Sepherot: Hod: Glory

4 6 5
Gematria: 15
Sephira: 8

Tree of Life
Keter/Kether | Chokmah/Hhokmah | Binah | Daath/Da'at | Gedolah | Gevurah | Tipheret | Netzach | Hod | Yesod | Malkuth

Traditonal Meaning: Glory, Reverberation.
Formative Meaning: Hhayt/8: unstructured energy/consciousness or the sum of all possible possibilities. The energy of undifferentiated possibilities supplies the raw material for the formations and structures of the next sephira, Yesod, on the way to complete materialization at Maklut/10/Yod.

In the Sepher Yetsira, Kaf/Khaf forms Hamah, the Sun, at the 8th Sephira of West/behind/past. Hamah (8/Hayt-40/Mem-5/Hay) provides the undifferentiated energy (8) for biological (40) life (5).

Sephira 8: Hhayt: Potential   Hod: Glory   Hhayt, the archetype of unstructured, unconditioned energy or consciousness, or the sum of all possible possibilities, is the other pole (eighth sepherot) of the energy of Hay/Life, which flows from an indeterminate future (seventh sepherot) to an indefinite past. The Hay (archetypal life) of Hay-Waw-Dalet (Hod) complements the Noun (existential life) of Noun-Tsadde-Hayt (Netzach). Kaf/20, the projection of Bayt/2 as the physical supports for life, forms Hhamah, Hayt-Mem-Hay, the Sun, where the two lives are summarized once more. God's Glory is His infinite potential.
Sephirot in the Sepher Yetsira  
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8 Hod Hamah Day 4 Left Ear
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