photoshop - Smashing Magazine
15 Artistic Watercolor Effects Photoshop Tutorials
35 Basic Tutorials to Get You Started with Photoshop - Six Revisions
Tracing Photo
How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week
Photoshop Tutorials & Adobe Photoshop Plugins |
100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Art
Layers Magazine - The How-To Magazine for Everything Adobe. | Layers Magazine
Tools - Photoshop Toolbox Reference
Photoshop 911 | Creating | Grids
Photoshop Tips and Tricks (superimpose layers)
5 Great Background Masking Techniques in Photoshop By Corrie Haffly
PhotoshopTechniques Forums - Scratch scratch scribble: photoengraving effects
Photoshop Tutorials -- Absolute Cross - Unofficial Photoshop Forums
Lunacore Adobe Photoshop Tutorials » Photoshop Tutorials » View Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorials, Tips, Tricks and News | Photoshop Lab
dohowto : video tutorials : Photoshop
Matt Greer Photography: Photoshop Adjustment Layers - Curves
Photoshop tutorial: Tonal range and the Curves tool
Nikon Exposed: Curves and Picture Control - Tutorials, Tips & Tricks For Photoshop

adactio: Photoshop actions: soft-focus, etc
Photoshop 5.5 Tutorial
Photoshop Elements 2 Add-ons
Out of Gamut: Don't Underestimate Photoshop's Auto Color
PSLover: Photoshop Tutorials
Russell Brown: Tips & Techniques: Dr. Brown's Image Processor
Russell Brown Tips & Techniques
Photoshop Frame Action
Basic Framing in PS
Photoshop CS Upgrade Articles
Creative Pro: Photographic Edges in Photoshop
Ling Things: Photoshop Elements 2 Add-ons
The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements

The Big Boom: Photographing Fireworks
Shooting Fireworks with a Digital Camera
Have Fun on the 4th of July
Fireworks: Quick Photo Tips
Fireworks: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
D300-What settings do you plan for fireworks?: Nikon D300 - D100 Forum: -DPR-
Fireworks and Digital Photography (bulb)
How to Photograph Fireworks Displays
Fireworks Photography Tips -
How to take pictures of Fireworks
YouTube - How to photograph Fireworks
New York Institute of Photography - Tips for Better Photographs - July 4th Fireworks Photos
Top Tips for Photographing Fireworks
New York Institute of Photography - Tips for Better Photographs - July 4th Fireworks Photos
About: Shooting Fireworks
PhotographyBLOG - Articles: Photographing Fireworks
"Photographing Fireworks"
The Fireworks Show | Tips for Taking Great Fireworks Photos

How to catch lightning bolts on a budget: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
Lightning Photography pictures photographs weather picture photos photo tips photograph storms of lightning
Lightning Trigger Review | Lightning Trigger
How do you shoot lightning? [Page 1]: Open Talk Forum: -DPR-
Sunset tips/techniques/choices?: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
How to Photograph Sunrises and Sunsets
Shooting Spectacular Sunrises and Sunsets
Tips on how to take successful Christmas lights pictures | All Day I Dream About Photography
Tips and tricks for climbing photography
DigitalFrog Photography » Blog Archive Mini guide to Party Photography »
Guidelines for Producing High Quality Photographs for U.S. Travel Documents
Passport Photo. Free. Quick. Online - ePassportPhoto is the Internet Passport Photo Booth
Dave Black Photography - Lightpainting....from the Beginning
How to Photograph a Rainbow
18 Beautiful Rainbows from Around the World
How to take 3D photos

Tangled Synthesis: PS Tutorials: Blending, Layering, Tiling
Bluesfear: PS Tutorials
DPR: Lossless 16bit file comparison
Why Most Landscapes Suck
Kodak Color Separation Guide and Gray Scale-Small (Q-13)
SnapFiles: PixResizer
Mihov Image Resizer is a handy tool for batch resizing images in bmp, gif, and jpg
Zeraha: Good quality image scaling (Lanczos3,Mitchell,Spline,Bell,Hermlite,Triangle algorithms)
US Passports - A guide: Open Talk Forum: -DPR-
d Microsoft Acrylic Technology Preview - Home
XE847 Filter Technology | FixFoto

Digital Photo Rescue and Recovery Software - Digital Photo Backup
PhotoRec - CGSecurity - file data recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery
PhotoRec - CGSecurity

Pocket Wizard
The Time Machine Camera Controller / Intervalometer
Is there a way to get longer than 30 second exposures unattended?: Nikon D1/D2/D100/D200 Forum: -DPR-
A lazy way to shoot a NYC sunset: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
DIM: Digital Image Mover
PicMove - Picture Transfer Software

Gallery at web based software product that lets you manage your photos on your own website
MyPhotos photo blog

How to prolong lithium-based batteries
Steve's Digicams - Rechargeable Battery Information
Digital Imaging Accessories Review: The Great Battery Shootout
Batteries & Charger Kits
Rechargeable Batteries Alkaline Lithium NiMH Battery

$14 Steady-Cam
WnSoft: PicturesToExe
Autodesk - Autodesk Combustion Showcase - 2RealFX

OziPhotoTool: combines the technology of a GPS receiver and a digital camera A Brief Introduction to GPS Photo Linking
Geocode Images and Create Google Maps or Export KML/KMZ Files to Google Earth
GPS and Nikon D2X (and upcoming D200)
Red Hen Systems: Spatial Multimedia
The importance of place - GPS and photography
AutoRuning HTML
Lossless jpegtran applications

SPL Water Housings Nikon 200
D200 Rubber Grip: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-

Successful Soft Proofing: Making your monitor really match the proof
How did it turn out?: Nikon D3 - D1 / D700 Forum: large prints
SmugMug - help - Why prints are returned
Zenfolio | hosting service for photo galleries
Zenfolio versus SmugMug : Open Talk Forum: -DPR-
ExposureManager - Focus on Sales
Gallery | Your photos on your website
Pixelpost :: Authentic Photoblog Flavour

Steve's Digicams - Tech Corner - Size Matters: Paper Size vs. Print Size
Comparison of online photo printing prices
Printroom: prints and enlargments
Sony Imagestation: prints
ezprints online print ordering
Snapfish Film Developing/Digital Printing
American Frame You create the art, I’ll create the mats! Online store, precut mats, wholesale mats, bulk mats.
:: Exim Vaios :: Paper & Media
Picture Framing and Mounting for Exhibition
White House Custom Color Digital Photographic Lab (large prints)
Perfect Posters: Photographic Prints from your digital files
Mpix Prints
El-Co Color Labs Poster Special
Autumn Color Digital Printing
Adoramapix: photoprinting
Fotosearch: Stock Photography and Footage
Stock Photography at Can Stock PhotoShelter Collection
NWP Photo Forum - Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography and Pet Photography by James Morrissey: Shooting Stock Photos
Uncle Sam's Photos - Stock Photo Collections A directory of the U.S Government's free stock photo sites
Re: Really? (printing at Costco)
Lies, Damn Lies, and Giclee Prints
SmugMug - How to get pleasing skin tones on prints
MyPublisher | Design your own Photo Book to be printed as a beautiful hardcover book!
Self publish with free BookSmart software for Windows or Mac | Blurb
Photo Book Review, Photo Book Printers, Photo Book Software: Find the Right Photo Book Printer for You
El-Co's Internet Only Poster Special!
How To Do Your Own Matting and Hinging
Documounts - Mounting Boards and Bags
Light Impressions Direct: Cases, Frames, Boxes
Wholesale Frames, Picture Frames, Wood Frames, Metal Frames, Poster Frames, Certificate Frames, Clip Frames, Poster Hangers. Frame Kits, and Frame Shells. Large size and color selection.
Binders / Folios & Accessories
Horizons ISG - AlumaJet - Ink Jet printable aluminum
Art Supplies from Dick Blick Art Materials

Color Management

Picture Window Downloads (includes Color Managment White Paper)
Jonathan Sachs: Color Management (PDF)
Photoshop CS2 - Print with Colour Management
Color management and color science: Introduction
Dry Creek Photo: Color Management, Spaces and Profiles
Dry Creek: Introduction to Digital photo lab profiles
Using Printer Profiles with Digital Labs
Interactive Color Space Gamut Models
Gamutvision - explore color spaces, gamut mappings, and rendering intents
sRGB / aRGB display examples (browser color aware?)
Don's Custom Printer Profiles and Color Management
Cathy's Profiles: Computer Printer Profiles
Argyll Color Management System Home Page
Color Management: Photoshop Basic Colormanagement Theory ICC Profiles Color Spaces Calibrated MonitorPrinter Proofing
Color Management for Photographers #006 @Digital Outback Photo
ICC Profile Downloads
Photo Management Software - Corel AfterShot Pro - Formerly Bibble Pro
Set print color management - Basics - Lightroom Community Help - Adobe Learning Resources
The Lightroom catalog: Digital Photography Review
DAM Roundup
ImpulseAdventure - Comparison of Digital Photo Catalog Software
Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Photographers
Color Management 101: Part A [Page 1]: Nikon D300/D200/D100 Forum: -DPR-
Bruce Lindbloom: Color Management Resources
Outdoor Photographer | Feature Article | Digital Horizons: Color Space Wars
Tribeca Imaging Laboratories DCF Full Spectrum: the color purple
Flowers in Ultra-Violet
What is the optimal output resolution to a printer?
Cookbook - Creating Scanned and Printed Images
Neil Snape - Photographer and Color Management Specialist | Neil Snape's Calibration HP DJ 30/130 Printers
Pantone Huey review
Making prints match your screen

WIDE GAMUT ADOBE RGB LCD Monitors Screens Troubleshooting Over Saturated sRGB Color Reviews on the Web Tutorial
WEB BROWSER COLOR MANAGEMENT Tutorial - Test Page FireFox Safari Chrome Internet Explorer IE 10- FILES have embedded ICC profiles Photoshop ColorManagement

Good graphics monitor: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
NEC 2690WUXi and Spectraview question: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
NEC 2690WUXi - can it handle regular sRGB?: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
2690WUXi and LUTs (I wish Will from NEC would see this) [Page 1]: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
Re: Just got off the phone with NEC: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
Spectraview Calibration Target: PC Talk Forum: -DPR-
Display Calibration Sensor Capabilities
Spyder 4 Elite- looking for feedback.
Monitor calibration sensor evaluations
Widescreen Gaming Forum :: View topic - NEC multisync 2690 EU version -> spectraview
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Epson R1800 printer
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Markins M10 Ball Head Review at
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Julia Borg: Low ISO/+EV in PP vs. High ISO in-cam: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
Exposure Compensation vs ISO : Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR-
Re: Gee, am I just reading the original question "wrong"?: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR- (base ISO+gain)
WB Before and After shooting - RAW: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR- (UniWB)
another way, no NC needed: Nikon D3/D2/D1 Forum: -DPR- (UniWB)
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Robin Myers Imaging: Information on color measurement, white/gray cards, expodisc, etc
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Robin Myers Imaging: Digital Gray Card 15x22.5 cm (approx. 6x9 in.)
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Gurus, Cults, Religious/Spiritual Information : 2,800 links

^ Lifton, Robert J. M.D.: " Lifton's Eight Criteria for Thought Reform"
Cults 101: Checklist of Cult Characteristics by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
International Cultic Studies Association: Information about cults, cult groups, and new religious movements. ICSA studies psychological manipulation, cult groups, sects, and new religious movements.
The Revolutionary Pleasure Of Thinking For Yourself
Info Cult/Secte: e pense donc je suis/I think therefore I am


Guru Ratings Listing by Rating
Yahoo Group
Nonduality Salon Highlights, #1852: Sarlo
New Blog Exposing Sarlo's Guru Ratings Service & Cult of Osho
Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service - Dharma Wheel
Sarlo's Guru Rating Service ~ NEWBIES (mini-Advaita) - Google Groups
PhD Timothy Conway & Guru Ratings Sarlo | Gerald Joe Moreno
The Truth About Sarlo's Guru Ratings Service: Sarlo Deletes "The Truth About Sarlo" Posts From Guru Ratings

The Cult Test by A. Orange
The False Guru Test
Start Your Own Cult Your place for spiritual teachers
Gurus - Good, Bad and Bogus
Tabulated list and overview of some Eastern and Western Gurus and Masters
Cult Awareness and Information Centre -
Cult FAQ : Frequently asked questions about cults
Apologetics Index : Apologetics and Cult Information
Cult Information Centre (UK)

Cult information from cult expert Steve Hassan
Freedom of Mind - BITE Model - I. Behavior Control II. Information Control III. Thought Control IV. Emotional Control s
Steven Hassans BITE Model
BITE Model: Teal Swan | Andey Fellowes

Howstuffworks "Introduction to How Cults Work"
Skeptic Tank Text Archive File: cultinfo
Wanderlings Gurulist: List of Spiritual teachers
Rankings of Spiritual Teachers and Groups
The Cult Construction Set
Volume0: SubGenius Digest #278
Cult Catalog of the "Other" Jesus: A catalog of cults and their teachings regarding Jesus
Ex-cult members of Reddit, how were you introduced to the cult and how did you manage to escape? : AskReddit
[serious] Have you been involved with a cult? What was your experience? : AskReddit
IAmA former member of a high-control cult. (Lengthy post) : IAmA search results (more reddit cult posts)
Redditors who were raised in a cult, when was the first time you realised something was wrong? : AskReddit
Sadhus, Holy Men of India | An American Sadhu
Religion under Globalisation - Sounds Of Japanese Doomsday Cults
Aquarius Records: Search Results for Artist: Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults Vol. 14

Stripping the Gurus
Geolffrey Falk: Stripping the Gurus: Sex, Violence, Abuse and Enlightenment
Geoffrey Falk website/blog
100 years of Eastern Gurus in the West (excellent)
Gurus Who Are Not the Perfect Master

Stripping the Gurus—... To a Nunnery (Yogananda)
sam harris and "Spirituality Without Religion"

Cult Awareness Network - Wikipedia
The Watchman Expositor: Lifton's 8 Points of Mind Control
YouTube - Mind Control Cults
Intermediate Zone Guru or Teacher
Nothingness, Everythingness :: How some Gurus operate :: December :: 2006
Religion News Blog : religious cults, sects, world religions, and related issues
Dharma Combat: Where Spiritual Giants Duke It Out
What Is The Spiritual Arena? Where Science And Religion Meet Common Sense.
The Shadow Of The Dalai Lama: Critical Links to Buddhism and Lamaism
California Cults 2006 - 10 Zen Monkeys (a webzine)
Snakes and Ladders: Floormaps of the Metaphysical Supermarket
My So-Called Spiritual Life
Cult News Network
guruphiliac | Guruphiliac: The Varieties Of Space-Daddies
Guruphiliac - Home
Guruphiliac Blog Group Webmaster Jody Radzik
Jody Radzik - Medium
The folk theory of nondual enlightenment explained - Jody Radzik - Medium
Why enlightenment seems so hard: how the folk theory of nondual enlightenment occludes your own simple awareness

Could a fake guru work just as well as a real one? | Aeon Essays
Ma Jaya & Kashi Ashram Revealed
John Horgan - The Anti-Gurus (The Guru Papers)
Guru as God? The Guru is Greater Than God
Spiritually Laid Back :: How some Gurus operate :: December :: 2006

End Times of Buddhism - What's wrong with enlightenment? What's wrong with Nirvana?
Buddhist Teachers Make Their Own Limits in a Spiritual Partnership - New York Times
Geshe Michael Roach Three Year Retreat
Monk-y Business: Controversial NYC guru Michael Roach | Page Six Magazine | The New York Post
People who used to be religious but aren't anymore, what shook your faith or changed your mind? [Serious] : AskReddit
Former cult members of Reddit, at what moment did you go, "oh fuck, I'm in a cult"?
IamA Ex-Jehovah's Witness elder, now an activist - I run a website where I publish secret JW ocuments. AMA! : IAmA
Facts about, the Watchtower, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Truth - jwfacts

Watkins's Spiritual 100 List for 2012 - Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2012
Watkins's Spiritual 100 List for 2014 - Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2014
Watkins' Spiritual 100 List 2019
Psychological Laboratory

Nuscam: Harlan Sanders anti-scam page
Eric's skeptic page
Skeptic's Dictionary
The Skeptiseum - skeptical museum of paranormal (CSICOP)
SkepticReport * Main Page
Skeptical Investigations | Current Controversies
Skeptoid: Critical Analysis Podcast
The Journal of Irreproducible Results Cranks, Crackpots, Kooks and Loons on the Net Religion Pages | Prophecy
Quintessence of the Loon: 600 Looney Sites on the Net
Encyclopedia of American Loons - The Encyclopedia of American loons! Our new and exciting series presenting a representative sample of American loons from A-Z. "All the Junk That's Fit to Debunk"
James Randi Archives
James Randi Educational Foundation — An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural
Bibliography of Occult and Fantastic Beliefs vol.1: A - D
End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Christian Blog
YouTube - Open-mindedness
Religious Myth Information
Harry Price Ghost-Hunter, Psychical Researcher & Author - Life President of the Ghost Club Society
Tom Swiss | infamous dot net
Why Buddha Touched the Earth
why Daniel Pinchbeck needs a smack upside his head | the unreasonable man - Daniel Pinchbeck is the guy probably most responsible for kicking off the idea that some great transformation is going to occur in 2012. In his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, he claims to have received "transmissions" from the Mayan deity Quetzalcoatl telling him about this momentous event. An excerpt from these transmissions:
Dangerous Minds | Tags
8 Craziest Cults
YouTube - Derren Brown shows how mediums work
YouTube - John Safran Vs God episode 1 part 1
YouTube - Introduction To Christianity - Comedian Dave Allen On Religion
Improbable Research
William Beaty: Ridiculed science mavericks vindicated
Skeptic Tank | 1992 FBI Report: Satanic Ritual Abuse
History of the Black Mass in Pictures
Skeptic Tank Text Archive File: Farrell Till
The Investigator: Bible defenders versus critics, atheists and humanists
Holy Smoke: facts about frauds, fakes, fools, and flim-flam
The Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame
nondualogicality: vedanta with a few tweaks
Guardian Unlimited Books | Top 10s | Sam Jordison: books on cults
Tourish, Dennis, Ph.D.: "Cultic Dimensions of the London 7/21/ Bombings"
Cult Influence & Persuasion Tactics
Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness - Wikipedia (John-Roger)
John-Roger dies at 80; founder of controversial new-age church - LA Times
John-Roger, New Age Spiritual Leader in California, Dies at 80 - The New York Times
Arianna's Mandatory Cult Meetings - Arianna Huffington for many years sought to downplay the extent of her involvement in the Movement For Spiritual Inner Awareness, a cult ex-members described as sexually and financially exploitive in a series of Los Angeles Times expose in the 1980s and 1990s

Discernment Between Sleeping And Awake Teachers And Paths (Poonjaji vs Ramana Maharshi)
SHAMblog: 'Oh Ralph.... Who sent the fire?' Randy Pausch (+Tolle)
SHAMblog: Tolle calls. Part 1.
Cult Education Forum :: "Cults," Sects, and "New Religious Movements" :: The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle - Cognitive Suicide

Violent sexual abuse, brainwashing and neglect: What it's like to grow up in a religious sect - Independent Online Edition (David Berg / Children of God)
Buck_Thorn comments on TIL In 1971 Fleetwood Mac had to cancel a sold out show booked at the Whiskey A Go Go when their guitarist Jeremy Spencer simply vanished into thin air. He was eventually found having cut off all his hair, dressed in shabby clothes, and joined a cult called The Children of God.

I Grew Up In A Cult Without Realising : videos

archives of the Panamites
OC Weekly: Cover: Lords of Acid: How the Brotherhood of Eternal Love Became OC\222s Hippie Mafia
Name That Perversion
Amens and Poor Tents
Mass Delusions and Hysterias / Highlights from the Past Millennium (Skeptical Inquirer May 2000)
Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies (Fortean Phenomena)
LRB Hilary Mantel: That Wilting Flower Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained edited by Una McGovern
YouTube - Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple
The Awareness Page: Large Group Awareness Trainings (LGATs) (EST, etc.)
Tehelka - The Lakshmi Of Our Times: Amritanandamayi Is The Queen Of All She Surveys In Kerala, With The Media Deep In Her Pocket
The Truth about Human Potential Seminars
Hearing whispers of immorality - Living (The End Of The World Cult)
An Espian’s brief life

Eckankar Cult Exposed : cults (Paul Twitchell)
Eckankar exposed - YouTube

Lesser known Cults Video : cults
Adolfo Constanzo - Wikipedia

Former Admin of Teal Tribe Speaks Out | Interview - YouTube (dafuck?)

(1) Anadi-free - Home

Zensters and Buddhists

Zen Buddhists Roiled by Accusations Against Teacher - the Buddhist teacher Joshu Sasaki, who is 105 years old (and an inveterate harrasser of women, which the Zen community ignored/covered up for decades, way to go, Zensters)
Sex abuse allegations surround L.A. Buddhist teacher - An investigation by an independent council of Buddhist teachers indicates that Joshu Sasaki Roshi, 105, may have abused hundreds of followers. No charges have been filed.
Some Reflections on Rinzai-ji by Giko David Rubin | Sweeping Zen
Everybody Knows – Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi and Rinzai-ji | Sweeping Zen
Sexual Misconduct in the Rinzai-ji Community | Tricycle
Buddha Buzz: Joshu Sasaki Roshi Scandal Goes Viral (Kind of) | Tricycle
Allegations of sexual misconduct by Joshu Sasaki make it into the mainstream press | Sweeping Zen
» Zen ‘Master’ Molested Students in N.M. | ABQ Journal
» Zen abuse: My own painful response | ABQ Journal
Adam Tebbe: Joshu Sasaki and the Challenge of Sex Scandals in the Zen Community
Sasaki Archive / Joshu Roku™ - Documentation on the scandals surrounding Joshu Sasaki
105-year-old Zen Master Also an Alleged Serial Sexual Harasser
The New (Jew) look of Zen Budhism in America
No More Secrets: Confronting Abuse of Power - Lion's Roar

Zen teachers issue open letter confronting abuse - Lion's Roar
90 Zen Teachers Pledge To Change Culture That Fosters Abuse - On Tuesday, 90 Zen teachers signed onto a letter expressing their remorse over the alleged sexual assault and their commitment to alter "the culture of silence" that fosters it.

Robert Aitken: Eido Tai Shimano Roshi (comments are interesting; Buddhists lagging behind Catholics)
thezensite:The Aiken-Shimano Letters
genkaku-again: letter from 1982: Eido Tai Shimano “Fuck Follies"
Buddhist Channel | Buddhism News, Headlines | Issues | An Elephant in the Closet of American Zen Buddhism Alleged misconduct of renowned Zen teacher Eido Shimano
Tricycle » Eido Shimano Roshi and Dai Bosatsu (looks like Tricycle is pretty complicit, cf. James Shaheen +clueless "Eshin Brenda Shoshanna" - "These relationships were consensual" +they are really fast to close their comments, aren't they?)
Tricycle » Eido Shimano Roshi and Zen Studies Society in the Times
Dharma Wars | Tricycle - The Buddhist Review - What is it about the Internet that turns Buddhist teachers into bullies?
Tricycle » Press Release from Zen Studies Society - Updated Zen Studies Society Announces Ethics Investigation (decades late)
Sex and the Sangha:Update « Smiling Buddha Cabaret (sleezeball Buddhist "teachers" and their enablers)
Zen Forum International • View topic - Sexual misconduct by Buddhist teachers (was Eido Tai Shimano
A message from Eido Shimano | Tricycle
Blogroll Change and Policy of Inclusion for Those Listed as Teachers on this Blog « Smiling Buddha Cabaret Barry (Barry Graham; Jesus, people, where is your discriminating wisdom?)
Monkey Mind: Teaching Credentials in Zen
Why are Legitimate Religious Credentials Important? « Smiling Buddha Cabaret
Is it Dharma or Drama?-added notes for those keeping score « Smiling Buddha Cabaret
A Comment on Dharma Wars:Ignoble Silence, Transcendental Egotism and Getting Straight with the Truth « Smiling Buddha Cabaret
A Hoodie Monk - It's A Riddle (Barry Graham, Zen "teacher")
EZF - Kobutsu Malone
Beliefs - Sex Scandal Has American Buddhists Looking Within -
Shimano Archive - Redacted (40 years of Buddhist coverups)
Swami Bhaktipada, Former W.Va. Krishna Leader Dies In India At 74

Eido Shimano « The Zen Community ("the "Big Mind" scandal is actually a bigger scandal in terms of number of people involved than the Eido Shimano scandal" +$50K for six-day retreats) - blog - the Big Mind Process (founded by Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi) is arguably the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism (astonishingly naive, but then he loved Adi-Da)
Special Karma: A Zen Novel of Love and Folly | by Merry White Benezra
The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side - The Atlantic - Nearly 50 years ago, a penniless monk arrived in Manhattan, where he began to build an unrivaled community of followers—and a reputation for sexual abuse. The ongoing accusations against him expose a dark corner of the Buddhist tradition.
The Zen Predator of the Upper East Side (Grace Schireson on Mark Oppenheimer's book) | Sweeping Zen - about the Zen teacher Eido Shimano and his participation through the Zen Studies Society (ZSS) in establishing Zen in New York—a spiritual practice that included his justifying sexual relations with his female students. (if they didn't spend so much time getting rid of their egos, they might be able to see one)
Zen training in the Wild West | Myoan Grace Schireson | Sweeping Zen - Besides sexual, financial and general abuses of power, we have noticed that the mean age of Zen teachers is about 60 years old. And not surprisingly, the older teachers are dying off ... It seems the historical Asian custom of living in close contact with our Zen teachers has not reliably resulted in a transfer of wisdom and ethical behavior (big surprise)
Episode 12: Buddhism and psychotherapy: A panel discussion (MP3) | Sweeping Zen - we discuss the parallels between Western psychology and Buddhism, exploring topics like the unconcious and dual relationships. (how about discussing how ignoring your ego makes it bigger)
Zen is like a Maserati Pt. 3 | Grace Schireson | Sweeping Zen (there's your problem, right there)
The Shocking Scandal at the Heart of American Zen - The Daily Beast - Even Zen masters can be deviants. Inside the new book that unearths a disturbing pattern of affairs at the top of one of the largest Buddhist communities in the U.S. ("cultural differences")
Deep Bullshit | Speculative Non-Buddhism
New-Age Bullshit Generator

? treeleafzen's webcam video April 1, 2011 02:00 AM - YouTube
Shoes Outside the Door: Desire, Devotion, and Excess at San Francisco Zen Center | - It wasn't all just fun and games for profit. The original intent of the center was not to become a LIFE magazine article --- its celebrity came by surprise, as did its ability to generate cold hard cash.
Spiritual obedience | Harper's Magazine - The transcendental game of follow the leader - By Peter Marin
The Cult of Ecstasy: Tantrism, the New Age, and the Spiritual Logic of Late Capitalism | Hugh B. Urban | Academic Room
Reenchantment - Jeffery Paine - Google Books (Osel charged $35 to tell them why he gave them AIDS)
Observer review: Re-Enchantment by Jeffrey Paine | From the Observer | The Observer - Jeffrey Paine's tale of how Western idealists fell for Tibetan Buddhism, Re-Enchantment, is vibrant and colourful, says Ed Halliwell
Tantra and Transparency, or Cultural Contradiction and Todays Tibetan Buddhist Wizard
More Alive Than All the Living: Sovereign Bodies and Cosmic Politics in Buddhist Siberia: Supplemental Material | Society for Cultural Anthropology (Russia at the center)

Controversial 'Buddhist' Teachers & Groups

Order of Buddhist Contemplatives: Sex and the Spiritual Teacher - Page 4 (Trungpa, Muktananda, Shimano, Bhaktipada, Rama, Ratigan, gay-conversion Buddhists, etc)
The Great Naropa Poetry Wars • View topic - A Wild and Crazy Wisdom Guy (Chogyam Trungpa)
Announcing the true cult's central hiliday of worship
Chvgyam Trungpa
Biography: What Becomes A Legend Most? The Brooklyn Rail
JimeDorje comments on There has been some claim that the Dalai Lama presided over a feudalistic/slave Tibet until Chinese Communism abolished the system. How accurate is this?
JimeDorje comments on Roughly How many more DLC/expansions are left for ck2?

Shambhala and the Tibetans


Boulder Monthly: buddhistscam files
Chvgyam Trungpa | The Boulder Buddhist Scam
Common Boundary: Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America
Guru Cult of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism
Common Boundary: Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America
Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Project Sunshine Part 3 : ShambhalaBuddhism (slowly but surely the truth emerge)
Altruistic World Online Library View topic - Buddhist Project Sunshine Phase 3 Final Report: The nail: Br
Ani Pema Chodrvn - Shambhala (they are all tainted and complicit)

Abuse in the Buddhist community: this victim tells her story for the first time - Sogyal Rinpoche and abuse of power as well as sexual intimidation
Knowns and Unknowns Regarding Sogyal Rinpoches Biography ... Review of "Sex and Violence in Tibetan Buddhism: The Rise and Fall of Sogyal Rinpoche" by Mary Finnigan and Rob Hogendoorn
The History of Rigpa
Letter to Sogyal Lakar
At the Time of the Twenty-Fifth Rigden - The Chronicles of Chvgyam Trungpa Rinpoche
To Eco-Activists Being Introduced to Buddhism as a Support Practice: a Note of Caution
Buddhism in the West and the Image of Tibet by Dagyab Rinpoche
Problems in the development of Tibetan Buddhism in the West by Dagyab Rinpoche

What about the financial side of Shambhala?July 10, 2018
VVAVES - Wikipedia

Osel Tendzin - Wikipedia
Buddhists in U.S. Agonize on AIDS Issue - The New York Times

Sangyum Agnes Au | Omega
Blog | Families Hub - Beyond Filters: Where to Meet Our Children
The Usual - The Chronicles of Chvgyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Reggie Ray - The Chronicles of Chvgyam Trungpa Rinpoche (2008)
Controversial 'Buddhist' Teachers & Groups

Video - Triratna's Gender Diverse Working Group | The Buddhist Centre
Jnanamitra: Gender as Embodied Experience | Engage!

Crazy Wisdom, Uncomfortable Questions - Musings

Excerpt from The Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant by John Riley Perks - Album on Imgur (yeah, he even abused dogs)
Selective memory refresher. Does sham pale in comparison to Bikram? : ShambhalaBuddhism (and the drunk abusive kid didn't fall far from the drunk and abusive tree )
Shambhala Investigation: Sexual Misconduct by Sakyong Mipham Likely - A third-party investigation commissioned by Shambhala International substantiated two claims of misconduct against the Sakyong as a former teacher was arrested in Colorado.
The survivor who broke the Shambhala sexual assault story - Columbia Journalism Review (the Buddha Bubble, protecting the guilty so the "community can heal")
Cult Classics vs. Cult Survivor Literature: What Will Your Spiritual Reading Be Now? (the true story of Cutting Through Spriitual Materialism which launched the cult)

Mindfulness and psychotherapy, 2nd ed. - PsycNET - Sakyong, M. J. M. (2003)
Shambhala Links
Ex-members: Shambhala, Boulder-born Buddhist organization, suppressed allegations of abuse
An Open Letter to the Shambhala Community from Long-Serving Kusung (disgusting fake-enlightened authoritarian buddha-fuckers)
Ex-members: Shambhala, Boulder-born Buddhist organization, suppressed allegations of abuse
Opinion: Darryl Collette: Enough of the lies about Naropa and Shambhala
Altruistic World Online Library View topic - Former teacher at Boulder's Shambhala accused of sexually as
Relative Existence : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shrine of Devotion, Betrayal, or Indoctrination? An Internal Shambhala Email, Annotated
Hamilton Canada Shambhala disassociates from Shambhala International : ShambhalaBuddhism
A question about Shambhala and CTR... is it still worth exploring? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Multi generational trauma : CPTSD
Moving away from hierarchy and toward democratic sanghas - Secular Buddhist Network
Silencing and Oblivion of Psychological Trauma, Its Unconscious Aspects, and Their Impact on the Inflation of Vajrayana. An Analysis of Cross-Group Dynamics and Recent Developments in Buddhist Groups Based on Qualitative Data, by Anne Iris Miriam Anders : ShambhalaBuddhism
Another voice form the Mukpo clan : ShambhalaBuddhism
Samsara | Slate Star Codex : ShambhalaBuddhism
cedaro0o comments on Gifts of the gurus?
Yoga Is Finally Facing Consent and Unwanted Touch - The New York Times
SoundsTrue Narcissism Conference : ShambhalaBuddhism
From Carol Merchasin, with her permission to post: : ShambhalaBuddhism
Acharya Eric Spiegel confirms: The Acharya letter from 2018 was nothing but a manipulative tranquilizer pill. : ShambhalaBuddhism
Latest News from Sham Board : ShambhalaBuddhism
So what happened to Bill Karelis today? : ShambhalaBuddhism
He's baaaaack! : ShambhalaBuddhism
Imagining a decentralized Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Sobriety, Sangha and the 'situation' : ShambhalaBuddhism (more bad Buddha history)
Trungpa or Trumpa : ShambhalaBuddhism
Gayner's letter and typical requests (reactions)
The Profound Wisdom of Gary Larson : ShambhalaBuddhism - astonishing to me is all the self-professed Buddhists in the organization who seem to have no understanding of emptiness or non-attachment.
Can anyone explain exactly what is meant by 'whether a public or a private way of ending her life as Sakyong Wangmo would be best'?? (crazy shit from the no-selves of the buddhist military)
Karme Choling's updated code of conduct and staff training (Tail of the Tiger didn't end well)
Help a feminist, after firing by Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Sexism, The Internet and Buddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism
Is Buddhism a Sexist Religion?
Vedic religion and the psychological tyranny of "karma"
Shambhala Board: RA at DCL in 2020 : ShambhalaBuddhism - They're consciously choosing to worship a King as obsequious subjects. That would never be my choice; I prefer democracy in both political and religious spheres (end stage? Trungpa's kid) )
2019 Top Local Stories: Daily Camera : ShambhalaBuddhism - The year 2019 was difficult for members of Shambhala, the Boulder-born Buddhist and mindfulness community, with multiple revelations of sexual misconduct by members past and present, most notably its leader.
Wikipedia : ShambhalaBuddhism
Criticism of Buddhism - Wikipedia
Chogyam Trungpa - Wikipedia - #Controversies (Chogfuck)
Buddhism in the West - Wikipedia - Issues with charismatic authority and sex scandals
Pro-Trungpa critique of Trungpa : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala Buddhist Community Faces New Allegations in Chapman Student Investigation : ShambhalaBuddhism
"Mukpo", a "dark" lineage : ShambhalaBuddhism
Acharia steps back : ShambhalaBuddhism
David Schneider - Shambhala
Strange, Negative Experiences at SMC--Request for Stories : ShambhalaBuddhism
One Chapter (we're in double digits) About How Shambhala Facilitated Its Own Demise and Heightened Its Legal Liabilities
What is KOS? Kingdom/Kings of Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Chapman SMC program suspended, pending investigation. : ShambhalaBuddhism
Former Scientologist Jon Atack and Dr Michelle Haslam on The New Kadampa Tradition : ShambhalaBuddhism
Modern Kadampa Buddhism
A guest testimony from Carmelo, fellow survivor of The New Kadampa Tradition - YouTube
Shambhala Buddhist Community Faces New Allegations in Chapman Student Investigation | Justin Whitaker
MaskAgee mistook me for Leslie Hays. This is what they said in a private message. And we wonder why survivors are so terrified to speak up? How awful. : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala Links: Informative links regarding Shambhala Buddhism, Shambhala Internation, Sakyong Mipham, Chogyam Trungpa. : ShambhalaBuddhism
I am at awe of my own past gullibility. : ShambhalaBuddhism
DARVO : ShambhalaBuddhism
I was a Tantric sex slave | The Independent (1999)
The Dangers of Buddhist Tantra: Power Struggles, Faulty Gurus and Alternatives - Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D.
Letter From Ani Pema Chvdrvn : ShambhalaBuddhism
Letter From Ani Pema Chvdrvn : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala Board's response to Pema Chodron stepping down : ShambhalaBuddhism
Tricycle on Pema's Retirement : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Empress Who Grew A Heart: The Mainstream Review : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Pema Letter Deciphered And A Scurrilous Shambhala Response From Their PR "War Room"
Matthew Remski - About Pena's resignation letter : ShambhalaBuddhism
Content Warning: Oscar Wilde : ShambhalaBuddhism
Nancy Steinbeck
Tricycle on Pema's Retirement : ShambhalaBuddhism
Nancy Steinbeck
January Update from the Process Team : ShambhalaBuddhism ... 22% (613) of respondents said they had experienced harm or misconduct in Shambhala. Importantly, about half of those (303) did not report the harm or misconduct they experienced. Of those who did report it and got involved with the Care and Conduct process:
...but it's *our* cozy little dumpster fire : ShambhalaBuddhism
Is there any value to/is it a bad idea to pursue Shambhala Training online? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Petition to Shambhala Board : ShambhalaBuddhism
Message from the Shambhala NYC Interim Governing Council : ShambhalaBuddhism
Letter from London Centre Council to Shambhala Board : ShambhalaBuddhism
Silent Witness : ShambhalaBuddhism
Julian Royce interviews Carol Merchasin (investigative lawyer for Project Sunshine) : ShambhalaBuddhism
Wiki for institutional betrayal : ShambhalaBuddhism
The IB Decision Allowing an Unexpected Return to Teaching is Probably Without Effect and Can Probably Be Declared "Null and Void" : ShambhalaBuddhism
Vital Underpinnings Of Tibetan Feminism By Dhardon Sharling : ShambhalaBuddhism
Overall, do you consider Tibetan Buddhism at large to be a cult? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Neil Young With Crazy Horse - Help Me Lose My Mind [Official Audio] : ShambhalaBuddhism
Separate the teacher from the teachings, by Theo Wildcroft. Regarding Yoga, but many parallel themes to Shambhala. : ShambhalaBuddhism
Why Evan Thompson Isn't a Buddhist, interview BY SAM LITTLEFAIR, Lions Roar
A Realistic and Skillful Approach To Convert the Inevitable Shambhala Day Fundraising Push into an Opportunity for Transformation : ShambhalaBuddhism ("spiritual oligarchs" and their PR operations)
To the International Shambhala Board from the Board of Shambhala Stockholm : ShambhalaBuddhism
Pros try to pick decade's top religion stories : ShambhalaBuddhism
Mike Smith cops a plea? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Letter to the Troops : ShambhalaBuddhism : To the Dorje Kasung
Fears mount over scale of Buddhist sect sexual abuse - Followers allege they were coerced into sex in 1970s and 80s with elders of UK's Triratna order
Nyingmapa stop appointing lineageholders : ShambhalaBuddhism
Mindful Schools and SMC : ShambhalaBuddhism
Letter from SMC : ShambhalaBuddhism
Michael Gaynor's history at SMC is suspect : ShambhalaBuddhism
Latimer Cty Sheriff Closes SMC Investigation : ShambhalaBuddhism
Are secular congregations viable? : ShambhalaBuddhism - lotus_pond54 comments
Leaked Internal Report: Famous Buddhist Leader Noah Levine Was Accused of Rape and Assault

TULKU - official trailer - YouTube
Statement by HH Penor Rinpoche regarding the recognition of Steven Seagal as a reincarnation of the treasure revealer Chungdrag Dorje
Help for Students Processing the Attestations of Abuse in Rigpa What Now?
Tibetan Buddhism Enters the 21st Century: Trouble in Shangri-la - Stuart Lachs
Tibetan Buddhism Enters the 21st Century: Trouble in Shangri-la by?? Stuart Lachs : Buddhism
Abuse in Buddhism Articles - Beyond the Temple
Sogyal Rinpoche and the abuse accusations rocking the Buddhist world - December 1, 2017
Abuse and Buddhism: Behind the Smiling Fagade By Anna Sawerthal
Dealing with Problematic Teachers -- Applying Sutra-Level Guru-Meditation to a Faulty or Abusive Teacher
Breaking the Silence on Sexual Misconduct - Lion's Roar
Is the Guru Really a Buddha?
Word Cloud Insights from the Process Team's 2020 Report and the Process Team's Surprising Contribution towards a Woke Society
Flashback to Shambhala Plans & Aspirations 20 Years Ago Today - Anyone Willing to Give a Progress Report? (Bueller? Bueller?) : ShambhalaBuddhism

Mike Smith pleads guilty : ShambhalaBuddhism
Collective Identity and the Postcharismatic Fate of Shambhala International : ShambhalaBuddhism
Petition: Stop Glorifying Abuse in the Name of "Crazy Wisdom"! : ShambhalaBuddhism
My Time in Rigpa | open buddhism - lots of parallels with "court" experiences in shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
2020 March Update from the Board : ShambhalaBuddhism
End of land centers? Will many centers survive? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Twilight of the Tulkus -- The Dalai Lama Declares an End to His Reincarnations -- Seven Questions I'd Like to Ask Him : ShambhalaBuddhism (the end of the grand myth)
Why do people ascribe value to Trungpa's written works?
A Seminal Moment - short story : ShambhalaBuddhism
Damcho Dyson, Tahlia Newland, Dr. Jack Wicks --- The Fall of Sogyal Rinpoche : ShambhalaBuddhism
AFTER ALL THE INSANITY: Mipham still cited as the "temporal and spiritual director" of Shambhala. What world do these people live in?
R/shambhalabuddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism
SMC continues to, "serve that world." : ShambhalaBuddhism
40 years of abuse in the name of Dharma a short story about OKC aka Ogyen Kunzang Choling and Robert Spatz : vajrayana
The Mystical, Mind-Sharing Lives of Tulpamancers - Drawing on ancient Tibetan practices and a very human need for companionship, these people believe they have figured out how to create sentient beings within their own bodies. (DID)
Tulpas: Intelligent companions imagined into existence
New Yorker: Naropa Story : ShambhalaBuddhism
Acharya Noel McLellan about pilgrimage : ShambhalaBuddhism
God and profits | Maclean's | MARCH 27, 1989
Is Buddhism Violent? - Lion's Roar
Understanding Sexual Violence in Context, Karen Rain - lots of parallels relevant to Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Public Larimer County Sheriff : ShambhalaBuddhism
Looks like another major city Sham Ctr is about to be toast... : ShambhalaBuddhism (San Franciso)
Lineage : ShambhalaBuddhism
Practice Instructions from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche : ShambhalaBuddhism
Secular Buddhism- Dharma based on rational thought, a possible new way forward? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Against Hell: A Refutation of the Buddhist Hell Realms, Based on Their Historic Origins, Political Purpose, Psychological Destructiveness, Irrationality, and Demonstrable Inconsistency With the Original Buddhist Teachers, by Charles Carreon
Twilight of the Tulkus
How religion is destroying Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Taoist Sexual Practices and Parallels with Tantric Sexual Practices : ShambhalaBuddhism
Meanwhile, in Halifax : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Absent Oxonian -- Musings on Trungpa's Faux Academic Credentials & Why So Few Cared to Inquire
WOVEN: Leaving Shambhala An essay by Rebecca Jamieson : ShambhalaBuddhism
Apologies Trollpologies : ShambhalaBuddhism
Former Shambhala teacher set for trial in Boulder sex assault case : ShambhalaBuddhism
"Preparing the ground" video : ShambhalaBuddhism
Slavery in Bhutan - WikiVisually
Polyandry in Tibet: Brothers Marrying the Same Wife - Marriage Customs in the Tibetan Himalayan Highlands
SMR'S BEHAVIOR : ShambhalaBuddhism
A sign of the times: Nick Kranz scrubs Shambhala from IG and website, save one SMR mention : ShambhalaBuddhism (garbage left behind)
The Road Home (July 21) What Comes After Shambhala?' With Ethan Nichtern, Shante' Smalls, Aarti Tejuja and David Perrin: An Open and Honest Discussion About Topics That Affected Many But That They Probably Couldn't Share While Shackled to the Monarchy : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala is like early Christianity : ShambhalaBuddhism
Dependent Arising Misconceptions: We Are Not One - Tricycle - Interdependence is not what you (and many others) may think.
From a MAY 2010 Chronicle Project Post Comment. 10 YEARS AGO! The Entire Post & Comments Dug Into The Exact Issues Raised Today. Especially Pressures to Ignore Known Abuses or Face Punishment and Exclusion From the Entire Community. Why Is it Even a Question Today About What Was Known and Tolerated? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Lost Way- Excerpt from the new movie Karmageddon (now available for download) - YouTube
How much was Bhagavan Dass' Ass Worth? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Inventing Enlightenment / Lopez's List of "Modern Buddhists" Missed the East India Company : ShambhalaBuddhism
Inventing Enlightenment - American Buddha Bulletin Board
You can go your own way... : ShambhalaBuddhism
Any comments on this in light of his recent re-up with an abuser? : ShambhalaBuddhism (Fleet Maull)
Impermanence : ShambhalaBuddhism
Y'all see this? (Tim Rich / Osel Tendzin links)
Regent anniversary : ShambhalaBuddhism
NancySteinbeck comments on Regent anniversary (2Dark2See / Nancy Steinbeck)
Encountering the Shadow in Buddhist America - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - Following the recent allegations at Shambhala International, we take a look back at a 1990 article that investigated the troubling legacy of its first two heads and established a precedent for Buddhist journalism.
Tulkus and Tibetan Buddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism

Buddhist Recovery
Tibetan Buddhism Enters the 21st Century: Trouble in Shangri-la | open buddhism
Justice, but not justice (SMC burning) : ShambhalaBuddhism
Where are we now? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Survivors of an International Buddhist Cult Share Their Stories | The Walrus - Survivors of an International Buddhist Cult Share Their Stories - An investigation into decades of abuse at Shambhala International
Survivors of an International Buddhist Cult Share Their Stories : ShambhalaBuddhism - These days, Trungpa's kingdom presents less like an 'enlightened society' than it does a longitudinal study of intergenerational abuse and of how thin the line between religion and cult can be
Heads Up About Shambhala and Research Trailhead Suggestions : ShambhalaBuddhism
Article on the infamous halloween party : ShambhalaBuddhism
Guru Syndrome : ShambhalaBuddhism
This Is The Toughest Kind Of Narcissist To Spot (And Also The Most Dangerous)
The history of Karme Choling
"Shambhala Leadership: Mental Masturbation and the Fine Art of the Circle Jerk" - An Opinion Piece for Contemplation and Discussion. : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Night W.S. Merwin Was Stripped Naked by a Charismatic Buddhist Leader | Literary Hub - Emily Temple on a Legendary Night of Very Bad Behavior
Buddhist practice vs. psychotherapy : ShambhalaBuddhism
Checking Out Shambhala: Red Flag in the Read Me tab : ShambhalaBuddhism
Everyone is Groomed in Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Sexual predator Nick Kranz still teaching programs in Shambhala : ShambhalaBuddhism
Buddhist Door: Dagri Rinpoche : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reggie Ray is a Compulsive, Pathological Liar : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Deep Cynicism Of Modern American Vajrayana Buddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism
Interim Shambhala International Board Swears Religious Oath to Leader Accused of Sexual Assault
Abuse in Buddhism Bob Thurman #192 : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reparative Process: Therapy and Counseling Offeringthis email feel like garbage to anyone else? $500 is nothing if you actually need results from therapy
Announcement of Therapy and Counselling Programs : ShambhalaBuddhism
2020 December Update from the Shambhala Board : ShambhalaBuddhism
Serial Sexual Predator Lodro Rinzler quoted in NY Times article about coping with pandemic stress : ShambhalaBuddhism
Tibetan Buddhism Superheroes, Villains, Other Comic Book Characters
Old News? Oxymorons to spare : ShambhalaBuddhism
NUZ: A Buddhist Guru's Long Fall | Good Times Santa Cruz
Another take on an old theme : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala s Bill Karelis: The Tip of the Iceberg
Organisation Shambala international - Preservation and Transfer of the Knowledge of Tibetan Medicine - LMU Munich
` SHAMBHALA is a GOOD Lesson on how NOT to build an organisation on spiritual EGO. : ShambhalaBuddhism
Hail Eris : discordian
GURU IN DISGRACE Online | Vimeo On Demand - about the abuse committed by Sogyal Rinpoche and the way in which Rigpa enabled it : ShambhalaBuddhism
Origins of the Mythology of Shambhala Buddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism
News from Diana Mukpo : ShambhalaBuddhism
Joint Statement from Shambhala and Potrang Boards of Directors : ShambhalaBuddhism
Harvard University - The Pluralism Project - A Meditation on Misconduct - : ShambhalaBuddhism
Whitewashing the Regent : ShambhalaBuddhism
New in Tricycle: The Buddha Didn't Teach Consent: Buddhist Sexual Ethics (CW: clerical abuse, Lodro Rinzler, "Regent" Thomas Rich) : ShambhalaBuddhism (buddhabaloney) x
Shambhala Rhetoric & What it Means (& How it's Weaponized) : ShambhalaBuddhism
Tibetan Buddhism and ideology : ShambhalaBuddhism
Return of the King? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Ogyen Trinley Dorje, Karmapa Lama - Allegations of pregnancy after Karmapa Lama sexual assault in New York : ShambhalaBuddhism

The Problem with Pema Chodron

1984 : Chogyam Trungpa. Beginning of the end ... Do you or do you not see some of the problems inherent in eastern religious thought?
Nova Scotia farmhouse becomes a fault line in Buddhist groups feudover sexual-misconduct scandal
Strife, enmity, scandal, lawsuits... : ShambhalaBuddhism
Nova Scotia farmhouse becomes a fault line in Buddhist group's feud over sexual-misconduct scandalMedia Coverage
I'm just finding this sub and I'm shocked at what I'm reading.
First Hand Experience of Shambhala's Toxic Culture and Abuse : ShambhalaBuddhism
Piggybacking on bologna-indeeds post of four days ago, im interested in anyones thoughts about what was going on when the former current situation happened.
A sample collection of trungpa cruelties, big and small
Shambhala and Potrang Joint Statement 2021-09-09 : ShambhalaBuddhism
How non-Tibetans regard Drunkpa: : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Battle for Shambhala - Some Observations : ShambhalaBuddhism
I just flew in and boy are my arms tired : ShambhalaBuddhism
Dr. Evan Thompson - Why I am not a Buddhist : ShambhalaBuddhism

Controversial 'Buddhist' Teachers & Groups

Tibetan Buddhism -- Struggling With Diffi-Cult Issues
A Disheartening Article: Stuart Lachs & Rob Hogendoorn on the Dalai Lama
Why I left : ShambhalaBuddhism

The Eleventh Trungpa, Chogyam Trungpa - The Treasury of Lives: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia and the Himalayan Region : ShambhalaBuddhism
The Chronicles of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
The Eleventh Trungpa, Chogyam Trungpa - The Treasury of Lives: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia and the Himalayan Region

Why I Dont Dig Buddhism - By John Horgan on December 2, 2011
A Buddhism Critic Goes on a Silent Buddhist Retreat : Something weird happens to a skeptical science writer during a week of meditation, chanting and skygazing
But given the repulsive behavior over the past few decades of so many gurus-Including chogyam Trungpa, Who was an alcoholic womanizer and bully-you could conclude that mystical knowledge leads to pathological narcissism rather than selflessness

What is Rape Apologism? : ShambhalaBuddhism

134: Elon Musk, Buddhabro? (w/Ann Gleig and Brenna Artinger) Conspirituality

Shambhala Boston, softening the path, but still leads to the same rotten core : ShambhalaBuddhism
about mayabro : ShambhalaBuddhism
A Day in the Life, Western Front, 1915 : ShambhalaBuddhism

Is Shambhala a safe place to study? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Why did Trungpa Rinpoche keep having sex with loads of women? : Buddhism
Trungpa, animal abuse, crazy wisdom, and proposal for a radical test of Guru authenticity : TibetanBuddhism
Opinions on teachers with Shambhala and Naropa background? : Buddhism
More sex crimes committed by a Shambhala leader : ShambhalaBuddhism

First person article about the decline and closing of a shambhala meditation group : ShambhalaBuddhism
Any Dharma Brat most likely will relate to this interview with a Scientology Survivor... : ShambhalaBuddhism
Slate article - What it was like to be raised by American Buddhists : ShambhalaBuddhism
Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche: Part 1 | elephant journal
About Lodro Rinzler: For Potential Readers, Interviewers and more : ShambhalaBuddhism
#BuddhistCultureWars: BuddhaBros, Alt-Right Dharma, and Snowflake Sanghas
Anonymous reviews of working conditions at Drala Mountain Center (formerly Shambhala Mountain Center) : ShambhalaBuddhism

The Enlightenment Fraud of Zen Master Rama : ShambhalaBuddhism
At first I thought this was a spoof : ShambhalaBuddhism
Chronology/Biography, Frederick Lenz aka Zen Master Rama ... recruiter for the cult of Sri Chinmoy,
The Eleventh Trungpa, Chogyam Trungpa - The Treasury of Lives: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia and the Himalayan Region
Chogyam Trungpa
Shambhala Links
Survivors of an International Buddhist Cult Share Their Stories | The Walrus An investigation into decades of abuse at Shambhala International

Reggie Ray and Dharma Ocean

Reginald A. Ray | Dharma Ocean
Dharma Ocean video: "Reggie on His Responsibilities and Failures as a Spiritual Teacher" : ShambhalaBuddhism
Update Regarding Dharma Ocean : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reginal Ray / Dharma Ocean, open letter about abuse - Dharma Wheel
[community] Abuse at Dharma Ocean (repost) : streamentry (another Buddha-asshole -- why do the no-selves have such shitty selves? : Koan 666)
The Belief at the Root of Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism - Beyond the Temple
Reflections on the core beliefs that glorify abuse in Tibetan Buddhism : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reginal Ray: Transmitting Trungpa's lineage of abuse.
Abuse at Dharma Ocean : Buddhism
Allegations of Abuse in Dharma Ocean - Letter from the board 10/9/2019 : ShambhalaBuddhism
AMA with Reggie Ray violates rule #2 of this board : ShambhalaBuddhism
"No Secrets in the Village" : An Open Letter on Abuse in Dharma Ocean
An Open Letter on Abuse in Dharma Ocean.pdf - Google Drive
An Open Letter on Abuse in Dharma Ocean - No Secrets In the Village - Medium
foresworn108 comments on Observation from former Kusung: An Open Letter & Statements 16 Feb 2019.pdf
mrtrashface comments on Observation from former Kusung: An Open Letter & Statements 16 Feb 2019.pdf
Posted on October 8, 2019 by Tahlia - Reginal Ray: Transmitting Trungpa's lineage of abuse - Another Tibetan Buddhist heavy weight bites the dust! ... Chogyam Trungpa: the father of the Western lineage of Tibetan Buddhist abuse ...
Links to Some Public Leslie Hays Facebook Posts : ShambhalaBuddhism
MJM letter 2019-12-14 : ShambhalaBuddhism
Dharma Ocean Closing | Buddha Buzz - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
Dharma Ocean is closing. : Buddhism
And Now ... Dharma Ocean & Reggie Ray | Engage!
Special Report: Secrets of Shambhala -- Youtube : ShambhalaBuddhism - More predatory goings-on at SMC. According to the Larimer Co. Sheriff, criminal investigations are still ongoing.
Anyone have a copy of transcript or a link to audio for Julian Ocean/Royce's interview with Melanie Klein?
As Dharma Ocean goes down, Reggie Ray pivots to DARVO and other Trump tactics : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reggie Ray Flips His Own Abuse Crisis Into His Own Ultimate Dharma Teaching : ShambhalaBuddhism (with his deleted videos)

Guruland - Reflections of time inside Dharma Ocean : ShambhalaBuddhism
A Buddhist Reckoning - Erin Anderson - Medium
Nothing to see here...(Reggie Ray) : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reggie Ray Spiritualizes The Terror Of Disorganized Attachment (Matthew Remski) : ShambhalaBuddhism
Leaving Dharma Ocean : ShambhalaBuddhism
- Leaving Dharma Ocean
BITE Model analysis of former Acharya Reggie Ray/Dharma Ocean : ShambhalaBuddhism
[community] Abuse at Dharma Ocean (repost) : streamentry
The Stages of Somatic Descent | Dharma Ocean
On and on... : ShambhalaBuddhism (selling off his $5 million "retreat center")
Former Student of Reggie Ray - Finally Speaking Up : ShambhalaBuddhism
Story Time! : ShambhalaBuddhism ... No secrets in the village was one of Reggie Rays favorite things to say when he wanted to coax information out of people that he could use against them or others
Reggie 2.0 : ShambhalaBuddhism
Is there any value in meditation even if your teacher is a creep? : ShambhalaBuddhism
Grief and Gratitude at the Holidays : ShambhalaBuddhism
Dharma Ocean Is a Community of Sycophants : ShambhalaBuddhism
Reggie Ray Wrote His Own Vajrayogini Sadhana : ShambhalaBuddhism
And Now ... Dharma Ocean & Reggie Ray
Longtime Dharma Ocean senior teacher Neil Mckinlay speaks about recovery : ShambhalaBuddhism

Understanding Unhealthy Systems of Control | Karla McLaren
The Narcissistic Conspiracy: Scapegoating, Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep How Narcissistic Groups Bully Their Chosen Victims
Unbelievable Reveals Our Unspoken Beliefs, The Netflix miniseries lays bare the insidiousness of rape culture by giving dramatic form to a true story. By Patricia Ullman : ShambhalaBuddhism
Shambhala Links (list of abuses)

Inside the temple of Sadhguru, the internets favourite mysticJagadish Vasudev, the Indian mystic better known as Sadhguru, has built a global following and a horde of celebrity fans (McConaughey! Smith! SZA!) with his fresh, Insta-ready approach to spirituality

misc / unsorted

The Dharma Brats | Ex Tibetan Buddhist - The Very Special Children of the Cult of Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ - Western Tibetan Buddhist Indigo children if you will. Child avatars themselves whose good karm a : ShambhalaBuddhism
from past lives is immeasurable ... a medieval closed and atavistic world of misogyny and magic, superstition and Lama self-inflation,
Dakini Power is Sexual Abuse Reframed: Beware the Tibetan Lama Deceptions for all Women of the World | Ex Tibetan Buddhist

The Hugging Saint | Culture News | Rolling Stone A guru named Amma has drawn 32 million people into her embrace - spreading a message of love, compassion and overpriced merchandise
Le Blog des Infidèles: L'ombre d'Amma fait surface (Gayatri et Mata Amritananda Mayi)
WATCH: I Used to Be in a Cult and Here's What It Did to My Brain | Diane Benscoter
Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 9: Amma, the Mother Saint – Hugging Away Your Personhood | Splinter in the Mind
Ex-Amma - Yahoo Groups - This is a discussion and healing group for former devotees of the cult of Amma, the so-called "hugging saint," also known as Mata Amritanandamayi
Guruphiliac: When a Goddess Falls Back to Earth: Ammachi and the publication of "Holy Hell" in India.
'Ego as enemy'. Quote from paper detailing spiritual abuse in American zen center : cults
Former Boulder Shambhala member set for trial on sex assault case Michael Smith set for five-day trial in April
About time : ShambhalaBuddhism


Karen Rain Responds to Mary Taylors Post About the Sexual Misconduct of Pattabhi Jois
(1) Karen Rain - #MeToo. After reading other women's posts, I am...
Yoga Guru Pattabhi Jois Sexually Assaulted Me for Years
Karen Rain: Ashtanga Yoga and #MeToo
Guy Donahaye - Dear John Scott I am writing to you in this...
Response to John Scott's View of Pattabhi Jois's Sexual Abuse By Karen Rain and Gregor Maehle
Yoga Fans Sexual Flames and, Predictably, Plenty of Scandal - (John Friend, serial sexual abuser) What Bikram Choudhury Thinks About The documentary details horrific sexual assault allegations against the guru, who is doing a seven-week tour of India.
Netflix's Scathing New Yoga Documentary
Bikram Choudhury, the Subject of the New Netlix Doc, Is Going on Tour Next Year - The documentary details horrific sexual assault allegations against the guru, who is doing a seven-week tour of India.
An Olive Branche's Shocking Report on Yogi Bhajan Revealed
Master of Deceit: How Yogi Bhajan Used Kundalini Yoga for Money, Sex and Power - The Guru Magazine ,,, Bhajan is still venerated by 3HO, Sikh Dharma and modern Kundalini leadership and teachers. (yogi-fucker)
Medical Examiner "Stunned" by Randall Gaylord's Findings, Calls Carla Shaffers Death a "Homicide" on Orcas Island - The Guru Magazine : Aaravindha Himadra, founder of Sambodha, the group Carla Shaffer may have been trying to leave at the time of her death ... county coroner Randall Gaylord and the police for incompetence ... "This case stinks of something"

Gaskin/The Farm

Update on Stephen Gaskin's The Farm
Down on "The Farm" (Stephen Gaskin, another autocratic, authoritarian, anti-feminist "guru")
Stephen Gaskin resources
Manhood in the Age of Aquarius: Masculinity in Two Countercultural Communities, 1965- 83 (Diggers and The Farm)
Stephen Gaskin
The Farm: Origins (naive)
A dispute involving The Farm's founding family has spilled over into public view | City Limits | Nashville Scene (something didn't work out so well)
The Farm, Tennessee - Hip Place Reviews - Hippyland
BIRTHIN' BABIES: Spiritual Midwifery & Ina May Gaskin... - Women's Forum - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums - Life on the Bus and Farm: an Informal Recollection Copyright 1987 by John Coate
This article made me want to scream - This article in the New York Times is what set me off. It’s about Ina May Gaskin, the matriarch of the contemporary home birth movement:
Ina May Gaskin and the Battle for at-Home Births - - Ina May Gaskin and the Battle for at-Home Births
"40 Years on The Farm": Documentary About Tennessee Commune Airs This Week on NPT (Preview/Trailer)

Ego Death
Lee Irwin: Western Esotericism, Eastern Spirituality, and the Global Future
Diggers (theater) - Wikipedia
SF Diggers (1966-68, beyond) | Chronology: 60's date machine
Diggers Papers No. 8: “The air smells green.” | Arthur Magazine - We Found The Others
After Zendik
Inside SOS and Family International (Wheel of the Worst #5) : RedLetterMedia
Recovering Grace: A Bill Gothard generation shines light on the teachings of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI)
Father Yod - Wikipedia
Dusted Features [ Heavy Living: Father Yod and the Source Family ]
LA Weekly - News - Father Yod Knew Best - Doug Harvey - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles
Process | May The Source Be with You
From Source Restaurant to 'Cosmic' Commune : NPR | The Birth of Organic, Polygamous Spiritualism : NPR
Dr. Eben Alexander Proof of Heaven Investigation - Proof of Heaven Factual Omissions - Esquire - Before Proof of Heaven made Dr. Eben Alexander rich and famous as a "man of science" who'd experienced the afterlife, he was something else: a neurosurgeon with a troubled history and a man in need of reinvention
Famous Hippies, Friends and Enemies Hippies From A to Z - Hippiedom - Hippyland

LA Weekly - Heaven's Gate Exit Videos
LA Weekly - Heaven's Gate: The Sequel - Joshuah Bearman
The Online Legacy of a Suicide Cult and the Webmasters Who Stayed Behind

Cult steals a daughter's love, a grandson's life - Baltimore Sun
Perception Warfare or War, Perceptual Conflict, Perception Space, Perception Operations, Perception Battlespace, P-Space

Anne Hamilton-Byrne, leader of The Family, unrepentant but ready to die | - On the issue of alleged LSD use in the cult, she said: "Everything on earth has its uses."
Inside The Family Cult, The Australian Doomsday Group Bent On Race War
Unseen, Unheard, Unknown
Sarah Moore (The Family) - Wikipedia
The Family (Australian New Age group) - Wikipedia

Ship of Fools: The Mystery Worshipper

Netflix released a new documentary on the secretive religious groupThe FamilyDespite its flaws, its a must see (the "prayer breakfast" "Family")

Cult Education Forum (backup on, might get blocked by the casino guys)
Cult News From Rick Ross » the Ross Institute Has Officially Changed Its Name - LGF Pages
Rick Ross - Problems with various cult experts | Apologetics Index
Cult News from Rick Ross, Cult Expert and Intervention Specialist
Gothamist: Rick Ross, Cult Expert
Guru's and Spiritual Guides
Spiritual Abuse Resources
Watchman Fellowship’s 2000 Index of Cults and Religions
Flameout: Extinguishing the flames of religious homophobia
Flameout: Exposing Eastern and Western Sex-abusing Gurus

The Sex Lives of Gurus
Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion
Real Advaita, Pseudo-Advaita, and Ramesh Balsekar at Kovalam 2004
Generation Sit: Spirtual Practice in the 21st Century
Leaving Nityananda Institute: Help, Support, Resources
"What is enlightenment, no, I mean really, like what is it?" by Steven Norquist
The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry: information on non-Christian cults
C.A.R.M: Cult Comparison Chart
The God-Awful Truth: Dedicated to exposing the true nature of God and the gimmicks of his promoters
Sons Ahman/Aumen Israel: Inside a New Age Mormon-Essene Fertility Cult
ExChristianDotNet - encouraging ex-Christians (de-converting or former Christians) collection of deconversion stories and links,from ex-Christians
YouTube - Evid3nc3's Channel - Why I am no longer a Christian: My Deconversion Experience
ClergyGoneWild encouraging ex-christians
EX-TIAN (ex-Christian) mailing list
Questions Your Pastor Will Hate
Escaping the Amish - Part 1 - The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
Confessions of an Evangelical Atheist
Heretics - This American Life - The story of Reverend Carlton Pearson, a rising star in the evangelical movement
Religion Detoxification
Still a cult ... : General Semantics
Strong City End of the World Cult Movie
Cult leader Wayne Bent sencented to 10 years
No Longer Quivering —

Unstress4less: Behind the TM Facade: Transcendental Meditation
The Maharishi Effect by Geoff Gilpin
TM-Free Blog Falling Down the TM Rabbit Hole, How TM Really Works, a Critical Opinion
An Independent and Critical Resource on the Supreme Council of the House of Jacob of the USA
Things We Didn't Find Out in Sunday School

Hasids/Orthodoxism Sex Abuse in Orthodox Judaism: Audio Online Now
Life after conservative faith: the defectors who leave ultra-Orthodox communities | World news | The Guardian - A growing number of men and women are choosing to leave their overbearing religious sects behind – but they encounter new challenges in secular New York (Satmar Hasids Kiryass Joel)
A Community of Exes — Hasids, That Is – Forward Thinking –
A Yeshiva Graduate Fights for Secular Studies in Hasidic Education - - A Yeshiva Graduate Fights for Secular Studies in Hasidic Education - Mr. Moster had grown up one of 17 children in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in Borough Park,
Hasidim Spark Backlash in NYC Exurbs That Entangles Cuomo - Bloomberg Business - An organization called United Monroe opposes the expansion of Kiryas Joel (highest welfare rate in nation)
A dozen members of Hasidic communities busted for welfare fraud | New York Post - charged Thursday with exaggerating their wealth to rip off lenders for more than $20 million in mortgages — while also claiming they were broke to collect food stamps and other benefits for the poor.
Let Me Go On & On...: Kiryas Joel: Corruption Hidden Under a Religious Blanket
The Truth of the Lev Tahor Cult. The Truth of the Lev Tahor Cult. The children of the Lev Tahor cult face forced child marriages, daily abuse which includes complete isolation, mistreatment, beatings, starvation and other tortures as a method of control. : videos
Kiryas Joel, N.Y., Lands Distinction as Nation’s Poorest Place - - Median family income ($17,929) and per capita income ($4,494) rank lower than any other comparable place in the country. Nearly half of the village’s households reported less than $15,000 in annual income.
New data: 93% in Kiryas Joel on Medicaid - News - - Middletown, NY - It raises fear of services cost if village expansion is OK'd
Welfare Reform? Not For The Orthodox - The Daily Beast - So what explains the magazine’s Scrooge-like conversion? Well, I left out a word. Actually, Commentary loves poor Orthodox people’s babies. (moocher exemption)
ALL THE YOUNG JEWS | Village Voice - All the Young Jews: In the Village of Kiryas Joel, New York, the Median Age Is 13 - the only place in America with a median age under 20 (babies having many babies having babies all on welfare)
Reason and Freedom - Prius mori quam fidem fallere. Die rather than betray trust.: orthodox judaism is unfortunatly a cult.
Prius Mori Quam Fallere Fidem --Die rather than betray trust.: I want to mention a serious problem with package deals (*)
Prius Mori Quam Fallere Fidem --Die rather than betray trust.: It’s pretty clear that people who are devoted to Chabad Lubavicth can get really upset when you say that Chabad Lubavicth is a cult.
A Historian's Polemic Against 'The Madness of False Messianism' – - The Rebbe, the Messiah, and the Scandal of Orthodox Indifference By David Berger - the messianic carnival that has overtaken Lubavitch society
Flameout: Enlightenment Blues by Andre van der Braak


Sven Davisson: The Rise & Fall of Rajneeshpuram
Rajneeshees in Oregon: The Untold Story -
YouTube - Rajneeshpuram - An Experiment to Provoke God
The largest bioterror attack in U.S. history began at Taco Time in The Dalles, Oregon - he origins of this brazen contamination go back to 1970, when Indian mystic Baghwan Shree Rajneesh (also known as Osho) began a new spiritual movement in Mumbai.
Rajneeshpuram - raw news footage, KKGW - September 1985 - YouTube
Interview with Ma Anand Sheela - YouTube
Where are they now? | Rajneesh -
Rajneeshees in Oregon: The Untold Story -
TIL of the Rajneeshee bioterror attack, in 1984 a cult sprayed salmonella on doorknobs and food in a town in Oregon to poison people so they would be too sick to vote and the cult could take over the town. It was the largest biological attack in U.S. history : todayilearned
Rajneeshpuram . TV | OPB
Guru uses mind control to brainwash large crowd - RARE FOOTAGE ! - YouTube - Huge Crowd of half-naked cult members being brainwashed by cult leader Bhagwan Rajneesh.
Rajneeshpuram - 99% Invisible
The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds : 22 - Acharya Rajneesh
I Covered The Rajneesh Cult. Here's What 'Wild Wild Country' Leaves Out - Reconnecting with the Burrows family, who went looking for nirvana in Oregon and found a crime ring instead.
Wild Wild Country - Review by Roshani
New York Times Review of "Wild, Wild Country" -- Netflix series
Review: On Netflix, a Wild Story of Guns, Sex and a Guru - The New York Times
Wild Wild Country - NYT Watching
Netflix's 'Wild Wild Country' Is Jaw-Dropping TV - The Atlantic
The doc 'Wild Wild Country' is a twisty tale of sex, scandal and a controversial guru
'Wild Wild Country' : Most Shocking Reveals From the Sex Cult's FBI Informant -- David Berry Knapp, aka Swami Krishna Deva, the former mayor of Rajneeshpuram, famously flipped on the cult. And his FBI testimony was eye-opening and very disturbing.
The Wild Wild Country sex cult documentary is the craziest thing on TV : television
My End Of The World At Rajneeshpuram - The - By Hira Bluestone - June 13th, 2017
Rajnessh: The meaning of Fuck - YouTube
Rajneesh - Wikipedia - Legacy ("cake-eating")
Rajneeshpuram | Down the Rabbit Hole - YouTube
Ma Anand Sheela - Funny Interview "Good Luck To you and your PIMPS" - YouTube
Osho Exposed By His PA Ma Anand Sheela - Khari Baat - HD - YouTube
American News Channels on OSHO Arresting | Rare Video - YouTube
LGM Podcast: Bhagwan's Best
Come, my child, and be absorbed
Pair A Docks: The Human Potential Movement Gone Awry
Pair A Docks: Abuse of Narrow Focus Meditation for Mind Control

The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic: We Don't Know and We Don't Care
Melba World: Don't Miss
Losing My Religion: support site for those leaving the Christian faith
Rant by Culture Conservation Camille Paglia: Cults and Cosmic Consciousness: Religious Vision in the American 1960s
Is Christianity the religion of untruth?
alt.eckankar: Lane's Response To Bruce's Critique of Making
The Hate Directory: Hate Groups on the Internet
Deception in the Church: False Prophets
Laura Schlessinger is neither a physician nor does she hold a PhD in her chosen profession Religion: Religious Leaders
Snakeoil: Your Guide to Kooky Kontemporary Kristian Kulture (Christian broadcasting)
The Nostradamus Mabus Project: Who is the Anti-Christ
Who is the Anti-Christ?
Bush victory could foil Occult plot

What is Fundamentalism and Why is It So Dangerous?
Religious Movements: Fundamentalism
Definition of Fundamentalism From: The Fundamentalism Project: Fundamentalisms and Society, Edited by Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby
God is Imaginary - 50 simple proofs - It is easy to prove to yourself that God is imaginary. The evidence is all around you. Here are 50 simple proofs:
Marjoe Gortner | Sarah Kernochan - Documentaries
Satanic Holidays determined by Christian Fools
NCCG.ORG New Covenant Church of God - B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh, FAQ 83: Warning Signs of Satanism the menace of all the many forms of satanism in the world, especially the New Age Movement
Landover Baptist Church: Guaranteeing Salvation since 1817
Objective Christian Ministries: Landover Baptist Shutdown (Satan at work)
Objective Ministeries: 4Kidz with Lambuel
63 Days: Journal of a Teen Re-eduation camp
Jeff Sharlet: Jesus Plus Nothing | Soldiers of Christ
ExFundie blog: How Fundamentalists Think
Empires Prefer a Baby and the Cross to the Adult Jesus
Body and Soul: Christians and lions
Harpers: The Christian Paradox: How a faithful nation gets Jesus wrong (12% of Christians think Joan of Arc was Noah's wife)
Traumatic Abuse in Cults: A Psychoanalytic Perspective
Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

Mel Lyman

Mel Lyman - 1938-1978
Boston's most radical TV show blew the minds of a stoned generation in 1967 -- What's' Happening, Mr. Silver? -- When a Tufts instructor launched the trippy TV show on WGBH, it was unlike anything viewers had ever seen ... Up on Fort Hill in Roxbury, the experiment impressed Mel Lyman, the impossible-to-freak-out creator of "Avatar" a pop ular underground newspaper that was the subject of multiple controversies that year ... The old guard at WGBH wanted to hold the line, but six years later ... (WGBH was fne with him until he criticized the Vietnam war, and, responding to criticism of their racism, GBH switched to "black programming" because MLK and an hour a week is enough of either hippies or black people)
Mel & Charlie's Women -- The Souring of Street Life -- Boston After Dark p. 1, (12, 13). Vol. III, Number 7 February 15-21, 1972 (yeah, wow)
The Lyman Familys Holy Siege of America Inside the cult led by Mel Lyman, the East Coast Charles Manson
My Childhood in a Cult | The New Yorker
The Avatar and Fort Hill Community | John J. Burns Library's Blog


British Israel / Identity Christians: George Grebens: Reductionist Relativism Judeo-Christianity and Identity Christianity
Making Light: Cult vs. church: a proposed rule of thumb
Game of Satan (Role-playing)
The Real Story of Christmas | Origin of Christmas | How it Began
Betty Bowers: A woman known throughout Christendom for her joie d'après vivre
David Crews: The Joy of Disillusionment: Resource for those leaving Christianity
Leaving Christianity
Liberator: Forum for Freedom of Speech
Losing My Religion: Support site for those leaving Christian Faith
Anti-Christianity and Who-Hates-Who? 1.6.1
Beyond Belief: Buddhist Critique of Christianity
The Skeptiseum - Zener ESP Cards
The "Abominable Fancy" or, A Heaven that only "Snuff Film" Afficionados Could Love
One-Heaven: United States of Spirits
Biblical America Resistance Front
pascal wager
Socrates Meets Jesus (not really fair to Jesus)
The Truth About the Talmud A Documented Exposé of Supremacist Hate Literature (Glass Houses)
Cults: from a fundamentalist perspective
Chri$tianity: Bogus Beyond Belief
Christianity Meme Web Site
Departure: Relinquishing the Christian Mythos: Moving Toward Understanding
Psychohistorian . Psychology . Speaking in Tongues (Glossolalia) Blessing or Bullshit?
Moved by the Spirit: Pentecostal Power & Politics after 100 Years


Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins: Good And Bad Reasons For Believing
Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype
Richard Dawkins: Memes
Richard Dawkins: Viruses of the Mind
Independent: Richard Dawkins: You Ask The Questions
Secular Humanism: Missionary Ethics?
Richard Dawkins: What Use is Religion?
Prospect - Richard Dawkins: Opiate of the Masses
Dawkings: The Improbability of God
Richard Dawkins: Growing up in the universe | Video on
Richard Dawkins: Evolution FAQ
Prof. Richard Dawkins debates creationist Dr. John Lennox « How good is that?

YouTube - Awkward Questions about Jesus
The Science Creative Quarterly » A CReationist FAQ
Creationism: God's gift to the ignorant - Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Science and Reason : - Surviving 'Jesus Camp' by Josh Timonen

Atheism | 10 Commandments
Positive Atheism | Robert Green Ingersoll | Science, Religion, Politics, Law, and Education
Positive Atheism WEB Guide (links to other sites)
Individualism quotes
Jovial Atheist: Human Nature (Believe or Think?)
Losing faith | Ask MetaFilter Atheism Forum
Watch Unto Prayer
National Keep Christ Out of X-mas Committee!
NoGod Links
Bible Quiz
Truthdig - Sam Harris: An Atheist Manifesto: Imagine There's No Heaven
AGORA: Winter 2002 Issue: Goyal: Elements of Atheism in Hindu Thought
I Am An Atheist
Main Page - Celebrity Atheist List
The Troglodyte - Video: Carl Sagan
Only a Game: Atheist Religions
The Atheist Savior Home Page
An Interview with Douglas Adams, Winter 1998-1999
Atheists of Silicon Valley | Humor | Over Three Hundred Proofs of God\222s Existence
Hundreds of proofs of God’s existence « Unreasonable Faith
Hundreds of Proofs of God’s Existence
YouTube - stewart lee - don't get me started - part 1
Zak Attack: YouTube - Atheist
YouTube - Why do Atheists care about Religion?
Americans Unitied for Separation of Church and State
Summary of The Disclosure of the Lie, by Aida Rodriguez
YouTube - Christopehr Hitchens at Intelligence² Debate [Unedited Version] (1 of 2)
YouTube - Hardball: Christopher Hitchens vs Ken Blackwelll on the US Being a Christian Nation
The falsehood of America founded as a "Christian Nation"
Buridan's Ass: The myth of a Christian nation
Is America a Christian Nation?
Religion and the Founding Fathers | MetaFilter Discussion and more links
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
America is not a Christian nation
Hoax: General Washington's Vision at Valley Forge: Fraud (poor freepers)
"The Framers and the Faithful" by Steven Waldman How modern evangelicals are ignoring their own history
The Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians
Hullabaloo: Tristero: The Faiths Of The Founding Fathers
David Barton & WallBuilders' FAKE QUOTES - YouTube
Fake Quotes David Barton is a Christian fundamentalist from the WallBuilders group. He wrote a book full of quotes from the Founding Fathers that really took the Atheist's take on the foundation of this country to task ... David Barton was cornered and he admitted to fabricating the quotes, okay he actually called them "spurious," but we all know that means he made them up. He was ordered to create a pamphlet that listed all his bogus quotes. Unfortunate that pamphlet has had almost zero impact on those use the quotes daily in newspapers around the United States.
PBS: Bill Moyers Interviews Karen Armstrong
Karen Armstrong: When God goes to war
Recovery from Bible Abuse
How to be a Bible Apologist
The Secular Web
Atheism: An Introduction to Atheism
Capella's Guide to Atheism
Atheism Web: soc.atheism FAQ
Atheist Alliance: the only democratic national atheist organization in the United States
The English Atheist
No Free Will in Heaven
Montana Freethinkers Truth: Bad Religion in the name of Jesus Christ
Religion is Bullshit: Jeff's Infernal Hell-Bound Atheist Site
Minister claims religion is no more
Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East
Nobeliefs: The Borg of Heaven: The Bible describes heaven as a 1500 mile cube, similar to Star Trek's Borg
CARM: The Raelians and non falsifiability (pot calls kettle black)
The Raving Atheist
Wasteland Of Wonders : Atheism and Atheist Dept.
Understanding the Religious Reich
Skepticism, Religion, and Secularism on the WWW
Secular Samaritan's Home Page
the celebrity atheist list
Harun Yahya: A Turning Point in History: The Fall of Atheism (doesn't let facts get in the way) (all them damn hippies)
James Randi: Why I Deny Religion, How Silly and Fantastic It Is
Over Three Hundred Proofs of God’s Existence
Evil Bible | Murder in the Bible | End Times
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
International League of Non-Religious and Atheists (IBKA)
Infidel Guy Radio
Introduction: Was Christianity Too Improbable to be False?
Theism and Atheism
Atheists for Jesus
Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Famous Atheist Now Believes in God
Agnosticism/Atheism Quotes | Agnosticism/Atheism Quotations | Agnosticism/Atheism Sayings | Wisdom Quotes
Left of Zen Top 50 Atheism Quotes
Famous Dead Nontheists
Ebon Musings: The Theist's Guide to Converting Atheists
Ebon Musings: A Ghost in the Machine
Ebon Musings: The Atheism Pages - Deconversion Stories
Your religion sucks: A Note to Individuals Who Think that Their Religion is OK Forum • View topic - Atheism vs. Agnosticism
Church of Reality: Ignosticism c
Spirited away | New Humanist | Some atheists start believing in anything after they give up believing in God, says
Why Are Atheists So Angry? A Debate with Dennis Prager by Sam Harris
Evolutionary Middleman: The Four Horsemen of Atheism: Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris
YouTube - The Intelligence Squared Debate - Christopher Hitchens and Stephen Fry vs. The Catholics (Part 1/5)
Sam Harris simply destroys catholicism - YouTube
Sam Harris tears down Muslim apologetics.....again. - YouTube
Sam Harris vs. Scott Atran – Hate vs. Science › The Nature of Faith - "The deep biological roots of religion need to be understood; they can't simply be wished away."
Here He Goes Again: Sam Harris’s Falsehoods | The Evolution Institute - Harris’s views on religion ignore the considerable progress in cognitive studies on the subject over the last two decades, which show that core religious beliefs do not have fixed propositional content
YouTube - Richard Dawkins - The Big Question: Why are we here?
YouTube - Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion
YouTube - Dawkins in Lynchburg VA (part 1) The God Delusion
YouTube - Dawkins in Lynchburg VA (part 2) The God Delusion
YouTube - 1st Foundational Falsehood of Creationism
YouTube - 10th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism
YouTube - An Atheist Meets God
YouTube - Thunderf00t's Channel - Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 27)
YouTube - Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 30)
YouTube - Why do people laugh at creationists (part 31)
Review - The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins A detailed summary and review of the Richard Dawkins bestseller
An apology to Peter Kay by Richard Dawkins, The Guardian
Positive Atheism's Big List of Richard Dawkins Quotations
Friendly Atheist » Religious Bestsellers Watch: The New York Times has an unprecedented five books with a secular viewpoint currently on the Hardcover Nonfiction bestsellers list (!)
The Valve - A Literary Organ | More on Dawkins Dawkins's latest book The Fascism Delusion
'Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson Debate' by Westminster Theological Seminary -
YouTube - Baby Got Book (Official)
YouTube - 2.0 Deconversion: The God Concept
YouTube - 3.0 Atheism: A New Way of Seeing God
CODYsaurusREX comments on Can you please tell me why you became an atheist?

The Thinking Atheist
Main Page - FreeThoughtPedia
Wired 14.11: The Church of the Non-Believers | Letters on New Atheism issue)
101 Contradictions in the Bible - Think Atheist
Defining "God" | | Day 1 (Sam Harris): Why Are Atheists So Angry? |
onegoodmove: Faithheads on the March (video)
The People's Republic Of Newport: The myth of an atheist Hitler
Neanderthals & Semites - John de Nugent
Nazi photos | Political satire
The Religious Views of Adolf Hitler
Bertrand Russell - A Free Man's Worship
Atheism: Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief - Shadows of Doubt
Video Series: Jonathan Miller's History of Atheism: A Brief History of Disbelief | Veoh Video Network | - Google Video
Blind Faith - free book download
Duae Quartunciae: Answers in Genesis lawsuit
The Atheist Delusion - Why I parts dont agree with Richard Dawkins in 10 Todd H Dow

FRDB forums
Public School Prayer Creates Violence
Relgion and Deception
Anti-Catholicism: Hislop: The Two Babylons or The Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and His Wife
He executed justice - the papal guillotine
National Secular Society - National Secular Society - Home
Selfishness of Christianity
Thoughts on Theology
Deism: World Union of Deists
PONDER - Deism is a belief in God based on reason and nature
Combat Kit: Against the Bible Thumpers
Stupid Jesus Tricks: Examples of Christian Love and Charity
Desecration Digest: Strategy Guaranteed to End Legalized Abortion: Secession Via Nuclear Weapons
Thought Shop: Free Thought: Fun with Fundies
Lion of Judah: Cults from one Christian perspective
World Religions and 101 Cults, Sects, Denominations Christianity's Criminal History
Why Does God Hate Amputees? by Marshall Brain | Understanding delusion
Atlantic: Paul Bloom: Is God an Accident?

Mike McClellan: Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity and The Bible - Hope or Hoax???
ABC: The Mind of the Fundamentalist
CULTS of Christianity
Deism and Reason
Taliban in America: Fundamentalists Ban Dancing
A look at Deism and Islam
Fifty Books the American Taliban Hate
New World Order: Dark Side (Crowley, Gardner)
Chronology of the SBC Takeover (Fundamentalist takeover of the Sourthern Baptist Convention
Right Wing Hell
The Blog | Cenk Uygur: If You're a Christian, Muslim or Jew - You are Wrong | The Huffington Post
Radio Islam: Anti-Jewish Propaganda
Allah -- Divine or Demonic
Synopsis: 25 reasons Why I Am No Longer a Christian
Debunking Christianity Debunking Christianity: Frequently Asked Questions
slacktivist: Gay-hatin' Gospel (pt. 4)
Supporting a recovering fundamentalist | Ask MetaFilter

Neuro-linguistic programming
Review - Origins of Neuro Linguistic Programming - by John Grinder and Frank Pucelik - there is no simple un-jargoned statement of what NLP actually amounts to and terminology is used without explanation. (cult-language)
Transformational Processing (NLP)
Judith DeLozier: Mastery, New Coding and Systemic NLP
Philip Harland: Supermodel: A contextual metaphor for NLP language models
NLPeople: Resource Page for NLP and Neurology
Wolfgang Bernard (NLP) - NLP Transcripts from the Thom Hartmann Radio Program
Neuro-linguistic Programming
Neuro-linguistic programming - Wikipedia
The Institutes of Neuro-Semantics
Stuttering Index Page
disinformation | seven 'keys' to personal change: ten years of nlp


Adi Da - Wikipedia ... Subsequent names included Da Love-Ananda, Dau Loloma, Da Kalki, Hridaya-Samartha Sat-Guru Da, Santosha Da, Da Avadhoota, Da Avabhasa, and from 1994, Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj, or Adi Da ... Adi Da had predicted that by 2000 he would be recognized by the entire world for his unique spiritual realization.
Adi-Da Recovery
The Knee of Daism: Deconstructing Adi Da
The Elan Vital - Divine Light Mission Papers
Scott Lowe & David Lane: Teh Strange Case of Franklin Jones
Preface - Garbage and the Goddess - Bubba Free John
The Strange Case of Franklin Jones by Scott Lowe
BeeZone: Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, Trungpa, Advaita, Yoga writings
Adi Da and Adidam: His Divine Presence, Avatar Adi Da Samraj Has Departed from the Body
Adi Da is Dead « Nonduality Blog
New Lightmind Forums: The Death of Adi Da
Lightmind Forums :: Daism Forum
The Daism Seminar
The Paradox of Da Free John, David Lane
The Strange Case of Franklin Jones - Soctt Lowe
A-U-M (OM) Saints and other Hindu Teachers
Adi Da and His Voracious, Abusive Personality Cult
The Strange Case of Franklin Jones by Scott Lowe ... With hindsight, it is clear that in 1974 Da Free John was planting the seeds of behaviors that would grow into luxuriant, noxious weeds in the tropical isolation of his Fijian hideaway.

Integral Abuse, Andrew Cohen and the Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Be Scofield
Stripping the Gurus

Mother Meera
A-U-M (OM) Saints and other Hindu Teachers
YouTube - rasavonwerder's Channel
Empire of the Soul-Paul William Roberts
Psychopathology of Channeling
Afrocentric Kemet Cult Based Religions: Ausar Auset
The Ausar Auset Society Of Orlando
Alternative Considerations of Jonestown & Peoples Temple
FBI Releases "Project Megiddo" Report
Which Enemy of the Christian Faith Are You?

The Indian Background - Maharaji - Elan Vital - The Prem Rawat Foundation - Self-Knowledge - Knowledge - Divine Light Mission - DLM
The Origin and Persistence of Rampaism
The Life and Career of Prem Rawat aka Maharaji (amazing documentation)

Sai Baba

The Findings: Sai Baba Expose
Stya Sai Baba: Retelling The Story
Sankara Saranam on Sai Baba Fraud
Ex-Premie: John Macgregor: A Little Somethink (more Sai Baba)
B. Premanand interviewed by Steve Hassan - Cult information from cult expert Steve Hassan
Faith Dealers: Thos who take advantage of human spiritual needs
Sai Baba: Fraud & Pedophile
Sai Baba Exposed!
Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed
Sai Baba and Controversy
Untouchable? - Michelle Goldberg - Millions of people worship Sai Baba as God incarnate. More and more say the Indian guru is also a pedophile.
Sathya Sai Baba escaped murder attempt - India - DNA
Allegations concerning Sathya Sai Baba
Kevin (R.D.) Shepherd: Commentaries: Tulasi Srinivas and Winged Faith
YouTube - 5-7 The Secret Swami - Sai Baba

gomutrafan comments on India: 400 men cut off their testicles to 'get closer to God' following advice from 'guru' - Unfortunately there is a rise of Godmen in Hinduism. And they have sunk their claws into Hinduism quite deeply with millions of devotees.

Open Letter About Siddha Yoga
Lis Harris: From The New Yorker, November 14, 1994 ANNALS OF RELIGION: SDYA
Leaving Siddha Yoga - For our purposes, Siddha Yoga is first defined as the organization started by Swami Muktananda after Nityananda of Ganeshpuri died in 1961, and now controlled by Swami Chidvilasananda.
The Guru Looked Good by Marta Szabo (SYDA/Siddha Yoga)


TIL that the Church of Scientology now owns the "Cult Awareness Network" after they sued the originally Cult Awareness Network for calling them a cult : todayilearned
Cult Awareness Network (CAN) - In 1995, CAN, Rick Ross and two others were found guilty of conspiracy to violate the civil right to freedom of religion of Jason Scott of the Life Tabernacle Church. Ross was ordered to pay more than $3 million in damages
TIL that the Cult Awareness Network (CAN), once the largest anti-cult support hotline, is now owned by the church of scientology. : todayilearned (the CULT of Scientology)
TIL the Cult Awareness Network listed Scientology as the #1 most dangerous cult. Over 50 Scientologists later filed civil suits against them, many using the same carbon copy claim via 1 law firm. After suing them into bankruptcy, the Church bought the name and started the New Cult Awareness Network. : todayilearned

Rick Ross: Cult Information | Cult Warning Signs

Cult Education Forum

Scientology and Anonymous | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
? Message to Scientology - YouTube
Rick Ross Cult Education Forum loses 2 years of forum threads | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Forum
Stripping the Gurus—Battlefield Teegeeack
Operation Clambake: Scientology anti-cult page
The Scandal of Scientology
Archive-name: scientology/celebrities
Operation Clambake: the fight against Scientology on the net
The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status - 9 March 1997 - New York Times
Who is Xenu: the origins of Hubbard's Cult
Operation Clambake presents: Time Cover Article in 1991
Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - Hot INT BASE News! Ex-Int Staffers contact me!
Xenu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of Scientologists - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Scientology Story (LA Times)
A Piece Of Blue Sky - Contents L. Ron Hubbard
scientology v. education
Law Meme: Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine for Scientology
The Forbidden Side of Scientology - No Laughing Matter
Tom Cruise: What Is Scientology?
That Video The Church Of Scientology Tried To Take Down Where Tom Cruise Salutes A Portrait Of Its Dead Founder : videos
Tom Cruise's Top Secret Scientology video that Scientologists tried to scrub from the internet in 2008. Still makes me laugh. : videos
Ten years ago, this video of Tom Cruise was leaked to the internet. It was a disaster for both Cruise and the Church of Scientology. : videos
TIL L. Ron. Hubbards own son, L. Ron Hubbard Jr. was highly critical of Scientology and claimed black magic was the inner core of Scientology once stating "my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan" - two aliens do the Cruise interview
Scientology: Spy Magazine article, February 1996
Penthouse Interview With L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
Penthouse Interview With L. Ron Hubbard Jr.
Greta van Susteren and Scientology
Rolling Stone : Inside Scientology
The story of Paulette Cooper
The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology (Updated)
Scientology and the Clearwater Police - Google Video
The man behind Scientology
Free Zone Home Page
the beginners guide to l.ron hubbard - Google Video
Scientology pwns the BBC | MetaFilter
sugiero: Video: Scientology & Me BBC Panorama Documentary
YouTube - Scientology & Me BBC Panorama Documentary 1/3
BBC NEWS | The Editors | Improving journalism (Scientology flap)
Ray's Scieno-Encounter: The Art Of Handling THETANS
Erich Fromm „Dianetics“ - For Seekers of Prefabricated Happiness
Scientology: 100% All-Natural Bullshit - A Rant by Tony Xiao
Ron the Nut - L. Ron Hubbard
Top 8 Levels of Scientology - The List Universe
Scientology associated deaths
Exclusive: The Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientology Tried To Suppress
Tom Cruise Needs A Vacation | MetaFilter
YouTube - Tom Cruise Judaism/Scientology Video Leaked
Breaking: Secret Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video Finally Hits Web; Proves He Is Even Crazier Than We Ever Imagined
Scientology: Defined |
Letter from California: teau Scientology: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
FACTnet Where in the World is the Internets new Most Popular Video: the Tom Cruise Banned Video?
lordxenu's Xanga Site
a.r.scientology Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5
PROJECT CHANOLOGY - Encyclopedia Dramatica Panorama's episode: "Scientology and Me". BBC is "fair gamed" on camera.
Panorama - Scientology and Me
Karin Spaink - The Fishman Affidavit: introduction
Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology and Suicide
Scientology Critic Convicted A California jury has convicted Keith Henson, a prominent critic of Scientology, of terrorizing the group through Usenet posts and by picketing one of its offices.

Ex Scientologist Message Board
Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - Ex So- some insanities from my SO experience
Ex Scientologist - Mary Sue Hubbard - an overview Operation Snow White

YouTube - Anonymous:Response to The Media
YouTube - Scientology: XENU TV Speaks to Anonymous
YouTube - Dear News Organizations (from Anon)
YouTube - Scientology Raid In Orlando
Stop Scientology Abuses | You Found The Card View topic - Where did Hubbard steal Scientology from?

Scientology leaks by date - WikiLeaks - These are all of the leaks related to the Cult of Scientology, the content here is automatically taken from the same data as Category:Scientology but presented ordered by their first edit date, which is the date they are added to the WikiLeaks system.
Citizens Commission on Human Rights exposed as a Scientology front - Wikileaks
Church of Scientology collected Operating Thetan documents - Wikileaks
Scientology cult security checklist - Wikileaks

David Gerard: Fifty SubGeniuses walk into a Scientologist bar ...
Jason Beghe Interview « THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV
" stunts your evolution." | MetaFilter (Jason Beghe)
ABC News: Growing Up in Scientology's 'Sea Org' Customer Reviews: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health: A Handbook of Dianetics Procedure
The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power - TIME
Scientology's Crushing Defeat - News - Village Voice
Scientology's Antagonists - SF Weekly
Secret Tapes: The History Of Xenu, As Explained By L. Ron Hubbard In 8 Minutes
YouTube - Scientology in 100 Seconds
MilkandCookies - Simpsons: Left Below
New York - Scientology Gets Its Ass Kicked In the Desert - Runnin' Scared - Village Voice
Scientology's Risky 'Purification Rundown'
Scientology: The truth rundown | St. Petersburg Times
Strength in their numbers: More Church of Scientology defectors come forward with accounts of abuse - St. Petersburg Times
Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard exposed as a 'fraud' by British diplomats 30 years ago | Mail Online
Britain's secret mission to expose Scientology leader as 'fraud' - Telegraph
Scientology Schisms, Sects
'Crash' Director Paul Haggis Ditches Scientology - New York News - Runnin' Scared
Paul Haggis On The 'Chilling' Fear He Sees In Scientology Defectors
BBC NEWS | Europe | Scientologists convicted of fraud
Scientology Spokesman Storms Out Of Nightline Interview (video)
Scientologists: Did Tom Cruise offer to give a beatdown to disobedient members?
Restoration of Lost Scientology Materials Complete -
Restoration of Lost Scientology Materials Complete - ABC News
Paul Haggis Resigns from Church of Scientology |
Suppressive Persons And Suppressive Groups List
Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse -
Scientology insider's nightmare childhood - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) alleges she saw a six-year-old boy chained up in a ship's hold
YouTube - Scientology president's daughter slams 'toxic' church
Paul Haggis Vs. the Church of Scientology : The New Yorker The Apostate
Paul Haggis Co-writing a Book on Fleeing Scientology « Word and Film
Russian court bans Scientology literature as ‘extremist’ - The Washington Post
Scientology’s Sea Org: An Escape Story for Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise - The Daily Beast Astra Woodcraft grew up in the militaristic arm of Scientology called the Sea Org—until she broke free. As told to Abigail Pesta.
Did Scientology Destroy Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Marriage? - The Daily Beast After five years of marriage, Katie Holmes has filed for divorce from Tom Cruise. What went wrong? As Lizzie Crocker and Ramin Setoodeh report, the culprit might be Scientology.
Scientology's Great Grandson Warns Against the Cult | Interview with Jamie DeWolf - YouTube - Abby Martin interviews Jamie DeWolf, the great-grandson of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. DeWolf calls Scientology a brainwashing cult and fears for his own life for speaking out against the religious institution.
? Scientology and Guy Fawkes Oh Happy Day - YouTube - This is about the serious transformation of Information that occurred AFTER Anonymous arrived on the Scientology scene, in 2008. Also a huge wish to Anonymous for a Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Here is a bit of the history of Guy Fawkes Day
Exclusive pictures of secret Californian Scientology base 'where Shelly Miscavage lives' | Mail Online
L. Ron Hubbard's Great-Grandson Spills The Family Secrets On How Scientology Started. Eek.
[AMA Request] Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of David Miscavige (leader of the Church of Scientology) and former Sea Org member. : IAmA
- Scientology posts the (nearly) full deposition of reclusive "Justice Chief" Mike Ellis
Mockingbird's Nest
Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith Divorce From Scientology School | Radar Online
TIL at least 3 suspicious deaths have occurred inside the Scientologist owned Fort Harrison Hotel, with authorities deciding in favor of the Church in each case. In 1997 alone, police received over 160 emergency calls from inside the hotel, but were denied entry into the building every single time. : todayilearned
[AMA Request] Any Police Officer or EMT who has responded to a call at Fort Harrison Hotel : IAmA
The Mysterious Deaths At The Fort Harrison Hotel - Lateet
Scientology's 'Security'? cameras in Clearwater
Scientology Leader David Miscavige Threatens To Sue Father Over Book + The Underground Bunker
- Lawyers for David Miscavige are mounting an eleventh-hour attempt at preventing the publication of a new tell-all about the Church of Scientology leader. The author is Miscavige's own father, Ron Miscavige.
- Germany - a cult and a threat to democracy. The U.S. should follow its example. I am Tony Ortega, a journalist and author who has covered Scientology for more than 20 years. Ask Me Anything. : scientology
Leah Remini Breaks Down In First Trailer For Scientology Docuseries (And You Will, Too) | Huffington Post
Church of Scientology demands A&E Network pull former disciple Leah Remini's exposi from air
I am Leah Remini, Ask Me Anything about Scientology : IAmA
Leah Remini's New Scientology Series Is A&E's Strongest Debut in Two Years : television
Scientology facilities in Tennessee closed after police find patients held against their will : news
TIL Scientology leader David Miscavige's mother-in-law was found dead with three gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head. Her death was ruled a suicide. : todayilearned
The Strange Death of Flo Barnett, Mother-in-Law to Scientology Leader David Miscavige | Village Voice
TIL of Lisa McPherson, a woman who died after undergoing an "Introspection Rundown" at the Church of Scientology's headquarters in Florida. Her body was found to be dehydrated, underweight and covered in hundreds of insect bites, presumably from cockroaches : todayilearned
"I Am Not A Scientologist": Jada Pinkett Smith Shoots Down Leah Remini's Claims That She's Involved In The Church
What Leah Remini's Emmy Win Means For Scientology -- And Could Mean For Elisabeth Moss
Scientology and the Aftermath: Paul Haggis and Leah Remini call out Scientology celebrities : television
TIL of the Mace Kingsley Ranch, a Scientology Private School where students were forced to do hard labor and the director, Wally Hanks, would punish the students with beatings (he was caught on audio tape). The school shut down in 2002. : todayilearned
Raid on scientologists - Dozens of new locations searched in Hungary - Daily News Hungary
Leaked Scientology Orientation Video [240p] : videos
Larry Anderson, star of Scientology's 'Orientation' film, wants his money back
Leah Remini and Mike Rinder interviewed 3 of Danny Masterson's alleged victims for 'Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath', and the Los Angeles DA's office has asked them not to air the interviews
Leah Remini believes the LAPD is covering for Scientologists like Danny Masterson : television
Inside The Voucher Schools That Teach L. Ron Hubbard, But Say They're not Scientologist -- Betsy DeVos wants to expand school voucher programs throughout the U.S. Get ready for that list to include schools that promote Scientologist doctrine.
Leah Remini's Scientology docuseries is a compelling, if unsophisticated, investigation of church
Leah Remini: Tom Cruise Personally Punished Fellow Scientologists : news
Ellen Thompson on Twitter: "Scientologist Elisabeth Moss left the room while Leah Remini accepted her TCA award. Hope she still heard what Leah said. #TCA17 @LeahRemini"
Scientology Leader David Miscavige lying about a fake bill where mental patients would be sent to Alaska. His last interview in 25 years. Where's Shelly, David? : videos (and the face)
Scientologists Are "Rehabilitating" Inmates Inside a Miami-Dade Prison. : news
Australian recruits have dwindled to virtually zero: Scientology struggles in NSW : worldnews
u/dmt_burrito gives a detailed account of how the Scientology AMA may be propaganda for the church itself : bestof
Ex-Scientology member sues church and its leader alleging abuse, human trafficking : news
TIL Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard probably had Schizophrenia! As a teenager, he saw multiple psychiatrists. Later he accused a local hospital of misdiagnosing its patients with Schizophrenia for purely bureaucratic reasons. : todayilearned
L. Ron Hubbard military records - Business Insider
Leah Remini Calls Out Trump Administration's Ties to Scientologists
Scientology policy enabled years of child sexual abuse, lawsuit says - The third lawsuit filed against Scientology and leader David Miscavige in three months accuses the church of sexual battery, racketeering and conspiracy (the face, oh, the face of evil)
Beck has disavowed himself from the Church of Scientology : Music
Beck: "I'm Not a Scientologist"
Beck Claims He Was Never a Scientologist. Leah Remini and Others Are Calling BS.
Leah Remini calls Beck's Scientology defection a 'pussy move'
Latest News | The Underground Bunker - Daily Scientology News Since 2012
That Video The Church Of Scientology Tried To Take Down Where Tom Cruise Salutes A Portrait Of Its Dead Founder : videos
The Church of Scientology Says Danny Masterson Stalking Suit Must Go to "Religious Arbitration" -- New court papers argue that four suing women consented to "ecclesiastical rule" and forever relinquished their right to sue.(sounds legit)
TIL the Church of Scientology is classified a "vexatious litigant' having abused the federal court system by using it to destroy their opponents, rather than resolve an actual dispute (so, Trump and Nunes)
Hi, my name is Doug Scott Kramer and I am a Los Angeles-based actor who was raised in the Scientology cult & escaped at the age of 33. I recently started making a series of vids documenting what this whole insane experience was like. I would be happy to answer any questions people may have
Lawsuit claims Church of Scientology tried to silence Danny Masterson's alleged rape victims : news
TIL that Scientology maintains its own prison where members are kept for years : todayilearned
Leah Remini's "Scientology and the Aftermath" wins the Emmy for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series
TIL of the New Cult Awareness Network, which provides information on cults, is owned and operated by associates of The Church Of Scientology : todayilearned
What is Scientology? : funny
Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology | The New Yorker (psychotic core of the cult)
Scientologys devious tricks to hold its members hostage for life | 60 Minutes Australia

A History and analysis of the Sharon Gans group, also known as "The Work" (Gurdjieff, the psychic rapist, Fourth Way never went anywhere but down)
The Sharon Gans Cult News Blog: That SOB named Robert Klein
looking for ex members of the Odyssey Study Group/Sharon Gan
The Sharon Gans Cult News Blog: Cash Is King

Why I Hate The Celestine Prophecy
CNSNUR: Critical Page: Massimo Introvigne
Rama Behera (Samanta Roy: SIST)
ODIT/UNews: More Media on BBC Special: Secrets of Scientology
Can’t Handle The Truth? How a ‘New Yorker’ Reporter and a Team of Fact-Checkers Took on the Church of Scientology | Observer
French scientologists angered by fraud verdict - The Local
Ex-Scientology member ambushed and harassed by Scientology's top management personnel in LAX Airport : videos
The bladed fence around the Church Of Scientology's unofficial prison in california : WTF
Secrets of Scientology

The Apostate - The New Yorker - Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.
Scientology Doc ‘Going Clear’ Claims the Church Split Up Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman - The Daily Beast - The information was then allegedly sent to Miscavige, whom Rathbun claims blasted Cruise for his “perverted” sexual fetishes. (running through the meadows +all of his marriages ended when the wives turned 33)
Scientology Reps Slam 'Going Clear' After Well-Received Sundance Debut
‘Going Clear’ premieres at Sundance, and we watched in awe with the celebs « The Underground Bunker
Going Clear Is a Jaw-Dropping Exposé -- Vulture
Scientology goes Full Tim and Eric on 'Going Clear' documentary - Boing Boing
TIL HBO hired 160 lawyers to work on their Scientology documentary that premiers tonight in order to prepare for legal attacks from the "church" : todayilearned
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief - Discussion Thread : television
16 Shocking Allegations In Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear'
21 Insane Things Going Clear Left Out -- Vulture
Riddle of John Travolta's son - could he have been saved? - Mirror Online - had long been the subject of claims that he had autism – a condition which is not recognised by the Scientology religion pursued by Hollywood star John and his actress wife Kelly Preston.
Scientology documentary Going Clear: Tom Cruise, John Travolta ‘blackmailed’
How Scientology controls John Travolta and Tom Cruise, according to ‘Going Clear’: When Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman, she was identified as a “PTS”: Potential Trouble Source, according to the documentary. : NewsOfTheWeird
Church of Scientology keeps a 'blackmail' file on John Travolta claims Going Clear | Daily Mail Online - It alleges the church has a 'blackmail file' on John Travolta from auditing sessions and members are thrown into 'The Hole' to confess their crimes and vie for places by playing musical chairs to Bohemian Rhapsody
John Travolta Is "Scientology's Captive": Going Clear's Shocking Claims - Per Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's logic, the private information shared could be used to control somebody from speaking out about Scientology without being considered blackmail since no money was being sought.
How many of you *did not* think Going Clear presented anymore of a fucked up picture of Scientology than you already had, and hoped for more with the documentary. : television
The Church of Neurotology - This SNL spoof of Scientology is spot on. : television
I found an awesome podcast that discusses James Joyce's Finnegans Wake line by line. : books
Inside Scientology's Auditing Process: How Members Are Pushed To Reveal Their Private 'Sexual Indiscretions'
John Travolta Defends The Church Of Scientology After 'Going Clear' Airs - According to the film, when there was talk of him possibly leaving, the Church put together a "black PR package" with "all the damaging material" from his auditing sessions
Scientology head's father was spied on, police report says - LA Times - For 18 months private detectives tracked every move made by the father of David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, as they eavesdropped, spied on his emails and planted a GPS unit on his car, according to police records.
TIL that when the Cult Awareness Network attacked Scientology in 1990, the sect buried them in lawsuits leading to the networks bankruptcy. Scientology subsequently bought the network. : todayilearned (CAN and Rick Ross)
John Travolta: Scientology is a target because it 'really works well' | Film | The Guardian - The actor defends his beliefs on US TV, claiming most people attack Scientology because ‘it’s not understood’
Scientology lawsuits allege child abuse, trafficking, and forced labor : news

Pop Kabbalah

Rick Ross: Art Levine: Yehuda Berg: The Accidental Kabbalist
Self Magazine: Josh Simon: But all is not what it seems: Kabbalah Center
Rick Ross: Kabbalah Center Info
Douglas Rushkoff: All God's Children, They Got Vings: The New Kabbalah
Lisa Keys: Where Celebrity Meets the Mystical World: Kabbalah Centre Bash Heavy on Hype, Soft on Spirit; All Eyes on Madonna
Guardian: Fallen idol: Madonna, Kaballah & Children's Books
Independent Online Edition: Kabbalah: is Madonna losing her religion?
Guardian Unlimited | Weekend | Elena Lappin investigates Kabbalah (Center)
Style Magazine: Madonna: The 72 Names of God Book Launch
Douglas Rushkoff: All God's Children, They Got Vings: The New Kabbalah
Buy Kabbalah Red String at Target
VV: Kabbalah centre: The String That Binds by Abby Ellin
Religion News Blog : News about religious cults, sects, alternative religions: Kabbalah
David Rowan: Secrets of a celebrity sect (Berg)
Papa Don't Preach Kabbalah
Kabbalah secrets on the Main Line
Rick Ross: Has Madonna Joined a Cult? "Feivel Gruberger" aka Philip Berg
Haaretz - Israel News - Magical mystery lure
KosherTorah: What Kabbalah Is & What Kabbalah Is Not
The House of Diabolique vs Madonna: Kabbalah is a cult (duh, Madonna is a cult)
A Mother Experiences The Kabbalah Learning Center
Inside Hollywood's Hottest Cult : The Kabbalah Chronicles
New York Daily News - Home - Rush & Molloy: Kabbala is at the Centre of exposés
Madonna reponds to Shmuley Boteach's comments about her study of kabbalah --
The Kabbalah Centre - Chat
Madonna And The Kabbala (Kabbalic root of faith-killing evolutionism")
The Deaths Surrounding Terri Hoffman

Willie Martin Archives | The Kabbalah
Zeek | The Power and the Glory: A Critique of "New Age" Kabbalah | Dr. Jonathan Garb
The Occult Magic of the Jewish Cabala
Kabala is Babylon the Hor
Prius Mori Quam Fallere Fidem --Die rather than betray trust.: the very important subject of cults

Steve Jackson: When it comes to Landmark Education Corporation, There's no meeting of the Minds
Apologetics Index: Landmark
Jeannie Marshall: The est in The Business
Cult Awareness and Information Centre - Inside Landmark Forum (video)

The Dark Bible: Quotes on God, Sex, Satan, Morality, Status of Women
Scary Bible Quotes by God, NIV
The Most Dangerous Book: More Literal Word of God
Christian Horror Picture Show
Spiritual Abuse Resources
Jews for Jesus is a fraud: A deception to trick Jews into converting to Christianity
The Cult of Texas
Jack Chick: The Satanic Roots Of The Roman Catholic Church
The Jack T. Chick Parody Archive
Jack Chick: Big Daddy? (fundie projections)
Jack T. Chick tract Online Archives
Heresy House: Funnier than Hell, and much cooler
Catholic Conservative Pagan Warriors: Liberalism is a Sin
Demon Busters: Fundamentalist Answer to DSM-IV
666 Watch
Sympathy For The Devil Testimony: Process Church of the Final Judgement
CharlieManson.Com - "The Family" Deleted Chapter (The Process)
Manson on Geraldo | MetaFilter
Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me The Answer | MetaFilter Tom Snyder interviews Charles Manson, ca. 1981
Hollywood Jesus: A web site devoted to spirituality in movies
Christians and Dominance and Submission
Jesux (Haysooks): Christian Linux
Christianity Meme: Home Page
Jesus Hates Smut
Harpers: Seffrey Sharlet: Jesus Plus Nothing: Undercover among America's secret theocrats
The Face of Christianism Dr. Dobson: Why is fine to beat your kids
Agnostic Review of Christianity
theologyweb: serious theology debate - Brother Guy Consolmagno: God's Mechanics

Mormon An objective look at Mormons / Mormonism / the LDS Church
Kerry Shirts: "Mormonism Researched" Pages
Jeff Lindsay: LDS FAQ: Answers to frequent questions about LDS beliefs
Mormon Origins: Inventing Mormonism
Mormonism: Fall of the Book of Abraham
Black Mormons and the Priesthood Ban
A Resource for LDS Apologetics
Book of Abraham Papyri prove Joseph Smith was a false prophet.
Book of Abraham Issues Page - Mormon Scripture from Egyptian papyri, Book of the Dead, Egyptologists describe it as fraudulent
Institute for Religions Research: Mormons in Transition: the Book of Abraham
Ex-Mormon Page: Recovery from Mormonism
Book of Abraham: Hebrew origin of words
Tracenet: Cults & Mind Control News
Book of Mormon Studies
Secular Skeptic: My Road to Atheism, Part 1: What took me so long
Evidence Against Mormonism: Joseph Confesses « Questioning Mormonism
YouTube - Why People Leave the LDS Church ( Mormon )
Is Mormonism Christian? | First Things
YouTube - Richard Dawkins On Mormons
Mormon Underwear, Revealed - The Atlantic - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released an informational guide to "temple garments" on their website. Why have these clothes been such a source of fascination in American culture?
How the Mormons Make Money - Businessweek - It’s perhaps unsurprising that Mormonism, an indigenous American religion, would also adopt the country’s secular faith in money
Morality? We can do much better than this… (masturbation)
Autarkic_Anodyne comments on About the March 2014 issue of the Ensign by Elder Tad R. Callister article on Sexual Morality ---Patheos:Mormon Therapist
Mormon Church Releases First Photos Of The Stone Joseph Smith Used To Translate The Book Of Mormon - Mormons believe that 185 years ago, Smith found gold plates engraved with writing in ancient Egyptian in upstate New York. They say that God helped him translate the text using the stone and other tools, which became known as the Book of Mormon.
[Serious] former Mormons of Reddit what was your reason of leaving the church? : AskReddit


"What Enlightenment ??!" an uncensored look at self-styled "guru" Andrew Cohen
What Enlightenment: Cohen Collaborator Gafni Removed For Sexual Misconduct
Andrew Cohen
Andrew Cohen's WIE: The REAL Evolution Debate (Cohen and Wilber like the Discovery Institute - non-dual brain-damage) - Gurus - Andrew Cohen
American Guru: Excerpts and an Update, William Yenner
I get spam – Pharyngula (PZ on AC 2009)
EnlightenNext: The Life and Death of Andrew Cohen's Cult - The Atlantic - The Atlantic
What Happens When a Skeptical Science Writer Meets a Cult Leader - Scientific American Blog Network
Integral Abuse: Andrew Cohen & The Culture of Evolutionary Enlightenment - THE GURU
Andrew Cohen | Apologetics Index
American Guru (Cohen)

Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber Online: Two Types of Stages, and Why the Contemplative Traditions Only Have One of Them
Ken Wilber Online: Waves, Streams, States, and Self--A Summary of My Psychological Model
Ken Wilber: The Spectrum of consciousness: Integral psychology and the Perennial Philosophy (the wretched world of time and terror)
Frank Visser: The World of Ken Wilber
World of Ken Wilber: Jeff Meyerhoff: Bald Ambition: A Critique of Ken Wilber's Theory of Everything
Six Criticisms of Wilber's Integral Theory, Jeff Meyerhoff
Contextualizing Ken, A Review of Jeff Meyerhoff's Bald Ambition, Andy Smith A Review of Jeff Meyerhoff's Bald Ambition by Andrew P. Smith
Evidences of Case Wilber (part 1) Case 31-2017: Ken Wilber
90 Days of ILP: Ken Address Meyerhoff's 6 Criticisms (garble and jargon)
A Critique of Ken Wilber by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (No Boundaries, 1985) ("old spirituality")
integral pioneers (precursors of Ken Wilber)
Holistic Mathematics (Holomatics) (Wilberian Math) (Integral Everything)
Jung anticipates Wilber
Astrology anticipates Wilber
More Four Quadrants: Democratic Theory and Practice
Don Salmon: Overview of Ken Wilber's Theory of Integral Psychology
Ken Wilber: An Integral Theory of Consciousness
Michelle Mairesse: Ken Wilber's Flawed Metaphysics
Andrew P Smith: The Stage Skipping Problem: How Did Our Ancestors Realize Higher Consciousness?

David Lane's critiques/essays/reviews of Ken Wilber
Critique of Ken Wilber: David Christopher Lane, Ph.D.
"Norman Einstein" The Dis-Integration of Ken Wilber by Geoffrey D. Falk

D.C. Lane: Patricia Churchland Meets Ramana Maharshi At Faqir Chand's Ashram For A Round of Cokes With Ken Wilber When Nicholas of Cusa and Richard Feynman Show Up Unexpectedly
Douglas Groothuis: A Critique of Ken Wilber's A Sociable God
Eric Pettifor: The True Religion
Ken Wilber: Waves, Streams, States, and Self--A Summary of My Psychological Model (Or, Outline of An Integral Psychology)
Project Trinity: Wilber Blog
The Spirit of Evolution by Roger Walsh: An overview of Ken Wilber's book Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution (Shambhala, 1995)
The Structure of Consciousness - Liminocentricity, Enantiodromia, and Personality

HERE-NOW4U - Online Magazine : Gebser Online
An Overview Of The Work Of Jean Gebser The Primordial Leap And The Present: The Ever-Present Origin - Archaic, Magical, Mythical, Mental, and Integral stages

disinformation | ken wilber
Allan Combs: The Radiance of Being:
Dashh: A Day In The Integral Life: Investigating Wilber
Ken Wilber Critique, Part 1 - Pop Occulture
Kheper: Ken Wilber and Adi Da
Ken Wilber's misunderstanding of science - evolutionary theory
Vomiting Confetti: Awaken, White Morpheus! (Wiber doesn't believe in Darwin, prefers Creationism)
Geoffrey Falk: Wilberian De-Evolution (Wilber and ID) 5/05
The Age of Wilberius, Facts and Reality vs. Ken Wilber's "Integral Age", Geoffrey Falk
Say it isn't so, Ken Wilber! ::
Stripping the Gurus—Norman Einstein
A Critical Appreciation of Ken Wilber
A Respose to Ken Wilber
Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo
Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo: A Critical Perspective
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Indian town's sex abuse claims (Auroville) What We Are, That We See: Response to Some Recent Criticism in a Wild West Fashion (Sundance Kid, not Wyatt Earp)
Naked Reflections: Is THIS Enlightenment?
Google Groups: alt.psychology.transpersonal The Frew / Wilber Exchange on Alexandria (1996) - What We Are, That We See. Part II: What Is the Real Meaning of This? (second response to criticism)
P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » Ken Wilber is losing it
Games Pandits Play, Frank Visser (response to kw's rant)
Wilber blog search
P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » On the logic of cultism at the Integral institutes
Open Integral » Blog Archive » My experience with Ken and I-I
For the record, final comments to Wilber's recent blog postings, Frank Visser
Ken Responds to Recent Critics: Mark Edwards, Jeff Meyerhoff and others (PDF)
Towards a Larger Definition of the Integral, Part Two, Alan Kazlev
mystic bourgeoisie: Ken Wilber would like you to suck his dick (Chris Locke)
Ex-integral scholars and expert opinions, Geoffrey Falk
M.Alan Kazlev: A Critique of Ken Wilber's "AQAL" Philosophy
Arvan Harvat: Review of Ken Wilber's A Brief History of Everything (marriage of East and West)
Arvan Harvat: The Atman Fiasco
integral praxis: Integral Views, Complexity Thinking (AQAL chart)
Ken Wilber Online: The War In Iraq: 2003 (turquoise neo-con)
Sensory Motor
YouTube - Ken Wilber - Integral Politics (watch his body language)
Thoughts Chase Thoughts: Holons: The World of Wilbergral Poseurs
Ken Wilber's Twenty Tenets (from Evolutionary Theory Conference Summary), Esalen Center for Theory & Research: Ken Wilber's Twenty Tenets by George Leonard (holonic tenets) Forum . View topic - A serious warning concerning Ken Wilber for all atheists
Ken Wilber's New Novel: 'The Many Faces of Terrorism' > NewHeavenNewEarth (predicting the present with AQAL)
Whither Ken Wilber?, Jim Chamberlain Musings on evolutionism, reductionism and religious honesty
Integral Quadrants in Three Dimensions
Integral Spirituality: A Summary and Some Critical Comments, Jaap Schaveling
Lord, Give Us Integral, But Without the Hype: A Review of "Integral Spirituality", Frank Visser
Whither Ken Wilber?, Jim Chamberlain
A General Introduction to Integral Theory and Comprehensive Mapmaking Sean M. Saiter (2-D)
The REAL Evolution Debate ("Contemporary Integralists owe a great debt to the towering work of Ken Wilber")
What Is Enlightenment? Magazine: Evolution through the Lens of Science and Spirit (Neo-Darwinism=Christian Fundamentalism")
Ken Wilber's misunderstanding of science - evolutionary theory
Integral Research Group: Rethinking Holarchy
Wilber Watch
Richard Dawkins vs Ken Wilber - blog Guest Bog: Introducing the AQAL Cube (by Lexi Neale)
h~log: AQAL Cube presented by Lexi Neale
The Integral Cube of Space Hypothesis - Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality
'One Taste' by Ken Wilber :: A Book Review by Scott London n fact, as a spiritual diary, the book has few of the qualities associated with the great works of the genre ... the book offers few if any insights into the quality of his soul. In view of his current stature as America's premier philosopher of consciousness, that is no minor shortcoming. (self-described, no doubt)
Ken Wilber Online: Excerpt G - Toward A Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies (more quadrants)
What's your Personality Type?...and more - Integral Psychology
AQAL is Archetypal (feedback requested) | Integral Life (go deeper into the subject)
The "AQAL Cube of Space" Hypothesis and proofs. | Integral Life (tarot wrong)
Integral Ideology, An ideological genealogy of Integral Theory and Practice, Richard Carlson - "like a pan-Atlantic colossus at Rhodes, Blair has one foot in America and one foot in Europe, and heroically seems the only world leader attempting to keep that integration in existence. “ (the stupid is thick)
Wilber or Truth?, How to Get Rid of Your Wilber Complex, Frank Visser - Where was the integral analysis in all those years? When have major integralists ever been critical about the eagerness of father and son Bush and their neocon friends to go to war? (neocons don't make good scientists, either)
The War In Iraq, by Ken Wilber (some very heavy bullshit )
Rich Carlson's critique of Integral Theory (2): Neo-conservative thoughtforms | P2P Foundation - Rich Carlson gives a much more detailed review of the neoconvervative aspects of integral theory:, which we reproduce in full (by their fruits shall they be known)
Bonus Sample: The God-Man & His Enabler: How Ken Wilber Got Adi Da All Wrong (Kenny sure liked his abusive assholes)
What is wrong with Ken Wilber's Integral Theory? - Quora
The Rise and Fall of Ken Wilber


Why creationism is wrong and evolution is right - Professor Steve Jones
Answers in Genesis - Creation, Evolution, Christian Apologetics
TNR Online: The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name: The Case Against Intelligent Design (reg-req-good)( If the history of science shows us anything, it is that we get nowhere by labeling our ignorance "God.")
Nation: Katha Pollitt: Intelligible Design
CBS News | Evolution Battle Rages In Kansas | August 11, 2005 01:08:52
Evolution vs. Religion - Quit pretending they're compatible. By Jacob Weisberg
Unintelligible Redesign - This is the way creationism ends. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. By William Saletan
The "New" Creationism By Robert Wright
Intelligent Design?  A Special Report from Natural History Magazine
Creation versus Evolution
Speaking Freely - The blog of the ACLU of Pennsylvania - Dover evolution trial
Main News - York Daily Record (Great Dover Trial Reporting)
Argento: Did we mention that Dover's clueless? - York Daily Record (great summary)
The Valve - A Literary Organ | Fuller's Dover Testimony
Michael Bérubé Online: Steve Fuller Replies
Michael Bérubé Online: Replies to Steve Fuller
NCSE's "Kitzmiller" page
NOVA | Intelligent Design on Trial | PBS
The Discovery Institute's "Wedge Document"
Ricky Gervais - "Animals" - Google Video
Dispatches from the Culture Wars: New Judge Jones Interview
American Prospect Online - Survival Of The Flimsiest
The Blog | Jaron Lanier: Intelligent Design and the Quest for a Survivable Spirituality | The Huffington Post
National Center for Science Education: Evolution "Debate"
Scientific American: 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense
Pharyngula::Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher: despicable Dr Wells and his worthless tract, Icons of Evolution (stupid creationists)
Pharyngula::Wells and Haeckel's Embryos
Pharyngula::The Cambrian as an evolutionary exemplar
An Index to Creationist Claims
Jonathan Wells and Icon of Obfuscation
Response to Casey Luskin
MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 Definition of Evolution
CH430: Runaway subduction Various Interpretations of Genesis
Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism: Revised and Expanded
SciAm 15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense -- Opponents of evolution want to make a place for creationism by tearing down real science, but their arguments don't hold up
The New Yorker: Fact: Devolution: H. Allen Orr: Why intelligent design isn't | Evolution Resources
Isaac Asimov "The 'Threat' of Creationism," 1981 Discussion Board Official Site of Creation Theory
Greene's Creationism Truth Filter: The Metaphorical Language Of Creation by Todd S. Greene
Scott Roeben: The Evolution of Man
The Condensed Edition of Charles Darwin's On The Origin of Species
Charles Darwin: Religious belief
The Fish Wars: Darwin and Jesus Fish
Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism
Top Ten Myths About Evolution
The Single Greatest Misconception About Religion
Evolution, the origin of life and Christianity
Is the Young Earth Interpretation Biblically Sound?
Young Earth Creation Science Argument Index
Does the Bible Teach a Young Earth?
Daily Kos: Know Your Creationists: Know Your Allies
Runaway Speculation Vrs. The Laws of Physics
Runaway Subduction is a Sham
Science vs Norse Mythology
H. L. Mencken: The Hills of Zion
The H. L. Mencken Page - A Mencken Cornucopia - guide to H. L. Mencken resources on the Web: Scopes Trial Coverage
Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes Trial Photographs - a set on Flickr
The Pseudoscience of Intelligent Design ||
The non-moving earth & anti-evolution web page (Fundamentalists left behind in Bronze Age)
Things Creationists Hate
SkepticReport * Things Creationists Hate
Alan Feuerbacher: The WTS View of Creation and Evolution
The Creation Science Myth
ICR Cult
Mark Perakh: Bible vs Science
Unintelligent Design: Behe and Dembski in a Black Box
Strange Science: the Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology
Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleontology and Biology

Christ Gospel Church and Sister Hicks Revealed: A Critique of the Brides Message B. R. Hicks: books, biography, latest update
Bible Believers Information Site: Religious Cults
Bible Believers Information Site: Index to William Branham Articles
William Branhams Last MessageTHE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT: A Message that satan prevented William Branham from delivering
Berniece Hicks - William Branham Historical Research
A Victorious Bride
Scheppegrell v. Hicks, CIVIL ACTION NO. 15-5794 SECTION "B"(2) | Casetext Search + Citator .. Scheppegrell alleges that Hicks openly admitted to copying the substance of the Notes from a book by Carlos Suares entitled The Song of Songs: The Canonical Song of Solomon Deciphered According to the Original Code of Qabala
BLOG | sister hicks revealed
Patterns and Forms in Gods Word That Illustrate Divine Truth
Song of Love... From the Song of Solomon - Kindle edition by Hicks, B. R.. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Bible & Science (Henry Morris theories)
Creation Science Homepage Evolution Update
Susan Schneider: Evolutionary Creationism: Torah Solves the Problem of Missing Links
Genesis Flood: Biblical and Non-Biblical Evidences of a worldwide flood
Behe's Empty Box
Some things bible literalists / creationists hate!
Pharyngula::A historian disgraces himself
The Foolishness of Confusing Religion With Fundamentalist Fascism |
God is Imaginary - 50 simple proofs
Bill Morgan: Creationist File
The Creation-Evolution Debate
Forgive Us, For We See Not What We Do
The Christian Grand Canyon (faith-based archeology)
Durango Bill's Home Page Origin & Formation of the Grand Canyon
God, Evolution, and the Big Bang
Greene's Creationism Truth Filter
Has Science Found God? where the ungodly celebrate the ethical importance of science
Homepage of a Secularist: Design Yes, Intelligent No: A Critique of Intelligent Design Theory and Neo-Creationism
Suggested Creationist Research Projects "Don't Hold Your Breath"
National Center for Science Education: Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools
No Answers in Genesis! : "Creationism is not the alternative to Evolution - ignorance is"
Pseudo-Christianity and the Creation/Evolution debate
J Richard Wakefield: Geology of Gentry's "Tiny Mystery"
Kansas' Brief Experiment with Talibanism
God and Science: Naturalistic Biological Change and the Bible
Was There Life Before Adam? (Christian Irrationality)
Creation Perspective: Science contradicts the Bible
Douglas Cox: The Creation Concept
Douglas Cox: The Bible Cosmology FAQ
Rev William A Williams: The Evolution of Man Scientifically Disproved in 50 Arguments
Constancy of the Velocity of Light
Messianic Creationism (sorry, they just found the feathered dino, YE)
Phantasmata: Journal of Magic and Sacred Breathing
Creation vs Evolution
God is Dead
Brad Harrub: Can a Christian Still be an Evolutionist? (No)
Design Evidences in the Cosmos : by Hugh Ross, © 1998, Reasons To Believe
Design and the Anthropic Principle by Hugh Ross, Ph.D.
The Legend of the Shrinking Sun: A Case Study Comparing Professional Science and "Creation Science" in Action: Howard J Van Till
True Origin: Creation "Science"
Chri$tianity: Bogus Beyond Belief
The Conservative Voice: Ryan McClay: another Fundie makes a idiot of himself over dinosaurs
nonist: Activity Book: Old Testament Edition
The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution
The Scholar's Tale (Notes)
Research menu: Reasons Why Christians Suck
About the Creation Museum (museum for really stupid people)
Your Creation Museum Report ("$27 million has purchased the very best monument to an enormous load of horseshit that you could possibly ever hope to see")
Evolution (from a creationist perspective)
Unintelligent Design Network, Inc. | News | Phillip Johnson's Assault Upon Faith-Based Darwinism | 2005-07-27
Intelligent Design
Adam, Eve and T. Rex - Los Angeles Times -- SETI and Intelligent Design
Their Own Version of a Big Bang - Los Angeles Times | 01/05/2006 | Creationists claim fossils refute science (through the practice of stupidity)
Randy "Flock of Dodos" Olson Speaks. The Loom: Ten Things Evolutionists Can Do To Improve Communications
Creation Safaris: Christian Hiking and Educational Outdoor Adventures
Pharyngula: If we're choosing teams now, I want to be with the shamelessly godless
Sandwalk: The Neville Chamberlain School of Evolutionists


The Merovingian Mythos
Suaniere Society: Et In Arcadia Ego
Ellul: Malta's Temple Under the Sea
Rennes-le-Château, Saunière, Poussin
Rennes-le-Chateau Home Page
Le Serpent Rouge French & English Translations
Notes on Serpent Rouge

Inside the Da Vini Code
Da Vinci Code and Codex Bezae: Rennes-le-Chateau, Parchment, Sauniere, Plantard, de Cherisey
The Da Vinci Code FAQ, by Massimo Introvigne
Hamilton Reed Armstrong: Davinci code decoded
Inside the Da Vinci Code (Simon Cox)
The da Vinci codes regurgitated sources
icWales - Echoes of Da Vinci Code at National Library

Priory of Sion: The Facts, The Theories, The Mystery
Rennes Le Chateau
Pharo: Rennes-le-Chateau
Rennes le Chateau: The Church
Mysteries of Rennes-le-Château and the Prieure du Sion
The Mystery Of Rennes Le Chateau
Templar History: The Shepherd's Monument
The Knights Templars and the famous secret of Rennes-le-Chateau.
Rennes Le Chateua Theme Park: Page 5: Puzzling Pieces of the Story
The Sacred Landscape Geometry of Rennes-le-chateau
Portal of Rennes-le-chateau
Ancient Code Stumps Enigma Code-Breakers
Philip Coppens
Société Périllos
Templum Sodalitas Janus: Ebooks: Knight Templar, Hugh de Payen, The Geometry of Rennes Le Chateau
Baphomet: A "Mystery" Solved At Last?
Rennes-le-Chateau, the search for its lost treasure
Rennes-le-Château : La Révélation
Knights Templar (right button disabled!)
Priory of Sion A-Z
The Cutting of the Orm: The Secret Calendar of the Priory of Sion » TRACY R. TWYMAN


Arthuriana: Journal of Arthurian Studies
Lancelot or, The Knight of the Cart by Chretien DeTroyes
Arthurnet Mailing List
Kirk McElhearn: The Grail Legend: new translation of Le Conte du Graal by Chrétien de Troyes.
Corrigan Seeks: Millennium: The Holy Grail
The Eagle, the Phoenix and the Divine Blood
The Stone from the Stars: Wolfram von Eschenbach
Holy Grail Links
Black Mary & the Sacred Blood
Other Characters of Arthurian Legend: The Lady of the Lake
Isle of Avalon: mythos, sites and atmosphere of Glastonbury arthurian index
The Holy Grail
Thje Song of Taliesin: Seeking the Elohim Grails
The Chapel of the Holy Grail
The Holy Grail
Arthurian Resources
Faces of Arthur

A Reading List: Recommended cheap (sort of), available (probably) translations of medieval Arthurian texts
LLys Arthur
Questing for the historical Arthur, King of Britons
Laurence Gardner: In the Realm of the Ring Lords
The Vessel Of God – An Introduction To The Grail Research & Esoteric Writings of Boyd Rice


The Descent of Inanna
Erishkegal: Goddess of Thankless Tasks
Jung, Individuation and the Goddess Inanna
Inanna in Pictures, Music and Drama
Inanna and Ehih
Gateways to Babylon
The Avenging Maiden and The Predator Gardener: Inanna and Shukaletuda
Sumerian Myths: Inanna's Descent
The Shrine of Inanna
Inanna : Queen of Heaven and Earth; Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer
The Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi
Inanna: The Opera: A Pagan Rock Opera for the New Millennium
Gods and Goddesses -
Ancient Mirrors of Wholeness -

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The Blackbird Suite
Damn Interesting » In Soviet Russia, Lake Contaminates You Chelyabinsk-40.
How to Be Jason Bourne: Multiple Passports, Swiss Banking, and Crossing Borders
How-to: Thermite hard drive destruction - Hack a Day
Idiot Legal Arguments Page 1 Idiot Legal Arguments: A Casebook for Dealing with Extremist Legal Arguments
classic tieknots® and® - Voted the most accurate psychic on earth...With over 325 open missing person cases in less than a year...
Digger Odell Antique Bottle Price Guides
Funeral Consumers Alliance
Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond? (Atlantic: 1982)
Kearl's Guide to Sociological Thanatology
The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth: The Forbidden Truths of Humanity Revealed and Exposed!
DIY Live
Do It Yourself Home Improvement, Repair, Remodeling and Hardware Store
The Car Maintenance Bibles
The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Mattoon headlines (front-page): Mad Gasser
How to Clean Anything
Vanishing Point: How to disappear in America without a trace
Really Remembering The Alamo
Psychology of Self-Defense
The Universal Packing List
One Bag (all about packing, luggage, and travelling light)
Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft
Real Simple | Surprising Expiration Dates
Better Ideal Weight Body Calculations
David Guyott: Kiss the Boys Goodby
Bio, Garwood, Robert R.
AOBS - Product Review - Spite House
Joan's Mad Monarchs Series (Crazy Royals in History)
Research on Sumatran Earthquakes Uncovers New Mysteries about Workings of Earth
24 Things We Wouldn't Know Without Movies
Domain Science Letters | The Local Distribution of Yesodic Matter
Watch out for Terrorists and Their Plans
Twin Festival Photos
Bach Flower Remedies
Which side of the road to drive on? Left or Right, country by country around the world
CULT OF THE DEAD COW || Nazi Quantum Cryptography... the move to a dominant feminine paradigm... more damn Nazis, Timothy McVeigh, and the future of the West
Frank Collin: From neo-Nazi to Hyper-Diffussionist and Witch
Death and Dementia-The internet resource for death
Art Kleiner_Suicide: How Not to Commit Suicide
Police Drop Bomb on Radicals' Home in Philadelphia WILLIAM K. STEVENS Special to The New York Times 14may85 Twenty Questions: The neural-net on the Internet
14 Wild Ideas Five of Which Are True!

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FFRF Separation of Church and State Quiz
To Rule the Earth...Twenty-Five Largest Empires
BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Winners visit the studio
BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game
BBC - h2g2 - A History of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy -
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How Motherboards Are Made: A Gigabyte Factory Tour -
Outpost Nine :: Editorials :: I am a Japanese School Teacher
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Joseph N Hilton: The Next Big Bang
Speed Typing Test
Lost and Found Sound: The Shortwave Numbers Mystery
Salon People | Counting spies
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T.B. Pawlicki: How to Build a Flying Saucer And Other Proposals in Speculative Engineering
Is Big Brother Watching? End Times Site
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Etiquette Hell
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What Is Mokume
Evidence for the Ancestors of the Guanches as Founders of Predynastic Egypt
Society for Research on Umami Taste
The Observer | Food monthly | If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn't everyone in Asia have a headache?
7,000 Years of Religious Ritual Is Traced in Mexico | Metafilter
- Ritual and Religion in the Making of Humanity Roy A. Rappaport
The New York Review: Jared Diamond: The Religious Success Story
Adaptive Significance of Beliefs about the Afterlife
Placebos, Faith, and Morals
The Significance of Existential, Religious and Spiritual Problems in Psychotherapy
LookSmart's FindArticles - Skeptical Inquirer: Supernatural Power and Cultural Evolution
Girard among the girardians
Christianity and Sacred Violence
An Analysis of Sacrifice
Int'l Ghost Hunters Society
Infiltration: Zine
Fran's Hobo Page
Generic Names for Soft Drinks by US County
Steve Geluso and his idiot HS English teachers: Bracken Deathridge and Jack Long (file under long may they live in infamy)
Boing-Boing link to HTML version of Steve Geluso's graded H.S. essay on stealing and piracy (file under small minds)
Sam's Laser FAQ - Preface, Introduction, What is a Laser?, Safety - High Power Green Laser
Laser Pointers, Red & Green Lasers
DealExtreme: $24.82 True Green Laser Pen 30mW
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Clear Channel Dear Leader Billboards in AZ
How to Kill a Mockingbird
Perverted Justice: Site for Outing Online Pedophiles
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Christian Guide to Small Arms
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The Ultimate Cute Kitties Page
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Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game: A Game Designer's Holy Grail
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How NOT to fish a car out of a harbor | How to fish a truck out of the harbor
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GolemXIV: By Stanislaw Lem
Rolling Stone 12/7/1972: Spacewar: Fanatic Life and Symbolic Death Among the Computer Bums by Stewart Brand
BBC - Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Adventure Game
Vance Holmes: And Poetic Justice For All
A Curse Born of Hate (myth of the curse of the bambino)
Jante Law | Janteloven
Scoop & Snuggle - Warming Up an Aloof Cat
Cybersex Gone Wrong
The Best Page in the Universe
Muslim roots of the blues: The music of famous American blues singers reaches back through the South to the culture of West Africa
Matrix Evolutions: A Unified Mathematical Science of Human Experience
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Seven Emotions in Chinese Medicine | Internal Causes of Disease: Emotional Disharmony
Theory of Five Elements.
Yang Xiong [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]

Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old 'CD-ROM' Code Cracked : Discovery News - The mysterious "Phaistos disk," found in 1908 in a palace called Phaistos on the island of Crete, contains symbols on both sides, in a spiral configuration meant to be read from the outside toward the center. It is estimated to date from about 1,700 B.C.
Wiki: Phaistos Disc
Phaistos Disc Images
The Phaistos disk
The Disc of Phaistos
Information about the Efforts to Decipher the PHAISTOS DISK
"Mysteries of History Solved!" | The Phaistos Disk Cracked?
The Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk Decipherment | The Phaistos Disk In Ancient Greek, Syllabic Script
The Linear A and the Phaistos Disk: A Slavonic Key
The two sides of the Phaistos Disc
The Phaistos disc alias the Minoan Calendar: A geometrical solution

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MSN Group: Alien Camp Grounds
The Enigma Channel - UFOs, Crop Circles, Conspiracies, Free Energy, Radionics, Cancer Cures,Permaculture,Atlantis
The Antichrist Conspiracy
Electricrain comments on what is "the world's greatest mystery"?
Reasons to Doubt the Earth is Truly a Sphere |
Illuminati Conspiracy Archive: NWO
Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods pt 1/7 - Channel: ConspiracyCentral on
ELI5:How does a group like the Illuminati , who were originally a group of free thinkers from the 1700's now be accused of trying to take over the world? : explainlikeimfive
The Present-Day Illumimati Theory
Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger, Volume I
YouTube - ILLUMINATI - In the Beginning Part One & Two
A Selection of Obscure Robert Anton Wilson Essays - 10 Zen Monkeys (a webzine)
Alan Moore tribute to Robert Anton Wilson | MetaFilter
Beyond Theology - The Science of Godmanship - Robert Anton Wilson
Phase II RAW is Dead - The Call to a new generation
Rigorous Intuition: The Coincidence Theorist's Guide to 9/11
The Cutting Edge - Spiritual Insights Into The New World Order So Startling You'll Never Look At The News The Same Way Again.
Aliens, Reptiles and Satanists - information contained in The Biggest Secret
Reptoids - Reptilians
EARS Library - The Lever Effect - Evidence of Aliens Revealed in Scripture)
The Devil Rides Out | Features | Fortean Times - How Dennis Wheatley sold black magic to Britain
Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals | The Vigilant Citizen The Bank of America frescoes are yet another example of the elite’s agenda being “hidden in plain sight”. These giant images, on display for all to see, but designed to be understood by few, describe the philosophy of the elite rulers, their occult knowledge and their plans for the future
Serendipity Sitemap
Spartacus Educational

Wizard of Oz and the Illuminati Mind Control: The Skill of Lying, the Art of Deceit
Jim's Wizard of Oz Criticism Page
JFK assassination film hoax - A simple introduction
The "Plane Crash" of Senator Wellstone
Conspiracy Theories Ranging from Stupid to Inane - Conspiracy Bomb
Concentration Camps & Contingency Plans
U.S. Concentration Camps
Psyops Message In CNN Popular Vote Totals (2000)
Road To Freedom with podcasts (citizen gang stalking)
Cho Seung-hui and the Not So Secret School « Dream’s End

Ball | Lightning
Chuck Doswell: Lightning Photography
Lightning Laboratory Homepage, University of Florida
New Scientist Breaking News - Physicists create great balls of fire
Occupational Tricks of the Trade Worldwide Vintage Postcards
Lani Kaub: The Sacred and Secret Life of Plants and Trees
Biblical Curse Generator
Beat on the Band: The less you know about the Ramones, the better
Bruce Sterling: When Blobjects Rule the Earth

Michael Hart: 100 Most Influential Persons in History
Brattle Theatre Calendar of Events (Cambridge, Ma)
Turbo | Mom's Cancer
Super Knives
eMachineshop: free design CAD, order your own parts
Midaregami: The Japan Hierarchy
NYR: One in a Million By Freeman J. Dyson: review of Debunked!
The Disneyland Death Tour
Incoming Signals Archive the display of information with diagrams: Interconnections between Countries, Political Systems, Biblical History, Bush Dynasty
TarpTent: Ultralight Shelters
The Democratization of Beauty by Christine Rosen
Guide to Lock Picking by Ted the Tool September 1, 1991
Exit Mundi: A Collection of End-of-World Scenarios | The Pros and Cons of Eternity
Monstrous: All Things Monsters
Curioscape: Resource for Antiques and Collectibles
Idris Hsi: The Reality of Running Away from Stuff
Plain | Of | Jars
The Infinite Cat Project
The Unofficial Nohands Gallery!
U.S. Clandestine Radio Equipment
The Museum of HP Calculators
Is The End Of The World As We Know It Right Around The Corner? (Aussie Bloke)
Gadgets for God
Tales of Future Past
Cynscribe: Calligraphy Directory
Welcome to IAMPETH International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting
David Cox: Notes on Culture Jamming
Project Hermes Device
Individualist Anarchist
Random Destructive Acts via Focused Solar Radiation (Fresnel Lens
Multiple Stalker Victims
Drilling Square Holes by Scott Smith
Embarrassing Problems Solved
New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project
Sushi Etiquette: How to eat sushi - Never & Must
Paypalsucks: where you will learn the abuse, fraud, & evil behind the PayPal system
Strange Artifacts: Piri Reis Map | Welcome to! - ultimate collection of strange (by state)
Afetinan: Oldest Map of America
Fingerprints of the Gods: Re: Piri Reis Map
The 10 Most Puzzling Ancient Artifacts
GameControl: The Game
Toothing | FAQ
Silica Gel: Do Not Eat
Burger King: Subservient Chicken
Sam's Toybox: The Coolest Toys Ever Made
Ian's Shoelace Site
Software Dead Man's Switch
Sequoia Publishing: Pocket References
Internet Movie ARchive: Night of the Living Dead (.torrent)
Stage6 Cult Movie Theater Videos
Kill Bill Movie References
The Trixie Update: Baby Log
Slashdot: Cheap PC Oscilloscopes - Any Recommendations? Fad Diagnoses and Disorders Exposed
Not Coming to a Theater Near You
Mythical Creatures
Free Technical Training Videos
Technical Video Rental: How-to's on Video: Wood-turning, Machining, etc
Slow Wave: collective dream diary shown as comic strip by Jesse Reklaw
Underwater Ancient City: Japan: Goddess, Izanami: "She Who Invites"
Sacred Serpent: Romuva: Lithuanian Indigenous Religion
Patterns in the Void: "Who to Think about Nothing"
Rules for Having an Affair
John Ross: Understanding Women & "The Rules" For Men
Cheerless Fantasies: A Corrective Catalogue of Errors in Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique
The Final Theory: Rethinking our scientific legacy
Fake a Wish: Fake Newspaper Headlines/articles
Sleepy City: Urban Exploration
Otherminds Festival
The Critic: Animated Movie Reviews
Pacific Domes
CSF: Crowd Simulation Framework
101 Cookbooks, A Recipe at a Time
Teri's Kitchen: The Well-Stocked Pantry
Brock's LED Flashlight Page
LEDLenser | Glowbug | Tactical Warehouse | Probuy | Brightguy
Green Mountain Traders | ThinkGeek

The ultimate guide to hiking and walking in the UK | Premier Inn

Soctt's Pepsi-G Stove Instructions
AMC: Publications - Camp Stoves
REI: Camping Expert Advice: How to Choose a Backpacking Stove
Guns Magazine: A hunter's essential: modern camp stoves
Welcome to The Millennium Ark

Joey Green: Wackyuses: of common items
Zoom to atomic levels of common objects
Pickled dragon mystery
What does your phone number spell?

Classical Chinese Poetry
The Definitive Exploding Whale Site
Other people's stories
Tiger Balm: The Legend in a Bottle
Jeane Manning: Top Ten Impossible Inventions That Work
USGS: Patuxent Bird Identification Infenter
The Canadian Peregrine Foundation: Raptor Identification Tips | Peregrine Falcon
eNature: Field Guides
Marilyn is Wrong! Marilyn vos Savant
Rand: Individual Preparedness and Response to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks
Build Your Own PVR
Excessive Masturbation Fatal

Voltnet: High Voltage Fun
Mike's Electric Stuff
Sam Barros' Powerlabs: Internet's Number one Experimental Science Page
Don Klipstein: Jacob's Ladder, Strobes, LED's etc
HV AC Switch Failure Movie
Tesla Coils
Nikola Tesla Page, tesla coils
Tesla - the missing secrets of Nikola Tesla - Google Video
Tesla’s Long Island Vision - The New York Times > Science > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 13
Chemist's Art Gallery
Liste des cocktails Cocktails with Absinthe and Becherovka
Historical Information Factual and somewhat Mythical on the The Cult of the Green Goddess (Absinthe Recipe)
Erowid Absinthe Vault : Absinthe FAQ
Museum of the American Cocktail
The Virtual Absinthe Museum - Absinthe History, Literature, Art and Antiques
Flying with the green fairy | MetaFilter
Absinthe at la Fée Verte's Absinthe House: Established 1997
Absinthe Classics - Buy the Finest Absinthes - Jade Absinthe - Doubs Premium Absinthe
Wired 13.11: The Mystery of the Green Menace
High Quality Homemade Absinthe - The World's Biggest Show & Tell - food, diy
Erowid Experience Vaults: Wormwood & Pernod - Homemade Absinthe - 568
Jade absinthes from Ted Breaux
Webtender: online Bartender
Darien Gap
Grouphug: anonymous confessions
Instant Bureaucracy: the power of middle-management
!Surréalisme! Server

The Voynich Manuscript : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Voynich Manuscript - High Resolution Scans : Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Earlier ownership of mysterious Voynich Manuscript potentially traced back to a physician and a botanist : books
So much for that Voynich manuscript solution
The Voynich Manuscript
Voynich MS - Analysis of the illustrations
Decrypting the most mysterious book in the world | The Verge - After 600 years, the secret language of the Voynich manuscript may finally be understood
World's most mysterious book may be a hoax: The Voynich manuscript may be elegant gibberish
The Voynich Manuscript
Voynich Manuscript Mailing List HQ
Cipher Mysteries - Voynich Manuscript, Beale Papers, and more... - Cipher Manuscript
The Book No One Can Read : books
Secret Knowledgeor a Hoax? Four centuries of attempts to decode, decipher, or translate this medieval text have all ended in bafflement (Voynich Manuscript)

2003 List of Lists
All Electronics Spark Fun Electronics
Neodymium Magnets
Gaussboys | Neodymium Super Magnets | Tiny Magnets
Engoconcepts Magnets
Dan's Data: Rare earth magnets for fun and profit
Amazing Magnets
Rare earth magnets for fun and profit *
United Nuclear - Scientific Supplies
United Nuclear - Neodymium magnets *
Fun with magnets
McMaster-Carr Catalog
Micro-Mark: Small Tool Specialists

Le mur des je t'aime
William S. Burroughs in Lawrence Kansas: "The Death of Joan Vollmer: What Really Happened?"
Flavorwire » 97 Things You Didn’t Know About William S. Burroughs
Fire and Ice Survey: American and Canadian Attitudes
Exploring Dystopia
Change over Time: Equality and Zero Tolerance
Losing my Tolerance for "Zero Tolerance"
End Zero Tolerance
Salon: The failure of zero tolerance
Zero Tolerance Nightmare Stories
Volcanoes, Mantle Plumes and Hot Spots
Interview With USGS Yellowstone Scientists (Super Caldera)
SwissEduc: Stromboli Online - Volcano expeditions
Animated Engines
Alexander Verkhovsky: The Orthodox in the Russian Radical Nationalist Movements
Unpalatable but true: cannibalism was routine By Tim Taylor
Brain legacy of ancient cannibals
The Lader Theory of sexual attraction
PunterNet Field Reports
em & lo: advice
Sample Movies from Chemistry Comes Alive! (Ice-bombs, etc)
First flush of love not emotional
Le Parkour: The Art of Movement
Chee: Is Electronic Community an Addictive Substance?
Julian Dibbell: A Rape in Cyberspace Too good to be true: Piltdown Man and Top Ten Science Hoaxes
Cliff Pickover's Internet Encyclopedia of Hoaxes
Museum of Hoaxes
Poppets: Types, Spells
Poppet Spell
Gynecomastia Every Top 40 UK Hit ever
Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection | Highlights Slide Show
Comparing AA and Anarchism: a Brief Synopsis of our Task
Orange Papers: One Man's Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous
Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult? An Old Question Revisitied
Rational Recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, non AA, crank, meth
Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure? by Chaz Bufe
Penzey's Spices
Plug and Pray
Mack White: Television and the Hive Mind
ExRx: (Exercise Prescription) on the net is a resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast
Gematriculator: Calculate the Good and Evil Percentage of a website Documenting evil phenomena Demotivators: Increasing success by lowering expectations
Androgyne Online
The Rocket Car Story
Brantacan Bridges: Arches, Beams and Bridges in Architecture
Book of Roofs
Fireplace Fire Colorizers: Fire Stones, Crystals
Flame Colorers for Firewood
Virtual Truck Route
Fools Are Everywhere: The Court Jester Around the World by Beatrice K Otto
Classic Jewish Food Recipes
New England Antiquities Research Association
Stonepages: Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts
stonehenge - Design an ancient observatory - or Build Your Own Stonehenge
The vagina monoliths: Stonehenge was ancient sex symbol
Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb - Boyne Valley, Ireland Newgrange was constructed over 5,000 years ago (about 3,200 B.C.), making it older than Stonehenge in England and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.
If the Stones Could Speak—Photo Gallery—National Geographic Magazine
Stonehenge Was Cemetery First and Foremost, Study Says
Stonehenge Decoded | National Geographic Channel
Images: Secrets of Stonehenge unearthed | CNET
YouTube - Stonehenge Theories with Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap - Part 1
SECRETS OF THE DEAD . Murder at Stonehenge | PBS
Comprehending Stonehenge Ronald Hutton TLS
Top 10 Discoveries of 2007 - Lismullin Henge, Tara, Ireland
YouTube - Avebury (Ric Kemp)
Megalith Map
APOD: 2008 December 20 - Solstice at Newgrange
Newgrange - Wikipedia
The passage entrance and kerbstone at Newgrange, Co. Meath
The Winter Solstice illumination of Newgrange
Newgrange Stone Age Passage Tomb - Boyne Valley, Ireland
Newgrange Ireland - Megalithic Passage Tomb - World Heritage Site
Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc
Biggest Directory of Mugshots
May You Live in Interesting Times? by Dr. Ho Yong (non-Chinese proverb)
Get a(n interesting) Life!
Black parents torn over ethnic names By Justin Pope, Associated Press
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages
The Fastest Man on Earth (Overview and Index) Why Everything You Know About Murphy's Law is Wrong
Zen Nihon Kasou Taisho: More videos from the makers of Matrix Pong
Cat Pics

WW2010 (the weather world 2010 project):
Eric Nguyen's Homepage of Meteorology and Storm Observing!
Extreme Instability
San Francisco in Ruins: The 1906 Aerial Photographs of George R. Lawrence
Introduction to the Cthulhu Mythos search engine
Game of Satan: Roleplaying
Television History - The First 75 Years
Tower Hobbies
Faith in the Game: the difference between knowing something and just knowing the name of it?
Orca-Live Webcam (requires Flash 6 & plugins)
Classic Bestsellers and when they enter the public domain
Processing is a context for exploring the emerging conceptual space enabled by electronic media
Reynold Electronics: tutorials and products for the PicBasic™ Compilers, BASIC Stamp, Microchip PIC, 8051 microcontroller, remote control
TyperA - test your typing skills
German Hyperinflation 1920-1923
Antique Scientific Instruments on the Internet
MoreorLess: A Personal View: Heroes and Killers of the 20th Century Confessions of a Car Salesman
Gothic/Supernatural Motifs
Miss Mary's Victorian Halloween
Lego Construction Set: Windows Software
Zwaadermaker Conjugates
The California Geotour: Index to Online Geologic Field Trip Guides of California
John Wehr: Pictures of the New York City Blackout
Palm Pictures: Music Videos
Discovering Lewis and Clark
Google: answer to life, the universe and everything
Blackout History Project
WalktheWall: Photo/QTR Tour of the Great Wall of China
Stars in Rehab
Chart of the War of the Roses
Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake
Movie of Rubik's Cube Solution in 18 Seconds
Aerial Photography of the U.S. featuring New England, Florida, California, Caribbean, and National Parks
Fogonazos: Hiroshima, the pictures they didn't want us to see
Guardian: Hiroshima: The day the sky exploded
The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima by Father P. Siemes
Barefoot Gen: Hiroshima Story
World War II: Was Hiroshima Necessary?
Design Observer: Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs
R.J. Rummel: How Many Did Communist Regimes Murder?
Paul Kelly Tripplehorn, Jr. is Better Than You!!!!!
The Great Arc: the great trigonometrical survrey
404: The page cannot be fucking displayed
The Telephone EXchange Name Project
Shaping of Hooks in New Caledonian Crows
A Shoggoth on the Roof
Sliiiiiiiiiiiinky - the world's longest Slinky??
Cat Tails: Typhoon Story
Madame Chao Productions
The Truth is What You Believe
Superbad: puzzle
Scott McCloud: The Right Number: online graphic novella
Kult of Athena: Swords, Daggers, Maces, Axes, Spears, Crossbows, Armor, Shields
J Clements: The Medieval European Knight vs.The Feudal Japanese Samurai
Japanese Sword Arts FAQ
World's Smallest Website
Reverse Speech: Reversals by Michael Goodspeed
Samuel P. Huntington: The Clash of Civilizations?
Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Life in Juvenal Hall
The Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products
Baroque Cycle
Cracking the Code: Getting to the Bottom of the Baroque Cycle Mystery
Tim O'Shea: The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything (natural health)
Flywheel Aerospace: Random Title and Name Generator
Origami Boulder Company
Privacy International's "Stupid Security" Competition
NRO: Deconstructing Rowling: HP really Christian Propaganda
Collective Detective: community dedicated to group participation in immersive games, puzzles, and mysteries
Popular Science: microcrystalline ice-cream in 30 seconds
Urban Ghost Hunting & Psychogeography: Mysterious Rotterdam


WARNING GRAPHIC The Complete Guide for adults - YouTube
Variation in Orgasm Occurrence by Sexual Orientation in a Sample of U.S. Singles - Garcia - 2014 - The Journal of Sexual Medicine - Wiley Online Library

Prof. Robert Sapolsky on the Neurobiology of Primate Sexuality: Part 1
BBC - Relationships - Sex and sexual health
BBC - Science & Nature - Secrets of the Sexes
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Teaching Sex
Best Free Documentaries: The Truth About Female Desire
Human Male and Female Sexuality: Evolution, Education, Health, Oral Sex, Positions, Masturbation, Porn, Laws
Metapsychology Online Reviews - Sexuality - Review - Handbook New Sexuality Studies - sexuality is "socially constructed" or learned, rather than being a biological.
The Physics Of Sex: Where Science and Intimacy Collide: Part 1 of Sex and Sensibility: the Physics of the Nervous System
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Google Answers: Starting Conversations with Women
Pinpoint Your Ovulation - Fertility Friend OnLine
Sextutor | Female Ejaculation
Everything you always wanted to know about female ejaculation (but were afraid to ask) - life - 28 May 2009 - New Scientist
How to lick my pussy
As American as Apple Pie | Culture | Vanity Fair (Interesting, too, that Deep Throat was financed and distributed by members of New York’s Colombo crime family, who kept the exorbitant bulk of the dough.)
The Official Jane Haddam Web Site - Essay - Sex
iVillage: 69 incredible sex tricks
Planned Parenthood Sex FAQ for Teens
Kaiser Family Foundation: Birth Control Pill: The Downside of John Rock's Invention
48 Japanese Sex Lages (Positions)
Sex Stories Post - Erotic Stories, Free Sex Stories
My Secret Life by Walter (The Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentleman)
McGraw-Hill Human Sexuality Image Bank
YouTube - KaraSutraTv's Channel
The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality | GUS: Growing Up Sexually: A World Atlas
YouTube - A Brief Queer History WWII to Harvey Milk
Wendell Barry: Feminism, the Body, and the Machine
The Icelandic Phallological Meseum
Sexual Organs and Heteorchonic Theory (Penis and Testicle Size, Clitoris Location, etc.)
Human penis size - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Penis is a competitive beast
Penis Myths Debunked | LiveScience
Sexual Health: Male Reproductive Problems: Penis Disorders
Your Penis and Age: Size, Appearance, and Sexual Function
Anatomy of the Penis
Articles | Yang Town
Secrets of the Phallus: Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?: Scientific American
Pharyngula: Penis evolution
Bitch**SlaPP dot com :: View topic - How to give a proper world class BJ
Talk:Peter North (pornographic actor) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Asia Carrera FAQs
Does Penis Size Matter? The End of the Penis Size Debate
WFMU's Beware of the Blog: 365 Days #143 - Sexual Education 101: Sex And Your Daughter/Son (mp3s)
Don't Feed the Animals: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sexual Biology (Male Edition)
Who benefits from vasectomy and why.
Vasectomy May Put Men at Risk for Type of Dementia, NewsCenter, Northwestern University
Virtual Collections: Studies in Scarlet: Marriage and Sexuality in the US and UK: 1815-1914
Feminism and Women's Studies: A Girls' Guide to Condoms
Members Only - Men's Health 15 things you don't know about your penis
Happy Brain Storming » Mmmm…Controlling ejaculation. The right way (Kegal exercises for men and women)
Position Master
St. Jude: The Nerdgirl's Pillow Book: Or, The Joy of Hacker Sex
The Geek Sexchart
fetishkp8.gif (sexual fetish map)
Expert Guide to Anal Sex
The Straight Man's Guide to Enjoying Gay Sex
Sex Toys Illustrated
Fifteen ways to leave your lover
Study Suggests Difference Between Female And Male Sexuality
78 differences between women and men
Genetic sexual attraction society for human sexuality
All About My Vagina
mybeautifulcervix - My Beautiful Cervix 
Pharyngula: Evolution of the mammalian vagina
OA Vagina Institute - World Center of Vagina Size Research Uncensored.
x All About My Penis
Size does matter Ladies, pls accept the truth - eNotAlone
Find the G Spot | Female Ejaculation, the Female Prostate, and the G-Spot - How To Squirt - Browsing: Videos - Sexperiment
Desmond Morris: The Clitoris, A-Spot, G-Spot and U-Spot
Where have all the g spots gone?
Kariwanz Fetish Gallery
Study: Females get aroused by both sexes
Vibrator/Sex Toy FAQ
Feminism And The History Of Vibrators - Vanilla Is The New Kink

Ultimate Male Masturbation Resource
New Scientist: Masturbating may protect against prostate cancer
Wellesley Girls: Ultimate Masturbation Resource for Girls
Female Masturbation: From the Basics to the Advanced
How to Masturbate for Women – Female Masturbation Techniques
Talking to Your Child About Menstruation
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
entrance to vulvology
the derivation of sowing one’s wild oats? Why oats?”
How to Use a Vagina/Penis
Pornokrates: Historic Smut for the Discerning Reader
About Sex
Surprising statistis on sex thoughts: Would you believe women think about it more than men?
How to Eat Pussy
Great Sex Directory
Sexual Averages (stats)
True Dirty Stories
What's going on inside the brain during an orgasm? : askscience
Research Center for Multiple Sexual Orgasms
YouTube - Mary Roach: 10 things you didn't know about orgasm
Women fall into 'trance' during orgasm - Health - Times Online
Nationmaster: Map & Graph: Sex: Frequency (Top 100 Countries)
1960's Japanese Sex-Ed for Young Persons
BASSN Previous Meetings

Have you seen pictures of normal non-sexual breasts?
Breast Size & Shape
Rethink: Checkout My Breasts: Breast Exam
The 'Purpose' of the Bra (Don't wear one)
nikils comments on Keto is shrinking my breasts!
MyWifesBusty comments on Is getting fitted for a bra as humiliating as it sounds? (Please, share your experiences, however mundane, and ease my fears.)
What is a Normal Vagina? Vulva gallery pictures from Channel 4 Embarrassing Bodies
What is a Normal Penis Size? Images of Penises
Embarrassing Teenage Bodies advocates cosmetic labiaplasty - The F-Word
Human Variation
Photographic Height/Weight

Evolutionary Psychology: Why Women Have Breasts
Sex Toys Marital Sex Aids Sex Toys Online Sex Shops Vibrators UK Dildos uk
The history of corsets
ESR: Sex Tips For Geeks: On Being Good In Bed
Abstinenceonly: The HOTTEST Christian site on the net
The P Spot
wicked_wish: The great Stop Fucking Him post
What's Wrong With Dating? A Christian Overview of Dating and Courtship
Adult Christianity TM | Your Portal to the Weird and Wild World of Christianity
Marital Rape
Aphrodisiology: The Study of Aphrodisiacs |
Xeromag | BDSM Glossary

New Scientist Breaking News - Orgasms: a real ‘turn-off’ for women The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution (9780674022461): Elisabeth A. Lloyd: Books
Luke Murphy: Gay Sex in the Animal Kingdom
chowyunsmut: Hey Miss Manners!!! Lick Me !!! (Oral Sex Etiquette)
Confessions of a College Callgirl: Blowjob Tutorial
blow job : Gay & Black Glossary
Why Your Wife Won't Have Sex With You: Introduction
Soft Hard Gallery Page 1 (male flaccid/erect)
You Can Be A Better Boyfriend!
A Straight Person's Guide To Gay Etiquette
Seed: Girls Gone Wild ... for Monkeys
Sexual Averages
Boyhood Effeminancy And Later Homosexuality - - By Jane E. Brody Published: December 16, 1986
Sissy Boy Syndrome? - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Transgender Resources
List of transgender-related topics - Wikipedia
Susan's Place Transgender Resources for Transsexuals and Crossdressers
Transgender Care : Transsexual Transexual Transgender Transvestite Crossdresser Resource
Hormone Therapy and Safety | TranScience Project
Transsexual Road Map
Third gender - Wikipedia
Transgender 101
How the WHO medical manual is used to stigmatize sexual variation | Jack Molay The WHO medical manual says that only crossdreaming crossdressers can become tranwomen, not the ones that do not get aroused by the idea of being a woman
Why Parents of Transgender Children Are Faced With a Difficult Decision -- New York Magazine Parents of transgender children are faced with a difficult decision, and it’s one they have to make sooner than they ever imagined.
related - transgender
Transpassing: A place to see how well you pass.
Beautiful Traps (NSFW)
What It Feels Like To Be Transgender (And Why Trans Genders Are Valid)
Any transgender redditors who transitioned and regretted it? : AskReddit
What happens when your son tells you he’s really a girl - Editor's Picks, Health -
When boys would rather not be boys - Life -
Pam's House Blend:: Cisgender And Cissexual Terminology - A Get-Along-Go-Along Moment
Jeez Louise This Whole Cisgender Thing – en|Gender
Cissexual? - The F-Word
Gender Diversity – Terminology
Not Male Or Female: Molding Bodies To Fit A Genderfluid Identity | CommonHealth
The Genderbread Person v2.0
Transgender Basics Video | The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
A Warning For Those Considering MtF Sex Reassignment Surgeryx (SRS)
sex reassignment regret - Google Search
Categorically wrong? A Bailey-Blanchard-Lawrence clearinghouse
J. Michael Bailey Investigation
The Bailey Affair, Again | Scientific Blogging - The Foundation for Evolutionary Male-to-Female Transgender Transformation
Welcome to Transgender Portal, your entryway into the transgender educational resources available to you on the internet.
A Boy's Life - The Atlantic (November 2008)
BBC NEWS | Health | Transsexual gene link identified
Trinidad's transgender rock star - The Denver Post
julia serano - Whipping Girl
Southern Comfort | Video Clips, Watch Full Episodes Online | Logo Online
YouTube - Transsexuals in Iran (Tanaz Eshaghian, 2008) Part 1
The Myth of “(In)Visibility” « Taking Up Too Much Space
YouTube - 2 Hot Transexuals Finally Give Some Answers!
YouTube - Transexual Jarina myspace
Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants Information Web - by Nicole
Transsexual Sex Reassignment Surgery (male to female)
Transgender Primary Medical Care: Suggested Guidelines for Clinicians in British Columbia
Gender Identity Disorder Case Study (GID)
mutilating gender Dean Spade
The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough
Transsexual Sex Reassignment Surgery (male to female) - Postoperative Care Following Vaginoplasty (SRS)
The Hypocrisy of the HBS Movement « Enough Non-Sense
What About Non-op Transsexuals? A No-op Notion
Harry Benjamin Syndrome (HBS): A peer review Transsexual, Transgender
Sorry, Sex-Positive Transwomen: I’m Not Buying What You’re Selling. At All. « femonade
fab matters
Taking Steps
Alas, a blog » Blog Archive » Cartoon: An Easy Mistake To Make
Transgender Experience Led Stanford Scientist To Critique Gender Difference
Gender - Wikipedia - Gender Taxonomy
The Smart Set: Let's Talk About Sex (spectrum like gender - Intersex)
The Patriarchy: like the Hotel California | MetaFilter - The Michigan Womyns Festival (Michfest) (WBW)
Pam's House Blend:: Real Transbigotry
Real Transbigotry Womens Space
Questioning Transgender
Questioning Transphobia | MichFest
Michigan Womyn's Music Festival Discussion Forums :: View topic - Change of mind re WBW space
From The Magazine : Radar Online : How Genesis P-Orridge met Jacqueline Breyer; how cosmetic surgery helped them become one; and how their romance was interrupted by a temporary setback called death
Teen and Transgender Comparative Study - The Morning News
YouTube - 8 Years: The Society of the Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP)
Out of sight, out of mind? - Transgender People’s Experiences of Domestic Abuse - The F-Word

The Dark Wanderer Cheating Wife Story Site!
The Sex Manual for Puritans (Eller)
YouTube - Atlanta Public Access TV - Alexyss Tylor: Vagina Power/Penis Power The Power of the Penis | MetaFilter
Even 94 year-olds are sexy sex sex people. | MetaFilter (Sex Education)
suckitupdyke: All your questions answered - the SIUD metapost
ABC News: 'Lesbian Until Graduation'? It's a Myth (For Women, Bisexuality Appears to Be a Fixed Sexual Identity, Not Just a Phase)
How to Tell Parents About Bisexuality |
AlterNet: Confessions of a L.U.G.
Female Bisexuality From Adolescence to Adulthood: Results From a 10-Year Longitudinal Study
Breaking news: not all bisexuals are lying sluts. | MetaFilter
Sharing Dee
Adult Romantic Relationships as Contexts of Human Development: A Multimethod Comparison of Same-Sex Couples With Opposite-Sex Dating, Engaged, and Married Dyads
PEOPLE WITH A HISTORY: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
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