The Great Game: The Genealogy of Energy in Genesis 1:1-5

Yom Ehhad

  The core of the myth is the Great Game betweeen the two partners, Aleph, infinite, intemporal consciousness/energy and Yod, spacetime and duration. Elohim , beginning with Aleph, is the evolutionary process, and works in space-time to create all that is. YHWH, beginning with Yod, is the involutionary process, the existential union of the two lives, outer and inner, of material and psychological process, and works to manifest in human consciousness. This interplay can be followed in Bereshyt/Genesis, where Elohim appears alone in Chapter 1, intertwined with YHWH in Chapters 2 and 3, and YHWH appears alone for the first time in Genesis IV, 1, when Hheva/Eve says I have aquired man et YHWH. (Abel will appear with no-one's help and Eve will recognize that Elohim is there with Seth).

  Here, at the so-called beginning, the two partners make their appearance in the first word of Genesis. We have the choice of reading these verses in their colloquial translations (either Hebrew or any other arbitrary language) and falling asleep in a dream of a time before time, or following their meaning, letter-by-letter and word-by-word, in the original language of energy and consciousness that they were written in, and awakening to the revelation.

  Then, we can follow the two partners, timeless Aleph and existential Yod, in their mutual interplay and contradiction, as they build and structure all that is and all that could be. Here, at the beginning, where the statements of energy/consciousness are the most abstract and generalized, they structure a series of double equations which reveal their essences (Aleph or Yod) in different states of organization and complementarity.

  The doublets and parallelisms of the Biblical scholars are only the surface of the outer shell of the energy/consciousness that structures the first Books of the Hebrew Bible. The Qabala, as the science of the One Dual Energy, has always recognized both the inner and outer life and their interplay in the Great Game.

  Once we awaken to the Game, that which was there all along becomes easily visible -- the constant interplay of Aleph and Yod is revealed in every verse, and their "developmental" structures can be deciphered.

  Here, we outline Day One by paying attention to the interaction of Aleph (intemporal consciousness) and Yod (existence and space-time) and their role in the constant double structuration of energy and consciousness. As always, the challenge is to realize that the letters themselves actually have meaning, and that the text formed by the letters can be read accordingly to reveal, in this case, the true meaning of human Genesis. Or, you can stop here and stick with the myth that you know.

Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz

Bara, Bayt-Raysh-Aleph, shows Aleph arising endogenously from inside the Universe (Raysh, universal container/mind).
Shyt, Sheen-Yod-Tav, shows Yod (existence) between an unstoppable force (Sheen) and an immovable resistance (Tav).

Bara, Bayt-Raysh-Aleph,for the second time, shows that the existential process (Yod) is doubly created with two Alephs -- one for the inside and one for the outside.

Bara-Shyt is the most abstract equation for how it is that anything at all is. What is being "created" in the first verse of Genesis is existence itself. The only existential-level (a multiple of ten) energy in Bereshit is existence (Yod=10) itself. The rest are archetypal (Aleph/1, Bayt/2) and Cosmic (Raysh/200, Sheen/300, Tav/400) -level formative energies. See In the Beginning for the three levels of formative energy.

Elohim, Aleph-Lammed-Hay-Yod-Mem, combines the two partners in the evolutionary process of the universe.

Elohim, so-called God, like Bereshyt, contains both partners, Aleph and Yod, but with life (Hay/5) instead of Bayt on an archetypal level, and the existential-level energies of Yod/10 and Lammed/30 and Mem/40 instead of the Cosmic formations of Bereshyt. The two partners in Elohim operate on an existential and biological (Lammed-Mem) level.

Et, Aleph-Tav, shows the generalized states of both
Ha-Shamaim (Sheen-Mem-Yod-Mem) and
Ha-Eretz (Aleph-Raysh-Tsadde).

Shamaim, "heavens" is actually Sheen-Mayim, Sheen (the Breath of God, which will make an explicit appearance in the next verse, when it "hovers" over the "waters") operating on Mayim, the waters of existence. Eretz, "earth" is all the containers where Aleph is buried (the life of the contained) to be eventually resurrected (in time) by (and in) the existential process (Shamaim) (the existence of the containers).

Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum

The particular state of Ha-Eretz (Aleph-Raysh-Tsadde) is Tohu Ve Bohu (Tav-Hay-Waw, Bayt-Hay-Waw), two lives (Hay) -- one for the structured: Bohu; one for the unstructured: Tohu -- in fertile (Waw) interpenetration and Hhoskekh Al-Phani Tehoum (Hayt-Sheen-Kaf Ayn-Lammed Phay-Noun-Yod Tav-Hay-Waw-Mem) unstructured and unconscious, full of potential for existential life, prolifically fertile.

Note that the "heavens" are created before the "earth," and that "darkness," the "abyss," and the "waters" don't need to be created at all (being unstructured states of Ha-Eretz).

With our eyes open, we can follow the interplay of Aleph and Yod through the rest of the structures of Day One.

Va-Yomer Elohim Yehy Awr Ve-Yehy Awr:

The puerile conception of a speaking God can be discarded and we can read the reality of
Ve-Yomer (Waw-Yod-Aleph-Mem-Raysh) (the two partners together again) projecting
Elohim (Aleph-Lammed-Hay-Yod-Mem) (and again) into Raysh, the universe, and with two
Yehi (Yod-Hay-Yod Ve Yod-Hay-Yod), double existences, "creating" two
Awr (Aleph-Waw-Raysh), an inner and an outer light.

Finally, "seeing" (Yod-Raysh-Aleph) that the (outer, physical) light was a stable structure (Tov), "God" can tell day from night, and "call" Y-Qara (Yod-Qof-Raysh-Aleph) the projection of Awr/light (Aleph-Waw-Raysh), into existence Yom/Day (Yod-Waw-Mem), and the projection of Hhosekh/darkness (Hhayt-Sheen-Kaf) into existence Layla/night (Lammed-Yod-Lammed-Hay).

Note: light in existence is day, darkness in existence is night. Aleph in existence is Yod; Awr in existence is Yom, the same structures with Yod for Aleph and Mem for Raysh (cosmic/archetypal --> existential formatives) Hhoshekh in existence is Layla; the Cosmic Sheen/300/Breath/Movement in the darkness endows life (Hay/5) with a double organic movement (Lammed/30-Lammed/30) in existence (Yod/10). Both Yom and Layla are marked with the Yod of existence, absent in their parent structures.

The first words of Genesis describe/project the cooperation/conflict of the two Partners, Aleph, infinite, unthinkable, intemporal life/death and Yod, finite space-time, duration and existence. Think of the words as being hung on a scaffolding of Alephs and Yods and notice that creation is constantly dual: for the inside and the outside, for the life of the contained and the existence of the container. These equations (as they should be seen as needing to be solved) describe/embody the initial structuration of energy that results in existence itself.

We can fall asleep with In the Beginning (even if we dismiss the story) or we can begin to awaken to the Great Game itself, and find which side we are playing on.

  Summary below:

10 1
Yod Aleph
1 200 2
400 10 300 1 200 2
Shyt Bara
1 200 2    400 10 300   1 200 2
Bara Shyt Bara
  40/600 10 5 30 1  
400 1
40 10 40 300 5
Ha Shamain
400 1 6
90 200 1 5
Ha Eretz
6 5 400
6 5 2
500 300 8
200 6 1
5 30 10 30
40 6 10
2 200 70
20 100 2