Merouhhphat / Moved, Hovered

400 80 8 200 40
Gematria: 728

Yom Echad

Ve Rouhh Elohim Merouhphat Al Phani Mayim

Mem-Raysh-Hayt-Phay-Tav: Biological Resistance-Cosmic Container/Mind-unconscious/unstructured energy-unconscious/unstructured energy in existence- Cosmic Resistance. The Eighteenth word of Bereshit, the first multiple of 26 (26x28=728).

As always, the first challenge is to leave behind our infantile mis-conceptions of a time before the beginning and a vague Spirit hovering above a dark, watery abyss, whatever those words may mean. Every word of the first four chapters of Bereshyht/Genesis is written in the code of energy and conscioiusness, of which the Hebrew and poetic translation are a shell and denial.

If we think that creation "began" at a specific time, we have already fallen into a dream. The miracle to which we must awaken is how it is that anything at all is. Bereshit/Genesis is an explanation of that mystery.

We have endured a "beginning" and seen "God" create "heavens and earth," which turned out to be a "desolation and waste." Now we see the "Breath" or "Spirit" of "God" "hovering" or "moving" (depending on your translation). Our cognitive pathways are all busy filling in the gaps in logical thinking, and we are in a dream.

Merouphat and its root Raysh-Hayt-Phay are found just three times in the Hebrew Bible. Once, here at the Beginning and once in Deuteronomy 32:11 where an eagle flutters her wings (Vav-Raysh-Hayt-Phay) and once in Jeremiah 23:9, where bones are shaken (Raysh-Hayt-Phay-Vav).

On evidence as slim as this, we construct an image of a hovering wind, and move right along.

Or, if we have been following the development of the One Dual Energy since the Beginning, and have noticed the interplay of structured and unstructured energies in Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum, we should be prepared to recognize in Merouphat (and the following Al-Phani Mayim) the same unstructured energies based on words loaded with Hayt and Phay -- Darkness, Face and Deep (follow the energies). Next we can understand hovering, fluttering and shaking (remember, this is a very rare Hebrew word) not in terms of Spirit and wings and bones, but as movement or vibration itself, in whatever medium it finds itself.

Finally, and most importantly, we can recognize the Breath, Rouah, Raysh-Waw-Hayt, in, or of, Merouphat, Mem-Raysh-Hayt-Phay-Tav, where the movement, Breath, has permeated or fertilized (Waw) the unstructured energy of 8-80 and returned as vibration, Breath of Breath. Phay-Tav, found in the roots of "open," "vowel" and "simplicity" in Hebrew, is actual unstructured energy or potentials (80) all the way to Cosmic Existence/Tav (400), and leaves the word open, rather than qualifying Rouah with anything but itself.

Merouphat is the mirror (root Mem-Raysh, Mar/Mareh, vision, mirror) of Rouhh (Raysh-Waw-Hayt) arising out of the depths of unstructured existence (Hayt-Phay-Tav). Rouhh Elohim the "Breath of God," has a gematria of 300, and has always been identified with the letter Sheen/300, Cosmic Movement. Note how the translations shift the verb to "hovered" or "moved" and make the customary verb (see Verbs of Creation) in the pattern Ve-Something-Elohim into the subject -- "The Spirit of God Moved." Merouphat is a "fluttering" because it is the return vibration, or breath from within, establishing the complete circuit of Sheen between Aleph and Mem. It is this double breath that operates Al Phani Mayim -- on the unstructured waters of biological existence.

Al Phani (70-30-80-50-10) is all existential-level letters, as is Mayim (40-10-40). With these basic structures of existential life in place, our Deity Elohim is ready to say the living light the twice.


The Sepher Yetsira qualifies the energies of the first four sephirot with the 32 Paths of Wisdom. The second sephirot, Chokmah in later kabbalah, is qualified by Rouhh Merouhh.

Sephirot Number Name Quality Function
2 Schtaim Hhokmah Oomq Acharit Rouhh Merouhh
Second Wisdom Depth of End Breath of Breath

We also find in Merouphat the Mem-Raysh of Miriam -- where the cosmic mind or container (Raysh) is found in all the feminine archetypes of completion: Sarah, Rivka, Rachel and Miriam -- and the Raysh-Hayt of the Rouhh of Elohim. Merouphat is a further qualification of the unsructured energy of Hhoshekh Al-Phani-Tehoum.

Bara Elohim Et Ha Shamaim Ve Et Ha Eretz .

Bereshit-Bara announces the double creation of existence (Yod) with an inner and outer life. Elohim Et Ha-Shamim Ve Et Ha-Eretz, the so-called Heavens and Earth, or the existence of the containers and the life of the contained. Aleph, life, is buried in container elements, Eretz.

Ve Ha-Eretz Ha-Ita Tohu Ve-Bohu Ve- Hhoshekh Al-Phani Tehoum.

The state of that Eretz is a double life ( Tohu Ve-Bohu), teeming with unstructured possibility. It is "darkness" "on the face" of the "depths," each of the words containing an 8, an 80 and an 8, respectively, and immediately followed by an 8 (Rouhh) and an 8 and 80 (Merouphat), all archetypes of unstructured and unconscious energy.

Biological pattern (Mem) of cosmic consciousness (Raysh) containing unconscious and unstructured potential (8) and actual (80) possibilities, from the unstructured (Hayt/8) to the totally resistant mirror of Aleph -- Tav/400.