50 10 70

Gematria: 130 / 780
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Biological: The proteins thus fabricated (by the Ribosomes of Sammekh) are destroyed by the action of physical, chemical or biological agents. They are in divided state (solution-dissolution) called Lyse . This state engenders the amino acids, the lysomes, which the proteins do or do not salvage.
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Suares:   Zayn-Ayn-Noun in finals (7.70.700): Zayn (7) as an opening towards all possible possibilities has its source and its vision in Ayn (70), which is the word for "eye" in Hebrew. Its is exalted in Noun (700): this number expresses the very principle contended for in the interplay of energies thoughout the universe: the principle of indetermination in which life itself is at stake. Here we find Cain again.

Ayn (70), phonetically untranslatable, is the key to freedom for it is the projection of Zayn (7), it is the real probability of a state measurable and logical for definite alternatives. It can be viewed as the logical evolution of species alternatives, though the action of Sammekh.      Suares, Spectrograms

Ayn: spelled Ayn-Yod-Noun: 70-10-50 (700): actual probabilities (Ayn/70) for the realization in existence (Yod/10) of factual life (Noun/50). The first Noun we find in any of the spellings appears in Zayn/7, which has its roots in Noun just as Ayn/70 and Noun/700 do. The column of sevens (7-70-700) is existentially (10) and factually (50) alive and in its cosmic realization (700), is symbolized by two existential lives in interpenetration (Noun-Waw-Noun).

Compare with the column of eights, which is archetypally alive with Hay instead of Noun. Zayn/7 realizes its indeterminate potentials from the unstructured and undifferentiated seed possibilities of Hhayt/8. Zayn projects into the actual existential realizations of Ayn drawn from the actual living potentials of Phay.

50 10 7
50 10 70
50 6 700

In all their interwoven complexity, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet generate only two shared families of roots: the horizontal Yod-Tav of Bayt, Hayt and Tayt, and the vertical Yod-Noun of Zayn, Ayn and Sheen-(Yod-Noun).

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