Sepherot: Keter / Kether: Crown

200 400 20
Gematria: 620
Sephira: 1

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Traditional Meanings: Crown: Existence of Existences, The Concealed of the Concealed, The Ancient of the Ancient Ones, The Most Holy Ancient One, The Ancient of Days, The Ancient One. The Primordial Point, The Point within the Circle, The Most High, The Vast Countenance, The White Head, The Head which is not, Macroprosopos, Amen, Lux Occulta, Lux Interna, HEH, The Smooth Point, The Inscrutable Height
Formative Meaning: One, the Sephirot of the Intemporal, carries all the meanings of Aleph, Aleph-Lammed-Phay and its anatomical represention Ehad, Aleph-Hayt-Dallet: the infinite, expansive, creative energy of Intemporal Life/Death. One creates movement (Lammed) in real possbilities (Phay); one acts on unstructured potentials (Hhayt) to create the resistance (Dalet) necessary for consciousness. ("Consciousness is a symptom" -- Freud: i.e. a resistance).
Sepher Yetsira:
1:9   Ten Sepherot Belimah.   One: Rouahh Elohim Hhaim, blessed and glorified his Name belonging to the life of worlds (space-time). Qol (voice) Ve-Rouahh (breath) Ve-Dabor (word) and it is Rouahh Haqadosch (the saint).
The initial stepping-down of infinite energy-consciousness from the pre-structured states of Ayn-Sof and Aur Aelion.
Kaf-Tav-Raysh, Crown, can be read formatively as a container or physical support (Kaf) for the counterpart of Aleph, infinite compressive energy or cosmic resistance, Tav, projected into or projecting, the Universe as cosmic container, RaYSh, which in turn resurrects Sheen from within. The Beginning begins with the End, which will be fully realized in its organically active counterpart and mirror, Malkut, Mem-Lammed-Kaf-Waw-Tav, Kingdom, and Presence, Shekinah, Sheen-Kaf-Yod-Noun-Hay where the Sheen latent in Keter is realized. All these are containers/biological supports (Kaf) for the infinite energy of Aleph.
Keter 'Eliyon: Supreme Crown
50 6 10 30 70   200 400 20
Gematria: 166   Gematria: 620
Gematria: 786

            In the writings of Eleazer of Worms, the epithet "supreme crown" is clearly employed several times as one of the names of God, but not as a synonym for the first sefirah. [129]
[129]   Thus in Eleazar's commentary on the piyyut, ha-'ohez ba-yad (Ms. Munich 92, fol. 26b), which was of the attribute "omnipotent" given to God: "similarly, his name is supreme crown." According to Eleazar's Sefer Ha-Hokhmah, Ms Oxford 1568 fol. 6b, God showed to Moses a clear mirror, "and that is the supreme crown, which is also called the tenth royal dominion." Here, therefore, the tenth sefirah, which is the "royal dominion" as such, is simply called "supreme crown," a symbolism that contradicts that of the Bahir. In the text of the Merkabah known to date, I have not found the notion of a "supreme crown."

Gershom Scholem, Origins of the Kabbalah, Princeton, 1990, p.125
Sephirot Number Zohar Quality Function
1 Ehhat Kether Oomq Reshith Rouhh Elohim Hhaim
One Kether Depth of Beginning Breath of Elohim Alive
The Sefer Yetzirah divides the sephirot into the first four inner directions, or dimensions, and the last six, outer directions or extremities. All versions, even late redactions, begin the planetary sepherot with 5 and end them with 10.
1:13   Five: three Autiot among the simples. Sealed (the) height (or apex). Three chosen. Solidified them with his great Name: Yod-Hay-Waw. And sealed with six extremities. Turned towards the upper, sealed it with Yod-Hay-Waw. Six: sealed the lower, turned towards the underneath and sealed it with Yod-Waw-Hay. Seven: sealed the East, turned towards his (own) face and sealed it with Hay-Yod-Waw. Eight: sealed the West, turned behind it and sealed it with Hay-Waw-Yod. Nine: sealed the South and turned to his right and sealed it with Waw-Yod-Hay. Ten: sealed the North, turned to his left and sealed it with Waw-Hay-Yod.
And the Holy Sanctuary is not one of them.
1:4   Seven Doubles: Vayt, Djimel, Thalet (and) Khaf, Phay, Raysh, Thav as in the presence of Seven extremities, six of which -- height, depth, East, West, North and Sourth -- and the holy sanctuary (which) directs them from the middle (or kernel) and it is the Aleph-Tav. theme of everything.             Suares, 1976
The Sepher Yetsira, a complete specification of man and his purpose in a multi-dimensional universe, left out one, central thing: what Sephira corresponds to Tav and the Holy Sanctuary? It can't be 10/Malkut if Malkut is either the South or the North.
This problem, among others, led both post-Luria kabbalists and Victorian theorists to abandon the specifications given in the Sepher Yetsira (even in their own translations) when constructing their Trees of Life, where we find the North without a planet and Saturn far from its life.
In all the post-classical systems, a once-unified cosmology is left unintegrated with conflicting maps -- Cube of Space, Tree of Life, classical astrology -- of the same cosmological structures. No one seems interested in simply following the original instructions, even as a test. Such is the weight of authority.
The question is: where is psyche's home?
This Sphere is called RoaASH HaLaVaN (the White Head).

Fortunate is the one who understands this truth, for then he will understand the essence of LaVaN and LaVaNaH, the beginning and the end.

R. Joseph Gikatilla: Gates of Light: Sha'are Orah, trans. Avi Weinstein, Harper Collins, 1994, pp. 366
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1 Kether   Lavanah Day 7 Mouth
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