Shinah: Transformation, Change, Year

5 50 300
Gematria: 355

Shinah or shanah means transformation or change, idiomatically "year" since time is measured by duration. In its most abstract formulation, the impact of cosmic movement on individual existences is (produces) life.

40/600 30 6 70
146 / 706
  5 50 300
  300 80 50
Gematria: 931 / 1491

       Oulam (Ayn-Lammed-Mem) projects the "whole" defined as the actuation in life of all possibilites. Oulam introduces the first Ayn in the Sefer Yetzirah, as energy steps down and spreads out to define the "Universe" of all possible possibilities and the ultimate stake of the game of life.

Shinah (Sheen-Noun-Hay) is the change/transformation that creates life, based in cosmic movement/Ruahh Elohim.

Nephesh (Noun-Phay-Sheen) is the response, or completion, of Shinah's impact on the Universe of possbility: an individual existential life (Noun) returns the Sheen as consciousness.   Suares, SY, 1976

Letter Element B'Olam B'Shinah B'Nephesh
  Sheen Esch Shamaim Heat Head
  Aleph Rouahh Avir Chest Humidity
  Mem Mayim Eretz Cold Belly

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