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Gematria: 104
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Biological: The administrative center or nucleus, set at the heart of the cell, protector against all disturbance coming from the exterior, directing all organic activity, orienting and fashioning its growth according to the characters of its species, transmitting heredity through its genes lined up the length of the chromosomes.
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Suares:   Tayt-Tsadde-Tsadde in finals (9.90.900): these ideograms express a progression ascending from the simplest and most primative cell (or female structural energy) up to the transfigured symbols of womanhood, social and mythical.

Tsadde (90) is the symbol for all structures. It is here that we have culmination of Ayn and Phay to the formation of the stuff of the material world. In space-time Tsadde is the female principle of a cell.      Suares, Spectrograms

Tsadde: Tsadde-Dallet-Yod: 90-4-10: a realized structure (90) based in physical resistance (4) in existence (10). Tsadde is the projection of Tayt, the archetypal cell or formation, into existence. Tsadde sums up its level just as Tayt does; this time in a structure for Yod (finite existence) instead of a structure for Aleph (infinite life). The letters Yod (Yod-Waw-Dallet) and Tsadde (Tsadde-Dallet-Yod) begin and end in Yod, a complete circuit that perpetuates itself in space-time.

Projections in Space-time

Tsadde is the result of a specific probability (Ayn/70) operating on a definite pool of potentials (Phay/80) to form a structure (Tsadde/90) in physical (Dallet/4) existence (Yod/10). Dallet (archetype of biological resistance) is found only in Lammed and Tsadde.

Tsadde, as the projection of Tayt, is a female structuralizing energy which replicates specific patterns in existence. The goal of existence (Yod) is a repetitive structure (90). The transcendence of those repetitive structures is the goal of feminitity as woman moves from Tayt (always the same cell) to final Tsadde (a structure for Qof, cosmic consciousness).

The Tarot card for Tsadde is eloquent in showing the feminine structuralizing energy drawing from the pool of possibilities of Phay under the signs of both seven and eight.

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