Depths of Directions: Mizrah-Ma'arav (East-West)

East   West
255 8 200 7 40   2 200 70 40 312
Mizrah   Maarav

       In the East (the future) the 7 is an archetype, in the West (the past) 70 is a reality. The East acts on 8, the undifferentiated, the West on 2, the house.

The stake in the game of life is represented by the principle of indetermination under the signs of Zayn, Ayn and Noun final, which allows life to be all that it can be on every level -- archetypal, actual, cosmic -- and by the blessing of the Sabbath. That blessing was confered by the Sheen of Shabatai at the 5th Sepherot of Life, where it lives in the realized freedom of Ayn/70, formative of Capricorn/Ghedi, the new birth.

Cosmic indetermination is implicit in Shabatai and Rom. It becomes explicit in the freedom (Ayn) that produces the second movement of Lama'alah, and then becomes the subject/object of the axis of Life, East/Mizrah and West/Ma'arav where biological structures (Mem) are conditioned with a future and a past defined in terms of the possible (Zayn/7) future evolution of consciousness (Hayt/8) at the Seventh Sephira and the realizations (Ayn/70) that build the house (2) of our (unconscious) past at the Eighth. Note that archtypal resistance, Dallet/4 forms the 7th, indeterminate Sephira, while realized actions (Kaf/20) contain the energies of the unstructured 8th. See the physical and psychological faces.

Face   Behind
140 10 50 80   10 200 8 1 218
Phani   'Ahhari.html

With the anatomical equations, we return to the fates of the unstructured energies, and find Phani/Face and 'Achari/Behind, complementing the realizations and achievements of the 7 and 70 of East and West with the unstructured possbilities and sum of actual probabilities of the 8 and 80 of face and behind. We "face" our future, where possbilities (Zayn/7) interact with a pool of actual probabilites (80) to produce, explicitly for the first time since the Reshit/Acharit of the first and second Sepherot, the Yod/10 of existence, factual in the future and part of the unstructured energy of the universe in the past.

In East/Face we find archetypal indetermination and actual probability sums; in West/Behind we see realized possbilities and archetypal unstructured energy/alternatives. The two Yod of Phani/'Achari will appear again in the next set of pairs, as existence is actually formed in the Yamin of the Ninth Sephira (Yesod) and energy completes the circuit in the Tenth as the existence (10) of Shem-El.