Sepherot: Tipheret: Beauty

Sephira: 6
Sephira: Tipheret
400 200 1 80 400
Gematria: 1081
Sephira: Rachamim
40 10 40 8 200
Gematria: 298

Tree of Life
Keter/Kether | Chokmah/Hhokmah | Binah | Daath/Da'at | Gedolah | Gevurah | Tipheret | Netzach | Hod | Yesod | Malkuth

Traditonal Meaning: Beauty. Zoar Anpin, the Lesser Countenance. Melekh, the King. Adam. The Son. The Man.
Formative Meaning: Waw/6: union or interpentration.

Sephira 6: Waw: Union   Tiphereth: Beauty. Formatively, Tipheret is interesting for the sole Aleph in the Tree of Life -- if we chose Rachamim, compassion, as our attribute, there are none -- and for the two Tavs which enclose it with its structured (Raysh) and unstructured (Phay) aspects. The 6th Sephirot, Sheesh, Sheen-Sheen, 300.300, is a double cosmic movement or Breath: the union of the Breath from above and the Breath from below.
With the 6th Sephira, the movement of the first three sephirot is mirrored and perfected (Iamblichus) in the second three, an inner an outer movement corresponding to an inner and outer life and a completed hexagram. The 5th and 6th sephirot are sealed by Yod-Hay-Waw and Yod-Waw-Hay and they constitute the vertical axis of existence (Yod/10), which is defined by two lives in interpenetration or union.
At the 6th sephirot, 3/Ghimel forms Tsedeq/Jupiter in the universe with the contrary qualities of peace and uncertainty. Tsedeq is Tsadde-Dalet-Qof, 90.4.100, the fusion of feminine (90) and masculine (100) energies. The 6th Sephira is all about the perfection and completetion and union of opposing energies.
Sephirot in the Sepher Yetsira  
# Sephirot Seal Letter Planet Universe Change Soul Luria GD
6 Tipheret Tsedeq Day 2 Left Eye
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