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Gematria: 20
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Biological: Organ: The cell is the unity of living matter formed by molecules which themselves are not living (such as DNA and other nucleic acids).
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Suares:   Whereas Aleph (1) is the beat, or pulsation of life-death-life-death, Yod (10) is its projection in temporal continuity. So Yod (in Hebrew: the hand), is the opposite of Aleph, its partner playing against it in the game without which nothing would be.

Yod (10) represents Aleph (1) in existence. Thus where Aleph was potential or able-to-be, Yod is being. Where Aleph was time-less and beyond any limit, Yod is in time and thus is limited. Thus in a sense Yod being Aleph in existence is in a state of perpetual contradiction for Aleph is timeless and not existing but not non-existent while Yod is time-like and in existence. For as we become aware of existence so do we change it. It is the first manifestation of that quantum principle that by measuring something we alter the qualities we wish to measure. Thus Yod is in conflict with Aleph because it is a contradiction or paradox -- a wave-particle duality. The war with time enters into all existence and is the war between Aleph and Yod. A cosmic game is being played out in all that exists everywhere between, if you wish, the ideal and the actual.      Suares, Spectrograms

Yod: spelled Yod-Waw-Dallet: 10-6-4: Existence (Yod) -- Propagation (Waw) -- Resistance (Dallet).

Aleph and Yod (which is Aleph in spacetime), are the two partners in the game of life, without which nothing would be. Every letter is necessary to create the multiverse, but three, in particular, play the game of life with Aleph: Bayt, Yod and Tav. These are the three foci of the primary sacred texts of the Qabala: Genesis (Bereshit/Bayt), the Sepher Yetsira (Yod) and the Song of Songs (Tav).

Bayt is the primary container for Aleph (generalized matter/energy as a container for Spirit). Bayt is spelled Bayt-Yod-Tav: it has its roots in the other two letters that play the game with Aleph. Tav, spelled Tav-Vav, the last letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, is the mirror of Aleph which establishes the complete dual circuit of energy/consciousness.

Yod is the primary partner because it is the reason all this is happening: to bring infinite life into existence, "in all that exists everywhere between, if you wish, the ideal (Aleph) and the actual (Yod)."

10/Yod begins the existential level, following the structuralizing of the first nine summed up in the seed or cell of existence, 9/Tayt, which completes the archetypal level. The second nine letters, which form the existential level, have the same horizontal relationships as the levels above and below: 10/Yod, existence, is contained in the physical supports or containers of 20/Kaf which produces the biological equilibria of 30/Lammand nurtured in the waters of passive resistance, 40/Mem, all of which provide the necessary qualities for life-in-existence, 50/Noun, which propagates with 60/Sammekh, realizes with 70/Ayn from the actual potentials of 80/Phay to build a complete formation in existence with 90/Tsadde.

Projections in Space-time

The existential (10-90) level is the mirror or reverse of the archeyptal (1-9) and their conflict is resolved on the cosmic level (100-900). Aleph is infinite consciousness, unaware of itself; The projection of infinite consciousness (Aleph) into spacetime is existence and limited consciousness (Yod). Their reconciliation is the cosmic consciousness of Qof, which, when it is in existence itself, is spelled Qof-Yod-Noun, Qaheen and Cain.

As we have seen, the "fundamental powers" or basic formatiive principles of the Qabala are all biologically-structured energies whose purpose is to manifest life in the universe. Biology is not seen as a subset of an incomplete physics; instead, the basic energies are formative of life itself.


Aleph-Lammed-Phay becomes Yod-Waw-Dalet in existence. Aleph is the projection of controlled organic movement (Lammed) into unstructured substance (Phay); Yod is the propagation (Waw) of existence into the resistance of life (Dallet). Both Dallet and Lammed contain each other's letters; they characterize the intertwined biological process of stimulus and response. Aleph's coming into existence (Yod) is a biological process: each contains a biological root (Dallet, Lammed) from the other's level. Aleph's unfoldment is into 30 and 80, existential structures; Yod's is into 6 and 4, archeytpal structures, where it forms the seeds of physical existence. Aleph is the life of the contained; Yod is the existence of the container; both are biological processes.

Yod is found in the Hebrew letters Bayt, Zayin, Hayt, Tayt on the first level, [Yod] Ayn and Tsadde on the second level and Raysh and Sheen on the third.

YOD meditation = 10

This being Yod, whose appearance follows the Chinn, escapes representations, because it constrains the reason to observe the irrational, that is to say to know itself, it, reason, absurd. Indeed, the tens, in this code, being the numbers in the register of the contingent, the concrete, the everyday, the 10 is paradoxically, in the state of observable and verifiable presence, the Aleph, the uncreated, immeasurable 1, timeless. The leap into the Yod is the leap into the unthinkable and to this realization the thought must stop, otherwise it runs empty. What is true of the Aleph is true of the Yod and yet the Yod is the uncreated and denied Aleph, heavy with a maximum of experience. Conscious awareness of being is a change of state due to fullness of experience. She then finds the opposite of this accumulation: the Aleph, creative spontaneity that had been unconscious in childhood. The aspiration to this spontaneity has spawned many myths, but to project the Yod into a transcendence is the annihilate.

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