10 50 80   30 70
Gematria: 100-140

Day One

Ve Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum
Merouhphat Al Phani Ha-Mayim

Al is a preposition meaning upon, towards, on the ground of, beyond. Pawnee, or phani, means face, presence, persona.

Ayn is the fourteenth and Pay the fifthteenth letters of the Hebrew Alphabet to appear in Genesis. Their values are seventy and eightly and they are in sequence, separated only by Lamed.

Ayn (70) is the projection of the probability amplitude, or indeterminacy of anything, Zayn (7) into existence, and is the real probability of a measureable state of logical alternatives. Phay (80) is the projection into existence of the sum of probability amplitudes or undifferentiated/unexpressed states of Hayt(8), and is Hayt's resolution as a definite probability as a superposition of alternatives.

40/600 10 5 30 1
10 50 80 30 70
80 10 50 30 70

The origins of the colloquial self-reference (towards face) appear to derive from the inner energetic structures: real probability--organic balance--real alternatives--factual life--existence. In the depths of its isness is the projection of Elohim into reality. Every letter is a multiple of ten, five of the nine existential energy/numbers.