In the Beginning

Yom Echad

        When read with the semantic key to the inner meanings of the Hebrew alphabet given by Carlo Saures in the Cipher of Genesis (Weiser, 1970,1990), the beginning of Genesis reveals not only a completely new "text", which can be read literally letter-by-letter and word-by-word to produce unseen depths of meaning and a transcendent story, it also invites and ultimately requires a new way of thinking.

In brief, since this material is covered elsewhere, Suares demonstrates that there is a semantic structure to (or encoded in) the Hebrew alphabet. The twenty-two letters are considered as archetypal formative signs or biologically-structured energies in different states of organization. The letters of this language are postulated to be semantically-accurate and self-signifying, and syntactical structures formed from them are self-consistent and self-verifying from the sub-letter level (Hebrew letters have recursive spellings) through all levels of the text. In order to think in a new way about Genesis and the roots of our civilization and consciousness, we will introduce Suares' semantic key as a formal analogical language of structure and energy and use it to analyse the first three words of Genesis. As usual, just click on a letter for its formative/structural meaning.

Semantic Structure of the Hebrew Alphabet
    Archetypal 1-9 Existential 10-90 Cosmic 100-900  
  Life/Death & Existence 1  
  Container 2  
  Movement 3  
  Resistance 4  
  Organic Life 5  
 Fertility 6  
 Indetermination 7  
 Unstructured Energy 8  
 Structure 9  
Nine States of Energy on Three Levels of Manifestation
Inner Outer Move Resist Life Sex All Possible Possibilities Structure
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900
Fire Finals
Astrological Attributions from any early recension Sepher Yetsira/Yetzirah

We can apply these concepts directly to the first three words of the Bible, Bereshyt Bara Elohim in Hebrew, the so-called "In the beginning God created" of the translators of our Holy Bible.

These three words, if accepted, paralyze rational thought, and it is literally all downhill from here. We hear them, and believe we understand, when we understand nothing. We have already fallen asleep in a dream of a time before time began.

Then we invoke an image of the word "God" and believe that explains everything, and we can stop thinking and continue sleeping. Imbedded in primitive thought processes appropriate for Bronze Age tribal cultures and classical empires, we imagine that our authorities' interpretations of the Holy Word will point the way to salvation. Or we dismiss the whole thing as a creation myth of an early Caananite people, similar to countless other creation myths, with nothing particularly new to offer and certainly not very relevant to modern minds.

As an alternative, we can use Suares' semantic key to analyse the first verses of Genesis, where we will find both an inner structure and a completely rational development of meaning. We will find a central, core theme, which will be elaborated on every structural and mythological level and with nearly every word (or equation) for the first five chapters. This theme can be simply stated: the One Dual Energy creates everything.

Before we ever reach the equation translated as "God", three successive elaborations of the same basic theme have already occured. We can follow these expansions in a language as precise as mathematics or formal logic. We will find that it is a characteristic of this language, as a generalized, semantically-accurate ontological or "formative" system of signs, that each sign is itself created from the constituent elements of the basic set of self-signifying signs. Thus the letters descibe their own internal structures and meanings in their spellings. This cannot happen without internal self-consistency and set-coherence.


The Bible begins with Bayt, spelled Bayt-Yod-Tav, which can be metaphorized as either the nano-bubble in beyond-space-time that the universe erupted from, the result of a collision of branes in 10-space, or as the withdrawal of God from Himself that created the Tzim-Tzum, but it is always the archetype of a container -- Bayt, the "House" of God. The first container was the entire universe -- the inner structure of Bayt contains existence (Yod) and the backing of cosmic resistance (Tav). The universe could not be without the capability to resist the infinite energy of Aleph.

200 2
Raysh Bayt

The second "chord" of the first elaboration is the letter Raysh. Raysh is the cosmic container, Bayt (2) raised to the cosmic level Raysh (200). It can be metaphorized to the universe that was the initial eruption into space-time, and is defined by its Sheen to be expanding. It is spelled Raysh-Yod-Sheen, and we can see that with the first two letters, which happen to be 2 and 200, we already have the entire structure of the first two words minus one essential signifer which is already foreshadowed (again) by its representative in Raysh. This structure, Bayt-Raysh, is capable of emitting the needed signifier and produces the third letter, Aleph, endogenously. This is creation.

1 200 2

Genesis is also the creation story of the autiot of Hebrew alphabet. As each letter enters into the process of creation in Bereshyt, Genesis, it brings with it its constituent elements in a "pre-created" form. The first three letters bring eight into creation, with two Yod.

Bara Expanded

When Bayt-Raysh-Aleph is expanded, we have the third chord of the first elaboration and the completion of the announcement of the basic theme in the double Yod, signifying the existence of the container (Bayt-Raysh) and the existence of the contained (Aleph-Sheen). The beginning (Aleph) and the end (Tav) are both present. We have all the elements required for the initial statement of the One Dual Energy, at least in potential form.

Now, the second statement of the basic theme, fully expressed in the primal equation of the Holy Bible and the Qabala, Bereshit. Bereshit describes creation as an on-going process involving both the life of the contained (the Aleph of the Bayt-Raysh) and the existence of the container (the Yod hammered by Sheen-Tav). These are the two partners, eternally in opposition, without which nothing would be. The Intemporal Aleph and its representive in space-time, Yod, Temporal existence: One Dual Energy.

400 10 300   1 200 2
Shyt   Bara

The energies and meanings latent in Bara are fully formed in Bereshit, expressed in two opposed equations which introduce respectively, Aleph and Yod, life/death and existence. The one has become six in two sets of three. This is another meaning to "Don't say 'In the beginning', say 'He created six.'"

Bara Shyt Bara
1 200 2    400 10 300   1 200 2

Bara, Bar-Aleph, is the son of Aleph. "Creation gives birth to its own containers." This is the third elaboration of the first statement (I say to you three times) of the One Dual Energy. Creation is dual: the "six" is seen between a double Bara. And what is the object of this double creation? The Yod in the middle of the six, the double existence latent in Bara. What is created? Existence, Aleph in space-time.

We are now ready for our Deity to appear on the scene and begin creating things all over the place. Or, we can surrender possibly some of our most cherished illusions and understand what this word means, why it is spelled the way it is, why it appears at this point in the story, and what its purpose is.

Genesis has achieved its basic theme in six letters, three repeated twice, but is still missing one vital ingredient -- life. The equation Elohim restates the basic theme and adds this ingredient. The double Yod achieves its purpose in the center of Elohim, Hay, life. For life to manifest, we need a double existence (nucleus and membrane), free energy and a biosphere: Elohim provides these by introducing Lammed, Hay and Mem to the created alphabet. We now have nine letters of twenty-two.

40/600 10 5 30 1

Suares:   "Total process through which timeless Aleph becomes Yod which is of time. This process sets in motion the organic functions of living beings. Existence is projected into the passive multitudes of resistence. These allow themselves or do not allow themselves to be fertized after the manner of the living and the dead waters."
     --Cipher of Genesis, page 79.

These three initial words (or equations, or formal analogical statements) state the basic theme of Genesis: everything is the result, or creation, of one two-fold energy. We can follow the expansion and development of this energy though the chapters of Genesis; the process of creation will gradually unfold through the structuration of basic energies and the formation of fundamental archetypes and enter into history and the psycho-genesis of mankind. The basic structure is always there.

At this stage we have an outer and an inner creation and a biological developmental process. For the next step we will need one more letter, and some substance and non-substance to work with. The Heavens and the Earth will provide these in the form of structured and unstructured energy, and we will see the next double step in the manifestation of the one two-fold energy of creation.


200 2
Raysh Bayt
1 200 2
Bara Expanded
400 10 300 1 200 2
Shyt Bara
Bara Shyt Bara
1 200 2    400 10 300   1 200 2
  40/600 10 5 30 1  
Self-Creation and Expansion of the One Dual Energy