Evening - Morning

200 100 2   2 200 70
302   272
Gematria: 574

Yom Ehhad/Day One

Yehy Ayrev Ve Yehy Voqer Yom Ehhad

     The schemata Ayrev and Voqer (Ayn-Raysh-Vayt--Vayt-Qof-Raysh) when read in succession 70.200.2 - 2.100.200 (and if it is remembered that Yom is Awr appearing into existence) clearly reveal a rhythm, an alternation, a circuit which from the indeterminate 70 in the cosmos (200) affects the individual 2 and from 2 returns to 200 through the mediatory Qof (100).


He who, in the evening of his life, would find the freshness of newly lived morning, that man would be a man of the Qabala.      Suares, The Cipher of Genesis p.101

The Projections of Light into Existence

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