Sepherot: Hhockmah/Chokmah: Wisdom

Chokmah / Hhokmah
5 40 20 8
Gematria: 73
Sephira: 2

Tree of Life
Keter/Kether | Chokmah/Hhokmah | Binah | Daath/Da'at | Gedolah | Gevurah | Tipheret | Netzach | Hod | Yesod | Malkuth

Traditional Meanings: Wisdom: Power of Yetzirah, Ab, Abba, The Supernal Father. Father of Fathers, Tetragrammaton. Yod of Tetragrammaton.
Formative Meaning:   2/Bayt: archetypal (beyond space-time) containing energy. The first distinction. The response of 2-Bayt-container to the energy of 1-Aleph-infinite underlies all creation .

Hhokmah: this "containment" is a response to the infinite energy of Aleph that comes from within: the unstructured primordial depths (8) which assert physical existence (20) and search (40) for unity (5). These containers are the 22 letters of the autiot, which are "wise" because they conform exactly to the infinite energy, but in reverse. They both arise from the creation and are the means of its construction. Hhokmah is a symbol of feminine, awoken, consciousness. Wisdom is knowing the names of things in the hierarchy of structures.
Sepher Yetsira:
1:4   Ten Sephirot Belimah. Ten and not nine. Ten and not eleven. Understand with Hhokmah, Meditate with Binah. Examine them. Delve into them and experiment with them. And the one who is there (standing) speaks to his creator and puts the maker of form in his rightful place (or, his foundations).
Understand with Wisdom, Meditate with Intelligence. Use the experimental method.
1:10   Two: Rouahh Merouahh, Hhaqaq Vehhatsav (legislates or organises and chisels or cuts with). Twenty-two Autiot Yassod, three fundamentals and seven doubles and twelve simples and Rouahh One with (in) them.
The Second (2/Bayt) Sephirot forms the twenty-two Autiot Yassod as inverted representations of the impact of the infinite energy-consciousness of the First Sephira, (1/Aleph) Keter. The rest of creation is written in this language.
1:1   BeShlashim WeShtaim Nativot Phayliot Hhokmah
With thirty-two reverse Aleph-Bayts Wisdom:
We come to the fifth word of our verse, and it is logical that it is Hhokmah (Hayt-Kaf-Mem-Hay:, which defines intelligence as, at one and the same time, a feminine symbol, knowledge and wisdom; in short, as awoken consciousness. The Autiot forming the equation Hhokmah express the reservoir of undifferentiated, primordial energy asserting its active existence from which the developing flow surges in search of lost unity.   Suares, Sepher Yetsira p.63
Such is the role of consiousness, as it is of the 2nd Sephira which, as we have said, begets the Autiot: Hhokmah shows reality upside down. To show it thus is to present it in the way that an imprint is the hollow of a plenum, or the plenum of a hallow, left by a shape given to a body. If the surface is supple, living and active it refects the energy which has punched it out. This return shock is the language of the Autiot uttered by throught which receives and drives along the game of life, death and existence.

The same flow, stream and intensity of life strikes consciounsness and is reprojected by it, overtaken in its closest secret by the maturation which overthrows its bulwarks. It can no longer deny that the interplay of the Autiot is different from their intimations. The identity of meaning and its signifcant number, as 2nd Sephira, which we emphasize, is a mysterious passage across "a psychic high frequency," a continuous vibration: life-death-life-death of conscious being.     Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, p.63

In 'Aqarav Meadim is Hhokmah: the conditioned man finds his personal realisation in this sign. He is Hhokmah (, that is to say, his subconscious (8) comes into view, enters fully into existence (20) and tries to resolve all kinds of problems (Mah: what?). In fact, 'Aqarav opens all possibilities to him (Ayn: 70) and, by Qof (100), permits the Aleph captive in him to have access to the Universal. Meadim's awakening, however, does not change its nature, which can be summed up in the one word: resistance. It impounds Raysh and Vayt, the outcome of 'Aqarav, in a "house." Meadim claims to know itself and gains positive confidence. ;  Suares, The Sepher Yetsira, p.100
Most "translations" of the Sepher Yetsira add a a non-existent "of" to Hhokmah/Wisdom to make "By Thirty-Two Mystical Paths of Wisdom engraved Yah..." (Kaplan). Apparently, the plain-spoken "By Thirty-Two Nativot-Phayliot Wisdom engraved Yah ... " is not anthropomorphic enough. This obscures the active role of Hhokmah in engraving all of the 72 letters of the Name of God, beginning with "Yah."
Sepher Yetsira / Sefer Yetzirah: Book of Formation: trans. Carlo Suares, 1976
By thirty-two intermediaries YHWH projects Shem
Phayliot Nativot WeShtaim BeShlashim   1 Mishna
By Thirty-Two Nativot-Phayliot
Tseboat YHWY Yah Hhaqaq Hhokhmah    
Hhokmah carved (established or limited) Yah YHWY Tsebaot
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