4 40 30

Gematria: 74
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Biological: The directives given by the nucleus which contains the fundamental elements of organic life, the nucleic acids.
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Suares:   Ghimel-Lammed-Sheen (3.30.300): these three letter-numbers express a movement in progressive enlargement, from the uncontrolled functional action of Ghimel (2), through the controlled connecting agent Lammed (30), going as far as the universal Sheen (300), mythically considered to be the "spirit", of "breath" of God.

Lammed (30) is the projection of Ghimel (3) which is seed movement uncontrolled and thus is controlled animate motion. It is the motion of the planets and of the things which move on the planets. It is in space-time and thus is in opposition to uncontrolled motion of its base Ghimel. It is man moving, and it is man's cells performing motion, it is the actual movement of all things, all matter. Where Ghimel is unconscious motion, Lammed is conscious-willful directed motion. Lammed is to Kaf the same as Ghimel is to Bayt, but its relationship is actualised -- seen or witnessed or felt at the known conscious level.      Suares, Spectrograms

Lammed: spelled Lammed-Mem-Dalet: the projection of the infinite, uncontrolled movement of Ghimmel into existence as controlled motion and equilibria. The structures of Ghimel (3-40-30) and Lammed (30-40-4) are mirror images except for the interchange of 3 and 4. When the archetype Ghimel enters existence, it flips its (horizontal) structure and changes movement (3) to resistance (4).

The columns of threes and fours are unique in their interdependence: Ghimmel, Dallet, Lammed and Mem contain only energies from the third and fourth column, movement and resistance: the four require only themselves plus Tav to be spelled. They are reciprocal structures built from each other's energies and reflect the tightly interwoven biological process of stimulus (3-30) and response (4-40) by which the organism adapts to inner and outer life.

30 40 3
400 30 4
4 40 30
  40 40

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