Shamaim / Schamaim: Heavens

40/600 10 40 300
Gematria: 390/950

Bereshyt Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz

Suares:   "The manifestation is twofold: there is the existence of that which contains and the life of that which is contained. Existence of the husks and the life of their kernels. External circumstances and interior life."

Shamaym (the schema which is translated "heaven") is simply the impact of Sheen (300), the cosmic metabolism, upon Mayam.

"The so-called "heaven" in the first verse, the name of which is Shamaim, contains a Yod between the two Mem. This sequence indicates the cosmic movement of Sheen acting against Mayim, the so-called waters: the two Mem (40) between which Yod is playing against its partner Aleph in the game of existence versus life."

Suares, CoG, 65-80


Sheen:   Cosmic movement
Mem:   Passive organic resistance
Yod:   Existence
Mem:   Passive organic resistance

The existence of the container: Yod caught between the dual mem, the living and the dead waters, played against by Sheen, Aleph's representative in cosmic movement.

  90 200 1
40 10 40 300

So, In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth. Our neurology is programmed to think we understand this, perhaps with vague mental analogies like the place where God is (where was He when he created the Heavens?) and the ground we live and toil on. And thought stops, hypnotised by hallucination and fantasy.

So, what is it that is really created, here at the so-called Beginning of Everything? And why is it two, not one?

If we really go into these words, in the letters they were written in when Everything was Created, we can think about our myths and assumptions in a new way, and ask better questions. If you were to design a multiverse with life and consciousness in it, where would you start? Can you include a spiritual function?

We saw in the Great Game of Life-death and Existence how the two Partners, Aleph and Yod, Timelessness and Time, oppose and cooperate to bring all that is and could be into existence.

Heavens and Earth, in their innermost meanings, are the intertwined Yod and Aleph processes of creation in their most basic formulations. Aleph, Infinite/timlessness, enters into the universe (Raysh) of structures (Tsadde). Time and existence (Yod), is found in the waters (Mem), blown on by the Breath of God (Sheen). Aleph buries itself in the Earth and resurrects as Sheen in the containers of existence, Yod. Heaven is not some distant place with reservations for Christians after they die. It is the core of actual living existence, where God is in all things. And this life is our opportunity to understand that.

We know that the "father" is YHWH. As to "heaven", Shamaim, we have seen that it is the action Sheen (a cosmic breath) upon the symbolic "waters" (Maim) of life as existence, and we also know that it is the action of timeless YHWH permanently pervading the Universe. We can thus compare Shamaim and YHWH:

40 10 40 300
5 6 5 10

This comparison of the two schemata reveals that the schema YHWH (as "father") truly is included in Shamaim: 10 corresponding to 300 shows it in existence, 5 and 5 corresponding to 40 and 40 shows them alive, and 6 corresponding to 10 shows it to be fruitful.

Suares, Cipher of Genesis, p.189

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