Sepherot: Binah: Intelligence/Understanding

5 50 10 2
Gematria: 67
Sephira: 3

Tree of Life
Keter/Kether | Chokmah/Hhokmah | Binah | Daath/Da'at | Gedolah | Gevurah | Tipheret | Netzach | Hod | Yesod | Malkuth

Traditional Meaning: Imma, Ama, the dark sterile Mother. Aima, the bright fertile Mother. Khorsia, the Throne. Marah, the Great Sea.
Formative Meaning:   3/Ghimel:   infinite, uncontrolled, organic movement. The response of the container of 2/Bayt/Hhokmah to the infinite energy of 1/Aleph/Kether. The 3rd sephira is the Mother of the inner movement within all that lives.

Sephira 3: Ghimel:   Binah:   Completes the initial triad. This is the 3-Ghimel-movement/energy of every 2-Bayt-container animated by 1-Aleph-infinite: the Mother of all things. It is itself a container (Bayt) in existence (Yod) for two lives: an inner life (5/Hay) and an outer, existential life (50/Noun). The double life of Binah is bestowed on Gedolah, the last interior and Gevurah, the first exterior, Sephirot in Adam Qadmon's Cube of Space. Both equations begin with Ghimel, receiving the double inner and outer movement of 3-Ghimel-Binah. Schlesch (Sheen-Lammed-Sheen, 300.30.300) expresses motion with a double cosmic movement, but the repetitiousness of Oomq Tov shows that Adam Qadmon is not yet complete.
Sepher Yetsira:
1:11   Three: Maim Merouahh Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts) with (in) them Tohou and Bohou. In Refesch (mud) and Tith (clay), organises as a kind of flower-bed (garden), hewn as a kind of wall, and covered as a kind of roof.
The Third Sephira forms water and primordial ooze out of unstructured substance, in the three dimensions necessary for matter to exist.

Existence Container
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