Y'Qara: Called

Day One

1 200 100 10
Gematria: 311

Ve-Y'Qara Elohim Le-Awr Yom Ve Le-Hhoshekh Ve-Y'Qara Layla

Yod-Qof-Raysh-Aleph: Existence-Cosmic Consciousness-Universe-Timeless Life/Death: Emanation of the two partners.

      The verb Yqra must not be translated "said". There is no divinity using a vocabulary. Yqra is an emanation of the two partners in the cosmic game of life-death and existence: Aleph and Yod .

The word Elohim appears six times in Genesis 1:1-5, Day One, each time preceded by a "verb of action" supposedly performed by a Deity.

Day One: Verbs of Creation
  1 200 2  
Gematria: 203
Ve Rouhh
  8 6 200 6
Gematria: 214/220
Ve Yomer
200 40 1 10 6
Gematria: 251/257
Ve Yarey
1 200   10 6
Gematria: 211/217
Ve Yavdel
30 4 2 10 6
Gematria: 46/52
Ve Y'Qara
1 200 100 10 6
Gematria: 311/317

On the First Day, God created, breathed, said, saw, divided, and called. We have already seen how hopeless and mind-stopping the translation of Bara as "created" is. If we can leave behind the childish magical thinking of a speaking deity, we can wonder what these words really mean.

If we can reject implausible senarios like the conventional translations of Genesis, and look more deeply for meaning in this most "Holy" of our sacred texts, and start with the assumption that these words don't mean anything like what we think they do, we can begin to wonder what is really happening at the beginning of the Bible and what was in God's Mind when he created, breathed said, saw, divided and called.

The Great Game of Aleph and Yod, Timelessness and Time, Beyond Space-Time and Duration, is nowhere more clear than in these "verbs of action" supposedly performed by a Deity named Elohim. We have seen that the first word of Genesis introduces these two partners, Aleph and Yod, in their respective roles in the double creation of all that is.

If, instead of listening to a narrative of a primitive creation story, half-asleep because we think we know what we are hearing, we spend some energy trying to solve a series of equations written in an abstract, symbolic language, we might get somewhere. But that might take some work.

All these "actions" (except for Yavdel, which substitutes Dallet for Aleph and Lammed for Raysh) of Elohim (which itself also contains both Aleph and Yod), contain both timeless, intermittent Aleph, and the space-time and duration of Yod. All the pairings found in Genesis 1:1 -- starting with the double Bara of Bara-shyt-Bara and then heaven and earth, darkness and light, desolation and waste, day and night, evening and morning -- are double structures reflecting the interplay of Aleph and Yod. In the verbs of action, however, we find the process in its bare essentials, and can follow its development at the very beginning of creation.

If we can discard both the narrative, and any concept we have of God, speaking or not, and instead follow the two partners, Aleph and Yod, as they are elaborated in the "equations" of Genesis 1:1, we can begin to approach a whole new "sacred text."

We have already seen how One Dual Energy creates all that is so we can avoid the traps of both monotheism and duality/nonduality, and deal directly with the two partners.

All these "doings" are projections, or emanations of both Aleph and Yod:

Va-Yomer: Emanation (Vav/6) of Yod (10) and Aleph (1) into the basic attribute of matter (Mem/40) in the universe (Raysh/200).

Vayarey: the impregnation (Vav/6) of existence (Yod/10) in the universe (Raysh/200) allows consciousness (Aleph/1) to spring forth. Vayarey is the analytical counterpart to Bara (2.200.1), showing how Aleph arises independently from within the universe (creation is endogenous, not endowed from the outside).

Ve-Y'Qara: emanation/impregnation (Vav/6) of existence (Yod/10) -- cosmic consciousness (Qof/100) in the universe (Raysh/200) -- timeless Aleph (1). Y'Qara introduces the letter Qof/100 for the first time in Genesis, and in a word with both 1/Aleph and 10/Yod present. Qof/100 is the 19th Hebew letter to be used in Genesis 1:1, and the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet: 19 sums to 10 and 1. This coincidence is the only time it happens as the alphabet unfolds at the beginning of Bereshit/Genesis.

This emanation of Aleph and Yod (it adds just the Qof to Vayarey) establishes the complete circuit of consciousness -- from 1/Aleph/Infinite Intemporal Consciousness unaware of itself, through 10/Yod/limited space-time consciousness to 100/Qof/Cosmic Consciousness aware of itself in existence.

Ve Y'Qara should be read from both ends towards the middle -- and the resolution of the eternal conflict between the two partners -- Aleph and Yod -- in the letter Qof, beyond spacetime.

There are two "calls" in Genesis 1:1: to the light, day, and to the darkness, night and thus two Qofs, which bring forth a third in Ayrev-Yoqer, the evening and the morning of the first day.

In Day One, we find the first expansion and stabilization (the light was "good") of the One Dual Energy, resulting in the framework for the complete evolution of consciousness in existence.

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