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Jesus Myth / Historical Jesus

Library of Congress: Citations for Historicity of Jesus
New Advent: Early Historical Documents on Jesus Christ
Theories of the Historical Jesus
Early Christian Religion
Gerd Theissen and Annette Merz, The Historical Jesus: A Comprehensive Guide « Biblical Studies Notebook (BSN)
Historical Jesus Theories - ReligionFacts
Dawkins Part 5: The Historical Jesus : Todd H Dow
Jesus Christ in comparative mythology

Christ myth theory - Wikipedia

Jesus Mythicism - History for Atheists

Why the Argument Over Jesus’ Language is More Complicated and More Interesting Than Media Experts Have Claimed | Culture | Religion Dispatches

God: A Biography by Jack Miles — Review - the Book of Job is last time God speaks
Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God by Jack Miles — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
HIS-STORY ON HOW THE WORD CAME TO BE: Randall Cripps: 9781477139363: Books
His-Story on How the Word Came to Be - Randall Cripps - Google Books (with cats!)

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ
Frontline: Apocalypse
PBS: Jesus' Family Tree
Setzer: The Historical Jesus (recent scholarship)
Jesus myth hypothesis - Wikipedia
Jesus' interactions with women - Wikipedia
The Jesus Project - Introduction a project of the Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion
R. Joseph Hoffmann Weighs In: The Jesus Project (The Myth of God Incarnate)
Did Jesus Exist? A Response to James F. McGrath « The Musings of Thomas Verenna
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: My decision about The Jesus Project
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Jesus Seminar Jesus is bankrupt: Post 4
The Real Battle in debates over the bible with believers « Vridar
Having interacted with historians who do not agree with me, as advised . . . « Vridar
Weaknesses of traditional anti-mythicist arguments « Vridar
Responding to standard arguments for Jesus’ historicity (1) « Vridar
Jesus’ Journey Into Hell and Back — told symbolically in the Gospel of Mark? « Vridar
Vridar » Is Oral Tradition Like the Old Telephone Game? - For those of you who might be unfamiliar with Ehrman’s boilerplate explanation, here it is from his most recent book.
Exploring Our Matrix: Review of Doubting Jesus' Resurrection
Helping the Historicists Get it Right: What is Mythicism? « The Musings of Thomas Verenna
CSER | Center for Inquiry
Society of Biblical Literature - "What is 'Historical' about the 'Historical Jesus'?" | Ideas | For scholars, a combustible question: Was Christ real?
Joseph Alward: Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible
The Jesus Mysteries
Historical Jesus FAQ
Embracing the Contradiction: The Myth of the Historical Jesus
Historical Jesus FAQ
Who was the real Jesus?
Which Jesus: A Legend with a Multiple Personality Disorder? Rook Hawkins
About: Atheism: Historical Jesus
The Foundations of Christianity
The History of the Gospels - a Chronology
The 1st 2 centuries of Christian Documents
Christian Apologetics - Life and Doctrine: Historical Jesus – Three Centuries Worth of Citations
Student: The Jesus Narrative In The Talmud (Ben Pandira)
What did Jesus really look like? - BBC News (Brad Pitt)
The Ancient Mother Series: Jesus = Lucifer = THE Devil
Journal of Higher Criticism
Misuderstood Biblical Traditions
Radio Islam: Shamoun: Jesus in the Rabbinic Traditions
In Timeout: Jesus, a Muslim, Was Neither Killed, Nor Crucified.
Dead Sea Scroll's Wicked Priest
Search for the Historical Jesus
The Historical Jesus
The Historical, Jewish Jesus The Ghost In The Gospels
Did Jesus claim to be God?
YouTube - David Fitzgerald Skepticon 3 "Examining the Existence of a Historical Jesus"
A Review of the History of Very Early Christianity
Robert Price, "Evolution of the Pauline Canon" - SI - Vaneigem
Raoul Vaneigem, Resistance to Christianity - Heresy from the Beginning to the 18th Century
The Resistance to Christianity. The Heresies at the Origins of the 18th Century (Raoul Vaneigem) | The Anarchist Library

Alan Humm's Home Page
Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus
Josephus on Jesus
Josephus: Whats the Deal? Rook Hawkins
James Price: The Names Yeshua and Yehoshua
The Identity of the Teacher of Righteousness
Steiner: Etherization of the Blood
Bible and Anthroposophy: The Incredible Births of Jesus
Why Don't Jews Believe In Jesus?
AMFonts site: The Name of Jesus (Yeshua`, Yasu`, `Isa) - The most accurate form of the name of Jesus in several Semitic languages
Rudolf Bultmann: Jesus and the Word
Gospel of Judas 32Flavors and Some Untasted Ones
Da Vinci's Last Supper -- Hermeneutics by Doug Renselle -- 10November2008.
The History of the Origins of Christianity. Book I. Life of Jesus.
Elaine Pagels: The truth at the heart of `The Da Vinci Code'
Elaine Pagels: The Truth at the Heart of `The Da Vinci Code’ | American Pendulum The real mystery is what Christianity and Western civilization would look like had the “Gnostic” gospels never been banned
What is true in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code? The Christ myth. Is Is the Bible God's word? Did Jesus ever live?
The Historical Jesus Pt 2 :: NNSeek
Apocryphicity » Blog Archive » Review: Craig Evans’ Fabricating Jesus
Tablet ignites debate on messiah and resurrection - International Herald Tribune - the story of his death and resurrection was not unique but part of a recognized Jewish tradition at the time.
Ancient Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection -
A New Dead Sea Scroll in Stone? | Daily Bible and Archaeology News
Yeshua, the Master Teacher, Rebel, Magus & Resurrecting God Archetype
Jesus and the Aleph-Bet
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Creating Jesus 15: On to Antioch
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Creating Jesus 14: Jerusalem soteriology
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Creating Jesus 18: What Justin reflects
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Creating Jesus 19: A complementary soteriology
Thirty Theses: Plausible Propositions for the Existence of a Historical Jesus « New American Mercury
Open, Dead Sea Scrolls Stir Up New Disputes - The New York Times - April 19, 1992


Was Judas innocent? Religious experts think he might be... | Life | Life & Style | Daily Express - "His very hair is of the dissembling colour, something browner than Judas."
Chapman University - Religious Studies - Marvin Meyer - New Fragments
Preliminary transcription of digital photographs of the new fragments of the Gospel of Judas
Evangelical Textual Criticism: New Judas Fragments
The Forbidden Gospels: Ohio Fragments of the Gospel of Judas
The Gospel of Judas - DocuWiki History Documentary hosted by Peter Coyote, published by National Geographic in 2006 - English narration
The Jewish background of the so-called 'gospel' of Judas. - Free Online Library

Judas - Judas Iscariot, Partner in Jesus’ Fulfilling the Law (debasement of Judas by orthodoxy)
What the Gospel of Judas says about the betrayal of Jesus | Aeon Essays The mystery of why Judas forsook Jesus goes to the heart of Christianity. A newly translated gospel offers a new view

Golden Garden Fairies: Judas The Flight of the Feathered Serpent, written by Armando Cosani, is an extraordinary book that reveals the purpose of the act of Judas long before the gospel of Judas was discovered. I

Early Christian Writings: Gospel of Judas
April DeConick: The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Some Quotes to Consider
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: My reactions to the Judas book Panel
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: What is different about my translation of the Gospel of Judas?
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The problem with the Church Fathers testimonies about the Gospel of Judas
April DeConick: The Forbidden Gospels Blog: What does the Gospel of Judas REALLY say?
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Response (6) to Marvin Meyer: The Thirteenth Daimon
April D. DeConick: What the Gospel of Judas really says - International Herald Tribune
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Responses to New York Times Op. Ed. (daimon=demon)
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Eisenman: A Conservative DeConick?
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: That Platonic Daimon again...
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Parody and the Gospel of Judas
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Early Jewish and Christian polytheism?
The Gnostic Context of the Gospel of Judas | Strathearn | BYU Studies
Apocryphicity » Blog Archive » More Anti-Apocrypha Apologetic: Ben Witherington’s “What Have They Done With Jesus?”
Ben Witherington Makes Up Stuff about Historicity of Jesus « N. T. Wrong?
the quixotic infidel: Rei Momo
The T & T Clark Blog: The Thirteenth Apostle April DeConick
Society of Biblical Literature: More on the Gospel Truth : April D. DeConick
The Thirteenth Daimon: Judas and Sophia in the Gospel of Judas : Marvin Meyer
Michael Lauers Weblog: The Thirteenth Daimon (Conick vs Meyer)
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Revised Version of 13th Apostle NOW available
April Deconick reinterprets the Gospel of Judas - IIDB
April Deconick reinterprets the Gospel of Judas - FRDB
April Deconick: Gospel Truth - New York Times
DeConick « Vridar: “We need a good Judas”
What the Gospel of Judas Really Says — April DeConick’s new book « Vridar
Judas « Vridar
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean » April D. DeConick’s The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says (Philip A. Harland)
Judas No. 2: For or from that Generation Jan 1 08 (Updated Jan 2) | Bock's Blog
Gospel of Judas No. 4 Judas Not to Ascend to the Holy | Bock's Blog
Writer of John
Ecclesia Gnostica in Nova Albion: Gospel of Judas controversy
Ben Witherington: Demonizing Judas-- the Gospel of Judas Revisited
Baptist Press - Prof: Gnostics called Judas demon, not hero - News with a Christian Perspective
Baptist Press - Scholar lists reasons for Gospels' reliability - News with a Christian Perspective
NT Gateway April DeConick's New York Times article causes a stir
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Contending about Judas
The Gospel of Judas: A Word From the Translators - New York Times
dotCommonweal Blog Archive Judas: Still A Contenda!
The Christian Century: Judas is a 'demon' in new read of gospel by John Dart
Judas Was "Demon" After All, New Gospel Reading Claims
Nat Geo - The Gospel of Judas on Vimeo
Judas Iscariot Among the Gnostics | Biblical Archaeology Review
Robert Eisenman: Gospel Fiction and the Redemonization of Judas - Media on The Huffington Post
Apocryphicity Blog Archive Reflections on Teaching Gnosticism II: The Gospel of Judas
Threads from Henrys Web Review: The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot Book Review: April D. DeConick, The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
Guide to Reality: The Gospel of Judas, Take Two
The Gnostic teachings of Jesus
View the Gospel of Judas Interactive Document--National Geographic
Bellaciao - The True Judas - David R. Hoffman
Clay Testament - More Contrarian Thoughts on the Gospel of Judas
The Case for Judas, Continued - The New York Review of Books Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity by Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King
Albert Mohler: The Gospel of Judas -- The Betrayal of Truth
Huggins: Too Many Factual Errors (Pagels and King, Reading Judas) (locked PDF, you don't get your degree)
National Geographic Society Press Room: Statement From National Geographic In Response To Thomas Bartlett'S Chronicle Of Higher Education Story, "The Betrayal Of Judas" (May 30, 2008)
The Betrayal of Judas - Did a 'dream team' of biblical scholars mislead millions? - Thomas Bartlett
Judas Was Really a Bad Guy
Mary Platt: Comments on 'Judas Was Really a Bad Guy'
Things That Make You Go ‘Huh??’: Mary Platt On The So Called Gospel of Judas « Dr Jim West
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Judas Note
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Stephan Witetschek's review of The Thirteenth Apostle
Daimon in Sethian Literature and the Coptic Gospel of Judas | Gnostica

Carlo Suares: Passion of Judas
The Betrayal of Judas « Alethia Eleutheroo
LIBER XIII: Appendix I: The Mystery of Jesus and Judas
Three Versions of Judas - Jorge Luis BOrges
Thomas De Quincey's Essay: Judas Iscariot
Mark Harris: A New Version of Borges's Three (Versions of Judas)
The Apostle Judas Iscariot: A problem for eternal security proponents
The Wrong Way Wizard: Strong's Delusion
William Wallace Webb - Mystery of Jesus and Judas - Ordo Argenteum Astrum ("deliver")
Wikipedia: Talk:Judas Iscariot
Why the 'Gospel of Judas' Matters - Scholar Karen King defends the newly-discovered Gnostic text. --
Edge: The Gospel Of Judas: A Talk with Elaine Pagels
The Faith That Betrays: Heretical Reflections on The Gospel of Judas
The Message of Judas Gnostic Angles: in the Gospel of Judas
Channeling Judas
The Ghost of Judas Iscariot
Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . WEB EXCLUSIVE . What About Judas? . March 18, 2005 | PBS
Michel van Rijn - Art News - Gospel of Judas | The Gospel of Judas Surfaced
Hypotyposeis: Gospel of Judas in the News
Yahoo! Groups : textualcriticism Messages : "Gospel of Judas"
Zodiac References in the Gospel of Judas
The Message of Judas: Gnostic Angles in the Gospel of Judas
Discover the real Judas Iscariot, incredible information on the Gospel of Judas, Gnosis, Gnosticism, the Gnostics, the life of Jesus and the disciples, the real image of Jesus and more
Opiate of the Masses: Book Review - Bart Ehrman: The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot
NPR : 'The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity' (King and Pagels on Fresh Air)
Gospel according to Judas | Salon Books (King/Pagels)
Reading Judas: Christian Arguing VS Martyrdom & Jesus' Sacrifice In Gospel Of Judas~ - Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King - Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity - Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King - Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity
Embracing Judas - - J.D. Crossan: Review of Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity By Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King "... Judas Is As Evil As Ever" in the Gospel of Judas (Coptic scholars' counter-position)
Conversation at the Edge: Gospel of Judas
Judas, Jesus, Gnostic, Kabbalah, Was This Fact or Fiction? |
The Truth About Judas | Mysteries of the Judas Code Revealed | By Dr. Yitzhaq Hayut-Man - Excerpts
The Truth about Judas Iscariot
The Metamorphosis of Judas Iscariot
Reform Judaism Magazine - The Betrayal of Judas (Judas=Jew)
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says is available at Amazon US (chapter overview)
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
Palm Tree Garden Gnostic Forum / The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
Palm Tree Garden Gnostic Forum / The Thirteenth Apostle (with April De Conick)
Review: Stephan Witetschek: DeConick, April D. The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
Review: Arie W. Zwiep: DeConick, April D. The Thirteenth Apostle: What the Gospel of Judas Really Says
New Take on Gospel of Judas from SNTS Meetings in Lund, Sweden Aug 2 | Primetime Jesus
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: More on the Judas Gem
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: SBL Memories 1: The Judas Section
Gospel of Judas' true colors: Jewish witchcraft - Christian Forums ("witchcraft")
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: More on the Judas Gem
April DeConicks More Scientific Biblical Studies - Proposing a Middle Range Theory N. T. Wrong?
Nick Cave - There is a Kingdom N. T. Wrong?
Byrd & Lomax » Blog Archive » Notes From Undergrad: Back To Basics
Discerning Reader: Review of The Lost Gospel of Judas by Gordon Heath
The Forbidden Gospels: The fallacious 'paradidomi' ("hand-over" or "betray")
In Light of the Gospel Blog Archive Interview: Daniel B. Wallace on the Gospel of Judas
Robert Eisenman: Redemonizing Judas: Gospel Fiction or Gospel Truth?
The Forbidden Gospels: My response to Robert Eisenman and "Redemonizing Judas"
NT Blog Confessional vs. historical-critical? The problem with labels
The Forbidden Gospels: The never-ending confusion about perspective
On_the_Waterfront.pdf - On the Waterfront with Judas: Response to April DeConick - Marvin Meyer
The Thirteenth Daimon: Judas and Sophia in the Gospel of Judas - Marvin Meyer
Response (1) to Marvin Meyer: The Thirteenth Daimon | Response (1) to Marvin Meyer: The Thirteenth Daimon astrology | Response (1) to Marvin Meyer: The Thirteenth Daimon > | 2011 Astrology | Horoscope and Astrology | Free Astrology
Hypotyposeis » Is the Gospel of Judas an Anti-Valentinian Polemic ?

View the Gospel of Judas Interactive Document (download English and Coptic PDF text)
The Judas Gospel Home
The Lost Gospel of Judas--Photos, Time Line, Maps--National Geographic
The National Geographic Online Store - The Gospel of Judas Book
The Judas Gospel: Gnostic background
Gurdjieff Legacy: Judas' 'Betrayal'

The Coptic Ps.Gospel of Judas (Iscariot)
Early Christian Writings: Gospel of Judas

Gospel of Judas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

NT Gateway Weblog: Gospel of Judas documentary
NT Gateway Weblog: Mark Goodacre: Gospel of Judas megapost
Ben Witherington: The Gospel of Judas-- the NPR Discussion
Ben Witherington: The Gospel of Judas et al.---Part One | Part Two
Hypotyposeis: Gospel of Judas in the News
Hypotyposeis: Detering on the Gospel of Judas
PaleoJudaica: Judas
PaleoJudaica: Judas and pseudepigrapha
Ekthesis: GJudas: Obligatory Gospel of Judas Nod...
Ekthesis: GJudas: The Unsettling Conclusion (The Robinson Contribution)
Ekthesis: GJudas: The Michel van Rijn Angle.

Wood Chips and Text Musings: The Gospel of Judas: Another Gnostic Gospel, Part 1
Comment Me No Comments: Hypothetical Future Revisionist History (The Volokh Conspiracy on The Judas Gospel)
The Da Vinci Opportunity: Excursus: The Gospel of Judas -- A Special Report
Redefining Me: Designs of Betrayal and the Sign of Faith
The Anchoress » Fight between light and dark, playing before our eyes
Balls and Walnuts - dig the frog » Life imitates art: Borges on Judas
Judas helped Jesus, did not betray, says Meher Baba | Asian Tribune

'Gospel of Judas' Surfaces After 1,700 Years - New York Times
NPR : The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot?
On Point : The Real Judas? (King, Withergton, Meyer)
The Gospel of Judas. By Larry Hurtado: The text, the scholarship, and the scandal
The New Yorker: Adam Gopnik: Jesus Laughed
Joan Acocella: Betrayal : The New Yorker
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Gospel of Judas in The New Yorker
Apocryphicity » Blog Archive » The Legend of the Thirty Pieces of Silver
Irtiqa: Cosmology in the Gospel of Judas
Antiquitopia: Judas in the New Yorker
Searching for Jesus in the Gospels : The New Yorker A Kiss for Judas -- Feb. 27, 2006 - Text might be hidden 'Gospel of Judas' - Apr 6, 2006
‘Gospel of Judas’ stirs scholarly spat - Science -
Blamed, framed and defamed. Three good reasons to free the Judas One - Comment - Times Online
Ozark Judas text: gospel or spin? | Gospel of Judas casts doubt on traditional beliefs
Indian Catholic: Gospel of Judas’: an ideological attack against the Church
Does 'Gospel of Judas' really tell us anything?
The Gospel of Judas: A betrayal of the truth
Royal Gazette Another look at the 'Gospel of Judas' Judas Gospel has different view of God
Jerusalem Post | Hershel Franks: No salvation in Judas
JS Online:Transfixed by story of Judas gospel
Baylor University: Gospel of Judas discovery doesn't discredit Christianity
Biblical Foundations » The Gospel of Judas: A Villain Rehabilitated?
The B.C. Catholic Newspaper - Editorial: The Gospel of Judas ‘Much ado about nothing’
Perspective: The Gospel of Judas
Middle East Online Gospel of Judas back in spotlight after 20 centuries
Why the Gospel of Judas makes sense. By Christopher Hitchens
Gospel of Judas inspires awe, wrath - The Boston Globe
‘Gospel of Judas’ offers contrarian view of Jesus - Science -
Ralph the Sacred River: Is the Gospel of Judas "Troubling"?
Ralph the Sacred River: Gnosticism and the Jews
Iscariot and the dark path to the Field of Blood - Comment - Times Online
ABC News: Expert Doubts 'Gospel of Judas' Revelation: Won't Reveal Anything About Jesus' Infamous Disciple
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Pope denounces 'greedy liar' Judas
Orthodox scholars: gospel of Judas not a Christian document - (BP) - Expert Doubts Gospel Of Judas (Robinson)
beliefnet: Did Judas Get a Bum Rap?
Better Living: Thoughts from Mark Daniels: What About the 'Gospel of Judas'?: A First, Brief Consideration Christianity, Anti-Semitism And The Gnostic Gospel Of Judas
The Forbidden Gospels: Jesus on the Road to Nicaea 3: Anti-Semitism
A scenario for Judas Iscariot. - IIDB
SharperIron Book Review: Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: N. T. Wright, Judas and the Gospel of Jesus: Have We Missed the Truth about Christianity?
ccord: The Magical Judas: Gnosticism, the Gospel of Judas, and a Gem
Book Review - 'Judas A Biography,' by Susan Gubar - Review -
Judas: A Biography by Susan Gubar < Reviews | PopMatters
Christians being Misled just like Jesus Predicted in the Gospel of Judas
Gospel of judas - Vox
The Forbidden Gospels: National Geographic and the Apocalypse of Gabriel
Mystical Politics: More on the Gospel of Judas and astrology
The Forbidden Gospels: Ohio Fragments of the Gospel of Judas
The gospel of Judas saga continues at Roger Pearse
The Forbidden Gospels: The Codex Judas Papers
The Forbidden Gospels: Augsburg exhibition and Tchacos material
Interview with Simon Gathercole on the Gospel of Judas and the Gospel of Thomas – Justin Taylor
What is the Infancy Gospel of Thomas? - GB Times - The Spirit Magazine
Exploring Our Matrix: Thomas: The Other Gospel of Judas
How to Understand the Gospel of Judas and Other Sacred Texts | Belzebuub Teachings
Apocryphicity » 2012 » January - Is the Gospel of Judas a Forgery? (NGS team did it in the library with ancient ink)
Interesting Texts | gospel of judas
Jeff Schweitzer: Et Tu, Judas?

The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Curse of 13
The Curse of Cainan (Jub. 8.1-5): Genealogies in Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 and a Mathematical Pattern -- Jacobus 18 (3): 207 -- Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha
Dark Mirrors of Heaven - Timeline of the Patriarchs
Dark Mirrors of Heaven - Genealogy: Descedants of Adam, according to Book of Jubilees
YouTube - The Lost Gospel of Judas How Christianity evolved murdering all those who had a different belief within Christianity itself. A murderous religion that through its own evolution has continously and systematically eliminated those who had a different belief.
Thoughts on the Gospel of Judas | 04/18/2006 | Worn pages tell a tale (Bruce Ferrini)
Michael Van Rijn: The hunt for the Gospel of Judas
Michael Van Rijn: The Gospel of Judas - Chronological Order
Gospel of Judas: negotiation emails 1
Papyri Sold on Ebay Oct-Dec 2005
Biblical Studies Blogs: post from Lee Biondi (ref Ferrini, Van Rijn)

Zodiac References in the Gospel of Judas
The Gospel of Judas from the Perspective of Integral Yoga
Letter to the NYT
Judas, Scorpio and the Last Supper

Finding Jesus— Episode Three - Jesus did not need to go through the melodrama of prompting and encouraging a faltering disciple to betray him. No, the betrayal of Jesus by Judas cannot be laid at the door of Jesus. (Ben Witherington)
Judas -- Traitor or Hero? | Paul N. Anderson - Clearly, his primary association among the canonical Gospels is that of being a traitor, although the "handing over" of Jesus to the authorities is not necessarily to be rendered as a "betrayal" in the Greek.
The Bible and Interpretation - Let’s Talk about Lost Gospels: A Reflection on the Priorities of a Scholarly Discourse - From this point of view, the varieties of christologies need not reflect the multifaceted character of Jesus, but rather the crisis that arose among his devotees with his arrest and execution—the disconfirmation of their expectations.
Who was Judas: the man who was offered goodness and said “No” - . So is God responsible for Judas’s betrayal? If so, why should Judas be punished? And if the salvation of the world necessarily results in the death in suicidal despair of the predestined betrayer, is that a price worth paying?
The Judas Tree, And Other Legends of the Betrayer
Delightful Odyssey which attempts to unravel mystery of the enigmatic Judas Iscariot - The National - Peter Stanford’s fascinating cultural and historical biography of Judas, the human face of betrayal for the past two thousand years.
Footsteps of Judas reveals that he may not have been such a sinner after all | Daily Mail Online - Was Judas really the villain he is portrayed to be? Conflicting evidence suggests he may not have been such a sinner after all

The Gospel Of Judas Paints The Bible's Traitor In A Very Different Light

Robert Wahler Releases Book 'Misreading Judas'
+ Christian Book Reviews + » Book Review: Hidden Truths?
Powell's Books - Review-a-Day - Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why by Bart D. Ehrman

The rogueclassicist Skept-o-meter | rogueclassicism
Guide to Pseudo-Scholarship | The Musings of Thomas Verenna

Bart D. Ehrman: Did Jesus Exist?
Preliminary Overview of Bart Ehrman’s ‘Did Jesus Exist?’ | The Musings of Thomas Verenna
Ehrman on Historicity Recap | Richard Carrier Blogs
Carrier finally responds to Ehrman on the historicity of Jesus « Why Evolution Is True
Responding to Richard Carrier’s Response to Bart Ehrman
Carrier cold-cocks Ehrman » Pharyngula
Fuller Reply to Richard Carrier « Christianity in Antiquity (CIA): The Bart Ehrman Blog
Ehrman’s Dubious Replies (Round One) » Richard Carrier Blogs
Ehrman on Jesus: A Failure of Facts and Logic » Richard Carrier Blogs
Ehrman Trashtalks Mythicism » Richard Carrier Blogs
McGrath on the Amazing Infallible Ehrman » Richard Carrier Blogs
Vridar » Doherty: Jesus God nor Man
Richard Carrier Blogs: Amherst Conference
Vridar » Richard Carrier’s Review of Maurice Casey’s Jesus
Vridar » Devious Doherty or Erring Ehrman?
New Research Shows that Jerusalem May Not Be the First Temple - SPIEGEL ONLINE - The Jews had significant competition in antiquity when it came to worshipping Yahweh. Archeologists have discovered a second great temple not far from Jerusalem that predates its better known cousin. It belonged to the Samaritans, and may have been edited out of the Bible once the rivalry had been decided.
Welcome to Enlightenment! – Religion: the Tragedy of Mankind. Articles by Kenneth Humphreys - jesus never existed

Pagels: from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels
Harvard Gazette: Karen King: Student of early Christianities
Karen King
She Who Anoints
Hypotyposeis: The Talpiot Tomb, James Ossuary, and Statistics
Jesus Family Tomb: A Statistical Analysis of the "Jesus Equation"

No Forgery Evidence Seen in "Gospel of Jesus's Wife" Papyrus - Scientists find no evidence of fakery in an ancient papyrus scrap saying that Jesus had a wife.
Mark Goodacre on Myths of Mary and the Married Jesus |
The Mother of All Family Trees : Generations 100 -- 111 : The Desposyni
Did Mary give birth again after the birth of Jesus Christ?
Did Jesus Have a Wife? - An ancient fragment doesn’t prove that Jesus was married—but it does raise questions about Christians’ attitudes toward sex.
NT Blog: Jesus' Wife Fragment Latest: Leo Depuydt responds to Karen King
Jesus's Wife Resurrected from Dead | Evangelical Textual Criticism 04/13/2014 - 04/20/2014 - Depuydt's reply is very sarcastic and it tries too hard to sound hip and edgy, complete with emoticons.
Religion - Manuscripts - Media Culture: GJW and the status of online academic discussion: will you cite this?

NT Blog: A Celebration of Mary Magdalene in The Bible series
NT Pod: NT Pod 13: Mary Magdalene: the First Woman Apostle
Who Was Mary Magdalene? | History | Smithsonian - By James Carroll
Bible scholar Ben Witherington III on Mary Magdalene's relationship with Jesus - - She was an important disciple and witness for Jesus, but there is no historical evidence for a more intimate relationship. Celebrating the mysteries of the Woman Who Knew The All
Mary Magdalene: Archetype for Our Time
Jesus, his wife Mary Magdalene and I - Religious Fundamentalism and games Played by Bunch of Thugs

Michael Haag: The Making of a Virgin Birth
Memoirs (1) Michael Haag: A Memoir
Michael Haag obituary: Belsize Park writer and travel guide pioneer dies aged 76 | Hampstead Highgate Express

Gnostic Gnus: vaguely heretical, putatively Christian doctrine and speculation; Mary Magdalene
Rediscovering Mary Magdalene Gospel of Mary Karen L. King --
Rediscovering Mary Magdalene Gospel of Mary Karen L. King -
Rediscovering Mary Magdalene Gospel of Mary Karen L. King - Tradition is not fixed. Newly-discovered texts like the Gospel of Mary let us hear other voices in an ancient Christian debate.
Donna Bucar: Mary Magdalene - Wild Woman of the Bible
Ramon K. Jusino: Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?
Kuhn: Mary Magdalene & Her Seven Devils
Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene?
Was Jesus Married?
Mrs. God: A new documentary suggests that Jesus might not have been celibate after all
The Last Supper: Leonardo da Vinci, Mary Magdalene, The Hand and Knife
The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene was a 'Prostitute'
Mary As Goddess: Mary Magdalen
Jesus & Mary Magdalene: The Sacred Marriage in Gnosticism
The Mary Magdalene Files
The New Yorker: Fact: The Saintly Sinner: The two-thousand-year obsession with Mary Magdalene
The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
Religion: Who Was Mary Magdalene? - Newsweek Society -
Mary Magdalene, Harlot or Queen? | TDG - Science, Magick, Myth and History
Mary Magdalene: Sacred Prostitute | Sexual Fables
Gospel of Mary
Mary Magdalene
Feminist scholars redefine Mary Magdalene, says writer Kenneth L. Woodward - Like Jesus, Mary Magdalene is now the subject of a cultural makeover. What agenda do feminist scholars have in mind? (for the defense)

Yahoo Group: Jesus Mysteries
Fortean Times: Every Picture Tells a Story: The Last Supper of Da Vinci
Jesus is the YHWH the "I am" of the Old and New Testaments
The Final Freedoms/Gospel of the Resurrection
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: Part 3: A lack of precedent for Jesus' resurrection?
The Higher Critical Review
Review - Drudgery Divine. On the Comparison of Early Christianities and the Religions of Late Antiquity - Jonathan Z. Smith
A.B.Kuhn: The Lost Light: Ancient Scripture
A.B.Kuhn: Shadow of the Third Century A Revaluation of Christianity
Shadow of the Third Century: Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PH. D.
A.B. Kuhn Papers
Kuhn: Hallowe'en: a Festival of Lost Meanings
A.B.Kuhn: Who is this King of Glory? A Critical Study of the Christos-Messiah Tradition
Alvin Boyd Kuhn on the Ancient Wisdom
Esotericism & modern science: Free ebooks, Vitvan audio archive; Kuhn/Massey book archive
Did Jesus Really Exist?
Introduction to the Works of Gerald Massey
Gerald Massey's Lectures *
Esoterica: Christian Holidays
Jewish Christianity from the End of Acts to Justin Martyr (A.D. 62-150)
Ecce Homo -- Ecce Deus
Jesus and Mithras
Mithra and Christ
Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology by Michael Tsarion -
Scripts from the pyramids and the most beautiful excerpts from the 'Book of the Dead'
Doctrine of Eternal Life
Virgin Births
The Not-So-Virgin Birth of the Christmas Story | ValerieTarico
? The Virgin Births - YouTube
Papyrus of Ani; Egyptian Book of the Dead [Budge]
Eye of Horus
Egyptian God-Horus
Astrology by Hand 25 - A Dialogue Between Heaven and Earth
Most of earth's land is in the Northern Hemisphere
USBIBLE.COM: In defense of reality
Days of Creation
Biblical Astrology
Jesus' Genealogy
Stupid Evil Bastard: Ending the Myth of Horus
AskWhy! on Sun Gods as Atoning Saviours - Christianity Revealed
Archaeology Magazine - Bull-Killer, Sun Lord
FarShores News -- The James Donahue Column - The Jesus Story Is A Cruel Hoax on Humanity
How the Jesus Myth was created
Cosmic Awareness Explains some Religious symbols (Jesus = "neither he nor she")
How the Jesus Myth was created (part 2) The Changeless Reality - W. John Murray
Jesus Christ
whwc ::: a power like him
Welcome to Enlightenment! Religion – the Tragedy of Mankind
Refuting the Jesus Myth (that he never existed)
How the Jesus Myth was created
YouTube - The Truth About The Jesus Myth PART 4 (video)
Origins Of Christianity
Gary Courtney: Christ a Myth! : Mythic echo of the late great Julius Caesar
Fantasy and Myth in the Death of Jesus
Jesus of Nazareth in Early Christian Gospels *
Jesus: Man or Myth? | The Jesus Myth
The Jesus Character Critically Examined and the Exploration of the Gnostic Creation of the Jesus Myth
Kroepel: The Babylonian Bel Myth Parallels to the Christian Jesus Myth
Ancient Egypt the Light of the World - by Gerald Massey- Appendix
Cynus-Study: Debunking the Bible | The Paradigm of Christ
Catalog of Biblical Criticism
Christian Science and Jesus
Gary Sloan: Did Jesus Exist and Does It Matter?
The Bible and Jesus Myth
Did Jesus Exist?
Earl Doherty: The Jesus Puzzle: Was there no historical Jesus?
Pagan Origins of the Christ myth
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
Resources for Studying Historical Jesus/Christology
The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith: Some Contemporary Reflections
Jesus Quest: Who was Jesus?
Pagan Christs Other
The Pagan Christ : Doc Zone : CBC-TV
Pagan god Pan Vs. Jesus - at Caesarea Philippi
Internet Book of Shadows: Dying God (Ammond ShadowCraft)
"The Beast" Discussions
What Was Hidden: The Fearless Interview with Richard Smoley
Man and the Unknown: The Christ Myth
The Cornerstone of Esoteric Christianity
An Anthology of Material on Esoteric Christianity from Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Nicoll, Collin, Pogson, Mouravieff et al
Did Jesus Ever Live or Is Christianity Founded Upon A Myth?
The Search for the Historical Jesus
Marshall J. Gauvin: Did Jesus Christ Really Live?
Scott Oser: Historicity Of Jesus FAQ
James Still: The Gospel of John and the Hellenization of Jesus
Stephen Van Eck: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction in the Man from Galilee
Mizian Explorer: Terra Incognita The Kingdom of God is Within You (English/Korean
Egytian Roots of Yahweh
The Bible's Credibility
The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ
Remsberg: The Christ: Sources of the Christ Myth: Ancient Religions
Questions about Christianity; Philosophy and Religion | Smart QandA: Answers verified with
Bible Stories are Recycled Math (Brian De Kretser) and weak rebuttal
Historical Jesus Library
The Jesus Mysteries: Connect - only connect ...
The Orthodox Suppression of Original Christianity
Lost Secrets of Early Christianity
Metalogos: Thomas, Philip, Valentine
Stevan Davies: Gospel of Thomas: translation, FAQ, bibliography
Logia 1 - 10 - The Gospel of Thomas Fully Interpreted
Why Christians can't disregard the Gospel of Thomas | Rational Responders
Gospel of Philip
New Advent: Apocrypha
The Historicity Of Jesus
Craig: The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus
Debunking Jesus Christ
Allan Turner: Bible Proofs And The Historicity Of Jesus
American Thinker: The Deconstructed Jesus
American Thinker: Postmodernism and the Bible: Introduction

Origins of Christianity
The Real Jesus?
The Real Jesus?
Deconstructing Jesus (Review)
Heretics: The Other Side of Early Christianity (Review)
A Portrait of Jesus: From Galilean Jew to the Face of God
The Search for Jesus
Mythical Jesus
Jefferson Bible - Wikipedia
Thomas Jefferson vs. the Bible: What America’s founding father really thought about religion -
The Unoriginal Miracle-Claims of the New Testament
The Gender of the Holy Spirit
Chronological Study of the Life of Christ
Jesus: Historical Reconstruction
Atheists for Jesus
Acharya S: Truth be Known
Acharya S: The "Historical" Jesus? from Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled
Truth Be Known News | Blog of Acharya S: Best-Selling Author Endorses "Who Was Jesus?"
RapidShare: The Christ Conspiracy
Embracing The Contradiction - All things are dual in its nature, but one, in its Spiritual unity
New Page 1 The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ by Acharya S
Embracing the Contradiction: Mythical Jesus
The Forged Origins of The New Testament
Debunking Christianity: A Review of Who Was Jesus? by Acharya S
Jesus, Buddha & Krishna are one!
Views about the linkage between Krishna and Christ
Krishna: a previous reincarnation of Jesus
Christ-Krishna Connection: Part 1: Two Divine Like Lives | It's In Thy Names
> Christ, Krishna; manifestations of same divinity
Is Krishna also Christ?
The Christ Myth: commentary on religious syncretism
Was Jesus Christ the Son of David or the Son of God? Inconsistent doctrine in the Gospel of Matthew
Council of Nicea
Faith Under Fire: Theodosian Code and the Arian Controversy
James R White: What Really Happened at Nicea?
Christ and Krishna: Interview with Father Emmanuel & Srila Prabhupada
Wiki: Christ
The Jesus Myth and Deconstructing Jesus
The Etymological Derivation Of The Name "Christ"
Christ Conspiracy Links
Scott Bidstrup: The Bible And Christianity - The Historical Origins
About: Historical Jesus
WL Craig: The Historicity of the Empty Tomb of Jesus
Jesus Mysteries / Jesus and the Goddess
Dogmatic Wrangling or Theological Odyssey? - The Early Church’s Search for the Biblical Jesus
HCR: LT Johnson: The Real Jesus: The Misguided Quest for the Historical Jesus and the Truth of the Traditional Gospels (Review)
Wim van den Dungen: From the Jesus-people to Early Christianity 7 BC - 110 AD
Reluctant Messenger: Christ
Essene Book of Revelation
Jesus Parallels in World Religions
What's the Buzz on Tammuz? : Did the Ancient Sumerian Shepherd-god Influence Christianity?
Jesus: Shattering the Christ-Myth
James Patrick Holding: Wells Without Water: Psychological Buffoonery from the Master of the Christ-Myth
Tekton Apologetics: Mighty Mithraic Madness
The Dance of JesuShiva
Jesus Museum: Nuts for Jesus
The Christ-myth theory | Taxonomy of Christ Views | The Jesus Figure and Its Esoteric Origin
Extreme Multiplicity of Thematic Sources of Jesus
Gary Sloan: Did Jesus Exist and Does It Matter
Did Jesus of Nazareth Exist? : All sides to the question
Parallels between the Christian Gospels and Pagan Mythology
The Pagan Christ | Tom Harpur
Apollonius of Tyana
Apollonius of Tyana
Apollonius the Nazarene by Dr. R. W. Bernard
Thomas Paine: Of the Religion of Deism Compared with the Christian Religion
Quotes on Religion - Thomas Paine
Jim Walker: Did a historical Jesus exist?
Did Jesus exist? : "The church lives on the fact that modern research about Jesus is not known amongst the public."
Did Jesus Exist? : An Answer to the Christian Myth
Did Jesus Exist ? : Historical & Logical Evidence
Louis W. Cable: Did Jesus Ever Live?
John Clark: Did Jesus Exist? Gary Courtney debunks the historical Jesus
Who Was Jesus
Albert Schweitzer: The Quest of the Historical Jesus
A Portrait of Jesus: From Galilean Jew to the Face of God
New Testament Gateway: The Historical Jesus
Christian Answers: Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak for?
The Forbidden Gospels Blog: The Jesus Seminar Jesus is bankrupt: Post 2
Jesus' Jewish Path
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Gerard Hall: Christology Page
Jesus Seminar Forum: Gateway to the Research of the Jesus Seminar
Into His Own: Perspective on the World of Jesus
Jesus and Christians in non-Christian Sources
Stephen Davis: Why the Historical Jesus Matters
Steve May: Who Was Jesus?
Charlotte Allen: The Search for a No-Frills Jesus
Jesus Missing Years
Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Louis W Cable: Skeptics Corner
Radical Faith: Exploring fundamentals of faith in a changed world
The 100th Sheep: Answer to Christian Apologetics
Freedom From Religion
Yahoo Group: Jesus Mysteries
Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth (Who killed Hypatia?)
Who Killed Jesus?
Harry V. Martin: Proving the historic Jesus
W.W.Anderson: The Law and the Spirit: a NewTheory of the Crucifixion
Jesus through Buddhist Eyes: the bodhisattva from Nazareth
Book of the Master Jesus
Ateret Yeshua: Master of the Sabbath by Brian J. Tebbitt
Ravi Zacharias: Jesus Among Other Gods
The Gnostic Jesus
The Mythic Christ
James W. Deardorff: Survival of the Crucifixion: Traditions of Jesus within Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Paganism
Philologos: Alfred Edersheim: The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah! Foundations of Christianity *
M.A. Treya: Who Was That Man Called J.C.?
Jesus: man and myth
Jesus-Messiah Fellowship
Werner Greub: The Two Jesus Boys
Who Wrote the Bible? No Other Gods: Section Excerpts from The Noah Syndrome by Arkadiusz Jadczyk, Ph.D. and Laura Knight-Jadczyk
What He Meant: Meaning of the Metaphor "Kingdom of Heaven" and Sunday School Christianity
My Past Life as Jesus: An Autobiography of Two Lifetimes by Bruce Robert Travis
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus
Maat Texts: The Aquarian Bible of the Cosmic Christ by John Kirk Robertson, D.D.
Jesus Hates Smut
Is this ossuary proof of Jesus, or is it spurious?
Jesus and Gnostic Teachings
Jesus Silenced: How Christianity's mind-control system destroyed Jesus' promise of spiritual freedom
The Shroud of Turin as Key to the Mind of the Bible-believer
Mastermason: Jesus and the Gnostic Teachings: Christ's Mission
The Dialogue of the Savior Translated by Stephen Emmel
Who is Jesus
Cygnus-Study: Debunking the Bible
Inquisitive Atheists - Jesus: The Pretend Christ (Jesus is mythical / false prophet )
Jesus, The Kabbalah and The Gnostic wisdom
Revising Christ
New Yorker Review: Nailed by David Denby: Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” They Know Not What They Do: The Passion as Roman Sacrifice
Two Archaeologists Comment on The Passion of the Christ (Mel Gibson)
AJC: Jesus in the Talmud
Truthbook: Urantia Book and Jesus
Gospel Logic: Jesus' True Message Truth: Bad Religion in the name of Jesus Christ
The Passion in Art
Jesus Christ: Choose your own savior By Chris Suellentrop
Ancient Manuscripts
Solar Mythology and the Bible
God’s Truth - Science or Religion? AskWhy! - Arguments with the Reverend Dr Ernest Phibber
King David 8 | A Letter I Received Re: Jesus & Serapis (correspondance w/Clint Clark)
Jesus Silenced: How Christianity's mind-control system destroyed Jesus' promise of spiritual freedom. Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus: Books: Joseph Atwill
My response to Price's review of Caesar's Messiah - Skepticality Forums
Yeshua and Kabbalah - Wikibooks

Who is Preston Harold?
Gerald Heard - Wikipedia
Huston Smith - Wikipedia
A synopsis [of] The Shining Stranger: By Preston Harold, introd. by Gerald Heard: Babcock, Winifred: Books
The Shining StrangerA blog about Preston Harlod's unorthodox interpretation of Jesus and his mission
- The Shining Stranger Historical Judaic Messiah
The Shining Stranger - Lucifer Rising -- In his Cipher of Genesis, Carlo Suares reminds us that the Gospel of John has Judas following Jesus instructions to the letter.

Second Coming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
LA Times Feature on The Second Coming of Christ The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You (2 Volume Set): Paramahansa Yogananda: Books
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