Hhoshekh: Darkness

500 300 8
Gematria: 328/808

Ve Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum
Ve Yavdel Elohim Veyn Ha-Awr Va-Veyn Ha-Hhoshekh

Awr and Hhoshekh: structured and unstructured energy.

Hhoshekh ... (Hhayt-Sheen-Khaf: 8.300.500) when read according to the code reveals its origin and its nature. It designates the immeasureable reservoir of undifferentiated energy (8) in relationship with the cosmic metabolism (300) and the cosmic life (500). This "darkness" is swarming with all that could be, and its living power transcends all human thought. From it, the action of Yavdel Veyn, in time, order and measure, gives birth to all that can become and be.      Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.88

Hhoshekh (darkness, secret place) is found seventy-seven times in the Old Testament, four times in Genesis. There is a lot of darkness in Psalms (11), Isaiah (13) and Job (23).

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