90 200 1
Gematria: 291

Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz

Suares:   "The manifestation is twofold: there is the existence of that which contains and the life of that which is contained."

"Aleph is buried in Eretz. To allow it to spring forth alive in us is the absolute function of every human being. In whomsoever the Aleph lives and functions is the very Revelation itself ... The word encompassing every variety of container is Eretz."


Aleph:   Timeless, infinite, creative immanence, life-death
Raysh:   Cosmic container
Tsadde:   Feminine structual energy

The life of the contained: Aleph is buried in all the container elements, from cosmic to individual.

Elaborating the theme of double creation, Eretz is set against the existence of the container, Ha Shamaim, the Breath of God upon the waters of existence and the action of timeless YHWH pervading the universe.

Eretz is earth only symbolically, in that it is the most generalized equation/description of the structuralizing container elements of Aleph in the universe, across all levels of materialization and signification.

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