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Gematria: 418
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Biological: Cell: Transmits hereditary characteristics (unconsciously)

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Suares:   Hhayt, no. 8, is the sphere of storage of all undifferentiated energy, or unstructured substance. It expresses the most un-evolved state of energy, as opposed to its achieved freedom in Zayn.

As we progress we see that each Aut (letter) is in a sense coming out of the previous Aut in a natural flowing fashion. Here we have in a sense the dim beginning of existence. Although still a seed and a first line element, Hhayt (8) represents the summing up or storage of the various possibilities represented by Zayn (7). It can be viewed as a pool of unstructured energies not specifying any state of energy itself. In quantum physics it is the sum over states, the wave function while Zayn (7) is the probability amplitude for a particular state. It is also the collective unconscious of Jung's psychology. But remember it is still unactualised as such because it is still in the seedling state.      Suares, Spectrograms

Hhayt is one of the more difficult letters to understand because it is the opposite energy to the Bayts of our thoughts. When we try to have Bayts about Hhayt, we are trying to differentiate the undifferentiated. 8-80-800 represents undifferentiated, unconditioned, substance (energy-matter) on every level. It is the basic unstructured stuff that all structures, in or out of spacetime, are made out of, or the pool of potentials from which all possibilities are realized. Bayt, Hhayt and Tayt all end in Yod-Tav: their existence is rooted in cosmic resistance, and they reflect different seed states of materialization, or "stuff." Bayt is the potential for form; Hhayt is unformed potentials; Tayt is a completed formation.

Spirit (1/Aleph) contained (2/Bayt) in Matter creates movement (Ghimmel/3) which meets the resistance/response (Dallet/4) necessary for life (Hay/5). Life propagates (6/Way) indeterminate possibilities (7/Zayn) drawn from a pool of unstructured, unconditioned energy/consciousness (8/Hayt) to form a structure, or cell (9/Tayt) for existence (10/Yod).

Hhayt is unstructured potential, from the seventy-three percent dark energy in the universe to pure consciousness. Its projections are Phay, actual potentials and unstructured energies on the existential level and final Phay, potentials for cosmic realization on the cosmic level.

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Hhayt, as the seed of un-evolved, unstructured, energy, contributes to the spelling (structure) of no other letter. It is the darkness of Hhoshekh, the wisdom of Hhokmah, the heat of the Sun and the consciousness of Eve. As the archetype of pure unstructured consciousness/energy it is inner life, the counterpart of the outer, evolutionary life of Hay.

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