Sepherot: Malkut/Malkuth: Kingdom: Sovereignty

Sephira: 10
400 6 20 30 40
Gematria: 496
  5 200 9 70
Gematria: 284
5 50 10 20 300
Gematria: 385
50 400 10 6 30
Gematria: 496 - SUM(1-31)

Tree of Life
Keter/Kether | Chokmah/Hhokmah | Binah | Daath/Da'at | Gedolah | Gevurah | Tipheret | Netzach | Hod | Yesod | Malkuth

Traditonal Meaning: Kingdom. The Gate. The Gate of Death. The Gate of the Shadow of Death. The Gate of Tears. The Gate of Justice. The Gate of Prayer. The Gate of the Garden of Eden. The Gate of the Daughter of the Mighty Ones. The Inferior Mother. Malkah, the Queen. Kallah, the Bride. The Virgin.
Formative Meaning: Yod/10: Existence

Sephira 10: Yod: Existence   Malkut: Kingdom   With Yod/10, Aleph in duration, existence is complete in the 10th sephira. Ten is the projection of One into existence, timelessness into duration. Malkut: Mem-Lammed-Kaf-Waw-Tav: is another Kaf/container for the transmuted energy of Kaf-Tav-Raysh, Kether. With Tav, Malkut and Shekinah resist the cosmic energy of Aleph to the point of being Aleph. In Zoharic sephirot, Malkut is the second Mem since Hhokmah: the biological process of the higher and lower worlds. The Yetziratic formation of the 9th Sephira is wedded to the biological process of material reality: sealed by the Waw/Union of the 9th-10th sephirot, Spirit and matter interlock. This is the Kingdom, the 10th sephira of actual existence, formed by Pay/80 and Venus/Nogah: (levels of) unconscious, sensuous material reality, completing the circuit of Aleph-Tav and returning it through Shem-El, the left: a deep secret, apparently.

The exile of Shekinah may be found in contemporary c/k/qabala, where the feet of the six don't reach the ground, and Malkut has no planet.

One day, the Moon will be higher than the Sun, and Venus will be in her proper place.
Sephirot in the Sepher Yetsira  
# Sephirot Seal Letter Planet Universe Change Soul Luria GD
10 Malkuth Nogah Day 6 Left Nostril
Union Inter
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