Elohim Hhaim

Elohim Hhaim
40 10 10 8    40 10 5 30 1
68   86
Gematria: 154

Elohim : Aleph-Lammed-Hay-Yod-Mem describes the total evolutionary process in the universe. "Eloh spreads by means of the masculine plural suffix. Elohim is energy living in the constructive process." This energy reaches its goal in Mem, origin of all organic life. The pairing with Hhaim (another plural called singular) indicates the energy of Aleph-Lammed setting out again, this time from the unstructured Hayt, where it acquires two Yod, one for the energy of the container and one for the energy of the contained, and rejoins Elohim in the final Mem.  

Note the complementary gematria.

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