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Day One

Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Ha-Tohu Ve-Bohu

Ha-Ita: Hay-Yod-Tav-Hay: 5.10.400.5. Life-Existence-Cosmic Existence-Life. All of existence, from the individual to the cosmic, is alive.

The first verb of being in the Bible: arise, appear, happen, exist, become, be.

We can frequently see the residue of the formative language in the Hebrew idiom, where the verbs of being are made out of Hays (Life) Yods (Existence) and Tavs (Cosmic Existence). If we can silence the echo of the colloquial translations in our heads, and perhaps consider each letter as something like a computer instruction, we can begin to see another text emerge.

The key instructions in the Great Program are Aleph and Yod, timeless infinite consciousness, and space, time and duration. They generate the double descriptions that form the structure of Genesis, Day One, starting with brA-shYt-brA, the double creation of existence itself, and proceeding through Heaven and Earth, Darkness and Light, Day and Night and Evening and Morning, all describing different states of structured and unstructured energy, and emphasizing either Aleph (Eretz, Awr, Yom) or Yod (Shamaim/Mayim, Hhoshekh, Layla). Linking these structures are the verbs of action and the verbs of being (Ha-Ita, Yehi).

Ha-Ita ("being") has existence between two lives; Yehi ("be") life between two existences. The two Hays and the Tav reappear in tohu-ve-bohu.