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Gematria: 100/820
Full Expansion
Biological: Organ: Endowed with organs of information and a system of regulation that permits it to govern its activity according to defined directives.
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Suares:   Bayt-Kaf-Raysh (2.20.200): Whereas Bayt (2), the archetype of all containers, has its roots in the cosmic resistance to life, Kaf (20) -- in Hebrew, the hollow of the hand -- is ready to receive all that comes and Raysh (200), the cosmic container of all existence, has its roots in the intense organic movement of the universe.

Kaf (20) is the action of Bayt in man. It is in reality the physical container, the dividing line. It is the basis for reason in man -- his ability to separate and analyse. It not only represents the scientist's test tube but as a container for Yod it is the man itself.

It is any material object and thus it is here that we are led to the idea that consiousness in existence (Yod) is in all things. All things are containers of Yod, and thus all the Autiot begin with Yod, for the Autiot are in existence.      Suares, Spectrograms

Autiot: the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. All the letters begin with Yod because the form of Yod is the beginning stroke in writing each letter. Some letters contain more than one Yod. The letters are in existence as the structures underlying everything that is.

Kaf (Double Letter): spelled Kaf-Phay: 20.80: is 2/Bayt in existence. Bayt is structured (it has roots in existence and cosmic resistance) but Kaf is only the passive support for other structures: spelled Kaf-Phay (20-80) it receives (has its roots in) unstructured energy/possibility. Kaf is alone (except for Hay and Phay) in having no specific internal structure; it "contains" only possibility; its full expansion is Kaf-Phay-Hay, physical supports (20) for the possibilites (80) of life (5).

Just as Bayt is a container for Aleph, Kaf is a container for Yod: anything that can be identified to exist from rocks to thoughts. The man is a container for his own existence and both his thoughts and rocks contain consciousness, to varying degrees. Raysh is the universal container and Mind of God.

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