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Depths of Directions: Reshith-Acharit (Beginning/First-End/Last)

Beginning   End
911 400 10 300 1 200   400 10 200 8 1 619
Reshith   'Ahhryth/Acharit

As for Oomq-Raschiyt, which is the qualitative description of this Sephira, we think it pointless to analyse the equation Raschiyt, as it has been investigated in Genesis. It is translated as "beginning," although Raysh-Aleph-Sheen-Yod-Tav are anything but a word, and as untranslatable as all the other equations. Oomq (Ayn-Waw-Mem-Qof: is common to the ten Sephirot. It shows that the 100, or cosmic Aleph, rises from Mem (40) when the latter is fertilized by the 70 of all the possbilities which have been affected.

The qualitative description, Oomq Ahhriyt, translated as "depth of the end," ought not to refer to an end, in thre true sense of this word. Ahhriyt can be a future, as well, or even a resting place.      Suares, SY, p.79

400 10 300 1 200 2
Gematria: 913

Reshit is Bereshit without the archetypal containing element Bayt, which begins the story of Genesis. It is a cosmic creative process as yet without specificity.

The one dual energy of creation finds its beginning in Reshit and its end in Acharit. As we have seen, every word/formula of the Sepher Yetsira must be read down to the letter level with an understanding of the constant dual descriptions of energy, inner and outer, involutionary and evolutionary, that structure the text, from Sepherot-Belimah on.

The two directions of Reshit/Acharit represent poles of energy: its beginning, or outer, evolutionary aspect, and its end, or inner, involutionary aspect. In Reshit, Raysh, the cosmic container, produces Aleph, intemporal consciousness, as the Breath of God (Sheen/300), which, in cooperation with Cosmic Resistance, Tav/400, forms sacred existence (Yod/10) between the hammer and the anvil. Acharit goes in the opposite direction: Aleph, intemporal consciousness, drives unstructured energy to cosmic completion in Raysh, which yields the second, inner Sheen, of existence.

The first sephira, Keter, 20.400.200 describes the initial container and structuration of Ayn-Sof. The second sephira, Hhokmah,, where the autiot are formed, shows reality upside down as a hollow punched out by cosmic energy: the return shock of living consciousness, the "end" of the energy that "began" in Keter. Both are existential containers, or shells: Keter, Crown, projects cosmic resistance in the cosmic container; in Hhokmah, Wisdom, unstructured energy/consciousness (8) finds active existence (20) in biological structures (40) and searches for its lost life (5).


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