Yom / Day

Yom Echad

40/600 6 10

Ve-Y'Qara Elohim Le-Awr Yom Ve Le-Hhoshekh Qara Layla

Yom, Yod-Waw-Mem, is the projection of Awr (Light) into existence. In the "day," Aleph incarnates as Yod and penetrates individual biological existences. One of the set of basic equations distinguishing light and darkness from day and night, as both structured and unstructured energies are projected into actual existence.

The parallels and transformations of Aleph and Yod, beginning with their "microkernel" specification in Bereshyt, into light and darkness and day and night, as energy "unfolds" into emanation and creation, must be followed to in order to understand the basic underlying structure of the first and subsequent verses of Genesis. These first equations are completely concerned with expanding the specifications of primary energies into "usable" structures and always describe this process in dual terminology: the existence of the containers of energy and the life of the contained.

200 6 1
40 6 10

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