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Suares:   Dallet-Mem-Tav (4.40.400): the physical resistance of structures, Dallet (4) finds its purveyor in the maternal waters, Mem (40), where all life originates. Tav (400) is the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist to life-death. The root Dallet-Mem (Dam) is "blood" in Hebrew and the root Mem-Tav (Met) is "death." Thus the two together express the complete cycle of existence.

Tav (400) is the cosmic resistance acting in projection from Dallet (4) through Mem (40) and thus is the ultimate end or finality of all resistance and response. It is also the final Hebrew letter. It can be viewed as the receptacle or tabernacle of the life of Aleph ascending through all of the Autiot. Thus is is here that a rebound or ultimate opposition to Aleph is found by literally reflecting Aleph as would a perfect hard cosmic mirror. Thus it reflects an energy equal and opposite to Aleph and it's here that the two flows Aleph to Tav and Tav back to Aleph, always giving life when they are in balance, can be viewed as originating.      Suares, Spectrograms

Tav (Double Letter): spelled Tav-Vav: 400-6: Cosmic resistance -- fertility: infinite beyond space-time compressive energy, opposite to Aleph's outside of space-time infinite expansive energy. Tav is the perfectly hard cosmic mirror that reflects Aleph back equally and oppositely, establishing and maintaining a double current or flow of structuration on all levels of matter and spirit. This is, of course, the secret of the Qabala in its final, most concise form: Aleph-Tav are one and create all that is. See Jacob's Ladder.

Tav (Tav-Vav) is the only letter with Vav as a single root besides Vav itself (Vav-Vav). Vav connects ("ands") other letters. Tav connects with all the letters, being the ultimate sanctuary of their energies.

The life of Aleph (Aleph-Lammed-Phay-Hay) is reflected back in the fertility of Tav (Tav-Vav). In return, all the Autiot fertilize Tav through Aleph and Yod.

Tav, as the projection of the archetypal "door" of Dalet, is the cosmic door of life-death to the transcendent energies of realized life beyond space-time: the five final letters that complete the last level (500-900, final Kaf through final Tsadde). Here is the location of the door in three-dimensions:

TAW meditation = 400

The absorption of the Yod by the action of thought is an aspect of inertia, and the force of inertia is a aspect 22 of the ubiquitous power of 2: it is the 4. The 400 is the weight and the mass in which existence transforms life. For what exists tends to feel itself to exist more, and for this purpose, accumulates, absorbs and transforms the immeasurable to its measure. It is through the inexorable resistance of 2 to the cosmic scale: the Taw, the 400, that life is made of all that dies.

La Kabale Des Kabales

With Aleph, we assumed that there were some few readers actually starting at the beginning of the alphabet. With Tav, we assume that even fewer have arrived here at the end after reading all the letters. For them, the door is open.

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