Sepher Yetsira/Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Formation): The First Sephira


First Sephira: Ehhat/Keter - Rouahh Elohim Hhaim: Breath of Elohim Alive
Oomq Reshit: Depth of Beginning

Sepherot One: Ehhad/Keter: Rouahh Elohim Hhaim
1:9   Ten Sephirot Belimah. One: Rouahh Elohim Hhaim, blessed and glorified his Name belonging to the life of worlds (space-time). Qol (voice) Ve-Rouahh (breath) Ve-Dabor (word) and it is Rouahh Haqadosch (the saint).
The Sepherotic permutation of Rouahh-Elohim-Hhaim shows that Aur-Aelion becomes weaker (Aur + Hhalah) due to the 1st Sephira and moves towards (3 Yod) the undifferentiated Hhayt which it heats up (Hhamam) by the formation of 2 Mem.     Suares, SY p.77

Rouahh-Elohim-Hhaim: here we are seeing the initial stepping-down of infinite energy/consciousness from the "pre-structured" energetic levels of Ayn-Sof and Aur Aelion. The Aur of Aur Aelion appears in the permutations of Rouahh Elohim Hhaim, but weaker (HHalah). Note the First Sephira has two interacting formations (two groups of six Autiot). This is another initial separation of energy into an external (Aur + Hhalah) and an internal (the concentration of three Yod, two Mem and one Hhayt inside) aspect. The next two Sephirot will operate (Waw) on the internal aspect (Mem, Hhayt and Yod) of the initial energy until the two aspects are combined and reflected in the Fourth.

    This diagram which has never, to my knowledge, been made public, does not give merely one result, but a great number of converging combinations. vertically, Aleph and Hhayt are moving in Yod and Hhayt. It can also be read: Al We Hharah (Al and a blight), or Aloahh, an infection, etc. The lower triangles contain Hhai, living, and Mayim, the waters, but we leave our readers the pleasure of studying and enlarging, on all planes of existence, the countless effects from the confrontation of Aleph with Hhayt in Tav, cosmic resistance (its number is Ehhath in the Sephira). Its name, Keter (20.400.200), translated "crowns" in fact, summarises the capture of the universe by one-and-indivisible-life.

As for Oomq-Raschiyt, which is the qualitative description of the Sephira, we think it pointless to analyse the equation Raschity, as it has been investigated in Genesis It is translated as "beginning," although Raysh-Aleph-Sheen-Yod-Tav are anything but a word, and as untranslatable as all the other equations. Oomq (Ayn-Waw-Mem-Qof: is common to the ten Sephirot (see verse I:5). It shows that the 100, or cosmic Aleph, rises from Mem (40) when the latter is fertilised by the 70 of all the possibilities which have been affected.     SY p.78