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Psyche's Links: 2020


David Attenborough calls for global $500 billion a year investment in nature: after he was unable to explain the new local lockdown rules for the north-east of England. : worldnews
Greenland's ice melting faster than at any time in past 12,000 years : worldnews

Alarming Data Show a Third Wave of COVID-19 Is About to Hit the U.S. : Coronavirus [Serious] People from Reddit who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after? : AskReddit

MA COVID-19 Data 9/30/20 : boston
510 New Confirmed Cases ; 32 Deaths -September 30 : CoronavirusMa - 129,753 total cases - 14,404 new individuals tested; 3.5% positive - 62,393 total tests today; 0.8% positive - -6 hospital; -18 icu; +2 intubated; 438 hospitalized - 32 new deaths; 9,242 total
Massachusetts Rt number ("a key measure of how fast the virus is growing") currently 2nd in USA : CoronavirusMa

Marty Walsh: "Boston testing positivity rate last week was 3.5%...Half are in people 29 or younger...Too many parties in Allston/Brighton, Mission Hill and South Boston. Stop it with the house parties. If you're invited to a party, "make the right decision and don't go." : boston
With The Coronavirus Creeping Back In Mass., Health Experts And Community Groups Call For Action - WBUR - September 29, 2020 : CoronavirusMa
'Highly Problematic': 20 Underage Boston University Students Face Suspension For Outdoor Beer Party : CoronavirusMa
Boston nearing red zone; city will not move into next phase of reopening : boston
With The Coronavirus Creeping Back In Mass., Health Experts And Community Groups Call For Action : boston
Natick HS goes remote - more bad student choices : CoronavirusMa
Plastic bag ban returns tomorrow : boston

The covid-19 recession is the most unequal in modern U.S. history : Coronavirus

White House Blocked C.D.C. Order to Keep Cruise Ships Docked - The New York Times
90 percent of coronavirus patients experience side effects after recovery, study finds : worldnews
"COVID-19 Patients Are Far More Ill During Current Wave," Mayanei HaYeshua Director Says : Coronavirus
The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals and is carried by ~50% of people in South Asia and ~16% of people in Europe today. : science
The US excess mortality rate from COVID-19 is substantially worse than Europe's
Vitamin D sufficiency may reduce complications of COVID-19 : Coronavirus

White House overrules CDC on banning cruise ships till 2021 : Coronavirus

Online videos falsely claim that face masks can cause CO2 poisoning : Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading quickly in 31 of 50 U.S. states, data shows : Coronavirus

COVID Patients Filling Wisconsin Hospitals As Virus Surges : Coronavirus

Czechia has declared a National State of Emergency : Coronavirus

'We're Out of Beds' : Russia's Resurgent Coronavirus Outbreak Is Approaching First Peak

Vatican Accuses Trump Administration of Trying to Exploit Pope Francis - Pope Francis has refused to meet Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on his visit to Rome because he thinks the Trump re-election campaign is trying to use him.

Macron calls on Europe to quit dependency on US arms : worldnews

'Not fit to be PM' : Boris Johnson forced to apologise after failing to explain his own COVID rules - Boris Johnson has been branded "totally incompetent" after he was unable to explain the new local lockdown rules for the north-east of England.

Biden-Trump debate poll: Biden won, according to Data for Progress - Vox - A decisive win, powered mostly by character - 52-39 margin
Who Won The Debate? | FiveThirtyEight
Trumps Chances Are Dwindling. That Could Make Him Dangerous.
President Trump Calls for Supporters 'to Go Into the Polls' on Election Day - The President's Debate Performance Was Pure FascismDonald Trump wants his own private Belarus, with his own private militias at polling places, and in the streets if he loses. And he's fixing things to get it, too.
The Trailer: What happened in Cleveland - The Washington Post
Donald Trump & Joe Biden 1st Presidential Debate Transcript 2020 - Rev
2020 Presidential Debate: Biden Controlled the Message
First Presidential Debate Highlights: Trump and Biden Square Off - Rolling Stone
The President Is a Sociopath. And 60 Million Americans Like It. - The Bulwark - The Cleveland debate revealed everything and changed nothing.
Opinion | The media keeps making these cringeworthy mistakes - The Washington Post - The worst appearance by a U.S. president in history is magically transformed into a non-personified event he debate itself. Why do so many headline writers, anchors and pundits fall into this trap? ("the debate" was terrible +"voters" are "white men" with no education)
Trump Caused Chaos at the Debate. Newspapers Blamed Both Sides. - The president was responsible for the lies and interruptions. Headline writers should say so. : politics ("both sides!)
Trump is scared sh**less: He can't handle the truth, so he wouldn't let Biden talk : politics
The biggest question Twitter users have from the debate: Can we mute the mics next time? The president interrupted both the moderator and Biden at least 128 times. : politics

Biden to Trump: 'You're the worst president America has ever had' : politics
Biden calls Trump a 'liar' and a 'clown' at first debate : politics
Biden hits back at Trump interruptions: "Will you shut up, man?" : politics
Biden campaign starts selling 'shut up, man' shirts after heated debate
Joe Biden's 'Will you shut up, man" debate line gives birth to meme
Tom Watson on Twitter: "Honestly, "Will you shut up, man?" is going down in presidential debate history along with with Nixon's beard. Iconic." / Twitter
Biden hammers Trump over his handling of the COVID-19 crisis: 'It is what it is, because you are who you are' : politics
Biden mocks Trump campaign debate claims: 'I've got my earpiece and performance enhancers ready' : politics
Biden: Trump Wouldn't Know Suburbs Unless He Took a Wrong Turn /a>

Joe Biden gets a hug from Jill Biden. Trump tries to force something from Melania. : gifs ("don't tuouch me")

First debate between Trump, Biden marked by chaos, rancor as candidates made it personal - The Boston Globe
Trump interrupted Biden more than 10 times as he tried to answer one question. It got worse from there - The Boston Globe
Scorecard: Grading the debate performances of Donald Trump and Joe Biden - The Boston Globe - It was the worst general election presidential debate in American history. (the most common stupid hot take from the debate, shared by 97 pundits expecting a "normal debate." It was actually the best debate ever.
The President Was the Sh-tshow | Biden talked to regular people. Trump talked to a right-wing Facebook comment section from hell. : politics (your pundits, like Anderson Cooper, missed the whole point)
At the Debate, Biden and Trump Showed America Who They Really Are. That's a Win for Biden
Trump woa't say when he'll make taxes public (suckers)

Fact-checking claims from Trump and Biden during the first 2020 presidential first debate - The Boston Globe
AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate
Fact-Checking the First 2020 Presidential Debate - The New York Times

It Wasn't a Debate. It was a Shameless, Dangerous Tantrum by the President.
Trump ensures first presidential debate is national humiliation : politics

An Epic Moment of National Shame: The Debate Was an Embarrassment for the Ages - POLITICO - Trump shredded the rulebook and any sense of decorum - Those who did persist in watching were rewarded, in a perverse way: They witnessed history in the making. The proceeding was an epic spectacle, a new low in presidential politics, a new high watermark in national shame.
Undecided voters call Trump 'unhinged' and 'un-American' but are unswayed by debate
This Is So Unpresidential : : Notes from the Worst Debate in American History - Trump talked and talked on Tuesday night, but, politically speaking, it added up to nothing.
David Bossie: Trump clearly defeats Biden in first presidential debate | Fox News - Biden failed to accomplish in 47 years what Trump has delivered for the American people in 47 months (Fox Fuckers)
Biden campaign faces questions about whether he should skip next debates - POLITICO - The campaign insisted he would participate in the final two, but some Democrats said he should demand rule changes.

Donald Trump Refused to Denounce White Supremacists. That's It. : politics
Stand back and stand by.During debate, President Trump again refuses to condemn white supremacists ("I'm very pround of my proud boys")
We Can Probably Stop Asking Trump : politics If He's a White Supremacist
Trump refuses to denounce white supremacism and instead tells Proud Boyst Debate Moment Is Snowballing : politics
o stand back and stand by' : politics
Far-Right Proud Boys Rally After Trumps Debate Defense: 'Fuck Them Up' ("Fasicism is a left-wing problem"
Eschaton: Donald Trump Missed A Tremendous Opportunity To Denounce Donald Trump - Donald Trump Missed A Tremendous Opportunity To Denounce Donald Trump - Really shocked that he didn't. Hard to figure out (Fox is puzzled)
Proud Boys celebrate Trump's 'stand by' remark about them at the debate.
AOC: We need to stop asking if white supremacy in policing exists but instead talk about how bad the problem is
The emergency is happening right now -- Trump's Proud Boys and voting comments in the first 2020 debate reveal a country in the midst of a democratic crisis ... this wasn't dog whistle racism, it was just flat out racism through a bull horn ... The moment that's reverberating for me, is Donald Trump challenging the assertion that the troops who died in Iraq are heros ...

CNN's Wolf Blitzer : 'I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last presidential debatbetween Biden, Trump
Watch police caravan driver outside presidential debate give Cleveland Black Lives Matter protesters the finger
Trumap's last best tactic: Burn it all down
Trumps fear dominated his first debate with Biden (Biden is "anti-cow")

'Behavior of a Desperate Man' : Trump Denounced for Calling on Supporters to Engage in Voter Intimidation. "This is a clear voter suppression tactic' ;said one critic after the president urged his backers to show up at polling places and 'watch very carefully'

The internet agrees Chris Wallace's debate performance was catastrophic -- it was astonishingly bad
Chris Wallace tried and failed to control Trump. Something needs to change - Wallace was far from invisible. Instead, he was ineffective. Profoundly so. (Margaret)
A Disgusting Night for Democracy | Donald Trump made it so, and Chris Wallace let him. : politics
With Help From Chris Wallace, Trump Attacked American Democracy | The Nation - Enabled by the weak moderation, the president used the debate to legitimize a hate group and threaten intimidation at the polling station.
Chris Wallace to Trump: Where is your health care plan? : politics ... Wallace made his own bed and embarrassed himself ... Trump is a classic abuser and Wallace was the classic enabler.
Chris Wallace Calls Debate 'a Terrible Missed Opportunity' ("by me")

Almost every single thing Trump said during last segment of debate was inaccurate (can't say "outrageous lies," can you?)
Eschaton: Failsons - The heirs don't even appreciate their inheritances. - From 2005: (Chris Wallace is another Fox failson)

Maddow: 'This sort of debate shouldn't happen in a democracy'

Trump Interrupts Joe Biden Talking About Dead Son To Call The One Thats Still Alive A Deadbeat : politics
Biden mocks Trump over disinfectant remark; Trump says he was being sarcastic : politics
'Did I dream Herman Cain's death?': Trump slammed for claiming campaign rallies don't spread coronavirus : politics
Twitter criticizes Trump after he says indoor rallies had no 'negative' effects: 'Ask Herman Cain' : politics
Trump claims in debate Portland Sheriff 'Portland Sheriff' gave him endorsement; Reese quickly responds: I 'will never support him
Trump says he paid millions in income taxes; Biden says 'show us your tax returns' : politics
Undecided voters describe Trump as a 'crackhead,' 'arrogant' in post-debate focus group : politics
The First Trump-Biden Debate Stressed Everybody The Hell Out : politics

Trump doesn't decide who wins the election. We do.

Biden raises a record $3.8 million in 1 hour during debate with Trump : politics
Biden campaign raises its biggest hourly sum as first debate ends : politics
Joe Biden's Odds of Beating Donald Trump Improve After Presidential Debate

Donald Trump is "assassinating the presidency," Bob Woodward says after first debate : politics
Trump Lied And Bullied Through The Debate== But Also Saw His 'Senile Biden' Claim Fall Apart
Trump's debate bullying was an insult to the American people - Biden spoke earnestly and sincerely to hundreds of millions of people. Trump shouted almost non-stop at Biden and Wallace, but really he was only speaking to one person: Donald J Trump.
Presidential debate didn't help Trump catch Biden, but horror show scared America ... Last night, Joe Biden talked to the people. Looked at the camera and addressed America. Donald Trump talked at the people. He just wanted the sound of his voice to dominate the night and it didn't matter who heard it
The debate was a nightmare, and a fitting summation of Trump's residency
Joe Biden outperforms the performer president : politics ... Trump could be oozing liquid shit down his leg and mumbling incoherently into the mic, and they'll still say he won ..

Mueller caved to Trump on financial probe; didn't follow the money : politics
Robert Mueller lies about Iraq WMD - YouTube (Bad Bobby always a FRepublican fucker)
Judge orders DOJ to publish info redacted as privileged from Mueller report | TheHill (Barr broke the law and lied for Trump!)

Comey refutes Trumps debate claim that Biden pushed for Flynn prosecution

America Needs to Prosecute Its Presidents : politics
Trump could be more than $1 billion in debt -- that'a national security risk, experts say
Trump will go straight to prison if full tax returns ever come out, Cohen says | The former Trump lawyer and fixer says it's the president's 'biggest fear'
'No question about it' : Former Watergate prosecutor predicts Trump and Ivanka may end up
Eric Trump's Beloved Westchester 'Compound' Turns Out to Just Be His Dad's Tax Write-Off

Intel chief releases Russian disinfo on Hillary Clinton that was rejected by bipartisan Senate panel - POLITICO - Former top officials were aghast at the move by John Ratcliffe, the director of national intelligence.
Lindsey Graham on Spreading Potential Russian Disinformation: It Doesn't Matter If It's True -- A burning desire among Trump fans to paint the president as the true victim of Russia saga of 2016 has led us to some remarkable places.

Bernie Sanders: Ruinous 2020 Debate Showcased Why Trump Is 'Most Dangerous President' in US History

Project Veritas Video Was a 'Coordinated Disinformation Campaign' Researchers Say ... The timing of the deceptive video, which accuses Ilhan Omar of voter fraud, indicates that several conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr., may have known about it in advance. (lock up the slimey little fucker)

Top Republicans Panic as Dems Take 'astronomical' Lead in Early Mailed Ballots

Showing 76% of Coney Barrett Rulings Put Corporate Interests Over People, Analysis Warns Confirmation Would 'Supercharge' GOP Agenda : politics
Cruz: 'Entire Reason For Quick Confirmation Is So Barrett Can Weigh In On Election Issues (slimey Cuban fucker)
In Senate questionnaire, Barrett wop't pledge to recuse herself from 2020 election cases
The Republican strategy for every Supreme Court nominee: Hide what you believe : politics

Eschaton: Just Provoking The Libs - Just Provoking The Libs - That fucking newspaper.
Parker Molloy on Twitter: "In case you're wondering how we got to this place in history, here's an actual 2018 headline" / Twitter (NYT has been promooting whtie supremacy for a long time)

Eschaton: Sneak Attack - Amazing the sneaky stuff you can do if you want! -- GOP had no one on the floor to object. The bill will fail due to filibuster but Schumer still successful forcing health care vote before election< (made them go on record as the death party) /a>
AOC condemns U.S. system that allows Trump, Amazon to pay almost no taxes but doesn't fund health care for all : politics

Biden Opens 23-Point Lead Over Trump Among Women in Pennsylvania : politics
Joe Biden has 66% of Texas Latino vote, new poll shows : politics
Court upholds Wisconsin ballot extension, hands Dems a win - ABC News - A federal appeals court has upheld a six-day extension for counting absentee ballots in Wisconsin

Poll: Jaime Harrison tied with Lindsey Graham in South Carolina : politics
Character - YouTube

The Trump Campaign Is Quietly Disappearing Brad Parscale From Their Website
"The Family Is Worried Brad Will Start Talking" : Trumpworld Panics Over Debate Fiasco as Campaign Turmoil Mounts ("Famoily" = "Crime Family"

Malinowski Got Death Threats After QAnon Went After Him - The House Republican campaign committee falsely accused Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski of protecting sexual predators. "They knew exactly what they were doing," he said

Kentucky attorney general seeks delay in release of grand jury recordings in Breonna Taylor case : news

LeBron James recruits 10,000 poll volunteers to assist in Black districts : politics

That Reddit in downtown Chicago post got updated! : pics

What's the dumbest thing you actually believed? : AskReddit


Climate Champion David Attenborough Breaks Jennifer Aniston's Instagram Record | Sir David Attenborough wants to share a message about the climate crisis. And it looks like his fellow Earthlings are ready to listen. : worldnews
Extinction is forever - World leaders pledge to end biodiversity loss
Australia joins US, China and Russia in refusing to sign leaders' pledge on biodiversity : worldnews (wingnut authoritarians)
Anger as Brazil revokes mangrove protection regulations : worldnews
Revealed: BP And Shell Back Anti-Climate Lobby Groups Despite Pledges : worldnews
Nearly every car on the road will have to be electric by 2050 to meet UN climate targets, researchers claim : worldnews

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster : worldnews
World leaders urged to ban all trade in wild animals and birds for eating to prevent pandemics : worldnews
France to ban use of wild animals in circuses, marine parks : worldnews

Major hospital system hit with cyberattack, potentially largest in U.S. history : Coronavirus

The coronavirus has now killed more than 1 million people and upended the global economy in less than nine months : worldnews
Dr. Scott Gottlieb fears U.S. headed for most dangerous season for coronavirus infections
The U.S. is 'not in a good place' as daily coronavirus cases grow beyond 40,000, Fauci says : Coronavirus
United States reports only 324 deaths, lowest since July 5th : Coronavirus

The Atlantic | Vaccine Chaos Is Looming : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/29/20 : boston
450 New Confirmed Cases ; 8 Deaths -September 29 : CoronavirusMa - 129,243 total cases - 14,124 new individuals tested; 3.2% positive - 57,005 total tests today; 0.8% positive - +26 hospital; +22 icu; -4 intubated; 444 hospitalized - 8 new deaths; 9,209 total

How on Earth Can You Afford a House Here? : boston

Failing the poor - Covid-19 has reversed years of gains in the war on poverty : Coronavirus
Coronavirus layoffs send middle-class workers down the economic ladder

COVID-19 was twice as contagious as experts thought when pandemic started, study says : Coronavirus
The surface issue has 'essentially gone away' Experts revise thinking on coronavirus transmission
Why aerosol vs. droplet transmission of covid-19 matters : Coronavirus
Landmark case study finds coronavirus easily transmitted in ideal outdoor conditions : Coronavirus (new "social distance: one mile)
Covid-19 tests that give results in minutes to be rolled out across world : worldnews
Coronavirus face coverings under the nose equivalent to not wearing a mask
Nine in ten recovered COVID-19 patients experience side-effects - study : Coronavirus
Study: 23% of all medical research output dedicated to COVID-19 and related conditions : Coronavirus
Regeneron's REGN-COV2 Antibody Cocktail Reduced Viral Levels and Improved Symptoms in Non-Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients : Coronavirus
COVID-19 may deplete testosterone, helping to explain male patients' poorer prognosis: Over half of male patients studied were found to have lower than their normal testosterone levels : Coronavirus (the anti-male virus)
Family urges mask wearing and kindness after 12-year-old dies of COVID-19 : Coronavirus
COVID-19 cases among young adults in U.S. rise 55% in August: CDC : Coronavirus
Nine in ten recovered COVID-19 patients experience side-effects - study : Coronavirus

Social media use linked with depression, secondary trauma during COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Coronavirus infections among school-age kids rose in September after classes resumed : Coronavirus

Defiant Maine pastor's family planning wedding events across state line amid virus outbreaks

New York state's coronavirus infection rate highest since July
New York Sheriff Breaks Up Huge Wedding at Royal Elite Palace, Queens With Almost 300 Guests - The owner and manager of the venue in Queens were both reportedly taken into custody.
NYC sheriffs break up indoor wedding with nearly 300 guests - NBC News - Sept 29 2020 : Coronavirus
New York Region Sees 40% Bankruptcy Surge, Braces for More : Coronavirus
We're at War' : New York City Faces a Financial Abyss

Spineless North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum Lets Third Health Director Take the Fall as COVID-19 Cases Soar - Gov. Doug Burgum rescinded an expanded quarantine order almost immediately after a Trumpish backlashand he lost his third health director in four months in the process.

Titans have NFL's first COVID-19 outbreak, with 8 positives : Coronavirus
Notre Dame Announces 18 Football Players Tested Positive for COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Volleyball league linked to potentially large COVID-19 outbreak, Illinois officials say : Coronavirus

Disney Parks to layoff 28,000 Employees; Cites California's "Unwillingness" to Reopen Disneyland : Coronavirus

Meatpackers deny workers benefits for COVID-19 deaths, illnesses : Coronavirus

Michigan Gov. Whitmer calls for Upper Peninsula to mask-up as coronavirus cases spike : Coronavirus

Russia reports 8,232 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase since June, and 160 new deaths : Coronavirus

UK reports 7,143 new coronavirus cases, the biggest one-day increase on record, and 71 new deaths : Coronavirus

How Quebec went from COVID-19 success story to hot spot in 30 days : Coronavirus

Greece sees 2nd highest daily virus cases since May : Coronavirus

Israel minister says 'no way' virus lockdown will end soon : Coronavirus
Israel Emerges as Top Destination for American Teens Amid Pandemic : Coronavirus (Hasids are spreading the plague)
Israelis who fell sick with COVID-19 twice: Second time was worse : worldnews

After a brutal first wave, Italy stands out as one of the Europe's best performers : worldnews

[Spain] Madrid forbids health personnel and teachers from speaking to the media [Article in Spanish, translation in the comments] : Coronavirus

Coronavirus - How coronavirus brought Spain s health care system to its knees - The Spanish health care system is considered one of the best and most efficient in the world. But it has failed during the coronavirus crisis.

Falsely reporting a coronavirus contact to force them to self-isolate will receive #1,000 fine : worldnews

China's currency on track for its strongest quarter against the dollar since 2008 as economy recovers, foreign investors pump in money : worldnews
Xinjiang: Large numbers of new detention camps uncovered in report : worldnews ... Disney are funding forced labour and child abuse on a massive scale
Chinese kindergarten teacher sentenced to death for poisoning 25 students with nitrite-laced porridge : worldnews

Qatari sheikh delivered electric shock punishment' to worker as example to others : worldnews

Tensions mount as Armenia, Azerbaijan continue fighting : worldnews
URGENT: Turkish F-16 shoots down Armenia jet in Armenian airspace : news

Turkey Arrested and Illegally Detained a Canadian permanent resident, a PhD student and a member of the LGBTQ community, Cihan Erdal, simply for signing a letter six years ago : worldnews

Proud of my son, says father of Pakistani man who stabbed 2 in Paris : worldnews (muzfucked)

'No more ladies and gentlemen' : : Japan Airlines embraces gender neutral greetings

Amnesty to halt work in India due to government 'witch-hunt' | Amnesty International : worldnews

Tax evasion and theft rob Africa of $89bn a year: UN study. Nearly half of the total annual figure of $88.6bn is accounted for by the export of commodities such as gold, diamonds and platinum, the report found

Far-right German politician sacked for reportedly suggesting migrants could be killed | World news | The Guardian

Mexican women demanding legalization of abortion clash with police : worldnews

Boris Johnson's Government accused of 'beyond laughable' hypocrisy for launching campaign urging other countries to obey rule of law
Jon Venabels, convicted child murderer and (multiple) convicted pedophile *finally* has a parole application denied. : worldnews
British soldiers won't be prosecuted over Bloody Sunday : worldnews

German chancellor hopeful says Trump win risks transatlantic collapse : worldnews
US flag burned as Greeks protest Pompeo's visit : worldnews

Julian Assange 'faces fate worse than death' in US: WikiLeaks founder could serve life in isolation : worldnews

Gallup: World Grows Less Accepting of Migrants : worldnews

US election to have far fewer international observers than planned : worldnews (Trump says he and the Proud` Boys will do all the beautiful observing you need)

More Detained Women Say ICE Doctor Pressured Them Into Gynecological Surgery : politics

U.S. intelligence reports warn of extremist threat around election : news

ICE preparing targeted arrests in sanctuary cities, amplifying president's campaign themee

Biden Releases Tax Returns Ahead of Debate With Trump - WSJ - The Democratic nominee paid nearly $300,000 in federal taxes for 2019, drawing a tax-disclosure contrast with the president
The not so great debate - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Discussion Thread: First Presidential Debate - 09/29/2020 | PART III : politics

Coordinated push of groundless conspiracy theories target Biden hours before debate - One theory was later amplified by conservative news outlets and the Trump campaign that claimed Biden had backed out of an ear "inspection"
The Murdochs Fox News and New York Post go all in on Biden earpiec conspiracy theory - Fox News alone has aired 11 segments discussing the topic between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m ... "spread everywhere on Facebook" .../ .
The ridiculous Biden earpiece conspiracy theory bounced around the online fever swamps before Fox picked it up

Trumps adversarial relationship with presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace, explained

Tax Records Reveal How Fame Gave Trump a $427 Million Lifeline - The New York Times (part 2)

Trump Has Sold Off America's Credibility for His Personal Gain - From China to Ukraine, this president has acted at odds with American foreign policy. Imagine what he could do with four more years.

Tax Returns Show Trump Looting Treasury to Stave Off His Own Financial Disaster : politics
Trump could be more than $1 billion in debt -- a national security risk, experts say
Trump refuses to take questions at White House event after bombshell tax revelations. : politics
Trump's resort business is collapsing -- is that why he pushed to reopen the economy? Donald Trump is broke, and his resorts are bottomless money pits. He needed "reopening" to keep his business afloat
Kamala Harris asks Trump if any of his reported $421 million in debt is owed to a foreign nation : politics
Michael Cohen says release of Trump's tax returns is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump
Michael Cohen Says He Got 3 Years For Tax Evasion, So Trump 'Should Do 360' : politics
Tax Records Reveal How Fame Gave Trump a $427 Million Lifeline - The New York Times
No, The New York Times Did Not Break the Law by Exposing President Trump's Tax Returns
The question of how Donald Trump's Scottish resorts are financed just became even more urgent

Opinion | The GOP ship is capsizing. Who gets a lifeboat? - The Washington Post

Stop assuming voters won't care about Trumps taxes
The problem with savvy is that the takes always get worse - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Claims that "everyone knows this already" are just flat-out false; a lot of people still believe that Trump character on The Apprentice is real, and when people find out that he's in fact a failson heir it makes people think less of him on net. Marginal voters are almost by definition low-information voters.

The art of diversion - Popular Information ... Project Veritas ... Look over there!

Don't miss the Ivanka Trump bombshell buried in the Times tax story : politics
Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says 'No Question' Trump And Ivanka Could Both Face Prison.

Mueller pushes back on insider book faulting special counsel for not doing more to hold Trump accountable - The Washington Post
An Insiders Look at How the Mueller Investigation Fell Flat

Flynn lawyer spoke with Trump, she reveals in contentious hearing - POLITICO - The attorney, Sidney Powell, said she recently briefed the president on the case and asked him not to issue a pardon.

We Still Dont Know Who Is Paying For Trump's SCOTUS Seats : The conservative front group backing Amy Coney Barrett already spent $27 million to remake the Supreme Court. We have no idea where the money came from.

Trump's Own Undocumented Workers Paid More in Taxes Than He Did
Biden Paid Over 4,900 Times More in Taxes Than Trump in 2017 : politics
One of Trump's tax refunds would pay all transgender troops' healthcare costs for 28 years. President Trump banned transgender people from the military, saying their healthcare costs are too high.

Trump administration pressured CDC to play down risks of reopening schools: report : politics ("kids don't get the flu")

'Outrageous' and 'Disturbing' : Openly Defying Federal Court Order, Wilbur Ross Moves to Shut Down Census Early (

Poll: USPS should be run like a public service, not a business, Americans say 2-to-1 : politics

Trump Secretly Mocks His Christian Supporters : politics (haha suckers)

Data leak: 2016 Trump campaign listed 3.5 million Black people it wanted to stop from voting : politics

'He just lies' : Florida's senior voters suddenly are in play
They wanted disruption in 2016. Now they're Trump defectors ... The bedrock of Trump America is white voters who are 45 or older, and they are largely solidly with him, especially in rural areas.

Ballots in California dumpster were actually old, empty envelopes from 2018 election : politics
Judge orders emergency paper backups of voter records in Georgia : politics (Kempster deleted all the dem votes)

Fox and Friends Hosts Look On in Horror as Rudy Giuliani Blurts Out Biden Dementia Conspiracy Theory
Twitter wants Dr. Jill Biden and Melania Trump to engage in a First Ladies debate : politics

Biden gains on Trump nationally, leads in most swing states : politics
Biden up nine points in Pennsylvania, polling shows : politics

Everything Trump touches dies -- including his presidency
Trump Has Nothing Else up His Sleeve | In business and in politics, he falls back on the same tricks, but his tax returns show how poorly those tricks work. : politics
Trump Is Trying to Trick Americans Into Giving Up on Democracy : politics
The Wealthy Are the Real Welfare Queens and Donald Trump Is Their King : politics
Manufacturing in Ohio has declined substantially under Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Let's check in on Donald Trump's boldly transformative economic populism, shall we: ... "It's booming now." It's a lie. Not only because the poorly managed pandemic recession has destroyed 720,000 manufacturing jobs on net nationwide, including 38,000 in Ohio alone. Also because even before covid-19 broke out, Trump had deserted Ohio's smanufacturing workers.
Ohio President: general election Polls | FiveThirtyEight (Biden +1)
Electoral College Rating Changes: Ohio and Iowa Move to Toss Up | The Cook Political Report
Trumps Pennsylvania problem
In Pennsylvania, advantage Biden with a big boost from women: POLL - ABC News - The result includes a more than 2-1 Biden lead in the Philadelphia suburbs.
Pair of endorsements adds more fuel to Georgia Senate race - ABC News (Lieberjputz Jr fucks things up as is tradition)

Brad Parscale probed on $40m theft from 2020 Trump election campaign | Daily Mail Online - under investigation for stealing up to $40million from Trump's campaign and $10million from the RNC (party of crooks will crook)

This is a nightmare: New Yorkers get absentee ballots with the wrong return envelope
Brooklyn Voters Receive Absentee Ballot Envelopes With Wrong Voter Names And Addresses - Gothamist

New Poll Reveals Republicans More Likely Than Democrats to Prioritize Winning Debate Over Telling Truth : politics

The Obama Justice Department Had a Plan to Hold Police Accountable for Abuses. The Trump DOJ Has Undermined It. : politics

Kentucky AG to Make Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Recordings Available, After Juror Demands Release : politics
AG never asked grand jury to consider homicide charges in Breonna Taylor's killing - ABC News - A judge has ordered that recordings of the grand jury hearing be released. (AG fucker had the fucker cops back)
Officer in Breonna Taylor case who fired fatal shot has fundraiser for his retirement : news

Charleston police arrest 2 men with multiple weapons after confrontation with protesters : news

11-Year-Old Boy Among Several Dead After Salem, Oregon Hostage Situation - Marion County deputies responded to a hostage situation in Salem, Oregon on Monday that ended in the deaths of three peopleincluding the suspect.

Man accused of driving into Pasadena protesters had amassed guns, set up 'training camp' at family vineyard, complaint alleges : news

Squatting couple who owed $1M in taxes arrested after armed standoff, police say : news

Black college student says campus police stormed into dorm after false report : news

TPD: Car hit woman with grandson in a stroller after reaching speeds of nearly 100 mph : news
Man charged with killing woman in dispute over minor crash : news

Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor Is 'Very Likely to Work,' Studies Suggest

Multiple 'water bodies' found under surface of Mars : worldnews

Archaeologists in Turkey Unearth 2,400-Year-Old Dionysus Mask : news

What's the dumbest way you've gotten a scar?


If Coronavirus Doesn't Kill Us, Climate Change Will: World Leaders Warn of Environmental Armageddon : worldnews

Record low number of British butterflies baffles scientists - Despite a warm and sunny British summer, fewer butterflies than ever were recorded in each count by the biggest butterfly survey in the world. : worldnews
John Barilaro ignored koala protection concerns, insisted Forestry Corp logging continue : worldnews

WHO warns 2 million deaths not impossible as global fatalities approach 1 million
U.S. Hits Troubling 55,000 New COVID-19 Cases In A Single Day -- The biggest jump in 24 hours in more than a month as the nation heads into a challenging new season.
Alarming Data Shows a Third Wave of COVID-19 Is About to Hit the U.S. : Coronavirus
Conservatives ask for immediate halt to Wisconsin mask order : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/28/20 : boston
367 New Confirmed Cases ; 11 Deaths -September 28 : CoronavirusMa - 128,793 total cases - 13,049 new individuals tested; 2.8% positive - 49,373 total tests today; 0.74% positive - +10 hospital; +6 icu; +4 intubated; 418 hospitalized - 11 new deaths; 9,201 total - We now have the 2nd worst rt in the country.

Five new coronavirus cases reported on Nantucket Saturday 57 total this month putting Nantucket solidly in the red zone : CoronavirusMa
How would you rate Massachusetts's initial handling, is it getting better or worse?

Governor Baker and his staff continue to withhold key pandemic data - The Boston Globe - overnor Charlie Baker's administration continues to withhold key details about COVID-19 cases and deaths at many nursing homes and other senior-care facilities, despite Baker signing a law three months ago that requires greater disclosure about infections at the institutions.

Preventative nasal spray shown to reduce viral replication by up to 96% in COVID-19 challenge study : worldnews
A new study in Italy found that deaths from Covid-19 are less likely to occur in the communities with higher rates of flu vaccines : Coronavirus
There are four coronavirus vaccines in late-stage studies -- Here's how they differ

The Students Left Behind by Remote Learning | The New Yorker - The desire to protect children may put their long-term well-being at stake.

Cuomo announces sharp spike in coronavirus positive test results in New York and 2.6% hot spot in Brooklyn : Coronavirus

Fauci says it's 'very concerning' that Florida is re-opening bars and restaurants at full capacity : Coronavirus

Positive COVID-19 test rates top 25% in some U.S. Midwest states : Coronavirus

Texas among 21 States reporting increased COVID-19 cases as experts warn of a fall surge : Coronavirus

Montana COVID cases hit new high, passing the record set two days ago : Coronavirus

Ontario reports 700 new coronavirus cases, highest daily infections ever recorded : Coronavirus

In a month, India's coronavirus cases double from 3 million to 6 million

Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews defy Covid-19 fears during Yom Kippur - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given in to pressure from ultra-Orthodox Jews in his coalition government, refusing to close synagogues during Yom Kippur despite the threat from Covid-19. : worldnews (same 17th century Hasids as Brooklyn)

Crew on first post-lockdown Greek cruise contract coronavirus. Maltese-flagged vessel moored with 922 passengers onboard after 150 staff test positive : worldnews

How Manchester Metropolitan University went from huge student parties to lockdown in two weeks : worldnews
Covid cases at UK food factories could be over 30 times higher than reported - Investigation warns employers have too much influence over official data amid claims of fake safety audits : worldnews
The British government is planning to enforce a total social lockdown across a majority of northern Britain and potentially London, to combat a second wave of COVID-19 : worldnews
The Houses of Parliament's bars have been exempted from the UK's 10pm coronavirus curfew - Restrictions compelling the wearing of masks, and compulsory registration for drinkers also do not apply. : worldnews
Parliament ends 10pm bar curfew exemption after furious backlash : worldnews
Confidence in UK's global role plunges after Brexit, poll finds - Belief that Britain is a force for good in the world has plunged in the last 18 months, a national poll has found, with under half of the UK now convinced of the country's positive impact

Universal basic income gains support in South Korea after COVID | The debate on universal basic income has gained momentum in South Korea, as the coronavirus outbreak and the country's growing income divide force a rethink on social safety nets. : worldnews
South Korea's population is rapidly aging as people aged 65 or older account for nearly 16 percent of its population, government data showed Monday. : worldnews
Geneva Voters Agree to $25 Minimum Hourly Wage : worldnews
Swiss voters approve paternity leave : worldnews

Facing IS, last embattled Sikhs, Hindus leave Afghanistan : worldnews

Xinjiang: Large numbers of new detention camps uncovered in report : worldnews
A Uighur Woman Who Was At Risk Of Being Forcibly Sent Back To China And Detained Has Arrived Safely In The US : worldnews
Tiny Muslim community in China's ainan becomes latest target for religious crackdown - The Utsuls of Hainan island are only around 10,000 strong, but are now facing increasing surveillance and a crackdown on traditional clothing

DNA test confirms that the Indian army killed three Kashmiri labourers, including a minor, in a fake encounter. The families are demanding the bodies back for burial. : worldnews

Dozens dead as world leaders urge halt to Azerbaijan-Armenia clashes : worldnews
Armenian envoy says Turkey sent 4,000 Syrian fighters to Azerbaijan amid fighting : worldnews

A Thai National Park is Mailing People's Trash Back to Them : worldnews
Sri Lanka returns containers of illegal waste to Britain: Customs : worldnews

Japan's New Leader, Suga Yoshihide, Will Maintain the Old Regime - He is the right man to lead Japan into the 1980s.

S. Korea's Moon apologizes over handling of killing by North : worldnews

Romanian villagers re-elect mayor despite his COVID-19 death : worldnews

Gay woman who was attacked after being unlawfully deported to Uganda wins court case : worldnews (UK said she didn't need asylum, sent her to be raped)
Auschwitz museum head offers to trade with Nigerian boy jailed for blasphemy: Piotr Cywinski made intervention after Sharia court sentenced Omar Farouq, 13, to 120 months in jail : worldnews (muzfuckers)

350 cases of suspected far-right sympathy found in German security forces : worldnews
Merkel visited Kremlin critic Navalny in hospital: Spiegel : worldnews
German-made FinSpy spyware found in Egypt, and Mac and Linux versions revealed : worldnews

Head of MS Estonia investigation: Estonia sank on collision with submarine : worldnews

Ambassadors from around the world appeal for greater LGBT acceptance in Poland : worldnews

Spain's Supreme Court rules food delivery riders are employees, not freelancers : worldnews
Quim Torra: Spain's top court removes Catalan chief from office for 'disobedience' : worldnews

Trump to approve $22B railway between Alaska and Alberta, Canada : worldnews
Meng Wanzhou: The PowerPoint that sparked an international row : worldnews
Huawei CFO case back in Canadian court on Monday : worldnews

Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax Fraud, D.A. Says for First Time : politics

A National Nightmare: Whoever Owns Trump's Enormous Debts Could Be Running The Country (Vlad and Bonesaw cackle)
Trump's Taxes Show He's a National Security Threat : politics
Why Trump's Taxes Could Make Him a National Security Issue
Trump's Taxes Show He's a National Security Threat
McMaster: Trump suggestion he might not cede power is gift to our adversaries
Trump literally can't afford to lose the election : politics
Tax Returns Bombshell Report Shows How Much Trump Paid in Taxes to Foreign Governments : politics
Trump sold voters on the folly that he's a successful businessman. That's a con : politics
Turns Out President Business Deals Couldn't Manage a Lemonade Stand : politics
The New York Times' coverage of Trump's taxes is an emperor-has-no-clothes moment : politics
'Trump's image is revealed to be a sham' : politics
Trump's Old Tweet About Obama's Taxes Is Looking Super Awkward Now < Trump tax records show duplicity. That's devastating for his campaign.
Megathread: Long-Concealed Records Show President Trump's Losses and Years of Tax Avoidance
Here's how much you had to make in 2017 to pay more income tax than Donald Trump -- A single adult without kids making $18,000 would have paid more.
Trump owes his whole inheritance - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump Just Lost Control of the Game - His tax returns dispel all his pretensions to wealth and sacrifice, and his reelection campaign is running out of time.
Ten Quick Takeaways from the New York Times' Bombshell Article on Trump's Tax Returns ... #6: Ivanka is a crook
Trumps taxes show why he is desperate to stay in office

One million Americans have already cast 2020 vote in 'historic' early voting surge

Biden Campaign Begins Selling 'I Paid More Income Taxes Than Donald Trump' Stickers : politics
People are donating $750 to Biden to troll Trump over tax story
Joe Biden for president : politics
Ocasio-Cortez: Trump contributed less in taxes 'than waitresses and undocumented immigrants' : politics
Trump spent more than $70,000 to style his hair when he was on 'The Apprentice' and wrote it off as a business expense: NYT : politics
Is It Even Possible To Spend $70,000 On Hair? Stylists Break It Down | HuffPost Life (fake hair)
AOC Condemns 'Misogynistic' Republicans for Not Criticizing Trump's $70K Hairstyling Write-Off While Attacking Her $250 Haircut : politics

The Tedium of Trump | No matter how many crazy things happen, the fundamentals are the same: The president is a greedy racist and misogynist who does not understand his job. : politics

Trump sought deals with Moscow mayor - POLITICO

"Own the Libs" Is Gradually Morphing Into "Kill the Libs" And far from just a GOP slogan, it's becoming actual policy.

Donald Trump wanted daughter Ivanka to be running mate in 2016, book says : politics

Trump says overturning Roe v Wade 'possible' with Barrett on supreme court : politics
When wingnut identity politics gets ghoulish - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Pelosi Prepares Democrats For Rare Possibility The House May Decide The Election : politics

CDC director takes aim at Trump's Covid adviser: 'Everything he says is false' : politics (the Fox "radiologist")

Biden campaign responds to Trump's call for drug test: 'President thinks his best case is made in urine' : politics
Let Biden go ballistic against Trump at the debate : politics

Trumps Tax Returns Have Exposed Him as a Massive Failure Who Thrived in the Age of PlutocracyThe New York Times report is the final and conclusive evidence that the president failed at a time in which politics and government were rearranged to keep his particular genre of failure ever from being fatal ... we should remember, that $750 is $750 more than Amazon paid in 2018 ...

I'm Not Confident That the President*'s Very Stable Genius Can Handle All of This at Once - Quite simply, it appears that a lot of people inside of Camp Runamuck are coming unraveled. I am not comfortable with that situation at all ... and one of the most ominous sentences in the New York Timee; latest blockbuster is the one that says Monday's story is only the "first" of several such reports.
Trumpworld is imploding : politics
Trumpworld is imploding - an unstated revelation in the Times expose: Somebody close to Trump turned on him, leaking financial information that could be both politically damaging and legally treacherous
All for you Damien! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Look, I'm not saying that Donald Trump is literally the Antichrist, but I definitely think it would be irresponsible not to speculate.
Police documents show Brad Parscale beat his wife and threatened her with a gun

Puerto Rico gears up to vote in statehood referendum this Nov : politics

Due to an 'Inexplicable Error,' USPS Failed to Update New Addresses of Nearly 2 Million Americans: Report
Third judge orders Postal Service to halt delivery cuts : politics

Science editor H. Holden Thorp: Scientists "should have spoken out" against Trump "a long time ago"; Editor of respected journal on his "Trump lied about science" editorial and why too many scientists stayed quiet

TikTok or Not, Gen-Z Voters are Mobilizing to Vote : politics

Pandemic overwhelms Trump's message in critical N. Carolina
Meredith Poll Provides Snapshot of N.C. Voter Opinions as Election 2020 Approaches | Meredith College -- The presidential race in North Carolina is extremely competitive with Joe Biden and Donald Trump essentially tied (45.7-45.4%) heading into the last month of the campaign with just 6 percent of voters declaring themselves undecided.

Democratic super PAC jumps into South Carolina race against Lindsey Graham : politics

We're Resigning from WSN. Here's Why ... Dr. Kenna Griffin (is a total wingnut racist lying bitch and NYU fucked the paper)

QAnon Goes to Washington : Twenty-four followers of the grotesque conspiracy theory are running for Congress in November. Where does this end?
QAnon Is Attracting Cops - Armed, empowered and enthralled with a deadly conspiracy. (and really stupid)

Nazi's salute at a back the blue rally in Mansfield, MA. : beholdthemasterrace (the cops are open Nazis)

[OC] The Most Eventful Years in History (according to Wikipedia) : dataisbeautiful


Steven Hawking: Mayans miscalculated by 8 years, 2020 is actual end of civilisation | That Cricket Blog (in 2012)

The water in Lake Jackson Texas is infected with brain eating amoebas. 90-95% fatality rate if people are exposed. : videos

Coronavirus death toll hits 1 million : Coronavirus
Covid Death Toll Nears 1 Million, But Real Number May Be Double : worldnews
From CDC Director Tom Frieden: "The route to herd immunity without a vaccine would be through graveyards filled with hundreds of thousands of Americans who did not have to die" : Coronavirus (Trump laughs)
Fauci: Even after a COVID-19 vaccine, masks and social distance still vital : Coronavirus
Amid pandemic, confidence in CDC erodes with questions of political interference : Coronavirus
Trust in COVID-19 information from U.S. government sources plummeted between March and April, study finds : Coronavirus
Experts warn of 'huge surge' in COVID-19 cases in fall and winter months

MA COVID-19 Data 9/27/20 : boston

Five new coronavirus cases reported on Nantucket Saturday 57 total this month putting Nantucket solidly in the red zone : CoronavirusMa

Police wouldn't put mask on? : CoronavirusMa (arrest them ... oh wait)
Lack of mask enforcement in western MA? : CoronavirusMa


Dr. Fauci says to take vitamin D if you're deficient : Coronavirus
Vitamin D levels around the world - DSM review June 2014 | VitaminDWiki
'My brain doesn't work like it did' COVID-19 'long hauler' describes persistent symptoms
"Silent wave" of brain damage could follow pandemic : Coronavirus
From Brain Fog to Heart Damage: Rehab After COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Autopsies Show Varied Forms of Heart Damage in COVID-19 Patients : Coronavirus

Georgia withholds school COVID-19 counts from public - saying the public has no legal right to information about outbreaks that the state is investigating. (and to die for the Kempster)

South Florida bars packed after Gov. gives OK for reopening : Coronavirus
Florida now has more than 700,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus

Uptick: New York logs more than 1,000 daily COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus

Wisconsin sets new record for positive coronavirus cases in single day : Coronavirus

As Covid-19 Closes Schools, the World's Children go to Work

France's coronavirus second wave 'arriving faster than we thought'

Modi offers India's COVID-19 vaccine capacity to 'all humanity'

Dentists fear a tsunami of post-lockdown tooth decay

The Virus Sent Droves to a Small Town. Suddenly, It's Not So Small ... Winhall VT ...

Organiser Fined #10,000 as Police Break up 70 guest Wedding : worldnews

UK 'turning a blind eye' to war crimes in Yemen with Saudi arms sales : worldnews

China denies destroying thousands of mosques, dismisses Australian report as foreign slander : worldnews

100,000 march in Belarus capital on 50th day of protests against president : news

Study finds Russian prescription drugs hiding in "brain boosting" supplements : worldnews

Nagorno Karabakh Fighting Flares - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This could get ugly quick:
Armenia ???? on Twitter: "Faith & Power! #StopAzerbaijaniAgression #StopAliyev #KarabakhNow #NKpeace #NKstrong #ArtsakhStrong" / Twitter
Azerbaijan and Armenia clash over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region : worldnews
Fighting Flares Between Azerbaijan and Armenia - The New York Times - The governments of both countries reported action with tanks, military helicopters and artillery in a rapid escalation of a long-simmering conflict.

American sued in Thailand over negative review - faces 2 years in jail if convicted : worldnews

France's Macron sayw Belarus leader Lukashenko 'has to go'
Suspect in new Charlie Hebdo attack angered by republished cartoons, say Paris police : worldnews ... "Muhammad sucks dick."

A large majority of Swiss voters have rejected by a 63-37 percent margin a right-wing party's proposal to annul a pact with the European Union allowing the free movement of people, broadcaster SRF has projected

India: 52 teachers accuse school management of secretly filming them in toilet, blackmailing over salary : worldnews

Japan Catholic Church sued for damages in alleged sex abuse : worldnews

Egypt navy shot dead two Palestine fishermen : worldnews

Justin Trudeau: 'The World Is In Crisis, And Things Are About To Get Much Worse' : worldnews

Boris Johnson is reported to have offered jobs at the head of two of Britain's most important media organisations to two outspoken critics of the BBC. The provocative choice of two such hardline anti-BBC voices has prompted anger and dismay across the broadcasting and entertainment industry. (more corrupt conservashit)
UK schools told not to use anti-capitalist material in teaching : worldnews
Britain plans to withhold cash from WHO until UN finds out where coronavirus came from as WHO is accused of being too soft on China - as Boris Johnson plans 30% funding increase : worldnews
Liberal Democrats are today set to become the first major national party to commit to a universal basic income for all UK residents. : worldnews (UK is a rightwing nightmare)
Labour take poll lead over Tories for first time since Boris Johnson became PM : worldnews

The Kremlin Is Increasingly Alarmed at the Prospect of a Biden Win : worldnews

U.S. tells Iraq its planning to pull out of Baghdad embassy

Eschaton: Big Story In That Fucking Newspaper - I always assumed Trump hid his taxes not so much for the corruption (stickin' it to the IRS, man!), but because how does gold toilet man explain losing money for years ... tl;dr the dude hasn't paid any taxes for years.
Long-Concealed Records Show Trumps Chronic Losses and Years of Tax Avoidance
New York Times' Trump Tax Returns Investigation: 18 Revelations - The New York Times - Times reporters have obtained decades of tax information the president has hidden from public view. Here are some of the key findings.
An Editor's Note on the Trump Tax Investigation
N.Y. Times: Trump paid $750 in U.S. income taxes in 2016, 2017 - The Washington Post
Why Trump hid his taxes - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Time to evict his broke ass : PoliticalHumor
Sad mushroom : PoliticalHumor
I paid more taxes than Trump : PoliticalHumor
Funny and sad. : PoliticalHumor

With 200K Dead, Trump Spews Lies Then Golfs for the 298th Time During His Presidency : politics

Lawmakers Say It's 'Clear' Detainees at ICE Facility Had 'Unnecessary Medical Procedures Done Without Their Knowledge or Consen'

It's been 80 days since DoD leaders promised to release an investigation 'within days' into an Army helicopter buzzing protesters (yeah, like his tax returns)

Biden leads Trump in new Washington Post-ABC News poll. - The Washington Post
Between the economy and coronavirus pandemic, Biden keeps his advantage nationally: POLL - ABC News - He retains a 10-point national lead in a head-to-head match up with Trump.
Tight races in Georgia and North Carolina, while Supreme Court is another factor
Eschaton: President Biden Failing To Win Over These Ohio Diner Patrons - I suppose there are plenty of things to be mad about right now, so I shouldn't waste my beautiful mind imagining future things to get mad about, but you know Trump voters are going to be centered in political coverage going forward no matter what happens..

By Lowering the Debate Bar for Biden, Has Trump Set a Trap for Himself? President Trump has worked overtime to persuade followers that Joe Biden is addled and incoherent. That could backfire if Mr. Biden doesn't fit the caricature.
Trump targets Biden's mental health in debate lead-up, despite aides' efforts to raise expectations - ABC News
Trump calls for Biden to take a drug test before upcoming presidential debate | Fox News (Fox)
Biden Not Worried About First Presidential Debate, Says Trump 'Not That Smart' : politics
Biden Has Upper Hand Over Trump in Debate Expectations GameTrump says he prepares by campaigning and being president (Trump says he's the greatest debater the world has ever seen)
Please, Democrats: Kill the Filibuster | If you capture the Senate, don't get wobbly and nostalgic about some mythical pre-Mitch McConnell era when the filibuster was good. It's always been a bad idea.

Classic Authoritarian: How Historians Rate Trump's Danger to Democracy

Amy Coney Barrett Is Even More Extreme Than Antonin Scalia
Amy Coney Barrett and the Triumph of Phyllis Schlafly
Senate Dems ready tactics to muck up Supreme Court confirmation - POLITICO
Sen. Ed Markey says he will vote to expand Supreme Court if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed : politics
Protesters paint "let the people decide" mural outside Mitch McConnell's house ahead of Barrett nomination : politics
Biden says voters should choose who nominates Supreme Court justice : politics (evil Mitch cackles)
Biden Responds To Trump Court Pick: 'Health Care Is On The Ballot' : politics
The Supreme Court hasn't been this conservative since the 1930s : politics
We contemplate eternity beneath the vast indifference of heaven - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a great justice and a great lawyer, but her having more faith in American institutions than Barack Obama (!) or Patrick "Blue Slip" Leahy (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) may end up blowing up democracy in America: ... Treading cautiously, he did not directly bring up the subject of retirement to Justice Ginsburg, at 80 the Supreme Court's oldest member and a two-time cancer patient. (Ruthie fucked America bc she thought the SC was a nice little family, see DiFi and Nancy-Dancy, D.s Old as Fuck)
It Shouldnt Have Come Down to Her Some will try to blame Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not stepping down sooner. They are missing the point ... We are facing something far larger: a desperate, life-or-death fight to rebuild, reimagine, reform (and in some cases raze) enormous apparatuses, including our criminal justice, electoral, health-care, and education systems, labor and capitalism, education, housing, the courts themselves, and, most urgently, the health of our planet.
staying in your job when the reasonable thing is stepping down is both personally selfish and naive about politics BUT SO IS doing anything except all hands on deck for the Dems in 2016
A funny thing about law (not funny like a clown) - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Noah Feldman's spontaneous effusion upon the nomination of his great good friend Amy Coney Barrett, so I just want to add that the whole Supreme Court clerk/elite law school/SCOTUS nomination pipeline thing is equivalent to to filling sociology departments with nothing but alumni of Harvard final clubs in order to generate some really trenchant critiques of the American class system.

Bernie Sanders says the election is between a dictatorship and democracy : politics
GOP Leaders Are Using Weasel Words To Avoid Rejecting Trump's Attempted Coup
I never thought I'd see Congress assuring us the President would obey an election : politics

Over 860,000 Americans Have Already Voted, Compared to Fewer Than 10,000 by This Point in 2016 : politics

Don't worry: The military dislikes Trump too much to help him steal the election : politics

Voters Believe Winner of Election Should Fill Court Vacancy, Poll Shows - The New York Times - 56 percent said the next president should nominate a Supreme Court justice. And Joe Biden retained a clear lead over President Trump, 49 to 41 percent (Moscow's Bitch cackles)

Lindsey Graham: We need a ninth Supreme Court justice, because "the courts will decide" the election : politics (and there went you so-called democracy)
Trump has spent a year building a legal network to fight the election : politics
It's dangerous when the minority party rules everyone else

Taxpayers Hit With $300 Million Tab For Ads Spreading Positive Spin On COVID: Report : politics

Donald Trump, facing financial ruin, sought control of his elderly fathers estate. The family fight was epic (he stole all the money of course) .

Trump Isn't Trying to Win. Cheating Is All He Has Left.
The president wants you dead and so do his friends and advisers.

Trump Gripes 'Fake News' Didn't Tout His Two Nobel Peace Prizes (That Never Existed) : politics ("I've won more Noble Prizes than anyone")

Bill Barr Intervened to Overrule Federal Prosecutor Who Said D.C. Police Arrested Protesters Without Any Evidence of Wrongdoing : politics
Federal prosecutor in Massacusetts accuses Barr of a 'dangerous abuse of power' : politics

Kushner Owed Money To Bank Tied To Taiwan's Government During WH Tenure ... "cunning snake"

Trump's Vaccine Czar Refuses to Give Up Stock in Drug Company Involved in His Government Role

Montana law allegedly restricting Native American voting rights struck down : politics

Swing state voters say 2020 general election is causing strain on personal, family relationships : politics

NYPD officers charge at group of protesters and diners, arresting people on sidewalk : news (lying maskless cop fuckers)

Sealed Docs Reveal FBI Investigation Into Jacob Wohl, Jack Burkman Over Roger Stone Trial Leaks - The hapless operative and his sidekick are being probed for potential witness harassment, criminal contempt, and obstruction of justice, according to a sealed filing.

Fed intelligence sent to Oregon and Portland indicates right-wing extremists pose biggest lethal threat -
Proud Boys rally in Portland draws only about 200 after city braced for thousands
Hate-group rally breaks up in Portland, turnout far below expectations : politics ... the reason you don't see the Portland or Vancouver police stopping the Proud Boys is the same reason you don't see Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus in the same room. (Incels on parade)
Proud Boys draw smaller-than-expected crowd to Portland as city hopes for calm : politics

Kyle Rittenhouse in court; mother and lawyer attend Waukesha GOP event

Ballistics don't support AG Cameron's claim Breonna Taylor's boyfriend shot officer (killer copsters and their protectors always lie)

Black reporter recalls L.A. Times racism, day of reckoning - Los Angeles Times

Ken Burns in the Black Lives Matter Age - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I don't think this is the first time I've linked to an article about just how horribly Ken Burn's The Civil War has aged, since he chose to make good ol' Shelby "Nathan Bedfored Forrest is my hero" Foote the star of the series. But it's good to revisit this when we can ... "If he, Ken Burns, and his co-writers had been trained, they would have learned that the people they were relying on for much of this history were in fact white supremacist, pro-Confederate, pro-Lost Cause men. White men." ... Burns had no way of knowing what would happen the past few decades, but another refrain in the series that the conflict united us in a way that we could never conceive of splitting again rings hollow in these bitterly partisan times. (and then the South rose again, in evil and stupdity)
McCullough' s new book on pioneers' history draws criticism ... "savages" and "wilderness" ... "unsettled" ... (Burns' best buddy is an evil lying asshole)

Bill Withers: The Soul Man Who Walked Away

My Octopus Teacher - The Love Story We All Need Right Now

Ann Arbor decriminalizes magic mushrooms, psychedelic plants : politics

MRI and PET Reveal Parkinson's is Two Diseases

What is attractive regardless of gender? : AskReddit


Orcas attack yacht for 45 min. : worldnews (they've so had it with the human shit)
A rare hurricane force wind warning was just issued for Alaska : news

Drought conditions worsen in Massachusetts for 4 straight months; New areas of extreme drought now in Maine and New Hampshire : boston

Noam Chomsky: The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history : politics

U.S. coronavirus cases have been highest in the world for 6 months : politics
If 95 Percent of Americans Wear Masks, 100,000 Lives Can Be Saved by January 1: IHME Report : politics
Fauci says 7 million U.S. COVID-19 cases, 200,000 deaths only the first wave as threat of second surge looms : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/26/20 : boston
515 New Confirmed Cases - September 26 : CoronavirusMa - 127,832 total cases - 14,310 new individuals tested; 3.6% positive - 73,292 total tests today; 0.7% positive - -35 hospital; -3 icu; -1 intubated; 354 hospitalized - 18 new deaths; 9,178 total

13 UMass Amherst students test positive for COVID-19 after gathering : CoronavirusMa
No line for flu shots at Wegmans upper parking in Burlington. Ages 3 and up. : CoronavirusMa

Social media and COVID shaming: Fighting a toxic combination : Coronavirus

Australia says world needs to know origins of COVID-19 : worldnews
Vitamin D 'cuts chance of coronavirus death by half' - study finds : worldnews
Not accounting for sex differences in Covid research could be deadly : Coronavirus
IMR : D614G Mutation Found In All New COVID-19 Clusters! : Coronavirus

Second Covid-19 wave could turn cracks in the hospital system into 'earthquakes' : news

New York Logs More Than 1,000 Daily COVID-19 Cases; NYC High School Goes All-Remote : Coronavirus
New York City public middle, high schools delay in-person learning until October : Coronavirus

Maryland man sentenced to year in jail for parties that violated coronavirus orders : news

Florida drops Covid restrictions with 14,000 dead : Coronavirus

Whitmer orders Michigan schools to tell the public about COVID cases : Coronavirus

Missouri reports record number of COVID-19 hospitalizations : Coronavirus

Wisconsin sets single day record as more than 2,800 test positive for coronavirus : Coronavirus
Four U.S. states including Wisconsin report record one-day increases in COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus
CDC calls off Minnesota COVID-19 study after reports of racism and intimidation against surveyors of color : Coronavirus

Hawaii takes over veterans home with 26 coronavirus deaths : Coronavirus

Florida reports 107 new COVID-19 deaths, 2,795 new cases : Coronavirus

South Dakota records highest single-day increase in COVID-19 cases with 579 new cases : Coronavirus

Iowa Officials report 992 coronavirus cases, 8 deaths Saturday : Coronavirus

(KY) Gov. Beshear reports 930 new COVID-19 cases, 12 deaths : Coronavirus

DHEC announces 639 new coronavirus cases, 27 deaths in SC : Coronavirus

645 new COVID-19 cases, 17 new deaths reported Saturday in Mississippi : Coronavirus

Pennsylvania coronavirus update: total cases top 155,000, including 22 more deaths : Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Illinois updates: 2,441 new known COVID-19 cases and 25 additional deaths reported Saturday : Coronavirus

(OK) 990 New COVID-19 Cases, 11 More Virus-Related Deaths Reported, State Health Officials Say : Coronavirus

20-Something Who Thought COVID Was 'Bull****' Pleads From ICU to Wear Masks : Coronavirus

South Korea's domestic coronavirus cases fall to the lowest in 44 days : worldnews

Thousands gather in central London for anti-lockdown protest : Coronavirus
Wuhan Covid journalist missing since February found, says friend : worldnews

Fewer than 0.1% of people stopped by police for not wearing masks on trains received a fine, figures have revealed. British Transport Police (BTP) said it stopped 14,726 people from 15 July to 15 August for failing to comply, resulting in 14 fixed penalty notices. : worldnews

Coronavirus: Rio Carnival postponed for first time in 100 years | World News : worldnews

As foreigners depart, Singapore sees population drop for first time since 2003 : worldnews

Taiwan poll on national identity finds only 2% identify solely as Chinese : worldnews

Auschwitz Memorial director offers to serve sentence for Nigeria 'blasphemy' boy - BBC News : worldnews

Lebanon's prime minister-designate resigns after he was unable to form a new cabinet : worldnews
Fatah and Hamas say they have agreed to hold first Palestinian elections in fourteen years in coming months : worldnews

Attackers kill at least 15 people in western Ethiopia | Ethiopian Human Rights Commission expresses alarm over surge in attacks against civilians in the region. : worldnews
Tribal Christians tonsured and forced to chant 'Jai Shri Ram' in Jharkhand village : worldnews (muzfuckers)

'We want out of South Africa' - 36% in Western Cape want independence, says poll : worldnews

"Prostitution Not An Offence; Adult Woman Has Right To Choose Her Vocation": Bombay High Court Orders Release of 3 Sex Workers From Corrective Institution : worldnews
Forced to Abort, Tortured: Indian Women Continue to Face Violence Over Obsession With Male Children : worldnews
Assailants shoot and kill prominent Kashmir lawyer who sought to defend Kashmir's right to self-determination from India

One killed in Egypt as protesters demand el-Sisi resign -- Security forces crack down as thousands rally in cities and rural areas across Egypt during 'Friday of rage' protests

Germany stops Iran buying mini-engines after they were found in Houthi drones : worldnews

El Salvador woman freed after six years in jail following stillbirth : worldnews (Republican wet-dream)

UN: Israel demolished or seized 22 Palestinian structures in two weeks displacing 50 people and affecting 200 others : news

Paris knife attack suspect is of Pakistani origin, French authorities say : worldnews
French court blocks Roma bid for restitution under Jewish Holocaust victim laws : worldnews
France Doubles Paid Paternity Leave to 28 Days, One of Europes Most Generous Plans

Arrest warrants issued against Mexican military members in 2014 student disappearances : news

Lawyer repeatedly mistaken for a defendant calls for compulsory anti-racism training : worldnews
Sir Jim Ratcliffe, UK's richest person, moves to tax-free Monaco - Ratcliffe, the founder and chief executive of petrochemicals company Ineos, was an ardent supporter of the vote leave campaign, declaring that the UK would thrive without red tape from Brussels. : worldnews (so he left, suckers)

Trump and his envoys have trashed Europe's confidence in the US. The damage might be irreparable : politics

Trump and U.S. In COVID-19 crisis is 'like watching the decline of the Roman Empire' says a Canadian mayor : worldnews
Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls Trump's Tweet About Withholding a Vaccine From New York 'a threat' ... This is the party of pain, death, destruction.
White House blocked USPS from sending face masks to all households : politics
Governors Could Be Killing People Just to Help Trump's Campaign (Gov Death-Sentence)
Turning your state into a death trap to own the libs - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trump went golfing 25 times as a virus swept across the US and killed over 200,000 Americans : politics

Emails Show Rod Rosenstein's Fingerprints Were All Over Secret DOJ Memo Against Charging Trump with Obstruction

Congress Introduces First Supreme Court Term Limits Bill! This is the fight that Democrats -- and, frankly, everyone -- needs to get behind. : politics
The Supreme Court is finished: Republicans have killed it. Now it's iime to fight back -- Trump and McConnell have corrupted the Supreme Court and the judicial branch for a generation. Time to fight dirty
Progressive group buys domain name of Trump's No. 1 Supreme Court pick
The Senate should ignore Amy Coney Barrett's nomination
Likely Trump SCOTUS Pick Worked To Overturn 2000 Election - The Daily Poster - and if Barrett is appointed, the court will have 3 justices who worked directly on Bush v. Gore
A High-Stakes Test for Joe Bidens Love of Senate Tradition

If He Loses Election, Trump Tells Rally, 'We're Not Going To Stand For It'
Former Pence aide says there were private meetings about the possibility of Trump refusing to accept election results : politics

Serving US attorney says Bill Barr 'brought shame' on his office in a searing letter.
House Chairs Demand Emergency Inspector General Investigation Into AG Barr's Efforts to Improperly Influence November Presidential Election

Facing possible defeat, Trump threatens the integrity of the election : politics

Chris Hayes Explains How Trump is Using DOJ to Manufacture Voter Fraud Scandal -- "the Attorney General of the United States and the Department of Justice Are Colluding With the President and His Campaign to Sabotage the Legitimacy of the Upcoming Election" ... Not sure what to make of it. But seemed odd that Barr was the one directly in communication with an electoral ballot printing company
Trump falsely claimed an incident where an election worker improperly discarded 9 votes shows widespread 'voter fraud' -- Here's what happened.
DoJ's rush to report on 'discarded' raises fears of pro-Trump bias (o rly)
Attorney General Bill Barr Directly Implicated in Discarded Ballot Chaos Amplified by Trump and White House : politics

If Trump Contests Election Results Sanders Says Democrats Will Make Sure He is Evicted From Office (kicking and screaming)

No handshakes, limited audience: Covid shapes final Trump-Biden debate talks - POLITICO - The two candidates and moderator Chris Wallace will not wear masks

History repeats itself. : PoliticalHumor

Four years ago, Trump survived 'Access Hollywood' -- and a media myth of indestructibility was born
Trump's hidden video deposition in Trump University fraud case (haha, he's wearing glasses)

Federal judge removes acting Bureau of Land Management director after finding he has served unlawfully for 424 days : politics (fuck your so-called "confirmations")

It's 'now or never' for ex-Trump aides weighing speaking out
Facing possible defeat, Trump threatens the integrity of the election - The Washington Post

The Diplomat and the Cage Fighter - SpyTalk - Trump appointee Richard Grenell helped an Arab German with a criminal past get into the U.S., sources tell SpyTalk

61% of Americans Support Abolishing Electoral College : politics
Biden Now Predicted to Win 352 Electoral Votes: FiveThirtyEight : politics

Montana judge tosses law, saying it restricts Native voting rights : politics
Wisconsin officials say presidential election will be decided by the voter snot GOP lawmakers

Eschaton: Booby - Here's my full exchange with Bob Woodward during #IRE20 about him not consulting medical professionals after interviewing the President plus the ethics of waiting to publish the information about the President's much earlier knowledge about Covid-19:
Karen Ho and Bob Woodward full interaction #IRE20 - YouTube (Booby's mouth distorted from decades of talking out of both sides of it)

Bloomberg rolls out $40M ad buy to boost Biden in Florida : politics

Lincoln Project mocks Lindsey Graham' fundraising lag with Sarah McLachlan-themed video
The Lincoln Project on Twitter: "Every single hour in South Carolina, Lindsey Graham is being violently out-fundraised. But you can help stop the suffering." / Twitter
Could Lindsey Graham Actually Lose His Seat? : politics

State GOP leaders send cease-and-desist letter to Madison Clerk ahead of ballot collection event | Local Government |

Atlanta Strippers Debut Creative Get Out Vote Campaign - The project's website?

Why is the nationalist right hallucinating a 'coammunist enemy?'

Trump's 1776 education plan part of a decades-long, right-wing movement -- but scarier

New York Supreme Court judge orders judicial review of Eric Garner case : news

Mom of alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse got 'standing ovation' at GOP event in Wisconsin

Fed intelligence sent to Oregon and Portland indicates right-wing extremists pose biggest lethal threat : politics

Thousands of Proud Boys plan to rally in Portland, setting up another clash in a combustible city : politics
Oregon Gov. Brown to declare emergency in Portland as Proud Boys rally approaches : news
'Greatest threat we've faced so far' : Oregon declares state of emergency ahead of Proud Boys rally : Officals warn of 'imminent risk of civil disturbanc'e but won as thousands expected at far-right events

How a Pledge to Dismantle the Minneapolis Police Collapsed - The New York Times - a case study in how idealistic calls for structural change can falter.

Ex-NOPD lieutenant charged with stealing nearly $330,000 from a Catholic church : news

Massachusetts has a higher rate of fatal police shootings of people with mental illness than the national average : massachusetts

White supremacist killed in shootout with California deputies, sheriff says - CNN
White supremacist killed in shootout with California deputies : news

Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper charged with rape : news

Buncombe, NC lawsuit: After jail employee reporteed sexual assault by supervisor, she was told to resign or transfer

Trump supporters never cease to amaze me : PoliticalHumor

Today on the White Power Hour - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Shame on anyone who has tried to legitimize this asshole:
Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: "I just don't know if you can really understand how vile and dangerous and disgusting the 8PM hour is on Fox every night if you don't watch it but it's really really bad" / Twitter

Why the right-wing has a massive advantage on Facebook - POLITICO (Fuckerberg)

Fraternity at University of Georgia Is Suspended After Racist Messages Are Exposed : news

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 680 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Born in 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts, as everyone knows Adams grew up at the right hand of his famous revolutionary father, learning and bringing desperately needed skills to the table as a political and diplomatic leader in the United States.

Texas residents warned not to use tap water tainted with deadly brain-eating microbe : news

No smoking: CEO of Philip Morris, the company that makes Marlboro, says cigarette sales may end within 10-15 years : worldnews

Inside eBays Cockroach Cult: The Ghastly Story of a Stalking Scandal (the hedgies took over)

In 1913 Two Frenchwomen Took The Earliest Color Photos Of Ireland | FellowPrimo

First Evidence of a Planet in Another Galaxy : worldnews

TIL That Crows and Owls hate each other. On their own Great Horned Owls will behead and eat Crows. But if caught unaware a Crow will serveil and call for reinforcements. Then the Murder of Crows will Mob the Owl and give chase. If the Murder grows into the dozens or so they can even kill the Owl. : todayilearned

Scientists have identified a polyphenolic compound found in blueberries called pterostilbene (PSB) with strong immunosuppressive properties. It can provide a potential therapeutic option for chronic inflammatory diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). : science

Large review of studies comparing placebo treatment to no treatment finds little evidence of "placebo effect" for objective outcomes compared to no treatment : science

New study showed that gay men exposed to conversion therapy were more likely to have depressive symptoms & above-average internalized homophobia. Conversion therapies are nonaffirming social stressors for gay men & may compromise critical psychosocial aspects of healthy aging among them.(N=1,156) : science


Melting Antarctic ice will raise sea level by 2.5 metres -- even if Paris climate goals are met, study finds | Environment
Flood Maps

'Sliding towards extinction': koala may be given endangered listing as numbers plummet : worldnews

Trump has lost patience with CDC head after series of mixed messages - CNNPolitics - Dr. Robert Redfield, as well as with the other public health experts on his coronavirus team because their sober messaging on the future of the pandemic clashes with his rosy assessments.
The covid-19 pandemic is worse than official figures show : Coronavirus
How the U.S. 'Uniquely Mismanaged' the Coronavirus Pandemic : Coronavirus
Fewer than 1 in 10 Americans show signs of past coronavirus infection, large national study finds - The Washington Post - This suggests millions may still be vulnerable to infection, authors say
NEW: Coronavirus death toll hits 985,000. It's expected to reach 1 million by Monday : Coronavirus
Covid-19 Live Updates: U.S. Hits 7 Million Cases, Less Than a Month After Reaching 6 Million : Coronavirus
Eschaton: New Cases In Last 7 Days Per 100,000 ... ND 358 .... SD 273 ... WI 243 ... UT 203 ... Spain 167 ... UK 52 ... Italy 19 (Dumbmerica)

MA COVID-19 Data 9/25/20 : boston
454 New Confirmed Cases - September 25 : CoronavirusMa - 127,317 total cases - 15,854 new individuals tested; 2.8% positive - 65,012 all tests tests today; 0.7% positive - +14 hospital; +3 icu; +2 intubated; 389 hospitalized - 10 new deaths; 9,160 total

Cambridge To Require Face Masks In Public At All Times; Violators Could Be Fined $300 : boston

2 Holyoke SoldiersHome officials face charges in state probe

Coronavirus States Ranked by Per Capita COVID-19 Deaths (MA #2)

Coronavirus mutating to survive and spread faster, scientists believe : worldnews
COVID-19 reportedly reinfecting some people in Colorado : worldnews
Violence against Doctors fighting COVID 19 is rising high, reuters reports : worldnews

Japanese firm launches world's first UV lamp that safely kills coronavirus : worldnews
In national study of 10,000+ veterans who tested positive for COVID-19, most deaths were associated with older age, male sex, and comorbidity burden. Obesity, Black race, Hispanic ethnicity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, and smoking were not associated with mortality. : science
Comparison of face coverings shows that surgical and N95 masks block up to 90 percent of particles expired during breathing, talking or coughing : science
Vitamin D reduces infection and impact of covid 19 studies find : Coronavirus

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tests positive for coronavirus : politics

Florida reopens: DeSantis lifts remaining coronavirus restrictions - Orlando Sentinel (the hoax is over, he said)
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moves to fully reopen the state's economy : Coronavirus
Florida's Governor Lifts All COVID-19 Restrictions On Businesses Statewide : Coronavirus

New York Threatens Orthodox Jewish Areas With Lockdown Over Virus - The New York Times - Community leaders said residents have resisted the rules in part because of the influence of President Trump, whose views on masks have been embraced (Hasids doing their 17th century thing)

We're in trouble when the COVID-19 death of a Middleton school staffer is a 'hiccup'

MI 'actively considering' ordering K-12 schools to reveal COVID outbreaks
North Dakota Coronavirus Cases Soar As State Rescinds Quarantine Order and Students Fail to Get Tested : Coronavirus - North Dacovid has a positive test rate of 27.4%.

Virus's unseen hot zone: The American farm

Oregon sets highest-ever daily COVID case count - 457 cases most-ever in a single day since pandemic began in mid-March : Coronavirus

France sees record new coronavirus infections, with more than 16,000 cases(the equivalent of 80,000 US cases) in just 24 hours : Coronavirus

'We also love freedom': Italian president ridicules Boris Johnson coronavirus remarks - Mr Johnson had told MPs this week that Britain was a "freedom-loving country" when asked why lower Covid-19 infection rates could be found in Italy and Germany. : worldnews
Tesco reintroduces rationing due to panic-buying and stockpiling over second lockdown fears - The UK supermarket will restrict people from bulk-buying products such as flour, pasta, toilet rolls and anti-bacterial wipes, in a move similar to Morrisons, which introduced limits on Thursday. : worldnews

A Japanese woman running a sex worker-dispatching business sued the state on Wednesday, saying its blanket exclusion of the sex industry from a cash handout program to support small companies hit by the coronavirus is discrimination banned under the Constitution. : worldnews

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized on Friday for the lethal shooting of a South Korean official, stating that the incident "shouldn't have happened" and that he's "sorry to have disappointed" the South

Magawa the 'hero rat' from Cambodia wins gold medal for hunting landmines - CNN - Decades of conflict have left the Southeast Asian country littered with millions of landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and other explosive remnants of war that still kill or injure dozens of people each year (good job, Kissinger)

Thousands of Xinjiang mosques destroyed or damaged, report finds : worldnews
Large Danish pension fund blacklists China, due to systemic humans rights violations : worldnews
China's $490 Million Investment In Barbados Behind Snap Decision To Remove The Queen: Tory MP

Saudi Arabia dissidents launch opposition party to end "violence and repression" : worldnews

Turkey orders dozens of arrest including opposition mayor : worldnews

Russia Seizes Kremlin Critic Navalny's Apartment

Putin's Troll Farm Busted Running Sprawling Network of Facebook Pages The Russian operation used Facebook to find and recruit authentic, unwitting people to help hype their propaganda, many of them journalists (Fuckerberged)
Putin calls for reset in cyber ties with U.S., no election meddling : worldnews
Putin's strategy is aimed at the American way of life : worldnews (Putin owns Trumpster)

Belarusians are taking their children to anti-Lukashenko protests - Authorities are warning parents in Belarus that they could lose custody of their children if they take them to anti-regime protests. But not everyone is deterred by this warning. : worldnews
Canada denounces Lukashenko's inauguration in Belarus, preparing sanctions over human rights - 'Lukashenko lacks the legitimacy to be the leader of Belarus,' minister of foreign affairs Champagne said : worldnews
Trump cuts aid for pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran : worldnews

Thirty-five years after the end of Brazil's military dictatorship, there has been little justice for the killing and torture committed by the regime -- but an unprecedented deal for carmaker Volkswagen to pay damages for collaborating with the secret police could turn a new page : worldnews

Spanish Supreme Court rules food delivery riders are employees : worldnews

Argentine Kirchnerist deputy suspended after sexually touching and licking her advisor's breasts in the middle of a remote session with fellow legislators.

At least three injured in knife attack outside Charlie Hebdo's former office in Paris, suspect at large : worldnews

Canada ranked the most accepting country for migrants in 2019 : worldnews

Croydon shooting: Officer shot dead at police station : worldnews (in America, cops would have shot him 157 times)
Investigation launched after black barrister mistaken for defendant three times in a day - England and Wales courts head apologises after Alexandra Wilson describes having to 'constantly justify existence'
UK MP caught on tube without mask complains country is like East Germany under the Stasi - DUP politician Sammy Wilson was pictured by a member of the public without a face covering as he travelled on the tube days after the govt increased fines for failing to wear a mask on public transport to #200

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange at "very high" risk of suicide attempt, expert tells court : worldnews

Alarms are ringing everywhere about Trump's election plot except in our top newsrooms. Everyone now sees that Trump plans to steal the election. But major newspapers buried the story: No big deal! (thanks, NYSlimes)
Opinion | This is not a drill. The Reichstag is burning. - The Washington Post
Unanimous Senate commits to peaceful transfer of power after Trump refuses : politics (until he loses, when all the Refucks "change their minds")
No, Senate Republicans Didn't Rebuke Trump for His "Peaceful Transition" Comments
Trump's strategy is not to win. It's to invalidate the election results.
Trump Got a Kick Out ofthe Election Fears He's Stoked. Inside the DOJ, There's Some Panic.
Trump can't avoid a transfer of power. He just wants us to think he can.
The coming electoral emergency: Unless people stand up to Trump, this election really could bring the end of the republic as we know it : politics
Sanders: "This is an election between Donald Trump and democracy"
Will Trump's residency Ever End? - America is in terrible danger.
Trump is the worst threat to our democracy since the 1930s : politics

At Pentagon, Fears Grow That Trump Will Pull Military Into Election Unrest - The New York Times - Defense Department officials said top generals could resign if Mr. Trump ordered the active-duty military into the streets to quell election protests.

Everyone sees the train wreck coming: Trump reveals his November endgame
Democrats prepare for the apocalypse scenario of backdoor elector swaps - Axios - Democratic lawyers are preparing to challenge any effort by President Trump to swap electors chosen by voters with electors selected by Republican-controlled legislatures. One state of particular concern: Pennsylvania, where the GOP controls the state house.

Trump Campaign Uses Russian Footage Again In Ad | The Trump Campaign just can't seem to find stock footage of the United States for their patriotic themed ads. : politics

Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's Lawsuits Against DOJ Over Release of Texts: 'Pour Yourelf Another Cup of Coffee'

Democrats alert inspector general that GOP's Biden probe 'directly implicated' Perry in corruption

F.B.I. Director Sees No Evidence of National Mail Voting Fraud Effort : politics
White House again criticizes FBI director for voting remarks : politics

Border Patrol Pulls Vid Reflecting How Stephen Miller Helped Make Homeland Security a Race War Propaganda Shop : politics
'That Turns the Constitutional Order Upside Down' - Appeals Court Resurrects Lawsuit to Stop Trump from Diverting Funds to Border Wall

Federal Judge Bars Trump Administration From Ending Census Early : politics

Democrats prepare bill limiting U.S. Supreme Court justice terms to 18 years : politics (DiFi doesn't like it)

A voting advocacy group recorded over 40,000 new voter registrations in the 2 days after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg : politics

Trump Accused of 'pathetic attempt' to Bribe Seniors for Votes by Promising to Mail $200 Medicine Discount Cards

Mary Trump says her uncle will go 'farther than you can possibly imagine' to hold onto power if he loses the election as he's afraid of prosecution

Schiff to subpoena top DHS official, alleges whistleblower deposition is being stonewalled : politics

Trump Tower Hicksville: Why is the Trump campaign sending rent checks to a Long Island P.O. box? -- Trump campaign's rent payments to Hicksville, New York, might be of interest to a tax fraud investigation

Elizabeth Warren says Trump's 'flirting with treason' by refusing to commit to peaceful transfer of power
Warren: Lindsey Graham's spine is 'kept in a box somewhere else'
Lindsey Graham Says He's 'Getting Killed' In Campaign Cash Because Foes 'Hate My Guts'

Civil Rights Groups Say If Facebook Won't Act On Election Misinformation, They Will : worldnews

Trump claiming he'll 'get rid of ballots' may have just lost him the Latin American votes he desperately needed

DeJoy Says Mail Sorting Machines Were Stripped For Parts And Can't Be Reinstalled; The postmaster general and the U.S. Postal Service argue they can't comply with a judge's order to return 700 high-speed mail processors to service.
Surge of ballot requests already setting records in the US : politics
'Bananas' DOJ Press Release on Discarded Ballots Viewed as Effort to Fuel Trump's Lies About Mail-In Fraud
'Wrong Charlie!' -- Trump hits Baker for support of expanded mail-in voting

A retired Air Force general who served as a senior military advisor to Trump just endorsed Biden for president : politics

Gen Z Voters Overwhelmingly Back Biden Over Trump : politics

Unlike Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Isn't Taking Wisconsin For Granted : politics

Fox News poll: Biden ahead of Trump in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Ohio : politics
Trump Upset by Fox Polls Showing Him Behind: Campaign Update : politics
USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll: Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 7 points in battleground Minnesota : politics

Wall Street is shunning Trump. Campaign donations to Biden are five times larger - CNN

Pete Buttigieg secretly role-playing as Mike Pence to help Kamala Harris embarrass the vice homophobe on live TV : politics

QAnon's Growth Mirrors Sharp Spike in Far-Right Extremist Violence in US: Experts | President Donald Trump's Reelection Could Normalize the Extremism, Experts Fear.

Publicly traded firms paid dividends, bought their own stock after receiving PPP loans to pay employees : politics

Republican State Representative: Hey, Sorry About the Recorded Racist, Homophobic Statements I Made : politics
This Isn't Who We Are

Group sues Wisconsin cities over private grants to help hold elections (they're "bribing" the voters to vote)

State Department revoked award for journalist over social media posts critical of Trump and lied about it, watchdog finds : politics

Judge Rules Tucker Carlson Is Not a Credible Source of News : worldnews (Fox can't be sued for lying)
Hours after a judge describes Tucker Carlson as 'engaging in exaggerfation,' Trump highlights his false claims

Ron Paul hospitalized for'precautionary reasons after appearing to suffer medical episode on livestreamafter he appeared to suffer a stroke during a live episode of his political show Liberty Report ... "the greatest champion of liberty in a generation." (Fuckaterian)

NC Pastor yells 'white power' during Trump parade

Kentucky lawmaker, sponsor of 'Breonna's Law,' back on protest line after arrest : news
Lawyer for Breonna Taylor's family calls for release of grand jury evidence : news
Initial Police Report Didnt Conclude Breonna Taylors Boyfriend Shot a Cop in the Leg (cops shot the cop)
The Legal Response to Breonna Taylor's Death Shows How Drug Prohibition Transforms Murder Into Self-Defense : politics
Vehicle hits Breonna Taylor protester in Hollywood - Los Angeles Times
Protesters hit by vehicles at Breonna Taylor demonstrations in Buffalo, Denver : news

McConnell challenger Amy McGrath calls for Kentucky AG to release grand jury report on Breonna Taylor case : politics
Kentucky's nly Black female legislator arrested on felony rioting charge at Breonna Taylor protest

Pro-Trump Activists Have Been Planning Violence Ahead of Portland Protests, Including at One to be Held This Weekend : politics

Louisville police major on antifa and BLM: 'They will be the ones washing our cars'

Texas official arrested on felony election fraud charges, could face 99-year sentence : politics (Refucks arrest Dems)

GOP Senator 'More Conservative Than Attila the Hun' Proposes Wildly Anti-Trans Legislation in Re-Election Bid

Deuxmoi Is the Mystery Gossip Queen Exposing Celebs During the Pandemic

From Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 10 minutes : videos

How many bits of data can a neuron or synapse hold? : askscience

ELI5: How did humans cut the umbilical cord before we had tools? How did we even know we were supposed to cut it? : explainlikeimfive

Research finds that crows know what they know and can ponder the content of their own minds, a manifestation of higher intelligence and analytical thought long believed the sole province of humans and a few other higher mammals. : science

Guy watching tv with a huge lizard pet : videos - monitor lizards are exceptionally intelligent. All monitors belong to the family Varanidae, and are by far the most intelligent of all reptiles. Many have been observed displaying the ability to count, tend to have distinctive personality traits, and seem to be able to recognize individual people by sight. They can also be trained to use litter boxes!

Ten Years Later, 'The Social Network' Has Become a Supervillain Origin Story : movies

In the song 'Old Man' by Neil Young, there is the line 'Old man look at my life, 24 and there's so much more'. My old man's favourite artist is Neil Young. He named his second son Neil, after Neil Young. Neil (my brother) played Old Man to me on my 24th birthday, in front of my dad : Music

How can you know if someone truly loves you? : AskReddit
Sternberg's Triangular Theory and the 7 Types of Love

What was the best "you have no power here" moment you have ever seen? : AskReddit


Palm oil labor abuses linked to world's top brands

The Road Ahead: Charting the coronavirus pandemic over the next 12 months -- and beyond
Covid Death Toll Nears 1 Million, But Real Number May Be Double : Coronavirus
Coronavirus cases rise in 22 states, including Texas and Arizona - Axios ... The U.S. is now averaging roughly 43,000 new cases per day, a 16% increase from a week ago.... The biggest increases are largely concentrated in the West and Midwest, though Maine and New Jersey also saw their new infections tick up over the past week ... Seven states -- Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Texas, Utah and Wyoming -- saw their daily infections rise by at least 60v% over the past week.
U.S. COVID-19 transmission rate by state | Statista

MA COVID-19 Data 9/24/20 : boston
455 New Confirmed Cases - September 24 : CoronavirusMa - 126,683 total cases - 18,556 new individuals tested; 2.4% positive - 85,168 all tests tests today; 0.53% positive - +14 hospital; +4 icu; +3 intubated; 375 hospitalized - 15 new deaths; 9,150 total
Mass. reports 455 new confirmed coronavirus cases, 15 new deaths - The Boston Globe

Brigham and Women's Hospital scrambles to contain cluster of 19 COVID-19 cases - The hospital is testing staffers, patients, and their contacts, and limiting visits.

Are there normally this many rats? : boston

Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine linked to severe heart problems Bioscholar News : Coronavirus (the Trump cure)
Virologist Drosten: "The pandemic will only really start now" : Coronavirus
Why our minds can't make sense of COVID-19's enormous death toll : Coronavirus
Harvard's Chetty Finds Economic Carnage in Wealthiest ZIP Codes

Coronavirus: Parents sending sick, symptomatic kids to school, health officer says : Coronavirus
A BB gun was seen in a Harvey fourth grader's bedroom during virtual class. Now, he's suspended. : news
New study suggests in person classes led to extra 3,200 cases per day across United States : Coronavirus
Young adults are now the largest group of Americans getting COVID-19, CDC says : Coronavirus

Male domestic abuse soars during lockdown, victims 'sleeping in cars and tents' : worldnews

Sorry to burst your COVID-19 'social bubble' but even small gatherings are getting riskier : Coronavirus

100 N.Y.C. School Buildings Have Already Reported a Positive Case : Coronavirus

Minnesota priest who says COVID-19 is a scam told to halt such preaching | But priest still insists the pandemic is a "lie.'' : Coronavirus

UK has recorded 6,634 New Cases in the last 24 Hours : Coronavirus

France reports record 16,096 daily COVID-19 cases : Coronavirus

Bali took a huge risk opening up for tourists. Now it's hurtling towards a coronavirus disaster : Coronavirus

Poll finds a third of Americans think they handled COVID-19 better than Canada, and are also delusional : politics

Trudeau says Canada is at a 'crossroads,' warns pandemic will be worse this fall : worldnews
Trudeau pledges tax on 'extreme wealth inequality' to fund Covid spending plan : worldnews

Close to 100% accuracy: Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid : worldnews

UK survey finds one fifth of people are likely to refuse Coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available, with 38% believing that natural immunity - from having the infection and recovering -- is better than immunity from vaccines.

2,500 students at elite Swiss school in quarantine after off-campus partying

Choir practice in Spain infects 30 of 41 members with virus : news

China has built 380 internment camps in Xinjiang, study finds | World news | The Guardian : worldnews
New images reveal China's growing detention centre network - The Chinese government has been expanding its detention centres in the remote Xinjiang region, new satellite imagery reveals, despite Beijing's claims that all detainees have "graduated" from the "re-education camps".
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong arrested on suspicion of participating in an unauthorised assembly : worldnews
Last Hong Kong governor calls for joint effort among countries to stand up to China : worldnews
China's new richest person is a bottled water tycoon
EU launches investigation into Chinese optical fibre cable imports : worldnews

Tensions rise in Ecuador and Peru as Chinese fishing fleet moves south from Galapagos : worldnews

North Korea 'killed and burned South Korean official' : worldnews

Kushner Owed Money To Bank Tied To Taiwan's During WH Tenure, New Book Reveals (slimy lizard boy's slime is everywhere)

American journalist Andre Vltchek found suspiciously dead in his car in Istanbul : worldnews

Putin's attempt to explain away the poisoning of Alexei Navalny to France failed badly and helped unite Europe against him, intelligence sources say : worldnews ... "Blaming Germany and Navalny for removing evidence infuriated Merkel and suggesting Navalny did it himself probably gave Macron an aneurysm"
Alexei Navalny mocks Putin after the Russian leader reportedly suggested he poisoned himself with a nerve agent : worldnews
Alexei Navalny: How his team found Novichok bottle evidence in Tomsk : worldnews
Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize : worldnews

EU rejects Alexander Lukashenko Belarus leader's inauguration : worldnews
U.S. no longer recognizes Lukashenko as president of Belarus after rigged election : worldnews

India: Baby dies after man 'cuts pregnant wife's belly' because he wanted to check the baby's gender and wanted his wife to deliver a son. : worldnews

Palestinian funding from Arab countries dropped by 85% in 2020. : worldnews

Vietnam police bust ring selling 'recycled condoms' : worldnews

Venezuela calls U.S. "the greatest threat to world peace" after being hit by new Iran sanctions, Cuba calls tightening embargo "wrong policy" in pushback to Trump's Latin America moves : worldnews
US firm pleads guilty to paying bribes in Brazil, Venezuela : worldnews

German Catholic Church is losing priests and parishes. Cologne's Archdiocese is Germany's largest and one of the world's richest but plans to reduce its parishes from about 500 to 50 by 2030. : worldnews (thank God)

Swiss voters will decide on Sunday whether to tear up a pact with the European Union on the free movement of people, after a referendum campaign that exposed rifts in society over foreigners who make up a quarter of the population. : worldnews

France to extend paternity leave duration from 14 to 28 days : worldnews

Tories postpone pledge to ban no-fault evictions for renters until economy recovers -- Labour's shadow housing secretary Thangam Debbonaire also described the end of the eviction moratorium as "scandalous"

Mexico's drug war leaves 39,000 unidentified bodies in its morgues : worldnews ("America's drug war")

Trump bars Americans from staying at 400+ Cuban hotels believed to be under government control : worldnews - In other words, literally every hotel on the island not owned by a business partner of his.

U.S. Economy Lost $16 Trillion Because Of Racism, Citigroup Says : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR
Racism has cost the U.S. $16 trillion, Citigroup finds : news

Rewrite that list of debate topics, Chris Wallace. And put the climate crisis at No. 1. - The Washington Post (Fox put "violentce in the cities" by black people as #1)

Pompeo urges other countries to join alternative U.S. view on human rights - The Washington Post (says rich white Christian people should get all the rights)

More than 200 retired generals, admirals endorse Biden, including some who served under Trump : politics
Joe Biden endorsed, Trump excoriated by nearly 500 retired top military, national security officials : politics
2 retired 4-star officers who served under Trump endorse Biden; They signed on alongside nearly 200 other retired generals and admirals. : politics

Trump's refusal to commit to the election result is his ultimate assault on US democracy : politics
Schiff: Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transition shows he is 'desperate' and a 'would-be dictator' : politics
'It is time for you to resign' - Schiff to Trump admin Republicans
Biden on Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power: 'What country are we in?' : politics
Adam Schiff Urgse for what Trump's OwnS Is Gradually Morphing Into taff To Walk Out Now While They Can. The House Intelligence Committee chair warns Trump loyalists they will "share the responsiblity" for what's to come
Schiff urges Trump administration members to resign : 'You cannot maintain your silence'

Trump Goes Full Dictator, Vows To Stay In Office Regardless of 2020 Election Results : politics
The President Has Announced His Intention to Stage a Coup | And he has made whoever he nominates to the Supreme Court an accomplice in that effort. : politics
'Five-Alarm Fire': As Trump Plots 'Flat-Out Coup,' Voters Urged to Deliver Biden Landslide to Avoid Chaos | "The President is Openly and Explicitly Considering a Coup to Hold Onto Power. Make No Mistake: Autocracy is at Our Doorstep." : politics
Trump Just Refused To Commit to a Peaceful Transition of Power : politics
'Chilling' Hayes unpacks Trump's vast and ongoing project to steal the election
I've Never Been More Worried About American Democracy Than I Am Right Now | The pre-emptive attack on the vote count is a five-alarm fire.
Republicans condemn Trumps refusal to commit to peaceful transfer of power (and if you believe that ...)
Trump's comments send a signal to his supporters about how to react if Biden prevails - CNNPolitics
POLITICO Playbook: Are we a banana republic? - POLITICO
Say it plainly: The president is a psychopath : politics

It's the end of the world as we know it - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Here's a fact scholars of media studies will marvel at some time in the unwritten future: The nation's leading newspaper's s story on the president of the United States refusing to commit to engaging in a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election appeared on page 15 of that paper.

Trump on peaceful transition if he loses: 'Get rid of the ballots' and 'there won't be a transfer' : politics
'In the US, we count ballots': Trump slapped down by Electoral Commission chief over call to dump mail votes - In case anyone is unclear on the concept, in the United States of America, we do not "get rid" of ballots
Parsing Trump's 'there won't be a transfer' comments
Republican MA Gov. Charlie Baker GOES OFF on Trumps Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power: "Appalling and Outrageous!" (but supports Suzie-Doozy)
Appalling and outrageous: Baker weighs in on Trump's comments about 2020 election

Trump Loudly Booed and Greeted With 'Vote Him Out' Chants on Visit to Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Casket
Of Course, Amy Coney Barrett Worked On Bush v. Gore -- You don't get to be the top of Donald Trump's SCOTUS shortlist without lots of conservative bona fides.
In resurfaced clip, Amy Coney Barrett says it would've been Inappropriate for Obama to nominate SCOTUS judge who could "flip balance of power"
Voter registration surges after Ruth Bader Ginsburgs death, groups say
Supreme Court Vacancy Polls: No Signs of a Shift After Death of Justice Ginsburg - The New York Times - Opinions about the Supreme Court vacancy and the coming fight over filling it seem poised to split along parti san lines.

New Report: President Trump has 3,400 conflicts of interest - CREW - New Report: President Trump has 3,400 conflicts of interest - Averaging more than two conflicts of interest per day, President Trump continues to be the most corrupt president in history, engaging in more than 3,400 conflicts of interest since taking office

Ex-Radio Free Europe official: Trump-appointed agency chief brought chaos and uncertainty

Michael Caputo receives metastatic head and neck cancer diagnosis ... "He is now home in Western New York, resting in the loving arms of his family, under the watchful eye of Jesus Christ" (didn't believe in "seditious" doctors)

Mary Trump Sues President Trump and Family, Claiming Fraud - The New York Times - Two months after she claimed in a tell-all book that her family cheated her out of her inheritance, Ms. Trump made similar allegations in a civil suit in Manhattan.

Corruption, Lies, Rank Hypocrisy Do Not Matter: The Last Vestige Of Republicans' Honor Died With John McCain. Tragically, for about a third of Americans, it just does not matter

Eschaton: Meritocracy - Just the way things work. -- Blum, a financier and husband of U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-San Francisco), told The Chronicle Thursday that he's been writing such letters for years ...

Trump Is an Authoritarian. So Are Millions of Americans : politics - "When activated by fear, authoritarian-leaning Americans are predisposed to trade civil liberties for strongman solutions to secure law and order; and they are ready to strip civil liberties from those defined as the "other" -- a far cry from the image of America as a country built on a shared commitment to liberty and democratic governance.

QAnon's Inexorable Spread Beyond the U.S.: The Most Dangerous Cult of Our Times : politics ... QAnon=sedation for the masses that allows the Rebublican pols to rifle through everyone's wallet.
Exclusive: GOP Sen. Thom Tillis embraced QAnon conspiracy about COVID-19 death count in town hall -- "When the final accounting is done the actual death COVID-19 count will be lower," Tillis claims

Jared Holt on Twitter: "The political right is obsessed with this U-Haul rental truck tonight, as if renting a local one for the day would cost more than $100 tops" / Twitter
Laura Ingraham on Twitter: "Who paid for the U-Haul?" / Twitter (Fuckraham, of course)

DeJoy Tells Judge Mail-Sorting Machines Cant Be Reassembled ("we smashed them into tiny pieces" he said)

Before Limiting Ballot Drop Boxes to One Per County, Top Ohio Election Officials Secretly Consulted Promoter of Debunked Voting Fraud Fears : politics

Battleground polls show Trump up in Texas, Biden ahead in Iowa - POLITICO
Trump Polls in Red States: Women Favor Joe Biden - The New York Times - Close races in Georgia, Iowa and Texas show President Trump' vulnerability and suggest that Joseph Biden has assembled a formidable coalition
Swing the Election - See how changes in voter turnout and support could shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

Ron Johnson's anti-Biden memo lands with an embarrassing thud: Ron Johnson went after Joe Biden. The Wisconsin Republican ended up doing far more damage to his own credibility than his target's

Mitch McConnell's campaign flagged by FEC for alleged accounting errors (Putin's money)

Trump Ally Matt Gaetz: Kelly Loeffler Offered Trump $50 Million to Help Get Her Opponent Out of the Race
Exclusive: Former South Florida Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Under Federal Investigation CBS Miami - Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (is she a Republican crook? yes)

Judges propose making disclosure of their personal details a crime - POLITICO - The request to Congress raises serious First Amendment and transparency concerns, critics said.

Republican members of the North Carolina State Board of Elections abruptly resign - CNNPolitics

Sen. Tammy Duckworth introduces bill to ban camouflage for federal agents : politics
Democrats decry Kentucky AG decision on Breonna Taylor as an example of systemic injustice : politics
Bernie Sanders rages against Breonna Taylor decision: 'Abdication of justice'

'The Whole Damn System Is Guilty as Hell': Protests Erupt Nationwide After No Officers Charged for Killing of Breonna Taylor : politics
Breonna Taylor protests live updates: Two police officers shot in Louisville - The Washington Post
Louisville Police Officer Filmed Giving Advice to Heavily-Armed 'Militia' : politics
Most of the police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor have escaped without even facing a trial. /u/TwoBionicknees explains how: the grand jury system in the USA is corrupt. : bestof

Breonna Taylor shooting fact check: 8 things people often get wrong

The Supreme Court and the murder Breonna Taylor - Lawyers, Guns & Money (no-knock war on black people)

Prosecutors seeking death penalty for man charged in rape/death of girlfriend's 3-year old sun

Ex-Tennessee trooper Harvey Briggs denied ripping mask off of protester; cop, video say otherwise : news

Kenosha shooter's defense portrays him as 'American patriot' : news

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department fires deputy seen on video punching a 14-year-old boy | Updates : news

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department fires deputy seen on video punching a 14-year-old boy | Updates : news

Officers busted car windows, broke man's elbow in arrest for traffic violation. CMPD determined it wasn't excessive force

Ellen DeGeneres is sorry. "Ellen" the talk show is still forcing a smile.

Magic Leap Tried to Create an Alternate Reality. Its Founder Was Already in One - The augmented reality startup was undone by profligate spending and its own hype. Investors finally lost patience when the pandemic struck.

Philosophys systemic racism -- It's not just that Hegel and Rousseau were racists. Racism was baked into the very structure of their dialectical philosophy ... and many others believed that Black and Indigenous peoples the world over were savage, inferior and in need of correction by European enlightenment.

The Man Who Brought the Swastika to Germany, and How the Nazis Stole It - Even after decades, the symbol can't shake free from its evil associations.

Man dies from eating more than a bag of liquorice a day - BBC News - A construction worker in the US state of Massachusetts was killed by his liquorice habit, doctors say.
Man dies from eating too much liquorice : worldnews

Europa Shooting Plumes of Water into Space Is Another Evidence That the Moon Has Subsurface Oceans : worldnews


A scary Volcano eruption in Ecuador : WTF

A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Climate Apocalypse : politics ... Climate apocalypse, health apocalypse, civil rights apocalypse, economic apocalypse. (domocracy apocalypse)
Republicans Claim Addressing Climate Change Is Too Expensive. Americans Aren't Buying It, a New Poll Shows (just go ahead and die, they said)

More than 450 whales stranded in Tasmania in one of world's largest recorded stranding events | Environment : worldnews
330 elephant deaths in Botswana caused by toxic blooms in waterholes linked to climate change : worldnews

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro rejected international criticism of his governmenent's evironmental policies -- "Our forest is wet, thus forest fires can't happen"

U.S. CDC reports 200,275 coronavirus deaths : Coronavirus
150,000 more people could lose their lives from COVID-19 in the next three months according to the new data : news
U.S. adds nearly 40,000 COVID-19 cases, almost 1,000 deaths : Coronavirus

542 New Confirmed Cases; 2.6% Positive - September 23 : CoronavirusMa - 126,408 total cases - 20,662 new individuals tested; 0.7% positive rate of all tests. 80,000 total new tests. - -10 hospital; +4 icu; -1 intubated; 361 hospitalized - 17 new deaths; 9,135 total
September 23rd Weekly Report: 0.60% Positive Rate in Non-STS Towns; 2.24% in STS flat from last week : boston

States with the most coronavirus deaths in nursing homes per 1,000 facility residents (MA is #1) : CoronavirusMa

Maine is open to MA travelers! : boston
Charlie Baker allows seating at bars for meals : boston
Restaurant Bar Seating, 10 People Per Table To Be Allowed In Massachusetts : CoronavirusMa
Walsh says table limits in Boston restaurants to remain at 6 people : boston

The Jewish Advocate Suspends Publication after 118 Years : boston

[Link in Portuguese] Chinese coronavirus vaccine did not give side effects in 94.7% of volunteers : Coronavirus
How a focus on cleaning surfaces can distract from actual virus spread : Coronavirus
Massive genetic study shows coronavirus mutating and potentially evolving amid rapid U.S. spread : Coronavirus
More than 90 percent of Americans still susceptible to coronavirus, CDC director warns : Coronavirus
SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy was not associated with complications in neonates: Almost two out of three pregnant women who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 were asymptomatic and the researchers found no higher prevalence of complications during delivery or of ill-health in the neonates : Coronavirus
Transmission dynamics reveal the impracticality of COVID-19 herd immunity strategies : Coronavirus
People with 'silent' COVID-19 have as much coronavirus as those with symptoms. Findings show--they may have a key role in driving the spread of COVID-19, warn the researchers, who go on to suggest that this warrants extending testing provision. : science

Reopening Colleges Likely Fueled Covid-19 Significantly, Study Finds : Coronavirus

Google Maps Will Now Show Coronavirus Outbreaks In Your Area : Coronavirus

Pandemic 'Heroes' Pay the Price as Hospitals Cut Registered Nurses to Balance Budgets : worldnews

Coronavirus has cost workers $3.5 trillion in wage losses : Coronavirus

A Maine nursing home worker completed her shift despite virus symptoms. Now 7 residents are dead. : Coronavirus ... This is the worker who attended the now-infamous evangelical wedding.

New York Says New Cluster of Brooklyn COVID-19 Cases Causes 'Significant Concern' : Coronavirus ... all areas with a significant jewish population fwiw. they don't listen, these were the same people throwing maskless funerals with 10k people on the street in april. if the rest of the city gets punished with restrictions because of them, people are going to be pissed.
N.Y.C. Warns About Rising Virus Cases in Hasidic Neighborhoods - The New York Times - Officials see a worrisome indicator in several parts of Brooklyn and Queens after a couple of months of declining or flat transmission.

California has 15,164 deaths, U.S. passes 200,000 on Sept. 22 : Coronavirus

Missouri governor's wife tests positive for COVID-19; governor postpones travel
Missouri governor, opponent of mandatory masks, has COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Wisconsin ranks No. 2 in country for new coronavirus cases : Coronavirus

Minnesota COVID-19 hospital numbers rise back above 300 : Coronavirus

Unreliable Texas COVID data spotlights 'decades worth of underfunding' : Coronavirus

Why is Singapore's COVID-19 death rate the world's lowest : Coronavirus

Italy faring much better than France, Spain, UK : Coronavirus
France to raise Covid-19 alert to highest level in Paris and other big cities : Coronavirus

UK reports 6,178 new cases of coronavirus, second-highest one-day increase on record : Coronavirus
The disconnect between scientists and ministers in England could not be more stark. : Coronavirus
5G conspiracy theories: 43% of Britons uncertain whether the technology poses a health risk or not - People are unsure whether 5G is safe or not following months of false speculation over the origin of the coronavirus : Coronavirus

Saudi Arabia suspends flights to and from India due to rising covid-19 cases : worldnews

After India, China is now breaching the borders of Nepal : worldnews
China 'coercing' Tibetans into mass labour camps : worldnews
Ren Zhiqiang: Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping's handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years : worldnews
U.S.-China tensions take center stage at U.N. as Trump accuses Beijing of unleashing 'plague' : worldnews (you know, the "hoax" plague)

Israel?s Benjamin Netanyahu brings loads of dirty laundry to be cleaned in Washington - The Washington Post - Over the years, the Israeli leader has developed a reputation among the staff at the U.S. president's guesthouse for bringing special cargo on his trips to Washington: bags and suitcases full of dirty laundry, according to U.S. officials familiar with the matter. The clothes are cleaned for the prime minister free of charge by the U.S. staff, a perk that is available to all foreign leaders but sparingly taken advantage of given the short stays of busy heads of state.
Is State Department Lying to Congress on Sale of Ambassadors Residence in Israel?

Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko inaugurated as president 'in secret' following disputed election : worldnews
Man Recounts Rape By Police In Belarus : worldnews

Russian Navy Warship Collides With Merchant Ship In Baltic - Naval News : worldnews
Cult leader who claims to be reincarnation of Jesus arrested in Russia : worldnews ... Jesus gets arrested. "Hey, I've seen this before."
Turkish police investigate suspicious death of Russian-US journalist
Russian opposition figure Navalny discharged from Berlin hospital, which says full recovery from alleged poisoning possible : worldnews ... Also on RT: Latest Navalny Novichok water bottle poisoning claim stretches all credibility, but Western media swallows it without question
Putin says: "Navalny may have drunk the poison himself" (with a little help from his "friends")

Over 100 fake accounts traced to PH police, military shut down by Facebook : worldnews

E-cigarettes to become available as prescription-only items in Australia from June 2021: The Therapeutic Goods Administration has announced an interim decision to reclassify nicotine as a prescription-only medication : worldnews (but cigs are fine, fucking idiots)

Japan newlyweds can receive up to %600,000 to start new life : worldnews

US tells Kenya to publicly support Israel or forget free trade deal : worldnews (Pres Kushfucker)
Trump administration leveraged terror designation to push Sudan to recognize Israel : worldnews ... Is there a Nobel Prize for extortion?
Palestine quits Arab League role in protest over Israel deals : worldnews
Palestinian Health Minister: "Israel has blocked the passage of 100,000 COVID19 swabs from Jordan to West Bank". : worldnews

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands has been accused of interfering in national politics after hosting an event for the far-right Forum for Democracy party : worldnews

Charlie Hebdo magazine's head of HR has left her home because of "precise and detailed threats" to her security guards, French media report. : worldnews

Michael Gove has written to hauliers to warn that if they do not prepare now for Brexit they could face queues of up to 7,000 trucks in Kent, confirming internal cabinet analysis of the potential disruption caused by the UK's departure from the single market in January. (off the stupid cliff)
Tory donor's husband 'given $8m by Kremlin-linked oligarch': A Russian oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin has secretly funded the husband of Lubov Chernukhin, a Russian-born donor to the UK Conservative party, according to the BBC
Boris Johnson's '"go back to the office" edict is facing fresh humiliation after it emerged that key civil servants have been advised to bring lunch from home to avoid eating out near their workplace.
UK told U.S. it was Brussels, not London, threatening Irish peace : worldnews (by refusing to bow down to crazy BoJo)

Old TV caused village broadband outages for 18 months : worldnews ... Aberhosan, Powys

Gallup poll says world becoming less tolerant of migrants : worldnews

CIA clamps down on flow of Russia intelligence to White House : politics
Trump says he likes Putin. US intelligence says Russia is attacking American democracy. : politics
Opinion | Vladimir Putin Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything - The New York Times - Why has the poisoning of Alexei Navalny been met with Western silence?

Weekly jobless claims rise unexpectedly as stimulus boost fades - The Labor Department reported Thursday that initial jobless claims for the week ending Sept. 19 came in at 870,000.

What If Trump Refuses to Concede? - The Atlantic - If the vote is close, Donald Trump could easily throw the election into chaos and subvert the result. Who will stop him?
Here's an Advanced Course in Ratf*cking to Collapse Representative Democracy - Even a landslide win by Joe Biden is not safe, and not all of the action will take place in the polite confines of a courthouse.
The Trump campaign is reportedly 'discussing contingency plans to bypass election results' : politics
The Trump campaign is reportedly planning a way to bypass the 2020 election results in key swing states : politics
House Democrats Introduce Bill to Outlaw Presidential Self-Pardons, Criminalize Corrupt Acts of Clemency : politics
Is it fascism yet? Every move Trump makes is designed to destabilize the nation with threats, intimidation, and violence. : politics
Carville: GOP will use Supreme Court to steal a close election : politics
Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election
A list of the times Trump has said he won't accept the election results or leave office if he loses - CNNPolitics
The Fanatic : Bill Barr is convinced that the country is betraying its founding -- and that up to him to stop it (America is a Catholic theocracy)

Impeach Bill Barr : politics

Facebook will let Trump run ads on election night prematurely claiming victory : politics (you've been Fuckerberged)

White supremacists most persistent extremist threat to U.S. politics: Homeland Security head : news

Trump Openly Admits He Wants to Fill RBG Vacancy Before Election Day So His Justice Can Help Fight Mail-In Ballots : politics
With Nothing Else Working, Trump Races to Make a New Supreme Court Justice the Issue - The New York Times - Even as he presses ahead, some Republicans wonder whether it would be better to hold a confirmation vote before the election or start hearings but leave the final vote until afterward.
McConnell Is on the Losing Side of History And He Knows ItHis contempt for voters, Senate colleagues and tradition makes him the avatar of the politics of decline.
The Special Hell of Trump's Supreme Court Appointment - With a nonexistent mandate, he does extraordinary damage.
Democrats weigh how to handle Trump's potential Supreme Court pick after past flap over Barrett's faith - CNNPolitics ... In a tense exchange between Amy Coney Barrett and Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2017, the California Democrat sharply questioned whether the judicial nominee could separate her Catholic views from her legal opinions. (DiFi was "mean" to the Handmaid)
Ted Cruz blocks a U.S. Senate resolution to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citing apartisanamendmentThe junior Texas senator objected to language his Democratic counterparts added noting that late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish was that a successor not be chosen until after the presidential inauguration (Cruzie-Doozy)
Mormon Women for Ethical Government urges Romney, Senate to hold off on replacing Ginsburg : politics ... The LDS church is overwhelmingly anti-abortion, and Sen. Romney is a staunch member of the faith.

Today in the bad faith industrial take complex - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Get ready to have your intelligence insulted for weeks now: So what this argument amounts to is a claim that the Democrats broke the judicial nomination process by not nominating justices who were credibly accused of sexual harassment or assault by third parties to Republicans could get some tit-for-tat?
Democrats worry Feinstein can't handle Supreme Court battle - Colleagues fear the oldest senator may struggle to lead Democrats on the Judiciary Committee ... Just this week, Feinstein infuriated progressives after declaring her opposition to ending the Senate's legislative filibuster (D. Gerontocracy)

Pelosi unveils Watergate-style anti-corruption reforms -- tailored for the Trump era

White House Accused of Improperly Politicizing Review of John Bolton's Book - The account by a former National Security Council official also implied that the Justice Department may have told a court that the book contains classified information and opened a criminal investigation based on false pretenses.
In Inquiry, John Durham Sought Details About Scrutiny of Clinton Foundation - The New York Times ("corruption" in the Clinton Foundation)

Trump once defined success as keeping US COVID deaths below 200,000. When he failed, he said real failu Fascism is definitely on the rise, but so is education. Hopefully the trend will reverse soon, and the future is bright, but in the mean timere would be 2.5 million dead. : politics
Despair at CDC after Trump influence: 'I have never seen morale this low' : politics
Fauci scolds Rand Paul during tense exchange at hearing | TheHill
A 'distressed' Birx questions how long she can remain on White House task force, sources say - CNNPolitics -- , Birx views Dr. Scott Atlas, a recent addition to the task force, as an unhealthy influence on President Donald Trumps thinking
Fauci Overshadows Trump on Time Magazine's List of 100 Most Influential People (
Trump again minimizes the coronavirus pandemic as officials warn of a fall surge - CNNPolitics

DOJ says it won't send officials to testify because Democrats were 'scolding and insulting' to Barr

Cindy McCain endorses Biden for president in rebuke of Trump : politics
Trump dismisses Cindy McCains endorsement of Biden ... saying he "hardly" knows her and describing the former vice president as a "lapdog" for her late husband,

Republican Inquiry Finds No Evidence of Wrongdoing by Biden - The New York Times - The report delivered on Wednesday appeared to be little more than a rehashing of unproven allegations that echoed a Russian disinformation campaign (by Ron Johnson, paid Russian agent and traitor to America
GOP senators' anti-Biden report repackages old claims - Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley's interim report largely relies on previously known information.
Ron Johnson's 'Report' Is Nothing But Innuendo and Weaselspeak - The hazier the details, the less there is for fact-checkers to grab hold of.
CBS correspondent amplifies -- and manipulates -- bogus Senate GOP report against Joe Biden :"Catherine Herridge not only treats it seriously -- she exaggerates it further.
GOP's Hunter Biden Probe Digs Up Dirt on Rick Perry's Ties to Ukrainian Gas Deals
Wyden: RonJohn Stumbled Upon Evidence Of Trump Corruption In Ukraine Probe | Talking Points Memo ... In an unbelievable twist of irony, the corruption allegation has to do with a cabinet-level Trump official pressuring the Ukrainian government to alter the composition of the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

'Bye Kayleigh' trends After Scathing Supercut Highlights Defense Of Trump Lies

The story of how Trump chose children over country -- and the men who tried to stop him -- The battle over Jared and Ivanka's security clearances would be a fight for survival pitting Trump's chief of staff and counsel against his family.
Fact check: Trump Jr. touts baseless rigged-election claims to recruit 'army' for his dad - CNNPolitics ... "The radical left are laying the groundwork to steal this election from my father" (tells Trumpsters to bring their guns)
Judge orders Eric Trump to meet with N.Y. attorney general's investigators by Oct. 7
New York judge rules Eric Trump must sit for deposition before election : politics

Telemundo anchor rebuts misleading tweet posted by Eric Trump - POLITICO - Josi Dmaz-Balart told POLITICO that Joe Biden did not use a teleprompter in their recent interview.

Trump's Justice Department and Personal Lawyer Threatened Melania's BFF Over Tell-All, Documents Show ("slit-eyes")

Eschaton: Well What Are You Going To Do About It - Those of us who lived through 2000 know that the press will just treat the day to day developments as equally valid competing legal claims, with the balance of bias leaning towards the powerful, as always.

Trump Preached White Supremacy in Minnesota, America Barely Noticed : politics
Allegations of racism have marked Trump's presidency and become key issue as election nears
'You run our country like an eight-year-old' -- lhan Omar condemns Trump after racist attack at rally

Fake Facebook pages made in China targeted U.S. presidential election : worldnews

The 50 political states of America

Trump falls into the trap he set for Biden - POLITICO - Trump's team are bracing for a humiliating loss at next week's debate -- after Trump lowered expectations for Biden by mocking his acumen for months.
'Bidin' his time' ; Joe Biden battles being chronically late

Poll: 51 percent of voters want to abolish the electoral college : politics - Biden now leads by 9 points nationally (51% to 42%), and maintains his advantage across six battleground states ... Nationally, 69% of voters continue to have serious concerns about COVID-19, including 63% of the Rust Belt battleground states and 66% of the Sunbelt battleground states.
National (US) Poll - September 23, 2020 - Biden Keeps Above 50 Percent M | Quinnipiac University Connecticut - Voters think Biden is smarter, more honest, more level headed, and cares more about Americans than the president. And that, in part, translates into a ten-point lead
Forecasting the US elections -- Right now, our model thinks the Democrats are likely to win a majority in the Senate.
States of Play: Battleground & National Likely Voter Surveys on the Mail-in Election, COVID-19 and the Supreme Court
Eschaton: Poll Porn

The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. Electorate | Pew Research Center - n battleground states, Hispanics grew more than other racial or ethnic groups as a share of eligible voters

Louisiana's voter registration portal mysteriously shuts down on National Voter Registration Day

Colorado Senate Moves From Toss Up to Lean Democrat | The Cook Political Report - The other senator, Cory Gardner in Colorado, announced Monday he will back moving forward with a nomineea change in the view he held in 2016,

Texas shatters voter registration records again as Trump-Biden election draws closer : politics

Post-ABC polls: Trump and Biden in tight races in Florida, Arizona - The Washington Post - Sunbelt battlegrounds could hold key to 2020 election outcome.

Report: Order To Shorten Count Wasn't Made By Census Bureau : news

The Hate at the Heart of Conspiracy Theory - Persuasion - Liberty can survive intense disagreement. But it cannot survive pure hate.

notherday11 comments on Turkey sentences female politician to prison for calling Erdogan 'enemy of women' ... Authoritarians are capitalizing on the dissolving social strata of the modern era. People that have traditionally enjoyed privileges of their social stratum feel threatened, so authoritarians know they can capitalize on it. The youngest generations continue to become more and more open-minded, less religious, less militant, and less individualistic. This terrifies a certain segment of political leaders so they're working double overtime to try and shut it down and they're making sure they take every effort to exploit the unease of social conservatives. Fascism is definitely on the rise, but so is education. Hopefully the trend will reverse soon, and the future is bright, but in the mean time we're stuck with morons on Facebook talking about how immigrants are rapists and how those who disrespect their politician are treasonous.

Rep. Matt Gaetz calls for 'vote buying' criminal probe into Mike Bloomberg for paying off $20M in debt for 31,000 Florida felons so that they can cast ballots in November.

Ranked choice voting in Maine a go for presidential election : news

US sees over 400 attacks on press freedom in under a month : PoliticalHumor

Revealed: pro-Trump activists plotted violence ahead of Portland rallies : politics

Trump: Reporters Covering Protests Deserve to Be Attacked

Grand jury indicts 1 officer on criminal charges 6 months after Breonna Taylor fatally shot by police in Kentucky : news (copsters go free, riots tonight)
Violence Is Inevitable: Protests Erupt in Louisville After Cops Dodge Charges in Killing of Breonna Taylor

Seattle City Council votes to overide mayor's veto of cuts to police budget : news

Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance vandalized with 'Black lives don't matter' sign : news

Costco pulls Palmetto Cheese from 120 stores after owner calls 'BLM' terror organization

Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living in anti-intellectual timesThe philosopher and gender theorist discusses tensions in the feminist movement over trans rights. (Jerk Rowling) (Butler is great, interviwer sucks)

Social Media and Mental Health: What You Need to Know | SoCal Sunrise Recovery

Survey finds "shocking and saddening" lack of Holocaust knowledge among millennials and Gen Z : worldnews

E.P.A. Rejects Its Own Findings That a Pesticide Harms Children's Brains

Conservatives (but not liberals) increase usage of mobile phones in cars after a law was enacted prohibiting that activity and purchase unhealthy foods, and view smoking e-cigarettes more favorably when government regulates those consumption. : science

Using weed during pregnancy linked to psychotic-like behaviors in children, study finds (study of 11,489 Children) : science

Intensive physical exercise session as short as 15 minutes improves memory, including the acquisition of new motor skills, through the action of endocanabinoids, molecules known to increase synaptic plasticity. Study highlights the virtues of sport for both health and education. : science

TIL the oldest known hominid footprints discovered outside of Africa were in Norfolk, England. They are estimated to be 800,000 years old : todayilearned

Commentary: How India's ancient caste system is ruining lives in Silicon Valley | ZDNet - Over 90% of Indian techies in the US are upper-caste Indians and many of them are allegedly making life a living hell for Dalits, those who are classified as the lowest of the low in India, whose horrifying historical persecution has continued in the cradle of tech. (systemic racisim)
Commentary: How India's ancient caste system is ruining lives in Silicon Valley | ZDNet : technology

Reddit Squashed QAnon by Accident - Two years ago, Reddit had the internet's biggest QAnon problem. Today, that problem is gone -- but the company can't really explain why

[SERIOUS] What was your creepy, unexplainable story as a child that was confirmed by your parents to have happened? : AskReddit

179 Arrested in Massive Global Dark Web Takedown : news


Climate Disruption Is Now Locked In. The Next Moves Will Be Crucial. - The New York Times (too late, Republican captialists killed the planet)
Arctic sea ice shrinks to second lowest number ever recorded, and scientists say it will get worse - "The 14 lowest sea ice extents have occurred in the past 14 years. It never got any better, and there is no indication of recovery. We are in a new Arctic, something we have never seen before." : worldnews

General Electric is getting out of coal power business : worldnews
The pandemic gave the world a golden opportunity to fix the climate crisis. But these countries are once again turning to fossil fuels : worldnews
Countries are once again turning to fossil fuels to help salvage their economies in the wake of the pandemic : worldnews

3 fishermen insist they saw flying object crash into sea, say cops

New Mexico's Permanent Transformation - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... "the precipice" of climate change ... (no water)

US death toll from coronavirus tops 200,000, highest in the world - The Boston Globe (Trump for the win)
Covid in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count - The New York Times
The Toll Since Coronavirus Struck: 250,000 More Deaths Than Normal : Coronavirus
Trump playing on his phone in the background really does it : gifs

MA COVID-19 Data 9/22/20 : boston
143 New Confirmed Cases; 1.56% Positive - September 22 : CoronavirusMa - 125,866 total cases - 9,135 new individuals tested - +4 hospital; -2 icu; -4 intubated; 371 hospitalized - 11 new deaths; 9,118 total

Judge rules firing of Holyoke Soldier's Home boss was 'invalid' ; 76 veterans had died of COVID-19 at facility

COVID-19 may damage bone marrow immune cells; another reinfection reported : worldnews
Does Wearing Glasses Protect You From Coronavirus? - The New York Times
Face shields ineffective at trapping aerosols, says Japanese supercomputer | Simulation using world's fastest supercomputer casts doubt on effectiveness in preventing spread of coronavirus
Studies Show Far-UVC Light Can KillC | And far from just a GOP slogan, itoronaviruses Without Harming Humans : Coronavirus
Catching flu and Covid-19 at same time almost doubles risk of death : Coronavirus
COVID-19 re-infection by a phylogenetically distinct SARS-coronavirus-2 strain confirmed by whole genome sequencing | Clinical Infectious Diseases : Coronavirus
Experts warn COVID-19 may cause explosion of Parkinsons disease cases
Covid-19 Long-Haulers: Some Patients Need Very Long Term Care : Coronavirus

Reopening for in-person classes may have caused 3,000 Covid-19 cases a day, study finds : Coronavirus

"Where does Ron DeSantis go to get his apology?" -Jacobin - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Jacobin has published an approving interview with two Harvard epidemics who advocate Florida and Sweden as models for COVID-19 response. I'm dead serious:
Fox News has complained about coronavirus health measures nearly 5 times as often as it reported the national death toll since Sept. 1 - American lives lost to coronavirus are just a footnote in Fox News' coverage
CNN anchor slams Fox News doctor, "some of the worst medical advice that money can buy"

Pandemic accelerated cord cutting, making 2020 the worst-ever year for pay TV : Coronavirus

All else equal, states led by Republican governors were slower to implement social distancing policies to halt the spread of the coronavirus. : science

California's COVID-19 positivity rate drops below 3% for the first time : Coronavirus

Wisconsin breaks record for coronavirus hospitalizations : Coronavirus
Gov. Evers declares public health emergency over college outbreaks, issues new face-coverings order : Coronavirus

Hawaii has among nation's highest rates of businesses closed for now or for good

Judge denies stay of order that found Pennsylvania virus restrictions unconstitutional : Coronavirus (Refucker Trump judge)

Kentucky hospital hits COVID-19 capacity. CEO pleads with community to wear masks. : Coronavirus

More than 3,000 excess deaths in Miss. attributed to COVID-19, disproving Facebook 'overcounting' claim (Zuckerfucking America)

These countries (Israel, Spain, France) crushed covid-19 but are now reporting higher infection rates than the US

Majority of Canadians say wearing a mask during coronavirus pandemic is a civic duty: poll : Coronavirus
Two-thirds of Dutch want others fined for coronavirus violations : Coronavirus

Lack of Covid help for poor countries will haunt west, says UN aid chief : worldnews

UK Coronavirus Alert Level Raised To 4 In First Change Since June As Infections Soar : worldnews
Pubs and restaurants in England must have a 10pm closing time from Thursday in battle against coronavirus, PM to say : worldnews

Nightclubs in Wuhan packed as coronavirus epicentre reports no new cases : worldnews

China forces 500,000 Tibetans into labour camps : worldnews
China sharply expands mass labor program in Tibet : worldnews
Hong Kong Police to stop recognising local press passes : worldnews
Chinese air force propaganda video appears to use Hollywood movie clips : worldnews
Video shows Chinese soldiers crying as they allegedly head to Sino-Indian border | Taiwan News : worldnews
Prominent Critic Of Xi Jinping And Communist Party Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison : worldnews
NYPD officer who worked in Queens precinct arrested for allegedly acting as agent of China [He was spying on Tibetans] : worldnews

Thailand Pro-democracy leaders might face 15 years in jail for criticizing king's and the military meddling in governmental actions and coup. : worldnews

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai says that "there should be no compromise" on the right to education for Afghan girls in ongoing peace negotiations between the government and Taliban militants. (muzfuck Fuckaban)

The War Crime No One Wants to Talk About - The New York Times - Our Bodies, Their Battlefields - War Through the Lives of Women

'We are terrified': Sydney man jailed in Egypt for liking a Facebook post : worldnews
Protests against Sisi's rule break out across Egypt

Poisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny demands that Russia give his clothes back : worldnews

Russian-born American journalist found dead in Istanbul : worldnews

Colombia: spying on reporters shows army unable to shake habits of dirty war : worldnews

Facebook Says it Will Stop Operating in Europe If Regulators Don't Back Dwon (Zuckerfuck thinks he's China)
Facebook suspends environmental groups despite vow to fight misinformation : worldnews

Report: German hospital cyberattack trail leads to Russia : worldnews

French Court Jails Neo-Nazi Apologist and Holocaust Denier for Antisemitic Messages : worldnews

Italy votes to slash size of parliament by a third : worldnews

Leaked files contain more evidence of Kremlin links to one of the biggest donors to Boris Johnson's Conservative party : worldnews (dirty little commie BoJo)
Sikh man assaulted in England; asked if he was a Taliban member : worldnews

Japan calls for expanded Security Council at U.N. 75th anniversary meeting : worldnews

Pete Hoekstra, U.S. ambassador to Netherlands, accused of hosting fundraiser for FvD at embassy - The Washington Post

World leaders and diplomats call for UK to release Julian Assange : worldnews

Edward Snowden agrees to give up more than $5 million from book and speeches : worldnews (Trump wants his money)

Secret documents show how North Korea launders money through U.S. banks : worldnews

Revealed: Bill Clinton's Intimate Secret Dinner With Ghislaine Maxwell

"He Just Empties You All Out" : Whistleblower Reports High Number of Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Facility
Medical abuse allegations at ICE facility add to US history of forced sterilization : worldnews

Secret CIA assessment: Putin probably directing influence operation to denigrate Biden
Russian State Media Posts Deepfake Showing Trump as Putin's Stooge

Robert Mueller let the American people down on Trump probe, prosecutor says

Trump Supreme Court front-runner Amy Coney Barrett belongs to group that inspired 'Handmaid's Tale
Trump's Supreme Court short list includes member of the sect that inspired the 'Handmaid's Tale' ... There is a sect now, a Catholic charismatic spinoff sect, which calls the women handmaids ...
Handmaid's Tale? U.S. Supreme Court candidate's religious community under scrutiny
Romney supports holding a vote on next Supreme Court nominee - POLITICO - The announcement means Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has enough votes to move forward (in case you thought Mittens wasn't totally evil)
Democrats Balk at Using Their Biggest Weapon in Supreme Court Fight - The party is divided on tactics. But so far, the main play is to make it all about health care. (the party of fuck-ups)

Opinion | How Democrats Should Fight For Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Seat - The New York Times
Opinion | Down With Judicial Supremacy! - The New York Times - The Supreme Court was never meant to be the only arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution.
The GOP traded democracy for a Supreme Court seat and tax cuts. It wasnt worth it.

Is it ageist to ask why old people are so terrible? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Note that Feinstein (D-Gerontocracy) is in line to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee if the Democrats take the Senate six weeks from today, which in turn means that as a practical matter court expansion or indeed passing any other laws of any significance would be dead in the water if she and just one or two other Democrats stick to this position. (DiFi rises from the dead to fuck over the country, again)
Democrats shoot down talk of expanding Supreme Court | TheHill

Right now ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - Lawyers, Guns & Money - What has sleazy authoritarian liar Bill Barr been up to today? Well, since we live i the stupidest timeline: (anarchist bullshit)

Herrenvolk democracy, GOP-style - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Yglesias has a good piece on the crisis of democracy that our increasingly anachronistic political system is generating. Democrats have to win the presidential popular vote by millions to have any decent chance of winning the election. They have to win the national House and Senate vote totals by even more:

Trump: 'I'm so angry at Republicans' The president says his fellow Republicans have let him it down when it comes to investigating Obama and the Bidens.

'It Affects Virtually Nobody' : Trump Says of Virus That Has Killed 200,000 and Infected 7 Million in US; f you, or a family member, or a friend got sick or died of Covid-19, to Trump you are '"virtually nobody'
Trump Says Coronavirus 'Affects Virtually Nobody' As U.S. Has World's Highest Death Toll

The Absentee President; Donald Trump rarely shows up to the West Wing -- and when he does, he is too incompetent to effectively fulfill his oath of office

in a Stunning Departure From Reality Trump Grades Himself A+ on Virus Response

Pentagon used taxpayer money meant for masks and swabs to make jet engine parts and body armor : politics
Colossal Backdoor Bailout == Outrage as Pentagon Funnels Hundreds of Millions Meant for Covid Supplies to Private Defense Contractors
A Kennedy who worked on Jared Kushner's COVID-19 task force said he was asked to distort a coronavirus prediction to make the outbreak seem less bad : politics

Manhattan DA Cites 'Mountain' of Allegations in Request to Access Trump Tax Records

DeVos under investigation for potentially violating Hatch Act because of Fox News interview : politics

Democrats must play hardball: A clear message must be sent to Republicans who have been accomplices to the crimes of this president | Rob Reiner : politics

Donald Trump's campaign blew almost $1 billion and now they're in deep trouble

Bloomberg pays fines for 32,000 felons in Florida so they can vote : politics

We may get 2008 level turnout among young voters. That's bad for Trump.

Lindsey Graham tries, fails to justify breaking his word : politics
diethyl2o comments on Biden Has $466 Million in Bank, and a Huge Financial Edge on Trump : Best Bang for your Buck

An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers, businesses furious with McConnell : politics (after they voted to screw themselves)

Kentucky GOP lawmaker indicted on assault, accused of strangling woman with ethernet cable : politics

Conservatives Are Already Whitewashing the Trump Years: Danielle Pletka's historical revision of Jesse Helms' career shows how Trumpists will rationalize their role in this disastrous presidency.

W Nostalgia - Lawyers, Guns & Money

West Michigan man says yard signs were stolen. So he put up Joe Biden freeway billboards. : politics (Newaygo)

To protect our democracy, Democrats must win state legislative elections : politics

Democrat Mike Espy within 1% of GOP Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith : politics

Biden leads Trump by 12 points among Catholic voters: poll : politics
Rank-and-file union members snub Biden for Trump - POLITICO - In some unions, especially the building trades, support for the president remains solid despite the efforts of labor leaders to convince members otherwise.
Joe Biden campaign reportedly annoyed with Ed Markey over Supreme Court comments : boston
Why Biden is stiff-arming the left on court-packing and the filibuster - POLITICO - The Democratic nominee sees political upside in his old-school institutionalism.
Iowa Poll: Donald Trump, Joe Biden are tied in Iowa in presidential race
AJC Georgia poll: Race for president, Senate contests too close to call - Election 2020

Trump supporters boo Ohio's GOP lieutenant governor for encouraging mask use
GOP Official At Trump Rally Gently Suggested Wearing Masks. It Did Not Go Well. : politics

Florida Governor Proposes Law That Could Allow Drivers to Run Over a 'Mob' : politics
Eschaton: FREE SPEECH - What Kelsey misses is that what the "free speech" crowd objects to is protests. They're rude interruptions of the powerful and the favored by members of lower castes.

Black man beaten by Georgia sheriff's deputies during a traffic stop says he 'feared for his life' : news

Video released showing Utah police shooting at boy with autism nearly a dozen times | US news | The Guardian - Salt Lake City 13-year-old remains in hospital after mother called 911, requesting mental health worker (today, in killer fuckster copster dept)
Video shows Utah police shooting boy with autism after mother sought help : news

Four arrested after Black man's body found burning in a ditch in Iowa - CNN
Black man's body found burning in a ditch in Iowa : news

Jon Mattingly: Officer involved in Breonna Taylor shooting sends candid email to LMPD colleagues : news

THC Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer in Mice, Study Finds : science

If zombies decompose, wouldn't you just have to wait it out until they turn into skeletons? What do you think?

Straight people of Reddit, what made you realise you weren't gay?


Melting ice sheets will add over 15 inches to global sea level rise by 2100 : worldnews ... Ice sheets are the last thing we have to worry about. The oceans will be dead, most of the equatorial belt and some temperate lands will be uninhabitable, we'll have mass famine from land degradation and a good bit of the millions of square miles of boreal forests will be on fire perennially, well before 2100.
Arctic Sea-Ice Shrinks To Near Record Low Extent : news

There's growing concern among citizens all over the world about climate change, according to a new global poll. : worldnews
World's richest 1% cause double CO2 emissions of poorest 50%, says Oxfam : worldnews
How the oil industry made us doubt climate change : worldnews

Humans Wiped Out Two-Thirds of the World's Wildlife in 50 Years
At least 25 whales dead and more than 200 stranded in Tasmania's Macquarie Harbour : worldnews
Climate Crisis Is Aging Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles : worldnews
Botswana says toxins in water cause of mysterious elephant deaths : worldnews
A huge wetland is burning in Brazil, and the fires are far bigger than California's (while president Bolsonaro deny the issue) : worldnews
Europe's remaining ancient forests 'in perilous state' and require immediate protection, scientists warn -- Rare woodlands are vital stores of biodiversity but are under threat of being lost entirely
New Zealanders rank climate change above Covid this election : worldnews
Norway to spend $1.8 billion on world's first full-scale CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) project : worldnews
Rio Tinto expected to destroy 124 more Aboriginal sites, inquiry told - Questions have also been raised over whether the approval granted by the Western Australia government to destroy the 46,000-year-old sites in Juukan Gorge was valid. : worldnews

Tree on power line apparent start for Washington State fire : news

Despite progress since July, most states are going backward with Covid-19 as doctors worry about 'a very apocalyptic fall'
Signs of an 'October Vaccine surprise' alarm scientists

MA COVID-19 Data 9/21/20 : boston
244 New Confirmed Cases; 2.2% Positive - September 21 : CoronavirusMa - 125,723 total cases - 10,823 new individuals tested - 7 new deaths; 9,107 total

Charges filed against parents, teen responsible for student party that forced local school to go remote : CoronavirusMa
Massachusetts Department of Education urges 16 school districts in low-risk COVID-19 communities to return to in-person learning
Massachusetts Pushing Schools to Bring Back Students in Low-Risk Coronavirus Communities : CoronavirusMa

8th death linked to coronavirus outbreak stemming from Maine wedding : Coronavirus

CDC Website Reverses Coronavirus Guidance About Aerosols - No 'Mistake' From This Administration* Can Be Presumed Innocent - Is it possible that this was simply an accident? Of course it is. Is there any reason to believe the White House political operation leaned on the CDC? Of course there is.
CDC deletes new guidance saying COVID-19 can spread beyond 6 feet - The Boston Globe (Trump wants you to die)
CDC says it erroneously posted guidance that said coronavirus spreads through air and and travel beyond six feet : Coronavirus ("not suspicious at all")
CDC says it erroneously posted guidance that said coronavirus spreads through air and travels beyond six feet : news

Daily wearers of eyeglasses (>8 h/d) may be less likely to be infected with COVID-19. The proportion of daily wearers of eyeglasses hospitalized with coronavirus was lower than that of the local population (5.8% vs 31.5%), finds a new study in China. : science
N95 masks save lives. So why are they still hard to get this far into a pandemic? : Coronavirus
Belief in conspiracy theories is a barrier to controlling spread of COVID-19 : Coronavirus
Agency159 : Covid 1984

William Crews retires from NIH after linked to RedState 'streiff' anti-Fauci posts - NIH staffer to retire after he was exposed as the blogger behind anti-Fauci, anti-mask stories
A Notorious COVID Troll Actually Works for Dr. Faucis Agency -- Bill Crews is a PR official at the National Institutes of Health. But he also has another job: an anonymous RedState editor who rails against the agency for which he works (usual totally-insane racist Repubican asshole)

Unionized Nursing Homes Saw Lower COVID-19 Mortality Rates, Better PPE Access: Study : Coronavirus
More than 40% of Nebraska virus deaths are at nursing homes : Coronavirus

Pro-Trump, anti-mask former Nashville Metropolitan Council member, Tony Tenpenny, dies from Covid-19. : politics ... Tony Tenpenny ...

A third of states are still seeing new cases at at least 75 percent of their peaks : Coronavirus

This Superspreader Concert Is Brought to You by a Health-Care Firm (Kristi Noem does it again)

Single plane passenger infected 15 others with Covid-19, CDC says : Coronavirus

California's Deadliest Spring in 20 Years Suggests COVID Undercount

Idaho's argest School District refuses to disclose COVID numbers to the public

NY marks lowest 1-day death toll since start of pandemic : Coronavirus

Wisconsin sees highest COVID-19 case growth in the U.S. over last 2 weeks : Coronavirus

Texas reopenings tied more to COVID-19 severity than to spread : Coronavirus

San Francisco Residents On Edge Over Rising Number Of Home Burglaries : news

Sweden has escaped a second coronavirus wave so far. The question is why : Coronavirus

Jerusalem ICU doctor: 'We are now in a battle for survival' : Coronavirus

COVID-19 dogs introduced at Helsinki to identify infected passengers : Coronavirus

UK 'could see 50,000 cases a day by mid-October' : worldnews

Almost 40 Chinese warplanes breach Taiwan Strait median line; Taiwan President calls it a 'threat of force' : worldnews
China air force video appears to show simulated attack on U.S. air base on Guam : worldnews (Chinese military porn)
China to lose access to Australian space tracking station : worldnews
Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women : worldnews
'You will be put into detention' : Former ABC bureau chief tells story of fleeing China for first time

Jihadists launch assault on Mozambique's luxury tourist island : worldnews

Over 82 Per Cent Of Rapists Are Fathers Or Brothers Of Victim in pakistan : worldnews ... Around 60% of children in Pakistan are estimated to be born of inbreeding, much higher than any other country. (muzfuckers, literally, but let's keep those blamsphemy laws)
Police in India say a woman whose belly was cut open with a sickle by her husband has given birth to a stillborn boy. Family alleged that the man attacked her because he wanted to check the baby's gender. They have five daughters and the man has been putting pressure on his wife to deliver a son. : worldnews

Turkish soldiers tortured Kurdish villagers, threw them from helicopter, locals say : worldnews

Etched in Stone: Russian Strategic Culture and the Future of Transatlantic Security : worldnews

Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC member's son : worldnews
Japan's top court rules tattoo artists don't need medical license : worldnews

Solomon Islands: Men working for WW2 bomb clearing agency die in explosion : worldnews

Mass rallies and police data leaks in Belarus keep pressure on Lukashenko. : worldnews

Israel court: Child abuse suspect can be extradited to Australia | Israel News | Al Jazeera - Malka Leifer, a former educator accused of sexually abusing female students, has been fighting extradition since 2014 ... an ultra-conservative Jewish former school principal suspected of sexually abusing her female pupils in Australia can be extradited, paving the way for her to stand trial after a six-year legal battle (Israel defends Hasidic mass child abuser)
University of Toronto's law school blocks hiring of scholar due to her work on Israel's human rights abuses. : worldnews ... Imagine not being hired for a position on human rights law for talking about violations of human rights law (you shall not criticise the great apartheid racist state of Israel)
Cuba rejects Israel's annexation policy in conflict with Palestine : worldnews
Leaks show Chelsea owner Abramovich funded Israeli settler group | Roman Abramovich : news ("illegal setttler group")

Italians vote Monday in elections that could see the far-right take the historic left-wing bastion of Tuscany, one of several regions up for grabs in a ballot that could weaken an already fragile government : worldnews

Thousands of people have marched in Berlin demanding that the government do more to help migrants stuck in Greece, many of whom have been made homeless since fires ravaged the country's largest refugee camp

Tory donor Lubov Chernukhin linked to $8m Putin ally funding : worldnews ... All conservative roads lead to Putin ... (Tories are as bought as Republicans)
Thousands of Britons living in EU told their UK bank accounts will be closed : worldnews

Drought-Hit Mexicans Assert Demands That Water Sharing With U.S. Ends : worldnews
Mexico sees fentanyl seizures up 465%, denies making drug : worldnews

Leak reveals $2tn of possibly corrupt US financial activity | US news : worldnews
Leaked documents reveal some of the world's biggest banks allowed criminals to move dirty money around the world
FinCEN Files: Deutsche Bank tops list of suspicious transactions : worldnews (Trump's bank)

Stock market today: Dow drops more than 500 points, S&P 500 posts first 4-day losing streak since February
Six months into the pandemic, the US economic outlook is getting gloomier : worldnews
U.S. faces a smoldering COVID-19 pandemic nationwide as flu season starts : worldnews
Two Hundred Thousand Americans Are Dead : politics

The Inside Story of the Mueller Probes Mistakes (good Republican Bobby fucked the country)
Robert Mueller Was a Good Man in the Wrong Job -- His deputy, Andrew Weissman, has written an account of the special counsel's investigation that is a dismal narrative of the limits of personal integrity in our politics.
Mueller prosecutor says special counsel 'could have done more' to hold Trump accountable
Muellers Team Should Have Done More to Investigate Trump-Russia Links, Top Aide Says
A Prosecutor's Backstage Tour of the Mueller Investigation
The unanswered question of our time: Is Trump an agent of Russia? -- Neither Mueller nor the FBI took it on. It's crucial someone does. This is a case for super-secret mole

Suspect In Ricin Letters Arrested At Canada/US Border Crossing : worldnews
Canadian woman suspected of sending packages addressed to Trump containing poison ricin : worldnews

Allegations of unwanted Ice hysterectomies recall grim time in US history : politics

Nationwide Marches Against 'Death, Lies and Fascism' Planned as U.S. Nears 200,000 COVID-19 Deaths
Ex-RNC chair Steele 'exasperated' by 'dumbass' Trump supporters who refuse to wear masks

Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax Fraud, D.A. Says for First Time - The New York Times - A new court filing from the Manhattan district attorney offered rare insight into the office's investigation of the president and his businesses.

Justice Dept. brands NYC an 'anarchist jurisdiction,' targets federal funds (Boogaloo 2 from the top)
DoJ Bizarrely Brands NYC, Seattle, Portland 'asnarchist Jurisdictions' i n Move to Revoke Federal Funding
DOJ Designates New York City as an "Anarchist Jurisdiction"

'Emergency' investigation: House Democrats threaten to impeach AG Barr

Supreme Court to fly flags at half-staff for 30 days in memoriam of Ginsburg : politics
'The Energy Is Unbelievable' : Democrats Say the Supreme Court Vacancy Is a Motivating Force
How Ginsburg's Death Has Reshaped the Money Race for Senate Democrats - From Alaska to Maine to the Carolinas, Democratic strategists working on Senate campaigns described a spontaneous outpouring of donations the likes of which they had never seen. A Republican surge is expected as well.

Mitch McConnell's dark Supreme Court gamble: He thinks he can winno matter what happens
McConnell is the worst : PoliticalHumor
Trump and McConnell's Supreme Court plan justifies anything the Democrats do in 2021 | Packing the court, ending the filibuster and giving Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico statehood should all be on the table, if all norms are off the table
Another Trump Impeachment Possible Over Supreme Court Nomination : politics
Republican victory in Supreme Court battle could mean millions lose health insurance in the middle of a pandemic : politics

Trump's gene comments 'indistinguishable from Nazi rhetoric' expert on Holocaust says
Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton: Trump's attempts to falsify reality follow "pattern of Nazis" : Expert on Nazi Germany and cult movements says he sees extensive parallels to the Trump administration
Trump joins dictators and demagogues in touting 'patriotic education'
Cries of 'white power' and 'fuck blac k lives' heard at pro-Trump rally
Our half-president: From the start of his term, Trump has refused to serve the entire country equally : politics
Trump and his supporters have made a mockery of U.S. patriotism : politics

Bob Woodward says he will release audio tapes of Trump talking about Supreme Court : politics
Trump previously bragged to Bob Woodward about appointing nearly 200 judges and joked about installing a statue of himself outside the Supreme Court : politics

Ocasio-Cortez Demands Democrats Use 'Every Procedural Tool Available' to Stop Trump From Filling RBG Vacancy (Refuck hypocrisy implosion)
Trump mocks RBG's dying wish and claims it was invented by 'Pelosi or Schumer'
The Republicans Are Planning a Shameless Supreme Court Heist to Fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg' seat

Protests Grow at Lindsey Graham's Home About Supreme Court Nominee
This Is the Lamest of Lindsey Graham's Lame Excuses - The idea that a week of discomfort for Brett Kavanaugh was enough to get Graham to abandon whatever withered principles he has left two years later is one of the funniest things I ever heard. (Flimsy Dimsey says bc BeerKav was asked mean questions, he'll suck Trump's mushroom)

Poll: 62% say next election winner should pick Ginsburg's replacement : politics
Half of Republicans Say New Justice Should Be Picked by Whoever Wins the Election : politics

Revealed: evidence shows huge mail slowdowns after Trump ally took over : politics
Infectious corrupter: Donald Trump poisons previously trusted institutions : politics

Michael Steele "Stop Treating Donald Trump As If He Is A Legitimate President'

If You Wait Until Election Day to Vote, You're Already Too Late | The Only Way Democrats Can Prevent Trump From Stealing the Election is if Overwhelming Numbers Vote Early -- and in Person
Over 2000 Foot Locker stores to become voter registration sites : politics
Trump Says He Is 'Counting on the Federal Court System' to Declare Winner on Election Night -- Before Many Ballots Are Tallied

'It's a big, big, swing' : Trump loses ground with white voters

How the Supreme Court revived Jim Crow voter suppression tactics : politics

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Spurs $100 Million in Donations to Democrats
Biden Has $466 Million in Bank, and a Huge Financial Edge on Trump : politics
With cash windfall, Biden adds GOP states to campaign map : politics

Election peacekeepers will be needed : politics

'We're not gonna be manipulated' : Cracks form in Trump's Cuban-American base
Biden leads Trump by 36 points nationally among Latinos: poll : politics

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Extends Vote By Mail Deadline, Allows Drop Boxes : politics

Judge orders U.S. Postal Service to treat all election mail as 1st class or priority | CBC News : news

Election handicapper moves Maine Senate race to 'leans Democratic'

Judge dismisses Trump challenge to Nevada mail voting law - ABC News

Georgia US Senate race: Democrat Raphael Warnock rises in polls

Rating Changes: Maine Senate Moves to Leans Democratic - Sabato's Crystal Ball - ME-2 electoral vote now a Toss-up; South Carolina Senate narrows

A Young Kennedy, in Kushnerland, Turned Whistle-Blower -- When Robert F. Kennedy's grandson Max volunteered with Jared Kushner's COVID-19 task force, he likened the Trump Administration's pandemic response to "a family office meets organized crime, melded with 'Lord of the Flies'"

Robert Goforth, Kentucky GOP lawmaker, indicted on assault and accused of strangling woman with ethernet cable - The Washington Post - As a freshman Kentucky legislator, state Rep. Robert S. Goforth (R) joined his colleagues to pass a bill that would make it easier to prosecute strangulation (and then he strangled a woman)

'The Happy Scientist' indicted for possessing thousands of child pornography images : news

Investigation into Manuel Elliskilling by Tacoma police flawed from the start (they "investigated" their own lies and guess what happened?)

Atomwaffen Division neo-nazi group surfaces in Colorado Springs : news

L.A. Times shaken by a summer of turmoil and scandals ... Since early last year, six prominent editors have been either pushed out, demoted or had responsibilities reduced because of ethical lapses, bullying behavior or other failures of management.

Ellen's Strange 'Apology' Won't Satisfy Anybody (sorry, not sorry at all)

How Much Do Hurricane Proof Windows Cost | Happy DIY Home

State of Massachusetts Faces Lawsuit As Medical Marijuana Business Suffers $1.2M Loss : boston

Older people have become younger: physical and cognitive function have improved meaningfully in 30 years. : science

The Age Of Electric Cars Is Dawning Ahead Of Schedule - Battery Prices Are Dropping Faster Than Expected. Analysts Are Moving Up Projections Of When An Electric Vehicle Won't Need Government Incentives To Be Cheaper Than A Gasoline Model.

What free things online should everyone take advantage of? : AskReddit


Bleach touted as 'miracle cure' for Covid being sold on Amazon : worldnews
Bolivians are drinking a toxic bleach, wrongly believing it will ward off COVID-19. Many end up in the hospital. : worldnews
Far-right conspiracy theorists say 94% of US COVID-19 deaths don't count because those Americans had underlying conditions. That's bogus. : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 9/20/20 : boston
340 New Confirmed Cases; 1.95% Positive - September 20 : CoronavirusMa - 125,479 confirmed cases - 17,399 new tests - +2 hospital; -4 icu ; +6 intubated; 364 hospitalized - 15 new deaths; 9,100 total

It would not be the end of the world if we stopped all in school learning k through college. : CoronavirusMa

Reproduction rate just above stable, says Covid-19 taskforce head : Coronavirus
Death Toll From Covid-19 Pandemic Extends Far Beyond Virus Victims : Coronavirus

Bill Gates says it's 'outrageous' that Americans still can't get coronavirus test results in 24 hours (dumpster America)
Philadelphia pediatrician Paul Offit: Prepare to wear masks and socially distance even after getting COVID-19 vaccine : Coronavirus
Mask resistance during a pandemic isn't new -- in 1918 many Amreicans were 'slackers'

NYC schools reopening amid coronavirus: How to care for your child's mask
Droplets and Aerosols generated by singing and the risk of COVID-19 for choirs : Coronavirus
More than 40% of Americans have Avoided Medical Care Due to COVID-19 Concerns : Coronavirus

COVID-19 appears to spread less in warm and wet climates, studies suggest : Coronavirus
AstraZeneca says 2nd volunteer in coronavirus vaccine trial suffering from unexplained neurological illness, but says there's insufficient evidence to say it's related to the vaccine : Coronavirus
Rare hyperinflammatory syndrome in children with COVID-19 described : Coronavirus

2020's States that Vaccinate the Most -- MA, VT, NH, ND, RI ... GA, MS last

California coronavirus death toll passes 15,000 mark : Coronavirus
North Dakota records 731 new COVID-19 cases over weekend : Coronavirus
South Dakota hits grim milestone of 200 COVID-19 deaths : Coronavirus (Kristi Noem leads her citizens to death)
Florida reports 2,521 new COVID-19 cases, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe report 0 deaths : Coronavirus
Minnesota reports 1,318 more COVID-19 cases, a new single-day high : Coronavirus
Arizona records 469 new COVID-19 cases; 9 new deaths : Coronavirus
Illinois reports 1,400+ new coronavirus cases, 14 deaths Sunday : Coronavirus
Utah's coronavirus cases again top 1,000, with three deaths
Georgia Covid Map and Case Count - The New York Times

Penn State Reports 320 Cases Of Coronavirus On Main Campus : Coronavirus

'When we let our guard down, this virus truly spreads' -- KY reports 2nd highest single-day total of COVID-19 cases

Bikefest in Lake of the Ozarks expected to draw thousands as Missouri coronavirus cases rise : Coronavirus

India maintains surge, adds 93,300 new cases : Coronavirus

Tokyo reports 162 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday : Coronavirus

Coronavirus infections in Greece exceed 15K: 170 new cases, 7 more deaths, intubations increase - Keep Talking Greece : Coronavirus

France reports 10,569 new cases and 311 new deaths : Coronavirus

More than 30 arrested during coronavirus protests in London : Coronavirus

[Spain] Hospitals in Madrid nearing the abyss: 18 of them have an occupancy of over 90% [Article in Spanish, translation in the comments] : Coronavirus

'They sacrificed the elderly' : How Covid-19 spread in Sweden's care homes

Australia: The state of Victoria went from over 700 COVID-19 cases per day to just 14 cases in 7 weeks, with one of the longest lockdowns in the world : worldnews

Munich bans alcohol on Oktoberfest grounds due to coronavirus : worldnews

European Union to finance 88 Million coronavirus vaccine doses for poor countries : worldnews

#10,000 fines warning for failing to self-isolate as Covid infections soar : worldnews (UK)
Boris Johnson introduces $18,000 fines for COVID rule-breakers : Coronavirus

450 jobless Indian workers forced to beg in Saudi, shifted to detention centres : worldnews

UN warns of possible 'war crimes' in Turkish-controlled Syria : worldnews (Erdofuck a war criminal?)

Thousands arrested in Inner Mongolia by Chinese police for defending nomadic herding lifestyle : worldnews
Germany Ends Honeymoon with China; Will Trade More With Democratic Asian Nations : worldnews
Canada has abandoned free-trade talks with China, says foreign minister : worldnews
Taiwan president says drills show China is threat to whole region : worldnews

South Korean politician charged with embezzling funds for victims of Japan's wartime sexual slavery : worldnews

Israel's parliament rejects bill to ensure full equality between all Israeli citizens : worldnews

Hackers leak personal data of 1,000 Belarusian police on weekend of protests : worldnews

Mass suspension of German police officers who shared pictures of Hitler and doctored images of refugees in gas chambers : worldnews (cops are nazis by definition)

Trump administration insists UN sanctions on Iran are restored. No, they're not, says United Nations : worldnews
Three teenagers sentenced to have 'four fingers amputated for theft' in Iran : worldnews (muzfuck "law")

US military 'obliterated two journalists in Apache helicopter attack then covered it up' : worldnews (from Assange's trial)

Brexit has now cost more than the International Space Station : worldnews
Boris Johnson 'worried his #150,000 salary isn't enough' : worldnews
Landlords slash rents by up to 20% as tenants quit city centres in pandemic : worldnews - In London. Factors specific to that location obviously at play here.
'Quite frankly terrifying': How the QAnon conspiracy theory is taking root in the UK : worldnews ... People that like astral dictators seem to also love real life ones as well.

Dirty money pours into the worlds most powerful banks.
We Got Our Hands On Thousands Of Secret Documents. Lets Break Them Down.
Secret documents show how North Korea launders money through U.S. banks - The documents convey a relentless effort by North Korea to penetrate the global financial system to skirt sanctions.
Deutsche Bank Execs Missed Money Laundering Red Flags
Global banks defy U.S. crackdowns by serving oligarchs, criminals and terrorists - ICIJ - trillions in tainted dollars flow freely through major banks, swamping a broken enforcement system.

The scene at the U.S. Supreme Court tonight at RBG's vigil. Unprecedented

ActBlue collects a record $91 million in hours after Ginsburg's death : politics

If GOP Creates 'Illegitimate Majority' on Supreme Court, More Justices Should be Added: Former U.S. Attorney General : politics
Petition against replacing Ginsburg until election gets more than 475K signatures in under a day : politics
Jerry Nadler says Democrats should 'immediately' move to expand the Supreme Court if the GOP pushes a lame duck vote : politics
McConnell Is Inventing Excuses to Grab Ginsburg's Seat
5 Times McConnell Said We Shouldn't Confirm a SCOTUS Justice in an Election Year : politics
Cooper rolls tape on what GOP senators said about replacing a justice in 2016 : politics
Majority of voters say Trump should not nominate a Supreme Court justice: poll : politics
The end of Democratic quiescence on the Supreme Court - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Democrats' Armageddon option Pelosi says Democrats will 'use every arrow in our quiver' to block Trump's Supreme Court nominee - ABC News

Collins: President elected Nov. 3 should fill Supreme Court vacancy : politics
Susan Collins Is The First Republican To Say Whoever Wins The Election Should Fill Ginsburg' Seat

How the right wing legal machine actually works - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Senates Rural Skew Makes It Very Hard For Democrats To Win The Supreme Court

Eschaton: So Trump Gets Uppers In The Ass -- President Trump slams Joe Biden: "They gave him a big fat shot in the a-- and he comes out and for two hours he's better than ever before... We're going to ask for a drug test" -- It isn't even projection with him. He's literally incapable of imagining anything outside of himself and perhaps some things from 40 years ago that lodged in his melon.

Trump tells supporters 'you'll never see me again' if he loses to Biden

Trump Can't Recall Boasting He Has 'World's Best Memory' in Awkward Deposition Video
'I don't remember' Video of Trump facing lawyers in tense deposition over university fraud case released

Trump Calls It A 'Beautiful Think' That Cops Struck Journalist Ali Velshi With Rubber Bullet He also praised Minnesota supporters' 'good genes,' adding, 'A lot of it is about the genes' in a troubling, disjointed rally speech.
Trump Rambles About 'Good Genes' and 'Racehorse Theory' at Minnesota Campaign Rally
Trump's Saturday Night Rally Was a SuperS- responsible for a disproportionate amount of Covid-19 disinformation on social media, study suggests : Coronavirus
preader of Stupidity
Trump gloated over an MSNBC anchor being shot by a rubber bullet at an anti-racism protest, calling it a 'beautiful sight'
Trump to His Female Supporters: I Hope Y>our Husbands OKed You Attending My Rallies : politics
Trump's praise of Robert E. Lee startles Minnesotans proud of state's role at Gettysburg | Minnesota soldiers played a pivotal role at Gettysburg, a major Confederate loss. : politics
Trump calls himself 'Donald Prump' gives himself 'D' for coronavirus response and appears to admit trying to blackmail Oracle

Denialism: Not Just For Climate Change Anymore! Not only is Trump anti-science, he is clearly anti-empathy. : politics

Supreme Court Hypocrite Lindsey Graham Blistered By Own Words In Lincoln Project Ad : GOP senator in tight race makes 'Hypocrit Hall of Fame' for Lincoln Project and Lindsey Must Go Super PAC.
'Use my words against me': A 2016 video of Lindsey Graham saying a Supreme Court vacancy should never be filled in an election year is going viral. : politics
Warning signs flash for Lindsey Graham in South Carolina : politics

Michael Steele on Trump coronavirus response: "You're the reason why 200k people are dead"
Analysis: US to hit 200K dead; Trump sees no need for regret : politics
How to Get Away with Murder - Lawyers, Guns & Money (pandemic and Trump's murders haven't cnanged anything)

In 'Power Grab,' Health Secretary Azar Asserts Authority Over F.D.A. ... Azar could then approve of a COVID-19 vaccine that the FDA would not thereby overriding the FDA's authority and delivering a promise from the Orange Menace to have a vaccine released before the election. This is truly a dark timeline.

Why a Never Trumper Changed Her Mind - Danielle Pletka, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

After a tumultuous month of news, Biden maintains national lead over Trump : politics
Majority of Americans plan to vote before Election Day, AP-NORC poll finds : politics

Biden "approves" clip of Trump saying "you'll never hear from me again" if he loses election : politics
Joe Biden poll: Why it could be a Biden blowout on Election Day - CNNPolitics

Trump Supporters Disrupt Early Voting in Virginia : politics

Colorado man indicted for federal hate crime after stabbing Black victim in Eastern Oregon, prosecutors say : news

1776 commission is proof America is spiraling toward facism | Arwa Mahdawi

Want to reform the police? That must start with decriminalizing drugs. Too much police violence against people of color is justified by a connection to illegal drugs. There's an easy fix : politics

Portland protesters tear-gassed 8 days after mayor orders no use of tear gas : politics

Physicists May Have The First Experimental Evidence of a New Type of Dark Boson. The dark-matter boson, a particle that is predicted to interact weakly with ordinary matter, is a dark-matter candidate. : science

125 million-year-old dinosaur found buried by a volcanic eruption in China : news


Earthquake 'hack' reveals scale of ocean warming : worldnews
Melting glacier floods Arctic coal mine, highlighting climate change irony | In the days preceding the flooding of Gruve 7, a record temperature of 21.7 degrees Celsius had been recorded in Svalbard, causing sustained glacial melt and rivers to discharge four times their usual volume : worldnews

'Shocking': wilderness the size of Mexico lost worldwide in just 13 years, study finds : worldnews

UN food chief urges rich to help keep millions from starving : worldnews

Atlantic hurricane season runs out of names for the 2nd time in history : worldnews
Storms Alpha and Beta named for Greek alphabet, second time ever | Meteorologists were forced to break out the Greek alphabet Friday to name Atlantic storms for only the second time ever after the 2020 hurricane season blew through their usual list : worldnews

California wildfire smoke blankets parts of Canada | Smoke from California and Oregon wildfires has cloaked Canada's third-largest city of Vancouver, known for its majestic mountain views a nd fresh ocean breezes, in the dirtiest air in the world this week : worldnews
Oregon man escapes Beachie Creek fire by huddling on rock in middle of Santiam River : news
351 Sea Turtles Found Dead Off The Coast Of Baja California Where 137 Sea Lions Perished Last Week : news

World Health Organization demands global solidarity as COVID-19 tally surpasses 30 million : Coronavirus
COVID-19 death toll unacceptably high: WHO : Coronavirus
315,919 new cases of coronavirus worldwide, the biggest one-day increase so far, according to WHO. 6,037 new deaths : Coronavirus
Nearly 200,000 deaths, millions of ripples. Each covid-19 fatality shifts attitudes about the virus. : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/19/20 : boston
569 New Confirmed Cases; 2.7% Positive - September 19 : CoronavirusMa - 125,139 confirmed cases - 21,298 new tests - +24 hospital; +3 icu ; +3 intubated; 362 hospitalized - 26 new deaths; 9,085 total - 30 New Probable cases; 0 New Probable deaths

US cases of depression have tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic : Coronavirus
Covid Grows Less Deadly as Doctors Gain Practice, Drugs Improve : Coronavirus
Testicular pain as an unusual presentation of COVID-19: a brief review of SARS-CoV-2 and the testis : Coronavirus
Coronavirus can spread on airline flights, two studies show : Coronavirus
Does Virus Dose or Load Predict How Sick You Get With COVID-19? : Coronavirus
Shocking doctor's message - "A few hours with a mask and we will prevent a major disaster" : Coronavirus
Almost 1.2 million babies could die during the pandemic -- but not from the coronavirus
So long swabs: B.C. unveils new mouth-rinse COVID-19 test for kids : Coronavirus
COVID-19 re-infection by a phylogenetically distinct SARS-coronavirus-2 strain confirmed by whole genome sequencing : Coronavirus

NYC restaurants can soon add a COVID-19 surcharge to customers' bills : Coronavirus

Why misinformation about COVID-19's origins keeps going viral

300 students quarantining after COVID found in sewage at NJ college dorm : Coronavirus

Wisconsin shatters one-day records: 2,533 new cases, 7 deaths : Coronavirus

Virginia sees 953 new coronavirus cases, now reporting 139,655 statewide : Coronavirus

139 New Coronavirus Deaths Reported In Florida, 3,204 More Cases : Coronavirus

293 new cases of COVID-19 in Montana : Coronavirus

Utah's COVID-19 surge continues with 3 deaths, 1,077 new cases : Coronavirus

Michigan athletics COVID-19 results: 1,120 tests, seven positives : Coronavirus

Nevada reports 323 additional COVID cases, four more deaths : Coronavirus

(KY) Saturday numbers: 721 virus cases, 13 deaths, 4.14% positive-test rate : Coronavirus

Maskless protesters rally at SC State House to call for end of COVID-19 restrictions : Coronavirus

Number of virus deaths in Pa. nearing 8,000 mark : Coronavirus

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions : Coronavirus (or bad ones)

Melbourne anti-lockdown protesters arrested and chased by police on horseback : Coronavirus

China virus? North America's most Chinese city is one of the most coronavirus-free places on the continent
Trump Claims Canada Wants Border Reopened. Canadians Disagree. : worldnews
Quebec launches police blitz in bars as COVID-19 cases climb : worldnews
Vietnamese Grandma, 80, Hit With Rocks and Temporarily Blinded By Teens in Ontario : news

Coronavirus: Just 6% of Britons have antibodies - and levels wane over two months, SAGE warns : worldnews
Coronavirus: UK now 'seeing a second wave coming in'. UK reported to be considering fresh lockdown after new cases almost double to 6,000 a day. : worldnews

Seoul city seeks $5 million in damages from church over new Covid-19 outbreak : Coronavirus

Poland crosses 1,000 daily corona-cases for first time : Coronavirus

Denmark reaches almost 600 new cases, again all time high. : Coronavirus
'Sweden's coronavirus pandemic may be finished' says prominent Danish epidemiologist : Coronavirus
Tegnell's flu theory still debated : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: in Italy in the last 24 hours 1,638 new cases, 909 people healed and 24 deaths : Coronavirus

France coronavirus update: New daily record of 13,215 Covid cases reported : Coronavirus

Covid cases in Spain rise by 14,389 in the last 24 hours with 90 deaths : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: 'COVID-19 only takes white people': Researchers battle disease myths in South Africa : worldnews

Dutch justice minister is fined for breaking coronavirus rules at wedding after all : worldnews (beach-ball head)

Hospitals told not to test staff or patients for Covid-19 : Coronavirus - . Brought to you by the Conservative Party of Not-So-Great-Anymore Britain.
UK has recorded 4,422 new cases and 27 new deaths : Coronavirus
Study finds 50% of British residents show at least some degree of support for conspiracy thinking about COVID-19 : Coronavirus (Brexiteers)

Venus Is a Russian Planet ... Says Russia : worldnews

India arrests 9 Al-Qaeda militants planning terrorist attacks

Pakistan outcry over police victim-blaming of gang-raped mother : worldnews
Christian sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy : worldnews

Floating "time bomb" threatening millions of Yemenis: A rusting oil tanker which has been moored off the coast of Yemen for five years could crack open at any moment, releasing around 1.2 million barrels of crude oil into the Red Sea, according to the UN.

Canada has abandoned free-trade talks with China, says foreign minister : worldnews

Thai protesters back on streets to demand political change : worldnews
Thailand overnight protest near Grand Palace attracts over 20,000 : worldnews

US sending armored vehicles into Syria as Trump says 'we are out' : worldnews - "We are out of Syria other than we kept the oil. I kept the oil. We have troops guarding the oil. Other than that we are out of Syria"

Russian FM Lavrov says Belarus and Russia set to reform Union State : worldnews
Belarusian Student Says He Was Beaten In A 'Torture Truck' : worldnews

Iran Guards vow Soleimani revenge will target only 'those involved' : worldnews

Navalny says he can walk and recognize people as he eyes 'clear road' to recovery from poisoning : worldnews

Rare books stolen in London heist found under floor in Romania : worldnews

Overburdened, underpaid and 'misery on his face' : Boris Johnson gets the blues -- Weighed down by the pandemic and personal issues, the prime minister is appearing ever more downbeat
Amal Clooney quits UK envoy role over 'lamentable' government plans to break international law : worldnews
Woman falls from moving car on M25 while filming Snapchat video : worldnews
Escaped UK prisoner tried to hand himself in seven times, court told : worldnews

Europe's Refugee Disaster: Merkel Losing Her Patience with Lack of EU Solidarity : worldnews

Empire's mask slips at Julian Assange trial

The US military's heat weapon is real and painful. Here's what it does

ICE Hysterectomy Doctor Wasn't Even a Board-Certified OB-GYN
The Private Georgia Immigration-Detention Facility at the Center of a Whistle-Blowers Complaint

Millions of Children Go Hungry as Mitch McConnell Blocks Stimulus Bill : politics
Opinion | This new pro-Trump talking point is one of their most cynical lies yet - The Washington Post - The new line from the Senate majority leader is this: When Democrats raise concerns about Russian interference in our election, they are the ones who are doing Russia's dirty work for them, because in so doing, Democrats are undermining faith in our elections, just as Russia wants.

Opinion: With Justice Ginsburg's death, Mitch McConnell's nauseating hypocrisy comes into full focus
McConnell Pursues Scorched-Earth Tactics on Ground That is Already Scorched : politics
Can Mitch McConnell Be Stopped? : politics
Obama calls on Senate not to fill Ginsburg's vacancy until after election
To Honor Ginsburg, Democrats Have One Choice: Go Nuclear : politics
RIP RBG. Now End the Filibuster. Add States to the Union. Expand the Courts. : politics
Democratic senator calls for eliminating filibuster, expanding Supreme Court if GOP fills vacancy : politics
A Long List of GOP Senators Who Promised Not to Confirm a Supreme Court Nominee During an Election Year : politics

Democrats shatter donation records in the hours after Ginsburg's death

Biden says Ginsburg successor should be picked by candidate who wins on Nov. 3 : politics
Lisa Murkowski says she won't vote on a justice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election: 'Fair is fair' (Suzie-Doozy says she needs more time to clutch her pearls)
Collins mum on whether she's support replacing Ginsburg before election
Ginsberg's Death Is A Major Cultural Moment That's About To Upend Politics Again
Donald Trump has done less to destroy democratic norms than Mitch McConnell : politics
Battle Over RBG Seat Could Damage Supreme Court's Reputation, Set Off Legitimacy Crisis
A prayer for our daughters - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Of course it didn't work out that way. Marshall died four days after Bill Clinton's inauguration, and Clarence Thomas is still on the Supreme Court -- although since this is 2020 I wouldn't be surprised if he announces his retirement this afternoon.
Eschaton: Welp - The writers are just throwing everything into this season. Don't think walking and talking is gonna be enough to get us out of this one. Nor is turning it into a debate about whether Mitch McConnell is a big lying hypocrite (spoiler: he is) in order to get a ruling from the referees and and intervention from the hall monitors.
u/galactus_one shows why McConnell is the sypmtom, not the problem : bestof

The winner of the Arizona Senate race could be seated in time for a vote on a Supreme Court pick : politics

'Unforgiveable' Rep. Doug Collins slammed for tweet about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's abortion stance after her death -- "RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended pro-abortion laws"

Ricin Is Said to Have Been Sent to White House - The New York Times

Ex-Pence Aide: Trump Derailed COVID-19 Meeting For 45 Minutes With Fox News Rant : politics

Donald Trump Wanted to Keep This Video Deposition Secret. We Got a Copy. : politics

Trump's club charged Secret Service agents $500 a night for rentals even when it was closed for the pandemic

His sex crimes: Credible, repeat allegations of sexual assault should disqualify Trump from a second term : politics
'Hoping Daddy Can Still Pardon Him' : Eric Trump Excoriated for Saying He'll Comply with Subpoena After the Election

Biden receives first classified intelligence briefing : politics

Our Constitution is Under Attack by Attorney General William Barr : politics

Analysis: Don't wait for November. This election is happening now. : politics

'It's like Hitler Youth' : Trump attacked over plans for 'patriotic education' (starring you-know-who)

Portland Mayor responds to AG Barr's threat of arrest 'Befitting of a totalitarian regime'

Trump at Minnesota rally: Biden will turn state into a 'refugee camp' : "I'm your wall between the American dream and chaos" he said

Nashville's supposed coronavirus cover-up was just a misleading story used by right-wing media - CNN

QAnon news: Walmart and Amazon among donors to QAnon-promoting politician : politics

'Antebellum' Isn't Just Bad == It's Vile -- To make a point about the evils of white supremacy, the film subjects its Black characters to unceasing brutality.

Human footprints dating back 120,000 years found in Saudi Arabia : worldnews

It's mindboggling: astronomers detect most powerful black-hole collision yetGravitational-wave detections suggest merging black holes fell into 'forbidden' range of masses.

Scientists explains why sleep is so vital to our health. Scientists with expertise in neuroscience, biology, statistics and physics, conducted the most comprehensive statistical analysis of sleep to date, using data from more than 60 sleep studies involving humans and other mammals : science

Facebook accused of watching Instagram users through their cell phone cameras : worldnews


Glaciers Melting: Two Antarctica Glaciers Are Breaking Free : worldnews

A huge wetland is burning in Brazil, and the fires are far bigger than California's : worldnews
Climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme autumn wildfire conditions across California : science
Terror is California's new normal. How long can we hold out?

Parts Of Massachusetts Facing 'Extreme' Drought Conditions : massachusetts

Spider-like venom found in Australian stinging trees -- and the pain can last for weeks : news

U.S. Stands on Verge of Dark New Milestone: 200,000 Virus Deaths : Coronavirus
A Coronavirus Winter: How the U.S. Can Survive the Pandemic - The Atlantic - It is now widely accepted among experts that the United States is primed for a surge in cases at a uniquely perilous moment in our national history.

MA COVID-19 Data 9/18/20 : boston
431 New Confirmed Cases; 1.9% Positive - September 18 : CoronavirusMa - 124,570 confirmed cases - 22,217 new tests - 8 new deaths; 9,059 total - 23 New Probable cases; 1 New Probable deaths

Winchester High School Goes Remote After Student Tests Positive for Coronavirus : CoronavirusMa
Worcester Now Considered High Risk : CoronavirusMa

Baker, long averse to national GOP politics, backs Susan Collins in Maine Senate race : boston
Massachusetts no longer has highest unemployment rate in nation - The Boston Globe - jobless figure fell to 11.3 percent in August as pace of rehiring picked up

About 120 college students living off campus in PC area have tested positive for COVID-19 - The Boston Globe - Providence College issues stay-at-home order and will shift to full remote learning until at least Sept. 26
What we know about COVID-19 cases at Boston College |

Pastor of Maine Wedding Now Linked to 7 Coronavirus Deaths Still Does Not Require Masks in Church : Coronavirus

CDC reverses coronavirus guidance that said people without symptoms may not need a test : Coronavirus
C.D.C. Testing Guidance Was Published Against ScientistsObjectionsA controversial guideline saying people without Covid-19 symptoms didn't need to get tested for the virus came from H.H.S. officials and skipped the C.D.C.'s scientific review process.
Emails Detail Effort to Silence C.D.C. and Question Its Science : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: constantly surprising virus found to be heat tolerant, self-healing and very resilient in lab tests : Coronavirus
Study hints Covid-19 may have been in the US as early as December : Coronavirus
Professors: We are begging you to stop injecting yourselves with homebrewed COVID vaccines : Coronavirus
Singing unmasked, indoors spreads COVID-19 through aerosols, new study confirms : Coronavirus
Vitamin D can help reduce coronavirus risk by 54%: Boston University doctor : Coronavirus
Vitamin D can help reduce coronavirus risk by 54%: Boston University doctor : news
A study conducted by Hiroshima University researchers found that using Ultraviolet C light with a wavelength of 222 nanometers which is safer to use around humans effectively kills SARS-CoV-2 -- the first research in the world to prove its efficacy against the virus that causes COVID-19. : science
Far-UVC light efficiently and safely inactivates airborne human coronaviruses | Research Square

Gwinnett County, Georgia, Forces Teachers With Health Problems to Work in Classrooms Despite COVID-19 (die for the Kempster)

An Idaho no-masker pastor prayed against a mask mandate. He's now in intensive care for covid-19.
Rite Aid Worker Says She Was Fired After Asking Mask-Less Customer to Leave Store: 'They're Punishing Me for Defending Myself' : Coronavirus
Sometimes in Life, You Get What You Ask For - Lawyers, Guns & Money

750 Arizona teachers have quit. More than 40% of those teachers say COVID-19 is the reason they chose to resign or retire. : Coronavirus

More than 4,500 students and staff in Texas schools have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the school year : Coronavirus

Teachers say some parents drink, smoke, and appear half-dressed in online classroom : news

Armed residents confront COVID-19 testing team in Minnesota : news

France reported 13,215 additional cases of Covid-19 on Friday. Over the past 24 hours, 123 people have died from Covid-19. The number of people hospitalized over the last seven days is also increasing, with 3,626 new hospitalizations, including 571 in intensive care. : Coronavirus

US congressman introduces bill to scrap 'one China' policy,' normalize ties with Taiwan : worldnews
Taiwan scrambles jets as 18 Chinese planes buzz during U.S. visit : worldnews
Xinjiang: 1.3 million people a year 'educated' in internment camps : worldnews
Clues to scale of Xinjiang labour operation emerge as China defends camps : worldnews
US ban on China's Xinjiang cotton 'would wreak havoc,' leading apparel group says

A Look At The Dramatic Work Of RFE/RL Photojournalist Uladz Hrydzin, Jailed In Belarus For Covering Postelection Protests

Afghanistan allows mothers' names on birth certificates in 'significant' milestone for women's rights : worldnews

ISIS rebels destroy Vamizi Mozambique resort favoured by Daniel Craig, Ronaldo, Bono : worldnews

84 percent of Canadians want war crimes probe into Israel : worldnews
Trudeau urged to end arms exports to Saudi Arabia after Canada cited for fueling Yemen war : worldnews
Canada's wealthiest one per cent hold 25.6 per cent of riches, new PBO report says : worldnews
Outcry as super-rich Trump donor given permission to avoid Canada quarantine : worldnews

Russia's space agency chief declares Venus a "Russian planet" : worldnews

A Danish Childrens TV Show Has This Message: Normal Bodies Look Like This

The number of suicides among Japanese citizens jumped in August, worrying officials. : worldnews

Mexican journalist who reported on cartels found beheaded : worldnews

Brit student chained and drugged in UAE says UK close to 'giving green light' to torture : worldnews
What happens next with UK plan to breach Brexit divorce treaty? : worldnews

Charge That Maxwell 'Groomed' Girls for Epstein Is Central to Case

Tesla driver found asleep at wheel of self-driving car doing 150km/h : worldnews -- The driver, a 20-year-old man from neighbouring British Columbia, was charged with speeding and given a 24-hour license suspension for driving while fatigued ("fast" asleep)

In a Threat to Banksy's Empire, an EU Court Rules That He Can't Hold Trademarks While His Identity Remains a Mystery : worldnews

Iranian Hackers Can Beat Encrypted Apps like Telegram, Researchers Say - The New York Times - Reports reveal that hackers have been secretly gathering intelligence on opponents of the Iranian regime, breaking into cellphones and computers and outsmarting apps like Telegram.

Migrant boat lands on NUDIST beach on Sussex coast after naked sunbather swam out to help struggling Channel-crossers before others gave them tea : worldnews

Austrian minister to Trump: 'No, we do not live in forests' : worldnews

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court's Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87 -- The second woman appointed to the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg's pointed and powerful dissenting opinions earned her late-life rock stardom.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Outsider's Champion, Has Died at 87 (just in time for McConnell to ram another Refuck through)
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87 : news
Ginsburgs death expected to set off political feud over her replacement
McConnell says Senate will move to confirm Ginsburg replacement
'We simply can't appoint a supreme court justice in an election year' -- Mitch McConnell

U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links - Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher offered Assange the deal in 2017, a year after the emails that damaged Hillary Clinton had been published.
U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links - Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher offered Assange the deal in 2017, a year after the emails that damaged Hillary Clinton had been published.
U.S. Admits That Congressman Offered Pardon to Assange If He Covered Up Russia Links : worldnews
Trump administration offered Assange pardon, Australian lawyer claims : worldnews

FBI director confirms "very, very active" Russian efforts to interfere in election : worldnews
FBI confirms heavy russian interference in US election : worldnews
Trump hits FBI director again over testimony on antifa, Russia - POLITICO (will fire him next week)
Biden says Russia will 'pay price' for election meddling: CNN town hall

The United States is backsliding into autocracy under Trump, scholars warn - The Washington Post
U.S. Generals are raising the alarm | by Thomas Colt | Sep, 2020 | Medium (they all voted for Trump)

America needs a democratic revolution - Fixing systemic inequities in voting power should be a high priority for Democrats.
Chief Justice Roberts's lifelong crusade against voting rights, explained - He has fought to undermine voting rights his entire career.

Trump said corona virus was good because he didn't have to shake hands with 'disgusting people'
Trump Mocks Biden's Teleprompter Use While Using His Own Teleprompter
CNN Sums Up Trump's lack Of Scientific Credentials With 1 Stinging Graphic " 'He also lies about everything from crowd sizes to injecting disinfectant, so there's that'
John Berman on Twitter: "JUST NOW: "Dr. Redfield has a medical degree from Georgetown. He's a professor at the University of Maryland, he served on an advisory counsel on HIV/AIDS, he's been CDC director since 2018. As for Donald Trump, his uncle taught at M.I.T." @NewDay" / Twitter

Every Newspaper Should Be Calling on Donald Trump to Resign : politics

Eric Trump Is Trying to Stonewall a Fraud Investigation Into His Company Until After the Election : politics

Kushner Reportedly Said 'That's Their Problem' When New York Pleaded for Help With COVID-19 Supplies
Virus Pulls Down Trump, Poll Shows, and G.O.P. Senators Suffer With Him : politics
Election Poll: Biden Maintains Lead Over Trump With Likely Voters : NPR - Biden leads Trump by 9 points, 52% to 43%, among likely voter
Democrats Are Slight Favorites To Take Back The Senate : politics

A Deal on Drug Prices Undone by White House Insistence onTrump CardsThe White House and the pharmaceutical industry were nearing a major deal to lower drug prices. Then the administration demanded that $100 cash cards be sent to millions of seniors before the election and the industry balked.
Republicans Killed the Obamacare Mandate. New Data Shows It Didn't Really Matter

Trump to announce billions in aid to Puerto Rico in desperate attempt to win Florida

At Least 15 Trump Officials Do Not Hold Their Positions Lawfully : politics

CDC guidelines discouraging people from getting COVID-19 tests was published by Trump officials despite objections from scientists, report says : politics

Trump's 'terrific' health-care plan is so secret his own health advisers don't know if it exists

Bill Barr shows his true colors -- and they're terrifying. Honestly, we should have known

Chief Justice Robert's lifelong crusade against voting rights, explained | He has fought to undermine voting rights his entire career.

Denouncing 'Intentional Effort' to Sabotage Election, Judge Orders Nationwide Reversal of DeJoy Mail Changes
Poorly Protected Postal Workers Are Catching COVID-19 by the Thousands. Its One More Threat to Voting by Mail.

How the Trump Campaign Lit a Billion Dollars on Fire - First off, the Trump spent something like $400 million to raise that billion, an absolute ungodly sum, straight into the fundraisers's pockets ...

White Supremacists Are a Threat to Elections, Says the DHS | The Nation

How long it might take to get election results, based on 2020 primaries - Washington Post

Dispatches From Morotai Island - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Hard as it may be to believe, this footage is from 2020: ... nation's elite political press collectively deciding that a story of no substantive or prurient interest about his opponent was the political story of the century, laying the context for both a sustained strategic ratfucking operation and an October Surprise from the Director of the FBI
Acyn Torabi on Twitter: "The President is screaming about e-mails" / Twitter
Pence Aide Olivia Troye: Trump Has Disregard for Human Life - A White House Aide Just Warned Us That Donald Trump Is a Sociopath

How The Washington Post's "Fact Checker" enabled a Trump lie about Social Security cuts (Gleen Kessler, the best fact-fucker, and of course Trump used it against Biden) )

Biden Aced the Town Hall. Why Didn't Trump? : politics
What the Trump and Biden town halls taught us about their upcoming debates - The Washington Post
Opinion | Drip, drip, drip: The bad news washes away Trump delusions - The Washington Post

FEC chair says there's no separation of church and state, calls 2020 election a "spiritual war" : politics

Republican Senate majority under threat as GOP incumbents trail in three battlegrounds : politics

Democrats Are Taking Their Case Against Donald Trump To Black Newspapers In Battleground States : worldnews

GOP Senator Declares 'We Will Never Rewrite the Constitution' Forgets She Co-Sponsored Constitutional Amendments

Rep. Jackson Lee stops deportation of woman claiming Fallopian tube removed without consent : politics
More migrant women say they didn't OK surgery
Ice hysterectomy allegations in line with US's long and racist history of eugenics : politics

Now evangelicals say they won't vote for Joe Biden because Kamala isn't a 'Christian name' -- 'She was named for a Hindu goddess. Is that who we're electing? A Hindu goddesss? (like they were ever going to do that)

Biden's lead has been stable, but there's still lots of uncertainty about the vote
Talk about losers: The top moments from CNN's skid-gloves town hall with Biden
Joe Bidens CNN town hall: An occasional whopper (your media doing it again)

Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters
Trump alleges 'left-wing indoctrination' in schools, says he will create national commission to push more ppro-American' history

CNN Host Delivers 6-Minute Takedown Of Fox News's Coronavirus Misinformation

Peters holds narrow lead over James in Michigan's US Senate race -- U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., appears to be holding a slim 4-percentage-point lead over Republican businessman John James in his race for reelection, down from a 10-point margin he had two months ago

Rating Change: Republicans Sound Alarm, Riggleman's VA-05 Moves to Toss Up | The Cook Political Report

Alabama Senate Candidate Tommy Tuberville Struggles To Discuss Voting Rights Act | HuffPost - The Republican and former college football coach stumbled when asked his position on the landmark 1965 civil rights law. (coach Toobs)

The medias 3 unforgivable sins of the Trump era : Failing the challenge

Hundreds of Heavily-Armed Gun Activists Surround Michigan State Capitol : politics

The ground game in presidential elections - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Warren organizer-based model is a waste of money. The Buttigieg strategy, based on TV and earned media, got much closer to succeeding. (Lizzie ran an old-school campaign, see Robby Mook's disaster)
Don't waste your breath trying to change Trumpists' tminds. Just vote (for the family and ex-friends stories)

Housekeepers Face a Disaster Generations in the Making - The New York Times

Jerry and Becki Falwell, pool attendant Giancarlo Granda and the affair that brought them down - The Washington Post
911 Call From Intoxicated Jerry Falwell Jrs House Last Month Describes 'A Lot Of Blood' - Becki Falwell told the operator that her husband had cuts on his face from falling after he'd been drinking.

All Hell Breaks Loose onThe ViewAfter Guest Brings Up Joys Blackface Incident
Joy Behar admitted during a taping of The View in 2016 to dressing as a "beautiful African Woman" at a Halloween party when she was 29

Facebook Has Been a Disaster for the World: How much longer are we going to allow its platform to foment hatred and undermine democracy? : technology

u/catgirl_apocalypse lays bare how The Handmaids Tale is Bill Barrs goal. Literally. : bestof

Hostile sexism and racism became stronger predictors of the House vote in the 2018 cycle than they had been in 2016. This is primarily because less sexist and less racist voters switched to the Democratic Party. : science

u/BlueHatScience details how the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES) challenges features of neo-Darwinism including a core feature, the "Weissmann doctrine" of gene centrism : DepthHub

What is an absolute truth that no one wants to hear? : AskReddit

Why Goodfellas is still the greatest gangster movie ever made : movies

Children of poly relationships, what was it like growing up? : AskReddit

Evercrimson explains the difference between bisexuality and pansexuality : DepthHub

Facebook has been Accused of Spying on Instagram Users Through their Smartphone Cameras : worldnews


Noam Chomsky: The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history : politics - The US professor warns that the climate crisis, the threat of nuclear war and rising authoritarianism mean the risk of human extinction has never been greater.

Doctors horrified by placentas of non-smokers in Albury, Australia that look like placentas of pack-a-day smokers due to last summer's bushfire smoke. The babies are damaged for life. : worldnews

Everything is Fine! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - These are just a few of the grisly discoveries recently made in what is likely a mass death event for migratory birds occurring across the Southwest. At the moment, there is no clear explanation ... Capitalism is the greatest crime ever committed against the planet
California's Desert Fauna Will Never Recover - Fire in the Anthropocene has become the environmental equivalent of nuclear war.
Up to 1 Million Migratory Birds Found Dead in New Mexico Desert - There are biblical things happening in the deserts of New Mexico.

Smoke from the US West Coast wildfires has reached Europe : worldnews

Five maps that show just how much the US is dealing with now - The Boston Globe
Trump says US Covid-19 deaths would be low if you excluded blue states. That's wrong. | If red states were a country, they'd be in the top 10 for Covid-19 deaths among developed nations

MA COVID-19 Data 9/17/20 : boston
419 New Confirmed Cases; 1.6% Positive - September 17 : CoronavirusMa - 124,139 confirmed cases - 27,644 new tests - +25 hospital; -2icu; +2 intubated; 377 hospitalized - 15 new deaths; 9,051 total - 10 New Probable cases; 0 New Probable deaths - Yesterday was the highest number of hospitalization (+42) since Aug 01.
Weekly Report: 0.64% Positive Rate in Non-STS Towns; 2.23% in STS down from 2.24% : boston

Parents send student to school while knowingly infected with coronavirus, mayor says : Coronavirus - Almost 30 teenagers have to quarantine after parents sent their child to a Massachusetts school despite knowing they were positive with Covid-19, according to Attleboro Public Schools

If the US had handled the pandemic as well as Country X, this many deaths could have been avoided[OC] : dataisbeautiful (Trump only 5th from bottom)
CDC indicates face masks may be better COVID protection than a vaccine that's 70% effective : politics
Yelp data shows 60% of business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are now permanent
White House abandoned plan to send 650 million face masks across the U.S. in April, report says : Coronavirus
Why Can't America Make Enough N95 Masks? 6 Months Into Pandemic, Shortages Persist : Coronavirus

Coronavirus testing in children limited by several factors - The Washington Post
Pandemic isolation has killed thousands of Alzheimers patients while families watch from afar
Decreased Influenza Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic : science

Officiant of Maine wedding liked to 7 virus deaths says he's been "reviled" : news

Well don't trust your soul to no backwoods southern lawyer - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is amazing ... At least UGA's administration is getting absolutely destroyed in the thread generated by this tweet, and elsewhere on social media.
UGA on Twitter: "" / Twitter

After balking at masks, pastor and church staff in North Idaho contract COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Hong Kong pro-democracy movement wins 2020 Freedom Award; activist Nathan Law urges world to contain China : worldnews
Taiwan calls for global defence against Beijing's 'intensifying military threat' : worldnews
Chinese fishing armada plundered waters around Galapagos, data shows - Hundreds of vessels caught logging 73,000 hours of fishing in just one month in new analysis : worldnews

Pakistan's prime minister calls for rapists to be hanged or castrated after mother gang-raped : worldnews (police said it was her fault for having a vagina)
Pakistan: Couple confess to abducting, raping girls in Karachi after being caught for 10-year-old' kidnapping (Fuckistan)

Outrage as Sharia court in Nigeria sentences 13-year-old boy to 10 years in prison for blasphemy : worldnews (more muzfuckers)

Navalny team says nerve agent was found on hotel room water bottle : worldnews

US military employee who faces ten years in German jail for bar crawl with COVID-19 apologizes | NewsColony : worldnews ... Adli also remained working at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort before she tested positive, setting up a conference for US military top brass about preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Experts call on Canadian universities to close off China's access to sensitive research : worldnews
Billionaire wealth has bounced back : Canada's 20 richest people saw their fortunes grow by $37 billion during COVID-19, study says

Biden warns UK on Brexit: No trade deal unless you respect Northern Irish peace deal : worldnews

Daniel Ellsberg Tells UK Court That US Seeks Both 'Revenge' Against Julian Assange and to 'Crush' Future Whistleblowers : worldnews

860,000 Americans filed jobless claims last week : news - 29.7 Million collecting

The Mexican government said Wednesday it has requested information from the United States about claims that migrant women were sterilized at a detention center : worldnews
Multiple Detained Women Say Their Reproductive Organs Were Removed Unnecessarily : politics
Not Just ICE: A California Prison Sterilized Her and Other Black Women

Rob Gill on Twitter: "Donald Trump snorted some Adderall or Cocaine before his press conference, and some of it flew out of his nose! (also, buy this book #TrumpPressConference" / Twitter (go full screen to see it shoot out)

Federal officials stockpiled munitions, sought 'heat ray' device before clearing Lafayette Square, whistleblower says ("death ray")

FBI director says antifa is an ideology, not an organization : news

Barr Told Prosecutors to Consider Sedition Charges for Protest Violence - The New York Times - was also said to have asked prosecutors to explore whether to bring charges against the mayor of Seattle for allowing a police-free protest zone.
Feds explored possibly charging Portland officials in unrest : news
'Tyrannical and Un-American': ACLU Rebukes Barr for Urging Sedition Charges Against Protesters | "Treating protest as a form of sedition won't hold up in court," said the ACLU. "But that is clearly not the point here." : politics
Barr says calls for coronavirus lockdown are the 'greatest intrusion on civil liberties' other than slavery in US history - CNNPolitics
Attorney General Bill Barr made a wild claim that coronavirus lockdowns were 'the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history' since slavery : politics
Barr Blasts His Own Prosecutors: 'All Power Is Vested In The Attorney General' : politics
'He's Lost It' : DOJ Alums Castigate 'Increasingly Absurd' Bill Barr for Comparing Prosecutors to Preschoolers
Barr accuses Justice Department of headhunting and meddling with politics - The Washington Post (would be hilarious if it weren't so evil and stupid)
William Barr is a disgusting fascist pig who makes John Mitchell look like Louis Brandeis - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Gee, I wonder why all these right wing Catholics are constantly obsessing about elaborate child rape conspiracies?
This Is How Bad Its Gotten at the Justice Department -- Nora Dannehy's resignation looks like part of a pattern that could be problematic for Bill Barr and President Trump.
The Madness of Consigliere Barr - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "Four years ago the press and the right erupted over the *appearance* of a possible conflict when Lynch met with Clinton, arguing improper political influence on prosecutions. Now the Barr/Trumpist position is: political influence on prosecutions is great and we need more of it." / Twitter

Russian Media Is Rooting for Civil War in America -- 'The Worse, the Better' "It is better to remain neutral, but if we had to choose, then Trump is certainly ours" (really)

One of the Most Significant Potential Conflicts of Interest in American History: How Everyone From Foreign Governments to Federal Contractors Is Quietly Lining Trumps Pockets - It sure seems like the Qatari government is using a dummy office to pay the president. Countless other foreign and American companies are also handing Trump moneyometimes without even knowing itcreating the most tangled web of ethical pitfalls the White House has ever seen.

The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works -- and it could go to trial sooner than you think.

Donald Trump accused of sexual assault by former model : worldnews
Donald Trump accused of sexual assault by former model Amy Dorris | US news : worldnews

Chinese defector's study claiming that Covid-19 was manufactured in a lab was published by groups founded by former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and his billionaire Beijing exile pal : worldnews

The US President's personal attorney Rudy Guliani's payroll firm WorldCapital questionably received PPP loan from Signature, on which Ivanka Trump sat in the board of directors when it was approved. It's unclear if WorldCapital met the payroll requirements of the bailout program. : worldnews
US Intel Repeatedly Warned About Rudy's 'Russian Agent' Pal

Wray says Russia engaged in 'very active efforts' to interfere in election, damage Biden -- The FBI director also broke with Trump's claim that antifa is a terrorist organization.

Trump's former spy chief is calling on Congress to create an election oversight commission : worldnews

Internal Records Reveal Treasury Department Attempted 'Unprecedented' and Arguably 'Illegal' Takeover of USPS

What's at Stake in This Election? The American Democratic Experimentformer director of national intelligence on how to firmly and unambiguously reassure all Americans that their votes will be counted.

Chad Wolf appears ready to defy House subpoena to testify, DHS official says - CNNPolitics

Trumps businesses charged Secret Service more than $1.1 million, including for rooms in club shuttered for pandemic

'One of the Most Callous Sentiments Ever Uttered' by US President: Trump Falsely Says Covid Death Toll Not So Bad 'If You Take Blue States Out' : politics
Trump blames blue states for the coronavirus death toll but most recent deaths have been in red states
Trump called 'demented' after blaming 'blue states' for coronavirus death toll

Bob Woodward induced a confession of the greatest lie in American history
If We Don't Hold Trump Accountable on COVID, We Should Quit Pretending We're a Democracy
Al Gore rips Trump's Covid-19 response: 'He's trying to gaslight the virus' : politics

Shunning masks is a central sacrament of the Trump cult: Reason can't compete with faith. Trump's followers believe their leader has given their lives meaning. It's public health versus mass delusion : politics
Biden Says Americans Can't Trust Trump on Vaccine - Biden says Trump is politicizing a vaccine. Trump then rebukes the C.D.C. chief

Newly revealed USPS documents show an agency struggling to manage Trump, Amazon and the pandemic - The Washington Post - and the pro-Trump figures to whom it turned for advice.

Wallace: We have never covered anyone with no shame until Trump
'Stocks Are Owned by Everybody,' Says Trump. Not Even Close.

DeJoy gave $600,000 to GOP after USPS job opened. Should the focus be on his wife's ambassador nod? : politics

Donald Trump's new health care plan has been 2 months away for 15 months now : politics

Trump reportedly won't prepare for presidential debates against Biden (he doesn'prepare for anything, duh)
Opinion | Trump is losing control of his own propaganda - The Washington Post

Michelle Obama: 'We could've never gotten away with' what the Trump White House does y

Trump ABC town hall pulls in fewer viewers than 'America's Got Talent,' NBA, Fox News : politics

Facebook Needs Trump Even More Than Trump Needs Facebook commitment to free speech is more about protecting the president than the company's ideals ("ideals" bhahahaha)

Women in President Donald Trumps White House earn 69 cents for every $1 paid to male staffers

Michael Cohen On Why Republicans Support Trump: 'We're Stupid' : politics
Conservatism and the neural circuitry of threat: economic conservatism predicts greater amygdala BNST connectivity during periods of threat vs safety | Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience | Oxford Academic

How Trump Screwed His Own Campaign With One Executive Order - Joe Biden may be publicly responding to Democratic angst over law and order attacks. But, privately, his campaign is bludgeoning the president on Social Security.

New Survey Results From KFF/Cook Political Report Survey in AZ, Fl, and NC. AZ Moves to Lean Dem | The Cook Political Report
s a really weird dynamic: Breaking down Trump's reelection map - high floor of support is keeping him within range of Joe Biden in a number of states. Yet his ceiling is so low that it threatens his hold in a number of others that he should have locked down by now.
PollerCoaster 2020: Whats Happening With Marginal Voters
Opinion | Trump's nightmare is coming true: Two blue wall states aren't t even close
Arizona : Dems Ahead For Prez, Senate : Support for legalizing marijuana has the edge

Dems fear Wisconsin governor is becoming a liability for Biden - POLITICO - Tony Evers' performance -- especially his response to the Kenosha riots -- is diminishing what should be a significant edge for the party.

GOP growing more indifferent to Trump controversies as election nears - CNNPolitics
16 Straight Hours Inside The Alternate Reality Of Pro-Trump TV Channel OAN | HuffPost - Trump Worlds answer to state television.

Opinion | The Evangelicals Who Are Taking On QAnon - The New York Times - Some leaders are trying to save their flocks from the lure of the online conspiracy theory.

This Is What Trump's Suburbia Really Looks Like - The very wealthy and very white communities around Milwaukee show little sign of the defections plaguing the president's campaign in more diverse suburbs.

The Postal Service Was Going to Send Masks to Every Household Until Camp Runamuck Intervened - This administration* couldn't have screwed up the response to the pandemic worse if it sent out battalions of the infected to sneeze on people.

Pa. Supreme Court Sides With Democrats, Extending Mail-In Ballot Deadlines To 3 Days After Election Day : politics

Deal Reached in N.J. for 'Millionaires Tax' to Address Fiscal CrisisGov. Philip Murphy said the tax would help make up shortfalls caused by the pandemic, but Republicans warned it would lead to an exodus of wealthy residents (yeah, they'll move to Florida)

Even if Joe Biden wins, Trump and Mitch McConnell's judges could block U.S. progress for decades

The Big Ten might save its football season, but the myth of college sports has been shattered - The Washington Post - The coronavirus pandemic has completely laid bare the contemptible nature of college athletics. The Big Tens decision to reverse course and try to stage a football season made it as crisp and clear as a Saturday afternoon in the fall:

Opinion | Stop whining, Alan Dershowitz - The Washington Post - falsely paint Professor Dershowitz as a constitutional scholar and intellectual who had lost his mind (he never had one in the first place)

Alaska judge blocks ballot printing after candidate raises "clear" legal questions about design (Refuck crooks)

Nashville pastor resigns after multiple inappropriate relationships, starts new church in different town. : news

Macomb County pastor admits to using church email address to harass NYT reporter : news (over a fake meme he saw on Fuckbook)
sarah jeong on Twitter: "You would be surprised at how many people send me these kinds of messages from their work emails. But using the domain for your online church is a new low, and yes, I am going post your email on the internet." / Twitter (David Muns, infamous on the internets for all eternity for being on idiot asshole)

Armed civilian roadblocks in Oregon town fuel fears over vigilantism | US news | The Guardian

Accused Killer Of California Cops Was Associated With Right-Wing 'Boogaloo Movement' : worldnews

What Happened Inside Ed Buck's Apartment? : Two men died of meth overdoses at the home of a West Hollywood political donor. Dark conspiracy theories abounded -- but the truth is even darker.

u/andrewrgross explains how to really change your grandparents minds on their support of trump : bestof

Inside the Breakup of the Cellino & Barnes Law Firm

Democrat who opposed equal marriage defeated by gay drag queen in landslide victory : politics

J.K. Rowling Book Burning Videos Are Spreading Like Wildfire Across TikTok - "This doesn't even touch on the harmful fatphobia, racism and valorization of supramacists and child abusers in her most famous work."

Brandi Glanville, Denise Richards, and the Real Housewives' Gay-Panic Problem

Fall of the frat house: Students target Greek life amid Americas racial reckoning

Autistic men have a greater excitation/inhibition imbalance in their prefrontal cortex than neurotypical men do, but autistic women show no such imbalance. Researchers say this could help explain why women tend to camouflage more. : science

In A Complete Fluke, A European Spacecraft Is About To Fly Past Venus - And Could Look For Signs Of Life : worldnews

Dark hair was common among Vikings, genetic study confirms : worldnews

Saudi Arabia announces discovery of 120,000-year-old human footprints : worldnews

Mass Extinction Event That Brought On The Age Of Dinosaurs Discovered : worldnews

Giant Planet Found Orbiting A Dead White Dwarf Star : science

Direct investments in low-income children' health and education have historically had the highest marginal value. Many such policies have paid for themselves as the government recouped the cost of their initial expenditures through additional taxes collected and reduced transfers

Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is growing fast : technology


UN warns world is failing on all targets set to save nature : worldnews - We are currently, in a systematic manner, exterminating all non-human living beings
Humanity is at a crossroads and we have to take action now to make space for nature to recover and slow its "accelerating decline", according to a report by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. : worldnews
Swiss voters to decide on basic rights of primates : worldnews

Erin Brockovich says US is now in a water crisis far worse than people realize : politics

For the first time in almost 50 years, the Atlantic Ocean has five tropical cyclones simultaneously. : worldnews

Because of fire, West Coast has four of the world's 10 most polluted cities : inthenews
Couple who died in California fire were ready to evacuate but reconsidered after 'erroneous information' : news

New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States : inthenews

Hurricane Center warns 'catastrophic flooding' as Tropical Storm Sally lumbers inland - The storm unloaded 20 to 30 inches of rain in coastal Alabama and the Florida Panhandle
Hurricane Sally slams into Alabama and Florida, and rescues from widespread flooding are underway - CNN
Tracking Sally's path
Pensacola, Florida, has already gotten 2 feet of rain. Here's what it looks like on the ground. : news

U.S. coronavirus cases and state maps: Tracking cases, deaths - Washington Post
A Closer Look: America Is About to Lose Its 200,000th Life to Coronavirus. How Many More Have to Die? : inthenews
The Story Behind TIME's Issue Marking Nearly 200,000 U.S. Deaths -- and Why Its Border Is Black For the Second Time in History (1st being 9/11)
US passes Italy in official total number of Covid-19 deaths per million : Coronavirus
How much worse off is America from COVID-19 than other rich nations? Much, much worse : Coronavirus
Covid-19: Hit to global economy 'less than feared' : worldnews

MA COVID-19 Data 9/16/20 : boston
295 New Confirmed Cases; 1.8% Positive - September 16 : CoronavirusMa

'Egregious violation of the rules': Parents sent COVID-19 positive student to school : boston (Attleboro)

Massachusetts has the highest coronavirus nursing home death rate in the country at 124 per 1,000 residents : massachusetts
Here's a snapshot of how US states differ on vaccine acceptance and trust in Trump, Fauci, and scientists
Coronavirus: CDC says U.S. should have enough vaccine to return to 'regular life' by third quarter of 2021
Bill Gates: We underestimated the value of masks
CDC director says face masks may provide more protection than coronavirus vaccine : Coronavirus
New coronavirus test can be fully completed at home with results in 15 minutes : Coronavirus
Coronavirus Tracked: Hundreds Of Deaths Linked To Conspiracy Theories And Other Misinformation, Study Finds : Coronavirus

Apart from that Mrs. Lincoln - Lawyers, Guns & Money - In general, I try to keep my focus for pandemic failures on policymakers rather than individuals who do dumb things. But some people are so obscenely self-centered and callous I have to make an exception: Then there are the newlyweds who feel little responsibility for wedding guests getting infected ...

Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted - I tend to think a bit of this is too many people in the upper echelons of power everywhere just can't comprehend that there will be any consequences to their bad decisions. - Penn State's s total number of COVID-19 cases at University Park increased by 458 on Tuesday, boosting the total number of positives to 1,146.

Big Ten football decision marks darkest day in conference's history

Covid 19 coronavirus: Doctors, scientists attack Sweden over 'cherry-picked data' : Coronavirus

India reports 97,856 new cases of coronavirus, a global record, and 1,139 new deaths : Coronavirus

Spain sees deadliest COVID-19 day since end of lockdown: According to the Ministry of Health there have 239 deaths caused by the disease in the past 24 hours : worldnews

UK nears 4,000 new daily COVID-19 cases, highest since May : worldnews
Tens of thousands forced to turn to food banks for first time as demand soars during pandemic, figures show - New wave of UK families who have never needed help before struggling to make ends meet due to falling incomes and rising costs

Indian politician who claimed bathing in mud and blowing a conch shell provides immunity, tests COVID-19 positive : worldnews

Burned jaguars and reptiles consumed by flames: Fires rage in Brazil's wetlands

Exhaust fumes from Chinese animal vaccine plant leave thousands sick : worldnews
China's Communist Party demands private sector's loyalty as external risks rise : worldnews
John Boyega quits perfume brand Jo Malone after being replaced in Chinese commercial : worldnews
Trump attacks WTO after it says US tariffs on China broke global trade rules : worldnews
It's official: Trump's trade war with China is now an unmitigated, farcical disaster : politics
Fears for Australians in China after Chinese consul named in Australian Federal Police warrant over political interference investigation : worldnews

'Huge Victory for Net Neutrality' : Top EU Court Rebuffs Zero-Rating Schemes : The open internet win comes from the Court of Justice of the European Union's first-ever interpretation of the EU's 2015 net neutrality law

"Welcome to the worst place on earth" == Belarus security forces tortured hundreds after election, human rights group warns
EU doesn't recognize Lukashenko as president of Belarus, says European Commission Vice President

Venezuela government accused of grisly crimes against humanity in UN report | State and President Nicolas Maduro were responsible for extrajudicial killings and systemic use of torture : worldnews

Jewish settler in West Bank sentenced to life for killing 3 Palestinians, including toddler : worldnews
After peace deals, Gazans fire 13-rocket salvo at Israel; IDF hits Hamas targets : worldnews

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe resigns, clears way for successor : worldnews

Pakistan: Man admits to sexually abusing 15-year-old daughter with his brother and neighbour in Punjab : worldnews

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: British-Iranian mother jailed in Tehran could face extra year in prison - CNN

An Aboriginal man is suing the Australian government for more than $4 million for false imprisonment and trying to deport him to New Zealand. : worldnews

Panama governor stopped in car with 79 drug parcels : worldnews

British descendants of anti-Fascist volunteers in Spanish Civil War to be offered citizenship : worldnews

Ursula von der Leyen says Poland's 'LGBT-free zones' have no place in EU : worldnews ("no gay zones")

Twenty-nine German police suspended for sharing pictures of Hitler : worldnews

France: Female students urged to dress 'provocatively' to protest sexist dress code : worldnews

Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and declare republic - The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind,

'Britain does not break treaties' EU president quotes Thatcher as she tells Boris Johnson he cannot change Brexit deal
Johnson seeks to head off Brexit rebellion : worldnews

Transgender woman cannot be child's 'mother': French court : news

Saudi Arabia rebuked at UN over Jamal Khashoggi killing, abuses : worldnews

The US 'War on Terror' Has Created at Least 37 Million Refugees

Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust | World news : worldnews (never hward the word "Nazi")
First-Ever 50-State Survey On Holocaust Knowledge Of American Millennials And Gen Z Reveals Shocking Results -- disturbing Findings Reveal Significant Number Of Millennials and Gen Z Can't Name A Single Concentration Camp Or Ghetto, Believe That Two Million Or Fewer Jews Were Killed And A Concerning Percentage Believe That Jews Caused The Holocaust

Under Trump, America's National Debt Has Increased by Nearly $7 Trillion : politics
The Good Life That Keynes Promised America Got Stolen - A new study shows in electrifying terms the extent to which 45 years of income inequality destroyed the prosperity we should all be enjoying. : politics (St Ronnie)

Exclusive: Georgia doctor who forcibly sterilized detained women has been identified : news (Bubba Menglele)
Exclusive: Georgia doctor who forcibly sterilized detained women has been identified | Prism - gynecologist Mahendra Amin, based in Douglas, Georgia. The doctor, also an immigrant, is affiliated with Coffee Regional Medical Center and Irwin County Hospital in Georgia. (Indian dude)
Dr. Mahendra Amin Named as Doctor Referred to as Uterus Collectorin ICE Whistleblower Complaint
165 congressional Democrats demand 'immediate investigation' into whistleblower claim that ICE is sterilizing immigrant women without consent : politics

Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID : worldnews

On Rosh Hashanah call, Trump tells American Jews 'We love your country' and asks for their vote - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Trump Is One of the Worst World Leaders on Earth, According to the Rest of the World : politics

Foxs Mark Levin calls for Donald Trump "to use the Insurrection Act" (must be getting worried)

Fox News said Trump was 'ambushed' in town hall where undecided American voters asked him basic questions : politics
Woman says she's voting for Biden because Trump dodged her question in town hall : politics
'Let me finish my question, sir' : A voter shut down Trump when he started talking over her at a town hall (
ABC town hall shows Trump faces great peril outside Fox News bubble : politics
Trump's ABC town hall revealed a president disconnected from reality
'Just a Firehose of Lying' Trump's town Hall Widely Roasted As A Train Wreck
Trumps disastrous town hall shows he should never have made mental acuity an issue
Trump's disastrous town hall shows he should never have made mental acuity an issue
How President Donald Trump failed to connect with voters at ABC News town hall : politics
Trump's bogus health care promise was on full display in town hall : politics
'He was lying through his teeth' - Analysis: Venturing outside the Fox bubble, Trump faced voter questions and didn't sufficiently answer - CNN
The man who wanted to be on TV - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The presidency is like The Apprentice except you don't get to edit out the bits that don't work.
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "I expect this Trump ABC town hall to be bonkers because he's ompletely incapable of discussing policy but he rarely talks in forums where people are able to press him

Bill Barr Said Prosecutors Could Charge Rioters for Conspiring to Overthrow U.S. Government : politics
Barr Meddles In Presidential Election By Warning Of Socialism Under Biden : politics

Michael Cohen: Trump taxes would reveal 'wealth is not as significant' as he says : politics
Michael Cohen Says Trump Is Afraid He'll End Up Facing Tax Fraud Charges

Opinion | Whose America Is It? - The New York Times

Majority of American Voters Say Trump Has Given Up Coronavirus Fight : politics
With no end in sight, Trump's lies just keep making the pandemic worse; Trump has risked his followers' lives and damaged the credibility of science -- and for what? It's not nearly over
Trump's COVID catastrophe - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Trumps COVID-19 Culpability ... Ben Shapiro (is an idiot) ... It's significant that Douthat's column doesn't mention testing even once. But his argument simply falls apart once you focus on it (also an idiot) ... Trump inexplicably hollowed out our global public health presence before the pandemic, and kept doing it throughout. And he contradicted and undermined his own administration's pandemic control authorities at every turn, wreaking havoc on the federal government's immense capacity to respond. If hd done nothing at all, many thousands of Americans would still be alive.

White House Staff Members Reportedly Test Positive For COVID-19 Less Than 24 Hours After President Donald Trump Visited Philadelphia : politics
New Woodward tape reveals Trump bailed on meeting over sneeze
Bob Woodward: Trump doesn't know 'what is real and what is unreal' : politics

'Everyone in America Should Be Outraged': McConnell Quietly Rams Through More Lifetime Trump Judges While Blocking Covid Relief : politics

"He's Describing a Massacre" : Trump Touts Herd Immunity Approach to Covid That Experts Warn Would Kill Millions
Dr. Bleach-Injector and his death cult want you to get "herd devloped." Don't expect Trump's latest idiocy to lose him followers -- they'd rather get COVID-19 than admit they were wrong
The Other Coronavirus Lie Exposed by Woodward: Trump is deceiving young people about their risk. : politics
CDC Director: Face Masks Offer More Protection Than a Vaccine; Contradicting Trump, CDC director says universal masking could control the pandemic in weeks : politics
Trump tries un-admitting that he misled US, downplayed pandemic : politics
HHS spokesman Caputo to take medical leave after reportedly accusing CDC officials of plotting against Trump : politics
Top HHS official takes leave of absence after Facebook rant on CDC conspiracies : news - Caputo used to work for a public relations firm working for Putin ... He was also an advisor directly to Boris Yeltsin (Russian President from 1991-99 until Putin took over) for four years. Lived in Russia for 6 years ... And he appears in Mueller's report ...
Michael Caputo - Wikipedia (shit is so deep)
Eschaton: Negative Attention - Ok sure. -- The health department's top spokesperson Michael Caputo called an emergency staff meeting on Tuesday to apologize for drawing negative attention to the Trump administration's health care strategy and signaled that he might be soon departing his role, according to five people with knowledge of the meeting .... Caputo also acknowledged that he had never read one of the CDCs Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports, despite his teamngoing efforts to try to edit those documents ... "I am not Glenn Beck in different glasses" he added

Trump Repeatedly Shares Fake Video Showing Biden Playing NWA' 'Fuck tha Police' - Twitter labeled the video as 'manipulated media' but hasn't taken it down.
Evoking anti-Semitic imagery, Trump campaign runs Facebook ad with Bernie Sanders as puppetmaster of Joe Biden | Media Matters for America

'Democrat Voters Against Joe Biden' Group Has Trump Fanatics, a Psychic, but No Actual Dems
Biden Reminds Trump Who' Prez When POTUS Blames Him For Not Issuing Mask Mandate
Twitter users roast Trump after he blames Biden for lack of national mask mandate : politics
Trump's increasingly overt effort to pretend Biden is actually president
Trump is desperately trying to distance himself from his failed presidency | The man who once said, 'I alone can fix it,' now wants to recast himself as the president who wasn't there ... He was never there. He watched TV for four years and tweeted stupid shit every morning ... Don't forget the golf ...

Turning Point Hired Arizona Teens to Flood Social Media With Attacks on Biden: WaPo : politics

We mailed 100 letters to test the Postal Service. The verdict: Spotty at best, dismal at worst : inthenews
'Why Is He Trying So Hard to Keep It a Secret?' Postal Service Sued Over Refusal to Release DeJoy Calendar : politics
Postal Service Stiffed $20 Million Cost of Delivering Trump COVID-19 Mailer

Romney slams Senate GOP's Biden investigation as a "political exercise" : politics
Mitt Romney Slams Ron Johnson's Probe Into Hunter Biden

Trump Stuck at 42% Job Approval

The Supreme Court must step in to stop Florida Republicans from disenfranchising voters : politics

Ohio judge blows up GOP plan to allow only 1 ballot box in each county; The limitation in the battleground state is arbitrary and unreasonable, the court said. : politics

Lindsey Graham's Campaign For Rival's Tax Returns Ends In Humiliation
Poll shows Susan Collins down 12 points, Lindsey Graham tied with Democratic challenger : politics (Suzie-Floozy going to hell, Queen Lindsey will follow)

New QAnon-Allied GOP Senate Candidate Also Pushed Anti-Semitism, Flat Earthism, and 9/11 Conspiracies : politics

What if this is the last election in U.S. history? -- People and entire organizations are working to discourage the American people from voting so the power elite can control the outcome and silence the working stiffs. (

The Gray Wall - Old people elected Trump. Will they make him a one-term president?
How the Black Vote Became a Political Monolith - The New York Times

Invisible company owned by Rudy Giuliani got taxpayer-backed PPP moneybut where did it go? ... lists no employees ... was it fraud?

Republican memo warns US Senate 'at risk' of falling into Democratic control

Biden up by 16 points in Minnesota: poll : politics
Analysis | Power Up: Non-college educated women are fleeing Trump in Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to new Post-ABC poll : politics ... Not for the first time have wives and daughters fled from Trump ...

Kelly's lead widens to 10 points in Arizona Senate race: poll : politics

Joe Biden's Invisible Campaign in All-Important Michigan | Time

A Doctor Went Viral For Saying His Daughter Was Attacked By BLM. She Wasnt.

Kanye West's Perplexing Run as a Potential 2020 Spoiler - Even those around the hip-hop artist struggle to explain his motivations for a presidential candidacy that some Democrats worry could siphon votes from Joe Biden.

Skid marks and blood trails at the accident site where a S.D. AG allegedly hit a deer last Saturday night. : news

ICE deported a key witness in investigation of sexual assault and harassment at El Paso detention center : inthenews

'Looked like a chicken breast' : Man finds brain wrapped in aluminum foil on beach

'Massive' amounts of meth and fentanyl seized in bust of Evansville drug network : news

Documents Reveal How the Police Kept Daniel Prude's Death Quiet

A Survey of New York City's High-Income Earners: The Future of Work and the Quality of Life

Boeing hid design flaws in Max jets from pilots and regulators : worldnews

10 Resources to Help Make Your Digital Business Go Green - Danny DeMichele

Sky high: Mass. marijuana is among the most expensive in the nation - The Boston Globe - Nearly four years after legalization, Bay State cannabis consumers still pay top dollar (have to pay the MSP somehow)

Archeologists find remains of syphilis-infected Europeans that pre-date Columbus, challenging the theory that he introduced the disease to Europe : worldnews

'Viking' Was A Job Description, Not A Matter Of Heredity, Massive Ancient DNA Study Shows : worldnews

The Definitive Superfood Ranking

Why Are We in the West So Weird? A Theory - The New York Times - he advent of Protestantism, aided by the invention of the printing press, that brought along the spread of literacy and altered the workings of our brains. -- WEIRD: Western, educated, industrialized, rich, democratic ... and don't marry your cousins changed everything

oolongvanilla comments on What's being gay like in China?

YouTuber finds a website that's normalizing abusing children. this needs more expsure : videos


Scientists say an enormous chunk of Greenland's ice cap, estimated to be about 110 square kilometers (42.3 square miles), has broken off in the far northeastern Arctic. They see it as evidence of rapid climate change.
The Arctic Is Shifting to a New Climate Because of Global Warming- Open water and rain, rather than ice and snow, are becoming typical of the region, a new study has found. : science
Biologists warn 'extinction denial' is the latest anti-science conspiracy theory: Spike in extinction denial is likely this week after UN publishes latest biodiversity figures
Northern hemisphere breaks record for hottest ever summer : worldnews
'It'll start getting cooler, you just watch': Trump denies scientific consensus that climate change is supercharging the West's wildfires : worldnews
Climate Change Will Force a New American Migration ProPublica - Wildfires rage in the West. Hurricanes batter the East. Droughts and floods wreak damage throughout the nation. Life has become increasingly untenable in the hardest-hit areas, but if the people there move, where will everyone go?
A meta-analysis of thirty country-level studies has found that climate change triggers migration, particularly in middle-income and agricultural countries. : science

A New Front in the Biden-Trump Battle for the Suburbs: Wildfires - The New York Times - An issue that has always been on the sidelines in presidential campaigns may be coming to the forefront as Joseph Biden seeks to cast climate change, not violence, as the real and immediate threat to the suburbs.
Oregon state senator who stopped climate change vote loses home to wildfire : politics

Sally brings 100-mph winds as it rumbles into U.S. Gulf Coast : news
At $1.6B, Hurricane Laura did more agriculture damage in Louisiana than Katrina and Rita combined : news

MA COVID-19 Data 9/15/20 : boston

Ab8 COVID-19 Drug Breakthrough: Tiny Antibody Component Completely Neutralizes the SARS-CoV-2 Virus : Coronavirus
The US isn't even close to getting Covid-19 down to where it needs to be by fall, medical experts say : Coronavirus
If You've Just Had Covid, Exercise Can Cause Serious Complications, Including Heart Disease : Coronavirus
A slew of studies from around the world has reported a disturbing trend: since the coronavirus pandemic started, there has been a significant rise in the proportion of pregnancies ending in stillbirths, in which babies die in the womb. : science
Fentanyl-Related Overdose Deaths Increase More Than 60% Since March : news
Covid-19 'Worse Than Science Fiction' And 'Still At Beginning', Says WHO Expert : Coronavirus

7 coronavirus-related deaths now connected to Maine wedding - The Boston Globe

Lockdown Led to 70% Drop in NYC COVID Spread, Masks Also Effective : Coronavirus

Russian excess deaths over summer outstrip COVID toll by more than 3 to 1 : Coronavirus

South Korean church blamed for mass infections to sue government over what it called harm to the public done by "COVID-19 fraud." : worldnews

New Zealand reports zero new Covid-19 cases in community for first time since resurgence. : worldnews

Hackers Connected to China Have Compromised U.S. Government Systems, CISA says : technology (comments for why we're fucked: government in a bathtub)
China fires Long March rocket directly over Taiwan | Taiwan News : worldnews
Southern Mongolia turns to police state as full-blown cultural genocide unfolds : worldnews
Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 should not be held in China, human rights groups say : worldnews
Experts call on Canadian universities to close off China's access to sensitive research - Former Canadian Security Intelligence Service director says China views Canada as an 'easier target' : worldnews
Australia accessed Chinese diplomats' protected communications in explosive investigation into foreign political interference : worldnews

Yair Netanyahu, Israel PM's son, crowdfunding for a Jewish terrorist who burnt a Palestinian family while asleep. : worldnews

Pakistani Prime Minister suggests chemical castration for rapists : worldnews

Brazil court rules in favor of anti-slavery 'dirty list' - The most recent list named about 150 companies Businesses found by the government to have used slave labor are placed on the list for two years : worldnews

The number of people over 100 years old in Japan has gone over 80,000 for the first time, and 88% of them are women : worldnews

Malaysian man finds monkey selfies on lost phone : worldnews

S. Korean politician charged with embezzling funds for victims of Japan's wartime sexual slavery. : worldnews

Iran becoming more secular, less religions, new study reveals : worldnews

Leader of Polish party in power says they will 'end up like Ireland' if they don't oppose LGBT+ rights : worldnews

Russian paramedics' accounts challenge Moscow's explanation for Navalny's coma : worldnews

Trump wants to jail WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to keep him quiet, extradition hearing told : worldnews

Former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke jailed for sexual assaults on women : worldnews - He had forced the woman on to a sofa and groped her breast while trying to kiss her, before chasing her and chanting, "I'm a naughty Tory," his trial had heard.

Global views of U.S. and Trump plunge to new lows amid covid-19 pandemic, Pew poll finds - The Washington Post

'We were shocked' : RAND study uncovers massive income shift to the top 1% (capitalists "shocked" they stole all your money)
'2.5 Trillion Theft' : Study Shows Richest 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From Bottom 90% in Recent Decades

"You fucked up, you thought I was arguing in good faith" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This story about Reality Winner -- currently recovering from COVID while doing a 5-year bit in federal prison -- is heartbreaking and infuriating. Her most crucial mistake was believing that Glenn Greenwald was telling the truth when he kept claiming that he was an open-minded skeptic on Russia's election ratfucking who Of Course Supported A Full Investigation: (fucker outed her to the NSA)
The World's Biggest Terrorist Has a Pikachu Bedspread - Not every leaker is an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner may be the unlikeliest of all.

Trump to Woodward: The virus is "so easily transmissible, you wouldn't believe it" : worldnews
Bob Woodward reveals 'extraordinarily shocking' audio of Trump on 'The Late Show' : politics
Donald Trump Touts Relationships With Erdogan, Putin, Kim In Newly-Released Audio Recording: 'The tougher and meaner they are, the better I get along with them' : worldnews

AOC Says U.S. 'Must Atone' for Rights Violations After Whistleblower's ICE Hysterectomy Claims : politics
Custergrant comments on AOC Says U.S. 'Must Atone' for Rights Violations After Whistleblower's ICE Hysterectomy Claims (America checks all the boxes of Umberto Eco's fascist state)
Questionable hysterectomies and shoddy COVID care alleged at Georgia immigrant detention center : politics
'They're still not taking this seriously' Whistleblowing nurse warns of covid-19 safety neglect at ICE facility
Caputo apologizes to HHS staff, signals desire for medical leave - POLITICO
Woodward says there was 'denial across the board' in White House about severity of coronavirus
Jared Kushner Not Sure Why You Chickenshits Are So "Hysterical" About a Virus That's Killed 195,000 Americans

There's a very simple reason Trump is reacting this way to the California wildfires -- it's the electoral college: Dividing America artifically into 'red states' and 'blue states' has done terrible, immoral damage to our country, especially under Trump

400,000 Immigrants Can Be Forced to Leave the U.S., Court Rules - The New York Times - People from countries like El Salvador and Haiti who won temporary protected status after fleeing natural disaster and war can be forced to return home, a federal appeals court ruled.

Trump says he wanted to take out Syria's Assad but Mattis opposed it

The Man Who Refused to Spy | The New Yorker - The F.B.I. tried to recruit an Iranian scientist as an informant. When he balked, the payback was brutal.

Bill and Melinda Gates say 'shocking' US pandemic response is due to 'terrible leadership' : 'This has been a mismanaged situation every step of the way'
Top Trump official deletes Twitter after accusing scientists of plotting against Trump: report : politics
Dem Sen Demands Caputo Resignation After He Reportedly Accused Scientists Of 'Sedition'
Bob Woodward Reveals New Tape of Trumps Shocking COVID Comments
Trump Audio Shows He Freaked Out Over A Sneeze Even As He Downplayed COVID-19 : politics

How bad of a president do you have to be to get Scientific American to endorse your opponent? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (jfc, pic of future porn-star Ivanka)

Trump says there are 25 'witnesses' disputing the Atlantic. Nope.
Noted Bibliophobe Donald Trump Claims He Read 466-Page Bob Woodward Book in One Night

He hides records: Trump's concealment of his tax returns is another reason to get him out of the White House

'Just Wildly, Blatantly Corrupt': Researcher Reveals DeJoy Donated $600,000 to Trump and GOP After Top USPS Job Opened : politics
Donald Trump called voting by mail "refreshingly democratic" in 2000 New York Times op-ed : politics

Fact check: Trump makes four false claims in one sentence - CNNPolitics - Was Andy McCabe ever forced to pay back the $700,000 illegally given to him and his wife, for his wife's political campaign, by Crooked Hillary Clinton while Hillary was under FBI investigation, and McCabe was the head of the FBI???

Trump's Nevada Rally Is a Mockery to Millions | It flies in the face of CDC guidelines and insults all Americans who have sacrificed to slow the pandemic's spread

Trump thinks he gets to be president of just the Republican states: But they're a total mess. What do the poorest and least educated states in the nation have in common? Take a wild guess, Mr. President : politics

Trump ad asks people to support the troops. But it uses a picture of Russian jets : politisc We are so far gone. : politics

Trump's Shredding of Civil Liberties Won't Stop With Antifa: An American was killed by federal agents and the president called it "retribution" - We are so far gone

If your small business died, blame President Donald Trump : politics

'It wasn't our fault': Trump blames Nevada governor for indoor rally criticised as 'homicidal' by doctors : politics

Malcom Nance: Trump's Talk Of 3rd Term Is A Serious Threat : He really does believe he deserves a third term" the intelligence analyst said in suggesting an even more shameless power grab on MSNBC

News outlets give Trump the headlines he wants for vaporware drug executive order | Media Matters for America - Four years after Trumps election, media outlets are still marks for his disinformation

Why it doesnt seem to matter that Trump badmouths people he hired (and hyped)

Justice Dept. Opens Criminal Inquiry Into John Bolton's Book -- whether the former national security adviser illegally disclosed classified information (Trump being a crooked asshole is "classified" says Barr)

Federal judge: Mailing misleading voter information constitutes irreparable harm to Colorado : politics

Washingtons cozy media-political cocktail circuit needs a cooling-off. Now is the perfect time

Boats, flags and merchandise: Trump is core to supporters' identity - Axios

Trumps Perverse Campaign Strategy ... "shooting will begin" ... "martial law" ...

The Right Wings New Election Boogeyman (RCV bc it kills the 3rd party vanities)

White patriarchal supremacy and the future of America - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... If you have fairly racist or sexist views you are very likely to be a Republican ... Just since 2008, he notes, White Christians have fallen from about 54% to 44% of the population; that decline, he believes, will become vastly more tangible for them if Trump loses in November.

Making Lochner Great Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A 41-year-old Trump District Court judge has brought back Gilded Age judicial reasoning to strike down Pennsylvanias COVID response measures: ... There are countless judges like this who will be serving in Article III judgeships for decades now. The liberal case for Donald Trump!
Last week was a disaster for voting rights in the courtsRepublicans won two important court victories that could potentially shape the outcome of this yeas elections.
US democracy is broken: How to fix voting rights, elections, the Senate, and the Electoral College - Vox

Alan Dershowitz Files $300 Million Lawsuit Against CNN for Portraying Him as an 'Intellectual Who Had Lost His Mind'

Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl's fake FBI raid dupes The Washington Post - The Washington Post

Outside investigators look at South Dakota AG's fatal crash : news

After an Inlander article about her links to conspiracy theory websites, Rep. Jenny Graham responds with profanity, threats and another conspiracy website | Local News | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest Inlander

Michael Scheuer Hunted Bin Laden for CIA. Now He Wants Americans Dead. - Michael Scheuer used to hunt Osama bin Laden, whom he now says he admires. Now his quarry is Donald Trumps enemies, whom he equates with terrorists.

Opinion | White evangelicals and Catholics may finally be opening their ears - The Washington Post (says wingnut Gerson)

Oregon Militias Advance - Lawyers, Guns & Money (antifa pedo-rings setting fires to forests, dumbfucks thought Bureau of Land Manageent was BLM)

Documents Reveal How the Police Kept Daniel Prudes Death QuietOfficials in Rochester, N.Y., spent months trying to suppress video footage of the police encounter that led to Mr. Prude's death.

Louisville has settled Breonna Taylor's wrongful death lawsuit - CNN

Cleveland woman shot and killed; residents say she was murdered by elderly neighbor over dog dispute : news

Tennessee school district can't push religion on students: Federal court injunction : news

NJ Homeowner Nearly Loses Her House Because She Owed 6 Cents in Back Taxes : news

Columbia University Marching Band votes to disband after 116 years - Columbia Daily Spectator

Mass. Ballot Question 2, Explained: What You Need To Know About Ranked-Choice Voting : massachusetts

It's common knowledge that entitled individuals are quick to anger when things don't go their way, but now evidence shows that people who are entitled also get angry when encountering bad luck. At the same time, they show little empathy for others experiencing bad luck. : science

[NSFW] What scandal was everyone vaguely aware of long before it was confirmed? : AskReddit

[Serious] What's the most immature thing you've seen a grown ass adult do? : AskReddit

What is the strangest thing a partner has said or done during sex, that instantly killed the mood? : AskReddit

/u/adama0001 explains what sufferers of ADHD go through and the commonly misunderstood medications used to treat them. : bestof

People that have been in a floation tank/sensory deprivation tank, what was your expeirence like the first time you tried it, and did you go nude as reccomended or wear a swim suit? : AskReddit

What's a subtle sign that someone had a rough childhood? : AskReddit

Nurses of reddit, what's the most entertaining thing someone has said coming off of anesthesia?

'I Have Blood On My Hands': Sacked Facebook Employee Makes Biggest Revelations About India, Five Other Countries : worldnews
A fired Facebook employee wrote a scathing 6,600-word memo detailing the company's failures to stop political manipulation around the world : technology (Fuckerberg is really evil)


Earth Hasn't Warmed This Fast in Tens of Millions of Years - study | In just a few centuries, the Earth could once again reach a temperature threshold not seen for at least 34 million years. Before the industrial era, such a magnitude of warming would have taken thousands of years to occur : worldnews
Antarctica and Greenland on Track for Worst-Case Climate Scenario | Alarmingly, the study authors say that since sea level rise is already meeting scientists' worst-case projections, the actual worst case could be even more severe
Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf : worldnews
110 Square Km of Ice breaks off from the Arctic's Last Remaining Ice Shelf - Further Evidence for Rapid Climate Change : worldnews

Investors that manage US$47 trillion, demand world's biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions
New study shows plant-based diets could remove over a decade of global CO2 emissions : worldnews

Trump repeats California 'forest management' is to blame for wildfires despite it being dismissed as 'devastating lie' : politics
The future has arrived. These explosive fires are our climate change wakeup call | Scientists have been warning of the growing threat of climate change, and now those projections are a reality : politics

Coronavirus live updates: WHO reports record one-day total for new cases, globally - The Washington Post
WHO reports record one-day increase in global coronavirus cases, up over 307,000 : worldnews
10 countries best prepared to fight a pandemic as per the Global Health Security index 2019. : worldnews (2019: aged like milk)

MA COVID-19 Data 9/14/20 : boston
235 New Confirmed Cases; 1.9% Positive - September 14 : CoronavirusMa - 123,139 total confirmed - 12,201 new individuals tested - 9 new deaths; 9,010 total

Early tests suggest new Canadian technology could detect the coronavirus in the air : Coronavirus
14% of U.S. adults say they have tested positive for COVID-19 or are 'pretty sure' they've had it
University Of Pittsburgh Scientists Discover Biomolecule That May Neutralize Coronavirus : Coronavirus

Judge strikes down Pennsylvania virus policies - POLITICO - U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, sided with plaintiff
Federal judge rules Gov. Tom Wolf's pandemic restrictions are unconstitutional : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: California hospitalizations hit lowest mark since April : Coronavirus

S. Korea has no chance of stemming pandemic through collective immunity : worldnews

7 cases of COVID-19 linked to Toronto strip club : worldnews

86% of doctors in England expect second wave in next six months | Coronavirus outbreak : worldnews

Gresik residents made to dig graves as punishment for not wearing face masks - National : worldnews - East Jakarta

US woman faces hefty fine after 'causing coronavirus outbreak in Bavaria' : worldnews

Coronavirus: Israel becomes first country in the world to impose second national lockdown : worldnews
Israel will shut down the nation for three weeks to contain the spread of COVID-19 : worldnews
Netanyahu used doctored video of Abbas to influence Trump's policy, Woodward reveals : worldnews ... He's so easily influenced that you could manipulate him into changing his entire foreign policy by literally showing him a video on your phone. And people still believe he should still be president somehow
Israeli Supermodel Bar Refaeli Sentenced For Tax Evasion; Mother To Be Jailed For 16 Months : worldnews

US Ambassador to China stepping down as tensions with Beijing rise : worldnews
Evidence of global Chinese spy network discovered - including Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, US. : worldnews
China May Be Arming Its Soldiers With Medieval Halberds To Fight India : worldnews
Inner-Mongolia: China's Other Cultural Genocide
Personal details of more than 35,000 Australians included in leaked Chinese database : worldnews

Jewish extremist gets 3 life terms for killing Palestinian family in 2015 arson : worldnews

Ex-wife of Dubai royal live streams father's 'abduction' : worldnews

At least 100,000 Belarus protesters flood streets to demand end of Lukashenko : worldnews

Germany says French, Swedish labs confirm Navalny's Novichok poisoning : worldnews
Russia's ruling party loses majority in Siberian council targeted by stricken Navalny : worldnews
Navalny, Awake and Alert, Plans to Return to Russia, German Official Says - The New York Times (where he will fall out of a window)

The Iranian government is weighing an assassination attempt against the American ambassador to South Africa: report : worldnews

Europe's Industrial Hemp Association Is Pushing Back Against The EU Commission's 'Conclusion' That CBDs Are 'Narcotics'

Modi Is Making Dissent in India a Crime. The Indian authorities have used bogus charges of "terrorism" and "conspiracy" to keep critical intellectuals locked up for years at a time.

Man in induced coma after 'sickening' head stomp during arrest, lawyer says : worldnews

Prince Andrew will be 'left out' of plans for Philip's 100th birthday : worldnews

Johnson faces rebellion over plan to break Brexit treaty : worldnews
Brexit: Boris Johnson's special envoy and Tory MP resigns from government after amended bill breaks law
5 former U.K. prime ministers speak out against Johnson's plan to break Brexit treaty : worldnews

Interior Department: Trump's ban on Chinese drones means by the end of the year it will only have carried out 28 percent of the controlled burns it had planned

U.S. Cost of Living Is Higher Than Official Inflation Rate Shows : politics

'Like an Experimental Concentration Camp' : Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Mass Hysteer About a Virus Thatctomies at ICE Detention Center

Lock Him Up? For the Republic to survive Trump's presidency, he must be tried for his crimes. Even if that sparks a constitutional crisis of its own.
The People v. Donald J. Trump The criminal case against him is already in the works -- and it could go to trial sooner than you think.
Whistleblowers keep sounding the alarm about Trump. Will America listen in time? : politics
When Good People Don't Act, Evil Reigns. Stop thinking that the horrors of the world will simply work themselves out.
NY lawmakers propose law to prevent Trump from avoiding prosecution : politics
Indictments Of A Killer; New Books Make It Clear: Trump Threatens Every Man, Woman and Child on Earth : politics
What If Trump Loses And Won't Leave?

Trump Instigates 'Lock Him Up' Chant For Obama At Rally -- the president egged on supporters and repeated his baseless claim that the former President "spied" on his campaign

Trump repeats claims he received 'Bay of Pigs Award', which doesn't exist - video : politics

Alexander Vindman: Trump Is Putin's 'Useful idiot'
Strzok: 'I continue to believe that Donald Trump is compromised by the Russians' : politics

Bob Woodward says Trump called his book 'a fake' on Twitter 90 minutes after he warned the president it would be 'tough' : politics
Trump told Woodward "you don't know how close we were to war" with North Korea : politics
Trump has a weird habit of disclosing his own misdeeds: Trump suggested yesterday he's competent enough to know what not to say on tape about his own misconduct. His own record disproves the point. : politics

New emails reveal Pompeo's wife asked State Dept staff to help with personal tasks: report : politics

Giuliani Pleads Ignorance On Bombshell Report That His Ukraine Contact Is A Russian Spy : worldnews

Scientists outraged by White House appointees' meddling with coronavirus information: 'Outright egregious' : Coronavirus
Health Official Out To Manipulate CDC Reports Has Deep Russian Ties : politics (hey, it's 2020!)
The egregious gaslighting around Trump' handling of the pandemic
Top Trump Health Aide Attacks Scientists and Warns of Armed Revolt : politics (threatens to kill all the "seditious" scientists)
Trump Health Aide Falsely Alleges Conspiracies and Warns of Armed Revolt - The New York Times - Michael Caputo, the assistant secretary of health for public affairs
Top HHS official accuses scientists of plotting against Trump, tells supporters to buy ammunition | TheHill

A top disease expert is warning of 'another 12 to 14 months of a really hard road ahead of us,' and says the US has no national plan to stop it : politics
Michael Moore accuses President Trump of murder for playing down coronavirus toll: Trump is a 'mass killer'
Michigan Lt. Gov. Calls Trump A Liar Who Has 'Killed People' Over COVID-19 Response
RNC Chair Ridiculed For Criticizing Joe Biden's Coronavirus Response ("Rona" Romney McDaniel)
Trump held an indoor rally in Nevada against medical advice. Only supporters whose faces would be on TV were asked to wear masks. : politics
Trump Campaign Slashes Ad Spending in Key States in Cash Crunch : politics

Justice Department internal watchdog is investigating Roger Stone's sentencing, say sources - Attorney General William Barr ultimately intervened to override the prosecutors' recommendation of seven to nine years and ask for a lighter sentence. All four prosecutors quit the case as a result.

Trump hosting of large indoor rally condemned as 'negligent homicide' : politics
Trump's Reckless, Atrocious, Deceitful Rally | The spittle was flying. So were the lies.

DeJoy Gave $600,000 to GOP After Postmaster Job Opened Up : politics
Is the Mail Getting Slower? We're Tracking It

Opinion | Peter Navarro and the whiny core of Trumpism - The Washington Post

CNN's Brian Stelter: Fox News "is bigger than Trump" -- if he fights the network, he'll lose
Matt Drudge Branded 'Fake News' as Trump Splits With Right-Wing News Aggregator : politics

Trump' Rigged Election Cries Are Right Out Of Kremlin Playbook, Warns Ex-Intel Official
Trump "red mirage" election night victory is unlikely, political scientists say : politics
Biden Creates Legal War Room, Preparing for a Big Fight Over Voting : politics
'Inconceivable!': More than 100,000 tune into 'A Virtual Princess Bride Reunion' fundraiser for Wisconsin Democrats : politics

Arizona poll shows Joe Biden increases lead over Donald Trump : politics

The boos at the NFL opener show what many in white America think of equality : politics

Jacob Wohl Staged Fake FBI Raid on Business Partner, Actor Hired for Production Says - By Monday afternoon, news of the fake raid had already been reported as genuine by The Washington Post, and Burkman was insinuating that high-level government officials were retaliating against him for his efforts to root out corruption in Washington
FBI says no raid was conducted at home of conservative conspiracy theorist Jack Burkman - The Washington Post - Update Note: After initial publication of this story, additional reporting indicates that the raid was staged. The story will continue to be updated.

Pennsylvania's citizen militias say they're protecting everyone's rights, but critics say the're e right-wing intimidators

NPR reporter Josie Huang tackled, arrested by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies while covering protest - The Washington Post
Video catches Los Angeles sheriffs in lie about events outside hospital where ambushed cops were recovering Raw Story

Georgia deputy filmed punching Black man in front of children is fired : politics

Family speaks out after man killed in crash involving Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg : politics (and AG before him was a drunk-driver AND a rapist)
Jason Ravnsborg: What we know about fatal crash involving pedestrian (1: drunk 2: speeding 3: Republican 4: liar)
Jason Ravnsborg: South Dakota attorney general has history of speeding

JK Rowling slammed as new book features a transvestite serial killer of women : books

Navigating Mental Health for Students

Server Leak exposes users of dating site network : worldnews


Rise in sea level from ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica match worst-case scenario: study | Rate of the melt matches the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's worst-case climate warming scenario : worldnews
Stephen Fry, Mark Rylance and a former Archbishop of Canterbury are among 150 public figures to hit back at government moves to classify the climate protesters of Extinction Rebellion as an "organised crime group"

Mass die-off of migratory birds currently occurring in New Mexico : news - Climate change is affecting the abundance of insects, it's affecting the volatility of the fires, and the scary thing is this may be an indication of the future
Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts since 1993, study finds: Extinction rates for birds and mammals would have been three to four times higher without action

Sally could hit between New Orleans and Mobile at hurricane strength : news

Wildfire Maps & Response Support | Wildfire Disaster Program

Dozens Missing Amid Wildfires as States Look to Weather for Relief - The New York Times
Warmer. Burning. Epidemic-challenged. Expensive. The California Dream has become the California Compromise. - The Washington Post
Dense smoke smothers West Coast, shutting residents indoors and complicating fire response - The Washington Post
Color of San Francisco's Sky: September 9, 2020
Death toll in fires raging in West rises to 31, with dozens missing : news
The desperate fight to save his family ends in tragedy -
Clackamas County deputy placed on leave after sharing antifa wildfire rumors in online video - OPB (dumbfuck citizens stopping cars to find Antifas)
Facebook Finally Cracks Down on Bogus Propaganda About Oregon Wildfires (Fuckerberged)
Most wildfire coverage on American TV news fails to mention link to climate crisis : television

Trump officials seek greater control over CDC reports on coronavirus - The Washington Post (virus will vanish b4 election)

MA COVID-19 9/13/20 : boston
267 New Confirmed Cases; 2.2% Positive - September 13 : CoronavirusMa - 122,904 confirmed cases - 12,102 new tests - 14 new deaths; 9,001 total - 19 New Probable cases; 0 New Probable deaths

Massachusetts compared to Victoria : melbourne

[OC] COVID-19 Deaths per Million Inhabitants (Last 7 Days) : dataisbeautiful

Fauci says he takes vitamin D and C supplements, which boost immunity - Insider
The WHO advises against greeting with the elbow and asks that you greet each other by putting your hand on your chest. : worldnews
Disposable masks 'causing enormous plastic waste' : worldnews
Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest. Mask wearing might also be reducing the severity of the virus and ensuring that a greater proportion of new infections are asymptomatic : Coronavirus
The new coronavirus can infect brain cells, study finds : Coronavirus

The great experiment : The pandemic is tragic. It's also an incredible chance to study human behavior.
Virus America, six months in: Disarray, dismay, disconnect : Coronavirus
The Other Way Covid Will Kill: Hunger : Coronavirus

What positive impacts do you think will come from Covid-19? : AskReddit

'Astonishingly risky': COVID-19 cases at colleges are fueling the nation's hottest outbreaks : Coronavirus

New Cases Have Reached Record Levels in the Midwest : Coronavirus

All Michigan State students asked to quarantine due to 'exponential growth' of COVID-19 - ABC News - Cases rose once students returned to the area for the fall, officials said (in the what could go wrong? dept)

Venues refuse to give couples refunds for coronavirus-canceled weddings : news

'I was dying with coronavirus in intensive care and now people tell me it was a myth' : Coronavirus

As coronavirus cases in the Dakotas surge, anti-mask sentiment intensifies : Coronavirus

Experts predict coronavirus deaths to double as lull frees Florida to reopen : Coronavirus

Texas reports 3,905 news cases, 146 more deaths : Coronavirus
Conflicting Virus Data in Texas Raises Distrust of the Government : Coronavirus

More than 500 new cases of COVID-19 and dozens of deaths confirmed in South Carolina : Coronavirus

Mask Off For Freedom gathers for anti-mask rally at Veterans Memorial Park : Coronavirus

Wisconsin reports record-breaking 1,582 new coronavirus cases : Coronavirus

Israel is to impose a new national lockdown - becoming the first country in the world to take such a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus. : Coronavirus

Nottingham student issued with #10,000 fine for hosting house party : news

Israel, US vote against COVID-19 resolution overwhelmingly passed by UN: 169-2 : worldnews (bc abortion! and Iran)

Scores arrested at protests in Australia's coronavirus hotspot : worldnews

UK faces second hard national lockdown if we don't follow COVID-19 rules, adviser warns : worldnews (they won't)

Israeli minister resigns to protest expected virus lockdown : news

Chinese military calls US biggest threat to world peace : worldnews

Japanese police have been using a system that can match photos of people who have been previously arrested with images gathered by surveillance cameras and social media, police officials said Saturday, a move that could raise concerns about privacy violations. : worldnews
Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus : worldnews

Anti-Netanyahu protesters keep up pressure on Israeli leader : worldnews

10,000 women march to demand that Belarus president resign : worldnews
Belarus: dozens of peaceful female protesters thrown into vans by riot police : worldnews (and then what?)
Russia to send paratroopers to Belarus for joint drills starting on Monday: RIA. : worldnews

Chinese, Russian together with Armenia, Belarus, Iran, Myanmar and Pakistan forces will take part in joint military exercises in southern Russia later September : worldnews

Delhi court convicts 9 more Islamic State operatives in terror case after they pleaded guilty : worldnews

IOC shocked and 'deeply upset' after execution of Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari : worldnews (muzfuckers)

Nobel Peace Prize winner Denis Mukwege under UN guard after receiving death threats : worldnews

Philippines deports U.S. Marine who killed transgender woman : worldnews
J.K. Rowling billboard condemned as transphobic and removed as advocates speak out : worldnews

Greek police fire tear gas at protesting migrants on Lesbos : worldnews

Brexit: Tony Blair and John Major unite to condemn Boris Johnson's law-breaking bill - The former UK leaders warn the Prime Minister that trust in the UK will take a major blow and he risks instability in Ireland if he pushes through his law-flouting Brexit bill : worldnews
Boris Johnson 'plans to opt out of human rights laws' amid Brexit row : worldnews

Saudi officials must testify in 9/11 lawsuit, says US judge : worldnews

Snowden criticises Amazon for hiring former NSA boss : worldnews

Giuliani Pleads Ignorance On Bombshell Report That His Ukraine Contact Is A Russian Spy : politics

Russian disinformation aims to create widespread apathy among American voters

The U.S. shows all the signs of a country spiraling toward political violence : politics
How Trump Brought Nazis Into Republican Politics : politics

Woodward's book makes it clear: The president's lies are killing us
The No Lives Matter President | Trump' damning admissions on the Woodward tapes betray not merely his duty and the country, but even his promises to white America to keep them safe

Court-appointed adviser in Michael Flynn case says Justice Dept. yielded to corrup 'pressure campaign' led by Trump

U.S. budget deficit hits all-time high of $3 trillion : news (Republicans doing their fiscal responsibility charade)

Trump doesn't care if wildfires destroy the west - it didn't vote for him : politics

Trump Loses Significant Voter Support After Allegedly Disparaging U.S. Soldiers, Woodward COVID Tapes : politics
Our country is in a state of emergency. First-time voters reflect on why they are voting in 2020 Election 2020: President Donald Trump is running short of time and targets - CNNPolitics

Trump suggests he would 'negotiate' a third term as president because he is 'probably entitled' to it : inthenews

The Winter of Our Discontent - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Stone also urged Trump to consider declaring "martial law" or invoking the Insurrection Act and then using his powers to arrest Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook, "the Clintons" and "anybody else who can be proven to be involved in illegal activity" (said the traitor-crook)

Deep skepticism for Trump's coronavirus response endures: POLL - ABC News - approval on the coronavirus lands at 35% in a new ABC News/Ipsos poll
Biden Favorability Rating Outpaces Trumps in Four States
Biden gains edge in Arizona over Trump and has big lead in Minnesota
Minnesota Seemed Ripe for a Trump Breakout. It Has Not Arrived. - The New York Times - Minnesota was a near miss for Donald Trump in 2016. But new polling shows him well behind where he finished four years ago in a state he views as a prime pickup opportunity.
Joe Biden polls: Why the former vice president's national lead matters - CNNPolitics

Trump Campaign Solicits Donations With Desperate Text Claiming Antifa will 'Attack You Homes' if Biden Wins

The GOP Is Staging Chaos On the Way To A Coup : politics
Roger Stone Calls For Trump To 'Declare Martial Law' To Seize Power If He Loses : politics
Roger Stone's Election Plan: Have Feds Block Voting, Arrest 'Seditious' Daily Beast Staff

'There Has to Be Retribution': Trump Openly Endorses Extrajudicial Killings of Suspects by Law Enforcement : politics - Remember 10 years ago when conservatives bemoaned that the Affordable Care Act would create death panels? Well, here's a conservative president actively calling for death squads. Due process just became: guilty until proven dead.
Trump: Antifa supporter killed by U.S. Marshals was dealt 'retribution' : politics

Trump sows doubt on election integrity with false assertions at Douglas County rally amid coronavirus pandemic -- falsely telling a packed crowd of supporters that Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak controls millions of votes, that mail-in ballots can be accepted without signatures and that Republicans likely wouldn't be sent mail-in ballots but dogs and dead people would.

The surprise religious group that could decide Trumps fate -- Latter-day Saints had been among the most reliably Republican voting blocs until Trump took over the party.

The Justice Department says defaming women is part of Trump's job. Literally. - The argument is absurd. But it could delay a potentially damaging lawsuit.

QAnon's "Save Our Children" Campaign is causing significant collateral damage to legitimate anti-trafficking organizations - The child sex trade is a global crisis. Far-right conspiracy theorists are harassing, distracting and intimidating the organizations fighting to end it.

numb to crazy stuff Trump says, but utterly terrified of crazy stuff Americans believe | Will Bunch - Yet the childlike ability of the punditocracy to maintain a level of shock in September 2020 continues to drown out the more important conversations America should be having on Election Eve.

Stanford doctors take aim at former colleague Scott Atlas, Trump's new adviser on the COVID-19 pandemic - The former chief of neuroradiology is harming public health, according to public letter health

Scientist Who Denies Climate Change Hired At NOAA By Trump Administration : NPR - David Legates, a University of Delaware professor of climatology who has spent much of his career questioning basic tenets of climate science, has been hired for a top position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Federal judge blocks USPS from sending mailers containing incorrect voting information to Coloradans : politics (PO now a Trump propaganda machine tnx to DeJoy)

Mike Bloomberg to spend at least $100 million in Florida to benefit Joe Biden : politics

Lindsey Graham Bashed For Trump Hypocrisy As He Mocks Rival For Not Baring Tax Returns : politics

Georgia Wrongfully Purged 200K Voters - With Focus on Black Voters, ACLU Report Finds : politics

Five myths about antifa - The Washington Post (single Soros-controlled Dem org masterminded BLM are the real fascists)

How Anti-democratic practices get normalized - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is one searing hawt take: "Liberals have convinced themselves that Republicans are, in one way or another, cheating."

LAist Reporter Josie Huang Arrested While Covering Protest : news

Louisiana judge found guilty of crimes against juveniles : news

Sheriff's deputy in Georgia placed on leave after video shows him 'using physical force on a man' : news (racist copsters beat shit out of Lyft passenger for refusing to comply with illegal demand)

Five years later, many across Baltimore bitterly lament Gov. Hogan's decision to kill the Red Line light rail - The newly elected Republican governor returned $900 million in federal funding and shifted $736 million of state money to roads in the surrounding, predominantly White counties.

Opinion | How One Man Conned the Beltway - The New York Times (your "intelligence" agencies are corrupt)

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 678 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Born in 1901 in Philadelphia, Mead grew up in a pretty wealthy family. Her father was a finance professor at the Wharton School at UPenn. She went to college for a year at DePauw before transferring to Barnard, where she finished her undergraduate degree in 1923

'I've never seen or heard of attacks': scientists baffled by orcas harassing boats : news

'Biggest bang since the Big Bang': Scientists detect collision of huge black holes : news

39,000-year-old cave bear is discovered perfectly preserved in Siberia | "It is completely preserved, with all internal organs in place." Until now, only bones have been found of cave bears, a prehistoric species or subspecies that lived in Eurasia from around 300,000 to 15,000 years ago : worldnews

An international team of astronomers found compelling evidence for microbial life on Venus. : science - phosphene!

Moderate alcohol use is associated with decreased brain volume in early middle age in both sexes : science

TheRealScotta comments on Closed on our first home in Phoenix, OR at noon on Tuesday. 8 hours later, the Almeda Fire hit.

What's the most wholesome experience you've had with a stranger? : AskReddit


Wildlife in 'catastrophic decline', report warns : worldnews
Sir David Attenborough makes stark warning about species extinction : worldnews
One in eight deaths in Europe linked to pollution, environment, EU says : worldnews

A Mining Company Blew Up A 46,000-Year-Old Aboriginal Site. Its CEO Is Resigning : worldnews
No plastic bags, straws, or hotel shampoo bottles by 2025 as China embarks on journey to reduce and replace polluting material : worldnews

26 people have been killed as fires ravage the West Coast and dozens more are missing : news
911 dispatchers slammed with calls about QAnon-backed false claims about wildfires : news
Oregon braces for a "mass fatality incident" as wildfires approach Portland : news
California wildfire smoke plumes are unlike anything previously seen - The Washington Post - California's wildfire smoke plumes are unlike anything previously seen - Smoke plumes have reached 55,000 feet in height, with embedded thunderstorms, lightning and possible tornadoes
Bad forest policies and political indifference kindled Oregons wildfires (says Refuck wacka-doodle lobbyist for timber companies, blames BLM for fires)

Hurricane expected to hit Louisiana and northern Gulf: Storm surge, winds, heavy rain all possible : news

The U.S. won't get back to normal until late 2021, Fauci says : Coronavirus
UN adopts Covid-19 pandemic resolution despite objections from US, Israel : Coronavirus - Absolute, pure depravity. The US is the only country that wants this to continue ... When the only two other countries voting in line with the US are Libya and Iraq . . . this is where we are now.
U.S. Has Its Deadliest Day in More Than Two Weeks : Coronavirus
Nation could see a 'very deadly December' with tens of thousands of coronavirus deaths to come, model predicts : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/12/20 : boston
443 New Cases (9/12) : CoronavirusMa - 43 new reported cases - 18313 new individuals tested (2.4%) - 63370 new reported tests (.7%) - 16 newly reported confirmed deaths.

Boston College now surpasses 100 active COVID cases after reporting an initial outbreak of 13, then over 40 new cases earlier in the week : massachusetts

Scientists find a potential "killing agent" for coronavirus. Far-UVC light with the wavelength of 222nm is safe for humans while killing bacteria and viruses alike. : Coronavirus
Young children can spread Covid to adults, new CDC report says [9-12-20] : Coronavirus

How Does a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally-Sized Crowd Affect Covid? It's Complicated : Coronavirus
Rex Douglass on Twitter: "Today I'll be live tweet-reviewing my: 20th COVID-19 paper 6th paper purporting to be able to show mass-events do/don't spread COVID 3rd Dave et al. paper already this quarter using the same bad research design It's starting to feel like if Sisyphus ran a methods seminar" / Twitter

Eschaton: Is That A Lot? - Seems like a lot. -- Now that stream feels like a flood. In just the past week, a New York Times survey has found, American colleges and universities have recorded more than 36,000 additional coronavirus cases, bringing the total of campus infections to 88,000 since the pandemic began.
19 of the 25 Worst US Covid-19 Outbreaks are in College Towns : Coronavirus

Dakotas lead US in virus growth as both reject mask rules : Coronavirus (Dumbkotas)

McLennan County, Texas, surpasses 7,000 COVID-19 cases; Baylor University nears half of active cases : Coronavirus

Another 3,497 cases confirmed in past 24 hours in the UK : Coronavirus

Hundreds of violent attacks on NHS ambulance workers during COVID-19 crisis : Coronavirus

US Tourist becomes Superspreader in Germany. 54 Tested positive. (German Article with Translation in Comments) : Coronavirus

Canada reports zero COVID-19 deaths for first time since March : worldnews

A Chinese virologist who fled to the US after claiming China covered up the coronavirus outbreak has vowed to publish proof the virus was made in a lab. : worldnews
India says "no change on the ground" after agreeing with China to walk back troops from their border fight : worldnews

Abe plan for land-attack counterpunch could mark major military shift for Japan : worldnews

Afghan peace talks open with calls for ceasefire, women's rights : worldnews

India, Russia to ink defence logistics support pact : worldnews

New UN Report Recommends ICC Investigate Possible War Crimes by All Sides -- Including US-Backed Coalition -- in Yemen. "Yemen has been ravaged in ways that should shock the conscience of humanity," said one of the report's authors

North Korea 'executes five Economic Ministry workers after they criticised Kim's policies at a dinner party' : worldnews

Wrestling Champion Navid Afkari Executed Despite International Outcries : worldnews (muzfucks)

Al-Qaeda threatens Charlie Hebdo for republishing Mohammed cartoons : worldnews

Pakistani journalist arrested for defaming military : worldnews

Three Rohingya refugees die days after seven-month ordeal on trafficking boat - 300 people disembarked in Indonesia in a 'terrible condition' after being held hostage at sea by traffickers demanding payment

US eyes Greek island as alternative to Turkish base due to 'disturbing' Erdogan actions, senior senator claims
Fear & poverty in Turkey as pandemic hits Erdogan's base : Turkish economists predicts impoverished Turks could double this year to 20 million & set back two decades of progress in narrowing inequality

Russian Dissident Survives Suspected Assassination Attempt in Finland : worldnews
Putin, Lukashenko to discuss integration processes on September 14 : worldnews (Putin lootin' b4 Trumpy loses)

Nigeria's Kaduna State passes law to castrate child rapists : worldnews
At least 50 killed in collapsed gold mine in east Congo, says NGO | Democratic Republic of the Congo : worldnews

Duterte failing on both health and economy : worldnews

Colombia: Protests against police brutality leave 13 dead, over 400 injured : worldnews

Ireland's Data Protection Commission orders Facebook to halt sending of user data to the US : worldnews

Former French President Sarkozy calls black people monkeys, sparking furor

A court in Spain has sentenced a former Salvadoran army colonel to 133 years in prison for the murder of five Spanish Jesuit priests in his homeland in 1989. : worldnews

Italy shaken up by brutal beating death of young Black man : worldnews

Hundreds of violent attacks on UK ambulance workers during COVID-19 crisis : worldnews
Boris Johnson faces Tory rebellions on Brexit and Covid rules : worldnews
Take your threats off the table, British PM Johnson tells EU in trade row : worldnews
Johnson warns Brussels could 'carve up' the UK : worldnews

'I'm not comfortable living here': More Americans did actually move to Canada since Trump's 2016 election : worldnews
Canadian tariffs on U.S. products coming within days : worldnews

U.S. has expelled 8,800 migrant children under coronavirus rules : worldnews

The USPS is accused of 'confusing' voters by mailing all Americans 'postcards with misinformation' about voting : politics

'Downright Criminal': Leaked Emails Reveal Effort by Trump Aides to Censor and Alter CDC Covid Reports Behind Closed Doors : politics
Trump officials interfered with CDC reports on Covid-19 : politics
Trump's Health Department Changed CDC Reports on COVID-19 to Fit President's message
Political Appointees Meddled in C.D.C.''s 'Holiest of the Holy' Health Reports ... Michael Caputo, a Republican political operative and former Trump campaign official the White House installed as the top spokesman at the department in April, despite his having no background in health.
New Jersey governor says he would have shut state down earlier if Trump was honest about coronavirus threat : politics

Trump Is Covering For Russia. A Homeland Security Whistleblower Adds To The Evidence | Warnings from Democratic lawmakers and the latest revelations from a top DHS employee make it clear Trump doesn't want the public to know what's happening
Rep. Adam Schiff calls for an IG investigation on Barr after a top deputy resigns from Russia probe : politics
Why Bill Barr Shields Foreign Terrorists from the Death Penalty : politics

Decision to drop Michael Flynn case was 'corrupt and politically motivated,' court-appointed lawyer says : politics

Trump Officials Must Face Accountability In Order to Save Democracy : politics

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf subpoenaed for hearing next week after refusing to testify : politics

Roger Stone calls for Trump to seize total power if he loses the election

Prosecutor resigns from Trump law enforcement commission, calls it 'intent on providing cover for a predetermined agenda' : politics

Apparent 33% Pay Cut For Campaign Manager Hints At Money Trouble For Trump : politics

Mary Trump: My uncle Donald is 'fundamentally a racist"

Donald Trump's fatal flaw: Of his many defects, Bob Woodward may have identified the worst. Trump's failures come from a deep, dark well of fear and cowardice. He doesn't believe in anything, even himself

Trump bragged about bringing Michigan 'so many damn car plants.' Zero new major plants have opened during his presidency. : politics

Trump Onslaught Against Biden Falls Short of a Breakthrough - The New York Times - But a new poll shows Mr. Biden ahead in three states Mr. Trump hopes to pick up, and maintaining a lead in Wisconsin.

Trump baselessly accuses Biden of using performance enhancing drugs in primary debates. It is the second time in a month the president has made the claim, without providing any evidence : politics
Trump's baseless claim about 'tremendous cheating' in 2016

The Green Party: Using Republican money to undermine democracy and get Republicans elected - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The Green Party is a pro-fascist ratfucking operation, nothing more, and they're now willing to facilitate the dirtiest Republican vote suppression efforts to help Trump win ... (just when you thought you couldn't get Jill Stein'd again)

Sen. David Perdue Says His Perfectly Timed Stock Trades Are Completely Innocent : The Georgia senator pushed to roll back regulations on prepaid debit cards. Then he acquired stock in an industry leader : politics

Rudy Giuliani, once 'America's mayor,' now mired in controversy, facing legal scrutiny : politics

Wisconsin On The Verge Of Election Chaos Over Possible Absentee Ballot Delays : politics
Wisconsin judge keeps Kanye West off ballot : politics

Georgia Elections Chief Accused of Voter Intimidation : politics

Charlottesville taking down Confederate statue near the site of violent Unite the Right rally : politics

If we were vampires and white supremacy was intriguing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Facebook really is one of the most impressive collections of evil outside of News Corp: Thiel was used to making risky bets ... Still, just a week after the Access Hollywood tape leaked of Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women -- a clip that sent other prominent Republicans fleeingThiel ponied up $1.25 million ,,, Even as Thiel staked his reputation on the candidate in public, he met in private with the racist fringe that felt emboldened by Trump's rise to power.

Prosecutors allege former Minneapolis officer used neck restraint in several other cases before George Floyd's death

4 Houston police officers fired after shooting man on the ground 21 times during alleged mental health crisis : news

Multiple hate crimes against Black family in Warren, MI prompt $3,000 reward and investigation. (Surveillance Video in Article) : news

Police announce investigation of social media linked to lieutenant, called 'deeply disturbing' : boston

Conor McGregor detained for alleged attempted sexual assault, indecent exposure in Corsica : news

What was lost with the burning the the library of Alexandria? : AskHistorians


Scientists are seeing an 'acceleration of pandemics': They are looking at climate change : worldnews
Animal populations worldwide have declined nearly 70% in just 50 years, new report says : worldnews

Oregon officials concerned wildfires could be 'mass fatality incident' after a million acres burn
A Climate Reckoning in Wildfire-Stricken California - The New York Times
As Antifa Rumors Spread in Oregon, Residents Defied Evacuation Orders - The New York Times - A tumultuous summer of protests has become a complication in the wildfires raging around Portland.
Wildfires Live Updates: Evacuations Ordered as Fires Near Portland Suburbs - The New York Times - The mayor of Portland declared a state of emergency as fires burned toward the city. California and Washington State are battling growing fires, too.
Tiny California Town Leveled By "Massive Wall Of Fire" ; 10 Dead, 16 Missing, Trapped Fire Crew Barely Escapes Blaze
'We got another one' Second man arrested for intentionally starting brush fire in Pierce County
[OC] The 20 Largest Wildfires in California History : dataisbeautiful
Area burned in the Great Fire of 1910 : MapPorn

Coronavirus news: US daily death toll from COVID-19 shoots back up over 1,000 - ABC News - There were 1,206 new deaths in the U.S. in the last 24 hours.
How Coronavirus Took Hold in North America and Europe: Early interventions were effective at stamping out coronavirus infections, but subsequent, poorly monitored travel allowed the virus to ignite major outbreaks in Europe and North America, according to a new study : science
Coronavirus Deaths and Reported Cases in USA by Political Party of State Governor, Updated Sept 10, 2020 [OC] : dataisbeautiful (virus is seeping inward looking for the stupid)
COVID-19 Deaths In The U.S.: How We Compare With Other Countries : Goats and Soda : NPR
[OC] COVID-19 Deaths Per Capita in the United States and Europe : dataisbeautiful

MA COVID-19 Data 9/11/20 : boston
122,202 confirmed cases - 19,406 new tests - 14 new deaths; 8,971 total
Weekly Report: 0.71% Positive Rate in Non-STS Towns; 2.24% in STS down from 2.26% : CoronavirusMa

News Article: West Nile Virus Infection Risk in Cambridge Raised to High

Baker Doubles Aid To Ailing Restaurants, Lengthens Outdoor Dining Season : boston
Two-day spike in Nantucket coronavirus cases tied to workers in the trades : CoronavirusMa
Two-day spike in Nantucket coronavirus cases tied to workers in the trades - News - The Inquirer and Mirror - Nantucket, MA - Town officials are having an extremely difficult time contact tracing and determining an origin of the spike since many of the 14 who tested positive are refusing to cooperate with contact-tracers, Santamaria said (undocumented workers afraid of ICE)

Kids caught coronavirus at childcare centers and infected family members, new CDC report says : Coronavirus
Adults with COVID-19 twice as likely to eat out; Florida bars to open at 50% capacity; US reaches 191K deaths : Coronavirus
Russia published the results of its COVID-19 vaccine -- and they don't iive up to the hype (
Hospital cleaners more exposed to COVID-19 than ICU doctors : worldnews
Did the 1918 pandemic have asymptomatic carriers as the covid 19 pandemic does? : askscience
The southern hemisphere skipped flu season in 2020 : Coronavirus
Study finds middle-aged individuals -- those born in the late 1960s and the 1970s-- may be in a perpetual state of H3N2 influenza virus susceptibility because their antibodies bind to H3N2 viruses but fail to prevent infections.
We're numb to the coronavirus : Coronavirus

Florida schools defy DeSantis order to keep virus stats under wraps

Farmville, Va., covid outbreak linked to ICE flights bringing agents to protests - The Washington Post - A huge coronavirus outbreak followed.

Coronavirus: central Europe faces worse second wave after avoiding worst of first | World news : Coronavirus

Spain reports record rise in coronavirus cases: 10,764 in 24 hours : Coronavirus

This is our 9/11. On this day, my country was robbed of its democracy. Chile 1973. : pics

China strategically dehydrated Laos, buried it under loans and now controls its national electric grid : worldnews
Chinese tycoon who called President Xi a 'clown' 'faces corruption trial' : worldnews
Disney CFO Admits Mulan's Xinjiang Ties Have Proven Problematic : worldnews

Macron: Turkey is no longer a partner in the region : worldnews

India has millions of COVID-19 cases and a border stand-off with China, but the story dominating the news is how a Bollywood actress supposedly drove her ex-boyfriend to suicide with pot and black magic : worldnews

Belgium must return tooth of murdered Congolese 1st democratic elected leader, judge rules : worldnews

Australian man jailed after crashing into marked police vehicles with $145 million of crystal meth in his van. : worldnews ... So, he was...Braking Badly ...

Ireland accuses Boris Johnson of trying to sabotage peace process ... based on spurious claims about the Good Friday agreement.

Judge orders testimony from Saudi officials in suit over involvement in 9/11 attacks : worldnews

Mehdi Hasan on Twitter: ""Forty Wall Street...was, actually, before the World Trade Center, was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Center it became known as the second-tallest, and now it's the tallest"
September 11th vs Corona virus fatalities [OC] : dataisbeautiful

Trump Twitter Account Hacked by Dutch Hackers With The Password "Yourefired" : worldnews

Mattis told Coats Trump is 'dangerous,' 'unfit': Woodward book : politics

The Trump team welcomed Russian disinformation, the Trump administration further confirms : politics
Trump's collusion with Russia isn't in the past. It's happening right now.
BlueLeaks Documents Bolster Whistleblower Account of Intelligence Tampering at Homeland Security | The Department of Homeland Security has become an armed extension of Trumpism. : politics

3,000 Dead on 9/11 Meant Everything. 200,000 Dead of Covid-19 Means Nothing. Here's why

Is Trump a Murderer? The Woodward tapes provide the evidence: the president committed political genocide. : politics
Has Any American Killed More Americans Than Donald Trump? ... Mike Pence was at a pro-life event the other day. And I was thinking about the irony, right? This administration has killed 100,000 plus plus plus people. And they're talking about embryos. Like, it's almost behond parody
This Is What We Mean When We Say 'Character Is Destiny' : At a key moment, with hundreds of thousands of lives at stake, the president lied.

Woodward tells how allies tried to rein in 'childish' Trump's foreign policy : worldnews
Donald Trump cites Churchill and British wartime spirit for reason he 'played down' coronavirus : worldnews
Trump Admits He Sits Around Watching Cable News All Night : politics (10-12 hours/day)
Trump Reels Off 8 Hours Of Fox Shows He Has Consumed Since Last Night : politics
"I saved his ass" - Lawyers, Guns & Money = Frankly, Donald Trump prefers the journalists who don't get murdered and cut up with bone saws ... Remember when Trump vetoed a ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia? And we have no idea what kind of financial arrangements he has with the Saudi government? Seems pretty bad all around.

Bob Woodward actually has 19 Trump tapes with 10 hours of interviews, CNN reports : politics

Removal of flag honoring veterans from White House sparks anger : politics

Court Greenlights Lawsuit Alleging Trump' Inaugural Committee Funneled Money to His Personal Businesses
Nora Dannehy, Connecticut prosecutor who was top aide to John Durhams Trump-Russia investigation, resigns amid concern about pressure from Attorney General William Barr
Prosecutor Quits Trumps Law Enforcement Commission, Saying The Fix Is In
U.S. judge urged to stop 'corrupt' reversal in case of Trump ex-aide Flynn
Flynn Case Dismissal Reflects Trump Pressure, Ex-Judge Says - Bloomberg

Trump administration siphoned almost $4 million from 9/11 first responders fund: report : politics

Pentagon rescinding order to shutter Stars and Stripes paper

The Trump campaign played a song about rich kids dodging the Vietnam War draft -- which the president did 5 times -- at a Michigan rally
"It's a Superspreader Event": Few Masks in Sight at Packed Trump Campaign Rally in Michigan : politics
Trump held six indoor rallies after acknowledging the coronavirus was airborne : politics
Trump predicts victory in election battleground Michigan as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules | Reuters
Donald Trump makes false claims about autos at Michigan rally

'We'll put them down very quickly' : Trump threatens to quash election night riots -- "Look, it's called insurrection" he said ... should aggrieved Democrats take to the streets in the wake of his potential victory ...

Trump: Bob Woodward Could've Saved Countless Lives If He'd Reported My Lies Sooner

Bret Baier Shuts Down Trump Campaign Spokespersons Lies About Woodward Tapes
Opinion: Kayleigh McEnany has crossed a line - CNN - McEnany failed on an epic scale in her response. She did not provide context for Trump's statements. Instead, she perpetuated the lies even the President himself admitted to Woodward on tape.

PTSD expert Seth Norrholm: Americans "are being psychologically abused by Donald Trump" : politics

Trump will be in big trouble when he can't run off stage at the debates

Historian predicts Trump downplaying pandemic will go down as 'the greatest dereliction of duty' in presidential history : politics
Mike Pence deletes tweet praising Trump on coronavirus as death toll nears 192,000 : politics
Trump Has Bragged to Advisers That He Likely Stopped a Second COVID Wave - As the president boasts about crushing the deadly virus, his team is struggling to figure out how to handle a resurgence and acknowledging a vaccine may not be too close.

"I'll Never Question 1938 in Germany AganiAn" -- Ex-Republican Strategist Surveys the Wreckage of Trump' GOP
This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving. No one should ever get a second chance to destroy the Constitution. : politics

RNC Chairwoman Asks Trump: Where the Hell Have Our Campaign Ads Gone? : politics
Biden outspends Trump as the president's campaign cuts spending, prompting Republican complaints - The Washington Post

Sanders Slams Republican Senate for Happily Approving $740 Billion for Pentagon While Doing 'Nothing' to Address Covid Crisis : politics

Trump campaign misspells 'Nobel' Peace Prize in ad to fundraise off of his nomination, which anyone can get : politics

Bill Barr Sinks to New Low, Uses Justice Department to Try to Kill Trump's Rape Defamation Suit

Microsoft believes Russians that hacked Clinton targeted Biden : politics

Biden leads Trump by double digits with senior voters over 65 -- a group no Democrat has won in two decades
Record number of absentee ballots requested in key swing states - ABC News - Election officials in Ohio and Michigan said they're flooded with requests.
Democrats build big edge in early voting - POLITICO -Far more Democrats than Republicans are requesting mail ballots in key battleground states, including voters who didn't participate in 2016.
Voters Attitudes About Race and Gender Are Even More Divided Than in 2016 - Growing share of Democratic voters say it's a lot more difficult to be Black than White in the U.S. (91% of Returds say they're racist)

A pandemic is no time to roll back public protections (while you were distracted ...)
Eschaton: Ah, Well, Nevertheless (Pelosi fucked it up after telling you to "calm down")

Either Raise Taxes on Wealthy to Fund Recovery or Expect Years of 'Grinding Recession,' Argues Nobel Prize-Winning Economist : politics (Dems will go with "grinding recession")

Lawyers, Guns & Money - Speaking of lawless judiciaries, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has a new single out, "How to Ratfuck an Election" ... On Thursday morning, it looked like Wisconsin was positioned to run a smooth election this fall ...
Making Florida Jim Crow Again - Lawyers, Guns & Money -- It's just fine for Florida to 1)make felons pay a poll tax before getting their right to vote restored as is now permitted by the state constitution 2)refuse to tell them what or if they owe and 3)make them potentially subject to criminal prosecution if it's determined that they voted without paying the poll tax.

Senate 2020: Mitch McConnell Now Admits Human-Caused Global Warming Exists. But He Doesn't Have a Climate Plan

Jaime Harrison Is Ready to End Lindsey Graham's Career in Congress

Sen. Kelly Loeffler helped big banks get offshore tax relief after the Great Recession | Georgia senator still holds up to $25 million in stock in her former company, which profits from offshore loopholes : politics

Federal appeals court blocks hundreds of thousands of felons in Florida who still owe fines and fees from registering to vote - The Washington Post

Inoculated against reality - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... They've heard "humberous reports" that the COVID-19 tents set up in New York and California were actually for children who had been rescued from underground sex-trafficking tunnels ... Frank says she spends most of her free time researching child sex trafficking, while Arthur adds that she often finds this information on the Russian-owned search engine Yandex. Frank's eyes fill with tears as she describes what she's found: children who are being raped and tortured so that "the cabal" can extract their blood and drink it." She says Trump has seized the blood on the black market as part of his fight against the cabal ... "if Biden wins, the world is over, basically. I would honestly try to leave the country. And if that wasn't an option, I would probably take my children and sit in the garage and turn my car on and it would be over"
How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Electionand Shaking the Foundation of American Democracy
QAnon Website Shuts Down After N.J. Man Identified as Operator - Bloomberg

The Children of 9/11 Are About to Vote - POLITICO - What the youngest cohort of American voters thinks about politics, fear and the potential of the country theyve grown up in.

The other plague Trump has downplayed: white supremacist violence. While the president claims 'radical leftists' are terrorizing America, DHS says white extremists pose the nation's most 'persistent and lethal' threat

Tennessee to use virus relief dollars to train more police : politics

Oregon Police Beg Public to Stop Calling In False Reports Blaming Antifa for Wildfires : politics
This Couple Are Not Antifa Arsonists, But Armed Locals Thought They Were ... Now she and Trumbly were being hunted by a group of armed men on the town's streets
Jennifer Paulsen on Twitter: "Apparantly I came very close to being shot by a group of 'vigilantes' from my hometown tonight... My partner and I were followed in his car, people were posting his license plate all over various community pages, making multiple reports to the police. After a conversation 1/?" / Twitter

Pittsburgh Cop with troubled past arrests bystander after 'he came up and decided to be disrespectful to me' - Pittsburgh Current : news

Missouri fans blasted as 'classless trash' after NFL Chiefs crowd started booing during moment of silence for racial equality

Veterans Fortify the Ranks of Militias Aligned With Trumps Views

LGM Film Club, Part 69 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I've expressed my contempt for Norman Mailer before ...

Los Angeles CEO is caught on security camera mercilessly beating his four-month-old dog | Daily Mail Online ... he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman who is the CEO of an environmental risk and compliance management consulting firm ...

Democrats' Weird Obsession With Scapegoating Susan Sarandon (refused to support "crooked Hillary" and dimbulb actress?)

Peter Thiel Met With Racist Fringe While Backing Trump - The venture capitalist and Facebook board member staked his reputation on a Trump presidency. Now what does he have to show for it? (drank lots of blood?)

'Be a Good Boy' : Lawsuit Graphically Accuses Fox News Star Andrew Napolitano of Sexual Assault ... According to the complaint obtained by Law&Crime, in 1988, Napolitano lured Charles Corbishley to his New Jersey home under false pretenses and forced him to perform oral sex. At the time, Napolitano was the judge presiding over Corbishley's case on charges of criminal arson (Fox Fucker is gay)

A mother reflects on her long journey of reconsidering her child's gender -- Transitions

Controversy over USC professor's use of Chinese word that sounds like racial slur in English

Netflix Faces Boycott After 'Cuties' Scene Goes Viral : worldnews

in a lawsuit against the internet archive, the largest corporations in publishing want to change what it means to own a book : books
Microsofts Ebook Apocalypse Shows the Dark Side of DRM

My Thoughts on "Cuties" : movies (by 16 yr-old girl)

Drones find signs of a Native American 'Great Settlement' buried beneath a Kansas pasture. If confirmed, it could turn out to be one of the largest Native American settlements ever established north of Mexico.
Victims of Human Sacrifice at Cahokia Were Locals, Not 'Foreign' Captives, Study Finds - a burial mound excavated in the 1960s and found to contain more than 270 bodies almost all of them young women killed as victims of human sacrifice.
New Discoveries from Cahokia - Cahokia Mounds

A new study finds that levels of oxytocin, "the love hormone" are significantly lower in adults who were children when their parents divorced. This might explain why children of divorce struggle to form their own relationships in adulthood.

Drinking Until You Pass OutI : An Ex-Republican Strategist Surveys the Wreckage of Trumps Linked to Doubled Risk of Dementia, Huge Study Reveals : worldnews

World map by population : MapPorn
The True Size of Africa (area comparison) : MapPorn
The Size of Australia Compared to Western Europe : MapPorn

hoothoot6996 comments on President Obama at his first state of the union address vs his last state of the union address (for the "simulation")


Earth may temporarily pass dangerous 1.5? warming limit by 2024, major new report says | This first overshoot beyond 1.5? would be temporary, likely aided by a major climate anomaly such as an El Niqo. However, it casts new doubt on whether Earth's climate can be permanently stabilized at 1.5? : worldnews
'Doomsday glacier' n Antarctica melting due to warm water channels under surface, scientists discover
A Mysterious Crater Suddenly Opened Up in the Arctic Tundra: Mysterious craters have been popping up in the Arctic tundra in recent years, and the latest example is 50 meters deep. : worldnews

Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future : worldnews

Natural world being destroyed at rate never seen before WWF warns as report reveals catastrophic decline of global wildlife
Humans behind 70% fall in world's Wildlife over last 50 years : worldnews

Zimbabwe bans coal mining in Hwange and other game parks, home to more than 40,000 elephants and numerous other species, including the endangered black rhino : worldnews

Oregon governor issues emergency fire order; three prisons evacuated. The state's largest firefighting helicopters are unavailable; they were deployed to Afghanistan. : news
Blade Runner: San Francisco (yes, this is real footage) : videos
TIL that PG&E, the gas and electric company that caused the fires in Paradise, California, have caused over 1,500 wildfires in California in the past six years. : todayilearned

Global coronavirus deaths pass 900,000 : worldnews (Trump still leads world)
The Fog of the Pandemic Is Returning -- Millions of coronavirus tests may be happening without their results being made public ... Instead, the change was imposed on the agency by the White House, acting on the advice of Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist and conservative policy wonk who has started to advise Trump on the pandemic

MA COVID-19 Data 9/10/20 : boston

Boston schools and teachers union reach agreement on safety measures for school reopening - The Boston Globe
Office prices plummet in Boston amid coronavirus shutdowns as companies rethink traditional spaces : boston
Boston has the highest Average Cost per kilowatt in North America : boston
Weymouth bar whose owner declared coronavirus BS has license lifted by state board that disagrees : boston
N.H. woman votes topless after she was told she couldn' wear an anti-Trump shirt at the polls

Twenty-six scientists, most of them working at universities in Italy, have signed an open letter questioning the reliability of the data presented in the early-stage trial results of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine, named "Sputnik-V" : worldnews
Clinical Outcomes in Young US Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19 -- Young adults age 18 to 34 years hospitalized with COVID-19 experienced substantial rates of adverse outcomes: 21% required intensive care, 10% required mechanical ventilation, and 2.7% died. : Coronavirus
Scientists question 'strange' data in Russian coronavirus vaccine trial after 'unlikely' patterns

Teacher deaths raise alarms as new school year begins : Coronavirus
Teachers die of COVID in South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma as schools reopen : Coronavirus

Millinocket, Maine, wedding now connected to 161 coronavirus cases - The Boston Globe

Eschaton: Ah, Well, Nevertheless - Seemed like a good idea at the time. -- MADISON (WKOW) -- UW-Madison reported nearly 400 new COVID-19 cases affiliated with its campus Thursday, a drastic increase that more than doubled the previous single-day total.

Florida State Reports 21% Virus Positivity Rate | coronavirus : Coronavirus

South Dakota governor uses coronavirus relief funds for $5 million tourism ad despite COVID surge : news - A 5 million dollar tourism ad. For South Dakota.

Nebraska to end nearly all social distancing restrictions

South Dakota governor uses coronavirus relief funds for $5 million tourism ad despite COVID surge : worldnews

Positive Covid tests in no-lockdown Sweden hit lowest rate since pandemic began : worldnews

France has recorded almost 10,000 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours, marking its highest single-day count since the start of the outbreak. : worldnews

'China's disdain for human rights no longer affects only its citizens': Over 300 NGOs urge United Nations to probe China rights abuses : worldnews
U.S. Businesses in China Not Heeding Trump's Call to Return Home
U.S. revokes more than 1,000 visas of Chinese nationals, citing military links : news

Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan airspace for second day : worldnews

Lebanon: Massive fire erupts in Beirut port area : worldnews

New video shows Myanmar soldiers confessing to mass murder : worldnews

Angry Pakistanis Are Demanding Justice For Gul Panra, A Transgender Activist Who Was Murdered In Peshawar : worldnews

Fracking company sues Slovenia over 'unreasonable' environmental protections

Belarusian opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova held on suspicion of state treason : worldnews
"Belarusian activist" protesting against foreign meddling turns out to be Russian politician : worldnews

In a controversial move, Norway sails frigate into Russian economic zone together with U.K. and U.S. navy ships : worldnews

Alexei Navalny: Putin critic 'can talk again' as 'police protection stepped up' : worldnews

Ex-VW CEO to face charges of organized commercial fraud : worldnews

Mexican journalist who wrote about crime found beheaded : worldnews

"Colombian Man Dies After Police Stun-Gun Shocks, Prompting Protests" The social pressure that has been building up in Colombia for the last months has exploded, and a lot happened yesterday, people protested, and police killed 5 more innocents. : worldnews

Nova Scotia woman, trying to stop husband from medically assisted death, denied stay motion | "The Supreme Court of Canada decided that medical assistance in dying is a constitutionally-protected right" : worldnews

Social Media Platforms Remove War Crimes Evidence : worldnews

Trade war with Britain is EU's last resort if UK reneges on Brexit treaty : worldnews
UK has already breached withdrawal agreement, EU lawyers say : worldnews

Harry Dunn's family sues American diplomat's wife over fatal 2019 collision : worldnews

Acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told a former senior aide to stop providing intelligence assessments on Russia's interference in the United States, the former official said in a whistleblower complaint released on Wednesday. : worldnews (walks like treason ...)

Russian state hackers suspected in targeting Biden campaign firm - sources : worldnews
Biden Campaign Firm Hit by Suspected Kremlin Hacking Attack -- the failed hacking attempt was caught by Microsoft, which reportedly gathered information identifying hackers linked to the Kremlin as the most likely suspect

The U.S. and North Korea were so close to nuclear war, Mattis frequently prayed in church, Woodward says : worldnews

3-Judge Court Blocks Trump Memo On Census, Unauthorized Immigrants : NPR - Court Blocks Trumps Attempt To Change Who Counts For Allocating House SeatsThe president, the court concluded, cannot leave unauthorized immigrants out of that specific count.
Judge Rejects Trump Admin Plea That It Can't Possibly Explain Its Census Decision By Next Week (wanted a five-year extention)

Former CIA Director Labels Trump 'Absolute Abomination' Over Woodward Book Revelations : politics
Former top DHS official says Trump "cannot continue to be our president any longer" : politics
Trump's former spy chief has 'deep suspicions' that Putin has blackmail on Trump, according to Bob Woodward's new book : politics

Trumps growing list of crude insults about his military leaders poised to escalate tensions

'I saved his ass' : Trump boasted that he protected Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman after Jamal Khashoggis brutal murder, Woodward's new book says

Trump Lied, 190,000 - A 9/11 Attack Every Day For 2 Months - Died : politics
How Many Americans Died Because of Donald Trumps Cruel Lies? -- So he knew all along. Didn't want to create a panic? Is he kidding? Creating panics about things is all he does.
Carl Bernstein: Woodward's Trump tapes 'smoking gun' of 'homicidal negligence' : politics
Bombshell Trump-Woodward tapes worse than Watergate, says Carl Bernstein : politics
Mr. Trump Knew It Was Deadly and Airborne - He lied about the coronavirus anyway
Arguably the worst cover up in American history - Hayes on Trump lies about virus threat
Don't Be Shocked Trump Lied About COVID On Tape. Be Horrified That It Won't Matter : politics
This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving : politics
The US Is a Failed State - In less than four years, Donald Trump has exacerbated nearly every issue plaguing this country, from income inequality to global warming. : politics
Furor erupts over Trump's taped admission he knowingly downplayed coronavirus : politics
Trump damns himself with his own words : politics
Aides point fingers in wake of Woodward's latest book - CNNPolitics
Fauci says Trump's attention span is a "minus number", only cares about getting re-elected: Woodward book : politics
He's so good at this - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The pileup of flukes that allowed Donald Trump to win the presidency has convinced him that he's such a political SUPERGENIUS that he can, say, trick Bob Woodward into writing flattering profiles of him:
Tucker Carlson suggested that Lindsey Graham SABOTAGED the currently sitting stable genius president, by convincing him to take an interview with a journalist. Let this sink in. : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton - The Power of Positive Thinking -- Others have written about this more, but basically Trump buys into this idea that you just will reality to go your way, and then if it doesn't you burn it all the fuck down and move on to the next thing. Given the way current events and The Discourse work, he can actually get away with it most of the time as president. Tweet through it and move on. Covid just won't go away. The Bushies weren't so different, really.

Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump 'Never Lied' About COVID-19 After Recordings Show He Lied : politics ... said "K-lie" b
Fox's Tucker Carlson blames Lindsey Graham for Trump's Bob Woodward interview, suggests sabotage : politics

Trump screamed at Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch in "humongous blowup" over "unfair" coverage: report

Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Worked With an "active Russian agent" to Discredit Joe Biden

Michael Cohen says Trump is not joking about staying in office for more than 2 terms - CNNPolitics

Trump campaign weighing White House event around Election Day

Close presidential elections and alternate histories - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Theres Still a Reason for Trump Rallys, for Trump at Least ... "they've gone to a level that nobody even thought possible. These people have gotten stone-cold crazy"

/u/whistleridge explains step by step what has happened so far in the Trump rape case, and why he needed the DOJ to take it over : bestof

USPS removed 711 sorting machines this year, new court documents show : politics
'Dereliction of Duty': Outrage as USPS Board Issues Gushing Praise for DeJoy Amid Mail Slowdowns, Medicine Delays, and Straw-Donor Scandal : politics

Most Americans want to vote before Election Day, a significant shift from previous years, poll finds - The Washington Post

Biden's campaign goes full throttle: Trump lied, people died

The Post-Labor Day Sprint, Part Two: The Electoral College - Sabato's Crystal Ball - Biden continues to lead but twists and turns await

Most voters dont see Trump and Biden as mentally fit to be president, new poll shows (Biden leads in mentally unfit)

Voter Doubt of 2020 Outcome Possible | Monmouth University Polling Institute - Trump statements about the military show little impatc for a Trump official.

Eschaton: Oh Dear - Time for another blogger ethics panel. -- As a young journo - I was so fearful of being seen as "bias" I wouldn't even write a check to my local mosque at its annual fundraiser. (These were the post 9-11 years) And here you have a reporter hosting a lux "girls night" for a Trump official. That, my friends, is privilede -- It's Susan Page, host of the forthcoming Harris-Pence debate. (USA Today say no problem - we're so fucked)

How Will the 50-Plus Vote in Arizona's 2020 Election?

Sen. Graham faces toughest challenge against Jamie Harrison in changing S.C. - The Washington Post

QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded : politics
Its too late to stop QAnon with fact checks and account bans

FBI's Terror Hunters Turn to a Different Threat: Incels
QAnon Key Figure Revealed as Financial Information Security Analyst from New Jersey

Large network of Facebook pages circulates voting misinformation from obscure right-wing website - Popular Information - The network operates by funneling traffic to Conservative Brief, an obscure right-wing website. Conservative Brief does not engage in any original reporting. Instead, it distorts reports from mainstream sources to sow doubt about the legitimacy of the upcoming election.

Ohio governor refutes 'crazy, ridiculous internet rumor' about forcing kids into FEMA concentration camps

Annals of right wing grift - Lawyers, Guns & Money (the Pelosi "scandal" was a rightwing grift operation)

A grand jury will soon hear case of Breonna Taylor's killing : news

u/cazaloth Makes an Exhaustive, Sourced, Post on Police Brutality Against Dogs Kept as Pets : bestof

Pittsburgh Police officer arrests man and threatens him with taser at Squirrel Hill farmers' market : news

Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed by police without warning or trying to arrest him, witness claims - The Washington Post

Over a Dozen Black and Latino Men Accused a Cop of Humiliating, Invasive Strip Searches. The NYPD Kept Promoting Him - Assistant Chief Christopher McCormack touched them inappropriately during searches or ordered others to do so. Eighty-six NYPD leaders have at least one credible misconduct allegation on file. McCormack has the most.

2 actors file suit in NYC accusing Kevin Spacey of child sex assault : news

How the New York Times editorial page got sued by Sarah Palin - Columbia Journalism Review

We're No. 28! And Dropping! - A measure of social progress finds that the quality of life has dropped in America over the last decade, even as it has risen almost everywhere else.

Why does the Moon's gravity cause tides on earth but the Sun's gravity doesn't? : askscience

TIL At age 71 legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen discovered he was nearly broke after his long time manager and former lover stole $5M. The theft started after Cohen entered a Zen Buddhist retreat when he retired, believing he had enough money to live there the rest of his life. : todayilearned ... singer ""engaged in consistent and prolific spending to support his extravagant celebrity lifestyle" and how Cohen would only discuss business matters while "he soaked in a bubble bath"

u/Canonconstructor gives advice they wish they had known before evacuating from their home in California : bestof

u/digital_end explains how alt-right views can slowly take hold in seemingly innocent local subreddits. : bestof
4152510 comments on T_D user suggests infiltrating Minnesota subreddits to influence the 2018 election

What was your "Damn I'm old" moment? : AskReddit

A (suspected) drunk driver smashed our friends car 2 weeks ago in front of our house and the cops let him just stumble away. But our video ended up on the news and this hot reporter is on the case. : videos

What is the coolest thing you have done by accident? : AskReddit

What is a lesson you learned too late in life? : AskReddit


Climate crisis could displace 1.2bn people by 2050, report warns : worldnews (10 million out of infinity)

Astronomers find no signs of alien tech after scanning over 10 million stars : worldnews

Air pollution is returning to pre-covid levels : worldnews
Teenagers sue the Australian Government to prevent coal mine extension on behalf of 'young people everywhere' : worldnews
Australian scientists say they are prevented from speaking openly about their work and their advice is being suppressed by government and industry when it comes to the impact of logging, mining, land-clearing and the climate crisis, new research suggests. : worldnews

California and Oregon Fires: Live Updates - The New York Times - Strong winds were likely to continue to propel the extraordinary number of fires burning in California, Oregon and Washington State.

MA COVID-19 Data 9/9/20 : boston

Boston Teacher Union reaches tentative agreement with BPS. Teachers will not have to go in until students do. : CoronavirusMa
Two Massachusetts breweries closed over the weekend after customer who tested positive for COVID went bar hopping while waiting for their test results
Baker: Hundreds of Mass. businesses found to be in violation of COVID-19 guidelines : boston
Top 10 falling rents in Boston and Cambridge

513,415 children in the U.S. have tested positive for coronavirus since pandemic started, report says : Coronavirus
1 in 5 young adults hospitalized with COVID-19 require ICU, study finds : Coronavirus
AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine trial paused over 'unexplained illness' - AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford
We are finally unravelling the mystery of what causes severe covid-19 : Coronavirus (bradykinin storm)
The 1918 flu is still with us : The deadliest pandemic ever is still causing problems today - All those pandemics that have happened since -- 1957, 1968, 2009 -- all those pandemics are derivatives of the 1918 flu (so we have another permanent pandemic)
How the Coronavirus Attacks the Brain - The New York Times - the pathogen may enter brain cells, causing symptoms like delirium and confusion

Did Sturgis Really Infect 250,000 People? A new study finding the rally responsible for a quarter-million new COVID-19 cases was deemed "plausible" by a virologist and epidemiologist who spoke to The Daily Beast ... Assuming the United States' current fatality rate (about 2%) holds, then 7,446 will die. If so, that would make Sturgis 2020 more deadly to Americans than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

Miami University of Ohio, a public university with 20k students and over 1k confirmed COVID cases, announces it will resume in-person classes and bring students back into dorms beginning 9/14. : Coronavirus

California's GOP Senate leader was under quarantine. She spoke with no mask at a huge prayer event anyway.

Florida covid cases rise among school-age children but school-specific data is kept from public - The Washington Post ... Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has pushed aggressively for schools to offer in-person classes, even when Florida was the hot spot of the nation, and threatened to withhold funding if districts did not allow students into classrooms by Aug. 31

Iowa refuses to close bars and require masks as Covid-19 cases surge in cities | Iowa : news

U.S. COVID-19 deaths near 190,000; Iowa and South Dakota emerge as new hotspots : Coronavirus (Trump dick-sucker Kristi Noem has had it with the hoax fake news)

Florida adds 2,056 coronavirus cases and 200 resident deaths, pushing toll past 12,000 : Coronavirus

Sex parties allowed but dancing at weddings banned under Queensland's COVID-19 restrictions : worldnews

WestJet flight cancelled after dispute over whether toddler should wear mask. : worldnews

B.C. closes nightclubs, banquet halls after confirming 429 new COVID-19 cases over long weekend : worldnews

Six new cases of Covid-19 in community linked to church, bus driver tests positive in New Zealand : worldnews

England to limit gatherings to six amid coronavirus resurgence : worldnews
Ireland is reopening all its pubs on September 21st. : worldnews

Liquidation business booms in South Korea as wave of small retailers close due to virus : worldnews
South Korea's Christians losing faith amid coronavirus outbreaks linked to churches, pastors say

Oil prices are collapsing after Saudi Arabia sends ominous signal : worldnews

Human rights groups ask IOC to move Olympics from China - The IOC included human-rights requirements for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but it did not include those guidelines for Beijing. : worldnews ... Disney wouldn't ilm in Georgia after the state passed prolife laws but films in China all the time.
China says Australian TV anchor detained on 'national security' grounds : worldnews
Australian intelligence raided Chinese journalists' homes in June : worldnews
WeChat and TikTok taking China censorship global, study says - The most popular Chinese-owned social media from WeChat to TikTok are increasingly censoring content in the U.S. and elsewhere, taking practices honed for years behind the Great Firewall to an international audience. : worldnews
U.S. prepares orders blocking cotton, tomato imports from China's Xinjiang over forced labor : worldnews
Taiwan reports multiple Chinese fighters to its southwest : worldnews

How a Massive Bomb Came Together in Beiruts PortFifteen tons of fireworks. Jugs of kerosene and acid. Thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate. A system of corruption and bribes let the perfect bomb sit for years. (corrupt muzfucks fucked their citizens)

Myanmar soldiers confess to Rohingya massacre: 'Shoot all that you see' : worldnews (good Buddhists)

G7 foreign ministers condemn 'confirmed poisoning' of Putin critic Navalny
Russian 'Cossack soldiers' hunted down LGBT+ folk during Pride week. They wound up targeting straight people : worldnews
U.S. Coronavirus Situation Too 'Unstable' for Putin U.N. Visit: Russia : worldnews

ISIS suspects sentenced to thousands of years in prison for NYE nightclub attack in Istanbul : worldnews

'If Belarus protests succeed, Russia will be next' warns Lukashenko : worldnews
'We're Belarusians, Not A Russian Region': Protests Take Aim At Kremlin : worldnews
After Abduction, Belarus Opposition Leader Fights Forced Expulsion By Ripping Up Passport At Border : worldnews
Belarusian opposition politician Maxim Znak taken from office by masked people : worldnews

Protesters in Bulgaria demand prime minister's resignation amid corruption allegations : worldnews

Rare protests in Egypt sparked after man tortured to death in police custody

Sicilian mafia boss bites off prison guard's finger, in Italian jail : worldnews

India in shock over 86-year-old grandmother's rape : worldnews - Tens of thousands of rapes are reported in India every year..

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a right-wing member of the Norwegian parliament, has nominated Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in brokering a peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). : worldnews
Norway's ormer justice minister Tor Mikkel Wara member of a right wing anti-immigration party. His Partner Laila Anita Bertheussen is now on trial, accused of vandalizing her own home and threatening her family, and blaming the actions on an anti-racist theatre troupe.

Boris Johnson's government admits that its Brexit plans will 'break international law' : worldnews (BoJo another of Putin's puppets)
UK breaks international law, backtracks on agreement signed just a few months ago, effectively saying it lied to the EU when it signed it. : worldnews

Volkswagen drops Mexico City dealership that displayed Nazi poster : worldnews

Gucci Heir Alleges Child Sexual Abuse - The New York Times ... In it, she describes years of sexual abuse from her former stepfather, Joseph Ruffalo, and complicity and a cover-up on the part of her mother, Patricia Gucci, and grandmother, Bruna Palombo.
Women on the Scottish Coast, at the Whims of Male Violence - The New York Times

'Horrifically Catastrophic': Report Finds So-Called US War on Terror Has Displaced as Many as 59 Million People : worldnews
Greek refugee camp Moira on fire, 13000 refugees in danger : worldnews

Robot dogs join US Air Force exercise giving glimpse at potential battlefield of the future : worldnews (so, FLYING robot dogs?)

The Border Patrol made this dramatized video showing migrant killing innocent victim in a dark alley - The Washington Post (just a coincidence with Trump's violence campaign)

DHS official Brian Murphy alleges he was told to stand down on reporting about Russian interference threat - The Washington Post (reporting on Putin's meddling in US elections was "unflattering" to Trumpster)
Whistle-Blower Brian Murphy Says D.H.S. Downplayed Threats From Russia and White Supremacists - The New York Times - accused senior leaders of warping the agency around President Trump's political interests.
Whistleblower alleges top Trump appointees abused authority by telling officials to alter intelligence to match Trump claims - CNNPolitics (so much for "intelligence")
Woodward book: Former intel chief Dan Coats believed "Putin had something on Trump"
Theyre Barbering Intelligence to Conform to the Rats in the Presidents Brain -- There is a momentum to the current wave of scandals that wasn't there before.
Eschaton: Thoughts and Prayers
Eschaton: That Fucking Newspaper
Dan Lavoie on Twitter: "The Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton tarmac meeting "provoked a political furor" and may have "compromised the Justice Department's politically sensitive investigation into Hillary Clintons email practices." - Trump turning the DOJ into his personal libel attorney is an "unusual move."
Justice Department Allows Trump Government Lawyers to Defend E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit - A highly unusual move NYT? That's the best you got?

Mandela foundation slams Trump over alleged denigrating remarks : worldnews

Trump Has Mocked the U.S. Military His Whole Life -- Egged on by his father, the U.S. president began expressing contempt for Americans who fight in wars as far back as high school, his classmates say
What He Really Thinks: Trump Mocks Christians, Calls Them 'Fools' and 'Schmucks'

Michael Cohen Predicts Trump Will Resign if He Loses So Pence Can Pardon Him : politics
Michael Cohen says Trump lied about sending investigators to Hawaii to look into Obama's birth certificate : politics

Bob Woodward book 'Rage:' Trump admits to concealing true threat of coronavirus - CNNPolitics
Woodward book: Trump says he knew coronavirus was 'deadly' and worse than the flu while intentionally misleading Americans
What Bob Woodward's book tells us about Trump
McEnany defends Trump after Woodward book claims he said coronavirus 'deadly,' despite publicly downplaying it | Fox News
Trump lied, people died, Trump didn't care - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Since his book is out, Bob Woodward finally decided to share the scoop he's been sitting on since February:
Isaac Chotiner on Twitter: "Little understood dynamic ?? I spent lots of time reporting in Pennsylvania diners in 2016, & I heard over & over again that if a pandemic struck, average voters wanted a president who'd lie to them about it publicly while "simultaneously" evealing the truth to elite DC journos
Eschaton: Ethical Journamalism - I'd say when Booby Woodward, age 77, rich guy, is sitting in front of his TV for months watching Trump lie repeatedly and continuously about something he knew as the body count meter goes around and around, that the moral thing to do is to say "screw whatever agreement I had with my source! I'm going to violate TEH ETHICS and go to print now!"
Eschaton: It's About Ethics in Covid Journalism

Both the Presidentand Bob Woodward Knew This for Months and Kept It From the Public - Woodward knew the truth behind the administrations deadly bungling -- and worse -- and he saved it for his book, which will be released to wild acclaim and huge profits after nearly 200,000 Americans have died ... because neither Donald Trump nor Bob Woodward wanted to risk anything substantial to keep the country informed ... The shame of this should be everlasting. Bob Woodwards nonfeasance in the face of this disaster should stand with Walter Durants covering for Stalin in the matter of the Ukrainian famine as eternal embarrassments to journalism and to simple humanity. Nobody, as the bumper stickers used to say, ever died at Watergate.
Woodward defends decision to withhold Trump's virus comments - "Nearly 200,000 Americans have died because neither Donald Trump nor Bob Woodward wanted to risk anything substantial to keep the country informed" wrote Esquire's Charles P. Pierce.
Should Bob Woodward have reported Trumps virus revelations sooner? Heres how he defends his decision - By Margaret Sullivan
Behind Woodwards September surprise: White House aides saw a train wreck coming, then jumped aboard

NPR Poll: Financial Pain From Coronavirus Pandemic 'Much, Much Worse' Than Expected
Emails show HHS official trying to muzzle Fauci - POLITICO (told him what he was "allowed to say")
Dr. Fauci says he'll never be 'muzzled' in discussing coronavirus science and facts : Coronavirus
America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral - The Atlantic - As the U.S. heads toward the winter, the country is going round in circles, making the same conceptual errors that have plagued it since spring ... five P's: people in prolonged, poorly ventilated, protection-free proximity.
Opinion | The latest dumb Republican talking point on covid-19 - The Washington Post - The latest: Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.) is going anti-vax on a covid-19 vaccine (Trump lies, no shit)
White House orders end to COVID-19 airport screenings for international travelers
Trump boasted about holding a rally without social distancing, and mocked Democrats for observing coronavirus measures : politics
Reno airport authority: Planned Trump rally may not proceed, 'violates state's 50-person limit on public gatherings"

Barr Slammed for Acting as 'Personal Henchman' of Trump as DOJ Moves to Take Over His Defense in Suit Filed by Rape Accuser : politics
DOJ Seeks to Take Over Trump Defense in E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit : politics
'Bring it': Trump rape accuser E Jean Carroll defiant over Justice Department move to defend him : politics
I have a special practice - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Well, nobody can accuse Bill Barr of not being a wartime consigliere:
E. Jean Carroll on Twitter: "Here is Robbie Kaplan's reply. She is the greatest attorney in America!" / Twitter

Michael Cohen says Trump hates Obama because he's jealous: 'He went to Harvard Law ... he is all the things that President Trump wants to be' : politics

The MIA Senate: Mitch McConnell is failing the nation in its hour of need : politics
Trump Gets Mad That Twitter Won't Take Down A Parody Of Mitch McConnell; Demands Unconstitutional Laws : politics

Thom Tillis staffer tells cancer survivor that people only deserve health care if they can afford it - GOP staffer compares health coverage to shopping: "If I can't afford that dress shirt, I don't get to get it"

Ivanka Trump Encouraged Donald Not to Help Sister Tiffany Trump Get a Job

Patients may have seens 'ignificant' delays in medicine deliveries by USPS, Senate report finds

The Electoral College Will Destroy America - And no, New York and California would not dominate a popular vote - Jesse Wegman
The Trump Campaign Is on an Electoral Crime Spree | GEN - Time to sound the alarm on all the presidents cheating

NYC visited by 'living statue' of Trump riding golden golf cart through COVID-19 cemetery

Trump Supreme Court Shortlist Includes Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley - And here, rounding things up, is Senator Cotton, not half-an-hour after the president* floated his name. -- "It's time for Roe v. Wade to go" ... Lord Jesus, take the wheel while the rest of us enclose RBG in bubble wrap.

Death Star blows itself up: Trump ran his campaign finances like his businesses -- into the ground

Opinion | Trump has one last remaining lifeline. Biden is moving to sever it. - The Washington Post - Joe Biden leading President Trump by nine points in the crucial state of Pennsylvania, 53 percent to 44 percent. But it also finds Trump leading by 10 points on who will best handle the economy, 51 percent to 41 percent (the stupid is deep in America)

Trump spurns traditional debate prep with first faceoff less than 3 weeks away - Some allies of the president worry that the cavalier approach to a debate with Joe Biden could backfire (stable genius has never "prepped" for anything, says Biden will "stutter")

2020 election polls: Trump leads Biden in AZ, FL, MI, NC, PA and WI
Biden campaign out-raised Trump by over $150 million in August - Axios
Joe Biden is burying Donald Trump in ads : politics
Biden leads in six 2020 swing states as Trump sees no convention bounce, CNBC/Change Research poll finds : politics
Biden leads Trump by 12 points nationally among likely voters: Reuters/Ipsos poll : politics
Poll: Biden leads by 9 in Pennsylvania : politics
The blue wave in 2018 was in part thanks to the 11 percent of voters who'd skipped 2016
The Electoral College Will Destroy America : politics
Democrats Increasingly Concerned Trump Could Win Minnesota; 'It's Real. It's Absolutely Real' : politics (Minnebama)

AP Exclusive: Pence to attend event hosted by QAnon backers
How the evangelical movement became Trump's "bitch" -- and yes, I know what that word signifies

North Carolina Court Wipes Out Voting Restrictions Designed to 'Secure White Supremacy' Tens of thousands of people are suddenly eligible to vote in November.
The Donald Trump of North Carolina Is Doing Even Worse Than the Real One : Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest has been doing his best President Trump impression for months but still trails both his idol and -- more importantly -- his opponent in the polls.

Red hats outnumber masks 100-to-1 at Trump rally in Winston-Salem : politics

Joe Lieberman endorses Susan Collins, appears in ad for her in Maine (Liberputz and Soozy-Doozy)
Joe Lieberman Backs Susan Collins in Maine Senate Race - The man has popped up to support the leader of the Very Concerned Caucus, Susan Collins ("lifelong Democrat" hahaha)

Zuckerberg Says He 'Hopes' Facebook won't Destroy Society

50th District race is 'anyone's guess' as Issa, Campa-Najjar in statistical dead heat in new poll ... in the traditionally Republican stronghold ... The poll also found that President Donald Trump's popularity has plummeted in the district, which has overwhelmingly favored Republican presidential candidates since its boundaries were redrawn following the 2010 census.

EXCLUSIVE: Giancarlo Granda claims Falwell Jr. has been 'relentlessly harassing' him since sex scandal broke | Fox News ... Their lavish lifestyle consisted of heavy drinking and going to nightclubs, which is strictly prohibited by the honor code that they expect everyone else to follow,

Days after rejecting the measure, Virginia House passes bill eliminating qualified immunity for police : politics

Utah Police shoot fleeing autistic 13 year old after being called by his mother to help take him to hospital : worldnews

Breonna Taylor evidence photos contradict LMPD's 'no body cam' claim : news (corrupt killler copsters lied, again?)

Florida deputy on leave after video shows him grabbing Black teen by the throat at juvenile assessment center : news

Toronto police officer ordered to remove 'Punisher' patch from uniform

Facebook isn't protecting the election -- Mark Zuckerberg wrings his hands about the fate of democracy but stops short of reining in election-warping misinformation campaigns

In a discussion about QAnon /u/Gernburgs explains why people believe the crazy conspiracies involved with Q and Trump. : bestof
A 3-part series from Psychology Today on "What to do when someone you love becomes obsessed with QAnon" (including a shoutout to this subreddit) : QAnonCasualties

Hungarian researcher wins award for procedure that could cure blindness : worldnews

Egyptian Authorities Have Discovered 13 Completely Sealed 2,500-Year-Old Coffins : worldnews

Meteorite craters may be where life began on Earth, says study : science

u/1980sCrxSi gives a profanity laden explanation on why bats are not closely related to birds. : bestof


Explosion Opens New 'Pit to Hell' Crater in Russian Arctic: An explosion believed to have been caused by subterranean gases has opened up a massive hole in the ground in Russia'a Arctic, the latest natural phenomenon to affect the fast-warming region amid a record-setting summer.
Scientists find new glacial melting spot in East Antarctica : The Asahi Shimbun : worldnews

Creek Fire grows to 135,523 acres with 0% containment, new evacuations issued for Fresno, Madera, Mariposa counties : news

U.S. closing in on 200,000 COVID-19 deaths : Coronavirus
Yesterday U.S reported 25,325 new cases, lowest since june 16th. : Coronavirus
World must be better prepared for next pandemic, says WHO boss : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/8/20 : boston
168 New Confirmed Cases; 1.7% Positive - September 8 : CoronavirusMa - 121,214 total confirmed cases - 9,439 new individuals tested - 8 new deaths; 8,933 total

About 20 percent of Massachusetts restaurants have closed for good : Coronavirus

Vitamin D levels in the blood can predict future health risks and death : worldnews
COVID19 attacks pancreatic cells causing Diabetes Type 1 (Insulin dependent) : Coronavirus
Limited Testing for Children Creates a Covid 'Blind Spot'
Study Finds Surprisingly Little Difference in Hospitalization Rates Between Children With Covid-19 and Influenza : Coronavirus
AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected adverse reaction in participant in the U.K. : Coronavirus
60,000 may have 'long Covid' for more than three months UK study | Society : Coronavirus

Skills lost due to coronavirus school closures will cause drop in global economy: OECD : Coronavirus

Our group texts are blowing up during the pandemic. And we're taking the drama personally.

More than 100 Austrians 'accidentally' received US coronavirus stimulus money

Sturgis biker rally fallout may have costly health consequences - The Boston Globe - already linked to at least one COVID-19 death and hundreds of positive cases, could ultimately result in more than $12.2 billion in health costs related to the pandemic, according to a new study from the IZA Institute of Labor Economics ... This is enough to have paid each of the estimated 462,182 rally attendees $26,553.64 not to attend (Trumpfucker Kristi Moem for the win)
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally was 'superspreading event' that cost public health $12.2 billion: analysis : Coronavirus
The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may account for 19 percent of US COVID-19 cases in August : Coronavirus

DeSantis itching to reopen just about everything but Florida's government

Thousands gather for Christian music concert at California Capitol, breaking COVID-19 rules : Coronavirus

Michigan reports 11 coronavirus outbreaks at K-12 schools and 11 on college campuses : Coronavirus

Texas universities blame off-campus parties for rising COVID-19 cases, but few are disciplining students : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: California has cut 3 key metrics by half or more : Coronavirus

India may soon overtake U.S. to have most coronavirus cases in world : Coronavirus

'This is a concern' Canada's daily coronavirus cases rise 25% over last week

Italys Bergamo is calling back coronavirus survivors. About half say they haven'fully recovered

Spain is first country in western Europe to record half a million Covid cases : worldnews

Church leader who blamed Covid-19 on gay marriage contracts virus : worldnews - The Honorary Patriarch Filaret of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (claims he's not gay and not a pedophile either)

Africas Great Green Wall just 4% complete halfway through schedule (not sure where all the money went)

Sudan floods: Nile water level threatens ancient pyramids : worldnews

Once foot soldiers in Myanmar's army, now potential witnesses to mass atrocities - Their recent arrival at The Hague is a turning point in the effort to seek justice for Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims. : worldnews

Humans rights groups condemn police raid on 'gay party' in Indonesia : worldnews

China's Xi says China acted openly and transparently on COVID-19 : worldnews
Australian reporters evacuated from China amid serious safety threats : worldnews
Chinese firm 'to take majority control' electric grid amid belt and road-linked debt default fears
Why Disney's new 'Mulan' is a scandal (Xi's dick is buried in their ass)
Disney criticised for filming Mulan in Xinjiang and for thanking an agency involved in Uighur detention : worldnews

Czech billionaire, who bought pianos refused by the Chinese clients, after a fall-out due to Czech senate speaker visiting Taiwan, to donate them to the schools. : worldnews

India: Boy kills 10-year-old girl who beat him in online games, Police say he smashed her head with stones : worldnews (his honor was injured)

Pakistan sentences Christian man to death for 'blasphemous texts" (muzfuckers)

Greece to boost military amid tensions with neighbor Turkey : worldnews

Germany calls on Lukashenko to clarify whereabouts of protest leader Kolesnikova : worldnews
Lithuania fears Lukashenko will sign away Belarus independence to Russia : worldnews
The EU has demanded the Belarus authorities release "all detained on political grounds before and after" the disputed presidential elections, and warns of sanctions : worldnews

'They shot him in cold blood' | The killing of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies, who had Down's syndrome, in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg, has shocked South Africa : worldnews - He was allegedly shot by police while eating a biscuit close to his house. The police say he was caught in crossfire when some alleged gang members fired at them.

Russia's Navalny out of coma after poisoning : worldnews

Jamal Khashoggi murder: Saudi court overturns five death sentences : worldnews ("court")

Queensland passes law to jail priests for not reporting confessions of child sexual abuse : worldnews
Priest tapped to be bishop by Pope Francis resigns after sexual abuse probe : worldnews

Thieves break into girl's house while her classmates watch on Zoom : worldnews- in Tungurahua, central Ecuador

Boris Johnson warned that walking out on EU trade talks risks huge damage for Britain's world standing
No US trade deal if Boris Johnson reneges on Brexit agreement, Congressman warns : worldnews

Lisa Campbell becomes the first woman to head the Canadian Space Agency : worldnews

Assange told to stop interrupting witnesses at UK hearing : worldnews
Julian Assange warned by judge after outburst during extradition trial

Trump is parroting the Kremlin line on the Navalny poisoning : politics

At Least 37 Million People Have Been Displaced by Americas War on Terror (Bush's lies)
u/TendingTheirGarden provides a different perspective on drone strike policy changes during the Obama Administration : bestof - Between 2009 and 2015, out of 473 strikes between 64 - 116 non-combatant deaths occurred. However during that period, the Obama Administration did count all military-age males in strike zones as combatants unless explicit intelligence exonerated them posthumously. (Barry in the basement with his drone joy-stick but Trump removed all restrictions)
Time to Fix a Broken Declassification System

Trump launches unprecedented attack on military leadership he appointed : politics
VoteVets on Twitter: "Donald Trump called our fallen troops "suckers" and "losers." They can't speak for themselves, but these 6 Gold Star families speak for our fallen. Here is their POWERFUL message. #GoldStarParentsAgainstTrump #VeteransAgainstTrump" / Twitter
'The military is not stupid' : Col. Wilkerson on Trump claim that he brought troops home
Press: Trump gives military middle finger salute : politics

Atlantic's Goldberg says fear of 'Twitter mob' prevented Trump sources from going public

All the Trump books agree: He's just as bad as you think (worse, actually)
Peter Strzok Has a Warning About Russia -- and Trump
Michael Cohen: 'Trump Was a Mobster, Plain and Simple'
Ex-fixer for Trump links Falwells endorsement in 2016 to suppression of racy photos
Michael Cohens Book: Hannity, Ailes, and Pecker All Groveled for Trump's Love

Is Trump Planning a Coup d'Etat? Many observersincluding Republicansworry that he is. They're organizing now to stop him.
Washington Post Board Predicts 'Catastrophic' Consequence Of Donald Trump 2020 Win
If Trump wins re-election -- or loses -- expect more right-wing violence, experts warn
The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day

Trump Claims 'Sophisticated Friends' Say He's 'Most Innocent' Presidetn for a Trump official.
Trump Gets Annoyed When Reporter Refuses to Remove Mask to Ask a Question : politics

Governing by gaslight - Lawyers, Guns & Money - You will be shocked that the bill Mitch McConnell is finally getting around to proposing after a long summer nap is garbage:
staying home stan account on Twitter: "Paycheck Don strikes again" / Twitter
Erica Werner on Twitter: "McConnell's new "skinny" or "targeted" covid bill aims for a compromise on the Cruz school choice issue by including a two-year tax credit, per sources. Cruz's original plan was for a permanent tax credit for donors to scholarship funds that pay private school tuition" / Twitter (Cruz fucker slipped that in)

Citing 'Criminal Exposure' in Straw-Donor Scheme and Possible Perjury, House Announces Investigation Into DeJoy

Newly renovated Rose Garden now under repair - CNNPolitics (too much poop in the pipes)
White House lawn, Rose Garden being re-sod after damage from GOP convention - The Washington Post (which was illegal in the first place)

How does an 'inaccurate' memo get all the way to the attorney general's desk? (with a lot of lies)
Trump, the Snowflakeyest of All Snowflakes, Threatens to Defund California Schools for Implementing 1619 Project Curriculum : politics
Bible Signed by Trump Days After Infamous Church Photo-Op Goes on Sale for $37,500 : politics

The Trump campaign has reportedly squandered most of the $1.1 billion it raised, blowing millions on Super Bowl ads to rival Bloomberg and targeted DC ads to please Trump : politics
The 2020 Trump Campaign Is Reportedly a Financial Mess : politics

Report: Trump campaign using doctored, misleading videos to get edge online : politics

Younger Americans feel their voting weight: After years of elder-power, a new generation may well decide the election : politics

Focus groups with working-class and rural voters show the deep health care crisis in America, and trouble for Trumps re-election. (the assholes that voted to get ri d ofof their healthcare?)
Supporters who helped Trump win presidency lagging in motivation this year - Reuters - Trump has lost support among non-college educated whites, who made up 44% of the U.S. electorate four years ago and heavily favored the Republican over Democrat Hillary Clinton. (the dumbfuck racists still love him)

Eric Trump's 'Awkward' Labor Day Attack On Biden Backfires : Critics on Twitter slammed Donald Trump's son for his "complete lack of self-awreness"
Kristi on Twitter: "The dumbest of all the Trumps, tweets that social distancing and mask wearing is low energy and awkward. We're in the middle of pandemic, Eric. He's following the science, caring about his fellow Americans and setting an example. You're a dad, since yours sucks, follow Joe." / Twitter

How Maine turned on Susan Collins. - Inside the movement to topple the Republican senator.

Georgia secretary of state says 1,000 double-voters found in primary

'He is Throwing Gasoline on a Fully Raging Fire' : : Trump's Kid-Glove Handling of White Supremacists Could Create a Home-Grown Crisis
What Black Lives Matter Has Accomplished - The Atlantic - For the First Time, America May Have an Anti-Racist Majority - Not since Reconstruction has there been such an opportunity for the advancement of racial justice.
Another Facebook worker quits in disgust, saying the company 'is on the wrong side of history' - Chief executive Mark Zuckerbergs stances on hateful and racist speech prompted the engineer to resign.

A study of more than 10,000 protests this year found 95% were peaceful : politics

Speaker at Far-Right Salem Rally Demands Democrat Leaders Be 'Shot Dead in the Streets' : politics
Speaker at Far-Right Salem Rally Demands Democrat Leaders Be 'Shot Dead in the Streets' - Video has emerged showing a speaker at a rally in Salem, Oregon, urging that democratic leaders be shot dead in the streets for pushing a so-called 'pedophile agenda' and being greeted with cheers and applause from the crowd.

Pittsburgh police investigating after viral videos of protesters and Downtown diners | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pittsburgh police investigating after viral videos of protesters and Downtown diners

Linden Cameron, 13-year-old autistic boy, shot by Salt Lake City police during mental crisis - The Washington Post - Police were called because help was needed but instead more harm was done when officers from the SLPD expected a 13-year-old experiencing a mental health episode to act calmer and collected than adult trained officers ... (shot "repeatedly" and he didn't have any kind of weapon) ... Nationwide, police have seriously injured and killed scores of mentally ill people when called by relatives or bystanders to help
Police shoot 13-year-old boy with autism several times after mother calls for help : news

Colorado school suspended a Black 12-year-old boy and called police after he played with a toy gun in online class - The Washington Post (hoping they would kill him, cops said "he brought a gun to school" which was his home)

7 people dead after shooting at suspected California marijuana operation : news

NYPD: Teens rob, punch 74-year-old woman in the East Village : news

Keeping It in the Family: Why We Pick the Partners We Do - Second, emotional closeness to a parent increases the likelihood that your partner will resemble your parent.

A robot wrote this entire article. Does that scare you, human? | GPT-3 | Opinion | The Guardian

'Wild West' Mentality lingers in US mountain ranges - Distinct psychological mix associated with mountain populations is consistent with the theory that harsh frontiers attracted certain personalities -- historically attracted nonconformist settlers strongly motivated by a sense of freedom (from thinking)
'Wild West' mentality lingers in modern populations of US mountain regions. Distinct psychological mix associated with mountain populations is consistent with theory that harsh frontiers attracted certain personalities. Data from 3.3m US residents found : science

Cannabis Consumption Used by Cancer Patients during Immunotherapy Correlates with Poor Clinical Outcome : science
(PDF) Cardiovascular effects of marijuana and synthetic cannabinoids: The good, the bad, and the ugly


Ice Sheet Melting Is Perfectly in Line With Our Worst-Case Scenario, Scientists Warn : science
Large craters form in tundra from exploding methane in permafrost : worldnews
India's child activists lead the fight against climate change

'Extremely dangerous' fire threat in West after historic weekend heat while the Rockies await freak snow -- Southern California eyes a Santa Ana wind threat for Tuesday and Wednesday.
California sets new record for land torched by wildfires as 224 people escape by air from a 'hellish' inferno : worldnews
At 121 degrees, Woodland Hills hits all-time high temperature for L.A. County : worldnews
Gender reveal party blamed for California wildfire : worldnews (humans are idiots)
Quick math : PoliticalHumor

Epidemics create risks of social unrest. The great plagues of the past show that social tensions, accumulated over the epidemic and before, often erupted in serious uprisings in the years after the epidemic. : science

MA COVID-19 Data 9/6/20 : boston
121,046 total confirmed - 9,870 new individuals tested - 8 new deaths; 8,925 total - 7 new probable cases; 0 new probable death

Postcard from the pandemic: At the elbow of Cape Cod, there is fear -- and hope -- in the sand dunes and salty air ... Bill and Lisa Mell from northern Kentucky seemed unconvinced about the science underpinning the pandemic ...

A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 -- and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged - A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis ... the pathology of Covid-19 is likely the result of Bradykinin Storms rather than cytokine storms ... but the two may be intricately linked ... It forms a hydrogel, which can fill the lungs in some patients ... like trying to breathe through Jell-O ... A genetic quirk of the RAS could be giving women extra protection against the disease ... also suggests vitamin D as a potentially useful Covid-19 drug ...
New Study: Vitamin D reduces risk of ICU admission 97% : Coronavirus - The actual RDI should be around 7000-8000 IU per day. You can Google for The Great Vitamin D Mistake-
The Big Vitamin D Mistake - PubMed
Mysterious Post-COVID Syndrome Affecting Kids Appears to Be Even Worse Than We Thought : worldnews
It's 1976 all over again: on fast tracking untested vaccines. : worldnews
N95 masks being rationed at Minnesota hospitals, six months into pandemic : Coronavirus
Covid patients have lung damage 'weeks after leaving hospital' | Coronavirus outbreak : Coronavirus

A university known for coronavirus research warns its scientists to look out for "suspicious" packages (Trump fuckers bombing research)
The pandemic will slow down in the US soon - but not for a reason worth celebrating : Coronavirus (everyone died)

White House Said to Keep Sick Kids on Campus. Emails Reveal the Messy Reality. : politics
3-Year Ban on Parties May Be Necessary to Avoid Spreading COVID-19 : worldnews

U of New Hampshire: Frat party source of 11 COVID cases - The Boston Globe
WVU suspends 29 students after more parties : Coronavirus

Large crowds, no social distancing, many without masks in downtown Las Vegas : Coronavirus
Crowds Fill California Beaches Over Labor Day Weekend Amid Heatwave and COVID-19 : worldnews

Workers Reveal Disney Is Covering Up Its COVID Cases

New York COVID infection rate below 1% for a month - Axios
Reopen NY: COVID infection rate stays below 1 percent for 30 days : Coronavirus
Bay Ridge Couple Forced Off NYC Ferry In Handcuffs Over Refusal To Wear Masks - Gothamist ... "If we were fucking Black, I can guarantee you that guy would never come out and tell us put a mask on" she huffed ... "Mostly everyone complies" said another officer at the wscene. "And then you get a few knuckleheads who don't."
Jake Offenhartz on Twitter: "Ferry riders are turning on the maskless couple. The two cops seem to be split on what to do" / Twitter

An influencer who received backlash for vacationing in the Hamptons during the pandemic has just tested positive for COVID-19 : Coronavirus

590 COVID-19 cases at University of Tennessee, isolations approach 2,000 : Coronavirus

Kentucky reports record-high number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in single week : Coronavirus - Kentucky currently ranks #15th in terms of running per capita deaths:

Florida, Texas governors considering reopening bars and nightclubs : Coronavirus

'We are in the second wave': Europe on edge as cases spike : Coronavirus
UK cases rise above level that would trigger quarantine for travellers : Coronavirus

French 'anti-maskers' most likely to be educated women in 50s, says study - Guardian - Sept. 07, 2020 : Coronavirus

30 cases of Covid-19 have been linked to a karaoke bar in Canada : worldnews

New Zealand ranked second-safest country in world for COVID-19 : Coronavirus - How is Germany #1? And why the hell is japan on that list? Seems like the Deep Knowledge Group lacks some basic knowledge.

Covid-19 cases in India: 94,000 fresh cases on Sunday cap worst week of pandemic : worldnews
Global report: India overtakes Brazil as second most Covid-infected country : worldnews (with a few more people, but Trumpmerica wins)

In Bangladesh, novel coronavirus is mutating nearly twice the global average: study : Coronavirus

China kidnapped Indian Citizens near border : worldnews
China Planning to Set Up Military Bases in Four African Countries : worldnews
China is in for 'a tough time' as U.S. targets tech sector, expert says : worldnews
China's Mysterious Reusable Spacecraft Lands After Two-Day Flight : worldnews

Hong Kong shocked by violent police arrest of 12-year-old girl : worldnews
Google says Street View maps algorithm error blurred out Hong Kong protest graffiti aimed at Xi Jinping : worldnews (the "algorithms" bowed down to Xi)

Taiwan slams Indonesia for passing law that protects Indonesian migrants from being exploited and abused overseas like in Taiwan : worldnews

Tokyo man arrested for kidnapping 9-year-old girl he met via online game : worldnews

Hope turns to despair as Egypt arrests witnesses to alleged 2014 gang rape : worldnews (muzfuckers)

Unidentified masked men snatched the leading Belarusian opposition figure, Maria Kolesnikova, from the street in the centre of the capital, Minsk, on Monday and drove her away in a minivan, witnesses told local media. : worldnews
100,000 march in Minsk to demand Belarus leader resigns : worldnews
EU to blacklist 31 Belarus senior officials over election, diplomats say : worldnews

South Korean Military Officers Charged for Raping North Korean Defector Under Their Protection : worldnews

Pakistan Police charge toddler for holding an 'illegal gathering' : worldnews (and "promoting sectarianism")

Covid patient raped by ambulance driver on way to hospital in India : worldnews
India joins US, Russia, China hypersonic Missile club : worldnews

President Duterte pardons US soldier convicted in killing of Filipino Transgender Woman : worldnews

Pro-Israel lawyer faked vandalism attack at Scots home to frame Palestine group : worldnews - A preliminary ruling found Berlow failed to maintain the standards of behaviour expected for a -solicitor. -- Not for faking the vandalism itself but for not billing for the time he took to do it. Those two twats look like a pair of baddies from an 80s movie.

Saudi king tells Trump he won't normalise Israeli ties without Palestinian statehood : worldnews

Pope says gossiping is a 'worse plague' than coronavirus : worldnews

U.S. govt-linked PR firm ran fake news networks for right-wing Latin American regimes : worldnews
Honour and a privilege to serve -- Deputy Speaker Shuman (Guyana)

Retirement in Europe: Younger people could be working into their 70s : worldnews

Germany on Sunday increased pressure on Russia over the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, warning that a lack of support by Moscow in the investigation could "force" Germany to rethink the fate of a German-Russian gas pipeline project
Hospital: Russia's Alexei Navalny out of coma, is responsive : worldnews

Boris Johnson says U.K. will quit EU with no deal within weeks if talks stall : worldnews (off the Tory cliff)
Eschaton: Sure Why Not - Nobody talks about Brexit anymore, even though it kicks in fully on Dec. 31. Some of that is because of All This, but some of that is because Brexit stopped being useful to the organized opposition so they just sort of forgot about it and then somehow all became Lords. Kayfabe everywhere. And now, well, ... But progress on the already fragile talks will be threatened by plans revealed on Sunday for the UK government to publish a controversial section of the internal market bill on Wednesday that will intentionally try to unpick parts of the withdrawal agreement signed in January. It will include elements of the special arrangements for Northern Ireland that are legally binding. (BoJo off the Tory cliff)
School that Boris Johnson visited to show was "safe" closes due to coronavirus days after visit
Two young British girls who survived the horrific shooting of their family in the French Alps eight years ago are to be re-interviewed in a bid to solve the mystery. The killer has never been identified. : worldnews
The UK National Crime Agency is facing criticism for failing to investigate reports alleging that banks forged signatures and fabricated evidence in court actions to repossess homes. The NCA has received at least 19 boxes of evidence relating to 362 incidents. : worldnews
A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after one person died and seven others were injured in stabbings across Birmingham. : worldnews
Assange's legal fight to avoid U.S. espionage trial resumes in London : worldnews

National Guard seizes Michoacan gang's homemade tank : worldnews

Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman spent millions turning Trump into his lapdog : book excerpt
New York Times: Former FBI agent calls Trump a national security threat in new book : worldnews
FBI agent who helped launch Russia investigation says Trump was 'compromised' : politics
FBI agent who helped launch Russia probe says Trump was 'compromised'
Analyst: Trump knowingly helping Russian attacks against US : politics

Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status' : politics
Trump Emerges as Inspiration for Germany's Far Right (President Trumphitler)

Trump reportedly took home $750,000 worth of art from the home of the US ambassador to France in 2018 after canceling a World War I cemetery visit : politics ... Never crossed my mind when I saw him skipping the ceremony that he was just busy stealing art but here we are

John Kerry: Trump's handling of pandemic is 'one of greatest failures of leadership in my lifetime' (second only to Bush's invasion but he didn't say that)
What Young, Healthy People Have to Fear From COVID-19 - The Atlantic - The White Houses new science adviser says: nothing. The science disagrees - Scott Atlas, the new White House science adviser and Trump-whisperer, seems to be the ringleader of this emergent corona-stoicism. A neuroradiologist and senior fellow at Stanford University' conservative Hoover Institution, Atlas is not an expert in epidemiology or infectious diseases. As a Fox News regular, his relevant credentials seem to be more televisual than scientific.
The wrong track: new top level US advisor " has repeatedly made statements contrary to scientific evidence, such as saying that children do not spread the virus." : Coronavirus
American individualism is an obstacle to wider mask wearing in the US : Coronavirus - "It's not about individualism. It's about basic decency" ... "I'd go with two other I's : gnorance and a longstanding, deeply-ingrained anti-intellectualism in the US. If we'd put 5% of the money we spent on weapons-development into improving public schools and in particular science and health programs, we would be better off now (and I very much doubt we'd have missed the 5% spent on weapons-dev).

Fox undermines Fox ... WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany stormed out of her press event Friday after delivering remarks in which she blasted The Atlantic for supposedly being "only interested in pedaling conspiracy-laden propaganda"

Trump, under fire for alleged comments about veterans, has a long history of disparaging military service : politics
Trump's Vile Military Comments Are a Window Into His Soul
White House asked VA secretary about running Pentagon if Trump fires Esper : politics - Holy shit. This administration is the definition of the swamp.
I'm honestly sick of talking about this fucking clown, but how do you ignore stuff like this? : PoliticalHumor

Trump campaign criticised for mocking Biden while he visited family grave -- Biden's late son, first wife and daughter are buried in cemetery ...mocking Joe Biden for walking through the graveyard where his son is buried after leaving church this morning while Donald Trump spent his day on the golf course

Michael Cohen says Trump once said after meeting evangelical Christians: 'Can you believe people believe that bulls---?' : politics
Michael Cohen claims Trump ogled his 15-year-old daughter in new memoir : politics
Trump said it was a lot easier to pay off Stormy Daniels than Melania: Michael Cohen

How Trump's Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage -- Money was supposed to have been one of the great advantages of incumbency for President Trump ... campaign and the R.N.C. developed some profligate habits as they burned through hundreds of millions of dollars

More and more top Republicans are warning that Trump's groundless claims about mail-in voting could tank the party in November : politics
NC Attorney General calls for investigation into US postmaster for alleged campaign contribution fraud : politics
Schumer calls for investigation into reports of campaign finance improprieties by DeJoy's former company : politics
The definitive timeline of Louis DeJoy, the North Carolina man Trump put in charge of the post office after he and his wife gave Republicans millions : politics
Senator Thom Tillis linked to new scandal forcing postmaster generals staff to donate to his campaign: report

Top Democrat accuses U.S. attorney general of lying about China election threat : politics - Barr, named attorney general by President Donald Trump last year, told CNN on Wednesday that China was more of a threat than Russia when it comes to alleged interference in the U.S. elections.
Schiff: Barr flat-out misled with 'blatantly false statement' : politics

Fox News Grills Mnuchin About Hypocrisy Of Trump' 'Cancel Culture' Call To Ax Reporter
Fox News Shares the Blame for Trump's Deranged, Ruinous Presidency
Eschaton: Foxy - It's "interesting" that journalists got extra excited when a FOX NEWS reporter actually reported something negative about Dear Leader. It's weirdly acknowledged-yet-unacknowledged that it's 99% Trump Propaganda TV, such that journalists will point and comment at what is going on there but not really fully embrace the reality of it. After one reporter actually reported something, the rest of the network just shit all over her. The issue isn't that it's conservative, or even that it's specifically pro-Trump, it's that it's a facts-be-damned zone and has been forever, even back when it was, as Jake Tapper said, their "sister network."

Those rats certainly aren't going to fuck themselves - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Although it looks like Republicans wot have their pal Julian to rush to the rescue every time a bad story about Trump comes out this cycle, they are committed unleashing a sea of misinformation onto the electorate: For President Trump and his allies, it was a week spent spreading doctored and misleading videos ... and of course what it reveals about Republican elites shows that what Trump represents ain't going anywhere even if Trump loses.

America' real hoax: Record highs on Wall Street as millions of jobless people can't pay rent - 85% of the stock market is owned by the Top 10%. It has little to no effect on the lives and well-being of most Americans.
Tax the Ultrarich? Cuomo Resists, Even With a $14 Billion Budget Gap : politics

Another Step Toward Fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - ICE making its version of Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda films is surely a great sign..

Trump Boat Parade On St. Croix River Causes Capsizing WCCO | CBS Minnesota (they did it again)

Today in Cleetus Safaris - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The media just can't get enough of interviewing white conservatives. Its a drug. Here' the Oregon edition ... And the lawyer of a fascist also thinks conservatives are oppressed by Black people not wanting to be killed by cops. Wow! Amazeballs! ... "Homosexuality is not a civil right, but an aberration"
100 Days of Protest: A Chasm Grows Between Portland and the Rest of Oregon - The New York Times

How much do polls move after Labor Day? Since 1952, every candidate who was ahead at this point went on to win the popular vote. : politics (like Hillary)

Brewery Workers of the World, Unite! All You Have to Lose is Your Crappy Jobs! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Surly is one of the largest and most prominent microbreweries in Minnesota. And like so many of these places, the owners are as reactionary anti-union as Jay Gould or Henry Ford could dream of being. Workers at Surly have tried to unionize. The response? ... Allan Pinkerton' desiccated corpse sips a Surly smiling from his grave.

More Than Ever, Trump Casts Himself as the Defender of White America - The New York Times - Presenting himself as a warrior against identity politics, the president has increasingly made appeals to the grievances of white supporters a centerpiece of his re-election campaign ... the country's real race problem is bia s I wouldnagainst white Americans

A racist conspiracy theory called the 'great replacement' has made its way from far-right media to the GOP : politics ... Honestly, can we just replace Republicans with better people? Tha the replacement theory I'm supportive of ... (if only we could replace the stupids)

After 1619 Project Threat, Trump Accused of Trying to Censor History of Slavery : politics
But... Southern heritage! : PoliticalHumor

'About to lose your job' : Nebraska man faces backlash for truck with obscenely racist Trump 2020 sign ... After obtaining the truck's license plate, social media users identified the owner as Austin J. Cordis ... Cordis' Facebook page was inundated with negative comments (of course he has a Fuckbook page)

From spit hoods to ketamine injections: The controversial police tactics highlighted by the Black Lives Matter movement : politics

No, The Government Did Not Break Up A Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Georgia | HuffPost - Simple headlines obscure the complex realities of abuse, sex work and the real threats to American children (fake news from your Trumpist governement)

Black girls in Mass. nearly 4 times more likely to face school discipline than white girls, report finds - The Boston Globe (75% of Globe commenters are Trump racists)

Common cold combats influenza. Rhinovirus, the most frequent cause of common colds, can prevent the flu virus from infecting airways by jumpstarting the body' antiviral defenses, Yale researchers report (

u/_The_physics_girl_ provides a detailed answer to every point a holocaust denier has to offer : bestof

People who marriages lasted less than a year, months, weeks, days, or even hours. When did you realize you'd made a mistake and why? : AskReddit

Worst part of being a kid was not having adults take you seriously when you knew what you were talking about. What is an example of this that happened to you as a child? : AskReddit

[Serious] Reddit, what was the scariest place you have ever been to ? : AskReddit

What is a truth you don't like accepting about yourself? M.a< Mbr .<
Purple Mattress PR rep shows up in comments to prove safety of dust contained in their mattresses, with links to their studies and reports. Actual nanoparticle scientist shows up, reads the links, and explains why their claims are bullshit. : bestof


"Zombie fires" spark highest-ever carbon emissions in the Arctic Circle : worldnews

Lack of detailed knowledge about corporate corruptionand how to fight it effectively is limiting economic growth around the world. More than $1 trillion is paid in bribes each year, the World Economic Forum estimated, and that corruption reduces global GDP by more than 5%.
The Golden Age of White Collar Crime | HuffPost Highline - A Slow-Motion Looting

MA COVID-19 Data 9/6/20 : boston
370 New Confirmed Cases; 2% Positive - September 6 : CoronavirusMa - 120,824 total confirmed - 17,731 new individuals tested - 10 new deaths; 8,917 total - 0 new probable cases; 0 new probable death
Massachusetts has the lowest Rt in the country : CoronavirusMa

Post-COVID syndrome severely damages children's hearts; 'immense inflammation' causing cardiac blood vessel. Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), believed to be linked to COVID-19, damages the heart to such an extent that some children will need lifelong monitoring & interventions.
The First Clinical Trial to Support Vitamin D Therapy For Covid-19 - Oral calcifediol, the main metabolite of vitamin D3, reduced ICU admission from 50% to 2% among Covid-19 patients. : worldnews
Signs of depression have tripled in the U.S. since the COVID-19 pandemic got underway : Coronavirus
No Severe Side Effects for 2,000 Sco Paulo Volunteers Testing Oxford Vaccine | The Rio Times : Coronavirus

Nintendo profits up over 400% as COVID-19 drives game sales : worldnews

The USA has now officially more dead per capita in covid-19 then Sweden : Coronavirus

Racial Justice Protests Were Not A Major Cause Of COVID-19 Infection Surges, New National Study Suggests : Coronavirus

A New Front in America's Pandemic: College Towns - The coronavirus is spiking around campuses from Texas to Iowa to North Carolina as students return.
Over 51,000 Coronavirus Cases at U.S. Colleges and Universities (10 days ago it was 26,000). : Coronavirus

Coronavirus rising in 22 U.S. states : Coronavirus (almost all red)
Have we flattened the curve in the US? - Johns Hopkins

Motorcycle rider who attended Sturgis rally dies of COVID; hair salons open in L.A. : Coronavirus
Predictably, COVID-19 cases start to emerge from motorcycle rally : Coronavirus

1 wedding + 275 guests + 0 masks = 56 COVID cases in 9 Minnesota counties : Coronavirus

A Growing Number of Catholic Schools Are Shutting Down Forever : Coronavirus (another positive side-effect)

Southwest Virginia thought it could escape the pandemic. Now, it has among the highest number of new cases in the state. - The Washington Post ... In the brightest red corner of Virginia, where "Trump Digs Coal" signs dot the Appalachian mountain hollers ... Stiltner said she trusted in her religious faith to keep her family safe during the pandemic ... (speaking of "suckers and losers" who don't need no socialist libtard healthcare and wearing masks is "sissy")
This rural Virginia community thought it could escape the pandemic. Now, it has among the highest number of new cases in the state. : Coronavirus

France records over 8,000 new Covid-19 cases for second day in a row : Coronavirus

Chile. Nursing assistants were heavily repressed by the chilean police for demanding better job conditions and overdue payments and benefits. They are the front line of the battle against COVID, the government instead of listening, they hit them. : Coronavirus

U.K. Cases Jump by 2,988 to Highest Level Since May : Coronavirus

Iceland has very good news about coronavirus immunity : Coronavirus

Senegal's quiet COVID success: Test results in 24 hours, temperature checks at every store, no fights over masks : worldnews (meanwhile, in a civilized country)

Mexico says 122,765 extra people died during pandemic in 'excess deaths' study : worldnews
Mexico states run out of death certificates : worldnews

Putin's vaccine meets opposition from frontline workers in Russia : worldnews

Over 90,000 Covid-19 cases recorded in India in single day - india news : worldnews
COVID-19 patient raped by ambulance driver in India : worldnews

Nothing to see: COVID origins off-limits as China's Wuhan touts recovery : worldnews

Beijing says Czech visit to Taiwan harmed its sovereignty and was a serious interference in China's internal affairs
China's military power has outstripped the US, Pentagon reveals (Pentagon reveals it wants even more of your money for useless shit)

Uighurs in Japan call for action to end forced labor in Xinjiang : worldnews

Hong Kong legislator arrested for "uttering seditious words"

'I waited for the bullet that would end this nightmare': Palestinians brutalized by Israeli cop gang speak out : worldnews
Thousands in Israel call for Netanyahu to resign : worldnews ... Netanyahu, trump, erdogan, Putin, that asshole in Belarus, Saudi royals, and China Pooh.... all need to be launched into the sun. This planet can never move on until we can get rid of these assholes. (and the list goes on)
Israel leads world in new coronavirus infections per capita as Cabinet approves lockdowns in 30 cities and towns categorized as "red zones." The lockdowns will start on Monday. (COVID + Hasides + authoritarizn asshole = disaster)
Israel Demolishes 51 Palestinian structures in East Jerusalem as destruction continues in 'unprecedented manner'

No sign of end to Far East anti-Kremlin rallies after nearly two months : worldnews

Lithuania says EU's inaction over Belarus undermines foreign policy credibility - FT : worldnews (bow down to Putin)
UK government suspends military training to Belarus dictatorship after outcry - Campaigners say UK should not have been training country's forces in the first place (Tories)
Cop-kicking granny is national protest hero in Belarus : worldnews

Prominent French pro-migrant activist gets beaten to death by migrant : worldnews

Council of Europe issues media freedom alert over UK government blacklisting of investigative journalists : worldnews
More than 1,000 UK doctors want to quit NHS over handling of pandemic : worldnews
Son sells 28 years of birthday whisky to buy first home - BBC News

Birmingham stabbings: One dead seven injured in 'major incident' : worldnews

Venezuelan Businessman Arrested And Tortured At US Direction : worldnews

Richmond, British Columbia politicians push Ottawa to address birth tourism and stop 'passport mill' - One in four births taking place at Richmond Hospital involve an international mother, according to new statistics. : worldnews

Navalny poisoning: German foreign minister said there were "several indications" Moscow was behind the attack, threatens sanctions : worldnews
Germany ups pressure on Russia in Navalny poisoning probe : worldnews
Leaked notes obtained by the Telegraph say that when Theresa May asked for Trump to take a strong stand after Russia poisoned Sergei Skripal, Trump replied "I'd rather follow than lead."

WikiLeaks' Assange to fight US extradition bid in UK court : worldnews

Florida congressman demands Edward Snowden to be pardoned after court ruled NSA surveillance program illegal : worldnews (fucking Barry and his corrupt, useless, Republican daddies)

President Trump Retweets 'Lockdowns Must End' Message as COVID-19 Spreads

Is it a Coincidence That Moscow Is Peddling the Same Lies as the Trump Campaign? : politics
u/Thisim provides a detailed catalog of the leverage Putin has on Trump, all in the public record. : bestof

Donald Trump visits his golf club amid outrage over remarks about US war dead - President went to Trump National Golf Club in the 295th trip to one of his own golf courses during his presidency : politics
Trump's bad marriage with the military has finally exploded - Who would have thought a draft-dodging narcissist would have problems with running the military?
Trump' 'losers' and 'suckers' troops scandal is a call to action for America's generals (paradigms of morality)
It's Time for the Former General John Kelly to Speak Out About Trump's Views on the Military (let's hear from another military asshole traitor guy)
US Northern Command apologizes for retweeting Trump campaign : politics
Impeachment witness Lt. Col. Vindman's brother responds to Trump's alleged veterans comments: "We are a family of public servant suckers" : politics
Fox Reporter Snaps Back As Trump Demands Her Firing For Confirming War Dead Story -- National security correspondent Jennifer Griffin calls her sources "unimpeachable" -- unlike Trump
Fox News Denies Own Reporter Confirmed Trump Used 'suckers an Losers' After Airing Interview of Her Confirming It

Trump Ended 2018 France Trip Having Art Loaded on Air Force One : politics (scammers love scams)

Michael Cohen's Tell-All Book: Trump Thought Black People Were 'Too Stupid' to Vote for Him
Trump says all African nations 'complete toilets' in new book by Cohen (the POS is obsessed with poop)
Trump hired Obama lookalike he 'ritualistically belittled' and fired in video stunt, says Michael Cohen in new book : politics

The Atlantic's editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg says his story about Trump calling vets 'losers' is just the beginning - CNN
The Atlantic's editor-in-chief says his story about Trump calling vets 'losers' is just the beginning : politics
Trump launches attack on Steve Jobs' widow for 'wasting money' on upporting magazine run by 'con man' Goldberg (he really used the words "con man")

We are all witnessing the Great American Implosion : politics

Trump Admin Faces Injunction for Trying to End 2020 Census Counting Prematurely : politics
Judge orders Trump administration to stop 'winding down' 2020 Census field work : politics

USPS mail is found dumped at two spots in Glendale, prompting investigation : politics
Kevin McCarthy warns Trumps war on mail could screw GOP - Trump trashes mail voting in part because he sees the messaging as good cover if he loses to Joe Biden in November

Republicans internal conflict over diversity
1619 Project: Trump says Department of Education will investigate use in schools - CNNPolitics
Trump eliminates federal anti-racism training, calling it "a sickness" and "anti-American propaganda"
The Useful Idiot -- How Donald Trump killed the Republican Party with Racism and the rest of us with Coronavirus

To stop Trump, we need to vote in person, even if you have to crawl through broken glass : politics

In big change, N.J. can start counting mail-in ballots 10 days before Election Day. Republicans aren't happy
Barr gives false recounting of Texas voter fraud case in effort to cast doubt on mail-in voting : politics

Louis DeJoys rise as GOP fundraiser was powered by contributions from company workers who were later reimbursed, former employees say (sure looks the part)
Eschaton: Breakin' The Law - This is a crime and not even really the common "lol campaign finance law who cares" crime.

Facebook Says Trump's Misleading Post About Mail-In Voting Is OK. Employees Say It' Not ("Facebook" = Zuckerfucker)

Osama Bin Laden's niece endorses Trump : politics - Ah yes, the coveted Bin Laden endorsement.

The Trump Boat Parade As A Truthful Campaign Symbol #Dumbkirk : PoliticalHumor
Eschaton: The Battle Of Lake Travis - The carnage of Dumbkirk.

Denying 'mini-stokes' Trump again introduces mental and physical health into campaign debate
Opinion: Doctor: The American people deserve to know about Trump's Walter Reed visit

Trump promised a health care plan before the end of August. It never came. : politics

The president isn't pro-life, just pro-mandatory birth (Republicans, duh)

Outflanked XIV: the tax cut outflankening - Lawyers, Guns & Money - David Cay Johnson has completed his analysis of the initial effects of Donald Trump's boldly populist tax cuts: (the riches stole all the money, duh)

Republicans vs. Imaginary Biden - Fighting a far left opponent despite not having one
Biden leads Trump by 10 points in new national poll : politics
Biden's lead remains the steadiest on record - CNNPolitics
A Law-and-Order Push by Trump, but Little Change in Biden's Lead -- effort to reframe the election at the convention hasn helped his standing much, according to a big wave of polls.

CBS News Battleground Tracker: National, Wisconsin contests steady amid protests; more think Biden trying to calm situation - CBS News

At Least 4 Boats Sink During 'Trump Boat Parade' in Texas, Officials Say
At Least 4 Boats Sink During Disastrous Trump Parade in Texas

Trump erases Bidens lead in Texas, as Hegar chips away at Cornyns edge in Senate race - the president has regained momentum despite ongoing pandemic and economic woes.

Heres what the media must do to fend off an election-night disaster - By Margaret Sullivan
Our Long, Forgotten History of Election-Related Violence | The New Yorker - President Trump has sparked dangerous lawlessness, but killing and destruction linked to political antagonisms are nothing new for this country.

People Who Live in Red States Die Younger. Conservative Policies Are to Blame. : politics

Kanye Wests Nearly $7 Million Presidential Bid Has Hit Some Legal Snags

South Carolina police officer fired after seen on video using n-word : news

Alabamas Merciless Law That Threw Away the Least Among UsCOVID-19 has led many Americans to rethink prison. But a habitual offender law has condemned hundreds of people who never physically hurt anyone to grow old and die behind bars.

Reign of terror: A summer of police violence in Los Angeles - Los Angeles police officers have continued to kill civilians at alarming rates and under questionable circumstances in the last three months, despite a summer of unprecedented activism and growing political pressure from lawmakers.

Abolish Qualified Immunity : politics

Trump's plane loaded with thugs' appears to be a Salt Lake City flight with Black Lives Matters protesters
Jamie Carter #AntifaAirProtestor on Twitter: "Antifa Airlines full of thugs and anarchist mooing at everyone's favorite CA rep. I'm shocked he survived the angry mob. ?????? I would also like to ask who paid for the 1st class flight ticket and why he was wearing the mask around his neck?" / Twitter (little commie ratfucker got "mooed" on plane by one woman, said it was an angry antifa mob)

NC man who participated in armed demonstrations in Raleigh now faces terrorism charges : news - Two men who prosecutors say are members of an anti-government extremist group [known as the Boogaloo Bois] have been charged with federal terrorism counts

Roadside Trump Rally Ends in Knockout (Pittsfield, 9/5/2020) : massachusetts (fat Trumper got his ass kicked)

A nature paper shows a clear correlation between proton density(solar activity) and the occurrence of large earthquakes (M > 5.6), with a time shift of one day : science - reverse piezoelectric effect. The influx of electrical energy converting to vibrational energy

Finnish researchers believe they've found a real hangover cure

Anxious and extraverted: Study finds many people with social anxiety don't fit the "shy" stereotype : science

What's something that every parent should tell their child? : AskReddit

World War Z is a surprisingly good book. I thought previously "Yet Another Zombie Book" But this one actually deserved a movie to go along with it! : books

How do you feel about a friend with benefits, but instead of sexual benefits, it's just cuddling? : AskReddit

Amazon is filled with fake reviews and it's getting harder to spot them : technology

Google Faces Class Action in Canada Alleging it Turns Canadians' Electronics into Tracking Devices Without Their Consent - The action involves data collected by Google's services installed on more than half of global websites. : worldnews


Japan Puts 22,000 Soldiers on Full Alert Due to Approaching Typhoon : worldnews

Extinction Rebellion protesters blockade Rupert Murdoch's printing presses : worldnews
Earth's 'lost species' only the tip of the iceberg - Scientists have calculated how many mammals might be lost this century, based on fossil evidence of past extinctions. Their predictions suggest at least 550 species will follow in the footsteps of the mammoth and sabre-toothed cat. : worldnews

Plastic waste entering oceans expected to triple in 20 years : worldnews
Oil industry betting future on shaky plastics as world battles waste: $400 billion of planned petrochemical outlay at risk on exaggerated plastics demand : worldnews

Rio Tinto hired lawyers 3 days before blasting of Australian Aboriginal site, preparing for potential injunction : worldnews
Canada pushed to abandon trade talks with Brazil over Amazon deforestation : worldnews

New Global Coronavirus Death ForecastI : worldnews
s Chilling -- And Controversial (only in Republican minds)
Experts warn U.S. covid-19 deaths could more than double by year's end
Coronavirus 'second wave' could strike this fall and crest after Election Day - The Washington Post
The bleak Covid winter? America still not on course to beat back the virus : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 9/5/20 : boston
120,454 total confirmed - 20,789 new individuals tested - 15 new deaths; 8,907 total - 20 new probable cases; 1 new probable death
We're a green state now

Post-COVID syndrome severely damages children's hearts : Coronavirus
The magnitude of America's contact tracing crisis is hard to overstate : Coronavirus

Pandemic policies at tech companies have created a rift between parents offered more benefits and resentful workers who don't have children.

A Doctor Went to His Own Employer for a COVID-19 Antibody Test. It Cost $10,984.even though Sussman worked for the chain and knows the testing materials only cost about $8. Even more surprising: The insurer paid in full.

Eschaton: Nobody Could Have Predicted - Heckuva job. -- COVID-19 continues to spread at an alarming rate at the University of Alabama. The school reported on Friday that another 846 students tested positive between Aug. 28 and Sept. 3, bringing the total number of those infected since classes began to almost 1,900.

Florida is privatizing state-run COVID testing sites, starting with Broward County : Coronavirus (for the money)

Death of longtime mayor from COVID-19 stuns Alabama town : Coronavirus

Fauci: Indiana one of seven states at risk of COVID-19 surge : Coronavirus - North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois,
South Dakota reports 293 COVID-19 cases, three deaths : Coronavirus
Illinois Reports 2,806 New COVID-19 Cases and 23 New Deaths : Coronavirus

539 new COVID-19 cases, 11 new deaths reported Saturday in Mississippi : Coronavirus

Commentary: Michigan's coronavirus outbreaks are being tracked using Survey Monkey. Be alarmed. : Coronavirus

Deadliest week on record as Gov. Beshear reports on COVID, freezes evictions, mandates face coverings : Coronavirus

Keeping Canada, U.S. border closed may help 'keep lid' on coronavirus numbers: Fauci
West Van cops bust massive house party of up to 300 teens : worldnesw and Other Important Factors : Coronavirus (Van = Vancouver)

Sweden's High Covid Death Rates Among the Nordics: "Dry Tiner" and Other Imortant Factors

India crosses 4 million coronavirus cases, closes in on Brazil as 2nd in world : worldnews

Indonesia's false coronavirus 'cures' draw concern from scientists : worldnews - As Indonesia experiences a record spike in COVID-19 cases, people are turning to traditional medicine to boost immunity. But public health officials warn that unproven remedies can create a false sense of security.

The US just surpassed Sweden in deaths per capita : worldnews

The UK's coronavirus policy risks descending into chaos after the Scottish and Welsh governments accused Boris Johnson's dministration of ignoring scientific advice, amid increasingly different stances among the devolved nations.
Teachers tell parents in England to ignore 'baseless' letters on face masks : worldnews

'Coffin punishment' for shunning face masks in Jakarta : worldnews

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine : worldnews

In August, Israel demolished 51 Palestinian structures in Jerusalem, displacing 85 people : worldnews
Morocco Refuses To Normalize Ties With Israel - The Prime Minister issued a rejection of any relations with Israel. : worldnews
Kosovo set to be the next Muslim majority country to normalize ties with Israel. Plans to open its embassy in Jerusalem : worldnews

Hong Kong protests: police to deploy 2,000 riot officers for planned anti-government rally against: Legislative Council elections delay Organisers hope 50,000 activists will attend unauthorised anti-government rally against delay to Legco polls and the national security law : worldnews
China tells UN Experts to stay away from Hong Kong Issues : worldnews

China may dump U.S. Treasuries as Sino-U.S. tensions flare: Global Times : worldnews

3 Chinese nationals take a wrong turn, reach Sikkim; Indian Army rescues them : worldnews
Czech Delegation Pledges Support for Taiwan, Vows Not to Bow to Chinese Threats : worldnews
US, Taiwan seek 'like-minded' democracies in supply chain shift from China : worldnews

West Sumatra mob strips woman and parades her in public as punishment for 'obscene act' (muzfucks)

Many killed in Bangladesh mosque gas pipeline blast : worldnews

Protests against France in Pakistan. : worldnews (cartoons of muzfuck Allah)
Macron decries 'Islamic separatism', defends right to blaspheme : worldnews

Israel approves policy of withholding bodies of all slain Palestinians - Security cabinet passes motion expanding the policy to all Palestinians killed in alleged attacks, in violation of international law : news (they became what they beheld)

Afghan gov't to allow mother's name to be printed on national IDs : worldnews (literally muzfucks erasing women)

Making a slow getaway: Japan's anti-yakuza laws result in cohort of ageing gangsters : worldnews

Argentina seeks clarity from Paraguay over deaths of two 11-year-old 'rebels' : worldnews

For 1st time UK admits its 40-year-old debt to Iran : worldnews

For the first time U.S. Air Force B-52 strategic bombers fly over Ukraine : worldnews

Poland's justice ministry cancels decision to remove article on pedophilia in Church : worldnews - Religious polish people who believe in hiding the rampant pedophile pandemic in the church while simultaneously accusing lgbtq+ people of the same without any evidence are seriously right in that scum of the earth deepest circle of hell type of people.

Masked men drag protesting Belarusian students off the streets : worldnews

Tony Abbott's UK trade role sparks conflict of interest concerns - Calls for Australian government to regard him as a foreign agent and explain how he can possibly work on a post-Brexit trade deal : worldnews
Exclusive: Leaked meeting notes show Boris Johnson said Trump was 'making American great again'

Five years after the migration crisis, Merkel, not Trump, seems vindicated - The Washington Post (no terrorism, just Nazis)

'They were making a lot of money bringing them to Canada': U.S. busts alleged cross-border gunrunners, Toronto man wanted : worldnews

Trump on Putin critic Alexei Navalny's poisoning: "We haven't had any proof yet" : worldnews
Alexei Navalny: Trump refuses to condemn Russia over poisoning : worldnews
Novichok: how are victims surviving poisoning? : worldnews
NATO calls for international response to Navalny poisoning : worldnews
As world leaders condemn Russian aggression, Trump says he and Putin 'get along' : worldnews

Revealed: Donald Trump ordered dismissal of UK ambassador Kim Darroch after leaked cables - US president said 'get him out of here', John Bolton tells The Telegraph : worldnews

Trump and Russia echo each other in presidential race - Los Angeles Times

Trump calls for firing of Fox reporter who quoted Atlantic article on veterans : politics
Trump attacks Fox News reporter after she backs up key details of Atlantic story : politics
Trump lashes out at 'slimeball reporter' amid furor over alleged war dead remarks : politics
Two former US officials confirm Trump Vietnam War quote : politics
The sweet smell of success - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Cillizza ... Whatever else is happening in the United States there has never been a better socioeconomic context for a submediocre well-connected white guy.

F.B.I. pondered whether Trump was a 'Manchurian candidate elected,' former agent alleges in new book

The deafening, devastating sound of John Kelly's silence

Trump is "Wrecking the Country" says retired Four Star General Barry McCaffrey : politics
Trump Losing The Military Vote, A Traditional Republican Bloc | His pardons of war criminals, desire to deploy active-duty troops to quell civil unrest and unwillingness to confront Vladimir Putin on bounties are all factors. : politics
Trump's Support Among Military Voters Is Tanking : politics
Trump Said MIA Soldiers Deserved What They Got: WaPo : politics
Trump Refuses to Take Back McCain Smear, Pats Himself on the Back : politics
Trump pays his respects at war hero John McCain's funeral
Ex-DHS official says Trump tried to rescind order for half-staff flags for John McCain : politics
Trump's remarks on war dead are shameful - How could we as a nation have fallen from the leadership of Lincoln to a president who reportedly calls our fallen service members losers and suckers? (Russians invade Globe comments)

westinghouse_fan comments on Why Trump's 'losers' and 'suckers' slurs cut especially deep for Marines

'I Really Think He Is Against America' - Is Trump a Traitor?
The danger is now clear: Trump is destroying democracy in broad daylight : politics

Ex-F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Says Trump Is a National Security Threat : politics
Ex-FBI Agent Who Led Probe Calls Trump "Clear and Present Danger" : politics

Michael Cohen says Trump will 'do anything' to stay in office, even start a war : politics
Sanders: America must be prepared for when Trump refuses to leave office : politics
If Trump Loses..... - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Bernie is absolutely correct here. We need to be very worried about what happens if and when Trump loses in November.

Don't Forget About the Steve Bannon Indictment. I prosecuted the Watergate scandal. Here's why Trump and his ally are in legal peril.

My fellow Jews: Getting rid of Trump is a religious imperative : politics (get rid of Netanyahu and get back to us)

New Video Shows how Stephen Miller Helped Turn Homeland Security Into a Race War Propaganda Shop : politics

Ignoring Warnings from Election Officials, Trump Again Suggests Supporters Should Try to Vote Twice : politics
Trump often sees an American landscape of 'losers' and 'suckers' : politics

The conventions changed nothing - Lawyers, Guns & Money - All of the punditry about how the race might be transformed because imaginary voters might like Donald Trump's endless, poorly written and delivered convention speech, wasted again ... In 2016, Trump was actually seen by voters as the more honest candidate. Another way of putting this, then, is that unlike in 2016 Trump is running against a generic white guy the elite political media mostly likes rather than a woman it mostly despises, which means that even when Barr tries an October surprise it' unlikely to go anywhere. The Comey letter had the impact it did because it landed in the context of more than a year of stories implying that there was something about Hillary Clinton and EMAILS that proved she was more untrustworthy and corrupt than the career con artist she was running against.

Presidential Election 2020: Democrats' Secret Edge, Strategy If Voting Tight - Bloomberg - Florida'ss Republican secretary of state, Katherine Harris, helped hand the White House to Bush by declaring an end to recounts that showed him clinging to the slimmest of leads ... The top election officials in many of the key states that could decide the election are Democrats ... it will be up to the secretaries of state to preside over the counting of mail-in votes and certify the final outcomes, a process that could take days or weeks.

Melania Trump's 'best friend's' book and email revelations should trouble U.S. watchdogs - A new book about the first lady offers tantalizing bits of palace intrigue. But revelations about the email servers should be of interest to a much broader audience. : politics

How Trump Dar and Other Important Factorsws on Campaign Funds to Pay Legal Bills - The New York Times - As he has done with other aspects of the presidency, Donald J. Trump has redefined the practice in ways that have unsettled even some Republicans.

DC penalizes Postmaster DeJoy and wife for underpayment of property taxes : politics
Fascism and the Postal Service - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Postal Service Police (why does the USPS have its own police force guarding facilities like this anyway?) not allowing a member of Congress to inspect a post office after her own constituents have contacted her about conditions is another sign of rising fascism and how all law enforcement agencies are actively pushing forward this agenda.

Nearly all Black Lives Matter protests are peaceful despite Trump narrative, report finds : politics
Review Of Federal Charges In Portland Unrest Show Most Are Misdemeanors : politics
The latest polling suggests Trumps ugliest campaign strategy may be imploding - 55 percent of Americans say what Trump has said about protest "smakes the situation worse," while 42 percent say either that it has had little effect (29 percent) or has made things better (13 percent) ... 59 percent say Biden would do a better job reducing violence in the country, versus 39 percent for Trump.

FDA rejects oleandrin, an unproven coronavirus therapeutic pushed by MyPillow CEO, as a dietary supplement ingredient

Trump Mocks Biden Mask-Wearing Just as New Research Shows Stricter Compliance Could Save 120,000 Lives in US Over Next 4 Months : politics
Biden: QAnon believers should get a mental health check : politics

What Should Happen With the Hate Trump Has Unleashed? To simply allow it to go back into hiding after he's gone would be a grave mistake.

The Ugly Numbers Are Finally In on the 2017 Trump Tax Rewrite | - Radical Republicans Ramrodded that Law through Congress, and, You Guessed It, the Rich Made Out Like Bandits While the Rest of Us Got Bupkis

After Democrats' big 2018 gains, more House seats could flip

Trump going dark in Arizona, cancels planned TV ad blitz : politics
Democrats eye Arizona, Georgia and Texas as potentially winnable : politics

Texas Republicans fight vote by mail expansion while using it themselves | The Texas Tribune

Multiple boats in distress, sinking at Trump Boat Parade on Lake Travis | KEYE
Trump boat parade ends in disaster after multiple vessels sink in Texas lake ... Several boats have sunk on Lake Travis in Austin because they were being "unruly" and not following the rules ... (could this be a metaphor of stupidity? +"Presideath Trump and "Dumbkirk"... )
Dave Weigel on Twitter: "Okay, who gave Antifa the nuclear submarines? Fess up" / Twitter
Brandy on Twitter: "Lake Travis Trump Boat Parade: just working class Americans in $300k boats and with four helicopters... Taken from my balcony" / Twitter
ResistPresidentDumbDumb on Twitter: "Blahahaha Trump boat parade at Lake Travis, Austin Texas today. Several boats in distress and sinking. Sounds like his Presidency. #BidenHarris2020" / Twitter

Don't Trust Mark Zuckerberg to Put Out the Fires He Started - The Facebook boss is trying to recast himself as a defender of democracy -- but his actions belie his promises. (don't trust a slimy hand of Satan)

Trump is banning federal agencies from conducting workplace training sessions on race, which he believes are 'anti-American propaganda' : politics

DHS to label white supremacists as the 'most persistent and lethal threat' to the US: report : politics

Kyle Rittenhouse and his militia defense ignores that private paramilitaries are illegal : politics

Prosecutors' Plea Deal Required Drug Suspect To Name Breonna Taylor A 'Co-Defendant' : politics

Kenoshas looting is a symptom of a decrepit democracy -- Summer's unrest comes after years of failure by democratic institutions to respond to police violence.

Kyle Rittenhouse's Attorney Resigns From Legal Fundraiser After Dodgy Financial Past Revealed

Reports of bizarre menstrual cycles emerge after tear gas exposure from Seattle protests : news

Portland police arrest 27 demonstrators as protests enter 100th day : news

It's a tricky navigation from the wanting to the having all the needs of a kinky hypocrite - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Give Jerry Falwell this, he turned Liberty University into the sophisticated multi-layered grift Trump University could only dream of being:

Which cooking oil is the healthiest? - BBC Future

TIL Mulan is very likely not ethnically Han. The story is set in the Northern Wei dynasty whose language was Tuoba, an extinct language that had mongolic and Turkic elements. She is believed to be of XianBei ethnicity, a nomadic people that once resided in the Eastern Eurasian Steppes. : todayilearned

U/FuzzyPine explains how rabies can take years to manifest and what happens if you contract it. : bestof

Low Doses of LSD Acutely Increase BDNF Blood Plasma Levels in Healthy Volunteers : science

The size of the Mongol Empire compared to the rest of the world in 1260 : MapPorn

The number of mammoth skeletons found at Mexico City airport construction site raises to 200, making it the world's largest find of mammoth bones : worldnews

New evidence that the quantum world is even stranger than we thought. New experimental evidence of a collective behavior of electrons to form "quasiparticles" called "anyons" has been reported by a team of scientists. : science

TIL despite being described in ancient texts as foreign invaders and barbarians; the Hyksos were born in Egypt, had lived there for centuries, practiced international diplomacy, were culturally diverse, and greatly contributed to Egyptian culture. They even introduced the iconic horse and chariot. : todayilearned

Partners of sleep-talkers or sleepwalkers, what gems have you to share? : AskReddit

What is your earliest ever memory? And what was it? : AskReddit

Throwawayunknown55 comments on Am I unnecessarily worried about wintertime? (how to drive in New England in the winter)

Amazon deletes 20,000 reviews after evidence of profits for posts : worldnews


Amazon fires have been miscalculated and are actually the worst in a decade : worldnews
[Australia] 'Quit the bulls**t': Climate protesters dump manure outside News Corp offices over claims of denialism : worldnews
More than 300 arrests made during third day of Extinction Rebellion protests in London : worldnews (United Kingdom of BoJo)

410,000 Deaths By January? IHME projections for United States : Coronavirus
The Politics of COVID - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the partisan affiliation of a state's governor plays a critical role in whether states have adopted mask mandate policies:

MA COVID-19 Data 9/4/20 : boston
393 New Confirmed Cases; 1.2% Positive - September 3 : CoronavirusMa - 119,819 total confirmed - 31,584 new tests - 17 new deaths; 8,870 total - 22 new probable cases; 0 new probable deaths

Health workers dying at 'horrific rates'

Coronavirus: The US has not reduced its Covid-19 death toll to 6% of total - BBC News - The claim, being amplified by supporters of QAnon conspiracies and others, is only 6% of the total number of people with coronavirus on their death certificate actually died from the virus.
Coronavirus: The US has not reduced its Covid-19 death toll to 6% of total : Coronavirus
Plexiglass Alone Can't Protect Against Aerosolized Virus : Coronavirus
Russia's potential coronavirus vaccine shows 'no serious adverse events' and creates antibody response: The Lancet : Coronavirus
Coronavirus: air filters necessary for every school class : Coronavirus
Exclusive: Two-thirds of Americans say they won't get COVID-19 vaccine when it's first available, USA TODAY/ Suffolk Poll shows : Coronavirus
Unusual finding: Children can have COVID-19 antibodies and the virus at the same time : Coronavirus
Horrifying Images Show How the Coronavirus Ravages Our Lungs : Coronavirus
Alarming Research Shows COVID-19 Damage to Heart Muscle, At Least in Cell Cultures : Coronavirus

How long do you think it will be until this pandemic is "over" in Mass (whatever you may define 'over' as in) : CoronavirusMa
11 Northeastern Students Dismissed For Violating Coronavirus Policies (suspended for fall semester) : CoronavirusMa

3 coronavirus deaths now linked to wedding in Maine - The Boston Globe (live with this for the rest of your life, bitch)
3 deaths, 147 coronavirus cases now tied to Maine wedding : Coronavirus ... Each year on their anniversary they can reminisce about all the people who died because of their wedding. How awful.
Coronavirus has made couples rethink weddings and divorce : Coronavirus
Eschaton: What A Country - The coronavirus outbreak has pushed millions of Americans, especially young adults, to move in with family members. The share of 18- to 29-year-olds living with their parents has become a majority since U.S. coronavirus cases began spreading early this year, surpassing the previous peak during the Great Depression era ... In July, 52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents, up from 47% in February, according to a new Pew Research Center

Eschaton: You're Not The Boss Of Me - Working out well: Gettysburg College has locked down all of its students in their dorms, at least through the end of the week, after 25 students on Tuesday tested positive for the coronavirus. The Pennsylvania liberal arts college of about 2,400 may be the first in the country to quarantine all students in response to an outbreak.

Indiana University sees 'alarming' spike in COVID-19 at frat, sorority houses : Coronavirus
Cornell notches rise in COVID-19 cases, most linked to student athletes flouting anti-virus guidelines : Coronavirus

Florida tells health officials not to release coronavirus data about schools : Coronavirus

Test reporting backlog leads to Illinois' highest-ever daily COVID-19 caseload: 5,368

Texas woman severely burned after hand sanitizer catches fire : "My whole body was just consumed in flames"

South Dakota, COVID-19 hot spot, follows Sturgis rally with state fair ... dismisses 'elite class of so-called experts' carries on with state fair after Sturgis rally fueled COVID-19 surge

Texas Governor Declares a Victory Over COVID. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: France closes 22 schools due to COVID-19 as country records Europe's highest daily infection rate : Coronavirus

India reports 87,115 new cases of coronavirus, a global record, and 1,066 new deaths : Coronavirus

Nearly 1,000 flights in Canada have carried COVID-positive passengers since February : Coronavirus

2 500 randomly tested in Sweden -- no one had covid-19 : Coronavirus

Coronavirus: France closes 22 schools due to COVID-19 as country records Europe's highest daily infection rate : Coronavirus

Brazil handed out so much cash to people during Covid that poverty is nearing historic low - Brazil implemented one of the most ambitious social programs ever undertaken, giving 66 million people 600 reais a month, a shocking shift under President Jair Bolsonaro. : worldnews

Europe's biggest brothels has gone broke amid the coronavirus pandemic, media report. : worldnews

Signs of life detected under rubble a month after Beirut blast, says rescuer : worldnews
Lebanon's army finds nearly 5 tons more of highly explosive ammonium nitrate at Beirut port. : worldnews
Pakistan develops first bloodless, affordable dialysis machine for kidney disease treatment : worldnews

Brutal torture methods - including pepper spraying genitals, pulling out finger nails and stringing prisoners up in agonising 'chicken kebab' position - are revealed in Amnesty report on 'Iranian interrogation tactics' : worldnews (muzfucker imans, hang thenm by their beards)

Government, rebels agree to make Sudan a 'secular state' : worldnews

Taiwan denies it shot down Chinese Su-35 fighter, terms claims untrue : worldnews

Australia faces down China in high-stakes strategy. : worldnews

'No Doubt' That Navalny Poisoning Was Russian Operation, Former CIA Russia Chief Says : worldnews
NATO to hold special meeting on Alexei Navalny poisoning : worldnews
Trump's press secretary refuses to blame Russia for the nerve agent attack on Putin's top opponent : politics ("Merkel might have done it, or maybe demented Biden in his basement" Fuckanany said)

In response to COVID, Italy gives a 110% tax credit for building renovations that yield better energy efficiency : worldnews

It 'harms everyone': Canadian human rights group calls for ban on tear gas : worldnews

WHO chief: Lack of concern over pandemic shows 'moral bankruptcy' : worldnews (hello, Republicans, literally the party of moral bankruptcy)
U.S. Could Be Thrown Out of Olympics Over Trump Funding Threats, World Anti-Doping Agency Warns : worldnews
US will not pay remaining dues to WHO after Trump pulls out. The United States currently owes the WHO some $18 million for financial year 2019 and $62 million for financial year 2020. : worldnews (why would be Party of Death do that?)
Contact tracing foiled by conspiracy theories, lack of federal messaging : politics

After 7 years Snowden gets validation. : worldnews

An intelligence bulletin issued by the Department of Homeland Security warns that Russia is attempting to sow doubt about the integrity of the 2020 elections by amplifying false claims related to mail-in voting resulting in widespread fraud. : worldnews

'Who's Putting These Ideas in His Head?' -- The former FBI agent Peter Strzok worries that Americans will never learn the full story about Trumps relationship with Russia.

Trump disparaged U.S. war dead as losers and suckers says report : worldnews ("Fake news" he screamed)
Here Are All the Corroboration for the Atlantic Story on Trump Attacking Troops
Jennifer Griffin on Twitter: "Two former sr Trump admin officials confirm .@JeffreyGoldberg reporting that President Trump disparaged veterans and did not want to drive to honor American war dead at Aisne-Marne Cemetery outside Paris." / Twitter
Fox News national correspondent confirms the Atlantic story - Lawyers, Guns & Money - For Fox News to allow one of their top reporters to both confirm The Atlantic story in a follow-on is notable ... The appearance of the story is part of some sort of internal power struggle among those superiors, and/or a conscious strategy on their part to distance the network somewhat from Trump as his political position appears to continue to deteriorate.
Two Senior Officials Confirm Trump's Remarks About Fallen Soldiers To AP

John Kelly, at Center of Report on Trump Disparaging U.S. Soldiers, Keeps Silent - The New York Times

Charles Pierce: Jeffrey Goldberg's 'Atlantic' Piece on Trump's Military Comments Highlights a Problem With Complicity - Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic Piece Shows the Difference Between Battlefield and Political Courage - The most infuriating part of the soon-to-be-legendary story is what it says about the men who continued to serve this president* ... I don't want to hear about "duty" and "service," either. They took an oath to defend the Constitution, not to hold their tongues until they could get a book deal as a reckless vandal takes the Republic down, brick by brick. Of all the people whom history will account as being complicit in the attempted demolition of constitutional government, I rank them ahead even of the invertebrate Republicans in the United States Senate ... But I am sorry, and angry, that it has come to this, in 2020, when the vandals are still on a rampage that seems as though it can only end in annihilation. (a lot of reputations going down with the Trumptanic and the military has lost all respect)

Todd Zwillich on Twitter: ".@JeffreyGoldberg on CNN says his senior admin & military sources...apparently combat veterans and career senior military officers... refused to be named because "they don't want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest."" / Twitter (why the Vindemans quit)

Trumps Defenders: He Doesn't Hate the Troops, He Just 'Sounds Like an Asshole' (assholes elected the biggest asshole)

Donald Trump, Human Parasite, Has Also Said Soldiers Missing In Action Should Be Left for Dead : politics
Republicans never flinch in their support of Trump -- even when he insults our troops
Trump Faces Uproar Over Reported Remarks Disparaging Fallen Soldiers ... He strenuously denied it, but some close to him said it was in keeping with other private comments he has made disparaging soldiers.
Donald "Bone Spurs" Trump Thinks Americans Who Die in War Are "Suckers" and "Losers"
Trump reportedly called John McCain a 'f---ing loser' and said 'we're not going to support that loser's funeral' : politics
Trump falsely claimed he never called John McCain a 'loser.' Just check his Twitter account. : politics
'This is who he is': Founder of veterans group blasts Trump for reportedly calling dead soldiers 'losers' : politics ... . Coup or die time at GOP corral
You're No Patriot!' Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton Shreds Trump Over 'Losers' And 'Suckers' Eaton delivers a powerful response to Trump's reported insults of U.S. troops killed in action. (maybe you shouldn't have voted for him?)
'I don't get it': Trump questioned why retired Gen. John Kelly's son gave his life fighting in Afghanistan on a Memorial Day visit to his grave : politics (maybe you shouldn't have worked for him?)
Trump didn't want wounded veterans to attend a military parade because 'nobody wants to see that,' report says : politics
Biden to Trump: My son "wasn't a sucker"

White Nationalism Greater National Security Threat Than North Korea Say Troops : politics

Trump and Stars and Stripes: attacking an American icon - Trump wants to pull funding from Stars and Stripes, a newspaper for American troops that began in the Civil War and has been serving our soldiers.
Trump Says He Will Reverse Pentagon Plan to Close Stars and Stripes Newspaper - The New York Times - The reversal on Stars and Stripes came as President Trump was in full defensive mode over reports that he had disparaged military personnel.
Trump wont let Pentagon close Stars and Stripes newspaper (after ordering them to shut it down)

Declassified tapes reveal Richard Nixon's hate for Indians : worldnews (shared by, of course, noted Jew and genocidal maniac, Henry Kissinger)

America Needs International Observers to Monitor the 2020 Elections -- The global democratic community should treat Trump no differently than other autocrats.
U.S. Homeland Security warns that Russia is trying to undermine confidence in mail-in voting : politics
ICE reportedly relied on a 'politically motivated' request from the Kremlin to try to deport a Russian asylum seeker legally staying in the US : politics

The Trump train looks close to full derailment after a wild week - CNNPolitics

Barr's big example of vote-by-mail fraud didn't happen, DOJ and local prosecutors say : politics
Barr claims a man collected 1,700 ballots and filled them out as he pleased. Prosecutors say that's not what happened

Congresswoman denied entry to USPS processing facility amid mail delivery concerns : news

Trump has a plan to steal the election in fact, he has a bunch of them. Voter suppression, legal dirty tricks and right-wing militias: Trump's list of 2020 tactics is becoming clear
A top USPS official warned that suppliers may not be able to print enough mail-in ballots in time for the election : politics (orders printing plants shut down and presses destroyed)

Trump's job losses are the worst of any American president on record : politics (but Nancy's hair ...)

The White House Thinks Nancy Pelosi's Haircut Is Worse Than 186,000 Dead Americans

The 2020 Election, a Race in Which Everything Happens and Nothing Matters | The New Yorker - If a pandemic that has killed nearly two hundred thousand Americans can't significantly hurt Trump's upport, can anything?

With Two Months To Go, a Steady Presidential Race | The Cook Political Report

Biden team, GSA sign transition memorandum

Trump team plots how to bust Biden in the debates - POLITICO - advisers are studying Biden's idiosyncrasies to identify ways to trip him up on the debate stage.

Biden: QAnon is 'bizarre' and 'embarrassing.' supporters should seek mental health treatment ... Biden's line was even better than that, he told Q followers to seek mental health help while they could still get it under Obamacare y
Heres Why BuzzFeed News Is Calling QAnon A "Collective Delusion" From Now OnQAnon is much bigger and more dangerous than other conspiracy theories. (Republicans are a collection delustion)

5 Reasons Bidens Odds of Victory Look Better Than Ever
Despite Trump Attacks Over Kenosha, Biden Holds Double-Digit Wisconsin Lead : politics
Biden says Trump 'legitimises the dark side of human nature' in Kenosha speech : politics
Joe Biden is the only one trying to act like a president : politics
Biden Has Twice Clinton's Lead Two Months Out -- But That Doesn't Guarantee a Win

Trump Once Again Tells Americans To Vote Twice In November : politics
White House press secretary refuses to say it's illegal to vote twice in an election : politics
Trump once said Republicans would be sick at even the thought of voting twice. Then he told them to go do it.

White Voters Are Turning Away from Donald Trump : politics

Martha McSally down 17 points in new Fox News poll showing Democrats surging in key states : politics (they really, really hate her)

Jane Fonda claims Ivanka Trump laughed at her climate change appeal and never spoke to her again | Actor and activist hoped to recruit four beautiful, sexy, smart, climate-interested women to encourage president to take the environment seriously

Eschaton: The Narrative - Republicans love The Troops and Democrats hate them and America. Republicans are FISCAL HAWKTIDUDES who care about lowering the deficit, above all, and Democrats want to tax your children to give money to black people. Republicans are good for the economy, while Democrats destroy it. Republicans love FAMILY VALUES and Democrats just want to force you to have gay abortions. Republicans love LAW AND ORDER and Democrats want Kitty Dukakis's murderer to be freed to kill again. -- No amount of facts, polling, etc... can stop political coverage from internalizing these assumptions. Also, that fucking newspaper -- In a report leading with Trump's non-credible denial, the Times asserts that Trump has made "veterans care [a] pillar[] of his campaign" without even a passing note that the main appeal on this score (that he "signed veterans choice) is an outright lie (Maggie, et al, went with the lie, of course, but let Atrios' and Beutlers points sink in)
A perfect opportunity to test some of the ideas I wrote about here. It shouldn't be a total non-story that literally everything Trump says in trying to appeal to voters is an egregious lie.

Pennsylvania: Political group tied to Kanye West campaign law firm sent misinformation on Biden with mail-in ballot applications to battleground state voters : politics
Judge rules that Kanye West is off Virginia's ballot (fuck Fuckye)
Judge Orders Kanye West Removed from Virginia Ballot After Finding Candidacy Was Secured by Fraudulent and/or Misleading Means
Judge bars Kanye West from appearing on Arizona ballot : politics

Ted Cruz claims pregnancy is not "life-threatening" in effort to ban abortion pill | Republicans want to roll back access to the abortion pill, claiming it's dangerous. In fact, Viagra is riskier : politics

Assistant Texas attorney general loses job after report surfaces racist tweets : politics

Trump mocks Biden's mask-wearing at packed Pennsylvania rally
'A downright dirty plan' Trump admin quietly pulls funding for disinfecting N.Y. subways, schools

The United States is in crisis: Report tracks thousands of summer protests, most nonviolent

Portsmouth police chief ousted -- at least for now -- amid Confederate monument case - Angela Greene (racist confederate copster)
Entrenched racist culture at heart of Portsmouth's police department, officers and former chief say

Video captures first deadly police shooting under D.C.'s new bodycam law

Suspect in Fatal Portland Shooting Is Killed by Officers During Arrest - The New York Times - Law enforcement agents killed Michael Forest Reinoehl while trying to arrest him, four officials said. He was being investigated in the fatal shooting of a supporter of a far-right group.

Column: Here's why Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen shooting suspect in Kenosha killings, is likely to get off

Video: Pro-Trump Counterprotesters Received NYPD Escort Before Driving Through Black Lives Matter March - Gothamist
Car Drives Through Group of Protesters in Manhattan : news

NJ Transit wants to ban sex assault suspect from trains and buses after 15 arrests : news

Houston-area family of 3 found in garage, sleeping in running car after eviction - ABC13 Houston - Last month a Houston apartment manager faced disciplinary action after creating an eyebrow raising eviction notice.

5th Lake Charles family member dies after being poisoned by generator fumes : news

Testimony of Boston Police Charged With Overtime Fraud Now Suspect, DA Says : boston
Springfield police release video of officer shooting at street racing suspect : boston

Woman accused of hurling racial slurs at group of women, children, nearly running them over in Swampscott - Rhonda Wozniak, 60, was arraigned in Lynn District Court on charges including eight counts of civil rights violation, eight counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct, according to Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett and Swampscott Police Chief Ronald Madigan (racist Trump asshole told them to "go back to where they came from" )

How Jerry Falwell Jr mixed his personal finances with his university's

The Vow Episode 2 Recap: Viscera

The True Colors of America Political Spectrum Are Gray and Green (dead and living)

Animated interactive of the history of the Atlantic slave trade. - This Haunting Animation Maps the Journeys of 15,790 Slave Ships in Two Minutes315 years. 20,528 voyages. Millions of lives.

u/FistyFisticuffs observes how many people have used baseline assumptions about how (most) humans come to form ideas to repeatedly misunderstand Trump's true beliefs and positions based on what he has actually said : bestof

BBC - Travel - The grim truth behind the Pied Piper - Writers like the Grimm Brothers and Robert Browning may have shaped the Pied Piper legend into art, but it turns out the story is likely based on an actual historical incident.


Ice sheets melting at 'worst-case scenario rate', research warns : worldnews
WWF: Canada endangered species face 'staggering losses' : worldnews
Up to Half The World's Water Supply Is Being Stolen, a Troubling Report Reveals : science

Where We Stand on COVID Today - Lawyers, Guns & Money

MA COVID-19 Data 9/3/20 : boston
Weekly Report: 0.80% Positive Rate in Non-STS Towns; 2.26% in STS down from 2.56% : CoronavirusMa

Massachusetts dropped almost 8000 positive cases today due to switching to a more restrictive definition of a probable case : boston
Way to go Massholes! : CoronavirusMa

Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds : Coronavirus
Randomized Study Shows Calcifediol (Vitamin D) Supplementation in Hospitalized COVID Patients Significantly Reduces Chance of ICU Admission. : Coronavirus
Children can have COVID-19 antibodies and virus in their system simultaneously : Coronavirus
Dr. Gupta warns that rates of hospitalizations among adolescences and children are steeply rising

Leader of U.S. vaccine push says hell quit if politics trumps science : Coronavirus

Between COVID-19 and layoffs, schools may not have enough teachers to get through the year : Coronavirus
Reopening Campuses Is Not Working and Important Voices Aren't Being Heard, Writes UNC Professor

'It gets into your bones': the unique loneliness of coronavirus lockdown when you live alone | Victoria : Coronavirus

Eschaton: Anticipation - Even leaving aside the semi-jokey "what the fuck did you think college students were going to do?" (though, really, what the fuck did you think college students were going to do), the problem with a virus is that even if the vast majority of people completely obey the perfect (lol) rules perfectly, it just won't be good enough in a residential college environment ... What is not in the models is that students would actually fail to isolate, that they would not respond to efforts to reach them by C-UPHD, that they would go to a party even if they knew they were COVID positive, or that they would host a party while they were COVID positive<, Goldenfeld said. We did not anticipate that students would attempt to defeat the Safer Illinois app (not just the kids, either) /a>

Washington man gets stunning souvenir with COVID-19 treatment: a $1.1 million bill : Coronavirus

Oklahoma reports 909 new coronavirus cases, 14 additional deaths : Coronavirus
Kentucky Passes 50,000 Cases With Third-Highest Daily Total : Coronavirus
University of South Carolina Records 1,026 Coronavirus Cases in One Week : Coronavirus
Florida reports over 3,500 new COVID-19 cases, 149 new deaths : Coronavirus
185 new covid-19 cases reported at University of Arkansas : Coronavirus
Gov. Mike Parson: 7,000-plus Missouri college students test positive : Coronavirus

Sept. 3: South Dakota reports 334 new COVID-19 cases, over 3,000 active cases : Coronavirus

Top Hospital Doctors Warn Kansas City Is On The Verge Of Uncontrolled Coronavirus Spread : Coronavirus

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer extends Michigan's state of emergency through Oct. 1 : Coronavirus

Kemp tells White House protests, summer events caused Georgia COVID-19 spike : Coronavirus (nothing to do with his murderous policies)

Pentagon Report: China Now Has World's Largest Navy as Beijing Expands Military Influence (says the Pentagon to get even more of you money)
Opinion | Trump promised a 350-ship Navy. China actually built it. - The Washington Post

Uighur doctor tells ITV News of disturbing testimonies of 'forced abortions and removal of wombs' in China : worldnews
Jackie Chan's Million-Dollar Beijing Mansions Seized in Ownership Dispute
Chinese 'copycats' of LEGO sentenced for copyright infringement : worldnews (from CPP source)

'I am starving' : the migrant workers abandoned by Dubai employers

Metal pellets again used against Lebanese protesters. More evidence arises of Lebanese security forces using uncommon and potentially lethal arms againsit faded long ago Nostalgia aside, the Kennedys havent demonstrators. : worldnews

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan on Wednesday ordered authorities to release from prison all female prisoners who suffer from physical or mental illness or who are age 55 or older. Khan also announced that all juvenile prisoners around the country will be released. : worldnews

Amnesty International accuses Iran of widespread rights abuses - rape, enforced disappearance, torture and other ill-treatment : worldnews
Iranians have lost their faith according to survey | According to a new poll, four decades after the establishment of the Islamic regime, only 32% of the population consider themselves Shia Muslims. : worldnews (hang the muzfuck imans by their beards)

A Saudi Prince's Attempt to Silence Critics on Twitter -- An ongoing investigation reveals how Mohammed bin Salman's team allegedly infiltrated the platform -- and got away with it.

Drone drops hundreds of bags of cannabis in Tel Aviv : news

Cargo ship with 43 crew and nearly 6,000 cattle sank off Japan, survivor says - Strong winds and rain from Typhoon Maysak hamper rescue of crew from Philippines, New Zealand and Australia

The Netherlands is the 'best place to be a child' says Unicef in new report : worldnews
Contraceptives will soon be free in Luxembourg. (Completely reimbursed by the national health insurance) : worldnews

Coronavirus has fuelled authoritarian trends around the world, warns Australia : worldnews

Civil liberty experts have warned that peaceful protest is under threat in the UK after environmental campaigners were targeted with pre-emptive arrest and "unworkable restrictions" were placed on this week's Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrations.

Populism in Germany declines sharply : worldnews

French reporter who joined police exposes racism and violence : worldnews

Turkey, a NATO member, will conduct two naval live-fire exercises with Russia : worldnews

Waves of Russian and Emirati Flights Fuel Libyan War, U.N. Finds - A confidential report sent to the Security Council details extensive breaches of the international arms embargo on Libya by eight countries since the beginning of the year.
Obama's 'biggest mistake' is still wreaking havoc -- The bombing of Libya scattered weapons across Africa and worsened instability in the region. (ONE of his biggest mistakes)

Russian Media Turns to QAnon Conspiracies to Help Re-Elect Trump : worldnews - QAnon, the internet-driven conspiracy theory that portrays Trump as the messiah, sent by God to defeat an alleged cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophile Democrats who seek global domination and feast on hormones extracted from children's blood
A third of Republicans believe QAnon theory of deep state paedophile cannibals is 'mostly true', poll finds : politics
PayPal has terminated multiple accounts linked to a recently uncovered Russian influence operation that is said to have paid US and British writers for content aimed at influencing progressives and sowing discord in the West. : worldnews

Putin critic Navalny was poisoned with Novichok nerve agent, Merkel says : worldnews (Putin says he was "in the best of health" before he was medivaced to Germmany, where "Merkel poisoned him"
UK says Russia must explain why Putin critic Navalny was poisoned with Novichok : worldnews
Trump silent as world leaders call for answers from Putin on Navalny poisoning : worldnews (Russian agent)

US places sanctions on International Criminal Court prosecutor for investigating US troops in Afghanistan : worldnews

Seven in 10 new coronavirus cases are emerging in red states - The Washington Post - For the first time, red counties are seeing as many new cases as blue ones.

'Scared and confused:' DHS says teachers shouldn't wear N95 masks; scientist says that makes 'no sense' : Coronavirus (die for Trumpster)
This Is the Latest From the Masks-Are-Jackboots Crowd - Everything's gone to hell in Iowa since they botched the caucuses.

The Trump virus and the Trump vaccine - Lawyers, Guns & Money - As usual, Republicans are trying their best to make the facts in the world actually reflect their paranoid fantasies: in this case, fantasies that a corrupt cabal of global cosmopolitans (wink wink) is hellbent on forcing Americans to take unsafe vaccines, for deeply nefarious reasons. It's always projection.

This Is the Latest From the Masks-Are-Jackboots Crowd - Everything's gone to hell in Iowa since they botched the caucuses .. We begin in Iowa which, between the pandemic and the derecho and Governor Kim Reynolds, is now a complete mess ... I haven't mentioned the congressional candidate who shared a stage with a Nazi or the fact that at one point our governor hit a protester with her car and no one seems to care ... Or the fact that two weeks before Ames, Iowa became the number one Covid hotspot in the nation, our actual governor was pictured there, in large groups without a mask.

Eschaton: You Can Have Your Fill Of All The Food You Bring Yourself - I'm not surprised by indifference to Those People (whoever they are), and fully believe there is a big segment of elite Republicans who are quite excited about the Great Culling that is underway, but there's an "in your own base killing your own dudes" aspect to all of this that I don't get ... One attendee told Ernst during the question-and-answer period he believed COVID-19 cases and deaths are being overcounted, a theory discounted by medical professionals who say the actual numbers are probably much higher than official tallies.

What's the worst that could happen? - The election will likely spark violence - and a constitutional crisis

The NSA phone-spying program exposed by Edward Snowden didn't stop a single terrorist attack, federal judge finds : technology
U.S. court: Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal : worldnews

So He Has Parkinson's Then - And mini-strokes! - Trump has privately groused to friends, family, and aides that New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman accused him of having Parkinson's disease this summer, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter. Those sources say that the president has been stewing about this for nearly three months, and he still hasn't let it go, bringing it up in the West Wing as recently as last week, one of these sources said. Haberman, however, hasn't accused Trump of having Parkinson's ... the word "Parkinson's" does not appear in the article, but in Trump's mind, that has somehow translated to Haberman tagging him with the degenerative disorder.

Trump Moves to Cut Federal Funding From Democratic Cities - The New York Times - The president directed officials to identify anarchist jurisdictions" and move to withhold funds as he tries to build his campaign around the unrest that has accompanied racial justice protests. (why not just wait for all their cities to "burn down?"
President Trump Begins Process Of Defunding New York City, Gov. Cuomo Calls Move 'An Illegal Stunt' : politics
How many ways to get what you want - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Even by the Orwellian standards of today's Republican Party, labeling cities that won't accept Trump's offer of stormtroopers to crush protestors "anarchist" is something.

Devin Nunes May Be Trumps' 'Person' Who Witnessed the Antifa Plane 'Firsthand' (except the little ratfucker isn't a 'person')

Trump and RNC sue Montana over mail-in voting - CNNPolitics

Trump suggests supporters in North Carolina should vote twice : worldnews
Here's an idea
'The President Just Committed a Felony': Trump Tells NC Residents to Vote Twice, Openly Encouraging Voter Fraud : politics
Attorney General Barr won't agree it's illegal to vote twice, as Trump urged, claims ignorance of state laws : politics
A Lawless Attorney General Hits New Lows | The Nation - In a CNN interview, William Barr showed total willingness to bend, break, or deny the law on behalf of his boss.
Barr Repeatedly Claims He Doesn't Know Whether It's Illegal to Vote Twice Following Trump Comments : politics
Chris Cuomo Blasts Bill Barr For "Playing Dumb" About Law On Voting Twice -- "You're not allowed to vote twice. Like you need me to tell you that , the CNN host said
Our Government Is Now a Pirated Vessel, and All Hands Are on Deck - Homeland Security chief Chad Wolf and Attorney General William Barr are each doing their part

Can you imagine if were waiting on Pennsylvania?: State Dems scramble to avoid voting fiasco

"Now," Says AOC, "Where's His Unaltered Calendar?" House Dems Subpoena Postmaster General Louis DeJoy : politics
Postal Service Has Paid DeJoy's Former Company $286 Million Since 2013

Trump's IRS chief earns over $100,000 per year from Trump property while in office: new documents. IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig has refused to release Trump's tax returns despite law requiring him to do so (just a little this for that)

Fmr. DHS Secy: Most U.S. terror deaths have come from 'extreme right wing groups' in recent years

Donald Trump Would Like to Momentarily Pause This Campaign to Tell You How Good His Brain Is

Fact check: A guide to 9 conspiracy theories Trump is currently pushing - CNNPolitics

Facebook will block new political advertising the week before Election Day (Zuckerfucker will change it to the day before)

Fox News Poll: Biden tops Trump among likely voters in key states | Fox News

Veterans Group Says Trump Is Panicking As Poll Shows Military Backs Biden. A new poll finds Trump's approval rating is sinking in the military and that more troops plan to vote for Biden in November.

Republicans are lying about Biden and hoping voters are ignorant enough to believe them : politics

Trump Campaign Whines About Debate Moderators Like Everything Else

Biden says he'd like live onscreen fact checks to combat Trump 'lies' during debates : politics
Microsoft Introduces Video Authenticator Tool To Detect Deepfake Content Ahead Of US Elections 2020 : worldnews

Eschaton: Colleagues - For all the criticism of Sanders in her job, she often attended high-level meetings with Trump, and had the respect of most of her colleagues because she was able to speak with a degree of authority about events that had taken place -- Maggie Haberman ... Maggie never ever stops fluffing her favorite sources, I mean "colleagues." Sanders lied constantly, even admitted to doing so to the Feds! (Haberputz, center of NYT's evil)
Eschaton: That Fucking Newspaper - I remember too well how the 2000 election/post-election was covered also, too, by that fucking newspaper. -- This framing is weird. The situation the Times is describing is one in which a democratically elected leader rejects the results of a democratic election. -- That isn't so much a doomsday scenario for a political party as an existential threat to the foundation of American gov (fuck the NYT)

It's not just Trump. All Republicans must go.
Three versions of Judas - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Ed Markey Was Just Better at Politics Than Joe Kennedy Was -- He was sharper, quicker on his feet, and more in tune with the current dynamics of the Democratic Party. But he's been ahead on environmental and tech issues for a long time ... And, considering that the main rationale for Kennedy's campaign was that he was part of the new generation of young Democratic leaders, it was striking to see so many of that generation, including Squad Reps. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, as well as progressive avatars like Elizabeth Warren, the Sunrise Movement, and MoveOn, lining up so easily behind the 74-year-old incumbent ... Jake Auchicloss, a onetime Republican with a lot of money who hop-skip-jumped from the Newton City Council to (probably) Congress. Replacing Joe Kennedy with a guy who once shared some, ahem, interesting opinions with the world is not what I had in mind.
Opinion | A dynasty falls. Are the Trumps far behind? - The Washington Post
JPK III didn't demolish the Kennedy dynasty - it faded long ago -- Nostalgia aside, the Kennedys haven'tbeen a dynasty for decades. ... Wipe the mystique from your glasses and that supposedly gleaming Kennedy juggernaut is actually a rusted 1960s Studebaker sinking into an overgrown field behind the barn.

No-knock warrants are never justifiable - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Examining Vicky Osterweil's Case for Looting -- Liberal politicians and Black Lives Matter activists have condemned the destruction of private property, saying that it distracts from the cause of racial justice. But last week, a writer and activist named Vicky Osterweil published a book, called "In Defense of Looting" that makes a radical attack on that assumption ... "essential tactics in fighting racial capitalism" ...

DC police release body cam footage from shooting death of Deon Kay : news

Targeted: Pasco's sheriff created a futuristic program to stop crime before it happens. - It monitors and harasses families across the county.

Rochester police officer tells activist she's being arrested 'for being an idiot' : news

Ex-NRA insider speaks out: Gun owners should be 'horrified' by what I saw (rmember Maine's Wayne LaPierre?)

Chris D'Elia Accused of Flashing Multiple Women, Public Masturbation : television

Active shooter drills are meant to prepare students. But research findssevereside effects.A new report examining nearly 28 million social media posts tied to 114 schools finds higher rates of depression and stress following active shooter drills (let's traumatize all the kids so rightwing nutcases can have machine guns)

How to Stop a Police Pullback - Reformers must tackle the challenge of underpolicing, which has often allowed officers to exercise an effective veto on reform.

Video: Police put hood on Black man killed by asphyxiation : news

Richland County, South Carolina deputy fired, charged after bodycam showed him throw woman in custody to floor by hair : news

The Best Public High Schools in Greater Boston (Boston Magazine (Winchester #11)

A large-scale audit study shows that principals in public schools engage in substantial discrimination against Muslim and atheist parents. : science

Black Troops Were Welcome in Britain, but Jim Crow Wasnt: The Race Riot of One Night in June 1943 - Black American GIs stationed in Britain during the war were given a warm welcome by their hosts but treated harshly by their white US Army comrades.

APA calls for true systemic change in U.S. culture - The association is working to dismantle institutional racism over the long term, including within APA and psychology (the same assholes who told us not to call Trump crazy)

If 2 objects are traveling at 0.5 the speed of light relative to some 3rd object but in opposite directions, would each perceive the other as going the speed of light? What about 0.6 times to speed of light? : askscience

Promising new ALS treatment funded by Ice Bucket Challenge donations shows significant slowing in phase 2 trial : worldnews

IL: There is a psychological state called "helper's high" whereby giving produces endorphins in the brain that provide a mild version of a morphine high. Research has shown that helping others lights up the same part of the brain as receiving rewards or experiencing pleasure.

Scientists think the Earth's oxygen may have been rusting the Moon for billions of years. The oxidised iron mineral haematite has been discovered at high latitudes on the Moon. : science

What's a relatively unknown technological invention that will have a huge impact on the future? : AskReddit

Baby hears her mothers voice for the first time and is almost moved to tears : aww

What widely accepted fact do you know is wrong? : AskReddit

u/Krehlmar explains to Americans that they don't have any social services and live in a 3rd world country. : bestof

u/LiteraCanna shows us how out of touch Trump really is with a massive quote dump along with sources : bestof

u/Scarabic Explains a possible theory as to why there are so many selfish people/Sociopaths in the USA not wanting to make any sacrifices for the greater good. : bestof

Elon Musk Thinks His Treatment of Workers Is a "Trade Secret"


MA COVID-19 Data 9/2/20 : boston
288 New Confirmed Cases; 1.8% Positive - September 2 : CoronavirusMa - 119,426 total confirmed - 15578 new tests - 22 new deaths; 8,853 total

Biogen Conference responsible for nearly 3% of U.S. COVID-19 Cases : boston

COVID-19 antibodies present in patients four months after recovery: study : worldnews
Coronavirus: Cheap hydrocortisone drug reduces deaths in sickest COVID-19 patients, research finds : worldnews
COVID-19 antibodies may last for at least 4 months, Icelandic study suggests : Coronavirus
Cannabis May Reduce Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation: Researchers Explain Why
Americans traveled nearly 37 billion fewer miles in June due to COVID-19 : Coronavirus

Employers Should Prepare for Wave of COVID-Related Wrongful Death Lawsuits : Coronavirus

First coronavirus death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota - The Washington Post - The case, involving a biker in his 60s, is one of at least 260 infections traced to the event last month where many declined to wear masks ... Epidemiologists believe that figure is a significant undercount, due to the resistance of some rallygoers to testing and the limited contact tracing in some states. As a result, the true scope of infections stemming from the event that ran from Aug. 7 to Aug. 16 is unlikely to ever be known.
First covid-19 death linked to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally reported in Minnesota : Coronavirus ... imagine dying for smash mouth

Universities can't use privacy laws to withhold data on coronavirus outbreaks, experts say

1,172 USC students have tested positive for COVID-19 in South Carolina : Coronavirus
Total COVID cases at Texas Tech jump from 378 to 551 in a single day : Coronavirus
At least 760 University of Kentucky students have tested positive for COVID : Coronavirus

Photo of packed hallway at Central Florida high school circulating on social media : Coronavirus
Florida adds 2,402 coronavirus cases, 130 deaths : Coronavirus

Sent Home to Die -- In New Orleans, hospitals sent patients infected with the coronavirus into hospice facilities or back to their families to die at home, in some cases discontinuing treatment even as relatives begged them to keep trying.

Coronavirus: Spain detects more than 8,000 daily cases : Coronavirus

Thailand Marks 100 Days Without Any Local Virus Cases : Coronavirus

Greenpeace photos illuminate illegal Amazon fires : worldnews

More than 100 missing pets in Lebanon reunited with owners after Beirut explosion : worldnews

Taiwan to change passport, fed up with confusion with China : worldnews

India's economic woes may have only just begun : worldnews

India bans PUBG, WeChat, and 118 other Chinese mobile applications : worldnews
Germany has told China to stop threatening Europe as Merkel hardens her stance towards Beijing : worldnews
Pentagon report: China amassing arsenal of anti-satellite weapons. : worldnews
China censors Thomas Piketty's book that touches on nation's growing inequality
Chinese university sparks anger by telling women to avoid 'revealing' clothes : worldnews

Pakistan bans datings apps Tinder and Grindr over 'immoral' content

Thai king reinstates disgraced royal consort : worldnews - 20 prostitutes just wasn't enough

Iran: mass torture following brutal crackdown of November protests - new report : worldnews
Iranian wrestling champion receives a double death sentence on top of 74 lashes while his two brothers are jailed for a total of 81 years for taking part in a protest against the regime : worldnews
Iran: Detainees flogged, sexually abused and given electric shocks in gruesome post-protest crackdown new report : worldnews

Video shows students being dragged away and loaded onto police vans in Minsk : worldnews
Belarus Blocks Catholic Church Head From Entering Country After He Criticizes Government, Despite Him Being A Citizen Of Belarus : worldnews

BBC News - Navalny 'poisoned with Novichok' - Germany : worldnews
Russian internet trolls hired U.S. journalists to push their news website : worldnews
Facebook says Russian influence campaign targeted left-wing voters in U.S., UK
Russia 'slow-motion Chernobyl' at sea

Israeli soldier condemned for putting knee on Palestinian protester's neck : worldnews
Qatar Emir tells Kushner two-state solution needed to end Palestine-Israel conflict : worldnews

South Korea officers charged with rape of North Korean defector : worldnews

Philippine Local Court Orders Early Release of US Marine Convicted in Transgender Filipina Murder : worldnews

Erdogan's government partner Bahceli : War with Greece is only a matter of time

Emmanuel Macron refuses to condemn Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Prophet Mohammad : worldnews
Charlie Hebdo: Fourteen suspects to face trial over Paris massacre : worldnews

Late dictator General Franco's heirs stripped of summer palace by Spanish court : worldnews

Health leaders warn Boris Johnson over axing of Public Health England - The abolition of Public Health England will damage the fight against obesity, smoking and alcohol misuse, the UK's doctors and public health experts have told the prime minister. (Tlores killing people for profit)

Artists Snuck 'ACAB' Into a BC City Mural and Police Are Angry : worldnews

U.S. refuses to join global COVID-19 vaccine effort because it is "led by the WHO" : worldnews
CDC Issues Sweeping Temporary Halt On Evictions Nationwide Amid Pandemic : Coronavirus
FEMA to stop funding for cloth face masks in schools : Coronavirus - Republicans hate teachers.
Second Trump appointee out at FDA over credibility concerns : Coronavirus

Tactics of fiery White House trade adviser draw new scrutiny as some of his pandemic moves unravelPeter Navarro has faced an internal investigation into his treatment of colleagues, and now two of his coronavirus-related actions are under internal scrutiny.
Trump's new coronavirus adviser has questioned masks and alarmed government scientists.A neuroradiologist without any qualifications in infectious disease! A political mouthpiece and a sell-out traitor to the profession of a physician. Disgusting. ("Dr." Scott Atlas, Hoover reaiologist) HHS spokesperson Michael Caputo pushed COVID-19 conspiracy theories and praised white supremacists in unearthed podcast
Coronavirus 'herd immunity' is just another way to say 'let people die'
Fauci: US has 'unacceptably high' level of COVID-19 cases going into fall : politics
The CDC Will Take Years to Get Its Credibility Back : politics
Covid-19 Live Updates and Tracker - The New York Times (Trump pushed untested vaccine)
Fauci predicts 'safe and effective' coronavirus vaccine by end of year

U.S. government debt will nearly equal the size of the entire economy for first time since World War II, CBO finds : politics (make America Bankrupt)

Sanjay Gupta Poinst Even Though No News Agency Claimed He Had Suffered One. Just How Unusual Trump's Walter Reed Visit Really Was | The President Repeatedly Denied That He Had a "mini-stroke' Even Though No News Agency Claimed He Had Suffered One.
Trump Gives Conflicting Reason For Hospital Visit As His Meltdown Over Stroke-Gate Continues : politics

Trump Never Investigated As Russian Agent : politics

DHS withheld July intelligence bulletin calling out Russian attack on Bidenj's mental health
Barr's Abrupt Removal of National Security Official Sparks Concerns
The Trump-Alfa Bank Server Mystery Resurfaces : politics

Sarah Sanders says Trump told her to go to North Korea and take 'one for the team' after Kim Jong Un winked at her : politics
Melania Trump used private email to conduct official White House business, former senior adviser says : politics
But Her Emails? Melania Joins List of Trump Officials Accused Of Using a Private Account : politics
Donald "Grab 'Em by the Pussy" Trump Thinks People Should Be Fired for Disrespecting Women

The latest polling evidence suggests Trump's convention flopped
No bounce in support for Trump as Americans see pandemic, not crime, as top issue: Reuters/Ipsos poll : politics
Biden opens up 10-point lead over Trump in new Quinnipiac Poll : politics
CNN Poll: Biden's lead persists post-conventions - CNNPolitics
Joe Biden Leads Donald Trump in Latest Grinnell College National Poll | Grinnell College
Presidential Race Tightens | Monmouth University Polling Institute (haha, you lied, it didn't)
Trump melts down after Lincoln Project ad mocks his RNC TV ratings: 'We have FAR more people!'

A Cartoon of Peace and Outrage - Kushner can't paper over the unpopularity of the Emirati-Israel accord in the Arab world.

Biden posts stunning monthly cash haul: $365 million - POLITICO

Trump's Reelection Campaign Is Corrupting the Entire Federal Government
House Oversight Committee subpoenas USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy : politics
'A Fiasco Is Clearly Foreseeable' : USPS Watchdog Probe Found 1 Million Primary Ballots Likely Delivered Too Late to Count
Baltimore postal facility sat on 68,000 pieces of election mail for 5 days ahead of primary, audit shows - Baltimore Sun

50% of likely voters say having Trump as president makes them feel less safe : politics

Debate moderators shouldn't be afraid to ask Trump embarrassing questions

This Is Democrats' Doomsday Scenario for Election Night -- What if early results in swing states on Nov. 3 show President Trump ahead, and he declares victory before heavily Democratic mail-in votes, which he has falsely linked with fraud, are fully counted?
Fair, rigged, and fake elections, or, why Donald Trump is even money to get re-elected - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Mitt Romney is sole GOP senator to criticize latest string of inflammatory Trump claims : politics

2016 Trump voter: No President has ruined the country like he has : politics
Many GOP Voters Value America's Whiteness More Than Its Democracy (so, Confederate traitors)
How white supremacy works in American culture and media - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Biden can win by 4 million and Trump will be dictator)
The Problem of America is the Problem of Whiteness - Lawyers, Guns & Money - One explanation for Republican indifference to such deeds is that Republicans aren't aware of them: Fox News's programming and Facebook's algorithm have simply kept red America blissfully ignorant of the commander-in-chief most tyrannical moods (Murdoched and Zuckerfucked)

Socialism: The Unending Republican Talking Point - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How turnout and swing voters could determine who wins the election - Washington Post

Trump campaign accepts donations from notorious neo-Nazi leader : politics

Joe Biden Said The Police Officers Who Shot Jacob Blake And Breonna Taylor Should Be Charged : politics
Biden says U.S. schools facing 'national emergency' because of Trump' 'failure' Let me be clear: if President Trump and his administration had done their jobs, Ameica's schools would be open' Biden said
Jill Biden slams Betsy DeVos : 'She didn't have a strategy' for reopening schools

Georgia likely removed nearly 200k from voter rolls wrongfully, report says : politics (the Kempster)
Speaking of white supremacy and vote suppression - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and hello Jebbie Bush)

Democrats push to register 1m voters in attempt to rip Texas from Trump : politics
The Latina Progressive Who Faced Down Texas Republicans -- Lina Hidalgo was mocked for taking a hard line on the pandemic. Then the cases started going up

Number of youth voters 'definitely' voting jumps to 77 percent: poll : politics

Kanye West's Virginia Electors Say Campaign Fraudulently Obtained Signatures. They're Suing to Have Him Taken Off Ballot.

'The Age of Incrementalism Is Over' Declares Green New Deal Champion Ed Markey After Defeating Joe Kennedy III; "Before tonight, a Kennedy had never lost an election in Massachusetts. But even a 100-year dynasty cannot overcome the Green New Deal" said the youth-led Sunrise Movement.
Markey defeats Kennedy : boston -- God what a colossal waste of time and money this whole thing was.

Donald Trump Came to Kenosha to Make the Most Vile Campaign Commercial in American Political History : politics
Kenosha business owner accuses Trump of using destroyed store for political gain : politics
Trump opens Kenosha event by inviting attendees to remove face masks : politics

Iowa is not doing OK. Everyone wants to talk about Portland, no one is talking about what a huge failure Iowa is. : politics

A Republican Member Of Congress Threatened To Kill Armed Demonstrators In A Facebook Post : politics

Black Lives Matter and 'antifa' are not the same thing

Covid-19 has killed more police officers this year than all other causes combined, data shows : politics ... And they STILL support the clown in chief lmfao
'So skeptical' : Sen. Joni Ernst echoes conspiracy theory questioning coronavirus death count (speaking of stupid evil bitches)

Alleged 'boogaloo' member arrested for mailing threats to California public health official -- Investigators discovered a fingerprint on one of the letters and matched it with Alan Viarengo, 55, of Gilroy, the sheriff's office said. (not the brightest boogies)

The Little Cards That Tell Police 'Let's Forget This Ever Happened' - Some cops give their friends and family union-issued "courtesy cards" to help get them out of minor infractions. The cards embody everything wrong with modern policing.

His Brother Called For Help After He Was Acting Strangely. Police Knelt On Him Until He Was Brain Dead -- Body camera video shows that Daniel Prude was complying with police when they knelt on his back and pushed his face to the ground for so long that he stopped breathing. (almost like it's part of their training)

9 Boston police officers arrested in connection with $200,000 overtime fraud scheme : boston

Dorchester man in hospital after accidentally shooting self in penis : boston

Mum killed when unborn baby cut from her at fake baby shower

Black holes: Cosmic signal rattles Earth after 7 billion years - BBC News

'Ultra-Processed' Junk Food Linked to Advanced Ageing at Cellular Level, Study Finds : worldnews

Average age at first marriage [OC] : dataisbeautiful


Ice Sheet Melting Is Perfectly in Line With Our Worst-Case Scenario, Scientists Warn | Mass loss from 2007 to 2017 due to melt-water and crumbling ice aligned almost perfectly with the IPCC's most extreme forecasts; "We need to come up with a new worst-case scenario for the ice sheets." : worldnews
Satellite images show rapid growth of glacial lakes worldwide - Number of glacial lakes rose by 53% in 1990-2018 to reveal impact of increased meltwater : worldnews

Pandemic 'causing plastic pollution explosion' : worldnews

A new violent and potentially the strongest typhoon of the 2020 season could strike Japan next week. It will be named Haishen and will come right after typhoon Maysak strikes Kyushu Island and South Korea tomorrow. : worldnews

Fauci Makes It Blunt: 190,000 Americans Would Still Be Alive If It Wasn't For the Coronavirus : Coronavirus
Fauci debunks theories of low CDC coronavirus death toll: 'There are 180,000 plus deaths' in U.S. : Coronavirus
Opening up without control of COVID-19 is recipe for disaster, says WHO : worldnews
Opinion | It Has Come to This: Ignore the C.D.C. - The New York Times - new guidelines are wrong, so states have to step up on their own to suppress the coronavirus.

MA COVID-19 Data 9/1/20 : boston
119,138 total confirmed - 21,654 new tests - 4 new deaths; 8,831 total
Despite the Spring outbreak MA is now under the US average for cases/1M : CoronavirusMa

Study: For the first time a complete picture of all communication channels of a human cell infected by SARS-CoV-2 was recorded and observed : Coronavirus
COVID-19 Can Wreck Your Heart, Even if You Haven't Had Any Symptoms: raising concerns about the cardiac consequences of the coronavirus : Coronavirus
Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be 'colossally stupid' : Coronavirus

Monitoring the Coronavirus Outbreak in Metro Areas Across the U.S. - The New York Times
KatelynHarrop on Twitter: "503 @IowaStateU students, faculty and staff tested positive for COVID-19 in the second week of the semester. That's a 28.8% positive percentage, which is up from 18.5% the week before. Today, @nytimes ranks Ames as having the worst outbreak in the country, relative to population." / Twitter (good job, Deathlicans)

COVID-19 cases at South Dakota colleges spike by hundreds, state data reveals : Coronavirus

Texas reports 4,732 new coronavirus cases, 154 new deaths : Coronavirus

Covid-19 built a 'northern wall' between the US and Canada and it could stay up longer than anyone expected : worldnews

Alleged 'covidiots' force all passengers on Greece-U.K. flight into quarantine

Troops gas patients and doctors in covid ward : worldnews - IDF trooops firing tear gas into Palestinian hospitc .. Army says it has 'no knowledge of what happ[en inside hospital' after hurting 25)

Romania's highest scientific body slammed for quoting 5G conspiracies : worldnews

Mosque terrorist designated a 'terrorist entity' by Jacinda Ardern - freezing his assets and making it illegal to support him : worldnews

Flash floods in Afghanistan kill 100s and destroy 1000s of homes : worldnews

Czech mayor writes letter calling a Chinese diplomat an 'unmannered rude clown' and to apologize for his 'pathetic diplomatic f-ck up' after he threatens Czech Senate Speaker over Taiwan trip : worldnews
'I am Taiwanese' Czech speaker tells parliament, likely to rile China : worldnews
China to end Mongolian-language education in Inner Mongolia' cause massive protest
Jackie Chan's Mansion Seized by Authorities as His Ties to China's Factional Battles Surface : worldnews
A grieving daughter in Wuhan is suing China, saying its early cover-up of COVID-19 killed her father. In response, the authorities intimidated her family. : worldnews

India captures Chinese camp in disputed Ladakh as violence erupts again between superpowers : worldnews
Chinese newspaper claims Australia becoming poor white trash of Asia (China just expanded the definition of "Asia" to most of the world)

Qatar is clearly funding Terrorism and opposing peace : worldnews

Maltese journalist was killed over reporting on power plant, say police - Police believe that the anti-corruption journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed for what she was about to reveal about a government-sponsored power station deal, a court in Malta has heard. : worldnews

Facebook threatens to block news in Australia if regulations are enacted : worldnews
Police say using Lawyer X as informer was wrong, issue bombshell apology for 'breaching trust': Victoria Police admitted it was "profoundly wrong" in permitting lawyer Nicola Gobbo to inform on her own clients, as Royal Commission makes public thousands of pages of documents for first time. : worldnews

Russian fighter jet violates Danish airspace : worldnews
A prominent opposition blogger in Russia, Yegor Zhukov, has been beaten up in Moscow and taken to hospital for treatment. : worldnews
Russia: Baliffs Seize $460,000 From Navalny Ally : worldnews
Here Is the Bloody Face of Putin's New Crackdown

Belarus poll workers describe fraud in Aug. 9 election : worldnews
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have blacklisted embattled Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and 29 other high-ranking officials for alleged election fraud and a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. : worldnews
India captures Chinese camp in disputed Ladakh as violence erupts again between superpowers : worldnews (Trump texts Putin - "just kidding")

Polish government gives cash to 'LGBT-free' - Back in July, Poland's President Andrzej Duda secured a second term in office on a platform of anti-gay rhetoric. Now, activists say that homophobia is rising within the country.

Charlie Hebdo to republish Islamic cartoons that led to the terrorist attack in 2015 as the terrorism trial begins tomorrow : worldnews

The names of 122 women murdered by men over the past year in France were plastered onto a Paris wall on Sunday night as part of a memorial to mark the first year of a poster campaign that has put the country's femicide crisis in the spotlight

Tony Abbott: some elderly Covid patients could be left to die naturally : worldnews
UK Tory plan to scrap election watchdog 'undermines democracy' - The Liberal Democrats said any moves against the Electoral Commission, as outlined by the. Conservatives' co-chair Amanda Milling, appeared an attempt to prevent the exposure of ""embarrassing funding connections to Russian oligarchs" (Tory commmie traitors, sound familiar?)
Gap between rich and poor pupils in England 'grows by 46% in a year' : worldnews (UK gives a fuck about non-rich kids even less than America)
Suicides among teenage girls and young women have almost doubled in seven years. Number of women and girls between ages of 10 and 24 recorded as having taken their own lives has increased by 94% since 2012, from 81 to 159 last year - a record high, according to Office for National Statistics. : worldnews

Pence was told to be on standby to assume powers during Trump's abrupt Walter Reed visit : politics
Eschaton: Spread Your Ear Pollution, Both Far And Wide - I usually don't bother with the beautiful tweets of My President as they are little pieces of perfection all by themselves, but it wasn't reported anywhere that he had mini-strokes so, you know, he had mini-strokes.
Trump denies 'mini-strokes' sent him to Walter Reed : politics ... So he did have mini-strokes.
Pence: "I don't recall being told to be on standby" during Trumps Walter Reed visit (Pence had a little stroke bc it's totally believable he couldn't remember almost being president)

Millions of U.S. Voters' Details Leak to Russia's Dark Web
Russian hackers leak personal data of nearly every voter in Michigan, plus a million more voters in four other states : politics ... Good thing we stopped those election security briefings... (Vlad's pal Trump wrecks FEC)
Why We Still Don't If Trump Is a Russian Asset -- The president shut down the counterintelligence investigation. That's not how an innocent man behaves.
Facebook removes Russian disinformation network - The Washington Post

Barr reportedly removes national security official ahead of elections : politics
John Brennan: Trump will suffocate the intelligence community to get reelected : politics

Trump Just Went Full QAnon in a Fox News Interview Even Laura Ingraham called Trump's claims a "conspiracy theory." : politics ... "We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that. A lot of the people were on the plane to do big damage."
Trump stuns with off-the-rails interview pushing Biden conspiracy theory : politics
Totally Real Source Reveals How Trump Discovered the Planeload of Looters
Trump Staff Are Spreading Not One But Two Manipulated Videos Of Joe Biden : politics

Trump Is a Coward : politics
This isn't an administration. It's an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

Real Principled Men of Principle - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It was only after Trump granted a woman clemency at Kim Kardashian's request that McGahn knew he truly had to leave the White House. He could no longer abide the accumulation of Trump' actions -- Resigning over one of the few defensible things Donald Trump has done in his whole horrible life makes McGahn pretty much the quintessential Elite-Republican-Trump-lickspittle-who-wants-to-pretend-that-he-isn't-a-Trump-lickspittle.

Justice Department zeroing in on longtime GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy - The Washington Post

Cornered, Trump tries to foment a race war : politics
Trump compared police who shoot people to golf players who mess up their shots, the night before visiting the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha : politics
Eschaton: Perfectly Normal President - The President claims people in the dark shadows who control the streets are really controlling Biden. He goes on to talk about a plane full of people wearing black uniforms but then says he can't reveal anymore because it's under investigation
Trump's 'plane loaded with thugs' conspiracy theory matches months-old rumor - Evidence-free social media posts about groups of people coming to terrorize suburbs have thrived in recent months, inspiring some people to arm themselves.
Opinion | Trump goes all in and defends White violence - The Washington Post
Last 24 hours reveal the stark differences between Trump and Biden

NYT reporter's new book makes explosive Russia, Mueller claims -- that Times didn't report (burn it down)

Pompeo nixed filming campaign ad in Israel after Jerusalem speech furorafter accusations US secretary of state broke the law by filming message for Republican National Convention while on official trip

We just passed 6 million cases, and it didn't have to be like this -- Another grim milestone to remind us how tragically Donald Trump has failed. He had an opportunity, and ran away
Axios-Ipsos poll: A harsh verdict for governments coronavirus response
Trump White House Warns Colleges: Dont Send Your COVID-Infected Students Home! - coronavirus task force made it clear that they realize sending students back to school has created a risk of cascading outbreaks.

Manhattan DA Again Hints That Trump Investigation Goes Beyond Hush Money : politics

Trump has the narrowest base ever. Biden has the broadest. : politics
The troops want a new commander in chief : politics
It Turns Out the Troops Like Biden and Dislike Trump to the Same Degree Everyone Else Does : politics

Poll: Majority of Americans intend to vote early this election : politics

Exclusive: Bloomberg group warns Trump will appear to win big on election night - Axios

Biden Expected to Surpass $300 Million Raised in August, Shattering Record - The New York Times - The fund-raising total would exceed previous monthly hauls and is more than double what the former vice president raised in July.

Trumps IRS Chief Has Made Hundreds of Thousands from Trump Properties While in Office

Evangelical Couple: 'Our Conscience Won't Allow Us To Vote For Trump Again' : politics (you already did, twice, Satangelicas)

USPS Is Fighting to Block the Release of Data on Mail Delays : politics (DeJoy cackles in the background)
'The Corruptoin is Bottomless' : Documents Reveal Chair of Postal Service Board Is Director of McConnell-Allied Super PAC

Now in Government Food Aid Boxes: A Letter From Donald Trump

Department of Justice may be probing Trump campaign: former officials - Business Insider

Trump retweets video tying BLM, antifa to an assault. Neither group was involved. : politics
Trump: Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake Just 'Choked' Like a Golfer Missing a Putt (seven times)
Biden suggests Trump is 'too weak, too scared' to stand up to his supporters : politics
Joe Biden: 'Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?' : politics

Poll: Trump slips among key groups that backed him in 2016 - Los Angeles Times

Poll: Biden up by 5 in Nevada
An unlikely state tightens up - POLITICO - The president is fixated on winning Minnesota this year after nearly capturing it in 2016.
Arizona Stands Out From a Mostly Static Presidential Race in Battleground States - Arizona Stands Out From a Mostly Static Presidential Race in Battleground StatesBiden now leads by 10 in Arizona

Kanye Wests Campaign Is Filled to the Brim With GOP Operatives

D.C. committee recommends stripping the names of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Francis Scott Key and others from city government buildings - The Washington Post

Wisconsin's Governor Called a Special Session on Police Reform. Republicans Stopped It After 30 Seconds ... How rigged are Wisconssin's maps? ... rated the state's electoral boundaries as a three on a scale of one to 100. This is not only the worst rating in the nation, it's lower than any nation graded by the EIP has ever scored on this measure. This is not a rating received by a functioning democracy. It is the rating of an authoritarian state.

Buckeye Trumps - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The amazing thing about the Ohio Republican Party is that Gym Jordan isn't even the worst one:

The lesson Susan Collins taught Donald Trump - No doubt Collins hoped Trump would respect laws and traditions. But, unfortunately, the lesson Collins taught Trump is that she, along with nearly all Republicans in Congress, will not stop his law-breaking and corruption and therefore fail to do their jobs in our constitutional system of checks and balances (bye-bye, Floozy Doozy)

/u/shizzybizmang shows who is instigating riots and violence, cites sources : bestof

Trump Insists Portland Is 'Ablaze All The Time' ; Fire Department Says No, It Really Isn't

Florida 'antifa hunter' sentenced to three years after threatening Black political candidate, activist : politics
Man with alleged 'Boogaloo' ties charged with threatening health official : politics

Seattle PD officer logs 4,149 hrs making $414,543 in 2019. : news
Update: Columbia Cop Fired After Using Racial Slur During Incident At Five Points : news
Off-duty cop slashes tires in Pittston, charges looming : news

Liberty Will Investigate Universitys Operations Under Jerry Falwell Jr.
Larry Flynt on His Final Farewell to the Falwells

Girl, 15, dies of overdose after TikTok 'Benadryl challenge' : worldnews - "faith-driven" Oklahoma teen

Honeybee venom rapidly kills aggressive breast cancer cells, Australian research finds : worldnews
How MITs Artificial Bee Lab Might Save the Honeybee

Substantial numbers of Republicans support violations of key democratic norms. "The strongest predictor by far of these antidemocratic attitudes is ethnic antagonism -- especially concerns about the political power and claims on government resources of immigrants, African-Americans, and Latinos"

Anti Christ ?? : PoliticalHumor


U.S. sees 35K new COVID cases; national total now over 6 million : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 8/31/20 : boston

Hundreds of protesters gather against new flu vaccine mandate in Massachusetts : boston
118,784 total confirmed - 18,740 new tests - 11 new deaths; 8,827 total
COVID wastewater sampling data from Deer Island compared to number of patients in MA hospitals : CoronavirusMa

Mask wearers are "dramatically less likely" to get a severe case of Covid-19
Alarm as FDA willing to issue Covid-19 vaccine before stringent safety testing : Coronavirus

U.S. Coronavirus Rates Are Rising Fast Among Children : Coronavirus
Interferons: The coronavirus disarms the foot soldiers of the immune system. Scientists theorize that boosting them could fight covid-19 - Washington Post : Coronavirus
Calculator that helps determine your likelihood of getting COVID from different situations

The Hot New Conservative Talking Point on COVID-19 Is Extremely Wrong : Coronavirus
Anti-mask group stages protest in Pennsylvania Walmart, causing evacuation : Coronavirus
School bans 'malicious coughing' under new coronavirus rules

Eschaton: What A Country - Everything works just as it should ... But when the decision was made to reopen, U-M' Board of Regents was chaired by one of Ann Arbor's largest landlords, Ron Weisera billionaire Trump megadonor who has given more than $100M to U-M in the last six years ... People will soon begin dying avoidable deaths from COVID-19 and the University will be culpable. Why did it come to this? Thousands of us were shouting warnings and demanding answers all summer, but we were ignored, silenced, made to feel powerless in our isolation.

Arizona reports no new coronavirus deaths, 174 additional cases : Coronavirus
Kentucky sets new record for most COVID-19 cases reported in a week : Coronavirus
Florida reports lowest coronavirus case increase since mid-June, 68 new resident deaths : Coronavirus

Two Iowa cities have the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in the country : Coronavirus

Poll finds a third of Americans think they handled COVID-19 better than Canada, and are also delusional | The Star

Scientists see downsides to top COVID-19 vaccines from Russia, China : worldnews

India just became the first and the only country to report 80,000 covid cases in a single day. : worldnews

Korea Goes Back into Lockdown : worldnews

China says Czech senate speaker must pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit : worldnews (China is everyone's asshole boss)
The Only Mongolian-Language Social Media Site Was Shut Down in China - A Mongolian rights group says that China is attempting to commit "cultural genocide" in Inner Mongolia. : worldnews
How China distorts its minorities through propaganda - BBC Culture
Taiwan says China still lacks ability for full assault on island : worldnews
Tensions rise on India China Border, PLA troops carry out 'provocative movements' at Pangong : worldnews ... Looks Xitler has chosen india as the punching bag to showcase their military might
Xinjiang government forces unproven medicine on people in lockdown : worldnews - In what experts call a breach of medical ethics, some residents are being coerced into swallowing traditional Chinese medicine
China launches second Australian wine probe amid tensions - Australia's backing of a global inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus in April had effectively singled out China and "hurt the feelings" of its people, a top Chinese diplomat said last week. : worldnews
Australian journalist Cheng Lei detained in China : worldnews
Amid Tensions with Beijing Post Galwan Clashes, Indian Navy Warships Set Sail for South China Sea : worldnews
Thomas Piketty refuses to censor latest book for sale in China : worldnews

Belarus protesters defy crackdown to march again through Minsk : worldnews
Putin passes on 'warm wishes' to embattled Lukashenko, as tanks are seen in Minsk amid protests : worldnews

Iranian father gets nine-year sentence for beheading teenage daughter in 'honour killing' : worldnews ... So much insanity in the world today. It's easy to forget that so much of the world is like the Middle Ages but with smartphones and running water.

A man who inspired a Hollywood film about the 1994 Rwandan genocide has been arrested for leading "terrorist movements", officials say. Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu, became well known after Hotel Rwanda depicted his efforts to save hundreds of Tutsis at his hotel during the genocide. : worldnews

Dozens hospitalised after underground bunker rave in Oslo : worldnews

Two teen boys tortured, raped and buried alive in Sweden

An ultra-conservative French magazine prompted outrage on Saturday by portrayed a Black female lawmaker as a slave in chains, earning condemnation nationwide as well as from French President Emmanuel Macron : worldnews
Oh hey, Orson Scott Card also wrote about Obama becoming Hitler and commanding an army of gang members (boy that aged well)

German government condemns 'unacceptable' attempt by far-right groups to storm Reichstag : worldnews

Boris Johnson 'can't be trusted' on foreign aid as millions sent to China revealed - Boris Johnson has been urged to scrap plans to axe the UK overseas aid department, after it emerged he sent tens of millions of pounds worth of taxpayers' cash to China while he was Foreign Secretary. (same everywhere, what does Xi have on BoJo?)
French foreign minister blasts 'intransigent and frankly unrealistic' UK at Brexit talks : worldnews

With Canada and Mexico borders closed, Americans are trapped in their own healthcare system : worldnews (shitholw country)

New Trump pandemic adviser pushes controversial "herd immunity" strategy, worrying public health officials : politics (says 10 million dead worth it to save the economy, but won't infect the Trump family)
New pandemic adviser pushes controversial 'herd immunity' strategy, worrying public health officials

White House privately warned states of Covid-19 'red zone' threat, records show (Refuck govs ingnored the warning, said their citizens could fuck off and die for Trump)
Trump picks up where Fox News left off, with new coronavirus death-toll conspiracy theory - The Washington Post (only 6% of 200,000 actually died of Covid, they rest just mysteriously dropped dead to embarress Trump in a deepstate libtard Soros plot)
Trump leans into his '180,000 deaths is a statistic' reelection strategyThe White House is increasingly obvious about shrugging at the coronavirus (just a little "fake math")
I'm not saying we won't get our hair mussed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - But with proper precautions to protect life worthy of life, we're talking 1.5 million to two million deaths, tops ... Depending on the breaks.
The results of Rick DeSantis's \_(?)_// strategy for dealing with COVID-19 are in, and it turns out that as an epidemiologist Richard Epstein is a bad legal scholar: n the roughly three months since Gov. Ron DeSantis greenlighted Phase Two of his plan to reopen Florida, the Sunshine State has seen a whopping 947.9 percent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases ... As of Friday morning, 615,806 cases had been identified across the state ... Canada, with a little less than twice Floridas population, has 128,000 cases. Heckuva job!
White House adviser joins DeSantis to tout COVID strategy: Test only those with symptoms : Coronavirus
The paranoid style, Hook 'em Horns edition - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Benjamin Dixon on Twitter: "These are the people who worship Trump and have a deep, seething, and palpable hatred for you." / Twitter

DOJ kept investigators from completing probe of Trump ties to Russia: report : politics
Rod Rosenstein Didn't 'Land the Plane.' He Made Sure It Never Left the Ground.: The New York Times reports the former deputy attorney general instructed Special Counsel Robert Mueller not to investigate Donald Trump's personal and financial ties to Russia. : politics (nice burning reputation you have there, Roddy traitor boy)
In Putin he trusts: Remember Trump's Helsinki betrayal
Trump mulled "settling" with Mueller amid Russia investigation (like all his other lawsuits and Mueller would have to sign an NDA, didn't know the difference between civil and criminal lawsuits)

A Republican-led Senate panel found that ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was a 'grave counterintelligence threat' because of his Russia ties : politics
Barr's removal of career national security official, weeks before election, raises concerns - A little-known office in the Justice Department has lost its long-time chief (opens door to Russian interference)

Trump's performance at the Republican convention reminds me of Saddam Hussein -- nationalism at its worst | The last few nights of political discourse in the US represents a toxic strain of American nationalism that feeds on violence and myths of superiority

Trump Asked John Kelly to Run FBI, Demanding Loyalty To 'Only Him'
Former Trump chief of staff John Kelly says telling the president that things he wants to do were illegal was like 'French kissing a chainsaw' : politics

House Democrats say subpoena for Trump's financial records meets Supreme Court's requirements : politics (Roberts' Court says Trump is above the Constitution)
U.S. appeals court deals blow to Democratsbid to get testimony from ex-White House lawyer McGahn< (Refuck judges cover his ass) /a>
Michael Flynn case does not have to be immediately dismissed, appeals court rules - The Washington Post

Trump urges keeping tax returns away from Manhattan's top prosecutor
Does Cy Vance Already Have the Trump Organization Tax Returns?

In Steve Bannon Case, Prosecutors Have 'Voluminous' Emails

Longtime GOP consultant: This election "is the most dangerous period since the Civil War" : politics
The right's culture war is no longer a sideshow to our politics - it is our politics | Conservatives are winning elections by inventing threats to 'our culture'
Trump's signal to his followers is clear: Violence and chaos are my only hope : politics
Trump tries to dance around a devastating backdrop - POLITICO - Despite unemployment above 10 percent and millions of jobs vaporized, Trump is running on his economic record before the pandemic (still running on Barry's recovery which he destroyed).

U.S. Faces A 'Perfect Storm' Of Political Violence Heading Into November ElectionThere have been nearly 11,000 demonstrations in the U.S. this summer as well as a rising tide of state repression and vigilante violence.
Trumps illuminating defense of Kyle Rittenhouse
Trump retweet slammed as 'most blatant act of racial incitement in the history' of the presidency : politics
Yusef Salaam: 'Trump would have had me hanging from a tree in Central Park' : politics

How Has Donald Trump Survived? - The New York Times - DONALD TRUMP V. THE UNITED STATES - Inside the Struggle to Stop a President - By Michael S. Schmidt
Opinion | No, Wisconsin won't make Democrats lose (Trump needs non-whites not to vote, which isn't happening)

As Trump's popularity slips in latest Military Times poll, more troops say they'll vote for Biden
Poll: Third party voters from 2016 are backing Biden 2-to-1 ... Gary Johnson/Jill Stein voters from 2016 are breaking more toward Joe Biden than they are Donald Trump
Trump Says Biden's Numbers Are Plunging -- Poll Trackers Barely Show A Change

Mike Pompeo is the worst secretary of state in history : politics

How Trump Brought Nazis Into Republican Politics
The "Oath Keepers" Are Todays Blackshirts -- In the Obama era, they resisted "presidential tyranny" - .Now they want to help Trump crack American skulls in the streets.

Twitter removes QAnon supporter's false claim about coronavirus death statistics that Trump had retweeted : worldnews
Herman Cain Twitter account downplays Covid-19 weeks after he died of virus : politics

Melania's ex-friend: Trump family tainted by 'deceit, deception' - ABC News
Trump Books Keep Coming, and Readers Cant Stop Buying

I always wanted you to admire my backhand - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The records reviewed by the AP reveal a pattern of DeJoy' family winning coveted opportunities after making generous contributions (crooks all the way up and down)

In Massachusetts, Markey Outflanks Kennedy by Running as Bold Insurgent - The New York Times - Edward Markey, 74, entered Congress before Joseph Kennedy III was born. But in their Senate race he has harnessed the energy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the ascendant left, much to Mr. Kennedy's frustration ... growing clout of progressives in the Democratic Party, particularly in states and districts that are heavily metropolitan and filled with well-educated voters (haha, they thought Markey would 'step aside' for the JoKester(
Where is Worchester, Massachusetts? Kennedy ad causes social media stir : boston ... You know, Worchester. It's between Lemonster, Farmingham, and Springfilled ... north of Winchester

Georgia' s a toss-up in White House race
Heated Montana Race Could Flip the Senate to Democrats : politics

Trump Cam The Forward cam>paign Knowingly Accepting Contributions From Notorious Neo-Nazi Morris Gulett and Other Racists

Trumps vile tweetstorm reveals the ugly core of his 'law and order' campaign

Ailing Kenosha on edge as Trump visit looms amid tensions
Journalist Quits Kenosha Paper in Protest of Its Jacob Blake Rally Coverage - The New York Times

Appeals court temporarily halts protections for journalists, legal observers in Portland : news - The two that voted against him were trump appointees but that is just coincidence, I'm sure ...
Another Step for Fascism - Lawyers, Guns & Money - A three-judge panel on Thursday temporarily halted protections for journalists and legal observers covering the unrest In Portland, Oregon.

Man under investigation in fatal shooting after pro-Trump rally allegedly took loaded gun to earlier Portland protest - - fatal shooting Saturday night of a right-wing demonstrator after a pro-Trump rally. Michael Forest Reinoehl calls himself an anti-fascist

Whistleblower Testifies Deputy Who Shot Gardena Teen Was "Chasing Ink" ... testimony casts a cloud over other cases, including the shooting of 18-year-old Andres Guardado, who was shot five times in the back by a sheriff's deputy earlier this year. Gonzalez claims Vega was a prospective member of the Executioners ... That sounds awfully familiar to a sexually-predatory clique within the church called "The Priests" ... for Prestestants, "Youth Pastors" ...

U.S. pro-Israel groups failed to disclose grants from Israeli government ("failed to disclose" = actively covered up their illegal corruption)
Sheldon Adelson set to buy US Ambassador's Herzliya homeThe US billionaire is in advanced talks to buy the residence for NIS 300 million, which would make it Israels most expensive home. (and why does the US ambassador to Israel own the most expensive home in Israel?)

Im Still Reading Andrew Sullivan. But I Can't Defend Him. - one of the most influential journalists of the last three decades, but he's shadowed by a 1994 magazine cover story that claimed to show a link between race and I.Q. (typical NYT bullshit, Sullyfuck has been a fucking asshole racist his whole life)
Andrew Sullivan: The 'polite fascist' is a fascist nonetheless ... He argues, with a straight face, that New York Times, until recently home to Bari Weiss and which published Tom Cotton's op-ed, is a bastion of the hard-left. The output of that paper on a daily basis shows the lines below are gibberish:

Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy Charged With 20 New Sex Assault Counts : news

The Eco- Yogi Slumlords of 1214 Dean Street, Brooklyn - How did a couple who built an empire of yoga studios and homes with "living walls" end up as pandemic villains? ... the Brooklyn Heights Bonnie and Clyde ... (in the true evill asshole dept)

u/Gible1 uncovers the identity of Q Anon and it's none other than Jim Watkins, the creator of 8Chan.

Opinion | Kathryn Murdoch wants to reform the way we elect politicians - The Washington Post ...reforms it claims could end "the doom loop" ... Among them: turning the job of redistricting over to independent commissions, rather than allowing gerrymandering by politicians; nonpartisan primaries in which the top finishers, regardless of their party affiliations, go to the general election; and ranked-choice voting, in which voters pick not just one candidate but rank names on the ballot by preference. Together, these changes could bypass entrenched political structures and make elections more responsive to the broader interests of ordinary voters ... (interesting, why James quit)

John Oliver offers to donate $55,000 if Danbury actually names sewer plant after him - The Boston Globe

A Guide To Working From Home - OfficeArrow - In light of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic and the rise in enhanced technology for inter-team communication, itno wonder that working from home is becoming a common aspect of the modern working world.

Sapling - "Everything Was Better" (Official Video) - YouTube
Sapling - "Stoop Kid" (Official Video) - YouTube
Sapling - "Fuck This Yuppie Barbecue" (Official Video) - YouTube
Music | Sapling

Dave Grohl RESPONDS!!! : videos

Analysis of Today's CenturyLink/Level(3) Outage


Giant new 50-metre deep 'crater' opens up in Arctic tundra, believed to be caused by the build up of methane gas in pockets of thawing permafrost under the surface : worldnews ... Climate models considering only gradual permafrost thaw are substantially underestimating carbon emissions from thawing permafrost ... (more end of world scenarios)

Thousands protest in Mauritius over dolphin deaths after oil spill : worldnews

Coronavirus update: U.S. death toll approaches 180,000 : Coronavirus

MA COVID-19 Data 8/30/20 : boston (1%)
174 New Confirmed Cases; 1% Positive - August 30 : CoronavirusMa - 118,483 total confirmed 16,594 new tests - 13 new deaths; 8,816 total - 139 antibody tests; 25 probable cases; 0 probable deaths

What is the situation on the Cape? : CoronavirusMa

Kids can carry coronavirus in respiratory tract for weeks, study suggests : worldnews
CDC: 94% of Covid-19 deaths had underlying medical conditions : news (called "life")
Was the 1918 H1N1 virus the "source" for the 1957 H2N2, 1968 H3N2, and the seasonal flu that comes around each year? : askscience

About half of the Twitter accounts calling for reopening America are bots: report : Coronavirus

Health officials say strict COVID testing regimen for college students sets Vermont apart : Coronavirus

Florida shows 947.9% increase in COVID-19 cases since governor reopened state - ... 25-34 age group: (114,959 cases, 19 percent)

NY hits new high in coronavirus testing as daily caseloads remain low : Coronavirus

North Carolina COVID-19 cases increase by more than 1,000 on Sunday : Coronavirus

Texas deaths from illness caused by coronavirus pass 12,500 : Coronavirus

775 new Kentucky coronavirus cases and 8 deaths. 23% of new cases are 18 or under. : Coronavirus

Cases rising rapidly among young Londoners : Coronavirus

Japan has the worlds oldest population. Yet it dodged a coronavirus crisis at elder-care facilities.

Mutated coronavirus strain found in Indonesia as cases jump : worldnews

Surge in South Korea coronavirus cases fans hospital bed shortage concerns : worldnews

Don't go near it : Covid-19 lockdown leads to deadly snake boom in Melbourne

India passes coronavirus milestone: The largest number of daily cases in the world : worldnews

Portugal to make Covid vaccine free, universal and perhaps even mandatory. : worldnews

African migrants 'left to die' in Saudi Arabia's hellish Covid detention centres

India: Brain dead person gives lungs to a Covid-19 patient in Asia's 1st such transplant, arms to a young woman. Both transplants successful. : worldnews