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Psyche's Links: 2020


China reports 259 people have died of new virus with 11,791 confirmed cases of the outbreak. : worldnews
US imposing total ban on inbound foreign nationals who have been to China in past 14 days, starting Sunday 5PM est : worldnews
Australia to deny entry to travellers from mainland China unless they're Australian citizens
Trump Has Sabotaged America's Coronavirus Response -- As it improvises its way through a public health crisis, the United States has never been less prepared for a pandemic (fired all the scientists, defunded public health and pandemic response)

Harvard professor among three charged with lying about Chinese government ties : worldnews
Twitter Banned Zero Hedge For Doxing A Chinese Scientist It Falsely Accused Of Creating Coronavirus - name, photo, email, and a telephone number are being spread across American social media.

North Korean government officials escape across the border 'with key documents' in group defection : worldnews

Jimmy Carter slams Trump's 'Deal of the Century' as violation of international law : worldnews

Brexit, the most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country's history, is done - Ian McEwan - The magic dust of populism has blinded reason, and damage and diminishment lie ahead ... Hedge fund owners, plutocrat donors to the cause, Etonians and newspaper proprietors cast themselves as enemies of the elite. More magic dust ... We were, in truth, the left-behinds. By the grace of Corbyn and his grim lieutenants, we had no effective voice in parliament ... the mind-clouding magic dust which has blinded reason and diminished our children's prospects.

Eschaton: Proper - Britain is free at last, free at last ... I know this is a bit hard for Americans to understand, instinctively seduced by slightly posh accents, but the Tories are dumber than Republicans, the "objective media" (basically the BBC) is even more in the tank for Tories, and the Sensible Centrists are more actively destructive than Jon Chait and Claire McCaskill ever were ... The age group that voted in the greatest numbers for Brexit were those between 65 and 75, so now the greatest generation this country ever produced can get on with the job of insisting they didn't fight in the war to be told what to do by Europe, even though they were born 10 years after the war ended. - And this goes to show how patriotic they are; they were willing to fight Hitler even after he was already dead

The EUnew center point after Brexit: A field in Bavaria
New Poll Shows Majority of Scots Support Independence : worldnews

Franklin Graham's UK tour left in tatters as nearly every venue drops anti-LGBT hate preacher (good headline)

Nigerians are one of America's best educated immigrant groups. Trump just banned them. : worldnews (to appeal to his racist deBase)
Border Patrol Detains Iranian-Born American Soldier at the Border, Seizes Their Phone - VICE - The American citizen was on official military business and told Motherboard they believe they were questioned because of their Iranian heritage.

FBI investigating border wall gun battle that left two wounded at California job site - The Washington Post - The incident, which has not been publicly disclosed, happened on the night of July 1 east of the San Ysidro border crossing, when Mexican security guards came under fire while protecting materials and equipment for Texas-based Ultimate Concrete, according to a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report.

Trump administration reveals its blocking dozens of emails about Ukraine aid freeze, including President's role (haha, a day later, you've been Barred again)
Justice Department acknowledges 24 emails reveal Trump's thinking on Ukraine ... "presidential privilege" ... (to hide the president's crimes) ... "The facts will come out in all of their horror," Schiff said in closing remarks. "The documents the president is hiding will come out. The witnesses the president is concealing will tell their stories." ("Trump is their god and Fox is his prophet")

Senate vote 51-49 against witnesses : worldnews
Opinion | A Dishonorable Senate - The New York Times - Republican legislators abdicated their duty by refusing to seek the truth.
Lamar Alexander says Senate should not 'substitute its judgment' for that of the voters ("you voted for a crooks, you're stuck with a crook" he said)
Senate Fails Its Duty To Nation : politics
Republicans Bless Trumps Crimes: He Did It, Get Over It
Schumer on impeachment trial: Senate 'turned away from truth'
Pelosi calls senators who voted against trial witnesses 'accomplices to the President's cover-up' : politics
Imgur: The List of Republican Traitors to America

White House officials not thrilled but resigned to new vote timeline in impeachment trial - CNNPolitics

Dare we overturn the will of the voters by holding another election? - The Washington Post (Alexandra gets the point all the elite journos are missing on purpose)

Why four key Republicans split -- and the witness vote tanked (jfc, your elite journos keep calling them "moderate")
By denying witnesses, Republicans made clear even a smoking gun would not be enough - It was evident from the start of the day that evidence was unlikely to play a major part in the Republicans deliberations
Senate Republicans Are Betting That Voters' Anger Will Fade by November (bc Republican memory lasts two days)
A Trial Without Witnesses Is No Trial at All : politics
No witnesses, no documents, no justice in the Senate : politics
Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump can't be considered acquitted if Senate doesn't call witnesses in impeachment trial : politics
Our president is unchecked, and our system is unbalanced : politics (the Constitution system is flawed bc money)
Democrats Vow Trump Probes to Go On After Impeachment Trial Ends : politics

Eschaton: They're All Bad - I know the Senate is the greatest deliberative body in the world where all of the greatest people of America get along famously and frankly I go to bed every night just pleased as punch that The Chucks Grassley and Schumer have a grand old time in the Senate gym locker room. Get a tear in my eye as Snuffy Walden plays in my mind imagining their witty banter. -- But, also too, their wonderful colleagues on the other side of the aisle are all corrupt assholes and they have been blowing up The Norms for years and I think it's past time for the Dems to tell THE AMERICAN PEOPLE just who those Republicans are.

Eschaton: Both Sides - There's no doubt that President Obummer would have been driven out of office by Democrats by now if he'd been the Full Trump, and deservedly so. Political journalists who can't internalize that basic fact should be brushing up their fry skills instead of earning the big bucks.
Eschaton: Our Failed Media Experiment - the president's lawyer said that anything the president does is legal, and playbook wonders how it will affect that lawyer's social life in martha's vineyard?
(1) John Whitehouse on Twitter: "the president's lawyer said that anything the president does is legal, and playbook wonders how it will affect that lawyer's social life in martha's vineyard?" / Twitter (Douchofuck and journalistic priorities)

U.S. Officials Warn of 'Real Security Consequences' if Trumps Acquitted (open back door to Putin and Bonesaw)

New NOAA emails reveal how Trump rattled NOAA during Hurricane Dorian - The Washington Post
HELP!!!Internal #SharpieGate Emails Show Government Officials Freaked Out Over Trump's 'Doctored' Hurricane Map (not the sharpest sharpie in the drawer)

Trump Hotel Patrons Relish Impeachment Finale - The New York Times - supporters remain unwavering and business remains brisk (the "business" of profiting from the presidency)

Corruption with No Consequences, from Bridgegate to Impeachment | by Andrea Bernstein | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books - a warning Republicans can't be convicted)

The GOP doesn't deserve to survive this debacle
Donald Trump's Campaign Against Reality in Iowa (fuck your so-called "reality" he said)
Kansas Republicans fight over who will 'stand with President Trump' in U.S. Senate

2020 Democrats Went on a Spending Spree in the Final Months of 2019 - The New York Times - Here's a look at how much the candidates raised and spent in each quarter of 2019.

An oligarch has bought his way into the 2020 race. Why is no one talking about this? : politics
Bloomberg Proposes $5 Trillion in Taxes on the Rich and Corporations - The New York Times - including more new taxes in his plan than his moderate rival Joe Biden but less than Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.
Eschaton: Rules For Billionaires - The DNC debate rules might be good or bad, but changing them so Michael Bloomberg can get into the debates is, well, unsurprising... So of course they're doing it.
Mike Bloomberg Gave the DNC $300K Two Days Before He Entered the 2020 Race - And now the DNC is changing its rules in a way very favorable to ... Mike Bloomberg. : politics

Bad News, Delaney-Heads - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Eschaton: What A Great Story - We know Haberman was supposed to write a book with Thrush before Thrush had some, um, issues. The publisher booted Thrush off and he got to keep his advance. Then Haberman backed out and had to pay hers back. Seems a bit unjust, in a way, but still curious why Haberman backed out instead of going solo.

Two major banks pull support from Florida school voucher programs because of anti-LGBTQ policies - The Washington Post - last year, 156 private Christian schools with anti-gay views received state money toward the tuition of more than 20,800 students, at a cost of more than $129 million.That means at least 14 percent of Florida's nearly 147,000 scholarship students last year attended private schools where homosexuality was condemned or, at a minimum, unwelcome ("private Christian schools" eating your taxpayer money)

The 5 most serious charter school scandals in 2019 -- and why they matter ... #1: California Superior Court for the County of San Diego indicted 11 people on charges that they helped defraud California taxpayers out of $50 million via an elaborate scheme to create phony attendance records to increase revenue to an online charter chain known as A3. ("Christian private schools" and "virtual" charters)

Should taxpayers fund religious education? Betsy DeVos says yes. Now the Supreme Court will decide. - The Washington Post - The high court on Wednesday is scheduled to hear arguments in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a case that has the potential to give Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and like-minded activists a long-sought victory in their decades-long fight for what they call school choice (will the theorcrats vote to steal your public money to fund their theocracy?)

'Angels' in Hell: The Culture of Misogyny Inside Victorias Secret ... But inside the company, two powerful men presided over an entrenched culture of misogyny, bullying and harassment ... Ed Razek ... Leslie Wexner (both Jews, Razek had "close ties" to Epstein)

'Beloved' HBS Professor Clayton Christensen Dies at 67 ... world's formost authority on "disruptive innovation" died Jan. 23 surrounded by his family after a year-long battle with leukemia. He was 67 years old.

Central Kitchen to Close, Lighting the Way for Weed Shop to Open in Its Place | News | The Harvard Crimson - Central Kitchen, a staple in Central Square for the past two decades, is closing its doors to make way for a recreational marijuana dispensary.

Five Takeaways From The Crimsons Investigation Into the Harvard University Police Department -- surfacing allegations of racism and sexism within the police force ... Current and former officers identified HUPD Chief Francis D. "Bud" Riley, a former Massachusetts State Police lieutenant colonel who has headed HUPD for nearly a quarter-century, as the source of what they called a toxic culture in the department (MSP, all you need to know)
The Old Boy's Network: Racism, Sexism, and Alleged Favoritism In Harvards Police Department ... HUPD is divided over incidents involving female officers and officers of color, and allegations of favoritism and retaliation. (most cops are corrupt)

Transvaginal mesh: Johnson & Johnson fined $344m for deceptive marketing to women : worldnews

Eschaton: ROBOTAXIS - Elon time is become ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more ridiculous than Friedman Units (the guys lies almost as much as Trump)

Greta Thunberg nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize : worldnews
Record Warm Water Measured Beneath Antarctica's "Doomsday" Thwaites Glacier | Researchers drilled a bore hole through the ice, then measured the waters beneath for the first time on Jan. 10 and 11. They recorded temperatures more than two degrees Celsius above freezing
For the first time on record, Australian capital cities - Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra have all reached 40C degrees (104F) on the same day : worldnews

Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalise cannabis for personal use : worldnews

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
Coronavirus mortality rate is that less than five percent, but far more contagious than SARS. British scientist estimates that each Coronavirus patient infects on avarage 2.6 others - making It roughly as infectious as annual influenza outbreaks. : science
The coronavirus could cost China's economy $60 billion this quarter. Beijing will have to act fast to avert a bigger hit : worldnews
A man lies dead in the street: the image that captures the Wuhan coronavirus crisis : worldnews (Xi is a big fat liar)
EU backs Taiwan's inclusion in WHO : worldnews
China refuses Taiwan's requests to evacuate Taiwanese citizens from Wuhan
Wuhan is running low on food, hospitals are overflowing, and foreigners are being evacuated as panic sets in after a week under coronavirsu repeated attacks on the country lockdown : worldnews
French company Novacyte has released a diagnostic test for the Wuhan virus that generates a result in less than two hours, enabling more effective screening processes. : worldnews
World is suffering because Xi govt delayed announcing Wuhan virus outbreak : worldnews (Winnie the flu)
You Can Now Go to Jail in China for Criticizing Beijing's Coronavirus Response: The Chinese government is ramping up its propaganda, and cracking down on criticism, as the virus spreads.
Russia reports first two coronavirus infections : worldnews
Staff at airports across Australia are threatening to walk off the job unless they are allowed to do more to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus : worldnews
Indian government slammed for recommending homeopathy for coronavirus prevention : worldnews
Trump: 'Coronavirus will havea very good ending for us'

Spread of African swine fever confirmed in nine EU countries : worldnews

Swedish media calls for action against attacks from Chinese officials: Sweden's leading newspapers and broadcasters have together called on their government to take stronger action against China for its "unacceptable" repeated attacks on the countrmedia, which have included visa bans and threats (the bully country)

German far-right AfD party leader loses political immunity in tax evasion case: German lawmakers have stripped AfD party leader Alexander Gauland of parliamentary immunity, allowing tax evasion investigations against him to proceed. Prosecutors raided the politician's addresses : worldnews

Brexit: UK no longer a member of EU - BBC News
LIVE: Celebrations and regret as Britain quits EU after 47 years | Politics News | Sky News - As the country breaks ties with the EU bloc, Boris Johnson says he wants to "unleash the potential of the whole UK" (bc the racist snowflakes have been held back by all that free trade)
Brexit day: The UK will officially leave the EU at 11pm tonight : worldnews (bye-bye, dumbfucks)
Trump will insist NHS pays more for drugs in trade deal, says ambassador | Politics | The Guardian
Nicola Sturgeon: We Scots will be sad and angry on this Brexit day. But we'll be independent soon and re-join EU

Six indigenous people have been killed and other 10 kidnapped after scores of armed men raided an isolated Nicaraguan nature reserve in an attack linked to raging land disputes. About 80 attackers stormed a Mayangna commune about 310 miles north of capital Managua : worldnews

'Absolutely horrific' Trump preparing to roll back restrictions on US military use of landmines -=-The U.S. dropped more than two million tons of ordnance on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions, that's equivalent to a full planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24-hours a day, for 9 straight years. -- 270 million cluster bombs were dropped, many of which did not explode. Dozens of children die every year from stumbling over unexploded ordnance there. The US has spent more on bombs in ten days of bombing Laos than it has spent in clean up since then. And the US was never even officially at war with Laos.

U.S. Strikes at Leader of Qaeda in Yemen - The New York Times - American officials believe they may have killed the terrorist leader, Qassim al-Rimi, but have not confirmed his death.

64 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries from Iranian missile attack, as casualty total continues to balloon - U.S. - Stripes

Women to One Side, Men to the Other: How the Border Patrols New Powers and Old Carelessness Separated a Family (fuckers)
Trump curbs immigrants from 6 nations in election-year push (beinga sadistic racist asshole make him very popular with his deBase)
Trump Administration Adds Six Countries to Travel Ban - The New York Times - President Trump added Africas biggest country, Nigeria, as well as Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania, to his restricted travel list.

Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign, Book Says - The New York Times - The president asked his national security adviser last spring in front of other senior advisers to pave the way for a meeting between Rudolph Giuliani and Ukraines new leader.
Trump told Bolton, in August 2019, that the hold placed on the military aid to Ukraine should continue until Ukraine officials announced investigations into Trump's political opponents Joe Biden and his son.
In Kyiv, Pompeo does not dispute allegations in Bolton's book - ABC News - "We didn't get involved in the noise in Washington"

John Bolton Book Alleges Trump's Ukraine Pressure Campaign Began in May 2019 - Rudy Giuliani Isn't the 'Hand Grenade' That Blows Everything Up. John Bolton Is. -- I hold no brief for John Bolton, but he is continually exposing the weak case Senate Republicans are pushing to cover for Donald Trump.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Has Retired From Foreign Service : NPR

McConnell, Schumer discussed deal to wrap up trial on Wednesday, sources say - The defeat of the vote on witnesses Friday moves the trial into the final phase, setting up an acquittal vote next week.
Trump impeachment trial live updates: Senate votes no to witnesses, acquittal vote Wednesday - ABC News
Republicans defeat Democratic bids to hear witnesses in Trump trial - POLITICO - The votes represented a major victory for McConnell and Trump.
Trumps former chief of staff says Senate impeachment trial without witnesses is a job only half done
Trump Impeachment Trial: The Senate Can Stop Pretending Now | The New Yorker - Lamar Alexander and the end of Donald Trumps impeachment trial
Republicans Now Say Trump Did What He Was Accused Of --They Just Don't Care -- "Just because actions meet a standard of impeachment does not mean it is in the best interest of the country to remove a President from office." (if he's a Republican)
The cringing abdication of Senate Republicans - The Washington Post ... have calculated that the wrath of a vindictive president is more dangerous than the sensible judgment of the American people, who, polls showed, overwhelmingly favored the summoning of witnesses.
Alexander Says Convicting Trump Would 'Pour Gasoline on Cultural Fires' ("which is why we've decided to cancel the election" he said)

State of the Union - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mitch McConnell has agreed to let the climax of his sham trial wait until after Tuesday's State of the Union address ... this particularly surreal and sordid moment in our political history (watch the drama play out)

Three ways the end of the impeachment trial could play out | TheHill
The Cover-up Will Backfire. The House Can Keep Investigating

Alexander narrows the path to witnesses (Lame-ar)
Sen. Alexander calls Trumps actions 'inappropriate' but rejects witnesses in impeachment trial ("we've all grabbed a little pussy I mean committed a little treason" he said)
Biden argued against witnesses in 1999 impeachment trial memo - POLITICO - The comments from the then-senator are at odds with current Democratic arguments.

The Impeachment/Ratfucking Paradox - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the argument that impeachment should be effectively be read out of the Constitution because it would 'overturn an election' and that the ballot box is the only legitimate remedy for a president who has abused his office collapses on itself:
(1) Seth Masket on Twitter: "The President clearly did it, it is undermining the election, but we should decide this in the election. Which is being undermined." / Twitter

Dems Fed Up With GOs Refusal to Budge on Impeachment: Its More Than Frustrating It's Pathetic
Impeachment is a tool of accountability, but Trumps defenders are using it to give him the powers of a dictator
George Conway: Dont let the defense fool you. This impeachment is all about corruption.

Todays Senators Could Be Remembered for a Single Vote
The center of the orbit: Endangered Republicans go all-in on Trump

Book review of Unmaking the Presidency: Donald Trump's War on the World's Most Powerful Office by Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes - The Washington Post

Our Fragile Past - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The fight to protect our past, in terms of having archives and preserving places, is a tenuous and hard one. It doesnt get better when the Trump administration decides to close the National Archives office in Seattle and sell the property so that Mick Mulvaney and Grover Norquist can get a high.

George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook -- The social media company is going to get Trump re-elected -- because it's good for business.

DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention - POLITICO - The talks reveal rising anxiety over the Vermont senator's momentum on the eve of voting (your corporate Dem masters don't care who you want)
DNC overhauls debate requirements, opening door for Bloomberg - POLITICO (ding-ding, the other Dems they kicked out were much worse than Bloomfuck) )

Bloomberg surges past Warren into third place in new national poll | TheHill
Sanders, Biden are neck-and-neck in new NBC/WSJ national poll - The two Democratic presidential contenders are statistically tied but Sanders has an edge in loyalty of his supporters.
Centrist Third Way, Funded by Corporate Interests, Attacks Sanders in Iowa

Amy Klobuchar endorsed for Iowa Caucus by Press-Citizen Editorial Board

Taylor Swift calls GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn 'Trump in a wig' in new documentary

It wasnt just the National Archives. The Library of Congress also balked at a Womens March photo (history is too liberal, must be censored)

White Parents: Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I mean, sure, white parents talk about how they think integration is a good thing. But they sure dont act on it, as this new report out of Harvards Making Caring Common project demonstrates (say one thing, do another)

The extreme measure one House Republican is taking to win over Donald Trump - POLITICO - Facing a primary, Kentucky Thomas Massie is targeting the president with TV ads at Mar-a-Lago.

The Dispatch Tries to Sell Real News to the Right - The Atlantic - The Dispatch wants to sell serious, fact-based stories to the right. But do readers want them? (haha, reality is way too liberal why do you think they binge Fox? +Jonah Goldberg got gonged)

What Good Things Did George Wallace Do? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Elizabeth Bruenig was hired by the New York Times to provideleftisthot takes such as this: (NYT is very sick, on all levels and oh! an anti-abortion "liberal!")

Weinstein Accuser Jessica Mann Testifies at Rape Trial (like, literally) ... "thought he was intersex" "Do you like my big, fat, Jewish dick?" he asked ... As Mann claimed that he had deformed genitals, Weinstein dropped his head ... "It was very bad, he smelled like shit excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty ... As the sloppily besuited Weinstein left court for the day, Vulture asked whether Mann's description of his body was accurate, "Yeah, perfect," he groused. (click for the gory details)

Tennessee Lawmaker Responds to 'Washington Post' Trump-Cult Article With 'Fake News' Bill - Seriously, Tennessee. Stop Electing These People. -- A Republican state legislator responded to the suggestion Trumpism is a cult by...well, you know what's coming. By Charles P. Pierce Jan 31, 2020 (read down for excellent description of the evil behind the Jesus PAC)

TIL that despite having no voting power, Puerto Rico has a higher population than 20 of the 50 states and Washington DC has more people than Vermont or Wyoming. The remaining US territories including Guam, American Samoa etc. add up to nearly 400,000 unrepresented voters. : todayilearned (fucking Republicans)

All modern humans have Neanderthal DNA, new research finds : worldnews

Quitting smoking does not just slow the accumulation of further damage, but can also reawaken cells that have not been damaged. Quitting promotes replenishment of the bronchial lining with cells that avoided tobacco-related damage. : science

/u/Nocturnal_animal808 interesting reflection "men's rights," equality and the patriarchy, and how we all -women, and men- are victims of inequality


Greta Thunberg seeks to trademark her name to stem misuse - Reuters

A deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 15 million Americans so far and killed 8200. It's influenza : news

Coronavirus Live Updates: W.H.O. Declares a Global Health Emergency - The New York Times
CDC confirms first human-to-human transmission of coronavirus in US : news
WHO Declares Coronavirus Outbreak a Global Public Health Emergency - WSJ - The designation comes as the first person-to-person transmission of the virus is reported in the U.S.
Coronavirus China: Death toll rises to 170 with 7711 cases : worldnews
Wuhan coronavirus found in Xinjiang, squalid Uighur camps vulnerable - Business Insider (Xi will just burn it all down)
Russia closes 2,700-mile border with China to stop coronavirus : worldnews
Masks may offer 'false sense of security' against Wuhan virus, say medical experts : worldnews
China accused of cremating bodies in secret as coronavirus patient numbers spike.
You Can Now Go to Jail in China for Criticizing Beijing's Coronavirus Response: The Chinese government is ramping up its propaganda, and cracking down on criticism, as the virus spreads.
Make ban on Chinese wildlife markets permanent, says environment expert : worldnews
6,000 trapped on cruise ship off of Italy as two people on board are tested for coronavirus | Daily Mail Online : worldnews
Trade unions in Hong Kong, including hospital and rail workers, are threatening to go on strike unless the government closes the border with mainland China : worldnews
China coronavirus: Hong Kong nurses call in sick in protest at government refusal to close borders : worldnews
First case of corona virus in India reported; Student was studying in Wuhan university : worldnews
Hong Kong researchers have developed coronavirus vaccine, expert reveals : worldnews (will be available in a year or so)
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says Chinas coronavirus 'will help' bring jobs back to U.S. ("after all the Chinese people die," he cackled, ignorantly, as usual)
Coronavirus misinformation surges, fueled by clout chasers - Misleading, unverified and clearly false information about the coronavirus has spread across social media platforms with a mix of fearmongering and racial stereotyping.
Bat Soup Didn't Cause the Wuham Virus - Racist memes target Chinese eating habits, but the real causes of the coronavirus are more mundane ... To be sure, the treatment of wildlife may be at the root of the virus. Wet markets where live animals are sold, mostly for food or medicine, still exist in most Chinese cities, and the Huanan Seafood Market was originally believed to be the source of this outbreak. The Chinese government has banned the wildlife trade until the epidemic is over (or maybe not) ... food safety standards are notoriously bad ...

'Welcome to Chechnya' : Sundance's Horrific 'Gay Purge' Documentary Every Human Must See

Moscow furious after Ukraine leader points out Soviet collusion with Nazis - As Zelensky mentions pact that carved up Poland and started World War II

Netanyahu broke with decades of Israeli foreign policy -- The Forward -- traded Israel's independence for the 'deal of the century'
Jared Kushner has read 25 books and is here to perform your open-heart surgery - The Washington Post (Jar Head is better than your stupid history)

France to send warships to support Greece in Turkish standoff | World news : worldnews (meanwhile)

Most of 11m trees planted in Turkish project 'may be dead' : worldnews (Erdofuck forgot to water them)

Scottish parliament votes to hold new independence referendum : worldnews

Victims allege Ghislaine Maxwell is purposefully evading justice system : news

Number of slavery victims in London up tenfold in five years : worldnews -- In London in 2018, the Metropolitan police recognised 2,346 people as victims of modern slavery, compared with 187 in 2013,
Katie Hopkins's Twitter account suspended - Move comes after Countdown host Rachel Riley and campaigners demand action from social network (a hate girl)

Environmental activist Homero Gomez, who fought to protect the famed monarch butterfly, has been found dead in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, a local authority said, two weeks after he disappeared : worldnews

Do We Even Need A FISA Court?

Portion of US border wall in California falls over in high winds and lands on Mexican side - CNNPolitics (experts debate whether it's a metaphor)

Trump impeachment trial live updates: Questions resume, GOP moves to block witnesses - ABC News - The Senate trial could be over by the weekend if Republicans have the votes.

Trumps effort to block Bolton's testimony makes little sense -- unless he's guilty (duh)

GOP senators know Trumps defense is based on lies. Here's proof.

Justice Department lawyer says House can impeach over defied subpoenas - CNNPolitics

John Roberts blocks mentions of alleged whistleblowers name -- Rand Paul has composed questions with the alleged whistleblowers name. (Roberts agrees to obey the law on this one point)

To Senate Republicans, a Vote for Witnesses Is a Vote for Trouble - The New York Times - Lawmakers fear allowing new testimony would tie up the Senate indefinitely and open the door to a cascade of new accusations. (NYT goes with Fox talking point: like MitchBitch hasn't already "tied up the Senate indefinitely"

Alan Dershowitz for the Defense: L'etat, C'est Trump -- lawyer said that the President can do just about anything he wants. (Apres Trumpster, tu es fuckezed)
Trump Defense Can't Offer Evidence He Cared About Corruption Before Biden 2020 Run -- The key admission responded to a query from GOP Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who are crucial votes on the witness issue.

How Trump's impeachment created two Democratic superstars -- Adam Schiff and Hakeem Jeffries are seeing their profiles rise during the Senate trial. How high can they go?

Trump is being impeached over a Ukraine shakedown scheme, not 'a policy dispute'

Parnas-Trump tape: Recording shows Parnas, Fruman with Trump at Mar-A-Lago event - The Washington Post
Paul Manafort and Rudy's Indicted Associate Igor Fruman Go Way, Way Back

'Election Meltdown Is A Real Possibility' In 2020 Presidential Race, Author Warns (Putin will turn off the power in NYC bc Trump hates your so-called fake "election security")

Sinking in the Swamp: How Trump's Minions and Misfits Poisoned Washington. (Infesting the Swamp)

Conservative group will launch ad broadside against Collins in Georgia - POLITICO - The Club for Growth will attack the four-term congressman, who announced Wednesday he's challenging appointed Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a special election this year ("Club for Growth" hahaha)
The Rev. Raphael Warnock, the senior pastor at Martin Luther King Jr's historic church, entered the race for the U.S. Senate on Thursday with hopes of unifying Georgia Democrats in one of the nations premier 2020 contests ... He's expected to be endorsed by Stacey Abrams and other prominent state and national Democrats in the race against Loeffler,

AP-NORC poll: GOP more fired up for 2020, Democrats anxious

The Iowa Caucuses Are In 4 Days. Almost Anything Could Still Happen. | FiveThirtyEight

Eschaton: Vote For Someone Else Then - Joe Biden's stock response to mild questioning from voters is odd.
Why does Joe Biden keep losing his cool with voters? | US news | The Guardian - The Democrat had the latest in a series of bizarre encounters with voters on Tuesday, telling a man who asked about the climate crisis to 'go vote for someone else' ("Vote for anone but me" -- Biden 2020 +the asshole has always been an entitled asshole)
Biden sees Bloomberg as threat -- and boon to Sanders

Eschaton: America's Worst Democratic Presidential Candidates - Mayo Pete -- In the face of unprecedented challenges, we need a president whose vision was shaped by the American Heartland rather than the ineffective Washington politics we've come to know and expect -- Pete Buttigieg (you know who else wasn't shaped by "ineffective Washington politics?")
Eschaton: Heartland - Most of my life the archetype of The Politician was a southerner or maybe a Texan. The Voters Who Mattered were all white Southerners. "White" being a key term. Sure the realignment was happening, as the weird Democratic coalition which included white Southerners and white southern politicians was dissolving. That was worth talking about in a limited context. But the South was always portrayed as a white place, including the rural South ... And now it's the heartland. A place which also isn't as white as is portrayed. African-American and Hispanic residents everywhere, even in places like Mayo Pete's South Bend. But the Heartland, of course, means Real American so it means White. (Buttaboop is a racist dog-whistler)

Lyceum poll: Bernie is Trump's toughest rival in Texas

Bloomberg's $11 Million Super Bowl Ad: Gun Violence and a Grieving Mother -- a 60-second ad during the game that will promote his record on gun control to a huge national audience. (all of America will be glued to their sportsball spectacle)

Hillary Clinton refuses to be served Tulsi Gabbard's defamation lawsuit ($50 million for using the words "Russian proxy" while never mentioning her name, but the Murdoch rag leaves that part out, of course)

Klobuchar Called On To Suspend Campaign As Questions Swirl Around Myon Burrell CaseSenator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar is facing new scrutiny over an old case ... police relied on jailhouse informants who have since recanted their stories, adding that one man who is in prison confessed to the murder. Also noted was the lack of gun, fingerprint or DNA evidence. (the Klobberer's big win)

Herring, other state AGs file lawsuit demanding addition of ERA to Constitution - The Washington Post - The attorneys general for the last three states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday arguing that the amendment must be added to the U.S. Constitution.

E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump of rape, seeks his DNA - The Washington Post

Judge in Virginia Giuffre's suit against Ghislaine Maxwell asked to reconsider decision | Daily Mail Online

Why NY Mags Style Site The Cut Deleted a Kobe Bryant Tribute

The Atlantic made Rahm Emanuel a contributing editor. Then, suddenly, he wasn't. ... A group of black staffers at the Atlantic sent objections to Editor in Chief Jeffrey Goldberg and other Atlantic leaders (system is based on white privilidge, Rhambo hid the tape of the Laquan McDonald murder, then got job at Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic)

High Maintenanceand the New TV Fantasy of New York

Electronic patient records systems used by thousands of doctors were programmed to automatically suggest opioids at treatment, thanks to a secret deal between the software maker and a drug company : technology (the Fuckler corruption was deep)

Santa Cruz decriminalizes psychedelic mushrooms : news

Low dose lithium may stop Alzheimer's disease in its tracks. A study shows that, when given in a way that facilitates passage to the brain, lithium in doses up to 400 times lower than prescribed for mood disorders can halt signs of advanced Alzheimer's pathology and recover lost cognitive abilities.

Scientists share the highest-resolution images of the sun's surface yet to be captured. Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope captured the images. The broke appearance of roiling plasma on the surface of the sun resemble a collection of cell-like panels. Each of the panels is roughly the size of Texas. : worldnews

[Serious] Redditors that have had a threesome and regretted it, what was the unexpected fallout? : AskReddit

Casually Explained makes a video about reddit and then trolls the comment section of a Reddit post of that video : bestof

What's a little-known but obvious fact that will immediately make all of us feel stupid?

/u/agentredsquirrel reflects on how mommy bloggers have violated their children's privacy over the past twenty years -- foreshadowing the future dissent of those children now that they are finally growing up -- and encourages the teen OP to protect her privacy with a clear conscience : bestof (toxic femininity)

What are signs that someone is secretly unhappy? : AskReddit


Joe Biden Said No Scientist Supports Bernie Sanders' Climate Plan. Dozens Just Did. Sanders' 'Green New Deal' is not only possible, but it must be done if we want to save the planet," a letter signed by 57 scientists said. : politics (dumb and demented Biden, basically he's always been stupid)
Earth's Most Biodiverse Regions Are Collapsing : worldnews
British carbon tax leads to 93% drop in coal-fired electricity : worldnews
Hunting of polar bears must be banned if species has any chance of survival, expert warns : worldnews

You Should Be Absolutely Furious Over Donald Trump's $1 Trillion Deficit -- They will be when a Democratic President is in office, and characteristically ignore the reason why. (wash, rinse, repeat in the stupid brains)

Wuhan coronavirus cases inside China have already overtaken 2003 SARS outbreak inside of mainland China, as the virus was confirmed to have spread to every province in the country. : worldnews
British Airways suspends flights to and from mainland China after UK Foreign Office travel advice over coronavirus outbreak : worldnews
Japan and Germany confirm patients who caught coronavirus did not visit China : worldnews
Japan and Germany confirm patients who caught coronavirus did not visit China : worldnews
Plane carrying Japanese evacuees from Wuhan lands in Tokyo, 5 reported ill : worldnews
Coronavirus: Starbucks closes 2,000 Chinese branches. The coffee shop chain warned that the rapidly expanding infection is likely to affect its financial performance. : worldnews
First suspected case of coronavirus in Brazil confirmed : worldnews

The New Humanitarian | EXCLUSIVE: The cyber attack the UN tried to keep under wraps - If there are no consequences for the [UN] agencies for failures like these there will be more breaches

Russia blocks encrypted email service ProtonMail : worldnews Kremlin confirms new title of SUPREME RULER for Vladimir Putin is being considered | Daily Mail Online

'This Is Not a Peace Plan, It Is a War Plan': Trump-Netanyahu Deal Decried as Shameful Attack on Palestinian Rights - "Any attempt to address the Israeli-Palestinian issue that does not begin and end with the full acknowledgment of the Palestinian right to self-determination, freedom, justice, : worldnews
Israel forces Palestinians out of their home, turns it over to Jewish settlers : worldnews
Israel postpones move to annex large parts of West Bank (realized it looks really bad, decided to wait a day or two)

Hijab Limits Women, Says Iranian Chess Master Sacked From National Team : worldnews

Singapore-based Australian paedophile who sexually abused dozens of children gets 35 years' jail : worldnews

Fact check: Trump did not actually offer the Palestinians a state - U.S. News - - Details of Trumps plan make it clear it will lead not to a Palestinian state, but to Israel taking full control of the entire West Bank (nice "peace" plan you got there)

The far-right Bolsonaro movement wants us dead. But we will not give up | Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda | Opinion | The Guardian - Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda

Scotland is on track to hit 100% renewable energy this year : worldnews

French firefighters set themselves alight and fight with police | Metro News : worldnews
France moves to ban mass live-shredding of male chicks - France has said it will ban the controversial but widespread practices of live-shredding male chicks and castrating piglets without anaesthesia, in a move cautiously welcomed by animal welfare activists. : worldnews

Filming partner without their consent during sex ruled a criminal offence in the UK : worldnews

Two Turkish Frigates Appear Off Libya Amid Reports Of Troops And Armor Landing Ashore - The Drive - These developments point to a major escalation in Turkeys involvement in the conflict following abortive attempts to broker a ceasefire (Ottoman empire rises again)

Wednesday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Record 7,423 US bombs dropped in Afghanistan in 2019: Report : worldnews

Pentagon now says 50 service members suffered brain injuries from Iran attack : worldnews (Trump says "crybabbies have minor headaches")

An incredibly well written explanation of how the Trump administration is holding children hostage as a bargaining chip and also lost 2,000 of those children : bestof

Pompeo Called Me a 'Liar' Thats Not What Bothers Me (Republicans hate journalism)

Rudy Giuliani says he "never ever" discussed Ukraine military aid with President Trump - CBS News ("and I never lied about it either")
Parnas Lawyer: Giuliani Delivered Graham Letter Calling for Sanctions on Ukrainian Officials - The mysterious letter-writer listed several Ukrainian officials
Lev Parnas, barred from testifying, marches on Capitol Hill - The Washington Post (this guy is really playing his part well)
Opinion: Rob Portman knee-deep in Ukraine incident

GOP senators believe they have the votes to block witnesses | TheHill - the Senate will vote Friday to wrap up the impeachment trial of President Trump.
Trump impeachment trial live updates: Senators question House managers, Trump lawyers - ABC News - Senators have up to 16 hours for questions in this phase of Trumps trial.
Dershowitz says a quid pro quo in Trumps political interest is fine and not impeachable (sez Trump IS America, so no conflict of interest)

White House has issued formal threat to Bolton to keep him from publishing book - CNNPolitics
Boltons lawyer contends his book does not contain classified material and asks White House for expedited review so he can testify if called
Engel Statement on September 23, 2019 Call with John Bolton -- President Trump is wrong that John Bolton didn't say anything about the Trump-Ukraine Scandal at the time the President fired him. He said something to me.
What the New Bolton-Engel Breaking News Really Means, And Why It Matters
Trump Calls Bolton a Loser Who Nearly Destroyed the Planet
Senate and John Roberts face possibility of epic tie on witnesses - POLITICO - The spotlight will fall on the chief justice if the Senate deadlocks on a critical trial vote.

All the presidents disloyal men: Trump demands fealty but inspires very little
The 4 most interesting Q&As from the Senate impeachment trial, so far - The Washington Post (#1 Is Mitt Romney an android?)
Trump impeachment trial live updates - The Washington Post
Trump's impeachment trial defense hinges on six arguments. They can all be rebutted. - Trumps impeachment trial defense hinges on six arguments. They can all be rebutted.
Trump rages at Bolton, says former adviser would have caused 'World War Six' (true)
For John Bolton, an Upside-Down World After Trump Revelation

Hannitys ugly meltdown at Romney: Wanting the truth isTrump hatred (actually pretty logical)

Trio of Dem senators considering vote to acquit Trump - POLITICO - A handful of moderate Democrats could deliver Trump a bipartisan impeachment vote ... Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Doug Jones of Alabama

Lessons for Life: The Obituaries of Republicans Who Opposed Nixon's Impeachment

Anti-human-trafficking groups refuse to attend Ivanka Trumps White House summit

IMPEACHMENT: Gardner says he doesn't want to hear from more witnesses
GOP Sen. Cory Gardner Just Lost His Seat By Saying No To Witnesses - undefined

Democrats are already bracing for a hostile Trump transition (haha they still think there will be an election)

Eschaton: But They've Been Talking About This For Years - I don't know the truth of this or what it really means, but if a relatively small amount of money spent on Facebook (for example) is the key to winning an election, perhaps best to spend some money on facebook instead of complaining to the Facebook Hall Monitors (facebook is bad, delete it, but you go to the elections with the evil ad surveillance systems you have...) -- Democrats and Republicans agree that the Trump campaign is far ahead of the Democratic Party in the use of this technology, capitalizing on its substantial investment during the 2016 election and benefiting from an uninterrupted high-tech drive since then.
One year inside Trumps monumental Facebook campaign
Trumps Digital Advantage Is Freaking Out Democratic Strategists

FBI raids Los Angeles church to make immigration fraud bust

Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC to Air Attack Ads Against Bernie Sanders - The New York Times
Biden wont say whether Sanders could unify Dems as nominee (says he'd probably vote for Trump if Sanders is the nominee)

How Joe Biden could beat Donald Trump - Vox - He is the favorite among Democrats who know how to win in Trump country.

Democracy 2020 Digest: Tulsi shreds on New Hampshire slopes -- WATCH | Fox News (Fox pushes Russian proxy)

Caucuses are terrible - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Exhibit Z: (designed for old retired white people wiith no handicaps and no babies to take care of)

Doug Collins announces US Senate bid, setting up GOP divide in Georgia - The decision by the four-term congressman sets up a battle with U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a wealthy Republican executive tapped by Gov. Brian Kemp in December (Loeffler owns the "most expensive house ever sold in Georgia")

Michigan inmate serving 60-year sentence for selling weed requests clemency - ABC News - Michael Thompson has been in prison since 1996 for selling weed to an informant

Ben Smith on Leaving BuzzFeed News | The New Yorker

Opinion | What Will You Do When the Culture War Comes for You? - The New York Times
ABC News suspends correspondent over report on Kobe Bryant crash - Los Angeles Times

The Intellectual and Moral Decline in Academic Research ("science" is grant-writing)

A Mysterious Heatwave Blast From a Massive Star Was Detected on Earth -- Baby star needed to burp

I'm Dorothy Hatsukami, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry and a cancer researcher. I've conducted studies on tobacco addiction and its treatment for over 30 years. -- AMA

Puberty blockers linked to lower suicide risk for transgender people. The finding suggests that a major-- and politically controversial -- aspect of trans health care for minors could help reduce the community's disproportionate suicide risk (HELLO, mOR-mONS)

People who don't cuddle after sex, why? : AskReddit

Casually Explained: Reddit : videos

What are some stupid mentalities and mindsets that need to end? : AskReddit

Avast's Free Antivirus Harvests All Your Clicks, Sells Them to Third-Parties


Climate change, inequality 'deliberately perpetuated' to benefit the rich: NZ Green Party co-leader | "We, politicians, have supported the wealthiest few to get wealthier at everyone else's expense, to build walls of poverty and disenfranchisement and call them opportunities." : worldnews
Climate not considered a top 10 risk by CEOs, survey finds : worldnews (not for them, hahaha)

Tsunami threat message issued after magnitude 7.7 earthquake off the coast of Jamaica : news

Military judge tells 9/11 defense attorney that he can call CIA interrogation tactics torture : news ("enhanced" torture)

Wuhan Coronavirus Infections Could Be 30 Times Higher, Researcher Says : news
Wuhan virus death toll jumps to 106, nearly 1,300 new cases in China : worldnews
China complains after Danish newspaper publishes image of Chinese flag with coronavirus : worldnews
'We have free speech': Danish prime minister commented, avoiding direct response to China over flag controversy. : worldnews (w/virus flag pic)
QAnon-ers' Magic Cure for Coronavirus: Just Drink Bleach (good idea) !

Female flogging force unveiled in Indonesia to publicly punish women who violate Sharia law : news

Netanyahu officially indicted in court after withdrawing immunity bid - Israel Election 2020 - - Netanyahu is charged with bribery, fraud and breach of trust in three corruption cases
Israel's PM Netanyahu was officially indicted on charges of Bribery, Fraud, Breach of Trust, after failing to pass an immunity bill in the Knesset : worldnews
Trump Outlines Mideast Peace Plan That Strongly Favors Israel - The New York Times - the plan, which would discard the longtime goal of granting the Palestinians a full-fledged state,
Israeli Cabinet Will Vote to Apply Sovereignty to Part of West Bank - The New York Times - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his government would vote Sunday on the move, which could apply to nearly a third of the West Bank.

Boris Johnson allows Huawei into UK's 5G network despite US security warnings : worldnews
Disabled man in UK starves to death after benefits stopped - Body discovered by bailiffs kicking in his door. : news

Stopping the Press: New York Times Journalist Targeted by Saudi-linked Pegasus Spyware Operator - The Citizen Lab

CBO: U.S. budget deficit to eclipse $1 trillion in 2020 as fiscal imbalance continues to widen - The Washington Post (yes, they time-bombed the economy once again, the dumbfuck suckers believed them, again)

Pompeo heads to Kiev, days after saying 'Americans couldn't f*****g care about Ukraine' : worldnews
Oleksandr Danylyuk, Former Top Ukraine Official, Says He Trusted John Bolton More Than Anyone - Oleksandr Danylyuk says the requests to investigate the BidensrattledZelenskys team and the one person in the administration he trusted was Bolton.

Today in Donald Trump's Non-Interventionist Mindset - Lawyers, Guns & Money - check in on the war criminal Donald Trump exempted from punishment for his crime of senselessly murdering random civilians:

Trump impeachment trial live updates - The Washington Post
Feinstein leans toward acquitting Trump as his defense team ends impeachment arguments
Dianne Feinstein suggests she may vote to acquit Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... Feinstein is richer than Croesus and 117 years old, plus Trump has an approval rating in California of -28

Why the White House May Not Dare Fight on Executive Privilege - because it could cause a federal court (or the Chief Justice) in short order to make the determination that the President committed a crime

What John Bolton Knows - The New York Times
Republicans brace for domino effect on witnesses - Axios
Mitt makes his move - POLITICO - The occasional Trump critic is in the middle of an internal GOP fight over the impeachment trial.
Toomey discusses a 'one-for-one' witness deal in Trump impeachment amid Bolton revelations, officials say
The latest laughable Senate GOP spin further incriminates Trump - The Washington Post

Bolton Was Concerned That Trump Did Favors for Autocratic Leaders, Book Says - The New York Times
Bolton book roils Washington as onetime allies turn on Trump's former national security adviser
Trump waived executive privilege when he called Bolton a liar - The Washington Post - If the Senate decides to summon the former national security adviser, the president wont have much recourse left.
No witness trades: Senate Republicans have lost their leverage

Trump impeachment: McConnell angry with White House over Bolton book - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not know that President Donald Trump's administration had a copy of an explosive manuscript by ex-national security adviser John Bolton ("totasl coordination!") u
Our expectations for Republican senators are so low its astonishing (slimy toads)

Eschaton: Radical Dims - Regular reminder that former CNN people regularly find comfortable homes at Fox. And while Lou's show did have an "opinion" slant to it, it was never billed as a conservative opinion. Just Lou being Lou. And it isn't just Lou. John Roberts (not the SCOTUS guy), Bill Hemmer, Ed Henry...
Lou Dobbs: John Bolton has been reduced to a tool for the 'radical Dims and the Deep State' (rotten brain asshole Lou Blobbs, enemy of the truth)
Conservative media attack John Bolton and downplay his book's revelations
Anatomy of asmear: How John Bolton became a target of the pro-Trump Internet (deep state dimocrat running underground iranian cartels!)

Mitch McConnell's Complicity Has Deep Roots - antifederalists were right to question the Senates purpose.
The Bolton Bombshell, Impeachment, and the Unwaveringly Pro-Trump G.O.P. | The New Yorker
John Bolton was 'regularly appalled' by Trump and didn't know if he was acting in America's interests (hahaha)
NYT: Bolton Told Barr He Was Worried Trump Was Doing Favors For Xi, Erdogan : politics (all his fav dicktator buddies)
Republicans Find Themselves Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- This is the road they chose when they decided to defend a president who is obviously guilty.

National (US) Poll - January 28, 2020 - 75% Of Voters Say Allow Witnes | Quinnipiac University Connecticut - registered voters say 75 - 20 percent that witnesses should be allowed to testify in the impeachment trial -- Support for witness testimony includes 49 percent of Republicans, 95 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents.... More than half of voters, 53 - 40 percent, say President Trump is not telling the truth about his actions involving Ukraine - 89 percent of Republicans saying the president is telling the truth and 92 percent of Democrats saying he is not telling the truth. More independents, 56 percent, believe President Trump is not telling the truth, compared to the 33 percent who say he is telling the truth. (92% Fox bubble Rethugs)

Why is Ivanka in the White House at all other than to suck daddy's dick? : PoliticalHumor (#1: they know Fox won't say anything; #2: the base can't think/do math)
Indeed : PoliticalHumor

'The American Dream isn't a private club with a cover charge': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez trashes Trump's wealth test for immigrants : politics

Worried Democratic Operatives Scramble to Fund a Network to Take Down Bernie Sanders
Running Sanders Against Trump Would Be an Act of Insanity (Chaitster to the rescue!)

Donald Trump's Never-Ending War on the Neoliberal Establishment - Lawyers, Guns & Money

SF Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru charged with fraud by feds - - San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru was charged with fraud Tuesday following his arrest by the FBI in connection with multiple alleged kickback schemes.

The Mom Of "Success Kid" Sent Rep. Steve King A Cease-And-Desist Letter For Using The Meme In An Ad "I have/would never give permission for use of my son's photo to promote any agenda of this vile man or that disgusting party." - Bad Calls : Marty Baron vs. the media
The facts in the Kobe Bryant sex assault case - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... The incredibly disgraceful behavior of the Washington Posts management toward Felicia Sonmez simply puts an exclamation point on all this. Everyone responsible for suspending Sonmez should be fired. (inc Marty Baron, obvslty)
Washington Post clears reporter who tweeted link to Kobe Bryant rape allegations - The Washington Post

Lack of black box could hinder Kobe Bryant crash investigation - The Washington Post - key safety technology the National Transportation Safety Board has been urging federal aviation authorities to require for more than a decade (vetoed by Republicans, no safety equipment for you)

Ben Smith leaving BuzzFeed to become New York Times media columnist - The Washington Post

Harvard Chemistry Chair Lieber Placed on Leave After Being Charged With Not Disclosing Chinese Research Funding | News | The Harvard Crimson

Facebook will now show you exactly how it stalks youeven when you're not using Facebook

Handcuffed man shot and killed inside Maryland police cruiser : news

How a Crusade to Save Children Landed a Hacker in Prison - Rolling Stone (Justina Pelletier)

Iconic Central Square Middle East Nightclub Listed For Sale | News | The Harvard Crimson

Drug improves symptoms of autism by targeting brain's chemical messengers. Bumetanide is safe to use and effective at reducing symptoms in children as young as three years old. ASD can be reliably diagnosed at age 24 months or even as early as 18 months of age

A single dose of psilocybin improved anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and existential dread in patients with life-threatening cancer diagnoses for nearly 5 years. A third of cancer patients experience emotional distress and psilocybin may provide lasting relief for their mental health. : science

TIL Canadian researchers discovered how to convert blood types A, B and AB to universal donor O-negative. They found that human gut bacteria makes a class of enzymes which react with the non-O type red blood cells, essentially transforming them into O-negative. : todayilearned

Contrary to the conventional wisdom that people become more conservative as they age, "political attitudes are remarkably stable over the long term." : science

Historian describes how slavery was never going to gradually go away in America : bestof

Atheists, why do you not believe in God/ a god? : AskReddit

TIL Astronomers discovered a bizarre rogue planet wandering the Milky Way in 2018. The free-range planet, which is nearly 13 times the mass of Jupiter and does not orbit a star, also displays stunningly bright auroras that are generated by a magnetic field 4 million times stronger than Earth's. : todayilearned (def not alien planet, scientists say)

Research shows that targeting one particular symptom of schizophrenia (avolition - reduced motivation) has a positive effect on other symptoms, offering significant promise for treating an aspect of schizophrenia that currently has no pharmaceutical options. : science

Men of reddit when was the last time you've cried and why? : AskReddit

The rise and fall of Android's biggest competitors over the last decade
Wawa Breach May Have Compromised More Than 30 Million Payment Cards

A combination of climate change, extreme weather and pressure from local human activity is causing a collapse in global biodiversity and ecosystems across the tropics. Scientists mapped over 100 locations where tropical forests and coral reefs have been affected by climate extremes : science

Auschwitz survivors sound alarm 75 years after liberation : worldnews
Seventy-five years after Auschwitz was liberated, historians have identified two-thirds of the camp's Jewish victims : MapPorn

The State of Democracy : MapPorn

J&J scientific officer 'pretty confident' they can create coronavirus vaccine as outbreak widens : worldnews
WHO says global risk of Wuhan virus is 'high' : worldnews
CDC official: No clear evidence Wuhan coronavirus can spread before people show symptoms : worldnews
Beijing City Reports First Coronavirus Death: State TV : worldnews
Canada's first two cases of coronavirus are husband and wife : worldnews
China Blocks All Countries From Airlifting Citizens Trapped in Coronavirus -Plagued Wuhan : worldnews
45 Million Chinese Now Under Quarantine As Officials Try To Halt Coronavirus Spread : worldnews

US dropped bombs in Afghanistan at record level in 2019 : worldnews

Snowden Warns Targeting of Greenwald and Assange Shows Governments 'Ready to Stop the Presses -- If Tehy Can'

China's 'One Country, Two Systems' Strategy Has Been Proven 'A Flat-Out Lie,' Taiwanese Diplomat Says : worldnews

'I did it' : Portugal : hacker says he exposed African tycoon

Couple jailed for genital mutilation of daughter : worldnews -- Dublin -- The couple, of African origin, were also found guilty on one count of child cruelty on the same date.

F.B.I. Wants to Interview Prince Andrew About Jeffrey Epstein : news

Domestic assaults against men triple in the UK in the last decade. : worldnews
Ten years after vaccination was introduced, no HPV16/18 infections were found in sexually active 16-18 year old females in England according to public health data. The prevalence was over 15% prior to the vaccination program that began in 2008. : science

Trump impeachment trial live updates - The Washington Post - Impeachment trial live updates: Trump team resumes defense amid fallout from new report on Boltons claim on withholding military aid from Ukraine

Republicans fear 'floodgates' if Bolton testifies
ohn Roberts Can Call Witnesses to Trumps Trial. Will He? (bhahahahah)
John Bolton's bombshell gives the GOP a glimpse of its nightmare scenario
Bolton?s book bolsters case for witnesses, key GOP senators say - The Washington Post
Democrats call for Bolton to testify in Trump impeachment trial after new report on aid to Ukraine - The Washington Post
Trump plots a flashy series finale for impeachment - POLITICO - The president is itching to close out a bruising chapter of his presidencywith a victory lap to maximize the political value of his expected acquittal.
AP source: Bolton says Trump tied Ukraine funds to probe
John Bolton went to Bill Barr with concerns about Giuliani's 'shadow foreign policy' in Ukraine: report
Trumps defense is irrelevant. Only Bolton matters now.

The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir - Kindle edition by John Bolton. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

Senators overseeing impeachment trial got campaign cash from Trump legal team members : politics
Whistleblower's Lawyer: Bolton Revelation Potentially Subjects Trump's Legal Team to Criminal Liability
Boltons testimony would be devastating. Not even Republicans could look away - George Conway
Eight ways Bolton has changed the trial and boxed in Republicans - The Washington Post
Republican senators privately complain they were blindsided by Bolton.
John Boltons impeachment bombshell, explained
John Boltons Account Upends Trumps Denials, but Will It Upend Trump?
Lindsey Graham abruptly cancels planned press conference in wake of John Bolton bombshell Raw Story (Flimsy-Dimsey runs away)
GOP senators angry new leaked details support case against Trump - Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported Monday morning ("we only watch Fox, we had no idea this was happening!" they screamed while Suzie-Loozy clutched her perals and fainted)
Bolton's Account - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... both pathetic and a bit terrifying that the right-wing media echo-chamber has convinced 20-40% of the population that Trump was fighting corruption. (Ghouliani and his crook partner)
'Blow Up the Phones': Demands That #BoltonMustTestify Surge After New Revelations About Ukrainian Aid Freeze. "We are citizens of the United States of America, and we must indeed unite together to stop this GOP cover-up." : politics
GOP Senators Cancel Scheduled Presser, Seemingly Due to John Bolton News : politics

Taint_my_problem comments on #ILeftTheGOP Trends as Former Republicans Share Why They 'Cut the Cord' With the Party (read comment)

Parnas tape is a real problem for Trump (opinion) - CNN

Salvadoran General Vindicates 'New York Times' on El Mozote Massacre - It's a Bull Market for Bashing the Press. Under Conservative Governments, It Often Has Been. -- New information on a Reagan-era episode tells us a lot about the present. (remember Elliot Abrams?)

Eschaton: Critics Say Trump's Nuking Of New York City Is "Mass Murder" Which They Argue Is "Bad"

Eschaton: The Great White Hope - Any non-hack journalists knows Trump is horrible and guilty and should not be president and should be removed from office. They can't say that, of course, but they can wish for BIPARTISAN AGREEEMENT and UNITY. If there is only one side, then there aren't both sides...

The State of the Republican Party - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I t is truly a wonder that Donald Trump is president of the United States.

How record-high turnout in Iowa could shuffle the 2020 race - POLITICO

Media_criticism user explains why elite media is in a panic that Bernie Sanders might win the Democratic nomination : bestof
Poll: Sanders up 13 points in Utah : politics

Caucuses are terrible - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This process is just not remotely defensible (shitty handicapped access, Iowas dems had 4 yrs to fix this and did nothing)

Virginia's Democratic takeover: This is what a blue state looks like - The Washington Post

The Failed State of Massachusetts - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The brilliant scholar-activists Steve Striffler and Aviva Chomsky, both of whom teach in Massachusetts and both of whom specialize in Latin American politics and social movements, make the argument that the Bay State is actually a failed state by many measures.

Weinstein trial: Mimi Haleyi testifies about alleged 2006 assault - The Washington Post

Eschaton: Great Men Of Letters - Packer is such a weirdo.
The Enemies of Truth | The New Republic - What is George Packer so afraid of?

Washington Post journalist is suspended after tweeting a link to a 2016 story about Kobe Bryant - s rape case just hours after he died in helicopter crash - Felicia Sonmez is a national political reporter for The Washington Post
The death of famous people should be handled in public fora with honesty, not uncritical reverence [UPDATED] - Lawyers, Guns & Money (and Marty Baron outs himsself as a cluelesss misogynistic asshole)
The worst way to handle the Kobe Bryant rape case - The Washington Post - Is it time for hagiography, or is it time for a reckoning? (now what, Marty? y9u going to tell all the girls to shut up?)
Eschaton: Elite Journalism Brain - The treatment of Sonmez specifically is bad, but also what is wrong with them? As in, how do management brains work such that this happened?
The Posts misguided suspension of Felicia Sonmez over Kobe Bryant tweets
Kobe Bryants Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accusers Story, and the Half-Confession
Kobe Bryant helicopter crash witness gives an intelligent and detailed account of what he saw : videos
Helicopter pilot describes in detail how reckless the pilot of Kobe's helicopter was : bestof
Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 - Charles P. Pierce Obituary for NBA, Lakers Legend - It Is a Terrible Irony That Kobe Bryant Should Fall From the Sky -- In the end, we'll all have to judge whether one of the world's great athletes corrected his mistakes immediately and beautifully.

Mormon couple on the run found in Hawaii, must produce missing kids within 5 days : news

(Serious) Forensic investigators of Reddit: What are some of the most disturbing and horrific cases you've worked on? : AskReddit

She fractured her spine after the car ran a red light. Uber said she signed away her rights to a jury trial. : news

Prostate overtakes breast as 'most common cancer' : news

Sex and Gender Differences in Central Nervous System-Related Disorders

New mother shares hilarious selfie that shows her husband PASSED OUT on the delivery room floor after she gave birth via C-section : pics

The SCP foundation, a massive creative writing project, is getting illegally trademarked : videos

Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data: An Avast antivirus subsidiary sells 'Every search. Every click. Every buy. On every site.' : worldnews


Coronavirus 2020-nCoV live up dates
Maps show where the coronavirus has spread - The Washington Post
Coronavirus latest: Infections in China surge as authorities mobilize response - The Washington Post - fifth case is confirmed in U.S.
China reports 1,975 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, 56 deaths - Xinhua : worldnews
China's National Health Commission Minister: Incubation period for the coronavirus can range from one to 14 days, and the virus is infectious during incubation, which was not the case with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) : worldnews
5 million left Wuhan before lockdown, mayor reveals, as 1,000 new cases expected : worldnews
Coronavirus spurs a run on face masks. But do they work? - The Washington Post
Hong Kong cancels all Lunar New Year festivities, closes all schools due to Wuhan Virus crisis. : worldnews
How does coronavirus spread? What we know so far - The Washington Post
5 million left Wuhan before lockdown, mayor reveals, as 1,000 new cases expected : worldnews
Coronavirus virus reaches Europe as UK hunts for 2,000 passengers who recently arrived from Wuhan
Taiwan fines coronavirus patient $10000 for 'hiding' illness : worldnews
A city 1000km from Wuhan just declared a full lockdown : worldnews
Man who flew to Toronto from China is Canada's first coronavirus case : worldnews
China virus 'spreads before symptoms show' - the incubation period of the virus can last up to 14 days, where an infected person will not show any symptoms but is still able to spread the virus to others in close proximity : worldnews
Scientist who simulated the global impact of a coronavirus outbreak says the ' cat's already out of the bag' and calls China's efforts to contain the disease 'unlikely to be effective'
Parents took their suspected toddler have been infected with the Wuhan virus, out of a public hospital in Johor to avoid quarantine, were detained at Senai International Airport : worldnews

Skies go black in Africa's worst locust plague in decades (another sign of the times)

Germany warns that Jews could leave the country on a 'massive' scale if urgent action was not taken to stem rising anti-Semitism

Germany: Over 500 right-wing extremists suspected in Bundeswehr. The head of Germany's military intelligence service has confirmed hundreds of new investigations into soldiers with extremist right-wing leanings. Germany's elite special forces unit appears to be a particular hotbed. : worldnews
Netherlands apologizes for WWII persecution of Jews for first time -- Premier said too many Dutch civil servants "carried out the orders of the occupiers." : worldnews
How a Department of Justice team uncovered the details behind a Nazi training camp in occupied Poland - The Washington Post - How a team of prosecutors and historians uncovered the details behind an SS training camp in occupied Poland and exposed Nazi collaborators hiding in plain sight in America.

Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has accused the media of racism after she was cropped out of a photograph taken with her white peers in Davos.

Poorer UK areas that backed Tories face fresh funding cuts as cash switched to wealthy southern regions - Poorer areas that delivered Boris Johnson's election triumph are facing fresh cuts to local services as funds are switched to wealthy Southern shires instead. : worldnews (gee, sounds familiar)

Ghislaine Maxwell visited Prince Andrew up to four times a day at Buckingham Palace and enjoyed picnics with him in the grounds : worldnews ... Prince Andrape ... Instead of the papacy it's the rapacy

Anatomy of a Lie: How Iran Covered Up the Downing of an Airliner - The New York Times - For three days, Iranian military officials knew they had shot down a Ukrainian jetliner while the government issued false statements, denying any responsibility (the muzfucks were sure their lies would work)
Man whose wife was killed when Iran shot down plane flees Iran after threats : worldnews
Canadian truck driver who shares last name with Iranian general says he can't cross U.S. border : worldnews

Pompeo Says NPR's Kelly Lied To Him Twice But Doesn't Deny Lashing Out : NPR
Pompeo and NPR: Emails show Sec. of State's press officer was aware of potential questioning - The Washington Post (fat bullyfuck failure)
Trump Threatens to Cut NPR's Funding After Pompeo Meltdown

Are Trump and his circle manipulating the markets for personal gain? Here's the evidence | Investigative reporter William Cohan: Trump may have killed Gen. Soleimani to make millions in the markets : politics

Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries He Sought, Bolton Book Says - The New York Times - Drafts of the book outline the potential testimony of the former national security adviser if he were called as a witness in the president's impeachment trial.

Four significant questions raised by the newly released recording of Trump and Lev Parnas - The Washington Post

Trump suggests Schiff will 'pay a price' for pushing impeachmentTrump also called impeachmenta massive election interference the likes of which has never been seen before (sounds like another death threat, doesn't it?)
Schiff 'has not paid the price' for impeachment, Trump says in what appears to be veiled threat (or, not so "veiled")
Adam Schiff: Trump Saying I Should Pay a Price Is 'Intended to Be' a Threat : politics

Senate Republicans eye quick Trump acquittal after witness vote - POLITICO - Mitch McConnell is facing critical decisions on how to end the trial.

Sen. Hawley readies subpoena votes for Bidens, Schiff - politico - His strategy harmonizes with plans from other GOP senators.

Fox News Poll: Record economy ratings, as half say Senate should remove Trump
Senate should remove Trump, majority of independent voters say in Fox News poll : politics

Trump Has Still Partially Won on the Census - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Republican Party's openly racist attack on the Census is going to have real effects, even as it was too blatant for John Roberts to go all the way on. After all, there are many ways to impose a racist regime and if you don't t want to count immigrants, making them too scared to show their faces is one good way to reduce counting them.

Top 10 Obama Scandals | The Daily Show - YouTube (Fox shit -- compare and contrast with the corrupt Orange Devil)
Eschaton: Have You Heard Of Rupert Murdoch - I don't reject concerns about the facebook and newfangled technology generally as platforms for right wing influence and bullshit spreading, but, you know, O'Reilly didn't need facebook.

Eschaton: Theranos - Just a reminder who was on the board of directors -- In July 2011, Holmes was introduced to former U.S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz, who joined the Theranos board of directors that month.[114] Over the next three years, Shultz helped to introduce almost all the outside directors on the "all-star board," which included William Perry (former U.S. Secretary of Defense), Henry Kissinger ... in 2016 they were: ... James Mattis, later U.S. Secretary of Defense ... (here's your corrupt deep corporate state, suck on it, conservatards)

Eschaton: PUMA 2 Electric Boogaloo - I have enough DC brain to know that if Bernie wins things are going to get... interesting.

CBS News Battleground Tracker: In Iowa, it's Sanders, Biden and a wild finish ahead - CBS News
BREAKING! Politician who caucused with Democrats supported bill supported by virtually all Democrats - Lawyers, Guns & Money (another media hit-job)

Great Moments in Subtweeting - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I like the shade the Des Moines Register editorial board throws on the Times here:

Jeff Bezos throws lavish party at his new $23million, 11-bedroom Washington DC mansion attended by Ivanka Trump, Bill Gates and Ben Stiller ... White House adviser Kellyanne Conway and Sentor Mitt Romney were also in attendance

How impeachment could wreck the booming U.S. economy - The Washington Post

Trump's spiritual adviser commands 'all satanic pregnancies' to miscarry' in prayer against impeachment (Paula White, straight from one of Satan's mouths)

Hillary Clinton: Mark Zuckerberg Has 'Authoritarian' Views on Misinformation (to state the obvious)

A 4-year-old who was accidentally shot while play-wrestling with his father has died, police say : news

Kobe Bryant - Lawyers, Guns & Money (accused of rape)
Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash in California : news

In 2019, more Americans went to the library than to the movies : books

What shapes a kids opportunities? Researchers say look to the neighborhood.stark divides along racial and ethnic lines, and glaring opportunity gaps

Hair dye raises questions about chemicals' effect, changing trends - The Washington Post

Chronic inflammation is long lasting, insidious, dangerous. And you may not even know you have it. - The Washington Post

Oxytocin, often dubbed the 'love hormone' is known to promote social bonding. Researchers have now discovered that administering oxytocin to adult men with autism makes them more open to close emotional bonds with others. The hormone has positive long-term effects as well.

Psychedelic drugs (e.g. psilocybin, LSD, DMT) may reduce depression and anxiety by increasing psychological flexibility, which describes the ability to connect with the present moment and manage one's feelings, according to a new survey of 2,120 individuals.

Is not wanting to have kids becoming more common? : askscience

Fantastic Fungi: A film by Louie Schwartzberg on Mycelial Connection
Fantastic Fungi, Official Film Trailer | Moving Art by Louie Schwartzberg - YouTube
Fantastic Fungi presented by Regent Theatre Arlington | ArtsBoston Calendar
A place to discuss anything related to shrooms

What does it look like to "observe" a thought? : Meditation
Meditation - 437,395 subscribers


Climate change-driven sea-level rise could trigger mass migration of Americans to inland cities. A new study uses machine learning to project migration patterns resulting from sea-level rise. : science (bye-bye Seaport)
Modeling migration patterns in the USA under sea level rise
Sea Level Rise Dooms Obama's New Martha's s Vineyard Mansion (on the one hand, he won't be there in 10 years; on the other it sends the wrong message, as usual)

China reports 1,287 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, including 237 in critical conditions : worldnews
Doctor dies in Wuhan as coronavirus death toll rises to 41 : worldnews
Coronavirus Possible Chinese Cover Up: Videos of sick patients on IVs sitting amongst dead bodies lying in hospital hallways, makeshift tents in hospital parking lots : worldnews
MallNinjaHK comments on China spent the crucial first days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak arresting people who posted about it online and threatening journalists - The situation is actually much worse than what media had reported
Calls for global ban on wild animal markets amid coronavirus outbreak - Experts say wildlife sold for human consumption raises risk of new epidemics : worldnews
South Korea designates entire China as 'coronavirus watch zone' : worldnews
With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine : worldnews
Hospital staff in Wuhan are wearing adult diapers because they don't have time to pee while caring for an overwhelming number of coronavirus patients : worldnews
China coronavirus: Hong Kong leader declares highest level of emergency : worldnews
Two confirmed cases of coronavirus reported in France : worldnews
A man diagnosed with Wuhan coronavirus near Seattle is being treated largely by a robot : news

Historians slam 'completely false' claim made by Putin that 40 percent of the Jews who died in the Holocaust were citizens of the Soviet Union : worldnews

Panama Papers and Swiss Leaks tax investigations yield 10.6 million in fines : worldnews (a slap on the little finger)

European police bust human trafficking ring worth $77M, accused of smuggling 10,000 migrants : worldnews

Prepping for a race war: documents reveal inner workings of neo-Nazi group | World news | The Guardian - Chats, audio and video obtained by the Guardian give a rare insight into the workings of a disturbing white supremacist group

A Senator Wants To 'Unilaterally' Release Information On Jamal Khashoggi's Killing if the Trump Administration won't

Demeaned and Humiliated : What Happened to These Iranians at U.S. Airports -- Since August, at least 16 Iranian students have been turned away at airports, losing their chances to study at prestigious universities, amid new tensions between the U.S. and Iran (Trump's fucker ICE)

VFW demands apology after Trump claims traumatic brain injuries are 'not very serious'
George Takei on Twitter: "Ahem. We are expecting some royalties from this..." / Twitter
/u/myusernameiscool1234 lists in excruciating detail Pres. Trump abysmal record regarding military and veterans. : bestof

Eschaton: Security - Forget the details of the recording, are the "but her emails" reporters ever going to actually acknowledge the fact that there is literally no security around Trump's communications?But as for what was said... "Get rid of her!" is what the voice that appears to be President Trump's is heard saying, "Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow. Take her out. Okay? Do it." -- Not sure who here could fire her? So, um, ...
"I genuinely don't think there's anything to gain by keeping her around" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Just the president talking like a mob capo about inconvenient individuals, as one does:
Lev Parnas Says He Has Recording of Trump Calling for Ambassador's Firing -- The former associate of Rudolph W. Giuliani said through his lawyer that he had given the recording to the House Intelligence Committee for use in the impeachment inquiry.
Meet the Cannabis Lawyer Beating Trump at His Own Game - POLITICO - Joseph Bondy is an unusual attorney for an unusual client, Lev Parnas. His legal strategy is even more outlandish.

Who is Dmytro Firtash? The man linked to $1 million loan to Giuliani ally has a shadowy past: Oligarch is "at he dead center of the greatest corruption operation in Ukraine's history" "

In recording Trump asks how long Ukraine can resist Russians (asking for a friend)
WATCH: Full video of Trump appearing to say Ukraine ambassador should be removed | PBS NewsHour

NPR: Mike Pompeo dropped F-bomb after being questioned about Ukraine ... Pompeo cursed at reporter, yelled: "Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?"
NPR host says Pompeo had a meltdown when she asked him about Ukraine | Secretary of state used the F-word and demanded host Mary Louise Kelly find Ukraine on a map, journalist says : politics
Mike Pompeo Dares Veteran Foreign Correspondent to Find Ukraine on Map (She Does) : politics ... "One unanswered question is, Why does Pompeos staff have unlabeled maps lying around?"
Mike Pompeo's blatant gaslighting attempt (fucking fathead liar)
Forget impeachment. Republicans fear Ukraine revelations could spill into election. - POLITICO - the months of steady revelations about the Ukraine saga that could follow (well, mabye they do, Dumbeo)
The impeachment evidence will catch up to Republicans and Trump -- whether they ignore it or not

Theres a critical witness impeachment is missing -- Trump
Fact, along with Trump, is on trial in the Senate (Refucks decide to impeach "the facts")

Without getting into who wins the Presidential Crime Olympics, I think it's fair to say that Trump crimes like I color. You do your crimes inside the "okay to do crimes" zone that has been set up for presidents, or shift the boundaries about a bit. You do not start stabbing outside the lines with a big crayon.

Emotional Schiff Speech Goes Viral, Delighting the Left and Enraging the Right - The New York Times - "you know you cant trust this president to do what's right for this country." (Rethugs heads explode!)
Eschaton: Fake Outrage - Every single time the Republicans manufacture a fake outrage to distract from the malfeasance and while I'd like to say that reporters just pretend to believe them I honestly think some of these brain worms reporters actually do believe them. ADAM SCHIFF WORE A BLUE TIE INTO THE SENATE! THIS OUTRAGE WILL NOT STAND.
SotaSkoldier comments on #RightMatters trends after Adam Schiff impeachment trial speech goes viral
Eschaton: Kayfabe - The dumbest fucking people in the universe work for the New York Times. -- Republicans are VERY angrey about Schiff's decision to reference that CBS "head on a pike" report. Murkowski says "that's where he lost me." Barrasso says "whatever gains he may have made, he lost all of it -- plus some - tonight" -- Imagine taking seriously the argument that they thought about stopping the president from doing crimes but the democrats wwere mean so theh have no choice but to let the president keep doing crimes. Imagine being paid lots of money to be a Serious Politics Knower for the New York Times and not getting that the Hissy Fit is the go to Republican play. (mean to them by repeating their own words!)
Jury tampering: Internet explodes after WH threatenst Barrasso says hat senators' heads 'will be on a pike' if they vote to convict
Schiff refers to CBS 'head on pike' story, infuriating GOP: 'Every one of us knows it is not true' (sure, Foxfuckers) >
Great Moments in bad faith - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "I used to think it would be bad if a mountain of evidence that the president had illegally witheld funds to extort a foreign government to ratfuck a presidential election, but when the impeachment manager cited a news report suggesting that we would be Donald Trumps uncritical doormats I had no choice but to be Donald Trump's uncritical doormat"

A GOP senator trafficked in flimsy allegations to impugn Alexander Vindman. And then Trump retweeted it. -- Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.),

Trumps defense team to target Bidens in counterpunch to impeachment charges
Lindsey Graham will oppose subpoena of Hunter Biden | TheHill (let's see what Flimsey says tomorrow)
Eschaton: The Art of the Hissy Fit - It's nothing new and yet Serious Politics Knowers at our elite publications pretend (or don't pretend, I have no idea) not to be aware. -- Not as if Lindsey or Susan are going to be winning any Oscars anytime soon. These reporters must get tricked by their own 5-year-olds constantly.
Supercut Shows Why Lindsey Graham Is 'Most Shameless Man In American Politics' : politics

Kellyanne Conway storms out of briefing room after reporters call on her to answer Jim Acosta's question

Lindsey Graham screeches at reporters over impeachment: Trump 'did nothing wrong in his mind'
The honest Trump defense that is too embarrassing for Republicans to advance - The Washington Post - The president has never understood that there is a difference between his political/personal interests and national security. Trump has a narcissistic personality so he cannot intentionally betray the country for his own benefit because he thinks they are one and the same. He is also highly ignorant and malleable, so he will believe any illogical conspiracy theory that Russian President Vladimir Putin advances and/or that serves his interests.

Mitt Romney whines he's bored and doesn't care about impeachment becauseno one is watching (as he played with his fidget spinner)

Eschaton: Ladies And Gentlemen Of The Jury - Sure my client killed someone, but that was in the papers LAST YEAR. I move to dismiss! ... Reporters who exist to do nothing but transmit transparent bullshit from Republicans and embrace every second of it...

Smear merchant John Solomon accidentally reveals role of his lawyers diGenova and Toensing | Media Matters for America - Perhaps his attorneys should have advised him to not say this

Trump campaign warns debate commission the president may not participate if process is not 'fair' (to the orange snowflake)

The well-reasoned moral philosophy of Donald J. Trump - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Donald Trump became the first president to appear in person at the March for Life [sic] Friday. Here, he explains why he became a believer in coercing (some classes of women) to carry pregnancy to term:
Aaron Rupar on Twitter: "Trump's explanation for shifting from pro-choice to anti-abortion is deeply odd and raises many questions

The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Modern Conservatism, Part the Million - Lawyers, Guns & Money ("we're better than you, give us all your money")

Des Moines Register Endorsement: Elizabeth Warren will redirect an unequal America

Sanders Seizes Lead in Volatile Iowa Race, Times Poll Finds - The New York Times - With solid support from liberals, Mr. Sanders appears to be peaking just as the caucuses approach. But many Iowa voters said they could still change their mind. (Buttaboop surges into second place)
Would Biden return to the politics of the Grand Bargain? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (thanks again, Barry and all you centrist fcuker dems)
Joe Biden's Confounding Candidacy -- The former vice president is drawing tiny, unenthused crowds in Iowa. So why is he still one of the frontrunners? (bc your capitalist media masters are scared of Bernie and Lizzie, also, hence Buttaboop)
Joe Rogan's Endorsement Is One of the Most Influential in America -- Bernie Sanders won the Joe Rogan primary. Is that good for Bernie? (who the fuck is Joe Rogan?)

Joe Kennedy III Is an Insider, Not an Insurgent: Kennedy's ampaign to oust a progressive senator is an establishment takeover

u/riptydeco explains how right-wing propaganda twists the thinking of its followers to believe that rights given to others must be taken from them in order to do so, making progressive ideas seem like an "assault" on their culture. : bestof

85,000 Pieces From Beloved Chinatown Museum Likely Destroyed in Fire - The New York Times - the collection was one of a kind (maybe you should have ihnstalled some sprinklers?)

Gilded Age, Meet New Gilded Age - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Sometimes even I am not cynical enough for these times. Such as the estate of Gilded Age scumbag Henry Clay Frick seeking to buy up the estate of New Gilded Age scumbag Jeffrey Epstein.

3 year old and 16 year old shot by police during search. : news - undefined

'Crying Nazi' involved in 'Unti Release Information On Jamal Khashoggie the Right' rally arrested by the FBI - Christopher Cantwell became one of the most familiar faces of the rally after he was featured in a documentary that showed him chanting 'Jews will not replace us.' - A New Hampshire man ... "So if you don't want me to come and f--- your wife in front of your kids, then you should make yourself scarce,"

California Slaves - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Remember, when we talk about slavery in this nation, we need to center California as a major slave state -- San Bernardinos early success rested on a pair of seemingly incongruous forces: Mormonism and slavery (yeah, the Mor-mons were big slaveholders)

City of Olds: Even as Boston's population increases, number of kids shrinks | Universal Hub - City of Olds: Even as Bostons population increases, number of kids shrinks

[META] The State of the Sub : boston

Posting selfies online is associated with grandiose narcissism, which describes an overinflated ego and sense of importance, according to a survey of 730 individuals. The researchers also found that the norms of a cultural or geographic community can impact selfie-posting behavior on social media. : science

78% of suicide rates world wide are men, what can we do to help them? : AskReddit

Hello! We are therapists Johanne Schwensen (Clinical psychologist) and Jakob Lusensky (Jungian psychoanalyst) from It's Complicated. Ask us anything about therapy! : IAmA

Mozilla has banned nearly 200 malicious Firefox add-ons over the last two weeks : technology


Australia bushfires send CO2 levels soaring The fires in Australia are a major factor in one of the biggest rises in atmospheric CO2 in 60 years, experts have said. Meanwhile, a team is trying to recover the bodies of three US firefighters killed in a plane crash. : worldnews
Prince Charles: We need a new economic model or the planet will burn : worldnews
'We're the most privileged humans on earth' : Millionaires and billionaires demand to pay higher taxes More than 120 UK billionaires and millionaires have demanded to be allowed to pay higher taxes.

Doomsday clock lurches to 100 seconds to midnight -- closest to catastrophe yet: Nuclear and climate threats create 'profoundly unstable' world

Coronavirus death toll rises to 25 with 830 infected : worldnews
China Shutters All 70,000 Movie Theaters in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak : worldnews
China spent the crucial first days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak arresting people who posted about it online and threatening journalists : worldnews
'This time I'm scared' SARS virologist warns Wuhan virus far worse, as China locks down second city
China shuts transport, temples, part of Great Wall as virus toll hits 26 : worldnews
Chinese expert who came down with Wuhan coronavirus after saying it was controllable thinks he was infected through his eyes : worldnews
First virus death reported outside Hubei; eight cities now on lockdown : worldnews (Xi lies, all the time)
China coronavirus: Wuhan medical staff being infected at much faster pace than reported, sources say : worldnews ... "The way China is handling this is so Chernobyl."
Turkey sends passenger appearing to show symptoms of coronavirus back to China : worldnews
Coronavirus: Chinese embassy in Paris finds woman who 'cheated' checks : worldnews
Medical staff in Hong Kong can't get hold of masks : worldnews

Protesters who demanded Huawei CFO's release revealed to be paid actors : worldnews

Hundreds of thousands protest US troop presence in Iraq : worldnews

Neo-Nazi Rinaldo Nazzaro running US militant group The Base from Russia : worldnews ... "Soviet Union: Defeats 75% of Nazi forces. - Neo-Nazi: Let me move to Russia and suck off Putin. - Genius

Eschaton: The Anglosphere - One thing people in the UK and the US share is a weird belief that people in other countries give a shit what we think about them. Obviously the US matters in the sense that it is powerful and we like to blow people up but otherwise...

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rejects extradition request for Anne Sacoolas who was charged with causing death of teenage motorcyclist Harry Dunn in Northamptonshire in August in collision with car owned by Anne Sacoolas. She left UK and returned to her native US, claiming diplomatic immunity. : worldnews

Mike Pence Caught on Hot Mic Telling Israeli Prime Minister Trump is 'Unstoppable, Like Somebody Else I Know' at Holocaust Forum : worldnews

Eschaton: Shining City On A Hill - The Kids Today won't remember of course, but too many people who should know better have just chosen to not remember. Once upon a time the Bush administration decided Torture Was Good. The very silly opinion from the types of people who opposed the Iraq War thought Torture Was Bad, but they thought lots of silly things. The Very Serious Moderate Position was that Torture Was Bad, but if you don't call it torture and did it for a good reason, then whatever it is we're not calling torture is, well, regrettable, but they made us do it, you see. Weirdly that was pretty much the position of Don Rumsfeld! ... "Couldn't be clearer. If your intention is to extract information, you cannot be accused of torture" (torture is a core Republican value)
Psychologist who waterboarded 9/11 masterminds says he was called a 'pussy' when he told the CIA to stop the brutal practice, Guantanamo trial hears : worldnews ... " gotta be well over 4000 days since Sean Hannity offered to be waterboarded to show it's harmless ... he's a pussy"

Scientists leave federal jobs under President Trump - The Washington Post (moron Trump doesn't need your fake-fact based libtard so-called science)
closest to catastrophe yet: Nuclear and climate threats create profoundly unstable

Trump, Democrats keep their distance as GOP moderates face crucial impeachment votes - The Washington Post
Eschaton: Karen Called The Manager - Her act is so hilarious. -- Just spoke to Sen. Collins, who confirmed that she wrote a note to Roberts wee-hours Wednesday. -- "I did write a note raising the issue of whether there'd been a violation of the rules" of impugning another senator"

Eschaton: Speaking Of - And Sekulow isn't even the youngest generation. I'm not one to knock The Kids Today, generally, but the GOP Kids Today... Related from Pareene. Maybe not more evil, but certainly more openly racist.
Dumber than Dersh - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The impeachment of Donald Trump has thrust Jay Sekulow, the dimwitted Zelig of the Neoconfederate legal movement, into the public spotlight. The results have been even more hilarious than you'd expect ... (jfc)
Charlottesville Was a Preview of the Future of the Republican Party ... Meanwhile, the only people entering the Republican Party candidate pipeline in the Trump era almost have to be allied with the alt-right, because the alt-right absolutely comprises the only effective and successful youth outreach strategy the GOP currently employs.
Eschaton: The Downward Spiral - The GOP's only going to get worse. We saw signs of this when they sent the Heritage Kids to run Iraq, and now those Heritage Kids are running this country. A generation of Great Leaders who really do live inside the "Fox bubble" and genuinely believe CNN is the Communist News Network. - Maybe not more evil, but a bit more stupid. Failsons of failsons. -- But, sure, Joe Biden, tell us about your good friends in the Senate who will work with you.

Eschaton: America's Worst Network News Organization - CBS
CBS hires Reince Priebus, whose firms work for the GOP, the Trump Organization, and lobbying clients | Media Matters for America

Bloomberg gets under Trumps skin as he ramps up spending on 2020 ads

About thoseWomen for TrumpWomen who support Trump value his policies over anything else, and they see him as a refreshing change from those they perceive to be elitist candidates. (old white women)

How the Gun Show Became the Trump Show - POLITICO - The first in a series of regular election-year dispatches from anywhere but Washington, to Washington (Tim Alberta ex WSJ)
br />

That text you got about a package isnt from FedEx. Its a scam.starts by asking users to set up delivery preferences and ends with a request for credit card information

The 34 best political movies ever made

The number of million-dollar earners in Mass. is soaring heres where they live -- Winchester - 351 - 15.55/1000


Mnuchin says Greta Thunberg can tell us what to do 'after she goes and studies economics in college' (hahaha asshole)

Facebook Won't Act On Viral Climate Denial Posts Linked To The Bushfires - Facebook's bushfire fact-checking efforts have mostly focused on misleading photos and videos. What about rampant climate denialism? ... Counter-theories gained traction online that blamed the fires on arsonists, failed hazard reduction policies and even lasers designed to clear a path for a high-speed railway. (Fuckbooked)

The United States currently averages 20 mass shootings per year. Researchers measured the extent to which mass shootings are committed by domestic violence perpetrators, suggesting how firearm restrictions may prevent these tragedies. : science ... 38% of mass shooters they identified had been involved in some kind of domestic violence

CDC raises the alert level to 3 and recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel to Wuhan, China. : news
Chinese doctor in the city of Wuhan in tears announcing that there are too many cases of sick people : videos
Snakes could be the original source of the new coronavirus outbreak in China - CNN ... the Chinese krait and the Chinese cobra may be the original source of the newly discovered coronavirus that has triggered an outbreak of a deadly infectious respiratory illness in China this winter ... Both SARS and MERS are classified as zoonotic viral diseases, meaning the first patients who were infected acquired these viruses directly from animals ... the bat might also be the origin of 2019-nCoV ... transmitted to snakes
Can wearing masks stop the spread of viruses? - BBC News -- Virologists are sceptical about their effectiveness against airborne viruses. But there is some evidence to suggest the masks can help prevent hand-to-mouth transmissions. (bc it's harder to put your hand in your mouth, duh)

The Failure of Iran's Shia Crescent -- Economic problems brought about by mismanagement and corruption and increased by U.S. sanctions have made funding its network of proxy forces difficult. This has led to increasingly disruptive protests in Lebanon as well (Islamofuckers want to rule over all the Shiites - " I am your Lord, so worship Me" but their proxy empire is expensive and they are corrupt)

Is The Mafia More Powerful Than It's Ever Been? - If you think of violent, influential organized crime in Italy as a thing of the past, think again (misogynistic deep crook state does at least $100,000,000,000 of crookedness a year)

Sex is for married heterosexual couples only, says Church of England | World news | The Guardian - Pastoral guidance also calls for Christians in gay or straight civil unions to be abstinent (hahah no banging for you, sez the usual shitheads, Jesus owns your vag)

A small team of agents spent years investigating whether one of Washington's closest allies was involved in the worst terror attack in U.S. history. This is their story (the th0ught you're not allowed to have, supported by the facts you're not allowed to have, and once again, fuck you, Barry)

Ghislaine Maxwell's personal emails were HACKED and could be leaked | Daily Mail Online (haha, Bonesaw has all the dirt)

Jeff Bezos Cryptically Responds to Reports of Saudi Hacking With Image from Jamal Khashoggi Memorial
A Law Required The USs Top Intelligence Official To Turn Over A Report On Jamal Khashoggi's Killing. He Blew The Deadline. - [I]f the [Intelligence Community] isn't going to comply with the law, Congress needs an explanation (your checks are unbalanced)
MBS alleged Bezos phone hack touches the highest levels of American power ... Michael Flynn, former U.S. national security adviser, was once a paid advisor to Israel-based NSO Group. (hello, Kushfucker +dumbfuck Bezos)
Saudi Arabia murdered a journalist and blackmailed Jeff Bezos. Trump sent them U.S. troops | Will Bunch
Regime Critic Says Saudis Tried to Kidnap Him on U.S. Soil (and chop him into little pieces)

Trump Dismisses Troops' Possible Brain Injuries as 'Headaches'

Trump Removes Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands - The New York Times (so mucyh winning)

Dems unload 'overwhelming' impeachment case on the Senate -- even as they press for more
Adam Schiff's Moment
Adam Schiff's brilliant presentation is knocking down excuses to acquit (except all the Republicans were asleep)
Schiff asked GOP senators a tough question. The answer is awful. - The Washington Post ... because a vote for acquittal (which, again, is inevitable) before more damning revelations are unearthed is politically less costly than a vote for acquittal after any such revelations (feature, not a bug) ... but more is coming

Republicans, think about this carefully - The Washington Post
How one top Democrat's impeachment fears came true
Matt Gaetz sees 'brush back' in being kept off Trumps impeachment team - for voting to rein in the president's war powers. (you will follow my orders!)
'S.O.S.! PLEASE HELP ME!' The world' greatest deliberative body falls to pettifoggery.

Susan Collins sent note to dais before John Roberts admonished legal teams, source says - CNNPolitics ("Imma clutchin' mah pearls" it said)

Lindsey Graham goes berserk at impeachment presser: 'I'm not covering up anything!'

Trump impeachment defense lawyers Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz share disturbing problem - While the president still stands accused of sexual misconduct by more than 20 women, two of his lawyers are embroiled in their own sexual misconduct and assault scandals

Republican Voters Increasingly Back The GOP's Move To Block Impeachment Witnesses ... the share of Democrats who want new witnesses has risen to 74 percent, while the share of Republicans who say the same has fallen to 41 percent. (60% of Rethugs immune to evidence/facts)

Mick Mulvaney becomes top Democratic impeachment target - POLITICO - Senate Democrats say the acting White House chief of staff is the most important potential witness in Trump's trial.

Senator Confirms Republicans Are Leaving And Not Listening To Evidence Against Trump
Bette Midler's slam dunk

Fox impeachment trial coverage features video without audio - Vox - Viewers were shown video without the audio, allowing hosts to spin the proceedings in real time.
Impeachment proceedings have something in common with Fox News - The Washington Post ... Doocy, not noted for self-awareness ... We asked Fox News if Doocy saw any irony in repeating over and over the same argument about the Democrats repeating the same arguments over and over. We will update this post if we receive a response.
Trumpworld has converted the nations regional talk radio hosts into a loyal army (fat old white racist talk-fuckers)
Trump Campaign Trolls Adam Schiff With Road Runner Cartoon Showing Schiff As Wile E. Coyote (for the cartoon minds of their base)

Is There a Targeted Troll Campaign Against Lisa Page? A Bot Sentinel Investigation - Lawfare

Sanders Widens Lead In N.H. In New WBUR Poll | WBUR News
S. Carolina elected official now backing Sanders over Biden

Buttigieg Skipped Police Oversight Meetings for Fundraisers (he's moved on)

An Ex-Spy Who Wants to Represent New Mexico Can't Hide From Criticism - Valerie Plame

Fox & Friends Airs Brutal Bloomberg Ad Highlighting Trump's 'Erratic and Out of Control' Attackson the Military

Evangelicals Love Donald Trump for Many Reasons, But One of Them Is Especially Terrifying -- End Times ... John Hagee said that Hitler was part of Gods plan to get the Jews back to Israel ... (one reason Satangelicals aren't worried about climate change and they know Trump is the Antichrist)

Hamilton County Judge Robert Ruehlman: 'I call ICE' (Republican asshole judge)

Marianne Williamson throws support behind Yang in Iowa caucuses - CNNPolitics (the YangBangers)

Eschaton: Where's Rusty - I know he's still around but it's a bit odd living in a world where he seems like the least important wingnut media figure.
At Davos, Trump complains that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh havent won any Pulitzer Prizes (said the guy who reads at a 3rd grade level)

What the Biggest Swing County in Iowa Says About 2020 (tractor queens sticking with the Antichrist even after he fucked them)

Detroit man settles race discrimination lawsuit, then bank won't cash his check (racist TCF bank in Detroit refuses to deposit black account holder's Federal Court racial discrimination settlement check)

Court: Kansas "Ag-Gag" unconstitutionally bans free speech : news (fuck you, Kansas)

A Matter of Facts -- The New York Times' 1619 Project launched with the best of intentions, but has been undermined by some of its claims - Sean Wilentz

From Judy Woodruff: Longtime PBS NewsHour Anchor and Co-Founder Jim Lehrer Has Passed Away at 85 | PBS NewsHour

'Not correct' : NYTs Michael Barbaro bashes his own understanding of 2016 campaign

Revealed: the true identity of the leader of an American neo-Nazi terror group | World news | The Guardian - The white supremacist group the Base has been a target of FBI raids and its members accused of planning a race war. The Guardian can now reveal the identity of its secretive leader

Annabella Sciorra stares Harvey Weinstein down in court, details rape accusation against the disgraced movie mogul - "He kept coming at me" ... a devastatingly detailed account Thursday of her alleged rape by hulking producer Harvey Weinstein inside her Manhattan apartment. ("hulking" ugly rapist fucker)

Mich. woman says she was sexually assaulted on Spirit Airlines flight - The FBI is investigating a Michigan woman's claim that she was sexually assaulted aboard a Spirit Airlines flight by a man sitting next to her. The woman said the flight attendants took the alleged assault lightly asking her to move her seat, but not making that same request of him.

Michigan provost placed on leave after sexual misconduct allegations ... Philbert has spent his entire career in academia. He makes $570,000 a year (nice racket you got there)

The Enemies of Writing : A writer who's afraid to tell people what they don't want to hear has chosen the wrong trade -- George Packer's Hitchen's Prize Speech (Hitchfuck was a big Iraq war supporter, natch, and also, fuck PEN)

1 dead and 7 injured, including 9-year-old boy, in mass shooting on downtown Seattle sidewalk | The Seattle Times

/u/srsly_its_so_ez explains how police officers get away with atrocious murders, abuses, and other crimes, and how the law enforcement system is corrupt to the core : bestof (America has a bad cop problem)

Why 40% of Vietnamese People Have the Same Last Name - Everyone knows a Nguyen, but how did that come to be?

New York City Stores Must Accept Cash, Council Says - The New York Times - New York lawmakers passed a bill that puts New York at the forefront of a national movement to ban cashless businesses.
Cashless stores and restaurants banned in New York City : news

Too Many Americans Will Never Be Able to Retire - Without more babies and immigrants, the country wont be able to support its aging population ... Much of this is due to a fall in fertility among Hispanics, whose birth rates are converging with those of other groups. The Great Recession was undoubtedly a trigger as well (fuck off and die, old white racist Republicans)

In a study of more than 660 women who had an abortion, 97.5% said it was the right decision one week later. After 5 years, 99% said it was the right choice. Relief was the most commonly reported emotion. : science

People tend to become more trusting of news stories after being exposed to Trump's tweets attacking "fake news," according to new research. This means that when Trump tweets about 'fake news,' people are more likely to agree with a news article' presentation of facts than had Trump stayed silent

Aw : aww

What is a One in a million thing that happend to you that will NEVER happen again? : AskReddit


u/Surtir explains how the Earth is in "advanced global warming" already : bestof (more "prophets of doom" foolishness)

Full influenza vaccination among children cuts hospitalization in half, new study shows. The findings support health organizations' recommendations to vaccinate children against influenza every year, since vaccination is the most effective way to prevent both the flu and hospitalization. : science

Melting ice from climate change could release the pathogens into the environment (another side effect of GW -- frozen virus-bombs)

Coronavirus latest: 17 dead as virus spreads across China - The Washington Post
Wuhan coronavirus case confirmed in Washington state - CNN ... Shutting down outbound transportation of a provincial capital city is unprecedented in China since 1949
Coronavirus: Is China's count too low? - The Washington Post (China is lying again?)
China CDC Update: New coronavirus has three distinct strains, 87.99%-related to SARS, most likely results from illegal wild animals sold in Wuhan Huanan Market, official working name NCIP (novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia) : science
Trump says he trusts China's Xi on coronavirus and the US has it 'totally under control'

Why Glenn Greenwalds Prosecution Is An Outrage
Glenn Greenwald on Brazils Charges Against Him
#FreeGreenwald - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is really bad: ... Journalists shouldn't be jailed for doing journalism (Brazil off the facist cllff with Ballsonaro)

Boris Johnson communicated with Saudi crown prince on WhatsApp, ex-UK officials say (haha, he hacked BoJo too)
Saudi Crown Prince Seemed to Taunt Jeff Bezos Over Secret Affair Before National Enquirer Expose - just a month after his Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi had been murdered, according to the UN.

The brazen Shabab assault at Manda Bay, Kenya, a sleepy seaside base near the Somali border, on Jan. 5 left three Americans dead, raising complex questions about the militarys mission in Africa.

Tuesday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Trumps eruption of lies in Davos bolsters the case against him
Ivanka Trumps car rentals help push the administrations Davos travel costs past $4 million
Trump again blasts impeachment 'hoax' before leaving Davos

Eschaton: MBS's Good Pals - Jared and the gang are all totally hacked.The encrypted message from the number used by Mohammed bin Salman is believed to have included a malicious file that infiltrated the phone of the world's richest man, according to the results of a digital forensic analysis.
Saudi crown prince implicated in hack of Jeff Bezoss phone, U.N. report will say (notice it isn't Trump's gov that will admit that, bc Ja-Red)
Our man in Riyadh - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This sounds . . . ominous:

Judge Burroughs has made her decision, now let her enforce it - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Customs and Border Protection is just outright ignoring court orders now:

White House budget officials laid groundwork to freeze Ukraine aid before July 25 call, heavily redacted emails show - CNNPolitics

Eschaton: Pettifogging - Because words speak louder than actions.

Republicans livid over Nadler's 'cover-upaccusation' - (#MidnightMitch rides to the rescue) (Robert shows his cards)
Senate adopts ground rules for impeachment trial, delaying a decision on witnesses until after much of the proceedings - The Washington Post
Trump impeachment trial live updates - The Washington Post
After Republican senators block new impeachment evidence, Trump boasts about what he's withholding (haha suckers)

Constitutional Nonsense: Trump's Impeachment Defense Defies Legal Consensus
An embarrassing moment for Trump's legal team
Trump's defense looks shaky on first day of impeachment trial : Using the president's convoluted logic with none of his outsized passion, his defense team wasnt ery persuasive.
Trump impeachment team undercuts DOJ position in McGahn case - POLITICO - The issue could affect ongoing court cases revolving around impeachment.

"Ass-Backwards" and (So Far) Witness-Free, Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial Begins
Trumps impeachment defense is designed to destroy guardrails on presidential power
Trump impeachment defense is dangerous. Abuses of power could crack America's foundation. -- Trump thinks his oath was a vague, unenforceable promise, that he can't be held accountable as long as he doesn't commit a crime
Scenes From one of the World's Deliberative Bodies - Lawyers, Guns & Money - It's not a lie if you believe it:
Trump disrupts Republican trial strategy - POLITICO

Senate Impeachment Trial: Republicans Pledge Fealty to Donald Trump - The Republican Party, represented by its majority caucus, formalized its fealty to the renegade administration* of Donald Trump ... And it was a deadening, sad thing to watch. The only real reaction was another cup of soggy oatmeal from the increasingly useless Susan Collins.
Trump's Defenders Could at Least Pretend to Care About the Charges Against Him -- White House Counsel Pat Cipollone told multiple demonstrable falsehoods with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sitting behind him.
The Senate Impeachment Trial Will Test the Dueling Theories of James Madison and Patrick Henry -- So far, every inherent danger that Henry saw in the proposed national executive has come to vivid life, and every safeguard upon which Madison assured the people of the country they could rely has utterly collapsed.

Trumps defenders make it up as they go
Reagan's Solicitor General Says 'All Honorable People' Have Left Trump's Cabinet: 'He is Capable of Doing Serious Damage'
Senate adopts ground rules for impeachment trial, delaying a decision on witnesses until after much of the proceedings - The Washington Post

71% of Republicans Want Mitch McConnell to Call Witnesses at Trump Impeachment Trial, New Poll Shows
By a Narrow Margin, Americans Say Senate Trial Should Result in Trump's Removal - Majority says Trump has definitely or probably done things that are illegal ... (51%) say the outcome of the Senate trial should be Trump's removal from office, while 46% say the result should lead to Trump remaining in office. An overwhelming share of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (86%) say the trial should result in Trump remaining in office, (12% say crimes were committed by that's ok with them)

Senate Democrats privately mull witness trade in impeachment trial: A Biden for Bolton - The Washington Post
Appear in Arkansas court, explain, judge orders Hunter Biden

Trump Opens Door to Cuts to Medicare and Other Entitlement Programs - The New York Times - The president signaled a willingness to scale back Medicare, a shift from his 2016 platform of protecting entitlement programs (haha, you believed him)

Bernie Sanders surges to join Biden atop Democratic presidential pack in new poll - CNNPolitics
Biden and Sanders Trade Attacks Over Honesty and Social Security - The New York Times

'New York Times' Endorses Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar for President - The New York Times Endorsement Shows a Major Institution Wrong-Footed by Events - The most obvious conclusion to draw is that there was irresolvable conflict within the board.

Eschaton: THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN OUR LIFETIMES - Candidates (parties, politicians, pundits, etc.) can't keep seamlessly switch between "OMG THIS IS AN EMERGENCY" and "oh, well, lovely to be on stage with the former President, Mr. Trump, and his wonderful children" regularly. -- They're bad people. Treat them like that, and don't stop.

Andrew Yang and the New American Tories | The Outline - What links celebrity Yang supporters like Dave Chappelle, Rivers Cuomo, and Norm MacDonald? (stupidity, maybe?)

Fox News substantially influenced Republican candidatesperceptions regarding the partisan leanings of districts, leading them to challenge Democrats in situations that they likely would not have without Fox News present,

Immigrant Kids Were Restrained to Chairs With Bags Over Their Heads at a Juvenile Hall in Virginia

Utah bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ children - The conservative state becomes the 19th to ban the discredited practice.

Quibi's CEO Meg Whitman Compared Reporters to Sexual Predators who prey on underage victims (paywalled, but noted for the headline, remember her?)

Weinstein's defense cites accusers email saying 'I love you' 4 years after alleged rape

Cleveland cop who urinated on girl as she waited for bus gets 4 1/2 years in prison : news

Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 618 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the grave of Gerrit Smith.

How Bennet Omalu, doctor oConcussionfame, built a career on distorted science

9-gigapixel zoomable image of the Milky Way, which includes 88 million stars. Have a gander yourself : science

What makes a person boring? : AskReddit

Eschaton: ROBOTAXIS - With Rahm out of office, I think Elon's days of annoying me for "taking lots of public money" reasons might be fading, but I'm still a bit obsessed with the bullshit. Oh and the beta test 2 ton deathmobiles. They are still with us.
Bose is closing all of its retail stores in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia -- the framingham based company will close 119 stores, while 130 stores remain open in china, india, south korea, and uae : boston


Climate experts demand world leaders stop walking away from the science
Trump Bashes Climate Activists in Address to World Economic Forum in Davos. The president implied climate activists are "prophets of doms" and the heirs of yesterday's foolish forture tellers" (and there you are)
Pyrenees glaciers 'doomed', experts warn | Glaciers nestled in the lofty crags of the Pyrenees mountains separating France and Spain will disappear within 30 years as temperatures rise, upending ecosystems while putting local economies at risk, scientists say. : worldnews (more foolish prophets of doom)

UN Report: half a billion people struggle to find adequate paid work : worldnews
u/srsly_its_so_ez Explains how wealth inequality is so much worse than most people realize : bestof

An ancient aquatic system older than the pyramids has been revealed by the Australian bushfires : worldnews

China tries to close off Wuhan, city hit by coronavirus - The Washington Post
4 people dead as China confirms Wuhan coronavirus can be spread by humans : worldnews (yesterday they said it couldn't)

Israel rejects over 98 percent of Palestinian building permit requests in West Bank's Area C : worldnews

Russian opposition wants big protest over Putin's plan to 'rule for ever' : worldnews

Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil - The New York Times - accused of being part of a 'criminal investigation' that hacked into the cellphones of prosecutors and public officials ... charged the American journalist Glenn Greenwald with cybercrimes for his role in bringing to light cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-corruption task force.

Migrant Caravan Crosses River into Mexico In Standoff With Security Forces : NPR

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince' Washington Post - owner was targeted five months before murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Iran confirms two Russian-made missiles hit Ukrainian airliner - The Washington Post -- "the impact of these missiles on the accident and the analysis of this action are under investigation" (just a litle impact)
How Trump Twisted Iran Intel to Manufacture the 'Four Embassies' Threat -- There were definitely questions [at the time, internally] about whether he had just made it up on the spot

Swiss police suspect Davos plumbers of being Russian spies | Financial Times - Authorities suggest agents posed as tradesmen in order to bug world leaders
Trump takes a victory lap at Davos, crowing about the U.S. economy and ignoring impeachment - The Washington Post
Trumps Davos remarks rife with distortion

Iranian MP announces $3 million bounty on Trump, local media reports : worldnews (shoulda crowed-funded it)

In 9/11 proceedings, once-forbidden topic is front and center: Torture - Los Angeles Times
Trump promotes bizarre claim that 9/11 attackers were treated better than him: All 19 terrorists died during attack, with several plotters serving life sentences and subjected to torture : worldnews

'You're a bunch of dopes and babies': Inside Trump's stunning tirade against generals (I know more about the military than you dopes" said 4x draft dodger)

Trump weighs travel ban expansion in coming days - POLITICO - The Trump administration is eyeing seven countries for new immigration restrictions three years after its original order, which created an uproar for targeting Muslim-majority nations.
Northeastern student from Iran removed from US before court hearing, wont be returnedDespite a judges order that he remain in custody
Iranian Student Deported From Boston Despite Federal Court Order : boston

Trump pushes his party to normalize corruption - The Washington Post

Trump Trial Day 1: Roped-Off Reporters and TV Cameras Run by the Senate - The New York Times
McConnell makes last-minute handwritten changes to Trump impeachment trial rules - ensures that House Democrats' evidence will be admitted. (#MidnightMitch)
Democrats already have these four victories in the impeachment trial - The Washington Post
Schiff says intelligence agencies are withholding evidence on Ukraine "on the instruction of others" (wonder who they could be?)
A big tell in Trump's own legal brief exposes McConnell's coverup
Why aren't Democrats making life miserable for vulnerable Republicans on impeachment?

Impeachment trial live updates: Senators gird for spirited debate over rules governing Trump's historic trial
Where the Trump defense goes too far - The Washington Post (even Trump defender Turley: "It will not work. Turley is covered for life in the stench of Donald Trump.")

Trump's lawyers, Senate GOP allies work privately to ensure Bolton does not testify publicly
McConnell Pushes to Speed Impeachment Trial as Trump Requests Swift Acquittal - The New York Times
Senate Republicans plan speedy Trump trial - POLITICO
White House appoints GOP House members to advise Trump's impeachment team (haha Gym Jordon and the best clowns)
GAO report poses evidence test in Trump Senate trial - Axios (we don't need no steenking evidence")
Trump impeachment: Former GOP Senator Jeff Flake says Republicans and their "cult of personality" are on trial with the president - CBS News

Justice Department backed Trump strongarm of House impeachment probe - POLITICO

Dershowitz on impeachment reversal: 'I am much more correct right now' (Dershofucker)

Trump and his Republican cronies have made three big mistakes - The Washington Post

Cipollone falsely claims Republicans were barred from impeachment depositions - Axios (any old lie will do)
Obstruction still isn't exoneration, no matter what Trump may argue

Eschaton: MR. MCCONNELL SIRRAH HASTETH THOUEST NOEST HONOUR SIRRAH - Another moment when the Dems just can't appeal to the referees for help.
Eschaton: The Will Of The People - Perhaps find the diners where some of the 51% hang out. -- (CNN)About half of Americans say the Senate should vote to convict President Donald Trump and remove him from office in the upcoming impeachment trial (51%), according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, while 45% say the Senate should vote against conviction and removal.

Eschaton: Look Up To The Skies And See - Everybody knows if the Dem wins in November, takes office, and settles down to a low 40s approval steady state, that there will not be a constant drumbeat of "these Philadelphia voters still support their candidate!" stories. Instead we will be going back to the Ohio diners for more years of coverage of Trump voters.

Trump Third Year Sets New Standard for Party Polarization - 82-point party gap: 89% of Republicans, 7% of Democrats approve (Rethugs are the walking dead zombies)
How Voters Grade Trump, Three Years Into His Presidency - Overall, 38% of voters gave Trump an F, while 21% gave him an A.43% say his performance will get worse, 21% said it will stay about the same, while 30% predict it will get better.

Don Jr. Admits Meeting Lev Parnas 'I Thought He Was Israeli'

Devin Nunes' Ukraine lies are a betrayal. Voters in his district deserve better (lying little commie ratfucker)
Parnas Lawyer Shares Pence Video After Vice President Denies Knowing Him

The Loser President | The Nation - Trump could lose by many millions of votes and still secure an Electoral College win

Eschaton: My Opponents Are All Very Good, I Am Just Slightly Better - I always remember Dem primary campaigns being a bit nasty, and while one can argue about whether being a bit nasty is helpful (it might work, it might not), the "oh no don't say anything mean because then it will come back in the general election" seems to involve a big misunderstanding of how these things work. Don't think Republicans need Dem primary competitions to discover their oppo research.

Sanders apologizes to Biden for surrogate's op-ed alleging he has a "big corruption problem"
Biden, Sanders, Social Security and Smears - Lying about a rival is bad, even if you don't like his past positions.
Hillary Clinton in Full: A Fiery New Documentary, Trump Regrets and Harsh Words for Bernie: "Nobody Likes Him"
Hillary Clinton savages Bernie Sanders: 'Nobody likes him; -- Clinton also pointed to sexism in Sanders's campaign and suggests he's complicit.
Maybe Hillary Clinton shouldn't sound like a character from a Maureen Dowd column - Lawyers, Guns & Money (said she might have to vote for Trump)

Sanders, Biden lead tight pack of front-runners in Suffolk/Globe New Hampshire poll - The Boston Globe
Majority Support Allowing New Impeachment Evidence | Monmouth University Polling Institute - But overall opinion of Trump and impeachment is virtually unchanged

Planned Parenthood endorses challenger to Sen. Susan Collins - Sara Gideon, speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, welcomed the endorsement from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (fuck off, Suzie-Floozy)

Religious-schools case heads to a Supreme Court skeptical of stark lines between church and state - The Boston Globe (five Catholics on SC want their theocracy)

Editorial: Profiles in cowardice | Editorials | - We didn't expect her to be revealed as a political opportunist, willing to debase herself and dismiss her constituency in the dying hopes of holding on to a seat she couldt win on her own. (haha, you "didn't expect" she'd act like a Republican)

UPDATE: Richmond woman charged with wearing mask in public following gun-rights rally | Local News | ... Hundreds of people attending the event covered their faces
Call Richmonds MLK Day gun rally what it was: An outbreak of terrorism on American soil | Will Bunch
Virginia Senate votes to eliminate Lee-Jackson Day, make Election Day state holiday |

Peter Thiels Latest Venture Is the American Government (his fangs are buried in the neck of America)

Patriots' Benjamin Watson Producing Abortion Documentary | Hollywood Reporter - Watson, a pro-life Christian,

Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

New video evidence in case of child cruise ship death; Royal Caribbean says step-grandfather knew window was open before dropping infant out of it - CBSN Live Video - CBS News
Royal Caribbean Says Video Shows Proof Grandfather Knew Window Was Open In Death Of Toddler - YouTube

A Tale Of Two Markets: How Illinois Succeeded In Rollout Of Adult-Use Cannabis And Why Massachusetts Failed : boston (Charlie Vaporhead's Fuckachusetts)

Is there any companies or farms here that sell produce boxes that aren't expensive?

A Sneaky Theory of Where Language Came From - It might have hijacked our early ancestors brains.

Immune cell which kills most cancers discovered by accident by British scientists in major breakthrough : worldnews

Probiotics for Autism - Autism Parenting Magazine


Can any law enacted under such circumstances be considered democratically structured? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On MLK Day, let us consider one of the most critical passages in Letter From A Birmingham Jail: ... The contemporary Republican Party is, quite simply, a party devoted to ensuring that more unjust laws in one or both of these senses are passed and/or selectively enforced. This is true from the typical backbencher of a state legislature to the Chief Justice of the United States.

17 More People Diagnosed With Deadly Viral Pneumonia in China : worldnews
China confirms 139 new cases of pneumonia over weekend, virus spreads to new cities : worldnews

TIL that just 10 percent of world military spending would probably be sufficient to end poverty and hunger : todayilearned (priotrities, priorities)

China's government poses a 'global threat to human rights,' report finds : worldnews
Outrage after Chinese theme park forces pig to bungee jump : news ... If you live in a country that ignores human rights, that probably could make you think torturing animals is ok ... >Animal cruelty is not punishable in China by law (that would set bad example)
South Korea reports its first cast of Wuhan Coronavirus, bringing total exposed countries to 4 : news

How Boeing's Responsibility in a Deadly Crash Got Buried

Targeted killings via drone becoming 'normalised' report: Drone Wars says UK and US has developed easy narrative (and you know who started this shit? thanks again, Barry)

Capitalism seen doing 'more harm than good' in global survey : worldnews
Just 162 Billionaires Have The Same Wealth As Half Of Humanity : worldnews

Africa's richest woman 'ripped off her country' : worldnews (with the aid of the banksters)

Pakistani authorities refused to let a top human rights lawyer Jalila Haider leave the country, citing her "anti-state activities", she told AFP on Monday, in what appeared to be the latest example of an ongoing rights crackdown. : worldnews

French trial exposes how church covered for predator priest who assaulted 75 boys : worldnews (France has a big pro-pedo problem)
Chaos as 'yellow vest' protesters return to Paris streets

Boris Johnson urged to publish report on Russian meddling : worldnews (that got him elected)

The United States has received intelligence regarding a potentially imminent attack being planned against its military personnel stationed in Germany, according to an official memo : worldnews (bomb threat phone call)

Family of Canadian crash victim claims Iran is intimidating them, won't release remains
u/babybopp shares the media's bias against Meghan Markle, compared to Kate Middleton : bestof
babybopp comments on Media has their faces eaten by (soon to be ex)-royal leopards

Puerto Rico fires two more officials after Hurricane Maria aid found unused amid current earthquake aftermath : news

Architects of Cia Torture Program to Testify at Guantanamo for First TimeThe contract psychologists, James E. Mitchell and John "Bruce" Jessen, are responsible for developing interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, confinement in small boxes, beatings, and sleep deprivation ... Remember when the CIA hacked into the United States Senate to destroy documents related to the Senate's investigation into the torture program?Anything ever happen? Remember when all of the tapes of the interrogations were destroyed? (Barry buried this one also)

President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years - The Washington Post

White House Calls Impeachment Charges 'Frivolous' and 'Dangerous' in Legal Brief
George Conway: The worst thing about Trumps answer to the impeachment articles
Trump Legal Team Asks Senate for Speedy Acquittal in Impeachment Trial - The New York Times

Trump legal team to argue calling new witnesses could compromise national security - Axios - Inside Trump's impeachment strategy: The national security card (the fake pres who colludes with Putin, yeah)

Trump-McConnell relationship comes into focus amid Senate impeachment trial - The Washington Post
Trump: No President Can Be Impeached for Any Abuse of Power
In Trumps Impeachment, Republicans Don't Even Know What They're Covering Up (and they're pround of it)

Pomp and censorship: Trump impeachment trial already reveals a broken America | Will Bunch

As Senate Trial Begins, 44% Approve of Trump (his face is melting)

Ex-White House aide describes Trump's abusive tantrums when he doesn't get his way: 'Not normal at all' (Rethugs have always been the party of bullies)

'Birth tourism' is Trumps next immigration target

How Trump fused his business empire to the presidency - POLITICO - As Trump kicks off his fourth year as president with an impeachment trial tied to his actions involving Ukraine, critics say the president has yet to face accountability for blatant conflicts of interest tied to his private businesses (The Republican Way)

Ted Lieu 1 : Devin Nunes - 1,000,000 and counting... : PoliticalHumor (Nunes "lawyer" gets owned)

A Few Words in Defense of Bill Barr - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The only good thing I will say about Bill Barr is that hs one of the key figures in GHWB's DOJ who gave us Souter because Ken Starr wasn't wingnutty enough

Eschaton: Any Gal Will Do - I don't care who the New York Times editorial board endorses. It just tells us about them. Endorsing TWO women was something they thought was a power move, but, you know, that's not how this works.
In a break with convention, the editorial board has chosen to endorse two separate - Democratic candidates for president.
New York Times Editorial Board Endorses Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren - The New York Times
The New York Times's Endorsement Charade - A weeklong song-and-dance routine ends in farce.
NYT ed board was extremely torn over endorsement
Will this matter? I dunno. For Klobuchar in particular it might move the needle a little. I agree that Warren is the top Democratic choice and that Klobuchar would be strongly preferable to Biden, at least.
Kate Manne on Twitter: "Bucking the trend of backing no specific woman, the NYT goes out on a limb and backs any old specific woman. An historic day in the long fight against sexism." / Twitter

Warren joins Bernie in jabbing Biden on Social SecurityWarren linking arms with Sanders on the issue also comes after long-simmering tensions between the two exploded into the open this week.

Eschaton: Poop Dogg And The Enema Man - "Greedy Geezers" was a favorite of Alan Simpson, of "Simpson-Bowles." You might remember their comedy stylings from when Obama-Biden tried to cut Social Security. But the phrase was, in this context, a favorite of the neoliberal shills of the Washington Monthly and the New Republic of the 70s and 80s. That poor old people had it too good was an article of faith among a generation of young wonks, though I suspect now that they're old their enthusiasm for taking a hatchet to Social Security has waned, if only slightly. They only want to cut it for people who haven't started to receive it yet, now (don't forget what an idiot Barry was)
Eschaton: Greedy Geezers - The campaign to kill Social Security has been a long one, and Joe Biden has always been a part of it.
Biden's Advocacy for Social Security Cuts Has Had Real Consequences -- The proposal for 'chained CPI,' a cut to future benefits, during the Obama administration led to its widespread use in other areas of the government (forgot about Barry's big reach-across-the-aisle plan to fuck everyone but the rich, didn't you?)
Joe Biden calls game developers "little creeps" who make titles that "teach you how to kill" : technology (Malarky Joe stuck in 1957, here's a younger person's comment:) "biden is so insanely out of touch. fucking hell, i swear if the choice comes down to biden and trump." (and) "Joe Biden continues to stick foot in mouth, has now started eating his shoe."
'Middle Class' Joe Biden has a corruption problem -- it makes him a weak candidate - Zephyr Teachout

The newspaper that ignored the fall of the Berlin Wall | News1 English

Oscars, White Guys. Democratic Candidates, White Guys. And These Are the Liberal Organizations. - The Motion Picture Academy and the Democratic Party are supposed to be our diverse institutions. What's going on here?

Trump's MAGA supporters and Twitter Bernie Bros have this ugly tactic in common: Bernie Twitter operates under the self-righteous guise of being the true progressives of the internet. But their harassing tactics are anything but progressive

Thousands arrive at Richmond rally to protest gun-control legislation : news
'Emasculated' Virginia gun nuts mocked for 'purchasing toys, dressing up in costumes, and playing fantasy games'

Conservative States Seek Billions to Brace for Disaster. (Just Don't Call It Climate Change.) (fiscally resposbile welfare Republicans want more dough from the libtard shithole states)

Virginia gun rally: anti-fascist activists will not mount counter-protest | US news | The Guardian - Local leftist groups cite serious safety concerns : Far-right groups expected to attend Richmond event

Tucker Carlson: 2020 is about what kind of country we should have. Dems want it to be more like California | Fox News (Fucker Carlson wants it to be like Alabama)

Opinion | Will The Chicago Tribune Be the Next Newspaper Picked to the Bone? - The New York Times - Journalists worry that a New York hedge fund with a big stake in the paper will impose draconian cuts, as it has elsewhere. (of course they will)

Tennessee sheriff's deputy indicted on 44 charges including rape, sexual battery amid ongoing lawsuits : news

Two dead, 15 wounded after gunman opens fire on people in line outside K.C. bar : news

Woman injures 2 after allegedly driving into traffic as a test of faith : news ... "Looks like god wants her to do some jail time"

Nancy Steinbeck
John Steinbeck IV - Wikipedia
Nancy Steinbeck
The Coconut Monk - Tricycle: The Buddhist Review - A former soldier documents wartime Vietnam on an eccentric yogis Buddhist island.

Buying in Bulk: When Is It a Mistake?

Elon Musk says the issue in the future isn't overpopulation, but a declining and aging population. What is your opinion on this statement? : AskReddit

Hacker leaks passwords for more than 500,000 servers, routers, and IoT devices : news (telnet!)

BPL site lets you see how Boston streets have changed since the Civil War | Universal Hub

TIL that 70,000 years ago, a Red Dwarf star passed very close (In astronomy terms) to our Solar System. So close in fact, that it passed through the Solar System's outer shell known as the Oort Cloud and nudged some Comets out of their orbits. It may've been visible to early Humans and Neanderthals. : todayilearned

MDMA for PTSD granted Expanded Access by FDA, patient treatments begin : news

Belief in astrology and the paranormal is linked to threats to certainty, lack of perceived certainty, refining self-concept, schizotypy, and a need for conflict-reducing explanations for negative events in life. : science
Astrological Predictions Checked by Machine Learning - DZone AI

Adults with food insecurity are 10% to 37% more likely to die prematurely from any cause other than cancer compared to food-secure people. Premature death by infectious-parasitic diseases, and suicides was more than twice as likely for those experiencing severe versus no food insecurity. : science

Getting enough Vitamin D in wintertime is important to your health - The Washington Post

TIL that the retirement age for men in the USA was set at 65 in 1935. The average life expectancy at the time was 61.7 years old. : todayilearned

ELI5: How is that Alcohol 70% is better than Alcohol 90% as disinfectant ? : explainlikeimfive

New T-cell technique kills lung, colon cancer cells and may be able to 'treat all cancers' : science [*]

MercurianAspirations comments on CMV: Neo gender identities such as non-binary and genderfluid are contrived and do not hold any coherent meaning.

I was born with two Y chromosomes, AMA : IAmA

Anti-vaxxers exposed: Hidden camera investigation : videos

How do you tell a depressed friend or partner that you don't have the mental resources to listen to them be depressed anymore, without coming across as a massive asshole?

Redditors who have followed through in finding Hot MILFS in your area, what happened? : AskReddit
Hol up

Have you ever woke up in the middle of a dream and the dream was so interresting that you wanted to to back to sleep to see the end of it? If so, what was the dream? : AskReddit

Cosmic_blonde comments on Has anyone else realized that the religious nut inside of the Walmart is the same lady from an older video when she goes off on a garbage man and starts bocking like a chicken? Or am I crazy?


Trump tells Americans threatened by rising oceans to use 'mops and buckets' instead of building barriers (very stable genius solution) ... WE WILL BUILD A WALL AND WE WILL MAKE THE OCEAN PAY FOR IT

1 billion Australian animals now dead or dying due to fires and this is a conservative estimate : worldnews (bio-cide by conservative necromongers)
Extra sections of an ancient aquaculture system built by Indigenous Australians 6,600 years ago (which is older than Egyptian pyramids), have been discovered after bushfires swept through the UNESCO world heritage area. : worldnews

At least 75 soldiers killed in drone attack on mosque in Yemen : worldnews

Sweden summons Chinese ambassador over threats to media : worldnews (Xi ordered Sweden to censor their journalists)
Peace Corps to withdraw volunteers from China : worldnews
Facebook says technical error caused vulgar translation of Chinese leaders' name Xi Jinping appearing as "Mr Shitholw" : worldnews

Car filmed on wrong side of road near RAF base near where Harry Dunn died : news (more drunk Americans)
Muswell Hill teenager set Jewish man's hair on fire in antisemitic attack : news ... "You can't be Jewish because you don't have horns" (UK)

People in a southern Puerto Rico city discovered a warehouse filled with water, cots and other unused emergency supplies, then set off a social media uproar Saturday when they broke in to retrieve goods as the area struggles to recover from a strong earthquake : worldnews
Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vazquez Garced fires emergency director after aid is found sitting in warehouse - CBS News ... Some of the aid has allegedly been sitting in the warehouse since Hurricane Maria struck in 2017.
Hello guys, Puerto Rican here. So this shitshow has spread like wildfire all over Twitter and Facebook. A warehouse in Ponce filled with abandoned supplies for those affected by Hurricane Maria has been discovered. Intentionally hidden from the public since 2017. : videos

Trump Loses Another Russia Adviser, Adding to NSC Turnover - Bloomberg ("I don't need no steenking advisors" Trump said)

Trump Says Soleimani Strike Followed General Saying 'Bad Things' (imminently)
The President, His Relationship with Intelligence, and the Soleimani Strike - Just Security - When it comes to intelligence, like with so much else, President Donald Trump likes big names. It's this focus on celebrity, headlines, and immediate gratification -- versus substance, impact, and consequences -- that so often motivates him.

Andrew Peek: Top National Security Council official placed on leave pending security investigation - The Washington Post (very fishy, is Kushfuck Putin's C&C back-channel to Trumpster?)
White House s top Russia official put on leave pending investigation -- It's another jolt of uncertainty to an office in the White House that has experienced significant turnover during the past year.

House Democrats say Senate 'must eliminate the threat' that the president poses to national security
House managers citeoverwhelmingevidence against Trump in their brief to Senate
House managers cite 'overwhelming' evidence against Trump in their brief to Senate - The White House called the impeachment a "dangerous attack on the right of the American people to freely choose their President" (traitorous crook, you mean)
'Brazen and unlawful: Trump team attacks House impeachment effort in first formal response ("I'm not the crook! You're the crook!)
Trump, who wanted a TV legal team, is 'distracted' by impeachment trial, source says (haha, watching Fox even more)
Trump reportedly picked his impeachment defense team based on how well he thinks they can perform on TV : politics

Now, I don't claim to be an A student - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Nor am I trying to be. -- Vice President Mike Pence published a powerful, but deceptive article

Schiff: Argument president cannot be impeached for abusing power 'absurdist' (Foxers won't understand that word)

Who is Devin Nunes' aide caught up in Ukraine texts, and will they hurt his boss? ("I never heard of him" commie traitor Nunes said)
New Records Bare Extensive Links Between Devin Nunes Aide And Lev Parnas | HuffPost - Texts link the Ukraine pressure scheme to the office of the top GOP congressman on the House Intelligence Committee before the impeachment hearings.
Latest Parnas Docs Made Clear That Investigations of Rep. Nunes Are Necessary: Legal Experts : politics (Nunesfucker)

Murkowski on impeachment: "It is important that we have a process that is viewed as fair"
Impeachment Trial Puts Susan Collins, Stung by Kavanaugh Backlash, Under Scrutiny (spin-around Suzie Floozy)
GOP Sen. Shelby on Trump soliciting foreign interference: "Things happen"

STUDY: Trump sent 657 live tweets of Fox programming in 2019 | Media Matters for America - Insipid morning show Fox & Friends accounted for nearly a third of them

A Very Stable Genius review: dysfunction and disaster at the court of King Donald | US news | The Guardian

Trump Defense Team's Ken Starr Was Ousted From Baylor University In 2016 : NPR (the best lying crooks)

Even C-SPAN Is Piqued: Senate Puts Limits on Trial Coverage - The New York Times - The Senate will control the cameras during the impeachment trial, limiting what viewers see, and reporters will be confined to roped-off areas. (why would they do that if he's totally innocent?)

Federal appeals court rules that both parents in same-sex relationship can be listed on their child's birth certificates : news

Biden charges Sanders camp 'doctored video' to attack him Sanders has been sharply critical of the former vice president's long-standing record of considering cuts to Social Security ("doctored" by showing his acgtual demented words showing he's an asshole for the rich, and tnx again, Barry)
Sanders Team Hits Back After Biden Claims Social Security Video Was 'Doctored': "The facts are very clear: Biden not only pushed to cut Social Security -- he is on tape proudly bragging about it on multiple occasions" (OldDementedJoe has a lying problem)
Biden and Sanders Clash Over Social Security - The New York Times - Joseph R. Biden Jr. and advisers to the Sanders campaign exchanged sharp accusations over his record as the two presidential candidates chased an overlapping slice of blue-collar voters.
Joe Biden again says no to marijuana legalization without more studies : politics ("War on Drugz" racist JoeBi stuck in the 20th century)
How five members of Joe Biden's family got rich through his connections
I can't believe we're losing to this guy - Lawyers, Guns & Money - While this was happening, alas this was also happening: ... "Biden's own performance at the debate was among his worst yet. There seemed to be a vacuum behind his mouth that sucked the energy out of the hall every time it opened. Each sentence was a journey, and most did not end at their intended destination. ... " (but your media make it all about Lizzie/Bernie +Barry goes along with Biden's "doctored" video ad)

Would a 37-Year-Old Woman Be Where Pete Buttigieg Is? - The New York Times - Conversations with 37-year-old women in politics might offer some answers. (corporate Mayo Pete is your best hope)

Richmond Gun Rally: Is A Virginia Cop Giving 4Chans /pol Board Inside Info? ... "Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Why Do Trump Supporters Support Trump? - The New York Times (dumb question, because they are dumb, dumbsters)

Okla. senators want MAGA license plateswhich might violate federal campaign finance rules (who cares about your stupid "rules")

Trumps EPA is said to cut scientists out of new water policy that threatens New England wetlands

Womens March Draws A Smaller, But Passionate Crowd
National Archives Apologizes for Altering Image of 2017 Women's March -- A photo from the march displayed at the National Archives was altered to blur signs that were critical of President Trump or might be offensive, officials said. ("fuck your history" they said)
Erasing History - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The National Archives' dangerous corruption of history (opinion) - CNN

Former Florida mayor gets prison after buying BMW, beach condo with $650G in United Way funds : news ... 51 months for stealing 650k. Not bad considering an inmate got 12 years for having a cellphone in jail.

Eschaton: The Important Things - I don't know if people are dumb or just see opportunity for infinite graft or both. -- Missouri lawmakers waded into a potentially expensive competition Monday to become the international crossroads of a mostly untested, futuristic, high-speed transportation system ... Although the long-term goal is to connect St. Louis and Kansas City with a pneumatic tube people mover that could transport passengers across the state in 30 minutes -- How about a train that uses existing technology and can go about as fast as your fantasy technology? Haha, oh no. That's 19th century technology and I saw this on the Jetsons.

Eschaton: TEN MILLION DOLLARS - With so many billionaires about, why not a private prize of $10 million for the scientist who genetically creates an O2 producing organism that will thrive in the frigid, methane lakes of Titan? -- Senator Rand Paul ... Well, you know, we can't possibly increase average gas mileage by 3MPG but bet for TEN MILLION DOLLARS we can all go to another planet's moon or some shit. (libertarian capitalism for the win!)

Eschaton: Innovating Pizza - Nobody is going to get rich by DISRUPTING PIZZA. Sure you can get rich setting up a new pizza chain. Appealing (whether good nor not) product, good branding, the usual thing ... SoftBank-backed Zume is laying off 360 employees, accounting for about 50 percent of its workforce, and shuttering its robotic pizza business to focus on food packaging ... We want to make pizza! Um, with a robot! OK here's eleventy zillion! Oops weirdly we can't make money that way, so we're going to pivot to being the "Amazon of food" which means, "we are going to be worth eleventy zillion dollars for reasons and get gullible journalists to write it up." ... (Vox:) That pivot is not widely understood by the jokesters, who wonder how Zume can compete with the Pizza Huts and Domino's of the world ... That last bit was written... a whole month ago. There's always a "the critics just don't understand the brilliance" stuff coming from these guys, when, no, usually they do. I think we're finally getting to the end of the era of "Campbell's soup, but with an app." Not sure what the next era will be!

William Gibson: I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' : books
An 'appwhisperer' teams up with time travelers in William Gibson's 'Agency'

TIL after returning from WWII, over 1 million black americans were denied the benefits of the GI bill for free education and low rate home loans. : todayilearned

TIL Millennials are saving more than Gen X or Boomers at the same age : todayilearned (because they have less money, duh!)

New hospital-based data show that homelessness is increasing, despite official estimates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that state a substantial decrease in homelessness. HUD's numbers, which are the primary driver of public policy, may be seriously flawed. (Trump has solved the homeless problem!)

Five Years After Abortion, Nearly All Women Say It Was the Right Decision. Research found no evidence that women began to regret their decisions as years passed. On the contrary, the women reported that both their positive and negative feelings about the abortion diminished over time. : science (that's not what the Republican Satangelics have been telling us)

Meta-analysis of 83 studies produces 'very strong' evidence for a negative relationship between intelligence and religiosity (dumbfuck Satangelical Jesus-freaks)
Meta-analysis of 83 studies produces 'very strong' evidence for a negative relationship between intelligence and religiosity
Study shows a negative correlation between intelligence and religiosity. : science

Women tend to have better sexual outcomes in committed relationships but theres an important caveat -- Women who are more open to short-term, casual sexual relationships tend to experience similar levels of orgasmic function and sexual satisfaction in both committed and casual sexual contexts.
Family versus intimate partners: Estimating who matters more for health in a 20-year longitudinal study ... Results are novel and may be the first to indicate the quality of family relationships are a more powerful predictor of aging health than the quality of intimate partnerships. Findings implicate the health of adults should be considered in the systemic context of families.

Population distribution in the U.S. in units of Canadas : MapPorn
Population Density Map of China : MapPorn
Life Expectancy by county : MapPorn
List of Mass Murderer in each state of USA (only on shooting by state) : MapPorn

Jesus first follower were Jewish, they believed he was the Jewish Messiah -- why is their faith considered a new religion?
When do the Jews become Monotheistic, and when do they see themselves as separate from other Semitic tribes and cultures? : AskHistorians

Why did the Beatles break up? : AskHistorians

I (18/f) have an embarrassing 'condition' Should I tell the guy (18/m) I like or would it creep him out? (nsfw)

Adult Site Leaks 20GB of Porn Cam Models Data, Including Names, Passport Scans : technology

[Meta] Can we talk about what happened over the past 48 hours and decide where we want to go moving forward? : boston
Three Demands for r/boston : boston
I haven't been on here in a couple days, I'm wondering what the hell happened?

Oregon woman fired from bank job after giving struggling man $20 to get home : news

u/Bitemebitch00 gives examples of how abusers are well aware of the nature and extent of their abuse and how they are not just ignorant of the things they do. : bestof

Can't i just get my groceries without needing to repent? : WTF

Older people of Reddit, what was the equivalent of teaching your grandparents to use the internet, when you were growing up? : AskReddit

What's something you swore you'd never be into that you are now mildly obsessed with? : AskReddit

People who grew up with "Doomsday Prepper" parents, what was it like? : AskReddit

What do you say to someone after catching him while watching porn to make it any less awkward? : AskReddit


'Scale of This Failure Has No Precedent': Scientists Say Hot Ocean 'Blob' Killed One Million Seabirds: The lead author called the mass die-off "a red-flag warning about the tremendous impact sustained ocean warming can have on the marine ecosystem." : worldnews

The number of people already infected by the mystery virus emerging in China is far greater than official figures suggest, scientists have told the BBC. : news
Australia's Leader Called For A Crackdown On Environmentalists Before Fires Broke Out : worldnews

Brazil's answer to Greta Thunberg wants help protecting Amazon rainforest and its tribes

The Effectiveness of the Confucius Institute as Soft Power - Lawyers, Guns & Money

FBI: Saudi government almost certainly helps its citizens escape prosecution in US for serious crimes

Indian General Talks of 'Deradicalization Camps' for Kashmiris -- rights activists fear that something like what China has introduced for Uighurs could be coming.

Around 75% of Japanese see need to make nation more hospitable to foreign residents, government survey shows. : worldnews

Ten indigenous musicians have been shot dead and burned in an ambush in western Mexico believed to have been carried out by a drug cartel, officials say. : worldnews

Catholic priest 'confessed 1,500 times to abusing children', victim says mandatory reporting could have saved him : news (Australia)

Opinion | Why Did I Let a Convicted War Criminal Practice Energy Healing on Me? - The New York Times - My 48 hours alone with Radovan Karadzic ... bioenergetic healing ... by war criminal

A British mercenary company established by former SAS veterans conducted clandestine and highly controversial operations around the world, with successive British governments either unwilling or unable to rein it in, a new book reveals : worldnews
Brutal prison death of 'Britain's worst paedophile' Richard Huckle : news

The Middle East Isn't Worth It Anymore -- With few vital American interests still at stake there, the U.S. should finally set aside its grandiose ambitions for the chaotic region (WSJ has always supported endless wars)

Trump recounts minute-by-minute details of Soleimani strike to donors at Mar-a-Lago - CNNPolitics - during remarks to high-dollar Republican donors at his South Florida estate
Trump warns Iranian supreme leader who called him a 'clown' to be 'very careful with his words' : worldnews ("you shall not insult the supreme Trumpster!" Trump raged)

House Democrats release second batch of Parnas materials | TheHill
New Parnas documents reveal more on possible Yovanovitch surveillance, communication with Nunes aide - CNNPolitics
Barr dropped into Giuliani meeting at Justice Department in previously undisclosed encounter - CNNPolitics
Why was Lev Parnas wearing a Presidential Service Badgeawarded to troops who serve in the White House? (asking the obvious questions)
Lev Parnas Dishes On Kushner, Maduro, and Soros

House releases new impeachment evidence linking Nunes aide to Parnas - POLITICO (little commie Nunesfuck)
Nunes aide communicated with Parnas about Ukraine campaign, messages show - The Washington Post (sucking Putin's dick)

After more than 48 hours of silence, Pompeo says State will investigate possible surveillance of ex-US ambassador : worldnews (Dumpeo at the center of the crimes)

Trump's impeachment, starring Bill Clinton - Trump is the one fighting to keep his job, but it can feel like the entire country is reliving the last presidential impeachment. (yeah, right, just the same)

Seems legit : PoliticalHumor
Flush The Turd On November Third ?????? : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton: To The Jake Tapper Signal - He Disrespected THE TROOPS -- "You're a bunch of dopes and babies" .... Dems are just bad at playing a game and are incapable of seizing on one thing and hammering (no this should not be a game but it is). But some things are objectitudinal and nonpartisany and SUPPORTING THE TROOPS is one of them (whether or not it should be). If Obummer had said something like this ... everyone's gonna put on their shocked faces for a day and then coverage will return to normal. And that's not normal.

'Relentlessly obsessed' Trump blasted for 'craven' decision to gut Michelle Obama's healthy school lunch rules on her birthday (mean son of a bitch and pround of it)
Say what you will about "suck it libs," it's an ethos - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Making kids less healthy to CHECKMATE Michelle Obama: (Refucks rejoice)

Kavanaugh Kourt Koming for Kontraceptives - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to decide whether the Trump administration may allow employers to limit womens access to free birth control under the Affordable Care Act.

The president interrupted a meeting with campaign advisers to scold his health and human services secretary about the administrations ban on most flavored e-cigarettes.

Rod Rosenstein says he made call to release Strzok-Page texts - POLITICO - Rosenstein also said in the court filing submitted shortly before midnight Friday that he made the decision to share the messages with the press in part to protect FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page from the drip effect of incremental releases of the texts by lawmakers or other (sounds totally believeable)

Trump judges are playing keep-away with his tax returns, financial records. (three years to wreck the entire judicial system)

The Grisham Watch: Whats the White House press secretary up to? (getting paid by taxpayer to go on Fox)

Transcript of Trump announcement on school prayer: There is a growing totalitarian impulse on the far left that seeks to prohibit religious expression (rise of your totalitarian theocracy where Trump is the supreme God, project much?)

Eschaton: Probably Good Enough For The New York Times - Bidens, Trumps, pretty much the same.
Eric Trump tells Laura Ingraham his family got "out of business" after Donald Trump became president -- Fox News chyron identified Eric Trump as "Executive Vice President, Trump Org" during segment

Eschaton: Infrastructure Week - One thing about the Bush era was that there were still policies... being... debated? Sort of. This is somewhat LOL TRUMP NOTHING MATTERS, of course, but it's also the general increasing abdication of Congress. I am too dumb to write the full version of this story but Obummer pushed this trend along, too. That isn't to say Congress doesn't matter at all, it's just that it's increasingly not the place where important legislative debates happen, and certainly not in public.

Eschaton: Crack Master Dan - That's Biden chatting with the NYT editorial board (and nevr asking why he's lying, they are so fucked up)
guy fieri 2020 campaign manager on Twitter: "kjsgsjgks" / Twitter (his brain is almost as dead as Trumps)

"Why Are We Not Winning Them?: Pete Buttigieg's White Supporters Are Baffled By His Lack Of Black Support (total mystery)

The Gaping Hole in Senator Amy Klobuchars Electability Argument (the Kloberer)

u/Educational_Celery explains how the media was behind the feud between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders all along : bestof (click through)
Could Warren Be Both VP and Treasury Secretary, Sanders Campaign Asked
The Sanders-Warren 'feud' and Ukraine revelations are nowhere near equal in importance. Try telling the (and Clinton's BJ is exactly the same as Trump selling out the country to Putin)

US families are paying over $4,500 in medical bills to have a baby. The average out-of-pocket costs for childbirth increased by 50% in 7 years. Despite an Affordable Care Act mandate that employer-based health plans cover maternity care, some are shouldering more of the expenses tied to childbirth. : science (it's what Republicans/centrist Dems do)

Former N.Y. Rep. Christopher Collins sentenced to federal prison for insider trading - He pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to commit insider trading and lying to the FBI in October.

Neo-Nazis Allegedly Discussed Opening Fire at Virginia's Pro-Gun Rally Slated for Monday (to start the race war so they could have a "white ethno-state")

Regarding Christopher Caldwell, you do not, under any circumstances, "gotta hand it to him" - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... How could the Times possibly think that a book arguing that is regrettable that Jim Crow can't be restored deserves a review taking the argument seriously? The answer will surely depress you. (NYT/Sulzfucks/Baquet hopeless)

Missouri bill: New parent board could toss any public library book it deems sexually inappropriateand librarians could be jailed (defund teachers, put librarians in jail, good job Missouri)

Kidnapped 14-year-old girl rescued after friends use Snapchat to find her : news

Woman says school district required her to pay $600 to see video of daughter being bullied on bus : news

Woman, 25, upset by emergency room wait heads to urgent care but dies : news

Baker 'dethroned' as most popular governor in the nation, according to a new poll ... aker slipped to No. 3 ... 69 percent of Massachusetts voters said they approve of the job the second-term governor is doing.

After 17 lawsuits, 27 years in court, a judge rules in Beverly neighbors' feud ... It has pitted a luxury home developer by the name of Evan Wile against his far wealthier next-door neighbor, the investor and art collector Jeffrey Horvitz ... The trial portion in that case concluded in April 2015, and the closing arguments were finished four months later ... how an American court can decide not to decide for years and years with no consequences (lotta money undere the table)

A Deep Dive Into Cambridge Water | Scout Cambridge - the worst water in the country for filtration purposes ... water contains 236 parts per million (ppm) of chloride, just below the highest level allowed -- 250 ppm ... Somerville, Boston, and Arlington, reports 32.5 ppm of chloride in its tap water ... Cambridge at a pH of nine ... staggering total dissolved solids count of 472just below the 500 ppm limit -

Update: Virtual Gateway to MassCIP Transition Moved to Monday, January 27 : bostontrees

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It - A little-known start-up helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their online images - might lead to a dystopian future or something

A new study has definitively shown that regular exposure to THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, during pregnancy has significant impact on placental and fetal development -- led to a reduction in birth weight of 8 per cent and decreased brain and liver growth by more than 20 per cent. : science

Soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes but also causes neurological changes, a new study in mice shows. Given it is the most widely consumed oil in the US (fast food, packaged foods, fed to livestock), its adverse effects on brain genes could have important public health ramifications. : science

Evidence Shows Whooping Cough Is Evolving Into a 'Superbug', Scientists Warn : science

How people become cynical: Six studies find that being the target of disrespect gives rise to cynical views, which predisposes people to further disrespect. The end result is a vicious cycle: cynicism and disrespect fuel one another. : science

Blind people of reddit who have done acid, what did you see? : AskReddit

A home surveillance camera captured 5 mountain lions, typically solitary animals, hanging out together | Us World News |
Police fear missing farmer was eaten by his own pigs : news

North Dakota Diamond Sun by Sally Ann : atoptics

AcrobaticDiscount2 explains how incels think of women as property, and compares it to paternalistic slave owners in the American south. : bestof

Guys who watched a thousand movies, who got so used on all the plots and twist, and seen almost all movie tropes, what recent movies made an impression on you? : AskReddit

[serious] What's a dark family secret you uncovered? : AskReddit

What's your creepiest "glitch in the matrix" or unexplainable thing that's ever happened to you? : AskReddit

What is the most underrated website that everyone should know about? : AskReddit [*]
What is the most underrated website on the internet? : AskReddit


Sir David Attenborough warns of climate 'crisis moment'
Climate Crisis Threatens Maritime Research Facilities That Study Climate Change - The Chinese Climate Hoaxsters Are Even Putting Crabs in the Elevators

Chinese birth rate slows to the lowest in the history of the People's Republic of China : worldnews

Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need : worldnews

Peru bans 5 tourists, bars 1 from leaving for allegedly defecating, dislodging rock in Machu Picchu temple site : worldnews ... two Brazilians, an Argentine, a Chilean and a French woman (Americans are better toursist)

Brazil's culture minister fired after echoing Goebbels

Yandex, Russia's biggest search engine, is an on-ramp for child sexual imagery, experts say (Putin responsible)

ISIS leader dubbed 'Jabba the Jihadi' captured in Iraq -- The 560-pound mufti Abu Abdul Bari, also known as Shifa al-Nima, was nabbed Thursday by an elite SWAT team of the Nineveh regiment in the city of Mosul ... He put the fat in fatwa ... he also ordered the destruction of a mosque built at the site believed to be the burial place of the biblical prophet Jonah, who once had a famous encounter with a whale.

Rude questions: money laundering for slavery probably trumps lurid sex tales | The Panama News ... Trump Ocean Club in Panama City ... (shit is even deeper than you thought)

How to Think About the Soleimani Strike in Four Questions - Just Security

'You're a bunch of dopes and babies: Inside Trump's stunning tirade against generals ("Putin told me so")
Stability And Genius - Lawyers, Guns & Money - "Did we quit after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor" ... The fact that Javanka were widely regarded in the White House as useless dipshits makes the credulous treatment they received from the political press all the more ridiculous ... Trump considered awarding himself the Medal of Freedom ... "Maybe, Trump said, Holderness purposefully ran into a refrigerator to give herself bruises and try to get money out of Porter?" ... This book seems a lot more interesting than the typical Woodward-style Inside Baseball job

Lev Parnas Reveals Why He Turned on Trumpworld
Parnas Said He is Speaking Out Because He is Afraid of William Barr : politics (assasinator-general)
It Is Beginning to Look Like the U.S. Has a Corruption Problem, Not Ukraine : politics
Lev Parnas and Powerful Republican Friends: A Photo Album

Trump's Evil Is Contagious: The president has shown us exactly what happens when good people do nothing - Under Trump, the United States is a confederacy of corruption, driven by a thousand points of evil. And that evil is contagious.

Republicans Melt Down as Evidence of Trumps Guilt Piles UpMartha McSally calls a respected reporter "a liberal hack" Susan Collins blames the House for something Lev Parnas did. Sad and sickening to watch.
Mark Kelly heads into election year with big cash lead over Sen. McSally
Maine's Susan Collins has highest disapproval rating of any senator in national survey (Suzie-Doozy is toast and she's getting ready for her Fox job)
Sen. Susan Collins has a 52 percent disapproval rating ... down 10& since September ...

'It was like a breeding ground' : Trump hotels mix of GOP insiders and hangers-on helped give rise to impeachment episodes

An Impeachment Trial That Could Unfold Out of Public View - The New York Times - trial will feature bitter debates and intense legal wrangling. Much of it is likely to unfold behind closed doors (Mitch the Bitch turns off the lights)
Reporters getting 1st taste of impeachment restrictions

William Barr Is Going After Trumps Enemies One by One ... the Department of Justice is exploring yet another probe of James Comey, the former FBI director turned Trump antagonist, would seem to confirm those fears have been borne out.

Of Course Trump's Impeachment Defense Features Alan Dershowitz and...Ken Starr -- This team is something to behold (Dershofuck)

Angry Trump Says Focus Should Be on a Trade Deal, Not a HoaxBut the few times the president did anything in public on Thursday, it was clear he was unnerved by the prospect of a Senate trial.
Trump gives furious defence against impeachment as historic trial begins : worldnews
Upset by Impeachment, Trump Hauls Out Emotional Support Map (the land and the cows love him)

Barr's Encryption Push Is Decades in the Making, but Troubles Some at FBI ... some bureau officials were stunned by his rebuke of Apple over Pensacola shooters iPhones (getting ready for his dicktator theocracy)

Trump Supreme Court short-lister William Pryor says God can instruct juries. ("God" = Satan)

Sanders-Warren: An Alliance, if Not a Close Friendship, Suddenly Fractures - The New York Times - The dispute has led to negative attacks and doubts about party unity, exactly what Democratic leaders do not want to happen, for fear of handing an advantage to President Trump
Sanders climbs, now tied with Biden among registered voters: Reuters poll - Reuters

Eschaton: "Donald Trump" - I get - and sort of agree with - "covering Donald Trump as you would cover any other president." But if President Obummer (or even President Bush) behaved this way, "normal coverage" would not be like this. Manufacturing a "president" by just writing him as fiction is not (entirely, anyway) normal coverage. Sure there are always elements of this. Covering the pageant as it is meant to be seen, as scripted, not as it actually was. But that's always bad! And it isn't always "normal." (NPR has always sucked Republican dicks but this is even worse)
Donald Trump Presidency in Tweets From Inauguration to Impeachment (Updated until 1/1/2020) - YouTube

Trump May Be Even More Unpopular Than His Approval Rating Shows | FiveThirtyEight

Where Are the (Reform) Candidates in Ohio? - The Appeal - Few of Ohio's local elections feature candidates focused on criminal justice reform, with notable exceptions such as in Cincinnati. Some activists are pressing ahead through other organizing.
Checking in on Wisconsin | The Cook Political Report

Black Americans deeply pessimistic about country under Trump, whom more than 8 in 10 describe as a racist, Post-Ipsos poll finds

Central California DA quits state association over its opposition to criminal justice reforms - -- A Republican Central California district attorney made a surprising decision last week to quit the California District Attorneys Association

Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped? - Republicans and Democrats alike have been unwilling to reprimand voters or to hold them accountable. But racist voting isn't an accident (so, NBC, both sides)

FBI arrests three more members of right wing extremist group The Base (Y'all Queda)

Facing Intimidation, Black Women Prosecutors Say: Enough -- the virulent opposition progressive black women in the role say they have encountered.

Kanye Wests Dark Turn to the Anti-Gay Christian RightThe celebrated rapper and Trump supporter has decided to take his Sunday Service choir to a Christian event featuring many anti-LGBTQ crusaders. (Kantye)

The way MIT's chairman tells it, saying no to Epstein's tainted money wasn't his job
Dirty Money and Bad Scienceat MIT's Media Lab -- The school's investigation shows that two separate scandals -- over Jeffrey Epstein and OpenAg -- were closely linked.

Wave of laptop thefts in Bay Area feeding massive black market -

Does your company nurture neurodiverse talent? - BBC News - It refers to the community of people who have dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, are on the autism spectrum, or have other neurological functions.


'Unquestionably Alarming Signs': New Data Confirms Earth Just Had Hottest Decade on Record : worldnews
ouTube ads of 100 top brands fund climate misinformation -- study | Some of the biggest companies in the world are funding climate misinformation by advertising on YouTube, according to a study -- firms are unaware commercials being played alongside misleading videos

Australian government used $100m community sports grant as slush fund for re-election campaign : worldnews (Murdoch/crooks destroying the planet)
Company approved to take 96 million litres of water from drought-ravaged Queensland town : news (Australia testing the limits of fucking up)

Almost 40% of the world's countries will witness civil unrest in 2020, research claims

'Alarming' one in five deaths due to sepsis - BBC News - One in five deaths around the world is caused by sepsis, also known as blood poisoning, shows the most comprehensive analysis of the condition. -- The report estimates 11 million people a year are dying from sepsis - more than are killed by cancer ... Bacteria and viruses that cause diarrhoeal infections or lung diseases are the leading triggers of sepsis.
China's Mysterious Pneumonia-Like Virus Is Now Spreading to Other Countries : worldnews

Police brutality doesn't exist in HK: Carrie Lam : worldnews

Lebanon police forced to apologise after brutalising activists in most violent night since protests began : worldnews

Turkey ends Wikipedia ban after nearly 1,000 days : worldnews (Furkey)

Prg1 ince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts shares photos next to Naomi Campbell and Ghislaine Maxwell : worldnews (Naomi is very bad)
Jeffrey Epsteins 'sex slave' seen at Naomi Campbell's birthday party in 2001

A London mosque will host an exhibition on the Holocaust that another Muslim house of worship declined to hold amid protests by worshipers : worldnews

HIV infections among gay and bi men fall 73% in UK : worldnews

Boris Johnson's pick to help lead Grenfell inquiry linked to cladding firm. Exclusive: Survivors and bereaved call Benita Mehra appointment 'a slap in the face'

Canadian conservatives, who plan to eliminate 10,000 teaching jobs over 3 years, say they want Canadian education to follow Alabama's example : worldnews (the smartest and richest state in the U.S.)

Swiss Stock Exchange reveals 80% of traders influenced by Trump tweets : worldnews

Donald Trump didn't know India-China share border, PM Narendra Modi was shocked: New book : worldnews

If there was no 'imminent' attack from Iran, killing Soleimani was illegal (and now Trumpster can kill anyone he wants to)
Why Soleimani's death is personal for Pompeo - BBC News (ordered his death)
'It's not safe at all' : Iran harassing families of plane crash victims, sources say
The Trump administration threatened to impose a 25% tariff on European automobile imports if Britain, France and Germany do not formally accuse Iran of breaking the 2015 nuclear deal : worldnews (sounds like a a this-for-that blackmail scheme)

Russia's election interference has already won the war on trust - Axios (Putin-owned Reubllicans destroy democracy in America)
Georgia election server showed signs of tampering: Expert : technology

Intel agencies push to close threats hearing after Trump outburst - POLITICO (Fox will tell Trump to throw a fit again)

Lev Parnas tells Maddow 'Trump knew exactly what was going on' (RACHEL SCORES)
"The Rachel Maddow Show" scores Historic Rating Of 4.5m Total Viewers In Explosive Interview With Lev Parnas
Lev Parnas, Key Player in Ukraine Affair, Completes Break With Trump and Giuliani - The New York Times - In an interview, he said the president knew everything about the effort to push Ukraine to investigate the Bidens and the 2016 election.
Five takeaways from Parnass Maddow interview< ... (#2: Barr is on the crook team) /a>
Democrats release more Parnas evidence, including voicemails with Trump associates - POLITICO
Ukraine Investigates Reports of Illegal Surveillance of U.S. Ambassador - The New York Times - A text message exchange including a businessman involved in the effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden suggested that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch was being watched in Kyiv.
'He's lying' : Lev Parnas Says He'll Post a Photo With Trump Every Time President Claims Not to Know Him
What can you say? Lev makes some great coffee. : PoliticalHumor (haha Kellyann Fuckway)
/u/poppinKREAM explains who Lev Parnas is and why what he's saying matters

Trump impeachment: Ukraine launches investigation into 'spying' on former ambassador by US president's associates : worldnews
Trump's White House Broke the Law Withholding Ukraine Aid, the GAO Finds : worldnews

Lev Parnas says Mike Pence was tasked with getting Ukraine president to announce investigation into Bidens: "Everybody was in the loop" : worldnews ... According to Parnas, Attorney General William Barr was fully aware of everything that was going on, including the pressure campaign on Ukraine to announce an investigation into Biden and Burisma ... and ... On Oct 9th of last year Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested attempting to leave the country. That same night William Barr met with Murdoch in Murdoch's New York home
They Took Notes On A Criminal Fuckin' Conspiracy - Lawyers, Guns & Money
This Lev Parnas interview with @maddow is kinda like if one of the Watergate burglars had gone on the MacNeil Lehrer Report in '74 and directly implicated Nixon and his staff, at least if you imagine that interview would be ignored and change no ons mind.
Remember when William Barr couldn't answer this question?
WOW: Attorney General Barr was basically on the team, Parnas tells @maddow of the Toensing-diGenova-Giuliani Ukraine scheme.
It's Celebration Day for Roy Cohn in Hell - Lawyers, Guns & Money - s officially no longer the sleaziest lawyer in the history of the American legal profession:

Devin Nunes Now Remembers Call With Lev Parnas - Moments after Parnas told MSNBC's Rachel Maddow that the president "knew exactly what was going on" with Ukraine, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum asked Nunes about phone records that show he spoke to Parnas, noting he previously said he couldnn't "recall" having a phone conversation with the Giuliani henchman (dirty little commie traitor got caught lying through his fangs)

Trump Supporter Who Discussed Surveillance of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch Has History of Stalking, Mental Health Issues
FBI visits Robert Hyde's home and office after he's swept into Ukraine scheme - Impeachment investigators released texts earlier this week suggesting Hyde was tracking the movements of the then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

Lev Parnas Is Making Impeachment Harder for Republican Senators - Bloomberg - Ignoring the accusation that Trump knew all about the Ukraine plot that got him impeached carries heavy political risks.

Collins rejects new evidence in Trump trial after saying shed welcome it (DO-SI-DO, spin-around Suzie Floozy lied again)
Fact-checking Republican Sen. Susan Collins' confusing comments about the new documents from Lev Parnas
Susan Collinss willful blindness already looks awful ... Senator Collins is either ignorant and uninformed because she doesn't understand or know that a federal court only just released the Parnas docs or she is just making up excuses because the documents are so damning. Either one is unacceptabl e repeated attacks on the countryand the real question she should be asking is why Trump was trying to hide them

Mitch McConnell Is Trying To Blackout Trump's Impeachment Trial ... Reporters will be limited to pen and paper only, which would make real-time reporting of what is going on inside the chamber away from the camera impossible ... a media blackout that would limit the coverage to one Senate approved feed of the impeachment trial (haha Fox for the win)

Steve Doocy complains that Speaker Nancy Pelosi wore pink while signing articles of impeachment | Media Matters for America - Douchey: "She was wearing pink. And there was giggling, and there was some laughter as well"

'Huge mistake' : Senators in both parties rip impeachment press access (talk to Mitch the Comnmie Bitch, dudes)
How will the Senate get away with its shame trial now? - As more evidence pours out, Mitch McConnells position becomes increasingly untenable.
Rand Paul threatens fellow Republicans with explosive witness votes - politico (hahaha no witnesses to Trump's crimes allowed)
Eyeing swift impeachment trial, Trump's legal team aims to block witnesses and cast doubt on charges -
Trump On (Show) Trial - Lawyers, Guns & Money : Trump: I just got impeached for making perfect phone call!)

The Latest: Inhofe off on family matter for Trump trial open
Gop senator's Martha McSally's s vicious outburst shows the corruption of Trump's defenders ... CNN's Manu Raju, a hard-working reporter, dared to ask McSally whether new information surfacing about the conduct for which Trump has been impeached should lead GOP senators to admit new evidence at his impeachment trial ... called Raju a 'liberal hack' ... McSally then proudly tweeted out a video of the episode ... Note that it is now seen as 'liberal' to merely ask a Republican senator whether she feels any obligation to consider the full set of facts before exercising her constitutional duty to vote on whether articles of impeachmepassed by the elected representatives in the other chamber of Congress merit removal (the truth is 'liberal' +another lying face of evil)

A Meticulous Account of Trumps Tenure Reads Like a Comic Horror Story (Very Stable Crook)

Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway Renew Rivalry in Epic Fight Over Impeachment : 'You Want That Moment to Go Viral'

Inside Jared Kushners Unusual White House Role ... Kushner's White House office is a shrine to his own influence. Gold-framed accolades from his father-in-law hang on the walls, written in thick black Sharpie

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney will not run for Senate | 307 Politics | ... initiating a reelection campaign some predict could one day lead to her becoming speaker of the house (after Putin's landslide win in the 2020 election)
Are cows better represented in the Senate than people? - The Washington Post (see Wyoming and boy is the system fucked)

Warren accused Sanders in tense post-debate exchange of calling her a 'liar' on national TV - CNNPolitics
WATCH: Warren Refuses to Shake Bernies Hand After Debate, Bernie Throws Up Hands After They Speak
Bernie will play dirty: Ex-Vermont governor slams Sanders ... trying to Hilliarize Warren
Doomsday scenario on the left: Warren, Sanders destroy each other while Biden skates in - We cannot allow what was a nonaggression pact to transform into a suicide pact

The caucus change that has Iowa bracing for a hot mess - POLITICO - The release of raw vote totals for the first time could give multiple candidates grist to claim victory.

14 states, D.C. and New York City sue to stop Trump plan to slash food stamps for 700,000 unemployed people - The Washington Post

Trump Tax Cut Hands $32 Billion Windfall to Americas Top Banks (Iowa farmers and Wisconsin tractor-queens are ecstatic)

Senate's most principled civil libertarian and most reasonable moderate share Donald Trump's entire boot for dinner - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Collins lies about Sackler contribution, wont return Eli Lilly money
Bill could give wealthy interests upper hand in Maines referendum process

Eschaton: So Much Crimeing - A bit busy to get to all the details at the moment (sometimes I am a lazy blogger, but sometimes I really am busy with other things), but after quickly skimming all of the latest revelations, the only important question is: are Democrats scaring swing voters? -- Now I have Chris Cillizza's job. Goodbye.
Eschaton: Two Sides - We can debate/discuss precisely why it is, but nobody can doubt that if President Obummer were doing so much crimeing that a) the Dems would want to remove him from office and b) the coverage from the "objective" press, the lefty press, and (haha obviously) the conservative press would be completely different ... I'm not sure why press coverage requires the approval of Susan Collins (and that wouldn't be enough either) to just cover things as they are, but that seems to be the case.

FBI will now notify state election officials when any part of their election systems is hacked - Sen. Bill Nelson said in 2018 hed learned Russians hacked some Florida voting systems, but was accused of making it up. In fact, one system was breached (Russia, if you're listening, hack the election)

Koch network plans its biggest election-year effort in 2020 - CNNPolitics

Matt Gaetz Clashes With Florida Republican Chris Latvala Over Al Sharpton, 'Game' (the face, the face)

Eschaton: Huzza! - Virginia has just become the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Ladies, welcome to the club!
ERA NOW | hecatedemeter
move is symbolic, and crosses the threshold of three-quarters of states needed for ratification. Yet the fate of the E.R.A. is far from decided.

Where Christian evangelicals worship Trump more than Jesuskey voters stay loyal to president (Wisconsin Satangelicals)

On 'bad Jews' The most brazen example of this sentiment came last month when Rudy Giuliani told New York Magazine that he, a Catholic, is "more of a Jew" than George Soros, a Holocaust survivor. (+baby Ben Shapiro)
Opinion | The Anti-Israel Craze Hits High School - The New York Times (Netanyahu ... Likud .. AIPac ...)

Virginia Declares State of Emergency After Armed Militias Threaten to Storm the Capitol - VICE
F.B.I. Arrests Suspected Members of Neo-Nazi Group Before Virginia Gun Rally - The New York Times - The three men had obtained guns and discussed traveling to Virginia for protests against new gun control measures, officials said.

D.C. Fire Department recruits might be making white powerhand gesture in photo

'The View' Has a Meghan McCain Problem (a lying narcissistic evil bitch problem) ... For some viewers, Ms. McCain is the privileged product of conservative nepotism, capitalism and the American military-industrial complex.

Exclusive: Evelyn Yang reveals she was sexually assaulted by her OB-GYN while pregnant - CNNPolitics

Virgin Islands say Epstein was still trafficking girls in 2018 | Miami Herald Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyeballs after he died which pathologist tells Dr. Oz suggests he was STRANGLED and did not hang himself - Dr. Baden shared never-before-seen photos of Epstein eyeballs and the burst capillaries in his eye sockets

I'm a Florida journalist who found out sheriff's deputies have been inappropriately clearing some rape cases

Citizens chasing kidnapper in Massachusetts yesterday after successful Amber Alert. : videos

Missouri could jail librarians for lending 'age-inappropriate' books : books

The Silicon Valley Economy Is Here. And It's a Nightmare. Low pay, soaring rents, and cities littered with e-scooters. Welcome to the future.

My life came crashing down overnight: How one Boston-area woman nearly died from vaping (Charlie Vaporhead's work)
"One in six vaping lung illnesses linked to legally purchased THC, according to federal data" : bostontrees ... actually ... Four in five vaping lung illnesses linked to illicitly purchased THC (and the other 20% lied)

Students call for open access to publicly funded research : news

Ancient fossil 'may prove scorpion was first land-dwelling animal' - Fossil is earliest evidence of breathing structure compatible with life on land, scientists say : worldnews

Psychedelic Ayahuasca improved mindfulness and cognitive flexibility significantly in the 24 hours after use. : science
'I was sexually abused by a shaman at an ayahuasca retreat' - BBC News

Jewish population share (%) : MapPorn
Genealogy Of Religions: Abrahamic Versus Dharmic : MapPorn

What is the most corrupt thing you've ever experienced?


Climate change deniers robbing Australia of time to respond to impacts, Australian Science Minister warns | "Every second that we spend talking about whether or not the climate is changing is a second that we are not spending on looking at adaptation [and] mitigation strategies." : worldnews (AU Rethugs privitized everything, people are screwed)

Boeing Called Indonesian Pilots 'Idiots' For Wanting More Training On The 737 Max Prior To Crash : worldnews

More than 50 injured after Delta jet dumps fuel on L.A. schools during midair emergency - At least 20 children and dozens of other people at seven schools were treated for minor injuries after exposure to the jet fuel.

Being wealthy adds nine years to life expectancy, says study : worldnews

Tsai Ing-wen says Beijing must face reality that Taiwan is an 'independent country already'
China is using its economic and diplomatic might to carry out the "most intense attack" ever on the global system for protecting human rights, Human Rights Watch said Tuesday. : worldnews

Russian government resigns, announces PM Medvedev, following President Putin's State-of-the-Nation Address : worldnews

IRGC arrest person who uploaded video of missile striking Ukrainian plane : worldnews

The Roman Catholic Church in Mexico called on the country's government Tuesday to modify the legal code and do away with statutes of limitations for sexual abuse of minors

Afghan war plagued by mendacityand lies, inspector general tells Congress (Barry was at the heart of this)

Trump to lift hold on $8.2B in Puerto Rico disaster aid - POLITICO (Trump hates those shit-hole countries, oh wait)

Nancy Pelosi Tags Kevin McCarthy, House Republicans Amid Articles of Impeachment Debate - Nancy Pelosi Savaged House Republicans While Sending Off the Articles of Impeachment -- The Speaker just happened to mention Lev Parnas, who "was recently photographed with the Republican leader."
Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassador's ouster, newly released materials show
Lev Parnas and Rudy Giuliani have demolished Trump's claims of innocence -- New documents show why the president has been trying to hide evidence from Congress
A newly revealed letter from Rudy Giuliani -- Trump's own lawyer -- destroys the president's last defense in Ukraine scandal
Rudy Giuliani says hello - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Susan Simpson on Twitter: "Rudy Giuliani's associates are deeply creepy dudes." / Twitter
Susan Simpson on Twitter: "This is some tell-tale heart shit." / Twitter

I Don't Think the Lev Parnas Texts Are the Last Hound to Be Unleashed -- The House dumps a whole lot of damning evidence that Trump associates Parnas, Rudy Giuliani, and a guy named Robert Hyde had an ominous plan for Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

New Figure in Ukraine Scandal Was Taken Into Police Custody at Trump Resort Last Year - Mother Jones - This landscaper-turned-lobbyist claimed the Secret Service and a hit man were after him.
Indicted Giuliani Ally Has Money-Tied Republicans Seeking Cover
Meet the Trump Donor Who Allegedly Stalked Americas Ambassador in Ukraine

Forget Bill Clinton. The Analogue for Trump's Impeachment Is Andrew Johnson. -- Both cases involve a full-speed collision between Article I and Article II of the Constitution.

Michael Flynn Moves to Withdraw Guilty Plea in About-Face After Extensive Cooperation - The New York Times - Once cited by the special counsel team as an exemplary cooperating witness, Mr. Flynn had grown increasingly combative in recent months.

Why Mitch McConnell must allow Senate to call witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial

Eschaton: There's Always Money In The Banana Stand - Lol. -- Federal Reserve officials are considering lending cash directly to hedge funds through clearinghouses to ease stress in the repo market. But that could be a tough sell for policy makers. -- Markets are always so "stressed" (that means their bets are losing and they're having a hard time borrowing money to cover their losses. Close enough, anyway.) -- Critics of the new plan say if the Fed lends cash directly through the clearinghouse, it could end up contributing to a hedge-fund bailout. -- "Critics." (one side wants to destroy the planet, the other doesn't think it's a good idea, but they are just "critics")

Eschaton: America's Worst Humans - Tim Geithner.
Another Timothy Geithner Scandal | Beat the Press | CEPR - Tim Geithner might have left his job as Treasury Secretary seven years ago, but his legacy lives on. The Wall Street Journal reported that the financial firm Morningstar had reached a settlement with the SEC over marketing it had done for firms whose bonds it had rated (so we had a big crook crashing the economy and then running the post-crash austerity program and then got Obama to kill the fix, tnx Barry, again)

Forget it, he's rolling - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I almost never listen to NPR, because I find its constant mealy-mouthed equivocation harder to bear than an Ann Coulter rant: (so Trump scheduled a psycho-rally during the Dem debates so his zombies would have something to do and NPR loved it because they are part of the evil)
When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and ranting about lightbulbs, dishwashers, fridges, toilets and showers. : PoliticalHumor (and NPR will say everything is fine)
Trump reportedly doesnt know what happened at Pearl Harbor
New book portrays Trump as erratic, at times dangerously uninformed

Eschaton: Disloyal Democrats - I'm not one to complain about primary challenges on principle. Go for it! But is a bit at odds with usual practice for people to line up against Markey like this.Self-preservation is usually a strong enough reason for this not to happen. It is... strange.

Read the full transcript of Tuesday nights CNN/Des Moines Register debate

Once Again, Joe Biden Was Punished With Soft Cushions and a Comfy Chair -- Thanks to the trumped-up feud between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, we heard little about the Iraq War and zero about Social Security or his bankruptcy bill (almost like your corporate masters did that on purpose)
When Will Elizabeth Warren Get Sick of Bernie Sanders' Mansplaining?
Warren came to 'raise a concern' with Sanders after debate, his campaign manager says
The Elizabeth Warren-Bernie Sanders feud just got way uglier - CNNPolitics - Someone is lying. Or, at the very least, badly misremembering.
Sanders clashes with Warren and the moderators on sexism charge at feisty Iowa debate

Takeaways from the January Democratic debate - The Washington Post
A smaller, whiter debate stage; a focus on impeachment and Donald Trump; and simmering tension between Bernie Sanders an Elizabeth Warren.
January Democratic debate live updates: Six candidates face off in Des Moines

At the Iowa Debate, Bernie Sanders's Most Vociferous Opponent Was CNN
Viewers trash CNN following debate for biased questions against Bernie Sanders : politics
#CNNisTrash trending after Dem. debate for biased questions against Bernie Sanders : politics ... Fox News Town hall was more fair to Bernie ffs. Last night was insane.
Viewers trash CNN following debate for biased questions against Bernie Sanders : politics
CNN moderator criticized for question to Sanders : politics (Amber Phillip)
'CNN Is Truly a Terrible Influence on This Country': Democratic Debate Moderators Pilloried for Centrist Talking Points and Anti-Sanders Bias : politics

Trump and His Aides Focused for Now on 2 Rivals (Neither Is the Front -Runner) - The New York Times - President Trump is worried about Mike Bloomberg while his campaign sees an opportunity in Bernie Sanders.

Amy Klobuchar's moderate case against Medicare-for-all - Two words: The Senate. (in other words, forget health care refore)

Opinion | Elizabeth Warren Is Ready for a Fight - The New York Times

Epstein Case: New Lawsuit Claims He Trafficked Girls Until 2018 - The attorney general of the Virgin Islands says Mr. Epstein and co-conspirators used a database to track victims as young as 11 years old. : news

Michigan senator to female reporter: High school boys could 'have a lot of fun' with you : news

Neo-Nazi Swatting Rings Alleged 'Cybersecurit' yGuru Arrested Thanks to... Terrible Cybersecurity

Florida 14-year-old girl set up camera to prove physical abuse : news

ABC Execs Try to Get Abby Huntsman to Cover for Toxic Culture at 'The View' Network brass wanted Huntsman to publicly deny reporting of internal strife at the talk show. The outgoing co-host refused to do so, sources said.

Boston Airbnb listings drop by a third after agreement kicks in : boston

Transphobia labeling has gone too far : videos

America's Favorite Poison - Whatever happened to the anti-alcohol movement? (drunken cowboys hate pot)
A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism - The Atlantic - By studying rats in a smarter way, scientists are finally learning something useful about why some drinkers become addicted and others don't
The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous - The Atlantic - Its faith-based 12-step program dominates treatment in the United States. But researchers have debunked central tenets of AA doctrine and found dozens of other treatments more effective.
Michigan pot shops sold $10 million worth of marijuana in first 6 weeks of legal weed : news

People who read books are nicer than those who don't study finds : books

New data suggests that our evolutionary cousins the Neanderthals were diving under the ocean for clams. It adds to mounting evidence that the old picture of these ancient people as brutish and unimaginative is wrong. : science
Ancient sex between different human species influences modern-day health.It's just as well we Homo sapiens got some Neanderthal & Denisovan genes into our DNA. These ancient humans genetic exchange could be one of the major causes of adaptive evolution in humans,

Having less sex linked to earlier menopause. Women, who reported engaging in sexual activity weekly, were 28% less likely to have experienced menopause at any given age than women who engaged in sexual activity less than monthly. Sexual activity includes sexual intercourse, oral sex, sexual touching : science

The true size of Morocco : MapPorn (bigger than you thought, a lot)
Selfie-related deaths by country : MapPorn (India wins)
Empire of the Great Qing (1820) : MapPorn
[OC] Population of U.S. states in millions : MapPorn

TIL That an Australian man set up a ghost catching camera but instead caught his wife having sex with his son. : todayilearned

Who is the female equivalent of Hitler? : AskReddit


UN sets 2030 biodiversity targets as we face a mass extinction - CNN

James Murdoch Slams Fox News and News Corp Over Climate Change Denial - younger son and his wife issued a rare public rebuke of the family's media empire and its promotion of climate-change skeptics during Australia's bushfire crisis

Why is the depressurization of Taal Volcano a bad thing? : askscience

Top-secret UFO files could 'gravely damage' US national security, Navy says (so, aliens?)
Top-secret UFO files could cause "grave damage" to U.S. national security if released, Navy says : news

Wuhan virus appears outside China, first human-to-human infection reported : news
46% of Americans Are 'Unsure' if Vaccines Cause Autism. They Dont ... pariculary among Republicans

Fed up Venezuelans find solace on the beach

American Held in Egypt Prison Dies After a Hunger Strike - The New York Times - Moustafa Kassem, detained in Cairo in 2013 and suffering from serious medical problems, had protested his innocence. (Trump shrus bc guy had muslim name)

Saudi Arabia executed record number of prisoners in 2019: Report - ABC News - Mohammed bin Salman had promised to curb the use of the death penalty (hahaha)
Trump: Saudi Arabia paid us $1 billion for troops. Pentagon: Not quite. - Vox - Trump seemingly announced a major deal during his latest Fox News interview, but officials are walking it back.

Corbynism: A Post Mortem - Lawyers, Guns & Money
The God That Failed: Notes On The Death Of The Left -- Six Studies in Communism (Corbynated failure)

Russians Hacked Ukrainian Gas Company at Center of Impeachment - The New York Times (it's almost like Russia is committing crimes to help Trump commit crimes)

New Video Shows Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Plane : news
Boris Johnson calls for 'Trump deal' to replace Iran nuclear pact
Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit: 'Forgive me for the 13 years I told you lies'
Warren Calls for SEC Probe Into Whether Trump Tipped Off Mar-a-Lago Pals to Soleimani Attack (who profited, of course)

Russian Hackers Targeting Burisma Are Once Again Doing Trump's Dirty Work For Him -- The New York Times tracks an alarming development in West Asia.
Why Didn't Trump Tell Congress There Was Evidence Russia Hacked Burisma? (haha why do you think?)

Trump's border wall: President planning to divert additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funds for barrier construction - The Washington Post - five times what Congress authorized him to spend on the project in the 2020 budget,

Up to 10 GOP senators consider bucking Trump on war powers | TheHill
The Diamond Mine
Voters Divided On Killing Of A Top Iranian General, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; 66% Want To See Bolton Testify In Senate Impeachment Trial (Americans "divided" on committing war crimes)
Senate vote to limit Trumps military actions against Iran in limbotwo GOP senators agreed to support it.

U.S. Embassies Were Never Told of Supposed Soleimani Threat Because It Didnt Exist: Officials
'Four embassies' : The anatomy of Trump's unfounded claim about Iran

Trump Administration Walks Back Anti-MEK Memo - The State Department ordered employees days ago not to meet with an Iranian dissident outfit close to Rudy Giuliani and other Trumpworld figures. Now, the memo is being overridden.

Trump retweeted Pelosi in Muslim garb. The White House made it worse. - The Washington Post

Russia on Twitter: Putin and Assad laugh at Trumpster

Be prepared to fight a dangerous new wave of disinformation during the Senate trial - The Washington Post (check Pence's adoring look)

White House expects GOP defections on calling witnesses in Senate impeachment trial - CBS News
Nancy Pelosi may yet have the last laugh - The Washington Post
Nancy Pelosi gamed the impeachment trial brilliantly - The Washington Post (to get Buttaboop elected, the Republican spins)
GOP leadership: There aren't 51 votes to dismiss: Why Trump Has a Huge Advantage Over Dems With Low-Information Voters
Trump articles of impeachment (Republicans slightly aware of their historical moment)
Republicans face reckoning on impeachment witnesses - POLITICO
McConnell Doesn't Have the Votes to Dismiss Impeachment Articles or Block Witnesses: Reports
Sen. Mitt Romney says he'll vote to hear Bolton testimony
Pelosi restricts McConnell to a narrow impeachment path - The Boston Globe - Democrats are advancing the quaint notion that the purpose of a job in public service is not simply staying in the job.

Impeachment trial security crackdown will limit Capitol press access - no walking and talking

Apple refuses Barr's request to unlock Pensacola shooting suspects iPhones
Apple has reignited a privacy battle with the Trump administration by declining to unlock a mass shooter's iPhone : technology

House Democrats Just Dropped a Boatload of Impeachment Documents That Look Really Bad for Trump : politics
Nancy Pelosi: What Kind of Sick S--t Do the Russians Have on Mitch McConnell? : politics
The Strange and Possibly Sordid Story of Mitch McConnell's Military Service (he's gay, fucked someone in the ass, marriage to Chao is cover)

Lev Parnas Shown in Photo With Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
Schiff sends House Judiciary Committee records from Lev Parnas - Axios
House Dems release new impeachment evidence related to indicted Giuliani associate - POLITICO - It also includes a previously undisclosed May 2019 letter from Giuliani to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
Yovanovitch calls for investigation following evidence released by lawmakers : politics (Trump was planning on assassinating her: "She is going to go through some things.")
Toensing Law Firm Distances Itself From Giuliani Letter to Zelensky (haha she got caught)
Parnas Associate Tracked Ousted Ambassadors Movements in Kyiv: Docs

Trump Claims He Invented Obamacare, and Democrats Want to Repeal It : politics ... He'll soon start claiming to be the greatest Black president in American history.
Trump says it does not matter whether he lies to us - The Washington Post
???? ???? on Twitter: "The corrupted Dems trying their best to come to the Ayatollah's rescue. #NancyPelosiFakeNews" / Twitter
Trump says it does not matter whether he lies to us : politics

Trump Campaign Adviser Pleads Guilty to Child Porn, Sex Trafficking - George Nader, 60, entered his plea before U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Virginia

The Untold Story of How Trumps Fixers Silenced Stormy Daniels Just Days Before the 2016 Election

"Like, Ill Tune In When There's Two Weeks Left : Why Trump Has a Huge Advantage Over Dems With Low-Information Voters (you mean "stupid racist assholes")

GOP lawmaker accuses Rep. Matt Gaetz of creating 'a game' where politicians get 'points' for sleeping with interns and married colleagues
Republican candidate who made sexist comment about Kamala Harris owed thousands in child support while making big donations to Trump, GOP causes - Hartford Courant - Robert F. Hyde, the Republican candidate for Congress whose sexist and offensive tweet about Kamala Harris drew widespread condemnation from leaders of both political parties, owed the mother of his 13-year-old son more than $2,000 in child support even as he continued to donate thousands to President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee.
Who is the Robert F. Hyde who surfaced in House Intelligence Committee documents? - Hartford Courant (another commie extreme fathead)

GhostPepperEater posts a long list of Republican officeholders convicted of child sex abuse : bestof
It all makes perfect sense. : PoliticalHumor

MSNBCs Lawrence O'Donnell Accuses CNN of Helping Trump Spread Lies -- why Trump kind of wants you to watch CNN instead of MSNBC
h (Al Cranken lies)

Democratic debate live updates - The Washington Post
Discussion Thread: Seventh Democratic Presidential Debate | 1/14/20 | 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM EST | Part 2 : politics

CNN's Sanders Hit Piece Doesn't Pass the Smell Test
CNN's Sanders Hit Piece Is a Journalistic Outrage
Sanders camp admits anti-Warren script was deployed in multiple early states - POLITICO - Sanders initially attributed the talking points to rogue staffers, and supporters launched an online campaign to convince people the document was fake (Bernie lied)

Elizabeth Warren says student loan debt plan doesn't require Congress
Not funny like a clown - Lawyers, Guns & Money - something about the concept of electability that makes otherwise smart people say the dumbest things. Does being a woman help or hurt Elizabeth Warren, in regard to her chances of getting elected president? This question, and related questions, have been studied extensively, and the answer is we don't know whether it does or not.

Iowa Debate Open Thread - Lawyers, Guns & Money - If Bernie was so committed to his movement, he would have dropped out of the race after his heart attack and passionately endorsed Warren. In that scenario, I don't see how Warren does win the nomination ...

Eschaton: Elites, Man - Any view of "real schools" that doesn't include LSU... for whatever reason... doesn't include many schools.
Binyamin Appelbaum on Twitter: "Do the Warren/Sanders "free public college" proposals include LSU, or would it only apply to actual schools?" / Twitter ... "Perhaps, you are part of the reason that some feel the NYT is no longer a real newspaper." (another dumbfucker Republican NYT FTW)

Scott Walker Foxconn Deal in Wisconsin Has Not Produced Jobs Promised - El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago is headed for Wisconsin on Tuesday for another one of his regularly scheduled wankfests, this one in Milwaukee.

Eschaton: The Hall Monitors - That Dems are bad at playing "the game" is true, but that it shouldn't always be goddamn game is a also true. Still it is the case that they too much expect The Hall Monitors to inject truth, which while not an unreasonable desire, it just isn't how things work ... Fears of upsetting the guy who just won the +12 Trump district? Sometimes, probably, ixnay on the orruption-cay, because we'd best not go there -- I dunno. I don't how to fix it.

Wisconsin appeals court puts voter rolls purge on hold ... It also put on hold a ruling from Monday in which a judge found the commission and its three Democratic members in contempt for not proceeding with removing the voters. (little commie county judge)

John Lewis, Joaquin Castro, and 16 Other Dems Just Endorsed Joe Kennedy - The representative is ramping up his Senate campaign against Ed Markey.

This Day in Labor History: January 14, 1895 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - On January 14, 1895, trolley workers in Brooklyn walk off the job. The largest and most violent strike in Brooklyn's history to that point, it was in many ways a typical story of the Gilded Age where employers and the state combined to crush the reasonable demands of oppressed workers, often over public sympathy to the workers ... A common day was a mere 17 hours long, all for less than a dollar. (they used to just shoot the workers; now they have Facebook)

Jitters at MSNBC as Brass Eyes Moving Chuck Todd and Talks to Shep Smith

Lawrence Lessig sues New York Times over story related to Epstein - The Boston Globe (check pic)

Eschaton: Getting Married To A Woman Is So Gay (Michelle Malkin is still alive)

Virginia teen charged in 'swatting' ring linked to neo-Nazis : news

off-duty Secret Service agent kills leashed dog in Brooklyn - New York Daily News - The dog started barking, and the startled agent pulled out his gun and shot her, police sources said (no other option like walking away and of course they lied)
US Secret Service agent shoots pet dog dead on Brooklyn street | US news : news

'They shot my baby' Teen among dead as 7 killed, 12 shot in violent weekend in Philadelphia

US speakeasies back in vogue -- in echo of Prohibition era

Wendy Williams continues her stellar reputation by being a bully & making fun of cleft lip & palate now! : videos
Stephen Colbert continues to call out Goop : television

Deaths from Alcohol, Drugs, and Suicide have more than doubled in the past decade. In 2019, they killed more Americans than anything else except Heart Disease. : news

Heavy marijuana users who started young drive differently -- even while not stoned, study says
Marijuana use among college students has been trending upward for years, but in states that have legalized recreational marijuana, use has jumped even higher. After legalization, however, students showed a greater drop in binge drinking than their peers in states where marijuana is not legal. : science (hello Charlie Baker's Drunkachusetts kid)

TIL in 1818, German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer described the post-orgasm moment of clarity as "devil's laughter", explaining: "They have fulfilled their need to reproduce and are momentarily caught in the abyss of meaninglessness." : todayilearned

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots | Science | The Guardian - Researchers foresee myriad benefits for humanity, but also acknowledge ethical issues

Hi, I'm David Sinclair -- Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School & Author of Lifespan: Why We Age- and Why We Don't Have To -- AMA : IAmA (old age is "medical condition" and can be cure with drugs)

Astronomer /u/Andromeda321 chimes in to provide context on what an unknown burst of gravitational waves observed yesterday might be : bestof

[Serious] Is a person with a micropenis morally obligated to tell their potential sex partners beforehand that they have a micropenis? Why? : AskReddit


Malta gets new PM after Muscat departs over Daphne Caruana Galizia murder | World news | The Guardian - Robert Abela elected as Labour leader after PM Joseph Muscat resigned amid controversy surrounding investigation of journalist's death

Canadian billionaire Frank Giustra providing luxe hideout for Harry and Meghan
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry UK Royal Reporters Coverage Compared To Kate Middleton And Prince William - Over the years, Meghan has been shamed for the same things for which her sister-in-law, Kate, has been praised.

Will alleged CIA misbehavior set Julian Assange free? | TheHill -- A few days before Christmas, Julian Assange testified to a Spanish court that a Spanish security company, UC Global S.L., acting in coordination with the CIA, illegally recorded all his actions and conversations, including with his lawyers, and streamed them back in real time to the CIA.

/u/victorvictor1 provides a detailed list of all anti-military remarks and actions Donald Trump has made : bestof

Never Mind About All That 'Imminent Attack' Stuff, Says the President* -- The new line is simply that Qasem Soleimani was a bad guy. (lies, lies, lies)
Trump authorized Soleimani's killing 7 months ago, with conditions
Trump's four embassies claim utterly falls apart
Video: Iran police shoot at those protesting plane shootdown

Mark Esper, Former Raytheon Weapons Lobbyist, is in Charge of the Pentagon - CREW (the best corrupt crooks)
This might be Trump's s worst lie ever (four embassies)

In McGahn Case, an Epic Constitutional Showdown

Prepare to be shocked! Trumps one weird trick to avoid a campaign investigation ... The president is helping sideline the FEC in 2020

James Fallows' thought experiment about Trump - CNN Video
Flushing '10 times!' What's really behind Trump's tirades about toilets

Lev Parnas, Giuliani associate, turns over thousands of pages of documents to impeachment investigators - CNNPolitics (Trump's turds are enormous)

Two Things We've Learned
Monday morning mini-stroke : PoliticalHumor

For many Americans, talking about the news has become synonymous with talking about President Trump, according to new research. The participants tended to express a high level of emotionality when recalling their experiences with the news. Many also reported feeling overwhelmed, anxious or angry. : science

I don't know precisely why so many prominent Democrats supported the war. I mean I get all the possible reasons, I just don't know precisely which ones apply to which people. But really "I fucked up" is the only proper response, not some argument about why precisely he had understandable bad judgment and attempting to rewrite his role. Biden was a big hawk. He just was. (#OldLyingJoe)
Joe Biden's Vote for War -- In October 2002, he was one of 77 senators who gave President George W. Bush the authority to use force in Iraq. He is still trying to explain that choice. (the pic: old white guys fucking the world)
Joe Biden Has Advocated Cutting Social Security for 40 Years ... Biden's support for cutting Social Security, and his general advocacy for budget austerity, made him a leading combatant in the centrist-wing battle against the party's retreating liberals in the 1980s and '90s ... (Barry's "Grand Bargain" and the "New Democrats" who were really Republicans "who understood the necessity of fiscal restraint")

McConnell walks impeachment tightrope - SFGate
How Schumer might get the last laugh on impeachment trial - POLITICO - Democrats plan to squeeze vulnerable Republicans with a series of tough votes that could hurt them in November (eye-roll)
Obama-Trump Pennsylvania swing voters unhappy with McConnells impeachment comments (double eye-roll)

Dem 2020 Race Continues to Shift | Monmouth University Polling Institute - Support is firming up, but many still open to changing their support - Biden (24%), Sanders (18%), Buttigieg (17%), and Warren (15%)

Sanders surges as progressives flock to him over Warren - POLITICO - The consolidation of left-wing support is a remarkable turnaround for Sanders.
Bernie Sanders told Elizabeth Warren in private 2018 meeting that a woman cant win
His Turn? - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Bernie and women)

Bloomberg blasts role of early states in Democratic nominating process in CNN op-ed - CNNPolitics
Michael Bloomberg: Starting with Iowa and New Hampshire hurts Democrats and helps Trump (opinion) - CNN
'I'm spending all my money to get rid of Trump': Michael Bloomberg - Reuters ("well 1/58th of it, anyway")

Protesters interrupt Buttigieg at Iowa rally | TheHill

Cory Booker drops out of the presidential race

Texas presidential primary looms due to state's 228 delegates | The Texas Tribune

Van Drews choice to run his campaign is now leading the charge to beat him (what a little asshole)

Behind the Collins scandal: How one phone call devastated two families
Judge finds Wisconsin election officials in contempt over voter rolls - An Ozaukee County judge found the state Elections Commission and three of its members in contempt of court Monday, saying they had flouted his December order to remove thousands of people from Wisconsins voter rolls. (little Republican county judge fucking the state)

Hired by Weinstein to spy on celebrities - BBC News
Weinstein Trial: Gigi Hadid Called to Potentially Serve as Juror | Hollywood Reporter

The Buffalo News - Chris Collins didn't just destroy his congressional career and put himself at risk of imprisonment when he called his son Cameron to share an inside stock tip in June 2017 - He destroyed his dream that his son would be his political heir.
Prosecutors recommend almost 5 years in prison for former GOP Rep. Chris Collins - Axios

Mass Panic: It's Not Clear That Colorado's Mystery Drones Even Exist -- Drone hobbyists say the media and the FAA regularly uses drone panic to enact strict regulations.

For First Time, A Colorado Judge Denies Confiscation Request Under Red Flag Law - CBS Denver

Middle Age Misery Peaks at Age of 47.2, Economist Says - Bloomberg ... "happiness curve" exists around the world)

Bomb in Van of NJ Shooting Attack Suspects Couldve Killed People 5 Football Fields Away: Officials

Justina Pelletier's Family And Boston Children's Hospital Are Heading To Court : boston

Student who feared for life in speeding Uber furious company first offered her $5 voucher : news

New York Public Librarys most checked-out books say a lot about what we read and why

itsallfolklore comments on So, it's 10,495 BCE and I'm on my way to Gvbekli Tepe... wait, why am I on my way to Gvbekli Tepe?

A new study, conducted in mice, suggests anxious people who turn to marijuana to cope with stress may be 2-AG deficient, and could lead to novel therapies for anxiety. The 2-AG molecule dampens communication between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, reducing anxiety. : science

Can pyschopaths have traumatic disorders like PTSD? : askscience

u/nubivagance describes the intense mental effort required to focus and complete tasks as an adult diagnosed with ADHD by explaining their process for making a sandwich. Other users reply with similar stories and examples of the frustration of managing ADHD in daily life. : bestof

ER Resident shares story of "Katie," a patient struggling with addiction : bestof

Is a transgendered person morally obligated to tell their potential sex partners beforehand that they are transgender? Why? : AskReddit

What questions will always remain unanswered? : AskReddit

What's the best way you've seen someone rebel against school rules? : AskReddit


Ontario Provincial government sends mass alert for 'incident' at nuclear facility - Important update: the alert regarding #Pickering Nuclear was sent in error. There is no danger to the public or environment.

Magnitude 5.9 shock again rocks quake-stunned Puerto Rico

Volcano erupts near Manila; airport shut, villagers flee - ABC News - A small volcano near the Philippine capital that draws many tourists for its picturesque setting in a lake has erupted with a massive plume of ash and steam, prompting thousands of people to flee

China will not change its position that Taiwan belongs to it and the world will only ever recognize that there is "One China" Beijing said on Sunday after President Tsai Ing-wen won re-election and said she would not submit to China's threats

An Israeli tech company accused of helping Saudi Arabia spy on murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi has hired its first US lobbying firm in an attempt to fend off allegations that it illegally spied on hundreds of people through WhatsApp. : worldnews

Hundreds of Polish judges dressed in formal black robes marched in Warsaw on Saturday to protest a draft law aimed at punishing justices who question the government's controversial court reforms. Senior judges from nearly all European Union member states joined the protest : worldnews

France's #MeToo: Book on child-sex writer prompts outcry ... They have been unsuccessful so far in getting a statutory rape law that would remove rapist ability to argue that children consented to sex. Some French courts have refused to prosecute men for rape because authorities couldn't prove that children were coerced, cases that have exposed legal loopholes that are still open to abusers. (May '68 law supported by all your famous French postmodern intellectual including Simone De Beauvoir: famous French women love their child rapists)
Macron Scraps Proposal to Raise Retirement Age in France - The New York Times - Faced with an unrelenting protest over proposed changes in Frances generous pension system, officials withdraw a move to raise the full-benefit retirement age to 64 from the present 62 ... Unlike in the United States, the French government plays a huge role in the retirement plans of individuals in France
Eschaton: Old People Vote - Democrats (thanks, Obama) fucking up brand Social Security (remember Barry's "grand bargain" to gut social security so Republicans would get more money?)

Drone flies over pedophile cardinals Australian prisondisgraced Cardinal George Pell has been transferred from a Melbourne prison after a drone illegally flew overhead in a suspected attempt to photograph the famous inmate

An Airline Required a Woman to Take a Pregnancy Test to Fly to This U.S. Island - WSJ - Immigration concerns in Saipan put pressure on airlines to screen their passengers

BBC News - Iran plane downing: Pressure mounts on officials amid protests : news
Esper says he 'didn't see' specific evidence showing Iranian threat to 4 U.S. embassies (but Trumpie might not havw shown it to his Sec Def)
Pentagon chief says he 'didn't see' intelligence suggesting Iran planned to attack four US embassies : politics
Trump and Pompeo offer conflicting statements on Iranian threat that led to Soleimani killing : worldnews
Skeptics Blast Trump's New Claim That Soleimani Targeted 4 US Embassies: "Either Fox News gets higher level briefings than Congress ... or there was no such imminent threat," charged Sen. Chris Murphy. : worldnews
Skeptics Blast Trump's New Claim That Soleimani Targeted 4 US Embassies: "Either Fox News gets higher level briefings than Congress ... or there was no such imminent threat," charged Sen. Chris Murphy. : worldnews

Trump says US stands with brave, long-suffering Iranians days after threatening to bomb their cultural sites | President criticised for gross hypocrisy after claiming to be friend of Iranian people on same day as reimposition of harsh sanctions announced

Majority of Americans disapprove of Trump's handling of Iran, feel less safe after strike

Trump Brags About Serving Up American Troops to Saudi Arabia for Nothing More Than Cash: Justin Amash responded to Trump's remarks, saying, "He sells troops"
Saudi Military Trainees to Be Expelled From U.S. After Florida Shooting: CNN : news ... "over a dozen" of 859 terrorist muslims getting trained to fly airplanes into American buildings
Saudi servicemen to be expelled from US after review of December shooting at Air Force base - CNNPolitics

Mother Of Marine Claimed Son Told Her Fox News Plays On Every TV On Base, Not Allowed To Change The Channel ... brainwashed by Fox ... The military has a big problem. Besides the political brainwashing, there's a lot of pressure to become evangelical Christian. A dangerous path that weakens the military and reduces the number of qualified people who are willing to serve. This must change.

Eschaton: Empire - Always love to tell people that The Quiet American, a novel about our war in Vietnam, was published in... 1955.

Showdown over Trump impeachment trial underscores power of Pelosi and McConnell - The Washington Post

Iran standoff shines spotlight on new Trump security adviser - In a defining week for President Donald Trump on the world stage ... And while Bolton's trademark mustache was a target of Trump's mockery, the president is drawn to O'Brien's low-key California vibe and style. "Right out of central casting" Trump says of O'Brien (your country is a grade-B movie)

Schooling Luz Cheney : PoliticalHumor

Eschaton: It's Pronounced With A Hard 'G' - Dumbass (very stable Jenius)

Pelosi does not rule out possibility of subpoenaing testimony if Senate skips witnesses - ABC News
Pelosi says Trump impeached for lifed espite McConnell's gamesmanship, coverup
Giuliani Crony Lev Parnas Has More Records 'Essential' To Impeachment Inquiry: Attorney - pushes to release more records that could be damaging to Trump. (Barr says he's not interested)

Black voters have an ally in Sanders, not Biden | The State (your media tells us that OldRasictJoe is wildly popular amoung AAs)
While Bernie Sanders has always stood up for African Americans, Joe Biden has repeatedly let us down : politics
Biden Hints He Opposed Obamas Controversial Deportation Policy (Joe always lies)
Sanders campaign: 'Appalling' that Biden 'refuses to admit he was dead wrong on the Iraq War' : politics

Pack the Union: A Proposal to Admit New States for the Purpose of Amending the Constitution to Ensure Equal Representation - Harvard Law Review (HLS) - The 600,000 residents of Wyoming and the 40,000,000 residents of California should not be represented by the same number of Senators

Two States. Eight Textbooks. Two American Stories. - The New York Times (Jesus had an an assault rife and voted Republican)
Two States. Eight Textbooks. Two American Stories. : books (comments on Evansville)

City of Las Vegas said it successfully avoided devastating cyber-attack : technology

Alan Dershowitz files complaint against Yale psychiatrist who accused Trump supporters of 'shared psychosis' (snowflake drama queen Jewish Rudy Giulianai)

Drone Mystery Spreads: More Sightings, Close Calls, No Answers | Colorado Public Radio

Satan, the FBI, the Moband the Forgotten Plot to Kill Ted Kennedy (Anton Lavey)

North Texas militia vigilante who rounded up migrants at border found dead after months on the run - Kevin Massey, considered a patriot by his supporters, was called a domestic terrorist by the federal government agencies he loathed

Bail reform causes a big drop - 100 inmates - in Syracuse jail. Reason might surprise you - ... Fears of a mass exodus of potentially dangerous criminals from the jail have proven mainly unfounded, for a couple of reasons ... scores of arrested people are not being booked in the jail to begin with, (meanwhile in your sadistic prison-industrial complex)

For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical - Safety concerns and a lack of access to menstruation products are among the issues trans and gender-nonconforming people face

Romance is publishing's most lucrative genre. Its biggest community of writers is imploding

Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success - The New York Times - "Prozac Nation "seemed to herald a boundless future for young creatives. It was actually the beginning of the end ... It was 2017 and the violence that had defined the city during her childhood on the Upper West Side ... (yeah, right, and the moral of the story, girls, is marry rich)

American men let it all out at new support groups - In a chalet in the Massachusetts countryside, tears run down Lucas Krump's cheeks ...a retreat run by Evryman, a group that helps men shrug off the armor of masculinity to get in touch with their true feelings

Gwyneth Paltrow's new Goop Lab is an infomercial for her pseudoscience business : television

Long-term follow-up of psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for psychiatric and existential distress in patients with life-threatening cancer suggest that psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy holds promise in promoting long-term relief from cancer-related psychiatric distress : science

A new meta-analysis confirms that getting the flu vaccine during pregnancy is an important way to protect young infants from the dangerous virus. Infants under six months have limited immunity to influenza, and there is no vaccine for that age group. : science

The FDA Announces Two More Antacid Recalls Due to Cancer Risk : news

Scientists find a molecular switch (and an FDA approved drug) that could reverse myelin sheath damage that occurs in neurogenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and in spinal cord injury - blocking the PAR 1 receptor improves nerve healing in mouse models : science

What is rare, but not valuable? : AskReddit

Every word spoken in this video is perfect : videos

What "pro tip" would you like to give to the opposite sex? : AskReddit


The world must eradicate pesticide use, prioritise nature-based farming methods and urgently reduce water, light and noise pollution to save plummeting insect populations, according to a new "readmap to insect recovery" (save the bugs!_
Australia bushfires spark 'unprecedented' climate disinformation | Conservative-leaning newspapers, websites and politicians across the globe have promoted the theory arson is largely to blame. "This is a global campaign with the purpose to discredit scientific evidence of climate change." : worldnews
Australian Government buried climate risk action plan : worldnews (la-di-la off the Murdoch cliff)

Australian PM Abruptly Ends Press Conference After Sustained Q's On Climate Change : worldnews

Taiwan election -- Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term, beating Beijing-friendly rival (

Scottish independence: Thousands of independence supporters to join march in Glasgow : worldnews

Royal Concerns Over Harry's Mental Health Bring a 'Megxit' Deal Closer

Fan of Trump and Farage raises far-right 'Q' flag at his Cornish castle 00 Hotelier uses Tintagel pile to back American QAnon deep state conspiracy theory ... John Mappin is a central figure behind Turning Point UK, the British arm of the pro-Trump American student organisation which has been endorsed by a number of Conservative politicians, including the home secretary, Priti Patel, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, as well as Farage, the leader of the Brexit party.

Washington, Beijing Agree to New Dialogue to Pursue Reforms, Address Disputes - WSJ - Semiannual talks, to be announced next week with phase-one deal, would be separate from second-phase trade negotiations
Donald Trump 'making the world a more dangerous place', says Chinese diplomat : worldnews (from the experts in danger)

Furor in Iran and Abroad After Tehran Admits Downing Ukrainian Jetliner - The New York Times - Ukrainian officials suggest Iran would not have admitted responsibility if investigators from Ukraine had not found missile debris in the crash wreckage.
Protests erupt in Iran over plane's downing that killed 176
Arrest of Ambassador to Iran: Foreign Secretary statement - GOV.UK - The British Ambassador to Iran was briefly detained by Iranian authorities on 11 January.

Under pressure, Iran admits it shot down jetliner by mistake
Iran Says It Unintentionally Shot Down Ukrainian Airliner - The New York Times
Iran says its military shot down Ukrainian plane in "disastrous mistake"
/u/AtomicBitchwax explains the Iranian military perspective over the civilian passenger jet shoot down : bestof
Nathan Ruser on Twitter: ".... right (to scale)" / Twitter
Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down Ukrainian jetliner : worldnews
'I wish I was dead' : Senior IRGC commander accepts full responsibility for downing Ukrainian plane, apologizes to nation
Angry Iranians question authorities for concealing truth on plane incident : worldnews
Iranian bulldozers clear plane crash site before Ukrainian investigators arrive : worldnews (fake news, really)

The State Department on Friday made clear that the American military will not abide by the requests of the Iraqi government to leave the country and instead will stay indefinitely. : news

'No to America, no to Iran': Thousands protest against foreign influence across Iraq : worldnews

ISIS praises US assassination of Qassem Soleimani as 'act of God' : worldnews (Trump making terrorist great again)

Trump told Fox News that Iranian militants had planned attacks on four U.S. embassies hours after Secretary Pompeo said the U.S. didnt know when or where there would be attacks (which were like totally "imminnet")
Trump reportedly admitted impeachment played a big role in his Soleimani decision : worldnews
Trump now claims four embassies were under threat from Iran, raising fresh questions about intelligence reports - The Washington Post
Trump's Rationale for Killing Soleimani Is Falling Apart
Report: Trump Cited Impeachment Pressure to Kill Soleimani

Trump doubles down on threat to take oil from Syria, a move which experts say would amount to a war crime : worldnews (the most beautiful war criminal)
New Iran revelations suggest Trump's deceptions were deeper than we thought (Trump taking orders from Bonesaw)

And that's a fact : PoliticalHumor
How the GOP Made America Safe Again : PoliticalHumor (can't remember yesterday, so this is hopeless)

White House considering dramatic expansion of travel ban (no neck block head)
Blindsiding Trump, most Republican governors have agreed to accept refugees
Canadian child's passport rendered invalid after TSA agent forces mother to sign it before allowing them to board their flight : worldnews

Susan Collins working with "small group" of GOP senators to allow impeachment witnesses
Pelosi: House will be prepared to move impeachment case to Senate next week - Los Angeles Times (Zuzie-Floozy doing her spin-around game)
Congress doesn't seem to have the courage that our Founding Fathers expected

You Won't Believe What Trump Said About His Middle Name ... mental decay ... ""J" stands for "Genius" ... (Don Jr 2024!)
The Most Popular Facebook Content About Iran Right Now Isn't Just Pro-Trump -- It Was Posted By Him - Wrapping your head around the engagement Trump's Iran-related Facebook posts are getting is almost impossible ... The days of the fireside chat are long gone. Instead, the president is sending fire straight to our News Feeds (Fuckbook is fucking America)

Nothingburgers all the way down - Lawyers, Guns & Money - worse, this shadows-were-cast-questions-were-raised stuff kept happening -- the Times would keep getting tips from various shady right-wing operatives about the Clinton Foundation, find absolutely nothing, but then write up a story strongly implying misconduct by Clinton rather than admit they had been fooled yet again. Of course, it's hard to expect the country's leading newspaper to have the integrity of, uh, Donald Trump and Bill Barr ...
Trump Justice Department's Clinton Foundation Inquiry Ends With No Wrongdoing Found - The Great Clinton Ratf*cking Comes to a Predictable Conclusion -- There was nothing there. There never was anything there. And now we have a handpicked prosecutor from the garden of evil that is this president*'s Department of Justice concluding that there never was anything there. A full election cycle of weaponized bullshit was based on air, on nothing. (evil Haberputz shilling for evil Trumpster in the NYT garden of evil)

Eschaton: Primary Hell - The editorial position of this fine blog matters about as much as a fart in the wind (sorry, I really don't control the world anymore), but for the record I can't stand Biden or Mayo Pete (for mostly different reasons) and otherwise don't care much. OK I don't like the billionaires either but that's rather obvious.

Vulnerable House members are rallying behind Joe Biden, looking to head off a liberal nominee they fear would cost them reelection (fuck off, centrist Republicans)

Bernie Sanders Surges as Pete Buttigieg Falls in Recent Iowa Poll : politics (haha Buttaboop nine points down)
Bernie Sanders rides enthusiasm to top showing in latest Iowa Poll : politics
Biden Is The Front-Runner, But There s No Clear Favorite -- Sanders has the next-best shot (538 changes tune from yesterday)

Elizabeth Warren: The 'Survival of Our Planet' Depends on the 2020 Election ... Sanders 20% - Warren 17% - Buttigieg 16% - Biden 15% ... Bloomberg 1% ....
Bloomberg Spent $200 Million and Isn't on Track to Score a Single Delegate
Michael Bloomberg Is Open to Spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump - The New York Times - The Democratic presidential candidate said he would spend big even if the nominee was someone he had sharp differences with, like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

Spiritualist Williamson ends improbable White House run
Taking the Grift Home - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Wisconsin dairy farmers suffer massive blow thanks to Trumps trade war (racist tractor-queens are unhappy they got conned, want more money from blue states)

The blue-state exodus gains momentum | TheHill ... In addition, many California families have decided to migrate to Texas simply to find more affordable housing, lower taxes and streets that arent rife with homeless people, feces and used drug paraphernalia (says Republican)

Trump Allies Explore Buyout of Conservative Channel Seeking to Compete With Fox News - WSJ

White Nationalist Rep. Steve King Really Wants You To Stop Calling Him A White Nationalist : politics

The Most Popular Crook in America | The New Republic - The ominous approval ratings of Larry Hogan, the corrupt Republican governor of Maryland -- Hogan, on the other hand, is exactly the "normal" to which politicians like Joe Biden promise to return us when they try to speak into existence a Republican Party that they can "work with" (they like him more than even corrupt Vaporhead Baker)

'Significant error ... sserious damage' : : New report details MIT relationship with Jeffrey Epstein -- Three top administrators knew of the disgraced financier's donations as early as 2013, and knowingly accepting the donations.

DOJ says neo-Nazi group used "swatting" to target officials, journalists, church ... Altogether, 134 law enforcement agencies got calls from the group, according to the affidavit, including some in Canada and Britain.

Teenagers seen assaulting deer on video charged with animal cruelty: Officials : news

No One Wants Your Used Clothes Anymore - A once-virtuous cycle is breaking down. What now?
This Is What Life Without Retirement Savings Looks Like (fucked by Republicans, culminating in the Orange Dumpster)

I am a citizen from Nepal, a country with a great history, impressive geographical topographies but in a relatively bad present. A country which I believe most people don't know a lot about. AMA. : IAmA

Christopher Columbus's cannibal claims recognised. Caribs, marauders from South America and rumored cannibals, invaded Jamaica, Hispaniola and the Bahamas, overturning half a century of assumptions that they never made it farther north than Guadeloupe. : science

u/Erusian explains how the Indian caste system emerged. : DepthHub

Trump voters become more skeptical about vaccines after they are exposed to anti-vaxxer tweets by Trump. Liberals do not alter their views on vaccines after they are exposed to Trump's anti-vaxxer tweets. : science

A gripping retelling of the Battle of Stalingrad : bestof
PeasantSoup comments on End me, please.

Eternal Recurrence And The Dilemma of Temporal Darkness In Dark TV Series

Kmlevitt comments on If truly innocent, Ghosn should "prove" innocence in Japanese court, Japanese Justice minister says, confirming Ghosn's assertion that he is presumed guilty until proven otherwise (article in Japanese)

DdCno1 comments on My Grandfather, a Wing Commander in the RAF, in front of the Treptower War Memorial as part of a NATO delegation to East Berlin - March 1974 [3210 x 4759]
Mammals Made By Viruses | Discover Magazine

Pigliucci on panpsychism : How to make up philosophical problems and then "solve" them
Bernardo Kastrup on Consciousness - Panpsychism's efforts to explain consciousness are undermined by its reliance on a materialist assumption of discrete boundaries. Given quantum theory's proof that no such boundaries exist, an idealist concept of universal consciousness is a better solution.
Depressive realism : philosophy

/u/dontcallmeatallpls discusses the absence of critical thought & "why people are happy to blow stuff up rather than fix problems" : bestof
dontcallmeatallpls comments on US strike targeting Taliban commander causes 60 civilian casualties

TIL the average human body temperature has been dropping by 1/20 of a degree Fahrenheit per decade, since being established as 98.6 in 1851. The reason is improved health and thus reduced population-level inflammation; heat is a symptom of inflammation. : todayilearned

Mom fixes daughters cold fast using this secret method! : WTF

Why Are there no movies that tell the crazy stories of the Olympics Gods : movies - Rape, murder, arson, and rape.

What common phrase is complete bullshit? : AskReddit


Scientists have found the Vikings erected a runestone out of fear of a climate catastrophe. The study is based on new archaeological research describing how badly Scandinavia suffered from a previous climate catastrophe with lower average temperatures, crop failures, hunger and mass extinctions. : science

N.J. bill to remove religion as reason not to vaccinate kids has enough support to pass : politics

Ex Navy boss stumped by UFOs : news (but he's sure it's not aliens)

At gun safety events, 40% of gun owners reported not locking all household guns -- even around kids

Australian Bushfire Crisis : AskReddit (conservative burned the whole coninent down)
Tens of thousands attend Sydneys CBD to fight the Australian governments denial on climate change. : worldnews
People that live in Australia how much are the fires affecting you? : AskReddit
Strong winds create Australian 'megablaze'
News Corp employee lashes cli 'matemisinformation' in bushfire coverage with blistering email

Boeing Employees Mocked F.A.A. and 'Clowns' Who Designed 737 Max "this airplane is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys" (very highly-paid monkeys)
Why haven't black boxes in airplanes been engineered to have real-time streaming to a remote location yet?

A disease, dubbed most virulent coral sickness the world has ever seen, threatens Turks and Caicos corals, one of largest barrier reef systems on Earth, attracting more than a million tourists a year. "This is not like bleaching, which coral can recover from. It's final; once it's gone, it's gone." : worldnews

Senegal is constructing West Africa's largest wind farm that will supply 158MW of electricity to 2 million people

Brazilian supreme court rules Netflix allowed to show gay Jesus film, reaffirming Brazilians's right to free speech after judge in Rio de Janeiro ordered the film's withdrawal

India's top court says indefinite Kashmir internet shutdown is illegal : news

Trump Sent Kim Jong Un a Birthday Greeting, South Korea Says - Bloomberg ("I can't wait to suck your dick in the New Year" the card said)

Opinion | Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out - The New York Times - It's the racism.

Samira Ahmed wins sex discrimination equal pay claim against BBC : news

'Online and vulnerable': Experts find nearly three dozen U.S. voting systems connected to internet : technology (Putin is already in control of 36 states using Ivanka(tm) Voting machines with Chinese software)
Did China Grant a Trademark to Ivanka Trump for Voting Machines? (yes)

U.S. to deploy forces to the Pacific capable of conducting information, electronic, cyber and missile operations against China : news

Iraq asks United States to set up mechanism for troop withdrawal - The Washington Post
As Iran and US take step back from the brink, Canada grieves
Donald Trump gets impeached -- 63 Canadians die (two dots too hard to connect)

On the day U.S. forces killed Soleimani, they launched another secret operation targeting a senior Iranian official in Yemen - The Washington Post
USA TODAY: Misinformation alert: False images surface after Iran attacks : technology
The Islamic State (IS) group has welcomed the death of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani : news
The Real Backstory of Why Trump Ordered the Killing of Suleimani Is Becoming More Clear | The New Yorker

u/fredagsfisk sums up many of Trump's potential war crimes and similar in response to a news article about Trump whining about not receiving a Nobel Peace Prize at one of his demented rallies : bestof

Eschaton: East, West, South and North Somewhat. - At least Rumsfeld had a bit of a poet's soul.
Pompeo tonight on Fox on the "imminent" nature of the threat posed by Soleimani: "There is no doubt there were a series of imminent attacks being plotted. We don't know when and where. But it was real." ("our lying words mean whatever we say they mean")

Europe Is a Hard Nope on Helping Trump With Iran: Trump has spent years trashing the U.S.' European allies. Now he wants their help with Iran. : worldnews
When did it become acceptable to kill a top leader of a country we aren't even at war with?

Confusion Swirls Over Leaked Notice Of American Withdrawal Of Forces From Iraq (Updated) - The Drive - Confusion Swirls Over Leaked Notice Of American Withdrawal Of Forces From Iraq (Updated)
Will Soleimanis death change Irans relationship with the Revolutionary Guard? ... heavy-handed approach of using armed militias and proxies turned local opinion against Iran.

During Iran Speech, Trump Demonstrated That He Is Not Well -- The American public has a right to know about the physical health of the commander-in-chief.
Trump slurs in rally speech after boasting about assassination of Iran commander then complaining about not winning Nobel Peace Prize : politics
Trump Complains About Not Winning the Nobel Peace Prize Days After Threatening to Commit War Crimes : politics
stories long dismissed as myths. But a new study suggests Columbus may have been telling the truth. : science
Donald Trump is behaving like the guiltiest man alive : politics
Trump tried to take credit for a fall in US cancer death rates, but the American Cancer Society said it's nothing to do with him : politics

Eschaton: They Know - Every piece about Trump is written by someone who knows they are being completely full of shit about how they portray him. We saw this a bit with Bush, but now it's totally nuts. I don't know how adhering to norms of false balance became more important than informing readers...
Trump does not have a foreign policy. He has a series of impulses. - The Washington Post (the best impulses)

Trump Will Invoke Executive Privilege to Block Bolton Testimony - Bloomberg
Trump's model for America is corrupt, autocratic crony capitalism. Like in Russia. : politics

Hannity Appears to Threaten to Give Out GOP Senator's Phone Numbers if They Allow Impeachment Witnesses
Stephanie Grisham: Trumps Press Secretary Who Doesnt Meet the Press

Army general declines to reinstate Special Forces tab to officer pardoned by Trump - The Washington Post - An Army general has denied a request by an officer pardoned in an open murder case by President Trump to have his Special Forces tab reinstated, setting up a potential flash point with the commander in chief (Trump loves his murderers)

Thursday NatSec Roundup - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Tensions with Trump over Iran expose concerns about the role of Congress in making war - The Washington Post
Why It Matters to Say Qassim Suleimani Was Assassinated = Republicans Attack Democrats for Saying Qassim Suleimani Was Assassinated, and Reporters Play Along

About that... : PoliticalHumor
It's too expensive, impossible, there's absolutely no way to make it work... : PoliticalHumor
The donkey brained President of the United States everybody. : PoliticalHumor

John Huber's Hillary Clinton Justice Department investigation, once championed by President Trump, quietly ended months ago - The Washington Post (lock hr up!)
Surprise, Surprise: The DOJ's Hillary Clinton investigation has been a bust

We Found Major Trump Tax Inconsistencies. New York' s Mayor Wants a Criminal Investigation.

The great dismantling of America's national parks is under way | In this waking nightmare, the Trump administration has filled the parks department with anti-public land sycophants : politics

Call Trumpism what it is: a cult : politics

Kushner's Global Role Shrinks as He Tackles Another: The 2020 Election (now that there's peace in the Middle East)

The final, inevitable collapse of the right-wing medias Uranium One conspiracy theory ... Report that probe will result in no charges shows the danger of trusting Peter Schweizer's reporting

Opinion | What if Democrats Tried Real Outreach? - The New York Times - What if Democrats Tried Real Outreach? -- We focused on nonvoters and infrequent ones before the 2018 midterm elections and saw astonishing results.

A brokered convention is more likely than Elizabeth Warren winning the nomination, FiveThirtyEight forecasts
Iowa Poll has new leader: Bernie Sanders takes the top spot
Iowa Poll: Elizabeth Warren holds on to 2nd place, trails Bernie Sanders (but OldJoe is the fav says other media)
How a High Schooler Scooped Everyone on the Iowa Poll - The New York Times - Three times now, Arjav Rawal has tweeted the results before their official release, beating even CNN, a poll sponsor.

Majority of Americans favor wealth tax on very rich: Reuters/Ipsos poll - Reuters

The Trailer: Their candidates lost. Heres what they say about the race now.

Democrat Amy McGrath Enters 2020 With $9 Million War Chest in Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell

Elizabeth Warren's surprising closing argument -- A candidate known for battling Bernie Sanders for the hearts of progressives is pitching her electability in the weeks leading up to Iowa.
Fox News Poll: Biden and Sanders vie for lead in Nevada, Biden tops Trump | Fox News - Fox News Poll: Biden and Sanders vie for lead in Nevada, Biden tops Trump
How Serious Is Tom Steyer's Polling Surge? In a new survey, he's second in South Carolina and tied for third in Nevada. (billionaire fucks take the lead!)
By a 7-point margin, more Wisconsin voters disapprov e innocence in Japanese court, Japanese Justice minister says, confirming Ghosnthan approve of Trump's performance (46 percent approve vs. 53 percent disapprove). That's an improvement since early October, when he was underwater by 10 points (44-54 percent).
Bloomberg to fund sizable campaign effort through November even if he loses Democratic nomination
A Return to the Old School #Slatepitch - Lawyers, Guns & Money ... But the larger problem is that Democrats won't want a serial sexual harasser who is proud of his support for the Iraq War, is cool on most of the Democratic agenda, and presided over a massively racist stop-and-frisk program as mayor. Luckily, this is a problem that will take care of itself.

Texas governor to reject new refugees, first under Trump

Amy Klobuchar Keeps Voting for Trump's 'Horrific Judges (good facist/centrist Amy)

Focus group: Pennsylvania swing voters stand with Trump on Iran - Axios (it's working)

College Professor Out After Joke Suggesting Iran List U.S. Cultural TargetsAsheen Phansey is no longer employed by Babson College after joking that Iran should target Minnesota's Mall of America and a home of the Kardashian family.

Fieldston, Elite Private School, Faces Backlash From Jewish Parents - The New York Times - The New York City school is once again embroiled in a debate over its handling of race, religion and ethnicity ... A teacher who had been critical of Israel in school and on Twitter was fired by the Ethical Culture Fieldston School.

Jeffrey Epstein Gave $850,000 to M.I.T., and Administrators Knew : news

Hillbilly Elegy Author Starts VC Fund Backed by Peter Thiel

VA, Medicare dispute leaves Bronze Star vet without prosthetic legs -- A man walked into a nursing home for military veterans two days before Christmas, picked up Jerry Holliman's legs and left.

Colorado to deploy more teams to investigate mystery drones after close call with medical helicopter

Facebook Is Forcing Its Moderators to Log Every Second of Their Days -- Even in the Bathroom (Fuckerberged)

Bill would ban cellphone use for those under 21 | Local News | - The bill, S.212, would make such possession or use a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

Police call for ban on anonymous pay-as-you-go phones : news

Vegas 'black widow' murderer free on parole after 20 years
Woman posed as boy to sexually assault up to 50 girls, say police : news

Sexual assault photos shared on Tinder, Snapchat: NC lawsuit | Raleigh News & Observer

Seattle police officer contributed to man's death with ruse that 'shocked the consciencce' investigation finds

TIL a study by the University of Oxford shows there's no link between violent video games and aggression in teens. Compared to previous research which relied on self-reported data from teens, this study used info from parents to judge the level of aggressive behavior in their children. : todayilearned

Excess tongue fat could be causing many cases of sleep apnea. In a study, losing tongue fat was correlated with an improvement in symptoms among those with the condition. : science

Christopher Columbus' accounts of the Caribbean include harrowing descriptions of fierce raiders who abducted women and cannibalized men -- stories long dismissed as myths. But a new study suggests Columbus may have been telling the truth.

A billion medical images are exposed online, as doctors ignore warnings : technology (too complicated for their doctor brains

One of the biggest meteorite crashes in Earth's history flung debris across 3 continents 800,000 years ago. Scientists finally found the crater. : science

BPA's replacement BPS can hinder heart function within minutes of a single exposure, according to a new study in mice. BPA, a chemical used in plastic products, can cause hormone-related side effects. Manufacturers are now using BPS as a replacement in their products and labelling them as BPA-free (your corporate necromongers rep[laced a deadly chemical with an even more deadly chemical)

Scientists discover long-term "allergy memories" are stored in the bone marrow. The discovery could lead to novel treatments that wipe human's immmune memory making people "forget" their allergies

TIL of Manichaeism, a religion which thrived between the third and seventh centuries, and at its height was one of the most widespread religions in the world. Briefly the main rival to Christianity before the spread of Islam in the competition to replace classical paganism. : todayilearned

Why is it that the use of exogenous androgens, as in steroid use, will result in growth of the clitoris in females, but not growth of the penis in men? : askscience

u/npsager explains why a young child may commit suicide without warning. : bestof

What brand has lost your loyalty and will never reclaim it? : AskReddit
u/efreck calls out Colin O'Brady on his BS'ing of the dangers he faced crossing Antarctica : bestof

Alexa - Top sites


u/CitJournalist gives a detailed run-down on the Cambridge Analytica-inspired psychological warfare being waged against the Australian public by their own elected representatives on social media. : bestof

Mohammed bin Zayed's Dark Vision of the Middle East-- The enigmatic leader of the U.A.E. may soon emerge as the region's most powerful figure. What does he really want?

Statue mocking Donald Trump torched in Slovenia (Melania's home)

Thai journalist sentenced over tweet warns of threat to media freedom - sentenced to two years in prison for defaming the owner of a poultry farm

Brazil judge orders Netflix to remove film with gay Jesus : news

House passes resolution to limit Trump's war powers against Iran : worldnews

Ukraine wants to search Iran plane crash site for possible Russia missile debris : worldnews
Ukraine Flight 752 crash video: New CCTV footage shows final moments of passenger plane : worldnews

Video Shows Ukrainian Plane Being Hit Over Iran - The New York Times - The New York Times has obtained video that shows the moment a Ukrainian airliner was hit minutes after takeoff from Tehran.
Iranian Missile System Shot Down Ukraine Flight, Probably by Mistake, Sources Say

Iranian Missile Accidentally Brought Down Ukrainian Jet, Officials Say, Citing Early Evidence

The unclassified copy of Trump's memo to the Senate informing it of the Soleimani strike shows a huge loophole in his justification -- 'does not indicate that the Iranian general posed an imminent threat to US regional interests' : worldnews

3 Hours From Alert to Attacks: Inside the Race to Protect U.S. Forces From Iran Strikes - The New York Times - Intelligence that foreshadowed the Iranian attack set off a tense, often confusing afternoon in the White House Situation Room.
Fox News Hosts Were Against A Ground War With Iran. Trump Listened. - Trump, a source said, has been watching the networks analysis with interest.

Trumps unhinged rally rant underscores case for reining him in

Pence says sharing intel with Congress could 'compromise' sources (like Putin's dick)

Killing Soleimani made US less safe, Trump reckless on Iran: poll
Opinion | Trump Has a Bizarre Idea of Winning - The New York Times - Let's t ally up the results of his efforts with Iran.
War With Iran Is Nothing To Worry About, Men Who Launched Iraq War Promise | HuffPost - 2020 is the new 2003.
GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Torches Republicans With Scathing Trump Loyalty Rules | HuffPost - Saddamification

The suggestion enraged GOP Sen. Mike Lee who called it "insane"
Mike Lee, GOP senator who erupted over Iran briefing, shares awful new details - The Washington Post

Why Nancy Pelosi Is Going All in Against President Trump | Time
Rep. Stefanik tweets altered photo of Pelosi in GOP fundraising appeal - The Washington Post

McConnell backs measure to change Senate rules, dismiss impeachment without articles | TheHill (MoscowMitch Cancels Democrats

NYC Bar Association Asks Congress to Investigate AG Barr for Bias - Bloomberg - A rare rebuke of a U.S. attorney general by a bar association

Mnuchin seeks delay of proposed disclosure of Secret Service spending on presidential travel until after election - The Washington Post (doesn't want you to know about all the golfing)

A Great Year for U.S. Jobs Is Also Likely to Be Worst Since 2011 - The broader picture of a slowdown is in line with what many economists expected in the 11th year of the record-long U.S. expansion, with fading stimulus from tax cuts and headwinds from tariff uncertainty also weighing on hiring.

Trump Jr and Ivanka Trumpknew they were lyingover ploy to sell condos, book claims

Facebook Says It Won't Back Down From Allowing Lies in Political Ads - The company was under intense pressure to adjust its policies. But in this presidential election year, no big changes are planned (from Putin's dick to Trump's ass to Zuckerfuck's mouth)
Facebook has decided not to limit how political ads are targeted to specific groups of people, as Google has done. Nor will it ban political ads, as Twitter has done. And it still won't fact check them, as it's faced pressure to do. : news
Facebook wont limit political ad targeting or stop false claims under new ad rules

Eschaton: Fact Chuck - They made journalism worse.
How Political Fact-Checkers Distort the Truth | The New Republic - Glenn Kessler and his ilk aren't sticking to the facts. They're promoting a moderate dogma ... Kessler, a former business section editor who happens to be a descendant of Royal Dutch Shell and Procter & Gamble executives -- an actual member of the American elite and a likely member of the one percent ... (lies)

The U.S. Remained Center-Right, Ideologically, in 2019 - Slight plurality of Americans in 2019 identified as conservative (37%) - Moderates nearly as high, at 35%, while 24% were liberal

Eschaton: Purity test - I think at the Centrist Bureau of Standards, 1 foot = 9 inches, maybe less if Joe Biden was the negotiator. I like to regularly remind people that the term "Centrist" is cooked-up DC jargon about how members of Congress vote and has nothing to do with the American political mainstream. If a member votes more often with the other party, they're "Centrist". This means that if a Democrat votes with the Republicans a lot, we can call that Democrat a "Centrist" rather than what you really are when you vote with crazy right-wing loonies, which is "a crazy right-wing loony". Anyroad, R.J. Eskow has a useful dictionary for you if you're trying to parse the bizarre language you see on page and screen from the punditocracy, "The Progressive's Guide to Corporate Democrat Speak."
The Progressive's Guide to Corporate Democrat Speak (for instance, Buttaboop = corporate centrist)

It's 1856 All Over Again -- Immigration. Race. Demographic change. Political demagogy.

6 million Democratic donors gave $1 billion in 2019 through ActBlue, officials say - The Washington Post
Democrats' contempt for Trump fuels an online cash surge

Who Will Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination? | FiveThirtyEight
Bernie emerges as growing threat to Biden - POLITICO - The former veep is more concerned about Sanders than he lets on.
Biden, Bloomberg have largest leads against Trump in Michigan poll (give Bloomfuck another week and he'll be #1)
Bloomberg won't release women who sued him from secrecy agreements - Bloomberg was sued several times over the years. Three cases remain open. (and he's a fucking Republican)
Bernie Sanders's Latest Endorsement: The Sunrise Movement - The move by the group of young climate activists was another sign that left-wing advocacy organizations have increasingly coalesced around the Vermont senator

Sheila Bair: I am a Republican, and I hope the Democrats pick a candidate I can vote for - The Washington Post (stfu, Sheila)

Booker: Impeachment trial could be 'big blow' to my campaign ... by keeping him away from Iowa in the final weeks before the Feb. 3 caucuses.

Poll: Peters holds small lead over GOP's James in Michigan Senate race - Democratic U.S. Sen. Gary Peters holds a small lead over Republican challenger John James in the Michigan race (swing state loves Trumpsters)

First look: Anti-Trump Republican video mocks "MAGA Church"

People who voted for Clinton in 2016 but are intending to vote for Trump in 2020 what made you change your mind? : AskReddit - Tip: Sort by Controversial for serious answers.

Current President Donald Trump and first lady with human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell and convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. : pics
Surveillance video from Jeffrey Epstein's first apparent suicide attempt 'no longer exists' : news (they "found" it and then they "lost" it)
President Donald Trump and sex trafficker Ghislaine maxwell in New York in 1997 : pics

#MeToo is necessary. It's also freaking men out -- To keep the positive change coming, companies need to build trust between men and women at work.
NY Times columnist Paul Krugman says hacker 'compromised' his IP address to 'download child pornography' : news

Man posing as ride-share driver charged with kidnapping, raping woman after she left Boston nightclub - The Boston Globe

A CIA chemist, mind control -- and the return of psychedelic drugs ... a CIA scientist bent on destroying the human mind.
Tea drinkers live longer and have less heart problems. : science

Showing people scientific evidence that contradicts their beliefs leads them to reject both the evidence and the scientific community as a whole. : science

Back in the day, what website did you spend way too many hours of your life on? : AskReddit


Desert Locust situation update 6 January 2020

How Rupert Murdoch Is Influencing Australia's Bushfire Debate - Critics see a concerted effort to shift blame, protect conservative leaders and divert attention from climate change (who you gonna believe, cunts?)

Iran plane crash: Ukraine Airlines jet slams into ground near Tehran, with no survivors - The Washington Post - suddenly plummeted into a field early Wednesday without a mayday from the cockpit, killing all aboard

Vaccine misinformation in Danish media from 2013-2016 led to vaccinations dropping by 50.4%. An information campaign helped increase vaccine uptake again, but uptake is still below the level before misinformation began, showing how difficult it is to undo the damages misinformation causes. : science

Russian journals retract more than 800 papers after bombshellinvestigation ... suggesting the vast Russian scientific literature is riddled with plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and so-called gift authorship (Putin corrupted everything)

250 Million Workers Take Part in All-India Strike Against Government Policies - The Largest Strike in the History of India : worldnews
Tweet calling for killing of Muslims in India doesn't violate rules, says Twitter : worldnews

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to step back as senior members of royal family, split time between U.K. and North America
Megxit: Harry and Meghan are doomed | Spectator USA - The only quick way out of a royal family is via the guillotine

PRESIDENT AND THE PIMP : Bill Clinton poses with Epstein's pimp Ghislaine Maxwell and a sex slave on board private jet the Lolita Express (it's all true, and worse)
Former president Bill Clinton with human trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell at the door of Jeffrey Epstein's private jet. : pics

Saudi Prince Tweet About Monday Meeting With Trump That White House Never Disclosed: reporters note that the meeting was not on the president's public schedule and some speculated as to whether the public would have known about the meeting if the Saudi prince had not tweeted about it.

More women in Iran protesting against forced hijab! : pics
Iran plane crash most likely a shootdown event aviation experts say
Justin Trudeau vows to get answers over Iran plane crash which killed 63 Canadians : worldnews
Last night, at Ben-Gurion airport, the engine of Air Rwanda Boeing 737-800 caught fire before takeoff. The same model as the one that crashed in Iran today. : worldnews

Trump Iran Speech Avoids War Escalation - Sniffing, Slander, Stump Speech - We Took a Step Back From the Brink, But Not Because the President* Knows Where He Took Us -- Donald Trump's Iran speech was equal parts sniffing, slander, and stump speech (elect stupid and evil, get stupid and evil)
Iraqi prime minister: Trump used diplomatic cover to lure Soleimani to his death : worldnews
Secretary Pompeo Again Fails to Explain 'Imminent Threat' Used to Justify Soleimani Airstrike
Mike Pompeo Is Lying About Iran : politics
Team of Rookies | The Iran clash finds a president who has never dealt with a national security crisis before, surrounded by officials who also have little crisis experience. : politics
Trumps deepening Iran morass all started with one big lie

Crucial context that ought to be in every single article about Trump and Iran | Press Watch (Dan Froomkin has a blog)

Insulting and demeaning: Two GOP lawmakers rip Trump administration after Iran briefing 'It was probably the worst briefing I've seen at least on a military issue in the nine years I've served' in the Senate
GOP Sen. Mike Lee RAGES at 'Insulting' Military Briefing on Iran Crisis: 'Probably the Worst I've ever Seen'
Sen. Chris Murphy says Trump's moves in Iran will cause 'catastrophic' damage to US (two dots are awfully hard to connect, say Republicans)
Opinion | The Trump We Did Not Want to See - The New York Times (Trump is a stable genius 9-star general)

Iran Missile Attack: Satellite Images Show Damage From Apparent Precision Strike : NPR
U.S. officials knew Iranian missiles were coming hours in advance - The Washington Post
Some administration officials believe Iran intentionally missed areas with Americans - CNNPolitics - Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (your corrupt lying military)

There's A Madman In The White House; Trump's 'Narcissistic Rage' Led Him to Assassinate Suleimani
Americans Aren't Rallying to Trump: A president who writes off half the country can't expect to garner support from a crisis of his own making. : politics

'As long as I'm president of the United States, Iran will never be allowed to have a nuclear weapon,' Trump says : worldnews

After days of dire threats, Trump's tone shifts in the wake of Iran's retaliation ...Trump warned, sometimes in all-caps, that he would retaliate against any Iranian attack on U.S. forces. He pledged to deploy the most "brand new beautiful"
Iran live updates: Dozens of Iranian missiles hit U.S. bases in Iraq - The Washington Post
Iran believed to have deliberately missed U.S. forces in Iraq strikes says sources. : worldnews

New York Post Reporters Identity Hijacked to Spread Pro-Iran Propaganda one of a number of bogus accounts that spread fake news about enemies of the Iranian regime.

A Strategy for the Mideast That Has Even Trumps Allies Scratching Their HeadsConflicting statements, crossed signals and mixed messages have left the president and his top officials scrambling to explain his mission and goals after the death of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani.
Amid confusion and contradictions, Trump White House stumbles in initial public response to Soleimani's killing

Republicans preach fiscal conservatism, yet they always find money for war : politics (and tax cuts for the rich)

Can You Locate Iran? Few Voters Can. - A 47% plurality support the airstrike that killed Soleimani (82& of Fox viewers knew all about Suleimani)

Trump is a war president now

Eschaton: When Ari Fleischer Thought He Would Be Executed For Treason - I don't know where I heard that or if it's true, but I do have a memory of someone saying he was scared of it. Our system of international law and the various taboos and legalities that flow from that aren't real barriers. No President of the United States is actually going to be tried for war crimes and Ari Fleischer wasn't going to be tried for treason (I realize these are different things). But perhaps those various constraints have had some impact on behavior. Some...

Eschaton: Blogger PTSD - I remember how the conservative movement seamlessly switched from some combination of "KILL ALL MUSLIMS" and "SADDAM IS GOING TO NUKE US ALL IF WE DON'T KILL HIM" to "this is about spreading peeance and freeance and democracy, and you are a big racist for thinking Iraqis don't deserve that." From WOLVERINES to PURPLE FINGERS, I suppose. -- Like it switched overnight. And "everyone" just went along with it.

What Will Happen to The Trump Toadies? Look to Nixon' s defenders, and the Vichy collaborators, for clues.
As potential conflict looms, some pundits suggest reporting skeptical of the administration is unpatriotic. It's not the first time.
The media should spotlight a different kind of war expert: Those who voted 'no' on Iraq

Army warns of 'fake' texts informing US citizens they have been selected for draft : news (send $5,000 to the Chinese embassey or get drafted)

McConnell's win on impeachment trial procedure was months in the making - How the Senate majority leader kept his caucus in line at a crucial moment. (Suzie Floozy sucked his dick)
Pelosi sasy their allergies. : science
impeachment articles wont go to Senate until she learns more about how trial would be conducted
Trump's House warriors likely sidelined in Senate trial -- Some Republicans and allies of the president are afraid the House lawmakers could turn the trial into a circus. (the clowns could turn the trial into a circus?)

The Right's Bullsh*t Problem
Conservatism Is White Identity Politics : politics

'Extreme privilege': Ivanka Trump faces backlash over keynote speech at CES | Technology : technology (ICranka)

Eschaton: Why Was Obama Different - Savvy people are supposed to say things like, "Joe just says these things because they're what people want to hear" as if telegraphing that Biden is a big liar is better than telegraphing that he's an idiot. Might be true! But it's weird.

Minnesota's Beltrami County votes against allowing refugee resettlement - County is first in state to reject refugees in largely symbolic vote ... The vote was largely symbolic no refugees have been resettled in this county for at least five years ...

'Their undoing will inevitably come' : Rev. William Barber explains why Trump-loving evangelicals are doomed (the Paraclete is coming for the Satangelicals)

Kentucky judge accused of courthouse threesome is suspended - Judge Dawn Gentry, who is facing nine counts of misconduct, denies engaging in sexual activity at the courthouse with two employees ... The judge, who was elected in November 2018, allegedly hired her lover, a former pastor, and then allowed him to play guitar and sing in the office (yeah, she's a good Christian Republican)

Judge denies release of Jeffrey Epsteins grand jury records Disappearing Facebook Article The online magazine deleted a glowing story about Facebook after questions were raised about whether it was an ad.
s (coverup continues)

The Mystery of Teen Vogue's Disappearing Facebook Article - The online magazine deleted a glowing story about Facebook after questions were raised about whether it was an ad (yeah, Sheryl Sandfuck is fucking journalism, surprise)

Almost Everyone at CollegeHumor Lost Their Jobs Today : news (digital publishing has been Fuckbooked by Fuckerberg and Sandfuck)

Brooklyn's Great American Diner - Tom's Restaurant, a beloved breakfast spot in Prospect Heights, is one of those places that feel welcoming to all who enter.

Elizabeth Wurtzel, 'Prozac Nation' Author, Is Dead at 52 - Her startlin Raw Story
g 1994 memoir won praise for opening a dialogue about clinical depression and helped introduce an unsparing style of confessional writing that remains influential.

What was the weirdest question you got asked on a first date? : AskReddit

What horrible, ridiculous names have you heard parents choose to call their children? : AskReddit

Adult children of helicopter parents, how do you deal with them now? : AskReddit
What was the dumbest thing you thought as a child? : AskReddit


U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2019 Fell As Coal Plans Close - Bloomberg - Greenhouse gas emissions have dipped two of past three years
Judge dismisses felony charge related to pipeline protest : news

Amid raging bushfire, Rupert Murdoch's Australian media empire turns a blind eye to climate crisis - News Corp.-owned outlets deny climate change link to bushfires as Australians suffer ("there ain't no fire, ya cunts, mine some more coal" Murdoch cackles)
Number Of Animals Feared Dead In Australia's Wildfires Soars To Over 1 Billion (ScuMo and his animalcidal conservatives)

A Victim's Account Fuels a Reckoning Over Abuse of Children in France: A French author wrote for years about his predilection for children and continued to win acclaim. Now one of them has spoken out.
A Victim s Account Fuels a Reckoning Over Abuse of Children in France - A French author wrote for years about his predilection for children and continued to win acclaim. Now one of them has spoken out.

More than 60,000 Mexicans 'disappeared' in drug war : news

6.4-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico, killing at least 1 amid heavy seismic activity - "we've never been exposed to this kind of emergency in 102 years"

Iran launches missiles at US military facilities in Iraq, Pentagon confirms - ABC News
Iran missile attack: Iran attacks two Iraqi bases housing US forces in 'revenge' for Soleimani's death - CNNPolitics
Megathread: Iran launches missiles at US airbase in Iraq : politics
Multiple rockets hit Iraqi base hosting US soldiers : news
Trump unfurls a new attack for 2020: Dems as Iran sympathizers - POLITICO

Stampede kills 40 at funeral for Iranian general slain by US
Pentagon Rules Out Striking Iranian Cultural Sites, Contradicting Trump - The New York Times
Russian president Vladimir Putin lands in Damascus on unannounced visit | The Independent

/u/Pearberr describes in detail how badly American leadership has blundered by assassinating Iranian Major General Suleimani. "It was worse than a crime. It was a mistake." : bestof

Calling US out : PoliticalHumor

Sure it was maybe the 7th reason, but we didn't paint all those schools for no reason, right? Sure Trump is Trump but lots of conservatives are going to be real mad about this ... The Treasury Department and White House would likely play a lead role if the sanctions are implemented, the officials said. Such a step would represent a highly unusual move against a foreign ally that the United States has spent almost two decades and hundreds of billions of dollars supporting ... Purple fingers, baby. Purple fingers. The Democracy. The Whisky. The Sexy. - I know, I know, the real reason for the invasion was to tell them to Suck On This.

The Nightmare Stage of Trump's Rule Is Here - Unstable and impeached, the president pushes the U.S. toward war with Iran.
Opinion | No One Believes Trump - The New York Times - Which isn't good in an international crisis.

Iranian-Americans Questioned at the Border: 'My Kids Shouldn't t Experience Such Things' Up to 200 people were held by border agents, with some of them reportedly asked to share their opinions about the situation in Iran and Iraq.

Russia offers Iraq S-400 air defense system to protect airspace (from Trump)

It Was 'Safer Before Soleimani Was Killed,' Retired Admiral Tells Jake Tapper -- There's no room for well-planned strategy in the "turmoil" of personnel changes in Donald Trump's administration
Ex-RNC Chair Warns Republican Party Is Going To Own Trump's Actions On Iran

Ball of Confusion | Talking Points Memo (your military is corrupt and awlays has been)

GOP Congressman Freaks After People Call Out His Fake Obama Photo | HuffPost - Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted a doctored image of Barack Obama with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and got testy when people pointed out it was fake.
andrew kaczynski?? on Twitter: "U.S. congressman sharing a fake photo. This photoshopped from Obama meeting India's prime minister." / Twitter (and he confuses Rouhani with Solemani, jfc these assholes are stupid)
Sean Casten on Twitter: "The world would be a better place if elected officials didn't share photoshopped images and take pride in being ignorant. This is irresponsible." / Twitter
Sean Morrow on Twitter: "@KFILE "no one said this isn't photoshopped" is the Gettysburg address of modern politics" / Twitter
Tiny Dancer on Twitter: "@DrPaulGosar @dmedin11 You are just an idiot for tweeting it out in the first place. I hope AZ kicks you to the curbside in November. You are despicable, & a complete #TrumpChump. Here is a picture of your master shaking hands w/his hero, a tyrant & a man who kills his own people. You must be in love!" / Twitter (#TrumpChump)
Paul Gosar on Twitter: "The world is a better place without these guys in power." / Twitter - You should use your photoshop skills to place you in a picture with your family since they don't want anything to do with you

How Lindsey Graham Lost His Way - Rolling Stone - The senator once enjoyed respect on both sides of the aisle. Why has he become a blind loyalist to Trump? (haha nice pic but what about Putin owning the gay tape, and don't forget what an asshole St McCain was)

Amid rising spy concerns, 2 more Chinese students held after shooting photos at base (looking to score Xi reputational points)
New incident at Mar-a-Lago under 'criminal investigation' by Secret Service

McConnell has the votes to block Democrats witness demands in Trump' impeachment trial
McConnell has votes to hold Potemkin Trial - Lawyers, Guns & Money (Suzie-Loozy cackles)
Susan Collins Has Once Again Decided She Is a Republican and, Therefore, Crazy -- The "moderate" senator once again serves as a reliable ally to Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump.
McConnell prepares to move forward on impeachment trial rules without Democrats - POLITICO - GOP leaders have enough votes to ignore Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's demands for witnesses and new evidence.
Schumer vows to force votes on impeachment witnesses | TheHill
Opinion | Why Is Mitch McConnell So Afraid of John Bolton? - The New York Times - The Senate must hear his testimony in an impeachment trial.
McConnell says Senate impeachment trial will go forward without decision on witnesses - ABC News - Democrats had demanded that four witnesses be decided beforehand.

Biden: Mitch McConnell Will Become 'Mildly Cooperative' With Democrats Post-Trump (fuck off OldJoe)

Ivanka Trump speaks at CES 2020 - The Washington Post - Ivanka Trump's CES keynote address sparks backlash - Some critics say there are women with more technical experience who are better qualified to speak at the annual technology conference
The head of CES defended inviting Ivanka Trump as a keynote speaker by saying she's done 'great work' : technology

Trump says Zuckerberg told him he's Facebook's 'number one' (in that secret private dinner Zuckerfuckster had w/Trump in the WH)
Don't Tilt Scales Against Trump, Facebook Executive Warns (Zuckerfucker already tilted)

America' s Anchorman Interviews President Trump (Fuckbaugh is "America's Anchoman' who knew +Trump had time for this in the middle of his golfing and assassiations)

Come clean, CNN - The Washington Post (Steele Dossier and Wemple's obsession) )

/ Donald Trump Jr.s rifle shows how obsessed the right still is with the Crusades ... inscribed with medieval Christian iconography, a molded knights helmet and a magazine picturing Hillary Clinton behind bars, and went shooting

Trump Is The Most Unpopular President Since Ford To Run For Reelection | FiveThirtyEight

Jim Bakker To Christians: You Must Love Trump To Prove You're 'Saved' (by Satan)

Russian trolls are targeting American veterans, and Trumps government isn't helping, group says (of course they aren't)

Michael Flynn deserves up to six months in prison, U.S. Justice Department says in reversal for former Trump national security adviser - The Washington Post

Why Trump should fear Sanders much more than Warren in 2020 | TheHill
Against all odds, it looks like Bernie Sanders might be the Democratic nominee after all : politics

Bloomberg and Trump Buy Super Bowl Ads at $10 Million Each - The New York Times

Every American family basically pays an $8,000 'poll tax' under the U.S. health system, top economists say

CNN settles lawsuit with Nick Sandmann - The amount of the settlement was not made public during a hearing at the federal courthouse in Covington, Kentucky.
CNN settles lawsuit with Covington Catholic student involved in protest : news

The 57-Page PowerPoint Harvey Weinsteins Team Is Sending Reporters (what a lump of shit)
Harvey Weinstein rebuked by judge for using phone in court : news

Eschaton: Just Asking Questions - Andrew Sullivan, ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Sullivan.
Jeet Heer on Twitter: "Andrew Sullivan, ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Sullivan." / Twitter (you mean, Anedrew Fucking Still A Racist After All These Years Sulllvan)
Burn of the Decade - Lawyers, Guns & Money - it's a short decade, but gonna be a struggle to top this.
Adam Serwer?? on Twitter: "@sullydish @nhannahjones @conor64 I realize that your brain has been broken ever since TNC surpassed you in acclaim as an essayist and wrote books people actually bought and read, but re-embracing race pseudoscience invented by slavemasters is not the way to validate yourself." / Twitter
Who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about? - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Sully!

There are just 700 Seke speakers left in the world, and 100 live in New York half of them in one building

How could my wife have Alzheimer's? She was only 56.

New demand for very old farm tractors specifically because they're low tech : technology

Fotis Dulos arrested for murder of estranged wife Jennifer Dulos - ABC News ... Kent Mahwinney, an attorney and a friend of Fotis Dulos, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Eighth Paterson NJ cop charged in FBI corruption probe : news

Delaware man faces federal charges after throwing an incendiary device at a Planned Parenthood facility : news

Muslim leader Mohamed Omar Ali charged with sex crimes against kids in Texas

Ex-Cambridge Police Officer Accused Of Robbing Elderly Man In Southboro : boston
25 Investigates: More than 2 dozen Medford officers blacklisted by DA for overtime scandal (Dirtiest Department around) : boston

Elizabeth Wurtzel, 'Prozac Nation' author who spurred a memoir boom, dies at 52

Teenage bloodbath: the 2010s in review | Idiot Joy Showland

Scientists discover two new cannabinoids: Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP), is allegedly 30 times more potent than THC. In mice, THCP was more active than THC at lower dose. Cannabidiphorol (CBDP) is a cousin to CBD. Both demonstrate how much more we can learn from studying marijuana. : science

Mysterious repeating fast radio burst traced to nearby galaxy - CNN (scientists agree, it's not an alien mix-tape)

U/contrasuggestible presents a synopsis of multiple of studies linking prejudice and low cognitive ability. : bestof (hello, hillfuckers)

Finnish study (n=3,781) finds evidence that having a dog or cat in the house during the first year of life may protect against childhood asthma (HR 0.60; 0.38-0.96); allerig are stored in the bone marrow. The discovery could lead to novel treatments that wipe humanc rhinitis (OR 0.72; 0.53-0.97), atopic eczema (OR 0.68; 0.51-0.92) and other allergies. : science

What annoys you the most on Reddit? : AskReddit


Climate expert warns worst is yet to come with cyclones and floods predicted - As Australia continues to burn, a climate scientist has warned more extreme weather is on the way, bringing cyclones, floods and heatwaves. : worldnews

In fire-ravaged Australia, climate denial goes up in smoke - The Washington Post (Murdoch cackles in the background)
Entire species may have been wiped out by Australia wildfires- We are seeing kangaroos and koalas with their hands burned off ... It's been quite emotional says wildlife park owner (Scumbag Morrison)
Just to give you some idea what Australian fire fighters are up against in terms of distances. : MapPorn
Cops and arson unit round up two dozen alleged firestarters in NSW, Australia : worldnews
Model raises more than $750,000 for Aussie bushfire relief by sending nudes to donors : news

3 Americans Dead, 6 Aircraft Destroyed Or Damaged, Including A Rare Spy Plane, In Kenya Attack : worldnews

Croatia elects leftist challenger as president : worldnews

Israeli PM Netanyahu resigns from all ministerial posts : worldnews - Israeli law does not allow an individual indicted for crimes to hold ministerial office, although it does not prevent them from serving as prime minister.

Thousands march in France over decision to not prosecute Jewish woman's killer

Venezuela's Maduro Claims Control of National Assembly, Tightening Grip on Power -- It was the last political institution in opposition hands. Now President Nicolas Maduro's has moved closer to total control of the state.

The surprising news from Ukraine: Zelensky is succeeding despite Trumps'a abuse (or maybe because of it)

Reynhard Sinaga: Britain's 'most prolific rapist' jailed for life : news

Trump Administration Blocks Iran's Top Diplomat From Addressing the U.N. Security Council
The Breathtaking Unravelling of the Middle East After Qassem Suleimanis Death
Trumps Iran mess is getting worse. Heres Adam Schiff's idea on what to do about it ... That Trump is threatening to deploy our military to commit war crimes in a manner entirely severed from real-world military planning is deeply abnormal and must not be allowed to slide by as just Trump being Trump.

Iran live updates: Massive funeral in Tehran for Soleimani as U.S. ramps up threats - The Washington Post
Top general says letter suggesting US would withdraw troops from Iraq was a 'mistake' - CNNPolitics

Don't believe Iranian propaganda about the mourning for Soleimani

Iraqi Prime Minister says he was schedule to meet with Soleimani the morning he was killed : "I was supposed to meet Soleimani at the morning the day he was killed, he came to deliver me a message from Iran responding to the message we delivered from Saudi to Iran"
Iraqi prime minister says Qassem Soleimani was in Iraq to 'discuss de-escalating tensions between Iran and Saudis' when he was killed - and claims Trump had asked for help mediating talks after embassy attack : worldnews (looks like Pompeo doing evil behind the scenes, this is way too complitcated for Trump's tiny rotten brain)
Erdogan: "I had called on (U.S. President Donald) Trump to exercise restraint toward Iran in a phone call four or five hours before the strike. We were also shocked upon receiving the news.Killing a high-ranking commander of a country, a state, would not be left unrequitde : worldnews ... Trump really talked to Erdogan, Russia and Israel about this, but didn't tell Canada, UK, Australia and France. Next we will find out North Korea was briefed

Trump tells Congress to follow him on Twitter for updates on war with Iran : worldnews
Without Evidence of 'Imminent' Attack on Americans, the White House's Justification for Killing Iranian General Seems Hollow: Reports now suggest that Trump took the unprecedented step of killing a foreign leader based on thin evidence of a threat and with an eye towards domestic politics. : worldnews

Ivanka and Trump Organization linked to Suleimani's front company: New Yorker writer
U/slakmehl breaks down the money laundering scheme by Trump Org for Solemeini's nuclear ICBM program. : bestof - Is this not some form of treason? A presidential candidate laundering money for an organization set on building nuclear weapons to use against the US?

Trump threatens 'sanctions like they've never seen' if Iraq evicts U.S. forces. Can Iraq do it? - It's likely that Iraq will expel U.S. forces.

Iranian presidential adviser posts list of properties owned by Donald Trump in chilling hint of an attack on his real estate empire : worldnews

Eschaton: Are War Crimes OK? - We'll hear from both sides. - They wouldn't call torture torture, so we know how this goes. - Words, what do they mean?
Some senior US officials say they are deeply opposed to the idea of targeting cultural sites in Iran - CNNPolitics (you mean committing war crimes, fuckers)

For Trump, the Burden May Be Proving This Is Not the Moment His Critics Predicted - The New York Times - The president and his allies dismiss the criticism about his Iran actions as partisan blowback from political adversaries too timid to take strong action against foreign enemies. (big dick Refucks vs limp dick Demwimps)
Trump's One Foreign-Policy Idea Is to Make America More Like Its Enemies - By Jonathan Chait
Defenders of History Take Aim at Trump's Threat to Strike Iran's Cultural Sites - Military attacks against cultural sites are against international law, and the United States has condemned the Islamic State and Taliban for similar destruction
Trumps order to kill Soleimani is already starting to backfire

Trump's German envoy blasts Europe over Iran

We just don't "understand"
Congratulations Trump on uniting a divided country. To bad it wasn't ours

Welcome to Trump's war (he's the best general)

Iranian cyber-attacks are unlikely to damage the U.S. - The Washington Post

Border stops for people of Iranian descent spark outrage - POLITICO - The reaction to the detentions at a Canadian crossing and a New York airport came after the U.S. killing of an Iranian military commander.
US Citizens From Iran Were Stopped And Questioned By Customs And Border Patrol After A Concert In Canada (next, a few concentration camps)
US Customs and Border Protection denies detaining Iranians, Iranian Americans : news

Senate Republicans close their eyes to presidential abuse - The Washington Post (that happened 50 years ago)

Pelosi announces war powers resolution as tensions with Iran escalate - Pelosi said "the Trump administration conducted a provocative and disproportionate military airstrike targeting high-level Iranian military officials" - Democrats to Trump: "You're not a dictators" (Trump to Dems: hahaha)

Trump Is 'More Unhinged by the Hour,' U.S. Senator Warns Amid Escalating Iraq, Iran Tensions: 'A Very Dangerous Time' : politics

U.S. Media Outlets Fail to Disclose U.S. Government Ties of 'Iranian Journalist' Echoing Trump Talking Points - The Washington Post published an op-ed on Monday by Alinejad, and while it originally did not disclose her VOA affiliation, it later amended the article to reflect her employment there.

Bolton Is Willing to Testify in Trump's Impeachment Trial
Pelosi's strategy pays off: Now bring in Bolton ... Why Bolton would now decide to make himself available will be a matter of speculation ... "There is no legal difference between a subpoena issued by the House and one issued by the Senate, and if Bolton is willing to comply with one, the same should be true for the other."
Laurence Tribe on Twitter: "This means that only McConnell and his GOP caucus stand between what Bolton says he's ready to testify under oath in a Senate trial and the American people. Your move, Mitch.
John Bolton throws an impeachment curveball
Mitt Romney wants John Bolton to testify at impeachment trial - POLITICO - "I'd like to hear what he has to say" (Suzie Doozey says la-di-la and sticks her fingers in her ears)
Romney wants 'to hear from John Bolton' in impeachment trial
John Bolton is the Rudy Giuliani of Dick Cheneys. : PoliticalHumor

GOP senators introduce resolution to change rules, dismiss impeachment without articles | TheHill (and letting Trump rewrite the Constitution with a Sharpie)

It Would Take Just 20 Republican Senators With a Conscience to End This : politics

Trump wags the hippopotamus - The Washington Post - But now, Trump, on the eve of his impeachment trial in the Senate, has assassinated one of Iran's top generals, the first action of its kind by the United States since World War II. And the president is using the self-created crisis as justification to shut down impeachment.

Jonathan Turley: Chuck Schumer wants witnesses. Hunter Biden could be a disaster. - The Washington Post - By Jonathan Turley (Turley does his stupid literally Trump act, gets incinerating in hundreds of commments)

Top Republican suggests changing Senate rules to begin Trump impeachment trial within days - The Washington Post (Flimsy Lindsey says he'll fire Pelosi)

Mike Pompeo Is Said to Decide Against Running for Senate in Kansas - The New York Times - likely ends Republicanshopes of securing a potentially dominant candidate for the open seat in Kansas, his home state. (will run for pres in 2014 instead, haha)

Paul Manafort Said Sean Hannity Served as His Trump Backchannel: Docs : politics

Reality check. : PoliticalHumor
American evangelicals are so different..... : PoliticalHumor (says it all)

/u/JustaRandomguy9999 randomly make's a big list(with multiple sources)that you may copy and paste anywhere to show any Trump supporter to open their eyes and maybe change their minds.

u/treefiddy350 demolishes the "both parties are the same" argument with records. Lots of records. : bestof

Sleepwalking into 2020: are the media who missed Trumps 2016 rise ready now? (dumb question)
We will be greeted as liberators! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - I wouldn't want James Benne's hiring misfires to lead us to forget the insanely bad bloodthorsty takes of bad punditry legend Tom Friedman: (fucking idiot has learned absulutely nothing from being always tragically wrong, tnx, NYT)
Your Daily Cillizza - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The man absolutely defies parody: also a good illustration of what the Dem nominee will be up against as the media desperately searches for pretexts to Both Sides Do It Trump.

Eschaton: A Billion Years Ago - know Trump is unique in ways, but both the ridiculousness and evil of the two administrations really aren't so different. The Bush administration, also, too, was headed by a really dumb guy and was filled with right wing nutcases who were also quite dumb who then went on to hire a bunch of failsons and faildaughters. They started two major wars. Aside from crazy tweets, the big difference between now and then is that few questioned the brilliance and nobility of Ari Fleischer at the time, while some do point out that Kellyanne is full of shit. -- In other words, that era was, in a lot of ways, worse. More crazymaking, anyway (hello, Dana Perino)

The Hofeller Files - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Granted, there's nothing in them about risotto preparation or Neera Tanden's feelings towards David Brock, but these files are still pretty important:

The very real scenario of a protracted, 'bizarro world' Democratic primary -- The dynamics have changed so much that states voting after Super Tuesday are suddenly taking on new prominence.
Bloombergs campaign hires 500 staffers in over 30 states
2020 candidate Michael Bloomberg says he doesn' t regret backing Iraq war (of course he doesn't regret supporting the greatest disaster in hitory)
Why Judge Judy Is Endorsing Mike Bloomberg for President Against Donald Trump
Opinion | A Democrat Who Can Beat Trump - The New York Times - Why Amy Klobuchar still has a chance. (your media is terrified of Bernie and Lizzie)

Kennedy outpaced Markey in Senate fund-raising race in final months of 2019 - The Boston Globe - Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III raised more than $2.4 million over the last three months of 2019, outpacing incumbent Senator Edward J. Markey by about $1 million (anti-climate moron with good hair)

One Year in Washington Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reshaped her party's agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders's campaign, and hardly has a friend in town
AOC: 'In any other country, Joe Biden and I would not be in the same party' : politics

Julian Castro Endorses Elizabeth Warren for President - The New York Times - The move came soon after Mr. Castro ended his own bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, and gives a lift to Ms. Warrens campaign as it tries to reignite excitement.

Democrat Harrison touts another fundraising record in bid to unseat Lindsey Graham : politics

Chafee files to run for president again | (more vanity geezers)
The game has changed - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The race hasn't been SHAKEN UP like this since Deval Patrick took a brief leave of absence from Gekko & Co.: ... Chafee ... Forget who wins the Democratic nomination, this election is over! He already has the votes of half the white guys who filed a column for Salon in 2016 in his back pocket.

Thousands march in New York City against anti-Semitism in wake of attacks : news

State Tax burden for Richest and Poorest in 2018 : MapPorn
Percentage of US land devoted to particular crops, by county. : MapPorn

Shutdown of Coal-Fired Plants in U.S. Saves Lives and Improves Crop Yields. Research found that between 2005 and 2016, the shutdown of coal-fired units saved an estimated 26,610 lives and 570 million bushels of corn, soybeans and wheat in their immediate vicinities : science (Make Death Great Again)

How would the far right react to a Trump loss? Here's a glimpse. (good, let's fight the real war on terror/stupidity)

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? "60 Minutes" investigates - CBS News - Jeffrey Epstein was a convicted sex offender and a wealthy financier with powerful friends. 60 Minutes examines the circumstances surrounding his death in a Manhattan federal jail cell. Warning: This report contains graphic images (no, he didn't hang himself)
Epstein's autopsy found his neck had been broken in several places, incl. the hyoid bone (pic): Breakages to that bone are commonly seen in victims who got strangled. Going over a thousand hangings, suicides in the NYC state prisons over the past 40 50 years, NONE had three fractures. : pics (yes, he was strangled)
Jeffrey Epstein's Autopsy: A Closer Look

Harvey Weinstein Indicted in Los Angeles on Sex Crimes Charges : news
Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape in Los Angeles as N.Y. Trial Starts - The New York Times - The new case in California against the Hollywood producer was disclosed just after he hobbled into a courtroom in Manhattan.

Feds, Colorado seek answers in mysterious drone sightings

ICE Detention Center Captain Was on a Neo-Nazi Website and Wanted to Start a White Nationalist Group - VICE

Dallas shooting kills 1-year-old boy, wounds college student; police chief says 'this s--- has to stop' : news ... Are we really at the point where we can talk about killing a 1 year old but not be able to write the word Shit?

Officer kills 1 man, injures 1 after botched traffic stop : news

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes jokes, ranked in order of dickishness. - From the righteously provocative to the just plain mean.

the greatest movie review of all time -- cats on mushrooms : movies

Illinois generates more than $11M in Marijuana sales in first week of 2020 : news
What About The Children? As Legal Cannabis Has Rolled Out, We Hear The Battle Cry Again And Again (they certainly don't know more money for better schools said Charlie Vaporhead)

Boston: It Sucks Less Than Detroit

In Letter to Harvard President, Assoc. Dental School Professor Criticized for Involvement in Teledentistry | News | The Harvard Crimson - Marc B. Ackerman, an assistant professor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and the director of orthodontics at Boston Childrens Hospital, is at the center of a growing controversy surrounding SmileDirectClub, a teledentistry company that is a part of an emerging industry of lower-cost, mail-order teeth aligners.

Astronomers detect gravitational waves created by massive neutron star collision | For only the second time, astronomers have detected gravitational waves that were created by the violent merger of two neutron stars, according to a new study : science
Mysterious repeating fast radio burst traced to nearby galaxy : news

Can we ever know the exact area of a circle if the decimal part of pi is infinite? : askscience

We are leading hair-loss experts Dr. Steven Shapiro MD and Dr. Michael Borenstein MD Ph.D., with a combined 60 years in virtually all areas of hair-loss treatment and research. Ask Us Anything! : IAmA

MIT scientists made a shape-shifting material that morphs into a human face using 4D printing, as reported in PNAS. "4D materials" are designed to deform over time in response to changes in the environment, like humidity and temperature, also known as active origami or shape-morphing systems. : science

_ethylphenidate comments on The Rat Approaches
TIL the human brain is estimated to compute at roughly 1 exaFLOP (10^18 operations) per second. The world's currently largest supercomputer operates at 0.2 exaFLOP/s and consumes 13 Megawatts. Our brain uses 20 watts. : todayilearned

Women dress modestly to defend themselves against aggression from other women, suggests new study (n=726), which provides evidence that women strategically dampen signals of sexual permissiveness and desirability to avoid provoking intrasexual aggression. : science


'It's an Atomic Bomb' : : Australia Deploys Military as Fires Spread - With more than a month still to go in the fire season, the government announced a large-scale use of military assets, a deployment not seen since World War II.
Australia wildfires: Disaster escalates to entirely new level as angry firefighter vents rage at PM. 'Go tell the prime minister to get fucked,' says firefighter
3-D visualisation of the fires in Australia, made from NASA satellite data. These are all the areas which have been affected, but not all the areas are still burning
Eschaton: Not My Problem - Looking at what's going on in Australia and the reactions of the Prime Minister (I know little about Australia or Australian politics) I'm struck by people who want to be in charge of everything but don't actually want responsibility for anything ... I get the people who go into politics for the grift. It's a potentially lucrative career. But most jobs in politics don't actually involve that kind of responsibility. Some do, and people who seem to have no interest in that pursue them anyway. It's bizarre. (ScoMo: "my job is not my job")
/u/ennuinerdog details how the Australian PM has screwed up, regarding the bushfires, since before they even started. : bestof ... Murdoch owns Morrison, Johnson and Trump)
Shocking photos and videos from NZ show iconic glaciers turning brown from Aussie bushfires. Brown slush now tops New Zealand's usually prisine glaciers after "extensive" bushfire smoke travelled across the Tasman Sea. : worldnews
Elderly woman dies after stepping off a plane in Australia's capital due to smoke from wildfires : worldnews
Police have arrested an elderly South Australian man and charged him over four bushfires in the state's South East in the past week.

Netanyahu, in apparent stumble, calls Israel 'nuclear power' : news (oopsie)

Finnish PM calls for a 4-day-week and 6-hour-day : worldnews

Yale study urges life-saving drug treatment to combat Ukraine's HIV epidemic

Extremists attack Kenya military base, 3 Americans killed

Boris Johnson fails to return to work from luxury Caribbean holiday despite looming threat of Iran war, leaving civil servant to chair emergency meetings - Prime minister accused of 'sunning himself, drinking vodka martinis and not paying attention' : worldnews

Hate to suggest the president would lie... : PoliticalHumor

Trump Reiterates Threat to Target Iranian Cultural Sites - The New York Times - Such a move could be a war crime ("I'm the best war criminal" Trump boasted hours after Pompeo said he wouldn't do that)
Trump threatens to slap sanctions on Iraq 'like they've never seen before' ("I'm the boss of their shithole country" Trump said)
Scoop: Trump officials tried to stop Iraqi expulsion vote - Axios - The Trump administration tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade top Iraqi officials to kill a parliamentary effort to force the U.S. military out of Iraq, according to two U.S. officials and an Iraqi government official familiar with the situation. (it's almost like Trump just attached Iraq)

As Tensions With Iran Escalated, Trump Opted for Most Extreme Measure - The New York Times - While senior officials argue the drone strike was warranted to prevent future attacks, some in the administration remain skeptical about the rationale for the attack.
The Dire Consequences of Trumps Suleimani Decision -- Americans are not safer.
Killing of Soleimani follows long push from Pompeo for aggressive action against Iran, but airstrike brings serious risks - The Washington Post (so it was the fathead)
Iran Ends Nuclear Limits as Killing of Iranian General Upends Mideast - The New York Times - The consequences of the American assassination of a senior Iranian commander are mounting.
Iranian state TV reports Iran will no longer abide by any limits of its 2015 nuclear deal. : news
Iraq's PM Adel Abdul Mahdi says 'urgent measures' should be taken to remove foreign forces - The Washington Post
Why lying about animminentattack would matter (lying Fuckpeo, imminent threat to Trump's fragile ego)
Trump faces Iran crisis with fewer experienced advisers and strained relations with traditional allies - The Washington Post (and a shrinking brain)
Alex Taylor on Twitter: "Evangelical Christians celebrating the US Middle East strike with Trump yesterday "and the TV pundits and anchors will be amazed at how great America is because God is great in America again"... ???? We are big time fucked." / Twitter (Trump is God)
Conflict With Iran Threatens Fight Against ISIS - The New York Times - The American assassination of a top Iranian commander may make it impossible for American forces to stay in Iraq. That could ease an ISIS comeback (so Trump is a terrorist)
Iran 'offers $80million bounty for Donald Trump's head' after death of general - World News - Mirror Online (crowd fund it, dudes)

The folks who lied about Iraq and Afghanistan are lying about Iran. We must stop a new war
Pentagon officials reportedly presented Trump with the option of killing a top Iranian commander, not thinking he'd actually do it. : worldnews (your corrupt military fucking the world)
Iran condemns Trump as 'terrorist in a suit' after attack threat - Trump said the United States has "targeted 52 Iranian sites" and that some were "at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian cultuer : worldnews
Inside the plot by Irans Soleimani to attack U.S. forces in Iraq ... came as mass protests against Iran's growing influence in Iraq were gaining momentum, putting the Islamic Republic in an unwelcome spotlight. Soleimani's plans to attack U.S. forces aimed to provoke a military response that would redirect that rising anger toward the United States (well, that worked, with the cooperation of Dumbster)

Skepticism mounts over evidence of 'imminent' threat that Trump says justified Soleimani killing - CNNPolitics
Trump says 52 targets already lined up if Iran retaliates

Trump Decided to Kill Iran General Soleimani in Part to Appear Stronger Than Obama Was on Benghazi: Report

Random Mar-a-Lago Guests Were Told More About Plan to Kill Soleimani Than Congress: Report : worldnews

Undermining White House's Public Line, US Officials Say Justification for Soleimani Assassination< 'Razor Thin' : "They're lying to distract from impeachment. They're lying to get us to war. They're lying to shore up reelection. Don't buy any of it" (Common Dreams lies about lying)

Russian and Chinese foreign ministers in a phone call on Saturday described assassination of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani as outright violation of the United Nations Charter : worldnews

Thousands Take to Streets in More Than 70 Cities Across US to Protest Trump's | "Reckless Acts of War" Against Iran "The American people have had enough with U.S. wars and are rising up to demand peace with Iran." : worldnews

Eschaton: The Neverending Friedman - For no particular reason I was reading through some of the archives of this Very Fine Blog from the Peak Iraq War era and it is unbelievable how stupid those times were. Tragic, of course, but people were so dumb, and those people and their even dumber replacements still basically run everything.
Eschaton: And Let God Sort Them Out - When war fever hits I realize about 20% of the population are wannabe serial killers. (remember Saint John McCain: "bomb bomb Iran!")
Sean Hannity calls for Trump to discard rules of engagement with Iran and "bomb the living hell out of them"

Pence says Iran's Qasem Soleimani aided 9/11 hijackers. Experts say that's not true : politics ("experts" = "9/11 offical report")
Evangelical U.S. Air Force General Has Secretly Been Running a Christian Online Ministry in Possible Violation of Rules: Exclusive (theocratic loon-ball in charge of your nuclear weapons)

General Mad Dog, You're Our Only Hope Wow all this guy needs to do is write a sternly worded op-ed and then... ... Neera Tanden (is an idiot)

Opinion | The Evidence on Ukraine Is Only Getting Worse for Donald Trump - The New York Times - The Senate impeachment trial will be a sham unless top administration officials testify. (meanwhile, in the memory hole)

Enter here to explore the alternate universe of right-wing media - The Washington Post

Happy Birthday, Eric Trump! - a true American Patriot
And he said, "Sir, I want to wish your son a Happy Birthday," because I admire you so much" - Lawyers, Guns & Money - North Carolina senator Thom Tillis is sending Eric Trump a birthday card, and he wants you to sign it:

Trump Tweets Threat to Commit War Crimes in Iran : worldnews
Twitter slammed for letting Trump threaten to commit war crimes: 'He's using your network to start a war' (Dorsey has techbro brain)

Fact check: Biden's account of his advice on the bin Laden raid has changed over time - CNNPolitics ("advice" = "lies" and the dumbfuck thinks Saudis are Iranians)
Sanders starts 2020 in strong position in Iowa and New Hampshire

CES chief defends invite for Ivanka Trump - The man in charge of next week's giant CES tech expo has said that Ivanka Trump has done "great work" and will help it focus attendees' minds on job-related issues for the future. : technology

Right-Wing Views for Generation Z, Five Minutes at a Time - Dennis Prager believes teenagers are more open to conservative ideas than millennials. With PragerU, he's making a play to get around their professors (sure, that'll work)

Deceased GOP Strategists Daughter Makes Files Public That Republicans Wanted Sealed

Five myths about rural America that muddle the political realities - The Washington Post - #1 Rural is Midwestern : #2 Rural is white : #3 Rural is conservative : #4 Rural Americans don't care about the news #5: Rural is real America

Weinstein Heads to Trial in a Case Seen as Larger Than One Man - The New York Times
Weinstein Attorney Says Accuser Annabella Sciorra "Has Spent an Entire Life Acting for a Living" (And Weinfuckster has spend an entire life directing himself raping women)
FYI: 60 Minutes is doing a Jeffrey Epstein analysis Sunday Night : television - It appears they are highlighting the fact that it was impossible for him to hang himself the way the coroner's report stated. May be an interesting watch.

Woman who allegedly ripped hijab off student's head charged with hate crimes : news

Autopsy: Man fatally shot by Texas troopers struck 16 times : news

I've spent my career arresting doctors and nursers when murder their patients. Former Special Agent Bruce Sackman, AMA : IAmA

Controversial fence revives battle over marijuana dispensaries near churches - The San Diego Union-Tribune (1000 ft rule : can't be near "chuches" which shouldn't be near anything and meanwhile, as many tobacco and boozes stores as you want)

This is the grave of John Fitzgerald, better known as Honey Fitz to the people of Boston ... But Curley found out that Fitzgerald had been sleeping with a cigarette girl at a gambling club and threatened to expose it. Fitzgerald stepped away and Curley took over the office ... In 1914, Fitzgeralds daughter Rose married Joseph Kennedy, the son of another leading Boston Irish politician, P.J. Kennedy ... that led to a president, an attorney general, one of the greatest senators in American history, and now an anti-vaxxer douche and a blowhard egocentric jerkoff who has decided he should run against the greatest environmentalist in the Senate because of his last name and good hair.
Erik Visits an American Grave, Part 609 - Lawyers, Guns & Money - This is the grave of Henry Cabot Lodge ... Lodge is best known for torpedoing the League of Nations as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In this, he was a real jerk (racist anti-immigration Republican (of course) asshole)

outlawsoul comments on TIL: Harper interrupted fire fighting efforts in BC for a photo op - Harper was this nation's worst leader. (Canada, politicians the same everywhere but Harper was esp bad)
Why a Kelowna murderer isn't on the sex offender registry - InfoNews (and the cops suck there also)

u/LSA2SB posts what they learned about Henry Ford, realizes how much they have NOT learned about Henry Ford, and proceeds to make an extensive and thoroughly-sourced list of facts about "POS x 10,000" Henry Ford. : bestof

Five myths about diabetes - The Washington Post

Why I don't shop at Market Basket

New Evidence Reveals that Venus has Active Volcanoes : worldnews

Engaging in physical activity is a preventive strategy decreasing the risk for depression in both men and women, and exercise could reduce risk for depression in a dose-dependent matter, in particular in males, suggests a large new Swedish study with long distance skiers (n = 197,685). : science

TIL: More than 70% of researchers have tried and failed to reproduce another's scientist's experiments : todayilearned (so science is less than 50% correct)

We hear about boomer logic all the time, but what is some "millenial" logic that could be called into question?

What is the greatest Reddit post of all time? : AskReddit

Girl voice actor pranks Indian scammers : funny


Climate change now detectable from any single day of weather at global scale : science
The Amazon Rainforest Is About To Cross An Irreversible Threshold That Will Turn It Into A Savanna, Top Scientists Say : worldnews
Meat Loaf says Greta Thunberg has been brainwashed into thinking climate change is real | The Independent ... Meat Loaf, who campaigned with Mitt Romney in 2012 and worked with Donald Trump on The Apprentice ... (noted climate scientist "Meat Head")

The Australian: Murdoch-owned newspaper accused of downplaying bushfires in favour of picnic races : worldnews
Heartbreaking: 480,000,000 Animals Feared Dead in Aussie Fires
'All hell is breaking loose': Massive fire threatens all of Kangaroo Island : worldnews
Scott Morrison railed against environmental protesters on Friday, warning of a "new breed of radical activism" that was "apocalyptic in tone" and pledging to outlaw boycott campaigns that he argued could hurt the country's mining industry
'He turned his back on me' Cobargo woman forced to shake PM's hand lost everything in fires | Prime minister Scott Morrison says he talked to the woman about funds for fire service but video shows him ignoring her and walking away after she starts asking questions
Protesters break into PM Scott Morrison's home and vow to 's*** in his pool'

Bill Gates, the world's second-richest person behind Jeff Bezos, wants rich people to pay higher taxes:

Syria death toll tops 380,000 in almost nine-year war: monitor : news

Jeffrey Epstein madam allegedly hiding in Israel : news

Russian Underwriter VTB May Have Been Behind Mysterious Donald Trump Deutsche Bank Loans, Per Forensic News

Egypt will not stand idle while Turkey intervenes in Libya, take all necessary measures necessary to confront these unacceptable threats and behaviors, parliament says : worldnews - Libya is becoming K-Mart to Iraq's Target (meanwhile, in Muzfuck land, Erdofuck revives the Ottoman Empire)

Entering Pandemonium
Assuming a Spherical Cow - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How Trump decided to kill a top Iranian general - The Washington Post
Trump plunges toward the kind of Middle Eastern conflict he pledged to avoid - The Washington Post
Was the drone attack on Iranian general an assassination? (yes, of course, but don't call it that)
With a War Against Iran Brewing, Don't Listen to the Hawks Who Lied Us Into Iraq
Planned attacks against U.S. targets in Syria, Lebanon were reason for Soleimani strike, say officials - Targets in Syria under threat included military outposts, officials said. In Lebanon, Soleimani was allegedly planning attacks on diplomatic targets.
Trump endorses tweet comparing top Senate Democrat to Iranians - The Washington Post (by criminal Dinesh D'Fuckhead)
Yes, Soleimani was an enemy. That doesn't mean Trump made the right call.

Pence falsely links Iranian general to 9/11 attacks - Los Angeles Times (had nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, he said)

Hundreds of Thousands of Iranians Flood Streets to Condemn US Assassination of Qassem Soleimani | The massive rallies discredited U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's claim that the people of Iran would "view the American action last night as giving them freedom." : worldnews

Trump administration briefed Israel on the Suleimani attack before it briefed Congress: report : worldnews
In the Loop - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Trump may not have informed the congressional leadership about his plans to kill a top Iranian general, but at least some random people at his famously insecure resort were apprised:
Iran's president accuses Trump of being 'mentally retarded' : worldnews

Iraq's Parliament vows to eliminate the US presence in Iraq. Iraq's deputy parliament speaker says they'll hold an emergency meeting & make ""decisive decisions that put an end to US presence inside Iraq"

Weapons Makers See Stocks Surge as Trump Moves Closer to War With Iran (dumbfuck gun-nuts get ready to defend their Iowa farms from Muslim invaders)
Trump Decided To Kill Iran General Soleimani In Part To Appear Stronger Than Obama Was On Benghazi: Report : politics
MSNBC's Chris Hayes Wants Trump to Release Proof That Iran Was Planning Imminent Attack : politics
Donald Trump's order to assassinate Soleimani was more about grabbing headlines than foreign policy : politics

Support for Trump's Removal Grows - 57% think he's committed an impeachable offense,

Trump Says Alleged Rape Victim Can't Sue Him in New York (let that sink in)

Trump tells evangelical voters they have God on their side ("And by God, I mean me," he said)

White House Withholds 20 Emails Between Two Trump Aides on Ukraine Aid - The New York Times - the release of the documents sought by TheTimes,would 'inhibit the frank and candid exchange of views' in government decision-making. (crookedizing)

McConnell, Pelosi dig in heels on standoff over impeachment trial - New York Daily News

2024 poll: Don Jr. and Ivanka are 2 of the top 4 choices for Republicans - Axios - Republican voters chose children of President Trump Don Jr. and Ivanka as two of the top four picks for president in four years.

u/MightyMorph explains how Republicans don't argue in good faith. : bestof

Bloomberg rises to third place alongside Warren in national poll | TheHill

No, We're Not Living in a Post-Fact World - When presented with facts, Americans generally become more accurate. The question is: Are they consuming enough of the right information? (you just answered your question)

Cynthia Abcug, QAnon Conspiracy Theorist, Charged in Kidnapping Plot (off the crazy cliff)

Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a 'witch-hunt' ... "a black lesbian in transition" (and an idiot)

TIL that millennial dads are spending 3 times as much times with their kids than their fathers spent with them. Back in 1982, 43% of fathers admitted they'd never changed a diaper. Today, that number is down to about 3%. : todayilearned

IT exec sets up fake biz, uses it to bill his bosses $6m for phantom gear, gets caught by Microsoft Word metadata : technology

Sales of Manhattan's priciest apartments plunge almost 40% in fourth quarter : news

Statistical curiosities of extreme aging - Lawyers, Guns & Money - Prior to 1983, there was no recorded instance of someone having reached the age of 114. (Indeed, the oldest known people in the world for the entire decade of the 1960s never reached 112). One person reached the age of 115 in the 1980s.

The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot with Annotations

Meth use up sixfold, fentanyl use quadrupled in U.S. in last 6 years. A study of over 1 million urine drug tests from across the United States shows soaring rates of use of methamphetamines and fentanyl, often used together in potentially lethal ways : science

What is considered socially unacceptable for no reason? : AskReddit

Daily Wire host reviewing 'The Witcher' was "put off" by woman fighting like a man: "Zero women can fight with a sword" : television

Females of Reddit with male friends how does the friendship differ from a female-female friendship? : AskReddit
Women on Reddit, what is something that men shouldn't be worried about but they are all the time? : AskReddit


Norway records warmest ever January day at 19C | The highest temperature of 19C was more than 25C above the monthly average. It also breaks the record for any winter month (December to February) in Scandinavia : worldnews

Australia's Bushfires Have Burned an Area the Size of Vermont and New Hampshire Combined
Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation has come under fire from angry listeners after broadcasting interview with former Australian PM Abbott. During interview, recorded while his home state New South Wales was fighting terrifying bushfires, Abbott denied carbon dioxide was driving global warming. : worldnews
Opinion | Australia Is Committing Climate Suicide - The New York Times - As record fires rage, the country's leaders seem intent on sending it to its doom.
Firefighter refuses to shake Prime Minister Scott Morrison's hand in Copbargo

As a Norwegian, I find this absolutely fabulous! (Nordic Prime Ministers) : funny (the future)

Police Tracked a Terror Suspect -- Until His Phone Went Dark After a Facebook Warning

Survey reveals record 61% of Japanese believe women should be able to continue working even after giving birth : worldnews

Now Russia Accuses China of Technology Theft : worldnews

China 'faked spectacular New Year's Eve drone show' as Reddit users slam video : technology

'They are so sorry': An 'ordinary middle-class' mother, 60, and her two grown-up daughters are facing up to five years in prison after admitting they illegally set off the Chinese lanterns that destroyed a German zoo's monkey enclosure - killing 30 animals : worldnews

Israel Police disguised as Palestinians attacked by Jewish settlers : news

At SoftBank's Jewel in India: 'Toxic' Culture and Troubling Incidents - Oyo aims to be the world's biggest hotel chain. But its growth was fueled by questionable practices, employees said.

British teenager found guilty of lying about being gang-raped by up to 12 Israeli tourists in Cyprus has pleaded with Prime Minister Boris Johnson to "please bring me home." She has said Cypriot police forced her to sign retraction statement which led to her being convicted of public mischief.

Prince Andrew 'begged Ghislaine Maxwell to clear his name' but she refused, report claims : worldnews

Topographic Map of Iran : MapPorn

The United States' main allies are abandoning Trump over his 'dangerous escalation' with Iran : politics
Trump Told Mar-a-Lago Pals to Expect Big Iran Action Soon
Iraqi Militia Leader May be Among Six Killed in Another U.S. Drone Strike in Baghdad
Bernie Sanders: War in Iran Would Be Bigger Disaster Than Iraq : politics
/u/Elboboson discusses how a war with Iran would be dramatically different than a war with Iraq. : bestof

Suleimani was planning attacks on Americans across the region, leading to an airstrike in Baghdad, the Pentagon statement said. Irans supreme leader called for vengeance.
Iran Loses Qassem Soleimani, Its Indispensable Man - The Atlantic - The killing of Qassem Soleimani robs the regime of the central figure for its ambitions in the Middle East.
Iran's Deadly Puppet Master - Gen. Stanley McChrystal explains exactly why Qassem Suleimani is so dangerous.
Donald Trumps assassination of Qassem Suleimani will come back to haunt him
U.S. Strike Kills Irans Most Important Military Commander
Killing Iran's Qassem Suleimani changes the game in the Middle East But has Trump really thought out what comes next? (Supreme General Bonespurs grand strategy)
Opinion | Trump's Ground Game Against Iran - The assassination of Qassim Suleimani is a seismic event in the Middle East. Top Senate Democrat Received No Advance Notice Of U.S. Strike On Iran General | HuffPost
The Killing of Qasem Suleimani: What Comes Next
The US Didn't Warn Britain Or Its Other European Allies Ahead Of The Planned Airstrike To Kill Iran's Top Military Commander : worldnews

The UK government warns Trump that war with Iran is 'in none of our interests' : worldnews
Qasem Soleimani among those killed in Baghdad Airport attack
Iran says US crossed 'red lines' by assassinating Qassem Soleimani : worldnews
Iraqi PM condemns US assassination ... The strike also violated the conditions of US military presence in Iraq and should be met with legislation that safeguards Iraq'S security and sovereignty, he added. He called on parliament to convene in an extraordinary session.

Iraqi TV: Iran's Gen. Soleimani killed in Baghdad strike
US implicated in the airstrike killing of the 2nd most powerful leader of Iran, Qassem Suleimani of the Quds Force : news
U.S. embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately: statement : news
[SERIOUS] - Iranians of Reddit, how do you feel about the attack that killed Qasem Soleimani? : AskReddit
Eschaton: War Is Good As Long As It Is According To The Rules - This is not that.
Ed Markey on Twitter: "Trump's apparent assassination of Soleimani is a massive, deliberate, and dangerous escalation of conflict with Iran. The President just put the lives of every person in the region - U.S. service members and civilians - at immediate risk. We need de-escalation now

Foreign policy mastermind : PoliticalHumor
Eschaton: Brain Worms - I know that with Trump it's a neverending stream of crazy shit, but really we don't talk enough about the time he drew an extra oval on an NOAA map with a black sharpie (ridiculously in a way which showed he had no comprehension of how those maps are even constructed - the path projections get wider because they get more uncertain) and presented it to the public on the teevee to "prove" that a hurricane was forecast to hit Alabama as he said.And everyone who works with him and all the journalists and Fox News "journalists" who regularly communicate with him know it and in a few years will tell us what they "couldn't" tell us "then."
Eschaton: No, Seriously, What Are We Doing - After the last couple of decades I have no choice but to conclude that anyone who thinks we should be engaging in continuing glorious military adventures of any kind is either a grifter, genocidal, or an idiot.
Trump accused of hypocrisy for ordering the potentially inflammatory killing of a top Iranian general, after a series of tweets emerged from 2011 of him saying former president Obama would start a war with Iran in order to get re-elected : worldnews
U.S. says it disrupted 'imminent attack' with killing of Iran commander : news
The Killing of Qassem Suleimani is Tantamount to an Act of War : politics

Killing Qasem Soleimani was not like killing Osama bin Laden - The Washington Post - Qasem Soleimani was no stateless outlaw like Osama bin Laden. This U.S. action sets us on a dangerous path of escalation.
Soleimani posted memes antagonizing Trump on social media - The Washington Post
Pelosi Statement on Airstrike in Iraq Against High-Level Iranian Military Officials | Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Trump Thinks War With Iran Will Help Reelection. He's Wrong

Trump Considers Pardoning Blackwater Mercenary Convicted of Murder (weird head)

Our Poll Finds A Majority Of Americans Think The Evidence Supports Trump's removal - a majority (57 percent) of Americans said they think Trump committed an impeachable offense. Fifty-two percent said they think Trumps actions regarding Ukraine or his refusal to cooperate with the impeachment inquiry constitute enough evidence to remove him from office.

Donald Trump is campaigning at a Florida church today. Is that allowed? : politics

Ex-Fox Newser says Trump, pre-presidency, invited her to 'kiss' - New York Daily News

Eschaton: The First Gay President - Shot -- An April 22, 2016, article in The New York Times headlined "Donald Trump's More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P ... Chaser. -- The Trump administration has quietly but systematically removed mentions of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" from executive branch guidelines on discrimination. -- Two sources close to Jared and Ivanka say they are very upset. (and as usual, your NYIdiots)

Trump and the RNC raised almost half a billion dollars last year -- and still had nearly $200 million heading into 2020

Pelosi is right: The GOP is out of excuses : politics
Judge: Indicted Giuliani associate may give records to House : politics (Parnas)

Meet Andrew Giuliani - Donald Trump's golf pro in residence. Son of president's personal lawyer earns over $90,000 a year in the White House.

Elizabeth Warrens Fourth-Quarter Total Is $21.2 Million, Her Campaign Says fund-raising haul for the last three months of the year represented a slight dip and placed her behind three top rivals.
Klobuchar posts personal-best $11.4 million fundraising quarter - POLITICO - The Minnesota Democrat posted strong debate performances throughout the fall, which helped boost her fundraising.

K Street lobbyist Michael Esposito's home and office raided by FBI - The Washington Post - FBI agents investigating a lobbyist who has claimed close ties to President Trump and his family
Delaware GOP leaders under fire for 'homophobic,' 'anti-Semitic' words

Florida Poised to Surpass New York in Congressional Seats

New York anti-Semitic attacks: the conspiracy theories behind the anti-Semitic violence in New York - Vox

The Hill's owner seeks potential buyers, investors - Under fire for its role in promoting alleged Ukraine conspiracy theories, the D.C.-based publication faces new questions about its future (hahaha)

The surprising source of key data in a report critical of the federal Charter School Program - The Washington Post (history of the Charter scam, and it is a scam, tnx once again, Barry)

United Methodist Church is expected to split over gay marriage, fracturing the nations third-largest denomination ... sping off a "traditionalist Methodist" denomination ... evangelical churches, which almost unanimously oppose same-sex marriage and view gay conduct as sinful based on their reading of the Bible; historically African American denominations, which are more divided on the issue; and mainline Protestant churches, which tend to be both theologically and politically more liberal ... 15 percent of Americans now identify with mainline churches, while 25 percent are evangelical and 20 percent are Catholic.
United Methodist Church proposes historic split over gay marriage and LGBT clergy : news

Christianity Today Editor Donald Trump Laments 'ethical naivete' of Trump Backers (try "complete moral corruption')
Christianity Today editor says many evangelicals ignorant of 'the gravity of Trump's moral failings' : politics

Maternity & Paternity Leave By Country. : MapPorn (how fucked up is America? this fucked up)

Dr. Phils House Is For Sale, And The Pics Look Like NRA Lobbyists Dropped Acid
Daniel Miller on Twitter: "Look at Dr. Phil's house. (It's for sale for $5.75 million.)" / Twitter

Man missing at Grand Canyon for 11 days has been found alive : news

Alabama police find body in search for missing woman who sent worried text after leaving bar with 2 men : news (for the comments of the fox news comments)

George Harrison - Got My Mind Set On You [Rock/Pop] : Music

Illinois' legal weed tally: $3.2 million on day one : news (fuck you, Charlie Vaporhead and Mawty the Walshup)

Quebec author who wrote novel with descriptions of child sexual abuse ends up with a charge of production of child pornography and his publisher with charge of dissemination of child porn : books

Keep exercising as it's good for your brain's grey matter, uggests new study (n=2,013). Cardiorespiratory fitness is linked to increases in gray matter and total brain volume, associated with cognition, suggesting that exercise contributes to improved brain health and slows decline in gray matter.

Adolescents who smoke marijuana as early as 14 do worse by 20 on some cognitive tests and drop out of school at a higher rate than non-smokers. But if they hold off until age 17, they're less at risk, and performed equally well as adolescents who did not use cannabis. : worldnews

A new gene therapy appears to serve as a functional cure for the most common type of hemophilia, with patients who received the one-time IV therapy with more than 90% decrease in bleeding events 2 to 3 years after treatment : worldnews

Scientists developed a new lithium-sulphur battery with a capacity five times higher than that of lithium-ion batteries, which maintains an efficiency of 99% for more than 200 cycles, and may keep a smartphone charged for five days. It could lead to cheaper electric cars and grid energy storage. : science

Body Map : MapPorn
Etymologies of North American States/Provinces : MapPorn

TIL about manual babbling. Deaf children or children born to deaf parents babble with their hands instead of vocalized babbling. Thus indicating that babbling is not nonsense, but instead an important part of language acquisition. : todayilearned

Why some knots hold much tighter was poorly understood until new math model and color-changing fibers experiments : science

I used to have a picture with Mitch Hedberg. I still do, but I used to, too. : pics (thoughtful)
Mitch Hedberg on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (10/12/2004) : television

What are the unwritten rules of Reddit? : AskReddit

What's the fastest you've ever gone from caring about someone to straight up loathing them? : AskReddit


Daily weather now bears the fingerprints of global warming - The Washington Post
Zero-carbon sources delivered 48.5% of Britain's electricity in 2019, outstripping fossil fuels for the first time ever

Darkrell comments on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison heckled and told he's 'Not Welcome' by residents of region devastated by unprecedented fires.
UnionBalloonCorps comments on Welcome to the real world Scomo
An Australian zookeeper took home monkeys, pandas, and a tiger in order to keep them safe from bushfires : worldnews
Thousands of people have fled apocalyptic scenes, abandoning their homes and huddling on beaches to escape raging columns of flame and smoke that have plunged whole towns into darkness and destroyed more than 4m hectares of land. : worldnews
ExxonMobil Wishes Australia a 'Fun' New Year as Country Burns in Climate Crisis : worldnews
Australia fires create plume of smoke wider than Europe as humanitarian crisis looms. People queue for hours for food with temperatures forecast to rise to danger levels again, in scenes likened to a war zone. : worldnews
Thousands of tourists have been given less than 48 hours to evacuate fire-ravaged coastal communities as Australia braces for a heatwave Saturday expected to fan deadly bushfires : worldnews
Angry Cobargo residents explode at Scott Morrison as PM tours fire-ravaged towns : worldnews
PM Scott Morrison defends climate policies and asks Australians to be 'patient' over fires : worldnews
Australian PM Scott Morrison told to p*** off by angry residents in New South Wales : news ... The cunt spent $190000 of tax payers money hiring an empathy consultant. Obviously didn't work..
A Car in Australia Whose Aluminum Rims Have Melted : pics (worth a look)
No better representation of Australia right now : pics

This is Finland's new government. From left to right: Sec. Education, Sec. Treasury, Prime Minister, Sec. Interior. The oldest is 34. : pics (the future)

More than 1 million in Hong Kong New Year's Day march, organisers say as protest is cut short amid violence : worldnews

Taiwan passes bill against China influence ahead of elections : worldnews
Taiwan's top military leader killed in Black Hawk chopper crash (just a conincidence)

Mexico president says "El Chapo" had same power as president

Austria's conservatives, Greens agree to form government

The real reason Carlos Ghosns great escape is a big embarrassment for Japan - great escape has left the Japanese authorities befuddled. They have been forced to admit that they have no record of his departure from a country that's as obsessed with rules and borders as you' ll find.

Brazils Jair Bolsonaro Is The Far-Right Authoritarian He Promised He'd Be -- Bolsonaro used the first year of his presidency to undermine Brazil's democracy. But he was only getting started.

Ghislaine Maxwells powerful contacts protecting her in safe houses

Grooming epidemic as almost 19,000 children identified as sexual exploitation victims in England ("grooming gangs" = "Pakistani Muslims")

Turkey detains seven people over escaped Nissan executive Ghosns 'illegal' transit through Istanbul

The 2010s Were a Foreign-Policy Disaster - The Atlantic - In the 2010s, global affairs turned out far worse than the most pessimistic scenario foretold by U.S. intelligence experts.

French citizen dies in US immigration custody - A statement from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Eschaton: Inscrutable - I'm reminded of Peak Iraq War when our great journals of thought and current events would run articles about how it was a violation of some weird foreign culture's code of honor when soldiers burst into your homes and pointed guns at you. Oddly people get very upset! Hard to fathom! Other people are truly mysterious. (a mystery)

Iran's military leader Qassem Soleimani killed in airstrike at Baghdad airport, Iraqi state TV reports - The Washington Post (Trump just escalated)
At the direction of the President, the US military has taken decisive defensive action to protect US personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps-Quds Force, a US-designated Foreign Terrorist Organization
Jimmy Carter Let the Shah of Iran in After Chase Bank Intervention - This Is What the Deep State Actually Looks Like - The story of Jimmy Carter's administration and the shah of Iran tells us a whole lot about American meddling overseas and overseas meddling in America. So does Ronald Reagan's role.
Iraq embassy attack failure:D
onald Trump walked into Iran's trap - policies have been devastating to US interests. He should have stayed in the Iran nuclear deal and made full use of sanctions and diplomacy.

Iraqi Protestors Occupy U.S. Embassy in Baghdad - Trump Response to Iraqi Protests - As 2019 Ends, I Have to Wonder Whether Everything I've Learned Is Wrong - Optimism is something we have to work for again.

A message from experience. : PoliticalHumor
Unstable moron ... : PoliticalHumor

Eddie Gallagher isn't a "lifestyle brand" story: It's a story about the rise of American fascism. The right's worship of an accused war criminal is a fascist fable about the redemptive power of violence. : politics

Robert Mueller's Secret Memos, Part 3: The Documents The Justice Department Didnt Want Congress To See

Paul Manafort Said Sean Hannity Served as His Trump-Backchannel: Docs (lock him up)

Bill Taylor departs post as top US diplomat in Ukraine - CNNPolitics - In his six months as charge d'affaires in Kiev, Taylor twice testified as part of the House probe into President Donald Trump, providing damning testimony about an alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine. He also remained a vocal advocate of maintaining US support for the country, especially amid ongoing Russian aggression

Exclusive: Unredacted Ukraine Documents Reveal Extent of Pentagon's Legal Concerns
Donald Trump ordered hold of Ukraine aid according to White House budget official - CNNPolitics (drip, drip)
Explosive New Emails Add To Pile Of Evidence That Trump Personally Ordered Ukraine Aid Freeze : politics
Schumer: Emails a 'devastating blow' to McConnell's impeachment trial plans : politics
'Somebody Should Go to the Slammer for This' : Legal Experts Shocked and Appalled by DOJ's Ukraine Redactions
/u/slakmehl explains the significance of the leaked DOD/OMB emails showing Trump alone was behind hold on Ukraine aid. "Barr's DOJ heavily redacted the emails. There is no justification for hiding this from the American public other than to engage in a deliberate cover-up for the Trump regime." : bestof (yeah, Barr's/Refucklican lying is straining the fabric of the universe)

How Long Can Nancy Pelosi Can Hold Back These Articles of Impeachment? Longer Than You Think
Pelosi has McConnell over a a barrel as she delays impeachment trial:This is working beautifully for her
The Senate and the public need to hear from Mulvaney and Bolton - The Washington Post

Susan Collins sounds like shes covering for Trump
Susan Collins has failed the people of Maine and this country. She has voted to confirm Trump's judicial nominees, approve tax cuts for the rich, and has repeatedly chosen to put party before people. I am running to send herpacking. I'm tBetsy Sweet, and I am running for U.S. Senate in Maine. AMA.
A sham trial for Trump carries risks for Republicans, too - The Washington Post

'Trump Money' Is Buying Silence as Unprecedented Payments Go to Farmers - The amount sent to farmers tops the auto-industry bailout by billions, and was delivered without congressional approval (dumbfuck traitor racist tractor-queens)

Trump Covering Up Scheme to Use Justice Dept. to Punish CNN

How the Two-Party System Broke the Constitution | John Adams worried that "a division of the republic into two great parties is to be dreaded as the great political evil" America has now become that dreaded divided republic. (good vs evil, smart vs dumb)
Conservatives seek immediate purge of voters in Wisconsin (more confederate Rethuglishit)
Every Pa. county will have new voting machines -- with paper trails -- in 2020

Bernie Sanders Raised Over $34.5 Million In Final Quarter Of 2019 | HuffPost - The average donation to the senator's 2020 presidential campaign was $18.53.
Bernie Sanders Says He Raised $34.5 Million in the Fourth Quarter - The New York Times - total is the largest three-month haul disclosed by any Democratic candidate so far but he trailed President Trump, whose campaign reported raising $46 million in the quarter.
Yes, Bernie Sanders Could Be the Nominee -- and It Would Be an Epic Nightmare for Democrats

Andrew Yang Raised $16.5 Million in the Last 3 Months, His Campaign Says - The New York Times - his highest in any such period and put him among the top fund-raisers in the Democratic presidential field.

A deceptively edited video of Joe Biden signals whats coming

Julian Castro Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race, Democratic Primary - Julian Castro's Story Should Cause the Democratic Party to Reflect on How It Chooses Candidates -- In general, it should make the country melancholy about how we do politics in the age of big money.
Megathread: Democrat Julian Castro drops out of 2020 presidential race : politics

Poll: White evangelicals distinct on abortion, LGBT policy - White evangelical Protestants stand noticeably apart from other religious people on abortion restrictions and LGBT discrimination protections, two of the most politically divisive issues at play in the 2020 presidential election (dedicated Satangelicals)

GOP Lawmaker Warns Against Drunk Driving, Then Gets Arrested For Alleged DWI | HuffPost - New York Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb.

Why Doing Good Makes It Easier to Be Bad
Why Women (Sometimes) Don't Help Other Women
What Mothers Should Teach Their Daughters About Beauty - The Atlantic

What Is the Perfect Temperature for Sleep - The Atlantic - Your Bedroom Is Too Hot

Victim faces grim prognosis after Chanukah machete attack - New York Daily News
Anti-Semitism Grows in Jewish Communities in NYC Suburbs -- The expansion of Hasidic communities in New Yor's Hudson Valley, the Catskills and northern New Jersey has led to some anti-semitic rhetoric

Matt Shea Plotted Insurrection to Form Christian State (yeah, that guy)
Liz Crokin Predicts That Tom Hanks Will Soon Be Arrested for Involvement in Occult Pedophilia | Right Wing Watch (she said he was, you know, running the satanic pizza pedophile ring with Hillary)

Eschaton: Mummers Blackface - An important thing about the Mummers groups, aside from the history, is that they're generally filled with two generations removed guys from South Jersey. The annual racism isn't, as it once was, an intra-city thing (also bad), but people from outside the city coming to visit shitting in our living room. Don't like all the black people in the city? No need to visit! Your parents moved away 35 years ago.

Augustus Sol Invictus, White Nationalist Who Ran For U.S. Senate, Arrested In Florida | HuffPost - Monday on several charges including kidnapping and domestic violence.

Man on meth steals car from XXX video store with goat, man inside - New York Daily News
Michigan man charged in murder, mutilation of Grindr date - New York Daily News (face should have been a big no)
2 babies dead in apparent murder-suicide attempt in Chicago - New York Daily News - his daughter stabbed him in the face .. the woman survived the fall and was in critical condition Thursday
Subway snatcher says he's a good Samaritan - New York Daily News

'Affluenza teen' Ethan Couch arrested for probation violation : news

Sheriff: Man severely beaten in Virginia after he was found half naked in kids' room

New California privacy law lets people find out exactly what companies know about them - The California Consumer Privacy Act comes into effect on Jan. 1 : technology

"'it's Creepy' : Unexplained Drones Are Swarming by Night Over Colorado

Is urine really sterile? : askscience (not really but may not make a difference in most cases)

Earliest roasted root vegetables found in 170,000-year-old cave dirt, reports new study in journal Science, which suggests the real "paleo diet" included lots of roasted vegetables rich in carbohydrates, similar to modern potatoes.

u/TheExWifeCheated thoroughly explains how foreign governments can use social platforms and social media to spread propaganda : bestof

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is officially dissolved tomorrow. It was launched 27 years ago, claiming that adults disclosing child sexual abuse were suffering from a "sysdrome" of vivid false memories of abuse.
A Bad Trip Down Memory Lane - The New York Times

What fact sounds legit but is actually fake? : AskReddit

what glamorized career path is actually a complete nightmare? : AskReddit

How has online dating worked for you? : AskReddit

/u/Vortael expands on how memes parallel art history at an exponential pace : bestof


Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the Future (almost like Australia is another planet)
Why Conservatives Who Know Climate Science Is Real Won't Speak Up
As the Himalayas melt, thousands of dangerous floods may sweep through the mountain range. Climate change is releasing more glacial water to collect in mountain crevasses, creating new ob that was dies of water, and a new study predicts that 5,000 of these lakes across could one day burst into valleys below. : science
Gulf Coast corals face catastrophe. Scientists found the majority of shallow reefs along the coast from Texas to Florida are in poor-to-fair condition, and the predicted rise in surface temperatures and ocean acidity will severely degrade what's left by the end of the century.

Australian PM says there's no better place to raise kids' as deadly wildfires burn (meanwhile, in the Murdoch bubble)
Australia's bushfire smoke spreads to NZ as Canberra's air quality is more than 21 times the hazardous rating : worldnews
As the death toll in the Australian bushfire crisis rises and exhausted crews prepare for worse conditions this weekend, the Prime Minister hosts the cricket team at his house for lunch. : worldnews

China cuts banks' reserve ratios again, frees up $115 billion to spur economy : worldnews (Xi getting worried)

Hong Kong protests: lawmakers and leaders from 18 countries urge Carrie Lam to set up independent panel to probe police conduct : worldnews
Taiwan Leader Rejects China's Offer to Unify Under Hong Kong Model | Reuters : worldnews
More than 1 million in Hong Kong New Year's Day march, organisers say as protest is cut short amid violence : worldnews

75% of young want to escape South Korean Hell

North Korea Is No Longer Bound by Nuclear Test Moratorium, Kim Says - The New York Times (fat little turd)

Vladimir Putin tries to rewrite history in speech pretending that the Soviets didn't help the Nazis start WWII. Polish PM furious. : worldnews
Logiman43 comments on Vladimir Putin tries to rewrite history in speech pretending that the Soviets didn't help the Nazis start WWII. Polish PM furious.

Thousands of Indians ushered in the New Year by demonstrating against a citizenship law despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attempts to dampen protests. Protesters planned a demonstration in the New Delhi neighborhood of Shaheen Bagh, where residents have blocked a major highway for 18 days.

Former Nigerian governor on trial for fraud, allowed to take trip to seek medical treatment abroad. Instead, caught on video salsa dancing on cruise ship : worldnews

Turkey shocked, as unclaimed $11.7 million jackpot of New Year's lottery is transferred to Turkey's treasure (Erdofucks's pocket)

Hamilton woman arrested after racist rant in Niagara mall parking lot caught on video : news

Kurdish-led counter-terrorism units prevent ISIS New Year's attack in Syria (thos Kurdish "terrorists" are at it again)

Without Evidence, Trump Accuses Iran of 'Orchestrating an Attack' on US Embassy in Iraq as Fears of War Grow : worldnews
Supporters of Iranian-backed militia end siege of U.S. Embassy in Baghdad - The Washington Post
Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Taunts Donald Trump Over Iraq Embassy Violence: 'You Can't Do Anything'
Pentagon expects to deploy troops to Mideast after Iraqi protesters assault US embassy, torch guardhouse to protest airstrikes - ABC News
The Embassy Attack Revealed Trump's Weakness
US Embassy in Baghdad Invaded after SecState Pompeo Slashed Security Funding, Took no Preventive Steps in wake of US Airstrikes

A United Nations official says the U.S. is torturing Chelsea Manning with detention. Nils Melzer, the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, accused the U.S. of torture by holding Manning in "civil contrmpt" of court for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury

From the Brig to Mar-a-Lago, Former Navy SEAL Capitalizes on Newfound Fame - The New York Times - After receiving presidential clemency, Edward Gallagher has left the SEALs to become a pitchman and conservative activist. (the best war criminals)
Trump cuts loose with unpredictable characters at Mar-a-Lago - POLITICO

Farmers Got Billions From Taxpayers In 2019, And Hardly Anyone Objected : The Salt : NPR (tractor queens get subsidy for being racist and stupid)

Andrew McCabe Apologized for Changing His Story on Wall Street Journal Leak, FBI Agents Say - McCabe flip-flopped on the origins of a Wall Street Journal story during the 2016 campaignhen apologized for his changing account.

GOP Sen. Susan Collins Sides With Mitch McConnell On Impeachment Trial | HuffPost (shocking)
Susan Collins becomes second Senate Republican to question impartiality of impeachment trial - The Boston Globe (for 12 seconds of the Suzie-Doozy dance) )

Kichigai comments on Giuliani says he would be willing to testify in impeachment trial
/u/Kichigai describes Rudy Giuliani's actual legacy after 9/11 : bestof

What if the president of the United States was mentally ill -- and no one really cared? As we turn the page on 2019, our president is mentally unwell -- but that's only one symptom of deeper illness
Trump Slurred His Way Through a Praise-Rant About Rush Limbaugh and a Diatribe About Windmills : politics
Trump Slurred His Way Through a Praise-Rant About Rush Limbaugh and a Diatribe About Windmills -- Another very normal speech from our fearless leader, this time to a group of conservative youths.
Opinion: 2020 will be the worst year of Trump's life

The judge in Hunter Biden's Arkansas paternity case recused without explanation Tuesday, after men in Florida and Israel tried to intervene in the case in apparent attempts to get financial information on the former vice presidents son.

Happy New Year! Or Decade! Whatever! I Guess - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Can't See the Decade for All the Years... - Lawyers, Guns & Money

Donald Trump's top 12 lies of 2019 - CNNPolitics
Watch: Fox News unhinged rhetoric in 2019 ("we're not the traitors, they're the traitors!")
Five of the most outrageous guests Fox News let lie about abortion in 2019 | Media Matters for America

Atheist Group Asks IRS to Probe Megachurch Over Pro-Trump Rally, Says Event Violates Rule Banning Political Participation : politics

White Nationalism, the Working Class, and Organized Labor - Lawyers, Guns & Money - the dubious media-driven proposition that Trumpism is a specifically working class phenomena instead of a white issue that crosses classes.

This F#$%ing Decade | The Nation - For years, media and political elites refused to acknowledge the growing racism and radicalism of the Republican party. Their 'both-sidesism' led to Trumps GOP takeover.

Democrats sharpen their differences as they head toward Iowa caucuses - The Washington Post

And I'll Show Them By Destroying It! - Lawyers, Guns & Money - The problem with American democracy isn't reactionary judges actively undermining American democracy, it's the public not giving uncritical deference to reactionary judges! (CJ Roberts has no self-awareness, like all Republicans)

Beauty On The Ballot: CandidatesAttractiveness Plays Role In VotersDecisions, Especially In U.S. (Instafuck culture where brains don't matter)

"White women are the only group of female voters who support Republican Party candidates for president. They have done so by a majority in all but 2 of the last 18 elections." : science

Today in the Permanently Broken Death Penalty - Lawyers, Guns & Money

She Reported Her Sexual Harasser To Instagram. It Banned Her Instead. | HuffPost (Instafucked, Zuckerfuck hates women)

Cleveland kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus on journey from captivity to helping others - ABC News
Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro: 'I Am Not A Monster' - ABC News

DNA Sleuths Reveal Body Found in Idaho Cave 40 Years Ago Is Outlaw Joseph Henry Loveless, Killed in 1916 - Joseph Henry Loveless was a bootlegger who murdered his wife, then escaped from jail and was slain and dismembered (he was a Mormon)

You're ALL GOING TO HELL KIDS (of course there's subreddit for nextdoor)

An uncommon form of dementia hits at a younger age. Drug makers are searching for a treatment - The Boston Globe - Frontotemporal dementia, or FTD, is an umbrella term for group of rare degenerative brain disorders that attack people in their fifth or sixth decade

A new derivation of Quantum Mechanics from clear principles, not postulates : science

Amyloid plaques may not cause Alzheimer's disease, suggests new study (n=747), which found that early declines in memory and thinking in Alzheimer's patients tend to occur before amyloid plaques begin to appear, not after. This is "pretty strong evidence that amyloid-lowering is the wrong target." : science

TIL that Aldous Huxley's descriptions of the effects of alcohol on fetuses in Brave New World predate the scientific recognition of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome by more than four decades. : todayilearned

Beauty determines whether men romantically desire or dismiss high status women, suggests new study (n=727), which found that higher status decreased men's attraction to moderately-attractive women, but increased men's attraction to highly-attractive women. Women did not exhibit this pattern to men. : science

"White women are the only group of female voters who support Republican Party candidates for president. They have done so by a majority in all but 2 of the last 18 elections." : science

Researchers found that sadness, specifically, rather than negative mood, generally, increased addictive substance use. : science

What's the best comeback to a "Wow, you talk? You're always so quiet" response? : AskReddit

What is the guy equivalent of a girl wearing a sexy/ revealing dress/ outfit? : AskReddit

Eschaton: What Does It Really Mean To Be On Autopilot - If the driver is supposedly "required" to be attentive at all times, does autopilot even exist? If it "disengages" right before the accident isn't the driver really responsible? ... The black Tesla had left a freeway and was moving at a high rate of speed when it ran a red light and slammed into a Honda Civic at an intersection, police said. A man and woman in the Civic died at the scene. A man and woman in the Tesla were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. No arrests were immediately made (Elon "Pedoguy" Musk just killed some more people)